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J. B. W. 


This book owes its existence to tlie late Mr. Clifford Wyndham 
Hols^ate's befjuest to the Warden and Fellows of Winchester College 
of the copyright of his "Winchester Commoners, 1 830-1 SOO," and of 
the further material which ho had collected for a second edition, and 
to the acceptance of the said bequest by the legatees. 

The further material above mentioned consisted of tlie following : — 

('/) A considerable number of corrections and additions made by 
Ifr. Holgate in an interleaved copy of his book ; this copy was given 
by him to Jlr. Herbert Chitty, who has from time to time noted 
further addenda and corrigenda. 

{!)) A manuscript list of scholars admitted between January, 1836, 
and the end of 18.54. This list (though in a good many cases it does 
not give the parentage of the scholars, and in seventeen cases between 
1836 and 18.51 gives nothing but their names with dates and places 
of birth) is fairly full down to 1851 ; from 1852 to the end of 1854 
the information it supplies is very scanty. 

{c) A similar manuscript list of scholars admitted betweeu Short 
Half, 1860, and the end of 189(i. This list gives in most cases the 
date of birth and the name and address of a parent or guardian, but 
in very few cases are any biographical particulars attached. 

{(J) A manuscript list of the names of scholare and commoners 
admitted between the beginning of Common Time, 1801, and the end 
of Common Time, 1001, in most cases with the date of birth and 
name and address of parent or guardian, but in no case with any 
biographical details. 

In supplementing and correcting the material jilacud in my hands, 
I have obtained much valuable assistance from J[r. Francis Brodie, 
Dr. Teale, Mr. W. H. H. Bird, Mr. Herbert Chitty, Mr. G. W. 

vi Preface. 

Rickettp, and others too numerous to mention, to all of whom I am 
sincerely grateful, as well as from " A Roll of Names and Addresses of 
Old Wykehamists," edited by Mr. G. W. Ricketts in 1903, and again in 
1906 ; Mr. Kirby's " Winchester Scholare," published in 1888 ; and 
"Annals of Culver House," compiled by Mr. A. W. Oyler and pub- 
lished in 1905, a copy of which last book was generously presented to 
me by the compiler. To Mr. E. T. Cook I am indebted for kindly 
looking through the proof-sheets and for valuable suggestions and 
corrections. I have tried to make the book as accurate a record as 
possible of events down to the 18tli June, lOOG, when the IMS. left 
my hands, and I have made later additions and corrections whenever I 
could do so during the passage of the book through the press. 

If cross-references are excluded, the index to Part II. contains 535-1 

The founder's arms on the title-page are reproduced from a drawing 
made by the Rev. Edward Earle Dorling, M.A., late Vicar of Burcombe, 
Wilts., in memory of his friend C. W. H. 




Part I. : — 



Head Masters 

Second Masters 

Tutors a:nd Assistant and TEMror.ARY Masteu: 

Houses and House Masters 





Part II. :— 

Scholars and Commonei;s 



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... 13 




... 28 



... 31 


... 33- 




Addenda et Corrk:enda 







FROM 183G TO 11)05, 





1832-61. Rev. Robeut Speckott Barter, b. 3 July, 1790, 3id and y. s. of 

Rev. Charles Barter, of Cornworthy, Devon, and Catherine, 

his wife. 

Sch. Win. Toll. 1803; Seh. New Coll. O.xon 1807, Fellow 1807-32, B.C.L. 1815, 

Commoner Tutor Win. Coll. 1812-14; ]l?.®., d about 1815, p about 181(;, 

Tutor New Coll. 1815-30, Bursar 1817, Sub-warden 1820; elected Warden 

18 May, 1832, K. of Greinton, Somerset 184y-Gl. B 8 February, 1861. 

Inscription iu Chapel. Cf. Adams, " Wykebamica," pp. 322-341 ; Tuckwell, 

"The jVncieut Ways," pp. 125-131. 

18C1-1903. Rev. Godfrev Bulles Lee, b. 19 March, 1817, 7lh s. of Robert 
Newton Lee, Esq., of Coldrey, Hants. 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1830; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1831, FeUow 1836-61, B..\. 18.59, 
M..\. 1844 [University XI. 1838-9, Capt. 1839], College Tutor Win. Coll. 
1839-GO, Bursar New Coll. 1860-1; elected Warden 1861; JIJ.®., d 1845, 
p 1846. f&. 5 .\pril, 1866, Emma Nunez, y. d. of ,\ndrew Fergushill Craw- 
ford, Esq., M.D., of Winchester. Q 29 Jan., 1903. Inscription in Cloisters. 

Since 1001. Siu Kenneth Augustus Muib-Mackenzik, K.C.B., K.C., b. 29 

June, 1840, 4th s. of Sir John William Titt Muir-Mackenzie, 

2ud Bart., Delvine, Pertlishire, and Sophia Matilda, his 

wife, 5th d. of James Raymond Johnstone, Esq., of Alma, 


Charterhouse School ; Ball. Coll. Oxon 1864, 2 CI. Mod. 1866, 2 01. B.A. 1868, 

M.A. 1873; Barr. Line. Inn 1873, Q.C. 1886, Principal Sec. to the Lord 

('hancellor since 1880, and a Clerk of the Crown since 1885; C.B. 1893; 

K.C.B. 1898 ; co-opted a Fellow of Win. Coll. 8 July, 1892, vice C. W. Chute, 

deceased ; first non-Wykebaniist elected Warden of Win. Coll. since it took 

possession of its buildings 28 March, 1393-4 ; elected 1 1 Nov., 1904, under tha 

Statutes made 9 .Julv, 1904, and approved liv the King in Council 21 Oct., 

1904. Ifl 2ii Feb., 1874, Amy, d. of William Graham, Es.p, late M.P. for 

Glasgow, .i'ldicss 20, (Jucen ^Vune's Gate, S.W. Club Oxford and Cambridge. 

Winchester College. 


1789-1838. Eev. Harry Lee, bapt. 25 Oct., 1765, e. s. of Eev. Harry Lee, 
D.D. (Scliol. 1733), Warden of Winchester College, and 
Caroline, bis wife, d. of John Micbd, Esq., of Kingston, 
Eussell, Dorset. 
ScU. Will. Coll. 177:i; Sch. New Coll. 0.\on 1782, FeUow 1784-9, B..\. 178:>, 
M.A. 1787 ; |t;.©., V. lluund with Bursledon, Hants 1812, P.O. Hamblc 181.S, 
Preb. of Hereford 1821-38. ffl 1870, Philippa, y. d. of Sir William Black- 
stone. 5 Feb., 1838. Inscrii)tion in Cloisters. 
1801-51. Rev. Henky Sissmore, bapt. 23 Aug., 1756, a. of John Sissmore, Esq., 
of Portsmoutb. 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1769; (adm. 1770) Queen's Coll. Oxon 1774, Sch. New Coll. 
Oxon 1775, Fellow 1777-1801, B.C.L. 1782 ; JB.©., K. Widlcy with Wymering, 
Hants 1814-51. fH 1782. at Winchester" 6 July, 1851. Inscription in 
Cloisters. Cf . Tutkwell, '• lUc Ancient Ways," n\ 145-13. 
1811-10. 1!ev. Cuarles Bkune Henvili.k, bapt. 27 Sept., 1781, s. of Eev. 
James Henville, of Eowner, Hants. 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1792; Sch. New Coll. 1800, Fellow 1802-27, B.A. 1801-4. M.A. 
1809; J).®., V. Portsmouth 1814-38, Portscii 1823-38, Hound with Hamble 
1838-49.' 13 17 July, 18 19. Inscriiition in Chapel. Buried in Kowncr Church. 

1811-07. Rev. Hekrv Huntingeorp, b. 19 Sept., 1787, s. of Rev. Tliomas 
Uiiniingford, Head M.istcr of W.nriniusler School, Wilts. 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1802 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1807, Fellow 1809-14, B.C.L. 1814 ; 
Jtj.®., U. Bishop's Hampton, Hereford 1822-67, Preb. of Hereford 1838-67; 
author of " Romanist and Protestant DialoRucs " and of an edition of Pindar, 
published in 1814. Q at Goodrest, (ireat Malvern, 2 Nov., 1867. Cf. 
D.N.B. xxviii. 307. 

1815-41. Eev. Liscombe Clarke, b. 24 Aug., 1784, s. of Chiistopher Clarke, 
Esq., of Lotlibury, London. 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1796; Sch. New t'oll. Oxon 1804. Fellow isoil-l.i, B.A. 1808, 
M.A. 1812; j^.®., V. Downtou, Wilts., R. liiihlli Hone, Archdeacon of Sarum 
1807-34 ; Treasurer of Sariiiii 1834-41 ; author of a pamphlet in dtfenee of 
Will. Coll. aj;ainst Lord Brougham, 1818, and of a sermon, 1826. S at 
Dowuton 17 April, 1841. 
1819-66. Eev. Cuarles Williams (C.F.), bapt. 2 April, 1788, 2nd s. of Eev. 
Canon I'liilip Williaius (Sciiol. 1756), E. of Compton, Hants, 
sometime Fellow of Win. Coll., and Clinplaiu to tlie 
House of Commons, and Sarah, bis wile, d. of Eev. William 
Collins, Ostiarius of Win. Coll. (Schol. 1745). 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1800; C.C.C. Oxon 1803; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1804, Fellow 
1806-19, B.A. 1808. BI. A. 1812; Private Tutor at Eton to (ieorge, Gth Earl of 
I'hoterlield, 1SL5, Tutor to the younger son of Kichard Brinslev Sheridan 1817 ; 
3l!*P.. H- CuWey, near Ashbourne 182I-3'2, It. tiodling, Nofthauts. 1832-66. 
Itl 1821, Charlotte, d. of Kcv. W. Koberts, Fellow of Etou Coll. B at Gedling 
Kectoiy 21 Julv, 186G. 

Winchester Colleoe. 5 

1827-80. Kev. Harry Lee, h. 17 July, 1793, s. of Rev. Harry Lee (above, 
p. 4). 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1805 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1812, Fellow 1814-17, B.A. 1815, M.A. 
1819, B.D. 1827, Dean of Arts .and Bursar 1822 ; l^.t©., V. North Bradley, 
Wilts. 1832-80. fJl IS.Sl, .Tulia, e. d. of Gorges Low'ther, Esq., formerly M.l"'. 
for Ratoath. s. p. 10 Sept., 1880. 
1828-87. Rev. Kodert Grant, bapt. 16 Jan., 1797, iJ. of Robert Grant, arm. 
of Slieerness, Kent. 
Scb. Win. Coll. 1807 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1815, Fellow 1817-28, B.C.L. 1823 ; 
It;.®., d 1819, p 1820, C. Droxfonl, Hants 1820-2, P.C. St. Paul's, Southsea 
1822-8, V. Bradford Abbas, Dorset 182S-8fl, Preh. Salisbury 1845-87; author 
of " Lectures on the Parable of the Prodiffal Son " 1830, " Kapiolani and other 
Poems" 1848, "Reminiscences" 1873. U at 11, Clarendon Row, Southsea, 
15 Sept., 1887. 
1829-71. Rev. Georoe Gumming Rashleigh, bapt. 12 July, 1791, s. of Rev. 
Jonathan Rashleigh, R. of Silverton, Devon, and Jane, his 
2nd wife, sister of Sir Alexander Penrose Gumming, 1st Bart. 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1807; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1800, Fellow 1811-1829, B.A. 1813, 
M.A. 1817, Dean of Aiti 182G, Proctor 1820; 1i?.®., V. Andover 1829, V. of 
Hound with Hanible 1850-74. fB 4 Mav, 1830, .luliana, y. d. of Rev. Peter 
R.ishleigh, R. of Southlleet, Kent, g 1 April, 1874. 
1832-64. Rev. Andrew Quicke, b. 18 July, 1787, 2nd .<!. of John Quicke, 
Ksq., of Newton St. Gyres, Devon, and Emilia, his wife, d. 
(if Alexander Cinnmrn?, Esq., of Altyre, N.B. 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1803; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 180.5, Fellow 1807-32, B.A. 1809, 
M.A. 1S13, Dean of Arts 1825, Bursar 1820, Dean of Divinity 1827 ; ll).®., 
K. Ashbrittle, Somerset 1811-24, V. Newton St. Cyres 1824, R. Biddeston, 
Wilts. 1832-G4. © 14 Jan., 18G4. Inscription in Cloisters. 

1838-93. Rev. Gilbert Wai.i, Heathcote, b. 5 May, 1806, e. s. of Ven. 
Gilbert Heathcote (Schol. 1778), Archdeacon of Win- 
chester, and So]ihia Elizabeth, his 1st wife, d. of Martin 
Wall, P.R.S., M.D. (Schol. 1760). 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1819; Schol. New Coll. Oxon 1824, Fellow 182G-38, B.C.b. 
1832, M.A. 1SG5, Dean of Civil Law 1834, R. of Hursley 1829-36; 1§.©., 
d 1839, p 1840, R. Ash 1838-83, Bursar of Win. Coll., Sub-warden 18'74-93. 
ffl 20 July, 1842, Clara Rosalie, d. of Ven. Timothy Stonhouse- Vigor, Arch- 
deacon of Gloucester. 13 17 July, 1893. Cf. Leach, " ^Vincheste^College," 
p. 513. 
1841-71. Rev. Charles Hesbt Ridding, bapt. 25 Sept., 1796, s. of John 
Ridding, arm. of Winchester. 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1810; Sch. New Coll. 1815, Fellow 1817-24, B.C.L. 182.3; IB.®., 
R. Rollstone, Wilts. 1821-71, V. An.lover, Hants 1835-71 ; Ostiarius Win. Coll. 
1824-35 ; Donor of Five Courts, and understood to be Donor of Racquet Conrt. 
iHfl 29 July, 1824, Charlotte, il. of Rev. Tiuu.tliy Stonhonse-Vigor, afterwards 
Archdeacon of Gloucester. 5 May, 1871, when his Fellowship was 
18-19-79. Rev. IIknry Bi.ackstone Williams, b. 27 Dec, 1812, only s. of 
Rev. Canon David Williams, D.C.L. (Schol. 1799), Com- 
moner Tutor (1806-10), Ostiarius (1810-24), and Infor- 
niator (1824-3.5) of AVin. Coll. and Warden of New Coll. 
(1840-GO), .and his wife, d. of Rev. William God.lard.* 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1825 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1829, Fellow 1831-45, B.A. 1833, 
M.A. 1837, Tutor 1837-4.5, of Divinity 1838, of Arts 1839, Bursar 1840, 
Sub-warden 1841; JO.®., rf 1830, p 1837, C. Bishop's Canning, Wilts. 1837-40, 
Select Preacher at Oxford 1847-9, Inc. Southwick, Hants 1847-50, Preb. of 
Salisbury 1870-9, R. Bradford Peverel 1850-79. fH 21 June, 1845, 
Christiana, c. d. of Rev. .lames IS.aker (Schol. 1800), Chancellor of Durham and 
R. of Nuniham Courtcnay, Oxon. © 14 Dec. 1879. 
• This Rev, OodJard is not to be confuscil with the Rev. Fir. William v'tauley GoditaM, 
Informator, 1793-1B09. 

6 "Winchester College. 

1851-80. PiF.v. Thomas Fnr.nKRiCK Amelifs Parry Hopges, b. C> May, 1801, 
s. fif Walter Ho(lc;cs, arm. ol Easton Gray, Gloucestershire. 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1817 ; Sell. New Coll. Oxon 1821, Fellow 1823-31, B.C.L. 1829, 
D.C.L. 1838; |^.®., tJ 1829, p 1830. V. North Clifton with Harby 1832-71, 
Lyme Regis 1833-80. IB 27 Oct., 1880. 
1866-71. Eev. George Moberlt, b. 10 Oct., ISO-"'., 7th s. of Edward Mol>erly, 
Esq., of St. Petersburg, and Siirali, his wife, d. of Jolm 
Cayley, Esq., H.P>.M.'s Consul-General in lUissia. 
Sell. Win. Coll. ISlfi ; Sch. Hall. Coll. Oxon 1822, 1 CI. B.A. 1825, Chancellor's 
English Essav 182G, M.A. 1828, D.C.L. 183fi. Fellow 182C-34, Tutor and 
Senior Dean 1830, Cateclictieal Lecturer, Public Examiner 1830, 1833-5 ; 
?B.<©.,rf 182G, p 1828, Select Preacher 1833, 1858, 18(13, Hampton Lecturer 
18fi8, Infornmtor Win. Coll. 183C-6fi, R. Brighstone, I.W. 18fi6-9, Canon of 
Chester 18fi8-9, Bishop of Salisbury 18G9-85, resigned Fellowship March, 1871 ; 
for his works see D.N.B. xxxviii. 88. fSi 22 Dec, 1834, Mary, d. of 
Thomas Croket, Esq., of Leghorn. G July, 1885. Cf. " Six Great School- 
master!!," by F. D. How. Cf. also Tuckwell. " The Ancient Wavs," pp. 132-5, 
and Adams, " Wykehainica," pp. 210-11, 239-48. 

1871-92. Eight Rev. Charles Worhsworth, b. 22 Aug., 1806, 2nd s. of Bev. 

Christopher Wordswortli, Master of Tiin. Coll., Cambridge, 

and Prisrill.a, his wife, d. of Charles Lloyd, Esq., banker, 

of Birmingham. 

Harrow 1820 ; Ch. Ch. Oxon 1825, Chancellor's Latin Verse 1827, Student Ch. Cli. 

1827-3G, 1 CI. B.A. 1830, Chancellor's Latin Essay 1831, M.A. 1832, D.C.L. 

1853, Tutor 1831-5; ?6.®., '' 1834, p 1840; "the first non-Wykehamist for 

300 years or more" as Second Master, Win. Coll. 1835-53, Warden of Trinity 

College, Glenalmond, N.B., 1845-53, consecrated Bishop of St. Andrew's, 

DunkeUl and Dunblane, 25 Jan., 1853, D.D. Edinburgh and Si. An.lrew's 

1884 ; first non-Wvkehamist to be elected Fellow for centuries. iH (1) 

2!l Dec, 1835, Cliarlotte, d. of late Rev. George D,ny, of Karaham, near 

Bungay; (2) 28 Oct., 184G, Katharine Mary, e. d. of Rev. William 

Brudenell ISarter (bro. of Warden Barter), R. of Burglulere, Hants, by his 

first wife. 13 5 Dec, 1892. For a list of his works and a full record of 

his life, sec D.N.B. Ixiii. I. Cf. also Adams, "Wykeliamica," pujjim, and 

Tuckwell, "The Ancient Ways," pp. 135-45. 

[NoTK.*— The Governing Body of Winchester College was established by a Statute 

made on the 22nd of April, 1871, by the .Special Commissioners appointed for tiio purposes 

of the Public Schools Act, 18G8, and approved on the 28tb of Julv, 1871, bv her Int.- Sbiiestv 

in Couniil. It consisted of the Wardens of the two Colleges of St. M.irv of Wiiu lif^tcr. 

riiliili' ,,/licii, and of six others. The Governing Body, on the Iltli cf N,.v,niber, 1871, 

lo-optoci three more members, two of whom, viz. the Rii;bl Hon. Edward Ilinrv, Earl of 

Derby, E.G., P.C., D.C.L., LL.D., and the Ri-hl lion. Sir Slaff,.rd N,.ithc,.te, P.O., C.B., 

D.C.L., M.P., resigned on the 21st and the 'J.Mli of .lanuarv rcs|ii',li\elv in thf vear 1873. 

Bv Slalnte V. see. 1 of the Stalliirs uf^Irr ( '.ili;-,., s.nhd on the ■.Mr.! ,.f June, 

1873, bv onl.T of llie Governing B.idv, :inil !ip|. roved „m tli.^ 2li|h of Ncvi-inlier, ls7:i. I,v 

her late MMJ.'sfv in ('..iiiieil (llir said SImImI.- \'. see. 1 li.iii^- nulliorize.l l.v llie Pwl.lie 

Schools Aet, 1871), tlie memhers of tlie Governing ISodv .if Wineliesli-r College, other than 

the Warden of tlie tlollege, became Fellows of the ('..liege, together with the existing 

Fellows of the College; and sec. 3 of the said statute provid.'d that on the avoidance of 

his Fellowship by any one of the Fellows existing at the date of the saiil approval, and 

not being a member of the Governing Body of the College, such Fellowship should not 

be filled up.] 

187;!-lii0;!. Rev. James EnwAiin Sewkix, b. 2,'') Dec, 1810, y. s. of Thomas 
Sewcll, Esq., of Newport, I.W. 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1821 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1827, Fellow 1827-CO, B.A. 1832, 
M.A. 1835, D.D. 18G0, Tntor 1835-GO, Dean of Arts 1835, Bursar 183G, Sub- 
warden 1839, Dean of Divinity 1837, Librarian 1812, Warden 18G0-1903; 
5lJ.®., d 1834, p 1835; an original member of the Governing Body of Win. 
Coll., vhliilc officii, 1871, Vice-chancellor of Oxford 1874-78. © '29 .Ian., 
* For tills note, ami very mncli else in Part I., I am ln.l.'bte<l to Mr. Ilerliert ridlly. I could not 
ncltnoivlclge nil the items for ivlilcli thanks are due to him « itiiout covering these ptges with footnotes ; 
60 1 Ihuuk blm here once for all. 

TViNcnESTER College. 7 

1873-4. Rev. Edwakd Charles Wickham. ,sVe Part II., p. 114, 

1873-83. Henry John Stephen Smith, Esq., b. 2 Nov., 182G, y. s. of John 

Smith, E.sq., barrister-at-law, of Dublin, ami Mary, his 

wife, d. of John Murphy, Esq. 
RuRby 1841-3; Sch. BaW. Coll. Oxon 1844, Ireland Sch. 1848, 1 CI., 1 M.ith. 
1849, Fellow 1849-73, B..\. 1850, M.ith. lecturer 1850-73, Senior Miith. Sch. 
1851, M.A. 1855 ; Fellow C.C.C. Oxon, 1873-83 ; Hon. Fellow Ball. Coll. 
O.xon 1882-3; .Savilian Professor of Geometn' 18G0-83, F.K.S. and F.R..\.S. 
18G1 ; keeper of the University Museum 1874-83, Hon LL.D. Camb. and 
Dublin ; an original member of the Governing Body of Win. Coll., elected by 
the Hebdomadal Council of the Universitj' of Oxford, 1871, Q unmarried, 
9 Feb., 1883. Cf. D.N.B. Uii. 50. 
1873-5. Rev. Robert Burn, b. 22 Oct., 1829, s. of Rev. A. Bum, R. of 

Kennersley, Wellington, S.alop. 
Shrewsbun- Sch. ; Sch. Trin. Coll. Camb. 1S48, Senior Classic (bracketed with 2), 
B..\. 1852, M.A. 185.5, Fellow and Tutor 1852-73, re-elected Fellow 1874, 
Prelector in Roman Literature and Archteology 1873; |§,®., d I860, p 18G2 ; 
an original member of the Governing Body of AV^in. Coll., elected by the Council 
of the Senate of the University of Cambridge, 1871 ; vacated his Fellowship, 
by absence from every meeting of the said Governing Body during the 
space of two vears, 1875 ; Hon. LL.D. Glasgow ; author of " Rome and the 
Canip.agna" 1871, "Old Rome" 1882, "Roman Literature and Arts" 1888, 
"Handbook to Ancient Rome and Neighbourhood" 189G. fH 1873, Miss A. S. 
Prescott. Q 30 .\pril, 1904. 
1873-98. Rev. Bartholomew Price, b. 1818, 2nJ s. of Rev. Price, 

R. of Famborou<;h, Berks, and Coin St. Deni.s, Glours. 
Sch. Pcmb. Coll. Oxon 1837, 3 CI. 1 Math. B.A. 1840, Senior JIath. Sch. 1842, 
U.K. 1843, Fellow 1844, Tutor and Lecturer 1845, Public Examiner 1847-8 and 
1853-5, Proctor 1858; It}.©., d 1841, p 1843; F.R.S. 1852, F.R..A..S. 18oG ; 
Sedleian Prof, of Nat. Ph'ilos. 1853-98 ; Hon. Fellow Queen's Coll. Oxon 18G8 ; 
Sec. to Delegates of University Press 1868-84, Master Pemb. Coll. Oxon 
1891-8 ; an original member of the Governing Body of Win. Coll., elected by 
the President and Council of the Royal Society, 1871 ; author of " A Treatise 
on the Differential Calculus" 1848, "A Treatise on Infinitesimal Calculus," 
4 vols., 1852-GO, 2nd ed. 1857-89. fH 20 Aug., 1857, Amv Eliza, e. d. of 
William Cole, Esq., of Highfield, Exmouth. S 29 Dec, 1898. Cf. D.N.B. 
Supp. iii. 287. 
1873-94. George Sclater-Booth, Esq. See Part II., p. 48. 
1873-85. Rev. Charles John Vaughan, b. 1816, 2nd s. of Rev. Edward 

Thomas Vaughan, V. of St. Martin's, Leicester, and Agnes, 

his wife, d. of Pares, Esq., manufacturer and banker, 

of Leicester. 
Rugby 1829 ; Sch. Trin. Coll. Camb., Craven Sch., Porson Prize 1836 and 1837, 
Browne's medal and Member's Prize 1837, Senior Classic, Chancellor's medal, 
B.A. 1838, M.A. 1841, D.D. 184.5, Fellow 1839; IS.©., d and p 1841, V. St. 
Martin's, Leicester 1841-4, Head Master of Harrow 1844-59, Chapl. in Ordinary 
to the Queen 1851-79, V. Doncaster and R.D. 18G0-9, Chancellor of 
York 18G0-71, Select Preacher at Cambridge 1861 .and 1887, and at Oxford 
1875 and 1878, Clerk of the Closet 1882, Master of the Temple 1869-94, 
Dean of Llnndaff 1879-97 ; elected an original member of the Governing Body 
of Win. Coll. by the Head Master, Second Master, and Assistant Masters 1871 ; 
resigned his Fellowship 27 May, 1885. Q 15 Oct., 1897. For his works and 
a fuller account of his life, see D.N.B. Iviii. 159. 
1873-4. Vert Rev. Richard William Cihirch, b. 25 April, 1815, e. s. of 

John Deamian Church, Esq. 
Wadh. Coll. Oxon 18.3.3, 1 CI. B.A. 1836, Fellow Oriel Coll. Oxon 1838-52, 
Tutor 1839-42, .Tunior Proctor 1844, Hon. D.C.L. 1875, Hon. Fellow Oriel 
Coll. 1873; 5}.®., d 1839, p 1852, R. Whntley, Somerset 1853-71, Select 
Preacher at O.xford 1869, 1875, and 1881, Chapl. to Bp. of Salisbury 18G9-85, 
Dean of St. Paul's 1871-90 ; elected a member of the Governing Body of Win. 
Coll. by the s.aid Governing Body 11 Nov., 1871 ; resigned Fellowship 1874. 
fH 5 July, 1863, Helen Frances, d. of Rev. Henry Bennett, R. of Sparkford. 
D 9 Deo., 1890. For bis works and a fuller account of his life, see D.N.B. 
Supp. ii. G. 


1873-88. Right Hon. Charles Shaw-Lefevre, VisrouNT Eversi.ey, K 22 

Feb., 1794, e. s. of Charles Shaw, Ksq., barrister-at-la\v, 

and Helena, his wife, only A. of .John Lefevre, Esq. 

Comm. Win. Coll. 1810 ; Trin. C.>11. dmb., 15. A. ISl.i, M.A. 1819 ; Barr. Line. Inn 

1819 ; M.P. Downton, Wilts. 1830, Il.auts 18.31, North H.-int3 1832-57 ; Speaker 

1839-.57 ; created Viscount Eversley 18.57 ; Ecclesiastical Commissioner 18.i9 ; 

elected a member of th<^ Covemins; Body of Win. Coll. by the said Govemin<c 

Body 4 Feb., 1873; G.C.B. 1885; resigned Fellowship ^S'April, 18-88. ffl 2t 

,Inne, 1817, Emma Lanra, d. of Samnel, Esq., M.P. for Bedford. 

28 Dec, 1888. Of. D.N.B. li. 450. 

1873-84. John BoxnAM-CARTER, Esq., 1>. 13 Oct., 1817, e. s. of John Bnnham- 

Carter, E.sq., Alderman of Portsmonth, and Joanna, his 

wife, d. of William Smith, Esq., M.P. f.)r Norwich. 

Trin. Coll. Camb. ; J.P. and DJ-. Hants, High Sheriff 1879, M.P. (L.) for 

Winchester 1847-74, Lord of the Treasnry ISGfi, Chairman of Committees and 

Deputy Speaker 1872-4 ; elected a member of the Ooveraing Body of M'in. 

Coll. by the said Governing Body 4 Feb., 1873. f{l (1 ) 1848, Uiira M.ari.a, y. d. 

of George T. Nicholson, Esq., of Waverlev Abbev, Surrey ; (2) 21 .\pril, 1864, 

Hon. Mary Baring, e. d. of the lit. "lion. Francis 'Thoruhill, 1st Lord 

Northbrooif. JB 2ij Nov., 1884. 

1874-1903. Arthdr Octavius Prickarti, Esq. See Part II., p. 114. 

1875-95. EinHT Hom. Sir Roundell Palmer, Baron Set.borse, h. 27 Nov., 

1812, 2nd s. of Rev. William .Jocclyn Palmer, R. of Kinmero 

and Mixhury, Oxon, and Dorothea Richardson, his wife, 

d. of Rev. William Roundell, of Gledstone, Yorks. 

Eugby 1824-5 ; Comm. Win. Coll. 1825-30 ; Ch. Ch. Oxon 1.830 ; Sch. Prin. Coll. 

Oxon 1830, Ch.ancellor's Latin Verse 1831, Ireland Sch. and Xewdigate 1832, 

1 CI. B.A. 1834, Eldon Law Sch. 1834, Fellow Magd. Coll. Oxon; 183.i-48, 
Chancellor's Latin Essay 183.5, M.A. 1830, D.C.L. 181)2, Hon. Fcltow Magd. 
Coll. I8S2, Hon. Stud. Ch. Ch. 1807, Hon. LL.D. Camb. ; 1.8r,0 ; Barr. 
Line. Inn 1837, bencher 1819, treasurer, I8G4 ; Q.C. 1849 ; elected a Fellow of 
Win. Coll. 29 .Ian., 1875, rice Very Key. R. W. Church resigned ; M.P. 
Plymouth 1847-52 and 18.53-7, Richmond 18(U-72; Deputy-Steward and 
Counsel to Oxford University 1801-3; Solicitor-General 1861-3; knighted 
1801 ; 18G.3-G ; Lord Chanccll..r IS72-4 and 1880-4 ; created 
Baron Selborne 23 Oct., 1872, and Karl ..f S.MIi..rn.> and Vis.-onnt Wolmer 30 
Dec, 1883. i^ 2 Feb., ISl.S, Ladv Laura W:.l,l,-r:iv,', 2n,l d. of Rt. Hon. 
William, 8th ICnrl Waldegr.ave. D I .May, 189.^.. For his writings and a fuller 
account of his life, sec D.N.B. xliii. 150. 

1875. Rsv. Henry Wilkinson Gookson, b. 10 April, 1810, Gth s. of Thomas 
Cookson, Esq. 
Kendal Grammar School ; Scdbergh School ; Peterhouse, Cant. 1828, Ti.A. 1832, 
M.A. 1835, B.l). and D.D. 1848, Tutor 1832, Masrer 1847-7G ; %®., d 1837, 
p 1847 ; Vice-Chancellor of the University 1848, 1864, 1872, and 1873 ; elected 
a Fellow of Win. Coll. (nVc Rev. R. Burn) 2 Aug., 1875, resigned II Oct., 
1875. fifl 1855, Emily Valence, e. d. of Rev. Gilbert Ainslie, D.D., Master of 
Pemb. Coll., Camb. Q 30 Sept., 1876. See D.N.B. xii. 105. 

1875-?0. Rev. Edward Atkinson, b. 6 Aug., 1819, s. of Edward Atkinson, 
Esq., of Leeds. 
Clare Coll. Camb. 1838, Sen. Opt. .and 3rd Classic B.A. 1842, M.A. 1845, B.D. 18.53, 
D.D. 1859; 1^.®., d 1844, p 1846; Fellow and Lecturer Clare Coll. 1842, 
Tutor 18,50, Master since 14 Jan., 1856; Vice-Chancellor of the University 
1863-4, 1868-70, and 1876-8; elected a Fellow of Win. Coll. {pice H. \V. 
Cookaon resigned) 1875, resigned 25 Oct., 1890. fH 3 .lune 1856, Frances 
Hester, d. of Rev. Richard Cnrter Smith. .Ullrcs Clare College Lodge, 

Winchester CoLLEnE. 9 

1883-0. Rev. Higo Daxiei, Harper, b. 1824, e. p. of Thomas Harper, Esq., of 

Kilvbebyll, Glamorg.inshirp. 
Christ's Hospital; then to Cambridge; Sch. .Tesus Coll. Oxon 1840-.5, Senior 
Math. Sch. ami Johnson .Sch. 1845, 2 CI., 1 Math. M.X. 1845, Fellow 1845-51 ; 
^.(©., d 184fi, p 18.54; Head Master of CowhridKe Grammar School 1849-51, 
of Sherborne School 18,"il-77 ; Principal of .Testis Coll. Oxon 1877-05 ; Preb. 
of Salisbury 1871-82, U. Clynnos-vaur 1878-82, Inc. Bpsselsburgh, Berks 
1882-93; elected a Fellow of "Win. Coll. (rh-c H. .1. S. Smith, Esq., deceased) 
5 March, 188S, resigned 21 Nov., 18.-*9. f&. 19 Dec, 1850, Mary Charlotte, 
e. d. of Capt. Henry D. Hamoss, R.E. ID 8 Jan., 189.5. 
1885-92. Cn.\i.o>!ER William Chute, Esq., b. 1 Au^;., 18.33, e. s. of William 

Lj'de Wiast tt-Chutp, Esri., of Tlie Vyne, Basingstoke, and 

Martha, his wifo, 2od d. of 'I'heophiliis Russell Duckworth, 

Esq., of Cockley Cley Hall, Norfolk. 
Sch. Ball. Coll. Oxon 1857 ; 1 CI. Mod. 185>*, Ireland Sch. and Gaisford Prize 
(Verse), 1 CI. 1860, 2 h. i H. B.A. 18fil ; Fellow Ma^d. Coll. Oxon 1861-7.5, 
M..\. 1864 ; Barr. Middle T. (cert, of honour) 1865, Line. Inn 1875 ; elected 
Fellow of Win. Coll., I'lVe .1. Bonham-Carter, Esq., deceased, ffl 5 April, 1875, 
Eleanor Jane, 2nd d. of Wyndham Spencer Portal, Esq. B 30 May, 1892. 
1885-1902. Kianx Rev. Frederick Temple, b. 30 Nov., 1821, at Santa 

Maura, in the Ionian Islands, 2nd s. of Major Octavius 

Temple, Lieut.-Gov. of Sierra Leone. 
Blundell's School, Tiverton ; Sch. B.aU. Coll. Oxon 1833-42, 1 CI., 1 Math. B.A. 
1842, Fellow 1842-8, M.A. 1847, B.D. and D.D. 1858, Lecturer in Mathematics 
and Loi,'ic and Junior Dean 1815 ; %©., 'I 1846, p 1847 ; Principal Twicken- 
ham Govt. Training Coll. 1848-55,' Inspector of Schools 1855-8, Chaplain in 
Ordinarv to the Queen 1856-69, Head Master uf Rugby 1858-69, Select Preacher 
at Oxford 1857 and 1872, Bampton Lc-cturer 1884, Bishop of Exeter 1869-85, 
Hon. Fellow of Exeter Coll. Oxon, 18.85 ;i elected a Fellow of Win. Coll. (vice 
Verv Rev. C. J. Vaughan resigned) 16 June, 1885 ; Bishop of London .and Uean 
of Chapels Royal 188.5-96, Archbishop of Canterbun' 1896-1902, Hon. LL.D. 
C:imb. 1897, Hon. D.D. .St. Andrews 18-15. fH 18715, Beatrice Blanche, d. of 
Rt. Hon. Sebright Lascelles. © 23 Dec, 1902. 
1888-9.1 Edwin- Freshfield, Esq. See P.irt II., p. 100. 
Since 1890. Cii.^rles Lancelot Shadwell, Esq., b. 16 Dec, 1840, e. surv. s. 

of Lancelot Shad«ell, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at- 

law, and Jane Ellen, his wife, 2nd d. of Iltid Nicholl, Esq. 
Queen's .Sch. Westminster 18.55-9 ; Junior Stud. Ch. Ch. Oxon 1859-64, 1 CI. Mod. 
1861, 1 CI., 2 L. & H. B.A. 1863; Fellow Oriel Coll. Oxon 1864, M.A. 1866, 
B.C.L. 1873, D.C.L. 1898; Senior Proctor 187,5-6; Lecturer in .Turisprudence 
Ch. Cli. 1872-4, Oriel and Lincoln Colleges 18159-70, Public Ex.aminerjn Juris- 
prudence .and Modern History 1869-70, in Jurisprudence 1876-7, 1878-80 ; a 
Curator of the Botanic Garden and of the University Chest, a Deleg.ate of the 
Universitv Press, etc., etc. ; Provost of Oriel Coll. since 1905 ; Barr. Line. 
Inn 1872 ;" Inns of Court Examiner 1881-4 : Alderman of the City of Oxford ; 
Sheriff of Oxford 1894 ; elected Fellow of Win. Coll. (ri.-c Kev. H. I). Harper 
resigned) 20 Jan., 1890; joint e.litor of "Select Titles from the Digest of 
Justinian" ; editor of W. H. Pater's "Greek Studies" 1895, "Miscellaneous 
Studies" 189.5, and -'Gaston dc Liitour" 1896; editor of "The Laudian 
Stitutes" 1888, "The University .and College Estate .\cts" 1898, "Registrum 
Orielense," 2 vols., 1893 and 1902 ; author of " The Purgatory of Dante trans- 
lated into English Verse " 189-2, "The Earthly Paradise" 1899, "History of 
Oriel College ' in Clark's series, 1,S91. ^(/(/re-.-'s Oriel CoUese, Oxon, Clubs 
Athenieum, Oxford and Cambridge. 
1890-1905. Rev. Auoustiis Austen-Leigh, b. 17 July, 1840, 2nd s. of Rev. 

James Edward Austen-Leigh, who was a nepVew of Jane 

Sch. Eton, 1852 ; .Sch. King's Coll. Camb., 1859, Bro-wne Medal 1861, Members' 
Prize 18C-2, 4th Classic B.A. 186.3, M.A. 1866 ; ItJ.©., •/ 186.5, C. Henley-on- 
Thames 1865-7, Fellow and Tutor of King's Coll'. 1867-81, Provost 1889-1905, 
Vice-Chaucellor of the University 18113-5 ; elected a Fellow of Win. Coll. (rice 
Rev. E. Atkinson resigned) 3 'Nov., 1890; author of " Historv of King's 
College, Cambridge" 1899. ffl 1889, Florence Emma, d. of G.'B. Ansten- 
Lefroy, Esq., of blackheath, and great-niece of Sir John Franklin. IB s. p. 
28 Jan., 1905. 


1892-1905. Kenneth Auuustl;s SIuir-Mackexzik, Esq. See above, ji. 3. 
1894. Right Hon. Geokge Sclater-Booth, Baron Basing. See Part II., p. -18. 

1894-1904. Hon. Sib Eobert Samuel Wright, Knt., b. 1839, e. s. of Rev. 

Henry EJwarJ Wright, of Litton, Somerset, and , his 

wife, d. of Rev. E. Edtjell. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 185G ; Sch. 1857-GO, Latin Verse, 1 CI. Mod. ISiiO, 1 CI. ISfiO, 
Exhibr. 1860-1, Fellow Oriel Coll. Oxon 1861-8, Cr,iven Sch. anil Enj;lish 
Essav, B.A. 1861, Arnold Prize 1862, B.C.L. 1863, M.A. 1864, CKossical Moder- 
ator "1868, Hon. Fellow Oriel Coll. 1882 ; Barr. Inner T. 1865; Junior Counsel 
to the Treasury 1883 ; unsuccessful candidate (L.) for Norwich 1885, and for 
Stepney, 1886 ; appointed a Judge of the High Court (Q.B.D.) 1890 ; appointed 
a Fellow of Win. Coll. 15 Dec, 1894, rice Lord Basing deceased ; 
resigned 27 .Tune, 1904 ; editor of " Golden Treasury of Ancient Greek 
Poetrj'," co-editor of "Golden Trcasurj' of Great Prose," author of " Law of 
Criuiinal Conspiracies and Agreements " 1873, joint-author of *' Outline of Local 
Government and Taxation in England" 1881, and "Essays on Possession in 
the Common Law" 1892. fH 1891, Merriel Mabel Eniily, d. of Rev. R. 
Seymour Cherniside, Preb. of Salisbury. S 13 .\ug., 1904. 

1895-1904. Right Rev. George Ridding. See Part II., p. 70. 

Since 189.5. James Parker Smith, Esq. See Part IT., p. 230. 

[Note. — The next five Fellows were elected or appointed nnder the Statutes of the 
College made on the 13th of July, 1895, by the Warden and Fellows of the College, and 
approved by her I.ate Majesty in (.:ouncil, 21st of November, 1895.] 

Since 1899. Major Percy Alexander MacMahon, F.R.S., D.Sc, b. at Maltn, 

26 Sept., 1854, 2nd s. of Brig.-Gen. Patrick William 

MacMahon, and Ellen, his wife, d. of George Savage Curtis, 

Esq., of Teignmouth, Devon. 

Cheltenham Coll. 1868; R.W.A. Woolwich 1870; Lieut. R.A. 1872, Capt. 1881, 

M.ijor 1889, retired 189S ; Instructor in Mathematics, K.M.A. 1882-88 ; Dept. 

of Director of Artillerv, 1888-91 ; Prof, of Phvsics, Ordnance Coll. 1891-8 ; 

President of London Soc. 1894-6 ;" Ilon.D.Sc. Trin. Coll. Dublin, 

1897 ; F.R.S. 1890 ; nominated a Fellow of Win. Coll. {rice Rev. R. Price, 

dec.) 16 Feb., 1899, a.lmill,-,l 26 April, 1X99; R..val Medal of Roval Society 

1900; Pres. Math, and riiv^i. S.'C. ot liriilsh Assoc, Glasgow 1901 ; Gen. Sec 

British Assoc, fiuie 1902; ll,.n. M.nib.'r Camb. Philosoph. Soc; Hon. Sc D. 

Camb. 1904 ; has been Men\ber of Council Royal Society ; Member of Council 

Royal Astronomical .Soc, and of Permanent Eclipse Com. ; F.R.A.S. ; Deputy 

Warden of the Stjindards, Board of Trade, since Feb., 1906 ; author of numerous 

pnpers on Pure Matheniaiics published in the 7^ran^(ictinnitot^thf Itnt/nl Socicti/, 

the " Encvelopa-dia Itritannica," and elsewhere. fR 9" Feb., i907, Grace 

Eliz.ibeth.'d. of the late ('. R. Howard, Esq., of 22, Gloucester Place, W. 

Aildnss (Jueen Anne's Jlansions, S.W. Chilis Athcuieum, Savile, .Savage. 

Since 1903. Rev. William Archibald Spooner, b. 22 July, 1844, e. s. of 

William Spooner, Esq., Judge of the County Comt, North 

Stafls., and Jane Lydia (tiee Wilson), his wife, of Scacroft 

Hall, near Leeds. 

Oswestry School ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 18G2-7, 1 CI. Mod. 1864, 1 CI. 1866, B.A. 

1867, Fellow 1867-1903, M.A. 1869, D.D. 1903, Ucturer and Tutor 1869-1903, 

Sub-warden 1871, Dean 1883, Examiner in Lit. Hum. 1876-7, 1891-3, 1899 ; 

%}.(S>; <i 1872, p 1875 ; Chapl. to Archbp. Tait 1878 ; Hon. Canon Ch. Ch. Oxon, 

Exam, and Chapl. to Bp. of Peterborough 1899 ; elected Warden of New Coll. 

March, 190.!, whereupon riiinlc ufticii he became Fellow of Win. Coll., and was 

admitted 20 March, 1903; editor of "The Histories of Tacitus " 1891, author 

of "Bishop Butler, his Life and W^ritings," 1901. |H 12 Sept., 1878, 

Frances Wycliffe, 3rd d. of Rt. Rev. Harvey Goodwin, Bp. of Carlisle. 

Atldms New College, Oxford. Cliih Athenxum. 

Since 1903. Edward Tyas Cook, Esq. See Part 11., p. 250. 

Since 1903. IIerbet Albert Laurens Fisher, Esq. See I L, p. 359. 

Winchester Tolleoe. 11 

Since 190i. Charles Alfrkd Cripps, T^sq., K.C. See P.ut II., p. 212. 

[Note. — The following Fellows were elected or .ippointed under the Statutes of the 
College, made 9th July, 1904, and approved by His Majesty the King in Council 
24th October, 1904.] 

Since 1904. Fbederic George Kenyon, Esq. See Part II., p. 32.3. 

Since 1004. Rt. Hon. William Waldegravr Palmer, Earl of Selborne, 
P.O. See Part II., p. 300. 

Since 1905. Henry Jackson, Esq., b. 1839, e. s. of Henry Jackson, Esq., 
surgeon, of Sheflielci, and Frances {nee Swettenham), Lis 
Sheffield Collegiate School 1848; Cheltenham Coll. lSr,G ; Sch. Trin. Coll. Camb. 
1860, B..\. 1862, Fellow since 1864, and I'r.vleetor in Ancient Philosophv 187.i- 
1906 ; Assistant Tutor 1866, Lilt.P. 1SS4, Hon. LL.O. Aberdeen and Glasgow ; 
Member of the Council of the Senate 1882-G, 1888-92, 1892-6, 1900-2, and 
since 1902 ; elected Fellow of Win. Coll. (riee A. Aiisten-Leigh, deceased) 
13 Feb., 1905 ; Regius Professor of Greek in the University of Cambridge 
1906 ; Fellow of the British Academy ; Foreign Honorarj- Member of the 
American Academy of Arts and Sciences ; contributor to the " Encyclopedia 
Britannica," .loumat of VhWtAogy^ Ti-ansfictiu»s of Cambridge Fhilologtcal 
Soc, etc. ; part-anthor of " Translations " 1878 ; autljor of " On Some Passages 
in the 7th Book of the Eudemian Ethios" 1900 ; editor of "Aristotle's Nico- 
machean Ethics, Bk. V.," 1879, and " Texts to Illustrate the History of Greek 
Philosophv" 1901. ffl 1875. Margaret Edith, d. of the late Canon F. V. 
Thornton.' .l./J/v,--.. Trinitv College. Cambridge. Chib Athena-nm. 

12 Winchester College. 


1836-G6. Rev. George Moberlv, D.O.L. See above, p. 6. 
1807-8t. Rev. Geouge Riddixo, D.D. See Part IF., p. 70. 
1881-1901. Rev. William Andkewes Feauok, D.D. See Tart IT., p. 129. 
Since 1901. Rev. Hubert Mdrrat Bdrge, D.D., b. 9 Au'^., 1862, y. s. of Rev. 
Jlilward Roden Biiige, of Port WiUiam, Calcutta, and 
Marie Louise Raftaelle, iiis wife. 
BcaforJ Grammar School, 1874 ; Seh. Univ. Coll. Oxon 1882-G, 1 CI. Mod. 1883, 
•> (11. 18SG, M.A. 18i»l ; Si.'ith Form Master at \Vellin!,'toa Coll. 1887-1901 ; 
Fellow 18»1-1900, ami Tutor 189H900 of Univ. Coll. Oxon, Dean 1895, D.D. 
1902 ; llj.©„ d 1897, p 1898, Head Master Repton School 1900-1, the first nou- 
Wykeh'ainist to be Head Master of Win. Coll. since U54. M 12 April, 1398, 
Evelj-n, y. d. of Rev. James Franck Bright, D.D., Master of Univ. Coll. Oxon. 
Acltlress The CoUeire, Winchester. Chib New Universities. 


1835-45. Rev. Charles Wordsworth, M.A. 5e« above, p. 6. 
1845-02. Rev. Frederick Wickh.vm, M.A., Vapt. 13 Au<r., 1805, y. s. of 
William Nicholas Wickham, Ksq., of Winchester, " for 
half a century or so the medical attendant of the College." 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1827, Fellow 1829-37, B..\. 1832, M.A. 1835; Commoner 
Tutor 1832-7 ; itj.i©. ; kept a school at Exmouth 1837-45. ^ (1) 29 Dec. 
183(5, Louisa Margaret, e. d. of Rev. E. Chaplin, of Camden Town ; (2) 27 
April, 1848, Emilv Eliza, 2nd d. of the late Edward Gordon, Esq., of Madras. 
JB 14 Dec, 1862. " Cf. Tuckwell, " The Ancient Ways," p. 118. 

1863-7. Rev. George Ridding, M.A. See Part 11., p. 70. 
1867-8. Rev. James John Horxbv, M.A., b. at Winwick, 18 Dec. 1826, 3rd 
s. of Admiral Sir Phipps Hornby, K.C.B., and Mine, bis 
^\•ife, d. (pf Et. Hon. Sir Jolin Burgnyne. 
Eton; Ball. Coll. Oxon 1845 [University VUI. 1819, 1851], 1 CI. B.A. 1849; 
Fellow B.N.C. Oxon 1849-09, M.\. 1851, D.D. 1809;- Proctor 1800; M.A. 
Durham 1853, Hon. D.C.L. 1882; ll).©., d 18.54, p 1855; Principal Cosin 
Hall, Durham 1854-C4 ; Clasisical Lecturer B.N.C. 18C4-G ; Head Master Eton 
Coll. 1868-84 ; Provost of Eton since 1884 ; Hon. Chapl. to the Kins since 
1901 ; C.V.O. 1904. M 5 Aug., 1869, .Vugusla Eliza, d. of Rev. .1. C. Evans. 
Address The Lodge, Eton College, Windsor. Clitbs Atllen.^>un^, Alpine. 
1868-1873. Rev. William Awdry, M.A. Se Part 11., p. HI. 
1873-99. Rev. George Richardson, M.A., b. 29 May, 1839, s. of Wili;am 
Richardson, Esq., ono;iiiccr, of Carlisle. 
Carlisle Grammar School ; Chester ; Scir. St. John's Coll. Camb. 1856, 3rd Wrangler 
B.A. 1800, Fellow 1861, M.A. 1803; J}.®., d 1865, p 1806; Senior Math. 
Master Win. Coll. 1867-73. fg. 15 Aug., 1807, Sarah, e. d. of Richard Porter, 
Esq., of Hornsey Lane. Retired July, 1899, and resided in Winchester. © at 
25, Talbot Square, London, W., the residence of his son, 15 Jan., 1904. Memorial 
in Cloisters. 
Since Sept., 1899. Montaode John Rendall, Esq., M.A., b. 6 May, 1862, 1th 
s. of Rev. Henry Rendall, R. of Great Rollright, Chipping 
Norton, and Ellon Han iettc, his wife, d. of Peter Davey, Erq. 
Sell. Harrow 1876-81, Gregory Sch. 1881 ; Sch. Triu. Coll. Camb. 18!ll, Bell Univ. 
Sch. 1882, 1 (1 Div.) CI. Pt. I. B.A. 1884, 1 CI. Pt. IL B.A. 1885, M.A. 1888 
[Univ. Assoc XL 1884-5] ; Assist. Master Win. Coll. Sept., 1887— July, 1899. 
Address The College, \Vinchester. 

Winchester College. 13 


1826-36. Key. Chables Pilkisgton, b. 25 Feb., 1802, e. s. of Rev. Charles 

Pilkington, Canon of Chichester, and H. (nee Williams), 

his wife. 

Sch. Win. Coll. 1814 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxen 1820, Fellow 182-2-35, B.C.L. 1827 ; 

!§.(©. ; li. St. Laurence, Winchester 1831, Preb. of Cluchest«r 1831-50, Canon 

1850-4, Chancellor 1854-70, R. Stockton, Warw. 1835-70. fH 13 Sept., 1836, 

Uaria, d. of Kev. Thomas Gamier, K. of Bishopstoke, Hants (D.N.B.xxi. 10), 

afterwards Dean of Winchester. S 10 Sept., 1870. 

1831-9. Rev. Asdbew Douglas Stacpoole, b. 22 July, 1806, e. s. of John 

Basset Stacixiole, Esq., of Brighton. 

Sch. Win. Coll. 1820 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1825, FeUow 1825-52, B.A. 1829, M.X. 

1832; |B.©., d 1831, p 1832, Dean of Divinity New Coll. 1832, of Arts 184.3, 

Bursar '1844, Sub-warden 1847, Proctor 1843 ; V. Writtle, Essex 1851-84. 

33 15 March, 1884. 

1833-41. Rev. Richard Payne, b. 29 June, 1815, 2nd s. of John Payne, Esq., 

of Bloomsbury, and Eliza, his wife, y. d. of Patience 

Thoma-i Adams, Esq., of Bushcy Grove, Herts. 

Sch. Win. Coll. 1825 ; Sch. New CoU. 1829, Fellow 1831-40, B.C.L. 1837 ; ©.©., 

d 1835, ;; 1836, V. Dowuton, Wilts. 1841-82, Preb. of Salisburj- 1869-90. 

fH 14 Julv, 1840, Jane, 2nd d. of Rev. Canon David Williams, D.C.L., 

Warden of New College, Uxford. D 8 Nov., 1890. 

1834-73. John Desborougii Wali-okd, Esq. (Mathemalical Master), b.l June, 
1805, at Higli Be.wh, Esse.x, s. of William Walford, Esq., 
and isabelle Jane, bis wife. 
Charterhouse; Sch. Trin. Coll. Camb., Sen. Opt. B.A. 1827, M.A. 18.32; refused 
Fellowship and Classical Tutorship at Downing Coll. Camb. in 1834, in order 
to take up the new (lathematical Mastership at Win. Coll. ; Assist. Bursar of 
Win. Coll. 1854-70 ; Co-Founder with Rev. C. H. Hawkins of the Shakespeare 
Reading anil Orpheus Cilee Society. JEB 20 Dec, 1876. Cf. Wvk. iii. 
(n. 106) 47. 
183G-59. Rev. William Henry Gunner, bapl. 15 May, 1812, e. s. of Willani 
Gunner, Esq., of Bishop's Waltliain, and Lucy Matilda, 
his wife, 7lh d. of Thomas Ridge, Esq., of Kilmistou House, 
Sch. Win. Coll. 1824; Exeter Coll. Oxon 1830; Trin. Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1834, 
M.A. 1840 ; |tj.©., R. St. Swithins, Winchester 1852-9, Chaplain Win. Coll. 
1839-59; Master of Junior Part; donor of "Gunner's Hole"; author of 
"Memorials of Winchester College," and contributor to 'J he Aixlueologkal 
Journal. Q 25 June, 1859. luscripliou in Cloisters. 

1838-47. Kev. George William Hustingford (Commoner Tutor), b. 19 Oct., 

1815, s. of Rev. Tlioma* Huntiugford (Schol. 1796), V. of 

Kempsford, Gloucs., and Harriet, his wife, 3rd d. of 

Thomas Appcrlev, Esq., of Gloucester. 

Sch. Win. Coll. 1827; Scb. New Coll. Oxon 1833, Fellow 1835-49, B.A. 1837, 

M.A. 1840 ; JtJ.®., d 1838, p 1839 ; V. Littlcmore, Oxon 1851-72, R. Barnwell, 

Xorlhants. 1872-1900. ffl 28 Aii^'., 1849, Mary Frances, e. d. of Major-Gcn. 

Trcmcuhccre, K.U. D 11 March, 1900. 

14 Winchester College. 

1838-45. SiuNOR N. Aenati (" Professor of Languages at the College "). 

B at Winchester, 2 April, 18-15, aged 63 (Gent. Mag., xxiv. p. 96.) Cf. Tucknell, 
" The Ancient Ways." 

1839-43. Rev. John George Hickley (Commoner Tutor), e. s. of John Allen 
Hicklcy, arm. of I'ortsmouih. 
Comni. Win. Coll. 1830-3 ; rostniaster Mcrton Coll. 0.\nu 1833-4, Sch. Prin. Coll. 
OxoD, 1834-40, 2 CI. B.A. 1837, M.A. 1840, B.D. 1847, Fellow 1843-51 ; it).©., 
d 1843, p 1845, K. Walton, Somerset 1850-89. ffl 21 April, 1853, Marj- Sophi.n, 
d. of Sir Alexander Hood, Bart., of Wootton, Somerset ; resided at Newhaveu, 
Clevcdon. 13 13 Feb., 1905. 

1839-61. Rev. Godfrey Bolles Lee (College Tutor). See above, p. 3. 

1841-6. Herman Ludolphus Prior, Esq. (Scaior Part Tutor), b. 30 Sept., 
1818, y. B. of Jolin Prior, Esq., of Clapham, Surrey. 
Sch. Triu. Coll. Oxon 183IJ-42, 2 CI. B.A. 1841, M.A. 1847 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1850, 
ceased to practise 1885 ; author of " A Manual of Short Conveyancing " 1857, 
"A Guide to the English Lakes" 1865 and 1882, and of the following novels, 
"The Heirs of Chieveley" 1858, "Six Months Hence" 1870, "Behind the 
Veil" 1871, "Expi.ited" 1872, "Overmatched" 1876; also of a poem, 
"Miserrima" 1890; editor of Juvenal in Bell's Grammar School Series 1862, 
and of Selections from Southey 1871. Resided at Ivy Cottage, Snaresbrook, 
Essex. Q 1903. 

1841-7. Rev. Charles Arthor Griffith (Commoner Tutor), bapt. 28 Ju'y. 

1815, e. s. of Rev. Charles Tapp Griffith, D.D., of 


Sch. Win. Coll. 1827 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1834, Fellow 1836-56, B..\. 1858, 

M.A. 1842, Dean of Divinity 1848, Sub-warden 1851 ; }^.(®., d 1839, j) 1841, 

K. Berwick St. John, Wilts. 1855-80. © 6 Jan., 1880. 

1844-51. Rev. Henry Cadwallader Adams (Commoner Tutor), b. 4 Nov., 

1817, 3rJ s. of John Adams, E.sq., Scrjtant-at-Law, ami 

Assistant Judge of the M!ddltsi.'X Quarter Sessions, being 

his e. s. by his 2nd wife, Jane, d. of Thomas Martin, Esq., 

of Nottingham. 

Westminster 1830-1 ; Comm. Win. Coll. 1831-5; Ball. Coll. Oxon 1835; Demy 

Magd. Coll., 2 CI. B.A. 1840, M.A. 1842; Assist. Master Magd. Coll. School 

1842-4 ; ^.®., d 1846, p 1852, C. Bromley Coll. 1855-68, V. Dry Sandford, 

Berks 1867-78, V. Old Shoreham, Sussex 1878-97; author of "Wykehamica" 

1878, and of forty-six other items enumerated in AUihmic, Supp. i. pp. 10-11, 

and of six items in AHibimc, vol. i. p. 35, as well as of "Fighting his Way" 

1895, " In the Fifteen " 1893, " School and University " 1895. ffl 6 July, 1852, 

Esther Pell, 2nd d. of Hev. Richard Edmonds, K. of Woodleigli, Devon. 

S at Guildford 17 Oct., 1899. 

1815-53. Hkrr MoRiTZ Bemr, Ph.D. (Foreign Languages Master 1815-G ; 
Uermau Master 18-10-53). 
ii at the Charterhouse, London, 19 April, 1891. 

1846-7. William Park Dickens, Esq. (Senior Part Tutor). See Part IL, p. 43. 

1846-53. Monsieur Claude Anne Anuriot (French Master). 
IB at Winchester, 18 March, 1855. 

1846-60. Monsieur O. C. Angoville (French Master). 

Author of "A Treatise ou French Granunar," 2nd ed. 1849, new cd. 1858. B May, 
1874 {fed i/uare : see E. Heller, below, p. 15). Cf. Leach's "Winchester 
College," pp. 465-6. 

1847-8. Rev. Henry Gordon Merriman (Commoner Tutor). See Part IL, p. 44 
1847-51. Rev. Thomas John Uearn (Commouer Tutor). See Part II., p. 54. 
1848-0. Rev. De Couucy Meade (Commouer Tutor). 6'ee Part IL, p. 41. 

Winchester College. 15 

1849-50. Rev. Edward St. John Paruy (Commoner Tutor), e. s. of Rt. Rev. 

Thomas Parry, Bp. uf Barbado.-:, aud Louisa, his wife, 

d. of Rev. Uenry Hutton, R. of Beaumout, Essex. 

Kugby 1840-4 j Sch. Ball. Coll. Oxon 1844, 1 CI. B.A. 1848, English Essay 1849, 

Latin Essay 1850, M.A. 1851 ; Stud. Line. Inn 1849 ; |Q.®., d 1849, p 1850 ; 

Warden Queen's Coll. Birmingham 1851-2 ; Professor of Classics at Trin. Coll. 

Toronto 1852-1), M.A. Trin. Coll. Toronto 1853 ; Principal Leamington Coll. 

1857-66 ; resided at i'orelands, Godalming ; editor of Terence 1857 ; author of 

" Keges et Heroes " 1862, "Origines Komanie" 1862. ffl 4 Oct., 1851, Lucy 

Susannah, d. of John Chattield Tyler, Esq. 13 12 Sept., 1896. 

1850-1. Rev. Ricuaud Jeston Oulb (Commoner Tutor). See Part II., p. 63. 

1851-C7. Rev. Henry John Wickham (Commoner Tutor and Assistant Master). 
See Part II., p. 02. 

18512-9. AuTiiUB Ridding, Esq. (Commoner Tutor). See Part II., p. 57. 

1853-131. PuoFESSOB GoDES DE Gruteb (German Master). SB 1861. 

1857-9. Rev. Edward Charles Wickham. See Part If., p. 114. 

1859-80. Rev. Henry Edward Moberly. See Part II., p. 37. 

1859-Ju]y, 1902. Charles Grifeith, E.sq., b. 1833, e. b. of Charles Griffith, 

Esq., of the parish of St. Andrew's, Holborn, and Hannah, 

his wife, d. of Robert Thatcher. Esq. 

Wadh. Coll. Oxon 1851, Exbibnr. 1853-6, 1 CI. Mod. 1853, Craven Sch. 1854, 3 (1. 

1855, B.A. 1856, M.A. 1860 ; Curator of Win. Coll. Museum since .July, 1902. 

iW 27 April, 1878, Blizii, 2ikI d. of J. Newton Heale, Esq., M.D., of Winchester, 

and widow of Major F. M. Taylor, late of K.M.C., Sandhurst. AMitss Barnes 

Close, Winchester. 

1859-61. Rev. John Butler Harrison (Commoner Tutor). See Part II., p. 115. 

1859-61. Rev. William Christopher Evans, 4th surv. s. of David Evan.s, 
Esq., of Brecon Old Bank, Mertliyr Tydvil. 
C.C.C. Oxon 1855, 1 CI. Mod. Exhibnr. 1857, 2 CI. B.A. 1859. M..\. 1861 ; IB.®., 
'/ 1859, 11 1860, C. St. John's, Cardiff 1861-2. B 11 May, 1862, aged 251 

1860-4. Rev. Edmund Henry Lacon Willes (Commoner Tutor). See Part II., 
p. 91. 

1861-1900. Rev. Charles Halford Hawkins (Mathematical Master), b. 1838, 

2rid 8. of Dr. Francis Hawkhis, Physician in Ordinary to 

Her late Majesty's Household, <jf 18, Bolton St., Lomlon, 

and Hester, his wife, 3rd cl. uf the Rt. Hon. Sir John 

Vaughan, Baron of the Exchequer. 

Harrow 1850-5 ; St. John's Coll. Camb. 1857, B.A. 1861, M.A. 1869 ; ItJ.®., d. 1862, 

/) 1863; Chapl. Win. Coll. 1863-1900, House Master 1869-1900, Co-Foimder 

with J. D. Walford, Esq., of the Shakos|icare Keading and Orpheus Glee Society 

1862, aud President 1873-1900 ; editor of and contributor to Nocli-f Sliakc- 

fl>eriana 1887 ; Founder of the English Literature Prize ; first President of 

Debating Society ; one of the promoters of Glee Club ; resigned Aug., 1900. 

i^H 6 Aug., 1878, Susan, onlv d. of Licut.-Gcn. John Colpoys Haugbtou, C.S.I. 

ID 28 Dec, 1900. Brass in Cloisters. 

1861-8. Rev. Hbnry Comiton Dickins. See Part II., p. 120. 

1861-74. IIerr E. Heller (German Master). 

IB at Cheeschill St., Winchester, 29 May, 1874. 

1862-93. Rev. James Thomas Houssemayne Du Boulay. .See Part 11., p. 100. 

1863-74. Monsieur H. du Domaink (French Master). 
Cf. Leach's " Winchester College," p. 465. 

1863-5. Rev. Henry Walfoud Hussey. ice Purl 11., p. 130. 

16 Winchester College. 

1863-6. George Griffith, Esq. (Science Master), b. 20 Oct., 1833, e. s. of 
Lev. Canon James Griffith, V. of St. Peter's, Carmarthen. 
St. David's School ; Jesus Coll. Oxoq 1*52, Sch. 1854-8, 2 CI. Mod., 2 Math. Mod. 
1855, 1 Nat. Sc. B.A. 18513, M.A. 1859, Lecturer in Nat. Sc. 1857-63, Examiuer 
iu Nat. Sc. 1861, 18G2, 1864, 1865; first Science Master at Harrow 1867-93; 
Assist. Gen. Sec. British Assoc. 1861-78, 1881, 1890-1902. fH 1863, Harriet 
Dyke, 2nd d. of Arthur H. D. Troyte, Esq. Q siddenly 7 May, 1902. Cf. 
the Timti for 12 May, 1902, p. 6. 

1861-83. William Liscombe Stoshouse, Esq., b.l5 Dec., 1837, 2Q(i s. of 

Rev. Arthur Stonhouse, of Stratford, Wilts., and Sophia, 

his wife, d. of WiOiam Sheppard, Esq., of Clifton. 

Sch. B.N.C. Oxon 1857-60, 1 CI. Mod. 1860, 4 CI. B.A. 1861, Latin Verse 1861. 

fH 28 July, 1870, Mary Gorges Ponsouby, d. of William Milton Bridger, Esq., 

of Halnaker House, Sussex. Addras Ualnaker, Milford-on-Sea, Hants. 

1865-83. Kev. Edmond William Sebgeakt, 2nd s. of Rev. Canon Oswald 
Sergeaut, of Broughton, near Manchester. 
Harrow 1849-54 ; Ball. Coll. Oxon 1854, 1 CI. Mod. 1856, 1 CI. B.A. 1858, M.A. 
1861 ; ^.®., d 1859, p 1860 ; Assist. Master at Wellington Coll. 1859-63, at 
Kadley 1863-5 ; C. Win. Coll. Mission, Landport 1883-6, V. Moordowu, llanbi 
1886-91 ; resided at Aldhurst, Branksome, Uuurnemouth, 13 Aug., 1905, 
aged 69. Cf. Wyk. ix. (q. 426) 245. 

1865-8. Rev. Frakcis Wesley. See Part II., p. 143. 

Jau.-April, 1867. William Daniel Pitman, Esq., h. I April, 1811, e. s. of Rev. 

William Parr Pitman, of Washtield, ueiir Tiverton, Devon, 

and Catherine Susanna, his wife, d. of Thomas Daiuel, Esq. 

Scb. Exeter Coll. Oxon 1862-6, 3 CI. Mod. 1865, B.A. 1866, M.A. 1869; jj.®., 

d 1867, p 1868, C. Chippenham 1867-70, Aust, Gloucs. 1870-4 ; R. (and 

patron) Avetou Gilford, Devon, since 1874; J.l". Devon; C.C. Devon since 

1889 ; Jlember of Education, Finance, Sub-Finance, and Bridge and Main 

Koads Committees ; Member of Standing Joint Committee, Quarter Sessions ; 

Member of Kingsbridge Kural District Council and Chairman of .\vcton Gilford 

Parish Council since 1895. Address Aveton Gift'ord Rectory, Kingsbridge. 

1867-73. Rev. Geoiioe Richardson. See above, p. 1-. 
1867-8. Arthur Kemdle, Esq. See Part II., p. 150. 
1868-82. Rev. William Akdkewes Fearon. See Part II., p. 129. 
1868-190."). Frederick Moushead, Esq. /See Part II., p. 114. 
Since 1868. Rev. John Trakt Bkamstos. <Sec Part II., p. 1 15. 
1860-99. Arlinquam James Tove, Esq., b. 12 June, 1842, 2iid s. of Rev. 
Joseph Theo)>hilus Toyo, of Hiaviuxe, Devon. 
Magd. CoU. School ; Exhibnr. Magd. Coll. Oxon 1859-61, 3 CI. Mod. 1S62, 3 Nat. 
Sc. B.A. 1864, M.A. 1868; As^sist. Master Beaumaris Grammar School IS64, 
then to Mr. Wickham's School at Twyford ; llou>c Master Sept., 1880 — April, 
1899; one of the promoters and principal supporlers of Glee Club. iH 1S81, 
Alice Fayrer, d. of the late Rev. John Fayrer t'oates. Incumbent of Laiigh»», 
Whalley, Laucasliire. © at Uourncuioutli 17 July, 1899. Inscription in 
Since Sept., 1869. Edward John Turner, Esq. (French and German Master), 
b. 22 Nov., 1841, e. s. of Edward Shewell Turner, Esq., 
of Claphani, Surrey, and Anne, his wife, d. of Rowland 
Pickerinj;, Esq., of Clajiham and Lincoln's Inn. 
Wadh. Coll. Oxon 1859, Clerk 1861-3, 1 CI. Mod., 3 Math. Mod. 1861, 2 CI. 4 Math. 
B.A. 1863, M.A. 1871; House Master Sept., 1869— July, 1903; editor of 
"Faust, I'art.l., with notes," and "Schiller's Minor Poems," with notes. 
fH 29 June, 1869, Celia, d. of J. Payne Budgctt, Esq., of llculeaie Park, 
Westbury. Addrifs Holm Lodge, Winchester. 

Jan.-July, 1870. John Locke Wai'som, Esq., e. s. of Kev. Benjamin Lucas 
Watson, of Penrith, Australia. 
Sch. B.N.C. Oxon 1805-8, 1 Math. Mod. 1867, 1 Math. B.A. 1869, M.A. 1872. 

Winchester College. 1" 

1870-80. Rev. Edward Ash Were, b. 14 Nov., 1846, y. s. of Thomas Bonville 
Were, Esq., of Clifton, and Frances Anne, his wife, d. of 
William Wright, Esq., of Clifton. 
Rugby; New Coll. Oxon 1865, 1 CI. Mod. 1867, 2 CI. 1869, B.A. 1870, M.A. 1872, 
D.D. 1889; 1^.®., d 1872, p 1873, Chapl. Win. Coll. 1877-80, V. North 
BracUej', Wilts. 1880-5, Examining Chapl. to Bp. of Southwark 1885-9, Preb. 
Southwell 1885-1900, R.D. Derby 1890-G ; consecrated Bishop Suffragan of 
Derby 1 Nov., 1899, V. St. Werburgh's, Derby 1899-1900, Archdeacon of 
Derby since 1901. ffl 19 Aug., 1875, Julia, d. of Thomas Jliller, Esq., 
of Barrow. Address 55, Ashbourne Road, Derby. Club St. Stephen's. 
Sept., 1870-July, 1904. Theodore Kensington, Esq. See Part II., p. 148. 
May, 1872-Dec., 1895. Chari.ks Bannerman Phillips, Esq. See Part IF., p. 173. 
May, 1872-Jiily, 1903. Edmund Doidge Anderson Morshead, Esq. See 

Part II., p. 179. 
Jan.-July, 1873. Edward Uurxford, Esq., b. 1845, e. s. of Rev. Francis 
Edward Duruford, Second Master of Eton College, and 
Frances Isabella, his wife, y. d. of Gapt. John Thomp.son, R.N. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1867, 2 L. & H. B.A. 187l", M.A. 1X74 ; Stud. Line. Inn 1869 ; 
JtJ.®., d 1873, p 1874, C. White Waltham 1873-6, V. Milland 1876-80, 
Lyminster 1880-5, Heathfield 1885-6. B 13 May, 1886. 
Sept., 1873-Dec., 1901. Rev. Walter Percy Smith', b. 13 May, 1848, 2nd s. 
of Nathaniel Smith, Esq., of Cheltenham, and Harriet, his 
wife, d. of William Sumner, Esq. 
Marlborough Coll. ; Exhibnr. New Coil Oxon 1867, 1 CI. Mod. 1869, 1 L. & H. 
B.A. 1871, M.A. 1874 ; Jt).®., d 1881, p 1882 ; House Master Sept., 1888-April, 
1894 ; Chapl. Win. Coll'. 1883-1901 ; C. Shedfield 1903-4, Secretary of Diocesan 
Conference and of Incorporated Clergy Susteutation Fund for Winton Diocese ; 
editor of " Sir Thomas Browne's Religio Medici, with notes," 1874 ; author of 
a pamphlet on Father Henry Garnet, S.J., and of an essay in " Winchester 
College 1393-1893." iH 6 Aug., 1874, Annie Maria, d. of Henry Dunkertou 
Martin, Esq. Address Wychbury, Winchester. 
Jan.-July, 1874, and since Sept., 1875. William Bleaden Croft, Esq. 
(Mathematical and Natural Science Master), b. 14 July, 
1851, 6lh s. of Charles Ilderton Croft, Esq., P.R.C.S., of 
Iiondon, and Catherine Mary, his wife, d. of John Warwick, 
Esq., of Welling, Kent. 
Sch. Peinb. Coll. lO.xon 1870, 1 Math. Mod. 1872, 1 M.-vth. 1873, B.A. 1874, 1 Nat. 
Sc. 1875, M.A. 1877 ; F.R.A.S. 1891 ; F.P.S. 1890, and Member of the Council 
since 1903 ; Public Examiner in Honour School of Nat. Sc. Oxford 1903-4 ; 
Member Brit. Assoc. 1890, and frequently on committee of Section .V ; contri- 
butor to the Journal of the Physical Socieli/ of Loiidou. ffl 30 Dec, 1890, 
Geraldine, v. d. of Richard Dawson, Esq., j.P., of Clariua, co. Limerick. 
Address 9, College St., Winchester. 
May -July, 1874. George Constantine Callipuronas, Esq., b. 13 Sept., 1852, 
at West Walton, Norfolk, s. of Rev. Demetrius Pauaghis 
Galliiihronas, V. of Walpole St. Andrew, Wisbech. 
Felsted School ; Sell. Caius Coll. Camb. 1870, Senior Wrangler B..\. 1874, Junior 
Fellow 1875-87 ; resided with the late Rev. Charles Cecil Sumner at Melton 
Rectory, Suffolk, 1888-98, 
May, 1874-April, 1880. Alfred Joshua Butler, Esq., b. 21 Sept., 1850, 2nd 
s. of Rev. Alfred Stokes Butler, R. of Markfiild, Leicester- 
shire, and Jane, his wife, d. of John Underwood, Esq. 
Sch. Trin. Coll. Oxon 1869, 2 CI. Mod. 1871, Gaisford Prose 1872, Gaisford Verse 
1 CI. 1873, B.A. 1874, Fellow B.N.C. Oxou since 1877, M.A. 187H, Bursar 
B.N.C. since 1881 ; Tutor to 11. H. the Khedive of Egypt 1880-1 ; D.Litt. 
1902 ; Member of Hebdomadal Council and City Council, and Visitor of the 
Ashmolean AIuscuui ; author of " Amaranth and Asphodel, Verses from the 
Greek Anthology," 1880, "Ancient Coptic Churches of Egypt" 1884, "Court 
Life in Egj-pt " 1887, articles on Coptic and Abyssinian Churches in 18th 
ed. of the " Encyclop,udia liritannica," part-author of " Abil Salih's Churches 
and Monasteries of Egypt" 1895. fjl 1882, Constance Mary, d. of Col. 
Heywood, of Ocle Court, Herefordshire. Address North Rising, O.xford. Club 
Royal Societica. 

18 Winchester College. 

Since Sept., 1874. Robert George Kensington Wrench, Esq. See Part II., 
p. 149. 

6 Oct., 1874-Apiil, 1875. William Chawker, Esq. (College Tutor), b. 24 Feb., 
1848, s. of Rev. William Chawner. 
Kossall School ; Emm. Coll. Camb. 1867, B..\. 1S71, U.K. 1874, Fellow 1871, 
Lecturer 1872-4, Tutor 1875-90, Master siucc 1895 ; Vice-Chancellor of Univer- 
sity of Cambridge 1899-1901. Address Emmanuel College Lodge, Cambridge, 
Club Koyal Societies. 

Sept., 1874-April, 1882. Rev. Arthur du Boulat Hill. See Part II., p. 182. 

Jan.-July, 1875. Francis Hardwicke Manley, Esq., b. 20 Mar., 1852, at 

Jubbuli»re, only s. of Major Henry John Manley, 32nJ 

Madras N.I., and Eliza KatUeiine, his wife, e. d. of Rev. 

Philip Francis, of Stibbard Lodge, Norfolk. 

Blundell's School, Tiverton 1863-70 ; Seh. Exeter Coll. Oxon 1870, 1 Math. l\Iod. 

1872, 1 Math. B.A. 1874, M.A. 1877; %(B; d 1876, p 1877; Senior Math. 

Master Felsted School 1875-87, V. Little Dunnow 1885-7, R. Broad Sonierford, 

Wilts, since 1888 ; contributor to vol. xxxi. of Wilts. Aichaotoffical Muquziiif. 

i^ 24 Oct., 1894, Catherine Ann, y. d. of Rev. Arthur Evans, R. of Little 

Sonierford. Address The Rectory, JBroad Somcrford, Wilts. 

Since Sept., 1875. Arthur Kemball Cook, Esq. See Part II., p. 188. 

Sept., 1878-9, and since Jan., 1881. John Sampson Furlev, Esq. See Part II., 
p. 228. 

Jan.-.'\pril, 1880. Arthur Charles Champnets, Esq., b. 18 March, 1854, s. of 
the Very Rev. William Weldon Ch.ampncys, Dean of Lich- 
field, and bro. of Francis Henry Champneys, Esq., M.D., 
in Part If. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1872, 1 CI. Mod. 1874, 1 CI. B.A. 1876, M..\. 1882, Assist. 
Lecturer 1878-81 ; Assist. Master at Marlborough Coll. 1882-99 ; author of 
"History of England," "English Extracts for Latin Prose," "A Soldier in 
Christ's Army"; joint-author of "Easy English Pieces for Translation" 1st 
«nd 2nd scries, and of a " History of Marlborough College." Address 45, 
Frognal, Hamiistead, N.W. Club Liberal Uniou. 

Jan -Apiil, 1880. William Fielden Craies, Esq. See Pari II., p. 243. 

Jan.-July, 1880. Henry Charies Finch Mason, Esq., s. of Rev. J. Mason, 
Aldonhani Lodge, Walford. 
Harrow 1870-5; Sch. Trin. ('i>ll. C.inib. 1S75, Ball. .Sell. 1876, Porson Prize, 
lirowijo Wc.lal Latin O.l.' 187S, I'-'th CI. li.A. 1S79, JI.A. 1883; Assist. 
]\l:i!.t(r at llarnnv .'^.■|.l., IsSo, llu'ii at Marn...r,.u-b (■..11. ISSl ; Assist. Master 
llailcybiiry Coll. I8.s:j-Ui(i2, aii.l lions.. Mast.r. D at Hailoybury, 5 Oct.. 1902. 
Cf. "Compositions and Trunslatious bv 11. C. !•'. Masou," iniblished with a brief 
Memoir in 1903, 

April, 1880-JLily, 1881. Francis Matthew Bucki.and, Esq., b. 27 Aug., 1854, 

e. s. of Rev. Matthew Harvey Cuckland, Head M.aster of 

Lalehani Preiiaratory School, and Frances Eliza, liis wife, 

d. of William Robertson, Esq., Coiuniissary-Gcneral (bro. 

of Edward Hastings Buckland, Esq,, below, p. 21). 

Univ. C..11. Oxon 1873, 3 CI. Mod. 187.5, 2 Hist. B.A. 1877, M.A, 1885; Private 

Tutor 1877-9 ; Assist. Master at Lai. bam Preparatory School 1879-80, Head 

Master since 1881. fH 27 April, 1897, Evelyn Elinor, d. of Rev. Richard 

tieorge Walls, of Boothby Hall, Burgh, Lincolnshire. Address Lalehani, 


Jan., 1882-April, 1883. Eowin I'.uiuien, Esq. Sn Part IL, p. 285. 

Winchester College. 19 

Jan.-Jiily, 1882. Charles Hickson Spence, Esq., b. IG Feb., 1858, s. of Jobu 

Buck Spence, Esq., shipowner, of Liveipool, and HighfielJ, 

Rockfeny, Cheshire, and Charlotte Eliza, liis wife, d. of 

Charles Cook, Esq., of Lambeth, Surrey, solicitor. 

Birkenhead School ; Trin. Coll. Camb. 1878, 2 CI. B.A. 1880, M.A. 1884 ; Assist. 

llaster at Fettes Coll. Edinburgh 1880-1 ; Assist. Master Victoria Coll. Jersey ; 

now Head of Modem Side .ind House Master at Clifton College. fH IG April, 

1896, Eveline Louise, d. of Capt. William Edgar de Crackenthorpe Cookson, 

R.X. Address 1, Albert Road, Clifton, Bristol. 

Jan., 1882-April, 1888. Alfred Hesrt Evans, Esq., b. 14 June, 1858, 3rd 

s. of William Evans, Esq., M.D., Inspector-General of 

Hospitals, Madras. 

Clifton Coll. ; Oriel CoU. Oson 1877, Sch. 1878, 1 CI. Mod. 1879, 3 CI. 1881, B.A. 

1883, M.A. 1880 ; Head Master Preparator\- School, Horris Hill, since 1888. 

iB. April, 1888, Isabel Ainiee, d. of Rev. James T. H. Du Boulay (see Part II.). 

Address Horris Hill, Xewtown, Sewbury, Berks. 

Since April, 1882. Rev. Geobge Mottram Andrews Hewett, b. 4 Slay, 1859, 

s. of William Henry Hewett, Esq., and Harriet, his wife. 

.Sch. Pemb. Coll. Camb. 1878, 1 CI. B.".^ 1882, M.A. 1885 ; Jt).©., d 1884, p 1885 ; 

House Master since Jan., 189(); author of "Open Air Boy," "Pedagogue at 

Play," "Autobiography of a" fH 17 .Jan., 1895, Lilian, d. of Dr. George 

Pycroft, of Kenton, Exeter. Address Culverlea, Winchester. 

Jan., 1883-Jul3', 1884. Alfred Temple Roberts, Esq., 3rd s. of Josiah Roberts, 
Esq., of Cheltenham. 
DemvMagd. Coll. Oxon 1875. 1 CI. Mod. 1877, Gaisford Verse 1879, 2 CI. B.A. 
i880, M.A. 1883 ; Assist. Master at Clevedon Coll. 

Since April, 188.3. James Alfred Fort, Esq. See Part II., p. 287. 
April-Dec, 1883. John Frederick Heyes, Esq. (Nat. So. and Math. Master), 
b. 19 Dec. 1857, only s. of John Heyes, Esq., of 5, Ruflford 
Road, Fairfield, Liverpool, and Mary, his wife. 
Liverpool Coll. ; Demy Magd. Coll. Oxon 1877, 1 Nat. Sc. B.A. 1881, M.A. 1884 ; 
Senior Science Master Chr. Coll. Brecon 1884-5, Sc. Tutor Non-Coll. Delegacy, 
Oxcm 1889-90, and Examr. Oxf. and Camb. Board and Oxf. Local Examrs. 
lNK(;-!i2; Fellow Chem. Soc. ; Memb. British Assoc; F.R.G.S. 1885; 
( ..rrisp.iuding Member American Geogr. Soc.; ]^.©., d 1888, p 1889, C. 
Il.adingt..n Quarry 1888-92, St. James, West Hanipstead 1892-4, Chmuor-with- 
Crc.w.ll 1894-1;, Swerford 189G-8, South Banbury 1898-1900, V. St. Barnabas,, since 1900; Fouuder and Chairman of Council, Bolton Education Society ; 
ci'iitrilmtor to Lirerpoi^ diirersiti/ Maqaziite 1887, Philosophical Magazine 
1888, etc. Address 8, Chorley Old Road,' Bolton. 
Since Sept. 1883. Llewellyn Larder Gabbott, Esq. (Nat. Sc. Master), b. 
1858, s. of William Garbutt, Esq. 
Sch. Derby School ; Sch. Clare Coll. Camb. 187G, 1 .Sc. 1879, B.A. 1880, M.A. 
1883; Assist. Master Ely Cathedral School 1879, Exeter Grammar School 
1880-3. ifl 28 Dec, 1898, Muriel, d. of Robert Bruce Steel, Esq., and niece 
of Henry Christie Steel, Esi|. (below, p. 20). Address 9, Kiugsgate St., 
Since Sept., 1883. Henry John Hardy, Esq. See Part If., p. 312. 
Jan. 1H84-July, 1890. Rev. Herbert Andrew Daltok, b. 18 May, 1852, s. 
of Rev. Charles Browne Dalton, V. of Highgate, and Pre- 
liendary of St. Panl's, and Mary Frances, his wife, d. of the 
Right Rev. Charles James Bloomlield, Bp. of London. 
Highgate School; Sch. C.C.C. Oxon 1871, I CI. Mod. 1873, 1 CI. 1876, Senior 
.Stud. Ch. Ch. 1875-8, B.A. 1875, M.A. 1S78 ; It).©., d 1877, p 1878, Head 
Master St Edward's School, Oxford 1877-84;" Chapl. Winchester Refuge 
issi-i!; Head Master of Foisted School 1890-19116; Member Essex Educ. 
Cninniittce, representing Oxford University 1903-6; Head Master Harrison 
Coll., Barbados, since 1906; editor of "Select Epodes and Ars Poetica of 
Horace" 1881; author of "Help to Sclf-Examination for Bovs in Public 
Schools" 1892; Essay on Education in "Church Problems" 1900. fH 1879, 
JIabel Selina, d. of Capt. Charles Simeon. Address Harrison Coll., Barbados. 

20 Winchester College. 

Apvil-July, 1884. William Ealph Tnge, Esq., b. C June, 1800, e. s. of Rev. 

William Inge, D.D. Provost of Worcester Coll. Oxou, and 

Mary, his wife, d. of Yen. Edward Cliurton, Archdeacon of 


Eton; Seh. King's Coll. Canib. 1879, Bell Sch. and Person Prize 18S0, Porsou Sch. 

1881, Craven Sch., Greek and Latin Odes I. (1st div.) CI. Pt. I. 1882, 1st 

Chancellor's Medal 1 CI. Pt. II., B.A. 188:!, Hare Prize M.A. 188G; Assist. 

Master Eton Coll. 1884-8, Fellow King's Coll. Camb. 188ft-8. incorpd. JI.A. at 

Oxford 1889; IS.®., d 1888, p 1892, Fellow and Tutor Hertford Coll. Oxon 

1889-1904, Select Pr. Oxon 189.S-5, 1903-5, Cambridge 1901, Moderator at 

Oxford 189.5-0, 1903-4, Bampton Lecturer 1899, Examining Chapl. to Bp. of 

Lichfield 1902-7; V. All Saints, Knightsbridge, 1905-7; Lady Margaret 

Professor of Divinitv, Cambridge, 1907; author of "Society in Rome under 

the Ctesars " 188(), " Christian Mysticism " 1899, " Faith and Knowledge " 1904 ; 

joint-author of "Eton Latin Grammar" 1889, 3rd ed. 1900; contributor to 

"Contentio Ycritatis" 1902; editor of " Selections from the German Mystics" 

1904, and some school-hooks, ffl 1905, Marj- Catherine, d. of Veu. Henry 

Jlaxwell Spooner, Archdeacon of JIaidstone. 

Sept., 1884-July, 1885. Ernest Charles Bead, Esq. See Part II., p. 301. 

Jan., 1885-July, 1885. John Cornwallis Godley, Esq., b. 9 Feb., 1801, s. of 

Rev. James Godley, of Cookhill, co. Cavan, and Eliza, hij 

wife, d. of J. P. La Toiiche, Esq. 

Sch. C.C.C. Oxon 1880, 1 CI. Mod. 1881, 1 CI. 1884, B.A. 1885; Professor at the 

Govt. College, Lahore, and subsequently Principal of the Aitchison College, 

Lahore ; now Inspector of Schools in the Punjab, j^ 1896, Miss Mary 


Since Sept., 1885. Henry CnRlSTiE Steel, Esq. (Indian Civil and Army 

Classes), b. 10 April, 1852, s. of James Steel, Esq., of 


Sch. Pemb. Coll. Camb. 1870, 36th Wrangler B.A. 1874; in Kussia, France, and 

Germany 1874-8 ; Assist. Blaster Wellington CoUege 1878-85 ; general editor of 

" Rivington's Advanced Texts." m 1875, Marie Aggeevna {m-e Abaza), widow 

of Nicholas Milutine. Address 27, Kingsgate St., Wincliester. 

Scpt.-Pec, 1885. IIuon Vibart Macnaohten. Esq., b. 30 Jan., 1802, 2nd s. of 

Elliot Macnasthten. Esq., banistor-at-law, and Jane Maria, 

his wife, d. of T. G. Vibart, Esq. 

Eton; Sch. Trin. Coll. Camb. 1881, Craven Schol. 1883, Powiii Medal twice, 4 

Browne Medals, Senior Chancellor's Medal, 1 (Ist div.) CL B.A. 188.5, M.A. 

1889, Fellow 1885; Assist. Master at Eton since 1886; editor of Catulhis ; 

author of "Story of Catullus," "Ave Kegiua .and otlier I'oems." Address 

Eton College, Windsor. 

Apvil-Juh', 1880. Alfred ITamilton Cruickshank, Esq. See below, pp. '22, 
27, and Part II., p. 321. 

Sept., 1880-April, 1887. Henry Barinoton Smith, Esq., b. 29, ISC'?, s. of 
Archib.ald Smith, Esq., F.R.S., Jordanhill, Renfrewshire. 
Eton; Sch. Trin. Coll. Camb., 1 CI. (Pts. I. and II.) B.A. ISSii, M.A. 1890, Follow 
1889; Chancellor's Medal 1886; Examiner in Kiiiicalion I)<.|it. 18S7 ; Principal 
Private Sec. to the Chancellor of the Exchei^uor (Mr. (ioschen) 1891 ; Clerk in 
the Treasury 1892; Sec. to British Delegates at the Brussels Monetary Con- 
ference 1892; Private Sec. to Eari of Elgin, Viceroy of India, 1894-9 ;'C.S. I . 
1897; Financial Mission to Govt, of Natal 1899; British Kepresentative on 
Council of Administration of Ottoman Public Debt 1900, President 1901, 1st 
Class Osmanieh 1903 ; Sec. to Post Office since 1903, C.B. 1905. il{ll898, Udv 
Elizabeth Bnicc, d. of 9th Earl of Elgin. Address 29, Hyde Park Gate, S.W. 
Club Brooks's. 

Winchester College. 21 

May-JiJy, 1887. Jameo Fhanklin Bethdne-Bakek, Esq., b. 23 Aug. 1861, 
s. of Alfred Baker, Esq., F.E.C.S., of Birmingham, and 
Emmeliue Bethune, Lis wife, d. of George Armitage, Esq. 
King Edward's School, Birmingham ; Sch. Temb. Coll. Camb.-lSSl, 1 Gl. B.A. 1884, 
1 Theol. Pt. II. and George Williams Prize 1886, Bumev Prize 1887, Norrisian 
Prize M. A. 1888, B.D. 1901 ; assumed additional name o£ Bethune 1884 ; ||J.©., 
d 1888, p 1889, Assist, to Head Master King Edward's Sch., Birmingham, and 
C. of St. George, Edgbaston 1888-90, Fellow and Dean Pemb. Coll. Camb. 
since 1891; editor of the Journal of Theol. Studies since 1903; author of 
" Influence of Christianity on War" 1888, "The Sternness of Christ's Teaching " 
1889, "The Meaning of Homoousios" 1901, "Introduction to the Early History 
of Christian Doctrine" 1903. fH 1891, Edith, d. of Furaeaux Jordan, Esq., 
F.R.C.S. Address 23, Cranmer Road, Cambridge. 
Sept., 1887-July, 1899. Montague John Kendall, Esq. See above, p. 17. 
Jan.-July, 1888. Manley Colchester Kemp, Esq., b. 7 Sept., 1861, 2nd s. of 
Charles Fitch Kemp, Esq., J. P., D.L., of Hildenborough, 
Kent, and Sarah Thornton, his wife, e. d. of William 
Edwards, Esq. of Plaistow, Esses. 
Harrow 1874-80; Sch. Hcrtf. Coll. Oxon 1880, 2 CI. Mod. 1883, 3 CI. B.A. 1884, 
W.A. 1895 [University Cricket XI. 1881-4, Capt. 1882 ; Football XI. 1883-4 ; 
Rackets 1881-2] ; Assist. Master at Harrow since Sept., 1888. Address Harrow 
Sept., 1888-Feb. 190G. Edwakd Hastings Buckland, Esq., b. 20 Jan., 1864 
(ith s.), bro. of Francis Matthew Buckland, Esq., above, 
p. 18. 
Marlborough Coll. 1878-83 ; New Coll. Oxon 1883, 3 Jur. B.A. 1886 [University 
Cricke't XI. 1884-7, played for Gentlemen 1887] ; House Master Sept., 1900- 
Feb., 1906. fH 27 Aug., 1889, Evelyn Annie, d. of Thomas Watson Parker, 
Esq. S at Southgate House, Winchester, 10 Feb., 1906. 
Sept.-Dec, 1889. Percy Christophekson, Esq., b. 31 March, 1866, 5th s. of 
Derman Christopherson, Esq., of Blackheath, and Jane, his 
wife, d. of Rev. John Blackwell. 
Marlborough Coll. ; Bedford Grammar School ; Univ. Coll. Oxon 1885, 3 CI. B.A. 
1889, M.A. 1893; Assist. Master Wellington Coll. Jan.-Dec, 1890, Head Master 
of Locker's Park Preparatory School "since Jan., 1901. ffl 22 Dec, 1892, 
Minnie Whitaker, d. of John Whitaker Cooper. Esq. Address Locker's Park, 
Hemel Hempstead. 
April-July, 1890. Gabriel Henry Creuer, Esq. See Part II., p. 171. 
Jan.-April, 1891. Hubert William Charles McLaughlin, Esq., b. 1 Sept., 
1865, s. of Frederick Hubert McLaughlin, Esq., late I.C.S. 
Sch. Chclteuham Coll.; Sch. Christ's Coll. Camb. 1883, 3rd Wrangler B.A. 1886, 
M.A. 1890; Assist. Master L.incing Coll. 1898-1902, Cheltenham Coll. 1903-5, 
Sedbergh School since Jan., 1905. Address The Hostel, Sedbergh R.S.O., Yorks. 
April-July, 1891. Edwabd Ernest Sikes, Esq., b. 26 April, 1867, s. of Rev. 
Thomas Burr Sikcs, and Frances Henrietta, his wife. 
Aldenham School 1881-6; Sch. St. John's Coll. Camb. 1886, 1 (1st div.) CI. Pt. I. 
B.A. 1889: 1 CI. Pt. II. 1890, M..\. 1893, Bell Sch. 1887, Browne Medal 1889, 
Newton Student at Athens 1890 ; Fellow of St. John's Coll. since 1891, 
Lecturer .and Tutor; late Governor of Aldenham School ; Member of the Council 
of the Hellenic Soc. ; joint-editor of "Prometheus Vinctus" .and the Homeric 
Hymns. fS. H April, 1901, Mabel Katherine, d. of the late George Mursell 
Garrett, Esq., Mus. Doc. Address St. John's College, Cambridge. 
Sept., 1891-July, 1892. Harris Rackham, Esq. (Composition Tutor), b. 22 
Dec, 1868, 4th s. of Alfred Thomas Rackham, Esq., late 
Admiralty Marshal, and Annie {nee Stevenson), his wife. 
Citv of London School; Sch. Chr. Coll. Camb. 1887, 1 (1st div.) CI. Pt. I. B.A. 
■ 1890, 1 CI. Pt. II., Hon. Mem. Chancellor's CI. Medals 1891, M.A. 1894 ; 
Classical I.*cturer at Newnham Coll. Camb. since 1893, Fellow Chr. Coll. since 
1894, Tutor aud Lecturer since 1898, Cambridge See. for Toynbee Hall 1894- 
1904, Mciub. Council of To\-nbee Hall since 1895, of Newidiam Coll. since 
1905; ed. "Prometheus Vinctus" 1899. fSl 10 March, 1901. Clara Dorothea, 
y. d, of Henry Saniuel Tabor, Esq., of Fennes, Bockiug, Essex. Address 4, 
Grange Terrace, Cambridge. 

22 Winchester College. 

Since Sept., 1892. Louis Alphokse I)u Pontet, E.-iQ., b. 27 Aug., 1867, 

c. s. of Pasteur Jules M.irc Hturi Du Pontet de La Harpe, 

of Bajswaler, London, and Duillier, Vaud, Switzerland, and 

Ellen, his wife, e. d. of Pasteur Alplionse de La Harpe, of 

Bordeaux, France. 

Sch. St. Paul's School, London 1881; Soli. Trin. Coll. O.xon 1887, Hertforfl Soh. 

1888, 1 CI. Mod., Greek Verse, Tavlorian (French Sch.) 1889, Latin Verse, 

Craven Sch. 1890, 2 CI. B..\. 1891, Latin Ess.iy, Derby Sch. 1892, M.A. 1895 ; 

editor of Caesar (Oxford Classical Texts), Macaulay's " Lays of Ancient Rome," 

selections from Plutarch's " Life of Caesar," and selections of French poets and 

prose-writers for school use. ffl 1898, Gertrude Willemine, d. of Pasteur 

Charles Marguerat, of Lutry, Vaud, Switzerland. Address 22, Kingsgate St., 


Sept.-Dec, 1893. Charles Stesket Adamson, Esq., b. 1867, 2nd s. of Frank 
Adamson, Esq., of Ealuig, and Elizabeth, his wife. 
Merchant Tavlor's School ; Sch. St. John's CoU. Oxon 1886, 1 CI. Mod., 1 Matli. 
Mod. 1888, 1 Math. 1889, B.A. 1890, 1 CI. Senior Sch. 1891. at St. John's 
Coll., 7 July, 1897, in his 30th year. 

Sept.,1893-July, 1894. Charles Stafforu Grossman, Esq. See Part n.,p. 32. 

Since Jan., 1894. Rev. Alfred Hamilton Cbuickshank. See Part II., p. 32. 

Since Sept., 1894. Rev. Arthcr Georoe Bather, b. 5 Am., 1868, 5th s. of 

John Bather, Esq., of The Dayhouse, Shrewsbury, and 

Isabella, his wife. 

E.\hibnr. Rossall School; Sch. King's Coll. Camh. 1887, 1 CI. Pt. L 1889, 1 CI. 

Pt. II. B.A. 1891, M.A. 1895," Fellow 1891, Newton Arch.ToloKioal Stiiii. 

1891-3, Prendergast Stud. 1892, Craven Stud. 189-1; Memli. British School at 

Athens and of Hellenic Soc. ; Chapl. Win. Coll. since 1900, House Master 

since 1903 ; |^.®., d 1896, p 1897; author of various pa|»ers in Journal of 

Hellenic Studies, ffl 10 Aug., 1895, Lilian Dundas, d. of Charles Henry Firth, 

Esq., of Rivcrdalc, Sheffield. Address Sunnysidc, Winchester. 

Jan.-April, 1895. James Ireland Cbaio, Esq., b. 24 Feb., 1865, s. of laie 

Capt. Thomas Morgan Craig, shipowner, of Singapore and 

Buckhaven, Fife. 

Daniel Stewart's Coll. Edinburgh ; Edinburgh University 1885-9, A'ans Dunlop Sch. 

M.A. 1889; Emm. Coll. Camb. 1889-94, Sch. 1890-4, B.A. 1892; Watson 

Fellowship, India 1892; Assist. Master Eton 1894, at Repton 1890; Egyptian 

Blinistry of Public Instruction 1896, Egyptian Surrey Dept. since 1900, now 

Chief Inspector ; Commander of the Order of the Medjidich 1906. fH 189T, 

Isabella, 2nd d. of Major .lohn Wilson, late R. Scots Greys. Address Mntaria, 


Jan.-July, 1896. Bernard Kedinqton RonwEi.L Wilkinson, Esq., b. 14 

Nov., 1872, 3rd s. of Cul. Jusiah A\'ilkinson, barrister-at- 

law, of Fitzrov Park, Highgate, N. 

Charterhouse School 1887-91 ; New Coll. Oxon 1891, 2 CI. Mod. 189:!, I! CI. B.A. 

1895, M.A. 1899; Barr. Line. Inn 1898. iS 30 June, 19(i0, Margaret, d. of 

Henry L. Cripps, Esq. ISee Part 11. Addresses 35, l'orclu>ttT .Sipiare, W. ; 

9, Bridge St., Westminster, S.W. ; and 3, Stone Bldgs., Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 

Since Sept., 1899. Rev. Fbedkrio Paul David, b. 4 Aug., 1871, y. s. of Rev. 
William David, of Exeler, and Antonia Theresa, his wife. 
BluudeH's School, Tiverton; Sch. Jesus Coll. Camb. 1890. 2 (Istdiv.) CI. B.A. 
1893, 2 Thcol. 1895, M.A. 1897; Jl).®., d 1896. p IS97, Cliapl. and Assist. 
Master Rossall School 189.5-6, I'ppiiigton School 1896-9; Chapl. Win. Coll. 
since 1900, House Master since Sept., 1904; Capt. 1st V.B. Hants Rcgt. and 
Cadet Corps since 1900. Address Culver House, Winchester. 

WiNCHESTKR College. 23 

Sept., 1809-Apiil, 1905. Chahlks Godfrey, Esq. (Mathematical Master), b. 
4 Oct., 1873, K. of Godfrey Henry Godfrey, Esq., of Bir- 
mingham, and Kathleen, his wife. 
King Edward's School, Birminffham; Sch. Trin. Coll. Camb. 1892, Ith Wrangler B. A. 
1896, 1 (1st div.) Math. Pt. 11. 1896, Isaac Newton Stud. 1898, M.A. 1899 ; 
Lecturer at Cardiff Univ. Coll. 1896-8 ; Master at King Edward's School, 
Birmingham 1898-9; Senior Math. Master Win. Coll. 1900-5 ; Head Master R. 
Naval Coll. Osborne since April, 1905 ; joint-author of *' Godfrey and Siddon's 
Elementary Geometry," "The Winchester Arithmetic," "Note-book of Experi- 
mental Mathematics," "Godfrey and Price's Solid Geometry." Address 
R. Naval College, Osborne, I.W. 
Jan.-July, 1900. Benj.\min Frederick Hardy, Esq., h. 21 Jan., 1867, bro. of 
Henry John H.ardy, Esq. (above, p. 19, and Part II.). 
Sch. Haileyburj' Coll. 1881-6; Emm. Coll. Camb. 1886, 2 CI., 3 M.ath. B.A. 1889, 
M.A. 1898; Assist. Master Sir W. Borlase's School, Gt. Marlow 1890-7, Brad- 
field Coll. 1897-9, High School, Nottingham 1900-1, Westminster School since 
Jan., 1902. Address 18,'s Yard, Westminster. 
Sept., 1900-May, 1901. Robert Ker-Parr, Esq. See Part IT., p. 473. 
Since Sept., 1900. Gawain Mdrdocii Bell, Esq. (Mathematical Master), b. 
11 April, 1877, s. of William Henry Bell, Esq., of York, 
and Jane (nee Westray), his wife. 
Ncwcastle-under-Lyme High School ; Trin. Coll. Camb. 189G, 6th Wrangler B.A. 
1899, 1 Nat. Sc. Pt. I. 1900; part-author of "The Winchester Arithmetic" 
and ''Note-book of E.xperimental Mathematics"; Lieut. 1st V.B. Hants Kegt. 
and Capt. Cadet Corps 1903. Address 10, College St., Winchester. 

Since Sept., 1900. Egbert Lock Graham Irving (College Tutor). See Part 11., 

p. 507. 
Since Sept., 1901. Alexander Macdonald, Esq. (Drawing Master), b. 30 Aug., 
1862, e. s. of Alexander Macdonald, Esq., artist. 
Magd. Coll. School ; C.C.C. Oxon 1881, Exhibnr. 1882-5, 1 CI. Mod. 1883, 3 CI. 
1885, B.A. 1886, M.A. 1888. Address 23, Kingsgate St., Winchester. 
Since Sept., lUOl. Edward Thomas Sweetino, Esq., Mhs. Doc. (Music Master 
and Organist), b. 16 Sept., 1863, e. s. of Edward Sweeting, 
Esq., of Alsager, Cheshire, and Mercy, hLs wife, d. of Mark 
Bisney, Esq. 
New Coll. Oxon 1888, B. Mus. 1889, Mus. Doc. 1901 ; F.R.C.O. ; Organist St. 
Mary's, West Kensington 1874-82, Sch. Nat. Training School of Music 1876-82 ; 
Organist and Music JIaster Rossall School 1882-97 ; Organist St. John's Coll. 
Camb. 1897-1901; composer of "The Burial of Dundee" (ballad for male 
voices and orchestra), "Service in G," pieces for pianoforte and violin, part- 
songs, songs, etc. fjl 15 Aug., 1900, Keith Craven, d. of James Glen, Esq. 
Address Culver Lodge, Winchester. 

Sept., 1901-July, 190o. Edward Allen Price, Esq. (Mathematical Master), 
b. 26 May, 1873, s. of Alfred Newell Price, Esq., J. P. 
Clifton Coll. 1887-92; Trin. Coll. Camb. 1892, 3 M.ith. B.A. 1895; in Germany 
and France 1895-8; Assist. Master Duhvich Coll. 1898-1901, K. Naval Coll". 
Osborne since Sept., 1905 ; joint-author of " Hocevar's Solid Geometry, trans- 
lated and adapted." fH 4 Jan., 1905, Edna, d. of Edward John Turner, Esq., 
above, p. 16. Address U. Naval College, Osbonie, I.W. 
Since Jan., 1902. Georhe Henry Blore, Esq. See Part II., p. 405. 
Since Jan., 1902. Harold Vikcent Jeuvis-Read, Esq. (Music Master), b. 14 
March, 1879, 2nd s. of Charles Stokes Read, Esq., and Sarah 
Emma Macphersou, his wife, 2nd d. of J.anics Sherlock, 
Esq., of Powycke, Worcestershire (1st cousin of Arnold 
Holcombe Read and Douglas Jervis Read in Part II.). 
Assoc. R. Acad, of Music 1901 ; assumed the additional name of Jervis 1903 ; Assist. 
Master Rossall School Sept., 1900-Dec., 1901; composer of "Three Spanish 
Love Sftngs" and "Wings of Love" {pub. V. Woolhouse), " Two ('haracteristic 
Pieces "and " Adagio " (pub. Vincent, Ltd.), and " Forest Idylls" (pub. For- 
syth Bros., Ltd.). Address 12 College St., Winchester. Clais Royal Societies, 
R.A.M., and Concert -goers. 

24 Winchester College. 

Since Sept., 1902. Robert Douglas Beloe, Esq. 

C. C.C. Camb. 1887, 3 Hist. B.A. 1890 ; Assist. Master Shrewsbury School, Slodera 
Side ; House Master Win. Coll. since 22 Sept., 1905. Address Kingsgate 
House, Winchester. 
Si-pt., 1902-Aiiril, 1905. William Adair Pickard-Cambridge, Esq., b. 14 
Dec, 1879, 5th surv. s. of Rev. Octavius Pickard-Cambridge, 
F.R.S., K. of Bloxworth and Thomson, Dorset, and Rose, 
Ills wife, d. of Rev. James Lloyd Wallace, R. of Sevenooks. 
Wevmcuth Coll. 1890-S; Sch. 1891-8; Sch. Ball. Coll. O.Kon 1898, Hon. Mem. 
■ Hertford Schol., 1 CI. Mod. 1900, Jenkvns Exhibnr. 1 CI. B.A. 1902 ; Fellow 
Magd. Coll. Oxon siuce 1904, M.A. 1905. Address Magdalen College, Oxford. 
Clubs Oxford and Cambridge, Musical. 

Jan. -April, 1903. Geoffrey Wtci.iffe Headlam, Esq., b. 8 Sept.. 1879, s. of 

Francis John Headlam, Esq., J.P., Sti|endiary Magistrate. 

Manchester, and Matildii, his wife, d. of S. Piocoff, Esq., of 

Ardwick, Manchester. 

Sch. Eton Coll. 1893-8 ; Sch. Ball. Coll. Oxon 1898, 3 CI. Mod. 1900, 1 Hist. B.A. 

1902 ; Assist. Master at Eton since 1903. Addresses 5 ChcjTie Gardens, S.W. ; 

Dalefield House, Chelford, Cheshire. 

April-July, 1903. Charles Alexander Gordon Mackintosh, Esq. (in charge 
of Southgate House), b. H Aug., 1878, s. of Erneot Alex- 
ander Mackintosh, Esq., and Mary Georgina, his wife, d. of 
C. T. Buckland, Esq., of the Bengal C.S. 
Sch. Eton Coll. 1891-7 ; Postmaster Merton Coll. Oxon 1897, 1 CI. Mod. 1899, 
3 CI. B.A. 1901 ; in the Egyptian Ministry of Public Instruction 1903-5 ; 
transferred to Surrey Dept. 1905 ; Inspector, Revenue Sur\-ey. Address Survey 
Dept., Cairo. 
Since Apiil, 1903. Evelyn Rockley Wilson, Esq., b. 25 March, 1879, 5tli s. 
of Rev. Canon Re.;inald Wilson, V. of Bolsterstone, Sheffield. 
Eugby ; Trin. Coll. Camb. 1898, 2 (3rd div.) CI. Pt. I. B.A. 1901, M.A. 1905. 
Address Summerleigh, Culver's Close, Winchester. 

Since Sept., 1903. Frank Carter, Esq., b. 21 Aug., 1861, c. s. of Rev. Robert 

Oliver Carter, of the Merchant Taylors' School, Great Crosby, 

near Liverpool, and Elizabeth F., his wife, d. of Richard 

Peyton, Esq., of Moseley, Birmingham. 

Uppingham School ; Exhibnr. Ball. Coll. Oxon 1880-3, 1 CI. Mod. 1881, 1 CI. B.A. 

1883 ; Sixth Form Master, King's School, Ely 1884-5 ; Assist. Master St. Paul's 

School, London 1886-96; Prof, of Classics in McGiU University, Montreal 

1896-1903. Address Ashdcuo, AVinchester. 

Since Sept., 1901. Charles William Little, Esq. Sea Part IL, p. 409. 
Since Sept., 1904. Albert Ernest Rroomfield, Esq., b. 29 July, 1869, s. of 
Albert Broomficld, Esq., of London, and Emily, his wife. 
Sch. St. Paul's School 1881-8; Sch. Trin. Coll. Camb. 1888, B.A., Sen. Opt. 1892; 
Assist. Master Wellington Coll. 1893-1904. Address Summerleigh, Culver's 
Close, AN'inchestcr. 

Since Sept., 1904. Claude Henry Boudeville Errs, Esq., b. 1880, s. of 
Hahnemann Epps, Esq. 
City of London School; Sch. Chr. Coll. Camb. 1899, 1 Niit. Sc. Pt. I. B.A. 1902, 
1 Nat. Sc. Pt. II. 1903. 

Since Jan., 1905. Robert Quirk, Esq., b. 18 Jan., 1883, ?. of Rt. Rev. Canon 

John Nathaniel Quirk, Bishop SuflVagan of Sheffield, and 

^lary Jane, his wife, d. of Rev. John Clay, V. of Stapen- 

hill, Derbyshire. 

Sch. Eton Coll. 1896 ; Sch. King's Coll. Camb. 1900, Newcastle Sch. (Eton) and 

Abbot Sch. (Camb.) 1901, Browne's Meiials for Greek Epigram and Ode, 

Chancellor's Medal for English Verse, 1 (2nd div.) CI. B.A. 1901 ; on leave 

since July, 1905, studying in Germany. 

Winchester College. 25 

Since May, 1905. Clement Vavasor Uubell, Esq., b. 6 Juue, 1882, s. uf John 
Vavasor Durell, Esq., and Ellen Annie (nee Carlyon), his wife. 
Felsted School 1896-1900; Sch. Clare Coll. Ouiib. 1900, Bell Sch. 1901, 7th 
Wrangler U.A. 1903, 1 (3rd div.) Math. Part II. 1905. Address 10, College 
St., Winchester. 
Since Sept., 1905. Nowell CiiiRLES Smith, Esq. See Part II., p. 4'25. 
Sept., 1905- July, 1906. Kenneth, Joun Freeman, Esq. See Part II., p. 557. 
Since Sept., 1905. Herbert Aris, Esq., b. 2 Nov., 1868, p. of John Aris, Esq., 
of Lois Weedon House, near Towcester. 
Rossall School 1882-7 ; Exhibnr. Kiug's Coll. Camb. 1887, B.A. 1890, M.A. 1896 ; 
Assist. Master Rossall School 1894-1905, on Modern Side 1894-9, for Army 
Class 1899-1906 ; in command of Kossall School Engineer Corps 1902-5 ; Capt. 
1st Lanes. R.E.V. ; Lieut. 1st V.B. Hants Regt.'1905 ; F.U.G.S. 1899 ; reviewer 
of mathematical books for the Guardian since 1894. Club Royal Societies. 

Since Sept., 1905. Francis Roe Stogdon, Esq., s. of J. Stog.lon, Esq., of 
Sch. Harrow 1892-7 ; Sch. Clare Coll. Camb. 1897, B.A. 1901. 
Since Sept., 1905. Malcolm Robkrtson, EsQ.,b. 16 Nov., 1882, s. of Rev. James 
Robertson, Head Master of Haileybury College, 1884-90. 
Marlborough ; Oriel Coll. Oxou, 1 CI. Mod. 1903, 2 CI. B.A. 1905 ; on leave, studying 
in Germany, Jau.-Sept., 1906. Address in England, Fmstock, Charlbury, Oson. 

26 Winchester College. 


Chernocke House (J). 
Rev. H. J. WicKHAM, Short Half, 1859, to Cloister Time, 1888, iDclusivc. 
Rev. W. p. Smith, Short Half, 1888, to Common Time, 1894, inclusive. 
Jons Sampson Fubley, Esq., since Cloister Time, 1894. 

Kingsqate St. (B). 
Rev. H. E. Moberly, Long Half, ISGO, to Cloister Time, 1880, inclusive. 
Arlinghau James Toye, Esq., Short Half, 1880, to Cuiniaou Time, 1890, 

James Alfhed Fort, Esq., since Cloister Time, 1899. 

Soiithf/ale Hill (C). 
Rev. J. H. T. du Boulay, opened the 3rd house for Commoners on 11 Feb., 
1862, at 91, Cheesehill St., but removed it to Southgate Hill, 
18 June, 1863. He resigned at the end of Cloister Time, 
1893, since which date A. K. Cook, Esq., has been House 
Culver House {!>). 
The 4th house was opened by Rev. W. A. Fearon in Long Half, 1868, at 22, 
Kingsgate St., and was removed to Culver House in June, 
1867. He resigned at the end of Common Time, 1882, and 
was succeeded by T. Kensington, Esq., who resigned at the 
end of Cloister Time, 1904, and was succeeded by Rev. 
F. P. David. 
Southgate Road, now Southgate Corner (i). 
The 5th house was opened by F. Mobsiiead, Esq., iu Cheesehill St., but was 
soon removed to Southgate Road. He resigned at the end 
of Cloister Time, 1905, and was succeeded by N. C. Smith, 
Esq., who has changed the name of the house to Southgate 
Soathijate House {F). 
Rev. C. H. Hawkins opened this house at the beginning of Common Time, 1869, 
and resigned at the end of Cloister Time, 190l\ when he 
was succeeded by E. H. Buckland, Esq., who died 10 Feb., 
1906, and was succeeded liy G. II. Blobe, Esq. 
C ulcer Lea (0). 
Rev. E. W. Sekqeant, Short Half, 1869, to Short Half, 1882, inclusive. 
C. B. Phillips, Esq., Common T'ime, 1883, to Short Half, 1895,' inclusive. 
Rev. G. M. A. Hewitt, since Common Time, 1896. 

Culver's Close (//). 
Rev. J. T. Buamston, since Short Half, 1869. 

Sunnysidc (/). 
E. J. Turner, Esq., Short Half, 1869, to Cloister Time, 1003, inclusive. 
Rev. a. G. Batiiek, suice Short Half, 1903. 

Kingsgate House (A"). 
R. L). Beloe, Esq., since 22 Sept., 1905. 

• For biographies of the Uouao Maslci^, sec the preceiling list. 

WiNcnESTER College. 27 


1808-52. Rev. TuoMAS Westcombe, s. of Rev. Nicholas Westcombe, Cliaplain 

of Winchester College and of the Hants County Hosijital, 

Minor Cancn of Wiiicliestcr Cathedral, and R. of Barton 

Stacey, Hants, who was murdered by a soldier of the 102nd 

liegt., 13 Aug., 1813. 

Trill. Coll. O.KOU 18U3, B.A. 1807, M.A. 1810, f'haiil. Hants County Hosp. 1814, 

Minor Canon of Winchester Cathedral, V. of I'roston Canjover, Hants 1826-52, 

anil of Letcombe Regis, Berks 182lj-52. JJl. |3 at Preston Candover 25 July, 

1852, aged 67. 

1813-39. Rev. Thomas Watkins, s. of Thomas Watkins, Esq., of Hereford. 

Ch. Ch. O.xon 1793, B.A. 1797, M.A. 1801 ; V.-choral Hereford Cathedral 1797, V. 
Minty, Wilts. 1810. IB before 1841. 

1828-60. Rev. Francis Swanton, b. 17 Dec, 1701, s. of Rev. Francis Swauton, 

of Worthy. 

Seh. Win. Coll. 1805 ; Wadh. Coll. Onoh 1810, Exhibnr. 1811-14, B.C.L. 1817, 

"Sub-precoptor" Win. Coll. 181.5-29, V. St. .lohn's, Winton 1827-71, V. 

riddletrenthide, Dorset 1827-45, V. Barton Stacey, Hants 1846-71. 13 2 Nov., 


1839-59. Rev. William Henuy Gunner. See above, p. 13. 

1852-62. Rev. Octavics Arthur Hodgson', y. s. of Ruv. Charles Henry 
Hodgson, of Salisbury. 
Chorister Magd. Coll. Oxon 1830-6, Clerk 1836-11, B.A. 1840, M.A. 1846 ; |&.©., 
d 1841, p 1842, C. Dinton, Wilts. 1841-3, Minor Canon Win. Cath. 1845-62, 
f;. St. Peter's, Cheesehill, Winton 1851-2, V. Alton, Hants 1862-74, R. East 
Stoke, Dorset 1874-95. fR. IB at Stoke Lodge, Sandown, Isle of Wight, 
21 Oct., 1903. 

1858-95. Rev. J.\jies Baker. See Part II., p. ."5. 
1860-3. Rev. Henry Edward Moberly. See Part II., p. 37. 
1862-1900. Rev. Charles Haliokd Hawkins. See above, pp. 15, 26. 
1863-77. Rev. George Beckwith, e. s. of Rev. Edward George Ambrose Beck- 
with, M.A., of Christ Church, Surrey, and Helen Ann, his 
wife, d. of Rev. .Tohn Turner, B.D. 
King's Coll. School, Lniulon, and Christ's Hosp. ; New Coll. Oxon 18.'.4, Clerk 1855, 
li.A. 1858, M.A. isi;i ; 1).©., ,1 IX.W, ,, |s;-,;i, I'. Dri-u', CMmbnlMn.l ls.i.S-60, 
St. .John's, Winton;;; Miio.r ('.nuni Win. Catb. lsi;o-77. Itl IsH.S, Kniily 
Jane, d. of Moses lirownc, Es(i. D 15 iMay, 1877. Cf. Wyk. in. i,ti. 110) 79. 

Since 1877, Rev. John Trant Bramston. See Part II., p. 115. 
1877-80. Rev. Edward Ash Were. See above, p. 17. 
1881-2. Rev. Arthur Du Boulay Hill. See Part II., p. 182. 
1883-1901. Rev. Walter Percy Smith. See above, pp. 17, 26. 
1895-6. Rev. William Asdrewes Fearon. -See Part If., p. 129. 
Since 1896. Ri;v. Aleked Hamilton Cruickshank. See Part II., p. 321. 
Since 1900. Kbv. Frederick Paul David. See above, pp. 22, 26. 
Since 1902. Rev. Arthur Geokoe Bather. See above, pp. 22, 26. 

28 "WiscHESTEB College. 


1836. Eerv. Harry Lee ana Henry Sissmore. 

1837. Bevv. U. Lee and Andrew Quicke. 

1838. Eevv. A. Quicke and Gilbtrt Wall Htathcote. 
1S39. EevT. A. Quicke and H. Sissmore. 

1640. EevT. H. Lee and A. Quicke. 

1841. BevT. George Cumming Eashleijh and A. Quicke. 

1842. EevT. A. Quicke and Charles Henry Bidding. 
1643. EevT. A. Quicke and G. C. Eashleigt. 

1844. BevT. H. Sissmore and A. Quicke. 

1845. Berv. G. C. Eashleigh and A. Quicke. 

1846. Bevv. H. Lee and A. Quicke. 

1847. Bew. A. Quicke and C. H. Bidding. 

1848. Bevv. A. Quicke and G. W. Heathcote. 

1850. BeTT. H. Lee and A. Quicke. 

1851. BcTV. G. C. BashleigL and A. Quicke. 

1852. Bew. A. Quicke and C. H. Bidding. 

1853. Bevv. A. Quicke and G. W. Heathcote. 

1854. Berv. A. Quicke and T. F. A. P. Hodges. 

[From Chri^tma?, 1864, .1. D. Walffrd, Esj. (above, p. 13), iraf Assistant Bursar, 
with a &tijx;Dd of i.'2O0 per annum down to his deatii.] 

1855. Bevv. A. Quicke and G. C. Eashleigh. 

1856. Bevv. A. Quicke and Henry Blackstone Williams. 

1857. Bevv. A. Quicke and C. H. Bidding. 

1858. Bevv. A. Quicke and G. W. Heathcote. 

1859. Bevv. A. Quicke and T. F. A. P. Hodges. 
[Burears receivwl il2(i i*r aimum from this year.] 

1860. Btvv. A. Quicke and H. Lee. 

1861. Bevv. A. Quicke and G. C. BasLleigh. 

1862. Bevv. A. Quicke and H. B. WUliams. 

[.\fter 1S<J2 the names of BoTEars are not recorded till 1?74. The Biimrs' book is 
mainly in Mr. Ueathcote's handwriting, and it is probable that he act«d alone, 
with the assistance of Mr. Walford, though the il20 is entered ererj- year 
opposite the word " Bursars."] 

* I am inileb;«d to tlw >;it.<iiii>«» oi iiu preaent Bar<;j for thu list.— J. B. V. 


1874 to Michaelmas, 1877. Rev. G. W. Heathcote, who retired at the latter 
date on £150 a year and the title of Sub-warden. 

Since Michaelmas, 1877. Thomas Frederick Kirbt, Esq., b. 3 Sept., 1836, 

e. 9. of Commander Thomas Kirby, R.N., of Inhurst, Hants, 

and Louisa Elizabeth, his wife, d. of Robert Becher, Esq., 

of Chancellor House, Tunbridge Wells. 

Oppidan at Eton 1848-55 ; Pensioner Trin. Coll. Camb. 1855, 1 CI. B.A. 1859, M.A. 

18fi>. Fellow and Assist. Tutor Trin. Coll. 1861-J ; Barr. Line. Inn 1866; 

F.S.A. ; J. P. Hants ; author of " Winchester Scholars," '* Annals of Winchester 

College," and numerous papers in " Archasologia, " and editor of Wykeham's 

Episcopal Register for the Hants Record Soc. JH 3 Oct., 1865, Helen, only 

surv. d. of Walter John Hunter, Esq., late of B.C.S. AMresx 7, College St., 


30 Winchester College. 


1832-49. George William Chai!D, Esq., chorister at St. P-aul's Cathcdnil; 
Lay Clerk cf Winche.ster Cathedral 1787, ami Assist. 
Organist; Oroaiiist Winchester Cathedral 1802; St. Cath. 
Coll. Camb. Mils. Doc. 1812. ffll U Jan., 1792, Amelia 
Burdiin. 1) 23 May, 1849, aged 84. Inscription iu Cloisters. 

Cf. D.N.B. X. g;;. 

1849-50. Benjamin Long, Esq., only s. of Benjamin Long, Esq., of St. Maurice, 
Winchester; New Coll.O.xon 1845, Mnp. Bar. 1845. Ifli 30 
June, 1815, Frances, 2nd d. of Mrs. Evatt, of Stratford-sub- 
Castle, Salisbury. 13 20 Nov., 1850, aged 48. lusciiiition 
in Cloisters. 

1851-C5. Samuel Sebastian Wesley, Esq., b. 14 Aug., 1810, s. of Samuel 
Wesley, Esq. (D.N.B. Ix. 318), by Sarah Suter ; Magd. Coll. 
Oxon 1839, B. & D. Mus. 1839. fH 4 May, 1835, Mary 
Anne, sister of Very Rev. John Merewetber, Dean of Here- 
ford. © 19 April, 187G. See D.N.B. Ix. 320. 

1805-1901. William Hutt, Esq., b. 25 Aug., 1843; chorister Westminster 
Abbey, Lay Vicar WincLester Cathedral ; composer of 
Communion Service in C. and Quingentenary Ode. iW 
Miss Eliza Crosse. JB 18 March, 1904, at Littleliampton. 

Since 1901. Edwap.d Thomas Sweetikg, Esq. See above, p. 23. 


Adams, 11. P. 

Ailanison, ('. S 

Andricpt, ('. A. 
Aiiiiovillis (J. C. 

Aris, H 

Aruati, X. 

Atkinson, E. 

Awdrj-, W. 

Baker, ,1 

Uakcr, J. K. Btthuue- ... 

Barter, K. S 

Basing, liarttn 

liathor, A. C, 

lii^ckwith, G 

IMir, M 

Boll, G. M 

Beloc, R. I) 

Blore, G. H 

Booth, G. Solatcr-. .SVe Basi 

Bramston, J. T 

Broomficld, A. E. 
Buckland, E. U. 
Buckland, K. JI. 

Budden, E 

Burge, H. M 

Bum, R 

Butler, A. J 

Calliphrnnas, G. ('. 
Cambridge, W. A. I'ickard- 

C'arter, F 

Carter, J. Bonham- 
Chanipnevs, A. C. 

Chard, G'. W 

ChawTier, W 

Christopherson, V. 

Church, U. W 

Cliute, C. W 

Clarke, I 

Cook, A. K 

Cook, E. T 

Cookson, H. W 

Craies, W. F 

Craig, J. I 

Crcmer, G. H 

Cripps, C. A 

Croft, \V. B 

Crossman, C. S 

Crui.-kshaiik, A. II. ... 

7, 10 

. 22, 26, 27 

... 27 

... 14 

... S.'? 

24, 26 

23, 26 

, Barou. 

. 16, 26, 27 

... 24 

21, 26 

... 18 

... 18 

18, 26 





II. A. 

Llavid, F. r, 

20, 22, 2 

... 1! 

22, 26, 2 

Dickins, H. C 

Dickins, W. P 

Du Boulay, J. T. II. ... 

r)u Domaiue, H. 

Du Pontet, K. I.. A. ... 

Durell, C. V 

Dumford, E 

Epps, 0. H. B 

Evans, A. H 

Evans, W. C 

Eversley, Viscount 

Fearon, W. A 

Fisher, H. A. L. 

Freeman, K. J 

Freshfield, E 

Fort, J. A 

Furley, J. S 

Garbutt, LI. I 

Gudes de Griiter, Prtifessor 

Godfrev, C. 

Godlev, J. C 

Grant, R 

Griffith, C. 

Griffith, C. A 

Griffith, G 

Gunner, W. H 

Hardv, B F 

Hardy, H. J 

Harper, H. 

Harrison, J. B. .. 

Hawkins, C. H 

Hearn, T. J 

Headlam, G. W. 
Heathcote, G. W. 

Heller, E 

Henville, C. B 

Hewett, G. M. A. 

Hevos, ,1. F 

Hiikhv, J. G 

Hill, A. duB 

Hodges, T. F. A. P. ... 

Hodgson, 0. .\ 

Hornl.v, J. .1 

Huutingford, G. \V. 
Hmitingford, H. 

Hussev, H. W 

Hutt, W 

Inge, W. R 

Irving, R. I,. G 

15, 26 

12, 16, 26, 27 

19, 26 

... 15 
15, 26, 27 
... 14 
... 24 
5, 28, 29 
... 15 
... 4 
19, 26 

18, 27 
6, 28 


Winchester College. 

Jackson, H. 

Kemble, A, 
Kemp, M. C. 
Kensington, T. ... 
Kenyon, F. G. ... 
Kirb}-, T. F. 

Lee, G. B. 
Lee, H. (sen.) 
Lee, H. (jnn.) ... 
Lefevre, C. Sbiiw-. 
Leigh, A. Austen- 
Little, C. W. 
Long, B 

MncdonnlJ, A 

Mackenzie, K. A. Miiir- 
Mackintosh, C. .\. G. .. 
McLaughlin, H. W. C. 
MacMahon, P. .\. 
JFacnaghten, H. V. 

Manley, F. H 

Mason, H. C. F. 
Meade, De C. ... 
Merriuian, H. G. 

Moberlv, G 

Moberly, H. E 

Morshead, E. D. A. 
Morshead, F 

17, -26 

3, 1-1 


5, 28 

.■^ffEverslev, Baron. 

.:. ... 9 

.. 23 
3, 10 
.. 21 

G. 12 
... 15, 20, 27 

Ogle, R. J. 

Palmer, R. .^ 
Palmer, \V. W 
Parr, R. K. 
Parry, E. St. J. ... 
Paj-ne, R. 
Phillips, C. B. ... 
Pilkington, C. ... 
Pitman, W. D. ... 

Price, B 

Price, E. A. 
Prickard, A. (I. .. 
Prior, 11. L. 

QuickC, A. 
Quirk, R. 

Rackham, TI. 
Rashleigh, G. C. 
Read, E. I'. 
Rend, H. V. Jervi 

Selborne, Baron. 
See Selbome, Earl i 

f., 28 
... 24 

... 20 

Rendall, M. J. ... 

Richardson, G. ... 
Ridding, A. 

Ridding, C. H. ... 
Ridding, G. 

Roberts, A. T. ... 

Robertson, M. ... 

Selbome, Baron ... 
Selbome, Earl of 
Sergeant, E. W. 
Sewell, J. E. 
Shadwell. C. L. ... 
Sikes, E. E. 
Sissmore, H. 
Smith, H. B. ... 
Smith, H. J. S. ... 
Smith, J. Parker 
Smith, N. C. 
Smith, W. P. ... 
Spence, C. H. ... 
Spooner, W. A. ... 
Stacpoole, A. 1>. 
Steel, H.C. 
Stogdon, F. R. ... 
Stonhouse, W. L. 
Swanton, F. 
Sweeting, E. T. ... 

Temple, F. 
Toye, A. J. 
Turner, E. J. 

V.aughan, C. J. ... 

Walford, J. D. ... 
Watkins, T. 
Watson, J. L. 
Were, E. A. 
Wesley, F. G. ... 
Wesley, S. S. ... 
Westcombe, T. ... 
Wickham, E. C. ... 
Wickham, F. 
Wickham, IL J. ... 
Wilkinson, B. K. K 
Willes, E. U. L. 
Williams, C. 
Willi.ims, H. B. ... 
AVilson, E. R. ... 
Wordsworth, C. .. 
Wrench, R. G. K. 
Wright, R. S. ... 

12, 16 

5, 28 
10, 12 

. . U 
16, 26 


... 10 

2,S, 26 
17, 26, 27 

... 1.? 
... 20 
... 25 
... 16 
... 27 
23, 30 

16, 26 
16, 26 

13, 28, 29 
... 27 
... 16 

... 30 
... 27 
7, 15 
... 12 
15, 26 

5, 28 







REV. GEORGE MOBERLY, M.A. (afterwards D.C.L.) 
Elected Informator, 1G Jan., 183G. 

LONG HALF (Jaxuary to July), 1836. 

[Xanios to which the mark (f) is attached are those of Scholars. For the House Letters, 
see Part I. abo\e, at p. 26. Names to which no letter or mark is attached are 
those of Commoners who were in "Old Commoners." Where the word "to'' is 
prefixed to a House Letter, the person in each case to whose name the sign, e.ff. (to A), 
is attached entered Old Commoners, but subsequently changed to the House denoted 
by the House Letter.] 

r.AKKR, Jami:s (t), b. 22 April, 1825, e. s. of Rev. James Baker (t 1800), K. of 

Nuneham Courtney, Oxen ; afterwards Chancellor of Durham 

Cathedral (bro. of Frederick, Henry, Granville, and 

Moiita-u Bernard, below, jip. 71, 106, 121, 136). 

Uuiv. Coll. Oxon 1843, 3 CI. li.A. 1847, 31.A. 1850 ; ^.i^-, «' 1851, p 1853 Oxf., 

C. Gt. Wilton, Oxon 1852-3, Croft, Yorks. 1854-8, Pitt. Hants 1859 ; E. 

St. Swithun's, 'Winchester 1859-63; Chapl. Win. Coll. 1858-95, Hants 

County Hospital 1885-95. D 19 June, 1897. 

Bennett, IIkney Edward, b. 10 Sept., 1822, at Haselgrove, e. s. of Rev. Henry 

Bennett, of Sparklbrd, Somerset, and Emily, his wife, d. of 

Edward Moberl}', Esq., of Petersburg, and sister of Rev. 

George Moberly (bro. of William Henry, Edward James, 

George, James Aithur, Francis Cay lev, and Charles William, 

below, pp. 53, 58, 81, 112, 145, 157). 

St. John's Coll. Camb., 15. .\. 1844 ; Barr. Inner T. 1848 ; resident in Upper Canada 

for some years; J. P. Somerset; Capt. 1st Somerset Jlilitia 1872-81. £^ 

26 Nov., 1857, Louisa Birchall, d. and co-heiress of Hon. Sir James Buchanan 

Macaulav, C.H., C..L of Toronto, and Rachel Cruikshank, his wife, d. of John 

Gamble ;" resided at Sparkford Hall. Q at Colwyn Bay, 22 May, 1897. 

liiiiiwiE, John Moore, b. 25 Dec., 1821, only s. of Robert Bridge, Esq., Wyke, 


.Magdalen Hall, Oxon 1842, B.A. 1845, M.A. 1849; It).©., d 1850, p 1851, C. St. 

.lohn, Keswick 1850-3, Hamble 1854-6. ffl ISl'il,' I'.mma, d. Ihomas Bridge, 

Esq., Monte Video House, Weymouth. S at l.orton House, Broadwav, 

Dorchester, 7 March, 1901. 

Carmiciiaei,, William Hugh Hedces, b. .it Killaruey, 1822, 2nd s. of Lieut.-Col. 

John Carmichael, (1th D. G., of Duncroft House, Staines, 

and 18, Rue Bisse, St. Pierre, Chaillot, Paris. 

R.M.C. Sandhurst, 1837, passed out first; Presentation Swonl 1840, Kns. 1840 

79th Kegt., Lieut. 1844, .Vdjut. 1845, Capt. 1847, invalided 1817. Q at Hastings, 

7 April, 1848 ; buried at Staines. 

I) 2 

36 Winchester College. 1836 

Frith, James (f), h. 18 April, 1821, 2ud s. of Kev. Edward Cokayne Frith, 
Hambledou, Hants (bro. of William Armetriding,below,p. Go). 
Westmiuster School 1833-3.5, King's Scholar 183.i ; Ch. Ch. Oson 1840, 4 Jlath. 
B.A. 1844, M.A. 1848; IS-©., d 1845, p 1846 Worcs., C. Mattloy, Worcs. 
1845-8, Bishop's Itchingtoii, Warws. 1848-50, South Moreton, Berks 1852-65, 
Bisley, Glouc. 1868-74 ; Y. St. Saviour, Coalpit Heath, Bristol 1874-81 ; 
K. .UwingtoD, Devon 1881-1901. 33 24 Sept., 1901. 

Gn.\T, James Charles (t)i b. 1 Jan., 1826, at Southampton, s. of Rev. James 
Gray, V. of Dibden, Hants. 
Left 17 April, 1837. Secretary to Southampton Savings Bank, West Marlands, 
Southampton ; residing in 1880 at Hanover House, Millbrook Koad, Freemantle, 
Southampton. Q. 

Hansard, Eichakd James, b. 18 Dec, 1821, 5th s. of Luke Graves Hansard, 
Esq., 10, Bedford Sq., and Eamsgate, aud Elizabeth, his 
wife, d. of William Hobbes, Esq. 
Trin. Coll. Oson 1840 ; M.K.C.S. 1847, Surgeon Oxford Militia. 33 19 Feb., 

Hears, James Clarke, s. of William Hearn, Esq., solicitor, Newport, I.W. 

Ens. 81st Kegt., 1741, exchanged iuto the 12th Regt., Lieut. 1842, Capt. 1850. 33 

HoLLiGAN, James Richard, e. s. of James Holligan, Esq., of St. Michael's, 
St. Alban's Hall, Oxon 1838, Triu. Coll. Camb. B..4. 1843 ; Barr. Inner T. 1847 ; 
Auditor of Public Accounts Barbados 1 856 ; Colonial Secretory aud Clerk to the 
Council Barbados 1802 ; Govt. Sec. and See. to Court of Policy and Combiued 
Court 1807. Ifl 3 Dec, 1853, Marv, 3rd d. of Hon. Geoi^e N. Tavlor, of 
Barbados. 33 1869. 

Lear, Francis (f), b. 23 Aug., 1823, e. s. of Veu. Francis Lear, B.D. (t 1801), 

Archdeacon of Sarum and Dean of Salisbury, and Isabella 

Mary Majendie, his wife, d. of Bishop of Bangor (bro. of 

Sidney Henry, below, p. 82). 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1842, B.A. 1840, M.A. 1849 [Uuiverity XI. 1843-4] ; to.®., d 1847, 

;; 1848 Sar. ; K. & V. of Bishopstone, WUts. since 1850^ K.D. of Chalke 1851-62, 

Dom. Chapl. to Bp. Denison of Salisbury 1851-4, Examining Chapl. to the 

Buccessive Bps. of Salisbury since 1854, Preb. of Bishopstone 1861-4, Chancellor 

of Salisbury 1861-4, Precentor 1864-75, Canon Kesidentinry 1862. Archdeacon 

of Sarum from 1875. fH 15 Jan., 1850, Eda Eleanor, d. of Kev. William 

Fisher, R. of Poulshot, Wilts., and Canon of S.alisbury. AdJrcss The Close, 

Salisbury, and Bishopstone Rectory, Salisbury. 

Lowndes, AVilliam Layton, b. 1822, only s. of Henry Dalstou Lowndes, Esq., 

of Red Lion Sq., and Sarah, his wife, d. of William Lowe, 

Esq., of Montagu St., Russell Sq. 

Oriel Coll. Oxou, 4 CI., 4 Math. B.A. 1844, M.A. 1848 ; Barr. Lincoln's Inn 1848; 

.T.P. and D.L. Salop, and for many years Chairman of Quarter Sessions ; J.P, 

Kent; sometime De|)uty Chairman Dover Harbour Board, flfl 1850, Jane 

Aloxandriua, c. d. of Kt. Hon. Sir Alexander Young Spearman, 1st. Uart. 

33 at 27, Marine I'arade, Dover, 1 July, 1900. 

Mansfield, Robert Blachford (t), b. 1 Feb., 1824, 2nd s. of Rev. John 
Mansfield, R. of Rowuer, Hants. 
Univ. Coll. Oxon 1842, B.A. 1846; Stud. Line. Inn 1845, Barr. Inner T. 1849; 
author of "The Log of the AVater-Lily" 1851, "The Water-Lily on the 
Danube" 1852 (these two works were published anonymously, but re|)ublished 
together in 1854 with the author's name, new ed. 1877), "School Life at 
Winchester College " 1866, 2nd ed. 1870, 3rd ed. 1893: "New and Old Chips 
from an Old Block" 1896. f^i^ 29 July, 1858, Sophia, d.'of Lieut.-Col. Antlumx 
Ri'oert L'Estrange, of Moyslown, Ireland. AJJrefs 74, Warwick Siji, 
Loudon, S.W. 

1836 Winchester College. 37 

MuDiiRLY, Henhy Kuward, b. 11 Dec, 1822, e. s. of Lieut.-Cul. Henry Moberly, 
Madras (bro. of Frederick Sliowcs, below, p. 83). 
Into College Loui? Half 1837; Sch. Xew Coll. Oxon ISJl, 3 CI. B.A. 1845, M.A. 
18-18 [University XI. 1842-5] ; 1^.©., d 1846, p 1854 Oxon ; Fellow New Coll. 
1843-60; Tutor 1854-9; Assist. Master Harrow 1846-7; Sub-Wanlcn Trin. 
OoU. Glenalmond, X.B. 1847-54; Assi-st. Master and House Master Win. Coll. 
18.59-80; V. Heckfield 1880-3, E. St. Michael's, Wincliester, since 1883. {H 
5 .Jan., 1860, Lucy Proby, y. d. of Lieut.-Col. Morgan Charles Chase. Address 
St. Michael's Kectory, Winchester. 
JIyeus, Johs Morison, 2Qd s. of William Myers, Esq., Jamaica. 

Exeter Coll. Oxou 1838, New Inn Hall B.A. 1843 ; liJ.©., Head Master of Free 
.School, Walton St. Anne's, Jamaica. J3 2 Feb.,' 1861, at Linsted, Spanish 
Town, Jamaica. 
Pechkll, Wii.liaji MoRTiMEn, b. 28 Marcli, 1822, 3rd s. of Capt. Samuel George 
Pecbell, R.N., Bereley, Alton, and Caroline, his wife, 2nd d. 
of William Thoyts, of Sulhampstead Honse, Berks. 
y.u<. o-frd IJcift. 1842, Lieut. 1846, thence Capt. and Paymaster 85th Regt. 1S51. 
iH 25 Oct., 1849, Georgina, d. of John Harrop, Esq., Broughton Hall, Staffs. 
Q 18 Feb., 1859, at Grahamstown, S. .\frica. 
QuicKE, Edward Hexry, b. 5 M.arch, 1822, 4th s. of Capt. John Qnicke, Newton 
St. Cyres, Devon, and Frances Catherine, his wife, y. d. of 
Thomas Cnmming, Esq., of Bathampton, Somerset (bro. 
of Charles Penrose, below, p. 98). 
Wadh. Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1844 ; 1&.©., d 1845, p 1846, V. Newton St. Cyres 
1847-70, R.D. 1847. fH Elraiior Elizabeth, d. Kcr. William Jenkins, V. of 
Sidmouth. D 5 June, 1870. 
RiiiDixo, Charles Henry (f), b. 26 Nov., 182.'j, e. s. of Rev. Charles Henry 
Ridiling (t 1809), Second Master and Fellow of Winchester 
College, and Charlotte, his wife, 3rd ri. of Yen. Archdeacon 
Stonhoiise Vigor (bro. of Arthur, George, and William, 
below, pp. 57, 70, 90). 
Trin. Coll. O.xon 1884, Demy Magd. Coll. 1847-56, B.A. 1848, M.A. 1851, 
[University XI. 1845-9], Capt. 1849, Fellow 1856-66, Bursar 1861, Vice- 
President 1863 ; !&.©., d 1849, p 1850 Oxon, C. Thealc, Berks 1849-62, 
Tangley. Hants 1852-57, R. Slymbridgc, Clone. 1865-1902. fH 1866, Emma, 
d. of Thomas Lamb, Esq., of Andover. S at Kneller Court. Farcham. 
13 Jlarch, 1905. 
RoDYNs, JoTiN', s. of Rev. Thomas Robyns, V. of Marystow, Devon (1819-39). 

D young in Devon. 
Ryder, Ricuabd Calthorpe Whitmore, b. 22 July, 1822, 8th s. of the Rt. 
Rev. the Hon. Henry Ryder, Bishop of Lichfield and 
Coventry, and Sophia, his wife, d. of Thomas March Phillips, 
of Garcndon Park, Leicestershire. 
Oriel r„ll. Oxon 1840, then Sch. Wadh. Coll. 1841, 3 CI. B.A. 1844, M.A. 1850, 
Fellow 1849; Barr. Inner T. 1848. S 6 Oct., 1897, at Wellswood House, 
Salmon, Henry Thomas (f), b. 7 June, 182G, e. s. of Rev. Henry Salmon, of 
Winchfield Par.sonagc, near Odiham, Hants. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1845, B.A. 1S48, M.A. 1851 ; Jt).®., '/ 1849,/) 1850, Norw., 
C. Morston, Nnrf. 1819-51, WaUIrist, Berks 1851-3, Shutford, Oxou 
1853-.5, Twi.-krnliam l,s5.".-;i. lirlt.iu, Warwicks. 1859-62, Barwell, Leics. 
1862-5, V. .■\Iilfnrd. Surrcv Isc.VS,-,, Cbapl. Hambledon Union 1878-85 ; resided 
at Hampton Hill, Mi.ldlp.-^cx. D i'"V'« 1893. 
ScnoMDERG, Georqe AUGUSTUS, b. 5 Oct., 1821, s. of Alexander Wilmot 
Schonibcrg, Admiral of the Bhie, and Anne, his wife, d. of 
Admiral Richard Smith, of Ponlfon, Cheshire. 
Entered Royal Jlarines 1841, Marine .\rtill.-ry ISI2, served W. Coast .\frica 
1844-6, ('apt. 1853, served in Baltic 1X55 (despatches and medal), served in 
China 1857-9 (medal and clasp), D.A.G. to R.M. 1872-5, General 1877, 
retired 1881, C.B. 1867, K.C.B. 1896; author of " Homer's Odyssey rendered 
into English Verse," 2 vols. 1879-82. ffl 1853, Mary. d. of Charles Wright, 
Esq., of St. Clare, Soiithscn. Address United Senice Club. 

38 Winchester College. 1836 

Slekmax, William ])i;dford, s. of Rev. Peter Sleeniaii, Whitclniidi, Tavistock. 

Eus. 71th Kegt. 1810, retired 184G. 33 iu the West ludies. 
Talbot, Hex. William Leopold Porsessa, b. 24 April, 1824, 7th s. of Jaiucs, 
3i(l Baron Talbot, of Malahide, and Anne Sarah, his wife, 
2nd d. and co-lieiress of Samuel Eodbard, of Evercrcech, 
Shepton Mallet (bro. of Harry, f 1765). 
Eus. 9th Regt. 18-12. Lieut. lS-14. Cni.t. 1848, M.i'jor 18.50, A.D.C. to Gon. Airev at 
Fall of Sebnstopol (, cI isj., ami Turkish medal), Lieut.-Col. (retired) 
18(!8. J.r. and D.l,. Sussex. £^ 18.VJ. Mary Louise, d. of Anthonv Lofrov, Esq.. 
Carrickglass, co. Longford, JI.l'. Q s. p. 12 Aug., 1881. 
UxDKUWooD, Alfred Octavius, 6th s. of Rev. Canon Thomas Underwood, II. 
of Ross, Herefordshire (1801-1839). 
Solicitiir 1814 and |iarliamentar_v agent, practising first at 24. lied Lion Square, and 
sulisei|ui'ntiy at 89, Chancery Lane, London, W.C, down to 1882. fH 29 .Tune, 
ls.')ii. ( atheriue, y. d. of the late John Urqiihart, Esq., of Glen Urquhart, 
luvcrucss shire. 
White, Hexky Master, b. 3 Dec., 1820, e. s. of Rev. Francis Henry While, 
V. of Blakeslev, Northaiits. (bro. of Joiin Edward, below, 
p. 99). 
Into College Long Half 1837 ; Ball. Coll. Oxon 1839 ; Fellow Xew Coll. 1839-58. 
1 CL, 2 JIath. 1842. .Johnson Math. Schol. and D.A. 1843 ; Pusev and Ellerton 
.Schol. and M.A. 181G. I).©., ,1 1844. ;> lS4(i Oxon, Tutor Xe\v Coll. 1845-8, 
Prill, iial Din. Coll. .S.-V., C^ipotnwu Isl9-,i7. C. Andovcr. Hants 1857-fil, 
iMashroimh, Vnrks. isill-.-,, V. Masbrou-h 18i;.V70, Ar,-hd. of Grahamstowii 
1871-92; author of '• Duties of the Clergv with regard to Church Finance"' 
1873. D 4 (,)ct., 1892. See Wyk. vi. (n. 283) 30G. 
Wuiiii, William Paul, e. s. of Jacob Paul Wood, Esq., of Tctburv. 

St. John's Coll. Oxon 1840, 15.A. 1843, M.A. 184G. H7.(©., -7 1840./) 1847, I;. 
Mauaton 1848-52, R. Saddington 1852-84. ffl 22 Jiilv, 1851. Jaquite Marv. 
3rd d. of 'WillJam Hole, Esq. J3 26 Aug., 1884. 

SllOltT lIAFyF (.September to Decemi!er), iSoG. 

Actos, Joiix(t), h. 31 Aug., 18'.i2, 4th s. of Rcv. Edward Henley Actun, of 
Sliillingstonc, Dorset (Coinin. 1799), who was himself 
directly descended from four generations of Wykehamists. 
E.xcter Coll. Oxon 1841, B.A. 1844, M.A. 18,50 ; JB.©., (/ 1848, ;) 18411 Snr.. C. E»st 
Orchard, Dorset, V. Iwenie Minster, Dorset 18G0-99. ffl 20 July, 1858, 
Eliza Jane, only d. of late Walkiu Uonifrav, Esq., of Clifton. 12 .\pril, 
AuciiEU, Samuel Howard, b. Jan., 1821, 3id s. of Edward Archer, Esij., nf 
Trelaskc, Cornwall, and Charlotte Augusta, his wife, d. 
of Charles Harward, Esq., of Haync House, Devon (bro. of 
Fiilhert, below, p. C4, and of Charles Harward, cf. Holgatc, 
" AVinchestcr Commoners," p. 290). 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1839, li.A. 1843, M.A. 1848; Stud. Line. Inn 1841. |1).€>-, 
./ 1.844, p. 1845, C. Trewen lS44-(;, Huish 184G-52, R. Throwleigh 1852-82, R. D. 
Okehanipton 1880-2, R. Newton Ferrers 1882-91. ffl 3rd Oct., 1850, Cliarlotte 
Hester, 2nd d. of Rev. Walter Radclift'c, of ^\'arleigli, Devon. AtlJicff E\orsley, 
High Week, Newton Abbot, Devon. 
AnKOLD, JIatthkw, b. 24 Dec, 1822, at Lakham, Staines, e. s. of Rev. Thomas 
Arnold, D.D. (tl807), of Rugby, and Mary, his wife, d. 
of Rev. John Penrose. 
To Rugby 1837; Sch. Ball. (\ill. Oxon 1841, Newdigate "Cromwell" 1843, 2 CI. 
B.A." 1844, M.A. 1853, D.C.L. 1870, Fellow Oriel 1845 ; JMnstor at Kugbv : 
Private Sec. to Lord Lansdowne 1847 ; Inspector of Schools 1851-88 ; Professor 
of Poetry at Oxford 1857-G7. fH 10 June, 1851, Frances Lucy, d. of Sir 
William Wightniaii, one of the judges of the Queen's Bench. S at Liverpool, 
15 April, 1888. See D.N.B. Supp. i. 70, and for a list of his works "The 
Bibliograjihy of Matthew .Vruold," by Thomas Burnett Smart, London, 1892. 

1836 Winchester College. :)'J 

AuNom, Thomas, b. 30 Nov., 1823, at Lalehani (bro. of ili» above). 

To IJiigby 1837 ; Scb. Univ. Coll. Oxon 1842, 1 CI. B.A. 1845, M.A. 18G5 ; Stii.l. 
Line. Inu 1846 ; Clerk in Colonial Office 1847 ; to Xew Zealand 184/ ; stiirted a 
school at Fort HiU, near Nelson, 1S49 ; Inspector of Schools in Tasmania 
1850-G ; received into Catholic Church IS.'jiJ ; Professor of English Literature 
at Cath. Univ. Dulilin, 18.36-62 ; First Classic il Master iu the Oratory School, 
Edgbaston 1862; left the Citholic Church iu 1865. but was subsequently 
received back airain ; Fclbnv of Koval Uuiversitv .and Pmf. of English in Univ. 
Coll. Dublin 1882-lPoO; .iuth..r ,.F--A Jbiiiual uf En-lisb Literature" 1862, 
'•('baucor to Wordsworth" ISils, •• 1',-ism-i's in a Wandering' Life" 1900, and 
other ivorks ; joint-author with W. E. Ad.iis of ■' A Cath.dic Dictionan-'' 1883. 
iB. (1) 13 .lune, 1850, Julia, d. of ■\Villiam Sorrel], of Hobart; (2) in 1890, 
J^Ksephine, d. of James lienison, of Slieve Ilussell. co. Cavan. S at Dublin, 
12 Xov., 1900. See D.N.B. Supp. i. 76. 

AniEiiLEy, Artiiuu Pelhvji, b. July, 1823, e. s. of Rev. Arthur Atkerley, Y. 
of Heavitree, Eseter, ami Amelia Elizabeth, his wife, d. of 
Richard Dawkins, Esq. 
Ens. 30th Hegt. 1840, 19th Eegt. 18U, 92nd Regt. 1842, retired 1843. fH early iu 
1846, Sarah Ann, e. d. of -John Thompson, Esq. Q at Bath, Aug., 184/. 

AubTEX, IIexry Morlasd, 3rd s. of Rev. John Austen, R. of Chevening, 

Sevenoaks, aud Harriet, his wife, d. of Thomas Lane, Esq., 

of Brabourne, Kent. 

Ch. Ch. O.Kon 1.S41, B.A. 1845, M.A. 1849; 111.©.,'/ 1846, p 1847, K. Crayford 

1851-73; resided at Sevenoaks. £B. 15 Sept., 1853, Mary, y. d. of William 

Parke, Esq., of "The Thickets," Jamaica. Q at 45, Hertford St., Mavfair, 

4 May, 1904. Wyk. ix. (n. 411). 

UuNi>, Edward Coplestose, y. s. of Capt. Fwncis Grdolpliin Bond, R.N., of 

Colleton Crci^cfDt and Alphington, Exeter. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1842. 2 CI. B.A. 1846, M.A. 1851 ; IS).©., </ 1349, p 1850, C. 

■\Vobum 1849-51. Leight.u Biuzard 1851-4, Filleigh 1854-8, St. Mary, 

Uochester 1858-63, Harberton 1864-5 ; V. Starcross, Devon 1865-1904. Q 12 

Jan., 1904, at Starcross Vicarage. AVyk. ix. (n. 408). 

Buckle, Willia,"*!, e. s. of William Hill Buckle, Esq., of Jlfracombe, afterwards 

of Piera Court, Worcestershire (bro. of Walter, below, p. 84). 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 1841, B.A. 1845, M.A. 1848 [University Vlll. 1844-5] ; H).©., 

'/ 1847, p 1848, C. Wcstburv 1847-50, Inc. Oakbridge 1851-9, C. Strettou 

Graudison 1860-71, V. Canon'Frome 1871-6. D 30 Nov., 1876. 

Coxuy, Maurice, s. of late Capt. Conry, of the 49th Regt., and Mary, his wife, 
of The Collage, Honiton. 
D early at Honiton. 

Cr.irrs, Edward (t), b. 4 Knv, 1822, s. of Rev. Heury Cripps, V. of Preston, 

GloucCBtershirc, and Judith, his wife, y. d. of William 

Lawrence, Esq., of Cirencester, and sister of Sir William 

Lawrence (D.N.B. xxxii. 286), 1st Barf. 

Left 6 .Tan., 1837 ; to Edinburgh, Paris, and St. Bartholomew's Hosp. ; M.R.C.S. 

Kug. 1845, U.S.A. 1846, sometime Surgeon Birmingham Genl. Dispensary, and 

I'ris. Cli.uccstcr Medical and Surgical Assoc, and Gloucester Branch of the 

Brili>Ii M.di.-al .\ssoc. ; Surgeon-JIajor 4th Batt. Glouc. Il.-gt., Assist. Surg. 

9tli ((■ir'i"''-ter) Co. Glouc. H.V. ; Govt. Inspector of Recruits. Admiraltv 

Inspector ot Naval Pensioners; practised at Cirencester. iH 18 May, 1854, 

Frances .\ugusta, v. d. of Charles Harding, Esq., of Bole Hall, Tamworth, 

Stsiffordshire. Q 1886. 

CnoFTS, CuAltLES Dakiel, s. of Rev. Peter Gucrin Crofts, Mailing-, Lewes, and 

Elizabi'th Frederica, his wife, ord d. of E>»an Law, Esq. 

St. John's Coll. Camb., B.A. 184ii [University XL 1843] ; 11).©., </ 1845, p 1846, 

li. Cavthorpc with Fristo 1847-93. fH 20 May, 1846," Harriet, 2nd d. of late 

James' Ingram, Esq., ot .\des, Sussex. Q at Caythoriw, 15 April, 1893, aged 

71. Wyk. vi. (u. 289) 354. 

40 Winchester College. 1836 

CosLU'TE, Foster (t\ b. 6 April, 1825, in Madras, 2nd s. of Bruuke Cunliffc, 
Esq., of Erliistock Hall, Denbigli, Commissioner H.E.I.C.S., 
and liis 1st wife, Mary, d. of John Pirrie, Esq. 
Eutcrc<i H.E.I.C.S. D in India, 10 Nov., 1815. 

Dassey, William Malet, s. of Major Charles Cornwallis Dansey, C.B., l!.ll. A., 
fH 7 Juno, 18-18, Julia, 7th d. of Kdnard MarjoribanVs, Esq., of Grccnlauds and 
Ewdcn, Bnckingham. 13 at Old Park, Niton, 13 April, 1856. 

Davison, Jonx Robert, e. s. of Rev. John Davison, R. of Upton-upon-Severn 

and Canon of Worcester. 

E.xhibitionor C.C.C. O.xou 1840, B.A. 1845, M.A. 1847 ; ^.©., >1 184G, p 1847, 

C. liromsgrove 1846-52, V. Mosoley, Birmingham 1852-76. iB 10 Aug., 1852, 

Elizabeth Jane, d. of Kev. William Villers, V. of Bromsgrove. O 9 Sept., 


Dawson, Richard Kennet, e. s. of Richard Dawson, Esq., of Sidmouth, Devon, 
and Clayton, Yorks. 
Univ. Coll. Oxon 1841, B.A. 1845. S at Powvs, Sidmouth, 28 Oct., 1892, aged 
70. See Wyk. vi. (n. 282) 294. 

D'Oyly, John Walpole, b. 23 Dec, 1821, 5th s. of Rev. George D'Oyly, D.D., 


From Westminster .School 1834-6 ; Exeter Coll. Oxon 1840 ; Ens. 1841, 11th Devon 

Eegt., Lient.-Col. 1st Batt. 1861, Major-Gen. 1877, Hon. Ueut.-Gen. (retired) 

1881. fH 1884, Frances Maria, widow of Lord An\elius Beanclerk, and onlv d. 

of Charles Harrison, Esq. © 1897. 

Dryden, Alfred Erasmus, b. 14 Oct., 1821, 2nd s. of Rev. Sir Henry Drydcn, 

6th Bart, of the 1st and 3rd of the 2nd creation, and 

Elizaljeth, his wife, d. of Rev. Julius Hutchinson, C.F. 


Trin. Coll. Oxon 1840,4 CI. 1843. B.A. 1844, M.A. 1847 [University XI. 1841-3] ; 

Barr. Middle T. 1847. iH 1849, Frances Isabella, only d. of Uev. John 

Christian Curwen, R. of Harrington, Cumberland. Succeeded brother as 8tli 

and 5th Baronet 1899. Aildrcff Canons Ashby, ByBeld, Northants. 

GiRDLESTONE, Tharp MOUNTAIN (f), C.F., bapt. 14 JuDe, 1823, at Bacons- 

thorpe, Norfolk, s. of Rev. Theophilus Girdlcstone, R. of 

Baconsthorpe, and Mary, his wife. 

To St. B;irtliolomow's ITosp. London ; JI.K.C.S. Eng. 1845, F.It.C.S. 1849 ; Surgeon 

to I'.lriilirim St. Dispiiisarv, London. 18,50; went to Melbourne before 18611; 

Mi-iiil.. Mill. Sn,-, nuil JlicT' Soc. Victoria; Surgeon Alfred Hosp. and 

llciilth ( im.-er IMill.ouriip ; fornierlv House Surgeon St. Bartholomew's IIosp. ; 

resided at 114, Collins St., East Melbourne. S 1883 or 4. 

GooDENOUGH, JoHN Ward (f), C.F., b. 18 June, 1824, 3rd s. of Rev. John 
Joseph Goodenough, D.D. (t V..V.), Head Master of Bristol 
Grammar School (afterwards R. of Broughton Pogis, Oxon), 
by his 2nd marriage. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1842, Fellow 1844-7, S.C.L. D c'u-ai 1847. 

JuNOR, P. of the late Henry Junor, Esq., of Edinbvirgh, stepson of Rev. Archibald 
Browne, 2(1, Scotland St., Edinburgh. 

King, William Brooks, s. of James Bryan King, Esq., of Jamaica, nephew of 
Lieut.-Col. William Pearce, K.U., of Staverton House, 
Clare Coll. Camb., B.A. 181(1. D in Auslralia. 

Laxomrad, William, ward of Sir Ralph Lo|iep, 2Dd Bart. 

Said to have become a solicitor at Pernford, Plymouth, bid luiknowii to the I.:nv 
Lists, and not to be found in a Directory of Plyuiouth for 1850. 

1S36 Winchester College. 41 

IjuwTuiiP, (juuuLs JIacdon'ald (t) b. 7 April, 1824, at LongfurJ, Derbyfliiic, 
e. s. of Rev. Gorges Paulin Lowther (Comm. 1803), Pre- 
bendary of Salisbury and P. Orclieston St. George, Wilts., 
and Elizaljeth, his ^vife, y. d. of Edward Charles Windsor, 
Esq., of The Grange, Salop (bro. of William St. George 
Penruddocke, below, p. 104). 
Queen's Coll. Oxon 1845 ; to Australia, where he married and entered the Police. 
Oat Orcheston St. George Rectory, and buried in the churchyard there 3 April, 

SIaule, William, 3rd s. of George Maule, Esq., Solicitor to the Treasury, of 

Gwydyr House, Whitehall, and Wilton Crescent (brother of 

Francis, below, p. 93). 

Trin. Coll. Caml)., B.A. 1849, M.A. 1853 [University VIII. 1S47] ; IB.©., d 1849, 

p 1850, C. Flctton 1849-50, Crookham 1850-1, E.D. St. Xeots 1846, R. Evnes- 

bury, Hunts. 1851-90, V. Privett, Hants 1890-S. fB. 17 Julv 1851, Cecil, v. d. 

