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Editor, Publisher, Typist and janitor: Walt Caldwell, Box 
29, Fayetteville, W„Va. 25840 :: Free Ad Editor: Fred 
Lange, Box 7624, Hollins, Va. 24019 :: Question and 
Answer Editor: Tom Hitt, Box 970, Defiance, Ohio 43512 
New Finds Editor: Don Edkins, 488 Second St., Framingham, 
Mass. 01701 

+ + +-f++ + -f- + + + + + + + + ++ + + + 4- + + ++ 4- + 
NSCA President: W.E.Williams, Box 3015, Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
37830 :: Vice-Presidents: C. H. Blakeman, Box 536, Middle- 
sboro, Ky. 40965 - C. F. Colley, Box 130, Ethel, W.Va. 
25076 and C. O. Rogers, Rt 3, 111 Oslo Ct., Williamsburg, 
Va. 23185 :: Secretary - Treasurer: Walt Caldwell, Box 29 
Fayetteville, W.Va, 25840 

+ -f-'f + 4- + + + ++ + 4--}- + + + + + 4' + + + + + + + + + 
VOL, 7 - NUMBER 69 FEBRUARY 1980, 



l™J 5 ^ I 5 ]E ML s „ c 5 i ?™ n _ by_bill FiMAMS 

^qUES^(^_^J\NSW^S2!. JBX ™ HI TT_ 





1/800/238/8000 OR 304/ 255/1511 
(Advise that you are with NSCA) 



A card or letter to each of 

them would be a good gesture., and who knows, you might work up an interesting 
token trade deal !! 

624 - ROBERT H. SHOWN, 835 Madison St., Beaver Dam, Ky. (C. Travis, Jr.) Not listed 
in previous bulletins due to the janitor's error here at the office! 

649 - STEPHEN S. SENICH, 163 Stoddard Rd., Waterbury, Conn. 06708 (W. Williges) 

650 - LEE R. SANDERS, R.R. 1, Box 54, Calhoun, Illinois 62419 (R. Kelly) 

651 - JIM NEELY, Cary Coin Shop, 127 West Chatham St., Cary, No. Carolina 27511 (Roughton)| 

652 - JIMMY D. CUMMINGS, Rt. 1, Spring Cut Circle, Corbin, Ky. 40701 (J.B.Williams) 

653 - D. MARK BALLARD, 1204 Anderson Drive, Marion, Illinois 62959 (W. Williges) 

654 - SAM S. JOHNSON, 3457 Simcoe Ct., Lexington, Ky. 40502 (J.B. Williams) 

655 - ROBERT L. KIRK, 8806 MacCorkle Ave. S.E., Marmet, W.Va. 25315 

656 - PHILLIP R. BYRNES, JR., 6024 N. 11th Place, Phoenix, Arizona 85013 

657 - TRAVIS A. PARIS, 5604 Malmsbury Rd., Knoxville, Tenn. 37921 (Harry Dunn) ■ 

658 - GEORGE L. HAIRSTON, Superior, W.Va. 24886 (E. Maples) 

659 - JAMES R. COOKE, 324 Ridge Ave., Winchester, 22601 

660 - JAMES D. MILLER, 409 Melrose St., Bristol, Tenn. 37620 

661 - KENNETH A. LARGE, Rt. 4, Beaver Dam, Ky. 42320 (C. Travis, Jr.9 

662 - NOAH PHELPS, P.O.Box 67, Beaver Dam, Ky. 42320 (C. Travis, Jr.) 

663 - JAMES E. MULKIN, 1923 8th Ave., Bessemer, Alabama 35020 (Rich Hartzog) 

664 - VONETTA D. ROBERTS, 5325 Telegraph Ave. #301, Oakland, Calif. 94609 

665 - JIMMIE HELTON, P.O.Box 509, Loyall, Ky. 40854 

666 - WALT JELLUM, 235 So. Beach, Sp 96, Anaheim, Calif. 92804 

667 - JACK MONTGOMERY, 1208 Park St., Bedford, Va. 24523 (Lou Sutton) 

668 - E. BAXTER LEMMOND, Box 948, Grundy, Virginia 24614 (D. Crotty) ^ 

Twenty-one new listings this issue!! A fine job but we need more!! According to my 
standings, following are leaders in the membership contest... Remember - the member 
signing the most new members receives the large membership trophy at the Spring 1980 
meeting !! Too, each member signing only FIVE new members receives one of the Edkins' 
scrip catalogs i! 

FIRST : Claude Travis, Jr. 8 new members — SECOND : Tie - C. F. Colley, Darrell Crotty 
and R. R. Tippy 4 new members — FIFTH : Tie - Paul Jensen, El wood Maples and J. B. 
Williams 3 members each — EIGHTH : Tie - Sam Nicholls, Robert Kelly, Dave Mullins and 
W. Williges 2 members each. A large group have one new manber signed and are not 

listed this bulletin!! The contest is still wide open and YOU can be the big winner i! 
Contest closes at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 3, 1980 just before membership meeting... 

H-H - l 1 I 1 H -+ti H -i- H- t- H -H- H ' 


H I 1 - 11 H l - IH - ( It I t I + -H II I HHI I HIUI H + 


Mail to: Walter Caldwell, Secretary 
P. 0. Box 29 

Fayetteville, West Va. 25840 

Name: . 


Recommended by: 

Annual dues—$5.00 

Copies “Edkins Catalogue of Coal Company Scrip” 

T H E 



T 1 S 

In view of the weather and Holiday 
Season activities, I am not doing much 
traveling these days. So, I did get 
my column to ole Walter early enough 
to get out of the corner, at least for 
this issue. 


While going over my notes I find that 
mentioned almost everyone except my 
local NSCA member friends. Most of 
the following live within 30 miles of 
Oak Ridge and I see them regularly at 
flea markets, antique auctions or their 
places of business: Judson Carson, 

Raymond Hamlin, Ralph Hampton, Ken Kingsbury, Fred Lynch, Francis Maddux, Fred McNam¬ 
ara, Ed Norman, Jasper Payne, V. 0. Reedy, Lance Packer, Hobart Tinch, R. R. Tippy, 
Geff Hanisek and Charles Winfrey. I enjoy visiting and trading with them very much. 

During the past six months, I have received several suggestions and comments from 
members. Some are shown below. Comments are sincerely appreciated and suggestions 
will be implemented to the extent it is practical. 

A Missouri writer said "I think the enlargement of coverage is a step in the right 
direction of providing an understanding of the range of the turn of century token 
economy. I hope that you will encourage the cataloguing of all types of patent scrip 
and their users. The most logical extension is to include general'storesComment: 

I do expect to encourage cataloguing all types of mining and manufacturing scrip and 
related'company stores. These, however, will not all be in the same book. To do so 
would make such a catalog so thick as to be quite unwieldy. I visualize three books; 
the Edkins' catalog, for coal scrip, the Trantow catalog for lumber scrip and a third 
book yet to be compiled of all other mining and manufacturing scrip. 

From a West Virginia collector with regard to reproduction (counterfeit, restrikes 
or fantasy) scrip. "I think everyone who has that junk should destroy it. — It 
should be against NSCA rules to sell it or trade it." Comment: There are several 
very strong opinions on all sides of this question. The current position of NSCA is 
that such tokens should be clearly identified as being reproductions, etc., whenever 
they are offered for auction. Similiar actions would appear to be indicated as a 
matter of ethics on the part of'all members when handling sales or trades. 

From a Kentucky collector who said he was not renewing his membership. "After paying 
$13.00 for it (Edkins 1 catalog), two years later I find little or no reference to 
the items auctioned by catalog numbers.--- The catalog is a waste of money and it is 
not used as I supposed it would be." AND a similiar expression from an Alabama 
collector. "I would like to see Edkins' numbers and rarities used in NSCA auctions. 

—The consignors could catalog their own pieces. —That's my 2<£ worth." Comment: 

We are attempting to accomplish this. One item expressed at the Cumberland Gap meeting 
was that all"consignors should place catalog numbers on their lots before sending them 
to Walter. Numbers will be used to the extent possible along with the company names 
for the time being. (Comment by Walter:* Please see the current auction listings - 
the consignor came up with a fine job of listing! On future consignments, we should 
have a list of all items being sent along with the numbers on the token holders!! 
Incidentally, I had a couple of letters objecting to listing by Edkins' catalog numbers 
only following my comment'in the last bulletin for expressions from all members as to 
whether they would like thefauctions to go by Edkins*'numbers only. It appears that 
the best solution - when possible - will be to have a combination of both - the 
Edkins' numbers and a brief description of the tokens being offered. W.C.) 

From a Minnesota collector: "I have decided not to renew my membership with NSCA. 

This is not due to any fault of the organization itself. ---I'm not a scrip collector. 
—NSCA is- serving scrip collectors quite well in my opinion." A California collector 


dropped his membership because he has sold out and no longer is interested in scrip, 
Another California member complained about the method we were using for billing for 
dues. He sent dues for four years so that he would be sure to be paid. He also 
inquired about life memberships. Comment: dim: We changed the billing procedure 
this year in an attempt to correct the condition you mentioned. Hope you did not 
get a bill for 1980 dues even though your dues already were paid. I had paid mine 
in advance, but I got a bill anyhow. Sometimes you can't even win one! As for a 
life membership, this would require formal action by the Association. No such action 
is contemplated at this time. (Comment by Walter: What with a living to make in 
addition to the NSCA hobby work and what with a change two times in office help, I 
realize that some errors are being made. Too, I have another occasional bulletin and 
a membership roster of five hundred names to keep up with for the local Legion post. 

I have been"Adjutant for 34 years and am trying to find someone to take over this 
duty.. Too, now have an efficient secretary and am continually working to keep the 
membership roster for NSCA (now about 500 strong) up to date. If any member has a 
problem in this regard, certainly let me know promptly. W.C.) 

In connection with my travels, I have received enough trickle back to encourage me 
to continue. Some of the more complimentary remarks follow.. 

"Have heard from some of the people you met on your trip. ---Mostly remarks 'nice 
guy but tough trader'." (From a Virginia collector who is a notoriously tough trader 

A Kentucky collector told me he had a letter from a Texas collector who had met me 
at the Texas Trade Token Collectors meeting last dune and that I was like a "kid in 
a candy store." I plead guilty, but I did not know the glow in my eyes was so 
obvious. He should’have seen me when I visited Louis Crawford in Mississippi and 
Tom Robinson in Arkansas. The lumber tokens these two members had is fantastic. All 
three made large contributions to my personal collection - for a price, of course! 

And a final comment in a letter from another Texas member. "I really did enjoy our 
recent visit. Thanks again for thinking about me." 

Humor existed everywhere I went. One interesting example occured while I was visiting 
Mr. and Mrs. K. in Indiana. I observed that they had a fine billy goat in their 
barn lot. They said they had borrowed him from a neighbor named Ebelsizer for a 
service contract. They, therefore, called the goat "Billy Ebelsizer". While I was 
there Billy found the grass greener outside the lot, so he jumped the fence. When 
Mrs. K. saw this, she yelled "Billy Ebelsizer get back over that fence." Billy paid 
* no attention until she said, "Billy Ebelsizer, if you don't get over that fence,'I 
am going to tell Ralph K." Would you bel ieve that'Bil ly promptly jumped back into 
the lot. If I had not seen it myself, I would not have believed it. 'He was still 
there when I left. 






Coal, Lumber, Mining 

And Manufacturing 


. . 




