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Chinook 1972, Volume 73 

Published by the Board of Publications for the Associated Students of Washington State University 

Pullman, Washington 




Scan - The Day 


Campus Life 




























Flash-back - The Year 





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Dear New Student: 

The Admissions Office has advised me of your admission to Washington 
State University. It is with pleasure that I write to extend to you 
a most hearty welcome. 

It is my sincere hope that you will find challenge, reward, and en¬ 
joyment in the quest for knowledge and that you will establish sig¬ 
nificant lasting relationships with others. You will find this a 
friendly campus. Students and faculty will be glad to assist you 
in becoming acquainted with the campus community. We hope you will 
take advantage of the opportunities available to you for furthering 
your education. 


Policies and 


Applying to all students 
and student organizations 

Washington State University 











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HE Ktr 


Ci IORP 531167 REO 31 REV 6-71 


Rush and 
Registration ... 

Sign, Sign, 
Everywhere a Sign. 

The first of its kind at WSU, Fall Festival '71 was 
presented through the joint efforts of the Performing 
Arts Committee and the governing bodies of both 
Greek and Independent living groups. The idea 
behind the weekend was free entertainment with no 
rip-off on the students. 

Blood, Sweat, and Tears performed before a sell-out 
crowd in Bohler Bym on a Friday night. Warmup for 
the event was by Eric Anderson, Columbia recording 

There was something for everyone with a series of 
movies, bicycle races, and an outdoor concert. The 
games area of the CUB extended its regular hours 
so students and friends could bowl and play billiards 
into the night. 

Fall Festival Brings Music to WSU Campus 



Instead of the students going home, the Dads came 
to college for the weekend to see how their sons and 
daughters live away from home. Parent and offspring 
shared the spirit of a Sweeney rally and a collegiate 
football game from the student section. Plays, a Dad's 
Association breakfast and meeting and variety show 
filled the hours not spent just talking. At 8 o'clock 
Sunday morning participants teed off in the Father - 
son/daughter golf tournament. 



Cougar Football 
Turns The Corner... 

so this is what 
it’s like to win. 

Below: "I've got that Cougar spirit deep in my heart." Dedicated 
fans welcome team home from Stanford victory during the worst 
rain-storm of the year. 


Homecoming 1971 

"Let's bring the Cougs home!" A million dollar 
fund raising for the rebuilding of Rogers Field 
commenced with Homecoming. The rebuilding 
would make possible the return of Cougar games 
to Pullman for the '72 season. 

Spearheading the drive were the money-making 

efforts of the 27 candidates for the new four-member 
Cougar Crew who replaced the traditional Homecoming 
Queen at WSU. From the top twelve money-raisers four 
students were selected in a campus-wide election. They 
include, above left to right: Sonja Wingard, Kay Duskin, 
Karen Lewis and below, John Gomez. 

The weekend of traditional Homecoming activities, all 
but the game held in Pullman this year, were directed 
toward students, the community, and alums alike. The 
annual Homecoming rally had a new twist — the living 
group games and chariot races were held on Main Street 
in downtown Pullman following a serpentine from 
Rogers Field. 


Homecoming Crowd Views Football Victory 



The student, 
new voter, new 

Adoption of the 26th Amendment made eighteen to twenty-one year olds eligible to vote in all elections — a 
privilege and responsibility of citizenship. An avenue was opened for younger citizens to make constructive 
changes in political policy through the ballot. 

But of equal importance in the amendment was the right of persons in this age group to file and run for public 
office. In the '71 Pullman city elections Wes Gates. WSU student, conducted a mayoral campaign, but was 
unsuccessful in his bid for the office. Other student candidates filed for city council positions. 


The showing of the film, "Poor Pay More" 
signaled the beginning of a consumer protection 
workshop. The day was filled with panels and 
speakers on all phases of consumer protection 
designed to aid the unwary consumer. 

Clinic informs 
local population 


Cougar Lair 
Transformed Into 
Radio Station...Casino 

On the eve of Casino Royale the CUB was 
transformed into a casino, with games, floor shows, and 
dancing. Customers, with the assistance of paid dealers 
and change girls, moved about in a night club 
atmosphere trying their luck at the games with their 
$10,000 in casino money. Featured at this year's 
Casino Royale were Martin Nash, "The Charming 
Cheat," and the vocal group "Smile." Nash 
demonstrated card tricks in a specially constructed 
room while elsewhere "Smile" presented four floor 

The following weekend the CUB took on another 
atmosphere when the annual KUGR Marathon was 
broadcast from the Lair. KUGR was on the air for 60 
straight hours with auctions, quiz games, and song 
requests. For the first time the marathon was broadcast 
on FM cable to reach a larger listening audience. 
Benefits from the marathon went to Rancho Nazareth, 
an overcrowded orphanage for Baja, California. A total 
of $1,900 was collected in donations and through 
auctioning merchandise given by Pullman-Moscow 

Performing Arts 43 
Christmas Spirit 

Life didn't slow down when snow came to the 
Palouse Country and WSU—except for cars and 
bikes trapped into disuse by snow plows, icy hills, 
and slippery curves. 

Feet flew out from under their owners enroute to 
class and snow slipping took over as campus sport. 
The night echoed with screams and laughter of 
students racing down the hills on dorm meal trays or 
on nothing but themselves. 

Along with the snow came spirited Santas, 
shopping, giving, and finding a ride home for the 
Christmas vacation when you've got a whole lot of 
skiing equipment and clothes enough for an army. 

44 Campus Life 



Pa louse River Floods 
Encore for the Great 
Winds of 72 

With Pullman weather you may not be able to predict 
what's coming, but you can tell what's been. Rapidly 
melting winter snows, harsh gusty winds, and heavy 
rains left their marks on the Pullman landscape. The 
downtown area, flooded by the rising waters of the 
Palouse, sustained extensive damage. Uprooted trees 
and wind broken limbs littered the campus and 
community. Students battled the winds and flying 
debris on campus. Roofs were torn from buildings and 
windows shattered as wind gusts reached levels of at 
least gale force. 

46 Campus Life 


Construction Displays Promising Future 

New facilities seemed to spring up almost overnight 
as construction and remodeling projects got underway, 
some meeting completion. The campus felt the 
pounding of steel and the hardness of concrete and 
stone, heard the rumbling of trucks and heavy 
equipment . . . and suffered the loss of parking space. 

Academic centers: the Physical Science and Humanities 
buildings. Murrow Communications Center, and the 
Agricultural Science buildings now house new offices, 
classrooms, and laboratories for expanding 
departments. In the limelight, however, were the new 
athletic facilities: the coliseum and rebuilt football 
stadium—planned to accommodate more spectators at 
concerts and athletic events. The Stadium south stands 
is planned to be with academic use and comes by gifts 
from many sources of hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

48 Campus Life 


Student as Athlete each his (or her) own 

r 1 fii- - i 

r ->.i 1 t 

lll!l p W.■■. 1II ! ISSSP .'..Ill 1 ..!ll!!l' lIFlf 

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I v . ... ' . : . 

Km y.fli» 


Retreat to 
the CUB 

Cougar Lair... 
a place to 
meet, eat, talk 

Games Area... 
a chance to 

relax, compete 

Campus Life 53 

Coffee hours, slide presentations, special meals with 
international hosts, and displays all typified International 
Week at Washington State. During the week, our 
international brothers and sisters at WSU gave the 

campus community a look at other cultures and life¬ 
styles—a colorful blend of .old and new. International 
Night highlighted the week's activities, with 
entertainment from other cultural traditions. 

54 Campus Life 

Week, “Panorama 
of Blackness," 
Explore and 
Shape Cultures 

One of the highlights of the Black Student 
Union's Cultural Week was "Panorama of 
Blackness," a show of Black culture through a 
blend of poetry, dance, and skits. This and other 
events—films, a complimentary fashion show, 
and a dance by Cold, Bold, and Together—were 
planned to create an awareness of Black culture 
and life-style in America. 

Spring Traditions... A trip 
to Ferd's, Mother’s Weekend 

During Mother's Weekend, moms and dads got a 
glimpse of springtime in the Palouse Country. Many of 
those glimpses were captured while going to and from 
the variety of activities planned, including Nitty Gritty 

Dirt Band Concert, University Theatre, Fish Fans, WSU 
Rodeo. Spur Songfest with coronation of May Queen 
Mary McGee and Mother-of-the-Year Mrs. Joseph A. 
Cochran, and a Sunday breakfast. 

Mother's Weekend 


Springtime Comes 
to the Zoo 






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3.) AJo SplQ^kvr^ 

V) /-Jo ru-rNT-.v-rxe 

3) /Jo one uut)£j- J_& io Ir^j^ poo (. /jO 
Q\ Hdr't' “tumc at. on£i> cnoO I^L-—1 

70 Sjo^ba.'d*oiO^ yyuast bt C>Kg/ be^ 

&) Mo dc^s u*oestc>r+e<C 

9 ) k)o ma\tv 

16 )jOo aVacKoUc beoer^v 

58 Campus Life 

Campus Life 59 

The spring of '72 won't be remembered as a quiet 
one ... On the WSU campus the Citizens Mobilization 
Committee to End the War sponsored two days of 
antiwar activities May 3 and 4. Included in the 
observances was a National Student Moratorium set 
aside as a day to work for peace. A memorial service 
was held on the mall for those students slain at Kent 
State, Jackson, and Augusta. Films, discussions, and 
workshops filled the remainder of the day. In the 
evening a torchlight parade led marchers to a rally at 

Several days later. President Nixon announced his 
intention to mine all sea entrances to North Vietnam 
and escalate bombing of the North. This sparked anti¬ 
war movements on this campus, as well as across the 
nation. Here at WSU along with numerous meetings 
and informal get-togethers that made up a vital part of 
the peace movement, students protesting Nixon's 
action occupied the CUB and demanded a press 
conference. May 11 anti-war activities began early in 
the morning with the blockage of Stadium Way by 

protestors. As part of an anti-war teach-in by the 
Citizens Mobilization Committee. Carl Maxey, Spokane 
attorney, gave a keynote address before a packed 
audience in CUB Auditorium. Also part of the teach-in 
were discussions and small lectures. Talking with 
townspeople about the war and distributing leaflets 
were major objectives of a peaceful march through the 
main streets of Pullman. 

May 12, at a rally on the mall. President Nixon was 
burned in effigy. Later an epitaph was painted at the site 
which consequently led to the first arrest since protests 
began. A letter was sent to the White House 
condemning Nixon's newest strategy to try to end the 
Vietnam War. 

May 16 demonstrators again took to the streets with a 
candlelight march. A proposal was passed by CMC 
demanding that President Terrell, Dean McCartan, and 
Arthur Holtorf make known their views on the war. A 
request by CMC for a practice air alert was denied by 
authorities as being too disruptive. 

60 Campus Life 

Hope for Peace 
Prompts Spring 

Campus Life 61 

Washington State 

Seventy-Sixth Annual 

Sunday, June 4,1972 
Rogers Field 

The End of an Era, 

The Beginning of Your Life. 

62 Campus Life 


“I do my thing and you do 
your thing 

I am not in this world to 
live up to your expectations 

And you are not in this 
world to live up to mine 

You are you 
and I am I 

And if by chance we 
find each other, it’s beautiful.” 

