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volume 72 


Pullman, Wa^tn^tun 


Birth Certifica 

(Sfyia Certifies tfyat PeiAe-i-er Oa.Ynie. 

M/ad horn in JHftiuni&l Inapilal, ittr. nf Pullman, 

at _ / 0 /r> r>i „„ tL _£^- 2^W- C jc^nj^uci 

In Vitaliis Viprrnf tk» satd JJospitd 

to he signed hg its duty authorized offu 
to he hereunto affixed. 


JJayil*/ Yjo. SV9¥C> 


FORM H-152 - P. It.C#.,KRWYN,ILLINtlt 




J. 2. 19-2/- 

caused this (Certificate 
d its (Corporate *Seat 


- - - 

Introduction iv 

Student Life 

campus life I 

arts and speakers 25 

royalty 49 

Sports 77 

Colleges 149 

communications I7S 



















Table of Contents iii 

Burgerville, I love you. 

My tongue is hanging to my knees. 

Your graveyards are my lovenests. 

I see sweet bones hungering 
beneath rusty marble people in Road Runners. 

iv The University 

The University v 

vi The University 

Your carrion-violets of spring excite me no end. 

The University vii 

My skin wrinkles past unsuspecting 
empty police cars, 
cops gone to buy a fifth, 
antennas up in the air, 

with tips of toes on pavement, 
to cruise so cool... 

viii The University 

x The University 

Burgerville, I am going to murder you. 

I am going to take your early morning scarf 

of heating winter smoke clouds out 

and I’m going to wrap it around your blistering neck. 

There are people .... 

xii The University 

Burgerville, I was born in your cemetery. 

Crawling up your sidewalks, 

I saw the Hill: a thousand tiny diamonds suspended 
in sea-green gelatin quivered at my approach. 

The University xv 

I put my hand out to you 

and you melted and turned to sand 

and ran through my fingers. 


XX The University 


Leaves me shaking, 

as I crawl towards your tower. 

Bryan, I love you. 

Flag at half-mast. 

Daytime now, 
your red light gone out. 

The University xxi 

The library, 

your woman with her statue, 
archives full of movies, 
and so many pages. 

The University xxiii 

Kiss me with your knowledge 
I must get a hamburger. 

—Kathy Lynch and Paul Arntson 

xxiv The University 

Student Life 


our lives are 
we face the 

many experiences 
of our lives 

together. . .as 
we pass through 
this time in 
our existence, 
our thoughts 
are often of 
now. . .and it 
isn't until Now 
becomes a 
memory that we 
realize that 
this part of 
our lives was 
only a stepping 

*t>y. /Ny \ 

/Ay ^ 

\v/1 A\y 

\ \a / Aw 

/ >VP^ AY . 



Student Life 

Today is the first day of the rest of your life ... 

Student Life 3 

The Racism Workshop was an attempt to communicate 

On October 7 and 8, an event took place unique to WSU—an attempt to come to understand racism as a major 
problem of today by means of peaceful workshop. Films, panels, and open discussions created a chance to test our 
college intellect. 

. . . Humanity is outraged in me and with me . . . George Sand 

4 Student Life 


Student Life 5 

What is Ralph "the Bod” Burrelle Anyway? 

A first for the Cougs—a male Homecoming Queen candidate— was sponsored this year. Other new experiences were the football 
game, dance, and carnival held in Spokane instead of at home. One tradition that withstood the revamping was the Homecoming 
concert with a sell-out for singer Neil Diamond and comedian Sandy Baron. 

6 Homecoming 

Homecoming 7 

I know no safe depository of the ultimate 

8 Student Life 

powers of society but the people themselves 

Student Life 9 

The Spice Of Campus Living 

Woman's place in present society is progressively undergoing 
change. No longer is she regarded by society as a lesser human being, 
but rather as an individual with an unique and distinctive character. 
Today is certainly the first day of the rest of her life. 

Student Life 11 

M m m 

m TO MW 



\,Vor^ ev - 




Student Life 

Concern is the major step to becoming an involved 
individual. Although total commitment is not mandatory 
to demonstrate this concern, it is required if change and 
betterment of a situation is to be achieved. 

Student Life 13 


Now is the Moment 

14 Student Life 

16 Student Life 

Student Life 17 

Spring Events 
Cause Apprehension 

The second Racism workshop and the lettuce boycott occurred early 
in the spring. These two events caused apprehension. Questions were 
raised concerning possible uprising and student dissatisfaction on the 
WSU campus. 

18 Student Life 

Springtime Comes to the Palouse 

20 Student Life 

Student Life 21 

Hooray, Hooray for the 8th of May! 

Student Life 23 

Washington State holds 75th Commencement Ceremony 

Twila Dawn Marsh of Spokane 
became the 50,000th graduate of 
Washington State University during 
commencement exercises this year. 
Miss Marsh was among 1,955 
candidates for bachelor's degrees, 147 
for master’s and 50 for doctorates 
during WSU's 75th commencement 
ceremony. The 50,000th graduates’ 
selection was determined by 
information fed into a computer. 

WSU opened on January 13, 1892, in a 
one-story, $1,500 brick building, with 
29 students and five faculty members. 
The university now has more than 100 
major buildings and 200 smaller 
structures. Washington State also has 
eight colleges and a graduate school, 
and had 14,510 students enrolled last 

Caps and gowns, which have grown 
into a graduation tradition, were not 
mandatory for graduating seniors going 
through the hot and sunny ceremony. 
This year, some participating graduates 
elected not to wear the regalia and 
instead donated the rental fee to a 
charity of their choice. 

24 Graduation 

26 Arts and Speakers 


Speakers Offer Information and Solutions 

Opposite Page: The Last Poets, revolutionary black poetry group, verbalized many of today’s problems and social conditions through their works. Below Left: 
Dolores Huerta traveled around the nation speaking on farm worker disputes as a main negotiator for the UFVVOC. Below Right: Floyd McKissick, lawyer, civil 
rights leader, and former director of CORE, was a keynote speaker at the Spring Racism Workshop. 

Arts and Speakers 27 

Top left: Jose Angel Gutierrez speaking at the spring 
racism workshop stressed his La Raza Unida party as a 
possible solution for Chicanos’ polticial problems. 

Center opposite page: The fisheries conflict that has occurred 
during the process of transferring federal jurisdiction to the 
state jurisdiction on Indian reservations was the topic of the 
March 1 1th panel discussion by the Native American Student 

Center bottom opposite page: Harry Edwards, author and 
political activist, attacked myths of black physical superiority 
as racist, in the first session of the Racism Workshop. 

Bottom left: The “Pow Wow’' was sponsored by N.A.I.S.A. 
at the second Racism Workshop. 

Guest Speakers Discuss Racism 

28 Arts and Speakers 


4 *"«»* 1 * 

Arts and Speakers 29 

4 ^ 

The defendant consults with his attorney about his decision to take the stand. 

"The Andersonville Trial” deals with contemporary 

Wirz testifies in his own behalf. 

30 Andersonville Trial 

The President of the Court demands order. 

problems in a century-old setting 

Frustrated. Chipman attempts to reason with Baker. 

Judge Advocate Chipman contemplates his follow-up attack. 

Andersonville Trial 31 

Scrooge is the lead character in “Christmas Package” "Land of the Dragon" was the springtime presentation of the children’s theater. 

32 Children's Theater 

The choral scene from “Christmas Package" 

"Christmas Package” and 
"Land of the Dragon” 
provide entertainment for 
Pullman children 

Tartuffe is an eighteenth century scandal 

Tartuffe discovers the truth about Orgon and Elmire. 

Theater 33 

Tom Paine 

The World is a 
Pretty Freaky Place 

34 Theater 

"Lovers” Proves Entertaining 

The "older lovers" discover the difficulties of a middle-aged romance 

Theater 35 

"Cuckoo’s Nest” Sold Out 
Before Opening Night 



i|mb . 

ir * 


y ^ Ml- . 

o' * h, 

A- * 



\ ^ — fcrr i ^ 

• / . 

Above: McMurphy emphasizes a point at the group meeting. Below: The patients Above: The coach explains to Ellis that as the basketball hoop he must 

gather to watch the World Series. Bottom: Randall McMurphy organizes the card remain stationary. Below: Shy Billy Bibbit kisses Sandy as the other 

games on Ward 5. patients look on. 

Intrigue describes "The Queen and the Rebels” 

Above Left: Passengers await the return of the train. Above 
Right: The commandant questions Argia. Below Left: Argia 
comforts the small boy who Commandant Amos claims is her son. 
Below Right: The commandant refuses to believe Argia when she 
says the boy is not hers. 

Theater 37 

38 Theater 

"Earnest” Portrays 
Oscar Wilde’s Wit 

Opposite Page: Algernon (Alias Earnest) and Cecily discuss their 
romance. Above: Lady Bracknell and Miss Prism search through the 
valise. Below: Algernon asks Cecily to marry him. 

Theater 39 

Neil Diamond, 
Sandy Baron ... 
Homecoming 1970 

Dance and Concert Bands Provide Entertainment 

42 Arts and Speakers 

Throughout Year 

Arts and Speakers 43 

May I and 2 - Parent’s Weekend 

Parents' Weekend provided an 
opportunity for the relatives of WSU 
students to see the campus and involve 
themselves in some of the university 
activities. A variety of diverse events was 
scheduled; two plays, “One Flew Over the 
Cuckoo's Nest" and “The Importance of 
Being Earnest," the track meet against 
University of Oregon, the annual Phi Delta 
Theta Turtle Race, David Frye show, plus 
many other traditions. 

44 Parents' Weekend 

Parents' Weekend 45 

46 Murray Louis Dance Company 

Avant-Garde Director 
Brings Troup to WSU 

Avant-garde director Murray Louis hacked his 
dancers with projection images and evocative 
electronic musical scores. Every type of prop and 
music led this New York modern dance group 
through creative and fanciful movements. The 
dancers performed at WSU on February 12 in a 
dance concert. 

Murray Louis Dance Company 47 

8th of May Concert on the Mall 

48 Campus Life 

Ralph Burrelle 

Homecoming Queen Candidate 


50 Royalty 




51 Royalty 

Phi Zau Pledge Princess 

fill fit sen 

Pi Seta Phi 

52 Royalty 

Intercollegiate Knights 'Duchess 

Melanie fanes 
0mma Phi Seta 

Royalty 53 

Homecoming Court 

ganet Hopkins 
gean Kobe risen 
Kobyu Simpson 
gudy Kowe 
Kathy McDonald 
Kathy Hadley 
Susie Quackenbush 

54 Royalty 

Finalists:Franceen Harkins, Gail Sarchct, Kathy Fox, Shelley Smith, Suzi Powers. 

Royalty 55 

May Queen 

Qlentta Zreat 

Alpha 0micron Pi 

May Queen Finalists. Left to Right: Margo Minnick, Glenna Treat, Marcia Garrett, Kathy Hadley and Louanna Lynch. 

56 Royalty 

tittle Orton Andy and tittle Orton Male 

'Dyke Dickie 


Debbie M (Cough tin 


Duchess of Windsor 

Sydney Smith 


58 Royalty 

Sigma Chi Sweetheart 

Cindy Mash 

kappa kappa (gamma 

Royalty 59 

Neill Mall King and Queen 

Carry Mar ton Sue Stockton 
Mlt Mall MU Mali 

60 Royalty 

Cambda Chi Crescent Qirl 

Cinda yearout 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Royalty 61 

Zketa Chi "Dream Qirl 

ftetk Olrogg 
Pi Beta Phi 

62 Royalty 

Sig £p Queen of Hearts 

Patty Waif 

Alpha Cki Omega 

Royalty 63 

Pi Kap 'Dream Qirl 

Kathy $o Wise 

Kappa Alpha Zheta 

64 Royalty 

Delta Zau Delta Sally Sunshine 

Cinda Martlet/ 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Royalty 65 

Delta Sig Dream Qirl 

ftarb Zoevs 

Gant m a Phi Beta 

66 Royalty 

darner’s Daughter 

Pam Roberts 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Royalty 67 

Coman Casanova 

Mike Conklin 

Zheta Ch i 

68 Royalty 

Handsome Harry and Sweet Sue 

Bob Shelby Maryyi Jennessy 

'Delta UpsiloH Orton 

Royalty 69 

Sigma Jota funnies 

Above: Sigma Iota Bunnies. Row One: Sheri Eckhart, Chris Ahrens, Linda Drechsel, Gail Gocdde, Gail Scpilla. 
Below: Sigma Iota Bunnies. Row One: Lori Lane, Norma Jean LaChine, Liz Allen, Kay Lattin, Nancy Bruce. 

70 Sigma Iota Bunnies 

Independent Man and Woman 

Scott Dunham Patty Schneider 

Stimson Stephenson Worth 

Independent Man and Woman 71 

Chi “Delphia Cil’ Sisters 

Above: Chi Delphia LiP Sisters. Sue Bertoglio, Diane Helmer; center, Christy Oberg; Laurie Jones, Jean McCormick, Nancy Gorshe, Cindy Horsley. Not 
Pictured: Linda Powell, Lynda Murray, Nancy Kile, Donna Johnson. 

72 Chi Delphia 

•• • 

tAZO or Sisters of the Maltese 

Above: ATO LiF Sisters of the Maltese. Row One: Kathy Rodda, Penny Pfeffer, Jacque Bowman, Linda Hain, Karen Rodda, Mary Ann Lucas. Row 
Two: Mary Gallagher, Jane Crowell, Pam Pewe, Pam Lee, Meg Seabury, Carol Dawson, Terri Hendrick, Shelley Smith. Row Three: Laurie Hoover, Mary 
Kehne, Carol Johnson, Janni Lasater, Cyndie Schuh, Janie Frazier, Denise Sartz, Beckie Stewart, Connie Lamb. 

ATO Lil’ Sisters 73 

SJS JCil’ Sisters of Minerva 

Above: SAE Lil* Sisters of Minerva. Row One: Mary Ann Hanson, Suzi Powers, Linda Higgins, Susie Brandenburg, Row Two: Janice Gunning, Julie 
Shutt, Nancy Brown, Debbie Smawley, Susie Long, Jan Almos. Row Three: Ginny Burger, Pam Westland, Sandy Moore, Connie Taylor, Yvonne Gourlie, 
Mamie Laats, Stephanie Fredette. Row Four: Joyce Korus, Peg Sweeney, Sheri Thomasian, Claudia Parker, Connie Kincaid, Debbie Jungquist, Lynne 
Katyryniuk, Margaret Surplus. 

74 SAE Lil’ Sisters 

Sigma Chi Cittle Sisters 

Above: Sigma Chi Little Sisters. Row One: Cindy Hash. Row Two: Shannon Stenberg, Jennifer Manley, Dana Robb, Cathy Morehead, Margie Thacker, 
Ellen Pearson. Row Three: Kim Cox, Connie Swenson, Debbie Trigg, Jan Smart, Kathie Hurson, Janet Thompson, Linda Whitcomb. Not Pictured: Blythe 
Davis, Debbie Sample. 

Sigma Chi Little Sisters 75 

ZKS Cittle Sisters 

Above: TKE Little Sisters. Row One: Nancy Roth, Jan Korus, Melanie Low, Sue Byquist, Pat Shannon. Row Two: Joan Scott, Carol Diefendorf, Cindy 
Mann, Kay Coulter, Merilee Jordan, Linda Drechsel. Row Three: Linda Mayberry, Joanne Neben, Mary Morris, Debbie Evers, Becky Moore. 

76 TKE Little Sisters 


within each of 
us there is a 
spirit that 
seeks to find 
its way out of 
the depths of 
the soul.. .we 
strive with mind 
and body to 
achieve and 
satisfy that 
driving spirit... 
and, although we 
can’t always 
accomplish this as 
we would like, 
we keep trying 
because there's 
always tomorrow 
and what new 
triumph it 
could bring. ... 

Athletic Council 

The Washington State Athletic Council serves as an 
advisory group to Athletic Director Stan Bates and to 
University President Glenn Terrell. It is composed of 
nine members, including faculty, student, and alumni 
representatives. On the recommendations of the group 
the new multi-purpose collesium was realized and bids 
for construction were awarded. The Council was also 
instrumental in the selection of a new Athletic Director. 
Special emphasis during 70-71 was placed on trying to 
have burned-out Rogers field revamped after the disaster 
of last year. Washington’s legislature has not 
appropriated the funds, as yet, but the Athletic Council 
is diligently working toward an early reconstruction 
which will lead to Cougar football returning to Pullman. 

Above: Stan Bates, Athletic Director. Below: Athletic Council. Row One: Jack Smetana, Stan Bates, Edward Bennett, Steve Akcock, Scott Witt, Pat 
Patterson. Row Two: Dale Anderson, Rip Hollingbery, Norm Lowery. Not Pictured: Barry Jones. 

Sports 77 



Don Sweet 



Chuck Hawthorne 


Mike Mickas 



Armenious Patterson 


Jack Wigmore 



Mike Monahan 


Ty Paine 



Paul Dillon 


Gary Bergan 



Steve Kerby 


Lionel Thomas 



Ron Mims 


Bernard Jackson 



Herbert Alexander 


Gary Kline 



Tyrone Daisy 


Fred Phillips 



Monte Tweten 


Ken Lyday 



Steve Hamilton 


Bob Ewen 



Bob Leslie 


Bob Bailey 



Randy Pickering 


Jim Walker 



Nile DeCuire 


Tony Lomax 



Glenn Cotton 


Ed Armstrong 



Tim Thompson 


Jim Oggs 



Bill Carter 


Brock Aynsley 



Jerry Burk halter 


Don Transeth 



Dave Carlson 


Jim Balich 



Rod Mumma 


Bill Sanford 



Randy Johnson 


John Hook 



Martin Ancellotti 


Mike Hill 



Crosby Anderson 


Mike Lynch 



Joe Richer 


Craig Jackson 



Pat Messinger 


Gary Kasprzak 



Dana Dogterom 


Bill Moos 



Marc Pence 


Jim Gulledge 



Dennis Forston 


Barre Lando 



Terry Durst 


Steve Busch 



Brian Lange 


Jim Giesa 



Mark Painter 


Greg Craighead 



John Straka 


Mike Johnson 



Pete Lazzarini 


Wallace Williams 



Mike Schmidlen 


Buzz Brazeau 



Dennis Mitchell 


Mike Talbot 



Tom Caraher 


Bob Engel 



Ervin Newson 


Charlie Harris 


Hugh Klopfenstein 


Jim Forrest 


Mark Bigger 


78 Football 


WSU Begins Season 
With 26 Lettermen 

Opposite Page Above: Ken Lyday breaks open for long yardage. Opposite 
Page Below: Coach Sweeney gives the boys the word before home opener 
against Idaho. LEFT: Lionel Thomas makes a sure tackle on an Idaho runner. 

Football 79 

80 Football 

"Courage, Cause, and Confidence ” 

WSU Invades the Big Eight but comes 
home loser 48-31 

Bernard Jackson provided the offensive spark, 
averaging over nine yards per carry and scoring three 
touchdowns. However, the Coug defense could not 
seem to contain the Kansas Jayhawks as they nailed 
down a victory with two touchdowns in the final 

WSU, Only PAC-8 Team to play on 
Astroturf since its initial use, opens season 
at home in Spokane’s Astropit. 

Trailing 16-6 at half time, Jack Wigmore came 
off the bench to fire up the Cougs in a 44-16 victory 
over Palouse rivals—Idaho. The second half was 
highlighted by a 63 yard punt return by Cougar 
linebacker Lionel Thomas fopa WSU touchdown. 

WSU visits Big Ten and Duffy 
Daugherty’s Michigan State Spartans 

Rain and wind hampered the Cougar offense that 
saw Ty Paine throw four interceptions. Michigan 
State seemed more at ease under the*conditions and 
made use of the loser’s mistakes in defeating the 
Cougs 28-14. 

“Giant Killers”, Oregon, next opponent for 

Nothing really seemed to work for the Cougars 
against the U of O. Although the Cougs seemed to 
have a potent offense, they just could not put the 
ball over the goal line even with as many chances as 
they had. The Cougars returned to Pullman with 
their first conference loss 28-13. 

Football 81 

82 Football 

Cougar Fans See Total of 103 Points 
Recorded on Scoreboard in USC Game 


Above: Cougar Coaching Staff. Row One: Walt Cubley, Pinky Erickson, Jim Shanley, Sam Jankovich. Row Two: Bob Simpson, Jim Sweeney, 
Jim Erkenbeck. Roosevelt Ellerbe, Jr. 

14th ranked Arizona State proves to be 
somewhat overrated 

The Cougs played an explosive game down in the 
warmth of the Arizona desert but just did not have 
enough fire to win. The defense picked off 
interceptions and recovered fumbles, but ASU also 
picked off four of Ty Paine’s aerials as the Cougars 
came up short 37-30. 

Golden Bears prove why they were ranked 
in the nation’s top twenty 

The Cougars held the California Bears scoreless 
for the first minutes of the game, but it was not 
enough. The Golden Bears rolled up 43 points while 
the Cougars could not seem to penetrate the end 
zone not even once, despite several opportunities. 

Football 83 

OSU’s Offense Proues Too Much For WSU's "Mild Bunch” 

Cougar fan Terry Smith tackles 
Stanford back Eric Cross trying to 
avert another Indian touchdown but 
even his efforts fail 

Heisman Trophy winner Jim Plunkett 
proved why he was to deserve the honor, leading 
Stanford to a 63-16 scalping of the Cougars. A 
96-yard touch-down toss by Plunkett broke the 
all-time NCAA record for total offense in three 
seasons of play. These were the only things that 
fans in Spokane had to cheer about except for a 
rather spirited fan's attempt at a possible game 
saving tackle. 

Always powerful UCLA shows that 
even in an off season the Uclans still 
have their stuff 

The UCLA Bruins ended a streak of close 
games with a 54-9 victory over the Cougars. 
The defense did not seem to be able to handle 
the Bruin offense, while the Coug offense was 
being stopped by a fired up team. The Cougars 
were able to score one touchdown and Don 
Sweet, WSU's record breaking kicker, managed 
one field goal in the first half. 

Traditional rivals score what seems to 
be traditional win over Cougars 

The Huskies and the Cougars met once again 
to decide who would take home the Apple Cup. 
Washington won the trophy for the second 
consecutive year as the Seattlites had little 
trouble in defeating the Cougs 43-25. 

84 Football 

Football 85 

Above: Yell S^uad* Row One: Tim Robbins, Brad Loan, Tony Elliott. Row Two: Cheryl Dyer, Susan 
Quackenbush, Heidi Keller. Row Three: Jim Boldt, Harv Stowell, John Winskill. Row Four: Jacque Bowman, 
Barb Schroeder, Molly Ennis. 

86 Yell Squad 

Yell Squad 87 

Frnsh FnntKall £Q 

Soulin’ Coubabes add to 
spirit at athletic events 

Soulin* Coubabe Members: Ragena Bell, Ilona Coleman. Magnolia Farmer. Cynthia Johnson, Beth Massey. Bernice Upton, 
Arlana Williams. 

90 Soulin’ Coubabes 

Below: Cougarettes. Row One: Bev Beckwith, Janice Gunning, Doreen 
Pirie, Debbie Skorheim, Nancy Winegar, Carol Johnson, Linda Drechsel, Kathy 
Phelan? talJiy* Rodda, Suann Hinton, Veda Shanks, Mamie Lantz, Heidi 
Howard. Row Two: Shari Thompson, Carrie Arteel, Claudia Chartier, Karen 
Rodda, Karen Wright, Betsy Husorn, President; Ann Mertz, Laurel Walcnta, 
Colleen Mclntire. Debbie Schoch, Captain; Yvonne Gourlie, Kathy Pynor. Not 
Pictured: Mrs. Jankovich, Advisor; Robin Bjorklund, Gail Sarchet, Linda 

i . / l . J . J / / / i U t I J I i 1/ 1 / .//.////,// 

1 axJtL 



Cougarettes liuen half-time entertainment 

Cougarettes 91 

Cross Country Led 
By Two All-Americans 

Coach Jack Mooberry’s and John Chaplin’s 1970 Cross 
Country team highlighted a fairly good year with the 
emergence of two All-Americans. Mark Hiefield and Don 
Smith received their honors by placing 17th and 13th in the 
national Cross Country meet. These two runners were 2 of 5 
who participated from the PAC-8 Conference. 

Led by Hiefield and Smith, WSU scored a win over 
California in their only dual meet, 21-34. The Cougars also 
scored first in two invitational meets while placing second to 
Oregon in the Northern Division and PAC-8 Conference 

Opposite Page: Cross Country Team: Dan Smith, Mark Hiefield, 
Graham Hutchinson, Wayne Ristau, Richard Gazal, Jerry Morton, Tom 
Robinson, Dean Clark. 

Cross Country 93 

Wrestling 95 

Wrestling Team Members 

David Anderson 
Ruben Baca 
Paul Bartlett 
Bob Brewer 
Mike Burns 
Bob Carlile 
Ron Crisman 
Paul Danelo 
Del Guenther 
Chris Herron 
Sam Hieronymus 
Roy Johnson 
David Jones 
Ralph Kunkel 
Charlie Lemcke 
Carnie McArthur 
Dean Nakagawa 
Phil Palady 
Kaare Papenfuse 
Ed Quintasket 
Joe Ridlington 
Jim Rohr 
Stan Smith 

Wrestlers Place 
5th in PA C-8 

WSU captured 5th place in the 
PAC-8 Wrestling Championships 
held in March in Bohler Gym. 
This was the culmination of a not- 
too-successful season for the 
Cougs, under Coach Les Hogan. 
The Cougar Squad was 4-8 in dual 
matches during the season. In the 
PAC-8 tournament four men 
qualified for nationals. Ron 
Crisman qualified in the 126 
division, and Bo Carlile in the 177 
weight division. However, none of 
the quartet were able to place at 
the National Tournament in 
Auburn, Alabama. 

96 Wrestling 

Above: Gymnastic Team. Coach Rea Anders, Mike Herscher, Dan Holtman, Ken Hovermale, Steve Griffin, Kevin Nelson, Brad Loan, Neil Hansen, Dan 
Hunter, Jim Holt, Terry Hill, Todd Chisum, Paul Mengedoht, Dwight Mowry. 

WSU’s gymnastic team increased its record from * 69 - 70 of five wins and five losses to a record of six wins and two losses for the 
’70-’71 season. The gymnasts improved their average meet score by 20,10 points over the previous year. In the PAC-8 Regionals, 
WSU upset Stanford and was able to escape the cellar position. Dan Holtman represented WSU in the finals by being the first 
WSU gymnast to place in the Regionals. 

WSU's gym squad was comprised of 80 percent freshmen and should have good prospects for the upcoming season. Bob Peavy, ’69- 
’70 coach, is to return for the ’71 -’72 season after being on sabbatical leave. 

Gymnasts Break Single Meet Record 

Gymnasts set best mark ever against Oregon 

98 Gymnastics 


Gymnastics 99 

Cougar Basketball Team Ends Season 12-14 

100 Basketball 

Basketball 101 

Cougs Take Third in For West Classic 

102 Basketball 

Jim Meredith leads Cougar 
scorers 10 ith 18.0 average 

What seemed to begin as a fine season for the WSU round bailers, by the 
middle of March looked somewhat like a disaster. The Cougs finished the 
season with a 12-win 14-loss mark after winning nine of their first eleven 
non-conference games. This was the first time since 1965 that WSU had a 
record of less .500 then the cagers were 9-1 7. The Cougs ended up tied for 
the cellar in the Pacific Eight Conference with the Stanford Indians with a 
2-12 mark. 

The Cougars' only wins in the Conference were against Stanford once and 
the Washington Huskies, both at home. They nearly upset the number one 
ranked UCLA Bruins but were only close, losing 57-53. The ’70-'71 
season was also highlighted by a game being called with 13 seconds left on 
the clock after Cougar fans repeatedly threw debris on the court. The 
crowd was given a technical foul, but still the debris poured onto the floor. 
The result was inconsequential, in that the USC Trojans took home a 75- 
64 victory by playing only 39 minutes and 47 seconds. 

Dennis Hogg became the seventh leading scorer in WSU history by scoring 
over 1,000 points in three seasons. Jim Meredith came up short of joining 
the thousand-point club with a total of 989 points. Meredith was selected 
by his teammates as captain of the ’70-’7 1 squad and also was an honorable 
mention selection to the all-Pacific-8 team. He also led the Cougs with an 
18.0 average, grabbed the most rebounds, and had the highest field goal 
percentage of 52.8. Meredith and Hogg tied for the most points scored in 
one game, with 28 each. 

Above: Basketball Team. Row One: Mike Secor, Mike Gomez, Jim Smiley, Coach Marv Harshman, Dennis Hogg, Jim Meredith, Bobby Waits, Coach Jud 
Heath cote. Row Two: Steve Mcrklcy, Don Paul, Steve Bebbe, Jim Nielsen, Mike Dolven, Guv Huestis, Rick Rawlings, Phil Wash, Dan Steward. 

Basketball 105 

Dennis Hogg Joins Thousand Point Club 

106 Basketball 

Basketball 107 




WSU Opponent 








Michigan State 






Arizona State 















Oregon State 





Eighth in PAC-8 
Conference 0-7 

Season 1-10 



WSU Opponent 








Oregon State 





Season 3-1 




















Boise State 



San Jose 



Nevada - Reno 





















Oregon State 
























Oregon State 








Seventh in PAC-8 

Conference 2-12 

Season 12-14 



WSU Opponent 





Wenatchee Valley 






Spokane Falls 






Spokane Falls 



Columbia Basin 






Yakima Valley 



North Idaho 



North Idaho 



Big Bend 









Big Bend 






Columbia Basin 



Yakima Valley 



Wenatchee Valley 



Oregon State 








Season 20-2 



(Low Score Wins) 

WSU 24, Idaho 82, EWSC 
83, WSU Jayvees 90, 
Whitworth 97, Whitman 

WSU 19, Montana 43, Idaho 
78, Whitworth 83, Gonzaga 
124. WSU 21, California 34. 
Northern Division, Oregon 
38, WSU 43, OSU 56, 
Washington 85. PAC-8. 
Oregon 45, WSU 58, 
Stanford 66, OSU 79, 
Washington 120, UCLA 
138, USC 154, California 
207 Second in ND & PAC-8. 

110 Scoreboard 


WSU Opponent 


Oregon State 






Oklahoma State 






Portland State 









Athletes in Action 



Eastern Oregon 






Oregon State 



Seattle Pacific 


Fifth in PAC-8 

Conference 3-3 

Season 7-7 


(High Score Wins) 

WSU 128.90, EWSC 
116.80, CWSC 110.50. 
Washington 150.40, WSU 

Oregon 143.50, WSU 

WSU 136.05, EWSC 

WSU 144.25, Nevada 116. 

PNW Championships, 
Washington 154.20, Oregon 
1 34.40, WSU 1 33.40, 
Portland State 103.35, 
EWSC 101.35. 

PAC-8 Ch ampionships, 
California 156.65, 
Washington 152.95, UCLA 
133.15, OSU 129.15, 
Oregon 1 1 5.40, WSU 
111.50, Stanford 107.50 

Season 4-2 


WSU Opponent 























Puget Sound 











Season 7-5 





















Utah State 


















Montana State 






Southern Oregon 






Oregon State 


Season 10-7 


3 EWSC 0 

1 EWSC 2 

11 Montana 0 

6 EWSC 2 


Lewis & Clark 



Montana State 



Lewis & Clark 


















Lewis & Clark 



Boise State 



College of Idaho 






Idaho State 



Brigham Young 



Brigham Young 









Brigham Young 



Brigham Young 


















Oregon State 



Oregon State 



Lewis & Clark 
























































Second in PAC-8 

Conference 7-8 

Season 34-15 





Bellevue CC 



Bellevue CC 



Columbia Basin 



Columbia Basin 



Yakima Valley 



Yakima Valley 



Columbia Basin 



Big Bend CC 



Big Bend CC 



Big Bend CC 



Big Bend CC 



Big Bend CC 



Wenatchee Valley 



Wenatchee Valley 



North Idaho 



North Idaho 



North Idaho 



Wenatchee Valley 



Wenatchee Valley 


Season 16-4 

















Second in Northern Division 
Eighth in PAC-8 

Scoreboard 111 

Swimmers Experience 7-5 Season 

Above: Swim Team. Row one: Dan Yeilding, Graham Unwin, Wilson Godwin, Brad Storey, Eric Bell, John Downer, Gary Hafer, Doug Gibb, Tom Fenn. 
Row two: Jim Hasbrouck, Dave Burke, Greg Bonann, Randy Fuller, John Hartman, Jim McCarry, Denny Lawrence, Dave Nix, Dick Peterson. 

The swimming team experienced a successful 
season, breaking eight school fast time records. 
They displayed an overall steady improvement 
with a 7-5 win-loss record. Inspirational award 
went to Jim McCarry. Outstanding swimmer 
award was presented to Brad Storey who made 
first place in the Canadian National. He also 
came away as high point winner, and made the 
Pan American Team representing Canada. 

The water polo team was considered a 
separate division from the swim team this year. 
Most members participated with the swim team 
in addition to their water polo efforts. A 
relatively young team, it was comprised of one 
junior and one senior with the remainder 
freshmen or sophomores. In addition to fall 
matches the team involved itself in a spring 
season. Overall outstanding players were 
Graham Unwin, Glen Yorem, Jim McCarry, 
and Don Yeilding. 

112 Swimming 

Above: Water Polo Team. Dan Yeilding, Jim McCarry, Glenn Yocum, Randy Fuller, John Downer, Dick Peterson, Graham Unwin, Wilson Godwin, Denny 
Lawrence, Dave Nix, Mark Norris, John Hartman, Greg Bonann. Top: Doug Gibb, Tom Fenn. 

Swimming 113 

WSU Rodeo Club 

The purpose of the WSU Rodeo Club is to 
encourage and make possible participation of 
interested students in the care, riding, and showing 
of horses. The group also strives to bring together 
people of various backgrounds to share this 
experience. All 125 participants are voluntary 
members of the club. 

The Rodeo Club is divided into three active areas: 
Rodeo, Drill, and Horseshowing. Events during the 
1970-71 school year included a fall Horseshow, a 
spring Rodeo held during Parents’ Weekend, and 
various dances and parties. 

La r L - 

STVi - ;vf 1 

Lfl —LE,. x 

fL, ^ ; ^ jp 

»*.! _ _ 

114 Rodeo 

Above: Golf Team. Row One: Paul Renberg, Terry Esvelt. Row Two: Lawson Abinanti, Norm Patterson, Jim 
Frye, Coach E.G. “Pat" Patterson. Not Pictured: Neil Nelson. 

Golf team 
has 52-19 

Team participation in 10 inter¬ 
collegiate tournaments with fields 
ranging from 4 to 32 teams were 
experienced during the season. The 
win and loss record of 52-19 was 
the best record of a Cougar golf 
team in several years. 

Highlights of the tournament 
season were a 6th place finish out 
of 32 teams in the Stanford 
Intercollegiate Invitational 
tournament played on the tough 
Stanford University courses, and a 
2nd place finish in the Northern 
Division tournament beating both 
the University of Washington and 
Oregon State. 

In the final competition of the 
season the Cougars finished 7th, 
beating the Washington Huskies 
in the PAC-8 tourney. During the 
season the Cougars beat every 
intercollegiate team in the 
Northwest with the exception of 
the strong University of Oregon 
team which finished 2nd in the 

Golf 115 

Above: Track Team. Row One: Ron Pengalley, Clayton Montgomery, Norbert Payton, Steve Smith, Bob Martin, Dave Herald, Florey Walters, Dave Rorem, 
Coach Mooberry. Row Two: Dan Labbee, Dean Clark, Reggie Macklin, Ivers Dravinskis, Tony Tenisci, Chuck Madison, Jack Ernst, Don Smith. Row Three: 
Bill Demeroutis, Mike Brice, Dan Murphy, David Francis, Bill Maxwell, Larry Barton, Steve Fitzgerald, Brock Aynsley, Jim Klavano. Row Four: Richard 
Gazal, Dick Olsen, Graham Hutchison, Peter Wright, John Delamere, Mike Monahan, Colin Young, Bob Niehl, John Liddle, John Coski. 

Olsen Breaks Hurdle 
Record In 
WSU Indoor Meet 

Plagued by injuries and illness throughout the 
season, the WSU track squad finished the ’70- 
’71 season with a 0-5 dual meet record. WSU’s 
leading high jumper, Peter Wright injured an 
ankle in the Seattle Indoor meet and was able to 
win only one clear cut victory during the season 
against the University of Washington, clearing 
6’10”. Against Oregon the Cougs fell apart due 
to a flu bug which infected nearly the whole 
team. On the whole, the ’70-*71 season was a 
disappointing one for the Cougars. 

The highlight of their dismal season was the 
Northern Division Championships where the 
Cougs took a surprising second. Despite the 
injuries and illness WSU received some fine 
performances from pole vaulter Jack Ernst, 
sprinter and long jumper Norbert Payton, and 
hurdler Dick Olsen. 

116 Track 

Cougs finish second in 

118 Track 

Northern Division 

T rack 119 

Track Team Led by All-American Peter Wright 

120 Track 


T rack 121 

1 i ■ , 

Hr r ^ 1 


t ' JBSN 

H M 

1 i m rl 

Qm -1 ^ 

Intram urals 


Badminton.Off Campus 


Basketball Freethrow.Gannon 


Cross Country..Gannon 


Flag Football.Sigmu Nu 

Golf.Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Gymnastics.Sigma Chi 

Handball.Vet. Medicine 

Pocket Billiards . .Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Softball.Fast Pitch: Gannon 

Slow Pitch: Phi Delta Theta 



Table Tennis..Waller 

Tennis.Alpha Tau Omega 

Track and Field.Gannon 

Turkey Trot.Sigma Phi Epsilon 


Water Polo.Lambda Chi Alpha 

Weight Lifting... Sigma Alpha Epsilon 


Most Improved 

Greek.Sigma Nu 


All-University Champions_Gannon 

.bove: Intramural Board. Row One: Dan Garcia, Dave Grunstrom, Peter Doumit, Bob Melson. 
,OW Two: Dave Shields, Dave Houchin, Tom Sellers, Gene Schmidt. 

Intramurals 123 

Above: Intramural Staff. Mike Moon, Steve Potter, John W. Francis, Tom Long, Gary Benson, Winnie Poelker, Bob Melson. Not Pictured: Jim Avant, 

126 Intramurals 

Greatest Student Participation 

' *• . w 

.. ^' y ' • 

|1 & 

Seen In Intramurals 

, ... .■*« 

Above: Soccer B Team. Row One: Chuck Randall Rie Silva, Jim Thorpe, Nick Kristovich, John Mitz, Frank Tuminello, Christian Weber. Row two: 
Winfred Opakunle, Doug McDonnell, Stein Bjorck. Vince Zimmers, Walt Cowart, Brian Swanson, Rich Watkins, Dick Sackett, Pete Stockwell. 


The purpose of the Soccer Club is to promote the game of Soccer at WSU and to encourage the spirit of international 
understanding of the sport. 

A tradition of congeniality and friendship exists within the club, offering a person who joins the thrill of competing in a fast and 
furious game besides a companionship with others similarly involved in the sport of soccer. 

Soccer A Team: Row One: Kevin Murray, Fabio Escobar, Marcos Bressane, Tor Holtan, Bruce Schimpf, Mano Ignatiadis, Tom Wu. Row Two: Peter 
I horpe, Mike Shottenhamer, Torsten Warberg, Brian Cudmore, Robert Kasonde, Hans Habereder, Dennis McLeish. 

128 Soccer 

Above: Karate Club. Row One: George Marvin, Mel Fingarson, Bob Bisschoff, Richard Miller, Teruo Chincn, Dean A. Reynolds, J. Mack Shivlev, Jay 
Takaaze, Jack Staudacher, Harold Simon. Row Two: Dennis Wimmer, Owen Keiser, Jack Brook, Steve Curtiss, Kingsley Lo, Michael Garrison, R.O. Sanford. 
Row Three: Nancy Simon, Don Sasaki, Larry Seaman, Doug Johnson, Steve Huber, Joel Carlson, Terry Friis, Steve Elkins. 

The WSU Karate Club reached 
an active membership of thirty 
members. Along with conducting 
workouts twice a week it spon¬ 
sored its First Annual Northwest 
College Karate Tournament and 
traveled to other tournaments. 
Under the instruction of their 
sensei, Teruo Chinen, the club con¬ 
tinued to grow physically and in 
character throughout the year. 


Karate 129 

Tennis Squad Wins Inland Empire Tournament 

Above: Tennis Team. Row One: Ron DeHaan, Walt Kastner, Joe Karas, Shannon Burns. Row Two: Coach Rex Davis, Chris Wilson, Steve Docherty, Jim 
Randolph, Dan Johansen. 

A greatly improved WSU tenni$ team scored a 10 win, 
7 loss season record for ’70-’71. The team, however, was 
only 0-3 for the conference and finished eighth in the 
PAC-8 championships. Several matches were played 
indoors during the season due to Pullman’s foul weather. 
Steve Docherty and Dan Johanson led the team as a 
double combination and as individual winners. 

The team competed in the Boise Invitational where the 
players picked up two wins and one loss but were unable 
to play for the championship due to bad weather. The 
Cougar netmen took four straight matches to win the 
Inland Empire Collegiate Tournament, which was held 
in Pullman during May, to highlight the year. 

Tennis 131 

Above: Judo Club. Row One: Gary Henricksen, Doug Causey, James A. Kavina, Russel Dobash, Joel Carlson, Carl Gentry, Ed Dunning. Row Two: Jami 
Dahl, Bob McCarty, April Kelly, Diana Barbee, Dave Barbee, Sharon Fievez, Merrilee Houghton, Gary Fehrenbach, Dan Snider. Not Pictured: Lynn Gaynor, 
Regan Walk, John Sobolewski, Mark Hubert, Randy Delong, Rich Hamlin, Jan Ohrberg, Robert Roche. 

Judo/ Men’s Bowling 

The WSU Judo Club was a co-ed group consisting of 24 
members. During regularly held meetings members competed and 
practiced with one-another. All learned the basic techniques of the 
sport and sportsmanship was the goal. The club participated in a 
tournament in Richland in November. 

The Men's Bowling Club consisted of 18 members in the ’70- 
’71 season. Members were chosen after fall tryouts. The traveling 
squad was made up of nine members, two 4-man teams with one 
alternate. Matches were held with Idaho, Big Bend CC, 
Gonzaga, and CWSC. Brian Lewis represented the squad at the 
Northwestern regionals and the Nationals, held at BYU where 
teammate Jim Porter won the singles event with a 716 series. 

Above: Men’s Bowling. Row One: Martin Lockmiller, Clay Barr, Dean Montgomery, Tom Grover, Pete Schlicher, Gregg Stieber, Brian Lewis, Bob 
Hanson. Row Two: Jim Porter, Gerry Coleman, Gary Swanson, Larry Marshall, Rick Honsowetz, Loren A. Jones, Steve Boosinger. Not Pictured: Kurt 
Jackson, Tom Zornes, Don Garrow. 

132 Judo/Men’s Bowling 

Above: Fish Fans. Row One: Paula Terhaar, Sue Stovall, Barbara O'Toole, Laurienne Post, Jeanie Simmons, Cinday Carlsen, Kathy E. Thompson, Deborah 
Walton, Marian Akins. Row Two: Diana Avery, Jean Gompf, Kim Shoemaker, Glenda Hewson, Christine Palmer, Jeanice Cox, Suzanne Peterson, Rembie 
Peterson, Dorothy Martin, Darlene Helt, Eleanor Holmes. Row Three: Lynn Oka, Heidi Howard, Mary Peekham, Karen Wood, Linda Gryzbala, Kathy 
Bartels, Pat Snively, Becky Wassard, Denise Kinder, Lana Krisman, Diane Albright, Sue Durrant. 

Fish Fans 133 

Above: Crimson W. Row One: Chris Carter, Sally Mitchell, Miss Agnes McQuarrie. Row Two: Carol Thomas, Susie 
Hill, Barbara Fecht, Jackie Beban, Gayle Parks, Connie Rice, Alda Amidon, Vickie Durham, Christie Gregory, Jan 
Guenther, Veda Shanks, Pat Koshko. 

Above: WRA Swim Team. Row One: Judi Johnson, Jeanne Cox, Betsy Brandon, Carol Cutler, Anne Paluck, Kathy 
Hook. Row Two: Debra Taylor, Gail Polkinghorne, Tanya Haigh, Nancy Daly, Cindy Sulenes, Dede Rowland, Gail 
Biisland, Anita Gieseke, Mrs. Sprenger. Below: WRA Gymnastics Team. Row One: Pat Richner, Margei Hagashi, 
Lauri Burdega. Row Two: Miss Albright, Cam Younker, Julie Shutt, Nancy Lawler, Cheryl French, Kathy Lemley, Mardi 

134 WRA 


Athletic Women Represented in W RA Activities 

Below: Basketball Team. Row One: Gayle Parks, Barb Van Hoven, Marda McClenny, Jo Washam, Jan Guenther, 
Jackie Babin. Row Two: Christy Gregory, Ann Fruechte, Judv Howe, Jan Moon, Chris Meyer, Sherri Smith. Row 
Three: J une Aludt, Rhonda Cundt, Sharon Hitsman, Kay Williams, Debbie Brewer. 

Above: WRA Field Hockey Team. Row One: Lois Brown, Pat Rickner, Barb Van Hoven, Chris Carter, Miss 
Mowatt,. Lin Skardahl, Evelyn Jansma. Row Two: Terri Cordes, Marge Frost, Cindy Maxin, Jackie Babin, Marsha Thorn, 
Jan Guenther, Judy Bickenbach, Chris Meyer, Chris Mariotto, Sherri Smith. Below: WRA Council and Intramural 
Board. Row One: Miss Washburn, Jackie Babin, Terry Schmidt. Row Two: Barb Feet, Christy Gregory, Margaret Van 
Beek, Margaret Frost, Sally Mitchell. 

W.R.A. 135 

The WSU Women's Recreation 
Association, part of a national 
organization, functions to 
supervise women’s sports 
programs. These programs include 
women’s intramurals, co-ed 
intramurals, intercollegiate sports, 
and the performing art of Fish 
Fans. Fish Fans, a water oriented 
performing group, held 
demonstrations during Parents 

During the ’70-’71 school year the 
WRA held a candy sale to help 
finance the intramural program. 
The WRA also sponsored use of a 
universal gym and initiated a 
program to familiarize people with 
the facility. The WRA held a 
meeting called “React” where 
members and interested women 
could participate in different 

In the future the WRA plans to 
have a co-ed ski meet at the North 
South Ski Bowl. Also, the 
organization is planning to have a 
Gym Gam in the beginning of the 
fall 1971 semester for freshmen 
and all new students, where these 
girls can get acquainted with 
WSU, the organization, and its 

WRA Supervises Women's Sports Programs 

Above: Tennis Team. Row One: Linda Goesling, Chris Carter, Carol Thomas. Row Two: Pat Koshko, Debbie 
Brewer, Carol Campbell, Gayle Lantz. Row Three: Sherri Smith, Sylvia Monelli, Christi Morgan, Donna Fager, 
Yvonne Brown, Sheryl Gotts. 

Above: Volleyball. Row One: Alda Amidon, La Faye Fuson, Christy Gregory, Sharon Hitsman, Karen Agnew, Ann Fruechte, Peggy Warner, Nancy 
Forsman. Row Two: Pat Koshko, Pam Perkins, Connie Rice, Vergi Cail, Terri Ancelloti, Mariam Wittig, Sonya Suggs, Gloria Kelly, Peggy Ott. Row Three: 
Carol Thomas, June Auld, Judy Sedenquist, Barb Zapotocky, Becky Forland, Melinda Hertel, Jackie Philleo, Joan Steberl, Sylvia Monelli. Not Pictured: Vickie 
Holling, DiAnn Oden. 

136 WRA 

Women's Bowling 

Above: Ski Team. Row One: Sandra Shields, Kari Freeman, 
Marilyn Brill, Janellc Kissling, Patti Ford, Jane McManigal, 
Barbara Anderson, Lorraine Sullivan. Row Two: Martha Rust, 
J. Washburn, Marny Blue, Beth Wheat, Kathleen Flaherty, Shari 
Nelson, Kathy Schjelland, Alida King, Judy Bickenbach. Not 
Pictured: Kathy Parks, Dorcas Wylder, Blythe Davis, Sue 
Rutherford, Ester Caprez, Diana Avery. Below: Women’s 
Bowling. Row One: Joyce Whitehead, Terry McFadden, 
Marsha Barrett, Linda Lanning, Debbie White, Myra Boughter, 
Hazel Jacoby, MayTsao, Marcia Lowe. 

For the second year in a row the 6-member women’s 
bowling team showed its skill by taking first place in the 
invitational tournament in Oregon. The regional 
tournament in Idaho gave team members additional 
opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. Women 
from Moscow joined the team in practice before 

Women’s Bowling 137 

Above: Baseball Team. Row One: Bob Stephens, Don Heinrichs, Tom Thomas, George Cain, Scott Woodward, Mike Gomez, Ken Kollmeyer, John Mills, 
Bob Parr. Row Two: Coach Chuck Brayton, Murray Gage-Cole, Larry Angell, Gary Jones, Bill Sanford, Marv Chamberlain, Joe McIntosh, Stephen Grasser, Bob 
Walz. Row Three: Frank Jackson, Manny Perez, Terry Heaton, Bob Waits, Steve Merkeley, Bob Krause, Jim Chapados, Charlie Hawthorne. 

Cougars Win Northern Division Title 

WSU’s baseball team finished a highly successful season with a 34 win, 15 loss record. The Cougs finished atop the Northern 
Division of the PAC-8 with a 7-8 record in Conference. The Cougs forced USC to the seventh and final game of the conference 
playoffs before losing 6 to 3, thus barely missing a chance to represent the Pacific 8 Conference in the district playoffs. 

Bobby Waits, Cougar’s second baseman, named NCAA All-American, the third Cougar in recent years, led WSU to an NCAA 
record of 135 stolen bases of which he nabbed 59 for an all time record. Teammate Chuck Hawthorne stole 19 bases during the 
season. Waits also led the Cougars in hitting with a fine .385 percentage, consisting of a record 59 hits in 48 games. Outfielder Tom 
Thomas was a close second in hitting, with a .353 percentage. Thomas led the Cougs in home-runs with 8. 

Joe McIntosh was the top hurler for the Cougs in the ’70-’71 season. McIntosh had a record of 10 wins and no losses and an ERA of 
2.27, best in both departments. The most used pitcher, Murray Gage-Cole, with 97.2 innings pitched, was a close second with an 8- 
3 record and an ERA of 2.67. 

The Cougars will lose only four starters for the ’72 season. Shortstop Manny Perez, second baseman Bobby Waits, and pitchers 
Murray Gage-Cole and Mike Gomez. 

Pre-Season Play 

Baseball 141 

Bobby Waits, nation's leading base stealer, 

142 Baseball 

sets five Cougar season marks! 

Baseball 143 

Above: Rowing Club. Row One: Lynel Bortles, Rick Norberg, Darrel Lau. Row Two: David Emigh, Jim Verellen, Dave Atherton, Jan Koal, Ed Arnold, 
Clam Sowder, Rich Stager. Row Three: Paul Kennedy, George Sutch, Russ Rome, Ken Fielder, Tom Ardell, Gene Chouinard, Gary Hubbard, Bill Raisner. 

Rowing Club 

A New sports organization was formed during the 

70- 71 school year in the form of the WSU rowing 
club. The group consisted of approximately 30 active 
members, who spent most of their time building a 
club house to store their shells and other necessary 
equipment. Three shells were donated by the 
University of Washington in the club’s drive for 
supplies. Contractors on Lower Granite Dam, near 
the club's practicing area on the Snake River, 
donated the lumber to build the club house. 

71- 72 promises to be an active year for the Rowing 
Club. Rows are being planned with other PAC-8 
teams in order to participate in a full season 

144 Rowing Club 

Outstanding Athletes Receive Honors 

Team Captain 

Tom Thomas 


Cougar Baseball 
Player of the Year Award 
NCAA All-American 

Bobby Waits 

PAC-8 Medal 

Mike Gomez 


Team Captain 

Gerry Lindgren Inspirational Award Bill Rush Memorial Award 

Jim Meredith Jim Smiley 

146 Athletic Honors 



Outstanding Swimmer Bob Eby Inspirational Award 

Brad Storey JimMcCarry 

Team Captain 

Brock Aynsley 

Inspirational Award 

Jack Ernst 

Pete Naumchik Award 

Mike Brice 

Athletic Honors 147 


L . V> ^ 

‘ /'• o i 4 1 


as in the 
corridors of an 
building, wc 
may lose 
direction in 
the transfer of 
our thoughts... 
we wander 
through a maze 
searching for 
that certain 
key to inner 
.. .and when we 
finally find 
our way out of 
one maze we 
walk straight 
into another... 

Dr. Robert Harwood, Chairman, Department of Entomology 

College of Agriculture 

Dr. Louis L. Madsen, Dean, College of Agriculture 

Final construction of Phase II of the Agricultural 
Science building was completed this past year. All 
Agriculture faculty housed in Wilson Hall were 
relocated to either Phase I or Phase II. 

Student evaluation under the direction of Dr. 
Bertramson continued with scheduled visits to the 
classrooms of faculty throughout the school term. 

Colleges 149 

Dr. C. Gardner Shaw, Chairman, Department of Plant Pathology 

The College Of Agriculture 
Readies For Move To 
New Ag. Science Complex 

Above Right: John Miller, Director of Agriculture. Below Right: Dr. 
Grant Harris, Department of Forestry and Range Management. Above 
Left: Dr. James Nielson, Department of Agricultural Economics. Below 
Left: Dr. T.H. Blosser, Department of Animal Sciences. Opposite Page 
Above Left: Dr. William B. Acklev, Department of Horticulture. 
Middle Left: Dr. Lowell Rasmusen, Assistant Director of Agricultural 
Research. Below Left: June Roberts, Department of Agricultural 
Engineering. Above Right: Dr. B.R. Bertramson, Director of Agriculture 
Resident Instruction. 

150 Agriculture 

. v' 

- r/l 

Agriculture 151 

Above: Dr. Robert F. Wallace, Chairman, Department of Economics. Left: Dr. 
Eugene Clark, Dean of Economics and Business. 

College of Economics 
and Business 

The departments connected with the College of Economics and 
Business strive to keep up with developments of the nation’s economy. 
Individually and through the Bureau of Economics and Business 
Research, the faculty members engage in active research on current 
changes and new issues. Speakers and authorities of various fields 
make appearances at WSU offering important insights. A Business 
Development Program encourages interaction of interested students 
and faculty with the off-campus business community. 

152 Colleges 

Dr. Robert E. Hoskinson, Chairman, Department of Office Administration 

Dr. Omer L. Carey, Chairman, Department of Business Administration 

Colleges 153 

Dr. Lloyd B. Urdal, Chairman, Department of Education 

The College of Education continues to be 
committed to the programs and research that 
produce competent and aware teachers capable 
of educating the students of today. It is through 
close working between faculty and academic 
departments that outstanding undergraduate 
and graduate programs are established. This 
department’s actions are vital in the continuing 
development of programs needed to meet the 
changing requirements of today's education. 

Dr. George B. Brain, Dean, College of Education 

Department of Education 


Dr. Roger C. Wiley, Chairman, Department of Physical Education for Men 

Dr. Carol E. Gordon, Chairman, Department Physical Education 
for Women 

154 Colleges 

Dr. Carl W. Hall, Dean, College of Engineering 

William H. Knight, Director, Engineering Extension Service 

College of Engineering 

The College of Engineering places emphasis on the education 
of students in engineering. Upon graduation these students should 
be prepared to participate in the social and physical problems of 
the times. Periodical review of the engineering curriculum is 
undertaken by the faculty and administration in order to insure a 
successful program. 

E. W. Greenfield, Director, Engineering Research Division 

Colleges 155 

David M. Scott, Chairman, Department of Architecture 

Dr. Bruce M. Davidson, Chairman, Department of Civil Dr. George T. Austin, Chairman, Department of Chemical Engineering 


156 Colleges 

m 9m 

Dr. D. Bruce Masson, Chairman, Department of Metallurgy 

Jack T. Kimbrell, Chairman, Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Dr. Glen L. Hower, Chairman, Department of Electrical Engineering 

Colleges 157 

1 58 Colleges 

The four year ROTC program at WSU consisted of basic and 
advanced programs. Successful completion of these programs leads 
to a commission as second lieutenant in either the Army or Air 
Force. Students exercised command over the Cadet Corps. 
Sophomores filled the positions of cadet noncommissioned officers 
while juniors and seniors held officer positions. 

The college of Home Economics sought to prepare students for 
careers in professional and leadership capacities. The importance 
of the family as well as the individual was stressed by evaluation 
and application of problems relevant to the field of Home 

Colonel William B. Graham 
Department of Military Science 

Colonel Frederick N. Stahl 
Department of Aerospace Studies 

Dr. Jane E. Werden 
Dean of Home Economics 

Mrs. H. Delight Maughan 

Foods, Nutrition, and Institution Management 

Dr. Mary O. Gallway 
Child and Family Studies 

Dr. Mignon Perry 

Clothing, Interior Design, and Textiles 

Colleges 1 59 

Dr. Allen I. White, Dean of Pharmacy 

College of Pharmacy 

Continuing revision of curriculum and courses offered a 
current, up-to-date pharmacy program for the enrolled 
students. The Educational Policies Committee, made up of 
three faculty and two students, strove for student 
involvement in a clinical pharmacy program. Preparation for 
responsibilities in a professional career constituted the main 
goal of the college. 

160 Colleges 

Dr. B. Roger Ray, Dean, College of Sciences and Arts Division of Natural Sciences. 

College of 
Sciences and Arts 

WSU’s Sciences and Arts, largest of the eight 
colleges, served as home for 3,884 students at 
the peak enrollment of 1970-71. Two deans 
coordinately administered 21 departments, one 
school, and 20 programs. Dr. B. Roger Ray led 
the sciences areas. After four years away, former 
staffer Stephen R. Mitchell returned to WSU in 
September, 1970 in charge of all social sciences 
and humanities areas. 

During ’70-'71 five hundred WSU students 
were electing the freer curricular way of general 
studies. Much in the public eye were Black 
Studies, Chicano Studies and Native American 
Studies. Rocketing into giant enrollment was 
Environmental Science. 

Dr. Stephen R. Mitchell, Dean, College of Sciences and Arts. 

Colleges 161 

Dr. Carl Stevens, Chairman, Department of Chemistry. 

Dr. John Elwood, Acting Chairman, English. 


162 Colleges 

Dr. Raymond Muse, Chairman, Department of History. 

Dr. William Hayes. Chairman, Department of Philosophy. 

Dr. Richard Parker, Chairman, Department of Zoology. 


Dr. Calvin Long, Chairman, Department of Mathematics. 

A. Keith Monaghan, Chairman, Department of Fine Arts. 

Dr. Donald Wells, Chairman, Department of Communications. 

Colleges 163 

Dr. Edward E. Donaldson, 
Chairman, Department of Physics 

Dr. Herbert H. Nakata, 

Chairman, Department of Bacteriology and Public Health 

Dr. Jean-Charles Seigneuret 

Chairman, Department of Foreign Languages 

164 Colleges 

Colleges 165 

Dr. Roger T. Davis, Chairman, Department of Psychology 

Dr. Ernest E. Ettlich, Chairman, Department of Speech 

Dr. William H. Matchett, Chairman, Department of Botany 

Dr. Howard Deming, Chairman, Department of Music 

Dr. Richard Daugherty, Chairman, Department of Anthropology 

Dr. Melvin DeFleur, Chairman, Department of Sociology 

166 Colleges 

/r VV\ 4rv>y—*— .X-s 

Talmadge Anderson, Director of Black Studies 

Ronald Halfmoon, Director of Native American Studies 

Dr. K. Thor Swanson, Chairman, Department of Political Science 

Reymundo Marin, Director of Chicano Studies 

Colleges 167 

Dr. James A. Henderson, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine. 

College of Vet Medicine 

The College of Veterinary Medicine maintained areas 
of expansion throughout the program in order to 
accommodate more students interested in the field. 

Widespread public interest in the multitudinous roles of 
the veterinarian — nutrition, economy of livestock 
industry, and care of animals—increased as the demand 
for capable veterinarians persisted. 

Dr. James B. Henson, Chairman of Veterinary Pathology. 

168 Colleges 

Dr. Sam G. Kenzy, Chairman, Department of Veterinary Microbiology. 


1 70 Colleges 

Colleges 171 

172 Colleges 


The Editor 

As editor of the 1971 Chinook, Gary Schell’s job involved organizing and directing his 
staff to meet each deadline with the publisher on time. He aimed at establishing an office 
environment where congeniality and joint effort would make the production of a first class 
yearbook possible. 

A fifth year student majoring in business administration, Gary completed his degree in 
Agricultural Economics in 1970. Previously, Gary had been a staff member for four years, 
before accepting the position of editor. 

Combining hard work, talent, and long hours to publish an annual relevant to the changing 
university community was Gary’s primary goal. 

174 Chinook 

Above: Gary and his right hand, Kath. 

Chinook 1971 

The Student Publications retreat was held in the 
late fall at Camp Easter Seal on Lake Coeur 
D'Alene. It provided the Evergreen, Chinook, and 
Student Photographers a chance to get acquainted 
with one another and strengthen communications 
within their own group. 

The retreat encompassed many experiences; several 
trips to Slim's, a missing clapper in the reveille bell, a 
side excursion to Spokane to see the WSU-Idaho 
game, and an opportunity to plan seriously for the 
upcoming year’s publications. 

Below: Chinook Staff at Slim’s. Row One: Jerry Ratliff, Pischel Representative; Gary Schell, Dale Quincy, Pischel Representative. Row Two: Wendy 
Wagner, Linda Fisher. Row Three: Sandy Beckwith, Marilyn Bartoletta, Connie Burnett, Kathy Sobba, Lesley Metzger. 

Chinook 175 

Chris Laney, Business Manager 

Taree Harrison, Art Editor 

Kathy Sobba, Associate Editor 

Wendy Wagner, Marilyn Bartoletta, Layout Editors 

Jill Gutkowski, Photo Editor 

1 76 Chinook 

Mary Kitzke, Sandra Beckwith, Connie Burnett, Saundra McIntosh, Division Editors 

The Underpaid and Overworked Chinook Staff 

’ rDftJO Tooinio 

Bill Semmler, Sports Editor 

Chris Beardsley, Linda Fisher, Copy Editors 

Dave Frazier, Assistant Business Manager 

Chinook 177 

Chinook Volunteers 
help regular staff 
make their deadlines 

Above: Chinook Volunteers. Front: Patti Bunger, Shelley Kensler, John Snyder. Sitting at 
table: Gail Lederlc, Devora Armstrong, Mary Hendrickson, Pam Westland. Standing: Denise 
Novacoff, Terri Johnson, Jane Morton. Not Pictured: Rose Williamson, Linda Ford. 

178 Chinook Volunteers 

Above: Chinook Volunteers. Front: Sharon Beckwith, Niki Dague, Arlene Eagle. Sitting at 
table: Carla Geier, Bernie Waterman, Becky Black, Lynda Cribb. Standing: Jennifer Rau, Jeff 
Miller, Ruth Fenner. Not Pictured: Lee Carstens, Kathy Nagle, Sharlene Fox, Herb Nelson. 

Chinook Volunteers 179 

Above: Board of Publications. Row One: Jim Thayer, Chris Laney, Jim Dwinell, Ann Gehrett, Scott Penny, Becky Hille, Dr. Donald Wells. Row Two: 
Dr. Harry McAllister, Reginald Miller, Carlton Lewis, John Bray, Marshall Sugiyama, Dr. Taketsugu Tsurutani, Wesley Calvert, Howard Mount, Gary Schell, 
Dave Farrar. 

The Board of publications constituted 
the authoritative policy governing board of 
student publications in 1970-71. The two 
main publications were the Daily Ever¬ 
green and the Chinook, newspaper and 
yearbook respectively. 

The Board’s main duties included deciding 
on issues of policy and also the assign¬ 
ment of people to work positions. 

180 Communications 

Publications Board and Advisors 

Above: Maynard Hicks, Chinook Editorial Advisor. Below: Wes Calvert, Harlan Stensaas, Evergreen Editorial Advisor. 
General Manager for Student Publications. 

Communications 181 

Daily Evergreen 

Washington State University 

May 14, 197 

Vol. 76 No. 108 

Letters to the 

The Daily Evergreen, the stu¬ 
dent publication that has bounced 
this year between the liberal ed¬ 
itorship of Nola Cross and the 
conservative one of Gary Elias- 
sen, will be piloted next semes¬ 
ter by Dave Farrar as a result 
of yesterday's Board of Student 
Publications meeting. 

Farrar, a junior in communi¬ 
cations and political sciences, 
was selected on the second ballot, 
receiving seven out of twelve 
votes. His closest contender, 
David Mathiason, received five 
of the final votes. 

During a half-hour interview 
with the Publications Board, Far¬ 
rar stated that he wants sole con¬ 
trol over the editorial page but 
that he would strive to make the 
page a forum for various campus 
opinions by allowing guest edi¬ 
torials and viewpoints. 

His other plans for future cov¬ 
erage include continued coverage 
of minority groups as news value 
warrants and the formulation of a 
“beat" system within the paid 
editorial staff so that the report¬ 
ers will cover the same topics 
all semester, thus creating 
“semi - experts" in different 

Farrar also stated emphati¬ 

cally that one area the Evergreen 
can not neglect is coverage of the 
Pullman community. 

“We have to realize that Pull¬ 
man is not isolated from the uni¬ 
versity and for this reason war¬ 
rants extensive coverage. 

When questioned by the board 
about the strained relationship 
that has existed in the recent 
past between the Evergreen edi¬ 
torial staff and downtown mer¬ 
chants, Farrar stated that he 
hoped to provide adequate, ob¬ 
jective coverage that would not 
warrant dissatisfaction by the 

However, he said that if it came 
to a choice of freedom of report¬ 
ing what is newsworthy and the 
personal opinions of the mer¬ 
chants as to what should be print¬ 
ed, he “would not prostitute my¬ 
self to the desires of the com¬ 
munity merchants simply to sus¬ 
tain their advertising. 

Mathiason, presently senior 
staff writer, stated in his inter¬ 
view that the Evergreen should 
turn more “critical eyes to the 
campus and community." 

He explained that statement by 
saying that students should be 
made more aware ofhowadmini- 
(cont. on Page 10) 

Senate recommends change 
in 1972-73 starting day 

The ASWSU Senate voted by aslim margin last night to recommend 
a change in the academic calendar to begin class on Sept. 18 and 
end on June 2 in the 1972-73 school year. 

The calendar will come up for a vote by the Resident Instructional 
Staff today. 

Also the Senate reversed an action it took last week on the com¬ 
position of the intramural athletics committee and decided not to 
conduct a poll of the student body on the U.S. military action in 

In making its recommendation on the academic calendar the 
Senate selected from three options proposed by the calendar sub¬ 
committee of the Educational Policies Committee. 

The first option would set the start of classes in 1972 on Sept. 5 
with the first semester finals week falling before Christmas vaca¬ 
tion. The second semester would begin about the middle of January 
and end on May 14. 

The second option, which was accepted by the Senate, would begin 
classes on Sept. 18 with the school year ending on June 2, The third 
option is essentially the same as the second except that an extra 
week would be added to semester break and classes would end on 
June 9. 

182 Evergreen Editor 

Daily Evergreen 

Washington State University / 


Dec. 16, 1970 

Vol. 77. No. 48 

C onni Williams is 
next Evergreen editor 

Conni Williams . . . new Evergreen editor 

After two closed sessions, 
Conni Williams was selected 
Spring Daily Evergreen Editor 
at the Board of Student Publi¬ 
cation's open meeting last night. 
Dave Mathiason, Molly Martin, 
and Ken Thiemann also applied 
for the position. 

Following a closed discussion 
Williams tied with Mathiason 6-6 
with one Board member abstain¬ 
ing. Mathiason sugge sted a * t rial 
by combat* but the Board chose 
a second closed session. 
Williams was selected by a 5-7 

During her interview Williams 
was questioned on editorial page 
content and structure, use of 
obscene words, and community 
coverage as opposed to campus 

Williams said she would write 
the majority of editorials, but 
would not limit the page to her¬ 
self. She would not use the editor¬ 
ial page for personal crusades 
or advocation of a particular 
political party. Editorials should 
be concerned with the university 
issues she added. 

•Whenever possible the editor¬ 
ial page should be creative, not 
just informative,* Williams said. 
•However I would write some 
informative editorials and back 
them up with facts before draw¬ 
ing conclusions.* 

Williams stated the use of ob¬ 
scene words had no place in 
editorials and news stories. An¬ 

other word would probably be 
more factual. 

The other three applicants 
agreed with her. Mathiason how¬ 
ever added that there was more 
latitude in a campus press be¬ 
cause college students are less 
offended by such language. 

Among other issues Williams 
stated that the Evergreen's first 
responsibility is to the students. 
But in addition it has an obli¬ 
gation to the community. To 
allow more community coverage 
Williams said she would try to 
expand the size of the paper 
rather than cutting coverage of 
other areas. 

•I would not cater to the com¬ 
munity though or allow them to 
pressure or influence the content 
of the Evergreen," said Williams. 

All the applicants said change 
in the structure of the Evergreen 
staff could improve the paper. 
Williams suggested that there be 
one news editor with four assist¬ 
ants. Presently there are four 
news editors, one for each night 
the paper goes to press. She 
would also eliminate the posi¬ 
tions of entertainment editor, 
feature editor, and assistant to 
the editor. 

Williams is a senior staff 
writer for the Evergreen. She 
has been a paid staff member for 
three semesters. Her previous 
positions were depth reporter and 
campus editor. 

Dr. Avery succumbs 

Dr. Emmett L. Avery, 67, widely-known scholar and former 
chairman of Washington State University's English department 
and a member of the faculty here 34 years died yesterday in 

Dr. Avery retired from the WSU faculty in the fall of 1968 and this 
year had been living in Cheney and teaching graduate courses in 
English at Eastern Washington State College. He also served on 
the faculty of the University of Washington two years. 

The body is at Thornhill-Geraghty and Langbehn funeral home in 
Spokane. Private services will be conducted in Spokane and a 
memorial service will be held in Pullman from the Community 
Congregational Church on Thursday , Dec. 17, at 3 p.m. with the 
Rev. Ted Edquist officiating. 

City Council passes 
noise control ordinance 

In an effort to do something about noise pollution, the Pullman 
City Council passed an automobile noise control ordinance last 

The ordinance states, in effect, that the acceleration of motor 
vehicles will not exceed more than 82 decibles on the A scale. 
The measurement of the noise lever will take place at 35 miles 
per hour and 25 feet from the center line. The scale is 92 decibles 
for vehicles weighing more than 6,000 pounds and 88 decibles 
for motorcycles of 125 cc displacement or more. The penalty 
for violation of this ordinance falls under the heading of a mis¬ 

In further action the council approved the preliminary budget 
for 1971. It was pointed out at the meeting that the proposed budget 
leaves Pullman's reserve fund at a low point of $26,000. There¬ 
fore the council voted to review the budget on July 1, 1971 to look 
for areas where expenditures can be cut down in the various govern¬ 
ment departments and agencies. 

Other actions taken by the council included authorization 
of bids for new traffic controllers in the central business district, 
authorization to exercise an option to *buy 20 acres of land for a 
new park on Sunny side Hill, dissolvement of the Recreation and 
Parks Fund with the assets to be transferred to the current expense 
fund, dissolvement of the Sewage'Treatment Truck Reserve Fund 
with assets transferred to the Equipment Rental Fund, establishment 
of a trust fund for special purposes and a banking resolution desig¬ 
nating Seattle First National, Old National Bank of Washington 
and Bank of Pullman as depositories of city funds. 

Butch, Coffeehour 
top Senate agenda 

The Senate is scheduled to 
decide the fate of Butch and the 
proposed ASWSU Coffeehour 
Committee tonight in an abbrev¬ 
iated session. Three new stu¬ 
dent senators will also be intro¬ 
duced and will officially take 

Senator-elect Ralph Atkins, 
who defeated three candidates 
last Monday in a special election 
for senator-at-large will not take 
office until second semester, 
Atkins will replace Chris Jen¬ 

nings, who is leaving Pullman at 
that time. 