0/s ciod 

...COAL TOKENS are coming of age! 
Scriptor Dr. David Orrahood, Ky., 
has sent along computerization sheet 
he has developed for coal and lumber 
scrip.. He has promised to attend a 
future NSCA convention to explain 

this exciting project .. .What with 
the pnice o{, gold and. AilveA getting 

oat Aeach mo6t collector 6, mono, and mono, one tuAning to tokens a6 thein. majoA 
hobby inteAe&t! YOU should 6e totting youA collectori ^AiendA about NSCA /...It is again 
time for nominations for the Token and Medal Society officers. Your Editor is again a 
candidate for the Board of Governors of TAMS. If you would write a note to the Secretary 
it would be appreciated. Ten letters of nomination are needed. NSCA has several TAMS 
officers as members so nominate as many of these as you like. Send your note to: 

DOROTHY C. BABER, 611 Oakwood Way, El Cajon, Calif. 92021.... Speaking of TAMS, the 
Krause Publications has indicated that they will no longer be providing the editorship 
and printing for the publication ’TAMS JOURNAL*. This was a great contribution by 
Cliff Mishler and Doug Watson for the benefit of TAMS and will create special problems 
for the Board in coming months. As many of you are aware, the entire dues collection 
by TAMS did not cover the expenses of the publication. This, of course, is a problem in 
most hobby organizations.... Better be getting your reservations in to Holiday Inn for 
the Spring 1980 convention of NSCA in Beckley, W.Va. See details in another section of 
this bulletin. Your Editor had occasion to be in the Inn recently and only Tippy and 
Jensen had rooms at that point! Be sure and tell them you are with NSCA since they have 
a special block of rooms reserved....Scriptor Fred Lange postcards from Fort Lauderdale 
that he will return to Virginia about March 1st. Incidentally, as this is being written 
(1/23/80) we are getting our first real winter weather here in the hills. It has been 
very mild to this point (8 above forcast for tonight) and we are getting closer to 
Spring every day....Walt Jellum of Calif, is especially interested in coal scrip frcm 
Spitsbergen and Bear Island and recently joined NSCA as a result of the last article 
on foreign scrip by the Editor.. .Book Editor Don Edkins needs information on "W. Va. 
Pocahontas Colliery". Was it frcm Secoma, W.Va.?? The type with the 'slot' cut is the 

one he is concerned about. Scriptor Craigo, can you help Don on this?_ Vo EditoA 

AegAetA the inconvenience ccuued PsieAident William causing him the expense o& getting 
out a letter to all membeAA . The matter, o£ pAeAenting a publication date fioA each lAAue 
ofi "SCRIP TALK " iA almost impoAAible due to my otheA woAk AeAponAibilitieA! I have to 
daAh out the bulletin oa bito time become available! About all o£ the hobby bulletini> 
Aeem to have deadline problem 6 ... A good ’nule c& thumb ' to have material | [on. the 
next bulletin to me ^£oAe_thejilo^^jiate c{jzack in the bulletin. .. Scriptor 

Tom Hitt has forwarded pKoto copy ofpages~Trom ‘'HDirectory oF American Saw and Planing 
Mills' which I didn't know existed. I don't know whether it is still published or when 
it started. The interesting part is that "Terra Alta Bargain House" (Terry Alta, WV) is 
listed as a "saw mill" in the 1932 edition.. From the token name, you would never know! 
Same town lists 'Offutt § Lakin' as saw mill and general store and I believe that many 
also have tokens from this firm.. .Scriptor Gordon Dodrili forwards a letter from Scriptor 
Jack Jones of Virginia. Mr. Jones questions whether "Boissevain Supply" is coal scrip. 

He indicates that it was not affiliated with Pocahontas Fuel Co... Mr. Dodrili notes 

that the official "Keystone Coal Field Directory" lists Boissevain as the company store 
for Pocahontas Fuel Co. for ten years - 1922 thru 1931* He indicates that these things 
happen, however, he has to go on the official source (Keystone) as they list them!.... 
Scriptor Patrick D. Hogan writes that my article on foreign coal tokens 'opens up a 
new can of worms' for NSCA.. He enclosed rubbings of gold mining tokens from Madagascar. 
Too, a rubbing from Tunisia from a ironmongery. And, listings of French mining tokens.. 
What with NSCA branching out to include all forms of mining and manufacturing, there are 
exciting days ahead for our members as new material and data becomes available.. Right 
now, we need knowledgable collectors to send us info for the bulletin on other types of 
mining and manufacturing tokens.. I know there are collectors with this material.;. 
Scriptor Harold Lee notes that new finds from 'Monroe Coal Mining Co., Barmum, Wv' (a 

hard rubber goodie) and from 'Short Line Coal Co., Dolva, WV' have been located. 

(Continued on next page since we still have some good notes to pass along.) 



...Harold, if you have not already done so, send these "goodies' along to Don Edkins 
so that they can get in the catalog! This applies also to all members., if you have 
items not in the catalog, be sure and send them along to: DON EDKINS, 48 B SECOND ST., 
FRAMINGHAM, MASS. 01701....Scriptor Gole S. Chttle forwards clipping from "The Antique 
Trader" where one of their feature articles highlighted "Flickers" and indicated that 
information on collecting them could be secured from NSCA. Several informative bits 
have been included in recent issues. Incidently, Publisher Babka is a current member 
of NSCA... .RejJcAence was made in the last bulletin concerning "Goldenseal" magazine 
being published by the State West Virginia (Vept. o& Culture and History) and that 
a firee subscription was available by writing them. {This was the magazine that carried 

Scriptor Craigo's interesting article on coal scrip.)..Recent news releases firom Char¬ 
leston indicate that the Governor did not budget fiunds &or continuation ofi this great 
magazine since he did not want anything to compete with the regular state magazine 
"Wonderful West Virginia". Thus, i£ you wrote &or a subscription, you might not be 
getting it! More infio later as we get more details, .. .NOTE: On the yellow page in 
this bulletin you will note a reference to Craigo's article and a picture of an early 
paper scrip item from ’Kanawha Salt Company’. The page had to be omitted from the last 
bulletin due to postage costs. We still wanted you to have the article on ’Trade 
Check Decisions' by S. H. Quints mint so the page will still be of interest... A special 
reminder to all members: The Donohoe trophy for the best article printed in "SCRIP 
TALK" during the past year will be presented at the Spring 1980 meeting in Beckley.. 

As stated before, don't worry about literary style... send along info on your scrip 
items to the Editor., we will whip it up for publication... Too, remember that a trophy 
will also be presented to the TOP membership recruiter... Still time to get in those 
new members... And, do not forget that you get a FREE copy of the Edkins' catalog for 
each FIVE new members signed... When you have signed five, please advise the Secretary 
so that your book can be sent to you !! While we are talking about membership, please 
be reminded that any member signed after July 1st gets the balance of the present year 
bulletins free and all of the following year. All dues are due on January 1st of each 
year and those who do not have a 1980 membership card will be dropped from the mailing 
list shortly... Postage and paper costs continue (like all else) to go higher !!... 

Two or three members have inquired about the "R. C. TWAY COAL CO." scrip that has hit 
the market recently.. One member has advised that "the grandson of Mr. Tway recently 
sold 200 seven piece sets to a coin shop in Louisville" so it should be available for 
all interested collectors. The seven piece sets consist of four pieces from one loc¬ 
ation and three from another and are in aluminum - unknown manufacturer.. I believe 
that they are going at about $10... Apologies to Bob Shown of Beaver Dam, Ky. His name 
was missed in the list of new members and a correction will appear in this issue on 
the Membership Report page....Incidentally, some real nice scrip is showing up from 
the Beaver Dam section of Kentucky... The continuation of the bulletin depends a great 
deal on your support of the "Mail Auction Sale" in each issue. Why not make bids on 
sane of the lots?? What with Charles Ross' great new feature on prices realized on all 
past auctions, you will have a handy 'guide' to what you should bid.. The profits from 
the sale goes toward a bigger and better bulletin! I As previously mentioned, there is 
no way that I know of that membership dues can pay the costs of our bulletin or any 
club bulletin that amounts to anything! So., let's see your bid sheets ccme in !!... 
Keep the Bulletin Editor informed on any group meetings that you have.. A group of 
Southern V/. Va. collectors have scheduled a swap and shop meeting on Sunday, Feb. 3 
in Fayetteville. Details in next bulletin on what happened!!....That's about it for 
this time - the snow continues to come down and the roads appear to be getting rough! 

ATlmmQN ALL NSCA MEMBERS : We need a special item or two from you for the MINI AUCTION 
to be held on Friday, May 3, 1980 at the Spring 1980 NSCA Convention!! If you will get^ 
them to me now, a special sale list can be prepared in advance! Be sure and note what 
yew want for each item and you will be paid !! The balance realized will be used to 
help pay the cost of holding the convention (Meeting room expense, etc.)!! Remember: 
we do not want common stuff for this special event!! We want a limited number of 
attractive lots which will be auctioned following the "dutch" dinner at Beckley... 


FOLDER FRO M S. H. QUINT ft SONS - (A^prcx.,,aate. 1903) 


W E have had of late frequent inquiries con¬ 
cerning the use of raised letter checks for 
trade purposes. The dealers jn these, especially in 
the East, have recently been troubled by a report 
that a certain district attorney has ruled that the 
use of trade checks is illegal. Thus it is feared that 
this line of business will be greatly injured. In 
order to quiet such fears and set the trade at rest, 
we give below two notable court decisions, which 
should count in settling this question in other sec¬ 
tions of our country : 

Ruling of Judge Grosscup, Oct. 31, 1898, on 
motion to quash : United States vs. Christian II. 
Hanson—The contention of the United States in 
this information is that certain pieces of metal 
issued by the defendants, which purported to make 
them good at the store or place of business of the 
defendants for a certain money’s worth of goods, 
were in fact tokens under the statute of the United 
States forbidding the issuance of any tokens or 
other evidences of currency indebtedness by any¬ 
one within the limits of the United States. All of 
these so-called tokens are perhaps illustrated by 
any of them. Here is one of them which on its 
face says, “Good for fifty in merchandise” I 
presume that of course means fifty cents. On its 
obverse side it says, “The L. M. & Co., General 
Merchandise.” The supposition is that they can 
be taken in and presented at the counter of this 
merchant and fifty cents’ worth of merchandise 

obtained. Another one is a milk ticket which an¬ 
nounces that it is good for a certain quantity of 

I do not think there is any resemblance between 
any of these metal pieces and any of the coins of 
the United States, therefore there is no counter¬ 
feiting or semblance of counterfeiting. If a token 
means something issued in the resemblance of the 
coin of the United States, these pieces of metal do 
not fall within the definition. If it means, as its 
wider significance in some dictionaries would seem 
to indicate, that it stands simply in the place of 
coin, then it would fall within the provision of the 

My own belief is that the purpose of this statute 
would look to the forbidding of the issuance of any 
metal pieces that so resemble the coin of the United 
States that they might easily be mistaken for the 
coin of the United States. 

I think there must be some points of resemblance. 
I do not know why a merchant may not issue a 
pasteboard check, and if so a metal check, an¬ 
nouncing that they stand as good at his counter 
for a certain amount of goods. It is certainly done 
widely, has been done widely, in the case of such 
things as milk tickets and other matters that are 
peddled from house, to house where it w r ould be a 
great inconvenience to pay every time an article 
is delivered. People buy their tickets in large 
quantities, and I cannot sec any difference in sub¬ 
stance between a pasteboard check and these 
metal pieces. 

I therefore quash the information in tins case. 

t® & & 

United States District Court, District of Minne¬ 
sota, Third Division, decision : 

(Continued on following page) 

1 li(' 1 niteil States of America V3. Demetrius P 

Tbc defendant demurs generally to the informa¬ 
tion in this case, the first four counts of which are 
that the defendant at the time and place stated did 
make and issue tokens and obligations of metal, 
each for a sum less than one dollar, intended to 
circulate as money, and to be received and used in 
lieu of lawful money of the United Slates. Two 
additional counts are that the defendant at the time 
and place did make and cause to he made and have 
in his possession, with intent to sell and give away, 
business tokens ot metal in likeness and similitude, 
5,8 <° design, color and inscription thereon, of the 
silver coin in one instance and gold coin in the other 
of the United States of specified denominations. 
Each count in the information contains the repre¬ 
sentation of an impression of each of the sides of 
the metal token described in that count. 

It thus appears upon the face of the information 
that the metal token described in the first count is 
circular in form, a little smaller than the half dollar 
silver coin of the United States, and on one side 
appears the raised inscription: Clark & Boico 
Lumber Co.. 181)8, Jefferson, Texas,” and on the 
other side, “Good for 50c. in merchandise.” Its 
weight is alleged to he 27 grains troy weight, 
which is less than one fifth the weight of the half 
dollar coin, which is the nearest to it in size of any 
coin of the United States. It differs in its device 
and inscription plainly from all coins of the United 
States, and is not liable to he mistaken for any 
ot them, even by careless or illiterate persons. It 
docs not purport to he a piece of money, and the 
obligation expressed is in terms solvable merchan 
dise. It cannot therefore have been intended to 
circulate as money or to be received and used in 

lieu of lawful money, and docs not come within 
the prohibition of Sec. 8583 D. S. I{. H. 

United States vs. Van Aukcn, DO U. S. A. 300 : 

The same icasons lead to the like conclusions in 
icspect to tTie token described in the other counts 
of the informal ion. Is either do any of these tokens 
com« within the provisions of Sec. 5402 U S. Ii. S., 
which also applies only to tokens intended to be 
used as money. 

1 lie fifth count describes a metal token circular 
in form and a trifle larger than the half dollar 
silver coin of the United States, which on one side 
hears the raised inscription “ A. M. ADlre, Wagon 
Mount, New Mex.,” and on the other side. “Good 
for $1 in merchan dise.” Its weight is alleged to 
ho 4/ grains troy weight. This does not support 
the averment that it is in tlie likeness and simili¬ 
tude of the silver coin of the United States called a 
silver dollar, which is much larger than this token 
and more than six times as heavy, and with no 
similarity in the device or inscription. It does not 
therefore come within the prohibition of the act of 
Fel>. 10, 1891. Arid like reasons apply to the 
metal token described in tlie sixth count of the 

The demurrer is .therefore sustained, and judg¬ 
ment will he entertained discharging the defend¬ 



Stencil, Rubber Stamp & Pattern 
Letter Works, 

15 So. 4th Street, PHILADELPHIA, PA. 

H - H 1 ! -1 1 H l-I- I -HH-H - H ! 1 ! ■ H - H - l H 1 1 H - HH-H - H I 1 1 H H -i f 1 H H fl+H-H- t -H 1 I I I I I- i- H I l- H H -f -H - H -4 

ROBERT CRAIGO - (Permission to reprint granted by Craigo and Goldenseal 
Magazine).. Pictured below is Kanawha Salt Company paper scrip from 
Kanawha Salines (now Charleston). 

