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Full text of "A scriptural enquiry into the time, manner, and consequences of antichrist's fall"

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Time, Manner, and Confequences 


AntichriJFs Fall. 

Rev. xviii. 4. Come out of her, my Teo^Ie, that ye 
be not Partakers of her Sim j and that ye receive 
not of her ^ic.gues. 



Printed ty thcm^X Lmnifden and John Rolertfin, 
and 'fold at their Printing-houfe in the Fija-mar- 

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Time, Manner, and Conferences 

O F 

^AntichrijPs Fall. 

IT hath been the Fate of Tome particular great 
Men, who have written upon this Subject, to 
live to fee the Error of their own Calculations; 
What hath befallen others, may no doubt be- 
fall me : The worn 1 , in Juftice, that can be made 
of it, is, that Hitmanfon eft err are. I only, in the 
Affair, pretend to rational Conjectures from the 
facred Scriptures. Whether there be any Solidity in 
thefe, as the judicious Reader may judge, fo a little 
Time will determine. 

3 Tis fo far from being Prefumption, to make a 
ftrift Enquiry into rhis, which is fo much for the 
Glory of God, and the Comfort of his Church ; 
that it is the unquefhonable _Duty of fuch as are 
endued with Talents limed to fuch a Purpofe. And 
this will appear, if we con&der, 

i. When God, in his Word, had fixed a parti* 
cular Period for fuch Occurrences as have been much 
for the Confolation of his Inheritance ; Holy Men 
have made it their Bufinefs, accurately to enquire 
into it. When God, by tDaniel, Chap'. ?< had 
fixed a definite Time for the Incarnation arid Suffer- 

& ing 

C % X 

ing of the MeJJiah, Teter in his i EpifUe, Chap. r. 
10, ii. tells us, They fe arched diligently into the 
"Time ; and as a Confequent of this, about the Time 
of Chrift's Birth, Luke 2. 38. we find they were 
looking for Redemption in Jerusalem ; and, when 
Ghrift was about to make his publick Appearance, 
Luke 3. 15. theTeople were in Expeclation. 

2. God hath, in his Word, fixed a precife definite 
Time for the Deftru&ion ofRomiJb Antichri ft 3 which 
is no lefs than Five Times mentioned in the Revela- "' 
r^W,tho , in divers Expreffions. Twice it isex'prefs'd 
by 4.1 Months, Rev. 11. 2. Rev. 13. 5. Once by 
Time, "times , and Half a time, Rev. 12. 14. and 
Twice by n6o2)ays, Rev. 11. 3. Rev. 12. 6. All 
which plainly evinceth, that upon the Expiring of 
thefe 1 2 do Prophetical Days, or Years, the Church 
Jhall be delivered, and Antichrifi put from his 
Throne ; for all thefe different Denominations a- 
mount to the fame individual Length of Time- 
Since God hath been pleafed to exprefs it fo fre- 
quently, in the facred Records; we may rationally 
conclude, not only the Certainty of the Affair, but 
that it is our Duty diligently to enquire into it. 

That there be Difficulties in it, is beyond all Con- 
tradiction ; and certainly, for holy and wife Purpo- 
fes, God hath ordered it to be fo : Yet we are not 
to imagine, that thefe Difficulties are abfolutely un- 
furmountable ; for, no doubt, after Antichrifi** O- 
verthrow, the Affair will be fo plain to fucceeding 
Ages, that they'll probably wonder how we came to 
be fo much in the Dark about it. The Difficulty of 
determining in this Point, as well as in fome others, 
which depend upon an exaft Knowledge of Syncbro- 
nifm, arifes, # 

1/?, From the Difference that is betwixt Hifiorians 
an fixing the Times of Matters of Faft ; fome afcri- 
fcing them to one Year, fome to another, and that 


, ) . *>*> 

in the moft momentuous Matter of Fact, viz. Con- 
cerning the Time of our Lord's Birth. As for Ex- 

SenediBus Amis fays, He was born A. M 3849 
%) avid ^areus - - 3928 

Jerom - 3941 

Alftedins and Calvijius - - 3947 

Scaliger and Hear?i - - 395° 

Cornelius a Lafide - - 3951 

.2?^ - - - 3952. 

Scultetus and Luther - - 3960 

MelanBon - - - 39<*3 

Sullinger - - - 3969 

'Petavius - ~A - - 3984. 

Capellus and ZT/Jbfr - - 4000 

Laurence Codomamis - - 4142. ' 

Atrgufiine - *- - - 5355 

Clemens Alexandrimis - - 5524 

Laftantius - - - 58or 

If the Learned differ fo much as to the Time of 
our Lord's Nativity, no wonder they difagree in 
fixing Matters of Fact concerning Antichrift. Hence 
Authors, who determine of Events depending upon 
Matters of Fad, muft differ, conform to the Authors 
they follow. 

idly, The grand Difficulty in this Affair, arifeth 
from the Uncertainty we are at, from whence we 
ought to date the Beginning of thofe 126c Years. 

Tho' God, for our Trial and Exercife, hath left: 
us at fome Uncertainty in this, he hath not dealt 
with us otherwile than he was pleafed to do with 
his People in antient Times. I find this fometimes 
hath been the Method the infinitely wife God hath 
taken with his Church ; even when he had fixed a 
definite Time for his Church's Relief, he frill left her 
at fome Uncertainty, from what Date that definite 
Time was to be reckoned: Of which we have fome 
A a very' 

very remarkable Inftances in Scripture, particularly 
thefe following; 

The Firjiis, with Refpect to the Deliverance of 
the Children of Ifraelhom Egyptian Bondage, Gen. 
35. 13. God f aid to Abraham, <Thy Seed pall be a 
Stranger, in a Land that is not theirs, 400 Tears ; 
for the 30 Years odd, which are afterwards taken 
Notice of by Mofes, when he came to reckon the 
Tim to a Day, Exod. 12. 41. were not expreft, 
Gen.e'i 5.1 3. as the Jews fay, for the Sake of Evgtmefs 
of Number, but were fuf^ciently underftood. This 
definite Time was no Doubt fufficiendy known, 
riot only to Ifaac, and Jacob, but to the red: of 
Abraham's Poiterity, who lived before that Epocha 
expired.; yet were they much at a Lofs to know, 
whether the Beginning of thefe 430 Years was to be 
reckoned from Abraham's going down into Egypt, 
Gen. 12. 10. or from the Time when God revealed 
this to Abraham, Gen. 15. 13. or from the Time 
when Jacob went down into Egypt with his Fami- 
ly, Gen. \6. But when the Time was dapfed, and 
the Delivery wrought, they could count it to a Day. 