Frederick S. Peris 

64 Campus Life 


Campus Life 

Campus Life 67 

68 Campus Life 

Campus Life 69 

Campus Life 71 

Rare Earth Rocks Bohler Gym 

Nitty Gritty Dirt 
Band's “Delayed” 
Show Impresses 
Parents, Students 

76 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 


Bread Tops 
Homecoming Events 


Edgar Winter and “Band” Perform 

Flash Cadillac 
Outdoor Show 

Concerts 81 

Richie Havens Draws Mixed Emotions 

82 Concerts 

Flash Cadillac 
and the 

Continental Kids... 
a Rock and Roll 

Concerts 83 

Numerous Speakers Visit Campus 

Lady Jane GoodalL director of the African Gombe 
Stream Research Center, pointed out evidence of 
striking physical and behavioral similarities of the chimp 
to man from her extensive studies conducted in the 
wilds with these lower primates. 

Uvaldo Palomares, co-director of the Human 
Development Training Institute in San Diego, conducted 
a workshop sponsored by Political Union on "People to 
People Personal Effectiveness." 

Illusionist Andre Kole, sponsored by Campus Crusade 
for Christ, presented a program unmasking the 
mysteries of the unknown. 

Nominee for the Democratic vice-presidency in 1968, 
Julian Bond, black legislator from Georgia, spoke on 
politics and their influence on black conditions. 

Spokane attorney Carl Maxey criticized Assistant 
Attorney General Lloyd Peterson for trying to represent 
both parties in the dispute between WSU and the 
Graduate Student Association over payment of $800 to 
Maxey as a retainer for legal services by GSA. 

Criticism of the American Penal system for 
dehumanizing conditions that have led to the past year's 
uneasiness in prisons across the country was the topic 
of concern for Clifford Rollins, ex-convict of Soledad. 

Right: Clifford Rollins, Carl Maxey. Below, Left to Right: Lady Jane Goodall. Andre Kole. Julian Bond. Uvaldo Palomares. 

84 Speakers 

Fuller Packs 
CUB Ballroom 

Buckminster Fuller, originator of the 
geodesic dome, spoke of the possibility of 
caring for the entire world population, if 
known technology were properly applied, 
and governments ceased "to maintain their 
'it's-me-or-you' attitude." 

86 Speakers 

Left: "The odds are always with the house." Audiences 
around the world have heard this warning from Martin A. 
Nash, "the charming cheat." Before his appearance at 
Casino Royale. Nash gave a sneak preview of a card-cheat 
in action. Above: As climax to the AWS Political 
Symposium, Ms. LaDonna Harris outlined the priorities of 
the Women's Political Caucus—sexism, racism, poverty, 
and war. 

Speakers Offer Various Topics 

Author of "Spaceship Earth: People 
and Pollution" and the science column, 
"Of Atoms and Man," Irving S. 
Bengelsdorf, pointed to the recent 
changes made in different forms of 
communications and their contribution 
toward making possible meetings 
between people of different races and 

Speakers 87 

Concerns Top 
Semester Talks 

Bill Russell 

Vera Glasser The Rev. Lester Kinsolving 

88 Speakers 

Mary Ann Erickson 

Environmentalist Mary Ann Erickson emphasized the 
need for individual attention to immediate 
environmental concerns. She stressed that you "can't sit 
back and hope that someone else will save it." 

The third time around Bill Russell made it to WSU and 
Bohler Gym to rap with students and faculty about 
"what the nation is like." Through a blend of humor and 
serious thought Russell stressed the necessity of 
working together to get anything done. 

According to Vera Glaser, syndicated political 
columnist, women have made gains in their movement 
for equal rights, but they still have "quite a way to go" in 
overcoming the invisible barriers against them. 

The Rev. Lester Kinsolving faced Jim Reynolds in a 
heated religious debate, "The Limits of Morality," as 
part of the AWS Women's symposium. In a discussion 
later the same evening Rev. Kinsolving stated that the 
churches are going to have to come up with better 
reasons for their condemnation of pre-marital sex with 
the development of more effective contraceptives and 
changing attitudes among the young. 

Prominent civil rights leader and mayor of Fayette, 
Miss., Charles Evers spoke on the black liberation 
struggle and the issues—social, economical, and 
political—behind it. 

Charles Evers 

Speakers 89 

Player meeting Rosencrantz and Guildenstern on board a ship in Alfred portraying Queen Gertrude in the dumb show, 

third act. 

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead 

One of the players portraying King Claudius in dumb show. 

90 Plays 

Rosecrantz and Guildenstern is 
American College 
Theater Festival 

Guildenstern and Rosencrantz realize death is near and are 
pondering what went wrong. 

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Player observe the dumb show. 

Plays 91 

Meff arbitrates the dispute over the mattress. 

Dust imagines himself an airplane as Meff looks on. 

Next Time I’ll Sing To You 

The hermit is dead. 

92 Plays 

Jesse seduces his childhood sweetheart. 

Plaza Suite 

Sam and Karen Nash discuss their fading marriage. 

Sam Nash confers with secretary as his wife watches pensively in 

Plays 93 


A Good Man 
Charlie Brown 

Linus, Charlie Brown, Patti and Lucy practice for the school assembly 

94 Plays 

Linus sings "My Blanket and Me." "I'm going to school this year I went last year." 

Lucy drops a high fly ball in the baseball game. 

Plays 95 

Gandolf. the Dwarfs and Bilbo climb the trees to free themselves from the Ores and wolves. 

96 Theater 

And I do know you, Mr. Bilbo Baggins and you do know me. 
My name is Gandolf and Gandolf means me." 

The Hobbit 

"Here is the map of the Misty Mountains and a small and curious key." 

Good Morning 

Take that you nasty little dwarf. 

Theater 97 

Parents View 
Scuba Duba, 

A Broadway comedy about a crazy night in the life of 
Harold Wonder, as a parade of "kooks" enters and exits 
from his rented villa in Southern France. 

98 Heda Gabler 

Heda Gabler 


100 Theater 

1 V 


W ZM ■ 

m i hMfJH 1 '/"jr- 

| m mU 

p ^ - ).M MPfc'iS 

Alpha Epsilon Rho 

The WSU chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho, the 
radio-TV-film honorary, is one of the most active 
chapters in the national organization. It boasts 
having within the group the national publication. 
Two delegates attended the national convention 
in Chicago this year which coincided with the 
National Association of Broadcasters' 
convention. During this time communications 
students could meet with professionals in the 

At home, the chapter worked on a project to 
record an earlier era as related by the senior 
citizens of Whitman County. Seminars were held 
with local public broadcasters. The annual radio- 
TV awards banquet highlighted the year and 
recognized those who had worked to uphold a 
tradition of excellence in radio and television. 

Above: AErho. Row One: Steve Miller, Jim Moll, Barbara Hanford. Sue Mielke, Val Limburg. Row two: Mary Causgrove. Die Gribbon, Ted Warren. Shelley Johnson. 
Jim Ragland, Suzi McAllister, Marna Tisdel, Darrell Beck. Row Three: Sharon Hastings, Al Eltvick, Al Powell, Tim Mellin. Dick Warsinske. Mike Conklin. Row Four: 
Brooks Burford. Rich Howe. Tim Jones, Jack Hebner. 

Alpha Epsilon Rho 105 

Above: Rho Nu. Row One: Wendy Smith. Bonnie Penniman. Gordon Anderson, John Folkrod, Jennifer Rau, Row Two: Ronda Daling, Bob largent. Teri Lindstrom. 
Judy Cohen. Karen Coleman, Sandi Ward, Janey Waldemarson, Carolyn Todd. Row Three: Carol Fricke. Sharon Aboen, Jeanne Williams. Jo Hamford, Jill Loudenback. 
Rodie Renn. Marjorie Spooner. Barbara Heimbigner. 

RHO NU . . . disorganization . . . reactivated in 1971 
... a common goal . . . Spokane Center of Nursing . . . 
careers . . . telephone . . . committees . . . constitution 
. .. volunteers . . . hospital . . . Mrs. Todd . .. WRA 
. . . movies . . . popcorn .. . bake sale . . . more funds 
. .. dues . . . applications . . . Center . . . registered 
nurses?? .... 

ALPHA PHI SIGMA . . . National Police Science Honor 
Society . . . lots of new members . . . Thanksgiving 
Dinner . . . Christmas Dinner . . . Easter Dinner? . . . 
Grand Chapter business . . . Ming Room . . . new 
advisor . . . lousy orange CUB punch . . . informative 
speakers . . . Banquet . . . Qui transulit sustinet . . . 
youth rap session . . . new President plaque . . . Andy 
Ming Room ... to protect and serve . . . newsletter 
plans . . . convention scrapped . . . new chapters . . . 

Above: Alpha Phi Sigma. Row One: Maureen Lilliwitz. Boyd Roberts, Ruben Baca, Jerry Davis. Andrew Oakley. Douglas Pagliari. James Provencher, Roger Watson. 
Vicky Pavlevski. Row Two: Robert Regoli. Steven Paulsen. James Hughes, Terremce Shidel. James Pompey, Randy Stegmeier, Susan Flack, Alice Gentry, Carol Wilsey. 
Row Three: Raymond Knutzen. Dale Webster, Gerald Butler, Stanley Henderer. James Reynolds, Alan Ege, Gordon VanHuis, Robert Claney, Donnell Jerome. Martin 

106 Organizations 

Above: American Society of Civil Engineers. Row One: Remy Luk. Don Baxter. John Cutter. Khalid Al-Turke. Abdul Quddoos. Al-hasni. J. Reynolds. Dan Huptill. Row 
Two: Gerald Odman. Steve Mauss. Rick Bair, Gerry Shrope. Jim Sarb. John Petersen. Row Three: Dennis Rapp. John Dorfelld. Steve Leach. Vasih Takas. Cary 
Kopczynski. H. Sorensen. 

for Captain Concrete . . . bi-monthly meetings . . . field 
trips to Moscow ... to study fields .. . studying 
together . . . don't bump the Wang . .. spring picnic 

. .. technical presentations . . . new officers .. . name 
tags . . . Spokane parent chapter . . . sharing . . . trip to 
construction sites ... 24 Sloan . . . bull sessions .. . 
pride . .. integrity. 

































































Organizations 107 

Phi Eta Sigma 

PHI ETA SIGMA . .. recognition 
. .. freshmen ... 3.5+GPA . .. 
continuing high scholarship . .. 
new members ... initiation ... 
annual banquet. 

Above: Phi Eta Sigma. Row One: Keith Kincaid. David Reynolds. Gary P. Larson. Greg Mott. Row Two: Dennis 
Clark. Bruce U. DeGooyer, Steve Renke. 

National Society of Interior Designers 

creating . . . inspiring . . . seeking, finding . .. growing 
friendships . . . increasing knowledge ... professional 
guidance . .. getting together—make a film ... hear 
guest speakers ... arts and crafts workshops .. . 

bringing pillows, scrunching together on the floor, 
watching films on the ceiling . . . participating .. 
conventions . . . field trips . .. expanding awareness 
through constant interaction. 

Below: NSID. Row One: Betsy Keil, Carol Diefendorf. Row Two: Kris Pederson, Amy Shemet. Row Three: Melissa Mize. Margaret Sewell. Patsy Balhiser. Row Four: 
Roberta Kilty. Joan Scott, Bede Jordan. Don Hart. Roger Bafus. Jay Galvin. Row Five: Jenny Ann Jensen. Willa Witherow, Brenda Phillips. Mike Creighton. Steve 
Haynes. Row Six: Patti Huggins. Sigrid Jansson. Row Seven: Pat Sauer. Sue North, Jean Klopfer. Curt Sherman. Steven L. Hankins. 

Home Economics Association 

Above: Home Economics Association. Row One: Mary Ann Nelson, Jean Dawson, Judy Boling, Mava Crew, Ritaan Callson, Dorothy Steiger, Nancy 0. Peterson, 
Jean Eickmeyer. Row Two: Cheryl Thiemer, Deborah Hill, JoAnn K. Lenhard, Mary Scheel, Kris Merritt, Barbara Berreman. Row Three: Betty Andrew, Shirley Forsberg, 
Irene Ruzicka, Elaine Dube, Lynn Dennie, Mrs. Jean K. Klopfer, Linda Barr, Irene McClurg, Buena Johnson, Barbara Lynn Ledgerwood. Not Pictured: Mrs. Genevieve 
McDonald, Advisor. 

