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it sound was worth passing through the 
magnificent apparatus of a microphone, a 
transmitter, and a receiver, if ought to be used 
ant communication. ..That listener 
• 'ship could be the instrument wh 
the richest mental influ 

n unprecedented range And 
that an independent finding base from mem 
bet support was an answer to the practical 
problem of getting better radio programs and 
keeping them." 

Lewis Hill, 
Founder of Pacifica Radio 
As we begin tins n< ■■.-. n WBAl re 

affirm our dedication to die Pacifica Chartei 
and its call l«>r peace and understanding 
between and amongst all peoples as stated 
almost half a century ago by Leu Hill. He 
spoke of using radio technology for "signifi- 
cant communication" to help educate and 
inform the people. As you can see from the 
pictures in this issue, we completed our 
Studio Renovation Project in December Foi 
the tirst time in over 20 years, we are starting 
1996 with new equipment and broadcast 
facilities that will allow us to do thai criticallj 
important job foi the community and the 
world in an r way. This project cost 

$200,000 and our very special thanks 
and gratitude goes to you— the listeners and 
members of WBAl — because youi generous 
support and continuing commitment to the 
ii made this possible A very Happ 

and youi loved ones from all our 
itaff, volunteers and friends. 

On Janu u ill launch our Winter 

Membership Drive, the biggest and most 
important one m our history. Our goal is to 
>l Million Dollars in listener-sup] 

that WBAl will be able to meet the challi 
ahead from a Republican domin 
Congi' idential el< 

i his period will also bring us into the 21st 
i\ and thi snuggle for democratic 
access to media and the threat to public 
broadcasting is expected to greatlj inti 
With media insolidating control at 

tin n ami i ight wing con 
rmined to de fund Pacifica, what I. 
there for a communuv radio station like 

The only way we can continue to op< 
and assure our future is by insuring WBAl's 
independence right now This will require an 
unprecedented level ol community support 
from all the listeners and friends ol tl, 
tion. Please tune in for the extraordinary pro- 
grams which start with our celebration of the 
life and work of Dr. Martin Luther Ku 
and include specials on Prof. Noam Chomsky 
77te Leaving(s) Project, a live radio drama. The 
F.B.I and ( o Intelpro Report. Cuba & th 
Century, Deepak Chopra and much, much 
more. We also welcome several new vol 
WBAl, especially Judge Bruce Wright and The 
Nation magazine in their new weekl) 
And in February, all Pacifica stations will be 
broadcasting a daily program called 
Demo which will present a real 

alternative voice during this election 

And finally, we are beginning an IND1 
DENCE CAMPAIGN which will be pan ol OUl 
annual work foi the next three years to insure 
WBAl's growth and survival into th< 

We unite everyone to participate in and 
support this historic effort to insure V. 

n Isler 

I ltteen months after Lewis Hill and his col- 
leagues launched Pacifica Radio, KPFA in 
Berkeley California in 194° on a tiny 250 
Watt radio transmitter-KPPA was forced to 
go off the air. The new organization lacked 
the necessary tunds. Faced with the critical 
question of discontinuing this noble experi- 
ment or seeking large grants-possibly from 
"friendly" business elements-the founders 
"took it to the people.'' Several mass meet- 
ings were held. The listeners not only pro- 
duced the necessary funds to put the station 
back on the air, but afforded the purchase of 
;i much more powerful transmitter, which 
reached the entire San Francisco metropolis. 
Less than ten years later, Pacifica was suffi- 
ciently strong to create two new stations, 
KPFK in Los Angeles and WBAI in New York 

In 1995, as the specter of wholesale cuts in 
funds to the Corporation for Public 
Broadcasting haunts virtually every commu 
nit) and public broadcasting entity in the 
land WBAI, holding steadfast to Lewis Hill's 
social experiment and fund-raising method- 
ologies, embarks upon our most ambitious 
year since coming into existence. Our aim is 
to continue our mission to: 
•Significantly expand and develop our lis 
tenership and subscribership 
•Radically improve the station's ability to 
[financially] sustain itself -primarily 
through mass, popular financial contri- 

•Enhance our capacity to effectively 
impact the processes of social discourse 
and change and, 

•Develop a genuine community institu- 
tion, which is commuted to sharing its 
resources with, receptive to input from, 
and open to the scrutiny of the very com- 
munities it purports to serve. 
In that regard, following on the heel >>\ 
our installing two brand new production stu 
dios, we have set a goal of $1,000,000 for 
our first membership drive of 1996. It is an 
ambitious goal. But not an unattainable one. 
ire well aware of the tremendous work 
which has to be done if this is to be realized. 
We here at WBAI at all levels-are already 
working around the clock to make ii real 
Some of oui senioi producers. ..Rothenberg, 
White, Bennis, Gorman Null, 

fierschkowitz, Knight, Kaku, Schmid, Willard 
ire preparing special projects foi what 
we anticipate will he .in historic event. Never 
in the history of community radio m this 
country has any station raised a million dol 

n the .in We invite you to he pai 
this history by not only contributing mi 
but by encouraging youi friends ami ai 
ates to do the same. ..By contributing mati ri 
als. which might he used as premiums 

volunteering to answer telephones. ..By copy- 
ing and placing features from this FOLIO in 
your local newspapers, synagogues, church 
es, mosques, political education classes, 
gyms, campuses, faculty lounges, PI A meet 
ings, club houses-or any other gatherings. 

We are equally aware that the bedrock 
upon which everything we do rests is our 
programming. Which is why we are more 
than proud to announce that immediately 
following our membership drive a new 
series-featuring some of this country's most 
outstanding scholars/activists and communi 
ty people will begin. Weekdays 2:00- 
3:00pm will feature a RIGHTS series: The 
Honorable Judge Bruce Wright will start 
things off on Mondays-dealing with consrJ 
tutional and other legal matters; Tuesdays 
will feature RadioNation , produced by The 
Nation magazine, and hosted by veteran 
journalist, Marc Cooper. This program will 
deal with broad political, social and econom- 
ic rights, and will regularly feature the likes 
of Alexander Cockburn Patricia Williams, 
Daniel Singei. K.itnna vanden Heuvel, Victor 
Navasky and many others; On Wednesday 
Laura Flanders, who currently produces 
Counterspin-heard here on WBAI every 
Friday at 9:00 a.m., will be the Executive 
Producer of a new magazine on women's 
rights, which will feature a number of WBAI 
producers and prominent scholar/activists as 
co-hosts and producers... amongst whom are 
the brilliant historian, Blanche Weisen Cook 
and Marcia Gellespi, Editor of Ms Magazine; 
Thursdays will take us in the area of ecologi- 
cal and animal rights, with veteran animal 
rights activist and radio producer, Shelton 
Walden. who presently hosts Walden's Pond 
on WBAI; and Fridays will feature limned 
investigating issues pertaining to the 
rights of the global citizen'.. .the environ 
ment, the narcotics industry . national securi 
tv and the like Award winning produ 
Andrew Phillips and Evelyn Tullj ( osta 
ators of Virtual Radio, will produce consecu- 
tive series, The Virtual Radio Hour, dialing 
with environmental and issues of global:/. i 

In addition to these programs wi 
restructured much oi oui weekend program 
ming (See details elsewhere in 
unite voni criticism and recommendations 
and, of course, youi material support in this 
critical period Please ted fr t my 

-iti- ai inj timi (2 12)279-0707 i 

All of us look forward t- iu at 

the finish line of oui historic January 1996 
Si Million marathon 

Samori Marksman 





















Highlights of the Great Radio Programming For Our Million 
Dollar Independence Drive — Starting Monday January 15 

lighten, urn.' 

I radio drama, health and nutrition. 


Mood*) I.n>\ 15 

111 I uesda) King Day 
Launches our $1,000,000 Membership Drive. This 

n <>ui historic Milium Dollai Drive for 

tour hour Martin Luther King 

holiday special Foi this 28th annual commemoration we 

■ response to requests by loyal 

1 play more of the prophetic voice of Dr. 

King than you i • i heard before. We have 

is of Dr. 

from the time he entered the civil rights 

: play his Nobel prize acceptance speech, 

the magnificent speech he gave at the Riverside Church 

Deepak Chopra will be |oming three shows 
■ Up Call on Tuesday. 1/16. Health Action. 1/23. and 
Mind and Body the Key to Health on Sunday 1/28 



ftu Quantum A I tern a tire 
to (muring Old 

0r» M li.nn Copies 

■ ing Ins oppositi 

against the people of North Vietnam, and the final 5| 

n his death 

utive Produ Bernard White and members of 
the Wake l p Call new will inaugurate this important 
broadi the) will b> L trice 

Leid and othei producers Throughout the da) we will 
also hi politi- 

King, and from 

most important political act 
Majid Ali. MI) . will be a special guesi in the evening. 
A disciple "i Ghandian non violence, he will seek to umfv 
initial lessons of Ghandi and King He will trace the 
ancient origins ol their philosoph\ ol non violeno 
how it relates to the harmonic balance and how it can be 
achieved in the 1990s He is one of the An 
most advocates of preventive medicii 
Professor at Columbia University College of Physicians & 
Surgeons, a visiting professor at Liu Hue Qui 
Hospital in Guanzhou. China, and a Fellow of Thi 
College of Physicians His book. Rats, Drugs, and 
Assumptions describes a changing medicii ngmg 


Tuesday January 16 
6:00 a.m. until noon Wake Up Call presents Deepak 
Chopra, author of best selling stl 

n the human mind and 

Thursil.iv I.Hiu.irv IS 

(i m Triple Heritage: African-American 
Women and the Cultural Legacy of Donn st fc 
Societal and State Oppression l trice 

Leid, is joined by authoi activist! Patricia Williams 
bell hooks, Marcia Gillespie lei African 

American women to explore this potentially explosive 
I he program will feature readings from several new 


I m Blood, Sweat, & Tears: The Re- 
emergence of Sweatshops and Child I abor 
Producer Mum Ro 

Ki .no p in to midnighi The truth About Corporate 
America, rune in foi this very timely presentati 
K;ilph Nader, made in 1 bei m Lakeville 

tinue digging into what makes this 

counrj brought out in this discussion the 

influem i ol moi ital in political 

nd the swii 
impoi i the t nion 

I 11,1 |) I.IMII.IM I 9 

lo (iii p m midnight Home Priei Lawyei Corned) 

it the botti 

st. in. 1 . \\( i lelda 

i emu iii m e inured and 

i'ij: Meal Markham 

comes the Judge"); Dick Gregory. The Marx 
Brothers (That's a no Sanit) Claus"); Bob Sal/man, 

(a well-respected, pro-tenant housing court lawyer) pre- 
senting .1 live performance ol his verj funnj anti lawyer 
routine; Songs from Broadway shows including A Day in 
Hollywood A Night in the Ukraine; New Lost Cn\ 
Ramblers, Philadelphia Lawyer; routines from You Don't 
Have to Be Jewish. Myron Cohen, Flip Wilson. CountT) 
& Western songs u ); R& B (T-Bone Walker) 

/ Shot the Sheriff and the list goes on... with Fred 

Saturday January 20 
10:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. Paul Gorman explores How We 
Can Help the expression of human caring and support 
for ot 1 

1-4:00 p.m. Radio Free Eireann will look at the pre- 
sent situation in Northern Ireland and the prospects for a 
i vist settlement. See Mick Dewan's essay. Time to Go, in 
the issue of / 

4:00 p.m. Midnight Afrikaleidoscope presents Africa 
Realpolitik: A Look at Today's African Nations. 
Nigeria, Sudan, Rwanda, Zaire — African ruled, but what 
is the realit) of political life. Host Klombe Brath. who 
served many years on the board of the American 
Committee on Africa and co-chaired the Harlem reception 
for Nelson Mandela, will also look at South Africa under 
majority rule The musical part of the program will pre- 
sent Great Divas of the African World. 
Midnight Habte Selassie, Dred Scott, Diabel Faye 
& Terry Wilson present the our World Reggae 
Showcase, until 7 a.m. 