2. God,by the Prophet Jeremiah, told the Jews, 
Chap. 25. 11. c f hat they fbouid ferve the King of 
Babylon 70 Tears. And Chap. 29. 10. That after 
70 -Tears were accompliped, God would perform 
'his good Word towards tbem, in+cavfing them to 
return : Yet were they left at an Uncertainty, whe- 
ther to date the Beginning of thefe 70 Years, from 
the Captivity, which happened in Jehoiakim's, Je- 
ehtiacjpinh, or Zedekiah y s Days ; of which three 
Captivities we have an Account, 2 Chron. 7,6. 
r 3. God, by 'Daniel, Chap. 9. told the Jews, 
^P hat from the going forth of the Commajidment to 
reftore and to build Jerufalm, to the 2)eath of the 
Jilcfflah, Jhoula be 70 Weeks, or 490 Years; but the 
fcws knew not whether to reckon the Beginning of 


c 5 ) no* 

thefe 70 Weeks from the Edit! of Artaxerxes, 
Ezra 7. or from the Editl of Cyrus, Ezra 1. 1. 
Thus we are at an Uncertainty as to the Beginning 
of AntichriiVs Reign : And this proceeds, 

idly* From AntichriiVs gradual (and for a long 
Time infenfible) Riiing. The Apoflle, in his 2d 
Epiftle to the Iheff. 2. 7. tells us,, that the Spirit of 
Antichrift was working in his Day : But could not 
twift himfelf up to Dominion, for a long Time af- 
ter that ; being hindered parcly by the Roman Em- 
perors, whofe §eat he, was to poffefs ; partly by the 
zealous ^Appearance of faithful Pallors. So that, 

1. The Removing of the Imperial Seat from Rome 
to Co nft ant 1720 fie ; very much paved his Way ; as 
the Apoflle plainly foretold, 2 'Thefs. 2. d, 7, 8. 
And this happened about the Year 3*2, For Ba- 
ronius afTerteth, That, Anno 3 1 2 , Conftantine ■ 
the Great gave the Imperial Palace to Melchiades 
Bifhop of Rome. 

2. The Corruption of the Clergy had no fmall 
Influence upon it, whofe Pride, and Contention for 
Precedency, in the Beginning of the 4th Century, 
did [well to a great Degree ; as Plejfaus fheweth in 
his My fiery of Iniquity. 

3. The Prevailing of the Arian, and Macedoni- 
an Herefies, in the 4th, and the Neftorian, Euty- 
chean -.and 'Pelagian Herejles in the 5th Century, 
made conflderable Way for AntichrinVs Rife : Tho' 
neither the Arian, Macedonian, Neftorian, nor Eu^ 
ty chean Hereiles do this Day prevail in the Church 
of Rojne; yet how far the 'Pelagian is adopted, 
every one knows. This Herefy was invented by Pe- 
lagim fa "Briton, fome fay a Scotfman) in the Begin- 
ning of the 5 th Century, and, in a little Time, fpread 
thro' Italy, Britain, France, Africk,dx\& the Eaftem 
Empire, notwithftanding of the ftrenuous Endea- 
vours of Hieronirnw, Pr S$ QT > M&$'m, Optatus, 
md fome others, " * I 

( 6 ) 

r fay, the Prevailing of thefe Hcrefles, paved much 
the Way for AntichrifVs mounting the Throne, 
■who was ftill nfhing in troubled Waters ; for Rome, 
by its Authority, and outward Greatnefs at this 
Time, had too much Influence in thefe Debates, as 
an Umpire amongft Diflenters. Thus, iometimes 
we find, the orthodox Party, when in Diftrefs, ad- 
dreffed to Rome ; fo did Athanafim. And frequent- 
ly it was the Practice of Hereticks, when condem- 
ned ; So did Eutychei, Donatio, and feveral others : 
In which Appeals they wera much encouraged by 
the Roman Bifhops. 

When Apiarim. Bifhop of Sic A, had been jult- 
ly ceniured by a Council at Qarthage, and had 
appealed to the Bifhop of Rome ; not only did Zoji- 
mus, Anno 41 7, but his two Succeffors, Boniface 
and Cekftine, fo far countenance the Appeal, as not 
only to admit him to their Communion ; but fent 
Fauftim/s, and other EmbafTadors, to the 6th. Coun- 
cil of Carthage, to order them to repeal the Sen- 
tence ; which with Courage indeed they refufed to 
do. Yea, not only did particular Perfons appeal to 
Rome ; but fome Synods and Councils enacted, that 
it was juft, in Cafe of Oppreflion, to do fo. Parti- 
cularly the Council of Sardica, Anno 347, the De- 
ign of which Act, as propofed. by Wjfms, was to 
protect fome good Mea from the unjuit Oppreflion 
of Arian Bifhops ; for Arianifm, at that Time, 
greatly prevailed in the Eaft. 