Omicron Nu is one of three national Home 
Economics honor societies. Its unique purpose is to 
stimulate and encourage scholarly 
inquiry—research—related to improvement of home 
and family life. Such searching, frequently at the 
graduate level, can liberate minds of men and women 

for the discovery 01 principles and for the development 
of creative leadership. The Washington State University 
chapter. Kappa, strives to reach this goal through its 
yearly activities—Fall and Spring Initiations, Career 
Seminar, Spotlight on Research, and Sophomore Honor 



Above: Omicron Nu. Row One: Jan Gordon, Sharman Meiners. Beuna Johnson, Elaine Dube. Mary Jeanette Craig, Edie Taylor, Shelley 
Parks, Barbara Ledgerwood. Row Two: Judy Payton, Joanne Binford. Glenda Hewson. Cheryl Tanabe, Betty Andrew. Row Three: Mrs. H. 
Koehler, Jinny Burger, Kathy Buckenroth, Jackie Slovak, Anne Taylor, Mary Ruud, Janis Bolinger, Julie Fortune, Dayle Wright, Gail Hanson. 

Organizations 109 

Above: Phi Chi Theta. Row One: Jean Wilson. Janet Carlson. Sidney Buckles. Caroline Nyhus. Nancy Johnson. Row Two: Andrea Bergly. Sally Lefler, Nancy Schenk, 
Karen Kraft. Betsy Husom. Kathy Evans. Kim O'Neil. Row Three: Jackie Tee, Karen Towner. Barb DeHtaan. Cheryl Hanson. Cynthis Carlsen, Cheryl Benedict. Susan 
Bolton Neal, Bonnie Betts. Janet Shumate. 

PHI CHI THETA . . . more for the scholarship fund . . . 
candy sales . . . "sisterly love. Mastery in Business, 
Courage in Purpose" . . . luncheon . . . seniors . . 

honor . . . National Convention ... a trip to New York 
. .. meeting new people . . . discussing problems .... 

That this, our group is known to 
be Orchesis. 

Our name comes from the 
ancient Greek, a term whos^ 
truest meaning is "to dance." 

And yet this term means more 
than merely dancing. 

It governs all the motions that 
our bodies strive to do ... and 
even in those transient, ever- 
fleeting instants when we pau „ 
at immobility, this term will still 
enfold ourselves . . . 

Between these curtained walls 
we love to dance all things that 
claim the highest truth and 
beauty in themselves. We should 
do nothing less. 

Above: Orchesis. Row One: Kaki Ogle, Pam Marshall. Don Stayner. Beverly Buchholtz. Row Two: Pat Littlewood. 
Delores Colwell. Maureen Fryer. Susan Inman. Row Three: Mina Nichols. Cricket Amos. Alice Gates, Susan McFaul. 

110 Organizations 

Above: Lambda Alpha Epsilon. Row One: Dr Charles Fontan. Steve Walbridge. Alice Gentry. Raymond Knutzen. Donna West. Kevin Eaton. Row Two: Maureen 
Lilliwitz, Ruben Baca. Debra Wiggins. Lloyd Black. Mike Portmann. Pat Chestek. Row Three: Jerry Davis. Steve Waters. Mike Henderson. 

LAMBDA ALPHA EPSILON . . . law enforcement . . . 
off to a great new start this year ... in the black . . . 
lots of new members ... fresh ideas . . . still looking for 
a cheap gavel . . . another Chinook bill ... up the dues 
. .. start of honor key program . . . 'YOU' house . . . 
dirty stoves . . . mops. mops, mops . . . year-old dirty 

coffee cups . . . lots of plans ... the end of Van Doren's 
blah bulletin boards . . . encouraging speakers . . . 
Grand Chapter, where are you? . . . where's our money, 
ballots? . . . crumpled stationery . . . always a next 
year! . . . 

Organizations 1 11 

Sigma lota 

SIGMA IOTA, Society of Innkeepers . . . students 
preparing for management positions in the hotel, 
restaurant and club industry . . . educational meetings 

with guest speakers . . . senior field trip over Western 
United States . . National Hotel Salesman of the Year, 
Chris White of San Francisco ... "BELLHOP 
'72"—two fun-filled nights of dancing with "bunnies" 
to serve you. 

112 Organizations 

Organizations 113 

Outing Club Provides Outdoor Activities 

This year the Outing Club's 400 members 
participated in many fun activities. There was a hayride 
and dance in the fall for the members, and a weekend 
ski trip to Jackass in December. During semester break 
we skied at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Grand 
Targhee, Wyoming. We went back to Grand Targhee for 
spring break. Raft trips and a spring function concluded 
the club's activities for the year. 

Above: Spurs. Row One: Laura Hastings. Mrs. Trude Smith. Deborah Williams, Carol Garretson. Nancy Mallory. Rita Stallings. Rita Gale, Teri Tucker. Colleen Field, 
Kathy McDonald, Kandi Horton. Jean Wilson, Ronda Daing, Linda Ford. Row Two: Barb Olson. Betsy Brown. BarbToevs. Claudia Angus.Phyllis Morrow, Nancy Potter, 
Andrea Coma. Laura Batfany, Chris Domnaier. Joan Karch, Sue Howard, Mary Woods. Jill Risley, Joan Lenhard, Kristy Jensen. Row Three: Elaine Killngsworth, Yvonne 
Brown. Bernie Waterman. Ruth Fenner, Sue Rutherford, Peggy Warner. Arlene Eagle. Vicki Cable, Sharon Bedkwith. Pam Kanzler, Barb Anderson. Janice Bullard. Cathy 
Knoeber. Heather Waldron, Suzanne Peterson. 


SPURS . . . smiling faces . . . friendly faces 
. . . working together ... at your service 
. . . football programs . . . frozen toes . . . 
may I see your ticket, please . . . give blood 
. . . blue unis . . . "it" . . . IK's . . . Sunday 
afternoon at Bohler . . . full court basketball 
... running . . . just to keep up . . . sore 
muscles . . . regional convention ... so 
many new faces ... so many new names 
. . . new friends . . . Spur sisters . . . singing 
. . . sharing . . . good times . . . spur-o- 
grams . . . Big sisters . . . getting re¬ 
acquainted ... over pizza ... give 
blood—again . . . songfest . . . tapping 
already . . . spurrific .... 

Above: Executive Council. Row One: Andrea Coma. Jean Wilson. Row Two: Kristy Jensen, Ronda 
Daling, Vicki Cable. Arlene Eagle, Suzanne Peterson, Heather Waldron, Janice Bullard, Mrs. Trude 
Smith. Sue Howard. 

1 14 Spurs 

Above: Crimson Circle. Row One: Jay McGath. Scott MacGillivray, Hal Bancroft. Art McCartan. Row Two: Jim Moll. Jim Hahner. Mike ElTfs. Rex Lott. Wayne 
Knutsen. Mike Gomez. Harvey Dunham. Not pictured: Jim Boldt. Scott Dunham, Jim Herbold, Carlton Lewis, Scott Minnick, Tim Sonnichsen. Steve Wright. Dr Donald 
Bushaw. Dr. Tim Hopp. Mike Morrow. 

INTERCOLLEGIATE KNIGHTS ... brotherhood ... 
new pages . . . Royal Earl ... IK Mums . . . .‘riendly 
faces . . . white sweaters . . . new advisor . . . helping 
. .. others . . . new duchess . . . toys for orphans . . . 
Area Conference . . . basketball concessions . . . Spurs 

... IK Shield . . . Every Knight Gets a Page . . . new 
faces ... new officers ... formal initiation ... 
National Convention . . . “un-boat race" . . . service 
. . . sacrifice . . . loyalty ... IK Renaissance .... 

Intercollegiate Knights - Crimson Circle 

Crimson Circle of Omicron 
Delta Kappa recognizes 
outstanding qualities in senior 
men of Washington State 
University. It brings these people 
together with faculty and staff 
and other students to discuss 
problems of common concern. 
Tapping is a major campus event 
that comes twice each year and 
is followed by a banquet with top 
speakers presenting searching 
views of the academic 
community and the world. 

In selection, potential, and 
proven leadership and scholastic 
achievement are utilized. All 
areas are searched for 
exceptional people who are 
expected to lead Cougar loyalty 
and service throughout their 

Above: Intercollegiate Knights. Row One: Dennis Rugg. Scott Gillies. Brad Hunter. Lee Carstens. Rich McKinney. Careers. 

Mike Secor. Steve Tresse. Row Two: Bob Blaine, John Nevgebauer. Jim Gibbons. Mike Scherr, Mitch McKay. Steve 
Renkel, Bruce DeGooyer, Ed Hogle, Don Archer, Nelson Cordill, Dale Daniels, Mike Dudley. Al Bryant. John McNeil, 

George Lee, Tim Freeman, Joe Westsik, Chuck Jackson. Linda Ford. 

Intercollegiate Knights 11 5 

Above: Kappa Psi. Row One: Carl Lentz. Bill Coleman. John Griggs. Row Two: Chris Quimby, Stan Weber. Dave Woodward. Mark Jones. Row Three: Jerry 
Yencopal. Tony Pennella. Rex Lott. Kirk Garland. John Horn. Gary Yawman, Cal Lantz. Bob Blane. 

Kappa Psi is a professional 
fraternity for male pharmacy 
students. For the past eleven 
years Beta Pi chapter, here at 
WSU, has been advised by Dr. 
M.R. Gibson of the College of 
Pharmacy. The purpose of the 
fraternity is to promote 
professionalism and stimulate 
scholarship in the pharmacy 
student. This year the 
organization donated its time and 
resources to the promotion of 
Poison Prevention Week. 

"Founded to promote intelligent 
living and a high standard of 
learning and to encourage 
superior scholastic attainment 
among freshman women in 

Above: Alpha Lambda Delta. Row One: Haydie Hernandez. Helen Bray. Vickie Perdue, Marcia Rivers. Row Two: 
Melissa Roedil. Carla Jean Geier, Kathy Morasch. Mary Anne Hupf. Row Three: Mary Ann Nelson. Margaret Elliot, 
Cheryl French. Gayle Roberts. Row Four: Joyce Higginbotham, Allison Lehman, Marnell Pelley. Joan Karch. Linda 
Biddle. Row Five: Sharel Marjamaa, Joann Jewett, Glenda Blank, Martha Jung. Row Six: Jeanie McLaughlin, Kay 
Johnson. Janet Poe. Rita Stallings. Row Seven: Tammy Siebenberg, Sherry Holland, Elaine Kammeyer. Colleen 
Leahy, Carol Seehafer, Kari Freeman, Grace Luet. 

116 Kappa Psi 

Above: Sigma Tau. Row One: Larry Mukai. Ernie Houtz, Alfred Tsang, Sara E. Taboada, Chen-tung Li. Harry Harlow. Tawfiq S Abdel-Fattah. Row Two: John Shen. 
Remy Luk, Steve Hucik. John Williams. Mike Henderson. Gary Hatzenbeler. Nick Wigen. Rick Flock, Dale Stidham, Dhimitri Takas. Vasili Takas. Row Three: David Riese 
Jones, Dennis Rapp, Roger W. Huntsinger, Roger H. Nelson, John R. Dorffeld. Greg Mork, Chris L. Wilson. 

This honorary recognizes outstanding engineering 
students and encourages them to apply their talents to 
the solution of man's problems. Taking service as a 
keynote, the fall initiates each spent several hours 
helping in the commuity project of establishing a drop-in 
center in Pullman—the YOU House. 