Sunday January 21 

11:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m. Mike Feder presents a two hour 
Klezmer special, music and culture with Michael Alpert. 
leader of the Klezmer group Brave Old World and musical 
director of the recent Great Performances special, In The 
Fiddler's House. Lots of music, including live performances 
from our new studio. 

1-6:00 p.m Nancy Rodriguez, who has won many 
awards for her tributes to Latin musicians, and bandleader 
Chico Alvarez will bring some of the very best ot Latin 
Music to our new studios. 

6 Midnight Emanations presents The Middle 
Passage, a look at one of history's most horrible chap 
ters. As many as 80 to 150 million African men, women, 
and children may have lost their lives in the Atlantic 
Ocean during the 400 years of European involvement in 
the Triangle slave trade. We will examine the side of the 
triangle known as the Middle Passage. Sharks followed 
ships from the shores of Africa into the ports ol the 
Western Hemisphere, assured of meals along the way, as 
Africans leaped or were thrown overboard. Deprivation, 
carnage, and death rode with the human cargo. 

Our guests will include historians Ivan van Sertima 
Tom Feelings, John Hendrik Clarke, Frances 
Cress Welsing, Lerone Bennett, Haile Gerima, and 
Edward Scobie, as well as writers .mil poets whi 

Bv the author of The Alchemy of Race and Rial 

Patricia Williams will be on Triple Heritage 

African-American Women and the Cultural Legacy of 

Domestic. Societal and State Oppression Thursday 1/18 

depicted tin llong with readings ol slave 11,111. i 

u\es in which the captives share with us then i 

Monday January 22 

1 p.m. Moore on Moore WBAI's Marjorie 
Moore and author Thomas Moore explore th< ri 
of and mystery of the human soul 

7:30 to 10p.m. special extended edition ol Helen 
Caldicott's Fair Dinkum Dl Caldicott, worldwj 
sadei against inn 1 and foi spiritual and physi 

cal health, has always been one ol WBAI's mosi populai 
guests Now, we are fortunate to have hei I 
host, and hei show has been one ol the high! 

rucadaj 'aauarj 23 
3-6:00 p.m. Health Action interviews Deepak Chopra 

Wednrsil.iv l.inu.iry 24 

1 m noon Wake ip (all presents / 
Computer, Empowerment, and 

homes, and the work] I 

the Internet, ' I» Horns, and linn : With 

Dr. Shermane Austin 

Highlights of Our Million Dollar Independence Drive 

On ll • of WBAi't Atnkaleidoscope Elombe Brath. co- 

chaired ol the committee that hosted the man on the right. Nelson 
Mandela, on this 1990 visit to Harlem Elombe will produce Africa 

Realpolittk A Look at Today's African Nations on Saturday 1/20. 
Photo by Kwame Braitwaite 

in Ph l> from C U NY). Errol Maitland, Dave 
idholl and mam more 

i rnl.i\ Ji< 

irtftur Miller Tribute WBAI and the Pen 

i ion ol the 

Arthur Millet Eightieth Birthday Tribute, an event that 

10, 1995. The voices of novelist 

< arloa Puentea hts Edward Albee, John 

Guare, David Mamet, and Arthur Miller, along with a 

Diane Wiest and Sam 

IrVaterson interview between Arthui Miller and 

/<>o Coldwell. all these voices 

playwright Tonight's hosts. 

IV^X> Dominique, M.itthew Finch, and Anthony 

Sin. ill. 

rhc Leaving(s) Project Live radio 
m manj sites throughout the 
round the world by satellite and 
the production at 1 1 

S.ilur<l.i\ J.inu.ii 

David Rothenberg 
i hi i sine Haneberry and othei greai theatei moments 
i ic|uid S(»im<i Lounge: i nited 
States o) Poetry ol the word is emergin and 

ll I line in 

Liquid Sound 
i ounge 

'.' ■ 

Grateful Dead lal, with Lam <■ 

Sunday January 2H 

7 1 I mi a m Mind and Body: the Key to Health 
with bestselling author Deepak Civ 

m Monday Orson Welles produced, 
nd aeteil in. some i »l the tint st tadio produc- 
tions (Mi broadcast Max Schmid will present a com 
plete survey ol his career, from the never forgotten War 
Worlds to some virtual}) unknown rarities, and will 
d b) some ol die surviving Mercury players. 

Moml.i\ 29 

6:00 a.m. Wake Up Call The New F.B.I, and the 
Local Police Peter Cassidy, Mike Davis, Eddie 
Ellis, and Ward Churchill look at the F.B.I, and other 
instruments of government control 
3-6:00 p.m. Talkback with Utrice I.eid The FBI. S 
American Sovereignty and the Struggle Against Facism 
will look at the role the FBI has played in destabilizing 
popular organizations in the United States, with a p 
ulat focus On its campaign against the American Indian 
merit. How did COIMTEI.PRO infiltrate and attempt 
to destroy AIM, and what impact did it have on the state 
of Nam e Amei ica today ? She'll be joined by a number of 
guests, including Ward Churchill, author of ( ointetpro 



RamDass&Paul Gorman 

Can I 




Highlights of Our Million Dollar Independence Drive 

Papers and Indians Are Us. This special edition of 
Talkback kicks off a 9-hour exploration of Native 
America today. 

7:30-Midnight Circle of Red Nations: Media Myths, 
Scientific Fiction, State Repression and the 
Struggle for Indian Identity Raven is righting 
mad! And he wants you to get mad with him! For over 
500 years, the dominant European society has used vari- 
ous tools in attempting to keep the Indigenous popula 
tions of the hemisphere from maintaining its identity, 
defending its cultural and spiritual beliefs, and promot 
inj; what is rightfully theirs: sovereignty- These tools 
have included media manipulation (both in fact and fic- 
tion), scientific "research", and direct military/police 
repression Raven and Mario Murillo will issues 
impacting Native Americans throughout history and 
today. Guests will include: Vine Deloria, Jr . who 
shocked the world with his book Custer Died for Your 
Sins and is once again stirring interest with his latest 
work Red Earth, White Lies: Native Americans and tin- 
Myth of Scientific Fact; actor, rapper and former 
American Indian Movement leader Russell Means; 

Raven presents Circle ol Red Nations 
Media Myths. Scientific Fiction. Mo> 

Fidel Castro in Harlem, 1995 On the right, host ol WBAIs 

Afnkaleidoscope Elombe Brath, emcee of the event at 
the Abyssinian Baptist Church On Friday. February 7 

WBAI Public Affairs Department will present 

Cuba into the 21st Century, which will include excerpts 

from Fidel's speech. Photo by Kwame Braitwaite 

Native scholars Ward Churchill and M. Annete 
Jaimes, plus many others. And as usual. Raven will 
sprinkle it with sonic of the best contempt 
American music from both North and South Amerii 
ready to be moved! 

Wednesday January 31 
Noam Chomsky — Manufacturing Consent 
Howard Zinn — People's Historian 
From the morning show through the afternoon and 
evening, we'll do an in depth profile ol Amerii a s leading 
li in intellectual. No, mi Chomsky, who will be 
joined in the discussion by out greatest historian ol the 
common American, Howard Zinn 

I riil. n I ilir u.iry 2 

to 6:00 pm Cuba into the 21st Century Hun 
three houi special will examine some ol the majoi chal 
lenges facing the people ol Cuba as the) continui 
ging themselves out ol one ol the gn nomic 

m this i entury, As the ( ommunisi Pan 
shifts mam ol us policies to adjust to the crisis, how 
have the people responded? How has the illegal U S 
economii blockade altered < ulu policy and whj 
the i mted States continue us belligen I t in 

island nation' Featuring the brilliant speech givi 
Cuban President Fidel Castro tbyssinian Baptist 

lnsioiK Harlem visit ii 

We need your help! Please call 
WBAI's Membership Drive Co-ordi- 
nator to volunteer. (212)279-0707 

Highlights of Our Million Dollar Independence Drive 



WBAI Presents The 
Leaving(s) Project, 

A Multimedia Live 
Dramatic Presentation 
for Radio 

On Friday night, January 26th, 1996 as a 
celebration, homage and indeed challenge 
to the medium of radio. The Leaving(s) 
Project, a production of WBAI Radio, NY, 
will wed radio drama with the very latest 
technological advances to present a unique 
and totally original night of radio for the 
next millennium. 
This historic broadcast will run \w< foi 
ind -a half to six hours the night of 
Friday, January 26th, 1996 at 10 p.m. 
ing(s) will utilize state ol the an tech 
nolog) to broadcast via satellite and the 
Interne! domestically and internationally 

nig the medium of radio 

ind us current potential," says project 

tathony Sloan We want to make 

this lium rathei than ,i pas 

medium With the advent of 

all i nolog) . the e possibli 

The ; i listinci 

The Play 

ilnal play 77m G 
Pfom will tx 
ima in tribute to 

the Black (Arts) Theater movement <>l the 
1960s. Monster is structured in the style of 
tin epic opera Peter and The Wolf. where 
characters are identified by musical instru 
ments The play will be performed before a 
live audience at The Knitting PactOl 
Soho, and simulcast on WBAI 99.5 FM from 
10 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. 

lis the universal st< 
gradually disenfranchised community in 
urban America — Philadelphia, 1945. 
Elaborate threads connecting life to death. 
represented by the denizens of this town, 
are woven through the words of a modern 
day gnot 

The Black Arts Movement had a won- 
derful way of educating, enlightening, 
entertaining and turning traditions inside 
out," says Sloan I was more than 

just a great critic and poet. He was the sur- 
geon who excised the cancer of false tradi 
tions from dying Western an forms, moti 
vating others to identify their true selves." 