The three new District 1 sen¬ 
ators are Roger Madsen, Dean 
Beardslee and Dave Manus. All 
three were also elected Monday. 

Also included in this week's 
senate agenda is a report from 
a committee which met with three 
Washington state legislators yes¬ 
terday. The three state senators, 
Sam Guess, R-Spokane, Carlton 
Gladder, R-Spokane and Elmer 
Hundley, R-Thomton, met with 
members of the ASWSU Senate. 

Evergreen Editor ! 83 

The Fall Evergreen Staff, which brought you their Famous Daily Evergreen Quizzes, invites you to identify the staff: Arlene (Sunny) 
Beam, David Farrar, Emmett Pierce, Alipius Chan, Terry Richard, Rich Watkins, Eric Mathison. Larry Eaton, John Webster, Steve Patch, Ed Bunn, John 
W'ebster, Bill Walker, Dean Radford. Dan Small, Lyle McGlothlin, Molly Martin, David Mathiason, Janelle Sisson. 

18 4 Evergreen Staff 

Evergreen Staff 185 

Spring Evergreen Staff 

Below: Evergreen Spring Staff. Row One: Nancy Hyslop, Bruce 
Rommel, Colleen Leahy, John Webster, Dave Vadney. Row Two: Janine 
Wittrock, Jan Burmingham, Sally Carter, Larry Eaton, Emmett Pierce, 
Barry Sturgill. Row Three: Paula Wikstrom, Steve Patch, Molly Martin, 
Don Martin, Michelle Perry, Conni Williams, Terry Richard, Dean 
Radford, Janellc Sisson. 

Evergreen Staff 187 

Above: Evergreen Business Staff. Row One: Kathy Ryan, Tom Prengruber, Alison Higgins. Row Two: Bob Black, Ron Carlson, Jim Dwinell, Bob 
Vander Linden. Below Right: Jim Dwinell, Daily Evergreen Business Staff Manager. 

Evergreen Business Staff 

Business Manager.Jim Dwinell 

Advertising Managers.Dave Duskin 

.Doug Hughes 

Assistant Advertising Manager.Alison Higgins 

Classified Advertising Manager.Kathy Ryan 

Salesmen .Ron Carlson 

Bob Black 
John Cain 

Tom Prenguber 
Bob VanderLinden 
Andy Keehn 

Circulation Manager.Laurence McCall 

Routemen.Jim Cronrath 

Gary Riesen 

188 Evergreen 

• y: 'y:**-J y-i 

: ’..* ' v ' .T*^-• 

"V . •• *. ••••*.-* <• . -.TV<* 

Dear Reader. Hi! We’re sending you our pictures so that 
you can see who we have been. To begin with we are two 
EE’s, two Architecture students and one journalist. It all 
began a long time ago, almost a year now, . . . long after four 
gallons of wine . . . after the case and a half of beer and two 
cartons of cigarettes . . . after the tuna fish and dill pickle 
sandwich binge . . . even long after the three fifths of hard¬ 
core booze was gone ... To begin again: When there were 
no diversions left—nothing was left—we five forced our 
heads together for a meeting of the (somewhat liquid) minds. 
For 48 hours we worked on the first issue, three of us lasted 
to see it completed with only three remaining issues. 

Mark was and is the businessman who sold the 
advertisements. Bob and Greg discussed placement, lay-out, 
design and pictures to ad nauseam. At the same time they 

were feeding Steve ideas. Steve was always busy with his 
rapidograph pen doing funky cartoons. I was forever leaning 
back, lighting a cigarette and tearing my hair over the copy J 
was trying to make sense of. 

The five of us at this time would like to thank the people 
who have helped us get out these four issues of this magazine: 
The ECC, who gave us a free hand and never interrupted our 
work; Jack Rupe and Wes Calvert of Student Publications, 
they put our magazine together (for the printer) and worried 
with us when we missed our deadlines; and all contributing 
writers, those with praise and with criticism, who tried to 
keep us on our toes and keep us together. Your’s, 
GVT,RKD,MM,SNS,AGB (Greg Triplett, R.K. Depner, 
Mark McKay, Steve Snyder, Arlene Beam). 

Technometer 189 

Gathered in the rubble of Arts Hall, third floor, where remodeled KWSU radio studios will be located are staff announcers: Ron Hardin (on 
ladder), Mike Makela (left, with microphone), Rich Howe, Bob Meyer, Charles Hindc, Jim Moll, Steve Miller, and kneeling, Bill Dunn, Tim 

Gary Elstrom, (left), KWSU-TV crew member, plays host in tbe TV control 
room to three KWSU radio announcers: Christine Johnson, who has a daily 
“Luncheon Date’' program; Craig Savage and Mark Harvey. 

KWSU radio announcers stand on the site of a demolished staircase which led to second 
and third floors of Arts Hall, now being remodeled into facilities for Communications, 
KW r SL and KUGR radio stations. From Left: John Briehl, Brooks Burford, Craig 
Jones, Doug Hughes, and Keith Roberts. 

190 KWSU 


Pictured in the KWSU-TV studios are, left to right, Jerry Bush, Al Anderson, Ted 
Warren, and Ken Lydav. Bush and Lyday arc TV crew members and Warren and 
Anderson are on the radio staff. 

The student administrative staff for KWSU radio and television line up in 
front of a portrait of a distinguished alumnus, the late Edward R. Murrow, 
internationally-known newscaster. From left: Ralph Eck, T'im Jones, Joe 
Salvatore, Marilyn Kennelly, Jack Hebner. 

Posing “on location” before taking assigned positions for a basketball remote telecast are TV crew members: Mary Mains, Steve Greenough, 
Sue Mielke, Kathy Magnuson. Kneeling: John Morrison, Kurt Bergeron. 

KWSU 191 

KUGR: Row One: Bill Penoyar, Jack Hebner, Bill Dunn, Craig Savage, Rich Egan. Row Two: Die Gribbon, Ron Hardin, A1 Taylor, Brooks Burford, Rick 
Davis. Row Three: Val Limburg, Jim Ragland, Craig Jones, Tim Mellin, Sharon Hastings, Judy Nilan, KrisGiske, A! Rogers. Row Four: Ted Warren, Mike 
Conklin, Steve Sappenfield, Ken Lyday, Rich Howe, David Cockrill, A1 Eltvick, Dick Warinske. 


Steve Greenough adjusts the audio level on controls in the KWSU-TV remote bus parked outside 
of Bohler Gym for the basketball telecast. 

192 KUGR 

Photo Research 

194 Photo Research 



Photo research is a new section in 
the Chinook. Its purpose is to show 
various techniques that are available 
both through the photographer’s skills 
and through printing procedures. 

The student photographers are con¬ 
tinually making new discoveries and 
finding new methods to create 
emotions and moods with their 

The picture on page 193 was done by 
student photographers by splashing 
developer on the print. On the opposite 
page, top left, student photographers 
caught this shot with a time exposure. 
On the opposite page, top right, the 
printer created this effect by using a 
special screen called cross line. On the 
opposite page, bottom left, is an 
example of solarization, turning a 
whitelight on the exposed paper for 
three or four seconds before developing 
the picture further. This was done by 
student photographers. On this page, 
above, again the printer furnished 
these special effects, called mezzotint, 
and to the left, another called steel 

Photo Research 195 

Most of the special effects on this 
page were done by the printer. Right, 
high contrast has been used. Below, 
spiral lines have been added by the 
printer. Below middle another example 
of solarization, done by the student 
photographers. Below right the printer 
used a pebble grain screen on this photo¬ 

196 Photo Research 

"It's Time 

T oday” 

II The People 

Time orients the people. What students 
decide to do with their knowledge is 
determined by when and where they 
acquire it. The where is the university; the 
when is now. “Time is too slow for those 
who wait. Time is too swift for those who 
fear. Time is too long for those who grieve. 
Time is too short for those who laugh. 
Time, sweet time, precious time, lovely 
time, all the time. Time . . . Time .. . 
Time . . . Time”—It's a Beautiful Day 

The People I 

Tick Tock Toothpaste Time 
smiled a grin for daddy, 

(let me see your teeth) 
shuffled down the stairs, 
sat down to remember waking up. 
Life’s alarm rang on time. 

II The People 

It woke us up in time to cry. 
To see a bird beside the road 
so busted up he couldn’t fly. 
Time is on the wing. 

IV The People 

The People V 

We woke up in time to crawl. 

Tick Tock kept on ringing time, 
leaned over his picket fence, 
snapped the straps of his overalls, 
and said it’s time to learn to walk. 

VI The People 

Toothless Grin, the old man, checked his watch. 
It’s time to go, 
so we split. 

From the tallest tree, 

far enough to see the face of the sun, 

Tick Tock said to Toothless Grin, 

"It’s Time Today”_ 

—Kathy Lynch and Paul Arntson 

VIII The People 


An organization 
through which 
we seek change 
and improvement 
as our ideas 
and minds expand 
with newly 
acquired knowledge 
is the administration. 
A functioning unit 
which understands 
the needs and 
demands of the 
beginning with 
one individual, 
the President. 



7 ? 



0 / 



r o 
















C^> ^ 

4 S\-^A: 


FuKOfl-eus ^pwioce P^YMeNT of Fee 

-— ___- 


1 _ 

- — 

*50 ° s 


£M-£R*\ CCP^ ~ 

cfice of S/ice 


O' I 

eiich Admiriistt'dbian. 

2 1 

ircK, 157 } 


CjT* A 7^c 

^S 90 

Dear Sirs: 

Administration 197 

President Terrell Dedicates Himself to WSU 

Dr. Glenn Terrell’s fourth year in the WSU presidency found him constantly in dedicated service to his campus through decisive 
action in complex university matters and in day-and-night conferences with and talks before students, staff, alumni, townspeople, 
special groups, the Board of Regents, and the Legislature. His administration was marked by endless accomplishments including the 
establishment of the new University Senate which encompasses representatives from nearly every segment of the university 
community. Additionally, he traveled widely as a responsible representative of the interests of WSU and higher education. 

198 Administration 

Dr. Wallis Beasley 
Executive Vice President 

Sole occupant of this post since its creation in 1968 by the Regents, Dr. Beasley is the responsible administrator over all areas in 
any absence of President Glenn Terrell. During the year this overview has been needed many times, as Legislative and other 
pressing matters have called Dr. Terrell to points of crisis or concern. Dr. Beasley joined WSU in 1948 as a teacher of sociology. His 
exceptional range of service has included department chairmanship, an acting deanship and the acting presidency. 

Administration 199 

Dr. Allan H. Smith, Academic Vice President 

An anthropologist, world known in this field for research and publications, Dr. Smith joined the WSU staff in 1947 as associate 
professor. It was in 1969 that his elevation came to the point of responsibility for academic excellence of WSU’s eight colleges, the 
advancing graduate school, and the scores of instructional departments and programs, the interlocking units, libraries, summer 
sessions and short courses. Crunching budget crises and large and shifting enrollments and needs have scattered special thorns 
everywhere to threaten continuing and advancing quality. His is no easy task. 

200 Administration 

Stan Berry 

Director of Admissions 

Dr. Carl J. Nyman 
Dean of Graduate School 

Dr. G. Donald Smith 
Director of Libraries 

Administration 201 

Claude Simpson, Registrar Retired 

Claude Simpson, registrar since 1953 and 27 years with the WSU staff, 
retired after fall registration of 1970. Currently serving Australian 
education, Simpson is a consultant and supervisor of practice teachers for 
the government. He was responsible for helping establish computerized 
registration procedures at WSU. C. James Quann has been named WSU'S 
acting registrar. 

Dr. Louis McNew, Coordinator, Curriculum Advisory Program 

Dr. Vishnu Bhatia, Coordinator, Honors Program 

202 Administration 

Dr. Bruce Anawalt, Ombudsman 

Dr. Lewis M. Magill, Chairman, Academic Standing Committee 

President Glenn Terrell described the ombudsman (complaint’s 
center) post as “an effective method for more immediate response 
to members of the university community.” Dr. Bruce Anawalt, 
WSU ombudsman, was on leave teaching in the co-WSU 
sponsored University Abroad and in research at the British 
Museum. In 1969 he was chairman of the Student-Life Council 
and has participated in numerous student and staff activities. 

Administration 203 

Warren A. Bishop, Vice Pres. Univ. Development 

A complex area of responsibility in difficult and stirring times has faced Warren A. Bishop, Vice President of 
University Development, with providing effective answers to obligations and needs of all parts of far-flung WSU. 
Primary aids include the Office of University Relations (including the News Bureau and Radio-Television Services), 
Alumni Relation, Physical Plant, Facilities Planning. Challenges to Mr. Bishop's talents have been many since his 
arrival in 1965 as assistant to the president. 

204 Administration 

Bruce Rutherford, Director of Physical Plant 

Administration 205 

Richard B. Fry, Manager of News Bureau 

Dennis J. Morrison, Assistant to the President 

Gordon Tuell, Manager of Radio, Television Services 

The News Bureau is the official news and feature-gathering agency of Washington State University. It maintains a constant 
liaison with editors of the state and furnishes them with regular news, feature, and picture coverage of all important activities on the 

Regular releases are sent to press associations, daily and weekly newspapers, and radio and television stations, and, at regular 
intervals, to state, regional, and national magazines. 

206 News Bureau 


Board of Regents 

Above: Board of Regents. Row One: Dr. H. Dewayne Kreager, H.H. Hahncr, Dr. Glenn Terrell, Harold Romberg. Row Two: Michael Dederer, Mrs. 
Henry Owen, Lyle Neff. "Not Pictured: Howard Morgan. 

Board of Regents 207 

208 Administration 

Governor Dan 

1970-71 was a rather hectic year at times for both Governor Evans and Washington 
State University. Gubernatorial interest and involvement in WSU matters ranged 
widely. While in Pullman for the Moratorium and also for Earth Day, Governor Evans 
expressed this hope: “That WSU will increasingly be a center for creative involvement 
of the student community in resolving today's problems.” Meanwhile, in addition to 
visits to Pullman, Governor Evans viewed Cougar teams in action in Spokane and 

V. Lauren Shelton, Vice President Finance 

Like an individual and a family, Washington State in this past year, has had to operate within its means and 
yet on an even keel. The dollar stretcher (and treasurer of the Board of Regents) whose increasingly difficult 
job this has been is a staff member rounding out his 24th year, since arriving in 1947 as assistant to the 
business manager. Reporting areas to V. Lauren Shelton include: Housing and Food Service, Security Staff 
Personnel, Insurance and Retirement, Controller and Budget. 

Administration 209 

Howard E. Mount, Controller 

William L. Poindexter, Food and Housing 

Robert B. Smawley, General Services. 

210 Administration 

Dr. John C. Clevenger, Vice President, Student Affairs 

The time nears two decades since Dr. Clevenger joined the staff as dean of students in 1952. His area of 
emphasis includes all phases of student life, health and government, including of course ASWSU, the CUB, 
the Health Service, and Placement. On half year sabbatical, Dr. and Mrs. Clevenger left Pullman Dec. 26, 

1970, returning June 2, 1971, with Dean of Students Arthur McCartan handling duties during this time. 

Meanwhile on a house exchange which sent an Australian educator to Pullman, Vice President Clevenger was 
on the campus of Monash University, Victoria, Australia. 

Administration 211 

Arthur E. McCartan 
Dean of Students 

Catherine M. Northrup 

Associate Dean of Students 

Dr. Robert Ewalt 
Director of Residence Living 

212 Administration 

Thomas C. Wright 

Coordinator of Activities and Recreation 

Dr. Matthew G. Carey 

Director of ASWSU Activities and CU B 

Administration 213 

William Brown, Coordinator ASWSU Activities 

ASWSU Activities 

The year proved to be an exciting and activity filled one, helped 
greatly by the efforts of ASWSU. The entertainment committee 
offered a variety of different performers and groups; Neil Diamond, 
Cold Blood, It's a Beautiful Day, besides several other concert guests. 
The Fine Arts Festival and Casino Royale also provided relaxing and 
fun opportunities for the students. The Political Union and Lecture 
Artists series presented a variety of speakers and lecturers. Parents 
weekend activities finished off the year’s events. 

214 ASWSU 

Carroll Hayden, Program Advisor, ASWSU Activities 

Robert Stephens, Recreation Supervisor, ASWSU Activities 

Richard French, Acting Director, Placement Bureau 

Placement Bureau 

The late Walter M. Bristol headed the 
Placement Bureau. The main objective of the 
Bureau was to aid students in acquiring jobs. 
Listings of available jobs and interviews, 
students needing jobs, and information on 
summer employment, teacher placement, and 
the Peace Corps, were offered at the Placement 
Bureau Center. 

Robert Weller, Assistant Director, Teacher Placement 

Administration 215 

Dr. Ralph Buttcrmore, Director Student Health Service 

The alumni staff contributes much for the alumni and former 
students of WSU. Fund raising, an information center in the 
CUB, and the offer of hospitality were main projects undertaken 
by the Alumni group. 

E.G. “Pat" Patterson has headed the Alumni Association for 20 
years, finding time to serve the university also by coaching varsity 
golfers and providing the legislature with background on the 
WSU program. 

Dr. Toshio Akamine, Acting Director, International Programs 

216 Administration 

E.G. “Pat” Patterson, Director, Alumni Relations 

Raymond Crabbs, Staff Assistant, Alumni Relations 

Alumni Relations 

Patrick Caraher, Editor Hilltopics, University Relations Robert Patrick, Associate Director, Alumni Relations 

Administration 217 

Campus Safety and 
Security Officers 

Ernest Schrcnk, Chief, Security Division 

William Pence, Chief, Fire Division 

The members of the Campus Security Division 
were responsible for the safety of the WSU campus. 
All hours of the day and night the men cruised the 
area investigating any campus disturbance. The 
Division also provided on call service throughout the 
year, ready at all times to assist the WSU 

Arthur Holtorf, Manager, Security and Safety Division 

218 Campus Security 

Student Administration Controls Campus Activities 

Above: ASWSU Senate. 1. Scott Minnick 2. Bob Berg 3. Diane Christopherson 4. John 
Turner 5. Mari lee Roloff 6. Bruce Whitaker 7. Gary Kleinknecht 8. Brian Berg 9. Chase 
Hensel 10. T om Dechenne II. Cyndie Schuh 12. Ki Tecumseh 13. Jack Jackson 14. Matthew 
Carey 15. Evan Sperline 16. Bev Brann 17. Chris Jennings 18. J. Steven Castleberry 19. Chris 
Schlect 20. Rob Sherwood Not Pictured: Scott Hendrickson, Dean Beardsley. David Manus, 
Roger Madsen, Jim Boldt, Ralph Atkins. 

The ASWSU Senate succeeded in accomplishing 
goals for 1971. The Senate established the Draft 
Counseling Service in the Compton Union Building 
and a Draft Counseling Resource Board. The 
members also proposed reforms for the Campus 
Security Division and worked to set up links with 
State legislators. 

Support was given to petitions concerning the 
UFWOC lettuce boycott and to end genocide 
campaign. ASWSU also consulted with the Board of 
Regents and WSU Administrators pertaining to 
Policies and Regulations revisions and up-coming 
tuition increases. 

ASWSU 219 

ASWSU Executive 
Council Plans 
Academic Reforms 

Below: 1. Evan Sperlinc 2. Scott Hendrickson 3. Mark Backman 
4. Steve Kiehl 5. Carlton Lewis 

220 ASWSU 

The ASWSU officers worked closely as a team for mutual goals. Their 
endeavors included the establishment of an all-university Senate, furthering 
academic reform through the Student Senate Academic Affairs Advisory Council 
and Educational Policy Committee. They also worked with the Governor’s 
Council on Higher Education. 

ASWSU 221 

Above: Homecoming Committee. Row One: Karen Rodda, Steve Alder, Chairman. Row Two: Scott MacGillvray, Kathy Rodda, Pam Pewe. Row 
Three: Debbie Hemas, Wendy Littlefield, Patti Hinrichs, Jackie Wehring, Sue Grosz, Sharon Krafczyk, Sue Steinhaus, Row Four: Paul Sunderland, Karen 
Sablin, Karry Jeaudoin, Hugh Rossolo, Bill Hyslop, Pat Wiegand, Linda Fisher, Bruce Nelson. Below: Frosh Faculty Weekend. Row One: Robbie Faulds, 
Kathy Lodi, Karen Sablin, Sue Carins, Advisor. Row Two: Marcy Gibb, Scott Minnick, Harvey Dunham, Cindy Mann, Mary Gallagher, Steve Bunting, Steve 
Walker, Lynne Katyryniuk. 

222 ASWSU 

Committees promote student action 

Below: Model United Nations. Row One: Kathy Trudell, Christi Floyd, Sara Akre, Sylvia Sallquiest, 
Ann Waybright, Nancy Bunnell, Cecelia Thomas, Melinda Werner. Row Two: Larry Fehr, David 
Thomassen, Alan Pittam, Rick Wayenberg, Larry Wood, Dave Ierien, Brad Parks, John Gray, Harvey 
Roberts. Below: Special Events. Row One: Bruce Prenguber, Scott Johnson, Gary Knell, Bors Smith, 
Terry McClinton, Dave Voorhies, Greg Hoffman. Row Two: Dianne Sullivan, Judi Nilan, Virginia Anne 
Gehrett, Peggy Spellman, Sally Ward, Sue Paulson, Margaret Sewell. Row Three: Leon Sanders, Susan 
Messinger, Carroll Hayden, Advisor. 

ASWSU 223 

Above: Rally. Row One: A1 Stanford, Dan Leahy. Row Two: Cheri Hanson, Norma Stratton, Becky Moore, Sharon Reffett, Fran Harkins, Penny 
Pfeffer. Row Three: Dave Burke, Dave Sanders, Stan Parrish, Tom Rhone, Gary Blair, Kerry Jeaudoin, Mark Wennerlind, Craig Dewey. Not Pictured: 
Yvonne Thompson, Shelia McDonald, John Mitzel, Kitten Sedwick, Lynne Cassidy, Sue Adamson. Below: Performing Arts. How One: Skip Kearney, 
Jean Shorett, John Morrison. Jan Korus, Beverly Mizumoto, Beuna Johnson.Row Two: Larry Kimmel, Dave Cockrill, Bob Fedoroff, John Kittel, Racheal 
Brunner, Doug McDonnell, Diana Lanman. Row Three: Bill Carter, Dave Lewis, Jim Corcoran, Bob Schutt. 

224 ASWSU 

Above: Rally Members. Dan Leahy, A1 Stanford. Right: 
Crimson Block. Row One: Pat Laframboise, Cindy Schorr, 
Rob Lundin, Christie Woodrow. Row Two: Carolyn Schank, 
Saundra McIntosh, Leon Sanders, Jeanie McFadden, Scott 
Smith, Becki Rightmire. Row Three: Curt Stone, Kelly 
Brown, Scott Johnson, Dan Indgierd, Carolyn Olsen. Not 
Pictured: Cindy Reitan. Below: Dance Committee. Row 
One: Linda Gwin, Richard Kittinger, Kerry Mizuno, Dave 
Butler, Doreen Pirle.Row Two: Michael Irvin, Janie Graybill, 
Cindy Horsley. Row Three: Carroll Hayden, Steven Bean, 
Bruce Aronson, Mike Smith, Bill Carter. 

Crimson Block and Rally 
Boost School Spirit 

ASWSU 225 

Above: Program Board. Row One: Carroll Hayden, 
Advisor; Maureen A. O’Neill, Chairman, Peggy Spellman, Sue 
Cairns, Advisor; Bill Davis, Advisor. Row Two: Jim Mertes, 
Mike Cheney, John Morrison, Don Russell, Larry Kissler, 
Doug Swanson. 

Below: Election Board. Row One: Stephanie Eldringhoff, 
Sarah Thonney, Bob Mattingley, Nick Wigen, Sue Elvrum, Dean 
Lynch, Bill Brown, Rose Marie Filicetti, Kim Shrader, Joan Laffaw, 
Mary Vallely, Kay Carstens, Gail Basso, Rhonda Poor, Chairman, 
(on floor). Not Pictured: Sue Michaelson, Mary Jo Thelen, Lynn 

226 ASWSU 

Films, Programs, and Elections are 
just some of the campus activities 

Above: Activities Board. Row One: Harold Boyd, 
Greg Wendler, Jeff Langlow, Torn Dechenne, Sue 
Durrant, Mike Morrow, Marty Warner, Bernard Bobb, 
Matthew G. Carey, Bob Patrick, W.R. Brown, Gloria 
Harper, Trude Smith, Aretta J. Stevens, Jo Ann 

Below: Films Committee. Row One: Dick Grace, Brooke Healy, Wendy Heath. 
Row Two: Hira Thapliyal, Pauline Hargrave, Peggy Reinhardt. Row Three: Curt 
Sherman, Jane Morrison, Sarah Landry, Patti Wilma. Row Four: Jerry Hanowell, 
Bob Ward, Bill Davis, Advisor. Row Five: John Wasson, Advisor; Larry Kisslcr, 
Deb Bhattacharya. 

ASWSU 227 

ASWSU Committees 
have large number 
of applicants 

Right: Lecture Notes. Laurel Walenta, Mrs. Jan 
Crouch, Mrs. Lillian Fuller. Not Pictured: Mrs. Rita 
Delehant, Bonnie Fossum, Gary Frisvold, Jan 
Nottingham, Connie Stocker, Randy Tedrow. Below: 
Lecture Artists. Judy Brady, Jane Kirk, Sue O’Keefe, 
Elwood Hartman, Sue Cairns, Carla Crabb, Robert 
Patton, Dean Vandewall. Row Two: Doug Swanson, 
Wilhelmina Weaver, Stan Weber. Bottom: Political 
Union. Row One: Daniel Leahy, Diane 
Christopherson, Jim Britain. Row Two: Bill Davis, 
Virginia Gehrett, Mark Wennerlind. Row Three: 
Charles Cushing, Clif Edwards, Dale Miller, Mark 
Muljat, Glenn Uno. Opposite Page. Above: 
Recreation Council. Row One: John Caywood, 
Druci Confer, Rob Dunlap, Brian Berg, James D. 
Reddick, Bill Erwert. Not Pictured: Jane Noren, Cam 
Younker. Below Right: Union Board. Row One: 
Curt Sherman, Gordon Sedlacek, Grace Sweatt, Allen 
Ford, Tom Knight, Brent Marchbanks. Row Two: 
Matthew Carey, James Crow, Ford Turping. Bottom: 
Activities Staff: Carroll Hayden, Bob Stephens, Bill 
Brown, Sue Cairns, Bill Davis, Tom Wright. 

' T5 





The purpose of the Associated Women Students 
organization is to coordinate the activities of the women 
students of WSU. Opportunity for involvement in campus 
activities and exposure to new and various types of people is 
also offered by the organization. 

Above: AWS House. Row one: Christi Woodrow, Karen Steele. 
Jeanne Clark, Carolyn Lee, Janice Tiearney. Mary Barhanovich, Gloria 
Tomicli, Ellen Bartholomew, Janna Kricbs, Becky Brown, Barb Olson. 
Mary Kevan. Row Two: Jane Kirk, Linda Biddle, Barb Walters, Candy 
Christensen, Barb Gingerich, Rose Marie Filicetti, Sheri Morrison, Sally 
Ward, Teri Tucker. Row Three: Nancy Gahle, Nancy Potter, Connie 
Jones. Pat Cunningham, Donna Reed. Karen Gilmore, Liz Von Holt, Kathi 
Hansell, Charlotte Hartung, Terri Schmidt. Kathy Longaneckcr, Robin 
Boettcher, Anne Wells, Jane Norco, Patti Sunbury, Sally Plummer. Mrs. 
O’Donnell. Opposite Page Below: AWS Senate and Executive. 
Row one: Cathy Greene, Sally Plummer. Row two: Donna Tombari, 
Kathi Hansell. Pam Dorwav, Connie Detering. Marcia Garrett, Julie 
McClintock. Mary Jo Redman, Wendy Paul, Judy Mccartea, Kay Carstens. 
Not Pictured: Kathy Henning, Yvonna Roepeke. 

230 AWS 

AWS Is Women’s Voice on Campus 

AWS 23! 

Right: AWS Committee Chairmen. Sally Silva, Kay Carstens, Chris Obc'rg. 
Jeanne Anderson, Darcy Benny. Not Pictured: 'Ferry Tieger, Connie Detering. 

232 AWS 

Change For the Better is RHA Goal 

The Residence Hall Association afforded the chance for open 
discussion among members concerning problems with the residence 
hall and matters of university interest. 

Above: RHA. Row One: Paul Oskamp, Patty Snively, Willyc Brockway, Linda 
Whitcomb, Ginny Korfhage, Ann Randall. Row Two: Saundra McIntosh, Cheryl 
Jeffords, Jane Macho, Diane Schafer, Susan Magnusscn, Barb Diefendorf, Linda 
Gormley, Sue Gangler, Beth Sinclair, Patricia Thorson, Sue Ellen Lickey, Shorel 
Marjamaa. Row Three: Bob Blane, Steve Armstrong, Norm Schaaf, Dan 
Bauermeister, Mike Goheen, Paul Cleghorn, Rex Stahly, Larry Dressel, John Jensen, 
Sandy Keathley, Jim Anderson, Anne Zukerman, Launenne Post, Joyce Gray, Betsy 
Studer, Gene Toews. Below: RHA Officers. Row One: Linda Gormley, Sandy 
Kathley, Row Two: John Jensen. 

RHA 233 

Fraternity Voice Heard Through IFC 

Presidents of the 25 fraternities recognized by WSU comprised the 
membership of IFC. Promotion of interests of the members was the goal 
established by the organization. 

Above: IFC. Row One: Nick Wigen, Reed Hadley, Hugh Rossolo, Keith Flagler, Steve 
Potter, Casey Webster, Jim Flahner, Larry Richmond, Randy Racicky, Mike Kraemer. 
Row Two: Mike Carroll, Stephen Fuson, Spencer M. Davis, Chris Laney, Jim Thayer, 
Wayne Riehle, Jim Nagle, Grant Maclean, Larry Tuke, John Caywood. Below: IFC 
President, Ted Barr. Opposite Page Above: IFC Officers. Mike Morrow, 
Michael Hambleton, Dale McPherson, DaveSadick, Andy Zimmerman. 

234 IFC 

Communication among the sororities and unifying the 
interests of fraternity and non-fraternity women was the goal 
of Senior Panhellenic Council. The members also strove to 
promote high scholarship and involve sorority women in 
intellectual pursuits. 

Jr.-Sr. Pan 
Link Sororities 

Junior Panhellenic represented the pledge classes of the 
fifteen WSU sororities. One delegate from each pledge class 
and each pledge class president composed the membership. 
Junior Panhellenic tunctioned to direct activities for the 
pledge classes and served as an outlet for discussion of Greek 

Above: junior Panhellenic. Row One: Mary Martin, Terri Dunagan, Judi Nilan, Kay Lattin, Kathy Hogan. Row Two: Sue Brandenburg, Cheryl 
Martin, Peggy Warner, Barb Dierdorff, Mareie Murray, Gretchen Olson Betsgke, Cathie Crouse, Denise Sarta. Row Three: Colleen Dye, Kay Donnew, 
Cindy Tracy, Barb Dompier, Laurie Batfany, Betty Ann Green, Kass Leonard, Dev Armstrong, Sally Schoeff, Paige Conrad, Janey Oberg, Kathy Lewis, 
Kathy Westlin, Melanie Morrisson, Linda Stevens, Pat Wolf. Not Pictured: Carolyn Christin, Patti Hcikel. Below: Senior Panhellenic. Row One: 
Mary Kehne, Colleen Dye, Hildi Jacobsen, Sue Brandenburg, Terry Kearns, Louanna Lynch, Debbie Bullis, Madora Clodfelter, Mary Gallagher. Row 
Two: Shelley Parks, Kathy Berry, Chris Chase, Liz Vhay, Connie Taylor, Suzanne Franks, Dot Fleet, Erin O’Neil, Cathy Seeley, Penny Pfeffer. 

236 Panhellenic 



er a grouping 


same interests. 

and a companionship 

opportunity to meet, 

share, and become 

a part of something 

understanding of 

all men 

ASCA Serves Ag. Unit 

Below: ASCA. Row One: Darryl Hartung, Steve Brown, Ferris Forar, Rick 
Nilles. Row Two: Terry Hall, Bill Lowe, Nancy Richmond, Sue Mixon. Row 
Three: Erv Tippett, John Burns, Bud Boyd, Gary Bye. 

Coordinating the activities of the several major clubs 
in the College of Agriculture was the intention of the 
Associated Students of the College of Agriculture. The 
primary objective of the club is to provide a chance for 
members of the various clubs to meet with students in 
other fields of agriculture. 

ASCA 237 

Clubs Stress Agriculture’s Importance 

The Agronomy Club worked in close association with 
the Department of Agriculture and Soils, expanding their 
knowledge by meeting with students possessing mutual 

The Agricultural Economics Club provides the 
interested members with a chance to associate with other 
persons in their field. The undergraduates are able to 
gain awareness of openings and opportunities. 

Above: Agronomy Club. Row One: Marvin Hopp, Richard 
Brulotte, Terry Peters, Tom Cook, Loren Heideman. Row Two: 
Bruce Hewitt, Charles Edlen, Jim Nipper, Les Wright, Wayne Riehle, 
Jon Claus, Sheldon Blank. Row Three: Larry Lusher, John Burns, 
Robert Finke, Rennie Kubik. Below: Agronomy Club Officers. 
Row One: John Burns, Terry Peters, Marvin Hopp. Row Two: 
Larry Lusher, Loren Heideman. Opposite Page Above: The 
annual spring barbecue finds Dr. Rehberg serving up lots of barbecued 
chicken to a large crowd. Opposite rage Below: Ag. Econ. 
Club. Row One: Jerry Frisbee, Scott Hamilton, Duane Depping, 
Ken Gronewald, Gary Schell. Row Two: Rod Dupuis, Chet Haines, 
Mike Syreen, Wayne Stiles, Kurt Braunwart, Wally Hattan, Allan 
Short, Scott Fancher, Laurence E. McCall. Row Three: Erv 
Tippett, Jim H. Peterson, Woody Woodcock, David Kleweno, Terry 
Francl, Greg Stewart, Doug Hammarstrom, Dan Bickelhaupt, Terry 
Hall, Bill Moore, Fred Soler, Douglas Kle.weno, Martin Waananen, 
Mike Gatzman. 

238 Agriculture 

Agriculture 239 

Above: Alpha Zeta. Row One: Jerry Rohr, Jay Holliday, Gladys Tarnavsky, Steve VanValkenburg, Clarence Manning, James C. 
Friday. Row Two: Mark Fritch, Duane Depping, Terry Hall, Ray Richmond, Mike Mahoney, Gary Bye, Ron Wilson, Darryl 
Hartung, Ken Duft. Below: Ag. Engineering. Row One: Robert Wilson, Richard Bader, Bill Randles, Dave Morrell, Jim 
Killingsworth. Row Two: Mike Eneroth, John Mann, Charles Sample, Thomas M. Herres, Thomas G. Beechinor, James P. Sorensen, 
Doug Redford, Allan Gohl. Row Three: June Roberts, Steve Ebe, Chris Mundt, J.E. George, C.C. Mueller, J.B. Simpson, A.E. 
Powell, K.O. Eggleston. 

Alpha Zeta Ag. Engineering 

The Fraternity of Alpha Zeta has as its objective 
to render service to the student and to agricultural 
divisions of Washington State University through 
the promotion of the profession of agriculture. 

The members of the Agricultural Engineering 
Club were able to enhance the promotion of their 
profession through guest speakers and films directly 
related to their interest. 

240 Agriculture 

Lariat Club 

Livestock was the important factor for the Lariat Club. Involved in various 
competitions around the state, the club sent representative animals to the 
Inland Empire Angus Show and Sale, and the Northwest Pacific Barrow 
Show. Judging teams participated in the Portland International, and members 
of the club made a field trip to Canada to observe different types of ranches. 

Besides these activities the Lariat Club sponsored all-school dances in 
November and February. Members also prepared and sold homemade sausage. 
The club enjoyed a productive year. 

Below: Lariat Club. 1. Lynn Machin 2. Judy Babb 3. David 
Leatherman 4. Robert Ladiges 5. Charlotte Kovich 6. Daniel 
Jackson 7. James Cronrath 8. Clifford Steveson 9. Jeff Keane 10. 
Linda Phelps 11. Kathleen Gagnon 12. Jean Eickmeyer 13. 
Karen Campbell 14. Jean Smith 15. Chris Carroll 16. Kathy 
Fritchey 17. Carl Nissen 18. Tim Tippett 19. Doug Floch 20. 
Donna Sorensen 21. Linda Anderson 22. Dr. E.L. Martin 23. 
Clayton C. O'Mary, Advisor 24. Duncan Dunn, Advisor 25. 
Mike Thonney 26. Nancy Richmond 27. Kay Hartshorn 28. Jill 
Irving 29. Ray Richmond 30. Kurt Gilmore 31. J.A. Froseth, 
Advisor 32. Tom Voyles33. Edith Hamilton 34. Sharon Sorensen 
35. Dan Coonrad, Advisor 36. Jon R. Lindstrom 37. Rob Barnes 

Agriculture 241 

Above Left: Equestrian Club. Row One: 

Gloria McPhee, Candy Freeborn, Amy Newcomb, 
Charrise Graves, Kathy Gagnon, Sigrid Jansson. Row 
Two: Valarie Casey, Judy Vanderhoff, Cheryl Lou 
Hyland, Susan Whipple, Sherry Dusek, Leslie Olsoe, 
Kay Hendersen, Pam Roberts, Karen Neilsen. 
Middle: Row One: Diana Roberts, Sally 
McChesney, Margaret Deming, Edward G. Louie, 
Christy Steelhammer, Tara Johnson, Fran Schneider, 
Donna Brock, Sue Wilke. Row Two: Linda 
Schwarz, Sandy Sayler, Liza Peth, Jan Peth, Linda 
Odenrider, Nora Boman, Becky Kirkpatrick, Donna 
Sorensen, Karen Agnew, Judy Babb, Karen Campbell. 
Row Three: Richard Schoenberg, Mike Hopper, 
Ron Ferguson, Dave and Jed Odenrider, Bob Barnes, 
Rod Anderson. Below Left: Gene Francis, Coach. 

242 Equestrian Club 

Equestrian Club 



Opposite Page Below Right: Equestrian Club Officers. Row One: Diana Roberts, Wayne Gossett, Sue Wilke, Jeff Keane. Row Two: 
Jon D. DeGrotte, Jan Peth, Jerome Wysocki, Calvin Parvin. Above Right: Orvil Sears, Timed Events Coach. Below: Row One: Harriet Outland, 
Linda Seidel, Kathy Higgin, Mary Holland, Sue Metzler, Claudia Weiss, Michelle Berryessa, Jeanine Polumsky. Row Two: Crystal Rost, Charlene 
Collender, Sheryl Klicker, Pam Horning, Kristi Dodge, Kathy Maguson, Gail Winters, Lane Loiacana, Jerome Wysocki. Row Three: Dan Scott, 
Calvin Parvin, Jeff Keane, Jon D. DeGroote, Susan DeGroote. 

Equestrain Club 243 

The Range Management Club has established its organization 
on the following premises that: understanding the ecosystem is 
basic to all of man's goals for use of the natural resources, range 
ecosystems are composed of communities of plants and animals in 
their natural environment. Ecosystem components—vegetation, 
soil, water, air, fire, animals, topography, temperature, solar 
energy, and man—are closely and completely interrelated, and any 
influence on one affects others. Range ecosystems are important 
sources of a variety of outputs, including water, air, fish, and 
wildlife, livestock, recreation, landscape and open space, 
miscellaneous other products, and a resource reserve. 

Valuable experiences for future agricultural teachers and Future 
Farmers of America advisors were the aim of the Agricultural 
Education Club. 

An overall perspective of the fields of Veterinary Medicine was 
the primary objective of the Organization of Future 
Veterinarians. Involvement in lectures, projects, and interaction 
between members provided members with a detailed view of the 

Above: Future Vets. Row One: Don Bowen, Becky Bussell, Evelyn Wilhelmson, Deborah Allard, Sheri Lindhag, Jane Botterman, Gloria McPhee. Row 
Two: Randy Thomas, Susan Whipple, Gary Whitehead, Shirley Ness, Dr. Gary Bryan, Sue Mixon, Donna Peterson. Row Three: Richard Vetter, Carol 
Seehafer, Cheryl Lou Hyland, Trudy Haversat, Kristi Dodge, Kathy Gagnon, Genanne Schleuten, Paige Conrad, Randy Hein. Row Four: Keith Vogel, Danny 
Johansen, Dan Sullivan, Greg Hackett, Dan Roberts, Dennis Gerstung, Rod Sydenhom, Lisa Magg, Patricia Mattson. 

244 Vets 

Above: Rang^? Management. Row One: Mark L. Armstrong, Jeffrey Dill, Dennis Dailey, Dick Stark, Larry A. Davidson, Carl Goebel, Jerome Wysocki, 
Frank Simms. Row Two: John Olson, Dale Wondercheck, James Mowrray, Wendel Hann, Roy Fowles. Row Three: Grant A. Harris, Jerry Rohr, Frank 
Easter, Chris Erb, Patrick Reece, William Stewart, David Guenther, Michael Wallace, Lawrence Lilley, Ben Roche. 

Clubs Focus on Life Improvement 

Above: Agricultural Education Club. Row One: Ross Bingaman, Walt Matteson, Galen Hansen, Robert Longtain, Fred Cockle, Steve VanValkenburg, 
Gary Bye, L.J. Emerson, Dennis Milliken. Row Two: Orlin Reinbold, Carl Jensen, Gary Johnson, Garey Lantis, Gary Slagg, Doug Floch, John Doumit, Rodney 
Tulloch. Row Three: Mike Rozelle, Wynn VanAusdle, Bill Lowe, Paul Hudson, Bob Gallagher, Dennis Solbrack, Steve Brown, Lowden Borgens, David 
Krawsky, Robin Roscnau, Arnold Davis, Michael Schrag. 

Range Management 245 

Dairy Science 

The Dairy Club was involved in several dairy 
cattle judging contests. The first all-girl judging 
team placed second at the Pacific International in 
Portland, Oregon. 

The men’s team, headed by coach Dr. M.H. Ehlers, 
finished seventeenth among 32 collegiate teams at 
the National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging 
Contest in Columbus, Ohio. 

Top: Dairy Club. Row One: Rick Turner, Dennis Frost, 
Randy Gross, Rich Hartzell, M.H. Ehlers. Row Two: R.W. 
Wallenius, Robert Simmons, Eric Anderson, Bill Putnam, Leland 
Long, John Bouslog, Roger Willis, Len Soler. Above Right: 
Dairy Club Officers: Dr. M.H. Ehlers, Advisor; Rich 
Hartzell, Randy Gross, Dan Bailey. Below Right: Girls’ 
Judging Team: Eunice Overland, Eileen Hartzell, cow: 
Chinook Reflector Daisy, Jo Blake, Coach; Barbara Wulz. 

Members of both Xi Sigma Pi, a national forest 
honorary, and Range and Management Club were 
given the opportunity to train for future leadership 
and use their present abilities to utilize and conserve 
natural resources. 

Improved Environment is concern 
of Natural Resource Org. Members 

(Cl 07 A 

f 7 


V 1 J 

Above: Xi Sigma Pi. 1. Art Tasker 2. Nick C. Napier 3. Katie 
Tiffany 4. Roy Woo 5. Jim Patton 6. Roy L. Fowles. 

Below: Forestry and Range. Row One: Wendy Ryan, Barb Fennessy, Dale Schmidt, Julie 
Neigel, Katie Tiffany.Stevc Keller, Carl Eldcn, Merritt Stegmeier. Row Two: Bob Walter, Dan 
Troglin, Curt Brennen, Dennis Ball, Rick Reding, Cliff Williams, Jim Durfey, Bill Ferrell, 
Milton Mosher, Arthur Noskowiak, Row Three: Ron Raska, Doug Renggli, Jim Holley, Bob 
Johnstone, Carl J. Goebel. 

Agriculture 247 

248 Agriculture 

The purpose of the Horticulture Club was to promote mutual interest in 
Horticulture while providing entertainment and enjoyment. Closer ties between 
the faculty and students in the Horticulture Department were established by 
membership in the club. 

The professional honorary for majors in agricultural education, Alpha Tau Alpha, 
provided an opportunity for interaction and exchange of ideas among those 
interested students. 

Ag. Groups Focus 
Concern on Nature 

Opposite Page Below: Horticulture. 1. Fenton E. Larsen 2. James Maresh 
3. Gerald Green 4. Edwin Wondall 5. Dave Sontag 6. Edward Rosage 7. Ron 
Wilson 8. Ernest Hildebrand 9. Bentley Kern 10. Neil Henrichsen 11. Jo Smasne 
12.Jeanne Wilson 13. Gordon Lowell 14. Kirk Hadley. Above: Alpha Tau 
Alpha. Row One: Ross Bingaman, Doug Floch, Carl Jensen, Fred Cockle, 
Steve Van Valkenberg, Walt Matteson, Michael Schrag. Row Two: Rodney 
Tulloch, Paul Hudson, Bob Gallagher, Bill Lowe, Mike Rozelle, Robin Rosenau, 
Gary Bye, John Doumit, L.J. Emerson, Dennis Millikcn, Robert Longtain, 
Arnold Davis. 

Agriculture 249 


9 PPhMBP! 

r (j 

f/f 7 f'H 

|«\ f 

j (ICjPt 

1 tT" y. 

I 1 Wi 


Above: Phi Chi Theta. Row One: Jackie Wehring, Betsy Husom, Andrea Bergly. Row Two: Sally Pickens, Sylvia Crumpler, Charlene Collender, Carol 
Killingsworth, Frances Rowley, Barbara Harrison, Cheryl Pickens, Katie Kilmer, Janice Paulson, Janie Allen, Nancy Coon, Karen Carter, Bev Branr. Row 
Three: Nancy Hayes, Christine Cole, Kathy Evans, Sandy Lux, Truda Aune, Jackie Hahner, Frances Woo, Charlene Benge, Barbara Vance, Norma Snider, Sally 
Lefler, Dixie Miller, Ingrid Thompson, Mary Hayano, Joan Freeman. 

Phi Chi Theta presented its women members 
with a chance to gain knowledge of the business 
field. Membership was based on sophomore 
standing and certification of a major within the 
college of Economics and Business. 

Through membership in Alpha Kappa Psi, men 
in the Department of Business Administration, 
were able to enhance their knowledge in the field. 
Guest speakers at regular meetings contributed 
experience and background to the furtherment of 
the student’s interest. The organization sent two 
representatives to the district convention in Coeur 
d’Alene in the fall. 

Above: Alpha Kappa Psi. Row One: C.R. Hunt, Chuck Gleiser, Robert Fukai, Douglas Orton, Max M. Egger. Row Two: 
Dave Carlson, Bruce Morrow, Doug Beadle, Dennis C. Treece. 

250 Honoraries 

Computers become an 
Important Facet of 
the Business Department 

Beta Gamma Sigma is an honorary serving business 
administration, hotel administration, and economics fields. 
Members were elected because they had demonstrated high 
scholastic achievement throughout their academic careers. 
The top 10 percent of seniors, 4 percent of juniors, and 20 
percent of graduate students made up the honorary’s 
membership. They were eligible to seek a national scholarship 
offered by the organization. 

Above: Beta Gamma Sigma. Row One: James W. Philopant, Catherine Anne Wheatley. Steve R. Pearson, Shirley A. Dorr, Kathy Hadley, George E. 
Conniff, W’illiam F. Radburn. Row Two: Donald G. House, Peter T. Smith, Harry P. Banan. Wayne E. Hays, Scott R. Hendrickson, Michael E. Bershaw. Row 
Three: Bob Blank, David Startup, Lee Cannon, Daniel Smoke, Steve R. Watson, John Hogle, Dave Grundstrom. 

Honoraries 251 

Above: Sigma Iota. Row One: Alan Matsushima, Greg Kummer, Robert G. Link, Greg Chamberlain, Michelle Frank, Mike Mettler. Row Two: Dick 
Hein, Tim Dubois, Valerie Spencer, Terry Tufts, Ron Baier. Row Three: Mark Swenson, Richard Giboney, Mark McClure. Fred Bess, David S. Mitchell, Tim 
Holbrook, Greg Oldham, Dennis R. Miller. 

Sigma Iota is an honorary fraternity composed of Hotel and Restaurant students. The annual 
“Bellhop’' was successful as one of the year’s major social events. 

Sigma lota 

Special guest speakers and regularly scheduled meetings gave the members a chance to communicate 
among themselves and with leaders, preparing them more fully for professional careers. 

Above: Sigma Iota. Row One: Dirk A. Baldon, Barbara Smith, Raymond Caldwell, Dave Dalthorp, Lily Mok, Jane Macho, Jessie Inazu. Row Two: Terry 
Brazas, Scott Broyles, Paul McNemec, Ron Nicholl, Eric Olson, Tim Mahoney, Ron Gustafson, Tom Pcavey, Tom Furse. 

252 Sigma Iota 

TW i 

Above: Sigma Iota. Row One: Professor Joseph Bradley, Bob Stanley, Doug Brandt, J.D. Smith, John A. Lundin, George Perry, Jon Claeson. Row Two: 
James Nelson, David Reynolds, Mark Johnson, Paul Falor, Steven B. Linden, Chuck Beaver, Dick Helmberger, Lynn Beatty. 

Phi Epsilon Kappa, National Physical Education Honorary Fraternity, was 
orginated to further professional training at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 

The club operates on a plane where students, faculty, and alumni work together, 
contributing to the advancement and revision of the physical education programs. 


V r 1 

l t m 

Above: Phi Epsilon Kappa. Row One: Victor P. Daluier, Vincent N. Pfaff, Jr., Carl W. Saubert IV, Hans-O. Hermans, Buck Oden, Shannon Burns, Jack 
Ernst, Larry Barton, James D. Reddick. Row Two: Dean Nakagawa, Gary Iwamoto, Nelson Wood, Graham Hutchison, Bob Melson, Gary Benson, Bob Waits, 
Paul Harruff, Lee N. Burkett. Row Three: Tom Gregory, Erik Sebby, Rick Regan, Paul Deuling, Alan Lafky, Tom Keith, Tom Richardson, Ivars Dravinskis, 
Dallas Youngs. 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 253 

Above: PEM Club. Row One: Judy Vanderhoff, Chris Dormaicr, Vickie Holling, Jcanie Simmons, Vicki Durham, Carol Thomas, Ruth Lakcl, Christy 
Gregory. Row Two: Jackie Babin, Jan Guenther, Susan Hill, Jackie Philleo, Veda Shanks, Gayle Parks, Pat Koshko, Alda Amidon. Row Three: Nancy 
Carlson, Julie Shutt, Jan McKelvy, Sherri Smith, Kathy Hanson, Connie Rice, Gloria Kelley, June Auld, Kristie Axelson. 

Girls majoring or minoring in physical education, physical therapy, and recreation make up the membership of PEM club. 
Activities for the PEM club included the annual “Cross-Roads” retreat to Camp Easter Seal for staff and majors, and a Christmas 
party. The group also sponsored a guest speaker who discussed the chosen topic “Outward Bound.” 

Above: Chemical Engineers. Row One: Don Bradley, Guy Gimlcn, Steve Hall, John Goetz, Steve Waldher, Leonard Tilton, Gary Campbell. Row Two: 
Dennis Knudsen, Mike Riehle, George Trichak, Marie Tellessen, Suzanne Sivley, Ken Nielsen, Bruce Larson, Charles Brown, Elton Hewitt. Row Three: Jim 
Powell, Paul Scott, Tim Kennedy, Gary Simpson, Ronald Westlund, Fred Wright, Robert Luedeking. 

WSU’s student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, AlChE, promotes the professional development of its 
members. Advised by Dr. Luedeking, the club projected activities involving the faculty and students in the attempt to develop open 
communication between them. 


Student Organizations Orient 
Members Towards Professional Fields 

Above: ASCE. Row One: Dean Holman, Said Omar Elharabi, A1 Schoencr. Row Two: Larry Noble, Ed Shaw, Herbert Ching, Ed Hayes, Donald Schut, 
Dean Frey, Alan Medak, George Baughman, Billy H. Brooks, Dave C. Powell, Tom A. Krumsick. Row Three: Robert Dale Manning, Roger D. Hyland, Jim 
Cochran, Dr. H.C. Sorensen, Michael McCarthy, Gary Demich, Tim Homann, Larry Geise, John R. Dorffeld, Jim Morris, Bob Lommasson, Dennis Rapp, Steve 
Goebel. Not Pictured: Don Engler, Duncan Sturrock. Larry Roger Gregory, Elton Chung. 

Student chapters of the Associated Society of Civil Engineers were established to provide an opportunity for the beginnings of 
professional association. Frequent meeting enabled the members to share impressions of engineering problems and judgments as to 
the practical aspects of their chosen field. 

ASCE 255 

Organizations Foster Common Interests 

Above: IEEE. Row One: Dave Thomas, Kenneth E. Gardner, Tom Wilson. Row Two: Mary Chifong Leung, Jim 
Hasselman, John D. Gillen. Row Three: Ronald Jay Keogh, Gary Kovacevich, David Reese Jones, Dennis Ward Bickford, 
David Paul Carson. 

Fostering common interest in electrical engineering between students and faculty is the main goal 
of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Insight into responsibilities of a professional 
engineer is also gained through the organization’s efforts. 

Above: National Society of Interior Design. Row One: Meg Knowles, Ann Moore, Joan Scott, Willa Witherow, Bede Jordan, Alyce Daniels. Row 
Two: Miss Roberta Kilty, Curt Sherman, Wayne Landrum, Zoe Hill, Gary Hovda, Kevin Nauss, Steven Haynes, Steven Hankins. 


Membership in the National Society of 
Interior Designers is acquired by declaring 
the field as one’s major or minor. The year’s 
activities for the organization began with a 
get-together chili feed. Later in November 
the group took a field trip to Spokane to 
visit with designers and designing firms. A 
similar trek was made in May to Seattle. 
Guest designers spoke at the club’s 
meetings and helped establish 
communication between students and 
professionals in the designing field. 

Persons majoring or minoring in Industrial 
Arts are eligible for membership in the 
Industrial Arts. Besides broadening 
friendships and having an opportunity to 
associate with others similarly interested in 
the field, the club concentrates on 
furthering the education of the student. 
The utilization of shop equipment, 
promotion of scholarship, and application of 
skills are the major club efforts. 

Above: Industrial Arts. W.A. Bakamis, Bob Brewer, Ed Kinion, Emmett Hobbs, Jim Hunt, Gordon 
Greenwald, Gerald Morse, Jim Tuominen. 

Int. Design, Ind. Arts 

Engineering Honoraries Recognize Top Students 

Recognizing outstanding engineering students 
with respect to scholarship, sociability, and 
practicality was the purpose of Sigma Tau. The 
organization meets four times yearly. The fall pledge 
class elected as their project to collect garbage from 
the state parks. Members gained an opportunity to 
associate with department heads and earned 
recognition, valuable to their future employment. 

Tau Beta Pi helped further credit the College of 
Engineering as an outstanding engineering school. 
One of the largest honoraries in engineering, Tau 
Beta Kappa held two initiation banquets. 
Recognition of members for their high-scholastic 
achievement was the main goal of the organization. 

Above: Sigma Tau. Row One: Mike Henderson, Allan 
Buchignani, Dave Heyamoto, Bob Manning, Larry Gregory, 
John Donahue, Ed Aim, Pham Tuyen, Roger Nelson. Row 
Two: Dan Iu, Arun Puri, Debanshu Bhattacharya, Jim 
Kimbreu, Bill McCloskey, Les Barkley, Glen Riehl, Marty 
Warner, Tim Henrichs, Dave Bryson, Chuck Dernback, Greg 
Mork, Dennis Rapp, Dean Renner, Jeff Cheng, Stephen Choi. 
Below: Tau Beta Pi. Row One: Kwong-Chee Cheng, 
Michael Wherley, Kong Peter Tat-Ming, G.A. Gimlen, Robert 
Luedeking, Surinder K. Bhagat. Row Two: Paul Chan, James 
Kimbrell, Rob Dragnich, Jack Kimbrell, Gerry Shrope, Bob 
Miller, Robert Dale Manning, Ed Benzel. 

258 Honoraries 

Above: Omicron Nil. Row One: Bonnie Cracknell, Margaret Fox. Row Two: Tanya Rinaldi, Janet Ericksen, Mary Lou King, Linda Gilmore, Barb Cohen, 

Jo Clark. Row Three: Mary Jeanette Craig, Susan Kneedler, Leslee Shackelton, Janet Gwin, Amy Shemet, Patsy Baehiser, Susan Larson, Jane Pumphrey. Row 
Four: Young A1 Kang, Mrs. Koehler, Jan Gordon, Gail Rogers, Shelley Parks, Judy Boling, Beuna Johnson, Karen Gilmore, Suanne Hinton, Loretta Salvadalena. 

Row Five: Mary Hanson, Laura Rohr, Linda Garber, Virginia Scobie, Emma Martin, Sharman Bramcr, Cora Gilliam, Terri Lowery, Cathy Steach. 

Omicron Nu Promotes 
Interest in Home Ec 

Omicron Nu, the Home Economics 
Honorary, promotes research, leadership, 
scholarship, and interest in Home Economics. 

Several annual events for the organization 
included the initiation ceremony and banquet. 
Tapping into the Kappa chapter was held in the 
fall and again in the spring. 

Honoraries 259 

ROTC Programs Build Future Officers 

Above: AUSA. 1. Dick Johnson 2. Rick Sandahl 3. Dennis 
Kerhulas 4. W. Michael Gaffney 5. Dale Gehrke 6. Susan 
Haskell 7. Bob Parr 8. Barbara Call 9. Kathleen Fish 10. Glenn 
Schmauder 11. Wayne Hays 12. Jon Tunis 13. Tom Bailey 14. 
Larry Gilmore 15. Cpt. B.C. Finn 16. William Woodcock 17. 
John Ailport 18. Raymond Carr 19. Steve Holman 20. Sam 
Mauch 21. Dan Hull 22. Mark Schons 23. Harold Butchart. 

Below: Army Sponsors. Row One: Mary Lynn McDonald, Peggy Brown, Jan Muret, Susan Haskell, Mary Nason, Carol Smick, Mary 
Vallely, Dick Johnson, Darlene Helt, Kathy Barclay, Karen Eskeberg, Kathleen Fish, Lesley Murata. Opposite Page Above: Army 
Staff. Row One: Miss Kay Neuman, Miss Gloria Wunder, Mrs. Valerie Bieber, Col. William B. Braham, LTC. Phillip D. Semmens, Mrs. 
Lois Clark. Row Two: Maj. Donald K. Larsen, Maj. Peter D. Miles, Cpt. Brian C. Finn, Cpt. Gary R. Williams, Cpt. Richard Cardinali, 
Ssg. Miles P. Ramsdell, Cpt. Chester J. Bisno, Cpt. Douglas W. Whitney, Msg. Ewald Duttlinger. 

260 ROTC 

To provide a graduate with a firm and workable grasp 
of the dynamics of leadership, thus enhancing the 
usefulness of his scholastic achievement was the goal of 
the Army ROTC curriculum. In the accomplishment of 
this goal, the basic premises of the individual development 
was paramount. 

Continuing changes took place in ROTC programs to 
match the requirements of the Modern Volunteer Army 
with needs and aspirations of qualified students. Also 

continuing stress was put on fostering development of 
innate student capability so as to best serve the social, and 
economic and military needs of the country. 

Particular changes during the past year have been the 
adoption of several new courses. Political Science was 
offered to Freshman students in the second semester. This 
change particularly reflects the departments aim in 
providing the students with a well-rounded education. 

ROTC 261 


ROTC 263 

Above. Scabbard and Blade. Row One: Arthur Bradshaw, Wayne Hays, Paul House, Dick Johnson, George Stecker, Doug McCreight. Row Two: Jay 
Takaaze, Daniel Erickson, Tony Stevens, Steve Leslie, Mike Dukes, Jerry Kjack, John Graves. Row Three: Brian Brubaker, John Brake, John Gordon. Below: 
S.A.M.E. Row One: Cathy Barclay, Linda Hopson, Frank H. Wing, Elizabeth Barlow, Pat Keel, Judy Osborn. Row Two: Captain Gary Williams, Terrell 
Cooper, Harold Bertehart, Jim Parsons, David Baum, Gerald Rippy, Bob Love, Kirby DeWayne, Michael Perini, Bob Parr. Not Pictured: Larry Mukai, Dave 
Murphy, Dennis White. 

264 ROTC 

Above: Brigade Staff. Row One: Steve Henderson, Art Bradshaw, Wayne 
Hays. Row Two: Randy Gross, Gary Joralemon, Steve Burns, Pat Keel, Jay 

Above: Army ROTC Spring Commissioning Ceremonies 

Air Force ROTC Offers Career Opportunities 

The Air Force Reserve Officers 
Training Program (AFROTC) offers 
college students a career opportunity in 
flying, in scientific or engineering 
fields, or in any one of some 54 other 
officer fields. It means a guaranteed 
position at the time of college 

Any male or female student in good 
academic standing who has at least two 
years of college remaining, either as a 
graduate or undergraduate student, can 
apply for the program. Scholarships are 

Right: Air Force Staff. Row One: Capt. 
Kenneth B. Dockter, Major Francis J. Ruf, Mrs. 
Barbara Stween, Col. Frederick N. Stahl, Capt. 
Edward T. Lisota. Row Two: T. Sgt. Peter J. 
Zuccaro, S. Sgt. Gilbert Pettit, S. Sgt. Raymond 
Marquez, T. Sgt. Richard Nebeker. 


■/iUr^ ■ 

$ w 

fm i 



iffiL 2 

-jnmm : . u 


e mim*. m 

ROTC 265 

266 ROTC 

Opposite Page Left: Spring Group Staff. Row One: Gail W. Parsons, Ken 
Ullrich, Bob Miller, Steven Smith. Row Two: Randall Brooks, Tom Babcock, Ken 
St.John, Fred L. Jarrett, KirtT. Lindeman, Robert W. Meyer, Jr., Dan Rambow, Bob 
Renner. Above Middle: Angel Flight: Row One: Pam Lee, Rembie Peterson, 
Denise Novacoff, Laurie Jones, Debbie Juniquist, Lena Monroe, Norma Hall, Judy 
Sobotka, Kathy Lewis. Row Two: Carol Gibbs, Ann Martinson, Gail Krupke, Jane 
Morton, Suzanne Nixon, Pam Roberts, Becky Lamb. Row Three: Sandy 
Sollenberger, Jeannie Rayburn, Marilyn Howard, Sherry Lester, Pam Tengesdal, 
Renee Greenman, Melaine Jones. Not Pictured: Susie Hill, Marilyn Thorsuig. 
Opposite Page Below: Arnold Air Society. Row One Area Staff: Fred L. 
Jarret, Dave Rajala, Ken St. John, Steven P. Smith, Roy K. Draggoo. Row Two: 
Lawrence A. Nicholas, Richard W. McKinney, Franklyn Kreighbaum, Gordie Blume, 
Ray Zimmerman, Carl E. Anderson, Rod McCall. Row Three: Alvis Forbes, Mel 
Fingarson, Dan A. Stucki, Chuck Westbrook, Kerry Koenig, Tom Babcock, Bob 
Miller, Randall Brooks. Below: POC Members. Row One: Robert W. Meyer, Jr., 
Gail W. Parsons, Michael Perini, Dave Rajala, Ken Ullrich, Randall Brooks, Fred L. 
Jarrett, Bob Miller, Ron Ryan. Row Two: Ken St. John, Roy K. Draggoo, Tom 
Babcock, Terry Hastings, Dan Rambow, Kerry Koenig, Bill Howard, Harold W. 
Hastings. Row Three: Robert Renner, Carl E. Anderson, Daniel C. McAlister, Ken 
Gronewald, Dan A. Stucki, Steven P. Smith, Franklyn Kreighbaum, Kirt.T. 
Lindeman, Robert E. Lundin. Row Four: Bill Semmler, Dan Holtman, Dave 
Grundstrom, Ray Zimmerman, Steve Fusco, Chuck Westbrook, Bill Kirkpatrick, A1 
Dyer, Ken Korsmo, Gordie Blume, Howard Stout. 

ROTC 267 

Above: Fall Group Staff. Carry Koenig, Bill Howard, Dennis Bell, Gail Parsons, Dan Holtman, Roy Draggoo. 

Right: Dining-in ceremonies at 
Fairchild Air Force Base sees 
Colonel Stahl making a 
presentation. Far Right: The 
annual military ball was again a 
success. Below: Air Force Fall 
Federal Review. 

ROTC Provides Social Activities, Too 

Above: Flight Instruction Program. Row One: Daniel H. Holtman, Jim Hasselman, Dan Stucki, Terry Hastings, Major F.J. Ruf. Row 
Two: Albert Anderson, Kenneth Gronewald, KirtT. Lindeman, Steven Smith, Kenneth Ullrich, Gregory Botch. 

Above: Air Force Honor Guard. Below Left: Colonel Stahl performs fall commissioning ceremonies. Below Right: 
Spring Commissioning ceremonies amid the rush of graduation. 



Above: RhoChi. Marcia Anderson, Dr. Charles Martin, Steve Bobbink, Mark Anderson, Greg Moeller, Ron Polk, Barry Rupp. 

Membership in Rho Chi is based upon outstanding academic 
achievement consistent with the goals of the society. The purpose 
is to promote advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences and 
encourage high scholarship. Dr. Coy W. Waller spoke on “The 
State of Knowledge on marijuana in the Pre-clinical Sciences'' at 
the annual Rho Chi lecture. 

Membership in the American Pharmaceutical Association is 
open to any student enrolled in pharmacy. The regular meetings 
provide guest speakers and various programs of interest for the 
group. The Association is affiliated with the Washington State 
Pharmaceutical Association. 

Above: American Pharmaceutical Association: Row One: John Kerege, Don Mobley, Steve Bobbink, Greg Moeller, Sue Stovall, Kathy Baldwin, 
Barbara Taylor, Patt de Blaquieve, Gail Koorenny, Joe Geireman, Bob Shelley. Row Two: Randy Lonborg, Barry Rupp, Ron Polk, Liane Shumaker, Karla 
Johnson, Janet Lorenzo, Mary Jo Redman, Ann Olson, Janis Mayeda, Gwinn Gates, Connie Pokrifchak, Marti Lee, Marcia Anderson, Mark Anderson. Row 
Three: Ron Brummcl, Rick Doane, Ken Mosziter, Roger Glaser, Doug Janachek, Dan Lust, Lee Wonke, Ken Mitley, Dan King, John Horn, John Griggs, Carl 
Lentz, Dennis Jurgens, Ken Smick, Larry Durbin, John Kittcl, J. Kelly Martin, Russ Hendrickson, Keith Kramer, Dave Cox, Terry Hendrickson. 

270 Pharmacy Honoraries 

H v, jF 

r "k 

7l~ 7 P| 

i J L Ja'A 1 

V j 

ML |P 

f W ■> 

(•» » 1 

14 A J ft L 


|\ h 1 /S 


f Cl’ 

J 1 

1 1 Ip——\ 

p]f \ 


Above: Lambda Kappa Sigma. Row One: Karla Johnson, Liane Schumacker, Janet Lorenzo, Connie Pokrifchak, Marti Lee, Kathy Baldwin. Row Two: 
Ann Olson, Mary Jo Redman, Marcia Anderson, Sue Stovall, Pat De Blaquiere, Gwinn Gates, Barb Taylor. 

Lambda Kappa Sigma is an organization for women in 
pharmacy. The sorority’s main function is to promote scholarship, 
friendship, and to learn from each other by working together. The 
special project for the year was to sell laboratory coats to those 
within the department of pharmacy. 

Kappa Psi is a fraternity for men students of at least sophomore 
standing in pharmacy. Advised by Dr. Melvin Gibson, the 
organization sponsored a program on drug abuse in the fall, with 
films, pamphlets, and speakers making up the program. Kappa 
Psi's main goal is to serve the campus and Pullman community by 
providing information and knowledge to those interested. 

Above: Kappa Psi. Row One: Phil Quast, Don Mobley, Doug Janachek, Rick Doane, John Kerege, Dan Lust, Dave Cox, Dave Wonke. Row Two: Steve 
Bobbink, Ken Moszeter, Jerry Vencopal, Dave Woodworth, Ron Brummel, Larry Durbin, Randy Lonberg, Joe Geigeman, Keith Kramer, Dave Stott. Row 
Three: Greg Moeller, Roger Glaser, John Horn, Mark Anderson, Ken Mitley, John Kittel, John Griggs, Dennis Jurgens, Carl Lentz, Ken Smick. 

Pharmacy Honoraries 271 

Above: Alpha Epsilon Rho. Row One: Dick Warsinske, Tim Mellin, Steve Sappenfield, Sue Mielke, Keith Roberts, Ted Warren. Row Two: Val Limburg, 
Sharon Hastings, Ron Hardin, Jim Moll, Bill Dunn, Die Gribbon, Stephen Miller. Kathy Magnuson, Kris Giske. Row Three: Craig Savage, Alan Taylor, 
Marilyn Kennelly, Ken Lyday, Bob Meyer, Jim Gay, Jack Hebner, Tim Jones, Ron Manor, Barb Hanford. 

Alpha Epsilon Rho, the radio-TV-film honorary on the WSU 
campus, promoted scholarship and professionalism among its 
members. Major projects of the group for 1970-71 included 
refurnishing the KWSU remote unit van and sponsorship of the 
campus film series. Traditional among activities was'the annual 
radio-TV awards banquet. 

Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry students who demonstrated 
an ability to succeed in pre-professional work were chosen for 
membership in Pi Tau Iota. Films and guest speakers kept the 
members informed of new and pertinent finds. Orientation 
planning for freshmen and sophomores interested in the program 
was undertaken this year, with initiation in the fall. 

272 Organizations 

Above: Pi Tail Iota. Row One: Laird Wolfe, Tim Wezeman, Ed Maloney, Rick Balyeat, Pat Collins, Thomas Wu, Bill Watts, Gail Anderson. Row Two: 
Gwyn Ferguson, Richard Hayashi, Mark Johnson, Brian Hocum. Row Three: John Larsen, Ronald Adkins, Dave Atherton, Harold Boyd, Bob Raff, Carl 
Nelson, Tom Boone, John Harbour, John R. Evans. 

Promoting intercollegiate chess and 
tournaments was the main purpose of the 
Chess Club. Membership was based on 
interest and a desire to learn the finer points 
of the game. These were fourteen active 
members in the organization. In cooperation 
with the Free University, Chess Club 
sponsored lessons for those who signed up. 

Right: Chess Club. Row One: John Rogers, 
Harry Rittenhouse, Roger Calhoun, Paul Paradise, 
Walter Becker. Not Pictured: Eric Berman, Forest 
Dial, John Heptinstall, Paul Brown, Philip Sweaney. 

Above: Sigma Delta Chi. Row One: Larry Eaton, Terry Richard, Nancy Hyslop, Virginia Anne Gehrett, Denny Breslin, Bill Walker, Bruce Rommel. Row 
Two: Brian Shinn, Pete Perez, Steve Miller, Dan Small, Thomas H. Heuterman, Ed Bunn, Dean Radford, John Webster. 

An interest in journalism is the key to 
membership in Sigma Delta Chi, the 
professional organization for journalists. 
Promotion of the freedom of information and 
freedom of speech through the news media is the 
primary purpose of the group. Five delegates of 
Sigma Delta Chi and their advisor Tom 
Heuterman attended the organization’s national 
convention in Chicago as representatives of the 

Members of Lambda Alpha Epsilon are either 
police officers or are involved in a program 
leading to degrees in police sciences or related 
fields. A channel of communication between 
interested students and an exchange of ideas 
pertaining to law enforcement are gained 
through membership. Various field trips and 
guest speakers provided additional insight for 
the group. 

Above: Lambda Alpha Epsilon. Row One: Jeanne Darnell, Donna Lynn West, Alice Marie 
Gentry. Row Two: George Tomberlin, Scott West, Robert Tyrrell. 

274 Organizations 

f r f Jj^r 

ILL/' I 

A\ \ 

HfL ^! 