PI TAU IOTA . . . pre-medicine . . . pre-dentistry . . . 
high hopes . .. microscopes ... lens cleaning paer . . . 
skull and cross bones . . . rabbit lab ... tabletop 
extraction . . . watchmakers' forceps . . . sharks and 
mudpuppies ... to pith or not to pith . . . learn your 
vocab . . . necturus ... ye olde Curmudgeon . . . 33- 
hour chicken . . . competition . . . get those evaluations 
in! ... what summer reading ... some day—years 
from now . . . 

Above: Pi Tau lota. Row One: Steve Banich, Laird Wolfe. John Thayer, Garry Greene. Bill Behards, Mike Kraemer, Wayne Riches. Row Two: Karl Winter. Jay Gorham, 
Mark Johnson. Bob Herr. Gail Anderson. Scott McClure. Jim Chapados, Verene Steiner. David G. Thomassen. Row Three: James Doornink. Dan Graves, Dale Daniel, 
Jon Shaw, Harold Boyd, John Harbour. Richard Hayashi, Kirk Baumann. Philip Irvin. Steve Renner. Paul Winehart, Tom Miller. Jon Swenson. Bill Renner, Dan S 
Johnson. Randi Schwison. Joan Anderson. 

Organizations 117 

Rho Chi 

RHO CHI SOCIETY . . . Epsilon chapter . .. 
national honor society . . . pharmaceutical 
sciences ... outstanding academic 
achievement ... undergraduates, 
graduates, and faculty ... cooperation ... 
College of Pharmacy . . . fall .. . new 
student reception ... spring . .. Annual 
Rho Chi Lecture ... Dr. William E. Hassan 
Jr. ... throughout the year . . . Honors 
Seminars .. . particular interests . . . honors 
... annual scholarship award ... Rho Chi 
Scholarship .. . Recognition Certificates 
. . . completion ... of prepharmacy . . . 
more work . . . 

Above: Rho Chi. Row One: Nora Templin. Janis Mayeda, Jerry Hencopal. Gail Koorenny, Charles 
Martin, advisor. Row Two: Rex Lott, Kathy Grant. Bob Shelley, Herb Nagata. 

Christian Science Organization 

GANIZATION .. . fulfilling, 
inspiration . . . healing, truth . .. 
joy, singing . . . camp-outs . . . 
understanding life through a 
spiritual aspect ... fellowship, 
brotherhood, and friendship . . . 
caring, trusting, and sharing . .. 

Above: Christian Science Organization. Row One: Ruth Stockhill. Pam Horning, Gretchen Beerbower. Row Two: 
Jim Longan, Debbie Davis, Nancy McGoldrick, Renee Tanner. Connie Dickman. Steven Haynes. Row Three: Martin 
Owen, Bill Jones, Patti Thorson. Wendy Williams. Kris Mehlenbacker. Stephen Buskhell. 

118 Rho Chi and Christian Science Organization 

Above: Latter-Day Saints Group. Row One: Chip Abrams. Nancy Stone, Ken Stone. Art Barrett, Alfred L. Pace III. Row Two: Advisor BROMO (Richard Morley). 
Summer Rae Morgan. Daren Schwendiman, Pete Fairbanks. Phil (Apple) Anderson, Dave Bastow, Mark Thorne. Row Three: Renee Watson, Bishop Cromarty, Karen 
Baskette, Cindy Horning, Preston Kelley, Dave England. Virginia Cox. Barbie Holmes. Tammy Siebenberg. Row Four: Mark Gaudette, Tom Kellie, Wayne Bills. Jim 
Johnson, Don Bowen, Seth Cox, Mary Jo Knesal. Mary Ann Hazen. 

Latter Day Saints 

CHRIST OF LATTERDAY SAINTS . . . excellence in 
body, mind, and spirit . . . 200 members . . . busy . . . 
outings . . . spring . . . Broadway production .. . 

"Finian's Rainbow" .. . BYU . .. ballroom and folk 
dancers . .. summer . . . international conference . . . 
special service . . . missionary work . . . over the world 
. .. here at home . . . 

Latter Day Saints 119 

Noka Oi" 

Fresh food and flowers were flown 
from Hawaii for the WSU Hawaiian 
Club's annual luau. Every attempt 
was made to make it as authentic as 
those held on the island—minus the 
islands themselves, of course. 

The orchids used in the club's 
corsage sale for Mother's Weekend 
were also fresh from the Hawaiian 

Above: Hawaiian Club. Row One: Sherrile Lleightholm, Jessie Inazu. Bob Palea, Paul Nozaki, Jay Takaaze. 
Howard Yokoyama. Row Two: Elizabeth Hiramoto. Denice Kishimoto, Rae Sumida. Jeri Anderson, Peggy 
Takaaze, Sharon Tengan, Glenn Yokomura. Row Three: Floyd Kuboyama, Karen Hatley. Charles Yokoyama. 
Ivan Watanabe. Roy Seshiki. Ernestine Freitas. Anna Yokoyama. Mel Yokoyama, Steven Miura. Row Four: Allen 
Hatley. Guy Murashige. Calvin Higuchi. Wayne Miyashiro, Lynette Ito. Sandy Hamasaki. Row Five: Barry Daida, 
Russell Wade. Keith Uyeno. Allan Nakaya, Wayne Hamasaki. Row Six: Mrs. Walter Hendrix, Dr. and Mrs. 
Eugene Greenfield. 

Japanese Student Association 

The Japanese Student Association serves to carry 
the spirit and message of the New Japan to all the 
people associated with Washington State University, as 
opportunity comes. It builds bridges of understanding 
between the people of two of the more highly 
industrialized, friendly, and democratic yet powerful 
nations of the world. 

The group fosters pleasant memories and views of the 
homeland far across the Pacific. It builds friendships 
that will endure on both sides of the ocean. Its meetings 
highlights for its members as pursue their studies at 

Above: Japanese Students Association. Row One: Waichiro Miki, Kazuo Tamanha. Row Two: Kazuhiko Nagatomo. Tunichi Yagi. Row Three: Takashi Nakamoto, 
Yoshiki Yamanashi. Tsuyoshi Ogura. Row Four: George Ueda Pulmano. Row Five: Takeshi Oaishi, Noriyuki Yamada. 

120 Organizations 

Above: NAISA. Row One: Ki Tecumseh, Cynthia Miller. Georgine Higheagle. Laura Luzoh, Carol Momners, Arnold Williams, Vivian Moses. Row Two: John James. 
Delores Bellon, Mary Jackson. Jim Ward, Sheila Wilder, Connie Filkins, Linda Harrison. Rhetta Dunne. Row Three: Roger Jackson. Bruce Miller. Morrie Miller, Ron 
Dumont. Marc Seligmiller. Matt Wanchena, Ted Lamebull, Pierce Harrison. 

North American 
Indian Student 

Brother! My people and myself have 

to shake hands with you. 

Our people's hearts are filled with joy 
when we see you here. 

Above: NAISA OFFICERS, Row One: John James. Sheila Wilder, Arnold Williams. Ki Tecumseh 



Phi Epsilon Kappa 

The Alpha Gamma Chapter of Phi Epsilon Kappa (the 
professional physical education fraternity) involved itself 
in several noteworthy projects which were of service to 
the University this year. Among these projects were: 
sponsorship of the Annual Retreat to Camp Easter Seal 
for majors in physical education, recreation, and 
physical therapy. A knowledgeable speaker (Mr. Al 
Tweit, Director of Health and Physical Education of the 
Olympia School District), meals, lodging, and 
transportation were undertaken by the fraternity; special 
recognition of retired leaders in physical education at 
WSU by establishing "Cougar Corner" in the 
Conference Room of the New Gym and placing 
individual plaques and pictures of our former leaders; 
support of the Cougar Club and becoming a "Century 
Member" by donating $100 to the Athletic Department 
for the second consecutive year; provision of the annual 
scholarship of $150 to a worthy physical education 

major; and selection of the outstanding senior in 
physical education for the 1971 -72 academic year. 

The fraternity sponsored the internationally known 
physiologist, Begnt Baltin, of Sweden to speak on 
"Substrate, Physical Exercise, and Work Capacity." The 
Fraternity continued to earn money to support these 
worthy projects through concession sales at University 
athletic contests. 

1971-72 Officers: Tom Keith (President), Fred 
Pokrifchak (Secretary), Steve Sadler (Treasurer), Bob 
Peavy (Advisor). 

1972 Officers elect: Bill Marshall (President), Pat 
Couling (Vice President), John Ross (Secretary), Leon 
Sanders (Treasurer), Bob Peavy (Advisor). 

Above: Phi Epsilon Kappa. Row One: Bob Peavy. Bill Marshall. Pat Couling. Dan Miller. Leon Sanders. Bill Armstrong. Gene Dogen. Fred Pokrifchak. Steve Potter. 
Larry Olsen, Rob Kraus. Roger Pennell. Row Two: Mike Baldwin. Chris Vanos. Tom Keith. Steve Boosinger, Larry Angel. John Ross, Tim Funk, John Heinrick. Dyke 
Dickie. Kent Haberly. 

122 Organizations 

Phi Kappa Phi 


Alda R. Amidon 
Gail Albert Anderson 
Betty Jean Andrew 
Patricia Marie Balhiser 
Joseph Patrick Barrett 
Timothy Patrick Beard 
E. Theodore Becker 
Carole Diane Bergeron 
Andrea L. Bergly 
George L. Berry 
Sheldon E. Blank 
Jo Ann Bockman 
Janet Kathryn Boston 
Harold E. Boyd 
Susan Elda Boyle 
James Edward Britain 
Kelly Nolan Brown 
Nancy Ann Bunnell 
Lynn Ellen Cantrell 
David Paul Carson 
Andrew Ka Lab Chan 
Paul Yingho Chan 
Sui-Sin Stephen Choi 
Ngar-Lun Allen Chow 
Janet A. Clark 
Theresa Maureen Culver 
James Michael Curren 
Carl Lawrence Derfler Jr. 
Barbara Jean DeHaan 
Gary L. Dietel 
Kenneth Ray Dobbins 
Pamela Jean Dorway 
Elaine Mary Dube' 

Scott H. Dunham 
Kay Ellen Duskin 
Bruce N. Edson 
Elaine Louise Eldridge 
Angela Marlene Estes 
Craig Benson Esvelt 
Michael Wayne Extine 
Delores Arlene Feller 
Jonathan Edward File 
Dean Joseph Fondahn 
Joan Formuzis 
Mary Lou Franzese 
Robert John Frieske 
Catherine Renee Futtrup 
Mary F. Gallagher 
Anne Katherine Gavareski 

Jon F. Gordon 
Daniel Leahy Graves 
Janet L. Gwin 
James K. Hahner 
Jim Allen Haines 
Ann Colleen Hardin 
Daniel E. Harris 
Lee Robert Harris 
Lynda S. Hatch 
Richard Alan Hayashi 
Wayne Edgar Hays 
Michael Edgar Henderson 
Linda Irene Hillier 
Sheila Alexis Homchick 
Douglas M. Hughes 
Susan Louise Hume 
Sharon Lee Hunter 
Elizabeth Anne Husom 
Wendy Lee Huston 
Patti Gail Ireland 
Chris Craig Janett 
Beuna Mary Johnson 
Stephen Gregory Johnson 
Trudy Keeney 
Barbara Diane Kinder 
Sandra Kay Kolbus 
Stephen Shic-Chu Kung 
Sarah Paige Landry 
Robert Gary Lang 
Carol Ann Lockwood 
Janet E. Lorenzo 
William Clark Lubken 
Ann Marie Lydiard 
Susan Mahrt 
Francis William Marron 
Kathleen W. McCartan 
Mary Lynne McGee 
Janis Eileen McKelvy 
Marianne Patricia McLennan 
Sharman Rae Meiners 
Sue Mielke 