• • * i * • . • • - 


(Company Store for Merrill Coal Mines, Inc.) BY: C. F. COLLEY 

I just recently completed a set of scrip for M. G. Sutherland Stores, Logan, W.Va. 
The scrip is MM1, solid, brass and nickel and each piece is scalloped. Ibis set of 
scrip is completely different from the set of M. G. Sutherland, Henlawson, W. Va. 
scrip listed in the Edkins' book under Henlawson 1295. 

Since some collectors might think this is "merchant tokens", I have done some 
research on this subject and the following is the history of all stores owned by 
M.G. Sutherland from the beginning to the end. 

In 1926, M. G. Sutherland opened a General Store and a Service Station at Henlaw¬ 
son, W.Va. Merrill Coal Mines, Inc., also located at Henlawson, issued paper scrip 
to their employees that was good only at the M. G. Sutherland store. Mr. Sutherland 
had his own metal scrip made in denominations of 1% to $1.00 which he used as change 
for the paper scrip. This is the scrip listed in the Edkins* book under Henlaw¬son 
1295. The Coal Cbrapuny paid Mr. Sutherland face value less 10% for all paper scrip 

returned to them. Thus, the Cbal Company rr'de a. straight 10% on gross sales. 

• »-•* ** ■ »'• 

About 1929 Mr. Sutherland opened another store at Peach Creek, W.Va., just a short 
distance fran Henlawson. Here he sold patented medicine and other related drug items 
of that period. He also had a grocery and clothing department in this store. Several 
of the employees of Merrill Coal Mines, Inc. lived here. The same scrip used at 
Henlawson was used here also. . < r - 

i 1 t.- 

In 1933, Mr. Sutherland opened, an Appliance Store in Logan, W.Va. At this time he 
formed a corporation with the three stores under the name of M. G. Sutherland Stores, 
Logan, W.Va. With the three stores operating he needed more metal scrip for change 
so he had some made in the new name of M. G. Sutherland Stores. Both types of scrip 
was used at all three stores. 


In 1936 the M. G. Sutherland Stores went bankrupt. Fearing that someone would get 
hold of his scrip and that he would be liable for it, Mr. Sutherland and his son, 

Malcolm Jr., took the scrip to the center of the bridge that crossed Guyan River at 
Henlawson and threw it in the river. This ended the M, G. Sutherland scrip era. 

+ _ £ i f., . ' j ** i ■ 

In later years Mr. Sutherland had a modem Super Market at Matewan, W,*Va. But, he 
did not.have any arrangement with a coal company. 

Mr. Sutherland has been deceased for several years. However, his name still goes 
on through a son, Malcolm G. Sutherland, who still lives in Logan, W.Va., and who can 
corroborate this story. Malcolm has only one piece of his father's scrip, a 50% 
piece of the Henlawson type, that I gave him about ten years ago. This was the only 
piece I had at the time. No, ten years later, having come up with a piece at a time 
of this scrip, that 50% piece is all I need to complete a set of Henlawson scrip !! 

Ur • ‘ ' ' • •' * 


"Jan. 21, 1980 — Dear El wood: Thanks so much for the scrip! It is now hanging on the 
wall in our den. I finally got the information you wanted... The scrip was issued by 
the store, DUO SUPPLY - not the company. 5 It was opened in 1937 by James Decker and 
Claude Jarrett. Harold B. Tbnkin was the first store manager. He issued the scrip 
to the men and then it was collected by coal company payroll from The Raine Lumber 
and Cbal Cbmpany. I don't know when it was discontinued. Betty Hume". 

Mrs. Hume is a member of the family that is involved and provided this information 
as verification that DUO SUPPLY COMPANY scrip was directly related to a coal company 


www ir 

mw •TT'T^m 1 xsniifcriOTJifiii 

Plan NOW to 
attend the 





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UMltoiIMW hi w 'i ii»» wi»Hf rm m id—n— »■ ■■» 

Abraham Lincoln had just been inaugurated president of the United States the 
previous month, when the. Consolidation Coal Company was incorporated on March 9, 

1860 in the state of Maryland. It's organization, however, was delayed by the 
troubled Civil War times, and was formally undertaken on April 19, 1864. 

In it’s first year, this company of combined small mine interests in Maryland 
mined 37,687 tons of coal, a striking contrast of developed annual capacity of ten 
million tons in later years. They purchased the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad 
which was constructed in 1843, and have moved over 150 million tons of coal from the 
Georges Creek seam of Maryland over these tracks. 

One month after organization, in May 1864 Consolidations capital stock increased 
from $100,000 to $6,000,000 when it acquired in exchange for stock, the following 
companies: Ocean Steam Coal Co. with 2,345 acres of coal land for 16,000 shares of 
capital stock. Frostburg Coal Co. with 1,687 acres of coal land for 12,000 shares 
of capital stock, and the Mount Savage Iron Co. with 6,890 acres of coal land for 
22,000 shares of capital stock. All properties were located in Allegany County in 
Maryland. The company prospered and grew, owning 30 canal boats in 1867 shipping 
213,148 tons of coal by canal. 

For the first time in the history of the company, Consolidation in 1882 and 
1883 manufactured locomotives and cars for the general market at it’s Mount Savage, 
Maryland Shops. Nineteen passenger and freight engines were constructed at the shops 
in 1882, and sixteen locomotives were constructed in 1883. 

’'Osborne 1 *, the British steamer, left Baltimore on April 8, 1901 loaded with 
Consolidation coal bound for Japan, thus the Consolidation Coal Co. world competition 
began, with the rest of the world. 

Lenor F. Loree, the president of the Baltimore and Ohio bought 13,701 shares of 
Consolidation stock in early 1901, making his holdings 53,532 shares of 100,000 shares 
outstanding, thus giving the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad control of the largest acreage 
of unmined coal in the entire country. He became a director of Consolidation in 1902 
and negotiated the purchase and control of the Fairmont Coal Co. and the Clarksburg 
Fuel Co. in West Virginia, and the Somerset Fuel Co. in Pennsylvania. 12,000 acres 
were in North Central West Virginia and 25,000 acres were in Somerset County, in 
Pennsylvania. On June 2,0,1901 the Fairmont Coal Co, was incorporated in West Vir¬ 
ginia, operating 23,000 acres of coal. Two years later, in 1903, Consolidation 
acquired control, but the mines operated until 1910 under the Fairmont Coal Co. 
banner. 20 coal companies were involved in this merger, with 37 mines and 1060 coke 
ovens producting over four million tons annually. 

On April 26,1906, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad still held 53,532 shares of 
Consolidation stock. This 52% of the total capitalization went to Clarence W. Wat¬ 
son, a former West Virginia senator who was already president of the Consolidation 
Coal Co. This appears to be the first step taken by the big interests to divest 
itself of control, influenced by the United States Supreme Court decision of Feb. 

19, 1906 after the investigation cf the Interstate Commerce Commission under congress¬ 
ional authority. 

Consolidation Coal Co. controlled the Fairmont Coal Co. properties. The year 
1907 brought widespread disaster to the company. About 10 a.m. on the morning of 
December 6, 1907, there occurred at Monongah, W. Va. a terrific explosion in two of 
the Fairmont Coal Co. mines known as Monongah #6 and Monongah #8. Every man, except 
one, 359 in all was killed. The lone survivor was taken out through a ’’toad hole" 
and only careful medical attention saved his life. 250 widows and 1000 children were 
left without support. This disaster attracted country-wide attention. 

Consolidation, in 1909 and 1910 purchased 130,000 acres in Eastern Kentucky’s 
Elkhorn coal fields, where they still onerate mines today (1971) around Jenkins, 

(Reprinted by permission granted Gordon Dodrill, Pittsburgh, Pa.) 

(Continued on following page) 




' ri 

^ coat 'o 
^ COy.PZ NY.-#' 


In May of 1927, Consolidation properties became entirely non-union, the 
company having been the first large producer to make a determined fight on union 
domination under the Jacksonville wage scale. The Consolidation employees began 
organizing Miners Associations. 1927 was also to see Consolidation move up into 
first place as the largest producer of bituminous coal in the world. 

On June 2, 1932, Robert C. Hill, Frank R. Lyon and Howell Fisher were appointed 
receivers for Consolidations properties by the United States District Court for 
the District of Maryland. Subsequently, to facilitate an entire re-organization, 
the receivership was, on July 13, 1934, changed to a trusteeship, appointing Robert 
C. Hill and two other trustees. 

Just about the time of this trustee change in 1934, Congress passed the National 
Industrial Recovery Act, and under the collective bargaining provisions of the 
N.I.R.A., the United Mine Workers of America succeeded in unionizing all Consolidation 
employees totalling 9,000 with a monthly payroll of one million dollars. 

Consolidation operated 25 industrial company stores for complete miners needs. 

It rests it’s claim for patronage on competetive price, quality, service and courtesy 
to the miner. Consolidation Coal Co. is 107 years old (1971) and still is one of 
the largest producers of coal in the world.. 

ANDY BOBBY _ Wolf Run, Ohio 1 

Reprinted from 1913 Ohio Mines Report 

ELIZABETH MINE: Located about two miles from Amsterdam on the LEA&W Railroad. 
Operated by the Wolf Run Coal Co., Cleveland, Ohio. Thomas Donahue was Superintendent 
the fore part of the year, but resigned and was succeeded by J.D. Jones, who also 
resigned and was succeeded by Joseph Baker. Wm. Marsh was mine foreman the fore part 
of the year, but resigned and was succeeded by ANDREW BOBBY . This is a shaft opening, 
293 feet deep to the No. 5 seam which is 4% feet thick and of good quality. Machine 
mining; motor haulage; ventilated by a 14 ft. Cappell fan. Employs about 160 miners 
and 75 day men. Seven days were devoted to the inspection of this mine during the 
year. Jan. 9, about to resume operations; mine had been suspended since Sept.15, 

1911. Ordered dust all cleaned from haulways, stoppings repaired and air courses 
cleaned out before resuming operations. Jan. 18, orders of previous visit complied 
with and permission given to resume as soon as entries were sprinkled. Suggested that 
pipes be laid and a permanent sprinkling system installed. March 15, mine in much 
better condition than formerly. Haulways reasonably clean, stoppings repaired and 
ventilation increased at the face of the entries. June 4th, conditions about the 
same as on former visit. Aug.14, stoppings between 1 and 2 west repaired and 
cemented; ventilation increased. Suggested that track be laid in south air course 
and all obstructions removed. Nov.14, 15, found standing gas in rooms 4 and 6 third 
west and 24 old third west. These rooms were abandoned and caved in, the gas was on 
top of the falls. Had it all removed before leaving the mine. Requested that the 
fire bosses be given assistance so that they could properly take care of the old 
workings as well as the working places.(Editor’s note: Andy Bobby assumed oper¬ 

ation of this mine in 1914 according to Dodrill records. He operated until 1917 with ( 
about 198 employees so must have gotten all of the above listed problems in order. 

Andy Bobby scrip was issued at the Andy Bobby company store.) 



WEST VA. 25276 

Charles Ross (NSCA No. 2) is one of the veteran scrip 
collectors. He has kindly consented to provide all NSCA 
members with information from his scrip records... notes 
on items in his personal collection as well as data compiled 
from every past NSCA mail auction sale. 

"Dec. 26, 1979 - Dear Walter: As you well know a lot of 
interesting scrip has turned up in the mail sales over the 
years. I have recorded all this information on file cards - 
a separate card for each company or location. New collectors have no way of 
knowing whether you have ever sold a particular piece or set. I have also 
recorded all of the good Ed James sets (Editor's note: Mr. James was one of 
the first collectors of scrip in West Virginia and his collection wa6 sold in 
a series of auctions many years ago. W.C.). I didn't bother with the very 
common ones. I would like to make this information available for our newer 
collectors. Veteran collectors who don't keep records should find it very 
interesting also. I will also make comments based on personal experience 
about various scrip items. Also included will be comments about some of the 
'goodies' in my collection.... Example: I believe I have the oldest dated 
piece of U.S. coal scrip. It is the 1875 dated (Mt. Vernon, Ill.) Miller & 

Denny 10c piece. I got it in a now defunct Columbus, Ohio mail bid for about 
$5.... Example: I picked up the smallest $5. coal scrip piece for $1.00 
(Gleason Supply Company - same size as a Lincoln cent). It is probably a 
unique piece... Example: Four uncirculated pieces (10c to $1) of Dragon Coal 
Co., Morgantown, W.Va. was added to my collection sometime ago for only $15.00. 