(>£ late Thomas Vardon, Esq. S 18 May, 1898. 

Meadk, De CocucT(t), b. 1 Nov., 1824, 3rd s. of Rev. Richard Jolm Weadc, 
K. of Marston Bigot, Somerset, and Canon of Wells. 
Sch. Exeter Coll. Oxon 1842-8, 2 CI. B.A. 184i;, M.A. 1849, Commoner Tutor Win. 
Coll. 1848-9 ; !&.©., </ 1849, p 1850 Llan., C. Ibberton, Dorset 1849-56, 
Weston, near Bath 1856-70 ; R. North with South Barrow, Somerset 1870-8, 
A'. Tockenham, Wilts. 1878-88. S at 13, Great Bedford St., Bath, 26 Sept., 

MoKGAN, s. of late Henry Rose Morgan, Esq., foi-merly of 52, Baker St., London, 
and bro. of the Morgan in 4th Book, Senior Part, in 1835 
(Holgate, " Winchester Commoners," p. 21)5). 

Perkins, Edward Norman (t), b. 15 June, 1824, at Blackheath (? s. of 
Frederick Perkins, Esq., the Manor House, Lee). 
Eus. Bengal S.C. 1842, Lieut. 1846, Capt. 1857, Major 1862, Lieut.-Col. 1868. Col. 
18,3, JIajor-Gcn. (retired) 1876 ; se^^-ed in Gwalior campaign, including battle 
of Maharajapur 29 Dec, 1843 (bronze star) ; also in Sutlej campaign (medal) ; 
Punjab campaign 1848-9 (medal); under Sir Charles Napier 1850, and under 
Sir Colin Campbell 1851-2 (medal with clasp) ; Indian Mutiny 1857-8 

(despatches and medal) ; woimded at Tinmoor Ghat. fH (I) Catherine , 

who died 14 Sept., 1850; (2) 1894, Afcnes M , d. of Lieut.-Gen. A. H. 

Bamfield, and widow of Capt. R. Barnes Reed. S at Exmouth, 31 July, 1S97. 

PiiiLLPOTTS, Octatius (f), b. 22 Sept., 1822, 8th s. of Rt. Rev. Henry 
Phillpott-s, Bishop of Exeter, and Deborah Maria, his wife, 
d. of William Surtees, Esq., of Bath. 
To Australia ; returned 1856. fH at Plymouth 21 Feb., 18G0. Gcor^'iana Harriet, 
2nd d. of Thomas Veale Lane, Esq., of Coffleet, Devon. JB at Plymouth. 

PiNDER, Francis Ford, b. 1822, s. of William Mavnard Binder, Esq., Cran Hill 
Villa, Bath (bro. of Edward, below, p. 70). 
Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1844 ; Special Pleader 1848, Barr. Inner T. 1857, Western 
Circ. ; standing junior counsel to Inland Revenue Commissioners 1872-6 ; one 
of the editors of " Stephen on Pleading." Q 3 Nov., 1876. See Wyk. lii. (n. 
104) 29. "No man was ever more honoured and beloved by his brethren of 
the bar." — Soliciturs' Juurnal, xxi. p. 21. 

Pretyman, William, s. of Rev. George Thomas Pretyman, Cliancellor of 

Lincoln and Canon of Winchester, and Amelia, his wife, 

d. of Christopher Tower, Esq., of Weald Hall, Esse.x. 

Eus. 33rd Regt. 1840, Lieut. 1842, Capt. 1849, Major 1856, Brev. Lieut.-Col. 1856 ; 

served through Crimean War, present at Inkcrman and .\lma ; was the 6rst, 

with Brigadier Codrinjiton, to obserA'C the Russian approach at Inkerman 

(medal, 3 clasps, Knip;ht Legion of Honour, 5th Class Medjidie, and Turkish 

medal) ; Lieut.-Col. 4th Batt. 60th Rifles 1859 ; retired 1865. iH 1865, 

(Jeraldine, d. of John Xewman, of Dromore, co. Cork. S at 31. Ennismorc 

(iardius, London, 5 Oct., 1894. 

42 WixciiESTER College. 1836-7 

Rakuall, ItlCUAKD WiLLiAM, li. in Londoii 13 April, 1824, c. s. of Kcv. James 
r.aiidall, M.A., V. of Brinfiekl (t 1804) (formerly a barrister 
of Lincoln's Inn, ar.d subsequently Arcliileacou of Berks 
and Canon of Bristol), and Rtbe, his «itV, only d. of Rieliard 
Lowndes, Esq. (flTSo) (bro. of Leslie and John 
Henry, below, pi'. 73, 86). 
Ch. Cb. Oxon, 4 CI. 1845, B.A. 1846, M.A. 1849, B.D. and D.D. 18fl2 ; %(B., d 1847, 
p 1846, K. Lavintfton with Graffham, Sussex 1851-68 (Card. Sianniii^''s suc- 
cessor) ; V. .-Ul Saints, Clifton 1868-92 ; Select Preacher at Oxford 1891-2 : 
Dean of Chichester 1892-1902; author of "Life in the Catholic Church," 3r<i 
ed. 18!i0, "Sermons preached in Oxford," "Lent Sermons," " Heligious Wants 
and I hiims of Children," "Simple Thoughts for Forty Days of Lent" 1886, 
•• .Sii.;L;cstions and Meditations for Lent" 1886, " L'nion with Ciod and from Life 
to Life," 2nd ed. 1890, "Some Aspects of the Holy Eucharist" 1897, etc., etc. 
iH 6 Xov., 1849, Wilhehnina, d. of George Augustus Bruxncr, Esq. AJdicsi 
Marylioume, Bournemouth. 

Watkixs, Bernard Edward, b. 1822, y. s. of Robert Watkins, Esq., Tower 

House, Arundel, Sussex. 

Wadh. Coll. 0.\on, 4 CI. B.A. 1843, M.A. 1870 ; IS).®., .? 1846. p 1846, C. Udimorc 

1846, R. Trecton, Yorks. 1846-77. ffl (1) i846, Isabella Springet ; (2) 1871. 

Nancy Hope ; resided at Lawklaud Hall, Clapliam, Lancaster. D 29 Julv 


Williams, riiiur, b. 7 Sept., 1824, only s. of Rev. Charles Williams (tl7'.i7X 
above, ]i. 4. 
Fellow Xeiv Coll. 1844-51, B.A., 3 CI. 1848, B.C.L. 1851, M.A. 18.-.9 [Fniv. XI. 
1844-7] ; Barr. Line. Inn 1851 ; i|?.®., -I 1856. /) 1857 Line. ; C. ladlin- !S5i;, 
Minor Canon Chester Cath. 1859-6i), 1!. Kewe. Devon I860. iB. -^ May. 1.S5I. 
.\gnes Gordon, v. d. of Robert Haviland, Esf]., of Gloucester Place. Loudon. 
S at Bath, 18 Xov., 1899. Cf. Wyk. viii. (n. 365) 142. 

Wood, Almeric Randolph, 4tb s. of Rev. William Wood, Canon of Canterbury. 
Ch. Ch. O.xon 1840 ; Attache to Embassy at Con.stiuitiuople. S of fever on the 
Euphrates in the autumn of 1850 (" fide Xtiana deuegata," as Dr. Moberly's 
no(«-book states), aged 28. 

LOXC HALF, 1837. 

Adams, Charles, s. of Charles Marsh Adams, Esq., The Abbey, Shrewsbury. 

Major ; Professor of Jlilitary History, Sandhurst 1861-75 ; said to have been 
previously in .\ustrian service. 

Agnew, Edward Frederiik (f), e. surv. s. of Major Thomas Agnew, Portsca. 
Ens. 34th Kegt. 1842, Lieut. 1844, Capt. 1849, retired 1853 ; Capt. West Suffolk 
Jlilitia. fB 6 June, 1855, .Tulia Tynda'e, 3rd d, of the late Rev. 'William 
Button Wilkinson, M.A., formerly liic. of ,\11 Saiut«, Portsca. 

Barker, Henry Barnardiston Raymond, 3rd s. of Charles Raymond Barker, 
Esq., 13, Bl.indford St., Portman Sq. 
Caius Coll. Camb. 1840, B.A. 1844, M.A. 1847 [Universitv XI. 1844] ; Barr. Inner 
T. 1848. fH 22 Julv, 1852, Caroline Maria, d. of James Uwrell, Esq. D at 
Eastwick, Ealing, 29 Dec, 1894. Cf. Wyk. vii. (n. 309) 78. 

Blackdurn, Henry Leith, b. Feb,, 1822, 4th s. of Robert Blackburn, Esq., of 

Palnieirrt, Madeira, and Mary, his wife, d. and heiress of 

Rev. Thomas Bellas (or, more eorreetly, Bellasysc), of Long 

Maiton, Westmorland. 

Ens. 41st Rcgt., Bengal Establ. 1841, Capt. invalided balf-pav 1859; residing at 

Ealing 1878. 

1837 Winchester College. 43 

Blackkr (-Dul'GLAss), St. John Thomas, b. 1822, e. s. of Rev. Samuel Blacker, 

LL.I)., Market Hill, Ireland, and Klizabetb, his wite, d. o( 

Thomas Douglass, Esq., of Grace Hill, co, Down. 

J.r. and D.L. co. Kerrv, Ilii;!! Sheriff J865; .T.P. and D.L. co. Armagh, IIi;;h 

Sheriff 18G1. iH 1855, Elizabeth, e. d. of Col. Crofton Jloore Vandeleur, of 

Kilnish ; resided at Elm Park, co. Armayh, at Tullahinel, liallylongford, co. 

Kcrrj-, and at Grace Hill, co. Down. S 26 Sept., 1900. 

DicKixs, AViLLiAM Park, b. 182-i, e. s. of William Dickins, Esq., of Cherington, 

Shipstone, and Lucy, li's wife, d. of Hon. Su' James Allan 

Paik, Judge of the C'ommou Pleas (bro. of Herbert Stewart 

and Henry Compton, below, pp. 109, 120). 

(Iriel Coll. Oxon 18-12. 1 CI. B.A. 184G. JI.A. 185!t, Fellow of Merton 1847-60, Siib- 

Wardcn 1854; Senior Part Tutor Win. Cidl. 1846-7; liarr. Line. Inn 1851; 

J. P. and D.L. 'Wamicks., Dep. Chairman Qr. Sessions. fH 1859, Catherine 

Frances, d. of Her. Charles Canston, R. of Lasham, Herts. Addrens Cherini^on, 


FiiEELiNG, James Robert (t), b. 3 June, 1825, 2nJ s. of John Clayton Frceliug, 

Esq., of Marylebone, Secretary to the Poard of Inland 

Revenue, and Mary, his wife, 3rd d. of Edward Coxc, Esq., 

of Hampetead (bro. of George Noel and Hugh Melvill, 

below, ]ip. 81, 85). 

E.xcter Coll. Oxon 1844, Durham Univ.. I!.A. 1850, JI.A. 1857 ; 1&.©.. J 1852 Elv, 

/) 1853 Sar., C. Farlev, 'Wilts. 1852-5 ; P.C. Burcombe," 'Wilts. 1855 ; C. 

Sharlirook, Beds. 1861-8; Chapl. Chantill.y 1868-70, Brussels 1870-7, Bonn 

1878-82. iH 29 July, 1851, Elizabeth Annahella, c. d. of Walpole Eyre, Esq., 

of St. Jolni's Wood, London. Aihlress 414, Avenue Loinse, Brussels. 

EuENCH, CuRiSToniEn, b. 15 Jime, 1821, e. s. of William St. George French, 

Esq., of Cloonyqnin, Elpbin, and Dorothea Helen, his wife, 

d. of Michael Harris, of Dublin. 

Exeter CoU. (Ixon 1840, B.A. 1844; .J. P. and D.L. co. Roscommon, His^h Sheriff 

1852. 1« 12 Feb., 1851. Susan Emma, d. of Rev. William Percv, R. of 

Carrick-ou-Shannon. 33 8 Jlay, 1897. 

I'yi.Eii, Fkedeuick (+), b. 22 Feb., 182:!, 2ud s. of James Chamness Fyler, Esq., 

J. P., D.L., of Woodlands, Surrey, and Hetl.felton, Dorset 

(Comm. Ib04), and Mary, his 1st wife, 3rd d. of Sir John 

Frederick, 5th Bart. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1841, B.A. 1849 ; It).®., <1 1849, p 1850, C. Sutton-Bouninston, 

Notts. 1850-5, then in Loudon, ffl 16 Nov., 1852, Charlotte, d. of John Fane, 

Esq., of Wormslev. JI.P. for (.)xfordshire. Q at Kingston Grove, Oxon, 10 

Jlay, 1864. 

GoDLEY, James, 2nd s. of John Godley, Esq., of Killigar, Killeshandra, and 

Katharine, his wife, d. of ht. Hon. Denis Daly, of Dunsandle, 

CO. Gal way. 

Triu. Cidl. Dublin and Trin. Coll. Oxon 1841-3 ; Sch. Exeter Coll. Oxon, 2 CI. 

B..\. 1844, M.A. 1847; IB.®., </ 1845, p. 1846, C. Florence Coiul; 1845-6, 

Belturbet 1846-9, Inc. Ashfield 1849-61, Lavey 1861-6, R. Carrifcallon, co. 

Leitiim 1866. fH 24 Feb., 1851, Eliza Frances, y. d. of the late Peter La 

Touche, Esq., of Bellevue, Wicklow. .Uldress Carrigalleu Rectory, co. Leitrim, 


Haywatd, Charles Edward, s. of John Hayward, Esq., Brow Fort, Devizes. 
Solicitor, Winchester 1850-90. 

Holroyd, George Frbdrrick, b. 6 May, 1824, s. uf Edu-ard Holroyd, Esq., 
Wimbledon Common, Senior Commissioner London Bank- 
ruptcy Court (bro. of Kdward Dundas, below, p. 06). 
Sch. Triu. Coll. Caml.., B.A. 184(1, M..\. 1849, Wran^der and 2 CL Tripos [Cnivcrsitv 
VIII. 1845]; Director L. C. and D. Illy. lS6li; Barr. Inner T. 1873; Parly. 
Draughtsman; unsuccessfully coutcsteil Northampton (C.) 1SG5. f^ 1862, 
Charlotte Lavinia Johnson. 13 suddenly in Ireland 1874. 

H Winchester College. 1837 

lluGiiEs, John William Cunwat (f), b. 1 Dec, 182o, c. s. of Itcv. John 

William Hughes, li. of St. Clement's, Oxford, and Ch.ipl. of 

All Souls' College. 

St. Paul's School 1835-7 ; Trin. Coll. Oxou 1844 ; Sch. C.C.C. 1842-5, 3 CI. 

B.A. 1849; New Imi H,ill, M.A. 1851 ; J^.©., d 1849, p 1850; G. Kim- 

bolton, ITiints. 18G0-1 ; Consular Chapl. Corfu 1870-82 ; C. Wra^bv Xostcil, 

Yorks. 1883-5, C. Nydd, Yorks. 1885-7; author of "A Course of Sermous," 2 

vols. 1852; editor jjurray's Handbook to Western France 1855; author of a 

"Handbook to lirittanv" 1864 and 1868, and "Sketch of the Life of Bishop 

Ferrar" 1884. Q at the Vicarage, Nydd, 13 Aug., 1887. 

luiiE'rsox, Sajiuel Kerr, y. s. of Robert Ibbetson, Esq., of 40, Upper Bedford 
Place, London, W.C, formerly Governor of Peuang. 
Pemb. Coll. Oxon 1840. fH (1) Miss Pepper, of New Y'ork, U.S.A., who died 
1875 ; and (2) 1877, Myra, d. of — Carew, Esq. 

Jones, racnARD Godfrey, b. 1822, s. of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir Richard Jones, 

K.C.B., of Warwick House, Worthing, and of Lady Jones, 

Woldinghame, Godstone. 

Ens. Madras S.C. 1841, Lieut. 1816, Capt. 1856, Major 1861, Lieut.-Col. 18C7, 

Col. 1872, Major-Gen. (retired) 1875. Q at Thomlea, Harrow, 18 April, 1899. 

SIerriman, Henry Gordon, b. 25 Dec, 1823, 7th p. of Thomas Merriman, 
Esq., Marlborough. 
Into College Long ILilf 1840, B.N.C. O.xon 1844 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 184:!, 
Fellow 1845-52, 2 CI. B.A. 1846, M.A. 1850, B.D. and D.D. 1861 ; 1^.©., 
(/ 1847, p 1848 ; Commoner Tutor Win. Coll. 1847-8 ; Tutor New Coll. 1848-50 ; 
Head Master Bridgenorth School 1850-9, Guildford Grammar School 1859-74 ; 
E, Michelmersh 1874-84, East Woodhay 1884-7. jM 7 Jan., 1852, Jane 
Augusta, y. d. of Kev. Kichard Edmonds,'of Woodlcigh, Devon. Q 10 Aug., 

MiLDMAY, Arthur George St. John-, b. 3 Feb., 1824, 2nd s. of Edward St. 

John-Mildmay, Esq., Bishop's Hall, Romford, and Marianne, 

his 1st wife, d. of K. Sherson, Esq. 

Arniv. A.A.G. liajapootana ; J.P. Somerset, ffl (1) 6 Nov., 1846. Louisa Latham, 

d. of Capt. Hugh Gough Ord, K.A. ; and (2) in Aug., 1856, Charlotte Mary, 

widow of Major John Thomas Douglas Halkett, 4th Light Dragoons, and d. of 

Charles Beague, Esq., of Hollani House, Somerset. Q 8 March, 1883. 

MoBERLY, Henry Edward (f). See above, p. 37. 

Nugent, Nathaniel Peter, s. of N. H. Nugent, Esq., Bath. 
2nd Lieut. R.B. 1841. B 1844, in West Indies. 

Parke, Charles, b. 182G, y. s. of William Parke, Esq., Weymouth. 

Pemb. Coll. Camb., R.A. 1848, M.A. 1855; Barr. Inner T. 1849; practised at 24, 
Old Square, Lincoln's Inn ; retired from practice 1890. D. 

Paterson, George. 

Paterson, Thomas Board, 2nd s. of James Paterson, Esq. (? Physician, 10, 
Queen St., Mayfair), London. 
Ch. Cb. Oxon 1841. 

Powell, Charles James, c. s. of the late Richard Jones Powell, Esq., of 
Hinton Coiu't, Recorder of Hereford. 
ICns. 49th Uegt. 1814, Lieut, 1846, retired. Q at Hereford, 14 July, 1851 . 

I'owEi.L, William Styles, bro. of the above. 

IVt.rhouse, Cnmb., B,A. 1848. 16 M.ay, 1857. 

1837 Winchester College. 45 

PnicE, Hugh (t), b. 12 Dec, 1827, only s. of Rev. Hugh Price, R. uf Newton 
Tone}', AVilts. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1846 ; New Coll. B.A. 1851. 13 at Xewfon Toucv Tecton-, 
23 Nov., 1852. 

pADCLlFFic, William Pollexien, 3rd s. of Rev. Walter Radcliffe, Warleigb, 

Plymouth, and Abby Emma, his wife, d. of Abraham 

Franco, Esq., of Clapham 

Ens. 20th Regt. 1841, Lieut. 1842, Capt. 1851, M.ijor 1854, Lieut.-Col. 1858, Col. 

1863, JIajor-Gen, 18G8, Lieut. -Gen. Crimean War, including Alma, Balaclava, 

and Inkermau, and the Siege of Sebastopol (medal with clasps, Brevet-Major, 

Sardinian and Turkish medals, and 5th Class of Medjidie) 1854-5 ; Indian 

Mutiny, including Chanda, Umcerpon, Sidtanpore, and Siege of Luckuow 

(wounded, twice mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp and C.B.) 1857-8 ; 

Insp.-Gen. Musketrv, Hvthe 1873-8; Command Eastern District 1878-82; 

K.C.B. 1886 ; Col. Berkshire Eegt. 1891-4, CoL Lancashire Fusiliers 1894-7. 

IB 1 Sept., 1870, Isabel Elise, d. of Hon. Peter Boyle de Blaquiere. Q at 

his residence, Mortimer, Berks, 23 March, 1897. Memorial in Cloisters. 

RowLATT, Thomas'Mashitter, Only s. of Rev. Charles Robert Rowlatt, Bromley. 
Wore. Coll. Oxon 1842 ; Essex Rifles, ffl 1 Dec, 1842, Julia Honora, e. d. of 
William Dn-den, Esq., Cottinghaui, Yorks. at Prittlewell, Essex, 28 Nov., 
1855, aged 34. 

Saunders, Ueobge, 2nd .?. of Arthur Saunders, Esq., Richmond, Surrey. 
Wore. Coll. Oxon 1840-5 ; New Inn Hall B.A. 184C. Q 14 Sept., 1848. 

Spic'er, Newton Johk, b. Sept., 1822, y. s. of John William Spicer, Esq., of 

Esher Place (Gomm. 180-1-6), and Hannah Maria Theresa, 

his wife, d. of Pliilip Webb, Esq., of Milford House, Surrey. 

Ch. Ch. Oxon, B.A. 1844, M.A. 1848; It?.©-, '' 18411, p 1847, R. Byfleet 1851-84, 

R.D. Woking 1875-81, Emly 188i-5 ; R. Wonstou 1884-7, East Woodhay 

1887-91. 1^ 25 April, 1850, Matilda Mary, 2nd d. James Nugent Daniell, 

Esq., Sandown House, Esher. S at East Woodhay Rectory, 19 Aug., 1891. 

Stanford, John Woodward, b. 1825, e. s. of Bedell Stanford, Esq., Chetwode 
Priory, Bucks. 
Civil Eugineer, Lucan", Ireland. fH 18G0, Louisa Reid. 33 at 20, Bath Road, 
Reading, 16 June, 1904. Cf. Wyk. ix. (n. 413). 

Story, William John Rivers (f), b. 18 Feb., 182C, 2nd s. of Rev. Josejih 
Story, of St. Michael's, Winchester, and Louisa, his wile, 
d. of Sir Peter Rivers, Bart. 
Sch. C.C.C. Oxou 1844. S 6 June, 1845. 

Tef.sdale, Frederick Simes, b. 1 May, 1822, s. of John Teesdale, Esq., 
5, Russell Sq., London. 
Registrar's Office, Court of Chancery 1847 ; Registrar, Sujireme Court of Judicature 
1862. m 1858, Marv Emma, v. d. of Edwin Maddv, Esq., D.C.L. S 8 April. 

Thrino, John Charles (t), b. 1824, y. s. of Rev. John Gale Dalton Thring, of 

Alford, Somerset (Comm. 179G), and Sarah, his wife, d. 

of Rev. John Jenkins, V. of Evercreech, and Prebendary 

of Wells. 

Commoner 1835-6; placed 13th on the Roll "ad Winton" in 1836; was admitted 

into College, and left this Half, going to Shrewsbury' School ; St. John's Coll. 

Camb. B.A. 1847 ; it).©., '/ 1847, ;; 1849 B. and W. ; C. jUford with Honi- 

lilotton 1S47-55, and again 1870-4, Cirencester l.So6-7, Overton, Wilts. 1857-9 ; 

Assist. Master I'piiingham School 1859-69, Chapl. liradford-on-Avon Union 

1875-91. £H 27 May, 1858, Lydia Eliza Dyer, 2nd d. of Capt. Samuel 

Meredith, K.N., of Hcddingtou House. AJJret! The Park, Duumow. 

46 Winchester College. 1837 

Walcott, Mackenzie Edward Charles, b. 15 Dec, 1821, only s. of Eear- 
Admiral John Edward Walcott, R.N., M.P., of Winkton, 
Bath, and Cbarlotti^, his wit'e, d. of Col. John Nellev. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1K40, 3 CI. B.A. 1814, M.A. 1847, B.D. 18GG ; It).®', d 1844, 
p 1845 ; C. Enfield, Middlesex 1845-7, St. Margt., Westminster 1847-50, 
St. James, Westminster 1850-3, Dom. C'hapl. to Lord Lyons 'and Assist. 
Minister Berkeley Chapel 1861, Minister Berkeley Chapel, 18G7-70, Precentor 
and Preb. of Oving, Chichester 1863-80 ; F.S.A. 10 Jan., 1861 ; author of 
many works, including "Parish Church of St. Murgaret, Weston," 1847, 
" Handbook for Parish of St. James, Weston," 1850, " Westminster, Memo- 
rials of the City," 1849 and 1851, " The English Ordinal " 1851, " St. Paul at 
Athens" 1851, "William of Wvkeham and his Colleges" 1852, "Handbook 
for Winchester Cathedral" 1854, "Dedication of the Temple" 1854, "The 
Death of Jacob" 1857, "The English Episcopate" 1858, "Guide to the 
Cathedrals of England and Wales " 1859, " Guide to the Mountains, Lakes, and 
North-west Coast of England" 1860, "Guide to the East Coast of England" 
1861, "Minsters and Abbey Ruins of the United Kingdom" 1860, "Church 
and Conventual Arrangement" 1861, " Priory Church of Christ Church, Twvnc- 
ham" 1862, "The Double Choir" 1864, " Interior of a Gothic Minster" 1864, 
" Precincts of a Gothic Minster" 1865, " Catbedralia" 1865, "Jlemorials of 
Stamford" 1867, "Battle Abbey," 2ud ed. 1867, "Sacred Archreology " 1868, 
"Leaflets" 1872, "Traditions and Customs of Cathedrals" 1872, " Scoti 
Monasticon" 1874, "Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiastical" 1874, "The 
Four iMinsters round the Wrekiu" 1877, " Church Work and Life" 1879, etc. ; 
voluminous contributor to magazines, etc. See D.X.I!, lix. 11. ffl 20 July, 
1852, Pioseanne Elizabeth, 2nd d. of Major Frederick Brownlow. 13 s. p. 22 
Dec, 1880, at 58, Belgrave Road, London. 
Walker, Thomas Andrew, 2nd s. of Eobert Oucbyc Walker, Esq., 21, Bedfoid 
Sq., London. 
St. Join's Coll. Oxon 1841, B.A. 1815, M.A. 1851 ; H).©- ■' ISIH. /) 1847, C. 
Chadlingtoii 1846-51, Pitsford 1851-4, Bournemouth is:,i-5, Chapl. to Lord de 
Tablev 1855-65, C. Kilham 1870-5, Barkingsidc ls75-;i, V. BarkiugMdc 1879-85. 
13 at 2, Park Avenue, Ilford, Essex, 14 April, 1905, in his 82nd year. 
White, Henry Master (f). See above, p. 38. 

WicKHAM, William Fiennes (f), b. 4 Oct., 1825, e. s. of William John 

AVickham, Esq. (f 1809), of Winchester (bro. of Uenry 

John, Charles 'I'homas, Frederic Peers, and Arthur Itobert, 

below, pp. 62, 91, 111, 128). 

Wadh. Coll. Oxon 1843; Demv Magd. Coll. 1844; killed by a fall from his 

horse 14 Jan., 1845 ; buried in Winchester Cemetery. 

WiLLKS, John Irwin (f), b. 18 Feb., 1826, at Dibden, Hants, s. of Capt. George 

Wickcns Willes, K.N. (bro. of Edmond Henry Lacou, 

below, p. 91). 

Ens. Bengal Staff Corps 1843, Lieut. 1848, Capt. 1857, Major 1863, Ueut.-Col. 1869, 

Brevet-Col. 1874 ; Commissary-General 1874 ; served under Sir Cbarles Xajiier 

against the hill tribes in Sind 1845, .ind in the Punjab Campaign 1848-9 


Williams, grand-nephew of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Andrew Francis Barnard, G.C.B., 

G.C.H. (Comni. 178."), D.N.U. iii. 2.15). 
WoT.i.ocoMBE, John Bidlake, e. s. of Rev. John Wullocombe, IX. of Stowfon), 
Lew Down, Devon. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1842, li.A. 1846, M.A. 1818 ; 11).©., -( 1848, p 1849, R. Stowford 
IS6G-I<i(i;!. lift 22 April, 1852, Penelope", d. of William Aniudell Harris 
Arundell, lis.i., of Lifton Park, Devon. D U Oct., 1903. 

SHORT HALF, 1837. 

BiiiiMir.s, William, .s. of Capt. Charles Bridges, Court House, Gvcrtfn, Hant.<. 

Ens. 5!ith liegt. 1841, Lieut. 1844, Capt. 1849; retired; Capt, Hants Artillery 
(Mil.) 1853, afterwards Major and Hon. Col. ; residing at Court House, 
Overton, in 1880. 

1837 WiNcnESTER College. 47 

CoKEn, Cadwallader (t), C.F., b. 26 or 27 Nov., 1821, 3rd s. of C'apt. Lewis 
Coker (f 1802), of Bicester House, formerly of the 29th 
Eegt., and Charlotte, his wife, 7th d. of the late Lieut.-Col. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxou 1884, Fellow 1846-53, B.A. 1848, M.A. 1854 ; $).©., d 
i848. p 1849, R. Shadstone, Bucks. 1854-72, Fringford, Oxon 1872-94, K.D. 
Buckingham. £H 26 An-., 1852, Emilv Harriet, d. of J. Gould, Esq., of 
Knaiip,' Devon. Q 22 Aiiril, 1894. See Wyk. vii. (n. 301) 9. 
CORSlsu, Robert Kestell (Kestell-), b. 1824, e. s. of Rev. George James 
Cornish, of Salconibe Hill, Prebendary of E."ceter and V. of 
Kcnwyn, Cornwall, and Harriet, his wife, 2nd d. of Sir 
Robert Wilmot, 3rd Bart., of Chaddcsdon, Derbyshire (bro. 
of George Frederick, balow, p. 84). 
C.C.C. Oxon, B.A. 1847, M.A. 1851 ; |&.©., <7 and p 1847, V. Coleridge, Devon 
1856-61, R. Revclstoke 1861-9, Landkev 1869-74 ; assumed the name of 
Kestell 1871 ; 1st Up. of M.-idas.sear 1874-96 ; D.D. 1874 ; K. Do«u St. Mar*", 
Bow, X. Devon 1897-1905. ifl (I) 6 Jan., 1852, Dorothy Fountaine Addison, 
y. d. of Rev. William Addison Fountaine. of Jliddleton St. George, co. Durham ; 
and (2) in 1871, Emma Selina, e. d. of George Manning, Esq., of Clareen, 
Devon. Athhe.'s 3, Victoria Terrace, Heavitree, Exeter. 
CoREAXCE, Charles Thomas, b. 7 March, 1823, 2nd s. of Frederick White 
Corrance, Esq., Lowciham House, Woodbridge, and Frances 
Aune, his wife, 3rd d. of William AVoodley, Esq., Governor 
of Berbice and St. Kitts. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1845, M.A. 1848; it).©., d 1819, p. 1850. C. Lilliugton, 
Sussex 1849-50, V. Parham with Hac'hestou, Suffolk 1850-94, R.D. Loes 
1879-93 ; author of " Episcopacv, its Origin," etc., 1867, iff. 22 Mav, 1850, 
Arabella, d, of Rev, George Hale, Q at Intcrlaken, 25 Juno, 1896. 
Dewak, David Erskike, b, 3 Oct,, 1826, at Cuttle Hill, co. Fife, N.B., c. s. 
of Sir James Dewar, Knt., Chief Justice of Bumbaj', and 
nephew of the Rev. John Coker (f 1806) (bro. of James 
William, below, p. 65). 
Into College Long Half 1840; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1845, Fellow 1847-53, S.C.L. 
1853, B.C.L. and M.A. 1856 ; ]©.©., (/ 1849, p 1850, C. Middleton Stonev, R. 
Edgcott, Bucks. 1852-61, R. Friesthorpe with Snnrford, Lines. 1861-6.' fff 
15 June, 1852, Elizabeth ,:Vnn Fane, e. d. of John Billingsley Parry, Q.C., 
County Court Judge, Oxon ; received into the Catholic Church 1866 ; renounced 
his Anglican Orders under the Act of 1870 on 27 June, 1883 ; ordained sub- 
deacon, deacon, and priest bv the Bp, of Am vela 1889 ; Assist, Priest St, JIarj's, 
Chelsea 1X89-93; I'riest-in-Charge of the Mission at Staines, Middlesex, 1893- 
Forres, Alexander Clark, b, 1824, only s, of Sir John Foibes, M.D., 
Chichester, and Eliza Mary, his wife, d. of Join Burgh, 
Esq., of Calcutta. 
Cuius Coll. Camb., B.A. 1846, J[.A. 1850 ; Barr. Inner T. 1848; J.P. Oxon. fff 
30 Aug., 1853, Lilias Miller, e. d. of .Tames Stewart, Esq., of Caimsmorc, 
Galloway ; resided at Whitchurch, Reading. S. 
Fox, EnwARD, b". 2 Jan., 1826, 2nd s. of Rev. Henry Fox (t 1803), Allington, 
Into College Long Half 1838 ; Wore. Coll. Oxou 1844 ; Sch. XewColl. Oxon 1845, 
FeUow 1847-63, 3 CI. B.A. 1848, M.A. 1852; 1^.©., </ 1849, /) 1850, Assist. 
Master Roval School, Armagh 1849-52, C. I'owerstock, Dorset 1853-6, 
Lecturer au'd Tutor New Coll. 18.59-63, V. Romford, Essex 1863-78, R.D. 
Cliafford 1866-78, R, Heyford Warren 1878-8S. ffl 12 Feb., 1863, Mar\-, 
2ud d. of William Paton, Esq., J.P., Armagh. D at Silvenlale, Hassocks, 
Sussex, 29 June, 1891. 
GoRiNri, John, b. 3 Jlarch, 1824, s. of Charles Goiing, Esq., M.P., Wiston Park, 
Steyninz, and his 3rd wife, Jfary, il. of Rev. John Ballard 
LL.D. (t 1755). 
Succeeded to Wiston by his brother's death 17 Nov., 1849; J.P. Sussex; Ch. Ch. 
Oxon, 4 JIath. 1845, B.A. 1847, M.A. 1819; |B.®., d 1848. fff 1861, Isabel 
Mary, d. of Freeman Thomas, Esq., Rattou,' Sussex. Q at \Viston I'ark, 
Steyning, 15 Jan., 1905. 


Grant, Thomas George, b. 25 Jan., 1826, s. of Thomas T. Grant, Esq. (Com- 
moner), Clarence Sq., Portsea, Head of Yietualling Depart- 
ment (afterwards Knight), 
luto College Long' Half 1838, left 15 April, 1839 ; Clerk iu the Admiralty, White- 
hall 1841-59. Gosport 1859-70 ; Siipt. VictualUng and Dockyard Establishment, 
Deptford 1870-85. ffl 1 May, 1855, Henrietta, d. of William Dilke, Esq., of 
Chichester. Q. 
Hanson, William Stoneheweb, b. 13 Dec, 1821, 2nd s. of John Oliver Hanson, 
Esq., of Dorset Sq., London, afterwards a Director of the 
Bank of England, and Eebecca, his wife, y. d. of William 
Scott, Esq. [bro. of George Scott and Henry Allis, below, 
pp. 59, 97, and of John Oliver, in 5th Bk., Middle Part, iu 
1835 (Holgate, " Winchester Commoners," p. 293)]. 
Resided at 4, Dorset Square, 1854-61 ; iu business in Moorgate St. J3. 
HiGGENs, EoBERT, 3rd s. of William Higgens, Esq., 7, Clarence Sq., Cheltenham. 
Wore. Coll. Oxon 1841, B.A. 1845, M.A. 1848 j |i?.©., d 18-17, p 1848, V. Wareside 
1855-99, K.D. Ware 1880-94. fft lf!51. Matilda Frances, 2nd d. of Kev. 
William Lewis Buckle, of Banstead. Q 5 July, 1899. 
HoLLOWAY, Octavius Walfokd (t), bapt. 16 Sept., 1824, 8th s. of Benjamin 
Hollowav, Esq., of Strat ford-on- Avon. 
Sch. New Coll. 0:;on ISi'i', Fellow 1845-8. Q 1848. 
Iremonger, Henry Edward (f), b. 25 March, 1826, 5th s. of Lieut.-Col. 
William Iremonger, 2nd Regt., of Wherwell Priory, Hants, 
and Pennant, his wife, y. d. of Rice Thomas, Esq., of Coed 
Helen, Carn.irvonshire. 
Bengal S.C. Ens. 1842, Lieut. 1844, Capt. 185G, JLajor 1862, Lieut.-Col. 1868, Col. 
(retired) 1872. ffl 20 Sept., 1847, Emma Georginn, d. of Dr. Burt, of 
Cawnporc. S. 
Porcheb, George Dophe, b. 1823, e. s. of Rev. George Porcher, Oakwood, 
Chichester, and Amelia, his wife, d. of John Chamier, Esq. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1842, B.A. 1845, M.A. 1849 ; Barr. Inn. T. 1849, Western Circ. 
fH 1S54, Emmeline, y. d. of the late George Stratton, Esq., lI.E.LC.S., some- 
time member of Council at Madras. Q IU March, 1876. 
Reid, George James Graystose, b. 1820, y. s. and 13th child of Joseph Reid, 
Esq., Thornton Heath, Croydon. 
Jleniber of the Stock Exchange, ilfl 2 June, 1864, Gertrude Julia, 4th d. of Edward 
Kcrrich, Esq., of Arnold, Dorking; resided at St. Pierre, Tuubridgc Wells. 
Q 14 Aug., 1874. 
RoDERTS, Henry Worsley, e. s. of Major.-General Henry T. Roberts, C.B., 
Milford Lodge, L\miugton, Hants. 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 7 Dec, 1843." S at Lymiugton, 2 Jan., 1844, aged 18. 
Sapte, Brand, b. 1824, s. of Francis Sapte, Esq., of 70, Eaton Place, London, 
and Codicote, Welwyn. 
To Ilaileybury Coll.; Bengal Civil Service 1843-70; present at actions of 
liolundshuiu and Gungecrce in the Indian Mutinv 1857 ; Judge at Furruckabad 
18i;o ; retired 1S70 ; C.B. 18 May, 1870. ifl 1846, Caroline, d. of Capt. II. 
IVnibirtou, K.N. D at 116, Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, London, 6 Juno, 
1891. cr. Wyk. vi. (n. 267) 153. 
Sclater (-Booth), George, b. 19 May, 1826, e. s. of William Lutley Sclater, 
P'^sq., Uoddington, Odiham, Hants, and Anne Maria, his 
wife, d. of William Bowycr, Esq., of tlie King's Remem- 
brancer's OlTice (bio. of Phili|i Lutley, below, p. 80). 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1844, 2 CI. B.A. 1847, M.A. 1850 ; Barr. Inner T.; 1851, Western 
Cire. ; assumed name of Booth by Koyal Licence iu 1856; M.P. North Ilauts 
(C.) 1857-87, Pari. Sec. P.L.B. 1867-8, Finance Sec. Treas. 1863, President 
Local Govt. Board 1878-80; J.P. Hants; named as an original Monib. Gov. 
Itody Win. Coll. 1871 by Lord Chief Justice Cockburn, vacated 1894, re-elected 
18 Jidy, 1894, by Lord Kussell of Killowen, L.C.J. ; P.C. 1874 ; created Baron 
Basing (I'.K.) 1887. ifl 1857, Lvdia Caridinc, oulv d. of Major-Gen. George 
Birch, of Clare Park, Ilauts. 22 Oct., 1894. Cf. Wyk. vii. (n. 307) 64 ; 
D.W.B. 1, 449. 


Stastox, William Hexuy, b. 2 Feb., 182-!:, e. s. of William Henry Stanton, 

Esq., M.P., Stroud, and Jane, bis wife, e. d. of Roger Smith, 

Esq., of Manor House, Walworth, Surrey. 

K.xetor Cell. Oxou 1H42, 15.A. 1846, M.A. 1SJ8; 17.©., '/ 1847, p 1848, C Bllmrv, 

It. Bniceboroui^h 1857-GO, Hascltoii lsi;ii, li'.I). Northlcach 1874, IIou. Cannii 

Gloucester 1887 ; J. P. Gloucester, ffl in :May, 1851, Mary, d. of Charles 

I^wrence, Ksq., of The Querns, Ciroucoater. A'l'lrcsif Haseltou Ileetory, R.S.O., 


TuiTKU, William George, b. 9 Dec, 1824, .jth s. of Martin Tupper, Esq., 

5, New Burlington St., M.D., F.R.S., and Ellin Devis, his 

wife, d. of Robert Marris, Es-]. 

Sch. Trin. Coll. Oxon 1842-7, 4 CI. B.A. I84i:, il.A. 1841> ; It).©.. ./ 1849, p 1850; 

Warden of the House of Charity, Soho ; C. .\11 Saiu'ts, Kuif;htsbridKe ; a 

favourite pupil of Dr. Moberly's j author of .Sermons in Illustration of the 

Creed, 18.')3. J3 at sea on board the liipoii, and buried soon after Icaviuj; 

Malta, 15 May, 1854. 

LONG HALF, 1838. 

Anuerson, Stuart Murray, e. surv. s. of Rev. .James Stuart Murray Anderson, 

P.O. of St. George's, Kemp Town, Rrighton : afterwards 

Preacher of Lincoln's Inn and R. of Tormarton, Gloucester. 

To Ilailcybury Coll. ; H.E.I.C.S. 1850. ifl 23 June, 1853, Jean -Ulan Fraxer. v. d. 

of Joseph Buckley, Esq., of Alphington, Devon. Q at Torquay, Dec, 1883. 

ISateman, John Burlton Joses (f), b. 21 June, 1825, e. s. of John Jones 
Bateman, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, 3(3, Portland Place, 
London, and I'entre Mawr, Abergele, Denbighshire, and 
Marianne, his wife, d. of William I5urlton, Esq., of Wykes 
Hall, Leicestershire (bro. of Rowland Lloyd Jones, below, 
p. 55). 
Caius Coll. Canib., B.A. 1848, M.A. 1851 ; IB.©., J and p 1849, R. Sheldon, 

Worcs. 1849-19(1(1, K.D. Coleshill 1849-190().' fB. 1 June, 1853, Mary, only d. 

of late Joseph Jeunens, Esq., of Small Heath, Aston, Wanvs. A'hlrefs I'entre 

Mawr, Abergele. 

Blxkle, Cuuistopher, b. 1824, 2nd s. of Rev. William Lewis Buckle, Y. of 
Banstead, and Mary Freeman, his wife, d. of William 
Manley, Esq., Sergeant-at-law and A.G. of Chester (bro. of 
Edward Valentine, below, p. 106). 
3rd Bombay Light Cavalry 1842, Capt. 185(;, Brevct-Jlajor 1858, Stiff Corps 1^:2 ; 
served in Scinde campaign 1843 ; .\..D.C. to Gen. Pattle at battle nf lly(linil)ad 
(medal) ; interpreter in three native languages, held various st;iff appointiututs 
in his own regiment and elsewhere ; -Vssist. Poli(ical Agent in Kaltywar IS.i."), 
Acting Political Agent in Rewa Kantji 185(;-(>4 ; served through Indian 
Mutiny, including battle of Oodeypoor (medal, Brevet-Major, twice mentinned 
in despatches, thanked by the Govemn\ent of Bombay, the Government of 
India, and II. M. the Queen), 1858 ; Lieut. -Col. (retired) 18(J4. Q at .Shaken- 
hurst, Worcestershire, 19 July, 1887. 

Ohestei!, Robert Bagot, 5th s. of Rev. William Chester, of Denton, Norfolk, 
and the Hon. Elizabeth, his wife, d. of Rev. the Rt. Hon. 
Henry, Baron Berners. 
Ball. Coll. 0.\on 1843. D of consumption at Shanklin, I.W., 25 J.dy, 184 I. 

Delafield, Edward Thomas, b. 1825, 2nd b. of Joseph Delafleld, Esq., F.S.A., 

39, Bryanstone Sq., London, and Charlotte, his wife, 4th d. 

of lUrvey Christian Combe, Esq., of Cobhani Park, Surrey. 

( h. Ch. Oxon 1842; Brewer (Messrs. Combe, Delafield & Co.); lessee for a timc'of 

Covent Ciarden Theatre. 

50 Winchester College. 1838 

Kadk, Kdwaiui, 2m\ s: of Joseph Eade, E-q., Hitcliin. 

IJall. Coll. Uxoii 1843, 4 L'l. B.A. 184G, M.A. 184!t; IB-©., X. -Ufm-tim ; Cbapl. 
at Scutari ; in the Crimea. Q at Torquay, 188^. 

Fank, Freueric, b. 11 July, 1825, 5tli s. of Rev. Edward Fane, R. of Fulbock, 

Grantham, anil Prebendary of Lincoln and Salisbury, and 

Maria, his wife, d. of Waller Parry Hodges, Esq. (f 1773), 

of Dorchester. 

J.P. Hants. £H (1) 19 Aiij;., 1851, Elizabeth, d. of the late James Peel Cockburn, 

Esq., of Laufjtou ; (2) 28 Oct., 1864, Fanny Eliza, d. of Hollingsworth 

Jla^'niac, Esq., of Colworth, Beds. ; resided at Movies Court. l!in<;\vood, 

Hants. B 22 Feb., 1902. 

Fki.i.uWK-S, FuEDERicK (f), b.apt. 1.3 Dec, 1821, 2ud s. of Henry FcUuwcs, Esq., 
of Ilurstbourne Priory. 
7 lib Pvegt., Ens. 1842, Lieut. 184G. Q in Dublin, 9 Nov., 1848. 

Fletciiei!, Jacob Ramsdes', e. s. of Ellis Fletcher, Esq., Clifton, Lanes., and 
ward of J. Moore, Esq., Boltou-le-5Ioors. 
Fell. Commoner AVorc. Coll. Oxou 1841-52. 
Fox, Edward (+). See abjve, p. 17. 

Fox, Edwap.d Walter (f), b. 18 May, 1824, 4th s. of Itev. Thonia.s Fo.x, R. of 

Temple Combs, Somerset. 

Wadh. Coll. Oxou 1843, B.A. 1847 ; ^.©., d 1848, p 1849, C. Temple Combe 

1848-51; Chapl. K.N. 1851-G7; served in H.JI.S. lintaiiiiia and St. Jan, 

rl'Acie in the Black Sea during- the whole of the Crimean War (Crimean and 

'J'urkish medals) ; K. Askcrswell, Dorset lSi;7-94. S May, 1894. 

CluoDEKuuoii, William Stephen Mair, b. I82G, only s. of Rev. William Ptiphen 

Goodenoush, R. of Yato, Chippins Sodbury. 

St. John's Coll. Oxou 1845; in Lc;;acy Duty Office, Somerset Hou.«c 1852-5; 

Sec. Annual Wykehamist Mcctiu'i at B.ith ; Ens. 1857; Cajit. Ivoval North 

(ilnnccster Militia. fH 12 Jan., 18G9, Evelina Caroline Neale, 4th" d. of ^i^ 

Timothy Vausittart Stonhouse, 10th Bart. Athlirfs Savilc House, Weston, Bath. 

GoUDoN, RODEUT ("f from Commoner.*, which lie entered the same Half;, b. Hi 
Oct., 1825, P. of Rev. Robert Gordon (t 1807), I!, of 
Scamptoii, Lines., and Barb.ira, his wife, il. of R.v. A\'. 
E'lls, of Branston. 
Left 7 July, 1843. 
CtRAXT, Thomas George (f). Sec above, p. 48. 

GuvLLs, Richard Ohuveys, e. s. of Rev. Heiry GrylU, llclstnii, tJornwall, and 
Ellon, his wife, y. d. of Joseph liouldcrsim, Esq., of the 
India Coimcil. 
Ens. ,30tb lieyt. D 1842. 
Hawkins, Charles Edward (f), b. 28 April, 1825,3rd s. of John Hawkins, 
* Esq., Hitcliin, Herts, and Susannah, d. of Tlieed Penrsc, 
Esq., of Bedford. 
Burr. Bliddle T. 1849, Conveyancer and Equity Drau^jhtsnian. ifl. D s. p. Sept., 
1891 ; buried 16 Sept., 189J, at Brompton Cemetery. 

Heatucote, William Neston (f), b. 20 Juno, 1827, at Farley, Hants, 3rd s. 

of Rev. 'J'homas Heatbcote (f 1801), of Shaw Hill House, 

Wilts., and Georji.ana, his wife, d. of John Fuller, Escp 

Pemb. C(dl. Oxon 184G; New Inn Hall, B.A. 1851 ; U)-®., R- Dittoridifc. Wilts. 

18.')7-94. iW (1) 29 Julv, 1858, Juliana, d. of Wifliam Heald I.udlow-liru-es, 

Esip, M.P. ; and (2) 1" M"v., l''C8, Isabella^'wood, d. of Kich.ard Dnjipa 

Toovey, Esq. Q at Ditteridge House, 25 April, 1894. 

Houiii''., William, 2nd s. of Joseph Hodfco, Esq., Newhani, Truro. 

I'.xetcr Coll. tlxon 1811-2, New Inn Hall, S.C.b. 1844. D in Australia. 

ilur.iiARD, Hkxry, s. of Rev. li. Hubbard, R. of Chcritun, .Mresford. 
Tea Mcrciiant in China. ©. 

rSjS Winchester College. 51 

Ulnt, Montague, 2nJ f. uf Willi im Ogle Iluut, Esq., of 10, Whitehall, Loudon, 
and Combe Wood Lodge, Kiiigstoa-on-Thaines, solicitor. 
Q at Chcsham Place, 13 July, 1856, aged 32. 

J.iMKs, Henry Moustrich, c. s. of Harry James, Esq., Exeter, and Charlotte, 
his wife, d. of Rev. Willi.ara Jenkins (t 1784), V. of Sid- 
mouth (bro. of Waller H:ll, below, \>. 76). 
Solicitor 1848, E.\eter; ser\cd a3 Under Sheriff and Coiintv Treasurer Devon, 
fll 16 April, 1861, Felicia, 3rd d. of Rev. George Hole, K. of Chumleigh and 
I'rcb. of E.Ketcr. Q at 1, liaring Crescent, Exeter, 22 April, 1905, aged 79. 

JoLLiiFE, James (f), b. 13 May, 1824, only s. of Rev. James Jolliffe, M.A., of 
Barton Stacey, Hant-', and grandson of James Joliifi'e 
(t 1784). 
Queen's Coll. Oxon, mutric. 27 Oct., 1842. D there 29 May, 1844. 

Kkats, s. of Rev. Richard Keat;;, M.A., V. of Northfleet, Gravescud, by his 1st 

Lyon, Hon. Claude Bowes, b. 21 July, 1824, 2nd s. of George, Lord Glamis, 
and Charlotte, his wife, d. of Joseph Valentine Grinstead, 
Ch. Ch. Oxou 1842; Lieut. 2nd Life Guards 1849-."w ; Capt. Forfar Yeo. Cav. 18.56- 
62, Capt. 9th Forfar HiBe Vols. 1860 ; succeeded his brother as 13th Earl of 
Strathiiiore, 13 Sept., 1865 ; Representative I'ecr 187"-8i ; D.L. co. Dundee ; 
Lord Lieut. Forfarshire 1874-1904; created Daron liowes (U.K.) 1887. iB. 
28 Sept., 1853, Frances Dora, d. of Oswald Smith, Esq., of Bleudon Hall, 
Kent. S 16 Feh., 1904. 

JIaikenzh:, s. of Mackenzie, cf Malti, nephew of Rev. George Ingram Fisher, 
R. of Winfrith, Newburgh, Dnrchtster. 

MoFi-ATT,* s. of MofTalt, Esq., of Florence, and ward of Rev. George Morris, I'.C. 
of S.ircsbury Green, Southampton. 

Pavxk, JiiiiN Vaughan, b. 1824, y. s. of William Payne, Esq., Ujipcr Nutwill, 

Lympstone, Devon. 

E.xeter Coll. Oxon 1841, Xew Inn Hall, T5.A. 1849, M.A. 1852 ; ]§.©., J 1851, /) 

1866. Wells Theol. Coll., C. St. Petrock 1851-4, Christ Church, Gloucester 

1863-8, V. Christ Church, Gloucester 1S68-9I; Chapl. Gloucester lufirniari- 1891- 

4. fa 1852, JIarj- Isabella Welch. Q circa 1904. 

Peli,, Beauchamp Henry St. John, b. lo Jan., 1820, s. of Sir Albert Pell, 

Kilt., Pinnor, Waifoid, and the Hon. Margaret Lctitia 

Matildi St. Jihn, his w.fe, 3id d. and co-htir of the 12th 

B:>ron St. Jcilui, of Bletsho. 

Trin. Coll. Camb., D.A. 1847, M.A. 1851 ; It).©.. •/ 1848, /. 1849, C. Iden, Sussex; 

A.shwell, Herts ; R. Ickenham, Middlesex I8.j9. 1% 11 Nov., 1858, Julia 

Caroline Maria, d. of the late Edward Tyndall, U.S. AdJitM Ickenham 

Rectory, Uxbridge. 

Prince, Jons (f), b. 3 July, 1824, e. s. of Rev. John Charles Prince 
(t 1803), Incumbent i f St. Thoaias, Liver|)ool. 
li.X.C. Ilxon l;J|2; Sell. C.C.C. O.xon 1842-8, li.A. 1847. at C.C.C. 31 May, 


Ravenuili., John Ricuabo, b. 15 April, 1824, e. s. of JoVn Ravenhill, Esq., 

WarminsUT, and Sopliia Harriet, his wi'c, d. of John 

Ripley, Esq., of Claiiham Common. 

King's Coll. London ; Civil Engineer ; Thames Conservator ; Chairman City of London 

Steamboat Co. fH 17 Feb., 1853, Fanny, only d. of Thomas Pike Pocock, 

Esq., of Pew Hill House, Chippeidiam. 

• P..ssH>lv Mnir.ll, Juhn IMward, L.R.C.S I., 1850, .\»sislant .burgeon Army Mcilical Iicpt. 1851, 
Surgeon IS.IS. .Surgion-Major 1871; Brigailc Surgeon 1878; rclircl ns Hon. Surg.-Gcn. 1882; residing 
ut .Spring Koail, Slioling, Suutbampton, iii 1807 ; served witU -ind Kegt. iu KalBr War 1851-3 (medal). 

52 Winchester College. 1838 

Sakdeks, AnTHUR, h. 13 July, 1825, only s. of Samuel Sanders, Esij., Fcru 
Hill, Ryde. 
Ball. Cnll. Oxon 1843, 4 CI., 2 Math. 1847 ; Barr. Inner T. 1853, 'Wcstem Circ. 
fH 5 June, 186G. Isabella, d. of late John Svnge, Esq., o£ Glanmore Castle, 
CO. Wicklow. J3 1892. 

SxEWAiiii, KiCHABD OLIVER Francis, li. 18 Dcc., 1823,6. s. of Col. Piicbard 

Augustus Tucker-Steward, M.?., of Nuttington House, 

Dorset, aud Loul.-^a Henrietta, his wife, only d. of Edward 

Morgan, Esq., of GoUien Grove, co. Flint. 

41st Kcgt., Ens. 1843,'Lieiit. 184.';, Capt. 1850, JIajor 1855, placed on half-pay 1857, 

Lieut.-Col. 1864, Crimean War up to 19 t)ct., 1854, including battle of Alma and 

siege of Sebastopol (medal with two clnsjis, 5th Class Jledjidie and Turkish 

medal); J.P. Dorset; Licut.-Col. 1st V.H. Dorset: Regt. ; Y.D. 1892. iflt 

2 Oct., 1856, Olivia Elizabeth, 3rd d. of Sir Henry Allen Johnson, 2nd Bart. 

S s. p. 27 Dec, 1899. 

Toller, Edward William (f), h. 31 Jan., 1825, e. s. of Edward Toller, Esq., 

of St. Beuel's, Paul's Wharf, London. 

Solicitor in London, practising at 5, Dean's Court, Doctors' Commons, from 1850 to 

1868. i^H 26 Sept., 1865, Alice Martha Anna, widow of Capt.' AVilliani Du 

Vcmet, 84th Regt., and y. d. of Lieut. Edward Tyndall, K.X. ; resided at 

416, Clnpham Rise. Q before 1882. 

Ward, Haruy Leigh Douglas, l>. 18 Feb., 1825, 4th s. of Itev. John Giflard 
Ward, afterwards Dean of Lincoln. 
l"uiv. Coll. 0.\on 1844, B.A. 1847; Ilallu Umv. Ph.D., A.L.M. ; A»^i,~t. MSS. 
Dcpt. British Museum 1849-93; editor " Catalogue of Roniaiu-c- in the liriti-h 
Museum MSS.," vol. i. 1883, vol. ii. 1893; his knowledge of the Arthurian and 
Charlemagne cvcles ivas jirobablv unrivalled; he was a friend of Coveutrv 
Patniore, T. W." Robertson, and Rev. \V. 11. Brooktield ; also of D. G. Rossetli. 
ifl 1866, Miss Marv Fon. D at 96, South Hill Park, llampstcad, 28 Jan., 
1906. Cf. Wyk. i.\. (n. 431) 288. 

YoKGE, Dl'ke, b. 21 June, 1823, 2ud s. of Rev. John Youge, Puslinch, Yeal- 

anipton, and Alctlica Henrietta, his wile, d. and co-heir of 

Rev. Thomas Bargu*, D.D., of Barkway, Herts (bro. of 

Charles Edward, below, ]i. 74). 

Exeter Coll. O.xon 1842, B.A. 1846, RI.A, 1849 ; It).®., i/ 1847, p 1848, C.Thorverlon 

1817-9, Newton Ferrers 1849, U. Newton Ferrers 1877-81. IB 1862, Charlotte 

Cordelia, d. of Thomas Julian Pode, Esq., of Plvniptuu Erie, Devon. D 

7 Oct., 1881. 

8H01tT HALF, l.s3S. 

Batuurst, 1-'reiieku k (t), li. 7 SFarcli, 1827, Gth s. uf Liout.-Gen. Sir James 
Bathurst, K,C^B. 
Sch. Merlon Coll. 0.\on, 4 CI. B.A. 1849. M.A. 1852 [Uiiiversitv XI. 1848] ; 1l>.©., 
(/ 18f)2, u 1854, C. Lavington, Sussex 1853-5, Maid's Morton, Bucks. l'85!)-7, 
A'. Diddington, Hants 1857-74, Biggleswade 1874-80, Proc. Dio. ICIv 1868-7:1, 
R. Holwell, Herts 1884-1902, Archdeacon of Bedford from 187.'1, Hon. Canon 
of Ely from 1870. ifl 20 Sept., 1865, Catharine Georgiana, d. of Rev. Calvert 
Fitzgerald Moore, Chaiil. in Ordinary to Qnccn ^"ictoria. .lildiess Grove 
House, Apsley Guise. 

Bellebs, Rodert Bridoes, s. of late Robert Belleis, Esq., surgeon 60th Foot, 
and of Mrs. liellcrs, Hillfield, Gloucester. 
60thRi'gt., KTis.l841.1,ii'ut. 1842, Caiit. 1848. retired 1854 (medal for Punniar 29 Dec, 
181.1) ; .\djiil.(...MIIIi Kegl. during Siith-j .'auipaign 1845-6 (medal and 3 clasiis), 

M II-''''. I'.To/.oliali, Ali»Ml («,.un.lo,r), and .Sibraon ; .\djut. Roval Wilts. 

Militia 1862 75, JIajnr 1875, Hon. Licut.-Col. D. 


Besnett, William Henry (t), b. 1 Kov., 1827, at Dresden (2n(l s.), bro. of 

Henry Edward, above, p. 35, and Edward James, George, 

James Arthur, Fi-ancis Caylev, and Charles William, below, 

pp. 58, 84, 112, 145, 157. 

Solicitor 1850 ; practised at 14, Ked Lioa Square, London, down to 1884. fg[ 18G0, 

Helen, d. of Henry Shcbbeare, Esq., of Surbiton. Address Alexandra Koad, 


BoTCHEUBY, Robert George, e. s. of John Botcherby, Esq., Darlington. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 18-11, B.A. 1845 ; i|).©., C. St. James, Gloucester. 2 of consiiiiii)- 
tion at Weston-super-mare, 6 Oct., 1845. 

Butler, George Cooper, e. s. of Capt. George Butler, R.N., J.P., Woolstone, 
Faringdon, and Mary, his wife, d. of — Cooper, Esq. 
Oriil foil. Oxon 1842, B.A. 1846; Barr. Line. Inn 1846, Inner T. 1X49. Q 
2 Sept., 1875. 

Campiox, Arthur, only s. of Richard Grudge Campion, Esq., Exeter. 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 1844, B.A. 1848, Wells Theol. Coll. 1848. Q at Southampton Row, 
London, 12 April, 1854. 

Capel, .John, 3rd s. of John Capel, Esq., Stroud, Gloucs. 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 1842, B.A. 1846 ; settled in Australia, and Q there. 

Chamif.r, Charles Frederick, b. at Cuddalore, Madras, 13 April, 1825, e. s. of 

Henry Chaniier, Esq. (Comm.), Chief Secretary to the 

Government, and Member of the Council at Madras, and 

Anne Antoinette Evelina, his 1st wife, d. of John Thursby, 

Esq. (half bro. of Edwin Francis, below, \i. 177). 

In the Madras Civil Service, and Judye of Salem, Madras ; slightly lame through 

life owing to an accident when thrown into " Pot" in the usnal manner (at that 

date) of teaching boys to swim, j^ (1) 26 Jinie, 1849, at Madras, Florence 

Letiiia Frederica, d. of Capt. Thouias ISrown, of the Bombay Armv ; she died 

1st Sept.. 1851 ; (2) 18 Sept., 1856, at Madras, Anna Gordon, d. of Major-Gen. 

\\'illiani Kinnaird ^^'o^ste^. of the Madras Artillery, Q at Jercnm, .Sheverv 

Hills, Madms, 17 April, 1869. 

CooKE, Thomas Rodie, b. 9 Feb., 1823, 2nd s. of Joseph Cooke, Esq., D.L., of 
Cordangan and Knockgraffon, co. Tipperar}', and 23, Mail- 
borongh Buildings, Bath, and Jane Scott, his wife, d. of 
Thomas Itodie, Esq., of Edinburgh [Iro. of John (Holgate, 
" Winchester Commoners," p. 290)]. 
Trin. Coll. Dublin, B.A. 1842, M.A. 1845. 

(VirLTHURST, Edmunp, b. 1827, 2nd s. of John Kicholas Coulthurst, Esq., of 
Gargrave, Yorks., J.P., and Catharine Mary, his wife, d. of 
Stephen Tenqiest, of Broughton, Yorks. 
Succeeded his brother John at Gargrave 1897. Q unmarried, 6 May, 1898. 

(Ioulthdrst, John, b. ,30 May, 182G, e. bro. of above. 

J.P. and D.L. West Riding. fH 24 Feb., 1870, Mary Amelia, widow of John Hall, 
Usq.. aiul c. il. of the late AVilliaui liradlev \\'ainman, Esi|., of C'arr Head, 
D 28 Dec, 1897. 

CusLiiFE, Henry, li. IG March, 1820, at Calcutta, 4th s. of Gen. Sir Robert 

Henry Cunlifte, 4lh Bart., C.B., of Acton Park, Wrexham, 

being his e. s. by his 2nd wife, Susan Emily, 2nd d. of 

Col. Jolin Baton, Commissary-General of the Bengal Army. 

Into College Long Half 1839 ; Ball. Coll. Oxon 1844, B.A. 1848. M.A. 1«0 ; It)-©., 

d 1849, p 1850, V. Shifnal 1852-84. i&. (1) 16 Nov., 185:1. Marv August;,'onlv 

d. of Sir James Miller liiddell, 2ml Bart.; (2) 20 .\pril, 1887, the Lady 

Alexandrina Victoria Murray, d. of the Gth Earl of Dummore. 1 Aug., 1894. 

I'avies, George Jennings, only s. of Rev. James Davics, Br.iishfield, Itomsov. 

Exet<>r Coll. Oxon 1814, B..\. 1848; 11).©., -' 1848. ;> 1849, C. Kemsing,"V. 

Timsbury, Hants 18G8-7C. V. Elcliui 1876-84 ; author of •' Pai>ers on 

Preaching," 3rd cd. 1891, •' Homilies, .Vucicnt and Modem," etc. D 8 Sept., 


5-1 WiNcnESTER College. 1838 

Gqtteres, Fhederic Emastel, ■kd s. of Moses Gutten s. Esq., Sidiiioutli. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 18-10, then Xew Inn Hall, S.C'.L. ; It).©., -/ 1845, p 18-16, Xaval 
Chaplain 1854, Crimean and Tnrkisli Medals, served at liomlmrdnient of 
Sebastopol, Naval Instnietor 1862, retired 1870; C. I'ljliill 1870-3, 11. Xvmet- 
Rowland, and V. Coleridi^e 1873-99 (formerly C. Combe St. Nicholas 1845-6, 
V. Compton Chaniberlaine 184G-9, C. Mandford St. Wary 1849-50, C. Sherford 
1850-4). Q 28 May, 1899. 

Hall, Edward Duncan (f), b i Mai-cli, 182fi, 3rd s. of Rev. George William 

Hall, D.D., Canon of Gloucester, College Green, Gloucester, 

and Master of Pembroke College, Oxon. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1844 ; Sch. Pemb. Coll. Oxon 1844-8, 2 CI. I5.A. 1848, M.A. 

1851, Fellow 1848-61 ; Jt;.©., <1 1849,p 1850, 1!. Coin St. Denis, (iloncs. 1860-74. 

iff. 6 Nov., 18G1, Sophia Elizabeth. 4th d. of Kev. H. "\V. J. lleauehamp, R. of 

Monk.s Itisboiough, liiicks. S 5 June, 1874. 

Heaiin, TiioMA.s JoiiK (f), C.F., bapt. 31 Dec, 1824, e. s. of Tliomas llearn, 

Esq., of Buekingliaiu, and Sarah Anne, his wife, d. of Rev. 

John R'sley, of Tiuicuick, Bucks, (bro. of William, 

Charles Shnckbiirgh, I'isley Verney, and Francis Gcori^o, 

below, pp. 72, 78, 117, 140). 

Seh. New Coll. 1842, Fellow 1844-52, 3 CI. B.A. 1847, M.A. 1850. Commoner Tntor 

Win. Coll. 1847-51 ; It?.©., J 1850, p 1851, V. Koxwell, Essex 1851-84, I!.U. 

Eodin^' 1860-84. II. Wootton, Oxfordshire 1884-1900, R.D. Woodstock 1895- 

1900. ftt 5 Oct.. 1851, Martha Caroline, e. d. of .lames L. Kidtjewav. Esq., 

^\■arren House. JD at \\'ootton Rectorv, 17 Jan., 1900. Cf. W\ k. viii. 

(u. 3C7) 158. 

Mercer, Thomas Warren, b. 23 Oct., 1824, e. s. of Rev. Tlionins Warren 

Mercer, J.P. (Comm. 1810-1 5), R. of Wecley, Colchester, 

and of Sarah Caniell (»ee Butcher), his wife. 

At Ipswich School 18.!.'.-7 ; left Win. Coll. 1S39; at Addiscombe 1840-1; Ens. 

HeuK-al S.C. ls|-.>, l.imt. is):,, (',,1,1. is,,?. Major 186--', Lieuf.-Col. 18i!S, Col. 

1872, M.ajor-(l(ii. irriunli |s77: -rii,,! iliroii^li tlie I'lmjali canlpai^'n of 

1848-9, includiim ilir :i. ti.-n, ni llai.m.m-ur. Sa.loolapnrc, Cbillianwallah, .-ind 

(ioojerat (nu-tlai \\illi t\\n i!;i^p-.| ; appoiiiti-il to Punjalt Conruiission as .\ssist. 

Ci.niMiissioner Nov.. lx.">5, Dipiitv Ciniinissioner 1858-7(i, Commissioner 1876 ; 

hoiHiunihlv nipiitioneil l,v I'unji'ib Cov.'rnment for special matters of social 

rcl'orni introduced by him. itl (0 7 Nov., 1844, Maria Caroline, d. of .1. 1). 

Ilerklots, Es(p ; (2) 19 Sept., 1846, Jane Esther, widow of E. J. Smart, Esq., 

and d. of J. liluett, Esq. ; (3) 22 Dec. 1898, Edi;h. d. of W. R. Hutchinson, Esq. 

JilJnvs 102, Gordon Road, ICaling, W. 

Ocii.viE, GEORfjE, only .s. of George Sliadforlh Ogilvie, Esq., Calne, Wilts., and 
nephew of Rev. Charles Atmoro Odlvie, D.D., G.^ford. 
W'adh. Coll. Oxon 1845, li.A. 1855, M.A. 1862; It?.'®., d 1852, p ISS.'j, second 
Master liradfield Coll. 1852-5, Head Master Gram. Sch. and A.ssist. Cliapl. 
liueuos Ayres 1855-8, Head Master .St. Geo. Gram. Sch., Cape Town 1852-62, 
I'riuciimr Dio. Coll. Rondebosch 1802-85, R. Rondebosch 1885-1902; Canon 
St. George's Cathedral, Capetown, since 1862. AMress Rondebosch, Ca|)e 

Parry, William Louis, b. 28 Sept., 1824, e. s. of Williini llarviy Parry, E<p, 
Millbrook, Soiith;ini]iton. 
C.C.C. Oxon, Gent. Comm. 1«I4, li.A. 1849. at Hamilton House. Southampton, 
7 Mardi, 1896. 

PoULTER, Brownlow (f), bapt. 24 .luly, 182.5, only s. of Rev. Browrdow Ponlter, 

R. of Bariton, Hauls, and Harrictte, his wife, d. of the late 

Jimics Mo; ley, Esq., sometime Mmiber of Couucil at 


Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1S14, Fellow 1846-51, 2 CI. B.A. 1848, M.A. 1851 ; Barr. 

Inn 1.S.56 ; J.P. London and Kent, ftl 4 Sept., 1861, Harriet Amelia, d. of 

Rear-Admiral McCrea. .Ulih-e»s 30, Lee Park, lilackhcath, S.E. 

r 8 38-9 Winchester Collegk. 55 

Stiiasgb, John, b. 1822, c. s. of John Strange, Esq., of St. Julio's Wood, auj 
ward of Cha le.s Bjwdler, Esq., 6, St. John's Wood Road, 
and 13, Great Knight Ryder St., Doctors' Commons. 
D ill Paris, C Sept., 1844. 
W.'^iU), lloBEUT, b. 2 June, 1825, e. s. of Rev. Bernard John Ward, of Cheltenham, 
and Isabella Frances, his wife, d. of Robert Phillipps, of 
Longworth, Herefurdshire (bro. of Bernird Edward and 
Thomas Le Hunte, below, pp. 74, 91). 
l!,ill. Coll. Oxon 1844, ]!.A. 1848, M.A. 18.W; .I.P. Pembrokeshire; resided at 
Sodston, Xarberth, renibrokeshire. ifl i .April, 18.i8, Elizabeth, d. of William 
C'oekcrell. Esc]., Northaniptou. Q s. p. 11! July, 1004. 

W'li.MAMS, John Penry, b. 15 Jidy, 1824, only s. of Penry Williams, Escj., 
Al)ereanilais, and Georgina {iiA Dames), his wife. 
Trill. Coll. Camb. ; then into 1st lietjt. jj uiiinnrried 1861. 

WiNTiFiEi.n, Harry Lancelot (t), C.F., b. 27 March, 1825, 2nd .". of John 

Jhixloe Wiugfield, Esq., J.I', and D.L., of Tickencote Hall, 

Rutland, and Catherine Anne Harriet, his wife, d. of Hairy 

Lancelot Lee, of Colon Hall, Salop Jiro. of Edward, below, 

p. 108). 

Soh. Xew Coll. 0.-ton 1845, Fellow 1847-57, 3 CI. B..V. 1849, M..\. 185:5 ; Ig.©., ./ 

1850, p 1851, C. Strood, Kent 1851-5, Minor Canon Kodiester 1855-G. R. Market 

Overton, Rutland 1857-91. R D. Rutland 1879-91. i^ 27 Xov., 185C, Sophia 

Anna, d. of Rev. Robert William Shaw, R. of Cuxton, Kent. 33 25 Aug., 1891. 

WiT.iEBBY, Robert Hale, only s. of Rev. Robsrt Witherby, No:th Chapel, 


Exeter Coll. O.NOn 1843, 3 CI. I? A. 1847, M.A. 1852 ; IJ}.®.. d 1849, p 1853, Assist. 

Master Trinity Coll. Gleualmond 1847-54, SulJ-Warden 1854-70, C. Xorth 

(•Impel 1870-5, C. St. Marfjarefs, Lee 1875-0, C. I'lirU-i.^h 1X70-81, .|.;.(r-,..< 

The liungalow. Little Baddow, Essex. 

LONG HALF, l^^n9. 

Barnarp. William, b. 21 May, 18'25, 2nd s. of Thomas Barnard, Esq., of 
Prestbtiry and Bartlow, and Christ! n.i, his wife, d. of Thomas 
Porter, Esq., of Rockbeare House, Devon (bro. of Robsrt 
Cary, bidow, j). 81). 
Trin. Coll. Camb., IJ.A. 1848, Crosse Prizeman 1819 ; IB.©., d 1848, p 1849, C. 
Preston Cnndover 1848-50, B.arford 1850-5, Morton Morsel 1855-6, V. 
Alveston 1850-1900, R.D. North Kineton 1870-94; giver oE "Barnard Rac- 
quet." fH 28 April, 1853, Jane, only d. of Richard Dalton, Esq. Ad(Jie.'.< 
.Mveston, Stratford-on-.Vvon. 

Haticman, Rowland liLoyn Joxes (f), b. 10 Nov., 1K2G (2ud s.), bro. of John 
P.urltun Jones, above, p. 49. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1845, New Cdl. Oxon, 2 CI. B.A. 1848, M.A. 1852 [Lniv. 
XL 1846, 1848] ; Stud. Line. Inn 1848, Barr. Inner T. 1852; Equity Drauy;hts- 
man and Conveyancer. fH 12 -Aug., 1858, Jessie Jane Marianne, e. d. of Col. 
William Burltoii, C.B. D at bis residence, Otterboiirne Gr-inge, Winchester, 
10 Dec, 189(1. 
BiRi.KV, HroH Hornby, b. 31 An.'., 1825, 2Qd .s. of Hugh Hornby Birley, Es-]., 
J. P. and D.L., of Broomhiuse, and Cicely, his wife, d. of 
Thomas Hornby, Esq., of Kirkham vbro. of Thomas Hornby, 
Joseph Hornby, William Hornliv, and Frederick Honiby, 
below, pp. 5(;, 81, 114, 122). 
Ball. CoU. Oxon 1843, B.A. 1848, M.A. 1852 ; 2).©., </ 1849, p 1852, C. Plvmstock 
r849-,->5, P.C. Hove 1855-61. C. Buckiniliam I8C1-4, Holv Trin. Stepney 
1W4-5, V. Newport Pa-nell 1865-6, R. CranfieM 1866-87; Uen. Lie. Dioc. Ely 
18S7 92, C. Ebrin!,'ton, (jloucs. 1892. Address Spring Bank, Pendleton, 

56 Winchester College. 1839 

BiRLET, RoDERT, h. 1 Xov., 1825, 6th s. of Joseph Biiley, Esq., df Ford Bauk, 

Didsbuiy, Manchester, and Jane, Lis wife, e. d. of Thomas 

Hornby, Esq., of Kirliham, and bro. of Alfred and Arthur, 

below, jip. 106, 114. 

Ball. Coll. Oxon 1843, 3 CI. B.A. 18-17, M.A. 1852 ; |t).©., J. 1850, p 1852, C. Lea, 

Lines. 1850-8, Holy Trin. Hiiline 1858-G8, It. St. Philip, lliilme ISCO-ST, 

I!.D. Ardwick 1870-5, Hon. Canon Slaucbcstcr 1874-97, Exam. Chapl. to Up. 

of Manchester 1872-86, Proe. for Archdeaconry of Manchester 1874. Q at St. 

Philiji's Rectory, Huline, of i)neiimonia, 17 Dec., 1897. Of, M'yk. vii. (n. 

344) 401. He was the eponymous hero of " Birley's Corner." 

BiiiLKY, Thomas Hornby, b. 16 June, 1824, elder bro. of Hugh Hornby Birley, 

above, p. 55, and 1st cousiu of Kubert Birley (next above). 

Manufacturer in Manchester; J. P. fH 8 Sept., 1852, Frances Sophia, d. of 

William Harter, Esq., of Hope Hall. D at Ellastone Vicarage, Ashbourne, 

Derbyshire, IG June, 1897. 

Bi,ACKSTONE, CilAitLES (f), b. 5 Jan., 1827, s. of Rev. Frederick Charles Black- 
stone (t 1807), V. of Heckfieia, Hants (bro. of Frederick 
Elliot and Alan Cornwall, below, pp. 81, 92). 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1845, Sch. C.C.C. 1845-9, Newdii^atc Prize 1848. '-Columbus in 
Chains." JB 6 Feb., 1849, at Oxford. " He was iu the habit of keepiut; a 
loaded pistol under the pillow of his sofa, in order to destroy rats, and acci- 
dentally shot himself when endeavouring- 'to reach the pistol." — (iinl, Mai/. 
(N.S.)"xxxi. 332. 

BiiKiUT, RoBEUT OxESiniORUs, b. 7 July, 182;^, 2nil s. of Robert Brij;lit, Esq., 

Abbutsleigh, Somersetshire, and Caroline, his wife, d. of 

Thomas Tyndall, Esq., of the Fort, Bristol (bio. of Tyndall, 

George, Charles Edwa.xl, and Arthur, below, pp. 65, 68, 88, 


At KuL;by 1837-8; 19th Rcyt., Eusif,ni 1843, Lieut. 1847, Capt. 1852, Mnji>r 1855, 

Licut.-Col. 185G, Col. 1S(;2, Majnr-Gcn. 18GS; Crimean War 1854-5, incliidiuL; 

Alma and Inkerman, the sir-.- and fall of S,-baf.t..p..l, and tin- storming of the 

Itedan (mentd. in des|.atclll-^, nu-aal with three i-lasps lire\ct I.ieut,-Col., Knt. 

of the Le-iimof Iloni.ur, .^th Class jM.-.lji.lic. and Turkish nii-.Un ; comniand.-d 

as I!ii-adi.-r-Gcn. ]>t llazaia Field l-uive l.sGS, in.-l.Min- lli,- lilack M,.nu(ain 

Expedition (mentd, in ,,-s, tlinnke,! \,\ Indian (b.xt., ( .1!.. m.-dal «ith 

elasiO ; Afghan War 1.S79-.SII, in command id KI.n l«r l.iiir Field Force (mentd. 

in despat.lics, tlianke.l bv both 11. .uses .d' Parliament 5 Mav, 1881, 

xnd medal), itl lS5i;, (■athcrine, 4th d, ..f Sir William Miles, 1st liarl. 

Created G.Clt, 2li .May, 1,891, D at Nnrmandv Park, Guildford, IG Nov., I89G. 

CuNi.iKFE, Henry (f). See above, p. 5o, 

CuRTKis, George Herdert, c. s. of George Curteis, Esq., Canterbury. 

Sch. Univ. Coll. Oxon 1842, 2 CI. B.A, 184G, M.A, l--il9 ; 11). iD-, <' 1848, ;) 1810 ; 
Fellow Ex. Coll. Oxon 1847-G3, Tutor an.l Siib-i;e',-i..i- 1.S55-7, Prin.-ipal 
Lichfield Theol. Coll. 1857-80, I'reb, Liehlield 1853 73. Canon l,s73-94, Chaii- 
lain of the Savoy Chajicl, l.nn.l.m ls:i(i ■), V. Minster 1848-51, Fell. St. 
Au^'ustine's Coll. Canterbury ^^.■|1 .'., ^eleel I'leaclier Oxon 1857, 18t!G, 1S7I, V. 
Turwcston 1870-3, Bampt<.n l.e.nirei 1.-<7I, •■Dissent in Kelation to tlu- Church 
of England," R. WaM.'U l-'^sii ■_', Exam. Chnpl. to B)!. of LichlicM ISSU, 
Prof, of Exegesis Kin- > (ell. l.einb.n IXXi, Bovle Lec-tnrc-r issl G; aullo.r 
ot "Life of'G. A, S.-l«Mi, r,.-li.ip of LichlicUi," 1!<89. ifl 7 Feb.. ISG:!, 
Elizabeth Anna, e. d. oF Edmund Unbert Ball, Esq,, of Monkstown, co. Dublin. 
S at Lichfield, 9 Oct,, 1894, aged 71. Cf. Wyk. vii, (n. 30G) 35, 

Dkane, Okokoe Onsi,ow (t),b- 1828, c. s. of Rev. George Deane, R. of Bightun, 
Hants, and Mary, his wife, d. of Grant, Esq., J.P 

1 839 Winchester College. 57 

Dt;LAKOSSE, Augustus Newlasd, b. 1825, 4th s. of Rev. Daniel Charles Dela- 

fosse, Y. of Wandsworth, afterwards Chaplain to the Kmg 

of Hanover, and Phccbe Ann, his wife. 

Left after 10 days in ttie school ; Oriel. Coll. Oxon 1843, B.A. 1847, M.A. 1851 ; 

51».©., d 1848, p 1849, P.O. St. Martha, Guildford 1849-52, C. Broadwinsor, 

Dorset, St. James, Southampton, in charjj;e of Aylsham, Norfolk 1862-7, and 

Kirton, Suffolk 18G9-75 ; author of " Sermon on the Death of Prince Consort," 

2 editions. fSl- Q- 

FiTzIIuGU, Henry Terrick, h. 16 Jan., 1827, s. of Rev. William Anthony 

FitzHugh, Pi. of Streat, Hassocks, Sussex, and Mary Anne, 

his wife, d. of Thomas Lane, Esq., of Bradbourne, Kent 

(bro. of Arthur James, below, p. 103, and of William Henry, 

cf. Holgate, " Winchester CommoDcrs," p. 295). 

R.M.A. Woolwich, 2nd Lieut. R.A. 1845, Lieut. 184G, Capt. 1854, Major ISSG, 

Lieut. -CoL 1SG8, Col. 1873, retired lion. Major-Gen. 1882 ; served at siege and 

fall of Sehastopol 1855 (Brevet-Major, medal with clasps, mentioned in 

despatches, 5th Ckss Medjidie, Turkish medal) ; J.P. Sussex, ffl H Sept., 

185IJ, Klizabeth, d. of Kev. John Austen, R. of Chevening, Kent (she died 

Aug., 1896). AJ'Ire.'s Streat Place, Hassocks, 1!.S.< I. 

Gorton, Robert Greqson, b. 1823, e. s. of Rev. Robert Gorton, R. of Bading- 

ham, Framlingham, and Frances, his 1st wife, d. of William 

Gregson, Esq., of Liverpool. 

St. John's ColL Camb., B.A. 1847, M.A. 1855 ; 11).©., ,/ 1847, p 1848, P.C. St. Pet., 

M.arland 1852-7, It. Gt. Stanmore 1857-61,' K. Badinsham, Suffolk 1873-98. 

IH 12 Oct., 1852, Emilv Georuinn, only d. of Robert Pinhey, Esq., late of the 

Medical Board, Bombay. O 18 JIarch, 1898. 

OrsDRY, Fredericiv Walter, b. 1823, e. s. of Samuel Bowden Gundry, Esq., 
Bridport, and Caroline, his wife, d. of Joseph Gundry 
Downe, Esq., of Bridport. 
Solicitor, Bridport, 1846 ; Town Clerk and Clerk to Magistrates ; President Dorset 
Law Societv ; his portrait bv W. F. Yeanes, R.A,, painted for Bridport Corpora- 
tion, was himg in the Town Hall there Nov., 1891. ifl I860, Slary, only d. of 
Rev. Edwin Proctor Denniss ; resided at Slape House, Xetherbur\-, Beaminster. 
Q 1 Jan., 1897. 

lliiL, Edward, 3rd s. of Henry Hill, Esq., of Liverpool and St. Petersburg. 

Wad. Coll. Oxon 1843, 3 CI. B.A. 1846, M.A. 1851 ; 1tJ.(©., '/ 1847, p 1848, 
C. Little Woolston 1850-4, R. Gt. and Lt. Woolston 1853-78. Q 21 Oct., 1878. 

JEt.LicoE, Charles William Ashhrst (f), b. 11 Aug., 1820, s. of Samuel 
Jellicoe, Esq., Millbrook, Southampton. 
Left 1843; Boroufjh Treasurer Southampton, and t'hairman of Committees of 
Hants Female Orphan A.syluin. Aildrcsf 7, Portland Terrace, Southampton. 

Mn.LER, Gkoroe Thomas, 2nd s. of Patrick Miller, Esq., M.D., Exeter. 

Worcester Coll. Oxon 1843, B.A. 1848; It).©., C. Broaddyst, Devon. D 15 
Slarch, 1851, at Madeira, aged 26. 

Money, Aureman James, s. of George Money, Esq., Mivart's Hotel, Lower 
Brook St. 
Lieut. 25lh Bengal Native Infantry ; killed at ( 'hillianwala 13 Jan., 1849. 

RiPDiNo, Arthur (f), b. IG J.iu., 1627, at Winchester, bro. of Charles Henry, 

above, p. .'^7, and of George and William, beluw, jip. 70, 00. 

Sch. New C(dl. Oxon 1845, Fellow 1847-76, 3 C1.;B.A. 1850, M.A. I8.54 [Cniversitv 

XI. 1846-50, Cnpt. 18.50], Commoner Tutor Win. Coll. 1852 ft, Librarian and 

Dean New Coll. 1863. Q at New Coll. 4 Sept., 1876. See Wvk. iii. (n. 101) 

7, 8. 

58 Winchester College. 1839 

Scott, Douglas (t), b. 30 Dec, 1827, 3rd s. of Rev. William Scott, \. of 
Aldridge, Stnflbrd, and Maria, his wife, 3rd d. of Rev. 
Henry Dison Gal)'ll, D.D. (tl779), Informator of Win- 
chester Ctilloge. 
Entered 8th Re-t. Madras X.I. 1846. Lieut. 18.51, Cnpt. 1857, Jfajor 18Cf>. Lieiit.- 
Cnl. 1872, Col. 1877. retired 1878, Hon. Major-Gen. 1879; Cantonment Magis- 
trate of Rangoon IS.'il. employed in the trisonometrical snn-ev of the then 
fn.ntirrX.W. of TannKhu ; D.A.Q.M.G. Wiiltair 1859, Hangalore 18G0, aft*^- 
wnrds in Q M.G.'s department of Kampten, Q.M.G. Madras Army 1872-0. 
it! l^.'iS. Madame de Bodisco {nre 'Williams), nidow of a Russian Ambassador 
at Washington. Jihlress Erin Lodge, Oatl .nds Park, Weybridge. 

Staxiiopk, Hox. William Pitt Scudamode, b. 28 May, 1827, 5th s. of Sir 

E Iwyn Francis Sciidaniore Stanlio]!", 2nd Bart., and Mai-y, 

his wife, d. of Thomas Donell, E<q., of Parker's We'll, 

Devon, and b-o. of tlie tith Karl of Chesterfield. 

B.X.C. O.xon 1816, 1!..V. 1849, M.A. 18;V2, \Vells Theol. C.ll. ; U).©., <1 18:)0. 

/) ISol, ('. «tutton, Suffolk 18.7(1-6. V. Holme La.'v. Hereford l'8;-|G-91. D at 

Holme Licy Viearage, 19 Xov., 1891. 

WiCKHAM,, 3rd s. of Ja-nes Wickham, Esq., Sutton Scotnev. 

Wadh. (Vdl. O.Non 1848, li.A. 1847, JLA. 1851 ; 1g.©., .f 1848, /) 1850, C. Binegar 
1848-52, Warnford 1852-4. 1854-6.' Headhourne Worthy 1856-61. K. 
St. Lawrence. Wintou 1868-7!. R. Couipton, Hants 1871-1902. £) at C.mplou 
Rectory, 16 Jlnreh, 1902. 

Wickham, Joiix (2nd s.), bro. of the .abne. 

Capt. Hants Jlilitia 185;!-70. ifl 1 1 May, 1852, Frances Emily, 2nd d. of Rev. J. 
W. Uiacou, of Diirsworth llcnise, Sussex; resided at liatcombe, Somerset, 
D at Winchester, 

SHORT HALF, isan. 

BARCiiAisD, Francis, b. 182G, c. s. of Fiancis Ta'chanl, Eo]., of Ilorstcd Place, 

Sussex, .and Margaret Jane, his wife, d. of EiphinstonL- 

Piggiitt, Esq., Chief Justice of Tobago (bro. of f;ii)hiustone, 

below, p. 04). 

Ch. Ili.dxou 1x14, li.A. 1><49, M.A. 18.53; Barr. Line. Inn 18.54; J.R. and D.L. 

Sossi'x ; Ciiiit. Sll^M■x Arlillcrv :\lilitia 18.56. ffi 1861, Aretina. d. of .John 

Watson, 1;m|., lit WUk^c,' Hove; succeeded his father at Horsted I'laee 

1856. O there 28 Xov., 19U4. Cf. Wyk. ix. (n, 417) 18G, 

r.i:xNETT, Edward James (t), b. 13 March, 1820, at Genoa (3rd s.), bro. of 

Henry Edward and W illiam Henry, above, pp. 35, it',), and 

George, James Arthur, Francis Cavley, and Charles William, 

below, pp, 84, 112, 14,5, 157. 

To Australian gold mines ; settled at Brisbane, Queensland ; in Civil Service there ; 

retired on a iiension. ffl 1850, in Australia, .\nne Goodden, Addic't Brisbane, 

Blunt, James St. tJonx, b. 5 June, 1827, 3rd s. of Edward Walter B'unt, Esq., 
of Kcmpshott Park, Hants, an^l ,TaDe Sldrlev, his wife, d. of 
,Iamos Allan, I'ls.]., of The Hall, co. Stirling (bro. of Alex- 
ander C.ilvin and David, be'ow, ]t]\ 103, lOli). 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1846, .T CI. B A. 18,50, M.A. 1853 ; llj.®., J 1851, /) 1852, V, Old 
Windsor 1860-75, Hon, Chapl, to the Queen 187'2-5, V. Xow Windsor 1876-8, 
Cha|il. in Ordinary to the Queen 1875-89, Master of St, Katharine's Hosp. 
1878-89, ftt (1)"13 April, 1,863, Isabella Elizabeth, only d. of Rev, .lohn 
Stokes, of Coi)ham, Kent ; (2) 23 ,Iidv, 1872, Ijidv Florence Catherine Sovmour, 
3rd d, of 5th Marquis of Hertford, 'D at Ilyeres, 13 Jlay, 1889. 

1839 WiNCOESTEE College. 59 

BucKLAND, Pkancih Trevelyan (f), b. 17 Dec, 1826, at Christ Chuicli, Oxon, 

s. of William Buclclauil (f 1708), nfterwards Denn of W'est- 

minster, and Mary, his wife, d. of Benjamin IMoilaiid, Esq., 

of Sheepstead House, near Abingdon, Berks (bro. of Edward 

Cople^ton, below, p. 75). 

Ch. Ch. Oxon, I?.A. 1848 ; Stud. St. Georfje's Hosp. 18-18-51, House Surgeon 1852-3, 

Assist. Surf,'eon 2nd Life Guards 1854; on the StafS of the Field 1856-65, 

founder of Laml and irn(('jl866, Inspector of Salmon Fisheries 1867 ; frequent 

writer in the Field and Land and Watvi-y author of annual reports on salmon 

fisheries and other rejiorts on fisliories, etc. The hoolis bv which he is best 

known are his '' furiusitifs of Natural Ilistnrv." 4 v. .Is. 18.",7-72 ; the " Lo-book 

of a Fisherman .iiid /....In-ist " 1x75 ; .in wli'ti.iu i.f Whiti's "Natural Historv 

of SeIborne,"withori-iiKiln.itfs; iin.l the '-Natural Hist.. rv of Hritish Fishes.'" 

(For further particulars, see D.N.Ii. vii. 201.) D VJ Dec, 18S0. 

Cr.EMENTSON, Charles Do.xat, s. of C. Clementson, Esq., Summerland, 


Kutered Queen Elizabeth's ColT. Guernsey 1837 ; JIadras Staff Corps 184G, Lieut. 

1851, Caiit. 1858 (14th Regt. Madras Infantry), Major 18G6, Lieut.-Col. 1872, 

lirevet-C'ol. 1877 ; Joint Magistrate Ootacaunmd 1877 ; Major-Gen. 1888 ; placed 

nu the I'ueniployed Supernumerary List 1888 ; Lieut.-Gen. 1892. S 18;i8. 

CooKK, William Hay (f), b. 26 Sept., 1827, 3rd s. of Rev. George Leigh 
Cooke, B.D., V. of Cubbin'^ton, Warwickshire, and Se.ileian 
Prof, of Nat. Philosojihy, O.Kford (D.N.B. xii. 85). 
At liiigby 1838-9 ; C.C.O. Oxon 1%44. S before 1853. 

CowBuiix, Geokgr, 2nd s. of William Cowburn, Esq., Sydenham, Kent (bro. of 
Allan, cf. Holgate, " Winchester Coajmoners," p. 2ij0, and 
of Alfred, below, p. 132). 
Solicitor London 1848, Mcmb. of Incorp. Law Society ; Perpot. Commr. 187G. J3 at 
liournemouth, 13 Dec, 187-S. 

Et.ioT, EnwAiiP, b. .".1 March, 1824, at St. Michael, Barbadocs,s. of Ven. Edward 

Eliot, Archdeacon of Barbidoes (bro. of William Kyd 

and Henry Edgecombe, b-low, pp. 112, 141). 

Int,. Cnllc-o Long Half 1842; Fellow New Coll. Ox<m 1847-61, 3 CI. 1849, U.C.L. 

ls5:!, Stud. Line. Inn 1851; 1&.®., d 1853, p 1854, C. Tredington, Worcs. 

lS5:!-(i, Norton liavant 1856-7, Sutton Hrailes 1858-9, Tredington 1859-60, P.C. 

Sibford (iower, Oxon 1S60-3, V. Norton liavant, Wilts. 1863-91, Chapl. St. 

Malo 1891-2, Inc. St. Matthew, Jersey 1892-8. it! 1861. © at Millbrook, 

Jersey, 24 June, 1898. 

Fhtiiehston, Thomas JoHN,e. s. of the Tiev. Sir Thomas Francis Fetherstmi, 

4th Bart., of Ardagh, and Adeline, his 1st wife, d. of Col. 


New Inn Hall, Oxon 1847 ; 11).®., 1848 Sar. ; succeeded as 5th Part. 28 Aug.. 1853. 

M 23 March, 1848, Sa'rali, v. d. of the late Harry Alcock, Esq., of Wilton 

Castle, CO. Wexford. Q 21 Sept., 1869. 

FoitT, RiriiARn, .'Ird s. of George Fort, Esq., Alderbtuy, Salisbiuy, and Dorothea, 

bis wife, d. and co-heiress of Thomas Mimkhouse, Esq., 

of Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland (bro. cf George, below, 

p. 91). 

St. .lohn's Coll. Oxon 1844, P..A. 1848, JLA. 1851; ID.©., d 1849, » 1852, V. 

Coopersale, Essex 1854-91. EJ 7 March, 1891, aged 65. 

GuMDLETON, UicHARD, on'y s. of Richard Gumblet'm, Esq., Castle View, Cork. 
IP of consmnptioTi, unmarried, 8 May, 1859. 

Hanson, George Scott, b. 2 June, 1823 (3rd s.), bro. of William Stonchewer, 
above, p. 48, and Henrv .Mlix, below, p. 97. 
Ens. 56th Ilogt. 1843, Lieut. 1846, Capt. 'l851. ifl '20 April. 1.853. at Permuda, 
Olivia .\ngusta Gilbert, only d. of Jesse Jones, Esc|., of that island. 16 Oct., 
1853, at Hernnida. 

60 Winchester College. 1839 

Hunt, Edward George, 2nd s. of Major Richard Bruges Hunt, Penquit Lodge, 
Erne Bridge, Devon. 
Exeter Coll. Oxoa 1843, 2 (Jl. B.A. 1840, M.X. 1849 ; Jj.©., d 1849, p 1850, C. 
Kingston, Devon 1849-52, Upper Brixham 1852-5, Otters- St. JIary 1855-63, 
Plymptou St. Mary 18G3-5, \'. 18G5-72, V. Hampton, Oxon 1872-95. fH 27 
Jan., 1853, Elizabeth, only d. of Commander Herbert J. H. Jones, R.N. il 19 
May, 1895. 

Jervis, Carnegie Egbert John, b. 12 Aug., 1825, e. s. of Hon. William 

Jervis (e. s. of 2nd Viscount Vincent), anil Sopbi.i, bis 

wife, d. of George Narboune Vincent, Esq. (bro. of the 


To Eton. fK 14 March, 1848, Lucy Charlotte, y. d. of John Baskcrvyle Glegs, Esq., 

of Withiugton Hall, co. Chester. Succeeded his grandfather as 3rd Viscount 

St. Vincent, 25 Sept., 1859. Q 19 July, 1879. 

Jervis, William Monk, b. 25 Jan., 1827 (2iid b.), bro. of the above. 

To Eton 1841; Trin. Coll. Oxon, B.C.L. 1852, M..\. 1856; Barr. Inner T. 1853; 
3rd King's Own Staffordshire Jlilitia 18G0-7G, granted precedency of a viscount's 
son 1860; D.L., J. P., and C.A. Derbyshire. fE (1) 21 April, 18G4, Harriet 
AVilniot, d. of U. Sachevercll Sitwcll, Esq., of Morley House, Derbyshire ; (2) 
18 April, 187G, Jlary JIaude, e. d. of the lion. Edward Swvnfcu Parlter-Jen-is, 
of Aston Hall, Warwickshire ; and (3) 25 .Vpril, 1882, Slary, d. of the late 
Edward Atkinson, Esq., of Seaficld Hall, co. Dublin, and widow of Capt. 
Herbert Herbert- Stepney, 7yth Kegt. Aildn-fs Quanidon, Derby. I'liih 
United University, 

L'EsTRANGE, George Henry, b. 29 Jul}', 1825, e. s. of George Burdett 
L'Estrange, Esq., Lisnamandra, Crossdoney, Ireland (Gentle- 
man Usher of tbe Black Rod to the Order of St. Patrick 

1858, Knt. 18G0), and his wife, d. of Herbert Kawson 

Stepney, Es']. 
Had one eye severely injured by a cricket ball ; removed to Eton 1841 ; Trin. Coll. 
Dublin 1842 ; Land Agent ; Agent for the Marquis of "Waterford's Leitriui estates 
1863-70, and I'l.r many other extensive properties ; J.P. Cavan. ft? 1852, Augusta 
Caroline, d. ol' the hiti' IWv, Henry Des Voeux. J3 at Owendoon, liawnbov, I'o. 
Cavan, 24 April, 1S7U. 

LirscoMB, William (f), b. 9 Aug., 1825, at Kensington, s. of William Li|is- 

comb, Esq., of the War Odice. 

Left 10 July, 1843; Ranger of DrluiiKu-.- I'or.-sl ; jiupil to Jlr. Bradley, land .igent, 

i;iclnnond, Yorks. ; joimd . ii-m, , iii,L4 and sur\ cn lug st;ilt ('alcdm.ian lUilway 

at Lanark; Agent for lOaii .'i .s, ai LnnMigirs Yoiksliiiv estal.-s 1S49; subse- 

nufiillv Agent 'to Col. Ib-iiry .SaMlc. Mr. An-u-tii- W. Liunlcy-Siivi!.', and the 

Ut and 2ii.l I'.ariiTis Savil 

r; Preside 

lit A\r,l l;i,lin^ .\grieultural; 

Mrnibi-i- c.r Ciuiicil CiMitn 
I'arliaiM.-iitarv ( ■"iiiinitlr.'^ 

il I'hanihe 

r et .\m;,nllinv; appniiiteil to sev.Tal 
i.r Sv.i,.ii^L- .il' Agliellltliral Ilol,lin-s 

r.ill ; Mni.l.n- .,( Iniinnl 1 

MTkOiirr ( 

nll.j'j.P. West Kiding; Member High- 

wavrn„„n,lb-.. it! :1) -' 

; \pnl, is. 

'■:■. Laura Helen, c. d. of the late William 

Sla'ii>rri,l, \■.-.^., ,,l Ihr .Ma 

IKir lieUM' 

, Floekton. Yorks. ; (2) 23 April, 1878, 

ICniily r.lanclie, d. of Ury. 

Robert Oai 

uson. D IC Sept., I90I, at his .shooting- 

box, 'Walshaw Moor, llclal 

en Bridge. 

Litti.euales, George Iiiciiard (f), s. of Charles Littlchales, Esq., M.D. 
(tlT96), Physician at Winchester (bro. of Eldied .and 
Walter Gougli, below, pp. G9, 124). 
Ens. 12th Regt. 1843, Lieut. 184G, Cnpt. 1853. S in camp at Ballarat, Victoria, 
12 Feb., 1855, and there buried. 

LnwNnES, Samuel, b. 1825, s. of William Loftus Lowndes, Esq., afterwards 
Q.C. of Lincoln's Inn, .and 22, Queen's Sq., Bloomsbury 
(bro. of Richard (cf. Holgate, p. 294), and of Henry, 
below, p. 09). 
Jlcmber of the Stock Exchange ; J.P. Dorset. Ifl ( I i IsC, I ; (2) 1882, Isabel tiore, 
d.of Col. Melville Browne, Scots Ensilier (.luard^, D at Walton Lodge, Guild- 
ford, 16 Sept., 1903. 

1839 Winchester College. 61 

Lvnx, Charlks, s. uf Rev. Charles Jobsou Lyon, St. Andrew's, Fife, 
bquiitter at liallancc, uoar Ballarat, Victoria. 

Malleson, George Broce, b. 1825, 2n'] s. of Jubn Malleson, Esq., AVimbledon 
(bro. of the next, and of Edward, below, p. 73). 
Bengal Staff Corps 1842, Lieut. 1847, Cajit. 18.57, Slajor 1862, Lieut.-Co!. 1868, Col. 
1873, retired 1877 ; in Indian Jlilitary Defence Dept. 1856-63, Sanitary Com- 
missioner to Indian Govt. 1865-9, Controller-Gen. Military Finances 1868, 
Guardian Maharajah of Mysore 1869-72, C.S.I. 1872; received into the Catholic 
Church 1891 ; author of "The Mutiny of the Bengal Army," better known as 
the " Red Pamphlet" 1857, "Historj' of the French in Ind'ia" 1868 and 1893, 
'•Recreations of an Indian Official" 1872, "Studies from Genoese History" 

1875, "Historical Sketch of Native States" 1875, "Essays and Lectures" 

1876, "Final French Struj;L,'les in India" 1878 and 1884, " Historv of the 
Indian Mutiny 1857-8" 1878-80 and 1890, 'j^Historj- of Afghanistan" 1879; 
editor of Eyre's "Kabul Insurrection" 18i9; author of "Herat" 1880, 
"Founders of the Indian Empire" 1882, "Decisive Battles of India" 1883 
and 1885, "Captain Musafir's Rambles" 1883, "The Battlefields of Germany" 
1884, "London" 1884, " Russo- Afghan Question" 1885, "Ambushes and 
Surprises" 1885, "Prince Eugene" 1888, " Prince Mettemich " 1888 and 1895, 
"Akbar" 1890, "Refounding of German Empire" 1892, "Life of Marquis 
AVellesley" 1895, "Lakes and Rivers of Austria" 1897. iff. 1856, Marion 
Charlotte, only d. of George Wynyard Baltye, Esq., B.C.S. Q at 27, West 
Cromwell Koad, London, 1 March, 1898. Cf. D.N.B. Supp. iii. 135, 

Malleson, John Nesbitt, h. 30 Oct., 1823, e. bro. of the above, and of Edward, 
below, p. 73. 
Solicitor, Loudon 1847 (finn, 'U'adeson & Malleson, 11, Austin-friars, E.C.). 
ifl 1851, Ida, d. of Dr. Pierce Nesbitt, of Honiton. Address 12, Palmeira 
Aventre, Hove, Sussex. 

Mansel, Aktiiuu Edmund, b. 6 April, 1828, at Melcombe Eegis, Gth and 

youngest s. of Col. John Mansel, C.B., of Smedmure, Dorset, 

and his 2nd wife, Louisa, d. of Edmund Morton Pleydell, 

E.sq., of Whatcombj House (bro. of the next). 

Into College Short Half 1840; Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1850; Comet 3rd (K.C).) 

Dragoons 1850, Lieut. 1855, Capt. 1858. retired 1865 ; J. P. Dorset, iff 6 Dec, 

1860, Clara Henrietta, e. d. of Hon. Arthur Lascclles. of Xorlcv, Cheshire. 

S at Grove House, Dorchester, 20 July, 1905. 

Maxsei., Owex Ldtteell, b. 1827 (4th s.), bro. of the above. 

Triu. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1849, M.A. 1852; 5?.©., d 1850, /< 1851, R. Church 
Knowle, Dorset 1852-98. iff 19 July, 1S.')9, Louisa Catherine, y. d. and co- 
heiress of Lord \Yalter Jloutagu, 2nd s. of 5th Duke of Manchester. 2 at 
\\>ymouth, 12 July, 1900. 

MiLLEi:, Edward (f), C.F., bapt, 10 April, 1825, e. s. of Rev. Edward Miller, 

^'. of Radwa}', Warwicks., and Charlotte, bis wife, d. of 

Rev. Charles Miller, V. of Harlow, Essex (bro. of Heur)-, 

below, p. 76). 

Sch. New Coll. (Ixon 1843, Fellow 184,5-57, 2 CL B.A. 1847, M.A. 1851, Tutor 

1851-6 ; 111.©., '/ 1848, p 1850, C. St. Thos. Oxford 1848-52, R. Butler's 

Marston, Wanvicks. 1808-79, R. Buckucll, Oxon 1879-91, 'Wvkchamical Preb. of 

Chichester 1896-1901 ; resided at 9, Bradniore Road, Oxford' 1891-1901 ; author 

of "Elementary Laliin Grammar" I.sii:;, ".SukiIKt Ijitiu Graninuir" 1864, 

" Elcnicntarj- Greek Sj-ntax" 1865, •■Ili^torv riud Doctrines of Irvingism," 

2 vols. 1878, "The Church in Relation to thJ State" 188U, "A Guide to the 

Textual Criticism of the N. T." 1885, " Greek Testamcut Primer" 1887 ; editor 

of Burgon's "Causes of the Corruption of the Traditional Text," and of 4th ed. 

of Scrivener's "Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the X. T." D 7 Aug., 


MuusT, Charles Rridoes (f), b. 27 Sept., 1827, 2Dd s. of Rev. Charles Mibiian 
Mount, Inc. of Christ Church, Bath, and Preb. of Wells. 
Fellow New Coll. Oxon 1845-66, B.A. 1849, M.A. 1854, Bursar 1861 ; ^.©., 
'/ 1851, /) 1852, R. Ilevford Warren, Oxou 1865-78. AMmf 14. Norham Road, 

62 WiNCHESTEK College. 1839-40 

OliMONP, John, s. uf John Onnond, Esq., of Bath. 

Mate H.JI.S. Areni/cr, a steam trij^ate, lost with 265 lives on the Sorelle rocks, oft 
the north coast of Africa, 20 Au^'., 1847, when only a lieutenant and four men 
were saved. 

Okmonji, William, s. <>f William Omiund, Esq., of Wautagi', and cousin of the 
Solicitor 18-1!), jiractising nt Swindon down to 1890. .l</J/c.<.« The Limes, Devizes 
Koad, Swindon. 

Payn'e, Charles Richard (t), b. 20 Dec, 1827, y. s. of Riv. Edward Rene 
Payne, \i. of Hepworth, Suffulk. 
Eniniivniicl Coll. Canili., li. A. 1850 ; 2J.©., J 1851, p 1352, (_'. Stanton. D at AUoo 
Simliel, on the Nile, 31 Jan., 1859. 

ru:oTT, J.VMEs, li. 1827, e. s. of Simon Eraser Cooke Pigitt, Ejii., of Lincoln's 
Inn, and 47, Russell Sq., Loudon. 
I'niv. Coll. Oxou, matric. 5 March, 18-15. D 3 Jan., 1S17, at Ii)in-, Sussex, of 

Stevenson, George William, b. March, 182G, e. s. of Rev. Charles Butler 

Stevenson, of West Court, If. of Callan, co. Kilkcnnv, and 

Harriet Mary Anne, his 1st wife, d. of James Grabam 

Esq., of Riehardliv, Ciimb.'r'and. 

Left 18'H; J.P. co. Kilkenny. D at Kilhridc, killed Ly a fall from his 1 

June, 1854. 

WiCKHAJi, IIeniiy John (t), C.F., bapt. 24 Dec, 1S2S (2iid s.), bro. of Wi liam 

Fiennc'^, above, \\ 4(1, and Chailes Thomas, Frederic Peers, 

and Arthur Robert, below, i.p. 91. Ill, 128. 

Fellow New Coll. O.xon 1848-61. I!.A. 1851, M.A. ISSIJ; It).®., -/ 18.54, p 1856; 

Assiiit. Master Win. Coll. 1851-67, ojicned the first "Tutor's House" Sept., 

18511, HoHse )\raster(A) "Chernocke House" I85!I-SS, Chapl. St. John Hapt. 

Hosp. Win. 1856-60 and 1889-:i!l. fH 26 July, ISC.O, Mary Knnly, d. of W. 

Mitchell, Esq., of I'ctersfield, Hants. AJdrvss 20 Christ Church Koad, 


LONG HALF, 1840. 

Addamr, Francis Holland, 1). 1828, s. of John TimewcU Addanis, Esq., Bank 
FlouBC, Cheltenham. 
Trin. Coll. Canib. 1846, li.A. 18.50, M.A. 1853; It).®., d 1851, ;i 1852, C. Abbot's 
Moreton, AVores. 1851-2, Huntiufifield, Snffoik 1852-4, St. .lohn, Xottiufc Hill 
18,54-7, Inc. St. Peter's, Nottin.; Hill 18.57-62; author of "A JIanual of 
Problem Solving in Arithmetic," Salisbury 1.8,87. iH 30 Sept., 18.52, Frances 
Susanna, c. d. of lioliert Thncker, Esq., of Wolverhanpton. Q at Torfiliallan, 
Eahl.icombe, Devon, 3 Jan., 1890. Cf. Wyk. vi. (n. 251) 6. 

Carter, William, s. of Ihe late Carter, Esq., <f Weston Hall, Otley, 
Yorks., and grandson of the late Wil'iam Vavasor, ICsq., and 
stepson of Samuel Jeycs, Esq., ?, Melville St., Edinburgh. 
33 s. p. before 1855. 

CoDD, Philip Lateward (t"), h. 30 .Jan., 1828, s. of C.ipt. Edward Codd (f ISlC), 
Upiier Bedford Place, Kensington. 
Entered Jl.idras Army 1845, X.I. 18.58, invalided 1860 (a'ive in 1869). J3. 

Cornish, Richard Perino, b. 1821, e. s. of Pvichard Cornish, Esq., Bridgetown, 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1842, li.A. 1846, M.A. I8.-.0 ; |t),®., •' 1847. /) 1848, P.C. Ivybridge 
185.5-62 ; resided at Exeter. ID between i884 and 1889. 

Dewar, David Erskine (f). Sec above, p. 47. 

1840 Winchester College. 63 

DLiuiiKi'V, John (Cannixg-), b. c. 182G, e. s. of lit. Hun. John Duhcrty, Lord 

Chief Justice of ihe Coinnian Pleas in Ireland, and E.izabeth 

Lucy, his wife, d. cf J. \V. Wall, Esq., of Coolnamuck Court, 

CO. Waterford. 

Left 1842 ; Barr. Middle T. 1847 ; .T.P. AVorcs. ; District Registrar Local Court of 

Probate, Wanvicks. ; assumed the additional name of Canniufr ; resided at 

Fox Lvdiatc Park, near Uedditch, afterwards at A'ernon House, Westou Park, 

liath. " D at liurlington Hotel, Cork St., London, 22 Jan., 1890. 

Gaubatt, Sudlow, b. 2 May, 1826, 7th s. of John Cfarratt, E-q., Bishop's 

Court, Exeter, and Sarah, his 1st wife, d. of Robert Wriglit 

Hodson, Esq. 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 1844, li.A. 1848, M..\. 1851 ; |^.®.. </ 1849, p 18.50, C. .\utony, 

Cornwall 1852-1903. IB Anna JIaia, d.' of Yen. George Barnes, D.D., 

Archdeacon of Barnstaple, .lililros Jlerifield, Cavendish Road, Boumcuiouth. 

Glascott, CiiOLMEi.EY Cradoce, Only s. of Rev. Thomas Glascott, Rudborough, 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1843, 3 CI. B.A. 1847; !&.©., J 1849,;) 1850, C. St. John, St. 
Pancras 1849-.'iO, Hammersmith 18.50-2, St. Thomas, Uvde 1852- 4, Brit. Chap. 
Versailles 185G-75. D 1.5 July, 1882. 

GiaiTiTii, Thomas Hexry (f), b. 24 Nov., 1828, 5th s. of Rev. Charles Tapp 

Griffith, P.D. (t 1801), Head Master of Warminster 

Grammar School, Wilt^. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1810, Fellow 1848-G3, S.C.L. 1850, B.C.L. 18.55, Dean 1800 ; 

Stud. Inner T. 1852 ; Ig.©., </ 1850, p 1857, C. He\-ford 'Warren 1860-3, 

T. Homchureh, Es-ex 1803-78, R. Smarden, Kent 1878-87. fH 21 April, 

1803. Fannv AVinterton, only child of Rev. .lames Forbes -Jowett. R. of Kingston, 

Berks. D at Burgess Hill, Sussex, 23 March, 1899. 

JIoAiiK, Hl'oii Richauu Kahie, s. of Capt. Richard Hoa'e, K.X., and Matilda, 
liis 1st wile, d. of Rear-Admiral S.r William Charles Eahic, 
D at School 29 March, 1849, aged 13 ; buried in Cloisters. 

Howell, Russell, b. 1826, 2nd s. of David Hoivel', Esq., of Trebursie, Lain- 

ceston, and Frances, his wife, d. of Thomas Rnssell, Esq., 

of Dover. 

Left after a few n ecks owing to an outbreak of fever and went to Harrow. Left 

Harrow 1843 ; Ch. Oh. O.xon 1844, B.A. 1848, M.A. 1852 ; ©.©., C. Cuddesdon 

1850-1, V. St. Veep, Cornwall 1851-6, converted to the Catholic Church 1856, 

created Caniericre Segreto to H.H. the Pope 1882. fE 29 Jtay, 1849, Julia 

Eliza, 2nd d. of Robert Saunders, Esq., and niece of (jeorge \Vard, Esq., of 

Northwood Park, Cowcs. Q at Firniout, Torquay. 9 Dec., 1900. 

KiN(i, Alexander, 3rd s. of Jolm King, E>q., 7.5, Marsland Plicc, Southampton. 
Uriel Coll. Oxon 1843, B.A. 1846, JI.A. 1849 ; U).©., J 1817, p 1848, C. Broadwas 
1847-9, V. Sherrington, Xewi)ort Pjiguell 1849-81. i3 21 Jidy, 1884. 

McCAUOcnEK, JoHS Omm^sxev, only s. of Joseph McCarogher, Esq., M.D., 

C'hich' ster. 

Demy Magd. Coll. Oxon 1843-58, B.A. 1847, M.A. 1850; IB.©., </ 1849, p 

1850, Chaplain to Duke of Richmond, C. of Xuthurst; R. Xuthnrst, Sussex 

1859, Prebendarj- of Chichester (Bury) 1807. fR 2 Aug., 1858, Frances, 

2ud d. of Thomas Sauctuarj-, Esq., of Horsham. Q 12 Sept., 1891. 

Meurimax, Henry Gordon (t). <Sfc abjvc, p. 44. 

Oqle, Richard Jeston, b. 5 April, 1820, 2nd s. of James Adey Ogle, E-q., 
M.D., Regius Prof. Medicine, Oxford. 
Into College Long Half 184"l. Sch. Trin. Coll. Oxon 1844-6, Exhibnr. Lincoln Coll. 
1840-9, Fellow 1819-51, 1 CI. B..\. 1848. M.A. 1851, Tutor of Win. 
Coll. 1850-1. S 10 Julv, 1851 ; buried in Cloisters. 

G4 WiscHBSTEK College. 1840 

Fkrcival, Cuables, e. s. of John Percival, Esq., Wuodlauds, St. Helens, I.VV. 
(bro. of S. Percival, below, p. 98). 
Ifl 20 Nov., 1850, Eliza Auii, c. A. of William Lo\cIl, Esq., of West Uaddoii 
I'luoKE, OcT.wius Coi'.B, b. 5 July, 1827, s. of Capt. Frederick William llookc, 
li.N., LficUhaiu House, Chipiienham, and Anne, his wife, 
(1. of Robert Wallace, Esq., of Edinburgh. 
Ens. 3nl Kc^t. 1840, Liout. 1847, retired 1853; Capt. and .\djut. Gloucester Militia. 
iH 1852, Aiiy;nstji, only d. of Duuconibe Pyrke, Esq., of Ueau Hall, Gloucester ; 
settled iu the Eastern Townships, Canada ; author of "The Chauuel Islands." 
.Srd ed. 1858, "The Life of the Jlosclle" 1857, "Ode on the Marriage of 
H.K.U. the Princess lioyal" 1858. Q about 1S80. 
Siiiri.Ey, William Davies (t), b. 17 Jan., 1828, .jrd s. of Rev. Charles Shipley, 
ofTwyford House, Hints, R. of Mapiiowdeo, Dorset, and 
Charlotte, his wife, d. of Orby Sloper, Esq., of West Wood- 
bury, and srandson of William Davies Shijiley, Dean of 
St. Asaph (D.N.B.lii. 113). 
Ens. 7lli lie^'t. 1848, Lieut. 1849, Capt. 58th I;e^'t. 1858, Slajor 40th Keitt. 18G3, 
lirevet Lieut.-Col. 1877, Licut.-Col. 1879, A.D.C. at the Cape, JIajor-Gcn. 
rretired) 1883. i^ Louisa, d. of — C)gilvie, Esq. C at llfracomhe, 2'.' 
March, 1898. 
Smith, Albert, s. of John Smith, Esq., solicitor, Devonport. 

Into his father's office. S. 
Thrupi", Joseph Fkancis, b. 1827, e. p. of Joseph Williani Tlirupii, Esq., of 
Merrow, near Cuildford, and 55, UpperBrook St., Grosvenor 
Sq., London, and Ruth Louisa, his wife, e. d. of Thomas 
John Burgoyne, Esq. 
Triu. Coll. Camb. 1845, Sch. 1848, 9th Classic. 7th Wrangler K.\. 1849, FcUoh- 
1850; l^.®., J audp 1852, V. Barrington 1852-69; author of " Introduction to 
the Study and Use of the Psalms," 2 vols. 1800, ".\ Kcvised Translation of the 
Song of Songs" 1802, "Ancient Jerusalem" 1855, as well as sermons and 
various articles in Smith's "Dictionary of the IJible." lie was also editor of 
"Xunibers" in "The Speaker's Commentiirv," and a member of the Foreign 
Translation Committee, S.I'.C.K. Q 24 Sept'., 1807. Cf. Wyk. ii. fi. 
Wall, s. of Rev. Daniel Henry AVall, ^F.A. (f 1792), Sunbury Lodge, Middlesex, 

R. of Clonmel 1811-32. 
Wakhlaw, John, ith s. of Major-Gen. (after Lieiit.-Gen.) Wardlaw, of Penning- 
ton Hous;>, Lvniington, and the IIoil Anne, his wife, v. d. 
of Gerard, 1st Viscjunt Lake, G.( '.B. ; D.L. Essex, ifl 28 Nov., 1854, the Lady lloratia Elizabeth, 2nd d. of llie 
Rt. lion. John Jan\es, 0th Earl Waldegrave, and widow of Capt. John Joseph 
Webbc Weston. Living at 43, Dover St., W., in 1901. 

SHORT HALF, 1810. 

Allen, Cilvulks, b. 10 Jidy, 1825, s. of Charles Pettitt Allen, Esq., solicitor, 
17, Carlisle St., Soho. 
Solicitor; Deputy Clerk of the Peace for Westminster 18.18-00. ffl[ ISiio, I'.mily 

Clara , widow of a solicitor in New Zealand. Q 15 March, 1808. 

AucHER, FuLBKRT, b. 11 April, 1825 (4th s.), bro. of Samuel Harward, above, 
p. 38. 
C.C.C. Oxon 1847; Parr. Timer T. 1852, Western Circ. till 1800; then Barrister in 

New Zealand, ffl (1) 1850, Marv, d. of William Cave, Esq. ; (2) . D 28 

Nov., 1904, at Paignton, S. Devon. 
Barchard, Elphixstone, b. 1827 (2nd s.), bro. of Francis, above, p. 58. 

Trin. Coll. Camb.. li.A. 1849. M..\. 1852 [University .\I. 1840-8] ; Barr. Line. Inn 
1853. fH 1800, Catherine, d, of Capt. liarwill. I!.N. Q at Duddeswell, 
Uekfield, Sussex, 19 Oct., 1893. 


Bastard, Baldwin John Pollexfkn, b. 11 Maicb, 1830, 2nd s. of Edmund 

Pullexfen Bastard, Esq., of Killey, and Buckland Court, 

Devon, aud the Hon. Anne Jane, his wife, d. of George, 

2nd Baron Rodney. 

B.tU. Coll. Oxon 1847 ; served in Crimean War as Lieut. 9th Eegt. ; succeeded to 

Kitk'V and Bucliland Court on the death of his brother, 12 June, 1856. iH 16 

Oct., 1861, Frances Jane, y. d. of Hon, Mortimer Rodney. Address Kitley, 

Yealmpton, Plynipton. 

BuiGUT, Tyndall, b. 1824 (3id s.), bro. of Robert Oncsiphorus, above, p. 56, 
and of George, Charles Edward, and Arthur, below, pp. 68, 
88, 99.^ 
Slorchant in Liverpool, i^^ 17 July, 1851, Mar}-, e. d. of W. Fletcher, Esq., of 
Liverpool. J3 

Bhowne, William James Caulfeild, b 8 Jan., 1825, e. s. of Rev. James 

Caiilfoikl Browne, D.C.L., Gt. Berkhanipstcad, and Is.abella, 

his wile, only d. of John Mello, Esq., of Finch Lane and 

Denmark Hill (bro. of Magens James Caulfeild, b^low, 

p. 133). 

St. John's Coll. Oxon 1846, B.A. 1850, M.A. 1853 ; 1!^.©., R. Kittisford, Somerset 

1862. fa 185.S, Jane Catherine Jleade, d. of Thomas Aubrey Gappor, Esq., of 

Forthill House, Somerset. S 2 Nov., 1893. 

DicWAR, James William (f), b. 9 Sept., 1827, at Bombay (2nd s.), bro. of David 
Erskinc, above, p. 47. 
Ens. 4Sth Best. 1846, Lieut. 18.MI, Capt. 1854 ; served in the Eastern Campaign 
1854-5, at Alma and InUoniian (wounded) and at siege and fall of Sebastopol 
(medal with three clasps, Drevet Major 1853, Knt. of the Legion of Honour 
1857, 5th Class Jledjiilie 1853) ; one of the Town Slajors of Sebastopol ; Major 
(half pay) 1858. iirl Kate Jane, who died 14 May, 1853. 33 at Middleton 
Stoney, Oxon, in his brother's house, 19 July, 1861. 

DicKsoy, Geohoh William, b. 21 Sept., 1824, 5th s. of George Frederick 

Dickson, Esq., Consid-General of the United Provinces of 

I'io de la Plata, of 20, Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park, 

and Abbot's Reading, Haverthwaile, Lanes., and Jane, his 

wife, y. d. of William Jones, Esq., barrister-at-law. 

© 29 May, 1847, unmarried, accidentally shot at Montevideo, South America, the 

shot passing through the intended victim and afterwards entering the body of 

Mr. Dickson, who was walking a few 3'ards in front of him. 

Erle, TwYSiHOE William (f), b. 10 April, 1827, in Bloomsbury, only s. of 

Pit. Hon. Peter Erie, Q.C. (f 1807), aud Mary, his wife, d. 

of Rev. Francis Fcaron (f 1806), V. of Cuckfield, Sussex. 

Trin. CoU. Canib., B.A. 1850, M.A. 1853 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1853, then Master of the 

Supreme Court for many years ; one of Committee of Advice for International 

Inventions Exhibition 1885, and juror in two sections ; author of "Children's 

Tovs and what thcv Teach," " Tlic Jury Liws and their Amendment." fH 

1871, JIary, 3rd d. of John Bogle, Esq., "of ^\'oodside, Torquay. Addresses 1, 

Camliridge Gate, N.'NV. ; Bramshott Grange, Liphook ; Millhall, Cuckfield. 

Clubs Athenajum .and United I'nivcrsity. 

FitASEn, Vincent Hanson, b. 1826, 2nd s. of Simon Fraser, Esq., Meerut, 
King's Coll. London ; jMeilical Student. 13 7 Sept., 1847, and buried in Ilighgate 

FitiTii, William Ahmetriding (f), b. 30 May, 1827 (3rd s.), bro. of James, 
above, p. 36. 
Wore. Coll. Oxon 1845, B.A. 1849, M..\. 18.r2; It;.©., d 1850, p 1851, C. Hands- 
worth, Staffs. 1850-1, .St. Nicholas, \Varwi(k'l851-4, P.C. IIolv Trinity, Gains- 
borough 1854-67, K. Weby, Lines. 1867-98. ffl 8 Feb., 1855, Jlary, 2nd d. 
of William Sharp, ICsq., Endwood Court, St,afts. Q at Belmont, Bcrkbamp- 
stead, 6 .-^ug., 1900. 

66 Winchester College. 1840 

GiRDLESTOSE, Edmund (t), h. 28 June, 1827, at Earlham, Norfolk, s. of Eev. 
Henry Girdlestone, E. of Landford, Salisbury. 
S in Collc^'O, 14 Marcb, 1842. 

GUEDOS, Arthur Bertrasd, b. 3 Dec, 1829, s. of John Gurdon, Esq., of 

Assington Hall, Sudbury, and Anne, bis 2nd wife, d. of 

Colonel Cbarles Powell Leslie, of Glaslougb, co. Monaghan. 

To Durham Uuiverslty ; Brewer, ffl Jan., 1854, Sarah Evelyn, e. d. of Eev. 

William Clarke King, of Durham (she died 19 Xov., 1854) ; received into the 

Catholic Church by Father Fnber 1856, admitted to the London Oratory 9 Nov., 

1856, ordained priest 9 Oct., 1859, withdrew from the Oratory G No'v., 186C ; 

Chapl. at Rome to the Ensilish-speakint; Papal Zouaves 1867, Priest-in-charge 

of the Mission at Alton 1879, in the eighties attached to the missions of the 

then Pro-Cathedral (Our Lady of Victories, Kensin»ton) and Holy Trinity, 

Hammersmith ; on retirini^ from the Mission resided at Femside, Kin^cstou 

Road, Hampton Wick, helpius on Sundays and holidays at the Church of the 

Sacred Heart. S at Hamiilou Wick, 8 Ang., 1899. 

Gcrdos, John B.\rkatt, b. 15 April, 1825, e. s. of John Gurdon, Esq., of 
Assington, and Bridget Anna, bis 1st wife, d. of William 
Lanibarde, Esq., of Sevenoaks. 
f^ 1857, Sophia Katharine Gambier, 6th d. of Charles Douglas Halford. Esq., of 
West Lodge, East licrgholt, Suffolk. Q 28 Jan., 1863. 

Heksixo, Frederick Charles, b. 1826, only s. of Ch.arles Henning, Esq., of 
Grove House, Dorchester, Dorset. 
D ;■) Oct., IS.'iS ; buried at Dorchester. 

HoLROYD, Edward Dukdas, b. 25 Jan., 1828, bro. of Goor£;e Frederick, above, 
p. 43. 
Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1851, M.A. 18.o4. 8 CI. 1851 ; Barr. Grav's Inn 1855, 
Barr. A'ictoria, Australia 1859, Q.C. 1879, M.A Melbourne 1881. Puisne Judge 
Jlelbourne since 1881 ; knighted 1903. fH 1862, Anna Maria Hoyles, d. of 
Henry Compton, Esq., Jlelliourne. Aillie.'s Fernacre, St. Kihia, Melboiinie, 

Johnson, Frederick Pigot, b. 29 July, 1826, 5th s. of Sir Henry Allen Johnson, 

2nd Bart., Batli, and Charlotte Elizabeth, his wife, d. of 

Frederick Philipse, Esq. (bro. of Allen Bayard, below, p. 89). 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1844, B.A. 1848, 5LA. 1851, Student 1844 66 (Wells Tlieol. Coll.) ; 

|ij.©., <' 1849, /) 1850, C., I'.C. Market Ilarborough 1856-65, V. 

Fl'oore 1863-75, I!. Oaksey 1875-S->. iB. 1866, Matilda, d. of James Arbuthnot. 

Esq., of Balnamoon, Forfar. D 1 June, 18;S2. 

Latham, Henry, e. s. of Rev. Henry Latliani, Selineston, Lewes. 

Brasenose Coll. O.\on 1846, B.A. 1849, M.A. 1863 ; Barr. Inner T. 1854 ; partner of 
Messrs. Combe, Clarendon Press, Oxford. D 7 Jan., 1871. 

LovEDAY, Arthur, b. 21 Sept., 1826, e. s. of Arthur Loveday, Esq., Doctor.s' 
Into College Long Half 1841, BalL Coll. Oxon 1845, B.A. 1848, M.A. 18,52 ; Jt).£>., 
d 1850, j) 1851, C. Monks Sherborne 1850-65, Corhampton 1865-71, ciiai.l. 
.Mmits Hospital, Goring Heath 1871-3. K. Yattendon 1873-85. fH 10 Mav, 
1859. Elizabeth Lucy, y. d. of Rev. BcnjaniiTi Lcfrov. R. of Ashe, Hants. JS 
26 Feb., 1885. 

McC'reight, John, s. of Rev. James McCreight, 1!. of Ready, Armagh, nejihcw 
and ward of the Hon. Baron John Leslie Foster, Ratte.scar, 
Duulear, Ireland. 
Trin, Coll. Dublin, B.A. 1850. 

M ANSEL, Arthur Edmund (f). See .above, p. 61. 

MiCKLEM, IIenbt, b. 18 Oct., 1827, 2nd s. of Nathaniel Micklom, Esq., Par.adise, 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1846. D unmarried, 10 Jan., 1901. 

1840-1 WiNCHKSTEK College. 67 

MicKLEM, Thomas George, b. 19 Xov., 1825, elder bro. of the above. 
S uumarried, 2 Oct., 1851. 

Palmer, Sambokne Stukely Palmer Samborne-, b. 20 Feb., 1827, e. s. of 

Samborue Stukely Palmer-Samborue, Esq., cf Timsbury 

House, Bath, aud Lucy Penelope, his wife, e. d. of the Piev. 

Eichard Lane, of CofHeet, Devon. 

Went to Rugby Feb., 1843, Exeter Coll. Oxon 184.5, J.P. Somerset, fft 13 June, 

1800, Lucv, 2iid (1. of Francis Baring Short, Esq., of Bicliham House, Devon. 


Pearse, Bkice Huaii, b. 15 Feb., 1827, e. s. of Brice Pearse, Esq., Woodford, 

Essex, and Harriet Georgina, his wife, e. d. of Sir Robert 

Williams, 9th Bart. 

Brasenose Coll. Oxon, 3 CI. B.A. 1849 ; merchant in London ; Director of Price's 

Patent Candle Co., Ltd., and City of London Keal Property Co., Ltd. Address 

9, Hyde Park St., W. 

Pearse, Eobert Wilson, b. 8 May, 1828 (2cd s.), bro. of the above. 

Brasenose Coli. Oxon, 4 CI. B.A. 1849, M.A. 1852, Wells Theol. Coll. ; p).©., d 
1851, p 1852, K. Gaywood, Norfolk 18.54-69. 1^ 20 April, 1854, Alice Maria, 
y. d. of Kev. Canon Wodehouse, 0. 

Trotman', Henry Peers (f), b. l.j April, 1829, 2iid s. of Rev. Fiennes S. 
Trutman, of Dallington, Korthants., and Mary, his wife, aud 
br.i. of Edward Fienues and William Charles, beUiw, jip. 
74, 110. 
Q 12 Dec, 1S13, at Wiuchcstcr ; buried in Cloisters. 

TwYFORP, Samuel, s. of Rev. Charles Edward Twyford, R. of Trotton, Peters- 
field, and bro. of the Twyford below, p. 118. 
Lieut. K.N., H.M.S. London ; killed at Seb.istopol while scr\-ing in the trenches 
with the I!.X. Brigade. 9 April, 1855, ageil 25 ; Crimean Memorial. 

Yeatman, Marwood Shuttleworth, b. 17 July, 1826, 2nd s. of Rev. Harry 

Farr Yeatmau, LL.B., of Stock House, and Sarah, his wife, 

d. and heiress of James Huysshe Wolcott, Esq., of Sudbury, 


(Iriul Coll. Oxon 1840, B.A. 1850 ; Stud. Inner T. 1851 ; J.P. Dorset, High Sheriff 

1891 ; Capt. 1858, Major 1870-82, Hon. Lieut.-Cul. 1882 of Dorset Yeomanry. 

m 20 April, 1881, Caroline, onlv d. of Major Edward Dyson, late 3rd Dragoon 

liuards, of Denne Hill, Kent. & 28 Dec, 1891. 

YouKO, Ralph, s. of John Adolphus Young, Esq., Hare Hatch, Maidenhead, 
and 13, Great Orniond St., London. 
To Addiscombe ; 2nd Lieut. Royal Engineers, Bengal 1844, Punjab 1849, Capt. 
1858, served in 1st and 2nd Sikh Campaigns, received the thanks of the 
Clov. -General for capture of Hurrund ; Commissioner of Lahore, retired 1877 
M.ajor-Gcn. ; J.P. Loudon and Middlesex, ffl 1850, Juliet, d. of T. Smith, 
Esq. Q ,it 17, Avenue Road, Regent's Park, 9 Nov., 1897. 

LONCi HALF, isfi. 

Bakicr (-Caur), Robert James (f), b. 1 Feb., 1828, p. s. of Rev. Tlioma.s 

B.iker, of Bexlull, Sussex ; afterwards Y. of Hartlebury, 


I'niv. Coll. 0.xon 1846, B.A. 1802, M.A. 1803 ; Barr. Inner T. 18.54 ; It).®., d 1862, 

p 1863, C. Hartleburv 1802-4. Foxearth, Kssex 1864-5, Hampton "ijicv 1865-7, 

St. Luke, Torqiiav 1807-9, I!. Ilislon-on-the-Green, Gloucs. 1809-70, R'.D. Trigg 

Minor 1879-82. R. Linitcglos, loniwall IS70-8G. He assumed the additional 

name of Carr in .Vjiril, 18.S5. ffl 29 Sipt., 1864, Rose Louisa Longmore, 

only d. of Col. Teesdale, R.II.A. Q 19 Jan., 1886. Cf. 'Wyk. v. (n. 206) 38. 

68 Winchester Colle<;e. 1841 

Beaumont, George Howlasd, b. 12 Sept., 1828, e. s. of Sir George Howland 
Willoughby Beaamont, 8th B.irt., of Cole Orton Hall, 
Ashby-ue-la-Zoucb, and Mary Amip, his wife, d. of Dr. 
William Hmvley (flTTO), late Archbishop of Canterbury 
(bro. of William Berestbrd, below, p. 91). 
Ch. Ch. Oxim 18-1(; ; siioceedea as ttth liart. 1845. fH (1) 4 June, 18.W, Tarlina 

Mcn/.k's, 3ril d. of \V. Ualluivs Belli, Esq., H.E.I.C.S., niece of the 3rd Dr. 

WillKuii Ili.wlry ; (2) 4 A[iiil, 1872, Octavia WiUougbby, w. of Major J. H. S. 

AV:illis, of llrisljane ('astU'. to. Cork. S of brain disease at Cole Orton, 8 June, 

1882. CI. Wyk. iv. (u. 1U7) 79. 

Bengough, Geoege Henkt, e. s. of George Bengougli, Esq., of the Kidge, 
Wootton-under-Edjte, and Anne, hi,s wife, d. of Capt. John 
Cooke Carpenter, R.N. 
To Rugby 1844; Gent. Couini. Oriel Coll. Oxon 1846, B.A. 1850, JI.A. 1853, 
Wells Theol. Coll. 1851. fH (1) i'- 1856, Harriet, d. of T. Evans, Esq., M.I). ; 
(2) 11 Sept., 18G0, Josephine Mary, d. of llev. J. H. liuttenvortb. 33 -li Oct., 
18U5, at Florence. "He was a great promoter of the forui.atiou of reforma- 
tories, and his earlv death was attributable to his exertions in the cause." — 
Halt. Mug. (N.S.) xix. 798. 

BiiiGHT, George, b. 1826 (4th s.), bro. of Bubert Onesiphorus and Tyndall, above, 

pp. 56, 6.5, and of Charles Edward and Arthur, below, 

pp. 88, 99. 

Judj;e in India; J.P. Somerset, ffl (1) Sept., 1851, Eleanor Georglna, d. of 

iMarcus McCausland, Esq., of Fruit Hill, co. Derry ; (2) 10 Dec, 1857, Tempe, 

d. of Henry Kaikes, Esq., of the Bengal Civil Service. Address Ohl Bank, 


Crvmes, John (f), b. 16 Dec., 1827, at Stevnton, Pembroke. 
Left 1842; Ens. 4Gth Regt. 184.5, Lieut. 18'4S, disappeared 1849. 

Down, Charles John, 2nd s. of Capt. Edward Augustus Down, B.N., Langley, 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1844, B..\. 1848 ; ?t).®., d 1849, p 1850, C. .Semiugton and 
Chapl. Melksliam Union, Wilts. ; R. Hemington with Hardington, .Somerset 82, C. Tawstock 1880-3, R. Tawstock 1883-93, K. WInforton, Hereford- 
shire 1893. O a Nov., 1899. 

Du Cank, John-, b. 24 March, 1828, s. of Capt. Charles Du Cane, R.N., Witlnm, 
Southamptun, and Frances, his wife, d. of Rev. C. I'rideau.x- 
Brune, of Prideaux Place, Cornwall. 
Lieut. 60th Rifles. Q lost at sea, 22 June, 1853, on board the Kfpihjle, coasting 
between East London and CajJC Town. 

Hai.i.warp, Thomas William Onslow (f), b. 9 Aug., 1827, yrd s. of Ruv. Jului 
Hallward, East Thorpe, Essex. 
Univ. Coll. Oxon 1846, B.A. 1850, M.A. 1852; llj.®., <( 1851, p 1853, C. Le.xden, 
Essex 1852-5, Chapl. Arn\y Works Corps, Crimea 1855-6, C. Gazeley 1856-7, 
Swepstone, Leics. 1857-65, Lexden 1865-7; R. Frittenden. Kent 1869-99. itl 
I May, 1802, Marv Sophia, v. d. of Henvv lloare. Esq., of SLnplehurst, Kent. 
S 1899. 

lIooD, Francis Fotiiergill, b. 3 March, 1820, ord s. of John Hood, Esq., 
Nettlchani Hall, Lincoln, and Anne S:i,ilh, his wife, d. of 
Rnlph Kobb, Ksq., of Stirling, N.B. 
Lieut. G4th Kegt. D at Malaga, Spain, 2 March', 18.53. 

Hood, William Frankland, b. 7 July, 1821 (2iid s.), bro. of above. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1847, JLA. 1849; Stud. Inner T. 1845; JlJ.©., •' and /. 
1848, C. Hemswell, Lines. 1848 54. ifl 1847, Elizal)fth, d. of Rev. .1. W. 
Sinclair, R. of llutton Biishell. B 21 March, 1804. See Ofiit. Ma,,. 
(N.S.) xvi. 668. 

I $4 1 Winchester Collegk. 69 

lIosKiNs, Antiioxy IIilev, b. 1 Sept., 1828, s. of Rev. Henry Hoskiiis, 
of Nurth Pern it Manor, Oiewkerne, Somerset, and Mary, 
his wife, d. of Rev. William Philips, of Montacute House, 
Somerset (bro. of Arthur Reginald and Edmond John, 
below, pp. 89, 107). 
Tcuth on the IloU "ad Winton" 184'2, but renounced and entered R.N". as a mid- 
shipman the same year ; present at attack on Tamatare by the Conway 18 June, 
lH4o; commanded" cutter of the Piefiihnt in attack on Arab stockades at 
Anjoxa, Mozambique Channel, 1847 ; Sub. -Lieut. 1848, Lieut. 1849 ; Lieut, of 
the Cn.'ior in Kaffir War 18ol-2; Naval A.D.C. to Sir Harry Smith, present 
at actions at Amatola and Watercloof (several times mentioned in despatches, 
medal) ; in command of the gunboat Bcaeer 1856 ; Lieut. -Commander of the 
Slancy durinf; Chinese War 1857-8, present at the capture of Canton, Dec, 
1857, and Taku forts Jlay, 1858 (despatches, medal with two clasps) ; 
Commander under date 2G Feb., 1858 ; Capt. 12 Dec, \S7'S ; commanded the 
Eclipse on X. American station 1869-7"2, and the Sultan in the Channel Fleet 
1873-4; Commodore on the Australian station 1875-8; Naval A.D.C. to the 
Queen 1877-9 ; C.B. 1877 ; Kear-Admiral 15 June, 1879 ; Naval Lord of the 
-Vdiniralty 188U-2 ; Egyptian War 1882 (2nd class Medjidie, K.C.B., medal, 
KJiedive's star, and thanks of Parliament) ; Superintendent of Naval Reserves 
1882-5; Yice-.\dmiral 1885; Naval Lord of the Admiralty 1885-9; Grand 
Cordon Jlcdjidie 1889 ; Comm.andcr-in-Chief in the Mediterranean 1889-91 : 
Admiral 1891 ; First Naval Lord 1891-3; thanked by the French Govt., and 
received a present of Sevres china for assistance given to a French gunboat 
atj.affa 1891; Commissioner of Patriotic Fund, Aug., 1893; F.R.G.S. ; on 
the Council of the Royal Ser\-ice Institution, Ilakluyt Society, etc., etc. ; 
G.C.I?, and good senice pension on retiring Nov., 1893. fH 27 Oct., 1865, 
Dorothea .4.nne Eliza, 2nd d. of Rev. Sir George Stamp Robinson, 7th Bart., 
who suri-ived him but a few months. S at Plcvstowe, Capel, near Dorking, 
21 June, 1901. Cf. N. and Q., 10th S., iii. 26. 

Ik'.Mi'Hiiur, John, b. 8 July, 1825, e. a. of Alderman Ji.lm Humiihery (after- 
wards Lord Mayor of London), 5LP., and Mary, his 1st 
wife, (I. of William Burgess, Esq. (bro. of the next and 
of Charles John, below, p. 85, and half-bro. of Percy 
Adolpbus and Edward John, below, pp. 135, 153). 
M'harfniger, llibcniia Wharf, London Bridge, ffl 1847. Ennna. d. of William 
Cubitt, Esq., M.P. Q 27 Dec, 1868. 

Uf.MriiKRY, William Husrt, b. 25 ICarch, 1827 (2nd s.), bro. of above. 

Wadii. Coll. O.ton, B..V. 1850, M.A. 1853; Barr. Iimer T. 1.S52 ; Standing Coun.sel 
Irish Society 1860; M.P. Andover 1863-7; created a Baronet 10 Dec, 1868; 
J.P. Hants (High SherieE 1873); C.Ii. 1887; Master Tallow Chandlers' Co. 
188U ; joined Volunteers 1860, Col. 1st V.B. Hants Regt.. V.D. 1892. K.C.B. 
1892; Brigadier-Gen. Portsmouth V.I. Brigade. fH (1) 1850, Maria, v. d. of 
William Cubitt, Esq., M.P., twice Lord Mayor of London; (2) 1898, Man,- 
Catherine, d. of Hon. Sir Edward Hall Alderson, sometime Baron of the 
Exchequer. Aihlresfcs The Cottage, Gt. Brington, Northampton; 23, Brutou 
St., W. C'/«fts Carlton, United L'niversity. 

LiTTi.iiii.vLES, Eldred Harky (3rd s.), bro. of George R'chard, above, p. GO, and 
Walter Gough, below, p. 124. 
Banker in Winchester. iH (1) Miss Jane Mary Georgina Faggc ; (2) Miss Emma 
Wildes. O 12 Jan., 1897, at 8, Rectory Road, Beckeuham, aged 69. 

LovEDAT, Artuur (f). See above, p. 6G. 

LowNOES, Hksry, bro. of Simuel, above, p. CO. 

Trin. Coll. Camb. 18J(>-.50 ; Member of the .Stock E.xchangc (Messrs. Woollev, 
Lowndes & Co.). Q 21 July, 1898, at West Dulwich. 

MiKellar, Edward (t), b. 28 May, 1827, at T! ittersea, s. of Dugald McKellar, 

Esq., and Annette (nre Clarke), his wife. 

Uft 25 Oct., 1841, Univ. Coll. London; M.R.C.S. Eng. 1849, Army Surgeon, 

Bengal 1851, SLD. St. Andrews 1870, Deputy Surgeon-General Bengal Amiv, 

retired 1877. ffl Nov., 1863, Eliza Mary Ann, d. of Rev. Edwartl White, 

Bengal Cha].lain. .l./r/i<-...« M'oodleigh, Preston Rd., Brighton, 

70 Winchester College. 1841 

Neville, William Paine, b. L82-I, only s. ul' William I'aiue Neville, Esq., 
Trin. Coll. (Ixon 1S44, I5.A. 1849, M.A. 1»50 ; a lay-worker at St. Saviour's, Leeds ; 
cutered the Oratory of ,St. Philip Xeri, Birmingham ISol ; ordained Priest liy 
Dr. Ullathonie, Bp. of Birmingham 18C1; Private Secretary and Literary 
Executor of Cardinal Newman ; one of the three priests who accompanied him 
to Rome when he went to receive his Hat ; editor of " Meditations and Devotions 
by Cardinal Newman,'' " Addresses to Cardinal Newman" 1905. Q 15 JIarcli, 
1 905 ; buried near Cardinal Newman's grave at Rednal Cemetery. 

Nugent, ChaeliiS Butler Peter Nugent Hodges (f), b. 25 Sept., 1825, at 
Walcot, Bath, s. of C. Nugent, Esq. 
2nd Lieut. K,E. 1845, Lieut. 184C, Capt. 1854, ISrev. -Major 1855, Brev.-Lieut.-Co 
1866, Brev.-Co). 1873, Col. 1878, retired 1883; served in the Baltic during the 
Russian War 1854-5 ; in 1854 as Senior Engineer Officer attached to the 
Commander-in-Chief, Admiral Sir Charles Napier; present at capture of Aland 
Islands and fall of liomarsund ; in 1855 attached to the Commander-in-Chief, 
Admiral Su- K. Dundas, and jiresent at the bombardment of Sweaborg (Baltic 
medal and lirovct of Major) ; Assistant Director of Works and Fortifications at 
War Office 1X71-5, Deimtv-Ilirector 1S7G-SI, C.l!. 1S7:! ; in coninuind of R.E. 

K-vptian ICxpp.lition Issi (nunli d in dfsi.atcli.-, ni.'.Ial, l.ron/c >t.-.r. -Jiid 

ciaVs Jledjidie) ; K.l'.ll. Iss-J; retired on full pav ls,s|. ifl ISi'.S, ICninia, 
d, of Rev. Richard Allen liurney, R. of Rrightwell, Berks. Q 7 Oct., I.SDH, 
at 7, Lansdowuc Place, Cheltenham. 

Ogle, PiIchard .Jeston (f). See above, p. 03. 

Perkin, Frederick William, 3rd s. of Piicbanl 'I'lioiiitoii Pcrkin, Esq., 
Streatham Hill. 
M.agd. Hall, Oxon 1.S47. 

PiNDER, EnwARD ('ln(\ s.\ bro. of Francis Ford, above, p. 41. 

Wadh. Coll. Oxon 1843, B.A. 1847, M.A. 1850; Wells Theol. Coll. 1817; Jt).©., 
C. Castle Rising, Norfolk. © of consumption, 2 Oct., 1859, aged 34. 

llicKETTS, George Henry Mildmay, b. 20 June, 1827, in India, c. s. of Sir 

Henry Rickelts, K.C.S.I. (Comm. 1815), and Jane, bis wife, 

d. of Gen. George Carpenter. 

To Hailevljurv ; Bengal C.S. 1847-79, served in the I'unjab during the Jlutinv 1857. 

C.B.' 186(1. IH (1) .30 Jan., 1862, Charlotte, d. of Percy' Gough, Esq., of 

Glenconnor, Clonniell ; (2) 1883, Emily Isabella Clive, e. d. of Sir Edward 

(■live Bayley, K.C.S.I. A'Idrm Foiilis Court. ICastleigh, Hants. Cliih 

Athenaeinn and Travellers'. 

EiDDiNG, George (t), b. 16 Marcli, 181i8 (3rd s.), bio. of Charles Henry and 
Arthnr, abuve, \<\>. 37, 57, and William, lielow, p. DO. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon, Craven Scliclar 1851, 1 CI. and 2 Math. B.A. I.S51, JLA. 1858; 
Fellow Exeter Coll. l,s.",l-S, Tutor 1852-63, Chancellor's Prize, Latin Essay 
18,i3, Proctor 1861; ll).©., -/ 1854, p 1856, Select Preacher 1863 and 1891, 
Hostlarius Win. Coll."l863-7, Inforniator 1867-84, D.I). 1869, consecrated first 
Bp. of Southwell, 1 May, 1884 ; co-opted a Fellow of Win. Coll. (rice the Earl 
of Selliorne deceased) 'l3 ,Tuly, 1895; admitted 29 Jan., 1896; author of 
Panqihlet on tlie Matins' Conference and Universitv School Examina- 
tions 1871-2, Vi^itiiiinn ( and Sermons 1,884-96, "The Revel and the 
Battle and other ^. ,i„,„i~- l,s;i7. M (') '^0 Ju'v, 1^58, JIarv Louisa, 2nd d. 
of Rt. i;ev. Ceori;,- .M..l„rlv, I).f',L. (ahove, p! 6); (2) 1876, Ladv Laura 
Elizabeth Palmer, e, d. of Roundell, 1st Earl of Selliorne. D 30 Aii.g., 1901. 

Saunders, Hugh Ward, b. 28 Jan., 1828, only s. of Kobert Saunders, Esq., 

Calcutta (afterwards of Henrietta St., Cavendish Sq.), 

nephew of Mrs. George Henry Ward, Northwood, Cowes. 

To Charterhouse School 1842-5; Exeter Coll. (ixon 1846; Capt. 7th Bengal Lt. 

Cavalry ; retired, fffll 10 Dec, 1854, Ellen Ainie, onlv child of Jnnie.s Banner- 

umn, Esq. © at Brighton, 19 Feb., 1877. 

Seddon, s. of George Scddon, Es.p, 75, Guildfoi-d St., Itiissell Sq., London. 


TiGHE, RuCEUT Huiiit Morgan-, 1i. G Fib., 1829, c. s. of Rei-. Hugh U.sslier 
Tighc, 11. of Cloumorc, Uunleai-, Ireland ; afU-rwards Dcau 
of Dorry. 
ElcvenUi ou tlie roll ''ad Wiiiton" 1842, but reuoimcccl. Q uumariicil, 27 Jfav, 

Tyndall, Mahon, c. s. of Charles TyndaU, Esq., London, aud nephew 
of Rev. George Tyndall, Lapworth. 
Stud. Ch. Ch. Oxon, 1845-8, New Inu Hall, B.A. 1849; Barr. I.iucolu's luii 1854. 
S 20 Nov., 1881. 

WiLDE, Kdwakd Archer, b. :!0 April, 1826, y. p. of Edward Archer Wildo, 

Esq., College Hill, London, and Marianne, his wife, e. d. of 

W. Norris, Esq., M.D. 

lI.E.I.C.S., Lieut. 21st Bonyal Native Infautry; B.arr. Inner T. 1858, Clerk ot 

Assize, O.xford Circuit fH 18 Aufj-., 1858, JIary Penelope, d. of K. 11. 

Douuitlionie, Esq., Twickenham. Q 17 .Juno, 1889. 

Woodward, Lionel Maduott, b. 11 Dec, 1828, 5th s. of John Wuodward, 
Esq., Plumpton, Lewes. 
Went to Uuijliy Aug., 1841 ; Oriel Coll. Oxou 1847, li.A. 1S51 ; Civil En^'iuccr ; 
went to Crete, g at Harrow, 17 Dec., 1870. 

SlIOET HALF. 1811. 

Attweld, E., s. of Rev. William AttSeld, 13, Park St., Bath. 
.Vrtideil to a Solicitor, Newport. S . 

Bell, James Morton, s. of James C. C. Bell, Esq., 43, Russell Sq., Loudon. 
Merchant, London. Resided at 3G, Gloucester Place, Portman Sq., down to 1896. 

Davis, Sulivan Francis, b. 1.3 Jan., 1827, e. s. of Sir John Francis Davis, 
1st Barr., Hulh wood, Bristol, and Eniilv, his 1st wife, d. of 
Lieut.-Col. Humfravs, of the Bengal Engineers. 
Entered Bengal C. S. 1847, Acting Judge and Jlagistrato, Arra'h, Bengal. fB. -Vgnes 
M. Middleton. D s. p. 21 June, 1862, at A'rrah. 

Davis, William, 2nd s. of John Davis, Esq., Fishciton Delaniere, Wyly, and 
Ann, his wife, d. of William S .vayne, Es [., of Langford, 
Comet 8th Hussars 1846, Lieut. 1846. £H Annica, rt. of .Tames Bradford, Esq., 
Swindon. Resided at Glenmore, Wavcrlcy Rd., Clifton. 

Fos, William Charles, b. 19 Sept., 1826, ?>n\ s. of Henry Haues Fox, M.D., 

of Berkeley Sq., Bristol, and Harriet, his wife, d. of Rev. 

Richard Jones, J. P. and D.L., R. of Cnarfield. 

St. John's Coll. Canib.. M.B. 1849 ; ]ij.©., d 1855, p 1856, C. St. Mary, Shrewsbury, 

Chapl. Jlalta, C. Micheldean 1870-2, R. Frampton Cotterell 1872. ffl (I) 4 

Nov., 1857, Eliia Frances, 2nd surv. d. of Rev. George Hart, of Wadeuhoe 

House, Northants. ; (2) 26 Aug., 1863, Georgina Sarah, d. of Rev. Nathaniel 

Wodehouse, V. of Worle. O circa 1878. 

Fuukeaux, Henry, b. 26 June, 1809, e. s. of Rev. Tobias Furneaux, V. of St. 

German's, Cornwall, and Anne, Ids wife, d. of Rev. Joseph 

Richards, V'. of Wedmore, Somerset (bro. of Alan, below, 

p. 140). 

Into College Long Half 1842; Sch. C.C.C. Oxon, 1 CI. B.A. 1851, M.A. 1854, 

Fellow and Tutor C.C.C. 1854-69 ; |^.®., d 1856, p 1857 ; Senior Proctor 1865, 

Classical Examiner 1871; K. Lower Heyford, Oxon 1868-92; editor " .Vnnals 

of Tacitus," 2 vols. 1884-91, Tacitus' "Germanin." and ".\gricola." £H 1870, 

Eleanor, d. ot Jcsepli Severn, Esq., the friend of Keats, Q at Oxford from 

heart failure, 6 Jan., 1901. 

72 Winchester College. 1841 

Gaediner, Samuel Kawson, b. -i March, 182^, at lloplcy, uuai- Alrfsfunl, c. ;;. 
of Eawsou Boddam Gardinci', Esq., of Ropley (afterwards 
nf 7, Rockstone Place, Soiilhampton), and Margaret, his 
wife, 2iid d. of William Baring-Gould, Esq., of Lew 'I'rcn- 
chard, Devonshire (bro. of Charles Baring, below, p. 109). 
Cli. C'h. O.xon 1847, Stud. 1850-5, 1 CI. B.A. 1851 ; Professor of History nt Kinf;"s 
Coll. London 1871-85 ; Loctiirer for the London Society for the Extension of 
University Teaching 1880-94 ; a JI ember of the Irv'iuyite Chnrch for more than 
twenty years from 1855 ; Hon. Student Ch. Ch. Oxon 1878 ; Civil List Pension 
of£150p.a. 1882; research Fellow of All Souls Coll. Oxon 1881-92; Fellow 
of Jlerton Coll. Oxon 1892-1902; Examiner in History at London Univcrsitv 
1880-1901; Kxaminer Hist. School, Oxford 1880-9; M.A. Oxon 1884; 
Hon. Ph.D. Gottingcn, Hon. LL.D. Ediuburuh ; offered but declined Kef;ius 
Professorshiii of Moflern History, Oxon 1H94 ; Hon. D.C.L. Oxon 1894 ; 
1st Ford Lecturer at Oxford 1896 (when his Lectures "Cromwell's Place 
in History" were published in 1897, they had to be recovered from the 
notes of his auditors, he haviiitr lei-tiireil wholly from memory) ; author of 
"History of England 1603-42," first pulili-lird in'5 sets of two vols, each wilb 
separate titles, 1863-81, but re-issu.M a- a wliol,. 1884, " History of Great Civil 
■War 1862-49," 3 vols. 1886-91, " lli<f..iv of i ommonwenlth ami Protectorafo," 
to be completed in 5 vols., of which three only were pulilislicil lS94-I9m, "The 
'Ihirty Years' War" 1874, "The First Two Stuarfs" 1X16, " (tutlinc of F.U'jlish 
History," 3 pts. 1881-3, " Students' History of En-land," 3 pts. 1891, " School 
Atlas of En-lish History," " What Gunpo'wder Plot Was" 1897, "Cromwell" 
1899; contrilinfiir to Jluilingcr's "Introduction to English History" 1881, iind 
throughout to flic Diet. Nat. Biog. ; edited a long series of volumes for the 
Camden Society, of which he was director ; editor of " Constitutional Documents 
of the Puritan Kcvolution" for Cinrendon Press 1889, and ''Letters and Papers 
illustrating the Relations lietween Charles II. and Scotland in 1650" for 
Scottish Hist. Soc. 1894, and "Letters and Papers relating to the First Dutch 
^VaT " for Navy Record Society 1899 ; editor of Em/lifli Historical Herieir 
from 1890. fH (1) 1855, Isabella, y. d. of Key. Edward Indng, founder of 
the Irvingite Church; (2) 1875, Miss Bertha Mcriton Cordery." Resided at 
Scvenoaks. S 23 Feb., 1902. 

Gkoiigk, Philip Edwabp, s. of Philip George, Esq., 27, The Crescent, Bath (bro. 
of Francis Seymour, belo\v, p. 78). 
Trin. Coll. Oxon, IS.A. 1850, M.A. 1852, Wells Tlieol. Coll.; Jj.®., ,1 1851, /; 
1852, C. Abbcnhall 1851-3, Puttenham 1854-fi, Wcstbury 1850-7, R. Coondjc 
Hay 1857-68, C. St. John Bathwick 1869-77, V. 1877-9, Lie. Pr. Dio. Bath ami 
Wells. fH 1858, Jlarv, v. d. of Thomas llavdon, Esq., Guildford. .Uldref! 
S. VVinifrid's, Bath. 

Gould, James Aubrey (f), C.F., liapt. 2 July, 1827, only s. of James Gould, 

Esq., Northam, Devon. 

Fellow New Coll. Oxon 1846-55, H.C.L. 1853, M.A. 18G5; Jlj.©.. </ 1850, p 1851, 

V. Bodicote, Oxon 1855-73, V. Newton St. Cvres, Devon 1882-94. iH 19 Sept., 

1865, Bertha Julia, e. d. of Rev. Henry B. Tl'iorold, R. of Hoimham. D 7 Jan., 

1894. Cf. Wyk. yi. (n. 299) 470. 

GuEENWAY, Charles, b. 1825, 2nd s. of C. Gicenwav, Esq. 

Durham Univ., B.A. 1847, L. Tb. 1848, M. A.. 1849; ItJ.©., ./ 1848, ;) 184il, V. 
Mellor 1850, P.C. St. James' Chap., Darwen, 1851-69 ; J.P. Lancashire. IB 
1855, Frances Sophia Holmes, of Prospect, King's Co. ; resided at Darwcu 
Bank, Over Danven. © at Gibraltar, 15 April, 1900. Cf. Wvk. \iii. (u. 369) 
Haydon, John, 3rd s. of Thomas H.aydon, E-iq., Giiildford. 

Trin. Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1851 ; settled for awhile in Australia sheep-farming. D 
at Midhnrst, Sussex, 1876. 

Hearn, William, b. 7 July, 1827 (2nd s.), bro. of John, above, p. 54, 

and Charles Sliuckburgii, Ilisley Verucy, and Francis George, 

below, pp. 78, 117, 140). 

Solicitor 1852-60 Southwell, and Clerk to Magistrates: .\ssist. Librarian House of 

Commons 1867-84. ifl 19 Dec, 1847, Harriet, d. of Isaac Townisend. Esq., 

of London. H 23 Feb., 1884. 

184 1 WiNciiESTER College. 73 

JiioATiiixiTE, William Percival, b. 7 Sept., ISliO, c. s. o{ lit. Hou. Sir William 
Heathcotc, P.C, D.C.L., 5tli Bart., of Huisley, Hants, and 
Caroline Frances, liis Ist wife, y. d. of Charles George, 1st 
Lord Ardea (bro. of George Parker and Gilbert Vyvyau, 
below, pp. 78, 93). 
From Eton. To Vuiv. Coll. Oxon 1840: Comet 7th Hussars; received into the 
Catholic Church 1849 ; Capt. Hants Militia. fH 5 Sept., 1849, Letitia Maria, ti. 
of David Daly, Esq., of Dublin; succeeded his father as 6th Bart. 17 Aug.. 
1881. Q at Kedvers, Bournemouth, 29 Oct., 1903. 
Kendall, Charles William, b:ipt. 9 July, 1827, 2nd s. of Nicholas Kendall, 
Esq., of Pelyn, Lostwithiel, and Mary Anne, his n-ife, d. of 
Wiiliaii Wymuud, Esq. (bro. of Francis, below, p. 79). 
Triu. CoU. Oxon 184G; Indian Army. J3 in New Zealand. 
Mallesox, Edward, b. 28 May, 1827 (ord s.), bro. of George Bruce and John 
Kesbitt, above, p. CI. 
Left 184.5; Clerk in Admir.-iltv, Whitehall 1845-9 ; Queen's Coll. Oxon 1849, ]!..\. 
1853. JI.A. 1856 ; ig.©.'. -/ 1852. p 1853, C. .\11 Saints, Oxon, then Hor.<i>ath, 
thenDalton; V.Wold Newton 18G0-3, Baldersby 1863-80, R. Gt. Bookham. 
Leatherhead, 1880-1905. fR Oct. 1801, Lucy Ann, d. of Kev. Francis Mere- 
wether (Conim.), V. Woolhoije, Hertford. Cf.Tuckwell, "The Ancient Ways," 
p. 77. 3 22 March, 1905. 
^IiLNE, John Haworth, y. s. of Oswald Milue, E-^q., Prestwicb, Manchester. 

