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Editor-in-chief Adviser Business Manager 












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Volume XLVI 
Published by the Students 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

This is where it all happened — Madison College. A 
lot of girls, a few boys and the faculty lived and worked 

and played together 

to make 1954- 


For the .563 freshmen it may have begun in 
the spring when Mr. DeLong visited the high 
schools of Virginia. 

Nevertheless the real beginning was on a Sunday in 
September when the campus swarmed with upperclassmen 
in white, freshmen, parents and boyfriends. 

The upperclassmen returned for registration, classes 
and the throes of student teaching conferences while the 
freshmen wandered through the bewildering maze of orien- 
tation, finding the proper classes and the Major Student 
Organizations Tea. 

Invitations appearing in the l'.O. boxes launched the 
exciting week of open houses and rush parties among the 
Greeks on our campus and concluded with the Saturday 

afternoon of walking 
Main Street. 

and crowds blocking the traffic on 

Late in October the freshmen became real members of 
the student body when they were pinned and capped in the 
Old Student-New Student Ceremony. 

Hoboes, witches, men from outer space and other 
weird creatures stormed the dining halls on the night of 
the Hallowe'en party to be fed, entertained and judged for 

Thr first formal dance of the year was the Student 
Government's "Black Magic" which transformed the gym 
into a dark castle hung with Spanish moss and cobwebs. 

As usual many watched from above. 

Going home for Thanksgiving entailed buying tickets 
in Harrison lobby and catching the busses lined up in 
front of Logan. 

All through December we celebrated 
Christmas in a bis; way. 

The end of January as usual brought a flurry of fin- 
ishing up term papers and taking exams. 

But even studying can be fun sometimes. 

With the new semester the home economics 
and physical education student teachers came 
back to campus and we were all plunged into 
the rush of basketball season, major elections 
Religious Emphasis Week and more elections. 

No spring at Madison is complete without 
spending some time back campus sun bathing. 


Nor would the story of the 
year be complete without ment- 
ioning Rettie Warren who is 
studying this year in England as 
our "foreign student". She has 
kept us enthralled with letters 
published in the Breeze. 

No matter what the season, certain 
things arc a part of everyday life at 
Madison : fighting the urge to stay in bed 
in the morning; standing fur grace be- 
fore meals in the dining hall; 

reading those long awaited letters or 
griping when they don't arrive ; usually 
facing some change in the weather before 
the day is too far along; always having 
a term paper or readings to do ; taking 
•off to the movies or Doc's or the Dairy- 

Through the pages of this book you will find words and pictures that will 
help recalling the years to come those everyday occurrences, the big events and the 
people who shared in them during this year at Madison Collge. 

With grateful appreciation for guiding 
us throughout our college careers, for in- 
spiring us to high professional standards 
through his sponsorship of Kappa Delta Pi. 
and for working tirelessly to lead us 

through the maze of credentials, applica- 
tions, and interviews with future employers 
which accompanied the climax of our years 
at Madison, we dedicate the 1955 School- 
ma'am to 


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1*4.* *_ 




THE SENIOR CLASS of 19SS had its origins in the dim and dis- 
tant past — September 15, 1951, to be exact. On this momentous occasion 
from near and far we arrived on Madison's campus. Everything seem- 
ed a mad turmoil at first, with registration, getting settled in the dorms, 
and numerous teas and receptions to attend. We soon made a little order 
out of the chaos, however, and elected Gloria Taylor to preside over our 
baby class. President and Mrs. G. Tyler Miller were chosen to be our 
sponsors during our voyage through the seas of education. 

Second semester Convocation brought us an outstanding" speaker in 
the person of Senator Robert A. Taft. 

Toward the end of the year, when we were already well-settled old 
co'lege women, we embarked upon our first major venture as a class — our 
Freshman Class Day. We showed our originality from the very first by 
sponsoring an audience participation-type "radio show" for the assembly 
program. We'll never forget the hilarious antics of our little family on 
a tour of New York in our class night show, "Lullably of Broadway." 

The next year we bounced back to campus as sopho- 
mores, thoroughly acquainted with college life now and 
rarin' to go. Betty Smith was our energetic president that 
year. We undertook as our project selling beanies to the 
freshmen ; this has become a traditional project for the 
sophomore class. This year included the happy hilarity of 
rushing and goating. 

Then February rolled around, and with it came our 
second class day. Our assembly speaker was Mrs. Emily 
Jacobson, who gave excellent readings comparing Shaw and 
Shakespeare. Our show that evening was entitled "Valen- 
tine Varieties" and included bouncing cupids and the King 
and Queen of Hearts. 

Our capable leader as we labored through our junior 

First Row: R. Goewey, Treas- 
urer; J. Mitchell, Secretary. Sec- 
end Row: L. Jeter, Vice-Presi- 
dent; M. Colvin, Business Man- 
ager; M. F. Turner, Serjeant-at- 
Arms; M. Harris, Reporter. 


year was Janet Hefner. We managed to take time ut from 
our toil around Christmastime to present Cleveland, tin- 
Amazing Mentalist, to the student 1> dy, and to give an out- 
standing evening performance of "Christmas Eve at Mou- 
lin Rouge", in true Parisian style. 

Then came the whirl of major and minor elections, and 
we took the reins. It rooked as if we would make it after 
all ! 

Those of us who survived this rugged year returned as 
mighty seniors. Here at last was the year when we ruled 
the roost. We really felt like seniors when our sister class 
"capped" us. Leading us through this year of heightened 
responsibilities was Jean White. 

Class day rolled around almost before we knew it. ami 
we thrilled to the voice of Frank Roane as he presented a 
stirring program. Our final production was "Plantation 

Party", set in the Old South. 

As the vear progressed some of our members disap- 
peared into home management house for a time, others 
traveled to distant parts of the state for student teaching, 
and all found plenty to occupy their time. Placement cre- 
dentials, interviews, and applications were the subject of all 
conversations. This year it was a member of our very own 
class we was elected Madonna. Miss Madison. Apple Rlos- 
som Princess and May Queen. 

"Moving-up Day" gave us a jolt as we realized we were 
moving out. We took our last Madison exams. With mix- 
ed emotions we saw our college career come to a close to the 
tune of "Pomp and Circumstance." 

As we go our separate ways as alumnae we look back 
over four full wonderful years and realize how very much 
more than a degree after our names and a few facts in our 
heads we have gained here, and will carry with us into the 
years to come. 

Radford, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Secretarial 

Theta Sigma Upsilon ; Sigma Phi Lambda ; 
Diapason Club; Transfer from Virginia In- 
termont College: Young Women's Christian 


Buena Vista. Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 





granddaughters' Club; Wesley Foundation; 
ix Libris Club; Association for Childhood 
Education: Young Women's Christian As- ^M 

Front Royal. Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Zeta Tau Alpha. President: Scholarship 
Chairman: Young Women's Christian As- 
sociation; Fact Finding Committee; Student 
Organizations and Activities Committee ; 
Association for Childhood Education. 


Mount Sidney, Virginia 

B. M. in Education 

Major : Instrumental 

Orchestra; Band, President: Lost Chords 
Sesame Club. 

Catawba, Virginia 

1!. A. in Education 

Major: English 

Alpha Sigma Tau, Recording Secretary: 
Secretary of Freshman Class ; Student 
Council Representative; Junior Class Vice- 
President: Student Government Vice-Presi- 
dent; Panhellenic Council Representative, 
Recording Secretary; Young Women's 
Christian Association; Junior Dormitory 
President; Wesley Foundation; Kappa 
Delta Pi ; Sigma Phi Lambda ; ( ierman 
Dance Club; Member of Nominating Con- 
vention. Who's Who Among Students in 
American Universities and Colleges. 

OF '55 

Fayetteville, West Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: English 

Young Women's Christian Association ; 

Richmond, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major; Elementary Education 

Zeta Tau Alpha, Service Chairman ; Glee 
Club, Vice-President; Young Women's 
Christian Association, Representative; Sen- 
ior Counselor ; Presbyterian Choir. 

Petersburg, Virginia 

B. S. 


Major : Social Science 

Pi Kappa Sigma, Sergeant-at-Arms ; Blue 
Stone Cotillion Club ; Breeze, Make-up- 
Editor; Young Women's Christian Associa- 
tion ; Shenandoah Apartments, House Presi- 

Arlington, Virginia 

B. M. 

Major : Voice 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, Music Chairman ; ( rlee 
Club, President; Fencing Club, Captain; 
Panhel'.enic Representative Treasurer; So- 
cial Committee ; Junior Dormitory I "ice- 
President; Young Women's Christian As- 
sociation; Tntramural Basketball. 

Goshen, Virginia 

B. A. in Education 

Major: English 

Young Women's Christian Association ; 
Baptist Student L T nion ; Breeze, Circulation 
Manager; Stratford Players, Recorder of 
Points; Alpha Rho Delta, Treasurer, Secre- 

Arlington, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Elementary and 
Secondary Education 

Young Women's Christian Association ; 
Math Club, Reporter; Curie Science Club ; 
Stratford Players. 


Gary, West Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Psychology 

Zeta Tau Alpha ; Curie Science Club ; Rec- 
reation Council ; Young Women's Christian 

Gretna. Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Eudcation 

Baptist Student Union, Secretary: Associa- 
tion for Childhood Education, Secretary; 
International Relations Club; Logan Dor- 
mitory President; Young Women's Chris- 
tian Association. 

Staunton, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Secretarial 

Theta Sigma Upsilon ; Transfer from Vir- 
ginia Interment College ; Young Women's 
Christian Association. 

Buchanan. Virginia 

P.. S. in Education 

Major: Physical Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha; Extra-mural Basket- 
hall; Mercury Club. Treasurer: Athletic 
Association ; Young Women's Christian 
Association; Intramural Sports; German 

OF '55 

Pearisburg, Virginia 

B. A. 

Major: Psychology 

Sigma Phi Lambda ; Orchestra ; Spanish 
Club, Vice-President. 

Sperryville, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Secretarial 

Young Women's Christian Association ; 
International Relations Club; Business Club. 


Mount Jackson, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Library Science 

Zeta Tau Alpha ; Kappa Delta Pi ; Sigma 
Phi Lambda; Lutheran Student Associa- 
tion ; Young Women's Christian Associa- 
tion ; Ex Libris ; Recreation Council ; Ush- 
ers' Club; Intramural Basketball. 

Dayton, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Kappa Delta Pi. 

Thaxton, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Elementary Education 

Theta Sigma Upsilon ; Wesley Foundation ; 
Young Women's Christian Association ; 
Fact Finding Committee ; Association for 
Childhood Education. 

Arlington, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Social Science 

Pi Kappa Sigma, Corresponding Editor; 
Breeze, Feature Editor, Associate Editor; 
Bluestone Cotillion Club. 

, ^- 


Union Level, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Elementary Education 

Portsmouth, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Elementary Education 

Breeze; Schoolma'am, Sophomore Class 
Editor; International Relations Club; Asso- 
ciation for Childhood Education; Stratford 
Players, Secretary; Young Women's Chris- 
tian Association ; Wesley Foundation. 

Chuckatuck, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Business Education 

Theta Sigma Upsilon ; Young Women's 
Christian Association; Business Club; Ex- 
tramural Basketball ; Intramural Archery ; 
Junior Marshal; Usher's Club; Messick 
1 1: use President. 

Castlewood, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

OF '55 

Kilmarnock, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Physical Education 

Mercury Club ; Business Club ; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association ; Intramural 
Sports ; Extramural Basketball. 

Culpeper, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Business Education 

Young Women's Christian Association ; 
German Club; Business Club; Future Busi- 
ness Leaders of America ; Vice-President, 
President; Standards Committee; Pi Omega 
Pi ; Recreation Council ; Intramural Basket- 

Dublin, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Home Economics Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha ; Young Women's 
Christian Association; Frances Sale Club; 
Curie Science Club, Secretary; Bluestone 
Cotillion Club ; Student Council. Handbook 
Editor; Junior Marshal. 

Chatham, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary and 
Secondary Education 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, Corresponding Secre- 
tary; Young Women's Christian Associa- 
tion ; Baptist Student Union ; Breeze, Circu- 
lation Manager; German Club; Association 
for Childhood Education ; Fact-Finding 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major : Physical Science 

Madison Heights, Virginia 

B. A. in Education 

Major: Social Science 

International Relations Club; El Club 
Espanol ; Young Women's Christian Asso- 
ciation ; Schwarzenau Club ; Ex Libris. 

Chatham, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary and 
Secondary Education 

Pi Kappa Sigma; Baptist Student Union, 
Publicity Chairman: Young Women's 
Christian Association ; Sigma Phi Lambda ; 
Rluestone Cotillion Club; Senior Counselor. 

Arlington, Virginia 

B. A. in Education 

Major: English 

Granddaughters' Club, Treasurer; El Club 
Espanol; Sigma Phi Lambda, President; 
Kappa Delta Pi, President; Fencing Club; 
Scribblers ; Young Women's Christian As- 
sociation ; Wesley Foundation. 


Clinchco, Virginia 

1'.. S. in Education 

Major : Business Education 

Theta Sigma Upsilon, Recording Secretary; 
Young Women's Christian Association; 
Future Business Leaders of America ; Ush- 
ers' Club. 

Franklin, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

OF 55 

Fries, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Zeta Tau Alpha ; Transfer from Marion 
College ; Young Women's Christian Asso- 
ciation ; Association for Childhood Educa- 
tion ; Glee Club. 

Martinsburg, West Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Hume Economics Education. 

Virginia Home Economics Association. 
State President; Young Women's Christian 
Association ; Modern Dance Club ; Recrea- 
tion Council; Wesley Choir. 

Bethesda, Maryland 

B. S. 

Major: Dietetics 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, President; Curie 
Science Club ; Frances Sale Club ; Sigma 
Phi Lambda; Modern Dance Club; Young 
Women's Christian Association. 

Nelly's Ford, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Business Education 

Baptist Student Union; Young Women's 
Christian Association ; Future Business 
Leaders of America ; Standards Committee. 

Arlington, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Mathematics 

Alpha Sigma Tau ; Lutheran Student Asso- 
ciation, President, Treasurer; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association; Mathematics 
Club, Secretary; Curie Science Club; Jun- 
ior Marshal; Senior Counselor; Social 
Committee, Treasurer. 

Roanoke, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Psychology 

Young Women's Christian Association 
Cabinet ; Wesley Foundation Council ; 
Sigma Phi Lambda ; Kappa Delta Pi ; 
Student Faculty Committee. 


Callao, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Physical Education 

Young Women's Christian Association ; 
Wesley Foundation ; Mercury Club ; Intra- 
mural Sports. 

Madison Heights. Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Business Education 

Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer ; Kappa Delta 
Pi ; Pi Omega Pi, Vice-President; Sigma 
Phi Lambda, Historian; Fencing Club; 
Wesley Foundation; Young Women's 
Christian Association ; Future Business 
Leaders of America, Recording Secretary; 
Madison Business Club; Granddaughters' 

Blacksburg, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary and 
Secondary Education 

Theta Sigma Lpsilon, Corresponding Sec- 
retary ; Baptist Student Union ; Associa- 
tion for Childhood Education ; Recreation 

Washington. D. C. 

B. S. 

Major: Dietetics 

Theta Sigma Upsilon ; Frances Sale Club, 
Reporter: Young Women's Christian Asso- 
ciation : Wesley Foundation ; Panhellenic 
Council. Social Chairman; Curie Science 

OF 55 

Norfolk, Virginia 

P.. A. in Education 

Major: French 

Alpha Sigma Alpha, Editor; Glee Club, 
Business Manager; German Dance Club, 
Vice-President; French Club, Vice-Presi- 
dent, President; Social Chairman of Student 
Government Association ; Kappa Delta Pi : 
Sigma Phi Lambda; Schoolma'am, Fea- 
ture Editor; U'lio's Who Among Students 
in American Universities and Colleges. 

Norfolk, Virginia 

P>. S. in Education 

Major : General Science 

Theta Sigma Lpsilon ; Curie Science Club, 
Reporter; Canterbury Club ; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association ; Athletic Asso- 
ciation. Business Manager; Extramural 
Hockey Team ; Intramural Sports. 

Alexandria. Virginia 

B. M. in Education 

Major: Piano 

Pi Kappa Sigma, President: Glee Club 
Young Women's Christian Association 
milestone Cotillion Club; Diapason Club 
Panhellenic Council ; Music Educator's As 
sociati in. Secretary. 


LaCrosse, Virginia 

I'.. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Theta Sigma L'psilon ; Transfer from 
Ferrum Junior College; Young Women's 
Christian /\ssociation ; Sigma Phi Lambda. 

Chatham, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Home Economics Education 

Sigma Sigma Sigma ; Young Women's 
Christian Association ; Wesley Foundation ; 
Frances Sale Club ; Freshman Class, Report- 
er; German Club ; Senior Counselor. 

Mountainside, New Jersey 

I',. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chairman, Rush 
Chairman; Orchestra; Art Club President; 
Panhellenic Council. Correspond^ Secre- 
tary; Sigma Phi Lambda; Kappa Delta Fi ; 
Senior Class Treasurer; Band; Fact Find- 
ing Committee; Association tor Childhood 

Hagerstown, Maryland 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Physical Education 

Theta Sigma Upsiton ; Athletic Association 
President; Mercury Club: Extramural 
Basketball; Extramural Hockey; \oung 
Women's Christian Association; Intramural 
Sports; Porpoise Club. President: Kappa 
Delta Pi- Sigma Phi Lambda: Modern 
Dance Club; Who's Who Among Students 
in American Universities and Colleges. 

Fishersville. Yirginia 

1'.. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha; Athletic Association, 
Council, Business Manager; Social Commit- 
tee; German Club. Secretary; Schwarzenau 
Club: Recreation Council ; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association. 



Staunton. Virginia 

1'.. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha; Association for Child- 
hood Education ; Intramural Sports ; Ushers' 
Club ; German Club ; Young Women's 
Christian Association ; Baptist Student 

Richmond, Yirginia 

II. M. in Education 

Major: Voice 

Alpha Sigma Alpha, Chaplain; Student 
Government Association, Treasurer; Glee 
Club, Secretary; Music Educators' Club, 
President; Honor Council; Sigma Phi 
Lambda ; Kappa Delta Pi ; Who's Who 
Among Students in American Universities 
and Colleges; Student-Faculty Committee; 
Baptist Student Union, Executive Council; 
German Club ; Young Women's Christian 

OF 55 

Front Royal, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha; Junior Marshal; Ush- 
' ers' Club ; Association for Childhood Edu- 

• cation ; Young Women's Christian Associa- 

• tion ; Senior Class Reporter. 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

I!. A. in Education 

Major: French 

Orchestra; Schoolma'am, Editor-in-Chief; 
Kappa Delta Pi ; Sigma Phi Lambda ; 
French Club; Scribblers: Junior Class 
President; Baptist Student Union, Presi- 
dent; Who's Who Among Students in 
American Universities and Colleges. 

Roanoke, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Biology 

Sigma Sigma Sigma ; Young Women's 
Christian Association, President; Freshman 
Class Vice-President; Recreation Council; 
Curie Science Club ; German Dance Club ; 
Baptist Student Union Council ; Sigma Phi 
Lambda; Honor Council Representative ; 
Who's Who Among Students in American 
Universities and Colleges. 

Vernon Hill, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Mathematics 

Sigma Phi Lambda; Curie Science Club; 
Mathematics Club, Treasurer; Kappa Delta 
Pi, Treasurer; Young Women's Christian 
Association ; Baptist Student L T nion. 

Kearneysville, West Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Business Education 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Concert Orchestra, Secre- 
tary-Treasurer, President; German Dance 
Club ; Young Women's Christian Associa- 
tion ; Future Business Leaders of America ; 
Lost Chords ; The Starlighters ; Jackson 
Dormitory President; Dingledine House 


Gloucester, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 
Major : Elementary Education 
Sigma Sigma Sigma ; Honor Council, Chair- 
man ; Kappa Delta Pi ; Panhellenic Council ; 
Sigma Phi Lambda, Vice-President; Baptist 
Student Union, President, Devoticmal Vice- 
President, Training Union Director; Sopho- 
more Class Reporter; Standards Commit- 
tee : Interfaith Council, President; Johnston 
Dormitory, President; Jackson Dormitory, 
President; Young Women's Christian As- 
sociation, Cabinet; Who's Who Among Stu- 
dents in American Universities and Colleges 

Roanoke, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major : Home Economics 

Baptist Student Union, Choir; Modern 
Dance Club; Alpha Rho Delta; Art Club; 
Young Women's Christian Association. 


Holland, Virginia 

B, S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha ; German Dance Club ; 
Junior Marshal ; Ushers' Club ; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association ; Association 
for Childhood Education ; Social Committee. 

Appomattox, Virginia 

B. A. in Education 

Major: Library Science 

Alpha Sigma Alpha, Assistant Chaplain; 
Glee Club ; Ex Libris Club, Reporter; 
Young Women's Christian Association. 
Treasurer; Wesley Foundation, Corres- 
ponding Secretary; German Club, Business 
Manager; Intramural Sports; Breeze staff, 

Princeton. New Jersey 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Pi Kappa Sigma, Press Agent ; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association ; Senior Coun- 
selor ; Junior Dormitory House Council ; 
Recreation Council. 

OF '55 

East Liverpool, Ohio 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha; German Dance Club, 
Sergeant-at-Arms ; Senior Dormitory Presi- 
dent; El Club Espanol. President; Social 
Committee; Student Council; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association ; Sigma Phi 
Lambda : Association for Childhood Educa- 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

B. M. in Education 

Major: Voice 

Zeta Tau Alpha ; Schwarzenau Club ; Diap- 
ason Club ; Madrigal Club ; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association ; Sesame Club, 

Staunton, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Business Education 

Business Club; Future Business Leaders of 
America ; Sigma Phi Lambda ; Pi Omega 
Pi ; Kappa Delta Pi ; International Relations 

Roanoke. Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Dietetics 

Alpha Sigma Alpha, Secretary; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association Cabinet ; Jun- 
ior Y.W.C.A. President; Honor Council 
Representative; German Dance Club; Stu- 
dent Government Association, Secretary; 
Curie Science Club; Sigma Phi Lambda; 
Who's Who Among Students in American 
Universities and Colleges. 

Vinton, Virginia 

B. A. in Education 

Major : English 

Alpha Sigma Tau, Rush Chairman, Treas- 
urer; Recreation Council, Vice-President ; 
Schoolma'am, Junior Editor; Senior Class 
Vice-President; German Dance Club : 
Young Women's Christian Association ; 
Sigma Phi Lambda ; Intramural Sports. 

Little Silver, New Jersey 

B. S. 

Major : Dietetics 

Curie Science Club : Prances Sale Club. 

Cambria, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Library Science 

Ex Libris Club; Young Women's Christian 


Harrisonburg, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Physical Education 

Theta Sigma Upsilon ; Extramural Hockey ; 
Extramural Basketball ; Sesame Club ; Mer- 
cury Club. 

Grottoes, Virginia 

B. A. 

Major: Social Science 

Alpha Rho Delta ; Sigma Phi Lambda : 
Young Women's Christian Association. 

Saluda, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Mercury Club; Association for Childhood 
Education; Young Women's Christian As- 


OF '55 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Home Economics Education 

Frances Sale Club ; Sesame Club ; Ex Lib- 
ris Club. 

Sandston, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Elementary and 
Secondary Education. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma ; Young Women's 
Christian Association ; Student Council 
Representative; Canterbury Club, Presi- 
dent; Association for Childhood Education, 
Program Chairman; Sprinkle House, Vice- 

Staunton, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Home Economics Education 

Alpha Sigma Tau, Program Chairman: 
Schu arzenau Club ; Curie Science Club ; 
Sigma Phi Lambda ; Kappa Delta Pi ;'am, Senior Editor; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association; Frances Sale 
Club; Intramural Basketball. 

Charlottesville. Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Physical Education 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, Social Service Chair- 
man; Young Women's Christian Associa- 
tion. Cabinet ; Athletic Association ; Wesley 
Foundation. Treasurer, President; Honor 
Council. Secretary: Standards; Mercury 
Club ; Intertaith Council ; Extramural 

Mount Jackson, Virginia 

B. M. in Education 

Major: Piano 

Sigma Phi Lambda ; Kappa Delta Pi ; Sen- 
ior Dormitory, President; Young Women's 
Christian Association. 

Covington, Virginia 

B. A. 

Major: English 

Breeze, Advertising Manager, Ad Collector ; 
Handbook, Assistant Business Manager; 
Honor Council ; Junior Marshal ; El Club 
Espanol ; Le Cercle Francais ; Canterbury 
Club; Young Women's Christian Associa- 
tion ; Ex Libris Club. 

Arlington, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Secretarial 

Pi Kappa Sigma ; Canterbury Club. Presi- 
dent ; German Club; Madison Business 
Club; Stratford Players; Young Women's 
Christian Association. 


Maurertown, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Physical Education 

Theta Sigma Upsilon ; Mercury Club ; Ath- 
letic Association; Badminton Sports Lead- 
er: Extramural Basketball. 

Green Bank, West Virginia 

B. M. in Education 

Major : Instrumental 

Orchestra. Librarian, Vice-President; Band ; 
Lost Chords, Secretary, Treasurer; Young 
Women's Christian Association ; Sigma 
Phi Lambda; Logan Dormitory President; 
Westminster Fellowship; Music Educators' 

Aldie, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Home Economics Education 

Pi Kappa Sigma, Secretary; Frances Sale 
Club, President; Junior Marshal; German 
Club; Young Women's Christian Associa- 

OF '55 

Amherst, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

\ oung Women's Christian Association, 
Secretary; Baptist Student Union; Kappa 
Delta Pi ; Sigma Phi Lambda. 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Business Administration 

Sigma Delta Rho, Scrycant-at-Arms, Presi- 
dent ; Delta Kappa. Sergeant-at-Arms ; 
Band ; Young Men's Christian Association, 
Treasurer, President; Madison Business 
Club ; Future Business Leaders of America, 
Treasurer, First rice-President; Panhelle- 
nic Council; Men's Student Court; Pi 
Omega Pi ; Honor Court. 

Fairfield, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Physical Education 

Young Women's Christian Association ; 
Mercury Club, President; Athletic Associa- 
tion Council ; Water Sports Leader; Intra- 
mural Sports; Schoolma'am. 

Front Royal, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Home Economics Education 

Young Women's Christian Association ; 
Frances Sale Club. 

Sandidges, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Library Science 

Alpha Sigma Tau, Social Service Chairman ; 
Young Women's Christian Association ; 
Sigma Phi Lambda; Ex Libris, Treasurer; 
Le Cercle Francais ; Recreation Council ; 
Baptist Student Union. Council. Editor: 
Breeze; Granddaughter's Club. 

Bridgewater, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Social Science 

Transfer from Bluefield College ; Baptist 
Student Union. 

Roanoke, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major : Dietetics 

Alpha Sigma Tau, Vice-President; Young 
Women's Christian Association ; Curie 
Science Club; Frances Sale Club; Junior 
Marshal; Bluestone Cotillion Club, Secre- 
tary; Senior Class Secretary; Advisor} 
Committee to President. 


Goodview, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Home Economics Education 

Young Women's Christian Association ; 
Frances Sale Club, Treasurer ; Virginia 
Home Economics Association College Club. 
Secretary; Curie Science Club; Wesley 
Foundation, Secretary; Breeze; Intramural 

Gloucester, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

New Market, Virginia 

B. A. 

Major: Social Science 

Transfer from William and Mary; Luther- 
an Student Association. 

OF 55 

Grottoes, Virginia 

1!. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Mount Sidney, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Association for Childhood Education ; New- 
man Club. 

Colonial Heights, Virginia 

B. S. i:i Education 

Major: Business Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha, President: German 
Dance Club; Student Government Associa- 
tion; Standards Committee; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association; Glee Club; 
Senior Counselor; Madison Business Club, 
/ 'ice-President ; Future Business Leaders of 
America; Wesley Foundation. 

Woodstock, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Physical Education 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sentinel; Athletic As- 
sociation, Treasurer, Vice-President; Young 
Women's Christian Association ; Mercury 
Club; German Club; Schoolma'am, Fresh- 
man Class Editor, Sports Editor: Ushers' 
Club, Assistant Head Usher, Head Usher; 
Diapason Club ; Intramural Sports ; Extra- 
mural Basketball ; Extramural Hockey. 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

B. M. in Education 

Major : Piano 

Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-President; School- 
ma'am, Associate Editor; Sesame Club, 
President; Music Educators' Club ; Madri- 
gal Group ; Senior Counselor ; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association ; Student Gov- 
ernment Association, Recorder of Points. 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: English 

Pi Kappa Sigma ; Athletic Association, Jun- 
ior Class Representative; Young Women's 
Christian Association ; Bluestone Cotillion 
Club ; Mercury Club ; Intramural Sports. 


Sandston, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Alpha Sigma Tau ; Association for Child- 
hocd Education, President; Lutheran Stu- 
dent Association, Secretary; Campus Fire 
Chief; Standards; Young Women's Chris- 
tian Association ; Bluestone Cotillion Club ; 
Transfer from Marion College. 

Bedford, Virginia 

B. A. in Education 

Major: Elementary and 
Secondary Education 

Young Women's Christian Association : 
Baptist Student Unicn ; Ex Libris; El Club 
Espanol : Concert Orchestra. 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

P>. S. in Education 

Major: English 

Sigma Delta Rho ; Kappa Delta Pi, I 'ice- 
President; Alpha Rho Delta; Young Men's 
Christian Association, President; Hand; 
International Relations Club; Who's Who 
Among Students in American Universities 
and Colleges. 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary; Kappa Delta 
Pi, Historian; Sigma Phi Lambda; Inter- 
national Relations Club ; Sesame Club ; As- 
sociation for Childhood Education. 


OF '55 

Norfolk, Virginia 

B. A. in Education 

Major: English 

Pi Kappa Sigma ; Le Circle Francais ; Blue- 
stone Cotillion Club. President; Panhellenic 
Council, Handbook Editor; Student Facul- 
ty Relations Committee, Secretary; Senior 
Counselor; Young Women's Christian As- 

LaPorte, Texas 

B. S. 

Major: Dietetics 

Theta Sigma Upsilon ; Frances Sale Club ; 
Porpoise Club ; Curie Science Club. 

Richmond, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Physical Science 

Alpha Sigma Tau, Editor, President; Ger- 
man Dance Club; Curie Science Club, 
President; Le Cercle Francais; Mathema- 
tics Club ; Sigma Phi Lambda, Secretary ; 
Standards ; Student Council ; Senior Coun- 
selor; Breeze, Reporter, Photographer ; 
Athletic Association Council ; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association ; Westminster 
Fellowship; Who's Who Among Students 
in American Universities and Colleges. 

Lakeland, Florida 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Physical Education 

Theta Sigma Upsilon ; Transfer from Vir- 
ginia Intermont College ; Recreation Coun- 
cil ; Porpoise Club, Secretary, President; 
Sheldon Dormitory, Vice-President; Mer- 
cury Club, Vice-President; Athletic Asso- 
ciation Council ; Young Women's Christian 
Association ; Westminster Club. 

Harrisonburg. Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Elementary Education 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, Recording Secretary ; 
Newman Club, Vice-President ; Association 
For Childhood Education ; Sigma Phi 
Lambda ; Kappa Delta Pi, Recording Secre- 
tary; Young Women's Christian Associa- 

Radford, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Business. Education 

Pi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President; Blue- 
stone Cotillion Club; Young Women's 
Christian Association; Canterbury Club. 


Roanoke, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Biology 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, Directory Chairman : 
Curie Science Club; German Dance Club. 
Secretary; Junior Counselor; Senior Coun- 
selor; Stratford; Young Women's Christian 

Rapidan, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Social Science 

Alpha Sigma Tau, Historian; Westminster 
Fellowship; Young Women's Christian As- 
sociation; Lincoln House, President; Le 
Cercle Francais, Secretary; Handbook 
Assistanl Editor; International Relations 


Millboro, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Physical Education 

Sigma Sigma Sigma ; Sophomore Class, 
Sergeant-at-Arms; Student Council Rep- 
resentative ; Student Government Associa- 
tion, President; Mercury Club; Extramural 
Hockey; Extramural Basketball; Westmin- 
ster Fellowship; German Dance Club; 
Young Women's Christian Association 
Cabinet; Johnston Dormitory I'icc-Prcsi- 
denl; Kappa Delta Pi; Schoolma'am ; 
Who's Who Among Students in American 
Universities and Colleges. 

Exmore, Virginia 

11. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Pi Kappa Sigma; Bluestone Cotillion Club, 
Business Manager; Stratford Players, Vice- 
President; Fact Finding Committee; Young 
Women's Christian Association. 


OF 55 

Roanoke, Virginia 

1'.. S. in Education 

Major : Business Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treasurer; Breeze, 
Business Manager; Business Club, Presi- 
dent; Future Business Leaders of America; 
Schwarzenau Club ; Social Committee ; 
Young Women's Christian Association. 

Turbeville, Virginia 

1!. S. in Education 

Major: Business Education 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer; German 
Club; Schoolma'am, Business Manager; 
Junior Marshal; Pi Omega Pi, Treasurer; 
Junior Class Reporter; Young Women's 
Christian Association. 


Colonial Heights, Virginia 

B. A. in Education 

Major: French 

Alpha Sigma Tau. Editor; Sigma Phi 
Lambda ; Kappa Delta Pi, Corresponding 
Secretary; Le Cercle Francais, Vice-Presi- 
dent, President; Spanish Club; Honor 
Council, Representative; Logan Hall, Vice- 
President; Young Women's Christian As- 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Biology 

Sigma Delta Rho ; Men's Student Court; 
Men's Student Government, President. 

Purcellville, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Elementary Education 

Transfer from Virginia Intermont College ; 
Baptist Student Union ; Young Women's 
Christian Association ; Intermural Volley- 

Somerset, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Chemistry 

Theta Sigma Upsilon ; Curie Science Club, 
J'ice-President; International Relations 
Club; Newman Club, President; Sigma Phi 
Lambda; Breeze; Ushers' Club: Honor 


Rockingham, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Physical Science 

Sigma Delta Rho, Sergcant-at-Arms ; Math- 
ematics Club ; Curie Science Club, Program 

Arlington, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha, Rush Chairmen, Reg- 
istrar; German Dance Club, Reporter; Can- 
terbury Club, Secretary, Vice-President; 
Porpoise Club ; Young Women's Christian 
Association ; Association for Childhood Ed- 
ucation ; Student-Faculty Relations Com- 

Federalsburg, M aryland 

P.. S. in Education 

Major : Physical Education 

I'i Kappa Sigma; Sophomore Class Presi- 
dent; Breeze, Editor, Reporter; Student- 
Faculty Committee ; Modern Dance Club, 
President; Glee Club; Kappa Delta Pi; 
Sigma Phi Lambda ; Bluestone Cotillion 
Club; Young Women's Christian Associa- 
tion ; Who's Who Among Students in 
American Universities and Colleges. 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

B. A. 

Major: English 

Zeta Tau Alpha. 

OF "55 


Norfolk, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 
Major : Library Science 

Colombia, South America 

B. A. 

Major: English 
Club Espanol. 

Richmond, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha, I 'ice-President; Social 
Committee ; German Dance Club ; Stand- 
ards ; Panhellenic Council, Chairman-Elect. 
Chairman; Association for Childhood Edu- 
cation : Young Women's Christian Associa- 

Wakefield, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Chemistry 

Alpha Sigma Alpha ; El Club Espanol ; Bap- 
tist Student Union ; Young Women's Chris- 
tian Association ; German Dance Club ; 
Curie Science Club, Secretary, President; 
Student-Facultv Committee. 