Marshall Vin-Charles Miller 
Sally E. Muschany 
Herbert Hatsuo Nagata 
Julie Ann Neigel 
Ekpe Efiong Okoh 
Stephen Davis Ott 
James Braden Overman 
Susan Marie Pattison 
Carl Allen Paul 
Tom R. Paul 

Gerald William Paulukonis 
Steve Randall Pearson 
Mark William Pennak 
Danny L. Peterson 
Roger Neal Peterson 
James W. Philopant 
Loretta Jean Rippee 
Thomas E. Roe 
Jean Ann Rogers 
Corrie C. Rosetti 
Kathryn A. Salmon 
Loretta Rae Salvadalena 
Peter Conrad Schlicher 
Gregory Allen Schrempp 
Amy Diane Shemet 
Daniel E. Slagle 
Pamela Sloat 
Robert Graham Small 
Kathy M. Smith 
David Miles Startup 
Lisa Kathleen Stephenson 
David Robert Stevens 
Frances Stokes 
Robert Edward Swope 
Janice Anne Todnem 
Phyllis Louise Van Winkle 
Margaret Catherine Weber 
Stanley Steven Weber 
Carol Annette Weimer 
Linda Kay Wendt 
Pamela K. Westfahl 
Carole Anne Wiitala 
Kathy Jean Williams 
Carol Ann Wilson 
Catherine Wilson 
Larry D. Wood 
Marianne Workman 
Chi Wai Stewart Yuen 
Kai-Young Kevin Yung 
Bruce Anthony Zagar 


Roger W. Beieler 
John Francis Burns 
Charles Henry Hill 
Harry M. Hufty 
Emma C. Johnson 
David Paul Letendre 
Linda L. Middleton 
James Henry Robertson 

Phi Kappa Phi 


Above: Angei Flight. Row One: Frances Shotwell, Randi Burns. Molly Schrick. Pam Lee, Sue Oswald, Carol Gibbs. Row Two: Jean McCormick. Sandy Sollenberger, 
Mary Baumgartel, Marcia Shreve, Laura Buchanan, Marsha Lundroth Row Three: Donna Shigano, Sharon Poffenroth, Kathy Hale, Gwen Mukai, Margaret Tsuakawa, 
Patti Hernas, Joanne Jannett. 

Air Force 





Above: Arnold Air Society. Row One: Gordie Blume. Rich McKinney. Bob Anderson Row Two: Chuck Westbrook. 
Wayne Fuqua, Dave Rajala. Row Three: Al Forbes. Reginald Willich, Roy Dragoo. Larry Nicholas. Wayne Burgess. 
Mel Fungarson. Ken St. John. Ray Zimmerman, Chuck Martell, Rod McCall, Randy Brooks. 


Above: Professional Officer Corps. Row One: Ray Zimmerman. Richard W McKinney, Ken Korsmo. Bob Reamer, Michael Perini. Randy Brooks. Row Two: Wayne C. 
Guqua, Tony L. Kimpo, David R. Unger, Stephen F. Crowell, Daniel C. McAlister, Mike Anderson. Rod McCall Row Three: Joanne Hardie. Tom Braniund, Bill Raisner. 
Darrel Carter, Gordon Blume, Ken St John, Bill Semmler. Row Four: Robert Anderson. Larry R Lambert, Russell J. Anarde, Mel Fingarson, Steve Snyder, Al Dyer, 
Chuck Westbrook. 

Above: Air Force Scholarship Cadets. Row One: Richard McKinney, Ken Korsmo. Bob Renner, Mike Perini. Randy Brooks, Richard Welch. Row Two: Dave Organ. 
David Unger, Steve Crowell. Wayne McElva, Daniel C. McAlister, Mike Anderson. Rod McCall. Row Three: Dick Moore, Dennis Rooks. Jerry McGinley, Dennis Smith, 
James Ulrich, Alan Sorensen, Jeff Moore. Row Four: Jim Vik, Robert Coe, Russ Anarde, Mel Finarson. Steven Snyder, Mike Ragan, Ken St. John. 


Above: Cadre. Row One: Colonel George A. Robinson. Row Two: Technical Sergeant Peter J. Zuccaro. Staff Sergeant Gilbert Pettit. Major William Hirschfeld, Captain 
Kenneth B. Dockter, Linda Han. Captain Edward T. Lisota, Staff Sergeant Ronald Jennings. 

ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY . . . volleyball game . . . 
football game . . . look out for the pass . . . new faces 
... old faces . . . apple cider . . . chili . . . Dragoo and 
guitar . . . singing . . . good times . . . conclave . . . 
business . . . model airplanes that fly ... Lakeland 
Village . . . Halloween boxes . . . flashy paper and 

ribbon . . . stocking stuffing . . . sticky fingers and glue 
. . . red and green cloth with Santa's face too . . . keg in 
the corner while sliding in snow . . . raunch dance with 
strange looking flicks . . . dinner dance . . . Fairchild 
... I'll have another one please . . . Olympics by 
Angels . . . grace .. . 

126 ROTC 

Above: Crimson Rifle. 1. Larry Mukai, 2. Dennis White. 3. Tandy Trower 4 Tim Above: Army Rifle Team. Row One: Gary Becker. Dick Welch, Wayne Braden. 
Braden 5. John J. Brugger 7. Hubert Kolde 8. Wayne R. Bills 9. Rich Danielson. Mike Miller. Robert Greiger. Row Two: George Jurgens. Dick Utter. Gloria Wunder, 

Sergeant Rich. 

Army Reserve Officer Training Corps 

Above: Army Detached Personnel. Row One: Mrs. Caroline Clifton, Lieutenant Phillip D. Semmens. Miss Gloria Wunder. Colonel William B. Graham. Mrs. Lois Clark. 
Captain Brian C. Finn. Row Two: SFC Charles A. Glen. Captain Richard Cardinali. Captain Gary R. Williams. MSG H.L. Rich, SFC Francis F. Mocabee. SGM Marvin R 

To provide a graduate with a firm and workable grasp 
of the dynamics of leadership, thus enhancing the 
usefulness of his scholastic achievement was the goal of 
the Army ROTC curriculum. In the accomplishment of 
this goal, the basic premises of the individual 
development was paramount. 

Continuing changes took place in ROTC programs to 
match the requirements of the Modern Volunteer Army 
with needs and aspirations of qualified students. Also 
continuing stress was put on fostering development of 
innate student capability so as best to serve the social, 
and economic, and military needs of the nation. 

ROTC 127 

Above: Army Sponsors. Betty Watras. Colleen Dye. Patty Sage. Sheri Morrison. Jennie Lauckhart. Mary Vallely, Barb Norris. Darlene Helt. Mary Lynn McDonald. 
Bernadette Margin. Liz Wood. John Nyere. 

128 ROTC 

Above: Scabbard and Blade. Row One: Kert Peterson, John Nyere. Peter Smith. Dan Hull, William Woodcock. Row Two: Ken Dobbins. John Maxwell. George Berry. 
Harvey Dunham. 

Above: SAME. Row One: Dennis White. Larry Mukau. Row Two: Captain Gary 
Williams. Rick Sandahl, William Haynes. 

Above: AUSA. Captain Williams. Woody Woodcock. Rick Sandahl. William 

Above: Rangers. Row One: John Nyere, Frank McGordon. Jon Tunis, Rick Gumke. Don Bruya, David Driver, Dale Carmichael. Ray Carr. Ray Early Row Two: Sgt. Glen 
Sammy Banner. Donnan Harrison, Lane Griffin, Tom Bailey. Steven Rose. Colleen Dye, Craig King, Rich Johnston, Mark Elliott, Scot Robar 

ROTC 129 

Above: ASCA Representatives. Row One: Jean Nilles, Carol Seehafer. Robyn Klicker, Doug Ensor. Row Two: Joan Lenhard. Kathy Fritchey. Mike Andrews. Jack 
Clerf. Steve Ledgerwood, Steve Appel. Paul Sunderland. Row Three: Gary Bye. Steve Brown, Dennis Solbrak. Jim Durfey, Les Wright. 

ASCA . . . new Ag buildings to start our year off bright 
and clean . . . our very own office . . . office hours . . . 
Mrs. Holtorf to help us along . . . trying hard to make 
ideas work ... lots of people to call ... lots of people 
to meet . . . always something to do ... got to get 
those Aggies together . . . Raunch Western Dance . . . 
yee ha . . . moo . . . cowboy boots . . . Ag Awards . . . 
Banquet . . . great people and great food . .. "Aggie of 
the Year" ... a year's time goes by fast .. . but 
memories will linger . . . 

Boosting fraternal spirit among members plus 
encouragement of scholarship and self-improvement 
are the basis for the organization of Alpha Tau Alpha. 
Membership in ATA is based on more than academics. 
It's friendship and swapping ideas on just about 
anything. Highlights of the year included talks by 
student teachers about their experiences, helping with 
the State FFA Convention, sending a delegate to the 
ATA conclave, and an annual banquet. 

ALPHA ZETA . . . agriculture . . . scholarship . . . 
leadership . .. fellowship .. . money . . . what money? 
... oh, that money . . . inspiration . . . Middaugh .. . 
girls . .. Regional Conclave . . . sunny California . . . 
girls . . . Ag. Awards . . . our chance . . . outstanding 
Freshman . .. initiation . .. finally . . . girls in AZ ... 
joint banquet . . . Idaho hosts .. . working for a 
stronger, brighter future. 


Alpha Tau Alpha 

ABOVE: Alpha Tau Alpha. Row One: Bob Gallagher. Dennis Wilson. Steve Van Valkenburg. Robin Rosenau. Joe Small. Row Two: George Ruddell. 
Harry T. Argetes, Gary Johnson. Thomas Lopp. John Simila. Roger Willis. C.O. Loreen. 


Above: Lariat Club. Row One: Kathy Fritchey, Ferris Forar, Sharon Sorensen. Tom Voyles. Bob Barnes. John Feusner. Row Two: Dr. C.C. O'Mary. Steve Thompson, 
Mike Casey. Allen Miller. Jean Smith. Tom Tippett. Bill Heineman. Charlene Marshall. Vic Harris. Bill Meiser Row Three: Dan Coonradt. Dr. J.A. Froseth, Duncan Dunn, 
Donna Sorensen. Christina Schroeder, Ginney Woodard, Christie Steelhammer. Mike Hopper. Larry Reeves, Dean Reeves. Steve Landt. 

LARIAT CLUB ... strangers ... now friends ... 
dancing . . . the Albion Grange that was .. . sausage 
. .. the little International . . . teaching young 4-H er's 
. . . winning at the Pacific N.W. Barrow Show . . . over 
the mountains ... up the coast . . . just look at all them 
critters! . . . those were the good times . . . remember 
. .. and still more sausage .... 

Lariat Club 
Ag. Education 
Ag. Mechanization 

teach .. . teaching to serve . . . 4-H Field Day . . . 

young members . . . livestock training . . . fitting and 

showing . . . serving to help . . . helping to learn . . . 

State Crops Judging Contest . . . time out . . . relax . . . 

picnics . . . baseball . . . back home . . . meetings . .. 
guest speakers . . . good info . . . 

The American Society of Agricultural Engineers is a 
group of students with interest in agriculture and 
engineering principles, a professional society associated 
with both the College of Agriculture and the College of 
Engineering. This group of men has shared activities this 
year, which include regular meetings, speakers, field 
trips and the annual banquet. 