Above: Alpha Phi Sigma. Row One: Charles W. Rettstadt, Jr., Richard Mayo, James Kavina, Dr. F.M. Fabian, James J. Drymiller, James I. Scharf, William 
Cobb, Robert Tyrrell. Row Two: Christopher S. Tait, Warren Maddox, K. Duane Tews, Michael Mague, Carol Willsey, Vicki Pavlevsky, Richard Krough, 
David Horton. Row Three: Thomas Bond, Rick Eide, Kirk Merrill, George Tomberl in, Andrew Oakley, Dale Webber, John H. Hill, John Patrus, Allan Rossier, 
C. Mel Jewell. 

The prerequisite for membership in Alpha Phi Sigma, the 
National Police Science Honor Society, was scholastic 
superiority. As the parent chapter, Alpha Phi Sigma was active in 
organizing two new chapters. Slade Gorton, Attorney General for 
the State of Washington, was the guest speaker at the annual 
initiation banquet. In addition, the chapter sponsored the second 
annual picnic for Police Science majors. 

The Mu Beta Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon, the music honorary 
for women of at least sophomore standing with a music major or 
minor, provided a busy year for its members. Representatives 
attended the sisterhood's national convention in Chicago last 
summer. During the year the group sponsored silent movies for 
their fund raising project. The primary goals of the organization 
are recognition of scholarship and musicianship, and the 
promotion of friendship within the group itself. 

Above: Mu Phi Epsilon. Row One: Terri Madden, Cheryl Jeffords, Heather Woll, Barbara Channing, Nita Young, Irene Tsou. Row Two: Marjorie 
Kilbride, Catherine Futtrup, Sharon Patmore, Anita Benzel, Janice Morris, Shelley Meddaugh, Carol Parkhurst, Lesley Murata, Melody Hall, Linda Parks, Hilal 
Apayden, Karen Roy. Row Three: Peggy Beckman, Marilyn Tilton, Marie Coyle, Barbara Logen, Donna Dightman, Linda Fidler Susie Schell, Sue Noble, 
Darlene Ogle. 

Organizations 275 

Phi Kappa Phi 

IsPmda Ann 1 hompsdff 
Michael Larry Thonney 
Glenna Louise Treat 
Eugene F ragyjs Trihey 
Carol Anrpfffoi^el 
Nancy lcan1ISy|i)ull 
Viral®* C. Van N«fts 


C hr i s t i tnt Car ter 

William Le'oflwrd Chapmai 
Barbara J oanGhatters 
James Carl Chatters 
Nim-Yau Chu 

Fall Initiates 

Margaret Ann Allen 
Edward Stephen Aim 
Curtis Lee Bagnall 
Dannie Paul Barrett 
Ronald G. Bertrand 
Earl Victor Bobb 
Gary W. Bohannan 
Thomas John Boone 
John Loren Brenneis 
Robert Michael Brown 
Patricia A. Charbonne 
Kwong-Chee Chei 
David M. Christe 
Glenna Jo Cl 
David Bruce Mgtmtetl 
David Mid 
Bonnie Le< 

Mayo Ir^[ 

Mar jo 
Sharalyn F 




Diana Louise Powell 
Teresa M. Pyne 
Pamela Elizabeth Reid 
Catherine Ann Ritchie 
Catherine Louise Sadler 
Sally Ann Schrader 
Michael Philip Schrag 
iie h ard J, a wes S her ry d 

bn.frd Roy ^Bth 
Robert Bf|icc Soutfopick 
Van Roy SOTWl^jfft ti 
Mary CanvjpESjiiirkes 
Diana Marie Star 

■ \r\] 

i Muiviti Crider 
iit* Camille Duff 

.anirpa Fiss 
fclWCarol Flanaga 
Man Frisvold M 
ine Louise Frit<it| 
Ann Gates dj 

ackson Hadley 
|Yvonne Hansens 
Lou Harnasch 
toue Hein 
jrean Hickle 
Gaye Hill 
fileen Hurd 

<\li n C 1 rl ilH 

olinson p 

i Ann Jones ll 
pn Kaiser 

(j^JfflJie Koorenn^M 
Douglas* J. Lamb k 

Kingsley Kim-Ming Lo 
Rex Siritirld Lott 
Robert Dale Manning — * 

Janis Mayfcda 
Jay Dale M 
Dixie L. Mi 
Margo Lee Min 
Robert Andrew 
Henry Ngai-Keung 
Kin-Yan Ng 
Yuk Ching Ng 
Connie Lou Nielsen 
Mary Kay O'Keefe 
Raleigh Shreve Orth 
Mark Warren Oswood 
Gail Wayne Parsons 
Wendy Lee Paul 
Alice Esther Peters 
Kathryn Roach Peterson 
William Arvid Peterson 
Jeffrey Lee Pewe 

Kathryn Jean Hadley 
Philip George Harris 
Roger Urvan Hart 
Leona M. Hassing 
Sandra Kay Haynes 

Cheryl Sue Helgeson 
Stephen Paul Henderson 
John William Hoffman 
Constance E. Johnson 
Reid Braddock Larson 
Darwin Emory Longley 
Gerald Royal Longmeier 
Troyer Scott MacGillivray 
Jan Marie Marshall 
William Lawrence McNall 
Robert Wyman Jr. Meyer 
ally Theresa Mitchell 
pchard Lynn Mould 
n_Ruth Olson 
ton Palmer 
AfflLPark hurst 
Robert, Pearson 

Pemberton Jr. 

ally Jai%£gfrt( 

Linda Mav'PJfll 
Brian Willflgpfflt 
Elizabeth KailjfftfiU: Rice 
urtis EugenS 
ry Lee Rupfy 
Tivia Rupp 

a Lee Sallqu 
Jo Seaman 1 ^ 
itt Shelton I 
d Oliver Shi 
h Sue Smitlfc 
Ann Smit^ 
h Darral Sn 
gcia Ann Snydl 
" alter Spenc 
ine Elizabeth 
Wayne Swjj 
S wenson 
s Edward V^ 
le Irene Wal 
jjplliam James 
atherine Ann Wht 
arvey Georu 
Hon-Kit Wo 


aye Diane Daniels 
Tak-Yu Eng 
Jlffra H. Gallagher 
ennis Edward Grady 
homasG. Hall 
Edith Hager Hansen 
Kathleen Cecily Houts 
Jerry John Koelling 
Cheng-nan Lin 
Lynn Otto Michaeljs 
Thomas Wayne Riddle 
Russell Alan Rossier 
Virginia Ann Scobie 
Richard Wayne Uthmann 

276 Phi Kappa Phi 

Outstanding Students Receive Recognition 

Below: Mortar Board. Row One: Nancy Turnbull, Linda 
Garber, Barbara Jones, Katie Tiffany, Marcia Garrett, Susan Hill, 
Sally Mitchell, Kathy Hadley. Row Two: Marilyn Johnson, Margo 
Minnick, Sally Schrader, Judy Morrison, Mary Jo Seaman, Glenna 
Treat, Camille Sparkes, Julie McClintock, Joed Johnson, Connie 
Nielsen, Julia Kaiser, Monne Ortner, Not Pictured: Carolyn 
Cobern, Janet Freed, Tonia Johnson, Janni Kuehnle, Julie Petterson, 
Margie Raleigh. Bottom: Crimson Circle. Row One: Henry 
Lampc, Wayne Knutsen, Jim Thayer, Kelly Beckley, Bob Miller. 
Row Two: A.E. McCartan, Ron Marshall, Jim Herbold, Evan 
Sperlinc, Jon Nottingham, 1'om Boone, Greg Moeller, Marty Warner, 
Gail Parsons. 

Excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service were 
qualifications for Mortar Board membership. The senior 
women who became members strove to promote college 
loyalty and high scholastic achievement. 

The Crimson Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, was 
established to recognize men who had attained a high 
standard of efficiency in collegiate activities. It also 
served to inspire other students to strive for similar 

Mortar Board, Crimson Circle 277 

Fall Initiates 

Anthony C. Bakke 
Thomas P. Brower 
Josephine Brown 
Victoria J. DeAntonis 
Cheri L. Eubanks 
Sally L. Fiss 
Jacqueline L. Giles 
Rita K. Gies 
Marcia Gould 
Barbara J. Hannick 
Janies E. Her bold 
Brian R. Hocum 
Kay K. Kelsey 
Katherine E. Kiefer 
Wayne Knutsen 
Linda K. Kullama 
Michael K. Parent 
Glenn Peterson 
Sally A. Schrader 
Robert Schutt 
Susan L. Stanco 
Marjorie J. Swanstrom 
Glenn A. Vent 
Thomas C.P. Wu 

Spring Initiates 

Margaret Alice Allen 
Margaret Ann Allen 
Victoria Jean Anderson 
Marianne Aumann 
Hermoz Azodi 
David A. Baxter 
Nancy Lee Bemel 
Ronald G. Bertrand 
Earl Victor Bobb 
Gary W. Bohannan 
Thomas John Boone 

Phi Beta Kappa 


knck Marsha] 
irete Alaves 

Robert Michael Brown 
R. Ls. 

. Chattel 
rl ChaterS 

Bar bar 
Janirfs I 


Mayo I 

ivia nn vj*res 
Bite ice -fit i ne G i les 
Glen Grant 

- . 

darv.uni rv.i v i iayue> . 

Linaa Sue nciri - 
Stephen Paul Hcn<J#fc£r 
TamiJ. Hickle 
J. Andrew James 
Kathryn Elaine Larson 

Ilona Mari 
Carol Ann 
Steven Jai 
Robert An 
Mary Kay 
Starr Daw 
Terry Perk 

Kathryn Roach Peterson 
Sally Jane Petrie 
Jeffrey Lee Pewe 
Robert Jay Polwarth 
Dianna Louise Powell 
Gerald Pruss 

Teresa Elquezabal de Pyne 
Donna Rabie 
Elizabeth Katherine Rice 
Mary Jo Seaman 
Paul Pitt Shelton III 
Richard O. Shelton 
Donna Marie Shinn 
Dan A. Simchuk 
Van Roy Southworth 
Mary Camille Sparkes 
Adele Swenson 
Ming-fat Sze 
James Stewart Thayer 
Linda Ann Thompson 
Glenna L. Treat 
Nancy J. Turnbull 
Virginia Christine VanNcss 
Stephen C. Wallin 
William J. Watts 
Frederick Victor Wellington 
Harvey E. WhittmTre 
Richard Zydeck 

Chapter Officers 1970*71 

William S. Butts 
Eleanor Naffziger 
Judith Cantera 
Patricia Cunnea 
Robert McLean 
David Nordquist 
Walfred Peterson 

Student Advisory 
Council in the 

The undergraduate student advisory 
council in the sciences was made up of 
responsible students interested in 
improvement of student-faculty relations in 
the Science area. The group acted as a 
sounding board of student ideas to inform 
department chairmen. 

Above: Undergraduate Student Advisory Council in the Sciences. Row One: Laurienne Post, 
Dan Simchuk, Joe Barrett, Laura Luck, Rich Scott. Row Two: Karen Marcusen, Bill Wright, Dan Graves, 
Brian Renoe. Not Pictured: Margaret Allen, Patricia Charbonneau, Craig Esvelt, Thomas Godon, Brian 
Hocum, Roger LeClerc, Francis Marion, Mike McArthur, Donald Wilde, Benjamin Worthington. 

278 Honoraries 

Academic Standings Recognized by Groups 

Above: Alpha Lambda Delta. Row One: Nancy Gable, Karen Rodd, Cathy Blodgett, Glenda Hewson, Betsy Keil, Debbie Wiggins, Carol Thomas. Julie 
McClintock, Cheryl Olson, Robin Lee Boettcher, Sandy Sollenberger, Margie McDougall, Molly McWhorter, Dyann Shigeno, Mary Kay Hughes, Joyce 
Higginbotham, Linda Wendt. Row Two: Suzanne Sivley, Jill Berry, Brenda Studliolmc, Cindy Hash, Terri Schmidt, Liane Schumaker, Vicki Wolfenbarger, 
Sheryl Derochie, Sue Bybee, Candy Horton, Mary Martin, Mary Fagan, Sindy Sands, Kathy Leeds, Anne Palvck, Jill Rislcy, Marilyn Brill, Deborah Carlson, Lvnn 
Swartzlender. Row Three: Kristi Jensen, Sue Rutherford, Kathv Wcstlin, Sheri Morrison, Rita Stallings, Joan Karch, Debra Taylor, Ellen Pearson, Nancy 
Bruce, Sherrie Smith, Kari Freeman, Janet Poe, Dotty Gates. Row Four: Marcia Pearson, Debbie Hernas, Glenda Blank. 

Members of Alpha Lambda Delta were freshmen women 
obtaining a gradepoint of at least 3.5 in their first semester or 
accumulative of the first two. A spring banquet honoring new 
members was held in the spring. Active membership was 
during the sophomore year. 

Through membership in Phi Eta Sigma those men obtaining a 
GPA of 3.5 or better during the first semester of their freshman 
year were recognized. Upholding high scholarship and 
promoting scholastic achievement in their peers was the 
continuing goal of the group. 

Above: Phi Eta Sigma. Row One: Mike Mizumoto, Chakorn Phisuthikul, Donald W. Miles, Gary O'Mary, Randolph G. Calkins. Row Two: Dennis E. 
Rugg, Bill Walter, Marco Basich, Bob Herr, John Thayer. Row Three: Jim Guptill, Jay Gorham, Gary Knell, Rod Krueger, Robert Hove, John Bresko, Michael 
Kyower, Ford Hasegawa. Row Four: Wayne Riches, James Oates, Michael Bouffiou, John Harbour, Thomas Coleman, Kirk Schmidtman, Dale Daniel, Don 

Honoraries 279 

IK’s is a men's honorary with mem¬ 
bership attained by meeting the cri¬ 
teria of service set up by the organi¬ 
zation. An active group on campus, 
IK’s consists of close to 70 members. 

An active group on campus, Spurs 
was a service organization consisting of 
50 sophomore women tapped in the 
spring of their freshman year. The 
members were selected on qualities of 
leadership, scholarship, and service. 
The group’s purpose served the uni¬ 
versity and community to support the 
activities in which the student body 

Above: IK’S. Row One: BruceCardwell, Al Powell, Jr., Michael B. Perini, Steven Treese,Laird Wolfe, James 
Dickinson, Brian Wilson, Dave Reynolds, Steve Rung, Al Bryant, Roger Stein, Bud Boyd. Row Two: Wayne 
Riches, Greg Rohner, Dennis Rugg, Dale Daniel, Dave Stratton, Melanie Jones, John Petterson, Marco Basich, 
Ed Aim, Bob Blane, Kirk Schmidtman, Larry Wood, Brian Williams. Row Three: Gary O'Mary, Donald Miles, 
Gary Libey, Dave Frazier, Gary Oman, Rob Lang, Bob Coble, Randy Frisvold, Tim Talbot, Chuck Jackson, 
Garry Gibson, Gene Toews, Bill Hfigelin, Bob Ball, Mark Hanson, Terry Poon, Randall Bullo. Row Four: Pat 
Wiegand, John Harbour, John Bresko, Rich Bayley, Paul Johnson, Rob Sherwood, Dean Lynch, Duane Depping, 
Robert Hess, Ed Owens, Roger Roller, Al Steiner, Tim Lintz, Greg Miller, Mike Greenle, Steve Castleberry, Bill 
Hyslop, John Maxwell. Below: IK Officers. Row One: James Dickinson, Chuck Jackson, Rob Sherwood, 
Tim Talbot, Marco Basich, Brian Wilson. Row Two: Al Powell, Jr., Roger Stein, Bud Boyd, Brian Williams, 
John Maxell, Michael Perini. Above Middle: Spur Officers. Row One: Babs Doornink, Stephanie Roloff, 
Andea Coma, Diana Fuller, Anne Pilkey. Row Two: Phyllis Takisaki, Dorcas Wylder, Ann Jordan, Debbie 
Hernas, Mrs. Trude Smith, Karen Sablin. Above Right: IK Duchess. Melanie Jones. IK Finalists. Judi 
Nilan, Leslie Honebrink, Linda Gwin, Karen Lewis. Opposite Page Below: Spurs. Row One: Sue Noble, 
Janie Long, Marcie Dragnich, Dawn Johnson, Betsy Lindsay. Nancy Steffen, Diana Fuller, Charlene Bourne, 
Dianne Sullivan, Jean Wilson, Babs Doornink, Stephanie Roloff, Diane Shigeno, Kris Pieti, Bonnie Johnson. 
Row Two: Chris Nyberg, Peggy Lieberg. Marilyn Miller, Sara Derr. Jenny Smith, Andea Coma, Sue Bertoglio, 
Annette Sebastian, Karen Sablin, Norrie Ollom, Julie Gordon, Judi Nilan, Ellen Schuster, Rob Sherwood. Row 
Three: Denise Richardson, Chris Phillips, Carole Fleischauer, Dorcas Wylder, Sue Goedde, Debbie Hernas, 
Nancy Betlach, Rosemary Irvin, Mrs. Trude Smith, Ann Jordan, Phyllis Takisaki, Christi Tiedtke, Leslie Olsoe. 
Row Four: Ruth Fergen, Pam Mills, Janet Davis, Marcia Nanninga, Lucy Codding, Anne Pilkey, Nancy 
Hyslop, Ann Fruechte. 

280 IK 

Service Organizations Support Campus 

Spurs 281 

Honoraries Serve Campus Community 

Alpha Phi Omega was founded as an organization of 
college men and women seeking to help young people get a 
good start in life. The WSU chapter maintained this 
tradition of service and cooperation with youth in various 
ways including sponsorship of the Handsome Harry and 
Sweet Sue contest from which proceeds went to charity. 

Above: Alpha Phi Omega. Bill Semmler, Dean McCartan, Kathy 
Franks, Karen Harrington, Martha French, Jeffrey Carrol, Kathryn 
Campbell, Gordon Pavey, Mrs. McCartan, Jeff Domes, Jim Apland, Mrs. 
Terrell, President Glenn Terrell. 

Brotherhood in Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia this past year 
meant striving for the advancement of music’s position in 
American society. Participation in projects throughout the 
year enabled music students to promote this cause and foster a 
sense of fellowship among members. 

Sigma Tau Alpha is a Rainbow honorary and service 
organization. The prerequisite for initiation into Sigma Tau 
Alpha is Rainbow membership. Projects for the year included 
collecting stamps for a cancer drive, and decoration of trays 
for a retirement home. 

282 Alpha Phi Omega 

Above: Sigma Tau Alpha. Row One: Cindy Sulenes, Janice Pennington, Crista Claar, Karen Strehlow, Mary Jane Goss. Row Two: Barbara Evans, Vickie 
Holling, Janna Kriebs, Paige Wood, Ronda Daling, Rhonda Schmidt. Not Pictured: LeeAnn Fordyce, Glenda Hewson, Judy Becartea, Patty Siage. Below: Phi 
Mu Alpha. Row One: Rich Smith, Keith J. Krueger. Row Two: Dale Johnson, Gene Kanda, Larry Mukai, Stephen Alholm, Rick Oliver, Carl Derfler. Row 
Three: Sig Anderson, Bob Kehle, George Hoyt, Jack Prindle, Richard Boehm, Tom McLain, Steve Clarke. 

Sigma Tau Alpha/Phi Mu Alpha 283 

Latter-day Saints Stress Group Activities 

Above: Latter-day Saints. Row One: Richard H. 
Morley, Don Clarke, Ralph Kunkel, Mary England, Elray 
J. Hendricks, Ernest J. King II, Carol Wilson, Sharon 
Walker, Dennis Walker, Michael E. Gomez, Sr. 

There were primarily two objectives of the Student Association of Jesus Christ 
of Latter-day Saints. The first was to bring outstanding entertainment to the WSU 
campus. In November the association featured the Young Ambassadors, a group 
from Brigham Young University. In Apirl, the American Product provided the 

Another purpose of the Student Association was to assist in more effectively 
bringing the influence of the church and teachings of the gospel into the daily lives 
of the Latter-day Saints during their college years. 

284 Latter-day Saints 

Christian Organizations Encourage Fellowship 

The Christian Science Organization presented al) 
persons interested in Christian Science a chance for 
group activity on the college level in that branch of 
religion. Members gained spiritual growth and close 
contact with others of mutual faith. 

Cougar Christian Fellowship was the WSU chapter 
of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. The organ¬ 
ization was non-denominational in nature, open to 
all students, or spouses of students, of the Christian 
faith. Its purpose was to encourage the kind of 
spiritual fellowship with Jesus Christ necessary to 
provide Christian growth, which will help people to 
live the Christian life and lead others to a personal 
faith in Christ as Saviour. 

Chapter activities are open to all; however, voting 
and office-holding privileges were restricted to 
active members. Any person who desired active 
membership in the chapter subscribed to the 
principles of the following Basis of Faith: 1. The 
unique Divine inspiration, integrity, and authority 
of the Bible. 2. The Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
3. The necessity of the substitutionary death of 
Jesus Christ for the redemption of the world, and 
the historic fact of His bodily resurrection. 4. The 
person and power of the Holy Spirit in the work of 
regeneration. 5. The “looking for the blessed hope, 
and the glorious appearing of the great God and our 
Saviour Jesus Christ.” 

Above: Christian Science Organization. 1 . David 
Higgins 2. Dick Heinl 3. Ken Fielder 4. Steven Haynes 5. Jean 
Slade 6. Patricia Thorson 7. Robert Buchholz 8. Martin Owen 9. 
Jean Kennedy 10. Donald Barnett, Jr., 11. Pamela Horning 12. 
Debbie Davis 13. Margann Hawks 14. JoAnn Owen 

Christian Groups 285 

Above: Arab Students Association. Row One: Mohamed Amudi, Said Omar Elharabi, Tawfiq S. Abdel-Fattah, Ibrahim M. Al-Shaheen, Wajih X. 
Sawaya, Ali A. Bougila, Munir A. Daub, Abdalla Said Biala. 

International Students Share Experiences 

The North American Indian Students Association gave interested students valuable insight into the culture and problems of the 
native American Indian. 

The Pakistan Students Association provided its members the opportunity to project their country’s culture and promote 
understanding and cooperation between citizens of Pakistan and the United States. 

Arab Students Association furnished the Arab students on the WSU campus a chance to meet and exchange ideas about issues 
pertinent to their lives in the United States. 

Above: Pakistan Student Association. Row One: Jawed Khan Deshmukh, Dr. Habib Ali, Syed Tahcr, Sariha Taher, Mrs. E. Butcher, Dr. Walter 
Butcher, Mrs. Hamida Ahmad, Nisar Ahmad, Najamul Hydcr, Ibrahim Vohra. Row Two: Talib Chaudry, Imran Niazi, Sarfara Niazi, Gulzar Ahmed. Israr 
Siddiqui, Jawaid Zahir, S. Iqbal Shah, Abdul Basit, Ejaz Rasul, Usman Sorathia, Alwyn P. Heredia, Mohammad Aslam. Mohammad A. Toor. 

286 International Students 

Above; NAISA. Row One: Ki Tecumseh, Ron Halfmoon, Jaha James, Hilda Halfmoon, Constance Filkins. Pam Eneas. Suzanne Lloyd. Row Two: Marc 
Seligmiller, John Tecumseh. Morrie L. Miller, David Jack, Matt YVanchena. 

NAISA 287 

Outing Club Promotes 
Outdoor Recreation 

Right: Outing Club Officers. Dave Hodges, second vice- 
president, Bill Kirkpatrick, President. Not Pictured: Roy Corder, 
first vice-president; Kim Reed, Secretary; Bonnie Habereder, 

Membership in Outing Club was open to all interested 
students. Members traveled to the major ski areas; 
Squaw Valley during Semester Break, Lake Louise 
during Spring Vacation, and took a weekend trip to 
Jackass Ski Bowl. Spring raft trips down the Clearwater 
River completed the group's scheduled events. 

288 Outing Club 

JL & 

Squaw Valley— 

What a way to spend semester break 

Outing Club 289 

Spaulding Street Pranksters Learn to Live Together 

Above: Spaulding Street Pranksters. 1 . John Liddle 2. Dale Swcdberg 3. Ky 4. John Lombardo 5. Leroy 6. Phil Jamtaas 7. Clancy 8. Steve DeBow 
9. Sile Verley 10. Pat Spencer 11. Mountain Pig 12. Blanche 13. Brad Claypool 14. Sybil 15. Kris Jamtaas 16. Pete 17. Allan Hakola 18. Nort. 

Primarily a social organization, Crimson Clover provided 
opportunity for continued friendship between former members of 
4-H Clubs. Association with other students and a chance to share 
knowledge and experiences was gained through membership in 
Crimson Clover. 

Crimson Clover Prolongs 4-H Involvement 

Above: Crimson Clover. Row One: Lee Carstens. Row Two: Jeanne Flower, Jo Ann Lenhard, Lark Wilson, Joan Lenhard, Ellen Bartholomew, Paula S. 
Rogers, Rose Mary Van Winkle. Row Three: Elsie McDonald, Phyllis Van Winkle, Janine A. Wimpress, Wanda Eickhoff, Ki Tecumseh, Leona Hassing, Linda 
Hillier, Rita Sullivan. 

290 Organizations 

Hui Hauoli O’Hawaii Sponsors Corsage Sale 

WSU students from Hawaii, 
and others interested in its culture, 
found satisfaction in belonging to 
the active Hawaiian Club. All the 
club's activities promoted 
fellowship and an opportunity to 
associate and work together. 

Above: Hawaiian Club. Row One: 

Lynette I to, Carol Yanagisawa, Jerilynn 
Anderson, Rae Sumida, Karen Munechika, 
Mrs. Ju Hendrix, J. Hendrix, Sheldeen 
Uchida. Row Two: Cathy Chung, Gail 
Ideue, Ivan Watanabe, Blanche Kudaishi, 
Howard Yakoyama, Curtis Ho, Ted 
Yamanaka, Allen Hatley, Wayne 
Nakamura, Russell Wada. 

Hui Hauoli O'Hawaii 291 

Above: Casino Royale. Row One: Connie Bruce, Kay Cheatham, Barb Bang, Betsy Cain, Sue Cotter, Janny Cronkhite, Mike Holdren, Debbie Lang, Kathy 
Davis, Eileen Peterson, Karla Kahns, Sue Keefer. Row Two: Rae Sumida, Janet Schott, Ann Waybright, Kathy Spcir, Priscilla Shepard, Tracy Richards. 

Casino Royale 

Legalizes Gambling 

On March 27, through the efforts of the Special Events 
Committee, the CUB was transformed into a gambling casino, 
complete with roulette, horse races, blackjack, and craps. Your 
Father’s Mustache, a banjo band, was the featured entertainment, 
in the Lair. Change girls, and dealers dressed in appropriate 
costume further enhanced the evening. 

Above: Casino Royale. Row One: Mary Fogan, Mia Terry, Jeanne Emacio, Joe Salvatore, Bonnie McAllister, Chris Oberlitner, Janie Nelson, Debbie 
Allard, Barb Toevs, Perry Sunnell. RowTwo: Sharlene Fox, Kris Beardsley, Jane Smith, Terri Beck, Connie Bruce, Leslie Cruickshank, Chris Widman. 

292 Casino Royale 





2 ( )1 

Cathy Abrams 

Longview, Elementary Education 

Mary Ellen Adams 

Spokane, Math Education 

Jim N. Adamson 

Moses Lake, Psychology 

Karen L. Agnew 

Seattle. Physical Education 
Bonnie Lea Akins 
Oak Harbor, Psychology 

Steve Alder 

Kittitas, Agricultural Mech. 

Michael F. Aleksey 
Aberdeen, Mechanical Eng. 
Abdul Quddoos Al-Hasni 
Karachi, Pakistan, Civil Eng. 

Rashid S. Alkhalil 

Jordan, Civil Eng. 

Margaret Alice Allen 

Marysville, Psychology 

Diane Kathleen Allen 

Seattle, General Studies 

Margaret Ann Allen 

Calgary, Alta, Geology 
Margaret Aller 
Spokane, English Education 
Richard M. Allert 
Pullman, Electrical Eng. 
Edward S. Aim 
Chewelah, Mechanical Eng. 

Camilla L. Altena 

Pullman, French Education 
Carol M. Altenburg 
Spokane, Math 
David R. Anderson 
Idaho Falls, Idaho, Pre-Med. 

Eric Elden Anderson 
Oak Harbor, Animal Biology 
Jeanne Anderson 
Clarkston, Home Ec. Education 

Marcia Anderson 

Spokane, Pharmacy 

Mark Anderson 

Kirkland, Pharmacy 
Paul G. Anderson 
Spokane, Pre-Denistry 
Sig Anderson 
Bremerton, Music Education 
Susan Rae Anderson 
Olympia, Elementary Education 

Victoria J. Anderson 

Tacoma, Music 

Ruth Kay Andrews 

Seattle, Physical Education 
Larry N. Angell 
Moses Lake, History 

James M. Apland 

Seattle, Psychology 

Harry T. Argetes 

Everett, Forestry 

G. Jane Arrants 

Port Orchard, Business Administration 
Steve Arvidson 
Spokane, Elementary Education 
Comfort Asante 
Ghana, Africa, Food Nutrition 
Daniel C. Asante 
Ghana, West Africa, Agricultural Econ. 

Donna Asplund 

Tacoma, General Studies 

Bruce T. Atkerson 

Lind, Sociology 
Jan Atkinson 
Vashon Island, Fine Arts Education 

Kathy Susan Atwood 

Dusty, Anthropology 

Marianne Aumann 

Everett, Foreign Language Education 
Phillip M. Aust 
Curtis, Agriculture Economics 

Summer Shades have faded away 

294 Seniors 

to the upcoming hues of Fall 

Heesoon Jun Aust 

Seoul, Korea, Psychology 

Thomas H. Babcock 

Lodi, Ca., Political Science 

Dennis Baeyen 

Oak Harbor, General Studies 

Marlene Bafus 

Colfax, Elementary Education 

Bette Bailey 

Seattle, Office Administration 

Beth Baker 

Richland, Sociology 

Daniel W. Baker 

Bellingham, Hotel Administration 

Antony Bakke 

Vancouver, Biochemistry 

Harry P. Banan 

Pullman, Business Administration 
Shelley Bardin 
Monitor, Speech Pathology 

Lester Barkley 

Manson, Mechanical Engineering 
Wayne B. Barnard 
Pasco, Chemical Engineering 
Keri Hart Barnard 
Redmond, Spanish 
Dallas E. Barnes 
Richland, Sociology 
Kim S. Barnes 
Seattle, General Physical Science 

Stephen C. Barnufsky 

Spokane, Psychology 

Ted C. Barr 
Seattle, Pre-Law 
Daniel F. Barrett 
Lynnwood, General Studies 
Douglas H. Barrett 
Granger, General Studies 
Lon Barrett 

Yakima, Business Administration 

Daniel Paul Barrom 

Shelton, Chemical Engineering 

Shayne Marie Barrom 

Shelton, Elementary Education 

Sally Bartrum 

Yakima, Sociology 
Betty Maxine Baugh 
Pullman, General Studies 
Richard Bayley 

Mercer Island, Industrial Arts Ed. 

Seniors 295 

Arlene “Sunny” Beam 

Seattle, Communications Education 

Casey Beard 

Outlook, Political Science 

Gloria Beard 

Bremerton, Anthropology 

Kerry Jeanne Becika 

Bellevue, Police Science 

Kelly R. Beckley 

Vancouver, Pre-Law 

Sandra Beckwith 

Pomeroy, Elementary Education 

Jean Ann Behrens 

Asotin, Fine Arts 

Craig M. Bell 

Pasco, Psychology 

Dennis R. Bell 

Pasco, Economics 

Pat Benefiel 

Longview, Mathematics 

Rustine Benito 

Everett, Business Education 
Bradley Ross Bennett 
Santa Paula, Ca., Police Sci. Adm. 

Barry G. Bensel 

Endicott, Economics 

Nancy E. Benson 

Tacoma, Social Studies 

Departed are 

296 Seniors 

the carefree thoughts of summer 

Anita Dell Benzel 

Ritzville, General Humanities 

Bruce H. Benzel 

Ritzville, Business Administration 

Lani Berg 

Spokane, Elementary Education 
Michael E. Bershaw 
Clarkston, Business Administration 

Ronald G. Bertrand 

Bellevue, Economics 

Mary Turner Betcher 

Seattle, Speech Education 

Larry G. Bettesworth 

Vancouver, Pharmacy 

Joanne Binford 

Northridge, Ca., FNIM 
Richard A. Bishop 
Pullman, Electrical Engineering 

Janis Rae Bitow 

Tacoma, Elementary Education 

R.J. Black 

Seattle, Economics 

Robert G. Black 

Seattle, Finance & Banking 
Lyn Blazier 
Spokane, Foreign Language 
Greg Bloom 
Seattle, Architecture 
Robert Warren Blume 
Olympia, Communications 

Cheryl Bly 

Lewiston, Idaho, Bacteriology 

John F. Boardman 

Shelton, Physics 

Earl Victor Bobb 
Pullman, English 
Linda Boettcher 

Arlington, English 

Gary William Bohannan 

Federal Way, Physics 

Mary E. Bonneville 

Tacoma, Fine Arts 

Thomas J. Boone 

Palouse, Pre-Med. 

John Edward Boughter 
Spokane, Linguistics 
Myra Lynn Boughter 
Spokane, Elementary Education 
Cheri Jean Bouley 
Nampa, Idaho, General Studies 

Dave Boyce 

Spokane, Chemistry 

Bob Boyer 

Tekoa, Social Studies 

Ken Boyko 

Seattle, Transportation Econ. 
Daryll A. Brady 
Port Orchard, Anthropology 
Sue Brandenburg 

Kennewick, Physical Education 

Judy Bremer 

Mt. Vernon, Zoology 

Curt Brenner 

Curlew, Forestry 

William Harold Brewer 

Pullman, Industrial Arts Educ. 

Stephen R. Bobbink 
Blaine, Pharmacy 
Donald James Bradley 

Spokane, Chemistry Engineering 

Seniors 297 

Douglas E. Brandt 

Pullman, Hotel Administration 

Jane Brincken 

Latah, Political Science 

Billy H. Brooks 

Wapato, Civil Engineering 

John D. Broome 

Yakima, Psychology 

Tom Brower 

Vancouver, English Education 

Dave Brown 

Kent, Electrical Engineering 

Gail R. Brown 

Woodenville, Music Education 
Michael Lynn Brown 
Olympia, Business Administration 
Sally M. Brustad 
Seattle, Social Studies Education 
R. Michael Brown 
Sunnyside, Psychology 

Rich F. Brown 

Rialto, Ca., Zoology 

Richard Dale Brown 

Bow, Building Theory 

Darrell Ernest Bryan 

Pullman, History 
Robert Buchholz 
Yakima, General Agriculture 
Calvin J. Buker 

Silver Lake, English 

Debbie Bullis 

Bellevue, Psychology 

Patti Bunger 

Woodland, Elementary Education 

Edison E. Burdick, Jr. 

Vancouver, Political Science 

Thomas E. Burke 

Cle Elum, Wild Life Biology 
Christine Burmark 
Pullman, English Education 

Now is the new time in life’s experiences 

Connie Burnett 

Richland, English 
John Burns 
Pullman, Agronomy 
H. William Bur well 
Pullman, Civil Engineering 
Jan Busch 
Tacoma, Elementary Education 
Carol Butcher 
Vancouver, Pharmacy 

Gary W. Bye 
Pomeroy, Agricultural Education 
Jane By ham 
Sedro Woolley, Office Administration 
Jeanie Marie Chapados 
Chchalis, Elementary Education 
George Cain 
Spokane, Mathematics 
John W. Cain 

Bellevue, Public Administration 

Barbara Call 

Bellevue, General Studies 

Patricia Campbell 

Bellevue, Elementary Education 

R. Lee Cannon 

Entiat, Economics 

Lynn Ellen Cantrell 

Vancouver, English Education 

Kenneth Capek 

Ephrata, Accounting 

298 Seniors 

Marsha May Carlson 

Tacoma, Physical Education 
Dennis W. Carswell 
Seattle, General Studies 
Steve Casebolt 
Tacoma, Physics 
Tex T. Cates 
Missoula, Mont., Advertising 
Barbara Chamberlain 
Seattle. Education 

Terry Yuen-fong Chan 

Tacoma, History 

Patricia A. Charbonneau 

Dickinson, N. Dak., Mathematics 

Cynthia Chase 

Clarkston, Education 
Kwong Chee Cheng 
Hong Kong, Electrical Eng. 
Daryl Chesterman 
Royal City, Mechanical Eng. 

David M. Christenson 

Cowiche, Horticulture 

William J. Christian 

Menlo Park, Ca., Electrical Eng. 

Alma Jean Clark 

Jerome, Idaho, English 

Clifford L. Clark 

Nine Mile Falls, Electrical Eng. 

Glenna Jo Clark 

Tempe, Ariz., FNIM 

Susan Lee Clements 

Manson, Elementary Ed. 

James N. Cochran 

Spokane. Civil Eng. 

John W. Cockburn 
Marysville, Finance 
Julian Michael Coldwell 

Vancouver, Architecture 

Charles G. Coleman 

Tacoma, Mechanical Eng. 

Seniors 299 

Experiences of learning facts ... 

W. Carson Coleman 

Kamuela, Hawaii, Animal Science 

Bob Coif 

Woodland, Horticulture 
Patrick Collins 
Missoula, Mont., Zoology 
Robert R. Collison 

Spokane, Electrical Engineering 

Patricia Ann Complita 

Seattle, Elementary Education 

Coretta Congdon 

Pullman, Physical Therapy 
Donna Lou Connor 
Kirkland, Foreign Language Ed. 

Gloria RaeCook 
Seattle, Elementary Education 
I. Ann Cordill 
Amber, Home Ec. Education 
Doreen A. Costello 
Spokane, Bacteriology 

Peggy Coster 

Seattle, English 
Nancy Marie Coyle 
Walla Walla, Music Education 
David Cox 
Long Beach, Pharmacy 
Cynde Crabbs 

Monroe, Elementary Education 
Bonnie Cracknell 
Victoria, B.C., FNIM 

Teresa T. Crain 

Spokane, English Education 
Katherine A. Creason 
Seattle, Elementary Education 
Colleen V. Creighton 
Calgary, Alta., Sociology 
Mayo Irene Crimson 
Clarkston, English Education 
Paul Smith Crisman 
Clarkston, General Studies 

300 Seniors 





Bradley E. Crumpler 

Vashon Island. General Studies 
Susan J. Crosby 
Tacoma, Physical Education 
Peter L. Crowley 
Richland, Elementary Education 
Sylvia D. Crumpler 
Colbert, Office Administration 
Dale A, Cummins 
Chattarov, Elementary Education 

Christopher L. Cupples 

Pullman, Pre-Law 

James D. Curelas 

Napavine, Horticulture 

Richard Donald Currie 

Issaquah, Architecture 

Jennie Cory 

Everett, Speech 

Roy Cutler 

Tacoma, Building Theory 

Diane Dahlin 

Spokane, Social Studies 

James N. Damitio 

Tumwater. Police Science 

Wolfgang H. Dammers 

Olympia, General Biology 
Pamela J. Danforth 
Oakville, Business Administration 
Loretta Bell Daniel 

Lacrosse, Elementary Education 

Myrene Sue Darr 

Mount Vernon, Elementary Education 

Munir A. Daud 

Pullman, Architecture 

Timothy L. Davidson 

Seattle, Business Administration 

Nancy Lee Davies 

Orondo, Recreation 
Dianne Davis 
Pullman, English Education 

Cheryl Dawson 

Seattle, Elementary Education 

Bill Bryan Dean 

Auburn, Horticulture 

Marcia Rae Dean 

Pullman, Education 
Genie DeBow 
Pomeroy, Elementary Education 
Thomas A. Deering 
Olympia, Business Administration 

Robert Allen Deever 

Seattle, General Studies 

Marcia Ruth Demmer 

Yakima, English Education 

Frederick M. DeNorscia 

Wayland, Animal Biology 
R. K. Depner 
Pullman, Architecture 

C. Duane Depping 

Walla Walla, Agriculture Econ. 
Judy Derr 

Spokane, Genetics 

Seniors 301 

Jawed Khan Deshmukh 

Pakistan, Electrical Eng. 

Suzanne Marie Desilet 

Palo Alto, Calif., English Ed. 

G. George Dewey 

Mt. Vernon, Pharmacy 
Gary A. Dinsmore 
Pasco, Chemical Engineering 
Kathy Dixon 
Tacoma, Elementary Education 

Rick Doane 

Cashmere, Pharmacy 
Celia Dodd 
Colfax, Elementary Education 
John Harvey Doering 
Prescott, General Agriculture 
Gene Y. Dogen 
Tacoma, Agriculture 
Shirley A. Dorr 
Valley Falls, Kans., Business Ad. 

Rob Dragnich 

Republic, Mehanical Eng. 
Dolly Mae Drovdahl 
Spokane, Home Economics 
James John Drymiller 
Harvard, III., Police Science 
Timothy Stephen Dubois 
Mercer Island, Hotel Ad. 
Michael W. Dukes 
Tacoma, Psychology 

Larry D. Durbin 

Seattle, Pharmacy 

Mitzi Lamb Durbin 

Seattle, Elementary Education 

Terry Lee Durst 

Pullman, Mathematics Education 

Dale C. Duskin 

Arlington, Pharmacy 

Dave Duskin 

Arlington, Pre-Law 

Jim Dwinell 

Yakima, General Studies 
Ann Dwyer 
Seattle, Elementary Education 
Jill Dykeman 
Everett. English 
Yvonne Dykman 
Nine Mile Falls, Office Ad. 
Ralph Keith Eck 
Morton, Communications 

Carl W. Eckhardt Jr. 

Ritzville, Pre-Law 

Patrick Frank Egan 

Seattle. Communications 

Robert Eugene Egan 

Pullman, Political Science 
Charles Eggert 
Kent, Horticulture 
Betty Elder 

Port Angeles, Accounting 

Jim Ellis 

Seattle, Landscape Architecture 
Sandra J. Ellis 
Quincy, Physical Science Ed. 
Bernard Elmendorf 
Spokane, Mathematics 
Gary F. Elstrom 
Tacoma, Communications 
Pat. O. Emery 
Warrenville, III., General Studies 

Eugene J. Eng 

Seattle, Geography 

Susan M. Erb 

Walla Walla, Home Economics 

Cathy Erickson 

Pasco, Elementary Education 

Daniel L. Erickson 

Renton, Business Administration 

Kathryn M. Erickson 

Snoqualimie, History 

302 Seniors 

Jack Clifton Ernst 

Renton, Physical Education 
Kathryn Ann Ernst 
Renton, Elementary Education 

Learning to 

understand others 

John Richard Evans 

Richland, Zoology 

Roger Dean Evans 

Ralston, Sociology 

Michael Everston 

Bridgeton, N.J., General Studies 

Wilson D. Eyestone 

Walla Walla, Elementary Education 

Patti Gaye Eyre 

Port Angeles, Home Economics 

Donald A. Fagerstrom 

Seattle, Recreation 

Kristine F. Fallstone 

Longview, Humanities 

Joe Farina 

Burlington, Zoology 

Edna Farmer 

Tacoma, Elementary Education 

Richard E. Faubert 

Richland, Bio-Chemistry 

Robert T. Faubert 

Richland, Mechanical Eng. 
Barbara Fecht 
Richland, Physical Education 

Glenn Fehler 

Spokane, Sociology 

Seniors 303 

James C. Feider 

Pomeroy, Electrical Engineering 

Barbara Jean Fennessy 

Richland, Forestry 

James H. Ferguson 

Woodland, Business Administration 

Pamela Ferguson 

Seattle, Education 

Sharalyn Ferrel 

Seattle, Elementary Education 

Teresa J. Ferrucci 

Puyallup, General Studies 

Mary Jane Field 

Pomeroy, Elementary Education 

Linda Michele Fidler 

Vancouver, Music 

Ronald J. Fisher 

Omak, General Agriculture 

D. Keith Flagler 

Laurel, Mont., Metallurgy 

Carol Flanagan 

Trail. B.C., Home Ec. Education 

Ernest Fred Flechsig 

Colville, Environmental Science 

Lance L. Fletcher 

Galvin, Business Finance 

Linda Dean Fletcher 

Centralia, Elementary Education 

Robert H. Fletcher 

George, Wild Life Biology 

Douglas Eugene Floch 

Pullman, Agriculture Education 
Phillip Flower 
Sunnyside, Communications 
Alden J. Foote 
Redmond, Zoology 
Gary W. Foster 
Auburn, Mechanical Engineering 
Frank Fowler 
Richland, Chemistry 

304 Seniors 

Marilyn Ann Fowles 

Wenatchee, Communication 
Roy L. Fowles 
Anacortes, Range Management 

Kathy Fox 

Gig Harbor, Science Education 

Larry Frank 

Walla Walla, Wild Life Biology 
James E. Frary 
Aberdeen, Pre-Law 

William Thomas Freed 

Longview, Psychology 

Bill Freeman 

Tonasket, Marketing 

Dianne Frei 

Clarkston, Home Ec. Education 

Dean L. Frey 

Outlook, Chemical Engineering 

Gregory S. Friehauf 

Yakima, Pharmacy 

Gary Frisvold 

Walla W'alla, Mathematics 

Christine L. Fritch 

Snohomish, Home Ec. Education 
Gary N. Fritts 
Pullman, General Studies 
Darrel Vincent Frolek 
Kamloops, B.C., General Studies 
Dennis Byron Frost 
Yamhill, Ore., Animal Science 

James R. Frye 

Langley, Business Administration 

Jean F. Frykman 

Pullman, Art Education 
Anthony Lee Fuller 
Pullman, Zoology 
Randolph F. Gains 

Albion. Building Theory 

Norm C. Galey 

Sunnvside, Accounting 

Thom Gamble 

Spokane, Architecture 
Linda Joan Garber 
Reardon, Home Ec. Education 
Denise L. Garceau 
Spokane, Office Administration 
Susan Garner 

Mount Vernon, Office Administration 

David L. Garretson 

Yakima, Horticulture 

Mary Ann Gates 

Wenatchee, French 

Charles D. Gay 

Tacoma, History Education 

James CarletonGay 

Mercer Island, Communications 

Lynn Gay nor 

Cle Elum, Elementary Education 

Carl A. Gentry 

Walla Walla, Chemical Eng. 

Donald E. Gentry 

Forks, Forestry 

J. Michael Gentry 

St. John, Chemistry 
Virginia Gentry 
Pomeroy, English Education 
Maureen Gibbs 
Okanogan, Sociology 
Richard W. Giboney 
Veradale, Hotel Administration 

LyleG. Gilbreath 

Dayton, Zoology 
Bernice E. Giles 
Seattle, General Studies 

Jaki Giles 

Yakima, English Education 

Ron Gill 

Aberdeen, Pharmacy 

Cora Gilliam 

Connell, Home Ec. Education 

Seniors 305 

We found our lives filled with friends 

Kurt William Gilmore 

Calgary. Alberta, Animal Prod. 

Linda M. Gilmore 

Tacoma, Home Economics Ed. 

Kristine Anne Giske 

Tacoma, Communications 
Ginny Gisselberg 
St. John, Speech Path, and Ed. 

Roger Glaser 

Colfax, Pharmacy 
James Ray Glessner 
Waterville, Horticulture 

Steven R. Goebel 

Spokane, Civil Engineering 
Linda A. Gormely 
Wenatchee, English 
William M. Gordon 
St.John, Hotel Administration 
Paula Gordon 
Bellevue, Elementary Education 
Linda Goesling 
Seattle, Sociology 

Robert S. Gossett 

Walla Walla, Chemical Engineering 
John W. Graves 
Walla Walla, Hotel Administration 
Richard E. Grace 
Vancouver, English 
Larry Lloyd Grant 
Puyallup, Chemistry 
Joshua F. Grant 
Spokane, Sociology 

John M. Gray 

Albion, English 
Charles F. Greenough 
Union Gap, Business Administration 
Joan C. Griswold 
Federal Way, Interior Design 
Kenneth R. Gronewald 
Goldendale, Agriculture Economics 
Randy Gross 
Spokane, Agriculture Economics 

David A. Grundstrom 

Deer Park, Business Administration 

David R. Guenther 

Onalaska, Range Management 
Mark Edward Gunning 
Davenport, General Studies 
Trygve Haaland 
Tacoma, Animal Science 
David Andrew Haapala 
Tacoma, Psychology 

Kathy Hadley 

Longview, Business Administration 

Kirk Hadley 

Walla Walla, Horticulture 
Douglas R. Hagedorn 
Yacolt, Horticulture 
Cheryl E. Hagemeister 
Walla Walla, Home Economics Ed. 

Tanya Lee Haigh 

Seattle, Elementary Education 

306 Seniors 

Jim A. Haines 

Millbrae, Calif., Arcfiitecture 
Terry L. Hall 
Prosser, Agricultural Economics 
Janet Halver 
Underwood, Communications 
Wayne Y. Hamasaki 
Alca, HI, Elementary Education 
Dorn Hamblin 

Kennewick. Business Administration 

Doug Hammarstrom 

Pullman, Agricultural Economics 
Patrick Hand 
Ellensburg, Economics 
James R. Haney 

Bremerton, Psychology 

Barbara J. Hannick 

Hoquiam, English Education 

Kenneth Erwin Hannum 

South Pasadena, Calif., Bacteriology 

Mary Ann Hanson 

Yakima, Psychology 

Rebecca Sue Hanson 

Fairfield, Elementary Education 

Robert Reid Hanson 

Tekoa, Accounting 

Dane Hansen 

Pullman, History 

Norman Hansen 

Waitsburg, Agricultural Economics 

Linda Y. Hansens 

Walla Walla, Psychology 

Barbara Ann Harder 

Spokane, Political Science 

Kathleen A. Hardin 

Auburn, Office Administration 
Ronald A. Hardin 
Spokane, Communications 
David Robert Hardy 

Seattle, Economics 

Franceen Harkins 

Richland, Physical Education 

Nancy Harnasch 

Oroville, Business Administration 

R. C. Harris, Jr. 

Wenatchee, Industrial Arts Education 
Gail Stephen Harris 
Port Angeles, Electrical Engineering 
Mary Jane Harrison 
Spokane, English 

Seniors 307 

They made the cloudiest day 
Warm and sunny with their presence 

Paul W. Harruff 

Bellevue, Physical Education 

Roger U. Hart 

Walla Walla, Electrical Eng. 

Ross F. Hart 

Mt. Vernon, Horticulture 

Claudia Harta 

Tacoma, Bacteriology 

Darryl Hartung 

Rosalia, Agronomy 

Eileen Marie Hartzell 

Monroe, Elementary Education 

Brian Harshman 

Pullman, Theatre Arts and Drama 

Richard Earl Hartzell 

Monroe, Animal Production 

Marc Harvey 

Spokane, Communications 

George W. Harwood III 

Pullman, General Studies 

Leona M. Hassing 

Centerville, Elementary Education 

Lynda Hatch 

Eugene. Ore., Elementary Education 

Marjorie Hathaway 

Spokane, Recreation 

Jamie Kay Hatten 

Seattle, Elementary Education 

Michael Thomas Haynes 

Puyallup, Zoology 

Susan Hay 

Spokane, English 

Harold A. Hayward 

Tacoma, Communications 

Stanley Edward Hayes, Jr. 
Spokane, Civil Engineering 
Wendy Heath 
Spokane. English Education 
Wilda Virginia Heard 
Tacoma. History 

308 Seniors 

Wendy Heath 

Spokane, English Education 

John R. Hebner 

Metaline Falls, Communications 

Nancy Ellen Hedrick 

Pullman, Home Economics Education 

Sue Hedt 

Asotin, Education 

Kevin W. Heimbigner 

Ritzville, Business Administration 

Linda Sue Hein 

Ephrata, Sociology 

Richard F. Heinl 

Zillah, Hotel Administration 
Cheryl S. Helgeson 
Tacoma, Elementary Education 
Stephen H. Helms 
Marysville, Electrical Eng. 

Steve Henderson 

Tacoma, Political Science 

Russell C. Hendrickson 
Pasco, Pharmacy 
Scott Hendrickson 

Seattle, Business Administration 

Steven J. Hendrickson 

Hoquiam, Advertising 

Terry Hendrickson 

Anatone, Pharmacy 

Neil Henrichsen 

Tacoma, Horticulture 

Wayne L. Henneck 

Everett, Mechanical Engineering 

Timothy J. Henrichs 

Pasco, Mechanical Engineering 

Jerry Paul Henson 

Pullman, Psychology 
James E. Herbold 
Fort Benton, Mont., Mathematics 
Hans-Olof M. Hermans 

Vancouver, B.C., Physical Therapy 

Seniors 309 

Randi Louise Hermans 

Vancouver, Psychology 

Gerald H. Hermanson 

Spokane, Psychology 

Thomas Michael Herres 

Pomeroy, Agriculture Mech. 
Julee E. Herron 
Tacoma, Elementary Education 
Dave Heyamoto 
Spokane, Civil Engineering 

Leigh Ann Hickey 

Seattle, Psychology 

Tami J. Hickle 

Glenoma, English 

Ernest J. Hildebrand 

Pullman, Horticulture 

Pham Trong Hieu 

Pullman, Mathematics 
Sandi Hines 
Tacoma, Elementary Education 

Penny J. Hildebrandt 

Prosser, Political Science 

Lynn Charles Hill 

Pullman. Electrical Engineering 

Martin J. Hill 

Twisp, Architecture 
Susan Hill 
Goldendale, Physical Education 
Jennifer Hillis 
Edmonds, English Education 

Friends showed they cared 

Marvin Hillstrom 

Maple Valley, Bacteriology 
Brian Hipperson 
Spokane, Pre-Law 
Joan Hoagland 
Spokane, Office Administration 
John R. Hogle 
Seattle, Business Administration 

Dean Holman 

Soap Lake, Chemical Engineering 

Kathy Holt 

Snohomish, Elementary Education 
Dan Holtman 
Federal Way, Physics 
Tim Homann 
Seattle, Civil Engineering 
Sheila Homchick 
Aberdeen, Sociology 

Lorae Ann Homme 

Kennewick, English 

Suzanne Honodel 

Missoula, Mont., General Studies 

Linda Marie Horn 

Oakesdale, History 
Glenn Horrigan 
Mercer Island, Home Ec. Education 
Cris Hortwell 
Tacoma, General Studies 
Donald G. House 
Pullman, Business 

William Howard III 

Pullman, Electrical Engineering 
Mary Lee Hoyt 
Wapato, English Education 

Douglas M. Hughes 

Seattle, Communications 

Charles H. Huibregtse 

Wapato, Business Administration 

Dean Hummels 

Woodland, Zoology 

310 Seniors 

But at times we needed the solitude 

Christopher R. Hunt 

Seattle. Business Administration 

Deborah Jo Hunter 

Spokane, Psychology 

Judy Hurd 

Rockford, Elementary Education 

Sonja Fay Huston 

Connell, Elementary Education 

Christie A. Hutchings 

Munster, Ind., Psychology 

Joseph Chau Hwang 

Taipei, Formosa, Civil Eng. 

Terrence K. Hyer 

Spokane. Architecture 

Roger D. Hyland 

Spokane, Civil Engineering 

Sherry S. Ingalsbe 

Morton, Elementary Education 

Michael V. Ironside 

Bellevue, Economics 

Michael J. Irvin 

Tacoma, General Studies 

Helen Isackson 

Redmond, Physical Education 

Gerald Ito 

Sacramento, Ca., General Studies 

Gary Alan Iwamoto 

Seattle, Pre-Phvsical Therapy 

Daniel C. Jackson 

Colfax, Animal Science 

David L. Jacky 

Mesa, General Physical Science 

Linda M. Jacky 

Walla Walla, Mathematics 
Douglas Thad Jacques 
Pullman, Political Science 
Mary A. Jaeger 
Rosalia, General Studies 
Samuel Richard Janke 
Moses Lake, Biology Education 

Seniors 31 1 

Ann Elizabeth Jannison 

Seattle, General Studies 

George Anthon Jannison 

Seattle, Physics 

Douglas Anthony Janachek 

Toppenish, Pharmacy 

Judy Elizabeth Jansen 

Tacoma. Physical Education 

Evelyn Jansma 

Everson. Physical Education 

Be v Jasper 

Spokane, Elementary Education 

Rosalie Ann Jasper 

Kirkland, Home Ec. Education 
Jan K. Jenne 
Seattle, Business Administration 
Susan Jensen 
Escondido, Ca.. Elementary Ed. 

Sylvia A. Jensen 

Stan wood. Home Ec. Education 

Donna Jean Jeske 

Odessa, Elementary Education 

Cecilia Anne Johnson 

Senora, Tex., Political Science 

Cheryl Johnson 

Hoquiam. Education 
Chris J. Johnson 
Seattle. Chemistry 
Dick Johnson 
St. John. Pre-Law 

Gregory D. Johnson 

Arlington, Elementary Education 

J ody C. J ohnson 
Tacoma, Foreign Languages 
Joed Johnson 
Colfax. Physical Education 

Judy Kay Johnson 

Tacoma. History 

Kenneth L. Johnson 

Bingen. Economics 

Mark R. Johnson 

Arlington Hts.. III., Hotel Ad. 

Mary Beth Johnson 

Spokane. History 

Roy L. Johnson 

Kennewick, Recreation 

Gordon J. Johnston 

Spokane, Psychology 

Jennifer Johnston 

Everett. Elementary Education 

312 Seniors 

Barbara Jones 

Blaine, Business Administration 

Craig Jones 

Milwaukie, Ore., Communications 

Anne B. Justen 

Calgary, Alta., Anthropology 

Julie Ann Kaiser 

Tacoma, Biology 

Susan Kalmbach 

Tacoma, Elementary Education 
Steven Kammeyer 
Soap Lake. General Studies 

John Henry Kaufmann 

Idaho Falls. Idaho. History 
James Allan Kavina 

LaGrange Park. 111.. Police Science 

Life’s hustles kept us aware of the beauty of living 

Daniel B. Keane 

Beltsville, Md., Organic Chem. 

Jeffrey Russell Keane 

Wenatchee, Animal Nutrition 
Terry Kearns 
Soap Lake, Bacteriology 
Mary Katherine Keel 
Everett, English Education 

Michael L. Keel 

Everett, Political Science 

Patrick Gilbert Keel 

Everett, Political Science 

Gary Francis Kellogg 

Kent. Conservation 

Judy Kellogg 

Chattaroy, Fine Arts 

Kerri Kennaugh 

Pasco, Elementary Education 

Marilyn Kay Kennelly 

Kent, Communications 

Albert Kim Kennedy 

Cashmere, Business Administration 

Belva D. Kerby 

Albion. Elementary Education 

Dennis T. Kerhulas 

Moscow, Idaho, Psychology 

Kathy Kay Kernkamp 

Maple Valley, Community Dietetics 

Stephen B. Kiehl 

Redmond. General Studies 

Seniors 313 

How could we forget the first time 

Carol Kay Killingsworth 

Coulee City, Business Education 

James Kenneth Killingsworth 

Coulee City, Agriculture Mech. 

Katherine J. Kilmer 

Spokane, Office Administration 

Jane A. Kippes 

Kennewick, English 

William L. Kirkpatrick 

Spokane, Psychology 

Alan Everett Kissinger 

Richland, Business Administration 

Larry A- Kissler 

Spokane, English 

John F. Kittel 

Brewster, Pharmacy 

Richard L. Kittinger 

Milton, Business Administration 

Gary E. Klaue 

Spokane, Business Administration 

Steven M. Klinski 

Vancouver, Psychology 

Heidi Marie Kludt 

Seattle, Landscape Architecture 
Cory Knauss 
Moses Lake, General Studies 
Susan J ane Kneedier 
Olympia, Home Ec. Education 
Jane Knight 
Spokane, Home Ec. Education 

Michael J. Knorre 

Spokane, Geology 

Wayne L. Knutsen 

Seattle, English 

JanG. Koal 

Elma, Anthropology 
Randy Koehler 
Seattle, Building Theory 
Beatrice Kooy 
Lynden, Home Ec. Education 
Ronald W. Koski 
Spokane, Mathematics 

Keith Alan Kramer 

Vancouver, Pharmacy 

Franklyn B. Kreighbaum 

San Francisco, Ca., Mechanical Eng. 

Kathleen Marie Krueger 

Wenatchee, Home Ec. Educ. 

Keith J. Krueger 

Colfax, Psychology 

Karl Kupers 

Harrington, Pharmacy 

Sandra Ladd 

Bellevue, Office Administration 
Robert A. Ladiges 
Glenwood, Animal Production 
Douglas John Lamb 
Vancouver, Electrical Engineering 
Henry Bruce Lampe 
Seattle, Business Administration 
Christine Chase Landon 
Kirkland, Clothing and Textiles 

314 Seniors 

we registered four years ago? 

Diana J. Lanman 

Spokane, English 

Mary R. Larsen 

Tacoma, Clothing and Textiles 

Janice LaRue 

Colfax, Elementary Education 

Philip Lastreta, Jr. 

San Rafael, Ca., Pre-Law 

Carol Ann Lapeyrouse 

Seattle, Sociology 

David L. Larsen 

Tacoma, English 

James Paul Larsen 

Ferndale, Agricultural Economics 

Larry Larson 

Moses Lake, Political Science 

Susan Joanne Larson 

Connell, Home Ec. Education 

Richard D. Latham 

Anacortes, Range Management 

Katherine L. Lattig 

Amboy, Child & Family Studies 

Ron Laubach 

Seattle, Sociology 

J. Richard Lauckhart 

Aberdeen, Electrical Eng. 

Diann V. Layfield 

Yakima, Speech Pathology 

Kenneth Leader 

Bremerton, Architecture 

Larry Lee 

Walla Walla, Sociology 

Seniors 315 

Martha Jo Lee 

Seattle, Pharmacy 
John Whitney Lees 
Seattle, Social Studies 
Steven Charles Leslie 
Spokane, Electrical Engineering 
Linda Lewis 

Everett, Elementary Education 

Chao-Tao Li 

Pullman, Electrical Engineering 

Walter K. Li 

Hong Kong, Chemical Engineering 

Wendy OLine Lider 

Bellevue, Education 
Kirt Travis Lindeman 
Austin, Tex., Physics 
Connie M. Lindhag 
Colfax, Home Ec. 
Patricia J oy Lines 
Spokane, Psychology 

Richard W. Lines 

Spokane, Economics 

Jean E. Link letter 

Bremerton, Office Administration 

J ames A. Loaris 

Colton, Forestry 
Robert A. Lommasson 
Walla Walla, Civil Engineering 
Emily Jean Lonac 
Hoquiam, Foreign Language 

Randy E. Lonborg 

Elma, Pharmacy 
Grant Long 
Calgary, Alta., Physical Ed. 
Kristine Longley 
Bellevue, Interior Design 
Thomas B. Lopp 
Spokane, Agriculture Education 
Terry Lowery 
Bellingham, FNIM 

Cecilia Arias-Lozano 

Bogota, Colombia, Psychology 
Cathy Luhm 
Shelton, Computer Science 

Robert E. Lundin 

Atwater, Ca., Business Ad. 

Dan Lust 
Endicott, Pharmacy 
Fred Lydick 
Bremerton, Political Science 

Lou anna Lynch 

Vancouver, Elementary Education 

Michael D. Lynch 

Seattle, General Mathematics 

Football games or 
listening to new singers 

Edward H. Maloney 

Pullman, Zoology 

Laurence E. McCall 

Mesa, Agricultural Economics 

Heather McCallum 

Seattle, Elementary Education 
Larry McCaughey 
Spokane, Social Studies Education 




Laurie Ann McCauley 

Seattle, Speech 

Dennis Lane McClure 

Pendleton, Ore., Architecture 

Mary C. McCoy 

Kirkland, Police Science 

Sharon McDaniel 

Pullman, Elementary Education 

Mickey R. McDevitt 

Leavenworth, Wild Life Biology 

Gary Alexander McEachern 

Longview, Business Administration 

Jay McGath 

Davenport, Pharmacy 

Fred H. McGinnis 

Albion, Pharmacy 

Colleen McGourin 

Seattle, Elementary Education 
Verna Lee McGrath 
Mansfield, Elementary Education 

Michael Mclnnes 

Port Angeles, Electrical Eng. 
Roberta Beth McKay 
Olympia, Elementary Education 
Dennis N. McLeish 
Calgary, Alta., Physical Education 
Bob McMillan 
Palm Springs, Ca., Finance 
Aberdeen, Political Science 

Paul W. Macomber 

Pullman, Communications 
Roger Madsen 
Pullman, Political Science 
Sarah Magelssen 
Tacoma, Education 
Joann Marie Magers 
Spokane, Home Ec. Education 
Kathryn J. Magnuson 
Olympia, Communications 

Michael Mahoney 

Centralia, Animal Science 
Jim Maier 
Lynden, Architecture 
Danny E. Mann 
Paulsbo, Business Administration 
Robert Dale Manning 
Nine Mile Falls, Civil Eng. 

Ronald K. Manor 

Knappa, Ore., Communications 

Seniors 317 

David E. Manus 

Pullman, Police Science 
K.C. Marcusen 
Nampa, Idaho, Bacteriology 

James L. Maresh 

Seattle, Horticulture 
John Marker 

Bellevue, Business Administration 

Patricia Marie Lee 

Tacoma, English 

DuAnn Marsh 

Pateros, Physical Education 

Twila Dawn Marsh 

Spokane. English Education 

Ronald Marshall 

Tacoma, Philosophy 

Bernice Martin 

Pasco. Bacteriology 

Emma Willetta Martin 

Prosser, Home Ec. Education 

John Kelly Martin, Jr. 

Colfax, Pharmacy 

Ann Louise Martinson 
Tacoma, Clothing & Textiles 
Ronald William Matthews 
Yelm, Forestry 
Walter C. Mandt 

Rosalia, Agricultural Mcch. 

Kirk Bradford Mayer 

Cashmere, Business Administration 

Martin D. Mayer 

Pullman, Sociology 

Alan T. Medak 

Tacoma, Civil Engineering 

Natalie J. Meeks 

Richland, Elementary Education 

Louise Mehner 

Seattle, Journalism Education 
Andrea Rae Melius 
Tacoma, Office Administration 
Robert W. Mellis 
Spokane, Business Administration 

Danny P. Mellon 

Pullman, Building Theory 
William J. Meneely 
Kennewick, Mechanical Eng. 
Kirk Thomas Merrill 
Chewelah, Police Science 
Kathleen Ann Merryweather 
Tacoma, History 
Linda Meyer 
Bellevue, Sociology 

Penelope Gale Meyers 
Tacoma, Recreation 
Robert W. Meyer Jr. 
Belfair, Communications 
Benny Kuo-Ping Miao 
Tiwan, Computer Science 
Susan Michaelsen 
Pullman, English 

Christina Middleton 

Walla Walla, Recreation 

318 Seniors 

Martin C. Mikkelsen 

Pullman. Building Theory 

Dean Carl Miksch 

Quincy, Pharmacy 

Moscow or romping 
in the snow 

Dan Terry Mildon 

Graham, Mechanical Engineering 

L. Gary Miles 

Graham, Wild-Life Biology 

Dennis R. Miller 

Chehalis, Hotel Administration 

Dixie L. Miller 

Spokane. Business Administration 

Janice Miller 

Fox Island, Psychology 

Mary Ann Miller 

Spokane, English Education 

Thomas J. Miller 

Rockford, Psychology 

Steve Mills 

Kent, History 

Margo Minnick 

Chehalis, Elementary Education 

David John Minch 

Waitsburg, Education 

Robert Steven Mitchell 

Yakima, Political Science 

Sally Mitchell 

Everett, Physical Education 

John E. Mitzel 

Mt. Vernon, Hotel Administration 
Lon S. Mizogvchi 
Hawaii, Pharmacy 

Seniors 319 

So many times that now fill the memories of our mind 

Sharon Mizomi 

Maui, Hawaii, Elementary Education 

Don L. Mobley 

Walla Walla, Pharmacy 
Donald I. Moe 
Mt. Vernon, Biology 
Mary Anne Moen 
Yakima, English Education 
Claudia Moeller 
Deer Park, Elementary Education 

Greg Moeller 

Pullman, Pharmacy 
Christine Monahan 
Caldwell, Sociology 
Michele Monson 
Raymond, Sociology 
Maryl Moody 
Issaquah, Political Science 
Larry W. Moore 
Los Angeles, Ca., Business Ad. 

Rona Jane Moore 

Auburn, Chemistry 
Beth Ann Morris 
Bucoda, English Education 
James J. Morris 
Roslyn, Civic Engineering 
Janice J. Morris 
Tacoma, Music Education 
Jane Ann Morrison 
Bellevue, History 

Ken Moszeter 

Camas, Pharmacy 
Richard Lynn Mould 
Olympia, Psychology 
Gail Ann Murphy 
Everett, Elementary Education 
John Murphy 
Seattle, Social Studies 
Patricia M. Murphy 
Port Orchard, Elementary Education 

320 Seniors 

Les Myhre 

Seattle, Computer Science 

Doug Myers 

Laguna Beach, Ca., Speech 

Jim Nagle 

Everett, Hotel Administration 
DeanT. Nakagaua 
Spokane, Recreation 
Pamela H. Nakagana 

Spokane, Elementary Education 

Nick C. Napier 
Seattle, Forestry 
Thomas Natale 
Bellevue, Zoology 
D. Scott Neff 
Cashmere, Music Education 
Mike Nelsen 
Spokane, Pre-Dental 
Carl D. Nelson 
Spokane, Pre-Med. 

Fredricka Nelson 

Seattle, Elementary Education 
James E. Nelson 
Pullman, Hotel Administration 
Richard S. Nelson 
Kirkland, Business 
Vicki Nelson 
Olympia, Secondary Education 
Karen Barnhart Nemeth 
Ellensburg, Home Ec. Educ. 

Alan R. Newcomb 

Colma, Calif., Forestry 

Robert Andrew Newell 

Spokane, Mathematics 

William D. Newell 

Bellevue, History 

Jim Newhouse 

Mabton, Agricultural Econ. 

Patricia Ann Nicholes 

Renton, Sociology 

Kelly C. Niemi 

Castlerock, Forestry 

Steven L. Nissen 
White Swan, Agriculture Mech. 
Harry Sikelela Nkambule 
Manzini, Swaziland, Mechanical Eng. 
Lawrence D. Noble 
Pullman, Civil Engineering 
Helen Nolen 

Tacoma, Elementary Education 

Seniors 321 

Events gone past... Never to be relived, 

James Robert Normand 

Bremerton, General Studies 
Linda Jean Norton 
Bellevue, Communications Adv. 
Jon P. Nottingham 
Colville, Pre-Medicine 

Sandra Nourse 

Clinton, Physical Education 

Paula Jean Noyes 

Seattle, Sociology 

George M. O’Brien 

Prosser, Horticulture 

Melvin Leroy Oden 

Pateros, Physical Education 

Linda Lee Odne 

Seattle, Elementary Education 

Douglas A. O’Donnell 

Poulsbo, Animal Biology 

Susan O’Keefe 

Richland, General Studies 

Carolyn Olson 

Port Orchard, Elementary Education 

Francis O’Neil IV 

Ferndale, Math 
Monne Ortner 
Mead, Political Science 
Douglas Howard Orton 
Seattle, Business Administration 
Michele Oseth 
Vancouver, Home Economics Ed. 

Mark Warren Osgood 

Pullman, Zoology 

Jeanne J. Oshima 

Honolulu, Hawaii, Elementary Ed. 

Judith Lee Os wood 

Pullman, Speech Education 

Martin Philip Ottem 

Othello, Agricultural Economics 

Mark Alton Palmer 

Richland, Physical Metallurgy 

322 Seniors 

Fred Joe Palmiero 

Kittitas, Physical Education 

Wendy Sue Parkinson 

Tacoma, Home Economics Ed. 

Gayle Parks 

Spokane, Physical Education 

Rebecca Parmley 

Harper, Sociology 

Gail W. Parsons 

Oakesdale. Business Ad. 

Lucinda Parsons 

T acoma, Elementary Education 
Sharon Patmore 
Coupeville, Music 
Wendy L. Paul 
Seattle, Elementary Education 
Paris M. Pearcee 
Anchorage, Alaska, Architecture 
Marilyn J. Pease 
Tacoma, Physical Education 

James Robert Pearson 

Spokane, Building Theory 

Nancy Peasley 
Seattle, Education 
Hannes G. Pedersen 
Des Moines, General Studies 
Janice Pellegrini 
Tacoma, Math Education 
Songmei Chen Peng 
Taiwan, China, Music 

but more important, never to be forgotten. 