Harrisonburg, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Business Education 

Alpha Sigma Tau, Corresponding Secre- 
tary; Young Women's Christian Associa- 
tion ; Westminster Fellowship ; Stratford 
Players, Business Manager; Future Bus- 
iness Leaders of America ; Modern Dance 
Club; Sesame Club, Secretary; Junior Mar- 
shal : Lashers' Club ; Bluestone Cotillion 

Midland. Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Home Economics 

Transfer from Juniata College; Kappa 
Delta Psi ; Sigma Phi Omega ; Young Wo- 
men's Christian Association ; Schwarzenau 

Casanova, Virginia 

R. S. in Education 

Major: Business Education 

Sigma Phi Lambda ; Newman Club. Presi- 
dent: Madison Business Club; Future Bus- 
iness Leaders of America, Recording Secre- 
tary; Pi Omega Pi. President; Kappa Delta 

Colonial Beach, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Business Education 

Pi Kappa Sigma; German Club; Sigma Phi 
Lambda; Madison Business Club; Canter- 
bury Club ; L'shers' Club ; Young Women's 
Christian Association. 


Sealston, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Biology 

Bluestone Cotillion Club ; Curie Science 
Club; Young Women's Christian Associa- 

Mineral. Virginia 

1'.. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary and 
Secondary Education 

Zeta Tau Alpha ; Association for Child- 
hood Education ; Young Women's Christian 
Association; Fire Safety Committee. 

OF '55 

Roanoke, Virginia 

B. S. i:i Education 

Major: Business Education 

Alpha Sigma Tau, Custodian ; Transfer 
from Concord College; Schoolma'am; 
Young Women's Christian Association ; 
Future Business Leaders of America; Ush- 
ers' Club ; Standards: Baptist Student 

Hopewell, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Secretarial 

Modern Dance Club ; German Dance Club ; 
Business Club ; Young Women's Christian 

Gainesboro, Virginia 

T>. S. in Education 

Major: Home Economics Education 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice-President; 
Young Women's Christian Association, 
Vice-President; German Dance Club; 
Frances Sale Club; Who's Who Among 
Students in American Universities and 

Bedford, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Business Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha; Pi Omega Pi, Vice- 
President; Business Club, Secretary; Ger- 
man Dance Club, J 'ice-President ; Senior 
Class Sergcant-at-Arms ; Young Women's 
Christian Association ; Future Business 
Leaders of America. 

Salem, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Elementary Education 

Theta Sigma Upsilon, Assistant Editor, 
Corresponding Secretary; Young Women's 
Christian Association; Association for 
Childhood Fxlucation ; Curie Science Club; 
Bluestune Cotillion Club. 

Abingdon, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Library Science 

Theta Sigma Upsitan ; Ex Libris Club, 
President; Young Women's Christian As- 
sociation, Cabinet; Westminster Fellowship. 


Martinsville, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Business Education 

Theta Sigma Upsilon, President; Future 
Business Leaders of America, Reporter; 
Madison Business Club ; Pi Omega Pi, 
Treasurer ; Young Women's Christian As- 
sociation ; Kappa Delta Pi ; Junior Marshal, 
Head Marshal; German Club; Standards 

Gordonsville, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Business Education 

Canterbury Club; Future Business Leaders 
of America ; Young Women's Christian As- 


East Rockaway, New York 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary Education 

Sigma Sigma Sigma; Transfer from Cort- 
land State Teachers' College ; Ushers' Club ; 
Sigma Phi Lambda; Orchestra; Westmin- 
ster Fellowship ; Sprinkle House, Presi- 
dent ; Young Women's Christian Associa- 

Gordonsville, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Business Education 

Mercury Club; Madison Business Club; 
Young Women's Christian Association. 

OF '55 

Bohannon, Virginia 

B. A. 


Major : French 

Sigma Sigma Sigma ; Wesley Foundation ; 
German Club ; Le Cercle Francais ; Student 
Government Representative; Stratford 
Players, Sergeant-at-Arms; Fencing Club, 
President; Senior Class President; Young 
Women's Christian Association; Who's 
Who Among Students in American Univer- 
sities and Colleges. 

St. Paul, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Business Administration 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Future Business Leaders 
of America ; Young Women's Christian As- 

Staunton, Virginia 

I'.. S. in Education 

Major: Home Economics Education 

Theta Sigma Upsilon, Vice-President ; 
Curie Science Club, Scrgeant-at-Arms; 
Frances Sales Club ; Modern Dance Club ; 
Junior Class Sergeant-at-Arms ; Standards. 
Chairman ; Young Women's Christian As- 


Chatham, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major: Secretarial 

Pi Kappa Sigma, Keeper of Archives ; Cant- 
erbury Club; Recreation Council, Treasur- 
er; Breeze; German Club; Young Women's 
Christian Association. 

Alexandria, Virginia 

B. S. 

Major : Secretarial 

Pi Kappa Sigma, Corresponding Secretary; 
Business Club ; Young Women's Christian 
Association ; Bluestone Cotillion Club. 

Dale Enterprise, Virginia 

B. S. i:i Education 

Major : Physical Education 

Sigma Sigma Sigma ; Athletic Association, 
Treasurer; Mercury Club ; Extramural 
Hockey; German Club, Treasurer; Intra- 
mural Sports; Modern Dance Club; West- 
minster Fellowship; Young Women's Chris- 
tian Association. 

Piney River, Virginia 

B. S. i:i Education 

Major: Business Education 

Pi Kappa Sigma, Treasurer; German Club, 
Secretary; Student-Faculty Committee; 
Junior Class Treasurer; Young Women's 
Christian Association ; Future Business 
Leaders of America; International Rela- 
tions Club. 


Earlysville, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major: Elementary and 
Secondary Education 

Theta Sigma Upsilon ; Sigma Phi Lambda, 
Treasurer ; Kappa Delta Pi; Mathematics 
Club, President; Recreation Council; Fact 
Finding Committee ; Intramural Sports ; 
Young Women's Christian Association. 

Roanoke, Virginia 

15. S. in Education 


Huddleston, Virginia 

B. S. in Education 

Major : Elementary Education 

Alpha Sigma Alpha ; Association for Child- 
hood Education; German Club; Junior 
Marshal : Curie Science Club ; Fact Finding 
Committee; Baptist Student Union; Young 
Women's Christian Association. Cabinet. 


llementarv Education 

Alpha Sigma Tau, Pledge Chairman ; Assa- 
ciation for Childhood Education, Treasurer, 
Vice-Presiicnt; Bluestone Cotillion Club. 
Reporter; Impaneling Beard, Chairman; 
Wesley Foundation; Lincoln House, Vice- 
President; Voting Women's Christian As- 
sociation; Student Organization and Activi- 
ties Committee. 

Backstage at the Seniors' 
"Plantation Party" 

Scenes from the Juniors 
"Fantasy in Jazz" 

C L A S S 

When the Sophomores 
"took it away." 


THE JUNIOR CLASS was really glad to return to campus this 
fall so we could experience our newly acquired status of upperclassmen. 

Tin- early part of the semester was spent looking up our little sisters 
and greeting our old friends. It seemed as though we could never catch 
up i n all the details of those long, lazy summer days that had just passed. 

Although "Rettie" kept in close touch with us through her letters 
from England, her place in the class remained empty. 

Thanksgiving came and went and so did we; but before we were 
barely settled once again, December 8 was hers — Class Day. We really 
had to squeeze in those rehearsals and it looked as though we could never 
get our show together in lime. We were really proud that day as we 
dedicated our program to our sister class and presented our speaker. Miss 
Grace Matz, who was graduated from Madison 1952. 

We all wondered who would he the lucky 
ch --en Queen of the May this year and to become the 
the beautiful crown which we presented to the school as our 

A sigh of relief was heard as we rushed off for the badly- 
need and most welcomed vacation of all — Christmas. 

Main' of us were now wearing a worried and defeated 
expression as the end of January approached and along with 
it. the inevitable exams. 

Wherever did the time go? Soon we could be seen wear- 
ing rain coats and carrying blankets back campus to ac- 
quire a "glow of radiant health." 

None of us will ever forget moving-up day as we watch- 

gal to be 
first to weai 
class project, 



ed our Seniors march out and as we took their places. How 
could this be? We were Freshmen just three short years 

ay. i ! 

As we reminisce, let us remember along with the dances. 
the holidays, exams. Class Day. and moving-up day, our 
president, Jaunita Mowles, who led us so capably and so 
smoothly over what appeared to be a "rockv" vear. Too. 
let us remember and thank Mr. and Mrs. Bosckey, out 
sponsors, and Buddy and Barbara, our mascots. Undei 
Mr. and Mis. B.'s guidance and with their help, we can 
look back on a truly successful year. 

L. Jones, Reporter; C. Bocskey; 
IS. Bocskey; P. Long. Secretary; 
J. Leffel, Vice-President; M. 
Zirk. Scrgcant-at- Arms ; Mr. 
Bocskey; Mrs. Bocskey; R. 
Ritchie, Treasurer. 

Stewart Abbott 
Carolyn Addison 
Patricia Baber 
Beverly Barden 

Charlotte Barnes 
Bu'rwell Bird 

Shirley Blackwell 
Jonella Bloch 

Janet Bolen 
Pamela Bond 
Joyce Bowling 
Helen Boyd 

Frances Brickey 

Shirley Broun 
Sue Ann Brown 
Sue Clark Brown 

Kathryn Burkcy 
Virginia Burns 

Betty Buzzard 
Thomas Byrd 

Page Callis 

Patricia Cannon 
Carolyn Caricofe 
Mary Lou Carroll 



Nancy Cavendish 
Alice Chandler 
Janet Corley 
Doris Craun 

Jo Ann Cregar 
Martha Cromer 
Kay Crute 
Martha Crute 

Mary Cullen 
Marilyn Curtis 
Patricia Daniels 
Lucy Davis 

Mary Jo Davis 
Nancye Devier 
Barbara Dickie 
Nancy Dickinson 

Helen Diffee 

Frances Dinwiddie 

Emma Gene Gra}' Edwards 
Beulah Ellis 

Mary Emswiler 
Mary Flanagan 
Ann Fosnight 

Mary Lynn Gillespie 

»^-.i. ^ 



OF '56 


ft i mi 

r " PL 

Carolyn Glass 
Frances Glass 
Anne Goodrich 
Eleanor Gouldin 

Martha Grimes 
Betty Jo Grove 
Dorothy Groves 
Carolyn Hale 

lean Hamilton 
Shirley Hanson 
Katherine Harding 
Patricia Harrell 

Margaret Hartsel 
Margaret Hazel 
Edith Henson 
Gwen Hockman 

Em Sutton Holland 
Mary Anna Hollomon 
lean Howard 

Catherine Howard 

Ethel Howard 
Fern Jennings 
Barbara Johnson 

Helen Johnson 

r*^ (i 



Judith Johnson 
Peggy Johnson 
Jean Ann Jollett 
Helen Jones 

Lola Jones 
Patsy Jones 
Joan Kafer 
Peggy Keiser 

Sarah Keys 
Athena Kostul 
Nancy LaPrade 
Cornelia Lawrence 

George Leffel, Jr. 
Carolyn Legard 
Eleanor Lehman 
Donald Leisch 

Patricia Lewis 
Victoria Lewis 
Nancy Litton 

Peggy Ann Long 

Frances Lukin 
Vernelle Lytton 
Frances Mahan 
Marcia Maier 

OF '56 


% €^ P P 

/^•V V ^£* dStk. 

fi' £' ^ 

Mary Manhardt 
Emeline Marlowe 
Delores Matheny 
Shirley Mclnturff 

Edward Michael 
Janice Miller 
Louise Mills 

Mary Sue Missimer 

Alice Modisett 

Martha Ann Morgan 
Julia Morrison 
fuanita Mowles 

Sarah Munday 
llarbara Murphey 
Mark Muterspaugh 
Anna Myers 

Charlene Myers 
Mary Sue Nelson 
Eleanor Norcross 
Audrey O'Neil 

Jean Ann Piatt 

Harriett Poindexter 

Bettie Pomeroy 

Ann Pugh 



Jeannettc Ralph 
Patricia Randall 
Joyce Rinker 

Rita Ritchie 

Shirley Ritenour 
Jacqueline Rowan 
Esther Rust 

Ann Rutherford 

Phyllis Sawyer 
Bettie Lou Schools 
Helene Sellner 
Gershon Shickel 

Carol Shufflebarger 
Nancy Shuler 
Joan Simmill 

Martha Grae Slough 

Myra Smith 

Etta Mae Snyder 
Clarence Souder 
Jane Soyars 

Angelita Suiter 
Anne Suter 
Barbara Stegall 
Lois Stuckert 

OF '56 


Janet Thomas 
Ann Thompson 
Jane Thompson 
Retta Thorpe 

Natalie Tiller 
Martha Trenary 
Jeanette Viar 
Gerry Walker 

Peggy Wallers 
Shirley Walton 
Peggy Waring 
Johnny Warner 

Joan Weidel 
Carol Whitehill 
Moulton Wicks 
Don Wilkins 

Dollie Williams 
Mary Williams 
Nancy Williams 
Sandra Williams 

Barbara Wolfe 
Jackie Yeates 
Suzanne Young 
Marilyn Zirk 



THE SOPHOMORE CLASS returned to school last fall to as- 
sume the dignity of "old" students. Along with this new status, we ac- 
quired our first "little sisters" and enjoyed welcoming and entertaining 
them at the Big Sis-Little Sis I 'arty climaxing Freshman Week. A few- 
weeks later our class decided to perpetuate the tradition begun by the 
Sophomore Class of 1953 and order beanies for the freshmen. At the 
( >M Student-New Student ceremony in October we, along with the uppcr- 
classmen, officially ushered the "frosh" in lie "beanie-ing" them. 

One of the distinction of the Sophomore Class is being the Seniors' 
sister class. Never were we more proud of our sister class nor sadder at 
the realization of their near departure than at their capping ceremony. 
With tremulous hands we placed the academic caps on their heads and 
with mixed emotions heard Dr. Dingledine's address. 

In the midst of the rush of activities ami classes, it suddenly became 
time t i work 0:1 our Class Day program. Various committees worked 
long and hard preparing the frame work for our extravaganza. Enthusi- 
astically the class auditioned, wrote, and rewrote, organized, 
and rehearsed. Finally The Day arrived and we happily 
embraced one another as the applause rose for amost suc- 
cessful Class Night. 


Dances came and passed; vacation eagerly anticipated 
became history as the year flew by. Our lovely float in 
the May Day parade helped us feel our class had made a 
contribution to the big spring celebration. The two-year 
students' graduation in June seemed unbelievable. Friend- 
ships have been too short and our class will seem incom- 
plete without them. 

Anne Warren's capable steering has kept us on our way 


this year and we extend sincere appreciation for her in- 
finite patience and constant efforts on our behalf. Dr. ami 
Mrs. Smith, our sponsors, have endeared themselves to us 
more and more through their devoted attention to our prob- 
lems and projects. 

As w r e wait at the door of our Junior year, anticipating 
the next two years as upperclassmen, we remember a splen- 
did Sophomore year. Regretting that it has passed so 
quickly, nonetheless we move up with a feeling of satisfac- 
tion at having added another year to the rich experience of 
being Madisonites. 

Dr. and Mrs. Smith, Sponsors; 
N. Gardner, Reporter; T. 
Quarles, Sergeant-at-arms ; C. 
Martin, Treasurer; N. Sweeney, 
Secretary; M. Caton, Vice-Presi- 

. & 4a @ 

i ■ if. 


Charlotte Adams 
Joan Alls 

Adrienne Anderson 

Margaret Sue Anderson 

Georgia Andrus 

Sarah Lou Armstrong 
Carolyn Artz 
Jeanie Asble 

Mary Ashton 

Willie Lois Baker 
Suzanne Baldwin 
Jane Barber 

Anna Ruth Barnette 
Patricia Basham 
Sue Batson 
Beverley Belt 

Genevieve Berger 

Agnes Irene Biggs 
Betty Blandenbaker 

Cecil Borsl 

Patricia Bourne 
Car.jl Bradley 

Martha Brandenberg 
Shirley Branklev 

Clifford Lee Brooking 
lessica McClain Brosmer 
Barbara Brown 
Ann Brown 

Mary Alice Brown 
Ginger Brown 
Beverly Bowman 

Sylvia Buie 



Louise Burnett 
Betsy Butts 
Martha P.yrd 
Joyce Callahan 

Myrtle Canada 
Jane Carneale 

Barbara Carpenter 
Marie Caton 

Elizabeth Cawley 

Jane Chitwood 
Man- Ellen Choate 
l'ennv Clark 

Patsy Clatterbuck 
Jean Click 

Barbara Cooper 
Carol Crockett 

Robert Cunningham 
Joan Darcey 
Elsie Davis 

Shirley Dearing 

Odell Dellinger 
Betty DeWitt 
Nancy Dixon 
Mary Duggan 

Marporie Dulaney 

Charles Earman 

Katherine East 

Ann Elliott 


Ruth Eye 

Shirley Fairfield 
Bettie Fentress 
Alice Fields 



OF '57 


l"T / 


<v § 

Beverly Flinn 
Judith Flora 

Betty Jean Flowers 
Carole Fowkles 

Barbara Freeman 
Sue Frisbie 
Nancy Gardner 
William Garrett 

Suzanne Garst 
Jo Gildersleeve 
Barbara ( rilley 
Barbara Golladay 

Martha Goodwin 
fo Ann Gordon 
Mary Ann llamlett 
jane Hamrick 

Shirley Hansberger 
Uriel] I lamer 
Joan Harvey 
Betty Harrelson 

Shirley Harris 
Shirlee Harrison 
Freda Hatcher 
Barbara Hawkins 

Ann Hearl 

Reba Heishman 
Betty Henderson 
Joyce Henderson 

Doris Hess 
Violet Hill 
Lois Hogan 

Constance Holland 



Anna Hollowell 
Myrna Hooper 
Julia Huddle 
Shirley Huffer 

Carolyn Huffman 
Shirley Humphries 
Nancy Hundley 
Stuart Iglehart 

Barbara Iraugott 
Kathryn Jenkins 

Jeanne Marie Justice 
Cvnia Katsorelos 

Joan Keefer 

Ouida Lou Keller 
Ralph King 

Louise Lambert 

Sally Lance 

Karen Ann Lantz 
Angline Larson 
Marjorie Lineburg 

Eloise Lohr 
Patsy Love 
Carolyn Luck 
Barbara Lund 

Anita Lunsford 
Carolyn Lutz 
Betty Lynch 

Carol McCormick 

Sally McGavock 
Kathleen McKessor 
Mary Marcus 
Charlotte Martin 

OF '57 



4& €i 

Elizabeth Messersmith 
Phyllis Meyerhoeffcr 
Martha Miller 

Mary Anne Minnick 

Elaine Mistr 
Barbara Moore 
Margaret Morris 
Phyllis Moulden 

Jenilee Myers 
Lois Myers 
Kathleen Xeal 
Shirley Newman 

Ann \*uckols 
( rlenna Orrell 
Barbara Osborne 
Barbara Overby 

P.ertha Jane Owen 
Eldon Padgett 
Pamela Pattie 
Lynne Payne 

Sue Peters 

Mary Bess Phillips 

Mary Catherine Phleger 
Beverly Pleasants 

Sally Pleasants 
Cecelia Pope 
Martha Porter 

Jacqueline Poston 

Janie Powell 

P.cttie Ann I 'ugh 
Unita Pyle 

Margaret Quaintance 



Tresa Quarks 

Mary Lynne Ramsey 

Shirley Register 

Joyce Rhea 

Tommie Sue Richardson 
Joe Riggleman 

Franas Riley 
Elinor Ritchie 

I > ra Mae Robinson 
Virginia Robinson 
Joanna Rover 

Mary Katherine Rubush 

D nald Salt 

Katharine Samford 
Dolores Sampson 
Roberta Sensabaugh 

Janny Lynn Shaffar 
Elizabeth Short 

Jeanie Gray Showalter 
Starling Ann Simmons 

Sandra Slade 
Bessie Smalts 
Jean Smith 
Xancy Smith 

Shirley Smith 
Kathryn Sprague 
Patricia Spaur 

Mary Lou Startzman 

Virginia Strawderman 
Barbara Strong 
Marilyn Sorthard 
Gayle Swanson 

n f» f 

OF '57 


J. ■*:.< 


mF~- *1 



1 «• 


L." 5 " 




Jj " 



Nancy Sweeny 
Anne Townes 
Drucilla Turner 
Eleanor Turpin 

Joan Van Saun 
Wilma Via 
Carol Wallace 
Phyllis Walls 

Anne Warren 
Betty Watson 
Anita Webb 
Jane Webster 

Elinor Wayne 
Patricia Wheeler 
Jo Ann Whitley 
Charlotte Williams 

Mary Williams 
Vivian Henderson Williams 
Virginia Wilson 
Hilda Winkelmann 

Caroly Belle Wise 
Norma Jam- \\ ise 
Ferraba Womble 
Betsy Jo Wood 

Gail Woodson 

Lucy Worthington 
Juila Yancey 
Nor., nod Zirk 

Ailene Zirkle 



THE FRESHMAN CLASS experienced its first day at Madison 
with mixed emotions. We were on the threshold of something vitally new 
and different, and we were scared, excited and a little doubtful. 

Many of our fears and qualms vanished quickly as we acquired 
friends and became adjusted to college life. Upperclassmen and big 
sisters rendered invaluable help; their smiling faces and friendly man- 
ner helped us immensely. Homesick? Not us. for we were too busy join- 
ing college activities and learning traditions to have any nostalgic thoughts 
of home. 

The eventful months flew quickly indeed. I luring October we elect- 
ed our class officers, and also really became a part of Madison when 
capped and pinned during the Old Student-New Student Ceremony. 
With shouts of glee, we were soon off to a wonderful Thanksgiving holi- 
day. Before we could quite catch our breath. Christmas vacation was 
at hand. 



Something inevitable greeted us upon return — EXAMS ! 
The dormitories took en an air of tense stillness during this 
period and the library became quite popular as a meeting 
place for apprehensive freshmen. Many silent vows were 
made as we toiled over books, sleepy-eyed and weary, and 
burned midnight oil. With this new experience behind us. 
and grades issued, we had more pleasant thoughts to occupy 
our mind. 

Long and hard we pondered for the fast approaching 

event. Freshman Class Day and Night. With such an array 
of talent, we were sure to have a big success. Success was 
ours, and another leaf was added to our golden book of 
memories. May Day too, was looked forward to with much 
enthusiasm. How pretty everyone looked on that day! 

Too swiftly, our first year drew to a close. We were 
hesitant to leave our friends, but glad to be going home. 
And so, did our first eventful year at Madison pass. Ob- 
serve us now — we have more confidence, a firmer step, a 
broader smile and a year of never-to-be-forgotten memories. 


First Row : C. Mengebier, N. 
Mengebier (mascots) ; J. Koontz. 

Second Row. Mrs. Mengebier, 
M. E. Garber, Secretary; C. 
Evans, Reporter; F. Broaddus, 
treasurer; Dr. Mengebier, K. 



/aK'/ t 

(? ^ w 

Martha Agnor 

Jacqueline Albrecht 
Mary Jo Altizer 
Anne Ames 

Dorothy Anderson 
Kay Anderson 
Norma Arrington 
Patricia Asbell 

Barbara Atwood 
Charlotte Bailey 
Ann Baii- 
Rebecca Balderson 

Betty Ball 
Kay Ballagh 
Barbara Banks 
Nancy Barbour 

Ann Batson 
Betty Bauserman 
loan Beach 
Peggy Beall 

Patricia Bennett 
Lynne Benton 
Betty Berezoski 

Ida Berger 

Peggy Berger 
Ada Blankenship 

Susie Blankenship 
Dorothy Bliss 

Anne Bloxom 
Marian Bonham 
Ann Bonnell 
1 )elores Bossard 



Carol Bowers 
Margaret Boyd 
Shirley Bramlett 
Carol Breeder) 

Betty Brewer 

Florence Broaddus 
Alma Drown 
Nancy Brown 

Velma Brydge 

Robert Buchanan 
Susan Buchanan 
Sara Bundv 

Lucy Burkholder 
Jean Burns 
Ann Burruss 
Dolores Burt 

Barbara Butler 
Fay Campbell 
Sallie Carleton 
Jane Carpenter 

Jcyce Carter 
Roberta Case 
Noelle Cassedy 
Joyce Casteen 

Virginia Chandler 
Irvine Chewning 
Carol Childress 
Nancy Childress 

Ann Marie Clark 
Barbara Clark 
Donna Clarkson 
Nancy Cloud 

A 1/7 ' M 

OF '58 


Q fy <p fl 

ft / 


^ ^ c^ 

Frances Cocke 
Marcia Cohen 

Kenneth Ray Comer 
Barbara Compton 

Vivian Connelly 
Alice Faye Cooper 
Anne Cox 
Doris Critzer 

Frances Crockett 
Gloria Cropper 

( ienis Bird Crowder 
Lucille Crowder 

Annie Laurie Daniel 
Betty Jane Davis 
1 )orothy Dawson 
Louise DeLauder 

F.eulah Dillow 
Shirley I )ivers 
Rita Kixon 

Frances Dodson 

Blanche I (river 
Fvelyn 1 )ysi n 

Warren Early, Jr. 
Patricia Eason 

Charles Emswiler 
Virginia Emswiler 
Patsy Etheridgc 
Augusta Eubank 

('aniline Evans 
Carolyn Evans 
Juan Everharl 

Constance Faulder 



Jane Fisher 

Nancy Fitzgerald 
Ruth Flowers 
Patricia Fogg 

Sue Foster 
Helen Foster 

Jeanne Foster 
Reisa Frank 

June Frazier 
Barbara Freed 
Nancy Freed 
Joyce Fulcher 

Patricia Fuller 

Mary Ellen Garber 
Nancy Gard 
Jean Ciarman 

Jane Gilbert 
.Shirley Gilbert 

Alary Giles 
I 'ixie Glass 

Harriette Glass 
Sarah Glass 

Shelby Jean Glass 
Kay Glovier 

Ann Gracey 
Joy Gravely 

Shirley Grimes 
Charlene Grimm 

Karin Haglund 
Hilda Hall 
Lois Hall 

ToAnn Hamlet 

$ f .1? 

OF '58 


Jacquelyn Harding 
Madaline Harper 
Janice Harris 
Ann Hartman 

Mary Jane Hauser 
Helen Hayman 
Connie Heagy 
Lisa Hearn 

Betty Hiner 
Franklin Hoak 
Joy Hollar 
Janc Hollister 

Betty Hosaflook 
JoAnn Hughes 

Mary Ellis Hughes 
Carol Humphries 

Bette Hunt 
Nancy Hyde 
Harriet Hylton 
Emily Isom 

Ann Jackson 
Anna Jagiello 
Mariann James 
Diana janney 

Patsy Jennings 
Carrie Jeter 
Betty Johnson 
Louise Jones 

Thelma Jones 
Jean Jordan 
Shirley Keller 
Kate Kelley 



Meade Kientz 
Doris King 

Rosemary Kinney 
Elle Sue Kiracofe 

Eetty Ruth Kirkpatrick 
Jane Klingelhoefer 
Marietta Koch 
Barbara Kohl 

James Koontz 
Samuel Koontz 
Patricia Kruse 
Kathleen Landes 

Maralee Landes 

Olivia Franklin Landis 
Virginia Langel 
Ruth LeGrand 

Rose Mary Leistra 
Patsy Lemon 
Gladys Lewis 
Sylvia Lewis 

Virginia Lewis 
Mary Liptow 
Pat Livesay 

Mary Ann Lohr 

Betty Jo Loving 
Man' Lowery 
Patricia Lumpkin 
Ashley Lutz 

Nancy Lynn 
Hope McAlpin 
Charliss McKaye 
Avis Mackey 

ft f > f> 

w ■ Jm / 

' 1 


OF '58 




Jo Ann McNeer 
Betty Madagan 
Iris Mahan 
Lena Mahone 

( irace Manly 

Roberta Manning 
Bertie Sue Martin 
Ann Mason 

Alary Ellen Mason 
Lavonne Matheny 
Joanne Matulaitis 
Marianne Maust 

Sharon Mayhew 
Jean Mays 

Louise Meadows 
Shirley Mentzer 

Shirley Michael 
Barbara Miller 
Norman Miller 
Mary Minor 

Florence Moffetl 
Phyllis Moffetl 
Scott Moncure 

Betty Jean Mongei 

jaietie Montgomery 
Annette Moore 

Julia Muss 

Shirley Monies 

Loretta Mullen 

Carole Jean Myers 
Faye Nance 
Bettv Mae Neal 



Merit- Nelson 
Betty Newman 
Sarah Newton 
Joan Nichols 

Jacqueline Oliver 
Jessie Ann Ordel 
Jane Painter 
Sylvia Painter 

Marie Palombo 
Betty Lou Parker 
Jean Parrish 
Betty Patterson 

Sandra Patterson 
Beverley Pearce 
Barbara Pearn 
Lurie Pearson 

June Peterson 
Elaine Phelas 
Nancy Phillips 
Margaret Pillar 

Elrose Plentovich 
Sue Plentovich 
Tacqueline Poe 
Barbara Pollard 

Alice Pomeroy 
Louise Potts 
Nancy Powell 
Betty Powers 

Odeen Preice 
Nancy Ramsey 
Carolyn Reid 
Anne Remlev 

45 & $ 

OF \58 


Rachel Reynolds 
Gail Rinker 
Barbara Ritch 
Betty Roberts 

Charlotte Robertson 
Maureen Rodgers 
Nancy Rogers 
Patricia Rogers 

Frances Rolston 
Joyce Root 

Barbara Rowland 
Rachel Rowland 

Kay Ruffner 

Shirley Sandridge 
Jean Sandy 
Joan Sandy 

Mary Saunders 

Frances Schottroffe 
Joanne Schreiber 
Patricia Schultz 

Anna Scott 

Priscilla Shafer 
Edith Shultz 

Betty Lou Simpson 

Margaret Slemp 

Colleen Smith 

Laura Patricia Smith 
Linda Smith 

Priscilla Smith 
Sara Smith 

Florence Soriano 
Ellen Southall 



Alyce Spencer 
Jean Steigleman 
Shirley Stewart 
Ann Stinson 

I 'atsy Strother 
Alice Sumpter 
Carolyn Swadley 
Frances Swanner 

Helen Dolores Swats 
i )nris Talbert 
Barbara Taylor 
Betty Taylor 

Ann Terry 
Joan Thomas 

Susannah Thomas 
Nancy Thompson 

Nancy Trippeer 

Alice Trower 
Margaret Tucker 

Mary Ian Jean Tucker 

Anne Turner 

Nancy Carolyn Turner 
Nancy Mae Turner 
Bettie Kay Turney 

Betty Walker 
Leona Walls 
Jane Warren 

Mary Emily Watkins 

Joan Watson 

Elizabeth Wayland 
Kim Weaver 
Lucille Webb 

OF '58 


*. S) 


Janet Weeks 
Sara Welch 

La Verne Wenger 
Paul Wenger 

Ann Wertz 

Nancy Wheatley 
Audrey White 

Kathrvn Whitehead 

Frances Whitt 
Nancy Whitten 
Anne Willard 
Carol Williams 

Clara Wilson 
Tin His Winder 
Barbara Wood 
Lois Wood 

Marian Wood 
Ruth Wood 

Margaret Would ridge 
Elaine Wright 

Shirley Wright 
Trudy Wright 
I'.ettie Via 

Marjorie Yarger 

Charlotte Yost 
Gloria Young 












To Madison Students, Faculty, and Staff: 





A special message to the 1955 Graduates 

It has been a pleasant and satisfying 
experience to have been associated with 
you during your years as students at Madi- 
son. You have rendered outstanding lead- 
ership to the College, and I wish to com- 
mend you for your loyalty and cooperation. 

As alumni, you will continue as import- 
ant members of our Madison College family. 
It is my hope that you will recall your years 
here with pleasure and satisfaction and that 
you will find that your experiences at Midi 
5' in have been valuable in preparing you 

for your lifework. In future years, I hope 
that you will demonstrate your interest in 
and sentimental attachment for your Alma 
Mater and that Madison may look forward 
to your continued loyalty and support. My 
heartiest congratulations and best wishes for 
your future happiness and success are ex- 
tended to each member of the Class of 1955. 


G. Tyler Miler, President 

The President's Home- 



February 5, 1885 - - April 25, 1955 
Our leader and friend for thirty years. 
With his unfailing energy, enthusiasm, and standards of high 
scholarship, he has left Madison College a goodly heritage. 


These are clays of bewildering complexity — days which arc testing" 
!o the last limit the optimism and hope of every informed and intelligent 
person. At this moment millions of people in many different countries 
look to the United States to bring order out of chaos, to furnish leader- 
ship in preserving the idea and operation of democracy for mankind. 

We must find a way to show that our country is dedicated to the 
furtherance of the good life for all people and this calls tor intelligence 
and discernment en the part of all the citizens of our great nation. We 
must use to the fullest our knowledge and our abilities to think effectively 
if we are to make a significant contribution to the solution of the problems 
which confront us at this time. And we must apply our knowledge within 
a framework of moral and spiritual values. 

You who are graduating this year can do much lo help in the achieve- 
ment of world peace. The individual's influence on world affairs is 
greater than most of us believe. Public opinion is the ultimate control 
of war and peace. But it is a most unfortunate truth that public opinion 
is actually the opinion of an articulate ivw. It is a challenge to us to become 
vocal, to become more outspoken in order that public opinion may have 
(he benefit of our thinking. In this way the personal influence of each 
of us can count for much. Government officials, legislators, writers for 
newspapers, periodicals, radio and television are sensitive to and amenable 
to public opinion. Often they are at loss to know what 
course to follow because of the absence of a consensus 
of public opinion of many vital problems of the times. 
Each one of us must make it a primary responsibility 
to form his opinions and to make his opinions known. 


As you leave Madison, I chal 
your voice heard in promoting the 1: 

lenge you to make 
rotherhood of man. 

Percy H. Warren, Dean 

Those of us at Madison who are responsible for 
the student personnel services are associated with the 
student both on the campus and off of the campus. A 
portion of our time and effort is spent in meeting and 
encouraging capable students to think favorably of 
Madison when they choose their college. We are mind- 
ful of the importance of our alumnae in this phase of 

our work and their loyal support has been most grati- 
fying. When a student elects to come to Madison, we 
have the initial responsibility of acquainting her with 
the customs and the traditions of the college. We are 
proud of this opportunity to share these experiences 
with her. We feel that a student who is comfortably 
housed, and whose health is safeguarded, is in a better 
postion to succeed than would otherwise be 
true. In making the transition from the 
home to the campus our association with 
the students' parents is of mutual benefit. 
We are further concerned with financial 
assistance for deserving students. 

The many facets of our work are both 
tangible and intangible and should a student 
be aided toward becoming a more worthy 
individual, then we are grateful. 

William J. DeLong, 

Director of Student Personnel Services 

Mrs. Wilkins, Dean of Women, Mr. DeLong, Mrs. Garber 
Dean of Freshmen. 