I will also relate some of my experiences with Ancil. (Ancil Donohoe was another 
of the early collectors and a trophy in his honor is presented to the NSCA member 
submitting the best article each year for 'SCRIP TALK'. Ancil's collection was 
sold by his estate sometime ago.) I will also tell about Ancil offering me his 
collection for $10,000. a couple of years before he died. I don't think that he 
offered it to anyone else. I couldn't afford to buy it. If you are interested 
in this type of information for 'SCRIP TALK' please let me know... Charles Ross." 


"January 1, 1980 - Dear Walter: I was very pleased to hear that you like my offer. 

I will be pleased to share my information with other collectors. I am enclosing the 
'A' thru 'C' listings for publication. They are taking a great amount of time to 
compile but I have a lot of enthusiasm for this project and enjoy doing it. I 
.worked until about 11:00 p.m. Saturday and several hours on Sunday, Monday and 
Tuesday to do the enclosed. I hope that everyone understands that I may have 
inadvertently omitted a few pieces of good scrip... Depending on how you use my 
material, it may last a year or more. I have only one suggestion to offer...some 
collectors may prefer to keep the listings together for reference purposes. It 
might be a good idea, when possible, to have nothing on the page(s) except the 
listings. I secured a lot of very good scrip from Ed James before he sold out. 

Few people knew that you could go to his house and get fine scrip for $3.75 per 
piece... this included singles to sets with only one piece missing... no matter 
how rare, everything was $3.75 each. You didn't have to buy the entire incomplete 
set to get one piece... I got the Dragon pieces and many others from him. We were 
there twice and I am glad that Ancil wasn't in a buying mood either time.. I will 
complete the listings as soon as possible... Too, please feel free to add any 
comments that you want to make ... Charles Ross." 




This will be a 1 : sting of most of the coal and lumber company scrip that has appeared 
in "SCRIP iALK" mail bid sales from the very beginning through 1979- In most instances'Asr 
I am omitting sets that have appeared in the sales MORE than TEN times. I have mis- ♦ 
placed a few of the auction results, however, estimate that this listing is 98% complete. 

I have also listed some lots that are not coal or lumber. This should interest some of 
our members who do not limit their collecting to coal and/or lumber only. My comments 

will also be included. I do not consider myself to be an expert 
however, that I know as much about it as most people. In some 
that something seems to be very rare only to find out later that 
is no way that one collector can know about all the unreported 

I will also comment on various scrip in my collection if it 
I hope no one gets the mistaken 

on various scrip Items 
on scrip!! I do feel, 
cases, I might comment 
it is common !! There 
scrip that has been found, 
is interesting or scarce. 

impression that I am bragging 
about anything 1 have because I am not !! Walter, 'Tip', Bob, 'Corky', Paul and 
others have better collections. The price that ! paid for various items will be given. 
In some cases, I paid too much and in others I got it for a ridiculously low price... 

The list is not in strict alphabetical order. In most cases, I am omitting the word 
'the' if it is part of the company name. For example, look under "C" for the Consol¬ 
idation Coal Company. Such companies as James W. Borgman will appear under "B". For 
me, this is the easiest method to use for my filing cards. In most cases, I have 
omitted scrip (some scarce to rare) if the particular lot contained misc. other scrip. 
For example, Walter sold the scarce S.C.Ba11angee $1.00 piece with several others in 
the same lot. In the listings, some abbrev iat ions will be used: iiP_'"_hi.9il e s_ t _p£.i£ e _ 
£aj_d_— £rj_ce^ £a_i_d__-£_ _NB__-_nc5 b_i c[ ”_MB_ £_ M^i_n imum B_i d^ 

A. B. SUPPLY CO., Osage, W.Va . - 1$ to $1 - one set sold for $28 (1975)* In 11 years, 

I have had two sets. One came from Colorado, the other from Los Angeles. The above 
set is ex-Donohoe. He got it from me for a 5 to $1 in Blankenship & Mullins. I was 
a new collector. HP - 1 to 50$ -$12.10 (1977)- Other listings omitted. 

ABERDEEN SUPPLY CO., Steyer, Md . -1<S 
had almost a complete set. I believe he 

5$ $4.50 (1974). 
lacked the 10$. 

No other listings. Ed James 

ACME LIMESTONE CO. , Fort Spring, W.Va. - 1 to $1 $22.50 (1978) - $20.05 (1979). A 
fairly scarce set. 50$ is the key piece. Singles omitted - 4 others listed.. LP - 
$7.55 (1975) ~ HP - $23.00 (1977). 

AKIN MERCANTILE CO. Akin, 111 . - 1 listing (1976) 10$ $2.55 

ALABAMA BY-PRODUCTS CQRP. 1 listing for Bradford (1974) 10-25$ $10.50; 1 listing for 

Flat Creek 5-25$' (1974) $12.75 - 1 listing for Flat Creek 10 & $1 (1974) $10.00 

ALABAMA FUEL & IRON CO., Margaret, Ala . - 1 listing 1$ (1976) $12.00 

A. A. ALEXANDER, Crainville, 111 . - 4 sets and one 25$ sold - HP-$12.20 LP-10.05 

ALGOMA BLOCK COAL CO., Lothair, Ky . - 4 sets sold. HP -$16.00 LP -$15.00 

ALGOMA C.& C. Co., Algoma, W.Va. - No listings. I have 1 thru 50 (the 5,10,25,50 are 

unc.) Ex-Ed James for $15. All five are Ingle ptd. 

ALGONQUIN STORE - 1 listing (1976) $1 sold for $9-50. 

ALLBURN COAL CQRP .- 2 listings 10$ (1975) $2.55 and $1 (1976) for $6.50 
ALMA EAGLE COAL CO. - 2 listings 10$ (1974) $4.75 and 10$ (1975) for $5.25 
ALPHA POCA. COAL CO . - 9 listings for sets - LP $22.50 - HP - $55-95 - James set sold 
for $36.00 in 1972. 

ALMA FUEL CO., Sprigg, W.Va. - 1 listing 1$ Oreo 3 in 1976 for $12.00. 

ALTAMONT COAL CO., Altamont, Ky . - 3 listings -5$ 0974) $5.25 - $1 (1978) $9-20 and 
1$ 0979) $17.00. 

AMERICAN COAL CO. "A" punch ICS - 4 sets listed LP -(1972 ex-james) $5-00 - HP (1977) 

$27.10. 1$ and 5$ tough! 

AMERICAN COAL CO. - other locations omitted - the 10$ in P punch Ingle is rare.. 

AMERICAN EAGLE COLLIERY - Nothing ever listed above the 10$ - 1 & 10$ (1975) $6.75. 
AMERICAN ROLLING MILL CO. Zanesville, Ohio - 1 listing 25 & $1 (1978) $14.95 - no ^ 

listings for Middletown, Ohio. 

AMERICAN SMOKELESS COAL CO., Bokoshe, Okla. - 2 listings (both 1978) 10$ 12.75 and 

$1 for $12.75. 

AMES MINING CO. - 6 sets listed $9.00 (James) to $27.10 (1978). The 5 & 10$ keys.. 



AMHERST COAL 1 CO. (URN CUT) ICS - 1 listing (1975) 10c $5-25 

AMHERST COAL CO. (Braeholm UvT - 1 listing (1975) 5C ICS worn $2.50 

AMHERST COAL CO., Lundale, WV - 2 sets 1 to $5 (197^) $16.00 (1979) $35.50 This 

listing may be incorrect. At one time I didn't think a Lundale set existed. I 

may have omitted a set cr two because I thought they were from Amherstdale. 

AMHERST FUEL CO., Toney Fork - 1 set sold 5 to $1 (James) $19.00 -other listings 
omitted. v > 

AMIGO COAL CO., Amigo, WV - 2 mixed sets sold $17-75* $25-05. Other listings omitted. 
ANCHOR COAL CO., Highcoal, WV - 2 sets listed (1975) $25.00 (1977) $46.80. Singles 

and incomplete sets omitted. 

ANCHOR SUPPLY CO., Avella, Pa . - 1 listing (1974) 5C $6.00 

ANDERSON'S, D. W. CASH STORE - 2 listings (1975) 5C I SOS $5.25 (1977) 10c $1.00 

ANGUS COAL CO. - 9 sets sold 5 to $1 (James) $3. to 1979 5 to $5 $18.20 Others omitted. 
ARACOMA COAL CO . - 3 $1 listings only (1972) $5-15 - (1974) $9-35 - (1975) $2.35 

ARR0W00D, W. M/, Drift, Ky . -1 listing (1974) 10c A cut 04'4l - $3.75 

ASHER, J. H. Band Sawn Lumber - 8 sets sold (James) $5.00 to (1979) $22.00. I have 

always considered this set scarce. 

ASHER STATE & LUMBER CO . - No sets sold - 10 to $1 (1974) $10.10 - 25 to $1 (1974) 
$4.50. The 10 to $1 didn't use to be hard to get. The 5C is very tough. I got an 

unc 5C from a Ky. collector. 

ASHLAND COAL & COKE CO . - 1 set sold (James) $27.50. The $1 is almost impossible.. 

ATLANTIC SMOKELESS COAL CO . - 1 listing $1 (1978) $7.80 - tough scrip !! 

ATLAS COAL CO., Caoito, Ky . - 5 sets listed (1973) $8 to (1978) $15-50. I consider 

this set to be neither common or rare - it's someplace in between ! 

AVIS EAGLE COAL CO . - 6 sets sold (James) $12 to (1977) $26. - singles omitted... 

i I ,j f. I 1 ' ' * ■ * 1 > , . 1 

NOTE : Some of the towns listed may not agree with Edkins' catalog as my 
file cards were already made up and I am showing town as listed on scrip. 

“ ‘j 'Y . * » .ft ' • • ' • ^ 

BABCOCK COAL & COKE CO. ,• Cl ifftop, WV - ‘4 listings - $1' (James 1972) 

$25.00 (1975) $43.50, $5 (1975) $12.85* 10 to $5 (1979) $81.20 

BABCOCK COAL Sr COKE CO., Hamlet - 1 listing (1975) 5,25,$1 $19-05 

BABCOCK COAL & COKE CO., Sewell - 1 listing (1978) $1 ICS $8.10 

BABCOCK COAL & COKE CO . - Ed James assembled a set from 5 to $1 from three diff. 

locations. It sold for $27-50. I do not have a single piece of Babcock. 

BAILEY FUEL CO., Toler, Ky. - 7 listings - no complete sets of ICS sold.. (1975) 1 
to $1 ICS (except 10 c) $20.50. (1977) mixed set 5 to $1 $16.60 (1978) mixed set 

5 to $1 MB $20 - NB - other listings omitted. The 1 to $1 ICS is a challenge and 
I still need the 1 £. 

BAILEY'S, R. G. STORE, Wendel, WV - 2 listings (1978) 2 diff 1c br & zinc $5-50, 

(1978) 1 £ MM $3 60. In 1972, I foolishly turned down a 5,10,25,50 in R G Bailey's 
Store and R. G. Bailey Coal Co. mixed for $15. 

BAILEY WOOD COAL CO . __ 3 listings (1975) 5 to $1 ISC1 $37-15, (1975) $1 $4.10 and 
(1975) $1 $4.55 

BAKER RIEDT MERC. CO . - 7 listings (1972) 10£ $5.10, (1974) 5 & 10 $7-40 each, (1974) 
25C $9.00, (1975) 2 diff 25C $11.00, (1978) 25C au $20.25, (1978) 5 to $1 rings 
only (center metal missing) $28.95. 

BALLARD, J.E., Jeffrey, WV - 10 listings - 1 set (James) $8.50. Numerous listings 
for 10 to $1. I got a nice unc 5C from Kentucky. A square brass 1C exists in this 
company., it may be unique. Ancil had it and I tried with no luck to buy it ! 
BALLENGEE, $. C. & CO., Amigo, WV - 5 sets sold (James 1972) $11. to (1978) $37-50. 
Sam Nicholls mail sale (1975) 10 & $1 $5*55. Other listings omitted because they 
did not have $1. 

BANKS, B. D., Seth, WV - My records incomplete - a few 5 & 10c pieces sold. 

BANNER COAL CO., Pittsburg, Okla . - 2 listings - Two l£ (1978) $18.20 and $22.15 
BANNER fUEL CORP . - 1 listing (1978) 1c Oreo 4 sold for $1.95 

BANNER RAVEN COALyCORP . - 10C & $1 have appeared $1.75 to $6.25 (Ed note: two or 
so sets have recently appeared at approx. $60. per set) 

BANNISTERS STORE 1 listing (1976) 5C IS09 $12.50 

SCRI POLCg\~ BY CiiARLtS ~k oss page three 

BARPQ COA L LININ G CO .- 7 listings 5 to 50c (some lots have Bowling $1) LP - $6.30 
HP - $21.75. I got a 1c years ago before they disappeared. No 1c has been listed 
in “Scrip Talk'* sales. 