Terry Perkins 

Wenatchee, Math 
Terry Permenter 
Spokane, Elementary Education 
Ann L. Perry 
Spokane, Bacteriology 
Michelle Kristine Perry 
Anacortes, Speech 
George F. Perry 
Colfax. Police Science 

Terry Peters 

Spokane, Agronomy 

James H. Peterson 

Coulee City, Agricultural Econ. 

Jane Storey Petersen 

Spokane, Spanish 

Jeff Pewe 

Albuquerque, N. Mex., Economics 

Vincent N. Pfaff Jr. 

Chehalis, Physical Education 

Kay H. Pheasant 

Tonasket, Home Economics Ed. 

Kay Lynne Phillips 

Tukwill, Political Science 

Linda May Pitlo 

Longview, Office Ad. 

Robert James Plath 

Pullman, Math 

Kathy Ann Pleasant 

Prosser, Office Ad. 

Sally Jean Plummer 

Walla Walla, English 

Jane Pockert 

Spokane, English Education 

Arlene Poffenroth 

LaCrosse, Elementary Education 

Gail A. Polkinghorne 

Seattle, Elementary Education 

Connie Pilcher Pokrifchak 

Wenatchee, Pharmacy 

Seniors 323 

Robert C. Pollock 

Fairfield, Agronomy 

Pam Potter 

Seattle, Office Administration 

Ronald J. Raska 

Colville, Forest Management 
Sharon Kay Rasmussen 
Olympia, Elementary Education 

Diana L. Powell 

Spokane, Bacteriology 

James M. Powell 

Spokane, Chemical Engineering 

Allan Miles Raymaker 

Bremerton, Police Science 

Norman S. Redhead 

Ellensburg, Pharmacy 

Peggy Powell 

Colfax, Elementary Education 

Stephen G. Powell 

Latah, Economics 

Charles Pride 

Ventura, Calif., Environ. Biology 

Frank Prosser 

Pullman, General Studies 

Philip William Quast 

Pullman, Pharmacy 

Diane J. Rabenstein 

Burlington, Home Economics Ed. 

Donna M. Rabie 

Wapato, Foreign Language 
Marilyn Rambo 
Davenport, Elementary Education 

Thomas Edward Randall 

Seahurst, Chemical Engineering 

Bill Randles 

Ellensburg, Agricultural Eng. 




Now the future 

326 Seniors 

beckons us as the reflections fade 

Seniors 327 

Pamela Reid 

Cheney, Elementary Education 

Pat Reish 

Missoula, Mont., Elementary Ed. 

Lucinda M. Reitan 

Seattle, Elementary Education 
Nerea Vanira Rejniak 
Waterville, Child and Family Studies 
James W. Remington 

South Bend, Genetics 

Vahid Rezyani 

Tehran, Iran, Electrical Eng. 

Carol Reyburn 
Walla Walla, Music Education 
Anna Gale Rhodes 
Tacoma, Speech Education 
Stephen Lee Ricarte 
Elma, Agricultural Economics 

Connie A. Rice 

Seattle, Recreation 

Ronald Frederick Rice 

Pullman, Business 
D. Thomas Richardson 
Waitsburg, Physical Therapy 
Paul Keith Richardson 
Moses Lake, Economics 
Jo Ann Richmond 
Ferndale, Sociology 
Nancy Richmond 
Pullman, Animal Production 

Raymond L. Richmond, Jr. 
Pullman, Animal Nutrition 
Jeffrey Mawson Rider 

Yakima, Business Administration 

Kjell Krohn Riege 

Pullman, Business Administration 

Nancy L. Rieha 

Bremerton, Elementary Education 
Deborah Rightmire 
Bellingham, English Education 

John C. Riseborough 

Naples, Italy, Pre-law 
Barry Roach 
Spokane, Communications 
Keith Roberts 
Garfield, Communications 
Marcia Roberts 
Coulee City, Office Ad. 

Jean Robertson 

Seattle, Sociology 

John H. Robertson 

Monroe, Landscape Architecture 
Susan Robertson 
Weston, Ontario, Recreation 
Linda Marie Rockey 
Seattle, Psychology 
Linda Roe 
Tacoma, Office Administration 
Carolyn Karen Rose 
South Bend, Home Ec. Education 

Jim Rogers 

Calgary, Alta., Physical Education 
Thomas S. Roseburg 
Cle Elum, Electrical Engineering 
Carol Ross 
Bellevue, Math Education 
Timothy Jack Ross 

Spokane, Civil Engineering 
Curtis E. Rowe 
1 oppenish, Business Administration 

Randy Ruddach 

Clarkston, Police Science 

George D. Ruddell 

Greenacres, Agricultural Education 
Rich Paul Riehle 
Davenport, Wildlife Conservation 
Linda Marie Russell 
Aberdeen, FNIM 
Mary Ann Rutherford 
Pullman, Elementary Education 

J. Randy Ryan 

Yakima, History 
Ronald D. Ryan 
Stilacoom, Business Administration 
David J. Sadick 
Mercer Island, Pre-Law 
Mary Jo Seamen 
Yakima, Bacteriology 

David S. Schaub 

Walla Walla, Bacteriology 

Robert A. Schutt 

Bremerton, Latin American Studies 

William A. Schwartz 
Tacoma, Architecture 
Sylvia Lea Sallquist 

Spokane, History 
Doug Salvadalena 
Pasco, Food Science 
Joseph M. Salvatore 

Seattle, Communications 

328 Seniors 

Randy Rohwer 

Spangle, Business Administration 
George S. Rokkan 
Richland, Architecture 

Frances Rowley 

Cheney, Business Administration 

Mike Rozelle 

Colfax, Agricultural Education 

We should live today 
to the fullest 

Clark Wendell Satre 

Spokane, Electrical Eng. 

Julie K. Savage 

Seattle, English Education 

Gary Emil Schell 

Pullman, Business Ad. 

Robert Schlecht 

Longview, Business Ad. 

Neal Schlect 

Yakima, Agricultural Econ. 

Glenn R. Schmauder 

Davenport, Business Ad. 

Michael J. Schmierer 

Everett, Math Education 

Debbie Schoch 

Tulcivila. Psychology 

Katherine Schott 

Pullman, Speech 

Michael Schrag 

Odessa, Agricultural Ed. 

Marcie Schultz 

Everett, Elementary Education 

Kay Schupp 

Centralia, Cloth, and Text. 

Linda Margaret Schwarz 

Centralia, Psychology 

Harold Scott 

Spokane, Psychology 

J. Richard Scott 

Wenatchee, Botany 

Meg Seabury 

Yakima, English 
Thomas B. Sebens 
Sedro Wooley, Political Science 
Randy D. Seiffert 
Spokane, Chemical Engineering 
Diane Seimer 

Deer Park, Home Ec. Education 

Gail Sue Seymour 

Pullman, Bacteriology 



Steven Michael Seymour 

Pullman, Pre-Law 

Leslee Ann Shackelton 

lone, Home Economics 

James L. Shaeffer 

Harrah, History 
Edward G. Shaw 
Bridgeport, Civil Engineering 
Robin Lynne Sheaffer 

Ccntralia, Sociology 

Rebecca Sue Sheppard 

Seattle, Interior Design 
Richard James Sherry 
Spokane, English 
Donna Marie Shinn 
Lewiston, Idaho, History 
Janet Susan Shonborg 
Tacoma, Business Administration 
Jean Elizabeth Shorett 
Mercer Island, Cloth, and Text. 

Bryan D. Shrieves 

Kimberly, B.C., Business Ad. 

Craig S. Shriner 

Kirkland, Speech 

Gerald G. Shrope 

Spokane, Civil Engineering 

Bob Silhauy 

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Zoology 

Marie Simkins 

Tacoma, Political Science 

George W. Simmons 

Pullman, Electrical Engineering 

Janice L. Simmons 

Pullman, English Education 

Gary R. Simpson 

Bellingham, Chemical Engineering 

Mary Louise Simpson 

Everett, Office Administration 

John R. Skibby 

Lacey, Electrical Engineering 

David Blake Slater 

Carlsbad, Ca., Landscape Arch. 

Richard R. Slater 

Spokane, History 

Lynn Diana Sloan 

Spokane, Psychology 

L. Louise Slusser 

Pullman, Nursing 

Marcie Lois Sly 

Wenatchee, Elementary Education 

Darlene Kay Smink 

Tacoma, Sociology 

Julie Smith 

Tacoma, General Biology 

Patricia Smith 

Eatonville, Biology Education 

Peggy Ann Hansen Smith 

Spokane, Education Art 

Peter J.D. Smith 

Calgary, Alta., Hotel Ad. 

330 Seniors 

Reflect back and look ahead 

Richard Smith 

Waterville, Mechanical Eng. 

Robert James Smith 

Clinton, Business Administration 

Robyn Smith 

Chehalis, Communication 

Ron Smith 

Seattle, Architecture 

Sherrie J. Smith 

Bellevue, Elementary Education 

Stephen R. Smith 

Wenatchee, Social Studies Ed. 

Steven Paul Smith 

Pullman, Business Administration 
Theresa Ann Smith 
Aberdeen, Physical Education 
Larry Snelson 
Poulsbo, Elementary Education 
Sue Snelson 

Indianola, Elementary Education 

Norma Snider 

Chula Vista, Ca., Office Ad. 

Jerry A. Snodgrass 

Tacoma, Marketing 
Roger B. Snoey 
Washougal, Business Ad. 

Sharyl Diane Snoey 
Washougal, Foreign Language 
Patricia Ann Snyder 
Montesano, Education 

Kathi Sommer 

Santa Anna, Ca., Bacteriology 

Ben Williams Sonnichsen 

Seattle, Biochemistry 

Anil K. Sood 

New Delhi, India, Electrical Eng. 

M. Camille Sparkes 

Spokane, Bacteriology 

Peggy Spellman 

Olympia, Psychology 

Mark Vaughn Sprague 

Seattle, Landscape Design 

Diana Stack 

Bellevue, Elementary Education 
Margaret Ann Stadum 
Bellevue, Psychology 
Susan Stanco 
Lawrence, Kans., Mathematics 
Lawrence J. Stanko 
Lethbridge, Alta., Communications 

Gregory O. Staples 

Spokane, General Studies 

Robert W. Staples 

Vancouver, History Education 

Cathy Steach 

Richland, Home Ec. Education 

George Lester Stecker, Jr. 

Walla Walla, Architecture 
Greg Steelhammer 
Centralia, Pharmacy 

Judy Stehr 

Odessa, Home Ec. Education 

Richard L. Steinburg 

Cashmere, Recreation 
Stephen C. Steinberg 
Shelton, Business Administration 
Margaret J. Steininger 
Clarkston, English Education 
Bonnie Jeanne Stene 
Stanwood, Social Studies 

Harold Paul Stene 

Stanwood, Entomology 

Clifford C. Steveson 

Grand Coulee, Animal Production 

Janice L. Stewart 

Spokane, Mathematics 

Fred Stobb 

Snohomish, Hotel Administration 

Mike Stobie 

Yakima, General Agriculture 

Seniors 331 

"Live and work for today with the 

Greg Stock 

Port Orchard, Elementary Ed. 

Lynette M. Stock 
Port Orchard, Language Arts 
Peter Allen Stockwell 
Bremerton, Elementary Education 

Larry Stone 

Yakima, Business Administration 
Roger Stone 
Benton City, Business Ad. 

Randall Strait 

Yakima, Pharmacy 

Norma Jean Stratton 

Chewelah, English 

Cheryl Stuart 

Seattle, Communications 

Paula SueStumpf 

Seattle, Fine Arts 

Dan Allen Stucki 

Chinook, Political Science 

Carl H. Suksdorf 

Pullman, General Studies 

Phyllis K. Suksdorf 

Pullman, Physical Education 

Maureen Lynda Sullivan 

Spokane, General Studies 

Patricia Swanson 

Everett, Elementary Education 

Adele Swenson 

Harrington, English 

Donald L. Swinhart 

Montesano, Electrical Eng. 
Sandra Lee Syler 
Chehalis, Home Ec. Education 
Arnise Peggy Takaaze 
Auburn, Sociology 
Mohajer T alebbeik 
Pullman, Metallurgy 
Michael E, Talley 
Spokane, Political Science 

Francis Tang 

Hong Kong, Electrical Eng. 

Kenneth E. Tarp 

Snoqualmie, Architecture 

Scott Taylor 

Kennewick, Building Theory 
Bruce Robert Terril 
Kennewick, Architecture 
James Thayer 

Spokane, Political Science 

Nick Thoennes 
Richland, Building Theory 
Abralette K. Thomas 
Aiea, Hawaii, Elementary Ed. 
William F. Thomas 
Bellevue, Business Ad. 
Ingrid I. Thompson 
Boise, Idaho, Office Ad. 
Larry A. Thompson 
Lewiston, Idaho, Pharmacy 

Linda Ann Thompson 

Tacoma, English Education 
Michael L. Thonney 
Pullman, Animal Biology 
David N. Thornton 
Tonasket, Forestry 
Gary E. Thornton 
Tonasket, Civil Engineering 
Steve Ticen 
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Music Ed. 

Leonard O. Tilton 

Wenatchee, Chemical Engineering 
Marilyn D. Tilton 
Wenatchee, Elementary Education 
Timothy M. Tippett 
Clarkston, General Agriculture 

John L. Todd 

Elma, Wild Life Biology 

Carolyn Tolleshaug 

Longview, Elementary Education 

332 Seniors 

anticipation tomorrow holds the same.” PS 

Kathi Tombs 

Seattle, Home Ec. Education 

Teresa Lynn Tomchick 

Graham, Zoology 

Eric T. Torkelson 

Seattle, Business Administration 

Glenna Treat 

Olympia, English 

Duane H. Trettin 

Seattle, Mechanical Engineering 


Tacoma, Forestry 

Carol Troxel 

Seattle, Elementary Education 

Martha Trupp 

Chehalis, General Studies 

Judith Schaele Tucker 

Fairfield, Elementary Education 

Jill Tuengel 

Everett, Sociology 

Terry F. Tufts 

Ritzville, Hotel Administration 

Nancy Turnbull 

Seattle, Zoology 

James F. Turner 

Yakima, Economics 

John H. Turner 

Lacey, Police Science 

Terry W. Turney 

Kennewick, Business Administration 

Pham Ngoc Tuyen 

Pullman, Civil Engineering 

Robert John Tyrrell 

Wenatchee, Police Science 

Meredith Tweedt 

Kennewick, General Studies 

Sheldeen M. Uchida 

Honolulu, Hawaii, English Education 
Dorothy Ujhazi 
Tacoma, Pharmacy 

Susan Updegrave 

Moses Lake, Home Ec. Education 

Linda Lorene Upham 

Mead, Nursing 

Virginia Van Ness 

San Carlos, Ca., History 

Steve Van Valkenburg 

Mt. Vernon, Agriculture 

Keith VandenHeuvel 

Tacoma, Psychology 

Seniors 333 

Barbara J. Van Hoven 

Wenatchee, Physical Ed. 
Dorothy M. Vaughan 
Anchorage, Alaska, Psychology 
Sarah Vehslage 
Bremerton, General Studies 
Glen Allen Vent 
Moscow, Idaho, Geography 
Rondy Marie Voorhees 
Redmond, English 

Kenneth Waddle 

Ephrata, Communications 
Penny Wainscott 
Waterville, General Biology Ed. 

Glen H. Walden 
Lacrosse, Chemical Eng. 
Randall Ray Walker 
Tacoma, Pre-Law 
Susan Marie Wallace 
Carnation, Elementary Ed. 

Robert J. Walter 

Tacoma, Forestry 
Alice A. Walters 
Spokane, Office Ad. 
Dave Walton 
Omak, Industrial Arts 
Catherine C. Wang 
Pullman, Social Science 
Lee A. Wanke 
Pullman, Pharmacy 

Becky A. Wanless 

Renton, Recreation 
Marty Warner 
Ridgefield, Civil Eng. 

Tacoma, Mathematics 
Donald S. Warrick 
Seattle, General Studies 
Kim Warrior 
Bothell, Biology Education 

Cindy Watson 

Leavenworth, Elementary Ed. 
Jean Lenore Watson 
Airdrie, Alta., Sociology 
David A. Webb 
Centralia, English 
Jackie Wehring 
Longview, Business Education 
Patricia Anne Weinans 
Vancouver, Social Studies Ed. 

Mary Ann Weitz 

Spokane, Foreign Language 

Gary T. Wells 

Eltopia, Business Ad. 

Nora Eileen Wescott 

Atlanta, Ga., Elementary Ed. 

Thomas R. West 

Enumclaw, Mathematics 

Ronald A. Westland 

Spokane, Chemical Engineering 

Jody Wheeler 

Arlington, Elementary Education 
Lynn Wheeler 
Richland, Child Family Studies 
Michael J. Wherley 
Missoula, Mont., Civil Eng. 
Karen L. McWherter 
Seattle, Home Economics 
Bruce D. Whitaker 
M oses Lake, Int. Design and Business 

Gary A. Whitehead 

Tacoma, Bact. and Public Health 

Wallace P. Whitford 

Everett, General Studies 
Harvey G. Whittmire 
Melville, Sask., Social Studies 
Jan Whitworth 
Pateros, Political Science 
Barbara Whyte 
Goldendalc, Bact. and Public Health 

334 Seniors 

Sharon Wick 

Richland, Elementary Education 

Ronald H. Wigal 

Toppenish, Wildlife Biology 

Jan Wiggum 

Everett, Elementary Education 

Paula Gay Wikstrom 

Vancouver, Communications 

Don Wilde 

Richland, Environ. Science 

Kay Elaine Williams 

Elma, Social Studies Education 

Nola Williams 

Everett, Elementary Education 

Vicki Rae Willms 

Omak, Fine Arts 

William R. Wills 

Pullman, Pharmacy 

Linda Kay Wilson 

Seattle, Home Ec. Education 

Nancy Wilson 
Seattle, Elementary Education 
Ronald Norman Wilson 
Snohomish, Horticulture 
William H. Wilson 
Pullman, Chemical Eng. 

Annette Wine 
Yakima, Sociology 
Frank Howard Wing 
Colfax, P re-Law 

Kristi Ann Winkle 

Olympia, Food Science 

Constance Elaine Wittrock 
Pomerov, Fine Arts 
Julie C. Wolfe 
Seattle, History 
Cindy Kay Wolstenholme 
Olympia, Communications 
Phebe L. Wolfenbarger 
Raymond, Elementary Education 

Nelson Lloyd Wood 

Elmvale, Ont., Physical Ed. 

Rae Anna Wood 

Colfax, Police Seienee 

Richard A. Wood 

Seattle, English 

Rob Wood 

Athabasca, Alta.. Recreation 

Edwin V. Woodall 

Colfax, Horticulture 

Christie Woodrow 

Okanogan. Sociology 

Dawn Colleen Woods 

Randle, Bact. and Public Health 
Neale E. Woods 
Richland, Mathematics Ed. 

Anna Jane Worrall 
Toronto, Ont., Recreation 
Chris Wotruba 
Redmond. Political Science 

Barbara Ann Wulz 

Chehalis, Home Ec. Education 

Nancy Wytko 

Buckley. Clothing and Textiles 

Amy E. Yamagata 

Wailuku, Hawaii. Elementary Ed. 

Ron Yasui 

Seattle, Elementarv Education 

Joseph W. Yip 

Hong Kong, Electrical Eng. 

Claudia Young 

Sedalia, Colo., English Ed. 

John P.D. Yurik 

Spokane. Business Ad. 

Carl V. Zaremba 

Yakima, Chemistry Education 

Preston Zuben 

Nelson, B.C.. Physical Ed. 

Dwight Gordon Zehn 

Spangle, Psychology 

Seniors 335 




1 ♦gp*' 

i m 

Jan Anderson 
Janet E. Anderson 
Marilyn Anderson 
Anita Axtell 
Janine Ayers 

Barbara Bang 
Janet Berken 
Barbara L. Bluff 
Cheryl Bly 
Pamela Joy Bostrom 

Willye Brockway 
Joan Broomell 
Cheri E. Brown 
Jan Burmingham 
Sharon Busch 

Susan Marie Bybee 
Judy E. Campbell 
Karen L. Campbell 
Patricia Campbell 
Joan K. Carpenter 

Diana Kay Cochran 
Christine Coffee 
Linda Marie Cross 
Myrene Sue Darr 
Sheryl Lynne Derochie 

Coral DeWilliam 
Cathy Douglass 
Karen Duffey 
Suzanne A. Face 
Candy Freeborn 

Coman Has Active Year 

Under president Jan Anderson, the 146 residents of Coman Hall 
enjoyed an activity-filled year. Annual events included the Tom Jones 
Halloween dinner, the Christmas formal dance, Pixie Week, Pixie 
Breakfast, and Sun Dance, besides the scholarship dinner. The relative 
smallness of the dorm provided an opportunity for its members to get 
to know one another and experience a close living group. 

338 Coman 

Marilyn Frei 
Kathleen D. Gagnon 
Lani Garner 
Dawn Charrise Graves 
Linda Harries 
Jo Ann Hastings 

Barbara Heimbigner 
Connie Heimbigner 
Maureen Higgins 
Donna Marie Howard 
Marilyn Howard 
Connie Jones 

Jan Junker 
Jane Kelly 
Maxine Ann Kettler 
Nancy Kitt 
Jennie Lauckhart 
Sally Lefler 

Kathy Leinweber 
Linda Kay Leonard 
Katherine Lodi 
Linda Matthewman 
Jeani McFadden 
Suzanne Monteiro 

Pam Nelson 
Shirley Ness 
Jean Nickerson 
Nancy Lee Nosko 
Patti Paine 
Sharon Patmore 

Susie Petersen 
Lark Pischel 
Onalee Ruth Polinder 
Cathy Preston 
Jackie Reeves 
Barbara Rice 

Karen Savland 
Teresa K. Schavermann 
Linda Scheer 
Donna Marie Shinn 
Kim Shoemaker 
Barbara Smith 

Mary Lou Smuck 
Pat Thompson 
Marsha L. Tokarcyk 
Nancy Turnbull 
Sara Waldrys 
Laurie Walton 

Barbara Kae Warnock 
Sue Welton 
Linda Whitcomb 
Vicki Wolfenbarger 
Melanie Yarwood 
Donna Zimmerman 

Coman 339 

Activities Varied 
at Community 

Interesting and informative speakers throughout the year 
offered an opportunity for the residents of Community Hall 
to listen to a variety of points on important issues. Lou-Ellen 
Peffer of HEP spoke about the difficulties and problems 
HEP students encounter. A pro-abortion group showed a 
filmstrip and held a question and answer period. A drug 
program was planned which included speakers, panels, and 
films. Pixie Week, Senior Breakfast, and a dorm picnic in the 
Spring completed the dorm's activities. 

Barbara Lee Babcock 
Pamela Baum 
Jean Ann Behrens 

Cheryl F. Benedict 
Charlene Bourne 
Donna Brock 

Janice Clarke 
Suzanne Marie Desilet 
Chris Erisman 

Kathy Jennings 
Kathy Kay Kernkamp 
Elaine Killingsworth 

Deborah Kilpatrick 
Linda Reiko Kodama 
Linda Susan Koehler 

Debbie Lang 
Kelly Lamed 
Julie McAlister 

Autumn Nolen 
Darlene Kay Ogle 
Christy Lynn Orton 

340 Community 

Jeanne J. Oshima 
Jonel S. Pepich 
Pam Perkins 
Laurienne Post 

Pamela Powers 
Nancy Quackenbush 
Carmen Redmond 
Eleen Riedasch 

Wendy Rohrs 
Ellen Louise Schuster 
Annette Sebastian 
Jackie Slovek 

Janice Tiearney 
Bernadine Waterman 
Kathy Williams 
Patricia Ann Weinaus 

Community 341 

Davis Girls Active 
on Campus 

One of the most unique aspects of Davis 
Hall is the smallness of the group, with 
only 101 residents. It allows for the 
closeness and friendly atmosphere of a 
sorority while retaining “independent" 
status. Besides participating in the 
traditional dorm activities—a spring formal 
dinner-dance, Christmas activities, a 
Scholarship Dinner, a dorm picnic, and 
Easter Egg hunt—the women of Davis 
Hall were active on campus contributing to 
the competitions, Spur Songfest, and 
forming intramural teams. 

Kathleen J. Bartels 
Carol Lee Boucher 
Marsha J. Brown 
Kathleen Burke 
Katherine Buchenroth 

Christine Cocklin 
Pam Dorway 
Barbara Ann Donald 
Chris Damm 
Jean F. Frykman 

Kristine Anne Giske 
Joanne Gotovac 
Cheryl E. Hagemeister 
Debbie Harries 
Cheryl S. Helgeson 

Deborah Hill 
Marcella Irwin 
Pam Kanzler 
Jane Ann Kile 
Susan Kimball 

Suzette Koski 
Victoria L. Lamb 
Julia Larson 
J. Elizabeth Lawrence 
Shelley Lewis 

342 Davis 

Marti Lillwitz 
Shirley Loesch 
Susan Magnussen 
Bernadette M. Margin 
Joyce Elizabeth McClinton 
Kathi McKay 

Roberta Beth Mckay 
Sue Metzler 
Carol Miller 
Becky Moore 
Marcie Morris 
Terry Permenter 

Marcia Povroznik 
Jan Pratt 
Anne Rathbone 
Jo Ann Ross 
Laurel Singer 
Michele D. Smith 

M. Camille Sparkes 
Susan Stanco 
Barbara Street 
Susy Sundberg 
Mia Terry 
Jann Ullrich 

Lori Waldron 
Gayle Waters 
Beth Wheat 
Susan Jeanne Whipple 
Mary Woods 
Amy E. Yamagata 

Davis 343 

Bonnie Lea Akins 
Vicki Lynn Barrett 
Detta Blair 
Sue Blosser 
Nicole Bomar 
Beth Bowman 

Patricia Brenneis 
Debbie Burr 
Vicki Cable 
Christine Carroll 
Marty Cottrell 
Darcy Dinnison 

Colleen Finnegan 
Alice Forbes 
Bonnie Jean Fossum 
Kathleen Jean Fritchey 
Lorraine C. Gai 
Cora Gilliam 

Sally Godfrey 
Vanessa M. Hardy 
Patricia Clara Ives 
Joanne Jarvis 
Jody C. Johnson 
Julie Rae Johnson 

Duncan Dunn Forms 
Football Team 

The Duncan Doers football team started the dorm’s fall 
activities with the members pitted against fraternity 
teams. The winter formal held at Christmas was called 
“Sugar Plum Ball’ and was a special dorm function. 
Special dinners throughout the year and scholarship 
banquets offered a change in regular routine. Speakers to 
the dorm included a fireman and a campus policeman. The 
May 8th Raunch Dance completed the dorm’s activity 

344 Duncan Dunn 

Joan Karch 
Pamela Knaggs 
Sally Lager 
Cindy Lierman 
Denise Lown 

Jane Macho 
Barbara McDowell 
Karrin June Montford 
Linda Jean Norton 
Marta R. Page 

Cindy Proffitt 
Jennifer Rau 
Jeannie Reyburn 
Linda Marie Rockey 
Debra Jean Sample 

Mary Kay Saulie 
Christy Sheckcls 
Gloria Shaw 
Patti Jean Siems 
Diane Sitts 

Connie Strecker 
Diana Lynn Summers 
Terrie Suzuki 
Kristine Wenburg 
Elaine Jorgensen 

Duncan Dunn 345 

Gannon Sings 
With Regents 
For Songfest 

The men of Gannon participated in a vareity of 
campus activities this year. They were active in 
Intramural sports and sang with the women of 
Regent’s Hill for Songfest. Other traditions of the 
dorm were dances and the selection of the Gannon- 
Goldsworthy Playmate. 

Dave Abbott 
Steven J. Appel 
Tom Ardell 
Miles A. Berry 

Arthur Bogan 
Dave Brittell 
Jeffrey Lee Broom 
J ohn C. Bush 

Bryan T. Chambers 
Byron Cheney 
Gene M. Chouinard 
Dean Clark 

Nelson A. Cordill Jr. 
Rick Davis 
Jim Demiter 
Dale Dickson 

Bob Dirkes 
Michael A. Drake 
Michael W. Dukes 
Harvey Dunham 

Bruce D. Ellingson 
Bernard Elmendorf 
Michael Ensley 
Gale Scott Eymer 

Gannon 347 

Steve Falconer 
Dennis Forsberg 

Frank Fowler 
Virgil Frazier 

Dennis Byron Frost 
Murray T. Gage-Cole 

Glenn L. Gilley 
Guy Gimlen 

Wallace Alan Gollzer 
Lawrence M. Gorton 

Mike Greenlee 
Charles L. Hafenbrack 

Douglas R. Hagedorn 
Benjamin C. Haight 

Todd Hanson 
Bryan Harvey 

Ed Hedlund 
Lyle Heimbigner 

348 Gannon 

Jack Heinrick 
Floyd J. Hutchens, Jr. 
Gene Jarstad 
Gary E. Keister 
Robert Knutson 
Bruce Latta 

Blayne M. Leingang 
Carl Lentz 
Brian Lewis 
Tom Lilly 
Richard W. Lines 
David W. Long 

Stewart Lowe 
Norm Lowery 
Jeffrey D. Lust 
George W. Martin 
John M. Maxwell 
Larry McDougall 

Gordon Otto McFadden 
John McNeil 
Tom McPhee 
Harold Ray Meenach 
Douglas Meerdink 
Dick Mellon 

William J. Meneely 
William Michael Gaffney 
Mike Moon 
Gregory A. Mott 
Nick C. Napier 
Imran Khalid Niazi 

Gannon 349 

Mark Oliver 
Rick Oliver 

George S. Rokkan 
Mark Schultheis 

Rob Sherwood 
John E. Skog 
Brad Smith 

Harry F. Shore 
Roger Stein 
Larry Stone 

Alan Stromberger 
Jerome M. Truax 
Richard Duane Turnbow 

Richard Wayenberg 
William M. Weaver 
Rex S. Whiteaker 

G. Ty Wick 
Craig Alan Yardy 
Thomas Zmiarovich 


Ghery St. John Pettit 
Fred Putnam 

Kenneth Paine 
Charles Peck 

350 Gannon 

Good Times at Goldsworthy 


Intramurals Head 
List of Activities 
for Goldsworthy 

Dean Nakagawa served as president for the 
men of Goldsworthy. Intramural sports, PJ 
Dance, the Penthouse Formal, keggers, and 
coffee houses headed the list of activities of the 

Albert Alvarez 
Robert Warren Blume 
Curt Brenner 
Taylor Bressler 
Steve Brown 

Loren Combs 
Mike Dattilo 
Randy De Long 
Chuck Devier 
Bill Doherty 

Carl W. Eckhardt, Jr. 
Eugene J. W. Eng 
Michael Everston 
Rick Floch 
Gregory Fox 

John A. Freberg 
Kevin J. Freeman 
Carl A. Gentry 
Wayne Y. Hamasaki 
Dane Hansen 

Richard F. Heinl 
Timothy J. Hendrichs 
Marvin Hillstrom 
Philip Charles Irvin 
Michael Edward Knower 

352 Goldsworthy 

Franklyn B. Kreighbaum 
Scott Larson 
Carlton G. Laursen 

Bruce Legg 
Thomas E. Lighty 
Marc Mathison 

Phillip D. Milholland 
Dan Miller 
Thomas Miller 

David J. Moore 
R. Terry Morrison 
Richard Lynn Mould 

Dave Murray 
DeanT. Nakagawa 
Dave Organ 

James Randolph 
Ronald J. Raska 
James D. Reddick 

D. Thomas Richardson 
James H. Rodstoh 
J ohn T. Schuman, J r. 

Dave Shearer 
William Silvers 
John R. Skibby 

Larry Smith 
Michael Howard Smith 
Robert W. Staples 

Goldsworthy 353 

Richard L. Steinburg 
Steve G. Sterling 
Dan Stoneman 
Barry Allan Sturgill 
Jon Sundstrom 
Bob Swanson 
Gary Swanson 
David G. Thomasscn 

Chuck B. Winkel 
Delwyn Winterfeld 
Gary A. Yawman 

354 Goldsworthy 

Social Functions Highlight Kruegel Year 

Kruegel won the “Overall Trophy” 
during Homecoming contests for the second 
year. Most activities were planned along 
with McAllister, including the successful 
formal entitled “Time for Us.” Annual 
Christmas traditions and a scholarship 
dinner were among other dorm functions. 

Helen R. Adams 
Jerilynn Anderson 
Karlyn Anderson 
Randi Beck 
Diana Bennett 

Lucy Bennett 
Ruth Bennett 
Linda Biddle 
Jane Botterman 
Claudia L. Brown 

Patti Jo Brown 
Nancy Bush 
Jeannette Cain 
Norma Calderon 
Anne E. Campbell 

Christine M. Carter 
Susan Lea Christiansen 
Kathy Clinton 
Jeanice Cox 
Ronda Daling 

Margaret Deming 
Beth Easterbrooks 
R. Jean Eickmeyer 
Susan M. Erb 
Dee Dee Feller 

Kruegel 355 

Ruth K. Fergen 
Nancy K. Friehauf 
Doris Fujioka 
LaFaye Fuson 
Mary Lou Garvey 

Anne Gavareski 
Su Ann Marie Ginther 
Rosalynn Haack 
Beverly Hall 
Linda Y. Hansens 

Wendy Kay Harlow 
Judith Hartford 
Cynthia Hartman 
Emily Heintz 
Sandy Higginbotham 

Susan Hill 
Janice Hillier 
Linda I. Hillier 
Kathy Holt 
Kim Horan 

Linda Irwin 
Karla G. Johnson 
Kay Ann Johnson 
Judy Kay Johnson 
Deborah Dawn Jones 

Leslie Joslin 
Pamela Kay Westfahl 
Heidi Keller 
Kathy Anne Killam 
Janna Kriebs 

Sandra Ladd 
Melinda Larson 
Elise Lazzari 
Karen Leonard 
Laura Le Whitener 

Terri Lindstrom 
Kathy Lingen 
Sally Maddox 
Gloria McPhee 
Peggy Sue McRae 

Jean McLaughlin 
Renee Mercereau 
Beverly Miller 
Judy Mitchell 
Lena Monroe 

356 Kruegel 

Shirley Moore 
Georgia Morris 
Shirley Morton 
Cynde Nelson 
Nancy Neufer 
Noralyn Ollom 

Rhea Oman 
Mary Peck ham 
Eileen A. Peterson 
Kim Pierce 
Dorothy Ann Player 
Arleen Poffenroth 

Sharon Poffenroth 
Linda Pullam 
Marilyn Rambo 
Vallery Reed 
Joan Remen 
Sue E. Rhea 

Mary Robinson 
Chris Rose 
Marcia Rowley 
Jan Russell 
Susie Schaefer 
Rhonda Schmidt 

Nancy Shirk 
Vivian Smith 
Wendy Staab 
Susan Standley 
Kris Stocker 
Cheryl Sundberg 

Kruegel 357 

Mary L. Sunderland 
Vicki Sutherland 
Anne E. Taylor 
Sara Telecky 
Pam Tengesdal 
Linda Ann Thompson 
Linda Thompson 
Nan Tomlinson 
Gloria T wyman 
Jo Tyo 
Phyllis Van Winkle 

Janey Waldemarson 
Barbara Wallis 
Jeanne Waud 
Darce Webb 
Catherine A. Wheatley 
Vicki Lynn Wheeler 
Norma Wold 
Paige Wood 
Marsha Woodruff 
Carol Yanagisawa 

Enthusiasm Vibrates 
in McAllister 

The annual Christmas party at McAllister featured 
volunteers presenting skits, and Santa giving away presents to 
the residents. Informal parties throughout the year, a formal, 
and a scholarship dinner were among the other dorm 
activities sponsored in conjunction with Kruegel. 

Judy Achziger 
Carol M. Altenburg 
Catherine E. Ames 
G. Jane Arrants 
Robin Bailey 
Ellen A. Bartholomew 

Gracela Benavides 
Carol Bennett 
Barbara Lynn Blegen 
Becky Brown 
Rita Bruins 
Laura Buchanan 

Clarene Chase 
Jodie Christman 
Karen Clark 
Charlene Collender 
Patricia Curtis 
Diane Dahlin 

Linda Dotson 
Sandie DeFreese 
Sara Derr 
Linda A. Dipola 
Laurel Druffel 
Starla Easley 

Pamela Edlund 
Ricki Lee Fernen 
Mary Jane Goss 
Sandy Hanson 
Diane Haugen 
Jolynn Henderson 

Sue Hickman 
Sue Hunt 
Bede Jordan 
Linda Kriebs 
Ruth Lake! 
Kari Larson 

Lycy Lauterbach 
Diann V. Layfield 
Margaret Long 
Kathryn J. Magnuson 
Susan Malloy 
Phyllis Malone 

Jill Loren Marks 
Elsie McDonnell 
Joyce McKinney 
Deborah McLaughlin 
Candie Meller 
Cassandra Mielke 

McAllister 359 

Pamela Sue Mikalowski 
Mary Anne Moen 
Elaine Moorhead 
Sheila Mott 

Marilyn Anne Nielsen 
Marilyn Nix 
Lynn Marie Nygard 
Mary O’Connell 

Janice I. Oppie 
Rebecca Parmley 
Christine Perry 
Tena Voorde Poorte 

Susan Powell 
Julia S. Putnam 
Patti Randall 
Linda M. Ray 

Tricia Reardon 
Linda Rohwedder 
Jan Ruther 
Cheryl Jeanne Ryan 

Colleen Kay Sargent 
Lorrie Sawtells 
Gaye L. Scheel 

Linda R. Seidel 
Leslee Ann Shackelton 
Janet Susan Shonborg 

Norma Snider 
Valerie Spencer 
Karen Stede 

Susan E. Stewart 
Lynne Ann Sullivan 
Ingrid I. Thompson 

McAllister 361 

Maria Treleven 
Joan Wallace 
Ann Waybright 

Kristen Webb 
Constance Weidemann 
Elizabeth Whaley 

Sandy Whinery 
Marilyn Sue Whiteside 
Annette Wine 

Sonja M. Wingard 
Dawn Colleen Woods 
Anna Jane Worrall 

362 McAllister 

"Citizen of the Month” Honors Deserving Woman 

Alda Amidon 
Janet Bartholomy 
Gale Brink 
Gloria Rae Cook 
Kathryn Finney 
Linda Fouse 
Mary Heimbach 
Naoma Hickman 
Patty Hopkins 
Patricia Huggins 
Diane Hurd 

Linda M. Jacky 
Kristi Jensen 
Virginia Jessemey 
Sandra Keathley 
Sue Marshall 
Cindy Lou Martin 
Barbara Massie 
Kathy McDonald 
Wendy Rae McKellips 
Judy Mecartea 
Carmen Miller 

A variety of activities was sponsored by the 93 women of 
McCroskey Hall under the leadership of Connie Rice, dorm 
president. Among these activities were special breakfasts and 
dinners, a spring formal, dorm intramurals, parties, and a 
picnic, and Citizen of the Month Award. Dr. Carol Johnson 
spoke on the Woman’s Role in Society. 

McCroskey 363 

Rosemary M. Moore 
Sheryl L. Morrow 
Patricia M. Murphy 

Carolyn A. Ruthford 
Sue Sennert 
Laurie Slater 

Janice Smith 
Sherrie J. Smith 
Diann Sornberger 

Joan Steberl 
Phyllis Stoltz 
Cheryl Stuart 

Chris Nyberg 
Rembie Peterson 
Connie A. Rice 

Mary Vallely 
Annette Wall 
Alice A. Walters 

Cynthia West 
Nancy E. Weston 
Debra Wiggins 

Kay Williams 
Cindy Kay Wolstenholme 
Anne Zukerman 

364 McCroskey 

Scholarship Dinner 
Honors Neill 

Neill invited several speakers to offer ideas to the 
people living there. President Terrell and a narcotics 
agent were among the lecturers presented. A 
scholarship dinner honored those residents achieving 
a 3.0 GPA or over. A Halloween party in the fall, a 
Christmas formal and a dorm picnic in May rounded 
out the year’s events. 

Dick Baird 
Nancy Baker 
Mary Barhawovich 
Mark Baze 
Michael T. Braun 

Rich F. Brown 
Ed Bunn 
Robert Cadd 
Sandra Chrisman 
W. Carson Coleman 

Mike L. Curtis 
Karen E. Echelbarger 
Dale Daniel 
William Thomas Freed 
Patrick W. French 

Nancy C. Gable 
Ron Garner 
Nancy A. Gilmour 
Steve Gish 
Ann Happy 

Eric Alan Hays 
Terry Hawkinson 
Roger Hazzard 
Nancy L. Heimbigner 
Neil Hertz 

Neill 365 

Phil Hodges 
Nancy House 
Leslie Hunt 
Ed Johnson 
Larry Jones 
Karolyn Ketcham 

Stephen Latenser 
Sandy Lien 
Clifford E. Lobberegt 
Thomas M. Lonergan 
Cathy Mason 
Samuel Mauch Jr. 

Cindy Maxin 
Penny McBeath 
Lawrence Morales Martinez 
Don Morris 
Sheila Mountjoy 
Nancy R. Naubert 

R.D. Warren Omans 
Linda J. Parks 
Beth Paxson 
Pamela Ann Piper 
A1 Prante 
Ernest B. Rajendra 

Richard Earl Sackett 
William F. Saul 
Michael S. Saunders 
Stephen Saunders 
Norm Schaaf 
Craig Schauermann 

Daniel Schwartze 
Lynne Scott 
Michael Secor 
Jerry J. Sharrar 
Robert Jay Simmons 
Dale Smith 

Judy Sobotka 
Peter Stockwell 
Rae A. Sumida 
Jim Tuominen 
Glenn A. Wallmark 
Marion J. Wells 


Orton Holds 
Annual Dances 

The most unique aspect of Orton Hall was that it 
was the first dorm to have men and women on the 
same floor. Residents were involved in all 
intramurals in addition to dorm functions—co-ed 
volleyball, the Orton Hall Palouse Run, and the 
Little Orton Annie Contest. Dr. Robert Jonas spoke 
to residents on Referendum 20. 

Tina Abersfeller 
Gail Lyn Adler 
Bill Allen 

Michael T. Anderson 
Phillip Eugene Appling 
Stephen Joseph Baran 

Liz Begert 
Janice Berg 
Gene Bigornia 
David Bingham 
Nora Lea Boman 
Lloyd Brewer 

Carol Bernice Brooks 
Steve Bunting 
Ron Celius 
Elaine Chihara 
Thomas A. Christopher 
Eva Coltin 

Van Allen Deffenbaugh 
Angelina Delgado 
Joseph Eiffert 
Kathy Enbusk 
Janet Louise England 
Janet Ercaubrack 

Ferris L. Forar 
Darrel Vincent Frolek 
Ann Gorsline 
Karen Frances Griffin 
Bruce E. Groom 
Jack D. Guske 

Orton 367 

368 Orton 

Trygve Haaland 
R.C. Harris, Jr. 

Larry E. Hall 
Edith Hamilton 
James R. Haney 
Barbara J. Hannick 
Barbara Ann Harder 
Shelley Hayes 
Wayne E. Hays 

Mary Patricia Hoffman 
Tommy Allen Horton 
Robert H. Hove 
Susan Howard 
Judy Huie 
William D. Hyslop 
Sherry S. Ingalsbe 
Melvin A. Jackson 
David L. Jackv 

Carol Jean Johnson 
Jann A. Johnson 
Brian F. Jonas 
Daniel B. Keane 
Ron Kelleher 
Margaret King 
Tom Balmer Kirby 
Janice Koempel 
Darrel A. Kulm 

Robert Ladiges 
Larry R. Lambert 
Terrie Kaye Landis 
Debby Latham 
Richard D. Latham 
F. Timothy Leong 
Linda Maberry 
Suzy Marano 
Fred Kendall Markham 

Linda Massie 

Grant Matthew McAlexander 
Michael J. McMahon 
Kent McVay 
L. Gary Miles 
Jeanette Miniken 
Angela Moos 
Michele M. Morrone 
Lori Ann Mullins 

Scott Andrew Nelson 
Connie Nopp 
Linda Lee Odne 
Harriet Outland 
Mary Patrizzi 
Cynthia A. Peterson 
Rhonda Payne 
Lynnette Pugh 
Dennis Rapp 

Judy Regan 
Paul Keith Richardson 
Cheryl Ross 
Crystal Rost 
Jean Rothnie 
Sue Ruttkay 
W. Kent Salisbury 
Katherine L. Sandberg 
Carol L. Scharnhorst 

Liz Scott 

Sally Larraine Scott 
Janet Seaman 
Randy D. Seiffert 
Judy Sherwood 
Stephen P. Shoemaker 
Robert Short 
Barbara Smithers 
Lawrence Stanko 

Steve Stansf ield 
Jody Stevenson 
Curt Stone 
Marie Tellessen 
David N. Thornton 
Gary E. Thornton 
Sue Christina Thorsen 
Carolyn Tolleshaug 
Sharon K. Tuckness 

Orton 369 

Chervil Turnbow 
Kathleen Turner 
Darcy Lynn Walker 
Matthew Wanchena 
Diane Warner 
Mary Ann Weitz 
Doug West 
Wallace P. Whitford 

Cindy W'icks 
Megen Julia Williams 
Wayne Wilcox 
Jeff Winikoff 
Kristi Ann Winkle 
Nancy Wolfe 
Barbara Wood 
Joan Zimmer 

370 Orton 

Perham Experiences First 
Year As Coed Living Group 

Perham experienced its first year as a co-ed living 
group. Residents agreed it worked out well, as the 
men and women established a suitable living 
arrangement. Senators were elected on each floor and 
met occasionally to discuss ideas and problems. A 
guest at one of the formal dinners was Dean Ewalt. 

At another, Dr. Drake was the speaker on wine. 

Edward S. Aim 
Susan Ambur 
Judy Anderson 
Robert L. Anderson 
Hilal Apaydin 

Tabor R. Ashment 
Tony Bakke 
Martha Bean 
Linda Blau 
Lowden G. Borgens 

Larry A. Bond 
Linda Boyer 
Mary Brangwin 
Joseph H. Bratsky 
Larry James Brimmer 

J. Scott Brittle 
Connie Burnett 
Linda J. Burton 
Dina Caballero 
Rita Ann Callson 

Cathy Capps 
Pamela Carey 
Sharon Lynn Clausen 
Karen Lynn Coleman 
Peggy Coster 

Perham 371 

Debbie Conover 
James R. Doolin 

Sally Ann Eldridge 
John S. Espy 

Kathy Flicklin 
Barbara A. Fischer 

Blair French 
Denise Rae Fuller 

Diana Kae Fuller 
Catherine R. Futtrup 
Jan Gomulkiewicz 
Mara Grant 
Robert C. Grochow 

Linda L. Grzybala 
Lonye C. Hale 
Bill Hagelin 
Wilda Virginia Heard 
Jim Herrera 

Glenda Hewson 
Joyce Higginbotham 
Thomas P. Hill 
Sharon Hitsman 
Art Hoover 

Wendy Lee Huston 
Mike Jarvis 
Jennyan Jensen 
Karla Jess 
Brian Johnson 

Anne B. Justen 
Gerald Walter Krogel 
Mary Kathleen Lanning 
Richard R. Laurich, Jr. 
Arden Lawrence 

372 Perham 

Valerie A. Leavitt 
Joan L. Lenhard 
JoAnn Lenhard 
Jill Marie Loudenback 
Kay Loutzenhiser 

John Toore McCoy 
Kirk Thomas Merrill 
Marta Metcalf 
Suzanne Mutch 
Margaret Sue Nasburg 

Joan Nishitani 
Glen Olsen 
Carolyn Olson 
Robin Prichard 
Charles Pride 

Victoria Rickerson 
Evelyn R. Robinson 
Dennis Rugg 
Sylvia Lea Sallquist 
Judy L. Sedenquist 

James L. Shaeffer 
Mary Lou Schuchman 
Betty Simon 
Brent Alan Smith 
Cori Smith 

Perham 373 

374 Perham 

Jenny Smith 
Ann Stanton 
Lauretta Suess 
Mike Sweeney 
Marna Tisdel 
Keith Vandenheuvel 

Richard L. Vetter 
Terri Villegas 
Susan Marie Wallace 
Jean Lenore Watson 
Wanda M. Williams 
Kathryn A. Young 

Margaret Alice Allen 
Margaret Aller 
Essie Ray Alley 
Laurie Ambrogio 

Carol Anderson 
Mary Ann Anderson 
Ruth kay Andrews 
Joan Anderson 

Claudia Angus 
Marshia Ann Arnold 
Gail Basso 
Mary Beechinor 

Bonnie Betts 
Sandi Bisson 
Vicki Gayle Brewer 
Sally Britain 

Susan V. Burke 
Elizabeth Cain 
Sarah Calavan 
Cathy Carlton 

Brenda Ching 
Judy Cohen 
Terry Coles 
Lynda Cooper 

Nancy J. Criswell 
Kathy Dalton 
Maricl Damaskin 
Mel Davis 

Gail Dunn 
Carol Enstrom 
Debbie Jo Erwert 
Kathryn Evers 

Janette Fanning 
Patricia Farmer 
Sue Fletcher 
Genn Flynn 

Regents 375 

"Pleasantry” Draws Large 
Crowd at Raunch Dance 

The women of Regents enjoyed an active year. They 
supported Cougar Spirit by making pep signs for the football 
team during Homecoming. During the fall and again in spring, 
Regents sponsored two raunch dances. Two scholarship 
dinners honoring scholastic excellence and a Citizenship 
Banquet were special events. Folk group Fredric and Chesley 
provided the entertainment for the spring fireside. A reception 
tea during Parents Weekend finished off the year. 

Pam Fogleman 
Linda Ford 
Lee Ann Fordyce 
Kari Freeman 
Cindy Freet 
Marilee Frei 

Debra L. Frischer 
Alice Gentry 
Nancy Ann Gerber 
Gayle Lea Goedde 
Linda A. Gormley 
Kristina Granquist 

Paula Gray 
Tari Grunefelder 
Jill Gutkowski 
Melody Hall 
Dianne Halverson 
Nancy Harnasch 

Kathy Harry 
Charlotte Hartung 
Cynthia Hayes 
Sue Hedt 
Haydee Hernandez 
Melinda G. Hertel 

Kathryn Hilde 
Carol Hinchliffe 
Sherry Holland 
Glenna Horrigan 
Susan Rae Inman 
Jan K. Jenne 

Susan Jensen 
Donna Jean Jeske 
Debbie Johnson 
Barbara Jones 
Esther Jonker 
Sharon Joyce Sorensen 

376 Regents 

Judy Kalvza 
Jo An King 
Diane Knott 

Linda J. Koyama 

Ann Kuhlman 

Eva Katherine LangfeJdt 

Gayle Lantz 
Nancy Larson 
Dede Lawler 

Bonnie Leehouts 
Peggy Lieberg 
Karen A. Lincoln 

Barbara Logan 
Cherie M. Long 
Patti Love 

Sarah Magelssen 
Chris Marker 
Twila Dawn Marsh 

Emma Willetta Martin 
Jacqueline Martin 
Cynthia Ann McCluer 

Sharon McDonald 
Colleen McGourin 
Verna Lee McGrath 

Saundra McIntosh 
Bonnie McKinley 
Laura McLaughlin 

Regents 377 

Lynn McNeill 
Milly Kay Melville 
Dixie L. Miller 
Marilyn J. Miller 
Virginia Miller 

Christi Morgan 
Jo Ann Mulholland 
Lesley Murata 
Gail Myers 
M yra M yers 

Jean Natsuhara 
Karin Neilsen 
Barb Nelson 
Elaine V. Nelson 
Lois Nelson 

Lynn Nelson 
Cathleen Noerenberg 
Cheryl Norden 
Linda D. Norton 
Nora O’Leary 

S. Kim O’Neal 
Candace Lynn Osterberg 
Gayle Parks 
Ruth Pattison 
Bonnie Penniman 

Yvonne Poole 
Lisa Ann Prouty 
Donna Reed 
Pam Riley 
Chris Roalsvig 

Melissa Roedel 
Judy Rowe 
Mary Ruud 
Irene Ruzicka 
Connie Sandvig 

Betsy Sharp 
Jo Schirr 
Jean Schroedel 
Randi Schwison 
Kathryn A. Sherwood 

Laurie Shimmin 
Tammy Siebenberg 
Patsy Siegel 
Mary Louise Simpson 
Mary Agnes Smith 
Patricia Smith 

Wendy Smith 
Barbara Snider 
Debbie Snow 
Cathy Stafford 
Nancy Steffen 
Karen L. Strehlow 

Christi Swannack 
Sara Taboada 
Barbara Taylor 
Jody E. Temple 
Paula Terhaar 
Carole Thomas 

Kathryn A. Thompson 
Nancy A. Thompson 
Donna J. Thorndike 
Judy Truitt 
Kathy Turnbull 
J o T veter 

Dorothy Ujhazi 
Carla Utecht 
Mary Lee Vest 
Chris Vinkenes 
Barb Walsh 
Debbie Wakely 

Regents 379 

380 Regents 

Candy Wester 
Loralee White 
Margaret White 
Janelle Wiggins 

Donna Willcoxon 
Barbara Wolf 
Lauri Woodland 
Joanne Wright 

Jonete Waters 
Terry Waterson 
Carol Weimer 
Donna West 

John Ailport 
Gregory P. Alsin 
Joe Ament 
Dean Anderson 
James R. Anderson 

Ron Baars 
Leonard L. Backus 
Roger Allen Bafus 
Tom Bailey 
Dick Bartells 

Jonathon Bauer 
Sterling Kirk Beidleman 
Bob Belanger 
Gary V. Bell 
John Bennett 

Rogers Collect Most Money 
in Fund-Raising Drive 

Benny Benson 
Philip A. Bigley 
Bob Blane 

David James Bollinger 
Theodore Boskovich, Jr. 

Bill Bowe 
Donald Bowen 
Daryll A. Brady 
James H. Bunch 
Dennis Carlson 

David P. Carson 
R. Douglas Collier 
Rick Collins 
Jim Copeland 
Donald L. Dreyer 

John Ellis 
David Emigh 
Grant Theodore Erb 
Thomas M. Erickson 
Larry Frank 

Jerry Van Hamme 
Michael W. Hansch 
Christian Hansen 
Mark Hanson 
Neil Henrichsen 
Stanley Herd 

Darryl Hertz 
William A. Hogan 
Geoff Hunt 
Darwin Husa 
Roger D. Hyland 
Dave Irving 

Gary Alan Iwamoto 
Ross Jamieson 
Jay A. Johnson 
Roger Jones 
Gregory L. Jorden 
Owen Keiser 

Albert Kim Kennedy 
Wayne W. Klump 
Michael Koch 
Nick S. Kristovich 
John Krueger 
Vic Lacroi 

George Larson 
Gary F. Leatham 
Bruce LePage 
Cliff E. Linberoth 
Doug MacKay 
Gary Madleuer 

382 Rogers 

Martin Fleming 
Robert H. Fletcher 
Tom Marier 
Randall D. Martin 
Bill D. Maxwell 
Stanley Maxwell 
Michael C. May 
Kirk Bradford Mayer 

Reggie Frederick Rogers 
Daniel Frei 

Jo Howard McConnell 
Daniel Wayne McDaniels 
JohnG. McGowan 
Jack W. McGrath 
Michael Meagher 
James Mealhouse 

Mike L. Fricke 
Jacie Frank Goodwin 
Rick Millerick 
Anthony Miranda 
Don L. Mobley 
Bradley Moody 
Guy Moser 
Larry Mukai 

Stephen C. Griggs 
Bob Hagen 
Doug Near 
Bob Neudorfer 
Sid Nicholson 
Jim Noblit 
Ron Olson 
David L. Page 

Jay B. Parrish 
Mark Patterson 
Tom Peekema 
Terry Perkins 
Jerald Pettit 
Scott R. Pinckney 

Rogers Hall, the largest men’s dorm on 
campus, continues its traditionally high 
involvement in activities offered during the 
year. For the third year in a row, Rogers 
collected the most money during the Sweet 
Sue—Handsome Harry fund raising drive. 
Several dances were sponsored during the 
year, highlighted by a spring formal. The 
annually sponsored Trap Shoot contest, Road 
Rally, and 12th floor games provided further 
involvement for residents. 

Rogers 383 

Robert C. Pittman 
Donald B. Prindle 
David Allen Proek 
Paul Alan Prudente 

Thomas Edward Randall 
Lee Alan Robinson 
William Rogers 
R. Brian Rowse 

Ken Rudy 
Charles R. Sample 
' Richard Sarver 
J. Richard Scott 

Gene C. Sharratt 
Robert Alan Shane 
Robert Martin Shay 
Michael Shook 

Vernon William Shook 
Richard L. Silliman 
Richard T. Skinner 
John Snyder 

Mark Sparks 
James Spilseth 
James A. Stegman 
Greg Temple 

384 Rogers 


Rogers 385 

Michael John Thayer 

Jim Thorpe 
Don Vantine 

Mohajer Talebbeik 
Terry Tanneberg 

Christopher J. Tapfer 
Craig Trettevik 

David W. True 
Daniel L. Ware 

Josh Welch 
Richard W. Welch 

Robert Wendt 
Michael Westfahl 

Dennis W. White 
Don Wilde 

George Lawrence Winship 
Joel Zehe 

386 Rogers 

JoAnn Baker 
Kristi Berentson 
Gail Biddle 
Wendy Bouchard 
Laurie Burdega 

Cynthia Jo Carlscn 
Kathy Cyndra Carlsen 
Pamela Chappell 
Diane E. Christopherson 
Lucy Codding 

Linda Crawford 
Maggie Cummings 
Nancy Lee Davies 
Christi Doe 
Wanda Eickhoff 

Sandra J. Ellis 
Gayle Emry 
Becky Forland 
Terry L. Forsell 
Margaret Frost 

Jan Hall 
Debbie Hendriks 
Faith Jensen 
Kristina Johnson 
Kari Ann Kafflen 

Denise Kinder 
Frances K. Lauterbach 
Nancy Law lee 
Lane Loiacono 
Mary McCloskey 

Scott 387 


Peggy McGee 
Margy McGuire 
Annette Morgan 

Julie Neigel 

Teresa Conene O’Keeffe 
Judy Olsen 

Carole Otness 
Lynn Perry 
Kay Pheasant 

Leiza Piper 
Diana Ray 
Judy Rush 

Kerry Saffel 
Sindy Sands 
Beverly Smith 

Sherri Smith 
Linda Stromstad 
Marsha Jean Thorn 

Robbie Turgeon 
Sally Ward 
Kathy Weston 

Jody Wheeler 
Marigaie Whitney 
Barbara Wilson 

Beth Wilson 
Janet K. Wright 
Katherine Ann Yates 

Scott 389 

Stephenson East 
Sponsors Two Formals 

Stephenson East sponsored two formals through the 
year. In December the “Twelfth Night” formal and in 
the spring the “April Zone” formal were special events. 
Scholarship dinners were scheduled to honor women 
attaining high scholarship. Parents Weekend activities 
and a Raunch Dance were Stephenson East's spring 

Angela Alpen 
Kay Alvarez 
Carol Ann Anderson 
Shelley J. Antill 
Denise Appel 

Cecilia Arias-Lozano 
Linda Bancroft 
Cynthia Bagne 
Marilyn Louise Barnett 
Barbara Leah Barney 

Gloria Beard 
Lisa Bess 
Lynn M. Bess 
Susan K. Bolton 
Debbie Branson 

Laura Brunzell 
Barbara Bolick 
Susan Burt 
Sandy Chamberlin 
Terri Clarkson 
Ann Cramer 
Theresa M. Culver 
Jeanne Darnell 

Patricia Jo Dashney 
Dianne Lynn Davis 
Kathryn Davis 
Jan Delbuono 
Andrea P. Devlin 
Sharon A. Dietrich 
Mary Ann Duff 
Ruth Einspahr 

Barb Ely 
Cathy Erickson 
Rose Marie Filicetti 
Patti Jo Foglia 
Nancy Forsman 
Julie Ann Fortune 
Candy Garner 
Carla Jean Geier 

390 Stephenson East 

Vickie Gimlin 
Barbie Gingerich 
Joyce Gray 
Pamela J. Griffin 

Roberta Gross 
Linda Hartmann 
Gayle A. Herbert 
Chayo L. Herdman 

Leigh Ann Hickey 
Elizabeth G. Holden 
Deborah Hughes 
Susan Humphrey 

Sue Hurlburt 

Linda Louise Ireland 
Kim Lee Jester 

Chris Johnson 
Nancy Johnson 
Terri Kendal 
Marziah G. Kiehn 

Stephenson East 391 

392 Stephenson East 

Helen Logan 
Pamela Jean Luft 
Colleen McPhee 
Catherine MacKinnon 
Jeannie Manwell 
Kathy Mayer 
Linda Meyer 
Marcia Lee Moore 

Melinda Mickelson 
Sue Mielke 
Claudia D. Molchior 
Janis Montgomery 
Ginnie Moos 
Kathy M. Morasch 
Nancy Mosman 
Margaret Martin 

Gail Ann Murphy 
Margaret Murphy 
Pamela H. Nakagawa 
Diane Nelson 
Marianne Neville 
Lynnette Oka 
Pamela Ann Olson 
Marianne Pariseau 

Patricia L. Patterson 
Ann L. Perry 
Cary Ploeger 
Nancy Poirier 
Carol Alison 
Peggy L. Reich 
Kristi Marie Rhodes 
Nancy L. Rieha 

Stephanie A. Roloff 
Robin Rossing 
Candy Rudsdil 
Ann Russell 
Marilyn Sagli 
Cathi Sagstad 
Ginnie Schmidt 
Carole Scott 

Nickey Seiler 
Janette Marie Setzer 
Sue Shaw 
Lora Shoop 
Laura Shunk 
Diane Simmons 
Lezle C. Smiley 
Kay Sorenson 
Donna Spofford 

Susan Steinhaus 
Jan Thompson 
Anna M. Thormahlen 
Pat Tucker 
Meredith Twecdt 

Susan Updegrave 
Nancy M. Wegner 
Joyce E. Whitehead 
Carole A. Wiitala 
Diane Laurinda Wilson 

Julie Wolfe 

Diane Christine Woollen 
Marianne Workman 
Diana Wright 
Judy Yeager 

Stephenson East 393 

Janie Allen 
Barbara Ann Anderson 
Judy Anderson 
Wendy Rhyae Arevalo 

Diana Armstrong 
Laurel S. Armstrong 
Laurie Banks 
Elizabeth Barlow 

Rhonda Bassi 
Nancy Behne 
Mary Turner Betcher 
Alicia A. Bittner 
Liz Bjoraanesset 
Rondi Bjorseth 

Gail Bloom 
Deborah Boy 
Helen Mary Bray 
Linda Bredberg 
Judy Bremer 
Marcia Broom 

Nancy Brown 
Yvonne Brown 
Cynthia Lee Brux 
Janet M. Burke 
Midge Cannon 
Marlene Carroll 

Clara Castro 
Candace Christensen 
Joyce Clemenhagen 
Barbara G. Cornforth 
Sue Cotter 
Norma Craven 

Pat Cunningham 
Jamie L. Dahl 
Rande Dahl 
Debbie Deatherage 
Jo Ann Denoff 
Debbie DeVries 

Wanda M. Dow 
Carole Duncan 
Mitzi Lamb Durbin 
Peggy Durham 
Ann Dwyer 
Janet Erickson 

Spook Alley Highlights 
Halloween Fun 

394 Stephenson North 

Traditional for the 352 women of Stephenson 
North are the numerous Halloween activities 
complete with Spook Alley and inter-dorm trick-or- 
treating. Residents participated in floor decoration 
contest for Halloween, Christmas, and Parents’ 
Weekend. Other -activities included a Banana Split 
party, a Christmas formal, special dinners, after-hour 
impromptu dances, and a Racism Workshop in the 

Kathy Edwards 
Jo Egbert 
Margaret C. Elliot 
Cindy Ellison 
Dena Embree 
Kathleen Fish 

Kristin Flichtmen 
Roberta Floyd 
Patti Ford 
Susan Foster 
Carol Fries 
Lynn Gaynor 

Doris Gervais 
Roberta Gilmore 
Chris Goodell 
Becky Gregory 
Shellie R. Guinn 
Debbie Hall 

Theresa Handley 
Pam Hansen 
Susan Harrison 
Valerie K. Hart 
Norma Hedrick 
Connie Heider 

Sandi Hines 
Judy Hoefer 
Barbara J. Holms 
Karen Holms 
Kathy Holt 
Christine Anne Hovde 

Cindy Houghton 
Jenny Huneywell 
Sandy Hunt 
Mary Anne Hupf 
Mariene Hutchens 
Linda Jackson 

Stephenson North 395 

Sally James 
Joann Janett 
Cindy Jones 
L. Kay Jones 
Elaine Kammeyer 
Candy Kennedy 
Linda Shallow 
Annette Shelton 

Becky Kirkpatrick 
R. Janelle Kissling 
Marsha Klontz 
Patricia R. Koski 
Carol Kossen 
Candy Lacher 
Susan Sherwood 
Diana Jean Sienko 

Mary L. Landes 
Linda Lanning 
Jeanne Larsen 
Mila Laurente 
Gretchen Leaf 
Sally Lindberg 
Robyn Smith 
Patricia Ann Snyder 

Mary March 
Sharel Marjamaa 
Ann Martonik 
Karen M. Maule 
Shelley McEwen 
Terry McFadden 

Salli J. McHargue 
Cathy Miller 
Jackie Miller 
Judy L. Miller 
Jane Milton 
Claudia Moeller 

Christine Monahan 
Beth Ann Morris 
Noreen Neal 
Karen Nelson 
Mary Ann Nelson 
Chris Noltimier 

Tome Sue O’Neil 
Carol Palermo 
Carol Paulsen 
Michele Peel 
Joyce Pendlebury 
Penny Petow 

Shannon Pfaff 
Cindy Phillips 
Susan Pinckney 
Anne Popelka 
Pat Reish 
Caren Reves 

Marcia Rivers 
Mary C. Roberson 
Kathi Rogers 
Paula Sue Rogers 
Martha Rust 
Diane Seimer 

396 Stephenson North 

Anne-Marie Stager 
Janice Lee Stauffer 
Nancy Strayer 
Anita S. Sutten 

Thyes Svinth 
Sandi Swanson 
Susan Afagh Tabrizi 
Susan S. Taylor 

Sandra KayTubbin 
Jill Tuengel 
Debbie Turner 
Wendy Wade 

Margaret Wagenblast 
Wendy Joy Wagner 
Victoria Waldron 
Kathie West 

Candy Wiggins 
Deborah Jane Wilson 
Jan Wilson 
Kathy Wilson 

Sarah Wong 
Karen W. Wood 
Georgana Kay Wrede 
Kathy Yuen 

Stephenson North 397 

Stephenson South 
Sponsors April 
Love Contest 

Stephenson South coordinated many of 
its activities with the rest of the complex. 
Together they brought in speakers, 
displays, movies, and other things of 
interest to the students of the complex. The 
320 men of Stephenson South sponsored the 
April Love Queen Contest, keggers, a 
winter and spring formal, and scholarship 

398 Stephenson South 

Ronald G. Bagley 
Lester Barkley 
Stephen C. Barnufsky 
Dave Batchelor 

Ronald Wayne Bell 
J. Douglas Breon 
John D. Broome 
Richard Brown 

Steven F. Brown 
Dennis Bundy 
Bruce Lynn Cardwell 
Raymond Carr, Jr. 

Robert Carlson 
Scott Chapman 
Bob Coif 

Christopher B. Corativo 
James E. Doty 
Larry D. Durbin 
Valentine Espinoza, Jr. 
William J. Foster 
Tim Freeman 

John D. Gillen 
Rolf Glerum 
Robin Gray 
Kirk Hadley 
John R. Hanson 
Steven Hendrickson 
Emmett Hobbs III 
Douglas M. Hughes 
Eric Kerrin 

Keith Klosterman 
Kirk Knaggs 
Craig J. Kramer 
Keith J. Krueger 
Ron Madden 
Ken Mitley 
Robert C. Molleston 
Jody Monson 
Dan Moultrie 

Phil Munter 
Andrew J. Muntz 
D. Scott Neff 
Jack Frederick Nevin 
Robert Andrew Newell 
Gene Niederkleine 
Ed Owens 
Martin Owen 
Elmer W. Ozolin 

Robert Michael Parks 
James Robert Pearson 
HannesG. Pedersen 
Tom Reese 
John Merrill Roberts 
Kerry L. Roberts 
Curtis E. Rowe 
Stephen R. Smith 
Paul R, Stettler 

Brad Storey 
Robert E. Swope 
Francis Tang 
William Taylor 
Joe F. Thomas 
Carry K. Tiller 
Pham NgocTuyen 
Thomas M. Whitaker 
Ronald Norman Wilson 

Stephenson South 399 

Linda Alyn Anderson 
Gail R. Brown 
Patti Bunger 
Linda Carlson 

Marsha May Carlson 
Susan Lee Clements 
Patricia Ann Complita 
Niki Dague 

Linda Dodge 
Edna Farmer 
Carol Flanagan 
Christine L. Fritch 

Sue Gaugler 
Linda M. Gilmore 
Anne Guard 
Debbie Hankins 

Lynda Hatch 
Cynthia Horning 
Merrilee Beth Houghton 
Camille Hutchison 

400 Stevens 

Stevens’ Traditions 
Important to Girls 

The oldest and smallest dorm on campus, Stevens’ 
traditions were important to the women who lived there. 
Pixie Week, the Christmas formal, scholarship dinner, 
and the Big-Little Sister Breakfast make up several of 
the living group’s activities. 

Rosemary Irwin 
Michele Janas 
Debbie Jones 
Emily Jean Lonac 
Katherine Louise McLean 

Mary Ann Miller 
Ineke Moerbeek 
Arianna Louise Morrison 
Jane Ann Morrison 
Gayle Oswald 

Chris Parker 
Audrey Pearson 
Janice Pellegrini 
Alice V. Poggi 
Carla Reed 

Pamela Reid 
Dana Robb 
Mary Lynn Scheel 
Nancy Schenk 
Kathleen Schmidt 

Susan J. Shelland 
Betsy Shober 
Lin Skavdahl 
Dawn L. Tanneberg 
Diane L. Thompson 

Patti Thorson 
Linda Kaye Wilson 
Deborah A. White 
Cathy Zangar 
Kathy Zelazny 

Stevens 401 

Stimson Enjoyed Social Events 

Harry T. Argetes 
Barry G. Bensel 
Michael J. Berry 
Cameron Corey 
Richard G. Crowthcr, Jr. 
Frederick M. DeNorscia 
John Downer, Jr. 
Christopher B. Dunagan 
Tom Edmark 
Daniel L. Erickson 
Herbert A. Farber 
James Hans Ferguson 
Tom Fitts 
Donald A. Fogerstrom 
Dean L. Frey 
Brian E. Garrett 
John Griffin 
Tom Gruver 
David Andrew Haapala 
Gail S. Harris 
Ronald Edwin Howard 

402 Stimson 

Richard C. Howe 
Gerald I to 

Thomas J. Kaufman 
Jan G. Koal 

Robert F. Krueger 
Bill Lamb 
John Lees 
Walter K. Li 

Rex S. Lott 

Richard W. McKinney 
Douglas E. Meek 
Robert W. Meyer, Jr. 

Darrell Monroe 
James J. Morris 
Ken Moszeter 
Kim Adair Parker 

Eric Rohrbach 
Steven Rowlett 
Claudius N. Shropshire 
Dai Chow Siu 

W. Rex Stahly 
Paul A. Swinehart, Jr. 
George W. Thompson 
Oscar Tiegs 

Charles M. Weatherby 
David A. Webb 
Frank Howard Wing 
Chris W. Yaun 

A wide variety of activities were enjoyed by the 
men living in Stimson. The two annual dances, 
Stimson Stomp and Bowery Brawl, were well 
attended and successful events. The Dorm party 
served to unite the residents as each section provided 
some sort of entertainment. Exchanges with most 
independent women’s groups, a ski party on Lake 
Coeur d’Alene, parties on the Snake, and the Spring 
formal were significant happenings for the dorm. 