B.N.C. Oxon 1846, B.A. 1850, JI.A. 1854 ; It}.©., d 1851, p 1852, V. Thatchani, 
Berks, 1855-62, R. Itchingfield, Sussex 1862- 73, Assist. Chapl. Dinan 1872-6, 
Chapl. Avranches 1870-88, V. East Tytherlv, Hants 1888-93; resided at 
Worthing. Q 4 June, 1904. 
iloKTEATii, Archibald Douglas, only s. of Col. Monteath Douglas, C.B., of 
Stoneb_\ res House, Lanarksliire, and nejihew of Miss Mon- 
teath, of Eseter. 
Cornet ,">rd Dragoon Guards 1840, Lieut. 1847. D at Dublin, 20 Feb., 1853. 
MouREs, Robert Elliot, e. s. of Commander Elliot Jloi-res, R.N., JLitthew's 
Green, Wokingham (bro. of Elliot James and Arthur 
Philip, below, pp. 94, 119). 
Wadh. Coll. Oxon 1845, B.A. 1848, M.A. 1851, Wells Thool. Coll. ; 3g.©., 
</ 1850, p 1851, C. Shapwick 1850-4, Thurloxton 1855-9, ISinegar 1860, P.C. 
BicknoUer 1864-7. Chcdington 1861-3, R. Chedingtou 1863^, and again 
18()7-7S, K. Langridge 1878-85. D 1885. 
Mynors, Henry Eden, b. 182(1, only s. of Henry Eden Mynors, Esq., Keyn- 
fhara, Bristol, and Eliza Clara, his wife, d. of John 
Partrid'.:e, Esq., of Stroud. 
Succeeded to Keynsham 1800 ; J. P. Somerset ; Somerset Yeomanrv Cavalrv. fff, 
Mehetabel Josephine. Q s. p. 21 ,Tan., 1883. 
Perceval Augustus George, b. 2 May, 1829, e. s. of Rev. the Hon. Arthur 
Philip Perceval, R. of East Horsley, Surrey, and Charlotte 
Anne, his wife, d. of the Rev. the Hon. A. G. Leg:;e. 
To Charterhouse 1844; Oriel Cull. Oxon 1847; then to New Zealand. fH (1) 
12 Aug., 1852, Emma, 2nd d, ot John Matthews, Esq. ; (2) 6 Feb., 1875, 
Margaret Amelia Frances, d. of Capt. William John Clennow, formerly of the 
41st Regt., of Sydnev, N.S.W. Q s. p. at 59, Denmark Villas, Hove, Sussex, 
Aug., 1896. Had he lived till 5 Sept., 1897, he would have been 8th Earl of 
Randall, James Leslie, b. 4 Aug., 1828 (2Md s.), bro. of Richard William, 
above, p. 4', and of John Henry, below, y. 8C. 
Into College Long Half 1844 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1848, Fellow 1850-6, B.A. 
1852, M.A. 1855, Hon. D.D. 1889 ; 1).©., d 1852, p 1853, C. Warfield 1852-7, 
K. Ncwburv 1857-78, R.D. Newbury '1867-78, R. Sandhurst 1878-80, R. Slix- 
bnry 1881-5, Hon. Canon of Oxford 18i8, Wvk. Prebondan- of Chichester 
(Bursalis) 1894-5, Archd. of Buckingham 1880-95, Archd. "of Oxford and 
Canon of Christ Church 1895-1902, Bp. of lleading (suffragan to Bp. of Oxford) 
since 1 Nov., 1889. IB ** .\pril, 1850, .\nn Harriot, d. of George .Augustus 
Bruxnor, Esq. .IJi/nw Abbey House, .\bingdon. 

74 Winchester College. 1S41-2 

[III a M.S. iKitcIjuuk liflungiug to Dr. Moberly, in which bo was accustomed to note 
tlic uumes o£ those to whose iKirents he had promised their admission as Comaioucrs, there 
appears, uuder date 1841, the name — 

" Stephenson, son of James, Esq., 10, New Sq., Lincoln's Inn, Sept., 1841," to whicli 
he has subsequently added the note "abiit ad Cantab." There is, however, a difficulty 
here, for the University Calendars about this period contain only the following Stephen- 
sons : — 

(1) Charles ; Pemb. 1846 ; 

(2) Augustus Frederick William Kejjpel ; Cains 1844 ; 

(3) John Joseph ; Caius 1845 ; 

(4) Cookson ; Trin. 1851 ; and 

(5) Sussex Vane ; Caius 1852 ; 

and of these (1) was the e. s. of Charles Stephenson, Esq. of Croydon ; (2) and (5) were 
sons of Henry Frederick Stephenson, Esq., Commissioner of Excise ; (3) was a son of 
Joseph Stephenson, Esq., of the Bank of Ireland ; and (4) was the son of Wm. Stephenson, 
Esq., of Holmfnrth.] 

Stkakgways, Henry Fox-, b. 3 May, 1828, e. s. of Rev. Henry Fox-Stiaiig- 

\vays, Rewe, Exeter, and Hester Elcanora, his wife, d. of 

James Buller, Esq., of Dowries. 

Wadh. Coll. O.Kon, B.A. 1849, JI.A. 1852 ; Jj.©., d 1851,;) 1852, C. Kea 1851-3, 

K. Kilmiugton 1853-CG, R. Silverton, Devon 186C-34. fH 15 April, 1857, 

Charlotte Chester, e. d. of Francis Copleston, Esq., Madras C.S. 13 23 Sept., 


TriOTM.\N Edward Fiennes (f), C.F., bapt. 25 May, 1828, elder bro. of Henry 

Peers, above, p. 67, and bro. of William Charles, below, 

p. 110. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1847, Fellow 1849-59, B.C.L. 1853; f^.©., d 1854, p ISoC, 

C. Bridport, Dorset 1856-8, V. Burcombe, Wilts., 1858-69, R. Langton 

Matravers, Dorset 1869-76, Priest-Vicar Wimborne Minster 1876-81, V. 

MarshBeld, Gloucs. 1881, Hon. Canon Bristol 1888. iH 3 May, 1859, Anne 

Symes, d. of Peter Cox, Esq. .IdJrefs Marshfield Vicarage, Chippenham. 

Wakd, Beenaud Edward, b. 9 Jan., 1827, bro. of Robert, above, p. 55, and 
Thomas Le Huntc, below, p. 91. 
Eus. 60th Rifles 1844, Lieut. 1848, Major 1855, Lieut.-Col., retired 18G4 ; A.D.C. to 
Viscount Melville in Punjab Campaij^n 1848-9, at Jlooltan and Goojerat (medal 
with two clasps), Euzofzie, Dec, 1849, Kohal Pass 1850 (medal and clasp) ; 
J.P. Hants, ifl (1) 29 Nov., 1860, Gertrude Maria, c. d. of Rowland Winslev 
Chatfield, Esq., Madras Civil Service; (2) 31 AufT., 1869, Eugenia, d. of 
Samuel George Smith, Esq., of Sacombc Park, Herts. 13 at South Hill, 
Bassett, Southampton, 18 Nov., 1894. 
YoKGK, Charles Edward, b. 11 Aug., 1827, bro. of Duke, above, p. 52. 
D at Ottcrbourne 15 .Tan., 18J7. 

LONG HALF, 184i>. 

AiTCHisoN, William, b. 1827, e. s. of William Aitchison, Esq., of Drummore, 
and Anne, his wife, d. of Alexander Allan, Esq., of Hill- 
side, N.15. 
Ens. 2nd Batt. Scots Fusilier Guards 1845, Lieut. 184B, Capt. 1850, Lieut.-Col. 18,i6, 
Col. 1808, retired ; served with 1st Batt. fllst Regt. in S. Africa 1846 (uicdaH, 
J.P. and D.L. Haddington. fH 1871, Alice Mary Jane, e. d. of W\ 
Chester JIastcr, Esq., of The Abbev, Cirencester. Address Drummore, Mussel- 
burgh, N.B. 

Baker, Frederick (f), b. 1 Aug., 1830, bro. of James, above, p. 35, and of 
Henry, Granville, and Montagu Bernard, below, pp. 106, 
124, 136. 
D 23 Oct., 1843. 
Bariiam, Eustace Foster, b. 14: Sept., 1825, at I'euzance, s. of Thomas Foster 
B;irham, Esq., M.B. 
To Trin. Coll. Camb. ; Solicitor 1850, practising at Bridgewater 1856-90. ffl 
27 May, 1848, Ellen Hore, of Devon. S atWcmbdon, Somerset, 24 Sept., 1895. 

1842 Winchester Cullege. 75 

iJivNSuN, Uali'U Aui.iU>TUs, 1). 11 Oct., Isl28, ouly s. uf Mobc's Geurgu Lieuson, 

Esq., J.P., D.L., of Lutwyche Hall, Malvern Wells, and 

Charlotte Rion, his wife, only d. and heiress of Col. Lydo 


Ch. Ch. Oxon 184G, B.A. 1850, M.A. 18fi4 ; Ban'. Inuer T. 1854, necorder of 

Shrewsbury 186(5, J.P. Salop, and Liberty of the Tower; Mctrop. Police 

Magistrate 1867-79 ; Member of Carlton Club. fH 1860, Selina Henrietta, 

ouly d. of Charles Robert Cockerell, K.A. B at 3, Montngu Square, London, 

11 April, 1886. 

llr.oDiE, Alexander (f), b. 17 Feb., 1820, 2u'l s. of Peter Bellinger Brodie, Esq., 

of Lincolu's Inn, barrioter-at-law, and Susan Mary, his 

2nd wife, d. of John Mora;an, Esq. (bro. of Francis, below, 

p. 99). 

Left Dec, 1847; Trin. Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1851, M.A. 1854; admitted solicitor, but 

never practised ; Stud. Inner T. ; Jlember of the Athenaeum Club. B IG Mav, 


BucKLANU, EuvvARD (.'oPi.EsToN (t), b. 13 May, 1828 (2nd s.), bro. of Francis 
Trevelyan, above, p. 59. 
Appointed (by Sir Robert Peel) Clerk in the Treasury; of considerable eminence 
in microscopic science. S Oct. or Nov., 1873. 

Bllwer, William Earle Gascoyn'e Lttton, b. 1 Jan., 1829, e. s. of William 

Ejvle Lyltoa Buhver, Esq., of Heydon Hall, Norfolk, and 

Emily, bis wife, d. of Geueral Gascoyne, M.P. 

Kns. 1st Batt. Scots Fusilier Guards 1848, Capt. 1853", retired 1855 ; served in 

Crimean War, wounded at Alma (medal with clasp and Turkish medal) ; Col. 

3rd Vol. Batt. Norfolk Eegt., and Brigadier-General ; J.P. Norfolk and High 

Sheriff 1883 ; C.B. and Jubilee medal 1893 ; V.D. 1892. fE 5 Jidy, 1855, 

Marian Deriug, d. and heiress of William Wilson Lce-Wanier, Esq., of Quebec 

House, East Deriug. AilJreffcf Heydon Hall, Reeiiham, and Quebec House, 

East Dereham, both in Norfolk. 

Burrows, Edward Hollis, b. 1826, 5th s. of Gen. Montagu Burrows (late 

of 14lh Eegt.), of Anglesey, Gosport, and Mary Anne 

Paftard, his 1st wife, d. of Capt. Joseph Larcom, E.N., 

H.M. Commissioner of the Dockvard, Malta. 

Ball. Coll. O.Kon 1846 ; Cevlon C.S. 1846. fH 23 Nov., 18.54, Isabella, e. d. 

of Robert Collins, Esq., M.D., J.P., (.f Ardsallagh, co. Jle.ath. S Jan., 1888. 

CoLLiSGWooD, JoHS, b. 1826, 2nd and e. surv. s. of Henry John William 
CoUingsvood, Esq., of Lilburu, and of Glanton Fyke, Whitt- 
ingham, Northumberland, and Frances Carnaby, his wife, 
d. of Thomas Haa^erston, Esq., of Ellingham. 
C.C.C. Oxon 1845 ; Cornet 4th Dragoon Giwrds 1846, Lieut. 1848, retired 1850. 
fjl 8 Jan., 1861, Jane, 2nd d. of John Lumsden, Esq., of Learmouth, Northum- 
berland. Q at Cornhill House, Comhill-on-Tweed, 17 Aug., 189G. 

C'oPNEi!, Jajies, e. s. of James Copner, Esq., Ilfracombe. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1846, and then St. Mary's Hall, B.A. 1850, M.A. 1853 ; ID.©., 
(/ 1851, p 1852, C. Ilfracombe 1851-3, St. M. Lambeth 1853-5, Hartland 1855-7, 
Devizes 1857-60, Frithelstock lHGO-7, V. Elstiiw, Bedford 1867-95; author of 
"Sermons" 1856, "The Veil Keiuoved " 1879, "Life of John Bunvan " 188G, 
" Celibate Worthies," 2iid ed. 1836, " The Eailh of a Realist " 1890 ; trans- 
lator of " The Praise of Folly " 1878. Q circa 1898. 

CoswAT {afterwards Halliday), William Hallidat, b. 1828, only s. of 

Sir Wdliam llichard Cosway, Knt., East Cowes, and 

Elizabeth, his wife, d. of Simoa Halliday, Esq., of Whiny- 

rigg, CO. Dumfries. 

Biill. Coll. Oxon 1846, 2 CI. B.A. 1850, JI.A. 1853; Barr. Line. Inn 1858; J.P. 

Somerset, J.P., D.L., and Chairman Qr. Sess. Devon, Hi"h Sheriff 1882 ; 

assumed the name of Hallidav in liiu ot that of Cosway by Royal Licence in 

1872. iH 24 Mav, 1860, Jilaria, y. d. of Sir Thouias Harvey Farquhar, 

Ban. Q at Toronto, Canada, in the "spring of 1898. 

"0 Winchester College. 1842 

CuiiWK, KuBEiiT I'jiNlSTox l[iLi!AXKHt), li. 14 Sci)t., 1S28, at MiUbrook, Hants, 
01. ly s. of R ibert, Esq., and Harriet Laura, bis wife, 
5th d. of Sir John Peuiston Milbankc, 7th Bart. 
Into Jladras Army 1845, C.ipt. 14th Madras N.I. 1856; on furloiish I860, Brevct- 
Slajor 1865, Major Madras Staff Corps 1866. Q at Madras 24 Oct., 1869. 
Eliot, Edward (f)- iSee above, p. 59. 
FuRNEAUx, Henrt (f). See above, p. 71. 
Harvev, Francis, s. of T. Harvey, Esq., St. Petersburg. 

Merchant in St. Petersbiiri;. 
Hooper, s. of Henry Hooper, Esq., 6, The Crescent, Muunt lladfoi d, Exeter. 

Q in the holidays, 1843. 
HosKiNs, Anthosv Hiley (t), renounced. See above, p. 6'J. 

Inulis, Kobert Lewis, y. s. of late James In^lis, Esq., of Norwood, Surrey. 
t^ ill Coninioners of scarlet fever, 13 Dec, 1843. 

James, Walter Hill, b. 1828 (2nd s.), bro. of Henry Mountrieb, abjve, ji. 51. 
Exhiljnr. Ball Coll. Oxon 1846, 4 CI. I5.A. 1850, St.A. 1856 ; ji).©., </ 1853, p 1854. 
C. St. Kenwyn and Kea, Cornwall 1853-5, Ileavitrec 1857, St. Marv, Kxeter 
1858-60, V. Croft 1860-5, C. St. JIatthias, Tonvood 1866-7, K. "Trcvalija 
1867-9, V. St. Lnke, Holboach 1870-4, R. Fleet, Lines, since 1874, Hon. Canon 
Lincoln since 1902; first co-editor of "Exeter Diocesan Calendar" 1860; anthor 
of various Sermons, fff. 1873, Ann, d. of Kev. James Jerrani, K. of Fleet, 
Lines. Addn':ig Fleet Ilecton.', Holbeach, Lincolnshire. 

Kmght, Wyxdham William, b. 5 Dec., 1828, c. snrv. s. of Edward Kniglit, 
Esq., Chawton, Alton, and Mary Dorothea, his wife, d. of 
Et. Hon. Sir Edward Knatchbiill, Bart 
Ens. 1 liatt. Rifle Brigade 1846, Lieut. 1850, retired 1854 ; Capt. East Kent R.V. ; J.P. 
Kent. fH 18451, Henrietta Frances, d. of Lieut.-Col. Armstrong. Atldrcff 
Billing; House, Wye, Kent. 
Maunsell, RuiiERT AUGUSTUS, 2ud s. of Ven. William Wray Maunsell, Arch- 
deacon of Limerick, and Charlotte, Lis wife, d. of lU. Kev. 
Charles Warburton, Bishop of Cloyne. 
Left within a week. Trin. Coll. Dublin, B.A. and Div. Test 1848, M.A. 1864 ; 
p).©., I'reb. of Harristoivn, CO. Kildiire ; Inc. of St. Mary, .\uekland, N.Z. 
i8'59-90 ; .Vrchdcacon of .\uckland, X.Z. 1870-83 ; translator of the Bible into 
Maori, fft Frances Erskine, 3rd d. of Frances Tipping Hall, Esq. Q 1890. 
Miller, Hekry, b. 7 March, 1828 (2nd s.), b-o. of Edward, above, p. (11. 

Into College Lone Half 1843; ^Yorc. Coll. Oxon 1846; Deniv Magd. Coll. O.xon, 
4 CI. B.A. ^1850, JI.A. 1852, Fellow 1858-60; |B.©..' </ 1854, p 1855. C. 
Exmonth 1S54-8, V. Kadwav, Warwicks. 1858-60, Ashburv, Berks 18110- 
92, i;.D. White Horse Vale, Oxon 1889; author of "History of the Parish 
of Ashburv" 1877. fH (1) Nina Matthews; (2) Lizzie Carter. S 4 Feb., 
PiCKWUK (a/teruurds Sainsbury), Charles Hesry Saixsbury, b. 1829, 
e. s. of l!ev. Charles Pickwick, of Bcckiugton, Somerset, 
and Harriet, his wife, d. of Rev. Henry Saiusbury, K. of 
Beckiugton, and nephew of Jlajor W. E. Pickwick, of 
Pomeroy Manor, Wilts., and Batlifonl, Somerset. 
Ens. 9Ist Eegt. 1849, Lieut. 1851, retired 1852; Capt. 2ud Somerset Militia and 
Wilts. Rifle Volunteers; succeeded his uncle 1867; assumed the name of 
Sainsbury in lieu of that of Pickwick 1872. ifl 5 Aug., 1852, Eliza Frances, 
c. d. of Robert Sillery, Es(\., M.D., of Charlton Lodge, Dover; resided at 
Frankleigli Lodge, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts. 
PiLKiKaTON, Thomas Edward, b. 19 March, 1829, e. s. of Sir William Pilkingtou, 
8th Bart., of Chevet, Wakefield, .and Mary, his wife, 2nd d. 
and co-heir of 'Ihomas Swinnertou, E-q., of Butlerton IJall, 
Stalls., and Wonastow Court, Monmouthshire. 
To Charterhouse 1844-7 ; I'niv. Coll. Oxon 1847 ; succeeded as 9th Bart. 8 Oct., 
1850; Caiit. 'West Riding Yeo. Cav. 1852-3; D.L. West Riding 1853. D 
at Funclial, JIadcira, 7 Feb., 1854. 

1842 Winchester College. 77 

Uashleigh, Stanhope (t), b. 11 Aus., 1829, 4tl\ s. of Ilev. Jonathan Stackhouse 

lla&hlei^h (f 1795), E. of Wickham, Hants. 

Magii. Hall Oson 1847, B.A. 18.52; 1^.®., d 1852, p 18.")3, C. Harberton, Devon 

1852-3, V. St. Wenn, Cornwall 1853-83. iH June, 1857, Lydia Louisa, d. of 

Isaac ^Valker, Esq., of Amos Grove, Middlesex. Aihlress The Croft, Wickham, 


SuoiiT, William Awdrv (f), b. 6 July, 1828, e. s. of Rev. William Short 
(t 1806), V. of Chipiienhani, AVilts., and Preb. of Salisbury, 
and Jane, his wife, d. of John Awdry, Esq. (afterwards a 
Knight), of Notton House, Wilts, (bro. of Walter Francis 
and Ambrose, below, pp. 90, 108). 
Q 24 .July, 1843, at Twj-ford, Hants, and buried there. 
TiiuusBY, Walter (f), h. 24 Nov., 1830, 6th s. of John Harvey Thursby, Esq., 
of Rugby, AVarwicks., and Abington Abbey, Northant?., 
and Emil)', his wife, d. of Matthew Fortescue, Esq., of 
StephenstowD, co. Louth. 
Triu. Coll. Oxon 1849, B.A. 1852, Stud. Inner T. ,1852 ; Ig.®., C. Wolston, 
V. St. Jliohacl's, Handswnrth. iB. 9 June, 1857, Marv Catherine Louisa, onlv 
i-hil.l of L'ov. T. G. Hodges. O I N"v., ISCS. 

.SHORT HALF, isli. 

Adams, Ooker (f), C.F., b. 19 Oct., 1827, 4th s. of John Adams, Esq., serjeant- 
at-law, of 5, Stanhope Place, and 1, Serjeants' Inn, London, 
leing his eldest s. by his 3rd wife, Charlotte Priscilla, d. 
of John Coker, Esq., of Bicester House, Oxon (bro. of Walter 
Marsham, below, p. 120). 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1847, Fellow 1849-77, 3 CI. B.A. 1851. M.A. 1854 ; It).©.. 
r/ 1853, /) 1855, i;. Stockton, Warwicks. 1870-6, R. Saham Tonv, Suffolk 
1870-!)!. iB. 1877. D s. p. 27 Dec., 1891. Cf. Wyk. \-i. (n. 273) 203. 

ANiii''.ii.soN', Samuel Ruthven, ward of William Dawson, Esq., 10, Regent's 
St., London. 
To the East Indies. 

P.00T11, George, b. 182fi, s. of Lionel Booth, Esq., Duchess St., London. 

Solicitor 1851, praetisini;- at 32, Essex Street, Stiaixl ; Solicitor and Secretary to the 
Female Ciri.han A>vluni, lHM.]iir4t..ii. IKil|-;)l ; Sdi.itor to the Hon. Sucictv of 
Clifford's Inn down tc. it> ; Kxhiliitor at tlu- Koval Acadcmv and at 
the "Black and White'' Exhiljition, Dudley Gallery, I'iccadilly. iB. 1851, 
Jlart;aret Emily, d. of William Shipton lirownin;;, Esq., of The Priory, 
Langley, Bucks. AJdri'ss Grosvenor House, Twickenham. 

Bowi.nv, EnwARD Salvik, b. 1830. e. s. of Rev. Edward Bowlby, of Little 

Thurrock, Rom.''ord, and Hannah, his 1st wife, d. of 

Thomas Hodgson, Esq., of Bowness, Cumberland. 

St, .lohn's Coll. Camb., B.A. 1854, M.A. 1857 ; Barr. Inner T. 1867. fH (1) 18G1, 

Maria, v. d. of James Riminf;ton, Escp, of Broomhead Hall, Yorks. ; (2) 10 

June, 1880, Elizabeth, e. d. of Kobert A'ans-Af,'ne\\-, Esii., of Barnbnrroch and 

Sleuehan, co. Wi^'ton ; succeeded to Gilston I'ark, Hertfordshire, 1860. S 

4 Nov., 1902. 

I'.riiv, Thomas William (t), b. 2 Aug., 1831, s. of William Bury, Esq., of Ord.sall, 

near Retford, and Julia, his wife, d. of Kev. Marshall, V. 

of Piokhill. 

Left after two years; En\ni. Coll. Cftmb., B..\. 1856, M.A. 18.59; JB.®., <( 

IH59, p I860, C. SnuiUev, Derbyshire 18.59-60, \. Attenborough. Xotts. 1861-75, 

i;. Aistliorpe, Lines. 1875-98, C. Holy Trinity, Ilastintrs, since 1900. iB. 1 Jan., 

1861, Marv Catherine, il. of Kev. Canon Henry .\bney, V. of Alkmund, Derby. 

Adflicfii 24, Linton lid., Hastings. . 

78 Winchester College. 1842 

CnicHESTEB, Hon. Francis Algernon James, b. 17 Nov., 1829, 4tli s. of Arthur, 

1st Baron Templemore, and the Lady Augusta, Lis wife, 

4tli d. of Henry William, 1st Marquess of Anglesey. 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1847; Capt. 7th Hussars. fH (1) 21 Feb., 1855, "Elizabeth 

Ann, 2nd d. of George Dixon, Esq. ; and (2) 4 Feb., 1875, Lady Emily Octavia 

Stewart, 5th d. of Randolph, 9th Earl of Galloway. S 15 Feb., 1885. 

Clements, Joun, b. 1828, "s. of a friend of the Rev. R. W. Cburch," i.e. 

probal^ily the Rev. James Crook Clements, "and bro. of the 

Rev. Clements," i.e. probably the Rev. Jacob Clements, 

afterwards Sub- Dean of Lincoln. 

Comet 2nd Dragoon Guards 1848, Adjut. 1852; exchanged into 15th Hussars 1854, 

retired 1855 ; Capt, Royal Sherwood Foresters 1856-8 ; Inspector-Gen. of Police, 

Barbadoes 1858 ; Police Magistrate, Gibraltar. Q 11 Oct., 1882. 

Curtis, Constadle, b. 20 March, 1829, s. of Captaia Timothy Curtis, R.N. 

12th Lancers, Capt. 1852; J.P. Herts. fB. 1851, Henrietta Mary Anne, d. of 
Charles B. Curtis, Esq., Friars Acton, Middlesex. Address The Hall, Bcrk- 

De Romestin, Augustus Henry Eugene, b. 9 May, 1830, at Mottisfont, 

Hants, only s. of Augustus de Romestin, Esq., of Paris, and 

nephew of the Rev. Henry Dean, B.C.L., Canon of 

Salisbury, and V. of Gillingham, Dorset. 

Into College Long Half 1843; St. John's Coll. Oxou 1848, B.A. 1852, M.A. 1854 ; 

1^.©., (/ 1853, p 1854, C. Mell, Somerset 1853-1, St. Thomas, Oxon 1854-5, 

ciiapl. Freiburg 18(13-5, Baden-Baden 18G5-8, I'.C. Woollaud, Dorset 18i;8-9, 

V. Freeland, Oxon 1874-85, K.D.Woodstock 1879-85, Y. Stony Stratford 1885, 

Warden of Gt. Jlaplestead House of Mercy 1885-91, R. Tiptree, Kelvedon, 

Essex 1891-G; editor of "Teaching of the Apostles" 1884, "S. Augustiui 

Opuscula qusedani" 1885, "St. Cyril's Catecheses Mystagogica; and other 

Patristic Sacramental Treatises" 1886, "St. Ambrose," in Library of Nicene 

and Post-Nicene Fathers 1894 ; author of " Enquiry as to Belief of the Church 

as to Our Lord's Knowledge" 1891. ifl. Resided at Sledmere, Yorks. S. 

Elliot, John, b. 1830, e. s. of John Lcttsom Elliot, Esq. (Comm.), Pimlico 
Lodge, Westminster. 
Univ. Coll. Oxon 1849; Barr. Inner T. 1855, Oxford Circ\iit; a Jlember of the 
Stock Exchange. Q 1885. 

George, Francis Setmour (2ud s.), bro. of Philip Edward, above, p. 72. 

Trin. Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1852, M.A. 1856 ; Barr. Inner T. 1855. IB 18G3, Gertrude, 
d. of Col. Clarke, Commanding Western District Addn-fs 168, Cromwell Rd., 
S.W, Clfibs Oxford and Cambridge, Junior Athcna?um, 

GiRDLESTONE, Charles Morrell (f), C.F., bapt. 2 March, 1828, e. s. of Rev. 
Charles Girdlestone, V. of Sedgley, Stalls., and Anne 
Elizabeth, his wife, d. of Baker Morrell, Esq., of Oxfunl. 
Left 8 July, 1844 ; studied medicine, but idtimately went into business. D 1872. 

Hearn, Charles Shuckburgh (f), b. 9 Feb., 1829, bro. of Thomas John and 

William, above, pp. 54, 72, and Risley Verney and Francis 

George, below, pp. 117, 140. 

Kns. Madras S.C. 1846, Lieut. 1850, Capt. 1861, Major 1866, Lieut. -Col. 1872, Col. 

1877, Major-Gen. (retired) 1880 ; employed against insurgents in the (ioboiulali 

Zemindary 1848; served in 2nd Burmese War, jjresent at capture of Jlartahan 

5 April, 1852 (medal with clasp for Peg") ! served iu Crimean War with Turki>li 

contingent March, 1855, to June, 1856, as A.A.G., Headquarters (4th I lass 

Medjidie); Inspector-Gen. of Madras Police 1877; CLE. 1880. ftl 2 Feb, 

1869, Margaret Miller, v. d. of JLtjor-Gen. Thomas JIcGoun, Controller of 

Military Finance, Madras. Q 12 Dec, 1884. 

IIi'.atiicote, George Parker, b. 24 July, 1828 (2ud s.), bro. of AVilliam 
Percival, above, p. 73, and Gilbert Vyvyan, below, p. 93. 
ICns. 52nd Regt. 1846, Lieut. 1848, Capt. 1853, retired 185!i. Itt 15 Jiuie, 1869, 
Isabella Margaretta Elizftl)eth, v, d. of lit. Hon. Spencer Horatio Waljiole, P.t.'., 
M.P. S s. p. 15 Feb., 1871. 

1842 Winchester College. 79 

HoLLiQAN, Henuy (bro. of the HoUigaD below, p. 85), nephew of Miss Ilolhgan, 
21, Montagu St., Porlman Sq., London, and related to John 
Elchard Holligan, Esq., above, p. 36. 
Said to have been drowned iu the West Indies. 

Kendall, Fhancis, b. 30 April, 1829 (3rd s.), bro. of Charles William, above, 

p. 73. 

Wore. Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1855 ; llj.ffi., d 1856, p 1857, C. Mundslcy, Norfolk 1856-7, 

V. Talland, Cornwall 1857-62, C. Hope, Salop 1877-81, V. Llanlivery, near 

Lostwithiel, 1862. £H 18 April, 1894, Susan Osbom, d. of Henry Hart, Esq. 

Address Llanlivery Vicarage, Lostwithiel. 

Legard, Francis Dioby, b. 13 March, 1828, s. of George Legard, Esq., Fangfoss, 

Pocklington, and Francis, bis wife, d. of Ralph Creyke, 

Esq., of Marlon, Yorks. 

To York School 1846 ; Univ. Coll. Oxon 1847, Sch. 1849-56, 4 CI., 3 Math. B.A. 

1851, M.A. 1862 ; |Q.©., d 1855, p 1856, C. Flixborough with Burton-on- 

Stather 1855-7, P.C. Whitwell 1858-73, I!. Stokeslev, Yorks. 1873-83. fE 

1872, Jane, d. of Admiral Frederick Edward Vemon-Harconrt. D 20 Nov., 1883. 

Leigh, Cholmeley Austen, b. 26 Sept., 1829, e. s. of Itev. James Edward 

Austen Leigh (Comni.), Bray, near :^L'\idenhea^l, nephew of 

Jace Aiisteu (bro. of Charles Edward, below, p. 101). 

Ball. Coll. Oxon 1847, Sch. Trin. Coll. 1848-52, 2 CL B.A. 1851, M.A. 1856, 

Fellow 1852-64 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1856 ; on the Council of King's Coll. London ; 

partner in Messrs. Eyre & Spottiswoode, Queen's Printers, ffl 1864, Melesina 

Mary, e. d. of Most Rev. Kichard Chenevix Trench, Abp. of Dublin. J3 at 

Kingston, Surrey, 30 Sept., 1899. Brass in Cloisters. 

Lkioij, William, b. 23 Sept., 1829, e. s. of William Leigh, Esq., J.P., D.L., of 
Woodchester Park, Clones., and Caroline, his wife, d. of Sir 
John Gears Cotterell, 1st Bart., ofGaruons, Herefurdshiie. 
liemoved, on his father's conversion to the Catholic Church, to St. Mary's College, 
Oscott, 1844 ; Lieut. Eoyal Monmouth L.I. Militia 1854 ; J.P. Gloucs. ; suc- 
ceeded his father at Woodchester 4 Jan., 1873. ffll 25 Jiuie, 1859, Marj- 
Victoria, d. of Thomas Jarrett, Esq., of Madras, barrister-at-law. JB at 
Woodchester Park, Gloucestershire, 2 Oct., 19U6. 

Lopes, Henry Charles, b. 3 Oct., 1828, 3rd s. of Sir Ealph Lopes, 2nd Bart., 
of Maristow, Devon, and Susan Gibbs, his wife, d. of A. 
Ludlow, Esq., of Hey wood House, Wilts. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1845, B.A. 1849 ; Barr. Inner T. 1852, Q.C. 1869, Bencher 1870 ; 
M.P. Launceston 1868-74, Fronic 1874-6; Kecorder of Exeter 1867-76, J.P. 
and D.L. Wilts., J.P. Somerset j Judge 1876-9, Queen's Bench 1879-85, Knight 
Bachelor 1876, Lord Justice of Appeal 1885-97, Privv Councillor 1885, Chair- 
man Wilts. Quarter Sessions 1896-1900, Treasurer Inner T. 1890-1900 ; created 
1st Baron Ludlow 1897. ffl 20 Sept., 1854, Cordelia Lucy, e. d. of Ervini; 
Clark, Esq., of Etford Manor, near Plymouth. D 25 Dec, 1899. 

Maddock, J. 

Went to Australia. 

Martin, Thomas Byam, b. 1828, e. s. of Captain William Fanshawe Martin, 
R.N. (afterwards 4th,Bart., and G.C.B.), and the Hon. Anne, 
his wife, d. of Thomas Draper, 1st Lord Wyuford. 
13 6 June, 1847, of consumption, at Anglesey, near (josport. 

PiNCKNEY, John, b. 23 Feb., 1830, 2nd s. of Robert Pinckney, Esq., of West 

Amesbury, and Frances, bis wife, d. of Robert Pinckney, 

Esq., of Berwick St. J.-imcs. 

F.ns. 1st Wilts. Regt. 1859 ; Banker at Snlisburv Old Bank, now amalgamated with 

Wilts, and Ilorset Bank. fH (1) Miss Rachel M. Kendall, niece of Charles E. 

Roudall, Esq., Brigmcrston Ilouse ; (2) Jliss Frances L. Haynes, of Stowey 

■Vicarage, Somerset. S 22 .\pril, 1902, at the Jlanor Ilouse, Great Uurnford, 

near Salisburv. 

80 Winchester College. 1842 

EoE, Henry Farwell, b. 20 Jan., 1827, e. s. of Henry Richard Hue, Esq., 
Gnaton, Yealmpton, and Anna Maria, his wife, d. of Col. 
Farwell, of 'i'otiies. 
Line. Coll. Oxon 184fi, B..\. 1850, M.A. 1852 ; Stud. Inner T. 1850 ; IS).©- <I 1851, 
p 1852, C. Lj-nton and Oare 1851-3, CaUinifton 1853-4, ]{. LesneVtb, Cornwall 
1854-71, Revelstoke 1871-89 ; J.P. Cornwall, ffl (1) 12 Sept., 1855, Isabella, 
e. d. of James Bryant Messenger, Esq., INI.ijor Royal Cornwall Hangers, of 
Callington; (2) 18t6, Sarah Jane Dinham King, of"Camelford. Q U Dec, 
ScLATER, Philip Lutley, b. 1829, bro. of George, above, p. 48. 

Sch. Corpus Christ! Coll. Oxon 1845-53, Fellow 1853-G2, 1 Math. B.A. 1849, M.A. 
1852 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1855 ; Secretary Zoological Society, London 1859-1902 ; 
F.R.S. 1861, Ph.D. Bonn 1860; editor of the Ibis and"the .Vatuml History 
JlctHcw ; a prolific writer on ornithological and other subjects in the Trans- 
actions of the Zoological Society ; Private Secretary to brother, Rt. Hon. G. 
Sclater-Booth (Lord Basing) ; Pre's. Local Goyt. Board 1875. fH IG Oct.. 1862, 
Jane Anne Eliza, y. d. "of Sir David Hunter-Blair, 3rd Bart. Atlilres.i 
Odihani Priory, Winchfield. Club Atheuieum. 
Shepparp, John Lewin, b. 6 Nov., 1828, 2nd s. of William Hubert Sheppard, 
Esq., of Kevford Hou.-^e, Fronie, J.P., and Hannah, his wife, 
only child of William PoUett, Esq., of Great Bardfield, Essex. 
To India ; Lieut. 4th Bombay Rifles. Ifl 6 July, 1852, Sabine, y. d. of the late 
Jlajor Charles Walton, 4th Light Dragoons, jj. 
Smith, AVilliam Bolton, e. s. of William Bolton Smith, Esq., Colchester. 

Wore. Coll. Oxon 1845, B.A. 1S49; 51}.©., C. Holy Trinity, Claphani 18GI. 
Q early. 
Stanton, William Darke, b. 19 Feb., 1828, e. s. of Joljn Stanton, Esq., of 
Hay ward's Field, Stonehouse, Glouc."., and Marv, his wife, 
only d. of W. AV. Darke, Esq., M.D., of Cooper's Hill, Stroud. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 184G, B.A. 1850, M.A. 1853, Wells Theol. Coll. ; 11).®., :l 1851, 
p 1852, C. Castle Cary 1851-3, Stratton 1853-4, Toddington 1854-71, V. Tod- 
dingtou since 1871 ; J.P. (iloucs. fH 22 June, 1853, JIary, 3rd d. of Charles 
Stanton, Esq., of Upfield. Aihhcss Toddington Vicarage, ^Viuchcombo, 
Theobald, Charles, b. 4 July, 1831, 2nd s. of J.ames Theobald, Esq., St. 
Bartholomew's, Hyde, Winchester (bro. of Col ton Edwin, 
Arthin-, Octavius, and Horace, below, pp. KU, 187, 211). 
Into College Long Half IS I.!; Tiin. Coll. 0.xon 1849, B..\. 1854, M.A. 18G1 ; It).©., 

d 1854, p IS;",,',, r. L'hi^m 1, \. Grays Thurrock, Essex l.s.'iG G2, I!.' Chale 

1862-83, R. L.,-li,nii. ILuUs, since 188iS, R.D. Alton since l.ssn, Hon. Canon 
Win. Cath. sine- luo.' ; c.litor W'incliester JMocesaii Culemlar l!i9ti. ffl 29 Oct., 
1857, Caroline Maria, 2nd d. of Rev. George P. Richards, R. of Sanipford 
Courtenay, Devon. .Uhlrcss Lasham Rectory, Alton, Hants. 
TozER, Henry Fanshawe, b. 18 May, 1820, only s. of Captain Aaron Tozer, R.N., 
Plymouth, and Mary, his wife (iice Hutton, of Lincoln). 
Univ. Coll. Oxon 1847, Sch. Exeter Coll. 1848-50, Eelhnv 1850-68, and again 
1885-93, Hon. Fellow since 1893, Tutor 1S85-93, 2 CI. 1850, B.A. 1853, .Vl.A. 
18.54; lt!-©-i li 1852, p 1853, Classical Moderator in Honours 18GG-8, 1873, 
1878-9,' 1882-4; Curator of the Taylor Inst. 1869-93; Fellow of the British 
Academy ; Corresponding Jlember of Historical Soc. of Greece, and of the 
United Arm.. nail i:,liirat i,,ii;il Socs. ; Hon. Member of Parnassus Philological 
Soc. or Alliriiv ; \ur-\'rr^. Soc. for Promotlug Hellenic Studies 1890; has 
travellrd ixlin-lvrh In Gnrcc ami in European and .\siatic Turkey ; author of 
"The Iliylil.' nf Turkey," _' v,,N. lsi,:i, "Lectures on the (ieograpliy of 
Greece" 1873, •• Primer of I la.-nal ( „n;;ia|.liv " 1877. " Turkisli .\rmenia".ind 
Eastern Asia ^Miiior" issi, •■'lb, i Inn.lian.l {be F.astern Kniiiire" 18SS. "The 
Islands ,,r tlir Aeuiain' isnn, ■■|li>|,,n ,,1' An.-irnt Geograiibv " lsli7, "An 
Englisli r,,n,in, i,l:iM .Ml liani,-- Dull,, I (, ,11111;, ■, 1 i,i - HHIl ; editor of " Fiulay's 

Historx ,1 (,i,,,," IS77, ■■ W ,,i,l.« ,,1 1 li ~ Ci, " 1K82, "Byron's Chiide 

Ilarol.i ' iss,,, ■■ S,,|, iti,,iis rr,,ni .sir:ib,. l^;^■,;■■ .■,,nliibutor to the'A'H<■l/^•^)p(^,^'(l 
lliitunnica, .hmrnul o/'JIfUiiilc .■<!iulifs, Clussiml A'ivicw,the .lc(/./c«iy,"and other 
literary periodicals. jffH 18G8, Augusta Henrietta, d. of Hans David Christopher 
Satow, ICscp, of Upper Clapton. AdJress 18, Xorham Gardens, Oxford. 

1842-3 'WlNCIIKSTKU CoLLKGE. 81 

TucKWELL, William (f), b. 27 Nov., 1829, c. s. of William Tuckwell, Esq., JI.D., 
St. Peter iu the East, O.-cfonl. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxou lS-18, Fellow 18.50-8, 4 CI. I!. A. 1852, M.A. 185G ; it?.©., 
d 1854, p 1858 ; Assist. Master St. Coluiiiba's Coll. Ireland 1853-4 ; V. St. 
>rarv Ma;;d. D.xon 1856 ; Head Slaster \ew Coll. School, Oxou 1857-64. Head 
Jlaster Collegiate School, Taunton 1864-78; R. Stockton, Warwicks. 1878-93, 
K. of ■\Valtham 1803-11)05; author of "Tongues in Trees" 1891, "Thi; 
Ancient Ways, or Winchester Fifty Years Ago," 1893, " Reniitiiscences of 
Oxford" 1900, "Reminiscences of a Radical Parson" 1905. fH 13 Julv, 1858, 
Rosa, d. of Capt. Strong, H.E.I.C.S., of Iffley, Oxon. Address Pyrford 
Rough, Woking, Surrey. 
'rwoiENY, Edwaud, b. 1827, e. s. of EdwarJ Twopeny, Esq., Rochester, aud 
Elizabeth, his 1st wife, d. of George Smith, Esq , of Camer, 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 1846, B.A. 1850, M.A. 1857 ; Barr. Inner T. 18.53 ; 1§.(©., J!. 
I-htham, Kent. fH 1857, Caroline Elizabeth, d. of Rev. Charles Parkhi. \ . 
of Lcnhaui. Kent. Q 1872. See Tuckwell's "The Ancient Ways," [i. 7i. 

LONG HALF, 1843. 

AuDlNGTON, llox. Hir.EY lloBEUT, b. 4 April, 1830, old. s. of Rev. William 
Leonard, 2nd VIcount Sidmoutli, and ilary, his wife, c. d. 
uf Rev. John Young, R. of Thorpe llalsor, Northants. (bro. 
of Charles John, below, p. 95). 
lI.E.I.C.S., Lieut. 71st Bengal N.I. 1848 ; was at Delhi when the Mutiny broke 
out, and is supposed to have been killed in making his escape from Delhi, or 
drowned in swinuniug across the Jumna, 11 May, 1857, 
Bai.i'ouu, Henisy Lowthf.r, b. 23 Sept., 1831, s. of — Balfour, Esq., Putney. 

2nd Lieut. R.A. 1849, Capt. 1855, Lieut.-Col. 1874, Commanding Auxiliarv Artillerv, 
Dublin 1877-80, Liverpool 1880-1, Major-Gen. Retired List 1881. 
Baunard, Robert Uary, b. 13 Dec, 1827 (3rd s.), bro. of William, above, p. 5.5. 
Ens. 4Ist Regt. 1847, Lieut. 1850, Capt. 1853, Major 18.55, retired 1855 ; F.L.S. 1861. 
IH (1) 1856, Mary, d. of StafF-Surgeon George Hume Reade ; (2) 18.59, Anne, 
d. of Rev. J. .S. Ilenslow, Professor of Botany at Cambridge. Address Bartlow, 
Lcckhamptou, Cheltenham. 

BiKLEV, Joseph Houxby, b. 12 March, 1827 (3rd s ), bro. of Hu^h Hornby and 
Thomai Hornby, above, pp. 55, 50, and William Hornby 
and Frederick Hornby, below, pp. 114, 122. 
Merchant at Newton-le-Willows, i-o. Ijincaster ; J. P. co. Lancaster. fH 23 Nov.. 
1854, Fanny, 4th d. of Robert Dix, Esq. S 3 Oct., 1881. 
CoMi'TON, DiGBY, b. 18 Jan., 1830, 8th s. of Henry Combe Compton, Esq., il.l'., 
JIanor House, Lyndhurst. 
D 22 Sept., 1866, at Mussoorie, Upper India. 
Cooke, Thomas William Tahocrdix (t), b. 28 Sept., 1828, at Tlieale, Cciks 
(his father afterwards lived at Petei-slield). 
Admitted solicitor 1852 ; practised at Wokingham, Berks, from 1856 to 1899. Q at 
Wokingham, 21 April, 1899. 

Dk Romestis, Augustus Henry Eugene (t). See above, p. 78. 
Fort, George (4th s.), bro. of Richard, above, )>. 59. 

Sch. C.C.C. Oxon, 3 CI. 1S48, B.A. 1849, M.A. 1851 ; \t}.-€>; d 1852. /) 1S51. Fellow 
1852-67, Bursar 1866, C. Begbroke, K. lleyfordl Oxou 1866-8. D 18 Ma\-, 
Fbeelino, Geobge Noel (t), b. 25 Dec, 1829 (6th s.), bro. of James Robert, 
abive, p. 43, and Hugh Melvill, below, p. 85. 
Merton Coll. Oxon 1848, 3 CI. B.A. 1852, M.A. 185,5, Fellow 1852 ; 5j.®., d 1854, 
p 1855, C. WinttTslow, Wilts. 1854-69, Chapl. Merton Ci.ll. 1869, Sub-Warden 
and I>enn 1875, V. Ih.lywell 1871, ami St. John's, Oxford 1880; Secretary 
().\ford Diocesan Conference I8S|; lion. Canon Christ Church and Proctor for 
Oxford Diocese 1SS5; U.D. of Oxford 1S7I. D at Merton Cull. 10 Jan., 1892. 
See diwrdiiiii for 2U Jan., 1892, p. 104. 

82 WiNCHESTEn College. 1843 

Gir.r,, Thomas, s. of Thomas Gill, Esq. (J[.P. for Plymouth 1811- T), J.I\ ami 
D.L., The Crescent, I'h'inouth, and Jane, his 2nil wife, d. 
of Robert Charles, Esq., of London. 
Wiue at Plymouth. S 

Gosiip. See Wilmer, below, p. 83. 

llii.i., Chaules John, only s. of John Hill, Esq., 43, Cambiidge St., Con- 
naught Sq., Louilon. 
St. .Tohii's Coll. OxOQ ]84!», 4 Math. B..\. 18:)2, J[.A. l»ba ; liiirr. Line. Inn 1851. 
B 30 JiUy, 1904, at 43, Cambridge St., W. 

Hill, Eustace (t), b. 9 April, 1830, at Holkham, s. of Edward Eustace Hill, 

Esq., and the Lady Georgiana Charlotte, his wife, 4tli d. 

of Wdliara Charles, 4th Earl of Albemarle. 

Ens. Madras S.C. 1848, Lieut. 185G, Capt. 1861, Major 18G8, Liout.-Col. 1874, 

lircvet-Col. 1879, Major-Gen. (retired) 1885 ; served in Indian Mutiny 1858-9, 

battles of Nawagaiiga and Barabanki, action of Selimporc, capture of forts 

Anialtheraad Sanakespore (medal, mentioned in despatches). 

Holland, Fhancis Dermot, b. 1828, e. s. of Francis Holland (afterwards 

HoUund-Corbett), Esq., Cropthorne Court, Evesham, and 

Jane, his wife, c. d. of William Warry, Esq., of West 

Coker, Somerset (bro. of Corbet t, behnv, y>. !I3). 

Ch. Cli. Oxon 184(1, Stud. Inner T. 1849, J.P. Wr.rcs. ffl 9 May. 1850. Annie, 

y. d. of the late Ellis Fletcher, Esq., of Cliftcm House, Lancashire. Ad'lrcff 

Cropthonie Court, Evesham. 

Kkmp, John Charles, b. 1829, 2nd s. of Kathaniel Kemp, Esq., Ovingdeau, 
Kail. Coll. Oxon 1847, 4 CI. 15. A. 1851 ; wine merchant ; author of " Wild IlavreU : 
llic Biography of a Gentleman Exile " 1861, 2nd cd.l862. 

Lear, Sidney Henry (f), b. 28 May, 1829 (2nd s.), bro. of Francis, above, p. ;!0. 
Left 21 Dec, 1846; Ch. Ch. Oxon 1847, B.A. 1851, M.A. 18.55; Fellow All .Souls- 
Coll. 1851-60 ; 16.®., </ 1854, p 1855, Chnpl. to Bp. of Salisbury (Hamilton) 
1854-67. fSl 1859, Hcuriettii Louisa, 2nd d. of James William Farrer. Esq., 
of Ingleboronsh, Yorks. B at Mentono 6 Feb., 1867 ; buried in the Cloisters at 
Salisbury. The metal screen separating; the choir and nave in Salisbury 
Cathedral was erected in his memory, as was also the rcredos in the Chapel 
of the Bishop's Palace. 

LiPSCOMBE, Cyril William, b. 13 Jan., 18;'>1, at St. Andrew, Jamaica, e. s. of 

Kt. Kcv. Christopher Lipscombc, D.O. (t lT;i4), 1st Bishop 

of Jamaica (bro. of Edward Webber and Artliur JIurtou, 

below, pp. 89, 130). 

Sch. Now Ccdl. Oxon 1848, Fellow 1850-89, B.C.L. and Jl.A. 1856; Stud. Line. 

Inn 1877. B 24 Jan., 1889. 

Lloyd, Georqe Charles, y. s. of Llewellyn I-loyd, I'ontrillith, Mold, and Jane, 

bis wife, d. of Edward Falkner, of Fairfield Hall, Lanoa.shire. 

Ens. Bengal Inf.intry 1849, Lieut. 1853, Capt. 1857, JIajor 1866, Lieut.-Col. 1868; 

served in Sonthal Campaign 1855-6, and with Shahabad Field Force 1858 

(despatches, medal) ; retired. B circa 1904. 

Martin, Henry Arthur, b. 30 Julv, 1831, 2nd s. of Rev. George Martin 

(t 1802), Chaucel'lor of Exeter, The Close, Exeter, and the 

Lady Cliarlolte Sophia, his wife, y. d. of William, 2nd Earl 

of St. Germans. 

Into College Long Half 1844 ; then to Eton ; Ch. Ch. Oxon 1850, 2 CI. Mod. 1853 ; 

St. JIarv's Hall, 4 Math. B.A. 1855, M.A. 1857; IB-®., '' I!*56, p 1857, 

C. Hallow, Worcs. 1856-8, V. Laxlon with Moorhouse, Notts. 1858-96. fH 

16 July, 1857, Wilhelmina Maria, d. of Edwanl Horlock Mort mer, E.sq., late of 

Green Park, Bath, and Studlcy Hall, Wilts. Ailihrff Tiuteru House, Malvern. 

1843 Winchester College. 83 

Maithijws, LIenry, e. s. of Henry Matthews, Esq., BiufielJ, Berks. 

Quccu's ColL Oxou 1849, I5.A. 1852, M.A. 1855 ; |J?.©., d 1853, p 1851, C. All 
Saints, Leicester 1853-6, Shearsby 1856-02, Barthonilv 1862-4, Gratwich 
1864-7, Magdalene Laver 1867-72, White Kodiii},' 1872-4, Knottiiig 1874-5, 
Great Staughton 1875-86, E. Swineshead, Kimbolton 1880-38. S 12 Feb., 

Miller, Henry (f). See above, p. 76. 

MoBERLY, Frederick Showers, bro. of Henry E.lward, above, p. 37. 

Triu. I nil. C'amb., 15. A. 1853, M.A. 1856; |JJ.©., (/ 1860, p 1802, C. E.xmoutli 
1862, I'ricst-Vicar Wells 1866, Vice-Priucilttl Wells Tbcol. Cull. 1800-;). D 
8 July, 1869. 

Koss, John, b. 18 March, 1829, at Stcjnehouse, Gloucs., s. of Field-Marslial 
Sir Hew Dalrymple Eoss, G.C.B., and Elizabeth, d. of 
liichard Grabaui, Esq., of Stonehouse. 
Eu:?. KiHc lirigadc 1846, Lieut. 1848, Adjut. 1854, Capt. 1854, Major 1861, Lieut. - 
Col. 1872, Major-Gcn. 1880, Lieut.-Uen. 1886, Geueral 1891, Col. Leicestershire 
Regt. 1895, Col. Commaudaut Rifle lirifiade 1903, retired 1890 ; 1861, 
K.C.a 1881, G.C.B. 1891 ; served in the Crimea, Alma, lukerinau, and Sebas- 
topol 1854-55 (medal, 3 clasps, 6th Class Mcdjidie, uientd. in despatches, Brevet- 
Major) ; in the Indian Mutiny at Cawupore and Liicknow (medal, 2 clasps, despatches. Brevet Lieut. -Col., C.B.) ; N.W. Frontier 1863-4 (medal 
with chisp) ; command Femk Expedition 1875-6 as Brigadier-Gen. (mentd. iu 
<iespatches, medal and clasp) ; command 2nd Division Cabul Force, Afj::hau 
War 1878-80 (medal and thanks of Parliament 1880) ; command Pooua Divu. 
nf Bombay Army 1881-6 ; Commander-in-Chief in Canada 1888-93. ffl 1808, 
Mary, d. of A. M. Hay, Esq. Q 5 Jan., 1905. 

llouKD, William Ralph, b. 27 Aug., 1829, e. s. of Rev. Joseph Green Round, 

R. of Woodham Mortimer, and Elizabeth Martha, his 

wife, d. and co-heir of Rev. John Lewes, of GiUingham, 


Entered II.E.I.C.S., thence to the service of the Nizam of Ilydcriibad ; Capt. in 

Mizam's Army. iB. 1800, Miss Adelaide Boardman. Q 17 Jlay, 1867, of 

cholera at Hyderabad. 

Stei'iieks, John Otter (t), b. 20 April, 1802, 2nd s. of the Rev. liichard 

Stephens, V. of Belgrave, Leics., and Emily Anne, his 

wife, V. d. of Monsieur de Sevrac, of Creuse, near Toulouse. 

B.N.C. U.\nn 1850, Ilulmc Exhibnr., B.A. 1851, JLA. 1857; ]!£?.©., '' 1856, 

p 1859, C. Belgrave, Leics., V. Saveruake, Wilts. 1801-79, U. Blauknev, Slea- 

ford, Luics. 1879-1903, Chapl. Beaulieu, Nice 1901-4, Minister All" Saints, 

Tooting 1903. iB. 10 Jimc, 1887, Emma Charlotte, e. d. of Alexander Leslie- 

Jlelville, Esq., of Branstou Hall, Lineolushire. AJJie^s All Saints Vicarage, 

Tooting Graveney, S.W. 

Theobald, Charles (f). Sec above, p. SO. 

TitiiiE, KoisERT Huuu MoKOAS (f renounced). See above, p. 71. 

WiLKixs, Arthur Drummond (f), b. 15 Nov., 18^0, 4th s. of the Yen. George 
Williins, D.D., Archdeacon of Nottingliani. 
Tiiu. Coll. Oxon 1849, New Coll. Oxon, Fellow 1850-8, B.A. 1853, JLA. 1857; 
JlJ.®., il 1853, p 1854, C. Croxby, Lines. 1853-7, V. Sawbridgeworth, Herts 
1857-04, V. Dewsbury, Yorks. and R.D. 1864-71, R. Orchardleigh and V. 
LuUiugton, Somerset 1871-5, K. Catlistoek, Dorset 1875-92. fH 4 May, 
1858, Ame'ia Sophia, e. d. of Wm. Prinsep. Esq., Weston House, Albury, 
Surrey. D 9 .\pril, 1892. Cf. Wyk. vi. (n. 277) 248. 

WiLMER {afterwards Hatfield), Randall, b. 8 July, 1828, c. s. of Randall 
Wiluier Gossip, Erq. (who tonk the name of Hatfield in 
1844), Thorp Arch Hall, Tadcaster, and Christiana, his 
wife, d. of William Marshall, Esq., of Newton Kyme and 
Comet 13th Light, then 10th Hussars, ilfl 1856, Miss Fitzgibbon. D 
14 .\pril, 1861, at Edinburgh, as Randall Wihncr Hatliehl. 

84 \Vi.NX'HiisTi:R Colle(;e. 1843 

WvNXK, John, b. 1829, e. s. of Rev. Jobn Wynne, K. of Silcbest t, Basingstoke, 

and Janet, liis wife, d. of K. Boyd, Esq., of Edinbiugh. 

Queen's Coll. Oxon 184S; St. JIary's Hall, B.A. 1853, SI. A. 18.'ji ; IB.©-^'' 1*^JJ> 

;) 1855, C. Netherbiin- 1854-G, West Liilworth 185G-G1, I!. Wamford 1861- 

1904. fH 1857, Elizabeth, d. of Shering KedcUe, Esq., of Uatchlands, Dorset. 

S 1904. 

SHOUT HALF, 18i3. 

Bensett, George (t), b. 2 Aug., 1832 (lib s.), at Napbs, bro. (f Henry 
Edward, William Henry, and Henry James, above, pp. 
35, 53, 58, and James x\rthur, Francis Cnylcv, and Charles 
William, below, pp. 112, 145, 157. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1851, 2 CI. Mod. 1853, S.C.L. 1854, 3 CI. 1855 [University 
VIII. and XI. 1856], B.A. and M.A. 1858; Senior Clerk Woods and Forests 
Dept., Whitehall ; retired 1895. ffl 1884, Mary Grafton, d. of Charles Moberly, 
Ksq.. .St. Petersbiiru;. Addrct!:' Sigwell, Southboume-on-Sea, Hants. 
Blackstoke, FiiEDERicK Elliot (f), b. 18 Aug., 1830 (2nd s.), bro. of Charles, 
above, p. 56, and Alan Cornwall, below, p. 92. 
Uuiv. Coll. O.Kon 1849, Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1850. S.C.L. 1851, 4 CI. 1852, B.A. 
and M.A. 1856, Fellow 1852; Assist. 1st Class, Printed Books Dept., British 
Jlusenni, to 1892. B 14 Oct., 1892, at 2, Heckfield ltd., Wandsworth Common. 
Buckle, Wat.tee (2nd s ), bro. of Willism, above, p. 39. 

E.xcter Coll. Oxon 1845 ; received into the Catholic Church 1847 ; ordained priest 
and attached to the mission of St. Mary's, Bath, 1853 ; Secretary to Dr. Vaufihan, 
Bishop of I'lvniouth, 1855 ; sent to Lyme Keyis 185G ; at Pro-Cathedral, Clifton 
1857-62 ; JIaster at Clifton Catholic Grammar School 1859-62. Q 1802. 

BuoU, Bobert H., s. of Henry Bush, Esq., solicitor, Ashton, Bath. 
Left same year ; resided at Chew Magna, Bristol. JB. 

Cornish, George Frederick, bro. of Robert Kestell, above, p. 47. 
13 at school 30 Oct., 1844 ; buried in Cloisters. 

Day, Henry William, 6th s. of Charles Day, Esq., Bevis Hill, Southampton. 

Ens^ 13tli Bengal N.l. 1849. B 25 Oct.," 1853, at Dinapore, from an accident 
while bathing, aged 24. 

Dunbar, George Eamsay (f), C.F., b. 24 Kov., 1831, at Cramond, N.B., 2nd s. 
of Sir Archibald Dunbar, 6 Bart., of Norlhficld, Elgin, N.B., 
and Keith Alicia, his 1st wife, d. of Cieorge Ramt-ay, E^q., 
of Barpton, Mid-Lothian (half-bro. of George GordoL 
Gumming, belotv, p. 153). 
Follow New Coll. Oxon 1851-62, S.C.L. 1854, 1 CI. Mod. 1854, 2 CI. 18.55, B.A. 
and M..\. 185S ; Advocate tdiubiirgh 1858. ID unmarried, at Nice, 30 April. 
Elmhibst, William, b. 1 Jan., 1827, e. s. of Willia-n Elmhirst, Esq., of Round 
Green, Barnsley, and Aime Frances, his 1st wife, 2nd 
d. of William Walker, Esq., M.B., of Swinnow Park, near 
Wetlierbv, Yorks., and Kverslev Lodge, near Harnct. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1816, B.A. 1849, M.A. 1853; ?i)"®., ./ 18,5U, p 1851, C. Gains- 
borough 18,50-60, Wigtoft 1860-2, Chapl. Stainbomugh 1862-98; succeeded to 
family estates 1864. ifl 17 Aug., 1851, Auuc Kli/.aheth Passmore, 2nd d. of 
William Barnard Helton, Esq., of Gainsborough. Q at Elmhirst, Banislev, 
16 April, 1899. 

Panshawe, Arthur Adolphus (f), C.F., b. 28 March, 1830, 7th .». of 

Edward Fanshawe, R.E., C.B., 14, Cuniberlaud Terrace, 

Regent's Park, London, and Frances Marj-, his wife, 2ud il. 

of Sir Henry Whitcford Dalrvmple, 1st Bart. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1819, Fellow 1851-5, S.C.L. 1852, B.C.L. and JI.A. 18,-,6 ; 

JlJ.®., d 1854, p 1856, C. Ashow, Worcs. ; K. Bubbenhall, Warns. 1802-77. 

ik 27 April, 1855, Sarah, y. d. of John Parsons, Esq., tlld Bank, Oxford. 

Addms 7, Lushiugton Ud., Enstbouriie. 

1843 Winchester College. 85 

Fanshawe, Hekry Leightos (t), b. 7 July, 1832 (8tii s.), bro. of the above. 

Ball. Coll. Oxon 1850, Sch. Xew Coll. O.'cnn 1851, Fellow 18.53-G3. B.A. 1853, M.A. 
1857 ; 5©.©., (/ 1855, p 185G, C. Shipton-under-Wychwood 1855-7, Clifton 
Hampden, Oxon 1857, R. Adwell with S. Weston, Oxon 18G6-1900. fB, 9 
Dec, 1856, Ellen, d. of Guv Thompson, Esq., of Baldon, Oxon. Address 
Chilworth House, Wallingfor'd. 

Freeliso, HasH Melvill, b. 28 Oct., 1831 (7th s.), bro. of James Eobert and 

George Noel, above, ]ip. 43, 81. 

Clerk of Reference, Le^'acv Dept., Somerset House, retired. fH (1) 2 July, 18G7, 

Florence Mary, d. of Melvill Wilson, Esq. ; (2) 20 Feb., 1873, Hon. Amabel 

O'Grady, y. d. of Rt. Hon. Standish, 2ud Viscount Giiillamore : resided at G6, 

Elm Park Gardens, London, S.W., and at Bude, Cornwall. Q 12 Feb., 1906. 

GusN'iXG, Hesry William, b. 2 Nov., 1829, s. of Rev. William Gunning, 
Stowey Vicarage, Peasford, Bristol ; afterwards Archdeacon 
of Bath. 
Chrisfs Coll. Camb. ; drowned at Cambridge, 17 Xov., 184;i. 

IIali.ett, William Radclyffe, e. s. of William U.illett, Esq., Philliols, T.kad- 
ford, and West Rnil, Southampton. 
ID-©. fS. 2G May, 1853, Annie Elizabeth, d. of William Forlong, Esq.. of Erins. 
Q early. 

IIaurison, Thomas Hayses, b. 15 April, 1829, e. s. of Rev. Thomas Thomas 

Harrison, R. of Thorpe Jlorieux, Suffolk, and Aune, his 

wife, d. of Admiral Nicholas Tomlinson. 

Settled at Canterbury, N.Z., 1850 ; returned to En;<land 1872 on succeeding to 

Co])ford Hall, near Colchester, Essex, on the death of his uncle, Fiske Goodeve 

Fiske Harrison, Esq. Q 9 May, 1895. 

Hawker, James, 3rd s. of Wdliam H. Hawker, Esq., Plymouth. 

Wino Merchant, Seven Trees, Plymouth, ffl 15 Auj;., 1851, Helen Frances, y. d. 
of ^N'dliam Henry Hare, of The Retreat, near Plymouth. B. 

Hawker, Joun Charles, b. 23 Sept., 1829, c. s. of John Nicholls Hawker, 

Esq., Plymouth, and Mary, his wife, d. of John Harri.s, Es]., 

of Radfonl, Plymouth. 

Ball. Coll. Oxon 1817. ifl (I) 9 .Tan., 1851, Elizabeth Mary, c. d. of Capt. .James 

I'olkin^honie, R.X., widow of Capt. Arthur Stormont Murray, of Rifle Brisjade ; 

(2) 188U, .lulin, widow of A. Richards, Esq., R.N. Address Barton House, 

East Anstey, Uulverton. 

lloGO, William Diswiddie, 2ml s. of Liout.-GeiL Adam Hogg, Wimbledon. 

Wadh. C(dl. Oxen 1848-9; Capt. B.S.C. fH 4 April, 18G1, at Moradabad, 
Emily, e. d. of Rev. T. W. Shaw, Chaplain; resided at Oaklei-li, Binburv, 
Tunbridge Wells. Q before March, 1902. 

HoLi.iGAN, bro. of Henry, above, p. 79. 

HiTMriiEiiY, Charles Jons, b. 21 April, 1828 (3rd s.), bro. of John and William 
Henry, above, p. CO, and half-bro. of Percy Adolphus and 
Edward Jolin, below, pp. 13.5, 153. 
fH Clara Maitland, of Ivast Jlaitland, N.S.W. D before 1880. 

King, William Affleck, b. 1830, y. s. of late Vice-Admiral Sir Richard King, 
G.C.B., 2nd Bart., and Maria Susanna, his 2nd wife, d. of 
Admiial Sir Charles Cotton, Rart. 
Ens. I7th Re^'t. 1851, Lieut. 1854 ; served in Crimean War 1851-5 «-ith 4th Li^'ht 
Draijoons, includin<; .Mma, Balaclava, Inkerman, and fall of Scbastopol 
(medal, 3 clasps, and Turkish medal) ; Capt. 17tli Rent. 185G, >Iajor (retired) 
18G7. ffl U Oct., 1873, Charlotte, d. of A. C. Webster, Esq., and grand- 
daughter of Hon. Chief Justice Itowen. D 24 \wA., 188G. 

l.E Marciiant, Joshca, e. s. of licv. John Le Afarchant, of Belmont, Ryde. 

Trin. Coll. I )xon 181G; St. Marv's Hall, B.A. 1851; it).©., 1851, C. Rcdmarley 
1851-3. Ewhurst 1853-8. Wolvcrton 18GU-2. D 22'Mav. 1887. 

86 WiNCHKsTEU College. 1843 

LnpTON, James Irvine (f), b. 2 Sept., 1831, e. s. of Rev. James Lupton, Minor 
Canon of Westminster. 
St. Mary's Hall, Oxon 1849, Nowell Exliibnr. 1850, Edinburgli University, gold 
medal; Veterinary Surgeon, iff,. Resided at Matson Red House, Kichnumd. 
S Sept., 1900. 

MicHEi.L, William, 2nd s. of James Charles Michell, Esq., of Briahton. 

New Coll. Oxon, Gent. Com. 1848, 4 CI. S.\. 1852, M.A. 185i;, Chichester 
Theol. Coll. ; ?&.©., d 1853, p 1854, C. Brighton 1853-9, Minister All Saints, 
Guernsey 18g6-4, P.C. Chantry 181)4-72, Diocesan Inspector Bath and ^Vells 
1872, R: Dinder, Somerset 1883-1903, and Prebendary of Wells 1883-1903 ; 
author of " Our Title to Sonship " 1864, " The Gospel Stor>-," 2 vols. 1834. ffl 
30 Aug., 1853, Augusta, e. sun', d. of Colin Arrott Browning, Esq., M.IJ., 
of H.SI. Dockyard, Woolwich. JJilress 11, WooUey St., Bradford-on-Avon. 

PiEncE, FuAxcis RocKCLTFFE, h. 5 Or 6 Feb., 1828, only cliild of Rev. William 

Matthew Pierce, Wtsl Ashby House, Hornoastle, Lines., 

and Elizabeth, his wife, only child of Rev. Francis Rock- 

cliffe, K. o{ Fulletby. 

Left in 5 davs and went to the Rev. A. Crowdv, of ^^■inchester, for ])rivate tuition ; 

Caius Coll. Camb. 1847, B.A. 1851; Barr. Line. Inn 1854; J. P. Lines.; 

(.'apt. North Liuos. Militia. S .at West Ashby House, 9 Dec, 1802. 

PoDE, Joiix r>nKE, b. 6 Nov., 1832, e. s. of Thomas Juliiin Podo, Esq., Plympton, 

and Anne Duke, his wife, d. of Rev. Duke Yonge, V. of 

Cornwood, Devon (bro. of William Yonge, Charles Coleridge, 

and Edward, below, pp. 116, 140, 14:4)". 

Into College Long Half 1844 ; Exeter CoU. Oxon 1851, Fellow New Coll. 18.53-fil, 

B.A. 1855, M.A. 1858; Barr. Inner T. 1859 ; J.P. Devon. fH 30 Aug., 18G0, 

Augusta Boevey, d. of Rev. Charles Crawley, X. of Hartpury, Gloncs. 

Jihlresf Slade, Ivybridge, Devon. 

Randall, John Henry (3rd s.), bro. of Richard William and James Leslie, 
above, I'p. 42, 73. 
Entered Commissariat Dept. 1856, sen-ed in Crimea (medal and clasp, Turkish 
medal); D..A.C.G. 1873; served in Egyptian War 1882 (C.B. 1882, medal, 
mentioned in despatches DmJon Gazette 2 Nov., 1882, and bronze star) ; A.C.G . 
1883-5, Headquarters ; retired as Hon. Col. and D.C.G. 1885. £fl 1860, Alic,> 
Morgan, Coed Ithel, Monmouthshire. Q in London, 8 Nov., 1893, aged 63. 

PiiionES, s. of Thomas Rhodes, Esq., 0, Davies St., Grosvenor Sq., London, and 
Musu-ell Hill, Higligate. 

Tayler, Keith (f), b. 1!) Nov., 1831, s. of Robert T.iyler, Esq., 2"), Old Steine, 

Taylor, Charles, s. of Mrs. Taylor, Rockstone Place, Southampton. 
(? Residing at Itownhams, Hants, 1875.) 

TiNK, Frkderick, only s. of Charles Tiiik, Es(p, fl, Windsor Phice, 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1815, H.A. 1819, M.A. 1856; IB.©., ■/ 1850, /) 1851, C. Berwick 
Ba.ssett 185il^l, St. Peter, Tavy 1854-5, Alford 1855^60, P.C. Lovingtou 1.S57- 
8, V. Sliepton Montague 1800-73. 1878. 

Turner, Sydney, bro. of John Torner, Esq., 21, Bnuisvvick Sq., Brighton. 

Wallaor, Ale.'^ander, only .s. of Ale.K.ander John Wallace, Esq., 10, New Sq., 
Lincoln's Inn. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1847. B.A. 1852, M.A. 1858, B. Med. 1853, M.l). 1861 [University 
XI. 1851], M.R.C.P. bond. 1857, Physician to the Esse.x and Colchester 
Hospital; resided at 3, St. John's Terrace, Colchoster ; author of two essays 
that gained the Eutoniologicil Society of Loudon's prize in 1865 and 1866 ; 
contributor to the Lancet and other medical journals. Q 1 Oct., 1899, in the 
7(Hh vear of his age. 

1843-4 Winchester Collece. 87 

Williams, Fuederick Martin, b. 25 Jan., 1830, 2nd. s. of William Williams, 

Esq. (1st Bai't. 1866), Tregullow, Truro, and Caroline, his 

wife, y. d. of Richard Eales, Esq., of Eastdon, near Exeter. 

J.I', and D.L. Coniwall, M.P. Tmro 1865-78, Deputy Warden Stanu.-iries, F.K.G.S. ; 

succeeded .as 2nd b.irt. 1>S70. iB 10 June, 1858, Marv, d. of Kev. 

Robert Vanbru-h Law, of Wells. Q 3 Sept., 1878. Cf.'Wyk. iii. (n. 125) 199. 

LONG HALF, 1844. 

Adair, Alexandeu William, b. 28 Oct., 1829, c. s. of Alexander Adair, Esq., 

of Hatherton I'ark, Somerset, and Colehouse, Chudleigh, 

Devon, and Harriet Eliza, his wife, 4th d. of George 

Atkinson, Esq., of Temjile Sowerbv, Westmoreland. 

To Eton; Ch. Cli. O-xon 1848, B.A. Is.Vi, JI.A. 185G, Somerset Militia, Capl. 

Coldstream Guards 18.59, served at Silastupcil (nicdal and clasp), also served in 

52nd Regt., retired 1801 ; J. P. SouRTset and Devon ; High Sheriff Somerset 

188G ; Lieut.-Col. 4 Batt. Somerset L.I. iB. 5 June, 1860, Caroline, d. of J. G. 

TunibuU, Esq., Accouutant-General of Madras. 33 16 May, 1889. 

.Vtkins, Charles, s. of William Henry Atkins, Esq., 16, Kensiui;ton Place, 
Bath, and nephew of George Gowan, Esq., 7, York Chambers, 
St. James's St., London. 
Residinf; at 16, Kensington Place, Bath, in 1865. J3 in London, 22 Nov., 1868, 
aged 36. 

Bartlett, Charles Grosvexor (f), b. 19 Dec, 1832, 2nd s. of Rev. Wibiam 

Oldfield Bartlett, V. of Great Canford and Kmson, Dorset, 

and Eliza, his wife, d. of Rev. George Tito Brice, V. of 

Great Canford and Kiuson. 

Clerk in the Woods and Forests Dept. tiU 1872. iH 15 July, 1864, Adelaide 

Jemima, d. of James Carnegie, Esq., of Tipperarv. J3 at Parkstoue, Dorset, 

30 Dec, 1904. 

Ben'xett, Edward Leigh-, e. s. of Rev. Edward Leigh-Bennett, Lons Sutton, 
Lines., and EUinor, his 1st wife, d. of William Codrington, 
Esq., of VVroU'^hton, Wilts. 
ffH. Resided at Royal Crescent, "St. Hclier's, Jersey. S 1896. 

Bewes, REfiiXALD Francis, b. 20 March, 1830, 8th s. of Thomas Benes, Esq., 
M.P., 13eaumont, Plymouth, and Eliza Penrose, his 2nd 
wife, d. of Thomas Hart Davies, Esq., M.D., of JIadras. 

13 in tlic holiilays of brain fever, 28 July, 1845. 

P.RAnroRn, Jami-.s Edward Goddakd, b. 24 Oct., 1828, e.s. of James Bradforil, 

Esq., solicitor, Swindon, Wilts., and Annica, his wife, d. of 

P.ev. Edward Ooddard, R. of Clifte Pvpard, Wilt.s. 

Solicitor at Swindon (Bradford & Foote) 1851-91 ; Wilts."County (.'ouncil 1889 91. 

i^ 1864, Charlotte Beatrice Tvndalc. v. d. of Rev. Thomas" Hvdi' Hiplev, \ . 

of Wootlon-llassett, Wilts. A'hims 16, JIarlborough Buildings, Bath. 

BiiAMSTOs', Thomas Harvev, b. 11 May, 1831, e. s. of Thouias William 
Bramston, Esq., ALP., of Skrcens, Essex, and Eliza, his 
wife, 5lh d. and co-heir of Admiral Sir Eliab Harvey, 
G.C.B., M.P., of Rolls Park, Essex (bro. of John and 
William Moiideford, below, pp. i)2, 108). 
Ens. Grenadier Guards 1849, Lieut. 1H54, Capt. 1854; served with Rifle Brigade, 
Kaffir War 1852-3 (medal), and in Crimea, present at Alma, Balaclava, Inker- 
man, and Sehastopol (medal and clasps, 5ih Jleilj. ami Turkish medal) ; 
I.ieut.-Col. 1862 ; sold his connnission ami retired, ifl 7 April, 1864, Ilouoria 
L.puisa, d. of Thomas Thomhill, Esq., of Fixbv Hall, York'*., au.t Riddlesworth, 
Norfolk, AJilress Travellers' Club, Pall Mall, S.W. 

88 Winchester College. 1844 

Bright, Chahles Edward, b. 1829 (5th s.), bro. of Robert Ontsiphorus, 
Tyndall, and George, above, pp. 56, 65, 68, and Arthur, 
bflow, p. 99. 
C.M.G. 1883 ; Commissioner to Exhiljitlon of London 18G2, Dublin ISGo, Melbourne 
18Ce-7, London 1873, Melbourne 1880, Oilcutta 1883, Adelaide 1887, Mel- 
bourne 1888 ; twice Chairman of Melbourne Harbour Trust, and for many years 
a Trustee of Public Library' and National Gallery, Melbourne ; Member of 
Board of Advice to Agent-Gen. for Victoria since "l892. fH 25 Aug., 18CS, 
Hon. Anna INIaria Georgiana, e. d, of Rt. Hon. Sir John Henry Thomas, 3rd 
A'iscount Canterbury, K.C.B., G.C.M.G. Address 98, Cromwell Rd.. S.W. 
C'luhf Windham, City of London, Hurlingham. 

Cr.ARK, Henry, b. 1829, 2ud s. of Erving Clark, Esq., EITord Manor, Devon, 

and Anna La;titia, his wife, 3rd d. of Paul Treby Tieby, 

Esq., of Gooilaniore, and Plympton House, Devon. 

Trin. Coll. Oxon 18-17, B.A. 18.51 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1855 ; Recorder of Tiverton 

1870 ; J.P. Devon ; formerly Capt. Cornwall and Devon Miners .\rtillery. fR 

1852, Lucy, 2nd d. of John Carpenter, Esq., of Mount Taw, Devon. B at 

Effoi-d Manor, 9 Sept., 1900. 

Collier, .Toiin Ehancis, b. 19 June, 1829, 4th s. of John Collier, Esq., M.P., 

and Emma, his wife, d. of Thomas Mortimer, I'iSq., tlic 


I'nrliamfntary Agent, then Barr. hmer T. 18.'.9; Recorder of Poole 1870-3; J.P. 

Lanes. ; Judge of the County Court, Liverpool, since 1873 ; author of '• JIanual 

of JHlitary Law." ffl (1) "l8fiO, Frances Anne Jane, 2nd d. of Robert Francis 

.Tenner, Esq., Wenvoe Castle, Glamorgan; (2) 1901, Lena, d. of Herr Robert 

Silz, of Cunzendorf, Germany. Aihln-fs 82, Huskisson St., Liverpool. 

Fabkr, Arthur Henry (f), b. 29 Feb., 1832, e. s. of Major-Gen. Charles 
]<;dward Faber, li.E., Port St. Geoi'ge, India (bro. of Frede- 
rick Dickinson, below, \\ 147). 
At Harrow 1843-4, formerly Chorister Magd. Coll. Oxon ; New Coll. Oxon, Fellow 
18.i0-(;G, 1 CI. 18.52, B.A. 1853, M.A. 'l85G ; Tutor .ind Dean ; |lj.©., d 1854, ;) 
1856, Ib-Mil Ma-U'T :Malvern Coll. 186.5-80, Examining Chapl. to Archbps. of 
York iss:; :i|. IM). .snaith 1887-9, R. SprotboroughwithCadebv, YorUs.. since 
1880, lll.ll.a^ll•r since 1889, Preb. of Toekeriugton, York, since 18S7. Ifl 
19 July, 18111, Jlary Sophia, c. d. of Charles William Faber, Esq., of Northaw 
House, Herts. Address Sjirotborough Rectory, Doncaster. 

Fi.NTii, PionEUT, b. 5 Jan., 1829, s. of Hubert Finch, Esq., DoUis Hill, Willesdcn. 
Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1851, M..A.. 1854 ; %&-, 'l 1852, p 1853, C. Newchnrch, 
Kent 1852, Wittesham, Kent 1853-7,' R. Pangbourne 1857-flG. Addre/s 
Finkley House, Andover, Hants. 
Fbeshfielp, William Dawes, b. 11 June, 1831, s. of J.ames William Fresh- 
field, Esq., of Pcigate (bro. of Edwin and John Minet, 
below, pp. 100, 112). 
Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1853, M.A. 185G ; Solicitor in London 18.57-1903 ; Knt. of 
the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England, ffl 22 April, lsi;2, Elizabeth 
Catherine, 2ud d. of Rev. Preb. Carey Hamjiton Borrer, R. of llurst|uerpoiiit. 
M 19 Aug., 1903, at Homburg. Cf.'Wyk. ix. (n. 405). 
Gnir.o, John Williams, h. 20 Nov., 1830, e. s. of Mark Stephens Grigg, Esq., 
Caun House, Tamerton Foliott, Plymouth. 
Barr. Middle T. 18.53; J.P. Devon. 1^ Charlotte Katharine, e. d. of K. IS. Mills. 
Esq., Mannamead. Devon. ID 23 July, 1890. 
Hanson, Georoe William, b. 28 June, 1830, s. of George Hanson, Esq., .'•.o. 
Wobum Place, Kusscll Sq., and 28, Great Winchester St.- 
London, and Caroline I'Ueanor, his wife, e. d. of William 
Walford, Esq.. of High Beach, Essex (1st cousin of William 
Stoneliewer, above, p. 48). 
I'.ns. Bombay S.C. l.-<18, Lieut. 1853, Capt. ISGl. Major 1863, Lient.-Col. 1874, Hon. 
Major-(iei\. (retired) 1S79; served in Punjab Ciimj.aign 1S18-9, sie-'e of 
Mooltan (mediil and elasp^ ; present at netioii «( .Vmlmpa" nee. Address 

1844 WiNCHE.sTKR College. 89 

Hill, Nicholas Frank (f), b. 25 Feb., 1832, 5tb s. of James Haydock Hill, 
Esq., 11, Mansfield St., Portland Place, formerly of Blooms- 
Fellow New Coll. O.xoa 1850-7, 4 CI., 4 L. & H., B.A. 1853, M.A. 1857 ; ^.©., 
(/ 185G, p 1857, C. Burmiugton ; resided at Aban Court North, Lausdowne, 
Cheltenham. fH 15 Sept., 1857, LUlias Giltilian, only d. of Robert 
Cotesworth, Esq., of Cowden Knowes, Roxburgshire, N.I5. Q 1883. 

Hole, William Robkkt, b. 21 March, 1831, only s. of William Hole, Esq., of 
Paikr, Bovey Tracey, Devon, and Susannah, his wile, e. d. 
ul Piev. William Kitson, of Sbiphay, Devon. 
To Eton; J.P. Devon, {ff, 8 April, 1875, Emily Letiti.a, d. of Rev. John Hall 
I'arlby, of Jliuindou, Devon. 33 1903. 

HosKixs, Arthur Reginald, b. 28 Jan., 1832 (5th s.), bro. of Anthony Hiley, 
above, p. G9, and Edmond John, below, p. 107. 
Into College Long Half 1845 ; to Addiscombe ; 2nd Lieut, liombav Artillery 1851, 
Lieut. 1856, Capt. IKfiO, Major 1872, Lieut.-Col. 1877, Hoii. Col. (retired) 
1877 ; Persian Expedition 185fi-7, capture of Re.shire, surrender of IJushire, 
battle of Kooshab, bombardment of Mohumrah (medal with clasp) ; Indian 
Mutiny, siege of Kotah, recapture of Chundaree, actions of Kotah-ke-Serai and 
Gwalior, bombardment of Powree, actions of Beejapore, Sindwaho, Kurai, and 
Koondrye (medal with clasp) ; J.P. Somerset. fR 21 Oct., 18G9, Katharine 
Harriet, d. of Rev. George 15aker Garrow, Iladlow Priorj-, Middlesex. O at 
King Ina's Palace, S. Petherton, Somerset. 16 JIarch, 1902. 

JoiissoN, Allen Bayard, b. 2 May, 1829 (Ttb .s.), bro. of Frederick Pigot, 
above, p. 00. 
Ens. Eengal S.C. 1846, Lieut. 1851, Capt. 1857, M.ajor 18C6, Brev. Lieut.-Col. 18C7. 
Lieut.-Col. 1872, Brev.-Col. 1872, Col. 1872, JLijor-Gen. 1882, Lieut.-Gen. 1887, 
Gen. 1892 ; served in Burmese ^\'a^ 1853 (mentioned in despatches, medal, 
clasp for Pegu) ; served in Indian Slutiny (medal and clasp and Brevet-Major) ; 
Militarj' Secretary to Council of India 1878-89; C.B. 1881, K.C.B. 1889. 
Addresi 60, Lexham Gardens, S.W. Club United Service. 

Kinkeai!, Henry Gott, b. 23 Oct., 1828, 3rd s. of Thomas Kinnear, Esq., 
Albion St., Leeds. 
Ch. Cli. Oxon 1847, B.A. 1851, M.A. 1854 ; |^.©., d 1852, p 1854, C. Holy Trinity, 
Kingston-on-Htdl 1857-67, Nafferton 18G8-71, V. Burton Pidsea 1872-86, K. 
Copgrove, Leeds 1886-1901. Q 4 June, 1901. 

LiPSCOMn, Edward Webdeb (t\ b. 9 Dec, 1832, at Jamaica, bro. of Cyjil 
William, above, p. 82, and Arthur Morton, below, p. 130. 
Clerk in the Rule Dept. fiffice of Pleas, Court of Exchequer ; then in the Writ and 
Appearance Dept., first of the Masters' Oflice, E.xchequer Division, and then of 
the Central Oflice ; in the Summons and Order Dept. 1887-92. 

Martin, Henry Arthur (f). See above, p. 82. 

Martin, William (t), b. 11 Jan., 1831, cousin of the above, e. s. of Rev. 

William Martin, V. of Staverton, Devon, and Jane, his wife, 

e. d. of Arthur Champernowne, Esq., of Davtington, Devon 

(bro. of Charles, below, p. 131). 

Univ. Coll. Oxon 18)9, IVUow New Coll. Oxon 1850-66, 4 CI. 1852, B.A. 1853, 

M..V. 1856; 11).©., •/ 1857, /) 18112, ('. St. Marv, Brvanston .Sq., London 

1857-60, E. li'u'ckland, Devon 18(;i-3, V. Steeple Mordeii, Cambs. 1863-75, V. 

St. Pel>nit, Cornwall 1879-80. ift 10 Feb., 1886, Marj-, d. of Richard Uxton, 

Esq. ; resided for some vears near llobarl, Tasmania. D 7 Sept., 1890, at 

West Buckland. 

Xevii.i,, \\'ai.teu Augustus (t), b. 24 Jan., 1832, s. of Rev. Christopher Nevill, 
(". of Iwerne Minster, Dorset, (('f. Uetil. May. (N.S.) xxix. 


Noel, Chaules Perrott, b. 12 June, 1830, e. s. of Charles Noel, Ksq., of Bell 

Hnll, Stourbridge, and Mary, his wife, d. of Rev. John 

Wvlde, E. of Aldrid^e, Stnffs. 

Ens. 48tli Regt. 18Sn, Lieut. 1853, retired 1854; J.P. Wores. and Staffs.; Capt. 

Worcs. Yeom. Tav. ffl[ 3 April, 1856, Henrietta Warj.'aret, only d. of Rev. 

James Nelson Palmer, K. of Breamore, Hants. Succeeded his father 1877. 

Aililrcsi: Bell Hall, Stourbridge. Clitb Army and Navy. 

NoRMAy, Alfred Merle (t), b. 29 Aug., 1831, at St. Sidwell, Exeter, 5th s. 
of John Norman. Esq., D.L,., of Iwood House, Somerset. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1848, B.A. 1852, M.A. 1859 ; ©.©., rf 185G, p 1857, C. Kibworth 
Beauchamp 1856-8, Sedgefield 1858-64, lioughton-Ie-Spring 1864-6. Chapl. 
E. of Durham 1866-79, R. Burnmoor, Durham 1866-95, R. Houghton-le-Sjirini; 
189.5-S, R.D. Houghton 1895-8 ; Hon. Canon of Durham since 1885 ; Hon. 
D.C.L. Durham 1883, Hon. LL.D. St. Andrews 1897, F.R.S., F.I..S., Medallist 
of the Institute of Franoe ; Hon. Sec. Durham Dioc. Tr. Coll. for llasters 
1877-97, and Durham Pioc. Corp. 1887 ; a marine zoologist, and the author of 
many papers on the subject; landowner in Somersetshire. . bW/ (•.-■,« The Red 
House, Berkhanipstead, Herts. 

PoDE, John Duke (f). See above, p. 8G. 

PiASPAi.L, .Tames Leslie (f). See above, ]i. 73. 

Ratnes, William, b. 26 Sept., 182!!, s. of Rev. William Raynes, R. of Rype, 
Into College Long Half 1846 ; Clare Coll. Camb., Brown's Medallist 18.'.0, Jun. 
Opt. and 10th CI. B.A. 1852, M.A. 1855 ; IB.©., d 18.54, p 185(1, Fellow and 
Tutor of Clare CoU. ; C. Witham, Essex ]8o5-63. i% Helen, d. of William 
Wright Luard, Esq., of Witham. S at I'ckfield, 13 .\pril, 1894. Cf. Wvk. 
vii. (n. 301) 8. 

RiCKETTS, s. of Alfred Ricketts, Esq., Stoke f'lift" House, Stapletoii, Bristol. 

RmDiNo, William, b. 23 Nov., 1830 (4th s.), at Winchester College, bro. of 
Charles Henry, Arthur, and George, above, pp. 37, 57, 70. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1848, Fellow 1850-8, S.C.L. isol. B.C.L. and M.A. 1S,5G 
[Universitv XL 1849 53, Capt. 1851, prevented bviUness from playing 1852] ; 
It).©., (/ 1854, p 1856, C. Paildington 1858-60, V. Meriden, Warwiclis. 1860-73. 
iff, 25 May, 1858, Caroline Selina, d. of Charles Jlarriott Caldecott, Ksq., of 
Holbrook Grange, Warwickshire. 13 1900. 

SnoRT, Walter Fbakcis (t), b. 23 July, 1831 (2nd s.), bro. of William Awdry, 
above, p. 77, and Ambrose, below, p. 108. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1851, Fellow 1853-83, 2 CI. Mod. 1853, S.C.L. 1853, 2 CI. 
1855 [University VIII. 1854 or 1855], B.A. and M.A. 1858, Tutor 1864-70, 
I'roctor 1869 ; |^.©., d 1856, p 1858, Head Master Oswestrv Grammar School 
1860-4, Chapl. K.M.A., Woolwich 1870-5, Warden of St. Paul's Coll. Stonv 
Stratford 1875-81, Tutor of Keble Coll. Oxon 1881-2, R. Donhead St. Slarv, 
Wilts, from 1882, R.D. Tisbury from 1.88S, Preb. of -Vlton Borcalis, Salisburv. 
189.5-6 ; Wykehamical Preb. of Bargham in (hie. Coll. since 1896; author of 
"Christ's .Soldiers," sermons, 1874. .■hlilrrff Jlonhead St. Marv Rcctorv. 
r/n/; l'uitC(U"nivcrsity. 

Stephen's, Charles, b. 20 Jlaich, 1831, e. s. of Charles Stephens, E'^q., Karley 
(^ourt, Reading. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1848, B.A. 1852. M.A. 1855; J.P. Berks, High Sheriff 1884; 
Banker in Reading since 18.54 ; Lieut. Berks Vol. 1860, Ca|it. 1862, Major 1873, 
retired 1874. Jtt 21 June, 18JJ9, Susannah Lynn, d. of Major-Gen. Cockburn, 
late of 79th Highlanders. Bracondalc, Norwich ; resided at Woodlev Hill, 
Reading. S Wtil. 

1844 WlXrnKSTER COLLEGK. 91 

Sthattox, Freemam RiCHAHD, b. 6 Marcli, 1828, s. of Eobert Stratton, Esq., 
Surgeon to the Forces, 7 Cecil St., London, and Susanna 
Louisa {nee Lincoln), his wife. 
Trin. Coll. Camh. 1847, Jim. Opt. B.A., M.A. 1855; It?.©., d 1851, p 1853, 
C. Romsev 18G0-2, Bishnpstei-aitou 18(i3-6, L.iughtnn 1866-7, V. Ebemoe-in- 
Kirdford 1867-74, R. Ipiug, Jlidhiirst, Sussex 1875-1902. fH 31 July, 1856, 
Marv, 2nd d. of Rev. Edward Warren, Caiilfield. Address Fairfield, Emsworth, 
TuRNBULL, John Bobertsok, s. of John George TumbuII, Esq., Consul at 
Ens. 7.5th Rest. 1848, Lieut. 1849, Capt. 1858 ; served as A.D.C. to Sir H. Barnard, 
Major-Gen. Reid, and Sir A. AVilson, during the Siege, Assault and Capture of 
Delhi, in the action of Budlekeserai, and all minor engagements (thanked by 
Gov.-Gen. in Council, medal and clasp. Brevet- Jlaj or, 1858) ; exchanged into 
ISth Hussars, then into 1st Dragoons; Lieut.-Col. (retired) 1868. S at The 
Triory, Torquay, 22 Oct., 1892. 
Ward, Thomas Le Hunte, b. 3 Aug., 1831, at Stanton, Gloucs. (3rd s.), bro. 
of Eubert and Bernard Edward, above, pp. 55, 74. 
Royal Xavv, Cadet 1845, Sub.-Lieut. 1850, Lieut. 1853, Commander 1861, Capt. 
1867, Rcar-Adm. 1885; sen-ed in the Baltic 1854-5 (medal), Capt. H.M.S. 
Superb at Bombardment of Alexandria (medal, clas]), bronze star, C.B.), A'ice- 
Pres. Ordnance Committee 1884-7, A.D.C. to the Queen 1882-5, Vice-.\dm. 
1890 (retired), ffl 1869, Helen Marv, d. of George JIaconchy, Esq., Rathmore, 
CO. Longford. .4././/r.... 13, Onslow Gardens, S. Kensin,gton, S.W. Club United 

WiiKHAM, Charles Thomas (t), b. 29 July, 1832, bro. of William Fiennes 

and Henry John, above, pp. 46, 62, and Frederic Peers 

and Arthur Robert, below, pj). Ill, 128. 

M.R.C.S. 1853, L.S.A. 1854, registered Med. I'ract, 1859, Surg, to Win. Coll., 

retired 190.'!. ffl 20 May, 1858, Eliza, only d. of Capt. Joachim, R.N. 

Address Sutton Scotney, Hants., Edmosd Henry Lacon (f), b. 7 July, 1832 (3rd s.), bro. of John 
Irwin, above, p. 46. 
Wadh. Coll. Oxon 1850, Michel Exhibnr. Queen's Coll. Oxon, 2 CI. Mods. 1852, 

2 CI., 4 L. * H. B.A. 1853, Sch. 1854, Fellow 185B-65, M.A. 1856 [University 
XL 1852^, Capt. 1853-4] ; |B.®., d 1855, ;) 1856, C. Swinbrook, Oxon 
1856-7, King's Sutton, Northants. 1857-60, Cllegc Tutor Win. Coll. 1860-5, 
R. St. Swithun, Winchester 1863-5, X. Ilcl.-ton, Cornwall 1865-6, Ashby 
Magna, Leics. 1866-87, Hon. Canon of Peterljorcu-li 1x71, R.D. Guthlaxton 
iii. 18SI-7, \. Monk Sherborne with I'ember, llant.- 1SS7-96, R.D. Silchester 
1892-6 ; tditnr I'.terboro' Dioc. Cal. 1872-87, Winchester Dioc. Cal. 1889. £« 

3 .Jan., 18(15, Helena, widow of George Willes, Esq., of Ilungerford Park, 
Berks. D 9 Sept., 1896. 

SHORT HALF, 1844. 

Uauter, Wli.i.lAM, b. Ajiril, 1832, 2nd s. of Rev. Charles Birtor (c. bro. of 

Warden Barter), Sarsdcn, fjliipping Norton, and , his 

wife, d. of James Ilaughton Langston, Esq., SI. P. (bro. 
of George, be'ow, p. ] 25). 
Into College Long Half 1845, liali. Coll. Oxon 1850. 3 CI. 1854, in Canada 18,57. 
S 1859, killed by a fall from his horse in XaUil. 

Beaumont, William Beresford, b. 13 March, 1831 (2iid s.), bro. of George 
Howl.and, above, p. (i8. 
Ch. Oh. Oxon 1849, B.A. 18.53, M.A. 1856, Student 1852-60 ; J).©., (J 185«, p 
18.59, C. Church Stretton 1858-60, Seavington St. Jlarv 1860-3, R. Cole-Orton 
18i:4-l90I, R.D. West AkeUv 1875-6, Hon. Canon of Peterborough 1889-1901 ; 
J. P. and County Councillor Leicestershire, ffl (1) 13 Dec, 1860, Julia, y. d. 
of Charles Soanies, Esq.. of Coles, Herts; (2) 1868, Elizabeth Marv, 2nd d. of 
i;.v. Samuel Ilurrv Alderson, late I!, of Risbv, Sutfolk. D 18 Feb., 1901. 

93 Winchester College. 1844 

Blackstose, Alan Cornwall (t), b. 3 July, 1832 (Srcl s.), bro. of Charles and 
Frederick Elliot, above, pp. 56, 84. 
Univ. Coll. Oxon 1850, Sch. 1S51, Sch. Xcw CoU. 1.S51, Oxon 1853-73, B..\. 1855, 
M.A. 1857 ; editor of .1 Jmirnal at Glasgow. Q at -18, Graut St., St. George's 
Ed., Glasgow, 5 Feb., 1899. 

BoTCOTT, Arthur William, o. s. of Rev. William Boycott, of Burgli Parsonage, 
Beccles, and Elizabeth Georgiana, his wife, d. of Arthur 
Beevor, E.sq. 
Emm. roll. Can.b. 1849, B.A. 1853; IB.©., d 1853, p 1854, C. Boethorpc, P.C. 
Aldcby, Norfolk. © 13 Aug., 1865, aged 34. 

Bramston', Joux, b. 14 Nov., 1832 (2nd s.), bro. of Thomas Harvey, above, 
p. 87, and William Mondeford, below, p. 103. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1850, 2 CI. Mod. 1852, 3 CI. 1853. 2 L. & 11., B.A. 1854, 
Fellow of All Souls 1855, S.C.L. 1855. B.C.L. 1856. D.C.L. 18G3 ; Barr. Middle 

T. 1857: Secretary to Governor, ii. iisland 1859-61, M.L.C. Queensland 

186.3-9; jr.L.A. 1871-3; Atl.Tn.v (,. uf ml, Queensland 1870-3; Attorney- 
General, Hongkong 1874-6; A>>ist. Ind. Socv. State for Colonies 1876-97; 
C.B. 1886, K.C.M.G. 1897. G.C..M.G. mm. fff, 14 Dec., 1872, Eliza Isabella, 
d. of Rev. Ilarrv Xnne Uussell, V. of Burncston, Yorks. Adilress 14, Berkeley 
Place, Wimbledon, f'hili Travellers'. 

Brodie, Erasmus IIknut (t), b. 18 May, 1832, 2nd s. of William Bird Brodic, 

Esq., M.P. for Salisbury, The Close, Salisbury, and Frances, 

his 2nd wife, d. of Kev. Richard Hunt'ey, Boxwell Court, 


Sch. Trin. Cidl. Oxon 1850, 1 CI. M..d. 1852, 3 CI. 1854, B.A. 1855, M.A. 1860 ; 

Private Tutor to 2ud Marquis of Salisbury's 2nd family ; H.M. Ins|)Cctor of 

Schools ; retired; author of "Sonnets" 1885. i'H 1878, Slary Josephina, only 

child of Joseph Greaves, Esq., Howsill, Malvern Link, Worcs. 13 at Great 

Malvern, 5 Sept., 1906. 

Bi'RsiNGHAM, Henby George Chables, b. 1831, e. s. of Henry, 

Esq., The Shrubbery, Froyle, Alton, and JFary B.ddwin, 

his wife, d. of Rev. George N. Watkius. 

Ens. o8th Eegt. 1851, ('apt. 1855, Major 1862, retireil ; served in Crimea with the 

3rd Regt., wounded at Sebastopol (5th Jledj., medal and clasp, Turkish 

medal) ; resided at Froyle House, Hants. fH 1872, Ada Mary JIassey, d. of 

Robert Remmett, Esq., barrister-at-law. Q at Harrogate, 1 1 March, 1905. 

BcRTON, Arthur, b. 1!) Sept., 1830, nephew of Heary Burton, Esq., M.D., 
41, Jeriuya St., London. 
Emm. Coll. Camb. 1849, li'.X. 1854. M.A. 1858 ; Lieut. Roval Sussex Militia 18.'i6. 
0. 25 Sept., 1866. 

Curuie, Augustus Arthur, b. 25 Jan., 1831, 4th s. of John Currie, Esq., M.P., 

Upper Gallon, Reigate, and Eli7.abeth Anne, his wife, d. of 

N. Pattison, Esq. (bro. of Charles, below, p. 177). 

Ens. Bengal S.C. 1849. I.icut. 1850, Brevet-Capt. 1861, Capt. 1861, Brevet-Major 

1868, Major 1869, Ueut.-Col. 1875, Commandant of 23rd Bengal Native 

Infantry 1872-79 ; served as second-in-command of 23rd Bengal Native 

Infantry in Abyssinia 1868, present at action of Arogee and capture of 

Magdala (mentioned in despatches, Brevet-Major, and medal). iH 29 .\pril, 

1862, Emilv Louisa, d. of James McGregor, Esq., of Woolton Hill, Liverpool. 


EnMON'ns, Richard Edward Pell, b. 17 Sept., 1831, s. of Rev. Richard 

Elnionds, R. of Woodleigh, Pevon. 

To College Long Half 1815, Ens. 52nd Regt. l.S.">0. retired 18,52, Cuddesdon Theol. 

Coir. ; It)]©.. i> 1866 ; Chapl. Oxford Union Workhouse 1868-74. fH 21 

Sept.. 1.85:!, Frances Caroline, 3rd d. of John .Vrnold, Esq., of Toronto, Canada, 

© 30 Jan., 1874, 

1844 WlNCHESTKU CoLLUGi:. 93 

FlENNliS, HuX. UliflL JjllOWNLOW TwiSTLETOX-Wi'KEHAM- (t), C. [<'., b. 20 Aug., 

1831, 2nd s. of Frederick Benjamin, 13tli Baron Saye and 
Sele (t 1811), R. of Adlestrop, Gloucs., Treasurer, Canon 
and Arclideacon of HenforJ, and Emily, his wife, d. of 
Richard, -Ith Viscount Powerscourt (bro. of Wingfield Strat- 
ford and Frederick Nathaniel Fiennes, Ijelow, pp. 107, 112). 
Gent. Commr. New Coll. O.xon 1852, li.A. and M.A. 1859 ; 1^.©.. R. Hamstall 
Kidwarc, Staffs. 1861-5, K. Ashow, Warws. 1866-70. fft at Paris, 17 Dec, 
1861, Maria Louisa, e. d. of John Hardv, Esq., British Consul at St. Jago de 
Cuba. Q 13 March, 1870. 

Gadbett, Daniel FitzGerald, s. of John Gabbett, Esq., and Anastasia, his 
witV, d. of John Magrath FitzGerald, Esq., of Ballinard, and 
nephew of Eev. Joseph Gabbett, Somerville, Kiliuallock, 
Cornet 12th Lancers 1849-52. S s. p. 

GuRNEY, WiLUAM CoRYNDON, b. 18 July, 1830, .■!. of Chailes Gurney, Esq., 
To Harrow Sept. 1846, Jesus Coll. Canib. 1850, 3 CI. Tripos, B.A. 1851 ; Barr. 
Inner T. 1857, Western Circ. Q in Loudon, 7 Feb., 1863. 

Heathcote, Gilbert Vyvvan, b. 21 July, 1830 (3rd s.), bro. of William 
Percival and George Parker, above, pp. 73, 78. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1848 ; Lieut. Madras S.C. ; It)-©-, '( 1858, ;; 1860, C. Chittlc- 
hanipton ISSS-dd, I'.oyton 1860-1, Kushall' 1861-2, P.C. Uopton, Changeford 
1862-.".. ( '. I liri-i ( hiir'ch, St. Leonard's 1865-7, K. West Deeping, Lines. 1867-90, 
K.D. N. -- 1^>1 . t li.i|il. Siena 1882 ; author of Sermons 1862 and 1865 and " Notes 
for i;ililf l.:,,liiiiL4." iB (1) 29 March, 1853, Eliza, c. d. of Lieut.-Col. 
William .Vrtluir Heathcote, of RoUestone, WUts. ; (2) 1865, Helen Maxwell, 
only child of James John Cunningham, Esq., H.E.LC.S. ; (3) 1883, Jlary 
Henrietta, d. of Spencer Arthur Perceval, Esq., of Richmond, Surrey. S at 
Deeping Rectory of apoplexy, 8 Feb., 1890. 

IIoiiLANU (-Corbett), Corbett, b. 1830, bro. of Francis Dcrmot, above, p. 82. 

Left 1816 ; Lieut. 23rd Welsh Fusiliers 1850, resigned 1851 ; assumed the additional 
name of Corbett; on the Roll for Higli Sheriff of Gloucestershire 1886 ; in- 
herited .\dmington Hall, Gloucs. ffl (1) 1851, Amelia, d. of James Givins, 
Esq. ; (2) 1890, Frances Edith, c. d. of George Wade, Esq., of Manor House 
Tadmartou, Oxon, and widow of John Ford, Esq., J.P, i3 at Bletchlcy, 
Bucks., 3 March, 1906, in his 76th year. 

Jenkins, William Banuor, e. s. of Uev. William Jenkins, V. of Sidmoutli 
(bro. of John, below, p. 101.) 
S at home 8th Sept., 1846, aged 16. 

Kelly, Arthur, s. of Arlhur Kelly, E-;q., of Launceston (Uonini. 1818-22), and 

Sophia, bis wife, d. of Robert Maitland, Esq., of Thaxted, 


To Harrow, Easter 1815. S 29 Aug., 1846, aged 15. "His death was caused by 

the sudden explosion of a gun whilst shooting." — Gent. Muy. (N.S.) xxvi. 442. 

Macrorie, William Kenneth, b. 8 Feb., 1831, at Duke St., Liverpool, e. s. of 
David Macrone, Esq., M. D., and Sarah, his wife, d. of Jolin 
Barber, Esq. 
B.N.C. Oxon 1849, B.A. 1852, Hulmc Exhibnr. 1854, M.A. 1855, D.D. 1876; 
1^.®., d 1855, p 1857, Fellow of Radley Coll. 1855-8, C. Deane 1858-60, 
P.C. Wiiigatcs 1860-1, R. Wapping 1861-5, P.C. Accrington 1865-8, 1st Bishop 
of Maritzburg, Natal 1869-92, U.C.L. Univ. of South .\frica 1876, M.A. Univ. 
of the Cape 1876, Canon of Ely 1892-1905 ; author of various Charges, etc. 
in 9 April, 1863, Agnes, v. d. of William Watson, Esq., of South Hill, Liver- 
pool. Q 21 Sept., 1905. "Cf. Timti, 25 Sept., 1905, p. 8. 

Maui.e, Francis, bro. of William, above, p. 4!. 

Putney College for Engineers; Sec. Laud Improvement Society 1863. Q dixti 1891. 

91: Winchester Oollkge. 1844 

MoKKEs, Elliot James (2iid ?.), bro. of Robert Elliot, abuvu, p. 7^!, aud Arthur 

Phibp, below, p. 119. 

Trin. Coll. Oxon 1849, B.A. 1852 [L'uiversity XI. 1850]; Stud. Liuc. luii 1853; 

Lieut. 47th Rejft. 1855. iH 30 Julv, 1857, Susan Perrv, P. d. of Rev. Richard 

Humphrey Hill, V. of Britford, Wilts. Q at Kaglan Villa, Bath, 5 Nov., 

1895, aged 64. See V>'yk. vii. (n. 318) 159. 

Kouiiis, William Thomas, e. s. of Kev. William Noriis, R. of Warblington, 
Exhibur. C.C.C. Oxon 1848-52, B.A. 1852 ; to New Zealand ; embarked on the 
Wi/oeni, which left Nelson, New Zealand, for Sydney 1 July, 1856, and was 
never more heard of. 

PiiicE, AuBKEY Charles (f), C.F., b. IG Aug., 18-'J, e. s. of Rev. Aubrey 

Charles Price ^t 1803 and 1805), V. of Chesterton, Oxon, 

and Theodora Anne, bis wife, only d. of WiUiam Hewitt, 

Esq., Badbury House, Chiskden, Wilts, (bro. of George 

Frederick and AVilli;im, below, pp. 101, 111). 

Fellow New Coll. Oxon 1849-57, B.A. 1853; It).®- '' 1853, /) 18.54, ('. St. Georpp, 

Bloonisbury 1854-0, R. Rusholnie, Lanes.', and Chaiil. Bp. of Durham 1856-60. 

Chapl. Lock Hospital, London 186U-5, V. St. .hmus, lla|.ham 1865-82. 0, 

8 Oct., 1856, Camilla, d. of Langford Lovell lli.di;e, Esq., of Antigua and 

I'pper Seymour St., JIarylebone, formerly Memlper of the Asscmlily and Puisne 

Baron of the Exchequer, Antigua. Q 17 Sept., 1897. 

RoiiiNSON, Chahles Maybeby, b. 17 Dec, 1830, s. of George Richard Robinson, 
Esq., Director of the Protector Life Association (afterwards 
M.f".), 27, Chester 'I'errace, Regent's Park, London. 
To Rughy Jlidsuninier 1846, St. John's Coll. Camlj. 1852. iB 6 J;in., 1859, Anna 
Louisa Cunuiugton, e. d. of Jlr. John^Vdams, of Jesus Lane, Cambridge. 

Savage, Charles Walter, 2nd s. of Francis Savage, Esq., SpringBeld, West- 
bury, Uristol. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1847, B.A. 1851. 

SiiARi', James Gkakville, b. 5 Aug., 1832, e. s. of Granville Sharp, Esip, of 

11, Mansfield St", Portland Place, V. of Great Winche.ster 

St., London, and Ann Elizabeth (uee Hill), bis wife (bro. 

of Bernard, below, p. 117). 

iB <;,r,i 18,-,4, Adelaide, d. of — Johnson, Esq., of Tluiliham, Berks. S in New 

York 24 Aug., 1894. 

SiiuTE, William Gordon, 4th s. of Thomas Deane Shute, Esq., J. P., Branishaw, 
Stony Cross, and Charlotte, his wife, d. of Lieut.-Gen. 
William Neville Cameron, H.E.l.C.S. 
Ens. 28th Regt. 1847, Capt. 1855, served in the Crimea at .\lnia, Inkermau, ami 
Siege of Selastopol (medal, 3 clasi>s, aud Turkish medal). 

Si'EKE, Benjamin, 4th s. of William Spckc, Esq., Jordans, Ilmiuster, and 

Orleigh Court, Bideford, and Georgina Elizabeth, his wife, 

d. of William Hauning, of Dillington House, Ilminstor. 

Ch. Ch. Oxon, B.A. 1853, Wells Theol. Coll. ; |lj.®., d 1853, p 1854, C. Baubury 

1854-7, R. V\ ashfield with Dowlish Wake 1857-81. fH 18 May, 1869, Caroline 

Sojjhia, e. d. of John Bird Fuller, Esq., of Ncston Park, Wilt*". S Feb., 1881. 

Stewaist, James, b. 9 Aug., 1830, 3rd s. of Alexander Stewart, Esq., of Cirovc 

House, Woodford, and Winchester House, B'oad St., London, 

and Agnes Marshall, his wife, c. d. of William Logan, Esq., 

Clatksloiie, Stirling. 

Capt. Hoyal Madnis Horse Artillery ; served during the Mutiny in Central India 

Field Force (uu'dal aiul clasp) ; J.P. Carmarthen ; J.P. and D.L. Cardigan ami 

High Sheriff 1888-9. ifl 25 JMay, 1857, Louisa Charlotte, d. of William 

Butler, Esq., Madras .Vrniy. AJdrtff AUtyrodyn, Llandyssil. 

1844-5 "Winchester College. 95 

Teale, TiiuilAS I'lilDciix, b. 28 Jiiue, I80I, s. ol' Thomas Piidgiu Teale, Esq.,, 22, Albion St., Leeds, iind Krances, his witV, d. of 
Eev. Tliomas Ishfi-wood, sometime Fellow of Magd. Coll. 
Camb. (bro. of John William, below, p. 133). 
B.N.C. O.xon, B.A. 1852, M.A. 18.55, M.B. 185G, King's CoU. Hospital, London, 
F.K.C.S. 1857, Lecturer on Anatomy and Surgery, Leeds Sch. of Medicine 
1856-76, Surgeon Gen. Intirmary, Leeds 1864-84, Crown Memb. Gen. Med. 
Council 1876-1901, F.K.S. 1888, Hon. D.Sc. Leeds 1904 ; author of " Dangers 
to Health" 1879 (translated into German by H.R.H. Princess Christian), 
"Economy of Coal in House Fires," "i'rinciplcs of Domestic Fireplace Con- 
struction," "Hurry, Worry, and Money," "Dust and Fresh Air," besides 
publications on surgical subjects ; Director Clerical, Medical, -and General Life 
Assur. Soc. iH (1) 1802, Alice, d. of Kev. William Henry Teale, K. of 
De\-izes, and sister of Kev. W. Teale, below, ]). 148 ; (2) 9 Sept., 1899, .Jeanic, 
2ud d. of late D. C. Jones, Esq., of Tamwoith. AJdrefses 38, Cookridge St., 
Leeds ; North Grange, Headingley, Leeds. 
TuoROLi), Harry Octavius, b. 15 July, 1828, only s. of Arthur William 
Thoiold, Esq., and Anne Laum, his wife, d. of Major 
Octavius Temple, sometime Governor of Siena Leone, and 
sister of Fredciick, afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1847 ; M.K.C.S. Eng. 1.S.-.1, Assist. Surg. Bombay Medical Dept. 
1852, Surgeon Major 1872, Statf Surgeon, and in medical charge of Lock 
Hosjiital, Mhow 1872; Brigade Surgeon (retired) 1881. 
Walker, George Alfred, b. 10 Aug., 182'J, 2ijd s. of John Walker, Esq., 
AVadh. Coll. Oxon 1848, B.A. 1851, M.A. 18.'i4 ; J^.©., d 18.53, p 18.54, C. St. Mary, 
Reading 1853-4, Pattishall (1st Med.) 1854-8.' V. Chidham, Emsworth, Sussex 
1858-98. IB 25 April, 1854, Catharine Amelia, e. d. of Kev. Richard Broome 
I'inuiger, K. of Whichford, Warwick. D circa 1904. 

Warry, George Deedes, b. 7 June, 1831, e. s. of George Warry, Esq., of 

Shapwick, Glastonbury, and Isabella, his wife, 4th d. of 

William Deedes, Esq., of Sandling Park, Kent (bro. 

of Willam Taylor and Arthur, below, pp. 118, 138). 

Trin. Coll. Oxon 1849. B.A. 18.53. M.A. 1859; Barr. Line. Iim 1859, Q.C. 1888, 

Bencher 1892, Recorder of Portsmouth 1879-1904, .I.P. Somerset, ffl 23 Oct., 

1860, Catherine Emilv, 2nd d. of John Clitsome M'arreu, Esq., of Pvsland Hall, 

Taunton. Q 4 May,' 1904. 

WiilGHAM, David Dundas, b. 22 Aug., 1832, c. s. of Robert Wliigham, Esq., 
Conirie House, Crieff, and 7'J, King St., Edinburgh, N.B. 
Oriel Coll. Oxou 1850, 2 CI. Mod. 18.53, 4 (1. 1854, B.A. 1856, M.A. 1857; to 
Scotch Bar 1858. Ifl 21 April, 1864, Ellen Jlurrav, d. of James Campbell, 
Esq., of Craigie, Ayrshire. D at Duneam, Prestwick, N.B., 27 Oct., 1906. 

WniTEFOUD, Edmukd Lovel, b. 24 May, 1832, s. of Charles C. Whiteford, Esq., 
Q 8 Jan., 1855, at Bonn on the Rhino. 

WvLiE, Henry Kobert, e. s. of Robert Wylio, Esq., Beverley. 

Triu. Coll. Oxou 1848, B.A. 1852 ; West India Kegt., Lieut. 1854. O 1855. 

LONG HALF (.Janiary to Ji lv), 1845. 

Addikgton, Hon. Charles Johs, b. 17 March, 1832, 5th s. of 2nd Viscount 
Sidniouth (bro. of Hiley Robert, abjvp, p. 81). 
Ens. 38th Kegt. 1850, served in Crimean War— .\lma, Inkcnnan, and Sebastopol 
(medal, three clasps, 5th Class Medj., and Turkish medal), also in Indian 
Aliitiuv at Jlecnguuge and Lucknow (medal, clasp, and Brevet-Major), Colonel 
1876 I'OOth Kegt., Major-Gen. 1886, retired 1890 ; Col. Devonshire Regt, 1902 ; 
in connnand at Chichester 1877-82, at Shonicliffe 188.5-6. fH 5 Aug., 1862, 
Nellv Ilindmarsh, 2ml d.of Alfred Jliller Jluudv, Esq., of Shipley Hall, Derby- 
shire. D U .Sept., 1903, at Shipley Hall. 

96 Winchester College. 1845 

Bartek, William (f). Sec above, p. 91. 

Biggs, Chakles Kewtos Biggs, b. 1831, -Itb s. of Kev. Tbi>m;is Hisketb B'ggs, 

of Wbitbourne, 00. Hereford, and nephew of llev. St. John 

Alder, R. of Bedhamptoii. 

Pembroke Coll. Oxon ISl'J ; Ens. 82nd P.ejrt. 18.">1, Lieut. 18j4, Capt. 69th Reiit. 

1855, retired 1859 ; served at Siege and Fall of fjebastopol (medal and clasp). Q. 

Blake, William Francis Jex-, b. 3rd Dec., 182i», io Belfast, s. of Rev. Robert 

Ferrier Jex-Blake, Comber, co. Down, Ireland (aftei wards 

R. of Grreat Dunham, Norfolk), and Elinor Sarah Elizabeth, 

his wife, d. of AVilliam Hoey, Esq., Dunganstown, co. 

Wicklow (bro. of Robert Hoev, below, p. 117). 

Gains Coll. Camb. 1848, B.A. 1854 ; 1^.©., '/ 1855, p 1850, C. Great Snorin;;, R. Great 

Dunham 18B2-75, C. Kirton witli Falkenham, Suffolk 1876-7, R. Thurgarton, 

Norwich: 1876-95. S at Thurgarton Rectory, 15 Dec, 1895. 

Brigstocke, George Campbell Henville Player (f), b. 13 May, 1832, at 

Ryde, I.W., e. s. of Capt. Thomas Robert Brigstoke, R.N., 

and Elizabeth, his wife, d. and co-heir of George Player, 

Esq., Lord of the Manor of Ashey and Ryde, I.W. 

Comet 1th Dragoon Guards 1850, Lieut. 1851, Capt. 1854, retired 1856 [in the 

charge at Balaclava]. fH 1865, .\delaidc, d. of Elkana Thomas Copp, Esij. 

33 13 Oct., 1880. 

Buckle, George Augustus Bentlet, only s. of Ten. Richard Bentlcy Buckle, 
Archdeacon of Dorset, (Jpway Rectory, Dorchesier. 
Ens. 40th Regt. 1851, Lieut. 1854, Capt. 1858. £H 14 Nov.. 1856, Caroline 
Harrieit, 2ud d. of J. E. Broadhurst, Esq., of CrowhiU, near Mansfield. 33 at 
Paris 5 June, 1866. 

CiiArLiN, Ernest, b. 1830, 4th s. of William James Chaplin, Esq., Ewhurst 

Park, Farsbam. 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 1849, B.A. 1853, M.A. 1856 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1857 ; J.P. I^eiccs- 

tershire; Director of the Gresham House Estate Co., L'd. fH 12 May. 1864, 

Sophy Jane, e. d. of Rev. Edward Elmhirst, R. of .Shawcll. 33 at "The 

Firs," Rugby, 2 March, 1902. 

Croome, Fielder, b. circa 1830, s. of James Fielder Croomc, Esq., banker, 
of Cirencester. 
33 14 Nov., 1853, by a fall from his gig, by which his skull was fractured. 

Eles, Hon. Ashley, b. 13 Kov., 1831,atHertingfordbury, 3rd s. of Robert Joliu, 

3rd Baron Auckland (afterwards Bi-hop of Sodor and Man 

and of Bath and Wells), and Mary, his wife, e. d. of Francis 

Edward Hart, Esq., of Alderwasley, Derbysliire. 

From Rugliy ; to llaileybnrj- 1849-51 ; Bengal C.S. 1852; Sec. to Govt, of Bengal 

1860-71 ; Chief Commr. Burni.ah 1871-6 ; Lieut.-Gov. Bengal 1876-82; Jlomb. 

Indian Council 1882-7, C.S.I. 1874, CLE. and K. C.S.I. 1878 ; D.C.L. Canili. 

1886. fH (1) ; (2) 13 Aug., 1861, Eva Maria, y. d. of late Vice- Admiral 

Rowland Money, C.B., and widow of II. E. M. Palmer, Esq., and J. M. Bclcw, 
Esij. 33 9 July, 1887. For further jmrticulars sec D.N.B. xvi. 354. 

ESMONDS, Richard Edward Pell (f). See above, p. 92. 

Egerton, PiiiLir Reginald (t), C.F., b. 14 July, 1832, 3rd s. of Rev. John 

E^erton, Bunbury, Cheshire (^bro. of Charles Cadwallader, 

below, p. 100). 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1851, Fellow 1853-62, 2 CI. Jlod. 1852, S.C.L. 1853, B.C.L. 

. 18.57, M.A. 1885; U}.®.. '' 1*<.57, p 1859, C. Dcddington, O.xou 1857-60, Head 

Master All Saints "School, Bloxhani 1860-87, Warden 1887-96. ffl 4 Nov., 

1862, Harriet, <1. of Nathaniel Gould, Esq., of Tavistock Sq., Loudon. .Uhlnsf 

Vale Mascal, Bcxley, Kent. 

1845 Winchester College. 97 

FiTZROY, William, h. 20 Nov., 1S30, e. s. of William Simon Hauctliton Fitzroy, 

Esq., of Turvey, Beds., and Kempstone, Norfolk, and Anue, 

his wife, y. d. of Thomas Bagge, Esq., of Stradsett Hall, 


Ens. G3rd Kef,'t. 1849, Lieut. 1854, Capt. 185.5, Major 1867, Lient.-Col. 1875, in 

command of the 47th Rout. 1875-80, Major-Gen. (retired) 188G. gl 3 Aug., 

1864, Gertrude Man", d. of Capt. S. H. Wentworth, R.E. J3 7 (let.. 1902. 

Cf. Wyk. ix. (n. 396). 

GoTT, John, b. 25 Dec, 1830, y. s. of William Gott, Esq., Wytlier Grange, 

Leeds, and RIargaret, his wife, d. of — Ewart, Esq., Mosley 

Hill, Liverpool. 

n.N.C. Oxnn 1849, B.A. 18.53, M.A. 1856, B.D. and D.D. 1873, Wells Theol. 

Coll. ; 1S.«©., d 1857, p 1858, C. Great Yarmouth 1857-01, Jlin. St. Andrew, 

Yarmouth 1861-6. P.C. Bramlev 1866-73, V. Leeds 1873-86, K.D. Leeds 1874, 

Chapl. to Bishop of Ripon 1884", Dean of Worcester 1886-91, Bishop of Truro 

1891-1906; author of "The Parish Priest of the To\rn" 1887, "Ideals of 

a Parish." fH 1858, Harriet, d. of Whiteker JIaitland, F.«q., Loughton Hall, 

Essex. IB 21 July, 190G. 

Hakson, Henby Allix, h. 19 July, 1830 (y. s.), bro. of William Stoueliewir 
and George Scott, above, pp. 48, 59. 
Q at Southsea, 25 Jan., 1895. 

Haworth, John Forsteb, b. 1832, e. s. of John Hawortb, Esq., The Cluse, 
S 13 May, 1853, at Bayonne. 

Heathcote, Alfred Spencer, s. of the late Spencer Heathcote, Esq., and 

Mrs. Heathcote, 38, Wimpole St., Loudon. 

Ens. 60th Rifles 1856, Lieut. 1858, served in Indian Mutiny 1857-8, wounded before 

Delhi 17 June, 1858 (despatches, medal with clasp, V.C. 20 Jan., 1860), served 

through the war in China 1860 (medal) ; settled at Orange, N.S. W. See " Annual 

Register," vol. 102, p. 518. AMns) Orange, X.S.W. 

HosKiNs, Arthur Reginald (f). See above, p. 89. 

Hulbert, John Henville, b. 2 June, 1831, s. of John Spice Hulbert, Esq., 

Stakes Hill Lodge, near Cosham, Hants. 

Sohcitor, London (pr.aotisiug .it 10, New Square, Lincoln's Inn) 18.i4 to 1896. fB, 

(1) 20 Juno, \x:>l. Anna Mury- Day; (2) 26 Oct,, 1805, Harriet Carson; (3) 

25 June, 1892, Marv, widow of George Burges, Esq., of Hawthorn, Bracknell, 

Berks. Aihln-.'s Stakes Hill Lodge, near Cosham, Hants. 

Hutchinson, Edward (f), K 14 March, 1833, 2nd s. of Rev. Charles Edward 
Hutchinson, V. of Bedinghani, Sussex, and Canon of 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 1851, B.A. 1856. 

KiNDERSLKY, NATHANIEL Edward Bruce, c. s. of the late Nathaniel William 

Kindersl. y, Esq. (d. 1843), of North Brook House, Bishop's 

Waltham, formerly of the Madras Civil Service. 

Ens. 5th Madras N.I. 1848, Lieut. 1850, retired 1858. ffl 4 Nov., 1852, Annie 

Sophia, e. d. of Lieut. George Kobinson, R.X., of Mansfield Woodhouse. Q 

in the first half of 1869. 

Lewis, John Heati.ey (f), b. 18 Nov., 1830, at Ingatestone, Essex, e. s. of Rev. 
John Heatley Lewis, aficrwards V. of Childerditcli. 
Christ's Coll. Camb. 1849, B.A. 1854, Clerk in Audit Ofhce 1H55 to 1870, forced to 
retire owing to a paralytic seizure. JB 8 .\pril, 1898. 

M.MSE, Autiiur Francis, 2nd s. of Rev. John Thomas Maine, of Bighton, 
Alresford, and Harrington Hall, S]>iisby, Liucolnslurc. 
Ens. 77th Regt. 1853, Lieut. 1854 ; shipwrecked. J3 of fatigue an<l fi'ver in the 
Crimea 21 Nov., 1854, aged 22 (Crimean Memorial, tablet in Winchester 

98 "WixcHESTER College. 1845 

North, Ford, b. 10 Jan., 1830, e. s. of John Norlli, Esq., solicitor, Liverpool, 

.and Ellen, his wife, d. of Jonathan Haworth, Esq., i.f Bury, 


Unir. Coll. O.son 1818, 2 CI. B.A. 185-2 ; Barr. Inner T. ISoG, Q.C. 1877, Bencher 

1881, Judice Queen's Bench Division 1881-3, Chancerv Division 1883-99 ; 

Knight 1881; Privj- Councillor 1900; F.R.S. 1900; F.R.M.S. 1894. ffl 

1857, Elizabeth, only d. of William Slann, Esq., of Liscard, Cheshire. 

Address 76, Qiieensborough Terrace, Kensington Gardens, W. Clubs Athenffiuni, 

Oxford and Cambridge. 

Paul, Dolben, 2nd s. of Rev. Samuel Woodfield Paul, R. of Finedon, Higham 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1850, 4 CI. B.A. 1854, M.A. 1865 ; JB.®., d 1856, p 1857, C. Barrowbv 
1857-8, Sibertoft 1858-63, Downton, Heref. 1863-5, Stevenage 1865-7, 
R. Bearwood, Wokingham 1867. fH 30 Oct., 1867, Slarianue Frances, d. of 
late Rev. Samuel Hartopp Kuapp, R. of Letchworth, Herts. J3 21 June, 

Percival, S., bro. of Charles, above, p. G-l. 

Resided at Kingston, ffl 5 Feb., 1856, Annie Gillbee, d. of Rev. Jeremiah Smith, 
V. of Long Biickby, and Preb. of Lichfield. 

QuicKE, Charles Penrose, b. 25 Jan., 1832 (6th s.), bro. of Edward Henry, 

above, p. 37. 

Into College Short Half 1845; Trin. Coll. O.xon 1850, B.A. 1854 ; It).©., d 1857, 

p 1859, C. Barwell, Leics. 1857-9, R. Ashbrittle, Somerset 1859. ffl 4 Uct., 

1864, Anna Wary, 2nd d. of Robert Bownc Minturn, Esq., New York, U.S.A. 

Address Ashbrittle Rectory, Wellington, Somerset. 

Sehueant, Oswald Pattisson, b. 10 Sept., 1830, s. of Ecv. Oswald Sergeant, 
Broushton, Manchester. 
Trin. Coll. Canib. 1849, B.A. 1853, M.A. 1857; J).®., ./ 1853, p 1854, ('. 
Somerton, Oxon 1853-6, Milton 1857-9, R. Svresham, Bracklev, Northants. 
1859-89, V. Chesterton, Bicester, Oxon 1889-97. £B. 1856, Emily Bridges, d. 
of Rev. George David Faithfull, R. of Lower Heyford, Oxon. Address Oxford 
Lodge, Hulse Road, Southampton. 

SoLTAtr (-Stmons), George William CaLME.b. 29 May, 1831, e. s. of George 

William Soltau, Esq., of Little Etford, Devon, and 

Elizabeth Maria, e. d. of William Symons, Esq., of Chaddle- 

wood, Plympton St. Mary. 

Assumed the name and arms of Symons; Ch. Ch. Oxon 1850; J.T. and D.L. 

Devon; High Sherife 1875. fH (1) 15 Dec., 1859, Hon. Adele Isabella, d. of 

William Thomas, 3rd Baron Graves ; (2) 12 Jan., 1875, Mari- Elizabeth, widow 

of St. John Coventry, Esq., of Henbury, and d. of the late Lieut. -Col. F. W. 

Todd. Address Chaddlewood, Plympton. 

Standley, Robert, s. of Rev. John Standley, Southoe, Buckden. 

To Canada ; settled at Peterborough, near Coburg ; afterwards resided at Weymouth. 
Dorset ; then near Port Hope, Canada. 

Tyler, Edward James, 2ud s. of Rev. James Endell Tyler, R. of St. Giles, and 
Canon of St. Paul's, 24, Be^lford Sq., London. 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 1849; Ens. ,5th Regt. 1856, Lieut. 1857; served in the Mutinv ; 
retired about 1864. ffi[ 2 Sept.,'l869, Constanlia Amelia Elizabeth, d. of the 
late Rev. W. J. Gilbert, of Maids :\Ioretou, Bucks. D s. p. 1874., Alexander Eraser, b. 3(3 March, 1831, e. s. of Patrick Fraser Tytler, 
Esq., the historian, of 3>, Devonshire Place, London, and 
Rachel (n(js Hog of Ne*liston), his 1st wife. 
To Rugby 1846 ; Ens. Madras Armv 1853, Lieut. 17th Madras X.I. 1855. Q in 
India, 22 April, 1861. 

Upton, Charles William, b. 1832, 2ud s. of Arclier Thomas Upton, Esq., 
Blackheath Park (bro. of James Ricliard, below, p. 108). 
Trin. Coll. Camh. 1850, B..\. 1854, M.A. 1857, Barr. Line. Inn 1858. S 25 Sept., 
1885, aged 66. 

1845 WiNcnESTER College. 99 

Were, Joseph, e. s. of Joseph Were, Esq., Broadclyst, Exeter (bro. of Thomas 

Bonville, below, p. IIG). 

Wa.lh. Coll. 0x011 imo, B.A. 18.53, M.A. 18.J6; |g.©., d 1854, C. Sidbury 1854-7, 

P.O. St. Peter, Marlaiid 1857-G3. £ff. 13 July, 1858, Caroline JIaria, 2n(l .1. 

of late Sub-Deau Stephens. S 1863, from the effects of a stroke of li^'htnin;;. 

White, John Edwaud, b. 20 July, 1832 (-1th s.), bro. of Henry JIastor, above, 
p. 38. 
Into College Long Half 1846 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1850, Fellow 1852, 1 Cl.Moii. 
1852, 1 01. 1854, Latin Essay 1855, S.C.L. 1852, B.C.L. 1857, D.C.L. 1858 ; 
Barr. Line. Inn 1858 ; Assist. Endowed Schools Commr. 1871-6, Assist. Charity 
Comnir. 1876, then Senior Examiner Education Dept., then Charity Commr. 
(retired) 1897. 

SHORT HALF, 1845. 

AuMSTROSG, George, Srd s. of Rev. Marcus Armstrong, Sloylough, Irel.ind (bro. 
of Francis, below, p. 112). 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1849. 
BoQER, Walter Deeble, b. 15 Feb., 1832, e. s. of Deeble Boger, Esq., of 
Wolsdon, Gornvvall, and Piymptoii, Devon, and Frances, his 
wife, c. d. of Thomas Bewes, Esq., M.P., of Beaumont, 
Trin. Coll. Canib. 1850, B.A. 1854, M.A. 1858; Barr. Line. Inn 1857; J.P. 
Cornwall, High Sheriff 1882. ift 1863, Amelia Harriet, y. d. of Thomas 
Holmes Bosworth, Esq., Westerham, Kent. AJdre/s Wolsdon, Antony, 
Devonport. Club United University. 
Bourne,* s. of Captain Bourne, R.N., Mersham House, Bittcme, Southamiton. 
Bright, Arthur, b. 1831 (6th s.), brn. of Robert Onesiphorus, Tyndall, 
George, and Charles Edward, above, pp. 56, 65, 68, 88. 
Lieut, and Adjut. 22nd N.I., Bengal. in Dude, 1857, killed by the mutineers of 
the 17th N.I. 
Brodie, Francis (f), b. 31 July, 1834 (6th s.), bro. of Alexander, above, p. 75. 
Left Ju!v, 1852 ; admitted Solicitor 1862 ; practised at 3, Prince's St., Westminster 
1877-83; retired 1883. Address 19, Barrowgatc Road, Chiswick. 

CocKERELL, FREDERICK Pepys, b. 6 March, 1833, at 87, Eaton Sq., London, 3rd 

8. of Charles Robert Cockerell, Esq., R.A., D.U.L., Architect 

to St. Paul's Cathedral, and Anna Maria, bis wife, d. of John 

Rennie, Esq., the eiiKiueer of Waterloo ]5riilge. 

King's Coll. London 1848; Architect, A.R.I.B.A. 1860, F.P.l.B.A 1864. {B. 20 

July, 1867, JIary Mulock, 3rd d. of Thomas Homan-JIulock, Esq., of Bellair, 

King's Co., and widow of George Winter Price, Esq., of Nice. Q suddenly in 

Paris, 4 Nov., 1878. For his works see D.N.B. xi. 198. 

CoPELAKD, Charles Yates, 2i)d s. of William Taylor Copeland, Esq., M.P., 
Alderman of London, of 37, Lincoln's Inn Fields, and Lee 
House, Littlebury, Essex, and Leytou, Essex, and Sarah, 
lis wife, d. of John Yates, Esq., of Shelton, Staffordshire. 
D at Winchester, 21 Nov., 1846, aged 16. 

Coventry, Henry William, b. 24 Dec, 1829, 2nd s. of Hon. William James 
Coventry, of Earl's Croome Court, Worcester, and Mary, bis 
wife, d. of James Laing, Esq. 
Pemb. Coll. Oxon 1848, B.A. 1852, JI.A. 1885; 2).©., -/ 1853,/) 1854, P.C. Oxen- 
ton 1855-9, K. Woolstone 1854-69, U. Severn "Stoke 1869, Hon. Canon Worcester 
1885, K.D. Bredon 1878, R. Hill Croome 1899 ; J.P. Worcester. ffH 21 April, 
1868, Leila Louisa, 2iid d. of Charles Goodwin-Colquitt Craven, Esi|., of Brock- 
hninpton Park, Gloucestershire. Addicts Severn Stoke Rectory, Worcestershire. 

• PDSsiWy Henry Blako BourDe (o. s. of Gipt. Richard Bouruc, U.N., of Blackheath Park, a 
director of the 1*. & 0.), wko died in Irelaod 31 Jan., 1859. 

100 'Winchester CoLLEfiE. 1845 

CcRniE, Leonard Douglas Hay, b. 6 Marcli, 1832, c. s. of Leonard Curric, 
Esq., Bronilev, Bow, Middlesex, and ^fanor House, Tun- 
liridge We'ls, and Caroline Christina, bis wife, d. of Gen. 
Sir James Hav, K.C'.H., Governor of Edinburgh Castle. 
Ens. IDtli Re<rt. 1849, Copt. 1854; woiimlcd nt th(> Alma; on Gen. McLollau's 
Staff (medal and clasp) in American War. fH (1) 5 Nov.. :8G2. Harriett 
Carroll, d. of Isaac Jackson, Esq.. U.S.A. ; (2) 5 Nov. 187S), Harriett, d. of 
Rev. John Frampton, of Selburv, Gloncs. .\<l<liefs 31, Colvile Square, \Y. 
T>v Boi'LAT, James Thomas Houssemayse, b. 26 July, 1832, 2nd s. of Rev. 
James Thomas Du Boulay, R. of Heddinilon, Wilts., and 
Susan Marie, his wife, d. of Setli "Ward, Esq., of Cambjr- 
well (lialf-bro. of U. W. Majendie, below, p. 130). 
Sch. Exeter Coll. Oxon 18o0 ; 1 CI. Mod. I'Soi, 4 CI., 4 L. i- H., B.A. 18.^4, 
M.A. 18.56, Fellow and Tutor of Exeter 1854-G2; It?.©., d 1860, p 18C1, 
Assist, and House Master at Winchester 1862-93. fH 9 Feb., 1860, at Aliners, 
Alice Mead, d. of Rev. George James Cornish, V. of Kenwj-n, Cornwall. .til<he.<s 
Kennvn, Shawford, Hants. 
DoRKANT, Horace, b. 21 Dec, 1831, e. s. of Bosville Durrant, Esq., Forest 
House, Leytoiistone, Essex, and Duddon Hall, Lancs!. (bro. 
of Ernest, below, p. 184.) 
Cornet 8th Hussars 1849, Lieut. 18,50, Capt. 1857, Major 1S62. fH (1) 1854, Mar^'aret 
Henrietta Maria .lanet, e. d. of John Stcuart, Esq., of Duls;uise ; (2) 23 Sept., 
1862, Ada, v. d. of Sir John Lister Lister-Kave, 2ud Hart. ; (3) 211 Sept.. 1866, 
Marian Jlatilda Phillips, c. d. of Alfred Mortimer, Esq. .kl'ln/f 13, Southwell 
Gardens, S.W. 

Edgington, Charles Nattai.i, c. s. of Benjamin Edgio^ton, Esq., Wandsworth. 
Magd. Hall Oxon 1858, B.A. 1861, M.A. 1864 ; IB.®., r/ 1862, ;; 1863, C. Barnes 
1862-4, St. Marv Mngd.. St. Leonard's 1864-8, St. George's, Hanover Sq. 
1868-9, St. .lani.s, Westminster 1869-72, Y. Holv Trinity. Stepnev 1872-80. 
K. Hanwell, issii-,",, Jlanli St. Peter, Camb. 1886-92, Boxwell. Berks 1892- 
1901. fH. -b/(/;o.« 34, Chester Terrace, Regent's Park, X.W. 
Ecerton, Charles Cadwallader (t), C.F., b. 21 Jan., 1831 (2nd b.), bro. of 
Philip Reginald, above, p. 96. 
Fellow New Coll. Oxon 1850-7], B.A. 1855, JI.A. 1858 ; II?.©.. '! 1857, p 18.58. C. 
Romford, Essex 1857-9. Long Wittcnham, Berks 18l!0-!, South Luflfenliani. 
Rutland 1862-72, K. Weston Long^ille, Norwich, from 1870. ifl 1 Julv. 1871, 
Caroline, d. of Rev. Charles Boys, R. of Wing, Rutland. AJdieff Weston 
Longvillc Rectory, Nonvich. 
Fresiifield, Edwin, b. 20 Nov., 1832, bro. iif William Dawes, above, p. 88, and 
of John Millet, below, p. 112. 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 1850, B.A. 1854, M.A. 1857. LL.D. 1884 [Cox. Univorsitv VIII. 
18.53] ; F.S.A. : Treasurer S.A. ; Solicitor. London 18.58, Solicitor to Bank 
of England ; elected bv Governing Bodv a Fellow of Win. Coll. 6 Julv. l8.-<8. 
resigned 13 July, 1,S95': Knt. ..1 Justice of the (Inierof St.,Iohn of .leru^iileni in 
England ; donor ol' Altar jind lieretlos in Froniond's Chantry : antl .\ltar Plate 
in Wykeham's and Fromond's Chantries ; editor of Parochial Records of St. 
Margaret, Lothbury, St. Christopher Ic Slocks, St. Bartholomew by the Royal 
Exchange, i^ 12 Sept., 1861, Zoe Charlotte, d. of James Frederick Hanson, 
Esq., of Smyrna. .bW/<w 5 Bank Buildings, E.C. Club United University. 
Grey, Alfred (t), b. 7 Feb., 1834, in the parish cf St. Margaret, Westmin-ster, 
Oth s. of the Rt. Rev. the Hon. Edward Grey, Bishop of 
Hereford, being his only child by his 3rd wife, Eliza, d. of 
Jolm Innes, Esq. 
Into Bomliav Army 18.50, Ens. 5th Bonibav L.I. 1851, retired 18.54 or 18,55; Lieut. 
Northuinberlaiid Militia, ftl 9 Jiiiie. 1859, Christina, onlv child of Rev. 
Calvert R. Jones, of Ileathficld, Glamorganshire. S 23 Sept., 1899. 
HoLnswoRTH, Georoe Thomas, b. 21 March, 1833, s. of Rev. Robert Holds- 
worth, Brixhain, Devon. 
Wine merchant, 40, Pall Mall, London, ffl (1) Miss Cutler; (2) Nov., 1860. 
Alicia, d. of Stephen I.^wjs, Esq.. The Rookerv. Ifoehampton. 12 .Vpril. 

i84S Winchester College. 101 

Jenkins, John, bro. of William Bangor, above, p. 'Jo. 
lixctcr Coll. Oxou 1850. S early of consuiiiptiou. 

Lawkence, James John Tkrvou, b. 30 Dec, 1831, at Whitcljall I'lace, London, 
e. s. of William Lawrence (1st IJart. 18G7), and Louisa, bis 
wife, y. d. of James Senior, Esq., of Broughton House, 
Til St. IJartliolomcw's Hospital ; M.R.C.S. Eug. 1853 ; ludiaii MedicTi Sen ice 
1853-63 ; succeeded as 2ud Bart. 1867 ; 51. P. (C.) Mid-Surrey 1875-85, Kei;,'ate 
Div. Surrey 188.5-02, when he retired ; Presideut Roj-al Horticidtural Soc. since 
1884 ; Treasurer St. ISartholomew's Hospital since 1892 ; K.C.V.O. ; F.R.G.S. ; 
Knt. of Grace of Urdcr of St. John of Jerusalem in England, ffl 6 Oct., 186U, 
Elizabeth, only child of John Matthew, Esq., of Burford Lodge, Dorking. 
AilJreM 57, Princes' Gate, S.W. Club/ Carlton, East India U. .Ser\ice, Consti- 
tutional, Junior Constitutional, Biurlington Fine Arts. 

Lee, Lanxelot John (t), b. 12 Sept., 1832, at Grouville, Jersey, e. s. of Eev. 

John William Thomas Lee. 

Fellow New Coll. Oxon 1852-74, 1 L. A H., B..\. 1856, M.A. 1859 ; 1&.©., d 

1857, p 1858, P.C. Sandford on Thames 1871-4, R. Worlten, Heref'. 1874- 

1902 ; J. P. Salop ; Alderman Salop Co. Council and Chairman Tech. Educ. 

Committee; Governor Harper-.Vdams Agricultural Coll. 13 5 Sept., 1902. 

LiiiGii, CuAKLES Edwabii Adstex-, bro. of Cholmeley, above, p. 79. 

To Harrow Easter 1846 ; Ball. Coll. Oxou, Crayen Scholar 1851 ; Clerk House of 
Commons ; retired 1897. AdJiesi Frog Firle, Alfristou, Sussex. 

Macdonald, Alexander C'leilaxd, e. s. of Ven. William Macdonald, Arch- 
deacon of Wilts., Canon of Salisbiuy, and V. of Bishop's 
Solicitor, Pewsey 1858 ; removed to 27, Moorgate St., Loudon, 18G4 ; ceased to 
practise 186b. D at his house. 13. Belgrave Kd., S.W., 28 March, 1894, 
aged 64. 

Maude, Thomas AVilliam, e. s. of Rev. Thomas Maude, R. of Hasketun, near 

Woodbridgp, Suflblk. 

Ball. Coll. Oxon 1850, 2 CI. Mod. 1852, 3 CI. 1853, B.A. 1870, M.A. 1879 ; New 

Zealand Civil Service 1854 ; Barr. Liuc. Inn 1879, practises at Christchiirch, 

X.Z. ; Chancellor of the diocese of Christchurch, N.Z., 1890. ffl circa 1863. 

Ad.ln-ss Christchurch, X.Z. 

KicHOLsoN, William Newcombe, b. 22 May, 1833, 4th s. of John Armytage 

Nicholson, Esi|., of Clontarf and Balrath Burry, co. Meath, 

Ireland, and Elizabeth Rebecca, his wife, d. of Rt. Rev. 

Nathaniel Ale-tander, D.D., Bishop of Meath. 

iH 15 Dec, 1874, Amabel Slargaretta, d. of Reginald Thistlcthwaitc Cocks, Esq. 

S 1888. 

Palmer, William Henry (f), b. 25 M.ay, 1833, -ItU s. of Capt. Edmund 
Palmer, R.N., of Brighton, Sussex. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1851 ; Ens. 39th Dorset Regt. 1855, Lieut. 1855 ; ser\ed in 
Crimea, siege and fall of Sebastopol (uiednl and clasp) ; sold out 1862 ; to 
Australia, {3. 

Price, George Frederick (f), C.F., b. 24 May, 1831 (2iid s.), bro. of Aubrey 
Charles, above, p. 01, and William, below, )i. 111. 
Fellow New Coll. t)xon 1851-73. 2 CI. Mod. 185:!, B.A. 1855, M.A. 1859, B.D. and 
D.D. 1880, Sub-Warden 1S64 ; 1|).©., il 185(;, » 1861, R. St. John, Madder- 
market, Norwich 1863-72, Little Sauipford lissex l,><72-8, V. Ivoniford 
ls:8-Xl. Chapl. Duke of Aberconi 1865-85, R. Whitburn, Durham 1881-1901. 
iH ti<r« 1«72, Fraiues, d. of Thomas Clutterbuck Crooine, Esq., ot Green- 
house, Painsw'ck, Stroud. D 30 May, 1901. 

QuicKji, Cuables Penrose (f). See above, p. 'Jti. 


lloiiiNSOK, s. of W. T. llubiuson, Esq. (Bauk Dircctur). 

ltoBINSO^% Thomas Bond Bird, s. of lluv. Thomas Itobinson, V. of Mill'urd, 


Ch. Ch. Oxoii 1850^ li.A. 1854, W.A. 1871 ; It).©., d 1857, p 1858, C. Frcniiugtou, 

Devon, Y. Iliuton Admiral 18G8-75, I!'. Milton, Lvmiugtou 1875-1901. fH 

29 April, 1869, Hon. Emily Cliarlottc, 2ud d. of late Kt. lion. Keuclui, 17th 

Baron Somenille. S Jan., 1901. 

fsANGSTEU, Alexakder, s. of Alexaii'lev Sangster, Esq., Keuuingtun Terrace, 
Vauxhall (bro. of Thomas Henry and David James Kilgour, 
below, pp. 116, 127). 
Lawyer in India. D in London, 1863. 

Seymour, Arthur Penrose, b. 20 March, 1832, s. of Eev. George Turner 
Seymour, of Freshwater, and Marianne (nee Billingsley), his 
wife, of Ashwick Grove, Somerset. 
To New Zealand 1851 ; sheep-farmer for about 30 years at Picton, N.Z. ; now 
practising as a land snn^eyor, licensed sur\'eyor under the Land Transfer Act ; 
J. P. for New Zealand 1856 ; member of the 1st Council of the Province of 
Marlborough 1860, Superintendent of the Province 1864-G, re-elected 1870, 
and held the post of Superintendent down to the abolition of Provinces in 
1877 ; member of the Legislative Council of the Colony 1865-72, member of 
the House of Representatives 1872-5, and since 1876, Chairman of Committees 
of the House of Representatives 1874-5, and 1879-82 ; |«iid a visit to Kngland 
1875-6 ; Chairman of Education Board 1877, annually re-elected down to 1905, 
when he resigned ; member of the 1st Board of Governors of the 'N'ietoria 
College, N.Z., 1898-1903 ; over 40 years a nu-mber of tlie Land Board of 
Marlborough District ; sole Visiting Justice of the I'icton gaol since 1877 ; 
for many years at different times Mayor of Pictou. fft 1856, Catherine 
Florence, 2nd d. of Frederick Iluddleston, Esq., of Nelson. Ailitras Picton, 

SuuTER, Charles (f), b. 5 Dec, 1832, at Millbrook, Southampton. 

In the Army for a short time before 1860 ; farming at Greendale, Victoria, in 1873 ; 
aftcr^vards resided at Melbourne. Q at Cimiez, France, 31 May, 1902. 

Stead, Alexander, only s. of AVilliaui Stead, Esq., Ronisey. 

Oriel Coll. Oxou 1850, B.A. 185), JI.A. 1857; Barr. Line. Inn 1857; afterwards 
in business as a copper-smith. 33 1882. 

Stewart, Charles Henry Theophilu-s, b. 13 July, 1830, only s. of Eev. 
Thomas Ste.vart, D.D., B. of Westmoreland, Jamaica, and 
Mary Louisa, his wife. 
33 at school, 11 Nov., 1845 ; buried in Cloisters. 

Stoshouse, James (t), b. 2 Jan., 1835 (e. s.), bro. of William Liscombc, above, 
p. 10. 
Oriel Coll. 0.\on 1854, Madras Army 1857, Lieut. 5th N.I. 1858. Station Staff 
Officer, Vellore 186li, resigned 1868. iH 6 Slay, 1858, Coriune, c. d. of 
Charles Reade, Esq., Madras C.S. D 1 jVpril, 1872. 

Thistlethwayte, Augustus Frederick, b. July, 1830, 3rd s. of Tlumas 

Thistlethwayte, Esq., Southwick Park, Fareham, being his 

e. s. by Trypheua, his 2ud wife, d. of lit. liev. llcnry 

Bathurst, Bishop of Norwich. 

In a Cavalry Kegt. iB 21 Jan., 1852, Laura Eliza Jane Seymour, d. of Capt. I!. II. 

Bell, of Bellbrooii, CO. Antrim. 33. 

Tui;ner, Joun IIari.owe-, b. 1833, only s. of Stephen Harlowe, Esq., of 2, Kortli 

Bank, Itigent's Parle, who as.sumed the additional name of 

Turner in 1839. 

St. John's Coll. Camb. 1852; Barr. Middle T. 1867; Lieut. 3rd Middlesex Militia 

1862, Capt. 1865, Major 1876; J. P. Devon. fH 1862, Charlotte Turuer, 

only d. of Rev. Joseph Dodsworth, V. ot Bouruo, Liucs. Address Cliff House, 

I'aigutou, Devon. 

1S45-6 WiNCHESTKH College. 103 

WiNwooD, IIenrv Hoyte, b. 15 Dec, 1830, only s. of Hemy Quiutyne Wiu- 
wood, Esq., of Henbury Hill, Gloucester. 
Exeter Coll. Oxou 1843, 15.A. 1853, M.A. 1856 ; it].©., d 1855, p 185G, C. Farliug- 
tou 1855-8. ifl 27 JIarch, 185G, Amia Cecilia Mary, d. of James Day, Esq., 
of Horsford House, Norfolk. Address 11, Cavendish Cresceut, Bath. 

Young, Charles John, s. of Eev. Julian Charles Young, Southwick, Brighton, 
afterwards V. of Amport, Hants. 
C.C.C. Oxou 1851, Chichester Thcol. Coll. 1854 ; J§.©., d 1856, p 1857, V. 
Mickleton, Gloucs. 1865-72, R. Ilniingtou 1872-96 ; author of " Tour on the 
River Amazon, etc.," "Vacation Tourists" 1861. ffl. Q circa 1897. 


Blunt, Alexander Colvin, b. 14 Nov., 1831 (-Ith s.), bro. of James St. John, 

above, p. 58, and David, below, p. 106. 

Ch. Oh. Oxon 1851, 2 L. & H., B.A. 1855, M.A. 1859 ; 11?.©., d 1855, p 185G, C. 

Alvcrstoke 1855-66, R. Millbrook 1866-89, Bur^jhclere 1889, R.D. Southamj)- 

ton 1876-89, Hon. Canon Winchester 1889. ffH 27 June, 1865, Susannah, y. d. 

of Thos. Bolton, 2ud Earl Nelson. Address Burghclere Rectorj', Newburj'. 

Clay, Benjamin Shebaed, y. s. of Castel William Clay, Esq., Liveriwol (from 
Alwaltou House, Peterborough). 
B.N.C. Oxon 1849, B.A. 1852 ; Stud Line. Inn 1853. S early. 

Crawford, John Macdermeit, b. 7 Sept., 1832, bro. of the next. 
Q at school 20 May, 1846 ; buried in Winchester Cemeterj-. 

Crawford, William Andrew, b. 21 Oct., 1831, e. s. of Andrew Fergushill 

Crawford, Esq., M.D., Winobe.ster, and Emma, his wife, 

y. d. of late A. F. Nunez, Esq., of Basing Park, Hants 

(bro. of above, and of Alexander l)e Castro, below, p. 143). 

Exeter Coll. Oxon, 4 Math. B.A. 1853, M.A. 1856 ; IB.©., d 1855, p 1856, C. All 

Saints, Southampton 1855-7, Hamble 1857-9, R. Slialdcn, Alton, Hants 1859-92. 

S at Bournemouth 11 April, 1892. 

Cdbtis, Frank John, 4th s. of Charles Berwick Curtis, Esq., Friar's Place, 
Ens. 46th Ret;t. 1850, Lieut. 1853. S in the Crimea, killed in the trenches before 
Sebastopol, 2 May, 1855, aged 23 (Crimean Memorial). 

Dennis, James Bullen, s. of Major-Gen. Sir James Denni.s, K.C.B., of Gosport, 
and Sarah Lucia, his wife, d. of Hugh Lawton, Esq., of 
Eus. .frd Ke^'t. 18.>I, Lieut. 1854 ; mortally wounded in the trenches 19 Aug., 1855. 
D 4 Oct., 1855, aged 21 (Crimcau Memorial). 

Elliot, Henry Lettsom, s. of Sir Henry Miers Elliot, K.C.B., India (f 1817), 

.•md Rebecca, his wife, d. of William Wickham Cowell, 

lOsq., Bengal Civil Service. 

Trin. Coll. Camb. 1850, Sen. Opt. B.A. 1854, M.A. 1857 ; Jt).®., d 1854, p 1855, 

C. St. Giles, Northampton 1854-63, Chapl. Birmingham Gaol 1863-71, V. 

Gosfield 1871. ffl 28 April, 1859, Elizabeth Burton, d. of Rev. John Wall 

Buckley, V. of St. Jlary's, Paddingtou. Address Gosfield Vicarage, llalstead, 


Fenwick, Popham Todok (f), s. of Kev. John Peregrine Lascclles Feuwick, 27, 
Park St., B:ith. 
Lett Feb., 1847. D young. 

FiTzHuGH, Arthur James, bro. of William Tcnick, above, p. 57. 

-Vrticled to Me^srs. Hoper A Hoper, Lewes, circa 1852; admitted Solicitor 1857 ; 
practised at liriulitou (_liim Hill A FitzHugh, afterwards FitzHugh, Woolley, 
Baiues Jc Woolley). D unmarried, 6 Dec, 1899, aged 65. 

lot Winchester Colle(;e. 1846 

Gordon, Hexry Doduiuuge (f), b. 10 July, 1835, e. s. of Rev. IticliarJ Gordon, 
V. of Elstield, Oxon (bro. of Kichdrd Wake, below, p. 129). 
Uuiv. Coll. O-vou 1851, Fellow New Coll. 1852-Cl, 2 CI. Mod. 1853, 2 CI. 185.5, 
H.A. l»M, M.A. 1858; |§.®., d 1858, p 1859, C. Lamorbey, Kent 1858, 
Adtlerbiirv, Oxon 1858-G4, K. and V.UIarting, Sussex 18G4-97, Wyk. Prclj. 
M'vudham, Chichester 18U2-7. ^ 2 Oct., 1860, Ebzabcth Oke, 2nd d. of 
Ve'rv Rev. William liuckland, D.D.. Dean of Westminster. C at Hartinj,' 
Vicarage, 21 Sei)t., 1897. Cf. Wyk. vii. (n. 339) 3-17. 
Gr.\kt, Edward Pierce (t), b. 7 Oct., 1833, e. s. of Rev. Preb. Robert Grant 
(t 1807), V. of Bradford Abbas, Dorset. 
Fellow New Coll. O.Kon 1851-9, 2 CI. Mod. 1854, B.A. 185G, M.A. 1858 ; |t).©., d 
1857, p ISIil, K. Bishop's Caimdle, Dorset 1862-8, V. Portsmouth 1868-99, 
E.D. Portsmouth 1881-94, lion. Canon Winchester 1897-9, Hon. Chapl. 3rd 
liatt. Hants liegt., V.D. 1892. ffl 29 July, 1858, Madeline C, e. d. of John 
Williamson, Esq., of Newlands, Sherborne. at Portsmouth Vicarage, 24 
Jlay, 1899. 
Hay, Fbakcis Rixgler Drummond-, b. 31 March, 1830, 5th s. of Edward 
William Auriol Drummoiid-Hay, Esq., principal clerk in 
the Lyon Office of Scotland, and Consul-Gen. for Morocco, 
and Louisa Margaret, his wife, d. of John Thompson, Esq., 
deputy Comm.-Gen. 
Vice-Coiisul Tctuan 1851-6, Constantinople 1856-60; Consul Cairo 1861-3, Crete 
1863-5 ; Consid-Geu. in Tripoli 1865-90, Knight 1891. fH 1858, Donna 
Margarita Paola. at 4, Longford Terrace, Folkestone, 2 June, 1905. 
Ingham, Joshua Cunliffe, b. 14 Dec, 1832, e. s. of Joshua Ingham, Efq., 
Blake Hall, Mirfield, and Mary Cunliffe, his wile, e. d. of 
Ellis Cunlifl'e Lister- Kaj-e, Esq., M.P., of Farfield Hall, 
Ens. 36th Foot 1852, Lieut. 1854, Capt. 1855, retired 1863 ; sen-ed in 57th Re,i;t. 
from Jan. to Sept., 1855,- at the fall of Sebastopol, Kedan, and Kiubourn 
(medal and clasp, 5th Medj., and Turkish medal), ffl 16 May, 1861, Maria 
Elizabeth, i-. d. of Ke\-. Christopher W. Wilkinson, of Ingmauthorpe Hall, 
Yorks. D "s. p. 31 Dec, 1877. 
LowTHER, William St. George Penruddocke (f), b. 1 March, 1833, bro. of 
Gorges Macduuald, above, |i. 11. 
Trin. Coll. Dublin 1853, Chichester Theol. Coll. 1857 ; 1&.©., d 1858, p 1860, C. 
Woodborough, Wilts. 1858-60, I'ort Envon, Pembs. 1860-2, Market Wcightou, 
Yorks, 1862, Sheepster, Devon 1862-5, Nicholaston, Glam. 1865-73, K. St. 
George-super-Ely, Glam. 1873-81. Addrens Orcheston, Springfield, Dorset, 
Miduleton, Charles Frederick, b. 12 June, 183-1, at Dacca, Bengal, s. of 
Henry Middletou, Esq., 1, Radnor Place, Oxford Sq., 
London, and Rockley House, Marlborough. 
Lieut, 40th Bengal N.I. and Deputy Counnr. 3rd Class; present nt capture of 
MoulUiu. 33 in Assam, 12 Oct.," 1861. 
Morgan, Fredeeicic Codrtenay, b. 24 May, 1834, 3rd s. of Sir Charles 
Morgan Robinson Morgan, 3rd Bart, (created 1st Baron 
Tredegar 185'J), and Rosamond, his wife, only d. of Gen. 
Godfrey Basil Mundy. 
Ens. 1st liatt. Kilie Brigade 1853, Lieut. 1854, Capt. 1855 (Crimea) ; Lieut.-Col. 
1st Batt. Monmouth Vols., V.D. 1892; J. P. Glamorgan and Monmouth; 
D.L. Monmouth; M.P. for Monniouthshire 1874-85 (C), S. Monmouthshire 
1885-1905, £H 3 May, 1858, Charlotte Amie, y. d. of Charles Alexaudcr 
AVilliamsou, Esq., of Balgray, Dumfries. Addresgcf Kuperra Castle, Newport, 
Mou. ; 39, Portnuvn Sq., Loudon. Clnbs Carlton, St. Stephen's, Army and 
Powell, Alfred Lomas, b. 11 Dec, 1831, p. of Henry Powell, Esq., solicitor, 
28, Fenchurch St., E.C, and Muswcll Hill, Horusey, 
Middlesex, and Caroline Annette (iicc Trin:;ham), his wife 
(bro. of Edmund and Francis Graham, below, p. 111). 
D 8 Dec, 1882, iu Moldavia. 

1846 Winchester College. 105 

IvAYXES, William (f). -b'te above, \i. 90. 

KoBissos, Fkaxcis Edward, b. Jan., 1803, e. s. of Hex. Fraucis Robinsoii, 

1\. of Stonosfie]d, Woodstock, and Sophia Elizabeth, his 

wife, e. (1. of Kev. Edward Itowden if 171)2), of Iligliwortb, 

Wilts, (bro. of Thomas Auriol, Walter Croke, and Ellis 

Ashton, below, pp. 11^, 131, 155). 

Kxetcr Coll. Oxou, 4 Matlb. B.A. 1853, M.A. 1S57 ; Banker iu Oxford 1S53-6X; 

it).©., J imS, i> 1869, C. Tuhnov 1868-7X, Y. Dravtou, Abiugdon, since 1878 ; 

b'ioccsau Inspector of Schools 1872 ; J. P. lierks". fH (1) 1861, Henrietta, 

y. d. of l!cv. Charles Barter, R. of Sarsden and Churchill, bro. of Warden 

Barter ; (2) 4 June, 1867, Marj- Caroline, e. d. of Eev. William James Butler, 

R. of Appleton, Berks. Address Drayton Vicarage, Abingdon. 

Sjimi, Charles Johx, s. of Charles Smith, Esq., 19, Russell Sq., London, 
auctioneer (Messrs. Smith, Son & Oakeley, 10, Waterloo 
Into his father's business, but retired many years ago ; liis principal amusement 
and chief interest in life was hunting. D unmarried some years ago. 

Smyly, .Johk George, b. 1829, o. s. of John George Smyly, Esq., Q.C., D.L., 

of 23, Upper Merrion >St., Dublin, and Castlederg, 'I'yrone, 

and Eliza, his wife, d. of Andrew Ferguson, 1st Bart. 