BARE POCAHONTAS - 1 listing * omitted - see Edkins' book for remarks! 

BARNETT RUMBLE - 1 listing (1975) 5$ bimetal $5.00 

BARTLICK M INING CO., Bartlick, Va. - 1 listing (1976) 25c 04 1 46 $6.25 

BASIC SUPPLY CO. Eskdale, WV - 7 listings - 3 sets sold - (197*0 $7*50, (1975) $10.05 

(1978) $32,95 (NB $25-). Other list ings omitted. The 10$ is very scarce! 

BASKETT COAL CO., Baskett, Ky . - i listing (1978) 10c br sld $42.50. Baskett is very 
old. I had a IOC years ago and traded it. 

BARGAIN S TA RE, THE, Holt, Alabama - I have a set 5 to $1 of this. The punch is the 
same as lor Lee-Rodgers. America, Ala. “Oreo" is not on it but it is like Oreo scrip. 

1 need informat'.on - car. you help on this one? 

BEAR VALLc/ COAL CO., Flemington - 1 listing (1975) wm MM1 $8.15 for 10C 

BECCO MEP. ; A?1TI!L£ CO. , Cecco, WV - Numerous listings most in 1976. 1 complete set 

sold In 1976 75 to $1 Wright mfg) for $29.60, MB $12., The $1 In ICS Is tough! The 
supply of Beccc that was found is apparently exhausted.. 

BECCO MERCAiTSL: CO.., eholti), WV - 4 listings - 1 set (James) $21 .00 - 25 & 50< - 
7 i 974 ) $ 3 . 00 ; 5 S 25c (1975) $ 8 . 30 ; 5 & 25c ( 1976 ) $ 6 . 60 . 

BE CKLEY FIRE CR EEK COAL CO. - 7 listings - 1 to $1 (no 50c?) Donohoe collection (1975) 
$37.10; 1 to $1 (no 50c) (1976) $25.15; 1,1,10 & $1 (1977) $14.10. 

BECKLEY S'llKLS. COAL CO. Sesoco, - 2 listings (1975) 25c 1S09 $12.50; (1977) U $14.10 
BELCHW00D C & C~C0. Claremont, WV * 2 listings 5C ISC1 (1975) $6. and 1C pitted 
I SCI (1976T $&.ob~ 7*^ 

BEcLICK KNOB COAL CO. (sets listed only) Punched - 6 sets - $12.50 to $27.50 HP; 

Solid - 3 sets sold - $18.50 to $36.10. 5C in either set is tough and I still need 
a sol id one. 

BELL COAL. CO., Little Creek, Ky . - Sets listed only. 17 listings - 6 sets from LP 
$8. to HP $20.00. 1 think Bell is a good scarce set which is under-rated. 

BELL CREEK LUMBER CO., Dixie, WV - 1 listing (1978) 10C ICS & $1 tSI4 for $35-00. for 
the two pieces. A real bargain! Ir> eleven years, I have only found the ICS dime. 
BELLW00D COAL CO., Bellwood, WV - 1 listing (1976) 1C B punch ISC1 sold for $12.00. 
BELT, W.L. TRADING CO. - 2 listings (both 1978) 50c $7-60 and $1 for $12.25. 

BELVA STORES CO. listings - no sets. Pieces appearing include 5C (l)» 10C (4), 

25C (3), $1 (7). Top price $ 9 . in 19/8 for 10,25, and $1. 

BELVA STR AIG HT CREEK COAL CO . - 2 listings (1974) 10C $3. and (1976) 5C $4. 

BELVA STRAIG H T CREFK STA RES CO. - 5 listings - no sets. 10,25»$1 have appeared. The 
10c and $1 appear more common than the 25c. Top price $5.35 for 25C ( 1 979)• 

BENEDICT COAL CO. - Numerous sets sold but none had the 1c piece. Top price was 
$17.90 (1979T”foV 5C to $5. 

BENITO SUPPLY CO., B enitc, Ky . - 2 listings 5C 0974) MB$5 sold for $6.05; 5,10 & 

$T (1378) MB $15 sold for $16.55. 

BENOIT COAL LINING CO. - 3 listings all sets in 1974, 1978, 1979 ( 5 to 50 In 1979). 

The two 5 to $1 sets went for $11.50 and $17-70. Benoit isn't as easy as its rating 
Indicates, i am not saying it is rare. 

BERGER COAL MINING CO, - Don doesn't list the 50C in the brass set but it does exist. 
.The nlpi set outnumbers the br set about ten to one! 

BERNARD 1, JOAN K £RC. CO. , Adamson, Okia . - Set 5 to $1 (1974) MB$40. brought $45-00. 

Set 5 to $1 ( 1978 ) sold for $44.95* Two 5C, two 10c, two 25C and three 50c sold in 
August 1978 for total of $70.50. 

BESSEMER , Belle Ellen - 6 listings no sets. H n $20. for 10 to $1 (1974). 

BESSEMER, Windrock - 1 listing (1976) $1 ICS sold for $7.60. 

BETHEL SUPPLY CO . - 6 listings 4 sets $9-00 (James) to $28.25 (1978). The late Frank 
Beam had a few sets years ago. I got mine from him and consider it an excellent set. 
BETTER COAL CO., Hiddlesboro, Ky . - 1 listing (1974) 10c br 04'40 $5-25 
BIG JIM COAL CO., Blanche, Ky . - 2 listings (1974) 10c $7. and (1975) 5 & 1 0C $6.05. 

BINGAMON VALLEY STORE CO . - 2 listings (1974) 5C br sld MM1 $7.25 and (1975) a like 
5C went for $4.53.. e rea1 stea1! 

BIRCH FORK COAL C O. - 1 set of Oreo 1 1 to $1 sold for $16.50 (1975); no sets 5 to 
Tl ICS so Id. I pa id about $15. each for my two sets years ago. 


BIRCH MINING CO. - 3 listings (1974) 5£ $6.00; (1977) 1 £ 5e $1.25; 0978) 1 & 5C $1.50 

BiRCHTON COAL CO . - 7 listings - 6 sets LP 0972) $5.10 HP (1978) $21.55 

BLACK BAUD COAL CO . - omitted because of similarity to Briar Cr Black Band 
BLACK BAND CONS. COAL CO . - 5 sets sold. (James) $3. to 0977) $16.00. For new 
collectors, this is not a rare set. 

ELACK BAND STORES - 2 listings 1 C pieces - $2.20 and $5*25 - not rare. 

BLACK BETSEY CONS . COAL CO . - 2 listings ( 1 974) 10c $4.25; 0975) 10 & 50c $5*25* The 

dimes are common...the rest is hard. I still have not completed a set. 

BLACK DIAMOND COAL MINI MG CO . - Excluding the Birmingham scrip, I don't think Black 
Diamond is as easy as Don indicates. Less than 1C sets have been sold from any 
location. The price ranged from $10. to $18. 1 feel that they were good buys. No 
Mosboro sets have appeared for sale. (Editor's note: A good supply of sets of 
most locations are available following a quantity purchase sometime ago by a 

BLACK DIAMOND COAL MINING CO. INC . - 6 listings - no complete sets sold in either ICS 
or Oreo. One $5 piece "(1975) $12.50. My set is mixed Oreo and ICS. 

BLACK DIAMON D COLLIERIES - 3 listings (1973) $1 $2.65; (1974) 50 & $1 $8.05; and 

( 1976 ) 10C $4.50. Despite it's low rating I feel this is tough scrip. I don't 
expect to ever locate a complete set. 

BLACK GOLD MINING CO . - 3 listings (1976) 1,5,10,$1 $16.40; (1976) l£ $3*60; and 
(1976) $1 unc MB!o'.' sold for $16.15- 

BLACK MOUNTAIN CORP., Kenvir, Ky . - 3 listings (1974) 5 & 50c $12.10; (1975) 5C $2.00; 
and (1978) 5e $3*00. 

BLACK STAR COAL CO. INC . - 7 listings - no sets sold. (1974) 1,5,10,$1 $13*10; (1978) 
1,5, 25, $1 $9.05; and (1979) 5,25,25c $13*00. I paid $40. for my set 5 years ago. 
BLACKWOOD C & C CO . - 1 listing 1c (1976) $3*00 

BLACKWOOD FUEL CO. *NC . - My records are incomplete. (1979) a set 5 to $1 $30.00. 
BLANKENSHIP & MULLINS - The 5C piece is beginning to be difficult to locate. 

BLOCK COAL S COKE CORP . - 10 sets sold (James set no bids) - (1978) $12.50. Very 
easy to secure several years ago. 

BLOSSBURG COAL CO., Arnot, Pa . - 1 listing (1974) 25C MB$17*50 sold for $29*25. I 

have been offered one piece (25c) of this for $25* and turned it down about five 
years ago. This hard rubber scrip always brings a top price! 

BLUE DIAMOND COAL CO. - (Editor's note: Charles had listed results from various 
pieces at various locations, however, since a quantity of this scrip from various 
locations has recently hit the market in the Kentucky area, listing of approximate 
prices will be deferred until prices stabilize. It would appear that sets thru the 
$5 are available for all locations with the possible exception of Bonnyman and 
Chevrolet, Ky. Our Kentucky friends should advise for future publication info on 
this company. W.C.) 

BLUE GEM COAL CO., Hosman, Ky . - 8 listings - one A piece (5 to 50c) set sold for 
$3*55 in 1974. 

BLUE JAY LUMBER CO. -1 listing (1975) 50c alum $7.25* 

BLUE STAR STORE CO . - A tough set that I have always wanted. The James set sold 

for $21. and ! must have been asleep at the time. 

BOBBY, ANDY, Wolf Run, Ohio - 5 listings - five sets LP $8.25 to HP $19*00. Frank 
Beam got a few sets some years ago and I secured two of them.. 

BQ1SSEVA1N SUPPLY CO . - Two 5C , three 10£ and one 25c offered. $2.10 to $5-25 and 
none sold since 1976* 

BOLEN CCAL CO . - 3 $1. pieces offered 1974 to 1977 - $7-50 to $12.50 each. 

BON AIR COAL Z IRON - 1 listing 10c (1976) $10.00. Tough, tough to locate. 

BON JELLICQ COAL CO . - 8 sets offered (James) $4.00 to $15.25 HP. A scarce but not 
extremely tough set to locate. 

BOOMER COAL t COKE CO . -The $1 appeared in 1974 and 1976. $6. to $7-60. I spent 
several childhood years (1946 to 49) in Boomer and have worked hard on this scrip. 

I have only 10c and $1. A complete set should easily be worth $150. or more... 

BOONE COUNTY COAL CORP . - No 25C offered - it's really tough! No exciting bids 
on anything else. Two 50c pieces offered. 1 gave up on Boone County a long time ago. 
BOONE JELLICQ COAL CO., Tinsley, Ky . - 1 listing 25c ( 1974) $4.95. I got a set at 
an NSCA meeting for about $30. 



BOOTH SUPPLY CO . - 1,5, & $1 have appeared. I have five listings with no exciting 
bids being recorded.. 

BORDERLAND COAL CO. - 1 mixed set offered 5 to 50 '1' punch $1 '2'punch (1975) $16.05. 

7 other listings omitted. The 5C appears to be key token in this set. ^ 

BORGMAN SUPPLY CO. STORE - 6 sets offered (James) $12.50 to HP $33*60. 1,5,10c appear 
sometimes. Frank Beam secured a few sets and mine came from him. 

BORGMAN, JAMES W. & CO. - No listings. Ed James sold a set supposedly 5 to $1. I 
got it and found a lc instead of the 5C» Paid $20. for the pieces. (Ed note: I 
have only a 50c piece and feel that it is very difficult! W.C.) 

BOTTOM CREEK COAL & COKE CO . - 1 set sold 5 to $1 (1975) $27-10. Other listings 
include one 10c, two 25c, and four 50c pieces. 

BOWLING, C. L. - 2 listings (1975) 10c $2.75 and 0976) $1 $5.05 
BOWLING COAL MINING CO. - 2 sets (James) $12. (1975) $15. 

BOYD, I. C . - 2 sets sold (1975) 1 to $1 $21.00. (1977) 5 to $1 $16.00. No other 

BOYD, J. T., Rock Cave, WV - 3 listings for the $1 - $3-85 to $4.80. 5C maverick 
listing in 1979 for $2.85. 

BRADY, A. SPATES, Mabie, WV - 1 set (James) $20.00 - 10 to $1 $17.50. Three other 
listings omitted. 