The Journey 

The project then becomes a "journey 
piece." Our broadcast opens up to different 
locations in the New York metropolitan 
area. Six disparate groups of people "lea\ 
ing" the city for various reasons are forced 
to deal with personal crises on their m 
a single 3:45 a.m. red-eye Amtrak 
train-destination: Washington, DC Their 
interweaving story lines will illuminate cur 
rent social, political, spiritual and artistic 
issues. These "journeys" will be performed 
live via remote broadcasting and culminate 
in a dramatic finale .it v I enn 


One story line begins with a young 
woman who is ,i student ol the Black Aits 
Movement ol the 1960s and ventures D 

nnance <>t The Gloriou n tin 

Hell of the Horn i many lumin 

ol the Movement will be m attend 

th< performani i her 

train bat \ 

line involves a group ol revolution 
who travel from the Bronx through human 
and mechanical difficulties to get to Perm 
Station The third stoi\ hue Involves a night 
basketball game in a i 
eml oi the game brings these athleti 
Penn Station fhe iminh story line invi 

Friday January 26 10:00 p.m.Saturday January 27 4:00 a.m. 

a group of black filmmakers struggling to 
complete a project, stumbling its way from 
Brooklyn bj automobile to Penn Station. 
The fifth story line follows performers from 
the Knitting Factory to The Kitchen for an 
after-hours presentation, after which thej 
make their way to Penn Station. A sixth 
story line follows an ethnomusicology 
scholar from a recording studio to Penn 

These lines are designed to argue the 
case that diversity brings about cohesion," 
says Sloan. The combination of radio and 
other technologies makes the world as 
small as it can possibly be. Also this gives 
us an opportunity to actually take the tech- 
nology out into the community and exam- 
ine the possibilities." 

This project fully integrates music, the- 
ater, and performance art with an interact- 
ing on-site audience. The participating 
artists for The Leaving(s) Project include 
professional seasoned jazz musicians from 
what is known as straight ahead jazz. The 
writers are from radio and television. The 
actors will be some of the most noteworthy 
local thespians in the New York tri-state 
area. The crew are all audio and radio pro- 
fessionals working in the forefront of these 

The Knitting Factory, The Kitchen, the 
basketball court and Penn Station will all 
be accessible to an on-site audiences. These 
and the Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx story 
lines will be broadcast in real time for radio 
audiences near and far. As part of pre-pro- 
duction we will travel" the route of each 
story line garnering community interest and 
adding to the ultimate live production. 

"There has been a steady and growing 
renewed interest in radio drama, world- 
wide, for the past decade," says Sloan. The 
Leaving(s) Project will demonstrate just 
what community radio can move toward in 
the future, encouraging more artist interac- 
tion with the medium." 

The Leaving(s) Project will be available 
via satellite nationwide to 360 community 
radio stations on channels 7 & 8 (Digital 
A715) PEVcode: 114. 

In New York, The Leaving(s) Protect will 
be broadcast live the night of Friday, 
January 26th at 10 PM to the early morning 
hours of Saturday, January 27th until 4:00 
AM on listener-sponsored WBAI Radio. 

Live From The Knitting Factory 
January 26 10:00 p.m. 
Larry Neat's seminal play 

The Glorious Monster 
In The Bell Of The Horn 

will be presented as a live radio drama in tribute io the B 
(Arts) Theater movement of the 1960s. Monster is structured in 
the style of the epic opera Peter And The Wolf, where char., 
are identified by musical instruments. The play will be performed 
before a live audience at The New Knitting Factory and simulcast 
on WBAI 99.5 FM from 10 PM to 12:30 AM. 

Ticket prices— As a benefit to WBAI, ticket prices will be struc 
tured on a tier system: 

100 seats at $25 (general admission) 

100 seats at $100 (includes one year's membership to WBAI and 
an audio cassette of the broadcast) 

40 seats at $200 (patron — one year's membership to WBAI, & an 
audio and video cassette of the performance) 

10 seats at $300 (benefactor— one year's membership to WBAI 
and an audio and video cassette ol the perfoi 
mance plus limousine transportation to and from 
the Knitting Factory performance) 

For more information, call: (212) 279-0707, Anthonv J Sloan 

from the folk who brought to you: 












Experience an extraordinary live radio event broadcast worldwide begin- 
ning at the new Knitting Factory proceeding through metro New York to 
Penn Station __ 

prepare >< in soil 

only on 

listener sponsored radio 
WBAI (99.5 FM) NY 

On the web: 

What's New 

Our bi jes will be 

i about our new 

New Shows Weekday 

i unming will 
in the struggle foi rights. 
Judge Bruce Wright, port and legal scholar, 
will anchoi rights, 

Radi ' iv l uesday . with 

contributors like Andrew ( ockburn, Edward 
i Williams, and Katha Pollitl 

rs I he show will look at 

cial and economic justice, national 

and public policy See the profile in this 


Rights will be the focus on 

ituring Laura l-'laiui- 

ok In 

African American History Month, 

Frican American women, and 

the i • will start in March. 

Thui .-.ill look at 

well as animal rights 

one it From Foui l 

md in February we will inaugurate a 

\ irtual Ra<: 

ized b\ v. 

tiow will be at 1:00 p m on 
lohn Harris will host 
Mams solidities mil health orient 
ed programming 

m nh < lai ■ itural 

ontinuing throughout 

lis on physical and men 

December's Weekend 


lUthoi llltel 

Urban Health Beat 
with John Harris 

A New Radio Health Magazine 

1 he n< nh John Harris, will ail 

ing January 4th ever) Thursday at 1:00 p m . Following the 

".hi with Gary Null Hams is ., health 

activist, motivator, and herbalist with a wealth ol pi 
He told Folio 
The goal ol Urban Health Beat unique 

health lorum, built around the concepts ol empowerment 
and el llness dialogue", 

exploring mind, body, and healing connections in this live 
Iv radio health magazine format We will covei exciting 
alternative i sponsible fashion, in the hope of 

establishing a common ground between the "two worlds' 
ot natural and western medicine 

W'lu -;i the people take the lead, the 

leaders will eventually follow 
Our new health magazine will present the "play bj ; 
a changing health paradigm, as the public is slowly return 

ing back to nature, and using natural resources to maintain 
health, treai illness, rejuvenate mind, and regenerate the 

Urban Health Heat encourages the integration ol tradi 
tional drugless therapies and "State ol the Ait" nutrition, 
all fust i with a "new vision of humanity and 

human potential " Thi rging techni 

often question the foundations ol the conventional wis 
dom. including medicine as we know it 

We will ask "the right questions" of cutting edge health 
ionals. We will conduct crisp, insightful inti 
with thi experts in the health community We will till 
information gaps, and vigorously 

i I health complacency," while relentlessly 
probing the new frontii ntive medicine and true 


Oui mission is I Inform, Instill, .md inspire the 
daily ritual* of health .md high level wellness. 

WBAI and Pacifica are now on 
the World Wide Web. 

nisi youll find schedules, information about spe 
eials. oui history, Repon to the listen.: tation 

information Bui there's more transcripts 
shows, like Radio Free Eireann's interview ol 
Adams, link ■ n experiments in audio, 

including pan ol the Pa< ni< 

to help i in. nl Dave Burstein ai 
■in. oi call me at the station . 

I'.n ill. a is at lit:; 

rily ai htt| 

WBAI on the web: Temporarily: 

WBAI is happy to announce that we will be broadcasting RadioNation. many 
of whose regular contributors have also been respected voices on our airwaves. 
Edward Said has provided us with profound commentary about the Middle East 
and the American role, and been an inspiring leader of the Palestinian people. 
Barbara Ehrenreich has been an incisive critic of American social policy Katha 
Pollitt has presented social and feminisl concerns with .1 special grace of expres- 
sion. Alexander Cockburn continues as one of our most provocative comments 
tors, while Molly Ivins is both witty and knowing. Victor Navaskj & Katrina 
vanden Heuvel have invigorated this venerable journal Allan Nairn has played 
a special role, reporting alongside Amy Goodman from Easi Timor, reporting 
which has won award after award, at a price oi great persona] injury. He has 
won further awards for reporting from Maui, including the exposure as a paid 
employee of the CIA of Emmanuel Constant, head of the notorious FRAPH. We 
are sure this will be a very special program. Dave Burstein, Folio 


Katrina vanden Heuvel, Nation Editor Photo 

Maude Clay 

Tuesdays from 2-3:00 p.m. 

RadioNation is a weekly review of news, politics and culture. Featuring interviews with and 
commentaries from the columnists, editors and writers of The Nation, America's leading 
journal of progressive opinion, RadioNation is hosted by Marc Cooper and produced with 
the staff of The Nation. RadioNation is a counter-point to the corporate news and chatter 
found elsewhere on the dial. 

RadioNation guests include: 

Allan Nairn, award-winning investigative journalist 

Katha Pollitt, poet, essayist, Nation columnist 

Alexander Cockburn, Nation columnist 

Patricia J. Williams, Nation contributing editor and author 

Katrina vanden Heuvel, Nation editor 

Victor Navasky, Nation publisher 

Molly Ivins, syndicated journalist 

Barbara Ehrenreich, author, political activist 

Christopher Hitchens, Nation columnist 

Edward Said, scholar, essayist, literary critic, and 

The Nation's music critic- 
Stuart Klawans, Nation film critic 

RadioNation Host 
Marc Cooper 

was once News and Public Affairs Director at 
Pacifica's Los Angeles station, KPFK (1980- 
1983). He has also been a correspondent fot 
NBC, CBC, and Monitor Radio. His television 
work includes producing and reporting for 
CBS, Christian Science Monitor TV, and PBS's 

He's been a journalist since the si) 
worked for Salvador Allende in Chile as a 
translator (and required UN-protc ■> 
status to get out of the country afti 
coup), has reported from South Africa. Central 
America. Europe, and the Middle East, and has 
written for magazines throughout the world. 

His numerous awards include a Major 
Armstrong, one of the most coveted pi 1 

Victor Navasky. Nation Publisher Photo I), 


Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. 

Blood, Sweat & Tears: 
The Re-emergence of 
Sweatshops and Child 

In Ai the nation was shocked to leam about 

■the ials "ii .1 sweatshop in El 

I h.ii immigrants were held 

rk as indentured laboi I ederal 

the tip tit th( ■ laboi 

nd houi laws o< i upa 

I the re en 

I illed in .1 fire ai 
; plant. Thi 

/omen who 
leapt i" ii 


, Health ai nomy 

I rip the h( 


working conditions, including thctt ot theit 
companies folding up shop and leaving without j 

irk already completed UNlTE's National 
i ommittee protested outside ["he Gap clothii 
contracting with low wage manufacturers in El Sah 
with substandard conditions; The <"..ip. confronted with 
the public outcry, merely shifted its operations to .moth 
ei low wage countrj 

i i. has issued 
a list nt ■! l retailers and manufacturers commit! 
monitoring then contractors to hi I. ainst 

sweatshops. But what ol thi othet retailers and maim 
racturers not on Secretarj Reich's list? What about the 

il child laboi in th <t\<\ fields in tin I 

Sweatshops have al i problem But, until 

I to be on the fringes ol the 

■mil ordet Now with weakened unions, persistent 

h levels ol unemployment, short sighted loosening 

/eminent regulations and "free trade' legislation, 
they i ible in out economy 

the Teamsters are beginning t«> worry abo 

on winds When minimum standards unravel, 
.ill workers are threatened 

join Buildin 


■ .h 

Art and article by Mimi Rosenberg 

Time to Go 

Mick Dcwan, Radio Free Fircann 

Sixteen months ago the Irish Republican Army 
unilaterally de< lared a cea ting an 

opportunity which had not existed in the occu- 
pied six counties ol Ireland tor quite some 
time. Since then the British government has 
failed to take advantage of this opportunity 
And not only have they tailed to come to grips 
with this political reality, they have added new 
obstacles to the peace process; namely, the 
demand that the IRA surrender their 
weapons betore all-party talks can tat-. 

unacceptable. There has 

been no such call for the decommissioning of 

Loyalist paramilitary weapons or for that mat 

significant reduction in the number of 

British troops on the streets of occupied 

Ireland or the disbandonment of the R.U.C. 