132 Organizations 

Above: Agriculture Education. Row One: Steve Brown. Steve Van Valkenburg, Paul Hudson. Galen Hansen, John Smila, David Krawsky, Dennis Wilson, David Freyer 
Row Two: Robert Buchholz, Gary Bye, Bob Gallagher. T. Gary Johnson. Robin Rosenau. Tom Lopp, Lowden Borgens, Tom Musser. Harry Argetes. Dennis Solbrack. Bill 
Lowe. Keith E. Fiscus. Kent Breidenstein. C O. Loreen Row Three: Steve Smith. Stephen Ricarte. Wynn VanAusdle. Tom Sailer. Joe Small. David Leatherman. Steve 
Ledgerwood, Scott Branson, Mike Rozelle. Mike Curtis. 

Above: Agriculture Mechanization. Row One: Doug Ensor. Dave Muller, John E. George. Michael J. Pfaff, Jim Sorense Row Two: J.B Simpson. A E Powell. Steve 
Ebe, Bill Tee. John Mann. Joe Schmitz. Row Three: Wayne Neace, Richard Bader. Jon Gordon, Bill Irving, Day L. Bassett, Nelson A. Cordill. Edward Bauer. 



Above: Dairy Club. Row One: Eunice Overland. Joe Blake. Gene Wiederspohn. Allen Bartelheilmer, Mike O'Neil. Row Two: Farris Forar, Ken Schilke. Roger Willis, 
John Bouslog, Dave Leatherman. Joe Hillers. 

Dairy Club 

Agricultural Economics 

DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB . . . trips to the west . . . trips 
to the east . . . what dairy's the next stop? . . . Mothers' 

Weekend . . . Cougar Gold . . . cheddar cheese . . . 
twenty cans? . . . right away, ma'am . . . dairy judges 
altogether . . . turn out for practice ... all kinds of 
weather . . . club meetings . . . special speakers ... all 
work together to reach the goals cheaper! 

. . . getting together . . . Ag. fellows unite . .. beans 'n 
burgers . . . speakers and slides . . . racing galore . . . 
snowmobiling in the mountains . . . snowriding . . . fun 
and games at the bar-b-q . . . students RIP at B-ball 
feed . . . that "Birdy" chef, Wally RehnBerg . . . finger 
lickin' good . . . economists united . . . 

134 Organizations 

Above: Agricultural Economics Club. Row One: Douglas Kleweno. Jim H. Peterson. Al Short. Gery Amos. Scott Hamilton. David Kleweno. Row 
Two: Martin Waananen. Ekpe. E. Okah. Kurt Braunwart. Wally Hattan. Gail Amos. Bruce Prenguber 

Above: Agricultural Economics Club Officers. Kurt Braunwart. Al Short. Scott Hamilton. Douglas Kleweno, David Kleweno. 
Wall Hattan 



Above: Agronomy Club. Row One: Jim Goff. Doug West. Kert Peterson. Brian Cieslar, John Roberts. Paul Morris. Row Two: Don Thill. Paul Sunderland. Dave Picha. 
Tom Patterson. Sheldon Blank. Howard Morgan, Jon Claus. Mike Finke, Bruce Hewitt, Gary Picha, Tom Cook, Fred Fleming. Doug Gasseling, Wayne Richie. 

Agronomy Club 

New Faces ... weeds and seeds . .. sales of films ... 
an enjoyable banquet . . . working together . . . another 
State FFA Crops Contest ... an adventuresome field 
trip . . . capped off with the Senior recognition picnic 

... All these supplemented our education and brought 
together students and faculty, broadening interests and 
understanding of all involved in the field of Agronomy. 

Above: Agronomy Club Officers. Row One: Don Thill, Sheldon Blank. Jon Claus, 
Paul Sunderland. Row Two: Les Wright. Robert Witters. Tom Cook. 

Above: Agronomy Judges. Brian Cieslar. Jon Claus. Robert Finke. 

136 Agronomy Club 

Forestry and Range Clubs 

Above: Forestry Club. Row One: David Cameron. Ron Miller. Dennis Panther. Charles L Sink. David Jenkins. Rich Whitehill. Bryon W. Loueks. Row Two: Jim Hordyk. 
Tom Westergreen. Sheila Jackson. Terry Brown, Cliff Williams, Jim Durfey. Dennis Redford, Mark Fritch, Jenny Harris. Jim Thornes. Row Three: Ben Worthington. Dave 
Tharp. Gary Wood. Norm Schaaf. Rick Floch, Joe Means, Bob Johnstone, Bill Westberg. Milton Mosher. Arthur Noskowiah. 

The purpose of the Forestry and Range Clubs is to 
acquaint Forestry and Range students with the activities 
on the WSU campus. It helps the students become 
aware of the various helpful agencies on campus 
dealing with resource material, jobs, and class analysis. 
The clubs also try to help students show concern by 
becoming involved with current forest and range issues. 

At each club meeting a speaker with relative interest in 
forestry or a related field spoke or presented slides. In 
addition to the monthly speakers, an annual Forestry 
Club banquet recognized the graduating seniors and 
Forestry and Range Management faculty. 

Above: Range Club. Row One: Mike Hedrick. Jim Mowbray, John Olson. Bob Karthage, Bill Stewart. Dr. Grant Harris, Row Two: Mike Olson, Tom Greethurst. Dave 
Pelliam, Ben Roche, Carl Goebel. Dale Wondercheck. Row Three: Chris Erb. Steve Howes. Robert Jacobs. Wendel Hann. Patrick Reece. Paul Nyren, Tom Jacobs. Tom 
Lamb. Jeffrey Dill. Dick Stark. 

Forestry and Range Clubs 


Above: Equestrian Club. Row One: Bill Palmer, Nancy Gable, Sue Stover, Dick Johnson. Dolly Hughes, Advisor. Harriet Outland, Christina Schroeder. Lee Richmond. 
Row Two: Connie Heimbigner, Candy Freeborn. Don Kinion, Debbie Kinion, Joan Paulsen. Randy Heimbigner, Joan Carpenter. Kathy Gagnon. Row Three: John 
Feusner. Tara Lee Johnson, Pam Nelson. Pat Mattson. Dixie Dragich, Dena Reeves, Larry Makus. Kathy Guptill, Laurel Druffel. Row Four: Jane Tippett. Gail Bartlett. 
Steve Tomson, Diane Hover. Byron Cheney, Gloria McPhee. Lonnie Lohman. Dianne Nissen. Lanny Hayes, Dave Rickenbach. 

Equestrian Club 

EQUESTRIAN CLUB ... a good cowboy is 
one who has crashed and burned—several 
times . . . the Wild Bunch . . . birthdays at 
the Slurp n' Burp ... I can't believe I drank 
the whole thing . . . drop those stirrups and 
post . . . it's my saddle and my horn and I'll 
grab it if I want to ... I never promised you 
a rose garden . . . five laps around the barn 
. . . kick him if he moves . . . ropin', ravin', 
and barkin' . . . 100% men . .. rain drippin 
off the brim of my hat . . . you gotta love it 
. . . God bless John Wayne .... 

Above: Team Captains. Left to Right: Kathy Gagnon, Diana Roberts. Mike Hopper, John Feusner, 
Tara Johnson, Fran Schneider. 


Above: Equestrian Club Officers and Advisors. Row One: Mary Lou O'Neil. Gail Winters. Pam Roberts. Dolly Hughes. Row Two: Robyn Klicker, 
Pam Nelson. Chuck Eliason, Steve McLean, Jim Nelson Row Three: Christi Steelhammer, John Feusner. Dr. Johnson. Byron Cheney. Sheryl Klicker. 
Dee Pederson. 

,'jgNPMb 1 


i «* 

^ *M Arir 

. Mi » \ 

r< A '• ' flA-^M 

"" T i 


*lMr 1 jWi 

Hr ' 

H> ** m 

■U. A j 

Ft Ml 

W l| 


■f 2“« - J | 

■ JB\ * y T » J 

Mi / M 


11 ill 

U V] 

■ til 

jSyA ' 

Vr If 

S i 

tp; j 


y ^ i 

V s j 

Above: Equestrian Club. Row One: Steve McLean, Sheryl Klicker, Rosie KvinsJand, Jan Ullrich, Janelle Kissling. Pat Sauer, Robyn Klicker. Row Two: Trudy Haversat, 
Barbara Brim. Patti Shores. Pam Roberts. Dick Schoenberg, Nancy Barnes. Bob Barnes. Row Three: Mary Lou O'Neil, Debbie Phillips, Christy Steelhammer, Polly 
Boren, Carl Nissen, Sharon Sorensen. Fran Schneider. Row Four: Craig Kovaleski. Kathy Kovaleski, Barb Allard. Dee Pederson, Kristine Moore, Carol Forhan, Jim 
Nelson. Row Five: Gail Winters, Mike Casey, Cherie Barton. Mary Hall, Sue Walsh. Chuck Eliason. Row Six: Diana Roberts. Mike Hopper. Tom Lamb. Roberta Lindsay, 
Cal Parvin. 


Future Veterinarians 

Above: Future Vets. Row One: Carolyn Ophus, Katherine Schubert. R. Scott Williams, Deborah Allard, Carol Seehafer, Daniel P. Sullivan. Steven J. Appel. Row Two: 
Judy Ainsworth, Debbie Kinion, Sheryl Lunstrum. Rebecca Heim, Karen Farrer, Karen Lafky, P. Pamela Lucida, Pat Mattson. Row Three: Steve Steczina. Darrell K. Kraft. 
Keith Vogel, Dennis J. Basse, Don Flyckt, Mark Bryant, Jenny Jensen, Judy Thatcher. 

FUTURE VETERINARIANS . . . meetings . . . casual 
... informative ... cookies and rootbeer ... talking to 
profs ... vet students ... vets . . . the annual picnic 
... sun ... football ... food ... getting to know 
advisors ... Board of Admissions . .. pressure ... 
tension ... anxiety ... relief ... satisfaction ... or 

disappointment ... the clinic ... yelping dogs ... 
livestock ... animals ... you know they’re around ... 
school ... lectures ... formaldehyde ... dissections 
... four hard years . . . completion ... A D.V.M. 



students and faculty ... cider 
... apples (and straw) ... 
milk cartons . .. more cider 
.. . labels .. . sticky .. . 
Halloween and pumpkins ... 
hard cider ... glass jugs ... 
pulp ... clogged-up disposal 
... the Troubleshooter ... 
and more cider ... second 
semester ... we'll make it 
.. . basketball vs. LA Club 
.. . we won? I ? ... 

volleyball, basketball, or 
whatever .. . spring cider 
sale . .. annual Horticulture 
banquet ... who's who?? 

Below: Horticulture Club. Row One: Bentley Kern, Greg Hendrick. Gail Dunn, Allan Klatt, Barry Bates. Mark Schmidt, Pat 
McMillan. Row Two: Dr. Fenton Larsen. Christine Johnson. Dr. Elwood Kalin, Janice Clarke. Jim LaRue, Ed Linse. Bob 
Meisenburg. Row Three: Wally Frantz. Jeanne Wilson. Nyle Verkist, Glenn Hata. Doug Merriman. Ken Agnew. Row Four: 
Alex Csizinszky, Dr. Doyle Smittie. 

140 . Future Vets and Hort. Clubs 




Associate Editor. 

Business Manager. 

Assistant Business Manager 
Division Editor. 

Layout Editor 

Copy Editor. 

Photo Editor 

Sports Editor 
Art Editor. . . 