Having thus glanced a little at 'what paved the 
Way for AntichrifVs Government ; I come now to 
enquire into the Commencement of the 1^.60 pro- 
phetical Days, or Years ; which is what only can 
determine us, as to the precife Time of his Ruihe, 
I mean, as to the Time of h ; s Expulfion from 
Rome ; for as to his final Destruction, by the Battle 
at Armageddon, I know nothing in Scripture to'guide 


' 7 ^ 

pur Steps in our Enquiry after the Time of it, un- 
lefs it be pointed at by ^Daniel, Chap. 12. where it 
is obfervable, that after ^Daniel was informed that 
the holy People fhould be fcattered, for the Space of 
a Time, "Times, and Half a Time, v. 7. which i§ 
the Time of the Church's Sufferings under Antichrist, 
and the Time of his Reign ; There is a condefcen- 
ding upon Two Periods, of a longer Continuance; 
the firit is, 2) an. 12. 11. From the Time, that the 
Abomination that maketh defelate is fet up, jball be 
1290 2)ays ; which if we take for fo many Years, 
it contains 30 more than is allowed for the Time 
of Antichriit's Tyranny ; which feems to point at 
fome remarkable Event, that fhall happen 30 Years 
after the Pope's Expulfion from Rome, which, in all 
Probability, will be the Battle at Armageddon ; for 
we may in Reafon believe, that, as foon as poflible, 
1 Antichrift will ufe his utmoff, Efforts, to gather his 
united Forces, to regain his Dominion. As to the 
other Period of Time, mentioned a 12. I fhall not 
venture to give my private Opinion concerning it. 

As to the Time of AntichriiVs Rife, I conceive 
the Apoftle plainly determines it, in his 2 Epiflle to 
the Thef. Chap. ii. 6, 7,8. Now ye know, what 
withholdeth that he might be revealed in his Time : 
■For the My fiery of Iniquity doth already work ; 
\only he who now letteth, will let, until he be taken out 
of the Way ; and then fa all that wicked One be re- 
\veakd. That this isfpokenof Antichrifi, is owned 
.upon all Hands; from which 'tis plain, 

1. That the Myltery of Iniquity, or the Spirit of 
Antichrift, was working in -the Days of the Apoftle ; 
Yet we have no Ground to think, that he iixe:h u- 
pon that Time as the Commencement of his Go- 
vernment; Bat I conceive, 'tis not out of the W ay, * 
to obferve; that if we reckon from the 43d Year of 
Chrift, about which Time, the- Apoftle faid, the 


f 8 )■• 
Spirit of Antichrift was working ; and add to it 
1260, it brings us to to the Year of Chrift 1303 ; at 
■which Time no fmall Difturbance was given to Ro- 
man Antichrift, by the faithful and zealous #Vppea- 
cance of Walter Lollard and his Followers, who after 
him were called Lollards-. He with many of his Fol- 
lowers were burnt in Aaftria, Anno 1 3 1 5. 

2. 'Tis obvious, that the Apoftle'fTxeth the Rife 
of the Bead's Government, at tfae taking of the Re- 
man Emperors out of the Way : He who now letteth, 
will let, until he be taken out of the Way, and then 
pall that wicked One he revealed ; whenever the Ro- 
man Emperors fhall be taken out of the Way, then 
fhall that wicked Antichrift appear. I think nothing 
can be more plainly exprefFed, to determine the pre- 
cife Time of the Beginning of his Government. 

Now, there was a twofold Removing of the Ro- 
man Emperors ; and our Bufinefs muft be, to fearch, 
which of tho r e the'Apoftle had his Eye to. 

The nrft Remove of the Roman Emperors, was 
by Conflantine the Great, when he built Conftamti- 
nople, and made it the' Seat of the Empire, Anno 
312. For Saronins faiths That then, he gave the Im- 
perial Palace at Rome, to the Bifhop thereof; which 
certainly he would not do till his Removal. 

Now, if we.add 1260 to 312, it brings us to the 
Year o( Chrift 157c; at which Time the Papal 
Throne was much fhaken by the Advancement of 
Reformation • Tor then Zurich, "Bern, £aftl, and 
Schaffhavzen, thofe Swift Cantons, had received the 
Reformation : The Pope's Authority was rejected by 
Scotland, England and Sweden, and the States of 
Holland. A vaft Number of Proteilants were then 
in France, all which fo exafperated the Romijh Clef-* 
gv, that by their Influence, in that very Year, no 
lefs than 30CC0 Proteftants, in fome few E>ays, were 
maflacred in that Kingdom. Which ihaws,that at that 


( 9 ) 

Time a vaft Number had received the reformed Re- 
ligion. But that Removal of the Roman Emperors, 
Cannot be it which the Apofl'e had in his View/as the 
Timtfof Antichrifl's mounting his Throne; other- 
wife he had been, before now, absolutely deprived 
of his Dominion. 

We find only one either remarkable Time in Hi- 
ftory, in which it migi^t be faid that the Roman Em- 
perors were taken out of the Way ; which indeed 
was effectually done, when the Empire ended ia 
Glicerius, Anno 474 ; for Augvflnlus did Reign 
but fome few Months after him : Then came in the 
■Zo?/ihards> under Odoacer King of the HerulL and 
took PoiTeflion of. Italy ; whofe Pofterity, with fome 
of the Kings of Lombard?, kept PoifefHon of it., 
till the Year 775; at which Time they were expelled 
by Charles the Great, King of France, who, Anno 
798, was made Emperor of Germany* This then 
feems to be the only Time the Apoitle had in his 
View, as theDate of Antichrilt's Rife; and if fo, the 
Reign of the Beaft being added to it, his ExpuiHon 
from Rome, muft be Anno 1794. 

For my Part, I know no other Part of Scripture, 
but this, that can direct us as to the precife Time of 
his Rife. If he did not mount the Throne that- 
very Year, probably he would do it within fome few 
Years after; for Thrones ufe not to be long Vacant; 
Confequently, {{Rome be not Deftroyed Anno 1 7 
in all Probability we may expect it, within fome very 
few Years after. 

I find another deflnte Time expreft in Scripture, 
for the Purification of the Sanct Mary, which brin^\ us. 
to the fame Year ; 'tis Daniel 8. 13, 14: HowJ&tg 
foallbe the Vifwn concerning t£e daily Sacrifice^ 

-he T'ra&fgrefjiou . of Deflation, • to give tor:. 
Sanclnary and tjbe t 2To(r to he\ trbXen ' midef 
Ahi hsfaid hmo ?#e\ fJnto.^Qo 2)ays$ t$enpc$ 

( io ) 

the Sancftiary be cleanfed. In the preceeding Part 
of the Chap, from tf. 9. JJntkchus JBpifhanes was 
reprefented by the link Horn; and the Mifc.hief he 
fhould do to the Church oi the Jeix*s 3 was plainly 
declared. Yet I think the Queftion,. v. if. and 
the Anfwer, v. 14. hath no Refpect to Antiochns at 
all: For, 

1. The Time ofAntiochtis's Tyranny, was expref- 
ly declared. Chap. 7. 25. that it was to continue/or 
a time, 'times, and the Dividing of time, which 
is three Years and a Half ; confeouently, there was 
no Occafion for enquiring into it again, upon the 
mentioning ofAntiochus. 

