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Rise in Enrollment 

When SCOPE went to press, registration 
was still incomplete, but some trends were 
noted by Sister Patrick Joseph, Registrar. 
Registration exceeds 400 students. There 
has been an 8 per cent increase in full-time 
students. About 135 resident students have 
enrolled. Students come from all parts of 
the United States and from eight foreign 

Montessori School 

The Avila Montessori School will open on 
November 27, 1967. Miss Lena Wikramar- 
atne, the representative of the Association 
Montessori Internationale, will be the super- 
visor. Mrs. Phyllis Sue Seaman, AMI certi- 
fied teacher, will be the directress. The 
Avila Montessori School at this time will 
consist of 15 to 20 children ranging in age 
from three to five years. Registration is 
open now. Eligible students will be accepted 
on the basis of priority of application. 

Classes will be held from 12 noon until 
2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, from 
November 27, 1967, to May 29, 1968, with 
vacations at Thanksgiving, Christmas and 
Easter. Tuition for the school year is $300. 

For further information call Sister Marie 
Georgette, Willow 2-3204. 


Mrs. H. J. Kunz. mother ot Mrs. William H. Donahue 
(Carolyn Kunz ’56). on July 1, in Shawnee Mission. 
Kansas. Mr. Fred C. Lodde, lather ot Mrs. Thomas 
F. Casey (Marguerite Lodde '35). on July 20. in Kansas 
City, Missouri. Mr. John L. Bannister, husband of 
Helen Walsh Bannister '20 and father-in-law of Mrs. 
Paul F. Bannister (Kathleen Tobin ’60), on August 3, 
in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Robert Hogan, brother 
of Mrs. Edmund B. Smith (Anna May Hogan '24), Mrs. 
Harry C. Nelson (Frances Hogan ’28), and Mrs. Owen 
F. Murphy (Virginia Hogan ’32); and uncle of Sister 
Mary Avila, C.S.J. (Martha Smith '49), Virginia Nelson 
'64, and Mary Nelson '69, on August 28, In Houston, 
Texas. Mr. Frank C. De Coursey, father-in-law of Mrs. 
Frank C. De Coursey (Ruth Dugan '39), on September 
9, in Kansas City, Missouri. Mary Downey, one-day- 
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh F. Downey (Martha 
Meagher ’65), on September 11, in Asmara, Ethiopia. 
Mrs. Anna W. Higgins, mother-in-law of Mrs. Thomas 
J. Higgins (Betty Wasson '37), on September 14, In 
Kansas City, Missouri. 


Janet Orscheln Fague ’65, June Wegener 
’66, and Sue Carver ’67 with the coopera- 
tion of the present Avila sophomores from 
greater St. Louis, entertained the incoming 
freshmen from St. Louis at a picnic at For- 
est Park, on September 2. About twenty- 
five were present. 


Mr. and Mrs. George Fague (Janet Orscheln ’65), a 
son, Daniel Edward, May 19, in St. Ann, Missouri. 
Mr. and Mrs. James R. McPhilliamy (Kathleen Brown 
'55), a son, Stephen Joseph, June 23, in Shawnee 
Mission, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Dierkes 
(Joyce Loehner ’63), a son, Christopher, June 29, in 
St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. David Wilbur Armin 
(Patricia Adams ’65), a son, Charles Anthony. July 5, 
in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Shat- 
tuck (Barbara Nemmers ’65), a son, Bradley Joseph, 
July 19, in Norfolk, Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Huse 
(Marlene Manley '65), a son, Scott Douglas, July 21, 
in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Forge 
(Kathy Fahlstrom ’62), a son, Richard Jerome, July 23, 
in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. William T. 
Kitchin (Judith Chartier '64), a son, Craig Robert, 
August 1, In Moore, Oklahoma. Mr. and Mrs. Edward 
F. Hughes III (Rose Mary Schultz ’55), twins, a son, 
Mathew Edward, and a daughter, Elizabeth Anne, Sep- 
tember 10, In St. Petersburg, Florida. Mr. and Mrs. 
John M. Daley (Margaret Hernandez ’62). a daughter, 
Ann Teresa, September 16, in Rockledge, Florida. 

on October 22 

The Avila Alumnae Homecoming will be 
held on October 22. Alumnae are cordially 
invited to attend. The program will be as 

10 a.m. Registration and informal gather- 

ing by class in Marian Center. 

11 a.m. Holy Mass in the new chapel, fol- 

lowed by tour of the new fac- 
ulty residence. 

12 noon Lunch in Marian Center. 

Guest speaker. 