Stimson 403 

404 Independents 

Karen Allen 
Brigitte L. Anderson 

Vicki Axtell 
Karen Benner 

Carol Berry 
Diana Bogumill 

Marie Casingham 
Daryl Chesterman 

Katharine A. Creason 
Terri Diehm 

Shawn A. Dyck 
Susan Eby 

Gary Edighoffer 
Betty Elder 

Diane Lynn Esau 
Cheryl Ferguson 

Mary Ann Gates 
Karen Ann Gilmore 

Unexpected Gatherings 
Typify Co-ed Living 

Streit 405 

Annie Gottschalk 
Linda Groundwater 
Marlene Hageman 
Carla J. Hardy 
Judy Hartmann 
Doug Hillis 

Shan Hirsch 
Brenda Lee Hoban 
Vickie Holling 
Meredith Holm 
James Finn Howell 
Dana Jerich 

Linda Kazda 
Gloria Kelley 
James Bradley Knott 
Tim J. Lancaster 
Patricia Lawry 
Susan Leach 

Jennie Lesley 
Gayle Lueckenotte 
Kathy Mason 
Diane McDuffie 
Melinda Jane Melville 
Fred Menzia 

Chris Miller 
Marsha Monro 
Linda M. Morr 
Corinne Murphy 
Judy Nirnbar 
Marilee Nutter 

406 Streit 

Co-ed living was established in Streit and termed 
successful. Residents agreed that the set-up should 
continue. Most of Streit’s activities were planned in 
conjunction with Perham. Two raunch dances open 
to the public and a Pajama Dance with Perham 
highlighted the year. Various floor parties and 
impromptu get togethers typified the living style of 

Mary Lou O’Neil 
Dee Pederson 
Janifer A. Perreira 
Signe Perreira 

Suzanne Kay Peterson 
Gail Pipes 
Linda Quick 
Diane J. Rabenstein 

Patrick N. Reed 
David A. Reynolds 
Jan Laura Richards 
Beth J. Roberts 

Susy Ruitenbeck 
Nancy Sagdahl 
Liane Schumaker 
Sandra Shields 

Gerald G. Shrope 
Gretel Siegwein 
Don Stearns 
Janice L. Stewart 

John Tylczak 
Everett Van Dyken 
Debra Vogenson 
Howard Wilson 

Streit 407 

408 Waller 

Waller Holds Traditional 
Winter Formal 

The 178 men of Waller Hall participated in a variety of 
activities during the year—two Hog Stomps, a winter formal, the 
Duchess of Windsor selection, a spring picnic, and intramural 
sports. President Glenn Terrell spoke at the Scholarship Banquet. 

Patrick Ho-Ming Au 
Dennis Baeyen 
Steven B. Burton 
Michael W. Carpenter 

Peter Yu-Hung Cheng 
Greg Clevenger 
Thomas G. Cochrane 
Forrest Lee Di^l 

James John Drymiller 
Dorn Hamblin 
Hamlin Gilmore 
Charles F. Greenough 

Michael J. Irrin 
Sidney Lee Johnson 
David J. S. Keefe 
Dave Keenan 

Richard L. Kittinger 
Wayne L. Knutsen 
Henry Bruce Lampe 
Randy Lilje 

Fred Lydick 
Donald Jack Lyman, Jr. 
Richard Lee Lyman 
Lee S. McDonald 

David L. McGarry 
Alan L. Morgan 
Craig W. Pete 
Jeffrey J. Rambo 

Rickey Rich 
Robin R. Rosenau 
Paul Edward Salladay 
Kent Sinkey 

Robert James Smith 
Eric L. Snow 
William F. Thomas 
Michael L. Thonney 

David Tolleshaug 
Greg Wilkinson 
Craig W. Willson 
Dick Wray 

Waller 409 

Wilmer Residents 
Observe Traditions 

Traditions observed by the 1 17 women of Wilmer 
this past year were the White Breakfast at 
Christmas in addition to the Christmas party and 
Birthday dinner. A scholarship banquet, spring 
formal, Halloween costume party, and dorm slumber 
party constituted other dorm functions. 
Homecoming, Parents’ Weekend, and Women’s 
Intramurals provided an opportunity for campus 

Betty Andrew 
Margaret S. Andrist 
Marianne Aumann 
Linda Boettcher 

Theresa F. Brosius 
Jean Dawson 
Lynn Dennie 
Elaine Mary Dube 

Renae Elclund 
Carol Evans 
Jolene B. Glorfield 
Judith Lynn Goit 

Margie Higashi 
Judy Hurd 
Cheryl D. Jeffords 
Alice L. Kegel 

Sarah Landry 
Claire Latendresse 
Kathryn Jo LaVighe 
Susan Lott 

Sheryl Mattausch 
Gina Ann McGuire 
Susan Messinger 
Sharon Mizomi 

410 Wilmer 

Penelope Gale Meyers 
Carol Ann Parkhurst 

Marilyn Prothero 
Gail Secreto 

Beverly J. Smith 
Kathy Margaret Smith 

Patty Snively 
Debbie Songaylo 

Peggy Spellman 
Maureen Spragg 

Shari Stave 
Norma Jean Stratton 

Tish Suiter 
Diane Sullivan 

Lynn Swartzlender 
Adele Swenson 

Anne Thomas 
Linda Wendt 

Spring Cruise Provides Enjoyment for Firemen 

Above: University Fire Station. Row One: Ken Gronewald, Ken Frantz, Pete Kaseburg, Dan Hirst, Steve Dowell, Fred Putnam. Row Two: Ross Hart, 
Greg Mork, Tom Bolin, Ken Korsmo. Row Three: Chuck Westbrook, A1 Dyer, Jim Parsons, Joe Means, Stan Pease, Tom Reinhardt, Tom Currie, Jim Koenig. 
Not Pictured: Ed Schiltcr, Brian Spurgeon. 

Men of the University Fire 
Station were engaged in more 
than responding to ambulance 
and fire calls. Social activities 
included a Christmas dinner 
and party, a spring Kegger, 
firesides, and a spring dance. 

Thomas Russell Bolin 
Thomas P. Currie 
Kenneth R. Gronewald 
Ross F. Hart 

Ken Korsmo 
Stephen G. Powell 
Thomas C. Westbrook 

412 WSU Fire Station 

Off-Campus Living Becoming More Popular 

John S. Adkins 
Wally Allert 
Camilla L. Altena 
Sig. Anderson 
Susan Rae Anderson 

Bruce Aronson 
Kathy Susan Atwood 
George Bagwell 
Dirk Arin Baldon 
Harry P. Banan 

Marsha Barrett 
Alan R. Bartelheimer 
Kenneth W. Beale 
Jim Beames 
Shirley L. Beieler 

Greg Berg 
Eric E. Berman 
Douglas L. Bertsch 
Karen Blondin 
Lenna Bobb 

Mama W. Bobb 
JoAnn Bockman 
William C. Bond 
Janice Boren 
Mary Brelsford 

William Harold Brewer 
Allan Buchinnani 
Catherine Buergel 
Gerry Campbell 
Kenneth Capek 

Barbara Carey 
Scott E. Carson 
Marilyn Carter 
Veraphong Chanaratsopon 
Alma Jean Clark 

John A. Clarke 
Christine Cole 
Peggy Lynn Cole 
Dick Cooley 
Debbie Cowan 

Off-Campus 413 

Maureen Cox 
Laurel D. Crone 

Sylvia D. Crumpler 
Judy Curtis 

Carol Ann Dagenais 
Glen Dahlstedt 

Roger Daniel 
Munir A. Daud 

Patricia Ann Dean 
Thomas A. Deering 

Carl Lawrence Derfler 
Rob Dolan 

Celia Dodd 
Marilyn J. Dufault 
Raymond W. Early 
Ralph Keith Eck 
Mary England 

Elizabeth Jane Ewing 
Wilson D. Eyestone 
Patricia Gaye Eyre 
Pamela Ferguson 
Robert Faires 

Michael L. Field 
Julie Kae Flory 
Phillip Flower 
Cherie Adair Fogle 
Charles Franks 

414 Off-Campus 

Gwen Freeman 
Aaron Galye 
Dan Garcia 
Phyllis Gerdin 
Ginny Gisselberg 
Larry Gulan 

Dan Gordner 
Wayne Gossett 
Glenn Gregg 
Mary A. Griffiths 
Del Guenther 
Michael Hall 

Sharon HarreJ 
Steven L. Harrington 
Bill Harris 
Wayne Heath 
Mary L. Hedreen 
Karl Hedrick 

Jeffrey R. Highland 
Dave Hodgin 
Loretta Kaye Holzer 
Vern I. Holzer 
Lorae Homme 
Lonna Kaye Hopkins 

Dale A. Hostetler 
Mary Helen Inverso 
Bert Jager 

George W-James Jr. 
Kenneth L. Johnson 
Louis Joly 

Off-Campus 415 

Jocelyn Kay Sproule 
Edward Ray Kinion 
John F. Kittel 
David D. Kleweno 
Douglas G. Kleweno 
James D. Koger 
Robert J. Konen 
Ronald W. Koski 
Karen L. Kreider 
David L’Amie 
Doug Fitzsimmons 
G. Scott Lockwood 
Lynne Loken 
Randy E. Lonborg 
Carol Madsen 
Janis Mayeda 
Cindy McCreight 
Michael E. McGraw 
Natlie J. Meeks 
Loren D. Mercer 

Maureen S. Mickey 
Greg Miller 
Morrie L. Miller 
Monte L. Mingus 
Stephen C. Miller 
Gail Moore 
Ranee Charleen Moss 
Cathy Lynn Nazarenus 
Fredricka Nelson 
James Robert Normand 
Candy Nourse 
Greg Oldham 
Bonnie Lee Orton 
James U. Onwunali 
William M. Overby 
Gregory J. Parcher 
Liza Partridge 
Calvin Parvin 
Diane E. Payne 
Eugene R. Payne 

Karla M. Paul 
Mary Phillips 
Paris M. Pearce 
Randy Pearson 
Orla Perkins 
Darlene K. Peterson 

John Eric Petterson 
Richard D. Pickett 
Albert E. Powell Jr. 
Kevin H. Randolph 
Richard Reding 
Lynne Reeder 

Stephen Lee Ricarte 
Becky Rice 
Randi C. Rich 
Terry J. Richard 
Don Rippee 

Keith Roberts 
Kathie A. Roll 
Dave Donald Rothery 
Mike Rozelle 
Loretta R. Salvadalena 

Debbie Satre 
Penny J. Sawyer 
Gary Emil Schell 
Robert A. Schutt 
Judith G. Converse Scott 

John Scrymgeour 
Kitten Sedwick 
Catherine Elaine Seibolt 
Steven Michael Seymour 
Robert C. Sheehy 

Katherine M. Reich 
Diane Marie Reid 
Clement J. Reitcheck 
Sajid Rezvani 
Sally Rhodes 

Off-Campus 417 

Richard James Sherry 
Israr A. Siddiqui 
Richard Skreen 
Monty D. Smick 

Patrick Edward Smith 
Timothy M. Smithers 
Robert M. Soden, Jr. 
Margaret Stack 

Randy Stegmeier 
James R. Stevens 
Christine Steelhammer 
Merritt Stegmeier 

Clifford C. Steveson 
Roger Stone 
Marcie Swenson 
Jean Tamlyn 

Gary Tanigami 
Garrett C. Templin 
John S. Thomas 
Robert C. Thompson 

George R. Tomberlin 
Eric T. Torkelson 
Samuel Tshibuabua 
Annette Van Miert 

Veraphong Chanaratsopon 
Ibrahim R. Vohra 
Bradley E. Vonhof 
Thomas R. Wasson 

Jim Waters 
Steve Waters 
Denise Williams 
Marsha Woods 

418 Off-Campus 


Off-Campus 419 

Brad Bannon 
John W. Cain 
Roger Cattin and Professor Nurd 
Mike Cheney 
Dennis Cockrum 

Tom Cook 
Bob Draggoo 
Ron Draggoo 
Marc Duncan 
Max M. Egger 

Steve Fusco 
John Gifford 
David Griffith 
Andrew Hane 
Robert L. Hendrick 

Jim E. Hill 
Craig Homchick 
Pete Jensen 
Phil Johnston 
Greg Kummer 

J. Richard Lauckhart 
Michael Lee 
Jeff Moore 
Alan Matsumoto 

Alan Y. Matsushima 
Terry Randall 
Gordon D. Rathbun 
Daniel Reese 

John R. Ross Jr. 
Bob Rowe 
Don Russell 
Doug Salvadalena 

Randy Smith 
Steven Smith 
Randall W. Story 
Stuart Stovin 

Ken Ullrich 
Mike Warr 
Mark G. Wehmeyer 
Ron Yasui 

422 Acacia 

Four Guests Speak At 
Acacia Dress Dinner 

Marc Duncan was the leader of the 50 members of Acacia 
fraternity. Dr. Scott of the Architecture Department, Dr. 
Jonas from Bio-Sci, Bill Davis, program advisor in the CUB, 
and Harold Abbott, landscape Architecture, were the guest 
speakers at the special dress dinner held at the house. Other 
activities of the year were the pajama dance in March, spring 
picnic, and the “Black and Gold” formal in May. 

Acacia 423 

Becky Barber 
Kathleen Berry 
Laura Blackwood 
Lyn Blazier 
Linda Bortley 
Jan Busch 

Crista Claar 
Terry Crowe 
Ann Daniel 
Carol Davis 
Diane Donahoe 
Terri Dunagan 
Kathy Fox 
Julia Gam well 
Julie Gordon 
Mary Hall 
Sue Haskin 
Kris Henderson 
Carla Howald 
Katie Ingebretson 
Shelly Johnson 
Donna Knight 
Sherry Laitala 
Connie Lamb 
Colleen Leahy 
Nancy Lotto 
Karen Marquardt 
Margo Minnick 
Linda Moore 
Barb Nielsen 
Anne Paluck 
Karen Peterson 
Kris Pieti 
Janie Pockert 
Joan Plowden 
Anne Rasmussen 
Mary Jo Redman 
Jill Risley 
Renee Rossano 
Debbie Sackmann 
Julie K. Savage 
Anne Settle 
Donna Shigeno 
Dyann Shigeno 
Claudia Shustoff 
Kathy Speir 

Cheri Talbot 
Janet Thompson 

Betty Watras 
Cindy Wilbert 

Nancy Kristina Winegar 
Jean Wold 

Pat Wolf 
Christie Woodrow 

424 AXQ 


Alpha Chi’s Work With 
Mentally Retarded 

Main activities for the 56 members of Alpha Chi 
Omega emcompassed such things as participation in 
the Racism Workshop, Phi Delt Turtle Race, Sigma 
Alpha Olympics, the AKL Softball Championship, 
and Greek Week. Unique to the sorority was its new 
project to work with the mentally retarded children 
of Pullman during Christmas, also Altruism Week, 
the “Carnation Ball”, and the celebration of 
Founders Day on October 15. Speakers, including 
the Assistant Dean of Women Miss O’Donnell, Dr. 
Carroll, and Stan Berry, provided the women with 
new thoughts and ideas. 

AXQ 425 

Margaret C. Anderson 
Truda R. Aune 
Marlene Bafus 
LeRoy Bentzien 
Anita Dell Benzel 
Rae Buchanan 

Lynda Carlson 
Chris Chace 
Darlene Christian 
Candy Crawford 
Marcia Ruth Demmer 
Barb Dompier 

Nancy Dyer 
Barbara K. Ernst 
Jean Gompf 
Kathryn L. Hanson 
Kathy Henning 
Kandi Horton 

"Season of the Witch” 

highlights fall calendar 

Heading the list of fall social events for Alpha Delta Pi sorority was the ‘'Season of the Witch” pledge 
dance. A pledge sneak, Christmas dance, annual Indian raid to Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, scholarship 
dinner, and Founders' Day festivities filled the remainder of the year’s calendar. The ADPi’s welcomed 
Sibyl Neuenschwander, an exchange student from Switzerland, into their living group. Under Margaret 
Anderson, president, the members experienced a rewarding year. 

426 AAII 

Beuna Johnson 
Kitty Jorgenson 
Karla Kahns 

Mary Kitzke 

Gail Marie Koorenny 

Gail Krupke 

Marcia Kuper 
Karen Luft 
Jean McCormick 

Sibyl E. Neuenschwander 
Terry Olson 
Anne Peterson 

Robin Randles 
Linda Shelton 
Gayle Sundquist 

Margaret Surplus 
Sue Todd 

Lyndelle K. Tribbett 

iMarilyn Walter 
Maribeth Wetter 
Paula Gay Wikstrom 

AAn 427 

Steve Alder 
Michael Andrews 
Allan J. Ashenbrenner 
Ernest Baker 
Bob Bahr 
Dan G. Bickelhaupt 

Thomas J. Boone 
Harold Boyd 
Richard Brimmer 
Larry William Broeckel 
Douglas Eugene Brown 
John Burns 

Gary W. Bye 
John Clerf 
Colin Neil Cook 
Gary Dahlstedt 
Glendon B. Eaton 
Richard D. Fishback 

Rick L. Gumke 
Terry L. Hall 
Larry Hansen 
Phillip Howard 
Douglas Anthony Janochek 
Dick Johnson 

Paul Johnson 
Loran Kitts 
Steve Ledgerwood 
Bill Lowe 
Michael Mahoney 
Robert Mattingley 

428 ArP 


AGR’s Sponsor 
Annual Barn Dance 

The 55 members of Alpha Gamma Rho began 
their active year with the annual fall pledge dance. 
The Christmas formal “An Evening in the 
Country” and the spring pledge dance “Now I Lay 
Me Down To. . . . Sleep?” followed. Other events 
included a barbeque and barn dance in May, and the 
Founders' Day tea in the spring. 

Bob Matrazzo 
Doug McGreevy 
James Mertes 
W. Bruce Nelson 

David New house 
Jim Newhouse 
Fred Joe Palmiero 
Don Richard Sasaki 

Glenn R. Schmauder 
Jon Shaw 
Don L. Sheahan 
Michael Ray Sheahan 

Dennis Solbrack 
Wayne Stiles 
Paul Sunderland 
Thomas J. Tippett 

Timothy M. Tippett 
Torsten Warberg 
Marty Warner 
William M. Woodcock 

ArP 429 

Jan Atkinson 
Cathy Barclay 
Vicki Ann Barrett 
Janis C. Bolinger 
Claire Chenault 

Cynthia Clevenger 
Karen Cole 
Mary Fagan 
Nina Georgopolos 
Linda Gwin 

Linda Higgins 
Joan Hoagland 
Christie A. Hutchings 
Carol Johnson 
Cecilia Anne Johnson 

Kelly Kiemle 
Molly Kramer 
Vicki Kramer 
Pat LaLonde 
Suzette LaPlant 

Racism Discussion 
Informs AGD’s 
of Viewpoints 

Energy was required in order to attend 
and participate in the many AGD 
activities. The year began with the annual 
pledge dance, Christmas fireside, and 
traditional caroling exchange with the 
Theta Chi's. Racism discussion groups and 
the organization of a song group for 
serenades were new additions to the 
sorority's plans for the year. A spring cruise 
on Lake Coeur d’Alene, an exchange with 
the Kappa Sig's for a spaghetti dinner, and 
the annual houseboys' Turn About Day 
were only a few of the other happenings 
enjoyed by the 56 members under their 
president Joan Hoagland. 

430 ATA 

Sue Laney 
Dianna F. Liss 
Jane MacDonald 
Mary Martin 
Colleen Mclntire 

Joanna Missildine 
Laura New house 
Linda Newhouse 
Patti Patterson 
Linda Perry 

Doreen Pirie 

Connie Pilcher Pokrifchak 
Susie Quackenbush 
Diana Roberts 
Pam Roberts 

Denise Sartz 
Fran Schneider 
Rita Kay Seals 
Judy Lynne Smith 
Nancy Smith 

Shannon Stenberg 
Phyllis Takisaki 
Sharon Thompson 
Kathi Tombs 
Judy Vanderhoff 

ATA 431 

Jim A. Adamson 
Joseph Barrett 
Wayne J. Black 
Steven Boosinger 
Dennis L. Burch 

James Dickinson 
Jeffrey V. Domes 
Dave Frazier 
Jim B. Gibbons 
Garry Gibson 

Patrick Hand 
Dave Heyamoto 
Greg Allen Hoffman 
R. Charles Jackson 
Chris Janett 

Chris Johnson 
Maurice Manca 
Jay McGath 
Hugh McGavick 
Mitch McKay 

Donald W. Miles 
Len Montague 
A1 Mouncer 
John Neugebauer 
James Ostrander 

Initiation For 
Means Service 

Under the leadership of President Jay 
McGath, the 48 men of Alpha Kappa 
Lambda enjoyed an invigorating year filled 
with activity. Winter initiation involved a 
visit to Lakeland Village where they 
organized a basketball game with the 
Lakelanders as the team and cheerleaders. 
Campaigning for the Lewis-Schlect team 
was undertaken by the house in March. 
The annual “Golden Rose” formal, 
regional conclave held at O.S.U. with 
participants from all northwest chapters of 
AKL’s, and the sorority softball 
tournament in May finished off a 
rewarding year for the members. 

432 AKA 

Russ Perry 
Gary Riesen 
Randy Rohwer 
Rex Rohwer 

Chris Schlect 
Kirk Schmidtman 
Tom Sellers 
William W. Semmler 

Ronald R. Slater 
Dan Small 
Jerry A. Snodgrass 
Chris Stegman 

Kenneth Thiemann 
Stephen Van Buren 
Rick Vermeers 
David B. Voorhies 

Greg R. Wendler 
Rich Whitehill 
Dick Wieneke 
Dave Yang 

AKA 433 

Alpha Omicron Pi 
Holds Founders’ 
Day Celebration 

Glenna Treat Served as president for the 
60 members of Alpha Omicron Pi. They 
spent an active year sponsoring house func¬ 
tions. Major activities included a fall pledge 
dance on Halloween, a spring formal, the 
Founders’ Day Celebration with alums, 
living group racism workshops, visits from 
national officers, the traditional Christ¬ 
mas activities and special dinners. 

Devora Armstrong 
Nancy Betlach 
Patty Blacklaw 
Janet Blanchard 
J anice Crowell 

Susan DeWater 
Linda Fisher 
Dot Fleet 
Sherry Frandle 
Carol Garretson 

Linda Gilchrist 
Janie Graybill 
Karen Guthrie 
Ann Hardin 
Wendy Heath 

Mary Hendrickson 
Debbie Hernas 
Janet L. Hice 
Cindy Lou Horsley 
Janet Horsley 

Mary Lee Hoyt 
Bonnie Johnson 
Diana Johnson 
Teresa M. Johnson 
Terri Johnson 

Heidi Marie Kludt 
Carol Kometz 
Jan Korus 
Joyce Korus 
Sharon Krafczyk 

434 AOn 


Becky Lamb 
Marti Lee 
Pam Lee 

Wendy Lee Littlefield 
Janet Lorenzo 
Nancy L. Mallory 

Marilyn Marks 
Patricia C. Mattson 
Jane Morton 

Pam Nelson 
Denise Novacoff 
Debbie Paulson 

Sue Paulson 
Terry Rieger 
Terri Schmidt 

Margaret Sewell 
Amy Shemet 
Constance K. Swenson 

Glenna Treat 
Gretchen VanZandt 
Juret R.L. Wahle 

Brenda Weible 
Pam Westland 
Kathy Westlin 

AOn 435 

Leigh Temple Ange 
Patsy Balhiser 
Margaret Beckman 
Rebecca Black 
Pat Bouchey 
Sue Chapman 

Barbara Chase 
Lynda Cribb 
Nancy A. Daly 
Colleen Dye 
Arlene Eagle 
Clara Ehrenreich 

Karen Gayle Eskeberg 
Gayle Fitzgerald 
Christi Floyd 
Sharlene E. Fox 
Kathy Franks 
Patty Furukawa 

Linda Joan Garber 
Janet Gwin 
Tanya Lee Haigh 
Kathy Hulbert 
Trudy Keeney 
Carolyn Gayle Lee 

436 A4> 

Alpha Phi Marks 
25th Anniversary 

The 50 members of Alpha Phi began the 
year by participating in the Lambda Chi 
Alpha Watermelon Bust. Following with 
the annual Halloween Party, scholarship 
dinner, Pixie Week and Christmas Party, 
Cook-Houseboy dinner, date dinner, and 
senior rides, the sorority engaged in an 
active year. Celebration of the 25th 
anniversary of the Beta Rho Chapter was a 
special event, as alums and guests visited 
and were honored by various banquets and 
teas for the occasion. 

Chris Miller 
Laura Minata 
Katherine C. Nagel 
Joanne Neben 
Linda S. Olson 

Nancy Peasley 
Karen Lousie Pettis 
Gail A. Polkinghorme 
Andrea Jean Sandison 
Julie Shatt 

Debra Ann Taylor 
Pam Tompkins 
Kathleen Trudell 
Virginia Van Ness 
Susan Vincent 

Peggy Warner 
Sharon Wilkins 
Jean Wilson 
Nancy Wilson 
Brooke Wilkins 

A«J> 437 

Jeff Adams 
David R. Anderson 
Randy Bemis 
David Arnold Berkey 
William M. Brannon 
Bradley Brown 

A. Lynn Bruce 
Dave Burke 
Kevin Estill Burke 
Brad Carlson 
Dennis W. Carswell 
Richard L. Carter 

William Oel Carter 
Marvin Allan Chamberlain 
Michael Condos 
Fred Curtiss 
Douglas Scott Dilley 
Charles Craig Duncan 

Glenn Fehler 
Dick Garner 
Paul Guilfoil 
Bob Hansen 
Ronald A. Hardin 
Bob Hodge 

Don R. Hollingbery 
Jeffrey B. Hollingbery 
Samuel Richard Janke 
Stephen R. Jenkins 
Dave Johnson 
Randy L. Johnson 

David Evan Jones 
Andrew Keehn 
Stephen B. Kiehl 
Robert Kilpatrick 
Jason Edward Knott 
Dennis Kraft 

Sensitivity Weekend Aids House Communication 

The 52 members of Alpha Tau Omega, 
under Larry Tuke, the president, began the 
year’s activities with the annual fall pledge 
dance. The “Roman Function” dance, fall 
cruise with the ATO’s from Idaho, sen¬ 
sitivity weekend for house leaders and a 
Christmas party for ATO Little Sisters, 
also rounded out the year. Alumni were 
cordially invited to help celebrate Found¬ 
ers' Day festivities with the fraternity. 

438 ATQ 

Tim Krueger 
Brad Loan 
Gary Owen Mallon 
Robert Dale Manning 
Steve Manning 

Walter Mezger 
Scott Minnick 
Stephan Randall Moses 
Jim Nelsen 

Douglas A. Peckenpaugh 

Doug Picha 
Thomas R. Quigley 
Tim Robbins 
Tom Robinette 
Roger J. Russell 

Bart Senter 
William Sleeth 
Stanley Paul Smith 
Pat Snow 
Max B. Sprague 

T. Michael Takemura 
Steve Ticen 
Greg Tuke 
Larry Tuke 
Dennis N. Waits 

Peter C. Warren 
Donald S. Warrick 
Mark S. Willis 
Mark Wooden 
Tim Woodworth 

ATQ 439 

Deborah R. Allard 
Donna Asplund 
Pat Benefiel 
Jane Marie Carstens 
Kay Carstens 

Mava Johann Crew 
Janet Davis 
Kay Annette Donnen 
Janice Finneman 
Martha French 

Virginia Anne Gehrett 
Karen Harrington 
Mary Jane Harrison 
Judy Higginbotham 
Rebecca Ellen Hille 

Nancy Jean Hyslop 
Helen Isackson 
Bev Jasper 
Mary Kevan 
Sandra LaDue 

Alpha Xi Delta 
Diabetic Child 

Several new projects of service were 
established by Alpha Xi Delta. The 
members sponsored a campsite for a dia¬ 
betic child at Camp Sealth on Vashon 
Island as a memorial to Evelyn Blasen, a de¬ 
ceased member of their sorority. 

Speakers during the year included Mrs. 
Tom Heuterman from the Horticulture 
Club who discussed flower arranging. Also 
Mr. French spoke about the placement 
bureau. Main activities included firesides, a 
fall retreat on Lake Coeur d'Alene, a 
scholarship dinner, and their annual pledge 
dance and sneak. 

440 ASA 

Teresa Levaek 
Terri Madden 

Linda May Manzer 
Cheryl Martin 

Linda S. Martin 
Kathleen Ann Merryweather 

Ann Olson 
Barbara Ellen Olson 

Shelley Lynn Parks 
Terry Powell 

Carol Reyburn 
Kathleen E. Ryan 

Marie Simkins 
Verena Steiner 

Margaret J. Steininger 
Sue Stovall 

Cindy Sturtevant 
Edie Taylor 

ASA 441 

442 Ben 

Scholarship and Athletics 
Important to the Beta’s 

Scholarship and athletics held dual importance for the 49 
members of Beta Theta Pi this year. Speakers and panels 
from campus and community brought members into 
perspective about pertinent issues of today. T he Beta 
Rummage Sale, barn dances in Spokane after several of the 
home football games, a Coeur d’Alene cruise, community 
projects, and participation in student government were 
among other activities. 

Steve Ammerman 
William Armstrong 
Bob Bagley 
Kelly R. Beckley 

Dave Benedict 
Larry G. Bettesworth 
Tom Brower 
Tex T. Cates 

Neil Dennie 
Timothy A. Drumhiller 
Bob Engel 
Steve Henderson 

Brad Earl Jackson 
Steven Charles Leslie 
Michael J. Lilly 
Keith Eugene Manfred 

Gary Marks 
Jerry Wayne Mitchell 
Jim Neill 
Jim O'Banion 

Tom Peavey 
Wayne Peterson 
Bruce Prenguber 
Ken Robertson 

Jeffrey Keely Smith 
Steven Storaasli 

Bill Walter 

William Sidney Weitz 

Vince Zimmer 
Dean T. Zogratos 

Ben 443 

Fire Damages 
Chi Omega 

Although a fire destroyed part of the Chi 
Omega house, it did not damage the spirit 
of the 55 members. Activities and traditions 
such as Christmas caroling with Farmhouse 
fraternity, the pledge dance “Frolicking in 
the Frost or Snuggling in the Snow/' a 
sensitivity training experience in April, and 
an Easter service with retarded children as 
special guests, continued as scheduled. 
President Janet Boston made sure the 
members experience a fulfilling year. 

Pam Anderson 
Joanne Barr 
Judy Baumgartner 
Sue Bertoglio 
Janet Boston 

Sue Brandenburg 
Debbie Brown 
Ginny Burger 
Sharon Sue Byrne 
Andrea Coma 

Jennie Cory 
Paula Damron 
Genie DeBow 
Lyn Diveley 
Judi Eckhardt 

Chris Ellison 
Kathy Evans 
Sharalyn Ferrel 
Paula Gordon 
Pam Hampton 

Franceen Harkins 
Sandi Hastings 
Marcia L. Holland 
Debbie Holbrook 
Rhonda Holmquist 

Cheryl Killingsworth 
Carol Killingsworth 
Darlene Kindler 
Pam Liebel 
Faith Alene Limbocker 

444 XQ 

Sue Long 
Melanie Low 
Jennifer Manley’ 

Carla Marr 
Sonja Menti 
Mary Morris 

Melanie Morrison 
Sheri Morrison 
Linda Myers 

Cindy Nielsen 
Martha Nojd 
Peggy Norris 

Susan O’keefe 
Mikki Pasicznyk 
Paula Reed 

Tanya Rinaldi 
Kathy Salmon 
Sally Silva 

Kristina Sorley 
Rita Stallings 
Linda Stevens 

Diane Stovall 
Julie Stowe 
Debra Turner 

XQ 445 

1 f 

Darcy Benny 
Anne Lorraine Brimhall 
Catherine Cole 
Nancy Coon 
Carol Ann Dawson 
Carol Ann Diefendorf 

Colleen Field 
Suzanne Franks 
Pam Frey 
Barbara C. Gahan 
Denise L. Garceau 
Pamela Hall 

Patty Hoffman 
Kathleen M. Hogan 
Barbie Hoggatt 
Linda Hopson 
Marilyn Johnson 
Sharon Lewis 

446 AAA 

Pansy Breakfast 
Honors Junior Women 

A multitude of activities filled Delta Delta Delta sorority’s 
calendar. Among the most outstanding were the two scholarship 
dinners, Christmas fireside, “Pine Tree Party” for alumnae’s 
children, Housemother tea, barn dance, and the Pansy Breakfast 
which honors the junior women with high scholastic standing. 

The 56 residents held a racism workshop of their own with 
discussion, speakers, and films in an attempt to further orient 
themselves with the issues of the day. Also perodically the group 
had faculty as guests to their house in hopes to bring about closer 
relations between the faculty and students. 

Victoria M. Lum 
Anne F. Lund 
Sheri Lynn Thomasian 

Sally Middleton 
Denise Miller 
Jan Mu ret 

Vicki Nelson 
Christy Oberg 
Janey Oberg 

Claudia Parker 
Andrea Rosentangle 
Debi Rowswell 

Janet Schott 
Beckie Louise Stewart 
Debbie Trigg 

Patricia Tomlinson 
Teri D. Tucker 
Michele Marie Ward 

Lynn Wheeler 
Nola Williams 
Jan Wilson 

AAA 447 

John T. Aden 
Donald C. Archer 
Richard Bayley 
Brett M. Berringer 
Kurt Braunwart 

David L. Brown 
Robert Carlile 
William F. Clements 
Jim Crawford 

Stephen G. Dahm 
Dave Day 
Karl DeRuwe 
Paul R. Falor 
Robert W. Fedoroff 

Randy L. Frisvold 
George David Goff 
David Grembowski 
David Guilford 
Mark E. Hall 

Kirk Michael Hanson 
Jeff Hereford 
Steven G. Holman 

Mike Hummels 
Dale E. Ireland 
Kerry S. Jeaudoin 

Chris Jensen 

Alan Everett Kissinger 

Larry J. Kolano 

Mike Krattli 
David S. McDonnell 
Scott McDougall 

Richard E. Meier 
Michael Mode 
Robert C. Pollock 

Hugh Rossolo 
Joseph M. Salvatore 
William Sitton 

Mark Vaugn Sprague 
Carl R. Stewart 
Kirby Thordarson 

Delta Sigs Help 
Clean-up Pullman- 
Moscow Highway 

Major activities of the 54 members of Delta 
Sigma Phi were the Sailor’s Ball, the Green 
Garter Pledge Dance, the Carnation Ball, and 
the selection of their Delta Sig Dream Girl. In 
addition, the pledges, in conjunction with 
AOPi, cleaned up the Pullman-Moscow high¬ 
way. Dan Troglin served as house president. 

Dan Troglin 
William Charles Uznay 
J. Patrick Wiegand 

Reginald C. Willich 
Ron Wysaske 
Ken Yates 


Steven Aycock 
Tim Baker 
John R. Bresko 

Bryan L. Davis 
Cliff L. Edwards 
Mike Extine 

Dean Fondahn 
Lee Hackett 
Robert S. Hess 

Dana C. LeValley 
Eric Mac Medford 
Patrick Moriarity 

Glenn Akio Nishida 
Steven D. Ragan 
Larry Richmond 

Bruce H. Shields 
Kim Shrader 
Russell Smith 

Delta Chis Hold Formal at Priest Lake 

Although Delta Chi boasted fewer members than many of the larger fraternities, events and activities were not similarly limited. 
The year began with “Wet and Wild” the annual pledge dance and continued, including a Christams dinner and formal, a spring 
formal on Priest Lake in April entitled “White Carnation”, and a collection drive for the Mother’s March of ‘March-of-Dimes\ 
The 26 men of Delta Chi under Larry Richmond experienced a fulfilling year in their fraternity. 

450 AX 

Dave Boyce 
Pat Brett 
Terry L. Burns 
R. Raymond Cabebe 
Michael Carbery 
Ronald M. Cook 
Vance Cooney 

Glenn R. Davis 
Neal Deckman 
Jim Ellis 
Doug Garing 
Kevin Graham 
Gerald Greer 
Scott Hendrickson 

Rick Honsowetz 
John Kaufmann 
Michael L. Keel 
Frederick Kirn 
Larry A. Kissler 
Mike Mansfield 
Larry G. Marshall 

Martin P. Martinson 
Dwight A. Miller 
Michael Munson 
Scott Norquist 
Reed Olson 
Marty Pedersen 
Terry C. Pierce 

Clifford Ridgway 
Steve Rush 
Frederick Sandmeyer 
William Slodysko 
Mark Smith 
Mark Smith 
Mark Stansfield 

Gaylen Swearingen 
Randy Tomson 

John S. Wegener 
Fred Wright 

Fijis Experience 
Active Year 

Two annual fall events highlighted Phi 
Gamma Delta’s calendar. The “Purple 
Mirage” was the theme of the pledge dance 
which was followed later in autumn by the 
annual fireside. A Christmas party and the 
formal, held a week after Semester Break, 
contributed to make the winter months 
exciting and fulfilling. The Fijis 
experienced a decidedly active year. 

Fiji 451 

Carrie Arteel 
Deanne Ausman 
Kathy Bailor 
Marilyn Bane 
Bev Bran 

Karen Carter 
Valerie Casey 
Candi Clark 
Betsy Dana 
Colleen Donley 

Mikel Dunham 
Vicki Durham 
Kathleen Hansell 
Kris Helling 
Darlene M. Helt 

Leslie Honebrink 
Mary M. Huntington 
Terry Kearns 
Kitty Kelly 
Nancy Kile 

Delta Gamma 
Helps Pullman 
Grade Schools 

Shelia Reeder led the 58 members of 
Delta Gamma sorority through a busy year. 
The pledge dance “Let Me Take You 
Higher” began the scheduled events for the 
year. A Christmas party for the alumnae's 
children, participation in Songfest with 
Delta Upsilon fraternity, and the spring 
cruise in April provided the sorority with 
year long activities. A special project for 
Delta Gamma was helping to administer 
eyescreening tests to Pullman grade schools. 

452 Ar 

Kathy Kurbitz 
Margie Laatz 
Diana Marie Avery 
Melissa McCormack 
Janis McKelvy 
Mary Kay Milot 

Lynn Mirosh 
Marcie Murray 
Suzanne Nixon 
Monne Ortner 
Michele Oseth 
Janet Poe 

Suzi Powers 
Sheila Reeder 
Becky Rees 
Elsbeth Richter 
Cyndie Schuh 
Kolleen Kirsten Sebby 

Gail Sipila 

Deborah Lynn Stewart 
Margie Thacker 
Sue Thompson 
Cindy Tracy 
Jane Zagelow 

Ar 453 

Edd Arnold 
Thomas H. Babcock 
Bill Buchmiller 
Brooks Burford 
Wayne A. Burgess 

Sotirious Tefkros Chimonas 
Dave Cockrill 
Timothy S. Elliott 
Albert E. Etvick 
Stephen HL Helms 

454 AT A 

James Hoggatt 
Jack Hunzeker 
Steven Kammeyer 

Terry Keene 
Tom Knight 
Bob Laatz 

Bruce Lucas 
Tom Masterson 
Larry Michael 

Kerry M. Mizuno 
Charles W. Neeley 
Bill Penoyar 

Kevin Peterson 
Malcolm Phares 
Dick Rucker 

Delta Tau Deltas 
Rolling Record 

The 45 men of Delta Tau Delta did 
more than talk about ecology this year. 
Over Spring Break members rolled a keg a 
world’s record distance from Pullman to 
Tumwater and the Olympia Brewery. At 
the same time one ton of glass and tin was 
picked up and at the end of the trip 
presented to Governor Evans. The rest of 
the year had its social events—the fall 
pledge dance, Christmas smorgasbord and 
dance, a spring formal, Toga Dance, and 
masquerade dance in November. 

ATA 455 

Paul G. Anderson 
Steve Arvidson 
Don E. Beck 
Steve D. Bertholf 
Fred E. Bess 

Steve Betlach 
Jims Bills 
Gary Colley 
Robert Coyne 
Greg Devlin 

Craig Esvelt 
Blaine N. Field 
Paul Scott Forbes 
Richard W. Giboney 
Gene A. Gibson 

Fred Granlund 
Michael Harkins 
Robert A. Janowitz 
Jerry Jensen 
Mark R. Johnson 

Cruise and Roundup 
Head Spring Events 

"Its Been a Long Time Coming” was the 
title of the pledge dance held by Delta 
Upsilon fraternity. This event began the 
year for the 65 members, but a host of 
others followed. A Christmas party, pajama 
dance, the “Winter Sweetheart” formal, 
and the spring cruise and roundup held on 
Coeur d'Alene lake, summed up the year's 

456 AT 

Kevin C. Kelly 
Jim Kosse 
Michael Kraemer 

Dean Largent 
Tom Lutz 
Dennis McClellan 

Mark McClure 
Thomas S. McIntosh 
Thomas R. McOmber 

Gary C. Miller 
Mike Nelsen 
Tom Novotney 

C. Allen Oelschlaeger 
Jeff Parsons 
Terry Price 

Bob Shelby 

Ben Williams Sonnichsen 
Terry Trembly 

Ar 457 

Mark Anderson 
Douglas E. Brandt 
Alvin E. Bryant 
Steve Burns 
William D. Corpron 

Pete Doumit 
Michael Dudley 
Charles Eggert 
Larry M. Ferr 
Joe Florek, Jr. 

Mark Douglas Fritch 
Doug A. Gasscling 
Dennis Robert Gerstung 
Francis Lee Grose 
Scott Hamilton 

Darryl Hartung 
Gary B. Hofer 
Edward A. Hogle 
John R. Hogle 
Brad Hunter 

William C. Irving 
Craig Jones 
Gregory D. Johnson 
Bentley Kern 
Roger Roller 

FarmHouse Sponsors 
Lakeland Village 
Christmas Party 

The 74 members of FarmHouse 
fraternity passed an active year filled with 
activities—the Roaring Twenties Dance, 
Scholarship dinners, the Pledge Dance, 
Lakeland Village Christmas party, and the 
Farmer’s Daughter contest ending with the 
coronation of the new Farmer’s Daughter 
at the Star and Crescent Formal. Guest 
speakers presented talks on insurance, 
ecology, and social and political events. 

458 FarmHouse 

Don Lewis 
Tim Lintz 
Dean Lynch 
John R. Mann 

Vincent Maloney 
Curt Oehlert 
James H. Peterson 
Daniel C. Riehle 

Rich Paul Riehle 
Wayne G. Riehle 
Daniel C. Roberts 
Richard D. Scheuerman 

Gary Schneidmiller 
Michael Schrag 
Allan Ray Short 
A1 Steiner 

Mark Thomas 
Steven Tresse 
C. Duane Depping 
Gene Y. Dogen 

Farm House 459 

Katherine Baldwin 
Sally Brough 
Cynthia Chase 
Jeanne Clarke 
Cathie Crouse 

Barbara Fecht 
Rebecca Gannon 
Marcy Gibb 
Rhonda Gibb 
Robin Gottlieb 

Renee Greenman 
Cathy Hane 
Cyndi Hanft 
Sally Henriksen 
Laurie Hoover 

Melanie J anc Jones 
Kerri Kennaugh 
Joan Laffaw 
Sheila Ann Marsden 
Ann Mertz 


Gammy Bugs 
Compete With Santa 

The 54 women of Gamma Phi Beta 
went all out for the Christmas season with 
a week of Gammy Bugs (secret santas) and 
a big Christmas party at the end of the 
week, complete with Santa and one of his 
elves. Various members held campus offices 
and were involved in many campus 
committees. The pledges took part in the 
Lambda Chi Watermelon Bust and Phi 
Delt Turtle Race. Among traditional house 
activities were special dinners, exchanges, 
firesides, and a spring formal. 

460 r*B 

Sally Mitchell 
Sue Millhollen 
Patty Mosman 
Leslie Olsoe 

Gretchen V. Olson 
Erin O’Neil 
Wendy L. Paul 
Stephanie Reif 

Delene Rae Rowland 
Debbie Schoch 
Cindy Lee Schorr 
Kay Schupp 

Veda Shanks 
Jeanie Simmons 
Nancy Carol Smith 
Katy Stone 

Kathy M. Thompson 
Janice Tornow 
Valerie Urdal 

r$B 461 

Barb Baker 
Laura Batfany 
Nancy Brown 
Nancy Colburn 
Kim Cox 

Jenise Diafos 
Cheryl Dyer 
Linda Goesling 
Betty Ann Green 
Debbie Gustafson 

Kathy Hadley 
Kathy Herrick 
Jacquie Herron 
Dawn Marie Johnson 
Patsy Johnson 

Cathy Juenke 
Debbie Lasater 
Janet L. Lasater 
Cheryl Lynn French 
Molly McCormick 

Thetas Enjoy 
Seasonal Activities 

The 55 members of Kappa Alpha Theta, 
working under President Janet Lasater, 
sponsored a number of activities this year. 
A Triad Dance was held October 31. 
Christmas brought with it the beauty of a 
winter formal, and spring found members 
enjoying the out-of-doors on a cruise. 
Campus involvement included a 
Homecoming booth. The Thetas also spent 
time at the Epton House working with 
retarded children. 

462 KA8 

Mary Lynn McDonald 
Mary McGee 
Susan Michaelsen 

Maryl Moody 
Barbara J. Morris 
Phyllis Morrow 

Kris Oberleitner 
Janis Oliver 
Sue Oliver 

Susan Orser 
Pam Pewe 
Kathy Phelan 

Rhonda Poor 
Susan Porter 
Sheila L. Quesenbury 

Meg Seabury 
Debbie Smawley 
Paula Smcltzcr 

Margaret Sweeney 
Suzanne Taft 
Margaret Van Beek 

Liz Vhay 
Barbara Walters 
Debby Walton 

Sue Williams 
Kathy Jo Wise 
Jan Wissenback 

KA0 463 

Jeanne Anderson 
Robin Boettcher 
Peggy J- Brown 
Barbara Call 
Kathy Cobb 

Kathleen Connel 
Dawn M. Corskie 
Carissa Crouse 
Barbara Dierdorff 
Dinah Donaldson 

Chris Dormaier 
Sharon EckJhart 
Daphne George 
Marjorie Hathaway 
Sally Marie Hamilton 

Terri Hendries 
Kathy Honsberger 
Leslie Ironside 
Elizabeth Lee Keil 
Jane A. Kippes 

Kappa Deltas 
Sponsor Children 

The Kappa Deltas sponsored again this 
year children at Epton House and Lakeland 
Village, both established to care for 
retarded children. The house's foreign 
exchange student was Hannaka Kebebe, a 
sociology major from Ethiopia. 

The pledge dance, “2001 Space Odessey,” 
held in December, the White Rose Formal 
in March, and a spring cruise on Coeur 
d'Alene provided social activities for the 
members of Kappa Delta. 

464 KA 

Gail Lacefield 
Patti Leadon 
Sherry Lester 

Louanna Lynch 
Mina L. Nichols 
Sue Noble 

Donna Ogle 
Sue Oswald 
Nancy K. Ousley 

Terry Parish 
Lynn Randa 
Joanna Rohrmann 

Patty Sage 
Karen Sathe 
Judy Seymour 

Sandra Sollenberger 
Debbie Taro 
Carol Trohimovich 

Rondy Marie Voorhees 
Terry Wheeler 


Bev Beckwith 
Sandra Beckwith 
Sharon Beckwith 
Kathy Berg 
Deborah Loudon 

Jill Berry 
Betsy Brandon 
Cynde Crabbs 
Sharon Dullanty 
Michelle I. Frank 

Annette Gaines 
Jaki Giles 
Nancy Gorshe 
Becky Gottschalk 
Janice Gunning 

Cindy Hash 
Jennifer Hillis 
Sheila Homchick 
Betsy Husom 
Linda Kay Johnston 

Kappa$ Celebrate 
100th Anniversary 

Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority initiated 
several new projects. Under President Jan 
Cooper the 56 members held a Founders' 
Day Banquet honoring the 100th year 
anniversary of their sisterhood. The main 
goal established by the officers was to 
design a more meaningful pledge program, 
tying the sorority more closely to campus 
and world activities. 

Traditions were still important. $.uch 
activities as the Big-Little sister fireside, a 
cruise on Coeur d’Alene Lake, plus an 
exchange with their Idaho chapter, made a 
year of fun, excitement, and learning for 
Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

466 KKT 


Marilee Jordan 
Karen Kendall 
Connie Jo Kincaid 

Kay Lattin 
Betsy Lindsay 
Shawn MacPherson 

Linda Mather 
Molly Jane McWhorter 
Kay Miller 

Sue Moyer 
Nancy Nelson 
Marcia Pearson 

Tracy D. Richards 
Jean Robertson 
Karen L. Rodda 

Kathleen L. Rodda 
Nancy Lee Roth 
Barb Schroeder 

Theresa Ann Smith 
Brenda Studholme 
Connie Taylor 

Rose Mary Van Winkle 
Carol Wilson 
Linda Yearout 

KKr 467 

Steve Barnes 
Ted C. Barr 
Steve Robert Bates 
Tom Bates 
Kenneth J. Berry, Jr. 
Randy Bloster 

Dan Briggs 
Darrell Ernest Bryan 
Rico L. Castro 
James Clark 
Howard M. Clifton 
John B. Daniels 

Dick Dressel 
Rob Dunlap 
Robbie Forbes 
Richard A. Gazal 
Forrest Gill 
Robert S. Gossett 

Mark Graham 
DouglasC. Hamilton 
Norman Hansen 
Marc Harvey 
Mark Holman 
Dean Hummels 

Dave Hopkins 
Roger Horton 
Roy L. Johnson 
D. Scott Knight 
John C. Kosich 
Larry Larson 

468 KS 

W. Bruce Larson 
Craig T. Mandeville 
R. Grant MacLean 

Bruce McLean 
Larry McCaughey 
Richard D. Miller 

Jay Mills 
Randy Ohrt 
Gary Oman 

Wayne K. Patterson 
Larry B. Pearson 
Clark Richards 

Frank M. Schmidt 
Dennis Seipp 
Bob Silhavy 

Robb Stack 
Terry Stokesbary 
Terry W. Turney 

Frank Walkowski 
Roger Watanabe 
Ron Wilbourn 

Wine and Spaghetti on Menu for Special Dinner 

An annual pledge dance began the year's activities for Kappa Sigma. A winter formal held in Spokane 
and the wine and spaghetti dinner with Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Gamma Delta, and Alpha Delta Pi 
were two of the big winter activities, followed later in the spring with the annual cruise on Lake Coeur 
d'Alene and a spring dance. The 60 members were under the guidance of President Grant MacLean. 

K2 469 

The Watermelon Bust remains a Tradition 

The traditional Watermelon Bust headed the fall events for Lambda Chi Alpha 
fraternity. Other annual events; the Christmas fireside, spring formal, spring cruise 
with the ATO's, and the pledge dance “Rag Time Ball” contributed to the full ledger 
for the 65 members. The men also participated in various projects and other activities 
under the leadership of their president Tim Holbrook. 

Ronald Dean Carlson 
John Byron Clark 
Tom Dechenne 
Stephen Mark Deller 
Dan Derouin 

G. George Dewey 
Dale C. Duskin 
Dave Duskin 
Jim Dwinell 
Doug Erickson 

470 AXA 

Kevin M. Foley 
Craig Allen Ferrel 
Ronald P. Genuario 

Brian Harshman 
Jim Holmes 
Craig S. Johnson 

Patrick S. Johnson 
Steve Klinski 
Jack Ronald Knapp 

Jeffrey T. Langlow 
Curtis Thayne Larson 
Stanley C. Lochrie 

Randy Moore 
Michael Charles Lowery 
Brian P. Munson IV 

Randall Keith Olson 
Ronald Parrish 
Dave Rorem 

Thomas V. Sahlberg 
Leon Sanders 
David Settle 

George R. Sutch III 
Michael Sweeney 
Kirk Wallace 

Mike Walton 
James A. Wandling 
J.D. Wells 

AXA 471 

Eric Emil Anderson 
Greg Astells 
Daniel W. Baker 
Rich Berndt 
David Bondo 
Greg Brady 

Phil Brady 
Ron Bromfield 
Daun Brown 
Ed Burger 
James P. Chapados 
Patrick Collins 

Ken Doane 
Rick Doane 
Dennis Duffy 
Joe Farina 
Dave Fredrickson 
Robert L. Gundlach 

Steven Carl Harrop 
Roger Hart 
Michael Thomas Haynes 
Robert Katica 
Brad A. Kay 
Dennis Kearns 

Kenneth E. Kollmyer 
Kit Latta 
Larry Lee 
Mike Mickas 
John L. Mills 
James Milne 

472 <i>Ae 

Lewiston Orphans 
Entertained by 
Phi Delts 

A rewarding and busy year was 
experienced by the 60 members of Phi 
Delta Theta. Fall activities began with the 
pledge dance, “Phi Delt Ball,” and 
followed with the “Phi Night Experience” 
pajama dance, and later the spring cruise on 
Lake Coeur d'Alene. Their community 
service day involved a picnic and baseball 
game in Lewiston for orphans. The annual 
turtle race was again sponsored by the Phi 
Delts during Parents’ Weekend. A weekend 
camping and fishing trip was held for the 
members instead of a spring formal. 

David A. Moe 
Donald I. M oe 
Doug Moramarco 
Mark New land 
Craig Noble 

Bill Nurmi 
Larry M. Olson 
Patrick H. O’Neil 
Tom Allen Ortolf 
Jeff Pewe 

William W. Ratcliffe 
Barry B. Rodland 
Stanley A. Sargent 
Stephen M. Simko 
David M. Stewart 

Craig Swenson 
Nick Walker 
Bill Wieland 
Andrew A. Zimmerman 
Frank Zurline 

4»A0 473 

Phi Tau Picks Pledge Princess 

Selection of the Phi Kappa Tau Pledge Princess was among traditions 
upheld by Phi Kappa Tau this past year. Speakers from the Placement Office, 
College Life Insurance, and Marine Corps informed members of their various 
services and opportunities. Social activities included the “Rose Formal,” a fall 
pledge dance and Spring Cruise. The chapter also planned to adopt an orphan. 


474 $>KT 

Brian Eugene Berg 
Michael E. Bergevin 
Don Bury 

Steven Carnes 
Dennis Clark 
Gene Coleman 

Karl Denison 
Paul C. Eagon 
John M. Entenmann 

Bill Erwert 
John Hartman 
Dan Holtman 

Joe Kinney 
Steve Larsen 
Steven M. Lindberg 

John Marker 

Gary Alexander McEachern 
Bob McMillan 

Paul F. Mengedoht 
John B. Mills 
Ernie Nicholson 

Les Peterson 
Scott L. Robar 
Roger Shweid 

David C. Stewart 
Steven M. Uhron 
John G. Williams 

$KT 475 

Phi Kappa Theta Remodels Entire House 

The most important changes in Phi Kappa Theta were the revision of the constitution, pledge program, and initiation and 
remodeling of the entire chapter house. Effort was made to establish an alumni association through an alumni reunion. Traditions 
upheld by members included a scholarship dinner and awards, Turnabout Day, a pledge sneak, a Christmas party, and a spring 
formal. Intramurals constituted a part of their campus activities. 

476 $>K0 

Richard H. Atwood 
Greg Bloom 
Michael Bouffiou 
Chris Christensen 

James N. Cochran 
Mark Engler 
William Gumm 
Renato Jones 

Gary Johnson 
Simon Karroum 
Jim Kirk ness 
Jim Krumsick 

Chris Laney 
Bill McDonell Jr. 
Michael Mclnnes 
Danny P. Mellon 

Greg Moser 
Craig Lee Muzeroll 
Gary C. Neill 
Alan R. Newcomb 

Thomas P. Reynolds 
Mike Robertson 
George Shea 
Tracy L. Spencer 

Greg Steclhammer 
Dave Geisbush 
Tom Vaughn 
Robert K. Winston 

*K0 477 

Gery Amos 
James Gail Amos 
Chuck Anderson 
Casey Beard 
Gary Lee Blair 

Steve Bouchey 
Ken Boyko 
James Patrick Carroll 
Lee Carstens 
Robert A. Coe 

John C. Ennen 
Stephen E. Evans 
Karl Einkelnburg 
D. Keith Flagler 
Randy Stewart Fockler 

Alvis R. Forbes 
Roger Glaser 
John Gorman 
Gary Paul Gottschalk 
Bob W. Hergert 

Steak or Beans - 
Which do you get? 

Steak or beans was the menu for the 50 
members of Phi Sigma Kappa, depending 
on their scholastic achievement. Those men 
attaining a 3.0 GPA or above ranked a 
steak while the others sufficed on beans. 
Activities for the house included a Military 
Brawl, Western dance, Founders’ Day 
formal, Housemother’s party, a Christmas 
party, and both a fall and spring cruise. A 
new project for the Phi Sig’s was their joint 
effort in building a basketball court. Ken 
West was responsible for directing the 
action for the fraternity as he was the 
elected president. 

478 4>2K 

Jim D. Hoersch 
James P. Hurley 
Bruce Johnson 

Greg Jones 
Walter W. Kastner 
Stephen P. Kelly 

Ron Kercheval 
Kurtis B. Kiehn 
Ron Laubach 

Gary Lee O’Leyar 
Tom McLain 
Gary Mitzel 

John E. Mitzel 
Curt A. Morris 
Dick Paulson 

R. Stephan Rasmussen 
Kjell Krohn Riege 
Steven Smith 

Michael E. Talley 
Ronald LeeTanneberg 
Brian Wallace 

Bob Weller 
Richard I. Williams 
Ronald E. Wilson 

$SK 479 

Kathie Barcott 
Joanne Binford 
Robin Bjorklund 
Jacque Bowman 

Marilyn Brill 
Nancy Bruce 
Claudia Chartier 
Karlyn Christen 

Debbie Cooley 
Janny Cronkhite 
Susan J. Crosby 
Katherine Ellis 

Molly Ennis 
Stephanie L. Fredette 
Mary Gallagher 
Heidi Howard 

Jill Jensen 
Jennifer Johnson 
Joed Johnson 
Laurie Jones 

Patricia J. Kirk 
Annette LaLonde 
Karen Lewis 
Kathy Lewis 

1970-71 Filled With 
Various Experiences 

A long list of varied activities made the 
year for Pi Beta Phi sorority an energetic 
one. Besides scholarship and philanthropic 
dinners, the members participated in 
Homecoming and held their annual pledge 
dance. Guest speaker at the scholarship 
banquet was President Glenn Terrell, and 
Mrs. John, the Pi Phi’s Province President, 
visited the house to help coordinate sorority 
goals. Under President Linda Roe, the fifty 
members experienced a rewarding year. 

480 TIB* 

Terry Lowry 
Cindy Mann 
Vicki Mann 
Carolyn Mather 
Linda Mayberry 

Becky Mitchell 
Sandy Moore 
Becky Morrison 
Kay Murray 
Beth Olrogg 

Kathi Pynor 
Denise Richardson 
Becki Rightmire 
Deborah Rightmire 
Linda Roe 

Janet Sande 
Gail Sarchet 
Joan Scott 
Mary Jo Seaman 
Lcannc Solin 

Anne Wells 
Gay Whitehead 
Sharon Wick 
Jan Wiggum 
Karol Williams 

Spark Carlander 
Gary Carlyle 
John R. Cutter 
Ross Dove 
Jim Giesa 
Chuck Hawthorne 

John Hinton 
Gordon J. Johnston 
Joe Johnston 
Keith Alan Kramer 
Richard Kramer 
Mike Kunz 

Clothing Drive Benefits Fruit Pickers of Yakima 

The annual fall pledge dance started off the year’s activities for Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. The 
“Rabbit Habit’’ dance followed in December, and activities were rounded out by the formal and the 
humanitarian clothing drive project for the Yakima Valley fruit pickers. The 45 members enjoyed a fun- 
filled and enterprising year. 

IIKA 483 

Michael D. Lynch 
Stephen Richard Malphrus 
Scott T. McClure 

Bill Moos 
Bill Naismith 
Olin Nichols 

Bruce Schade 
Robert Schlecht 
Dale J. Schneider 

Wayne E. Staley 
Don W. Transeth 
Frank Tuminello 

David M. Warren 
Richard Watkins 
Tony Wiggins 

Pat LaFramboise 
Rodney Liseth 
Robert E. Lundin 

Robert D. Olliver 
Paul M. Olson 
Tim Rowand 

Lawson Abinanti 
James P. Aden 
Thomas Aitchison 
Carl E. Anderson 
Mack Armstrong 
Darrell Bafus 

Tony Baker 
Kirk Baumann 
Timothy L. Baumann 
Lawrence G. Bennett 
George Berry 
R. Alan Birtchet 

D. Mike Boone 
Kirk Boys 
Ken Bright 
Gary Brown 
Dave A. Brooks 
Doug Bruce 

Michael Hill Chaney 
Charles A. Curtis 
Timothy M. Danaher 
Rick Eide 
Richard Thomas Fellows 
Donald R. Fisher 

Kyle A. Frandle 
Scott Gamelin 
William M. Gordon 
Lane Griffin 
John Grohs 
Jim Hahner 

Brian Hipperson 
Eric Hopkins 
Michael R. Ittner 
Floyd S. Keller, Jr. 

Larry Kennaugh 
Michael F. La very 

484 2AE 

Dan Lawhead 
Patrick R. Lewis 
Dan Lust 
Michael Mallory 
Andy Maloof 

Jeff McManus 
Scott R. Morgan 
Mike Mrachek 
Scott Neill 
Phillip R. Nixon 

Duane L. Noble 
Mark Norris 
Dan Oliver 
Pete Osgard 
Norm Patterson 

Roger Thomas Pennell 
Dennis Rea 
James W. Remington 
Barry Roach 
Russell E. Shaub 

Scott B. Smith 
Peter Smith 
Tom Smith 
Richard L. Snyder 
Jack Stentz 

Joachim Stohr 
Patrick Tucker 
John Waldburger 
Steve Waples 
Don Widman 

S.A.E. Olympics 
an Annual Success 

Most activities of Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
fraternity evolved in the warm spring 
months. The spring cruise, Sigma Alpha 
Olympics, Snake River Function, Little 
Sister Picnic, and the annual spring formal 
were a few. The 68 members under the 
leadership of Jim Hahner, president, 
enjoyed a rewarding and busy school year. 

SAE 485 

John Amos 
Craig Angelo 
Gary Angelo 
Kim S. Barnes 
Randall Brebner 

Brian Clark 
David A. Grundstrom 
Mark Edward Gunning 
Brad Hagen 
Eric Jarvi 

Robert Johnson 
James Joseph Julich 
Don Judy 
Chris King 
Keith O. Lessard 

Triad Function 
Heads Activities 
For Sigma Chi 

Activities for Sigma Chi fraternity 
included the “Sweetheart Ball/’ Triad 
function with the Betas and the Phi Delts, 
a cruise with Phi Sigma Kappa, a 
humanitarian bottle drive to benefit 
Wallace Village for Children, and the 
Sigma Chi road rally in April. The 41 
members of the house were under President 
John VanDuzor. 

486 SX 

Daymon E. Marple 
Dennis Lane McClure 

Douglas Jeffery Meadows 
Jim Mohoric 

Patrick D. O’Neil 
Michael Lewis Paluck 

Dennis L. Pfaff 
Mark Puskar 

Kim Reeder 
Jon Seitz 

Rick Staton 
Randall Strait 

Glenn E. Szabo 
K. John Van Duzor 

SX 487 

Sue Apple 
Sherry Elaine Arstcin 
Carol L. Birdsell 
Cathy Blodgett 
Linda Boyce 

Sheila Brokie 
Madora J. Clodfelter 
Paige Conrad 
Teresa T. Crain 
Laura Extine 

Ruth Fenner 
Jeanne Flower 
Janet Halver 
Patricia Heikel 
Jan Hemingway 

Pam Horning 
Susan Keefer 
Shelley Kensler 
Gail Lederle 
Kathryn Lemley 

Year Marked the 
100 th Anniversary 
for Sigma Kappa 

The pledge dance “Snowbust” and later 
the Christmas party for children of alumnae 
started off the year for the 45 members of 
Sigma Kappa sorority. The year marked the 
100th centennial anniversary for the 
sorority and was celebrated with a tea. A 
spring cruise in April and the house formal 
“Close to You” were special spring 
functions. A first this year for the Sigma 
Kappa’s was the replacement of the house 
meeting every other week by a guest 
speaker. Guests included representatives 
from the Placement Bureau, H.E.P. and 
the Counseling Service. 

488 SK 

Lisa Maag 
Deborah Manarolis 
Louise Mehner 

Kathleen Lynn Money 
Joan Murphy 
Vicki Norrie 

Julie Odman 
Debbie Pierson 
Sharon Reffett 

Bennie Robertson 
Yvonne Sanders 
Carrie Schillberg 

Sally Schoeff 
Marilyn Smith 
Elaine Spencer 

Diana Stack 
Cindy Strait 
Jane Tippett 

Cherie Thompson 
Cindy Votaw 
Kim Warrior 

Lark Wilson 
Lily N. Woo 
Claudia Young 


2K 489 

Mark Babcock 
Bill Bakamis 
Jim Baker 
Kent Beebe 
Don Alan Brunssen 

Steve Burnett 
Darrel Carter 
Craig J. Campbell 
Mark A. Chapman 
Mark L. Degerstedt 

Terry Esvelt 
Paul Fletcher 
Kent Gable 
Jim Gagliardi 
Tom Gnojek 

Gordon J. Guice 
Michael Hastings 
Greg M. Hattori 
Bob Herr 
Richard Hively 


Matt Hoydar 
Dan Hull 
Craig Jackson 
Bruce R. Johnson 
ames Taylor Johnson 

M ike Johnson 
Scott Johnson 
Gary Jorissen 
Lanny Kliewer 
Cory Knauss 

Pledge Dance and 
Halloween Coincide 
at Sigma Nu 

President Jim Thayer led the 62 men of 
Sigma Nu through an energetic year. The 
pledge dance was held in conjunction with 
Halloween and was entitled the “Hal¬ 
loween Ball/' The spring months brought 
more events’ “White Rose” formal, “Water 
Front Brawl,” and the spring cruise in 
May, besides several keggers. 

490 EN 


Jed Kuczynski 
Gary P. Larson 
Steve Lieberg 

Andrew Duff MacGillivray 

T. Scott MacGillivray 
Charles G. Madison 
Chris Madison 
Mike M. Makela 

Dick Mitchell 
Mike Mizumoto 
Rick Murray 
Warren Nicley 

Tim Olson 
Robb Pankey 
Ray Parr 
Steve R. Pearson 

James W. Philopant 
Patrick Rogers 
J. Randy Ryan 
Steve Sather 

Daniel Schnell 
Mike Schnell 
Eric M. Skaug 
Howard Otto Skaug 

Bill Skinner 
Daniel Slagle 
David Slagle, Jr. 
Michael A.D. Stanley 

James Thayer 
John Thayer 
Bob Tracy 
Rod C. Wiggins 

2N 491 

Gary Baranzini 
Dan Bariault 
Bill Batten 
Mark David Bigger 
Mel Brink 
Doug Brown 

Bill Butler 
Chuck Daiger 
Douglas G. Danielson 
Bill Davis 
Ed Dean 
D. Craig Dewey 

Jerome Fisher 
Steven R. Goebel 
Larry Goodman 
Reed Hadley 
Bill Handy 
David Hardy 

Robert H. Hastings 
Bruce Hauber 
Randy Helgath 
Claude K.H. Ho 
Steven D. Hoag 
Scott Huntley 

Dan Indgjerd 
Frank Jackson 
Bruce King 
Michall F. Kirk 
Charles G. Leyster 
William Lyon 

492 2$>E 

Randy Magorty 
Carnie McArthur 
Jeff McArthur 

Price Middleton 
J. Michael Moore 
Thomas D. Nagle 

Stan Rhodes 
Tom Rhone 
Mike Rickert 

Leo M. Roozen 
Gerald L. Santman 
Jim Satterfield 

John R. Sitton 
Scott Scalor Taylor 
Gerry Thompson 

Scott Valley 
Tim Vawter 
Cliff Webster 

Barry Rick Whitney 
Dave Williams 
Brandt Willson 

Sig Ep’s Hold Queen of Hearts Formal 

The “Queen of Hearts” formal headed the list of traditional activities of Sigma Phi 
Epsilon. The 54 members, under Dan Indgjerd, held a fall pledge dance, a pajama dance in 
May, the Senior Christmas dinner, and other functions. Scholarship speakers were also 
brought to the house during the year. 

2tf>E 493 

Ed Bailey 
Brad Baker 
Roger Beck 
Brad Becker 
Rick Bird 

Greg Botch 
Keith Brehm 
Ken Britton 
John Champion 
James Corcoran 

Larry P. Diediker 
Michael Doherty 
Greg Finn 
Richard E. Grace 
Bruce Hamilton 

John Hickey 
Craig Howard 
Neil Johnson 
Brian Kirkpatrick 
Bill Kludas 

Randy Koehler 
Ed Magill 
John Meehan 
Stephen V. Merkley 
John Murphy 

TKE's Sponsor 
Regional Basketball 

When not involved in the sponsorship of 
the TKE Regional Basketball 
Tournament, members of TKE were active 
in house functions—the Boxer Shorts 
Dance, a winter formal, spring cruise, 
pledge dance and sneak, and Crab Feed. 
The group received an award trophy for 
most improved in Intramurals. Numerous 
functions were held with the Daughters of 
Diana, their little sister organization. 

494 TKE 

Doug Myers 
Jim Nagle 
Les Okonek 

Kyle Lee Olson 
Christopher G. Reed 
John P. Roeber 

Pete Rosvall 
David J. Sadick 
Lyle Schindler 

Harold Scott 
Van Stingel 
Fred Stobb 

John Ross Swanes 
Nick Thoennes 
Chuck Valentine 

Mike Voeller 
Robert J. Walter 
Warren Willoughby 

TKE 495 

Bruce H. Benzel 
Jim Britain 
Kelly Brown 

Theta Chi Adopts 
Less Rigid Pledge 

A new project for the Theta Chi’s this year 
was a less rigid pledge program. Among the 
traditional activities of the 55 members were 
active participation in Intramurals, the annual 
Dream Girl Contest, Songfest, and visitation by 
campus speakers. A well-known tradition of the 
Theta Chi’s was Ox, the House’s St. Bernard. 

Tom Carney 
Dave Cams 
Mike Carroll 

Mike Conklin 
Thomas O. Dauer 
Tom Elliott 

Scott Eubanks 
Mark J. Fechko 
Fred Fishback 

496 ex 

ex 497 

John Van Rooy 
Christian Weber 
Stan Weber 

Jay Gorham 
Randy C. Hamilton 
H^ns-Olof M. Hermans 

Chris Kambak 
Gary F. Knell 
Cal Lantz 

Randy E. Lonborg 
J. Richard Loofburrow 
Ronald Marshall 

Jeff Martin 
Dave Nordeen 
Scott James Smith 

Arn Allen 
Mark Boreen 
Don Buswell 
Scott Collin 
AJ Cottier 

W. Daniel Crocker 
David C. Ellis 
Mike Ellis 
Rich Fitzgerald 
Mike Ford 

Stephen M. Fuson 
Doug Garbareno 
Randy Grady 
Ron Grey 
Ronald A. Hanson 

Ray Mathisen 
William D. Moore 
Mike O'Neil 
Steve Olson 
Dennis O. Packer 

Melvin Parmenter 
Don Peach 
Duane S. Rowett 

Galen L. Scott 
Steve Shinohara 
Charles Springer 

Larry C. Swendsen 
Michael Vixie 
Bruce Warninger 

Theta Xi’s hold Functions 
with Little Sisters 

Many of the functions of Theta Xi were heldwith the Little Sisters of the Unicorn. 
At Christmas time an exchange was held and the Little Sisters helped decorate the 
house tree. At Halloween, pumpkin carving gave members and the Little Sisters a 
chance for an informal get-together. The pledge dance was held May 8th. Initiation 
included cleaning up the Palouse River, the road to Albion, and the stadium for the 
WSU-University of Idaho Football game. 

498 0S 


Silver chains around the sun 
will pull us up beside the others. 
Living men are insular 
and cannot all be brothers. 

502 Closing 

I Help The 
I Turn 



A lettuce boycott 

shot in the head through the back of a police car, 
dying in the women’s liberation hospital, 

with a tube down his throat, 
said that Jimi Hendrix is not dead; 
he is only sleeping. 