Division Of The Humanities 


Director of the Division of Professor of Speech 
the Humanities, Head of 
the English and Literature 


Professor of Classical Lit- Professor of English 
erature. Professor of Latin 

Associate Professor of 


Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of 

English Biblical Literature and English English, Director of Public English 

General Philosophy Reiatwtt 




ll \ 1 


Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Head of An Department Associate Professor o) Arl Assistant Professor of Art 
English English 


-» • 



Head of the Music l',f r Assistant Head of llie 

ment, Professor of Music Music Department, 

Associate Professor of 




As sock 

Associate Professor' of Als~6c~iaie~ Profc's7o'r"Tf , Em "" SCHNEIDER EDNA SHAEFFER GERTRUD BURAU 

Associate Professor o) Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of 
Wusu Music Music 



L I) K K S 1. 


r of Assistant Professor of 

A ssista nt Professor of 

M ^, R A^K : , TE „ R (i ' MARTINEZ 

WOELFEL Professor of Spanish 

Head of the Foreign 
Language Department Pro- 
fessor of French and 

Division Of Natural Sciences 

1 \ 

IKENHERRV Associate Professor of Head of the Biology De- Professor of Biology- 
Director of the Division Mathematics, Associate part >n cut. Professor of 
of Natural Sciences, Head Professor of Chemistry Bioloov 
of the Department of 

Associate Professor of 


il, i«\\iii -UlLLtK MURL SHAWVER 

Associate Professor of Associate Professor of 

Bio'ogy, Associate Pro- Bioloov lessor of 
f~ fe.sor of Geology 


Head of the Chemistry 
Department, Professor of 
Ch c in istry 

Professor of Chemistry 


Head of the Geology 
Department, Head of the 
Geography I department , 

Head of the Physical mid 
Health Education Depart- 
ment, Professor of Physical 
and Health Education 

Associate Professor of 
Physical and Health E,lu 

cat in a 

Associate Professor of 
Physical and Health Edu- 

Assistant Professor of 
Physical and Health Edu- 

Assistant Professor of 
Physical and Health Edu- 

Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of 
Physical and Health Edit- Physical and Health Edu- 
cation cation 

Assistant Professor of 

Physical and Health Edit- 


Instructor in Health lidu- 


Head Of the Physics and 
Physical Science Depart- 
meat. Professor of Physics 
and Physical Science 

Associate Professor of 
Physics and Physical 



Division Of The Social Sciences 


Director of the Division of 
Social Sciences, Head of 
the Social Science and His- 
tory Department 

Professor of Social Scieno 
mi./ History 


and 11. 

Head of the Department of 
Business Education, Pro- 
fessor of Business Educa- 



Business Edit 

r of Social Si ><•» 
and Hi story 


Professor •>! 
Social Science and History 

;•.■ /■',-, \fe i tor of 
Business Edit 


Assistant Professor 
Business Education 

Assistant Professor of 
Business Education 



Head of the Library Professor of Library- 
Science Debarment Pro- Science 
fessor of Library Science, 
Head Librarian 

Assistant Professor of 
Library Science, Assistant 

Assistant Librarian 

Assistant Professor of 
Library Science, Assistant 



Head of the Home Eco- ANNE HARDESTY 

noinic Department, Profess- Associate Professor of 

or of Home Economics Home Economics 



PATTERSON Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Head Dietitian, Assistant Assistant Professor of 

Associate Professor of Home Economics Home Economics Professor of Home Eco- Home Economies 

Home Economics nomics 

Division Of Teacher Education 

Director of the Department 
of Teacher Education. 
Head of the Education, 
Psychology and Philosophy 

Professor of Education 

Professor ot Gu 
Director of Student 

nine and Placement 

Edm ation 

Professor of Psychology 


.: i -J 




N J > 



ii \ n \< 







1 abOi a, "i >■ 

School 1 



ces Stafi 


Associate Professor of Associate Professor of 
Education Education, Assistant Di- 

rector of the Laboratory 
School Experiences Staff 


Assoi iatc Professor of Superintendent of the 
Psychology Harrisonburg Schools, t o- 

ordinator of Student Teach- 

Superintendent of the Rock- 
Ingham County Schools, 
Coordinator of Student 


Supervisor in Elementary 


Supervisor in Elementary 



Supervisor in Elctnentar 



Supervisor in Elementary Supervisor in Elementary Supervisor in Elementary Supervisor in Elementary 
School School School School 

Supervisor in Element a 


Supervisor in Elementary Supervisor in Elementary Supervisor in Business Assistant Professor of 
School School Education Business Education, Super- 

visor of Business Educa- 





Supervisor of Social Supervisor of Library Supervisor in Junior High Supervisor of English and Supervisor of French 

Studies Science School Social Science 


Supervisor of English Supervisor of Music Director of Field Services 


Business Manager 


Registrar Associate Pro- Secretary to the President Assistant Secretary to the Secretary to the Dean of 

fessor of Business Educa- President and Assistant the College 

Secretary to the Dean Of 
the College 



Secretary to the Education Assistant in the Business Assist, mi in the Busincsi Issistani in the Business Assistant in the Business 

Department Office Office Office 


Secretary to the Director Secretary to the Of) Secretary, Registrar's 

of Student Personnel Serv- Guidance, Placement, and 

ice Student Tea long 


Assistant Set retary. Regis- Secretary, Bureau of 
trar's Office Teaching Materials 






Secretary to the Librarian Secretary, Library Science Secretary, Home Economics Secretary to the Dean of Secretary to the Dean of 

Department Department Women Freshman 1 1 'omen 





Secretary to Director of Director of Dormitories 
Field Service 








Hostess Hostess 




Hostess Hostess 






Assistant to the Postmaster 



; m \ * 


Colleoe Physician Nurse Nurse 


Nurse Tearoom Manager Stationery Store Manager 




1' ^^^^^Vl 

^L^ T^^>* 

■ ■ 

• ^^H ^^m 

3 / 


r^ a £ 

<■ m~ 





set up to help the members of Madison grow in character and power through 
individual self-government. In so doing, the students assume the responsibilities 
as well as the privileges involved. 

The Student Council began the year with a retreat at College Camp where 
we made some very important plans and also had lots of fun and fellowship. 
Then we hurried back to campus to meet the freshmen and other new students 
and assist with registration. We sponsored the Freshman Talent Show and 
the coke parties and "uke sings." We helped in the orientation of all students 
by conducting Handbook classes. We all enjoyed the Major Student Organiza- 
tions Tea at which time we had the opportunity to meet all the new students. 

The Old Girl-New Girl ceremony was a most impressive way of initiating the 
freshmen into the Madison student body. Another big event in the fall was the 
opening dance, "Black Magic", which proved to be a huge success. 

The student body again elected cheerleaders who helped create the Madison 
spirit. A plan for having informal dances in the Tea Room after the movies on 
Saturday nights was approved and put into action. The committee set up to work 
on the plans for the chapel worked long and hard in carrying out these plans. 
We hope that in the future years the chapel will become a vital addition to our 
college life. 

The S.C.A. State Convention for high school students was held on our 
campus in March. Some of our Student Council members also attended the 
S.l.A.S.G. Convention at Mary Washington at which we were co-hostesses with 
Mary Washington. Both of these conventions helped a great deal in giving new 
ideas and inspiration. 

Along with all our problems and hard work we had fun and relaxation at 
our Christmas Party and our party before graduation. These parties were held 
jointly with the Honor Council and our advisers. 

Through the fine leadership of our president. Norma Proctor, and the help 
of our advisers. Mrs. Wilkins, Mrs. Garber, Miss Hardesty, Mr. Partlow, and 
Dr. Caldwell, we have completed a most successful year. Through the collective 
thinking and action of students and advisers and through the medium of demo- 
cratic representation, we have developed a system of living which is best in the 
interests of all. 

f% »N 


THE HONOR COUNCIL is the backbone of the inte- 
grity of Madison College. Not only duo it promote the per- 
sonal integrity of the students, but also it fosters straightfor- 
wardness in thought, conduct and speech in both the old and 
new students. 

Serving on the Honor Council are representatives from the 
classes and Men's Student Organization. To start off our year 
together, we helped the Student Government conduct the fresh- 
men Handbook classes. We also had a joint Christmas party 
with Student Government. 

With our advisers. Dr. Charles C. Caldwell. Dr. David I.. 
Hatch, and Dr. Raymond C. Dingledine, to guide and counsel us 
through the year, we hope that the years to come will prove as 
successful as those in the past. We give them our heartfelt thanks 
and warmest appreciation. 


First Roix.' : B. Osborne, B. 
Belt, B. Henderson, J. Simmons. 
M. Maier, B. DeLauder. 

Second Row : E. Laing. 
Secretary: S. McAllister, C. 
Myers, "D. Soyars, F. Mason, 
P. Bond, A Cooper. 


are elected from each class, with the head wait- 
resses being members automatically. 

This year we assisted in registration, with 
President Miller's reception, with the dance 
"I'.lack Magic", and with May Dance. We also 
conducted Handbook classes for the freshmen. 

What are the dance regulations? May we 
cut campus here ? When may we wear jeans ? 
These are questions frequently asked of the 
Standards Committee, whose aim is to promote 
high ideals of social conduct and appearance on 
our campus. 

A section of the Handbook is devoted to din- 
ing hall etiquette, campus behavior, and the ap- 
propriate dress for various occasions. 

The desire of all students is to contribute lo 
the wholesome attiude and air on campus. The 
Standards Committee is always ready to act as 
an adviser in such questions. 

First /?»;>' 

Foster. P. Keiser, B. Murphey, L 

\\ at 51 HI. 

Second /?./;,: [. Turner, M. Kelson. V. Musselwliite, J. Warren, G. Dodd, B. Beville, 

C. Childress. 

Third Roiv: A. Eubank, K. Ballagh, S. Baldwin, L. Ramsey. 


the many organizations on campus that does 

much of the "behind-scenes" work arranging 

and serving for teas and receptions, polishing 
the seemingly endless store of silver, planning 

and decorations for dances activities which 

provide invaluable social experience for the 
fifteen girls of the committee. 

Work for the committee begins as soon as 
they return in the fall, for they must organize 
and direct the Major Student Organizations 
Tea. a large social function to help acquaint 
the freshmen with the officers of the campus. 
Soon after the tea planning with Student Gov- 
ernment and preparations are begun for the 
big opening dance. This year our theme was 
the "Castle of Black Magic", complete with 
spider webs, black cats and all. 

Throughout the basketball and hockey 
seasons, the committee members serve as host- 
esses at after-game teas for our own and visit- 
ing teams. 

In the spring the girls are busy arranging 
for the May Dance, and since this is one of the 
largest dances of the year, much time, energy 
and effort are put into its plans and decora- 


The days between exams and graduation 
arc busy ones for the social committee, pre- 
paring for the Senior 1 >ance and serving for 
the Senior reception at Hillcrest. 

Mrs. Logan, our adviser, is always ready 
to counsel us, and to assist the social com- 
mittee in every way possible in its endeavor 
to help all organizations plan and carry out 
social events in the best social etiquette and 

First Rozc : S. Brown, D. Talbert, S. Hanson, S. Smith, B. Powers, X. Smith. 

Second Rozc: G. Berger, A. Cox, B. Owen, J. Dybvad, Treasurer; J. Johnson, 
B. Holland, M. Hooper, F. Brickey, A. Harris. 


First Row : N. Williams, B. 
DeBaugh, B. Burkholder, A. 
Webb, S. Lance. 

Second Roiv: L. Jeter, Vice- 
Chairman; N. Giles, R. Pearson, 
J. Bolen, Chairman; C. Crockett, 
C. Barnes, L. Mills, Secretary, 

provides recreational activities and facilities for the use of 
all students on the Madison College campus. The council is 
composed of representatives from each dormitory, all major 
organizations and all organizations interested in the promo- 
tion of recreation. Through the profits from the sale of 
cokes from the coke machines on campus, they are able to 

furnish records, record players and radios, ping pong balls 
and tables, and playing cards for students use in the recrea- 
tion ro ims. Remember the big May Day parade and the 
winning float which we all agreed was the best, though the 
others came mighty close — this, too, was sponsored by the 
Recreation Council who tried to make your life on campus 
more enjoyable ihrouglr.iut the year. 

THE HANDBOOK STAFF worked hard securing 
ads, and other information while the Student Faculty Rela- 
tions Committee, headed by Dr. Raymond C. Dingledine 
underook the job of revising most of the material into a 
Handbook that would eliminate a lot of the unnecessary, 
yet one that would be meaningful and useful to every in- 

All the hurrying around last spring only meant that 
we had high hopes of having the copy ready for the print- 

ers by June 1. The results were obtained except for the 
final proofreading which was done in August. Dr. Curtis. 
Dean Wilkins, anil Dean Garber worked closely with us in 
an effort to improve the Handbook. 

The Handbook contains vital information and is dedi- 
cated to the incoming students of Madison College with the 
hope that the contents therein will help them to appreciate 
the values and potentialities of college life. 

Left to right: X. Williams, Busi- 
ness Manager; 1'. Sacra, Assist- 
ant Editor; S. McAllister, Assis- 
tant Business Manager, M. 
Covey, Editor 

Kneeling: J. Harris, J. 
< (sbourne, chief. 

Standing: S. Carleton, I). 
King, W. Thacker, B. Smith. I). 

its second year as a unit on campus by contributing to the 
safety and health of us all. This committee is composed of 
the Campus Fire Chief. Joey Osbourne, and a fire chief 
from each dormitory. 

In the fall the Harrisonburg Fire Department staged a 
mock fire fighting demonstration in which many of us re- 
ceived first hand experience in using the different types of 
fire extinquishers here on campus. Monthly fire drills have 
been observed to help us keep constantly prepared. 

ed in the fall of 1939. Its aim is to create a closer friend- 
ship among the daughters of alumnae. 

This year under the leadership of -our sponsors, Mrs. 

Derrick and Mrs. Dingledine, we have enjoyed many good 
times. Our Christmas party was a big success with the club 
preparing a box for a needy family. Other activities were 
helping with Founder's Day and Homecoming. 

First Row: V. Long, B. Mess- 
ersmith, S. Armstrong, S. New- 

Second Row: H. McAlpin, A. 
Townes, Treasurer; E. Henson. 
Vice-President; C. Artz, Secre- 
tary; M. Brown. Reporter; B. 
Bauserman, F. Landis. 

Third Row: D. Hess, J. 
Myers, N. Cloud, S. Young. 
President: M. Emswiler, A. 
Myers, A. Lutz. F. Moffett, B. 


ORGANIZATION helps us men. outnumbered as 
we are, to find our place in what appears to be a 
woman's world. For purposes of student government, 
promotion of student-faculty relations, acting as an in- 
termediary between the administration and the men 
students, and promoting the general goodwill and wel- 
fare of the college and student body, the Men's Stu- 
dent Government Organization is the most vital men's 
organization on campus. 

We have our own complete system of self-govern- 
ment administered through the Student Council, made 
up of the officers, and the Student court, which is 
composed of representatives elected from each class. 
Any breach of college rules, traditions, and social 
etiquette, as well as problems or ideas which the nun 
want to bring up. are handled through this organiza- 

First Row: H. Wilkins, T. Sloop, H. Carr. B. 
Crantz, H. Reubush, W. Koch, I. Koontz, F Mason. 
T. Byrd, I i. Long, D. Soyars. .1. Bell, B. Morris. 

Second Row. W. Shiflet, 1 >. Brewster, O. Dellingcr. 
\V. Garrett, X. Miller. C. Earman, J. Finnegan. S. 
Koontz, R. King, M. Wicks, 1> Dovel, S. Sandridge. 

Third Roie: M. Muterspaugh, G. Leisch, X. Butler, 
W. Early, D. Sail, L. Dove!. J. McMichens. J. O'Neill, 


Early, S. [glehart, B. 

E. Melton. I). 

Fourth Roie: K. Comer, R. Showaller, R. Mcln- 
lurff, I. Maust. E. McConnell, C. Emswiler, C. Souder. 
G. Leffel, M. Dake, I Michael. X. Zirk. .1. Warner, I). 
Bruce. F. Hoak. B. Crahill, R. Buchanan. E. Broyles, 
X. Gwynn. 


A standing athletic committee has the full respon- 
sibility for all sports activities. This committee spon- 
sors the Dukes, our basketball team, which had a busy 
and successful year. 

The vear began in traditional fashion with our 
annual smoker in Logan Recreation Room. In addi- 
tion to providing delicious refreshments and splendid 
entertainment, the event stimulated better new-old stu- 
dent relations as well as student-faculty relations. 

Men students at Madison have earned a place in 
many campus organizations. In singspirations, assem- 
bly programs, dramatic productions, class night activi- 
ties, and many club meetings, we find the men students 
a vital part of the scene. 

With Hollis Showalter as president, the Men's 
Student Government Organization opened a path by 
which the men students held their own in what appear- 
ed to be a women's world here at Madison College. 


President Hollis Showalter 

Vice-President Douglas Soyars 

Treasurer Dale Long 

Recording Secretary Eldon Padgett 

Corresponding Secretary Thomas Byrd 

<*. A 



THE BREEZE, Madison's student newspaper, 
now in its thirty-second year of publication on campus, 
has progressed greatly since its first appearance on 
December 2, 1922. This weekly paper distributed to 
the student body each Friday night is written prim- 
arily for thf students to inform them of coming 
events, brief them on past events, and offer them an 
opportunity to share opinions and views on campus 

Each Tuesday and Thursday night members of 
77it* Breeze staff may be seen in their second home 
i Logan 9. The Breeze room) sweating over headlines 
that just don't seem to fit. news stories that don't seem 
to have enough "spice," pictures that take up too much 
space, features that there are too many of or not any 
of. stories and columns that haven't been turned in. 
subjects for editorials, or the constant problem of 
making up the paper to be "eye-catching" and balanc- 
ed. But despite the many headaches and constant 
problems there is always time for much laughter and 
even inure working together to put out "the best yet!" 
On special occasions the staff puts out six or eight 
page editions and. of course, the April Fool's issue, our 
pride and joy. 

Editorial Staff 

First Row : B. Ellis, P.. J. Under. A. Fosnight, J. Anthony. 

Second Row: X. Tiller, J. Gildersleeve, G. Brown, S. "Painter. 
A'.'/ pictured: .1. Bolen 


First Roi, 

Second Row : C 
Heazy, E. Wayland, 

P. Jennings, S. Newton, A. Jagiello, C. Whitehead, 
Bossard, J. Hollar, B. Loving, C. 

Fanlder, D. 
1. Berger. 


Iii October the editor-in-chief, Betty Smith, and 
make-up editor, Joan Anthony, attended the Associated 
Collegiate Press convention in Washington, D. C. They 
brought back many helpful hints for improving the 
paper and put them to practical use. The state press 
convention was held i:i Lexington, Virginia, and rep- 
resentatives from The Breeze were Xatalie Tiller and 
Beulah Ellis, headline editors; Ann Fosnight, news 
editor; and Sylvia Painter, assistant make-up editor. 

Many new members were added to the Staff this 
year. Deserving special credit are B. J. Butler, asso- 
ciate editor who sat in the driver's seat for eight weeks 
while the editor-in-chief was away doing her student 
teaching; Ann Fosnight. news editor; Nat Tiller and 
Beulah Ellis, headline editors; Jean Anthony, make-up 
editor; Jan Bolen, sports editor; Ginger Brown, fea- 
ture editor : and our reporter for the men students. 
Skip Michael, who began his column, "Skip's Skoop," 
this year. Also the members behind the scenes, those 
who handled business matters and the distributors, 
should be credited for a job well done. Nor can we 
forget the grand work done by our professional photo- 
grapher, Hob Riley. 

Our adviser. Dr. Glenn C. Smith, usually drops 
around to offer suggestions wherever needed, and he 
has given aid in making this a most successful year for 
The Breeze. 

Business Manager 

Business Staff 

S. McAllister, B. S. Barnett, J. Montgomery. 


A. Hartman, M. Martin, B. Banks, L. Burnett, A. Burruss, P. 
Shaf er. Not pictured : R. Manning, N. Rogers, P. Berger. 



THE SCHOOLMA'AM, now in its 46th year, 
was the first student publication on Madison campus. 

This year, inspired by Janet's many original ideas, 
our new quarters in Alumnae Hall, and a new adviser. 
Miss Mary Margaret Brady, the smaller-than-usual 
staff showed immediate capability. 

In October Phyllis Sawyer mailed the organization 
contracts, and we scheduled and rescheduled the many 
group pictures. From then right up to the deadline, 
Bob Riley was on the job taking pictures of every 
occasion, bringing proofs to be inspected, and develop- 
ing them to the proper sizes. 

During the first three weeks of November, Jerry 
Golden from Colonna Studios in New York, was busy 
in Alumnae 9 taking individual portraits. Later they 
were given to the class editors to be shuffled, reshuf- 
fled, and finally arranged in the class sections. 

Editorial Staff 

P. Sawyer, Organisation Editor; B. Wolfe, Faculty Editor ; 
F. Jennings, J. Neff, Associate Editor; \l. \l isomer. Feature 
Editor; V \yres, Copy Editor. 

Class Editors 

P. Shafer, Freshman Editor; S. Humphries, Sophomore Edi- 
tor; K. Lehman, Junior Editor; X:m Kiscr, Senior Editor; I'. 
Grove, Junior Editor. 


Fern Jennings compiled the student directory and 
helped with the sorority section, and Barbara Wolfe 
was in charge of the faculty section. < )ur one bit of 
art work was ably drawn by Kathie McKessor. Mary 
Sue Missimer planned and posed the pictures for tin- 
feature section. Janet Neff, our associate editor, help- 
ed with the group pictures and assisted in organizing 
the dummy. 

The copy sheets were edited by Jenny Ayres, then 
turned over to the efficient typists for completion. 

The financial and business sides of the ScHOOL- 
ma'am were managed by Nan St. John and the mem- 
bers of the business staff. They were responsible not 
only for handing out money, but for collecting ads and 
typing the copy. 

Business Manager 

Each person on the staff did her job, be it large 
or small, and slowly, but surely under the capable 
hands of Janet, the parts began to fall into place to 
form the 1955 Schoolma'am as you have it now. 


I. Garman, A. Hartman, M. Brown, B. Banks, B. Hawkins, 

L. Potts. 

Business Staff 

A. Terry, D. Dawson. 


k. Thompson, Vice-President; B. Massie, Secretary; J. Holi, Treasurer. 

THE Y.W.C.A. unites "in the desire to realize full 
and creative life through a growing knowledge of God." 

The purpose of the Madison Y.W.C.A. is to help enrich 
the spiritual and social life here on Madison campus. 
Through its program, the "Y" seeks to help students and 
faculty alike to know the full significence of the Christian 

From the beginning of the school year to the end, the 

Y.W.C.A. plans and sponsors activities designed to help 
meet the needs of students. The Big Sister-Little Sifter 
program helps incoming students become acquainted with 
Madison and its traditions more quickly. Opening vespers 
and the annual candlelight service are inspiring beginnings 
for the school year. During the year, Friday Chapel serv- 
ices each week, dorm devotions. Sunday vespers, the Kid 
party at Christmas, the Annual Christmas pageant. Religious 

Cabinet Members 

First Row. J. Jollett, E. Laing, Mr 
Partlow, Mrs. Partlow, J. Woodford, J. 

I H'Rert. 

Second Row. B. Henderson, S. Blackwell, 
A. Lewis, A. Davis, L. Barden, E. Holland, 
L. Wallers. 

Emphasis Week, an all campus Marshmallow roast, Satur- 
day night singspirations, the Hallowe'en party, and Holy 
Week services are among the many activities sponsored by 
Y.W.C.A. The "V" closes its program each year with a 
special vesper sen-ice for those who are graduating. 

The various programs and projects are planned and di- 
rected by the Y.W.C.A. Cabinet made up of the officers and 
representatives from each class. The officers are elected 
from and by the student body. 

The Madison College Y.W.C.A. is affiliated with the 
Y.W.C.A. of the United States. 

The great majority of students plus many of the faculty 
are members of the "Y". We are proud of the interest and 
active participations of students and faculty at Madison in 
"Y" activities and hope that through its program we may 
all indeed realize a truly full and creative life. 


Cabinet Members 

First Row: E. Lohr, I. Flora, S. Walton, P. Callis. 

Second Row: Mr. Shorts, S. Fairfield, M. Nelson, A. 
Anderson, A. Turner, F. Hatcher. 

Jr.-Y Officers 

First Role : A. Turner, President : K. Weaver, Vice-Presi- 

Second Row. C. Childress, Secretary; L. Weill), Recrea- 
tional Leader; B. Banks, Treasurer. 


R. Padgett, President; J. Leffel, Chaplain; T. Byrd, Treasurer; 
D. Soyars, Vice-President: E. Padgett, Secretary. 

THE Y.M.C.A., through its varied programs, 
participation in Friday chapel services and the Christ- 
mas pageant, has tried this year to enrich the spiritual 
lives of it members. Christian fellowship and worship 
have been of foremost importance in the minds of the 
leaders of this men's organization. 

Growth should always be an important part of a 
Christian's personality and the Y.M.C.A. has tried to 
kindle growth in all fields in even' one of its members. 
Participation in inter-faith councils, in social and reli- 
gious committees, and various other organizations has 
stimulated this growth. 

The "Y" this year, with the help of the Harris- 
onburg High School Hi-Y club, organized a Hi-Y club 
at Broadway High School. We plan to do the same in 
other Rockingham County high schools in the future. 

Of course, no organization could ever exist with- 
out the sincere effort of its sponsors. Ours is no ex- 
ception : Mr. Hanson and Mr. Shorts receive our 
hearty thanks. 

First Row. D. Sail, T. Byrd. F. .Mason, M. Wicks. 
R. King, J. Michael, S. Iglehart, E. Melton. 

Second Ro-,e : E. Padgett, L). Early, C. Souder, C. 

Earman, E. McConnell, W. Garrett. S. K< !/. R 

R. Padgett, G. Leffel. 

Third Row. X. Gwvnn, R. Oabill. 



is part of the Methodist Student Movement in Vir- 
ginia. Through the cabinet and council structure this 
Methodist group carries out many varied programs of 
worship and study as well as activities of a social and 
recreational nature and service projects. 

After a Fall Retreat at Massanetta Springs, our 
Wesley Foundation began welcoming our freshmen on 
campus and inviting them on board the "Wesley 
Wagon." We soon got back into the swing of things 
with challenging Sunday school lessons, the Sunday 
morning church services and our Wesley evening meet- 
ings The W.Y.F.'s or Wesley Youth Fellowship, as 
the freshmen groups are called, were busy in each 
dorm with study groups and projects. The Wesley 
Choir, under the capable direction of Skip Michael. 
became an important activity for some of our mem- 
bers, while Others lent their talents to the dramatics 
group under Jean White's leadership. 

In November Madison was hostess t" a confer- 
ence of the Virginia M.S.M. We shall always remem- 
ber the inspiration brought to us by our speaker, 
Clarice Bowman. 

The dramatics group presented our Thanksgiving 
program, and the Wesley Choir led us in a beautiful 
Christmas service. Other programs included Bible 
study led by our own members and a series of pro- 
grams on the U. X.. with Mr. Hassan Saab of Lebanon 
speaking to us one evening. 

Our social activities began with a Prospectors' 
Party given for us by the ladies of the church. In 
November we met our church mothers at a tea on 
campus. For our banquet in January, a Rebel Party. 
Mrs. Leland Schubert was our speaker. Of course, 

B. Morgan. Recording Secretary: E. Hensen. Treasurer; J. 
Jollett, Vice-President; E. Laing, President; F. Jennings, Cor- 
responding Secretary. 

our schedule also included our annual trip to Skyline 
Drive and the hike up Massanutten Peak. 

The Wesley Foundation is devotedly guided by 
Mrs. H. K. Gibbons, our counselor, teacher ami 
"second mother," and our minister, the Rev. Walter 
M. I.ockett. Jr. 

First Roze : P. Wheeler, T- Dvgert, J. Cregar, J. 
Corley, B. Dillow, P. Bourne, "C. X'eal, C. Reid. 

Second Row: M. Williams, N. La Prade, C. Yost, 
A. Cooper, B. Messersmith, R. Kinney, B. Pleasants, J. 
Painter. A. Xuckols, T. Watson, S. Grimes, S. Castine. 

Third Raze: K." Lantz. A. Ames, P. Beall, B. 
Blankenbaker. B. De Witt, G. Crowder, J. Carter, M. 
Hauser, J. Casteen, E. Kiracofe, M. Xelson, A. Davis, 
S. Mowles. 

Fourth Roze: A. Fields, J. Chitwood, S. Bundy, S. 
Humphries, S. Smith, A. White, H. Foster, P. Berger, 
F. Isom, L. Mahone, I. Berger, C. Jeter. J. Holt, S. 

Fifth Roze: B. Osborne, P. Moulden. C Bowers, G. 
Brown, C. Emswiler, S. Koontz, E. Melton, Jr.. T. 
McMichens, R. Padgett, E. Padgett. C. Howard, E. 
Wayland. D. Clarkson, L. Wood, F. Landis. E. Mistr. 


THE NEWMAN CLUB is the organization for 
Catholic students on Madison's campus united through this 
lational club. We strive to achieve spiritual, intellectual 
ind social development. 

A reception given by the Ladies' Sodality of the parish 

upon our return to campus in the fall, .atrip to Staunton for 

he Marian Year celebration. . .our regular meetings with 

discussions on various subjects interestingly led by Father 
VIcMahon, our wonderful chaplain. . .the unforgettable 
:andlelight initiation of the new members. . .our monthly 
zommunion. . .a trip to U. Va.. . .visits at the home of Mrs. 
Sloan O'Donnell. our sponsor. . .all have made this year a 
successful one. 

First Row: M. Caton, J. 
Thomas, M. Slartzman, Secre- 
tary-Treasurer; A. Skapars, 
President; P. Conroy, Vice- 
President ; F. Soriano, P. 

Second Row. I'. Schultz, .1. 
Brosmer, G. Thacker, A. Japi- 
cllo, C". Grimm, L. Mullen, L. 
Myers, P. Sisul, N. Flynn, M, 
Palombo, C. Humphries. 

First Rots: 15. Shaler, 1!. 
Crist, K. Jenkins, Citizenship 
Chairman ; G. Shickel, Faith 
Chairman; ). Harvey, Outreach 
Chairman; X, Kiser, F. Glass. 

Second h'n;< : S. Bramlett, V. 
Strawderman, C Huffman, J. 
i ilass, L. Smith. P. Shafer, L. 
Mathcnv, J. Carman, R. Tag- 

THE SCHWARZENAU CLUB is organized for 
Church of the Brethren students and under the guidance and 
direction i f the local church and our adult advisers, Mrs. 
Lawrence Hoover and Mr. Olen Miller, we feel that we 
have continued to grow and develop spiritually. 

Our year began with a banquet at the church and each 
student was given a church mother and father. We have 

had fellowship in other ways — joint meetings witli the local 
C.B.Y.F., parties, Christmas caroling and outside speakers. 
Future plans include visiting and giving to a nearby 
needy community, and a Spring Retreat. Our aims are to 
foster a well-rounded spiritual, intellectual and social pro- 
gram for all members. 


this year linked Baptist students on campus with the Harris- 
onburg Church through the coordinating activities of the 
Executive Council. Through the B.S.U. bus. furnishing 
transportation to Sunday services; in informal visits with 
the Dickersons in their home; through "Pause for Power" 
and Friday night Bible Study followed by supper, P>.S.L". 
has sought to meet the spiritual needs of all its students. 

Special ex cuts highlighting our B.S.U. year have been 

the state convention in Alexandria, pre-school retreat, the 
Thanksgiving sunrise service, our Y.W.A. mission study 
and supper at Christmas, Spiritual Emphasis Weekend in 
February with Mrs. J. Winston Pearce to inspire us, and 
our "Out of This World" banquet in March with Bob 
1 )enny as our speaker. 

Among our favorite limes are those breakfast-., fellow- 
ship hours and visits at the center where Mary A. is always 
read}" to t\\-i\ us. advise us and help us in every way. 

First A'.'": IV Jones, se< '»■' 
vice-president; J. Herrin, /'»/>- 
Keity; B. Beville, Third vice- 
president; P. L'allis. Bible 
Study; E. GouUlin, First vice- 
president; .1. Hefner, President. 

Second Row. J. Hogge, B T. 
r. P.. Massie, Y.W.A : B, 
Schools. Music; .1. Howard, 
Editor; G. Orrell, Sunday 
School; M. Blair. Secretary- 
Treasurer; A. Callahan. Sun- 
day School; A. Warren, Sun- 
day School. 

First Row. .1. Dybvad, .1. 
Keefer, X. Freed, B. Freed, J. 
Root, A. Bair. 

Second Row. J. Osbourne, 
Secretary; S. Young. Social 
Chairman; C. Artz. Vice-Presi- 
dent; C. Myers, President; E. 
Lehman, Treasurer ; A. Ander- 
son, Editor. 

Third Row: P. Smith. E. 
Short, E. Davis, D. Groves, M. 
Moore. B. Kirkpatrick. M. 
Wertz, M. Landes, A. Lutz, V. 


was founded several years ago at Madison for the purpose 
of fostering closer relationships among the Lutheran stu- 
dents and the Muhlenberg congregation to encourage spirit- 
ual growth, and to provide social fellowship for them. 

Under the direction of our president, Charlene Myers, 
and the guidance of our sponsors, Pastor and Mrs. Fenner, 

the Brauns, and Miss Katherine Sieg, we have made 1954- 
55 on of our most successful years. There were the de- 
votional services at the church and on campus, numerous 
conferences, including the Virginia Area Conference at 
Roanoke, socials for fun and fellowship and finally that 
marvelous weekend at College Camp. 


of Presbyterian students and other students who wish to 
make our local church their home, had as its ultimate pur- 
pose the growth of the student spiritually as well as edu- 

Each Sunday morning we have participated in Sunday 
School and Church Service. On Sunday nights we have 
enjoyed supper, recreation, and a program, followed by an 

inspiring evening worship service. 

Our minister, Dr. Albert G. Edwards, our director of 
Christian education and student work, Miss Lura Nelle 
Wirthlin. and our advisers, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Shrum and 
Mr. and Mrs. David McCorkle have helped us grow by pro- 
viding for us full and rich religious experiences and by help- 
ing us find a place in the church in which to serve His King- 

First Ro'ce : P. Baber, Assl. 
Faith; M. Rubush, Assl. Fel- 
lowship; F. Hatcher, Fellow- 
ship; P. Reiser, Witness; G. 
Wilson. Secretary; M. Pankey, 
N. Childress, D. Dawson, P. 
Etheridge, B. Berezsski. C. 
Evans, J. Moss, I.. Wirthlin. 

Second Row: F. Lukin, Pres- 
ident; P. Trenary, Vice-Presi- 
dent; J. Barber, Asst. Witness; 
C. Martin. Citizenship Commis- 
sion; C. Holland, Treasurer; C. 
Phlegar, Faith Chairman; R 
Reynolds, S. Watkins, B. 
Hunt, F. Whin, K. I.andcs, M. 
Giles, A. Clark. 

Third Koie : Mrs. I lavid E. 
McCorkle, Mrs. Sam H. 
Shrum, ( i. Booker. D. Mc- 
Corkle, S. Shrum, Bill ( rabill, 
R. Buchanan, E. 1 >yson, E. 
Shutz. P. Lumpkin, P. Bennett, 
S. Rust. I ». King. 

Fourth Rmv: II. Carr, I.. 
W'cnger, P<. Taylor. E. South- 
all, A. Larson, A. Daniel. K. 
Haglund, P \sbell, F. Xamc. 

Firth /f..;, : I. Hamrick, D. 

First Role: K. Harding, 
treasurer; P. Pillar. S. Mundy, 
First Vice-President; P. Boyd, 
M Murphy, M. Leake, Co- 
President ; "I" Glass, Co-Presi- 
dent; S. Williams, G. Dulin. 

seeotui Roiv: Mrs. Warren, 
Sponsor; R. McCane, I ». Greer, 
V Bonnet, G. Manly, A. Trow- 
er, P. Bond, Seoml Vice- 
President; C. Whitehead, Third 
Vice-President; S. McAllister, 
B. Jackson, I'. Randall, Mr. 
Me' abe, Sponsor. 

THE CANTERBURY CLUB lusters fur the Episco- 
pal students in college the warm experiences to be found 
in group fellowship and a studv of the Christian way of 

Sunday nights we meet at the church for supper and 
varied evening programs and speakers. Among our speak- 
ers this year was Miss Childs who spoke on her missionary- 
teaching experiences in Alaska. Two of our own Canterbury 
alumni, now Seminary students, Sam Gould Thorpe and 
Ralph Brooks, conducted our Thanksgiving service. Also 
of special interest was our visit to the National Cathedral 
in Washington in the fall. 