Trill. Coll. Dublin, B.A. 1854 ; Major Londonderrj- L.l. MiUtia ; succeeded hi- 

father at Castlederg 1866, Addresses 23, Upper Jlerriou St., Dublin, and 

Castlederg, co. Tyrone. 

Stei'iiens, John Thomas, b. Oct., 1833, 2nd s. of John Stephens, Esq., Caversham 
Else, Heading, and Ellen, his wife, d. of .J. Thomas Hinds, 
Esq., of Dundalk (bro. of the next, and of Frederick, below, 
p. 117). 
O at Cavcrsham Rise of consumption, 21 Aug., 18.)4. 

Stephens, Richard, b. 183i (3rd s.), bro. of above. 

Ens. 21st Regt. (Royal Scots Fusiliers) 1853, Lieut. 1854, Capt. (half jKiy) 1856 ; 
served at Alma, Inkerman, and Seba.stopol (severely wounded at lukemian, 
arm amputated) (medal, three clasps), j^ 8 Dee., 1859, Bessie, y. d. of Rev. 
Frederick Urquhart, R. of West Knighton with Broadnavne, Dorset. 33 26 

Aug., 1878. 

Tno.Msox, David, b. 28 Jan., 1833, y. s. of Major-Gen. Harry Thomson, of 

29, George St., Hanover Sq., London, late of the Bengal 

Light Cavalry. 

Addlsconibc; R.E. (then Boiiibav Engineers) 1851, Lieut. 1854, Capt. 1858, Lieut.- 

Col. 1871, Col. 1876, Major-Gen. (retired) 1878. ifl(l)31 May, 1862, Margaret 

Sarah, y. d. of Richard lireeks. Esq., of Worcop, Westmoreland; (2) 1867, 

Kiiiily Lydia, d. of Gen. Christopher liirdwood, Indian Staff Corps. Resided 

at Undenvoodj Chelteuham. Q circa 1899. 

Tucker (itow Beauchamp), Edmukd Beauchamp, b. 1833, e. s. of Rev. Marwood 

Tucker, JI.A., of Coryton Park, Devon, and Anne Cranmer, 

his wife, d. of Edmund Nasle, Esq. 

Ens. 50th Regt. 1852, Lieut. 1854, retired 1x57 ; assumed name of Beauchauip in 

lieu of that of Tucker; J. P. Cornwall, High Sheriff 187(1. ffl (1) 1856, 

Maria Sadleir, d. of Burton I'ersse, Esq., of Moyodc Castle, co. Gahvay ; 

(2) 1873, Gertrude, d. of Dudley Peruse, Esq., of Roxboroiigh, co. Galway ; 

(3) 1877, Louisa Ellen, d. of Rev. H. Louguevillc Jones. Address Trcvince, 
Redruth, Cornwall. 

AVatts, John- Germaix, b. 10 Jlay, 1832, s. of Rev. John Watts, R. of Tarrant 

GuDvillc, Dorset. 

Ens. Bombay St.iff Corps 1K5.!, Lieut. 1H.-.7. (apt. IS65, Slajor 187.!, Lieut.-Col. 

1879; .served in Abyssinian \\'ar as D..\.(^.G. 2nd l)iv. (mentiimed in de- 

simtchcs, medal), ift H Aug.. 1H91, Gertrude, d. of Surgeon John SIcDowall 

Hay, Esq., M.D., of the Indian Medical Service, D 5 April, 1897, 


^VEBll, EuwAKU Hekkt, s. of Colonel llobeit Smith Webb, J.l'., of Milt'ord 
House, Godalming, and Harriet, his wife, d. of William 
Currie, Esq., East Horsley. 
Eus. bStb IJegt. (Connaught Kaugers) 1852, Lieut. 1854. S (kiUcd iu the attack ou 
the Quarries, iu the Crimea) 7 July, 1855, aged 22 (Crimean Memorial). 
White, John Edward (f). See above, p. O'J. 

SHORT HALF, 1846. 

Baker, Henky (f), b. 16 June, 1833 (3rd s.), bro. of Jaracs and Frederick, 
above, pp. 35, 74, and Granville and Montagu Bernard, 
below, pp. 124, 136. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1853 ; Civil Engineer employed on railways iu India. S. 
Barker, Frederick Grote, b. of George Barker, Esq., 41, Eussell Sq. 

Ens. fiSth Regt. 1851, Lieut. 1854; kHled at Inkerman 5 Nov., 1854, aged 21 
(Crimean Memorial, commemorated also on the Kegimental Memorial in Durham 
Cathedral). Cf. also Wyk. vi. (u. 298) 4G0. 
BiBLEY, Alfred, b. 1832 (7tb s.), bro. of Robert, above, p. 56, and Arthur, 
below, p. 114. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1850, 2 CI. Mod. 1853, B.A. 1855, M.A. 1857 ; IB.©., il 1856, p 
1857, C. Chorley 1856-9, V. Astley Bridge 1859-69, Esh 1869-74, V. Bolton-le- 
Sands, Lanes. 1874-90. fB, 3 April, 18C1, Mary .\licia, 4th d. of Rev. Canon 
J. C. Master. Afldre^s West Beach, Lytham, Lancashire. 
Blunt, David, b. 29 Dec., 1833 (5th s.), bro. of James St. John and Alexander 
Colvin, above, pp. 53, 103. 
fH Frances Jemima, d. of J. Roper, Esq. S 28 Nov., 1873. 
Bramley, Alfred Jennings (f), b. 12 March, 1836, at Speldhurst, s. of Rev. 
Thomas Jennings Bramley, of Tuubridge Wells. 
Ens. 42ud (Black Watch) Regt. 1855, Lieut. 1855; served at the siege and fall of 
Sebastopol (medal and clasp) ; killed in action before Rooheea, in Oudc, 
15 April, 1858. 
Buckle, Edward Valentine, b. 1831 (4th s.), bro. of Christopher, above, p. 49. 
Line. Coll. Oxon 1849, B.A. 1853, M.A. 1856 ; Wells Theol. Coll. 1853 ; Jt).®., J 
1854, p 1855, C. Tadmarton 1854-6, Islcworth 1856-7, Dalliugtou 1857-9, 
Banstead 1859-65, V. Baustead from 1866-1905, Chapl. Elwell Union Sch. 
1880-1905. i% 22 July, 1862, Mary Georgina, y. d. of Rev. Samuel Fionncs 
Trutmau, of Dallington, Northants. S 31 Jau., 1905, at Baustead Vicarage. 
Daubeny, John, 6th s. of Rev. George William Daubeuy, of Seend House, 
Exeter Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1857, M.A. 1858 ; ^.(©., d 1858, /) 1860, Private Chapl. 
to Bishop of Salisburv 1862, Succentor and Chancellor of Salisburv Cathedral 
1868-77, Precentor 18/8-81, Principal Sarum Theol. Coll. 1868-78, "R. Catsfiehl 
1880-1, V. Wiukfield, Berks, since 1881, R.D. of Maidenhead since 1901. ift 
1879, Edith D\-son. Aiklress Wiukfield Vicarage, Windsor. 
Elderton, s. of Edward Merrick Elderton, Esq., of The Grove, Effra Rii., 
Biixtou, and 3, Lothbury, Loudon, solicitor, and Marion 
Craig, his 1st wife. 
23 at school. 
Essex, William Edward, b. 9 April, 1832, s. of William Essex, Esq., 5, Gordon 
St., Loudon (bro. of Alfred, below, p. 132). 
Articled to a firm of solicitors 1850, but never became a practising solicitor, ff^ 
July, 1857, Frances, d. of Edward P. Morley, E.sq. 13 11 July, 1870. 
Everett, John Frederic, b. 1834, e. s. of Joseph Everett, Esq., of Greeuhill 
House, Wilts., and Francos Alice, his wife, e. d. of Rev. 
Robert Rolfe, V. of Hemimall, Norfolk. 
Ens. 13th Rogt. 1853, Lieut. 1855 ; served iu Crimea at Tcherua\-a and Sebastopol 
(medal and clasp and Turkish medal); Capt. 2,5th Regt. I860; J.P. Wilts, ; 
Lieut, -C..1, ■Wilts. Rifle Vols. 1866, V.O. 1892. £U 15 Oct., 1863, Mnv,- Florence, 
2ud d. of the Rev. Henry Fowle, of Chute Lodge, Wilts. Resided at The Close, 
Salisbury. B circa 1901. 

1846 WiNciiESTiii! College. 107 

FiKNNEs, Uvs. WiKGFiKLD Stratford Twistletos-Wykeuam- (f), C.F., b. 

1 May, 183i (4th s.), bro. of Cecil Browulow, above, p. 93, 

and Frederick Nathaniel Fiennes, below, p. 112. 

Sell. New Coll. Oxon 1852, Fellow 1854-64, 15. A. 1857, M.A. 1859 [Uuiversitv XI. 

1856-8] ; |&.®., d 1860, p 1861, C. Ashow, AViirws. 1860-3, P.C. AVcutworth, 

Yorks. 1863-5, E. Silchester, Hants 1865-80, K. Milton Keynes, Oxou, from 

1880, Domestic Cbapl. to Eail i'itzwilliani and Lord Save and Sele. £&, 

G Oct., 1863, Alice .Susan, ^nd d. of the Very Ilev. the Hon. Grantham MuntoQ 

Yorke, Dean of Worcester. AdJriv! Jliltou Keynes Rectory, Newport Paguell. 

FuLLEii, JouN AuGDSTDS, b. 17 Sept., 1831, e. s. of John Bird Fuller, of Neston 

Park, Wilts., and Sophia Harriet, hij wife, 2nd. d. of 

William Hanuing, Esq., of Dillington House, Somerset 

(bro. of Geor'.;e Pargiter, below, p. 112). 

Ens. 6th i;e','t. 1850, Lieut. 1853, Capt. 1855 ; served with the 13th Regt. in the 

Crimea at Tehernaya and Sebastopol (medal and clasp). Q 28 Sej>t., 1859, at 


lIiTcucocK, William Hexbt, b. 29 March, 1832, only s. of William Hcniy 

Hitclicock, Esq., Bodicote, Banbury. 

Univ. Coll. O.xon 1851, B.A. 1855, M.A. 1858; IB©-, (' 1855, p 1856, C. Slym- 

bridge 1855-60, Bremhill 1860-4, Curate-in-charge St. Barnabas, Dartington 

1864-71, V. Derrv Hill 1871-89, R. Tarrant Gunville, Dorset 1889-1900. fB, 

I860, Mary Claxton, of Clifton. Q 9 April, 1900. 

HoLLOWAY, Edward Georqe Vere (f), b. 5 Aug., 1837, at Kampta, India. 

Ens. Madras StafiE Ciprps 1857, Lieut. 1860, Capt. 1869, Major 1877, Lieut.-CoL 
1883, retired 1885 ; served with the corps of obseri'ation at the Alumbagh 1858, 
and at the siege and capture of Lucknow (medal and clasp). Q circa 1893, 

HoSKiNS, Edmond John (f), b, 4 M.ay, 1836 (6th s,), bro. of Anthony Hiley 
and Arthur Regiiiald, above, jip. 69, 89. 
M.D. St. -Andrew's 1860 ; M.R.C.S. Eng. 1858, L.S.A. 1859, Indian Medical Service 
Bengal, Assist. -Surgeon 1860, Surgeon 1872, Surgeon-Major in or before 1878 ; 
retired. In the Register his first name is given as " Edward." 

Lewis, George (f), b. 10 Feb., 1835, at South Weald, s. of Charles Came Lewis, 
Esq., solicitor and coroner, Ingatestone, Essex. 
Settled in South America. In business at Valparaiso. Q. 

MoBEBLY, Alfred, b. 9 Sept., 1835, at Clapham, s. of William Moberly, E.«q., 
Sandsend, Whitby (br.'. of the next). 
Into Collesc Long Half 1849; ser\ed before the mast in the Baltic 1854-5 ; Ens. 
1st Batt. 1st Regt. (Royals) 1857, Instr, Musketry 1859, Lieut, 1861. Capt. 
1872, .\.A,G, for Jluskctn,-, Edinburgh 1877, Major"(retired) 1879, ifl 9 Dec, 
1875, Frances Anne, only child of Joseph Mendel, Esq,, of Liverpool, Addras 
K), Earl's IM,, Tuubridge 'Wells. 

Muiserlv, Edmund George, b. 2 Jan,, 1834, bro, of above. 

11).©,. d 1859, p 1862, Missionary Brisbane diocese, Queensland, C, Dalbv 1860-74, 
(ivnipie 1874-7. Gladstone 1877-80, Incuuib, Walcha, N,S,W, 1880-94, C, Taui- 
worth, N,S,W, 1902-3, Jfl 8 Nov,, 1865, ,Iulia Frances, d, of — Sutton, Esq,, 
.\ustralia, Addre/s Blackheath, New South Wales, 

I'lacuev, Alfred, b. 18 Jan., 1882, s. of James Peachey, Esq., 17, Salisbury 
Sq., London, 
Solicitor, London 1854 ; Slaster of Feltmakers' Co, 1872-3, ffl 1864, Eleanor 
Sophia, d. of James Weatherby, Esq,, ot 6, llld Burlington St. Addre.'^es 
17, Salisbury Sq., E.C. ; Esher Green, Esher, .Surrey. 

Saunders, John, c. s. of Hon. John Simcoe Saunders, Provincial Secretary 

(afterwards Chief Justice), Fredcricton, New Brunswick, 

and Eliza Sophia, his wife, e. d. of Rev. George Henry 


Uriel Coll. 0.\oii 1818, B.A. 1853. ifll and settled at Sussex Vale, near St. John's, 

New Brunswick. 

108 Winchester Colleoe. 1846-7 

Shout, Ambuosk (f), b. (! June, 1833 (3rd s.), bro. of William Awdiy auJ Walter 
Francis, above, pp. 77, 90. 
Scb. Now foil. Oxou 1851, Fellow 1853-64, 2 Math. Mod. 1S53, 3 Miitli. 1855, 
li.A. 185G, M.A. 1858; ||J.©., 'I 1858, p 185!), Head Master Uswestiy 
Grammar School 1863-731 V. Bodicote, Oxon 1873-92, R. Saham Totiev, 
Norfolk 1892-9, R.D. Beccles aud Thetford 1897-9. 1^ 28 Sept., 1869, 
Lucy, d, of Rev. H, Douy'las, Canon of Durham. 

Temi-i,k, Geuuue, b. -i July, 1834, 2nd s. of William Templi", Esq., J.l'., D.L., 
Bisbopstow, Wilts., and Fanny, his wife, 4th d. of Vcn. 
1'imothv Stunbouse-Vigor, Archdeacon of Gloucester. 
Into College Long Half 1817 ; .T.P. Wilts, m 4 Ajiril, 1861, Sarah Amelia Lucy, 
4th d. of John Lane, Esq., The Grange, Leyton, Essex. J3 16 Dec., 1868. 

Ui'TuN, James Richard (Srd s.), bro. of Charles William, above, p. 98. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1851, B.A. 1854 ; Solicitor 1859 ; practised at 14, Austin Friars, 
E.G., till 1900 ; resided at Huskard's, Ingatestone ; J.P. Essex ; Clerk to 
Society of Apothecaries 1872-1901. ift 21 Jnly, 18G8, Constance Mctcsilfc. 
S 8 liec, 1901, at Delhi. 

WiXGFiELD, Edward (f), C.F., b. C March, 1834 (4th s.), bro. of Harry Lance- 
lot, above, p. 55. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1850, Fellow- 1852-70, 1 CI. Blod., 2 Math. Mod. 1853, 1 CI., 
2 Math. 1854, S.C.L. 1853, B.C.L. 1857, M.A. 1859 ; liarr. Line. Inn 1859, 
Home Circuit ; Law Reporter for Incorporated Council 1865-78, Colonial Office 
1878 : Assist. Ciulcr-Secretan- 1878-97 ; Secretary to Order of St. Michael aud 
St. George 1X97-190(1. IVniianent Under-Secretary 1897-1900; C.H. 1889, 
K.C.B. 1899. iB. 2 April, 1872, Man," Georgina, e. d. of Yen. John William 
Sheringham, Archdeacon aud Canon of Gloucester. Address 40, Albion St., 
Hyde Park, W. 

"\^■uoD, Francis, b. 20 Feb., 1834, 3rd s. of Rev. Sir John Page Wood, 2nd B.irt., 

Glazenwood, and Emma Caroline, his wife, d. of S.uupson 

Machell, Esq., R.N., of Croft West, Cornwall, Admiral in 

the Portuguese service. 

li.X.C. Oxon 1852; Eus. 17th Regt. 1855, Lieut. 1858, retired 1863; Barr. Line. 

Inn I8li7. fB 20 Feb., 1854, Louisa Mar>-, c. d. of Robert Hodgson, Esq., of 

Appleshaw, Hants. Succeeded as 3rd Bart. 21 Feb., 1866. D 21 .\pril, 


LONtJ HALF, 1847. 

Bishop, Charles, 5th s. of John Bishop, Esq. 

Proctor in the Ecclesiastical Courts before 1854, coiiipensateil umUr the provisions 
of 20 & 21 Vict. c. 85, s. 64; Solicitor 1858. pnictisin- at Witnev I860; 
Registrar Witnev County Court 1862 72, (i\tor,l (nuntv Court 1872-86, and 
District Registrar of Supreme Court. IH (1 ) 30 Jlav, 1S51, Mary, only d. of 
Edward Jodrell, Esq., of Bracon Hall, Norfolk. vinn 1886. 

BiiAMSTON, AA'iLLiAM MoNDEFoi'.u, b. 3 Feb., 1835 (3rd s.), bro. of Thomas 

Harvey and John, above, pp. 87, 92. 

Ball. Coll. Oxon 1852 2 CI. Mod. 1854, B.A. 1856, JI.A. 1859; 1).©., il 1859. p 

1860, R. 'Williugale Doc, aud P.C. Berucrs R.idin-, I'.ssex IMli -Ta. iH 7 July, 

1868, Hvacinthe Laura, 2nd A. of Rev. Goar-c Chctwode, of Chilton House, 

Bucks. "Resided at Oak lands, Wormlcy, Hoddesdou, Herts. D 7 Jan., 1892. 

Buisco, MusGHAVE HoRTOX, b. 11 Aug., 1833, c. s. of Robert Briseo, i'.sq., 

Eyreniont (3rd Bart. 18G2), and Annie Drewry, bis wife, 

;!rd. il. of George Rimington, Esq., of Tyne Field House, 


D.L. and .1.1'. C.nnbeiland ; Lieut. Westmoreland Yeo. Cav. ffH 27 June, 1867. 

Mary Elizabeth, widow of (apt. R. Newsham Pedder, 10th Hussars, ami e. d. 

of sir William Henry IVilden, 2ud Bart. Succeeded as 4th Bart. 23 Dec, 1884. 

Addiefs Crofton Hail, Cumberland. 

1847 Winchester College. 109 

Calvert, William Sidney (f), b. 20 Sept., 1833, s. of Rev. Freilerick Calvert, 
E. of Whatfield, near Hadleigli. 
Solicitor 18,")7, practisiuj; at East Bergiholt, Hadleigh, and Xayland, all in Suffolk. 
ffl 1(1 May, 1861, Henrietta, d. of John Warner, Esq., of Bolwick Hall, near 
Aylshani, 'Norfolk. Athlress Bolwick Cottage, East Bergholt, Colchester. 

D1CKIN8, Hehbert Stewart, b. 1834 (5tli s.), bro. of AVilliam Park, above, 
p. 43, and Henry Conipton, below, p. 120. 
Penib. Coll. Oxon 1852. D of consumption at Torquay, 13 Deo., 1855, aged 22., Stonhewer Parker, b. 10 Oct., 1832, s. of Luke Freeman, Esq., 
16, Norfolk Crescent, Hyde Park, London. 
Solicitor 1855, practising at 9, St. Mildred's Court, I'oidtry, E.C. fH 1864, Char- 
lotte Augusta .Tane, d. of Ralph Augustus Busby, Esq., of Leamington. Aildiess 
11, AValpole Gardens, Twickenham. 

Gardiner, Charles Barisg, b. 16 Sept., 1833, bro. of Samuel Rawson, above, 
p. 72. 
fH 1861, Henrietta Maria, d. of Rev. ,Tohn Wrey, of 10, The Crescent, Teign- 
mouth. Resided at 1, St. Michael's I'lace, Brighton. S. 

Gei'P, Henry John (f), b. 12 Feb. 1837, 6tli s. of Thomas Morgan Gcpp, Esq., 
solicitor, Chelmsford, Essex. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1853, Fellow 1855-75, 3 CI. Mod. 1855, B.A. 1858, Tavloriau 
Sch. 1860, M.A. 1860; ItJ.©.. ./ 1860, p 1861, C. Llandrinio 1861, Cranbrook 
1862-3, Broughton, Oxon 1864-71, Dorking 1871-J, V. Adderburv, Oxon, 
from 1871. IB 25 Aug., 1874, Marjoric, only child of Rev. Henry Robsou. 
Aildtvsf .\dderbury Vicarage, Banbury. 

Lance, Henry PonciiER, s. of Rev. John Edwin Lance, R. of Buckland St. 
Mary, Chard, and Preb. of Wells, and Madelina Louisa, his 
wife, d. of Josias Du Pre Porcher, Esq., of Winslade, Devon 
(bro. of Frederick, below, p. 124). 
B.N.C. Oxon, B.A. 1856. Settled near Christchurch, N.Z. S there in 1887. 

Marshall, Henry, b. 22 April, 1831, s. of George Marshall, Esq., of Broad- 
water, Godalraing, and Sarah, his wife, 3rd d. of Jame.s 
Alexander, Esq., of Edenbridge, Kent. 
Left Easter 1848 for a solicitor's office ; Comet 17th Lancers 18,55, Lieut. 1857, 
Capt. 185'J ; exchanged into 9th Ijincers 1860, Slajor 1868, Lieut. -Col. 1S74, 
comnmnd Cavalrj- District, Dorchester 1882, Bre\et-Col. 1879, half juiy 1887 ; 
sened in Crimea Sept., 1855, to .\pril, 1856, also in the Indian Slutiuy Camiiaigu 
of 1857-9, including pursuit of Tautia Topee ; in command of the 9th Lancer-* 
at Sialkot in the Punjab when the .\fghan War broke out, and commanded 
them on the march to Jellabad in the Khyber Pass 1877 (medal), ill 18 .lulv, 
1860, .\lice, d. of William Heath .lary, Esq., of Bloficld Lodge and Bur- 
lingham House, Norfolk ; resided at Newtown Hill, Newburv, 1891-1904. 
A'lilress 14, Holland Rd., Brighton. 

Ni;wTON, William James, s. of W. H. Newton, Esq., 138, Avenue des Champs 
Elvsees, Paris. 
Ens. 3rd Regt. (the" Buffs) 1852, Lieut. 1854, Capt. 1857, A.D.C. to Gen. Strau- 
beuzee at siege of Sebastoijol, and assault on Kedan 8th Sept., 1855 (medal with 
clasp and Turkish medal) ; Major Essex Rifles Jlilitia 1879, Lieut.-Col. fH 
17 March, 1859, at Corfu, Ernestine, d. of Chevalier von Eisenbach, Consul- 
General of Austria. Q May, 1886. 

I'.ANDOLPH, Charles Foyle, b. 8 Nov., 1833, e. surv. s. of Rev. Charles Ran- 
dolph, Kimptoa Lodge, Andover, and Mary Ann, his wife, 
d. of the late George Soley Foyle, Esq., of Kimpton Lodge, 
Trinitv Cidl. Camb. 1851, B.A. 1855; Barr. Line. Inn 1857; J.P. Hants. fH (1) 
I'Oet., 18.57, Mvra Elizabeth Marv, onlv d. of Rev. William Battiseombe ; 
(2) 30 .luly, 1879, Rosalie, e. surv". d. of .leremiah Pereira, Esq., of .lersey. 
AdJiesf Kinn)ton Lodge, .\ndover. 

110 Winchester Colleok. 1847 

Tempi.k, George (f). See above, p. 108. 

Trotmax, William Charles (f), b. 2G Jan., 1831 (1th s.), bi-o. of Henry- 
Peers and Edward Fiennes, above, pp. 67, 71. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxnn 1852. Fellow 185-1-68, B.A. 1857, M.A. 1858 j Stud. Middle 
T. 1856 ; Solicitor at Calcutta. S 1878. 
AVasiiington, George, (f), b. 25 July, 1835, at Florence, s. of Capt. John 
Washington, IJ.N. (afterwards Eear-Admiral and Hydro- 
grapher, lix. 411), and Ellen (not Eleanora), his 
wife, J. d. of Eev. Henry Askew, K. of Greystoke, 
St. .Johns Coll. Caml). 1853, 15. A. 1857, M.A. 1868 ; ?&.®., </ 1858, p 18.59, C. 
Charlton-l)v-Dover ; Chapl. Havre 1867-78, Enibassv, Constantiiiople 1878-88, 
St. George, Rue des Bassins, Taris, 1888-1906. fy Frances, d. of William 
Gale, Esq., liardsea Hall, AVestmoreland. S at 7, Rue Augustc Vacquerie, 
Paris, 1 Dec, 1906. 

SHORT HALF, 1847. 

AwDRT, John, b. 13 Feb., 1831, 2nd s. of Sir John Wither Awdry, Knt., 
Notion House, Chippenham, Cliief Justice of Bombay, and 
Sarah Maria, his 1st wife, e. d. of Rev. Jeremiah Awdr}', 
V. of Felsted, E^sex (half-bro. of Thomas, William, Charles, 
and Herbert, below, \yp. 134, 141, 167, 206). 
Ball. Coll. O.xon 1852 ; Ens. 3rd Rci;!. (the Buffs) 18,55, Lieut. 1856 ; Wilts. Militia. 
B 10 Jan., 1862. 
Barter, Kodert Bruce (f), b. 12 June, 1843, 2nd s. of Rev. William Brudenell 
Barter, R. of Burghclore, Hants, and nephew of Warden 
Left Mav, 1818 ; Oriel Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1858, M.A. 1861 ; It?.©.. 'I 1859, p 1860, 
C. Broad Clvst, Devon 1859-60, R. Greinton, Somerset 186 1 . ifl (1) 3 .Jan., 
1867, JLiry Gcmblett, d. of Rev. Edgar Huxtiible ; (2) 18 Aug., 1874, Louisa 
Emily, d. of Rev. J. Lusconibe. AJilress Greinton Rectory, Bridgwater. 
Bliss, William Henry, only s. of Rev. William Bliss, Weston Lane, Bath. 

Left 18,52; Magd. Coll.,Oxon 1S5I, B,A, 1S5S, :M.A, isiia, B.I'.L. I,S68; H).©., ,1 
1858, p 18G5, V. of Xorlli IliukM-v isi;i;-;i, Siili-Lil.raririii of tlic ■lV.„llri:iii 
Librarj- 1865-76, t..ok Mih Miit.-inc of tiie rirrii:il Disabilities I;,-litf A.l of ls7ii, 
19 Oct., 1872. iH I ■S\:iy, 1859. .Mary Jane, e, d, of the late Kev. (■■•cil Wray, 
Ineunibfiit ..I M. Nhntiirs, Liverpool; received into the Catliolic Church with 
his wile. lsi;;i: . ni|lM\ rd liv the Public Record Office to ccdlect materials for 
English lliM..i\ in b'..uie since 1877; English tutor to ILR.H. the Prince of 
Naples, K,<i., now King Victor Enimamiel III., 1881-8; editor of "Calendar 
of Papal Registers," " Papal Letters," vols. 1-5, " Petitions," vol. i. Aililiiss 
36, Via Delfini, Rome. 

Law, Thomas Graves, b. 4 Pec., 183C, 3rd s. of Rev. the Hon William Towry 
Law, V. (if Harborue, .and Chancellor of Bath and Wells, 
and lion. Augusta Graves, his wife, 4th d. of Thomas 
North, 2nd Lord Grave.". 
Into College as C.F. Short Half 1819; left Christmas 1851, his father and mother 
having been received into the Catholic Church ; to Stonvhnrst ; then to Addis- 
combe Collog.' as cadet of tlie East India Co, ; resigned cadetship 1S55 ; eiitereil 
the London Dralorv IS ilar.-h, 1855, ordained Pric.,.1 29 Jan., l.S6(l ; secd.'d 
fniin the Catlioli,- I'lnnrh 15 Nov,, 1878; Libraii^ni .-^ignel Library, I'Minbiirgh. 
March, 1879-190-1; lion. LL.U. Edinburgh 1898; co-editor,' with Canon 
Oakelcy, of Ilaydock's Douay Bilde ; author of " .V Calendar of the English 
Martyrs" 1876, ''Conflicts between .Tcsuits and Seculars under Elizabeth" 
188:i,' ''Jesuits in the Reign of Elizabeth" 1890; editor of "The Archpriest 
Controversy," 2 vols,, for Camden Society, 1896-8, "Archbishop Hamilton's 
late, liism 1552," 1884 ; writer in the D.N',B. fH 15 April. 18,80, Wilhelmina 
Fre.lerica, y. d, of Capt. John James Allen, K.N., of Errol Park, Perthshire. 
Q 12 March, 19t)4, at Woodlands, Duddingston, Midlothian. Cf. Wyk. i.v. 
(n. 4 III) 93, and " ('(diected Essays and Re\iews of Thomas Graves Law, editeil, 
with a Memoir, bv P, Hume lirown, LL,D.," 1905. 

1847 Winchester College. Ill 

Nonius, James Thomas, e. surv. s. of Sir William Norris, Knt., formerly 
Recorder of Penang, B!)no\v House, Godstone (afterwards of 
Ashiirst Lodge, Sunuiiigdale). 
Lieut. 27th Bombay N.I. ; killed at Kolaporc iu the JIutiny, Aug., 1857, aged 23. 

Pahker, James, only s. of John Henry Parker, Esq., bookseller, Oxford. 

Bnokscller aud Publisher, Oxford and London; IIou. M.A. Oxou (Trin. Coll.) fi 
March, 1877 ; author of a vol. of Oxford Hist. Society's Publications, 1885, 
viz. " The Early History of Oxford (727-1100)." Addms Turl St., Oxford. 

Powell, Edmund, b. 30 Oct., 1833, bro. of Alfred Lomas, above, p. 104, and of 
the next. 
O 1850. 

Powell, Francis Graham, b. 21 Sept., 1835, bro. of the above. 

Keceived the Koyal Humane Society's medal for saving T. H. Sangster from 
drowning in Twyford Lock on fi April, 1841); Cornet 2nd Dragoon Guards 
1853, Lieut. 1855, Capt. 1857 ; served in the Indian Campaign 1858-9, including 
the siege and capture of Lucknow, and subsequent operations in the Oude 
Campaign (mentioned in despatches, medal and clasp) ; retired 1864 ; J. P. 
SufiFolk, resided at Southwold. IH 27 Juno, 18G5, Klizabeth, 3rd d. of George 
Marshall, Esq., Woodcote, Surrey. Q 15 Jan., 1888, at Dinard, Brittany. 

Price, William (f), C.F., bapt. 7 July, 1835 (3rd s.), bro. of Aubrey Charles 
and George Frederic, above, pp. 94, 101. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1854, Fellow 185G-S. D 18.58. 
Robinson, Arthur Edward (f), C.F., bapt. 8 Dec., 1835, e. s. of Rev. John 
EUill Robinson, V. of Oliieveley, Berks, and Maria, bis wife, 
3rd d. of Rev. Edward Rowden. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1853, Fellow 1855-78, B.A. 1857, M.A. 1860; IS.©., d 1860, 
p 1861, C. Highworth, Wilts. 1860, Bodicote, Oxon 1870, Farthi'nghoe, North- 
ants. 1872-7, R. Stockton, 'tt'arwicks. 1877-8, 'Wootton, Oxou 1878-84. Q 
29 April, 1884. 

Sewell, William (f), b. 14 July, 183G, e. s. of Henry Sewell, Esq., attorney, 

Newport, Isle of Wight. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1856, Fellow 1858-78, 3 CI. Mod. 1858, B.A. 1860, M.A. 

1863; IB.®., '/ 1861, p 1862, C. Kingsclere, Hants. 1861-3, Huntley, Clones. 

1866-7," Totlnnd Mission Chapel, I.W. 1869-71, Komford, Essex 1875-8, R. 

Little Sampford, Essex 1878-96. S at Exeter, 22 Dec, 1896. 

Trevilian, Edwin- Brooke Celt-, b. 183.'? or 1834, 2nd s. of Maurice Cely- 

Trevilian, Esq., of Newberry, Frome, and Parklands, 

Gloucs., and Charlotte, his wife, 2nd d. of John Portal, 

Esq., of Frecfolk House, Hants (bro. of John Raymond, 

below, p. 138). 

Ball. ('<.1I. Oxon 1851, B.A. 1860; Barr. Inner T. 1863, Western Circ. ; J.P. 

Somerset ; imsuccessful candidate (L) Bridg\vater Div. Somerset 1885. £^ 

1880, Kate Sedley, widow of Alexander Carter, Esq., of The Spring, Kenilworth, 

and d. of the late William Sedly Fearing, Esq., of New York. .4Jui'cssMidelney 

Place, Curry Rivel, Taimton. Clulj Oxford and Cambridge. 

WicKiiAM, Fkederic Peeks, b. 27 July, 1834 (4th s.), bro. of William Fiennes, 

Henry John, and Charles Thomas, above, pp. 46, 62, 91, 

and Arthur Robert, below, p. 128. 

Into College Short Half 1848 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1852, Fellow 1854-75, S.C.L. 

18,5,5, B.A. 1859, M.A. 1862 ; IB.©., d 1857, p 18.58, K. Wootton 1874-8, Stoke 

Abbot, Dorset 1878-92 ; author of " Readings to the Sick " 1893. Address 26, 

St. Switliun's .St., Winchester. 

WiTiiTNGToN, Thomas Ellames, b. 1831, e. s. if Thomas Ellamea Withington, 

Esq., of Culcheth Hall, Lane?., and Ann, his wife, d. of 

Edw.ird Griilin, Esq., (if Liverpool. 

J.P. Lanes. fH (I) 5 Mav, 18,57, Cecilia, e. d. of Key. Edward Cardwell, D.D. 

Prini-ipiil of St. Album's Hall, Oxon ; (2) 2.S Feb., 1878, Ann Margaret, e. d. 

of ( Ictavius WilliMHi Temple, Esq. (bro. of the lute Archbishop of Canterbiir\-). 

,1.(./)i.... Culilietb Hall, Warrington. ('(1(6 Junior Carlton, 



Armstrong, Francis, bro. of George, above, p. 90. 
Ens. 11th Eegt. 1855, Capt. 1860. D. 

Ben'sett, James Arthhb, b. 1835 (5tli s.), at South Cadbury, bro. of Henry 

Edward, William Henry, Edward James, and Greorge, 

above, pp. 35, 53, 58, 84, and Francis Galley and Charles 

William, below, pp. 145, 157. 

Durh. I'niv. B.A. 1856 ; J^.©., d 1858, p 1859, C. Ellingham 1858-60, .Uvechiirch 

1860-6, R. South Cadbur>-, Bath 18G6-90. ffl 21 .lune, 1864, Slartraret, 3rd .1. 

of Capt. Benn, R.N., of Cains Lodge, Lanes. 33 suddenly at Bath, 5 Dec, 18;tO. 

Blackbukne, Thomas George (t), b. 29 Sept., 1834, 4 th s. of Rev. Thomas 
Blackburne, V. of Eccles, Lanes., and Eajmn, liis wife, d. 
of Henry Hesketh, Esq., of Newton, Cheshire. 
Lieut. iOth Bengal N.l. Q at Seetapore, India, of fever, 29 July, 1859. 

CoRDEUY, James, b. 20 Nov., 1834, s. of John Gordery, Esq., 36, New Bridge St., 
Solicitor, London, since 1858. AJJir/H'S 1, New Sq., Lincoln's luu ; 63, Godiugton 
Kd., Bedford. 

Eliot, William Ktd (f), I). 14 July, 1835, at Keuwyn, Truro, bro. of 
Edward, above, p. 59, and Henry Edgecombe, below, 
p. 141. 
Solicitor 1860, practising at Isleworth, Middlesex, .and then at Portslade, Sussex ; 
ceased to practise 1891. 33. 

Evans, Herbert Norman, b. 24 July, 1835, e. d. of Herbert Evans, Esq., 
Hampstead (bro. of Harry Kins, below, p. 1G4). 
Exeter Coll. Oxon, 2 Nat. Sc. B.A. 18.58, M.A. 1860, M.B. 1862, JLK.C.S. Kng. 
1860 ; late Sen. Surg. Hampstead Disp., and House Surg. St. Bartholomew's 
Hosp. fH. A<khcss Hampstead House, Seaford, Sussex. 

FiENSEs, Hon. Frederick Nathaniel Fiennes Twisleton-Wykeham-, b. 8 

June, 1830 (5th s.), bro. of Cecil Brownlow and Wingfield 

Stratford, above, pp. 93, 107. 

To Eton; Ens. "iord Regt. 1854, Lieut. 1855, Capt. 18.58; served at siege and 

fall of Sebastopol and assaults on Sedan 18 June and 8 Sept. 1855 (medal 

and clasp), Military Knt. of Windsor. fH 16 Aug., 1887, Isabella Margaret, 

d. of Thomas Martinson Richardson, Esq., of Hibaldstowe Cliff, Lines. 39 

s. p. 26 Sept., 1896. 

Freshfield, John Minet, b. 31 July, 1835 (3rd s.), brother of William Dawes 
and Edwin, above, pp. 88, 100. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon, 2 CI. Mod. 1856, 3 CI. 1857, B.A. 1858, M.A. 1873 ; H).©., ./ 
1859, p 1861, C. Yarmouth 1859-62, R. Stanton-bv-Dale 1863-72, All "Saints, 
Langbam Place 1873-8, P.C. St. Paul's, Marvleboiie 1874-9, R. Windlesham, 
Bagshot 1879-99, U.I). 'Woking 1894-9, R. Easton, Hants, since 1899. A,l<lre>s 
Easton Rectory, Winchester. 

Fuller, George Pargiter, b. 8 Jan., 1833, at B^ynton, Wilts. (2nd s.), bro. of 
John Aucustus, above, p. 107. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon, B.A. and M'.A. lS5il [rniversitv XI. l%l-5] : Stud. Inner T. ts.-.j ; 
sn.M-ce.led liis f.-ith.r nt N.ston 1S72 i .1.1". and t\i\ Wilts ; High Sheritf 1S7S ; 
M.l'. (l..> for W.'st Wilts. l.s.s,i-95: (apt. Wilts. Yi...manrv : Chiiirman Cliip- 
peulinm U.D.C, Corsham P.C, Atworth School Managers.' iH 28 .Ian., 1.S61, 
Emily Georgina Jane, 2nd d. of Sir Michael Hicks Beach, 8tli Bart, Aihl lexMs 
Neston Park, Corsham, Wilts. ; 47, Rutland Gate, S.W. Cliihs Cnited I'niver- 
sitv, National Liberal, 


Hay, CuAKLEb Selkrio, c. s. of Charles Ciussland Ha\', Esq., v( Auclieudeucy, 

near Ediuburgh (Ist cousin of David Erskino Dewar, above, 

p. 47). 

St. .Jolin's Coll. Oxon 18.52 ; Deputy Queen's Advocate, Eastern Province, Ceylon, 

186S ; ditto Northern Circuit 1878, Crown Counsel 1884, District Judj^c Kandy, 

retired on a pension ; resided at boumemouth. 

lIiii.LiKK, Thomas Bkapney Shaw-, b. 2 Oct., 1836, only s. of Thomas 
Shaw-Hellier, Esq., of Womburne Wodehousc, Wolver- 
li.N.C. (Jxon 1855; Ens. 2nd Staff Militia 1858, Cornet 4tli Dragoon Guards 18i;l, 
Lieut. 18G:), Adjut. 1862-7, Capt. 1867, JIajor 1876, Licut.-Col. 1881, Liout.-Col. 
cnmniandiug 1882, Col. 1885 ; sen-ed in Efjj'ptian War 1882, in coniniaud 1th 
Dragoon Guards (medal and hronze star) ; Col. Conidt. K.JI. School of Miisic 
1888 ; Capt. and Hon. Slajnr Staffs Yeo. Ca\-. 188U ; retired 1893 ; .J.P. Middle- 
sex, Stalls., and Worrs. it! 1800, Harriot, d. of Kev. .John Uradney Marsh, 
of The Lyde, Staffs. .l././rc-s Womburne ^\■odehouse, Wolverhampton. 
Clubs Windham and lUiyal Societies. 

Johnstone, riRiiARD Waller (f), b. at Pullow, Carlow, s. of Ilev. John 

Beresford Johnstone. 

Trin. Coll. Didjlin ; ^t).©.. '/ 1850, p 1861 in Canada, Inc. of Artemisia 1850-60 ; 

in dio. Tor. 186a-8 ; ^\■idder 1868-75, Colchester 1875-0, Sandwich 1879-87, 

South Zorra 1887-90, St. John, Tort Eowan 1890-3, all in the Prov. of Ontario ; 

residing in 1895 at Crosswell, Mich., U.S.A. 0. 

Maunu, John, b. 1835, e. s. of .John Maund, Esq., of Tymawr, Abergavenny, 
and Mary, his wife, e. d. of llev. Matthew Monkhuuse, of 
Sirhowy, Monmouthshire. 
li.N.C. Oxon 1853 ; J.P. and D.L. Hrecon. ifl 1860, Louisa Clifford. 4th d. of 
Michael Ilansby, Esq., of Abergavenny. J3 ciim 1880. 

Mayo, CiiAULEs(t), b. 13, 1837, c. s. of Charles Mayo, K-iq., F.ll.C.S., St. 

Peter St., Winchester, Senior Surgeon of Winchester County 

Hospital (bro. of James, below, ]i. 131). 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 18.56, Fellow 1858-77. 3 CI. .Mod. 1S5S. 1!..\. 18.59, M.A. 

ISHO, li. Mod. 18i;5, M.n. 1S71 ; M.II.C.S. 1861 ; MM.i '.P. I8i;il ; Siall Siirgeon- 

jNlaji.r and Jlodioal Inspector 13th I'.S. Armv Corps, with (iraiifs arinv at'siego 

of Vioksbll^^■, r.S.A.. 1.H62-3 ; Coroner of Oxford rnivoisilv ls6.V:i; Staff 

Suri;onn-:\laj..r Cirmau Army 1870, and Director of Ali.-o Hospital at Dann- 

stiidl (live iliii.ratir)iis and thanks of (lormau War office); Kni-lit of the 

Hessian Oi.ler of Philip the Generous; with the Dutch expe.lition in Achin 

1873-1 : Gn\t. i\le.lical Officer Fiji 1875-7 ; author of "History of Wimborue 

Jlinstcr" 1860, and '-Organ in New Cidlege Chapel " 1875; editor " Seaman's 

Jledical Guide," 13th ed. B at sea 15 .lulv, 1877; brass in Cathedral. See xxxvii. 170. 

MouEBLY, Georoe Hkrhert, b. 3 Jan., 1837, e. s. cd' llev. (icorge Moherlj', 
D.C.L., Informator (see above, ]i. CI), bro. of Artlnn-, 
Kobert Campbell, John Cornelius, Edward Hugh, Walter 
Allan, .ind Sehvyn William, below, pp. 127, 1-31, liil, 182, 
189, 201. 
Into College Short Half 1819 ; Sch. C.C.C. Oxon, 1 CI. INIod. 1856, 3 CI. 1858, 2 L. 
it H., Ii..\. 1850, Staidmix! Prize 1858, Ellerton Prize 1860, .\mold Prize 
186), M.A. 1861, Fellow; U).©., ./ 1860./) 1861, C. St. Peter's-in-thc-East, 
Oxon 1860-3, Chapl.lioim I8i';'.l-7I. Cliapl. to liishopuf Sarum 1860-80, 1!. Duu- 
feshourue Uoiis 1871-811, Master St. Nicholas ll.isp.. Sarmu 1878-0.5, Principal 
of Lichfield Theol. Coll. 18X0-5, Preb. of Lichfield 188U-5, 1!. Monkton Farleigh, 
Wilts. 1887-92, Preb. of Sannn 1889-05 ; author of " Life of William' of 
Wykeham" 1887, 2nil oil. 1893, "Pilgrim Songs of the lietiirn from Cap- 
tivity " 1872 ; editor of " Ven. Heda? Hist. Ecclcsia-stica," with English notes, 
1869". IH 1870, Esther, d. of Daniel de Castro, E.sq., of East Sheen, Surrey. 
O at Cintra House, Christchurcb ltd., Winchester, 30 April, 1805. 

114 Winchester College. 1848 

MoRSHiSAD, Fkedeeick (f), b. 4 May, 183G, 2nii s. of Rev. Henry Joliu Jlorshead, 

R. of Kelly, Devon, and Elizabeth, his wife, e. d. of Sir 

Sir William Lewis Salisbiuy Trelawriey, Bart. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1853, Fellow 1855-6C, 3 CI. Jlod. 1855, 4 CI. 13.A. 1857, M.A. 

1859, Tutor 1863, Head Master Beaumaris School 18(J4-8, Assistant and House 

Blaster Win. Coll. 1868 to Aug., 1905 ; Mayor of ■Winchester 1873 and 187G ; 

J.P. Hants ; Jlembcr of Alpine Club since 1801 ; one of the trustees of Kellv 

Coll., Tavistock, ffl 15 July, 1865, Barbara Treby, d. of William John Clarke, 

Esq., of Buckland, Devon. AJJiess Bclgrove, Lamerton, Devon. 

PENEUDDOCiiE, Thomas Arundel, b. 13 Feb., 1832, 4th s. of Charles PenruJ- 

docke, Esq., Compton Chambcrlayiie, Wilts., and Juliana 

LiEtitia, his wife, daughter of Capt. Thomas Penruddockc, 

of AVinkton, Rinatwoori, Hants. 

Clare Coll. Canib., B.A. 1857; If).©., d 1859, p 1860, C. Betvs with Dolfonvvu 

1859-61, Collingbourue Ducis 1862-3, Tangley 1863-7. S unmarried, 21 Feb., 


RoDiNSox, TuoMAS AuRioL (f), b. 25 Dec, 1835 (2nd s.), bro. of Francis Edward, 
above, p. 105, and Walter Croke and Ellis Ashton, below, 
pp. 131, 155. 
C.C.C. Oxon 1854 ; 2nd Lieut. R.A. 1855, retired 1862 ; in Australia sheep- 
farming 18G2-72 ; Army coach 1872, now retired ; received into the Catholic 
Church 1875. Address c/o Rt. Eev. Mgr. W. Croke Robiusou, 13, Luxemburg 
Gardens, Brook Green, Hammersmith, W. 

Stakdidge, Charles Watsos, s. of William Standidge, Esq., Lausdowne House, 
Residing in Camberwell 1852. 

AV'icKiiAM, Edward Charles, b. 7 Dec, 1834, e. s. of the Rev. Edward Wickham 

(t 1812), of Engle House, Hammersaiith (afterwards V. oi 

Preston Candover, Hants), and Christian St. Barbe, his 2nd 

wife, d. of the Rev. C. H. AVhitc, R. of Shaldon (bro. of 

AVilliam Henry and Frederic Itobei't, below, pp. 120, 128, 

and half-bro. of Ernest Edward, below, p. 241). 

Scholar of Eton ; into College Long Half 1850; Fellow New Coll. O.xon 1852-74, 

Tutor 18.59-73, 1 CI. Mod. 1854, 2 CI. 1856, B.A. 1857, M.A. 1858, D.D. 1894 ; 

Chancellor's Prize Latin Ycrso 1866, Latin Essav 1857, Select Preacher, Oxford 

l«i;6-7 and 1883-.') ; 5t).(!?.. .; 1857, p 1859, Preai-lier Wliitfhall ls:t)-l ; Assist. 

iM;l^(.■I■ Wiuclicst.T 'roll. 1S57-9; Head JIast.-r \\Clliiii:i,.n Coll. 1873-93, 

Fillow i.f ^\■ila•lK■st^■r Coll. 1873-4 ; Dean of Lincoln simr IS'.i) ; Hon. Fellow 

of New Coll. ; editor of Horace 1.S7J, 1890, 1896, 1901 ; anlhor of ■■ Wellington 

College Sermons" 1887, *'Xotes and Questions on the Catn-hism" 1892, and 

a Tran.slation of Horace 1903. Ifl 1873, Agnes, e. d. of lit. Hon. William 

Ewart Gladstone. Adilnsf Deanery, Lincoln. Clubs United University, 

National Liberal. 

SHORT HALF, 1848. 

Beckley, Henry (f), b. 24 Sept., 1835, at Mylor, Cornwall. 

Into Madras Armv 1855, Lieut. 1857, Capt. 105th Madras L.I. 1864, Major 1875. 
D 1875. 

BiRLEY, Arthur, b. 28 April, 1834 (8th s.), bro. of Robert and Alfred, above, 
pp. 56, 106. 
Pemb. Coll. Oxon, 2 CI. Mod. 1854, B.A. 1856, M..\. 1859; Merchant, Man- 
chester, m 12 Mav, 1864, Julia, d. of William Peel, Esq. Add/ess Cambridge 

St., Manchester. 

BiRLEY, ^^']I,LIAM HoRXDY, b. 22 Dcc, 1834 (4th 8.), bro. of Uiigli Hornby, 

Thomas Hornby, and Joseph Hornby, above, pp. 55, 56, 

81, and Frederick Hornby, below, p. 122. 

Ball. Coll. Oxon, 3 Math. Mod. 1855, 3 Math. 1856, B.A. 1857, M.A. 1859; Barr. 

Line. Inn 1860, Northern Circ. IH 11 Aug., 1861, Marv Louisa, only d. of 

Richard A'apji, Esip, J.P. and D.L.. Hereford. AJdnss Everslev, Dorking. 

1S48 WiNCiiESTEK College. 115 

C'liiNN, ilENHY SiNKLEB, b. 1834, e. s. of Thomas Butler Cbinu, Esq., Pmctoi- of 

Lichfield, and Eliza Tippett, his wife, d. of Richard 

Alexander Nelson, Esq., of Somerset Phce, Londoa, 

formerly Secretary to the Navy Board. 

Proctor 185G ; Solicitor, Licbficld, 1857. fjfl 1804, Frances Alice, d. of John Delauc 

Griffith, Ksq. Q 11 Jan., 1890. 

C'hukciiill, Joun Kemtss George Thomas Spencer, b. 27 Dec, 1835, 2Qd s. 

of Lord Charles Churchill, and Etheldred Catherine, his 

wife, 2nd d. of John Benett, Esq., M.P., of Pyt House, 


WaJh. Coll. Oxou 1854 ; Ens. 4Gth Kegt. 1854, Lieut. 1855 ; served at siege and 

fall of Sebastopol (medal and clasp) ; Capt. 86th Regt. ; Colonial Ci%'il Service ; 

McQib. Exec. Council Leeward Islands ; President Virgin Islands 1879 ; Acting 

Pres. of Nevis 1879, of Doniinici 1882-7, of Montserrat 1887 ; Commissioner of 

St. Kitts, Nevis, 1888 ; Col. Sec. of Bahamas smce 1895 ; C.M.G. 1902. f&. 

23 JiUy, 1884, Edith Maxwell Lockhart, d. of Edward Lockhart, Esq., of 

(Jeueva, Dominica. Address Nassau, Bahamas. 

CoKuu:, AViLLiAM Hill (f), b. July, 1839, e. s. of William Byrom Corrie, Esq., 
and Emily {nee Hill), his wife. 
Senior partner in Messrs. Corrie, Mackie & Co., Flax Merchants, Dundee ; J.P. 
Surrey, i'ff. 28 Oct., 1865, Emily Augusta Moffatt. S 17 NoVy 1895, from 
injuries received in the accident to the Scotch Express at St. Ncots Station, 
G.N.K., 10 Nov., 1895; buried at Chobham, Surrey, 21 Nov., 1895; brass iu 

FisHEU, Albert Bulteel, b. 4 May, 1835, 4th s. of Rev. Canon William Fisher, 

Poulshot, Devizes. 

Into College Long Half 1849 ; Sch. C.C.C. Oxon 1852, 1 CI. Mod. 1854, 3 CI. 1856, 

li.A. 1857, M..\. 1859, FeUow 1863-77; tea-planter in Assam for some years. 

Ifl Edith, d. of John Henry Jacob, Esq., The Close, Salisbury. Addre/s 

Potterne, Devizes. 

H.\iuusoN, John Butler, b. 8 Sept., 1836, e. s. of Rev. John Butler Harrison 
(t 1804), V. of Eveiiley, Northants. (bro. of Alfred Hyde 
and Edward Hyde, below, pp. 126, 132). 
Into CoUege Long Half 1849 ; Scii. New Coll. Oxon 1854 ; FcUow 1856-79, 2 CI. 

Mod. 1886, B.A. 1858, M.A. 1861; Commoner Tutor, Winchester 1859-04; 

It).®., d 1864, ;) 1860, C. Evenley 1864-71, llethe 1871-2, Dioc. Inspector of 

Schools, Leicester 1872-8, E. Paulersburv, Northants. 1878 ; Hon. Sec. Dioc. 

Board of Education 1882, R.D. Preston (2"ud) 1890. fH 1883, Ella, d. of Kcv. 

Barwick John Sams, E. of Grafton Kegis, Northants. Address Paulersbury 

Kectory, Towcester. 

Lkthbhidgb, Charles (f), b. 16 May, 1836, e. s. of Rev. Thomas Prowse 
Lethbridge (Comm. 1823), R. of Combe Flory, Somerset. 
Bull. Coll. 0.\on 1854 ; J.P. Somerset, ffl 25 Jan., 1865, Susan, v. d. of George 
John Yarburgh, Esq., Ueslington Hall, Yorks. Q 1901. 

Monro, Alexander Patrick Hale, 3rd s. of Charles Hale Monro, Esq., 

Ingsdon, Teigumouth (Comm. 1819-22), and Mary Jane, 

his let wife, 7th d. of Patrick MacDougall, Esq., of Mac- 

Dougall and DunoUie, Argyll. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1852 ; settled for a time in .Australia ; returned to Devon, as 

estate agent. 

Pmi.LroTTS, HuNRY John, b. 28 July, 1833, e. s. of Vcn. Archd. William John 

Phillpotts, St. (Jluvias, Cornwall, and Louisa, his wife (wee 

Bailor), of Downes Creditou (bro. of William Francis and 

James Surtccs, below, pp. 122, 134). 

Stud. Ch. Ch. Oxon 1852-02, 4 L. * IL, B.A. 18.55, M.A. 18.58 ; Jl).®., d 1855, ;> 

IS.-.O, C. Gluvias 1855-9, Tiillington 1860, V. Lauierton, Devon l'8ii0-89, Cliapl. 

in llisliop of Exeter 1861-9, K. Walkeni, Herts, since 1880. fSl (1) 2 Oct., 

ISOI, .lane Maria, d. of Sir .lames Uonald Martin ; (2) 3 .Jan.. 1807, Catherine 

JI., d. uf Robert Robertson, Esq. Adduss Walkern Rectory, Stevenage. 

IIG WixciiESTKU CuLLEi;i:. 184S 9 

I'luoTT, Kasdolphe Hesi'.y (t), C.l'\, bapt. 19 Aug., 1838, e. s. of Rev. John 

Robert Pigott, V. of Hugbcndeu, Bucks., and Emma, his 

wife, d. of Abbot I'peher, Esq., of Sheriugham Hall. 

St. John's Coll. Camb., B.A. 18CU; j).©-. <' 1>^61. ;) 1862, C. Chippiiif; Norton 

1861-2, R. Greudou Undenvood, I'iiicks. 1862-1900 ; J.P. Bucks, fft 14 Juno, 

1865, Adeliuc, onlv child of Thmnas Cross, Esq., Iladdcuhani, Bucks. (lu the 

Kogistcr Win. Coll. he is called ^\•iUialu Pigott.) j3 22 July, 1900. 

PouE, AViLLiAM YoxGE, b. IG Juuc, 1835 (2ud surv. s.), bro. of John Duke, 

above, p. 8G, and Char'es Coleridge and Edward, below, 

pp. 140, 144. 

Into Collej,'C ^ihort Half 1849 ; into a commercial house in Liverpool ; then into a 

bank iu India for sonic vears ; aftenvards resided at Castle Cot, I'lvrnptou. Q 

H. i>. 12 5Iarch, 1896. 

IvYVES, George Thomas, 3rd s. of William Harding Ryvcs, Esq., Ryves 
Castle, Ireland, and, 31, Brunswick Terrace, Brifchton. 
Ilulme Exhibitioner B.N.C. Oson 1853, 3 CI. Mod. 1855, B.A. "1857, M.A. 
1860: ||).©., (/ 1859, p 1860, C. Fauls 1859, Ilasfield 1861, Nuth.-iU 1865-70, 
Suttertou 1870-1, V. limldwas 1871-1, Upiier Tean, fjtaffords. 1874-97. fH 
11 Aui;., 18G9, Ueorgiiina Harriet Anne, d. of Dr. Courtenav, Bishop of 
Kingston. S 30 Jan., 1897, aged 63. 

Sasgster, Tuomas Henry, bro. of Alexander, above, \>. 102, and David James 

Kilgour, below, p. 127. 

Lett 1852 ; Ens. 106th Re^'t. 1856, Lieut, 1860, Capt. 1866, Major (retired) ; served 

in Persian War 1856-7 (medal and clasp) : sometime Alanager ^fanufactory 

Dcpt., Army and Xavv Stores; resided at 12, Chichester Rd., Weslbournc 

Sf]., W. Q. 

Thomson", John', b. 1835, 2nd s. of Guy 1 homson, Esq.. banker, Oxford. 

Exeter Coll. Oxou, B.A. 1857, M.A. 1860; J.P. Oxfonl ; Banker, Oxford. 
fH 1866, Laura Maria, d. of John Shawe I'hillips, Esq., Culham House, 
Abingdon. Address Woodperr^- House, O.xford. 

Webster, Edward Mekcer, b. 5 Nov., 1832, 5th s. of Thomas Webster, Esq., 
7, Northumberland Terrace, Everton, Liverpool (bro. of 
Charles Henry, below, p. 12(5). 
B.X.C. Oxen 1851, B.A. 1854, JI..V. 1857 ; Jl}.©.. ./ 1855, /) 1856, C. Loughton, 
Essex 1862, R. Chingford, Essex 1872-8. ifl 111 .Vug., 1878, Anne, d. o£ 
Thomas Hyde, Esq. AMms 11, ToUemache Rd., Claughtou, Birkenhead. 
Were, Thomas Bonville, baj)!. 21 April, 1835 (2Qd s.), bro. of Joseph, above, 
p. 99. 
Caiub Coll. Camb. 1855; Barr. Line. Inn 1860. {Q. AJJicst Hay, Broad Clyst, 
WicKHAM, Frederic Peers (f), C.F. See above, p. 111. 

LONG KALF, 1849. 

AwDRY, William Henry, b. 1835, c. s. of West Awdry, Esq., Bowdeu Hill, 

Chippenham, and Mary Remington, his 1st wife, 2nd d. of 

John Smith, Esq., of Clapham. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 18,jl, B.A. 1857, M.A. 1862; It).©-. <' 1858, p 1859, C. West 

Felton 1858-60. IJued^'olcv 1860, Compton Bassett 1860-2, Curatc-in-Charne 

Lud'.'ershall 1862-72, V, 1872-9 ; J.P. Wilts. IB 28 Feb.. 1867, Rose Emma, 

V. d. of Edward Gordon Fawcett, Esii.. B.C.S., of Wentworth House, Mill Hill. 

33 18 Feb., 1899, Cf, Wyk, viii, (n. 257) 67. 

Beck, Charles Hesry, b. 9 Nov., 1834, 2nd s. of Simon Adams Beck, Esq., 

Ironmongers' Hall, London, and Clieani, .and Sarah Anne 

(nee Price), his wife. 

Ens. 23rd Rogl. 11 Feb., 1855. D at sea on the trans|ii.rt I!,ihert J^iire, 28 Sept.. 

1855, of wounds received in the assault on the Redan. (The Crimean Alcniorial 

inscription erroneously gives his age as 19.) 

iS^9 WiNrniosTER C^oLLKni!. 117 

I'l.AiiPKN, Ww.Nii.ETi': AiiNAUi), b. lli JIarcli, 183G, only child of I'ev. Thomas 

Nixson Blagden, B.U. (tl797), V. of Washington, Hurst- 

1 ierpoint, Sussex, and Ann, his wife, e. surv. d. of Elias 

Bruce Amaud, Esq. 

rii. (11. Oxon 18,54. ffl IG Doc, 1858, Henrietta Amelia, onlv <l. of Watkin 

William.s Taylor, Esq., of Lee, Kent. Q 10 Sept., 1860, a"t his residence, 

Holmbush, Sussex, aged 24. 

lir.AKi;, Robert Hoey Jex-, b. 15 March, 1832, bro. of William Francis, above, 
p. 96. 
Also at Kn.ssall ; Ens. ISth Royal Irish Ket;t. 18.52, Lieut. 18.54, Adjut. 18.55, Capt. 
1858, resigned 1861 ; served at siege of Sebnstopol (medal and clasp). 

Cartki!, Wiloam H.vmmett, e. s. of Cliarles Carter, Esq., solicitor, Barnstaple. 
Articled to a solicitor. Q 18 July, 1859, at Challacombc Rectorv, after a long 
illness, .nged 23. 

Ci,Ai!icK, Hervey Moniiis Stanley (f), b. 11 Sept., 1835, at Calcutta. 

Kn». Madras Staff Corps 1854, Lieut. 1857, Capt. 18GC, Major 1874, Lieiit.-Col. 
1880, Col. 1884 ; placed on Unemployed Supernumerary List 1882. 

Deane, Richard Grenville (f), b. 27 March, 1837 (y. s.), bro. of George 
Onslow, above, p. 56. 
Ens. .30th Uegt. 1855 ; killed at the assualt on the I!odaii, S Sept., 1855 (Crinicnn 

Fisher, Albert Bolteel (f). See above, p. ll.T. 

Gerrard, Tuomas, b. 10 Aug., 1831, only s. of Licut.-(_'ul. Thomas Gerranl, 

of 23rd Light Dragoons and Navan, co. Meath, and Letitia, 

his wife, d. of llev. George Cliarles Gamett, of William.ston, 

CO. Meath. 

.T.P. and D.L. Meath, High Sheriff 1863 ; succeeded his uncle, John Gerrard, at 

Gibbstown and Boyne Hill, Xavan, Nov., 1838. A<!Jress Gibbstown, Navan, 

CO. iteath. 

Harrison, John Butler (f). Sec above, p. 115. 

Heaux, Risley Vekney, b. 23 Aug., 1836 (-Ith s.), bro. of Thomas John, 

AViliiam, and Ch.arles Shuckburgh, above, pp. 54, 72, 78, 

and Francis George, below, p. 140. 

Loft .July, 1852; Solicitor 1858 ; held a managing clerkship in London 1859-GG ; 

appointed by Secretary of St;ite for India Government Solicitor at liombay 1866 ; 

appointed bv Honibav (iovornniont rublic I'rosecutor at liondjav, an office then 

nowly created ; retired from both ofliccs 1882. ifl G .Tuly, 1871, Eilitli 

I'roderica, y. d. of William Liddiard, Es(|., of Inverness Terrace, liayswater. 

Aililms Nethorton, Tlie Downs, WimbledcMi. Club East India I'nitcd Service. 

MonKiu.v, Alfred (f). See above, p. 107. 

SiiAiir, Bernard (f), b. Feb., and bapt. 28 April, 1836, at St. (2nd s.), 
bro. of James Granville, above, p. 94. 
Loft 24 May, 1852. (In the Register Win. Coll. erroneously spelt Sharpe.) IH 
Louisa "Humphrey. Q 3 Feb., 187&. 

Shaw, William Ualrvmpi.e (f), hapt. 28 Nov., 1838, at Fort William, Bengal, 
s. of Major William Shaw. 
Into Bengal Armv 18.54, Lieut. 2nd Bengal N.I. 18,57. serving with Tunjab Infantrv 
1865; retired or died 1865. 

STEniENS, Frederick, b. 4 Feb., 1836 (4th s.), bro. of John Tlionias and 
Richard, above, p. 105. 
renib. C(dl. Oxon 1853, B.A. 18.57; Cornet 2nd Life Guards 1861, Lieut. 1862, 
Capt. 1864, retired 1869; J. P. Hants and Huntingdon, ift 13 .Ian.. lsG9, 
Cecilia JIary, e. d. of Capt. Henry Byng, K.N., of Quendon Hall, i:sscx. 
A'ldrif.' Denmead, Chawtcm, Alton, Hants. 'Viiftj Arthur's and Oxford and 

118 Winchester College. 1849 

Streatfeild, Robert Champion, b. 28 June, 1835, s. of Rev. William 

Sfreatfeild, V. of East Ham, Essex (bro. of Cliampion 

Welbank and George Sydney, below, pp. 128, 151). 

Kns. 24th F^agt. 1853, Lieut. IS-i.i, very severely wounded at Jeliini, 7 July, 1857, 

in the Indian Mutiny (medal) ; Paymaster 60th Rifles 1858, Staff Paymaster 

1878, Chief Paymaster 1886, Aldershot District 1888, Pavmaster-in-Chief 

Home District 1891. D 8 Aug., WJl. 

Travers, Edward Montacu, b. 10 Oct., 1835, y. s. of Benjamin Travers, Esq., 

P.R.C.S., 12, Bruton St., London (D.N.B. Ivii. 158), and 

his 3rd wife, Mary Poulelt, d. of Col. Stevens, of Discove 

House, Somersetshire. 

Member of the New Yorli Stock Exchange for thirty years. fH 19 Sept., 18G0, 

Harriet van Cortlandt, d. of John West, Esq. 53 at Flushing, Long Island, 

New York, 11 June, 1896. 

TwTFOED, bro. of Samuel, above, p. 07. 
Left early when in Junior Part. 

Wakry, William Taylor, b. 4 Dec., 183G (2nd s.), bro. of George Decdes, 
above, p. 95, and Arthur, below, p. 138. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1854, 3 CI. Mod. 1857, B.A. 1860; entered Charity Commission 
1860 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1866 ; a Principal Clerk and Acting Official Trustee of 
Charitable Fimds 1892-1904; I.S.O. 1903; retired 1904. fH 29 Mav, 1884, 
Eliza, e. d. of Richard Gosling, Esa., of Ashford, Middlesex. O at 32, St. 
George's Rd., Eccleston Sq., S.W., 12 Nov., 1906. 

SHORT HALF, 18411. 

Blake, Charles Henrv, b. 9 July, 1835, e. s. of Charles Henry Blake, Esq., 

of AVliitehays, Chnstchurch. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1854, 1 CI. Mod. 1856, 1 L. * IL, B.A. 1857. M.A. 1872; Barr. 

I>inc. Inn 1861. fH 7 Aug., 1862, Josephine Elizabeth Rose, only d. of 

Edward Amos Chaplin, Esq., of London ; resided at Glendelvine, Dimkeld, 

N.B. D 2 April, 1896. 

BrhJire, Graham, nephew of Miss Boulton, Mickleham, Dorking (? s. of James 
Graliara Sadlier Bruere, Madras S.C., and Augusta, his 
Was farming in New Zealand, near Akaroa, 1884 ; at Sefton 1889 ; came into an 
estate in England and returned. Q. 

BuRNEY, Richard Thomas, b. 2 May, 1835, at Rangoon, 2nd 8. of Licut.-Col. 

Henry Burney, British Resident at Ava, 1829-38, and Janet, 

his wife, 2nd d. of Rev. James Patrick Bannerman (bro. 

of Alexander d'Arblay, below, p. 137). 

Ball. Coll. Oxon 1852 ; I.C.S. Bengal 1858 ; Barr. Inn. T. 1876 ; Judge of the 

Chief Court Punjab 1887-9. iff. 10 Dec, 1861, Julia Maria, d. of Major 

Naylor, of the Bengal Fusiliers. 13 5 April, 1891, at 21, Kensington Gardens 

Terrace. Inscription in Cloisters. 

Collins, s. nf William Anthony Collins, Esq., barrister-at-law, Stone Buildings, 
Lincoln's Inn, and 23, Abbey Place, St. John's Wood. 

Eaton, Charles Pemberton (t), b. 27 Dec, 1835, at Leyton, Essex. 

St. John's Coll. Camb., B.A. 1860 ; jll).©., '/ 1860, p 1861, V. Stotchworth, Cambs. 
1861-9, R. Pwllcrochan, Pembs. 1869-75. .Uldnss Dale, Milfnrd Haven. 

GiLLETT, Henry, b. 12 June, 1835, s. of Rev. Gabriel Edward Gillctt, Walthani, 

Melton Mowbray. 

lOiis. 1 3th liegt. 1854, at the siege and fall of Sebastopol (medal and clasp and 

Tiirliisli medal), Capt. 1861, also in the Mutiny 1858, Amoral), Jiigdes- 

jKire ;iiid Tnub'spore (medal, and mentioned in despatches), Major 1874, retired 

1880, Hon. Licut.-Col. 1880, Major Reserve of Officers. D ISjll. 

1849 Winchester College. 119 

Gii.LETT, Hrc.H HoDGSov, b. 19 June, 1836 (5th s.), bro. of above. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1854, 4 CI. B.A. 1858, M.A. 1860 [University XI. 1857-8] ; 
y0-0; 'I 1859, /) 18(50, C. Want.ige 1859-62, Finedon 18G2-5, Compton, Guild- 
ford 1865-7, Walth.ini-on-Wold 1807-71, Wadenhoe 1871-7, K. Compton, 
Guildford, since 1877. fH 1877, Evelyn llary Geraldiue, only d. of the Kev. 
the Hon. Courtenay John Vernon. Ad'iress Compton Rectory, Guildford. 

Ilofifi, Thomas Howard Effi>;gham Hooo Dimond-, b. 8 Feb., 1835, s. of 

Thomas Hoag, Esq., Odin Hall, Appledore, North Devon, 

and ward of Hush Ballmont, Esq., Barn.staple. 

Kings Coll. London ; Lieut. 1st Devon Jlilitia 1851, Capt. 1859, Major (retired) 

1879 ; J.P. Devon. fH 23 .Tnlv, 1857, Elizabeth, d. of George John Hirtzel, 

Esq., R.X. S at Kilbirnie, Barnstaple, ^orth Devon, 18 Dec, 1899. 

JonNSTON, John Lindsay, b. 183(1, onlj' p. of John Alexander Johnston, Esq., 
Eastridge, Crondall, Hants. 
C.C.C. Oxon 1853, 2 L. & H. 18.57, li.A. 1858, M.\. ISCO ; Barr. Line. Inn 18G1, 
Western Circ. ; J.P. and C.C. Hants ; Chairman Hants Quarter Sessions 1894. 
fH 1879, Janet Cunningham, widow of William Spencer OUivant, Esq., and 
y. d. of David Maitland Slaligill, Crichton, of Kankcilour, co. Fife. Aililiefs 
Eastridge, Crondall, Hants. Cluhs Athenreum and L'nited University. 

Law, 'J'homas Graves (f), C.F. .See above, p. 110. 

MoBERLT, George Herbert (f). See above, p. 113. 

MoRRES, Arthur Philip (3rd s.), bro. of Robert Elliot and Elliot James, above, 
pp. 73, 94. 
AVadh. Coll. Oxon 1853, B.A. 1857, M.A. 1862 ; It?.©., '' 1859, p 1860, C. Bishop's 
Lydeard 1859-61, P.C. Hamham 1861-8, Chapl. St. Nicholas Hospital, Salis- 
hurj' 18G5-8and 1894-1900, Chapl. Alderbury Union 1861-8 and 1876-89, Y. 
Britford, Salisbury 1868-94. {B. (1) 7 Aug., 1862, Man-, 2nd d. of Bcv. R. 
H. Hill, of Britford, Wilts. ; (2) Emily Louisa, d. of Col. Charles Harrison, 
R.A. Q in London, 15 Oct., 1900. Cf'. Wyk. viii. (n. 376) 243. 

Pn FLIPS, PoBERT HosKTNS (t\ b. 11 Feb., 1837, e. s. of Rev. Richard Colston 

Phelips, R. of Cucklington, and Caroline Anne, his wife, 

d. of Sir Hungerford Hoskins, 7th Bart. 

Ens. East Indian Army 1854. Lieut. 1856, Capt. Madras Sfciff Corps 18G6, Major 

1874, Lieut.-Col. 1880, >Iajor-Gen. (retired) 188G. fH (1) 1862. Marv, d. of 

Major G. Proudfoot ; (2) Oct., 1889, Charlotte, 3rd d. of Admiral Frederick 

Bvng Montresor, R.N. Q at Braillecot, Broadstairs, 11 Jlarch, 1906. Cf. 

Wyk. ix. (n. 433) 306. 

PiLKiNGTON, Charles Henry (t), b. 3 Dec, 1837, e. s. of Rev. Charles 
Pilkington (t 1814), above, p. 13. 
Fellow New CoU. Oxon 1854-69, 3 CI. Mod. 1 Math. Mod. 1856, 3 CI., 2 Math. B.A. 
1858, M.A. 18G1 ; ?§.©., ■/ 1860, p 18G1, C. Fair Oak, Hants 1860-8, R. 
Lelton, Hereford 1868-71, V. Owslebun-, Hants 1871-5, V. The Tvthing, 
Worcs. 1875-82, R. St. John, Maddermarket, Norwich 1882-8, R. llevford 
Warren, Oxon 1888-1900. ffl. D March, 1900. Cf. Wyk. viii. (n. 368) 168. 

I'oDE, William Yonge (f). Sec above, ]i. IIG. 

I!(;ed, Thomas Williams, s. of T. Reed, Esq., Trevissome, Penrhyn, Cornw.all. 
Residing at Trevissome in 1873. 

Russell, John, b. 18.30, 3rd s. of Tliomas Russell, Esq., solicitor, of Rc.iminster, 
Dorset, and Mary, his wife, d. of Rev. Cicorge Spekc Payne. 
Ci>met 9th (Queen's Royal) Lancers 1858, resigned 1859. D unmarried, 28 June, 
1868, aged 30. Buried at Powerstock, Dorset. 

Shelley, Arthur John (t), b. 2G Jan., 1837, in the parish of St. George, 
Hanover Sq., e. s. of Adolphus Edward Shelley, Esq. (3rd 
s. of Gth Bart.)., and Amelie, liis w ife, only d. of Henry 
Hinchliffi', Esq. 
Received into the Catholic Church before 1872. D 7 Sept., 1SS0. 

120 Winchester College. 1849-50 

Stewaht, Mark Juhn [MacTaggaut-], b. 12 Oct., IS.')!, at Stcvouson House, 

East Lothian, c. s. of Mark Hatborn Stewart, Esq., of 

Southwick, Dumfries, and Janet, his wife, d. of John Sprot, 

Esq., of Kiddell. 

fh. (h. Oxon 1853, .S L. & H. 1857, B.A. 1858. M.X. 1860; Barr. Inner T. 18G2 ; 

.1.1'. and D.L. KirkcucHiri-ht ; M.P. (C.) Wi},'town Enruhs 1871-80 and 

Stewartr,- o£ Kirkcudliriyht since 1885 ; Lient.-Col. Ayr Vol. Artillery ; V.D. 

1892 ; created 1st Bart. 1892 ; assumed the additional name of MacTajjfjnrt 

1895. fH 26 July, 1866, Marianne Sn.sanna, only child of John Orde Oninianey, 

Esq., and Susanna, d. and heiress of .Sir John JlacTaiCKart, Bart., of Ardweil. 

.iJiIiesnei: Southivick, Dumfries ; Ardwell, Wij;townshire ; Knockishee, Glen- 

hicc ; ^\Tiitehall Gardens, London, S.M". Clubf Carlton. Athenoemn ; New, 

Consen'ative, Edinliurjth. 

WicKHAM, William HEsny, h. 25 Jan., 18:^.1! (■2nd s.), bro. of Edward Charless, 

above, p. 114, and Frederic l^obcrt, below, p. 128, and half- 

bro. of Ernest Edward, below, p. 211. 

Into CMo'jic Sliort Half 1850 ; Ball. Coll. Oxon, 3 CI. Mod. 18.56, B.A. 1858. M.A. 

18G(i: Solii-itur 1862, practises at 14, Essex St., Strand, "W.C. (Messrs. Tvlee 

& Co.). ifl. .{.hln-fs 2), Collin-ham Place, S.AV. 

LONG HALF, 185ii. 

Adams, Walter IIaksiiam (f), b. IG April, 1S."8 (iith a.), bro. of Cokcr, above, 
p. 77. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1856, Fellow 1858-9, 2 JIath. :Mod. 1858, 2 Math. 1860, B.A. 
1861 ; became a Catholic 1859, thcreliy forfeitins his Kcllowship ; author of 
"Outlines of Geometn-" 1869, '-Zcnobia" 1870, "Manual of Tris;onometrv " 
1881, "The Drama of Empire" 1891, "The Book of the Master" 1898; 
interested in a scheme for making a classified catalogue of Es>-ptian papyri 
(see Timcf for 10 Jan. and 7 March, 1898). B at 55, Maida Vale, London, 
25 April, 1899. 

Bksson, Pkockter Meliiuish, b. 1835, c. s. of Kev. John Peter Benson, V. of 
Witheridge, Crediton, and Mary Melhuish, his wife, d. of 
Kev. AV. Procktor Tlionias (Viro. of William John, John 
Peter, and CHiarlc.';, below, pji. 136, 24G, 256). 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1854, B...V. New Inn Hall 1859, M.A. Exeter Coll. 1868 : |S.©., 
</ 1862, ;) 18G3, C. Hasford, Notts. 1862-75, V. 'Witheridge 1876-93'. D 
unmarried, 18 May, 1893. 
BouRCUiER, Walter (f), b. 20 Dec, 1837, e. s. of John Bourchier, Esq., M.D., 
H.I'M.C'.S., Bombay, and grandson of Oapt. John Bonrchier, 
I!.N., Lieut.-Gov. of Greenwich Hospital. 
.Sch. New Coll. Oxim 1857 ; Fellow 1859, 3 CI. Mod. 1859, B.A. 1861, M.A. 1863; 
H).©., ./ 1863, ;j 18G4, C. lieaulieu. H.ants 1863-4, V. Sihford (iower, Oxon 
1x64-74, V. Steeple Morden, Canilis. 1874-86, V. St. Olave, Jlile End, London 
1886. ifl 20 April, 1876, Harriet Louisa, d. of John Beach Jlacwhirter, Esq., 
ll.E.I.C.S., Judge at Kunial, Bengal. Aihlicff St, Olave's Vicarage, King 
Edward .St., Mile End, New Town, E. 
DiCKlNS, Hekry Compton (t), b. 2 Oct., 1838 (6th s.), bro. of William Park 
and Herbert Stewart, above, \>p. -13, 109. 
.Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1857, 2 CI. Mod. 1859, Follow 1859, 2 L. & II. 1861, B.A. 
1860, M.A. 18G4 ; llj.®., J 1865, p 1867, Commoner Tntor 1861-8, C. St. John, 
Winchester 1868-71,' V. St. John, Winchester, since 1871. JJJiens 35, Water 
Lane, Winchester. 
FoRMBY, Myles Lonsdale, b. 17 Oct., 1833, 3rd s. of Rev. Roger Hesketh 
Forniby, i, Park Place, Torquay, an<l Caroline, liis wife, 
d. cf Laurence Peel, Esq., of Ardwick Green. 
From Shrewsbury, and Itepton 1848-9 ; left before April, 1851 ; Comet Gth Dragoon 
(Miards 18.53, retired 1853 ; J. P. and D.L. Essex. iH (1) 1854, Emma Louisa, 
d, of Gen. Sir William Cornw.allis Eustace, K.C.H., C.B.; (2) 1872, Emily, 
only d. of Kichard Wilson, Esq., of Thomfield, co. Dublin, 


(JnonGK, IIkueford Brooke (f), b. 14 Jau., l.S.'iS. e. s. (if Ilicharil Francis 
George, Esq., surgeon, Walcot, Batli. 
Seh. New Coll. Oxon 1856, Fellow siucc 18r.8, I CI. Moil., 1 Math. Mod. 1858, 2 
CI. 1859, 2 Math. B.A. 1860, M.A. 1862, Tutor 1861-91 ; a Delegate for the 
training of Secondary Teachers ; Barr. Inner T. 1864; l^.ffi., '' and p 1868; editor of Alpine Joiirntil 1863; author of "The Oberland and its Glaciers ' 
1866, " Genealogical Tables illustrative of Jlodern History " 1873, '• Battles of 
English History" 1895, "Napoleon's Invasion of Russia" 1899, "Relations of 
Geography and Historv" 1900, '• New College 1856-1906," etc. ; Member of 
the ^Vlpine Club since' 1861. Ifl oO .lune. 1870. Alice Bourdillon, v. d. of 
"William Cole Cole, Esq., of Exmonth. .l.W/r« Holywell Lodge, Oxford. Club 

Gninnr.E, Hekhy, li. l.'i June, 1835, s. of Henry Ivie Grilible, Esq., J.P., banker, 
lioutjiovt St., Barnstaple (bro. of Charles Wingyett, below, 
p. 196). 
Partner in Old Bank, Barnstaple; Mayor of Barnstaple 1868-9; Volunteer Officer. 
ifl 18 .luly, 1861, Lucy, 3rd d. of John Miller, Esq., of Gorrell House, Barn- 
staple. Q of consumption, 10 Nov., 1871. 

Hai'.kis, William Frederick Versox (f), b. G Dec., 1>!38, at St. Thomas, 

Portsmouth, s. of Capt. William Charles Harris, Chief 

C'( instable of Hants, afterwards Assistant-Commissioner of 

Police, London (bro. of Martin Chichester, lielow, p. 125). 

Ens. 71st Begt. 1855, Lieut. 1858, Capt. 1867; served with Central Indian Field 

Force under Sir .lohn Jlichol 1858, present at the actions of Raghur, Kurai, etc. 

(medal); entered Prison Commission 1869; Governor of Chatham Prison in 

1889 and down to 1892, Governor of Portland Prison 1892-6, Inspector of 

Prisons 1896-1903; retired. (In the Register Win. Coll. called Fitzllarrls.) 

AtlJms 26, Orsett Terrace, Hyde Park, W. 

IIatkeili), Charles Taddy, b. 1S:V), e. s. of Charles Taddy Ilatfeild, Esq., of 

Hartsdowii, Margate, and Emma, his wife, only child (if 

John Wrake, Esq., of Woodnesborough, Kent (bro. of 

Herbert Maynard, below, p. 251). 

Lieut. King's Dragoon Guards 1861, Capt. 1867. retired 1870; J.P. and D.L. Kent; 

J. P. Cini|ue Ports, ffl 18X5, JIaud Il.arriet Sinclair, e. d. of Rev. Samnel 

Back, V. of Maxtoke, Warwicks. .I.Wir.-s Hartsdown, Margate. I'Mi Army 

and Navy. 

Holmes, Gervas, b. 1837, o. s. uf llev. Edward Adolphus Holmes, St. M.argaret's, 

Bungay, R. of S. Elmham, and Harriet, his wife, d. of 

William Archer Judd, Esq., of Stamford Baron, Xnrthants. 

Emm. Coll. Camb. 18,57, B.A. 1860, M.A. 186:t; ,1 P. Norfolk; resided at 

Brockdish Hall, Ilarleston, Norfolk. 

Holmes, John Archer, bro. of the above. 

Trin. Coll. Camb. 1857, B.A. 1861, M.A. 1864. 

Kei.sox, Thomas Mortimer, s. tif llev. Henry Kelson, Folkington, Hurst Oreen, 
King's Coll. London ; Cains Cll. Camb. 1853; Ens. 46th Regt. 18.55; served at 
siege and fall of Sebastopol ((nedal and clasp and Turkish medal) ; Lieut. 6ih 
Regt. 1856, Capt. 1862, retired 1861 ; Secretarv Naval and Jlilitarv Club 1871. 
ffl ICIuIv, 186.5, Annie, 2nd d. of Robert Tbrupp, Esq., of Brighton. D at 
Westham," Susse.\, 26 .luly, 1886. 

MiLLETT, Sydney Chohav, s. of Charles Millett, Esq., Maiden Erlcgh, PiKading. 

Ens. 23rd Regt. 1854, Capt. 1855, Major 1869, Brevet I.ieut.-Col. 1K74 ; served at 

Alma and Inkerman, and siege and fall of Sebastopol; severely wounded at 

assault on the Redan 8 Sept., 1855 (medal, three clasps, 5ili Mcdj., Sardinian and 

Turkisli medals) ; served in Ashanii War 1H7 I ^rnedal and claspi. D l!s79. 

122 Winchester College. 1850 

Pearson, Arthur C'vril, h. Jan., 1838, e. s. of Rev. Arthur TearsoD, B. of 
Spriiigfiekl, Chelmsford, and Mary Isabella, his 1st wife, 
d. of Thomas Tindal, Esq., of Aylesbury. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon, 3 CI. Mod. ISOg, 4 Math. 15.A. 18G0, Jf.A. 1872 ; |tj.®., d 18G2, 
p 18G3, C. Longsight 1862-3, Cr.anljrook 1864-5, Wookey 1865-8, Morden 
18G9-77, H. Drayton Parslow 1877-86, Springfield, Essex 1886-1903 ; author of 
" One Hundred Chess Problems" 1876, 3rd ed. 1885. fR 1864, Philippa, d. 
of Henry William Maxwell Lyte, Esq., of Berry Head, Devon. AJdrets 27, 
Oakwood Court, Kensington, W. 
Phillpotts, William Francis (f), b. 15 June, 1S37 (2ud s.), bro. of Henry 
John, above, p. 115, and James Siirtees, below, p. 134. 
Fellow New Coll. Oxon 1865-71, 2 CI. Mod. 1857, 4 CI. B.A. 1859, M.A. 1862; 
liarr. Middle T. 1864, Line. Inn 1866, Western Circ. fH 24 Aug., 1870, 
Gertrude Caroline, 4th d. of Commander Thomas Wentworth liullor, Tl.N., of 
Strcte Ralegh, Devon. AilJrcss 9, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C., Richard Edwards, 2nd s. of John Priestley, Esq., J.P. and D.L., 
Hirdrefaig, Anglesey. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1855, B.A. 18.59 ; ^.®., V. Beddgclert 1863-79. Kesidod at 
Caerwcnt, Monmouthshire. S circa 1895. 
Stephenson, Olanville, 2nd s. of Edward Simon Stephenton, Esq., 14, Great 
Queeu St., St. James's Park, London. 
Wadh. Coll. Oxon 1854, B.A. 1859, M.A. 1860 ; Solicitor 1863 to 1868, practising 
with his father at 7, Great Queen St. Q 1868. 
WiCKHAM, Edward Charles (f). See above, p. 114. 

Williams, Hubert Brymer (t), b. 14 Dec., 1837, at Charlton, Somerset, s. of 
Rev. Theophilus Williams, V. of Burnham, Somerset. 
Left 27 June, 1860, to join the Navy ; Lichfield Theol. Coll. 1S65 ; It).©., d 1867, 
p 1868, 0. St. Werburgh, Derby 1867-70, Chap!. H.M.S. /hrc'nies 1870-1, V. 
Charminster, Dorset 1873-88, C. St. Micharl, Shorcditcl\ 1890-1, C. Holy 
Trinity, Shoreditch 1891-1901. il^ 2 Juno, UG6, Mary, iiid d. of the kite Col. 
Balfour Ogilvy, of Tannadicc, Forfarshire, X.B. Q at Wimbledon, 1 Sept., 

Williams, Montgomery (t), b. 22 Aug., 1837, at Walcot, Bath. 

Ens. 69th Regt. 1856, 84th Eegt. 1857, Lieut. 1857, Capt. 1860, 19tli PiCgt. ISGO, 
Brevet-Major 1872, Major 1878, lOOth Kegt. 1878, Lieut.-Col. 1881, Col. 1885; 
in command of Regimental District, Birr, 1886 ; served in the Shahabad District 
during the Mutiny (medal), Hazara Campaign 1868, Black Slountains (medal 

with clasp) ; retired pay 1894, 

SHORT HALF, 18.50. 

ALDRlDriE, .ToHM (f), C.P., b. 14 Feb., 18.37, s. of John Aldridge, E<q. (f 1817), 
20, Prince's Gate, Lomlon, W., and Georgina Emma Mary, 
his wife, d. of Thomas Wcthered, Esq., of Jlarlow, Bucks. 
Ens, 20th Regt. 1857, Lieut. 1858, Capt, 1864 ; served in the operations in Oude, 
Dec,, 1858 ; present at the affairs of Churda and Fort of Musjeedia (medal) ; 
Capt. Queen's County Militia 1874 ; .T.P. Berks, fft ,Tan., 1871, Frances Mary, 
d. of Col. H. D. Cardou, of Knightstown, Queen's Coimty. Jddirn' Inholmes, 
Iluiigerford, Berks. 
r>iRLEy, Fredehiok Hornby, b. 23 Marcli, 1837 (5th s.), bro. of Hugh Hornby, 
'I'homas Hornby, Joseph Hornby, and Hornby, 
above, pp. 55, 5(!, 81, 114. 
C.C.C. Oxon 185G. 1^ 1865, Josephine, d. of Richard Birley, Esq., D.L., of 
Blanchester. Address 20, St. Michael's Rd., Bedford. 
CooPE, William Jesser, s. of Rev. John William Coope, R. of Falmouth. 

Ens. 67th Regt. 1854, Lieut. 1854, Capt. 185G ; served through the whole of the 
Crimean Campaign and left with the last troops, nnwounded ; .served at siege 
and fall of Sebastopol, and at the Kcdau, the tjuarries, and Kiubourn ; after 
the repulse at the Redan 18 .Tune, 1855. carried desjiatohes from Lord West to 
Lord Raglan across the open, exposed to a heavy hre, and afterwards carried 

1850 "Winchester College. 123 

despatches from Lord Rajclan to Sir Gcorgo lirowne (medal, clasp, and Turkish 
medal) ; exchanged into 7th Re^t. 1857, and into 64th Regt. 18y;i ; retired on 
half pay 1867 ; Imperial Ottoman Gendarmerie 1877-80 ; taken prisoner Ipy 
Gen. Gourko in one of the outposts of Ple\nia ; commanded Turkish troops 
employed in construction of the lines Burjuk-Tchekmedjie ; raised two squadrons 
of horse in Boer War 1900-1, one of ivhich (Brabant's Rej^^.) he commanded 
at siege of Wepener, and subsequent operations under Gen. Rundle ; in charge 
of Boer prisoners at Diyatalawa, Oeylon, 1901 ; the only officer who sen-ed 
both in the Crimea and in the Boer War. 

Eyre, Fbancis George (t), b. 18 Aug., 1810, e. s. of Rev. Francis John Eyre, 
R. of Englefield, lierks. 
Univ. Coll. Oxon 1859, Sch. Xcw Coll. Oxon 1859. S 22 .Jan., 1861. Tablet in 

GooDENOUGii, Leonard Pepys (t), C.F., b. 6 Nov., 1839, 4th s. of Very Eev. 
Edmund Go tleuougb, D.D., Head Master of Westminster 
and Dean of Wells, and Frances, his wife, d. of Samuel 
Pejiys Cockerell, Esq., of P.addmgton. 
Left 18.')4 ; Exeter Coll. Oxon 1858. Q in London, 29 Oct., 1860. 

Gdndry, Joseph Pearkes Fox, b. 1837, e. s. of Joseph Gundry, Esq., The 

Hyde, Briilport, Dorset, and Mary Caroline, his wife, d. of 

Capt. Hodges, of Carreath, co. Ayr. 

Merton Coll. Oxon 185G ; J. P. Dorset ; member of the firm of Gundry & Co., 

fishing-net and twine manufactnrers, Bridport ; sometime Master of the Cattis- 

tock Hunt ; Lieut. Bridport Artillerj- Volunteers, ffl 1866, Anne Tatchell, d. 

of John Tatchell BuUen, Esq., of Marshwood Manor, Crewkerne. Q 11 Nov., 


HooK, James (t), b. 30 Dec, 1837, e. s. of Rev. Walter Farquhav Hook (Comm. 

1812), V. of Leeds and Dean of Chichester, and Anna 

Delicia, bis wife, e. d. of John Johnstone, Esq., M.D., 


Ens. Rifle Brigade 1855, Lieut. 1858, retired 1863 ; sened through Indian Mutinv ; 

Trin. Coll. Camb. 1863, B.A. 1867, M.A. 1872, Math. Master Radlev Coll. 

1867-9 ; JB.©., I? and/) 1868, C. Sunninghill 1868-9, V. Morton, Salop 1869-77. 

fH 29 Julv, 1869, Gertrude, v. d. of John Hargreaves, Esq., of Silwood Park, 

Berks. D 1877. Cf. Bishop How's " Lighter Moments," p. 39. 

Kerr, Henry Schomrerq (f), b. 15 Aug., 1838, 2nd s. of Rev. Lord Henry 
Francis Charles Kerr, K. of Dittisham, Devon, and Louisa 
Dorothea, his wife, only d. of Gen. the Hon. Sir Alexander 
Hoiie, G.C.B. 
At Glenalmond Sept. 1818-50 ; appointed as naval cadet to H.M.S. Ven/jeance 
15 July, 1852 ; present at bombardment of Sebastopol 17 Oct., 1854 ; received 
into the Catholic Church at Galashiels 22 May, 1855 ; appointed to H.M.S. 
Sphinx June, 1855, Black Sea ; to H.M.S. Imhis, flagship, N. American station, 
11 Dec, 1857 ; Lieut. 1859 ; to H.SI.S. Exiixmll, April, 1859 ; H.M.S. C'y<7<,/).« 
August, 1859 ; in Indian waters down to spring of 1861 ; H.M.S. I'lineUm on 
N. .'Vmerican and W. Indian st.-xtion .^1 Oct., 1801 ; H.M.S. Duncan, flagship 
same station, .luly, 1864; Acting ronimandor H.M.S. Lib/ 20 July, 1866; 
Comm.inder 16 Nov., 1866 ; to Paris ami Homo I'eb.-A|>ril, 1867 ; Commander 
H.M.S. JivUnnphm May, 1867 ; left 5 June, 1807 ; entered the Novitiate of 
the Society of Jesus at Maiiresa, IJoehampton, 8 Sept., 1867 ; began philosophy 
at Stonyhurst Sept., 1870 ; at Mount St. Mary's College, Chesterfield, 1871-2'; 
placed on retired list, R.N. ; to St. Beuno's Coll., N. Wales. 1x72 ; onlaineil 
priest by Dr. Brown, Bishop of Shrewsbury, 19 Sijit., 1875 ; Jlinister at 
Beaumont Coll., near Windsor. 1K75-7; attached to the .Mi<-iiMi at (iarnet Hill, 
Glasgow, 1877-8; arrived at Cyprus 1 Feb., 1X79; a|.p.iirite.l I lia|.lain to the 
Forces 4 Feb., 1879; opened a school at Limassol for Cypriets, which hail a 
very brief career; in Palestine Jan.-May, 1880; Clia|ilaiu to the Klarquis of 
Ripon when Viceroy of India 1880-4 ; at Farm St., lierkelev Sq., London, 
.lan.-Oct., 1885 ; Roehampton 1886 ; Holy Name, Manchester, 1886-8 ; ofl'ored 
but declined .\rchbishopric of Bombay 1886 ; Bournemouth May-Dec, 1888 ; 
appointed Superior of Zambesi Mission Dec, 1888; arrived in S. Africa 2x 
March. 1889. Q at Grahamstown, 18 Aug.. 1895. Cf. " Henrv Schnmberg 
Kerr, Sailor and Jesuit," 1901, bv the Hon. Mrs. .Maxwell-Scott. " 

124 Winchester Colleoe. 1850-1 

Laxce, Fr.EDEUiCK, 1). o Maicli, 1837, bro. of Henry roichor, al)ov<', p. 100. 

To Addiscoiiibe ; Ens. ootli He;;!. licuj;al N.I. 1856, Lieut. 16th Punjab N.I. 1857, 
22nd Punjab Cavalry 1868, Capt. 1868, Major 1876, Col. 1885, C.B. 1889, Col. 
on Staff commanding at Ferozeporc 1889-92. Brig.-Gon. conimandini; Bengal 
Presidency District 1892-5, M.ajor-Gen. 1895, Lieut.-Oen. 1899, Hoii. Col. of 
22nd Cavalrj- 1904 ; served in Indian Mutiny 1857-9, present at the defence of 
the Jail at Shahjehanpore, and in the affairs of Mohunrudpore and Xooria, 
and action at Sisseahghat, severely wonndcd by a musket ball upon the left 
ankle and horse shot (despatches and medal) ; Dour Vallev 1872 ; .Tawaki 
Expedition 1877, severely wounded (desjiatches) ; Afghan War 1878-80 
(despatches tn"ice, medal and clasp. Brevet of Lieut. -Col.) ; M.ihsud AVaziri 
Expedition 1881 (despatches) ; wound pension, good senice pension. fH 
Eling Eliza, e. d. of Francis lloarc Spragge, Esq., .I.P., of Paignton, Devon. 
Address The Laurels, Roehanipton, S.W. Chihs Vnited Service and East 
India United Service. 

LiTTi.EHAiES, W.ibTER GouGU (ItU s.), bi'o. of Gcorgc Tilelianl and Eklred 
Harry, above, \i\\. 60, 69. 
Gent. Conmir. New Coll. Oxon 1854, B.A. 18.59. M.A. 1861 ; 1g.©., ./ 1860. p 1863, 
C. Chievelev 1860-7, Curridge 1867-70. li.D. Orsctt 1875-9, R. Biilphan, 
Koniford, Essex 1870-1903. Ifl 1868, Mary .lane, d. of Kev. .Tohn Ellill 
Bobinson, formerlv V. of Chievelev, Berks. Addrcfr 54, ('hurch Crescent, 
Muswell Hill, N. " 

Mullens, Rich.\rd HERBEnx, b. 19 Aug., 1836, s. uf George Iiichard Mnllens, 

Esq., Farlinglon House, Havauf. 

Jesus CoU. Camb. 1854, B.A. 1858, M.A. 1861 : ll).©- '' 1859, p 1860, C, Monks 

Eleigh, Suffolk 1859-62, Huish, Devon 186'3-4, C, Acton Turville, Gloues. 

1865-9, V. 1869-87. ffl 14 April, 1863, JiUia Percival, d. of Richard Anstice, 

Esq., of Bridgwater. Address Abbey Wells, East Woodhay, NewbnrTi-. 

Talfourd, TnoMAS Noon, 3rd s. of Sir Thomas Noun Talfourd, M.P., 67, 
Russell Sq., London, and Rachel, his wife, e. d. of John 
Towill Rutt, Esq. 
Barr. Middle T. 1865, Oxford Circ. Q circa 1885. 

TowNE, Lyndhurst r.DRTON (f), b. 10 Aug , 1837, s. of Josiah Towne, Esq., The 

Pavilion, Euston Sq., London, and Barn Cottage, Old 


Ens. 36th Rcgt. 1856, Lieut, (retired) 1S60 ; It).©,, d 1866, /> 1867, C. St, Cuthbert, 

Darlington 1866-8, East llorndon 1S68-9, R, Middloton St. Ccor;;^. Durham 

1869-74, Head Master St. Lnurfiicc Scliool. liru^.s 18.-<l-8. C. St. K;iith, Stoke 

Ncwington 1888-9, Head Ma>ter and Chapl. St. Jlarv's lollei;.-, Ibnlow, Essex 

1889-94, V, St. John Baptist, Harlow, since 1895. IH 1867, Elizabeth, d. of 

Joseph Forster, Esq., of Harewood Hill, near Darlington. Address St. John's 

Vicarage, Harlow. 

Wesley, John Sebastian, s. of Samuel Sebastian Wesley, Esq,, Mus. Doc, 

.above, p. 30 (bro. of Francis Gwynne and William Ken, 

below, pp. 143, 180). 

King's College and Winchester Hospitals; M.R.C.S. 1862, L.S..\. 186.'!, M,ll. 

Lond. 1861, Registered Practitioner 1867; House Surgeon St. Pancras ami 

Northern Dispensarv ; Assist. House Surgeon King's Coll.; afterwards prju-- 

tising at Wctherby, Tadcaster, Yorks, Q, 

WicKiiAM, William Henry (t). See ,ibovc, )i. 120, 

LONG HALF, 11^51. 

Bakei!, Granville (t), b. 17 May, 1838 (4ih s.), bro. of James, Frederick, and 
Henry, above, pp. 35, 74, lOG, and Alontagu Btrnaid, bchuv. 
p. 136. 
D at Durham siuldenly, 12 July, 1857. 

1851 WlNCUKSTKlt CoLLEClK. 125 

IjAKTEU, GEoiiGli (t), b. L' Marcli, 1839 (v. s.), bro. of William, above, p. 'Jl. 

JkTtou Coll. Oxoii, B.A. 1860, M.A." mi. fE H April, 1XU7, Alice Frauces 
JIary, c. d. o£ Licut.-Col. Kuox, Atliclstaue House, Tupsley, Herefordshire. 

I'lou LY, KpwARD EuNEST, b. 24 May, 1836, e. s. of Edwani Bowly, Esq., Sidding- 
ton House, Cirencester (bro. of Wilfnd, below, p. 152). 
Browor. fH 11 April, 18GU, Martha Svmous, 2ud d. of Stephcu Urowu, Esq.. 
Wyvciihoc Hall, Esse.N. S Dec, 188U. 

Ueanu, IIenrv, b. 27 July, 1838, c. s. of Rev. Henry Deaue (f 1815), V. ol 

Gillingham, Dorset, and Canon of Salisbury (half-bro. of 

James, below, p. 217). 

luto College Short Half 1851 ; Sch. St. John's Coll. O.xou 1856, 3 CI., 2 Math. 

Jlod. 1S58. 1 Math. B.A. 1860, M.A. 1864, B.D. 1869, Fellow and Tutor of 

St. John's 1867, Proctor 1870 ; JtJ.®., d 1867, p 1863, C. St. Thomas, Salishur\- 

1863-7, St. Giles, Oxford 1867-74, V. St. Giles, Oxford 1874-80 and 1884-7, 

1!. Frenchay, Gloucs. 1890-1, I!, and V. Leckford, Hants 1892-4. iH 9 Nov., 

1891, Alice Minnie, y. d. of John William Laugdon, Esq., of Frcuchav. Q at 

East Stower, Dorset, 30 Juno, 1894. See Wyk. vii. (n. 305) 47. 

Euw.MiDs, Lancelot Kikby (f), b. 4 Dec, 1837, s. of Iltv. James luUvards, K. 
of Ncwington, O.\on. 
Ens. o4th Kcgt. 1856, Lieut. 1858, Capt. 1864. S at Manchester, 13 Juno, 1867. 

Elliot, James Johx, b. 28 Nov., 1836, s. of Col. Jolin Elliot, of the Bengal 
Army, Barley House, Plymoulh, and Catherine Charlottr, 
his wife, d. of Andrew Tracey, Esq., of Gascoyne Place, 
J.l'. Devon. Kcsided at Lcigham, Ejcy Buckland, Devon. Q. 

EoKMAX, s. of Richard Forman, Esq., Kindrockit, Blair-Athol, and Eliza, his 
wife, d. of William Meyrick, Esq., of Mcrthyr Tydvil. 

IIauiiis, Mautin Ciiichesteii (t), b. 22 Feb., 1840, at Wymering, bro. of 
^Villiam Frederick Yeniou, above, p. 121. 
Clerk in the War Office 1858-79 ; retired with a pension. In the Register of Win- 
chester College called FitzHarris. fH 7 Ki-I... 1905, Charlotte Araliclla. d. of 
Kev. Arthur Kawson, of Fallltarrow, AVitidiTnioro. A'l'lrc^!' 43, Cathcart Rd.. 
Earl's Court, H.W. 

UicHENs, John Knill Joi-e, b. 8 Dec, 183G, 3rd s. of William 1 lichons, Esq., The 

Chnve, Camberwell, and Anne, his wife, d. of Mayor Andrew 


.Sch. Univ. Coll. Oxoii 1X56; 2 CI. Mod. 18.57, 1 CI. B.A. 1859, M.A. 1862; Barr. 

Line. Inn 1862 ; Member of tlie Stock Exchange 1867, Chairniau 1897. ffl 

9 June, 1870, Helen Mary, d. of .James Byrn, Esq., of ^Vigburth, Liverpool. 

AdJrcfs Hccch Grove, Sunninghill, Berks. Club Athen.x'um. 

JlKitniMAN, 1!(iiif,i;t William, b. 18 Dec, 183G,e. s. of William Clark Merriman, 

Esq., Lockeridge, Marlborough, and Elizabeth, his wife, d. 

of Francis Hill, Esq., of Burton Hill, Malmesbury (bro. of 

George, below, p. 132). 

Left Julv, IS51 ; Solicitor, Marlborough, 1860; Town Clerk. Marlborough, 1863; 

Clerk of reace, Wilts., 1875; dork to Wilts. Lieutenancy 1875 ; Clexk AVilts. 

County Council is.s'.i. ffl (1) 1861, Siirah Dorothea, 'd. of John Tempest 

Sheriu'gliani, Esq. ; {■>) 1880, Edith llaini.ih, d. of Thonuis Baverstock Merriman, 

]^sq. A'lJic.^." Sempringham, MarlViorougli. 

I'AitK, James Allan, 2ud s. of Rev. William Waldegrave Park, hue Hall, 
(Chester, and Elizabeth Jane, liis wife, d. <if lOdmund Yates, 
Esq., of Ince Hall. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1856; Ens. 22nd Ucgt. 1859, retired 1861. Q 15 Feb., 1895, at 
15, Lyutou Rd., Kilburn. 

126 Winchester College. 1851 

ScHOMUKRO, Bathukst Fortescue, b. 4 March, 1838, e. s. uf Josepli Trigge 
Schnmberg, Esq., Q.C. (Comm. lSl'J-22), Rucorder of 
Aldborough, of SeenJ, Wilts., and 40, Chancery Laue, aud 
Elizabeth Mary, his wife, y. d. of Eev. William Carpenter 
Ray, V. of Boreham, Esses (bro. of Arthur, Reginald 
Brodrick, aud E imund Clarke, below, pp. 18G, 214). 
At Wf.stiuiusttT School 1850; Eus. 30th (afterwards 49th) Madras N.l. 1854, Lieut. 
185(j, Adjiit. 1858. Q at Secunderabad, 24 April, 18G0. 

Webster, Charles Henry, b. 2 July, 1837, bro. of Edward Mercer, above, 
p. 116. 
Eus. 20th Eeet. 1858, Lieut. 1859, Capt. 18G9, Major 1879, Lieut.-Col. 1883, Col. 
1887, retired. iH 12 Jan., 1882, Mar>- Beatrice, d. of Rev. William Applcford, 
\. of St. Peter's, Portland. AJJres6 Ashwick Grove, Oakhill, Bath. 

.SHORT HALF, 1851. 

Barrow, Georue (2ud s.), bro. of the next, 

Barrow, Richard William, e. s. of Richard Bridgmau Barrow, Esq., of 
Southwell, Notts., and afterwards of Syduope Hall, near 
Matlock, Derbyshire, and Avice Elizabeth, his 1st wife, 
only d. of William James May, Esq. 
Ens. Koyal Canadian Rifle Kegt. 185G, Lieut. 1858, retired 1862. Q. 

Bayly, William (f), C.F., bapt., 30 March, 1839, e. s. of Rev. William 
Goodenough Bayly, D.C.L. (f 1818), Head Master of Mid- 
hurst School, Sussex (who died, V. of Fittleworth, 26 Nov., 
AVadh. Coll. U.Kon 1858, B.A. 18C2. 

BoEVEY, Francis Gibbs Crawley-, b. 15 July, 1839, 3rd s. of Sir Martin 

Crawley-Boevey, 4th Bart., Flexley Abbey, Gloucs., and 

Elizabeth, his wife, e. d. of Rev. George William Daubeuy, 

of Seend House, Wilts, (bro. of James Henry, below, p. 184). 

Into counting-house of Messrs. Gibbs, Valparaiso, 18C1. Q there, uuuiarried, from 

the effect of a fall from his horse, 16 Dec., 1865. 

D.vwN, AViLLiAM James McGrigob, c. s. of James Dawn, Esq., Marlborough 

Buildings, Bath. 

B.N.C. Oxon 1856 ; Cornet 1st Draijoons 1858, retired 1859. iH 16 Aug., 

1860, Cecilia Elizabeth, 2nd d.' of Archibald 'William Blane, Esq., Collector of 

Customs and Member of Coimcil, Mauritius ; resided at Hauuisters, Finchamp- 

stead. Q m 'S'enice 10 Oct., 1906, aged 69. 

Deane, Henry (f). See above, p. 125. 

GiFFARD, John (f), C.F., bapt. 12 Aug., 1837, s. of Rev. Jervis Trisge Giffard 
(t 1818), V. of East Wellow, Hants. 
Ens. Gth Regt. 1857, Lieut. 1859, retired 1866. Q. 

Harrison, Alfred Hyde, b. May, 1839 (3rd s.), bro. of John Butler, above, 

p. 115, and of Edward Hyde, below, p. 132. 

New Coll. Oxon 1857, 2 CI. Mod. 1860, B..V. 1861, M.A. 1865; Head Master 

Preparatory School, Dunchurch Hall, Rugby, 1868 to 1901. fH 30 June, 1864, 

Sarah Eniilie, c. d. of Col. George Frver, iladras Army. Aililresf Lanherne, 

St, Andrew's Rd., Bedford. 

iSji Winchester College. 127 

IIenty, Douglas, b. 1838, e. s. of George Henty, Esq., Chichester. 

E.NOtcr Col). Oxon 185G ; Brewer, Chichester ; unsuccessful candidate (I.) East 
Hants 1885. iH 1867, Julia, d. of Robert Martin, Esq., of Ovcrbury Court, 
Worcs. S at \\'estyate, Chichester, 25 Feb., 18U2. 

UuLFORD, Ahthuk, b. 13 Oct., 1835, y. s. of the late John Holford, Esq., Rusholmc 
Hull, Manchester, and Aimc, his wife, d. of John Shaw, 
Q s. p. Feb., 1883. 
HusSEY, Charles ED\VAnD(t), b. 28 Nov., 1810, at East Hendred, s. of the 
llev. Edward Hassey, Curate tliere. 
Ens. 20th Rcgt. 1859, Lieut. 1862, Ad'jut. 1866-70, Capt. 1870, Major 1881, Brcv. 
Lieut.-Col. 1887 ; Adjut. 7th Lanes. Militia 1875-80, Commandant Deolali Depot 
1888, Lieut.-Col. 1887, Col. 1891, retired 1897. 

Mautin, Edward Brace, b. 17 Jan., 1837, 3rd s. of Vice-Admiral Thomas 
Martin, K.N., Bitterne Lodse, Southampton, and 7, Marl- 
borough Ed., St. John's Wood, and Anne, his wife, d. of 
John Miles, Esq., of London. 
E.\cter Coll. Oxon 1855, B.A. 1859, M.A. 1862; |§.®., d 1860, p 1862, C. 
Alderbury 1860-4, R, West Grimstead, near Salisbury, 1864-1901. S 12 Dec, 

MiiiiEULY, Arthur (t), b. 16 Aug., 1810, 2nd s. of Kev. George Moberly, 
above, ]). G, and bio. of George Herbert, above, ji. 113, 
and Robert Campbell, John Cornelius, Edward Hugli, 
Walter Allan, and Selwyn William, below, pp. 151, lUl, 
182, 189, 201. 
ID 23 Dec, 1858. Tablet in Cloisters. ■;- 

NoRswoRTUY, George, b. 1838, 3rd s. of William Norsworthy, Esq., Hemel 

Hempstead, architect (bro. of Henry, below, ]). 138). 

Magd. Coll. (I.xou 1856, B.A. 18S1, M.A. 18G3 [University VIII. I860]; Barr. 

Inner T. 1S6C. ifl 9 Aug., 1894, Florence Gertrude, d. of Rev. Harris Jervoise 

Bigg-Wither, K. of Worting. Resided at The Orchards, Piukney's Green, 

Maidenhead. S tuxa 1901. 

liADLLii'i-E, Hubert Delme (f), b. 27 March, 1839, 5th s. of Frederick Peter 

Delme Radclifl'e, Esq., of Hitchin Priory, Herts, and 

I'huma, his wife, d. of John H. Waddingtou, Esq., of 

Languish House, Petersfield. 

Ens. 2:'.rd Kegt. (l;o\al Welsh Fusiliers) 1854, Lieut. 1854, Capt. 1857, retired 1859 ; 

served at the siege of SebastO|)ol from Feb., 1855, attacks on Redan 18 June 

and 8 Sept., ivoundod (medal and clasp) ; J.P. Herts. IB 8 March, 1859, 

Caroline, d. of Major Griffin, H.E.I.C.S. Q 13 Oct., 1878. 

KowDEN, Frederick (t), b. 15 July, 1858, 6th s. of Rev. Francis Rowden (f 1793), 

11. of Cuxham, Oxon. 

Soil. New Coll. Oxou since 1857, Fellow since 1859, B.A. 1860, M.A. 1864 ; ©.©., 

'/ 1864, u 1864, C. St. James, Wolverhampton 1864-6, Shalfleet, I.W. 1866-9, 

Chippenham 1869-72, St. Giles, Reading 1872-8, R. Birchanger, Essex 

1878-92. AJdrcfs 72, Braybrooke Rd., Hastings. 

Sanoster, David James Kiloour, bro. of Alexander and Thomas Henry, 
above, pp. 102, 116. 
Ens. 106th Regt. 1857, Lieut. 1861, into 53rd Regt. 18G4, retired 1866 (sen-cd iu 
Indian Mutiny, Rajgliur, medal). 

ScoBELL, Sanford George Treweeke (f), b. 10 Jan., 1839, 2nd s. of Rev. John 

Scobcll, R. of Sonthover and All Saints, Lewes, and 

I'rob. of Chichester, and Eliza, his wife, d. and co-heir of 

William Land, Esq., Hayne House, Silverton, Devon. 

Tiin. C(.ll. Oxon, li.A. 1862, M.A. 1873; Stud. Inner T. 1866; J.P. Worcs. and 

(iloucs. ; Lieut. Worcs. Yeomanry 1873. Capt. 1882. ffl 20 April, 1871, 

I'.dilh, d. of Capt. Septimus Henry Pahiirct, The Grange, Bradford-ou-Avon, 

Wilts. .lt/<//t.'s The Down House, Ucduiarley, Gloucs. 

128 "Winchester College. 1851 

Scott, Luthias KEi;K(t), b. 2-i May, 1641, at Boulogno-sur-uicr, s. of George 
Scott, Esq., formerly of Glcndowran, Lauarkjliire, and 
Emily Alexandrina Ueorgiana, his wife, d. of Gen. George 
James Graham, Governor of Arcot. 
K.M.A. Woolwich 1858, Lieut. R.E. 1862, Capt. 1876, Major 1882, I.ieut.-Col. 
1887 ; joined at Chatham 1862, served at the Curragh till 1868, voUmtecrcd for 
scr\-ice in ludia 18G8, invalided 18C9, returned 1871, invalided agiiin ; >Iusketr>' 
Instnictor at Chatham till 1877, Instructor in Fortifications, Sandhnrst, till 
1882, Prof, of Fortifications and Artillery 1883-9 : Inspector of Telescopic 
Sights, and Instructor to R.A. in Artillen,- Sights 1889-91 ; invented telescopic 
sights ; invented automatic sights 1 878 ; Patentee of various improvements re- 
lating to the Service ; C'.B. 1897. iH Harriett, d. of George .\lexandcr Anstcy, 
Esq." AJdrens Forest Lodge, Farnboro', Hants. Club Jiuiior I'nited Service. 

Shakspeake, Eobebt Henky, s. of Mis. Shaksix;are, 38, Bromptou Crescent, 
Civil Engineer, Canada. 

Staeky, Andrew Beauchamp, h. 1 June, 1838, 2nd s. of John Edward 

Andrew Starky, Esq., of Spye Park, Chippeubam, and 

Charlotte, bis wife, 5th d. of William Wyndham, Esq., of 


Ma-d. Coll. Canilj. 1857, 1!.A. 1861, M.A. 18G4 ; 1&.®., d 1861, j) 1862, C. 

"Aylesljurj- 1861-4, V. Kowde 1864-71. D 16 Sept'., '1871. 

Stheatfeild, Champion Welbank, b. 28 Sept., 1837 (2n''. s.), bro. of Robert 

Champion, above, p. 118, and George Sidney, below, p. 151. 

Trin. Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1859 ; IB-©., d and p 1868, C. Crawley, Hants 1868-75, 

V. Is-v-coed, Denbigh 1875-87, K. Stoke Charitv, Hants 1892-1905. ifl 17 

Jan., 1861, Elizabeth, d. of James ^Vrtliy. .hldress Emsdalp, Lillington, 


Walkek, John BniDGEs(t), b. 12 JIarch, I8l0, s. of John Walker, Esq., Mount 

Pleasant, St. John's Kd., Oxford. 

Left 1857; 2nd Lieut. Koyal (late Bombay) Artillery 1858, Ist Lieut. 1858, Capt. 

1868, Adjut. Sussex" Artillery Militia; served with Field Force from .\deii 

against Foodlee Arabs 1865-6, and present at 15ir Saecd ; Major 1878, retired 

]'882, Hon. Lieut.-Col. 1882. 

WicKHAM, Ar.Taui; KoDKiir, b. 12Aug., 1838 (4tli s.), bro. of William Fienucs, 

Henry John, Charles Thomas, and Frederic Peers, above, 

pp. 40, 02, 91, 111. 

Into College Long Half 1854 ; New Coll. Oxon 1856, B.A. 1860 ; Schoolmaster at 

AVortbing. ^H 2 .Ian., 1862, Ellen (4th d.), sister of Henr>- Peers Trotman, 

above p. 67. .Uhlnss Cologne, West Tarring, Worthing. 

WicicHAM, Frederic KoBEnT(t) (3rd .s.), b. 13 April, 1839, bro. of Edward 

Charles and William Henry, above, pp. 114, 120, and half 

bro. of Ernest Edward, below, p. 241. 

Fellow New Coll. 1856, 2 CI. Mod. 1858, 4 L. i H. I860, li.A. 1861, M.A. 1863, 

Fellow 1860 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1868-76 ; Solicitor 1878, practising at 14, Essex 

St., W.C. fH 8 June, 1882, Mia, d. of Sir J. W. Bazalgette, C.B. .liWccss 

Seapoint Lodge, Broadstairs. 

Woods, Johs William, b. 1837, e. s. of William Leyland Woods, Esq., Chilgrovc, 
Chichester, and Mary Anne, his wife, d. of George Fort, 
Esq., of Alderbury, Wilts, (bro. of Charles James, below, 
p. 1.52). 
C.C.C. (Jxon 1856 ; J. P. Sussex. . l././rfss Chilgrovo, Chichester. 


LONG HALF, 1852. 

Atiiwvks, KnwABD James, b. 1836, e. surv. s. of Rev. John Athawes, E. of 
LoiightoD, Stony Stratford. 
Triu. Coll. Camb. 1854, B.A. 1859, JI.A. 1862 ; Rarr. Line. Idb 1860, Jliddle T. 
1866; .J. P. Kent; Stipcnriiarv Ma;;istrate for Chatham and Sheemess from 
5 Dec , 1877, to death. fH 21 April, 1869, Helena Turnell, 4th d. of Uobcrt 
Spofforth, Esq., of Howden, Yorks. 13 at Nevill House, Chatham, 11 Xov., 

Atuawes, Johx Thomas, b. S Dec, 1837, bro. of above (2ikI surv. s."). 

Sch. Clare Coll. Camb. 1857, 2 CI. Trip. B.A. 1861, M.A. 1864; 1&.©., d 1862, p 
1864, C. Loushton 1862-4, E. Heudred 1864-7, Head Master St.' Johns Middle 
School, Kenhington 1867-81, Chapl. liolo'cna 1882, R. Lou^hton since 1883 ; 
Dioc. Inspector of Schools, O.xtord diocese, since 1891 ; .J. P. Bucks. ; Chairman 
Xt'wjKirt Pai^ell Board of Giiardiiins ami Ilural District Council, Co-opted 
Jleiiihcr Bucks. Education Committee. IB 2s Sept., 1882, Isabella, e. d. of 
i;. i;. Friend, Esq., Foxlev lid., North Brixton. Aihlicfs Loughton Kectorr, 
Bletchlcy. Club United University. 

lUni), Sherman Godfuey, s. of Rev. Godfrey Bird, R. of Great Wigborough, 
I.ieut. i;.K. 1856, resigned 1SIJ3. ffH in Hong Kong, drat 1863. 

BiiKUETON, Charles Henry (f), b. 24 Oct., 1840, at St. Paul, Bedford, e. s. of 

Rev. Charleri Breroton (f 1826), Assist. M.aster of Bedford 

School (afterwards Hon. Canoii of Ely), and Emily, his 

wife, 2nd d. of Henry Hill, Esq. 

Left 28 -Vug., 1857 ; said to have been enii)lo_ved on a railway, f^. 13 circa 1890. 

CuAPMAN, Charles Samdel (t), b. 11 Dec, 1840, s. of Mr. Charles Chapman, 
fruiterer, 211, Tooley St., Southwark. 
Ens. 54th Eegt. 1858, Lieut. 1861, retired 1867. 

Chichester, Hugh, b. 22 Sept., 1836, 4th s. of Robert Chichester, Esq., Hall, 

Devon, and Clarentia, his wife, only child of Col. Mason, 

H.E.I.C.S., of (Jhichostcr. 

2nd Lieut. R. (Bengal) A. 1856, Lieut. 1858, ('apt. 1865, Major 1872, Lieut. Col. 

18X0, Col. 1884, Major-Gen. (retired) 1886; served Indian Mutiny, including 

actions of 30th and 31st May, 1857, on the Hiudun, battle of Budkekeresai, 

siege of Delhi (despatches), and battle of Boreilly (medal and clasp). fH 22 

Sept., 1869, Georgiana Alice Norton, 4th d. of Thomas Longman, Esq., Fam- 

borough Hill, Hants. S 27 Jiin., 1896. 

Eeakon, William Andkewes (f), b. 4 Feb., 1841, 3rd s. of Rev. Daniel Rose 

Fearon, R. of Assington, and Frances Jane, his wife, d. of the 

late Rev. Charles Aiidrewes, 1!. of Flempton-cum-Hengrave, 


Sch. New Coll. O.von 1859, 1 (1. Jlo.l., 1 Math. Mod. 1861, 1 CI., 1 Math. B.A. 

1863, M.A. 1866, M.A. .id ound. Durh. 1882, li.D. and D.D. Oxon 1884; 

It).©., ./ I.S67, p isi;s. Fellow ;ind Tutor Now Coll. 1864-7, Assist. Master 

and llewse M;isler Win. Coll. 1868-82, Head Master Durham Cathedral School, 

and lixaiiiiiiin^ Chapl. to Bishop of Newcastle 1882-4. Informator Win. Coll. 

Iwl-llliU, Ui.n. Fellow New Coll., Hon, Can. of Winchester 1889, Archdeacon 

of Winchester and E.xaminiii- Chapl. to Bishop of Winchester since 1903, 

Member of the Teachers' Ke^islration Council 1903-4, Canon of Winchester 

since 1906. fR 6 Aug., l'<79, Mary, e. d. of the late Archdeacon Philip 

Freeman, of Exeter. Address The Close, Winchester. 

GoKDON, RiciiAUD Wake (f), 1). 29 Nov., 183i), y. bro. of Henry Doddridge, 
above, p. 104. 
Wadh. Coll. Oxon 18,->8, B.A. 1861, M.A. 1864; IB.©.. -' 1865, p 1866, C. St. 
Mark's, Woodhouse, Leeds 1865-7, All Suint.s.'West Bromwich 1867-8, Holy 
Trinitv, C.osport 1868-74, St. John Baptist, llulme 1874-1883. B 1883. 

130 Winchester College. 1852 

Gkigg, Fkederick Hawker, b. 9 Oct., 1839, s. of Mark StepheiiB Grigg, Esq., 
Cann House, Tamerton FoUiot, Plymouth. 
iff. Matilda, d. of C. Taylor, Esq., of Plymouth. IB 1862. 
HiKDS, Thomas Clowes, s. of Rev. John Thomas Hinds, E. of Pujham, Sher- 
Ens. and Lieut. 40th Regt. 1855, Capt. 1859, Major 1867, exchanged into 58th 
Regt. 1874, retired 1875; served in New Zealand War 1863-5, present at 
Rangariri and Oraka\i (medal). D. 
Hoi'E, Charles Southern, b. 9 Nov., 1837, s. of Charles Hope, Esq., Forest, 
AValthamstow, and 19, Montagu St., Portman Sq., London, 
lu China aiul Japan 1859-67 ; Tea Broker at 27, Mincing Lane, B.C. Address 27, 
Mincing Lane, E.C'. 
Hughes, John George Parry, b. Oct., 1837, e. s. of John Hntibes, Esq., AUt 
Lluj-d, Aberystwith, and Elizabeth, his 2nd wife, d. of 
Georse Williams Parry, Esq., of Llidiardan, co. Cardigan. 
li.N.C. Oxou 1856; Capt. R. Carmarthen Militia Artillery 1867; Major; J. P. 
and D.L. Cardigan, High Sheriff 1864. fH 27 May, 1869, Elizabeth Charlotte 
Marj", e. d. and co-heiress of Col. John A. Lloj-d-Philipps, Mabws, co. Cardigan. 
Jddicfs AUt Llwyd, Llannhystyd, R.S.O., Aberystwith. 
Hughes, William Thomas, b. 5 Nov. 1839 (2nd s.), bvo. of above. 

Left 1854 ; joined Merchant Service and sailed from London Jan., 1855 ; at sea 
for 15 years in Mr. R. Green's sen'ice ; farming at Uuenos Ayres 1870-5 ; Agent 
to Sir Griffith H. P. Evans, K.C.I.E., at Lovesgrove, Cardiganshire ; now 
Agent to Mr. Lewis Pugh Pugh, below, p. 135. Address Abernacd, 
Hussey, Henry Walford, b. 9 Sept., 1839, e. s. of Henry Hussey, Esq., 
7, Hyde Park Sq., London, and Eliza Adams, his wife, y. d. 
of J. G. Walford, Esq., of, Chigwell. 
Slade Exhib. Ch. Ch. Oxon 1857, 2 CI. Mod. 1860, 2 L. & H., B.A. 1861, M.A. 
1873 ; S;.©., R. Shalston, Bucks. 1873-8, C. St. Paul's, Marj-lebone 1881-99. 
M- 186'i, Elizabeth Marion, d. of Rev. G. C. Luxford. of Higham, Salehurj.t. 
Q at 13, Cambridge Sq., London, W., 20 Nov., 1905. 
Jacobson, William Bowstead Richard (f), b. 3 Aug., 1838, e. s. of l!ev. 
William Jacobson, D.D., afterwards Bishop of Chester, and 
Eleanor Jane, his wife, y. d. of Dawson Turner, Esq. (bro. 
of Walter Hamilton Acland and Charles Lougley, below, 
pp. 172, 204). 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1859, B.A. 1864, M.A. 186G [University VIII. 3 years]; JB.©., C. 
and then V. (1870-7) of St. Mary's, Golden Lane, London, E. "13 21; April, 
1880, of overwork. Cf. Wyk. iii. (n. 144) 356. 
Lambert, John (f), b. 22 Dec, 1838, s. of Rev. Anthony Lewis Lambert, 
Curate of Ash, Surrey (afterwards R. of Chilbolton, Hants). 
To Durham University ; afterwards to India ; Member of Legislative Council 
1892-5 ; Chief Conmiissioncr of Police at CaleutU ; CLE. 1882 ; K.C.I. E. 1893 ; 
Director of Champion Reef Gold Mining Co. of India, Ltd. ffl[ 1869, Annie, 
d. of Licut.-Gen. ¥. D. Atkinson, B.S.C. Address 7 Biiia Gardens, S.W. 
Cluh Oriental. 
TjrscoMB, Arthur Morton (f), b. 7 Jan., 1841 (Cth s.), bro. of Cyiil William 
and Edward Webber, above, pp. 82, 89. 
B.N.C. Oxon 1859, 3 CI. Moil. 1861, B.A. 1868 ; Army Tutor, Journalist, etc. O. 
Majendiic, Uenry William (f), b. 12 Feb., 1840, e. s. of Rev. George Jnhii 
Majcndie, R. of Heddington, Wilts., aTid Susan Maria, his 
wile, widow of Rev. J. T. Du Boulay, R. of Heddingtoii 
(lialf-bro. of J. T. H. Du Boulay, above, p. 100). 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1858, B.A. 1863, M.A. 18i;6 ; Stud. Inner T. 1864; J^.®., 
d 1866, p 1868, C. Copredy, ,Oxon 1866-9, Steeple Aston 1869-71, St. John, 
Torquay 1871-5, V. Holy 'frinitv, Barnstaple 187.')-81, R.I). Ipplepen 1885-9, 
V. Tor Mohum 1881-11)"00, V. llshani, Torquay, since 1901. llfl 1878, Alice, 
2iui d. of W. Adair Bruce, Esq., of Box, Wilts. Address Ilshaui Vicarage, 

1852 Winchester College. 131 

Mautin, Charles (f), b. 17 Oct., 18-40 (2ud s.), bro. of William, above, p. 8i). 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1839-G4, 2 CI. Mod. 18G1, Stanhope 1862, 1 CI. B.A. 1863, 
Senior Stnd. ( 'h. Ch. 1864-9, M.A. 1866, Tutor 1865-9 ;)©.©.,</ 1865, p. 1866 ; 
Select Pr. at Oxford and Assist. Master in Harrow Sch. 1869-70 ; Warden 
of St. Peter's Coll. Radley and V. P.adlev 1871-9, R. Wood-Xorton and 
Swanton Novers, Norfolk 1879-83. R. Poulshot, Wilts. 1883-90, R. Dartington 
since 1891. fH 14 Sept., 1809, Dora Frances, d. of Rt. Rev. George Moberly, 
O.C.L., above, p. 6. AJJress Dartington Rectory, Totues.' 

Mavo, James, b. 30 Oct., 1810, bro. of Ch.wles, above, p. 113. 

Trin. Coll. Camb. 1858, 3 01. Trip. B.A. 18G2, M.A. 1865, li.D. 1881, LL.M. 1890, 
M.A. incorji. Worcs. Coll. Oxon 1871, LL.D. 1896; pj.©., rf 1865, /) 1867, 
Second Master I'lvnionth New Gram. Sch. 1862-4, Second Master Heath 
Gram. Sch., Halifax, Yorks. 1864, C. Ronisey 1865-6, Bircham Newton 1866-8, 
Second Master Faiiconberge Gram. Sch., Beccles 1872, R. Buckland-next- 
Faversham, Kent, since 1873 ; author of "Metaphor in Preaching "il871, "Right 
and Wrong Use of the Word Amen" 1882, " .Sennons at a New Institution" 
1SS6, " Sunday Evening Readings" 1801. fH 1 July, 1879, Annie, d. of John 
Andrews, Esq., Canterburj'. Aililresf 6, Warkworth Terrace, Cambridge. 

1'attkx, James Coverdale, s. of James Patten, Esq., solicitor, 17, Upper 
Woburn Place, and 41, Ely Place, London. 
ISarr. Middle T. 1859. Q 1865. 
Kamsuotham, John, b. 26 Dec, 1839, e. s. of James Bamsbjtliam, Esq., of 
Crowborough Warren, Tuubridge Wells, and Jane, his wife, 
only d. of Joshua Fieldeu, Esq., of Waterside, Toihnordcu 
(bro. of Thomas Fielden and Richard Hugh, below, pp. 142, 
Residing 30 leagues from Monte Video ; Sheep-farming 1862 ; J. P. Sussex ; Hon. 
Major (retired) 3rd Batt. E. Sussex Regt. iH 28 Julv, 1864, Emilie Helen 
Leigh, y. d. of William Clare, Esq., of The Hollies, Sdge Lane, Liverpool. 
.l.;.?/r.« Stony Royd, Hkley, Yorks. 
Ilonixsox, Walter Cuoke (f), b. 4 June, 1839, bro. of Francis Edward and 
Thomas Auriol, above, pp. 105, 114, and Ellis Ashton, 
below, p. 155. 
Fellow New Coll. Oxon since 1858, first Catholic Fellow since Elizabeth's reign, 
2 CI. Mod. 1859, B.A. 1861, M.A. 1865 ; IB.®., C. St. John's Common, Burgess 
Hill 1863-5, Clewer 1865-7, Curatc-in-'Charge St. Andrew's, W. Bromwicli 
1867 ; converted to the Catholic Church 8 May, 1872 ; educated for the 
priesthood at Oscott College 1872-5 ; ordained priest 16 May, 1875 ; Vice- 
Rector Catholic University Coll., Kensington 1875-8 ; Catholic Chapl. 
Kensington Workhouse and Infirmary 1878-92 j Preacher and Lecturer of the 
Archdiocese of Westminster since 1872 ; created a Domestic Prelate to His Holi- 
ness the Pope 17 July, 1899. Address 13, Luxemburg Gardens, Hammersmith, A\'. 
KuMSEY, Henry Langston (f), b. 17 Oct., 1838, e. s. of Henry Wyldbore 
Rumsey, Esq., of St. Mary-le-Cryiit, Gloucester. 
Fellow New Coll. Oxon 1857-74, 3 CI. Mod. 1859, 3 CI. B.A. 1861, M.X 1864 ; 
jit).®., d 1863, p 1866, Second Master R. Gram. Sch., Guildford 1863-6, C. St. 
Barnabas, Pimlico 1866-72, R. St. John, Sladdermarket, Norwich 1872-82, V. 
Hoar Cross, Staffs. 1882-5, V. Denstone 1885-98. ffi 23 July, 1873, 
Frances Mary, e. d. of Charles Binny Skinner, Esq., of 57, Eccleston'Sq., and 
The Chantry, Suffolk. Address 21, Cadogan Gardens, S.AA'. 
Smith, Thomas AVade (f), b. 28 Sept., 1838, s. of Thomas Wade Smith, Esq., 
surgeon, Dirleton, Painswick, Gloucs. 
Emm. Coll. Camb. 1858, B.A. 1861, M.A. 1865, Chichester Thcol. Coll. 1865; 
ll).®., d 1866, p 1867, C. Uttoxetcr 1866-7, Hartshorn, Derbyshire 1867-70, 
iTiiyleigh, Essex 1870-1, Burbage, Wilts. 1871-7, V. Eastoii Roval, Wilts. 
1877-94, C. St. Bartholomew's, Bath 1895, Assist. Chapl. St. JIary Magd., Bath 
1896-1901. iB. , d. of William Browne, Esq., of Charlton Kings, Chelten- 
ham, Gloucs. Address Dirleton, Madeira Rd., Clevedon. 

Theobald, Cotton Edwin, b. 22 Juno, 183C, bro. of t'harlts, tihove, p. 80, and 
Arthur, Oclavius, and Horace, below, pp. 187, 211. 
Ens. and Lieut. 55th Regt. 1855, Capt. 20th Regt. 1863, Major 1877, Lieut.-Col. 
1881, retired I."*."*!!; served in Bhootau Expedition 1865 (medal and ela>p). 

132 Winchester College. 1852 

Wells, Joux t'uTJiiiBU-r (t), b. L'8 March, 1838, L'ml s. uf Rev. George Wells, 
K. of Bosfurd, Berks, and Augusta, Lis wife, d. of Rev. Johu 
Starky, of S]>ye Park, ChippcQliam (bro. of Giffard Jonali, 
below, p. 148). 
Left 10 Jiilv, 1854. 

8H011T HALF, 1852. 

Bi;ace, I'r.ANCis I'^dwahd, b. 1837, e. s. of Capt. Francis Brace, R.N., Clifton, 

and Elizabeth, his wife, d. of John Middleton, Esq. 

Ens. 3rd Ke^'t. (-'Buffs") 1855, Lieut. 1857, retired 18fil ; Cipt. Essex Rifles 

Militia 1873. Major 1882, resigoed 28 March, 1890; .1.1'. Hants. fH 1861, 

Elizabeth, d. of Charles Osborne, Esq., Down End, Farehaui, Hants ; resided 

at Catisfield Lodge, Hants. S 21 April, 1890. 

Caeteu, George William (f), C.F., b. 9 May, 1842, at St. Slichael, Winchester, 

only s. of George Caiter, Esq., and Mary, his wife, d. of 

H. Tufnell, Esq., of Langleys, Essex, and nephew of Harry 

William Carter, Esq., of Kennington Hall, Aslifiird, Kent. 

Ens. loth Kei;t. 1859, Lieut. Q at Bau'falorc, India, of con'iestiou of the lungs, 

7 Oct., 1866, 

CuPLESTOS, John Henry (f), bapt. 18 Ang., 1841, e. s. of Rev. John Gay 

Copleston, R. of Lamvalt, Somerset, afterwards R. of Ofi'well, 

C.C.C, Oxon 1859. 3 CI. Jlod. 1801, 4 L. A H., B.A. 1807, M.A. 1809; 1i?.©., 

d. 1864, p. 1867, C. A\est Buckland, Devon 1864-8, K. Kilkhauipton, Cornwall 

1868-71, K, AVest Buckland 1871-80, R. Offwell since 1880, U.D. Dunkeswell 

and Honiton since 1895. ffil 7 Sept., 1864, Edith Emma, v. d. of Rev. J. J. 

Toogood, K. of Kirkby Overblow, Yorks, AJtlicfs Offn-eH'Bectorj-, Honiton, 

CowDURN, Alfred (7th s.), bro. of George, above, p. 59. 
Q at Tavistock Sq., London, 4 March, 1859. 

Esses, Alfred, b. 4 Aug., 1838, bro. of William Edward, above, p. 100. 

Merchant ami manufacturer, London. fR (1) 6 June, 1805, Maria, d. of Greaves 
Walker, Esq, ; (2) 19 Aug,, 1882, Anne Emily Augusta, d, of William Baile, 
Esq., Ty Mawe, Carmarthen. Ait'liifs Woodleigh, Weybridge. 

Griffith, Clement Bayly (f), b. 2 Dec, 1840, at Bishopstrow, Wilts., s. of 
Rev. John Wickham Grifllth, R. of Pertwood, subsequently 
R. of Bishopstrow. 
Clerk in the War Clfficc 1863-71. 
Habkison, EnwARD Hyde (f), b. 17 Aug., 1840 (4th s.), bro. of John Butler 
and AllVed livde, above, pp. 115, 12(i. 
■ Sch. New Coll. 1859-63, 2 CI. jlod. 1861, B.A. 1862, M.A. 1866 ; to India 1863, 
resided at Cnlcutta a year, |iostcil to Punjab Conunission 15 Dec, 1864, 
Administrator of the .State of Mundi ; Registrar of Chief Court, runjab, Oct., 
1873. at Simla, 5 .June, 1875. Inscription in Cloisters. 

Lysne, Spencer, b. 1838, c. s. of Walter Lj-nne, Esq., Rushington House, Eliug, 

Hants (afterwards of Southwick, Northamptonshire), and 

Jane, his wife. 

Kns. 2nil liatt. 9th licgt. 1856, Lieut. 1858, resigned about 1861. iff, 1884, May, 

d, of tlie late Gen, JIark Kerr Atherlcv, 92nd Gordon Highlanders ; resided at 

Cheltenham, D 9 Sept., 1903. 

Merbimas, Georc.e, h. 27 Dec, 1837 (2ud s.), bro. of Robert William, above, 
p. 125. 
Exeter Cull. Oxon 185G, 2 CI. Mod. 1858, B.A. 18.W, M.A. 1863 ; Wells Thcol. Coll. 
1800; li).©., <' 1861, p 1862, C. Banlmrv- 1861-4, St. Giles, Reading 1864-9, 
(ircat Ylu-mouth 1869-76, Y. Martham, Norfolk 1876-1905. iff 31 March, 1880, 
Ellen Elizabeth, d. of Rev. George SViUiam Steward, R. of Caistor-on-Sca, 
Great Varmouth. 13 of pucumouin, 1 Nov., 1906, at The Firs, Old Cattou. 

1852-3 Winchester Collkoe. 133 

llicHARDs, John Wihtkhkad, b. 1838, 2iid s. of William Haggatt Piichards, 
Esq., Stapletou House, Martock, Somerset. 
Said to bave Ijeeu a solicitor and to have practised at Yeovil, but uot in the Law 
Lists. fH 1862, Mary Ann, onlj- daughter of Robert Chaffey, Esq., East Stoke 
House, Somerset. 

Teai,e, John William, b. 7 June, 1838 (2ucl s.), bro. of Thomas Piidgin, above, 
p. 95. 
Tuiv. Coll. Oxon 1X56, B.A. 1860, M.A. 1863, Kins's C'oU. London, and Leeds 
Hospitals, M.R.C.S. 1862, F.R.C.S. 18G5, House Surf,'eon liath United Hosp., 
then Phvsieian and Sur^'con at Scarborou;;h 1866-97 ; contributor to Trangac- 
th„ts of Clioicul .iodi-li/: J.P. Yorks. '^ fH 1867, Grace Maria, 3rd d. of 
liobert Crnttwell, Esq., of liath. 33 Ajiril, 1897. 

Williams, David Wykeiiam (f), C.F., bapt. 19 Feb., 1840, at Llanspyttid, 

Brecon, e. s. of liev. David Williams (f 1813), 11. of Alton 

Barnes, Wilts., and Elizabetb, his wife, d. of J. Powell, 

Esq., of Penbryn, co. Brecon. 

Left 1859 ; .Assist. Master Ipswich School, then kept private schools of his own at 

Ventnor, Dinan, and elsewhere ; afterwards proprietor of the Pension Salammbo, 

Ostend ; for many years Secretary to the Bcckcnhain Cricket Club. Q 16 Ma}', 

1906, at 162, Portsdown Rd., London, W. (in the 66th year of his age, according 

to the Ttmef). 

LONG HALF, 1853. 

AwDRV, William (f), bapt. 19 Feb., 1840, s. of Henry Goddard Awdry, Esq., 
of Notion Lodge, Chippenham, and Mary, Ins wife, d. vi' 
Kev. Keiiiick Peck, of Notton Lodge aforesaid. 
Left 19 Sept., 1857. D 1864. 
Benson, Edmund George, s. of Rev. George Lewes Benson, Miuor Canon of 
Lieut. Royal Wilts. Militia 1862, Capt. 1866-71. D in Australia. 
I'.KRTHOS, Alderson, 4th s. of P. H. Berlhon, Esq., Forest, Waltbamstow. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1855; Capt. Isle of Wight Militia -Vrtiller)- 1868-81. D at 3, 
Prince of Wales Terrace, Kensington, 7 June, 1888. 

Brett, John (f), b. 9 May, 1842, 2nd .=. of Robert Brett, Esq., of Stoke Xew- 
iugton, Middlesex (D.N.B. vi. 284). 
To Commoners superannuate Long Half 1860, St. Mary Hall, Oxon 1860. Q. 

Brownk, Maoess James Caulfeild, b. 1 Dec, 1837 (3rd s.), bro. of William 
James CaulfeUd, above, p. 115. 
Capt. loth Regt. ifl 31 Doc, 1860, Sarah, onlv .1. of William Green, Esq. Q 
s. p. 31 Dec, 1866, at Gibraltar. 
l'"ox, William (f), b. 9 Sept., 1839, 2ik1 ?. of Rev. Samuel Fox, R. of Morley, 
Derbyshire (bro. of John Henry, below, p. 172). 
Pemb. Coll. O.xon 1859, H..\. 1862; ?i).®., </ 1869, p 1870, C. Stanton-bv-Dale 
1869-72, Dom. Chapl. to Lord de Tablcv 1872-3, R. Stanton-bv-Dale 1873- 
1904, R.D. Ockbrook 1881-6, R. Pitney .since 1904. Jddms Pitney Rectory, 
Langport, Somerset. 
IIkatiicote, Tiiorniiill Bradfoud (t), b. 2 March, 1839, at The Pastures, 
Mickleuvcr, Derbyshire, y. s. of Cicksliutt lleathcote, Esq., 
of Littleover, Derbysliire, and Ebza Gcorgiana, liis 2iiil 
wile, 4th d. of Samuel Hawkins, Esq., of Pall Mall, London, 
and Fiudon, Sussex, and widow of Capt. James Barton, 
ll.E.l.C. Artillery. 
Solicitor 1863; appnintid Si>licilor"tn tlie Duchv of Cornwall 17 June, 1873; re- 
appointed 14 March, 1901. itl 9 .luuc, 1875. Alice, 2nd (eldest sur- 
viving) d. of Willi:im Lakin Ward, Esq., of Great Marlow, IJucks. .UMiesses 
Betchworth, Surrey ; lu, lluckingham Gate, London, S.W. 

134 Winchester College. 1853 

Let, John Carrikgton, b. 17 Nov., 1810, only s. of Rev. Cairington Ley, Bere 
Regis Vicarage, Dorset. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1859, 1 L. & H. 1863, B.A. 1864; Barr. Inner T. 18GG, H.M. In- 
spector of Schools, Education Department, 1873. fH 1873, Emily, 3rd d. of 
John Bagwell, Esq., M.P., of Marlfield, Clonmel. Aililrefs St. Helen's, East 
Farleigh, Maidstone. 
MoNCRiEFF, Lynedoch Needham, s. of Col. Moiicrieft', Edinburgh. 

Royal Navy, Sub-Lient. 1863, Lieut. 1865, Commander (retired) 1873 (Royal Humane 
Society's medal) ; Consular Ser\-ice, Cayenne, Consul Eastern Soudan 1 April, 
1883 ; killed 6 Nov., 1883, at the rout of Tokkar, by El Mahdi's troops. 
MowATT, Francis, b. 1837, in Australia, only s. of Francis Mowatt, V.s(\., 
Trottuu, Petersfield, and 15, Devonshire Place, London, and. 
Sarah Sophia, his -nife, d. of Commodore Barnes, R.N. 
IlarroTT 1851-2, St. John's Coll. Oxon 1855; Clerk in Treasury 1856; Assist. 
Secretary to 'Treasury and Auditor of Cis-il List 1888-02, Terraancnt Secretary 
1894-1903 ; a Member of the Patriotic Fund Commission since 18!)5 ; Senator 
London University since 1903; Alderman L.C.C., I.S.O. 1902; C.B. 1884, 
K.C.B. 1893, G.C.n. 1901 ; Member South African War Stores Commission 
1905; Privy Councillor 1906. fH 1864, Lucy, d. of Andreas Frerichs, Esq., 
and widow of Count Stenbock, of Kolk, Esthonia. Adilrof 35, Lennox 
Gardens, London, S.W. Cluis Reform, Athena?um. 
Tault, Charles Paine, b. 30 April, 1838 or 1840, 3rd s. of Paulus Eniilius 
Pauli, Esq., Upper Norwood, Surrey. 
Pemb. Coll. Oxon 1856, B.A. 1861 ; Barr Inner T. 1867. S 29 Dec, 1897. 
PiiiLLPOTTS, James Surtees (f), b. 18 Julj', 1839 (3rd s.), bro. of Henry John 
and William Frances, 'above, pp. 115, 122. 
Fellow New Coll. Oxon 1858-G9, 1 CI. Mod. 1860, 1 CI. 1862, B.A. 1863, B.C.L. 
1864, M.A. 1872; Assist. Master Rugby 1862-74; Head Master Bedford 
Grammar School 1875-1903, during which time the school became almost 
five times as large as it was; editor of "Epochs of History," "King and 
Commonwealth," Xenophon selections I. and II., Herodotus selections, Shake- 
speare's "Tempest," Scott's "Lay of the Last Minstrel," Homer's Iliad YI. 
fB. Miss Corderj'. Address The Ousels, Tunbridge AVells. 

SHORT HALF, 18.53. 

Awdhv, Thomas, b. July, 1840 (3rd s.), e. s. of Sir John Wither Awdry, by 
Frances Ellen, his 2nd wife, d. of Rt. Rev. Thomas ("arr, 
D.D., Bishop of Bombay (hall'-bro. of John, above, p. 110, 
and bro. of William, Charles, and Herbert, below, pp. 141, 
167, 206). 
Went to sea P. and 0. Service. fR 9 July, 1872, Marj' Olivier, 4th d. of West 
Awdry, Esq., of Secnd ; resided for some years in New Zealand. Addrtfs 
Ardath, Salisbury. 
Br.oFEi.n, Robert Singleton, b. 7 Jan., 1839, s. of Rev. Thomas John Blofeld, 
Iloveton House, Norwich, and Catherine Charlotte, his wife, 
d. of Rev. Anthony Culiett, R. of Haveningham, Sull'olk. 
Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1860, 2 Theol. 1861, M.A. 1864; |tj.©., <l 1862, /) 
1863, C. Risby 1862-3, Woolpit 1863-4, Ormsby 1864-G, V. Ormsby 1866-94, 
R. Sparbam, "Norfolk since 1894. fH 1807, Fanny Louisa, 2nd d. if Rev. W. 
Boycott, K. Burgh St. Peter, Norfolk. Addrof Sparham, Roophani. 
Cox {now Hoiiy), William Trevelyan Hodv, b. 1837, e. s. of William Trevelyan 
Co.x, Esq. (Comm.), J. P., Chedington Court, !Misteriun, 
Crewkerne, who assumed the name of Hody in 1886, and 
Emma, his wife, d. of Rev. J. Wills, 1!. of South Perrott 
(bro. of Arthur Hody, below, p. 137). 
Ens. 66th Regt. 1865, Lieut. 1858, Capt. 18G4, retired 1865; assumed the surname 
of Hody and discarded the Christian name Hody 23 Feb., 1886. Itl 17 Feb., 
1863, Lilias Knthnrinc, '2nd d. of Lieut.-Gen. W. Babington, commanding 
Malabar and Camara, 


Evans {iinii) Vw.n), Lewis Pugh, b. 3 Aug., 1837, 2nd s. of John Evans, Esq., 

Lovesgrove, Aberystwith, and Eliza, his wife, d. of Lewis 

Pugh, Esq. 

C.C.C. Oxon, B..\. 1859, M.A. 18G2 ; B.irr. Line. Inn 1802, Calcutta Bar ; took 

surname of Pugh in lieu of that of Evans bj- Royal Licence in 18G8 ; M.P. (L.) 

00. Cardisau 1880-5; .LP. Cardigan, ftl (1) 1864, Veronica Harriet, d. of 

James Hills, Esq., of Neechindepore, Bengal ; (2) 1896, Emily Adah Sophia, 

c. d. of Thos. Cbaplin, Esq., M.D. Address Abemaed, Aberystwith. Cluhs 

Reform, Oriental. 

Fr.^seb, William Thomas, b. 1 Jan., 1838, s. of William Eraser, Esq., Skipncss 
Castle, Tarbert, N.B., and Helen Colquhoun, his wife, d. of 
James Campbell, Esq., of Dunmoie. 
Ens. 42nd Refjt. 1855, Lieut. 1855, retired 1861, succeeded his father at Skipness 
Castle 1856. Q. 

IIatwabd, John Camden, b. 8 Aug., 1839, s. of John Hayward, Esq., Sutton, 


Solicitor, Dartford 1865 ; Clerk to the Magistrates, Guardians, Local Board, and 

Highway Board of Dartford. fH 1886, Catherine Elizabeth, d. of Francis 

Field, Esq., 6, Merton St., Oxford. Address Monk's Orchard, Wilmington, 


HuMPHERY, Percy Adolphus, b. 15 M.ay, 1838, Gth s. of John Humphery, 

Esq., being his e. s. by Annie Maria Jane, his 2nd wife, d. 

of James D3'son, Esq., of Wilden Shrubbery, Bedford (half- 

bro. of John, William Henry, and Charles John, above, pp. 

69, 85, and bro. of Edward John, below, p. 153). 

To Hailevburj'; Bengal C.S. 1858, Joint Magistrate and Collector, Rajshahvc, 

Bengal 1867-71 ; pensioned 1874. fH (1) 1859, Marion, d. of John Cattell, 

Esq. ; (2) I8C3, Emily, d. of George Kilbey, Esq. Address c/o India Office, 

London, S.W. 

.Je.sson, Thomas, e. s. of William Percy Jesson, Esq., of Harrow Lodge, neor 
Ringwood, Hants. 
Lieut. R.A. 1859; retired on an annuity 1871. fH 4 Feb., 1860, Esther Mar- 
guerite, e. d. of John De Caen, Esq., of M'averley Villa, Jersey. S 1873. 

Lkk, William Blackspoxe (f), C.F., bapt. 16 June, 1842, at Hove, 3rd and 

only surv. s. of Pev. William Blackstone Lee, R. of Wootton, 

Oxon, and I'lizabeth, his wife, d. of Charles Thompson, 

Esq., Master in ('hancery. 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 1860, B.A. 18G3 ; J.P. Wilts. fH 1874, Maud Ellen Legh, d. of 

William Milton Bridger, Esq., J. P., of Haluaker House, Sussex. Address 

Chantry, Frome. Clubs Athenjeuni and New L'niversity. 

Palmer, Ralph Charlton, b. 3 Oct., 1839, 3rd s. of George Palmer, Esq., 

of Nazing Park, Waltham Cross, Essex, and Elizabeth 

Cliarlotte, his wi!c, d. of John Surtces, Esq., of Carville. 

Ball. Coll. (iNon 1857, 2 CI. Mod. 1K59, 3 CI. 1861, B.A. 18i;2; Barr. Line. Inn 

18G4; Seiretnrv to the I'lililie School Commissioners; Principal Secretary to 

the Loril Cliancllor (Lord Sellionic) 1880; Clerk of the Crown in Chancery 

since 18X0 ; Visitor in Lunacy. Addnsus 203, Royal Courts of Justice, W'.V^; 

9, Little Stauhoi)e St., \V. 

RoiiERTsoN, Robert Henderson, b. 29 May, 1839, s. of Robert Henderson 
Robertson, Esq., Sunning Hill, Berks. 
Lieut. R.A. 18,59, Capt. 1871. D unmarried, in Canada, 8 Oct., 1872. 

ToKE, John Leslie, b. .30 Dec, 1839, e. s. of Hev. Nicholas Toke, of Godingtoii, 

J.P., and Ennna, his wife, 2iid d. of Rt. Rev. John Leslie, 

D.U., lU-^hoj) of Elphin. 

Left 1854 to jjrcparc for Woolwich; Ens. 96th Regt. 1858, Capt. (retired), Lieut.- 

Col. 1st Vol. Batt. R. Berks Regt., V.D. fH (1) 28 Jan., 1864, Agnes 

EUetson, y. d. of Patrick Robertson Reiil, of Springhall, co. Lanark ; (2) 

1870, Margaret Jemima, only child of Rey. P. B. Adams, R. of Hoiiesav, 

Salo]). Address Bucksford, near Ashford, Kent. 

136 WiMcnESTER College. 1853-4 

ToosET, James Denton, e. s. of James D. Toosey, Esq., of C'lessy, Longford, 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1856 ; Magistrate and Squatter in Tasmania, breeder of some of 
the most famous rams in the Australian Colonies. Jildiess Richmond Hill, 
Cressy, Longford, Tasmania. 

Upton, Robert Letcester, s. of Robert Brotherson Upton, Esq., The Grove, 
Solicitor and Notary Public, in the firm of Sanderson & Co., Calcutta ; Solicitor to 
the Government of India down to 1895. 

Williams, Charles Jonathan, b. 19 April, 1838, s. of Matthew William.'', 
Esq., Cwmcyufelin, Abervstwith. 
From Bradfield Coll. ; settled in Queensland 1863-70. D 2.") Jan.. 1874. 

WiLMOT, Revell Eardley- (t), C.P., b. 20 Aug., 18i2, 2nd s. of Sir Jolm 

Eardley Eardley- Wilmot, 2nd Bart., of Birkswell Hall, 

M.P., and Eliza Martha, his wife, 5th d. of bir Robert 

Williams-Bnlkelev, 9th Bart. 

Left 1857 ; Ens. l-ith Bengal Lancers ISCO, Lieut. 1862, Capt. 1869, Major 1880, 

Lieut.-Col. 1881, Col. 1885, Major-Gen. 1895 ; served in lihotan Expedition 

1864-6, wounded (despatches, medal, and clasp) ; .Jowaki Expedition 1877-8. 

as A.D.C. (despatches, clasp) ; Afghan War 1878-80 (despatches, medal and 

three clasps. Brevet Lieut.-(-'ol.) ; in receipt of distinguished serAnce pension : 

C.B. 1896. CtNh Cavalrv. 

LONG HALF, 1854. 

Baker, Montagu Bernard (f), b. 27 July, 1842 (4th s.), bro. of James, 

Frederick, Henry, and Granville, above, pp. 35, 74, IOC, 


Pemb. Coll. Oxon 1860; Stud. Inner T. 1862; Bombay C.S. ; arrived in India 

29 Nov., 1864, and ser\-ed in Bombaj- as an Assistant Collector and Magistrate, 

and in Sind as Acting Judicial Conunissioner and .Judge of the Sadar Court ; 

Judge and Sessions Judge, May, 1882; retired Jime, 1891. Q. 

Benson, William John, b. 1844 (2nd s.), bro. of Prockter Mclhuisli, above, 
p. 120, and of John Peier and Charle^j, below, pp. 2-lG, 25C. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1862, li.A. Charslcv Hall 1867, M.A. Exeter Coll. 1872; ©.©.. 
d 1868, ;) 1869, C. Bampton 1868-70, Hambledon 1870-4, Wvke Regis 18^4-9, 
R. Willingham-bv-Stow 1879-82. C. Chesterford 1882-3, 'liurgate 1883, Y. 
Kenton, Suffolk 1884-92, K. Dunton Waylett 1892-1906. fff. 1874, Millicent 
Francos, d. of Rev. Thomas Patteson, V. of Hambledon, Hants. Ailtlrefs 
Farnborough, R.S.O., Kent. 

Beeqer, Ernest Archibald, b. 3 Dec, 1839, 2nd s. of Lewis Curwood Berger, 

Esq., Norwood, Hounslow (bro. of the next, and of Arthur 

John, below, p. 139). 

Ens. 2nd Batt. 10th Lincohishire Regt. 1858, Lieut. !>!:•", \-!M,t. Nt Batt. 1861-1, 

Capt. 1864, Adjut. and Paymaster N. Line. JliU: : ' -7 Major 2ud Batt. 

10th Regt. 1878, Lieut.-Col. 1881, Col. 1885, Ma ^, nr.d) 1886. ifl 

7 Feb., 1867, at East London, South, Mai_ n: i , iniiic, only d. of 

the late Thomas Brereton, Esq., R.ll., of i;athurk>>, Ncii:i,:;li, co. Tip'perary. 

Aililrcfs 8, Penny St., Portsmouth. 

Berger, Lewis John, b. 17 Nov., 1838, e. bro. of the above. 

Solicitor 1862 (Honours final examination) ; partner in Messrs. Wilde, Borger A 
Moore, 21, College Hill, E.C., 1867-96; Hon. See. of Wykehamist Meeting 
in London 1866-85. A'ldress (.'ransford Lodge, Keigate. Clnh Athen.'sum. 

Blscoe, William AValters, b. 12 Aug. 1841, 2nd s. of Rev. William Biscoe, V. 

of Donuiugton, Ucrefordshire, afterwards of Combe Bissett, 


Into College Long Half 1855 ; left 1859 ; Cornet 1st Bengal European Light Cavalry 

1860, Lieut. Fane's Horse (now 19th Bengal Lancers) 1862, Capt. 1872, Major 

1854 Winchester Colleoe. 137 

1880, Brevet Lieiit.-Col. 18«1, Assist. Adjut.-Gen. Uuiballa Ttis-a. 1882-5, 
Lieut.-Col. 1886, commanding lOth Lancers 1885-92, Col. 1889, Col. on Staff, 
Multan 1892-5, commanded liandelkand District, Agra 1895, Major-Gen. 
1895, Lieut.-Gen. 1900 ; retired 1901 ; served in Bezoti Expedition 18G9 ; 
thronghout Afghan Campaigns 1878-80 (medal and despatches and Brevet of 
Lieut.-Col.) ; commanded Cavalrj- Brigade in Mirauzai Expedition, 1891 (medal 
and despatches and C.B.). Ai'lilress 7, Larkstone Kd., Ilfracombe. Cliihs 
United Sen-ice, Junior Constitutional. 

Burnet, Alexander D'Abblay, b. 8 March, 1839, bro. of Richard ThomaB, 
above, p. 118. 
Trin. Coll. Camb., Jun. Opt. B.A. 1861, M.A. 1864; |§.©., J 1862, p 1863, C. 
Walmerslev 1862-5, Hevwood i86o-6, Slarston Bigot 1866-9, St. John, Bath- 
wick 1869-71, Y. Witham Friarj- 1871-81. fR 22 Sept., 1868, Constance, 
e. d. of Lieut.-Col. Felix Wakefield, and widow of Frederick Widierbv, Esq., 
of Xew Zealand. Q 16 July, 1881, aged 42. 

BuRNEY, Charles (f), b. 21 Nov., 1810, at Sible Hedingbam, Essex, e. s. of Rev. 

Cani>Q Charles Biirnev (tl828, Archdeacon of Kingston 

1879-1904, V. of St." Mark, Surbiton, since 1870), and 

Anne Jane, his wife, d. of Simeon Warner, Esq., of Black- 


C.C.C. Oxon 1859, 2 CI. Mod. 1861, B.A. 18 3 ; Solicitor 1866 ; Chief Clerk to the 

Master of the Eolls, Sir George Jessel, 1877-81 ; to Mr. (aftcr^vards Lord) 

Justice Chittv 1881-97 ; a Master of the Supreme Court since 1897 ; editor of 

"Daniell's Chancen- Forms," 4th ed. 1885, 5th ed. 1901 ; co-editor of "The 

Annual Practice" since 1889; of -'Wilson's Judicature Acts," 6th ed. 1887, 

7th ed. 1888; of '■ Chadwvck-Healey's Companies Acts," 3rd ed. 1894; of 

" Kerr on Receivers," 4th ed. 1900. ffl Aug., 1867, Rose, d. of the Rev. Canon 

Xicholl, R. of Streatham. Address Helstcad Lodge, Upper Tooting, S.W. 

Club United University'. 

Caunter, Richard Hanley (f), b. 27 March, 1842 (in Register, 1841), at 

Diimmer, e. s. of Rev. Ricliaril McDonald CauLter, LL.B., 

and Anne, his wife, d. i>f Thomas Harrison, Esq., of 

Masham, Yorks., and niece of the Rev. John Hanle}', R. of 


Ch. Ch. Oxon ; then appointed to a Cavalry Cadctship in India ; in Printed 

Books Dept. British Museum 1861 to 1902. fH 11 June, 1863, Violet Sybil, 

d. of George Edward Beaumont Grant, Esq. Address 17, Criffel Avenue, 

Streatham, S.W. 

Cox, Arthur Hody (3rd s.), bro. of William Trevelyan Hody, above, p. 134. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1859, B.A. 1864. Q. before 1886. 

Fletcher, Alfred, b. 1 June, 1841, s. of William Fletcher, Esq., Bank of 
Eni;land, Liverpoi>l. 
J.P. and D.L. Lancsr fH 25 June, 1868, Edith, 3rd d. of Thomas Littledale, Esq., 
J.P., D.L., of Highfield House, West Derby. Address AUerton, Liverpool. 
Club Junior Carlton. 