Closing 505 



Long-legged mushroom man 
has come beside the water. 
And taken up with Mary Jane, 
the teacher’s only daughter. 

Shaking chicken, 
broken neck. 

Steel-sharp knife cut through the skin. 

Pump the molten seashore in 

And cover the rocks with poison. 

Rattlesnake lover in the walls, 
has taken all he can hear. 

He sells it to Mathiason, 
who prints it. 

508 Closing 

"The streets of our 
country are in turmoil. 
Tlve Universities are filled with 
students rebelling aiul rioting. 
Communists are seeking 
to destroy our country. 
Russia is threatening us 
with her might. 
And the republic is in danger. 

from within and without. 

We need law and order! 
...Without law and order 
our nation can not 

Jump wheedle stick 
at a certain bottom level. 
Say you’ll give a good time 
beside the water. 
Cunning little crackerbarrel, 
queen of cutie pie eyes. 

A very special sea. 
A very special sky. 
A khaki Gl ration, 
special way to die. 
So long. 

Bye, Bye, Bye. 

—Kathy Lynch and 
Paul Arntson 

512 Closing 


Abbott, Dave.347 

Abdel-Fattah, Tawfiq S.286 

Abersfeller, Tina.367 

Abinant, I, Lawson.115,484 

Abrams, Cathy.294 


Achziger, Judith.359 

Adams, Helen R.-.355 

Adams, Jeffrey Alan.438 

Adams, Mary Ellen.294 

Adamson, James N. 294,432 

Adamson, Susan Kay.224 

Aden, James Paul.484 

Aden, John Thomas.448 

Adkins, John S.413 

Adkins, Ronald J.273 

Adler, Gail Lyn.367 

Afagh-tabrizi, Susan.397 

Agnew, Karen L.242,294,136 

Agricultural Economics 


Agricultural Education.245 

Agricultural Engineering.. .240 
Agronomy Club.238 

Ahmad, Nisar.286 

Ahmed, Gulzar.286 


Ahmad, Mrs. Hamida.286 

Ailport, John Henry.381 

Air Force ROTC...265 

Air Force Staff...265 

Aitchison, Thomas Paul.484 

Akamine, Toshio.216 

Akins, Bonnie Lea. 294,344 

Akins, Marian Joyce.133 

Akock, Steve. 77 

Akre, Sara Beth.223 

Albright, Diane.133,134 

Alder, Steve.222,294,428 

Aleksey, Michael F.294 

Alexander, Herbert.78 

Alhasni, Abdul Quddoos.294 

Alholm, Stephen Lee.283 

Ali, Dr. Habib.286 

Alkhalll Rashid.294 

Allard, Deborah R.244,292,440 

Allen, Arnlll.498 

Allen, Diane Kathleen.294 

Allen, Liz.70 

Allen, Janie. 250,394 

Allen, Karen.405 

Allen, Margaret Alice.278,294,375 

Allen, Margaret Ann.276,278,294 

Allen, Bill.367 

Aller, Margaret. 294,375 

Alley, Essie Rav.375 

Allert, Richard M.294 

Allert, Wally.413 

Aim, Edward S. 258,280,294,371 

Almos, Janet Kay.74 

Aim, Edward Stephen.276 

Alpen, Angela.390 

Alpha Chi Omega.424 

Alpha Delta Pi.426 

Alpha Epsilon Rho.272 

Alpha Gamma Rho.428 

Alpha Gamma Delta.430 

Alpha Kappa Lambda.432 

Alpha Kappa Psi.250 

AJpha Lambda Delta.279 

Alpha Omicron Pi.434 

Alpha Phi.V...436 

Alpha Phi Omega.282 

Alpha Phi Sigma.275 

Alpha Tau Alpha.249 

AlphaTau Omega.438 

Alpha Xi Delta.440 

Alpha Zeta....240 

Alsin, Gregory Paul.381 

Al-shaheen, Ibrahim M.286 

Altenburg, Carol M. 294,359 

Altena, Camilla L..294,413 

Alvarez, Albert Jr.352 

Alvarez, Kay.390 

Aludt, June.134 

Ambrogio, Laurie.375 

Ambur, Susan Margaret.371 

Ament, Joseph William.381 

American Pharmaceutical 

Association^.. 270 

Ames, Catherine E. .359 

Amidon, Alda.135,136,254,363 

Ammerman, Steve.443 

Amos, Gery Gene.478 

Amos, James Gail.478 

Amos, John Arthur.486 

Amudi, Mohamed Omar.286 

Anawalt, Bruce.203 

Ancellotti, Martin B.78 

Ancellotti, Terry.136 

Anders, Rea D.97 

Andersen, Birgitte L.405 

Andersen, Carol.390 

Andersen, Dale G.77 

Anderson, Albert Earl.191 

Anderson, Barbara Ann.137,394 

Anderson, Carl Edward.267 

Anderson, Carol Marie.375 

Anderson, Charles Roy.478 

Anderson, David R.. 294,438 

Anderson, David Wayne.96 

Anderson, Dean Arthur.381 

Anderson, Eric E.294 

Anderson, Eric Emil. 246,472 

Anderson, Gail.273 

Anderson, James R. 233,381 

Anderson, Jan.338 

Anderson, Janet E.338 

Anderson, Jeanne.232,294,464 

Anderson, Jerilynn. 291,355 

Anderson, Joan Lois.375 

Anderson, Judith Lynn.371 

Anderson, Judy Eileen.394 

Anderson, Karlyn . ..355 

Anderson, Linda Alyn. 241,400 

Anderson, Marcia.270,271,294 

Anderson, Margaret C.426 

Anderson, Marilyn.338 

Anderson, Mark. 270,271,294,458 

Anderson, Mary Ann.375 

Anderson, Michael T.367 

Anderson, Pamela.444 

Anderson, Paul G. 294,456 

Anderson, Robert L.371 

Anderson, Rodney Carl. 88,242 

Anderson, Signe M.283 

Anderson, Sig. 294,413 

Anderson, Susan Rae. 294,413 

Anderson, Talmadge.7.167 

Anderson, Victoria J. 278,294 

Andrew, Betty.7 .410 

Andrews, Michael Lee.428 

Andrews, Ruth Kay. 294,375 

Andrist, Margaret S.~ .410 

Ange, Leigh Temple.436 

Angel Flight...267 

Angell, Larry N.138,294 

Angelo, Craig Eugene.486 

Angelo, Gary Alvin.486 

Angus, Claudia.375 

Antill, Shelley J.390 

Apaydin, Hilal. 275,371 

Apland, James M. 282,294 

Appel, Denise.390 

Appel, Steven J.347 

Apple, Susan Lynne.488 

Appling, Phillip Eugene.367 

Arab Students.287 

Archer, Donald Charles.448 

Ardell, Tom.144 

Arevalo, Wendy Rhyae.394 

Argetes, Harry T. 294,402 

Arias-lozano, Cecilia.316,390 

Armstrong, Devora Lee . . . 178,236,434 

Armstrong, Diana,.394 

Armstrong, Edward John.78 

Armstrong, Laurel S.394 

Armstrong, Mack D.484 

Armstrong, Mark Lane.245 

Armstrong, Stephen C.233 

Armstrong, William.443 

Army ROTC.260 

Army Sponsors.260 

Army Staff.261 

Arnold Air Society.266 

Arnold, Edd....144,454 

Arnold, Marshia Ann.375 

Aronson, Bruce. 225,413 

Arstein, Sherry Elaine.488 

Arteel, Carrie Lynn.91,452 


Arvidson, Steve. 294,456 

Asante, Comfort.294 

Asante, Daniel C.294 

ASCA Council. .237 


Ashenbrenner, Allan J.428 

Ashment, Tabor R.371 

Aslam, Mohammad.286 

Asplund, Donna. 294,440 

Associated Women Students. 230 

Astells, Gregory M.472 

ASWSU Committees.222 

ASWSU Executive.220 

Atherton, Dave.144,273 

Athletic Council.*.77 

Athletic Honors.146 

Atkerson, Bruce T.294 

Atkins, Ralph Teddy.219 

Atkinson, Jan. 294,430 

Atwood, Kathy Susan. 294,413 

Atwood, Richard H.477 

Au, Patrick Ho-Ming.409 

Auld, June.136,254 

Aumann, Marianne. . . 276,278,294,410 

Aune, Truda Rae. 250,426 


Ausman, Deanne.452 

Aust, Heesoon Jun.:295 

Aust, Phillip M.294 

Austin, George T.156 

Avery, Diana Marie.133,137 

Axelson, Kristie.254 

Axtell, Anita.338 

Axtell, Vicki.405 

Ayers, Janine.338 

Aynsley, Brock Ord T.78,116,147 

Azodi, Hormoz..278 


Baars, Ronald Emerson.381 

Babb, Judith Kay. 241,242 

Babcock, Barbara Lee.340 

Babcock, Mark.490 

Babcock, Thomas H.267,295,454 

Babin, Jackie.134,135,254 

Baca, Ruben.96 

Backus, Leonard L.381 

Baehiser, Patsy.259 

Baeyen, Dennis . 295,400 

Bafus, Darrell Adrian.484 

Bafus, Marlene. 295,426 

Bafus, Roger Allen.381 

Bagley, Bob.443 

Bagley, Ronald Gordon.399 

Bagnall, Curtis Lee.276 

Bagne, Cynthia.390 

Bagwell, George.413 

Bahr, Robert David.428 

Baier, Ronald Oscar.252 

Bailey, Bette.295 

Bailey, Daniel Jay.246 

Bailey, Ed.494 

Bailey, Robert Edgar.78 

Bailey, Robin.359 

Bailey, Tom. 260,381 

Bailor, Kathy.452 

Baird, Dick.365 

Bakamis, Bill. 257,490 

Baker, Alton F. Ill.484 

Baker, Barb.462 

Baker, Beth.295 

Baker, Brad.494 

Baker, Daniel W. 295,472 

Baker, Ernest Eugene.428 

Baker, Jim.490 

Baker, Jo Ann.387 

Baker, Nancy Ann.365 

Bakke, Tony C.278,295,371 

Baldon, Dirk Arin . 252,413 

Baldwin, Katherine.270,271,460 

Balhiser, Patsy.436 

Balich, James Richard.78 

Ball, Dennis Russell.247 

Ball, Robert Wayne.280 

Balyeat, Rick .273 

Banan, Harry P.251,295,413 

Bancroft, Linda.390 

Bang, Barbara.338 

Bane, Marilyn.452 

Bang, Barb.292 

Banks, Laurie.394 

Bannon, Brad.422 

Baran, Stephen Joseph.367 

Baranzini, Gary Wayne.492 

Barbee, David Daniel.132 

Barbee, Diana Ruth.132 

Barber, Becky.480 

Barclay, Cathy.260,264,430 

Barcott, Kathy.480 

Bardin, Shelley.'. .295 

Barhanovich, Mary M. 230,365 

Bariault, J. Daniel.492 

Barkley, Lester.258,295,399 

Barlow, Elizabeth . 264,394 

Barnard, Keri Hart .295 

Barnard, Wayne B.295 

Barnes, Dallas, E.295 

Barnes, Kim S. 295,486 

Barnes, Robert Ernest. 241,242 

Barnes, Stephen Alan.468 

Barnett, Donald G. Jr.285 

Barnett, Marilyn Louise.390 

Barney, Barbara Leah.390 

Barnufsky, Stephen C. 295,399 

Barr, R. Clay.132 

Barr, Joanne.444 

Barr, Ted C...234,295,468 

Barrall, George Erich.88 

Barrett, Daniel..295 

Barrett, Dannie Paul.276 

Barrett, Douglas H.295 

Barrett, Joe. 278,432 

Barrett, Lon.295 

Barrett, Marsha.137,413 

Barrett; Vicki Ann.430 

Barrett, Vicki Lynn.344 

Barrom, Daniel Paul .295 

Barrom, Linda Ellen.276 

Barrom, Shayne Marie. 276,295 

Bartells, Dick.381 

Bartelheimer, Alan R.413 

Bartels, Kathleen.133,342 

Bartholomew, Ellen A.230,290,359 

Bartholomy, Janet.363 

Bartlett, Paul Nanson.96 

Bartley, Linda Carol .65 

Bartoletta, Marilyn K.171,175,177 

Barton, Larry Sheppard . . . .60,116,253 

Bartrum, Sally.295 


Basich, Marco. 279,280 

Basit, Abdul.286 

Basso, Gail. 226,375 

Batchelor, Dave.399 

Bates, Stan.77 

Bates, Steve Robert.468 

Bates, Thomas Allen.468 

Batfany, Laura.462 


Bassi, Rhonda.394 

Batfany, Laurie.236 

Batten, William Joseph.492 

Bauer, Jonathan.381 

Bauermeister, Daniel D.233 

Baugh, Betty Maxine.295 

Baughman, George.255 

Baum, David .264 

Baum, Pamela Lynn .340 

Baumann, Kirk Randal .484 

Baumann, Timothy Lee .484 

Baumgartner, Judy.444 

Baxter, David Arthur.278 

Bayley, Richard.280,295,448 

Baze, Mark.365 

Beadle, Doug.250 

Beale, Kenneth W.413 

Beam, Arlene “Sunny”’. . .. 184,189,296 

Beames, J"im.413 

Bean, Martha.371 

Bean, Steven Craig.225 

Beard, Casey. 296,478 

Beard, Gloria .. 296,390 

Beardslee, Dean L.. . .219 

Beardsley, Christine K.177 

Beasley, Wallis.199 

Beatty, Lynn Alan.253 

Beaver, Chuck.253 

Beban, Jackie.135 

Bebbe, Steve.105 

Becartea, Judy.283 

Becicka, Kerry Jeanne.296 

Beck, Don Errol.456 

Beck, Randi .355 

Beck, Roger Thomas.494 

Beck, Theresa Ann.292 

Becker, Brad.494 

Becker, Walter A.273 

Beckley, Kelly R.277,296,443 

Beckman, Margaret. 275,436 

Beckwith, Beverlee Rae.91,466 

Beckwith, Sandra.171,175,177, 


Beckwith, Sharon Lynn.178,466 

Beebe, Kent S.490 

Beechinor, Mary.375 

Beechinor, Thomas G..240 

514 Index 

Begert, Liz. 


Behne, Nancy. 


Behrens, Jean Ann. 

.... 296,340 

Beidleman, Sterling Kirk . 


Beieler, Shirley L. 


Belanger, Bob. 


Bell, April Kathleen. 


Bell, Craig M. 


Bell, Dennis R. 

.... 268,296 

Bell, Eric D.J. 


Bell, Eric W. 


Bell, Gary. 


Bell, Regina Louise. 


Bell, Ronald Wayne. 


Bemel, Nancy Lee. 


Bemis, Randall Patrick. . . 


Benavides, Graciela. 


Benedict, Cheryl Fay . . . . 


Benedict, Dave. 


Benefiel, Pat. 

. 296,440 

Benge, Charlene Ann . . . . 


Benito, Rustine. 


Benner, Karen . 


Bennett, Bradley Ross . . . 


Bennett, Carol. 


Bennett, Diana. 


Bennett, Edward M. 


Bennett, John. 


Bennett, Lawrence G. . . . 


Bennett, LucyJ. 


Bennett, Ruth . 


Benny, Darcy Ann. 

. 232,446 

Bensel, Barry G. 

. 296,402 

Benson, Gary George . . . . 


Benson, Gary Lee. 


Benson, Nancy E,. 


Benson, Benny . 


Bentzien, Lynnette Lee . . 


Benzel, Anita Dell. 


Benzel, Bruce H. 

. 297,496 

Benzel, Edward Charles. . 


Berthdf, Steve D. 


Berentson, Kristine A. 


Berg, Lani. 


Berg, Brian Eugene. 


Berg, Greg. 


Berg, Janice. 


Berg, Kathleen L. 


Berg, Robert Bruce. 


Bergan, Gary Charles . . . . 


Bergeron, Kurt Walter . . . 


Bergevin, Michael E. 


Bergly, Andrea Lou. 


Bergquist, Craig Reed . . . 


Berken, Janet. 


Berkey, David Arnold. . . . 


Berman, Eric E. 


Berndt, Rich. 


Berringer, Brett Murry. . . 


Berry, Carol Ann. 


Berry, George Lee. 


Berry, Jill. 

. 279,466 

Berry, Kathleen . 

.... 236,424 

Berry, Kenneth Jay Jr.. . . 


Berry, Michael J. 


Berry, Miles A. 


Berry, Stanley. 


Berryessa Michelle L. 


Bershaw, Michael E. 

. 251,297 

Bertehart, Harold. 


Bertoglio, Sue. 

. .72,280,444 

Bertramson, B.R. 


Bertrand, Ronald G. 


Bertsch, Douglas L. 


Bess, Fred Lee III. 

.... 252,456 

Bess, Lisa. 


Bess, Lynn M. 

Beta Gamma Sigma .. 

. 251 

Beta Theta Pi . 

. 442 

Betcher, Mary Turner . .. 

.... 297,394 

Betlach, Nancy Lynn .. . . 

.... 280,434 

Betlach, Steve. 


Bettesworth, Larry G. . .. 

.... 297,443 

Betts, Bonnie. 


Bhagat, Surinder K. 


Bhatia, Vishnu. 


Bhattacharya, Debanshu . 

.... 227,258 

Biala, Abdalla Said. 


Bickelhaupt, Dan G. 

.... 238,428 

Bickenbach, Judith Ann. . 

.... 135,137 

Bickford, Dennis Ward . . 


Bickford, Neil Bradley . . . 


Biddle, Gail . 


Biddle, Linda. 

.... 230,355 

Bigger, Mark David. 

. 78,492 

Bigley, Phillip A.381 

Bigornia, Gene.367 

Bills, Jim...456 

Bilsland, Gayle Diane.134 

Binford, Joanne. 297,480 

Bingaman, Ross Aaron. 245,249 

Bingham, David.367 

Bird*. Rick..494 

Birdsell, Carol Louise.488 

Birtchet, R. Alan .484 

Bishop, Richard A.297 

Bisschoff, Robert Paul.129 

Bisson, Sandi .375 

Bisuo, Chester J.260 

Bitow, Janis Rae.297 

Bittner, Alicia A.394 

Bjoraanesset Liz .394 

Bjorck, Stein Erik .128 

Bjorklund, Robin.91,480 

Bjorseth, Rondi .394 

Black, Rebecca.178,436 

Black, R.J.297 

Black, Robert G.188,297 

Black, Wayne Jay.432 

Blacklaw, Patty Dorann.434 

Blackwood, Laura.424 

Blair, Detta .344 

Blair, Gary Lee. 224,478 

Blake, Jo Anne.246 

Blanchard, Janet M.434 

Blane, Bob.233,280,381 

Blank, Glenda Kay.279 

Blank, Sheldon Elmer.238 

Blau, Linda R.371 

Blazier, Lyn. 297,424 

Blegen, Barbara Lynn. .359 

Blodgett, Cathy. 279,488 

Blondin, Karen.413 

Bloom, Gail.394 

Bloom, Greg. 297,477 

Blosser, Sue .344 

Blosser, T. H. 150 

Bloxham, Laura Jeanne.276 

Blue, Marnell Anita.137 

Bluff, Barbara L.338 

Blume, Harold G. Jr.267 

Blume, Robert Warren. 297,352 

Blunk, Bob.276 

Bly, Cheryl. 297,338 

Board of Publications.180 

Board of Regents.207 

Boardman, John F.297 

Bobb, Bernard E.227 

Bobb, Earl Victor.276,278,297 

Bobb, Lenna.414 

Bobb, Marna W.413 

Bobbink, Stephen R.270,271,297 

Bockman, Jo Ann.413 

Boehm, Richard Charles.283 

Boettcher, Linda . 297,410 

Boettcher, Robin Lee.230,279,464 

Bogan, Arthur.347 

Bogumill, Diana L.405 

Bohannan, Gary William . .258,276,297 

Boldt, James Michael.86,219 

Bolick, Barbara.390 

Bolin, Thomas Russell. . .412 

Boling, Judith Claire.259 

Bolinger, Janis C.430 

Bollinger, David James.381 

Bolton, Susan K.390 

Boman, Nora Lea.367 

Boman, Nora Lea.242 

Bomar, Nicole .344 

Bonann, Gregory J.112,113 

Bond, Larry A.371 

Bond, Thomas Clinton .,275 

Bond, William C.413 

Bondo, David Loren.472 

Bonneville, Mary E.297 

Boone, Daniel Micheal.484 

Boone, Thomas J. 273,276,277, 


Boosinger, Steven B.130,132,432 

Boreen, Mark.498 

Boren, Janice.413 

Borgens, Low den G. 245,371 

Bortles, Lynel.Ira.144 

Bortley, Linda.424 

Boskovich, Theodore Jr.381 

Boston, Janet.444 

Bostrom, Pamela Joy.338 

Botch, Greg.494 

Botterman, Jane. 244,355 

Bouchard, Wendy.387 

Boucher, Carol Lee .342 

Bouchey, Pat.436 

Bouchey, Steven Dennis .478 

Bouffiou, Michael. 279,477 

Boughter, John Edward.297 

Boughter, Myra Lynn. 137,297 

Bougila, Ali Abougasim.286 

Bouley, Cheri Jean.297 

Bourne, Charlene Sue . 280,340 

Bouslog, John Lewis.246 

Bowe, Bill.381 

Bowen, Donald . 244,381 

Bowman, Beth. .344 

Bowman, Jacque.73,86,480 

Boy, Deborah.394 

Boyce, Dave . • . 297,451 

Boyce, Linda Ruth.488 

Boyd, Harold .. . .227,237,273,280,428 

Boyer, Linda .311 

Boyer, Bob.297 

Boyko, Ken. 297,478 

Boys, Kirk Edward.484 

Bradley, Don . 254,297 

Bradley, Joseph T. 153,253 

Bradshaw, Arthur. 264,265 

Brady, Daryll A. 297,381 

Brady, Gregory Lynn.472 

Brady, Judith.228 

Brady, Leo Maurice. 88 

Brady, Philip Allen .472 

Braham, William B.200 

Brain, George B.154 

Brake, John. 264 

Bramer, Sharman Rae.259 

Bran, Bev ..452 

Brandenburg, Sue.236,297,444 

Brandon, Betsy.134,466 

Brandt, Douglas E.253,298,458 

Branenburg, Susan Jane. 74,236 

Brangwin, Mary.371 

Brann, Beverly Jean.219,250 

Brannan, William M.438 

Branson, Debbie.390 

Bratsky, Joseph H.371 

Braun, Michael T.365 

Bray, John Edward.180 

Bray ton, Fritz.108 

Brayton, F. Charles.138 

Brazas, Terry.252 

Braunwart, Eric C. 238,448 

Bray, Helen Mary.394 

Brayton, Frederick C.88 

Brazeau, Philip H. Jr.78 

Brebner, Randall Ian .486 

Bredberg, Linda.394 

Brehm, Keith.494 

Brelsfordt Mary.413 

Bremer, Judy ..276,297,394 

Brenneis, Patricia.344 

Brenneis, John Loren.276 

Brenner, Curt.247,297,352 

Breon, J. Douglas.399 

Bresko, John. 279,280 

Breslin, Denny.274 

Brett, Pat.451 

Bressane, Jose Marcos.128 

Bressler, Taylor Kyle.352 

Brewer, Deborah Elaine.134,136 

Brewer, Lloyd.367 

Brewer, Bob ..257 

Brewer, Vicki Gayle.375 

Brewer, William Harold. 297,413 

Brice, Michael Jeane.116,147 

Briehl, John Ludwig.190 

Briggs, Dan Patrick.468 

Bright, Ken Edward.484 

Brill, Marilyn.137,279,480 

Brimhall, Anne L.446 

Brimmer, Larry James.371 

Brimmer, Richard Paul .428 

Brincken, Jane C.298 

Brink, Gale F.363 

Brink, Melvin Leslie.492 

Bristol, Walter M.215 

Britain, Jim.228,496 

Britain, Sally.375 

Brittell, Dave.347 

Brittle, J. Scott.371 

Britton, Ken.494 

Brock, Donna Jean. 242,340 

Brockie, Sheila.488 

Brockway, Willye. 233,338 

Broeckel, Larry W.428 

Bromfield, Ronald R.472 

Brook, Jack Ray.129 

Brooks, Billy H. ... 255,298 

Brooks, Carol Bernice .367 

Brooks, David Alton .484 

Brooks, Randall Lee.267 

Broom, Jeffrey Lee.347 

Broom, Marcia.394 

Broome, John D. 298,399 

Broomell, Joan.338 

Brosius, Theresa F.410 

Brough, Sally.460 

Brower, Tom.278,298,443 

Brown, Bradley Page.438 

Brown, Charles .254 

Brown, Claudia L.355 

Brown, Cheri E.338 

Brown, Daun Webbster .472 

Brown, Dave.298 

Brown, David Lee.448 

Brown, Doug Eugene.428 

Brown, Douglas Alan.492 

Brown, Gail R. 298,400 

Brown, Gary Norton.484 

Brown, Josephine.278 

Brown, Kelly. 225,496 

Brown, Lois Ruth.135 

Brown, Marsha .342 

Brown, Michael Lynn.298 

Brown, Nancy C.74,2/6,458 

Brown, Nancy.394 

Brown, Patti Jo. 355 

Brown, Peggy Jane . 260,464 

Brown, Becky. 230,359 

Brown, Richard.399 

Brown, Rich F.365 

Brown, R. Michael . 276,278 

Brown, Steven Eugene.352 

Brown, Steve Franklin ... .237,245,399 

Brown, William R. 214,226,227, 


Brown, Yvonne.136,394 

Broyles, Scott Calvin.252 

Brubaker, Brian.264 

Bruce, Constance Lee.292 

Bruce, A Lynn.438 

Bruce, Douglas Eugene.484 

Bruce, Nancy..70,279,480 

Bruins, Rita. . .359 

Brulotte, Richard D.238 

Brummel, Ronald Gene. 270,271 

Brunner* Rachel Ann.224 

Brunssen, Don... 279,490 

Brunzell, Laura.390 

Brustad, Sally M.298 

Brux, Cynthia Lee.394 

Bryan, Darrell Ernest. 298,468 

Bryan, Gary M.244 

Bryant, Alvin E. 280,458 

Bryson, David Wiley..258 

Buchanan, Laura K.359 

Buchanan, Rae Lynn.426 

Buchenroth, Katherine.342 

Buchholz, Robert. 285,298 

Buchignani, Allan. 258,413 

Buchmiller, Bill.454 

Budhram, Harold S.278 

Buergel, Catherine.413 

Buker, Calvin.298 

Bullis, Debbie. 236,298 

Bullis, Bob.516 

Bullo, Randall Scott.280 

Bunch, James H.380 

Bunday, Dennis.399 

Bunger, Patti. 178,400 

Bunn, Ed.184,274,365 

Bunnell, Nancy Ann.• • *223 

Bunting, Steve. 222,367 

Burch, Dennis Lee.432 

Burdeg, A. Laurie.387 

Burdick, Edison E. Jr. ..298 

Burdega, Lauri E.134 

Burford, Brooks . .,.190,192,454 

Burger, Edgar Peter. .472 

Burger, Ginny.. ... 74,444 

Burgess, Wayne A.454 

Burke, David Robert.112,224,438 

Burke, Janet M.394 

Burke, Kathleen.342 

Burke, Kevin Estill.438 

Burke, Susan V.375 

Burke, Thomas E.298 

Burkhalter, Jerry Lee. 78 

Burmark, Christine.298 

Burmingham, Jan. 187,338 

Burnett, Connie. 171,175,177, 


Index 515 

Burnett, Steve. 


Burns, John. 237,238,298.428 

Burns, Kent. 


Burns, Shannon. 

. .. 131,253 

Burns, Steve. 

... 265,458 

Burns, Terry L. 


Burr, Debbie. 


Burt, Susan. 


Burton, Linda J. 


Burton, Steven B. 


Burwell, H. William. 


Bury, Don. 


Busch, Jan. 

... 298,424 

Busch, Sharon Louise. 


Busch, Stephen Thomas. . . 

.. . . 78,147 

Bush, Jerry. 


Bush, John C.347 

Bush, Nancy.355 

Bussell, Rebecca L.244 

Buswell, Don.498 

Butchart, Harold G.260 

Butcher, Carol.298 

Butcher, Mrs. E.286 

Butcher, Walter R.286 

Butler, David Ross.225 

Butler, William Taylor.492 

Buttermore, Ralph M.216 

Butts, William S.278 

Bybee, Sue. 279,338 

Bye, Gary W. 237,240,249, 


Byham, Jane.298 

Byquist, Susan Lee.76 

Byrne, Sharon Sue.444 


Caballero, Dina M. .371 

Cabebe, R. Raymond.451 

Cable, Vicki.344 

Cadd, Robert.365 

Cael, Vergenia A.136 

Cain, Elizabeth. 292,375 

Cain, George .138,299 

Cain, Jeannette. 355 

Cain, John W.188,299,422 

Cairns, Susan G.222,226,228 

Calavan, Sarah.375 

Calderon, Norma.355 

Caldwell, Raymond D.C..252 

Calhoun, Roger Gordon.273 

Calkins, Randolph G.279 

Call, Barbara.260,299,464 

Callson, Rita Ann.371 

Calvert, Wesley D.180,181,535 

Campbell, Anne E.355 

Campbell, Carol Ann.136 

Campbell, Craig James.490 

Campbell, Gary.254 

Campbell, Gerry.413 

Campbell, Judy E.338 

Campbell, Kathryn.282 

Campbell, Karen L.241,242,338 

Campbell, Patricia. 299,338 

Cannon, Midge.394 

Cannon, R. Lee. 251,276,278,299 

Cantera, Judith A.278 

Cantrell, Lynn Ellen.299 

Capek, Kenneth. 299,413 

Capps, Cathy.371 

Caprez, Esther G.137 

Caraher, Patrick J.217 

Caraher, Thomas C.78 

Carbery, Michael.451 

Cardinal, I. Richard.260 

Cardwell, Bruce Lynn. 280,399 

Carey, Barbara.413 

Carey, Matthew G. . . 213,219,227,228 

Carey, Omer L.153 

Carey, Pamela Joan.371 

Carlander, Spark.482 

Carlile, Robert. 96,448 

Carlsen, Cynthia Jo.133,387 

Carlsen, Kathi Cyndra.387 

Carlson, Bradley John.438 

Carlson, David Jeffrey.250 

Carlson, Deborah Ann.279 

Carlson, Dennis.381 

Carlson, Joel Stuart.129,130 

Carlson, Linda C.400 

Carlson, Lynda Louise.426 

Carlson, Marsha May. 299,400 

Carlson, Nancy Lee.254 

Carlson, Robert Swan.398 

Carlson, Ronald Dean. 188,470 

Carlton, Cathy.375 

Carlyle, Gary.482 

Carnes, Stephen.475 

Carney, Tom.496 

Carns, David Charles.497 

Carpenter, Joan K.338 

Carpenter, Michael W.409 

Carr, Raymond Jr. 260,399 

Carrol, Jeffrey Eugene.282 

Carroll, Christine. 241,344 

Carroll, James Patrick.478 

Carroll, Marlene.394 

Carroll, Michael P. 234,497 

Carson, David P. 256,381 

Carson, Scott E.413 

Carstens, Kay. 226,230,232,440 

Carstens, Lee Warren.178,290,478 

Carswell, Dennis W. 299,438 

Carter, Chris.135,136,276,355 

Carter, Darrel.490 

Carter, Karen. 250,452 

Carter, Marilyn.413 

Carter, Richard Leland.438 

Carter, Sally Ann.187 

Carter, William Oel . . . 78,224,225,438 

Casebolt, Steven.299 

Casey, Valarie. 242,452 

Casino Royale.292 

Cass, William A.216 

Cassidy, Lynne Marie.224 

Cassingham, Marie.405 

Castleberry, John S.219,280 

Castro, Clara.394 

Cates, Tex T. 299,443 

Cattin, Roger.422 

Causey, Doug.130 

Caywood, John Edward. 228,234 

Celius, Ron.367 

Chamberlain, Barbara.299 

Chamberlain, Gregory R.252 

Chamberlain, Marvin A.138,438 

Chamberlin, Sandy.390 

Chambers, Bryan T.347 

Champion, John B.494 

Chan, Fan-Nan Alipius.184,531 

Chan, Terry Yuen-Fong.299 

Chan, Ying Ho Paul.258 

Chanaratsopon, Veraphong . . . 413,418 

Bob Bullis, Senior Photographer, WSU Photo 

516 Index 

•*•**:*«» ***** 

Chaney, Michael Hill.484 

Channing, Barbara Gail.275 

Chapados, James P.138,472 

Chapados, Jean Marie.299 

Chapman, Mark A.490 

Chapman, Scott.398 

Chapman, Sue.436 

Chapman, William L.276 

Chappell, Pamela J.C.387 

Charbonneau, Patricia. 276,278 

Chartier, Claudia.91,480 

Chase, Barbara.436 

Chase, Chris. 236,426 

Chase, Clarene.359 

Chase, Cynthia. 299,460 

Chatters, Barbara Joan. 276,278 

Chatters, James Carl. 276,278 

Chaudhary, Talib H.286 

Cheatham, A. Kay.292 

Cheng, Kwong-Chee. 276,299 

Cheng, Peter Yu Hung.409 

Chenault, Claire.430 

Cheney, Byron.347 

Cheney, Mike. 226,422 

Cheng, Kwong-Chee.278 

Chesterman, Daryl. 299,405 

Chess Club.273 

Chi Omega.444 

Chihara, Elaine .367 

Chimonas, Sotirios.454 

Chinen, Teruo.129 

Ching, Brenda.375 

Ching, Herbert.255 


Chisum, Todd Allen .97 

Choi, Sui-Sin Stephen.258 

Chouinard, Gene M.144,347 

Chrisman, Sandra.365 

Christen, Karlyn.480 

Christensen, Candace. 230,394 

Christensen, Chris.477 

Christenson, David M. 276,299 

Christian, Darlene M.426 

Christian, William J.299 

Christiansen, Susan Lea.355 

Christia, Carolyn.236 

Christman, Jodie.359 

Christopher, Thomas A.367 

Christopherson, Diane .. . .219,228,387 

Chu, Nim-Yau.276 

Chung, Cathy Lai Mui.291 

Christian Science 


Claar, Crista. 283,424 

Claeson, Jon Werner.253 

Clancy, Dennis Duane.88 

Clark, Alma Jean. 299,413 

Clark, Brian Edward.486 

Clark, Candi.452 

Clark, Clifford L.299 

Clark, Dean.93,116,347 

Clark, Dennis.475 

Clark, Eugene.152 

Clark, Gerald Ray.276 

Clark, Glenna Jo. 276,299 

Clark, James Gordon.468 

Clark, Jo.259 

Clark, John Byron.470 

Clark, Karen.354 

Clark, Lois.260 

Clark, Lyle M. Jr.278 

Clarke, Janice Elaine.340 

Clarke, Jean Marie. 230,460 

Clarke, John A.413 

Clarke, Steven Donald.283 

Clarkson, Terri.390 

Claus, J on Stuart.238 

Clausen, Sharon Lynn.371 

Claypool, K. Bradford.290 

Cleghorn, Paul Lodge.233 

Clemenhagen, Joyce.394 

Clement, Carla Katrina.278 

Clements, Susan Lee.400 

Clements, William F.448 

Clerf, JohnS.428 

Clevenger, Cynthia Ann.430 

Clevenger, Greg.409 

Clevenger, John C.211 

Clifton, Howard Minton.468 

Clinton, Kathy.355 

Clodfelter, Madora J. 236,488 


Cobb, Kathryn V.464 

Cobb, William Davis.275 

Cobern, Carolyn Sue.277 

Coble, Robert Howard.280 

Cocheba, Donald John.276 

Cochran, Diana Kay.338 

Cochrane, Thomas G.409 

Cockburn, John W.299 

Cockle, Fred Michael. 245,249 

Cocklin, Christine.342 

Cockrill, Dave. 192,224,454 

Cockrum, Dennis.422 

Codding, Lucy. 280,387 

Coe, Robert Alan.478 

Coffee, Christine.338 

Cohen, Barbara Jean. 259,276 

Colburn, Nancy.458 

Cold well, Julian Michael.299 

Cole, Catherine Marie.446 

Cole, Christine. 250,413 

Cole, Karen Lynn.430 

Cole, Peggy Lynn .413 

Coleman, Gene.475 

Coleman, Hella-Ilona. 90 

Coleman, Karen Lynn.371 

Coleman, Robert Gerald.132 

Coleman, Thomas Edmond.279 

Coleman, W. Carson. 300,365 

Coles, Terry..375 

Coif, Bob. 300,398 

College of Agriculture.149 

College of Economics 

and Business.152 

College of Education.154 

College of Engineering.155 

College of Home Economics. 158 

College of Pharmacy.160 

College of Sciences and Arts .161 
College of Veterinary 


Collender, Charlene.243,250,359 

Colley, Gary Richard.456 

Collier, R. Douglas.381 

Collin, Scott.498 

Collins, Pat.273,300,472 

Collins, Rick.381 

Collison, Robert R.300 

Coltin, Eva.367 

Coma, Andrea.280 


Combs, Loren.352 



Complita, Patricia Ann. 300,400 

Condos, Micheal Dean.438 

Confer, Drusilla Ann.228 

Congdon, Coretta.300 

Conklin, Michael S.68,192,497 

Connell, David Bruce.276 

Conniff, George E.251 

Connor, Donna Lou.300 

Conover, Debra.372 

Conrad, Paige Louise.236,244,488 

Cook, Colin Neil.428 

Cook, David Michael. 276,278 

Cook, Gloria Rae. 300,363 

Cook, Ronald M.451 

Cook, Tom. 238,422 

Cooley, Dick.413 

Cooley, Debbie.480 

Coon, Nancy Bea. 250,446 

Cooney, Vance.451 

Coonrad, Daniel.241 

Cooper, Lynda.375 

Cooper, Terrell.264 

Copeland, Jim.381 

Corativo, Christopher.398 

Corcoran, James. 224,494 

Corder, Roy Alan.288 

Cordes, Terri Rae.135 

Cordill, Ann 1.300 

Cordill, Nelson A. Jr.347 

Corey, Cameron.402 

Cornforth, Barbara G.394 

Corpron, William D.458 

Corskie, Dawn Marie.464 

Cory, Jennie. 301,444 

Coski, John Morgan.116 

Costello, Doreen A.300 

Coster, Peggy. 300,371 

Cotter, Sue. 292,394 

Cottier, A1.498 

Cotton, Glenn.78 

Cottrell, Marty.344 

Cougar Christian 



Coulter, Kay.76 

Cowan, Debbie.413 

Cowart, Walter M.128 

Cox, David.270,271,300 


Cox, Kim. 75,458 

Cox, Maureen.414 

Coyle, Nancy Marie. 275,300 

Coyne, Robert Gerald.456 

Crabb, Carla.228 

Crabbs, Cynde. 300,466 

Crabbs, Raymond D.217 

Cracknell, Bonnie. 259,276,300 

Craig, Mary Jeanette.259 

Craighear, Gregory J.78 

Crain, Teresa T. 300,488 

Cramer, Ann.390 

Craven, Norma.394 

Crawford, Candy.426 

Crawford, James Riley.448 

Crawford, Linda .387 

Creason, Katherine A. 300,405 

Creighton, Colleen V.300 

Crew, Mava Johann.440 

Cribb, Lynda.178,436 

Crider, Steven Melvin.276 

Crimson Circle.277 

Crimson Clover.290 

Crisman, Paul Smith.96 

Crismon, Mayo Irene.276,278,300 

Criswell, Nancy J.375 

Crocker, Daniel W.498 

Crone, Laurel D.414 

Cronkhite, Janny.480 

Cronrath, James Daniel.188,241 

Crosby, Susan J. 30,480 

Cross Country.92 

Cross, Linda Marie.338 

Crouch, Jan.228 

Crouse, Carissa Maxine.464 

Crouse, Cathie. 236,460 

Crow, James.228 

Crowe, Terry.424 

Crowell, Janice M. 73,434 

Crowley, Peter L.301 

Crowther, Richard G.402 

Cruickshank, Leslie L.292 

Crumpler, Bradley E.301 

Crumpler, Sylvia D. 250,301,414 

Cubley, Walton B.83 

Cudmore, Brian Denis.128 

Culver, Theresa M.390 

Cummings, Maggie.387 

Cummins, Dale A.301 

Cundt, Rhonda.134 

Cunnea, Patricia E.278 

Cunningham, Pat. 230,394 

Cupples, Christopher L.301 

Curelas, James D.301 

Currie, Richard Donald.301 

Currie, Thomas P.412 

Curtis, Charles Alan.484 

Curtis, Mike L.365 

Curtis, Judy.414 

Curtis, Patricia.359 

Curtis, Fredrick R.438 

Curtiss, Steve Ralph.129 

Cushing, Charles C.228 

Cutler, Carol.134 

Cutler, Roy.301 

Cutter, John R.482 


Dagenais, Carol Ann.414 

Dague, Niki.178,400 

Dahl, Jamie L..130,394 

Dahl, Rande.394 

Dahlin, Diane. 301,359 

Dahlstedt, Gary James.428 

Dahlstedt, Glen.414 

Dahra, Stephen G..448 

Daiger, Charles Wilson.492 

Dailey, Dennis R..245 

Dairy Science.246 

Daisy, Tyrone James.78 

Daling, Ronda. 283,355 

Dalthorp, David Macon.252 

Dalton, Kathy.375 

Daly, Nancy A.134,436 

Damaskin, Mariel Ann.375 

Damitio, James N..301 

Damm, Christine.342 

Dammers, Wolfgang H.301 

Damron, Paula.494 

Dana, Betsy.452 

Danaher, Timothy M.484 

Danelo, Paul R.96 

Danforth, Pamela J.301 

Daniel, Ann.424 

Daniel, Dale.279,280,365 

Daniel, Loretta Bell.301 

Daniel, Roger.414 

Daniels, Alyce.257 

Daniels, John Bailey.468 

Daniels, Kaye Diane.276 

Danielson, Douglas G.492 

Darnell, Jeanne. 274,390 

Darr, Myrene Sue.276,301,338 

Dashney, Patricia Jo.390 

Dattilo, Mike.352 

Daud, Munir A.286,301,414 

Dauer, Thomas Oscar.497 

Daugherty, R.D..166 

Davidson, Bruce M..156 

Davidson, Larry Arthur.245 

Davidson, Timothy L.301 

Davies, Nancy Lee. 301,387 


Davis, Arnold Wayne. ’. 245,249 

Davis, Blythe Ann.75,137 

Davis, Billy Glenn.226 

Davis, Carol.424 

Davis, Deborah .285 

Davis, Dianne. 301,390 

Davis, Glenn Richard .451 

Davis, Janet. 280,440 

Davis, Kathleen Marie.292 

Davis, Kathryn Lea.390 

Davis, Mel.375 

Davis, Rex.131 

Davis, Rick.192,347 

Davis, Roger T.165 

Davis, Spencer McNeil.234 

Davis, William Rufus.227,228,492 

Dawson, Carol Ann. 73,446 

Dawson, Cheryl.301 

Dawson, Jean.410 

Day, David Eugene.448 

Dean, Bill Bryan.301 

Dean, Edward Charles.492 

Dean, Marcia Rae.301 

Dean, Patricia Ann.414 

De Antonis, Victoria J.278 

Deatherage, Debbie.394 

De Blaquiere, Patricia. 270,271 

De Bow, Genie.301 

De Bow, Stephen George.290 

Dechenne, Thomas Dean. .219,227,470 

Deckman, Neal Edwared.451 

De Cuire, Nile Alton. 78 

Dederer, Michael.207 

Deering, Thomas A.301,414 

Deever, Robert Allen.301 

Deffenbaugh, Van Allen.367 

De Freese, Sandie.359 

Degcrstedt, Mark L.490 

De Fleur, Melvin L.166 

De Groote, Jon Deloss.243 

De Groote, Susan L.243 

De Haan, Ron.131 

Delbuono, Jan.390 

Delehantz, Rita.228 

Delgado, Angelina.367 

Deller, Stephen Mark.470 

De Long, Randy. 132,352 

Delta Chi.450 

Delta Delta Delta.446 

Delta Gamma.452 

Delta Sigma Phi.448 

Delta Tau Delta.454 

Delta Upsilon.456 

Demeroutis, A. William.116 

Demich, Gary.255 

Deming, Howard D.166 

Deming, Margaret. 242,355 

Demiter, Jim.347 

Demmer, Marcia Ruth. 301,426 

Denison, Karl.475 

Dennie, Lynn.410 

Dennie, Neil.443 

Denoff, Jo Ann.394 

De Norscia, Frederick M. 301,402 

Depner, R. K.189,301 

Depping, C. Duane. . . 238,240,280,301 


Derfler, Carl Lawrence.414 

Derfler, Carl Leroy.283 

Dernback, Chuck.258 

Derochie, Sheryl Lynne. 279,338 

Dcrouin, Daniel Edward.470 

Index 517 

Derr, Judy. 280,301 

Derr, Sara. 280,359 

De Ruwe, Karl Jules.448 

Deshmukh, Jawed Khan. 286,302 

Desilet, Suzanne Marie. 302,340 

Detering, Connie.230 

Deuling, Paul.253 

Devier, Chuck.352 

Devlin, Andrea P.390 

Devlin, Greg Martin.456 

DeVries, Debbie.394 

De Water, Susan Kay.434 

De Wayne, Kirby.264 

Dewey, D. Craig. 224,492 

Dewey, G. George. 302,470 

De William, Coral.338 

Diafos, Jenise.458 

Dial, Forrest Lee.409 

Dickie, Dyke Charles.57 

Dickinson, James R. 280,432 

Dickson, Dale.347 

Diefendorf, Barbara.233 

Diefendorf, Carol Ann. 76,446 

Diediker, Larry P.494 

Dichm, Terri.405 

Dierdorff, Barbara G. 236,464 

Dietrich, Sharon A.390 

Dightman, DonnalynG. . .275 

Dill, Jeffrey Howard.245 

Dilley, Douglas Scott.438 

Dillon, Don Paul.78 

Dinnison, Darcy.344 

Dipola, Linda A.359 

Dirkes, Bob .347 

Diveley, Lyn.444 

Dixon, Kathy.302 

Doane, Kenneth Wayne.472 

Doane. Rick. 270,271,302,472 

Dobash, Russell Paul.130 

Docherty, Steve.131 

Dockter, Capt. Kenneth B.265 

Dodd, Celia. 302,414 

Dodd, James Me Kee.88 

Dodge, Kristi Lee. 243,244 

Dodge, Linda.400 

Doe, Christi.387 

Doering, John Harvey.302 

Dogen, Gene Y. 302,459 

Dogterom, Dana M.78 

Doherty, Michael.494 

Doherty, Bill . 88,302 

Dolan, Rob.414 

Dolven, Michael N.105 

Dompier, Barbara Ann. 236,426 

Donahoe, Diane Lynn.424 

Donahue, John Brant.258 

Donald, Barbara Ann.342 

Donaldson, Dinah Lee.464 

Donley, Colleen.452 

Donnen, Kay. 236,440 

Doolin, James R.372 

Doornink, Barbara.280 

Dorffeld, John R.255 

Dormaier, Christine A. 254,464 

Domes, Jeffrey V. 282,432 

Dorr, Shirley A. 251,302 

Dorway, Pamela Jean. 230,342 

Dotson, Linda.359 

Doty, James E.398 

Douglass, Cathy S.338 

Dowell, Steve.412 

Downer, John Jr.112,113,402 

Doyle, Michael Galen.88 

Dragnich, Martha L.280 

Dragnich, Rob. 258,302 

Draggoo, Bob.422 

Draggoo, Ron.422 

Dragoo, Roy K. 267,268 

Dravinskis, Ivars .116,253 

Drechsel, Linda C.76,91,170 

Dresscl, Larry Allen.233 

Drcssel, Richard D. ...... . . 88,468 

Dreyer, Donald L.381 

Drovdahl, Dolly Mae.302 

Druffel, Laura.359 

Drumhiller, Timothy A.443 

Drymiller, James John . . . .275,302,409 

Dube, Elaine Mary.410 

Dubois, Timothy Stephen .... 252,302 

Dudley, Micheal R.458 

Duff, Marjorie Camille. 276,278 

Duff, Mary Ann.390 

Duffey, Karen.338 

Duffy,Dennis Robert.472 

Du ft, Kenneth D.240 

Dukes, Michael W.264,302,347 

Dullanty, Sharon Marie.466 

Dunagan, Christopher B.402 

Dunagan, Terri. 236,424 

Duncan, Carole.394 

Duncan, Charles Craig.438 

Duncan Dunn.344 

Duncan, Marc.422 

Dunham, Harvey. 222,347 

Dunham, Mikel .. . ..452 

Dunham, Scott Howard.71 

Dunlap, Robert Eugene. 228,468 

Dunn, Duncan.241 

Dunn, Gail A.375 

Dunn, Bill.190,272 

Dunning, Ed.130 

Dupuis, Rodney Ross.238 

Durbin, Mitzi Lamb.394 

Durfey, James Edward.247 

Durbin, Larry D.270,271,399 

Durham, Peggy.394 

Durham, Vicki.135,254,452 

Durrant, Sue M.133,227 

Durst, Terry Lee.78,147,302 

Dusek, Sherry Lynne.242 

Duskin, Dave.188,302,470 

Duskin, Dale C.. 302,470 

Duttlinger, Ewald F.260 

Dwinell, Jim.180,188,302,470 

Dwyer, Ann. 302,394 

Dyck. Shawn A.405 

Dye, Colleen. 236,436 

Dyer, Cheryl Lynn. 86,462 

Dyer, I. Allen.267,412 

Dyer, Nancy Lee.426 

Dykeman, Jill A.302 

Dykman, Yvonne Johanna.302 


Eagle, Arlene Ann.178,436 

Eagon, Paul Cameron.475 

Early, Raymond W.414 

Easley, Starla.359 

Easter, Frank Ridings.245 

Easterbrooks E.S.355 

Eaton, Glendon Bert.428 

Eaton, Larry Earl.184,187,274 

Ebe, Stephen Carl.240 

Eby, Susan.405 

Echelbarger, Karen E.365 

Eck, Ralph.191,414 

Eckhardt, Carl W.Jr. 302,352 

Eckhardt, Judith Ann.444 

Eckhart, Sharon. 70,464 

Edighoffer, Gary.405 

Editor’s Page.535 

Edlund, Pamela.359 

Edmark, Tom.402 

Edwards, Clifton L. 228,450 

Edwards, Kathy.395 

Egan, Patrick Frank.302 

Egon, Rich.192 

Egan, Robert Eugene.302 

Egbert, Jo.395 

Egger, Max M. 250,422 

Eggert, Charles. 302,458 

Eggleston, Keith.240 

Ehlen, Carl Fredric.247 

Ehlers, Melvin H.246 

Ehrenreich, Clara.436 

Eickhoff, Wanda. 290,387 

Eickmeyer, R. Jean. 241,355 

Eide, Rick. 275,484 

Eiffert, Joseph.367 

Einspahr, Ruth C.398 

Eklund, Renae.410 

El Harabi, Said Omar.255 

Elder, Betty J. 302,405 

Eldridge, Sally Ann.372 

Eldringhoff, Stephanie.226 

Elharobi, Said Omar.286 

Elkins, Steve Paul.129 

Ellerbe, Roosevelt.83 

Ellingson, Bruce D.347 

Elliot, Lanny.108 

Elliot, Margaret C.395 

Elliott, Anthony Frank .86 

Elliott, Thomas M.497 

Elliott, Timothy.454 

Ellis, David C.498 

Ellis, Jim. 302,451 

Ellis, John.381 

Ellis, Katherine.480 

Ellis, Mike.498 

Ellis, Sandra J. 302,387 

Ellison, Chris.444 

Ellison, Cindy.395 

Elmendorf, Bernard. 302,347 

Elstrom, Gary F.190,302 

Eltvick, Albert Magney.192 

Elvrum, Susan Margaret.226 

Elwood, John R.162 

Ely, Barb.390 

Emacio, Jean Culbert.292 

Embree, Dena.395 

Emerson, Lewis J. 245,249 

Emery, Pat D.302 

Emigh, David.144,381 

Emry, Gayle Radene.387 

Enbusk, Kathy.367 

Eneas, Pam.287 

Eneroth, Michael Carl.240 

Eng, Eugene J.W. 302,352 

Eng, Richard.276 

Engel, Bob. 78,443 

England, Janet Louise.367 

England, Mary.414 

Engler, Mark ..477 

Engler, Don.*.255 

Ennen, John C.478 

Ennis, Molly. 86,480 

Ensley, Michael.347 

Enstrom, Carol.375 

Entenmann, John M.475 

Equestrian Club.242 

Erb, Chris Dudley.245 

Erb, Grant Theodore.381 

Erb, Susan M. 302,355 

Ercanbrack, Janet.367 

Erickson, Cathey. 302,390 

Erickson, Daniel L.264,302,402 

Erickson, Doug.470 

Erickson, Janet L. 259,394 

Erickson, Kathryn M.302 

Erickson, Robert S.83 

Erickson, Thomas M.381 

Erisman, Christy Nina.340 

Erkenbeck, James B.83 

Erlewine, Lyle.532 

Ernst, Barbara K.426 

Ernst, Jack Clifton ... 116,147,253,303 

Ernst, Kathryn Ann.303 

Erwert, Debbie Jo.375 

Erwert, William Peter. 228,475 

Esau, Diane Lynn.405 

Escobar, Fabio German.128 

Eskerberg, Karen Gayle. 260,436 

Espinoza, Valentine Jr.399 

Espy, John S.372 

Esvelt, Craig. 278,456 

Esvelt, Terry.115,490 

Ettlich, Ernest E.165 

Etvick, Albert E.454 

Eubanks, Cheri Lynn.278 

Eubanks, Soctt Jay.496 

Evans, Barbara Jane.283 

Evans, Carol.410 

Evans, John R. 273,303 

Evans, Kathy. 250,444 

Evans, Roger Dean.303 

Evans, Stephen E.478 


Evers, Deborah Ann.76 

Evers, Kathryn.375 

Everston, Michael. 303,352 

Ewalt, Robert H.212 

Ewen, Robert Carl.78 

Ewing, Elizabeth Jane.414 

Extine, Laura.488 

Extine, Mike.450 

Eyestone, Wilson D. 303,414 

Eymer, Gale Scott.347 

Eyre, Patti Gaye. 303.414 


Fabian, Felix M.. r .275 

Face, Suzanne A.338 

Fagan, Mary. 279,430 

Fager, Donna Gayle.136 

Fagerstrom, Donald A.303 

Faires, Robert.414 

Falconer, Steve.348 

Fallstone, Kristine F.303 

Falor, Paul R. 253,448 

Fancher, Scott Thomas.238 

Fanning, Janette.375 

Farber, Herbert A.402 

Farina, Joe. 303,472 

Farmer, Edna. 303,400 

Farmer, Magnolia.90 

Farmer, Patricia.375 


Farrar, David Lee .180,182,184 

Faubert, Richard E.303 

Faubert, Robert T.303 

Faulds, Roberta Ann.222 

Fechko, Mark J.496 

Fecht, Barbara.135,276,303,460 

Feet, Barb.135 

Fedoroff, Robert W. 224,448 

Fehler, Glenn. 303,438 

Fehr, Larry Michael.223 

Fehrenbach, Gary Lee.132 

Feider, J ames C.304 

Feller, DeeDee.355 

Fellows, Richard Thomas.484 

Fenn, Tom.112,113 

Fenner, Ruth.178,488 

Fennessy, Barbara Jean. 247,304 

Fennessy, Margaret An.69 

Fergen, Ruth K. 280,356 

Ferguson, Cheryl.405 

Ferguson, Gwyn.273 

Ferguson, James H. 304,402 

Ferguson, Pamela. 303,414 

Ferguson, Ronald Lee.242 

Fernen, Ricki Lee.359 

Ferrel, Craig Alan.471 

Ferrel, Sharalyn.276,304,444 

Ferrell, William H.247 

Ferrucci, Teresa J.304 

Fidler, Linda Michele. 275,304 

Field, Blaine N.456 

Field, Colleen Ann.446 

Field, Mary Jane.304 

Field, Michael L.414 

Fielder, Kenneth H.144,285 

Fievez, Sharon Louise.132 

Fife, Paul Fidelis.88 

Filicetti, Rose Marie. 230,390 

Filkins, Constance H.287 

Fingarson, Melvin H.129,267 

Finke, Robert Leslie.238 

Finkelnburg, Karl.478 

Finn, Capt. B.C.260 

Finn, Greg.494 

Finnegan, Colleen.344 

Finneman, Janice.440 

Finney, Kathryn.363 

Fischer, Barbara A.372 

Fish fans.133 

Fish, Kathleen. 260,395 

Fishback, Fred.496 

Fishback, Richard D.428 

Fisher, Donald R.484 

Fisher, Jerome.492 

Fisher, Linda Marie. 171,175,177, 

222 434 

Fisher, Ronald.304 

Fiss, Sally Lauretta. 276,278 

Fitts, Tom.402 

Fitzgerald, Gayle.436 

Fitzgerald, Rich.498 

Fitzgerald, Steven R.116 

Fitzsimmons, Doug.416 

Flagler, D. Keith.234,304,478 

Flaherty, Kathleen Ann.137 

Flahner, Jim.234 

Flanagan, Carol.276,304,400 

Flechsig, Ernest Fred.304 

Fleet, Dot. 236,434 

Fleischauer, Carole A.280 

Fleming, Martin.383 

Fletcher, Lance L.304 

Fletcher, Linda Dean.304 

Fletcher, Paul.490 

Fletcher, Robert H. 304,383 

Fletcher, Sue.375 

Flichtman, Kristin.395 

Flicklin, Kathy.372 

Flight Instruction Program .269 

Floch, Douglas Eugene. 241,245 


Floch, Rick.352 

Florek, Joe Jr.458 

Flory, Julie Kae.414 

Flower, Jeanne. 290,488 

Flower, Phillip. 304,414 

Floyd, Christi. 223,436 

Floyd, Roberta.395 

Flynn, Genn.375 

Fockler, Randy Stewart.478 

Fogan, Mary.292 

518 Index 

Fogerstrom, Donald A.. . . 


Fox, Kathy. 

, . .55,305,424 

French, Blair. 


Fuller, Randy Lane. . . 


Fogle, Cherie Adair. 


Fox, Margaret. 

. 259,276 

French, Cheryl Lynn . . . 


Fung, Cheuk-Wai. . . . 


Fogleman, Pam. 


Fox, Sharfene E. 


French, Martha. 

. 282,440 

Furse, Thomas Hood J 


Foglia, Patti Jo. 


Francis, David lohn. 


French, Patrick W. 


Furukawa, Patty . . . . 


Foley, Kevin M. 


Francis, John Warren. . . . 


French, Richard C. 


Fuson, La Faye Marie 


Fondahn, Dean. 


Francl, Terry Lynn. 


Frey, Dean L. 

. .255,305,402 

Fuson, La Faye. 




Frandle, Kyle A. 


Frey, Pam. 


Fuson, Stephen M. . . . 

. 234,498 

Foote, Alden J. 


Frandle, Sherry. 


Fricke, Mike. 


Fusco, Steven. 

. 267,422 

Forar, Ferris L. 

. 237,367 

Frank, Larry. 

. 305,381 

Friday, James Clifford . . 

. 240,276 

Futtrup, Catherine R. 

. 275,372 

Forbes, Alice. 


Frank, Michelle I.. 

. 252,466 

Friehauf, Gregory S. 


Future Vets. 


Forbes, Alvis R. 

. 267,478 

Franks, Charles.. 


Friehauf, Nancy K. 


Forbes, Paul Scott. 


Franks, Kathy. 

. 282,436 

Fries, Carol J. 



Forbes, Robbie. 


Franks, Suzanne. 

. 236,446 

Friis, Terry. 


Gable, Kent. 

Ford, Allen. 


Frantz, Ken Randall. 


Frisbee, Gerald Doyle . . 


Gable, Nancy C. 

... 230,279,365 

Ford, Linda. 


Frary, James E. 


Frischer, Debra L. 


Gaffney, William Michael.... 260,349 

Ford, Michael Fredrick . . 


Frazier, Jane Louise. 

. 73 

Frisvold, Gary. 

. .276,278,305 

Gage-Cole, Murray T. 


Ford, Patti. 

. 137,395 

Frazier, Dave. 


Frisvold, Randy L. 

. 280,448 

Gagliardi, Jim. 


Fordyce, Lee Ann.. 

. 283,376 

Frazier, Virgil. 


Fritch, Christine L. 

. .276,305,400 

Gagnon, Kathleen D.. 


Forestry and Range 

Freberg, John A. 


Fritch, Mark Douglas . . 

. 240,458 

Gahan, Barbara C. . . . 




Frederick, Reggie. 


Fritchey, Kathleen Jean . 

. 241,344 

Gai, Lorraine C. 


Forland, Rebecca. 

.... 136,387 

Fredette, Stephanie L. .. 

. 74,480 

Fritts, Gary N. 


Gaines, Annette. 


Forrest, James C.. 


Fredrickson, Dave. 


Frolek, Darrel Vincent. . 

. 305,367 

Galey, Aaron. 


Forsberg, Dennis. 


Freeborn, Candy.. 

. 242,338 

Froseth, John A. 


Galey, Norm C. 


Forsell, Terry Lynn . ... 


Freed, Janet Lynne. 


Frost, Dennis Byron. . .. 

. 246,305,348 

Gallagher, Mary. 

. 73,222,236,480 

Forsman, Nancy. 


Freed, William Thomas. 

. 305,365 

Frost, Margaret. 


Gallagher, Robert E. . 

. 245,249 

Forston, Dennis E.. 


Freeman, Gwen. 


Fruechte, Ann Louise. . . 


Gallagher, Sandra H. . 


Fortune, Julie Ann. 


Freeman, Joan Diane . . ., 


Fry, Richard B. 


Gamble, Thom. 


Fossum, Bonnie Jean . . . . 


Freeman, Kari. 

. .137,279,376 

Frye, James Douglas . . . 


Gamelin, Scott. 


Foster,Gary W. 


Freeman, Kevin J. 


Frye, James R. 


Gamma Phi Beta .. 


Foster, Susan. 


Freeman, Tim. 


Frykman, Jean F. 

. 305,342 

Gamwell, Julia. 


Foster, William J. 


Freeman, Bill. 


Fujioka, Doris. 


Gangler, Susan Elaine 


Fouse, Linda Kay. 


Freese, David Wayne . . . , 


Fukai, Robert. 

. 250,276 

Gannon . 

. 347 

Fowler, Frank. 

.... 304,348 

Frcet, Cindy. 


Fuller,Anthony Lee .... 


Gannon, Rebecca .... 


Fowles, Marilyn Ann . . . . 


Frci, Dianne. 

. 305,383 

Fuller, Denise Rae. 


Garbareno, Doug .... 


Fowles, Roy L. 


Frei, Marilee. 


Fuller, Diana Kae. 

. 280,372 

Garber, Linda Joan .. 

... 259,276,277, 

Fox, Gregory. 


Frci, Marilyn. 


Fuller, Lillian. 



Arden Literal, Photographer, WSU Photo 

Index 519 

Garceau, Denise L. 305,446 

Garcia, Dan.123,415 

Gardner, Kenneth E.256 

Garing, Doug.451 

Garner, Candy.390 

Garner, Janice Susan.305 

Garner, Lani.339 

Garner, Richard Lynn.438 

Garner, Ron.365 

Garretson, Carol L.434 

Garretson, David L.305 

Garrett, Brian E.402 

Garrett, Marcia Evelyn . . . .56,230,277 

Garrison, Michael E.129 

Garrow, Donnie Lew.132 

Garvey, Mary Lou.356 

Gasseling, Doug A.458 

Gates, Carolyn Gwynne.271 

Gates, Dorothy Jean.279 

Gates, Gwiwn.270 

Gates, Mary Ann ... . 276,278,305,405 

Gatzman, Michael A.238 

Gaugler, Sue.400 

Gavareski, Anne.356 

Gay, Charles D.305 

Gay, Jim. 272,305 

Gaynor, Lynn.132,305,395 

Gazal, Richard.93,116,468 

Gehrke, Dale Wayne.260 

Gehrett, Virginia Anne . . . 180,223,228 

Geierman, Joseph L. Jr. 270,271 

Geier, Carla Jean.178,390 

Geise, Larry.255 

Geise, Sandra Lee Orr.276 

Gentry, J. Michael.305 

Gentry, Alice. 274,376 

Gentry, Carl.130,305,352 

Gentry, Donald E.305 

Genuario, Ronald Peter.471 

George, Daphne E.464 

George, John E. Jr.240 

Georgopolos, Nina.430 

Gerber, Nancy Ann.376 

Gerdin, Phyllis.415 

Gerstung, Dennis Robert. 244,458 

Gervais, Doris.395 

Gibb, Douglass F.112,113 

Gibb, Marey Lynn.222 

Gibb, Rhonda.460 

Gibbons, James Burson.432 

Gibbs, Carol D.267 

Gibbs, Maureen. 278,305 

Giboney, Richard W.252,305,456 

Gibson, Garry Howard. 280,432 

Gibson, Gene A.456 

Gies, Rita K. .278 

Giesa, Jim. 78,482 

Gieseke, Anita S.134 

Gifford, John.422 

Gilbreath, Lyle G.305 

Gilchrist, Linda.434 

Giles, Bernice E. 278,305 

Giles, Jaki.278,305,466 

Gill, Forrest.468 

Gill, Ron.305 

Gillen, John D. 256,398 

Gilley, Glenn L.348 

Gilliam, Cora.259,305,344 

Gilmore, Roberta.395 

Gilmore, Hamlin.409 

Gilmore, Karen Ann .230,259,405 

Gilmore, Kurt William . 241,306 

Gilmore, Larry Eugene.260 

Gilmore, Linda.259,306,400 

Gilmour, Nancy A.365 

Gimlen, Guy.254,258,348 

Gimlin, Vickie.391 

Gingerich, Barbie. 230,391 

Ginther, Su Ann Marie.356 

Gish, Steve.365 

Giske, Kris.192,272,306,342 

Gisselberg, Ginny. 306,415 

Glaser, Roger. 270,271,306,478 

Gleiser, Chuck.250 

Glerum, Rolf.398 

Glessner, James Ray.306 

Glorfield, Jolene B.410 


Godfrey, Sally.344 

Godon, Thomas. 276,278 

Godwin, W. Wilson.112,113 

Goebel, Carl J.247 

Goebel, Steven R.255,306,492 

Goedde, Gayle Lea. 70,376 

Goedde, Sue Ann. 

Goesling, Linda. 

. . 136,306,462 

Goetz, John. 

Goff, George David .... 

Goheen, Michael Ray. . . 


Gohl, Allan Lewis. 

Goit, Judith Lynn. 


Goldsworthy . 

. 351 

Golf . 


Gollzer, Wallace Alan . . 


Gomez, Michael Erick . . 


Gompf, Jean. 


Gomulkiewicz, Jan . . 


Goodell, Chris. 


Goodman, Larry. 


Goodwin, Jacie Frank . . 


Gordner, Dan. 


Gordon, Carol E.. 


Gordon, Janis Elaine . . . 


Gordon, John F. 


Gordon, Julie Jean. 

. 280,424 

Gordon, Paula. 

. 306,444 

Gordon, William M. 

. 306,484 

Gorham, Jay. 

. 279,496 

Gorman, John. 


Gormley, Linda A. 

. .233,306,376 

Gorshe, Nancy. 

. 72,466 

Gorsline, Ann. 


Gorton, Lawrence M. . . 


Goss, Mary Jane . 

. 283,359 

Gossett, Robert S. 

. 306,468 

Gossett, Wayne. 

. 243,415 

Gotovac, Joanne. 


Gottlieb, Robin. 


Gotts, Sheryl. 


Gottschalk, Annie. 


Gottschalk, Gary Paul . . 


Gottschalk, Becky. 


Gould, Marcia. 


Gourlie, Yvonne Marie . 

. 74,91 

Governor Evans .... 

. 208 

Grace, Richard E. 

. 306,494 

Grace, Richard Joseph . . 


Grady, Dennis Edward. . 


Grady, Randy. 


Graham, Kevin. 


Graham, Mark. 


Grandberry, Kenneth J. . 

. 88 

Granlund, Fred. 


Granquist, Kristina .... 


Grant, Glen Allan. 


Grant, Joshua F. 


Grant, Larry Lloyd .... 


Grant, Mara. 


Grasser, Stephen Ray . .. 


Graves, Dan. 


Graves, Dawn Charrise . 

. 242,339 

Graves, John W. 

. 264,306 

Gray, John M. 


Gray, John Michael .... 


Gray, Joyce. 

. 233,391 

Gray, Paula. 


Gray, Robin. 


Graybill, Janie. 


Greeks . 

. 421 

Green, Betty Ann. 

. 236,462 

Green, Gerald Francis . . 


Greene, Catherine. 


Greenfield, Eugene. 


Greenlee, Mike. 

. 280,348 

Greenman, Renee. 


Greenough, Charles F. . . 

. 306.409 

Greenough, Steve. 


Greenman, Rene. 


Greenwald, Gordon .... 


Greer, Gerald. 


Gregg, Glenn. 


Gregory, Becky. 


Gregory, Christy.134,135,136,354 

Gregory, Larry Roger. . . 

. 255,258 

Gregory, Thomas Elliot. 


Grembowski, David.... 


Grey, Ron. 


Gribbon, Dick. 


Griffin, John. 


Griffin, Karen Frances. . 


Griffin, Lane Arnold . . . 


Griffin, Pamela J.. 


Griffin, Steve. 


Griffith, David. 


Griffiths, Mary A. 


Griggs, John Curtis .... 

. 270,271 

Griggs, Stephen C.. 


Griswold, Joan C. 


Grochow, Robert C. 


