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Eileen Murphy, ’48 Graduate, 
Opens Center Art Exhibits 

A graduate of Avila College. Miss Eileen 
Murphy, will be the guest exhibitor opening 
the 1965-66 art exhibits in Marian Center. 

Miss Murphy, a 1948 graduate, will exhibit 
weaving during the month of October. Original 
designs, all hand-woven by the designer crafts- 
man, include women's apparel, blankets, rug 
samples, and wall hangings. Miss Murphy has 
titled the month-long exhibit "Ponchos and 
Other Things." 

Miss Murphy is a member of the Greater 
Kansas City Weaver's Guild and the American 
Craftsman Council. This past June she re- 
ceived a Master of Fine Arts in Design degree 
from Kansas University. 

Her work has won awards at the 1964 De- 
signer Craftsman Show in Kansas and at the 
1965 Mid-Western Weavers Conference held 
in Wichita, Kans. 

Items in the exhibit will be on sale. Miss 
Murphy said, and orders for items will be 

Exhibiting artist for the month of November 
will be George Croskey, Kansas City artist, 
who will show paintings. 

Shier Marie Georgette, chairman of 
the department of education ond psy- 
chology, second from left, introduces 
new faculty members to each other To 
the left is Miss Alyce Soptick, M S., in- 
structor in the nursing department. To 
Sister's right is John T. Duncan, M.A., 
director of the special classroom of 
educoble mentally retarded children 
which opened this month on the Avila 
compus. Mrs. Anno Booth, M.A., has 
joined the English department. The Rev. 
Robert Cameron, M.A„ is the new chap- 
lain at the college. The introductions 
took place ot the faculty workshop held 
on Sept. 7. Other new faculty members 
include James Brady, M.A., instructor 
in theology and philosophy; Sister Mar 
lha Mary, M.A., instructor in English; 
Joseph Meyers. B.A., instructor in music, 
French, ond German; Siller Mory Avila, 
Ph D,, professor of history; ond Sister 
Rose Christine, M.A., instructor in 

Season Tickets Available 
For Drama Productions 

The Avila College Players are offering sea- 
son tickets for five productions scheduled for 
the academic year. Each production will intro- 
duce a different staging technique. 

The season will open on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 
at 8:00 p.m. with a Readers Theatre produc- 
tion of “Antigone," the Greek tragedy by 
Anouilh. A discussion of fate in Greek tragedy 
led by the Rev. Maurice Holloway, S.J . chair- 
man of the philosophy department at Rock- 
hurst College, will follow. 

The annual Children's Theater, given in 
arena style, will be staged on Saturday and 
Sunday Nov, 13 and 14 and Nov. 20 and 21. 
"Hansel and Gretel" by Madge Miller is this 
year's selection. Matinees will be given each 
day at 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. All seats will be 

Other events on the season schedule include 
an art film. "Mint Tea" and discussion on Fri- 
day, Feb 4; Modern Short Stories in Chamber 
Theater style on March 4; and a play/out 
presentation of Philip C. Lewis' story of the 
emergence of "The American Dame," on April 
22 and 24 

The tickets are on sale through the Avila 
College Players at $3,50 per book. Contact 
should be made with Sister Mary Felice, di- 
rector, for ticket purchases. 

Welcome New Faculty To Avila 

Parents Club Begins Year’s Activities 
With an Evening Mass and Social Hour 

An evening Mass of the Holy Spirit followed 
by a social hour will open the Parents Club 
activities for the year. The Mass will be cele- 
brated by the Rev. Robert Cameron, Avila 
chaplain, on Sunday, Sept. 26, at 8:00 p.m. in 
the Assembly Area of O’Rielly Hall. Parents, 
daughters, and husbands of married students 
are invited to attend. 

The September function is one of three par- 
ent-sponsored events which are included on the 
calendar for the year. An Open House and Pot 
Luck Supper is planned for Sunday, Oct. 31, 
from 4:00-6:00 p.m. and a Parents’ Weekend 
is scheduled for Friday to Sunday, April 22-24. 

According to Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Nestor, 
parent presidents, the purpose of the Parents 
organization is to foster the aims of Avila Col- 
lege and develop friendships and understanding 
between parents and faculty. 

In addition to the three parent-sponsored 
functions, the club will promote such college 
events as Children’s Theatre, Nov. 12-14 and 
Nov. 20-21; Key Ceremony, Dec 12; and the 
college musical, Feb. 18-20. 

and Mrs. Robert Linton; secretary, Mr. and 
Mrs. Wm. T. Smith; treasurer, Mrs. Kenneth 
Lancaster; senior class representatives, Mr. and 
Mrs. Frank Schuepbach and Mrs. Wm. C. 
Altman; junior class representatives, Mr. and 
Mrs. James C Karson and Mr. and Mrs. 
Joseph L. Dold; sophomore representatives, 
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Doherty and Mr. and 
Mrs. J H. Bell; and freshman representatives, 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. O’Neil and Mr and 
Mrs. Walter Oades. 

Avila Offers Course for Parents 
Of Mentally Retarded Children 

A course in Counseling Parents of Mentally 
Retarded Children is being offered at Avila 
College for two hours a night each week from 
Sept. 17 through Jan. 14. Instructor is John 
T. Duncan, M.A., director of the Avila College 
laboratory classroom. 

Plans for the Parents Club were formulated 
during the summer months with members of 
the Board of Directors in attendance. The 
Board is composed of the officers and class 
representatives. These in addition to the Nes- 
tors include the following: vice-president, Mr. 

According to Mr. Duncan, the course is 
geared toward the needs and interest of the 
parents of mentally retarded children although 
the course can also be taken for college credit 
by accepting additional assignments. 