(Royal Ulster Constabulary) which is not the 

impartial police force that the Brits would 

It is. rather, the sectarian 

front line ol Unionism in Ireland whose job it 

en and continues to be to "keep the 

natives d 

Try to imagine the police force of a major 
American city comprised totally of Ku Klux 
Klan members. Obviously no democratic soci- 
ety would stand for such a thing. But for the 
oppressed nationalist people of Ireland, that's 
v.hat lite is like If you did have a prob- 
lem, the police are the last people you would 
go to for assistance 

Northern Ireland, as some folks refer to it 
has been a police state since its inception in 
irtheid state — Protestant state 
for a Protestant people An\ semblance to 
democratic ideals ended in 1918 when the last 
all Ireland election took place. The results of 
that election were clear. The vast ma 
the Irish people voted for a united 
Ireland Brits out policy The British govern 
ment ch 1 implement 

ed instead the artificial partition "t Ireland 
.11 of Ireland 

"Change" is not a word that sua • 
British governments or the Unionist leadership 
(it toda i it too 

good for too long and change of anv kind 

hi end to the privili 
tot th hen Bill 


interference in their internal afl lii 

blent interfering in ours 

But Clinton visit t" In ■ ill sur 

n the White 

I t i« >r to the in;' Said that the\ .-. 

vet the 
\s it turned out, Clinton 

was historic noi onl) bet .his, ji 
time a sitting Am 

Belfast and Derr) but also becausi hi 
breathed new life into an almost sh 

lull, \J i\IJ 

News, Opinion(s), Commentary, Interviews, 
Crdic, & a lorry load of Rebel Music... 

peace process. 

The impression he left there was that of an honest broker; someone who 
honestly wanted to see peace come to the area. It was significant. I think, that 
he thanked all the people of Ireland for their role in building America. Aftei .ill 
didn't the Irish make up almost half of Washington's army? Didn't they produce 
one-fourth of the American presidents? Didn't they help build ti 
bridges, the skyscrapers? 

But don't get the impression that this writer is optimistic tai from it II one 
looks at the history of Anglo-Irish relations over the centuries, one can: 
but feel that the Brits will once again fail to do the right thing 
grant home rule to the Irish people in the time of Parnell They duped the lush 
during the First World War, promising home rule if they fought in the British 
arms They threatened "immediate and total war' it the Irish delegation did not 
accept the Treaty of 1921 They reneged on their ; mplemenl the 

Hist demands of the 1980 hunger sinkers which led to the 1981 hung 
when Bobby Sands and his comrades made the ultimate 

with the only thing available to them they hungered fi tnd they 

made the world take non 

The Brits ha logized foi th<- murder ol thirteen unarmed 

on Bloody Sunday They've never even apologized for then inhuman 
ment of the Irish people during the famine years when people died al 
sides of the road and on "coffin ships" bound for America while .ill the time 
they were shipping food stuffs out ol Ireland to support British 
Othei parts o| the wot Id \ttet all is said and done, do you truly I 
heart of hearts that the British government is going t" do the right thin 

I can't help but be skeptical now Have the British government and the 
Unionist leadership shown an) signs ol trying to acconun 
aspirati tionalist community as the Republican Movement I 

mmodate the needs and i 
i >■ the British government and Unionist leadership hoi 
to grips with the root causes ol the i onfiict ' No! 

Even tin- formei Prime Ministet ol Ireland Albert Reynolds •■■■' 
ible foi getting tl>' 
British government indefensible inflexibli 

ligerenl " 

nl) solution t 

from th-' uii immunit) and 

particular!) from this countr) rhe Brits are deathl) afraid of publii opinion in 

I and it is. tl. 
Britain to ust m 

to hammer out a plan whereby the) can disengage from In 

ill and 

lie theit own futun 
but to use othei mi 

Remembering Lex Hixon 

\t month, 

Frank sent 
ightt and pi 

aid we should come to Naropa to 

ivine Mothei He would introduce us to 

Mien Ginzberg and ii lucky, 

;pa Rinpoche, too So I went in June, 1975 Lea 

.. m\ teacher, inspiration, advisei His students 

I spiritual autobiographies undei his warm, nur 

turing, blissful ga i his heartfelt t< 

about the oneness ol .ill the traditions 

in [,,, mis i remember Lex and Sheila 

the continental divide. We all had a picnic 

lunch Lex started .1 spiritual information hotline in the 

tall I was the disembodied voice on the telephone. We 

foi several years Now it all seems so 

.11 visiting him at home He appeared fresh 

onl) I saw him walking in from the 

I fell we had been togethei leaving Egypt for the 

■ nd all those many lifetimes ago. He was fail 

n fair, more patient than most His smile could 

light up the darki a true scholar His life was 

worthy oi emulation. Oftentimes, his questions seemed 

imple but he thought ol all the listeners He always 

women as manifestations of the Divine Mother and 

reminded us of our true nature. I can't say Farewell, Lex 

I know he will never leave us as long as we have 

his books, tapes and our memories. He will live in our 

find us m meditation anil prayer and light up our 

H.M. Loewy wrofe 

Lex Hixon's In t/li "iir Sunday morning eleven 

• ry ecumenical religious service— unusual 

because it presents what is particulai to each tradition 

ino thin blooded Esperanto) foi it is in that tension 

he particulai and the universal thai 
menism can find us onl) a 

religion in us true origins Re Ii 

gione yoking together again that which has fallen 
apart, and which will fragment and fall apart even tin 

ihei on a planet in transit! 

onl) to more uncertaint) 

ling to the known .to the certain Fear is th< 

1 faith) Fetu brings the monstei ol fundamentalism, 

the fountains of blood, the children going to 
the) clear the grounds of exslosivi s, the bomb: 
abortion clinics. 

In such a world it becomes essential to know tin- 
world religions in their truth and then aid to 
understand the symbolic meaning of their ritual. Ii 
become brainwashed in the name oi faith into ultimate 
barbarism. We must rescue what is human in man — 

time is shod 

Haikus for Lex Hixon — Judy Masser Frank 

Underneath the spreading oak. 
sitting on a stump. 
I alone read and weep. 

Why is n I'm so sad? 

With you gone, 

there's no new hellos or blissful smiles 

Memory remains, 

unclear as in 

trying to see you smile 

Sitting alone, 

I join my heart, 

listening within to heat youi 

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Morning Music 

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Gonzalo Aburto 


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Shocking Blue 

Delphine Blue 

Hour of the 

As I 





Paul Gorman 

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R Paul Martin 

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Hour of 
the Wolf 

Jim Freund 

Talk! in the 

Man/ Ann Miller 
1st Sun 
Cosmik Debns 


Old is 





6 00 Wake Up Call Breaking news stones, fea 
ture interviews and music with Amy Goodman & 

i White Featuring Devya's Meditation 
Moment shortly after 6 

10 00 All Mixed Up Peter Bochan plays eccentric 
pop and current event montages, disregarding 

Noon Natural Living with Gary Null 

1 00 Talk Moore with Marjone Moore Healing 
dialogues explonng human dynamics and the 
commonality of our consciousness Making 
change in and beyond ourselves Produced with 
Liana Francesca and Ahnenoi Brooks 

2 00 Stay tuned See the front of this fo//o for 
some preliminary details on the legal rights pro- 
gramming we're planning for this spot 

3 00 Talkback! with Utrice Leid 

5 00 Behind the News Samon Marksman 
examines national and international issues, 
political economy and related issues 

6 00 The WBAI Evening News 

7 00 We the People with Jerry Brown 

8 00 Fair Dinkum with peace & environmental 
activist Dr Helen Caldicott 

9 00 Circle of Red Nations Native American 
news and analysis with Gustavo Raven Silva 
10:00 Arts in the Evening 

1 1 30 WBAI News Rebroadcast 
Midnight Investigations with Andrew Philips 
incorporating Soundscapes: Explorations in Radio, 
Sound & Music 

1 30 Person to Person with Tom Short & 
Michael G Haskins 

3 30 Mass Backwards The Word of Satan 
revealed by your radio pal Uncle Muck, and 
godawful music, too But mostly radio dramas. 
Not for the faint of heart or weak of brain 
Featuring Jean Shepherd every week at 5:25 
Produced by Max Schmid 

^O POISONED*"-. '? 



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and more 

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This Day in Music 
(Tony Fields) 

Those listeners who caught WBAI producer 
Tony Fields' limited series, Down in the Valley: 
New Perspectives in Traditional R & B, last sum 
mer may be pleased to learn that he is on the 
air once again. Tony can now be heard on his 
feature, This Day in Music, two minute spots 
recounting the important events each day in 
the history of popular music Beyond produc 
ing these spots, which air several times each 
weekday, Tony has been guest host for some 
music programs. 

February is Black 
History month 

As Folio went to press, we were just making 
preliminary plans for special programming Stay 
tuned Wednesdays at two p.m for program 
ming about African-American women, and 
Mondays at two welcome poet and Judge 
Bruce Wright Stay tuned for more details 
about these and other programs 

Women's Day is 
in March 

We will do m. i >grammmg ti 

and throughout the month Anyone wishing to 

CO f l tf ibutt to programming 

the station 

Need an 

Call Art Cabrera 
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Katha Pollitt. Nation Contributor and author of 
Reasonable Creatures Photo by Joyce Ravid 

6:00 Wake Up Call Breaking news stories, fea- 
ture interviews and music with Amy Goodman & 
Bernard White Featuring Devya's Meditation 
Moment shortly after 6 
10:00 La Nueva Alternativa with Gonzalo 

Noon Natural Living with Gary Null 
1 :00 Health Action Investigative journalism on 
the politics of health and the role of activism, 
plus up-to-the-minute information on integrative 
(conventional and alternative) and self-powered 
medicine and healing, with producers Bob 
Lederer, Nicholas Cimorelli & Kathy Davis. 

