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Notebook AO Adapter 

UnivorsalAC Notebook Pov\ier Adapter 
For Home or Office 

Brilliant Hi^Perfbrmance Power and Simiitaneous 
Chargng of Mobile Phones or Handhelds 

90 Continuous Watts 
of Smart Power 

Universally compatible with automatic 
voltage regulation in the tips, icepo lets 
you run any notebook's hardware and 
software at their peak performance 
without having to worry about setting 
the right voltage for your notebook. 

icePo's optional 
Peripheral Powering 
Sysb^ (PPS) lets you 
simultaneously charge 
mobile phones or 
handhelds In a flash 
while using your 
notebook— all without 
any interruption. It's the 
high power solution for 
powering your mobile gear. 

Custom Collecting 

Versatile and simple to use, multiple icepo 
adapters In your home and office settings 
reliably keep the power on, no matter 
where you are. 

Get it All in One Package 

• Carrying case 

• C able management straps 

• Built-in surge and over temperature protection 

• PPS port for optional Peripheral Powering System 

• Auto voltage regulated tips for most major 
notebook brands (additional tips can be purchased 
online at 


Mobility Electronics Inc. 


Q. What^ the big deal dxxit ice«>-a^t eU adapters 
pretty much the same? 

Q. My guess is that ice^ is priced Msia^ hi^ier than 
other adapters 








A. Not exactly While all adapters connect you to a power 
source, ic^does way more than plug into an outlet— it 
delivers up to 90 Watts of pure power and can 
simultaneously charge other mobile devices. That's about 30% more 
power and capability than other adapters on the market. 

Q. So Kk3w does ice^ rin my notebook and charge my 
mobiie phone at the same time without chaining power? 

ice^s optional Peripheral Powering System (PPS) is designed to 
make the most of its capacity To charge other portable devices, you 
simply plug the PPS cable into ictfo and get back to 
work. There's no interruption to what you're doing on 
your notebook. And that's the beauty of it: multitasking 
with multifaceted power. 

A. Actually no, it's just the opposite. It might surprise you to know 
that ice^ is priced competitively to adapters with far less power. 
And since it's such a great value, you can get more than one, 
letting you move between home, hotel or office locations 
with ease. 

Q. Ok^ so it's versatile and affordable... but does it meet 
the hi^ power reqiirenrientsoFmy new notebook? 

A. Absolutely ictfo vvill power today's high-performance 
notebooks and is compatible with most major brands. And 
we're so sure of its quality, we guarantee its compatibility and throw 
in a two-year warranty for good measure. 

ice^: ]/)/hat\bu See is\/)^hat\bu Get 

The clear advantage of icePO is that you really get it all— in one compact package: 

Pack it up^.. 

Slim and sensibly designed, ice^^'s case is an efficient 
solution that eliminates cable tangles, especially when 
you're powering more than one piece of gear. 

Use yoir outlets... 

to plug in at home, office or in the hotel. 

Here^s a tip for y9u. . . 

N ot every notebook is created equal. W ith that in 
mind, ice90 supports most major notebook brands 
with tips that fit individual models. 

Optional Accessory 

And that's not all... 

we have available for you. The Peripheral Powering 
S, System (PPS) accessory is available separately and can 

0 . be requested to fit your specific mobile phone, handheld or 

other accessories using interchangeable tips. 


Input: 100-240 VAC (50-60 Hz); auto-ranging 

Output: 15-24 VDC, 90W maximum (set by output connector tip) 

Safety Features: 

Surge Protection, 

Over Voltage Protection, 

Over Temperature Protection, 
Over Current Protection, 

Unit Dimensions: Height 

1.25 inch 


2.6 inches 


5.67 inches 

Unit Weight: 15 oz 

Input Cord Length: 60 inches (UK, EU, US SKUs) 

Output Power Cable: 48 inches 

PPS Port Output: Up to 15 Watts Maximum 

Optional PPS Cable length: 3 Feet 
2 Year Warranty 



Additional Products Availabie from 

Protected under US Patent 5,345,211 and other patents pending ©2002-2003 Mobility Electronics, Inc. ice^ is a trade- 
mark of Mobility Electronics, Inc. iGo is a registered trademark of Mobility Electronics, Inc. All other brand names and 
logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without 
notice. 092203 


Mobility Electronics Inc.