2 — 

A group of parents attending the Aug- 
ust board of directors meeting for the 
Parents Club are pictured here. From 
left to right, front row are Mrs. J. T. 
Nestor, Mrs. Frank Schuepbach, Mrs. 
Kenneth Lancaster, Mrs. T. E. O'Neil, 
and Sister Patrick Joseph, club moder- 
ator. Stonding, left to right, are Mr. 
Nestor, Mr. Scheupbach, Mr. Wm. T. 
Smith, Mr. J. H. Bell, Mrs. Smith, Sister 
Mary Helene of the Avila nursing fac- 
ulty, and Mrs. Bell. 


Resident Students Adopt Carondelet Hall as “Home” 

Carondelet Hall, the Avila campus dormitory, came to life the week of 
Sept. 8 as residents for the year arrived and took charge of the twin-bedded 

Dormitory life is a relatively new experience for Avila. Although Carondelet 
was occupied last March by forty-three students who had been living at 
Rossiter Hall, St. Joseph’s Hospital, this fall’s “homecoming” was the first 
time Avila has started the academic year with students in campus residence. 

Pictures on these pages give the viewer a look at the dormitory and a few 
of the students who will call Avila “home” for the next nine months. 

Mary Lee Kivett, sophomore from Jefferson City, Mo., upper left, checks in at the dormitory with Miss 
Golda Benton, director of nursing services ond "housemother ' to the resident students. At lower left, 
Mary Lee greets Morgoret Donehue, junior from Linn, Mo., ond Chris Bell, sophomore from Shawnee, 
Kons. Above, Mary Lee finds the kitchen a comfortable gothering ploee. Drinking coffee and writing letters 
home ore Pol Dixon, sophomore from Junction City. Kons.; Lou Butler, sophomore from Oklohomo City, 
Okla.; and Borbara Schweitzer, junior from Florissant, Mo Tolking in the doorway ore Diane Riddle, 
junior from Lynn Haven, Florida, and Peggy Iko, sophomore from Toos, New Mexico. At upper right, 
Mary Lee discovers Diane Pinkley, Forrest City, Ark , tolking with an admirer on the hall telephone. 
Passing Margaret's room agoin, she leaves Margaret ond Chris busy examining books for the coming 
closses while she goes on to put her room in order for the coming year. 

Slate Alumnae Homecoming 
Sunday, Oct. 3, on Campus 

Alumnae Homecoming will be held Sunday, 
Oct. 3 at 12:00 noon, on the Avila campus 
Members of the faculty will act as hosts and 
hostesses. Registration and luncheon will be 
held in Marian Center. 

Special recognition will be given classes cele- 
brating their fifth, tenth, or 25th anniversary 
Hostesses for the classes will be Sister Rita 
Agnes, class of '60; Sister Mary Mark, class of 
'55, and Sister Marie Georgette, class of ‘40. 

Presiding at the installation of new chapter 
and national officers will be Mrs. Maurice J. 
O'Sullivan, outgoing president of the Kansas 
City Chapter. Members of the class of 1940 
and representatives of the 1939-1940 faculty 
will be honored by Sister Olive Louise, Avila 
College president. Gifts will be presented to 
the classes of 1955 and 1960. 

The program will conclude with the pre- 
sentation of the Avila Medal upon two alum- 
nae: Mrs J Barclay Jordon (Jean Ann Can- 
non ’54) and Mrs. Maurice J. O'Sullivan 
(Mary Margaret Killiger ’26). Mrs. Jordon, 
a member of the board of alumnae directors 
from 1959 through 1965, has served on active 
committees including the Ways and Means 
Committee responsible for raising funds for 
the Kansas City Chapter scholarship. Mother 
of seven children, she is active in church, 
school, and community activities. 

Mrs. O'Sullivan was president of the alum- 
nae association in 1946 to 1949 and 1963 to 
1964. She was active in beginning both the 
national and the chapter scholarship funds. 
She has served as president of the Kansas City 
Council of Catholic Women and is a member 
of the Kansas City Human Relations Council 
Among her honors is a citation from Bishop 
O'Hara for outstanding community service 

Honor To Be Given To Alumnae 

v / 

V ^ / 

Recipient! of the Avilo Medol ore Mrs. Maurice J. O'Sul- 
livon, '26 and Mrs. F. Barclay Jordon '54. Both will re- 
ceive recognition ot Alumnae Homecoming, Oct. 3. 

Announce Nominees for Alumnae 
Offices on Mailed Ballots 

Election of national officers of the alumnae 
association is being held by mail prior to 
Homecoming when results of the balloting will 
be announced. Nominees are: for president. 
Louise McNellis Kring '46, Wallingford, Conn, 
and Lois Romer Poorman '42, Bakersfield, 
Calif.; for first vice president. Mary Ann Wal- 
lerstedt Schwab '39, San Francisco; for second 
vice president. Lenore Stomp '62, Kansas City; 
for secretary-treasurer, Mary McCallum Con- 
nelly '33, Franklin, Michigan. 

Members of the committee making nomi- 
nations for the national slate were Mayme Di- 
Maggio D'Agostino '42, Catherine Hix Dough- 
erty '39, Barbara Rush '61, and Helen Fitz- 
simons Jaeger '53. 

Election of Kansas City Chapter officers for 
1965-1967 will be held by voice vote at Home- 
coming. The nominees are: for president, 

Helen Drees '50; for first vice president, Ber- 
nadine Loftus '40; for second vice president, 
Helen Jane Gray Wald '46; and for secretary- 
treasurer, Mary Ellen Denning Noll ’56. 


The College for Women 

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