2. The definite Time mentioned, fDan. 7. is far 
from agreeing with the Time condescended upon, 
fDan. 8. There Antiochus's Tyranny was to con- 
tinue but a Time, Times, and Half a Time, i. e> 
1260 natural Days; or 3 Years and a Half: Whereas., 
?Dan. 8. before the Sanduary was to be cleanfed, 
2300 Days were to pafs, which amounts to Six Yeai 
3 'Months and 18 Days, which is almoft double th< 
Time of the Jews Oppreflion by Antiochns ; 
♦rather then choofe^to be of Opinion (for I think it 
is mod probable) that thefe Angels - f there called 
Saints) who had been im ployed by God, to reveal 
thofe Things unto 7)aniel, knowing by Divine Re- 
velation, that Antischvs Epiphanes was an eminent 
Type of Antichrifl, and being informed how long 
he was to opprefs the yews, had a ftrong Inclinati- 
on to know, how long it w^ould be till the Church 
fhould be delivered from the Tyranny of the Anti- 
type: And, upon this, they propofed to Chrift. the 
CJueftion ; . for that it was Chrift the QuefHon was 
propofed to, appears from the Name given him in the 
Hebrew, PALMONI ; which fignifles, the Num- 
ber er of Secrets, o'r, the wonderful N?i#$erer : Upon 
which, PALMQNI, for their Satisfaction, and 


tDanieFs Information, tells them, v. 14. that it fhall 
be 2300 Days, viz. Prophetical Days, or Years, and 
then the Sanctuary fhall be cleanfed. 

Now, this Viiion, as we fee from Chap. 8. 1. 
was in the 3d Year of the Reign of Belfiazzar, 
which, according to fome Cbronologers, was Anno 
Mundi 3433 ; to which if we add the 2300 prophe- 
tical Days or Years, it brings us to 5733, which is 
the Year of Chrift 1733, Tuppofing Chrift to be 
born, according to. Capellus and Ufoer, Anno 4000. 
Thefe 2300 muft pafs; and the next, being 1734, 
feems to be the Time for the Purification of the 
Sanctuary., by Antichrift/s Ruine.^ 

Bur, to conclude this Arlair, tis the Opinion of 
a great many, that Antichrift fhall fall, as he rofe, 
viz. by Degrees ; and I think we have Reafon to 
judge to : For every intelligent Reader may obierve, 
that in the Order of the Pouring forth of the Vials, 
there is a fpecial Likenefs and Reference to that iame 
Method and Order which was followed in the Trum- 
pets, Rev. 8. Whether there fhall be an exact Pro- 
portion of Time, betv\ ixt his Riling and Falling, I 
fhall be far fronv determining: Only I obferve, that 
betwixt 474, when the Roman Emperors were taken 
out of the Way ; and 666, which is the Name and 
Number of the Bead ; in which Year 'Pope > Vitelline 
ordered the Service of the Church to be performed 
inthe'Zatine Tongue ; I fay, the Diftance of Time 
betwixt thefe is 192. Now, Tope Taul III. found 
the Roman Hierarchy in fuch a tottering Condition, 
that he gave Orders for the Meeting of a General 
Council, which met at "Trent Anno 1 540, to which 
if we add 192, it brings us to 1 7 3 2, which is but Two 
Years fhort of the former Calculation. 
- If the Beginning of AntichriiVs Government take 
not its Pate from 474, as the Scripture feems plainly 
to inilnuate; I know not what Time we. can fix* 
B 1 uppn 

\upon for the Rife of it, uniefs we bring it up to 606 i 
iox then the Emperor 'Phccas, who had murdered 
the Emperor Mauritius, and all his Children ; that 
he might ingratiate himfelf into the Favour of his Sub- 
jects in the Weft, by Means of the Bifhop of Rome ; 
palfed an Edict, declaring Rome to be the fupy earn 
See > and the Biihop thereof Univerfal Sifiop : Which 
Boniface III. accepted of, and got the lame ratified 
by a Later an Cmncil of 72 Biihops. Betwixt the 
Year 474, and 6q6, I know nothing remarkable befel 
t&e Reman Bifhops. If this fhould be the Time 
from whence we fhould date the Beginning of Artti- 
chrilVs Kingdom, he would not fall till \%66. But 
we can fcarce imagine that fo long a Time as 1 3 2 Years 
would interveen betwixt the Removing of the Roman 
'Emperors, and AntichrilVs Government ; efpecially 
conlidering the Apoflle had (aid, That the My fiery 
©f Iniquity was working in his Day ; That nothing 
then hundred his Appearing, but the Roman- Em- 
perors ; That whenever they were taken out of the 
Way, the wicked One fhould be revealed, 2 T'bef. 
H. 6, 7, 8. 

Before I ccme to enquire into the Way and 
Manner of his Deftru&ion, I mud, acquaint you, 
that we have all Reafon to believe, tha,t, before that 

1. God will fend a Reviving to his Churches; 
that Practical Religion, which at prefentis at lo low 
an Ebb, will recover its Strength • and that God 
will put an uncommon Edge upon the Zeal of Pro- 
teftant Powers, When God hath great Things to 
do in the World by I-nflru.ments, he puts Life and 
Spirit in them, for the Management of the Work he 
calls them to. When God, by the Reformation, : 
was about to break fomething of the Dominion of 
li.o?nan Antichrift • 'tis well known, what flaming 
Zeal polled the generous Souls of thoie who then 


difcoyered the vile Abominations of the Whore of 
Rente 3 and were the Blefled Inftruments to advance 
the glorious Work God had put in their Hands. If 

fuch fplen did Zeal wa5 to be found with thofe who 
only were to wound the Beaft, we may in Reafort 
I hope fuppofe, tiikt as much will be found with 
fuch as fhall be the happy Inftruments to put him 
from his Seat. 