7 23 Transform negativity and the feelings of 
anger, sadness, stress, and loneliness that block 
your healing process, and find out how an 
understanding of the soul plays a pivotal role in 
bringing out your innate healing capabilities. 
Modern health care is currently being revolution- 
ized by the profound interconnection between 
the body, the mind, and the healing process 
Health Action will explore the new science of 

Also, see Health Action's Bob Lederer's report on 

his response to the President's AIDS Conference 

elsewhere in this Folio 

alternates with 

Gray Panther Report with social activist Lydia 

Bragger (who will be on leave 

2 00 Radio Nation from the columnists, edi- 
tors, and writers of The Nation. America's lead- 
ing journal of progressive opinion. Marc Cooper 
hosts this counterpoint to the corporate news 
and chatter found elsewhere on the dial 

3:00 Talkback! with Utnce Leid 

5:00 Behind the News Samori Marksman 

examines national and international issues. 

political economy and related issues 

6 00 The WBAI Evening News 

7:00 We the People with Jerry Brown 

8 00 Off the Hook with Emmanuel Goldstein, 
our resident technopunk 

9 00 Housing Notebook No heat 7 No hot 
water? No rent! What's the right way to deal 
with your housing struggles? Tune in and phone 
in your questions. With Scott Sommer 

10:00 Arts in the Evening featuring Poisoned 

Arts, the continuing adventures of Charles and 

Emily Ann Andrews and Mr Waburn, the old 

man they adopted from the Welfare 

Department. Broadcast live with Janet Coleman, 

David Dozer, and Jim Freund 

1 1 30 WBAI News Rebroadcast 

Midnight Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade 

with Peter Lamborn Wilson and Bill Weinberg 

alternates with 

Weaponry Produced by Tom Wisker. Jim 

Dingeman. Shawn Rhodes & Stevie Debe 

1 30 Weaponry continues (alternate weeks) or 

begins (after MORC) 

3 30 Punk & Hardcore with Susan Brown 
alternates with 

Nuff Said! with Ken Gale & Ed Menje 




W.ikt- Up ( ill 

Amy Goodman & 
inng Devya's Meditation 
Moment shortly a*' 
10 00 Mother Lode .. " . you 

Noon Natural Living lh Gary Null 

1 00 The Positive Mind Informative interviews 
and call in discussions on strategies (or emotional 
development and empowerment with "the Mark 
Twain of Psychology." Armand DiMele. CSW 

2 00 Stay tuned Starting in March, were plan 
nmg a women's rights program for this spot, fea- 
turing Laura Flanders & Blanche Weisen Cook 
During February. African American History 
Month, listen for special programming focusing 
on African American women 

3 00 Talkback! with Utnce Leid 

5 00 Behind the News Samori Marksman 
examines national and international issues, 
political economy and related issues 

6 00 The WBAI Evening News 

7 00 We the People with Jerry Brown 

8 00 Explorations Si -nee and peace issues with 
Dr Michio I 

9 00 The Personal Computer Show 
Informative industry interviews and call-in discus- 
sions with Joe King and co-hosts Hank Kee & 
David Burstein 

10 00 Arts in the Evening 

1 1 30 WBAI News Rebroadcast 

midnight Earthwatch Commentary and analysis 

with Robert Knight 

1 30 Let 'em Talk Eclectic conversations with 

Paul DeRienjo and Fly 

3 30 Nightshift Science fiction, music and mad 

ness with Mike Sargent and Byron (Sugar Bear) 

Saunders Listen and your life may change 



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* All aspects of taxes 
•> Audit representation 
•I* Prior year returns' 
all years/all states 

20 years experience dealing 

with the IRS 

Knowledgeable, accurate tax 


As heard on WBAI since 


Licensed to practice before 

the IRS 

Susan Lee e a. 

Tax Consultant 
2 Charlton Street 
New York. NY. 10014 

Fifteen years ago. James 
Martin's book. Computer Data 
Base Organization taught me 
enough I 

database piogramnx 
mg. and on how peoi 
with computers Along the 

a gieat d ■• people 

the pent 



Local Board 

January 18 
6:00 p.m. 



505 Eighth Ave 





ease join us! 

6 00 Wake Up Call Breaking news stories, fea- 
ture interviews and music with Amy Goodman & 
Bernard White Featuring Devya's Meditation 
Moment shortly after 6 
10 00 Shocking Blue Delphine Blue spins a 
musical spell ranging from The Lounge Lizards to 
Tricky to Bodeco. Who? Tune in for the magic, 
lots of ticket give-aways, and some of the most 
interesting artists in earshot 
Noon Natural Living with Gary Null 
1 00 John Harris on health 
2:00 Walden's Pond Animal rights, the environ- 
ment, vegetarianism and other righteous living 
with radioactivist Shelton Walden and guest com- 
mentators Alexander Cockburn, Jeffrey St. Clair, 
Gary Francione, Devon Pena, and Elisa Joy White 
3:00 Talkback! with Utrice Leid 
5:00 Behind the News Samori Marksman 
examines national and international issues, 
political economy and related issues 
6 00 The WBAI Evening News 


January 31 







7 00 We the People with Jerry 

8:00 Building Bridges: Your 
Metro Community and Labor 
Report Explorations of people and 
issues that shape the movements for 
social change; fighting the attacks on 
our wages, housing, transportation, 
health, education and welfare; 
defending our community and labor 
organizations; exploring the dimen- 
sions of race, gender, and class in the 
urban environment. Produced by Ken 
Nash & Mimi Rosenberg 
9 00 Where We Live Sally O'Brien & 
Safiya Bukhari present the voices of 
the disenfranchised 
10:00 Arts in the Evening 
1 1 30 WBAI News Rebroadcast 
midnight Radio Unnameable with 
Bob Fass 

3 30 Crosstown Traffic "Have you 
ever been experienced 7 " Check out 
the "60 minutes of progressive 
music" with Gregory Amani & Lace. 
From artist tributes the first week in 
every month to live performances, 
from cutting edge interviews to 
bustin' phat beats; from Hookes to 
Hendrix to Hami, we've got the brand 
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cttraffic@WBAI escape com 

Arts in the Evenings Monday-Thursday 70-7 7:30 

David Wright presents 

David D W h asts Jeep's 8luey an original radio 

t'p'i B/ue s is a love story set in 1964 
ulem moving to the rhythms of Malcolm X speeches, |azz. the 
jhts Movement and the death moans of heroin addiction (see tl 
jmn of this Foho for one listener s enthusiastic response to this radio 

• at 10 30 David D Wright presents a Black soap 
opera written by Veona Thomas 

J 1 1 30 David D Wright presents Rush Hour, a radio drama written by 
obott Rush Hour is about the witnessing of a brutal slaying in a NYC 
. station by two strangers and how they are affected by it 

Lee Ryan presents Music for Grownups 

Every so often I get jolted out of my natural stick m the mudness This hap 
pened when I heard a new CD. Martha Lonn A Celebration of Ella with Paul 
from Cabaret Jazz Records and it blew me away Working only with 
j longtime player with Ella Fitzgerald, and his piano. Lonn gives us a 
couple of handfuls of American standards that will very politely knock your 
f< With her perfect diction you know what a word freak I am per 
tch. splendid jazz phrasing, and a lovely seductive voice, Martha Lonn 
is a wonder She shows, among other things, why these standards are stan- 
dards Most of the great American popular songwriters are represented 
Arlen, Berlin, the Gershwins. Johnny Mercer. Porter, and Rodgers and Hart. 
jw most of them, although you may be surprised once or twice: 
. Supper Time, maybe Mercer's / Remember You But even the chest- 
► e One For My Baby, are superbly, freshly done Paul Smith.s subtle 
: .vorks beautifully and his instrumental bridges can go from Art 
:o Bach Tune in enjoy, maybe learn, be kind to one another, and I'll 

Arts in the Evening, Tuesday-Thursday 12-1/4, J/9-1/? J 

Poisoned Arts Reunited with 
the Original Mr. Waburn 

Thanks to the miracle of ISDN technology and 
some fancy engineering in New York by WBAI's 
Anthony Sloan and in Houston by KPfT's Bill 
Beavers, the original Poisoned Arts cast was 
reunited live in an historic two city broadcast on 
November 5, 1995 on Pacifica airwaves 

From the studios of our sister station in 
Houston, New York cast members Janet 
Coleman, David Dozer, Jim Freund. Tim Jerome. 
Dino Perera. and Max Schmid, were re-joined by 
Otis Hardy Maclay. who originated the role of 
Mr Waburn, the old man adopted from the 
Welfare Department 

During his twenty year plus hiatus from 
Poisoned Arts. Maclay has been alive and well in 
Houston, acting, directing, and producing such, 
radio programs at KPFT as the nationally syrvdi 
cated satire The Barfly News, a spoof of 
Crossfire entitled Fred & Charlie, and a call in 
interview show previously named We the People 
and (since the Jerry Brown's new show chose 
the same name) recently renamed Us the Folks. 

In the coming weeks, we look forward to fol- 
lowing both Mr Waburn's solitaire games and 
his impressions of the new art movement called 
Fred m this new bi-city fashion 

The Virtual Radio Hour 

In February, Andrew Phillips, host of Investigations, will inaugurate The Virtual 
Radio Hour, a special series Friday afternoons at two. 

Andrew has worked internationally as an independent radio documentary and 
features producer and director since 1 980. He is an adjunct professor at New 
York University and New York Institute of Technology. 

A powerful team of seasoned radio producers and professional journalists will 
contribute regularly to The Virtual Radio Hour The program will include docu- 
mentary and feature programs produced in the U.S. and overseas. Included 
will be programs from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's outstanding 
Background Briefing series, one of the finest investigative news and mforma 
tion programs in the world 

The Virtual Radio Hour will be distributed by the Virtual Radio Network, a radio 
production, distribution, management and consultation organization. VRN is a 
New Media producer and distributor supporting audio based programs in new 
electronic domains. The Virtual Radio Hour will appear regularly on PeaceNet 
in RealAudio With the help of PeaceNet. VRN shares a World Wide Web page, 
with RealAudio which permits computer users to access audio on demand 


Natural Living Membership Discount 

Enjoy these benefits — 3 for the price of 1 ! 

• 1 Full Year Subscription to Gary Null's Natural 
Living Journal (advertising-free). 

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Offer Expires FEB 15th 
(Reg. $49) 

Send your check or m/o to Natural Living Journal 

P. O. Box 495 • DeptW • Huntington. NY 1 1743-0495 

Want to subscribe by Visa or Master? 

CALL 516 -547 -71 77 

VRN recently recorded the International 
Forum on Globalization Teach-in, an 
alliance of leading activists, economists, 
researchers and philosophers who have 
joined together to respond to threats of 
economic globalization, to the environ- 
ment, community, human rights and 
democracy. Among early programs slated 
for The Virtual Radio Hour will be an in- 
depth series based on this historic confer- 
ence including Defining New Economic 
Paradigms. Biocolonization and Intellectual 
Property Rights, Dismantling Corporate 
Rule, Cultures of Resistance, The 
Globalization of Information. 
Speakers will include Ralph Nader, Vandana 
Shiva, Jeremy Rifkin, Andrew Kimbrell. Jerry 
Mander, John Mohawk. 
Contributing producers to The Virtual Radio 
Hour will include. 

