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Fun and fascination . 

. . the easy way 

for children to lear 

n basic skills. 



Little Maestro can 
help your child 
learn about the dif- 
ferences in musical 
tones (pitch) and 
how they work 
together in simple 

And it’s fun! 
There are 10 note-keys on a musical staff, so Little 
Maestro can be played like an instrument . . . and there 
are 10 sing-along songs in an electronic memory. Your 
child’s own compositions can be recorded in the memory 
and played back again and again. There are sound 
effects, too. Games like “Hi/Low” and “Follow Me” add 
to the fun and the learning . . . and a friendly electronic 
“voice” provides simple instructions. 


Speak & 

Speak & Music 
can help your child 
discover the magic 
in making music 
basic con¬ 
cepts, and 
it’s all 

fun! Three educational games challenge 
children to repeat note sequences, melodies, 
and rhythms. A pleasant electronic “voice” 
gives instructions and encouragement. A 
piano-type keyboard covers the full 
chromatic scale for IV 2 octaves. 

So children can learn to play—and 
record and replay their own tunes* 

Youngsters change tempos, select tone 
colors, add sound effects 
songs prerecorded for 
games and sing-alongs. 


Spelling B™ * 

Designed to provide 
hours of learning fun, 
the Spelling B™ helps 
teach the basics of 
spelling and reading. 

Five entertaining games 
provide challenging 
practice and recognition 
activities for over 250 

Two of the Spelling B 
games are based on the concept of word-picture associa¬ 
tion. Children practice naming, spelling, and reading 
using the brightly colored activity book. Other activities 
encourage logical and strategic thinking. 

Spelling B keeps score and provides positive reinforce¬ 
ment for right answers. Three learning levels challenge 
children with progressively more difficult words. 


Math Star ™ 

The Math Star™ can 
help children master 
the basic skills that 
build important founda¬ 
tions for advanced 
mathematics ... Quick 
recall of basic 
math facts... 

and logical response. 

Designed to provide hours of 
learning fun, Math Star™ has 
seven different fast-action activi¬ 
ties for one or more players. 

Flashing stars provide posi¬ 
tive reward and encourage¬ 
ment, and different levels of 
challenge children to keep 
learning. The colorful activity 
book is filled with math games. 

_ J 


Using brightly colored, inter- 
changeable picture panels (2 
panels, 4 different pictures) on a touch-sensitive surface, 
Touch Sl Tell gives preschoolers the kind of educational 
challenge they can enjoy. They learn to recognize and 
name a variety of colors, shapes, letters, numbers and 
familiar animals and objects. When a child touches a pic¬ 
ture on one of the panels, a friendly voice identifies the 
object, asking the child to find other pictures. And to 
keep very young imaginations interested, musical tones 
and special sound effects add involvement. There is also a 
selection of additional topics for you to choose from. 

Optional Touch & Tell™ 
Picture Panel Library 



Alphabet Fun 

Helps children learn to identify letters of the alphabet 
and objects that begin with those letters. Also demon¬ 
strates the difference between small and capital letters. 

Animal Friends 

Lions really roar and turkeys go gobble-gobble as your 
child learns the names and “voices” of farm animals, 
wild animals and baby animals like kittens, puppies, 
piglets and lambs. 

All About Me 

Adds important words to young vocabularies by 
teaching the identification of articles of clothing, 
several types of toys, and parts of the body such as eye, 
ear, and nose. 

Number Fun 

Teaches the recognition of numbers up to 30—and the 
concept of quantity for numbers from 1 to 8. Helps 
build a vocabulary capable of distinguishing between 
“two cats” and “four cats.” 

Little Creatures 

Develops greater knowledge of nature by introducing 
the names of small animals and their “houses”—in 
parks, woods and oceans. Teaches such associations as 
nest/bird and hive/bee. 

World of 

The fire truck’s siren and the rocket’s rattling roar 
invite an exploration of methods of transportation—by 
land, sea, air, and space—from motorcycles to message¬ 
sending satellites. 




A Dog On A Log 

Rhyming words such as log, dog, pig, big. 
Plural endings such as boxes, watches, 
hats, and trees. 