Saundra McIntosh 
Marilyn Bartoletta 

.Dave Frazier 

.Bill Semmler 

.Lee Carstens 

Candy Crawford 
Kathy Hogan 
John Snyder 
. .. .Jill Gutkowski 
Cheryl Strother 

.Linda Fisher 

Linda Ford 
. . .Chris Beardsley 
Barb Diefendorf 

.Chris Laney 

. . .Wendy Wagner 

Saundra McIntosh, CHINOOK Editor 

The editor of a yearbook, especially one the size of 
the CHINOOK, never faces an easy task. In addition to a 
multitude of technical decisions, Saundra McIntosh, '72 
CHINOOK editor, had to concern herself with 
participation of campus groups in the '72 book. 

Saundra and Dave Frazier, business manager, spent 
hours in conference with living groups, organizations, 
and student and university administrative heads, 
including President Glenn Terrell, in reference to the 
fate of this year's book and to the future of the 
CHINOOK at Washington State. 

All Saundra's work was not outside the CHINOOK 
office, however. She had to keep the staff working 
together to produce a unified book that would 
accurately relate the events and feelings of WSU in 

142 Chinook 

CHINOOK Staff: Row one: Saundra McIntosh, Dave Frazier, Row Two: Cheryl Strother, Chris Beardsley. Linda Ford. Candy Crawford. Linda Fisher, Marilyn Bartoletta. 
Row Three: Chris Laney, John Snyder. Lee Carstens, Bill Semmler, Barb Diefendorf. Kathy Hogan. Row Four: Jill Gutkowski. 

Dave Frazier, Business Manager 

Being a member of the paid editorial staff of the '72 
CHINOOK didn't just mean an extra forty or sixty dollars 
a month. It meant spending hours stuffing envelopes 
with advertisements for Student Publications, burning 
the midnight oil around deadlines, staff meetings every 
Wednesday night, and thinking — always thinking 
about pictures, layouts, and copy. 

At the Students Publications Retreat, again at Camp 
Easter Seal, staff members got together for a weekend 
of planning for the '72 book in between nightly trips to 
Chuck's and fixing meals for the starving people at the 

Chinook 143 

Bruce Johnson Candy Crawford Chris La nay 

Division Editor Division Editor Sports Editor 

Linda Fisher Chris Beardsley 

Copy Editor Photo Editor 

Al Mouncer 

Assistant Business Manager 

Bill Semmter John Snyder Linda Ford 

Spring Associate Editor Division Editor Copy Editor 

144 Chinook 

Barb Diefendorf 

Photo Editor 

Mr. Maynard Hicks 

Chinook Staff Editorial Adviser 

Professor Maynard Hicks, "M.H." to the CHINOOK 
staff, concluded three and a half decades of service to 
Washington State's yearbook this year. His relationship 
with the publication changed intermittently in title, 
depth, and duty, but the last five years were spent as 
editorial advisor to CHINOOK. "This is something like 
trouble shooting—helping everyone keep track of 
everything throughout the ever-amazing Cougar world." 

Jill Gutkowski 

Layout Editor 

Cheryl Strother 

Layout Editor 

Chinnok Volunteer Staff: 

Machelle Murdock 
Dan Huntingford 
Anne Heydon 
Scott Schmidtman 
Kathy Besecker 
Roberta Mielke 
Charlotte Cruzen 
Maggie Goeckler 
Dave Ryan 
Debbie Newgard 
Debbie Snow 
Paula Hill 
Kristal Wiitala 
Dev Armstrong 
Debbie Wilson 
Mary Jo Tyrrell 

httw approval 

(NfftAL manager 

T 10 CCN. MGR 

Wendy Wagner 

Art Editor 

Marilyn Bartoletta 

Fall Associate Editor 

Chinook 145 

Fall Evergreen Staff 

Steve Patch, Daily Evergreen Editor 

*■ Steve Patch, fall Evergreen editor, organized his 
editions of the Daily Evergreen around the idea that a 
student newspaper should attempt to cover as many 
incidents as possible, to try to look at the total picture 
and interpret what's been going on, both on campus and 
in the community and nation. But due to limited space 
absolutely everything can't be included; it becomes a 
judgement on the part of the staff. Steve also held that 
the editorial page doesn't belong exclusively to the 
editor. It should be an open forum for everyone who 
takes the time to think and wants other people to know 
what his ideas are. 


Managing Editor. 

Campus Editor. 

Associate Campus Editor 

Sports Editor. 

Sports Writer. 

News Editor. 

Assistant News Editor. . 

Senior Staff Writer 

Staff Writer. 

Feature Writer . . . 
Staff Reporter. . . . 

Photo Editor 
Cartoonist . 

.Steve Patch 

.Dean Radford 

.Terry Richard 

.Nancy Hyslop 

Bill Walker 

.Lew Pumphrey 

.Jerry Rice 

.Pat McCoid 

Janine Wittrock Grant 

.Roberta Floyd 

Kitty Gray 
Dan Rich 
Darlene Moore 

.Bruce Rommel 

John Webster 
Larry Eaton 

.Emmet Pierce 

Laura Deichsaei 
Kay Du skin 

.Heidi Keller 

.Mary Woods 

Bob Carmack 
Joanne Blake 
Greg Anderson 

.Jim James 

.Barry Sturgill 

Deborah Allard 

Dean Radford, Managing Editor 

146 Fall Evergreen 

Evergreen staff in one of its rare moments together. 

Lew Pumphrey joins Lewiston Tribune sports staff. 

On any campus the students need an outlet for their 
ideas and comments on things that are happening to 
them. The Fall Daily Evergreen in 1971-72 was a 
forum for student opinion. It contained several series of 
articles on current problems such as drugs, abortion, the 

Pat McCoid, News Editor 

criminal justice system, and politics. Noteworthy were 
the sports editorials, "Rushing It", of fall sports editor 
Lew Pumphrey which prompted students and alumni to 
re-evaluate traditional views held about collegiate 
sports, especially football. 

Fall Evergreen 


"Put a '30' on that one" 

Terry Richard, Campus Editor Bruce Rommel, Senior Staff Writer Janine Grant, News Editor 

Fall Evergreen 

Evergreen Business Staff 

John Cain, Ron Carlson 

Evergreen Business Manager Advertising Manager 

Business Manager.John Cain 

Advertising Manager.Ron Carlson 

Assistant Advertising Manager.Alison Higgins 

Classified Ad Clerk.Karen Kay Bush 

Salesmen.Mike Brewer 

Marc Duncan 
John Gifford 
Greg Kummer 
Gary Riesen 

Circulation Manager.Ron Eckfield 

Routemen.Newt Rumble 

Doug Erickson 

Budgetary control of the Daily Evergreen was the 
primary concern of the business staff. The financial 
condition of the newspaper was related to the ability of 
the business manager and his staff to collect local 
advertising and then effectively organize contents and 
meet the deadlines. It was the business staff’s 
responsibility to maintain an accumulative per cent 
average and ration of advertising to news content 
established through approval by the Board of Student 

Spring Evergreen 

According to Terry Richard, spring editor, the DAILY 
EVERGREEN has a big job, as it is the major source of 
campus information. There should be good coverage of 
campus events to keep everyone accurately informed of 
what's happening. 

Readers should be aware of the difference in purpose 
between the editorial and news pages. Editorials and 
letters to the editor reflect opinions. News stories relate 
facts, a sequence of actual events—they should inform 
the public, rather than stir up controversy. 

The spring DAILY EVERGREEN was the result of the 
staff working together. As a team, the staff worked 
toward a goal of more professionalism in covering 
campus news and community events as realted to the 
university and its students. 

Fewer by-lines were used, demonstrating team effort in 
producing stories rather than emphasizing the talents of 
a particular writer. Broader diversification in reporting 
reflected increased cooperation between student 
publications and classes in the communications 

150 Spring Evergreen 

ssjr " 



[ - it m ■§ 

Mg || 

i, A* 

Daily Evergreen 

Washington State University 

/ Opinion 

Published by the ASWSU Student Publications Board for the 
students of Washington State University each Tuesday, Wednesday, 
Thursday and Friday, except during the scheduled vacation and 
examination weeks of the regular university year. Anne Gehrett, 
chairman and W.D. Calvert, secretary and general manager. 

Editor.Terry Richard 

Business Manager.John Cain 

Managing Editor, Nancy Hyslop; Editorial Assistant, Larry Eaton; 
Campus Editor, Dean Radford; News Editors, Janine Wittrock Grant, 
Pat McCoid; Sports Editor, Dan Walsh; Photo Editor, Carolyn 
Lowther; Associate Campus Editor, Kay Duskin; Assistant Sports 
Editor, Bruce Amundson; Assistant News Editors, Deanne Ausman, 
Rich Bemdt, Kathy Besecker, Kent Smith; Senior Staff Writers, 
Bruce Rommel, Dennis Auvil, iJavid Vadney; Feature Writer, 
Heidi Keller; Depth Writer, Greg Anderson; Staff Writers, JoAnne 
Blake, Bob Carmack, Pat Coolen, Laura Deichsel; Staff Reporters, 
Linda Carlson, Jim Coblentz, Roberta Floyd, Kris Fry, Kris 
McRae; Sports Writer, Tim Cedergreen; Cartoonists, Deb Allard, 
Barry Sturgill. 

Office; Room B-27 Compton Union Building, P.O. Box 2008, 
CS, WSU, Pullman, Washington 99163. Printed by the Pullman 
Herald. Second class postage at Pullman, Washington. Mail 
subscriptions $8.00 per year or $4.50 per semester. 

To Harlan Stensaas, his position as Evergreen 
editorial adviser is student centered. Advising the staff 
of the DAILY EVERGREEN is an extension of teaching 
journalism into a more informal atmosphere where there 
isn't the pressure from grades. He makes himself 
available to student journalists working on the 
newspaper in their pursuit of professionalism. 

Spring Evergreen 151 

Bob Carmack Bruce Amundson 

Staff Writer Assistant Sports Editor 

Dean Radford Nancy Hyslop 

Campus Editor Managing Editor 


Student Publications 153 

Above: Student Publications Board. Row One: Taketsugu Tsurutani. Saundra McIntosh, Kelly Landreth. Anne Gehrett. Chairman: Howard Mount. Row Two: 
Reginald Miller. Terry Richard. Dave Frazier, John Cain. Wesley D Calvert. Stephen Mitchell. Matthew Carey. Donald Wells. 

As official publisher and policy governing body for 
Student Publications, the Board held final responsibility 
for policies and actions of the two student publications. 
The Board answered directly to the Board of Regents 
through the president of the university in regards to 
those policies. 

The Board set qualifications for positions on both 
publications and approved appointment of staff 
members to those positions. 

The Board held monthly meetings, but several special 
sessions were called at the request of some members of 
the Board to deal with unique problems of specific 
publications. One such meeting, attended by President 
Terrell, was called to discuss the CHINOOK and its 
continuance as yearbook at WSU. 

Mr. Calvert's duties as general manager were just 
what the title implies. He assisted the two student 
publications. CHINOOK and DAILY EVERGREEN, in 
every way possible to get the most for the energy, 
talent, and dollars put into them. His was an advisory 
position, giving students things to think about, not 
making the decisions for them. 

Mr. Calvert met his job with enthusiasm and dedication 
because he liked it. He said himself that the person in 
this position would have a rough time of it if he didn't. 

Wesley D. Calvert 

General Manager Student Publications 

Radio and Television Services 
KWSU Television Channel 10 




j 4\ * J 

^/■> / 

I 1 r 

Preparing film for programming in Main Control Room for KWSU TV. 

the main control room. 

Sketch of the new Edward R. Murrow Communications Center. 

Programming at KWSU studios. 

154 Communications 

Above: KWSU Radio Staff. Chris Johnson. Judi Nilan. John Watson. Jim Moll, Rich Howe. Chuck Hind. Chuck Ward. Jack Hunzeker. Steve Hamilton, Tim Mellin. 
Brooks Burford. 