BRANCH COAL & COKE CO. - I am omitting everything except IS14 sets - Six sets sold 
LP $8.05 ~ HP $20.00. 

BRAXTON SUPPLY CO., Braxton, WV - One piece offered (1975) $5 brought $10.75* 

BRERETON MERC. CO., Brereton, 111 . - Offered in 1978 only. Two 10c and 2 50c pieces 
sold for $16.95. 5C token appears to be key piece. (Ed note: I've never seen a 5c) 

BRIAR RIDGE COAL CORP . - 1,5,10 & $1 have appeared. Only $1 offered. No exciting 
bids and nothing sold for over $6.50. 

BRIDGER MERCANTILE CO., Bridger, Mont . - 3 sets 1975 to 1978. LP $21.05 HP $32.50. 

No singles offered. A few sets came on the market several years ago and l now 
consider it difficult to locate! N 

BROCKMAN, C. A. Beechwood Store - 3 sets (5 to 50c) offered (197*0 NB (1977) $8.00; 

(1578) $7.60. Although few sets have appeared, it is not rare. 

BROOKE COUNTY STORE CO . - 1 listing U 03 (1977) $2.00. Scarce scrip. 

BROOKS IDE PRATT MINING C O.- 1 listing $1 (1975) $7-50 

BROUGHTON COAL CO., INC. - 3 listings 1 set (1975) 5 to $1 $37-50 - a good set ! 

BROWN, W.P. & SONS, Louisville, Ky . - This lumber set sold by James for $6.00. 

BRUCE, C. P. - 5 sets listed LP $10.55 HP $24.50. My set cost $10 several years ago. 
BRULE SMOKELESS COAL CO. - 1 once paid Ancil $30 for a mixed set. Two years later 
sets were available for about $5- 

BRYSON MOUNTAIN COAL £ COKE CO . - 2 $1 pcs offered (1974) $12.50 - (1976) $4.30. 

BUCKEYE COAL & COKE CO . - ICS 5C (1975) $2.20; $1 (1976) $6.60. Tough material to find! 
BUCKEYE COAL & COKE CO., Stephenson, WV - Punched set (1978) $36.10; Two solid sets 
offered (James) $15. (1978) $36.10. The solid $1 has been extremely tough for me. 

Mixed sets and singles omitted. 

BUCKWALTER, J. R. LBR. CO., Edinburgh, Miss.- 1 listing (1977) $1 br sld $2.65 
BUCKWALTER, J. R. LBR. CO., Union, Miss. - 3 listings (1975) $1 $1.75; (1977) 5, 
and 25d sold for $5.55; ( 1977 ) $1 for $3.55. 

BUDS CASH STORE - No sets sold - 1 thru $1 except 5d in 1973 for $4.60 to $14.00 
in 1979. 5 listings omitted. 

BUFFALO CREEK C & C CO., Accovilie Store - 1 listing (1974) SC ICS $3.05 - a steal! 
BUFFALO EAGLE MINES INC. - j sets sold LP 14.05 HP (1978) $27.10. Singles omitted. 

A good set that is getting harder to acquire! 

BUFFALO WINIFREDE COAL CO . - No 10< offered - only two incomplete sets. (1974) $11.50; 
O 975 ) $22.50^ Other listings omitted. 

BUNKER SUPPLY CO . - 1,5,10c NB 1975 to $6.10 (1978). Once plentiful is now hard ! 

BURK SUPPLY CO. - $1 had four listings $1.25 in 1971 to $8.30 in 1979; 5 and $1 had 
two listings $12.10 in 1974 to $ 9.85 in 1977; 50 and $1 one listing ( 1978 ) $ 15 . 10 . 
BUXTON S LANDSTREET CO . - March 1976 sale 5 diff U pcs Benbush, Boswell, Kempton, 
fierce & Thomas In one lot for $17.60. Dec. 1978 sale 3 diff 1< MM2 pcs Pierce, 

Thomas & Kempton $4.25. All this scrip is almost impossible and I have never heard 
of a set from any location. (Ed note: Me either! Does anyone have any sets?) 



BYLAS TRADING ENTERPRISE, Bylas, Ariz. - 3 sets (1978-79) LP $8.55 HP $35.00. Other 
listings omitted. Bylas, of course, is not coal. 

C S 0 (Ry Co.) (Dorothy, WV) - 2 listings (James 1972) $^5.00 set (1976) 1$ 1 SC1 
$7*00. Tough to locate and I have had only a penny. 

C & R STORES, INC. The, Picayune. Miss . - 1 listing (1977) $1 br sld unk mfg $2.00 
C & U COAL CO . - 1 listing (197*0 10$ br H cut MB$10 -$12.50. 

CABEL 6 KAUFFMAN MERC. CO . - 9 listings h sets 1 to $1 LP $10.05 HP $22.65. $2 
•listed (1975) $3-50 and (1978) $10.30. $5 0975) $11-95. Once a fairly easy set, 
now it seems to be rather difficult to locate. 

CABIN CREEK CONS. COAL CO. (Various locations) - (1972 James sale) $25.00 5$ to $1 
various locations; ( 1972 ) same sale $25.00 for set from various locations. I believe 
all ten pieces were different. 

CABIN CREEK CONS. COAL CO., Acme, WV - 1 listing (1975) 5$ alum 2 cut MM1 $8.50 
CABIN CREEK CONS. COAL CO., Cherokee, WV - 2 listings both 25$ 3 cut MM1 (1975) 

$7.50 and ( 1977 ) $8.60. 

CABIN CREEK CONS. COAL CO., Kayford, WV - 8 listings (mostly 1,5,10$) 50$ has 
appeared once. HP (1975) 1,10,50$ ICS 5$ MM1 $21.00. This scrip is very difficult 
to locate and a set, of course, would bring a top price! I paid $3.75each for some 
pieces in 1972. 

CABIN CREEK CONS. COAL CO., United - A 50$ token brought $22.15 in 1979 sale. I 
doubt that any collector has a set of any location except possibly a Charleston 
col lector. 

CADLE RIDGE COAL CO . - 9 listings - 1 set 5 to $1 (1975) $33-10. The 10 & 50$ have 
made one appearance each; the $1. has been listed 8 times. The 25$ token is; the 
.key. This set would easily be worth $75.00 today I feel. 

CAIRNES COAL MINING CO., Cairnes, Ky . - 1 listing (1975) 5 & 10$ br sld 02 $5.00 
CALLAWAY, C.P., COAL CO . Glen Jean and Ceepee Mine - 9 listings 1,5*25$ have 

appeared. No bids over $6.30. 

CAMBRIA COAL CO. (Crown) - 8 listings 1 incomplete set 1,1,5,5,5,10,10,10,25,$1 
(1975) sold for $35.00. Other listings include one 5$, one 10$, six $1, LP (1975) 

$1 for $4.25 - HP (1978) for 10 & $1 $12.55. 

CAMBRIA COAL CO. (Unk mfg type ) - 8 listings *4 sets LP $15. HP $25.00. 

CAMEO SPLINT COAL CO . - The 19*+0 Oreo set 1 to 50$ is far tougher than the 19*+5 
set. My 19^0 is still incomplete. Note that no $1 is known in either set ! 

CAMPBELL, A. D . - 8 listings no 5$ offered. 10 to $1 LP $*4.*t0 HP $8.00. 

CAMPBELL COAL MINING CO., Westbourne, Tenn . - 1 listing (1976) 1$ sld unk mfg $20.00. 

CAMPBELL CREEK COAL CO . - 2 listings 1$ in Jan & Mar (1976) The Jan piece had MB 

of $1.50 and NB - the Mar piece sold for $5.60. 

CANNEL CITY FAIR - 2 listings 1 set (1975) 5 to $1 $23-60 and (1978) 5 & 10$ only 

sold for $15.30. 

CANNELTON COAL & COKE CO . - 29 sets sold. As previously noted, I have usually 
omitted companies where ten or more sets have been sold indicating that it is 
readily avaliable. 

CANTEEN - Carbonado, Wash . - 1 listing (1978) 5$ br sld unk $1.55 
CARBON COAL 6 COKE CO. - I did not keep records on most powder checks, etc. until 

recently. (1978) lot containing k pcs. Two 12£ powder and two one stick powder 

. sold for $27.70. 

CARBON COAL CO. STORE - 5 listings 3 sets $50. to $60. and 1 set (no $1) in 1978 
sold for $22.35* My personal set is still incomplete after eleven years or more. 
CARBON EMERY STORES - LP (197*0 5 sticks powder $2.A0; HP (1978) 5 sticks powder 
$17.25. Two listings omitted.. 

CARBON FUEL CO . - Comment: Most collectors have it. The 10$ is scarcest and the 
is plent iful.. 

CARBON GLOW COAL CO . - 3 listings (197*0 10$ MB $5 NB; (1975) $1 $**.50; (1976) 5$ $*+. 
CARBON GLOW MINES - 1 listing (1976) 10$ rev C cut 01 $7.60 
CARBON HILL COAL CO., Carbonado, Wash. -1 listing (197*+) 25$br sld unk $5*55 
CARDIFF POCAHONTAS COAL CO . -2 listings both 10$ alum sld unk $10. & $10.50 

page: seven 


CARLISLE LUMBER CO., Onalaska, Wash. - 3 listings all sets 5 to $1 (1972) Set MB 
$10. NB; (1975) set $10.15; 0978) Set $15.00.' 

CARNEY CHEROKEE COAL CO . - 1 listing (1979) $1. MB $40, - Sold for $77.50. 

CARROLL CROSS COAL CO . - 3 listings (1975) 1Oc NB; (1976) 10c $3-80; and (1978) 10, 

25 6 50C $9.85. 

CARRS FORK COAL CO . - 2 listings (1976) 1Oc ICS 10c MM2 $2,25 and (1977) 10c ICS $3.50 
CARTER BROS., Fayetteville WV - 12 listings 4 sets LP (1975) $6.60 HP (1977) $20.00. 
This is getting scarcer every day. Better grab the next set offered if you need it. 
(Ed note: Since this is my home town, I do not know where this scrip originated from 
and suspect that Ed James cornered this years ago.) 

CARTER COAL CO., Caretta - 4 listings 1c S 10c have appeared. Sold for 60C and $4. 

CARTER COAL CO., Coalwood -1 set (James) $17.00. Another bargain I let get away. 

Several 1,5,10c pcs have appeared, and one 25c has been sold. 

Six WV - 1 listing (1974) 5C 02 $3.25 
CARTERVILLE MERC. CO . - 4 listings 2 sets LP $27. 0978) HP $45.00 (1974) 

CASH GROCERY CO., Coalfield, Tenn . - 5 listings 1 set (no 50c) $13-55. My set 

without the 50c cost $3.00 years ago. (Ed note: I too have never heard of a 50c) 

CASTO, H.A. & O.L., Buchannon, WV - 2 listings both 1C 03 ~ NB and $1.05 

C. B. COAL CO., Gatliff, Ky. - 1 listing (1976) 5C br sld unk au $8.75 
C.C.B. SMOKELESS COAL CO. - various locations - only 8 pcs have appeared from the 
various mines * 5C Glen White $2.10 and $8.50; 5 & 10c Pemberton $9-50; 10C Long 
Branch $6.75; 2 diff 5C Stotesbury $8.70; and $5. Stotesbury $13.10. 

C. C. CO. Riverdale Store - 1 listing (1975) 10c br ICS $5-50 
C.C.C. CO. 3505 ~ 1 listing (1974) 1c br unk $12.00 

CENTRAL COAL CO. Render - (Ed note: a quantity of odd pieces of various locations 
has turned up recently and they command a good price.) 1 listing 5C (1978) $5*25. 

Richmond - 1 listing (1974) 25C MB$8. $11. 

CENTRAL COAL & COKE CO . - 3 listings for 5C pc - $10.25; $16.50; and $10.80. 

CENTRAL MDSE. CO., FI inton. Pa . - 1 listing (James) set $5. Seems to be very rare and 
is it coal? 

CENTRAL PARK FUEL CO. - (1979) 10,10,25.25,40,50c $12.50 (Ed note: Was that 40c?) 
CENTRAL POCAHONTAS COAL CO. - 1C O) and $1 (4) sold. 1C for $12. while the $1 pc 
ranged from $3 to $8.35 

(CENTURY COAL CO.) W.S. & SON, ETC. - 2 listings - Two sets (1974) MB$60 sold for 
$65.00; (1975) MB$75.00 sold for $77-85. Tough scrip! (Ed note: This, to me, is 
one of the better scrip sets in various colors of plastic. Mrs. Moore in VA turned 
up two or three sets of this sometime ago.) 

CHARMCO SMOKELESS COAL CO . - 1 listing U alum sld (1976) ex-Donohoe $12. I believe 
this penny to be unique. (Ed note: I have never seen a piece on this company.) 
CHESAPEAKE MINING CO. - 1 listing (1975) Nicholls sale 5C ICS MB$4 sold for $4.50 
CHESAPEAKE SUPPLY CO., Chesapeake Mine - 5C br sld ICS 1976 & 77 - $8.20 and $13. 