On The Track 

Consonant blends such as bl, br, cl, cr, 
dr, fl, fr, gr, pi, pr, sc, sh, si, sk, sm, sp, st, 
sw, tr. 


The Seal That 

Could Fly 

Sound-alike vowel combinations such as 
ay and ai, ea and ee. Words ending in er 
and est. 


The Third Circle 

R-controlled vowels such as ir, ar, er, ur, 
or; and words with the suffixes ful and ly. 



Who’s Who At 

The Zoo 

The contraction n’t (don’t, didn’t, wasn’t, 
isn’t). Verbs ending in ed, er, s and es. 


Sea Sights 

Compound words such as shipmate, sun¬ 
burn, seafood; words ending with er and 
est; and syllables. 


The Millionth Knight 

Silent letter combinations such as chalk, 
phone, limb; and suffixes less, ous, and 



Speak & Read uses a 
friendly electronic voice and 
carefully planned activities to help children build reading 

More than 250 basic words are introduced through 
activities like “Word Zapper” and “Hear It,” helping 
young children recognize letters and words alike. “Picture 
Read” develops vocabulary skills and establishes a sound 
appreciation of word meanings. “Read It” is a fun way 
to aid reading comprehension and logical thinking. 

Speak & Read™ Cartridge Library 




Speak & Spell tackles 
the usually dull, repetitious 

chores of spelling drills and turns them into lively, 
exciting games. Speak & Spell keeps children involved— 
and learning—three ways, using the senses of sight, touch 
and sound. 

Progressing at their own pace, children “play” their 
way through a primary vocabulary of over 150 frequently 
used words which don’t follow normal spelling rules. 
There are four levels of challenge. 

Speak & Spell™ Cartridge Library 




Basic Builders™ 

Words like if, how, and as can be big 
problems. They can’t be spelled 


Vowel Power™ 

Vowel sounds are often irregular and 
create pronunciation as well as spelling 


Super Stumpers™ 

Silent letters, “dropped” letters, y/i 
changes and double consonants. 


Mighty Verbs™ 

Adding s, ed, and ing to verbs that 
require doubling a consonant or changing 
y to i. 


Vowel Ventures™ 

Vowels can be troublesome—with so 
many alternate spellings. 


Super Stumpers™ 

Advanced practice with silent letters, 
irregular spellings, multiple spellings. 


Using more than 100,000 
random and preprogram¬ 
med problems, Speak & 
Math gives students 
valuable practice in addi¬ 
tion, subtraction, multipli¬ 
cation and division. It uses 
numerical and word prob¬ 
lems to keep students in¬ 
terested and involved, 
motivating them to find 
the correct answer. 

Math games such as “Number Stumper” help stim¬ 
ulate logical thinking. “Greater than/less than” exercises 
build the ability to compare number values. And each 
type of learning activity has three levels of challenge to 
grow with the child’s ability level. 


TI’s Little Professor mathe¬ 
matical tutor is a lively, kid¬ 
sized learning aid that helps 
youngsters practice addition, 
subtraction, multiplication and 

The Little Professor’s 50,000 
preprogrammed problems work 
the same way math flash cards 
do, presenting problems at four 
selectable levels of challenge. 
An animated liquid crystal display rewards correct 
answers with a wiggle of the Professor’s mustache and 
shooting stars, as well as displaying the problems and 

Interactive educational products 
make it easy and fun for 
your child to learn the basics. 

From preschool to junior high ♦ . * 

Each TI educational product brings a bright, fun 
approach to learning—and each is based on specific 
learning objectives that can support your child’s progress 
in the basic skills. 

This combination of solid educational concepts and 
electronic fun and excitement interacts with children 
and keeps them intrigued and challenged. It’s a unique 
opportunity to help build a firm foundation in spelling, 
pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, grammar, arithmetic, 
music, logical thinking, problem solving, and more. 

TI’s family of educational products includes a wide 
variety of optional plug-in cartridges ... so your child 
can begin at the proper level and proceed at his or her 
own pace. 

Solid State Speech™ technology reproduces human 
speech electronically. So a friendly voice can reward the 

, Texas 


© 1987 TI Printed in U.S.A. 1058159-0201