Garnier, Thomas Parry (t), b. 22 Feb., 1841, 2nd s. of Very Rev. Thomas 

Gamier, Dean of Lincoln, and Lady Caroline, his wi^e, y. d. 

of Wiliiam Charles, 4th Earl of Albemarle. 

B.1II. CoU. Oxon 1859, 1 CI. Mod. 1861, B.A. 1863, M.A. 1866, Fellow of All 

Souls 1863-73 [Univ. XI. 4 vears] ; |^.©., d 1866, p 1867, C. AVelwvn 1866-8, 

V. South Hinckscv 1868-71,' Chapl. to' Bishop Jackson of Loudon 1871-3, R. 

Cranworth, Norfolk 1.874-95, R. Banham, Norfolk 1895-8, Hon. Canon 

Norwich 1884; author of "Church or Dissent" 1876, 2ud ed. 1880, 3rd 

ed. 1887, "The Parish Church" 1876, another edition 1896, "Gradiuited 

Church Readers" (four) 1S82, "Title Deeds of the Church of England" 1890. 

"First Book of the Church" 1892, "First Book of Worship" 1895, "First 

Book of Church Princijdes" 1894, " A Maniul on the Means of Grace" 1896, 

"First Book on the Bible" 1899. fH 16 April, 1873, Hon. Louis,i Warren, 

V. d. of George John, 5th Baron Vernon. Q at St. Slorit/, Switzerland, 17 or 

"18 March, 1898. 


Hni'TON, Wjlliam James, b. 1810, e. s. of Rev. William Huttoc, V. of 
Beetliani, Milulhoipe, and Margaret Denton, his wife, <i. 
of James Bramwell Toosey, Esq., of King's Lynn. 
Solicitor 18G4 (Certificate of Merit 1863) ; practised at various addresses in London 
down to 1893. 

Malet, Guii.bert Edward Wyndiiam, b. 12 July, 1839, e. s. of Eev. William 
Wyndhara Ma'et, V. of Ardeley, Hants, and Eliza Drake, 
bis wife, d. of E. J. Esdaile, Esq., of Cottelestone House, 
Somerset (bro. of Sydney Law and Clement Drake Elton, 
below, pp. 151, 165). 
Lient. Royal (Bengal) Artillery, 1858, Capt. 1872, Major (retired) 1879 ; Lieut. R.H.A. 
1865-72, Capt. 1875-9 ; Sec. Army Guild of Holy Standard since 1873 ; Sec. 
West Indian Section, Colonial Exhibition, 1885 ; Sec. Royal Military Exhibi- 
tion 1890. iB (1) 29 Jnlv, 1869, Florence, d. of Charles Willes "Wilsherc, 
Esq., of The Frj'thc, Welwyn ; (2) 10 Au?., 1880, Gertrude Agnes, d. of Sir 
Philip Cunliffe Owen, K.C.U., K.C.M.G., CJ.E. AMress 52, Penywern Ed., 
Earl's Court, S.W. Chih Junior L'nited Service. 

Maubyatt, George SELWYN(t), b. 20 June, 1840, s. of Lient.-Col. George 

Marryatt, of the 23rd Regiment, and nephew of the famous 


Comet 6th Dragoon Guards 1858, Lient. 1862, retired as Capt. ; served in India, and 

then lived an adventurous life in Australia ; returned to England, where he 

became weU known as an expert angler. IB at The Close, Salisbury, 1-1 Feb., 

1896. See Wyk. vii. (Nos. 321, 322), pp. 183, 195. 

NoRSwoRTHY, Henry, b. 9 March, 1810 (-Ith s.), bro. of Georf;e, above, p. 127. 

Magd. Coll. Oxon 1859, 1!.A. and M.A. 1866 ; Earr. Inner T. 1866 ; resided at 
Clairfield, Maidenhead. Q at Bournemouth, 3 Maj-, 1895. 

Stevenson, George (f), b. 27 Nov., 1842, only s. of Rev. Thomas Stevenson, 
R. of St. Peter, Chcesehill, Winchester. 
© at home, 8 Dec, 1858. Inscription in Cloisters. The Register gives the date of 
his death as 9 Dec. 

Thomson, Edward Richard Deas-, e. s. of Sir Edward Deas-Thomson, C.B., 

K.C.M.G., Colonial Secretary, Sydney, N.S.W., and Anne, 

his wile, d. of Gen. Sir R. Rourke, K.C.B., Governor of 


New Coll. Oxon 1858; entered the Civil Ser\-ice. N.S.W., 1880 ; Clerk in the Ofliec 

of the Executive Council, Sydnev, 1883. iB. 1884, Sojihia, d. of William 

Ijiwson, Esq., N.S.W. Aildress Hockley, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, N.S.W. 

Trevilian, John Raymond (Cely-) (y. surv. s.), bro. of Edwin Brooke Cely, 
above, p. 111. 
Ens. 1st Batt. 3rd Kegt. ("The Buffs") 1858, Lient. 1862, retired 1864; assumed 
the additional name of Cely. {B, W Jan., 1871, Blanche, oulv child of Sir 
Francis Vincent, 10th Bart. " © s. p. at 10, Tite St., Chelsea, 11 Jan., 1884. 

Tupper, Martin Charles Selwyn, b. 1841, s. of Martin Farquhar Tapper, 
Esq. (D.N.B. Ivd. 318), and Isabella, his wife, d. of 
Artlmr William Devis, Esq. 
Ens. 2flth (Worcs.) Regt. 1860, Lieut. 1862, Cajit. 1864, retired 1866. S 22 Oct., 

Warry, Arthur, b. 18 June, 1841, bro. of George Deedes and WiUiain Taylor, 
above, pp. 95, 118. 
Lieut. R.A. 1860, Capt. 1873, JIajor 1881, Lieut.-Col. 1888 ; Brig.-Major S. District 
1877-82, D.A.A.G. 1882-8, Headquarters Stnff R.A. 1888. B 28 March, 
1890, being then in command of the I!. A. at AVeymouth. 

WiCKiiAM, Arthur Robert (t). See above, p. 128. 

Wii.KiNS, George Lushinciton, b. Oct., 1839, s. of George Dashwood Wilkins, 
Esq., B.C.S., Arrah, Bengal. 
Into Merchant Service 1855, then into ( Ipium Service of Bengal. E) 12 Nov., iw;!, 
in the hospital at AUaliabad. 

1854 Winchester College. 139 

Wither, KEtiiSALD FitzHugu Bigg- (f), b. 9 Jan., 1842, 7th s. of E. Lovelace 

Bigg-Wither (Comni.), of Tangier Park, Hants, and Emma 

Jemima, liis wife, d. and co-heir of Rev. John Orde, E. of 


rcmb. Coll. Oxon 18fi0, B.A. 18G3, M.A. 1867 ; llj.©., d 1871, p 1872, C. West 

Chean, Surrey 1871-4, Reigate 1875-8, R. Wortint;, Hants 1879-98, Warden 

Winchester Diocesan Penitentiarj- 1878-98, R.D. Basingstoke 1890-3, K. 

Wonston, Micheldcver, since 1898. A'liliess Wonston Rectory, Hants. 

YooNO, James Peter (f), bapt. 3 Sept., 1842, e. s. of Rev. Peter Young, Curate 

to Keble at Hursley, afterwards Canon of Lincoln. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 18t;2, B.A. 1866, M.A. 1870 ; Cuddesdon Theol. Coll. ; IS.®., 

d 1867, p 18U8, C. Grimsby 1867-78, V. Grimsby 1878-98, R. Welbv' 1898- 

1900, Preb. Leighton Ecclesia in Lincoln Cathedral 1885-1900. S in the West 

London Hospital, 14 Feb., 1900. Cf. Wvk. viii. (n. 367) 157. 


Adams, Henry Coker (f), C.F., b. 28 June, 1842, e. b. of Henry Adams, Esq., 
and Mary Anne, his wife, d. of Daniel Rainier, Esq. 
Left 17 July, 1860 ; Ens. Oxford L.I. (52nd Regt.) 1863, Lieut. 1866, Adjut. 1867-8, 
Capt. 1868, Major 1868, Lieut.-Col. 1885, Col. 1889. Resided at Ansty Lodge, 
Coventry. © at Margate, 30 Aug., 1905. 

Berger, Arthur John, b. 15 Sept., 1843, bro. of Ernest Archibald and Lewis 
Jobn, above, p. IHG. 
Merchant and manufacturer, iff. 1871, Amelia Mary Lila, d. of Henrj' Pagden 
Taniplin, Esq., of Brighton. Address Elm Grove, Castle Hill, Maidenhead, 

BuTi-ER, Hon. James FitzWalter (Clifford-), b. 20 May, 1839, e. s. of 

Theobald FitzWalter, 14th and 23rd Baron Dunboyne, .ind 

Julia Celestina Maria, his wife, d. of William Brander, Esq., 

of Moiden Hall, Surre\ (bro. of Robert St. John FitzWalter 

.and Theobald FitzWalter, below, p. 143). 

Ens. Clare Militia 1861 ; J. P. ami D.L. Monmouth; Lieut.-Col. 2nd Batt. Mon. 

Rifle Vols. ; J. P. Devon ; assumed on his marriage the additional surname of 

Clifford, which assumption was confirmed by Royal Licence 13 Xov., 1860. 

Ifl 12 June, 1860, Marion, only surv. child of Col. Henry Morgan Clifford, 

of Llantilio, Crosseny, Monmouthshire ; succeeded his father as loth and 24th 

Baron Dunboyne 22 March, 1881. Q at Greendale, Exeter, 17 Aug., 1899. 

Carry, Charles EGERTos(t), b. 19 July, 1841, only s. of Sir Peter Stafford 

Carey, Knt., Bailiff uf Guernsey, ixnd Emily Aubrey, his 

wife, d. of Lieut.-Col. Richard Warren, Scots Fusilier 


Into Commoners Su[)erannuate Short Half 1859, Exeter Coll. Oxon 1860, 3 CI. 

1864, B.A. 1865, M.A. 1878; Stud. Line. Inn 1865; resided at Croft House, 

Botley, Hants. fH 23 Dec, 1S74, Hannah, widow of J. A. Yonge, Esq., and 

c. d. of the late .\ndrew Rogers. Esq. Q 21 Aug., 1892. 

Clarke, Leonard John Graham-, b. 20 Oct., 1841, e. s. of John Althara 

Graham-Clarke, Esq., of Frcce.-ter ilanor House, Gloucs., 

and Emma Jane, his wife, d. of the Rev. John Eagles, of 


Ch. Ch. Oxon 1860, B.A. 1865, M.A. 18G7 ; Barr. Inner T. 1868; J.P. Gloucester 

and Brecon. fH 26 July, 1866, Flora Eliza, d. of Henr)- Brown, Esq., Judge 

at Pooua. Addifssrs Frocester JIanor House, Ston,4io«se, Gloucs. ; and 

GlanrhOs, Brecou. Club Arts. 

140 Winchester Colleoe. 1854 

Derikg, George Edwardes, b. 12 Jan., 1841, 5tli (Srd siirv.) s. of 8ir Eiiward 
Cholmeley Deriuj?, 8th Bart., of Surrenden Dering;, Kent, 
and the Hon. James Edwardes, his -n-ife, 3rd d. of William, 
2nd Lord Kensington. 
From Harrow ; 5Ia<;d. Coll. Oxon 1858, B.A. 18G3 ; Barr. Sliildle T. 1865 j Re- 
corder of Faversham 1872; Assessor of Romnev. ffl (1) 1868, Jane .Uice, d. 
of Thomas Taylor, Esq. ; (2) 12 Jan., 1882, Pauline, d. of Rev. William Lewis 
Mason. S 15 April, 1902. 

EuRNEAux, Alan, b. of Henry, above, p. 71. 

Ball. Coll. Oxon 1858, 2 CI. Mod. 1860, 2 Xat. Sc. B.A. 1862, M.A. 1865; l^.©-, 
d 1864, p 1865, C. St. Germans 1864-74, V. St. Germans 1874-85, Surrogate of 
Truro 1879. S 30 Nov., 1885. 
Harrison, Joseph, s. of Thomas Harrison, Esq., Singleton Park, Kendal. 
Hearn, Francis George, b. 10 Jan., 1841, bro. of Thomas John, William, 
Charles Shuckburgb, and Eislev Vernev, above, pp. 54, 72, 
78, 117. 
Ens. Bengal Staff Corps 1859, IJcut. 3rd Bengal K.I. 1860, to 17tU Benj^Til X.I. 

1863, subsequently Adjut. ; ser\-ed with 29th Bengal X.I. in Bhootan ex|ieditiou, 
and took part in storming of Dewaugiri ; Assist. Commander JuUandur May, 
1865 ; Brunnoo, Punjab, 1865. 33 of fever 10 June, 1866, at Shaik Boodcen, a 
hill station near Bnmnoo. The Government of the Punjab, in reporting his 
death to the Government of India, said : " The deceased was a yoinig officer 
of unusually high promise. His death, it is feared, was accelerated by his 
conscientious devotion to his duties, from which he could not be persuaded 
entirely to withdraw, even after he had been attacked by fever, and his loss 
will be" deeply lamented Ijy all with whom he was associated." 

HuxTABi.E, Edgar, b. 11 April, ISIO, s. of Rev. Edgar Hiixtable, Preb. of Wells. 
Christ's Coll. Camb., B.A. 1862 ; JB.®., J 1869, p 1870, C. Camborne 1809-71, V. 
Torpoint 1871-81, C. Penrhvn 1882-4, Barford St. Martin 1884-6. Piddlehinton, 
Dorset 1886-9, V. St. .lohn's, Truro 1889-92, C. Calstock 1893-4, V. Stanwell, 
Staines, since 1894. IH 16 March, 1865, Henrietta Frances, e. d. of Thomas 
Hewett, Esq., of Longford, Somerset. .UUress Stanwell Vicarage, Stoines. 

Johnson, John Luttman-, b. 1840, e. s. of Rev. Henry William Rubinson 
Luttman-Johnson, Binderton, Chichester (brr. of Henry 
and James Arthur, below, iip. 147, 182). 
Trin. CoU. Oxon 1858 ; Lieut. Royal Sussex Militia 1864, Capt. 1870, Major 1884 ; 
J.P. Sussex. fS. 1871, Pcrsis, d. of Rev. J. C. Allen. Q Dec, 1887. 

Manning, Charles James, b. 10 J11I3', 1841, at Sydney, N.S.W., 2nd s. of John 
Edye Manning, Esq., 27 Cambridge St., Hyde Park, and 
Fanny Elizabet'i, his wife (bro. of William Henry, 
below, p. 101). 
Into College Short Half 1855; C.C.C. Oxon 1861, 3 CI. Mod. 1863, B.A. ISG4 ; 
Barr. Line. Inn. 1805, Barr. Svdnev. X.S.W.. and Tasmania ; Official Visitor of 
Hospitals, etc., N.S.W., ISS-l; j'u.lgo in l);inkruptcy 1890; Chief Judge in 
Equity of the Supreme Court, X.S.W., is;!.'.. IB (l)"l870, Clara Isabella, d. 
of John Athorpe. Esq., of Dinnington Hall, Yorks. ; (2) 1879, Emily, d. of 
J. Camden Goodridge, Esq. D at Himtor's Hill, Sydney, 8 Aug., 1898. 
Merriman, Edward Baverstock, b. 10 Dec, 1839, e. s. of Thomas Baverstock 
Mcrriman, Esq., Marlborough. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon l.s57, B.A. 1861, M.A. 1864 [rmvcrsity VHI. 1861] ; Solicitor 

1864, practised at Marlborough (Messrs. Merrimans A- Gwillim) ; Chairman 
Capital aiul Counties Bank 18,85; Col. 2nd V.B. Wilts. Regt.. V.I). 1892; 
Lieut, of the City of London 1903. IB 10 April, 1883, Sarah Louisa, d. ol 
Charles Perkins, Esq., Newspaper Proprietor. AJilress 9, Hyde Park 
Gardens, W. 

Pode, Charles Coleridge (t), h. 3 April, 1841 (4th s.), bro. of John Duke and 

William Yonge, above, pp. 86, 116, and Edward, below, 

• p. 144. 

Sch. Exeter Coll. Oxon 1860-4, 2 CI. Jlod. 1862, B.A. 1863, 1 Xat. Sc. 1864 ; 

Raddiife Travelling Fellow 1866-9, B. Med. 1868, M.A. 1872. D 25 Jlay, 


1854-5 Winchester College. 141 

iSmallpiece, Mark, b. 18 Jan., 1841, e. s. of Mark Siiiallpicce, Esq., Town 
CUrk of Guildford. 
From Marlljorouitli Coll. ; Oriel Coll. Oxon 18.59, B..\. 1863, M.X. 1867. 

Stevens, George Buckley (f), C.F., bapt. 14 June, 1840, s. of Kev. Henry 
Stevens, V. of Wateringbury, Kent. 
Eus. Beu<;al Staff Corps 1858, Lieut. 1859, Capt. 1870, Major 1878, Brevet Lieut.- 
Col. 1881, 2n(l in Command and Wing Commander 13th Bengal X.I. D 1883. 

Walford, William Luke (f), b. 24 May, 1841, at Manchester, e. s. of Alfred 

Walford, Esq., of Bebinglon, Cheshire, and nephew of the 

Rev. John Desborougli Walford, above, pp. 13, 28. 

Trin. Coll. Camb. 1859, B.A. 1863, M..V. 186G; Ig.©., C. All Saints, Fulham, in 

1866. IB 2 Jan., 1868, Sarah, 2nd d. of Sir John Wither Awdry, of Xottou 

House. S »t his residence in Winchester, 15 Oct., 1868. 

LONG HALF, 1855. 

AwDRV, William, b. Jan., 1842 (the Register of Win. Coll. .<^ays 27 Feb.) (4th 

s.), half-bro. of John, above, p. 110, and bro. of Thomas, 

above, p. 134, and of Charles and Herbert, below, pp. 167, 


Into Collc-c Short Half 18.55 ; Ball. Coll. Oxon, 1 CI. B.A. 1865, M.A. 1867, 

F.llerton Prize 1867, Fellow of Queen's Coll. 1866-8 [University "VIII. 18G3-4] ; 

p.©., d 1866, p 18G7, C. St. Peter-in-the-East, Oxford 186G-8, "Hostiarius" 

Win. Coll. 1868-7>, Fellow of Lancins Coll. 1873, Head Master Hurstpier- 

point 1873-9, Wvkehaniical Preb. of Chichester 1877, Canon Resid. of 

Chichester and Principal of Theol. Coll. 1879-86, V. Amport, Hants 1886-96, 

Bishop of Southampton 1895-6, of Osaka, Japan 1896-7. of South Tokvo, 

Japan, since 1898. iH 1868, Frances Emily, Gth d. of Kev. George Moberly, 

above, p. G. AJilrcfs St. Andrew's Close, Sakae Cho, Shiba Tokyo, Japan. 

BiscoE, William Walters (f). See abovr-, p. 136. 

Davy, Henry Samuel, b. 20 Sept., 1842, s. of Robert Davy, Esq., solicitor, 
liiiigwood, Hants. 
Solicitor at Kingwood 18G6-9G ; J.P. Somerset 1901. fft 27 Sept., 18GG, Anno 
Frances, only child of William JIaturin, Esq., R.X. AiMreis Somerlejse, 
Fromc, .Somerset. 
DE Sausmarez, Philip Alqebkon (+) (in the Register Saumarez), b. 22 April, 
1841, at St. Peter Port, Guernsey, e. s. cf C^pt. Philip de 
Sausmai-ez, R.N., and Jane Maria (nee Barlow), his wife. 
Left 1857 ; joined the Mercantile Marine 1858, conunanded African Itojal Mail 
Steamers 1869-71 ; resided in Trinidad 1872-6; settled in Birkenhead 1878; 
British Pro-Consul at Koucn 1893-5. latterly as Acting-Consul, and again as 
Acting-Consul in 1899. fH 18 March, 1869', Maria Louisa, d. of Thomas J. 
Gould. V.sq., of Port of SiKiin, Trinidad, W.I. Adtlresf Bracou Villa, Moreton, 
near liirkcuhead. 

Edwards (-Heatucote), Justinian Heathoote, b. 1843, e. s. of Rev. Edward 

Jauies Justinian George Edwards, V. of Trentham, Staffs., 

and Elizabeth Anne, his wife, d. of R cha-d Edensor 

lleathcote, Esq., of Lonaton Hall, Staffs. 

Ens. 63rd Eegt. 1863, Lieut. 1866, Capt. 1870, retired 1876; M.P. (C.) X.W. Div. 

Stafford 1886-92 ; J.P. and D.L. Stafford ; assumed the additional name of 

lleathcote in 1869. fSl 1S70, Eleanor, d. of Silencer Stone, Esq., of Colling- 

wood. Staffs. Aililresse.1 Apednle Hall, Xcwcastle-under-Lymc ; 34, Ennismorc 

Gardens, S.W. 

Eliot, Henry Edoecombe (t), b. 12 Feb., 1842, at Norton Bavaut, Wilts., bro. of 
Edward and William Kyd, above, jip. oO, 112. 
Ens. Bengal Infantry 1860, Lieut. 1862, Capt. 1869, Major 1880, Lieut.-Col. 1886, 
Col. 1890 ; served in Afghan War 1879-80 (medal). (His second name is spelt 
•■ Edgcumbc " in the Army lists). D 1802. 

142 Winchester College. 1855 

FoitsTEU, MicuAEL Seymoub, b. 29 Sept., 1843, e. s. of Rev. Heuiy Brooks 

Forster, R. of Colne Rogers, Northleach, Gloucs. (bro. of 

Arthur Seymour, below, p. 1G8). 

Into College Short Half 1857 ; Sch. New Coll. 1862, 1 CI. Mod. 1864, 2 CI. 1866, 

B.A. 1867, B.C.L. 1869, M.A. 1871, B.Sc, Assist. Master Marlborough Coll. 

1867, Head Master Oswestry Grammar School Aug., 1873, to July, 1887 ; Bursar 

AVell. Coll. 1887-1906. IB Dec, 1876, Elizabeth, d. of George Humphreys, 

Esq., of .Suffolk House, I'heltciiham. Aihhefs Woodhall, Crowthome, Berks. 

MoBKiiLY, Leonard Carr (f), b. 11 March, 1813, at Lee, Kent, 8th s. of 

William Moberly, Esq., Cublentz. 

Bible Clerk All Souls Coll. Oxoii 1.S64 ; 1 CI. Mod. 1866, B.A. 1868 ; Master 

Ilurstpicrpoint School. Q 27 Nov., 1874. 

Pyke (-Nott), John Nott, b. 1^6 March, 1841, c. s. of Rev. John Pyke, R. of 

Parracombe, Barnstaple, and bis 2ud wife, Elizabeth, d. of 

J. Nott, Esq., of Bydowu, Barnstaple (bro. of George and 

James Nott, below, p. 158). 

Sch. Exeter Coll. Oxon 1860, 1 CI. Mod. 1862, B.A. 1866 ; assumed additioual 

name of Nott by Royal Licence 1 Sept., 1863 ; author of " .Konial and other 

Poems " 1887 ; resided at Bydown, Barnstaple, Devon, ffl 2j April, 1867, 

Caroline Isabella, d. of Frederick Ward, Esq., of Gilhead, Westmoreland. Q. 

Ramsbotham, Thomas Fielden, b. 10 August, 1812 (2nd g.), bro. of John, 

above, p. 131, and Richard Hugh, below, p. 185. 

To I't.N. ; Midshipman Bacchante 1862, Sub-Lieut. 1864, Lieut. 1866, retired 1872. 

iH 26 Aug., 1869, Agnes Mary, d. of Lev. Thomas Kanisbotham, R. of 

Ileywdod, Manchester. Address Maer Vale, Exniouth. 

Stewart, Herbert (f), b. 30 Jan., 1843, e. s. of Rev. Edward Stewart, R. 

of Sparsholt, Hants, formerly M.P. for Wigton, and 

Louisa Anne, his wife, d. of Charles John Herbert, Esq., of 

Muckross, co. Kerry. 

Superannuated ; went into Commoners as a prefect 1861 ; Ens. 37th Kegt. 1863, 

Lieut. 1865, Adjut. 1866, Capt. 18r,8, A.U.C. to Major-Gen. Beatson 1868-7(1, 

D.A.r^.M.G. Bengal 1872-3; into 3rd Dragoon Guiirds 1873; Staff College 

1877-8 ; Stud. Inner T. 1877 ; Brigade-Major of Cavalry in Natal 1879, Zulu War 

(despatches, medal with clasp, lirevet- .Major) 1879, Principal Staff C)fticer 

Tran,svaal Field Force 1879-80, Military Sec. to Sir Garnet (afterwards Lord) 

Wolseley in S. Africa 1880, Brevet Lieut.-Col. 1880 ; Chief Staff Officer to Sir 

Pomeroy Colley, Boer War ; present at Majuba, made prisoner 28 Feb., 1881, 

released end of March ; Major ; A.A.G. Cavalry Division Egyptian Campaign 

(thrice mentioned in despatches, medal, clasp, bronze stsir, 3rd Osmanieh, 

Brevet-Col., C.B., A.D.C. to the Queen) 1881 ; A.D.C. to Lord Spencer in 

Ireland 1882-4 ; Brigadier Suakin Field Force (present at El Teb, relief of 

Tokar, Tauiai, and advance to Tananeb (despatches, two clasps, K.C.B.) 1884 ; 

Brigadier Khartoum Relief Expedition 1884 ; mortally wounded at Abu Klea 

19 Jan., 1885 ; Major-Gen. for distinguished service 1885. ifl 19 Dec, 1877, 

(leorgiana Janet, d. of Admiral Sir James Stirling, and withiw of Major-Gen. 

Sir 11. Tombs, V.C. B 16 Feb., 1885. See D.N.B. liv. 291. Lord Wolseley, 

in tclegniiihiug his death to England, said, "No braver soldier or more 

brilliant leader of nuMi ever wore the Queen's uniform." Memorial gateway at 

Winchester 1886. Memorial panel in St. Paul's Cathedral 1889. 

Tuokne, William Chilcott, bapt. 23 July, 1830, at South Molton, s. of 

William Thorne, Esq., of IJarnstaple, Devon. 

Cains Coll. Camb. 1858, B.A. 1862 ; Jl}.®., d 1863, ;; 1865, C. Crowan, Cornwall 

1863-6, Bishop's Nympton, Devon 1870-1 ; resided in Jersey ; then at Torquay. 

33 dixa 1899. 

TiiUESUER, James Henville, b. 20 Aug., 1842, 2nd s. of Rev. Philip Thrcslier, 

Curate of Fareham, and Elizabeth, his wife, e. d. of Rev. 

Preb. William Harrison, V. of Fareham (bro. of Philip, 

below, p. 155). 

Exhibnr. 1857 ; Univ. Coll. Oxon 1860 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1860, 2 CI. Mod. 

1862, 2 CI. B.A. 1864, M.A. 1867; J).®., <'. 1866, p. 1867, C. Andover 

1866-71, St. Maurice, Winchester 1871-8", R. Bueknell 1878-9, Chnpl. Winchester 

IJefiigc 1881-3, R. St. Maurice, Winchester 1883-93. f&. 14 Aug., 1866, Sarah 

Anne, only d. of Rev. Robert Buruabv, Inc. of St, George's, Leicester, Address 

29, Jewry St., Winchester. 

igre ■Winchester College. 143 

Vaux, Fkedebick Lubisg (t), b. 15 Nov., 1842, at Winchester, s. of llev. 
William Vaux, B.D., Preb. of Winchester, and A', of 
Wanborough, Wilts., afterwards V. of Eomsey, Hants, 
and Elizabeth Jane, his wife, d. of Admiral Sir John 
Wentworth Loving, K.C.B. 
Clerk iu the Admiralty ; Director of Transports Department 1861 to 1891. Addnst 
Hersham, Walton-ou-Thame.f. 

^\'KSLEy, Francis Gwynne, b. 29 Jan., 1841 (3rd s.), bro. of John Sebastian, 
above, p. 121, and William Ken, below, p. 180. 
Bible Clerk All Souls Coll. Oxen 1861-5, B.A. 1865, M.A. 1880 ; Ig.©., d 1869. p 
1871, C. Walkden Moor 1869-71, St. Mich.ael, Gloucester 1871-i,' V. Hamsteels, 
CO. Durham 1874. Addrcfs Hamsteels Vicarage, Lanchester, Durham. 

Wetherei.l, Robert William JIay (t), b. 5 Dec, 1839, at Stratford, "Surrey," 

according to the Register (but b. 10 Dec, 1839, accordiog 

to Official Array List), only surv. s. of Richard Wetherell, 

Esq., J.P., of Frant, Sussex, and Edith Lee, his wife, d. of 

WiUiam Tebbett, Esq., of Park Farm, Hawkhurst, Kent, 

Eus. IGth Regt. 1858, Lieut. 1860, Capt. 1S6G, Major 1876, Lieut.-Col. 1881, Col. 

1887, retired 1892. iH 6 July, 1864, Emily Louisa, d. of William Annand, Esq., 

of Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

WiciBAM, IIerdert, b. 16 Jan., 1842, s. of Rev. William Pitt Wigram, R. of 

Wanstead, Essex, and Sophia Sarah, his wife, 5th d. of 

George Smith, Esq., of Selsdon, Surrey, M.P. (bro. of Lewis, 

below, p. 152). 

Into College Long Half 1856, Univ. Coll. Oxon 1860, 2 CI. Mod. 18G2, 4 CI., 4 

L. & H., B.A. 1863, M.A. 1868 ; Stud. Middle T. 1863 ; I.C.S. Madras 1863-84 ; 

liegistrar High Court, Appellate Side, Madras ; Acting District and Sessions 

Judge, S. Malabar ; Director of Printing and Publishing Co. of Swan, Son- 

neuschein & Co., Ltd., since 1887 ; also of East Loudon Waterworks Co, and 

Madras Railway Co. fE 1872, Amy, d. of Col. John Wood Rideout, M.C.S. 

Address The Limes, Clewer, Windsor. 

SHORT HALF, 1855. 

AwDBV, William (t). See above, p. 141. 

BuTLEB, Hon. Robert St. John FitzWalteb, b. 20 Jan., 1844 (3rd s.), bro. of 
James FitzWaltei", above, \k 139, and the next. 
Triu. Coll. Dubhn, B.A. 1867; Lieut. Clare Militia 1867; Barr. Tuner T. 1869; 
Master of the Court of Exchequer 1874-9, and of the Supreme Court 1879-1905 ; 
King's Remembrancer, etc. 1901-5 ; D.L. and J. P. Middlesex ; succeeded his 
brother as 16th and 25th Baron Dunboyne 17 Aug., 1899. iB 1869, Caroline 
Maude Blanche, d. of Capt. George Probyu, K.N., of London. Addresses Ouscley 
Lodge, Old Windsor ; Knoppoguc Castle, Quin, co. Clare. Clubs Carlton ; 
Kildarc St., Dublin. 

Butler, Hon. Theobald FitzWalter, b. 19 July, 1840 (2iid s.), bro. of 
J.P. Clare; Lieut. Clare Militia 1861, Capt. 1872. D 19 Nov., 1877. 

Crawford, Alexander de Castro, b. 3 April, 1844, bro. of John Matdermeit 
and William Andrew, above, p. 103. 
Cadet R.N. 1859, Lieut. 1866, Commander (retired) 1879. ift 4 Sept., 1884, 
Isabel Priaulx, ri. of Frederick Mansell, Esi|., of Vauxbulets, Guernsey, and 
widow of C A. Satmders, Esq. Adilress Soulhgatc, Winchester. 

CuoMi'TON, William (f), b. 12 April, 1843, e. s. of Capt. William Joshua 

Crompton,of Milvertou, Warwickshire, formerly of the 66th 

Regiment, and Isabella Frances, liis wife, d. of Robert 

Sherard, Esq., of C)iindle. 

Sch. Pemti. Coll. Oxon 1861 ; was 2nd Master Brisbaue Grammar School in 1885 ; 

afterwards Head Master .Svdnev High School, N.S.W. 

144 WiNCHESTKR CoLLEGE. 1 855 

GcNSiNG, Charles Stakhope, c. s. of Charles Gunning, Esq., Debden Green, 
Louglitun,Esscx, and Great Winchester St., Londun, solicitor. 
Hemikg, Dempster, b. 2 Dec, 1843, 2nd s. of Dewpster Heming, Esq., D.L. and 
J.P., of Caldecott Hall, Warws., and Bayswater, and Ehoda 
Mary, his wife, y. d. of Henry Deuham Chard, Esq., of 
Lyme Regis', Dorsetsliire. 
Ens. Madras Infantry 1861, Lieut. 1«G3, Capt. 1874, Major 1881, Lieut.-Col. 1887 ; 
1st Comuir. Police, Madras 1861, probably Assist. Supt. 1865, Deputy Conimr. 
1874 ; Assist, with the Government of Madras 1888 and 1890 ; Supt. of Police 
1892, Col. (retired) 1894. fH. 1879, Fanny, d. of David Broolve Morrieson, 
Esq., li.C.S. Addrefs Mancettcr Lodge, Atherstone, Warwickshire. Clubs 
United Sen-ice and East India United Ser^^cc. 
Manning, Charles James (f). Sec above, p. 140. 

Marshall, Thomas Odtram, b. 13 Dec, 1842, at Sukkur, India, ord s. of Col. 
Thomas Marshall, Reading. 
Into College Long Half 1856 ; Sch. Xew CoU. Oxon, 3 Math. Mod. and 3 CI. Mod. 
1863, 2 CI. 1865, B.A. 1866; |B.ffi., '/ 1866, ;; 1867, C. Batcombe, Dorset 
1866-9, Frome Selwood 1869-72; St. Mary Magd. Paddington 1872-5, Dist. 
Org. Sec. English Church Union 1869-72, Org. Sec. ICnglish Church Union 
since 1872, C. St. Augustine, Kilbtirn, 1886-1905. Address Westover, Crom- 
well Rd., Teddington, S.W. 
Morris, Herbert, s. of Mrs. Richard Monis, King's Farm Lodge, Richmond, 

O'Brien, Edward (f), C.F., b. 26 July, 1840, e. s. of Rev. Heary O'Brien, 
Incumbent of Carrigalleu, Ireland, and Harriett, bis wife, d. 
of John Godley, Esq., of Killigar. 
Sch. New. Coll. Oxon 1859-63; Bengal Civil Service 1863; Assist. Commissioner 
Delhi ; Settlement Officer lluzaffargarh, Punjab 1872-9 ; Deputy Commissioner 
Kangra 1887 ; author of "Glossary of the Multani Language " and a report ou 
Muzaffargarh. ffl 1867, Marv, d. of Col. William Lamb, of the Indian Armv. 
13 from a fall from his horse in the Punjab, Nov., 1893. Cf. Wvk. vi. (n. 
298) 462. 
1'earson, Arthur James, b. 3 Sept., 1842, s. of Rev. John Pearson, R. of East 

Horndon, Brentwood, and , his wife, d. of Rev. William 

Ualton, R. of Kelvedon, Essex (bro. of Walter Hay, below, 
p. 175). 
Into College Long Half 1857, left ISGO; Lieut. R.A. 1863, llazara Campaign 1868 
(medal and clasp), Capt. 1876, Afghan War 1878-9 (medal). Major 1883, 
D..\.Q.M.G. Bengal 1881-5; served with Indian contingent, Suakin 1885 
(despatches, medal and two clasiw, Khedive's star), A.Q.M.G. Bengal 1885-6, 
Lieut.-Col. 1890, Brevet-Col. 1895, retired 1897. 
PoDE, Edward, b. 26 Sept., 1842 (5th s.), bro. of John Duke, William Yonge, 
and Charles Coleridge, .above, pp. 86, 116, 140. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1862. fH (1) 6 Oct., 1866, Elizabeth Davov. d. of Kichard 
Clifton, Esq., of Ashwater, Devon ; (2) 20 Jlay, 1893, Lilla Telford. 

Pratt, Frederick Rogers (Tidd-), s. of John Tidd Pratt, Esq., 12 Upper 
Grosvenur St., London. 
Solicitor 1866 ; assumed the name of Tidd-Pratt in 1866 ; practised at Kington, 
Herefordshire, down to 1899. 
I'liRKAiiii, Arthur Octavius, b. 1843, 4th s. of Thomas Prickard, Esq., Dderw, 
Rhayader, and Maria Maud, his wife, d. of Thomas Morris, 
Esq., of Llanstephen. 
Exhibnr. 1857, Sch. New Coll. O.son 1861-6, 1 CI. Mod. 1863, 3 Math. Mod. 1863, 
2 CI. B.A. 1865, M.A. 1868, Fellow 1866-1904, Tutor 1873-8, Lecturer 1873- 
1904, English Essav 1866, Latin Essay 1867, CI. Moderator 1874-6, 1880-1; 
Barr. Line. Inn 1872; elected Fellow Win. Coll. 14 Oct.. 1874, resigned 1 Oct., 
1903; editor of Aristotle's "Art of Poetry," and yl'.schylus' " Pometheus " 
Mild " I'ers,^' ; " editcir and tvanslntor of ■' l.onginus on the Sublime" (2 vols.) 
1 9(ii; ; author of '■ New Ccillegi', O.vford," in " The College Monographs " 1906. 
ilfl 1873, Francos I'.mma, d. of Kev. .Tames Druminond Money. Address Holly- 
mount, Fled, K.S.O. Clubs Koyal Societies, .\lpiiie. Climbers'. 

1855-6 WixcHESTER College. 145 

Stafford, Charles Egerton Fiexses (f), C.F., bapt. 16 July, 1843, s. of Rev. 
Charles James Stafford, B.D., R. of Dinton, Wilts. 
Sch. Xew Coll. Oxon 1861, B.A. 186.5, M.A. 1868 ; 3B.(©., ./ 1865, p 1867, C. 
Denton 1866-8, St. Paul, Walworth 1868-9, Stoke-on-Teme 1869-80, Chapl. 
Bordighera 1880-2, C. All Saints, Cheltenham 1882-3, Montford, Salop 1883. 
Address 13, Gloucester Crescent, Iiei:rent's Park, N.W. 
Stobr, Edward (f), b. 2 Dec, 1840, 2nd s. of Rev. Francis Storr, R. of Otley, 
Suffolk, and Caroline, his wife, d. of Lancelot Hol'and, Esq., 
of Beckenham, Kent. 
Sch. New Coll. Oson 1859-63, 1!.A. 1862, M.A. 1867 ; Madras S.C. 1861 ; Stud. 
Inner T. 1862 ; Collector of ( 'uddapah District. fR Emily Marv, d. of Rev. 
.James Faithfull, V. of Cheshunt, Herts. S 22 Feb., 1878. 
Stroso, Herbert Acgustcs, b. 24 Xov., 1841, 3rd s. of Rev. Edmond Strong 
(Cjnim.) R. of Clyst St. Mary, Exeter. 
Into College Short Half 1856; C.C.C. Oxon, Exhibnr. 1861-3, 1 CI. Mod. 1862, 
B.A. 1863, M.A. 1870 ; Stud. Inner T. 18G9 ; First Warden of University Hall, 
and Assist. Prof. Ilumanitj', Glasgow ; Prof, of Logic and Classics Melhoumo 
University 1872-83; Prof, of Latin Universit\- Coll., Liverpool 1885-1903; 
University of Liverpool since 1903; Hon. LL.D. Glasgow 1890; Officier de 
I'fnstniction Piihlique, France 1890 ; translator of " Principles of the History 
of I.anguage," bv Hermann Paul, 1888. fjl (I) Miss Helen Edniiston, fif 
Glasgow ; (2) Miss Isabel White, the artist. Address 107, Canning St., 

LONG HALF, 1S.56. 

Bell, Arthur Henry, s. of Richard Bell, Esq., 17 Gracechurcli St., London, 

and Red Hill, Reigate. 
Benkett, Francis Cayley, b. 21 July, 1842, at Sparkford, bro. of Henry 
Edward, William Henry, Edward James, Georsce, and James 
Arthur, above, pp. 35, 53, 58, 84. 112, and Charles AVilliam, 
below, p. 157. 
Into College Long Half 1857 ; Left Easter 1858 ; Clerk in the office of Messrs. 
Cattley & Co., St. Petersburg 1858-67, partner 1867-89, retired 1889 ; lived at 
Surbiton 1890-7, at Bearsted since 1898. iH (1) 1868, Mary, d. of William 
Blessig, Esq., of St. Petersburg; (2) 1898, Helen, d. of William Uailey, Esq. 
Addrets Bearsted, Maidstone. 
Bevan, James Frederick, b. 6 Nov., 1844, s. of late Rev. Thomas Bevan, 
Eus. 31st Kegt. 1864, Lieut. 1867, Capt. 1871, retired 1874 ; H.M. Inspector of 
Factories 1874, First Class Inspector ; retired. fH 1883, Margaret, d. of John 
Kirkland, F.sq., of Pine Grove, Dundee. 
Bramston, John Trant, b. 3 Feb., 1843, only s. of Rev. John Bramston, D.D., 
Witham, Essex (afterwards Dean of Winchester), and 
Clarissa Sandlord, his 1st wife, d. of Sir Nicholas Trant. 
Into College Short Half 18.'i6; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1861, 1 CI. Mod. 1863, 1 CI. 
B.A 1865, M.A. 1868 ; 1&.©., d 1866, p 1867, Assist. Master Wellington Coll. 
1865-8, Assist. Master Win. Coll. since 1868, House Master since 1869, Chapl. 
since 1877, Select Preacher at Oxford 1891, Wyk. Preb. of W>-ndham in 
Chichester Cathedral since 1897; author of "Sermons to Boys" 1889, 
"Fratrilius" 1903. fB 29 Dec, 1875, Jane, d. of Ven. William Bricc Ady, 
Archdeacon of Colchester. Address Culver's Close, Winchester. 
Copleston, William Chester, b. 10 July, 1842, s. of Francis Copleston, Esq., 
India, and nephew of Rev. John Gay Copleston, R. of 
Offwell, Honiion. 
Sch. Christ's CoU. Camb., 2 Sen. Opt. B.A. 1866, M.A. 1869; |B.©., d 1866, p 
1868, C. Silverton 1866-71, Khayader 1871-3, Baschurch 1873-5, K. Willand, 
Cullompton 1875-97. £&. (1) 23 Oct., 1873, Mary Elizabeth, v. d. of Stephen 
Williams, Esq., of Montgomerj- ; (2) 22 Aug., 1888, .\lice Slaud Martha, y. 
surv. d. of Kev. Francis Banies, V. of Holy Triuily, Plymouth. Address 
Sumnierleaze, Buruham, Somerset. 

146 Winchester College. 1856 

Creek, Edward Stanley, b. 26 Xov., 1842, c. s. of Rev. Edward Bassnett 

Creek, E. of Swanmore, Bishop's Walthaiii, and Flora Ann, 

his wife, 3rd d. of R. P. Huhue, Esq., Maisonelle, Devon. 

r.issed Istiuto Saudhurst and 1st out; Ens. 8th I!cgt. 1861, then Ens. 23ra Reirt. 

1861, Lieut. 1864, Capt. 1871, Staff College 1874, Major 1881, Lieiit.-Col. 

1886; D.A.A.G. and Q.M.G. Dublin 1878-8i, Lieut.-Col. 1st Bntt. 23rd Eoval 

Welsh Fusiliers 1887, Burmese Expedition 1886-7 (despatches, medal, and 

clasp) ; Col. 1892 ; retired 1899. fH 21 Oct., 1869, Mary Stuart, d. of R. 

Davidson, Esq., of Cheltenham. Atldras United Ser\-ice Club. 

Gordon, Charles Osdorne, e. s. of Charles Osborne Gordon, Esq., of Aberdeen 

House, Adelaide Rd., Hampstead. 

ExftiT Coll. Oxon 1862, B.A. St. ^Uban's Hall 1866, M.A. Exeter Hall 1869 ; 

11).©., '' 1867, p 1868, C. Denstone 1867-70, Y. Maylaud, Essex 1870-3, K. 

(Tratwii'li 1873-83, V. Goosnargh with Whittingham, near Preston 1883-92. 

D 19 Aug., 1892. 

TIall, Thomas (f), b. 11 June, 184."., s. of Thomas Hall, Esq., 21 High St., 
Left 1861 ; resided at HoUyniead House, Colchester. 

Hayoarth, John William, b. 3 Dec, 1842, e. s. of Rev. John Saver Haygartli, 
Agricultural College, Cirencester (bro. of Frederick, below, 
p. 165). 
Into College Long Half 1857 ; C.C.C. Oxon, B.A. 1864 [University XI. 1862, '63, 
'64] ; Squatter and Magistrate, Kooralbya, Ipswich, Queensland. 

Helmk (noiv Mashiter), Edward Thomas, b. 1842, e. s. of Thonia.s Helme, Esq., 

Little Bookhani, Leatherhead, who afterwards took the 

name of Mashiter (bro. of George Coope, below, p. 147). 

Chairman of Messrs. Ind, Coope & Co., Romford Brewery, Essex ; has assumed 

the name Mashiter by Royal Licence 1899 ; J. P. Essex, ffl 25 April, 1867, 

Augusta, d. of Rev. C. Henry A. Hawkins, V. of Topcliffe, Thirsk. .Uhliefs 

Gatwick, BUlericay, Essex. CT"6 LTnion. 

IIoLT, Eakdley WiLMOT Blomkfield, b. 5 May, 1842, e. s. of Rev. Eardley 
Chauncy Holt, C. of Barcheston, Warws. 
Into College Short Half 18,i6 ; Exeter Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1864 ; Solicitor 1868, 
practising at 28, Charles St., St. James's Sq. fH 1867, Julia, d. of Christian 
King, Esq. Club United University. 

Lucas, George Philips (f), b. 20 Sept., 1842, at Glanyrafon, Crickhowcll, 

Brecon, s. of Henry John Lucas, Esq., M.D., and Elizabeth, 

his W'ife, e. d. of Rev. George Jones Dcvan (bro. of William 

Henry and Charles Prcstwood, below, pp. 204, 209). 

To India 1860; returned to ICnglaud 1869; to Australia, Jan., 1870; thence to 

U.S..\. ; returned to England about 1876 ; newspaper correspondent in Russo- 

Turkish War. S at Gallipoli, 14 Feb., 1878. 

Marshall, 1'homas Outram (f). See above, p. 144. 

Maxwell, Charles James, s. of Eev. Charles Maxw-ell, R. of Wyddial, Bunting- 
ford, and Annie Parish, his wife, e. d. of Rev. George 

Musou, of Sandon. 
Junior Clerk, War Office (('ivil Department) 1S60, Senior Clerk 1888 ; retired 1902. 

Pound, RoiiERr William (f), b. 9 July, 1843, s. of Rev. William Pound, 
Head Master of Old Mahon Grammar School, Yorks., after- 
wards of Appuldureombe School, Isle of Wight. 
li.N.C. Oxon 1862, Suh. 1863-6, B.A. 1865, M.A. 1869; JtJ.®., d \8GT, p 1868, 
C. Holy Trinity, Ventnor 1867-70, Vice-Principal .\ppuldurcombe School, 
13 circa 1892. 

J 85 6 Winchester College. 147 

PoTXTZ, Xewdigate, b. 23 Nov., 1842, s. of Capt. Newdigate Poyntz, E.N., and 

nephew of Rev. Nathaniel Poynlz, of Alvescot, Lechlade 

(t 1797), who was the father of Newdigate Poyntz (tl821). 

Left at Easter 1S56 ; rcnib. Coll. Oxou 1860, 2 Math Mod. 1SG2, 2 Jlatli. 

li.A. 1864, M.A. 1867; C'uddosdon Coll. 1864; p>.©., d 1865, p 1866, C. 

Kennington 1865-9, St. Mary, Soho 1869-74, V'. Little Drayton, Salnj) 

1876-85, H. Stone and R.D. Trentham 1885-9 ; Chapl. Salop InKrmarv 

1889-93; U. St. Mary, Shrewsbury, since 1889; Preb. of Lichfield 1905. iH 

1874, Margaret Julia,' d. o£ Rev. Henry Sweeting, of (.lodnianchester, Hunts. 

Aihliess St. Mary's Rectory, Shrewsbury. 

Smith, Francis Biscoe, s. of Francis Ciiru-cn Smith, Esq., Frognall Hall, 

WioRAM, Herbert (f). Sea above, p. 143. 

SHORT HALF, 1856. 
Bramston, John Trakt (f). ,S'fe above, p. 145. 

BtTKLEV, Charles Burton, b. 30 Jai?., 1844, 3rd s. of Eev. John "Wall Buckley, 
V. of St. Mary's, Paddington, and Elizabeth, his wife, d. of 
Thomas Burton, Esq. 
In the house of Messrs. Henry Clarke & Co., Russia merchants, Loudon, 1860—1 ; 
then to Singapore in the house of A. L. Johnson it Co., merchants ; Advocate 
and Solicitor of the Supreme Court, Straits Settlements ; Proprietor of Singa- 
pore Free Press 1889. Address 12, Park Place Vilhis, Maida Hill West, W. 

Dart, Henry Joseph, e. s. of Joseph Henry Dart, Esq., barrister-at-law, of 
Ringwood, Hants, and 4, New Sq., Lincoln's Inn, and 
Adeline Pennal, his wife, e. d. of Richard Humber, Esq. 
Q in London of fever, Dec, 1861. 

Fader, Frederick Dickinson (f), b. 18 July, 1846, at Madras, bro. of Arthur 
Henry, above, p. 88. 
Into Madras Cavalry ; then into the Dejjartment of Public Works. S at Rarpur, in 
the Central Provinces, 1869., Gi'.oUGE CooPE, b. 2.5 Nov., 1843 (2nd s.), bro. of Edward Thomas, 
abuve, p. 146. 
Passed 2nd into Sandhurst 1860; Ens. 10th Regt. 1862, Lieut. 1864, Adjut. 
1865-73, Capt. 1876, Major 1881 ; Adjut. N. Lincoln Militia 1878-83 ; 
exchanged to 62nd Wilts. Regt. 1883; Lieut.-Col. 1888, ha If- pay ; retired 
1889 ; Lieut.-Col. (and Hon. Col.) commanding 6th Batt. Duke of Cambridge's 
Own Middlesex Regt. 1889-1904 ; commanded battalion in South .Vfrica 19U0 
(despatches, medal and clasp, King's medal with two clasps) ; Jubilee Decoration 
1H97, 1898, C.M.ti. 1900 ; J.P. Wilts. 1892. ffl 1874, Florence Sophia, 
2nd d. of Rev. John Pearson, R. of F.ast Ilorndon, lirentwood. Address 
Rowden House, Chippenliam, Wilts. Club Naval and Militarj'. 

HoLT, Eardlet Wilmot Blomefield (t), C.F. See above, p. 146. 

Johnson, Henry Luttman- (2nd s.), bro. of John, above, p. 140, and James 
Arthur, below, p. 182. 1858; (}ueen's Coll. Oxon 1862; Jun. Stud. Ch. Ch. Oxon, 2 Math. Mod. 
1864, It.A. 1867; liengal C.S. 1867; Judge and Commr. .Vssam Yallev 
District 1886; Commr. Bengal 1892, retired Jan., 1898. fH Oct., I83I, 
Rosalie, widow of ICdwnrd Stack, Esq., Bengal C.S. Address 17, Rutlaml 
Cate, S.W. 

148 Winchester College. 1856 

Kessington, Theodore (f), b. 26 July. 184-t, at Tidenham, Gloucs., 2nd s. of 

Arthui- Kensington, Esq. (Senior Co. Pr*. 1830-1), and 

I'^leanor Susan, his wife, onl)' d. of Eev. John Finney 

Belfield, of Priiiiley Hill, Paignton (balf-bro. of Arthur 

IIa^ es and Harry Rawlins, below, pp. 275, 323). 

Sch. New Coll. 18ii3-8, 1 CI. Mod., 2 M.<ith. Mod. 1865, 1 Math. B..\. I8GG, 2 CI. 

1867, M..\. 1870, Fellow New Coll. 1869-80 ; Assist. Master Win. Coll. Sept., 

1870, to Dec., 1904 ; House Master April, 1882, to Deo., 1904. fR 29 March, 

1880, Eva, y. d. of I!ev. C. Ranken Hall, R. of Shirenewton, near Chepstow, 

and widow of Arthur Clark, Esq., of Priston Manor, near Bath. Addrcf 

Mathon Lodge, West Malvern. 

MicHELL, Edward Blair, b. 6 Dec, 1842, e. s. of Rev. Richard Michell, D.D., 

of Magdalen Hall, Oxford (D.N.B. xxsvii. 335), afterwards 

1st Principal of Hertford Collei;e, and Eniily, liis wife, d. 

of Thomas Blair, Esq., of Walton Grove, Snrrcy (bro. of 

Richard Brooke, below, p. 165). 

Into CoUe^'e Short Half 1857 ; Dcmv Magd. Coll. O.xou 1861-5, 1 CI. Mod. 1863. 

1 L. i H., B.A. 1865, M.A. 18'68 [Vniversitv Sculls 1864, Diamond Sriills 

I86.5-G, Winsrfield Sculls 1866] ; Barr. Middle' T. 1869, Lincoln's Inn Leiiiir.r 

on Law, Hertford Coll. 1874-7 ; Moderator 1882, Legal Adviser to tlio Kiii^' of 

Spain 1885; bachelier en droit Paris; in Paris during the siege 1m7u; author 

of " Siege Life in Paris by one of the Besieged " 1870 ; joint-author of " The 

Practice and Procedure in Appeals from India to the Privy Council." ffl 

6 Aug., 1872. Georgiana Helena, y. d. of Thomas P.age, Esq., of Southdown, 


OsDORNE, Jeremiah, b. 9 June, 1843, s. of John Osborne, Esq., Q.C., Battersca 

Honse, Battersei (bro. of William Harness, below, p. 162). 

Solicitor 1867, practising at Bristol (Messrs. Osborne, Ward, Vassal & Co.) ; 

Clerk to the Society of Merchant Venturers 1873; President of the Dolphin 

Society 1889. fR 1874, Caroline Leonard, d. of J. S. Matthews, Esq., of 

Bristol. Address 9, Clifton Park, Clifton, Bristol. 

Porter, Adrian Matthew, 6th s. of Henry Porter, Esq., Winslade House, 
Exeter, and Rose Aylmer, his wife, y. d. of Sir Henry 
Russell, Bart. 
Morton Coll. Oxon 1860. D of consumption, 17 Sept., 1861. 

RocH, George Prothero, s. of George Roch, Esq., J.P., Butter Hill, Haverford- 
Exhibnr. 1857. S in Commoners, 12 .Tune, 1858, aged 14. Tablet in Cloisters. 

Stobey, George Hesry Shdm-, s. of Henry Slium-Storey, Esq., Arcott Hall, 

Newcastle-on-Tyne, anil Emma, his wife, d. of Robert 

Chester Cooper, Esq., of Brighton. 

Queen's Coll. Oxon 1861. ffl 27 April, 1869, Gertrude Isabella, 2ud d. of the 

Hon. Mrs. Sh.awe, of Southwaite Hall. Q at Mnlts, 18 Dec., 1809; buried at 


Strong, Herbert Augustus (f). See above, p. 145. 

Teale, William, b. 27 Feb., 1842, e. s. of Rev. William Henry Tea)c, V. of 
R'lystoD, Barnsley. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon '1860, B.A. 1864. M.A. 1867; ffi.®., </ 1866, p 1867, C. St. 
Thomas, Oxford 1866-8, St. Nicholas, N. Kelsev 1868-70. St. Alhan, Man- 
chester 1870-1, St. Chad, Ilaggerston 1871-83, St. Michael, Shoreditch 188.1-91, 
St. Cuthl)ert's, South Kensington 1891-3. Q unmarried, 8 June, 1893. 

Wells, Giffard Jonah (f), C.F., b. 5 Oct., 1843 (3rd s.), bro. of John Cutli- 
bert, above, p. 132. 
19 4 Dec, 1858. Tablet in Cloisters. 

1856-7 WiNcuEsTER College. 149 

White, Fbaxcis Tiiirkill, b. 17 Hay, 1S43, c. s. of Francis Thirkill White, 
Esq., solicitor, Boston, Lines, 
luto College Long Half 1857, aud into Commoners again Short Half 1861 : C.C.C. 
Oxon, B.A. 1865, M.A. 1868 ; Wells Thcol. Coll. 1866 ; ^.©., ,1 18G6, p 1868, 
C. Lynn Regis 1866-7, Chingford 1867-70, Winterbome Kingston 1870-2, 
Clenston 1872-7, Ilkley 1877-8, Headingley 1878-80, Birstal 1881^. V. 
Birkenshaw with Hunsworth, Yorks. 1884-91, C. St. James, Norwich, with 
I'ockthorpe, Norfolk 1894-8. Colton 1898-1900 ; resided at Wortham, VU^. 
Q 14 March, 1903. 

Wii.DE, Ch.\rles Thomas Edward, b. 6 April, 1812, e. s. of Charles Norris 

Wilde, Esq., 117, Russell Sq., London, and the Hon. 

Emily Thoraasiiie Claudine, his wife, only d. of Charles 

Robert Claude, Baron Truro. 

Solicitor, Derby, 1865-93; District Registrar, Probate Division, since 1893. 

Address Highficld House, Derby. 

Wrench, Arthur Charles, b. 4 July, 1844, 2ud s. of Robert Wiencb, Esq., 
Norwood (bro. of the next, and of Ernest Lawford and 
Wilfrid Henry, below, pp. 170, 21G). 
Into the house of Messrs. Brown, Shipley & Co. ffl 1872, Marion E. Howell. Q 
21 June, 1878, off St. Paul's Island, on board the Orient s.s. -lcoiica7«o. 

Wrenth, Robert George KENSixGTo>f, b. 12 Aug., 1842, elder bro. of the 
Pemb. Coll. Oxon 1860,2 CI. Mod. 1862, Sch. 1863-5, 4 CI. 1864, B.A. 1865; 
Assist. Master and Organist, Lancing Coll., then Assist. Master Radley Coll. ; 
Assist. Muster Win. Coll. (Modem Languages) since 1874 ; one of the promoters 
of Glee Club; author of "20 Petits Conte.'i, Po'emes, Recueil Eafantine," "A 
Sketch of German," " French Idiom," " Lyre Franyaise," " German Sentences," 
and " A Winchester Word Book." Address GO, Kmgsgate St., Winchester. 

LONG HALF, 1857. 

Battex, John Mount, b. 7 April, 1843, c. s. of John Batten, Esq., Aldon, 
Yeovil, and Grace Eleanor, his wife, d. of John White, 
Esq., of Upcerne, Dorset. 
Ens. 8th Regt. 1861, Lieut. 1865, Adjut. 1868-71, Capt. 1871, Brevet-Major (retired) 
1887 ; .\djut. 2nd Royal Lancashire Jlilitia 1881 ; Col. 3rd Batt. Liverpool 
Regt. (retired) 1891 ; C.B. .June, 1903 ; J.P. Dorset, High Sheriff 1903 ; served 
in South African War, Jan. to May, 1902, in command of 3rd Batt. Liverpool 
Regt. (Queen's medal with three clasps ; Hon. Lieut.-Col. in armv). fH (1) 
1873, Margaret Annie, d. of Rev. John Brooks, Walton-le-Dale ; "(2) 8 Aug., 
1895, Mary Edith, e. d. of James Sant, l^q., R. A., widow of Howard Frederick 
Nalder, Esq., of Momington Lodge. Wc'st Kfusiugtou. Addresses Upcerne, 
Dorchester, Dorset ; 123, North End Rd., West Kensington. Club Army and 
Bennett, Francis Cayley (f). See above, p. lii>. 

BiuDULPH, Anthonv, b. 2 March, 1843, 4th s. of Robert Biddulph, Esq., J.P., 
cif Ledbury, and 31. Elton Place, London, M.P. for Here- 
fordshire, and Elizabeth, his wife, d. of George Palmer, 
l'>q., M.P., of Nazing Park, Essex (bro. of George Tournay, 
below, p. 157). 
Formerly in business in India, now in Birmingham. Address 11, Greenfield 
Crescent, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Cre.sswei.l, Charles Richard Estcourt, b. 24 Oct., 1842, e. s. of William 

Henry Cresswell, Esq., Pinkney Park, Malm-sbury, and 

Elizabeth Taylor, bis wife, only d. of Thomas Mawson, 

E>q., of Ardwick Green. 

Ens. 3rd Re^'t. (•• The Buffs ") 1864, Lieut. 1867, retired 1872 ; J.P. Wilts. Resided 

at I'inkiuy Park, Malniesbury. and Sidbury, Salop. fH. g circa 1901. 


Deedes, Cecil (f), b. 13 Sept., 1843, s. of Kcv. Lewis DeeJes, 11. of Bramfield, 

Herts, and Augusta, liis wife, d. of George Smith, Esq., of 

Selsdon, Surrey (bro. of Alfred, and cousin of Pliilip, below, 

pp. 160, 167). 

Exbibur. B.N.C. Oxon 18iJ2, 2 CI. Mod. 18G4, 2 Law B..\. ISGO, M.A. (Ch. Ch.) 

1869 ; 1^.®., d 1867, p 1868, C. SS. Philip and James, Oxon 1867-72, Chapl. 

Cli. Ch. Oxon 1868-72, V. St. Mary Magd. Oxon 1872-6, V. St. Saviour 

and Canon of Maritzburg, Natal 1877-80, C. Horpath, Oxon 1881-2, R. 

Wickham St. Paul, Essex 1882-9, C. (for St. Stephen's) Brighton 1889-1902, 

Preb. Chichester Cathedral 1902. Athlrcsf 32, Little London, Chichester. 

Evans, AiiXHUi; Thomas Hazelrioge (f), b. 5 April, 1842, s. of Rev. John 
Culling Evans, Schoolmaster, Stoke Green House, Stoke 
Poges, Slough. 
Left 1860 ; Solicitor 1865, practising at Chcadic and Manchester down to 1888. 

FoSTEU, Henky (t), b. 13 Oct., 1844, s. of Rev. Henry Foster, C. of Lui-gashall, 


Clare CoU. Camb. 1863, 3 01. Trip. B..\. 1867, M.A. 1871 ; Assist. Master Malvern 

Coll. since 1867, and House Master; |t!-ffi., d 1869, p 1881. fB W Aug., 1871, 

S. M., d. of Samuel Harper, Esq., of Ujiper Tooting and "Lloyds." Addrc/s 

5, College Grounds, Malvern. 

Garland, John Bingley, e. s. of John Bingley Garland, Esq., 17, Upper 

Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park, London, and Lceson 

House, and Stone Cottage, Dorset, by Fanny Maria, his 

2nd wife, d. of Thomas Reed, Esq. 

Won a direct Commission 18G2 ; Ens. 43rd Regt. 1863, Lieut. 1864 ; served in 

New Zealand War 1863-5 (thanked by H.R.H. Commander-in-Chief on 

account of his good ser^-ice in the action of Gate Pah ; also at Te Ranga) ; 

retired 1808. 

Hayoakth, John William (f). Sec above, p. 146. 

Hitchcock, Thomas Bornett, b. 19 June, 1844, e. s. of Dr. Thomas Hitchcock, 
Wyke, Winchester. 
Worcester CoU. Oxon 1862; Direct Commission 1863, Ens. 53rd Regt. 1863, Lieut. 
1866, Capt. 1876, Staff Coll., Major Shropshire Light Infantry 18S1, Hon. 
Col. (retired) 1887 ; Brigade Major on Sir E. Wood's Staff in Egyptian War 
1882-4 (medal, bronze star, Medj. 4th class), Soudau 1884, Brigade Major 
2nd Brigade, biittles of El Tcb and Tamai (despatches, London (itiselle, 6tli 
M,ay, 188-1, two clasps, Brevet Lieut.-Col., Osmanieli, 4th class). Major Reser^'c 
of Officers 1887. i^ 29 Oct., 1867, Amelia, y. d. of James Ferguson, Esq., of 
London, Ontario, Canada. Addms Weeke Manor, Winchester. 

Johnston, William Archibald, s. of Charles Johnston, Esq., Southlands, 
Emm. Coll. Camb. 1862, B.A. I860, M.A. 1882 ; JtJ.®., d 1867, }> 1868, C. 
Battle 1867-9, K. Acrise, Kent 1871-9. D 19 Nov., 1885, at 37, Park St., 
Grosvenor Sq., aged 41. 

Kejiule, Arthur, b. 17 Feb., 1844, at North Mimms, Herts, 2nd s. of Thomas 

Kemble, Esq. (Comm. 182!)), of Ruuwell Hall, Ingatcstone, 

Essex, aud Laura, his wife, d. of William Le Blanc, Esq., 

of Pippinglbrd Lodge, Sussi'x (bro. of Henry, below, p. 165). 

Into College Short Halt 1857; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1862-7, 2 CI. Mod. 1861, 

3 CI. 1866, B.A. 1867, M.A. 186il ; Assist. Master Clifton Coll. 1867-72 ; 

51}.©., d 1870, p 18ri, C. St. Paul's, Clifton 1870-2, V. East aud West Looe 

1872-80, l;.l). West Looe 1876-811, K. Berwick St. John 1882-99. ifl 29 Nov., 

1x70, Fannv Isabella, onlv child of Cornelius Butler. Esq., of Stock, Essex. 

D 1 5!:ueli. 1899. Ct. WVk. viii. (n. 357) 67. 

i8S7 Winchester College. 151 

Malet, Sydkev Law, b. 19 April, 1843 (3id. s.), bro. of Giiilbeit Edward 
Wyndham, above, p. 138, and Clement Drake Elton, below, 
p. 165. 
luto College Short Half 1S57. Q 29 Dec, 1861. Tablet iu Cloisters. 

Maurice, Cuarles Edmuxu, b. 29 June, 1843, y. s. of Rev. Frederick 
Uenison Maurice, D.D., 5, Russell Sq., London, W.C., and 
Anna, his wife, d.of Lieut.-Gcn. Barton, of the Life Guards. 
Ch. Ch. Uxou 1861, 3 CI. Mod. 1863, 15.A. 18G5 ; liarr. Inner T. 1871 ; author of 
" Lives of English Popular Leaders" 1872, ''Life of Stephen Langton " 1872, 
"Tyler's Insurrection" 1875, "Life of Oldcastle " 1875, "History of the 
Revolutionary Movement of 1848" 1887, " Richard de Lacy " 1890, " Bohemia" 
in " Stories of the Nations Series " 1896 ; editor of " The Ideals of Life and 
Citizenship" 1901; Lecturer in History Queen's College, Harley St., London 
1871-85 ; has taken part in various movements for preserving open spaces 
and public rights in commons and footpaths ; Hon. Sec. of Jliss Emily 
Hobhousc's Committee for the relief of Boer women and children in the concen- 
tration camps during South .4frican War. £^ 29 Aug., 1872, Emily Southwood, 
d. of James Hill, Esq., of Wisbcach. Addrees Eireue Cottage, Gainsborough 
Gardens, Hampstead, N.W, Ch<h New Reform. 

MuBEULY, Robert Campbell (to f), b. 26 July, 1845, 3rd s. of Rev. George 

Moberly, above, p. 6, and bro. of George Herbert and 

Arthur, above, pii. 113, 127, and John Cornelius, Edward 

Hugh, Walter Allan, and Selwyu William, below, pp. 

161, 182, 189, 201. 

Sch. Xew Coll. Oxon 1863, 1 CI. Mod. 1865, 2 CI. B.A. 1867, M.A. 1870; New- 

digate " Marie Antoinette " 1867 ; Senior Stud. Ch.Ch. 1867-80, Tutor 1869-76 ; 

3t».®., d 1869, p 1870, Principal St. Stephen's House, Oxon 1876-8, Principal 

iiarum Thco. Coll. 1878-80, Exam. Chapl. to his father 1871-85, Y. Great 

Budworth, Cheshire 1880-92, Exam. Chapl. to Bishop of Chester 1884-92, 

Hon. Canon of Chester 1890-3, Regius Prof, of Pastoral Theology and 

Canon of Ch. Ch. Oxon 1892-1903, Hon. Chapl. to Queen Victoria 1898- 

1901, Chapl. in Ordinary to the King 1901-3, Exam. Chapl. to Bishop of 

Oxford 1892-1903, Proctor iu Convocation for Dean and Chapter of Ch. Ch. ; 

author of " Sorrow, Sin, and Beauty" 1889, an essay in "Lux Mundi " 1889, 

"Reason and Religion" 1896, "Ministerial Priesthood" ls97. ''Atonement 

and Personality" 1901, "Christ our Life" 1902. iB, 1880, Alice Sidney, d. 

of Rt. Rev. W. Kerr Hamilton, Bishop of Salisbury. Q 8 June. 1903. See 

Times for 9 June, 1903. 

Moore, William (t), b. 20 March, 1813, s. of Rev. John Walter Moore, R. of 
Hordley, Salop. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1861, 1 CI. Mod. 1863, Chancellor's Latin Verse 1864, 2 CI. 
1865, B.A. 1866, M.A. 1870, Fellow Masd. Coll. 1872-9, Lecturer St. John's 
Coll. 1875-7; 4?.®., </ 1874, ;) 1875, R. Appleton, near Abingdon 1878; 
author of " Eurcuhe Candinie" 1864, " Pericula Urbis," 3rd ed. 1872, " Veuta 
and other Poems" 1882, "Lost Chords" 1889, " Gregory of Nyssa" in "Niceuc 
and Post-Niccne Fathers" (2nd series) 1893, "A Harp from the Willows" 
1895, " Xocturnes and other Poems," 1898, " Ages in Solitude" 1900, " Now 
Poems " 1901. iW 7 Sept., 1880, Annie, e. d. of Noble White, Esq. Address 
Appleton Rectory, .\bingdon. 

I'KARboN, Arthur James (f). See above, [>. 144. 

Stueateeild, Georue Sidney, b. 5 Auj;., 1814 (4th s.), bio. of Robert Champion 
and Champion Wellbank, above, pp. 118, 128. 
Into College Short Half 1858 or Long Half 1859 (ilate not recorded) ; C.C.C. Oxou 
1862, 1 II., B.A. 1866, M..V. 1869; ]1J.®., ./ 1867, p 1868, C. P.otlov 186r-72, 
Boston 1872-4, V. Holy Trinity, Louth" 187-1-83, Immanuel Cliurcli, Strcathani 
Connnon 1883-98, R.D. Strealfiam 1887-92, V. Ch. Ch. Han\p.-t.a.i ls;is-1901. 
Hon. Canon of Rochester L89i) S. li. Fenny Compton, Leamington, 1901 ; 
author of " Lincolushiiv and 111.' Danes" 1883. fft 1883, Maria Charlotte, 
e. d. of Rcy. (.Itorge H.atson Bl.nkin, V. of Boston and Preb. of Lincoln. 
Addnen Femiy Comptou Rectory, Leamington, 

152 Winchester College. 1857 

Teesdale, Makmaduke John, h. 2 Jan., 1844, e. s. of Julin ManiKuluke Tees- 
dale (Coram. 1832-G), of Down, Kent, and of Norfolk Sq., 
Hj-de Park, London, and Maria, his vdk, e. d. of Nathaniel 
Suell Chauncy, Esq., of Little Mnnden, Herts (bro. of 
Frederick Dobree and Edmund Thomas Moore, below, 
pp. 159, 221). 
Solicitor, Loudon 18C8 ; Assist. Solicitor to the Treasury ISTG; author of a Trans- 
lation of Goethe's "Hermann and Dorothea." in' English He.xanieters 1874, 
2nd ed. 1876. fR 1871, Elsie ti.iljriclc, d. of Professor Hermann Beger, of 
Caunstall, 'Wurtenilicrg. .UhJnssl'he Gables, 'Walton-on-the Hill, Surrey. 

^VHlTf, Frascis Thirkill (t). See above, p. 149. 

WuiTE, Thomas Holt, b. 26 Oct., 1842, e. s. of Algernon Holt White, Esq., of 

Clement's Hall, Rochfovd, Essex, and Emma Louisa, his 

wife, ordy d. of 'I'homas Harrison, Esq., F.R.S., of Streatham 

Park, Siirrej'. 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 18fil, 3 L. & A. 18(1.'); served as Special Correspondent for the 

J'rjll Mall Cnzi'tir and the .Vcw Yurie Tribune, through the Franco-Prussian 

War; subsequently Correspondent for the Slandanl at the English autumn 

niana-uvres. ffl. Q 1881. 

AViGEAM, Lewis (f), h. 14 May, 1844 (3rd s.), bro. of Herbert, above, p. 143. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1862-6, 2 CI. Mod. 1864. 4 CI. li..V. 1865, M.A. 1869 ; some- 
time Partner in Reid's brewery, ffl 1872, Mary, d. of Rev. Lewis Deedes, R. 
of Bramfield. AMrvsf Redco'urt, Haslcmerc. 

Woods, Charles James (3rd s.), bro. of John William, above p. 128. 
D in Coniniouers 18 Dee.. 18CU, aged 17. Tablet in Cloisters. 


Bache, AVilliam (t), b. 4 Feb., 1843, s. of Henry Bache, Esq., of Stackenbridge 
Churchill, Worcestershire. 
Left 18G2 ; Solicitor 1867, practising at West Bromwich down to 1899. ffl 7 May, 
1874, Frances Jlary, e. d. of Thouias Seymour Stamps, Esq., of Copcley, 
Gravellcy Hill, near Birmingham. S 28 June, 1899. 
Bailet, Charles, s. of S. Bailey, Esq., Southill, Biggleswade. 

Comet 20th Hussars 1861, Lieut. 1868; scn-cd in India 1861-72. Q 5 Jan., 1873 
(marble tablet in Southill Church, Beds., erected by his brother officers "lu 
token of their affection and esteem "). 

BixGiiAM, Pegixald Peeegrine Potesger, b. 7 Sept., 1845, e. s. of Ucv. 
Peregrine Bingham, 'I he Abbey, Woodbridge, Suflblk. 
Clerk in the Board of Trade I860, I'riucipal Clerk in tlie Jlarine Department. D 
suddenly at Goring, 21 July, 1901. 

BoWLY, Wilfred, b. 1 July, 1843, bro. of Edward Ernest, above, p. 1'25. 

Royal Agric. Coll. Cirencester; Land Agent to his father; frequent contributor to 
the V'VWi/, ZaiiuI and iVuter, and .'iporling and Dramatic A'euf. Q 22 Jan., 
BiiYA.v, Willoughby Edward, b. 7 Sept., 1844, e. s. of Eev. Joshua Willoughby 
Bryan, R. of Cliddesden, Basingstoke, and Ellen Susanna 
(nee Marshall), his wife. 
I'niv. Coll. Oxon 186.1, B.A. 18li7 ; bought a coffee estate in South India, and was 
tor a short limi' in llic ludi.-in Financial Secretariat Dcparluiciit at Calcuttii and 
Simla ; stu.licd huid agcncv 1x70-1 ; has resided in New Forot since 1874. 
IH -Jl .lull.', IS70, Fmuuv Helena, d. of Jonathan ll.irgrcav,-, i;>.|.. J.I'., D.L., 
of Oakhill, Lanes., and Lyudhurst, Hants. .hIJrcss Lyndhur.-t, Hants. Club 
CoEiUE, ICdgar Ashton, b. 1843, 3rd s. of AVilliam Byrom Corrie, Esq., 35, 
Laiisdowii Crescent, Cheltenham, and Emilia («<'(■ Hill), his 
D 1896. 

1857 WixcHESTEii College. 153 

DAViiiriOX, JuHK, b. 28 Aug., 18-15, at Cundelcunil, India, s. of Alexander 

Davidson, M.D., Deputy Inspector-Gen. B.M.S. (Guaidian, 

his cousin, Rev. Arthur Frederick Forde, V. ( f 'i'wigwortli, 


luto f ollege either same lialf or Uma; Half 1858 ; left 28 Starch, 1861 ; Ens. 21st 

Regt. 1863, then into Bengal Staff Corps (3rd Punjab Cavalry), Lieut. 1866, 

Capt. 1875 ; sen-ed in Jowalii Expedition 1877-8 (despatches, medal with 

clasp) ; also in Afghan War 1878-9 as P.A.Q.JI.G. (despatches, medal with 

clasp, Brevet-ilajor) ; also in Mahsood Wuzeree Expedition 1881, as A.Q.M.G. 

to the Force (despatches) ; Major 1883, Lieut.-Col. 1889 ; Militarv Secretarj' 

Punjab Government 1885-6 ; Col. on Staff, Chitral,1896-8 ; C.B. 26 June, 1902 ; 

author of "Xotes on Bashgali Kafir Language" 1902. fH 19 April, 1877, 

Anna, e. d. of Thomas Elliott, Esq., of Dolhaidd, Carmarthenshire. Address 

3, Talbot Houses, Blackheath, S.E. 

DuNBAi!, Chakles Gordon CniiMixr,, b. 14 Feb., 1844, 4th s. of Sir Archibald 

Djnbar, Bart., being his 2Ld s. by his 2nd wife, Sophia, 

y. d. of George Orred, Esq., of Aigburtb, Lancaster, and 

Tranniere, Cheshire (half-bro. of George Eamsav, above, 

p. 84). 

IB.©., d 1867, p 1868, Chapl. to Bishop of Colombo, C. of Katnapoora, Ceylon 

1867-9, All Saints, Lambeth 1869-70, L.Th. Jena 1873, R. St. John, St. 

Mark's, Grenada, R.D. and Archdeacon of Grenada 18/5-6, R. St. James, 

Tobago 1876-7, Inc. St. Andrew's, Tavistock Place, London 1877, P.C. Little 

Heath, Chadwell, Essex 1887-9. iB. 17 Oct., 1872, Edith, y. d. of William 

Charles Wentworth, Esq., formerly President of the Legislative Council, 

Sydney, X.S.W. .hhlnss Albion Ud., East Cliff, Ramsgate. 

FoitSTER, Michael Seymouu (f). See above, p. 142. 

Heathcote, Henry Fisher, b. 24 Nov., 1847, s. of Thomas Godfrey Heathcote, 
Esq. (snrgeon in the 10th Bengal N.I., who was murdered 
with his wife, two children, two brothers-in-law, sister, and 
her child, at Cawnpore), and ward of J. B. Warwick, Esq., 
Ens. 103rd Regt. 1866, Lieut. 1868, Caiit. 1877, Major 1880, retired 1882 ; Royal 
Humane Societj-'s medal 1865. ffl 1871, Miss Prince, of Bonsall. 13. 

Horner, Henry Burt (f), b. 24 Nov., 1845, e. s. of Rev. Joseph Home-, V. of 
Everton, Hunts, (bro. of Albert Barker, below, p. 178). 
Demy Magd. CoU. O.-^on 1864-9, 2 CI. Mod. 1866, 2 CI. B.A. 1869, M.A. 1874 ; 
Assist. Master Marlborough Coll. Q at Florence, 28 April, 1886. See Wvk. 
V. (n. 209) 70. 
HuMriiERY, Edward John, b. 20 Nov., 1841 (8th s.), half-bro. of John, William 
Henry, and Charles John, above pp. 69, 85, and bro. of 
Percv Adolplius, above, p. 135. 
Wadh. Coll. Oxon 18(io, B.A. 1867 ; Artist; resided at 2, Ulster Terrace, Regent's 
Park, London. J3 unmarried at Brighton, 18 May, 1902. 
Jacob, Edg.vr (t), b. 16 Nov., 1844, at Crawdey Rectory, near Winchester, s. of 
Yen. Philip Jacob, Archdeacon and Canon of Winchester, 
and Anna, his wife, e. d. of Rev. the Hon. Gerard Thomas 
Noel, Canon of Winchester (bro. of Ernest Henry, below, 
p 182). 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon, I CI. Mod. 1865, 3 CI. 1807, B.A. 1868, ILA. 1870, 
D.U. 1895; %©., d 1868, p 1869, C. Taynton, O-xon 1869-71, St. James, 
Bcrmondsey 1871-2, Don. Chapl. to Bistio|) Milman of Calcutta 1872-6, 
Commissary Calcutta 1876-88; in charge of Wilberforce Memorial Mission, 
South London, 1877; V. Portjica 1878-96; Hon. Canon Winchester 1884-96; 
Hon. Cliapl. to Queen Victoria 1870-90, Cliapl. in Ordinary 1890-6; Exaui. 
Chap!, to liislii.p Browne of Wineliestcr ls76-:il ; Cliai.l. to Bishop Thorold of 
Winchester 1891-.i, to Bishop Davidson of Winchester 1895-6, R.D. of L.ind- 
port 1S9l'-6, I'roc. in Convocation for Herts and Isle of Wight 1895-6 ; Bishop 
of Ncwcastle-ou-Tvne 1896-1903; Bishop of St. Albans since 1903; Hon. 
D.D. Durham 1896; author of "The Diviue Society" J890. Address 
llighauis, Woodford Green, Essex. Chib Athcu.-eum. 

154 Winchester Cullege. 1857 

Kemble, Ar.Tiiuu (t). 'See above, p. 150. 

Kekdall, Clakekce Peter Trevelyan, b. March, 1845, s. of llusscll Kendall, 
Esq., and Mary, his wife, d. of Rev. Thomas Thoijie, E. of 
Buiton Overy, and stepson of Major Francis Gresley, of 
From BradQeld Coll. ; Comet 2ud Life Guards 18G3, Lieut. 1867, C.ipt. 1872, re- 
tired 1876 ; resided at 6, Wilton Place, London. S 9 Dec, 1896. 

Malet, Sydset Law (f). See above, p. 151. 

MARSUALr,, George, b. 1844, e. ?. of George Mar-shall, Esq., Woodcote, Car- 

shalton, and Elizabeth Helen, his wife, d. of John Gore, 

Esq., of Woodford, Essex (bro. of Walter Gore, below, 

p. 16i!). 

IB 19 .\pril, 1871, Hon. Sophie, only d. of JIajor the Hon. Robert Barlow Palmer 

IJyng, and sister of George, 8tli Viscount Torrington. AdJiiss llardrcs Court, 


MicnELL, Edward Blaiu (f). See above, p. 148. 

Nelson, James, f. of Richard Albany Nelson, Esq., barrister-at-law, of 23, Old 
Sq., Lincoln's Inn, and 16, Durham Terrace, Westboumc 
Park, London. 

Owen, Lewis Edward, b. 22 March, 1843, e. s. of Rev. Lewis Welsh Oweu, R. 

of Holy Trinity, Colchester (afterwards Preb. of Lincoln), 

and Caroline Saymour, his wife, d. of Philip George, Esq., 

Town Clerk of Batli (bro. of Philip Henry, below, p. 190). 

Exeter Coll. Oxou, K.A. 18156; Cuddesdon Coll.; 1^.©., rf 18G7, p 1868, C. 

Chilton Foliat 1867-70, East Woodhay 1871-7, V. Famdon, near Chester 1878. 

fH 1878, Alice, d. of Richard Carrow, Esq., of Johnstone Ilall, Haverfordwest. 

AiMress Farndon Rectory, Chester. 

Pain, Arthur George, b. 4 June, 1843, e. s. of George Henning Pain, Esq., 
Bridgwater (bro. of Montague, below, p. 166). 
Solicitor 1HG4, and Notary Public, practising at Bridgivater. fH 18S1, Frances, 
d. of Frederick Ward, Esq. Address 11, George St., Bridgwater. 

Patne, Edward (t), C.F., b. 17 Jan., 1846, s. of Rev. Richard Payne (f 1825), 

V. of Downton, above, p. 13, and bro. of Henry and John 

Richard, below, pp. 196, 277. 

Left 1860 ; one of the two last Consanguiuei Fundatoris ; into Navy. March 18G0, 

Lieut. 1868, Commander (promoted from 1st and Gunnery Lieut, of H.M.S. 

Penelope for services at lionitiardimiit of Alexandria, medal, clasp, and 

Khedive's star) 1883, retired ISHI, -rant.d rank <.f ntirod Captain 1897. IH 

7 April, 1881, Mary Louisa Aiiii.', .•. d. i.f the late Kev. (iilbert Heatbcoto, V. 

of Coleme, Wilts.", and Nortlilield, Uyde. Resided at Lonsdale Lodge, Nelson 

Rd., Southsea. D in London, 20 Nov., 1906. 

I'EiiL, Aetuub, b. 12 Feb., 1845, 2nd ?. of William Peel, Esq., Swinton Park, 

Manchester, and Julia, his wife, d. of Willi;xni Whitworlh, 

Esq., of Stanley. 

Ens. lulst Rcgt. 1861, Lieut. 186:i ; exchanged into 7th Hussars 1864, Capt. 1869, 

Major 1881, Lieut.-Col. 1881, in command of Regt. 1887 ; Col. 1891, retired 

1898 (served in N.W. Frontier Campaign, India, 1863, at Umbeyla, etc., medal 

and clasp), iil (1) 1877, Sophie IClizabeth Jessie, d, of Rev. George Gardner 

llarter, of Cranfudd Court, Beds. ; (i) 16 May, 1900, Emily Sophia, e. d. of 

Gen. Sir .Samuel Browne, G.C.B., V.C. 

Peri,, Geouok IIesrv, b. 19 Dec, 1841, elder bro, of above, 

ftl Jime, 1867, Elizabeth, d, of William llarter. Esq,, Hope Hall. Lanes. D 
23 Feb., 190i. 


KoBiNsuN, Ellis Ashton (f), C.F., b. 13 June, 1845, bro. of Francis Edward, 
Thomas Anriol, and Walter Croke, abuve, pp. 105, 114. 131. 
Oue o£ the two last Consanfjuiaei Fundatoris. Exhiljiir. Ball. Coll. Oxon 1863, 
3 Nat. So. 1867, B.A. 1868, M.A. 1873 ; formerly Head Master of a School 
preparatory to Dulwich College. fH 1884, Mary Harriet, e. d. of Edward 
Wetherell Rowden, Esq. (+ 182G), D.C.L., licgistrar of the University ol: 
Oxford. Adilrcss 9, Crick Rd., Oxford. 

Simeon, Philip Baruingtou, b. 12 Dec, 1845, e. s. of Capt. Charles Simeon, 

Hursley, Winobester, and Sarah Jane, his wife, only child 

of Philip Williams, Esq., Q.C., Piecorder of Winchester 

(bro. of Algernon Barrington and Lionel Barrington, below, 

pp. 166, 202). 

Ch. Ch. Oxon, B.A. 1868, M.A. 1871 ; !&.©., d 1870, p 1871, C. North Morctou 

1870-2, Pioc. Missioner, Lichfield "l'873-7, St. Augustine, Kilburn 1878-8), 

Dioc. Missioner, Grahamstown, South Africa 1884-92, R.D. Fort Beaufort 

1886-92, R. Fort Beaufort 1892-1900, SLA. Cape Univ. 1892, C. St. Andrew 

and Catherine, Inverness 1901-2, C. North Perrott 1902-4, R. Lathl>ury since 

1904. iB. 31 Aug., 1899, Lucy Ann, d. of John WiUiam Woodcock, Esq., 

liombay C.S. Address Lathbury Rectory, Newport Pagnell. 

Sladen, Harvey, b. 10 Aug., 1844, 2nd s. of Rev. Edward Henry Mainwariug 

Sladm, Curate of Alton Barnes, Wilts. (Conim. 1828), and 

Hannah, his wife, d. of John Baker Sladen, Esq., of Ripide 


Settled in Victoria, Australia 1863-7, then at Meanee, Napier, New Zealand ; J.P. 

for New Zealan.l 1872 ; r.'turued to England 1883. fR 1886, Julia Dorcas, y. 

d. of James \\'nikwortli Winstanley, Esq., of Riverside, Chester. Address 

Forest Edge, Sway, Hants. 

TuREsHEii, Philip, b. 1 March, 1884 (3rd s.), bro. of James Henville, above, 
p. 142. 
Umv. Coll. Oxon 1862, B.A. 1866, M.A. 1869 ; Barr. Inner T. 1868. S unmarried, 
11 April, 1883 (Foster says 5 April). 

Tyssen, Amherst Daniel (f), b. 31 July, 1843, at Upper Clapton, 2nd s. of 

John Robert Daniel Tyssen, Esq., of Brighton, and Harriet 

Caroline, his wife, d. of Charlei Hopkiuson, Esq., of 

Cadojian Place, Loodun. 

Postmaster Merton Coll. Oxon 1861-6, 1 Jlath. Mod. 1863, 1 CI., 1 Math. B.A. 

1865, E.C.L. and M.A. 1872, D.C.L. 1877 ; Barr. Inner T. 1869 ; joint editor 

the B/ir Examination Journal : author of " Law of Charitable Bequests " 1889, 

" Real Representative Law " 1898. fjl 23 June, 1883, Cassandra Mary Amelia, 

5th d. of Charles Madden, Esq., H.E.I. C.S. Addresses 40, Chancerv Lane, 

W.C. ; 59, Priory Rd., llampstead, N.W. 

Walker, George Herbert Dacres (f), b. 24 Oct., 1845, e. s. of Rev. Joseph 

Walker, R. of Great Billing, Northants. (bro. of Pniiip 

Carull, Hugh Richard, and George Casson, below, pp. 173, 

202, 222). 

In the Register Win. Coll. his 3rd name is incorrectly given as Davies. Sch. 

New Coll. Oxon 1864-9, 2 CI. Mod., 3 Math. Mod. 1866, 3 CI. 1868, B.A. 

1869 ; Assist. Sec. to Government of X.W. Provinces and Oudh, 1 May, 1874 ; 

served subsequently in Accounts' branch ; Under-Sec. to Government of India, 

Public Works Department, May, 1887 to 1903 ; CLE. 19U1 ; retired 1903. 

I'tt 1888, Beatrice Goldney, d. of Rev. Alfred Arrow Kempc. Address 5, 

Palace Mansions, Addison Bridge, Kensington, W. 

\\'uRU.swoRTH, John, b. 21 Sept., 1843, e. p. of Rev. Ciiristopber Wordsworth 
(Comm.), afterwards Bishop of LIucoId, Canon of Weft- 
minster (D.N.B. Ixiii. Si), and Susanna Hatley, his wife, 
d. of George Erere, Esq., of Twyford House, llerls (bro. 
of Christopher, below, p. 176). 
From Ipswich School ; Sell. New Coll. Oxon 1861-6, 1 CI. Mod. 1863, 1 CI. B.A. 
1865, Latin Essav 1866, Craven Sch. 1867 ; Fellow B.N.C. 1867-71 and 
1882-5, Tutor 1867-83, M..\. 1868, Librarian aud Junior Dean 1872-82, Proctor 

156 Winchester Collegk. 1857 

1874. D.D. 1885, Assist. Master WelUn^on Coll. 18G6 ; %.©., ./ 18«7, p 18G9, 
Ch.-ipl. B.N.C. 1882-5, Prcb. of Lincoln 1870-83, Select Preacher at Oxford 
1875-7 and 1888-90, Grinfield Lecturer in the Septuiigint 1876-8, Univ. Prof, 
at Whitehall 1879, Bampton Lecturer 1881. Exam. Chapl. to Bishop of Liucolu 
1869-85 ; Fellow of Oriel Coll., and Oriel Prof, of Interpretation in Univ. of 
Oxford with Canonrv of Rochester annexed 1883-5 ; consecrated Bishop of Salis- 
bury 28 Oct., 18S5 ;"Preb. of Potteme, Salisbury Cathedral 1885 ; Hon. Fellow 
B.N.C. Oxon 1891 ; Visitor of St. Boniface's Coll., Warminster, and Salisbury 
Sch. ; Hon. LLD. of T.C.D. 1890, Hon. D.D. of Berne 1892, Fellow of the 
British Academy 1905 ; author of " Keble Collej;e and Present University 
Crisis " 18G9, " Lectures, etc., Historical Latin Literature " 1870, " Fragments, 
etc., Earlv L.atin " 1874, "University Sennons " 1878, "The Church and 
the Uui\ersities " 1880, Bampton Lectures 1881, 2nd ed. 1887, "On the 
Koman Conquest of Southern Britain'* 1889, "Bishop's Palace, Salisbury''' 
1839, "Ihe Holy Commimion," 2nd ed. 1892, "Pastoral Letters" 1885, 'Wi, 
'87; "On the Seals of the Bishops of Salisbury" 1887, "Four Addresses" 
1888, " De Successione Episcoporum," "Prayers for Use in College," 2nd cd. 
1890, " De Validitate Ordinum Anglicanorum " 1894, " Trois lettres sur la 
position de I'Eglise Anglicane" 1894, "Considerations on Public Worship, 
etc." 1898, "The Church of England and the Eastern Patriarchates" 1898, 
".Salisbury Diocesan Guild Manual" 1898, "On the Rite of Consecration of 
Churches" 1899, "The Gospel for Egypt" 1900, "The Perfecting of the 
Saints" 1900, "The Ministry of Grace" 1901, 2nd ed. 1902; "The Ejiiscopate 
of Charles Wordsworth " 1899, " Bishop Serapion's Prayer Book" 1S99, "The 
Reform of Ecelesi.astical Courts " 1900 ; joint editor of " Studia Biblica" 1885, 
" Novum Testamentum Latino " 1889-98, " Old Utin Biblical Texts " 1883-G, 
" Further Considerations on Public Worship" 1901, " Family Prayers," 2nd ed. 
1905, "Egypt and the Coptic Church" 1903, "'The Baptismal Confession" 
1904, etc. IH (1) 1870, Susan Esther, d. of Rev. Henry Octa%nus Coxc, 
Bodlcy's Librarian, Oxford ; (2) 1896, Jlary, d. of Col. Williams, M.P., Bride- 
head, Dorchester. Address The Palace, Salisbury. 

the date of whose admission is not recorded. 

Atkinson, Arthur Johnston Bbeeks (f), b. 20 Nov., 1812, e. s. of Eev. John 
Brecks Atkinson, PC. of West Cuwes. 
Into Commoners Short Half 1860, Univ. Coll. Oxon 1861 : Madras Civil Service 
1864 ; Acting Sub-Collector and Joint Ma^'istrate of Chnddal>:ih ISSO. D at 
Bermuda, 24 Oct., 1893. . 

Davidson, John (f). See above, p. 153., William (f), b. 2S April, 1816, at Upper Claplim, c. s. of Henry 

Masternian, E>q., of Waostead, Essex, and Ellen, his wife, 

d. > f Nathaniel Snell Chauncy, Esq., of Little Mundon, 


Wadh. Coll. Oxon 1864, 2 CI. Jlod. 1866. 3 CI. B.A. 1868, Jl.A. ami B.C.L. 1871, 

D.C.L. 1881 ; Barr. Middle T. 1870 ; JIaster of the Skinners' Comixiny, 

London 1889-90 ; J.P. Notts. ; ,Iudgc of Couutv Courts, Circuit 18 (Notts, and 

Yorks., West Riding) 1891-1902. 'S unmarrieil, at bis mother's house, 141, 

tiloucestcr Terrace. Hyde Park, Loudon, 14 Jan., 1903. 

Nltt, George (f), b. 12 Jan., 1846, e. p. of Rev. George Nuit, Curate of Eric 
Stoke, Wilts. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1864-9. 1 CI. Mod. 1866, Gaisford Verse 1866, 1 CI. 1868. 
B.A. and Craven ScU. 1869; Fellow of Exeter Coll. Oxou 1869-77, Classical 
Lecturer 1869; Assist. Master at Cheltenham Coll. 1870-4. at Rugby 1874-96. 
ill 2< July, 1877, Diana Elizabeth, d. of Ven. Francis Cocks Pouget Reynolds, 
Archdeacon of Bombay. O at Rugby, 2 March, 1896. 

1857-8 Winchester College. 157 

WiLKixsox, John Henry (t), b. 9 Nov., 184-1, 2nd s. of Eev. Matthew Wil- 
kinson, Head Master of a school for sons of clergymen at 
Xew Coll. Oxon matiic. 18«3 ; Hon. Exhibnr. Exoter Coll. 1863; Demv Masd. 
Coll. Oxon 18G3-8. B.A. 1870, M.A. 1872 ; ?t>.©., d 1872 ; Assist. Master 
at. Paul's Coll., Stony Stratford 1871-3 ; sfa'rlcd a preparatory school nt 
Tudor House, Durdhani Down 1873; built " Waynflete, ' Durdham Down 
188C ; removed to " Waynflete," Woodcote, Oxon, in 1898. fH 4 Sept., 1873, 
Agnes Louisa, 3id d. of Rev. James Guilleniard, V. of Kirtlington, Oxon. 
Aililras 'Waj-nflete, Woodcote, Oxon. 


Babinoton, Alexander Charles, b. 1842, s. of Lieut.-Col. David Babington, 
Madras Army. 
Ens. Gth Bombay N.I. 18G1, Lieut. 1862. B 18Cfi. Buried at Walmer. 

Bkll, Alexander, s. of W. W. Bell, Esq., Catsficld House, Fareham. 
Lieut. R.A. 1805, resigned 1867. Q 21 Sept., 1878. 

Bennett, Charles William, b. 1845 (7th s.), bro. of Henry Edward, William 

Henry, Edward Jame>, George, James Arthur, and Francis 

Cayley, above, i>p. 35, 53, 58, 84, 112, 145. 

Lichfield Thcol. Coll. 1809 ; 1&.©., d 1871, p 1872, C.Chesterton 1871-3, Eeaminster 

1873-4, R. Sparkford, Bath 1874-99, V. Pilton. Sbepton Mallet 1890, Preb. of 

Wells 1903; editor of Batli and Wells Diocesan Maijazine ; Hon. Sec. Bath and 

Wells Churchworkers Assoc, ffl 2G Jlay, 1875, Mary, d. of Thomas Grahame, 

Esq., W.S., Edinburgh. Address Pilton Vicarage, Sheptou Mallet. 

BiDDULPH, George Tournay, b. 25 May, 1884 (5th s.), bro. of Anthony, above, 

p. 14'J. 

Banker (Messrs. Cocks, Biddulph & Co., 4.S, Chariug Cross, S.W.) ; Knight of 

Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England, ffl 3 Oct., 1883, 

the Lady Sarah Wilfreda Palmer, 4th d. of Kt. Hon. Koundell, 1st Earl of 

Selbome (above, p. 8). Address Douglas House, Petersham. 

Ckooke, Frederick Jamei=, b. 21 April, 1844, s. of Mrs. J.ames Crooke, 3, St. 

Saviour's Crescent, Jersey. 

Left March, 1861 ; into the house of Messrs, Brocklebank, Liverpool 1861-G ; then 

a merchant in Calcutta 18G6-86 ; plaved cricket for Lancashire against Jliddle- 

sex 1866, and for Gloucestershire 1874-5. IH 9 Feb., 1875, L. JL, d. of Col. 

Frederick Henry Rich, R.E. Address 3, Castle Bank, Southsea. Club Oriental. 

Hammick, Stephen, b. 9 May, 1846, 3rd s. of Rev. Sir St. Vincent Love 
Hammick, 2nd Birt., V. of Milton Abbott, Devon, and 
Mary, his wife, 2nd d. of Robert Alexander, Esq., of 
Gloucester Place, Pi rtman Sq., London. 
To Marlborough Coll. 1860 ; Postmaster Mcrton Coll. Oxon 1866 ; entered Bombay 
i;ivil Service 1868 ; Assist. Political Agent Kolhapur, and Tutor to the Maha- 
rajah 1879 ; on famine duty Kaladgi Sept., 1877 ; Jud. .\ssist. to the Political 
Agent, Kaltiawar, Aug., 1883 ; Judge and Sessions Judge Shikarpur, Feb.. 1.185 ; 
Member of Deccan Agriculturists Relief Act Commission 1891-2 : rotirr.l June, 
1894; one of the Trustees of Kelly College, Tavistock, ffl 9 April, I.S85, 
Constance, only d. of Lieut.-Gen. Frederick Schneider, Watiringburv, Kent. 
Address Cample Haye, Tavistock. 

Holland, Francis Macnaughten, 2ud s. of John Holland, Esq., of Bognor, 
Exliibnr. 1858 ; to Rugby ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1863-8, 2 01. Mod. I8G5, 4 CI. 1867 ; 
drowned in the Transvaal, May, 1874. 

HoNT, Joseph Carew, b. 4 Nov., 1841, s. of Robert H. Ca'ew Hunt, Esq., 
if Rise, Surrey, .ind Court Hall, Sidbury, Devoi'i 
(bro. of Robert Ponsonby, below, i). 160). 
1« Mi<s Jemima Lang Wild. Q 7 Jmie, 1871. 

158 Winchester Colleoe. 1858 

Jones, Cecil Albert, h. 18 Ajiril, 1842, 5th s. of Major-Gen. Sir Harrj' David 

Jones, K.C.B., E.M. College, Farnborouch. 

Oriel Coll. Oxou 1862, E.A. 18G5, M.A. lSi;9 ; 5t).©., d 1867, p 18C8, C. Stoke, 

M'arwicks. ] 807-72, Stmtford-on-AvoD 1872-6, St. Nicholas, Birmiiiiilmm 

1876-7, V. liassingbourne, Eoyston, Herts 1877-99, R. Abington Pigotts 1899. 

A<l<lrcss Abington Pigotts Rectorj-, Royston, Herts. 

LiXDSAY, William, 1) 3 Aug., 1847, s. of Major William Lindsay, 10th Regt. 

B.M.I, (murdered with most of his family at Cawnpore), 

and nephew of Eev. W. Drage, St. Margaret's, Rwhester. 

Junior Clerk (Store Department) India'Office 1867 ; Private Sec. to Pariv. Under-Sec. 

of State 1877-81 ; Senior Clerk 1882 ; Private Sec. to Lord George Hamilton, 

Hon. Edward Stanhope, the Maniuis of Linsdowne, and Viscount Enfield (later 

Earl of Strafford) ; retired 1900. fH June, 1871, Agnes, d. of Major Hume 

Edwardes, late 55th Regt. Address Gloucester House, Hill Rise, Richmond, 

Surrey. Club Constitutional. 

Mawe, William Franklin, s. of Dr. Mawe, 12th N.I., Bengal (murdered in 
the Indian Mutiny), from 1, Belville Avenue, Ratbgar, 
Said to have enlisted in the 43rd Regt., and served through Slaori War 1863-5. 
Plowden, Trevor John Chichele (Ciiichelk-) (to A), b. 1846, s. of Trevor 
John Chichele Plowden, Esq., of 45, Westbourne Park, 
Harrow Rd., London. 
To A., July, 1859; Indian Civil Service 1868, Assist. Magistrate and Collector 
Bhangulpore 18139-71, Hooghly 1871; Inspector-Gen. of Police, Assam 1876; 
Under Sec. to Govt, of India for Foreign Affairs 1877 ; Resident and PoUti(»l 
Agent Turkish Arabia 1880 ; Consul-Gen. Baghdad 1880 ; travelling in Persia 
and Armenia 1881-5 ; Commissioner of Ajmere 1885 ; Resident Kashmir 1886 ; 
Commissioner of Hyderabad 1889-1900; C.S.I. 1893, K.C.S.I. 1898; received 
into the Roman Catholic Church. fH (I) 1870, Milicent Frances, e. d. of Gen. 
Sir Charles John Foster, K.C.B. ; (2) 24 July, 1895, Mary Beatrice Theresa, e.d. 
of Basil Thomas Fitzherbert, Esq., of Swyuuerton Park, Staffs. J3 at Hazel- 
hurst, Ore, Sussex, 5 Nov., 1905. See Times, 6 Nov., 1906. 

PyKE, George, b. 5 Nov., 1843 (2nd s.), bro. of John Nott, ab^ve, p. 142, and 
the next. 
13 in the Easter Holidays, 13 May, 1859. 

PvKE, James Nott, b. 22 Feb., 1845 (3rd s.), bro. of the above. 

Captain of football at Winchester, first committed the rules to writing ; Exeter Coll. 
Oxon 1865 ; inherited the manor of Parracombe 1868. Q from the effects of a 
wound received out rabbit-shooting, 30 Aug., 1869. 

Skelton, Henry, b. 1 Jan., 1842, c. s. of Henry Skelton, Esq., Thurner, Leeds. 
"Wadh. Coll. Oxon 1861-5; served under Rajah Brooke,_ in Borneo, 1866-73; 
appointed Resident of Sarawak 1872. Q at Sarawak 18(3. 

Splatt, Hawtbet Collins-, b. 2 Dec, 1843, c. s. of Hcury Collius-Splatt, Esq., 
Brixton House, Plympton (Comm.),and Eliz.tbeth, his wife, 
d. of Robert Rugers Sanders, Esq., o{ Exeter. 
Ens. 2nd Batt. 14th Regt. 1862, exchanged to bird liif;!,. 1864, Lieut. 1867 ; 6er\-cd 
in New Zealand War 1863-5, Koheroa (medal), retired 1S71 ; partncrin Messrs. 
Contes & Co., Black Friars Distillerv, Plvmouth. iB (1) 1871, Elizabeth, d. 
of Rear-Admiral William Henry Andersou-JIorsbead, C.B. ; (2) 1899, Alice 
CoUingwdod Hope, only d. of William Hope Hall, Esq., of Addington, 
Wimbledon. Aildirss Brixton House, Brixton, Devon. Club Junior United 
'I'iNLiNG, George Douglas, b. 17 Nov., 1844, c. s. of Rev. Edward Douglas 
Tinling, Inspector of Schools, Bath (bro. of John Parr, 
below, p. 187). 
Ch, Ch. Oxon, B.A. 1867. M.A. 1872 ; Jt).®-, d 1867, p 1868, C. Dursley 1867-8, 
Bedminster 1868-71, P.C. St. Clement, Bournemouth 1871-9. O 13 Dec, 1880, 
at Pau. Wyk. iii. (n. 151) 407. 

\Ynoi>, Hknrv Burnet, s. of H. Wood, Esq., Clarence Villa, Tuubridge Well.s. 

1858 Winchester College. 159 

the date of whose admission is not recorded. 

Ai.i.nx, JoHS Barrow (f), b. 11 Xuv., 1844, e. ?. of Benjamin Tuthill Allen, 
Esq., of Bumham, Somerset. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 18«3, 1 CI. Mod. 1865, 2 CI. 1867, B.A. 1868, M.A. 1871 ; 
Stud. Inner T. 1870 ; Head JIaster Perse Grammar School, Camb. ; Assist, 
blaster Cheltenham Coll. Q 1901. 
BowEN (-Graves), Francis Robert Steele (f), b. 23 Sept., 1846, at Black- 
heath, 3rd s. of l!ev. t'hristopher Bawen, of Hollymoimt, 
CO. Mayo, and Heatherwood, Isle of Wight, and Katharine 
Emily, his wife, d. of Sir Richard Steele, 3rd Bart., of 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1865, 1 CI. Mod. 1867, 2 CI. 1869, B.A. 1870 ; Barr. Inner T. 
1872; Examiner Education Dept. Privy Council Office. fBl SO Nov., 1871, 
Frances Elizabeth, only d. of Sir Slaxwell Steele-Graves, 4th Bart., and 
assumed the additional name of Graves. S 16 July, 1876. 

Cripps, Henry Lawresce (f), b. 8 Jan., 1846, e. s. of Henry William Cripps, 
Esq., Q.C., of Chelsea (tl825), and Julia, his wife, e. d. of 
Charles Lawrence, Es(]., of the Querns, Cirencester (bro. of 
Charles Alfred and Arthur Devereux, below, pp. 212,262). 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1864, 1 CI. Mod. 1866, 3 L. & H., B.A. 1868 ; Solicitor 1871, 
practising at 9, Great George St., Westminster; President of the Soc. of 
Parliamentary Agents 1892. fH 19 Nov., 1872, Mary Pennington, d. of Francis 
Rivers Freeling, Esq. AJJicss 12, Queensberry Place, South Kensington, 
Hetgate, William Augustine (f), b. 9 May, 1847, e. s. of Rev. William 
Edward Heygate, of Prittlewell (afterwards V. of Briiiht- 
stone, Isle of Wight), and Mary Elizabeth, his wife, d. of 
Rev. Edward Penny, K. of Great Stan bridge (bro. of Lance- 
lot, Ambrose, and Bernard, below, pp. 185, 199, 208). 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 186.5-70, 2 CI. Mod. 1867, 2 CI. 1869, B.A. 1870, M.A. 1873 ; 
%<B; <1 1881, p 1882, C. St. Edmimd, Sarum 1881-4, V. Leigh, Dorset 1884- 
90, Burbage, Wilts. 1890-99, Gillingham, Dorset 1899-1905, R.D. Shaftes- 
bury 1899-1905. fSl 1885, Frances Sophia, d. of Thomas Ffooks, Esq., of 
Totnell, Sherborne. AMias Valescure, Park stone, Dorset. 

Straxge, James Stuart (f), b. 4 Dec, 18 IC, at Croydon, e. s. of Commander 
James Newburgh Strau^ie, R.N., Portsmouth, and Charlotte 
Maria, bis wile, y. d. of George Eyre, Esq., of Warrens, 
Wilts. (In the Win. Coll. Register his second name is 
spelt Stewart.) 
In Commoners for a while Short Half 1858 ; Cattle-farming in Argentine Republic 
186H-74 ; Lieut. Royal East Middlesex Militia 1876, Capt. 1881 ; Lord of the 
Manor of Epsom, ffl 1881, II. L., d. of Rev. William Charles Denshire, of 
Thetford House, Lincolnshire. Address Durham Court, Winchester. 
Streatfeild, George Sidney (f). See above, p. 151. 

Teesdale, Frederic Dobree (f), b. 25 Jan., 1845 (2nd s.), bro. of Manna- 
duke John, above, p. 152, and Edmund Thomas Moore, 
below, p. 221. 
In Commoners for awhile Short Half 1858; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1863-8, New- 
digatc, "Mexico," and 2 CI. Mod. 1865; B.A. 1868, M.A. 1873 ; Jg.©., (n869, 
p 1871, C. St. John, Edinburgh 1869-73, Head Master North Counties Coll., 
Inverness 1873-81, Canon of Inverness Cathedr. I 1875-81, Head Master Isle of 
Wight Coll. 1881-92, V. Bodicotc, Banburv 1892, Assist. Diocese Inspector 
1895, Preb. Chichester Cathedral 1901; author of "Poems" 1871. £B. 1870, 
E. ll., d. of Rev. James Guillemard, V. nf Kirtlington. Addrea Bodicotc 
Vicarage, llanbury. 

160 Winchester College. 1858 


Bakrett, William John Gextil, b. 18 i5, e. s. of William Heniy Barrett, 

Esq., IS, St. George's Terrace, Kensington, and Elizabeth, 

his wife, d. of Charles Gentil, Esq., of Tihroot, Calcutta (bro. 

of Charles James, below, p. l(il). 

Lord of the Manor of Ehnstone. ffl 18G8, Amy Harriet Emma Cassandra, e. d. 

of Edward Charles John Cobbold, Esq., of Long Jlclford, Suffolk. Kesided at 

Elnittone Court, near, Kent. Q. 

BiBLEY, Richard Kennedy, b. 16 March, 1815, e. s. of Ilichard Birley, Esq., 
J. P., D.L., SeecUey, Pendleton, Manchester, and Amelia 
Gartbrth, his 1st wife, d. of James Kennedy, Ksq., of 
Into bnsiness in Manchester ; Capt. 7th I^ncashlre lioval Garrison Artillerv 
(Volnnt.'irs) ISCfi, Major 1874, lion. Licnt.-Col. ISSC ;" in i-.inmiand of Rcgt.', and Hon. Col. 1891; V.D. 1892, C.Ii. 190-.'; author ..f Pamphlets 
" On (iarrison Artillery Ser\'ioe for Volunteers," " (tn Field Artillery f<ir Home 
Ser\'iee," and of numerous articles on Volunteer subjects for the Press, ffl 
1870, Jane tiardcn, d. of John Blaikie, Esq., of Craigiebuckler, Aberdeenshire. 
Address Cambridge St., Manchester. Club AthenKum. 
Crawley, John Lloyd, b. 1 N'ov., 1815, only s. of the late Rev. John Lloyd 
Crawley, V. of Arlingliam, Gloucs., and Mary Elizabeth, his 
wife, d. of Rev. John Sayer, formerly V. of Arlmgham. 
Went to sea. 

Daniel, George Taddy, s. of James Daniel, Esq., Ramsgate. 

13 in Kingsgate St., Dec, 18C1. Tablet in Cloisters. 
Darnell, William Nicholas, b. 16 Jan., 1845, e. s. of Rev. William Darnell 
(t 1829), Incumbent of Bamburgh, Northumberland, and 
Prances, his wife, e. d. of Ven. Charles Thorp, D.D., Arch- 
deacon of Durham. 
Ens. 54th Regt. 18G3, Lieut. 18C8, Capt. 1875, Capt. 84th Kegt. 1875, Adjut. IGth 
Lanes. Kifle Volunteers 18(9, Major (retired) 1884, Capt. in the Kescrvc of 
Officers, Deputy-Governor Prison Ser\ice 1885, Inspector of Military Prisons 
of Great Britain since 1899 ; received into the Roman Catholic Church, 1 Julv 
1877. fH 1871, Jean Margaret, d. of Alexander Smith, Esq., C.E. Addms ill, 
Carlton Rd., Ealing, W. Chih Naval and Military Club, Piccadilly, W. 

Deedes, Alfbkd, b. 15 Dec, 1815, bro. of Cecil, above, p. 150. 

Into College Short Half 1859 ; won the " Spencer Cup " at Wimbledon 18(13 ; Capt. 
Robin Hood Rifles 1868 ; Banker, Bristol, f^ 18 July, 1871, Emily (_'atherine, 
e. d. of Rev. Sir George Lewen Glyn, Ith liart., V. of ICwell. Address JIanor 
House, French.ay, Gloucs. 

Harding, George Notley Murray, e. s. of George Harding, Esq., Padneller 
House, Nether Stowey, and Emma, his wife, e. d. of James 
Thomas Ber.edictus Notley, Esq., of Combe Sydenham 
Hall, Stogumber. 
13 at Edgf.rley Lodge, Glastonburj', 15 Dec, 1905, aged G2. 

HoDGSKiN, John Grey, b. 15 April, 1843, s. of John Bathurst Hodgskin, Es.]., 

Horsmonden, Kent, and stepson of Thomas OUive, Esq., 

4, St. Mary Abbott's Terrace, Kensington, W. 

Member of the firm of Jlessrs. Hodgskin A I'otter, stock and share dealers. fSl 

18G5, Josephine Mary, d. of Joseph Scott, Esq. Addresses 10, Throckmorton 

Avenue, E.C. ; Shirrenden, Horsmonden, Kent. 

Hunt, Robert Ponsonby Carew, b. 7 Jan., 1843, brother of Joseph, above, 
p. 157. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon B.A. 18G4, M.A. 1868; Director of National Life Assurance 
Co. ; member of the tirm of Joseph Barber i- Co., wharfingers, ffl 1871, 
Ada Mary, d. of I!ev. John Sneyd, of -Vshcombe Park. 12 June, 1890, 

1859 WiNCDESTER College. 161 

HnsTEB, Hamilton, b. 1846, s. of Walter John Himter, Esq., H.E.I.C.S., 
Bagliurst House, Basingstoke. 
Magistrate for Taviunl, Fiji 1874 ; Stipendiary Magistrate, Cakamlrovi 1875 ; C'liief 
Police Magistrate, Fiji 1877 ; Deputy Commissioner for Western Pacific 1S81 ; 
Acting Registrar-Gen. 1892 ; Official Receiver in Bankruptcy 1894 ; Registrar 
Supreme Court and Curator Intestate Estates 1895 ; Judicial Commissioner to 
visit Islands 189G ; Acting Consul, Samoa 1899 ; Consul at Tonga 1901 ; C.JI.G. 
1900. fH 1882, Isabella Jane, d. of Sir John Gorrie, Kut., formerly Oiicf 
Justice of Fiji. AilJress British Consulate, Tongatabu, Tonga Islands. Club 
Manning, William Henry (y. s.), bro. of Charles James, above, p. 140. 

S in Commoners 10 Mtiy, 1859, aged 13. Tablet in Cloisters. 
MoDEiiLT, Edward Grafton, s. of Charles Moberly, Esq., St. Petersburg. 

In tlic Chartered Bank of India and Australia at Shanghai. J3 there 10 Jan., 1887. 

Moberly, John Cornelius, b. 22 April, 1848, 4th ?. of Rev. George Moberly, 

above, p. G (bro. of George Herbert, Arthur, and Robert 

Campbell, above, pp. 113, 127, 151, and Edward Hugh, 

Walter Allan, and Selwyn William, below, pp. 182, 189, 


Into College Long Half 18fil ; New Coll. Oxon, 3 L. A H., B.A. 18C9, M.A. 1873 ; 

Solicitor 1872, practising first at .ilrestord, and then at Sonth.impton (Messrs. 

Moberly & 'Wharton). ^ 1872, Caroline, d. of Richard Hunter, Esq., of 

Wimbledon, .khinss Woodlands, Bassett, Southampton. 

Snodguass, Kenneth .John Mackenzie, s. of Peter Snodgrass, Esq., M.L.A.> 

of Melbourne, Victoria. 
Strange, James Stuart. See above, p. 159. 
Teesdale, Frederic Dokree. See above, p. 159. 

Worthy, Edward Athelstane, 2nd s. of Rev. Charles Worthy, R. of All 
Hallows, Exeter. 
E.Nhibnr. ; Sch. New Coll. Oxou 18G2-7, 1 CI. Mod. 18G4, 3 CI. 18GG, B.A. 18G7 ; 
Second JIaster, The College, Christ Church, New Zealand, i^. Drowned while 
bathing at St. Raphael, France, 31 Oct., 1894. See Wyk vii. (n. 309) 77. 

Commoners admitted. 
LONG HALF, 1859. 

IUntino, William P>ickiiam, b. 14 Sept., 1847, ouly s. of Binting, 
Esq., 15, Phillimore Gardens, Kensington. 
B.N.C. Oxon 18GG, B.A. 1871, M.A. 1871 ; 1).©., -/ 1872, p 1873, C. Newburv 
1872-82, Buruham 1882-5, St. Lawrence, lieadin- 188a-G ; V. Little Brickhili, 
Bletchlcy, since 188G. fH 21 Julv, IsSo, Calheiinc Jane, d. of Rev. George 
Frederick Everett, R. of Shaw with Dinuiiigton, Berks. Aihln-ss Little Brick- 
hill, Bletchley, Bucks. 
Barrett, Charles James, bro. of William John Gentil, above, p. 160. 
BissiLL, Henry John George, e.s. of John Henry Bissill, Esq., F.R.S., of Sleaford, 
Lincolnshire, surgeon (bro. of Arthur Kent, below, p. 170). 
Exhibnr. 1859 ; Sch. Pemb. Coll. Oxon 18G1, 2 CI. Jlod. 18G5, 3 CI. 18G7, B.A. 18G8, 
M.A. 1870 ; Barr. Middle T. 1872. ffl[ 3 Oct., 187G, Anne Jenny, only d. of 
Rev. William Hirst Simpson, R. of Stretton, RutLind. Q at 11, I'hilbeach 
Gardens, South Kensington, 24 July, 1895. Cf. Wyk. vii. (n. 310) 113. 
Bullock, Thomas Lowndes, b. 27 Sept., 1845, 3rd s. of Rev. John Frederic 
Bullock, R. of Radwinter, Braiutree, Essex. 
Sch. New Coll. O.xon 18G1. 2 CI. Mod. 18GG. B.A. 18C8 ; Member of II.B.SL Con- 
sular Service in China 18G9-97 ; Barr. Inner T. 1890; Professor of Chinese in 
the Univ. of (>\f<ird since 1899; author of "Translations of Peking Givzottcs " 
1887-9. i\\ I'loniice L. E., 2nd d. of Samuel Lewis Horton, Esq., of Park 
House, Shifnal, SaUqi. AJJress Wood Lawn, Norton Road, O.xford. Club 

162 WiNcnESTEE College. 1859 

Eden, Charles John, b. 28 Jan., 184G, s. of the Et. Rev. Robert Eden, Bishop 

of Moray and Ross, Primus, Hedgefield, Invernes?, and 

Emma, his wife, 3rd d. of Sir James Allan Park, B irt. 

Ens. 4-2na Regt. (■' Black Watch ") 18G5, Lieut. 1867, Capt. 1877 ; served in Aslmntee 

War 1874, at Anioaf ul and Coomassie (medal with clasp) ; E<o'pti,iu War 1882-4, 

Tel-el-Kebir (medal with clasp, bronze star) ; Major 1883 ; Soudan 1884, 

battles of El Teb and Taniai (despatches, Lxnilun Gazette, 6 May, 1884, 2 

clasps, and Brevet Lieut.-Col. 1884) ; Soudan War 1884-5, Kirbekan "(2 clasps) ; 

retired 1889. Q at Woodstock, Ascot, Berks, 15 March, 1896. Cf. Wvk. «i. 

(n. 322) 195. 

Greene, William Radclyffe, b. of Thomas Webb Greene, Esq., Q.C., 9, 
Upper Wimpole St., London, and Anna Lucy, his ^\^fe, d. 
of John McLachlan, Esq., of Great Baddow Hall, Essex 
(bro. of Richard Geldart, below, p. 177). 

Lee, Ernest Claude (Atton-), s. of George Lee, Esq., 84, Porchester Terrace, 
Bayswater, London. 
Architect at 30, Great James St., Bedford Row ; assumed the additional name 
Aytoij. D suddenly at Eamsgatc 29 March, 1800. 

Lewis, John Owen, s. of Owen Lewis, Esq., Clapham Rise, Surrey. 

Marshall, Walter Gore, b. 25 Sept., 1845 (2nd s.), bro. of George, above, 
p. 154. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1863, B.A. 18G7, M.A. 1875 ; Lieut. Leicester Yeomanry 1884 ; IIis;h 
Sheriff Rutland 1884 ; resided at Uambleton Hall, Oakham. D s. p. at Ipton 
House, Banbury, 21 May, 1899. 

Osborne, William Harness, b. Oct., 1847, bro. of Jeremiah, above, p. 148. 

In business in the Ar^'ontine Republic till 1880. ffl 1881, Sophia, d. of Rev. 
William Yaruton Mills, sometime R. of Miserden, Gloucs. 2 30 Jlay, 1892. 

Parker, Richard Lowry, s. of Mrs. Parker, Barford, Warwf. (c/o Rev. Edward 
Parker, H. of Oxendcn, Northants.). 

Price, Thomas Phillips, b. 14 June, 1844, only s. of Rev. William Price, V. 
of Llanarth, Monmouthshire, and Canon of Llaudaff, and 
Mary, his wife, d. of tlie late Thomas Phillips, Eq., of 
LlancUen, Mcmuioiithshire. 
Univ. CoH. O.xon 18G3, 2 (1. Mod. ls64, 2 CI. 18C7, B..\. and M.A. 1869; Barr. 
Inner T. 1869 ; Cajit. Roval Monmouth Eiigincers Jlilitia 1879-83 ; J.P. Mon- 
mouth, High Sheriif 1.S82 ; M.l". for N. Moimiouthshire (L.) 1885-95 ; J.P. 
Essex. IJl (1) 1881, Frances, d. of Rev. John Charles Uowlatt ; (2) 1889, 
Florence Cecilia, d. of Edwin Maximilian Konstam, Esq. Address Marks Hall, 
Essex. Club L'nion. 

Shadwell, Lionel Lancelot, b. 15 Sept., 1845, 4th s. of Lancelot Shadwell, 

Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, birrister-at-law, 21, Nottingham 

Place, London, and bro. of Charles Lancelot Shadwell, Esq., 

above, p. i). 

Into College Short Halt 1859 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1864, 1 CI. Mod. 18GG, 1 CI. 

B.A. 1868, M.A. 1873 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1873, Oxford Circuit, Revising Barrister ; 

Sec. to Lunacy Conmiission 1901, Commissioner iu Lunacy 1904. Address 

21, Nottmgham Place, Marylebone, W. 

Stuart, Eustace Robertson Burnett-, b. 1846, e. s. of Rev. Theoilosius 

Burnett-Stuart, B.D., Pieb. of Wells and V. of Wookey, 

and Mary Love, bis wife, d. of Captain Robertson, R.N., of 

Ke.avil, co. Fife. 

Ens. 7th Fusiliers 1865, Lieut. 1870, exchanged into 79th Regt. 1874, retired 1876 ; 

J.P. and D.L. Aberdeen; succeeded his uncle. Rev. John Burnett- Stuart, of 

Dens and Crichie, in 1873. fH 1871, Carlotta Jane, d. of J. Lambert, Esq., 

of Cottiugham, Yorks, Address Crichie, Mintlaw, N.B. Club Naval and 



i8s9 Winchester College. 163 

Thohnton, William PaoiN, b. 6 June, 1845, s. of Henry George Thorntou, 
Esq., 22, Albion Place, Eamsgate. 
Univ. Coll. and Loudon Hospitals, L.S.A. 1871, M.K.C.S. 1872, Eegd. Practr. 1877, 
Assist. Surj;. Hospital for Diseases of Throat 1872-4, Surj;. 1874-7, Jlember 
Clin, and Path. Societies 1873, Surg. H.M. Prison Canterbury 1885-lyOl, Surg. 
Capt. Royal East Kent Yeomanry, retired 1901 ; author of a work on Traehe- 
otomy 1876, and of various articles in Quaiu's Diet, of Medicine ; also of 
"Bacon, why not the Author of ShakespereV" "Illustrated Catalogue of 
Two Old Dutch Painted and Stained Windows in the Koyal Museum, Canter- 
bury" 1899, "Becket's Bones" 1901, "The Management of Home Military 
Hospitals" 1901, "Phrenology" 1902. {B 2 Oct., 1901, Helen Maud, e. d. 
of 'William Jameson, Esq., J. P., of Montrose, co. Dublin, and widow of JIajor 
. J. F. Jameson, J.P., of Windfield, co. Galway. AJdiess Windfield, Ballinasloe, 
CO. Galway. 

TiiOYTS, Francis Walteb, b. 16 July, 1845, 3rd s. of Mortimer George Thoyts, 

Esq., Sulhamstead, and Emma, his wife, 3rd d. of Thomas 

Baker, Esq., of Aberavon, S. Wales. 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 18C5, B.A. 18G9, M.A. 1871 ; |t).®.,t; 18C9, p 1870, C. Wolverton, 

Hants 18G9-73, R. Ashe, Hants 1873-89, R.'Churehover, Rugby 1894-9; author 

of " History of Ashe " 1888. iH 9 June, 1874, Rose M.ary, d. of Rev. Edward 

Elmhirst, of Shawell, Leicestershire, Address Woodspeeu Grange, Newbury. 

WiLJioT, Dauwin, b. 14 Oct., 1845, y. s. of Edward AVoollett Wilmot, Esq., of 

Buxton, Derbyshire, and Emma Elizabeth, his 2nd wife, 

d. of Sir Francis Sacbeverell Darwin, Knt. 

Into College Long Half 18G0 ; li.N.C. Oxon 18G4 ; Demv Magd. Coll. Oxon 18G4-9, 

2 CI. Mod. 18G6, 2 CI. B.A. 18G8, M.A. 1871 ; &.©., d 18G9, p 1870. C. 

Brownsover 1869-71 ; Master Rossall School 1872-4, Marlborough Coll. 1874-C, 

Head Blaster Blacelesfield Grammar School since 1876, Chapl, 5th Batt. (Vol.) 

Cheshire Regt., V.D. fE 187G, Louisa Lilla, d. of Rev. Charles Bickmore, D.D., 

of Highlands, Leamington. Address Grammar School, Macclesfield. 

Yeatman (-Biqgs) Huyshe Wolcott, b. 2 Feb., 1845, at Marston House, 

Dorset, y. s. of Hariy Farr Yeai man, Esq., J. P., and Emma, 

liis wife, d. and heiress of Hany Biggs, Esq., of Stockton 

House, Wilts. 

Dixie Sch. Emman. Coll. Camb. 1864, B.A. 1867, M.A. 1871, D.D. 1891, Hon. 

Fellow 1905 ; |t!-®., d 18G9, p 1870, C. St. Edmund, Salisbury 1869-77, Chapl. 

to Bp. Sloberly 1875-85, V. Netherburj- 1877-9, and Sec. Salisbury Diocesan 

Synod, V. St. Bartholomew, Sydenham 1879-91, Exam. Chapl. Bp. of Win- 

ciiester 1891, Sec. Rochester Diocesan Conference 1880, Hon. Canon Rochester 

1884, I'roc. diocese Rochester 1891, consecrated Suffragan Bp. of Southwark 

29 Sept. 1H91, Bp. of A\'orcester 1905 ; assumed the additional name of Biggs 

1898. fft 24 Nov., 1875, Lady Barbara Caroline Leggc, 6th d. of 4th Earl of 

Dartmouth. Address Hartlebury Castle, Kidderminster. 


Allen, Henry Lancelot (A), 2nd s. of Eev. John Collins Allen, Purbrook, 
Portsmuulh, aud Julia Louisa, his wife, only d. of the Rev. 
George Augustus Lamb, D.D., R. of Ideu, Sussex. 
Civil engineer ; went to the Cape of Good Hope. D 2 June, 18S4. 

Bigg, Frederick (A), b. 8 July, 184C, 4tli s. of Smith Henry Bigg, Esq., 

Nuthurst, Horsham, and Augusta, his wife, d. of John 

Curtis, Esq. 

Lieut. R.A. 1867, Capt. 1879, Major 1884, retired 1891. £H 1885, Rose, d. of 

Frederick Curtis, Estj. Address Swallowfickl, Nuthurst, Horshaui. Club 

Naval and Military. 

164 Winchester College. 1859 

BowLY, Chables Hesry, b. 12 Nov., 1845, 2n(l s. of James Hinton Bowly, 
Esq., Cheltenham. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1864, B.A. 18G9, M.A. 1872, Wells Theol. Coll. ; |^.©., d 1869, 
;) 1870, C. St. Philip, Svdenham 18C9-70, Hitcliin 1870-1, C. in t'harjje 
and Little Henuy 1871-8, V. Jlcssins, Essex 1878-88, Dice. Insp. of Schools 
St. All).ins 1873-88, V. St. Michael, Sydenham 1888-94, V. St. John, Cl.ipham 
Kisc lsiM-1904, R. Toppesfleld since 1904. Ifl 1871, Katharine, d. of Hui,'h 
Hanuisly, Esq., Pyrton Manor, Oxfordshire. Addnss Toppesfield Rectory, 
Hal.-tiad, Essex. 

Carey, Ciiaeles Egeeton. See above, p. 139. 

Davies, Robert Yesn Faitiii'ull (f), b. U Dec, 1846, at Hatfield, s. of 
Eev. Ivicliard Davies (afterwards B. of Brenchley, Kent), 
and Cecilia Gr.intham, his wife, 2ud d. cf liev. Francis 
Joseph Faithful], E. of Hatfield. 
To C.C.C. Camh. 1864, B.A. 18G8, M.A. 1871 ; 1i).©., d 1809, p 1871, C. All 
Saints, lilackheath 1869-70, Assist. Master liossall Sch. 1870-4, Cbapl. East- 
bourne Union 1877-9, Lecturer at Willingdon, Sussex 1879-88, C. llolv Trinity, 
Eastlioiirne 1888-93, L. Preacher Diocese Canterbury 1893, Ch.-ipl. Soutlicnd 
llall, Lcwishani 1901, Sec. Christian Evidence Society 1902. fH ls7ii, Ellen, 
sister of Gabriel Henry Cremcr, below, p. 171, Address 15, Southend ltd., 

Deedes, Alfred (f). Sec above, p. 160. 

DuTHY, Archibald Edward (t), b. 4 Jan,, 1846, s. of Eev. William Duthy 

(tl806), E. of Sudborough, Nortbants., and Emma, bis 

wife, d. of the Rev. William Villieis Eobinson, and sister 

of Sir George Stamp Eobinson, 7ih Bart. 

Left Julv 18G2 ; Lieut. R.A, 1866, Capt, 1878, M.ijor 1884, Lieut,-Col. 1894, Col. 

(retired) 1898 ; served in the Afghan War 1879-80, present at capture of Ali 

Alusjid, and at Narghisai ; in the march to Candahar and I>atlU' i>f Cinidahar 

(despatches, medal with 2 clasps, bronze decoration) ; N.A\'. FrontierlCampaign 

1897-8, Mohmand Field Force, Tirah Expeditionary Force (medal and 2 

clasps). at Sudborough, Thrapston, 10 Nov., 1906. 

Evans, Harry King, b. circa 1845, bro. of Herbert Norman, above, p. 112. 
Clerk in the Metropolitan Police Office 1867 to 1888. ffl. Q circa 1898. 

EvETTS, Jons JIew.*, b. 14 Aug., 1848, s. of William Evetts, Esq., Tacklcy 

Park, O.\fordsliire, and Charlotte, his wife, d. of John 

Mews, Esq., of Bermondsey. 

Comet IGth Ijinccrs 1871, Lieut. 1871, Capt. 1878, exchanged into " Camcronians " 

(2nd Batt.) 90th Regt. 1879, Major 1885, Lieut.-Col. 1894 ; ReserA'C of Officers ; 

served as Lieut.-Col., District Commandant, and with Imperial Yeoumnrv during 

the Boer War 1899-1902 (medal and 2 clasps). fB 4 Sept., 1890, lilizabetii 

Marianne, d. of David F-uUarton, Esq., of Pennington House, Hants. Q at 

North Lodge, Woodstock, 9 JIarch, 1905. 

Freeman, Ernest Peere Williams- (f), b. 28 Julj', 1845, 6th s. of William 

Peere Williaras-Frteman, Esq., J.P., of Fawley Court, 

Bucks., and Frances Augusta, his wife, 3rd d. of Wysley 

Birch, Esq., of Wretham Hall, Thetford. 

B.N.C. Oxon 1863, B.A. 1867, M.A. 1872; llj.®., </ 1869, p 1870, C. Mere, Wilts. 

1869-70, V. Soult, Baddesley, Hants 1870-6, R. Clapton, near Thrapston 187C- 

1905. 13 at Clapton Rcctorj-, 19 Aug., 1905. 

Genn, William James (t), b. 3 March, 1840, at Falmouth, p. of Wi'liam 
James Genn, solicitor and town clerk there. 
Left Dec, 18C2 ; Solicitor 1868, practising with his father 1808-9. 


1859 WiNcnESTER College. 165 

UoDiiY, CiiAiiLES Vincent (f), b. 17 Jan., 1847, e. s. of Rev. Charles Ilenry 

GoJby, IJ.C.L., Head Master of Henley-on-Thames 

Grammar School, and Mary Anne Sigery, his wife, c. d. 

of Thomas Whitehead, Esq., J.P., of Cliatham House, 

Eamsgate (bro. of Michael John, below, p. 195). 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1864-9, 1 CI. Mod. 186G, 3 CI. 1868, B.A. 1860, M.A. 1873 ; 

Assist. Master his father's school, first at Henley, and then (1871) at Bute House, 

I'etersham ; succeeded as Head JIaster 1873 ; after nearly 20 years moved the 

school to Kichmond for five year^, and was then five years Head Master of a 

school at West Hainpstead ; engaged in private tuition. ^H 1871, JIary 

Elizabeth, d. of W. J. Godby, Esq., of Shrewsbury. Address 62, Alexandra 

ltd., West Hampstead. 

GiiANT, Edward (t), b. -1 July, 1815, 2nd s. of William Grant, Esq., 27, 

Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, London, and Lichboroiigh, 

Northants., and Frances Simpson, his wife, d. of Richard 

Pack, Esq., of Flore Hou=e. 

Ball. Coll. Oxon 1864, 1 CI. Mod. 1866, B.A. 1869, M.A. 1872 ; D.L. .and J.P. 

Northants., High Sheriff 1893. fH 1889, Edith Helen, d. of Rev. CanipbcU 

Bassctt Arthur Grey Hulton. Address Lichborough, Weedon, Club United 


IIaygartii, Frederick (f), b. 9 July, 1847 (3rd s.), bro. of John William, 
above, p. 146. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1867, 3 CI. Mod. 1809. D 1880. 

Howaud, Alfred William Hardy (t), b. 5 April, 1847, 2nd s. of William 
Howard, Esq., of Colchester. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1866, 2 CI. Mod. 1867, 3 CI. B.A. 1870, Jl.A. 1872; Assist. 
Master of Malvern Coll. down to 1876. Q March, 1882, of consumption. See 
Wyk. iv. (n. 166) 71. 

Kelly, Henry Robert (t), b. 25 Aug., 1845, at Northflect (the Register says 
Hants), 3rd s. of Frederic Festus Kelly, Esq., Director-Gen. 
of Letter Carriers, G.P.O., New House, Northfleet, Graves- 
D Dec., 1861. 

Kemi;le, Henry, b. 5 May, 1845, bro. of Arthur, above, p. 150. 

Ens. 25tli Itegt. 1865, then 30th Kcgt. 1865, Lieut. 1868, .\dJHt. 1874-8, Capt. 1878, 
Adjut. Auxiliary Forces 1881-5, Major {H.P.) 1885, South Stafford Uogt. 
1886, M.ajor 2nd Bivtt. 54th (Dorset) Kegt. 1887, Lieut.-Col. (retired) 1893 ; 
served on the Canadian Frontier during the Kaid of 1866 (medal and 
cliisp) ; J.P. Essex 1902. Mdrcss KuiiwcU Hall, Wickford, Essex. Club 
United Service. 

Malkt, Clement Drake Elton (A), b. 19 March, 1845 (4th s.), bro. of 
Guilbert Edward Wyndham and Sydney Law, above, 
pp. 138, 151. 
Pcmb. Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1871 ; It).®., d 1872, p 1873, 0. Hillingdou 1872-3, Ardley 
1874-G, Butleigh 1876-9, K. Lympstone, Exeter 1879-92, V. Beech Hill, 
Berks 1892-5, C. Wrington, Somerset 1896-9, V. Canniugton, Bridgwater 
1899, V. Stogursey, Bridgwater 1906. ^ 1875, Agnes Bessie, d. of Charles 
Knighton Webb, Esq., M.D., Exeter. Address Stogursey Vicarage, Bridg- 

Mii'iiELL, RiciiAtiU Brooke (f), b. 1 Oct., 1845 (2nd s.), bro. of Edward Blair, 

above, p. 148. 

Ball. Coll. Oxon 1865, Utin Verse 1865, 1 CI. Jlod. 1866, B.A. and M.A. 1871 ; 

Barr. Line. Inn 1872, -Vdvocate Madras High Court 1874, Law I'rof. Presidency 

Coll. 1881, Acting Administrator-Gen. 1893, Chief Judge Small Cause Court, 

Madras, since 1894. i^. Addn-fs Cliurch Park, Mount Kd., Madras. 

166 Winchester College. 1859 

MozLET, Francis WoooaATE (f), b. 5 A|>ril, 1848,4th s. of John Mozlej-, Esq., 
Derby (bro. of Alfred Dean, below, p. 179). 
Sch. New Coll. Ox<.n 1SG4-9, 1 CI. Mod. ISCfi, 3 CI. D.A. 1809, M.A. 1871 ; IB.®., 
d 1873, /) 1893, C. r.ruton and Assist. Master King's Sch. Bratoii 18/3-4, 
Assist. Master Bedford Grammar Sch. 1875-90, C. .St. Paul, Bedford 1887-90, 
St. James, New Brighton 1893- G, V. South Muskham, Newark, since 189G ; 
author of "David in the Ps.ilms " 1890. fH 188G, Maude Uij,'h, d. of Rev. 
Leigh Spencer, V. of Ticnhold, Beds, .lililirss South Jliiskhaui Vicanigc, 

Pain, Montague, b. 11 Nov., 1845, bro. of Arthur Geoffic, above, p. 154. 

Pemb. Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1867, M.A. 1870 ; J).®., 'I lSil9, p 1871, C. Burford 
18fi9-73, Leighton Buzzard 1874-7, Stowniarket 1877-8, West Lvdford 1878-80, 
Christ Churcli, Frome Sehvood 188U-1, Lower Clalford 1884-6, K. Penton 
JNIewsey, Andover 1886-90. fH 1882, Lucy Willis, of Lcighton Buzzard ; 
resided at 21, West Shrubbery, Kcdland, Bristol. Q 21 Jan., 1893. 

DE LA ToLE, Edmund Eeginald Talbot, b. 22 Feb., 1844, e. s. of "William 

Ednumd Pole, Efq. (afterwards Otli Bart., of Sluito House, 

Devon), and Margaret Victoriosa, liis wife, 2nd d. of 

Admiral the Hon. Sir John Talbot, G.C.B. 

Succeeded as 10th Bart. 21 March, 1895; J. P. fH (1) 25 Sept., 1877, Marj- Ann 

Margaret, only child of Capt. Hastings Sands, Dragoon Guards, and widow of 

Capt. John Ormsby Phibbs, 3rd Hussars ; (2) 18 Dec, 1884, Elizabeth Marion, 

d. of Charles Bhodes, Esq., of LjTidhurst, Kent. AJdrcfses 31, Sussex Sq., 

Brighton ; and Shute House, Axminster. Club Junior Constitutional. 

ScuRFiELD, PiOiiEUT Gbet, b. 6 Aug., 1844, 2nd s. of Gforge Jolm Scurficid, 

Efq., of Huiworth, Darlinglon, and Alice Ann, his wife, d. 

of Rev. Hopper Willinmson, R. of Hurworth. 

Wore. Coll. Oxon 1863. B.A. 18GG, M.A. 1872 ; Stud. Inner T. 18G5 ; |t).©., d 

1869, p 1870, C. Bedminster 1869-71, St. Clement, Bourneniouth 1871-80, V. 

Frocester, Gloucs. 1880. IH 27 April, 1880, Alice Marv, d. of Rev. Edward 

Douglas Tinling, Canon of Gloucester. S 29 Aug., 1880. Sec Wyk. iii. (n. 


SiiADWELL, Lionel Lancelot (f). See above, p. 1G2. 

Simeon, Algernon Bakrington, b. 20 Feb., 1847, bro. of Philip Barringtoii, 
above, p. 155, and Lionel Barrington, below, p. 202. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon. B.A. 1868, M.A. 1872; J).©.. J 1S70, p 1871, Warden of St. 
Edward's School, Oxford 1870-92. R. Bigburv, Devon 1K93-I901, K. Vattendon, 
Berks. 190 1 ; author of ■' Jlcnioir of Rev. T. Chnmberlaiii " 189G, " Ad Lucem " 
1X97, "The P.oys of Barmiiister" 1.S99. fH 16 Jan., 1883, Itaitriee Emma, d. 
of Rev. Frederick Paget Wilkinson, V. of Ruyton, Salop. Addrtfs Yatlendou 
Rectory, Newbury, 

Still, John, b. 18 May, 1843, 3rd s. of Robert Still, Esq., so'icilor, of Sutton, 
Surrey, and Laura Frances (7icc Price), his wife. 
Cains Coll. Camb. 1864, B.A. 1SG8, M.A. 1861 [I'niversitv VIM. 1866-7-81 ; 
Ciiddcsdon Coll. 1868; ID-®-, '' 1869, p 1870, C. St. Mich.iel, Lichfield 
]8i;9-7I. St. George, ■VVofvJThampton 1S7I-2, Alissiouarv in Melanesia L'i73-9, 
C. Hi.niingshani 1S79-SU, I'.C. rnviiti.ii, Cliesliire INSii-J. V. Xetheravou 
1SS2-1 ami 1X91-3. Incuni. of Pro^'athedral, Wellington. \.Z. ls.s,V-91, R. 
ILilstock. Horset L-t9:i-4. li. Ilo.kwohl with Wilton IX9I-1902, 11. Hethersett 
with ( ani. l.ifl-in.f llrO.', K.D. ( ranwick (South Division) 1897-1903 ; Commiss. 
M.l:n,r-i-, |s:.s. i;.n. Iluinlilrvarfl since 1901. ffl 1876, Anna Elizabeth, d. 
of Rrv. W illiMni Xiliill, .Missionary, Jlelanesia. Addm/ Hethersett RecU.rj-, 

Stirling, Arthur Frederic Greslev (f), b. IS Oct., 184G, 2nd s. of Charles 
Stirling, Esq., of West Teignniouth, Devon. 
DcnvMagd. Coll. Oxon 186.5-70, 2 CI. Mod.'l,s67, 3 L. A- H. 1869, B.A. 1870; 
Barr. Inner T. 1872, WcstCirc. Address 12, King's Bench Walk, Temple, E.C. 

1859-60 Winchester College. 167 

Tuck, John Johnson (t), b. 11 Nov., 1816, at Welwyn, c. s. of Kev. John 

Johnson Tuck, C. of Ayott, Herts, and Lucy, his wife, 

e. d. of Barry Girling, Esq., of East Dereham, Norfolk. 

Left 18G5 ; Clerk in Commandcr-in-Cliief s Office, Horse Guards 18G6-70 ; Assist. 

Paymaster 1870, Chief Paymaster with honorary ranit of Colonel 1S91 ; retired 

7 April, 1897. iH 21 April, 1897, Miriam Jane, e. d. of Rev. J. Lardner Burke, 

LL.D., of Trinity College, Dublin. AJdrcss Lanrick, Percy Rd., Boscombe. 

Williams, Philip John (f), b. 7 Dec, 1817, 3rd s. of Major (afterwards 

Colouel) John Vincent Hawkcsley Williams, of Friars, 

Bangor, and Phcebe Susanna, his wife, Ith d. of Kev. 

Richard Coytmore Howard, D.D. 

Sch. Xcw Coll. Oxon 1865-9, 1 CI. Mod. 18G7. D 3 Aug., 18G9, at Bouruemoutfa. 

LOXG HALF, 1860. 

AwDRY, Charles, b. 12 Feb., 1817 (6th s.), hro. of Thomas and William, 

above, pp. 131, 111, and Herbert, below, p. 206, and half 

bro. of John, above, p. 110. 

Into College Long Half ISGl ; New Coll. Oxon 18G5, 4 CI. 13G9, B.A. 1870, M.A. 

1873 ; Barr. Imier T. 18i 4 ; partner in the house of Slessrs. W. IT. Smith & Son, 

Strand, London. fH 20 April, 187G, Margaret Helen, 5th d, of Rt. Rev. 

George Moberly (above, p. G). .Lllrcss 2, liyde Park St., W. 

Birley, Hugh Artddk, b. 29 Aug., 1846, only surv. s. of Hugh Birle}% E=q. 

(Comm.), J.P. and D.L., of Moorland, Didsbuty, Lancashire, 

M.P. for Manchester, and Mabella, his wife, d. of Joseph 

Baxendale, Esq., of Woodside, Middlesex. 

Pemb. Coll. Oxon 1805, 3 L. & H. 18G8, B.A. 18G9 ; Lieut. Cheshire Yeomanry 

1873, Capt. 1888. fff, 12 Nov., 1874, Amy, c. d. of William Henrj- Chichester, 

Esq., J.P., of Grenofen, S. Devon. AJdrcas Woodside, Knutsford, 

Brett, John. See above, p. 133. 

Darby, William Homfray Poller (A), y. s. of George Darby, Esq., Markly, 
Hurst Green, Sussex, and Maria, his wife, d. of Samuel 
Homfray, Esq., of Coworth House, Berks. 
Merchant in China. D at Hong Kong 10 Dec, 1889. 

Deane, Henry Baeorave Finelly, b. 28 April, 1816, only surv. p. of the 
Pt. Hon. Sir James Parker Dearie, P.O., and Isabella 
Frances, his wife, y. d. of Bargrave Wyborn, Esq. 
Ball. C(ill. Oxon 18G4, 3 L. & H. 18G8, B.A. 1869, International Liiw Prize 1870, 
M.A. 1875; Barr. Inner T. 1870, S.E. Circ. ; Official Principal of the 
Archdeaconries of St. Albans and Rochester 187G ; Secretan- of Roval Com- 
mission on Wellington Coll. 1879-80; Recorder of Margate" 1885-1905 ; un- 
successful candidate (C.) Brightside Division, Sheffield, 1892; Bencher Inner T. 
1895, Q.C. 1896, .Judge of the Probate, Divorce, and Adniiram- Division 2 Feb., 
1905; Knight 1905; Col. and Hon. Col. 2l3t Middlesex Vols., V.D. 1832. 
ffl 1875, Edith Marj-, d. of John Lindsay Scott, Esq., of Mollancc. Address 
37, Lennox Gardens, S.W. 

Dekdes, Philip (t), b. 25 Nov., 18-16, s. of Rev. Charles Deedes, R. of West 

Canel, Somerset, and Letitia Anne, his wife, e. d. of Hon. 

Philip PleydcU-Bouverie (cousin of Cecil and Alfred, above, 

pp. 150, 160). 

B.N.C. Oxon 1865; Line. Coll. Oxon, B.A. 1869, M.A. 1873; ».©., d 1869, p 

1871, C. Bengeo, Herts 18G9-7G, R. Nether Broughton, Leics. 1875-81 ; C. 

St. Alban's Abbey Ch. 1881-4; V. Rcdbourne, Herts 1S84; C. St. Alban's 

Abbey 188G-1904 ; Secretary Hailevbur\- Coll. since 1887 ; R. Little Pamdon 

since 1904. ffl 8 Oct., 1878, Josephine," d. of Joseph Parker, Esq., of Brettcn- 

haui, Suffolk. Addicsf Little Pamdon Rcctorj-, Harlow, Essex. 

168 Winchester College. i860 

DoBKEE, Augustus Croft, 2iid s. of Bocamy Dobrec, Esq., of G, Tukunliousc 
Yard, London, and The Eltns, Walthanistow, and Emma, 
liis wife, 4th d. of Nathaniel Sncll Chauncy, Esq., of 12, 
liryauston Sq., London, and Green End, Little Mundcn, 
Lieut. IGtb Liiuccrs ; A.D.C. to Sir T. Gaspard le Marchant, Comm,iiidcr-in-C'liicf 
at Madras. S 2 Aug., 18G7, at liangalorc, aged 22. 

ICuwARDS, Fkakcis William Lloyd- (A), b. 16 June, 1845, 3rd s. of 

Richard Lloyd-Edwards, Esq., of Nanhoron, I'lvllheli, Car- 

naivon, and Mary, his wife, d. of John Lloyd Wynne, Esq., 

of Coed Coch, co. Denbigh. 

J.r. ; D.L. and Chairman Quarter Scss., Camar\-on; High Sheriflf ISSO. ffl 24 

June, 1869, Georgiana Sarah, 2nd d. of Henry Trench, Esq., of Cangort Park, 

King's Co. 33 at Bournemouth 20 Jan., 1890. 

FoESTEB, Akthur Setmouh (f), b. 4 Jnly, 1847 (2nd s.), bio. of Michael 
Seymour, above, p. 142. 
Sch. New Coll. 18GG, 1 CI. Mod. 18G8, 2 CI. 1870, B.A. 1871, M.A. 1874 ; Assist. 
Master Fettes Coll., Edinburgh 1872-96. AJJregs Glaisdale, I'renchweir 
Avenue, Taimton. 

Haggard, William Henry Doveton, b. 25 June, 1846, e. s. of William 

Meybolim Uider Haggard, Esq., of Bradenliam Hall, 

Thetford, and Ella, his wife, e. d. and co-heir of Bazttt 

Doveton, Esq., H.E.I.C.S. (bro. of the next, and of Alfred 

Hinuber, below, p. 172). 

Magd. Coll. 0.xon 1865 ; Lieut. East Norfollc Jlilltia 1866 ; Foreign Office 1868 ; 

2nd Secretary Teheran 1875 ; Secretarv of Legation Rio de Janeiro 1885, Athens 

1887; Minister Resident at Quito "l890; Consul-Gencral at Tunis 1894; 

Minister Resident at Caracas 1897 ; Min. Plcu. to the Argentine Republic and 

Republic of Paraguay 1902. fH (1) 1875, Carolme Anne, 3rd d. of ^\■iIlianl 

Thomas Carrol, Esq., of Washington City, U.S.A. ; (2) 1887, Emily Margaret, 

d. of Joseph Ilancox, Esq., of Rio de Janeiro. Clubs St. James's, Carlton. 

Haggard, Bazett Michael (to B), b. 29 Sept., 1847 (2nd s.), bro. of the 

above, and of Alfred Hinuber, below, p. 172. 

Trin. Hall Camb. 18GG, li.A. 1870; liarr. Line. Inn 1871, S.E. Circ. ;'s 

Laud Comnir. in Samoa 1890-5. jjU IG Dec, 1872, Julia Diiuia, c. d. of 

George Baker, Esq., of Shipdham, Norfolk. JB at Parkstone, Dorset, 15 

May, 1899. 

Hall, Goodwyn (A), b. 10 May, 1848, s. of Henry Hall, Esq., Manor Houfc, 
Alton (bro. of Bertram, b?low, p. 228). 
Banker; member of the firm of Messrs. liulpclt & Hall, Biinkers, Winchester, 
Alton, and Alrcslurd, Hants; amalgamated wilh and became Director of 
I'rescott, Dinjsclale, liaxtmi, FuwUr it Co. ; am.algamated with and now 
Director of the Union of London A Smith's Bank, Lt<l. Address JLanor House, 
Alton, XLants. 

Harvey, Fkedeeick Burn (f), b. 10 May, 1840, e. s. of Hev. Frederick Burn 

Harvey, Bicond Master of Berkhampstead Grammar 

School (bro. of Franklin, below, p. 213). 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 18G7-72, 2 CI. Jlod. 18G9, Latin Verse 1870, 1 CI. 1S71, B.A. 

187L', JI.A. 1871 ; Bursar and Assist. Master at Radley CoU. 1873-9 ; Private 

Tutor at Woodstock since 1879. Address Kensington House, Woodstock, 

Hodgsok, Charles Dubant (A), b. 14 Jan., 1850, s. of William Frederick 

Uodi;son, Esq., Surbiton I'ark, Kingston, and Jane Durant, 

his wife, only d. of William Sandford, Esq. 

Lieut. 2nd Roval Surrey Jlilitia 1873, Cajit. 1878; lirowor Kingston ; unsuccessful 

candidate' Kingston Division, Surrev (L.) 1885 and I8II2. iH 1880, Emily, d. 

of Robert A. C. Godwin Austen, Esq., J. P., D.L., of ^Imlfnrd House, Shalford, 

Guildford. Address The Ilallams, Shaniley Green, Guildford. 

i86o WiNCUESTER College. 169 

King, Autuuk Thomas (t), h. 30 Sept., 18-15, at Salisbury, s. of Rev. Charles 

King, Hon. Canon of Salisbury, and V. of Stratford-sub- 

Castle, near Salisbury. 

Left 20 April, 18G4 ; in the National Dclit Office 1 Jan., 18G5, now Cliief Clerk, 

I.S.O. 1003. fH 11 Aug., IWO, Jlarian Emily, d. of William Lloyd, Esfj., 

M.I.C.E., of 19, Finchley Roail, N.W. AJdrcfs 19, Old Jewry, E.C. 

MoLiXEUX, Auxnuu Ellison, b. 5 Feb., 18-16, 4tli s. of George Molineux, Esq., 

of Isfield, Uckfiekl, Sussex, J.P., and Maria Ann, his 1st 

wife, only child of Rev. Joseph Hurlock (bro. of Harold 

Parminter, below, p. 196). 

Ch. Ch. Oson 1864, 3 C). Mod. I8G1;, 2 L. & H. 18G8, B.A. 18G9, M.A. 1871 ; 

JJ.©., d 1870, p 1871, C. llaglcy 1870-1, Uishopsbonrne 1871-4, Eiverhead 

1874-7, V. Maiden Bradley 1877-83, Caversham 1883-93, Jliuster, Thanet, since 

1893. iH IG July, 1874, Eleanor Jl.irsaret, 4th d. of JIatthew Bell, Esq., J.P. 

and D.L., of Bourne Park, Kent. Aildrets Minster Vicarage, Eamsgatc. 

MonoAN, JosEPU John, b. 29 Sept., 1845, e. s. of James Arthur Morg m, Esq., 

Weybiidge Heath, and Mary, bis wife, Cnd d. of Joseph 

Anderson, Es^., of The Holme, Regent's Park, London. 

Uuiv. Coll. Oxou 1SG4 ; solicitor London 1870, practising since 1874 at 11, Essex 

St., Strand, W.C. ; Solicitor to the Hon. Soc. of the Middle Temple 1887. fH 

(1) 25 April, 187G, Gertrude Crnke, d. of Rev. George Croke Rowden, D.C.L. ; 

(2) 6 Oct., 1887, Adelaide, d. of Thomas Henry Holberton, Esq., of Hampton, 
Middlesex, surgeon. Address 134, Holland Rd., Kensington, W. 

Pauk, Fkederick William, s. of Alexander Athcrton Park, Esq., Senior 
Master in the Court of Common Pleas, Wimpole St., London. 

Kicn, Montague Philip (A), b. 13 March, 18-15, ord s. of Vice-Admiral 

Edwiu Ludlow Rich, R.N., Exmouth, and Sophia Letitia 

Josephine, his wife, d. of Capt. G. F. Angelo, of Hill, 


To King's Coll. London ; Civil Engineer in S. America. ID in London 29 May, 


SiDDONs, William Earle TnoBxiiiLL (f), b. 4 Jan., 1849, at Sangor, India, 

c. s. of Capt. William Young Siddons, of the 63rd Native 

Infantry (afterwards Assist. Political Agent at Bhopawar), 

and great-grandson of Mrs. Sarah Siddons, the actress. 

To Clicltcnham Coll. 18C6 ; into Inland Salt Revenue Dcpt., India 1869 ; Assist. 

Commissioner, retired 1899. fH 1873, Harriet Rcid, 2nd d. of E. W. Parsons, 

Esq., Collector of Customs, Inland Salt Revenue Dcpt. Q 5 Feb., 1905. 

Stanbbidge, John William (f), b. 29 Nov., 1846, e. s. of John William 
Stan bridge, Esq., of Hoxton. 
Scb. New Coll. Oxon 186.5-70, 1 CI. Mod. 18G7, Latin Verse 1868, 2 CI. 1869, B.A. 

1870, Fellow St. John's Coll. Oxon 1870-82, M.A. 1872, B.D. 1876, Lecturer 

1871, Tutor 1873-83, Classical INloderator 1880, Dean of Arts 1874, Vice- 
President 1878 ; IQ.©., d 1872, p 1874, R. Bainton, near Driffield, 1883-1903 ; 
Exam. Chapl. to Archbishop of York 1900-1903, Proctor in Convocation for 
E. Riding 1892-1903, Canon of 'Wctwang, York Minster, 1895-1903 ; author of 
" A Booic of Devotions " 1898 ; editor of Cardinal Bona's " Guide to Eternity " 
1900. D 7 May, 1903. 

WiGRAM, John (A), b. 23 July, 1846, 3rd s. of Rt. Rev. Joseph Cotton Wigrani, 

D.I)., Bishop of Rochester, Uanbury Park, Chelmsford, and 

Susan Maria, his wife, d. of Peter Arkwright, Esq., of 

Willersley, Derbyshire (bro. of William Loftus, balow, 

p. 222). 

Ijind agent and surveyor. £B. 1872, Gertrude Eliza, d. of Rt. Rev. Henry 

Mackenzie, Bishop Suffragan of Nottingham. AJdrcfn The Manor, CoUingham, 


Wii MOT, Dauwin (t). See above, p. 1G3. 


Williams, Henuy, b. 18 Xov., 18-i5, 3ril s. uf the Rev. Isaac Williams, B.D., 

Curate of Stinchcombe (sec D.N.B. Ixi. 40S), and Caroline, 

his wife, 3rd d. of Arthur Cliampernortiic, Esq., of Darlinj;- 

ton House (bro. of Charles Lloyd and Anthony Chamijer- 

nowne, below, pp. 176, 183). 

Univ. Coll. Oxon 1864, B.A. 1868, M.A. 1872 ; It).©., d 1869, p 187rt, C. Bream, 

Gloucs. 1869, BirlcT 1871-1, Stinchcombe l'87J-83, R. Ashlcworth 1883-9, V. 

North Niblcy, Dursloy 1889-91. Q 21 Dec, 1891. 

Wkench, Eknest Lawford, b. 26 Jan., 1848 (3rd s.), bro. of Arthur Charles 
and Robert George Kensington, above, p. 149, and Wilfred 
Henry, be'ow, p. 216. 
Into business ; then schoolm.aster at Southport, Queensland 1884-6. fjl 1872, 
Louise A. Lome. D at jUbany, Western Australia, 27 Jan., 1888. 

SHORT HALF, 1860. 

Adams, Jonathan Charles (f), b. 2 Nov., 1847, at Stoke Damerel, 3rd s. of 
Kov. John Adams, Master of the Grammar School aud 
Incumbent of St. Paul's, Devonport. 
E.\eter Coll. Oxon 1866. 
Atkinson, Arthur Johnston Bueeks. See above, p. 156. 
Batten, James Forbes Chisholm-, b. 13 Jan., 1847, e. s. of Edmund Chisholra- 
Batten, Esq., of Thornfalcon, Somerset, and Aigas Forest, 
CO. luvemess, and Jemima, his wife, c. d. of The Chisholm 
of Erchless Castle, co. Inverness. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1866, B.A. 1870; Ens. 34th Kegt. 1869, Lieut. 1871, Adjut, 
1877-80, Capt. 1880, Paymaster 1881, Major (retired) 1886, Pavm.ostor 1st 
liatt. Durham Light lufantrj-, 68th Kegt. 1887, Lieut.-Col. '1900; J. P. 
Somerset. fH 9 Aug., 1883, Anne Douglas, e. d. of John de Havilland 
I'tcrmarck, Esq., Bailiff of Guernsey, and widow of Capt. William Bothwell 
Potter. Address Eothesay, Netley Abbey. Club Athenannn. 

Bissill, Artuur Kent, b. 7 Nov., 1847 (2nd s.), bro. of Henry John George, 
above, p. 161. 
Into College Long Half 1861 ; JLR.C.S. 1880, L.S.A. 1880, practised at New 
Slcafonl, and was afterwards a surgeon of the Eoral Mail Steam Packet Co. 
Q at Southampton 10 Feb., 1888. 

BiiiERLEY, PiiiLiP Henry, 2nd s. of Joseph Brierley, Esq., Caslleton, Rochdale, 
bro. of Alfred, below, p. 203. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1865, 1!.A. 1868, M.A. 1871 ; 1^.®., d 1869, p 1870, C. I^iuth 
1869-75, Wvthvham 1875-6, Ludford 1876, Y. Vorth Willingham, Lines. 187G-9, 
Glamford Bridge, Brigg 1880-93. Q 8 Sept., 1893. 

Bruxneb, Henry Robert (B), b. 25 Jan., 1848, e. s. of Henry Bruxner, Esq., 

42 Hyde Park Sq., London. 

To the College, Isle of "Cumbrac, N.B. ; I'niv. Coll. Oxon 1866 ; St. Albau"s l!:ill, 

B.A. 1871, Univ. Coll. M.A. 1873 ; solicitor London 1875, practising at 14, lied 

Lion Sq., London, W.C. (jNlessrs. Phelps, Woodforde & Co.) down to 1889. 

Address Craig Lodge, Tarbert, N.B. 

Bcllen, William Abraham (A), b. 1846, e. s. of Rov. Abraham William 
Builen, V. of Great Baddow, Chelmsford, and Caroline 
Sophia, his wife, e. d. of the Rev. Henry Ilutton, R. of 
Filleigh, Devon. 
Into a solicitor's office ; then to America. 

Carr, William Ward, s. of Carr, Esq., Lee Grovo, Blackhcath. 