. 2. God will certainly take his own Method, to 
cauie fome of his own Children locally to remove 
from Popifh Countries, that they may not fuffer by 
thefe ftupendious Judgments which then fhall fall 
upon PopiCi Countries. Rev- 18. 4- Come out of 
her, my People, that ye be not 'Tar takers of her Sins ? 
and that ye receive not of her Plagues. 'Tis true, 
'tis an Exhortation ; but as true it is, that God will 
have Obedience given to it. The Exhortation, im- 
ports, that there muft not only be a real and total 
Separation from her, as to Communion ; but a local 
Removal from the Place : As is plain from the feconi 
Reafon given for it, vzz. % That ye receive not of her 
Plagues. Wherefore, as God preffeth a local S*- 
etffiou, with a Certification of the utmoft Hazard ; 
we have no Doubt, but fome will take Warning, 
and that God will prevail with fome to ccme out of 
the Place, as he did with Lot from Sodom. Vfis 
obfervable, the Exhortation is given immediatly be- 
fore Babylon's Ruine ; which mews us, the nearer 
the Ruine be, the more dangerous it is to be within 
his Dominions ; 

As to the Manner of his Ruine, I mean his Expul- 
fion from Rome. 

lft, This is not to be effectuate bv the Preaching of 
theGofpei: The Apoftle indeed flys, z Thef z. 8. 
"The Lord foall consume him, with the Spirit of his 
Moicb, and dejlroy him with the Brightnefi of his 


( 14 ) 
Coming; where the Apoftle fhews a double Method 
God will take, in bringing down of AntichriftVs 
Kingdom. ' 

i He is to be Confumed, Walled, and his Power 
and Authority much broken, by the Spirit of his 

tutb, i. e. by the powerful Preaching of the Gok 
This., God hath already done ; for, by Means 
thereof, feverai Kingdoms have thrown off his Au- 
thority already ; and, ever fince the Reformation, 
God hath been giving his Subjeds Space to repent: 
But, as 'tis faid, Rev. \6. 9. They resetted not, to 
'give him Glcry. Therefore, 

2. lie is to be X' eft r eyed with the Srightnefs of 
his Coming. By the Tirightnsfs of his Coming, can- 
not be underftood, his bright Appearing as a Judge, 
at the Confummation of ail Things; for the Beaft 
is abiolutely to be Deftroyed, at the Battel of Arma- 

feddon : And at the Appearing of Gog and Magog, 
ie is found in the Lake of Fire and Brimflone ; fo 
that, by the Brightnefs of his Coming, mull: be un- 
derftood his fplendid Apeafing to execute his Judg- 
ments upon the Seat of the Bead:. 

zdly, This , Deltrucnon is to be brought upon 
the Seat of the Beaft, by fuch Church-members, as 
feave thrown off his Authority ; therefore we find, 
Rev. 14. 17. The Angel, who was to thrufi in his 
Sickle , to gather thefe Clufters, and to cafi them int9 
the great Wine-prefs of the Wrath of God, is^ (aid 
to come oiit of the Temple ; to (hew, that thofe In- 
ftruments fhall be Church-members : And, Rev, 
17. 1$. Thefe very Horns , or Kingdoms, which once 
gave their Tower unto the Beaft, fa all now make her 
defolate, eat her Flefi, and hum her with Fire. 
What Method God will take to ftir up Proteftant 
Princes to this, we leave to abfolute Sovereignty, 
whether it fhalj be done by the powerful Preaching 
of the Gofpel, pointing out tfiis to them as their 



indifpenfible Duty ; whether God fhall awaken their 
Zeal, by fharp and furprifing Trials ; or whether- 
Affronts put on them, or Defolation threatned by 
'JPopiJb Powers, fhall make them fetr.bout this Work; 
whether any or all of thefe, fhall concur, we fhall 
not determine. 

Yet, fure we are, however backward now they 
be, God will put it in their Hearts to hate the 
Whore, and to make her defolate : In doing of 
which, God will not furfer them to want a due 
Reward. If God gave Nebuchadnezzer the Land 
of Egypt, as his Wage, for deftroying Tyrns built 
upon an Iile in the Sea, Ezek. 29. 18, 19. we 
may afTure.our (elves. He will fufficiently reward 
thofe happy Inftruments, who fhall be active in 
deftroying the Whore, who fits upon many Waters. 

$djy, As God fhall undoubtedly raife up Inftru- 
rrents for this End, fo will he remarkably counte- 
nance them in it : His Divine Power fhall be fo 
confpicuous in giving them fuch amazing Succefs, 
that tho* Men and Angels be imployed, God's 
Hand fhall be moft obferved ; therefore,- 2 Thef 2. 
8. The Lord fi all deftroy him. Rev. 17. 14. The 
Lamb Jhall overcome them. Rev. 18. 20. Rejoice 
over her, for God harh avenged you on her. Rev. 
xix. 13, 14, 15. The Word of God, He 'who treads 
the Wine-prefs of the Fiercenefs and Wrath of Al- 
mighty Gcd 3 gees before them ; and the Armies are 
faid to follow him on Hofc-back, as if they had 
nothing to do, but only to puffue the Victory. 