Anton Foek-lnternational documentary 

Mo Seeger-Paris based broadcast journalist 
and poet, Donald Kaplan-Head of public 
affairs at the Brooklyn Public Library VRN is 
collaborating with the Brooklyn Public 
Library to establish a non-profit training 

Curtis Lang-Investigative journalist 
Evelyn Tully Costa-Four Corners Radio, win 
ner of the NFCB Golden Reel for Louisiana 

Playthell Benjamin-Daily News columnist 
and contributing writer to London's 
Guardian newspaper 
Jose Santiago-WBAL news editor, recog- 
nized as one of the finest news reporters in 
community radio though seldom heard 

Elly Wminger-Producer of Rockin The Boat, 
a new socio-political history of music being 
distributed by PRI 

Pratap Chatajee-Editor with Interpress 
Service Washington DC and international 
expert on Third World issues. 
Dennis Bernstein- Co-producer and founder 
of KPFA-Pactfica's Flashpoints daily current 
events program. He co-created WBAI s 
award-winning daily morning news show, 

Jake Glanz-(B.S.E.E) of Brooklyn Broadcast 
and Audio 

Robert Pollard- Focusing on applications of 
information and communication technolo- 
gy. Project Director for On The Une 
Interactive Preparations for the First Earth 
Summit funded by MacArthur Foundation 
Howard H. Frederick. Ph D Associate 
Professor m the Mass Communication 
Division at Emerson College (Boston) author 
of Global Communication and International 
Relations, and former Director of PeaceNet 
(Institute for Global Communications) in 
San Francisco. 







6 00 The WBAI Morning Show ' ink Ganesh 
il'sFnd.i, • t.-su Coue. Matthew 

Finch & others 

9 00 CounterSpin with FAIR'S Laura Flancl. 
Janine la ■ 

9 30 This Way Out 

10 00 Shocking Blue .. th Delphme Blue 
Noon Natural Living .-. ith Gary Null 

1 00 Healthstyles with the WBAI Nursing 

2 00 A slot for special series 

In January, see the box fo' Changing Course: 
A Survival Toolkit for the 21st Century 

3 00 Talkback! /.th Santiago Nieves 

5 00 Behind the News: Our Americas Mario 
Murillo and others with news and commentary 
from the hemisphere This is the only program in 
the metropolitan area that keeps you up to date 
with breaking developments in the hemisphere, 
from Chiapas to Havana, Guatemala City to San 
Juan. Port Au Prince to Santa Fe de Bogota In 
depth country reports, analysis with some of the 
sharpest voices from the region, and news 
updates from a variety of sources amount to an 
informative hour of radio that not only puts you 
in touch with what's going on, but what you can 
do about it With Cuba in Focus on the last Friday 
of each month 

15 On today's program, we continue our month 
ly series of country reports with a close-up look at 
Mexico, two years after the launching of the 
Zapatista National Liberation Army rebellion 
which shook the world in January 1994 We'll 
have a preview of upcoming talks between the 
Indigenous Rebel leadership and the Mexican 
government, with a particular focus on the 
demands being put forth by the Zapatistas Then 
we'll examine the state of the Mexican economy 
and the political crisis facing the government of 
Ernesto Zedillo Is the Revolutionary Institutional 
Party (PRI). in power for over 66 years, in its last 
leg 7 Will democracy ever be a reality for the peo- 
ple of Mexico 7 Our guests will include Mexican 
author Carlos Monsivais. journalist Blanche 
Pietrich of La Opinion. Roger Maldonado of 

Four Comers Rtfdio 

H0 Course A Survrvdllx^kjl for t/v usl Cewtwrjj) 

Friday. 2 3 00 p m 

Mb Th* Web of Illusion Part Om ■ 'ian Ganly 1st) 

..•on Ganly v. in life folly l il 

Human Rights Commission in San Cristobal de las 
Casas. journalist John Ross, author of Rebellion 
from the Roots, and others Hosted by Mario A 
Murillo. with contributions from Fernando 
Velasquez of KPFK in Los Angeles 6 00 The WBAJ 
Evening News 

6 bO The Screening Room | I picacious and 
humorous film reviews by Paul WurxJer & Joseph 

7 00 We the People with Jerry Brown 

8 00 Home Fries ive radio with Fred 

• owitz Comedy, music. Call ms 
1 19 Home Fries Lawyer Comedy Special 
Question What do you call 1000 lawyers 
attached to an anchor at the bottom of the 
ocean 7 

Answer A good start 

Stand up comedians and sketches, including WC 
Fields, Lenny Bruce (at the end of his career, tor 
tured and obsessed with the law). Pig Meat 
Markham ("Here comes the Judge"); Dick 
Gregory. The Marx Brothers ("That's a no Sanity 
Claus"), Bob Salzman. (a well respected, pro ten 
ant housing court lawyer) presenting a live per- 
formance of his very funny anti lawyer routine. 
Songs from Broadway shows including A Day in 
Hollywood A Night m the Ukraine. New Lost City 
Ramblers. Philadelphia Lawyer, routines from Vou 
Don'f Have to Be Jewish, Myron Cohen. Flip 
Wilson, Country & Western songs [D-i vo rc-e). R 
& B (T Bone Walker), / Shot the Shenfi and the list 
goes on 10 00 Jazz Sampler with Bill Farrar 
Midnight The Midnight Ravers 
Thematic explorations of connections between 
African. American. Jamaican and Caribbean music 
with Terry Wilson, Dro. Ben Mapp & Dred Scott 

alternates with 

Midnight The Creative Unity Collective Show 
3 00 Lightshow with Frederick GeoBold, Eddie 
Goldman. Brenda Black, Heather Woodbury & 
Evan Ginzburg, editor and publisher of Wrestling 
Then and Now 
5 00 Hour of the Wolf 
and all you want to know abo . 
fant., l fields of em 

with Jim Freund 

Arthur Miller Tribute 

p m Arthur Miller Tribute Wi- ' 

' ' 

3 00 Nightrlyte with Chet Jackson 
5:00 Talk! In the Morning Consumerism, femi 
nism, sexism, racism, health tips, antidotes and 
anecdotes by Patricka Dallas & Mary Ann Miller; 
plus Reel Women film reviews by Prairie Miller 
except on the 1st Sunday replaced by 
Cosmik Debris with Rocky and Pandora: words 
and music from The Void. If you have suggestions 
contact us here at Cosmik Debris, Box 35, 505 
Eighth Ave., 19th Floor, NY, NY 10018 or e-mail 

1/7 All 78s fest; the very best from Pandora's col- 

institutional and industrial 

liquid/powder laundry sysfems, 

warewashing, and 

housekeeping chemical programs. 

Thirty-five (35) years of 

industry recognition. 

Call 1-800-370-SOAP 
Ask for Mr. Anderson 

7:00 As I Please with Simon Loekle 

8:30 Any Saturday with David Rothenberg 

10:30 Lunchpail live radio with Paul Gorman 

Noon Natural Hygiene with Jo Willard 

1 00 Radio Free Eireann Irish culture and 

politics with Mick Dewan, John McDonagh, 

Cait Mullen & Brian Mor 

2:00 Radio Bandung A third world in every first 

world, and a first world in every third. Join the 

Radio Bandung collective as they connect the 

global with the local. As always, the Phattest 

Bhangra House, Hip Hop, and Ragga. 

3:00 Arab Voice and Crescent Rising Muslim 

issues, cultures, and personalities from America 

and the world with Dr. Barbara Nimn Aziz and 

Mahmoud Ibrahim 

4:00 Afrikaleidescope with Elombe Brath & 

Diabel Faye 

Dr Barbara Nimn Aziz, co-host and executive pro- 
ducer of Arab Voices Crescent Rising 

6:30 Liquid Sound Lounge Cartoons of sounds 
from the underground with DJeannie Hopper, 
spinnin' new Grooves to rare grooves and house 
music with righteous spoken word woven 
throughout, performed LIVE with musicians. In 
the tradition of WBAI, the LSL gives play to music 
that's hard to come by on commercial radio and 
aint played out I Get your Saturday started right 
by tunm' in & shake your booty! The LSL hot line 
is 212-631-3617 for questions, comments and 
playhsts With Jeannie Hopper and assistant 
Steven Marshall 

8:30 The Underground Railroad with J Smooth 
10:00 Morning Dew music of The Grateful Dead 
with Lance Neal 
except the last Saturday 
12 23 Blue Moon Music A radio show out of 
this world. Music, analysis, interviews, and live 
performances with emerging, legendary, local, 
and international composers and musicians. 
Regular installments of Eyes of ChaosVeil of 
Order, Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh's acclaimed 
forum for the avant-garde 
Midnight Labbrish Radio program seeks 
intelligent listeners/callers Likes Reggae, Rock 
Steady, and Ska. Peter and Bob Jimi 
Likes Jimi a lot. Books and Reviews Guests. 
Analysis Insights Thinking a must. Allergic to 
ignorance Call 212 279 3400 Bring open mind 
With Habte Selassie 

Live From the Upper West 
Side (Free live event) 

Join Mike Feder Sunday mornings 1 1 until noon either on the radio or in 
the audience at Shakespeare & Co . Broadway and 81st Street, for a lively 
author interview and reading No charge, of course 
1 7 Who among us doesn't feel guilty some times or. for that matter, all 
the time'' Or maybe you devote your life to making other people feel guilty 
In any case, tune in on January 7th to hear Stuart Schneiderman, New 
York Psychoanalyst and author of Saving Face, the Politics of Shame and 
Quilt If you decide not to listen or come down to Shakespeare, III be OK. 
don't give a thought to how /'// feel. 

. irman Finkelstem. author of Image and Reality of the Israel- 
Palestine Conflict, is an aggressive critic of the official Zionist" version of 
the Israeli Palestine conflict and a teacher at NYU and the City University 
1 21 Not from the upper west side, today Instead, I'll be in the new WBAI 
studios from 111 00 p m with a Klezmer music special with Michael 

1 28 We re pre-empted for a special from JFREJ 

2 4 At presstime. we have to report a mystery guest, but stay tuned, 
just waiting for a confirmation from someone very special 

. ' ' Dr Gerald Weissmann. author of Democracy and DNA. American 
Dreams and Medical Progress, a study of the American devotion to saentif 
ic discovery coupled with our relentless desire to to good. Dr Weissman is 
both a social critic and a practicing physician, head of NYU Medical 
School's Department of Rheumatology 

2 18 Chang Rae Lee. author of Native Speaker, a novel of a Korean- 
American trapped between two cultures looking for his own identity 
2 25 Ron Hansen, author of Mahette in Ecstasy, talking about and reading 
from his new novel. Atticus 

Laurie Stone, in the Village Voice just wrote of our 12/17 interview, "Lewis 
Lapham, in Hotel Amenca. skewers the culture's puppet masters In brief, 
pofticians gladlysacnfice democracy for their own power, and laugh off the 
enthusiasm for Ross Perot's presidency at your own dire risk Mike Feder 
gets the post cold war/pre -millenium dirt in a sit down conversation 

New World Gallery Presents 

Latin Soul: Alive and Well 
and Still in New York 

Since the 1930s. Latin (Afro Cuban) and African 
American music have been mutually influential, 
and hybrid forms have emerged 
Considerable attention has been given to the 
development of Latin Jazz However, there has 
been little discussion of Latin Soul, the hybrid 
style that emerged in the late 1960s Even less 
attention has been given to Latin influence on 
Rhythm 'n Blues and American pop music 
Latin Soul was created by African American and 
Latino teenagers who lived in East Harlem and 
the Bronx Their lyrics were both English and 
Spanish The result was the music of Pete 
Rodriguez, Joe Cuba, Hector Rivera, Joe Bataan. 
and Rafi Pagan 

Chico Alvarez will analyze these hybrid forms that 
emerged in the 1930s and demonstrate that 
Latin Soul exists today. 