Univ. Coll. London; Gobi Jledallist in Medicine London Univ., M.B. (Honours) 
and B.Sc. 1871, M.U. 1873, L.R.C.P. 1871; House Surgeon and Physician 
ITniv. Coll. Hosp., then in practise at Lcyland Villa, Eltham lioad, Lee, Kent. 
O about 1883. 

i86o Winchester CoLLEr.E. 171 

CliAMPNEYs, Fkancis IIenry (f), b. 25 March, 1848, -Ith s. of Rev. William 
WeUlon Chamiineys, E. of St. Mary's, Whitechapel, after- 
wards Dean of Lichfield (D.N.I5. x. 36), and Mary Anne, 
his wife, 4th d. of Paul Storr, Esq., of Beckenhaiii, Kent. 
B.N.r. Oxnn ISOG, 1 Nat. Sc. R.A. 1870, Radcliffe Travelling Fellow 1S72, BI.A. 
and B.Mcd. 1875; Jl.K.C.S. Eng. 1875; F.R.C.P. Lond. 187fi ; besides 
studying at Oxford and St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, studied also at 
Vienna, Leipzig, and Dresden ; Treas. and Ex-Pres. Obst. Soc., London {late 
Chairman Board for Exam, of Jlidwives) ; Fell, Roy, Med. Chin. Soc; Mem. 
Ha^^'. Soc. ; Lect. on Midw., etc., .and Phys. Acconch. St. Bart. Hosp. ; Cons. 
Phys. Gen. Lying-in Hosp., Lambeth; late (5 years) Exam, in Obst. Bled. 
Univ., London, and R.C.P. Lond. ; Exam, in Midw., etc., Univ., Oxford ; 
Obst. Phys. and Lect. on Jlidw., etc., St. George's Hosp., .and Assist. Phys. 
Roy. Saxon Lying-iu nos]iital, Dresden ; author of various papers in the 
"Journal of Anatomy and Physiology," in " Med. Chin. Trans." and "Trans. 
Obst. Soc," and in " Strieker's .Joum.," Vienna, and in Stainer's INIusical 
Dictionary ; author also of " Artificial Respiration in Still-born Children " 
1887, and " Harveiiin Lectures on Paiirful i\lenstruation " 1891. fH 12 Sept., 
1876, Virginia, only d. of Sir John M'arrender Dalrj-mple, 7th Bart, of 
JSorth Berwick. Ajjrcss 42, Upper Brook St., W. Club Athenwum. 

Cotton, James Sutherland (B), b. 17 July, 1847, at Coonoor, Madra», 3rd s. 

of Joseph John Cotton, E-q., Madras, C.S., College Villa, 

Brighton, and Susan Jessie, bis wife, c. d. of Jaoics 

Miuchin, Esq., Master in Equity of the Supreme Court, 


From Jfagd. Coll. School and Brighton Coll. ; into College Short Half ISGl ; Line. 

Coll. Oxon 1867; Sch. Trin. Coll. Oxon 1807, 1 Cl. Mod. 18(58, 1 CI. B..\. 

1870, M.A. 1877, Fellow .and Lecturer of Queen's Coll. Oxon 1871-4 ; Barr. 

Line. Inn 1874, West Circ. ; editor of the Acaihmy 1881-96, and of Paterson's 

Practical Statutes; editor of the forthcoming revised edition of the Imperial 

Gazetteer of India ; Hon. Sec. Fgypt Exploration Fund ; author of " Decennial 

Report on the Moral and Material Progress of India" 1885, "India," Citizen 

Series 1883, " Elphinstone," Rules of India Series 1892, "Quinquennial Report 

on Education in India" 1898. fH 1873, Isabella, d. of John Carter, Esq., 

Clifton, Bristol. Address 13, Warwick Mansions, Cromwell Crescent, S.W. 

Club Savile. 

CuEMER, Gabriel Henrt (f), b. 26 Sepf., 1846, e. s. of Henry Cremer, E^q., of 

Barnes, Surrey, and Ellen, his wife, e. d. of the late Major 

J. E. Gabriel, H.E.l.C.S. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1865, Latin Verse 1866, 1 Cl. Mod. 18G7, 2 Cl. 1869, B.A. 

18iO ; special correspondent oi Daili/ Ncirs at Vienna Nov., 1870, to iMa)', 1871 ; 

Sixth Form Master at Marlborough Coll. Sept., 1871, to July, 1873 ; Private 

Coach at Oxford 1873-4 ; working among the East London poor 1874 ; 

Tcmporarj- Master at Win. Coll. April to Aug., 1890 ; .author of "A Vision of 

Empires" 1890, "Songs of God and the Sea" 189G, " An Oxford Dialogue " 

1897, "Songs of God and the Sea," 2nd series, 1902. Address Jlelford, 

Hampton Hill, S.O., Middlesex. 

Deedes, Gordon Frederic, b. 1 Jan., 1848, c. s. of Rev. Canon Gordon 
Frederic Deedes (Comm.), V. of Heydonr, Sleaford, and 
^Tarianne, his wife, d. of William Deedes, Esq., of Sandliug 
Park, Kent. 

Coffee pLiutor in India 18G.5-81. ffl (1) 1878, • , c. d. of Col. Sulivan, of 

the Scots Greys; (2) 3 ,Tulv, 1K90, Hon. Alice Catherine Irbv. d. of Florence 
George Henry, 5th Baron Boston. Address Hillhurst, Hythe,' Kent. 

DiMOND, Charles Baker, b. 1 Mny, 1847, s. of Charles John Dimond, E^q., 50, 

Leinster Garden.s, Hyde Park, London, and .Jane Augusta, 

his wife, 4th d. of George Brand, Esq., 10, Oxford Sq., 

Hyde Park (bro. of Frederick Stevens, below, p. 250). 

Solicitor, London, 1870; practising now .at 47, Welbeck St, C.iveM<lish Sq., London, 

W. ; iNIajor 2nd (South) Middlesex R.V. ffl 1877, Helen, d. of Richard 

Wheen, Esq., of 104, Lancaster Gate, W. Address 19, Queen's Gardens, Hvde 

Park, W. 

172 Winchester College. i860 

Fox, John Hexry, b. 23 March, 18-18, bro. of William, above, p. i;53. 

Estate Manager iu Eusiiia lt<(;8. ^Q, 1873, Kose, d. of Edmund ^\'iluKlt, Esq., 
Derby. ID murdered in liussia many years ago. 

Haggard, Alfred Hinubek (B), b. 17 April, ISfO (3rd s.), b:o. of William 
Henry Doveton acd Bazelt Michael, above, p. 168. 
To Haikybury Coll. Sept., lSil"2; Barr. Lino. Inn 1872; Indian Civil Service 
(Bengal) 1872 ; Officiating JIagistrate and Collector, Chittagong ; retired 1880 ; 
Secretary to tbe London Hosp. 18S0-8. fH 15 Dec, 187a, Alice Geraldine, 
e. d. of Vernon Hugb Schalch, Esq., C'.S.I., barrister-at^law. Address 
Atbentcum Club, S.W. 

Harrison, William Harwood (A), s. of Rev. William Harrison, R. of Warming- 
ton, Banbur\'. 

Hastixgs, Alfred Gardiner (f), b. 29 Oct., 18-17, 4th s. of Capt. Henry 

Cadogan Hasting'', of Deal, Kent, late Chief Constable of 


C.C.C. Oxon 18Ge, 2 CI. Mod. 1868, B.A. 1871 ; Stud. Inner T. 18G9 ; Solicitor 

1874, practised at 18, Bennct's Hill, Doctors' Commons, London, E.G., down to 

1886. iH Kate G., sister of J. W. Comyns Carr, Esq. Ctub Windham. 

Howell, Walter Houldsworth (B), s. of W. Howell, Esq., Grove House, 

Jacobson, Walter Hamilton Acland, b. 6 March, 1847 (2nd s.), bro. of 

William Boustead Richards, above, p. 130, and Charles 

Longlev, below, p. 201. 

C.C.C. Oxon 1865, 2 Ci. Mod. 1867, 1 Nat. Sc. B.A. 18G9, B.Med. 1874, M.A. 

and M.Ch. 1887, Guy's Hosp., JLR.C.S. Eng. 1872, F.R.C.S. 1875, Consulting 

Surgeon Guy's Hosp., formerly Assist. Surg, and Lect Guy's Hosp., Surg. Roy. 

Hosp. for Women and Children, Euisworth Cott. Hosp., and Jewish Home for 

Incurables; Mcmb. Court of Exam. IJ.C.S. Eng.; joint editor of "Annals of 

Surgery," editor of the 2nd to 5th editions of " Hilton's Lectures on Rest and 

Pain," writer of numerous articles in the 3rd edition of " System of Surgery," 

in the "Dictionary of Surgery," in "Slorris's Anatomy," in "Guy's UospitAl 

Reports, "in tbe "International Journal of Medical Science," "British Medical 

Journal," "Clinical Society's Transactions," etc. etc.; retired from practice 

Marcli, 1905. fR. AilJiess Lordine Court, Enhurst, Hawkhurst. 

Jowitt, John Fort (A), 2nd s. of Edward Jowitt, Esq., Bath. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon, 1 Nat. Sc. B.A. 1869; planter iu Ceylon. Club Junior 

Kidd, Martin, s. of Richard Kidd, Esq., Leo Ed., Blackheath. 

Marsoall, Williaji Nicholas Cosnock (A), b. 11 April, 1840, e. s. of 

William Marshall, E.-q., of Treworgey, Liskeard, and 

Everilda, his wife, d. of Rev. Robert Balk Carrington, R. of 

Bridford, Devon. 

J.P. Cornwall. fH (1) Oct., 1867, Alice Anne Grey, only child of Kcv. John Glamille, 

R. of Jacobstow, Cornwall ; (2) 1871), Elizabeth, widow of C. E. Rowcliffc, 

Esq., of Stogumber, Somerset; (3) 26 Jan., 1882, Harriet Georgiana, 2nd d. 

of Francis James Coleridge, Esq., of The Manor House, Ottery St. Mary. 

Adjiws Treworgey, Liskeard. t'/M6 New. 

Mor.siiEAD, John Yonoe Anderson, b. 11 Juno, 1846, e. s. of Rev. John Philip 

Anderson Mursliead (Comm.), Salcombe Regis, Sidmouth, 

and Alcthe.i, his wife, e. d. of the Rev. John Yonge, of 

Puslinch (bro. of Frank Upton Anderson, Edmund Doidge 

Anderson, and Ernest Garstin Anderson, below, pp. 179, 


Exhibnr. ; Univ. Coll. Oxon 1805, 1 CI. Mod. 1867, 3 CI. B.A. 1869 ; Barr. Middle 

T. 1873; J.P. Devon, ffl 21 April, 1880, Helen Beatrice, d. of Capt. P. 

Anderson Morshead, R.A. Address Salcombe Regi», Sidmouth. 

i86o Winchester College. 173 

Newman, WiLLLisi Fkederick, b. 13 Aug., 1845, p. s. of the Eev. William 
James Newman, C. ot Streef, Devon, afterwards V. of 
Huckwortby, Wellington (bro. of llerbart Koope, below, 
p. 189). 
St. John's Coll. Oxon 186C, B.A. 1870, M.A. 1875; ffl.©., d 1871, p 1873, C. 
ISraduiuch 1871-3, Harracott-iu-Tawstock 1873-80,' V. Hockworthy ISSO ; 
author ot "Ouly a Pii-lure— a Komance of Yesterday." iff. 18<0, Frauces 
Emma, (I. of Kev. .John Wymlham, Sutton Mandeville, "Wilts. AdJress Hock- 
worthy Vicarage, WeUingtou, Somerset. 

Ommanney, Fuedekick Gream, b. 11 Dec, 18-47, s. c f Octavius Ommanney, Esq. 
(Comm. 1829-32), of East Sheen, and Helen, his wife, 3rd 
d. of the Rev. Robert Gremi, R. of Rotherfield, Sussex. 
Partner in the iirni of IMessrs. Thompson ifc Son, l^rewcrs, Walmer, Kent ; Chairman 
of the Walmer Local Board, and the Deal and Walmer Conservative Association. 
fH 11 Uoc, 1871, Emily, d. of Rev. William, R. of Iliuxton, Cam- 
bridgeshire. D of tj'phoid fever, at Sheen House, Upper Walmer, 5 June, 1889, 

PiiiLLir.s, CiiAKLES BAN>,T:nMAN (f), b. 4 Niiv., 1848, in Bloomsbary, 2nd s. of 

Chailes Palmer Phillips, Ejq., of 7, Stine Buildings, Lincoln's 

Inn, Commissioner in Lunacy, and Eliza Lowndes, his 

wife, e. d. c f William Loftus Lowndes, Esq., Q.C. (bro. of 

the r est, and of Edward Loftus, below, p. 313). 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1867-72, 1 CI. Jlod. 1869, 2 CI. 1871, Ti.A. 1872, M.A. 1874 ; 

Assist. Jlaster Win. Coll. jNIay, 1872 to 1900 ; House iNIaster Culverlea 1883-95. 

fa 18 Aug., 1880, Gertrude Frances, d. of Rev. Alfred Yoimg Barett. Aililress 

Upcot, Winchester. 

Phillips, William Cuakles (t), b. 28 June, 1847 (e. .=.), brother of the above, 
and of Edward Loftus, below, p. 313. 
Left 1865; in the House nf Messrs. Baring Bros. 1866-93 ; in Queensland National 
Bank 1893-1904. S at The Barton, Elstree, Herts, 17 May, 1905. 

Portal, Bernard Bedwell, b. 23 April, 1844, e. s. of Bernard Bedwell Portal, 

Esq., of Daventry House, Upper Tooting, Surrey, and Lucy, 

his wife, d. of Thomas Welch, Esq. (bro. of Frederick 

Welch, below, p. 183). 

Admitted to Caius Coll. Camb. 1866, but never resided; Wine Merchant in London 

(Messrs. Portal, Dingwall & Co., 40, East Cheap, E.G.). £0, 24 June, 1884, 

Ethel Leach. D s. p. 17 Aug., 1903. 

Randall, William Richard (f), b. 8 May, 1849, 3rd s. of John Randall, Esq., 

of Coyty, Glamorganshire, and Martha Prichard, his wife, d. 

of John Morgan, Esq. 

E.xhibnr. at Jesus Coll. Oxon 1867, 3 CI. Mod. 1SG9, B.A. 1870, Solicitor 1874, 

practising at 2, Nolton St., Bridgend, Glamorgan, ffl 18 Dec., 1876, Hannah, 

only d. (■! William Harris Johnston, Esq. Aildn-is The Rhyl, Park St., Bridgend. 

IIatliff, Cleophas William (B), b. 7 June, 1845, s. of Cleophas Ratlift", Esq., 
nth Madras N.T. 
King's Coll. London ; Civil Engineer, Swedish and Norwegian Railway Co. ; 
Assoc. Mcmb. Inst. C.E. 1877. ifl 1872, Clara Cecilia, d. of E. M. Caswall 
Ball, Esi]., of Orchard Hall, I'.ideford. 

Selut, Edward Bird, s. of George Selby, Esq., Surbiton, Kingston-on-Thames 
(bro. of Leicester, below, p. 180). 
Member of the Stock Exchange. .IJ./nj.i 69, Lombard St., E.G. 

■\Vai.kkii, Philip Carroll (f), b. 30 April, 1840, bro. of George Herbert 

Dacres, above, p. 155, and Hugh Richard and George 

Casson, below, pp. '2(i2, 222. 

2nd Lieut. R.A. 1869, Lieut. 1869. fH L'<70, JIadeleine, d. of Talbot Agar, Esq.; 

killed by an accident while with his battery at Fort Hubbcrston, Milford 

Haven, 28 -May, 1875. 

174 Winchester College. i 860-1 

Wordsworth, CnARLEs Samuel (f), b. 30 March, 1848, at Glenalmond, s. of 

IJev. Charles Wordsworth, above, p. 6, and bro. of Kobert 

Walter, below, p. 188. 

Univ. CoU. Oxon 18GG, 3 CI. Mod. 1868, 4 CI. B.A. 1870, M.A. 1879 ; IB.©., d 

1871, p 1872, C. Romford 1871-3, Kidderminster 1873-8, K. Old SVinford, 

Worcs. 1878-92. AJJicss Spriuglands, Kempston, Bedford. 

Yates, John Thomas Harris (A), s. of Capt. Yates, Sjuthsea. 

Kesided at Beach A'iew, Clarence Parade, Southsea, 1807, with his mother. 

LONG HALF, 1861. 

AwDUY, Charles (f). See above, p. 1G7. 

Baldock, WiLLLiM STANFORD (f), b. 20 Jau., 1817, s. of William Baldock, Esq., 

of Chilworth, Uomsey, and Auua Gibson, his wife, e. d. of 

Captaiu Agtiew, of Tipner, Ilauts. 

Lieut. E.A. ISOS, Capt. 1879, Major 1885, Lieut.-Col. 1892 (retired). fB 17 Feb., 

1898, JIary, d. of F. F. Elworthy, Esq., Fo.'idown, WclUustou, Somerset. 

AMnffs Suniiycroft, \\'fllini{ton, Somerset. 

BissiLL, Arthur Kent (f). See above, p. 170. 

Browke, George Harrington, b. 1848, s. of Col. James Dillon Browne, of 
Charlton Barrow, Blandford (bro. of Uenry Pryor, below, 
p. 203). 
To Toubridge School. D young. 

CoorER, Clement Astlet Paston, b. 30 May, 18-45, 10th s. of Sir Astley Paston 
Cooper, 2nd Bart., of Gadebridge Park, Herts, and Elizabeth 
Harriet, his wife, only child and heiress of William Kick- 
ford, Esq., M.P. 
Ens. 29th Kegt. 1864, Lieut. 1866, Capt. 1876, retired 1878 ; Capt. Keserve of 
Officers ; Capt. 2ud Volunteer Batt. Bedford Eegt. (2nd Hertford) 1881 ; J.P. 
Herts. iH 10 July, 1877, Evangelme Julia, y. d. of George Marshall, Esq., 22, 
Portland Place, Loudon. Atlilnss 61, Montagu Si]., W. ; and Hambleton 
Hall, Oakham. Club Naval and Military. 

DowDiNG, Akthur John Caswall (f), b. 23 Nov., 1848, 3rd s. of Rev. Benjamin 
Charles Dowding, P.C, of Southbroom, Devizes. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1867 ; 1 CI. Mod. 1869, 3 CI. 1871, B.A. 1872. M.A. 1877 ; 
Assist. Master Haileybury Coll. 1873-6, Fettes CoU. 1876-9, Head Jliister St. 
Niniau's Preparator)' School, Moffat 1879-97. ffl 1880, Maud Caroline, d. of 
Lieut.-Gcn. C. W, Tremenheere, R.E., C.B. Aiklnss 15, Ljinsdowne l!d., 

GuiLLEMARD, WALTER George (f), b. 20 Nov., 1847, c. s. of IJev. James 

Guilleniard, V. of Kirtlingtou, Oxfordshire (bro. of Arthur 

Franklin, below, p. l'J2). 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1866-71 ; 3 CI. Mod. 1868, B.A. 1871, M.A. 1873. (In the 

Register Win. Coll. his 2nd name is given as William.) Assist. Master St. 

Paul's, Stony Stratford, Jan., 1871, to Dec., 1873; at the College, Inverness,, 1874, to l>ec., 1876 ; at Harrow School since Dec., 1879 ; House Master. 

iB 8 Aug., 1888, Agnes Olive, e. d. of Charles Cotton, Esq., Audley House, 

Cork. .W</)fss The Grove, Harrow-on-thc-llill. 

Latham, Henry, b. 1840, 2ik1 s. of Henry Latham, Esq., 2, The Grove, 

Kentish Town, Senior Registrar of the High Court of 

Cliaiicery, and Mary F. (hcu Leach), his wife. 

St. John's Coll. Camb. 1867, B.A. 1871, M.A. 1877 ; Solicitor 1874 (Jlessrs. Wood, 

Latham & Bigg, Raymond's Buildings, Gray's Inn) ; killed by a fall while 

walking alone near GrindclwaUl, Sivit2erlaud,"4 Sept., 1881. Cf! Sol. Jo. xxv. 

850 ; and for some verses in his memorj' see SVyk. iv. (u. 164) 60. 


Latham, Thomas, b. 1847, elder bro. of tbe above. 

Left 1865 ; St. John's CoU. Camb. 1870, B.A. 1874 [University XI. 1873-4] ; Barr. 
Inuer T. 1874, West. Circ. ; at the Shanghai liar, Special Pleader, 1881 ; 
retired 1888. ffl (1) 2 Sept., 187C, INIarv Harriot, d. of Kev. J. Bazctt Doveton, 
K. of Burnett, Somerset ; (2) 28 JIarch, 1885, Edith, d. of Alfred Murray 
Robinson, Esq., solicitor, Shanghai. Addnss 3, Chatsworth Gardens, East- 
Ley, William Henky (B), b. 28 Dec, 1817, s. of Henry Ley, Esq., Second 
Clerk Assistant, House of Commons, 51, Chester Sq., 
London (bro. of Gerald Lewis Henry and Arthur Henry, 
below, pp. 258, 203). 
Clerk in the House of Commons (.Journal Office) since 18G8 ; Clerk of the Journals 
since 1895. AJJre/s 36, St. George's Kd., S.W. Clubs Junior Carlton and 

Maurice, Edward Arthur Bonkor- (f), b. i Sept., 181:8, 4th s. of Bubsrt 
Maurice Bonnor-Maurice, Esq., J.P., of Bodynfoel Hall, 
Llanfechan, Montgomeryshire, and Judith, his wife, d. of 
Eev. Henry Cripps, of Stonehouse, Gloucs. 
New Coll. Oxon 1868, 3 CI. Mod. 1869, 2 L. & H., B.A. 1871 ; solicitor 1874 
( Jlessrs. Bircham i Co., 46, Parliament St., London, S.W. ; 50, Old Broad St., 
E.C. ; .and Hamilton House, Victoria Embankment, E.C.) ; J. P. Montgomery, 
High Sheriff 1894. iB, 23 April, 1876, Edith Jessie, 2nd d. of Rev. Frederick 
Fnincis Fawkes, of Upton Park, Bucks., V. of Hampton, 'Worcs. Addresses 
Bodynfoel, Llaiifechain, Oswestry ; 6 Hamilton House, Hall Kd., N.W. Club 
United University. 
Midwinter, Henby Nathaniel (f), b. 30 Nov., 1847, 3rd s. of the Bev. 
Nathaniel Midwinttr, E. of St. Michael's, Winchester, and 
Louisa, his wife, 2nd d. of Vice-Admiral Sir Edward 
Griffith Colpoys, K.C.B. 
E.xhibnr. of Wore. Coll. Oxou 1866-70, 3 CI. Mod. 1868, B.A. 1872, M.A. 1873; 
|B.©., (/ 1872, p 1873, C. Dudley 1872-3, Northfield 1873-6, St. Saviour, Leeds 
1876-8, Chapl. Bombay Establishment 1878-1900, on furlough 1900-1, Chapl. 
Milan 1902-4, V. Jlonklnnd, near Leominster, 1904. £B 2 Nov., 1880, Emily, 
e. d. of James Catterall, Esq., of Preston, Lancashire. Address Monkland 
\'icaragc, Leominster. Club East India United Service Club. 
JIoberly, John Cornelius (f). See above, p. ICl. 

Pearson, Walter Hat, b. 13 Dec, 1845, bro. of Arthur Jame.«, above, p. 114. 
Settled in America. 

St. John, Oliver Henry Beauchamp (B), b. 15 Nov., 1847, e. s. of Lieut.- 
General Hubert St. John, and Jessie Arabella, his wife, d. 
of Col. Charles Whitehall, and relict of Major Henry Craw- 
shaw, Teasdale. 
Ens. 95th Regt. 1865, Lieut. 1867, Capt. 1878, Paymaster and Hon. Capt. Army 
Pay Dept. 1883, Substantive Major Army Pay Dept. 1900, retired; served 
in Soudan Expedition 1885 (medal and clasp for Suakiu). i^ 14 Oct., 1880, 
Bertha Fredenca, d. of Col. John Scriveu, J, P. and D.L. Address Uduey 
Place, Teddiugton, Middlesex. 
Stead, Robert John (A), s. of Rev. Alfred Stead, R. of Ovingdean, near 
33 in Sladcira circa 1886. 
Terry, Herbert Dorell (A), b. 4 April, 1847, 4th s. of Lieut.-Col. Thomas 
Henry Clarke Terry, of Biirvale, Walton-on-Thauie?, aud 
Charlotte, his wife, d. of Henry FtUowes, Esq. (bro. of 
Arthur Frederick and Horace Augustus, below, pp. 180, 
Eu3. 1st Batt. 1st Kegt. (Royal ScoU) 1866, Lieut. 1st Batt. 9th Regt. 1871, Instr. 
of Musk. 1875, Capt. 1879, Capt. Reserve of Ofliccrs ; Supt. Herts Constabulary 
18H2, Deputy Chief Constable Herts 1884, Chief Constable of Northumberland 
1,S,S6-1900, U.M. Inspector of Constabularj- for England and Wales since 1900. 
ifl 1875, Augusta Maud, c. d. of Edwanl' Perkins, Esq., of Birtley Hall, co. 
Durham. Address Home Office, Whitehall, S.W. 

176 Winchester College. i86i 

White, Francis Thirkill. See above, p. 149. 

Williams, Charles Lloyd, b. 18 April, 1847, bro. of Henry, above, p. 170, 
and of Anthouy Champeriiowne, below, p. 183). 
Settled in Queensland 1866 ; Manager of the Darling Downs & Western Land Co., 
Queen St., Brisbane. 

Woodruff, Cumberland Hknrv (A), b. 30 June, 1847, 2nd s. of Rev. John 

Woodruff, V. of Upchurch, Kent, and Frances, his wife, 

y. d. of the Rev. Edward Winthrop. 

Merton Coll. Oxon 1867, 2 L. & H., B.A., and S.C.L. 1870, M.A. 1875, B.C.L. 1877 ; 

Barr. Line. Inn 1875, Clerk in Charge of Chancery blaster's Papers 1881 ; 

F.S.A. ; member of the council of the Kent Archa:ological Society, and co-editor 

of the Societj''s publications; .author of ''The Children's Year" 1801. £B. 

6 June, 1882, Emily Louisa, e. d. of W. H, Hewett, Esq., Norton Court, 

Somerset. 33 at Folkestone 4 Oct., 1904. 

Wordsworth, Christopher, b. 26 March, 1848 (2nd s.), bro. of John, above, 
p. 155. 
Sch. Trin. Coll. Camb., Bell Sch. 1867, B.A. 1870, Le Bas Prize 1871, Fellow St. 
Peter's Coll. 1870-8, M.A. 1873 ; %].©., d 1871, /) 1872, C. Alvechurch 1874-.5, 
St. Giles, Camb. 1875-7, R. Glastou, Rutland 1877-89, StecpIc-cum-Tyneham, 
Dorset 1889-97, R. E. Holme, Dorset 1890-7, Preb. of Lincoln since 1886, R. of 
St. Peter with St, Paul, Marlborough, since 1897; author of "University 
Society in the 18tb Century " 1874, " Scholoe Academicse 1877 ; " co-editor of 
"Breviarium ad Usum Sarum," 3 vols., 1879-86; editor of "Poutificale 
Ecclesise St. Andreje" 188.5, "Lincoln Cathedral Statutes," 3 vols. 1892-7, 
"Coronation of Charles I." 1892, "Tracts of Clement Maydeston" 1894, "Pica 
Sarum," 2 vols. 1900-2; author of "Notes on Mediteval Services" 1898, 
"Salisbury Processions" 1900, "Yorkshire Pardons" 1901, "Ancient Oxford 
Calendars" 1905. fS. 1874, Mary, d. of Rev. Andrewes Reeve, V. of Kim- 
meridge, Dorset. Address St. Peter's Rectory, Jlarlborongh, 

SHORT HALF, 1801. 

Birlev, James Leatham, b. 22 Deo., 1847, e. s. of Thomas Hornby Birley, 
Esq., Higbfield, lleaton Sfersey, Manchester (who was 1st 
cousin of Thomas Hornby liirley, above, p. 50), and 
Anne, his wife, d. of Lieut.-Col. James Leatham, 4th 
Dragoon Guards (bro. of Francis Hornby, below, p. 191). 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 10 Feb., 18G0. D there 20 Feb., 1866. Tablet in Cloisters. 

Browne, Frederick William (A), s. of Philip Augustus Browne, Esq., 41, 
Devonshire Place, London. 
Left 1864. 

Browne, Leonard Draoe (f), b. 14 Aufr., 1847, s. of Moses Browne, Esq., 
Camden House, Park Terrace, Cambridge. 
Solicitor 1870, practising at Abergavenny down to 1886; then to U.S.A. fH- 
IB circa 1902. 

Capel, Frank Charles, b. 1845, e. s. of James Bury Capel, Esq., Higham Hill, 

AValthanistovv, Essex, and Georgina, bis wife, 3rd d. of 

Charles Fa.'sett Burnett, Esq., Nai borough Hall, Norfolk. 

Menibcr Stock Exchange (IMcssrs. James Capel *t Co., 5, Tbrogmorton St., Itl.C.), 

retired, ffl 1877, Emmdine Caroline Shuter, of Vale Mascal, Bexlev, Kent. 

Address 7, Albcmarie St., W. 

Cattlev, Leonard Henry (B), s. of Hcniy Pilchard Cattley, Esq., St. Peters- 
burg (Commoner, left Christmas 1835), and Mary Anne, 
his wife, d. of Giafton Wilks, Esq., St. Petersburg (bro. of 
Henry Grafton, biluw, p. 207). 
Russia merchant, St. Petersburg. Q at, Arundel, 4 Nov., 1889, aged 41. 

i86i Winchester College. 177 

CiiAMiKR, Edwin Francis (f), b. 8 July, 1848, s. of Ilonry Chamier, Esq., 
Shinfleld, Berks, late Madras S.O., and Mary Elizabeth, 
his 2iid wife, d. of Sir Jasper Nicolls, K.C.B. (half-bro. of 
Charles Frederick, above, p. 53). 
Univ. Coll. Oxou 1866, B.A. 1S70 ; ISarr. Inucr T. 1872 ; disbarred at his own 
request 187C ; then solicitor for a short period ; Resident Agent of the RoUo 
Estates, Devon, since 1892. fH 23 Oct., 1872, CoraUe Louisa, d. of William 
James Durham, Esq. Address Uoodrest, Exmouth. 
Clerk, John Fuedekic (B), b. May, 1848, 2ik1 s. of John Clerk, Esq., Q.C., 
2, Lyall St., Chesham Place, London, and Hose Alice 
Clothilde, his wife, 2nd d. of Thomas Greene, Esq., cf 
Slyne, M.P. 
Univ. CoU. Oxon 1867, 2 CI. Mod. 1869, B.A. 1872, M.A. 1886 ; Barr. Inner T. 
1874, S.E. Circ. IH 16 Dec., 1884, Eleanor Sophia, e. d. and co-heir of 
Gustavus Thomas .Smith, Esq., of Goldicote House, \Varws. Addresses 10, 
Kmg's Bench Walk, Temple ; Harmer Green Lodge, Wclwvn. 
Cotton, James Suthebland (f). See above, p. 171. 

CuRRiE, Thomas Charles (A), b. 3 Nov., 1842 (y. s.), bro. of Augustus Arthur, 
ab )ve, p. 92. 
From Eton. Q unmarried, 1894. 
Denison, Henry Piiirrs, b. 1847, 3rd s. of Sir William Thomas Denison, Knt., 
K.C.B., Governor of Madra=, and Caroline Lucy, his wife, 
3rd d. of Admiral Sir Phipps Hornby, G.O.B. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1866, 3 CI. Mod. 1868, B.A. 1871 ; ©.©., d 1871, ;) 1875, C. East 
Brent 1871-5 and 1876-96, St. Thomas, Ox torll' 1875-6, Preb. of Wells since 
1896, V. St. Michael, North Kensington, since 1896. Address The Vicarage, 
St. Lawren.^ TJd., North Kensington, W. 
DoucLAs, Stewart K.uth, b. 23 June, 1848, e. s. of Stewart Douglas, Esq., 
Cai?-*H,a, of the firm cf Carlisle Bros., Manchester, and 
nephew of the Eev. Archibald James Douglas, V. of 
Mathon, Malvern. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1866, B.A. 1870, M.A. 1873 ; Partner in the House of Carlisle, 
Nephews >S: Co., Calcutta, down to 1900 ; prominent on the side of the Gold 
Standard. Address 32, Balcombe St., N.Sv. Club Oxford and Cambridge. 
Eade, Euwin Arthur (f), b. 25 May, 1848, e. s. of Joseph Eade, Esq., of 
Clapham, Surrey, and Rachel, his wife, d. of John Hawkins, 
Esq., of Hitcheu, Herts, and sister of Loid Brampton. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1866 ; 2 CI. Mod. 1868, 2 CI. 1870, B.A. 1871, M.A. 1877 ; 
Classical Master at Jlonmouth School 1872-3 ; at King's Coll. School, London 
1874-82 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1883. Club United University. 
GuKENK, Richard Gkldart (y. s.), bro. of William Radclyffe, above, p. 162. 

Lieut. 2nd Essex Rifle Volunteers 1874, Capt. 1882. D 24 Dec., 1886. 
Hariikn, Rodert Acheson, b. 1845, e. s. of James Harden, Esq., of Harry- 
brook, CO. Armagh, J.P. and D.L., and Annaballa, his wife, 
d. of Col. Lloyd Edwards, of Nanhorn, Carnarvon. 
D unmarried, of small-pox, at Frankfort, while travelling alone, 18G4. 
Harrison, James Fortescue, s. of Fortescuo Harrison, Esq., 14, Cambridge Sq., 
Hyde Park. 
King's Coll. London ; then to Bengal. D at Ventnor 1887. 
Harvey, Clement Fox (B), b. 28 Oct., 1847, e. s. of Rev. Prebendary 
Woodis Harvey, Fclcourt, MeadlViot, Torquay, and Frances 
(ne'e Fox), his wife, of Penn Cottage, near Beaconsfie'd. 
Exhibnr. 1862, Trin. Coll. Oxon 1865, 3 CI. Mod. 1867, 2 L. & II., B.A. 1869, M.A, 
1871 ; Stud. Line. Inn 1869; 10.©.,./ 1872, ;; 1873, C. Prittlewell 1872-0, K. 
Truro 18(5-85, Hon. Canon and Surrogate, Truro 1878, V. Probus, Cornwall 
1885, V. Probus-with-Cornelly 1^97, ('ommissioncr for Chapter of Truro 
Cathedral under Pluralities Acts Amendment Act 1897. fH (1) 1874, Emma 
Mary, d. of Kev. James Hardwickc Dver, V. of Great Waltham, Essex ; (2) 
1881, Helen Cornelia, d. of J. G. Chilcott, Esq., Gwcndroc, Truro. .l.Wi«jTbc 
Sonctuorj-, Probus, S.O., Cornwall. 

l78 Winchester College. 1861 

Hill, Russell P. Wickham, grandson of George Edward Russell, Esq., 6, Hyde 
Park St., Hyde Park Sq., London. 
To India ; accidentally shot there about 1S73. 

Holmes, Hesky Combeb, b. 4 April, 18-i7, e. s. of Rev. William Rusbridge 
Holmes, Euston Place, Leamington. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1865. B.A. 1808, M.A. 1872 ; J).©., d 1870, p 1872, C. East 
Retford 1870-4, Blyth. Notts. 1875-6, R. liirkljy since I87C, Assist. Diocesan 
Inspector since 1878, V. Hutton Bonville since 1885, R.D. Northallerton since 
1897. fH 1881, Henrietta, d. of Rev. Thomas Atkinson, R. of Kirby Sigston. 
AdJrefs Birkby Rectory, Northallerton. 

HoRXEE, Albert Barker (f), b. 1 Dec, 1848, bio. of Henry Bury, above, p. 153. 
Left 1867 ; Clerk in Secretary's Office, G.P.O., 1870-6. 

Howard, Joun Henry, s. of Rev. William Howard (t 1815), R. of Great Witch- 
ingham, Attlebridge, Norfolk. 
C.C.C. Camb. 1807. Resided at Goldeuhayes, liarllev, Hants. D 13 Nov., 1902. 
See Wyk. viii. (n. 3118) 478. 

Howell, Frederick Broke (B), b. 21 Oct., 1846, e. s. of Frederick Howell, 
Esq., Surbiton, Kingston. 
Merton Coll. Oxon 1865, 2 Nat. Sc. B.A. ISC.O, M.A. 1871 ; Jt}-©-. <' 1871, p 1873, 
C. Warminster 1871-4, Chapl. to Earl of Devon 1874, C. Hur.-lev 1876-82, V. 
Charlton All Saints 1883-8, Chapl. to Earl Nelson 1883-8, R. Upwey, Dorset 
1888-1901. fH 1879, Edith, d. of Hcnn' Lcvick, Esq., of Worthing. D at 
Ventnor, 24 JIarch, 1901. 

Howell, Leonard .Sidowick (B), b. 6 Aus;., 1848, v. bro. of tbe above. 

Malt Factor. fH 1881, Elizabeth Sally Clowes. B at Petit Blont Rioud, Swit- 
zerland, 7 Sept., 1895. Of. Wyk. vii. (u. 316) 142. 

HuMi'UKYs, Julian (B), s. of William Charles Humphrys, Esq., Elm Lodge, 
Bursledon, and Isabella Eliza Dehaney, his wife, 2nd d. of 
Rev. Charles Burrell Cookes, of Norgrove, Worcs. 

KiKQDON, EsDAiLE, c. s. of Tliomas Kiugdun Kingdon, Esq., Q.C., Recorder uf 

Bristol, 3 Clarendon Rd., Kensington, and Margaret, bis 

wife, e. d. of James R. Burchelt, Esq., of Doctors' Commons 

(bro. of Walter and Alfred, below, pp. 219, 233). 

Exeter Coll, O.xon 18G4; Journalist; Secretary of the ^Vnti-Iucome-Tax League. 

D 1874. 

KlXGSFORD, Perceval, b. 3 Oct., 1817, s. of Edward Kingsford, Esq., Sunbury, 

Middlesex, and Anna Jane, his wife, y. d. of Charles 

Gilchrist, Esq., of Sunbury. 

To Itarlborough Coll.; Guy's', L.S.A. 1S69, JI,K,C,S. Eng, 1.873 ; 

late House Surgeon Royal Free Hospitiil, ftt 18W, Adela II, Hope, widow, 

d, of C, W, Curtis, Esq,, Everlcigh -Manor, iMarlborough. .Itldrcsa Ivy House, 

Sunbury, Middlesex. 

LiwsoN, Robert, b, 28 Oct., 1840, s. of Rev. John Lawson, R. of Sherborne St. 
John, Hants, 
Trin, Hall Camb, 1866, B,.\, 1869 ; JtJ.®,, d 1869, p 1871, C. Midhope 1869-71, 
Weston-in-Gordano 18*1, V, Peasedown 1876-82, South Clcvedon, Somerset 
1882-91, R. Cfimerton, Bath 1891-9, Chajil, GUnurquhart, N,B, 1899-1900, 
fH 7 Sept,, 1870, Mary Sackville, 2nd d, of Rev. ,Tohn Mason Noale, D.D, 
(See D,N,li, xl, 143.) Address North Side, Leigh Woods, Clifton, Bristol. 

Lister, John (A), b. 8 Mirch, 1847, e, s. of John Lister, Esq,, of Shibden Hall, 

Halifax, and Louisa Anne, liis wife, d, of Major Charles 

Grant, of the Island of St, Vincent, 

B.N,C, O.KOU 1865, n,A, 1868, M,A, 1872 ; liarr. Inner T, 1877 ; editor of the 

" West Riding Session Rolls," Yorks, Arch, Rcc, Series, vol, iii, ; Labour 

Candidate (bye-election) Halifax 1893. Address Shibden Hall, Halifax, 

1 86 1 Winchester College. 179 

JIarbiott, Chables (B), b. 14 Oct., 1848 (2nd s.), bro. of the next. 

B.N.C. Oxon, B.A. 1871, M.A. 1874 [University XI.] ; Capt. Leicestershire XI. 
for many years; Barr. Inner T. 18/5; J. P. Leicester; High Sheriff lS/8; 
Lieut. Leics. Yeomanry 1873, Capt. 1880, retired 1883. iB. (1) 10 l"eh. isso, 
Frances Marian, d. of Robert Fellowes, Esq., of Shotisham Park, Norfolk ; (2) 
21 April, 1891, Mary Emily, e. d. of Rev. Charles Pierrepont Peach, V. of 
Appleton-le-Street, Malton. Address Cotesbach House, Lutterworth. C'hib 
United University. 

Marriott, Robert (B), b. 29 Dec, 1846, e. s. of the Rev. James Powel 
Slarriott (afterwards Goulton-Constable), of Cotesbjch, near 
Lutterworth, and Lucy Henrietta, his wife, only d. of Sir 
Georgj Strickland, Bart. (bro. of the above, and of John 
Marma-iuke, Henry Peter, and George Strickland, below, 
pp. 219, 233, 253). 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1865 ; Master of Ch. Ch. Harriers ; fell from the window of his 
rooms in Peckwater and was killed 14 May, 18G8. 

Mokshead, Edmund Doidqe Anderson (t), b. 4 Feb., 1849, at Lynipstonc, 
Devon (ord s.), bro. of John Yonge Anderson, above, p. 172, 
of the next, and of Ernest Garstin Anderson, below, p. 239. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 18()7-72, 1 CI. Mod. 1869, 1 CI. 1871, B.A. 1872, M.A. 1874, 
Fellow 1871-9; Assist. JIaster Win. Coll. 1872-1, and from Sept, 1874, to 
Aug., 1904 ; translator of five plays of yEschylns into verse, viz. "The Aga- 
memnon" 1877, which, with a translation of the ''Choephoroe"and "Eumenides," 
was published as "The House of Atreus" in 1881, 2nd ed. 1889, 3rd ed. (in 
Golden Treasury Scries) 1901,* 4th ed. (in same series) 1904, "The Suppliant 
Maidens" 1883, and "The Prometheus Bound " 1899 ; translator of the " Ajax " 
and "Electra" of Sophocles into prose, the "Q'Mipus Tyraunus" into verse 
18?<5 ; joint-editor with 3Ir. E. J, Turner of " Faust," Part I., with notes, etc., 
1882, and Select Poems of Schiller; editor of Books Sand 4 of "Childc Harold," 
with notes. £B 1 Aug., 1878, ^larv, 4th sister of IIcv. William Andrcwes 
Fearon, above, p. 129. Address 29, trinity Srp, Southwark, S.E. 

MoRsiiEAD, Frank Uiton Anderson, b. 1 Aug., 1847, bro. of the above. 

Uuiv. Coll. Oxon 1866, St. Alban's Hall B.A. 1874, Univ. Coll. M.A. 1879. 
Address Salcombe Regis, Sidmouth. 

MoRT, Frederick Henry (A), s. of Dr. William Mort, Southport, Lanes. 

Civil Engineer, A.M.I.C.E. 1873 ; King's Coll. Loudon. at Montreux, 7 Feb., 
1905, aged 56. 

MoZLEY, Alfred Dean (f), b. 9 June, 1848 (5th s.), bro. of Francis Woodgate, 
above, p. IGG. 
Sch. Jesus Coll. Oxon 1866-71, 3 CI. Mod., 1 Math. Mod. 1868, 1 Math. B.A. 
1870, Wells Thcol. Coll. 1871 ; Hi.©., '/ 1871, ;) 1871, C. Braunston, Northants. 
1K71-1, Leigh, Dorset 1871-5, Willoughby, Warw. 1876-8, V. Kersey, Suffolk 
1878-9, K. Wigginton, Banbury, since 18t9. iH 1879, Ida Veronica Louise, d. 
of Professor J. C. Rcicheuhart, of Augsburg, Bavaria. Address Wigginton 
Rectory, Jianbury. 
Naylor, George Cuarles Todd, b. 1848, s. of Charles Todd Naylor, Esr]., 
Holgate Lodge, Yorks., and Harriet Hannah, hia wife, only 
child of George Naylor, Esq., of Rio do Janeiro. 
Ens. 2nd West York Militia, Eus. 49th Berks Uegt. 1S65. D 1867. 

rAOE, William Humpubey (f), b. 10 Nov., 1847, s. of Humphrey Page, Esq., 
of Nottingham. 
From Xottingham (Jrammar School ; left 1866; Bengal C.S. 1868; Assist. Magis- 
trate and Collector, Bengal ; Officiating JIagistrate and Collector, Jessore, 1X78 ; 
Joint Magistrate and Deputy Collccior 1879 ; District and Scssious Judge 1885 ; 
retired 1895. Resided at Garden House, Lyntlhurst. 
I'oi'E, John Billing, only s. of Capt. Charles Pope, R.N., H.SI. Dockyard, 
Chatham, Kent. 
B.N.C. Oxon 1865, B.A. 1868 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1872. fH- Q 8 Dec, 1881. 

* The "Ilouee of Atrcns" was played by Mr. F. U. Benson's company at the Shokespearc Festival 
1004, and In 190S at the Coronet Theatre, Nolting llin. 

180 Winchester College. 1 86 1-2 

Powell, Towxsexd (B), b. 18 June, 1847, 2nd s. of Riv. Harrj' Townsend 
Powell, llownhams, Southampton, and Harriet Elizabeth, 
his wife, d. of H. Grimes, Er^q., Coton House, Warwick. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon, IJ.A. 1871 ; |B.©., d 1873, pl875, C. Marston Mevsev 187:>-G, 
V. Quinton, Stratford-on-Avdn 1876-93. iH 1871, Marv, d. of Jolin Watson, 
Esq. O 5 Feb., 1893. 
PiEixn, AKCuinALD William (f), b. 20 Aug., 1848, e. s. of Joseph Reith, Esq., 
of Salisbury, and Elizabeth Susan, his wife, d. of William 
Osmund, Esq. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 18G7-72, 3 Math. Mod. 18fi9, 2 CI. B.A. 1871, M.A. 1874; 
Private Tutor in Russia 1872-6 to sons of (1) Col. PaschkofF, (2) I>ord A. 
Loftus ; held temporarj' Jlasterships at Ely Cathedral School and Ileadinix 
School 1876-7 ; Senior Jlodem Language Master of tiiggleswick School 1877-87 ; 
Head blaster of Heath Grammar School, Halifax, since 1S87 ; Secrctjirt' {some- 
time Chairman) Yorks. Hivision Incorporated xVssociation of Head Masters, 
ifl 1901, Lucy, elder d. of H. .J. Cooke, Esq., of Summcrficld, Ilklcy. .l./r/;<ss 
Heath Grammar School, Halifax. 
PuioDEs, Herbekt, s. of Eev. Francis William Rhodes, V. of Bishop's Stortford, 
Essex, and elder bio. of Et. Hon. Cecil Ehodes. 
To Durham University ; of reputation as an African explorer ; burnt in camp in 
Zululand in the Zidu War 1879-80. Cf. Wyk. iii. (n. Ml) 331. 
Selby, Leicester, b. 14 Jan., 1847, bro. of Edward Bird, above, p. 173. 

Chiclu'strr Theol. Coll. 1880 ; |t>.®., d 188-.'. p 1881, C. Ebbesboumc Wake and 
Filiehi liavant 1882-97, V. 'Uumford, M'ilts., since 1897. AdJnss Diu-uford 
Vicarage, Salisbury, 

Stewart, Herbert. See above, p. 142. 

Tebry, Autuuk Frederick (A), b. 23rd Oct., 1848 (oth s.), bro. of Herbert 
Duiell, above, ]). 175, and Horace Augustus, below, j). 200. 
Ens. 87th Eegt. 1867, Lieut. 1870, Capt. 1885, Major (retired) 18S7. Address 
Bur^•alc, Esher, Surrej-. 

Teimuer, Wilfrid Henry, only s. of Ecv. Henry Sycr Trimmer, V. of Marslou- 
on-Dove, Derbyshire. 
D of influenza at Suudridgc, Ontario, 3 Ajiril, 1892. 
Wesley, William Ken, b. 8 July, 1845, bro. of John Sebastian and Francis 
Gwynne, above, pp. 124, 143. 
Trin. Coll. Camb. ;_St. liartholoniew's Hospital, London; M.IJ.C.S. Eng. 1871. 
Kesiding in 187 1 at I'usihiwa, Ccylou. D at Chichester, & April, 1879, 

LONG HALF, 1862. 

Baker, Edwakd CuRisTornEii, b, 16 Nov., 1846, e. s, of Eev, Robert Bakrr, Y., 
of Friston, S.ixnnindliam (bro. of John Granville, below, 
p. 188). 
li.N.C. t)xon 18G0. Q 4 Dec, 1S71, at Scalkotc, in the Piinjaub, from the cffcctji 
of an accident at polo. 

BuuRuws, Carterett Hastings (B), b. 30 Oct., 1848, s. of George Burrowp, 
Esq., M,D, (afterwards P.E.C.P., and created a Baronet 
1874, D.N,n,, Supp. i, 345), and Elinor, his wife, y. d, of 
John Abernethy, Esq., P.E.CS, (l),N,B, i, 49), 
Trin, Coll, Camb, 1807, ID in South Africa before 1876, 
CuBiTT, William, b, 11 Aug., 1840, e, of Jofejih Cubitt, Escj. (cf. D.N.B. xiii, 
2G!)), G, Gi'cat George St,, Westminster. 
Left Dec, 1866 ; Civil Engineer ; in Nov,, 1874, in jMirtnership with W, 11. 
Llewellyn, started the Khondda Engine Works, lihondda Vallcv, of which he 
has been sole owner since April, 1877 ; A,JI,I,C.E, 1881. fH (1)'23 Jlay, 1871, 
Louisa Juliana, e, d, of Sir Digby Mackworth, Hart., of Glen Vsk, Mon- 
mouthshire; (2) 15 June, 1887, Pauline Milleccnt liicklcy, 2nd d. of Jtenjauiin 
llickley Kogcrs, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, barristcr-at-law, Addirft Kumney 
House, Cardiff. 


Dbewitt, Frederick George Dawtbey (A), b. 29 Feb., 1848, e. s. of Robert 

Dawtrey Drewitt, Esq., of Pepiiering Arundel, and Frances 

Elizabeth, his wife, d. of Capt. Charles Lane, of the 47th 


Ch. Ch. Oxon ISfiC, 2 Nat. Sc. 1870, B.A. 1871, M.A. and M.B. 1878, M.D. 

1883; friend of Euskin (see " Prcterita ") ; St. George's Hospital; M.R.C.S. 

Eng. 1876 ; M.R.C.P. Loud. 1879 ; F.R.C.P. 1888 ; F.Z.S. ; Consultinj; 

Physician West London Hospital ; : late Physician Victoria Hospital for 

Children, and House Physician St. George's Hospital, and Hospital for Sick 

Children, Great Ormond St. ; author of " Gangrene of the Limbs following 

Typhoid Fever" ; contributor to the Transactioiis o/ the Clinical ami I'nlliu- 

loffical noddies and to the Lancet. Address 14, Palace Gardens Terrace, W. 

DuivER, Samdel Eolles, b. 2 Oct., 1846, e. s. of Holies Driver, Esq., Crabwoorl, 
Shirley, Southampton, and Sarah, his wife, d. of H. F. 
Smith, Esq. of Darlington. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1865, Pusev and Ellerton Sch. 18CG, 1 CI. Jlod., 2 JIath. 
1867, 1 CI. 1869, Kennicott Sch. and li.A. 1870, Sen. Sept. I'rize 18/1, Svriac 
Prize and M.A. 1872, D.D. 1883 ; Fellow of New Coll. 1870-83, Tutor 1875-83, 
Hon. D.Litt. Dublin 1892, Hon. D.D. Gltisgow 1901, Hon. Litt.D. Cantab. 
1903, Fellow of the P.ritish Academy 1902; IB.©., '/ 1881, p 1882, Canon of 
Ch. Ch. Oxon, and lieg. Prof, of "Hebrew since 1882 ; Jlomber of the Old 
Testament Revision Company 1876-84 ; Exam. Chapl. to Bishop of Southwell 
1884; author of "A Treatise on the Use of tlie Tenses in Hebrew" 1892, 
" Isaiah, his Life and Times " 1893, " Notes on the Hebrew Text of the Books 
of .Samuel" 1890, "An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testimeut" 
1892, "A Commentarj- on Deuteronomy " 1902, '• Sermons on Subjects connected 
with the Old Testiiment" 1892, " Commcntjirii' on Joel and Amos" 1897, 
'■Commentary on Daniel" in Cambridge Bible 1901, "Commentary on 
Genesis" in Westminster Commentaries 1904, "The Parallel Psalter" 1899. 
"Minor Prophets in the Century Bible" 1905, Articles in Hastings' Diet, of 
the Bible, the Encycl. Biblica, the Guardian, Expositor, and other periodicals; 
editor of " A Rabbinical Commentary on the Book of Proverbs" 1880, "The 
Parallel Psalter," 2nd ed. 1904 ; joint-editor of " The Holy Bible, with various 
renderings, etc." 1888, "The Book of Leviticus" in Ilaupts Sacred Books 
of the Old Testament (Hebrew Text 1894, Translation and Notes 1898), 
Deuteronomy and Joshua in Kittal's " Biblia Hebraica" 1905; joint-author 
of "A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament" 1905, and of an 
Essay in " Authority and Archaeology " 1899. iH July, 1891, Mabel, e. d. of 
Edmund Burr, Esq., of Burgh next Avlsham, Norfolk. Address Christ Church, 

FuBEES, Henry David Erskise, b. 19 April, 1849, 2nd s. of Alexander Kinloch 
Forbes, Esq., Chief Justice of Bombay, and Margaret !Moir, 
his wife, 3rd d. of Henry David Forbes, Esq., of Balgowuie, 
Revenue Survey Service, India. 

Fonni-.s, John Eraser, b. 17 June, 1847, elder bro. of the above. 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 1866, B.A. 1870, M.A. 1.S72 ; It).©., d 1870, /) 1871, C. Chalfont 
St. Peter's 1870-2, Chaplain on the Boinbav Estab. 1878-81. 
Ifl 1878, Edith I'alin, 3rd d. of Ilenrv Weudcn, Esq., of Barnes. Q circa 

Forde, Mattiiew Arthur, b. G Ftb., 1817, s. of Mrs. Fenwick, Bulfitld, 

Foist, Georcje Houssom (A), b. 2 July, 1848, e. s. of George Munkhouse Fort, 

Esq., of Alderbury House, near Salisbury, and Trentingtou 

Chichcsler,aiid Emily Margaret, his wife, d. of Charles Palmer 

Dimond, Esq. (bro. uf Charles Leyland, below, p. 417). 

Ens. 45tli Rpgt. 1S07, Lieut. 1871, Instr. of Musketry 1870-9, Capt. 1879, retired 

iss:;; J.l'. Wilts. ; Lord of the M.anor of Winlerboume liirls ; farming at 

A\ hileparisli, near Salisbur>-, 1883-l!lll| ; J.P. Wilts. 1902. fC[ 27 Oct., l.s.x:i, 

Susan Cbarlotto. y. sistcrot .lames Sutherland Cotton (above, p. 171). Addms 

Alderbury House, Salisbury. Viub Junior United Service. 

182 Winchester College. 1862 

Hanmeb, CfiAnLEs Henry, b. 23 Marcb, 1852, s. of Eev. Henry Hanmer, R. of 
GrendoD, Atherstone, and Sybella Elizabeth, bis wife, y. d. 
of Gew-ge Gordon, Esq., of Oakleaze. 
Q in Commoucrs, Easter, 1SC2. 
Hill, Arthur Da Boulay, b. 13 Oct., 1850, e. s. of Rev. George Hill, Curate 
of Tor Mohun, Devon, afterwards V. of St. Winnow, Corn- 
wall, and Maiia Elizabeth, bis wife, 2nd sister of Rev. 
J. T. H. Du Boulay, above, p. 100 (bro. of Charles Sydney, 
below, p. 414). 
Demv Magd. Coll. Oxon 1869-74, 1 Nat. Sc. 1873, H.A. 1874, M.A. 1877, Assist. 
Master Win. Coll. 1874-82; 1&.®., <' 1876, p 1877, Chapl. Win. Coll. 1881-2, 
Y. Downton witli Niinton, Wilts. 1882-!I8, R. East ISridgforil, Nottinsliam 
1898. fH 1888, Gertnule Esther, 2nd d. of William Palmer, Esq., of Tumours, 
Chii;well, Essex. Address East Bridgford lieetory, Nottingham. 

Jacob, Erkest Hekry (B), b. 5 April, 1849 (y. s.), bro. of Edgar, above, p. 153. 
C.C.C. Oxon, 2 CI. Mod. 1869, 1 Nat. Sc. B.A. 1871, M.A. and M.15. 187,5, M.D. 
1880, St. Thomas's Hosp., M.R.C.S. Eng. 1876, Assist. Phvs. Leeds Infirmary, 
and Assist. Phvs. and Lecturer Yorkshire Coll. Leeds. {B. 1893, e. d. of J. 1!. 
Eraser, Esq., of llorsforth. D at 12, Park St, Leeds, 1 March, 1894. 
Johnson, James Arthur Luttman-, b. (4th b.), bro. of John and Henry, 
above, pp. 140, 147. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1868, 3 CI. Mod. 1870, 2 L. i IL, B.A. 1872, M.A. 1883 ; 
Solicitor 187.'i (Messrs. Rose it Johnson, 13, Delahay St., Westminster, S.W.), 
Member of the Alpine Club 1886-1904. S 17 Sept., 1904. Cf. Alpine JoHimd 
xxii. (n. 167) p. 372. 
Kenton, Robert Lloyd, b. 18 Jan., 1848, e. s. of John Robert Kenyon, Esq., 
D.C.L., Q.C., of 6 Lower Berkeley St., Portman Sq., London, 
and of Pradoe, Salop, Recorder of Oswestry, and Mary Eliza, 
his wife, only d. of Edward Hawkins, Esq., F.K.S. (bro. of 
Edward Ranulph, Eustace Alban, Frederick George, Ger.ild, 
Evelyn Oswald, and Lionel Richard, below, pp. 229, 288, 
323, 347, 374, 397). 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1866, 3 CI. Mod. 1868, 2 L. & IL 1870, B.A. 1871, M.A. 1873. 
Vinerian Sch. 1872 ; Barr. Middle T. 1873, Oxford Circ. ; Vice-Chairman of 
(Juartcr Sessions, Alderman for Shropshire 1889, Kecorder of Oswcstrv 1896 ; 
author of " The Gold Coins of Enuland " 1884; editor of " Hawkins' Silver 
Coins of England," 2nd ed. 1876, 3rd ed. 1887. ftt 9 June, 1886, 
Ellen Frances, d. of Rt. Rev. William Walsham How (D.N.B. Supp. ii. 1), 
1st Bishop of Wakefield. Address Pradoe, Oswestrv. 
Lane, James William, s. of Mrs. L.ane, Clermont, Douglas, co. Cork. 

Emm. Coll. Camb. 1867, B.A. 1869, M.A. 1873 ; I!).©-, '' 1869,;) 1870, C. Kingston- 
on-HuIl 1869-73, St. Andrew, Walcot 1873-.">ri':. Stonehouse 1875-6, R. Redruth, 
Cornwall, since 1877. Address Redruth, Cornwall. 
Lyte, Joun Walker Maxwell- (C), b. 20 June, 1850, bro. of the next. 

Magd. Coll. Oxon 1869, 4 Thcol. B.A. 1873, JI.A. 1875 ; 11).©., ■' and p 1874, C. 
P.iggleswade 1874-7, St. Peter's, Eaton Sq. 1877-83, Cliapl. to Bishop of Truro 
1883-7. D 28 Jan., 1887. 
LvTE, William Rodert Maxwell- (C), b. 22 Aug., 1846, c. s. of Henry 
William Maxwell-Lyte, of Berry llcad, Brixliam, Devon, 
and Falklauds, co. Jlonaghan, Ireland (bro. of the above). 
D of heart-disease, suddenly, while battling, at Kandy, Ceylon, 23 April, 1865. 
Mor.KRLY, Euwaru Hugh, b. 20 Oct., 1849 (4th s.), bro. of George Herbert, 
Arthur, Bobert Campbell, and John Cornelius, above, 
pp. 113, 127, 151, 161, and Walter Allan and Selwyn 
William, below, pp. 189, 201. 
C.C.C. Oxon 1868, 2 Theol. B.A. 1872, M.A. 1875; 1).©., d 1873, ;> 1875, C. St. 
Thomas, Sarum 1873, Minor Canon Sarum lS7.'r-'7, 'C. Nethcrbury 1877-9, 
St. Bartholomew, Sydenham 1879, V. Chute 1880-5 ; Conductor of the " Test 
Vallev Musical Societv" since 1885. fH 1897, Laura, d. of William 
Winn', Esq. Address 7,"Welbeck St., W. 

iS62 Winchester College. 183 

Murray (-Graham), Henry Stewart (f), h. 21 Xov., 1848, at Portsmouth, only 
s. of Andrew JIurray, Esq., C.B., and Mariauna, his wife, 
d. of Henrv Francis, Esq., of Maze Hill, Kent. 
Left 18G5 ; Lieut. R.A. 18C8,"Capt. 1871), Major 1885, Lieiit.-Col. 1892, Col. Reson-e 
of Ofiicera 1902 ; J.P. Perth ; inherited Murrayshall and Bertha Park, Perth- 
shire, from his uncle, .John JIurray-Grahaui, Esq., and assumed the name of 
Graham under entail made by the late Lord Lynedoch. fH 1875, Annio 
Klizabeth, y. d. of John Sowcrby, Esq., of BenweU Tower, Northumberland. 
AilJrcss Murrayshall, Perth. Chtb Junior United Service. 

Nairne, John Domett (C), b. 23 Oct., 1840, s. of Capt. A. Nairne, E.N., 
H.E.I.C.S., Grove Hill, Camberwell. 
In business 18G.5-70 ; Jesus Coll. Camb., B.A. 1873, M.A. 1877, Sarum Theol. Coll. 
1873 ; ]§.©., d 1873, /) 1874, C. St. Mark, Reigate 1873-80, Chelmsford 1880- 
93, Sec. 'St. Albans Diocesan Conference 1885, R. Baldock since 1893, Hon. 
Canon St. Albans 1897. fft 1879, Grace, d. of Charles Phillips, Esq., of 
Grove Hill. .hUlnss The Rectory, Baldock. 

Portal, Frederick Welch, b. 22 Feb., 1847 (2ad s.), bro. of Bernard Bedwell, 
above, p. 173. 
Wine Jlerchant (Messrs. Portal, Dingwall & Co., 40, East Cheap, E.C.). ffl 
30 Aug., 1883, Marian Caroline, d. of Kcv. John Wallace. Addnss 1, Eliot 
Bank, Forest Hill, S.E. 

liANDELL, James (A), b. 4 May, 1849, 3rd s. of George Randell, Esq., of Soath- 
gate House, Bideford, afterwards of Bexley, Kent. 
Pemb. Coll. Oxon 18G7, St.'s Hall B.A. 1872, M.A. 1874 ; ||^.©., d 1872, 
;) 1873, C. Bishop's Lavingtou 18i 2-3, Jleopham 1873-5, Milton-next-Graveseud 
1875-8, R. Ifield, Kent 1878-84. 33 8 Nov., 1884. 

PiviNfiTON, Thurston, b. 8 Nov., 1848, s. of William Riviugton, Esq., 52 St. 
John's Sq., Clerkenwell. 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 18G7, B.A. 1871, M.A. 1874 ; Ij.©., d 1872, p 1873, C. Edmonton 
1872-7, Tewkesbury 1878-84, V. St., Warwick, and Chapl. Warwick 
Union 1884-99, Dom. Chapl. to Earl of Brooke and Warwick 1890, Hon. 
Canon of Worcester 1897, V. St. Mary, Warwick, since 1899. fB. 2G July, 1887, 
Margaret Anne, 3rd d. of Reginald Edward Coplcston, V. of Edmonton, 
Middlesex. Adilress St. Mary's Vicarage, Warwick. 

PiOOKE, Alfred Wallace, b. 5 Sept., 1847, 2nd s. of Rev. Canon Frederick 
John llooke, R. of Ram pisham, Dorset, and Jane Elizabeth, 
his 1st wife, e. d. of John Marcoii, Esq., of Swaffbam, 
Left July, 18G4 ; South American Jlerchant, London and Buenos Ayres, 1870-93 ; 
Partner Messrs. Parry & Co. fflt 31 July, 1873, Sophia Lousia, d. of — 
Caldwell, Esq., of Jloukton Farleigb, ^^'ilts. D at Buenos Ayres, 2 Aug., 
Tatiiam, Joseph Perceval, b. 14 Jan., 1849, e. s. of Joseph Tatham, Esq., 
The Mount, Hanipstead (bro. of nest, and Edward, below, 
p. 2.59). 
Solicitor 1871, practising at 3G. Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C. (Messrs. Tatham & 
Proctor), itt 2G Aiiril, 1881, FUirenco Julia, e. d. of John Savill, Esq., of 
Boleyns, Braintrcc, Essex, barrister-at-law. Addiefs IG, LyniUiurst lid., 
Ilampstead, N.W. 
Tatiiam, Sherman Ralph, b. 4 Feb., 1850, bro. of the abovp. 

Architect, practising at 2, Clement's Inn, W.C. AilJreas 87, Fitzjohn's Avenue, 
Ilampstead, N.W. 
TiioMPSoK, George Holdforth, s. of George B. Thompson, Efq., The Grove, 
Allerton, Liverpool. 
Cotton Broker (Messrs. Holliss, Thompson it McUy, 7, Ramford St., Liverpool, W.). 
Aihlirss 17, Prince's .\venuc, Liverpool. 
Williams, Anthony Ciiampeunowne, b. 28 Oct., 1848 (5tli s.), bro. of Henry 
and Charles I..loyd, above, pp. 170, 170. 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 18G7. ffl 18.S4, Mabel Austen, y. d. of Lieut.-Col. E. T. P. 
Shcwcn, R. M.L.I. vb/Ji ess Meadowl.ands, Uursley, Gloucestershire, 

184 WiNcnESTEE College. 1862 


Anstruther, Stewart Mackenzie (A), b. 5 July, 1848, 3rcl s. of Philip 
Anstrnthcr, Esq., of Coates Castle, Petworth, afterwards 
Colonial Secretary of Ceylon, and Mary Francis, his wife, 
d. of the lU. Hon. James Alexander Stewart Mackenzie 
(bro. of Keith Francis George, below, p. 223). 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 18G8. ffl 1893, M.iry Elizabeth, c. d. of Hcnn" Robarts, Esq. 
Q 4 Feb., 1808. 

BoEVEY, James Henky Ckawley-, b. 2 July, 1848 (6th s.), bro. of Francis 
Gibbs, above, p. 126. 
Solicitor 1872 ; formerly in Bombay, and then partner in Slessrs. Bowman & 
Crawley-Boevey, 21, Bedford Row, London, W.C. fH 7 Dec, 1878, Frances 
Georgina Hayes, y. d. of Dr. Charles Haves Newington, of Ticchurst, Sussex. 
JB at 18, Neveni Sq., S,W., 18 March, 1898. 
BoGUE, KiCHAKD (C), b. 23 Nov., 1849, s. of S. Bogue, Esq., Cockiugton, 
Into Royal Nav>-. 33 of fever on board ship at Rio de Janeiro, July, 13G7. 
BoKLASE, William Copeland, b. 5 April, 1848, 4th s. of Samuel Borlase. Esq., 
D.L., of Castle Horneck, Penzance, being his only s. by his 
2nd wife, Mary Anne, d. of William Copeland, Esq., of 
Chigwell, Essex. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon, S.C.L. and B.A. 1870, M.A. 1873 ; Barr. Inner T. 1882 ; J.P. 
Cornwall ; Dep. Warden of the Stanneries ; Fellow and V.P. Soc. Antiquaries ; 
Pres. Royal Institution of Cornwall 1868-70: M.P. (L.) for East Cornwall 
1880-5, Mid-Cornwall 1885-G ; Parly. Sec. of Local Gort. Board 188.")-C; 
Pres. Penzance Antiquarian and Nat. Hist. Soc. ; resided at Larepan, 
Penzance ; author of " Nacnia Coruubrie " 1872, " Niphon and its Antiquities " 
1876, " Sun Ways" 1878, "Age of the Saints" 1878 and 1893, " Dolmens of 
Ireland" 1897, "Tin Mining in Spain" 1898; contributor to TmntcuiioHs nf 
n. hut. of Cornmill ami J'emancc Ant. and Nut. Hist. Soc. iB. 6 Oct., 1870, 
Alice Lucv, d. of Rev. Alfred Kent, V. of Coin St. Aldwvns, Gloucs. Q s. p. 
at Bedford Court Mansions, London, W.C, 31 JIarch, 1899. 
Ciiambeblen, Lawrence John, b. 28 April, 1847, only s. of John Chamberlen, 
Esq., of nighworth, Wilts., and Welland Lodge, Prestbury 
Pd., Cheltenham. 
B.N.C. Oxon 1866. 2 CI. Mod. 1868, 3 L. & H., B.A. 1870, M.A. 1873 ; Hulme 
Esbibnr. ; 1).©., il 1871.;) 1872, C. Summertown 1871-5. Alverstoke 187.''>-8, 
V. Chatbum 1879-83, R. Iledlev, near Epsom 1883-98. L. Pr. Dio. Hereford 
1900-1, C. Great Malvern 1901. ifl 1883, Evelyn Maria, d. of William Jumes 
Thompson, Esq., Kippington Park, Kent. Aihhcss Eastry, Malveni. 

Davidson, Lionel, b. 16 June, 1848, 4th s. of Thomas Davidson, Esq., 14 St. 
George's Place, London. 
New Coll. Oxon 18C8, 1 CI. Mod. 1809, 1 CI. B.A. 1872, ALA. 1876 ; Uj.®.. d 187.3, 
» 1874, C. Boxlcv 1873-5, C. and Clerk in Orders of St. James, Piccadilly 
1875-85, R. Chedburgh, 1885-90, R. Slanton St. John, Oxford 1890-8. iH 1883, 
Elizabeth, d. of George Johnson, Esq., M.D., F.R.S., 10, Savile Row. 13) 
18 March, 1898. 
Dorrant, Ernest (C), b. 19 Nov., 1849 (3rd s.), bro. of Horace, above, p. 100. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1868, 2 CI. Mod. 1870, 2 CI. 1S72, B.A. 1873 ; to Russia 
1874, Jlerchant in St. Petersburg. fH 1879, Amy, d. of Alfred O. Hill, Esq., 
of St. Petersburg. Athlresses c/o Messrs. Egertou, Hubbard i Co., St. Peters- 
burg ; and 37, Nicholas Quay, St. Petersburg. 
]'"lood, Arthur Edward (f), b. 10 May, 1851, s. of Rev. Samuel Flood, V. of 
Bearaiuster, Dorset. 
Solicitor 1875, ])ractising at Leeds down to 1882. 
FoRSTER, Latiiom KsiniiTLEY (f), b. 12 July, 1850, at Deesa, India, s. of Lieut.- 
Col. llcnrj' Forster, Bombaj' Artillery. 
ID in the Isle of Wight, 2 Nov., 1863. 

1 86 2 Winchester College. 185 

Gattt, Stephen Herbert (f), b. 9 Oct., 18-19, 3rd s. of Rev. Alfred Gatty, 
D.D., V. of Ecclesfield, Yorks. 
Sch. New Coll. O.Kon 1868-71 ; Barr. Middle T. 1874, X.E. Circ. ; Attoraey-Gcn. 
of the Leeward Islands 1883, of Trinidad IHSo ; Judge of the Supreme Court, 
Straits Settlements, 1892 ; Chief .Justice of Gibraltar 1895 ; K.C. ; Kuight 1904. 
Ifl 29 Aug., 1876, Alice Georgiana, e. d. of the liev. Canon ILawliusou. 
A'Idress Gibraltar. 

IIeygate, Lancelot (C), b. 29 April, 1850 (2nd s.), bro. of William Augustine, 

above, p. 159, and Ambrose and BernavJ, below, pp. 199, 208. 

To Foisted School ; Clerk iu Exchequer and Audit Dept., Somerset House, 1868- 

112. Q unmarried, of enteric fever, at St. Thomas's Home, Winchester, 20 

Aug., 1892. 

Jones, Hugh Wynne-, b. 17 Nov., 1847, e. s. of Rev. John Wynne-Jones, 

Heneghvy.^, Anglesey, afterwards Archdeacon of Bangoi-, 

and Georgiana, bis wife, 3rd d. of Commander William 

Jones, R.N. 

Jesus Coll. O.'con 1864, li. A. 1870 ; farmer in Anglesey. © unmarried, at Verbank, 

New York, 8 Oct., 1898. 

Jopp, Charles Henry (f), b. 26 Sept., 1849, 2nd s. of Charles Mitchell Jopji, 

Esq., of St. Anne's, Jamaica, and Jane, his wife, d. of 

Stephen Drew, Esq. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 18G8-72, Boden Scholar 1871, 2 L. & H. 1871, B.A. 1872; 

Indian Civil Ser\ice 1873 ; Assist. Collector and JIagistrate Bombay ; Joint 

Judge and Sessions Judge Ahniadabad 1892 ; Kegistrar High Court, Bombay 

1893; Acting Special Judge imder Deccan Agriculturists' Relief Act 1893 ; Judge 

and Sessions Judge Ahmednagar 1897 ; retired 1901. fH 15 Oct., 1879, Florence 

Lovett, d. of William Lochiel Cameron, Esq., H.E.I.C.S. Address Palais 

Augustenberg, Gotha, Gennany. 

LiKDLEY, Charles Delmar (f), b. 15 Nov., 1848, c. s. of Robert Charles 

Lindley, Esq., of Lea Bridge, Derbyshire, and Bessie, his 

wife, 2nd d. of Charks Delmar, Esq., of Elmstone Court. 

JIagd. Coll. Oxon 1870 ; K.II.A. Woolwich, 2nd Lieut. K.A. ; retired before 1878 ; 

Civil Engineer employed on railways in S. America. Q of fever in S. America, 


Moyle, Walter (C), b. 25 Sept., 1851, e. s. of Rev. George Moyle, Head 

Master of Chudleigh Grammar School, and Fanny, his 

wife, 3rd d. of Francis Newcombe Day, Esq. (bro. of John 

Baron, below, p. 201). 

To Wellington Coll. Sept., 1864; Exhibnr. Wore. Coll. Oxon, B.A. 187C, M.A. 

1878 ; 10.(0., ,; 1877, p 1878, Chnpl. Newton Abbott Coll. 1877-80, Assist. 

Jbist.r'.s't. Jlaik's School, Windsor 1880-5, R. Ashcombe, Dawlish, since 1885. 

Itl ~'i April, 1S94, Beatrice, d. of Ueurj- Pcdlev, Esq. Address Ashcombe 

Rectory, Dawlish. 

Pattinson, Josepu Watson, b. 7 Nov., 1849, s. of William Watson Pattinson, 
Esq., Felling New House, Gateshead, and Ann, his wife. 
Left July, 1867 ; in business since Sept., 1868 ; Major and Hon. Licut.-Col. Ith 
V.I!. Durham Light Infantry 1884, V.D. 1892. Address Park Mount, Park 
Grove, Barnsloy, Yorks. 

Phillipps, Owes (B), b. 29 Feb., 1848, s. of Capt. Clnrles Phillipps, Barham Hall, 
Ipswich, and Maria, his wife, 2ud d. of Joseph Burcli Smyth, 
Esq., of Stokes Hall, Ipswich. 
Emm. Coll. Camb. 1866. fH 19 Aug., 1881, Caroline Henrietta, e. d. of Capt. 
Heurj- James Lacon, K.N. Addnss The Oakstead, Spring Rd., Ipswich, 

I! amsbotham, Richard IIuoh, b. 1 May, 1818 (4th s.), bro. of John and Thom.ts 
Ficlden, above, pp. l.'il, 1 12. 
Christ's Coll. Camb. 1867. ffl Agnes (i. L., d. of Henr^- Ilovle, Esq., of 
Little llarwood Hall, lilackburn. Resided at Meolbrace Hall, Slirewsburv. 

186 Winchester College. 1862 

Robinson, Julias, b. 13 July, 1848, 3rd surv. s. of Augustine Eobinson, Esq., 

West Lavant House, Chichester, and Mary, bis wife, d. of 

James Fisher, Esq., of Dulwich (bro. of Arthur and Hugh 

Cecil, below, pp. 205, 2-10). 

BaU. Coll. Oxon, 3 Math. Mod. 1869, 3 Math. 1871, B.A. 1872, M.A. 1875; Barr. 

Inner T. 1874, S.E. Circ. Q at G, Neville St., W., Nov. 21, 1904. 

PiOGERS, CuARLEs FoESDON (B\ b. 19 June, 1848, 2nd s. of John Jope Tlogers, 

Esq., J.P., D.L., of Penrose, aa.l M.P. for Helston, and 

Maria, his wife, e. d. of William Hickens, Esq., of 

Camberwell (bro. of Francis Bassett, below, p. 337). 

Trin. Coll. Oxon 18G7, 2 Math. Mod. 18G9, 2 Math. B.A. 1871, M..\. 1874; |B.©., 

d 1872, p 1873, C. Loughton 1872-5, St. JIarv, Truro 1875-7, Org. Sec. N.itl<.nal 

Soc. 1877-88, Lie. Pr. Dioc. Chester 188G, P.C. Mithian, Cornwall 1888-91, 

V. St. Sithnev, Cornwall 1891-1901, R.D. Kerrier 1898-1901, V. Penzance 

since 1901, Sec. Truro Dioc. Schools Assoc. iB. 17 Sept., 1877, Frances Fox, 

d. of Rev. Preb. 'William Woodis Har\'ey. Aihlrcss The Vicarage, Penzance. 

ScnoMBEKG, Arthur, b. 4 Oct., 1847 (3rd surv. s.), bro. of Bathurst Fortescue, 
above, p. 126, of the next, and of Edmund Clarke, below, 
p. 214. 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 18G7 ; received into the Roman Catholic Chnrch 1878 ; author of 
" A Letter on the Supremacy of the Pope " 1883, " Church Ileraldr)- of North 
Wilts.," in li i7/.*. Aclicnolw/ical Jounial. Address Seend, Melksham, Wilts. 
ScnosiBERO, Regixald Brodrick, b. 13 Feb., 1849 (4tb surv. s.), bro. of the 
Exhibnr. (having tied junior on Roll ad Winton) ; tied with A. Dowding (above, 
p. 174) junior on Roll ad Oxon and surrendered ; New Coll. Oxon 1SC7, 3 CI. 
1!..\. 1871 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1875 ; received into the Roman Catholic Church. 
fH 1 Sept., 1879, Frances Sophia, 2od d. of Thomas Charles Morris, Ksq., of 
lirtn Jlyrddn, Abergvvili. Addresses 26, Old Sq., Lincoln's Inn ; 2, Richmond 
Villas, East Sheen, S.W. 
SiMOXDs, William (A), b. 5 Feb., 1848, 2nd s. of John Simonds, Esq., of 
Newlands, ArborfieUi, Readins, and his wife, d. of Thomas 
Terry, Esq., of Swallovvfield, Berks. 
Member of the banking firm of J. & C. Simonds & Co., Reading. fH 25 April, 
1877, Beatrix Slarv, only child of James I'omcroy, Esq., of Wolsey's, Great 
Easton, Essex. Address WoodbuT}', Farley Hill, Reading. 

Snell, William Cecil IIoward, b. 5 Jan., 1851, only s.of William Philip SnoH, 
Esq., J.P., of Belmont Park, Havant, and Rosa Jane, his 
wife, last surv. child of David Howard Morgan, Esq. 
C.idet R.N. 1864, Mid. 18GG, Sub-Lieut. 1871, Lieut. 1875; served in Egyptian 
War 1882 (medal and bronze star), also at Suakin 1884-5 (clasp) ; Commander 
11. M.S. Ilhmilinia 1887, retired 180G ; inventor of :the Game of Naval 
Strategy. £H (1) Emma, d. of II. IC. the Belgian Minister at Constantinople ; 
(2) 1895, Georgina, 2nd d. of W. M. Secretan, Esq., of Southend. Address 
Belmont Park, llavant. 
Spencer, Charles Frakcis Henry (C), b. 11 July, 1818, o. s. of Rev. the Hon. 
Charles Frederick Octavius Spencer, V. of Sutton, Isle of 
Ely, and Hester Eliza, his wife, e. d. of Rev. Canon Henry 
Fardel], V. of Wisbeach (bro. of Henry Montagu, below, 
p. 224). 
Ens. 4Sth Regt. 1867. A.D.C. to Commander-in-Chief, Eombnv 1872-1, A.D.C. 
Mysore l,s78-9. Champion Rifle Shot South India 1878-80, Capt. ULSIh Kegt. 
1NM1, JIaj,.r 1SS6. Adjut. fitli Batt. (Uonegal Militia) 1!. Inniskilling Fusiliers 
ISS.m;. Lieut. -Col. (retired pay) 1893. ftl 17 March, 1878, Emily Lydia, y. d. 
of W. W. Hall, Esq., of Cape Town and Carlow. Address Dover. 
Stewart, William Anthony, b. 19 May, 1817 (2nd s.), bro. of Herbert, above, 
p. 142. 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 1866, B.A. 1870, M.A. 1873 [l"niversitv XI. 1870] ; 11).©., d 
1870, p 1873, C. Blagdoii 1870-3, P.C. Muekross, Killanicy 1873-80, V. West 
1 isted, Hants 1880. D at Twyford Lodge, 31 Julv, 1883. 

1 862 Winchester College. 187 

Story, John Benjamin, b. 31 Aug., 1850, e. s. of Rev. William Story, R. of 

Af;tiabog, Newbliss, co. Monaghan, and Sarah Bernard, his 

wife, d. of John Black, Esq. 

Trin. Coll. Dublin, 1st Sen. Moderator 1872, M.R and B.Ch. 1876, F.R.C.S.1. 1880, 

also studied at Zurich and Vienna ; Fellow Memb. Counc. and Gen. Sec. 

Royal Academy of Sledicine, Ireland, and member of various other medical 

societies ; Surgeon Oculist to the Lord Lieutenant ; Surgeon lioyal 

Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital ; Professor of Ophthalmic and Aural 

Surgery, R.C.S.I.; Hon Oculist and Aurist Claremont Inst, for Deaf and Dumb, 

and St. Joseph's Male Blind Asylum, Drumcondra; Extern. Exam, in Ophth. 

Surg. Univ. Dublin ; contributor to the Transactions of t/ic Ophthahnic Societij, 

to the Ophthiihnic Review, to the Royal Academy of Jledicine of Ireland, and to 

the Duhlin Medical Jonrnnl. fH 25 June, 1892, Blanche Christabel, d. of Rev. 

J. W. Hallowell. .hIJresses 6, Merrion Sq. North, Dublin ; and Corick, co. 


STit.MiAN, Henry (f), b. 3 March, 1850, s. of William Strahan, Esq., of 34, Hill 

St., and 217, Strand, Loudon, and of Ashurst, near Dorking, 


Left 18G8 ; St. John's Coll. Camb. 1869, B.A. 1873, M.A. 1878 ; Assist. JIaster nt 

Twyford School, then Head Master of a Preparatory School at Hvthe, Kent ; 

Mayor of Ilythe 1899-1902 ; Baron of the Cinque Ports. ^ 1879, Eleanor 

Mar)-, only d. of Rev. W. T. Browning, of the Manor House, Thorpe Jlande- 

ville, and R. of Licbborough. Adilress Seabrook Lodge, Hythe, Kent. 

'I'HEonALD, Arthur, b. 12 Oct., 1846, bro. of Charles and Cotton Ed^vin, above, 
pp. 80, 131, and the next, and Horace, below, p. 211. 
Ens. 84th Rcgt. 1867, Capt. 1875, JIajor 1885, Liout.-Col. (retired) 1887. S. 

Tiieorald, Octavius, b. 18 Feb., 1848 (8th s.), bro. of the above. 
St. John's Coll. Oxon 1807, B.A. 1873. 

Tislinc, John Parr, bro. of George Douglas, above, p. 158. 

Vincent, Charles Frederick (f), b. 8 Nov., 1848, e. s. of Rev. John Charles 

Frederick Vincent, I'rin. of the Graraniar School of St. 

Auastase, Minister of St. Aubin's, and afternoon lecturer at 

St. Peter's, Jersey (bro. of Reginald Heath and George 

Lewis, below, pp. 194, 235). 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1S67-72, 1 CI. Mod. 1869, 2 CI. 1871, B.A. 1872, M.A. 1874 ; 

Assist. Master at Radley 1872-90, Sub-Wardeu of Radley circa 1881-90, 

Tutor in Oxford since 1896. Athlresscs Longdon, Torquav ; and 24, St. John 

St., Oxford. 

Wii.MOT, Francis Edmdnd William (C), b. 21 May, 1849, e. s. of Edmund 
Wilmot, Esq., B.l^.S., Derby, and Anne, his wife, y. d. of 
Francis Edwaul llurst, Esq., of Alderwasley. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1867, 2 (1. Jl.i.l. lsr,9, 3 CI. B.A. 1873, M.A. 1874; 1).©., 
./ IN72, /J 1873, C. St. Ivlnunul, Duilh-y 1X72-5, Leigh, Worcs. 1875-8,' New- 
land 1878-9, V. Chaddesden, Derbv 1879-95, V. Burbago 1895-1902, R. 
Monnington-on-Wye since 1902. fH 25 July, 1878, Katharine, d. of Col. 
Tliiimas Coningsby Norburj-, C.B., of Sherridgc, Worcs. AJdrcts Jlonningtou- 
on-Wye, Herefordshire. 

WooLLcoMUE, Henry (C), b. 8 Aug., 18 18, o. s. of Rev. Canon Henry Wooll- 

couilie, V. of Ileavitrue, Exeter, afterwards Ai-chdeacon of 

]'>;itnslaple, .and Jaqmlle Eli7.;ilietli, his wife, d. of Capt. 

Cliailcs lielfield Louis, It.N. (bro. of lleibert Louis, below, 

p. 339). 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 18(18, B..\. 1872; Stud. Inner T. 1873 ; J.P. Devon. fH 27 

Julv, 1876, Annie Mary Josephine, d. of William P. Jordan, Esq. Q 23 Julv. 


188 "Winchester College. 1862-3 

AVoEDSwoBTJi, Robert Walter, b. 30 July, 18-49, s. of Rt. Rev. Charles 

Wordsworth, above, p. 6, and bro. of Charles Samuel, 

above, p. 17-i. 

Estate Agent to Earl Mauvers, Thoresbv Hall, OUerton, Notts., 1884. fR 14 Julv, 

1886, Blanche .\nielia, 2nd d. of SirKobert Fraser Turinj;, Sth Hart. AJdrcfs 

Whitemoor, OUerton, Newark. 


Baker, John Granville, bro. of Edward Christopher, .ibove, p. 180. 

DiiiixARD, CiLVRLES CoLsoN (C), b. 23 June, 1848, only s. of Joseph Bernard, 

Esq. (Comm.), 10 Rochester Place, Southampton, and 

Georgiana, his wife, d. of William Abbott, Esq., of Warn- 

ford Park, Hants. 

Merton Coll. Oxon 18G7, 2 L. & II., B.A. 1870 ; Earr. Inner T. 1872. Drowned 

off Netley, iu Southampton Water, 21 Sept., 1872. 

Brackendury, Henry Augustus (B), b. 12 Jan., 1849, s. of Rev. John 

Matthew Braclienbury, Head Master of Winibleduu School, 

and Mary, his wife, 4th d. of George Maunsell Sliield, Esq., 

of Rochester, Kent. 

Left school IG Nov., 18G5 ; merchant in London 18G5-9 ; settled in Buenos Ayrcs 

18G0. ID 2G Feb., 1893, at Bahia lilanca. 

Cadogan, Aetiiur Hodgson-, b. 24 March, 1849, e. s. of Cadogan Hodgson- 
Cadogan, Esq., J.P., cf Briiikburn Priory, Northumberland, 
and Isabel Mary, his wife, d. of Oswald Smith, Esq., of 
BlenJun Hall, Kent. 
Succeeded his father at liriukbnrn 1888. D s. p. 11 May, 18'JG. 

Cook, Artuor Kemball (f), b. 20 April, 1851, 3rd s. of Silas Kemball CooV, 

Esq., of Blackhcath, Kent (bro. of Edward 'J'ya?, below, 

p. 2o0). 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1869-74, 1 CI. Mod. 1871, 2 CI. 1873, B.A. 1874, M.A. 1878 ; 

Assist. Master Win. Coll. since Sept.. 1875 ; House Master " Southgate Hill " 

since Sept., 18<)3. fH 1884, Lucy Frances, d. of II. Kichardson. Esq., of 

Ardsley Jlanor House, near liarnsley. AilJnss Southgate Hill, 'W'incbester. 

Cuacknei.l, Stephen James, b. 6 May, 1849, e. .s. of Stephen Crackuell, Esq., 
7 Ladbrooke Sq., Nottiiig Hill, and 3 Now Sq., Lincoln's 
r.arr. Jliddle T. 1873. S 26 March, 1887, at Kocbume, West Australia. 

Dixon, Walter Cowley (C), b. 20 Nov., 1848, s. of John DLxon, Esq., Lloyd 

House, I5lackheath, and Elmwood, Bickloy (bro. of Ernest 

Richter, and Herbert James, belov,-, ii|i. 234, 279). 

Tanner, SlanniuK St., Bermondsey ; Lieut. Kith Surnv i;.\'. I8G!>, Capt. 1S7G, 

Slajor 3rd V.H. West Surrey Kc.,'t. 188,1, V.l). 18;i2. IH 187 I, Mary Jane, d. of 

tJcor-e liandell, Es.]. AJJiefs Winchelsca Lod-c. lUackhcath Park, S.E. 

EiiWAuns, Arthur William, b. Ifi Dec, 1847, s. of Rev. James Edwards, R. of 
Baruingham, Bury St. Edmunds. 
Sch. Uuiv. Coll. 0x011 18GG, 3 CI. Mod., 2 JIath. Mod. I8(i8, 1 Math. B.A. 1870, 
M.A. 1873; It).©., tl 1871, p 1872. C. St. Marvlebone 1871, C. B.iriiin!;h.iin 
1871-6, R. Cariiingham with Coney Weston, Suffolk, 1876-1903. D 1903. 

Fkaser, George Duncan, b. 9 Feb., 1850, s. of Rev. Duncan Eraser, Inciimlicnt 
of Holy Trinity, Halstcid, Essex, and Mary Elizabeth, his 
wife, d. of Charles George Parker, Esq., of S[iringfield 
Place, Es.'^ex. 
I'lin. Coll. I'ainb. 1808. Settled in New Zealand. 

1863 Winchester College. 189 

Henderson, CiiAnLES William Chipchase, b. 3 Dec, 1847, s. of John Henderson, 

Esq., of Leazes House, Durliam, afterwards, M.P., and 

Harriet, his wife, d. of Thomas Chipchase, Esq., Alderman 

of Durham. 

Capt. XorthuHil)erlan(l Hussars ISTO, Major, D.L. and J.P, Xorthimiberlan.l 

19O0. iH Florence Elise, 3rd d. o£ William Uunter, Ksq., of Kidley Hall, 

Northumberland. Addresf The Kiding, Hesham. Chihs Windham and 


Hill, AV alter Wilmot, e. s. of Eev. Henry Thomas Hill, E. of Felton, near 
Left Christmas. 1SC5 ; Oriel Coll. Oxon 18G7, 4 L. <t H.. I5.A. 1871, M.A. 1874 ; 
]{)•©•,(' 1872, p 1875, C. Alvechurch 1872-3, St. Georste, Kidderminster 1873-4, 
V'. Ucle I'ychard, Hereford 1876-88. S 30 Aug., 1888. 

Lee, Akthue Bolles (B), h. 17 March, 18-49, s. of Charles Lee, Esq., of 

Wakham Abbey, Essex (bro. of George Herbert and 

Alfred Collicgwood, below, pp. 204, 258). 

.iVssistant in the Kiissian Laboratory of Zoology at YiUefranche 1889 ; author 

of "The Microtomist's Vade liecum " 188,^), 2nd ed. 1890, 3rd ed. 1893, 

4th cd. 189G, 5th ed. 1900 (translated into French and German) ; joint-author 

of " Traite Tcchnirjue des Slethodes ilicroscopitiues, etc.," Lee et Ilenneqny, 

Paris, 1887, and various articles in periodicals on philosophical and biological 

subjects. iH 1878, Amtlie, d. of Charles Isaac Faucounet, of Gencya. Adtlras 

Campagnc Chevalier, Cologny, Geneva. 

MuBERLY, Walter Allan, b. 26 Jan., 1851, Gth s. of Eev. George Moberly, 

above, p. G, bro. of George Herbert, Arthur, Ilobert 

Campljell, John Cornelius, and Edward Hugh, above, 

pp. 113, 127, 151, 161, 182, and Selwyn William, below, 

p. 201. 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1869, 2 Hist. 1873, 3 Tlicol. B.A. 1874, M.A. 1878; It).©., .? 1874, 

;) 18.5, C. Sturminster Newton 18(4-6, St. George, Hanover Square 1876-8, 

Private Sec. and Chapl. to Bp. of Samm 1878-81, Minor Canon Sarum 1880-1, 

V. St. I'hilip, Sydenham 1881-3, Private Sec. and Chapl. to Archbp. of 

Ciinterburj- 1883-5, V. Church of Ascension, Blackheath l,'*8|-;i2 ; Kxam. 

Chapl. to"Bp. of Sarum 1.884, Hon. Canon Kochcstor 1901, K.I). Lewisham 

1893, V. St. Bartholomew, Sydenham ]8!i2-iyo5. fH (1) 18.84, JIarj- April, 

d. of Key. Ilcnrj- Nicholson Kllacombe, V. of Bitton, Bristol ; (2) 1892, Hilda 

Klizabcth Larconi, v. d. of Rev. llenrv William Burrows, Canon of Kochesler. 

S 11 Dec, 1905. "Cf. Wyk. ix. (n. 431) 287. 

MtORE (-Gwyn), Joseph Edward, b. 3 April, 1850, e. s. of Eev. Joseph Mooie, 

V. of Buckland, Berks, and Sarah, his wife, 3rd d. of Eev. 

John Davison, B.D., Canon of Worcester (bro. of John Peel, 

below, p. 239). 

J.P. Glamorgan and Brecon 1878, D.L. Brecon, High Sheriff 1902; SFcmb. Brecon 

County Council 1889 ; assumed the additional name of Gwvn by Koval Licence 

1900. ' iB. 1876, Kdith, e. d. of Rev. William Jephson, K. of Hinloii Waldrist, 

Berks. .\iUlmnes Ih-ffrj-n, Neath, Glamorgan ; Abercravc House, Istradgjnlais, 

li.S.O., Brecon. Vliib junior Carlton. 

Newman, Herbert Eoope, b. 1 June, 1848, bro. of William Frederick, above, 
p. 173. 
Emm. Coll. Camb. 1867 ; learnt fanning at Frocester Court, Gloucs. ; fanned the 
glebe at Hotkworthy, Devon, for his father. Q 1892. 

NoURSE, Arthur Herbert (B), b. 14 Feb., 1849, s. of Eev. John Henry Nurse, 

deceased, and Jlrs. Nurse, 4 Lansdown Place, Clifton (who 

resumed the old way of sjxjlling the family name, viz. 

Nourse, in 1868). 

Ens. 2nd Kegt. 1867, Lieut. 1871, Capt. 1881, Adjut. 4th V.B. West Surrey Regt. 

1883, JIajor 1st. Batt. West Surrey Kcgt. 1885, Licnt.-Col. 1898, Brevet-Col. 

I89;i, retired 1904. fH 2 June, 1881, Helen Katharine, d. of Kcv. Thomas 

Crick. JilJri'sf 32, \\ilbury Gardens, Hove, Sussex. 

190 Winchester College. 1863 

Owen, Philip Henry, b. 3 Oct., 1849 (4th s.), bro. of Lewis Edward, above, 
p. 154. 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 18C9, B.A. 1872; 11).®., d 1874, p 1875, C. 'Wonston 1874-80, 
Crawlev 1880-3, F. Owslebury 18.Sj-91, V. Golden Common 1891-7,iR. Cniwvs 
Blorchiird, Tiverton 1897-1905, V. Bickington since 1905. fH 1880, Constance 
E., d. of Sydney Strong, Esq., Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park, W. Address 
Bickington Vicarage, Newton Abbott. 
Rawlinson, CuEisTorHER (B), b. 13 March, 1850, e. s. of Sir Christopher 
Ilawlinsoii, of Oal;lauds, Stock Ijridije, formerly Chief Justice 
of Madras, and Georgina Maria, his wife, y. d. of Alexander 
Eadclyffe Sidebottom, Esq., of Sloane St. and Lincoln's Inn 
(bro. of Albemarle Alexander, below, p. 224). 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 1876, 3 L. & II. Tripos, B.A. 1871,' JI.A. 1874 ; Barr. Inner T. 
1874 ; Clerk of Arraigns of West Circ. ; Revising Barrister 1883. Address 
1, Mitre Court Buildings, Temple, E.C. 
Somervell, William Somervell, b. 21 Feb., 1850, 2nd s. of Graham Somervell, 
Esq., D.L., of Sorn Castle, Ayrshire, and Henrietta Jane, his 
wife, 3rd d. of William Stirling, Esq., of Content, Jamaica. 
Stacpoole, Eichakd Carmichael (A), b. 21 Dec, 1848, s. of George Stacpoole, 
Esq., M.D., Hastings. 
Founder Win. Coll. Boat Club ; ser^■ed in the Cape Mounted Police. D- 
Stepuess, Kichabd Bolitho (A), b. 24 Jan., 1849, e. s. of Rev. Richard 
Stephens, of tlie Barn Fields, Exeter. 
Left 1866. fH 29 June, 1895, Edith Georgiana 4th d. of the late Rev. G. C. Bethune, 
K. of Chulmlcigh, N. Devon, and of Worth, Sussex. Address Manor House, 
Trevalga, Cornwall. 
Steuabt, George Alexander (t), b. 9 April, 1850, at Paddington, s. of 
Andrew Steuart, Esq., of Auchlimkart, co. Banff, formerly 
M.P. for Cambridge, and Elizabeth Georgiana, bis wife, 3rd 
d. of Colonel Thomas Gordon, of Park, same county. 
50 13 June, 1866, at Winchester, from the eifccts of a gun-shot accident, during 
Volunteer practice on Teg Down. 
Steward, George Ernest (C), b. 26 April, 1849, 5th s. of Samuel Steward, 
Esq., 23, Connaught Sq., London. 
To Rugby; Line. Coll. Oxon 1.S67, B.A. 1871, M..\. 1876; Solicitor 1875, 
practising at 49, Lincoln's Inn Fields, down to 1898. Q. 
Strutt, Hon. Richard (A), b. 29 Feb., 1848, 2nd surv. s. of John James, 2nd 
Baron Raleigh, and Clara Elizabeth La Touche, his wife, d. 
of Capt. R. Vicars, R.E. (bro. of the next, and of Edward 
Gerald, below, p. 230). 
Magd. Hall, Oxon 186G, Ilertfonl Coll., B.A. and M.A. 1875 ; Member of the Stock 
Exchange (Messrs. tircenwood, Henderson & Strutt, 28, Austin Friars, E.C). 
IH 24 April, 1879, Hon. Augusta XcviUc, only child of the 6th Baron 
Braybrooke. .Uldress Rayleigh House, Chelsea, S.W. 

Stuutt, Hon. Charles Hedlej (A), b. 18 April, 1849 (3rd surv. s.), bro. of 
the above. 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 1868, Moral Sc. Tripos 1871, English Essay and Old Jlasters 
Prize 1871, B.A. 1872; Chairman Hock Life Assurance Co. 1896; J.P. Essex; 
M.P. (C.) East Essex 1883-5 and 1895-1905; Director of New London Borneo 
Tobacco Co. Addresses Blunts Hall, Witham, Essex; 90, Onslow Gardens, 
S.W. CM Cariton. 
Woodcock, Charles Alexander John (B), b. 14 March, 1848, only a. of Rev. 
Preb. Charles Woodcock, V. of Chardstock All Saints, 
St. Edmund Hall, Oxon 1867; Clerk to Police Magistrates at M.vyborough, 
Queensland ; then Cluef Clerk, Colonial Secretarv's Office, Brisbane, 1887 ; 
Capt. (unattached) Queensland Infantrv 1880 ; author of " A Manual for Clerks 
of Pettv Sessions, Queensland." iH 1873, Katharine Ella, d. of Rev. 
Fitzhardinge Berkeley I'ortumn, R. of Staple Fitzpaine. Address Brisbane, 

1S63 "Winchester College. 191 

SHORT HALF, 1863. 

Armitage, Elkakaii, b. 19 Jan., 1848, s. of Elkanah Armitage, Esq., The 
liookery, Eccles, Manchester, and Caroline, his wife, d. of 
John Sugden, Esq., of Eastwood House, Yorks. 
Trill. Coll. Camb. 18G6, B.A. 18G9, M.A. 1872. Q 1882. 

Beadon, LIyde Elphinstone (f), b. 22nd Nov., 1851, at Calcut(a, s. of Cecil 

Beadon, Esq. (afterwards Lieut.-Guv. of Bengal, and 

K.C.S.I.), and Harriet, his 1st wife, d. of Major Ealph H. 

Sneyd, ]3engal Cavalry (half bro. of Lancelot Eichmond, 

below, p. 493). 

Left 5 Dec, 18C8 ; in the service of The British and Netherlands India Steam 

Navigation Co. at liatavia 18C9-84. 13 at Las I'alnias, Grand Canary, 

28 March, 1*85. 

BiiiLEY, Fkancis Hornbt, b. 14 March, 1850 (2nd s.), bro. of James Leatham, 
above, p. 176. 
Univ. Coll. Oxon 18GH, 3 Jiir. 1872, B.A. 1873; Barr. Inner T. 187G, Northern 
Circ. ; J. P. Surrey, fjl 1 Aug., 1876, IMargnret, y. d. of Kev. Jarvis Keurick, 
V. of Caterham. AilJrcs/ Claridgcs, Liogfield, Surrey. 

Dyson, Fkank Bouverie (f), b. 2 Feb., 1850, only s. of Rev. Francis Dyson, V. 
of Crickladc, Wilts., and I'enelope Louisa, his wife, y. d. of 
tlie Vcn. Archdeacon AVilliam MacdonalJ. 
Left 20 May, 18G8. S at Fiilham, May, 1809. (The Times for Jlay 20 does not 
give the date of his death.) 

Fairlie, Percy Joiix CuNNiNon.ui-, b. 30 Dec, 1849, 2nd s. of Sir Arthur 
Percy Cuuniugham-Faiilie, 9th Bart., The Priory, Whci- 
well, Andover, and Maria Antouia, his wife, (Jth d. of the 
Hon. William Bowman, Felton. 
Went to California. Q there 20 Aug., 1881. 

FitzUkkdeut, PiEGiNALD Henry Castle, b. 18 Aug., 1849, 2nd s. of Lieut.-Col. 

Richard Henry FitzHerbert, of The Hall, Somersall 

Herbert, Uttosefer, Derbyshire, being his c. s. by his 2nd 

wife, Susan, d. of Michael Hinton Cattle, Esq., of Slapleton 

Grove, Bristol. 

St. John',1 Coll. Camb. 18G8, B.A. 1872 ; |t).®., d 1873, p 1874, C. Moseley 1873-G, 

Kentisbury 1876-8, Hatch lieauchanip 'l878-9, Scotton 1879-82, Morley 1882-1, 

Blarehain-le-Fen 1881-5, R. Somcrsall Herbert 1885. AdJicss Somersall 

Herbert liectory, Derby. 

FoRSTKR, Thomas Henry Burton, b. 23 Oct., 1850, only s. of Thomas Burton 
Watkin Forster, Es]. (Comm. 1835-40), of Holt Manor, 
Trowbridge, Wilts., and Emma Steward, bis wife, d. of 
David Stewart Galbraith, Esq., of Mackrahanish, Argyll- 
li.lLC. Sandhurst 1871, Sub-Lieut. OSrd Highlanders 1872, Lieut. 1874, Capt. 1880, 
passed 1st into Staff College Sept., 1886, 1).A..\.G. Natal 1888, liclfast 1890, 
Major 1891, Lieut.-Col. 1902; served in S. African War 1899-1900, on Special 
Ser^'ice, and afterwards as D.A.A.(!. (promoted Lieut.-Col. in Kcscrvc, medal 
and 2 clasps) ; J.I'. Wilts. 1902. iB 20 Scjit., 1885, Nina, e. d. of Ca|it. 
Kicharil Hugh Smith liany, of liallyedinond, co. Cork. AJJios Holt Manor, 
Trowbridge, Wilts. C7i(6 Army and Navy. 

GiBDS, James Edward (B), b. 2 March, 1850, s. of J. Gibbs, Esq., Upper 

192 Winchester College. 1863 

GuiLLEJiAKD, Arthur Fraxklis (f), b. 14 July, 1851 (2nd s.), bro. of AValter 
George, above, p. 174. 
Keble Coll. Oxou 1870, B.A. 1873; A.AI.I.C.E. ; Engineer Rio Tinto Rly. 1873, in 
Eio Janeiro 1877, in Valparaiso 1880 ; various appointments in Chile and 
Uruguay ; Jlanngcr of the Arica and Tacna Railway Co., Chile, 1899. fH 
March, 1899, Esther, d. of Rev. Canon Gildea, of Upwjiy, Weymouth. 
Aililress, Tacna, Chile. 

Hughes, Thomas Bridges (f), b. 17 Sept., 1851, 2nd s. of Rev. I'rcb. James 

Iioydou Huglies (f 1822), R. of Newnton Lungville, 

Bucks., .ind Susan, his wife, c. d. of Eev. Hearj' Worsley 

(t 1795), D.C.L. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1870-5, 2 CI. Mod. 1872, 1 Jur. B.A. 1874 ; Stud. Inner T. 

1871) ; Master at Kepton School April to Dec., 1878; at Brighton College Jan. to 

Julv, 1879 ; nt Evelyns, Hillingdon, smce Sept., 1879." .Ulrcfi 'Evelyns, 

Hillingdon, Uxbridge. 

Ingram, William James, b. 27 Oct., 1847, s. of Herbert In2;rani, Esq., M.P. 

for Boston, originator of The Illustrated Lo/idon Aews, 

Loudwater House, llickmanswortb, and Anne, Lis wife, d. 

of William Little, Esq., of Eye (bro. of Charles Louis 

Nathaniel, below, p. 200). 
Trio. Coll. Cainb. 1867, B.A. 1871 ; Barr. Inuer T. 1872 ; M.P. (L.) Boston 1874-80, 
1885-0, 1892-5; created 1st Bart. 1893; Jbuiaging Director of the Illustrated 
London News and Sketch, Ltd. ; J. P. Surrey. iH 10 Nov., 1874, Mary Eliza 
Collingwood, d. of Hon. Edward Stirling, of .Vdclaide, S. Australia, .l./i/icwcs 
The Bungalow, Westgatc-on-Sca ; 05, Cromwell Kd., S.W. Club New 

Kay, Frederick Henry Jewell, b. 19 Sept., IS 18, s. of Henry K.ay, Esq , The 

Elms, Higher Broughton, Manchester, .nud Elizabeth, his 

wife, d. of George Barnes, Esq., of Burnley. 

St. John's Coll. Canib. 1868, B.A. 1871, M.A. 1871; Stud. Inner T. 1809; J.P. 

Sussex aiul Warwickshire. _ffl (1) 1872, Emily Charlotte, 2nd d. of John 

Stokes Salmon, Esq. ; (2) 18(7, Sarah Ellen, 3rd d. of James Dewhurst, Esq., 

of Spring Head, Vorks. Resided at Ely Grange, Fraut, Sussex. Q. 

Leach, Arthur Fr.\nxts (C), b. 16 M.arch, 1851, 3rd s. of Thomas Leach, Esq., 
30 Eccleston Sq., London, S.W. 
Exbibnr. Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1869-74, 3 CI. .Mod. 1871, Stiiuhope Prize English 
Essav "The Protectorate" 1872, 1 CI. 1873, B.A. 1874, M.A. 1877, Eellow 
of All S.Mils Cull. 1874-82; Barr. Jlidille T. 1.876; Assist. Charity 
Conimr. (KimIowiiI Schools Dcpt.) 1881 ; .Vdministrative Exauiiucr, Board of 
Education, 1901; Assist. SecreUarv 1903 ; Charitv Commissioner lOilii; author 
of "Club Cases," '-L-iwof Probate Dutv '' 18SU, ■• Visitaticus and Mcninrials 
of Southwell Cathedral" (Camden Soc.) 1890, •• Ij.-li^li at 111,- Re- 
formation " 1896, " History of Winchester College " 18;i:i, ■' llislc.rv of Bradlield 
College" 1900, " Jleinorials of Bcverlev Jlinster" (Surtces Soi-,) 1898 and 
1903, "E.arly Yorkshire Schools" (Yo'rks. .\rcha!ol. Soc.) 1899 and 1903, 
"Bevcrlev Town Documents" (Selden .Soc.) 1900, -'History of Warwick 
School" iiiOl, "Hampshire Schools" 1903, mid "Surrev Schools" 1904, in 
"Victoria Couiitv History." IH ir, \„^.. issi, Emilv'Archer, d. of Silas 
Kciiil.all Cook, Ks(|., of Drightoii, m-Ii r ,1 \iiluir Kemball Cook, above, p. 188. 
A<hlr<fs 31, Elm Park Gardens, niel~,a, S.W. 

Mackarness, Charles Coleridge (f), b. 22 July, 1850, e. s. of Bcv. Canon John 

Fielder Mackarness, V. of Tardcbigge, Worcs., afterwards 

Bishop of L\\ford, and Alethea, his wife, y. d. of 

the Rt. Hon. Sir John Taylor Coleridge, one of the Judges 

of the Court of Queen's Bench (bro, of Arthur John 

Coleridge, below, p. 353). 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1869, 2 CI. B..\. 1873, M.A. 1876 ; |tj,©., d 1874, ;) 1875, C. St. 

Mary, Reading 1874-9 ; Chapl. to Bishop of Oxford 1875-88 ; Exam. Chapl. to 

Bishop of Argyll and the Isles 1876-83 ; Chapl. and Censor and Lect. in Exegesis 

in Greek Test, in King's Coll. London 1879-81, and Lect. in Liturgical and 

P.istoral Theology, and in Greek Test, to Evening Cljisses at K.C.L. 1880-2, 

1863 WiNcuESTER College. 193 

V. of Aylesbury 1882-9, R.D. Aylesbury 1887-9, V. St. Martin, Scarborough 
Biiice 1889, Preb. of York since 1896, Archd. E. Riding, Torlis. since 1898, 
FeHow of Denstone Coll. since 1901, Exam. C'hapl. to Archbp. of York since 
19U2; author of "The Message of the Prayer Book" 1887, " The Poetry of 
Keljle as a Guide, etc." 1891, " Memorials Episcopate of Bishop Mackarness," 
2nd ed. 1892. fjl 4 Sept., 1882, Grace Emily, d. of Rev. Canon Robert New- 
man Milford, K. of East Knoyle, Wilts. Address St. Martin's Vicarage, 
Maconochiis (-Welwood), John Allan, b. 23 Feb., 1848, e. s. of Robert Blair 
Maconocliie, Esq., of Gattonside House, Melrose, aud 
Charlotte Joanna, his wife, d. of John Tod, Esq., of Kirk- 
hill, N.B. (bro. of Cliarles Cornelius, below, p. 201). 
Ch. Ch. 0.xon 1867 ; took the additional name of Welwood on succeeding his uncle to 
the estates of Kirkuewton, Midlothian, and Garvock, Fife, 1885 ; J. P. for counties 
Ro.xburgh, Fife, aud Midlothian. fH 28 April 1892, Winifred Louisa, 3rd d. of 
Edgar Atheling Drummoud, Esq., of Cadlauds, Hants. Addresses Kirknewtou, 
Midlothian ; Pitliver, Dunfermline, N.B. C'lu'js Carlton, London, and New, 
MonoAX, Charles Henry, b. 20 June, 1850, s. of Henry Morgan, Esq., Bracou- 
dale, Norwich, and Eliza Catherine, bis wife, c. d. of Bey. 
J. C. Malchett, Minor Canon of Norwich Cathedral. 
Lieut. 1st Norfolk Rifle Vols. 1871 ; in the Govt. Land Office, Sydney, N.S.W. fH 
1886, Jessie, e. d. of Gerard Herring, Esq., Chief Clerk, Jlines Dept., Sydney. 
Address Nicholson St., Burwood, Sydney, N.S.W. 
Neamb, Haury Bayden (B), b. 2 Aug., 1819, s. of Edward Nearae, Esq., Selling 
Court, Favertham, and Mary Anne, his wife (bro. of Horace 
Bayden, below, p. 244). 
Formerly Manager of the Reilruth Brewing Company, Redruth, Cornwall. fH 1875, 
Miss Helen Sarah Langley. Address Lydford, Bridestone, R.S.O., N. Devon. 
Perkins, Arthur Frederick, b. 3 Dec, 1848, s. of Frederick Perkins, Esq., 
afterwards Knt. (1873), and M.P. for Southampton, 4, 
Anglesey Place, Soiitbanipton. 
Ens. Ceylon Rifle Regt. 186C, Lieut, (retired) 1873, Major 3rd V.B. Hants Regt. 
18m'i, Lieut.-Col. 1889 ; Wine Merchant Southami>ton (Fredk. Perkins & Sons). 
ftt 1871 ; resided at The Redland, Emsworth, Hants. 
Scott, George Rodney (f), b. 2nd Feb., 1851, 2nd s. of George Irving Scott, 
Esq., of Brislini;toD, Somerset. 
Sch. New Coll. O.xon 1869-74, 1 CL Mod. 1871, 1 CI. 1873, B.A. 1874, Craven Sch. 
187,1, Fellow of Merton Coll. 1874-1904, M.A. 1876, Tutor 1877-1904, Sub- 
AVarden 1890-2 and 1897-9, Classical Moderator 1888-9 ; Member of University 
Delegacy for the Training of Elementarv Teachers since l.s92 ; .Acting Principal 
of University Day Training Coll. since March, 1905. £B. 14 July, 1883, 
Florence Mary Seymour, 2nd d. of William Barwick Hodge, Esq., 9, Clifton 
Gardens, Maida Vale, sometime President of the Society of Actuaries. Address 
2, Clarendon Villas, Oxford. 
Sebastian, Lewis Boyd (C), b. 15 Feb., 1851, in London, only s. of Lewis 
Sebastian, Esq., 10, Ternice, Greeuhithe, Kent. 
Exliibnr. Exeter Coll. Oxou 1809, Exhibnr. 1870-3, 2 CI. Mod. 1871, 1 Jur. B.A. 
1873, Vinerian Sch. 1874, 1 B.C.L. 1874, M.A. and B.C.L. 1876 ; Barr. Line. Inn 
1876 ; Masters of tlie Skinners' Co. 1886-7 and 1894-5 ; Chairman of City 
Polytechnic, of Northampton Polytechnic Institute, Clerkenwell, of Finsbury 
Technical College Committee, of Committee of the Norwegian Club ; a trustee 
of the City Parochial Foundations since 1892 ; Member of the Council of the 
City and Guilds Technical Institute since 18S7, of the Council of the Art Union 
of I.ondon since 1H91 ; Member of the Committee of the Leather Trades School 
since 1889, of the Frcnoli Hospital, Victoria Park, N.W., since 1899 ; a Member 
of the I.ondon Teiliiiioal Education Board 1893-1904, of the Manual Training 
Joint Committee 1SS9-1'.IU2 ; F.K.G.S. ; author of " The Law of Trade-marks " 

1878, 4th cd. 1899, "A Digest of Trade-m.ark Cases" 1879. ffl 19 Aug., 

1879, Harriet Maria, e. d. of Beugt Keinliold Lcnnartson, Esq., of Stockholm 
and Gothenburg. Addresses 22, Kensington Court, W. ; 13, New Sq., Lincoln's 
Inn. Clubs Oxford and Cambridge, Savage, luqierial Industries, Norwegian, 
Japan Society, Settc of Odd Volumes, etc. 

194 Winchester College. 1863-4 

Sedgwick, Joseph Haslam, b. 10 Oct., 1851, at Chorley, Lanes., s. of the Kev. 
Abraham Stdgwick, a Curate at St. George's Church there, 
afterwards V. of Tovil, near Maidstone. 
St. Cath. C'oll.Camb. 1870, B.A. 1876; ?§.©., d 1875, p 1877, C. Otlev 1875-6, 
iJirchington, Tb.inct 187G-8, Boxlcv 1880-2, Smarden 1882, Incumb. of St. 
John's, Annan, N.B. 1882-6, C. Withington, Clones. 1886-91. Q. 
Shirley, Francis John, b. 23 June, 1847, 3rd s. of Eev. Arthur George 
SewaUis Shirley, V. of Stiusford, Dorset, and Georgina 
Emily, his 1st wife, d. of Rev. William Cookson. 
At one time Clerk in the Bank of Englnnd, Burlington G.irdens, London, W. 
Todd, John Dand (t),b. 19 Sept., 1852, 2nd s. of Rev. Thomas Todd, Incumbent 
of Holy Trinity, llulme, Manchester. 
Lino. Coll. Oxon 1871, B.A. 1875 [Double Blue, football and sports]; JtJ.©., J 
1876, p 1877, C. St. Philip, Hulnie, Mtinchester 1876-8, St. John, Broughtnn, 
Manchester 1878-9, R. Annsbv, Lines, 1883-97, R.D. Lafford 1896-7, R. 
Newton with Haceby, Lines., since 1897. f&. 6 Ang., 1878, Alice Gould, d. of 
Henry Smith, Esq., of Horbling, Lines. Address Newton Rectory, Folking- 
liam. Lines. 
Todd, Thomas Marshall (f), b. 3 June, 1850, elder bro. of the above. 

Queen's Coll. Oxon 1868, 3 CI. Mod. 1870, B.A. 1873, M.A. 1875 ; Bnrr. Inner T. 
1876, Oxford Cire. ; Connscl for the Mint on that Circuit. fH 24 June, 18.5, 
Eleanor Agnes, v. d. of John Jones, Esq., of Kidderminster. 13 at Ham Hill, 
Worcester, 30 July, 1897. 

A''iNCENT, Reginald Heath (f), b. 27 Jan., 1850, bro. of Charles Frederick, 
above, p. 187, and of George Lewis, below, \>. 235. 
St. Cath. Coll. Camb. 18G8 ; to New Zealand; entered Govt, service there, ffl. 
ID at Wellington, N.Z., 1883. 
Watts, Duncan, b. 15 Aug., 1848, s. of James Watts, Esq., Hythe, Kent. 

Solicitor 1871, practising at Kingston-on-Thjimes down to 1889, and since at Epsom, 
Surrey. Address Huntingtower, Worple Rd., Epsom. 
Webster, Baron Dickinson (C), b. 7 Nov., 1850, e. ?. of Baron Dickinson 
Webster, Esq., J.P., D.L., of Bonus, Sutton Coldfield, 
Warwickshire, and Anna Maria, his wife, d. of Samuel 
Ellis Bristowe, Esq., of Beesthorpe Hall, Notts. 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 1808 ; Farming in S. America 1871 ; at Newland Court, Great 
Malvern 1872. fH 1875, Ellen Elizabeth, d. of Rev. Darwin Fox. 
Address Newlfind, College Rd., Newton Abbot, S. Devon. 

WooDGATE, Reginald Stephen Shaw, b. 30 June, 1849, e. s. of Eev. George 

Stephen Woodgate, of Pembury Hall, Kent, and Louisa 

Margaret, his wife, y. d. of Capt. Charles Shaw, R.N., and 

sister of Sir John C. Kenward Shaw, 8th Bart. 

Mcrton Coll. Oxon 1869; Salisbury Theol. Coll. 1874; X).®., d 1875, p 1877, C. 

Diuton, Wilts. 1875-7, V. Pemtiurv 1878-88. iB 1880, Lvdia Elizabeth, d. of 

W.<ilter Metier, Esq., of Broadlands, J.P., D.L., Surrey, late M.P. for Stafford. 

Addresses Pembury Hall, Kent j Yaverland, Brading.Isle of Wight. 


Banrury, Frederick George (B), b. 2 Dec, 1850, o. s. of Frederick Banbury, 
Esq., 32 Holland Park, Bayswater, and Cecilia Laura, his 
wife, d. of William Cox, Esq., of Woodford Hall, Esse.x 
(bro. of George, Edmund, and Harry Merivale, below, pp. 
200, 216, 278). 
Member of the Stock Exchange 1872 (Messrs. Fredk. Banbury it Sons) ; Trustee 
.and Manngcr Stock Exchange ; J.P. Huntingdonshire ; M.l". (C.) for Peckham 
Division, Camberwell 1892-1905 ; unsuccessful Candidate 1906; Director Great 
Northern Railway ; created 1st Bart. 1902 ; M.P. Citv of London 1906. ffl 
1873, Elizabeth Rosa, 2nd d. of Thomas Barbot Benle, Esq., of Brettenham 
Park, Suffolk. Addresses 41, Lowndes St., S.W. ; Warneford Place, High- 
worth, Wilts. Clubs Carlton, Windham. 

1864 Wi:scHESTER College. 195 

Blakeslet, Philip Holmes (B), b. 12 Feb., 1851, s. of Eev. Joseph Williams 
Blakesley,' Canon of Canterbaiy, afterwards Dean of 
Lincoln (D.N.B. v. 187), and Margaret, Ms wife, d. of 
Tlionias Holmes, Esq., of Brooke, Norfolk. 
Came from Charterhouse ; settled in New Zealand 1875. fH. J3 1902. 
Churchill, Camerox, h. G Feb., 1849, 4lh s. of Rev. William Churchill, R. of 
Stickland, Blandford, and Julia Cbarlutts Mackenzie, Lis 
wife, d. of Sir Orford Gordon, 9th Bart. 
King's Coll. London; Wore. Coll. Oxon 1867, S.C.L. and B.A. 1872, M.A. 1885; 
Barr. Inner T. 1875 ; a Governor of Dulwich College appointed by the Chancery 
Division 1877 ; (jeneral Secretarv to Young lien's Christian Association ; author 
of "The taw ... of the Sheriff," 2nd ed. 1882; ?tj.©., d 1885, p 1886, C. 
St. Saviour, Chelsea 1885-6, V. Crockham Hill, Edenbridge 1886-1901. fH 
19 Xov., 1874, Blanche Eliza, onlv d. of George William Hodge, Esq., of 
Reedsmouth Hall, Northumberland! Q 20 Jan., 1901. 

CossER, Stephen Augustus (t), b. 27 Aug., 1849, s. of Rev. Walter Maude 
Cosser, Curate, and subsequently V. of TItchfield, Hants, 
and v>ophia Augusta Leroux, his wife, only d. of Major 
'Ihonias Wihon, of Titchfield. 
Left May, 1868 ; Member of tlie Stock Exchange 1878. fH 1876, Annie May, d. of 
Joseph WooUoy, Esq., LL.D., Director of Education at the Admiralty. AJdiesa 
Copthall House, Copthall Avenue, E.C. 
Dawson, Euward Frederick (A), b. 4 Nov., 1851, s. of Mrs. Dawson, 52, 
Marine Sq., Brighton, afterwards of Dymole House, Easton, 
Left 1869; Lieut. R.A. 1871, served with the Expeditionary Field Force in Arabia 
1873, at Ilota, etc. D in India 1880. 
Dowell, Arthur Giro, b. 23 Feb., 1848, 2nd s. of Rev. Stephen Wilkinson 
Dowell, V. of Gosfield, Halstead, Essex. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1867, B.A. 1871, M.A. 1879, Wells Theol. Coll. ; 1§.®., d 1872, 
p 1874, C. Horsham 1872-5, R. .\xbridge 1875-83, Chapl. .\xbridge Union 
1877-83, V. Henstridje 1883-1904, R.D. Milborae Port 1894-1904. fll Sejit., 
1904, Miss Constance Barnard, of Wells. Q 24 Dec, 1904. 

Drakf, Augustus Fitt, b. 10 Aug., 1847, e. s. of Augustus Drake, Esq., M.B., 

Soulheinhay House, Exeter, and Lydia, his wife, d. of 

Robert Drake, Esq., of Castle Grove, Sandal Magna, Yorks. 

(bro. of Herbert, below, p. 237). 

Solicitor 1872, practising at Lewes (Messrs. Drake & Lee). JSi 24 Feb., 1881, Agnes 

Katharine, 3rd d. of Rev. William Nesfield Andrewes, R. of Chilton, Suffolk. 

Address Winterboumc Lodge, Lewes. Club Windham, 

FuRSDON, Edward Sydenham (A), b. 12 Aug., 1818, 3id s. of Rev. Edward 
Fursdon of Dawlish (afterwards of Pursdon, Tiverton), and 
Harriet Grace, his wife, d. of Rev. Edward Rodd, D.D., of 
Trebartha Hall. 
Went to Australia ; then land agent in Cornwall. ;£H 17 Nov., 1891, Florence Rose 
Mary, e. d, of Sir William Lewis Trelawuey, lOOi Bart. Address Pool Hall, 
Meiiheniot, Cornwall. 
GoDBV, Michael Jouk (C), b. 29 Sept., 1850 (3rd s.), bro. of Charles Vincent, 
above, p. 165. 

Into College Short Half 1864 ; articled to Messrs. Ward, Son 4 Cooper, solicitors, 
Ncwcastlc-on-Tyne, 1869; emigrated to New Zealand 1875, and practised as a 
solicitor in Timaru, New Zealand, ffl 10 .^ug., 1881, Aila .Vrrowonn.i, d. of 
the late George Rhodes, Esq., one of the New Zealand " Pioneers, " formerly of 
Rotherhaui, Yorks. Address Baldon House, near Oxford. t'/ii6s Isthmian and 

GoouEVE, Georqe William (C), b. 25 April, 1849, e. s. of William James 
Goodeve, Esq., of Clifton, and Mary Collinson, his wife, d. 
of Christopher Godiuond, Esq., ul Lee, KeMt. 
Formerly a jilantcr in India. 

196 WiNCHESTEii College. 1S64 

Gray, Moetiuer Thomas, b. 15 March, 1850, s. of Thomas Gray, Esq., 13, 
Cambridge Ed., Brighton, and, Old Charlton, Kent. 
To Sherborne School 1865 ; Merehaut. ffl 187-t, Laura, d. of J. Killick, Esq. 
Gribble, Charles Wingyett, b. 7 Feb., 1849, bro. of Henry, above, p. 121. 

Banker ; Manager of Beckenham Branch of London and Provincial Bank. Address 
18, High St., Beckeuham, Kent. 

Hawkins, Edward Egbert, b. 6 May, 1850, e. s. of Eev. Heibert Samuel 

Hawkins, E. of Eeyton, Bury St. Edmunds, and Lucy, his 

wife, d. of Eev. Robert Kden, E. of Leigh, Essex, afterwards 

Bishop of Moray and Primus of Scotland (bro. of Herbert 

Eden and Charles Henrv, below, pp. 218, 233). 

Merton Coll. Oxen 1809 ; J.P. and D.L. Suffolk. fH 1887, Katharine Clyde, d. of 

('apt. Edward Barkley, K.N. Address Horriuger Court, near Bury St. Edmunds, 

Suffolk. Club United University. 

MoLiNEUX, Harold Parminter, b. IG April, 1850 (y. s.), bro. of Arthur 

Ellison, above, p. 1G9. 

Ens. .Wth Kegt. 1868, Lieut. 1871, Capt. 1878, Major 1883, retired 1883 ; J.P. Sussex ; 

Banker at Eastbourne. fJl 188], Kosa Eugenie Katharine, 2nd d. of Henry 

King, J.P., of Isfield Place. Addresses The Cottage, Isfield, Uckfield ; 4a, 

Carlisle Rd., Eastbourne. Club Naval and Military. 

Moss, Edward Howard, b. 26 Nov., 1849, e. s. of ElUanah Howard Moss, Esq., 
of Eavenscroft Hall, and Hannah, his wife, d. of John Lees, 
Esq., of Spring Hill. 
AVadh. Coll. O.xon 1869; Capt.'ist Royal Cheshire Militia 1875; J.P. Cheshire. 
Address Ravenscroft Hall, Middlewich. 

Mvers, Frederick Jaques (C), b. 30 March, 1849, c. s. of Jaques Myers, Esq., 

of Great Crosby, Lanes., and Helen Esther, his wife, d. of 

Thomas Tobin, Esq., of Liverpool. 

J.P. Northampton. fH 1873, Florence Wrey, 3rd d. of Major Lewis Coker, J.P., 

D.L., of Bicester House, Oxon, Address Carlton Lodge, near Banbury. Club 


Payne, Henry, b. 23 Aug., 1849, bro. of Edward, above, p. 154, and of John 
Eiohard, below, p. 277. 
St. Bartholomew's Hosp., M.R.C.S. Eng. 1877, L.R.C.P. Edin. 1877. Resided at 
Farnsfield, Southwell, Notts. Q suddenly in the Midland Grand Hotel, London, 
9 Nov., 1891. 

Eandall, Eiohard George (Brdxner-), b. 24 Oct., 1850, s. of Eev. Eichsrd 

William Eandall, above, p. 42, and bro. of Jamrs Lowndes 

and Cyril Wilbcrforce, below, pp. 240, 260. 

Left July, 18C4, and returned Jan., 1866 ; left again soon after ; Ens. 1st Batt. 20th 

Regt. 1870, Lieut. 1871, Capt. 18SII, .Major lSH(;,_Lieut.-Col. 1898, Col. 1902; 

Col. Reginientjil District, on retired pay. fH 1887, Agnes Gcorgiua, d.of Rev. 

George IJdward Bruxner, of Thurlaslim, l.iiicster, and assumed the name of 

Bruxuer-Randall. Address Thurlaston Holt, Hinckley, Leicestershire. 

EiDi.EY, Edward Nicholas Touchet (B), b. 28 June, 1849, c. s. of Rev. 
Nicholas James Eidley, of Hollington House, East Wood- 
hay, Hants, and Frances, his wife,d. of John Touchet, Esq., 
of Broom House, Lanes. 
13 1 Oct., 1879. 

EisLEY, Herbert Hope (f), b. 4 Jan., 1851, only s. of Eev. John Holford Eisley 
(t 1S24), E. of Akeley, Bucks., and Fanny Ellon, bis wife, 
d. of John Hope, Esq., late of Bengal Medical Service. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1869-73, 2 L. it H. 1872, B.A. 1873, entered I.C.S. 1873 ; Ord. 
Stud. Examiner, Oxford 1890; Officer of French .\cademv 1891; Secretary 
Govt. Bengal 189 1 ; Memb. Prov. Legis. Council 1892-3 and 18'95-8 ; Correspond- 
ing Meml). Berlin Anthropological Soc. 1896 ; Financial Sec. (.iovt. of India 
1898; Census Commissnr. for India 1899-1902; Director of Ethnographv for 
India since 1901 ; Home Sec. Govt, of India since 1902; C.S.I. 1901 ; CLE. 

1864 WiNCUESTER College. 197 

1892 ; K.C.I.E. 1907 ; completed the Census of the Indiau Empire iu fourteen 
days, March, 1901; author of "Primitive Marriage in Bengal," "Widow and 
Infant Marriage," " Sikkim and Thibet," "Tribes and Castes of Bengal," 
"Ethnographic Glossary," Anthropometric Data," etc. IH 1879, Else Julie, d. 
of the late Herr Friedrich Oppermann, of Hanover. Address Grasmere, Simla. 

SiiELTON, Mortimer Hesrt Clifton, b. 14 Sept., 1848, s. of Joseph Charles 

Shelton, Esq., Foregate St., Worcester, and nephew of 

G. L. Sbelton, Esq., 2, Brunswick Terrace, Southsea. 

Sch. and Prizeman Pemb. Coll. Camb. 18G8, 3 CI. Tripos, B.X. 1872 ; |§.©., d 1873, 

7) 1875, C. Cardiff 1873-5, Wrexham 1876-9, Assist. Chapl. Portland Prison 

1880-9, Assist. Chapl. Pentonville Prison 1889-97, Chapl. Borstal Prison 1897- 

1902. fH 1878, Jlary Elizabeth Maiden, of Eaton Socon, Beds. Address 

Nurton, Tenbury, Salop. 

Somerset, Frank (A), b. 31 Oct., 1848, s. of Francis Flower Somerset, Esq., 
Northbrook St., Newbury, Berks. 
Stud. Royal Academy 1870 ; then in Paris ; has twice exhibited in Academy and 
Salon. Address Brockenhurst, Hants. 

SwAK, Richard (to F), b. 17 Dec, 1850, e. s. of Eev. Richard Charles Swan, E. 

of HothQeld, near Ashford, Kent, and Elizabeth Denne, his 

wife, d. of C. Whittle, Esq., of Camberwell. 

Kelle Coll. Oxon 1870, 2 Theol. B.A. 1874, M.A. 1877 ; 5^.©., d 1874, p 1875, 

C. West Peckham 1874-80, V. West Peckham, Maidstone, since 1880. ffl 21 

April, 1881. Marion Elizabeth, d. of Michael Martyn Williams, Esq. Address 

AVest Peckham Vicarage, Maidstone. 

SHORT HALF, 1864. 

Altiiam, Altham Surtees (C), b. 23 Jan., 1851, e. s. of Major William 

Surtees Altliam, of Tinibercombe, Aisholt, Somerset, and 

Henrietta, his Ist wife, d. of Edward Barrett Sloulton- 

Barrett, Efq., J. P., of Hope End, Herefordshire (bro. of 

Edward Altham, below, p. 231). 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1809, 4 Theol. B.A. 1873, M.A. 1870 ; ]ij.®., d 1874, p 1875, C. St. 

Mary Magd., Taunton 1874-80, Holy Triuitv, Taunton 1880-7, V. Holy Trinitv, 

Taunton 1887-90, C. Wellingborough 1890-1, V. Wellingborough 1891-1903, 

Chapl. Wellingborough Union 1891-1903, Chapl. St. Michael's Home, Cheddar, 

since 1903 ; he was one of the three clergymen whose practice gave rise to the 

decision with regard to the legality of Reservation in the Church of England, 

delivered by the Archbishops of Canterbury .ind York T May, 1900. £H 26 

April, 18S1, Bertha Emma, e. d. of Kcv. Francis Fisher, V. of Hilmarton, 

Wilts. Address St. Michael's Parsonage, Axbridge, Somerset. 

Bennett, Henry Currie Leigh- (B), b. 25 July, 1852, e. s. of Rev. Henry Leigh- 
Bennett, of Thorpe Place, Chertscy, Surrey, and Caroline, 
his wife, 2nd d. of George Henry Crutchley, Esq., Sunning- 
hill Park, Berks. 
Sch. Xew Coll. Oxon 1871, 3 CI. Mod. 1873, 3 Jur. B.A. 1875; Bart. Inner T. 
1H7S, Oxford Circ. ; J. P., D.b. Surrey ; JI.P. (C.) Chertsey Division of Surrey 
Feb., 1897 ; Director London .and S.W. Railway Co. 1900 ; Member Surrey 
Countv Council ; Chairman of Chertsey R.D. Council and Thorpe Parish 
Counc'il. fH 23 July 187S, Florence Nightingale, 3rd d. of Thomas Miller 
Mackay, Esq., of 4, Earl's Court Sq., S.W. 13 7 March, 1903. Of. Wyk. viii. 
(n. 400') 490. 
Bernard, Artiipk Mottstague (C), b. 25 Dec, 1851, 2nd s. of Canon Thomas 
Dehany Bernard, Chancellor of Wells Cathedral, and 
Caroline, his wife, d. of Benjamin Linthorne, Esq., of Hi>;h 
Hal), Dorset. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1871,3 Hist. 1874, B.A. 1875; Barr. Inner T. 1878, Western 
Circ. ; .T.P. and Conntv Alderman Suffolk. {B. 1881, Katharine Jlarv, d. of 
Ri\-. William F. tiore. Address Rookwnod, CoiKlock, Suffolk. Clui 

198 Winchester CoLtEofi. 1864 

BitADSHAW, Heney CrsT (B), b. 28 Oct., 1849, s. of James Edward Bradshaw, 
Esq., of Darcy Lever Hal), Lanes., and Fair Oak Park, 
Hants, and Frances Lamb, his wife, d. of Ficv. John 
Formerly resided at Biarritz. 

Bbdsskill, AViLLiAM Fawcett, b. 2G Feb., 1819, nephew of Fiobert Hurrell, 
Esq., of Buckland Tout Saint?, Devon. 
St. Peter's Coll. Camb. 1868. ffl 1872, Annie, d. of Samuel Elliot, Esq., Mount 
Galpine, Devon. JB 1875. 

Bkvaks, Henry Allen (f), b. 29 July, 1850, 2nd s. of Rev. William Bryans, 
Whitchurch, Salop, and Sophia Anna, his wife, y. d. of the 
Et. Rev. John Lonsdale, Bishop of Lichfield. 
St. John's Coll. Oxon 1871, B.A. 187-}, M.A. 1878 ; |B.©., rf 1874, ;) 1875, Assist. 
Diocesan Inspector of Schools, Diocese of London 1878, C. of Frees, Shrews- 
bury 1874-77, C'hapl. .at Ajaccio 1877-8. JB at Ajaccio, 27 Jiin., 1883. 

Burnett, AVilliam Gobdos (B), b. 1 Sept., 1849, s. of Rev. William Burnett 
(t 1827), V. of Boxgrove, Chichester. 

Cohen, George Manchester, b. 5 Feb., 1851, only s. of Richard Whil.aker 

Colien, Esq., of Shacklewell, Middlesex. 

Council of Legal Education, Prizeman Roman Law 1881, Common Law 1882 ; Barr. 

Middle T. 1882, S.E. Circ. fH 187.^, Jessie Eliza Aunie, d. of John Steavcn- 

son, Esq., 5, Belsizc Park, N.W. Resided at Teddington, Middlesex. B 14 

Feb., 1901. 

CoLBECK, William (+), b. 25 Oct., 1850, s. of Rev. William Royde Colbeck, 
B.D., V. of Fressingfield, Suifolk, and Anna Jane, his wife, 
only d. of William Bunn, Esq., of Harlestun. 
Emm. Coll. Camb. 1870. 1) unmarried about 1895. 

CoBBiE, WiLLLiM Malcolm (A), b. 3 April, 1851, 2nd s. of John Malcolm 
Corrie, Esq., of The Elms, lichen Abbis, and Fanny, his 
wife, d. of Williiim Wynne, Esq., of Itcheii Abbas. 
Colonial Broker, 49, Eastchcap. V.X. ffloO .•\pril, 1878, Margaret Louisa, y. d. of 
Macgregor Laird, Esq. Ai.Uirffs Sunmerdyue, Goldsworth, Woking. 

Debing, Lionel Ashton (f), b. 17 Sept., 1850, y. s. of Cholmely Charles 
AVilliam Dcring, Esq., of 2, Chapel St., Grosvenor Sq., 
London, and Ayot St. Lawrence, Herts, and Chariot 
Mary, his 2nd wife, 2nd d. of Sir AVilliam AValtcr l^ea, 
Left July, 18fin. fH 20 Sept., 187fi, Katharine Edith, d. of Burton /Vrcher Burton, 
Esq., of Woodlands, Hants. 13 15 May, 1890. 

DiCKEB, Alfred Cecil, b. 12 March, 1852, s. of John Campbell Dicker, Esq., ot 
AVest Moulsev, Surrey. 
St. John's Coll. Camb. 1872, l')(nvning Coll. B.A. 1879, M.A. 1891 [Fniversily 
Sculls 187.^, AVingfield Sculls 1873-4] ; |t).®., d 1879,;) 1880, C. St. Jlarv, 
Kilburn 1879-81, V. Newchurch, Isle of AVight 1881-93, R. St.. Maurice, 
AVinchester, since 1893, and of St. Ijiwrence, Winchester )904-fi, R. Lowick, 
Thrapston 190fi. fH 1885, Constance Ellon, d. of Alexander Palmer M.acEwcn, 
Esq., of Park INIount, Southsea, Hants. Address Lowick Rectory, Thrapston. 

DicKEB, Gerald Campbell, b. 12 Jlay, 185,'^, bro. of the above. 

Trin. Coll. Camb. 1871. U.A. 1S7(;, M.A. 1879 [Cniversily VIIL 187,i] ; Capt. R. 
Glamorgan L.l. Milili.i 1S77; If).©., d 1878, ;) 1879. C. St. Andrew, Liverpool 
1R78-84, V. St. John, Birkenhead 1884-1904, K. Mol.berley, Cheshire, since 1904. 
ffl I** .\pril, 1901, Frances Margaret, d. of Carmichael Anstruther 
IMilligan, Kaq., of Belgr.ino, Birkenhead. Address Mobberley Rectory, 

1864 Winchester College. 199 

DuuMMuND, llu-N. KoBEUT CuAELKS (C), h. 2 Sept., 1850, 3id s. of William 

Henrj', 9lh Viscount Strathallau, and Christina Maria 

Hersey, his wife, y. d. of Robert Baird, Esq. 

Lieut. 72nd Ee<!t. 1873, C-ipt. 1st Batt. Seafoith Highlanders_1882, A.D.C. to Lieut. - 

Governor of Bengal 1877-80, served in Afgliau War 18/8-80, with Kuran and 

Cabul Field Forces, Marcli from Cabul to Candahar (despatches, medal, and 

two clasps, bronze star) ; Eg^'ptian War 1882 ; retired 1886. Address Naval 

and Jlilitary Club, 94, Piccadilly, W. 

FuWLER, HuuH Newell (t), b. 15 May, 1853, 2ud s. of Eev. Hugh Fowler, 

Head Master of the Grammar School, Bidelbrd, Devon, and 

Mary, his wife, only d. of William Weekes, Esq., of 

Willestrew, Tavistock. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1871, 2 CI. Mod. 1873, 2 CI. 1875, B..\. 1876, M..\. 1878; 

|B.®., d 1878, p 1879, Assist. Master at Malvern Coll. 1876-88, L. Pr. Dioc. 

Ctiichestor 1890-1904, R. Coryton, Devon, since 1904. fB 29 April, 1886, 

Gertrude Marion, d. of Rev. J. B. Freer, Ineumb. of Trinity Church, Hamilton, 

Bermuda. Address Coryton Rectory, Lew Down, Devon. 

Freese, John Henry (t), b. 6 March, 1852, at Wimbledon, s. of John Welling- 
ton Freese, Esq. 
St. John's Coll. Camb. 1870, 1 ,CI. Tripos B.A. 1874, M.A. 1877, Fellow 1875 ; 
Assist. Master Repton School 1874 ; afterwards at St. Paul's School, London ; 
author of " A Short Popular History of Crete" 1897, and other works. Address 
6, Lime St., N.W. 

B'here, George Alfred, b. 17 Dec, 1849, only s. of Capt. John James 

Baithulomew Edward Frere, E.N., of Hove, Brighton, and 

Anne, his wife, d. of George Frere, Esq., of Twyford House, 


St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford 1869 ; R.inkcr, Newcastlc-on-Tj-nc. IH 29 Sept., 1885, 

Leslie Baillic, d. of Roderick Dempster, Esq., of Forres, N.B. Address Elder* 

field Forest Hall, Ncwcastle-on-Tyne. 

GoDBT, Michael John (f). See above, p. 195. 

Green, Frederick Thomas (f), b. 21 June, 1851, e. s. of Eev. Frederick 
Septimus Green, of Wrexham. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1869-74, 2 CI. Mod. 1871, 3 CI. 1873, B.A. 1874 ; Barr. Inner 
T. 1877, Oxford Circ. ; Inspector of Schools 1880 ; present district Birmingham, 
with boroughs of Aston JIanor and Sutton Coldflcld. fR Aug., 1898, Florence 
Helen, 3rd d. of Wilson, V.sq., of Browne's Green, Birmingham. 
Address 48, llagley Rd., Edgbaston, 

tiREKsiDK, Charles Evelyn (B), b. 1 Feb., 1850, s. of Charles Kuowles 

Grcuside, Esq., of OakBeld, Wimbledon. 

Solicitor 1878, practising down to 1904 in London (first at 114a, Chancery Lane; 

afterwards at 27, St. Geor;;e St., Westminster), and at Wimbledon (5, Ridgway 

Place). fH 1883, Anna Harrietj d. of Col. S. A. Avendrup, of Copenhagen. 

Address Oakficld, Copse Hill, Wimbledon. Club Constitutional. 

IIkvc.ate, Ambrose (t), b. 2 Oct., 1852, bro. of William Augustine and 
Lancelot, above, pp- 159, 185, and of Bernard, below, p. 208. 
Kcble Coll. Oxon 1871, 3 Thcol. B.A. 1874, M.A. 1879; 5l>.©., </ 187.i, p 1876, 
Vice-Principal St. John's Theol. Coll. Newfoundland 1876-82, C. St. John's 
Cathedral, Newfoimdland 1882-91, Dom. Chapl. to Bishop and Dioc. Reg. 
1884-91, Chnpl. Arlcy. Cheshire 1892-6, V. Ashton Haves 1896-1904, V. 
St. James, ('nngletoii,"since 1904. ffl 26 Jan., 1887, Jeau,"d. of John Gcuunel 
MacNab, Esq. Adihcss St. Jaines'ti Vicarage, Couglcton. 

200 Winchester College. 1864 

HiLi., Charles Eowland Hatdock (t), b. 9 June, 1851, e. s. of Chules Hiil, 
Esq., of Mansfield St., London, and Berry Hill, Notts., and 
Marianne Kmily, hU wife, e. d. of John Jones-Bateman, 
Esq., of Portland Place, Lotdon, and Pentremawr, Derby- 
Sch. New CoU. Oson 18G9-74, 2 CI. Mod. 1871. 2 Modern Hist. B.A. 1S73, M.A. 
1876 ; 1^.©., d 1875, p 187G, C. St. Peter, Bournemouth 1875-80, St. Michael, 
Boumemonth 1880-1, St. Stephen, Bournemouth 1881-5, R. Frome St. Quentin, 
Dorset 1885-9, V. Christ, Church, W. Fordington, Dorset 1889-94, L'i-nie Ke^is 
1894-8, R. Holv Trinity, Dorchester, since 1898, Cinon of Salisbury since 1901. 
fH 10 July, 1884, Ellen Maria, y. d. of Hon. Edward Bennet Wrottesley. 
Address Holy Trinity Rectory, Dorchester, Dorset. 
HcMPHEKT, Edmukd Cubitt (A), b. 8 Oct., 1849, e. s. of John Humpherj', 
above, p. 69, and bro. of Ernest John, Francis William, 
Herbert Charles, and Stanley, below, pp. 213, 235, 252, 275. 
Wharfinger, Hibemia Wharf, London Bridge, E.C. Q at 63, Prince's Gate, S.W., 
16 June, 1901. 

Hdstikgfobd, Edward Walter (B), b. 6 June, 1849, s. of Kev. Edward 

Huntingford, D.C.L. (f 1831), of Wimbledon, and Anne 

Caroline, his wife, y. d. of Major-Gen. Walter Tre uenheere, 


Oriel Coll. Oxon 18i;7 ; Lieut. E. Wilts. Militia 1871 ; Sub-Lieut. 1st West India 

Regt. 1873. D at Cape Coast Castle of fever June, 1874. 

HuRRELL, Hekry, b. 1 Nov., 1848, 3rd s. of Robert Hurrell, Esq., of Buckland 
Tout Saints, Devon (bro. of Arthur William, below, p. 218). 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 1867, LL.B. 1871 ; B.irr. Inner T. 1873, Western Circ. ; joint-author 
with C. J. Hyde of "The Law of Joint-Stock Compauies" 1884, "The L,iw of 
Directors and Officers of Joint-Stock Companies," 3rd ed. 1896, "The Joint- 
Stock Companies Practical tiuide," 7th ed. 1900. Addresses 4, Pump Court, 
Temple, E.C. ; Chapter House, Willesden Green, N.W. 

Ingram, Charles Louis Nathaniel, b. 9 June, 1849, bro. of William James, 
above, p. 11)2. 
Capt. R. Surrey Militia. fH 18 Dec, 187", Lucy Frances, d. of Francis A. Davis, 
Esq., of Anglesea Lodge, Surbiton, Surrey. Addressee 86, Onslow Gardens, 
Kensington ; Elstcad House, Elstead, Surrey. 

Irvise, Alexander Quentin Hamilton (to G), b. 29 Oct., 1851, 2iid 

(e. surv.) s. of Alexau' er Forbes Irvine, Esq., LL.D., of 

Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire, and Anna Margaretta, his 

wife, 2nd d. of Col. Jonathan Forbes Leslie, of Eothie 

Norman (bro. of Fiaucis Hugh Forbes, below, p. 225). 

First Senior Prefect in "Culver Lea" ; Sch. New" Coll. Oxon 1870, 2 CI. Mod. 1872, 

3 CI. 1874 ; Stud. Line. Inn 1873. Q at Drum Castle, 9 Sept., 1875. 

Jebb, Heneage Horslev, b. 24 March, 1S.")0, s. of Piobirt Jebb, Esq., of 85, 

Middle Abbey St., Dublin, and Desmond,' KiUluey, co. 

Dublin, and Emily Harriet, his wife, d. of the Very Kev. 

Heneage Horsley, Dean of Brechin. 

Line. Coll. Oxon 1 868, B.A. 1873, M.A. 1883 ; Jt).©., d 1881, p 1,882, C. Christ Church, 

Toxteth Park, Liveriiool 1881-3, V. Awliscombc, Devon 1883-95, R.D. Dunkes- 

well and Honiton 1.S90-5, R. Battlesden with Poltesgrove 1895-1904, R.D. of 

Fleet 1899-1904, R. Streatham 1904; author of a pamphlet on "A National 

Provident Society for the Poor" 1889. ffli 1879, Ger.ilduie Croker, d. of Yen. 

John Abraham Russell, Archdeacon of Clogher. Address St. Leonard's Lodge, 

Streatham, S.W. 

Johnson, IIenbt James (B), b. 14 June, 1851, e. s. of Manuel John Johnson, 

Esq., Raiicliffe Observer, Oxford (from 3, Powis Rd., 

Brighton), and Caroline, his wife, d. of James Adey Ogle, 

M.D., Prof. Med. Clin. O.xon. 

Trin. Coll. Oxon 1869, 2 CI. Mod. 1871, B.A. 1873, M.A. 1876; Solicitor 1879 

(Messrs. AValtons, Bubb * Johnson, 101, Leadenhall St., E.C). ffl 1884, 

Fraiilein Pauline Hiutcrhuber, of Salzburg. Addiess 55, Sloaue Gardens, S.W. 

1864 Winchester College. 201 

Lean, James (C), b. 20 Aug., 1849, e. s. of James Leau, Esq., B.C.S., Lyntoti, 

N. Devon, and Mavia Burvill, his wife, e. d. of Major 

Holme.", 12th Regiment, Bengal Infantry (bro. of William 

Walter and Alan Ivan, below, pp. 229, 459). 

M.-inascr South Petlierton Branch of Stuckey's Banking Co., Ltd. ; J.P. Somerset. 

iQ 1880, Eliza M. , d. of Rev. Preb. James Stratton Coles, R. of Shepton 

Beauchauip, Somerset. Address Shepton Beauehamp, Ilminster. 

Lefroy, Charles James Maxwell- (C), b. 13 Sept., 1848, e. p. of Cbarlea 

Edward Lefroy, Esq., of Itchel Manor, Farnliani, and 

Janet, bis wife, d. of James Walker, Esq., F.R.S. 

Cornet 14th Hussars 1868, Lieut. 1870, Capt. 1871, retired 1872 ; Capt. Hants 

Yeomanry 1873. ffl 1S72, Elizabeth Catherine, d. of Alfred H. McClintock, 

Esq., of CO. Louth. Address Court House, Crondall, Farnham. 

Lempkiere, Reginald Raoul (C), b. 8 Dec, 1851, only s. of Rev. William 

Lempriere, of Rozel Manor, Jersey, Seigneur of Eozel and 

Dielamoiit, and Julia Anne, his wife, d. of Thomas Moore 

Wayne, E-;q., of Manor House, South VVarnborougb, Hants. 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1870 ; Hertf. Coll. O.Kon 1873, B.A. 1875, M.A. 1878 ; Barr. Inner T. 

187.5 ; Constable of St. Martin's, Jersey 1880-3 ; Jurat of the Royal Court, Jersey 

1894; Lieut. 2nd Royal Jersey Militia 1873, Capt. 1881; appointed Viscount 

of Jersey 1894. JiBl"ll May, 1891, Clementine Justine Fanny, only child of 

Baron von Giiltlingen, of Stuttgart. Address Rozel Manor, Jersey. 

Maconochie, Charles Cokxelius, b. 1852 (3rd s.), bro. of John Allan, above, 

p. 193. 

Edinburgh Univ. M.A. ; Advocate Scotch Bar 1876 ; K.C. 1904 ; one of the Lord 

Advocate's Deputies 1889 ; Sheriff Substitute for the Lothians and Peebles 

1890 ; Sheriff since 1904. ^ 1882, Alice Mary, d. of Robert Robertson, Esq., 

of Auchlceks, Perthshire. Address 05, Northumberland St., Edinburgh. 

Moberly, Selvvvn William (to G), b. 27 May, 1854, y. s. of Rev. George 
Moberly, above, p. 6, and bro. of Georiie Herbert, Arthur, 
Rob-TC Campbell, John Cornelius, Edward Hugh, and 
Walter Allan, above, pp. 113, 127, 151, IGI, 182, 189. 
S on Easter Eve, 8 April, 1871. Inscription in Cloisters ; buried in Winchester 
MoRicE, Frakcis David (C), b. 23 June, 1849, e. s. of David Simpson Morice, 
Esq., of Canterbury, and Frances Charlotte, his w ifc, y. d. of 
Rev. William Marsliall, B.D., V. of Chickerell, Dorset. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1S6C, 2 CI. Mod. 18fi8, 1 CI. 1870, B.A. 1871, M.A. 1873, 
Latin Essay 1871, Craven Scholar 1872, Fellow of Queen's Coll. Oxon since 
1871, Lecturer and Succentor of Queen's Coll. 1871-4 ; |tj.(©., d 1873, p 1874, 
Assist. Master at Rugby School 1874-94 ; author of a tcinslation of Pindar's 
(Ides into English verse 1876, "Stories in Attic Greek" 1878, "Pindar for 
English Readers" 1879. Address Brunswick, Woking, 
Movle, John Bakon (f), b. 19 Dec, 1852, bro. of Walter, above, p. 185. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1871-fi, 1 CI. Mod. 1873, 1 CI. 1875, B.A. 1876, M.A. 1878, 
B.C.L. 1879, D.C.L. ; Fellow of New Coll. since 1876, Tutor since 1879, Sub- 
Warden 1880, Junior Bursar 1881, Bursar 1895 ; Law-Lecturer Jesus Coll. 18S3 ; 
Barr. Line. Inn 1881. fE 4 Jan., 1894, Mary Folhcrgill, d. of John Park 
Robinson, Esq., solicitor, Liverpool and London. Address New College, 
Ravnor, George Sydney (f), b. 9 Oct., 1852, at Lythe, Yorks., e. a. of Rev. 
George Raynor, afterwards R. of Hazcleigh, near Maiden, 
and Margaret, liis wife, e. d. of S.amuel Sandars, Esq., of 
Lockers, Hemel Hempstead (bro. of Philip Edwin and 
Charles Leonard, below, pp. 230, 254). 
Left 18G9 ; Sch. St. John's Coll. Camb. 1871, 1 CI. B.A. 1875, M.A. 1878 ; ?^.(©., 
d 1876, p 1877, Assist. Master of Repton School 1875-8, coaching at Sutton Court, 
Chiswick 1878-81, Head Master Kensington Grammar School 18SI-7. fB. 
!> Sept., 1878, H. Francis, 2nd d. of W. G. Cursbam, Esq., of Wilford, Notts. 
E) at Portsmouth, 1 Sept., 1887. Cf. Wvk. v. (n. 221) 183. 

202 Winchester College. 1864 

EoYDs, Alfked LiTTLEDALE, b. 11 Oct., 1850, 2nd s. of Eev. Eiward Royds, 

11. of Bieretou, Cheshire, aud Aone Mary, his wife, only d. 

of Thomas Litiledale, Esq., of Highfield House, West Derbr. 

Trin. Hall Camb. 1871, B.A. 1874, M.A. 1877; |t;.©-, d 1875, p 1876, C. Louth 

1875-8, St. John, Hammersmith 1878-9, P.C. Chelford, Crewe 1879-95, K. 

Brercton since 1895. fH 13 Aug., 1885, Eleanor Gcorgina, y. d. of John Dixon, 

Esq., of Astle Hall, Chelford. Addrtss Brereton Rectory, Sandbach. 

Russell, John Gkey (A), b. 27 Aug., 1849, s. of John Alexander liussell, 
Esq., 32, Pembridge Garden?, London. 
At Eugbv 1862-4 ; Indian Merchant (Messrs. Bevis, Kussell i Co., 3a, King William 
Street, E.C.). B at Scravcls, Brooniticld, Chelmsford, 11 April, 1904. 

SCUDAMORE, ClIABLES JOSEPH RoPER (to II), b. 7 Nov., 1853, s. of Mrs. 
Scudamore, Royal Hotel, Koss (then at Weymouth). 
Sub-Lieut. 2nd Middlesex Militia 1874 ; M.agd. Coll. Canib. 1877 ; Solicitor 1885, 
practising at 27, Chancery Lane, London, W.C, down to 1889. 

Simeon, Lionel Baerington, b. 6 Nov., 1842 (4th s.), bro. of Philip Barrington 
and Algernon Barrington, above, pp. 155, 166. 
Mid. R.N. 1867, Sub-Lieut. 1872, retired 1872 ; Cooper's Hill C.E. Coll. ; Assoc. 
Memb. Inst. C.E. 1879; Executive Eogineer Indian Public Works Dept., 
NaiuiTal. N.W.P. India 1887. ffl 3 .Vug., 1876, Elizabeth, d. of Sir John 
Wither Awdry, Knt., of Notton House, Wilts. Q at Chacombe, Bournemouth, 
30 Aug, 1896. 

Tanner, Charles Kearns Deake, b. 20 Sept., 1849, s. of William Kcarns 
Tanner, Esq., M.D., Lapps Island, Cork. 
Queen's Coll. Cork, B.A. 187'2, M.D. and M.Cl. 1876, L.R.C.S.I. 1875, L.K.Q.C.P. 
and L.M. 1875; studied also at Berlin and Leipzig; Surgeon Cork Southera 
Infirm, and Co. Hosp. ; formerly Demonstrator of Anatomy, Queen's Coll. 
Cork ; Mayor of Cork 1890 ; M.P. Mid. Div. Cork Co. (ParncUite) 1885-95, 
and (Anti-Parnellite) 1895-1901 ; received into the Roman Catholic Church 
1897. iW 1888, Elizabeth Andriah, only child of Capt. J. McDonnell Webb, 
4th Dragoon Guards, of Rosanna, co. Cork. 13 at Great Western Hotel, 
Reading, 21 April, 1901. 

Tetlet, Arthur Joshua (C), b. 27 Mareli, 1851, 2ud ?. of Francis William 
Tetlev, Esq., of Leeds. 
Ens. 81st Regt. 1870, Lieut. 1871, Capt. 1880, exchanged into 106th Regt. 1881, 

Udall, Thomas Bebteam, b. 10 Dec, 1851, e. s. of Thomas Udall, Esq., of 
Queen's Coll. Oxon 1869, 1 Nat. Sc. B.A. 1873. M.A. 1876; Barr. Line. Inn 1876, 
Oxford Circ. ; Conveyancer, practising at 9, Brunswick St., Ncwcastle-under- 
Lvmc ; Ens. 16th Stafford R.V.C. 1870, Lieut. 187:i, Capt. 1876 ; Major let 
V.B. North Stafford Regt. 1889, V.D. 1892. f?l !;! Sept., 1881, Ellen Frances, 
2nd d. of Joseph Sydney Beaiicharup, Esq., of Hurst Cottage, Twyford, Berks. 
Address The Limes, Hartshull, Stokc-ou-Treut. 

Walker, Hugh Richard (f), b. 3 Feb., 1853, bro. cf George Herbert Dacres 
and Phillip Canoll, above, pp. 155, 173, aud of George 
Cas.=on, below, p. 222. 
13 at Great Billing, 15 May, 1870. 
WicKHAM, Gordon Bolles (A), b. 20 April, 1850, s. of Rev. Frederick Wickham, 
above, p. 12. 
New Coll. 0.xon 1869, 4 Theol. B.A. 1872, M.A. 1876 ; J).®., d 1873, p 1874, C. 
Ne^vton Ferrers, 1873-5, P.C. Crookham lS7.'')-S.'i, Assist. Win. Coll. Mission, 
Landport 1883-6, V. Bradford .Mihns since 18811. ffl 7 June, 1887, Sidney 
Katherine, 2nd d. of Lord Frederick Herbert Kerr, of The Lea, Crookham, 
I'aruham. Address Bradford Abbas Vicarage, Sherborne, Dorset. 

AViNTER, John Aeundel (B), b. 28 July, 1851, s. of John Winter, Esq., of 
Bishop's Lydcard, Taunton. 
Ens. 70th Regt. 1869-73, Lieut. West Somerset Yeomanry 1874, Capt. 1883, Major 
188!). ffl 187.1, Rosa, d. of John F. Norman, Esq., of Staple Grove, Taunton. 

1864-5 Winchester College. 203 

YouLE, William Edwabd (A), b. 6 Sept., 1850, oa!y s. of Frederick Youle, 
Esq., Tower St., Hackney. 
St. Joho's CoU. Oxon 1871, St. Allan's Hall B.A.. 1880. fE 1877, Amy M., d. of 
W. C. Thompson, Esq., of Buenos Ayres. S 22 June, 1881. 

LONG HALF, 1865. 

Acton, William Jonx, e. f. of William ActoD, E?q., surgeon, of 17, Queen 
Anne's St., Cavendisli Sq., London, and Fern Acres, 
Fulmcr, Buck?., and Sarah Jane, bis wife, only surv. d. of 
Alexander Tabberer, Esq., of Warwick. 

Adams, Herbert Cbanstodn (A), b. 1 1 March, 1851, s. of Col. Henry Cianstonn 

Adam?, of Lion House, Exmouth, and Matilda Winsloe, 

bis wife. 3rd d. of Thomas Patlon, Egq., of Bishop's Hull 

House, Somerset (bro. of Arthur Elford, below, p. 206). 

Solicitor 1874, practising at E.'cniouth ; Lieut. 1st Devon Arlillerv- Vols. 18G8, 

Capt- 1>^74, Maior 1886, AM). 1892, Hon. Col. 1896, Lieut.-Col. 1902. fH 1884, 

Emma .\nnie Isabel, d. of Rev. Henrj- Percy, Canon of Carlisle. Address 2, 

The Beacon, Exmouth. 

Atkinson (-Grimshaw), Erxest Anthony (f!), b. 9 March, 1853, 3rd s. of 
Eev. Richard Atkinson, V. cf Cockerham, Garstang, who 
assumed the additional surname of Grimshaw by Royal 
Licence in 1877, and Anna Maria, his wife, y. d. of Rev. 
C. H. Hollett, of Higham, near Canterbur}'. 

Barry, John Warren (to H), b. 13 Aug., 1851, e. p. of Rev. John Barry, R. of 

Great Smeaton, Northallerton, and Letitia, his wife. d. of 

Rev. Thomas Warren Mercer, V. of Northallerton (bro. of 

Robert Mercer, below, p. 22<i). 

First Senior Prefect in Eev. J. T. Bramston's House ; C.C.C. Oxon, 2 CI. Mod. 

1872, 2 CI. B.A. 1874, M.A. 1888 ; J.P. North Kiding, Yorks. ; Acting Consul 

Corsica 1883; author of articles on Arboriculture in the Journal of f'oreitri/, 

etc. ; F.K.U.S. 1881. Address Fyling Hall, Fylingdales, Scarborough. 

