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What's new at Shanna Schmidt Numismatics Inc. 

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Newsletter #130: 

What’s New at Shanna Schmidt Numismatics Inc. 

Hello everyone! I write this newsletter as I head from Munich to Osnabriickby train. I’ve 
just spent time viewing the upcoming Gorny & Mosch auction. I’ll describe a bit below 
on that. My next auction viewing is Kiinker 326 (ancients). I’ve been studying the 
catalog and look forward to seeing some interesting pieces. Last week I was fortunate to 
attend the NAC auctions in Zurich and before that Roma in London. The Roma auction 
was grueling with over 13 hours of bidding off and on. You can feel bad for me but just 
think how the poor folks at Roma were feeling! By the end of the auction Richard Beale 
had largely lost his voice. Luckily the auction seemed to be a great success. NAC 116 was 
incredibly strong with the first part of a presumably five part series. I was able to get 
some stunning pieces for customers. 

Kiinker 326 (Oct 7-8) 

Kiinker 326 is the first of several auctions that the German powerhouse will have during 
the second week of October. I will be attending most of the auctions (leaving on the 11th) 
but I will just discuss the ancient coins. If you are interested in world coins please do let 
me know as I can view and bid on them as well. 

The first part of the sale features the third part of the Dr. W.R. collection of Greek coins 
of Northern Greece, the Cyclades and Crete. There are many reasonably priced and nice 
pieces being offered. Following this is the Phoibos Collection which features coins from 
the ancient world and a collection of a person named “eines norddeutschen 
Antikenfreundes” (a Northern German friend of antiques). 

I’m still in the process of viewing the coins but I’ve noticed a lot of really nice pieces 
with some pedigrees dating way back to the 1800’s. 

Remember that Kiinker does NOT offer live online bidding for their floor auctions. You 
will need to either place bids earlier, phone bid or be on the floor. Should you want 
representation please reach out soon. 10/6/2019 

What's new at Shanna Schmidt Numismatics Inc. 

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Gorny & Mosch 265 (Oct 14-15) 

G&M is conducting their 265th auction on October 14 and 15 with 1,603 coins. The 
catalog features several Greek coins from a “private southern German collection”. Also 
included are some lovely Republican coins from the collection of a person with the 
initials Later lots have a nice selection of Jewish and Philitian coins from the 

Shlomo Moussaieff collection. Parts of this collection were auctioned off in the U.S. a 
year or two ago so there is obviously an extensive group of pieces. The sale closes with 
the first part of a Greek Imperial collection and a group of sestertius. 

I viewed the G&M material before I came to Osnabruck so while I won’t be in Munich for 
the auction I will be participating by phone and internet back home. 

Nomos 19 (Nov 17) 

I was able to view Nomos 19 during my short stay in Zurich. While the catalogs are not 
yet finished the coins were mostly there and in lot order. The featured collection has 
some stunning pieces. I mainly focused on the Greek portion during my visit and I was 
impressed by the quality and the pedigrees of some lots. Once the catalogs come out if 
anyone is interested in bidding please let me know. I plan to bid by phone for this 
auction as I viewed the material. 

Coin of the Week 

The Civil Wars. Southern Gaul (?). 68-69 AD 

AR Denarius, 3.6og (18mm, 7h). Diademed and draped bust of Jupiter 1 ., with small palm 
branch in front / Vesta, veiled, seated 1 . on throne, holding patera and long torch. 

Pedigree: Ex Kampmann Maison Platt 9-10 March 1982, Nicolas, 214 and Sotheby’s 
19-20 June 1991, Hunt IV, 707 sales. From the George C. Hopkins collection 

References: C Galba 432. Martin 95 (this obverse die). RIC 125a 

Grade: Very rare. Of lovely style and with a superb old cabinet tone and Good VF 

Price: $5,500 

rei096 5 df 944 f 41043 /whats-new-at-shanna-schmidt-numismatics-inc- 730837 ?... 10 / 6/2019 

What's new at Shanna Schmidt Numismatics Inc. 