2/4 The influence of Latin music on U S Rhythm 
n Blues and Pop, and the emergence of Latin 

2/1 1 The development of Latin Soul by young 
African-American and Latino musicians in East 
Harlem and the Bronx 

The Middle Passage- 7/2 J 

Emanations presents ,i look at one of 
history's most horrible chapters. As many 
as 80 to 150 million African men. women, 
and children may have lost their lives in the 
Atlantic Ocean during the 400 years of 
European involvement in the Triangle slave 
trade. Sharks followed ships from the 
shores of Africa into the ports 
Western Hemisphere, assured of meals 
along tl 

thrown overboard. Depn. 
and death rode with the humai 
Our gu.sis will include hi Fohn 

Hendrik Clarke, poeti and authors 

•uKjr 4nd *t*lity or thr l\r*ol Pjth 

7:00 Through the Opera Glass Regina 
Fionto-Sokol, executive producer 
17 Leos Janacek's The Makropoulos Case, a 
bizarre tale of eternal growth which will be 
receiving its Metropolitan Opera premiere, is the 
featured work. Host: Anthony Coggi 

1 14 L'lncoronazione di Poppaea. Claudio 
Monteverdi's dramatic tale of love and lust in 
high places in ancient Rome will be presented. 
Host: Anthony Coggi 

1121 & 1/28 Membership Drive Specials 
2/4 Anthony Coggi presents scenes from Mozart's 
Cos/ Fan Tutte and Verdi's La Forza del Destino, 
both of which will be revived by the Metropolitan 
Opera this month. 

2 1 1 Through the Opera Glass salutes Black 
History Month Hosts: Anthony Coggi & Regina 

2 18 Manya is the special host 
2 25 A tribute to the most famous team of 
Wagnerian co-stars of the pre World War II peri- 
od: Kirsten Flagstad, the Norwegian soprano 
whose centennial is being celebrated this year, 
and Laurie Melchior, the Danish tenor, who made 
his Met debut 70 years ago this month. Host: 
Anthony Coggi 

9 30 Here of a Sunday Morning with Chris 
Whent. who can be e-mailed as whentlaw@ 

1 1 00 Live From the Upper West Side Author 
discussions hosted by Mike Feder, broadcast live 
from Shakespeare & Co. on 81st and Broadway. 
See opposite page for schedule. 
1 21 Two hours Klezmer special, music and cul- 
ture with Michael Alpert, leader of the Klezmer 
group Brave Old World and musical director of 
the recent Greaf Performances special. In The 
Fiddler's House Lots of music, hopefully some live 
taking advantage of the new studio 
1 28 JFRFJ will present a two hour special 
noon Beyond the Pale: The Progressive 
Jewish Radio Hour Produced by Jews for Racial 
and Economic Justice (JFREJ). with hosts Esther 
Kaplan and Marilyn Neimark The program 
explores (in unconventional ways) the experience, 
culture, identity, and politics of contemporary 
Jewish life Associate producer, Russ Burd 

1 00 Latino Journal weekly news reports, panel 
discussions and music with executive producer 
Santiago Nieves and associate producers Glorya 
Cabrera. Melissa Mark-Vivento, Marina Ortiz & 
Juan Peha 

2 00 Nancy Rodriguez 

4 00 New World Gallery with Chico Alvarez 

6:00 The WBAI Evening News includes a 

review of the week's stories 

6 30 Gay Programming combining the best of 

Outlooks and The Gay Show featuring Bob Storm, 

Marie Becker, Rick X. Nicholas Cimorelli, George 

Reilly, and others 

7:30 The Golden Age of Radio Hosted by Max 


9:00 Emanations with Bernard White, Ulysses 

T. Good, Mahmoud Ibrahim. Errol Maitland, 

Sylvester Wallace, Brother Shine, Freddie Smith, 
L King Downing 

10:00 Jazz featuring Mahmoud Ibrahim & Kim 

Midnight Soundtrack Music, dialog, and sound 
bites from the movies with host Paul Wunder 
1 00 Carrier Wave with Sydney Smith 
alternates with 

Back of the Book Free Form Live Radio by R. 
Paul Martin, ( 
3:00 Everything Old Is New Again Its music is 
that of the great poets of the twentieth century, 
the words of lyricists from Ira Gershwin to Cole 
Porter, and the melodies to which these words 
were put. Broadway, Hollywood, Tin Pan Alley 
and New York Cabaret emphasizing yesterday 
with sprinkles of today, are tied together by tak 
ing various songs, films excerpts, and stage 
recordings, woven together into sets with a com- 
mon theme Host: David Kenney. 

Kirsten Flagstad and Launtz Melchoir 
Through the Opera Glass 211 1 







Bob Lederer AIDS Activist, Journalist, and 
White House Witness Bearer 

.;! ami 

In '. 

ne, the national m u living with 

WY l uncle-, about AIDS 

mem policies wnh .1 critical and 

n wnnng an alternative health 
it is a 
. illustrated magazine, paid) fun 

g and designed to 
:i looking forward to helping 1m 
mmunity input in the magazine '•'. 

with HIV, particularly women at 

I'm \<ri UP merabei .mil inw 

■ • ializing in AIDS treatment and 
articularly alternative medicine 


ntly in 

\t the White House 

As : 

■ ith MDS, wi co sponsi 
ition organized by ACT UP. Housing 

Works. Bnd Othet AIDS groups dunng the 

President's aids i which 

the majority \frican 

ople with AIDS living on 

lid At out press confera im the 

urged that the Presidential 

while lulled as a conda\ 

nothing more thai 


without needing Congressional 
ive the 
. ■ with \ll>s ,ind st 

in on funding 


It hard 
questioning h\ the 175 community and scit 


1 not 10 disrupt the meeting. 1 
d that my coi 

Mil my 

tollowcd the recommend 
two pn lential AIDS commissions? Why 

has it taken three . 
and make a call for recommend 
mendations I it & I 

was bl 

criticism "un 

put into 

Clinton's put-di 
standing ovation, though • 
pants came to nv 
speaking up I feel 1 
outside. I broke through 
:ni nisi a moment 
the message thai Clinton 

could save hundn 

1 will com n 

and Othet health 1 

the Health A< tn>i\ show 1 . 
1 t-lli 


Written & Performed by 
Martha Cinader 

Dm . tc (I lit \ntli,,„x M,,.,„ 

Sound l)i sipi In |, . mill , H«Mt 1 

IFAPSktwcaM rYadaccn |,ik ,„,,, riwayni 

I'ulilisli, ,| | IN I, ,,,|, \ M mil 1 ( | llllll|s 

William Banks, WBAI Board Member, tells Folio 
about some of his work 

William H. Banks, Jr. is the Director of the Harlem 
Writers' Guild; Instructor in Creative Writing at the 
New School for Social Research and was one ol the 
Charter members of the NEA funded Writers Corps 
of America In 1994 his second book Father Behind 
Bars was published bv WRS Publications. Pol this 
book and for his reviews and authoi interviews of 
more than one hundred books. Banlcs was selected 
to receive the award for excellence and service 
from the United Nations Society of Writers Banks' 
interviews arc conducted on WNYE TV and radio. 
The name of the program on both outlets is In Our 
Own Words. 

His Litest book will be published in February of 
1996 It is a book for young adults which covers the 

history of Nation ol Islam It will be publisl 

Chelse.i House Publishers Hi- 

appeared in such publications as Publl 

l he Washington i 

Chronicle In March ol 1996 he will ti 
that will be available on the lm ol the 

school for Social Research's D I A I. Program 
It will be entitled Creative Struggh 
Literature. The cot J with the relation 

ship between histoi "I the 

Harlem Writers' Guild (1950 to the present) and 
creative works that were written and/or published 
in that time frame. 

Fred Geobold, (JAghtshow), will be featured on 
Manhattan Neighborhood Network, on Manhattan 
Cable Channel 69, with recordings made live at the 
Sun Mountain Cafe Broadcasts will be at 8:30 p.m. 
on Mondays 1/8. 1/22, 2/5. and 2/19, as well as 
Wednesdays 1 10. 1/24, 2/7. 2/21 at 11:30 a.m. 
He'll be appearing live Sundays at 8:00 p.m. at Sun 
Mountain, 82 West 3rd St, between Thompson & 
Sullivan. •♦•♦ Stephen DiLauro has released a new 
CD of River Tales, featuring David D. Wright, who 
originally produced the piece on Shelf Lift It can be 
ordered from River Tales, P. O. Box 53, Easton. PA 
18044. Cost is $16.95 plus $2.50 shipping*"* 
Longtime WBAI producer & engineer Tom 
Tortorella stopped by. He now has a show, Shady 
Grove, on WFUV 90.7 Saturday at 1:00 p.m.. fea- 
turing bluegrass and traditional country music 

Share the 
Volunteer during 
our January 

ook to break all records for community 
radio, become an active member of th> 
community, supporting a station committed to 
making a difference in our community 

WBAI producers and staff, and make 
friends with fellow volunt- 

We need volunteers to answer phones, help 
distribute publicity materials, and assist in the 

Call (212)279-0707 and ask for the dl 

David Isay. (R ) once of the WBAI newsroom, and photographer 
Harvey Wang have published Holding On Dreamer*. Visionaries. 
fecenfnes and Other American Heroes Photo by Riri. . 

Feeding the 

Brothej shine, ol Emanations and ■ 
in support "I the 

January 7, 1 996 
Citywide Feeding 

sponsor • ndants' 

ii i and othei community 
groups H ' regulai 

program of feedings on U nd then 

even) it th groups m 

' r Bombs 

I can help 

<im/ su; 

Raquel Rod} 
The Am 

wbaisi in 

General Mitntgc . <>■'<« van Isle' 

Program Direct 

Development Director: Lots Henry 

Business Director S»t Wong 

Arts Director «■ thony J Sloan 

Public Affairs Director Mano Munilc 

News Director 

News Editors .lose Santiago. David Sears 

News Reporter: Paul DeRienzo 

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Production Engineer: Dred Scott Keyes. 

r . Mm >,r, Helm 
Chief Announ 
Receptionist Fred Kuhn 
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David Bu'slem 

Folio Features Editor Annette Walker 
Folio S'" Peggy Dominique 

Premiums Coordinator: Cynthia Cascante 
Subscriptions Director Man Markman 
Subscriptions Assistants: Sharan Harper. 
Subscriptions Volunteers: Sharon McAvinue. 
Sharon Thorrv 


Arts Dei • pory Amani. 