No other 1istings 

CHESTNUT RIDGE SUPPLY CO .,(Melcroft, Pa) -1 listing (1976) 10c wm ICS $6.25 
CHILTON EAGLE COAL CO . - 6 listings 1< (2), 5C (2), 10c (2), $1 ( 3 ). LP $1.60 for 

corroded 1c HP $12.10 for 1,5, & 10C. My set will probably always be imcomplete. 
CHRISTIAN COLLIERY CO. - Prior to recent find of hoard, 3 sets sold for $26. to $35- 
. C LA 1RFI ELD JELL I CO COAL CO., Clairfield, Tenn.- 3 listings all $1 pcs HP $6.60 (1974) 
CLARK COAL CO., Wilsonberg, WV - 5>25, & 50c have appeared. 25C is most common on 
this nice bi-metal scrip. LP 25c $4.50 HP 50c $15.50. 

CLEAGE WILLS COAL CO., Clairfield, Tenn.- 1 listing (1974) 25C br 02 $6.60. I 
have a set 5 to $1 which cost $25. in 197^- The unlisted 5C pc is nickel comp. 

CLEAN EAGLE COAL CO., Mallory WV 25 listings. Walter has not always been clear 
about which set is being sold. As least two sets of the scarce (5c) MM1 sets have 
been sold. The James set sold for $5- and the other for $5.55 in 1975* This is a 
tough set. At least eight sets of MM2 have been sold. I still need a 5C MM1 and 
a 50$ MM2. 

CLEAR CREEK COAL CO., Clearco, WV- 4 listings 2 sets (James) $25-00 - Donohoe set 
$31.00. The other listings are pennies. I have a set (not one of above). I found 
the elusive 10c at a flea market for $1. 



CLEAR CREEK COAL CO., Duo, WV - 2 listings 1 * only (1976) 90*. Other listing two 

1* pcs (Clearco and Duo) $6.15 

CLEAR FORK COAL CO. t Fonde, Ky . - 7 listings 1*(2); 5* (l)i 10* (2); 25* (3); and 
two $1 pcs (on^auThave appeared. $2.05 to $6.25 

CLEAR FORK COAL S- COKE CO., Fonde, Ky. - 1 listing (1974) 10* br sol unk $6.00 

CLEMONS COAL CO . - 3 listings - three sets (James 1972), 1974, 1975* Sets sold for 
$11. James, $15*10, $17*60. Another good James set that I let get away. 

CLIMAX COAL CC., Shamrock, Ky . - 1 listing (1976) 50* alum sld unk $12.75 
CLINCHFIELD COAL CORP . - 1 listing (1975) 1* Store B $5.00. Ed James had a well 
worn 10c from Store G. for which I paid $1. I have nothing else as all from this 
company is tough.. 

CL1NCHM0RE COAL MINING CO . - 1c is very elusive. Two have been sold in sets. I 
secured a penny from Frank Beam years ago. 5 to $1 sets are getting scarce since 
none have been sold since 1977- 

CLOVER FORK COAL CO . -1 listing (1975) set 5 to $1 (50* slick) $31.00 

COAL BLUFF MINING CO., Vicksburg, tnd . - This bi-metal 5* piece was offered once 

in 1974 and in T 9 75- $$.25 and $11.75* No other listings. 

COALBURG COLL 8 ERY CO. - 7 listings 1 set (James) $19*00. 1* O); 10C O); 25** (2); 

50c (2); $1 (6) have been sold. LP $1.50 for ISC1 1c pc HP $13*80 for 10,25, $1* 

I agree with Don *s rarity ratings of this and the Corporation scrip. 

COALBURG COLLIERY CORPORATION - 5 listings 10C (2); 25* ( 3 ); 50c (4); $1 (4) have 
appeared at auction. LP $1.90 for 50c pc - HP $8.70 for 10 to $1. 

COALBURGH - KANAWHA MINING CO. - 13 listings - 8 sets $6.75 to $23*65* A good 

set in either punched or solid type. The solid set is far the best. The 25C 
does exist. After all these years ! still need the solid $1. 

COAL CREEK & ME W RIVER COAL CO. 1884 - 1 0c br sld pc sold for $15* (1975). Rare! 

COALFIELD ~C0At CO.'" Coalfield, Tenn." - 1 listing (1973) 10c br sld unk $15*60. 

Although rated as R5 and R6, this is very hard. 1 have nothing. 

C0ALM0NT COAL & COKE CO., Coalmont, Tenn . - 2 listings 50c (1974) $10.45 and 5C 
O 975 ) $5*00. Aitho made in 1941, this is tough to locate. 

COAL RIVER CO., The, Ottawa, WV - 2 listings both 5C (1975) (1978) $4.00 and $6.85* 

I have had one piece of this - now traded. 

C OAL RIVER COLLIE RIES CO. - No listings, i have 10 & 25* ~ very rare! (Ed note I agree 
COBUN, W. 5. , Reedsvllle, WV - 3 listings 3 sets 5 to $1 - 1975,77,78 - $12.70 to 

$21.50. Ancll got about four sets of this years ago. Mine cost $10. The above 
sets probably once belonqed to him. 

COE POCAHONTAS COAL CO . - 3 listings $1 (1975); $5*75; 10 & 25C 0975) $16.00; 

"P 0 977 ) $13. 85 . Another very good company. 

COLCQR D COAL CO. STORES - 5 listings (none for 50c pc). No exciting bids on this. 

COLEBANK,, F. D . - 3 l istings - one set (1975) $19*50 

COLE HUGHES & CO. - 7 sets sold. $3*60 to $15*60, Once easy - now seldom seen.. 
COLEMAN FUEL CO., Field, Ky . - This attractive 5C pc has been sold six times at 
$2.25 to $5*20. I have never seen another denomination. 

COLEMAN FU EL: CO., Red Bird, Ky . - The attractive $1 has made five appearances from 
$3* to $6. No other denominations are known. 

COLEMAN MINING CO., Fox Ridge, Ky . - 5* 0); 10* (2) offered $3*00 and $4.00. 

Usually appears in well worn condition. 

COLLIERIE S CO., The' - 3 listings 5* 0), 10* (l), 25* (2), $1 (3) listed. HP $10.50 
for 5,10,?5,$1 (T9T4); Very rare in sets. (Ed note - I've never seen a 50*). 

COLLINS COLLIERY CO., Glen Jean, WV - 2 listings 5 & 10* 0975) $8.10; 10* (1978) 
$5.25* All appears very rare- trade offers have been very infrequent. 

COLLINS CO-OP CO., Thurmond, WV - 3 listings (1974) 10* $5*50; (1975) 5* $4.25; 
and ( 1976 ) $1. $4.60. Above comments apply to this also. 

COLUMBUS DA RBY COAL CO . - 3 four pc sets sold $10,50 to $26.10. Walter stated in 
bulletin that only ONE $1 is known in collector's hands. 

COMMUNITY CLU3, Sharpies, WV - This appears infrequently., even though rated common. 
CONASAUGA SUPPLY CO . : 5 listings 10,50,$1, $5 - 0979) $24.00; 5,10,25* 0979) 

$15.60. An apparantly 1imited amount turned up in 1979* Very few sets exist ! 



CONEVA COAL CO., Chavies, Ky. - 6 listings (NO 5C offered). Three, and four pc 

lots have sold for $&.05 to $9.00. 

CONEVA MINING CO., INC . - 1 listing (1975) $1.00 worn $1.50 
CONSOLIDATION COAL CO . (Various locations) - Ed James set of 5 diff locations 
(l972) $19*00. A 1976 listing contained 19 diff 1< pcs $67.50. Most Consol scrip 
seems rare. The 1,5,10C from Monongah seem most common. I believe that one person 
has sets from several locations. With the possible exception of Pinnickinnick, it 
is doubtful that other collectors have sets. By being the successful bidder in 
four diff sales one could have had a set of Pinnickinnick for a little over $40.00. 

A set of Consol offered for sale today would certainly be in the $100 to $150 range. 
CONSOLIDATION COAL CO., Baxter - 2 listings both (1975) 5C $4.60 - 10c $4.00 

Burdine - 1 listing (1978) It 'T'cut Oreo 1 $3-15 

Caretta - 2 listings (1978) 5C $3-10 - (1979) 5C NB 

Caroli na - 2 listings both (1975) $1 alum damaged $1.55 and 

5C wm spade cut Oreo 1 sold for $4.60. 

Coal wood - 1 listing (1977) 1 C br MM2 $4.25 

Co1umb ia - 2 listings both (1978) both 1c $1.20 - $4.30 

Ehlen - 2 listings (1975) 25C T cut 01 $4.10; and $1 

T cut Oreo 1 $6.60. 

Hutch i nson - 1 listing (1975) 10C wm Oreo 2 $4.50. 

Jenkins Store -4 listings Two 5C and two 10c pcs $3*10 - $4.50 
Monongah - 14 listings (13 of them for 1,5 or 10c) One 

listing 50C ICS (1976) $7-25- 

Pinnickinnick - 4 listings (1975) 1,10,50,$1 $18.00; (1977) 
Fayville Coin £ Token Co.) 5C~ $3.80 (l got it!). (1978) 1c (2233A1) $12.75; and 
(1978) 25, 50c $6.00. 

Six - 1 listing (1974) 1C S cut I SCI $4.00 
Van Lear - 1 listing (1978) 5,10,25c $15.05 
Watson - 2 listings both (1975) 5C $4,460 10c $4.00. I 

got a 25£ at a flea market in 1977 for $1.50. 

CONTINENTAL STORE CO., Cassville, WV - 3 listings 1c pcs sold for $2.20 and $3-00 in 
1978 and 1979. 25C pc Oreo 4 nd (l975) $5-50. 

CONWAY FIRE CREEK COAL CO . - 7 listings - 2 sets (1975) 1 to $1 $22.10. (1977) 1 to 
Tl $23.05. B a r'g a i n p rice s for these two sets! I still need one. 

COOK S CARTER COAL CO., Terry, WV - 12 listings - 6 sets LP $6.60 HP $20.00. Most 

older collectors (myself included) have one but it has always been scarce. 

COOK & SHARP COAL CO., Le Junior, Ky . - 1 listing (1976) 25C br sld unk mfg $12.50. 
COOK, J.M. £ CO., Athens, WV - 1 listing (1975) 25c wm sld Oreo 1 $2.75 seems very rare 
C00NVILLE STORE CO . -1 listing (1976) 10c C cut MM2 $3-50. At least a few dimes 
have turned up recently. (Ed note: Unpunched 'restrikes' or 'not originals' of 
this company were included in the tokens that showed up in W.Va. some months ago - 
believed to have originated from some employee in Dayton token factory - see back 
issues of 'SCRIP TALK" for additional info.) 

COOPERS STORE, Oneida, Tenn.- 7 listings - 3 sets LP $10. HP $20. I still need the 
10c piece. Should have purchased the James' set which went for $10. 

COPEN GAS COAL MINES, Bower, WV -1 listing (1976) U br sld square unk $1.60. I have 
.never had a piece of this company. Very tough! 

CORDELL, C. & CO., Pine Knot, Ky. - 1 listing 1 set 5 to $1 br sld unk $61.20. 

CORDER COAL CO .- $1 pcs only (1976) and (1978) $4.20 and $9-25. (Only denom seen!) 
COWAN, HAL C. t Coalvale, Kansas - 2 listings 1 set (1975) $23*50 and 5C (1974) 
m"b$6. - $ 7 . 85 . i traded for a set years ago. They appear to be rare. 

C.P. £ P. CO. Memphis(Lumber Co. ?) 1 listing (1977) 50C br sld $3-50 

CRAB ORCHARD FUEL CO. - 9 listings - 4 sets LP (James) $20. HP $43-75 (1979). 

Matched sets are very tough. My personal set is mixed 

CRAB ORCHARD IMPROVEMENT CO. - 2 listings (1975) (1979) 1 stick powder $6.50 £ $7-50. 
CRANBERRY FUEL CO. NO. 1, Cranberry, WV - 3 listings (1974) U 03 -90; (1975) 5C 01 
5< ICS $6.10; and (1978) U 03 sld U 03 punched $4.25. 

CRANBERRY FUEL CO. NO. 2, Skelton, WV - 2 listings (1976) 3 diff U ISC wm, ICS br 
£ Oreo 3 br $10.25; (1976) TjT ICS 1c 01 $2.65. Cranberry is a tough company and 
one of my favorites. 