The Canterbury Club's active year included several 
\ i - i t s and participation by members in the services of var- 
ious, outlying mountain missions, together with sending rep- 
resentatives to both the District and Regional Conferences 
at Rossi vn. 

We have progressed under the capable supervision and 
counsel of our adviser, Mrs. Percy Warren, and our rector, 
Mr. McCabe. In large measure, we feel it is the Canterbury 
Club that has helped us. as college students, to adjust suc- 
cessfully and happily to our changing educational environ- 


SIGMA PHI LAMBDA is an honor society lor all students who 
attain a three-point average, and has as its threefold purpose the promotion 
of scholarship, fellowship, and leadership among its members. 

On Sigma Phi Lambda Day in December we had as our guest speak- 
er Mr. Peter Wieslander, an Exchange Vistor Student from Sweden who 
was studying at the University of Virginia and who spoke on "Sweden To- 
day." That same week we introduced the society to freshmen and trans- 
fers at a tea in Senior Hall. 

At the monthly meetings conducted by our president, Margaret Hansel. 
we had many interesting programs including the showing of many pictures 
taken by our sponsor. Miss Richardson, while on her trip this past summer. 

The officers and Miss Richardson deserve thanks and praise for their 
leadership and support. 


first Row: G. Wilson, V. 
Williams, H. Winkelmann, M. 
Southard, P. Long, B. Hawkins, 
M. Anderson, K. Jenkins. 

md Row: C. Phlegar, L. 
Worthington, E. Marlowe, 
Secretary; P. Callis, Treasurer; 
M. Maier, Vice-President; E. 

Lehman, Historian ; K. Spra- 
gue, P. Borst. XI. Brown. 

Third R"i,. : L. Ramsey, G. 
Brown, B. Belt, B. Freeman, 
J. Poston, J. Hamrick, B. 
Brown, A. Anderson, S. Smith. 
C McCormick, J. Barber, A. 

First Roiv : A. Townes, E. 
Rust, B. DeWitt, M. Rufaush, 
C. Lutz, M. Hansel. 

Second Rozc : B. Gollaslav, 
J. Kafer, J. Flora, P. Phalen, 
B. Messersmith, P. Meyerhoef- 
fer, J. Harvey, B. Pleasants. 

Third Rozc: S. Munday, M. 
Lineburg, A. Skapars, C. Mar- 
tin, R. Ritchie, J. Howard, C. 
Artz, B. Wolfe. E. Gouldin, G. 
Robinson, B. Lynch. 


KAPPA DELTA PI, a national honor society 
in education, is an organization on our campus in 
which the members and officers are always striving 
to effectively carry out its purposes ?nd aims — to en- 
courage high professional, intellectual, and personal 
standards, and to recognize outstanding contributions 
to education. Under the guiding leadership of its 
president, Ann Davis, and its counselors. Miss Frances 
Grove and Mr. Alfred Eagle, the organizatk n through 
its monthly meetings of discussion groups and pro- 
grams feels that it has aided each member of Kappa 
Delta Pi in partially realizing these goals. 

The year started off with the iniation of twentv- 
five enthusiastic juniors and seniors into KDP in No- 
vember. This program was one of the highlights of 
the year's activities and both the new and old mem- 
bers pledged themselves to support and uphold the aims 
and purposes of the society. 

At the December meeting the society visited the 
Planetarium at Eastern Mennonite college where Mr. 
Plackbill presented a talk on the subject "The Christ- 
mas Story". 

January was a full month for KDP. The first 
event was the regular monthly meeting at which several 
members of the Waterman School P.T.A. presented 
their views on the subject "The Use of Audio- Visual 
Materials, Field Trips, and Resource People in the 

^K ' ' P ^f ■" • V^^L ^^^ 

V § jz£ 


t ^ J 



|^V m !T""Jf"*^^ 


First Row. J. Hogge, E. Hanson, V. Alls, V. Allston, J, Warren, J. Dygert, J. Freeman, 
P. Farmer, R. Goewey, E. Brady. 

Second Row: V. Lutz, M. Wood, N. Proctor, B. Massie, M. Bowman, J. Hefner, G. 
Thacker, T. Gwaltney, N. Kiser, 


First Row. L. Mills. P. Callis. P. Reiser, F. Iiinwiddie, F. Brickey, A. Thompson, H. 
Boyd, S. Munday. 

Second Roiv. E. Gouldcn, I-'. Rust, J. Howard, E. Marlowe. J. Plan, R. Ritchie, B. 
Wolfe, F. Lukin, R. Thorpe. 

School". Following their presentation an open dis- 
cussion was held for the entire group. 

January 19 was "The Big Day" — Kappa Delta Pi 
Day on our campus. The organization was most fort- 
unate to have as its guest speaker for the assembly 
program Dr. John F. Locke, author of a weekly com- 
mentary on the International Sunday School Lessons 
for Adults. Dr. Locke chose for his subject "The 
Seven Deadly Values". 

At the February meeting various members of the 
society led the group in a discussion on the pertinent 
subject "An Integrated School System vs. Private 
Ownership of Schools". 

The year came to a successful close in May with 
the installation of the new officers of KDP for the 
coming year and the observance of the annual banquet. 

Alpha Chi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi was in- 
stalled at Madison College on January 30, 1928, by Dr. 
Thomas C. McCracken. Through the years its mem- 
bership and activities have enlarged and expanded until 
the organization today is one of the largest on campus 
and contributes a major part to the fostering of educa- 
tion in the college. Membership in Kappa Delta Pi 
fills one with professional pride and a desire to give 
his utmost to the promotion of a democratic and child- 
centered educational program. 

Officers: R. Padgett, Vice-President; J. 
Simmons, Corresponding Secretary: A. Henderson. 
Treasurer; M. Pankey, Historian-Reporter; Miss 
Grove, Sponsor; P. Phalen, Recording Secretary; 
Mr. Eagle, Sponsor. 


THE USHERS are on hand for all programs in Wil- 
s n Auditorium. Our job is to assist you in finding a seat 
and to answer any questions pertaining to the programs. 

We have served to the best of our ability at such pro- 

grams as the Community Concerts, the annual Glee Club 
concert, lyceum programs, and Saturday night movies. 

Mr. Clifford Marshall is the sponsor for the Ushers' 
Club and Betty Myers is head usher. 

First Ro~w : S. Brown, Secre- 
tary; B. Myers, Head Usher; 
K. Harding, Assistant Head 
I 'sher. 

Second Rozc : J. Turner, L. 
Suter, A. Daniel, S. Bundy, C. 
Yost, S. Bramlett, P. Jennings. 

Third Row: D. Grove, N. 
Childress, M. Choate, L. Jones, 
F. Hatcher, J. Barber, E. Chap- 

I'oiirlh Row: A. Chandler, R. 
Ritchie, G. Orrcll, 1. Warner, 
C. Whitehill, B. Pomeroy, N. 

First Row: M. Missimer, B. 
Johnson, M. Hollomon, A. 
Goodrich, A. Suter. 

Second Row: M. Emswiler, 
1. Plait, M. Slough, G. Leffel, 
K. Burkey, K. Harding, S. 
Brown, H Diffee. 

Not Pictured : I >. Long, D. 
Soyars, M. Maier. 

JUNIOR MARSHALS, who are appointed by Jun- 
ior Class officials have as their chief duty the directing of 
formal processions. Advised by Mr. Shorts and headed by 

Mary Anna Holloman we have endeavored to regulate these 
activities in an orderly and systematic manner. 


PI OMEGA PI, a national honorary fraternity in 
business education, aims to promote scholarship and high 
ethical standards, to aid in civic betterment in colleges, and 
to teach the idea! of service as the basis of all worthy enter- 

Successful activities during the year include adminis- 

tering business placement tests to new students, sponsoring 
shorthand and typing contests for high school students, pre- 
senting an award to the sophomore business major with the 
highest average, holding a Homecoming lea for business 
alumnae, and presenting monthly business education pro- 
grams at the club's meetings. 

Pi Omega Pi Day activities in- 
cluded sponsoring former Under 
Secretary of War, John Slezak, 
as assembly speaker, and holding 
a banquet at The Gables where 
initiation of new members and 
election of officers took place. 

First Rov>: S. Turille; L. Jones, 
Treasurer: A. Farmer, Vice-Presi- 
dent . G. Thacker, President; F. 
Brickey Secretary; L. Sanders. 

Second Rotu: j. Warren, P. Long, 
M. Cob-in, E. Marlowe, P. Lewis. B, 
Wolfe, M. Turner, N. St. John, J. 

First Rote: J. Warren, Reporter; 
M. Colvin, President; F. Mason, 
First Vice-President; C. Crockett, 

Second Rote : P. Cannon, Treasur- 
er; M. Brady, Adviser; J. Thompson, 
Historian; L. Jones, Second Vice- 


comparatively new on campus. 
We have had an active local and 
national chapter for three years. 
Our activities of the year 
started with a party for the 

freshmen. We had very interesting field trips to Merck, 
Inc. in Elkton, Va. and to Washington, D. C. to visit several 
offices. This wasthe highlight of the year. In March we 
were host to the high school chapters for their regional meet- 
ing here. The year concluded with our annual banquet and 
installation of the new officers. 

Our leaders, Miss Martha Ann Colvin and Miss Man- 
Margaret Brady, have done much to make our F.B.L.A. 
chapter a more vital part of the Department of Business 


First Row. Dr. Woelfel, Ad- 
viser; P. Sacra, Secretary; J. 
Simmons, President ; J. White, 
Vice-President ; J. Justice, 
Treasurer ; G. Brown, Reporter. 

Second Rozv : J. Freeman, A. 
Bonnell, J. Hefner, J. Pease, S. 
Bowdle. H. Bovd, "H. Hyllon, 
W. Via. 

LE CERCLE FRANCAIS means fun, French and 
fellowship for all French students interested in widening 
their understanding of the French language, customs, and 

This year has been full of club activities lead by June 
Simmons, our president, and Dr. Woelfel, our adviser. We 
presented our annual Christmas play in Friday chapel, took 
a trip to the French embassy in Washington, and also enjoy- 
ed several picnics and parties. 

Jean White is our vice-president ; Peggy Sacra, secre- 
tary; Jeanne Justice, treasurer; and Ginger Brown, report- 

The programs of Le Cercle Francais are centered a- 
round French interests and are conducted partly in French. 
To Madison's French students, Le Cercle Francais offers 
inspiration and a wider knowledge of France and her peo- 

EL CLUB ESPANOL is the campus organization 
composed of those Spanish students interested in becoming 
more familiar with the Spanish speaking countries of the 
world and their peoples. 

Under the guidance of our sponsor. Dr. Martinez, the 
club has succeeded this year in undertaking and carrying out 
many new projects and activities. Among these were a trip 

to Washington, D. C. where we were the guests of the Pan 
American Union and the Spanish Fmbassy, the preparing 
of a Christmas box for a needy family, a social with the 
Harrisonburg High School Spanish students, and a wonder- 
ful week end at college camp. 

We closed the year's activities according to tradition 
with our annual picnic at Dr. Martinez's home. 

First Row. B. Crist, F. 
Schottroffe, B. Johnson, B. 
Powers, B. Pollard, II. Ritch, 
H. Johnson. 

Second Ro™ : B. Overhy, B. 
Pearn, M. Brandenburg, H. 
Hylton, Mrs. Martinez, S. 
Pugh, Treasurer; S. Ritenour, 
Secretary; H. Bovd, President. 
S. Williams, Reporter: D. 
Hunter, Vice-President; A. 

Third Row. C. kter, S. 
Mayhew, S. McAllister, V. 
Stearn, A. Padgeit, Professor 

First Row : J. Hamrick, A. 
Xirkle, R. Case, P. Bourne, S. 
McAllister, G. Allen, A. Ames, 
M Cullers. 

Second Rozv: 1. Kraus, 
Sponsor; J. Holt, Reporter; M. 
Stallings, Vice-president; L. 
Walters, President; J. Jollett, 
Secretary; B. Mays, Treasurer; 
R. Cundiff, Sponsor. 

Third Row: E. Hanson, T. 
Basham, B. Overby, M. Bow- 
man, C. Glass, H. Johnson, L. 
\\ alls. A. Padgett, B. Hawkins, 
V. Wright. 

THE EX LIBRIS CLUB is made up of prospective 

librarians, library assistants, and persons who arc interested 
in library science. We have succeeded in widening our 
knowledge of libraries and library science through our meet- 
ings, outside speakers and parties. This fall a group toured 

libraries in the Richmond Public School System for further 
understanding of a school librarian's job. 

This year we are pleased to have Mr. Joe Kraus as co- 
sponsor along with Miss Cundiff. With their helpful assist- 
ance we feel that we have had a very successful year. 

THE ART CLUB, sponsored by Miss Aiken, Miss 
Grove and Miss Walker, launched the 1954-55 session De- 
staging a campaign to enlist new members. During the 
months of November and December the club made Christ- 
mas sprays and flower arrangements for the dating centers. 
Following Christmas, nominations were made for the Miss 
Madison contest which is sponsored annually bv the club. 

For the homecoming luncheon, May Day centerpieces were 
designed and constructed. 

Throughout the year we have endeavored to further the 
interest of art en campus by raising lettering standards on 
posters and bulletin boards, encouraging exhibits of art work, 
and helping with decorations for special 'occasions and 

J. Flowers, M. Canada, J. 
Justice, Treasurer; S. Slade, 
M. Anderson, President; M. 
Hamlett, Historian; K. Hag- 

First Rozv. P. Wheeler, K. 
Kipps, P. Bourne, V. Williams, 
M. Choate, H. Harner, P. Call- 

is, M. Cullen. 

Second Rozv : F. Riley, J. 
Howard, M. Slough, E. Gould- 
in, Program Chairman ; J. Os- 
bourne, President; P. Jones, 
Secretary; B. Johnson, A. 
Young, D. Groves, L. Davis. 

Third Row: S. Armstrong, 
S. Blackwell, J. Davis, L. Ram- 
sev, R. Ritchie, M. Startzman, 
B." Belt, B. Cooper, A. Chand- 
ler, C. Neal. 

CATION has for its purpose to bring together those who 
are members of the elementary and dual curricula and 
especially interested in young children in order to exchange 
ideas and experiences, and to better equip ourselves to up- 
hold the standards of our professional training. 

Our monthly programs, centered around the theme of 
"Education of Others", have been most informative since 

our speakers have traveled and studied in various countries. 
The most outstanding projects of the year include an 
enlightening assembly program with Dr. Bob Williams, an- 
nual banquet, Easter program for the Cerebal Palsy Clinic 
and a picnic at City Park. Only under the expert guidance 
of our sponsors, Miss Anthony and Dr. Poindexter, could 
this successful year have been possible. 

THE FRANCES SALE CLUB is an organization 
composed of students majoring in Home Economics. The 
club's purposes are to further interest in home-making and 
to obtain a stronger spirit of friendship and co-operation 
among the girls in all fields of Home Economics and to 
train them is club leadership. 

We attribute a successful year to the leadership of our 

advisers, Miss Elizabeth Patterson and Miss Martha Sicg, 
and our president, Maude Marshall. The State Convention 
of the Virginia Home Economics Association, held in Roa- 
noke in March, is attended by Frances Sales Members. In the 
club the girls work together, sharing their ambitions and 
ideas of ever improving the American Home. 

First Row. B. DeBaugh, 
State President; J. Harvey, L. 
Burnett, P. Trenary, R-L. 

Second Row: M. Atkins, A. 
Nuckols, X. McClung, F. 
Mahan, I). Robinson, J. Creyar, 
J. Gardon. 

Third Row: M. Rubush, Re- 
porter; P. Harrell, Sergent- 
al-.lnus; B. Barden, Vice- 
President; M. Marshall, Presi- 
dent; B. Morgan, Treasurer; 
E. Henson, Secretary; L. Mills, 
Program Chairman', E. Patter- 
son, Adviser. 

Fourth Row: E. Snyder, 1'. 
Baber, G. Shickel, P.. I Grove, 
M. Kline, G. Orrell, S. Smith, 
S. Humphries, J. Poston, \. 

\\ lis. Ill 

C. Williams, E. Padgett, 
President! A. ■ Thatcher, P. 
Baber, E. Kust, Treasurer; C. 
Il"\\ard. P. Wheeler, Vice- 
President; Dr. Sawhill, I- 1 ,. 
Barnett, Secretary; C. Earman. 

ALPHA RHO DELTA, orginially founded for all 
those majoring or minoring in Latin, has been extended to 
those who art' interested in the finer arts and cultures of 
the old countries. It brings to life the sports, festivities, 
and grandeur oi the days of the emperors. 

A touch of humor adds variety to our interesting and 
educational programs. Our programs include speakers ac- 
quainted with these cultures, talks by students, and slides 
anil movies shown by Or. Sawhill. 

THE MATHEMATICS CLUB is composed of 
mathematics majors and minors with Dr. Ikenberry as our 
sponsor. At monthly meetings conducted by our president, 
Marlene Wood, the club presents programs of mathematical 
interest. As their aims members wish to maintain and fos- 

ter an interest in mathematics on campus. 

Besides our monthly meetings, we have our annual 
Christmas party at which new members are initiated and our 
annual visit to the Ikenberrys' in the Spring. 

First Row : M. Wood, Presi- 
dent; P. Keiser, Vice-Presi- 
dent; B. Freeman, J. Howard, 
M. Curtis, R. Thorpe. 

Second Row : J. Dybvad, B. 
Bennett, A. Henderson, M. E. 

Third Row. H. Diffee, E. 
Wayne, R. Sloop, D. Long. 

fourth Rozu : Dr. Ikenberry, 
A. Anderson, M. Southard, G. 





tZLuu: /)<u~~J 

Chief S<Le*tt>C 


Ctyvrty /VsOaI^ 


/^^a^^ZZ^ - 



Standing: A. Stephenson, President. 

First Row. A. Skapars, Vice-President; M. Covey, Secre- 
tary; !'. Keiser, Treasurer; J. Yiar, Reporter 

Second Row. k. Sloop, Program Chairman; L. Jefferson, 

THE CURIE SCIENCE CLUB has as it purpose 
to establish and maintain on the campus of Madison 
College as association of persons particularly interested 
in science and scientific research in all its branches; to 
cooperate with educational institutions in fostering an in- 
terest in scientific matters; to provide a forum for the 
presentation and discussion of papers on scientific sub- 
jects ; and to provide opportunities for cooperation and 
fellowship among its members. 

The club is proud that three of its members are 
eligible to receive the Curie Key for the presentation of 

at least three papers and having the required accumu- 
lative rating. 

Mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and home 
economics majors and minors were all included in our 
fall initiation and at this time the club was honored to 
have Dr. Mengebier of the Biology department to speak 
on "Radiation Sickness". 

The members of the club would like to tip their hats 
to our faithful sponsors, Dr. Raymond Cool and Mr. 
Stephen Bocskey who have helped to make us so suc- 
cessful in carrying our our motto "on with science". 

First Row. A. Steph- 
enson, P. Duggan, M. 
Brandenhurg, P. Walters, 
A. Viar, C. Sloop 

Second Rov ■ M. Zirk, 
Myers, M. Emswiler, 
McConnell, R. Kap- 
an, B. Morgan. 

Third Rozc : A. Taylor, 
J. Herrin, J. Hamrick, B. 
Messersmith, V. Hill, J. 

Fourth Row. D. Hess, 
C. Artz, B. Pugh, C. 
Adams, E. Cawley. 

Fifth Row. J. Rinker, 
G. Robinson, J. Rhea, C. 

Sixth Row. M. Ander- 

Standing : J. Viar. 

First Ron': C. Bair, President; L. Bardcn, Vice-President; 
B. Neal, Accompanist. 

Second Roze: M. Maier, Publicity Chairman; E. Marlowe, 
Business Manager; E. Rust, Secretary; E. Ritchie, Librarian. 

THE GLEE CLUB, one of our oldest campus 
organizations strives foremost to serve the college 
in its various musical needs. It seeks to promote 
better music and musical appreciation on the cam- 
pus and maintains high standards of scholarship 
and conduct with full cooperation on the part of 
each member. 

This year proved to be one of outstanding 
events. We had the honor of being chosen to rep- 
resent Virginia at the National Confederation of 
Music Clubs Convention in Miami, Florida. We 
were also one of four colleges in the entire South 
Eastern area of the United Slates to participate in 
this program. The entire Glee Club benefited 
greatly from the experience and came back with a 
store house of memories from this never-to-be-for- 
gotten trip. 

Other highlights of the year included our an- 

nual Christmas Vesper service which was shared by 
the Randolph-Macon Glee Club, Along with our 
traditional Christmas tree fantasy, we sang repre- 
sentative yuletide carols from various countries. 

Prior to Easter vacation we presented a beauti- 
ful and inspiring program of Holy Week music for 
the student body. In our functions as a college 
choir wc participated in such events as Convoca- 
tion. Founder's Day, May Day, and Commence- 
ment. In the spring we attended the "Parade of A- 
merican Music" in Staunton sponsored by the Vir- 
ginia Federation of Music Clubs in which only out- 
standing music of American composers was present- 

Miss Edna T. Shaeffer, the founder and direct- 
or of the Glee Club has worked untiringly in mak- 
ing our group a unified and purposeful organiza- 

£ 2 ore s a 2 a 

ft Afa (5 

<*. %# **■ 


P\ (fl fa 

A « 

i* *» ^x «• -> 

2 2 £ ~ £ '0 

ftfV A f-, ^ /* a 

r, /* Q r» fs ^' 

First Rox\.' : P. Lung, 
P. Eason, C. Hale, Jr.. 
Ritchie, J. Freeman, B. 
ohnson, J. Gilbert, S. 
Slackwell, J. Asble, B. 
ieVVitt, C. Howard, P. 
Vleyerhoef fer, C. Huff- 
nan, B. Patterson, J. 
vVeidel, K. Sensabaugh, 

Second Row. R. 
Wood, J. Montgomery, C. 
Phlegar, J. Holt,' S. 
Lance, M. Koch, C. 
Bradley, R. Flowers, M. 
Mason, l'>. Brewer, J. 
Johnson, M. Maier, S. 
Walton, F. Crocket t, B. 
Xeal, E. Rust. 

Third Row: B. Pollard, 
S. Fairfield, M. Gillespie, 
J. Rowan, C. Barnes, R. 
Ritchie, L. Harden, M. 
Nelson, C. Yost, P. 
Davis, B. Balderson, J. 
Hollar, B. Pleasants. V 
Mackey. C. Whitehill. 

Fourth Row : S. Mow- 
les, V. Lylton, C. Bowers, 
J. Gwaltney, E. Kiracofc, 
G. Lewis. I Mini ford. 
M. Slough, C. Bair, K. 
Burkey, H. Diffec, S, 
Bow die, A. Anderson, I 
Marlowe, S. Lewi 1 -. S. 

THE CONCERT BAND is an organization on 
campus that welcomes all students who play band 
instruments. The primary purpose of the band is 
to promote interest and provide experience in en- 
semble playing, fl'c meet for rehearsal on Tues- 
day nights and Wednesday afternoon, under the 
direction of Mr. C. T. Marshall. Each year we par- 
ticipate in May Day and play several concerts on 
and off campus. 

I Alexander, President; P. Borst, Librarian; Mr. Marshall, Director; A. 
Thompson, Secretary-Treasurer; S. Michael. Vice-President. 

First Roz>.' : M. James, 
J. Thomas, M. Farley. A. 
Stinson, D. Oarkson, D. 
Soyars, E. Broyles, N. 
Ramsey, C. Smith, P. 
Borst, D. Bowman. 

Second Rote : J. Rig- 
gleman, R. Case, B. Bau- 
serman, S. Thomas, L. 
Smith, T. Alexander, D. 
Wilkms' I). Wilkins, B. 
Madagan, D. Salt, A. 

Third Roil* : C. Marsh- 
all, L. Hill, D. Loving, 
E. Michael. 




ORCHESTRA which is composed of thirty-two 
members is featured on a weeks' tour each spring. 
These concerts include a variety of compositions, 
ranging from symphonies and show tunes to novel- 
ty numbers. The orchestra also serves the college 
by performing at various times throughout the year. 

The orchestra, under the conducting of Clifford 
T. Marshall, features two vocalists which delight 

audiences with their renditions of favorites familiar 
to all. The beautiful lighting and staging effects 
that are so much a part of the orchestra leave a 
memorable impression on its audiences from the 
opening to the closing. 

At the end of the year, each member feels that 
he has added much to the pleasure of many as well 
as expressed his own feelings through music. 

Sirings— First R(m. : B, Loving, D. Brewster, B. Wood, M. 
Curtis, J. Alexander. I. Fulcher, N. Ramsey, E. Michael. 
Second Row: P. Pillar. B. Strong, A. Padgett, B. Ritcli, P. 
Etheridge, J. Hefner. 

Woodwinds — E, Broyles, F. Jennings 
J. Justice, 1). Clarkson, D. Soyars. 

A. Stinson, [ Thomas, 


Joanna Bradfield, Nancy Wheatlcy, Skip Michael 


President Liz Hill 

/ 'ice-President Martha McCutchei in 

Secretary- Treasurer Fern Jennings 

Librarian Don Wilkins 

Publicity Manager and Historian Edward Michael 

Brass — P. Spaur, M. McCutheon, D. Wilkins, A. Thompson, 
J. Alexander, L. Smith, S. Thomas. 

Percussion — L. Hi! 


Z. Barnes, Mr. Hicks, M. 
G. Slough, S. Huffman, 
F. Lukin, if. A. Brown, 
S. Frisber, B. Myers, P. 

A'../ Pictured: S. Fost- 
er, Mrs. T. Gram, \Y. 
Hoagland, B. Neale, N. 

THE DIAPASON CLUB is composed <>! young 

organists who, under the sponsorship of Air. I licks, try 
to foster musical interests, abilities, and appreciation on 
our campus. Some of our activities to accomplish this 
aim have been participating in recitals, exchanging reci- 

tals with clubs mi the campus, assisting with church 
music, and our annual tour to Washington to see and 
play outstanding organs. 

This year we became affiliated with the newly or- 
ganized Rockingham Guild of Organists. 

THE LOST CHORDS often hear these familiar 
words, especially at their Wednesday night rehearsals. 
"Hey. somebody! Am T sharp or flat? You can tell the 
difference, and I can't." This year we have increased 
our membership from 8 to 12 and have had a very good 
year. Our activities have included playing for German 

and Cotillion Club Saturday night informal dances and 
several high school dances in the area. 

Mr. Anderson, our adviser, has helped us attain our 
goals of becoming more familiar with dance music, be- 
coming better musicians, and getting experience as non- 
professionals in the plaving lield. 

First Row : I >. Soyars, 
J. Thomas, A. Elliott, K. 
A n (1 e r s o n, M. Quain- 

Second Row. E. Hill, 
I ). Wilkins, J. Alexand- 
er. P. Spaur, M. I lake. 
W. Hoagland, A. Thomp- 

First Row. E. Broyles, 
J. Piatt. J. Flora, N. 
Cavendish, J. Neff, N. 
Rogers, J. Shaffer, Miss 
Burau, I. Gildersleeve, 
E. Michael. 

Second Row: E. Mel- 
ton, E. Lohr, L. Armen- 
trout. S. Huffman. I >. 

Not Pictured : D. 

THE CHORAL ENSEMBLE is limited to fifteen 
singers. It concentrates mostly on the singing of madri- 
gals and a cappella sacred music, but has done secular 
cantatas and other types of vocal chamber music. 

The members of this group have enjoyed singing over 
the radio and in various Harrisonburg churches and 

clubs. Highlights of their contributions to the college 
were the Christmas assembly program of old English 
carols and madrigals and last year's part in the May 
Day program. 

The Ensemble was organized late in the fall of last 
year, under the leadership of Miss Gertrud Burau. 

formed organization, is striving to give all students in- 
terested in choral music an opportunity to work in a 
choral group. 

The Chorus serves as the official Y.W.C.A. Choir 
for Friday Chapels. \Ye assisted the Y.W.C.A. in choral 
accompaniment for the Christmas Pageant, sang Christ- 
mas carols for the Christmas Pageant, sang Christmas 

carols for the student body during the Christmas season, 
and participated in special Easter music on and off 

One of our highlights this year was becoming a 
member of the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs and 
attending the Federation Conference in Staunton. 

The Chorus is directed by Miss Edna T. Shaeffer. 

First Row. C. Smith, 
Librarian; F. Lukin, Ac- 
companist; M. Bonham, 
Secretary-Treasurer; E. 
Mistr, 1 'ice-President; 
M. Caton, President. 

Second Row: C. Chil- 
dress, R. Kenney, M. 
Loha, P. Lemon, B. 
Berezoski, N. Wheatley, 
B. Rowland. 

Third Row: J. War- 
ren, A. Bair, J. Schreib- 
er, J. Hughes, D. King, 
F. Swanner, M. Saund- 

Fourth Row: B. Mon- 
ger, B. Dauis, G. Crowd- 
er, J. Casteen. A. Brown, 
M. Altizer, C. Neal. 

Fifth Row: N. Gard- 
ner, M. Wertz, J. Riggle- 
man, M. Giles. 

Jean White and Dale Long as Mattie and 
Frank in Stage Door. 

THE STRATFORD PLAYERS present, in their 
productions, interpretations of our world through that of 
make-believe. Dramatic form has changed somewhat since 
Strat ford-on- A von housed the greatest dramatist, and types 
and fads in settings have come and gone, yet the appeal of 
the drama to audience and actors is one of the invariables 
in human expression. In response to this a group was or- 
ganized in 1917 who called themselves the Stratford Liter- 
ary Society with the purpose of studying drama. But 

Stage Door 

theory without practice is as bare as an undressed stage, 
so this organization grew into the Stratford Drama Society 
and then Stratford Players. The 25 members i:i 1955 feel 
much the same as did those in 1917, 1918, 1925, 1935. but 
with a stronger sense of responsibility to present to the 
Madison student body the best they can in dramatic produc- 
tion as well as attempting to maintain the standards of high 
achievement set forth by the founders. 

Far from being the care of the club, the acting is us- 
ually the smaller part of the work in the production. Most 
of the labor is done by those trained in lighting, make-up. 
settings, etc. Two major productions are presented an- 
nually. This fall Madison was introduced to the lives and 
trials of 20 young actresses in the Footlights Club through 
Stage Door by Kaufman and Ferber. Souk- Players' plays 
were presented for themselves in their director's spacious 
rooms in Maury. Often Players' actors presented inter- 
esting performances at goating time, too. 

Membership in Stratford is based largely on interest 
manifested through attending classes in various phases of 
productions conducted by the members, doing backstage 
work, and acting roles in plays. For each of these jobs, 
points are given which, when totalled to the magic number 

1 'r, Latimer 

Ldgar McConnell 

/ Remember Mama 
Spring, 1954 


First Rtw. E. McConnell, President; M. S. Missimer, Publicity Chairman; S. Castine, 
Secretary; I). Long; G. C. McCormick; C. Russell, Vice-President; L. Suter, Treasurer; 
J. Leffel. 

Second Row. Dr. M. E. Latimer, Adviser, B. Wolfe; B. S. Barnette. 

required, make one eligible for membership in Players. The 
stage door stands open. 

The best thing about the club is saved for the last. Yes, 
the most important impetus t< > the success of the group is 
the able, capable and incomparable "Doc" Latimer, director, 
adviser, and often hostess to the club. Although orchids us- 
ually come only on opening night, here is an appropriate- 
place to inject millions of 'em to Stratford's "number one 
gal" of the stage, Ilushels of posies in thanks go also to 
Edgar McConnell, the president of the club who so ably 
took office when Rettie shipped out to Merrie England. 

In these pictures are reminders of the plays, the Play- 
ers and stage crews. Many volunteer forces who did so 
much in production aren't seen here, but those present re- 
member them with appreciation. So, dear audience, the 
next time you see a production, move smoothly across the 
stage, don't forget that backstage are grease-paint stained 

hands, nailed thumbs, airsick prop girls on the catwalk, and 
a "jillion" trips to the costume room on fourth floor Wilson ; 
also remember the privilege, fun and satisfaction that comes 
to the Players in thus expressing dramatic interest and 

'Terry, we're in the movies." Stage Door 

'm leaving and I'm taking you with me." Stage Door 


celebrated its twenty-fifth successful year on Madison 
campus in 1954-1955. This year brought thirty new 
members in the fall goating. 

The "Miniature Mardi Gras," our cabaret dance, 
was held on January 15. The decorations in the gym 
really made us feel as though we were deep in the heart 
of New Orleans. 

Our president, Sylvia Payne, did a tremendous 
job on our biggest dance of the year by bringing Tony 
Pastor and his orchestra to our college campus. The 
gym was gaily decorated as we celebrated our Silver 
Anniversary on February 19th. The banquet before 
the dance was also a great success. 

Throughout the year, which also included two 
Saturday night informal dances in the tea room in 
March, the club was under the able sponsorship of 
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Curtis Smith and Dr. and Mrs. 
Charles Caldwell. 


Stuart Abbott 
Carolyn Addison 
Jean Anthony 
Tean Asble 
Mary Ashton 
Joyce Bowling 
Beverly Bowman 
Sue Ann Brown 
Sue Clark Broun 
Betty June Butler 
Burwell Bird 
lane Carneale 
Mary Lou Carroll 
Mary Ellen Choate 
Jo Ann Creager 
Margaret Covey 
Nell Cundiff 
Mary Jo Davis 
Nancv Dickenson 

Pat Daniels 
Beulah Ellis 
Judy Flora 
Sue Carol Foster 
Barbara Freeman 
Nancy Gardner 
Suzanne Garst 
Ann Goodrich 
Jo Gildersleeve 
Betty Harrleson 
Joan Harvey 
Marge Hazel 
Gwen Hockman 
Joan Hoist 
Mvrna Hooper 
YVilma Hoagland 
Lola Jones 
Barbara Johnson 
Carolyn Legard 

The Silver Anniversary Ball 

Dr. and Mrs. Caldwell, Dr. and Mrs. Smith 

spring Coating 

Martha Miller 
Louise Mills 
Jean Mitchell 
Polly Moroni 
Sally McAllister 
Sylvia Payne 
Mary C. Phlegar 
Beverly Pleasants 
Martha Porter 
Joy Price 
Tish Quarles 
Margaret Quaintance 
Carol Lyn Russell 
Ann Rutherford 
Phyllis Sawyer 
Betty Smith 
Nancy Smith 
Kathy Sprague 
P>arhara Stegall 

Jake Taylor 
Jane Thompson 
Nat Tiller 
Barbara Traugott 
Alice Viar 
Rettie Warren 
Pat Waters 
Carol Jean Wallace 
Gerry Walker 
Virginia Wiltshire 
Nancy Williams 
Betsy Jo Wood 
Lucy Worthington 
Anna Margaret Young 
Lois Baker 
Sue Baldwin 
Shirley Brankley 
Barbara Jean Brown 
Margaret Ann Brown 

Marie Caton 
Martha Cromer 
Liddy Cullen 
Jo Ann Gordon 
Freda Hatcher 
Carolyn Huffman 
Shirley Humphries 
Joan Kafer 
Margie Lineburg 
Betty Ann Lynch 
Emmy Marlowe 
Martha A. Morgan 
Joey Osborne 
Helene Sellner 
Jenny Shaffer 
Jane Soyars 
Helen Stephenson 
Lois Suter 
Dru Turner 

Joan Van Saun 
Jane Webster 
Hilda Winkleman 
Carolyn Wise 
< rail Woodson 
Judy Yancex 
Becky Balderson 
Patty Bennett 
Lynn Benton 
Carol Breeden 
Genis Crowder 
Barbara Clark 
Nancy Cloud 
Gussie Eubank 
Ann Hartman 
Jane Holister 
Betty Hamlet 
Thelma Jones 
Patsv Kruse 

Gladys Lewis 
Ruthie Le Grand 
i rinnie Lewis 
Mary Lipton 
Grace Manley 
Roberta Manning 
Joanne Matulaitis 
Lannie Pearson 
Jackie Poe 
Beverly Pierce 
Betty Roberts 
Gail Rinker 
Rarbara Ritch 
Barbara Taylor 
Nancy Turner 
Bobbie Tate 
Mary An Wertz 
Ann Willard 

First Rozu: C. Russell, Business Manager; L. Jones, Sergeant-at-Arms. 
Second Row. J. Mitchell, Secretary; J. Hoist, Vice-President; A. Young, Reporter. 