Bellairs, Henry Reginald Lancaster (C), b. 5 Feb.. 1852, 4th s. of Eev. 

Charles Bellairs, of Buckley Mount, Mould, and Anna 

Maria, his wife, e. d. of John Isherwood, Esq., of Marble 

H. 11, Cheshire. 

To Lancing Coll. ; AVorc. Coll. Oxon 1871, 3 Jur. B.A. 1874 ; to Australia. D 30 

March, 1870, on passage from Melbourne to London. 

BoLiNGBROKE, LoDis Errington (A), b. 22 May, 1852, 8. of Frederick Boling- 
brokc, Esq., The Unthanks, Hcighani, Norwich. 
Solicitor 1874 (Certificate of Merit), practising at Norwich, ffl 1880, Emily 
Beatrice, d. of John Bolingbroke Cooper, Esq., of Liverpool. Address 28, 
London St., Norwich. 

Brierley, Alfred, bro. of Philip Henry, above, p. 170. 

BnowNE, Henry Pryor (B), b. 1 July, 1851, bro. of George Harrington, above, 
p. 174. 
Caius Coll. Camb. 1870 ; B.A. 1875 ; succeeded his father at Charlton Barrow, 
Dorset. 4 Jan., 1888. 

Camibell, Duncan (B), b. 9 May, 1852, e. ». of Rev. Duncan Campbell, R. of 
Pcnbridge, Dorset, and Charlotte Savage, his wife, onlj- child 
of Lieut. -Col. Adara Gordon Campbell, Knight of Windsor, 
and relict of W. P. Foley, Eeq., of the 16th Regt. 

204 Winchester College. 1865 

Clode, Geokge John (C), b. 28 April, 1851, e. s. of Charles Matthew Clode, 

Esq., C.B., of 47, Phillimore Gardens, London, Solicitor to 

the War Office (bro. of Walter Baker, below, p. 243). 

Business in London 1873 \ then in S. Africa ; now farming in Vancouver, British 

Columbia. £-H Miss K. Smith, of Pietermaritzburg, Natal. Addrcus 

Vancouver, B.C. 

Crosse, Thomas W.\rren, b. 1852, 2nd s. of Edmund Crosse, Esq., of 28, 

Princes Sq., Kensington Garden.", London (bro. of Herbert 

Lewis, below, p. 257). 

Ball. Coll. O.xon 1871, 1 Sc. 1874, B.A. 187.5 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1878. fH 

3 Oct., 1890, Cecilia, y. d. of the late JIajor John Andover Wood, 2nd Madras 

Europeans. Address 10, Cresswell Gardens, S.W. 

Ghanvii.le, Augustus \Viili.\m, s. of Ecv. Augustus Kerr Bozzi Granville, 
Hatcham Parsonage, Deptford. 
Went into the Merchant Service. 

Gdnnee, William Henry Eidge (B), b. IC July, 1851, e. s. of Charks James 

Gunner, Esq., of Bishop's Waltham, Hants, and Caroline, 

his wife, e. d. of Edward Hale, Esq., of Hambledon, Hants. 

Ens. 47th Regt. 1870, Lieut. 1871, Capt. 1878, Major 1884, exchanged into 5tth 

(■2nd Batt. Dorset) Kegt. 1886, Lieut.-Col. 1891 (retired). fH 1879, Laura 

Elizabeth, d. of Alfred Clegg, Esq., of Cheethiim Hill, Manchester. Addict's 

West St., Porchester, Famham. 

Hunter, Robert Lewis (C), b. 12 March, 1852, 2nd s. of Richard Hunter, Esq., 

9, Kew Sq., Lincoln's Inn, solicitor. 

B.N.C. Oxon 1870, B.A. 1873, M.A. 1877 ; Solicitor 1877, pracUsing at 9, New 

Sq., Lincoln's Inn ; Clerk to the Masons' Comp-anv since 1886. fH 1877, 

Gertrude, d. of T. Devas, Esq., of Wimbledon. Address 115, Eaton Sq., S.W. 

Jacobson', Charles Longley, b. 9 April, 1852 (3rd s.), bro. of William 
Bowstead Richards and Walter Hamilton Acland, above, 
pp. 130, 172. 
In business in South America, and in the City of London. O 1897. 

Kell, Waldegrave Charles Fearn, b. 17 Sept., 1850, s. of Robert John Kell, 
Esq., of 37, York Place, Portraan Sq., Loudon. 
Ens. 9th Eegt. 1869, Lieut. 1871, exchanged into 88tli Kegt. 1874, Capt. 1879, 
exchanged into 38th Regt. 1879, Major 1883, Adjut. 1st Stafford Slilitia JSSl-6, 
Capt. 3rd Batt. (Militia) South Stafford Regt. 1886, Lieut.-Col. 1886, re-'^igued 
Commission 28 March, 1890 ; served in South African War 1877-9, including 
Neumarka and Quintana Mountain (despatches, medal and clasp). fH (1) 
1873, Georgiana Augusta, v. d. of Count; Alexander Konarski ; (2) 4 Aug., 
1894, Lilla Gerard Green, widow of Dr. J. W. Jlitchcll, and d. of Samuel S. 
Green, Esq., of Springfield, Mass., U.S..\. 

Lee, Geokge Herbert (A), b. 11 April, 1850, bro. of Arthur BoUes, above, 
p. 189, and of Alfred Cullingwood, below, p. 258. 
Brewer. Address 17, Sewardstonc Kd., W'altbam Abbey, Essex. 
Lucas, William Henrv, b. 24 Jan., 1851, bro. of George Philips, above, p. 146, 
and of Charles Prestwood, below, p. 209. 
Went to U.S.A. 1874. ID at Tucson, Arizon.a, 18 Aug., 1897. 

Merivale, John Herman, b. 19 May, 1851, c. s. of Rev. Charles Merlvale, R. of 

Lawford, Essex, afterwards Uein of Ely, and Judith Mary 

Sophia, his wife, y. d. of George Fiere, Esq., of Bedford 

Sq., London. 

Durham Coll. of Science, Newcastle ; Hon. M.A. Durham Univ. 1883 ; Certificated 

Collicrv Manager 1877, Mining Engineer to the Trustees of the Knrl of Carlisle's 

Instates 1876-88, Resident Jlauager Howard's West Hartley Colliery 1877-9, 

Prof, of Mining, Durham Coll. of Science, since 1880, Mining Engineer to the 

liroomhill Coal Co. 1885, and to other companies in thi' Newcastle district ; 

author of " Notes and I'ormulre for Mining Students" 1887. ffl 1878, Blanche, 

e. d. of .lohn R,.bins..n Liddell, Esq., of Netherton, Northumberland. Address 

Togston Hall, Aeklinglon, Northumberland. 

1865 Winchester College. 205 

MowBEAY, Eeginald AMBROSE (C), b. 5 April, 1852, 2ad s. of the Et. Hon. John 
Robert Mowbray, M.P., of VVareunes Wood, Mortimer, 
Berks (afterwards 1st Baronet), and Elizabetli Gray, his 
wife, only child of George Isaac Mowbray, Esq., of Bishop- 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1871, 3 Hist. B.A. 187!, M.A. 1878. Address Warenncs Wood, 
Mortimer, Reading. 

Nicholson, Autiiur William (B), b. 29 Feb., 1852, s. of Capt. William 

Smith Nichohon, of Chiltley, Liphook, and Charlotte 

Elizabeth, his wife, c. d. of Sir Thomas Combe Miller, 6th 


Magd. Coll. Oxon 1870, 4 Hist. 1873, B.A. 1874 [University VIII. 1872, '73, '74, 

Pres. O.U.B.C. 1874] ; Clerk Assistant House of Commons; J. P. and D.L. 

Inveniess-shire. fH 1883, Gertrude Susan, e. d. of Francis Dukinfield Palmer 

Astley, Esq., of Dukinfield, Cheshire, and Arisaig, Inverness-shire. Addresses 

Arisaig House, Fort William, N.B. ; Dunholme, Manor Kd., Bournemouth. 

Palmes, Geobge (f), b. 17 March, 1851, e. s. of Rev. AVilliam Lindsay Palmes, 

of Naburn, V. of Hornsea, and Marianne, his wife, d. of 

Amaziah Empson, Esq., of Spellow Hill, Boroughbridi^e. 

Sch. Line. Coll. Oxon 1870^, 1 CI. Mod. 1872, 3 CI. B.A. 1875, Jl.A. 1878;"Stud. 

Line. Inn 1875 ; 1£?.©., d 1877, p 1878, ('. Horsham 1877-9, V. Hill Farrance, 

Somerset 1881-6,' R. Elstou, Notts. 1887-93. fH 1882, Eva Blanche, y. d. 

of Henry Dalbiac Harrison, Esq., of Holbrook Park, Sussex. Address Naburn 

Hall, Yorks. 

Parky, William Turner, b. 10 Aug., 1853, s. of George Parry, Esq., Docking, 
King's Lynn. 
To Epsom College ; in business. Address c/o The Mercantile Bank of India, Ltd., 
40, Threadneedle St., London, E.C. 

RoDixsoN, Arthur, b. 18 March, 1852 (5th s.), bro. of Julian, above, p. 186, and 
of Hugh Cecil, below, p. 240. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1871. 

Stopford, Cecil Henbt, b. 1 Aug., 1853, 5th s. of Eear-Admiral Robert 
Panshawe Stopford, R.N., Mount Ararat, Richmond, and 
Emily Anna, his 1st wife, d. of Capt. William Wilbraham, 
13 1'3 April, 1877. 

TuoROLD, Edward Hayford (B), b. 2 Dec, 1852, e. p. of Rev. Anthony Wilson 

Thorold, of 16, Bedford Sq., London (afterwards Bishop 

successively of Rochester and Winchester), being his oidy 

child by his 1st wife, Henrietta, d. of Thomas Greene, Esq. 

m 13 Feb., 1871. 

Vowler (-Siucoe), .John Henry Walcot, b. 24 Jan., 185), e. s. of John 
Nicholson Vowler, E.'q., of Parnarott, Devon, and Mary 
Northcote, his wife, 2iid d. of Rev. Henry Addingtou 
Simcoe, of Penheale Manor, Cornwall (bro. of Sidney 
Nicholson below, p. 215). 
Assumed by Royal Licence the additional name of Simcoe in 1899, on succeeding 
his uncle at Penheale. Address Penheale Manor, Egloskerry, R.S.O., Corn- 

White, Rasheiqh Holt- (G), b. 30 March, 1850, 3rd s. of Algernon Holt- 
White, Esq., of Clements Hall, Rochfcrd, Essex, and 
great-great-nephew of Gilbert White, of Selborue. 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 1809, 1 Jur. li.A. 1873 ; II. M. Inspector of Schools 1879 (Liverpool 
district) ; Vice-President of Selborne Society ; editor of "The Butterflies and 
Moths of Teneriffe" (London : L. Reeve .»■■ Co., 1894) ; author of "Life and 
Letters of Gilbert While" 1901. ffl 1879, Agnes Editli, d. of William 
Cracroft Fookes, Esq., Q.C. .4. /</,■<.«• Grivi-l Hill, liexlev. 

20G Winchester College. 1865 

Wilson, Samuel Etres, b. 7 Sept., I80O, stepson of Rev. Samuel Kettlewell, 
Armley Grange, Leeils. 
Trin. Coll. Canib. 1869, B.A. 1873. if[ M.irv Watts, y. d. of ■WiUi.\m Henry 
Michael, Esq., Q.C, AMnss 45, Bedford Sq., W,C. 

SHORT HALF, 1865. 

AcLAXD, Theodore Dvke (B), b. 14: Nov., 1851, 3rd s. of Henry Wentworth 

Acland, Esq., M.D., of Oxford (afterwards 1st Baronet and 

K.C.B.), and Sarah, his wife, e. d. of William Cotton, Esq., 

D.C.L., of Wahvood, Essex (bro. of Reginald Brodie Dyke, 

below, p. 2G0). 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1870, 1 Nat. Sc. li.X. 187J, M.A. 1876 ; M.B. 1880, M.D. 1883; St. 

Thomas's Hosp., Leipzig and Berlin Universities, M.R.C.S. Eug. 1880, M.R.C.P. 

Lond. 1884, F.R.C.P. 1889 ; Principal Med. Officer of Egyptian Army during 

the Cholera Epidemic 1883 (thanked by the Khedive, mentioned in despatches, 

4 CI. Medj.) ; Assist. Physician Brompton Hosp. 1884, St. Thomas's Hosp. 1885 ; 

Physician St. Thomas's Hosp. and Commercial Union Insur. Soc. ; Consulting 

Physician Brompton Hosp. 1905 ; Senior Member of Egyptian and Sud-iu Civil 

Ser\ice Medical Board ; Member of Council of Nat. Soc. for Prevention of 

Tuberculosis ; Examiner in Medicine, Conjoint Board, R. Coll. Physicians ami 

Surgeons, London, and Victoria University, M.anchester ; A'isitor under King 

Edward VII. Hospital Fund ; Medical Officer to R. Commission on Vaccinatiun 

1889-96; editor of "St. Thomas's Hospital Reports" 1893-0, and of "A 

Collection of the Published Writings of Sir W. Gull" 1894 ; contributor to the 

Pathological Soc. Trans. 1886, Lancet 1889, "Diet. Pract. Med." 1889, 

"St. Thomas's Hospital Reports" 1894, "Allbut's System of Medicine" 1896, 

"Practitioner" 1902. fJl 12 April, 1888, Caroline Cameron, only snrv. d. of 

Sir William Withey Gull, M.D., 1st Bart. Address 19, Bryanston Sq., 

London, W. 

Adams, Arthcb Elfohd (A), b. 10 Sept., 1852, bro. of Herbert Cranstoun, 
above, p. 203. 
Solicitor 1874, practising at Truro ; Clerk to the Jlagistrates, West and South 
Powder Divisions ; 2nd Lieut. 1st Devon Artillery Vols. 1809. Address Malpas, 
near Truro. 
Antrobus, Reginald Lawrence (f), b. 5th Sept., IBS-*?, e. s. of Rev. George 
Antrobus (Comin.), V. of St. John's, Withyham, Sussex, 
and Henrietta, his wife, y. d. of Rev. Robert Gream, 
R. of Rotherfield. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1872, 1 CI. Mod. 1.874, 2 CI. B.A. 1876 ; Clerk in Colonial 
Office 1877, Assist. Private Sec. to Earl of Kimberlev 1880-2, Private Sec. to 
late Esrl of Derbv 1882-5, to Col. the Rt. Hon. F. A. S"tanlev, M.P. (now Karl of 
Derbv) 1885-6, to" Earl Granville 1886 ; acted as Governor of St. Ileleua 1889-90, 
Senio"r Clerk 1894, Principal Clerk 1896 ; Assist. Under-Sccrctarv of State, 
Colonial Office, since 1898 ; C.B. 1898. fjl (1) 1880, Seliua Jane, d. of Rev. A. 
Leighton Irwiu ; (2) 1894, Edith Marion, d. of John Robinson, Esq., of 
Liverpool. Address 19, Crauley Gardens, S.W. 

Awdrt, Herbert (to G), b. 20 Oct., 1851 (8th p.), bro. of Thomas, William, 
and Charles, above, pp. 134, 141, 167, and half-bro. of 
John, above, p. 110. 
New Coll. Oxon, 2 CI. Mod. 1872, 2 CI. B.A. 1874. M.A. 1877; Temporarj- Work 
at Hurstpierpoint several times 1872-4 ; Assist. Master St. Paul's Coll., Stonv 
Stratford 1875-81; Assist. Master Wellington Coll., Berks, since 1882; Tutor 
since 1889 ; Lieut. Isl V.B. Berks Regt. 1883 ; Member Assist. JIasters Associa- 
tion and British School at Athens. Address Wellington Coll., AVokingham. 

Banburt, George (B), b. 18 Feb., 1852, bro. of Frederick George, above, p. 194, 
and of Edmund and Harry Merivale, below, pp. 216, 278. 
Member of the Stock Exchange (Messrs. F. Banbury- & Sons, 23, Old Broad St., 
E.C.). fH 9 May, 1876, Nina, only child of the" late Thomas Chay Beale, Esq. 
Address 61, Lowndes Sq., S.W. 

1865 WiNcnESTER College. 207 

Bahnes, Francis Carnac, b. 14 Aug., 1851, e. s. of James Ralph Barne=, Esq., 

H.E.I.C.S., and Mary Jane, his wife, of 11, Heath Villa-s 

Hampsteart, d. of George Powney Thomson, Esq., H.E.I.C.S. 

Entered Financial Dept., Govt, of India 1872 ; Assist. ComiitroUer-General, Calcutta 

1878 ; Private Sec. to Lieut-Governor o£ Bengal 1882 ; Official Superintendent 

of Stamps and Stationery, Bengal 1887. 13 unmarried, 5 Nov., 1896, at 7, 

Tarlv riace, St. James's, London. 

Beal, Arthur, h. 8 April, 1852, s. of Henry Eidley Beal, Esq., of 11, Queen's 

Gardens, Hyde Park, W. 

Trln. Coll. Camb. 1872, 3 Theol. Trip. B.A. 1876, M. A. 1879 ; %®; d 1876, p 1877, 

C. Newark-on-Trent 187G-9, St. Jolm's, Kvde 1880-2, R. Whitchurch, 

Str.-itford-on-Avon 1882-94, K.D. North Kineton 189-1-C, K. Upton-on-Severu 

since 1895. Aildress The Rectory, Uptou-on-Scveru. 

Bridges, John Hexry (to H), h. 2G March, 1852, only s. of Rev. Canon 

Alexander Henry Bridges (Coram. 1820-9), of Beddingtou 

House, Croydon, and Caroline JIatilda, his wife, d. of 

Christopher Hodgson, Esq., Treasurer of Queen Anne's 


Oriel Coll. Oxon 1871, B.A. 187.'), M.A. 1888 ; Stud. Inner T. 1876 ; J.P. for .Surrey 

and Aberdeenshire ; Lord of the Manor and Patron of Beddinoton. £H 15 Jan., 

1879, Edith Isabella, y. d. of Henry Tritton, Esq., of Beddington. Addresses 

Ewell Court, and Langshott Manor House, Surrey ; Fedderate, Aberdeenshire, 

Clubs United University, Constitutional, and Piccadilly. 

BuowN, Herbert Edward (B), b. 18 Aug., 1818, only s. of Henry Charles 

Brown, Esq., Oak Lodge, Streathaui, and Florence Court, 


Queen's Coll. Oxon 1867, 3 CI. Mod. 1869, 2 L. & H., B.A. 1871, M.A. 1876; 

Assist. Master Wbitgift School 1871-.'), Malvern Coll. 187.5-81 ; Head Master 

Alnmouth Preparatory School, Northumberland 1881. fH 17 April, 1890, 

Anna, 3rd d. of John Harrison Stanton, Esq., Stubb House, co. Durham. 

Address Little Lodge, Alnmouth. 

Bunch, Robert Staunton, b. 28 Dec, 1851, only s. of Rev. Canon Robert James 
Bunch, R. of Emmanuel, Loughborougli. 
Barr. Middle T. 188.5; F. R.C.I. 1885; into Bank of England. Address Dividend 
Office, Bank of England, E.C. 

Callender, Arthur William, b. 3 May, 1850, e. s. of "William Romaine 

Callender, Esq., M.P., of Mauldeth H.i'l, Lancashire, and 

Hann.ah, his wife, only d. of John Mayson, Esq., of 

Manchester (bro. of John Mayson, below, p. 212). 

Insurance-broker and wine-merchant, 13, South King St., Manchester, fjl 1872, 

Agnes, d. of Rev. George Stephen Woodgate, V. of Pembury, Kent. 

Address Ashfield, Lynim, Cheshire. 

Cattley, Henry Grafton (f), b. 29 June, 1854, at St. Petersburg, bro. ot 
Leonard Henry, above, p. 17G. 
A Russia Merchant. 

DoRRlNGTON, James Thomas, b. 10 April, 1850, s. of James Dorrington, Esq., 

Broome House, Didsbury, Manchester (bro. of William 

Edward, below, p. 218). 

Sometime partner in the house of Messrs. George Fraaer & Co., 101, Portland St., 

Manchester ; J.P. Gloucs. 1905. fH 11 Sept., 187C, Mary E., y. d. ot J. Barton, 

E.sq., of Charlcton. Address Wallsworth Hall, Gloucester. 

Drake, Walter Yonqe (f), b. 2.3 Dec, 1852, 2nd s. of Rev. William Hinton 
Drake, of St. Ives, Cornwall. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1871, 1 CI. Mod. 1873, 2 CI. B.A. 1875, M.A. 1882; J^.©., 
d 1882, p 1883, C. Bridestone 18.^2-3, Chapl. Kellv Coll.. Tavistock 1884-8. 
C. Holy Trinitv, Upper Chelsea 1888-90, I!. Stratton St. Mich.ael with St. Peter, 
>'orfolk, since" 1890. Address Stratton St. Jlichael Rectorv, Long Stratton, 

208 Winchester College. 1865 

Fernandez, Philip Hosken (f), b. 20 Feb., 1854, at Madras, 0. ?. of Thomas 

Francis Feriiandez, Esq., M.D., and Auca, his wile, y. d. of 

Richard Hosken, Esq., of Carevick, Cornw.ill. 

Sch. Trin. Coll. Oxon 1873, 1 CI. Mod. 1874, 2 CI. li.A. 18/7, M.A. 1880 ; Assist. 

Master Uppingham School 1882-9 ; ^.©., d 1885, p 188G, C. Newcastle, Maritz 

1894-5, Dundee, Natal 189.^-G, ScUack. with King's Capel 1897-1904, Strettou 

GrandisOQ 1904-5, C. Thruxt on since 1905. Address Thruxton, Uerefordshire. 

Gray, Hebbert Bbanston (A), b. 22 April, 1851, s. of Thomas Gray, Esq., 
of Mosley Lodi^e, Old Charlton, Kent. 
Sch. Exeter Coll. Oxon 1870, then Sch. Queen's Coll. Oxon, 1 CI. Mod. 1872, 2 01. 
B.A. 1874, M.A. 1877, B.D. and D.D. 1892; Assist. Master nt Westminster 
1875-8 ; 1^.©., d 1877, p 1878, Head Master Louth Grammar School 1878-80, 
Head Master of liradlield Coll. since 1880, and Warden since 1881 ; joint- 
editor of " The Westminster Ovid " 1877, " Puhlic School Hymn Hook " 1903 ; 
author of "Modern Laodiceans and other Sermons" 1883, '* Men of Like 
Passions and other Sermons" 1894. i'fl 1882, Selina, y. d. of Rev. Wharton 
Marriott, Assist. Master at Eton. Address Bradfield College, Reading. Club 

Helme, Harold, b. 24 Sept., 1849, 3rd s. of William Helmo, Esq., of 
Broadfield Court, Leominster, Herefordshire. 
Resided at King's Thome, Hereford. fH 6 Oct., 1877, JIarv Helena, only d. of 
Hudson Lutwyche, Esq., of Kynaston, Herefordshire. Q 6 April, 189G, 

Hewett, John Pkescott (f), b. 25 Aug., 1854, at Barham, Kent, e. s. of Rev, 
John Hewett, afterwards V. of All Saints, Babbacombe, 
Torquay, and Anna Louisa Lyster, his wife, y. d. of Capt. 
Hammon, of Monkstown, co. Dublin. 
Ball. Coll. Oxou 1875 ; arrived in India 17 Dec, 1877, and served in N.W. Pro- 
vinces and Oudh as Assist. Magistrate and C(dlector and Assist. Commissioner ; 
in charge of G.izetteer, Aug., 1883; acted as Assist. Accountint- 
Gen. Jan., 1884 ; Junior Sec. Board of Revenue, April, 1884 ; Under-Sec. to 
Gort. of India, Home Dept., 188i;-7 ; officiated as Private Sec. to Viceroy 1888 
and 1852 ; Deputy Sec. to Govt, of India, Home Dept., 1890 ; CLE. Mayi 1891 ; 
Deputy Commissioner, March, 1893 ; Secretary Roval Commission ou Opium 
1893; Magistrate and Collector April, 1894; Sec.'to Govt, of India, Home 
Dept., Dec., 1895-1902; C.S.I. 1898 ; K.C.S.I. 1907; Member of Plague 
Commission, Nov., 1898 ; Acting Chief Commissioner of the Central Provinces 
1902; Commercial Member of Governor-General's Council 1904; Lieut. -Gov. 
of United Provinces of Agra and Oudh 1906. fH Ethel Charlotte, 2nd d. 
of Henry Binny Webster, Esq., B.C.S. Club Portland. 

Heygate, Bernard (f), b. 12 May, 1854, bro. of William An£;ustine, Lancelot, 
:ind Ambrose, above, pp. 159, 185, 199. 
Left 1872 ; joined Army Service Corps 1872 ; Zulu War, defence of Ekowc (despatches, 
medal with chisp) IxSO ; Transvaal Campaign, defence of Pretoria 1881; 
Soudan Expcclitiim (medal with clasp, Khedive's star) 1885; Assist. Com- 
missary-Gen. iss.), Jliijcr 18SS; D..\.A.G., S.E. District 1894, Thames District 
1898. 30 unmarried, at Rochester, 11 Dec, 1898, from an accident in the 
hunting-lield. Cf. Wyk. viii. (n. 355) 45. 

Hills, Barton, b. 28 March, 1853, 5th s. of James Hills, Esq., of Kajhikattn, 
Kishna<;har District, Lower Bengal. 
R.M.A. Woolwich. D at Cromarty, N.B., in Oct., 1872. 

HoTUAM, CuARLEs Ernest (f), b. 27 March, 1855, 2nd s. of Commander John 
William Hotham, R.N., of Chalvey, Bucks., and Sarah, his 
^vife, d. of William Hawkslev, Esq., of Bath. 
Wadh. Coll. Oxon 1874; to Australia, ft? 1881, Mary Louisa, d. of Thomas 
Robertson, Esq., of Svdncv. N.S.W. s. p. at Svdnev, 15 Nov., 1881. 

1865 WiNCHESTRR College. 209 

LocKiiART, James Somerville (f), b. 18 O^t., 1831, -ith s. cf Kev. Lawrence 

Lockhart, D.D., of lacliinnay, Renfrew, being his e. s. by 

liis 2ad wife, Marion, d. of William Miiwell, Esq., of 


Sch. r.C.C. Oxou 1870-5, Hertford Sch., 1 CI. Mod. 1872, 1 CI. 1874, Lecturer and 

Tutor 1875-9, Fellow of Hereford Coll. O.Koa since 1875, B.A. 1875, M.A. 

1878, Craven Sch. 1876, Derby Sch. 1876, Latin Lecturer, Tutor, and Greek 

Lecturer 1887, Classical Moderator 1880, Sec. to Boards of Faculties 1883, Sec. 

Civil Sen-ice Commission since 1887. Address Civil Service Commission, S. \V. 

Lucas, Charles Prestwood (f), b. 7 Aug., 1853 (3rd s.), bro. of George Philips 
and William Henry, above, pp. 146, 204. 
Exhibnr. Ball. Coll. Oxon 1872-7, 1 CI. Mod. 1873, 1 CI. 1876, Latin Essay 1877, 
B.A. 1884 ; Barr. Line. Ina 1885 ; Clerk in Colonial Office 1877 ; Private Sec. 
to Sir K. Herbert 1881, to Earl Granville 1886, and again to Sir R. Herbert 
1886 ; also Chairman of Coniuiittee of Emii^rants' luformatioQ Office till olst 
Dec, 1896, 1st Class Clerk 1892, Principal Clerk 1896, Assist. Under-Sec. of 
Stiite 1897, C.B. 1901 ; aiithor of " Historical Geography of the British 
Colonies." Addren 77, St. George's Kd., S.W, Ctub Jiew University. 

Morris, William (A), b. 9 July, 1850, 2nd s. of William Morris, Esq., D.L., 
Cwm, Llangunnock, Carmarthenshire, M.l*. for Carmarthen 
1864-8, and Magdalene, his wife, d. of Sackville Gwynne, 
Esq., of Glaubrane Park, Carmarthenshire. 

XU-RRAT, Douglas Stuart (C), b. 28 May, 1853, 3rd s. of Rev. George Edward 

Murray, R. of Southflcet, Kent, and Penelope Frances 

Elizabeth Pemberton, his wife, y. d. of Biigadier-Gen. 

Austin, K.C.T.S. 

Exeter Coll. O.xon 1871, 3 Thcol., B.A. 1875, M.A. 1878 ; Cuddesdon Theol. Coll. 

187G ; 1^.®., d 1877, p 1878, C. All Saints, Wigan 1877-9, K. Blithfield, 

Rugcley, since 1879. ftl 22 April, 1879, Harriet Isabel Georgina, only d. of 

Rev. Canon the Hon. George Thomas Orlando Bridgeman. Addicts Blithlicld 

Rectory, Kuge'ey. 

Nance, James Tbengrove (f), b. April, 1852, 3rd s. of James Nance, Esq., of 
Eccleshall, Staffs. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1870-5, 1 CI. Mod. 1872, 1 CI. 1874, B.A. 1875 ; Fellow of 
St. Joho's Coll. Oxon 1876-87, M.A. 1877, B.O. 1881, Lecturer ls77. Tutor 
1878-86, Dean of .irt-s 1879, Vii-e-President 1«8I, Dean of Divinity 1885 ; 
|B.®., </ 1877, p 1880, R. Polstead 1886-95, R. East Farndon 1895-1905, K.D. 
of Kothwell iii. 1903-5, R. Cranhani since 1905. ffl 28 April, 1K87, JIary 
Ethel, d. of Edwin Ball, Y.s<\., solicitor, Pershore, Worcestershire. Addros 
Cranham Rectory, Upminster. 

Naxlob, William Arthur Todd- (C), b. 25 June, 1851, e. f. of William To3d 

Naylor,- Esq., of Hartford Grange, Northwick, Cheshire, 

and Charlotte, his wife, d. of Richard Wilson, Esq., of 

Acworlh Grange, Yorks. 

Clerk in Bank, Sherborne, Dorset, 1XS3. fH 10 April, 1890, Mary Caroline, only 

child of Henry Frederick Howard-Ciibbon, Esii., barristcr-atlaw, of Hamilton., William Arthur (C), b. 23 Aug., 1852, 2nd s. of Tliomas Jamfs 
Nelson, Etq., Solicitor to tho Corporation of Loadou, The 
Grove, Hampton Wick. 
To Germany 1868 ; Foreign Fruit Meri'hant in London. fH Dec, 1872, Katherinc, 
only d." of Dr. Collis Browne, army surgeon. Q 7 May, 1899. 

Nonius, William Buurell (A), b. 21 March, 1852, 3rd .=. of Rev. James 

Norris, D.D., President of C'ur|ins L'hristi College, O.\on. 

B.N.r. Oxon, B.A. 1873, M.A. 1877; ?!).©., .' 1875, p 1.S76, C. Warblington 

1875-8, R. of Warblington, Havant, siiice 1878. j^ 1S76, Constance Margaret 

Mary, d. of Thruston Bewley Caton, Esq., of DenvilKs, Hants. Address 

Warblington Rectory, Havant. 

210 Winchester College. 1865 

Oakes, Okbell Henry, b. 19 Jane, 1851, e. s. of Eev. Oiball Plamplia Oakes, 

I!, of HawkedoD, Bury St. Edmunds, aud Julia, his wife, 

d. of Thomas Evans, Esq., of Lyminster, Sussex. 

Lieut. 29th Kegt. 1872, Capt. 1st Bait. Worcester Regt. 1881, Major 1889, Lieut.- 

Col. 1899; Supt. of Gymnasia, Curragh Camp 1883-6; Adjut. 3rd V.B. 

Cameronians (3rd Lanark K.V.) 1886 ; in command of 1st Batt. Worcestershire 

Regt. South African War 1900-2 in Oran^^e Free State and Orange River 

Colony (despatches, medal with two clasps, King's medal with two clasps) ; 

retired ; succeeded his uncle at Nowton Court 1901. fH 1877, Laura Kliza 

Josephine, d. of George Clifton, Ksq., R.N. AJilrcfs Nowton Court, Bury St. 


Pai.v, Coard Squarey, b. 22 March, 1851, s. of Edward Pain, Esq,, The Lolge 
I'rimk'y, Surrey. 
Sur\-eAor, Liverpool, 1876 ; A.M.l.C.K. 1877 (Partner in the firm of Messrs. Pain & 
Charles Bleasc, 14, North John St., Liverpool). fE 1883, Edith Cicely, d. of 
W. Pilkington Watson, Ksq., Birkenhead. Address Bebington, Cheshire. 

Park, Willoughby Chase (f), b. 2i Apnl, 1853, 3rd s. of General Samuf-1 

Thomas Chase Parr, of Eredandp, near Bromley, Kent, and 

Harriet, his wife, 2ud d. of Charles Pott, Esq., of Freelands 

(bro. of Porcival Chase, below, p. 289). 

JIagd. Coll. Oxon 1871, 3 Thcol. B.A. 1875, M..A. 1881 ; ?JJ.©., d 1876, p 1877, 

C. Avlesbury 1876-7, St. George, Bicklev 1877-82, Newbury 1882-8, Chapl. to 

the forces serving at Canterbury 1888-93, Chatham 1893-6, Malta 1896-191>1, 

Aldcrshot 1901-2, Winchester 1902-4, Standerton, S. Africa 1 904-6. and India 

since 1906. fE 7 Jan., 1890, Laura, d. of Col. Gilbert William FranckKii, 

late 17th Regt. 

Secretan, Ernest William (C), b. 5 March, 1832, c. s. of Ernest Sccretao, E q., 
Fetcham (iiove, Leatherhead. 

Sewell, John Henry, b. 24 Doc., 1819, e. s. of John Goulding Sewell, Esq., 


Trin. Coll. Camli. 18C8, B.A. 1872, M.A. 1875 ; Lieut. 15th Hussars 1872, Instr. of 

JIuskctry 1879 ; Afghan AVar 1878-80, Cand.ihar (modal) ; Transvaal Cam- 

paigT 1881; Capt. 1st Batt. 9th (Norfolk) Regt. 1882; Soudan F.xpcdition 

1884-5, served wiih Mounted Infantry, Abu Klea (medal with two clasps) ; 

Staff i;oll. 1887 ; sevirelv woiindid at Manilon, Burmah. Jan., 1890 ; Jlajor 

; 1890, D.A.A.G. of a district on the Madras Establishment 1890 ; retired. 

Addiiss Burmah Railways Company, Rangoon. 

Smith, Uenuy, b. 19 July, 1850, e. s. of Henry Smith, Esq., of Horbling, 

Lincolnsliirc, J.P., and Mary, liis wife, d. of James Gould, 

Esq., of Birthorpe, Liucoloshire (bro. of Benjamin, Edoard, 

and George, below, pp. 241, 281). 

Trin, Coll. Camb, 1869, B.A, 1873; J. P. Lines. Address Sudbrooke House, 

Ancastcr, Grantham. 

Talbot, Henky Thomas (f), b, 14 Feb., 1S51, at Speen, Berks, s. of Frederic 
Talbot, E-q., solicitor, of Mowbury. 
Sch. St, John's Coll. Camb. 1872, ISth M'rangler, B.A. 1876, M.A. 18.^3; Solicitor 
1882, practising at 36, Lincoln's lun Fields. E) there 29 July, 1887. 

Thatcher, Ernest Guey (A), b. 10 Sjpt., 1851, s. of Piev. Frederic Thatcher, 
New Zealand, afterwards V. of Tamworih. 
Koble Coll. Oxon 1870, 3 CI. Mod. 1872, 2 Hist. B.A. 1874, JI.A. 1877, Lecturer 
187.'i-7 ; i)©-, <' !'''■'> I> !*''■**■ ^"- Stokc-cm-l'rent 1877-8, V. St. Marv, 
Tunslall l!<sl-7, V. Tainworth 1887-90, R.D. Tamworth 1888-90, C. BakewcU 
l.'<90 2, R. St, Andrew, Soulli Brisbane 1892-4, lli^hficld, Brisbane 1894-6, 
Canon of Brisbane 1891'., C. Cliur.h i;:il..ii, .Siafls. Is'.i7-8, V. Sleerbrook 1.S9,S- 
1:mi|. C. .St. .lames, Great Varm.n.tb 1901 1. IM'. lire-lev, near Bakewell, 1904. 
ifl i'^'M, KVi/M Brain. Addnss llcuky Vicarage, Row.^'ley, Uorbysliire. 

1865-6 Winchester College. 211 

Theobald, Houace, b. 31 Dec, 1850 (9th s.), bro. of Charles, Cottou Edwin, 
Arthur, and Octavius, above, pp. 80, 131, 187. 
St. John's Coll. Oxou 1870, B.A. 1875 ; Member of Easton's National Horse and 
Cattle Exchange, New York, U.S.A. ; Treasurer of Tattersall's (New York) 
Co., Ltd., 1890. 

ToYNDEE, Peucy Robert Tobner (f), b. 13 Nov., 1851, e. p. of Robert Toynbee, 

Esq., of St. Mark's, Lincoln, solicitor (bro. of Walter 

Turacr, below, p. 221). 

Left 1870 ; Solicitor 1875, practising at IG, Southampton St., Bloonisbury Sq., 

London; Wykehamical Secretary in London. £%! 11 Aug., 1880, Alice Jane, 

d. of Robert Heath, Esq., of Biddulph Grange, Congleton, M.P. for Stoke- 

upon-Trent. IB at Sydnionton Court, Newbury, 20 Oct., 1899, Brass in 

Cloisters. Cf. Wyk. viii. (un. 3G1, 367) pp. 132, 159. 

Webber, Fredekick William, b. G Sept., 1851, s. of F. Webber, Esq., Trow- 
bridge, AVilts. 

Wmg, Edward James b. 29 July, 1851, s. of W. F. Wigg, Esq., The Grange, 
South Norwood. 

WiNwooD, Tuomas Henry Eicketts (to F), b. 14 Sept., 1852, a. of Thomas 

Henry Winwood, E.sq., J. P., of Tyglyn Ayron, and Phccbo 

Ann, his wife, (L of David Henderson. Esq., M.D. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1870, B.A. 187.J, M.A. 1877 ; Stud. Inner T. 1872 ; Lieut. R. 

Cardigan Artillery Militia 1874, Capt. 1881; J.P. Somerset and Cardigan; 

High Sheriff Cardigan 1883. fH 1878, Mabel Louisa, d. of William Parry- 

Okeden, Esq., of Turnworth House, Dorset. Address Willisford Manor, 

AVellington, Somerset. Club Junior Carlton. 

WooDD, Lawrence Henry Orde (A), b. 9 Oct., 1851, Ord s. of B.isil Thomas 

Woodd, Esq., of ConyDgbam Hall, Knaresborough, and 

Chariotle Mary, his wife, e. d. of Rev. John Dampicr, of 

Colinshays, Somerset. 

Magd. Coll. Oxon 18G9, 2 Hist. B.A. 1873; Stud. Inner T. 1873; II. M. Inspector 

of Schools 187G-9. ffl Anne Downing, 3rd d. of Rev. Charles Evans, of 

Bhickwall, Derbyshire. 13 s. p. 28 May, 1879. 

Wright, Francis Loetds (t), b. 6 Nov., 1852, e. s. of Thomas Cooke Wright, 

Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, b\rristcr-al-law, and Fanny, bis 

wife, 3rd d. of William Loftus Lownde^i, Esq., Q (J. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1871-C, 1 CI. Mod. 1873, 2 Jur. B.A. 1875, M.A. 1878 ; Barr. 

Line. Inn 1878. fH 3 Aug., 1881, Alice Mary, e. d. of George Chance, Esq., of 

London. Address 11, Old Sq., Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 


Allevne, IvKYNOLD Henry Newton (C), b. IG May, 1852, e. s. of Sir John 

Gay Newtun AUeyne, 3rd Bart., of Butterley, Alfreton, 

and Augusta Isubella, his wife, d. of Sir Henry FitzUerbert, 

3rd Birt. 

Engineer and Manager of Butterley Co. Iron and Steel Works 187(!-82 ; Partner iu 

Messrs. Scriven & Co., Engineers and Machine Tool Makers, Leeds, since 1883. 

ilfl 4 Jan., 1879, Susanna, 3rd d. of John Meysell, Esq., of Tapton Grove, 

Derbyshire. Address North Wootton, King's Lynn. 

Baugii, Guillum Scott, b. 29 Jan., 1852, ?. (f Licut.-Col. Charles Richard 

BaUiih. 3'', Lansdmvn Crescent, Netting Hill. 

Ens. 12th Regt. 1870; Lieut. Madras Staff Corps. 1871, Capt. 1862; Brigade 

Major 2nd Brigade Burni.ah Ex[)cdition I'orce 1888-9 (medal with two cl.isps), 

M.ajor 1890 ; served among the Northern Chin Uills 1892-3 (despatches, clasp) ; 

retired with hou. rank of Lieut. -Col. 1896. 

212 Winchester College. 1866 

Blogg, Fowler Babikgton (A), b. 4 Oct., 1851, 4th s. of Colonel Henry Basil 
Blogg, 7th Madras Cavalry, Oxnev Court, Di>ver. 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 1870, 2 Theol. B.A. 1874, M.A. 1877 | 1§.©., d 1874, p 1875, C. 
Alton 1874-80, Tbcdden 1876-80, R. Plynitree 1880-3, V. Walmer 1883-93, 
R. Great Moogeham, near Deal, since 1893. £H 1379, Helen .A.dela, d. of 
Edward Knight, Es(]., Chawton House, Alton, Hants. Aiitlress Great 
Mongeham Rectory, Deal. 

Browne, Edward Palltser Carew- (C), b. IG Jan., 1853, 6:h s. of Thomas 

Browne Browne, ISsq., of Mellington Hall, Church Stoke, 

CO. Montgomery. 

Queen's Coll. Oxon 1871, B.A. 187G ; Stud. Inner T. 1874; pj.©., '! 1890, p 1891, 

C. St. Thomas. Eccleston 1890-2, Christ Church, Sparbrook, Warws. 1892-4, 

All Saints, U%-erpool 1894-5, V. Wombridge, Salop 1895-1905. 

BacKiE, George Earle (f), b. 10 June, 1854, at Twerton-on-Avon, e. s. of Eev. 

George Buckle, Canon and Precentor of Wells, and Mary 

Hamlyn, his wife, only d. of John Earle, Esq. (bro. of John 

Earle, below, p. 285). 

From Houiton Grammar School ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1872, 2 Math. Mod. 1873, 

3 CI. Mod. 1874, English Verse 1875, 1 CI. B.A. 1876, 1 Hist. 1877; Fellow of 

All Souls CoU. Oxon 1877-85, M.A. 1879; Hon. LL.D. St. Andrews 1899; 

Barr. Line. Inn 1880 ; entered the Times office on the editorial staff 1880 ; editor 

of the Times since Feb., 1884. fH (1) 1885, Alicia Isobol, 3td d. of James Payn, 

Esq., novelist ; (2) 16 Jan., 1905, Beatrice Anne, d. of the late Rev. John Earle, 

V. of Swanswick, Bath, Prof, of Anglo-Saxon at O.xford. Athliess 6i, Warwick 

Sq., S.W. Chihs Athena!um, Reform. 

Callender, John Mayson, b. 16 Sept., 1851, bro. of Arthur William, above, 
p. 207. 

Chichester, Henry (B), b. 26 Nov., 1851, 3rd s. of Sir Arthur Chichester, 8th 
I?irt., of Youlston, Barnstaple, and Mary, his wife, e. d. of 
John Nichuletts, Esq., of South Pethertni. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1869 ; Alderman Devon County Council 1889. fH )3 May, 1876, 
Adah Georgiua, y. d. of Horatio Francis Kiugsford IJoUonay, Esq., of March- 
wood Park, Southampton. Address Tree Beech, Snyuibridgc, Barnstaple. 

Chillikoworth, James Giksman (C), b. 1 Jan., 1851, s. of J. G. Chillingworth, 
Esq , 43-45, Great Tower St., London, E.C. 
Lieut. 2nd Kent Artillerv Volunteers 1875, Capt. 1881; formerlv in business as a 
Wine Merchant at iS-ia, Great Tower St., E.C. (Wui. Cbilliu-worlh & Son). 
Address Torbay Hall, Torquay. 

Cripps, Charles AlI'-rfd (f), b. 3 Oct., 1852 (3rd s.), bio. of llcniy Lawrence, 

above, p. 159, and of Arthur Devereux, below, p. 252. 

Sch. New Coll. O.xon 1871. 1 Math. Mod. 1872, 1 Hist. B.A. 1871, 1 Jur. 1875, 

1 H.C.l,. 1S76, IVIlnw of St. John's Coll. Oxon 1S75-81. B.C.L. and M.A. 1879 ; Mhl.M. I' isrr. K.c. iN'iii; M.P. (C.) Stroud Diva, of Gloiicestorsbiro 

1.n:i.. 1! MiMlui,! |i],,.. Inncashiro 1901-5; Attorney-General to Prince of 

Wal.s Mii.r l^;^.; ir.i|, pi, niti.i in 19111 licncbcr of the M'iddlc Temple ; Vicar- 
(ieucral of Cantcrl.Miy ; Chancellor .and Vicar-Goueral of York since 1900; 
Dcpiitv-I'hairiuan of (,luarter Sessions in Bucks. ; appointed a Fellow of Win. 
Coll. (Vice Sir I!. S. Wright, resigned) 15 July, 1904, and admittel 27 Sept., 
1904; author of "Principles of Couipcns itiou," 4th cd. 1900; editor of «th 
ed. of his father's " Laws of the Cliiirch and ( Icrgy " 1886. fH 1881, Theresa, 
6th d. of Richard Potter, Esq., of M.inilisji House, (Jlouceslershire. Addresses 
Parmoor, Hcnley-on-Thauies ; 15, nuocu's (iate Gardens, London, S.W. ; 1, 
Essex Court, Temple, E.C. Clubs Oxford and Cambridge, IVlarlboroiigh, and 

DuNsroBD, Henry Samuel, b. 28 Aug., 1850, s. of General Henry Frederick 
Dunsfurd, C.B., of Peshawur (bro. of the next). 
Joined Pmijab Police Dept. 1871, Assist. District Superintendent 1876, District 
Superintcudent 188G; Uoht'ik, 1889; now 1st Grade District Superintendent. 

i866 Winchester College. 213 

DussFORD, William Geobge, b. 4 April, 1852, bro. of above. 

Ens. 108th Re^'t. 1871, Ueut. Benijal Staff Corps 1878, 31th and then 2nd B.N. I., 
Capt. 1883, killed in action 1886. 

GooLDEN, Edwin Richaedson, b. 19 July, 1850, s. of Richard Henry Goolden, 
Esq., M.D., 41, Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, London. 
Trin. Coll. Canib. 1870, 3 CI. Tripos B.A. 1874, M.A. 1877 ; Solicitor 1877, practising 
first at 5, Xew Inn, Strancl, W.C., and afterwards at 4, Albany Court Yard, 
Piccadilly, Address 11, Southwick Place, W. 

Griffinhoofe, Thomas Hesry, b. 4 June, 1850, e. s. of Rev. Thomas John 
Griffinhoofe, V. of Arkesden, Bishop's Stortford. 
Univ. Coll. Oxon 1869, 3 CI. Mod. 1871, B.A. and S.C.L. 1872 ; !&.©., d 187.'), p 
1876, C. Hiadolvestone 1875-7. Great Ycldham 1877-81, Much Hadham 1881-4, 
V. Great Chishall, Koyston, Herts, since 1884. fH 1877, Georgians Harriet 
Pellew, d. of Rev. A. E. Dumford, V. of Uindolvestone, Norfolk. Address 
Great Chishall Vicarage, Koyston, Herts. 

Guikness, Claude Hcme Campbell (to H), b. 11 March, 1852, y. s. of Richard 
Samuel Guinness, Esq., of Deepwell, Bl.ackrock, co. Dublin, 
and 17, Silhvood Place, Brighton, 5I.P. for Barnstaple, and 
Katharine Frances, his wife, d. of Sir Charles Jenkinson, 
Sch. New CoU. 0.xon 1870-5, 2 CI. Jlod. 1872, 2 CI. 1874, B.A. 1875, M.A. 1878 ; 
Stud. Middle T. 1873; H.M. Inspector of Schools 1879-81, Managing Director 
Messrs. Arthur Guinness, Son & Co., Brewery, Dublin, 1886-95. fH (1) 
5 May, 1887, Gladrs Helen Louisa, d. of Col. the Hon. Hercules Rowley ; (2) 
1892, Zee Virginie, d. of A. L. Nugent, Esq. Q 18 April, 1895. Cf. Wyk. 
vii. (n. 313) 117. 
Harvey, Franklin (t),b. 23 Sept., 1854 (3rd s.), bro. of Frederick Burn, above, 
p. 168. 
Clerk Magd. Coll. 1873-7, 2 CI. Mod. 1875, 2 01. B.A. 1877, M.A. 1882. Addnsi 
Kensington House, Woodstock. ■ 

Hawkins, Herbert Eden (to G), b. 15 M.ay, 1852, bro. of Edward Robert, 
above, p. 100, and of Charles Henry, below, p. 233. 
2nd Lieut. West Suffolk Slilitia 1879 ; farming in Bechuanaland ; Lieut. Cape 
Mounted Rifles 1882-90. Q suddenly at Northampton, 1 Oct., 1894. Cf. 
Wyk. vii. (n. 306) 55. 

HuMPHEKT, EiiSEST JoHN (.\), b. 9 Dec, 1852 (3rd s.), bro. of Edmund Cubitt, 

above, p. 200, and of Francis William, Herbert Charles, and 

Stanlev, below, pp. 235, 252, 275. 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1871, B.A."lS75, M.A. 1881 ; Lieut. 13th Hants R.V. 1873 ; Capt. 1st 

V.B. Hants Rcgt. 1883. fE 30 Mav, 1876, Gr.-ice Metford, d. of Rev. Canon 

WoUaston. Addmn-s Hibcmia Wharf, London Bridge; 60, Elm Park Rd., 


Irons, Edmund John MELnuisir, b. 21 March, 1850, 3rd s. of Rev. William 
Josiah Irors, D.D., V. of Brompton. 
Queen's Coll. O.xon 1872; Classical Master, Forest School, Leytoustone, Essex. 
ID 30 Dec, 1877. 

Jessop, William de Burgh (C), b 7 Oct., 1852, e. s. of William Jessop, Esq., 
of Butterley Hall, Derbyshire, and Elizabolh Lydia, his 
wifi>, d. of Rev. Edmund Robiuson, of Thorpe Green Hall, 
J.P. Derby ; Capt. 3rd Derby Militia 1879, Major 1888. fH 7 Sept., 1880, Judith, 
2nd d. of Sir John Gay Newton Alloyne, Bart. ; resided at Overton Hall, 
Ashover, Derbyshire, fi 10 .\pril, 1894, at Buxton, of pneumonia. 
LusniNQTON, James Law (A), b. 25 July, 1852, e. s. of James Law Lushington, 
Esq., Accountant-Gencral of Bombay, and Emma, his 1st 
wile, d. of Captain Nelson. 
Appointed to the Customs Dept., Bombav, 1873 ; in the Dcccan Revenue Survey 
Dept. 1874 ; retired, fft 29 Dec, 1879, Bessie Turner, d. of Major Wingate. 
Address Ootacamuud, ludia. 


Maude, Charles Thomas (B), b. 28 May, 1851, e. s. of Rev. Charles William 

Maude, R. of Great Mundcn, near Ware, anil Charlotte, his 

wife, d. of Robert Myddelton Biddulph, Esq., of Chirk 

Cas-tle (bro. of Robert John, below, p. 219). 

Left 1860; II. M. Diplomatic Service; Att-iche, Berlin, 187G ; 3rcl Secretary 1878 ; 

2ncl Secretary, Peliin 1880, Vienna 1885, Paris 1891 ; F.R.G.S. 1885; Charge 

d'Afltaires at Santiago, Chili 1892. |3 there of yellow fever, 2 Oct., 1892. 

RA^'BAL^, Richahd GEonaE. See above, p. 196. 

RuTHERroRT), RicHARD DoFFix BccKi.EY (C), b. 24 Nov., 18.50, 2iid s. of James 
Buckley Rutheiford, Esq., 38, Chester Terrace, London. 
Ens. G.'lth Rest. 18G9, Lieut. 1871 ; Capt. 1st Batt. York and Lancaster Re^t. 1879 ; 
Afghan War 1879-80, Egyptian Expedition, Sondan 1881, Battle of Tamai 
(medal with cl.asp, bronze star), Maior 1886 ; ALajor Highland Light Infantry 
(7.1th Regt.) 1888, Lient.-Col. 1897, Col. 1900; N.W. Frontier Campaign, 
in command of 2nd Batt. Highland Light Infantry 1897-8, Malakand and 
Bnner Field Forces, forces of the Tnnga Pnss (despatches, medal, and 
clasp) ; Col. Regimental District, on retired pa)', 1903 ; retired 1904 ; in Reserve 
of Officers. Ctuh Junior United Service, 

ScHOMBERG, Edmund Clarke, b. 17 June, 1852 (y. s.), bro. of Bathurst 

Fortcscue, Arthur, and Reginald Brodrick, above, pp. 12C, 


Left 18G9 ; Member of the Stock Exchange (Messrs. E. C. Schomberg & Co., 11, 

Copthall Court, E.G.) ; J.P. and D.L. Wilts. 1899, High Sheriff 1902. fH 11 

April, 1894, Violet Louise, 2nd sun-, d. of Martin Bryan Stiipylton, Esq., of 

Mvton Hall, Yorks. Addresses Clyffe Hall, Market Lavington, Wilts. ; 1, 

D6wn St., Piccadilly, W. 

SiiMONDs, Robert Henville (A), b. 15 Nov., 1852, only s. of Robert Withington 
Simonr's, Esq., Wcstbourne Lodge, Winchester. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1871, 2 CI. Mod. 1873, 2 CI. 1875, B.A.'l87G, M.A. 1878 ; Barr. Inner 
T. 1880, Western Circ. ; Examiner Bar Entrance Exam. 1885 ; Silver Medal, 
Queen's Prize, Wimbledon 1885 ; Lient. Inns of Court R.V. 188fi. ffl 28 Aug.. 
1895, Winifred Mary, y. d. of Henry Stilwcll, Esq., of Steepleton Manor, 
near Dorchester. Address Wiuterboimae Abbas, Dorchester. 

Spicee, Henry William (A), b. 21 Auor., 1851, c. s. of Rov. AVilliam Webb 
Spicer ((jomm.), R. of Itchcn Abbas, Hants, .and Dorothea, 
his wife, d. of Henry AVilliam Richard Wcstgarth Halsey, 
Esq., of Henley Park, Surrey. 
© at Clifton, 3 May, 1867. 

Ward, Edward, b. 10 Oct., 1852, e. s. of William Robert Ward, E^q., of Capes- 

thorne, Chi-istcliurch, Hants, Secretary to H.M. Legation, 

The Haauo, and Arabella, his wife, 2nd d. of Rev. the Hon. 

Henry Ward. 

Lient. R.A. 1873, Capt. 1882, Major 1889; passed Exam. Adv.anced Class, 

Ordnance Coll. 1883 ; Inspector of Gunpowder, Koval Gunpowder Factory, 

AValtham Abbey, Essex, 1888; Lieut.-Col. 1898, Reserve of Officers 1903. 

fH 20 Feb., 19(10, Etta, y. d. of John Steuart Maconchy, Esq., of Kilvaro, 

Templeogue, co. Dublin. Club Naval and Milit,ary. 

WiCKENS, Francis Algernon (B), b. 18 Jan., 185,"^, s. of John Wickens, Esq., 
46, Qlnicester Sii., Hyde Park (afterwards the Hon. Sir 
John Wickens, Vice-Chancellor), and H.arriet Prances, his 
wife, d. of William Davy, Esq., of Cowley House, Gloucester- 
Fifth on the Roll " nd Winton " 18GG, but renounced. IB Jan., 1870. 

i866 WixcriKSTGR College;, 215 


CoLLARD, Artuuu Wii.liam (f), h. 2 Oct., 185i, s. of Rev. Edwin Curwen 

Collard, C. of Comb3 Bissett, near Salisbiiy, afterwards V. 

of Alton Pancras. 

Eutered Commissariat and Transport Dept., 1st comnnssioucd rank 1872, Soudan 

Campaisn 1885 (medal with clasp, Kliedive's star), Hon. Major 1885, Major 

1888, Lieiit.-Col. 1890, Col. 1898; Director of Supplies, Woolwich Dockvard ; 

Substiintive Colonel 1902. fH 6 Jan., 1879, Jeanette Eniilv Carr-Woods." d. of 

John Hogau, Eai]. Address The Royal Dockyard, 'WooUvieh. Club United 


Cure, George Edward Capel (C), b. U Feb , 185^, e. s. of Robert Capel Curo, 

Esq., Woodside, Weybridw, and Sarah Maria, bis 1st wife, 

d. of the Riglit Rev. George Murray, D.D., Bishop of 

Rochester (bro. of Arthur, below, p. 27i)- 

Lieut. IstBatt. 20th Regt. 1375, Capt. 2nd Batt. (Lancashire Fusiliers) 1883, Major 

1893 ; in Reserve of Officers, on retired pav, 1897 ; Lord of the Manor and Patron 

of living of Bobbingwood, Essex. fH 1903, lone, only d. of Victor Paley, 

Esq., of Freckenham House, Suffolk, i Addicfs Fosse House, Ettington, 

Stratford-on-Avon. Cltib United Service. 

Llo\d, John Bucksall (C), b. 30 Dec, 1852, only s. of Rev. Thomas Bucknall 

Lloyil.of The Whitehall, Shrewebuiy, afterwards Archdeacon 

of Salop, and Sophia Elizabeth, his wife, d. of Rev. Percival 

Spearman Wilkirsnn, of Monnt Oswald, Durham. 

St. John's Coll. Camb. 1872, B.A. 1875 ; settled in Kansas, U.S.A. : returned to 

England. fH 188), Adela Maud, 2nd d. of Percival Spearman Wilkinson, Esq., 

of Mount Oswald. Address Condover House, Shrewsbury. 

Macaulay, William Herrick (to G), b. 16 Nov., 185.'i, .=. of Rev. Sam\i.l 

Herrick Macaulay, R. of Hodnet, Market Drayton, and 

Anne Georgiua, his wife, d. of George Ferguson, Esq., of 

Houghton Hal', near Carlisle. 

Durham Uuiversitv, Fellow 1875 ; Sch. Kinir's Coll. Camb., Abbot TInivcrsitv 

Scholar 1875, 6th Wrangler, B.A. 1878, M.A. 1881 ; Fellow of King's Coll. 

Camb. since 1879. Address King'n College, Cambridge. 

PoULTER, Browxlow (f), b. 18 July, 1852, e. 8. of Brownlow Poulter, Esq., 
above, p. 54, and bro. of Donald Francis Ogilvie, Creightou 
McCrca, and Douglas Rvlev, below, pp. 326, 363, 437. 
Left Dec, 18fi9 ; Lieut. R.E. 1871, on special ilutv at Tanjor 1878. D of tvphoid 
fever at Peshawur, 22 June, 1879, Cf, Wyk, iii. (n. 137) 299. 

TwEMLOW, Fbancis Raxdle (Io G), b. 20 Dec, 1852, only s. of Rev. Francis 

Cr.adock Twemlow,.'of The Hill, Sandb.ich, and Charlotte, 

liis wife, d. of Randle Wilbraham, Esq., of Rode. 

Ch. Ch. 0.xon 1871, 1 Hist. B.A. 1875; liarr. Inner T. 1879, O.xford Circ. ; J.P. 

Stafford and Salop ; Lieut. 3rd Stafford .Militia 187-), Capt. 1880 ; Major and 

Hon. Lieut.-Col. 4th Batt. North Stiffordsliire Regt. ; served in South .\frica as 

District Commandant 1899-1902, D.S.O. 1900 (despatches, medal and clasp) ; 

unsuccessful parliamentarv candidate (C.) Crewe Division, Cheshire 1880. iff, 

(1)17 Dec, 1878, Evelvn Harriet, 2nd d. of Sir ,Tohn Thomas Bnller Duckworth, 

2nd and last Bart. ; (2) II July, 1882, Annie May (iertrude, only child of Rev. 

Edward f^wis, of Harescombc, Gloucs. Address Pcatswood, Market Draytiui. 

Club United University, 

VowLER, Sidney Niciiolsom, b. 28 March, 1852, bro. of John Henry Waleot, 
above, p. 205. 
Coffee planter in Ceylon. fH 1877, .Mice Ijiwrence, 3rd d. of .lohn Tyndal, Esq. 
of Ceylon. Address Berat, Dickoya, Ceylon. 

216 Winchester College. 1866 

Waylen, George Swithin Adee, b. 6 Juue, 1851, s. of George Waylen, Es.]., 
Longcroft, Devize?, Wilts. 
St. Bartholomew's Hosp., M.R.C.S. Eng. 1873, L.S.A. 1873, L.R.C.P. Lond. 1875 ; 
House Surgr. and Phys. St. Bartholomew's Hosp. 1873-.'> ; Coroner for Devizes ; 
Lieut. 2nd Vol. Batt! Wilts. Regt. 1881, Capt. 1889; Jledical Officer of Health 
Devizes and Urban Districts, Surg. Devizes Cottage Hosp., Medical 
Officer Fiddington Asylum and 3rd District .ind Workhouse, Devizes Union, 
IB 1881, Miss A. E. Hitchcock. Address 41, Long St., Devizes. 

AVrench, Wilfrid Henet (A), L. 27 June, 1850 (y. s.), bro. of Eobert George 

KensingtoD, Arthur Charles, and Ernest Lawford, abovi-, 

pp. 149, 170. 

New Coll. Oxnn 1870, 4 Theol. B.A. 1875; |tj.®., d 1875, C. n.awkchurch, Dorset 

1875-8 ; Master at Jlr. Rawuslev's School, Winchester 1883-6 ; received into 

the Catholic Church 27 April, 188G ; Private Tutor 1886-91; Classical and 

Foreign Language Reader in the Edinburgh University Press since 18yi. 

Address 22, Duke St., Edinburgh. Club Scottish Conservative, Edinburgh. 

SHORT HALF, 1866. 

Banbuet, Edmdnd (B), b. 2 Oct., 1853 (3rd s.), bro. of Frederick George and 
George, abive, pp. 194, 206, and of Harry Merivale, 
belovp, p. 278. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1872, 2 Math. Mod. 1874, 2 Math. B.A. 187G. Address 80, Cadogan 
Sq., S.W. 

Belfoue, Percy Goldwin (t), h. 23 July, 1853, at Barnes, s. of Eilmund 
Belfour, Esq. 
Member of the Stock Exchange since 1880 (Messrs. Percy G. Belfour & Co., 57i, 
Old Broiid St., E.C.). fH 23 Nov., 1880, Florence Anuie Jane, d. of James 
Joshua Reeves, Esq. Address Lalehaui, Staines. 

Beenal, Frederic Bernal (B), b. 16 Sept., 1851, e. s. of Frederic Bernai, Esq., 

C.M.G., Baltimore (afterwards H.M. Consul at Havre), and 

Charlotte Augusta, his wife, d. of J. Brewster Cozens, Esq., 

Woodham Mortimer Lodge, Maldon, 

Left July, 1868 ; went into Consular Service ; appointed H.M. Consul at Santos, 

Brazil, 3 Sept., 1877. there of yellow fever, 19 JIarch, 1878. 

Bower, Geoege Spencer (f), b. 12 Oct., 1854, 2nd s. of George Bower, Esq., of 
St. Neol.s Hunts. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 187,% 1 CI. Mod. 1874, Gaisford Prize (Prose) 1870, 1 CI. B.A. 
1877, English Essay 1878 ; B.irr. Inner T. 1880, Midland Circ. ; K.C. 1903 ; 
author of "Hartley and James Mill" 1881 ; joint-author with W. AVebb of 
" L.1W of Electric Lighting" 1882, 2nded. 1889 ; author of " Directors Liability 
Act 1890" 1891. ffl 25 July, 1885, Minnie Blanche, d. of Sir Charles 
Wyndhani. Addresses 2, Hare Court, Temple, E.C. ; 45, Finchlcy Kd., N.W, 
Club Savage. 

Brodie, Alfred Waldegrave (A), b. 13 Nov., 1851,e. surv. s. of Rev. William 

Brodie, R. of Alresford, Hants, and the LaJy Maria, his 

wife, 3rd d. of William, 8lh Eirl W.ildegrave. 

To Cheltenham Coll. 18G8; Sidney Sussex Coll. Camb. 1870'; B.A. 1874. fH 26 

Sept., 1878, Catherine Eliza, e. d. of Major-l!en. Francis Applcgarth. Address 

24, Blomfield St., London, W. 

CAMPnELL, Herbert Evelyn, b. 10 Fib., 1853, s. of John Campbell, Esq., 15, 
Brunswick St., Livcriiool. 
Cotton broker. ^ 1878, Constance R., d. of Rev. Thomas George James, M.A., 
Prebendary of Wells. Address Box 3(4, Royal Exchange, Slaucliester. 

i866 Winchester CoLLEfiE. 217 

Chandler, John Bhownlow (Cj, b. 11 Jan., 1852, e. s. of Rev. Joha Chandler, 

V. of Witley, near Goilalmint;. 

Pemb. Coll. Oxon 1871, 2 Theol. B.A. 1874, M.A. 1878 ; %®; d 1875, p 187«, 

C. All Saints, Lambeth 1875-82, V. Witley, Surrey 1882-94. fW 17 Julv, 

1893, Edith Sarah, d. of Edward Browne, Esq., of Alderley Hall, Norfolk. 

IB IG April, 1894, at Bournemouth. Cf. Guardian, 2 M.ay, 1894, p. G43. 

Chataway, James Vincent (f), h. 6 Sept., 18.^2, at Saltley, Warwickshire, s. of 
Rev. James Chataway, V. of VVartlino-, Sussex. 
Left in 1870 ; went to Queensland, and Iccamc an est.ate agent there ; Slinister of 
Public Lands and Secretary of Agriculture, (Queensland 1898 ; resided at Mary- 
borough, Queensland. 0,- 13 at Brisbane circa 1899. 

Collin, Spekceu Compton (to II), b. 1 Aug., 1852, 2nil p. of Rev. John 

Collin, V. cf Rickling, near Bishop's Stortford, Essex (bro. 

of Richard, below, p. 227). 

Emm. Coll. Camb. 1871, 2 L. & H. Tripos 1874, B.A. 1875, M.A. 1879 ; Solicitor 

1879 (Messrs. Grossman & Pritchard, 16, Theobald's Rd., Grays Inn, London, 

W.C). M 23 Nov., 1894, Kate Helena, e. d. of William Fowler Eraser, Esq., 

of 11, Victoria St., Westminster. Address 5, Strathmore Gardens, Kensington, 

W. Club United University. 

CoLLiNGS, William Augustus (B), b. 4 June, 1852, s. of Adolphus Colling?, 
Esq., M.D., Grange Hill, Guernsey. 
Sub-Lieut. 73rd Kegt. 1872, Lieut. 1873; Lieut. 49th Regt. 1874, Adjut. 1878-80 ; 
Capt. 1st Batt. Berks Regt. 1880, Major 1884; served in Soudan Expedition 
1884-5; on transport duty with Nile force, Hasheen, Tofrek, and Tamai 
(medal with three clasps and Khedive's star) ; passed the Staff College 1887 ; 
stationed at Malta 1890; Lieut.-Col. 1895, Brevet-Col. 1899, Col. 1900; in 
command of 49th Regimental District, Reading, 1902-1905 j temporary Brig.- 
Gen. at Warwick 1905. Address Warwick, 

Darwin, Gerald Lascelles (C), b. 2C Nov., 1852, 2nd s. of Francis Darwin, 

Esq., of Creskeld, Otley, Yorks., and Charlotte Maria Cooper, 

his 1st wife, e. d. of William Brown Darwin, Esq., of 

Eiston (bro. of Charles Waring and Robert Henry, below, 

pp. 243, -181). 

Lieut. Yorks. Yeomanry Ilussars 1873, Capt. 1878 ; in business for some years as a 

doth manufacturer at Leeds; then Jliinaging Director of the Yorkshire I'ost 

1882-4. O unmarried, at Funchal, Madeira, 9 Jan., 1838. 

Davenport, Samuel Yates Holt (Io G), b. 27 Sept., 1852, only s. of Sam 
Skurray Davenporl, Esq., of Bosuor. 
Lieut. 47th Regt. IS7:i, resigned 1879; Capt. 4th Batt. (Militia) Sussex Regt. 1881. 
JH ICnimelinc Louisa Frederica. © at West Cliff, Bembridge, Isle of Wight, 
7 May, 1905. 

Day, Russell Camper (f), b. If) Oct., 1853, 2nd s. of Rev. Henry D.ny, of 
Abingdon, Berks. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1872, 1 CI. Mod. 1874, 2 CI. 187C, B.A. 1877 ; into Post Office 
1877, retired 1898. 

Deane, James (f), b. 30 July, 1852 (2nd s.), half-bro. of Henry, above, p. 125, 

being only s. of Rev. Prebendary Henry Dcane, and 

Katharine Mary, his 2nd wife, y. d. of Major Raljjh Smyth, 

of tlip Manor House, Battersea. 

St. John's Coll. Oxon Is::, Kxlnbnr. 1S73, 2 CI. Mod. 1873, Sch. 1874, 2 CI. 1875, 

B.A. 187G, M.A. 187S ; 11).©., (/ 187«, /) 1877, C. (iillinghnm 1876-82. East 

with West Stower 1882-1,' St. Maurice, Winchester 1884-90, V. Kirtlingtoii 

1890-5, R. Lower Hardres, near Canterbury, since 1895; Org. Sec. S.P.G. 

for Archdeaconry of Canterbury 1S98. £fl I'.dith, d. of Eugene von 

Schmeidcr, Esq. Address Lower ilardres Rectory, Canterbury. 

DiMOCK, Robert Woodhouse (t), b. 17 Oct., 1852, s. of Rtv. James Francis 
Dimock, Minor Canon of SoulLwell. 

218 Winch KSTER College. 1866 

DoRBiKGTON, WiLLiAM Edward (to G), b. 18 July, 1852, bro. of James Thomas, 

ab ive, p. 207. 

Sometime Partner in the House of Jlessra. George Fraser, Son Si Co., 101, Portland 

St., Manchester. fH 5 April, 1377, Henrietta, d. of William Graham, Esq., 

of The Sycamores, Altrincham, Cheshire. Address 82, Westboiime Terrace, 

Hyde Park, \V. 

Forbes, James Staats (to G), b. 1 July, 1853, e. p. of James Slaats Forle?, 
Esq., 45, riiillimore Gardens, Keusington, Chairman of llie 
L mdoD, Cliatham, and Dover Railway Co. 
Engineer, A.M.I.C.E. 1879. Q at Jersey, 17 Sept., 1897. 

FoRBEg, William Alexander (to G), b. 2-1 June, 1855, bro. of the above. 

Left 1S72 ; to Edinburgh Uoiversitv 1873-5, University (JoU. London 1875-6 as 
medical student; St. John's Coll. Camb., 1 Nat. Sc. Tripos 1879, B.A. 1880, 
Fellow St. John's Coll. 1880, Fellow of and Prosector to Zoological Soc. 
London 1880, Lecturer on Comparative Anatomy Charing Cross Hospital School ; contributor of several learned papers to the " Ibis "and -'Pro- 
ceedings of the Zoological Soc," which were collected and published by Mr. F. 
E. Bcddard in 1885 ; editor of the collected edition of Prof. A. H. Garrod's 
papers 1881 ; started on an expedition up the Niger, July, 1882. © of dysentery, 
at .Shonga, JOO miles np the Niger, 14 Jan., 1883. Sec D.N. 15. xix. 413. Cf. 
also Xutuie for 3 May, 1883. 

Fox, Edward Herbert (B), b. 6 July, 1853, s. of AViiliam Fox, Esq., J.P., ot 
Adbary Park, Newbury, and Susan Cordelia, his wife, d. of 
Lieut.-Gcn. Edward Fanshawe, C.B. 
J.P. Hants. JH 1900, Alice M., d. of late Wm. Arbulhnot, sometime of Coworth 
Park, Berks. Address Ecchinswcll, Newbury, Berks. 

Freeman, Edward Tere (B), b. 30 Jan , 1853, 2nd s. of Yen. Philip Freeman, 

Archdeacon of Eseter, and V. if Thoivertop,near Collunip- 

lon, Devon. 

B.N.C. Oxon 1871, 2 Nat. Sc. B.A. 1875, M.A. 1878 ; K}.©-, d 187C, p 1878, C. 

Southwell 1877-9, Littleham 1879-80, V. West Austev, Devon 1885-9.1, II. St. 

James, Exeter 1893-7, R.D. South Molton 1892-3, V. Littleham with Exmoutli 

since 1897, R.D. of Aylesbeare since 1902. fR 1879, Honor Henrietta, v. d. 

of John Drake Bechcr, Esq., o£ Hill House, Southwell, Notts. Address Tlio 

A'icarage, Exmouth. 

GuBNEV, Henry Grey (C), b. 19 Dec, 1852, 5th s. of l!ev. John Hampden 
Gurney, of Torquay. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1871, West India Merchant 1878, Partner in the House of Messrs. 
Thomson, Hanker & Co., 7, Mincing Lane, E.C. D. 

Hewson, Frederick Some (Io G), b. 4 Julj-, 1853, e. s. of Frederick Hewson, 

E?q., solicitor, of Brenlford, and Rockville, Lansdown, 


Exeter Coll. Oxon 1872, Exhibnr. 1873, 1 CI. Mod. 1874, 2 CI. B.A. 18711, 

M.A. 1881, Assist. Master at Marlborough Coll. 1877-81 ; %(&., d ami p 1882 

C. Alton, Hants 1882-1, V. Combroke with Comptou Verney, Warns. 1884-95. 

fH 1890, Violet Evelyn, y. d. of Thomas Hill, Esq., of Cleveland Sq., Loudon. 

22 June, 1895. 

Hurrell, Arthur William, bro. of Henry, above, p. 200. 

Trin. Coll. Cnmb. 1871, B.A. 1875; Solicitor 1878. practising in London down to 

Joy, Frederic Walker (A), b. 14 July, 1852, only f. of Walker Joy, Esq., 
of Leeds. 
Oriel Coll. Oxon 1871, 4 Theol. B.A. 1875, M.A. 1877, B.D. .nnd D.D. 1895, F.S.A. 
1882, F.R.H.S. 1889 ; }).©., d 1S7C, » 1877, C. St. James, Bury St. Edmunds 
1876-8, Kirkby AViske 1878-80, Crakehall 1880-1, Minor Cinon of Elv ami 
Librarian 1881-4, K. Bentham 1884-93, Tathani 1893-1901, V. Andover with 
Foxcoto since 1901; author of "A Catalogue of the Dean and Chapter's 
Library at Ely." lH 1882, Beatrice, d. of Henry Hall, Esq., of Alton. 
Address The A^icarage, Andover, 

1 866 Winchester Colleoe. 219 

KisGDOS, Walter, h. H Oct., 1851, bro. of Es.laile, above, p. 178, and of 

Alfred, below, p. 233. 

Llotd, Clement ELPiiisiTOXE (A), b. 5 Sept., ISol, e. s. of Morgan Lloyd, 

Esq., Q.C. ^afterwards M.?.), 43, Chester Sq., London, and 

Mary, his wife, d. of Admiral the Hon. Charles Elphiostone- 

Fleemiog (bro. of Aithur Mmrice, below, p. 252). 

St. John's Coll. Oxon 1870, B.A. 1874 ; B.irr. lunor T. 187G, Junior Counsel to 

Post Office on the N. Wales and Cliester Circuit 1881 ; Counsel 1904 ; Revising 

Barrister 1887 ; Acting Judge on County Court Circuit No. 48, Oct., 1893, to 

Jan., 1894 ; Deputy Judge Brompton County Court, July, 1897, to May, 1905 ; 

author of " The Law and Pr.actice on the Crown Side of the Q.B.D.," "The 

County Courts Act, 1888" 1888, .and of .articles in the "Encyclopaedia of the 

Ijiws of England" 1897-1903; editor of 8th ed. of "Lloyd's County Court 

Practice," and of 4th .and .'^th edus. of Oliphanfs "Law of Horses" 189G. 

Addresses 4, King's Bench Walk, Temple, E.C. ; and Norfolk House, Victoria 

Embankment, W.C. Club Oxford and Cambridge. 

Lopes, Ralph Kekewich (B), b. 4 Dec, 1852, c. s. of Ralph Ludlow Lopes, 
Esq., of Sandridge Park, Melksham, \Vilt.s., Recorder cf 
Devizes, and Elizabeth, hi."! wife, d. of Samuel Trehawke 
Kekewich, Esq., M.P., of Peamore (bro. of George, below, 
p. 269). 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1871 ; Barr. Inner T. 1877, Western Circ. Q '2^ March, 1895. 

Marriott, John Marmaduke (B), Cth s., b. 6 March, 1853, bro. of Robert and 
(Jharlis, above, p. 179, and of Henry Peter and George 
Strickland, below, pp. 233, 253. 
B.N.C. Oxon 187i. Address Claybrooke, near Lutterworth, 
Maude, Rodert John (B\ b. 14 Jan., 1853, bro. cf Charles Thomas, abave, 
p. 214. 
Lieut. 2nd Bait. Rifle Brigade 1874, Instr. of Musketrj- 1877-80, Adjut. 1880, Capt. 
1882 ; Adjut. 1st Tower Hamlets Rifle Vols. 1884-9, Major 1892 ; in Keser\-e of 
Officers, on retired pav, 1897. fH 28 Dec, 1893, Susan Alexandrina, widow of 
Rev. E. Blomfield, and d. of Gen. Sir Frank Tumor, K.C.B. S at 10, Avenue 
de Rosemont, Lausanne, 25 Nov., 190G. 

Maule, George Benjamin, b. 15 Feb., 1852, s. of Rev. Maule, above, 
p. 41. 
Settled in New York City, U.S.A. 

Maxwell, Richard Ponsoxby (t), b. 21 Oct., 1853, only s. of Rev. Charletoa 
!Maswell, of Templemore, Londouderiy, and Emily Augusta 
Grace, his 1st wife, y. d. of the Rt. Rev. the Hon. Richard 
Ponsonby, D.D., Bishop of Derry .and Rjphoe. 
St. John's Coll. Camb. 1872, B.A. 187(; ; entered Foreign Office 1877, Acting 3rd 
Secretarj' 1880, employed at Constantinople ; apjiointed to assist the British 
Agent on the Behring Sea Arbitration at Paris 1H92 ; Private Secretarv to Sir 
T. H. Sanderson 1894-G ; Assistant Clerk 1896 ; Secretary to the British Pleni- 
potentiaries at the Peace Conference at the Hague, and Acting Secretarv of 
Legiition 1899; Acting Senior Clerk 1900; Senior Clerk 1902; C.B. 1903. 
Address 3, Whitehall Court, S.W. Clubs Travellers', St. James's. 

MEBEWETHEn, Wtndham Arthur Scinde (to H), b. 12 Sept., 1852, 3rd s. of 

Henry Alworth ilercwcthcr, Esq., Q.C, of Bjwden Hill, 

Chippenham, Recorder of Devizes (Comin. 1825-7), and 

Maria, his wife, e. d. of Sir James Fellowes, of Adbjry 

House, Hants (bro. of Hubort Digby, Audley Edward, 

Estcoiirt Butler, and Guy Gladstone, below, pp. 239, 253, 

271, 318). 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 1871, B.A. 187G, M.A. 1880 ; 11).©., d IftlG.p 1877, C. Bradford- 

on-Avon I87G-S0, St. George's, Ilanov.r ^<.jii:u.' 1880-5, V. North Bradlev, 

Trowbridge, Wilts., since 1SS5. Ifl 27 .s. pt., Isms, Harriot Edith, d.of Wilson 

Fox, Esq., M.D., I'hysicinn in Ordiniry lo Ihc <,iui'en. Ad<lress North Bradley 

Vicarage, Trowbridge. 

220 Winchester College. 1866 

MiTFORD, Edward (f), b. 4 Oct., 1853, at Culombo, 2ad suiv. s. of Edward 
Ledwick Osbaldestoa Mitford, Esq., of Milford Castle, 
Noithumberland, and Hunmatiby, East Yorkshire, some- 
time of tlie Ciylon Civil Service, and Janet, his wife, d. of 
Ven. Benjamin Bailey, Archdiacoa of Colombo. 
St. John's Coll. Camb. 1871, E.A. 1875, M.A. 1878; 11].®., d 187C, p 1877, C. 

Christ Church, Chcsham 187G-8,Kcdliugton 1879-82", V. Muston, Yorks. 1882-8. 

V. Hunmanby, Yorks., since 1888. fH H Aug., 1878, Annie Alaria Louisa, e. 

d. of Kev. E. M. Price, The Philberds, Maiilenhcail. Address The Vicarage, 

lluunianby, K.S.O., Y'orks. 

MooRE, Henry Whiteiiork (to G), b. 9 March, 1854, s. of Charlej Hewitt 
Moore, Esq., 102, Piccadilly, London, W. 
To New Zealand ; residing in 1895 at Cambridge, AVaikato, New Zealand. 

Ogilbt, Claud William Leslie, b. 3 Nov., 1851, e. s. of William Ogilby, Esq., 
of Altnacbree Castle, co. Tyrone, and Adelaide Charlotte, his 
wife, d. of Rev. the Hon. Charles Djuglas. 
Lieut. 3Ist Regt. ffl 17 Feb., 1875, Bessie Henrietta, e. d. of Commander Willium 
Grant Douglas, K.N., s. of Rev. the lion. Charles Douglas. Q s. p. 189-1. 

Ogilby, James Douglas (to H), b. 16 Feb., 1853 (2nd s.), bro. of the above. 

Scientific Assistant in Zoology, Australian Museum, Sydney, N.S.W., 1885 ; F.L.S. 
1887 ; succeeded his brother at Altnachree Castle, 189-1. Address Australian 
Museum, Sj-dney, N.S.W. 

Parker, Christopher William (A), b. 1 April, 1853, e. s. of John Oxley 

Parker, of Woodham Mortimer Place, Maldon, Essex, and 

Louisa, his wife, d. of Richard Darant, Esq., of Sbarphani, 

Devon, and High Canons, Herts (liro. of Oxley Durant and 

Cliarle.s Alfred, below, pp. 240, 277). 

Oriel Coll. Oxon, B.A. 187.'i, M.A. 1879 ; J.I', and D.L. Esse.t ; Partner in the firm 

of Messrs. Sp.arrow, Tufnell & Co., Kinkers, Chelmsford ; Director Equitable 

Life Insurance Co. 1901. i=H 1881, Helen Cecilia, e. d. of Sir William James 

Farrer, Knt., of Sandhurst Lodge, Wokingham, Berks. Addresses Falk- 

bourne Hall, Withani ; Woodham Mortimer, Maldon, Essex. Club United 


Paul, Arthur Duncan, b. 18 July, 1852, 2nd s. of William Bond Paul, Esq., 
of Wcarre Wyche, near Langport. 
Manager of the Chard Branch of Stuckey's Banking Co., Ltd. fH 1889, Louisa 
Anno Salter, d. of Abraham Keviss, Esq. Address Snowdon Hill House, 

Pawle, Frederic Dale (C), b. 23 May, 1854, e. s. of Frederick Ch.irlcs Pawle, 
Esq., of Barnfield House, Reigate, and Helen Mary, his 
wife, d. of Charles Strachan, Esq., of Cornhill, London. 
Member of the Stock Exchange 1871. iH 187G, Amy Louisa, d. of Toulmin 
Cattley, Esq., of 7, Clarcniont Gardens, Maidenhead.' S 13 Nov., 189G. 

ErrcniE, John Gerald (C), b. 2G July, 1853, 2nd s. of the Hon. William Ritchie, 

K.sq. (Henbury, Wimbournc), Advocate-General of India 

(bro. of Kdivard Dii^uid, below, p. 301). 

Triu. r,.ll. I a, nil. IN7I; :r|.|.,iinlr,i (,, inilian Civil S.n i.v 1873, .arrived 28 Oct., 

is::. ; v,,vr,l in r.rim:,l a^ A^-i-I. .M,im-lT:,ii. aiul I'.ill.'ctor; Joint Magistrate 

aiid lir|iNiv ( wMr,i„r Maivii, |n>:; |ir|iuu- Cnuiinir. Mav, 1891 ; Magistrate 

aid ('i.ll,ct..r li.c, 1n:i1 ; ( liainiian .■! Cal.ulli c '..iiimissioncrs April, 189:); 

Magistrate and Ciille.-tor I'cli., IS;i7; Cuinniiir. April. VMi; rctir.'d Hec, 1902; 

London School Board 19".! I. ;Jfl ISSI, Mar-anI, d. of Col. Edward Talbot 

Thackcrav, V.C., Bengal Staff Corps (K.C.U. 1897). Address 3'.\ Chevne 

Walk, Chelsea, S.W. 

Sanctuary, Thomas (B), b. 20 Jan., 1852, e. ?. of Ven. Thomas Sanctuary, 

Archdeacon of Dorset, and V. of Powerstock, Dorset, and 

Isabella, his wife, .''rd d. of the Rt. Rev. Charles Lloyd, D.D., 

Bishop of O.'cford (bro. of Cliarles Lloyd, below, p. 230). 

Sch. Lincoln Coll. Oxon 1870-1; Leeds Medical School ;" Edinburgh University, 

1 866 Winchester College. 221 

M.B. 1878, J[.D. 1881 ; L.R.C.S. Edin., L.R.C.P. EtUn. and 1876 ; L.S.A. 
1878 ; (Jold Medal in Forensic Medicine, 1st Class Honours in Midwifery E.C.S. 
Edin. ; Senior Medal in Chemistrj-, Senior Prize in Clinical Surgery, 1st Class 
Honours in Practice of Medicine "Edinburgh University ; Physician to London 
Skin Hospital 1888; coutributor to the British Medical Journal, the Lancet, 
and Public Health, also to the Field and the Fishing Gazette. fH 1879, Emilia 
Mar>-, d. of Kev. John SlcDermott, English Chaplain at Biarritz. Address 28, 
Caversham Rd., Kentish Town, N.W. 

Satebs, Henby (t), b. 19 July, 1854, c. s. of Rev. Eobcit Sayers, of Tittlesball, 
Clerk Magd. Coll. Oxon 1876-9, B.A. 1879, M.A. 1883 ; 1^.©., d 1879, p 1880, 
C. St. Mary Magd., and Chapl. Ch. Ch., Oxford 1879-80, Head Master St. 
Michael's Coll. Tenbury 1879-84, Chapl. Ch. Ch. Oxford, and Head Master of 
Cathedral School 1881-97, Chapl. New Coll. Oxon 188.5-97, R. Bluntisham with 
Earith, near St. Ives, Hunts., since 1897. fH 1892, Helen Mary. d. of 
Frederick Leigh, Esq., of Southampton, solicitor. Address Bluntisham Rectory, 
St. Ives, Huuts. 

Sladen, Randulph Maikwarixg (to H), b. 13 May, 1853, y. f. of Rev. Edward 
Henry Mainwaring Sladtn, of Alton Barnes, Wilts., and 
Hanuali, his wife, -1th d. of Jjhn Baker Sladen, Esq., of 
liipple Court, Kent. 
G May, 1877 ; buried in St. Peter's churchyard, Bournemouth. 

Smith, William Alexander, b. 10 April, 1852, s. of Alexander Watson Smith, 
Esq., of Fallowfleld Lodge, Manchester, and Woodheys, 
Sale, Cheshire. 
AVine njcrchant. Address Melbourne House, Park Avenue, Southport. 

Smith, Wtndham (to G), b. 17 July, 1853, bro. of the abjve. 

Solicitor (Certificate of Merit) 1876 (Messrs. Barrow and Smith, 19, Brazenose St., 
Manchester). fH 1883, Georgina Blanche, d. of Capt. Cope, Harboro' House, 
Ashton-on-Mcrsey, Cheshire. Address Massey's Lodge, Oakmere, Northwich, 

Snow, Thomas (C), b. 11 Sept., 1852, e. s. of Thomas Maitland Snow, E-q., Banker 

at Exeter, and Eliza, his wife, '2iid d. of Jacob I'hilip Nathan, 

Esq., of Jamaica. 

Exhibnr. 1SG7, .Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1871-fi, 1 CI. Mod. 1873, 2 CI. 1875, B.A. 

1876, M.A. 1878; President O.U.A.C. 1874; Barr. Line. Inn 1878; Banker at 

Exeter; J. P. fH 16 Jan., 1889, Edith, 3rd d. of Frederick Banbury, Esq., of 

Shirley House, Croydon. Address Hurston House, Idc, Exeter. 

Stevens, John Henry Moore-, b. 22 Dec, 1852, e. s. of John Curzon Mooie- 
Stevens, Esq., of Winscott, near Torrin^toD, Devon, and 
Elizabeth Anne, his wife, d. of Rev. Peter Johnson Pre- 
bendary, of Exeter (bro. of Richard Arthur and Hugh 
Stukelcv, below, pp. 235, 32C). 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1871, C.C.C. Cimb. 1873, B.A. 1879, M.A. 1882 ; 1^.®., d 1879, 
/) 1880, C. Redenhall 1879-84, V. Sheepwash 1884-7. K. Christen, Devon 
1887-8, R. Ashreigny 1888-99. ffl 1888, Emma Jane, d. o£ Rev. John Thomas 
llassall. 1 Feb., 1899, at Penzance. 

Teespale, Edmund Thomas Moore (t), b. 4 Au?., 1854, bro. of Marmaduke 
John and Frederick Dobrcc, above, pp. 152, 159. 
Trin. C..11. Camb. 1873; Solicitor 18H0, practi.-ing .at 6, Frederick's Place, Old 
Jewry, K.C. (in the Register called Edward). fH 8 April, 1885, Jessie 
ConsLmce, d. of Joshua Reeves, Esq. Address Franklands, .Vddlestone. 

Toynbee, Walter Turner (t), b. 23 Dec, 1852, bro. of Percy Robert Turner, 
above, p. 211. 
Left 1869 ; Solicitor 1875, practising at Lincoln and Newark down to 1899. fH 14 
Feb., 1895, Florence (iertrude, y. d. of Robert llenth, Escp, <.f Biddulph (irange, 
Congleton, formerly M.P. for Stoke. Address Bourne Park, Canterbury. 

222 Winchester College. t866 

Tracey, Campbell (f), b. 20 April, 1855, 2ini f. of Rev. John Tracey, V. of 

Townstal, Devon, and Emma Klizabeth, his wife,e.d. of John 

SawcTS, Esq., of Sutton, Kent (bro. of John, below, p. 326). 

Line. Coll. Oxon 1873, Sch. 1874-7, 1 CI. Mod. 1875, 2 CI. 1877, B.A. 1878, M.A. 

1880 ; Assist. Master at Westminster 1879-82 ; Head Master o£ the Lodge 

School, Barbados 1882-91. fH Amelia, y. d. of Sir Charles Packer, late Chief 

Justice of Barbados. AdJrcss 13, Claremont Terrace, Exmouth. 

TuiiSEB, Montagu Cornish Fisher (to G), b. 19 April, 1853, y. s. of Rev. John 

Fishev Turner, V. of Winkleij;!), near Crediton, Devon. 

In the House of INIessrs. Mackinnon, Mackenzie <t Co., Bombay 1877 ; President of 

Bengal Chamber of Commerce 1898, 1901, 1902 ; represented the Chamber asau 

additional member on the Council of the Governor-Generiil of India 1901-2 ; 

Member of the Calcutta Corporation ; knighted 1903 ; Director of the Chartered 

Bank of India, Australia, and China ; Partner in the firm of Mackinnon, 

Mackenzie & Co. fH Bertha, y. d. of John Howell, Esq. Address Bcdfords, 

llavoring-attc-Bowcr, Essex. Club Oriental. 

Tyi.F.E, Thomas Gerard, b. 1-1 Jan., 1851, 2nd s. of Charles John Tylee, Esq., 

The Hermitage, Richmond, Surrey. 

At Magd. Cell. Schnol. Oxford lSr,I-C, ; Trin. C.ll. (Pxon 1870, 4 Theol. B.A. 1873, 

M.A. 1S77; MhC-- ■' l'^7.-.. p IS7(;, C. Kirlnnund 1^7:.-7, Jlinor Cinon .ind C. Trinity", ■<':irlislr 1x77-80. ('. I.udd.sdnwn Issii. Clarham 1881-5, Rich- 

mtiud lS8J-(;, V. ,St. J„hu's, liichcuuEid lSSi;-;i9, V, St. Alphegc, Southwark, 

since 1899. iil 25 June, 1877, . d. of Juhy liurhaui SalTord, Esq., of 

Longcroft, Triog. Address 139, Blackfriars lul., London, S.E. 
UuMSTON, Henry Brabazon {A), b. 22 Aug., 1851, e. s. i.f Colonel Henry 
Brabazon Urmston, of Sihvood Lodge, Tuubridge Wells 
(bro. of Arthur Brabazon, below, p. 327). 
B.N.C. Oxon 1870 ; Sub-Lieut. 14th Eegt. 1872, 2nd Sikh Regt. 1875, Wing Officer 
and Adjut. 6th Punjab Infantrj' 1876 ; served in Jowaki Expedition 1877-8, 
Afghan War 1878-80 (mentioned in despatches, and medal in each case) ; Capt. 
1884 ; killed by the Akodais tribe, near Oghee, Hazarah Frontier, Punjab, in 
the act of trying to save a wounded comrade, 18 Jime, 1888. Cf. Wyk. v. 
(n. 233) 260. 

Walker, George Casson (t), b. 9 July, 1854 (5th s.), bro. of George Herbert 
Dacres, Philip Carroll, and Hugh Richard, above, pp. 155, 
173, 202. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1873-7, 1 Jfalli. Mud. Is7l, B.A. 1877 ; appointed to Indian 
Civil Service l.'<7.'i. :iin\..| ls,>. ;iii(l -:v\r,i m the Pimjab .is Assist. Commnr. ; 
served in Kiuaniial 1 1. |.:iii, . i i .n f. (,[ IimIli \| i iI. 1883; -Xssist. Accountant-Gen. 
Punjab J translVn. 1 i- uili,. , i \, i ,,mii.iiii i..i]., Bengal, Pec., 18»3 ; Assist. 
Commnr. and ofti.ialiim liiMnn .lii.l^,, I'limali l.'<81-t; ; I'nder-Sec. Vinaucial 
and Ci'nnu'T.i- lic' Govt, of India Issi; ; s.ttKiu.nt (ifliicr, I.ahcirr I8ss ; 
Onicialiiig lliri.lnr.4' Land Kicnls and Au-ri. idtiiri' I89J; (Itliciating (; 
of Exci.^e L'>91 ; Cominur. of Excise l.s9,'i ; on dipulaticn as I'inancial Sec. to 
the Govt, of Nizam from Nov., 1901 ; C.S.I. 1906. fSl Oct., 1883, F., d. of Dr. 
Coates, surgeon, of co. Galway. 
Wigeam, William Loftus (A), b. 2-1 Oct,, 1852 (-lib s,), bro. of John, above, 
p. 109. 
M IS-'f. Clara, d. of John Bell, Esq., of Rushpoid Hall, Yorkshire. B 20 May, 
1897, at Neuilly-sur-Seine. 
Wilson, Edward John (A), K 9 July, 1852, e. s. of Edward Shimclls Wilson, 
Esq., solicitor, of Hull (bro. of Arthur Bromby, below, 
p. 242). 
Queen's Coll. Oxon 1871, B.A, 187,1, M,A. 1877 ; Solicit'>r 1877, practising at Hull 
(Messrs. E. S. AVilson & Sons); Solicitor to Trinity House of Hull. IB 
7 .\ug,. 1878, Margaret Ottur, y, d. of William Robinson King, J. P., late of 
North Ferriliv, I'.ast Yorks,, and of AVest Burton, Wcnsleydalc. Address 06, 
Westliourne Aveniio, Hull. 

The Rev. George Moberly. D.C.L., having been elected Fellow of Winchester 
College, resigned the Head Mastership, the resignation to take eftect at the end 
of this Half Year. The Rev. George Ridding. D,D,, was elected Head Master 
27 Sept., 1866. 


ISFORMATOlt 1867-8i. 


Akstruther, Keith Francis George (A), b. 3 Feb., 1354 (5th s.), bro. of 
Stewart Mackenzie, above, p. 181. 
Formerly Coifee Planter, Lnchiel, Kotagala, Ceylon ; F.R.G.S. fH 28 Xov., LSTS, 
Jlar'ia Catherine Geraldine, only d. of William Dallas Bernard, Esq., Deputy 
Conimissary-General, Ceylon. Residing at H, Churchfield Mansions, Hurliug- 
ham, S.W.", in 1905. 
Cauew, Charles Edward Pole- (A), b. 26 Dec, 1853, 2ik1 p. of William Henry 
Pule-Carew, Esq., of Antony House, Torpoint, Cornwall, 
and Francis Anne, his wife, 2nd s. of John Francis Buller, 
Esq., of Morval (bro. of Gerald, below, p. 270). 
Oh. Oh. O.^on 1R72 ; sometime Coffee Planter, Hatton, Ceylon. fH 1« Sept., 1886, 
Ellen Henrietta, e. d. of William Ayshford Sanford, Esq., of Nynehead Court, 
Somersetshire. AJ'Ire^s Parkhill, Littlehampton, Totnes. 

Kittoe, Edward Dewing, b. 14 March, 1852, only s. of Rev. Edward Hooper 

Kittoe (Comm. 1835-40), Boldmcre, near Oocott, Bimiing- 

ham, and Emma, Ids wile, d. of Kichard Dewing, Esq., of 

Asbwickcn, Suffolk. 

Brewer (with Messrs. H. .J. P.inton A- Co.), Warebam .ind Swanage, Dorset; Capt. 

1st (Swanage) Dorset .\rtillery Vols. 188fi. D !j Feb., 1889. 

Laffan, Robert Stuart De Courcy (to D, Slmrt Half, 1869), b. 18 Jan., 1853, 

s. of Col. Hubert Michael Laffan, RE. (see xsxi. 

395), afterwards K.C.M.G., and Guvernor of Bermudi, and 

E'nnia, his wife, d. of William Nor.sworthy, B'q. 

Left July, 1R71 ; Exhibnr. Merton Coll. O.xon 1874, 1 CI. Mod. 187(1, 1 CI. B.A. 

1878', M.A. 1882; 1|J.®., </ 1882, p 1SS3, Son. Classical Master Derby Grammar 

School 1880-4 ; Head Master Kins Edward's School, and Chapl. Guild Chapel, 

Strattcrd-on-Avon 1885-9.'i ; I'rincipal Clielteuham C.'U. 1895-99 ; Select 

Preacher at Cambridge 1898, at 0.xford 1898-9; R. of St. Stephen, Walbrook 

with St. Benet, Sherehog, London, since 1899 ; Assist. Chapl. Cliapel Koyal, 

Savov, since 1904; Memb. International Olympic Committee 1899, and 

Technical Education Bofird, L.C.C. 1900-4; autlior of "Aspects of Fiction" 

1885. f& 188a, Bertha Jane, widow of Surgeon-General Andrew Leith 

Adams (D.N.B. i. 94), .and d. of Fredericli Grundy, Esq., of Manchester, 

Address 119, St. George's Kd., S.W. 

PoWELT,, Charles Watson (to H), b. 26 Nov., 1853, e. s. of Charles Powell, 

Esq., of Speldhurst, Turibridge Wells, and Emily Ann, his 

wife, d. of James Eyre Watson, Esq., of Fillongley Grange, 


Merlon Coll. O.xon 1872, B.A. and M.A. St. Alban's Hall 1878 ; Stud. Inner T. 

1880; J.P. Kent, Alderman Kent County Council 1889; Commissioner of 

Taxes for Kent; Member of Court and Warden of the Jlercers" Company. fH 

22 Aug.. 1888, Elizabeth Constance, 2nd d. of Col. Ilcber Drurv. Address 

SpeldhursI, Tunbridge Wells. Chili Cnioii. 

224 Winchester College. 1867 

Eawlinson, Albemarle Alexandek (B), h. 27 Sept., 1853, bio. of Christopher, 

above, p. 190. 

Sub-Lieut, and Lieut. 8th Iluss-ars 1874, Adjiit. 1877-9, Capt. 1879 ; served in the 

Afghan War 1879-80, in the expedition to Banda Kuddi, and Roghani 

{mentioned in despatclies, medal) ; Major 1883, retired 1888 with gratuity ; 

in Reserve of Officers. Ctiib Army and Navy. 

SpENCEn, Hekry Montagu b. 13 Nov., 1851 (2nd s.), bro. of Charles Francis 

Henry, above, p. 186. 

Capt. 2nd Vol. Batt. Gloucestershire Regt. 1884; Hon. Major; Apent to Ladv 

Northwiclc 1880, to Hon. Miss Georgiana Rushout 1888. fH 7 Sept., 1880, 

Ethel Louisa, y. d. of General JIarcua Berestord. Address Cotswold House, 

Blocliley, S.O., Worcestershire. 

TnRNouB, Hon. Archer, b. 11 Nov., 1852, 3rd a. of EJwa-d, 4th Earl of 

Wintertou, and Maria, his wife, 3rd d. of Sir Peter Pole, 


Sometime Member of the Stock Exchange. fH 10 April, 1877, Florence Emma, 

d. of John Bryant, Esq., of Kensington. © at Haslemerc Lodge, Kc«-, 

27 April, 1905. 

Whiting, Jambs Slade, b. 3 July, 1852, s. «{ Thomas Slade Whiting, Esq., and 
stepfoa of Rev. John Durrant, V. of BraishfielJ, Komsey. 
Wore. Coll. Oxon 1871. 

WicKHAM, James (A), b. 7 April, 1853, e. s. of James Wickbam, Esq., of 
Winchester and Sandowu, Isle of Wight. 
St. John's Coll. Oxon 1871, B.A. 1874, M.A. 1878; ©.©., d 1877, p 1878, C. 
Aylesford 1877-9, Buxton, Norfolk 1879-80, Great Yarmouth 1880-2, Loughton 
1882-3, R. Geldestone 1883-7, R. Swiiland 1887-91, Sprowston, Ni.rfolk 
1891-7, Chippenham 1807-1901, Kcnnett since 1901. fH 1887, Marion Rose, 
d. of Rev. William Burr Hurnard, of Gurney's Manor, Hingham, Norfolk. 
Address Kenuett Rectory, Ncwmarliet. 

Williams, Henry David (B), b. 12 Nov., 1854, e. s. of Rtv. Henry Biackstono 

Williain.", above, p. 5, and bro. of Edmund Nelson Goddard, 

below, p. 291. 

Lieut. 98th Regt. 1873, Instructor of Musketry 1878-80. Capt. 2nd Bait. N. Stafford 

Regt. 1880, served in the Zhob Vallev E>fpedition 1884, M.njor 1885, Lieut-Col. 

1895, Col. 1900 ; in regimental district, on retired pay, 189li ; retired 1902. fft 

1888, Ethel Louisa, only d. of Key. Montague Hankey, R. of Maiden Newton, 

Dorset. Address The Friary, Lichfield. 

Williams, William Henry Peers (to H), b. 1853, e. s. of Rev. Thomas 
Williams, V. of Norlhop, Flintshire. 
Merton Coll. Oxon, B.A. 187(1, M.A. 1877; B:irr. Inner T. 187S; met with an 
accident on the iiiglit of « liec, 19U5. at .SI. Bartholnmcw's Hospital, 
7 Dec, 1905. 


CinrPLE, John Torrington (to F), b. 24 Nov., 1852, s. of John Chappie, Esq., 
Leigham Court Rd., Streatham {hro. of Aubrey Durrant, 
below, p. 278). 
Solicitor 1877, practising at 79, Gresliani St., ICC. M ^^'^, Anna Oimsby, 3rd 
d. of Watkiu AVilliam Roberts, Esq., J. I'., Oirnarvon. 

Fi ahington, Edmund Richard, b. 18 Sept., 1854, 2nd s. of the late Edmund 
Francis Ffarington, Esq., and Margaret, h\s wife, of !•, 
Wellswood Park, Torquay, only d. and heir of James 
Nevv.sham, Esq., of Preston, Lanes. 
Apparently left at once, and entered again Conimoa Time, I8li9. © 1874. 

1867 AViscHESTER College. 225 

Grimwood, FuaS'cis St. Ci.air (\), s. of William Jeffery Grimwoad Griinwood, 
Eti[., '_"!, Eiinisniore Gardens, London, S.W. 
Postmaster Mertuii c (1^:11, J Mitli. Mod. 1874, 3 Jur. 1875, B..\. 1876, M.A. 
1885; 15cD};al Civil >, i \ h , l>:i, Assist. Masistr.nte Bengal 1876, transferred 
to Assam 1878, Assi^i. i uiiujiiisioner, 1st Grade, Kamrup 1889 ; Barr. Line. Inn 
1886 ; Deputy Commissit.iier Assam, and Resident at Jlauipur. l^H Ethel, d. of 
Charles William IMoore, Ksq., C.S. Taken prisoner by the order of the 
Jubraj, and put to death 24 March, 1891, aged 37. Cf. Wyk. vi. (n. 206) 143. 
Brass in Cloisters. 

Halt,, Edward Algermon- (C), b. 2G May, 1853, 6th a. of Thomas Dickinson 
Hall, Esii., of Whatton Manor, Nottingham, and Sophia 
Elizabeth, his wife, d. of James Haffonden, Esq., of Holme- 
wood, Kent. 
Trin. Hall Camb. 1871, B.A. 1875 ; Merchant, City of London 1878. 

IIallowes, Thomas Richard Francis Brabazon (C), b. 18 May, 1853, only s. 

of Rev. Brabazon Hallowes, of Glapwell Hall, Chesterfield, 

V. of Kilken, Flint, by Jane Catherine Maria, his 1st wife, 

d. of Kev. Richard Howard, D.D., E. of Llanriadlir. 

Lieut. GthRcict. 1873; 6th Dragoon Guards 1876 (Afghan 1879-80), Capt. 

1883, Adjut. Koval Bucks. Yeomanry 1887, Major 6th Dr.igonn Guards 1891, 

retired 1893 ; J.P. Derbyshire ; succeeded his father 1892. IH 20 Oct., 1887, 

Fanny, d. of William Parish Robertson, Esq., of Valparaiso. Clubs Naval 

and llilitary, Junior Carlton, 

HusT, Francis Dorrant (to F), b. 23 July, 1852, s. of Henry Hunt, Esq., 

J.P., of Hunninoliam, ^Varwick^llire, and Eliza, his 2nd 

wife, d. of James Tiptaft, Esq., of Braunston, Kulland. 

B.N.C. Oxon 1871, B.A. 1874, M.A. 1832; J.P. Warwicks. and Oxon. ifl 1883, 

Ada Jane, y. d. of l!ev. JIaze William Gregory, of Great Doddington. Aililress 

The Manor House, B.ampton, R.S.O., O.xfordshire. Club Union. 

Irvine, Fbancis Hugh Forbe.s (to G), b. 23 Aug., 1854 (2nd s.), bro. of 
Alexander Ch.arles Queutin Hamilton, above, p. 200. 
New Coll. Oxon, 3 Hist. B.A. 1876, SI. A. 1883 ; Uarr. Inner T. 1880, Northern Circ. ; 
on the Parliamentary Staff of tlit> T'nins 1884 ; unsuccessfully contested West 
Aberdeen us a (.'onscrvativc in I'^x.i niifl 1886 ; succeeded his father 1892 ; J.P. 
Aberdeen. fH l'"* Nov., 18,--ti, Mary Agnes, only child of Col. John R.amsay, 
of Barraand Straloch, co. Aberdeen. D at Drum Castle, 25 July, 1894. 

SiiEruARD, Stuaiit (to F), b. 27 Jan., 1852, e. s. of Mark Shephard, Esq., 

Howard Lodge, Upper Tulse Hill, Surrey, Solicitor and 

Deputy Alderman of the City of London. 

C.C.C. Camb. 1871, B.A. 1876, LL.M. 1879; B.arr. Line. Inn 1879, S.E. Ciro. ; 

Assist. Master at the Grocers' .School, Ilacknev Downs ; then proprietor of a 

private school. iB 1878, Martha, d. of John Dane, Esq. 


Alban, Clifton Frederick Samuel (t\ b. 11 July, 1851, at Kurrachce, India, 

8. of Thomas Cliftim Alban, Esq., 8tli Bombay N.T., and 

Elizabeth Gore, his wife, e. d. of Samuel Tipper, Esq., of 

Shirley, Southampton. 

Lieut. 2nd Regt. 1873 ; Capt. Bengal Staff Corps 188G, Slajor 1895 ; placed on the 

I'nemployed Supernumerary List 1896 ; Hon. Lieut.-Col. ; Bened in Afghan 

War 1879-80, defence of Candahar (medal and cl.isp), Burmese Expedition 

1885-9 (despatches, medal with two clasps). fH 3 Oct., 1884, at Admednagar, 

Florence L., d. of B. C. Bailey, Esq. 

226 Winchester Collec.e. 1867 

AiiKDROZ, Hekisx l''iiEDEKRK, b. 8 Nov., 1654, at Marylebone, e. s. of Hei ry 
Frederick Atuedroz,Esq.,uf the Admiralty, \\ liiteball,S.W., 
and Magdalene Judith, his wife, y. d. of Louis Edmund 
Thornton, Esq. (bro. of Louis Edmund, below, p. 272). 
Into College Cloister Time 1868 ; London University 1*78, •2nd Class Honours 1880 ; 
Barr. Inner T. 1882 ; Equity Draftsman and Conveyancer. AJdrc^mei^ 7, New 
Sq., Lincoln's Inn, W.C. ; 48, York Terrace, N.W. " 
Baises, Athelstan Aktjiur (B), b. 8 Aup'., 1854, e. s. of Lieut.-Col. Cuthbert 
Athelstan Baines, of -11, Medina Villas, Hove, Brighton, 
and Sophia, d. of Samuel Sanders, Esq., of Fernhill, Isle 
of Wii^ht (bro. of Frederick Samuel, below, p. 273). 
St. John's Coll. Oson, Kxhibnr. 1873, 2 CI. Mod. 1874. 3 CI. B.A. 1876 ; Solicitor 
1881. praetisini; at liri^'hton (Messrs. FitzHugh, 'Wooliey & Baines, 3, I'avilion 
Parade, Brighton), ffl 111 .\pril, lllOl, Katharine Marj-, d. of Eev. Frederick 
Fanshawe ((Jomui.), Head Master of Bedford Grammar School (1855-74). 
AiJJrets 29, First Avenue, Hove, Brighton. 
Baebt, Robekt Mercer (to H), b. 17 Sept., 1853, bro. of John Warren, above, 
p. 203. 
Lieut. 1st Batt. 16th (Bedford) Kegt. 1873, Capt. 1880 ; Adjut. Hertford Militia 
1885, retired ISM ; Major Keserve of Officers 1902. iH 1884. Mrs. Emma 
Parkinson. AJJms Fyling Hall, Kolin Hood's Bay, E.S.O. 

Beadok, Frederick Watson (to G), b. 17 May, 1853, s. of liev. Frederick 
Fleming Beadon, Bassett, Southampton, and Maryanna 
Elizabeth, his wife, d. of Kear-Admiral Carroll, C.B. (bro. 
of llerbert William, below, p. 304). 
Lieut. 3rd V.B. West Riding Kegt. 1885, Capt. 1889 ; Land-agent to Sir John 
■\Villiam Eamsden, Bart., of Longlev Hall, Huddersfield. j^ Miss Bolam. 
Address Longley Hall, Huddersfield. " 
BucKLAND, Walter Edward (A), b. 22 June, 1853, e. s. of Edward Copleston 
Bucklaud, Esq., 36, Lansdowne Ed., Netting Hill, London, 
W. (bro. ol Herbert William and Francis Oke, below, 
pp. 249, 274). 
Keble Coll. Oxon 1872, 3 Theol. B.A. 1876, JLA. 1879 ; It).©., d 1876, p 1877. C. 
Alton 1876-8, V. Beedon 1878-91, V. Woodborougli, Notts. 1891-6, 'V'. East 
Malting, near Maidstone, since 1896. fH 1886, Ada Murray, 4th d. of 
Blanslield Parkyns, of Woodborough Hall, Notts. Addms East Mailing 
"N'icarage, Jlaidstouc. 
BcRXE, Sambrooke Tucmas Higgins (B), b. 27 July, 1853, e. 8. of Thomas 
Sjmbrooke Higgins Burnc, Esq., of Loynton Hall, New- 
jjort, Salop, and Charlotte Anna, his wife, 3rd d. of William 
Cioodlad, Esq., M.D., tf (^heethara Hdl, Manchester (bro. 
cf William Cliristophcr Higcins, below, p. 249). 
Magd. Coll. Oxon lE»r2, 3 Jur. 1875, B.A. 1N77 fj.P. Staffs, and Salop; Capt. 2ud 
V.B. Shropshire Light Infantry 1877. ifl 7 Nov., 1877, Julia .Susanna, 
only d. of Valentine Vickers, Esq., of OlUcy (Jrove, Staffs. Addicts Loynton 
Hail, Newport, Salop. 
Cardew, Arthur (to H), b. 28 Dec, 1852, 2nd s. of Christopher Baldock 
Cardew, Esq., of East Hill, Lyss, Pctersfield, and the Hon. 
Eliza Jane, his wife, d. of Richard, 1st Lord Westburv. 
Demy Magd. Coll. Oxon 1871, 2 CI. Mod. 1873, 3 CI. 1875, B.A. 1876, M.A."l880i 
Barr. Line. Inn 1884. AVcstcrn Circ. ; Board of ICducation, Senior Examiner 
Secondary Schools Branch, ffl 1890, .\lcxandra Khoda, e. d. of Very Kev. 
George William Kitchen, Dean o£ Winchester. Address 4, North View, 
Wimbledon Common. 
Carpekiek, Arthur Bristowe (t), b. 18 April, 1851, c. s. of .\Krud Carjicntcr, 
Esq., M.D., L^uppas House, Croydon, and Margaiet Jane, 
his wife, c. d. of Evan Jones, Esq., Marshal of the 
Admiralty, Doctors' Commons (bro. of the next, and of 
Evan George, below, p. 262). 
Still an inferior when elected Sch. of New Coll. Oxon 1872, 1 Math. Mod. 1874, 

1867 Winchester College. 227 

2 Nat. Sc. 15. A. 1^7(5, M.A. and M.B. 18S3 ; St. Thomas's Hospital, L.K.C.P. 
Lend, aad M.R.C.S. Eni;. I88II ; late House Physician and Surgeon St. Thomas's 
Hospital ; practising at Croydon since 1S83 ; Senior Medical Officer Croydon 
General Hospital. jIH 9 Jan., 1884, Florence Annie, '2nd d. of Samuel Jones, 
Esq., of Exeter. Address Wykeham House, Bedford Park, Croydon. 

Carpenteb, Euwabd Westall (t), b. 2 Oct., 1855 (2nd s.), bro. of the above. 
Sch. Gonv. and Caius Coll. Camb. 1875-8, B.A. (Juu. Opt.) 1878, M.A. 1881 ; 
3£J.©., d 1881, p 1882, C. Milton-next-Sittingbourne 1881-3, V. 1893-1900, \. 
bobbing, Kent 1883-91, C. Margate 1891-3, V. Thorpe, near Chertsey, since 
1900. JH 4 Sept., 1883, Constance Mary, d. of William Salmon, Esq., of Bury 
St. Edmimds. Address Thorpe Vicar.ige, Chertsey. 

Chukch, FREDEr.ic John (f), b. 2-i May, 1854, at Whateley, only s. of Very 

Rev. Kichard William Cliurcli, above, p. 7. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1872, 2 CI. Mod. 1874, 2 CI. B.A. 1876, M.A. 1884 ; Barr. 

Line. Inn 1880; edited "The Trial and Death of Socrates, " Golden Treasury 

Series ; and translated Dante's " De Munarchia " for his father's book on Dante. 

33 at Hyeres, Iti Jan., 1888. 

CoLLiM, Richard (to H), b. 5 March, 1851, bro. of Spencer Comptoa, abuve, 
p. 217. 
Settled in Colorado, U.S.A., July, 18(3, and became a naturalized American, 

Daly, Edward Dermot Hamilton (to D, Short Half, 18C9), b. 7 Nov., 1853, 

e. s. of Col. Henry Dermut Daly, of Niton, Isle of Wight 

(afterwards General and G.C.B., of Ryde House, Ryde), and 

Susan Ely Elk-n, his 1st wife, d. of George Edward Kirk- 

patrick, Esq. (bro. of Henry Lawrence, Hugh, and Arthur 

Crawford, below, pp. 250, 310, 432). 

Lett July, 1871 ; Sub-Lieut. 15th Hussars 1873, Lieut. 1874 ; Bengal Staff Corps 

1875 ; 2nd Central India Horse, Lieut., half pay, 1883 ; retired, lull pav, 1887 ; 

served in South African War 1899-1902. ifl[. 

DoDGSON, Charles Heatiifield (B), b. 23 Oct., 1855, 2nd s. of William Oliver 
Dudgsun, Esq., of Woodford, Essex, (afterwards of the 
Manor House, Sevenoaks), and Lucy Elizabeth, his wife, 
d. of Huidey Smith, Esq., of The Priory, Jsle of Wight (bro. 
of Edward Spencer, Henley Frederick, Heathtield Butler, 
and Campbell, below, pp. 274, 321, 340, 382). 
B.X.C. Oxon 1871, B.A. 1875 ; Stud. Inner T. 1873 ; Managing Proprietor Dharm- 
sala Tea Plantation, Kangra, Punjab ; returned to England 1895. ^'fl 25 Aug., 
, 1887, Caroline Maude, 4th d. of Frederick Tooth, Esq., of Park Farm, Seven- 
oaks. JH at Braishheld House, Komsey, 2G Jan., 1898, 

Ellis, Arthur (to G), b. 22 Nov., 1852, only s. of Arthur Ellis, Esq., Registrar 

of the High Court of Chancery, 55, Upper 'i'ulse Hill, 

Brixton, S.W. 

Christ's Coll. Camb. 1873, B.A. 187G, M.A. 1881 ; llj.®., •( 187C, p 1878, C. St. 

Saviour, Uitchin 187U-85, V. Little Drayton, Sal'op 1885-94, C. St. Saviour, 

Champion Hill 1897-1900, C. St. Peter, Walworth, since 1900; author of 

" Flowers and their Lessons " 1880, " Fourteen Treatises on the Dead and their 

State" 1880-6. ^^ (1) 1877, Jessie Ellen, d. of Kev. Dr. Kobertson ; (2) 1888, 

Gertrude Fredcrica Mary, d. of G. F. Baker, Esq., Uitchin. Address 24, 

Grosvenor^jt., Camberwell, S.E. 

Erbinqton, George Henrv Forbes (B), b. 20 Sept., 1853, e. s. of George Henry 

Erriuglon, Esq., of IVartiee House, Southampton, and 

Isobel Lannette, his wife, d. of John Hoptou Forbes, Esq., 

of Merry Oak, Hants. 

Queen's Coll. Oxon 1872 ; sometime ludigo Planter in India. fH 1884. -Vmy 

Ilillyer Agnes, y. d. of I'redcrick George Jones, Esq., of Calcutta. Address 

Ashbourne, Derbyshire. 


Fali,::, William Coulthahd (C), l^- -0 Aug., 1853, s. of William Stewart Falls, 

Esq., M.D., of BouinenioiUh (bro. of Stewart Prince, below, 

p. 2 J 3). 

Merton Coll. O.^on 1872, 3 Nat. Sc. B.A. 187G, M..\. and M.B. 1881 ; St. George's 

Hospital; M.R.C.S. Eng. 1881 ; General Practitioner in London, ffl 2(1 April, 

1883, Katharine Ediih, y. d. of James Kowknds, Esq., F.K.C.S., of King St., 

Carmarthen. D 26 Nov., 1897. 

Fletcheb, Frakcis Du.nnikgton (B), b. 12 Feb., ISS-l, b. of John Diinnirgton 
Fletcher, Esq., 12, Wcstbourrie Terrace, H^de Park, W., 
and Mary Eliza, his wife, y. A. of Charles Tee, Eq., of 
Pindar Oaks, near Barnsley (bro. of Percival Dimnington 
and Michael DLUiiiiugton, below, pp. 275, 311). 

Fox, Thomas (to G), b. 23 May, 1853, e. s. of P.ov. Thomas Fox, P.. of Temple- 
combe, Sujjiersct, and Fann\', his wife, d. of Rev. Charles 
Barton, D.D., Dean of Booking (bro. of James Charles 
and Artliur Barton, below, pp. 251, 352). 
Oriel Coll. Oxnn 1872, 4 Theol. U.A. 1«75 ; ]b.©., d 1877, ;; 1878, C. IIoU with 
Little AVitlev, 'AVorcs. 1877-9, Chapl. K.N. 1879, H.M.S. ticrapis 1879-8U, 
U.M.S. ISelt'cish 1880, ll.M.S. ,SH/)er6 1882. 25 June, 1883. 

FuRLET, John Sampson (f), b. 6 Feb., 1855, 3rd s. of Eichard Lee Furley, Esq., 
of HulL 
Junior Stud. Ch. Ch. Oxon 1874-9, 1 CI. Mod. 187G, 1 CL B.A. 1878, ALA. 1881 j 
Assist. Master Win. Coll. 1878-9, and.'iince Jan., ISsI : A --i<t. Master Tunliridgc 
School 1879-80; House Master " Chernooke llnn-i mh.. A|,iil, IS'M. j^ 
3 Jan., 1894, Ellen, 5th d. of Ch.nrles I'almer l'liilli|... I. |.. ( nninii.-.-iouer m 
Lunacy, Berkeley Cottage, Aldcuhani, and sister vi L. U. I'liiHips, above, p. 
173. Address Chernocke House, Winchester. 

GoDFEET, William Bernard (A), b. 23 Jan., 1854, s. of Joseph Silvester 

Godfrey, Esq., 10, Gloucester Terrace, Eegcnt'i; Park, N.W. 

Civil Engineer; Managing Director of Messrs. J. & E. Hall, Ltd., nuiliauical 

engineers, 23, St. Swithiu's Lane, London, E.C. ; and I)arlf«ird, Kent, ^fl 

19 June, 1877, Elizabeth, d. of G. 1'. Harding, Esq. Adihtss 23, St. Swithiu's 

Lane, E.C. 

GooDLiFFE, Walter Francis, b. 15 April, 1853, s. of Francis G. Goodliffc, 
E.sq., 59, St. George's Sq., London, and lioundcroft,Cheshunt. 

Hall, Bertram (A), b. 29 March, 1853, bro. of tJoodwyn, above, p. 1G8. 

Brewer (Messrs. Arthur A- Bertram Hall, Eore Hill," Elv) ; Member Board of 
Guardians ami Local Board of Health, ftl 1877, Clara, d. of Charles M. 
Bidwell, Esq., of Ely. Address The Chantry, Palace Green, ICly. 

Herkingham, Wilmot Parker (f), b. 17 April, 1855, e. s. of Pvev. William 

Walton llerringhani, Guildford. 

Exhibnr. Kcblc Coll. Oxon 187.1-7, 2 CI. Mod. 1875, 2 CI. B.A. 1877 ; Stud. Line. 

Inn IS71; : M.l!. Hx..n INS:', AI.P. Isss, St. Bart. Hosp. and Vienna, M.R.C.S. 

Kn-. I--I, M.i;.> .r. lo,„l, l>>J, I .i;.t .p. 1889; Fell. Hoy. Med. Clin. Soe. ; 

Bli ( l.ii. iiiil r.iili. Sn. -.; \- , I. Pbys. St. Bart. Hosp.; ConsiUting 

Pli\s. I'.iildin^l.'ii (.1.(11 ( II- 1 1. .. -|i. ; contributor to the /'rocerdini/s of 
lln' l;,.i/ul Svoeti/ 1.S80, tn St. I:drtlivlnmew's Ilospilal Reporlf, vols, xxii., 
xxvi., .xxix., XXX., xxxii., and to numerous other medical journals. fH 1880, 
Christiana Jiine, c. d. of Thomas Wilde Powell, Esq. Address 40, \Mmpole 
St., W. 

lIoDGKiNsoN, LIarry Stewart Broce (A), b. 8 July, 18.?3, s. of C'apt. T. 
llodgkinson, K.N., St. Lawrence, Southsoa. 
IJcut. 47th Regt. 1873, Adjut. 1878-81 ; Capt. 1 Batt. North Lancashire Regt. 
1881 ; Adjut. Bombay Ride Vol. Corps 1885; Major Prince of Wales' (North 
Stjiftordshiro) Regt. 1890, Brevet Lieut.-Col. 19U0, Lieut.-Col. 1901, Brevet Col. 
1901, retired 1!MI5 ; in Reserve of Ofiioets ; served in South Africau M'ar 1899- 
1901, ijuliiding aclii.n!. at Karree Siding, Vet River, and Zand River, and 
actiou.-^ near .lnlianiiesburg (mcutioucd iu desp.'itcUcs, Brevet of Lieut.-Col., 
medal with four clasiLs), 

1867 TVivcHESTER College. 229 

HoMFRAT, Francis Alexander (f), b. 9 May, 1854, e. s. cf Rev. Kenyon 

Homfiay, of Llanguvcn, Monmi uthshire, and Emily Jane, 

his wife, 3rd d. of James Powles, Esq., of Monmouth. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1872-G, 2 CI. Mod. 1874, 2 CI. B.A. 1876 ; Gloucester Coll. 

1878 ; It).®., d 1878, p 1870, C. Christ Church, Cheltcuh.nm 1878-80, Assist. 

Chapl. 'ryntesticld Chapel 1880-7, C. Westbiiry-on-Trvm 18x7-11. fH 13 April, 

1893, E. M. Mary, d. of Capt. Edward Poulden, 'K.N. Address Mendip 

House, Cheddar. 

HaTCHiNGS, Hexhy Bl'rdon (B), b. 8 Sept., 1854, s. of Eev. Canon Robert 

Sfiarke Hutching.-!, V. of Alderbury, near Salisbury (bro. of 

George Cyril, below, p. 335). 

Cooper's Hill Civil Ensineerinic Coll. 1872; entered Public Works Dept., Madras, 

Oct., 187.i. Q 11 July, 1880, at Younff, N.S.W., from illoess contracted from 

his exertions in superintending the Famine Relief Works in Madras Presidency. 

Keston, Edward Eanulph (O, b. 3 Nov., 1854 (3rd s), bro. of Robert Lloyd, 
above, p. 182, and of Eustace Alban, Fredericlc George, 
Gerald, Evelyn Oswald, and Lionel Richard, below, pp. 288, 
323, 347, 374, 397. 
Exhilmr. ; Lieut. R.E. 1874, .Assist. Go\-t. Engineer Cyprus 1880-3, Commnr. of 
Kyrenia 1883-6, Capt. 1885, Assist. Instructor FieldFortification at the School 
of ililitarv Engineering, Chatham 1888; JIajor 1894; employed under Ad- 
miralty 1896-1901, Lieut.-Col. 1901, Brevet-Col. 1904. commanding R.E. 
Salisbiiry Plain District, ffl 14 Sept.. 1880, Katherine JIarv McCrea, d. of 
Major-Gen. John Cromie Blackwood De Butts, R.E. 

Leak, William Walter (to G), b. 19 June, 1853, bro. of Jame?, above, p. 201, 

and of Alan Ivan, below, p. 459. 

Lieut CJth Fegt. 1872, Bengal Staif Corps 1876, Capt. 12th Bengal Cavalry 1884, 

Major 1892, Lieut.-Col. .5th Bengal Cavalry 1898 ; served in Afghan War 

1878-80, including capture of the Peiwar Kotal, engagement at Charasiali, 

C Oct., 1879, and operations round Cabul, Dec, 1879 (medal with three clasps). 

Lutvess, Charles Benjamin (to G), b. 27 Dec, 1853, s. of Charles H. A. 
Lutyen.s, Esq., of IG, Onslow Sq., London, artist. 
Tea Planter, Cevlon, "1871-84 ; Planter, Minnig, Perak, 1884-6. iH (1) 1877, 2nd 
d. of Julius Talbot Airey, Es.|., Frogiiall Hall, Hampstead ; (2) 1886, e. d. of 
John Bond, Esq., Annandale, U.S.A. 

Milne, Francis Ale.vander (Io G), b. 5 Jidy, 1854, e. s. of Francis Milne, 

Esq., The White House, Monken Uadley, Barnet, Middlese-^c 

(bro. of Ernest Arthur, below, p. 336). 

Kcble Coll. Oxon 1873, 2 CI. Mod. 187.5, 1 Jur. B.A. 1877, M.A. 1880 ; Barr. Line. 

Inn 1880 ; author of " A Digest of Acts and Rules relating to Hadley Common " 

1882. ffl 8 Aug., 1891, Alice Emily, y. d. of Sambrooke Hig'gins Burne, 

Esq., of Loynton Hall, Staffs. Addresses 11, Old Sq., Lincoln's Inn, W.C. ; 

Sommerhill, Barnct. 

MoRuis, Rercy McDonald (C), b. June, 1854, s. of Percy M. Morris, Esq., The 
llall, Utto.\eter, Staffs, (bro. of Herbert Mansfield, below, 

p. ■r.s). 

.Sometime Civil Engineer on Staff of L. & N.W. R.ailway, Uttoxetcr. 
rARUv, Charles Henry (f), b. 23 Sept., 1853, at Toronto, e. s. of Eev. Edward 
St. John Parry, above, ]). 15. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1872; Sch. Oriel Coll. Oxon 1873, 2 CI. Mod. 1874, 2 CI. 1876. 
B.A. 1877, M.A. 1879; Assist. Master at Charterhouse since Jan., 1879. ffl 
27 Dec, 188.J, Lucy Toynbee, e. d. of Joseph Kinder, Esq. Address 
Charterhouse, Uodalming. ' 

I'lcKwrcK (tt/lenvards SAiNsnaRT), William Gordon Sillery (to G), b. 22 
May, 1853, e. s. of Capt. Charlej Henry Sainsbury Pick- 
wick, above, p. 70. 
Lieut. 2nd Somerset Militia 1871, Instr. of Musketry ; Capt. 1883 ; took the name 
of Saiusbnrv in lieu of that of Pickwick 1872. Q at Woodlands, Bradford-on- 
Avon, •22 Jfarch, 1X97. 

230 WiNCHESTEr, College. 1867 

Eatnor, Philip Edwin (t), b. 17 Feb., 1857, at r.rentwnod (4th s.), bro. of 
Gcorse Sydney, abovp, p. 201, and of Charles Leonard, below, 
p. 254. 
Sch. Npw Cnll. Oxnn 1875-80, 1 01. Mwh lS7fi, Gaisford Prize (Prose) 187S, 

1 CI. B.A. 1870, M.A. 1882, 1 Prelim. Theol. 1882; %).<&., ,1 1882, p 188.-! ; MastiT lliiili-.'ite S.linol lS7!>-83 ; ('. St. Anne, Uronkfield 18S2-3 ; 

Assist. Masl.T JIiirlli..r.iii';h Coll. ISSS-.'i, ■\\'ellin<:ton Coll. 1885-i; -, Warden of 

Christ's Coll., lss6-9; Head Master St. Peter's Coll., Adelaide lS!iO-4 ; 

Head Master Quoen i;iizaljeth's School, Ipswich, since 18!)4. fH ISSS, Jessie, 

d. of W. G. Curshaui, Esq., of Wiltord, Nottingham. Aihlress School House, 


Sanctuary, Charles Lloyd (t), b. 21 June, 1854 (2Dd b.), bro. of Thomas, 
above, p. 220. 
Exhibnr. Kehle Coll. Oxon 1872-G, 2 01. Mod. 1872, 2 CI. B.A. 187(i. M.A. 1880 ; 
II).®.. (/ 1877. p 1880, C. Christ Church, Albany Street 1877-8, All Saints, 
Erininnton IST.s, Assist. Master Wellington Coll. 1879-80, V. West Fordington, 
D(,r^< t iss(u:i, (irz. Sec. S.P.G. for Archdeacon of Dorset 188.S-9I, V. Power- 
stoek with West Milton 1889-98, R. North Poorton, Dorset 1890-8, R.D. Bridnort 
1894-8, V. St. Thomas, Salisbury, since 1898. ^ 17 July, 1884, Eyangeline 
Hopgood, d. of William Tabor, Esq., of Rosemount, Brentwood. Addrrss The 
Close, Salisbury. 
ScuRFlELD, Charles (f), b. Ifi Feb., 1S5G, c of Eobert Rourfield, Esq., ship- 
owner, 4, William St., and 24, Fawoett St., IMshop Wear- 
mouth (afterwards of Hook, Surrey), .and Sarah, his wife, d. 
of Rev. F. Iliff, D.D. 
Into office of his uncle, George Scurfield, Esq., solicitor, at Bridge St., Bishop 
Wearmouth, but shortly afterwards enlisted under a false name ; served in the 
Egyptian Campaign of"l882, and was either killed or died of disease in that year. 
Smith, James Parker, b. 30 Au?., 1854, e. s. of Archib.ald Smith, Esq.,, 
Riverbank, Putney, and Jordan Hill, Renfrewshire, and 
Susan Emma, his wife, d. of Vice-Chancellor Sir James 
Parker (bro. of Arthur Hamilton and George Edward, 
below, pp. 314, 411). 
Into College, Cloister Time 18f;8; Sch. Trin. Coll. Camb. 1873, 4th '^'rangier and 
bracketed equal 2nd Smith's Prizeman, and K.A. 1877, M.A. 1880, Fellow of 
Trinity Coll.; Harr. Line. Inn 1880, Oxford Circ. ; contested Paisley 1880 ; 
M.P. (L.U.) Partick I)i™. Lanarkshire 1890-1905; unsuccessful Candidate 
1906 ; Director of Union Bank of Scotland, etc. ; Parliamentary Private Sec. 
to Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain 1900-3 ; Co-opted a Fellow of Winchester 
College (vice E. Fresbfic-ld, resigned) 29 July, 1875, admitted 11 March, 18911 ; 
Privy Councillor 1901 ; ,1.P. and D.L. Renfrewshire, and Councillor of City of 
Glasgow ; J. P. Lanarkshire, ffl 1SS2, Mnr\- Louisa, d. of William Hamilton, 
Esq.", of Minard. Ail.lnssvs .Jordan Hill, Glasgow ; 20, Dravcott IMace, London, 
S.W. Cliihs r.eform. Western ((ilasgow), and New (Edinburgh). 

Strhtt, Hon. Edward Gerald (A), b. 10 April, 1854 (4th surv. s.), bro. of 
Richard and Ch.-vrles Hedley, above, p. 100. 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 1872, B.A. 1875; Surveyor (Messrs. Strutt * Parker. 4.% 
Finsbury Circus, E.C.) ; Director Lion Life Assurance Co. ffl 29 Oct., 1.87,8, 
Maria Louisa, d. of John Jolliffe Tufnell, Esq., of Langleys, Essex. Adilrrts 
Whitolands, Witham. 
Trevor, Herbert Hope (A), K 28 Sept., 1854, s. of E. Trevor, Esq., India, and 
nephew of Rev. George Alexander Trevor, 48, Queen's 
Gardens, Hyde Park. 
Settled at Redcliffe, Verulam, Victoria County (Inanda Division), Natal. D at 
Durban, 3 Sept., 1903. 
Walker, Edward BAniELER (A), b. 29 Nov., 1852, e. s. of Henr,v B.acheler 
Walker, Esq., of The Gables, New Romney, Kent, and 
Anna Maria, his wife, d. of Snniuel Giles, Esq., of Ivy- 
J.P.Kent; Lieut. East Kent Militia 1873, Capt. 1878, Hon. Major: Barr. Middle 
T. 1890. Jfl 1878, MiT.a ,Iulia, d. of William Cl.iridge, Ksq., J.I'. 

1867-8 Winchester College. 231 

Warben, Beoinald Oluver (C), b. 1-1 May, 1854, s. of Reginald Augustus 

W.irren, Esq., J.P., Preston Place, Arundel. 

Solicitor 1878 (Messrs. Warrens, 99, Great Russell St., Bloomsbury Square, London) ; 

Lieut. 1st Middlesex Rifle Volunteers 1882 ; winner of the Queen's Prize, 

Wimbledon, 1S87. ifl 1883, Kathleen, d. of Rev. James Bond Orme, R. of 

Angmering, Sussex. .Ulilicfs 81, Addison Rd., Kensington, W. 

Williams, Ahthur Garxons (to F), b. H Nov., 1854, e. s. of Rev. Prebendary 

Garnons Williams, of Abercamlais, J. P., Y. of Beltws, and 

Catherine Frances, liis wife, 2nd d. of Fenton Hort, Esq., 

of Hard wick House, Monmouthshire (bro. of Gerald Garnous, 

below, p. 30.3). 

Oriel ColL Oxon 1874, Lichfield Theol. Coll. 187C ; It}.©., d 1878, p 1879, C. 

BroniS!;rove 1878-84, New Radnor 1885-8, Bodeuhain 1890-3, R. New Radnor 

since 1893. ffl 9 Sept., 1891!, Anna .lane, d. of W. R. Glennie, Esq., of 

Chilbolton, Hants. AiMress The Rectory, New Radnor. 

Williams, Philip (B), b. 13 July, 1852, e. s. of Rev. Philip Williams, above, 

p. 42. 

Masd. Coll. Oxon 1871, Exhibnr. C.C.C. Oxon 1S72-C, 2 Math. Stod. 1873, 1 Matli. 

'B.A. 1875, M.A. 1878; Assist. Master Wellington Coll. 1876-8, Eton Coll. 

since 1878 ; Capt. 4th Y.B. Oxford Light Infantry (Eton Coll.) 1885. fH 1880, 

d. of Rev. Heury Gordon Merriman, above, p. 44. AilJii/s Eton College, 



Alexander, Robert Joceltjj (B), b. 11 June, 1852, e. s. of the Rt. Rev. 

William Alexander, Bishop of Derry, now Archbishop of 

Armagh, and Cecil Frances (D.N.B. Supp. i. 30), his wife, 

d. of M.ajor John Humphreys (bro. of Cecil John Francis, 

below, p. 260). 

B.N.C. Oxon 1870, Newdigate Prize 1874 ("The Last of the Red Indians"), 3 

Hist. B.A. 1874, English Essay 1877 ("The Influence of the Schoolmen upon 

Slodem Literature "), Sacred Poem Prize 1878 (" Ishniael") ; H.M. Inspector 

of Schools since 1880. fH 5 Jan., 187G, Alice Rachel, 2nd d. of John James 

Hamilton Humphreys, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn. Address Edncation Dept., 

MTiitehall, S.W. 

Altham, Edward Altham (0), b. 13 April, 1856, at Wilton, Somerset (2nd p.), 
bro. of Altham Snrtees, above, p. 197. 
Cb. Ch. O^oii 1S74. tir^f UniversitT Candidate for Armv 187G, Lient. 1st Batt. 1st 
Jie-st. i; ii ^ I IS76, Adjut. 1878-80; served in Bechnanaland Expedition 
18NI ... I ML I--', passed' Staff College 1889. D.A.A.G. of North-Westem 
Distnrt 1-M,;, M i,,,r 1895 ; A.AI.S. and A.D.C. to G.O.C. South Africa 189G-7 ; 
Staff (niit. (hitcll.) Hcadr|narters of Army 1897; served in South Africa 1899- 
1900 as A.A.t;. for Intelligence (desp.atVhes twice, medal with four clasps, 
promoted Lieut.-CnI.). Lieut. -Col. 1900; P.A.A.G. (Intell.) Headquarters of 
Army 1900; I).A.^^i^LG. (Intcll.) 1900-1901, .and A.Q.M.G. (Intell.) Head- 
quarters of Armv 1901-4; attached R. Naval Coll. 1905; C.M.G. 1901 ; Sul)- 
stantive Colonel" 1903 ; C.R. 1904; 3rd Class of the (.lapanese) Order of the 
Sacred Treasure 1904 ; Assist. Director Military Operations 1904; Brigadier- 
Gen. General Stntf, Headquarters, South Africa, 190(5. £B. a Nov., 1880, 
Georgina Emily, d. of William David Nicol, Esq., of Inverness. Club Jnnior 
Naval and Military. 

Barham, Thomas Foster (to F), b. 21 Feb., 1852, at Bristol, s. of Eustace 
Foster Barham, Esq., above, p. 74. 
S(dicitor 1875, practising at Bri.lgwater since 1880; Clerk of the Peace for the 
Borough 18SS : (,ne .4' tli.' f..r the Countv ; Lieut, ."ith Somerset R.V. 
1873 ; Capt. -'nd \ Mi. Souor-.tsbif l.i-lit Infautrv 1X79, V.D. 1892, Colonel, ffl 
24 July, 1879, Sarah Marian, d. oft ienrgc llenrv Prince, Esq., of St. Petersburg. 
Addrm Bridgwater. 

232 "Winchester Collegk. 1868 

Batton, Wiu.iam Stkphess (to H), b. 10 Aug., 1853, e. s. of John Bayton, 
Esq., of Alnwick, Bognor, and Georgiana, his wife, d, of 
Charles Harrisrn, Esq., of Seaford. 
Eanclilnp; in California 1875-1904. fTH 10 Oct., 1898, Frances Margaret, e. d. 
of Henry Hagnitt, Esq., of Burj' St. Edmunds, Address Bourne House, St, 
Warj' Bourne, Andover. 
Box, Edward Caspar (D), h. 15 June, 185-1, s. of Rev, Henry Addcrley Box, 
Parker's Well, Exeter. 
Clerk in Record and Writ Office 1871 ; tnansferred to Central Office, Supreme Court 
of Judicature. 1880 ; transferred to Chancery Taxing Ma.ster's Office 1889 ; 
Assist. Editor " Guide to Costs " 1899. fR 1887, Amy Leighton, d. of Kidgway 
Harrison, Esq., Crown Agent, of Woodboume, XJouglas, Isle of JIan, Address 
Koom 333, Royal Courts of Justice, W.C. 
Bright, John Brailsfckd, b. 29 March, 1854, e. s, of Sir Charles Tilston Brisht, 
Knt,, M.P,, F.R,S., Little Sutton House, Cbiswick, W., and 
H.innah Barrick, his wife, d. of John Taylor, Esq,, of Hull, 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1873, 3 CI. Mod. 1874, B.A. 1877, M,A. l"879 ; Barr, Inner T, 
1881, Club National Liberal. 
CoLLiKGS, Algernon William (D), b, 4 Sept,, 1853, s. of Rev. Peter Bonaniy 
Collings, V. of Starry, near Canterbury. 
Left Dec, 1870 ; Lieut. 1st Royal Guernsey ililitia 1873 ; Lieut, 'Jlst Regt. (Royal 
Scots Fusiliers) 1875; serycd in South African War 1879-81, Zulu Campaign 
(medal with clasp), Transyaal Campaign, siege of Pretoria, attack on Red 
House (mentioned in despatches) ; ('apt. 1884 ; Burmese Expedition 188C (medal 
with clasp) ; Major 1893; retired 1901, 
Cotton, Charles Benjamin (D), b, 11 Oct., 1852, e. s. of Rtv. Benjamin Cotton, 
B. of Rochford, Essex, .ind Naomi, his wife, e, d, of Leonard 
Hicks, Esq., of Kentish Town. 
Left 1870, 33 ,at Folkestone, 19 Jan., 1872. 
Penny, Edward, b. 4 Aug., 1853, e. s. of Anthony Denny, Esq., of Rotho.say 
House. Cheltenham, and Sarah Jane, his wife, e. d. of Rev. 
C P. Lockwood, R. of South Hackney. 
Pemb. Coll. Oxon 187-2, 3 Thcol. 1875, B.A. 187G, M.A. "1880 ; It).®., d 187C, p 
1877, C. Caldmore 187fi-9, St. James, Plymouth 1879-83, Lliin'frechfa 1883-5, 
V, Kempley, Gloucs, 188G-98, V. St. Peter, ^'a^xllalI, since 1S98; Progressive 
Member L.C.C. for Lambeth (Kenniugtou) 1907 ; author of " .Viiglioan Onlers 
and Jurisdiction" 1893, joint-author of " DeHierarchia Anglicana" 1895. iH 1 
July, 1875, Alma Mary, e. d, of Charles John Chcsshyre, Esq., of Bennington, 
Cheltenham, Address St. Peter's Parsonage, Upper Kensington Lane, S.K. 
Goddard, Edward Hcngerford (B), b. 1 Jan., 1854, e. s. of l!tv. Canon 
Francis Goddard, V. of Hilinarton, Wilts., and Eliz.ibeth, 
his wife, d. of Jolin AVolcott, Esq., of Knowle, Devon (bro. 
of Cecil Vincent, below, p, 275). 
B.N.C. Oxon 1873, 2 CI, Mod, 1874, 4 Hist, 1870, B,.\., 1877, M,A, 1879, Hulme 
Exhibitioner; IB.©., d 1878, p 1879, South lliucksey 1878-9, St. Mar>' 
Magd., Oxon l!57'9-80, llilmarton ls,s0-3, Y. Clvffe Pypard, Woottou Bassett, 
Wilts., since 1883 ; editor oC T/ic ]\'iltfhhc Ardceoloff'ical and Xaliintl Ilislory 
Socieli/'s Jfaffaziiie 1890, "Papers on Church and Corporation Plato " in ditto 
1892; joint-autliorot" A Glossary of Wiltshire Words "1893-4. ifl 29 April, 
1886, Elizabeth Annica, d, of Rey. Cliarles William Bradford, formerly V. of 
Clyffe Pypard, Address Clyfife Pypard 'S'icarage, Woottou Bassett, Wilts, 
Gordon, William Edward (to H), b, 9 Sept,, 1852, e. s, of John Gordon, E<q. 
(Miister of the Supreme Court 1879), Tlie Court Lidge, 
Chelsficld, Kent, and Mary Jane, his wife, only d, of 
Thomas Davies, Esq,, of Haudsworlh. 
B.N.C. O.Kon 1871, 4 ,Tur. B.A. 1874, M.A, 1878 ; Barr. Middle T. 1870, S.E. Circ. ; 
Law Reporter on the Staff of tlie Law Journal Reports; author of " Costs of 
.in Action in the (.l.B.l)." : joint-author of "Glen and Gordon on the Ijiw of 
County CiiNcnnmnt. ' ffl 18 Dec, 1892, Bertha, d. of Rey. lieorge Bridges 
Moore, K. ,'l I'mistall, Kent. Addresses 9, King's Bench Walls, Temple, E.C, ; 
42, OaUl.^y St., Clielsea. S.W. 

1 868 Winchester College. 233 

OnovEB, EsNEST Stanley (D), b. l-l Feb., 1853, 5th s. of Charles Ehret Grover, 
Esq., of Heniel Heinpstead. 
New Coll. Oxon 1872, 3 CI. Mod. 1874, B.A. 187G, M.A. 1880; 19.©., d 1877, 
p 1879, C. Castle Hedingham 1877-81, AH S.aints, Clapton 1881-4, V. Long 
Benton, Newcastle-on-Tyne, since 1884. fH 30 April, 1884, Katharine Edith, 
y. d. of Isaac Churchyard, Esij. Aihhcss Long Benton Vicarage, Newcastle- 

IIawkin.s, Charles IIenby, b. 21 Aug., 185i, bro. of EdwaiJ Robert and 
Herbert Eden, .above, pp. 196, 213. 
Formerly farming in the Western States, U.S.A. ; then in South Africa. 

Hill, Edwin FnEDERicK (C), b. 7 May, 1S55, 2nd s. of James Hill, Esq. 

(t 182G), of 5, Mansfield St., London, W. (created a Knisht 

1873), and Emily Jane, his wife, d. of Iltid Nicholl, Esq., 

H.M.'s Procurator-General. 

Madg. Coll. O.xon 1874, 3 Jur. B.A. 1877, M.A. 1881 ; F.Z.S. 1876; Solicitor 1881, 

practising in London down to 1900. fjl 1884, Florence Agnes, d. of Major 

John Andover Wood. Address 83, Lexham Gardens, Kensington, W. 

Hook, Allan James (C), b. 9 March, 18.^3, s. of James Clarke Hook, Esq., E.A., 
Silverbeck, Churt, Farnhani. 
Artist. fH 27 July, 1887, Janet, y. d. of .Tames Matthews, Esq., of Springhill, 
Aberdeen. AilJress Silverbeck, Churt, Famham. 

Hopkins, Lionel Charles (D), s. of Mauley Hopkins, Esq., Oak Hill, Hatnpstead, 
and 4, llnyal Exchange Biiildinas, E.C. 
Left Dec, 1871 ; Student Interpreter, China, 1874 ; Acting 3rd Class Assist. 18715, 
2nd Class Assist. 1880 ; Acting Consul at Ningpo 1882, at Chinkiang 1883, at 
Amoy 1886, at Pakhoi 1886-8, at Chinkiang 1889-90, at Kinkiang 1890 and 1891, 
at Tamsui 1893-5 ; Vice-Consul at Shanghai 1895 ; Acting Consul at Chefoo 
1895-G, atHangkow 1896, at Wuhu 1896 and 1897; Consul at Chefoo 1897; 
Consul-General for the Consular District of Tientsin and Peking 1901 ; Consul- 
( ieneral for the Provinces of Chihli and Shansi 1892. AdJicss British Consulate, 
Tientsin, China. 

KiNGDON, Alfred (to G), b. 22 June, 1853 (3rd s.), bro. of Esdaile .and Walter, 

above, pp. 178, 219. 

Barr. Inner T. 1.S7S, W. -t.rn lire. ; Aclirig Altornev-Gener.-il St. Vincent 1883, 

Solicitor-Genernl I'.iitisli Guiann, n|.p..inti-.l Q.C. in that Colony 1890, Senior 

Puisne Judge Brilish Gwiaua 1.s!iS-1:miii. ^^ 12 April, 1879, Bessie Bruce, e. d. 

of George Aitken, Esq., of Glasgow. D 1900. 

Marriott, Henry Peter (B), b. 28 June, 1854 (lUh s.), bro. of Robert, Charles, 
and John Jfarmaduke, above, pp. 179, 219, and of George 
Strickland, below, p. 253. 
B.N.C. Oxon 1873, B.A. 1879 [University XL 187.5-9]; Land Agent to Sir 
Charles William Strickland, Bart. Ailifress Hildenley, Malton. 

NoRTiicoTE, Gordon Stafford, b. 23 Feb., 1852, c. s. of Rev. Henry Sloubray 

Northcote, R. of Monk Okehampton, near Hatherleigli, 

Pevon, .and Georgiana, his 1st wife, o. d. of Richard Fonl, 

Esq. (bro. of George Russell, below, p. 337). 

Soa\otimo Clerk in Government Office, Hong Knng. fH 1 Nov., 1904, .\mv, only 

surv. d. of the late George Pay, Es(i. Aikhrss Willow Jlead, Little Kuowle, 

Budleigh Saltcrton, 

Priestley, Edward John Kenwortiiy (D), b. 18 May, 1853, s. of Lieut.-Col. 
Frederic J. B. Priestley, Madras Stall' Corps. 
Left July, 1870; Lieut. I!. A. 1873, C;q,'(. 1SS2, Jlajnr 1890, Lieut.-Col. 1899, 
Brevet-Col. I:i(i3 ; r.liiv,! pjni; \,|j„t. Claniorgau .Militia Artillerv I8S8 ; 
served ill S..utli African Wu I-," rmj ,.,s(„,nMian.hin( at Port Kli/.aijelh, aftor- 
ward.s C.imniaM.laut ..f MmiJ..;, ii|.|ri,l; siil.scqucnllv I IfficiT ( '.luiiuau.lin" 
K.\. Cap.' C.lonv l)islii,-i (Kii,- s ni.'.l:.! and twocla.sp.s) ; in KeserveolUfficers. 
ifSl 1888, Clara i;ii.ia, d. of Gcrvaiso le Gros, Ksq., of Seafield, Jersey. 

234 Winchester College. 1868 

Sill, John Warre, b. 23 Nor., 1852, s. of Eev. John Parkinson Sill, E. of 

Wetheringsett, Stonham, Sufifolk, and Letitia Joanna, his 

wife, y. d. of the Rev. Prebendary F. Warre, D.C.L. 

1st Lient. R.E. 1872, Capt. 1«84, Jrajor 1801, Lieut.-Col. 1899, Brcvet-Col. 1903, 

Substantive Col. 1904 ; Adjut. Vols. 1889 91 ; Instructor K. Militarv Academy 

1894-9; ('nmmancling R.E. in Malta since 1904. fB. 1881, Eva Pultcncv, d. 

of Cai>t. F. Sutton. Club Junior United SeriMce. 

ToNGE, Fr.4ncis Henry (D), b. 8 June, 1855, e. s. of Capt. Louis Charles Henry 

Tonge, R.N., of Highway Manor, Wilts., and West 

Charlton, Somerset, .and Charlotte Augusta, his 1st wife, 

2nd d. of the Very Rev. the Hon. George Pellew, Dean of 


Left April, 1871 ; Wilts. Militia ; I.ieut. 62nd Re<ct. 1876 ; Capt. 1 Batt. Wilts. Rc«rt. 

18S.1, retired 1889 ; succeeded his father 9 Jan., 1889. fE 12 July, 1889, the 

Lady Madeleine Dora Keith-Falconer, e. d. of Francis Alexander, 8th Earl of 

Kintore. Aildress Highway Manor, Colne. Club National. 

Amedroz, Henry Frederick (f). See above, p. 226. 

BousFiELD, Frederick Sydney Newman (to F), b. 12 Oct., 1851, only s. of 

Rev. William Bousfield, V. of Ashwortb, near Wellinston, 

and Amelia Frederick, his wife, Ith d. of Frederick 

Whitaker, Esq., of Barapton. 

Sch. Lino. Coll. 0^:on 1873, 2 CI. Mod. 1875, 1 CI. B.A. 1877, M.A. 1880; Assist. 

Master Christ College, Brecon 1879-88; Second Master of the (.Irammar 

School, Brisbane, Queensland, since 1888. fH 1900, Martha, e. d. of Rev. 

J. Roberts, D.D., of Cherraponjee, Assam. Address The Grannnar School, 

Brisbane, Queensland. 

CuAUFDRD, Harry James (C), b. 22 Jan., 1855, only .s. of Capt. H. W. Craufurd, 

R.N., The t'ottage, Lyndhiir.sf, and Annabella, his wife, d. 

of the Very Rev. Edmund Goodenongh, Dcin of Wells. 

Lieut. 1st. Batt. Grenadier Guards 1S7;!: K.-frimental Adjut. Horse Guards 1881, 

Capt. 1884 ; Soudan Expedition Issl ,'i ; Nile ; on Special Seri-ice (medal with 

clasp, bronze star) ; passed Stilt (oil. 18S7 ; Adjut. Guards Dcpt., Calerhnm ; 

Major (retired) 1895 ; promoted Lieut.-Col. in the Reserve 1902 for scr\ices in 

connection with South African War 1899-1902; started n co-operative .society 

in 1894, which developed into the Canteen and Mess Co-operative Society, 

which in 1905 was doing a business of £300,000 a year; started the People's 

llclrcsbnuut House Association 189G ; one of the chief promoters of Central 

PuMie House Trust Association 1900. Q suddenly at Mitley, Worthing, 29 

June, 1905. See Obituary Notice, Times, 22 July, 1905. 

Dalrimple, William Robert Elphinstont;- (to H), b. 8 Feb., 1854, only -s. of 

Charles Elphinstone-Dalryniple, Esq., of Kinellar Lodge, 

Aberdeen, by his 1st wife, Harriet Albinia Louisa, e. d. of 

Alexander Gordon, Esq., of Ellon, Aberdeen. 

Ch. Ch. 0.\on 1872 ; Lieut. Royal Ayr and Wigtown Militia 1874, Capt. 1881. D 

at Ratanui, Feilding, New Zealand, 7 Dec, 1890. 

DixoN, Ernest Riciiteu (D), b. 22 June, 1854 (2nd s.), bro. of Walter Cowley, 
above, p. 188, and Herbert James, below, p. 279. 
Manager of the British Pourercre Station, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, where he was 
accidentally drowned in saving the life of another, 9 Jan., 1889. Cf. Wyk. 
y. (n. 242)'339. 

i868 Winchester College. 235 

GiBBS, (Hox.) Herbert Cokatne (to F), b. 11 May, 1854, 4th s. of Henry 

Hucks Gibb:;, Esq., of Aldenhani House, El.stree (created 

Ist Baron Aldenhani 189(1), and Louisa Anne, his wife, 

3rd d. of Wilham Adams, Esq., LL.D., of Thorpe, Surrey 

(bro. of Kenneth Francis, below, p. 250). 

Trin. Coll. Camb. 1873, B.A. 1877, M.A. 1884; P.irtner in the House of Messrs. 

Antony Gibbs & Sons, 1882 ; Public Works Loan Commiir. 1884 ; Income Tax 

Commiir. 1886. ^Jft 12 Feb., 1885, Anna Maria, 4th d. of Richard Duraut, 

Esij., of Sharpham, Devon, and Hiyli Canons, Herts. AJdt-ess 9, Portmau 

Sq., W. Club Junior Carlton. 

HuMPHERY, Pr.\ncis Wili.iam (A), b. 10 March, 1854 (4th s.), bro. of Edmund 

Cubitt .and Ernest John, above, pp. 200, 213, and of 

Herbert Charles and Stiinley, below, pp. 252, 275. 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1873, 2 Nat. So. B.A. 1877, m!a. 1881, M.B. 1883 ; St. Georse's 

Hospital ; M.R.C.S. Eng. 1881 ; House Surgeon, County Hospital, Winchester, 

1887 ; then Assist. Med. Reg. St. George's Hospital ; unmarried. Jthlins 

AVest Ilsley House, Newbury,"Berks. Ciub United University. 

Lush, Alfred Herbert (to P), b. 27 Fi'b., 1854, o. s. of Alfred John Lush, 
Esq., M.D., of Fishertou House, Salisbury (M.P. for Salis- 
bury 18(58-74), and Sarah Martha Lush, his wife, d. of W. 
Corbin Finch, Esq., M.D. 
Sch. Trin. Hall, Camb. 1872, Senior in 1st Class Law Tripos 187.'), B.A. 1876, M.A. 
1883 ; Inns of Court Studentship 1876 ; liarr. Gray's Inn 1878, Western Circ. ; 
Examiner Law Tripos, Cambridge 188.5-7 ; Cambridge Local Exams. 1889 ; 
unsuccessful Candidate (L.) Totnea DivD. of Devon 1892. Addresses 1, Paper 
Buildings, Temple, E.C. ; 13, Redcliffe Sq., S.W. 

Smith, James Parker (f). See above, p. 230. 

Spicer, Newton (to H), b. 3 April, 1854, e. s. of Rev. Newton John Spicer, 
above, p. 45 (bro. of Charles, below, p. 29G). 
Keble Coll. Oxon 1873 ; in business at Buenos Ayres, then in South Africa, ffl 
Emma Frances, d. of Henry Lucius Dampier, Esq., C.I.E., of Dcnstone, Win- 
chester. Address Pretoria, South Africa. 

Staiston, John Proot (B), b. 11 Aug., 1854, e. s. of Nathaniel Stainton, Esq., 

20, Great Cumberland St., Hyde Park, W., and Lincoln's 

Inn, biirrister-at-law (bro. of Nathaniel Evelyn William, 

below, p. 341). 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1873, B.A. 1878, M.A. 1882 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1884. fH 1886, Ellen 

JIargarct .Jackson. Addresses 3, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. ; 1 , 

Wyndhnm Place, W. 

Stevens, Richard Arthur Moore- (to H), b. 30 April, 1851 (2nd s.), bro. of 

John Heiirv, above, p. 221, and Hugh Stukcley, below, 

p. 320. 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1873, B.A. 1878, M.A. 1880 ; Lieut. 2nd Devon Militia 1875, Capt. 

3rd Batt. (Militia) Devon Regt. 1883, Hon. Major 181)11 ; J. P. Devon 1881 ; 

Chairman of the Torrington Highway Board 1888. ffl 1886, Jlav C. S., d. of 

Frederick llaworth, Esq., of SO, Cornwall Gardens, London, S.W. Address 

Cross, Torrington, Devon. 

Tyacke, George Ashley (to F), b. 23 April, 1854, b. of Nicholas Tyackc, E<q., 

M.D., of Westgate, Chichester (bro. of Ernest Phillip-', 

below, p. 266). 

Solicitor 1877, practising in London down to 1890, and since then at Chichester 

(Messrs. Kaper, Freeland & Tyacke). ifl .luly, 1894, Alice Margaret, d. of 

George AUcard, Esq., of Bickley, Kent. Address Westgate, Chichester. 

Vincent, Georoe I,ewis (f), b. 1 A])ril, 1855, at St. Martin-in-the-Marsh, 
Norwich (bro. of Charles Frederick and Reginald Heath, 
above, pp. 187, 1!14). 
Trin. r.ill. Dublin ; to Australia : working as a Tutor in Melbourne, ffl. A'Idress 

236 WixcHESTEn College. 1868 


AcToK, Ernest Eeginald (f), b. 22 July, 185<), e. s. of Thomas Lowe Actuii, 
Esq., Newcastle Drive, The Tark, Nottingham. 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1875, 2 CI. Mod. 1877, 3 CI. 15.A. 18711, M.A. 1884. 

Bain, JonN (f), 1). l.'> July, 185i, s. of Joseph Bain, Esq., P.S.A., of Bothwell, 

Lauaikshire, editor of "C'alemlar of Documents relating to 

Scotland, 1108-1003," aud "Calendar of Border Paiwrs, 

15G0-1G03," etc. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1873, I CI. Mod. 187.5, proxime accessil for Gaisford English 

Verse 1876, 2 CI. B. A. 1877, M.A. 1882 ; Assist. Master Marlborough Coll. since 

1877. Address Marlborough College, Wilts. 

Barnard, Edmund George (to H), h. 4 Nov., 1855, e. s. of Rev. Thomas 

Mordaunt Rosenhageu Barnard, and Charlotte, his wife, d. 

of Sir Codrington Edmund Carrington, Chief Justice of 


Merton Coll. Oxon 187-1, 3 CI. 1878, B.A. and M.A. 1881 ; St. Bartholomew's 

Hospitjil 1881 ; .iournalist ; on the staff of the Globe. Address 50, Erpington 

Ed., Putney, S.W. 

Beever, William Fkederick IIolt (E), h. 3 Sept., 1854, e. s. of Rev. William 

Holt Beover, Pencraig Court, Ross, Herefordshire, and 

Hannah J:ine, his wife, 2nd d. of James Durham, Esq., of 

Gloucester Place, Portman Sq., London (bro. of N'incent 

Morshead Holt, below, p. 309). 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 1873, B.A. 1871! j Stud. Liue. lun 187G ; Priv.ite Estate Agent to 

the late Rt. Hon. W. H. Smith and Viscountess Haiiibledon since 1883 ; J.P. 

Bucks, fjl 1884, Lucie Evelyn, c. d. of Thomas Browning, Esq., of Sale, 

Cheshire. Address Yewden, Henley-on-Thames. 

Belcher, Gilbert Edward (to H), b. 9 July, 1854, e. s. of Rev. Brvmer 

Belcher, V. of St. Gabriel's, Pimlico, afterwanls X. cf 

Bodiani, Sussex (bro. of Hugh Walter aud Edmund Chailes, 

below, jip. .100, ":M). 