4thly, Their Spirits fhall he filled with the ut- 
molt holy Detefcation agaiuft Rome, and her idola- 
trous Practice. R*v. 17. 16. They'd hate the Whore y 
and make her defolate ; they Jhatl eat her Flefi, and 
bum her with Fire : The leaft Degree of Pity fhall 
not be exercifed toward her. Rev. 18. 6. Reward 
her> even as fie rewarded you ; and double nnto 


( 1* ) 

tier double, according to her Works ; in the Cup, 
'which foe hath filled, fill to her double. We are 
riot to fuppofe, that God, by thefe Expreffions, 
patroriizeth Cruelty, or .that thefe Inftruments fhall 
take any Pleafure in it ; the Intendment of them be- 
ing to fhew, that however terrible the Judgments 
be, which fhe fhall be vifited with, they fhall be 
far from being above her Deferving ; and that they 
lhall be more than ever fhe was able to'- efre&uate u- 
pon the Saints. As to the Inflruments > whatever 
Cruelty they fhall exercife, I doubt not but: the vvo- 
ful Obftinacy of the Roman Party will absolutely 
oblige them to it. 

phly, An immenfe Quantity of the Blood of To- 
fifo .Subjects, at this Time, fhall be filed, Rev. 18. 
6. ^Double unto her double , 'according to her Woris ; 
in the Cup fhe hath filled, fill to her double. c J?e- 
ronius fays, A Million of Proteflants have been flain 
even in France. What Devastations were made, 
under the Lord of Trinity, upon the poor People 
of 'Piedmont, Calabria, Angrongue, and other 
traces ; The Deftruction of Mcrindoll, by the Arch- 
Bifhop of Aix; and the barbarous Cruelties, in Hol- 
land, Germany, and other Places, are fufrjciently 
known to fuch, as are acquainted with the Sufferings 
of the Church of Chrift. But now, when God 
comes to enquire after Blood, he will render unto 
her double ; they have fhec! the Blood of the Saints, 
and God will give them Blood to drink, and that in 
an aftonifhing Quantity, Rev. 14. 20. And the Wine- 
frefs was troden without the City, and Blood came 
out of the W'me-prefs, even unto )he Horfe-Sr idles, 
by the Space of iCco. Furlongs. Reckoning eight 
Furlongs to a Mi:e, the Blood is reprefented as run- 
ning, and that deep, even to 200 Miles. 

Yet 'tis obfervable, in all the Account' of Rome's 
Overthrow, there is not one Word ipoken of the 


( it ) 

Sheddine oCthe Blood of thefe Inftrumentsywniefr 
God (hall make Ufe of: Not that we are to fuppole,- 
that none of thern fhall be (lain ; but probably^ 
God will fo cover their Heads in the Day of Battle^ 
that it fhall be but a very fmall and inconfiderable 
Number of them, that fhall fall. 

ftfoly, Rome's Deftruction fhall not take up much 
Time ; tRerefore 'tis faid, Rev. 18. 10. For in one 
Flour is thy Judgment come. v. 17. for in one 
Hour jo great Riches is come to nought, v. 19. hi 
me Jticur fee is made dejofote. If this Hour beafcaf 
proportion to a Prophetical Day, or Year, its De- 
flruction would be accomplifhed within the Space 
of Fifceen Days and Five Hours ; however^ I 
think theExpreflion points out the Suddennnefs of it* 
-\thly } She fhall not, in that Day, be able to make 
Refiftence to any Purpofe, having too flrcng a Party 
to deal with, Rev. 18.8. therefore ft all her Plagues, 
come in one fDay, 2)eath, and Mourning, and Fa- 
mine y and fee ftall be utterly burnt with Fire ; 
for firong is the Lord God who judgeth her.- What 
can an Arm of Flefh do, when omnipotent juftice 
acts againft it ? She'll no more be able to refift 
the avenging Strokes of Juflice, than the li- 
quid Billows of the Sea would be able to refill: the 
.Force of a heavy Mijftohe, when thrown into it, 
Thus the Irrefiftablenefs of this Overthrow is held. 
iorth, Rev. 18, 21. A mighty Angel took tip a Stone 9 
like a great Milpne, and caft it into the Sea, fay- 
ingjThus with Violence fhall that great City Baby- 
lon be thrown down. 

%thly. Neither herfecret nor open Welwifhtrs fhall 
in that Day be able to give her Relief, or the leaft 
Ground of Confolation ; *nd therefore, {landing a-* 
far off, for Fear of her Torment, they fhall onl} fee- 
wail her, and lament for her, faying,, Aids? Al*s 9 
that great City Bajbylon, Rev. x\iii.^, 10. 

$tbtyj Her Destruction will be molt lxxpt&n%, 
Q 1, Upon 

C 18 J 

1. Upon the Account of the Unexpe&ednefs there- 
of " She was mod arrogantly Toothing ker felf, with 
the Hopes of uninterrupted' Felicity, Rev. 18. 7. 1 
fit a ^tieen, and am no IVtdo-w, a?id Jball fee no 
-Sorrow, But all on a Sudden (he's brought to Defo- 
lation, Rev. 18. 17. In one Hour fo great Riches is 
come to nought.- 

2. Upon the Account of the Manner, and Ter- 
riblenefs of her Deftruction. There will no Doubt 
be founds in her Overthrow, a Concatination and 
Chain of molt lamentable Miferies. Blood probably 
in greater Quantity than ever was at once fried. 
Rev. 14. 20. Famine mid Fire, Rev. 18.8. Whether 
this Fire (hall be 'kindled in an ordinary Way ; whe- 
ther it fhal) be by Fire from Heaven, as Sodom was 

overthrown ; or by the Eruption of fome terrible 
Vulcano, we fhaji not determine : And all this fhall 
probably be attended with a fearful Earthquake, Rev. 
16. 18. God hath not been wanting, before now, 

. to (hake, in a terrible Manner, fome Places under 
Rome's Jurisdiction, 'Anno 1688, June 5th anjl 
tfth, there was fuch a dreadful Earthquake in the City 
of Naples, as overturned Abundance of Churches, 
and religious Houfes ; it deftroyed the third Part of 
the City ; The Earth opened in feveral Places, and 
vomited out Smoke and Flames, Wk&Vefuvius. Ja- 
nuary 3d 1703, an Earthquake in the Ecclefiaftical 
State, deftroyed the Towns of Norcia, Cafjia, Ci- 
yita Vecchia, and ether 'Places ; no lels than 1 5000 
pcrfons were deltroyed thereby. Such dreadful Earth- 
quakes have ordinarily been looked upon, as Pre- 
fages of fome remarkable Change. Such a Mul- 
titude of Judgments concurring, muft needs befur- 

tcthly, I have ho Dfcubt, but, with Antichrift, 

. God will bring down the whole Roman Hierarchy : 
beyond aM Peradventure, God hates the Steps By 
which he mounted the Throne* J 

, 7(7 

' I come how to fpeak of the Eftects and Confe- 
quences of Rome's Deftru&ion. 