THE GERMAN CLUB began a very success- 
ful year with their annual cabaret dance. Among the 
many memories of the 1954-55 year were the socials, 
the tearoom dance and the fun of spring and fall 

Our big dance was a true "Spring Rhapsody" 
with the music of Dean Hudson weaving a spell of 
pastels, swirling skirts and swaying dancers. 

The ending and crowning festivity was our spring 
picnic, to which everyone looks forward all year and 
at which, along with our sponsors, Dr. and Mrs. Ray- 
mond Dingledine and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leigh 
we bade farewell to the seniors 

Preside ill 

Frances Alls 
Joan Alls 

Jacqueline Albrecht 
Mary A. Atkins 
Jackie Baird 
Betty Ball 
Kay Balleigh 
Barbara Banks 
Jane Barber 
Beverly Belt 
Gen Berger 
Betty Beville 
Shirley Blackwell 
Pamela Bond 
Anne Bonnell 
Janice Booze 
Suzanne Bowdle 
Peggy B' iyel 
Frances Brickey 
Florence Broaddus 
Ginger Brown 
Betsy Butts 
Martha Colvin 
Jane Chitwood 
Penny Clark 

Page Callis 
Elizabeth Compton 
Barbara Cooper 
Ann Cox 
Carol Crockett 
Frances Crockett 
Marilyn Curtis 
Barbara Dickie 
Helen Diffie 
Frances Dinwiddie 
Nancy Dixon 
Barbara Douglas 
Linda Dudley 
Pat Has n 
Emma J. Edwards 
Caroline Evans 
Carolyn Evans 
Shirley Fairfield 
Betty Fentress 
Annette Fletchall 
Jeanne Foster 
Judy Freeman 
Barbara Golladay 
Mary Ellen Garber 
Barbara Gilley 


Mrs. Leigh, Mrs. Dingledine, 
Dr. Dingledine and Mr. Leigh. 

.Spring ( ioating 

Dixie Glass 
Mary A. Goodwin 
Jean Gray 
Donia Grove 
Joyce Gvvaltney 
Jean Hamilton 
Katherine Harding 
Ann Harris 
Janice Harris 
Betty Henderson 
Joyce Herrin 
Elizabeth Hill 
Lois Hogan 
Barbara Holland 
June Holt 
Nancy Hundley 
Diane Hunter 
Elizabeth Jefferson 
Loretta Teter 

Betty Johnson 
Judy Johnson 
Jean Jollett 
Ann Lewis 
Pat Lewis 
Eloise Lohr 
Peggy Long 
Betty Jo Loving 
Pat Lumpkins 
Mary Manhart 
Man- A. Marcus 
Hope McAlpin 
Carol McCormick 
Mary S. Missimer 
Phyllis Moulden 
Jaunita Mowles 
Shirley Mowles 
Joyce Munford 
Mickey Murphy 

Phyllis Meyerhoffer 
Betty Myers 
Lois Myers 
Betty Mae Neal 
Mary S. Xelson 
Rita" O'Flynn 
Glenna Orrell 
Barbara Osborne 
Bertha J. Owen 
1 »etty Patterson 
Joan Pease 
Sue Peters 
Sally Pleasants 
Alice Pomeroy 
Bettie Pomeroy 
Betty Powers 
Norma Proctor 
Ann Pugh 
I.vnne Ramsev 

Pat Randall 
Joyce Rinker 
Rosie Royster 
Jo Anne Royer 
Katherine San ford 
Priscilla Shafer 
Bessie Smalts 
Babs Smith 
Jean Smith 
Myra Smith 
Agnes Stephenson 
Suzanne Sublett 
Carole Shufflebarger 
Angelita Suiter 
Nan St. John 
Nancy Sweeney 
Mary Taylor 
Roxanne Thompson 
Ann Townes 

Margaret Tucker 
Joy Turner 
Mary F. Turner 
Frances Unberger 
Robert Vaughn 
Wilma Via 
Jeannetta Viar 
Ann Warren 
Jane Warren 
Betty Watson 
Kim Weaver 
Anita Webb 
Audrey White 
Jean White 
Nita Wood 
Jo Woodford 
Connie Whitehead 
Jackie Yeates 
Suzanne Young 

First Row. M. F. Turner, Vice-President; T. Wine. Treasurer; J. Holt, Business Manager. 
Second Row: B. Smith, Reporter; F. Brickley, Sergeant-at-Arms ; A. Harris, Secretary. 



THE SESAME CLUB is the organization at 
Madison for women day students. We are proud of our 
dav students because they have contributed a great deal to 
the Madison spirit. 

To Ali Baba "Sesame" meant the opening of a door 
to great wealth and riches, and we have tried to make the 
Sesame Club a doorway to a fuller, richer, college life for 
all day students. 

Regular meetings are held each month under the lead- 
ership of our president, Marilyn Zirk. Our able and coop- 
erative advisers are Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Smith and Miss 
Feme Hoover. 

Day student chaos can be aptly compared to Joe Ney's 
store on a Saturday afternoon — piano being banged on ; 
lockers being slammed ; food being munched ; discussions 
on TV versus study ; and some poor soul trying to study. 
But under the chaotic atmosphere there is a unity, the likes 
of which may be found nowhere else on campus. We have 
wonderful times — sponsoring the Harrisonburg High School 
Band in Wednesday assembly; holding parties, initiation 
at the College Camp, picnics and just getting together for 
bull sessions. 

Our aim is to create a closer relationship between day 
students, boarding students, and faculty. This is one reason 
why the doors of our headquarters in Harrison are always 
open to visitors. So if you are in the P.O. Lobby waiting for 
that "special" letter or just stopping by the Tea Room, drop 
in ami chat with us — vou will alwavs be welcome. 

First Row. A. Larson, L. Lambert, C. Adams. I. 
Everheart, H. Swats, X. Lynn, C. Katsorelas, Vice- 
President; A. Myers. 

Second Ron.': .T. Kiser, M. Emswiler, Treasurer: 
V. Strawderman, Representative ; A. Suter. Secretary; J. 

Oliver, J. Sandy. M. Farley, K. Jenkins, J. Alexander, 

Third Row. F. Landis, Y. Chandler, L. Matheny, .1. 
Webster, D. Sampson, I). Hess. C. Swadley, G. Andrus, 
J. Myers, B. Grove, M. Kline. 


CIATION salutes the very fine Senior Class of 1955 ! 
We are proud of the contribution you have made to Madison 
College and thankful for all she has done for you. Now 
we invite each one of vou to become active members of 

our ever-growing Alumni Association and thus keep virile 
those ties of friendship and the many fine impulses initiated 
birr. Thus we can help each cither to continue our growing 
processes and can continue to serve our Alma Mater. 



Miss Mildred Alphin 
Route 5, 
Lexington, \'a. 


Mrs. luanita Hodnett Chandler 
6302 W. Franklin St.. 
Richmond, Ya. 


Mrs. Annie Cox Ward 
2334 Mt. Vernon Rd. S.W. 

Roanoke, Ya. 


Mrs. Maxwell Willis 
Culpeper, Ya. 


Mrs. Raymond C. Dingledine 
Madison College 
Harrisonburg, Ya. 


Mrs. Margaret Eggborn Kite 

Culpeper, Ya. 

Mrs. Y'ivian Berrv Fauver 

640 Ott St., 

Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Miss Eleanor Mecartney 

211 W. Leicester St., 

Winchester, Ya. 

Miss Mary Fray 

Madison, Ya. 

Miss Clee Allen 

932 W. Franklin St., 

Richmond, Va. 

Miss Wailes Darbv 

2613 S. 8th St., 

Arlington, Va. 



Mrs. Barbara Spaulding Alexander 
3533 Milrale Rd. 
Baltimore, Maryland 


Mrs. Juanita Walters Reed 
401 Beuhring Ave. 
Charleston, West Virginia 


Mrs. Mary McNeil Willis 
Box 471 
Culpeper, Va. 


Mrs. Hamilton Vass 
631 Holbrook Ave., 
Danville, Va. 


Mrs. Vivan Fauver 
640 Ott St., 
Harrisv.nburg, Ya. 


Mrs. W. W. Brewster 
402 Warren St.. Apt. 1 
Norfolk, Va. 

N( iRTHFRN Va.: 

Miss Betty 1. Dudley 
5114 N. 15th Street' 
Arlington, Va. 


Mrs. Ruth Jobe Givens 
72 Concord Crescent 
Warwick, Va. 


Miss Marv E. Bailev 
Box 118, Battlefield'Park 
Petersburg, Va. 


Miss Katherine Lively 
432 Shenandoah St., 
Portsmouth, Va. 


Miss Pat Newton 
2604 Grove Ave., 
Richmond, Ya. 


Miss Mary Hawkins 
3937 Chamberlayne Ave., 
Richmond, Ya. 


Miss Harriet Conner 
2117 Carter Rd. S. W. 
Roanoke, Va. 


Miss Mildred Alphin 
Route 5, 
Lexington, Ya. 


Mrs. Nancy Faison Threewits 
Dendron, Virginia 


Mrs. Laura Turner 
572 N. Braddock St., 
Winchester, Va. 







IP / 



^^k ^^^ [A \ 

9k£ - 1, . ' . -lj 4J 

^k **^ 






1 # .^m 

. V 





THE PANHELLNIC COUNCIL is an organization 
set up to serve as a medium through which the "Greeks" 
on campus work together in promoting common interests 
and solving mutual problems. The Council, which is com- 
posed of three representatives from each sorority, meets 
every Tuesday afternoon at 4:30. The sororities take turns 
in serving as hostess, but Mrs. Varner is our favorite host- 
ess. 'Aunt Bernice," as everyone on the Council calls her, 
is our very capable adviser and inspiration. 

The Christmas Dance is one of the most important 
events sponsored by the Panhellenic Council each year. This 
year the theme of the dance was "Silver Bells," and Reed 
Gym was all dressed for the occasion on the night of De- 
cember 11. Silver bells and stars covered the ceiling, and 
greenery bordered the new sorority shields and covered the 
arches through which the court, led by Suzanne Sublett and 
her escort, entered. For the figure the girls wore white 
Irrsses and carried silver bells with red carnations. After 
forming the letters "P.C." the girls made an outline of a 

Huge Christmas candles decorated the bandstand, from 
which came the dreamy music of Dick Levin and his or- 
chestra. During the evening a representative of each soror- 
ity sang a song dedicated to that sorority. On Saturday af- 
ternoon the orchestra also gave a concert for the enjoyment 
of the college students and the public. 

This dance proved to be a highlight of the year to all 

First Row. E. Lehman, L. Dudley, J. Pease, H. 

Second Roiv: V. Alls. Recording Secretary; A 

Fletchall, Social Cha'rman; C. Bair, Treasurer; K. 

Goewey, Corresponding Secretary; C. Shufflebarger, 
Chairman-elect ; Mrs. Varner, Adviser. 

Third Row. J. Yeates, I'. Long, J. Warren, S. 
Payne, J. Munford, P. Lewis, V. AUston, S. Foster. 


those who attended and to all those who worked so hard for 
its success. 

Perhaps fall rushing- is the most important single event 
for all the sororities. This year Panhellenic tried to cut 
down on the length of time involved in rushing. Prepara- 
tions were made early, and when the time came there was 
a week filled with parties and open houses for all the sorori- 
ties. At last, on Saturday, October 23. the excitement of 
the week was brought to a dramatic climax. In the Pan- 
hellenic Rrom on the fourth floor of Wilson each rushee 
received her bid, and frcm there made the long walk to the 
house of her choice. Many Alumnae were back to join in 
the activities and to help welcome their "new" sisters. 

This fall some of the members of our Panhellenic Coun- 
cil attended a workshop held at Longwood. There were rep- 
resentatives from several colleges there, and our delegates 
gained much from the panel discussions and speakers. 

This year the sororities continued the policv of taking 
records to the dining hall each week. The Council also de- 
cided to keep a written record of the history of the Pan- 
hellenic Council and keep it up-to-date each vear. 

The Annual Scholarship Award was presented Novem- 
ber 22 at the annual Panhellenic Sing. The sorority which 
received the cup for this year for the highest average was 
Sigma Sigma Sigma, which will now keep the cup. Dean 
Warren spoke to us about what the college expects of soror- 
ity women. Before adjourning each sorority sang its song, 
md then we all sang together "The Panhellenic Spirit." 

Our banquet in the spring marked the end of a very 
busy but happy year. We feel that through the able leader- 

ship of our chairman, Suzanne Sublett. and the co-opera- 
tion of every member of the Council we accomplished much 
during the year. 



1 m 

111 T~^A 




ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA began its lull schedule of 
activities for the 1954-55 session by a "reunion" at Vir- 
ginia Beach where many of Beta Epsilon and other chapters 
gathered for an eventful week-end. The summer passed 
quickly, and before they knew it. last year's Juniors found 
themselves "comfortably" established i:i Carter House, this 
time a- Seniors. 

The fall, was a busy time with student-teaching plans, 
Saturday night sessions, and preparations for our rush party 
when our house was transformed into the "ASA Showboat." 
Rush week-end climaxed our efforts, and we were well re- 
warded by fifteen new sisters whom we and our many re- 
turning alumnae welcomed so warmly. 

Before we left school for the Thanksgiving holidays, 
we sent a basket of provisions to a needy family in Harris- 
onburg. Hardly had we returned to campus and settled 
down for work again when the Christmas season descended 
upon us with its many gala get-togethers . . . the caroling 
party with Theta, the evening the new initiates entertained 
us so wonderfully with "The Night Before Christmas," and 
our own party here at the house, held around the Christmas 
tree when we opened our presents to each other. All these 
memories and many more we shall always keep and cherish 
as some of the happiest parts of aur college days. 

( )ne of our greatest thrills of the year was the an- 
nouncement of the name of the Senior to portray the 
Madonna in the annual Christmas pageant. It was Joyce, 
our own president! 

After we returned from our vacation, the house was 
cleaned from top to bottom, files were put in order, and we 
awaited the coming of Miss Evelyn G. Bell, our national 
president, for chapter inspection. The week-end that she 
spent with us served as an inspiration to set our goals even 
higher and to 1» stronger in our striving for them. 

I >ur heart-felt thanks for counsel and assistance so free- 
ly given go to our adviser. Miss Boje. and to Joyce, our 
capable president, for leading us and strengthening our sis- 
terhi ml in Alpha Sigma Alpha. 

Carter House 

and some of its inhabitants 




C 5 & & $ 



£ £ <v £ 

i * ' 


First Row: E. Barber, B. Belt, S. Blackwell, 
P. Bond, J. Bo-oze, S. A. Brown, S. C. Brown, 
]!. Chitwood. 

Second Row: M.. Covey, F. Dinwiddie, X. 
Dixon, J. Freeman, D. Grove. J. Gwaltney, K. 
Harding, A. Harris. 

Third Row: M. Harris, B. Holland, E. Hol- 
land, J. Holt. D. Hunter, E. Jefferson, P. Lewis. 
M. Marcus. 

Fourth Row: P. Meyerhoeffer, J. Munford, 
B. Murphey, C. Myers, L. Myers. S. Peters, B. 
Pomeroy, A. Pugh. 

Fifth Row. L. Ramsey, J. Rinker, B. Shafer, 
B. Smalts, B. Smith, J. Smith, A. Stephenson. S. 

Sixth Row: A. Suiter, J. Thompson. A. 
Townes. M. Turner. W. Via. B. Watson, M. 
Woodford, S. Young. 



ALPHA SIGMA TAU, the fifth sorority to be 
established at Madison, was founded in Ypsilanti, 
Michigan in 1899. Since then it has been true to its 
purpose, which is to promote the ethical, cultural and 
social development of its members. 

For the Alpha Sigma Taus, this has been a year 

filled with fun, fellowship, and accomplishments. On 
returning to school in the fall, we wasted no time in 
setting to work to beautify Lincoln House. The smell 
of paint filled the air as dear old Lincoln began to 
shine, from top to bottom. 

The girls returning were pleased to find in their 
midst. Miss Leotus Morrison, new professor of phy- 
sical education at Madison, and new housemother at 

Soon October rolled around and with it, plans for 
our coming rush party. "The AST Carnival," was a 
great success. Our efforts were more than rewarded, 
when at the end of rush week, we welcomed nineteen 
wonderful pledges into our sisterhood. 

In November, we journeyed to the Gables in Elk- 
ton where we had our annual Founder's Day Banquet. 
There in the candlelight, we pledged anew our loyalty 
to AST. 

December was a memorable month for the AST's. 
With it came the initiation of the new pledges, and our 
Christmas party, to which we invited three needy 
Harrisonburg children. 

On December 11th, we attended the Panhellenic 
Dance, "Silver Bells", where we listened to Shirley 
Fairfield as she sang a special Alpha Sigma Tau song. 
Our hearts swelled with pride as we watched Joan 
Pease, Frances Alls, and Helen Diffee represent us in 
the figure. 

The coming of spring brought us some more won- 
derful sisters. In May. we gathered our belongings, 
boarded the college bus and headed toward college 
camp for a fun-packed weekend. 

All too soon, the year came to a close. Never to 
be forgotten memories are the Sunday night suppers, 
telephone calls, blind dates, and bridge games. We 
bade our seniors farewell at the senior breakfast, and 
with tears of happiness, saw them graduate. 

To Joan Pease, our president and Miss Helen 
Frank, air adviser, we extend our sincere appreciation. 
Their unselfish and untiring efforts have made our 
dreams for a perfect year come true. 

Lincoln Housi 

Bridge Fiends 


f .£,£* 

1 ,1 



> ^ p ^ ffe 

First Row: F. Alls. J. Alls. B. Barden, F. 
Brickey, K. Burkev, C. Crockett. H. Diffee, J. 

Second Row. S. Fairfield, S. Garst, B. 
Gilley, A. Goodrich, M. Goodwin, K. Harvey, F. 
Hatcher, C. Holland. 

Third Row: M. Hollomon, C. Huffman, L. 
Jeter, B. Johnson, H. Johnson, X. Kiser. C. 
Martin, B. Mays. 

Fourth Row: M. Missimer. J. Mitchell. J. 
Osbourne, J. Pease, M. Sacra, J. Simmons. J. 
Soyars, L. Suter. 

Fifth Row: N. Sweeny. J. Turner, J. Van 
Saun, J. Viar, P. Walters," J. Webster, X. 
Williams. A. Young. 

Not Pictured: S. Bowdle. 




KAPPA SIGMA holds many treasured 
memories of the year 1954-55. To begin with we 
greeted the old members upon our arrival in September 
and together started planning our Rush I'artv. The 
theme, "Heavenly Daze" began to come to lite as we 
floated on pink clouds and saw angels and devils rush- 
ing around the house. The parte was a lot of fun and 

a great success. Our wonderful alumnae, who came 
back for rush, gave us money with which we bought 
lamps and drapes to add to the pride of Shenandoah 

We celebrated a wonderful "Founders' Day" at a 
banquet at the Belle Meade Restaurant. The singing 
of our favorite songs with the aid of our alumnae 
guests made the evening complete. 

"We pledge a toast" to our President. Sue Foster, 
for a successful year which enriched our sisterhood. 
Our hearts beamed with admiration when she repre- 
sented the Pi Kaps and Madison College as a most 
beautiful Apple Blossom Princess. 

Svlvia Payne did a wi nderful job as president of 
Bluestone Cotillion Club, assisted by Joan Hoist, vice- 
president, contributing to the dance and its undertak- 
ings to make them a great success. We were also 
proud of Xete Wood as president of German Club for 
which she also gave her best for a successful year. 
Our hearts glow with pride as we see our beloved sis- 
ter. Betty Smith, listed among Who's Who Among 
Students in American Colleges ami Universities. 

Monday night before Christmas vacation we had 
a. party with our friends and neighbors, the AST's. 
We all went caroling and then came hack to Shenan- 
doah for some much needed hot COO a 

After we got hack from Christmas vacation our 
fall pledges gave us a fabulous party. 

Spring holds the pleasant memories of our week- 
end at College camp. All too soon the happy year is 
ended with the Seniors bidding tearful fond farewells 
at the Senior Breakfast. 

\~ the year draws to a close we thank our advisers 
Miss Betty Patterson and .Mrs. Glenn Curtis Smith 
for the wonderful inspiration they have been to us all. 

*m* y < 

Shenandoah Apartments 

"Heavenly Daze" 


r * f & £> © © & 

%* v 

/vV.rf Row : F. Abbott, J. Anthony, F. Asble, 
B. Bird. J. Bowling. B. Butler, M. Cromer. N. 

Second Row: X. Dickinson, B. Ellis. S. 
Foster. B. Harrelson, J. Hoist. J. Kafer, M. 
Lineburg, G. McCormick. 

Third Row. M. Marshall. M. Morgan. V. 

Nelson, S. Payne. M. Porter, J. Price. M. 
Ouaintance, T. Quarles. 

Fourth Row: C. Russell. P. Sawyer. H. 
Sellner, C. Shut flebarger, B. Smith, X. Smith. 
B. Stegall, B. Thomas. 

Fifth Row: C. Whitehead. }. Wood. B. 
Wood. V. Wiltshire. 



SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA's, in reviewing this, 
another memorable year recall the aceomplishments and 
the wonderful times that were shared and cherish the 
advice and guidance of "Mama Ding" our housemother 
and sponsor, and Jane Dingledine Hucstnn. our chap- 
ter alumnae adviser. 

Soon after returning to Madison in the fall, we 
were visited bv Mabel Walton, a former national 

president of Tri Sigma. Then came rush weekend ! 
We welcomed the alumnae who returned for the big 
occasion and were happy to receive the eighteen pledges 
who were to become part of our circle. 

Chapter inspection was held this year, Alpha Up- 
silon being visited by Mildred Huber, national parlia- 
mentarian of our sorority. From her visit we gained 
many points on how to function more smoothly. In 
November, a Panhellenic Workshop was held at Long- 
wood College. There, Alpha chapter was hostess for 
cur representatives. 

Early in December at the Panhellenic Sing, we 
were happy to receive the Scholarship Cup ; of course, 
that holds a position of honor on our mantel. Also in 
this month was held the campus Tuberculosis Drive, 
conducted by our pledges. The latter, by the way, 
gave us a terrific Christmas party shortly before we 
left for Christmas vacation. It showed a lot of plan- 
ning and they seemed to enjoy giving it as much as the 
members enjoyed being entertained. 

Those of us remaining on campus missed the 
physical education and home economics majors who 
went to various cities to do their student teaching. Hut 
they came back in February, in time for the chapter 
coffee for the local alumnae. Other guests at Sprinkle 
in February were the members of Sigma Delta Rho, 
the fraternity. 

Nor can we forget numerous other things which 
were so much a part of this "big" year. Certainly one 
of the best times was our rush party, "Under the 
Sea" ; and then there was the open house after the 
Christmas dance, "Silver Bells". We always looked 
forward to our Founder's Day banquet and this year's 
was no exception. It was really grand. 

Linda quite ably filled the capacity as president of 
Sigma Sigma Sigma, just as our other officers, Rox- 
anne. Nan, Elizabeth, Peggy, Hetty, and Jane were 
Other wonderful leaders. 

Miss Hudson and "Barca" weren't with us this 
year, but, needless to say, their visits were anxiously 

, 1 

Sprinkle Hous 

\ush Weekend 


JG P 9 f # 



IMtiL W 4- ..~ f 

-» « 

,. , 

f €» © f g» ^ £ 

FiVj/ Row: C. Addison, C. Bair, P. Callis, 
C. Caricofe, M. Compton, E. Davis, L. Dudley. 

Second Row: J. Flora, A. Fosnight, B. Free- 
man, N. Gardner, N. Giles, S. Hanson, M. Hart- 

Third Row: M. Hazel, B. Henderson, J- 
Herrin. J, Hogge, C. Howard. F. Jennings, J. 

Fourth Row: J. Jollett, P. Jones, E. Laing. 
M. Leake, M. Legard, V. Lewis, J. Mowles. 

Fifth Row: B. Myers, M. Nelson, G. Orrell, 
P. Phalen. J. Piatt, C. Pope, N. Proctor. 

Sixth Row: R. Royster, M. Rubush, M. 
Slough, M. Smith, N. St. John, R. Thompson, D. 

Seventh Row: S. Walton, J. Warner, A. 
Warren, J. White, J. Wine, B. Wolfe, J. Yeates. 

Not Pictured: M. Atkins, B. Beville. 



THETA SIGMA UPSILON, with its thirty 
members, was ready for an eventful year. Suitcases, 
trunks, and boxes of sundry sizes and shapes were de- 
posited in the rooms and halls of Messick — the official 
signal to start another busy trip around the calendar 
to June. 

Of course, rush week was our first exciting and 
important event on the calendar this year. At the lie- 

ginning of the week, we threw out the "welcome mat" 
and opened wide our doors. Then came the big party 
of the year — A Trip to the Moon. At the end of 
this week, nine new pledges were welcomed into our 

In January Phi Chapter sponsored the annual 
March of Dimes Drive at Madison. 

The Theta Sigs were proud and happy when one 
•of our members. Alary Jane Guyton, was among those 
chosen for recognition in this year's edition of Who's 
Who In American Colleges and Universities. 

Several highlights of the year were our privileges 
of having dorm devotions with Sigma Sigma Sigma; 
Christmas caroling with Alpha Sigma Alpha ; conduct- 
ing our annual magazine campaign to help the Cere- 
bal Palsy children; and sending representatives to the 
annual Panhellenic Workshop which was held at Long- 

w 1 College. It was a great thrill for us to learn that 

Phi Chapter will serve as co-hostess with Tau Chap- 
ter at the Theta Sigma L'psilon Convention this August 
in Roanoke, Virginia. 

We have experienced a happy, active year under 
the capable leadership of Jane Warren. The sirority's 
social and business projects have been carried out with 
enthusiasm. All of us deeply appreciate the friendly 
and invaluable help of our faithful adviser, "Doc" 

The story of the founding of Theta Sigma Up- 
silon is one of determination, courage, and hard fight- 
ing. It began as a literary society at Kansas Stale 
Teachers' College, Emporia, Kansas. Known as the 
Sigma Literary Society, its members leased a house in 
the summer of 1919 and were recognized as a local 
>iir irity. From that beginning, they established them- 
selves as a national education sorority, under the name 
of Theta Sigma l'psilon. Their goal was to form a 
sisterhood that would have for its five-fold aim the 
physical, the intellectual, the social, the ethical, and the 
spiritual development of its members. 

Messick House 

lush Weekend 





* f? Ci 

FiV.s2 flow: M. Adams, P. Baber, J. Bolen, 
B. Bourne. H. Boyd, B. Burkholder, M. Chap- 
man. M. Choate. 

Second Row : X. Cruise, M. Emswiler, J. 
Fetter, A. Fletchall. N. Furr, J. Gaetani, D. 
Groves, M. Guyton. 

Third Row. A. Howard, S. Humphries, L. 

Jones, P. Keiser, J. Kiser, E. Lehman, B. Mc- 
Oanahan, M. Parker. 

Fourth Row. R. Pearson, J. Poston, S. 
Ritenour, D. Robinson, V. Robinson, NT. Shuler, 
A. Skapars, A. Viar. 

Fifth Row. S. Walters, E. Warren. L. Wat- 
son, J. Whitley, F. Womble, T. Wood. 




ZETA TAU ALPHA was founded in 1898 at 
Longwood College. Since this time it has held true to 
its purpose: "to intensify friendship, to promote happi- 
ness among its members and in every way create such 
sentiments, to perform such deeds and to mold such 
opinions as will conduce to the building up of a nobler 
and purer womanhood in the world." Here at Madi- 
son, Gamma Kappa of Zeta Tau Alpha was founded 
in 1949 as the eighty-first chapter of this internation- 
al fraternity. Our memories of Zeta will live always. 

This year we have gathered many memories to fill our 

We will remember those days that we as members 
of Zeta Tau Alpha were also citizens -of Madison Col- 
lege. Whenever we have had the opportunity to give 
our time or talents in campus activities, we have done 
so. We have, also, tried to branch out and give help to 
those who need it in Rockingham County. At Thanks- 
giving and Christmas one family of the county bene- 
fited from the group's cooperation and love existing 
among the Zetas. Our other projects include con- 
tributions given to our national scholarship funds and 
help to the National Society for Crippled Children and 
Adults. Our spring project was sponsoring the drive 
for Aid to Crippled Children here on campus. Giving 
of time and energy we were able to report a success- 
ful drive. 

The memories of the excitement at rushing will 
long be remembered. What a good time we had at the 
open house sessions and the delightful rush party, 
"Zeta Futurama," that climaxed our period of rushing 
here at Madison. Our efforts to make the rush period 
a success were well worthwhile — we welcomed twenty- 
three sisters. The Zeta alumnae who visited us on 
rush weekend enjoyed the occasion as much as we. 

We held our traditional White Banquet at the 
Shenvalee in January, an experience that none of us 
will ever forget. Our Founder's Day Breakfast, the 
Seniors Breakfast, the initiations, and the receptions 
will be among our memories. 

The Gamma Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha is grate- 
ful to Vivian Allston, president, who has been an in- 
spiration to each Zeta to do her best and give her ut- 
most toward the building of a stronger and nobler Zeta 
Tau Alpha, both on the campus, here at Madison, and 
in the world. 

To Miss Glada Walker and Miss Herr, our ad- 
visers, we express our sincerest thanks for their able 
counsel and guidance. Their guiding hands have led 
us through one of the best years yet. 

Amid tears of happiness we bade farewell to our 
seniors, who have so ably guided us through the year. 
We wish the best of luck to our seniors of '55 and as 
they leave we can feel proud of them for we know 
that they compose a significant part of the year of '55. 
We'll miss all who will not return in September, but 
we are looking forward to a great year in '55-'56. 

Dingledine House 

A little bit of everything 


0*tf'0 f.i?£S 


/•7rrf /^o?c: V. Allston, A. Anderson, S. 
Armstrong, S. Baldwin, L. Barden, E. Bird, M. 
Bowman, M. Brandenburg. 

Second Row: C. Brooking, J. Brown, N. 
Cavendish, C. Click, D. Craun, M. Curtis, P. 
Davis, E. Edwards. 

Third Rozv: P. Farmer. R. Goewey, C. Hale, 
T. Hamrick, E. Hill. M. Huffman, L. Lambert. 
P. Long. 

Fourth Row: B. Lynch, V. Lytton, E. 
Marlowe, B. Messersmith, B. Moore, J. Neff, A. 
O'Neil, M. Pankey. 

Fifth Row: B. Pugh, E. Ritchie, R. Ritchie, 
M. Rowan, J. Shaffar, A. Snead, M. Southard, 
L. Stuckert. 

Sixth Row : W. Thacker, A. Thompson, J. 
Tiller, M. Trenary, M. Williams, S. Williams, V. 
Wilson, H. Winkelmann. 

Not Pictured : H. Weber. 



SIGMA DELTA RHO is proud of the fact that 
it is the best men's fraternity on the campus — in fact, 
the only one. We are also proud of our fraternity i:i 
that it brings us the needed closeness and fellowship 
in our college lives. 

Under the leadership of President Frank Mason 

we started off the year with a bang. At the college 
camp, along I he banks of the Shenandoah River, we 
initiated our new pledges and then filled ourselves with 
delicious barbecue. Who will ever forget that informal 
initiation and the week to follow? 

Later in the year we assisted the Panhellenic Coun- 
cil by contributing our bit to the success of their big 
dance. We were also kept on our argumentative toes 
by holding a series of debates with the six sororities 
on campus. 

Many thanks should go to Mr. and Mrs. Bocskey 
and Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, who, as our wonderful 
Sponsors, were always glad and willing to be of assist- 
ance when called upon. 

Our year was brought to a rousing and roaring 
end by a weekend spent at the college camp. What a 
weekend ! 

Our officers were: 

President — Francis Mason 
Vice-President — Eldon 1 'adgett 

Recording Secretary — Edward Michael 
Treasurer — William ( iarrett 
Alumni Secretary — Dale Long- 
Chaplain — I Xjnald Salt 

Out at college camp 

A meeting in Logan 


First Row : L. Byrd, S. Dellinger, C. 
Earman, W. Garrett, M. Muterspaugh. 

Second Row: G. Leffel, D. Leisch, F. 
Mason, E. Michael. E. Padgett. 

Third Row: R. Padgett, D. Salt, H. 
Showalter, R. Sloop. X. Zirk. 

Not Pictured: J. Bell, D. Bruce, D. Long. 
E. McConnell. 


■ ■ ,/» 



major organizations of the college and its membership is com- 
posed of all students who are enrolled at Madison College. 
The executive body, or Athletic Association Council, con- 
sists of the president, vice-president, business manager, 
class representatives, presidents of Mercury, Fencing. Por- 
poise, and Modern Dance clubs, and all sports leaders. 

The Athletic Association opens the school year with the 
annual Chuck Wagon Party held back campus for fresh- 
man and transfer students. Amidst fried chicken, singing 
and games, the students are introduced to the officers and 
activity leaders. Throughout the year, the Athletic Associa- 

tion sponsors many activities including intramural hockey, 
basketball, softball, volleyball, archery, badminton, fencing, 
golf, table tennis, swimming and water sports, modern dance, 
social dance, square and folk dance. There are extramural 
teams in hockey and basketball. 

May Day brings a grand climax to the work of the 
Association. May Day is steeped in traditions, such as the 
tapping of the Queen and her court, campus wide decora- 
tions, the parade, and finally the May I 'ay show and fes- 
tivities paints the final stroke on the Athletic Associatii n's 
Chart of another year well done. 

First Row. B. Mine. II 
Sellner, M. Cromer, E. Morgan, 
R. Pearson. 

Second Rote: M. Smith, A. 
Harris, Business Manager; J. 
Wine, Treasurer; J. Guyton, 
/'resident; A. Hcarl, Secretary; 
B. Hartman, Faculty Adviser: 
A. Webb. 

Third Roze: H. Winkelmann, 
V. Lytton, M. Carroll, M. Ash- 
ton, A. Lewis, M. Hollaman, J 

Not Pictured: B. Myers, 
Vice-President ; E. Edwards. 


THE MERCURY CLUB, endeavoring to promote good professional at- 
titudes ami fellowship among physical education majors and minor-, is b osted by 
mutual interests of the members. Throughout the year organized panel discus 
sions, talks by professional members in the field of physical education, and vari- 
ous recreation and social programs have supplemented these interests. 

One of the club's highlights of the year was the assembly program which 
featured Mrs. Luellen Hewitt who had returned from a year's exchange teaching 
in England. Her topic was "My Impressions of the Educational System in Eng- 

Under the able leadership of Barbara May:, president, and Miss Mary K. 
Beyrer, adviser, the club has provided its members with opportunities for fun. 
fellowship, and building of good professional idea-. 



I : irst Row: Barhour, Beach. 
Giles, Rinker. Slum]*. Poe, 
Talbert, Stewart, Sotithall, An- 

Second Row : Brankley, S. 
Plentovich, Painter, Welch, 
Newman, Daniel, Schulu, 
Robetrs, All.recht, Clatterbuck. 
Winkelmann, Bennett, Broad- 
dus, Harrclson, Ashton. 

Third Row: E. Davis. J. 
Harris, R. Plentovich, S. Bram- 
lett. B. Burns, X. Hvdc, P. 
Fogg. A. Webb, T. Quarles, M. 
Dulanev. B. Bowman, X. Hund- 

First Row : Hockman, Wine 
Lewis, Sellner, Smith, Mayo 
President; LaGarde, Secretary. 
Carroll, Pearson, Vice-Presi- 
dent ; Smith. 