Magd. Coll. I'lx-.iU 1-7,;. M. \iliin 11,11 v.. \. 1"1, Al,^,|. r,,ll. M.\. l^^:: ■ Wells 

"Thfol. I ..II. I--1 : ID O . '■ '"■ '. " I'" '■ ' ' "•"■• <• ' I •"-' ■■ li-lii-r Is-il-S, 

K. dial. I. .11. Miin. .1.... I—-. HI I--I. c;,,ll,.iin.. ,1. ,.1 111. .111:1- UallK-d 

Fisclu.r, J:-!).. ii.( ., ul \\M|..ii U.ik.., i;i.~...n. .l./.i/,.-, IIk- Ucctorv, LliaMou, 

Benson, AYilliam Auniiin Smith (A), b. 17 Oct., 1854, o. ?. of William 

Benson, Esq., J. P., Langtons, Alresford, Hants (hro. of 

Ceoil Foster, Francis Robert, and Godfrey Rathboue, below, 

P11. 261, 273, 343). 

New Coll. Oxon 1874, B.A. 1878, JI.A. 1887; Architect and Artist in Metal; 

author oE " Elements of Handicraft and Design " 18'.I3 ; one of the originators 

of the Arts aud Crafts E.xhibition Society and of the Home ..Vrls .and Industries 

Association. £B, 18!<li, Venetia Margaret, d. of .'Vlfred William Hunt, Esq., 

A.U.A., K.W.S. Addresses 82 and 83, New Bond St., W. ; Jlauorbier, S.O., 

Pembrokeshire. Clubs lioyal Societies, Burlington Eaie Arts. 

Briogs, Eawdon (A), b. 20 Dec, 1853, c. s. of Rawdon Briggs, Esq., b.inker, 

Birstwith Hall, Ripley, and Louisa, his wife, d. of Thomas 

Barff, Esq., of Wakefield. 

St. John's Coll. Oxon 1873, 4 Theol. 187(i, B.A. 1877, M.A. 1880 [University XT. 

1875-G] ; 11;.©., (/ 1877, /. 1S78, C. All .Sahit,s, Bradfonl, Yorks. 1877-82, V 

since 18821 Address All Saints Vicarage, Bradford. 


Caswall, Walter Eandolph Le Hardy (E), b. 19 Aug., 1853, 2nd f. of 
Alfred C'aswall, Esq.. of Binfield, Bracknell. 
St. John's Coll. Oxou 1872; Brewer, fffl (1) 1877, Elizabeth, d. of Eev. Townley 
Ward Dowding, R. of Brixton Devi-rill, AVilts. ; (2) 1901. Resided at Wil- 
miogton, near Dartford, Kent. © at Chiswick, 21 June, 1905. 

Ciialcraft, John Arthur, b. 21 Jan., 1853, s. of William Chalcraft, Esq., 
Bramshott House, Lipliook. 
Left at once. Landowner, .hlihess Ilcwshott, Bramshott, Liphoob, R.S.O., Hants. 

Clerk, Henry (E), b. 29 June, 1855, s. of Mildm.ay Clerk, Esq., of Spratton 
Hall, Nortliamplon. 
Sub-Lieut. 2nd Dragoon (inards 1873, Lieut. 1875, Capt. 1881, Major 1888 ; half-pav 
1896 ; in Reserve of (.HWcers, on retired pay 1900 ; J.F. Warwickshire 1901. 
Aililrcfs Wellesbourne Grange, Warwick. 

Cowan, Hekry Vivian (B), b. 10 Nov., 1851, s. of Eichard Cowan, Esq , St. 

Kilda, Sidniouth, J. P. for Midlothian, and Elizabeth Inez, 

his wife, d. of Alexander Forrester, Esq., of Edinburgh 

(bio. of llicliard, Walter Basil, and James Innes, below, 

pp. 2G2, 282, 333). 

Lieut. R.A. 1873, Capt. 1882, Brevet-Major 1S8.1, Jtajor 1890, Lieut.-Col. 1899, 

Colonel 1900; served in Afghan "War ]S7S-S(i, ]iri->rnl at capture of Beiwar 

Kotal, and .actions at Charasiah and nuiiij Calml (medal with three clasps); 

Egyptian War 1882, battle of Tel-cl-Kibir— severely wounded (despatches, 

Brcvet-M.ajor, medal with clasp, 5th Sledjidie, Khedive's star) ; specially 

nominated to the Htaft College, Oct., 1890, by F.M. the Duke of Cambridge'; 

South African War 1899-1900, present at actions at Paardebcrg, Dreifontein, 

Vet River, Zand River. .T.ili:uinr>l,iirg, Preturla, Dianioii.l Hill, ami Belfast 

(twice mentioned in ilr~],,iirlH ., miilal with ^ix i-la.-p,«, A.D.l'. to the King, 

Brevet-Colonel); C.V.o. l:"i| ; Ih.i,.iii<m- Koval iMilitarv AcaiUiin. Woolwich. 

itl Jan., 1894, Mabel, .1. nl ,sii .hiuics Laiug, of 'ilioruhill,' buudcrland, 

and Etal Manor, Northumberland. Aiidicfs R.Sl.A., Woolwich. 

Chipi's, Charles Lestocq (to F), b. 10 Nov., 1855, s. of John William Cripps, 
Esq., 92, Cornwall Garden.s, South Kensington, S.W. 
Left 1872. 

Dauwall, Leicester John Theodore (f), b. 8 Nov., 1855, c. s. of Rev. 

Leicester Darwall, St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, and Mary Dyott, 

his wife, c. d. of Jt'hn Lee, Esq. 

Seh. New Coll. Oxon 1871, 1 CI. Mod. 1870, ." CI. B.A. 1878, JLA. 1881, B.D. 

1880; 11).0-. ■' 1'''79, /) 1881, C. All Saiiils, Oxford lS7!i.s;:;, Assist. JIaster 

O.xford Militiry ClI. 1879, Chapl. (,hri^t Church, I ixon 1smi-.0, C. Iffley, 

Oxon 1881-5, V. Walton, near Warrington, since 1885, A.'>tist. Idoc. Inspector, 

Chester, since 1898 ; composer of Services and Anthems, ifl 1885, Ada Mary 

I'eake, e. d. of Charles Richard I'eake, Esq., late Manager of the Oxford 

Branch of the London and County Bank. Address Walton Vicarage, AVar- 


Drake, Herbert (to H), b. 18 June, 1S54, bro. of Augustus Fitt, above, p. 195. 

Caius Coll. Caiub. 1873, B.A. 1877, ILA. 1881 ; JIJ. (!])., d 1878, ;; 1879, C. St. 

Andrew, Wolverhampton 1878-9, St. James. \\e(lnesbury 1879-82; accom- 

paiued Ccn. Charles tiordou to Jerusalem 1883, and settled there. J3 there 

of fever, 30 Aug., 1890. 

Edwards, Howell Powell (E), b. 17 Aug., 1854, c. s. of Rev. Howell Powell 

Edwards, V. of Caerleon, Monmouthshire (afterwards II. of 

St. Andrew's, Uinas Powis, and Hon. Canon of Llandaff), and 

Elizabeth, his wife, d. of John Ev.ins, Esq., of Lovesgrove. 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 1873, 2 Jur. B.A. 1870, M.A. 1881 ; Solicitor 1879 (Jlessrs. 

Edwards, Heron & Co., 24, Lawrence Lane, Cheapside, E.C.). fH 8 Sei>t., 

1881, Katharine Eliz.aheth, 2nd d. of Thonnis Bonsall, Ksq., of (.ilansheiilol, 

Cardiganshire, J. P. and D.L. Saits Novington Manor, Sussex ; and Ma^ thani 

Hall,' Kent. Addms 18, Cleveland Sip, Hyde Park, W. Clubs Luited 

UuivcrsitJ' and Bath. 

238 Winchester College. 1868 

Elliott, Gilbert Lloyd (E), b. 19 Jan., 1851, s. of Thomas Elliott, Esq., 
DOIhaidd, Cannaitbenshire. 
Lieut. 46th Re^t., then Lieut. 13th Hussars 1875; Capt. R. Cardigan Artillery 
Militia 1888 ; J.P. co. Curdi-an. ©. 

FooRD, James (to H), b. 28 March, ISol, 2nd s. of Rev. Richard Henry Foard, 
R. of Foxhole.s, Malton, Yorks., and Lavinia, his wife, d. of 
Joseph Smyth Eggintuu, Esq., of Kirk Ella House, near 
^ Hull (bro. of Henry, below, p. 203). 

B.N.C. Oxon 1872, 2 Theol. B.A. 1875, Denver and Johnson Scholar 1877, M.A. 
1879 ; IB.®., d 1877, p 1878, C. St. Marr, Bcddington 1877-8, V. Kirk Klla, 
Hidl, since 1808, R.D. Howden since 18;i4. fH 15 An?., 1878, Euiily Mary 
Bume, d. of the late "William Albert James, Esq., of Highgate. A'JJress 
Kirk EllaVicarage, Hull. 

GosSET, Arthur Henry (f), b. 22 Sept., 1854, 5th s. of Rev. Isaac Henry 
Gosset, V. of Nortbam, Devon, and Laura, his wife, d. of 
Isaac Gosset, Esq., of Jersey. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1873-7, 2 CI. Mod. 1874, 1 CI. B.A. 1877, 1 Jur. 1878. M.A. 
1889, Fellow 1877-85 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1880 ; Equity Draftsman and Con- 
veyancer ; Assist. Master Dulwieh Coll. 188C-9 ; Assist. Master Harrow School 
1889-95. m Jan., 189t!. 

H.\RDy, In'ce Senhouse (E), b. 17 Oct., 1855, s. of Thumas Hardy, Esq., 18, 
Warwick Sq., London, S.W. 
Into business 1872. 

Holmes, William John (to G), b. 6 April, 1855, s. of Henry William Holmes, 
Esq., Norfolk Crescent, Hyde Park. 
S at Clifton, circa 1875. 

HuGGiNS, Charles Edward (to F), b. 26 Anc;., 1853. s. of Mrs. Edward 
Huggins, 2, Ladbrooke Sq., Netting Hill. 
HuMPHiiETS, John Thomas Conolly (E), b. 22 Sept., 1856, e. s. of T. William 
Druuimond Humphreys, Esq., of Milton House, Strabaue, 
and Isabella Caroline, his wife, 2ud d. of Dr. Thompson, 
M.D., of Stratfurd-on-Avon. 
Trin. Coll. Dublin, B.A. 1878, Yice-Chaneellor's Prize for Eualish Poem 1878 
("Alice Lisle"); called to the Bar at Dublin 1881. Q 26 July, 1896, at 
Dououghmore House, Castlefiu, co. Donegal. Cf. \Vyk. vii. (n. 327) 244. 

Humphry, Hugh McNab (to F), b. 1 March, 1855, e. s. of Joseph Thomas 

Humphry, Esq., barrister, of 26, Prince's Sq., Kensington 

Gardens, W., and Jessie Oliver, his wife, 3rd d. of Daniel 

Robert McNab, Esq., of Eppiiig (bro. of Perceval and 

Godfrey Wood, below, pp. 355, 397). 

BoU. Coll. Oxon 1873, 2 Jur. B.A. 1876, M.A. 1879 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1879 ; author of 

"Common Precedents in Conveyancing," 2nd ed. 1882 ; joint-author of " Law 

relatinfc to Sales of Land" 1885. f{l 7 April, 1896, Dora, d. of John Ord, Esq., 

J. P., of Whitton, Ro.xborouglishire. AJilnfscs 4, New Sq., Lincoln's Inn, W.C. ; 

56, Lansdowue Kd., W. 

Lambert, William (to H), b. 17 July, 1855, e. s. of Rev. William Lambert, V. 

of reuuington, near Lymington, and Margaret, his wife, d. 

of Major Fisher, of Aberdeen. 
Lieut. 70th Regt. 1873; Bengal StjilT Corps 1877 ; sened in Afghan War 1879-80, 
march from Cabul to Candahar, and i)a(tIo of 1 Sept., 1879 ; Mari Expedition 
(despatches, IjO}i>lini Gazette, 16 Jan., 1?<S0, medal with three clasps, bronze 
star) ; Cnpt. 3rd Punjab Cnvalrv I''<85 ; Acting Deputv .Tudgc .\dvocatc on the 
St,'ifl', Bengal 1886; Provosl-JIarshal in Ilazara E.xpeditinn (despatches) 1888; 
Deputy Judge Advocate-Cien., Bengal 1895. ffl 1884, Klorcuce Murray, only 
d. nt Col. John Palmer Turton, B.S.C. ©at Peshawar of heat-stroke, 10 Oct., 

i868 WiNcuEsTEK College. 239 

LiiAT., Edward Denison (C), b. 10 Jan., 185(5, e. s. of Yen. Francis Lear, above, 
}). 36 (bro. of Herbert Nelson, below, p. 317). 
Keble Coll. Oxon 1875, B.A. 1878, M.A. 1902; 1&.©., d 1881, JD 1882, C. Famham 
1881-4, V. Blackmoor, Hauts 1884-91, K. Alells, Somerset, since 1891. fH 
1885, Judith Agnes, d. of William jlillais, Esq., of Ward Hill, Famhain. 
A'lilicss Mells Rector)-, Frome. 
LiTTLEDALE, GoDFEEY Armytage (E), b. 15 Sept., 1854, 2ud s. of Henry- 
Anthony Littledale, Esq., of Bolton Hall, Craven, Yorks., 
and 19, Queeu's Gate Gardens, Kensington, and Mary 
Elizabeth, his wife, e. d. of John Armytage, Esq., and sister 
of Sir George Armytage, Bart. 
B.X.C. Oxon 1873, B.A. 1877, M.A. 1880 ; Leeds Clersy School ; !&.©., d 1879, 
p 1880, C. St. Paul, Chichester 1879, .St. Mark, New Swindon "1879-86, C. in 
Charge St. John, New Swindon 1883-C, V. Chipping Norton since 1886, and 
R.D. since 1903. fH 24 April, 1895, Mary Anne, e. d. of Arthur Ha^^•ey 
Thursbr, Esq., D.L., of Culverlands, Berks. Address The Vicaiage, Chipping 
Merewether, Hobert Digby (to H), b. 24 May, 1854, bro. of Wyndham 
Arthur Sciode, above, p. 219, and of Audley Edward, 
Estcoiirt Butler, and Guy Gladstone, below, pp. 253, 271, 348. 
Settled first iu New Zealand ; then in Canada ; Lieut. Canadian KiHes. 
Mildmat, George St. Johx- (G), b. 24 Feb., 1856, 2nd s. of Eev. Charles 
Arundell St. John Mildmay, E. of Marstou, Yorks., and 
Harriet Louisa, his wife, d. of the Yery Eev. the Hon. 
George Neville-Grenville, Dean of Windsor (bro. of 
Wyndham Paulet, Arundell Glastonbury, Paulet Bertram, 
and Aubrey Neville, below, pp. 253, 289, 319, 355). 
Exhilnr. ; C.C.C. Oxon 1875, 3 CI. Mod. 1876, 3 CI. 1878, B.A. 1879; Barr. Inner 
T. 1882, Midland Circ. ; Lieut. 24th Middlesex K.V. (Post Office) 1882; Capt. 
1887. £H 3 Aug., 1898, Grace JIarv, e. d. of Percival Hambro, Esq., of Milton 
Abbey, Dorset. Addiasts 8, Princes St., E.C. ; 16, Bolton St., Piccadilly, W. 
Moon, Ernest Eobert (E), b. 21 June, 1854, 4lh s. of Eichard Moon, Esq., 
Wigginton Lodge, Tamworth (created a baronet 1887, of 
Copsewood Grange, Coventry), and Eleanor, his wife, d. of 
John Brocklebauk, Esq., of Ha^elholm, Cumberland. 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 1873, 2 Law Tripos 1876, LL.B. 1877 ; Barr. Inner T. 1873, 
Northern Circ. ; K.C. 1902. iH 9 Aug., 1881, Emma Henrietta Penelope, d. 
of John de Villiers Lambe, Esq., of Svdnev, N.S.W. Addresses 48, Cadogan 
Sq., S.W. ; Balholmie, Cargill, N.B. ;"2, Temple Gardens, E.C. Club Oxford 
and Cambridge. 
MooRE, John Peel (to G), b. G Oct., 1854 (y. s.), bro. of Joseph Edward, above, 
p. 189. 
g 30 Aug., 1878. Cf. Wvk. iu. (n. 125) 109. 
MoRSHEAD, Ernest Garstin Anderson (E), b. 9 Oct., 1851 (5th s.), bro. of 
John Youge Anderson, Frank Upton Anderson, and Edmund 
Doidge Anderson, aboVe, pp. 172, 179. 
University Coll. Hospital, M.K.C.S. Eng. 1875, L.IJ.C.P. Lond. 1876, M.D. Brussels 
1881 ; Hon. Med. Officer Koyal Surrey Cuuutv Hospital ; Admiralty Surgeon ; 
late Phys. N.W. London i'ispeusary fur Children, and Assist, to Prof, of 
Medicine, Univ. Coll. ; formerly Kisidi iit Cliuical Assist. Consumptive Hospital, 
Bromptou, and House Phys^ Univ. Coll. Hospital; author of "Tables of 
Physiological Action of Drugs " ; contributor to the Lancet 1877, the Journal 
of Anatomij and /'/iv.«io^;i/, vol. xii., and the Journal of Phi/siology, vol. i. 
Address 14, Quarry St., Guildford. 

Nash, Fbancis Lochee (f), b. 19 April, 1855, 3rd s. of Rev. George Nash, of 
Weston, Notts. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1873-,'*, 1 fl. Mod. 187.-i, 3 CI. B.A. 1877, Jf.A. 1880 ; ©.©., 
d 1880, B 1881, C. Medmcnhaui Issu-l, Buckingham 18«il-2, Hambledon 
1882-9, V. Une End, near lli-li Wycmbe, since 1889. ffl 3 Jan., 1883, 
Katherine .Mice, d. of Ihury \\ illiam, Esq., Q.C. Address Land End 
Yicaragc, High Wycombe. 

240 Winchester College. 1868 

Ogle, Poksonby Dcgmoiie, b. S Bee, lb.")'), ilrnl >. of Elv. Williara Reynolds 

0;:le, V. of Bii-luijjs Teii;utui], Devon. 

Into CoUege, Common Time 1869; Sch. New Coll. Oxon, 1 CI. Mod. 1S7G. 2 CI. 

1878, B..\. 18711 ; Private Sec. to the Archbifhop of Canterbun- 1881 ; journalist ; 

Acting Editor of the (ilohe 1886. fR 9 .July, 1891, Kate -ingeline, 2nd d. of 

Alonzo Cooper Rand, Esq., of Minneapolis, U.S.A. S. 

Parkeb, Osley Durant (A), b. 20 Oct., 1854 (2ud s.), bro. of ChriBtoplier 
William, above, p. 220, and Charles Alfred, below, p. 277. 
Partner in the firm of Messrs. Grout & Co., crape niercliauts and manufacturers, 
Norwich, and 12, Foster Lane, E.C., since 1879; 2nd Lieut. 23rd (Maldon) 
Essex R.V. 1879, Lieut. 1881. fH 21 Sept., 1887, Ethel Geraldinc, ord d. 
of Thomas Gambicr Parry, Esq., of Highnam Court, Gloucester. Aildrcss 
S, Montagu St., Portnian Sq., W. 

Peakce, Fkask Charles (to F), b. 27 May, 1853, s. of Rev. Thomas Pe.irce, 

V. of Morden, Blandford, Dorset. 

Left 1871; Solicitor 1876 (Jlessrs. Pearce i Rowse), practising at 31, Liverpool 

St., E.G., and 15, Plasket Lane, Upton Park, E. iB. 1883, Sarah, d. of George 

Townsend Hennison, Esq. AJiinfs White Heather Lodge, East Common, 

Harpenden, S.O., Herts. 

Peel, George Neville (C), b. 11 Oct., ISTA, only s. of Rev. Edmund Peel, of 
Toot Brtldon, St. Lawrence, Oxford. 
Magd. Coll. Camb. 1873, I5.A. 1876, M.A. 1.880; Manufacturer. fH 1889, Rosa- 
"niond, 5th d. of William Peel, Esq., of Taliaris, Carmartheusliire. AdJrcft 
26, Elm Park Gardens, S.W. 

Phillips, Charles Walter (E), b. 19 Jan., 185.5, 2Dd s. of Thomas Pliillips, 
Esq., of Culham, and stepson of Rev. Charles Richard 
Powys, Chislelianipton House, Wallin^iford. 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1.87(. ID 20 Sept., 1886, at Stanton St. John's, Oxfordshire. 

Pollock, Harkt Frederick (E), b. 9 Feb., 1855, s. of George Frederick Pollock, 
Esq., Senior Master of the Supreme Court and Queen's 
Remembrancer, of Woodlawn, Hanworth, Jliddlesox, and 
Frances Diana, his wife, c. d. of Rev. Henry Herbert, R. of 
Rathdownoy, Queen's County. 
Left Christmas, 1872; Soli.i'h.r In7-<, pnictising at 11, St. Helen's Place, E.C. ; 
Commissioner for Affidivits ami .\i kiinwKdgments for the Colonies; unsuc- 
cessful Candidate (U.) Spalding l>ivii. Lines. 1892; SI. P. (V.) Si)alding Divn. 
1895-1900. £H 30 Ucc. 1879, Phyllis Julia, only d. of Major-Gen. .\rthur 
Broome, R.A., C.S.I. D of paralysis, 2 May, 1901, at Eoniut, near Wilton. 

Pbichard, George Penry Montague (to H), b. 5 March, 1854, s. of Colonel 


Suh-Licut. 2Jth Regt. 1873, transferred to 6Gth Regt. 1873, Lieut. 1875, Lieut. 

Madras S.C. 1877, Capt. 31st Madras N.L 1886, D.A.A.G. Madras 1887-92, 

District Staff Officer, 2nd Class, 1887-92, Major 1895, Licut.-Col. 1901 ; at 

present residing out of India. 

Radcliff, Elphikstone Hart (.\), b. 10 May, 1855, s. of Mrs. RadclifTe, 2, 
Fauconbury Terrace, Cheltenham. 
Left 1870. 

Rasdall, James Lowndes (to H), b. G March, 1855 (3rd s.), bro. of Richard 
George, above, p. 19G, and Cyril Wilberforco, below, p. 2-10. 
St. John's Coll. Oxon 1873, B.A. New Inn Hall "lS76, SI. A. 1880; formerly cattle- 
ranching at Moreland Ranche, Helena. Montana, U.S..\. itl l^."*!, Isabel, d. 
of John Knight Fitzherbert, Esq., 17, Christchurcb Rd., Bournemouth. A^hlrtt-s 
Tilstou, Slalpas. 

EoDiKSON, Hugh Cecil (to G), b. 21 Nov., 185-J, bro. of Julian and Arthur, 
above, I'p. 18(), 205. 


iS68 Winchester College. 241 

Fioss, Jonx TiiELAWNEY (Trelawny-) (£), b. 17 Sept., 1852, e. s. of Hev. 

William Ros?, Canon of Derry, DuDgiven, Londonderrj-, 

and Caroline Matilda, Lis wife, 2nd d. of Arthur Luce 

Tielawnv Collins, E>(|. 

Trill. Coll. Dublin, Junior 'jloder.itor, niiil Silver ^ffrlallist in ¥.oc. Lit., B.A. 187.5, 

M..V. 1878. B.D. 1889, D.D. ISfio ; jlMp., ■' If^TC, /. 1S70, I'. Dun-ivon 187G-9, 

and ivi^ivin 1883-G, Minor Canon, l.l:ni.i:iif Is.ii-S;;, ( '. St. rit.r, lioiiruemouth 

188G-92, V. of Paignton with JfarMon since 18;i-.> ; K.l>. of Ipjilepen 1898- 

1902; assumed the additional name of Trelawny 1903. jff. (I) 1881, Emma 

Katherine Mary, d. of Alexander Bassett, Esq., of Baynton House, Llandaff ; 

(•2) 2 Jan., 1894, Miiry Frederica Cecilia, y. d. of ('apt. George Somerville 

I>igby, of the Grenadier Guards. A'l<liess Vicarage, Paignton, S. Devon. 

Savory, James Henry (to II), h. 20 Maicli, 1855, s. of Rev. Edmund Savory, 
R. of Binfield, iii^.ar Bracknell. 
Trin Coll. Oxon 1871. B.A. 1S79, M.\. 188.5 [University Xf. 1877-8]; It).©., <I 
1883, p 1885, C. Buckingham 1883-5, Cricliel, Dorset 188G, V. Little Dalhv, 
Melton JLuvbrav 189G~190;i ; Chapl. to the Marquess Camden.' fH 1881!, Amv, 
d. of Kev. Herbert Uichard Peel, of Thurutou ILiU, Buckingham. B 5 Aug., 

Smith, Benjamin (to G), b. 9 June, 1853, bro. of Henry, above, p. 210, and of 
Edward and George, below, p. 281. 
Solicitor 187G, practising at Billingborough, Donington, Horbling, and Bourn, all 
in Lincolnshire (Messrs. B. Smith & Co.); Clerk to the Black Sluice Com- 
missioners and to the Commissioners of Taxes, Aveland District. fH Feb., 
1885, Faith Oswell, d. of Rev. William Henry Lloyd-Oswell, K. of Harewood, 
near Ross. Addrci'S Horbling, Folkingham. 

Thrustos, Charles Nisbet (E), b. 3 Nov., 1854, e. s. of Charles Frederick 

Tlirnston, Esq., of Talgarth Hall, Merionethshire, and 

Mary, his wife, d. of Capt. Josiah Nisbet, R.N. 

Left 1870; J.P. and D.L. co. Merioneth. fH 21 Jan., 1882, Kathleen, .'Ird d. of 

Jcdin Corbett, Esq., of Impney, AVorcs., M.P. tor Droitwich. JilJnss Talgarth 

Hall, Macliyulleth, Meriuneth. 

ViNER, Montague Ellis- CB), b. 2 Ajiril, 1855, only s. of Rev. Alfred William 

EUis-Viner, V. of Badgeworth, Cheltenham, and Lucy 

Maria, his wife, d. of William Prichard, Esq., Madras 

Medical Service. 

Keble CoU. Oxon 1874, B.A. 1878, Ely Theol. Coll. ; l^.ffi., d 188C, ;) 1887, C. 

Kensworth, Herts 188G-7, University Mission to Central Africa 1887-8 ; home 

1888-9. J3 at Mozambique on his way to Likoma, 5 Oct., 1890. 

Walter, Edward Charles Letiibridge (to II), b. 12 Oct., 1854, stepson of 
Kev. James Beck, The Cottage, Storrington, Sussex. 
Lieut. 83rd Regt. 1875, Capt. 1st Batt. Royal Irish Rifles 1883 ; killed by a fall 
from his horse in Alderncy, 4 Jlay, 1885. 

Wiiyte, John David (E), b. March, 1854, 2nd s. of Robert Whvte, Esq., 
M.D., Villa P.:v.;c, Snidill', Capo di Monte, Naples. 
Sch. Oriel Coll. Oxon 187::, J H. y\..,\. In75, T.nlurian Exhibur. (Italian) 1875, 
3 (.'1. B.A. 1877, M. A. Is^n; \^^i,t. \lu-l.-r ('..« lev .Militarv Cll. 1877 ; Senior 
Master of Modern Lauyiia-ca Hailivbury Coll.," Hertford, since 1878. fR 
1883, Agnes Ettie, 3rdd. of Colonel Kobert Sellou, R.E. Address Uaileybury 
College, Herts. 

WicKiiAM, Ernest Edward (E), b. 2C March, 1854, s. of Rev. Edward Wick- 
ham (t 1S12), Assistant Master at Winchester College, 
1830-3, and Louisa Boak, bit 2iid wii'e, d. of Moses Browne, 
Esq., of Wokingham (half-bro. of Edward Charles, William 
Henry, and Frederic Robert, above, pp. 114, 120, 128). 
Solicitor 1881, practising in L(Uidon ; Registrar of Shori^ditch County Court since 
188G; author of "A Handy Guide to County Court .Vctions ' 1892. Addrets 
Heatbam House, Twickeulinm. 

242 Winchester College. 1868-9 

Wilson (-Baekworth), Arthur Bbomby (E), b. 30 March, 1854, bro. of 
Edward Johu, above, p. 222. 
Jesus CoU. C'anib. 1872, B.A. 1876, LL.M. 1879, LL.D. 1885 ; Solicitor 1879, 
practising at Hull ; assumed the additioual name of Burkworth on his mar- 
riage. 1%[ 4 Oct., 1883, Euiilv, d. of (jeorge Barkworth, Esq. AJJiess Kirk 
Ella, near Uull. 

WoLLOcoMBE, JoHN Henry Bidlake (E), b. 29 Oct., 1854, s. of Rev. John 

Bidlake Wollocombe, above, p. 4G, and bro. of Franci?, 

below, p. 284. 

B.N.C. Oxon 1874, B.A. 1877, M.A. 1883, Leeds Clerev School; 16.©., J 1877, 

p 1878, C. Canon Fronie, Herefordshire 1877-80, Uffculnie 1880-4, Petersfield 

1885-C, Hornchnrch 1886-S, Portsea 1888-9. V. Lanierton, near Tavistock, 

since 1889. fH 1878, Laura, 3rd d. of Edward Blackburn, Esq., of Haine, 

Devon. Aihlicss Lanierton Vicarage, Tavistock. 

WooDHOusE, Egbert (B), 1). 4 Feb., 1854, only s. of Robert Woodhouse, Esq., J. P., 
Writtle, Chelmsford, Essex. 
Trin. Coll. Canih. 187L', B.A. I87C ; formerlv Banker .^t Brainln-e, Essex (Messrs. 
Sparrow, Tulni'll A Co., now ino..r|.(.r!itcil into Uarclav A- Co., Ltd.); D.L. 
Essex. IH 18S7, Cecilia, d. of (JralKim Menzies, Esq., nf llallvbnrton, Perth- 
shire. Addit.^s Oiiord House, I'gley, Bishop's Stortford. Clubs JIarlborough, 
St. James's, Garrick. 


Abbott, Charles Thelwell (to H), b. 6 June, 1855, s. of Charles James 
Abbott, Esq., of 8, New Ini], London, W.C. (bro. of William 
and Ralph Abel, below, pp. 256. 339). 
Lieut. 3rd Roval Surrev Militia 1875 ; Solicitor 1881, practising at 8, New Inn 
(Messrs. Abbott, Jenkins i Co.) down to 1890. 

Allin, Edward (F), b. 7 Jan., 185fi, 3rd s. of John Allin, Esq., Eendred 
Downs House, Wantage, Berks (bro. of the next). 
Left at once, and returned at Easter 1869; Oriel Coll. Oxon 1875, B.A. 1879; 
Solicitor 1883, practising at 4, Mitre Court Chambers, Temple, E.C., down to 

Allin, William James (F), b. 12 March, 1854, elder bro. of the above. 
Left at once ; St. John's Coll. Camb. 1873. 

Barlow, Algernon (A), b. 15 Jan., 1856, e. s. of Rev. John Moi\nt Barlow, 
R. of Ewhtirst, near Guildford, and Charlotte Eliza, his 
wife, y. d. of Major John Clutterbiick, of Warkworth. 
Trin. H,all, Camb. 1874, B.A. 1878; Barr. Line. Inn 1879. i^ 17 Slay, 1893, 
Essex Frances, c. d. of Major Robert Thompson, of Walworth Hall, Dar- 
lington. AMirss Bossall Hall, York. 

Bevan, Francis Lofft (E), b. 23 April, 1854, e. s. of Frederick Robert, 
of AVeston Grove, Southampton, and Eliz.a, his wife, y. d. 
of Robert Emlyn Lofft, Esq., of Troston Hall, Suffolk. 
Left 1870. fat 8 Aug., 1885, Cvnlliia Louisa, d. of Clarkson Stalev, Esq., of North 
Carolina. Adclrvfs 67, Earl's Court Sq., S.W. 

Cavendish, Reginald Richard FnEDERiCK (F), b. 27 Feb., 18.*7, e. s. of 
Francis William Henry Cavendish, Esq., of Mellerstain 
House, Eastbourne (formerly of the Foreign Office), and the 
Lady Elinor Sophia Diana Fitzgibbon, his wife, 3rd d. of 
Richard, 3rd and last Earl of Clare. 
Formerly a planter at Pelrooghur. Upper Assam. India. fH 11 Sept., 1880, JIary 
Constance, d. of Hev. Harry Dupuis, V. of Richmond. Surrey. 

1869 "WixcHKSTEE College. 243 

Clode, Walter Baker (B), b. 10 July, 1856 (3rJ s.), bro. of George John, 
above, p. 204. 
Oriel Cnll. Oxon 1875, 3 CI. Mod. 1877, 3 CI. B..\. 1879, M.A. 1887 ; Barr. Inner 
T. 1881, Parlianientarj- Bar ; Associate of Surveyors' Institute ; Court of tlie 
Jlerchant Taylors' Company ; sometime Master of the Merchant Taylors 
Company; author of "The Law and Practice upon Petition of RijL^ht" 1887, 
"The Law relating to Tenements, Houses, and Flats" 18S9; jointauthor of 
" The Law relating to the Assessment and Valuation of Kailways " 18!>9 ; 
editor of " Selections from Seneca's Works " 1888. fH 10 March, 1894, Julia, 
3rd d. of George liichard Burnett, Esq. AMresses 14, Ashley Place, West- 
minster ; 3, Harcourt Buiklings, Temple, E.G. Club Athenseum. 

Craies, William Fielden (f), b. 31 Oct., 1854, at Brisbane, Queensland, s. of 

William Craies, Esq., MaDa;ier of the Bank of New South 

Wale.% and Cecilia Sabina (nee Walsh), his wife. 

From Kensington Grammar School ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1873-7, 1 CI. Mod. 1875, 

1 CI. B.A, 1877, M.A. 1881 ; Assist. Master St. Paul's Coll. Stony Stratford 

1877-9 ; Temporary M.aster Win. Coll. Jan. to April, 1880 ; Barr. Inner T. 1882 ; 

has published " .\rchbold's Criminal Pleading," 22nd ed., many articles in the 

" Encyelop.'iedia of the Laws of England," "A Collection of Slatutes relating 

to Criminal Law," " Hardcastle on the Construction and Effect of Statute Law," 

2nd and 3rd edns. fH r, Aug., 1880, Euterpe, e. d. of Constintine lonides, Esq. 

Aildn/sef 33, Holland Villas Road, W. ; 3, Temple Gardens, E.C. Club Savile. 

Darwin, Charles Waring (C), b. 28 Aug., 1855 (3rd s.), bro. of Gerald 
Lascelles, above, p. 217, and of Robert Henry, below, p. 481. 
Sub.-Lieut. 87th Eegt. 1873, transferred to 68th Regt. 1873, Lieut. 1874, Adjut. 
1875-80, Capt. 1st Batt. Durham L.I. 1880. Major 1884, Lieut.-Col. 1894 ; 
retired pay 1895; served in South African War in 1902 (medal with three 
clasps) ; in Reserve of Officers ; Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. 4th Batt. 1905. iH 
23 Jan., 1894, Mary Dorothea, only d. of John Lloyd Wharton, Esq., D.L., of 
Durham. AJdrc^s Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Douglas, James Henry Scott- (E), b. 27 Jlay, 1853, in Edinburgh, e. s. of 

Sir George Henry Scott-Douglas, 4th B.irt., of Springwood 

Park, Kelso, and Mariquita Juana Petronila, his wife, e. d. 

of Don Francisco Sanchez de Piiia, of Gibraltar (bro. of 

William Sholto, below, p. 373). 

Trin. Coll. Camb. 1872. B.A. 187fi ; Lient. Queen's Own L.T. Militia; Lient. 2nd 

Batt. 21st lioval Scots Fusiliers 1875 ; killed in the Zulu War 3 Julv, 1879. 

Cf. Wyk. iii. (n, 137) 299. 

Falls, Stewart Prince (C), b. 17 June, 1855, bro. of William Coulthard, 
above, p. 228. 
Lieut. Royal Marine L.I. 1874, Capt. 1884, resigned 1890. D 10 Jan., 1905. 

Ffarington, Edmund Richard. See above, p. 224. 

Filer, Alfred Ernest (F), b. 25 June, 1854, s. of Mrs. Filer, Westhill 
Lime-burner. J<l<lri!s Bar End, Winchester. 

Fi'RLONOER, Walter (F), b. 2 Oct., 1854, ss. of Charles John Furlonger, Esq., 
75, Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, W. 
D cirfn 1879. 

Gleadowe, George Edward Torke (t),b. 13 Sept., 1856, 4th s. of Rev. Richard Gleadowe, V. of Neston, Cheshire. 
.Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1875-80. 2 CI. Mod. lS7i;, 1 CI. B.A. 1879 ; entered Treasory 
1X80 ; Special Commnr. to British Columbia to investigate the claims of 
British scalers 1892 ; a Principal Clerk in the Treasury ; C.M.G. 1894 ; Secretary 
of the Royal Commission on the Amalgamation of the City and Conntv of 
London 1894 ; Member of the Pacific Cable Board 1901. ffl (1) Alice Mart-, 
e. d. of E. L. Bland, Esq. ; (2) Lilian Henrietta Cecilia, e. d. of Rev. Oswald 
Mangin Holden. V. of Gailev, Staffs. D at 20, Gloucester Place, Portman Sq., 
4 Dec., 1903. 


Gorton, William Frederick (f), b. 11 Sepf., 1855, 2nd s. of Rev. Bobert 
Gregson Gortno, above, p. 57. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1874-9, 1 CI. Mod. 1875, 2 CI. 1878, B.A. 1879, M.A. 1882 ; 
Blaster in a Preparatorj' School with Rev. John Henry Wilkinson (above, 
p. 157) 1879-98, and then at Winton House, Winchester 1898-1904; Trivac 
Coaching and Examiner lor Oxford Locals 1905. .IJJn-sf 31, Gordon Place, 
Kensington, W. 

Grant, James Erskine (to F), b. 22 Dec, 1853, e. s. of Frederick Augustus 
Grant, Esq., ami Katheriae Arabella (iiee Clay), his wile, 
and nephew of Alexander William Thorold Grant-Thovold, 
Esq., of Weelsbj' House, Great Grimsby. 
Left 1872. 

Harvey, Robert Rideout (to F), b. 13 Aug., 1850, e. s. of Rubcrt Hideout 
Harvey, Esq., of Hinton St. Mary Manor H^use, Blandford. 
Left 1874; Exeter Coll. Oxon. 187G ; J.P. Dorset. AdJiess The Priory, Great 
Milton, Tetsworth. 

Hicks, Edward Francis (A), b. 26 Dec, 1854. s. of Sir Francis Hicks, Kiit., 

Treasurer of St. Thomas's Hosi^ital, of O.ikfield. Streatham 

Hill, and Mary, his 2tid wife, e. d. of George Faith, Esq., 

of Upper Tulse Hill (bro. of Arthur, Stanley, Neville, and 

Walter, below, pp. 264, 322, 389, 408). 

Trin. Coll. Camb. 1873, ,Iur. Opt. B.A. 1877, M.A. 1881 ; Solicitor 1880 (Messrs. 

Rose, Johnson & Hicks, 13, Delahay St., Westminster), ffl 1882, Mary 

Ann, d. of William Thompson Dixon, Esq., of Liverpool. AdJms Stainfortli, 

Streatham, Surrey. 

Hill, Herbert Wiutbeead (to D), b. 6 March, 1854, s. of George Hill, Esq., 

Halliwick Manor House, New Soutbgatc, London, N. (bro. 

of Charles Granville, below, p. 341). 

Left Easter 1872; living in Geneva 1872, and in Riga, Russia; in export trade 

1874-82; Sch. Cane. Lincoln 1882, 1 Prelim. Theol. 1884; IS.®., d 1881, ;) 

1885, C. St. Swithin, Lincoln 1884-fi, Northill, Biggleswade i'l88G-8, I'ckfi,4.1, 

Sussex 1888-97, Embassy, Paris 1898-1902, Assist. Master and Chapl. Hilton 

Grange School, Rugby, since 1902. fjl 20 Jan., 1880, Edith, d. of Janu-s 

G. Glandford Simmonds, Esq., Paymaster R.N, AJJins The Rowans, Biltou 

Grange, Rugby. 

Hopton, Walter, b. 1 June, 1854, s. of James Jilichael Hopton, Esq., of Dulas 
Court, Hereford, and Frances, his wife, d. of Edward Poole, 
Left through ill-health July, 1809. Q 1 Aug., 1874, at Warwick, on the Darling 
Downs, Queensland, and there buried. 

Lawrence, Charles Thomas (E), b. 11 Oct., 1853, s. of Jolm Lawrence, Esq., 

of Hemingford Grey, St. Ive.'?, Hunt?., and Anne Rugeloy 

Lavender, bis wife, only d.of Uov. Robert Lavender Manuin<'. 

Triu. Coll. Camb. 1872, B.A. 1S7G, M.A. 1879 ; ItJ.ffi., tl 1877, u lSs2, r. \|| s.,ii,is 

Langhani Place 1877-8, Ifield, Sussex 187>l-80, Fytield, Herls I^M J. ^nii.n 

Mallet, Somerset 1883-4, St. Anthonv, Stepney 1885, Heiinn;!,.!,! i.iw 

188r,-90, Tallington, Lines. 1892-3, S't. George-in-the-East 19un-l, R. of 

OITord Cluny, Huntingdon, since 1901. Address Offord Chuiy Rectory, 


Neame, Horace Batden (F), b. II Jan., 1S55, bro. of Hurry Bavden, above, 
p. 193. 
Left Dec. 1871 ; Brewer 1872-97. fft IG Dec, 1878, Miss Jlary liennct ; residing 
at 2, Crabhle Villas, Buckland, Dover, in Aug., 1905. 

Oqle,Ponsonby DtJGMORE (f). Scc .above, p. 240, 

1869 Winchester College. 245 

Orr, John Elpuinstone Hugh (F), b. 11 Dec, 1855, e. s. of Col. William 

Adam Orr, C.B., of Bridgeton, Montrose, N.B., and (>, 

Beaufort Gardens, London, S.W., and Elizabeth Anastasia, 

his wife, only d. of Capt. Hugh Robison. 

Succeeded Lis father .at Bridf,'eton 1800 ; Lieut. R.A. 1875, resigned 1882 ; Capt. and 

Transport Officer of (.'.I.V. servin;; in South Africa 1900. Address 3, Sloane 

Court, S.W. 

Owen, Arthur William Mostyn- (F), b. 8 Oct., 1853, e. siirv. s. of Arthur 

Moptyn-Owen, Esq., of Woodhouse, Salop, and Julia, bis 

wife, 3rd d. of William Herring, Esq., of Hethersett Hall, 


Lieut. 1st Royal Dragoon Guards 187G, Capt. 1882, resigned 1S83. Address 

\\'oodhouse, Oswestry. 

Perkins, Hewlett Charles (E), b. 13 Sept., 1854, only s. of Charles Perkins, 
Esq., of Chetnole House, Sherborne. 
E.xeter CoU. Oxon 1873, Lieut. 4i;th Kegt. 1876, Capt. 1st Batt. Duke of Cornwall's 
L.I. {32ud Regt.) 1886; placed on half-pay 1890; served in the Egyptian 
Campaign 1882, both actions .at Kassassin, Tel-el-Kebir, etc. (medal with 
clasp, bronze star) ; Soudan Expedition 1884-5, with Nile cohimn (clasp) ; 
retired 1891. © at Shirley, Southampton, 12 Sept., 1900. 

KiciiAnDSON, Nelson Moore (to F), b. 20 Sept., 1855, 2nd s. of James Coxou 
Kichardson, Esq., Glanrafore, Swansea. 
Sch. Clare Coll. Camb. 1871, 17th Wrangler, B.A. 1878 ; Barr. Inner T. 1879. fjt 
1879, Helen Jlorewood, d. of George Rogers, Esq., ot Forty Hill, Enfield. 
Address Blonte Video, West Chickerell, near Weymouth. 

Shadwell, Gerald Lancelot (F), b. 27 Nov., 1855, s. of Rev. Julius Shadwell, 

R. of Washinntou, co. Durham, and Louisa Amelia, his 

wife, y. d. of Rev. John Keatc, D.D., Head Master of Eton 

(bro. of Leonard Julius, below, p. 318). 

To D Short Half 1869, left Dec, 1871 ; Cashier National Provincial Bank ot 

England, 88, Cornwall Rd., S.W. ; afterwards Manager Southampton Branch. 

© 12 Oct., 1897. 

SiiUTER, John (F), 9 Feb., 1885, s. of Leonard Shuter, Esq., The Lodge, 
Jfordcn, Surrey, and Caroline, his wife. 
In business in London since 1874 ; cricketer, pkayed for Kent (one match) 1874 ; 
played for Surrey 1877-93, occasional Captain 1880 and 1881, Captain 1882-93. 
'* One of the keenest and most unselfish supporters of our 'national ' game, the 
Captain of the Surrey Eleven deserves to be, and is, held in the highest 
esteem bv the cricketing world." — Spnrlhii; and Drnmtdic Xeivs, 28 June, 1884. 
m 17 Oct., 1882, Constance Thorley, d. of Edward Horner, Esq., of May Place, 
Oayford, Kent. Address 91, Shooter's Hill Rd., lilackhcath, S.E. C/«6" Sports. 

Smith, AiiTiiuR Mortan (B), b. 29 Dec., 1854, 2nd s. of Charles Manlcy Smith, 

Esq. (Conim.), 27, Norfolk Sq., London, W., a Master 

of the Supremo Court, and Georgina Fanny, his wife, d. of 

Robert Iblietson, Esq., Governor of Peuang (bro. of Ernest 

Manlcy and Charles Jiertrani Robert, below, jip. 290, 364). 

Solicitor 1878, practising .at 29, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C., down to 1901 (Messrs. 

Ilickin, .Smith & Capel-Cure) ; author of "A System ot Political Economy" ; 

travelling abroad. 

Straw, Frederick Thomas (F), stepson of J. R.Ealand, Esq., Aisthorpc House, 

Strick, George Henry (to G), b. 26 Dec., 1854, s. of George Burden Strick, 
Esq., J. P., of West Cross, Swansea. 
Polytechnic School, Dresden ; J. P. (ilamorgan and Carmarthen. Addresses 
lirynamman. R.S.C)., I armarlhenshire ; Celncithin, Lower t'wnitwrch, R.S.O., 


Weebe, Herbebt Ross (B), h. 18 May, 1856, 3ril s. of Alexander Allen Webbe, 
Esq., of 65, Portland Place, London, W. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1875, 1 Math. Mod. 1S77, 2 Math. 1879, B.A. 1880 [University 
XI. 1877-8, Capt. 1879] ; Barr. Line. lun 1883; London Sec. to Wykehamist 
Meeting 1885-1). © in St. John's, Paddington, Sunday-school, 9 May, 1886. 
See Wyk. v. (n. 209) 70. Brass in Cloisters. The " Herbert Webbe " Institute 
and Club for Boys at Bethnal Green, erected in his memory, was opened in 
1889, as well as ' ' Webbe Tent " in New Field. 


[Note. — The last entrances into Old Commoners occurred this term.] 
Allin, Edward (F). See above, p. 2-12. 

Benson, Jous Peter (to F), b. 1 Marcb, 1855 (4th s.), bro. of Prockter Mclhuish 

and William John, above, pp. 120, 136, and of Charles, 

below, p. 256. 

ExeterCoU.Oxon 1873, B.A. 1877, M..\. 1880 ; Schol. Cane. Lincoln ; 1i).©..rf 1878, 

p 1879, C. St. Peter-at-Gowts, Lincoln 1878-82, St. John, Mansfield 1882-3, 

Holv Trinity, Gainsborough 1883-5, K. Clee with Cleethorpes, Lines. 1885-91, 

C. Witheridge 1891-3, V.A\'itheridge since 1893. IB 1900, Florence Margaret, 

d. of Ernest Bradley George, Esq. AJJicss Witheridge Vicarage, N. Devon. 

Bruce, Alexander (D), b. 3 Nov., 1854, s. of Major (afterwards Major- 

General) Alexander James Bruce, Madias Staff Corps, 5, 

Elliot Place, Blackheath, now of l4. Elm Tree Rd., Hegeut's 

Park, and Marianne, bis wife, d. of John Fryer Thomas, 

Esq., I.C.S. (bro. of Robert Cathcart and Michael, below, 

pp. 296, 381). 

A.M.I.C.E. 1882 ; Rosario de S.inta F(5, Argentine Kepublic, 1890 ; now in India. 

^ 11 Sept., 1902, Emily Louisa, d. of E. D. Carver, Esq., of lugarsby, 

Wimbledon. Address c/o J. Thomas iS: Co., Calcutta. Club Oriental. 

Burrows, Montagu Joun (F), by 29 Dec, 1853, e. p. of Rev. Henry William 
Burrows, of 3, Chester Place, Regent's Park (_Canon of 

Rochester 1881). 
KehU 1-11. I'lx.'ii 1^7!. 3 lli-i. 11. A. 18711, M..\. 1883; 1t).iO>., J 1878, p 1880, C. 
W liiiiuuinn. ^.il-|> Iv- -'i. Millbroi.k, lhint> l.".--!--!; Principal, St. Paul's 
.s,hn..|. Kail. h. I . U,.,i, I — 1 . ;C. West Il:i. kmy l.^.-i7-9;Iucumb.ofSt. Luke, 
LiituapLiia, ( i.\luii. l>JU-4 ; lucumb. of .VU Saints, Galle, Ceylon, since I.-*94. 
Addrass Galle," Ceylon. 

CoLDORNE, Hon. Francis Lionel Lvdstone (E), b. 28 July, 1855, bro. of the 

New Inn Hall, Oxon 1875 ; Lieut. 83rd Regt. Royal Irish Rifles 1878, Capt. 1885, 
Brevet-Major 1885, Major (retired) ; served with Seinde Frontier Force 1879 ; 
Relief of Kand.ihar 1^80 (uiodall, with Natal Fi.M Fnrcr lss|. i„ S,,M,l.-m 
188-l-G, Action at Kirl^-kan (.l.'.^siial.-lics, ukhIiI \Mtli l»n .l:i-|.-. l.n.Hr lai, 
Brevet-Major); on tlio Slatf u( llie N'..ilh Iri-li liiirui l^^(;; S.I,. Ih in.i 
1888; served in South Al'rioau War ls:i',t-1901 ^I1H ,lal .iihl iwn , la-i.>i ; l.i.iit.- 
Col. Commandant 21tli Middlesex (Post Office) KiUes since 1901 ; li.xon King's 
Body Guard since 1892 ; Equerry-iu-Waiting to H.R.H. the Princess Beatrice 
(Princess Henry of Battenberg) since 1899, Address 30, Lowndes Sq., S.W. 
Clubs Bachelors', Wellington, llurlingham. 

CoLBORKE, Hon. John Reginald Uiton (E), b. 4 July, 1854, e. s. of General 

James Colborne, C.B., 2nd Baroii Seaton, and the Hon. 

Charlotte de Biirgli, his wife. d. of Ulysses, last Lord 

Downcs (bro. of the above). 

Succeeded as 3rd Baron 11 Oct., 1888 ; D.L. Devon, J. P. Devon and Kildare ; Capt. 

R. Ist Devon Imperial Yeomanry. iB 22 June, 1887, Elizabeth Beatrice, only 

child of Sir Francis George .\ugustus Fuller-Elliott-Drake, 2nd Bart. Addressed 

Beechwood, Plympton, Devon ; Bert House, -Vthy, co. Kildare. Cdibs Carlton, 


1869 Winchester College. 247 

Cbee, William (E), h. 15 Sept., 1854, 4th s. of Thomas Cree, Esq., St. David's, 

Tulse Hill, S.W. 

Non-CoU. Oxon 1874 ; Exeter Coll. Oxon, B. A. 1878, M.A. 1880 ; 1§.©., d 1879, 

p 1882, C. Milton Abbott 1879-83, Kirkby Lonsdale 1883-90, R. Newton 

Keigny 1890-4, V. Jlanningtree 1894-9, C. St. Matthias, Earl's Court, since 

1899. Aildms 45, Eirl's Court Square, S.W. 

FoBSTER, Stuart (F), b. 10 Ftb., 1855, e. s. of John Cooper Forster, Esq., 
surgeon, 10, St. Thomas St., Southwark (D.N.B. xx. 19). 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 1873, B.A. 1877, M.A. 1884 ; Barr. Middle T. 1882. 

Haksard, Arthur Clifton (A), b. 11 June, 1855, e. s. of Luke Henry Hacsard, 

Esq., J.P. (Comni.), of 108, Lantdowne Place, Brighton, 

and Georgiana, his wife, d. of Thomas Erans, Esq., J.P., of 

Lyminster House, Sussex. 

First to obtain a commission direct from the school ; Lieut. 15. .V. 1874, Capt. 1883 ; 

Instructor School of Gunnery, Woolwich 1890, Major 1891, Lieut.-Col. 1900 ; 

D.A.Q.M.G. War Office 1901, Col. 1904. fH 3 Dec, 1880, Marion Sarah, d. of 

Henry Minchiu Simons, Esq. Address 17a, Cadogan Gardens, S.W. 

How, William Matnard (D), h. 15 June, 1855, e. s. of Tliomas Maynard How, 

Esq., Nearwell, Shrewsbury (bro. of Charles Walsham and 

Walter Wybergh, below, pp. 259, 312). 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1S7S, 2 CI. Mod. 1876, 2 CI. B.A. 1878, M.A. 1883 ; Solicitor 

1882, practising at Shrewsbury (Jlessrs. How & Son) ; Mayor of Shrewsbury 

1895-6. Address Nearwell, Shrewsbury. 

Lyon, George Kenneth (D), b. 14 July, 1855, bro. of the next. 

Stud. Inner T. 187.5 ; I.C.S. Bengal 1875 ; served in Revenue and Judicial Dept. ; 
Assist. Magistrate Rungporc 1880 ; (Officiating Unilcr-Secretary Govt, of Bengal 
1885 ; Deputy Comninr. at Darjeeling 1888. ffl 1882, Etta Ellen, d. of Sir 
Warren Hastings D'Oylv, Bart. E at Darjeeling, 30 May, 1888. Cf. Wyk. v. 
(n. 233) 260. 

Lyon, William IIawson (D), b. 10 Feb., 1854, e. s. of William Lyon, Esq., 2, 
Douro Terrace, St. Helier, Jersey, and Louisa, his wife, d. 
of William Noiton, Esq., of Dowu Lodge, Epsom (bro. of 
the above, and of Herbert, below, p. .':lt(7). 
2nd Lieut. 2nd Royal Surrey Militia 1879 ; Insurance Broker, London (LloAds, 
E.G.). ffl 19 April, 1883, Louisa Sophia, d. of Rev. Matthew'ey Buck- 
land, of Lalehani, Middlesex. Address Hazeldean, Addlestone, Surrey. 

Nevill, Hugh (D), b. 9 March, 1855, only s. of Charles William Nevill, Esq., 

of Westfa, Llanell}', South Wales, and Jane, his wife, d. of 

David Davies, Esq., of Swansea. 

King's Coll. London; Exeter Coll. Oxon 1875, B.A. 1878, M.A. 1882; J.P. 

i'nrniarthen 1882 ; Partner in the hrni of Messrs. Nevill, Druce & Co., South 

Wales, ffl 1881), Maud, 3ra d. of Frederick Elkington, Esq., of Sion Hill, 

Wolvesley, Worcs. Addresses 4, Corbet Court, Gracechurch St., E.C. ; Wren's 

Hill, Oxshott, Surrey. Clul) New University. 

Oldham, Joseph William (to F), b. 22 Sept., 1854, p. of Rev. Joseph Oldham, 
B.D., V. of Claycross, Chesterfield. 
Ser\ed in the 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers) and 4th Batt. Rifle Brigade 
1883-8. 13 4 Dec, 1888. 

Parish, Arthur Woodbine (A), b. 20 Oct., 1854, s. of Sir Woodbine Parish, 

K.C.H., F.Ii.S.,F.G.S., of Quarry House, St. Leouard's-on- 

Sea, and Louisa, his 2nd wife, d. of John Hubbard, ^sq., 

of Forest House, Essex. 

Partner in the firm of Messrs. Mather & Piatt, engineers, Salford Iron Works, 

Manchester, ftl 1884, Beatrice, e. d. of Clement Upton-Cottrell-Dormer, Esq., 

cif Housham, Oxfordshire. Address Snarsbrook, Whitchurch, Hereford. 

248 Winchester CoLLEGfi. 1869 

Pabke, ALFiiED WiTLiXGTOK (to H), b. 2i Nov., 1854, 3rd s. of Charles Joseph 

Parke, Esq., of Henbury House, Wimborne, and Eilen 

Mary, his wife, 2nd d. of Hev. Charles Wicksted EthehtoD, 

of Wicksted Hall, Cheshire (bro. of I-aureuce, belovr, p. 306). 

Oriel Coll. Oson 1873, Non-Coil. I?.. \. 1879, M,.\. 1882 ; Wells Theol. Coll. ; |B.(D., 

rf 1881, p 1882, C. Selboroe 1881-3, E. Uplyme. Lvnie Kegis, since 1883. 

fH 1883, Hilda Winifred, d. of Kiihard Fort, Esq., of Read Hall, Lancashire. 

Addras Uplyme Rectory, Dorset. 

Skinner, Edgar William Dudley (D), b. 28 Aug., 1855, 2nd s. of Charles 
Binny Skinner, Esq., of 57, Eccleston Sq., London, S.W., 
and the Chauntry, Ipswich, and Frances 51ary, his wife, e. d. 
of Lieut.-Col. Charles Andrewes. 
Left July, 1872 ; killed by a fall from his horse, 6 April, 1878. 

Thicknesse, PiALPH TuiCKKE.ssE (C), b. 25 Sept., 1850, e. .=. of Rev. Francis 

Henry Thicknesse, V. of Prackley (who became Bishop 

Suffragan of Leicester 1888), and Anne, his 1st wife, heir 

of Balph Anthony Thicknesse, Esq., of Beech Hill, 

Lancashire, M.P. fur AVigan (bro. of Francis Norman and 

Itaymond Edward, below, pp. 272, 380). 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1874, 1 Hist. B.A. 1878 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1881 ; author of " X 

Treatise on the Married Women's Property Act, 1882," "A Digest of Laws of 

Husband and Wife " 1884 ; Solicitor 1887 (Messrs. Fox, Trotter, Tliicknesse, 

Patterson it Hull, 64, Victoria St., Westminster, S.W.) ; has dropped his 

second name. ^ 1889, Lily, d. of Robert William Haynes, Esq. Address 64, 

Victoria St., S.W. 


AcwoETii, Andrew Oswald (t), b. 25 July, 1857, at Plumstcad, Ith s. of Kev. 

William Acworth, afierw.ards V. of Snuth Stoke, Somerset, 

being his 2nd s. by his Ord wife, Margaret Dundas, d. of 

Andrew Mitchell, Esq. 

Sch. Exeter Coll. Oxon 187G, 1 CI. Mod. 1878, 2 CI. B..\. 1880, M.A. 1884 ; Barr. 

Line. Inn 1882 ; went to India 1885 ; Judge of Small Causes Court, Calcutta 

188G ; resigned 1889. fft 9 Dec., 1890, Ellinor Mary, d. of Charles Wilsone, 

Esq., of Endrick Bank, Stirlingshire. 13 21 June, 1895, at 8, Royal Park, 


Allen, Hubert Bancroft (f), b. 22 June, 185C, at Bishops Tawton, 3rd p. of 
l!ev. John Collins Allen, afterwards A', of Hnwkley, Hants. 
Sch. B.N.C. 187G, 2 CI, Mod, 1877,,, .'i CI. \\..\. 1879, M,.\, 
]8.-<2 ; 11). (P.,./ 18S1. /. l.-sj; Sn-ond Master Tempi, i ,l,^ r, I ,,>i Sheen, and C. 
of iM.^rilukr issl-:;; |1,.m,1 iMaslor Core ('piir(. ^iniiul-iimo 1883-9; C. 
TunsUll, Kent iss-l-i; ; I lia.l Master Temple Cnn., I.:i>i 1893-1902; 
C. Toddington 1904 ; V. 1 lidbrook 1904. i^ « Jan,, 1^87, iM, l„ li,, d. of Major- 
den. William DriscoU liossct, R,E,, F.R.S. Address Didbrook A'icaragc, 
Winchcombe, R.S.O., Gloucs. 

Ball, Edwin Ffoulkes (A), b. 19 July, 1855, e. s. of Edwin Ball, Esq., of 
Persliore, Worcs. 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 1874, Jun. Opt, B,A. 1878 ; B.arr. Line, Inn 1881. fH, Addnss 
21, Old Sq,, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 

Beeveu, Cvkil Howard (E), b. 15 Aur., 1851, s, of Wdliani Watson Beever, 
Esq., surgeon, 96, Mosley SI,, Manchester (bro, of Bernulf 
Watson and Bertram Dawson, below, pp. 273, 295). 
Solicitor 1878, practising at 4, Albert Sq., Manchester, Address 27, Palatine Rd., 
Within"ton, Jlanches'ter, 

1869 Winchester College. 249 

BiiADLEV, Herbert (f), b. 29 Jan., 1856, e. p. of EicLard Holland Bradley, Esq., 
M.D., of Sr. John's Park, Blackheath. 
BaiT. Middle T. 1878 ; arrived in India Dec, 1878, and sen-ed in Jladras as Assist. 
Collector and Magistrate, and Sec. to the Commissioners of Salt, Akbari, and 
separate revenue 1888 ; Collector and Magistrate 1894; 1st Member Revenue 
Board 1900, ditto and Commissioner of Salt, etc., 1901 ; Additional Member of 
Legislative Council, Madra=, Dec, 1900, Nov., 1902, and March, 1904; C.S.I. 
1906. £H 1891, Lilias, d. of William McCuUoch, Esq., LL.D. Address 
Nungumbankum, Rladras. 

BiiADSHAW, Charles James (f), b. 13 Sept., 1857, s. of Eev. James Bradsbaw, 
B.C. of Christ Church, West Biomwich. 
Sch. C.C.C. Camb. 1870. 3 CI. Trip. I!.A. 1880, M.A. 1883; It)-©-. '' 18'^2, /) 1883, 
C. St. Cutliliert, 'Wells LSS-j-fi, Macclesfield 1885-7, St. .lolinliapli^t. l.eaniiiigton 
1887-8. Ilrcrctou 18S8-9fl, ( ranwnrth 1890-3, St. John liaptist, KiiMeriiiinster 
1H93-5, V. o£ liolliugton, near Altrincham, since 1895. iH 9 .Iiily, 1890, Ella 
Wordsworth, 3rd d. of Rev. Edward Royds, U. of lircrcton-cum-Smethwick, 
Cheshire. Address Bolliugton Vicarage, Altrincham. 
Bkown, AValteu Thomas (E), b. 11 Mjich, 185.5, e. s. of George James Edward 
Brown, Esq., of Tostock Biace, Bnry St. Edmunds, and 
Catherine Mary, his wife, d. of Wilh'ain Mills, Esq., of 
Great Saxhani Ilall, Sussex. 
J.P. and D.b. Suflulk, lli-li MirrilV IS.S4 ; succeeded to Tostock 1857, and to Brent 
Eleigh Hal), LavciilKini isi;C,. i^ C June, 1877, Caroline, e. d. of Rev. Charles 
Terry, of HarlcsliMiu iMuuor, Suffolk. Q at Rooksbury, Weybridge, of 
pneumonia, 8 Jan., 1905. 
BucKiNonAM, MoRTiMEtt Drurt (D), b. 16 May, 1856, 2nd s. of William 
Buckingham, Esq., Southcnihav, Exeter. 
Left Dec, 1872; E.xiter Coll. Oxmi ls7l, ll.A. ]x7X, M.A. 1882, Wells Theol. 
Coll. ; $).©., d 1882, p 1KS3, (.'. Kcnipsr..rd ISS2-3, Shirchampton 1883-,5, St. 
Mary, Kedclitfe I885-I! ; V. Burringtou, near Chulmleigh, Devon, 18SG-97, and 
again since 1903 ; R. Clyst St." George 1897-1903. Address Biirrington 
Vicarage, Chulmleigh. 
BucKLASD, Herbert AVilliam (E), b. 18 Nov., 1855, bro. of Walter Edward, 
above, p. 226, and of Francis Oke, below, p. 274. 
Left 1874 ; formerly Solicitor and Notary rublic, Bombay (partner in the firm of 
Messrs. Crawford, Burder, Buckhiud & Baylcy, now Crawford, Brown & Co.). 

BiiM'iiTT, William Henry (G), b. 19 May, 1855, 3rd p. of George Buli3ett,Esq., 
of Sandgates, Chert sey. 
Lieut. 3rd Royal Surrey Militia 187G, Capt. 4tli Batt. (Militia) E. Surrey Rejt. 
1882. fa 30 April, 1892, Marj', 2nd d. of Edward W. Browne, Esq., 26, 
Victoria Park, Dover, Kent. 

Borne, William Christopher Higgins (G), b. 25 July, 1855 (2nd s.), brc. of 

S.uubrooke Thomas Hi;.'gin!", above, p. 226. 

Kcble Coll. Oxon 1874, 2 Jur. B.A. 1877; Solicitor 18.80, practising .at 1, Lincoln's 

Inn Fields, W.C. (Jlessrs. Burne & Wykes). ifl 28 March, 1883, Ada Elinor, 

y. d. of Frank Milne, Esn., of Monken Iladlcv, Middlesex. Afldrcss The Yew 

Tree, Hook Hill, Woking. 

BtniTON, George William (D), b. 29 Aug., 1855, s. of John Moulden Burton, 

Esq., Lee Bark Lodge, Blackheath, S.K., and Mary, his 

wife, d. of Jolin Sutton, Esq. (bro. of Edmund llamillm, 

below, p. 318). 

Solicitor 1879, practising at 7,tJucenSt., Cheapside (Messrs. PolIaTul ,t Burton). 

S at 83, Priory Rd., West llampstead, 19 Sept., 1890. 

Carey, ni-.nnERT Simon (t), b. 22 Sept., 1856, 2nd s. of John Carey, E-q., of 8, 

Upper Bedford Place, Russell Sq., London, afterwards of 10, 

The Paragon, Bl.ackheath. 

Univ. Coll. OxoQ 1876, Sch. 1876, 2 CI. Mod. 1877, 2 CI. B.A. 1879, M.A. 1883; 

in the Post Office since ).8H0; .\s8ist. Secrelarv 1905. Jfl 11 Sept., 1900, 

Alice Henrietta, d. of Hmry Owen Williams, Fsq., J.l'. and D.L., of Trc 

Ciistell and Tre Arddwr, Anglcscv. Addresses Sccrctar\'s Office, tieneral Post 

Office, E.C. ; 4, The Avenue, Eltham Rd., Lcc, S.E. 

250 Winchester College. 1869 

CiiiTTr, Thomas Willej (D), b. 24 June, 1855, e. s. uf Thomas Edward Chitty, 
Esq., of the Inner Temple, barritter-at-law, and Mary Anne, 
his wife, d. of James Wilies, Esq., M.D. 
Barr. Inner T. 1877, N.K. Circ. ; a Master of the Supreme Court since 1901 ; joint- 
author of "Annual Digest of Reported Cases" 1K7U-80 ; editor of "Chittv's 
Forms of Practical Proceedings, etc.," 11th, 12th, and 13lh (1902) editions, 
and of "Archbold's Practice,' 14ih ed. (1S85). IB (1) 1»88, Emily Eliza, 
only d. of Rev. Henry Francis Newbolt ; (2) 1 Sept., 1904, Maude, d. of 
Rev. Edward Hale, Eton College. Aihlicss 9, Leinster Gardens, Hyde Park, \V. 

Cook, Edwaed Tyas (D), b. 12 May, 1857 (5th s.), bro. of Arthur Kembail, 
above, p. 188. 
Into College Short Half 1870, Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1870, 1 CI. Mod. 1877, 1 CI. 
B.A. 1880, M.A. 1883 ; Stud. Inner T. 1879 ; Sec. London Society for the 
Extension of Universal Teaching 1882-5 ; editor of the J'ull Mall GmHle 
1890-2, of the W'eamiiister Gazette 1893-6, of the Balh/ .Wks 189G-19C1 ; 
on the Staff of th.^ JJaih/ Chronicle 1901; elected a Fellow of Win. Coll. 
(vice Arcbbp. Timplr, deceased) 19 Feb., and a.lniitttd -.'ii March, 1903; author 
of "Popular Handbook to the NationalGallerv" Li^-^f^, (Itlii-d. 1901, "Studies in 
Kuskin" 1890, 2nd ed. 1891, "Popular Ilan.ili.iok t. the Tate Callerv" 1898, 
" The Rights and Wrongs of the Transvaal \\:\r " I'.iOl. -Itli .d. 1902, " Popular 
Handbook to the Greek and Roman .Viit].|ui(i. s in the llnCsli Museum " 1903 ; 
" Hidden Treasures in the National Gallery " I'JOo ; editor of Ruskin's works. 
iB 1881, Emily Constance, 2nd d. of John For»ter liaird, Esq., of Bowniont 
Hill, Northumberland. AJtliesscs 1, Gordon Place, Tavistock Sq., W.C. ; and 
Houthstoke, Oxon. Club National Liberal. 

Ckofton, Walter Eeginald (I), b. 7 Jfaich, 1855, s. of Rt. Hon. Sir Walter 

Frederick (Jrofton, Knt., C.B., of Eamont, Winchester, and 

Anna Maria, his wife, only d. of Rev. Charles Shipley, of 

Twyford House, Hants. 

Barr. Line. Inn 1870, Western Circ. ; Inspector of Prisons for Ireland, and J. P. co. 

Dublin 1883. iB. 1880, Georgina Louisa, d. of Rev. John Harrison, V. of 

Bishopstoue, Sussex. .•lrf(/;'i;,'is Calmoor Croft, Netley Marsh, Southampton. 

CuMBEBBATCH (^iiow Cave), Chables Cave (C), b. April, 1855, e. s. of 
Lawrence Trent Cumberbatch, Esq., !M.D., 25, Cadogan 
Place, London, S.W. 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 1874, B.A. 1878 [in University Shooting Team] ; assumed the 
name of Cave in lieu of that of L'umberbatch in 1880 ; formerly partner in the 
firm of Messrs. Prescott, Cave, Buxton, Loder A- Co., bankers, 62, Thread- 
needle St., E.C. ; then in the firm of Prescott, Dinisdalo, Cave, Tuijwell A- Co., 
Ltd., 50, Coruhill. iB Feb., 1882, Constance Margaret, d. of Rev. W. Scaly. 
AdJiets 13, Craoley Gardens, S.W. 

Daly, Henrt Lawrence (D), b. 29 Jan., 1856, bro. of Edward Dermot 
Hamilton, above, p. 227, and of Hugh and Arthur Craw- 
ford, below, pp. 316, 132. 
Left Dec, 1872; Lieut, l.^th Hussars 1874, (^apt. 1885 ; served in Cnmhihar Column, 
Afghan War 1878-9 (medal) ; in Boer War 1881, including battle of Majuba ; 
exchanged into 13th Hussars 1885; plactd on half-pay 1886 ; in Reserve of 
Daniisll, Robert Atstiick (f), b. 26 Jan., 1856, s. of Thomas Arthur Daniell, 
Esq., of 44, Harewood Sq., London, N.W. 
Cains Coll. Camb. 1874, 3 Law Trip. B.A. 1878; Solicitor 1881, practisinj at 20, 
Bucklersbury, E.C. Aihlress 20, Bucklersbury, E.C. 

DiMOND, Frederic Stevens (D), b. 4 Jan., 1856, bro. of Charles Baker, above, 
p. 171. 
Left Julv, 1874 ; Lieut 13th Hussars 187G, Capt. 1884 ; exchanged into 3rd Dragoon 
Guards 1887, Major 1890. Q at Moree, Bengal, 4 Sept., 1892. 
Eastwood, John Fredeiuok (I), b. 6 July, 1855, s. of Mrs. Eastwood, Lupset 
Hall, Wakefield, Yorks. 
Trm. Coll. Camb. 1874, B.A. 1878, M.A. 1881, Cuddcsdon Thecl. Coll. 1878-9 ; 
JtJ.©., d 1879, p 1880, C. Wokingham 1879-82. © 5 March, 1882, of 
blood-poisoning. Cf. Wvk. iv. (n. 10(1) 71. 

1869 Winchester College. 251 

Egebtos, Eocert Walter (I), b. 3 July, 1855,2nd s. of Robert Eyles Egerton, 

Esq. (K.O'.S.I. 1879), The Limes, Montgomery, and Mary 

Warren, his 1st wile, d. of William Hickey, Esq. 

A.M.I.C.E. 1881 ; Assist. Enj;ineer, Public Works Dcpt., India (Sind PJshia State 

Railway), Quetta, Beluchistau IWOO ; Under-Sec. Railway Branch, P.W.D., 

Madras, on leave 1901. fH 18S7, Flora Augusta, d. of Gen. Richard Shubrick. 

Field, Walter (A), b. 4 Aug-., 1855, s. of Benjamin Field, Esq., 6, The Terrace, 
Clapham Common, and Ellen {ne'e Sturt), his wife. 
fSl 1887, Jessie Cecilia, d. of Hermann Sebastian von Ronn. Esq., of 1, Ladbrooke 
Sq., Netting Hill, W. AdJms Elmshurst, Heene, Worthing. 

Fox, James Charles (G), b. IC Sept., 1855 (2nd s.), bro. of Thomas, above, 

p. 22y, and of Arthur Barton, below, p. 352. 

Univ. Coll. Oxon 1874, 3 CI. Mod. 187G, 2 Hist. B.A. 1878, M.A. 1883 ; ©■©-, 

d 1880, !> 1881, C. Ifield, Susse.x; 1880^, Weybridge 1884-91, R. Teriiple- 

combe, Somerset, since 1891. fEl 30 April, 1895, Mabel H. A., d. of Thomas 

Ffooks, Esq., Totnell, Sherborne. AJJrcss Rectory, Templecombe, Somerset. 

GossET, MoNCELEFF Parry (G), b. 23 April, 1857, s. of Frederick Richard 
Meally Gosset, Esq., J.P., of Portslade House, Sussex, and 
Mary Ann, his wile, d. of James William West, Esq., of 

Hagoakd, Hugh Alfred (C), b. 21 March, 1855, 5th s. of James Haggard, 

Esq., of Pine Hurst, Bournemouth, Hants, and Caroline, 

his wife, y. d. of Bazett Doveton, Esq., H.E.[.C.S. 

Magd. Coll. Oson 1874, B.A. 1880, M.A. 1883 ; Wells Theol. Coll. 1880 ; g.©., 

d 1882, p 1883, C. Fladbury 1882-3, Leigh, Worcs. 1884-7, Folke 1888-90, 

Rampisham 1890-2, LoDgtieet 1893-5, Stourpaine 1895-9, Tbomford 1901-2 (all 

in Dorset) ; Shiplake 1902-4, Chipping Norton 1905. Address 2, High St., 

Chipping Norton, Oson. 

Hampson, Thomas Arsold Christian (t), b. 7 Sept., 1855, 2ud s. of Francis 

HauipsoD, Esq., solicitor, of Piatt Cottage, Eusholme, 

Manchester, and 16th in descent from Sir William Hampson, 

Kut., Lord Mayor of London, 1472 (bro. of John Moore 

Christian, below, p. 380). 

Seh. New Coll. Oxon 1874-9, 3 Math. Mod. 1876, 2 CI. B.A. 1878 ; Barr. Inner T. 

1880. ifl 1 Nov., 1881, Louisa Augusta, 4th d. of Gen. Sir Montague Scott 

McMurdo, K.C.B. S 2 Nov., 1898. Cf. Wyk. viii. (n. 353) 25. 

Haudcastle, John Norman (H), b. 9 Sept., 1855, e. s. of Jonathan Hardcastle, 

of 16, Adelaide Crescent, Brighton, formerly of Blidworth 

Dale, Notts. 

Oriel Coll. Oxon 1873, B.A. 1877, M.A. 1881; Solicitor 1881. i&, 1882, Mary 

Rose, d. of George Gordon Balfour, Esq., Bengal C.S., The Manor House, 

Langley, Bucks. Addicts Hill Court, Four Elms, Edcnbridgc, Kent. 

Hati'eili), Herbert Maynard (E), b. 23 Nov., 1854, bio. of Charles Taddy, 
above, p. 121. 
Ranching in Canada, owning the M'aterton Rauche, N.W.T. Addnss Watertou 
Ranche, N.W.T., Canada. 

Hawker, Percy Digby (C), b. 12 Sept., 1855, s. of late Charles Lloyd Hawker, 

Esq., and cousin and ward of Arthur Currie, Esq., 14, 

Connaught Place, Hyde Park, W. 

King's Coll. London 1873-4, Glouc. Theol. Coll. 1888; |D.®., J 1891, p 1892, C. 

I'urton 1891-3, Tydd St. Mary 1893-4, Caversfield' 1894-6, St. Stvthians 

1896-7, Michaelstowe 1900-1, Lie. Pr. Die. Truro 1901-4, R. Trevalga, near 

lioscastle. since 1904. fH 5 Feb., 1879, Edith Catharine Mary, d. of Thomas 

Folwell, Esq. Addiesa Trevalga Rectory, Boscastle. 

252 "Winchester College. 1869 

HoLLiNGs, Hekbeet Johk Butler (D), b. 18 June, 1855, e. s. of John HoUings, 

Esq., Tlie Watchelts, Frimley, Farnborough, and !Mary 

Jane Hope, bis wife, d. of Rev. Canon Milton, V. of 


C.C.C. OxoD 187-1, 2 CI. Mod. 1876, 1 Hist. B.A. 1878; Barr. Inner T. 1881 ; J.P. 

Surrey 1884. fjl 18 Feb., 1886, Nina Augusta Straeey, d. of Major-Gen. John 

Hall Smj-th, C.B., of Frimhurst. Address The Watchetts, Frimley, Surrey. 

HcMPHERT, Herbert Charles (A), b. 18 Sept., 1855 (5tli s.), bro. of Edmund 

Cubitt, Ernest John, and Francis ^YiUiam, above, pp. 200, 

213, 235, and of St.anley, below, p. 275. 

St. George's Hospital, Loudon ; M.arinc Insurance Broker (Messrs. Gedge, Leigh & 

Humplierv, 5, Newman's Court, E.C.). iB. (1) 1879, G. F., d. of — Baukes, 

K.N. ; (2) 20 .Jan., UIOl, Elizabeth Guthrie, d. of Daniel Driniuiie, Esq., of 

Reigate. AJdnss 8, Sussex Jlansions, Susses Place, S.W. 

Jesxings, Edward Allvey (f), b. 18 Oct., 1855, c. s. of Edward Billett 
Jennings, Esq., of Burton-on-Trent, solicitor. 
Senior Classical Sch. Clare Coll. Camb. 1874, 1 CI. B.A. 1878 ; Barr. Inner T. 
1880, Oxford Circ. Address 9, New Sq., Lincoln's Inn, W.C. Club United 


[CiTsoN, Gerald Charles (E), b. 6 Oct., 185G, s. of Ker. James BuUer Kitson, 

V. of Morval, near Liskeard, Cornwall, and Harriet Eliza, 

his wife, widow of llcv. Gerald Pole-Carew, and d. of John 

Bullcr, Esq., of Morval. 

Sub-Lieut. 1st Regt. 1875, Lieut. 4th Batt. GO Kegt. King's Royal Rifles 1876, Cnpt. 

1885, Major 18112, Liout.-Col. 1896, Col. 1900 ; A.D.C. to iSrig.-Gen. Aldershot 

1884-5, A.D.C. to Major-Gen. "Western District 1885-6, Statf College 1887, 

D.A.A.G. Meerut 1890-2, A.A.G. Uniballa 1892-4 ; served in M.anipur 1891 

(despatches, medal with clasp) ; Commandant of Royal Military College, 

Kingston, Canada, 1896-1900; Military Attache, British Embassy, AVashington, 

1900-2; C.M.G. 1901; Commandant of Royal MUitarv College, Sandhurst, 

since 1902 ; C.V.O. 1905. fH 1894, Gwendolen, d. of Horace U'Ovly Monte, 

Esq., C.S.I. Address R.M.C., Sandhurst. Club Naval and Military. 

Lloyd, Arthur Maurice (E), b. 25 Feb., 1855 (2nd s.), bro. of Clement 
Elphinstone, abcn-e, p. 219. 
Barr. Middle T. 1878. Addresses 4, King's Bench Walk, Temple, E.C. ; Norfolk 
House, Victoria Embnnkuieut, SV.C. 

Mackenzie, Kenneth Koss (E), b. 3 Jfay, 1655, s. of C. D. Mackenzie, Esq., 
Bursledon, Bournemouth. 
Sub-Lieut. 71st Regt. 1873, Lieut. 78th Kegt. 1873, Capt. 2nd Batt. Seafortli High- 
landers 1883, Jlajor; sened in Afghan War 1879-80; with Transport Depart- 
ment, South Afghanisluu (medal) ; with the Chitral Relief Force 1895, and iu 
South Africa 1899. Killed at Jlagcrsfoutcin, 11 Dec, 1899. 

Manlet, John Herbert Hawkins (t), b. 20 Jan., 1857, only p. of John 
Manlcy, Esq., J. P., of Hiphfields, West Bromwich. 
Emm. Coll. Camb. 1S75. 2 CI. B.A. 1S79, 2 M.B. Kxam. ISSO, IM.A. 1882, 2 
M.B. ICxani. ISS3, M.]i. md li.C. ISSI, l\I.l). ]9ii2, M.R.C.S. I'.ng. 1883, 
L.S.A. 1SS2, D.IMI. I'jii,'. I'imj. I'.cl. lss:i ; Guv's Ilospilal 1S79-SI; Member 
of Society of Mnli.vil Officers ot lloallh ; I'ellow and Lecturer Sanitary Insti- 
tution ; Medical Ufficcr School Board ; iMcdical Officer of Health County 
Boro\igh and Infectious Hospital, West Bromwich ; Examr. St. John's 
.Ambulance Assoc; Examr. in Lunacy West Bromwich Union Workhouse; 
Surg. I'olice ; Cons. Surg. Wesleyan and Gen. Assur. Soc. ; late Res. Obst. 
Guv's llospitjil, and Sec. Incorp. Soc of Med. OBicers ol' Health; author of 
'•I'ollutious of theTaue" 1891, "Legal Ajipendix to Keid's Vr.i.tical Sani- 
tation" 19U0; contributor to the MedUal .\la(jn:lne IMi'.i ; linrr. Middle T. 
1905. ffl l.-<91. Alice Charlotte Martha, c d.' of Ca] t. I;. Tlonnas Dundas. 
Address 20, New M., \\'ost Bromwich. 

1S69 "Winchester College. 253 

Marriott, George Strickland (B), h. 7 Oct., 1855 (7th s.), bio. of Robert, 

Charles, John Marmaduke, and Heniy Peter, above, pp. 

179, 219, 2.33. 

B.N.r. Oxon 1875, B.A. 1879 [University XI. 187?!] ; Leeds Clergy Sch. 188 i ; 

1£;.©- d 1881, p 1882, C. Kirkstall 1881-3, Farnham 1884-.5, R. Cotestmch 

1886-97, R. Beighton and V. Moulton 1897-9, R. of Sisijleathorne, near Hull, 

since 1899. ffl 1885, Gertrude, d. of Kev. William Brassey Ilolc, Y. of Bray, 

Berks. Addrets Sigglesthome Rectorj-, Hull. 

Merewether, Addlet Edward (H), bro. of Wyinlham Arthur Scindo and 
Hubert Digb}', above, pp. 219, "239, .and of Estcourt Buller 
.and Guy Gladstone, below, jip. i;71, 318. 
Settled in New Zealand ; fanning at Lake Heron Station, Ashburton, ChristcUureh, 
New Zealand, 1881. {B. JIabel, d. of John Rees, Esq. 

MiLDMAT, Wyndham Paulet St. John (C), b. 21 Jan., 1855 (e. s.), bro. of 

George, above, p. 239, and of Aruudell Glastonbury, Paulet 

Bertram, and Aubrey Neville, below, pp. 289, 319, 355. 

Lieut. 4th Batt. Rifle Brigade 1876, Capt. 1882 ; resigned 188G ; served in Afghan 

War 1878-9 (medal and cla«p) ; 2nd Lieut. North Somerset Yeomanry 1887, 

Capt. afterwards ; J. P. ffl 27 July, 1889, Hon. Alice Katherine Haniiltou- 

Eussell, e. d. of iith Viscount Boyne. Addrc/s Wales House, Queen Camel, 

Batb. Clubs White's, Batchelors', Naval and Militarj-. 

iliLNE, Oswald (G), b. 20 Dec, 1856, s. of Nathaniel Milne, Esq., Grove House, 


Solicitor 1881, practising with his brother (below) at 6 and 7, Clement's Inn, W.C. 

(Slessrs. Jlilne & Milne), ffl. d. of Capt. A. B. Hawes, of the India Office, 

and granddaughter of Sir Benjamin Hawes. (D.N.B. xxv. 187.) Address 73, 

Erpingham Rd., Putney, S.W. 

Milne, Wilfred (G), twin bro. of the above. 

Solicitor 1881, in partnership with the above. Adihxss 6 and 7, Clement's Inn, W.C. 

MoN'TOOMERY, Chaeles Percy Graham- (C), b. 6 Sept., 1855, 3rd s. of Sir 

Graham Gr.aham-Montgomery, 3rd Bart., of Stobo Castle, 

N.B., and Alice, bis wife, d. of John James Hope- Johnstone, 

Esq., M.P., of Annandale (bro. of Arthur Cecil, below, 

p. 280). 

Emm. Coll. Camb. 1874, B.A. 1880, M.A. 1883; !jj.©., d 1880, p 1883, C. 

Paignton 1880-3, Plvmpton St. Mary 1885-7, V.' Shapwick 1887-91, C. St. 

Alban, Bordeslev 1891-4, Frome Selwood 1894-8, V. Norton St. Philip, Bath 

1898-1903, V. St. John the Evangelist, Taunton, since 19li:!. ffl 1887, Minnie 

Gertrude Compton, d. of Major-Gen. Chaniberlaiu Walker, Bombay S.C. 

Address Bath House, Taunton. 

Parker, George Marcos (C), b. 11 March, 185G, e. s. of Lieut.-Col. William 

Parker, HanthoriJC, Bourn, Lines., and Augusta Millet 

Harriet, his wife, 2nd d. of Licut.-Col. C. W. Short, of the 

Coldstream Guards. 

Went to Wellington (^)ll. 1871 ; Trin. Coll. Camb. 1875, B.A. 1879 ; Barr. Inner 

T. 1882, Midland Circ. fB 1883, Evelyn Weslfaling, d. of Hugh Seymour 

Tremenheere, Esq., C.B. Q at Claremont, Saundcrsfoot, Pembrokeshire, 11 

July, 1895. 

Pattenson, William Boys Tylden- (D), b. 31 May, 1855, e. s. of William 
Hodges Tyldcn-Pattenson, Esq. (formerly Capt. 25lh 
Regt.), of iiiddcndcD, Sta[ilehurst, Kent, and Eliza Matilda, 
his wife, only d. of Rev. James Boys, R. of Biddenden (bro. 
of Edward Cooke, below, ]i. 448). 
J.P. 1876, D.L. 1894, and County Alderman for Kent; Capt. 2nd V.B. East Kent 
Regt. 1879. Address Dashmonden, Staplehurst. Club Conservative. 

254 Winchester College. 2869 

Phillips, pRAXas Anoelo THEnDOUE (f), b. 3 Aug., 1857, 3rd s. of George 

Robert Phillifis, Esq., of Bayswater (afterwards of 21, Bath 

Parade, C'heltenbam), aud Sophia Matilda, his wife, d. of 

Cayit. Arthur Ilaidtain (bro. of Herbert de Toufreville and 

■William Watkin, below, pp. 325, 428). 

Ball. Coll. Oxon LS78 ; arrived in India U Nov., 1880, and seri-ed in the Central 

Provinces as As?ist. Cumninr. and Personal Assist, to the Chief Conimur. ; 

Judge, Small Cause Court, Aug., 1891 ; Couiuinr. of Excise Oct., 1801 ; Deputy 

Commnr. March, 18i)2 ; Commnr. Oct., 1901. fH llJ Dec., 1890, Catherine, 

y. d. of the late Rev. AViULam Rohbins, V. of Shropham, Norfolk. J'meiit 

address in England Avoudale, Moat Croft Kd., Eastbourne. 

Price, Wilfred Thomas Rokeby (D), b. 16 Jan., 1856, 2nd s. of Hall Rokeby 

Price, Esq., of Down Lodge, Epsom, and Fanny, his wife, 

d. of Matthew Holland, Esq. 

New Coll. Oxon 1875, 3 CI. Mod. 187C, 4 Hist. 1878, B.A. 1879; Solicitor 1883, 

practising at 3.'{, Old Kroad St., IC.C. (Jlessrs. Morgan, Price A- Meivburn). 

iB. 1888, Emily Catherine, e. d. of Charles Frederick Murray, of Woodcote 

Hall, Epsom. Address Eddlewood, Weybridge, Surrey. Club City University. 

Raikes, Arthur Stewart (F), b. 18 June, 1856, 5th s. of Henry Raikes, Esq., 
of Llywynegrin, Flintshire, and Lucy Charlotte, his wife, 
y. d. of Vcn. Francis Wrangharu, F.R.S., Archdeacon of 
East Riding. 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 1874, 1 Hist. Trip. 1877, B.A. 1878, M.A. 1882 ; H.M. Diplo- 
matic Servnce 1879, Attache Athens 1880, 3rd Sec. Copenhagen 1882, 2nd Sec. 
Buenos Ayres 1885, Beriin 1887, Rome 1892, 1st Sec. Rio de Janeiro 1896, 
Brussels 1898, Washington 1901, Councillor of Embassy 1904, Envoy Extra- 
ordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at Santiago 1 Jan., 1905; has received 
Jubilee and Coronation medals. Address Santiago, Chile. Clubs Travellers', 
St. James's. 

Ratnor, Charles Leonard (f), b. 7 Aug., 1855, at Totlenhoe, bro. of George 
Sydney and Philip Edwin, above, pp. 201, 230. 
13 of rheumatic fever at Hazeleigh, 25 Jan., 1875. 

Shipley, Conway Lea (f), b. 1 Sept., 1856, at Winchester, e. s. of General 

Reginald Yonge Shipley, C.B., and Amy, his wife, d. of 

Lea Birch, Esq. (bro. of Rcainald Hcber, below, ]i. 326). 

On the Roll 18C8, but admitted this half; passed 1st into R.M.A., AVoolwich, ,Tan., 

1874 ; Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1875-80, 1 Math. Mod. 1876. 2 Miith. B.A. 1879, 

M.A. 1882 ; Assist. MasterOxford High School 1881-3 ; Head of Modem Side, 

Dulwich Coll. 1888-6; Assist. Master at Kellv Coll., Tavistock 1887-93 and 

since 1901 ; Partner Temple Grove School, East, Sheen, 1894-1901. Address 

Kelly College, Tavistock. 

Simpson, John Murray (B), b. 15 Feb., 1855, s. of John Price Simpson, Esq., 

45, Gloucester Terrace, London, and E., his wife, d. of Dr. 

R. Rentou, of Edinburgh (bro. of Alexander Prout and 

Harry Butler, below, pp. 294, 314). 

Lieut. R.A. 1874, Capt. 188,3 ; M.ajor (retired on full pav) Aug., 1895. 13 at 5, South 

St., Park Lane, 14 Sept., 1895. 

Solly, George Edward (C), b. 27 Jfarcb, 1855, e. s. of Edward Harrison Solly, 

Esq., of Westheath, Congleton (afterwards of Bells House, 

Wimborne, Dorset), and Lucy Charlotte, his wife, d. of 

Rev. George James Cornish, V. of Kenwyn, Cornwall 

(bro. of Hubert Le Gay, Arthur Raymond, and Reginald 

Vaughan, below, pp. 265, 376). 

Magd. Coll. Oxon 1874, B.A. 1877, M.A. 1880 ; Solicitor 1885, practising first at 

Congleton 1885-7, and then in London 1887-90 ; J. P. Dorset I9II0. fH '26 Julv, 

1892, Helen, only d. of John Nash Peake, Esq., of Congleton. Address Befis 

House, Wimborne. 

1869 Winchester College. 255 

Stanton, Alfred Herbert (f), b. 1 April, 185G, at Farmiugton, 2nd s. of Kev. 
William Henry Stanton, above, p. 49. 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1874-9, 2 jrath. Mod. 1875, 3 CI. 1878, B.A. 1879, M.A. 
1883 ; It}.©., il 1879, p 1881, C. Newburv 1879-81, Slewkley 1882, Caversham 

1883, Kadley 1883-C, K. Llangasty-Tal-y-Ll>ii 188G-9, C. St. Stephen, Bounie- 
nioiith 1895-6, R. of Hambledon since 1891). fH 1883, Edith Eleanor, d. of 
Henry William Cripps, Esq., Q.C., of Beechwood, ISucliS. Address Hambledon 
Kectory, Henley-on-Thames. 

Stanton, John Darke (C), b. 9 Nov., 1855, e. s. of Rev. William Darko 

Stanton, above, p. 80. 

Exeter Coll. O.-iim 1873, 2 ,Tur. 1876, B.A. 1877 ; Barr. Line. Inn 1878, O.^ford 

Circ. S unmarried, 13 Jan., 1895. 

Terry, Charles (E), b. 20 Nov., 1855, e. s. of Rev. Charles Terry, of Tostock, 

I5ury St. Edmunds;, and Isabella Henrietta, his wife, y. d. of 

James Adey Ogle, Esq., M.D., Reg. Prof, of Physic, O.xford. 

Left 1874 ; Univ. Coll. Oxon 1870, 3 CI. Mod. 1876, B.A. 1879, M.A. 1881 ; J.P. 

.Suffolk since 1881. fH 1904, EliEa Mary, 6th d. of Robert Heale Gamlen, 

Esq., of New Place, Welwyn. Address Onehouse Lodge, Stowmarket, Suffolk. 

Thompson, Sydney (D), b. 23 Sept., 1855, s. of William James Thompson, 

Esq., Kippington Park, Sevenoaks, and 41, Brynnston Sq., 

London, W. (bro. of Henry Percy and Edward Russell, 

below, p]i. 284, 338). 

Merton Coll. Oxon 1873, 3 Hist. 1876, B.A. 1877, M.A.' 1880.; 2nd Class Honours 

Incorp. Law Soc. Final 1880; Solicitor 1881, practising at 3, East India 

Avenue, E.G., and 211, Rue St. Honore, Paris (Messrs. Flux, Thompson & 

Flux). JH 1885, Catherine, d. of Andrew McNicol, Esq., of Birkenhead. 

Address Wooddene, Sevenoaks. 

Tod, Alexander Maxwell (I), b. 25 Nov., 1855, e.s. of Alexander Tod, Esq., The 

Wick, Rich mond, Surrey, and Walmer Lodge, Walmer, Kent. 

Trin. Coll. Canib. 1873, B.A. 1876, M.A. 1895 ; Slerchant in India and Liverpool 

1876-84 ; in the service of the East and West India Dock Co.. London, 1886-8 ; 

General Manager AUsopp's Brewerr Co., Ltd., Burton-on-Trent, 1889. JH 

1882, Belle, 4th d. of R. Pomerov, Esq., of Pittsfield, Mass., U.S.A. Address 

159, Cromwell Rd., S.W. 

Tombs, James Stephen Owen (f), b. 4 Aug., 1857, 2nd s. of Rev. J(seph 

Tombs, V. of Llanstadwell (afterwards R. of Burton, near 


Postmaster Merton Coll. Oxon 1876-81, 1 CI. Mod. 1878, 3 CI. 1880, B.A. 1881, 

M.A. 18X7 ; Sixth Form Master St. Paul's Coll., Stony Stratford, 1881-3 ; Sixth 

Form Master Loretto School, Midlothian, 1883-7 ; Head Master Haverfordwest 

Grammar School since 1887. fB. 28 Dec, 1887, Mary Sanderson, d. of 

Thomas Simpson Paterson, Esq., of Liverpool, and Brocklehurst, Dumfriesshire. 

Address School House, Haverfordwest. 

Townsend, Ernest Hatfeild (E), b. 26 June, 185C, b. of II. Townsend, Esq., 

Rydinghurst, Guildford. 
Watkins, James Kyrke (F), b. 8 Aug., 1850, c. s. of James Watkins, Esq., 
solicitor, V.ale Bank, Ijolton-le-Moors, Lanes, (bro. of Frank 
and Hugh Edward, below, pp. 282, 392). 
Sch. New Coll. Oxon 187.5-80, 1 CI. Mod. 1877, 2 CI. B.A. 1879, M.A. 1882 ; 
Assist. Master St. Edward's School, Oxon 1879-86; It}.®., d 1882, p 1884, C. 
Summcrtown 1882-1;, Dioc. Inspector of Schools, Carlisle 1886, C. St. Cuthbert, 
Carlisle 1886-93, V. Little Lever 1893-1902, V. Emmjinuel Church, Bolton, 
1902-5, C. Godalming since 1905. .l(/(/)i-.«.i South St., Godalniing. 
Winr., Clement Stone- (E), b. 21 Aug., 185G, e. s. of John Stone-Wigg, Esq., 
Hungershall Park, Tonbiidge Wells (bro. of Ernest George, 
Montagu John, and Alfred Jame.»,l)elow, pp. 284, 327,451). 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 1875,^2 CI. Mod. 1876, B.A. 1879, M.A. 1882; Solicitor 1883, 
practising at 11, Queen Victoria St., E.C. (Messrs. King. Wigg i- Co.). ffl 

1884, Marian, d. of Sir Richard Henry Wyatt, Knt., of Garthj-nyhared, 
Merionethshire, and 38, Orosvenor Place, London, W. Address 9, Herbert 
Crescent, Hans Place, S.W. 

2S6 Winchester College. 1S69-70 

■WiGRAji, Alfred Money (A), b. 21 July, 1856, e. s. of Money Wigram, Esq., 

of Eslier Phce, Esher, Surrey, and Anue Whilaker, his 

wife, J. uf William Whitaker Maitland, Esq., of Loughtoa 

Hall, Essex (bro. of Ernest Money, below, p. 339). 

Partner in Messrs. Ktid and C'o.'s Brewers' ; M.P. (C.) Essex, Romford Division, 

1894 and 18!i5. fR 11 Julv, 1882, Venetia Marv, d. of Eev. John Whltaker 

Maitland, R. of Loiiglittm, Esses. D 13 Oct., 1899. 

Wis, Cyril Poynder (F), b. 6 Aug., 1855, Tth s. of Rer. Joseph Wix, X. ot 
Littlebnry, Essex. 
New Coll. O.xon 187.5, 3 (.'1. Mod. 187C, B.A. 1879 ; f^.©., d 1879, p 1880, C. St. 
Edmund, Northampton 1879-81, Littlebury 1881-8, Gamlinf;ay 1889-9(1, 
Southsea 18110-2, Moor Critehel 1892 fi, R. Witchampton, near Wimborue, since 
1890. iB. 21 Jime, 1891, Constance E., d. ot Rev. Thomas Baker, M..\., St. 
John's College, Cambridge. Address Witchamptuu Rectory, Wimborne. 

Woodcock, Paery John (R), b. 7 Jan., 1856, only s. of John William Wood- 
cock, Esq., Corfe, Taunton. 
B.N.C. Oxon 1874, B..\. 1878, M.A. 1884 ; ffi.©., •' 1880, p 1881, C. Lnn?ton, 
Statfg. 1880-4 and I88.i-G, llenlev-on-Thames 1884-.5, St. Matthew, Upper 
Clapton 1886-7, V. St. Piiul's, Che'st.T 1.887-96, Nether Stowey 1896-8, Dom. 
Chapl. to Bishop of Truro 19111-2, C. St. Saviour's, Pietermaritzburg, since 
1905. Addrcfs St. Saviour's, Pietcrrnqritiburg, Natal, South Africa. 


Abbott, William (B), b. 28 Oct., 1S56, bro. of Charles Thelwdl, abuve, p. 242, 
and of Ralph Abel, below, p. 339. 
Civil Engineer. 

Benson, Charles (F), b. 2 March, 1857 (5th s.), bro. of Prockter Melhnish, 

William John, and John Peter, above, pp. 120, 1.''.6, 2-16. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1874, B..\. 1879, M..\. 1881, St. Stephen's House, Oxford 1879 ; 

IS.©., d 1879, p 1880, C. St. James-the-Less, Plymouth 1879-8.5, St. 

Augustiue, Queen's Gate 188,5-6 ; received into the Roman Catholic Church 


Blackburn, Ernest Murray (I), b. 26 Nov., 1856, 3rd s. of Eilward Black- 
burn, Esq., Haynp, Lew Down, Devon, and Charlotte, his 
wife, d. of Nicholas Brooking, Esq., of Dartmouth (bro. of 
Harold Bellas and Robert, below, pp. 292, 315). 
C.C.C. Oxon 1876, 2 CI. Mod. 1877, 2 CI. B..\. 1879, M..\. 1882; Assist. Master 
Westminster 1.881-5, Head Alaster Park House Preparatorv School, South- 
borough, Tunbridgo Wclls,-18.s.5-91. ftl "-'8 July, 1891, Fanny Julia, y. d. of 
George James Graystone Reid (above, p. 48)." Address Little Thakcham, 
Pulborough, Sussex. Club United University. 

Brooksbank, Heney (I), b. 22 Feb., 1858, s. of Col. Arthur Brooksbank, of 
Middleton Hall, Beverley, and Anna M.aria, his wife, d. of 
Rev. Henry Gylby Lonsdale, R. of Bolton (bro. of George, 
below, p. 344). 
E 6 June, 1871, in Commoner Sick House, of scarlet fever. 

BuETON, James Frederick (C), b. 22 Aug., 1856, 2nd s. of Edward Frederick 

Burton, Esq., 15, Cleveland tiardens, Hyde Park, W., and 

Fanny, his wife, d. of William Fanning, Esq. (bro. of 

Frederick William, below, p. 351). 

Solicitor (1st Class Honours, and I'rizcmau) 1881, practising at 23, Surrey St., W. C. 

(Messrs. Burton, Yeatcs & Hart, Solicitors for the Hon. Soc. of the Inner 

Temple). fH 1887, .\licc Maud, d. of Col. Pencock. Address 19, Quccnsborough 

Terrace, Bayswater, W. 

1870 Winchester College. 25? 

Cbosse, Herbert Lewis (D), b. 8 June, 1856, bro. of Thomas Warren, above, 
p. 204. 
Left April, 1874 ; Solicitor 187!), practising in Wijfinore St., London ; a convert to 
the Roman Catholic Church 1880; entered the Order of St. Dominic 1882, took 
the name of Aloysius, studied at Louvain, received Minor Orders 1886, ordained 
Sub-Deacon, and Deacon in 1887, ordained Priest by Bishop Anthonis at Louvain 
in March, 1888 ; for twelve years (1890-1902) Rector of the CoUege for the 
education of boys for the Dominican Order, first at Hinckley, and then at 
Haivkesvani, Ru;;elev ; received the degree of S.T.D. from the Master-General 
of the OnliT I'JIIII; at St. Peter's Priory, Ilincklcv 1902-5; in charge of the 
Mis.sion at Ibmn's Ghyll since 1905. AMnfs Rev. jVIoysius Crosse, O.P., 
Citholic Church, Heron's Ghyll, near Uckficld, Sussex. 

Druitt, Mont.\gue John (D), b. 15 Aug., 1857, 2nd s. of William Druitt, 
Esq., ol Wimborne, Dorset. 
Into CoUeee, Short Half 1870; Sch. New Coll. 0.\on 187G, 2 CI. Mod. 1878. 3 CI. 
1880 ;"Barr. Inner T. 1885, Western Circ. Drowned at Chiswick Dec, 1888. 

Easton, Charles John (I), b. 9 Nov., 1855, c. s. of Charles Easton, Esq., 

Whiteknights Park, Reading, and Irene Emily, d. of John 

Galsworthy, Esq. 

Magd. Coll. Camb. 1875 ; Lieut. Suifolk Militia Artillery 1873, Capt. 1884, Slajor 

and lion. Lieut. -Col. since 1S98. ^ 1888, Agnes Josephine, only d. of Joseph 

Dawson, Esq., of Chateau de la Chambrerie, Tours, France. Addrets Holton 

HaU, Halesworth, Suffolk. Club Raleigh. 

Gilbert, Joseph Teouxsell (A), b. 13 June, 1856, s. of 0. A. Gilbert, Esq., 
Guiana, nephew of J. T. Gilbert, Esq., c/o Mrs. Hilliam, 
21, Henrietta St., Cavendish Sq., London. 
Settled in British Guiana 1885. 

Gordon, Arthur William Wollocombe (E), b. 3 Dec, 1856, e. s. of Major 

Stephen Biltoa Gordon, Windort Hill, Heavitree, Exeter 

(br.'. of Stephen Charles, below, p. 297). 

C.C.C. Oxon 1876, B.A. 1880, M.A. 1882; Head Master Gore Court Preparatory 

School, Sittingbourno, Kent ; now of Oaklands Court School. Address Oaklands 

Court, Vicarage St., St. Peter's, Broadstairs. 

Green, William Harding Brehmer (I), b. 10 Jan., 1855, s. of J. Green, Esq., 
Buenos Ayres (c/o Mrs. Green, 4, Lower Queen's Terrace, 
Southampton) (bro. of Henry Gwavas, below, p. 259). 

Hastie, Arthur Hepburn (J), b. 22 Sept., 1855, p. of Arthur Hastie, Esq., 
Place Land, East Grinstead, 
Solicitor 1879, practising at 05, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London (Messrs. Hasties). fH 
1887, Annie Letitia Frances, d. of Capt. Edmund Marmaduke Dayrcll, R.N., of 
Lilliugstone Dayrcll, Bucks. Atldri/s 17, Queen St., Mayfair, W. 

HicKS, John Coverdale (I), b. 27 June, 1854, s. of Richard Hicks, Esq., of 
Adelaide, South Australia, and nephew of Leonard Hopwood 
Hicks, PIsq., solicitor, 5, Gray's Inn Sq., W.C. 
Solicitor 1877, practising at 5, Gray's Inn Sq., W.C. O at 12, King's Bench WaUi, 
Temple, 10 Dec, 1906. 

HosKYNS, Arthur Phelips (H), b. 5 May, 1856, 2nd s. of Henry William 

lloskyns, Esq., Hinfon St. George, Crewkerne (Comm. 

1834), and Jane Blanche Somerville, his wife, e. d. of Juhn 

Moore Paget, Esq., of Cranmore Hall, and Newbirry House, 


Tea-iilanting in Ceylon. {B. 26 July, 1888, Charlotte Lydia, e. d. of George 

Messervy, Esq., of Jlont Cautcl, Jersey, and widow of Col. George Huntly 

Gordon, Bengal S.C. 

lIuGGiNs, Albert Edward (I), b. 1855, s. of Edward Hoggins, Esq. 

Member of " Lloyds " 1H77-98 ; Director of Iluggius' Brewery. {B. 1879, >[arv Ann, 
d. of John Jenkes, E»(i., J.P., Winchester Hall, llighgate. AJdnss Foxhill, 
Earlev, Reading. 

258 WixcuESTEK College. 1870 

HuGGiNS, Godfrey (1), b. 19 May, 1S55, s. of Henry Huggins, Esq., Gordon, Highgate fid., N.W. 
Member of the Stock Exchange (Messrs. E. J. Avor\- ifc Co., 4, Copthall Chambers, 
E.C.). fH 1N81, Emily, d. of A. M. Blest, Esq.. of Shepherd Well, Kent. 
AilJrcfs bibertswold, Doctors' CommoDs lid., Great lierkhamstcd. 

Johnson, Arthur Russell (I), Ij. 10 June, 1854, 2nd s. of Thomas Johnson, 
Ben Venue, 'I'orquaj'. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1873, 4 .Jur. B.A. 1H77, M.A. 1880; Barr. luner T. 1879, Northern 
Circ. Adrlress 101, Mount St., "NV. 

KiRTLEV, Geokue (A), h. 29 July, ly")5, c. s. of Juhn Henry Kirtley, Esq., of 
Rochdale, afterwards of Gale House, Littleborough, near 
Manchester (bro. of John Hassall, helow, p. 323). 
Went to Australia. 13 at Johauucsburg, Transvaal, on or about 10 April, 1899. 

Lee, Alfred Collikswood (I), h. 29 July, 1855, hro. of Arthur Bolles and 
George Herbert, above, pp. 189, 204. 
Left 1871 ; Solicitor 1887, practising at Cheshinit, Herts, and Waltham .\bbey, 
Essex; Clerk to Che.'shuut District Council; author of ''Local Government 
Formulist " 1903. AJJieff Waltham Abbey. 

Liiv, Gerald Lewis Henry (B), b. 16 May, 1855 (2ud s.), bro. of William 

Henry, above, p. 175, .nud of Arthur Henry, below, p. 293. 

Pemb. Coll. Oxon 1874, B.A. 1877, M.A. 1880, Cuddesdon Thcol. Coll. 1878 ; |B.©., 

.7 1879, p 1880, C. Coggeshall, Essex 1879-85, R. Ch.igford, Mewton Abbot, 

Devon, since 1886. fjl 1887, Beatrice, d. of Kev. Hay ter George Usyter-Uames, 

R. of Chagford. Atldrcss Chagtord Rectory, Newton Abbott. 

Lyli:, Alheson Francis Acheson (I), b. 24 Api'il, 1855, e. s. of James Acheson 

Lyle, Esq., of The Oaks, Londonderry, and 13, Pembroke 

Rd., Dublin, and Ida Bilizabeth, his wife, d. of Rev. Francis 

Ruttli'dge, of Bloomfield, co. Mavo. 

Trin. Coll. Dublin; Suli-Lieut. 8.^1 Regt. 1875. Lieut. 1875; (apt. 2nd Bait. 

Shropshire L.l. 1884, Jlajor 1892. 3D at Poonah 30 July, 1902. 

Macpherson, William Charles (I), b. 11 Aug., 1855, s. of Allan Macplier.sou, 

Esq., Blairgowrie House, ]?lairoi)wrie, N.B. (bro. of Alan, 

George Denis, and Eu'an Fr.aiicis, below, pp. '_'(;(. :'.l'4, .".^i;). 

To Civil Service Beu-al Is77; Assi>t. :Mngistratc. PatuKi 1-77. \ nn l~,- -I; 

Under-Sec. to Uovcruuicul of Biu-.-il Iss.') ; ( iilicialing In.i. r s, , , , mm. m 

of India 18SS; ,l„int Jlagistratc and Dcpulv ( ■|.Uc.-t..r I^n-: M,. Ii,i. ,hh1 
(..II., I,. I IN'.n'; Director of Land Records and .Vgricnlturo l>:i|; M kj n .!.■ 
Mil. I I .-II. I 111 |s:i7 ; t)tticiaKng Sec. to Government 1902; Mcnil.. i . ■! I . _i I iii\ .■ 

(, 1902; C.S.L 1903; Temporary Sec. to Gov.ri.. l:'n.;; 

( itiiciadug ( iiicl Sec. 1903 ; Commissioner 1903 ; author of "An Aid t.. IJcvinuc 
and Magisterial Duties in Bengal." fH ISXfi, Isabella Mary. .Ird d. of (_id. 
Kinloch, R.A., of Gourdie, Perthshire. Club United Scr\ice, Calcutta. 

Morris, Herueut Mansfield (C), b. 27 Aug., 1850, bro. of Percy McDonald, 
above, p. 229. 
Civil Engineer L. & N.W. Ky., Derby. 
Pott, William II.\mii.ton (1), b. 12 Nov., 1854, e. s. of Robert Pott, Esq., of 
Warrington House, Carsh.ilton, aod Beutham Hill, Tuu- 
bridge Wells, and Anna, his wife, d. of Dou.ild Maclean, 
]''sq., of Stanley House, Gloucs. (bro. of Robert Bertram, 
below, p. 325). 
fH M.abel .Strode, d. of George Strode Cobham, l'"sq., of The Den, Beddinglon, 
Surrey. AJJirsf 3, Campden House Terrace, Kensingtnn, W. 

Robertson, William Macdonald (F), b. 11 Nov., 1856, s. of R.W. Robertson, 
Esq., Wandsworth Lane, Upper Tooling, Surrey (? bro. of 
David Colin, below, p. 317). 
Left 1873; to Tom Hughes "Rugby" Settlement in America; aftcnvards a Tea 



Tatham, Edward (G), b. 18 March, 1850, bio. of JosvpU Piioevdl aud Shennau 
Kalph, above, p. 183. 
L.K.C'.P. Edin. 1883, M.K.C.S. Eng. 1883 ; travelling. 

Williams, Stanley Faithfull Monieu- (A), b. 8 May. 1856, s. of Prof. 

Monier Moiiier-Williams, created K.C.I.E. in 1887 (D.N.B. 

Supp. i}i. 1815), aud Julia, his wife, d. of Rev. Francis 

Joseph Faithfull, B. of Hatfield (bro. of Montagu Sncad 

Faithfull, below, p. .30;:!). 

Left 1872; Architect .and Surveyor ; .•\. 1H78 ; joiut-author of '• Combined 

Fi.-ure Skating." l^H 9 .Jan., 1H92, Charlotte Mary, d. of Major-Geueral W. H. 

lienyon, of 25, Ashburn Place, S.W. -b/i/iiss The Cottage, Hersham, 'Walton- 


WooDEOFFE, George Frederick (G), b. 8 Oct., 1855, s. of Johu Edward 

Woodroffe, Esq., barrister-at-law, 11, Thurlow Rd., Hamp- 

stead, aud Maria, his wife, y. d. of R. P. Witts, Esq., of 


Clerk in the Bank of Eufcland since 1877 (Dividend Pay Ofiice). Address 00, 

Cromwell Gardens, S.W. 


Dalbiac, PiiiLir Hugh (H), b. 20 Sept., 1856, 3rd s. of Henry Eardley Aylmer 

Dalbiac, Esq., J.P., of Durrington Manor, Sussex, aud 

Mary, bis wife, 5th d. of Sir Henry Mainwaring, 1st Bart. 

Lieut. 70th Regt. is'r.-i; exchan-i.l to l.'ith Kegt. 1875, Capt. 1883, Adjut. 1st 

Notts. K.V. lNs:.-:iO, JIaj..r (retired) l.s'JO ; M.P. (C.) North Caniberwell 

1X95-19011; Mai;auin^' llireetor Messrs. Swan, Sonneuschein & Co., Ltd., since 

1891 ; and IIcilOI. Coaimanding 18th Middlesex R.V. 189r,. fH 

7 June, ixss, Lilian, Itli d. of Sir Charles Seely, 1st Bart. AdJirss Inirzedown 

Park, Tooting Common, S.W. Club Carlton. 

GiBDS, (Hon.) Kenneth Francis (b'), b. 2 April, 1S5G (5ih p.), bro. of Herbert 
Cokayue, above, p. 235. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon 1875, 4 theoL P..A. 1878, M.A. 188] ; ItJ.®., d 1880, p 1881, C. St. 
Andrew, Wells St. INSii-l, V. Aldenham since ftSl, R.D. of Watford since 
1898, Hon. Canon of St. Albans since 1900, Chapl. to Bishop of St. Albans 
since 1901. ffl 5 June, 1894, Mabel .Mice, d. of Charles Edward Bamett, 
Esq., of Edge Grove, Aldcuham. Address Aldenham Vicarage, Watford. 

GuEEN, UicNUY GwAVAS (I), K 15 Oct., 185G, bro. of William Harding Brehmer, 
above, p. 257. 

lli;wiTT, Arthur Likford (F), b. 11 April, 185G, s. of Arthur Turner Hewitt, 
Esq., 32, Nicholas Lane, E.G. 
Left 1873; Solicitor 1881, practising at 32, Nicholas Lane, Lombard St., EC. 
(Messrs. Hewitt it Chapman). Addn'ss Riverside House, Strand-on thc-Grccu, 

How, Charles Walsham (U), b. 27 Dec, 1857 (2ud s.), bro. of William Mi\y- 
nard, above, p. 247, .and Walter Wvbera;h, below, p. 312. 
Trin. Coll. Oxon 187(5,3 CI. .Mod. 1878,2 .lur. B.A. 1,S80, JI.A. 1885; Solicitor 
1883, practising at49, Lincoln's Inn Kiebls, W.C. (Jlosjrs. Bell, Steward, May &. 
How) ; Surrey County Hockey XL 1902; pbiyedfor South of England r. North, 
and also c. Midlands, 1902 ami 1903. ifl 11 June, 1S9(!, Mabel Louisa, d. of 
Krederick Chapman, ICsip, (lid l-'riars, Richmond. Address M, Montague Rd., 
Richmond, Surrey. 

260 Winchester College. 1870 

Masters, John Ernest Smith- (I), b. 10 May, 1856, 2ud s. of Rev. Allan 
Smith-Masters (formerly Cowbutn) [see Holgate, " Win- 
chester CummonerB," ]i. 200], t'f Corner, Kent, and Phebe 
Mary, his wife, d. of Ven. James Randall, Archdeacon of 
Kebl,- Cull. Ox. .n isn;, r, Hist. ]i.A. IS.'iil, M..\. IssS; 1i).©., J 1880, p 1881. C. 
St. (iilf.-, l:.-,i.liii- issii-;,. V. St. Cr..!-.', Tvl.hmst.'an.l Acliii- CI-. Keadini,' 
iss.v ;i, V. Ki.hii..r.', lu'.i.UiJ-, mirm; )s.s;i. ^f^ j.sss, |;Uzal)rth Margaret, v. d. 
u! Swiotim S. .Mtlvilk', Ed.]., licngal C ..'5. .l././zi,-.- Kiilmore Vicarage, Reading. 

Melhuish, GiiouLiE John (I), b. 19 Nov., 1857, s. of J. Melhuish, Esq., Grove 
Ivil., Clai'ham Park, S.W. 

RADCLIFIfE, PoLLEXKEN CoLMORE CoPLESTON '(B), b. 30 May, 1885, 6. S. of 

Copleston Lopes Eadclifl'e, Esq., of Derriford, Plymouth, 

and Elizabeth Charlotte, his wife, d. of Frind Cregoe 

Colinore, Esq. 

Un.-ittiiched Stud. O.xou 1875 ; Barr. Tuner T. 1878 ; J. P. Devon. fH 30 Jan., 

1888, llarj;aret Alice, y. d. ot Colmore Frind Cregoe-Colniore, Esq., of Moor 

End, Cheltenham. Addiiss Derriford, near Plymouth. Club Union. 

Randall, Cybil AVilbebfouce (I), b. 26 Oct., 1856 (4th s.), bro. of Richard 
George and James Lowndes, above pp. I'JG, 2-10. 
Magd. Coll. Oxnn 1876 ; settled at Christchurch, New Zealand. 1877-87 ; then 
kept depot for sale of New Zealand mutton at Clifton. Q 12 Feb., iy07. 

ScoTT, John (D), b. 17 June, 1855, s. of John Sjott, Esq., 21, Gloucester Place, 
Hyde Park, W. 
Left Easter, 1873 ; into busiuess iu ludin. 

SHORT HALF, 1870. 

AcLAND, Reginald Brodie Dyke (II), b. 18 M.iy, 1850 (0th s.), bro. of 
Theodoie D>ke, above, p. 200. 
Univ. Coll. Oxon 1874. 3 CI. Mod. 187«, iJur. H.A. 1878, M..\. 1883; Barr. Inner 
T. 1881, Oxford Cire. ; K.C. 1904 ; JuninrCmiusel to the .Admiralty 18SI5-1904 ; 
Judge Advocate uf tlif Klc 1 1 since II'OI ; Momhor of the C.eneral Council of 
thc^liar; Treasurer lla.ii in,' l;,.,i,-v..I.'iit Ass,.,i:iti..ii ; Chairman Ilo.^spital 
Katurdav Fund IM'H -: I:. , ni.irr nt Minivsi.urv I'.Mil :j ; l{c,-,.rder of 0.\ford 
since 1!M13; Ke]iri ■^. nliil i\ r ..I the ( lipvcriunout i.n the Nnrth Sea Inipiiry VMI. 
ift is.s.ij Ilclcu I jnma, d. of Kev. Thomas Fox, K. of .\bl)asCoinhe, AVincanlon. 
A'lihi.'fis llorulou Cottjige, Kensington, W. ; Cold Ash, Newbury, t7«6s 
Athcn:eum, liiitcd University. 

Ai.E.XANDEB, Cecil John Fuancis (G), b. 16 May, 1856 (2iul s.), Lro. of 

Hubert Jocclyn, above, p. 231. 

Ch. ell. Oxon 187,0; ,1.1'. eo. Tipperarv ; .Vgeut to Francis Wvsc Lowe, Esq., 

KilsliMiir, Tiiiperary. Jifl 1882, Eva," e. d. of the Kt. Hon. Arthur McMourragh 

K.uMii.igh, of Borris, cu. Carlow. .Ulilnss Arraghslea, Kilsbaue, co. 


AsuHURST, Chaules Henuy (E), b. G Nov., 1856, 2iid s. of ,Iuhn Henry Ash- 
hurst, Esq., of Watcrstock. O.^iford, and Elizabeth, his wife, 
d. of Thomas Duffield, Esq., M.P., of Marcham Park, 
Exeter Coll. Oxon 1875 ; Lieut. I!. Carnarvon Jlilitia 1877 ; 2nd Lieut. 3."ith Regt. 
1879; Lieut. 1 liatt. Sussex Regt. 1881; Soudan Expedition 1884-5; served 
on the Nile and with Desert Column (medal iS clasp), Capt. 1887, Major 
18!I8, retired 11)01. JKl 8 April, 1896, Slilly Kathleen, d. of John Augustus 
AVarreu, Esi]. 

iSyo Winchester College. 261 

Barnard, Gilbert William (A), b. 30 Dec, I80O, s. of Rev. William BarnarJ, 
above, p. 55. 
Trin. C«U. Camb. 187G, 3 Theol. T,.\. 1880 ; ||J.®., d 1S89, p 1881, C. St. Mary, 
Battersea 1880-2, AUesley, Warwickshire 188-l^G, St. Mary, Bryanst<ja Sq. 
1886-9, v. St. P.itrick, Salter St., near liirminghani, since 1889. £B. Jan., 
1894, Beatrice Amy, d. of General Staunton, late Col. of 92n(l Unrdoa 
Highlanders. Address St. Patrick's Vicarage, Hockley Heath. 

Bran, John Frederick (D), b. .3 April, 1850, 2nl s. of Rev. William Bean, 
of Danson Park, near Bexley, Kent, and Anne, his wile, 
d. of T. Jackson, Esq., of Eltliam, Kent. 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 187.5, B.A. 1879. © 15 .Tan., 1882, at Danson Park, from the 
effects of a fall from his horse out hunting. 

Benson, Cecil Fostep. (A), b. 29 Sept., 1857, bro. of William Arthur Smith, 

.ibove, p. 236, and Francis Robert and Godfrey Rathbone, 

below, pp. 273, 343. 

Left 1875 ; settled with W. B. Close, Ksq., at Siblev, Iowa, U.S.A. ; Director of 

Tattersalls (of New York) Co., Ltd., 1890. Address 11, Rossetti Gardens 

Mansions, Chelsea, S.W. 

Bevan, David Augustus (I), b. 17 May, ISaO, 4th s. of Richard Lee Bevau, 
Esq., of Brisworlh Uall, Northampton, and Isabella Jadith 
Maria, his wife, d. of Rcv. L. Loraine-Smith, of Endeiby 
Hall, Leicestershire (bro. of Richard Aubrey Chichester, 
below, p. 320). 
Trin. Coll. Camb. 1874, B.A. 1878; MimiiIht of tlie Stoik Exdianj,'e 1879 (Jlessrs. 

David A. Bevan & Co., South S.-a Il,.u-ic Tlire:oli[.'«lle St., K.C.) ; J. P. 

Cambs. 1901. ffl 22 D.t., Is.s.-,, II, ,n. M.uid IJi/.al.cth llrand, y. d. of the Rt. 

Hon. Henry Buuverie William, 1st Viscimt llan>|Kk-n and 2;!r(l Dacre, G.C.B. 

Address Burloes, Koyston, Herts. 

Bird, George Edward Godfrey Waller (B), b. 8 .Tulv, 1857, s. of Rev. 
James Waller Bird, R. of Foulsham, Thetford. 
2nd Lieut. 2nd Bait, Re;;!. 1878, Lieut. 1880, Capt. 188G ; Paymaster 
Army Pav Dept. 1894 ; Major and Staff Paymaster 1902 ; stationed at Pretoria 

Bird, William Henry Benbow (f), b. 29 March, 1857, at Hdlicgdon, U.x- 

bridgp, s. of Henry Bird, Esq., solicitor. The Vineyard, 

Uxbridge, and Ann, his wife, d. of John Bradley Benbow, 


Sch. Trin. Coll. Camb. 1870, 1 CI. B.A. 1880. Address Devereux Chambers, 

Devereux Court, W.C. 

BiRLEY. Hugh CKnr. (H), b. 21 April, 1855, s. of Herbert Birley, Esq. (Comro. 
1834', Cliairman of Manchester and Salford School B'>ard.<, 
Springlmnk, Pendleton, JIanchc.=ter, and Cicely Margaret, 
his wife, d. of Hugh Hornby Birley, Esq. (bro. of Herbert 
Edgar and .Jo.sepb Harold, below, pp. 273, 440). 
itt 17 Sept., 1890, IUUmi Catherine, d. of the late Matthew Kennedy, Ksq. 

r>LOMKii:i,D, James Edward (H), b. 13 Oct., 185G, e. s. ( f Rev. James Charles 
Blomliold, V. of Lannton, C)xon. 
New Coll. Oxnu 1875, then Demy Maird. Coll. Oxou, 1 N'at. So. B.A. 1879, M.A. 
and JI.B. 1890, Radcliffe Fellow 1X84 ; Univ. Coll. Hospital, Loudon ; M.R.C.S. 
Kng. 1884 ; L.U.C.P. Lond. 18X7 ; studied also at Paris, Vienna, and Dublin ; 
sometime House Physician Univ. Coll. Ho.spital, I^ndon, and Resident 
Medical Officer Hertford Hrit'sh Hospital, Paris ; author of papers in the 
Umirterli/ .IiMriml ../' M'uriwnpic Science 1880, in the Oincet 1885, and in the 
rructilUmer ISx.",. ' fH (lot., 1893, Jean Mary, d. of John Casscls, Esq., of 
Bombay and Hourminouth. Address 1, Tubs Hill, Sevenoaks, Kent. 

262 TTiNTHESTER College. 1870 

BRionT, 'WiLLTAM ROBERT (A), b. 15 Aug., 1857, e. f. of Lieiit.-Gen. Sir Robert 
Ouesiplioius Bright, above, p. 5G, and bro. of Roginaki 
Arthur, below, ]i. 419). 
Ball. Coll. Oxon 1878 ; Stud. Inner T. 1879 ; Indian C.S. 1878, to lien-al 1880 : 
Joint Magistrate and Deputy Collector 1890; Dcput}' Cnmmnr., I'alaman 
1892; Maidstrate of Jlidnapur 1895; Cliairman Calcutta Corporation 1897- 
1900; C.S.I. 1901; Inspector-General of Police, liengal, since 1901; Opium 
Ai;eut, Beliar, since 19(i2. fjl 12 Feb., 1883, Ellen Theophila, d. of Charles 
Tiieophilus lletealfo, Ksq., C.S.I., of the Bengal Civil Sen-ice. yUilieff 
Writers' Buildings, Calcutta. Clnh United Service, Calcutta. 
Carpenter, Evan Geobub (H), b. 23 Nov., 1857, bro. of Arthur Bristowe and 
Edward Westall, above, pp. 2'2G, 227. 
Eoyal Agricultural Coll. Cirencester ; Fellow Surveyors' Institute 188.1 ; Partner in 
" the firm of Messrs. Blake & Carjienter, Auctioneers, High St., Croydon. fH 
1884, Caroline Georgina, e. d. of .lohn Clement Pare, Esq., of Park Hill, 
Croydon. AJJn'ss 40, Comlie Rd., Croydon. 
Clapp, William John (H), b. 5 Aug., 1855, e. s. of William Clapp, Esq., 
F.R.C.S., 14, Soutli^ernhay, E.icter. 
Gonv. and Cains (cill. Camb. 1875, College Prize for Hebrew, B.A. 1877, M.A. 
ISsi ; 11). 0-. '' IS78, p 1879, C. Withecombe-Raleigh 1.878-81, Lustleigh 1881-.'!, 
Tornu.lHiii ls.'<.;-:i, Sidbury 1885-92, R. Ashlev, near Stockbridge, since 189C. 
ffl 1S.S9, Louisa Isabella, e. d. of Rev. William Courtenay Clark, R. of 
Sidbury. Atltln-fs Ashley Rectory, Stockbridge, Hants. 
Coles, Aktbdr Horsman (A), b. 7 Sept., 1856, s. of Timothy Horsman Coles, 
Esq., of St. Heleo's Ore, Hastings, and 7G, Westliourne 
Terrace, Hyde Park, London, W., and Amelia, his wife, d. 
of Edward Savage Bniley, Esq. (bro. of the next, and of 
Henry Horsman, Alfred Horsman, Edward Horsman, and 
Geoffrey Florsrnan, below, pp. 286, 372, 432). 
Left 1873 ; Lieut. 1st B.iit. 3rd East Kent Regt. 187fi ; attached to Egviitian Army 
1884; served in Soudan I'.xiicdition 1884-5; Nilo (ni.'dal with clasp and 
bronze star, 4th Cln-^s ( isuianirli) ; Capt. 1885 ; servcil in l-nniti.T I'l.ld Force, 
Soudan, l.'<87, and on Soiidau Frontier 1889, including cii;;:mrm.iil at Toski 
(clasp, despatches, 4tli Class Mediidie, and D.S.O. 18.s'.i) ; Major l.-i'.i.'., retired 
18117; Lieut. Col. 1900, lirevet Col. 1904; Nandi Expedition 1900; C.M.G. 
1904 ; eniploN ed in Uganda Protectorate with King's African RiHes since 1900. 
Coles, Wilfred Housman (A), b. 13 Sept., 1857, bro. of the above. 

Left 1872 ; Lieut. 100th Roval Canadian Regt. 187fi ; Instructor of JIusketrv ; 
D.A.C.G. 1882, Capt. 1883. J3 20 .lune, 1885, at Fyzabad, Oude. 
Cook, Edward Tyas (f). f!ee above, p. 250. 

Cornish, George Kestki.l Kkstkll ^C). l^- 1 Sept., 1856, c. s. of Rev. R.diert 
Kestell, above, p. 17. 
Keble Ccdl. Oxon, B.A. 1879; 11). (S)., (' 1880,/) ISSl. C. Si. ,1,111.-. Creal Grimsby, 
1SS0--J; Chapl. to his father as Hishop of M:id:i . . n l—J 1; : Prin.i|.al of 
High Seliool, Tananarive 1SS4-90 ; S.I'.G. Missi.m ,1 > ;ii I ni.Miiirive Issl-'.M, 
at iMiihanoro 18!n-4, at Tananarive 1S94-9, at .\hai:iiu.i,. l.Mi;i 19U1, at .\m- 
bin.iudrano since 1901 (all in JIadagasonr) ; Treasurer of St. Lawrence's 
Cathedral, Taiuinarive l8Hii ; Arelidcacou of llttdagascar since 1901. Aildiiss 
Auibinandrano, Jlahannro, INladagascar. 
Cowan, RiciiAKn (B), b. 1 Sept., 1S5G, bro. of Henry Viviin, .above, p. 237, and 
Walter Basil and -lames Innes, below, pp. 282, 3:!o. 
Roval Agricultural CM. Cirencester 1874; drowned at si^a on the way to Xew 
Zealand, 22 Nov., 1875. 
Cripps, Arthur Devereux (D\ b. 12 May, 185S (5tli s.\ bro. of lloMiy 
Lawrence and Charl. ■• .\liivd, alu.v,-, pp. ]5!1, 2r2. 
Solicitor, London ls.>i|, |, m il I >. iVnIianient SI. \V. ; resided at Highfields. 
Jlariow; I'.diti.-al .\ i,. i ir. .. mie Partv in S.eith I'.u.-Us. ; Solicitor to 
Thames i:i|.arian Owner-' .\ -.. iii i-ii and Thames Millers' Ass.iciation ; Clerk 
to Marlow Urban Council, to Countv Magistrates, and Land and Income-Tax 
Commissioners ; Hon. See. Old Berkeley West F(.x-hoimds. ffl 1889. Georgina 
Amelia, 2nd d. of Rev. Frederick Harrv Hotham, R. of Ruslibury, Salop. B 
30 Occ, 1903. 

1870 Winchester College. 263 

CaMDERiiATCir, Henry (C), b. 14 Aug., 1856, e. s. of Lawrence H. Cumberbatch, 

Esq., Queen's House, Lyntlhurst (bro. of Frank Tyndal, 

below, p. 340). 

For many years a Coffee Planter in Ceylon (Jlessrs. Cumbcrbatcli & Co., Slave 

Island," Colombo). IB at 30, MorpetU Mansions, London, S.W., 15 Aug., 1904. 

Dehitt, Montagoe John (t). See .ibove, p. 257. 

Ellis, Arthuk Lee (B), b. 18 Aus., 1S57 (2na s.), bro. of the next. 

New Coll. Oxon ls7i;, .s (1. M,„l.' Iss;, i .Tur. 1S70, R.A. issri, 2 li.C.L. 1S81, JI.A. 
and B.C.L. Iss; ; Ibrr. Inner T. nnd Line. Inn 1SS2. IH (D Harriett Louisa, 
d. of Charles Iliebard NieoU, Esq., M.U, ; (2) 19 April, 1900, Mary Affnes,^ d. 
of Fr-ancis Pear.son, Es)., late Deputy Surgeon- General. AdUrcisex 9, Old .Sfp, 
Lincoln's Inn ; Spaldhurst, St. Martin's Avenue, Epsom. Club United 

Ellis, Henry Daw (D), b. 28 May, 1856, e. a. of Henry Samuel Ellis, Esq., 

of Fair Park House, Exeter (bro. of the above, and of George 

Beloe, Reginald Eaton, and Monta'^ue, below, pp. 295, 321, 


Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1875, 2 M.ath. Mod. 1877, B.A. and JI.A. 1881, Mathematical 

Master at Kev. Stephen Cornish's School, Walton Lodge, Clrvccb.n, Somerset 

1881-90 ; sub-editor of " Industries " 1890-1 ; Travelling Tutor |s:il-S ; Jlaster 

of Preparatory School at 12, Gloucester Terrace, since 1.895, and .iMint Hon. Sec. 

of Mathematical Association since 1900; author of " Gra|.hic Arithmetic 

Charts 1 and 2" 189G. AMiess 12, Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, \V. 

FooRD, Henry (H), b. 1 Oct., 1855, bro. of James, above, p. 238. 
Settled in Natal. S unmarried, at Reasdale, Natal, 9 Oct., 1887. 

Greenfield, Richard Menteith (H), b. 27 Sept., 1856,s. of James Greenfield, 

Esq., .LP., (if Brynderwen, and Rhyddsaer, Monmouthshire, 

and Marfraret, bis wife, 2Qd d. of Sir .Joseph Biiley, Birt. 

K.M.I'. Saudhnrst, Lieut. 108th Regt. 1874, Capt. 2nd Batt. Uoval luniskilling 

Fusiliers 1881, Staff Coll. 1888, Major 1890, Lieut.-Col. 1893, Colonel 1899 ; 

A.A.G. Madras 1802-3, A.A.G. India 1899-1900, A.A.G., H.Q. Bengal 

1900-1, A.A.G., H.Q. India 1901-2, D.A.G., H.Q. Bombay and W. Command, 

India 1902-5, Brigade Commander India; served in Burmese F.xpedition 

1892-3 (despatches, Brevet Licut.-Col.) ; served on N.W. Frontier 1897-8, and 

with Tirah Expeditionary Force (medal and two clasps). 

Hawker, Francis Feodob Wynne (A), b. 14 April, 1857, e. s. of James 

Hawker, Esq., above, p. 85 (bro. of Ernest William, 

below, p. 308). 

Left .Tulv, 1874 ; M'ine Jlerchant, Plymouth, 1878 (Messrs. .James Hawker & Co.). 

ifl 1889, Ada St. John Melliar, d. of Rev. Charles Foster Garratt, of The 

Grange, Little Tew, Enstone, Oxon. Adilie/s Heic House, Bickleigh, 

lloborougli, South Devon. 

Hawker, Gp.oroe Loraine (f), b. 8 Nov., 1856, e. s. of Kev. John Manley 

Hawker, R. of Ideford, Devon, and Emily, his wife, 3rd d. 

of W. C. Loraine, Esq., of Earlev, Berks. 

Exhibnr. Exeter Coll. Oxon 187,5-8, 3 Nat. Sc. B.A. 1878 ; Solicitor 1881 (Messrs. 

Bavlev, .\dams, Hawker i Noble, Bank Chambers, Tower liridge Kd., S.E.). 

iifl 2(;Scpt., I8S8, Mary Sophia, d. of James Linngston, ICsq., of St. German's 

Place, Blackheath. Ai'lilress II, Sloane Gardens, S.W. 

Hawkins, Hrnhv Charlton (B), b. 2 June, 185G, only s. of John William 

Hawkins, Esq., Chiel Clerk in Chancery, 7, Upper Philli- 

movo Gardens, Kensington. 

New Coll. Oxon 1875, 3 Jur. B.A. 1879, B.C.L. and M.A. 1884 ; Barr. Line. Inn 

18.'<2. iB 1-185, Emily Martha, d. of Francis Macnamnra Falkner, Esq., of 

Folkestone. Addrems 13, Old Sq., Lincoln's Inn, W.C. ; lO, Oxford Rd., 


264 Winchester College. 1870 

Hicks, Arthur (C), b. 27 Oct., 1856, Tiro, of Edward Francis, above, p. 244, 

and of Stanley, Neville, and Walter, below, pp. 322,o89,408. 

Cooper's Hill C.E. Coll., Scb. in Applied Mechanics 1877, ind Grade Assist. 

Engineer P.W.D. India 1878, 1st Grade 1881, 4tli Grade Executive Engineer 

1885 ; Member of " Lloyds," London 1890. fH 1883, Const-ince Laura, d. of 

Joseph Dawson, Esq., of Streathani llill. Address Cooper's Hill, Staines. 

Hubbard, Theodoue Stephen (G), (5th s.), bra. of the next. 

Univ. Coll. Oxon 1877, 3 CI. Mod. 1879, B.A. 1882 ; to Arsentiiie K.-puldic 1882. 

Hubbard, William Francis (G), b. 1S58, 4th s. of Kev. Thomas Hubbard, 
V. of St. John's, Newbury, Berk?, and Emily Fanny, 
his wife, d. of Sir Woodbine Parish, K.C.H. 
To Radley Coll. ; Ch. Ch. O.^on 187G, 3 CI. Mod. 1877, 3 CI. 187!), B.A. 1880. Q. 
King, George Anthony (f), b. 23 Oct., 1858, e. s. of George Farquharson 
King, iSsq., of Croydon (solicitor, of 66, Cannon St., E.C.). 
C.C.C. Oxon 1877, Exhibnr. 1878-9, 3 Math. Mod. 1879, 2 Jur. B.A. 1881, M.A. 
1884 i Solicitor 1885, practising at 66, Cannon St., down to 1902 ; Vice-President 
Brotherhood of St. Andrew ; one of the London Diocesan Readers ; Master of 
the Supreme Court (Supreme Court Taxing Office) since 1902. {& 17 July, 
1888, JIabel, y. d. of Rev. Henry Ralph Blackett, V. of St. Andrew's, Croydon. 
Address Penn Kd., Croydon. 
Langhobne, John Swyre (I), b. 21 Jan., 1856, s. of John Bailey Langhorne, 
Esq., of St. John's, Wakefield, and Oatwood Hall. 
Articled to a solicitor at Barnard Castle ; settled in Minnesota, U.S.A. 1882 ; in 
tho Audit Department of Northern Pacific Railway Co. fift 1886, Elizabeth 
Woodhead. Aildress St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Lee, Walter Woodhouse (D), b. 3 June, 1856, s. of William Randall Lee, 
Esq., 9, Norfolk Terrace, Brighton, fchoolmaster (bro. of 
Eric Arthur and Edward Charles, below, pp. 280, 423). 
Farmius; in North America. Address Svkcston, AVells County, North Dakota, 

LowTH, Alfred Charles (G), b. 18 April, 1857, e. s. of Kev. Alfred James 
Lowth, 12, St. James's Villas, Wiiicbosrcr. 
Keble Coll. Oxon 187G, 3 CI. Mod. 1878, 4 CI. B.A. If-^". M. \ i-s,;. Snrum Theol. 
Coll. 1883; f^.iB; d ISiiS, p 1881, C. Portsea is-,: ,;, i,,inl.t..i, l,>i88-91, V. 
Randwick 1891-7, V. Colden Common, near Win. lu^t.i, ?iii. . Is:i7 ; author of 
"The Story of the Natirity," "The Life Everlasting," and other Church 
Services, set to music by Dr! C. W. Pearce. fH 7 June, 1893, Edith Sarah, 
3rd d. of Rev. Joseph William Kewley, K. of Armitage, Staffs. Address Coldcn 
Common Vicarage, Winchester. 

Lushington, Somerville Henry (C), b. 24 May, 1856, 4th s. of Frederick 

Astell Lushington, Esq., Rosicre, Lyndhurst. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1875, Sarum Theol. Coll. 1877 ; 5?.©-, '' 1879, n 1880, C. 

Bemerton 1879-90, St. Thomas, Regent St. 1890-2, St. Paul, Knightshridge 

1892-6, R. Boothby, near Grantham, since 1896. Address Boothby Rectory, 


Macphebson, Alan (F), b. 11 Jan., 1857 (2nd s.), bro. of William Charle.*, 

above, p. 258, and George Denis and Ewan Francis, below, 

pp. 324, 336. 

Exeter Coll. Oxon 1877, 3 CI. Mod. 1879, 3 Jur. B..\. 1881, M.A. 188C ; Barr. Line. 

Inn 1881, S.E. Circ. ffl 3 Oct., 1899, Anna Wallace, d. of William 'Voung, 

Esq., Stanhill Court, Charlwood, Surrey, and sister of John Kirkpatrick Voung, 

Esq., below, p. 270. Aildress ^, Dr. Johnson's Buildings, Temple, E.C. 

NiAS, Joseph Baldwin (I), b. 13 Dec, 1857, e. s. of Admiral Sir Joseph Nias, 

K.C.B., South, Surbiton, Surrey, and Isabella, his 

wife, only child of John Laing, Esq., of Montagu Sq., 


Exeter Coll. Oxon 1875, Sch. 1876-9, 1 Nat. Sc. 1878, B.A. 1879, M.B. 1883, M.D. 

1893; Burdett-Coults Scholar 1881, Raddiffe Fellow 1882; St. Bartholomew's 

Jlospital, London, and Paris; JI.K.C.P. Loud. 1883; Fellow Jled. Soc. 

1870 Winchester College. 265 

London ; l[ember Path. Soc. ;, Western General Hospital ; lato 
Casualty Physician, St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; contributor to St. Bartholo- 
mew's Hospital Reports 1S90. m 8 Jan., 1895, Fr.anccs, 2n(l d. of ('apt. 
Edmund Jlarmaduke Dayrell, K.N. AihJrcfs 5, Kosary Gardens, South 
Kensington, S.W. 

PtiicHARD, Richard BETiuiij, Allan (t), h. 3 May, 1857, s. of Rev. Richard 

Priclianl, B.l)., R. of NewboUl-on-Stour, and Elizabeth, his 

1st wife, <1. of George Pinchin, Esq., of Bath. 

Sch. New Coll. Oxon 187C-9, 3 CI. Mod. 1879 ; Stud. Inner T. 1880 ; Secretary 

and Manager of Warwicli Race Syndicate ; owner and runner of steeplechasers 

and other horses. IB at Leamington, 8 March, 1907. 

EousBV, Edwards Richard Kendall (G), h. 29 Jan., 1857, only s. of Edwards 
Rousby, Esq., Cottisford House, Brackley, Norlhants. 
Magd. Coll. Oxon 1875,'St. Alban's Hall B..\. 1880; Stud. Middle T. 187G. 

RoYDs, Robert Pendlesham (1), b. 31 Aug., 1856, s. of Rev. Charles Leopold 
Royds, V. of Aldenhau), Watford. 
Member of the Stock Exchange down to 1900. 

Sakders, Lloyd Charles (C), b. 3 June, 1857, e. s. of Rev. Lloyd Sanders, 

R. of Whimple, Exeter, and Emily, his wife, e. d. of Major 


Ch. Ch. Oxon 1876, Exhibnr. 1878-81, 2 CI. Mod. 1877, Stanhope Prize Essay 1880 

("The Possibility of a Stuart Restoration on the Death c.f .\nuo"), 1 Hist. 

B.A. 1880 ; Author and Journalist ; editor of " Celebrities i.f the i entury " 1SK7, 

" Statesmen Series " 1888 ; author of " Life of Lord Palniersl.iu " IXSK, 2nd ed. 

189."), "Lord Melbourne" 1889, "Life of Sheridjiu" 1S90, '• Selections from the 

Anti-Jacobin" 1904; has been connected with the Athencenm, the Nalioiial 

Obeemr, the Pall Mall fiazelte, and the litamtanl ; editor of the Gullook 

Jan. to Se])t., 1901. Aiklress 59-GO, Chancery Lane, AV.O. t'luh Athensum. 

.Savory, Arthur Ledsam (I), b. 13 June, 1856, .<!. of Charles Ilarley Savory, 

Esq., 1, Lancaster Gate, London, W., and Melita Mary, liis 

wife, 4t]i d. of John Lcdsiim, Esq., Military Knight, of 


In business; Director of "General Reversionary and Investment Co., Ltd." JH 

1880, Agnes Roeke, d. of William Stevens, Esq., H.E.I.C.S. Addrcas 31, 

Braniham Gardens, South Kensington, S.W. 

Sim, Alexander DnKCAN (D), b. 12 April, 1857, e. s. of W. Clulow Sim, Esq., 
Knowle, Clyst St. George, Exeter (bro. of Kelso Hamilton 
and Henry i''dward Clidow, below, pp. 3"20, 401). 

R.:M.r. Saiulbmst ls7i; ; S„l.-I,i,.Lit. T;..v:il iW-.u .';n. Militia lS7r., 2nd Lieut. 41st 

\:,--{. I'-rs, III, II [i::t,\ \\,j\. I-:-;; I, II. III. jiiil r,:itt, Ari;-vle and Sutherland 
llmlil:iiiiiii- l-sii, 1 :i|,t. |ss|; Ailjiii. M \-.|;. I irvnu Kegt. 188G-91. JH 
:; (lu., ir-s:;, .Sar^di h,,pliia, V. d. Ill .jn..,:|,h ( h.sinv Boltiui, Esq., of Carbrook, 
M.P. for Stirlingsliire. 28 JIarcb, 1S93. See Wyk. vi. (n. 289) 3.54. 

Snow, William Thomas Miinby (C), b. 9 June, 1857, e. s. of William Munby 

Snow, Et-q., Biimpfylde Lodge, Poltimore, Exeter (bro. of 

Reiiiiiald Maitland, below, p. 387). 

Exhibnr. Trin. Coll. Oxon 1870, 2 CI. iMod. 1877, 2 B.C.L. 1881, M.A. and B.C.L. 

1886; Solicitor 1883, practising at The (lose, Exeter; I'nder-Sheriff for 

Exeter ; Capt. 1st Devon Volunteer Artillerj-, Sept., 1887 ; Clerk to Tucker's 

Hall Charities. Address 10, College Avenue, Exeter. 

Solly, Hubert Le (Uy (I), b. 23 April, 1856, bro. of George Edward, above, 

p. 25 1, and Arthur Raymond and Reginald Vaughan, 

below, p. 376. 

A.M.I.C.E. 1881 ; to South Africa, for many years in the Cape Government Railway 

Service; now retired, ffl 1890, Juli.-i Frances, e. il. of Ednunid Knowles 

Muspratt, Esq., of Seaforth Hall, Liverpool. Addms Knor Hoek, Sir Lowry's 

Pass, Cape Colony. 

266 Winchester College. 1870 

SuQDEN, Hon. Walter James (I), b. 23 Ni.v., 1856, 3rd s. of tlie TTon." Henry 

Siii;don, Buyle P.irm, Thaaics Dittoa, aud Mariauuc, his 

wile, 2ud il. of Lieut.-Col. Cooks:>B, of Neasha'n Hall, 


Trinity Hall Camb. 1877; raised to the rank of a baron's son 1875. fH 17 April, 

1H80, the Liidv Elphinstone Agues Maude, ."ith d. of 1st Earl de iMontiilt. S 

1 Feb., 1898. " 

Tate, Leonard James Edward Giffoud (t), b. 26 Oct., 18.56, s. of Rlv. 
Prebendary Francis Tate, V. of Axminster, Devon. 
Left July, 1874; to Ceylon C.S. 1877; at Ceylon liar; retired 1884; went to 
Queensland, where he resided with a married sister. 13 there ilaroh, 1804. 

Tatlob, Geoffrey Masoie (I), b. 20 Sept., 1856, .«. of Captain Robert Mascie 
T.aylor, 25th liegt., Tyn Llwyn, Corwen. 
B 5 Oct., 1879. 
Terky, Horace Augdstus (I), b. 1!) Aug., 1850 (fith s.), brq. of Herbert 
Durell and Arthur Frederick, above, pp. 175, 180. 
Lieut. 3rd Royal Lanes. Militia 1875 ; Lieut. 43rd Keift. 187G ; Capt. 1st H:itt. Oxford 
Lii,'ht lufantry 1886 ; Adjut. ^A'est Middlese.x Uilies 1893, JIajor 1894 ; retired 

Thompson, Harry Langhorne (C), b. 6 Feb., 18.57, in London, e. s. of Ralph 

Wood Thompson, Ksq. (K.C.Ii. 1882), of the War Office, 

and of Little Woolpits, E*hurst, Guildford (bro. of Ral|ih 

Percy, below, p. 269). 

Army Pay Department 1874, (Jibraltar 1875, Cyprus 1878; Commissioner of Paphos 

1883; Chief Sec. to Oovernnicnt, Cvprns 1892; Administrator of !St. Vineeut 

1895-1900, Administrator of St. Lucia 1900-2; in Sept.. IX9S, St. Vineniit was 

(Ifvn<fnti-il bv .1 hiirni'^mt., re?iilts of which he •]i^ luiirh I,. :ill, ■^ in, ; i Wlj ;. 

IN97, K.('.^i.(;. I'.KKI. it! "<94, Elinor Flora 1•M.M^ ortli, ,-. ,1. .1 I.'^^mllI.I 

l!,.sw..ith Smith, ICsii., JI.A., of Harrow. E) of lir:iri ,li-,:i~,. al ( i^x , rinnrut 

House, St. Lufia, 'JK April, 1902. 

Thring, CuRisTOPiiKii Bevan (F), li. (i Feb., 1S57, 2ud p. of Tlicodore Thring, 
Esq., Alford House, Castle Cary, aud Julia Jane, his wife, 
4th d. of William Mills, Esq., of Saxham Hall, Suffolli 
(bro. of Arthur Theodore, Cyril Theodore, Laurence Theo- 
dore, and Donu'laa Thcoio-e,' below, pp. 201, .SOS, .".SS, 351 \ 
New Coll. Oxon 187t!, L' CI. :\l...l. 1878, 5 .lur. H.A. 1880; Solicitor issl. p^:l.•li^ini,' 
at 4, Queen's Srp, r.i.tli (Messrs. Adam, Tin-ins i' Sheldon). £H 1" S,.|it., 
1890, Leila, d. <.f William .li.hiiston, Em., of Cowhill Tower, Uninrriesshirc, 
N.B. .Uhlirss 28, Sion Hill, Jiath. 

TiNLiNE, James Madder (G), a. of George Tinline, Esq., 17, Princes Sq., 
Settled for a while'in Adelaide, South Australia; F.R.C.l. 1883. A.Ure.-s Cliff 
Dew, Teignmoiith. 

Treveltan, George Philip (f), b. 14 Sept., 1858, 3rd s. of Rev. William Pilt 

Trcvelyan, V. of Wolverton, Bucks., and Maria, liis wife, 

3rd d. of Hon. Philip Pleydell-Bouverie (bro. of Francis, 

below, p. 329). 

Trin. Coll. Camb. 1877, 2 CI. H.A. 1881, M.A. 1884 ; Cuddesdon Coll. 1881 ; JfJ.©., 

d 1882, p 1883, C. St. Andrew, Willesdon 1882-4, lUrtlev Green IS84-5, V. 

Wolverton 1885-97, St. Allmn, Aston, liirmiuijham 1897-1900. H. Carshalton 

1901-2, Lie. Proc. Dioc. Canterburv 1902-3, Cnnite-in-clmrsc Himlhcacl, Siirre\-, 

since 1905. Ifl 15 April, 18:iil. Monica Evelyn .luliet, d. of IJev. Sidney rhillips. 

Aihlrnif The I'arsi>nai;e, Hindhcad, Surrey. 

Tyackf, Ernest Phillips (F), b. 21 March, 1856, bro. of George .Vsldey, 

above, p. 235. 

Cadet Royal Irish Constabul.arv 1878. District Inspector 1879, County Inspector 

1899.'in charge of Royal Irish Constabulary, co. Monashan. fH 17 .Iiilv, 1900, 

Helena Marv Laura, "d. of Arthur Coates" Hudson. iCsip. of llallinap'irk, co. 

WitkloH. 'A.l.lnss Callinajjli. co. Jlonashan. 

1 870-1 Winchester College. 267 

ViDAL, Edwin Drake Sealy (f), b. 4 May, 1858, at Abbotsliam, f. of Eilwanl 

Urck Vidal, Esq., of Cornborougb, North Devon, and Emma 

Harriet, his wife, d. of Walpole Eyre, Esq., of Weybridge 

(bro. of George Studley Sealy, below, p. 315). 

St. C.-ith. Coll. Camb. 1S77, B.,\. 1K81 ; B.arr. Inner T. 1880; Farming. JJJ;r..s 

North Farm, Freniinj;ton, North Devon. 

Vincent, James Edmund (f), b. 17 Nov., 1857, e. s. of Rev. James Crawley 
Vincent, P.O. of St. Anne's, Llandegm. 
Junior Student Ch. Ch. 1870-81, 2 CI. Mo.l. I.s7s, :u\. U.A. 1880; Barr. Inner T. 
1884 ; Luif Timi's Keporter, Q.B.D. (I.;iiikriiiiti-.v) 1S84-9; Chancellor of Bangor 
Diocese since I8;J0; Special Cnrrespontlcnt c.t the T'lmca since 1886; sometime 
editor of tlie \,i/h„„il Ohnrf-r I s;i 1, .qnJ of Cunuln/ Life ; author of " A History 
of Footljall" (with M. ShcarTiiaii) |S84, "Teniincy iu Wales," and other works 
dealing with Welsh Land 18S7-IMI ; " Discontent of Working Classes" (an essay 
in "A Plea for Liberty"), "Memoir of H.U.H. the Duke of Ckrence and 
Avondale," " Welsh Land Question" 18%, " Jlemoirof .lohn Nixon, Esi|." liiUii, 
"Highways and Byw.ays in Berkshire" 1900. Jfl[ 12 Aug., 1881, Jlary 
Alexandra, d. oE Silas Kemball Cook, Esq., and sister of A. K. Cook, Esq., 
above, p. 188. Aililnss Lime Close, Drayton, .\bingdon, Berks. 

Wade, Ckcil Lowhy (G), s. of Richard B. Wade, E-iq., 13, Seymour St., 
Portman Sq., London, 
Sometime Member of Stock Exch.iuge (Messrs. J. A A. Scrvmgeour, 18, Old Broad 
St., E.C.); retired 1890; F.It.C.I. 1881. 

Walsh, Arthur George Digby (G), b. 12 Sept., 185C, e. s. of the Rev. the 

Hon. Digby Walsl), R. of Trowbridge, Wilt.s., and Fanny 

Matilda, his wife, d. of Henry Stroud, Esq. (bro. of Harry 

John Digby, below, p. 303). 

Ball. Coll. Oxon 1875, 3 CI. Mod. 1870, B.A. 1879 ; ||J.©., d 1880, p 1881, C. St. 

Bridget, Chester 1880-2, V. Carrington, Cheshire"l882-l!l01, C. Xewent 1902-5. 

Club Oxford and Cambridge. 

AVard, John Henry (G), b. C Nov., 1855, e. s. of John Robert Ward, Esq., 

of Hoogly, East Indies, and stepson of Edwin Russ, Esq., 

Wincliester (bro. of Henry Baynes, below, p. 278). 

Keble Coll. Oxon 1871, 3 Theol. B.A. 1877, M.A. 1881 ; It).®. (/ 1879, p 1880. C. 

St. Peter's, llorburv 1879-84, V. South Osset, Yorks.' 1884-92, V. St. Peter's, 

Earl's Heaton, Yor'ks. 1892-4. |3 22 Feb., 1894. 

White, Bernard (C), b. 17 Oct., 1856, e. s. of Rev. George Cosby White, V. 
of St. Barn.abas, Pinilico. 

Killed at Lerothodi, Basutoland, Sept., 1880. 


Allen, Alfred James AViiitacre (C), b. 7 Nov., 1857, e. s. of Major Whitacre 
Allen, (if Parkfiehl Liwn, Clicltenham. 
Lieut. 2nd Batt. :ird liegt. Is7i;. Zulu War 1879 (medal with clasp), Soudau Ex- 
pediti(m 1881-,-,, Nil,- (und.-il with clasp), ('apt. lui the Stiff, Egypt 1884-5, 
Capt. 1st Bait. lOast K.ul Kegt. 1885, Stall' College 1SS7. A.D.C.'to District 
Commander, H.-uuiil|i-90, .Stn. Staff (tflleer, 1st Class, Bengal 1890-2, 
D.A.Q.M.O. (Inlell.) liengal l,892-,5. Major Is;i5, N.W. Frontier Campaign 
1897 with Terah F.xpi'ditionarv Force, D.A.A. au.l Q.JL(;. (despatches, medal 
and t>vo clasps), Stn. Staff Officer, 1st Class, India 1898-9, D.A.A.G. India 
1899-1900, A. A.G. ludia 1900-3, Lieut.-Col. 1901, Brevet-Col. 1904; Com- 
mandant Dcolali Depot since 1903. ffl 1889, Sliiry Emily, e. d. of Major-Gen. 
Sir ,Tohn Hudson, K.C.B., Bengal Stjiff Corps, Quetta. 

Baker, Walter .\noi,i'HiTs (I), b. 27 April, 1857, s. of John Baker, Esq., of 13, 
Russell Sq., London, W.{'., and Crawley, Sussex (bro. of 
Frederick, below, p. 282). 

268 Winchester College. 187 i 

BiNNEY, William Hibdert (E), b. 21 Jan., 1857, c. Rt. Rev. Hililiert Binney, 

D.U., Bisliop of Nova Scotia, 70, HoUis St., Halifax, Nova 

Scotia, and Mary, his wife, d. of the Hon. William Blowers 

Bliss, one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Nova 

Scotia (l)ro. of John Edward Hibbert, below, p. ;i31). 

New Coll. Oxon Is;.-,, 2 Hist. li. A. ISTH, MX), l.'^s-i, bonds Oler-v Sohool IJSSO-l ; 

li).€>., 'I l>i>'l, /' ■■'<«-. ''• 'rMr|iiiilcy[-i;, C.mmissarv I.. r.isli..|i ..f Nova 

Scotia lss.-,-7, \'. N..rtlnvi,-li sin.f issi;. K.D. Mi.iai.wi.i; sin,-.- Isss, l>roctor 

in (' cf t'liest.i-r VMO ; otter.-. 1 but .l.'clined the 

Bishopric of New Westminster, Oct., 1894. J./i/ce.-s Vicarage, Xorthwicb. 

BuRROWBs, Thomas Cosby (B), b. 22 Oct., 1856, only s. of James Edward 

Burrowes, Esq., of Lismore, Torquay, and Mary Anne, his 

wife, d. of John Nesbitt, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Li-imore 

House, CO. 

Trin. Coll. Oxon 1S7.'> [University YIII. 1879] ; J.P. co. Cavan, High Sheriff 

1888. ffH 15 April, 188.'>, Hon. Anna Frances llaswell, sister of Somerset, 

10th Lord Farnhaui. Aihl ress Lismore Hiiiise, Crossdoney, co. Cavnn. 

Craigie, Charles Edward (E), b. 21 July, 18.56, s. of A.lmiral Robert Craigic, 
West Clift', Dawlish, Devon. 
Charsley Hall, Oxon 187.5, I!.A. 1880, Keble Coll. M.A. 188.-,, AVcUs Theol. Coll. 
1880; II).©., d 1881, /) 188;i, C. Wonlston, Hants 1881-3, St. George, 
Edgbaston 1883-8, R.D. Weobley Div. iii. 1892-8, V. Kington with Hunt- 
ington, Herefordshire, since 1888, I'reb. of Norton in Hereford Cathedral since 
1904. fH 1888, Margaret .lane, d. of .Tohn Dent Goo.hnan, l".s.|., of IMgbaston. 
Aihlress Vicarage, Kington, Herefordshire. 

GooDDEN, Arthur Abinoton (H), b. 5 Juno, 1857, y. s. of John (ioodden, Esq., 

J.P. and D.L., of Compton House, near Sherborne, and 

Ann, his wife, d. of llev. Robert Phelips. 

Sub-Lieut. Royal South Gloucester Militia 187.5, 2nd Lieut. 2nd Batt. 20th Regt. 

Lancishire Fusiliers 1877, Lieut. 1879; retired 1882; fruit-farming in 

California since 1891. lH Ifi Aug., 1884, Charlotte Amelia Marguerite, d. of 

Frederic Boughton Newton Dickenson, Esq., Syston Court, Gloucs. AilJiess 

Interlaken, San Diego, (.'aliforuia. 

Haggard, Frederick Charles Debonaire (D\ b. 4 Oct., 1857, .=. of P. J. 

Haggard, Esq., Buridiam House, Elthani Pi.l., fjcc, S.E. 

Left July, 1875; Member of the Sto.k 1:no1kiiii;o (r..nii,Tlv parliuT Messrs. 

Haggard, Hale & Pixley, 20, Austin I'liars, E.i'.). Itl ^'^'■"', Christine 

Aufjusta Grace Mary, 2nd d. of 'I'liomiis Kairbank, Esi|., .M.D., of Windsor. 

Address c/o Messrs. Roger iSIortimer >$r Co., 5, Lothbury, E.C. 

Jacomb, Edgar Claude (G), b. 27 Nov., 1856, s. of Charles Jacomb, Esq., 
Springfield, Upper Clapton, N.K. 
Left Christmas, 1873. 0. 

Joyce, Arthur Gerald (11), b. 26 Aug., 1856, e. s. of Rev. James Gerald 

Joyce, R. of Strathfieldsaye, Winchfield. 

Ch. Ch. Oxon 1874, 4 Hist. B.A. 1878; It)-®-, '' 1^79, ;> 1881, C. St. Maurice, 

Winton 1879-8.'!, Basing 1883-4, Strathfieldsaye 1884-7, K. Winnall, Winchester, 

since 1887, and S.P.C.K. Chapl. to Emigrants at S.iiitham|.ton since 1890.