17?, It feems, after this it fhall never more be in- 
habited, Rev. 18: 21, 22. The Voice of Harpers and 
Muficians Jballbe no mort heard at all in thee ; no 
Crajtfman, no Sound of a Milftone, no Light of a 
dandle, no Voice of a Bridegroom , Jhall ever any 
more be found in thee at all. It (hall be fo far from 
being the Habitation of great Men, with mighty 
Pomp ; that it (hall be haunted by none but Ghofts, 
and ravenous Creatures, Rev. 18. 2. It is become 
the Habitation of fDevi/s, and the Hold of every 
foul Spirit , and a Cage of every unclean and hate- 
ful Bird. Thefe Expreffions feem to be borrowed 
from the TKreatning againft Babylon, Jer. 50. 30. 
which indeed now is literally accomplished ; for Hi* 
ftoriansgive us an Account, that Travellers dare not 
apprpach the Place, for Fear of Serpents and Scorpi- 

zdly, Antichrift, as his laft Effort, after Rome is 
destroyed, (hall gather together a vait Multitude, 
with a Defign to recover his Dominion, and bring 
them together to the great Battle at Armageddon. ■ 
Tho', upon the Destruction of Rome> by the Pou- 
ring out of the fifth Vial upon the Seat of' the Beaft, 
many of AntichrihVs Favourites flood afar off, for 
Fear of her. Torment, and durft, not adventure to 
J give her A fliftance ; yet probably, 'gainft that Time, 
they may refume fome Courage : But their Number 
not being confiderable, c!o ; s Application fh^ll be 
made unto others, and certainly unto the 'Turks as 
their neareft Neighbours. No hellilh Methoc} 
fhall be wanting, to engage Men to his Intereft, 
R"v. xvl 12, 14, 1 5. And I ftrv three uncle in . 
Spirits, like Frogs, came out of the Mouth of the 
<£)ragon, and out of the Mouth of .the Beafi, and 
wt of the Mmtb 0} the^falfe. Vroftet ; for they are 
C z tfje 

C M ) 
the Spirits of tDevih, working Mracks, w&hb 
go out imto the Kings of the Berth y and of the 
whole World, to gather them to the "Battel of that 
great 2) ay of Ged Almighty • qnd he gathered* 
them together , Unt$ a <Piac§, called in the Hebrew 
Tongue, Armageddon. 

$dly, After the Expulflon of the Pope from 
Home, the Turkijh Empire fhall be brought down : 
For, after the $th Angel had poured out his Vial u- 

Eon the Seat of the Beaft, the 6th Agf/ poured out 
is upon Euphrates, and the Water thereof is dried 
up, Rev. 16. 12. by which is. reprefented the Ruin 
of the Turkifi Empire : For, as Antichrifi rofe by 
the $th s and the Turks by the 6th Trumpet, Rev. 
9. So we mayin'ileafon fuppofe, that as Amichrift 
fhall fall by the yh$o theTurks fhall be ruined by the 
4ji Vial. Under the 6th Trumpet, the 4. Angels, 
which were bound in the great River Euphrates, 
were loofed, Rev, ix. 14, 1 5. The Angels are faid to 
be pour, becaule thefirft Turkijh Government, .was 
by four Souldans ; and they are laid to be in the Jti- 
Ver Euphrates, becaule thefe for a confiderable Time 
t had their Refidence near and about this River, viz. 
* in Afia, Aleppo, T>amafcus y and Anti'och, which 
Were the places whereby thele Governours were de- 
defigned. They are faid to be Loofed, becaufe now 
they were to extend their Dominion. And now, 
by the Sixth Vial, this great .River is to be dryed up, 
the Dominion thereof is to be broken. And, as ap- 
pears, by the Sixth Vial this is to be done by the 
JBattre at Armageddon. 

A-thly, The Conversion of the Jews ihalJ follow 
tipoil Antichrift's being put from his Seat. But whe- 
ther this fhall be, before or after the Battle at hrma- 
feddon, (which absolutely deftroys Anticfyrift, and 
re.aks the power of the y'urhp Empire ) Scripture 
feem$ not fo clearly & determine. If we take tte 


Preparing of the Way ef the Kings, of the Hafl$ Rev. 
rtf. i z. for the Paving of the Way far their Con-' 
verflon to the Chriftian Fairh ; then indeed the Battle 
at Armageddon muft be over. But I rather think 
that by Paving of their Way., is to be underftobd 
the removing of whatever Impediments ftand in the 
Way^l; their being put n Poffeffion of their own 
Land. That the Tltrkife Empire is a great ImpedK 
ment to* this, is plain ; for the River Euphram 
muft be dried up, for the ^Preparing of the Way cf 
the Kings of the Eaft ; the Dominion of" which Em- 
pire is to be broken by the Battle at Armageddon, 
where the Jems probably (hall be a Sifting. For, 

i. As the y^; ufe to name Phces by Events ; fe 
the Place, of the Battle in the Hebrew Tongue, is cal* 
led Armageddon. 

2. The Praife is In Hebrew, ALLEL UJA> 
Rev.icri.'Tis not mentioned in any otherSong in the 
Revelation : Pointing at the fpecial Ha id, the Jews 
fnall have in praifing God, for this Victory. We 
have good Reafbn to fuppofe, that when the Jews 
fhall difcover the Pope to be Antichrift, when they 
fhall fee Rome deftroyed according to Prediction, 
and $he Beaftappling to the T'urhs for Afliiiance ,* 
that they'll be ready to contribute to their Power, 
etpeeially confidering that the bringing down of the 
Tiirkijfy Empire will prepare their Way, for being 
put in PofTeflion of their antknt Inheritance. 