Second Row : Addison, Holl- 
omon, Hartsel, Bolen, Moroni 

Third Rozc : Proctor, Guy- 

HOCKEY season and crisp autumn weather 
brought many enthusiasts to the field. Signs of great 
activity, the rebirth of terms such as "bully off," "play 
it casual," run, the "pitch," and many sore muscles 
marked the opening of the 1954 hockey season. Under 
the guiding hand of Miss Hartman, the team shaped 
up quickly and prospects for a bang-up season were 

ment, and the Southeast Tournament. Six of our team 
members were selected to play in the Southeast Tour- 
nament held at Sweetbriar College. They were Mary 
Lou Carroll, Mary Anna Holloman, Anita Webb, Betty 
Harrelson, Tresa Quarles, and Mary Ashton. The 
tournament lasted for two days and was climaxed by a 
banquet. After the banquet films of the International 
Hockey Tournament of 1953 were shown. 

A dreamy, rainy day proved to be no hindrance to 
the Madison girls as they scored a victory over Shenan- 
doah Club in the first game of the season. The 1954 
schedule included Bridgewater, W'esthampton, Hollins, 
Intermountain Match. Tidewater-Blue Ridge Tourna- 

Several Madison players had the rare opportunity 
to see hockey at its best when they traveled to Wash- 
ington to see the Virginia team play the Irish Ladies 
Touring Team. All in all, the 1954 hockey season 
proved to be a memorable, enriching experience. 


First Urn* : 1). Matheny, C. Legard, J. Bolen, P. Bennett, G. Hockman. 

Sceond Row: B. Harrelson, M. Holloinon, T. Quarles. M. Ashton, Captain; M. Carroll, 

A. Webb, J. Beach, Miss Hartman. 



First Roiv: S Brown, B 
Tate, H Winklemann, M 
Hartsel, C. Addison; H. Sell- 
ner, Captain; Miss Hartman. 

Second Row : S. Welch, B. 
Roberts, F. Schottroffe, ] 
Parrish, P. Schultz, \ Lewis 
M. Smith. M. McKaye. 

THE FENCING CLUB has only been on our 
campus tor a few years. The- purpose of our club is 
to provide an opportunity for interested persons to 
fence, to stimulate interest in the sport of fencing and 
to sponsor various types of fencing programs in the 
interest of the college and student body. 

As part of our fencing activities this year v. e have 

entertained alumnae and a visiting instructor. We had 
a successful intramural program, and we participated 
in a meet with Mary Washington College and the 
College of William and Mary. 

Our club is led by our most capable adviser and 
instructor, Dr. Caroline Sinclair, and Vernelle Lytton, 
President, and Martha Cromer, Secretary-Treasurer. 

Ftrst Row: I. Shaffer- \I 
C romer. Secretary-Treasurer 
D. Cr.tzer, H. Hylton, P 

Second AW: C. Sinclair 
Adviser; J. White. Captain-; V. 
Lytton, President: A. Davis S 

Not Pictured: C. Bair. 

THE DUCHESSES opened the '55 season in 
home territory against a fast moving Bridgewater 
squad. The game ended in a decided victory score of 
45-19 for our opponents. However the day was saved 
by Madison's second team which triumphed over neigh- 
boring Bridgewater College by a score of 31-21. 

A week later on our home court we emerged vic- 
torious after a thrilling see-saw game which was de- 
cided in the last few seconds of play when Shirk) 
Steward sank a free shot to give Madisim a 42-41 win 
■over Lynchburg College. True to form the second 
team, remaining undefeated, outscored its opponents 

somewhat by the fact that ole Iron Sides managed to 
pass a tractor, a truck and a dog on the way home. 

Game number four took place at Westhampton 
College. We hit our stride and the first team emerg- 
ed victorious by a score of 59-35. After a hard fought 
game the second team was defeated by a small margin 
of 27-24. 

I 'laying our last game at home, we met the Sweet 
Briar team and finished the season in good standing. 
The first team had little trouble in managing a 49-37 
victory, followed by the second team's hard played 
game which netted them a 48 tally to Sweet Briar's 36. 

Our third game necessitated traveling to Long- 
wood College by the college bus. affectionately known 
as ole Iron Sides (among other things'). Longwood 
proved to be the abler team and rolled over Madison's 
varsity, 52-24. The second team was given its first 
trouncing by a score of 61-36. The day was improved 

Briefly these were the games, but the fun, good 
times, attitudes and fellowship in which we all shared 
and were made aware of remain with us as fond mem- 
iries. We shall remember the '55 basketball season 
with happiness and sincere appreciation to our coach. 
Miss L. Morrison. 


Fir.s/ Row. C. Legard, B. Myers, J. Guyton, M. L. Carroll, S. K. Stewart, J. Kiser 
Second Row. M. Smith, A. Webb, r,. Hockman, D. Talbert. 



First Row : G. Rinker, J. Painter, P. Slemp. 
Second Rozc: J. McClanahan, A. Lewis, E. Christopher, P. Strather, A. Eubank. 

THE CHEERLEADERS were elected by the 
student body in a Monday assembly under the spon- 
sorship of Student Government. They have served 

at the home basketball games, cheered the Dukes 
and Duchesses on to victory. 

First Row: B. Taylor, M. 
Maust, P. Kruse. 

Second Row : S. Blankenship, 
C. Evans, J. Hamlett. 


First Row: B. Bowman, M. Hewins, P. Waring. P. Daniels, J. Bolcn, P.. Flinn, P. Duggan, 

R. Plentovich, S. Plentovich. 

Second Rozc: R. Pearson, President; E. Edwards, B. Newman, K. Broyles, G. Leisch, I). 

Dawson, R. LeGrand, C. Robertson. 

THE PORPOISE CLUB holds tryouts each 
semester and everyone is urged to participate in these. 
The requirements for entrance are grace, skill, and 
stroke ability. Competition is keen and to uphold the 
high standards of the club, only the best of the group 
are chosen. 

In the spring, the Porpoise Club holds its annual 
water pageant which this year was "Spring Splashes." 
The members of the club devote many Icng hours in 
preparation of this special event. The Club also spon- 
sors various activities, such as swimming workshops 
and lessons. Delegates from Madison's Porpoise Club 
were sent to a swimposium, the first of its kind to be 
held, at a neighboring college i:i the winter. Their 
g al was to learn upon what bases other swimming 
clubs work and their requirements for entrance. Many 
new- strokes and stunts were also learned al this meet- 

The aims of this club are wide and varied. They 
are to promote further interest in swimming, to help 
others learn to swim, and to emphasize the importance 
of safety measures which are imperative to each indivi- 
dual. Through careful guidance and direction of our 
sponsor, Miss Beyrer, the members of Madison's Por- 
poise Club strive to attain and reach these ultimate 


THE MODERN DANCE CLUB began the 1954- 
1955 school year by learning many new techniques and ma- 
terializing new ideas brought to our campus by Mrs. Hewitt. 
club adviser who taught in England last year. Our mem- 
bers could be seen practicing on each Thursday night in 
Ashby gym. The new techniques and other traditional ones 
were used as criteria on which to judge prospective members 
in fall tryouts. Several girls who displayed skill, grace and 
coordination in dance were selected, bringing club member- 
ship to twenty-six. Tryouts were held again in the spring 
and we added more new members. 

Presenting our first program of the year at the Y.W. 
C.A. Centennial Celebration held at Madison in November, 
we added to the Thanksgiving atmosphere with a religious 
dance in three parts entitled "Seeking, Prayer, and Thanks- 
giving." Almost immediately, thoughts and activity turned 
anxiously toward the Christmas season and we began re- 
hearsals on a group of dances which were combined with the 
singing of the "Madrigals" in a varied Christmas program. 
Memorable dances presented included "The Twelve Days of 
Christmas," "Recorder Suite," and the "Mummers Dance". 
Our last meeting before vacation was given over to a party 
and informal discussion on activities for the rest fit the 

Returning from vacation refreshed and ready to work 
we began planning for the Fine Arts forum at the Women's 
College of The University of North Carolina in Greensboro, 
North Carolina. This trip is the highlight of a girl's ex- 
perience in the dance club and it is an honor to be chosen to 
attend. Helen Sellner, Mary Manhardt, Joan Kafer, Bee 
Ellis, Mary Ellen Choate, and Emma Gene Edwards repre- 
sented our group this year and presented a dance called 
"Stellar Journey". The trip proved to be an interesting and 
educational one to all who attended. 

Long weeks of practice and hard work were brought to 
a climax as we presented our annual recital on March 4 
and 5 in Wilson Auditorium. The dance we gave at the 
Fine Arts forum was given along with a light and gay "In- 
sect Comedy," the more serious "Instrumental Suite," a 
sparkling, happy "Rodeo" dance, and several others. 

Our participation in the festivities of May Day- brought 
the year to a successful close. To Mrs. Hewitt, the club ad- 
viser, and Helene Sellner, our capable president, we owe 
our sincere thanks, for their guiding hands made possible the 
year's achievements. 


First Row. H. Sellner, E. Edwards, M. Choate 
Second Row: J. Kafer, B. Ellis, M. Manhardt 


First Ro-w: V. Robinson, B. Belt, B. Watson 
Second Row : J. Barber, L. Hogan, L. Ramsey 


First Row : J. Weidel, J. Bolen, M. Yarger 

Second Row : R. Plentovich, A. Hollow-ell, S. Plentovich 


H. Sellner, A. Scott, G. Hockman, B. Pearn 

The Athletic Association strives to answer the physical 
and social needs of every student by offering a full, well 
planned and well conducted intramural program from Sep- 
tember to June. 

The satisfaction of hearing your arrow plunk in the 
gold — the elation of making a better score than you did last 
time — what could be more thrilling ! And if you aren't a 
"Robin Hood" you can easily learn to shoot through the in- 
tramural archery program in both fall and spring. 

The intramural dance program is divided into three 
parts to satisfy the variation in student interest. Modern, 
social and square and folk dance programs of an instruction- 
al as well as a recreational nature are provided to stimulate 
interest in dance as a social and self-beneficial activity. 

Tops in popularity of the winter sports programs is in- 
tramural basketball. What spirit and enthusiasm came from 
those cheering sections (luring purple and gold league tour- 
nament games ! 

What excitement — three volley ball games in session al 
one time in Reed gym each afternoon during the intramural 
volleyball season. Although skill is unnecessary, competi- 
tion is keen and everyone always has a good time. 

All intramural sports arc closely supervised by the phy- 
sical education staff, A. A. Council and physical education 
majors and minors who coach and officiate. 

Information on these pages was adapted from the A. A 

Badminton tournaments consisting of both singles and 
doubles matches are held each year at the same time that 
table tennis tournaments are in progress. Pre-tournament 
instruction is given for all who desire it. Being a recrea- 
tional activity, badminton provides an important carry-over 
value as well as immediate satisfaction for the participant. 

With spring" come Softball to air campus. The Softball 
program is one of the most popular intramural activities. As 
all participants will agree, there's nothing quite so enjoy- 
able as a good team game in the great nut of doors. 

Golf is valuable for the participant whether she plays 
alone or with others. Although this form of sport requires 
a great amount of skill and much practice, even the beginner 
will enjoy learning the fundamentals when the opportunity 
is provided for instruction back campus. 

During warm weather in both the fall and spring the 
intramural tennis enthusiasts are seen out on the courts. 
Many of us just can't wait (that's snow in the picture) to 
get started on our practicing. Ladder tournaments are held 
for all who sign up, and in the spring our best players com- 
pete with tennis teams from other schools. 

» ^ 



y . \ 









Who's Who Among Students In American 
Universities And Colleges 


First Rote: K. Thompson, J. Hogge, and 1. Pease, .1. Guyton, and J. Gwaltney. 
Herrin. Back Row. N. Proctor, J. While. B. Smith, J. 

Second Row. L. Jefferson, R. Padgett, I. Hefner, J. Freeman, and F. Alls. 

hi recognition of their outstanding schol- 
arship, leadership and co-operation in educa- 
tional and extra-curricular activities, fourteen 
seniors were selected by a combined student 
and faculty committee to represent Madison 
College in the 1954-55 annual edition of Who's 
Who Among Students in American Universi- 
ties and Colleges. 

By receiving this highly coveted college 
award, these students gain the recognition 
which will accompany them throughout their 
lives in any profession they might choose. To 
be named in Who's Who, is a goal worth striv- 
ing for, and these students richly deserve this 

The following students were select- 
ed by the student body as the most 
outstanding members of their re- 
spective classes. 




J-udij £/> 


^Trances GjLLs 




^o Ljaijton 

(J-oijce Ljwallney 




rfoifce Ulerrln 

rfanel: Kjtefner 




^ean ^jtoqc/e 

(J-oijce Jnanforo 




^oan 1 ease 

Jvoqer 1 aocjeti 




Oxorma IrrocL 


JjeHij Smith 




<yCoxanne ^Hocjers (L-nomp 


^ecin (White 


^zf ranees Jjrick 


rfack lo 




JVlarqarel <ftarhel 


or s 

Jnaru Sue JWissimer 

^aimlta Jnowm 

Jvita ^KLitchi 


^oan Of Us 


C^&iesa iJuaALi 


Cjnne \oo<mren 


Jjetti) Johnson 

(jarolijn L/vam 

JnoAij OLien Ljarber 
)zJlorerice Jjroaoous 


onvia an 

a Joseph 

J-oijce Jnunforo ano Jvoqer 1 aocjeii 


Jfiss Jiadi 


Oxorma 1 rocL 



Ofppie JjLossom 1 rincess 

Sue ^foster 


Jim Ox 



Cjwenootijn G. Jnci^ormick 


JHaw of <jtonor 

Jjetiij Jrlifen 



First Row: S. Sublett, F. Alls, J. Warren, J. Hogge, L. Suter, L. Hi 
Second Row : J. Mowles, L. Dudley, N. Proctor 
Third Row: M. Covey, J. Wine, L. Watson 



First Row : F. Phalen, P. Farmer 

Second Row: A. Harris, B. Smith. J. Holt, J. Mitchell, R. Pearson, D. Grove 

Third Row: J. Freeman, J. Booze, P. Davis, M. F. Turner, J. White 

Fourth Row : S. Huffman, J. Turner, S. Payne 

Fifth Row: C. Whitehead, J. Wood, f. Simmons. N. Riser 

Sixth Row: J. Neff, J. Hoist, J. Munfard, J. Gwaltney 


On tne bcrno of 



Administration 78- 91 

Advertisements 202 

Athletics 156-167 

Classes 12- 77 

Seniors 14- 46 

Juniors 49- 56 

Sophomores 57- 64 

Freshmen 65- 77 

Dedication 10 

Faculty Directory 191 

Features 168-189 

Class Features 171-181 

Madonna and Joseph 182 

Miss Madison 183 

Apple Blossom Princess 184 

May Day 185-189 

Organizations 92-155 

Alumnae 137 

Business 117 

Dance 132-135 

Departmental 118-123 

Dramatic 130-131 

Greek 138-156 

Honorary 113-115 

Music 124-129 

Publications 102-105 

Religious 106-112 

Student Government 94-101 

Student Directory 192-200 


Faculty Directory 

Aiken, Alimac 967 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Anderson, J. Edgar 210 Ohio Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Anderson, Sara 274 Cantrell Ave, Harrisonburg, Va, 

Anthony, Kailicrinc 35 Maplehurst Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bell, M. II 718 Oti St.. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Beyrer, Mar> 445 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Blosser, Sallie Box 15, Parkview, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bocskey, Stephen C 110 Highland Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bojc, Louise 967 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bowman, Etta M 1172 S. High St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Brady, Man Margaret ... 967 S. Main St., Harrisonburg. \ "a. 

Burau, Gertmd 109 Campbell St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bush, Mrs. Bernice 435 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Brown, Mrs. Georgia Ml. Solon, Va. 

Caldwell, Charles 295 Campbell St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Chappell, Uilhert 24 Lawn Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Child-, Clara Annie .... 337 Monticello Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Coffman, Mrs Mona 241 Paul St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Cool, Raymond I) 700 Ott St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Cooper, Ruth 473 S Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Copper, Jean 16 Grace St., Harrisonburg. \ a. 

Cundiff, Ruby Ethel 357 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Curtis, J. L 211 Cantrell Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. 

1 JeLoiig, Jr., William J 1427 Bluestone, Harrisonburg, \ a. 

Dingledine, Raymond C. ... U2 Franklin St., Harrisonburg, Va. 
Duke. S. P 983 S. Main St.. Harrisonburg. Va. 

Eagle, A, K. 213 Campbell St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Frank, Helen 967 S. Main St.. Harrisonburg, Ya 

Frederikson, O. F 130 Campbell St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Garber, Mrs. Dorothy ..... 208 Franklin St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Gibbons, H. K 610 Ott St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Gildersleeve, Glenn (^ S. Mason St., Harrisonburg. \'a. 

Gildersleeve, Mrs. Hazel ... 623 S. Mason St.. Harrisonburg, Va 

Grove, Frances 85 Campbell St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hamrick, C. R 755 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Hanson, Raus M 759 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hardesty, Anne 413 S. High St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Harris, Elizabeth 967 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Hartman, Betty G 1452 Crawford Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hatch, J lavid L 356 Franklin St.. Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Haydon, R. C 366 Monticello Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Herr, Grace 274 Cantrell Ave. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hewitt, Mrs. Luellen Messick House, Madison College, 

Harrisonburg. Va. 
Hicks, George Raymond . . . 488 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg. Ya. 

Hill, Mrs. Polly Bridgewatcr, Ya. 

Hoover, Feme 869 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Hopkins, Janet 975 S. High St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Hounchell, Paul 630 Ott St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Huffman, C. H 271 Grattan St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Tkenberry, J. E 310 West View St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Kraus, Joe \V. 1403 Bluestone St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Lahaie, Ralph 85-87 Campbell St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Latimer, Mary E 477 E. Market St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Leigh, Thomas \Y. 1420 Crawford Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Lenox, Mrs. Bessie Dayton, Ya. 

Lockard, Mrs. M. J. S 201 Ohio Ave.. Harrisonburg, Va. 

McCabe, Rev. Ward 6u0 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va 

Mcllwraith, J. N 1408 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Marshall, C. T 1210 Hillcrest I Jr., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Martinez, F. Q Grottoes, Va. 

Matthews, Eleanor 445 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg. Va 

Mecks, Mrs. Lydia 45 Fairvicw Ave. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Mengebicr, William 921 D St., Harrisonburg, Va 

Miller, E. D. ... Monument & Crawford Aves, Harrisonburg, Va. 
Miller. G. Tyler .. Hillcrest, Madison College, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Miller, Ruth F 335 N. High St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Morrison, Leotus Lincoln House, Madison College, 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Patterson, Elizabeth .... 218 Newman Ave, Harrisonburg, Va, 

1'artlow, Benjamin 115(1 S. Main St., Harrisonburg. Va. 

Fence. Wilbur 1600 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Penick, Dr. Richard Q 850 E. St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Pittman, M. A 1200 Hillcrest Dr., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Poindexter, R. J 750 I) St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Ivaine, Sue Shenandoah Apts., Madison College. 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Reeke, Mrs. Angela 25 Fairvicw Ave, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Richardson. Bessie 570 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg. Va. 

Roberts, Frank 1471 Bluestone, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Rowe, Dorothy 156 West Market St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Ruckcr, Ruth Carter House, Madison College, 

Harrisonburg, Va. 
Ryan, Mrs. Violelta 473 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Sanders, London 242 Canlrcll Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Savage, Dorothy 537 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Sawhill, J. A 244 Monument Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Shaeffer, Edna T 212 Newman Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Schneider, Fdythe 85-87 Campbell St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Schubert, Leland 211 Dixie Ave, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Shaw ver, M. ( 309 Chicago Ave,, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Shorts, C. P 1220 Hillcrest Dr., Harrisonburg. Va 

Showalter, A. M 310 Paul St., Harrisonburg. Va. 

Showalter, Leta Rt. 1, Box 214, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Sieg, Katharine G 48 Maplehurst Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Sieg. Martha .... Home Management House, Madison College, 

Harrisonburg. Va. 

Sinclair, Caroline 473 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va, 

Smith, Glenn C 85-87 Campbell St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Skeat, William J Dayton. Ya. 

Stewart, John 42 Fry Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Strough, Mrs. Mary P. . . 1443 Hillside Ave, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Trent, Rosaline 623 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Turille, S. J 100 Weaver Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Yarner, Mrs. Bernice .... 30 Maplehurst Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Vo) irhees, W. C McGaheysville, Va. 

Walker, Glada 1205 Hillcrest Dr., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Watkins, Evelyn 218 Newman Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Warren, Claude 440 Ohio Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Warren, Percy H 1041 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Watkins, Lowell 649 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Wells, John C 125 Port Republic Rd., Harrisonburg, Va. 

W'etzler, Wilson Madison Terrace Apts., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Wigley, Elsie 218 Newman Ave, Harrisonburg. Va. 

Wilkins, Mrs. Ruth Jones Alumnae Hall, Madison College, 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Willett. J. A 1120 Hillcrest Dr., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Williams. Eddie 292 Campbell St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Winn, Columbia 337 Monticello Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Woclfel, Margarete ... 116 Port Republic Rd., Harrisonburg, Ya. 


Student Directory 

Abbott. Flora Stewart .. 916 McCormick St., Clifton Forge, Va. 
Acker, Mrs. Betty Turner .Madison Terrace Apts. — Dl, 

Harrisonburg, Va. 
Acker. Mrs. Charlotte B. Henke! 657 S. Main St., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Adams. Charlotte Sylvia R.F.D. 1, Linville. Va. 

Adams, Mary Katharine 220 Creston Apts., Radford, \*a. 

Addison. Frances Carolyn 80 Fairview Ave., 

Xorth Plain field. X J. 

Agnor, Martha Jane Box 570, Lexington, Ya. 

Albrecht. Jacqueline Anne 51S X. Oakland Street. Arlington, Ya. 

Alexander. Virginia Joyce Mount Sidney, Ya. 

Allen, Mrs. Charlotte Perry .... 640 Ott St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Allen. Garette Black Star Route, Buena Vista, Va. 

Alls. Frances Arlene Catawba, Va. 

Alls. Mary Joan Catawba. Ya. 

Allston, Vivian Marie . . 426 Happy Creek Rd., Front Royal. Ya. 

Altizer. Mary Jo Riner, Ya. 

Ames. Anne Lester Route 14, Box 44. Richmond. Va. 

Anderson. Adrienne Christine 210 Craig Ave., Salem, Ya. 

Anderson, Dorothy 1 )ale 115 Grigg St., Petersburg, Va. 

Anderson, Kay Sandra ISO Wood Ave., Danville, Ya. 

Anderson. Margaret Sue .... 129 Rodgers Ave., Norfolk 2, Va. 
An-lrus, Georgia Pauline .. 304 X. High St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Anthony, lean Carolyn 908 South Blvd., Petersburg, Ya. 

Armentroul, Mr. Lcwin Cordell Route 1. Keezletown, Va. 

Armstrong. Sarah Lou 27 Cloud Street. Front Royal. Ya. 

Arringlon. Norma Jane 1404 Pratt St., Xorfolk Va. 

Ariz, C arolyn I louglass Toms Brook, Ya. 

Ashell, Patricia Anne Route 4, Box 340. Suffolk, Va. 

Asble. Frances Eugenia .... 341 Old Mill Rd., Portsmouth, Va. 

Ashton, Mary Ann 468 Serpentine Dr.. Pittsburgh 1 i, Pa. 

Atkins. Mary Anne :28 E. Main St.. Marion, Va. 

\tv.Mud Barbara Faye Happy Creek, Va. 

Ayres, \ ir-ii ia Box 27, Fayetteville, W. Ya. 

Baber, Patricia Anne Afton, Va. 

Bailey, Charlotte Ann 261 Belleview Ave., Orange, Va. 

liair, Ann Catherine .... 1C29 Woodland Way. Hagerstown. Md. 
Bair. Carolyn Rae .... 1313 X. Greenbrier St., Arlington 5. Va. 

Baker. Ruby Jean Route 1. Mount Crawford. Ya. 

Baker. Willie Lois 420 Maryland Axe.. Xorfolk, Va. 

Baldcrson, Rebecca Hart . . 2 West Myrtle St., Alexandria, Ya. 

Baldwi l, Suzanne Mae Walnut Dr., Front Royal, Ya. 

Bales, Mrs. Marie Greer Mount Sidney. Va. 

Ball. Betty Gloria 5513 Buckingham Rd., Richmond, Ya. 

Ballagh, Eleanor Kay 2463 Rivermcnt Ave., Lynchburg. Va. 

Banks, Barbara Jeannette 1226 Stanhope Ave., Richmond 27. Ya. 

Barber. Elizabeth Jane 515 Lincoln Ave.. Grove City. Pa. 

Barbour. Nancy Lee 1105 Park St., Altavista, Va. 

Barden. Beverly Ann .... 14 Bridge St.. Highland Springs, Ya. 
Barden, Landora Josephine . . 2616 Lincoln Ave.. Richmond. Ya. 
Barnes, Charlotte Jane . . 44110— 17th St.. Xorth. Arlington, Va. 

Barnette, Anna Ruth Goshen, Ya. 

Barnette, Barbara Lee Covesville, Va. 

Barnette. Bobbie Sue Goshen, Ya. 

Basham, Patricia Anne 432 Delphine Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 

Bats, m, Julia Ann Fishersville. Ya. 

Batson, Martha Sue Fishersville, Ya. 

Baugher, Mr. Herbert Lee Clark St.. Elkton. Ya. 

Bauserman, Betty Lou Stanley Va. 

Beach, Joan Marie 622 Summitt St.. Petersburg. Ya. 

Beall. Peggy Anne 4M5 X. 16th Rd., Arlington. Ya. 

Bell, Mr. Julian E 1451 Valley St.. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bell, Mr- Mary Louise 1451 Yalley St., Harrisonburg. Ya. 

Bolen, Janet Elaine . . . 
Bond, Pamela Xaudain 
Bonham, Marian Joyce 

Bell, Beverley Lee 2203 Stadium Rd., Charlottesville, Ya. 

Bennett, Barbara Helen 2016 N. Patrick Henry Dr., 

Arlington, Va. 

Bennett, Patricia Ellis By Pass Road, Route 2, 

Williamsburg, Ya. 

Benton. Lynne Garland 3625 — 16th St.. Washington, I). C. 

Berezoski, Kendall Calhoun . Route 1, Box 640-L. Annandale, Ya. 

Berger, Genevieve Schutle 5028 Sylvan Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Berger, Ida Jo Goode, Va. 

Berger. Peggy Sue Goode, Va. 

Bergeson, Bernadine Arnia Maysville, W. Ya. 

Beville, Betty Anne Box 86, Bushnell, Fla. 

Biggs, Mrs. Agnes Irene B Route 1, Box 139, Amherst. Va. 

Billhimer. Carolyn Joy Route 4, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bird. Elizabeth Anne Gary. W. Ya. 

Bird, Elizabeth Burwell Mount Jackson, Ya. 

Blackwell, Shirley Ann 1442 Guildhall Ave., Roanoke, Ya. 

Blair, Maridena Carolyn Route 1, Gretna, Ya. 

Blankenhaker, Betty Mae Star Route, Elkton, Va. 

I'.lankenship, Ada Louise Route 2, Box 81, Salem. Ya. 

lilankenship, Susie Jane Box 190, Salem, Va. 

Bliss, 1 lorothy Rita Roseland, Va. 

Bloch. jonella Foster Church St., Pocahontas. Va. 

Bloxom, Anne Elizabeth 1672 N. Mallory St.. 

Buckroe Beach, Va. 

7 X. Boulevard, Richmond, Va. 

308 Beckford Ave., Princess Anne, Md. 
. 3017 Woodlawn Ave., Roanoke 15, Va. 
Bonnell. Ann Shell . ... 1218 X. Fairwater Dr., Norfolk, Va 

Boyze, Janice Mae Springvvood, Va. 

Borst, Cecil Page Box 37. Brandy, Va. 

Bi s-ard. Delores Barbara Danielsville, Pa. 

Bourne, Barbara Marie Box 1136, Staunton, Va. 

Bourne, Patricia Anne R.F.D. 4, Box 65, Glen Allen. Ya. 

Bowdle. Suzanne Delaware Ave., Dover, Del. 

Bowers, Carol Louise Route 2, Box 67-A, Vienna, Va. 

Bowling, Joyce Ann ... R.F.D. 1, Box 364, Fredericksburg, Va. 

Bowman, Beverly Reid 1743 Varina Ave.. Petersburg, Va. 

Bowman, Mr. David Earl Weyers Cave. Va. 

Bowman. Miriam Allen Mount Jackson. Ya. 

Boyd, Helen Elizabeth 21 W. Bond St., Winchester, Va. 

Boyd, Margaret Ann 6132 Rolfe Ave., Xorfolk. Ya. 

Bradfield, Joanna 35 Maple Ave.. Pearisburg, Va. 

Bradley, Carol Hayton 216 Duke Dr., Portsmouth, Va. 

Brady, Mrs. Elizabeth Thrash Dayton, Va. 

Bramlett, Shirley Mae Route 1, Thaxton, Va. 

Brandenburg, Martha Ann Steeles Tavern, 

Brankley, Shirley Ann Skipwith, 

Branner, Mrs. Rebecca Walker Broadway. 

Breeden, Carol Dean R.F.D. 3, Manassas, 

Brewer. Mary Elizabeth Cresap 1 Irive, Bowling Green, 

Cumberland, Md 
Brewster. Mr. David Alan 2236 X. Buchanan St.. Arlington 

Brickey, Mary Frances Catawba 

Broaddus, Florence Marie Sealston, 

Brooking, Clifford Lee Route 1, Orange, Ya 

Brown, Alma Montague Ballsville, Va, 

Brown. Barbara Jean 222 Harper Dr.. Orange, Ya 

Brown, Leona Jean Box 91, Sperryville. Ya 

Brown, Margarel Ann 115 E. Darlington Ave. 

Phoebus, Hampton. Ya 

Brown. Mary Alice 426 Hendren Ave., Staunton. Va 

Brown. Nancy Caroline 1844 Taf t St., Hollywood, Fla 

Brown, Shirley Ann .... 150 South Bath Ave., Waynesboro. Va 

Brown, Sue Ann 519 Rose Ave.. Clifton Forge, Va, 

Brown. Sue Clark Richlands. Va 






Brown. Virginia Garland 107 High St., Slrashurg. Va 

Broyles, Mr. Guy Edward 210 West Main St.. Luray, Va 

Brubaker, Marie Elizabeth Route 3, Box 107. Luray. Va 

Bruce. Mr. Dale Howard .. Route 1. Box 290, Harrisonburg, 

Bruce, Mr. Douglas Sellers Route 1. Harrisonburg. 

Brydge. Velma Mae 424 Arch Ave., Waynesboro, 

Buchanan, Mr. Robert Erelious Box 14?, Fordwick, 

Buchanan, Susan Morton R.F.D. 1. Rockbridge Baths. 

Buie, Sylvia Sue 182 A View Vve., Norfolk .1, 

Bundy, Sara Louise 913 Hill St.. Greensboro, N 

Burkey, Mildred Kathryn Vppomattox, 

Burkholdcr, Betty Sue Box 63, Thaxton, Va, 

Burkholder, Lucy Clare Box 63, Thaxton, Va. 

Burnett. Louise Gills Vppomattox, Va 

Burns, Betty Jean Route 2, Staunton, Va 

Burns. Mrs. Virginia Tingler 514 W. Riverside Ave. 

Covington, Va. 
Burruss, Ann Lee .... Mcchanicsville Turnpike, c Carrier 132, 

Richmond, Va 

Burt. Dolores Anne 208 Pear Ave., Hampton, Va 

Butler, Barbara Ann 6733 Stuart Aye., Richmond, Va 

Butler. Barbara Jane Brielle, X.J 

Butler, Betty Jane 859 X. Kensington St., Arlington. V:i 

Butler. Betty Lou 1041 S. High St.. Harrisonburg. Va 

Butler. Mr. Lester Xorman General Delivery, Elkins. \\ Va 

Butts, Kathleen Elizabeth 721 College Terrace. Williamsburg, Va, 

Buzzard, Betty Lou Route 1, Box (.2. Swoope, Va 

Bvrd, Mr. Lloyd Thomas Box 111. Dayton Va 

Byrd, Martha Jane Box 111. Dayton 


Callahan, Annie Laura Union Level, Va. 

Callahan. lovcc Ann . . R.F.D. 3, Box 374, Madison Heights. Va. 

Callis, Leone Page Grimstead, Va. 

Campbell. Latetia Fay Lowesville. \ a. 

Canada. Myrtle Clay Phenix. Va. 

Cannon, Patricia Anne 103 Beech Lane, Wilmington 4. I lei. 

Caplinger. Norma Arlene Route 1, Broadway, Va. 

Caricofe, Carolyn Fay .... Route 1, Box 101, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Carleton, Sallie Byrd 2403 Chesapeake Ave.. Hampton, Va. 

Cameale, Jane Anderson 317 Bellefonte, Alexandria. Va. 

Carpenter, Barbara Jeanne ... 120 W. Edmonds St., Culpeper. Va. 

Carpenter, Theresa Jane R.F.D. 2, Box 138, Culpeper, Va. 

Carper, Shirley Ruth Hematite. Va. 

Carr, Mr. Henry Blake. Jr Route 2, Harrisonburg. Va. 

Carroll, Mary' Lou Box 482, Herndon, Va. 

Carter, lovce Cecile 2411 E. Pembroke Ave., Buckroe Beach, Va. 

Case. Roberta Phyllis 1143 Meriwether St. 

Charlottesville, \ a. 

Cassedy, Xoelle 886 X. Kensington St.. Arlington, Va. 

Casteen. Joyce Anne 3005 Amherst St.. Xorfolk. Va. 

Castine, Shirley Ann 1237 Lansing Ave.. Portsmouth. Va. 

Caton, Marie Catherine 210 Shelton Ave.. Xorfolk, Va. 

Cavendish. Xancy Irene Fayetteville. W. Va. 

Cawley, Mary Elizabeth Route 8, Box 563, Richmond. Va. 

Chafin. Virginia Lorena Castlevvood, Va. 

Chandler. AHce Barbara 808 Oak Ave.. Waynesboro, Va. 

Chandler, Ruth Mae 131 DuPont Circle, Waynesboro, Va. 

Chandler. Virginia Constance Port Republic, Va. 

Chapman, Mary Ellen '. Chuckatuck, Va. 

Chemung, Irvine Littlepage 2215 Fall Hill Ave.. 

Fredericksburg. Va. 

Childress, Carol Ann Luck Ave.. Mechanicsville. Va. 

Childress. Xancy Jo 125 Lake St.. Pulaski, Va. 

Chitwood, Billie Jane .. 1101 Wasena Ave.. SAW, Roanoke, Va. 

Choate, Mary Ellen Route 2, Pennington Gap. Va. 

Christopher, Eleanor Lee Church St.. Kilmarnock. Va. 

Clark, Ann Marie 14 Lexington Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Clark, Barbara Bundy 215 X. Grant Ave.. Manassas, Va. 

Clark. Sue Henry , New Canton, Va. 

Clarkson, Donna Jean Henson Ave., Pearishurg, Va. 

Clatterbuck, Patsy Ann Penn Laird. \ a. 

(.'lick, Catherine Jean Mount Jackson, Va. 

Cloud. Xancy Lee 5004 Kirby Rd., Falls Church, Va. 

Cocke, Frances Anne Box 106, Rockvillc, Va. 

Cohen, Marcia Gail 4324 X. 17th St.. Arlington, Va. 

Coleman, Artis Mae Xew Market, Va. 

Colvin, Martha Ann R.F.D. 1. Culpeper. Va. 

I J >mbs, Kathylene Box 207, Shenandoah. Va. 

Comer, Geneva June ... Park View, Box 43. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Comer. Mr. Kenneth Kay Rileyville. Va. 