Brenda Black. Rodney Black Deiphme Blue. 
Peter Bocnan. Susan Brown. Bill Canaday. 
Bob Cenedeila (Secret Weapon). Martha 
Cmader Anthony Coggi. Janet Coleman. 
Donan Devins Peggy Dominique David 
Dozer Dro EMI Farrar. Diabel Faye. Matthew 
Finch, J Preund. 

Fredenck GeoBold. J:- ' nical 

Edcke Goldman Ibrahim Gonzalez. 
! aye Hess. 

• • : : • ■ .■:•-.•••, Mahmoud 

• et Jackson. 
Brandon Judei I -'avid Kenney 

■ e Mark 
i-noni The Laughing 
• • Uabem Ben Mapp. DarreU M '• 

Mente Lance Meal. David Nolan (Recordist). 
D#>o Pereira Wendy Perron. Valecia I 
•n Rhodes. Nancy 

. i Rothenberg. 

Elizabeth Forman. Jim Freund. Danah Geflen 
Leslie George. Evan Ginzburg. Paul Gorman. 
Michael G Haskms. Fred Herschkowitz. John 
Hams Richard B Isles. Citizen Kafka Robert 
Knight. Utnce Letd. Betsy Lenke. San Locker. 
Simon Loekle. Daa'iya Lomax. R Paul Martin. 
Maiachy McCourl. Roseman Mealy. Marjone 
Moore. Santiago Nieves. Pandora. Andrew 
PhiMps Bill Propp. Rocky. Davtd Rothenberg. 
Mike Sargent. Habte Selassie Ton. Short. 
Judith Sloan. Sidney Smith. Harnet Tanzman. 
Chns Taylor. Shelton WakJen. Bernard White. 
Peter Lamborn Wilson. Heather Woodbury 
News Dep t "t .11 Aharoni. Janice K Bryant. 
Hesou Coue. Patncka Dallas. Laurette 
DeRosairo. Zachary Fink, Wanda Forniey, Tom 
Hamilton. Leslie George. John Hess. C Kent. 
Dred Scott Keyes. Robert Knight. L Lane. Errol 
Maitland. Tameka Mullms. Barbara Nimn Aziz 
Miguel Sancho. Shawn Seymour. James P 
Sherman. Annette Walker 
Public Affairs Dep't: Gonzalo Abuno. Gwen 
Alford. Barbara Nimn Aziz. Marie Becker. 
Phyllis Bennis. William Borman. Sergio 
Borrero. Lydia Bragger. Elombe Brath. 
Wildman Steve Bnll. Ahnenoi Brooks. Safiya 
Bukhan. Russ Burd. Dave Burstem. Glorya 
Cabrera. Veena Cabreros-Sud, Helen 
Caldicott. Joseph Charles. Amy Chen. Nicholas 
Cimorelli. Blanche Wiesen Cook. Enc Coriey. 
Consuelo Conetier. Evelyn Tully Costa. Lloyd 
D Agutlar. Kathy Davis. Fielding Dawson. 
Freddie Smith. Stevie Debe. Armand DiMele. 
Jim Dingeman, Mick Dewan, Jerry Edwin. 
Diabel Faye. Laura Flanders. Liana Francesca. 
Dallas Galvm. Danah Geflen. Barbara 
Glickstem. Vania Gulslon. Larry Gutenburg. 
Michael G Haskms. Doug Hemwood. Amena 
Akua Herut. Susan Heske. Howard Jordan. 
Michio Kaku. Judith Kallas. Esther Kaplan. 
Hank Kee. Dred-Scotl Keyes. Zenzile Khoisan. 
Joe King. Alice Krakauer. Francisco LaTorre. 
Bob Lederer. Sunyoung Lee. Betsy Lenke. 
Norma Lois. Raynaud Louis. Joung Youn Lym. 
Wesley Macawili John McDonagh Marcia 
McBroom. Samon Marksman. Melissa Mark 
Vivento. Diana Mason Roseman Mealy. 
Philippe Michael. Mary Ann Miller, Prane Miller 
Brian Mor Cail Mullen. Ken Nash. Marilyn 
Neimark. Sally O'Bnen. Manna Ortiz. Juan 

>r Jewel Pookrum. Judith P 
George Reilly. Cerene H Roberts. Olga 
Rodriguez. Sandra Rodnguez. Rosalba Rolon. 
Mimi Rosenberg. Paul Ruest. Yahne Sangarey. 

jent. Toni Short Rick Shur Gustavo 
Silva. Conne Singleton. Abby Smith. Scott 
Sommer. Bob Storm. Kenyatla Tiemba. Renee 


er, Tom Whei.r 



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ph, Olga 


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Are very inexpensive and effective $20 
for the first 40 words and 50c for each 
additional word Ads should be sent by 
the 10th ol the month before the Folio 
issues to Editor. WBAI Folio. 505 
Eighth Avenue. NY NY 10018 

Anxiety & Hypoglycemia Study 
Group Conquer nervousness, depres- 
sion, fatigue Learn why "low blood 
sugar" means AVOID sugar 
Understand food allergy, nutntional 
supplements, mercury, copper. & 
yeast With PRACTICAL college sci- 
ence professor Call Prol Levitt at 212- 

Gary Nulls Natural Living Journal 
explores healthy alternatives to today's 
medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle choic- 
es. Featuring ongmal material of 
Gary s — months before book publica- 
tion — and articles by other health pro- 
fessionals, including Armand DeMille 
By subscnption only Call 24 hours 

WBAI Folio feels unloved. No per- 
sonal ads received this month Surely, 
in the WBAI community, loving mates 
can be found Please reply with ads to 
address above 


CoHousing — Neighbors sharing land 
resources tor community, economy, 
comfort Non-prolit Pnvacy and diver- 
sity respected. Soon to build 12 afford- 
able homes ♦ Common House on 
unique 1/4 mile waterfront in 
Saugerties Call Cantine s Island 
CoHousing. 718-857-1851 or 914-255- 

Tiny Bubbles S Big Savings institu- 
tional and industrial liquid powder laun- 
dry systems, warewashing. and house- 
keeping chemical programs Call 1 - 
800-370-SOAP Ask lor Mr Anderson 
Schmid Sells out!- From the archives 
ol The Golden Age ol Radio, the linest 
old-time radio shows on cassette. 
Classic comedy, mystery, science fic- 
tion, horror, history, and more. Also 
available. Jean Shepard shows Irom 
1976 exactly as heard on Mass 
Backwards The perfect gift lor stu- 
dents, grandma, and yourself For list. 
send SASE to Max Schmid. Box 167. 
WBAI-FM. 505 Eighth Ave . NY NY 

Antique European Chestnut dresser 
with attached mirror Asking $500 
negotiable Call 718-796-1286 
Need an Electrician' Call An Cabrera 
of Horizon 24 years in the trade, serv- 
ing the people, energizing the move- 
ment 1 Eleclncal construction, trou- 
bleshooting, and repairs Residential & 
Commercial 718-965-0327 
Behind the scenes at Poisoned Arts 
on cassette Home recordings of Janet 
Coleman as Emily Ann singing space 
fizz Your Kitten Wally as you've never 
heard it sung before The lectures of 
Dig Rezod Early creative sessions of 


Water Filters 

Highest Quality 

Meets latest Center for 

Disease Control/EPA 


Call for 

Great Prices 

Authorized Dealer 

serving New York, New 

Jersey & Long Island 


Call 24 Hours-7 Day 

Our other service 


Fruits & Vegetables 
Delivery Service 


your favorite episodes Hear David 
Dozer play all the parts. 
For list, send SASE to: Poisoned Arts. 
Box 186, WBAI-FM. 505 Eighth Ave. 
NY NY 10018 

Need a tax deduction? Why not sup- 
port the Leaving(s) Project Want more 
information 7 Contact Anthony Sloan at 

Pussificats seek good homes! TICA 
registered pedigree purebred Maine 
Coon Cats, raised with daily TLC. Are 
you willing to offer love thai accepts 
them as they are w/o trying to declaw 
or "fix" them to suit human conve- 
nience'' Brown/black, both sexes 
Potential adopters call (212) 695-7286 
PS These kittens are so trusting they 
will ask you lo rub their tummies with 
your loot The boy is growing up to 
become a giant, and the girt has the 
softest, thickest, most plush lur imagin- 

We need your help! 
Please call WBAI's 
Membership Drive 
Co-ordinator to 

NEW YORKUNtm frnt gi«*j 



As per raves in VARIETY, NEW 
YORK mag., the fabulous QUJB_ 
guarantees the following: 

•CONCERTS • Free tickets to over 
100 superb concerts at Carnegie 
& Uncoln Center! 

•THEATRE (& DANCE) -On and off 
Broadway, free to Vi price! 

•FILMS • Free New York screenings! 
•DINING- V* the totajfood & dnnk bill ' 

c Afw^KK., Mag r.v.5 

BEAT THE BOX OFFICE-! ions ol haif-pnce d>s 
the Concert! neat/ e Club count* (or Broadway anc 
guarantees you tree bck- off Broadway theatre, as 
ets to over 100 concerts ai well as top restaurants 
•eason at Carnegie and books, uavet and even 
Lincoln Centerl Yearly midtown pa/lung in all 
membership bnngs also A SUPERB BARGAIN 1 " 


iTo. Concert /Theater Gub 

Radio City Sta., Box 693.NYC10101 

■ Enclosed is $29 96 lor doubt* memtw- 
j thip. (2 km tix per ev«nt) , or $36 95 (for 4) 

JName - 

I Address >- 



ubscribe jo 


Yes 1 I want to help support the radio station that s 

like no other' VVBAI CLEARS THt AIR' Please send 

me the bi monthly Folio and make me a listener 

sponsor Mere's my tax deductible contribution! 


St Zip 


D $50 Regular Subscription 



D $25 Student-Senior 


□ Other 



D Check Enclosed □ Bill Me D Credit Card (Check Onel 

D American Eipress D Mastercard □ Visa 




Church Street Station 

P.O.Boi 12345 
New York. NY 10249 



Please enclose your address 
label it you are already a 
subscriber (See reverse page 
for details on classified ads 
& display advertisements I 

Pacifica WBAI Radio 99 5 FM 

Second Class Postage Paid 

505 Eighth Avenue 
New York NY 10018 

tt 0005 272 
New York, NewYork 


17376 DEC-99 F96«i 
» 5 W 76TH ST OPT Pa