Grohs, John.484 

Gronewald, Kenneth R. 306,412 

Groom, Bruce E.367 

Grose, Francis Lee.458 

Gross, Paul Lyndon.278 

Gross, Randy.246,265,306 

Gross, Roberta.391 

Grosz, Sue Marie.222 

Groundwater, Linda.406 

Grover, Tom.130 

Grundstrom, Dave.123,251,267 


Grunenfelder, Tari.376 

Gruver, Tom.402 

Grzybala, Linda.133,372 

Guard, Anne.400 

Guenther, David R. 245,306 

Guenther, Del.96,415 

Guenther, Jan .134,135,254 

Guice, Gordon J.108,490 

Guilfoil, Paul Hayes.438 

Guilford, David.448 

Guinn, Shellie R.395 

Gulan, Larry.415 

Gulledge, James D.78 

Gumke, Rickie Lynn.428 

Gumm, William.477 

Gundlach, Robert L.472 

Gunning, Janice.74,91,466 

Gunning, Mark Edward. 306,486 

Guptill, James Daniel.279 

Guske, Jack D.367 

Gustafson, Debbie.462 

Gustafson, Ronald.252 

Guthrie, Karen.434 

Gutkowski, Jill.176,376 

Gwin, Janet. 259,436 

Gwin, Linda.225,280,430 

Gwynn, Shelia Diane.278 



Haack, Rosalynn.356 

Haaland, Trygve. 306,368,369 

Haapala, David Andrew.. 306,402 

Habereder, Bonnie.288 

Habereder, HansL.128 

Hackett, Gregory T.244 

Hackett, Lee.450 

Hadley, Kathy. 54,56,251 


Hadley, Kirk. 249,276,306,398 

Hadley, Reed. 243,492 

Hafer, Gary Lee.112 

Hafenbrack, Charles L.348 

Haft, Robert Marcus.278 

Hagedorn, Douglas R. 306,348 

Hagelin, Bill.372 

Hageman, Marlene.406 

Hagemeister, Cheryl E. 306,342 

Hagen, Bob.383 

Hagen, Brad.486 

Hahner, Jacqueline Rae ..250 

Hahner, Jim.484 

Hahner, H.H.. ...207 

Haigh, Tanya.134,306,436 

Haight, Benjamin C.348 

Hain, Linda.73 

Haines, Chester David.238 

Haines, Jim A.307 

Hakola, Allan Arnold.290 

Hale, Lonye C.372 

Halfmoon, Hilda Marie.287 

Halfmoon, Ronald T..167,287 

Hall, Beverly. .356 

Hall, Carl W.155 

Hall, Debbie.395 

Hall, Jan Ann.387 

Hall, Larry E.368 

Hall, Mark E.448 

Hall, Mary.424 

Hall, Melody. 275,376 

Hall, Michael.415 

Hall, Norma B. .267 

Hall, Pamela.446 

Hall, Steve.254 

Hall, Terry Lee.240 

Hall, Terryl L. 237,238,307,428 

Hall, Thomas Gregg.276 

Halver, Janet. 307,488 

Halverson, Dianne.376 

Hamasaki, Wayne Y. 307,352 

Hambelton, Michael D.234 

Hamblin, Dorn. 307,409 

Hamilton, Bruce. 88,494 

Hamilton, Douglas C.468 

Hamilton, Edith M. 241,369 

Hamilton, Scott. 238,458 

Hamilton, Steven Earl.78 

Hamlin, Richard Dean.132 

Hamilton, Randy.497 

Hammarstrom, Doug. 238,307 

Hampton, Pam.444 

Hand, Patrick. 307,432 

Handley, Theresa.395 

Handy, Bill.492 

Hane, Andrew.422 

Hane, Cathy.460 

Haney, James R. 307,369 

Hanford, Barb.272 

Hanft, Cyndi.460 

Hankins, Debbie.400 

Hankins, Steven.257 

Hann, Wendel John.245 

Hannick, Barbara J.278,307,369 

Hannum, Kenneth Erwin.307 

Hanowell, Jerry Arthur.227 

Hansch, Michael W.382 

Hansell, Kathleen. 230,452 

Hansen, Christian.382 

Hansen, Dane. 307,352 

Hansen, Edith Hager.276 

Hansen, Galen Lee.275 

Hansen, Larry Norman.428 

Hansen, Neil Ariel. 97 

Hansen, Norman J..307 

Hansen, Norman R.468 

Hansen, Pam.395 

Hansen, Robert Steven.438 

Hansens, Linda Y.276,278,356 

Hanson, Cheryl Renee.224 

Hanson, John R.398 

Hanson, Kathryn L. 254,426 

Hanson, Kirk Michael.449 

Hanson, Mark Steven. 280,382 

Hanson, Mary Ann.74,259,307 

Hanson, Rebecca Sue.307 

Hanson, Robert Reid.132,307 

Hanson, Ronald A.498 

Hanson, Sandy.359 

Hanson, Todd.348 

Happy, Ann.365 

Harbour, John.273,279,280 

Harder, Barbara Ann. 307,369 

Hardin, Ann.434 

Hardin, Kathleen A.307 

Hardin, Ronald A.190,192,272, 


Hardy, Carla J.406 

Hardy, David. 307,492 

Hardy, Vanessa M.344 

Harkins, Franceen. 307,444 

Harkins, Michael.456 

Harlow, Wendy Kay.356 

Harnasch, Nancy.276,307,376 

Harrel, Sharon.415 

Harries, Debbie.342 

Harries, Linda.339 

Harrington, Karen.440 

Harrington, Steven L.415 

Harris, Gail. 307,402 

Harris, Grant A.150,245 

Harris, R.C. Jr.307,368,369 

Harris, Bill.415 

Harrison, Barbara Jean.250 

Harrison, Mary Jane. 307,440 

Harrison, Susan.395 

Harrop, Steven Carl.472 

Harry, Kathy.376 

Harshman, Brian.471 

Hargrave, Pauline.227 

Harkins, Franceen. 55,244 

Harrington, Karen A.282 

Harris, Charles Logan.78 

Harris, Philip George.276 

Harrison, Teresa Vir.176 

Harruff, Paul W. 253,308 

Harshman, Brian.308 

Harshman, Marvel.105,108 

Hart, Roger.276,308,472 

Hart, Ross F. 308,412 

Hart, Valerie K.395 

Harta, Claudia.308 

Hartford, Judy.356 

Hartman, Cynthia.356 

Hartman, Elwood F.228 

Hartman, John William ... 112,113,475 

Hartmann, Judy.406 

Hartmann, Linda.391 

Hartshorn, Kay Eileen.241 

520 Index 

Hartung, Charlotte M.230 

Hartung, Darryl. 237,240,308,458 

Hartzell, Eileen Marie. 246,308 

Hartzell, Richard Earl. 246,308 

Harvey, Bryan.348 

Harvey, Marc.190 

Harwood, George W. Ill.308 

Harwood, Robert F.149 

Hasbrouch, James F.112 

Hasegawa, Ford K.279 

Hash, Cindy.59,75,466 

Haskell, Susan Lucinda.260 

Haskin, Sue.424 

Hasselman, Jim. 256,269 

Hassing, Leona M.276,290,308 

Hastings, Jo Ann.339 

Hastings, Robert Ned .492 

Hastings, Sandi.444 

Hastings, Sharon.192,272 

Hastings, Terry C. 267,269 

Hatch, Lynda. 308,400 

Hathaway, Marjorie. 308,464 

Hatley, Allen Bert.291 

Hattan, Walter Howard.238 

Hatten, Jamie Kay.308 

Hattori, Greg M.490 

Hauber, Bruce Alan.492 

Haugen, Diane.359 

Haversat, Gertrude.244 

Hawkinson, Terry Allan.365 

Hawks, Margret Ann .285 

Hawthorne, Chuck.73,138,482 

Hay, Susan.308 

Hayano, Mary Ruth.250 

Hayashi, Richard.273 

i iayuci j, v^anuii ivi.. l * i "t 


Hayes, Nancy Ann.250 

Hayes, Shelley K.369 

Hayes, Stanley Edward Jr. 255,308 

Hayes, William H.162 

Haynes, Michael Thomas .... 308,472 

Haynes, Sandra Kay. 276,278 

Haynes, Steven.215,257 

Hays, Eric Alan.108,365 

Hays, Paul Charles. 176 

Hays, Wayne .. . .251,260,264,265,369 

Hayward, Harold A.308 

Hazzard, Roger Philip.365 

Healy, E. Brooke.227 

Heard, Wilda Virginia. 308,372 

Heath, Wendy'. 227,308,309,434 

H ea t hcote, George.105,108 

Heaton, Terry Keith.138 


Hedlund, Ed.348 

Hedrick, Karl.415 

Hedrick, Nancy Ellen.309 

Hedrick, Norma.395 

Hedreen, Mary L.415 

Hedt, Sue.309 

Heideman, Loren Arthur.238 

Heider, Connie.395 

Heikel, Patricia Ann . 236,488 

Heimbach, Mary M.363 

Heimbigner, Barbara.339 

Heimbigner, Connie.339 

Heimbigner, Kevin W.309 

Heimbigner, Lyle.348 

Heimbigner, Nancy L.365 

Hein, Katherine Viola.244 

Hein, Linda Sue.276,309,478 

Heinl, Richard F. 252,285,309,352 

Heinrichs, Don.138 

Heinrick, Jack .349 

Heintz, Emily.356 

Helgath, Randy.492 

Helgeson, Cheryl S.276,309,342 

Helling, Kris.452 

Helmberger, Richard A.253 

Helmer, Diane Kay.72 

Helms, Stephen H. 309,454 

Helt, Darlene M.133,260,452 

Hemingway, Janis Lynn.488 

Henderson, James A.168 

Henderson, Jolynn.359 

Henderson, Kay Adele.242 

Henderson, Kris.424 

Henderson, Michael E.258 

’ 309,443 

Hendrick, Robert L.422 

Hendrick, Theresa Jo A.73 

Hendrickson, Mary V.178,434 

Hendrickson, Russell C. 270,309 

Hendrickson, Scott R. . . . 219,220,251, 

Hendrickson, Steven Jo. 309,399 

Hendrickson, Terry. 270,309 

Hendries, Terri.. ..464 

Hendricks, Debra E.387 

Hendrix, J. Walter.291 

Hendrix, Mrs. Ju.291 

Henneck, Wayne L.309 

Henning, Kathleen Mary. 230,426 

Henrichs, Timothy J.258,309,352 

Henrichsen, Neil. 249,309 

Henricksen, Gerald P.130 

Henriksen, Sally.460 

Hensel, Charles W.219 

Henson, James B.168 

Henson, Jerry Paul .309 

Herald, David Charles.116 

Herbert, Gayle A.391 

Herbold, James E.277,278,309 

Herd, Stanley.382 

Herdman, Chayo L.391 

Heredia, Alwyn P.286 

Hereford, Jeff.449 

Hergert, Robert Wayne.478 

Hermans, Hans-Olof M. . .253,309,497 

Hermanson, Gerald H.310 

Hernas, Deborah Ann . . . 222,279,280, 


Herr, Bob. 279,490 

Herrera, Jim.372 

Herres, Thomas Michael. 240,310 

Herrick, Katherine Ann.462 

Herron, Chris.96 

Herron, Jacqueline B.462 

Herron, Julee E.310 

Herscher, Michael P.97 

Hertel, Melinda Gayle.136 

Hertz, Darryl.382 

Hertz, Neil.365 

Hess, Robert Samuel. 280,450 

Hesselmeyer, Jeffrey T.88 

Heuterman, Thomas H.274 

Hewitt, Bruce Varnum.238 

Hewitt, Elton.254 

Hewson, Glenda M.. . 133,279,283,372 

Heyamoto, Dave.258,310,432 

Hice, Janet Lee.434 

Hickey, John Michael.494 

Hickey, Leigh Ann.310,391 

Hickle, Tami J.276,278,310 

Hickman, Naoma.363 

Hickman, Sue. . .359 

Hicks, Maynard.181,535 

Hiefield, Mark Alan.93 

Hieronymous, Sam.96 

Hieu, Pham Trong.310 

Higashi, Margie.410 

Higginbotham, Joyce. 279,372 

H igginbot ham, Judy.440 

Higginbotham, Sandra.356 

Higgins, Alison Marr.188 

Higgins, David T.285 

Higgins, Kathleen.243 

Higgins, Linda. 74,430 

Higgins, Maureen P.339 

Highland, Jeffrey R.415 

Hildebrand, Ernest J. 249,310 

Hildebrandt, Penny J.310 

Hill, Deborah.342 

Hill, Howard Calvin.88 

Hill, Jim E.422 

Hill, John Henry.275 

Hill, Lynn Charles.310 

Hill, Martin Jo.310 

Hill, Michael Phillip.78 

Hill. Susan.135,254,276,277, 


Hill, Terry LeRoy.97 

Hill, Thomas P.372 

Hill, Zoe.257 

Hille, Rebecca Ellen.180,440 

Hillier, Janice.356 

Hillier, Linda. 290,356 

Hillis, Doug. .406 

Hillis, Jennifer.310,466 

Hillstrom, Marvin.310,352 

Hilsenberg, Hans Eric.88 

Hinde, Charles Carroll.190 

Hines, Sandi.310,395 

Hinrichs, Patricia J.222 

Hinton, John.482 

Hinton, Susan Anne.91,259 

Hipperson, Brian.310,484 

Hirsch, Shan.406 

Hirst, Daniel Jerry.412 

Hirst, Gary Richard.108 

Hitsman, Sharon.134,136,372 

Hively, Richard.490 

Hjelm, David Nelson.88 

Ho, Claude K.H.492 

Ho, Curtis Peter .291 

Hocum, Brian R.278 

Hoag, Steven D.492 

Hoagland, Joan .310,430 

Hoban, Brenda Lee.406 

Hobbs, Emmett III. 257,399 

Hocum, Brian. 273,278 

Hodge, Bob.438 

Hodges, Dave Kirkland.288 

Hodges, Phil.366 

Hodgin, David.415 

Hoefer, Judy.395 

Hoersch, Jim Dale.479 

Hofer, Gary B.458 

Hoffman, Greg Allen. 223,432 

Hoffman, John William.276 

Hoffman, Mary Patricia.368 

Hoffman, Patty.446 

Hogan, Kathleen Mary. . . .176,236,446 

Hogan, William A.382 

Hogg, Dennis Edward.105,106 

Hoggatt, James.455 

Hoggatt, Barbie.446 

Hogle, Edward A.458 

Hogle, John R.251,310,458 

Holbrook, Debbie.444 

Holbrook, Timothy R.252 

Holden, Elizabeth G.391 

Holdren, Mike.292 

Holland, Marcia L.444 

Holland, Mary Margit.243 

Holley, James Hunt.247 

Holliday, Jay N. Jr.240 

Holling, Vickie. 136,254,283,406 

Hollingbery, Donald Jr. 77,438 

Hollingbery, Jeffrey B.438 

Holm, Meridith.406 

Holman, Dean. 255,310 

Holman, Mark.468 

Holman, Steven G. 260,449 

Holmes, Eleanor Kay.133 

Holmes, Jim.471 

Holmquist, Rhonda L.444 

Holms, Barbara J.395 

Holms, Karen A.395 

Holt, James P.97 

Holt, Kathy.356 

Holt, Kathy.310,395 

Holtan, Tor-J ohan.128 


Holtore, Arthur.218 

Holtz, Stan Sheldon.415 

Holzer, Vern Ingram.415 

Homann, Tim. 255,310 

Homchick, Craig.422 

Homchick, Sheila.310,466 

Homme, Lorae.310,415 

Honebrink, Leslie. 280.452 

Honodel, Suzanne.310 

Honor Guard.269 

Honsberger, Kathy Jo.464 

Honsowetz, Richard Q.132,451 

Hook, John G.78 

Hook, Kathy.134 

Hoover, Arthur James.372 

Hoover, Laurie . 73,460 

Hopkins, David C.468 

Hopkins, Eric.484 

Hopkins, Janet Pauline.54 

Hopkins, Lonna Kaye.415 

Hopkins, Patty.363 

Hopp, Marvin Albert.238 

Hopper, Michael Irvin.242 

Hopson, Linda. 264,446 

Horan, Kim ..356 

Horn, John Robert. 270,271 

Horn, Linda Marie.310 

Horning, Cynthia Lee.400 

Horning, Pamela K.243,285,488 

Horsley, Cindy Lou.72,225,434 

Horrigan, Glenna.310 

Horsley, Janet Marie.434 

Horticulture Club.248 

Horton, Candy. 279,426 

Horton, David Michael . *.275 

Horton, Roger Shaw.468 

Horton, Tommy Allen.368 

Hoskinson, Robert E.153 

Hostetler, Dale A.415 

Houchin, David Allen.123 

Houghton, Cindy.395 

Houghton, Merrilee Beth .... 132,400 

House, Donald G.251,310 

House, Nancy.366 

House, Paul..264 

Houts, Kathleen Cecily.276 

Hovda, Gary.257 

Hovde, Christine Anne.395 

Hove, Robert H. 279,368 

Hovermale, Ken.97 

Howald, Carla.424 

Howard, Craig Michael.494 

Howard, Donna Marie.339 

Howard, Heidi.91,133,480 

Howard, Marilyn. 267,339 

Howard, Phillip Wayne.428 

Howard, Ronald Edwin.402 

Howard, Susan E.369 

Howard, William III. 268,310 

Howe, Judy Elaine.134 

Howe, Richard C.190,192,403 

Howell, James Finn.:406 

Hower, Glen L.157 

Hoydar, Matt.490 

Hoyt, George Malcolm.283 

Hoyt, Mary Lee.310,434 

Hubbard, Gary Dennis.144 

Huber, Stephen Tallman.129 

Hubert, Mark Timothy.132 

Hudson, Paul Richard. 245,249 

Huestis, Guy Frederick.105 

Huggins, Patricia A.363 

Hughes, Deborah.391 

Hughes, Douglas M.188,190,310, 


Hughes, Mary Kay.279 

Hai Hanoli O’Hawaii.291 

Huibregtse, Charles H.310 

Huie, Judy.369 

Hulbert, Kathy.436 

Hull, Daniel Bruce.260 

Hull, Dan K.490 

Hummels, Dean.310,468 

Hummels, Mike.449 

Humphrey, Susan.391 

Huneywell, Jenny.395 

Hunt, Christopher R. 250,311 

Hunt, Geoff.382 

Hunt, Jim.257 

Hunt, Leslie.366 

Hunt, Sandy.395 

Hunt, Susan Thomas.359 

Hunter, Brad.458 

Hunter, Dan. 97 

Hunter, Deborah Jo.311 

Huntington, Mary M.452 

Huntley, Scott.492 

Hunzeker, Jack.455 

Hupf, Mary Anne C.395 

Hurd, Diane Kay.363 

Hurd, Judy.276,311,410 

Hurlburt, Sue.391 

Hurley, James Patrick.479 

Hurson, Kathleen. 75 

Husa, Darwin.382 

Husom, Betsy.91,250,466 

Huston, Dennis T.108 

Huston, Sonja Fay.311 

Huston, Wendy Lee.372 

Hutchens, Floyd J. Jr.349 

Hutchens, Mariene.395 

Hutchings, Christie A.311,430 

Hutchison, Camille.400 

Hutchinson, Graham.93,116,253 

Hwang, Joseph Chau.311 

Hyder, Najamul Kamal.286 

H yer, Terrence K.311 

Hyland, Cheryl Lou. 242,244 

Hyland, Roger D.255,311,382 

Hyslop, Nancy Jean.187,274,440 

Hyslop, William D.222,280,369 


I bach, Bev.391 

Ideue, Gail N.291 

Ideue, Winford Mitsuo.291 


Ierien, David Lee.223 

IFC ..234 

Ignatiadis, Emmanuel A..128 

Inazu, Jessie Kunie.252 

Index 521 



Indgjerd, Dan. 225,492 

Industrial Arts.256 

Ingalsbe, Sherry S.311,369 

Ingebretson, Katie L.424 

Intercollegiate Knights.281 


In verso, Mary Helen.415 

Ireland, Dale E.449 

Ireland, Linda Louise.391 

Ironside, Leslie Jane.464 

1 ronside, M ichael V.311 

Irrin, Michael J.409 

Irvin, Michael J. 225,311 

Irvin, Philip Charles.352 

Irvin, Rosemary Jean.280 

Irving, David.382 

Irving, Jill Jeanne.241 

Irving, William C.458 

Irwin, Linda.356 

Irwin, Marcella.342 

Irwin, Rosemary.401 

Isackson, Helen.311,440 

1 to, Gerald.311,403 

Ito, LynetteSanae.291 

Ittner, Michael R.484 

Iu, Kin-Fai Danny.258 

Ives, Patricia Clara.344 

Iwamoto, Gary Alan.253,311,382 


Jack, David Clarence.287 

Jackson, Bernard .78,81,147 

Jackson, Brad Earl.108,443 

Jackson, Craig. 78,490 

Jackson, Daniel C.241,311 

Jackson, Frank L.138,492 

Jackson, Kurt Eric.132 

Jackson, Jack D.219 

Jackson, Linda.395 

Jackson, Melvin A.369 

Jackson, R. Charles. 280,432 

Jacky, David L.311,369 

Jacky, Linda M.311,363 

Jacobsen, Hildin Anne.236 

Jacoby, Hazel Burdeene.137 

Jacques, Douglas Thad.311 

Jaeger, Mary A.311 

Jager, Bert.415 

J ames, George W. J r.415,532 

James, Jaha..287 

James, John Andrew.278 

James, Sally Diane.396 

Jamieson, Ross.382 

Jamtaas, Kristofer M.290 

Jamtaas, Philip Norman.290 

Janachek, Douglas Anthony. 270, 


Janas, Michele Wanda.401 

J anett, Chris.432 

Janett, Joann Virginia.396 

Janke, Samuel Richard.311,438 

Jankoyich, Sam.83 

Jankovich, Mrs.91 

Jannison, Ann Elizabeth.312 

Jannison, George Anthon.312 

Janowitz, Robert A.456 

Jansen, Judy Elizabeth.312 

Jansma, Evelyn.135,312 

Jansson, Sigrid B.242 

Jarrett, Fred Leslie.267 

Jarstad, Gene.349 

Jarvi, Eric John.486 

J arvis, J oanne M.344 

Jarvis, Michael David.372 

Jasper, Bev.312,440 

Jeaudoin, Kerry S.222,224,449 

Jeffords, Cheryl D.233,275,410 

Jenne, Jan Kay.312 

Jennings, Christopher.219 

Jennings, Kathleen R.340 

Jensen, Carl Edwin. 245.249 

Jensen, Chris .449 

Jensen, Gerald Emery.456 

Jensen, Jennyan.372 

Jensen, Jill. 52,480 

Jensen, John Edward.233 

Jensen, Kristi Marie. 279,363 

Jensen, Pete.422 

Jensen, Susan.312 

Jensen, Sylvia A.312 

Jerich, Dana.406 

Jeske, Donna Jean.312 

Jess, Karla Dee.372 

Jessemey, Virginia Mae.363 

Jester, Kim Lee .391 

Jewell, C. Mel.275 

Johansen, Dan.131,244 

Johnson, Beuna.224,259,427 

Johnson, Bonnie Jo . 280,434 

Johnson, Brian.372 

Johnson, Bruce Linley.479 

Johnson, Bruce R.490 

Johnson, Carol Jean. 368,369 

Johnson, Carol.73,91,430 

Johnson, Cecilia Anne.312,430 

Johnson, Cheryl.312 

Johnson, Chris J.312,391 

Johnson, Christine L.190 

Johnson, Chris.432 

Johnson, Constance E.276 

Johnson, Craig Stephen.471 

Johnson, Cynthia Adele.90 

Johnson, Dale Herbert.283 

Johnson, Dawn Marie. 280,462 

Johnson, Diana Cheryl.434 

Johnson, Dick. 260,264.312,428 

Johnson, Donna Jean.72 

Johnson, Douglas Dale.129 

Johnson, Dave.438 

Johnson, Ed.466 

Johnson, EricC. 88 

Johnson, Gary.477 

Johnson, Gregory D.312,458 

Johnson, James Taylor.490 

Johnson, Jann A.368 

Johnson, Jay A..382 

Johnson, Jennifer.480 

Johnson, Jody C. ..312,344 

Johnson, Joed. 276,277,312,480 

Johnson, Judith Darcy. 134 

Johnson, Judy Kay.312,356 

Johnson, Julie Rae.344 

Johnson, Karla G.270,271,356 

Johnson, Kay Ann.356 

Johnson, Kenneth A.415 

Johnson, Kenneth L.312 

Johnson, Kristiana L.387 

Johnson, Marilyn M. 277,446 

Johnson, Mark Alan.253 

Johnson, Mark R. 273,456 

J ohnson, Mary Beth.312 

Johnson, Michael Roger. 78,490 

Johnson, Nancy Lee.391 

Johnson, Neil.494 

Johnson, Patrick S.471 

Johnson, Patsy Ann.462 

Johnson, Paul Vincent. 280,428 

Johnson, Randy. 78,438 

Johnson, Robert.486 

Johnson, Roy L.468 

Johnson, Roy W. Jr.96 

Johnson, Roy L.312 

Johnson, Scott C.223,225,490 

Johnson, Shelly L.424 

Johnson, Sidney Lee.409 

Johnson, Stanley Pleas.88 

Johnson, Tara Lee.242 

Johnson, Teresa Ann.178,434 

Johnson, Teresa Marie.434 

Johnson, T homas Gary.245 

Johnston, Gordon.312,482 

Johnston, Jennifer.312 

Johnston, Joseph.482 

Johnston, Linda Kay.466 

Johnston, Phil .422 

Johnstone, Robert Karl.247 

Joly, Louis.415 

Jonas, Brian F.368 

Jones, Barbara.276,277,313 

Jones, Connie. 230,339 

Jones, Craig.190,192,313,458 

Jones, Cynthia Jean.396 

Jones, David Evan. 96,438 

Jones, David Reese.256 

Jones, Deborah Dawn.356 

Jones, Deborah Mary.401 

J ones, Gary Charles.138 

Jones, Greg.479 

Jones, Laurie .72,267,480 

Jones, Larry.366 

Jones, Linda Kay.396 

Jones, Loren Alvin.132 

Jones, Melanie Jane . . . 53,267,280,460 

Jones, Renato.477 

Jones, Roger Raymond.382 

Jones, Timothy Scott.191,272 

Joralemon, Gary Dean.265 

Jordan, Anne Louise.280 

Jordan, Bede. 257,359 

Jordan, Merilee . 76,467 

Jorden, Gregory L.382 

Jorgensen, Elaine.345 

Jorgenson, Kitty '..427 

Jorissen, Gary.490 

Joslin, Leslie.356 


Judy, Don.486 

Jucnke, Catherine E.462 

Julich, James Joseph .486 

Jungquist, Debra Ann. 74,267 

Junker, Jan.339 

Jurgens, Dennis A. 270,271 

Justen, Anne B.313,372 


Kafflen, Kari Ann.387 

Kahns, Karla. 292,427 

Kaiser, Julie Ann.276,277,313 

Kalmbach, Susan.313 

Kambak, Chris.497 

Kammeyer, Elaine J.396 

Kammeyer, Steven.313,455 

Kanda, Eugene Akira.283 

Kang, Young Ae.259 

Kanzler, Pam.342 

Kappa Alpha Theta.462 

Kappa Delta.464 

Kappa Kappa Gamma.466 

Kappa Psi.271 

Kappa Sigma.468 

Karas, Joe.131 


Karch, Joan. 279,345 

Karroum, Simon.477 

Kaseburg, Pete Martin.412 

Kasonde, Robert Chola.128 

Kasprzak, Gary Joseph.78 

Kastner, Walt.131,479 

Katica, Robert.472 

Katyryniuk, Lynne. 74,222 

Kaufmann, John Henry.313,451 

Kaufman, Thomas J.403 

Kavina, James A.130,275,313 

Kay, Bradley A.472 

Kazda, Linda.406 

Keane, Daniel B.313,369 

Keane. Jeffrey Russell . . . .241,243,313 

Kearney, John Arthur.224 

Kearns, Dennis.472 

Kearns, Terry.236,313,452 

Keathley, Sandra M. 233,363 

Keefe, David J ohn S.409 

Keefer, Susan G.488 

Keehn, Andrew.188,438 

Keel, Mary Katharine.313 

Keel, Michael L.313,451 

Keel, Pat.264,265,313 

Keene, Terry. 455,532 

Keeney, Trudy.436 

Kegel, Alice L.410 

Kehle, Robert Gordon.283 

Kehne, Mary Annette. 73,236 

Keil, Betsy. 279,464 

Keiser, Owen.129.382 

Keister, Gary E.349 

Keith, Thomas Allen.253 

Keller, FloydS. Jr.484 

Keller, Heidi. 86,356 

Kelleher, Ron.369 

Keller, Steven Douglas.247 

Kelley, Gloria. 254,406 

Kellogg, Gary Francis.313 

Kellogg, Judy.313 

Kelly, April Violet.132 

Kelly, Gloria.136 

Kelly, Jane.339 

Kelly, Kitty.452 

Kelly, Stephen Patrick.479 

Kelsey, Kay Karmen.278 

Kendal, Terri.391 

Kendall, Karen.467 

Kennaugh, Kerri.313,460 

Kennaugh, Larry.484 

Kennedy, Albert Kim.313,382 

Kennedy, Candy.396 

Kennedy, C. Jean.285 

Kennedy, Paul Deane.144 

Kennedy, Tim.254 

Kennelly, Marilyn.191,272,313 

Kensler, Shelley Lee. 178,488 

Kenzy, Sam G.169 

Keogh, Ronald Jay. 

Kerby, Belva D.313 

Kerhulas, Dennis T.313 

Kerege, John F. Jr.271 

Kerby, Steven George .78 

Kercheval, Ronald Lynn.479 

Kerhulas, Dennis.260 

Kern, Bentley. 249,458 

Kernkamp, Kathy Kay.313,340 

Kerrin, Eric.399 

Ketcham, Karolyn L.366 

Kettler, Maxine Ann.339 

Kevan, Mary Melissa. 230,440 

Kiefer, Katherine E.278 

Kiehl, Stephen B.220,313,438 

Kiehn, Kurtis Byron.479 

Kiehn, Marzioh G.391 

Kiemle, Kelly.430 

Kilbride, Marjorie.275 

Kile, Jane Ann.342 

Kile, Nancy. 72,452 

Killam, Kathy Anne.356 

Killingsworth, James Kenneth . . , 240, 


Killingsworth, Carol Kay. .250,314,444 

Killingsworth, Elaine.240 

Kilmer, Katherine J. 250,314 

Kilpatrick, Deborah S.340 

Kilpatrick, Robert.438 

Kimball, Susan.342 

Kimbrell, fames Edward.258 

Kimbrell, Jack T.157,258 

Kimbreu, Jim.258 

Kimmel, Larry Vern.224 

Kincaid, Connie Jo. 74,467 

Kinder, Denise Lynn.133,387 

Kindler, Darlene.444 

King, Alida.137 

King, Daniel John.270 

King, Bruce.492 

King, Margaret Alice.369 

King, Mary Lou.259 

King, Chris.486 

Kinion, Edward Ray. 257,416 

Kinney, Joe.475 

Kippes, Jane A.314,464 

Kirby, Tom Balmer.369 

Kirk, Jane Marie.230 

Kirk, Jane.228 

Kirk, Michael.492 

Kirk, Patricia J.480 

Kirkness, Jim.477 

Kirkpatrick, Becky Mae. 242,396 

Kirkpatrick, Brian.494 

Kirkpatrick, William L. . . .267,288,314 

Kirn, Frederick, C.451 

Kissinger, Alan Everett.314,449 

Kissler, Larry A. 226,227,314,451 

Kissling, R. Janelle.137,396 

Kitt, Nancy.339 

Kiftel, John F. 224,270,271, 


Kittinger, Richard L.225,314,409 

Kitts, Loran L. Jr.428 

Kitzke, Mary.177,427 

Kivi, Daniel Steven.88 

Kjack, Jerry.264 

Klahn, Austin Elwood.108 

Klaue, Gary E.314 

Klavano, Paul A.168 

Klavano, Jim Kenneth.116 

Kleinknecht, Gary C.219 

Kleweno, David D. 238,416 

Kleweno, Douglas G. 238,416 

Klicker, Sheryl Ann.243 

Kliewer, Lanny.108,490 

Kline, Gary Dean.78 

Klinski, Steven M.314,471 

Klontz, Marsha Ann.396 

Klopfenstein, Hugh Jr.78 

Klosterman, Keith E.399 

Kludas, Bill .494 

Kludt, Heidi Marie.314,434 

Klump, Wayne Walter.382 

Knaggs, Kirk .399 

Knaggs, Pamela.345 

Knapp, Jack Ronald.471 

Knauss, Cory.314,490 

Kneedler, Susan Jane. 259,314 

Knell, Gary F.223,279,497 

Knight, Donna.424 

Knight, D. Scott.468 

Knight, Jane.314 

Knight, John Kenneth.88 

Knight, Tom. 228,455 

522 Index 

Knight, William H.155 

Knorre, Michael J.314 

Knott, James Bradley.406 

Knott, Jason Edward.438 

Knower, Michael Edward.352 

Knowles, Margaret J.257 

Knudsen, Dennis.254 

Knutsen, Wayne L. 277,278,314, 


Knutson, Robert.349 

Koal, Jan G.144,314,403 

Koch, Michael .382 

Kodama, Linda Reiko.340 

Koehler, Helen H.259 

Koehler, Linda Susan.340 

Koehler, Randy.314,494 

Koelling, Jerry John.276 

Koempel, Janice.369 

Koenig, James Russell.412 

Koenig, Kerwin William. 267,268 

Koland, Larry J.449 

Koller, Roger W. 280,458 

Kollmyer, Kenneth E.138,472 

Kometz, Carol Elaine.434 

Konen, Robert J.416 

Koorenny, Gail Marie .. . .270,276,427 

Kooy, Beatrice.314 

Korfhage, Virginia L.233 

Korsmo, Ken.267,364,412 

Korus, Jan.76,224,434 

Korus, Joyce Alice. 74,434 

Koshko, Pat.135,136 

Kosich, John Case.468 

Koski, Patricia Rae .396 

Koski, Ronald W.314,416 

Koski, Suzette . ,.M2 

Kosse, James John.457 

Kossen, Carol Kay.396 

Kovacevich, Gary.256 

Kovich, Charlotte Ann.241 

Kraemer, Michael J. 234,457 

Krafczyk, Sharon Adele. 222,434 

Kramer, Craig J.399 

Kramer, Keith Alan.270,271, 


Kramer, Molly.430 

Kramer, Richard.482 

Kramer, Vicki.430 

Krattli, Mike.449 

Krause, Bob.138 

Krawsky, David L.245 

Kreager, Dr. H.Dewayne.207 

Kreider, Karen L.416 

Kreighbaum, Franklyn B. .267,314,353 

Krenz, Michael Kenneth.108 

Kriebs, Janna.230,283,356 

Kriebs, Linda Kay.359 

Krisman, Lana Marie.133 

Kristovich, Nick S.128,382 

Krogel, Gerald Walter.372 

Krough, Richard Jon.275 


Krueger, John.382 

Krueger, Kathleen Mapie.314 

Krueger, Keith J.283,314,399 

Krueger, Robert F.403 

Krueger, Rodney Allan.279 

Krueger, Tim.439 

Krumsick, Jim.477 

Krumsick, Tom A.255 

Krupke, Gail. 267,427 

Kubik, Rennie Lee ..238 

Kuczynski, Jed.491 

Kudaishi, Blanche M.291 

Kuehnle, Jeanette Lee.277 

KUGR Radio....192 

Kuhnhausen, Lois R.391 

Kullama, Linda Kay.278 

Kulm, Darrel A.369 

Kummer, Greg. 252,422 

Kung, Stephen Shic-Chu.280 

Kunkel, Ralph Mackay.96 

Kunz, Mike..482 

Kuper, Marcia.427 

Kupers, Karl.314 

Kurbitz, Kathy Kay.453 

KWSU AM and TV.190 

Kyower, Michael.279 


Laats, Marnie.74 

Laatz, Margie.453 

Laatz, Bob.455 

Labbee, Dan Alva.116 

Lacefield, Gail C.456 

Lacher, Candy Gay.396 

La Chine, Norma Jean.70 

La Croix, Vital George .382 

Ladd, Sandra .314,356 

Ladiges, Robert A.241,314,369 

La Due, Sandra K.440 

Laffaw, Joan . 226,460 

Lafky, Alan Morgan.253 

La Framboise, Pat. 225,483 

Lager, Sally.345 

Laitala, Sherrie.424 

Lakel, Ruth . 254,359 

La Londe, Annette.480 

La Londe, Pat.430 

Lamb, Becky. 267,435 

Lamb, Connie. 73,424 

Lamb, Douglas John. 276,314 

Lamb, Victoria L.342 

Lamb, William Donald .403 

Lambda Alpha Epsilon.274 

Lambda Chi Alpha.470 

Lambda Kappa Sigma.271 

Lambert, Larry R.368 

Lamie, David.416 

Lampe, Henry Bruce.277,314,409 

Lancaster, Timothy Jay.406 

Landes, Mary Louise.396 

Landis, Terrie Kaye.368 

Lando, Barre Paul.78 

Landon, Christine Chase..314 

Landrum, Wayne.257 

Landry, Sarah. 227,410 

Lane, Lori.70 

Laney, Chris.176,180,234,477 

Laney, Sue.431 

Lang, Debbie. 292,340 

Lang, Robert Gary.280 

Lange, Brian Cole.78 

Langlow, Jeffrey T. 227,471 

Lanman, Diana J. 224,315 

Lanning, Linda Joyce.137,396 

Lanning, Mary Kathleen.372 

Lantis, Garey Edward.245 

Lantz, Cal III.497 

Lantz, Gayle Earlene.136 

Lantz, Marnie.91 

Lapeyrouse, Carol Ann.315 

La Plant, Suzette.430 

Largent, Dean.457 

Lariat Club.241 

Larned, Kelleen Dee.340 

Larsen, Christine.276 

Larsen, David L.315 

Kent Sinkey, Fall head photographer, Student Photography 

Index 523 

Larsen. Donald K. Maj.260 

Larsen, Fenton E.249 

Larsen, James PauI .315 

Larsen, Jean Marie .396 

Larsen, John A.273 

Larsen, Karen.391 

Larsen, Larry.315 

Larsen, Mary R.315 

Larsen, Steve.475 

Larson, Bruce Allen.254 

Larson, Curtis Thayne.471 

Larson, Gary.491 

Larson, George.382 

Larson, Julia.342 

Larson, Kari Anna.359 

Larson, Kathryn Elaine.278 

Larson, Larry.468 

Larson, Melinda.356 

Larson, Reid Braddock.276 

Larson, Susan Joanne. 259,315 

Larson, Scott.353 

Larson, W. Bruce.469 

La Rue, Janice.315,391 

Lasater, Debra Ann.462 

Lasater, Janet Lynn. 73,462 

Lastreto, Philip Jr.315 

Latendresse, Claire.410 

Latenser, Stephen.366 

Latham, Debby.369 

Latham, Richard D.315,369 

Latta, Bruce.349 

Latta, Kit.472 

Latter Day Saints.284 

Lattig, Katherine L.315 

Lattin, Kay.70,236,467 

Lau, Darrel Wayne.144 

Laubach, Ron.315,479 

Lauckhart, Jennie .339 

Lauckhart, J. Richard.315,422 

Laurente, Mila P.396 

Laurich, Richard Jr.372 

Laursen, Carlton G.353 

Lauterbach, Frances K.387 

Lauterbach, Lucy E.359 

La very, Michael.484 

La Vigne, Kathrinejo.410 

Lawhead, Dan.485 

Lawler, Dennis Alan.88 

Lawler, Nancy Ellen.134,387 

Lawrence, Arden.372 

Lawrence, Denny.1 12,1 I 3 

Lawrence, J. Elizabeth .342 

Lawry, Patricia.406 

Layfield, Diann V.315,359 

Rich Whitehill, Spring head photographer, Student Photography 

Lazzari, Elise.356 

Lazzarini, Pete Alan.78 

Leach, Susan Diane.406 

Leader, Kenneth.315 

Leadon, Patricia Alma.465 

Leahy, Colleen.187,424 

Leahy, Daniel Dermott . . .224,225,228 

Leaf, Gretchen Anne.396 

Leatham, Gary F.382 

Leatherman, David E.241 

Leavitt, Valerie A.373 

Le Clerc Roger.278 

Lederle, Gail Ann.178,488 

Ledgerwood, Steven R.428 

Lee, Carolyn Gayle. 230,436 

Lee, Larry.315 472 

Lee, Martha Jo.316 

Lee, Marti.270,271,435 

Lee, Michael.422 

Lee, Pam. 73,267 

Lee, Patricia Marie.318 

Leeds, Kathleen Ann.279 

Lees, John Whitney.316,403 

Lefler, Sally. 250,339 

Legg, Bruce.353 

Leingang, Blayne M.349 

Leinweber, Kathy.339 

Lemley, Kathryn Denise.134,488 

Lenhard, Joann. 290,373 

Lenhard, Joan L. 290,373 

Lentz, Carl.270,271,349 

Lenz, Cynthia.391 

Leonard, Karen.356 

Leong, F. Timothy.369 

Le Page, Bruce.382 

Lesley, Jennifer Lee.406 

Leslie, Robert Douglas.78 

Leslie, Steve.264,316,443 

Lessard, Keith 0.486 

Lester, Cheryl Lynn.460 

Leung, Mary Chi Fong.256 

Levack, Teresa.441 

Le Valley, Dana Craig.450 

Lewis, Brian. 132,349 

Lewis, Carlton David.180,220 

Lewis, David Evan.224 

Lewis, Don.459 

Lewis, James Ovid.88 

Lewis, Karen. 280,480 

Lewis, Kathy. 267,480 

Lewis, Kathy Lou.236 

Lewis, Linda.316 

Lewis, Mary Kay.278 

Lewis, Patric Roland.485 

Lewis, Sharon Jean.446 

Lewis, Shelley.342 

Leyster, Charles G.492 

Li, Chao-Tao.316 

Li, Walter, K.316,403 

Libey, Gary James.280 

Lickey, Sue Ellen.233 

Liddle, John Thomas.116,290 

Lider, Wendy Line.316 

Liebel, Pam.444 

Lieberg, Peggy Marie.280 

Lieberg, Steve.491 

Lierman, Cyndy.345 

Lighty, Thomas E.353 

Lilje, Randy.409 

Lilley, Lawrence P.245 

Lillwitz, Marti.343 

Lilly, Michael J.443 

Lilly, Tom.349 

Limbocker, Faith Alene.444 

Linbereth, Cliff E.382 

Limburg, Val.192,272 

Lindberg, Sally Ann.396 

Lindberg, Steven M.475 

Lindeman, Kirt T. 267,316 

Linden, Steven B.253 

Lindhag, Connie M.316 

Lindhag, Sheri Ann.244 

Lindsay, Betsy. 280,467 

Lindstrom, Jon Rudolf.241 

Lindstrom, Terri.356 

Lines, Patricia Joy.316 

Lines, Richard W.316,349 

Lingen, Kathy.356 

Link, Robert Gibson.252 

Lintz, Tim.280 

Liseth, Rodney.483 

Liss, Dianna F.431 

Literal, Arden.519 

Littlefield, Wendy Lee. 222,435 

Lloyd, Sue.287 

524 Index 

Lo, Kinsgley Kim-Ming.129,276 

Loan, Brad.86,97,439 

Loaris, J ames A.316 

Lobberegt, Clifford E.366 

Lochmiller, Martin V.132 

Lockwood, G. Scott.416 

Lodi, Katherine. 222,339 

Loesch, Shirley.343 

Logan, Helen.393 

Logen, Barbara Joanne.275 

Loiacono, Lane Colleen. 243,387 

Loken, Lynne.416 

Lomax, Anthony Stanley.78 

Lombardo, John Michael..290 

Lommasson, Bob. 255,316 

Lonac, Emily Jean.316,403 

Lonborg, Randy E.. . . 270,271,416,496 

Lonergan, Thomas M.366 

Long, Calvin T.163 

Long, David W.349 

Long, Grant.316 

Long, Jane.280 

Long, Leland Matthew.246 

Long, Margaret Maxine.359 

Long, Sue. 74,445 

Long, Thomas B.M.124 

Longanecker, Barbara K.230 

Longley, Kristine.316 

Longlcy, Darwin Emory.276 

Longmeier, Gerald R.276 

Longtain, Robert. 245,249 

Loofburrow, J. Richard.496 

Lorenzo, Janet.270,271,435 

Lott, Rex S. 276,403 

Lott, Susan.410 

Lotto, Nancy Jean.424 

Loudenback, Jill Marie.373 

Loudon, Deborah.466 

Louie, Edward George.242 

Loutzenhiser, Kay.373 

Love, Bob.264 

Low, Melanie. 76,445 

Lowe, Marcia Marlene.137 

Lowe, Stewart.349 

Lowe, William Keith. . . . 237,245,249, 


Lowell, Gordon Dean.249 

Lowery, Michael C.108 

Lowery, Norm. 77,349 

Lowery, Terry. 259,316 

Lown, Denise.345 

Lowry, Terry.481 

Lucas, Bruce.455 

Lucas, Mary Ann. 73 

Luck, Laura.278 

Lueckenotte, Gayle.406 

Luedeking, Robert. 254,258 

Luft, Karen.427 

Luft, Pamela Jean.393 

Luhm, Cathy.316 

Lum, Victoria M.447 

Lund, Anne F.447 

Lundin, John Arthur.253 

Lundin, Robert E. . . . 225,267,315,483 

Lusher, Lawrence Alan.238 

Lust, Dan. 270,271,316.485 

Lust, Jeffrey D.349 

Lutz, Thomas Gary.457 

Lux, Alexandra Regina.250 

Lvdav, Ken.78,79,191.192,272 

Lydick, Fred.316,409 

Lyman, Richard Lee.409 

Lynch, Dean Brent. 280,459 

Lvnch, Louanna. 56,236,317,465 

Lynch, Michael D.78,108,226,316, 


Lyon, William.492 

Lyons, Patricia E.278 


McAlexander, Grant Matthew .... 360 

McAlister, Daniel C.267 

McAlister, Julie Ann.340 


McAllister, Bonnie J.292 

McAllister, Harry.180 

McArthur, Carnie.96,493,535 

McArthur, Jeff . 493,535 

McArthur, Mike.278 

McBeath, Penny.366 

McCall, Laurence E. . 188,238,276,317 

McCall, Rodney Mearl.267 

McCallum, Heather.317 

McCarry, James Edward.112,113, 


McCartan, Arthur E.212,277 

McCartan, Dean.282 

McCarten, Mrs. Dean.282 

McCarthy, Michael.255 

McCarty, Robert A.132 

McCaughey, Larry.317,469 

McCauley, Laurie Ann.377 

McChesney, Sally Ann.242 

McClellan, Dennis Lee.457 

McClenny, Marda Dee.134 

McCIintock, Julie. 277,279 

McClinton, Joyce Elizabeth.343 

McClinton, Terrell D.223 

McCloskey, Mary K.387 

McCloskey, William F.258 

McClure, Dennis Lane.317,487 

McClure, Mark Allan. 252,457 

McClure, Scott T.483 

McConnell, Jo Howard.383 

McCormack, Melissa.453 

McCormick, Jean P. 72,427 

McCormick, Molly A.462 

McCoy, John Toore.373 

McCray, Douglas.264 

McCreight, Cindy.416 


McCurdy, Jon A.169 

McDaniel, Sharon.317 

McDaniels, Daniel W.383 

McDevitt, Mickey R.317 

McDonald, Kathleen L.54 

McDonald, Kathy L.363 

McDonald, Mary Lynn.260 

McDonald, Sheila Lynn.224 

McDonnell, David S.449 

McDonnell, Douglas B.128,224 

McDonell, Elsie Mae.359 

McDougall, Scott.449 

McDougall, Larry.349 

McDougall, Margie.279 

McDowell, Barbara.345 

McDuffie, Diane Lee .406 

McEachern, Gary A.317,475 

McEwen, Shelley.396 

McFadden, Gordon Otto.349 

McFadden, Jean. 225,339 

McFadden, Terry Lynn.396 

McCIintock, Julie.230 

McFadden, Terry.137 

McGath, J ay.276,317.432 

McGavick, Hugh Joseph.432 

McGee, Mary.463 

McGee, Peggy.384 

McGinnis, Fred H.317 

McGlothlin, Lyle.184,527 

McGourin, Colleen .317 

McGowan, John G.383 

McGrath, Jack W.383 

McGrath, Verna Lee.317 

McGraw, Michael.416 

McGreevy, Doug.429 

McGuire, Marg.389 

McGuire, Gina Ann.410 

MeHargue, Salli J.396 

Mclnnes, Michael.314,477 

Mclntire, Colleen.91,431 

McIntosh, Joseph A.138 

McIntosh, Saundra D.177,225,233 

McIntosh. Thomas S.457 

McKay, Kathi .343 

McKay, Mark Robert .189 

McKay, Mitchell Alan.432 

McKay, Roberta Beth.317,343 

McKellips, Wendy Rae.363 

McKelvy, Janis . 254,453 

McKinney, Richard W. 267,403 

McKinny, Joyce Nadine.359 

McLain, Thomas Del. 283,479 

McLaughlin, Deborah A.359 

McLaughlin, Debra Kay.57 

McLaughlin, Jean.356 

McLean, Bruce.469 

McLean, Katherine Lousie.401 

McLean, Robert C.278 

McLeish, Dennis N.128,317 

McMahon, Michael J.360 

McManigal, Jane Elise.137 

McManus, Jeff.485 

McMillan, Bob.317,475 

McNall, William L.276 

McNaull, Mike.317 

McNemee, Paul Richard.252 

McNeil, John.349 

McNeill, Lynn M.378 

McNew, Louis D.202 

McNutt, Steven James.278 

McOmber, Thomas R.457 

McPhee, Colleen.393 

McPhee, Gloria.242,244,356 

McPhee, Tom .349 

McPherson, Dale Law.234 

McQuarrie, Agnes M.135 

McRae, Peggy Sue.356 

McVay, Kent.369 

McWherter, Karen L.334 

McWhorter, Molly Jane. 467,519 


Maag, Lisa Ann.489 

Maberry, Linda.369 

MacDonald, Jane.431 

MacGillivray, Anarew Duff.491 

MacGillivray, T. Scott. 222,491 

Machin, Lynn Elizabeth.241 

Macho, Jane.233,252,345 

MacKinnon, Catherine.393 

Macklin, Reginal E.116 

Maclean, R. Grant. 234,469 

Macomber, Paul W.317 

MacPherson, Shawn.467 

Madden, Ron.399 

Madden, Terri. 275,441 

Maddox, Sally.356 

Maddox, Warren Lee.275 

Madison, J. Christian.491 

Madison, Charles G.116,491 

Madlever, Gary.382 

Madsen, Carol.416 

Madsen, Louis.149 

Madsen, Roger.219,317 

Magelssen, Sarah.317 

Magers, Jo Ann Marie.317 

Magill, Edwin William.494 

Magill, Lewis M.203 

Magnuson, Kathryn J. . . . 191,243,272, 

Magnussen, Susan. 233,343 

Magorty, Randy.493 

Mague, Michael James.275 

Mahoney, Michael.240,317,428 

Mahoney, Timothy W.252 

Maier, Jim.317 

Mains, Mary Ellen.191,532 

Makela, Mike Melvin.190,491 

Mallon, Gary Owen.439 

Mallory, Michael.485 

Mallory, Nancy L.435 

Malloy, Susan C.359 

Malone, Phyllis Gaye.359 

Maloney, Edward H. 273,317 

Maloney, Vincent.459 

Maloof, Andy.485 

Manarolis, Deborah L.489 

Manca, Maurice.432 

Mandeville, Craig T.469 

Manfred, Keith Eugene.443 

Manley, Jennifer. 75,445 

Mann, Cindy.76,222,481 

Mann, John R. 240,459 

Mann, Michael Wayne.108 

Mann, Vicki.481 

Manning, Clarence E.240 

Manning, Robert Dale . . . 255,258,276, 

Manning, Steve.439 

Manor, Ron.. 272,31 7 

Mansfield, Michael H.451 

Manus, David E.219,318 

Manwell, Jeannie Gail.393 

Manzer, Linda May.441 

Marano, Sazy.369 

March, Mary Ellen.396 

Marchbanks, J. Brent.228 

Marcusen, K.C. 278,318 

Maresh, James L. 249,318 

Margin, Bernadette M.343 

Marier, Tom.383 

Marin, Reymundo.167 

Mariotto, Christie Ann.135 

Marjamaa, Sharel Lee. 233,396 

Marker, John.318,475 

Markham, Fred Kendall.369 

Marks, Gary.443 

Marks, Jill Loren.359 

Marks, Marilyn .435 

Marple, Daymon E.487 

Marquardt, Karen Lee.424 

Marquez, Raymond Jr.265 

Marr, Carla.445 

Marron, Francis W.278 

Marsden, Sheila Ann.460 

Marsh, Du Ann .318 

Marsh, Twila Dawn .24,318 

Marshall, Jan Marie.276 

Marshall, Larry Gene.132,451 

Marshall, Ronald.277,278,318, 


Marshall, Susan Ellen.363 

Martin, Bernice.318 

Martin, Charles F.270 

Martin, Cheryl. 236,441 

Martin, Cindy Lou .363 

Martin, Donald Orr.187 

Martin, Dorothy Laura.133 

Martin, Emma Willetta. 259,318 

Martin, Everett L.241 

Martin, George W.349 

Martin, Jeffrey Dale.496 

Martin, John Kelly Jr. 270,318 

Martin, Linda S.441 

Martin, Margaret.393 

Martin. Mary Virginia . . . .236,279,431 

Martin, Molly E.184,187 

Martin, Randall D.383 

Martin, Robert Curtis.116 

Martinez, Lawrence M.366 

Martinson, Ann. 267,318 

Martinson, Martin Pele.451 

Martonik, Ann R.396 

Marvin, George C.129 

Mason, Cathy Lee.366 

Mason, Katherine.406 

Massey, Elizabeth E.90 

Massie, Barbara Lee.363 

Massie, Linda.368 

Masson, D. Bruce.157 

Masterson, Tom.455 

Matchett, William.165 

Mather, Carolyn M.481 

Mather, Linda.467 

Mathiason, David Arold.184 

Mathisen, Ray.498 

Mathison, Eric Lee.184 

Mathison, Marc.353 

Matrazzo, Bob.429 

Matsumoto, Alan.422 

Matsushima, Alan Y. 252,422 

Mattausch, Sheryl.410 

Matteson, Walter James. 245,249 

Matthewman, Linda.339 

Matthews, Ronald William.318 

Mattingley, Robert M. 226,428 

Mattson, Patricia C. 244,435 

Mauch, Samuel Jr. 260,366 

Maule, Karen Maris.396 

Maves, Ilona Margarete. 276,278 

Maxin, Cindy.135,366 

Maxwell, John M. 280,349 

Maxwell, Stanley.383 

Maxwell, William D.116,383 

Mayberry, Linda. 76,481 

Mayeda, Janis.270,276,416 

Mayer, Kirk Bradford.318,383 

Mayer, Martin D.318 

Mayo, Richard Webster.275 

Meadows, Douglas J.487 

Meagher, Michael .383 

Mealbouse, James .383 

Means, Joseph Earl.412 

Mecartea. Judy Carol. 230,363 

Medak. AlanT. 255,318 

Meddaugh, Shelley L.275 

Medford, Erie Mac.450 

Meehan, John M ichael.494 

Meek, Douglas E.403 

Meeks, Natalie J.416 

Meenach, Harold Ray.349 

Meerdink, Douglas.349 

Mehner, Louise.318,489 

Meier, Richard E.449 

Meller, L. Candie.359 

Mellin, Tim.190,192,272 

Mellis, Robert W.318 

Mellon, Danny P.318,477 

Mellon, Dick.349 

Melius, Andrea Rae.318 

Melson, Bob.123,124,253 

Melville, Melinda lane.406 

Melville, Milly Kay.378 


Meneely, William J.318,349 

Mengedoht, Paul F. 97,475 

Men’s Bowling.132 

Index 525 

Menti, Sonja. 445 

Menzia, Fred. 406 

Mercer, Loren. 416 

Mercereau, Renee. 356 

Meredith, David Paul.108 

Meredith, Jim.105,146 

Merkley, Stephen V .105,138.494 

Merrill, Kirk Thomas. 275,318, 


Merryweather, Kathleen Ann .... 318, 


Mertz, Ann.91,460 

Mertes, James. 226,429 

Messinger, Patrick Lee.78 

Messinger, Susan. 223,410 

Metcalf, Marta.373 

Mettler, Michael Lee.252 

Metzger, Lesley Jean.171,175 

Metzler, Susan Edith. 243,343 

Mewhinney, Mark J.88 

Meyer, Carol Ann.278 

Meyer, Christine Edith.134 

Meyer, Linda. 318,393 

Meyer, Robert W. Jr.i90,267,272, 


Meyers, Penelope Gale.319,411 

Mezger, Walter.439 

Miao, Benny Kuo-Ping.319 

Michael, Larry.455 

Michaelsen, Susan.319,463 

Michaelis, Lynn Otto.276 

Mickas, Michael. 78,472 

Mickelson, Melinda.393 

Mickey, Maureen S.416 

Middleton, Christina.319 

Middleton, Price.493 

Middleton, Sally.447 

Mielke, Cassandra Anne.359 

Mielke, Sue.191,272 

Mikalowski, Pamela Sue.360 

Mikkelsen, Martin C.319 

Miksch, Dean Carl.319 

Mildon, Dan Terry.319 

Miles, Donald W.279,280,432 

Miles, L. Gary.319,369 

Miles, Peter D. Maj.260 

Milholland, Phillip D.353 

Military Science 


Miller, Beverly.356 

Miller, Carmen Rae.363 

Miller, Carol.343 

Miller, Cathleen A.396 

Miller, Chris.406 

Miller, Chris.437 

Miller, Dale Ellis.228 

Miller, Dan.353 

Miller, Dennis.252 

Miller, Denise.447 

Miller, Dixie L. 250,276,319,378 

Miller, Dwight Anthony.451 

Miller, Gary Courtland.457 

Miller, Gregory Lee. 280,416 

Miller, Jacqueline D.396 

Miller, Janice.319 

Miller. Jeffrey Boone.178 

Miller, John P.150 

Miller, John K.150 

Miller, Judith Louise.396 

Miller, Kay.467 

Miller, Marilyn June. 280,378 

Miller, Mary Ann.319,401 

Miller, Morrie L. 287,416 

Miller, Richard Dean.. . 129,469 

Miller, Robert Edward. .. .258,267,277 

Miller, Stephen.190,272,274 

Miller, Thomas J..319,353 

Miller, Virginia Lee.378 

Millerick, Rick.383 

Millhollen, Sue.461 

Milliken, Dennis G. 245,249 

Mills, Jay Robert.469 

Mills, John B.475 

Mills, John L.138,472 

Mills, Pamela Marie.280 

Mills, Steve.319 

Milne, James.472 

Milot, Mary Katherine.453 

Milton, M. Jane.396 

Mims, Anthony Ronald.78 

Minata, Laura.437 

Minch, David John.319 

Miniken, Jeanette M.369 

Minnich, Scott Arthur.219,222 

Minnick, Margo. 56,276,277, 


Minnick, Scott.439 

Miranda, Anthony.383 

Mirosh, Lynn.453 

Missildine, Joanna M.431 

Mitchell, DavidS.252 

Mitchell, Dennis James.78 

Mitchell, Jerry Wayne. 88,443 

Mitchell, Judy.356 

Mitchell, Becky.481 

Mitchell, Dick.491 

Mitchell, Robert Steven.319 

miu-nui, oany. 


Mitchell, Stephen R.161 

Mitley, Ken.270,271,399 

Mitz, John Gregory.128 

Mitzel, Gary.479 

Mitzel, John E.224,319,479 

Mixon, Susan Lea. 237,244 

Mizoguchi, Lon Shimao.319 

Mizomi, Sharon. 320,410 

Mizumoto, Beverly Anne.224 

Mizumoto, Mike. 279,491 

Mizuno, Kerry M. 225,455 

Mobley, Don L. 270,271,320,383 

Mode, Michael.449 

Moe, David Arnold.473 

Moe, Donald 1. 320,473 

Moeller, Claudia. 320,396 

Moeller, Greg. 270,271,277,320, 

Moen, Mary Anne. 320,360 

Moerbeek, Ineke.401 

Mohoric, Jim.487 

Mok, Lily.252 

Molchior, Claudia D.393 

Moll, Jim.190,272 

Molleston, Robert C.399 

Monaghan, A. Keith .163 

Monahan, Christine. 320,396 

Monahan, Michael Brian.78,116 

Monelli, Sylvia Ann.136 

Money, Kathleen Lynn.489 

Monro, Marsha.406 

Monroe, Darrell.403 

Monroe, Lena. 267,356 

Monson, Jody Wayne.399 

Monson, Michele.320 

Montague, Leonard Lyle.432 

Monteiro, Suzanne J.339 

Montford, Karrin June.345 

Montgomery, Clayton Jr.88,116 

Montgomery, Dean M.120,132 

Montgomery, Janis .393 

Mooberry, Jack W.116 

Moody, Bradley.383 

Moody, Maryl .320 

Moon, Lynda Jan.134 

Moon, Mike.124,349 

Moore, Ann Louise.257 

Moore, Becky.76,224,343 

Moore, David J.353 

Moore, Gail.416 

Moore, J. Michael.493 

Moore, Jeff.422 

Moore, Larry W.,320 

Moore, Linda.(424 

Moore, Marcia Lee.393 

Moore, Ronajane. 

Moore, Rosemary M. .364 

Moore, Sandy. 74,481 

Moore, Shirley.357 

Moore, William D. 238,498 

Moorhead, Elaine D.360 

Moos, Angela Thane.369 

Moos, Bill. 78,483 

Moramarco, Douglas Jon.473 

Morasch, Kathy Marie.393 

Morehead, Cathy Ann.75 

Morgan, Alan L.409 

Morgan, Annette.389 

Morgan, Christi Ann.136,378 

Morgan, Howard.207 

Morgan, Scott Richard.485 

Moriarity, Patrick J.450 

Mork, Greg Carlton. 258,412 

Morr, Linda M.406 

Morrell, David Lee.240 

Morris, Barbara J.463 

Morris, Beth Ann. 320,396 

Morris, Curt A.479 

Morris, Don.366 

Morris, Georgia.357 

Morris, James J. 320,403 

Morris, James Roger.255 

Morris, Janice J. 275,320 

Morris, Marcia.. . .343 

Morris, Mary Alison. 76,445 

Morrison, Arianna Louise.401 

Morrison, Becky .487 

Morrison, Dennis J..206 

Morrison, Jane Ann.227,320,401 

Morrison, John Kiley .... 191,224,226 

Morrison, Judith Anne.277 

Morrison, R. Terry.353 

Morrison, Sheri .230,279,445 

Morrisson, Melanie J. 236,445 

Morrone, Michele Marie.369 

Morrow, Brucejames.250 

Morrow, Mike. 227,234 

Morrow, Phyllis.462 

Morrow, Sheryl L.384 

Morse, Gerald.257 

Mortar Board.277 

Morton, Gerald Wayne.93 

Morton, Jane Marie.178,267,435 

Morton, Shirley.357 

Moser, Greg.477 

Moser, Guy.383 

Moses, Stephan Randall. 108,439 

Mosher, Milton M.247 

Mosman, Nancy.393 

Mosman, Patty.461 

Moszeter, Ken. 270,271,320, 


Mott, Gregory A.349 

Mott, Sheila.360 

Mould, Richard Lynn .276,278, 


Moultrie, Dan.399 

Mouncer, Albert Edward.432 

Mount, Howard.180,210 

Mountjoy, Sheila Jean.366 

Mowatt, Marilyn.135 

Mowry, Dwight Dean.97 

Mowrray, James.245 

Moyer, Sue.467 

Mrachek, Mike.485 

Mu Phi Epsilon...275 

Mueller, Charles C.240 

Mukai, Larry. 264,383 

Mulholland, Jo Ann.378 

Muljat, Mark John .228 

Mullins, Lori Ann.369 

Mumma, Rodney.78 

Mundt, Walter C.240 

Munechika, Karen Hisae..291 

Munn, Brad.535 

Munson, Brian P.471 

Munson, Michael Allen.451 

Munter, Phil. . ..399 

Muntz, Andrew J.399 

Murata, Lesley Margo .. . .260,275,378 

Muret, Jan. 260,447 

Murphy, Corinne.406 

Murphy, Daniel Joseph.116 

Murphy, Dave.264 

Murphy, Gail Ann.320 

Murphy, Joan Marie.489 

Murphy, John William . 320,494 

Murphy, Gail Ann.393 

Murphy, Margaret.393 

Murphy, Patricia M. 320,393 

Murray, Dave.353 

Murray, Kay.481 

Murray, Kevin Francis.128 

Murray, Lynda Grace.72 

Murray, Marcia .... 236,463 

Murray, Rick.491 

Muse, Raymond.162 

Mutch, Suzanne.373 

Muzeroll, Craig Lee.477 

Myers, Doug.495 

Myers, Douglas.321 

Myers, Gail Lynne.378 

Myers, Myra Mae.378 

Myers, Linda Diane.445 

Myhre, Les.321 


Naffziger, Eleanor.278 

Nagel, Katherine C.178,437 

Nagle, Jim.234,321,495 

Nagle, Thomas D.493 

Naismith, Bill.483 

Nakagawa, Dean T.. . . 96,253,321,353 

Nakagawa, Pamela H. 321,393 

Nakamura, Wayne A.291 

Nakata, Herbert M.164 

Nanninga, Marcia Ellen.280 

Napier, Nick C. ..'247,321,349 

Nasburg, Margaret Sue.373 

Nason, Mary Kathryn.260 

Natale, Thomas.321 

Nat. Soc. of Int. Design.257 

Natsuhara, Jean T.378 

Naubert, Nancy R.366 

Nauss, Kevin.257 

Nazarenus, Cathy Lynn.416 

Neal, Noreen Elaine.396 

Near, Doug.383 

Nebeker, T. Richard.265 

Neben, Joanne. 76,437 

Neeley, Charles W.455 

Neff, D. Scott. 321,399 

Neff, Lyle.207 

Neigel, Julie. 247,389 


Neill, Gary C.477 

Neill, Jim.443 

Neill, Scott.485 

Neilsen, Karen Lee. 242,378 

Nelsen, Elaine V.378 

Nelsen, Jim.439 

Nelsen, Mike. 321,457 

Nelson, Barbara Jean.378 

Nelson, Carl D. 273,321 

Nelson, Cynde.357 

Nelson, Diane E.393 

Nelson, Fredricka.321,416 

Nelson, Herbert A. Jr.178 

Nelson, Ike.88 

Nelson, James E. 253,321 

Nelson, Janie.292 

Nelson, Karen Lynne.396 

Nelson, Kevin Eugene.97 

Nelson, Lois Madge.378 

Nelson, Lynn Dee.378 

Nelson, Mary Ann.396 

Nelson, Nancy.467 

Nelson, Neal Norman .115 

Nelson, Pam.339 

Nelson, Pam.435 

Nelson, Richard S.321 

Nelson, Robert Dwain.258 

Nelson, Scott Andrew.368 

Nelson, Sharon Frances.137 

Nelson. Vicki. 321,447 

Nelson, Vicki.321 

Nelson, W. Bruce.222,429 

Nemeth, Karen Barnhart.321 

Ness, Shirley. 244,339 

Neudorfer, Bob.383 

Neufer, Nancy.357 

Neugebauer, John A.432 

Nevenachwander, Sibyl E.427 

Neville, Marianne.393 

Nevin, Jack Frederick.399 

Newcomb, Alan R. 321,477 

Newcomb, Amy Jo.242 

Newell, Robert Andrew.276,278, 


Newell, William D.321 

New house, David.429 

New house, Jim. 321,429 

Newhouse, Laura Ruth.431 

New house, Linda Gayle.431 

New land, Mark Simon.473 

Newson, Ervin Leonard.78 

Ng, Henry Ngai Keung.276 

Ng, Kin Yan.276 

Ng,Yuk, Ching.276 

Niazi, Imran Khalid. 286,349 

Niazi, Sarfaraz..286 

Nicholas, Lawrence A.267 

Nicholes, Patricia Ann.321 

Nicholl, Ronald Glenn.252 

Nichols, Mina Louise.465 

Nichols, Olin.483 

Nicholson, Ernie.475 

Nicholson, Sid .383 

Nickerson, Jean.339 

Nicley, Warren.491 

Niederkleine, Gene.399 

Niehl, Robert Edward.108,116 

Nielsen, Barb.424 

Nielsen, Connie Lou . 276,277 

Nielsen, Cindy.445 

Nielsen, James Joseph ..105 

Nielsen, Ken.254 

Nielsen, Marilyn Anne.360 

Nielsen, Nancy.276 

Nielson, James M..150 

Niemi, Kelly Curtis.321 

Nilan, Judy.192,223,236,280 

526 Index 

Nilles, Richard Lee.237 

Nimbar, Judith Marie.406 

Nipper, James Marcus.238 

Nishida, Glenn Akio.450 

Nishitani, J oan.373 

Nissen, Carl Anthony.241 

Nissen, Steven L.321 

Nix, David L.112,113 

Nix, Marilyn.360 

Nixon, Phillip R.485 

Nixon, Suzanne. 267,453 

Nkambule, Harry Sikelela.321 

Noble, Craig Edward.473 

Noble, Duane L.485 

Noble, Lawrence D. 255,321 

Noble, Susan Louise.275,280,465 

Noblit, Jim.383 

Nocrenberg, Cathleen A.378 

Nojd, Martha.445 

Nolen, Autumn .340 

Nolen, Helen.321 

NS.'timier, Christine A.3% 

Noi‘>erg, Richard M. Jr. .144 

Nordeen, David C..497 

Norden, Cheryl Ann.378 

Nordquist, David.278 

Noren, Jane Elizabeth. 228,230 

Normand, James Robert. 322,416 

Norquist, Scott W.451 

Nome, Vicki Jo.489 

Norris, Mark.113,485 

Norris, Peg.474 

North America Indian 


Northrup, Catherine ... ... .212 

Norton, Linda Diane.378 

Norton, Linda Jean. 322,345 

Nosko, Nancy Lee.339 

Noskowiak, Arthur F.247 

Nottingham, Jon P. 277,322 

Nourse, Candy.416 

Nourse, Sandra.322 

Novacoff, Denise.178,267,435 

Novotney, Thomas Frank.457 

Noyes, Paula Jean.322 

Nurmi, William John.473 

Nutter, Marilee.406 

Nyberg, Chris.280,393 

Nygard, Lynn Marie.360 

Nyman, Carl J.201 


Oakley, Andrew J.275 

Oates, James Tripple.279 

O'Banion, Jim.443 

Oberg, Christy.72,232,447 

Oberg, Janey Lynn. 236,447 

Oberleitner, Kris. 292,463 

O’Brien, George M.322 

O’Connell, Mary M.360 

Oden, Melvin LeRoy. 253,322 

Oden, DiAnn.136 

Odenrider, David W.242 

Odenrider, Jed.242 

Odenrider, Linda.242 

Odman, Julia Caroline.489 

Odne, Linda Lee. 322,368 

O’Donnell, Douglas A.322 

O'Donnell, Jo Anne. 227,230 

Oehlert, Curt.459 

Oelschlaeger, Charles.457 


Oggs, James Roy.78 

Ogle, Darlene Kay. 275,340 

Ogle, Donna Mae.465 

Ohrberg, Janet Eloise.132 

Ohrt, Randall William.469 

Oka, Lynn .133,393 

O'Keefe, Mary Kay. 276,278 

O’Keefe, Susan.228,322,445 

O'Keeffe, Teresa Conene.389 

Okonek, Les.495 

Oldham, Greg.416 

O'Leary, Nora Marie.378 

O’Leyar, Gary Lee.479 

Oliver, Sue.463 

Oliver, Janis.463 

Oliver, Mark.350 

Oliver, Rick. 283,350 

Olliver, Robert D.483 

Ollom, Noralyn. 280,357 

Olrogg, Beth. 62,481 

Olsen, Carol L...225 

Olsen, Glen .373 

Olsen, Judy.389 

Olsen, Richard John.116 

Olsen, Ron.383 

Olsoe, Leslie.242,280,461 

Olson, Ann Tona.270,271,441 

Olson, Barbara Ellen. 230,441 

Olson, Carolyn.276,322,373 

Olson, Cheryl Ann.279 

Olson, Eric B.252 

Olson, Gretchen V. 236,461 

Olson, John Edward Jr.245 

Olson, Kyle Lee.495 

Olson, Larry Michael.473 

Olson, Linda S.437 

Olson, Pamela Ann.393 

Olson, Paul M.483 

Olson, Randall Keith.471 

Olson, Reed Lawrence.451 

Olson, Steve.498 

Olson, Terry.427 

Olson, Tim.491 

Oman, Rhea.357 

Oman, Gary Edward. 280,469 

Omans, R.D. Warren.366 

O'Mary, Clayton C.241 

O'Mary, Gary.280 

Omicron Nu.259 

O'NealS. Kim.378 

O'Neil, Erin. 236,461 

O’Neil, Francis IV.322 

O’Neil, Mary Lou.407 

O’Neil Mike.498 

O'Neil, Patrick D.487 

O’Neil, Patrick Howard.473 

O'Neill, Maureen Anne.226 

O’Neil, Tome Sue.396 

Onwunali, James U.416 

Opakunle, Wilfred 0.128 

Oppie, Janice Irene.360 

Organ, Dave.353 

Orser, Susan.463 


Orth, Raleigh Shreve.276 

Ortner, Monne. 322,453 

Ortolf, Tom Allen.473 

Orton, Bonnie Lee.416 

Orton, Christy Lynn.340 

Orton, Douglas Howard.322 

Lyle McGlothlin, assistant head photographer. Student Photography 

Index 527 

Ortner, Monne Ruth.277 

Osborn, J udy.264 

Osborne, Gary Scott.88 

Oseth, Michele.. 322,453 

Osgard, Peter Michael.485 

Oshima, Jeanne Jyunko. 322,341 

Oskamp, Paul Lewis.233 

Osterberg, Candance L.378 

Ostermann, Stephen R.88 

Ostrangcr, Janies 0.432 

Oswald, Gayle.401 

Oswald, Virginia Susan.465 

Oswood, Judith Lee.32£ 

Oswood, Mark Warren. 276,322 

Otncss, Carole...389 

O’Toole, Barbara Ann.133’ 

Ott, Peggy Joy.136 

Ott, Richard L.169 

Ottcm, Martin Philip .322 

Ousley, Nancy Kay.465 

Outing Club.288 

Outland, Harriet. 243,369 

Overby, William M.416 

Overland, Eunice Irene.246 

Overton, Fertiss L. Jr.88 

Owen, Jo Ann Marie.285 

Owen, Martin . 285,399 

Owens, Ed. 280,399 

Ozolin, Elmer W.399 


Packer, Dennis 0.498 

Page, David L.383 

Page, Marta R. 