Compton, Barbara Anne Route 1. Box 148, Pendleton, Va. 

Compton, Mary Elizabeth .... Route 1, Box 20, Chatham, Va. 

Connelly. Vivian Sue 3027 — 3rd St.. Dahlgren. Va. 

t onroy, Patricia Anne Warrenton. Va. 

Cook, Xancy Lee Route 4, Staunton. Va. 

Cooper. Alice Faye 39 Woodland St.. Portsmouth, Va. 

Cooper, Barbara Allyn Route 2. Leesburg. Va. 

Corley. Janet Lee Earhart Xorth Garden, Va. 

Covey, Margaret Joran Route 1, Dublin, Va. 

Cox. There>sa Anne Route 2. Box Wll, Princess Anne, Va. 

Crabill, Mr. Charles William 306 Franklin St., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Crantz. Mr. Bobby Lee 1420 S. Main St.. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Craun, Doris Elizabeth Middleburg, Va. 

'.raven. Janet Laurene .... 505 Oakridge Blvd., Lynchburg, Va. 

Cregar, Jo Ann Tower St.. Tazewell. Va. 

Crist. Barbara Ann Route 3, Madison Heights, Va. 

Critzer. Doris Ellen 1437 Mulberry St., Waynesboro, Va. 

Crockett, Carol Jean Sandon Drive. Asheville. X. C. 

Crockett, Frances Joan Route 4, Box 375. Roanoke, Va. 

Cromer, Martha Kathleen 414 Lee St.. Blacksburg. Va. 

Cromer. Xancy Elizabeth Route 1, Bridgewater, Va. 

Cropper. Gloria Dale Regent, Va. 

Crowder, Genis Bird 344 Blair Ave., Xewport Xews, Va. 

Crowder. Lucille Man- ... 3 West Linden St., Alexandria, Va. 

Cruise. X'orma Faye Clinchco, Va. 

Crute, Kay Spencer W.M.H.S., Fishersville. Va. 

Crute. Martha Virginia Fishersville, Va. 

Cullen. Mary Elizabeth Painter, Va. 

Cullers. Mrs. Madeline Esther Dispanet Mathias, W. Va. 

Culp. Ruth Evelyn Eastern Mennonite College, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Cundiff, Xell Booker Route 2. Chatham, Va. 

Cunningham. Mr. Robert Vincent Anlee Rd., R.D. Xo. 4, 

Somerville, X. J. 
Curtis, Marilyn Rose .... c o Dr. J. L. Curtis. Madison College. 

Harrisonburg. Va. 

Dake. Mr. Myrl Elton Box 190, Woodtsock, Va. 

Daniel, Annie Laurie Route 3. Lexington, Va. 

Daniels, Patricia . . 531 Magnolia Ave., Green Cove Springs, Fla. 

Darcey, Joan Virginia Route 1. Herndon. Va. 

David, Mr. Ronald B 719-5 36th St., Xewport Xews. Va. 

Davis. Betty Jane Quinton, Va. 

Davis, Elsie Ann 4611— 28th Rd., S„ Arlington, Va. 

Davis, Emily Joyce Clay St.. Franklin. Va. 

Davis, Lucy Hanson Max Meadows, Va. 

Davis, Margaret Ann 6022 — 29th St.. X.. Arlington, Va. 

Davis, Mary Jo 453 Wayne Ave.. Waynesboro, Va. 

Davis, Patricia Ann Fries, Va. 

Dawson, Dorothy Ray 3416 Wythe Ave.. Richmond. Va. 

Dearing, Shirley Jean Route 1, Elkton. Va. 

DeBaugh, Elizabeth Beverly Route 3, Martinsburg, W. Va. 

DeLauder, Yvonne Louise . . 21 Cot fman Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 

Dellinger, Mr. Stanley Odell Mount Jackson, Va. 

Depoy, Lucy Page Route 3, Box 109, Harrisonburg. Va. 

Devier. Mrs. Xancye Bowman 751 Virginia Ave.. 

Harrisonburg, Va. 
DeWitt, Betty Wray Route 5. Bedford, Va. 


Dickie, Barbara Ervine Roseland, Va. 

Dickinson, Nancy Kay Box 77, Fredericksburg, Va. 

Dif fee, Helen Louise 230 Florence Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 

Dillow, Beulah Virginia Box 53, Charles Town, W. Va. 

Dinwiddie, Frances Louise 4805 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Divers, Shirley Jean 204 Sunrise Ave., Villa Heights, 

Martinsville, Va. 

Dixon, Nancy Glass Chestnut Ave., Buena Vista, Va. 

Dixon, Rita Catherine Box 443, West Point, Va. 

Dodd, Genevieve Ncllysford, Va. 

Dodson, Frances Hunter Alton, Va. 

Dove, Ruth Mae Fort Seybert, W. Va. 

Dovel, Mr. Elmer Lee .. 464 W. Wolfe St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Dovel, Mr. Lynwood Lucius Route 2, Box 133, Elkton, Va. 

Dovel, Mr. Richard Edward 464 W. Wolfe St., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Driver, Blanche Catherine Timberville, Va. 

Driver, Mary Christena Route 1, Dayton, Va. 

Dudley, Linda Ann 6311 Poe Rd., Bethesda, Md. 

Duggan, Mary Fox 1601 Confederate Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Dulaney, Marjorie Anne Route 1, Box 16, Troutville, Va. 

Dybvad, Janet Marie 3558 S. Stafford St., Arlington, Va. 

Dygert, Janet Lee 2723 Richelieu Ave., Koanoke, Va. 

Dyson, Evelyn Hall Milford, Va. 

Eagle, Mrs. Mamie Engart 231 Campbell Street, 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Early, Mr. Dennis Norman Route 1, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Early, Mr. Warren I., Jr. . . Route 1, Box 268, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Earman, Mr. Charles Yancey Route 3. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Eason, Patricia Ann Carrsville, Va. 

East, Katherine Marie .... 2705 Meadow view Dr., Roanoke, Va. 

Eckard, Mr. Dennis E Sugar Grove, W. Va: 

Elliott, Ann Thompson Box 248, Bridgewater, Va. 

Ellis, Beulah May .... Alexander Rd.. Princeton Junction, N. J. 

Emswiler, Mr. Charles Edward 25 Weaver Ave., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Emswiler, Mary Elizabeth Route 1, McGaheysville, \'a. 

Emswiler, Virginia Mae Broadway, Va. 

Etheridge, Patsy Ann Box 113, U.S. Naval Mines Depot, 

Yorktown, Va. 

Eubank, Augusta Wavcrly Ave., Kilmarnock, \'a. 

Evans, Caroline Jane Chain Bri !ge Rd., McLean, Va 

Evans, Carolyn Sue 1428 S. Askin St., Martinsville, Va. 

Everbarl, Joan Corliss Elkton, Va. 

Eye, Ruth Isabell Roule 4, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Fairfield, Shirley Deanne 1715 "13" St., Portsmouth. Ya. 

Farley, Macie Ann Route 1, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Farmer, Peggy Ann Madison Heights, Ya. 

Faulder, Constance Louise 247 West Side Ave., 

Hagerstown, Md. 

Fauver, Vivian Berry 640 Ott St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Feeman, Susan Rose Callao. Ya. 

Fentress, Bettie Virginia Fentress, Ya. 

Fetter, Joan Marie Box 83, Blackshurg, Va. 

Fields, Alice Lourcne 202 Spencer St., Culpcper, Va. 

Finncgan, Mr. James Elwood 724 W. Del Air Ave., 

Aberdeen, Md. 

Fisher, Jane Marie Box 49. Route 1, Strasburg, Va. 

Fitzgerald, Nancy Lee 515 Linden Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 

Flanagan, Mary Ellen 109 Fort Street, Strasburg, Ya. 

Fletchall, Annette Rose 4831 Devenport St., N.W., 

Washington 16, I). C. 
Flinn, Beverly Ann .... 3025 N. L'nderwcod St., Arlington, Va. 

Flora, Norma Judith Boones Mill, Va. 

Flowers, Anna Ruth 2321 Nunnally Ave., Apt., 4, Richmond, Va. 

Flowers, Betty Jean Route 1, Box 727, Alexandria, Va. 

Flynn, Nora Boland 210 — 3rd Ave., Quantico, Ya. 

Fogg, Patricia Aitken . . . 823 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, Md. 

Fosnight, Sara Ann 103— 17th St., Front Royal, Va. 

Foster, Ellen Sue 1910 Warrington Rd., S.W., Roanoke, Va. 

Foster, Helen Mondell Mathews, Va. 

Foster, Jeanne Meredith .. 1211 Stanhope Ave., Richmond 27, Va. 

Foster, Sue Carol 215 E. Mason Ave., Alexandria, Va. 

Fowlkes, Carole Edna 7 Mars St., Petersburg, Va. 

Frank, Reisa Gayle 1315 Sudvale Rd., Pikesville, Md. 

Frazier, Lorainc June ... Route 1, Box 252, Prince George, Va. 

Freed, Barbara Elizabeth Route 1, Crimora, Va. 

Freed, Nancy Lee Route 1, Crimora, Va. 

Freeman, Barbara Awilda . . . 157 Shenandoah Rd.. Hampton, Va. 

Freeman, Julia Lee 743 Shirley Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Frisbie, Sue 636 S. 25th St., Arlington, Va. 

Fulcher, Joyce Lee ■ 5345 Julianna 1 )r., Norfolk, Va. 

Fuller, Patricia Gail Powhatan, Va. 

Furr, Nancy Lea LaCrosse, Va. 

Gaetani, loan Allyne Elizabeth Park, 5234 E. Earle Ave., 

Norfolk 2, Ya. 

Galloway, Mr. Jeremy Quinn Box 81, Dayton, Va. 

Garber, Mary Ellen 5102 Northampton St., Richmond, Va. 

Gard, Nancy Pendleton 5161 N. 3rd St., Arlington, Va. 

Gardner, Dorothy Helen Box 301, Hillsvillc, Va. 

Gardner, Nancy Lee Roule 1, Bunker Hill, W. Va. 

Garman, Jean Aker Route 1, Box 22 Hollins, Va. 

Garrett, Mr. William Henry Route 1, Broadway, Va. 

Garrison, Nancy Lois Box 294, Route 1, Shenandoah, Va. 

Garst, Suzanne Elizabeth .... 1917 Avon Rd., SAY, Roanoke, Va. 

Gilbert, Jane Ellen 6718 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Gilbert, Shirley Olivia Route 1, Box 136, Hickory, Va. 

Gildersleeve, Josephine . . 623 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Giles, Mary Lockie Route 1, Box 70, Dry Fork, Va. 

Giles, Nancy Mae Route 2, Box 39, Chatham, Va. 

Gillespie, Mary Lynn Lebanon, Va. 

Gilley, Barbara Ann Route 1, Box 80, Williamsburg, Va. 

Glass, Carolyn Ann .... 2154 Chestnut Ave., Buena Vista, Va. 
Glass. Dixie Deanna .... 2154 Chestnut Ave., Buena Vista, Va. 

Glass, Frances Marie 365 Magnolia Ave., Buena Vista, Va. 

Glass, Harriette Delle South Hill, Va. 

Glass, Sarah Lynn Box 232, Altavista, Va. 

Glass, Shelby Jean 365 Magnolia Ave., Buena Vista, Va. 

Glick, Mrs. Geraldine Zigler Broadway, Va. 

Glovier, Mary Kay 610 Sherwood Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 

Gochenour, Ruth Evelyn Route 2, Luray, Va. 

Gochenour, Mr. Larry Vinton Crimora, Va. 

Goewcy. Ruth Elsa 349 Summit Rd., Mountainside, N. J. 

Golladay, Barbara Lee 801 I louglas St., Clifton Forge, Va. 

Goodrich, Anne Phyllis Wakefield, Virginia 

Goodwin, Martha Ann 620 W. Main St., Salem, Va. 

Gordon, Jo Ann Paw Paw, W. Va. 

Gouldin, Eleanor White . . Tidewater Trail, Fredericksburg, Va. 

Gracey, Mary Ann Route 3, Blackstone, Va. 

Grant, Mary Jane Mount Jackson, Va. 

Gravely, Joy 4823 Coleman Rd., Richmond, Va, 

Gray, Emma Gene Ill X. 8th Ave., Portsmouth, Ya. 

Gray, Muriel Jean Box 25, Fieldale, Va. 

Grimes, Martha Eugenia 109 Virginia Ave., Chase City, Va. 

Grimes, Shirley Mae Max Meadows, Va. 

Grimm, Charlene Virginia 1438 Grcystone Terrace, 

Winchester, Va. 

Grove, Betty Jo Weyers Cave, Va. 

Grove, Donia Lee Route 3, Staunton, Va. 

Grove, Mr. Lester Ray Wick, W. Va. 

Groves, Dorothy Anita . 1415 Greystone Terrace, Winchester, Va. 

Guynn, Mr. Norman Ray 1616 — 16th St.. N.W., 

Washington 9, D. C. 

Guyton, Mary Jane 1608 Sherman Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 

Gwaltney, Joyce Anne 101 East 42nd St.. Richmond, Va. 


Haglund, Karin Isabel ... 4839 Rock Spring Rd., Arlington, Va. 

Hale, Rebecca Carolyn 401 Hill St., Narrows, Va. 

Hall, Hilda Jane 4(X> Magnolia Ave., Buena Vista. Va. 

Hall, Luis Lee Box 144, Laurel, Ya. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Barbara Jean Broadway, Va. 

Hamilton, Jean Garnctt Lynch Station, Va. 

Hamilton, Norma Elizabeth Deer Run, W. Va. 

Hamlet, Betty JoAnn 52 Chinguapin Dr., Alexandria, Va. 

Hamlctl, Mary Ann R.F.I). 2, Box 140, 

Charlotte Court House, Va. 
Hamrick, Jane Mol'l'eit ... 755 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hanna, Mrs. Frances P Mount Solon, Ya. 

Hansberger, Shirley Jean Mount Jackson, Va. 

Hanson, Mrs. Ethel Kelly . 759 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. 
Hanson, Shirley Phyllis ... Route 5, Box 413, Lynchburg, Va. 
Harding, Eunice Jacquelyn . 5916 Brookfield Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Harding. Katherine Jordan Wicomico Church, Va. 

Harner, Helen Marie K.F.I). 2, Elkton, Va 

Harper, Madaline Ella 7 Acres, New Kent. \ a, 

Harrell, Patricia Ann .. 202 Pickett Ave., Colonial Heights. Va. 

Harrelson, Betty Louise Apt. 11B S. 8th St., Hopewell, Va. 

Harris, Ann Constance • Route 3, Fishersvillc, Va. 

Harris, Audrey Jean 729 Selma Blvd., Staunton, Va. 

Harris, Janice Lee 907 East Nine Mile Rd., 

Highland Springs. Va. 

Harris, Myrna Carole 605 River Dr., Front Royal. Va. 

Harris, Shirley Wray Stuarts Draft, Ya. 

Harrison, Shirlee Arlene Sunset Hills, Ya. 

Hartman, Elizabeth Ann Route 7, Box 415, Roanoke, Ya. 

Hartman, Phyllis Viola Mathias, W. Ya. 

Hartman, Rosalie Grace Star Route, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hartsel, Margaret Houston Route 3, Box 33b, Roanoke, Ya. 

Harvey, Kathryn Joan 525 N. Main St., Bridgewater, Ya. 

Hatcher, Freda Reid 623 Addams St., Covington, Va. 

Hauser, Mary Jane 1724 N. Wakefield St.. Arlington, Va. 

Hawkins. Barbara Ann R.F.D. 1, Culpeper, Va. 

Hayman, Helen Jane 320— 23rd St., Virginia Beach, Ya. 

Hazel, Margaret Elizabeth . . . 4413 S. 8th St., Arlington 4. Va. 

Heagy, Constance Margaret 1739 New Eastern Ave., 

Baltimore 21, Md. 

Hearl, Marie Ann 145 Spring St., Woodstock, Va. 

Hearn, Eva Lisa 700 Timber Branch Dr., Alexandria, Va. 

Hefner, Janet Belle 267 Cantrell Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Heishman, Reba Allen 122 W. King St., Strasburg, Va. 

Henderson, Ann Olivia Box 192 Vernon Hill, Va. 

Henderson, Betty Saunders Tye River, Va. 

Henderson, Joyce Ann M. B. Star Route, Staunton, Va. 

Hensley, Janice Marie Elkton, Va. 

Henson, Edith May Route 2, Strasburg, Ya. 

Herrin, Joyce Lee Route 9, Box 165, Roanoke, Va. 

Hess, Doris Marie Star Route, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hewins, Martha Bell 1618 Cheyenne Blvd., 

Colorado Springs. Colorado 

Hicks. Mrs. Barbara P. O. Box 415, Elkton, Va. 

Higgins, Nancy Lee 808 W. Nine Mile Rd., 

Highland Springs, Va. 

Hill, Elizabeth Fulk Kearneysville, W. Va. 

Hill, Violet Ann Route 1, Box 24, Fries, Va. 

Hilton, Mrs. Sophie D 336 S. Main St., Woodstock Va. 

Hiner, Betty Anne McDowell, Va. 

Hoagland, Wilma Francis 3405 Martha Custis Dr., 

Alexandria, Va. 

Hoak, Mr. Franklin Cof fman Route 4, Luray, Va. 

Hockman, Gwendolyn Fox 701 E. Marshall St., 

Falls Church, Va. 
Hodges, Marion Romanine . 10114 Pierce Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 

Hogan, Lois Ann 404 Lakewood St., Lynchburg, Va. 

Hogge, Leola Jean Box 353, Gloucester, Va. 

Holland, Barbara Lee Holland, Va. 

Holland, Constance Lee ... 101 Charlotte Dr., Portsmouth, Va. 
Holland, Em Sutton 803 Pace St., Franklin, Ya. 

Hollar, Joy Box 125, Hcrndon, Va. 

Hollister, Jane 606 Popuar Dr., Falls Church, Ya. 

Hollomon, Mary Anna . . . 251 Cantrell Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hollowed, Anna Marie Route 2, Box 718, Suffolk, Va. 

Holmes, Mrs. Louise Moore 2437 Livingston Rd., 

Roanoke, Va. 

Hoist, Joan Lee Mercer Rd., Princeton, N. J. 

Holt, June Juanita Box 365 Appomattox, Va. 

Hooper, Myrna Loy 8325 Holprin Dr., Norfolk 3, Va. 

Hoover, Betty Jane Brandywine, W. Va. 

Hoover, Frances Elizabeth Strasburg, Va. 

Hosaflook, Betty Jean Mount Solon, Va. 

Hostetter, Mr. John Jacob Route 2, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Howard Alberta Jean 773 Maple Ave., Waynesboro, Ya. 

Howard, Catherine Joyce . . 2312 Center Ave., Charlottesville, Va. 

Howard, Ethel Louise Ashland, Va. 

Howell, LaNita Iris Meadows of Dan, Va. 

Hoy, Mr. James Edward, Jr Route 1, Box 302, 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Huddle, Julia Sydney 250 — 1th Ave., Wythevillc, Va. 

Huffer, Shirley Mae Route 1, Churchville, Va. 

Huffman, Carolyn Anne .. 268 Newman Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. 
Huffman, Mary Sue .... 463 W. Market St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hughes, Joann Elizabeth London Bridge, Va. 

Hughes, Mary Ellis 207 Duncan St., Apt. 2, Ashland, Va. 

Humphreys, Ada Claire 171 South Court St., Luray, Va. 

Humphries, Carol Taylor 718 — 11th St., Waynesboro, Va. 

Humphries, Shirley Ann Route 2, Box 505, Norfolk, Va. 

Hundley, Nancy Stuart Boydton, Va 

Hunt, Bette Joan Glasgow, Va. 

Hunter, Beverley Diane Glenmoor, East Liverpool, Ohio 

Hyde, Nancy Carol 421 N. Payne St., Alexandria, Va. 

Hylton, Harriet Kay 1205 Hampton Ridge, Bedford, Va. 

Iglehart, Mr. Martin Stuart Box 103, Woodstock, Va. 

Isom, Emily Anne Box 163, Route 1, Clarksville, Va. 

Jackson, Ann Marie Emmerton, Va. 

Jagiello, Anna Theresa 3 Euclid Ave., Winchester, Va. 

James, Mariann Virginia Box 92, Rural Retreat, Va. 

Janney, Diana Corinne 226 — 2nd St., Lewes, Del. 

Jarrelle, Jean 648 Alleghany Ave., Staunton, Va. 

Jef feries, Mr. Jesse Kenneth 503 E. Market St., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Jefferson, Ina Elizabeth Pen Hook, Va. 

Jenkins, Kathryn Virginia 783 N. Liberty St., Harrisonburg, Va. 
Jennings, Fern Elizabeth . . . 914 Highland St., Martinsville, Va. 

Jennings, Patsy Jean 137 Thirteenth St., Pulaski, Va. 

Jeter, Carrie Lou 442 Wood Ave., Big Stone Gap, Va. 

Jeter, Loretta Leigh Box 53, Vinton, Va. 

Johnson, Barbara Zell Westview St., Narrows, Va. 

Johnson, Mr. Charles D Bridgewater, Va. 

Johnson, Helen Byrd 406 N. Center St., Ashland, Va. 

Johnson, Judith Ann Cresaptown, Md. 

Johnson, Mary Elizabeth 617 Pembroke Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Johnson, Peggy Lou ... 533 Highland Ave., S.W., Roanoke, Va. 

Jollett, Jean Ann R.F.D. 2, Standardsville, Va. 

Jones, Alice Louise 41 Minchville Rd., Oyster Point, Va. 

Jones, Helen Jean 504— 19th St., Virginia Beach! Va. 

Jones, Lola Louise 227 Cherry Ave., Hampton, Va. 

Jones, Patsy Ann Blairs, Va. 

Jones, Thelma Maude 227 Cherry Ave., Hampton', Va. 

Jordan, Jean Edna R.F.D. 1, Box 42-A, Smithfield', Va. 

Jordan, Mr. William Russell ... 125 College Park, Staunton! Va. 

Judy, Billie Louise 5 Cooper St., Buckhannon, W. Va. 

Justice, J«anne Marie 1499 Myrtle Ave., Danville, Va. 


Rafer, loan Margaret 111—15 209 Place, 

Queens Village 29, N. Y, 

Kagey, Edna Rebecca 1060 S. High St., Harrisonburg, Va, 

Kaplan, Ruth Lee 60 Lovett Ave., Little Silver, N. J. 

Katsorelos, Cynia Ann 147 Warsaw Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Kaylor, Verna Waltine Box 31, Grottoes, Va. 

Keefer, A. E. Joan Keymar, Md. 

Keiser, Peggy Shannon Abilene, Va. 

Keith, Phyllis Ann Depot St., Cambria, Va. 

Keller, Ouida Lou 623 National Ave., Winchester, Va. 

Keller, Shirley Kay 420 W. High St., Woodstock, Va. 

Kelley, Harriette Mae Atlantic, Va. 

Kelley, Kate Elizabeth 413 Norwood Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Keys, Sarah Anne Route 1, Box 11, Bristow, Va. 

Kientz, Meade Feild Ivey St., Jarratt, Va. 

Kimble, Glendora Lurene Maysville, W. Va. 

King, Doris Marie Route 1, Copper Hill, Va. 

King, Mr. Ralph Jefferson Ararat, Va. 

Kinney, Ada Rosemary 205 Highland Rd., Route 9, 

Roanoke, Va. 
Kinzie, Mrs. Elizabeth Ritchie . . . 154 Bellview St., Staunton, Va. 

Kipps, Kathryn Lee Box 174, Saluda, Va. 

Kiracofe, Ella Sue 403 Glenn Ave., Staunton, Va. 

Kiracofe, Mrs. Myrtle Miller Verona, Va. 

Kirkpatrick, Betty Ruth Rockbridge Baths, Va. 

Kirtley, Geraldine Day 289 W. Water St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Kiser, Jo Ann 290 Green St., Harrisonburg, \"a. 

Kiser, Nancy Rowan Route 3, Staunton, Va. 

Kline, Mary Davis Route 2, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Klingelhoefer, Jane Ellen 2800 Princess Anne St., Hopewell, Va. 
Knapp, Mrs. Florence Louise 625 Allegheny Ave., Staunton, Va. 

Kock, Marietta June P. O. Box 86, Selma, \'a. 

Koch, Mr. William Franklin 141 Maryland Ave., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 
Kohl, Barbara Ann .... Quarters 602-A, Marine Corps Schools, 

Quantico, Va. 
Koontz, Mr. James Jennings 925 N. Jefferson St., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 
Koontz, Mr. Samuel Brock 233 Monument Ave., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 
Kostul, Athena . . 105 Seneca Dr., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh 28, Pa. 

Kruse, E. Patricia West Point, Va. 

Kruse, Louise Maxine 465 Oak Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 

Lahaie, Mr. Ralph Vernon .. 85 Campbell St. Harrisonburg, Va. 
Laing, Eleanor Jeanette .. 803 Boiling Ave., Charlottesville, Va. 

Lambert, Louise Lorrain Timberville, Va. 

Lance, Sally Marie 60 Broad St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Landes, Kathleen Elizabeth Mount Solon, Va. 

Landes, Maralee Elaine Weyes Cave, Va. 

Landis, Olivia Franklin . . 480 E. Market St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Langcl, Virginia Margaret 1534 Rivermont Ave., 

Lynchburg, Va. 

Lantz, Carolyn Fay Linville Ave., Broadway, Va. 

Lantz, Karen Ann Hendricks, W. Va. 

LaPrade, Nancy Lucille 2004 Denniston Ave., Roanoke, Va. 

Larson, Angeline Gladd .... 80 N. High St., Harrisonburg, Va. 
Lawrence, Cornelia Arvin .... Forrest Ave.. Buena Vista, Va. 

Layman, Totsie Ellen 13 Warren St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Leake, Mary Jane 329 Seven Pines Ave., Sandston, Va. 

Leffcl, Mr. George Dewey, Jr 64 Brooke Ave., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Legard, Mary Carolyn 304 Park St., Marion, Va. 

LeGrand, Ruth Ellen 705 Maupin Place, Box 1415, 

Williamsburg, Va. 
Lehman, Eleanor Irene . . 5615 Maryland Ave., Falls Church, Va. 
Leisch, Mr. Donald Gordon . . 3024 North 4th St., Arlington, Va. 

Leistra, Rose Mary 103 Taylor St., Staunton, Va. 

Lemon, Patsy Lee Altamont, Route 6, Covington, Va. 

Lewis, Gladys Odell 1 Parkway Dr., P. O. Box 1082, 

Williamsburg, Va. 

Lewis, Isabelle Sheetz, Box 124, Elkton, Va. 

Lewis, Patricia Ross 4119 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Lewis, Sylvia Dee 112 Nelson St., Kernersville, N. C. 

Lewis, Victoria Ann Route 2, Box 421, Roanoke, Va. 

Lewis, Virginia Lee 5023 Caledonia Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Light, Vivian Virginia Waterford, Va. 

Lilly, Mrs. Margaret Kemper Port Republic, Va. 

Lilly, Nancy Lee Route 2, Elkton, Va. 

Lineburg, Marjorie Ethel New Market, Va. 

Liptow, Mary Catherine .... 412 Griffin Ave., Williamsburg, Va. 

Litton, Nancy Ellen Round Hill, Va. 

Livesay, Martha Elizabeth R.F.D. 1, Waverly, Va. 

Lohr, Eloise Rebecca 5320 Second St., N. W., 

Washington 11, D. C. 

Lohr, Mary Ann Route 1, Box 188, Orange, Va. 

Long, Helen Elizabeth 242 N. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Long, Peggy Ann 261 Parkway, Winchester, Va. 

Long, Mr. Willard Dale . . 349 Chicago Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Longanecker, Janet Page 148 E. Rosemary Lane, 

Falls Church, Va. 

Love, Patsy Joyce Sydnorsville, Va. 

Loving, Betty Jo Tappahannock, Va. 

Lowery, Man- Ellen 704 Jefferson Ave., Falls Church, Va. 

Luck, Muriel Carolyn Mineral, Va. 

Lukin, Frances Harwood Route 5, Lexington, Va. 

Lumpkin, Patricia Lee Weems, Va. 

Lund, Barbara Ann 116 A — tth St., Front Royal, Va. 

Lunsford, Anita Louise 1740 Stuart Ave., Petersburg, Va. 

Lutz, Ashley Adeline Edinburg, Va. 

Lutz, Carolyn Mount Jackson, Va. 

Lutz, Virginia Carroll Mount Jackson, Va. 

Lynch, Betty Ann 4502 Brook Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Lynn, Nancy Carpenter Weyers Cave, Va. 

Lytton, Mrs. Agnes Vernelle Stinnelte . .. Route 1, Amherst, Va. 

McAllister, Sarah Billopp 504 Bridge St., Covington, Va. 

McAlpin, Ruth Hope Route 1, Glasgow, Va. 

McCary, Joan Mary Route 1, Box 16E, Brethren, Mich. 

McClain, Mary Jessica McLean, Va. 

McClanahan, Betty Jean Maurertown, Va. 

McClung, Natalie June • Inwood, W. Va. 

McConnell, Mr. Edgar Preston 131 Warsaw Ave., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 
McCormtck, Carol Lynn . . . 818 S. Highbnd St., Arlington, Va. 

McCormick, Mrs. Gwendolyn Clark 4009 N. Glebe Rd., 

Arlington, Va. 

McCutcheon, Martha Ellen Green Bank, W. Va. 

McDorman, Mr. Lewis Elburn Route 3, Harrisonburg, Va. 

McGavock, Sally Ann Max Meadows, Va. 

McGee, Linda Ann 10:i N. K. St., Georgetown, Del. 

Mclnturff, Mr. Robert Carlyle, Jr McGabeysville, Va. 

Mclnturf f, Mrs. Shirley Barb Broadway, Va. 

McKaye, Charliss Helen 1405 Norwood St., Radford, Va. 

McKessor, Kathleen . . 2228 N. Buchanan St., Arlington 7, Va. 

McMichens, Mr. John Laval Route 1, Grottoes, Va. 

McNeer, Jo Ann 3521 Courlland Ave., N. W., Roanoke, Va. 

Mackey, Avis Elaine 1085 Third St., Perry Point. Md. 

Madagan, Betty Katherine 709 North Braddock St., 

Winchester, Va. 

Mahan, Frances Rosene Route 3, Chatham, Va. 

Mahan, Iris Arlethia Route 3, Chatham, Va. 

Mahone, Lena Parks Spottswood, Va. 

Maier, Marcia Ann 712— 14th St., Waynesboro, Va. 

Manhardt, Mary Kathryn ... 5110— 25th Rd., N., Arlington, Va. 
Manly, Grace Wishart . 5045 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. 
Manning, Adah Robreta . 1322 North Mallory St., Phoebus, Va. 


Marcus, Mary Anne 43 2Wesl Cecil St., Winchester, Va. 

Markussen, Anna Marie Hot Springs, Va. 

Marlowe, Emeline Hobart ... P. 0. Box 204, Front Royal. Va. 

Marshall, Maude Hampton Alilie, Va. 

Martin, Bertie Sue 3622 Mount Vernon Dr., S.W., 

Roanoke, Va. 

Martin, Charlotte Ann 201 I luke Dr., Portsmouth, Va. 

Martinez, Mrs. Laetitia Snapp Route 1, Port Republic, Va. 

Mason, Ann Arden 540 Battle Ave., Winchester, Va. 

Mason, Mr. Francis St. Clair 220 Ohio Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Mason, Mary Ellen 434 Florida Ave., Portsmouth, Va. 

Massie, Mrs. Bethel Bradley ... Route 1. Box 127, Amherst, Va. 
Malheny, Delores Loving .... 1409 Ohio St., Waynesboro, Va. 
Matheny, LaVonne Mae . . 44 X. \\ illow St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Matulaitis, Joanne Gay 4437 North 10th St., Arlington, Va. 

Maust, Mrs. James Earl Pigeon, Mich. 

Maust, Marianne 8509 Rolando Dr. Richmond, Va. 

Mavity, Mrs. Patricia Menefee McGaheysville, Va. 

Mayherry, Lucy Anne Box 386, Front Royal, Va. 

Mayhew, Sharon Kelly .. 3354 Kenilworth Dr., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Mayo, Barbara Ann Fairfield, Va. 

Mays, Barbara Blanche Sandidges, Va. 

Mays, Jean Ammonette Sandidges, Va. 

Meadows, Louise Virginia Route 1, Box 88, Elkton, Va. 

Melton, Mr. Edward Blair, Jr Port Republic, Va. 

Mentzer, Shirley Louise Lovettsville, Va. 

Messersmith, Elizabeth Irene P.O. Box 85, Grottoes, Va. 

Meyerhoeffer, Phyllis Anne 1916 Belleville Rd., S.W. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Michael, Mr. Edward Austin 1 Pine St.. Wyoming, Del. 

Michael, Mr. Josephus Albert Keezletown, Va. 

Michael, Shirley Ann Keezeltown, Va. 

Miller, Barbara Joan 416 West High St., Woodstock, Va. 

Miller, Mr. Bobby Eugene Harrisonburg, Va. 

Miller, Eleanor Gene Box 54, Bridgewater. Va. 

Miller, Janice Kathryn 500 W. Bank St., Bridgewater, Va. 

Miller, Mr. Kevin Guy 407 W. Court St., Woodstock, Va. 

Miller, Martha Isabell 603 Virginia Ave.. Ext.. Pittsburgh 15, Pa. 

Miller, Mr. Norman Lee Penn Laird, Va. 

Mills, Doris Louise 501 College Ave., Ashland, Va. 

Minnick, Mrs. Fern Virginia New Market, Va. 

Minnick, Mary Anne Mount Jackson. Va. 

Minor, Mary Carolyn 1004 N. Daniel St., Arlington, Va. 

Missimer. Mary Sue 2117 Deyerle Rd., Windsor Hills, 

Roanoke, Va. 

Mistr, Elaine Virginia Route 14, Box 16, Richmond, Va. 

Mitchell, Barbara Jean 3517 Bunker Hill Dr., S.W., 

Roanoke, Va. 

Modisett, Alice Carol Luray, Va. 

Moffett, Florence Greenwood Route 2, Fishersville, Va. 

Moffett, Phyllis Moore Route 2, Staunton, Va. 

Moncure, Scott Stafford, Va. 

Monger, Betty Jean F04 Elizabeth Ave., Salem, Va. 

Montgomery, Janette Gray . . . 350 Prospect St., Covington, Va. 

Moore, Annette Estelle Box 16, Poquoson, Va. 

Moore, Barbara Ann Bumpass, Va. 

Moore, Madeleine Pamela Box 297, New Market, Va. 

Morgan, Betty Lou Goodview, Va. 

Morgan, Elaine 4604 Drummond Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. 

Morgan, Martha Ann 327 School St., Lynchburg, Va. 

Moroni, Pauline Natalie . . . 3406 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Morris, Barbara Ann R.F.D. 1, Box 158, Elkton, Va. 

Morris, Mr. Berryman Richard Jr Port Republic, Va. 

Morris, Mr. Clifton Carl .... 501 Denver Ave., Shenandoah, Va. 

Morris, Geneva Rose Route 2, Port Republic, Va. 

Morris, Margaret Elizabeth Route 2, Strasburg, Va. 

Morrison, Julia Elizabeth 505 N. Seventh St., 

Steubenville, Ohio 
Moss, Julia Mae , R oute 1, Norlina, N. C. 

Moulder, Phyllis Ford ... 3 Springcrest Ave., Winchester, Va. 
Mowles, Jaunita May ... 129 Oak Ave., Highland Springs, Va. 
Mowles, Shirley Anne .. 129 N. Oak Ave., Highland Springs, Va, 

Mullen, Loretta Marie Prince William Forest Park, 

Triangle, Va. 

Munday, Sarah Elaine 121 Florence Lane, Alexandria, Va. 