Election of Officers. 

Special recognition of anniversary 
classes— 1923, 1928, 1935, 1938, 
1943, 1948, 1953, 1958, 1963. 

2 p.m. “Back to College’’ classes with 

your choice of theology, philos- 
ophy, French, English, nursing, 
history, science and math. 

3 p.m. Tours of campus and visiting. Res- 

ervation cards will be sent to 
alumnae members by mail. 

Chapel-Faculty Residence to Be Dedicated 

The formal blessing and 
dedication of the recently 
completed chapel-faculty 
residence complex at Avila 
College will take place on 
October 29 at two o’clock. 
A reception will follow. 
Alumnae, parents, students, 
and friends of the college 
are invited. 

Above: Seminary prolessors concelebrallng 
In Ihe new chBpel. From August IS to 20. 
Avila offered (acuities to a study-week ses- 
sion for seminary professors of the liturgy. 
Reverend Aelred Tegels, O.S.B., was di- 
rector. Right: The new chapel and faculty 
residence recently completed at Avila Col- 
lege completes the campus quadrangle of 
six buildings. 

Honors to Avila Friends and Alumnae 

Bette Krenzer ’44 has been given the 
Meritorious Civilian Service Award which 
is the highest honor given a civilian by a 
major Air Force Command. She is the 
daughter of Mrs. Agnes Krenzer, 6140 For- 
est Avenue. Bette is a civilian engineer in 
electronics at the Wright-Patterson 
Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. She has 
recently returned from attending the Second 
International Conference of Women Engin- 
eers and Scientists at Cambridge University 
in England. 

Lillian Armijo ’49 (Mrs. Gerald D. Funk), 
who recently played the role of Sister Berthe 
in “The Sound of Music” at the Starlight 
Theatre, has performed more than 500 times 
at the Starlight, more often than any other 

Mrs. Alice Kampsen '65 earned her M.S. 
in Education from Kansas University in 

July. Her field is the education of the or- 
thopedically handicapped. 

Lucy Wilde '65 received her M.S. in Li- 
brary Science at Rosary College, in June. 

Mrs. Helen Cornelius '60 received her M.A. 
from the University of Missouri in Kansas 
City in August. She majored in counseling 
and guidance. 

Lawrence A. Powers, husband of An- 
toinette Kopp Powers ’56, recently received 
his M.A. in Marketing from the University 
of Chicago. 

Salvatore Nigro, husband of Marian Giblin 
Nigro '52, and brother-in-law of Sister 
Margaret Louis Giblin, C.S.J. ’58, was named 
fifth municipal judge in Kansas City. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh F. Downey Jr., (Mar- 
tie Meager ’65) are living in Ethiopia and 
devoting full time to the care of the poor. 

Sister Mary Evelyn Schild, SCMM (Mary 
Schild ’50) has been transferred to Bombay, 
India where she will work in a small ma- 
ternity hospital. As a Medical Missionary, 
Sister is no stranger to India, having al- 
ready spent thirteen years in Mandar and 
New Delhi. 

Linda Grace '61 is working with the state 
department in Bolivia. She recently com- 
pleted an assignment in India. 

Martha Norris, sister of Elizabeth Nor- 
ris ’49, and former part-time instructor in 
sociology, received her doctorate in Social 
work at the National Catholic School of So- 
cial Service of Catholic University of Ameri- 
ca, in June. She is now Director of the Fam- 
ily and Children Division of Catholic Fam- 
ily and Community Services in Kansas City. 

Alumnae Meeting 
in Indianapolis 

The Avila College alumnae who live in 
Indianapolis met for an evening together 
on August 30. Mrs. George Adrian (Carolyn 
Bottema ’47) was in charge of the arrange- 
ments. Those present besides Mrs. Adrian 
were Mrs. Richard Deitchman (Patricia 
Schild ’45), Mrs. John F. Molloy (Patricia 
Gallagher ’54) and her mother, Mrs. R. F. 
Gallagher of Kansas City who was visiting 
in Indianapolis; Sister Margaret Andrea 
Oberle, C.S.J., ’54; Mrs. Thomas Campbell 
(Helen Heidenreich ’47). Sister Martha 
Mary, C.S.J., Director of Alumnae Relations, 
was a guest from Kansas City. She showed 
slides of the new campus and spoke of 
the latest academic developments. The meet- 
ing was held at Sacred Heart Convent. 