Paine, Kenneth. 


Paine, Patti. 


Paine, Ty Carl. 


Painter, Mark William . . 


Pakistan Students. .. 

. 286 

Palady, Phil Ralph. 


Palermo, Carol Anne . . . 


Palmer, Christine Lee . . 


Palmer, Mark Alton. . . . 

. 276,322 

Palmiero, Fred |oe. 

. 323,429 

Paluck, Michael Lewis. . 


Paluck, Anne. 


Paluck. Ann. 


Panhellenic . 

. 236 

Pankey, Robb. 


Papenfuse, R. Kaare . . . . 


Paradise, Paul Richard . . 


Parcher, Gregory J. 


Parent, Michael Kelly . . 


Pariseau, Marianne . . . . 


Parish, Terry Lee. 


Parker, Chris. 


Parker, Claudia. 

. 74,447 

Parker, Kim Adair. 


Parker, Richard A. 


Parkhurst, Carol Ann . . . 

. .275,276,411 

Parkinson, Wendy Sue . . 


Parks, Bradley Dean. . . . 


Parks, Gayle.134,135,254,323,378 

Parks, Kathryn Ann . . . . 


Parks, Linda J. 

. 275,366 

Parks, Robert Michael . . 


Parks, Shelley Lynn . . . . 

. .236,259,441 

Parmenter, Melvin . . . 


Parmley, Rebecca . . . . 

. 323,360 

Parr, Ray. 


Parr, Bob. 

.... 138.260.264 

Parrish, Jay B. 


Parrish, Ronald. 


Parrish, Stanton Craig 


Parsons, Gail W. 


Parsons, Gail W. 


Parsons, Jim. 

. 264,412 

Parsons, Jeffrey D.. . . 


Parsons, Lucinda . . . . 


Partridge, Liza. 


Parvin, Calvin. 

. 243,416 

Pasicznyk, Mikki . . . . 


Pasquan, Albert L. . . . 


Patch, Stephen Jay . . . 


Patmore, Sharon. 


Patrick, Robert F. . . . 


Patrizzi, Mary. 


Patrus, John. 


Patterson, Armenious. 


Patterson, Mark. 


Patterson, Norman C. 


Patterson, Pat. 


Patterson, Patricia J. . 


Patterson, Patricia L.. 


Patterson, Wayne K. . 


Pattison, Ruth Yvonne.378 

Patton, James Curtis . 


Patton, Robert Bruce . 


Paul, Donald Ray Jr. . 


Paul, Karla M. 


Paul, Wendy L. 


Paulsen, Carol Ann. . .396 

Paulsen, Susan Louise.223 

Paulson, Debbie.435 

Paulson, Dick.108,479 

Paulson, Janice Elaine.250 

Paulson, Sue.435 

Pavey, Gordon Bruce.282 

Pavlovsky, Victoria M.275 

Paxson, Beth.366 

Payne, Diane E.416 

Payne, Eugene R.416 

Payne, Rhonda.369 

Payton, Norbert.116 

Peach, Don.498 

Pearce, Paris M. 323,416 

Pearson, Audrey L.401 

Pearson, Ellen Louise. 75,279 

Pearson, James Robert. .. .276,323,399 

Pearson, Larry B.469 

Pearson, Marcia. 279,467 

Pearson, Randy.416 

Pearson, Steve R.251,416,491 

Pease, Marilyn.323 

Pease, Stanley Thomas.412 

Peasley, Nancy. 323,437 

Peavey, Tom . 252,443 

Peck, Charles.88,108,350 

Peckenpaugh, Douglas A.439 

Peck ham, Mary.133,357 

Pedersen, HannesG. 323,399 

Pedersen, Martin Peter.451 

Pederson, Dee .407 

Peekema, Tom.383 

Peel, Michele Sylvia.396 

Tony Wiggins, photographer. Student Photography 

528 Index 

Pellegrini, Janice. 323,401 

PEM Club.254 

Pemberton, Samuel H. Jr.276 

Pence, Marc Leonard.78 

Pence, William.218 

Pendlebury, Joyce Lee.396 

Peng, Songmei Chen .323 

Pengelly, Ronald G.116 

Pennell, Roger T.485 

Penniman, Bonnie Mary.378 

Pennington, Janice L.283 

Penny, George Scott.180 

Penoyar, Bill.192,455 

Pepich, Jonel S.341 

Percich, Daniel George.88 

Perez, Manuel.138 

Perez, Pete.274 

Perez, Starr Dawn.278 


Perini, Michael. 264,267 

Perkins, Orla.416 

Perkins, Pam .136,341 

Perkins, Terry. 278,323 

Permentcr, Terry.323,343,383 

Pcrreira, Janifer A.407 

Pcrreira, Signe.407 

Perry, Ann L. 323,393 

Perry, Christine.360 

Perry, George F.323 

Perry, George.253 

Perry, Linda Lee.431 

Perry, Lynn.389 

Perry, Michelle Kristine.187,323 

Perry, Russel Gene .433 

Pete, Craig Warren .409 

Peters, Alice Esther.276 

Peters, Terry. 238,323 

Petersen, Jane Storey.323 

Petersen, Susan Elaine.339 

Peterson, Anne.427 

Peterson, Cynthia A.369 

Peterson, Darlene K.416 

Peterson, Dick.112,113 

Peterson, Donna Lois.244 

Peterson, Eileen A.357 

Peterson, Eileen Sue.292 

Peterson, Glenn.278 

Peterson, H. James .459 

Peterson, James H. 238,323 

Peterson, Karen.424 

Peterson, Kathryn Roach. 276,278 

Peterson, Kevin.455 

Peterson, Les.475 

Peterson. Rembie L.133,267,364 

Peterson, Suzanne Kay .133,407 

Peterson. Walfred H.278 

Peterson, Wayne Andrew.443 

Peterson, William A..276 

Peth, Janice Lynn. 242,243 

Peth, Liza Gale.242 

Petow, Penny.396 

Petrie, Sally Jane. 276,278 

Petterson, John Eric . 280,416 

Petterson, Julie .277 

Pettis, Karen Louise .487 

Pettit, Ghery St. John.350 

Pettit, S. Sgt. Gilbert.265 

Pettit, Jerald.383 

Pcwe, Jeff. 276,278,323,473 

Pewe, Pam.73,222,463 

Pfaff, Dennis L.. . ..487 

Pfaff, Shannon Louise.396 

Pfaff, Vincent N. Jr. 253,323 

Pfeffer, Penney Ann.73,224,236 

Phares, Malcolm.455 

Pheasant, Kay. 323,389 

Phelan, Kathy.91,463 

Phelps, Linda Carol.241 

Phi Beta Kappa.278 

Phi Chi Theta.250 

Phi Delta Theta.472 

Phi Eta Sigma.279 

Phi Gamma Delta.451 

Phi Kappa Phi.276 

Phi Kappa Tau.474 

Phi Kappa Theta.476 

Phi Mu Alpha.283 

Phi Sigma Kappa.478 

Phi Epsilon Kappa.253 

Phillco, Jackie.136,254 

Phillips, Christine A.280 

Phillips, Cindy Ann.396 

Phillips, Frederick R.78 

Phillips, Kay Lynne.323 

Phillips, Mary.416 

Philopant, James W. 251,491 

Phisuthikul, Chakorn.279 

Photo Research.193 


Pi Beta Phi .480 

Pi Kappa Alpha.482 

Pi Tau Iota.273 

Picha Doug.108,439 

Pickens, Cheryl Elaine.250 

Pickens, Sally Ann.250 

Pickering, Randy Royal.78 

Pickett, Richard D.416 

Pierce, Emmet Eugene.184,187 

Pierce, Kim.357 

Pierce, Terry C.451 

Pierson, Deborah.489 

Pieti, Kris. 280,424 

Pilkey, Anne Alice.280 

Pinckney, Scott R.383 

Pinckney, Susan M.396 

Piper, Leiza.389 

Piper, Pamela Ann.366 

Pipes, Gail.407 

Pippy, Gerald.264 

Pirie, Doreen Sue.91,225,431 

Pischcl, Lark.339 

Pitlo, Linda May. 276,323 

Pittam, Alan Richard.223 

Pittman, Robert C.384 

Plath, Robert James.323 

Player, Dorothy Ann.357 

Pleasant, Kathy Ann.323 

Ploeger, Cary.393 

Plowden, Joan.424 

Plummer, Sally Jean. 230,323 

Pockert, Janie. 323,424 

Poe, Janet E. 279,453 

Poe, Thomas John Jr.88 

Poelker, Winnie.124 

Poffenroth, Arleen. 323,357 

Poffenroth, Sharon.357 

Poindexter, William.210 

Poirier, Nancy P.393 

Pokrifchak, Constance.270,271, 


Polinder, Onalee Ruth.339 

Polk, Ronald Eugene.270 

Polkinghorne, Gail A.134,323,437 

Pollock, Robert C. 326,449 

Polumsky, Jeanine Lee.243 

Polwarth, Robert Jay.278 

Poole, Yvonne Rene.378 

Poon, Terence Kin Hong.280 

Poor, Rhonda. 226,463 

Poorte, Jena Voorde.360 

Popelka, Anne Marie.396 

Porter, Carol Alison.393 

Porter, James David Jr.120,132 

Porter, Susan.463 

Post, Laurienne.133,233,278,341 

Potter, Nancy Marie.230 

Potter, Pam.326 

Potter, Stephen Cecil.124,234 

Povroznik, Marcia.343 

Powell, Albert E. Jr.240,280.416 

Powell, Dave C.255 

Powell, Dina L.276,278,326 

Powell, Jim .254 

Powell, Linda Marie.72 

Powell, Peggy.326 

Powell, Stephen G. 326,364 

Powell, Susan Marie.360 

Powell, Terry Rae.441 

Powers, Pamela.341 

Powers, Suzi.55,74,453 

Prante, A1.366 

Pratt, Jan.343 

Prenguher, Bruce. 223,443 

Prenguber, Thomas R.188 

Preston, Cathy.339 

Price, Terry Jay.457 

Prichard, Robin.373 

Pride, Charles. 326,373 

Prindle, Donald B.384 

Prindle, John Franklin.283 

Prock, David Allen.384 

Proffitt, Cindy.345 

Prothero, Marilyn .411 

Prouty, Lisa Ann.378 

Prudente, Paul Alan.386 

Pruss, Gerald Mark.278 

Puccinelli, Richard A.88 

Pugh, Lynnette.369 

Pullam, Linda .357 

Pumphrey, Jane E.259 

Puri, Arun.258 

Puskar, Mark S.487 

Putnam, Fred. 350,412 

Putnam, Julia Sarah.360 

Putnam, William Harold.246 

Pyne, Teresa M. 276,278 

Pynor, Kathi.91,481 


Quackenhush, Nancy Kay.341 

Quackenbush, Susan Ann .54, 


Quann, Charles James.202 

Quast, Philip William. 271,326 

Quesenbury, Sheila L.463 

Quick, Linda Kay .407 

Quigley, Thomas R.439 

Quintasket, Edward L.96 


Rabenstein, Diane J. 326,407 

Rabie, Donna M. 278,326 

Racicky, Randall James.234 

Radburn, William F.251 

Radford, Dean.184,187,274 

Raff, Bob.273 

Ragan, Steven Douglas.450 

Ragland, Jim.192 

Raisner, William M.144 

Rajala, Dave.267 

Rajendra, Ernest B.366 

Raleigh, Margie.277 

Rambo, Jeffrey J.409 

Rambo, Marilyn. 326,357 

Rambow, Dan .267 

Ramsdell, Miles P.260 

Randa, Lynn Marie.465 

Randall, Ann Carol .233 

Randall, Charles W.128 

Randall, Patricia Anne.360 

Randall, Terry.422 

Randall, Thomas Edward .... 326,384 

Randles, Bill. 240,326 

Randles, Robin.427 

Randolph, James .131,353 

Randolph, Kevin H.416 

Range Management.245 

Rapp, Dennis C.255,258,369 

Raska, Ronald J.247,327,353 

Rasmussen, Anne Louise.424 

Rasmussen, Lowell W.150 

Rasmussen, R. Stephen.479 

Rasmussen, Sharon Kay.327 

Rasul, Ejaz.286 

Ratcliffe. William W.473 

Rathbone, Anne.343 

Rathbun, Gordon D.422 

Rau, Jennifer.178,345 

Rawlings, Richard M.105 

Ray, B. Roger.161 

Ray, Diana.389 

Ray, Linda Marie.360 

Rayburn, Jeanie.267 

Raymaker, Allan Miles.327 

Rea, Dennis.485 

Reardon, Tricia.360 

Reddick, James D.228.253,353 

Red ford, Douglas Earl.240 

Redhead, Norman S.327 

Reding, Richard. 247,416 

Redmond, Carmen.341 

Redmond, Clinton.88 

Redman, Mary Jo . 230,270,271, 


Recce, Geoffrey Robert.88 

Reece, Patrick Eldon.245 

Reed, Carla.401 

Reed, Christopher G.495 

Reed, Donna Lynn. 230,378 

Reed, Patrick N.407 

Reed, Paula.445 

Reed, Vallery.357 

Reeder, Kim.88,288,487 

Reeder, Lynne.416 

Reeder, Sheila.453 

Rees, Becky. ..453 

Reese, Daniel.422 

Reese, Tom.399 

Reeves, Jackie.339 

Reffett, Sharon Elaine. 224,489 

Regan, Judy.368 

Regan, Rodrick, Milton.253 


Rehberg, Wallace A.238 

Reich, Katherine M.417 

Reich, Peggy L. 393 

Reid, Diane Marie.417 

Reid, Pamela.276,327,401 

Reif, Stephanie.461 

Reinbold, Orlin P.245 

Reinhardt, Peggy Ellen.227 

Reinhardt, Thomas H.412 

Reish, Pat. 327,396 

Reitan, Lucinda M.327 

Reitcheck, Clement J.417 

Rejniak, Nerea Vanira.327 

Remen, Joan.357 

Remington, James W. 327,485 

Renberg, Paul Stuart.115 

Renggli, Douglas Edwin.247 

Renner, Dean Michael.258 

Renner, Bob.267 

Rennerlind, Mark.228 

Renoe, Brian W. 276,278 

Rettstadt, Charles Jr.275 

Reves, Caren Ruth.396 

Reyburn, Carol. 327,441 

Reyburn, Jcannie.345 

Reynolds, David A.407 

Reynolds, David.253 

Reynolds, Dean Albert.129 

Reynolds, Thomas P.477 

Rezvani, Saiid .417 

Rczvani, Vahid .327 


Rhea, Sue E.357 


Rhodes, Anna Gale .327 

Rhodes, Kristi Marie.393 

Rhodes, Sally.417 

Rhodes, Stan.493 

Rhone, Tom. 224,493 

Ricarte, Stephen Lee. 327,417 

Rice, Barbara.339 

Rice, Becky.417 

Rice, Connie A.135,136,254,364 

Rice, Elizabeth K. 276.278 

Rice, Ronald Frederick.327 

Rich, Randi C.417 

Richard, Terry.184,187,274,417 

Richards, Clark..469 

Richards, Jan Laura.407 

Richards, Tracy D. 292,467 

Richardson, D. Thomas . . .253,327,353 

Richardson, Deane.481 

Richardson, Paul Keith. 327,368 

Richer, Joseph F.78 

Riches, Wayne. 279,280 

Richmond, Jo Ann.327 

Richmond, Larry Ralph. 234,450 

Richmond, Nancy.237,241,327 

Richmond, Raymond L. Jr. . . .240,241, 


Richter, Elsbcth.453 

Rickerson, Victoria.373 

Rickert, Mike.493 

Rickner, Patricia H.134,135 

Riddle, Thomas Wayne.276 

Rider, Jeffrey Mawson.327 

Ridgway, Clifford .451 

Ridlington, Joe Donald.96 

Riedasch, Eleen.341 

Riege, Kjell Krohn. 327,479 

Rieger, Terry.435 

Rieha, Nancy L. 327,393 

Riehl, Glenn Ted.258 

Riehlc, Daniel C.459 

Riehle, Mike.254 

Riehle, Rich Paul. 328,459 

Riehle, Wayne G..234.238,459 

Riesen, Gary Alan.188,433 

Rightmire, Deborah.327, 481 

Rightmire, Becki. 225,481 

Riley, Pamela Kaye.378 

Rinaldi, Tanya. 259,445 

Rippee, Don.417 

Riseborough, John C.327 

Risley, J ill. 279,424 

Ristau, W. Wayne.93 

Ritchie, Catherine Ann.276 

Rittenhouse, Harry G.273 

Rivers, Marcia Jo.396 

Roach, Barry. 327,485 

Roalsvig, Christine L.378 

Robar, Scott L.475 

Robb, Dana Louise. 75,401 

Robb, James Maxwell.88 

Robbins, Tim. 86,439 

Index 529 

Roberson, Mary C.396 

Roberts, BethJ.407 

Roberts, Daniel C. 244,459 

Roberts, Diana Lynn.242,243,431 

Roberts, Harvey W.223 

Roberts, Hilda B.165 

Roberts, John Merrill.399 

Roberts, June.150,240 

Roberts, Keith.190,272,327,417 

Roberts, Kerry L.399 

Roberts, Marcia.327 

Roberts, Pam. 67,242,267,431 

Roberts, Stephen A.88 

Robertson, Benine H.489 

Robertson, Jean.54,327,467 

Robertson, John H.328 

Robertson, Ken.443 

Robertson, Mike.477 

Robertson, Susan.328 

Robinette, Tom.439 

Robinson, Evelyn R.373 

Robinson, Lee Alan.384 

Robinson, Mary.357 

Robinson, Thomas Emery.93 

Roche, Ben F. Jr.245 

Roche, Robert James.120 

Rockey, Linda Marie. 328,345 

Rodda, Karen L.73,91,222,279, 


Rodda, Kathleen L. 73,91,222,467 


Rodland, Barry Burton.473 

Rodstol, James Henry.353 

Roe, Linda. 328,481 

Roebcr, John P.495 

Roedel, Melissa Jane.378 

Roepcke, Yvonna Marie.230 


Rogers, A. Gail.259 

Rogers, A1.192 

Rogers, Jim.329 

Rogers, John Ernest.273 

Rogers, Kathi Marie.396 

Rogers, Patrick.108,491 

Rogers, Paula Sue. 390,396 

Rogers, William.384 

Rohner, Greg Lee.280 

Rohr, James Edward.96 

Rohr, Jerry Joe. 240,245 

Rohr, Laura Lea.259 

Rohrbach, Eric.403 

Robrmann, Joanna E.460 

Rohrs, Wendy Ann.341 

Rohwedder, Linda Jean.360 

Rohwer, Randy. 329,433 

Rohwer, Rex Jay.433 

Rokkan, George S. 329,350 

Roll, Kathie.417 

Roloff, Marilee Kay.219 

Roloff, Stephanie Ann. 280,393 

Romberg, Harold.207 

Rome, Russell Stanley.144 

Rommel, Bruce Douglas. . . 187,274,532 

Roozen, Leonard M.493 

Rorem, Dave.116,471 

Rosage, Edward Norbert. 249 

Rose, Chris. 357 

Roseburg, Thomas S.328 

Rosenau, Robin R.245,249,409 

Rosen tangle, Andrea .447 

Ross, Carol.328 

Ross, Cheryl Ann.368 

Ross, Jo Ann.343 

Ross, John R.422 

Ross, Timothy Jack.328 

Rossano, Renee.424 

Rossier, Alan. 275,276 

Rossing, Robin Joy.393 

Rossolo, Hugh.222,234,449 

Rost, Crystal E. 243,369 

Rosvall, Pete.495 

Roswell, Debi.447 


Roth, Nancy Lee. 76,467 

Rothery, Dave Donald.417 

Rothnie, Jean.369 

Rowand, Tim.483 

Rowe, Bob.422 

Rowe, Curtis E.276,328,399 

Rowe, Judy Ann. 54,378 

Rowett, DuaneS.498 

Rowing Club.144 

Rowland, Delene Rae.134,461 

Rowlett, Steven.403 

Rowley. Frances Rose. 250,329 

Rowley, Marcia.357 

Rowse, R. Brian.384 

Roy, Karen.275 


Rozelle, Mike. 245,249,329,417 

Rucker, Dick .455 

Ruddach, Randy.328 

Ruddell, George.328 

Rudsdil, Candy.393 

Rudy, Ken.384 

Ruf, Major Francis J. 265,269 

Rugg, Dennis.279,280,373 

Ruitenbeck, Susy.407 

Rupp, Barry Lee. 270,276 

Rush, J udy.389 

Rush, Steve.451 

Russell, Ann L.393 

Russell, Don. 226,422 

Russell, Jan.357 

Russell, Linda Marie.328 

Russell, Roger J.439 

Ruther, Jan.360 

Ruthford, Carolyn Alys.364 

Rutherford, Mary Ann.328 

Rust, Martha.137,396 

Rutherford, Susan.279 

Ruttkay, Sue.137,369 

Ruud, Mary Elaine.378 

Ruzicka, Irene Marie.378 

Ryan, Cheryl Jeanne. 329,360 

Ryan, Gordon G.329 

Ryan, J. Randy. 328,491 

Ryan, Kathryn Anne.188 

Ryan, Kathleen E.441 

Ryan, Ronald Dale. 267,328 

Ryan, Wendy Lee.247 


Sablin, Karen Jean. 222,280 

Sackett, Richard Earl.128,366 

Saekmann, Debbie.424 

Sadick, David J.234,328,495 

Sadler, Catherine L.276 

Saffel, Kerry.389 

Sagdahl, Nancy.407 

Sage, Patricia Mae.465 

Sagli, Marilyn J.393 

Sagstad, Cathi.393 

Sahlberg, Thomas V.471 

Saige, Patty.283 

St.John, Kenneth James.267 

Salisbury, W. Kent.369 

Salladay, Paul Edward.409 

Sallquist, Sylvia Lea. 223,276, 


Salmon, Kathy.445 

Salvadalena, Doug. 328,422 

Salvadalena, Loretta R. 259,417 

Salvatore, Joseph M.191,292,328, 



Sample, Charles R. 240,384 

Sample, Debra Jean. 75,345 

Sandahl, Richard C.260 

Sandberg, Katherine L.369 

Sande, Janet.481 

Sanders, David Wade.224 

Sanders, Leon.223,225,471 

Sanders, Yvonne Diane.489 

Sandison, Andrea Jean.437 

Sandmeyer, Frederick.451 

Sands, Sindy. 279,389 

Sandvig, Constance E..378 

Sanford, R.0.129 

Sanford, William Alpha.78,163 

Santman, Gerald L.493 

Sappenfield, Steve.192,272 

Sarchet, Gail.55,91,481 

Sargent, Colleen Kay.361 

Sargent, Stanley Alan.473 

Sarta, Denise.236 

Sartz, Denise Ann. 73,431 

Sarver, Richard.384 

Sasaki, Don Richard.129,429 

Sather, Steve.491 

Satre, Clark Wendell.329 

Satre, Debbie.417 

Satterfield, Jim.493 

Saubert, Carl W. IV.253 

Saul, William F.366 

Saulie, Mary Kay.345 

Saunders, Michael S.366 

Saunders, Stephen .366 

Savage, J. Craig.190,192,272 

Savage, Julie K. 329,424 

Savland, Karen.339 

Sawaya, Wajih Nicola.286 

Sawtells, Loretta Mae.361 

Sawyer, Penny J.417 

Sayler, Sandra Lee.242 

Scabbard and Blades..264 

Seaman, Mary Jo. 276,277,278, 

328 481 

Schaaf, Norm P. 233,366 

Schaefer, Susie.357 

Schafer, Diane Lanctte.233 

Scharf, James Irving.275 

Scharnhorst, Carol L.369 

Schaub, David Sander.328 

Schauerinann, Craig.366 

Schauerman, Teresa K.339 

Scheckels, Christy.345 

Scheel, Gaye Lynn.361 

Scheel, Mary Lynn.401 

Scheer, Linda.339 

Schell, Dale .535 

Schell, Gary Emil.171,180,238, 


Schell, Susan Kay.275 

Schenk, Nancy.401 

Scheuerman, Richard D.459 

Schillberg, Carmen M.489 

Schimpf, Bruce Dale .128 

Schindler, Lyle.495 

Schirr, Jo Janel.378 

Schjeliand, Kathy.137 

Schlect, Chris Earl.219,433 

Schlect, Neal.329 

Schlecht, Robert. 329,483 

Sehleuter, Genanne C.244 

Schlicher, Peter C.132 

Schmauder, Glenn R.260,329,429 

Schmidlen, Michael E.78 

Schmidt, Dale Allen.247 

Schmidt, Eugene Joseph.123 

Schmidt, Frank M.469 

Schmidt, Ginnie.392 

Schmidt, Kathleen.401 

Schmidt, Rhonda. 283,357 

Schmidt, Terri.435 

Schmidt, Terrie Jo.135,230,279 

Schmidtman, Ki^k.279,280,433 

Schmierer, Michael J.329 

Schneider, Dale. 329,483 

Schneider, Frances L. 242,431 

Schneider, Patricia A..71 

Schneidmiller, Gary. 329,459 

Schnell, Daniel Philip.491 

Schnell, Michael.491 

Schoch, Debbie.91,329,461 

Schoeff, Sally Jeal . 236,489 

Schoenberg, Richard A.242 

Schoener, A1.255 

Schons, Mark Frederick.260 

Schorr, Cindy Lee. 225,461 

Schott, Janet. 292,447 

Schott, Katherine.329 

Schrader, Sally Ann.276,277,278 

Schrag, Michael. 245,249,276, 


Schrenk, Ernest.21 8 

Schroedel, Jean Reith.378 

Schroeder, Barb. 86,467 

Schuchman, Mary Lou.373 

Schuh, Cyndie.73,219,453 

Schuman, John T. Jr.353 

Schultheis, Mark.350 

Schultz, Marcie.329 

Schumaker, Liane. 270,271,279, 


Schupp, Kay A. 329,461 

Schuster, Ellen Louise. 280,341 

Schut, Donald.255 

Schutt, Robert A. 224,274,328,417 

Schwartze, Daniel.366 

Schwartz, William A.328 

Schwarz, Linda Margaret .... 242,329 

Schwisow, Randi Kay.378 

Scobie, Virginia Ann. 259,276 



Scott, Carole.393 

Scott, David M.156 

Scott, Liz. 368,369 

Scott, Galen L.498 

Scott, Harold. 329,495 

Scott, J. Richard. 329,384 

Scott, Joan.76,257,481 

Scott, Judith Gail Converse.417 

Scott, Lynne.366 

Scott, Paul.254 

Scott, Rich. 243,278 

Scott, Sally Larraine. 368,369 

Scrymgeour, John.417 

Seabury, Meg.73,329,463 

Seals, Rita Kay.431 

Seaman, Janet. 368,369 

Seaman, Laurence R.129 

Sears, Orvil C. Jr.243 

Sebby, Eric Donovan.253 

Sebastian, Annette E. 280,341 

Sebby, Kolleen Kirsten.453 

Sebens, Thomas B.329 

Secor, Michael.105,366 

Secreto, Gail.411 

Sedenquist, Judy L.136,373 

Sedlacek, Gordon M.228 

Sedwick, Kitten. 224,417 

Seehafer, Carol.244 

Seeley, Cathleen M.236 

Seibolt, Catherine Elaine.417 

Seidel, Linda Rae. 243,361 

Seiffert, Randy D.369 

Seigneuret, Jean C.164 

Seiler, Nickey.393 

Seimer, Diane Elaine.396 

Seipp, Dennis.469 

Seitz, Jon.487 

Seligmiller, Marc R.287 

Sellers, Thomas Lee.123,433 

Semmens, Phillip D.260 

Semmler, Bill.I 77,267,282,433 


Sennert, Sue.364 

Sen ter, Bart.439 

Settle, Anne.424 

Settle, David.471 

Setzer, Jeanette Marie.393 

Sewell, Margaret. 223,435 

Seymour, Judy Cheryl.465 

Seymour, Steven Michael. 330,417 

Shackelton, Leslee Ann .. 259,330,361 

Shaeffer, James L. 330,373 

Shah, Syed Iqbal.286 

Shallow, Linda Karen.396 

Shane, Robert Alan. 88,384 

Shank, Carolyn Ann.225 

Shanks, Veda C. 91,135,254,461 

Shanley, James D.83 

Shannon, Patricia Jean.76 

Sharp, Elizabeth Ann.378 

Sharrar, J erry J.366 

Sharratt, Gene C.384 

Shaft, Julie.437 

Shaub, Russell E.485 

Shaw, Chas Gardner.149 

Shaw, Edward G. 255,330 

Shaw, Gloria.345 

Shaw, Jon.429 

Shaw, Sue.393 

Shay, Robert Martin.384 

Shea, George.477 

Sheaffer, Robin Lynne.330 

Shcahan, Don L.429 

Sheahan, Michael Ray.429 

Shearer, Dave.353 

Sheehy, Robert C.417 

Shelby, Robert Brown. 69,457 

Shelland, Susan J.401 

Shelley, Robert M.270 

Shelton, Annette Irene.396 

Shelton, Linda.427 

Shelton, Paul Pitt III. 276,278 

Shelton, Richard 0. 276,278 

Shemet, Amy. 259,435 

Shepard, Priscilla J.292 

Sheppard, Rebecca Sue.330 

Sherman, Curt.257 

Sherman, Curtis C.228 

Sherry, Richard James ... 276,330,418 

Sherwood, Judy.369 

Sherwood, Kathryn Ann.378 

Sherwood, Rob. 219,280,350 

Sherwood, Susan Mae.396 

Sheilds, Bruce Henry.123,450 

Shields, Sandra.137,407 

Shigeno, Dyann. 279,280,424 

Shimmin, Laura Lynn.329 

Shinn, Brian.274 

Shinn, Donna Marie. 276,278,330, 


Shinohara, Steve.498 

Shirk, Nancy.357 

Shivley, J. Mack.129 

530 Index 

Shober, Betsy.401 

Shoemaker, Kim.133,339 

Shoemaker, Stephen P.369 

Shonborg, Janet Susan. 330,361 

Shook, Michael R.384 

Shook, Vernon William.384 

Shoop, Lora.393 

Shore, Harry F.350 

Shorett, Jean Elizabeth. 224,330 

Short, Allan Ray. 238,459 

Short, Robert.369 

Shottenhamer, Michael.128 

Shrader, B. Kimberly. 226,450 

Shrieves, Bryan D.330 

Shriner, Craig S.330 

Shrope, Gerald G.258,330,407 

Shropshire, Claudius N.403 

Shunk, Laura.393 

Shustoff, Claudia.424 

Shutt, Julie Kay.74,134,254 

Shweid, Roger M.475 

Siddiqui, Israr A. 286,418 

Siebenberg, Tammy.379 

Siegel, Patsy.379 

Siegwein, Gretel. 345,407 

Siems, Pattijean.345 

Sienko, Diana Jean.396 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon.484 

Sigma Chi.486 

Sigma Delta Chi.274 

Sigma Iota.252 

Sigma Kappa.488 

Sigma Nu.490 

Sigma Phi Epsilon.492 

Sigma Tau .258 

Sigma Tau Alpha..283 

Silhavy, Bob. 330,469 

Silliman, Richard L.384 

Silva, Sally. 232,445 

Silva, Ricardo.128 

Silvers, William.353 

Simchuk, Dan.278 

Simkins, Marie. 330,441 

Simko, Stephen Matt.473 

Simmons, Diane.393 

Simmons, George W.330 

Simmons, Janice L.330 

Simmons, Jeanie.133,254,461 

Simmons, Robert Jay. 246,366 

Simms, Winnett F. Ill.245 

Simon, Betty.373 

Simon, Harold.129 

Simon, Nancy Ann.129 

Simpson, Claude.202 

Simpson, Gary R. 254,330 

Simpson, John B.240 

Simpson, Mary Louise. 330,379 

Simpson, Robert W.83 

Simpson, Robyn Adele.54 

Sinclair, Beth C.233 

Sinclair, Robin Edmund.88 

Singer, Laurel.343 

Sinkey, Kent. 409,523 

Sipila, Gail. 70,453 

Sisson, Janelle Lynn.184,187 

Sitton, John R.493 

Sitton, William.449 

Sitts, Diane L.345 

Siu, Dai Chow.403 

Sivley, Suzanne E. 254,279 

Skardahl, Lin.135 

Skaug, Eric M.491 

Skaug, Howard Otto.491 

Skavdahl, Lin.401 

Skibby, John R. 330,353 

Skinner, Richard T.384 

Skinner, Bill.491 

Skog, John E.350 

Skorheim, Deborah S.91 

Skreen, Richard .418 

Slade, Jean Frances.285 

Slagg, Gary Lee.245 

Slagle, Daniel.491 

Slagle, David Jr.491 

Slater, David Blake.330 

Slater, Laurie.364 

Slater, Richard R.330 

Slater, Ronald Reed.433 

Sleeth, William.439 

Sloan, Lynn Diane.330 

Sloan, Bob. ..455 

Slodysko, William Joseph.451 

Slovek, Jackie.341 

Slusser, L. Louise.330 

Sly, Marcie Lois.330 

Small, Daniel Edward .... 184,274,433 

Smart, Janet Kathleen.75 

Smasne, Jo Ann.249 

Smawley, Debbie. 74,463 

Smeltzer, Paula.463 

Smawley, Robert.210 

Smetana, Jack.77 

Smick, Carol Ann.260 

Smick, Kenneth Wesley. 270,271 

Smick, Monty D.418 

Smiley, Lezle C..393 

Smiley, Jim.105,146 

Smink, Darlene Kay.330 

Smith, Allan H.200 

Smith, Barbara Diane. 252,276 

Smith, Barbara.339 

Smith, Beverly Luvina.389 

Smith, Brad.350 

Smith, Brent Alan.373 

Smith, Cori.373 

Smith, Dale.366 

Smith, Danieljay.93 

Smith, Deborah Sue.276 

Smith, G. Donald.116,201 

Smith, J. D..253 

Smith, Janice.364 

Smith, Jean .241 

Smith, Jenny. 280,374 

Smith, Jeffrey Keely.443 

Smith, Judith Lynne.431 

Smith, Julie.330 

Smith, Kathy Margaret.411 

Smith, Larry.353 

Smith, Marilyn Kay.489 

Smith, Mark Jamie.451 

Smith, Mark Richard.451 

Smith, Mary Agnes.379 

Smith, Michael Howard. 229,353 

Smith, Michele D. 55,343 

Smith, Nancy Carol.461 

Smith, Nancy Lynn.431 

Smith, Patricia. 330,379 

Smith, Patrick Edward.418 

Smith, Peter J.D. 330,485 

Smith, Peter Thomas.251 

Smith, Randy.422 

Smith, Richard Warren. 283,331 

Smith, Robert James.223,331,409 

Smith, Robyn. 331,396 

Smith, Ron. 276,331 

Smith, Russell Ernest .450 

Smith, Scott B. 225,485 

Smith, Scott James.497 

Smith, Shelley.73 

Smith, Sherri Lynn.134,136, 


Smith, Sherrie J.279,331,364 

Smith, Stanley Paul. 96,439 

Smith, Stephen R. 331,399 

Smith, Steven David.479 

Smith, Steven.116,422 

Smith, Steven Paul. 267,331 

Smith, Sydney L.58 

Smith, Theresa Ann.276,331,467 

Smith, Thomas Carl.485 

Smith, Trude. 227,280 

Smith, Wendy.379 

Smitt, Vivian.357 

Smithers, Barbara.369 

Smithers, Timothy M.418 

Smoke, Daniel Joseph .251 

Smuck, Mary Lou.239 

Snelson, Larry.331 

Snelson, Sue.331 

Snider, Barbara.379 

Snider, Daniel Richard.130 

Snider, Norma.250,331,361 

Snively, Patty.133,233,411 

Snodgrass, Jerry A. 331,433 

Snodgrass, Kenneth D.276 

Snoey, Roger B.331 

Snoey, Sharyl Diane.331 

Snow, Debbie.379 

Snow, Eric L.409 

Snow, Patrick.439 

Snyder, John.178,384 

Snyder, Patricia Ann.276,331,396 

Snyder, Richard L.485 

Snyder, Steven Noel.189 

Sobba, Kathleen Anne .... 171,175,176 

Sobolewski, John S.120 

Sobotka, Judy. 267,366 


Soden, Rohert M. Jr.418 

Solbrack, Dennis. 245,429 

Soler, Alfred Louis.238 

Soler, Leonard Arthur.246 

Solin, Leanne.481 

Sollenberger, Sandy.267,279,465 

Sommer, Kathi.331 

Sonnichsen, Ben Williams .... 331,457 

Songaylo, Debbie.411 

Sontag, David Ralph.249 

Sood, Anil K.331 

Sorathia, Usman A.286 

Sorensen, Donna Marie. 241,242 

Sorensen, Harold C.255 

Sorensen, James Philip.240 

Sorenson, Kay.393 

Sorensen, Sharon Joyce.241 

Sorley, Kristina .445 

Sornberger, Diann.364 

Soulin Coubabes.90 

Southwick, Robert B.276 

Southworth, Van Roy. 276,278 

Sowder, James Jeffrey.144 

Sparkes, M. Camille. 276,277,278, 


Sparks, Mark.384 

Spaulding Street Pranksters 290 
Speakers. 25 

Stegman, James A.384 

Speir, Kathy. 292,424 

AjipiusChan, photographer, Student Photography 

Index 531 

Spellman, Peggy. 223,226,331.411 

Spencer, Elaine Marie.489 

Spencer, Patricia E.290 

Spencer, Reed Walter.276 

Spencer, Tracy L.477 

Spencer, Valerie Mae. 252,361 

Sperline, Evan Eugene . . . .219,220,277 

Spilseth, James.384 

Spofford, Donna.393 

Spragg, Maureen L.411 

Sprague, Mark Vaughn. 331,449 

Sprague, Max B.439 

Sprenger, Joanne.134 

Springer, Charles.498 

Sproule, Jocelyn Kay.416 

Spurgeon, Brian L.412 


Spyksma, William .455 

Staab, Wendy.357 

Stack, Diana.276,331,489 

Stack, Margaret.418 

Stack, Robb.469 

Stadum, Margaret Ann.331 

Stafford, Cathy.379 

Stager, Anne-Marie.397 

Stager, Richard Alan.144 

Stahl, Col. Frederick, N. 265,269 

Stahly, W. Rex.233 

Staley, Wayne E.483 

Stallings, Rita Kay. 279,445 

Stanco, Susan. 278,331,343 

Standley, Susan.357 

Stanford, Alan Frank. 224,225 

Stanko, Lawrence J. 331,369 

Stanley, Michael.491 

Stanley. Bob.253 

Stansfield, Mark.451 

Stansfield, Steve.369 

Stanton, Ann.374 

Staples, Gregory 0.331 

Staples, Robert W. 331,353 

Stark, Richard Harlan.245 

Startup, David Miles.251 

Staton, Rick.487 

Staudacher, Jack.129 

Stauffer, Janice Lee.397 

Stave, Shari.411 

Steach, Cathy.259,276.331 

Stearns, Don.407 

Steberl, Joan.136,364 

Stecker, George Lester Jr. 264,331 

Stede, Karen.361 

Steele, Karen Rosa.230 

Steelhammer, C.S.242 

Steelhammer, Greg. 331,477 

Steffen, Nancy Jean. 280,379 

Stegman, Christopher L.433 

Stegmeier, Merritt C.247 

Stegmeier, Randy.418 

Stehr, Judy.331 

Stein, Roger. 280.350 

Steinberg, Stephen C.331 

Steinburg, Richard L. 331,354 

Steiner, Al. 280,459 

Steiner, Verena Marie .441 

Steinhaus, Susan. 222,393 

Steininger, Margaret J. 331,441 

Stenberg, Shannon Ruth. 75.431 

Stene, Bonnie Jeanne.331 

Stene, Harold Paul.331 

Stensaas, Harlan S.181 

Stentz, Jack.485 

Stephens, Robert L.138,214,228 

Stephenson East.390 

Stephenson North.394 

Stephenson South.398 

Sterling, Steve G.354 

Stettler, Paul R.399 


Stevens, Aretta J.227 

Stevens, Carl M.162 

Stevens, James.418 

Stevens, Linda. 236,445 

Stevens, Tony.264 

Stevenson, Clifford C.241,331,418 

Stevenson, Jody.369 

Steward, Daniel Alvin.. 105 

Stewart, Beckie Louise. 73,447 

Stewart, Carl R.449 

Stewart, David C.475 

Stewart, David Miles .473 

Stewart, Deborah Lynn.453 

Stewart, Janice L. 331,407 

Stewart, Susan E. 361 

Stewart, William L.245 

Stieber, Gregg Michael.130 

Stiles, Wayne Calvin. 238,429 


Stingel, Van.495 

Stobb, Fred. 331,495 

Stobie, Mike.331 

Stock, Greg .332 

Stock, Lynette M.332 

Stocker, Kris.357 

Stockton, Sue Ellen.60 

Stockwell, Peter.128,332,366 

Stohr, Joachim.485 

Stokesbary, Terry.469 

Stoltz, Phyllis.364 

Stone, Curt. 225,369 

Stone, Katy 461 

Stone, Larry. 332,350 

Stone, Roger Wayne. 332,418 

Stoneman, Dan.354 

Storaasli, Steven J.443 

Storey, Brad.112,147,399 

Story, Randall, W.422 

Stott, David Owen.271 

Stout, Howard.267 

Stovall, C. Susan .... 133,270,271,441 

Stovall, Diane.445 

Stovin, Stuart.422 

Stowe, Julia.445 

Stowell, Harv. 86 

Strait, Cynthia Lynn.489 

Strait, Randall. 332,487 

Straka, John Michael.78 

Stratton, David Lynn .280 

Stratton, James Arthur.108 

Stratton, Norma Jean.224,332,411 

Strayer, Nancy.397 

Strecker, Connie.345 

Street, Barbara.343 

Streeter, John W.455 

Strehlow, Karen Lou. 283,379 


Stromberger, Alan J. .350 

Stromstad, Linda.389 

Stuart, Cheryl. 332,364 

Stucki, Dan.267,269,332 

Studer, Betsy.233 

Stud holme, Brenda. 279,467 

Stumpf, Paula Sue.332 

Sturgill, Barry Allan.187,354 

Sturrock, Duncan.255 

Sturtevant, Cindy.441 

Stween, Mrs. Barbara.265 

Sucss, Lauretta.379 

Suggs, Sonya Juanice.136 

Sugiyama, Marshall M.180 

Suiter, Tish .411 

Suksdorf, Carl H.332 

Suksdorf, Phyllis.332 

Sulenes, Cynthia L.134,283 

Sullivan, Daniel Park.244 

Sullivan, Diana M.223,280,411 

Sullivan, Lorraine.137 

Sullivan, Lynne Ann.361 

Sullivan, Maureen Lynda.332 

Sumida, Rae.291,292,366 

Summers, Diana Lynn.345 

Sunhury, Patricia Lynn.230 

Sundberg, Cheryl.357 

Sundberg, Susy.343 

Sundby, Arthur.455 

Sunderland, Mary Linda.358 

Sunderland, Paul L. 222,429 

Sundstrom, Jon .354 

Sundquist, Gayle.427 

Sunell, Perry Jo.292 

Surplus, Margaret. 74,427 

Sutch, George R. Ill.144,471 

Sutherland, Vicki L.358 

Sutten, Anita S.397 

Suzuki, Terrie.345 

Suzanne, Lloyd.287 

Svinth, Thyes.397 

Swanes, John Ross.495 

Swank, Stephen Robert.108 

Swannack, Christi.379 

Swanson, Brian Douglas.128 

Swanson, Douglas E. 226,228 

Swanson, Gary.132,354 

Swanson, Karl Thor.167 

Swanson, Patricia.332 

Swanson, Robert Carl .354 

Swanson, Sandi.397 

Swanstrom, Marjorie J.278 

Swartzlender Lynn. 279,411 

Swearengin, Bill.532 

Swearingen, Gaylen.451 

Sweatt, Grace E.228 

Swedberg, Dale Alan.290 

Sweeney, James J. Jr.79,83 

Sweeney, Margaret. 74,463 

Sweeney, Michael.471 

Sweeney, Mike.374 

Swegle, Jeffrey Wayne.276 

Swendsen, Larry C.498 

Swenson, Adele. 276,278,332, 


Swenson, Craig Alan.473 

Swenson, Constance K. 75,435 

Swenson, Marcie.418 

Swenson, Mark Sidney.252 


Swinehart, Paul A. Jr.403 

Swinhart, Donald L.332 

Swope, Robert E.399 

Sydenham, Rodney G.244 

Syreen, J ohn Michael.238 

Szabo, Glenn E.487 

Sze, Ming-Fat. 276,278 


Taboada, Sara.379 

Taft, Suzanne.463 

Taher, Sabiha.286 

Taher, Syed.286 

Tait, Christopher S.275 

Takaaze, Arnise Peggy. 329,332 

Takaaze, Jay.129,264,265 

Takisaki, Phyllis Jean. 280,431 

Talbot, Cheri Leigh.424 

Talbot, Michael Louis. 78 

Talbot, Timothy Thomas.280 

Talebbeik, Mohajer.329,332,386 

Talley, Michael E.329,332,479 

Tamlyn, Jean.418 

Tang, Francis. 332,399 

Tanigami, Gary.418 

Tanneberg, Dawn L.401 

Tanneberg, Ronald Lee.479 

Tanneberg, Terry Scott.386 

Tapfer, Christopher J.386 

Tarnavsky, Gladys K.240 

Taro, Debra Lynn.465 

Tarp, Kenneth E.332 

Tasker, Arthur W. II.247 

Tat-Ming, Kong Peter.258 

Tau Beta Pi.258 

Tau Kappa Epsilon.494 

Taylor, Al B.192,272 

Taylor, Anne E.358 

Taylor, Barbara.270,271,379 

Taylor, Connie.174,236,467 

Taylor, Debra Ann.134,279,437 

Taylor, Edith Ann.441 

Taylor, Scott Scalor.493 

Taylor, Scott Douglas.332 

Taylor, Susan S.397 

Taylor, William.399 


Tecumseh, John Thomas.287 

Tecumseh, Ki.219,287,290 

Telecky, Sara.358 

Tellessen, Marie. 254,369 

Temple, Greg.384 

Temple, Jody E.379 

Templin, Garrett C.418 

Tengesdal, Pam. 267,358 

Tenisci, Anthony.116 


Terhaar, Paula.379 

Terrell, Glenn . 207,282 

Terrell, Mrs. Glenn.282 

Terril, Bruce Robert.332 

Terry, Mia. 292,343 

Tews, Kenneth Duane.275 

Thacker, Margie .75 

Thapliyal, Hira V.227 

Thayer, James S.180,234,276,277, 


Thayer, John.278,279,491 

Thayer, Michael John.386 

Thelen, Mary Joanne.226 

Theriot, Louis P.88 

Theta Chi.496 

Theta Xi.498 

Thiemann, Kenneth Carl.433 

Thoennes, Nick. 332,495 

Thomas, Abralette K.332 

Thomas, Anne.411 

Thomas, Carol.135,136,254,279 

Thomas, Carole J.379 

Thomas, Cecelia.223 

Thomas, Dave.256 

Thomas, J oe F.399 

Thomas, John S.418 

Thomas, Lionel Cordell.78,79,81 

Thomas, Mark. 459 

Thomas, Randall N. 244 

Thomas, Thomas William .... 138,146 

Thomas, William F. 332,409 

Thomasian, Sheri Lynn. 74,447 

Thomassen, David G. 223,254 

Thompson, Cheryle Lynn.489 

Thompson, Diane L.401 

Thompson, George W.403 

Thompson, Gerry.493 

Thompson, Harry L. 88 

Thompson, Ingrid Irene.250,332, 


Thompson, Jan.393 

Thompson, Janet Gayle. 75,424 

Thompson, Kathryn Ann.379 

Thompson, Kathy.133 

Thompson, Larry Arnold.332 

Thompson, Linda Ann - . • 276,278,332, 


Thompson, Linda Lea.358 

Thompson, Nancy A.379 

Thompson, Pat .239 

Thompson, Robert C.418 

Thompson, Sharon S.91,431 

Thompson, Sue.453 

Thompson, Timothy K.78 

Thompson, Yvonne.224 

Thonney, Michael. 241,276,332, 


Thonney, Sarah Louise.226 

Thordarson, Kirby.449 

Thormahlen, Anna.393 

Thorn, Marsha Jean .135,389 

Thorndike, Donna J.379 

Thornton, David N. 332,369 

Thornton, Gary E. 332,369 

Thorpe, Jim.128,386 

Student Photographers not pictured: 
Mary Mains 
Bruce Rommel 
Jim James 
Lyle Erlewine 
Bill Swearengin 
Terry Keene 

532 Index 

Thorpe, Peter Roswill.128 

Thorsen, Sue Christina.369 

Thorson, Patti.233,285,401 

Ticen, Steve. 332,439 

Tiearney, Janice. 230,341 

Tiedtke, Catherine C.280 

Tiegs, Oscar.403 

Tiffany, Kathleen 1. 247,277 

Tiller, Carl Kerry.399 

Tilton, Leonard. 234,332 

Tilton, Marilyn Dee. 275,332 

Tippett, Ervie Lynn . 237,238 

Tippett, Jane Ann.489 

Tippett, Timothy M.241,332,429 

Tippett, Thomas J.429 

Tisdel, Marna .374 

Toda, Mike.455 

Todd, John Lester.332 

Todd, Susan.427 

Toevs, Barbara Irene. 66,292 

Toews, Gene Clarke. 233,280 

Tokarczyk, Marsha L.239 

Tolleshaug, Carolyn A. 332.369 

Tolleshaug, David.409 

Tombari, Donna Lee.230 

Tomberlin, George R.274,275,418 

Tombs, Kathleen Ellen. 333,431 

Tomchick, Teresa Lynn.333 

Tomich, Gloria Ann .230 

Tomlinson, Nan.358 

Tomlinson, Patricia.447 

Tompkins, Pam.437 

Tomson, Randy.451 

Toor, Mohammad Asghar.286 

Torkelson, EricT. 333,418 

Tornow, Janice.461 


Tracy, Cindy. 236,453 

Tracy, Bob.491 

Transeth, Don W. 78,483 

'Ereasure, Brian R.354 

Treat, Glenna Louise. 56,276,277, 


Treece, Dennis Cecil.250 

Treese, Steven. 280,459 

Treleven, Maria Dianne.362 

Trembly, Terry Lynn.457 

Trettevik, Craig.386 

Trettin, Duane Henry.333 

Tribbett, Lyndelle K.427 

Trichak, George.254 

Trigg, Debbie. 75,447 

Trihey, Eugene Francis.276 

Triplett, Gregory V.189 

Troglin, Dan. 333,449 

Trohimovich, Carol May.465 

Troxel, Carol Ann. 276,333 

Truax, Jerome M.350 

Trudell, Kathleen . 223,437 

True, David W.386 

Truitt, Judy.379 

Trupp, Martha Delores.333 

Tsao, May.137 

Tshibuabua, Samuel M.418 

Tsou, Sheung-Oi Irene.275 

Tsurutani, T.180 

Tubbin, Sandra Kay.397 

Tucker, Judith M.333 

Tucker, Pat.393 

Tucker, Patrick J.485 

Tucker, Steven Jack.457 

Tucker, Teri D. 230,447 

Tuck ness, Sharon K.369 

Tuell, Gordon H.206 

Tuengel, Jill. 333,397 

Tufts, Teryle Fred. 252,333 

Tuke, Greg.439 

Tuek, Larry. 234,439 

Tulloch, Rodney.245 

Tuminello, Frank.128,483 

Tunis, Jon A. 260,354 

Tuominen, Jim.257 

Turgeon, Robbie.389 

Turnbow, Cheryll.370 

Turnbow, Richard Duane.350 

Turnbull, Kathryn J.379 

Turnbull, Nancy. .239,276,277,278,333 

T urner, Debbie.397 

Turner, Debra.445 

Turner, James F. 333,354 

Turner, John Henry.219,333,450 

Turner, Kathleen.370 

Turner, Rick Eldon.246 

Turney, Terry Wayne. 333,469 

Turping, E. Ford.228 

Tuyen, Pham Ngoc.258,333,399 

Tvetcr, Jo.379 

Tweedt, Meredith. 333.393 

Tweten, Monte Douglas.78 

Twyman, Gloria.358 

Tylczak, John Arthur.405 

Tyo, Jo.358 

Tyrrell, Robert.274,275,333 

Tzlczak, John .407 


Uchida, Sheldeen, M.. 291,333 

Uhron, Steven M.475 

Ujhazi, Dorothy. 333,379 

Ullrich, Jann .343 

Ullrich, Ken. 267,422 

Undergraduate Advisory 

Council in Sciences.278 

University Fire Station.412 

Uno, Glenn Masaru.228 

Unwin, Grahm.112,113 

Updegrave, Susan. 333,393 

Upham, Linda Lorene.333 

Upton, Bernice Marie.90 

Urdal, Lloyd B.154 

Urdal, Valerie.461 

Utecht, Carla.379 

Uthmann, Richard W.276 

Uznay, William Charles.449 


Vadney, David Jay.187 

Valentine, Chuck.495 

Vallely, Mary.226,260,364 

Valley, Scott.493 

Van Ausdle E. Wynn.245 

Van Beek, Margaret.135,463 

Van Buren, Stephen A.433 

Vance, Barbara.250 

Vanderwall, P. Dean.220 

Vanderheuvel, Keith. 333,374 

Vander, Linden Robert .188 

Vanderhoff, Judy.242,254,431 

Van Duzor, K. John.487 

Van Dyken, Everett.407 

Van Hoven, Barbara J.134,334 

Van Miert, Annette M.418 

Van Ness Virginia. 276,278,333, 


Van Rooy, John R.497 

Vantine, Donald Allen.386 

Van Valkenburg, Steven. . 240,245,249, 


Van Winkle, Phyllis. 290,368 

Van Winkle, Rose Mary. 290,467 

Van Zandt, Gretchen.435 

Vaughan, Dorothy M.334 

Vaughn, Tom.477 

Vawter, Tim .493 

Vehslage, Sarah.334 

Vencopal, Jerry.271 

Vent, Glenn Allen. 278,334 

Verley, Susan K.290 

Vermeers, Richard Lee.433 

Verellen, James R.144 

Vest, Mary Lee .379 

Vetter, Richard L. 244,374 

Vhay, Liz. 236,463 

Villegas, Terri.374 

Vincent, Susan.437 

Vinkenes, Chris.379 

Vixie, Michael.498 

Voeller, Mike.495 

Vogel, Keith Walker.244 

Vogensen, Debra.407 

Vohra, Ibrahim R. 286,418 

Voiland, James Edward.276 

Vonhof, Bradlev.418 

Von Holt, Elizabeth A.230 

Voorhees, Rondy Marie. 332,465 

Voorhies, David Bruce. 223,433 

Votaw, Cynthia Anne.489 

Voyles, Harry Thomas .241 


Waananen, Martin.238 

Waara, Gayle Irene.276 

Wada, Russell Den.291 

Waddle, Kenneth.334 

Wade, Wendy.397 

Wagenblast, Gary R.354 

Wagenblast, Margaret.397 

Wagner, Wendy Joy.171,177,397 

Wahle, Juret Regina L.435 

Wainscott, Penney. 334,431 

Wainscott, Terri.431 

Waits, Dennis N.439 

Waits, Bob.105,138,146.253 

Wakeley, Debbie.379 

Waldburgcr, John.485 

Waldemarson, Janey.358 

Walden, Glenn H.334 

Waldher, Steve.254 

Waldron, Lori.343 

Waldron, Victoria .397 

Waldrys, Sara.239 

Walenta, Laurel Lee.91,228 

Walk, Regan Mac Melvin.120 

Walker, Darcy Lynn.370 

Walker, James Michael.78 

Walker, Nicholas, Carl.473 

Walker, Randall Ray.334 

Walker, Steven Arneill.229 

Walker, William Robert.184,274, 


Walkowski, Frank.469 

Wall, Annette.364 

Wallace, D. Brian.479 

Wallace, Joan Marie.362 

Wallace, Kirk.471 

Wallace, Michael S.245 

Wallace, Robert F.152 

Wallace, Susan Marie. 334,374 

Wallenius, R.W.246 


Wallin, Stephen Craig. 276,278 

Wallis, Barbara.358 

Walsh, Barb.379 

Walter, Marilyn.427 

Walter, Robert J.247.334,495 

Walter, Bill. 279,443 

Walters, Alice A. 334,364 

Walters, Barbara. 230,463 

Walters, Florey.116 

Walton, Mike.471 

Walton, Dave.334 

Walton, Debbie.133,465 

Walton, Laurie.239 

Walz, Robert Payson.138 

Wanchena, Matthew. 287,370 

Wandling, James A.471 

Wang, Catherine C.334 

Wanke, Lee A.334 

Wanless, Becky A.334 

Waples, Steve.485 

Warberg, Torsten.128,429 

Ward, Michele Marie.447 

Ward, Sally. 230.389 

Ware, Daniel Leon.386 

Ware, Gail R.354 

Warehime, Clyde Dean.88 

Ward, Robert Ray.227 

Warinske, Dick.192 

Warner, Diane.370 

Warner, Peggy.136,236,437 

Warner, Marty. 227,258.277, 


Warninger, Bruce.498 

Warnock, Barbara Kae.239 

Warr, Mike. 334.422 

Warren, David M.483 

Warren, Peter C.439 

Warren, Ted.191,192,272 

Warrick, Donald S. 334,439 

Warrior, Kim. 334,489 

Warsinske, Dick.272 

Wash, George Philip.105 


Washburn, Jo.135,137 

Wassard, P. Becky.133 

Wasson, John M.227 

Wasson, Thomas R.418 

Watanabe, Ivan M.291 

Watanabe, Roger.469 

Waterman, Bernadine.178,341 

Waters, Gayle.343 

Waters, Jim.418 

Waters, Jonete.380 

Waters, Steve.418 

Waterson, Terry.80 

Watkins, Richard.128,184,483 

Watras, Elizabeth Jane.424 

Watson, Cindy.334 

Watson, Jean Lenore. 334,374 

Watson, Steve Royce.251 

Watts, Bill.273,276,278 

Waud, Jeanne.358 

Waybright, Ann K. 223,362 

Waybright, Ann.292 

Wayenberg, Richard. 223.350 

Weatherby, Charles M.403 

Weatherford, Lee Wood.88 

Weaver, Wilhelmina .228 

Weaver, William M.350 

Webb. Darce.358 

Webb, David A. 334.4U.5 

Whitney, Douglas W.260 

Webb, Kristen Marie.362 

Webber, Dale.275 

Weber, Christian.128,497 

Weber, Stanley Steven. 228,479 

Webster, Cliff.493 

Webster, John David.184,187,274 

Webster, Kenneth C.234 

Wegener, John S.451 

Wegner, Nancy M.393 

Wehmeyer, Mark G.. . ... ^.422 

Wehring, Jackie. 222,250,334,431 

Weible, Brenda Sue.435 

Weidemann, Constance L.362 

Weimer, Carol.380 

Weinans, Patricia Anne. 334,341 

Weiss, Claudia Ann.243 

Weitz, Mary Ann. 334,370 

Weitz, William Sidney.443 

Welch, Josh.386 

Welch, Richard W.386 

Weller, Robert Gordon.215 

Weller, Bob.479 

Wellington, Fredrick V.278 

Wallendalc, Glenn A.366 

Wells, Anne. 230,481 

Wells, Donald E.163 

Wells, Gary T.334 

Wells, J.D.471 

Wells, Margaret W.366 

Welton, Sue.239 

Wenburg, Kristine.345 

Wendler, Greg Richard. 227,433 

Wendt, Linda. 279,411 

Wendt, Robert.386 

Wennerlind, Mark R.224 

Wergeland, Gayle B.457 

Werner, Melinda.223 

Wescott, Nora Eileen.334 

West, Cynthia .364 

West, Donna . 274,380 

West, Kathie .397 

West, L. Doug.370 

West, Scott.274 

West, Thomas R.334 

Westbrook, Chuck.267,364,412 

Wester, Candy.380 

Westfahl, Michael Jay.386 

Westfahl, Pamela Kay.356 

Westland, Pam.74,178,435 

Westland, Ronald A. 254,334 

Westlin, Kathy.236,279,435 

Weston, Kathy.389 

Weston, Nancy E.364 

Westsik, Joseph H. J r.108 

Wetter, Maribeth.427 

Wezeman. Tim.273 

Whaley, Elizabeth Anne.362 

Wheat, Beth.137,343 

Wheatley, Catherine A. . . .251,276,358 

Wheeler,'Jody. 334,389 

Wheeler, Lynn. 334,447 

Wheeler, Teresa Sue .465 

Wheeler, Vicki Lynn.358 

Wherley, Michael J. 258,534 

Whinery, Sandy Michal.362 

Whipple, Susan Jeanne. . . .242,244,343 

Whitaker, Bruce D.219,334,450 

Whitcomb, Linda. 75,91,233,239 

White, Allen 1.160 

White, Deborah A.137,401 

White, Dennis W. 264,386 

White, Loralee.380 

White, Margaret .380 

Whiteaker, Rex S.350 

Whitehead, Gary A. 244,334 

Whitehead, Gay.481 

Whitehead, Joyce.137,393 

Whitehill, Richard A. 433,524 

Whitener, Laura Le.356 

Whiteside, Marilyn Sue.362 

Whitford, Wallace P. 334,370 

Whitney, Barry Rick.493 

Whitney, Marigaie.389 

Whittmire, Harvey G.276.278,334 

Whitworth, Jan.334 

Whyte, Barbara.334 

Index 533 

Wick, G. Ty. 


Wilson, Beth . 


Wong, Ivan Hon-Kit . . . . 



Wick, Sharon. 

.335,481 . 

Wilson, Brandt. 


Wong, Sarah. 


Wickert, Thomas Kirk . . 


Wilson, Brian Bernard. 


Wonke, Dave. 


Yakayama, Howard. 


Wicks, Cindy. 


Wilson, Carol Ann. 


Wonke, Lee. 


Yamagata, Amy E. 

. . . . 335,343 

Widman, Don. 

. 292,485 

Wilson, Chris. 


Woo, Frances May. 


Yamamoto, Gary. 


Wiegand, J. Patrick .... 


Wilson, Craig W. 


Woo, Lilly Ngan. 


Yamamoto, Joe. 


Wieland, William Kelly . 


Wilson, Deborah Jane. 


Woo, Roy. 


Yamanaka, Theodore T. . 


Wieneke, Richard Lee . . 


Wilson, Diane Laurinda . . . 


Wood, Barbara. 


Yanagisawa, Carol. 


Wigal, Ronald H. 


Wilson, Howard. 


Wood, Karen W. 

.... 133,397 

Yang, David Peter. 


Wigen, Nick H. 

. .226,234,429 

Wilson, Jan. 


Wood, Larry Dean. 

.... 223,280 

Yardy, Craig Alan. 


Wiggins, Candy. 


Wilson, Janice. 

. . 249,447 

Wood, Nelson Lloyd. 

.... 253.335 

Yarwood, Melanie Ann . . 


Wiggins, Debra. 

. 279,364 

Wilson, Jean. 

.. 280,437 

Wood, Paige. 

.... 283,358 

Yasui, Ron. 

.... 335,422 

Wiggins, Janelle. 


Wilson, Kathy. 


Wood, Rae Anna. 


Yates, Katherine Ann.. . . 


Wiggins, Rod. 


Wilson, Lark Elaine. 

. . 290,489 

Wood, Richard A. 


Yates, Ken. 


Wiggins, Tony. 

. 483,529 

Wilson, Linda Kave. 

.. 335,401 

Wood, Rob. 


Yaun, Christopher W, . . . 


Wiggum, Jan. 

. 335,481 

Wilson, Nancy. 

.. 335,437 

Woodall, Edwin V. 


Yawman, Gary A. 


Wigmore, John Edward . 


Wilson, Ronald F.. 


Woodcock, William M. . . 


Yeager, Judy. 


Wiitala, Carole A. 


Wilson, Robert Eric. 


Wooden, Mark. 


Yearout, Linda. 


Wikstrom, Paula Gay .. 

. .187,335,427 

Wilson, Ronald Norman . . . 

. .240,249, 

Woodland, Lauri . 


Yeilding, Dan William . . . 

.. .. 112,113 

Wilbert, Cynthia Lind . . 



Woodrow, Christie. 


Yell Squad. 


Wilbourn Ron . 


Wilson, Shelden W. 



Yeomans, H. Gordon . . . . 


Wilcox, Wayne. 


Wilson, Tom. 

.. 256,276 

Woodruff, Marsha. 


Yip, Joseph W. 


Wilde, Don. 

. .278,335.386 

Wilson, William H. 


Woods, Dawn Colleen . . . 

.... 335,362 

Yocum, Glenn David . . . . 


Wiley, Roger C. 


Wimmer, Dennis Robert . . . 


Woods, Marsha. 


Young, Claudia . 

.... 335,489 

Wilhelmson, Evelyn J. . . 


Wimpress, Janine Adele. . . . 


Woods, Mary. 


Young, Colin Me Ewan .. 


Wilke, Susan Marie . . . . 

. 242,243 

Wine, Annette. 

.. 335,362 

Woods, Neale E. 


Young, Kathryn A. 


Wilkins, Brooke. 


Wincgar, Nancy K. 

. . . 91,424 

Woodward, Scott Kelly - . 


Young, Nita Kay. 


Wilkins, Sharon. 


Wine, Frank Howard.264,335,403 

Woodworth, David Allen. 


Youngs, Dallas Lee. 


Wilkinson, Greg G. 


Wingard, Sonja Marie. 


Woodworth, Tim. 


Younker, Camilla Sue . . . 


Willcoxon, Donna. 


Winikoff, Jeff. 


Woollen, Diane Christine 


Yuen, Kathy. 


Williams, Arlana June . . 


Winkel, Chuck B. 


Workman, Marianne . . . . 


Yurik, John P.D. 


Williams, Brian Leigh . . 


Winkle, Kristi Ann. 

.. 335,370 

Worrall, Anna Jane. 

.... 335,362 

Williams, Clifford I . . . . 


Winship, George Lawrence . 


Worthington, Benjamin . . 



Williams, Conni R. 


Winskill, John C. 


Wotruba, Chris . 


Williams, Dave. 


Winston, Robert K. 


Wray, Dick. 


Zagelow, Jane. 


Williams, Denise. 


Winterfeld, Delwyn. 


Wrede, Georgana Kay . . . 


Zahir, Jawaid. 


Williams, John G. 


Winters, Gail. 



. ....94 

Zangar, Cathy. 


Williams, Kathy. 


Wise, James Leland. 


Wright, Diana. 


Zapotocky, Barbara A. . . 


Williams, Kay. 


Wise. Kathy Jo. 

.. .. 64.463 

Wright, Fred. 

. 254,451 

Zaremba, Carl. 


Williams, Kay Elaine . . . 


Wissenback, Jan. 


Wright, Karen Lee. 


Zehe, J oel. 


Williams, Larry R. 


Witherow, Willa . 


Wright, Janet K. 


Zehm, Dwight Gorden. . 


Williams, Megen J ulia . . 


Wittig, Miriam Grace .... 


Wright, Joanne . 


Zelazny, Kathy. 


Williams, Nola. 

. 335,447 

Wittrock, Constance Elaine 


Wright, Leslie Jav. 


Zimmer, Joan. 


Williams, Richard I. 


Wittrock. Janine. 


Wright, Peter Robert . . . . 


Zimmer, Vince. 


Williams, Sue. 


Wold, Janis Jean. 


Wright, Robert. 


Zimmerman, Andrew A. 

. 234,473 

Williams, Wallace. 


Wold, Norma. 


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Zimmerman, Donna .... 


Williams, Wanda M. . . . 


Wolf, Barbara . 


Wright, William C. 


Zimmerman, Ray. 


Williamson, Rose. 


Wolf, Patricia Elaine. 


Wu. Thomas . 


Zirbel, Thomas Norman 


Willich, Reginald C. . . . 


Wolfe, Julie C. 

.. . 335,393 

Wulz, Barbara Ann. 

. 246,335 

Zmiarovich, Thomas . . . 


Willis, Mark S. 


Wolfe. Laird. 


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Zografos, Dean 'I'. 


Willis, Roger Allen . . . . 


Wolfe, Nancy. 


Wylder, Dorcas . 


Zornes, Thomas Allen . . 


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Wolfenbarger, Phebe L. . .. 


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. 243,245 

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. 233,364 

Willscy. Carol Lynn. . . . 


Wolstenholme, Cindy Kay . 

... 335.364 

Zurline, F rank. 


Wilma, Patricia . 


Womens Bowling. 



Zydek, Richard Francis . 


Wi liner . 




Wilson, Barbara. 


Wondercheck, Dale E. 


Xi Sigma Pi. 




Gary E. Schell 
Associate Editor 
Kathy Sobba 
Divisions Editors 

Sandy Beckwith (fall) 
John Snyder (spring) 
Saundra McIntosh 
Mary Kitzke 
Connie Burnett (fall) 
Candy Crawford (spring) 
Sports Editor 
Bill Semmler 
Copy Editors 
Linda Fisher 
Chris Beardsley 

Photo Editors 
Paul Hays (fall) 

Kathy Hogan (spring) 
Layout Editors 
Wendy Wagner 
Marilyn Bartoletta 
Art Editor 

Taree Harrison 

Maynard Hicks 


Business Manager 
Chris Laney 

Assistant Business Manager 
Dave Frazier 

534 Index 

By the time you have finished leafing through the pages of this 
yearbook, it is hoped that you might have captured a glimpse of “time” 
that is uniquely your own. As the statement of any year, “This year is 
the first year of the rest of your life”, it is difficult to catch all the 
moods, the scenes, and the happenings. 

This yearbook is different in format from past Washington State 
yearbooks. We have divided the book up into two parts. The first part 
is “The University”—the creative, hopefully interesting part of 
the book, and the second part being “The People”—including the 
organizations, and Washington State’s “blind date guide”—the living 
group sections. 

A yearbook is successful only if it helps to relive past experiences as 
the years go on. This is what we hope the 1 971 Chinook will do for 

Many people are involved in the creating of a book such as the 
Chinook. I would like to especially thank Maynard Hicks, our 
editorial advisor, for his comments and wisdom in tense moments. A 
special thanks to Dale Schell for his help in all phases of the book. And 
of course to the entire 1971 Chinook staff and volunteers who 
actually created the pages and put forth the effort, often late at night 
and on weekends, to push them to completion. 

Gary E. Schell 

1971 Chinook 


Jeff and Carnie McArthur, for the talented artwork which they 
created. Brad Munn, for his help and assistance in the sports section of 
the book. Wes Calvert, for being our “watchdog” so that we wouldn’t 
exceed the budget. WSU Photo and Student Photographers for all 
their photography work. Don Griffin, for his free-lance photography 
work. Pischel Yearbooks, Inc., our printer, and all the people who 
helped us. Keith Cole Photography for doing the individual student 


In Memoriam' 

Faculty and Staff 

James E. Balyeat 

Associate Professor 
Dr. David A, Strausz 
Assistant Professor of Geography 
Dr. Paul L. Meyer 
Professor of Mathematics 
Dr. Emmett L. Avery 
Former English Department Chairman 
Richard E. Hanley 
Alumnus, Ex-Coach 
Dr. Homer J. Dana 
Professor Emeritus Electrical Engineering 
Walter M. Bristol 
Director, Placement Bureau 
Dr. Paul P. Kies 
Professor Emeritus, English 
Miss Leta Brock 

Emeritus Member of Business Office Staff 

Beatrice L. Fry 

Information Editor, Radio-TV Services 

Juanita L. Ashlock 

Bookstore Staff 


Todd R. Sprecher, Sophomore 
George C. Marvin, Sophomore 
E, James Newson, Graduate Student 

Missing in Puget Sound April 14,1971 

James R. Dickinson, Sophomore 
Robert C. Sherwood, Sophomore 
Gary E. Oman, Sophomore 
Brian B. Wilson, Sophomore 
Brian L. Williams, Senior