That, after the Battle at Armageddon, the Jews 
fhall be put in Poflefion of their own Land, is molt 

i. If we confider Scripture-Promifes, relating not 
only to Judah, but to ifr^jReturning to theji own 
Land. Exek. %6. 24. And 1 will take you from a- 
mottg the Heathen, and I will gather you out of all 
Countries, and I will bring you into your own Land* 
*$. And yejhall dwell in the Lmi tk*t Igavs 


unto your Fathers, and ye pall be my Teople, and 
1 'will be your God. Ezek. 37. %l, 22. Behold, I 
will take the Children of Ifrael, from among the 
Heathen, whither they begone ; And Iwill%ather 
them oh every Side, and 'bring them into theirfywn 
Zand ; and I will make them one Nation, in ike 
Land, upon the Mountains of Ifrael ; and one I0ng 
pall be King to them all; and they pall be yo mo^e 
two Nations, neither pall they be divided into two 
Kingdoms any more at all. This Promife certainly 
never hitherto hath had its Accomplifhent ; for, 
finee the Days of Solomon, they never were united 

. into one Kingdom. * That its Accompiifhment is 
to be under the Golpel, is plain from v. 24... where 
'tis [did, And David my Servant pr 11 be King over 

■ them* and they pall have one Shepherd. Jer. 3. 
18. Ezek. 39. 28. Amosix. 1%, 12, 14, 15. 

2. The Providence of God, in preferving them 
fiill as a diftinc~r. People from all others, gives Ground 
to expect this ; The yews themfelves are full in Ex- 
pectation of it : Therefore', tho', generally (peak- 
ing, they be very rich ; yet 'tis obfervable they have 
no Inclination to purchafe Lands, left that fhould 
tend tlM retard them from returning into their own 
Land, when a proper Occafion fhajl ofter. 

3. Conlidering (as hath been already (aid) that 
the Jews, in all Probability, will have an active 
Hand at the Battle of Armageddon, by which the 
Turks will be expelled, and that Land made void ; 
Can we in Reafori fuppofe, that any, at that Time, 
will difpute the Right of the Jews ? Efpecially 
ieeing, that then there ihall be fuch a flaming Zeal 
for the Propagation of thelntereft of Chrift. 

5thly, The Kingdoms of the World pall become 
the Kingdoms of our Lord and of his Chrift, Rev. 
j 1. 15. 'Tis true, this is faidto be upon the Sounding 
if the 7th 'frumpfit, which but brings in Anti- 


chrift's begun Ruin. We find, -that, even then, 
* upon the Breaking out of the Reformation, federal 
Kingdoms did become the Kingdoms of our Lord, 
by withdrawing their former Dependence upon the 
Ikaft: Such as Scotland, England, ^Denmark, 
Sweden, and a great Part of Germany, France, 
Helvetia, 'Poland, and the Low-Countries. If 
Chtift made fuch a glorious and fudden Conqueft ; 
ifthefe Nations were then ready to (ay, as, Ifa. z6. 
13. O Lord our God, other Lords befides thee hate 
had Dominion over tis, but by thee only will we 
make Mention of thy Name ; Have w« not good Rea- 
fon to believe, that when thefe grand Adverfaries of 
Chriit, the Tiirk and Antichrift, fhall be deftroyed, 
at Armageddon ; that then Multitudes of Nations, 
if not all, fhall become trip Kingdoms of our Lord 
and of "his Chrift ? And fo we find, Rev. 19. 6. 
after this Battle, there is the Voice lofagreat Multi- 
tude, and the Voice of many Waters, faying AL- 

6thly, An univerfal Joy fhall fill the Souls of the 
Saints of God ; and, under great Raptures, Multi- ■ 
tudes fhall be imployed in finging Alleluja's to the 
mod: high God. Rev. 19. 1. I heard a great 
Voice of much (People, faying, ALL EL UJ A ; 
Salvation, and Glory, and Honour, and 'Power 
tmto the Lord our God. v. 6. And t heard as it 
were the Voice of a great Multitude, md as the 
Voice of many Watery, atid as the Voice of mighty 
"Thimderings, faying, ALLEL UJ A ; for the 
Lord God Omnipotent reigneth. v. 7. Let m be 
glad and rejoice, and give Ho7iour'unto him. This 
univerfal Joy, in praf^g God, fhall not be in a paf- . 
ling Fit,- v. & Again, theyfaid, 4LLELUJA, 
but fhall certainly continue as long as a Senfe of the 
Obligation continues, which no Doubt fhall be fup- 
ported with more tfcan ordinary Heavenly Influen- 

72 £ • 

ccs ; efpecially confidering that than in an eminent 
Mannerpt fhall be faid,as v. 6.For the LordGod Om- 
nipotent reigneth. How long the Church of God 
{hall continue in this Heaven-like State, we know 
not; Only, her outward Peace at Length fhall be 
interrupted,, by the Appearing of Gog and Mcgog, 
whom our Lord will confume w th 1 ire frbm Jrta- 
ven. Rev. xx. -},%, 9. And when the thousand Tears 

Ce expired, Satan fhall be 'kofed out of his Trijcn, 
id Jball go out to deceive the Isations-, which are 
in tj?e Jour ghiarters of the Earth , Gog <md Ma- 
gog* to gather them together to Battle, the Number 
cf whom is as the Sand of the Sea. And they went 
tip on the Breadth of the Earth, and ccmpajjed the 
Camp of the Saints about, and the beloved City; 
and Ft re came down from God cm cf Heaven, and 
devour ed them. Upon this fupprifing Deftruction 
«f Gog and Magog,Chrik fhall either then, or within 
ah'ttle ?.fter, appear in his own Glory, and in the 
Glory of his Father^ with all his holy Angels with 
hirft : For, upon Magog's PeiuucYion, John fays, N 
. 17. ii 12. I Jaw a great white Throne, and him 
that fat on it, front whoje Face the Earth and the 
Heaven fled away', and there was found no Thee 
for them. And I Jaw the Ziead, fm'all and great, 
fiand before God; and the Books were opened, attd 
another Bock was opened, which is the Bock of 
Lift ; and thcTlead were judge a outofthofe things 
which were written in the Bocks, according to their 

Even fb, come, Lord Jefus. Amen,