Mtmsl'ord, Joyce Elaine 2306 Franklin Ave., 

Colonial Heights, Va. 

Murphey- Barbara Mayo Box 198, R.D. 4, Library, Pa. 

Musselwhitc, Mrs. Virginia Lee Box 38, Grottoes, Va. 

Muterspaugh, Mr. Donald Eugene 671 N. Liberty St., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Muterspaugh, Mr. Mark .' 610 Collicello St., 

J|[[ Harrisonburg, Va. 

Myers, Anna Elizabeth Weyers Cave, Va. 

Myers, Betty Gene .... South Main St., Ext., Woodstock, Va. 

Myers, Carole Jean P.O. Box 381, Manassas, Va. 

Myers, Charlenc Joy Park Way, East Liverpool, Ohio 

Myers, Jenilee Weyers Cave, Va. 

Myers, Lois Nelson Laneslea, Watcrford, Va. 

Myers, Mary Lynne Box 85, Mount Sidney, Va. 

Nance, Rosella Faye 105 Ashby St., Fredericksburg, Va. 

Neal, Betty Mae Route 9, Box 148, Roanoke, Va. 

Neal, Kathleen Cornelia 400 South Main St., Suffolk, Va. 

Neff, Janet Audrey 1044 Moore St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Nelson, Betty Louise Franklin, W. Va. 

Nelson, Mary Sue 1353— 22nd St., Newport News, Va. 

Nelson, Merle Samantha Finleyson, Ga. 

Newman, Betty Lee 1024 King St., Alexandria, Va. 

Newman, Shirley Rae 13 Oakenwold St., Staunton, Va. 

Newton, Sarah Wilson Box 25, Cumberland, Va. 

Nichols, Joan 4633— 4th St., S., Arlington, Va. 

Norcross, Eleanor Elaine 104 — West 12th St., 

9§~P Front Royal, Va. 

Nuckols, Margaret Ann Box 94, Rockville, Va. 

O'Flinn, Rita Pearl 2309 S. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va. 

Oliver, Jacqueline Lee 332 S. High St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

O'Neil, Audrey Marie P.O. Box 192, Sandston, Va. 

O'Neill, Mr. John Thomas Elkton, Va. 

O'Neill, Minnie Jane R.F.D. 2, Luray, Va. 

Ordel. Jessie Ann 122 W. Nelson St., Lexington, Va. 

Orndorff, Mrs. Bernice W Toms Brook, Va. 

Orrell, Glenna Dean Blairs, Va. 

Osborne, Barbara Lucille Norfolk, Neb. 

Osbourne, Joey Ann Route 1, Box 273, Sandston, Va. 

Overby, Barbara Wills Capron, Va. 

Owen, Bertha Jane 1401 Hodges St., South Boston, Va, 

Padgett, Mr. Eldon Calvin 264 Cantrell Ave.. 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Padgett, Harriet Allyne ,. Route 1, Bedford, Va. 

Padgett, Mr. Roger Early 264 Cantrell Ave., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Painter, Jane Whitfield Box 234, Pearisburg, Va. 

Painter, Janet Lee Luray, Va. 

Painter, Sylvia Virginia R.F.D. 1, Elkton, Va. 

Palmer, Annie C Middlebrook Star Route, Staunton, Va. 

Palmer, Mrs. Claudyne Rosen Middlebrook Star Route, 

; I Staunton, Va. 

Palombo, Marie Cecilia 219— 29th St., Newport News, Va. 

Pankey, Marie Byers 457 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Parker, Betty Lou Route 2, Box 538, Suffolk, Va. 

Parrish, Jean Laverne 2426 Boulevard, Colonial Heights, Va. 

Patte rson, Elizabeth Anne 5214— 25th Rd., North, 

!*''*' Arlington, Va. 

Patterson, Sandra Shelton Route 1, Staunton, Va. 

Pattie, Pamela Constance . . 544 Walnut Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 


Payne, Lynn Pincknev Apt. C-3, 448 Hoodridge Dr., 

Pittsburgh 34, Pa. 

Payne, Sylvia Mae 123 East Indian River Rd., 

Norfolk 6, Va. 

Pearce, Beverley Ann 511 South Jefferson St., Pulaski, Va. 

Pearn, Barbara Ann 325 Mapleton Ave., Roanoke, Va. 

Pearson, Lurie Brianne . . 225 Richmond Rd., Williamsburg, Va. 
Pearson, Regina Minnie . . 937 Hollingsworth Rd., Lakeland, Fla. 

Pease, Joan vonHof sten R.F.D. 7, Box 488, Richmond, Va. 

Peters, Eva Sue 301 Greenwood Dr., Portsmouth, Ya. 

Peterson June Ann Pungo, \ a. 

Phalen, Peggy Ann 238 W. Market St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Phelas. Elaine .... 5335 Sherrier Place, N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Phillips, Mary Bess 185 South Bath Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 

Phillips, Nancy Walton 41 Malvern Manor, Richmond, Ya. 

Phlegar, Mary Catherine Staffordsville, Va. 

Pillar, Margaret Ruth Sperryville, Va. 

Piatt, Jean Ann Box 15, Fayettesville, W. Ya. 

Pleasants, Beverly Anne 2903 Noble Ave., Richmond, Ya. 

Pleasants, Sally Irene . . . 1837 Oxford Ave., S.W., Roanoke, Ya. 

Plentcvich, Elrose White Marsh, Ya. 

Plentovich, Sue White Marsh, Va. 

Poe, Jacqueline 190 Maple Terrace, Welch, W. Ya. 

Poindexter, Harriett Bell Phenix, Ya. 

Pollard, Barbara Noel ... 5009 E. Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Pomerov, Alice Lacy 1613 Harvard St., N.W., 

Washington 9, D. C. 
Pomerov, Bettie Merrill 1613 Harvard St., N.W., 

Washington 9, D. C. 

Pope, Cecelia Eloise 114 Dogwood Dr., Warwick, Ya. 

Porter, Martha Ann 509 S. High St., Franklin, Ya. 

Poston, Helen Jacqueline . . Hundred Rd„ Box 253, Chester, Ya. 

Potts, Louise Morrow 17 Huntington Blvd., Roanoke, Ya. 

Powell, Janie Ola Standardsville. Va. 

Towell, Nancy Ellen 2430 Livingston St., Roanoke, Ya. 

Powers, Betty Cavanaugh 5916 Monument Ave., 

Richmond, Ya. 

Preice, Odeen Ardyth 2517 Pleasant Ave., Norfolk 3, Ya. 

Price, Toyce Jean 2001 — 2nd St.. Radford, Ya. 

Proctor, Norma Teaford Millboro, Va. 

Pugh, Audrey Ann 7511 Glebe Rd., Richmond, Ya. 

Pugh, Bettie Ann Route 3, Charlottesville, Va. 

Pyle. L'nita Kay Rockwood, Pa. 

Quaintance, Margaret Ellen Box 252, Culpeper, Va. 

Quarles, Tresa Florence 1st St.. North, Box 504, 

Buchanan, Va. 

Ralph, Jeannette Barbara Box 83. Middleburg. Ya. 

Ramsey. Mary Lynne 108 Weslover Blvd., Lynchburg, Va. 

Ramsey, Xancy Hope 2622 Marlboro Ave., Norfolk, Ya. 

Randall, Patricia Albaugh 3183 S. Stafford St.. 

Arlington, Ya. 

Register, Shirley Virginia P. O. Box 453, Oceana, Va. 

Reid, Carolyn Virginia 1402 Edley Place, Lynchburg, Ya. 

Remlev, Anne Louise 4404 Oxford St., Garrett Park, Md. 

Reubush, Mr. Harry Lee Penn Laird, Ya. 

Revercomb. Beatrice Arbelia Route 2. Bridgewater, Va. 

Reynolds, Rachel Johnston Box 223, Middletown, Del. 

Rhea, Joyce Lee 122 North Lewis St., Staunton. Va. 

Richardson, Tommie Sue .. 1011 North August St., Staunton, Ya. 

Riggleman, F. Joe Petersburg, W. Ya. 

Riley, Frances Preston Swoope, Ya. 

Rinker, Grace Gail 2420 Taylor Ave.. Alexandria, Ya. 

Rinker, Joyce Lorene . 2475 N. Chestnut Ave., Buena Vista, Ya. 

Risser, Martha M Star Route, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Ritch, Barbara Ann 45 Yalleywood Rd., Cos Cob, Conn. 

Ritchie, Elinor Albert Ewing, Va. 

Ritchie, Rita Albert Ewing, Va. 

Ritenour, Shirley Louise 232 Lee St., Front Royal, Va. 

Roberts, Vera Elizabeth . . 3614 Patterson Ave., Baltimore 7, Md. 

Robertson, Charlotte Lee 5111 Sylvan Rd, Richmond, Va. 

Robinson, Dora Mae Route 1, Lexington, Va. 

Robinson, Nina Virginia 4211 Brook Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Roche, Mr. W. Elwood 224 Ohio Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Rodgers, Gladys Maureen Route 5, Box 335, Vienna, Ya. 

Rogers, Nancy Roberta .... 41 Seaford Ave., Baltimore 21, Md. 

Rogers, Patricia Edwards Yancey Mills, Va. 

Rolston, Frances Campbell New Hope, Ya. 

Root, Joyce Beatrice Mount Sidney, Va. 

Rowan, Mary Jacqueline R.F.I). 1, Culpeper, Va. 

Rowland, Barbara Cole Berryville, Va. 

Rowland, Rachel Frances 138 North Ave., Danville, Va. 

Rover. Blanche Joanne Chestnut Ave., Buena Vista, Va. 

Royster, Rosella 433 Day Ave., S.W., Roanoke, Va. 

Rubush. Mary Katherine Mount Sidney, Va. 

Ruffner, Kay Maxine Riverton, Va. 

Rusmisel, Beulah Mae 495 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Rusmisel, V. Arvetta .... 495 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Russell, Carol Lyn Exmore, Va. 

Rust, Esther Ann Beaumont Farms, Haymarket, Va. 

Rutherford. Ann Boyd 113 Church St., Clifton Forge, Va. 

Sacra, Margaret Anne Linden Farm, Rapidan, Va. 

Salt, Mr. Donald Turner .. 744 Madison St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Samford, Katharine Ann Alberta, Va. 

Sampson, Dolores Jean McGaheysville, Va. 

Sandridge, Mr. Shirley Wilson R.F.D. 2, Elkton, Va. 

Sandy. Jean Ellen 235 Myrtle St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Sandy, Joan Elaine .... 333 S. Liberty St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 
Saum, Mr. Robert Winston 157 E. Elizabeth St., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 
Saunders, Mary Elizabeth .... 204 Wilson St., Martinsville, Ya. 

Sawyer, Phyllis Rae 704 Woolsey St., Norfolk, Va. 

Sawyer. Shirley Jean .... 125 Buxton Ave., Newport News, Va. 

Schools, Bettie Lou Emmerton, Va. 

Schottroffe, Frances Elaine 4508 Kirby Rd., 

Falls Church, Va. 

Schreiber, Joanne Marie Route 2, Max Meadows, Va. 

Schultz, Patricia Anne Box 821, Waynesboro, Ya. 

Schulz, Mr. Paul Arnold Brandywine, W. Va. 

Scott, Anna Leola 4221 North 15th St., Arlington 7, Va. 

Scrogham. Janice Elaine Crimora. Ya. 

Sellers, Mrs. Nan Holes Route 1, Broadway, Va. 

Sellner, Helene Lois 2321— 11th St., N„ Apt. 204, 

Arlington 1, Va. 

Sensabaugh, Roberta Frances Route 1, Lexington, Va. 

Severance, Margaret Anne Box 485, Yorktown, Va. 

Shafer, Barbara Anne 332 Oliver Rd., Roanoke, Va. 

Shafer, Irene Priscilla .... 3322 Oliver Rd., N.E., Roanoke, Va. 

Shaffer, Jenny Lynn Bayard, W. Va. 

Shank, Faith Althea Park View, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Shank, Gladys Lorene Route 4, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Shaver, Mary Florence Fort Seybert, W. Va. 

Sheaf fer, Helen Marie Broadway, Va. 

Sheetz, Mrs. Ruth Dellinger . . 202 E. Spring St., Woodstock, Va. 

Sherry, Betty June 125 High St., Luray, Va. 

Shickel, Gershon Dare Dayton, Va. 

Shiflet, Frances Leth 811 S. Main St., Harrisoburg, Va. 

Shiflet, JoAnn Wine Star Route, Hinton, Ya. 

Shiflet, Mr. William Scott .. 811 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Shiflett, Dorothy May Route 3, Staunton, Va. 

Short, Elizabeth Paige Route 1, Stanley, Va. 

Shorter, Peggy Ann R.F.D. 1, Box 117, Buchanan, Va. 

Showalter, Mr. Ray Hollis R.F.D. 4, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Showalter, Mr. Walter Raymond, Jr Hinton, Va. 

Shufflebarger, Carol Sue 527 Randolph Ave., Pulaski, Va. 

Shuler, Nancy Ann Stanley, Va. 


Shultz, Edith Elliabeth Haymarket, Va. 

Simmill, Joan Gertrude 219— 2nd Ave., Belmar, N. J. 

Simmons, Alda Lorraine . . 286 E. Market St., Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Simmons, June Eleanor 219 Danville Ave.. 

Colonial Heights, Ya. 

Simmons, Starling Ann Herndun, Va. 

Simpson, Betty Lou Healing Springs, Va. 

Simpson, Mary Elizabeth Box 669, Purcellville, Va. 

Sisul, Patricia Rae 225— 5th Ave., Quantico. Va. 

Skapars, Antonina Lidija Gaston Hall, Somerset, Va. 

Slade, Sandra Lee 131 N. Almond St., Orange, Va. 

Slemp, Margaret Sue Sugar Grove, Va. 

Sloop, Mr. Richard Carlton Rockingham. Va. 

Sloop, Mr. Thomas Douglas Rockingham. Va. 

Slough, Martha Grae 2109 Chestnut Ave.. Buena Vista, Ya. 

Smalts, Bessie Cornelia 656 Berryville Ave., Winchester. Ya. 

Smith, Barbara Ann Box 3, 1 lumfries, Va. 

Smith, Barbara Lou 830 S. Irving St.. Arlington, Ya. 

Smith, Betty Lou 309 Maple Ave., Federalsburg, Md. 

Smith, Colleen Poindexter .... 27 White Oak Dr., Warwick, Va. 
Smith. Iona Gertrude .. 385 W. Water St., Harrisonburg, Va. 
Smith, Jean Burns .. 1037 McCormick Blvd.. Clifton Forge, Va. 

Smith, Laura Patricia 298 Nona Park. Norfolk, Va. 

Smith, Linda Yvonne ... 204 E. Piccadilly St., Winchester. Ya. 

Smith. Myra Ann 1036 Sherwood Ave., Roanoke. Ya. 

Smith, Nancy Beth 209 N. 14th Ave., Hopewell, Ya. 

Smith. Phyllis Jeannette Luray. Ya. 

Smith, Priscilla Claudette Luray. Ya. 

Smith. Sara Marie Gainesboro. Va. 

Smith. Shirley Joan Star Route, Elkton. Ya. 

Snead, Mrs. Alma Saville Route 2. Fincastle. Ya. 

Snyder, Etta Mae Route 2, Meadowview, Ya. 

Soriano, Florence Anne Bridgewater, Va. 

Souder, Mr. Clarence B Route 2, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Southall. Frances Ellen Jetersville, Ya. 

Southard. Marilyn Joan 19 Kirby Ave., Bridgeton. N. J. 

Soyars, Jane Main St.. Saltville. Va. 

Soyars, Mr. Melvyn Douglas 1344 W. Big Bend Rd., 

Norfolk, Ya. 

Spaur, Patricia Ann 363 W. 10th St., Front Royal, Va. 

Spencer, Alyce Marie R.F.D. 5, Lexington, Ya. 

Sprague, Kathryn Virginia 149 Miramar Blvd.. 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Stahl, Anna Lydia Park View, Harrisonburg. Ya. 

Stallings, Margaret Estelle 1909 Great Bridge Blvd., 

Norfolk. Ya. 

Startzman, Mary Lou Valley Pike, Winchester, Ya. 

Steam. Dorothy Janet Apartado Acreo 2193. 

Cali. Colombia, South America 

Stegall, Barbara Ann Field Ave., Fieldale, Ya. 

Steigelman, Norma Jean 12 Railroad Ave., Georgetown, Ya. 

Stephenson, Agnes Reed Box 18, Wakefield, Ya. 

Stephenson, Helen Baird . . 124 Indian River Rd.. Norfolk, Ya. 

Stewart, Shirley Kay 112 — 1th St., Front Royal, Va. 

Stinnett, Ellen Belle Route 1, Box 20, Buchanan, Ya. 

Stinson, Beverly Ann 203 Cliff St.. Pulaski, Ya. 

St. John, Nan Winona Turbeville, Va. 

Stouffer, Mrs. Doris Rowland Route 2, Elkton, Ya. 

Strawderman, Virginia Kathryn 22 Monroe St., 

Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Strong. Barbara Sue 18 Oval Ave., Riverside, Conn. 

Strother, Patsy Cooley 1046 Falmouth St., W'arrenton, Va. 

Strough, May Guthrie Mount Sidney, Va. 

Stuckert, Lois Hester 2000 North Taft St., Arlington, Ya. 

Sublett, Suzanne duToy .... 1914 Woodbine Rd.. Richmond, Va. 
Suiter, Angelita Faye . . . 924 Curtis Ave., N.W., Roanoke, Va. 

Summers, Gloria Ann Timberville, Va. 

Sumpter, Virginia Alice Box 202 Perryville, Md. 

Suter, Anne Elaine Bridgewater, Va. 

Suter, Lois Wanda 321 Ohio Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Swadley, Carolyn Gay 512 West Market St., 

Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Swanner, Frances Ann 157 Rodman Rd., Norfolk, Va. 

Swanson, Carolyn Gaylc ... 1771 Fairfax Ave.. Petersburg, Ya. 

Swats, Helen Dolores Route 1, Timberville, Ya. 

Swecker, Mrs. Charlene Rhodes 16'j Maryland Ave., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 
Sweeny, Nancy Jean .... 2947 S. Dinwiddie St., Arlington 6, Va. 

Tagliatcrre, Mrs. Rosalene Dettra Midland, Va. 

Talbert, Doris Ann Route 1, St. Paul, Ya. 

Tate, Barbara Elizabeth Webster St., Middleboro, Mass. 

Taylor, Anna Carr Sealston, Ya. 

Taylor. Barbara Gail 1230 "B" St., Portsmouth, Ya. 

Taylor. Mary Elizabeth Route 2. Box 237, Danville, Ya. 

Terry, Ann Howard Box 230, Chatham, Ya. 

Thacker, Anne Gail Casanova, Va. 

Thacker, Wilhelmcna Mineral, Ya. 

Thacker. Adricnne Elizabeth 2411 Taylor Ave., Alexandria, Ya. 

Thomas, Beverley Anne Colonial Beach, Ya. 

Thomas, Janet Marie Omaha, Va. 

Thomas, Joan Wanda 521 West 21st St., Richmond, Ya. 

Thomas, Susannah Olivia Main St... Pearisburg, Va. 

Thompson, Ann E 540 Rose Hill Ave., Cumberland, Md. 

Thompson, Jane Mae Route 4, Lexington, Ya. 

Thompson, Nancy Frank .. 4812 Old Brook Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Thompson, Mrs. Koxanne Mae Rogers Route 2, 

Winchester, Ya. 

Thorpe, Jean Waldrop Route 1, Catlett. Va. 

Thorpe. Retta Mae Catlett, Ya. 

Tiller, Jean Natalie 4533 Brook Rd.. Richmond, Ya. 

Townes, Anne Colston 2413 Grove Ave.. Richmond, Va. 

Traugott, Barbara Singleton 11th St., West Point. Ya. 

Trenary, Martha Blackwell Nineveh, Ya. 

Trimble. Mrs. Julia Abell . . 636 W. Frederick St., Staunton, Ya. 
Trippeer, Nancy Lynn 743 Walnut Lane, Apt. D-6, 

Harrisonburg, Ya. 

T rower, Alice Dunton 204 Bay Avenue, Cape Charles, Ya. 

Trumbo, Mr. Harold Alfred '. 201 W. Market St., 

Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Tucker, Barbara Dale 902 Selma Blvd.. Staunton, Ya. 

Tucker, Margaret Olivia . . 334 P St.. N.W.. Washington 7, D. C. 

Tucker, Marylan Jean 356 N. Edison St., Arlington, Ya. 

Turner, Anne Marie 908 Bridge Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 

Turner. Drucilla Inez Spencer, Va. 

Turner. Joy Dare Route 2. Box 4, Roanoke, Va. 

Turner. Mary Fred Route 3, Bedford, Va. 

Turner, Nancy Carolyn .... 922 Chalmers St.. Martinsville, Va. 

Turner, Nancy Mae Box 62. Exmore, Va. 

Turuey. Bettie Kay Route 1. Box 210 Hickory, Ya. 

Turner, Shirley Ann Shenandoah, Va. 

Turner. W r ilma Frances Route 4, Staunton, Va. 

Turpin, Gladys Eleanor Goodell 20th and Washington Sts., 

Wytheville, Va. 
Tyree. Alta Faye Box 562, Craigsville, Ya. 

Ulrich, Mr. Marvin E Dayton, Ya. 

Van Fossen, Phyllis Irene Crimora, Va. 

Van Saun, Joan Marion . . . 407 Tennessee Ave., Alexandria, Ya. 

Vaughn, Nancy Ann 113 N. 4th St., Hopewell, Ya. 

Via, Bettie Marie Mount Sidney. Ya. 

Via. Wilma Anne 1941 S. Arlington Ridge Rd.. 

Arlington. Ya. 

Viar, Alice Mae Box 190, Salem, Ya. 

Viar, Jeanette Baptist Orphange, Salem, Va. 

Walker, Betty Ann 110 Fable Ave.. Portsmouth, Va. 


Walker, Geraldine English 434 Mountain Ave., S.W., 

Roanoke, Ya. 

Wallace, Carol Jean Route 3, Rocky Mount, Va. 

Walls, Mary Leona Green Cove, Ya. 

Walls. Phyllis Marie 500 Hollingsworth Ave., Elkton, Md. 

Walters, Peggy Princess Anne, Va. 

Walters, Sarah Linda ... 253 Stonewall Heights, Abingdon, Va. 

Walton, Shirley Mitchell Route 4, Appomattox, Va. 

Wampler, Carolyn Elizabeth Broadway, Va. 

Wampler, Mrs. Marguerite Long Broadway, Va. 

Waring, Peggy Holt Fairfax, Va. 

Warner, Joan Valerie . . 51 Denton Ave.. East Rockaway, N. Y. 

Warner, Mr. Johnny Garnett . . Muhlenburg St., Woodstock, Ya. 

Warren, Ethel Jane 210 Stuart St., Martinsville, Ya. 

Warren, Franzes Anne 801 W. Atlantic St., Emporia, Ya. 

Warren, Mary Jane Townsend, Va. 

Watkins, Arlene Fay Gordonsville, Ya. 

Watkins, Kathleen Mary Gordonsville, Va. 

Watkins, Mary Emily 5501 X. 11th St.. Arlington, Ya. 

Watson, Audrey Elizabeth . . 4629 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Watson, Iver Lou 218 Hendren Ave., Staunton, Va. 

Watson, Joan Frances 218 Hendren Ave., Staunton, Va. 

Wayland, Elizabeth Rose Route 3, Marion, Va. 

Wayne, Mrs. Elinor Turner .... P.O. Box 1174, Alexandria, Ya. 

Weaver. Mrs. Young Sook Kim . . 807 — 14th St., Alexandria, Va. 

Webb, Anita Diehl 1805 Matoox Ave.. Petersburg. Ya 

Webb, Mary Lucille 412 Pretlow St., Franklin, Vst 

Webber, Helen Elizabeth 3520 Hillcrest Ave., X. W.. 

Roanoke. Va. 

Webster, Jane Carlene .... 134 W. Gay Si.. Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Weeks, Janet Ann 5144 X. 15th St.. Arlington, Va. 

Weidel, Joan Alice 287 Westminster Rd.. Rochester, X. Y. 

Welch, Sara Jane 915 South Board St., Ashland, Ohio 

Wenger, La Yerne Patricia Route 5. Staunton. Va. 

Wenger, Margaret Alice Linville, Ya. 

Wenger. Mr. Paul Clement 198 X. Main St., 

Harrisonburg, Va. 

Wertz, Mary Ann New Market, Va. 

Wetsel, Mr. Daniel McClellan, Jr 520 Collicello St., 


Wheatley, Nancy Ellen 

Xanticokc Rd., I'.ridgeville. 

Wheeler, Patricia Ruth 322 W. Cecil St., Winchester, Va. 

White, Audrey Pauline Bohannon, Ya. 

W hite, Jean Holland Bohannon, Ya. 

Whitehead, Constance Carrington Java. Va. 

Whitehead, Kathryn Louis Roseland, Va. 

Whitehill, Carol Ann 388 High St.. Somerset. Pa. 

Whitely, Jo Ann Emmerton, Va. 

Whitt, Frances Ann Route 11, Box 22i, Richmond, Ya. 

Whitlen, Nancy 325 Lancaster Ave., Staunton. Va. 

Wicks. Mr. Moulton Moore . . . P. O. Box A»i, Front Royal, Ya. 

W'ilfong, Mr. Everett E Dayton, Ya. 

Wilkins, Mr. Don Franklin . . 517 W . Court St.. Woodstock, Va. 

Will. Evelyn Joyce Hinton, Va. 

Will, Mr. Paul R Toms Brook, Va. 

Willard, Anne Ashworth R.F.D. 3, Box 205, 

Fredericksburg, Va. 

Williams, Carol Marian ... 5 East Linden St., Alexandria, Va. 

Williams, Charlotte E 420 Church St., Ripley, W. Va. 

Williams, Dollie Elzina R.F.D. 1, Box 332, Marion, Va. 

W illiams, Mary Adeline . . . 519 Virginia Ave., Winchester, Ya. 

Williams, Mary Jacqueline . . . 9334 First View St., Norfolk, Va. 

Williams, Mary Sue St. Paul, Va. 

Williams, Nancy Iris Back Bay, Va. 

W illiams, Sandra Sue Creeds, Va. 

Williams, Mrs. Vivian Henderson 802 Buchanan St., 

Lynchburg, Ya. 

Wilson, Clara Edith Lewes-Milford Hwy, Lewes, Del. 

Wilson, Virginia Aiken Route 2, Fisherville, Va. 

Wilton, Mr. Claude Tilman 201 Grattan St., 

Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Wiltshire, Virginia 419 Summers Dr., Alexandria, Va. 

Winder, Phyllis Ann Millers Tavern, Ya. 

Wine, Jane Harriott Dale Enterprise, Va. 

Winkelmann, Hilda Elaine ... 233 Montevisla Ave., Orange, Va. 

Wise. Carolyn Belle 4001 Richland Ave., Roanoke, Ya. 

Wise, Norma Jane Route 2, Bridgewater, Va. 

Wolfe. Barbara Mae Route 1, Luray Va. 

W'omble, Ferraha Eunice . . . 838 Greenville Ave.. Staunton, Va. 

Wood. Barbara Jean 2010 Floyd Ave.. Richmond, Va. 

Wood, Betsey Jo 2203 Gordon St., Hopewell, Ya. 

Wood, Joyce Marlene Earlysville, Va. 

Wood, Lena Juanita 675 North 35th St., Paducab, Ky. 

Wood, Lois Anne Box 4, Lynnbaven, Ya. 

Wood Marian Faye Earlysville, Ya. 

Wood, Ruth Virginia Box 416, Perryville, Md. 

Woodford, Marietta Josephine Huddleston, Ya. 

Woodson, Gail 2307 Clark St.. Richmond, Va. 

Wooldridgc, Margaret Anne 3317 Suffolk Rd., 

Richmond, Va. 

Worthington, Lucy Catherine ... Church St., Rocky Mount, Va. 

Wright. Elaine Page ... 2302 Warwick Ave., Richmond 24, Va. 

Wright. Shirley May Route 1, Ashland, Ya. 

Wright, Trudy Margaret 4112 S. 36th St., Arlington, Ya. 

Wright, Mrs. Viola (lick Mount Crawford, Va. 

Yancey, Julia Reid 

606 South Main St., Harrisonburg. Va. 

Yarger Marjorie Lee 2204 S. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va. 

Yeates, Frances Muriel Gladys, Ya. 

Yoder, Margy Anne Oyster Point, Va. 

Yost, Charlotte Ann Route 9, Box 155, Roanoke. Va. 

Young, Anna Margaret 3424 Bunker Hill, Dr., S. W '., 

Roanoke, Va. 

Young, Gloria Day 9524 Grove Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Young, Ida Suzanne Route 3, Staunton, Va. 

Zirk, Marilyn Ann Route I, Broadway, Va. 

Zirk. Mr. Norwood Lee Route 2, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Zirkle, Ailene Anne Dahlgren, Va. 






Harrisonburg, Virginia 

ACCREDITED BY: Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary 
Schools, National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Educa- 
tion, Virginia State Board of Education 

MEMBER OF: Association of American Colleges, Association of Vir- 
ginia Colleges, American Association of Colleges for Teacher Edu- 
cation, American Council on Education. National Commission on 
Accrediting. Association of Teacher Education Institutions 

Recognized and approved by American Association of University Women 

Confers A.B.. B.S., M.A., and M.S. degrees in Education 

Curricula leading to teaching in both elementary and secondary fields 

Special four-year borne economics curricula for teachers, home eco- 
nomists, specialists in nutrition, institution management, and home 

Business education curricula for teaching and for commercial careers 

Liberal arts curricula leading to A.B. or B.S. degree 

Music curricula with comprehensive programs, leading to the Bachelor 
of Music Education and the Bachelor of Music degrees 

Annual enrollment 1.650; faculty of 96 

Located in the Shenandoah \ alley 

Elevation of 1.300 feet with beautiful mountain environment 

Campus of 60 acres 

Twenty-five college buildings 

Undeveloped adjacent farm of 240 acres 

Both urban and rural training schools 

Athletic field and tennis courts 

Two gymnasiums 

Two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) 

College camp on Sbenandoali River 

Adequate music equipment 

Modern equipment for sound-motion pictures 

Modern recording and broadcasting equipment 

(solenna ^yiuaios, Qvtc. 


114 Park Row 

New York 7, New York 

Phone BEekman 3-7514 


All Shenandoah's Pride Milk and Cream Distributed in Harrisonburg 

are Produced by Farms Especially Equipped. Meeting the Most 

Rigid Sanitary Regulations of City and State 





Valley of Virginia Co-Operative Milk 
Producers Association, Inc. 

For Better Dairy Products Phone 4-7328 

Meet At 




All Your College Souvenirs 

COMPANY, Incorporated 

Harrisonburg. Virginia 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Altavista, Virginia 

Danville, Virginia 

Lexington, Virginia 

Luray, Virginia 
Winchester, Virginia 






East Market Street 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 




202 North Liberty Street 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 






Established 1879 

Fine Glassware 

The place that satisfies those 

Gorham — Towle— International 

who are fussy about their food. 

— Wallace Silver 

Spode— Royal Doulton— Booths 

Fine China 


83 South Main Street 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

See The Finest In Motion 

Pictures At The Ultramodern 



Movie Palace 

Dial 4-4292 


Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Wide Screen Vision 


Sterophonic Sound 


The Shenandoah Valley's Top Show Place 

and Largest Theater 



In The State Theatre Building 

Artcarved Diamond Rings 
Hamilton Watches 

Sheaffer and Parker Pens 



Harrisonburg, Virginia 

You Will Enjoy Visiting 





82 South Main Street 

Phone 4-6643 





212 South Main Street 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

"Pleasing You Has Helped Us Grow" 



Manufacturers Of 


Madison College Standard 


Class Rings 


Miniatures and Large Sizes 

Cravenette Water Repellents 

Any Year Date or Degree 


The Sta-Nu Process 



James L Deck 

16 Newman Avenue 165 N. Main Street 

300 East Main Street 

4-7367 — PHONE — 4-3868 

Richmond 19, Virginia 


D CO., INC. 


rig Chemists 





'Long Distance Is Faster When You Call By Number' 





Now, turkey's an everyday dish . . . you 

don't have to wait for holidays to enjoy it! 

Buy it whole, in quarters, halves or by the 

meal-siie piece. 
Also: have you tried 
the new baby-siied 
turkey broiler-fryers? 
They're new and deli- 

Virginia Farms Poultry is the bird to get 
Its the best bird we've had yet. 
Just one bite and the taste will tell 
That these birds really do excell. 



120 W. Wolfe Street 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

PHONE 4-2575 — 4-2583 

139 North Main Street 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 


Charter Bus Service 

JIM PERRY, Manager 

Dial 4-3534 or 4-2980 

Quality JFearing Apparel For Men. 

Kile's Amoco 

Women, and Boys 



Grocery Service 

1050 South Main Street 
Harrisonburg. Virginia 

50-60 North Main Street 

PHONE 1649-L 


Bob's Foods Products Co., 


Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Distributors Of 





Store of Personal Service 
and Satisfaction 


Phone 4-6541 

John W. Taliaferro Sons 


Derrer & Mathias, Inc. 

If atch and Jewelry Repairing A Specialty 

174 South Main Street 

54 South Main Street 

"'Partners In Your Appearance" 

Harrisonburg. Virginia 

Dial 4-6507 Professional Building 

Charles L Fauls 


Clothing Company, Inc. 

Doc's Tearoom 

Across the Street From 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 




F. W. Woolworth 

Visit Our Modern 

Bakery Department 


Harrisonburg, Virginia 


Kavanaugh Hotel 


State Theatre 

Dining Room 


North Main Street 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Hostetter's Drug Store 



Kingan, Inc. 

General Offices 
Indianapolis, Indiana 

"For the Best In Meats, 
Ask For KINGAN" 

Compliments of 

Edward Boker Frosted 
Foods, Inc. 

1480 Okie Street, N. E. 

Washington 2, D. C. 

Phone Lawrence 6-8350 

Harrisonburg Fruit 
and Produce 

Fresh Fruits and Vegefebles 

1 Mile South of Harrisonburg 
DIAL 4-3819 

Pacific Mutual's 

New and Unusual Savings Plan 


Sickness — Accident — 

Hospitalization — Old Age — 

J. A. BOSSERMAN, Dist. Mgr. 

8 Hostetter Bldg. Telephone 4-6341 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 


J. M. Hulvey 
& Sons 




Sometimes it is die nature of a craft to create an unbreakable tie between 
itself and the worker in that field, a heart attachment equal to lifetime devotion. 
One familiar example is PRIXT1XG. Once editor, once compositor, or press- 
man catches the spirit of the shop, the spell is seldom broken. Like the odor 
of a camp fire, or a whiff of salt air, the beloved tang of printer's ink, symboli- 
cal of a great profession, gets into your heart and soul. School Annuals, 
Magazines, Newspapers and Special Printing, all smack of it. It is an invisible 
link that binds all intelligence together. It is the stimulus for creation in 
business or romance. This craftsmanship, this devotion to service and alert- 
ness to business needs, has nourished and developed an enormous industrial 
vitality, and whichever way the course of the future runs, the printer will 
always find himself able to adapt his helpfulness to new opportunity. 

Years of experience have taught us! Printing Pays Us Only When It Pays Yon! 

McClure Printing Company 


19 West Frederick St. Phone 5-9312 Staunton, Virginia 














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.' ? ' *3 


;i; ■ 



<."«&■'.•'! •VJ-'- 



l v:/«/*;H- ;i Si 

■ '■ I 

\ ,yi 





f^L'f-.'V. ■ 




^'•*<'V , -»"«' v .''^ , j 









• f.-'i 



•-■ . s' '\ H 



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^H i ,v >. 









m mmm i k m ■ i i n 1 










fe ;