The editors ol SCOPE are happy to announce the 
following marriages of our Avila alumnae: 

Dianne Riddle '67. daughter of Mrs. Lucille Riddle, 
to Edward Allan Ramey, on June 16, In Lynn Haven, 
Florida. Gayle Colleen Maloney '67, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Robert Maloney, to Roger Joseph Sweitzer, 
July 15, at St. Elizabeth Church, Kansas City, Mis- 
souri. Mary Bridget Foley '65, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Francis Foley, to William Michael Barvick, 
on July 22, at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, 
Honolulu. Hawaii. Sandra Marie Klug '65, daughter 
of Mrs. Bernice Rust Klug. to Larry Gene Blackburn, 
on July 22, at Christ the King Church. Kansas City, 
Missouri. Donna Soden Zahner '67, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Victor Henry Zahner, to James Christopher 
Sprehe, on July 22, at Visitation Church, Kansas City. 
Missouri. Margaret Therese Ingino '64, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. John Alexander Ingino, to Sgt. Frank 
Thomas Plumberg, Jr., on July 29. Marita O’Rourke 
'65, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. William Andrew O'Rourke, 
to William Gibson Bartholome, on July 29, at Visita- 
tion Church, Kansas City, Missouri. Therese Ann Mor- 
ris '65, daughter of Mr. Patrick W. Morris, to William 
Francis Egelhoff, on August 5, at St. Elizabeth Church, 
Kansas City, Missouri. Juliette Jarjoura '66, daughter 
of Mr. Adib Jarjoura, to Michael M. Llnholm, on August 
12, at Visitation Church, Kansas City, Missouri. Mary 
Jane Holland '67, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward 
James Holland, to Charles David Schmidt, on August 
19, at St. Ann Church, Prairie Village, Kansas. Sandra 
Margaret Beck '69, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris E. 
Beck, to Thomas Mura, on August 26, at St. Michael 
Church in Los Altos, California. Bernlta Louise Becker 
'65, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Becker, to 
Joseph Centeno. Jr., on August 26, at St. Peter's 
Church, Kansas City, Missouri. Cheryl Richter '69. 
daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. George R. Richter, to Ronald 
Avila, on August 26, In Thornton. Colorado. Jeanne 
Marie Spaniol '67, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John T. 
Spaniol, to Stephen Patrick Morrow III, on August 26, 
at St. Peter's Church, Kansas City, Missouri. De Anne 
Flucke '68, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Flucke. 
to Fred R. Putman, on September 1, at Cure ot Ars 
Church, in Leawood, Kansas. Carole Jean Delaney '67, 
daughter of Mrs. Thomas James Delaney, to Hal Ed- 
ward Hunter III. on September 2, at Our Lady of Good 
Counsel Church, Kansas City, Missouri. 


Mrs. Thomas Derr (Margaret Leonard 
’47) and Mrs. Donald F. McDonald (Mar- 
garet Roberts ’48) have completed a year 
of specialized graduate study and are now 
participating in the James School Plan. Last 
year they were participants in the Experi- 
enced Teacher Fellowship Program which 
was funded by a government grant to the 
University of Missouri at Kansas City in 
order to prepare faculty and administration 
for creative elementary teaching. They were 
2 of the 23 chosen from 700 applicants. 


Grant for Scientific Research 
Amount: $2000 

Sister John Brendan Murrill, C.S.J., is 
conducting a research project in chemistry 
at Avila during the present school year. This 
project has been funded under the Academic 
Year Extension phase of the NSF program 
of Research Participation for College Teach- 
ers. Sister John Brendan was the recipient 
of an NSF grant to Illinois Institute of Tech- 
nology, June 1 to August 31. She was nom- 
inated by that insitution to receive further 
support in the continuation of her work at 
her home institution, Avila. Her investiga- 
tion deals with the hydrolysis of vinyl 

Grant to the Nursing Department 
Amount: $9,558 

Avila College has received a renewal of a 
grant awarded originally in June, 1966, for 
the funding of the program “Integration of 
Psychiatric-Mental Health Concepts into the 
Basic Nursing Curriculum.” The grant was 
awarded by the Department of Health, Edu- 
cation and Welfare through the National In- 
stitute of Health. The goal of this program 
is that through basic course content and 
learning experiences students may learn to 
adapt psychiatric-mental health principles 
creatively to any situation where nursing is 
practiced. The program director is Sister 
Catherine Louis Rutte, C.S.J. 