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point of bust, rev., VIRTVS. Virtus, wearing tunic, standing left holding V 
right hand and parazonium in left, 3.49 g., 1 (R1C [ 1st ed.j 98; BMCRK —; C. 
scratches but very fate or better, toned and very rare 


□ 707 

Cl VII WARS, A.D. 68- 69, Denarius. Southern Caul (?), 69. IO\l-CAPITOL¬ 
INA S. Diademed bust ofjupiler Optimus Maximus left; small palm branch in front, 
and dra|K in on shoulder, rev., VESTA-P-R QVIRITVIVM. Vesta sealed left on 
throne, holding patera in right hand and torch in left, 3.59g., / (RIC 125a; BMCRK 
72: ( <Mtlha 432; Martin 96; E. P. Nicolas, DeSeton a I espasrn, Paris, 1979, 105 PR. this 
piece ), s lightly raggedfam but better than very fate and rare 

Dr. E. P. Nicolas Collection, Kampmann, Paris 1982, lot 214. 


□ 708 

OAI.BA, April A.D. 68—15 January A.D. 69, Denarius, Spanish mint (Tarraco?) 
April to late 68. GAI.BA - IM PKRATOR. Laureate head of Gallia right, globe ai 

Buy Coin 

The year following Emperor Nero's death was filled with a quick succession of four rulers and 
what can only be termed as a frantic race for power. Once Nero felt the world coming down 
around him he took his own life, becoming the first emperor to commit suicide. The governor 
ofHispania Tarraconensis, Servius Sulpicius Galba, already yo years old, became Nero’s 
successor. At first it was a shocking revelation that someone outside of Rome could be made 
emperor. Up until that point the Julio Claudian Dynasty were in power beginning with 10/6/2019 

What's new at Shanna Schmidt Numismatics Inc. 

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Augustus. The first five emperors were connected in some familial way. The Civil War of 69 
AD brought rulers from separate families and from various parts of the Roman world. After 
Galba’s murder in the Forum at Rome in January 69 he was quickly replaced by Otho, a 
companion of Nero on the same day. Otho was governor of Lusitania under Nero, and 
strangely also one of the first to declare his support for the elderly Galba. Unfortunately Galba 
made errors in selecting a successor as his own two sons died prior to his ascending the 
throne. Additionally, his lack of support amongst the Praetorian Guard led to his downfall. 

The next emperor Otho already aroused suspicion amongst the Senate primarily because he 
was a close friend to Otho. So close were the two that Otho’s beautiful wife Poppaea, soon 
became the wife of Nero. Unfortunately for Poppaea, her new husband proved to be her 
downfall as he purportedly kicked her in the stomach while pregnant with their child, killing 
both her and their unborn child. Upon taking office, Otho began to restore the statues of Nero 
hoping to gain the allegiance of some of his surviving supporters. Around the time that Otho 
took office and the downfall of Galba, Vitellius rose to power amongst the Upper and Lower 
German armies. Tacticus speaks ill of Vitellius and suggested that “seldom has the support of 
the army been gained by any man through honourable means to the degree that he (Vitellius) 
won it through his worthlessness”. Vitellius apparently was a man at the right place at the 
right time. He had no military accomplishments and this may have been precisely the reason 
why he was selected. Vitellius was not a leader and took full advantage of his newfound 
power. At the same time of his accession, the armies of the East selected Vespasian as their 
chosen emperor. Eventually Vespasian and his men entered Rome and had Vitellius killed. So 
came the end of the Civil War that last one year almost to the day. Vespasian started the 
Flavian Dynasty that lasted until the death of his son Domitian in 96 AD. 


If you are interested in this coin please click the link above or email me at 

Until next week! 


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What's new at Shanna Schmidt Numismatics Inc. 

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