WOULD like to hear from anyone who has a set or single piece from 
Wise, Va. (3073) for sale or trade-. John C. Taylor, 2017 Granby Rd. 
Kingsport, Tenn 37665. ~ ----" 

I AM still saving m&ryland merchant Good-fors. 1 also want Dun & 
Bradstreet Maryland sections. I have a variety of trading material. 
DanBeivice, 9441 Bethany Place, Gaithersburg, Md* 20760 

SOUTHEASTERN Fuel Co. - Gorges, Ala. Unlisted Edkins. Set of 3 
(10C-25C-50C) for trado for any Ala. scrip I need or sell for 
$35.00. Sterli ng Wa lls,, 3011 Devon, Huey town, Ala 35020. 

GOOD Health and good collecting to all scriptors in the 1980's. 

Paul Cu nningham, Box One, Tecumseh, Mich. 49286. 

TRADE: Have Md 695C1, 2669A1? Pa 2345 AID? Ohio 2195A5, 2971A25; 

Oka 469A5, A10? Tx 2701D25; WV 1915A10, 487G1G0, 2375 D100, MX 28 
plus many others » Want Colo 1241 B5, B10, C5, CIO, C25, Kansas 
2245 AID, 2529 A50, Wash. 471B25, 2313 A5, A25, 2813B5, B25, C5 
C50, Any Wyo. Richaxd_^^Coy, 374 L&wr&viaw Dr. Morgantown,W.V.26505. 

- v j ivl ' 'A ■ • ' ' i - . . 

GEORGIA TOKENS and medals wanted: Merchants tokens. Lumber & Coal, 
Advertising, Military, Transportation, Saloon, Bi«metal, Shell Cards, 
Cardboard & early woods. Expo sition s -Fair s , etc. Will buy or trade 
for needed items. R.W. Colber t, 4156 Livsey Fd, Tuchar, Georgia 30084. 

WILL trade Lynn Camp Coal .25 & .50 for same .05. Cole S. Cuttle 
P. 0. Box 7624, Hollins, Va. 24019. 3ECKLEY in MAY . -—- 

WANT Ky tokens of all kinds also Ingle maverick Brunswick Balke 
and other mavericks. Have large stock of tokens and medals for 
trade. All letters answered. Joe I.edonne 58 - 16th St.,Newport, 

Ky. 41071. 

WILLIGES HAD PAID CAsh for 24,662 tokens and medals this year. Many 
more collections and accumulations needed. Free 20 page exonumic 
price list. Enclose 15C stamp and also receive my personal token 
good for 5OS on any purchase. Bill Williges, Box 445, Wheatland 
California 95692. 

SPRINKLE HAS 5C and $1.00 Bills of McNeal Coal Company, Pa. dated 
186-. Each $8.00. Also $3.00, $5.00, $10.00 Bills of Gilliam 

Coal Coke Company dated 194”-. Each $2.00. Frank Sprinkle, 304 Barbee 
Blvd., Yaupon Beach, Southport, N.C. 28461. 

A B HAS New River 3003 Set 100 to 1C. Trade for 3013 C5, C50; or 
2141 A 500 plus 1515 B1G0, 3500 or 1717 E10, E50, #100, Trader get 
free 2293 Fi to F100 plus G100 IF you can complete to sets. 

A.B. Coleman, Kilsuth, W. Va. 25859. 

. %* ‘i-,, 

WANTED TO BUY - Coal scrip from the Blue Diamond Coal Company. Also 
all types of Billiard Parlors tokens. Send description and price 
wanted S.S. Senich 153 Stoddard Rd. Waterbury, Conn. 06708. 

ATCHISON & CROFORD Lura. Co. Greenwood, Ala. 50 £, 25$, 10C, 5C. Would 
like to trade these for Ala that 1 need. Write. Roy J.Wood, Box 106, 

Columbia, Alabama 36319. 


HAVE COAL AND Lumber tokens to trade for all kinds of Florida tokens 
medals and tags that I can use in my collection. Especially need 
Ingle System mavericks attributed to Florida businesses. C.R. Clark, 
P.0. Box 13331, Sc. Petersburg, Florida 33733. 

WOULD LIKE to buy Washington, Idaho, Montana, also Spokane, Wash, 
trade tokens. Will buy collections or smalllots. Write Bonny & 
Johns_Trade Tokens, Box 42, Post Falls, Idaho 83354 or Call 208- 

>. ‘ f V • 

ALABAMA TOKENS AND medals wanted. Buy or will trade Franklin Coal 
Co. (Powhatan, Alabama) several different W.Va scrip, other 
exonumia. Elijah Sinclev , 2279 E. Ash Street, Springfield, 111.62703 

NOTICE Area Scrip and Token Collectors to meet March 15, 1980, 
at Charlottesville, Virginia.. Mt.Vernon Motor Lodge, Rt 29N and 
250 Bypass. 

WANTED: Buy or Trade - Blue Jay Lumber - Excelsior Poca Stores - Fordson Coal - 
N. R. & P. Stores - Pocahontas Fuel (Corporation or Colliery) - All Mercer and 
McDowell County W.Va. - and ALL picture coal scrip and trade tokens. Write now: 
Darrell Crotty, P. 0. Box 175, Xegley, W.Va. 24731 


* X 

Add one not Limited to coal and/on lumberi tokens! UAe youn Apace each month 
on the basis oh the hollowlng nulet: 

Deadline Ion FREE AVS Ia 10 dayA ahten necelpt oh each ISAue oh the bulletin. 

All adA will be held until that time and then be neleased to the Edlton h°n 
the next lAAue. . Ads limited to houn lines which Includes name, addneSA and 

NO adA nenun automatically - each IsAue mil nequlne a a epanate nequeAt, Vo 
not Include ad oa a pant oh a letten to the Edlton - Put It on a a epanate piece 
oh papen. The Edlton Ia not nesponslble h°n cnnonA .. 

PAID AVS Ahould not be Aent to FREE AV Edlton,, They Ahould be Aent dlnect to: 
SCRIP TALK Edlton,. 

FREE AVS TO: FREV LANGE, P. 0 . BOX 7 624, HOLLINS, l/A. 24019 


Camena neady copy - B lack electnlc nlbbon typei/jnlten on black Ink on white 

FULL PAGE: $ 20.00 HALF PAGE: $10.00 QUARTER PAGE: $5.00 

(NOTE: Ih Edlton has to pnepane copy h^om youn notes OR netype Aubmltted 
matenlal, DOUBLE the above nates !! 

.-Hi.'** V. *»■*<:*«. *'\**% .tl* •• **.» 

... - 






WEST VA. 25276 

Oi the special 
feature by Charles 
Ross, your Editor has 
just completed the 
master pages on the 
entire series.. For 

your information, it will consist of a total of 40 pages. 

We will run the pages in "SCRIP TALK" over the next few 
issues until the entire feature is complete !! Many of 
the members who have seen advance pages have indicated 
that they plan to do the following with the information: 

1. Make photocopies of the pages so that they will have 
a separate listing of current values. 2. Another NSCA 
member indicated that he plans to transfer the info to 
his Edkins' book so as to have a reference guide on the 

current values. We urge that you keep these forty pages of material as you receive 
it for future information !! Too, please remember that COMMON material (that which 
has appeared in auctions ten or more times) is NOT listed... Too, the rare and the 

unique items are not listed since they have not appeared in mail sales ... 

+ + + •*■ + + + •*' + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

FREE A VS FOR MEMBERS :: A6 Indicated In the laAt bulletin, F/iee Ad Editor F/ied Lange 
l& In FloAlda until Ma/ich 3, 1980 . Some 0 ^ hit matt fuu not been faoni/xuided i&eveAal 
membeJU have advised). That, It t& poAtlble that you will not ^Ind the FREE APS In 
this 1&4ue - I am holding the bulletin matting now awaiting hl& material!! Ifi tt lt> 
not fiound tn thlt> lt>6ue, we will double up with extha FREE ad6 In the next lbi>ue ... 
Too, better hold youn matt tc him until about MaAch Ht ag that- he will be Au/ie to 
get It at the following addne&A: FREV LANGE, P. 0. Box 7624, HOLLINS, l/A, 24075. 
+■+■+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 


order yours today!1 

Your Editor has accumulated a few books 
that will be of special interest to all 
NSCA members in addition to the supply of 
Edkins’ catalogs... We need to clear these 

out - the office is getting crowded. 

so, note the special close out prices and 
Only a limited number are available so don’t miss out. 

Limited Offer 

$ 16.00 




$25.00 VALUE - HURRY !! 

hardbound, 270 pages. Lists and prices lumber 
tokens from all states.. Special $11.00 - Save 

2. SCRIP by Stuart Brown, Jr. hardbound, 370 pages. 
Valuable reference on all tokens. Lots of material 
on paper scrip..Many historical mine pictures.. 
$18.50.. Save $4.00.. 

3. 20,000 COAL COMPANY STORES by Gordon Dodrill.. 
Valuable reference book on scrip! Soft cover - 
287 pages.. $5.00 Save $5.00.. 


by Don Edkins.. Loose-leaf edition (while they last) 
470 pages punched for three ring binder $10.. 

PLEASE - $1 postage and handling on each book order!! 



CircLeJbooksjwanted^ - ^Scrip_Talk’’_Ed i tor _!J 



All mail for this department to: 

TOM HITT^ Box 970 ,__Def i.ance OH_43512 

This month I will feature some maverick Ingle 
tokens that I have been able to locate for one of our 
NSGA mem bers. I need to hear from any member that has 
a question about coal, lumber or manufacturing tokens! 

1 °u may lave seme of the following tokens in your 
collection and you will now be able to identify than 
as to location and type of token: 

B ^ BY ~ a § rocer y in Portsmouth, Ohio — WESLEY CRABTREE - a General Store 

SON - flnnrh a ’p t° ~ U* J * DICKENS0N > a grocery in Ironton, Ohio — N. J. DIX & 

, . P ° rtsmouth ohl ° grocery — WES.(Wesley) HORNUNG, same business and 

HASDORFF - Nixor* ? AMM0N ^ (Mrs * ^ rtha) " another Portsmouth grocery — HAUSMANN & 
and Fred ixon, -exas (from 1914Texas catalog) — LEITSCHUN & CURRIE (G. F. Currie 

another Port " J chuh) a 8 rocer y m Springfield, Ohio — A. L. MOORE (Andrew) - 
another Portsmoutn grocery -- CHAS. MEYERS - New Boston, Ohio (See TAMS listing of 

ERTS^V^ C lT d ° rdered 1000 tok - s in 1920),“4. L ROB- 

nnoth p 3 " enera . 1 Store ln Sevierville, Tenn. — H. J. WENDELKSON & SON - still 

article 8 T?nnn"' R ‘ S ‘, WISEMAN & S0N “ Hanging Rock, Ohio (See TAMS 

Store -- c l WHm r , a,"- ln 1919> " F ‘ NELS0N ~ Parsons > W.Va. General 

b ore c * F * WHITE - Camden, Ohio General Store. 


We need to hear from members to keep this feature going in the bulletin !! Surely 

some of e th Ue N^r S OUt SOme ° f yOUr tokens! If 1 don,t have the answer, possibly 
some of the NSCA memoers can be of help when they see your inquiry" 7 




On tie bids, earliest postmark was awarded 
the lot !! Prices Realized is a FREE bonus 

1/4.50 2/3.50 3/17.00 4/17.00 5/6.00 S/TlO^/ 9^8 % 'so'Tf.W 10/^f "‘ 
21/3 80 22/ 5 75° 23/2 2 00°°o4)R / ^ 00 9^/ 5 Qn' 55 16/ - 85 17 /1.35 18/4^60 19/NB 20/.75 

30/4.*25 31/i ? 55 1/4^0 M/1 10 

39/1°-22 4 °/ 8 ' 25 41/3.05 42/26.00 43/3.75 44/4.65 45/9 05 46/10 35 4m 15 
57/3 65 J/iThr 0 52/4.30 53/10.80 54/10.35 55/2.85 56/6.50 

66 26 35 67/2*80 68 / 1^0 6 1^ 1,0 ° 62/5 * 60 63 / 2 - 80 64/6.30 65/19.00 

75/17*05 76/5*?R 7 y/- 6 ;R /3 ' 8 ° 71 / 18 ' 60 72/12.50 73/18.95 74/25.55 

/h/17.05 76/5.15 77/D.15 78/5.15 79/5.05 80/76.10 81/5.65 82/9 60 83/16 35 

84/21 25 85/12.50 86/22.50 87/18.95 88/2.00 89/19.00 90/8.10 91/5 00 92/11 00 

102/37^55^103/45 97/4Y * 25 98 /^ 8 - 75 99/i2.75 1^/26 50 I 0 V 2 L 0 

102/37.5o 103/45.10 104/43.75 105/21.00.. End of Sale No. 61 

4 I I 4- I I i I 1 1 1 _1_1_1_1 1 ■iifiitist........ 

H H -H -I I I H -I 4 I I I M 1 I 1 I I . !■ ++ ++■+•+ 



plec f\ that 1 not seen in an auction before... plus -graded tokens! 

A chance to up-grade your collection on worn items !! Don't you miss this big one !!