National Teaching Fellowships Grant 
Amount: $26,000 

Avila College has received a grant for 
teaching fellowships and curriculum devel- 
opment granted under Title III of the High- 
er Education Act of 1965, through the De- 
partment of Health, Education and Welfare, 
Office of Education. The bulk of this sum is 
to fund the salaries of three teaching fellows 
in the areas of sociology, guidance and coun- 
seling, and political science. Those who will 
be teaching at Avila under the provisions of 
this grant are Mrs. Ana McGlynn, Mrs. 
Martha Leape, and G. Richard Scott. Thomas 
A. Webster, Chairman of the Department of 
Social Science is coordinator of the program. 

Library Gift 

Mrs. Roy Roberts has presented to Avila 
College a major portion of the books con- 
tained in the private library of her late 
husband. Many of these volumes deal with 
current history, business, and politics. Book 
plates will indicate that these books belong 
to the Roy Roberts collection. They are 
valued at about $1,120. 

Shapley to Lecture 

Dr. Harlow Shapley of Harvard Univer- 
sity will lecture at Avila on October 2. His 
topic will be “Cosmic Evolution.” This is 
the first of the Distinguished Lecture series 
to be given under the 1967-1968 Area Lec- 
ture Series grant of the Kansas City Re- 
gional Council of Higher Education. This 
lecture, planned specifically for the benefit 
of the faculty members of the KRCHE col- 
leges, is open by invitation to advanced stu- 
dents that have been recommended by facul- 
ty members. 

The program for the day includes Dr. 
Shapley ’s lecture at 10; discussion at 11:30; 
lunch at 12; panel discussion at 1:30; and 
informal discussion at 3. Sister John Bren- 
dan Murrill, C.S.J. , will serve as the Avila 
coordinator for this lecture and as panelist 
at the 1 :30 discussion period. 

This same lecture will be given on Oc- 
tober 3 at Central Missouri State Teacher 
College, and on October 4. at Mount St. Schol- 
astica College to make it available to all the 
KCRCHE participating colleges. 

Dr. Shapley, who is pre-eminent in the 
field of astronomy, has been a lecturer on 
Cosmography at Harvard since 1952. He 
holds honorary degrees from seventeen uni- 
versities in all parts of the world. He has 
been president of eight national scientific 
organizations, including the American Aca- 
demy of Arts and Sciences and the Ameri- 
can Association for the Advancement of 
Science. He has made numberless contribu- 
tions to science through his discoveries, his 
development of theories in the field of as- 
tronomy, and his publications. 


New faculty appointments at Avila 
became effective on September 1. Dr 
Charles Malone, who has been on sab- 
batical leave, has returned to Avila as 
professor of education. 

Other full-time instructors at Avila 
are Rev. Alfred M. O'Laughlin, theology 
and full-time chaplain; Sister Marian 
Francis Cook, C.S.J., theology, and 
Sister David Louise Pace, C.S.J., Span- 
ish. Faculty members at Avila as a part 
of a teaching fellowship grant are Mrs. 
Ana McGlynn, sociology; Mrs. Martha 
Leape, guidance and counseling; and 
G. Richard Scott, political science. 

Joining the part-time faculty are 
George Wasko of the Circle Theatre, 
drama; Sister St. Paul Lorens, C.S.J., 
anatomy and physiology; Sister Ellen 
James Mulligan, C.S.J., music; and 
Irene Parish Scarborough, English. 

Norma Lee Lewis has been ap- 
pointed the chairman of the department 
of nursing. She replaces Sister Mary 
Mark Duranty, C.S.J., who has assumed 
new duties at the Cardinal Ritter Insti- 
tute in St. Louis. 

NEW FACULTY L. to R.. Row 1: Sr. St. Paul Lorens, C.S.J.; Sr. David 
Louise Pace, C.S.J.; Sr. Marian Francis Cook, C.S.J.; Sr. Ellen James 
Mulligan, C.S.J. Row 2: Mrs. Martha Leape; Rev. Alfred M. O’Laughlin, 
G. Richard Scott, and Charles Malone. Not pictured are Irene Parish 
Scarborough and George Wasko. 

Alumnae Children Welcomed 

AT LEFT, Pictured here are the twin daughters and son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Milton F. Mulligan (Mary Ann McLeese ’53). They are Joan, 
Jane, and Gerald Mulligan. The Mulligans are near neighbors of 
Avila. BELOW. Several members of the department of nursing 
were on hand to welcome back Mrs. David Wilbur Armin (Patricia 
Adams ’65) and her young son, Charles Anthony, when they visited 
Avila. The Armins now reside in Sioux Falls, S.D. L. to R. Sr. 
Catherine Louis Rutte; Mrs. James W. Adams, Pat’s mother; Sr. 
Helen Lucile Rutte; Pat and Charles; and Sr. Helene Schorfheide.