KWSU Radio 1250 kc 

Radio-Tv Services—KWSU-TV, and KUGR 
radio—moved this year into the newly completed 
broadcast facilities in the Edward R. Murrow 
Communications Center. Broadcast activities utilized by 
student crews in their operations provided those 
students with an opportunity to gain practical 
experience in the broadcast medium. 

The KWSU-TV transmitter and antenna were moved 
during the summer of 1972 from on-campus locations 
to Kamiak Butte. The new installation increased power 
ten times, extending the station reception area from a 
radius of 1 6 miles to 65 miles. 

Communications 155 

John Briehl 
News Reader 

Doug Barry 

Board Operator 

KUGR AM and FM 67-76 AM 95.0 FM 

KUGR Staff 

Jim Moll 

Music Chief 

KUGR Chiefs. Row One: Randy Lewis. Jim Moll. 
Rich Howe, Dick Warsinske, Jack Hebner. Row 
Two: Mary Causgrove, Ron Carolus. Shelley 
Johnson, Kathy Skow. Sharon Hastings. Row 
Three: Val Limburg, Al Etvich, Al Powell, Warren 


Sharon Hastings 

News Chief 





•L ;> /-•» r . ’ • ' T 

:i/ ,M£ 



4 ‘ T 

^ K 

ilj u\ 

^l|\y4 v 

y f 

0 fV\ 

v ‘ijp 


Kji ▲ % ,u 

|f^lL V 

" 1. 

■■' *ug 

I^PLc \ *mv 


Ray Nagel, Athletic Director 

The resignation for 18-year veteran Stan Bates 
brought Ray Nagel to the reigns of Washington State 
University's athletic program in July of 1 971. Bates had 
become Athletic Director in 1953 when WSU belonged 
to the Pacific Coast Conference. He saw that conference 
disband after '59, the school compete two years as an 
independent and then join the Pacific-Eight. Since that 
time Bates watched the PAC-8 develop into the most 
prestigious athletic conference in the nation. 

Before leaving Bates commented about WSU, "I don't 
think there is better student body spirit anywhere. And 
the same holds true for the Alumni." He is now 
commissioner of the Western Athletic Conference 
headquartered in Denver. 

Nagel left a football coaching position at the University 
of Iowa to come to WSU. Prior to that he coached at 
Utah. He also won All-Coast honors while a 
Quarterback at UCLA and holds a law degree. 

As Athletic Director Nagel's first task was to replace 

veteran basketball coaches Marv Harshman, Jud 
Heathcote and trainer Dick Vanderoote. The 
simultaneous construction of both a new football 
stadium and basketball coliseum added to the AD's 
responsibilities. Nagel also figured as the central 
character in the controversial relocation of the 1972 
USC-WSU football game from Spokane to the Husky 
Stadium in Seattle. The hiring of another new basketball 
coach, George Raveling, to replace resigning Bob 
Greenwood, put a finish to a busy first year. 

The Washington State Athletic Council serves as an 
advisory group to the Athletic Director and President 
Terrell. It is composed of nine members, including 
faculty, students and alumni. This year's board members 
were Athletic Director Ray Nagel, Chairman Edward 
Bennett, Carol Gordan, Dale Andersen, Richard Ott, 
Norm Lowery, Dave Roy, Rick Sorensen, Pat Gill, Pat 
Patterson, Milton Schwenk, Barry Jones and Joe E. 

Athletic Council 161 

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is composed of 657 member schools 
in its university and college division. The organization, which dates back to the last ^ 
century, has as its announced purpose "to initiate, stimulate and improve - 
intercollegiate athletic programs for student-athletes and promote and develop 
educational leadership, physical fitness, sports participation as a recreational pursuit I j 
and athletic excellence." W 

Washington State University is a long-time member of District 8 — the Pacific Coast 
states — of the NCAA and participates in all of its major sport championship events. 

There are 242 member schools nationally in the university division, of which WSU is % j 
one, and 415 institutions make up the college division of the NCAA. In District 8, ^ • 
there are 30 member institutions in the university division and 26 in the college 
division. ,* 

Washington State's highest finish in an NCAA national finals has been second in 
basketball in 1942; second in baseball in 1950; second in track in 1968. and second 
in cross-country in 1971 

Surprising Season Has Poor Openers 

KANSAS 34, WSU 0. The Cougars opened the season 
in Lawrence against the Jayhawks of Kansas looking all 
too much like the Cougars of the year before. Kansas 
fielded a strong running offense, racking up almost 300 
yards on the ground while an equally starch defense 
frustrated the Cougars all afternoon. But more than the 
Kansas defense, the Cougars defeated themselves with 
two lost fumbles, three interceptions and nine penalties 
costing 158 yards. 

ARIZONA 39, WSU 28. Ahead for all but the last 
three and one-half minutes, the Cougars showed 
indications of things to come, despite ending up on the 
short side of the scoreboard. Errors again cost the 
Cougars another victory, but this time there were less, 
with a lot of good football between these. The Cougar 
home-opener brought to light the potential of the WSU 
backfield as running backs Ken Grandberry and Bernard 
Jackson performed the triple option excellently. 
Especially Jackson, who took the ball 22 times for 167 


WSU 31, MINNESOTA 20. The 

WSU defense came of age against 
the Golden Gophers to give the 
Cougars an upset victory and end an 
11 game losing streak. The offense 
did equally well with Jackson scoring 
twice and Grandberry churning up 
140 yards. Signal caller Ty Paine also 
connected on 8 of 19 passes for 131 
yards. Leading only 21-20 going into 
the fourth quarter, the Cougars put 
the game away with a pass 
interception for a score by 
middlelinebacker Tom Poe and a field 
goal by Don Sweet. 

Below Right: Cheerleaders Linda Yearout 
and John Winskill encourage Cougar effort. 

Defensive standouts Tom Poe and Harry Thompson demonstrate new sophomore 
strength in the defensive backfield. 

Triple Option Triumphs, Losing Streak Ends 

The triple option offense found its strength in three strong consistent key performers. Bernard Jackson (above) provided the wide play 
threat while Ken Grandberry, (below right) usually ground out his yardage up the middle. The keeper by quarterback Ty Paine, (below 
left) kept defense honest as he often broke for surprise large gains. 

WSU 34, UTAH 12. The Cougars evened their season 
record at 2-2 with the rout over Utah. Quarterback Ty Paine 
stole the game spotlight with 106 yards in 12 carries and 
another 90 yards through the air. Paine also single-handedly 
out-scored the Utah offense with his three touchdowns. 
Jackson and Grandberry each added a score as Jackson 
rolled up his third consecutive 100-yard plus game. 

U.C.L.A. 34, W.S.U. 21 . The Cougars started off the 
race for the Roses on the wrong foot by dropping their 
first Pac-8 contest to UCLA 34-21. It provided the 
Bruins their first win of the year in five outings. WSU 
scored in each of the first three quarters to stay even 
with UCLA, but a rewardless final period coupled by an 
eighty yard touchdown and field goal, put the game 
away for Pepper Rodger's team. Bernard Jackson 
electrified the opening half action with runs of 66 and 
101 yards for scores. 

CALIFORNIA 24, W.S.U. 23. A 20-yard field goal 
with 1:06 left in the game downed the Cougars in a 
hectic Pacific-8 "non-conference” game. California 
played the entire season under suspension by the NCAA 
for a rule infraction making them ineligible in conference 
standings. Cougar turnovers set up two Bear scores and 
thwarted a late WSU drive. Bernard Jackson scored his 
seventh and eighth TD's of the season to take the 
conference scoring lead. Don Sweet provided the other 
half of the Cougar tally with two PAT's and three field 

Left: Ty Paine, one of the best running quarterbacks in the conference, holds off a 
UCLA tackier. Above: Crimson and Gray uniforms surround and capture a Bruin 
running back. Below: Big defensive end Mike Johnson sacks Brum signal caller 
Scott Henderson. 

166 Football 

Victory Sweet 

Above: Parents, along with students, reflect the game's action in their expression while watching the 
Dads' weekend contest with UCLA. Right: Coach Sweeney fires up student body enthusiasm at a pre¬ 
game night rally. Below: Senior Don Sweet, seen below kicking a field goal against Arizona, provides 
the last minute heroics of WSU's one point victory over Stanford. 

W.S.U. 24, STANFORD 23. Don Sweet was named 
back of the week by Sports Illustrated after converting 
a 27-yard field goal against Stanford, with no time 
remaining on the clock. Sweet's field goal not only gave 
WSU the margin of victory to defeat the nationally 

ranked Indians, but it also evened the Cougars' 
conference record at 1-1 and placed them in a tie for 
first place. What's more, the win established 
Washington State as no longer an "also ran", but as a 
team to be reckoned with. 

Football 167 

W.S.U. 31, OREGON 21. Washington State kept 
alive its chance of winning the Pacific Eight title and 
going to the Rose Bowl by defeating Oregon 31-21 on a 
trick play. Midway through the fourth quarter, with the 
Cougars trailing 21-17, it was fourth and seven at the 
Oregon 46. Jim Dodd was in punt formation, but the 
snap went to Ken Grandberry, who handed the ball to 
Bernard Jackson who just stood still while Grandberry 
faked another handoff. Finally Jackson took off around 
left end and raced 46 yards for the winning touchdown. 
"We worked on that one all week," said Coach Jim 
Sweeney after the game. "It's an old play and we 
planned to run it earlier, but I'm glad we didn't. We call 
it the 'monentum changer' and it certainly did that! 
didn't it?" 

Jackson, in a duel with Oregon's Bobby Moore for 
league rushing honors, gained 261 yards in 21 carries 
and scored one other touchdown. Moore had 161 yards 
in 35 tries and also scored twice. All Washington State 
needs for a Rose Bowl trip is wins over USC, Oregor 
State and Washington. There is still a long trail awaiting 

Sports Illustrated; November 8. 1971 

OSU 21, WSU 14. National television covered the 
lack-luster, rain-drenched OSU homecoming game in 
Corvallis. After an error-filled first half, in which a field 
goal by OSU provided the only score, Bernard Jackson 
electrified the crowd by returning the second half kickoff 
99 yards for a score. Jackson later broke away for 
another 53 yard scoring streak to complete the Cougar 
total, but another field goal and two TD's by reserve 
OSU fullback Roger Smith who gained 230 yards, gave 
the Beavers their second-Pac - 8 victory. 

Roses Escape Crimson and Gray Again 

SOUTHERN CAL 30, WSU 20. The Trojan defense 
held Bernard Jackson to less than half his 130 yard per 
game average in nudging the Cougars 30-20 out of the 
Rose Bowl race. Although Ken Grandberry rushed for 
101 yards to keep the Jackson-keyed Trojan defense 
honest, two lost Paine-Jackson pitch-outs and three 
intercepted passes made the difference in a game that 
was anybody’s, down to the final gain. If there is any 
consolation in statistics the Cougars held a 380-333 
margin in total yardage and stopped USC on five 
attempts to "go for two." 



Huskies Retain Apple 

WASHINGTON 28, WSU 20. Washington, using 
the same game plan as OSU, ground out 60 running 
plays to hand the Cougars their third straight defeat by 
10 points or less. The loss in Seattle closed out the 
1971 season for the Cougars, placing them sixth in the 
conference at 2-4 and 4-7 overall. Arch-rival 
Washington moved one spot up with respective 3-3 and 
8-3 records. Senior Ken Lyday scored to give WSU a 7- 
6 first period lead, but the Huskies soon again 
dominated the scoreboard. Don Sweet connected on 
two three-pointers and a pair of PAT's. The final WSU 
score came after a double reverse which then saw Paine 
hit Bernard Jackson at the Husky seven yard line. Paine 
reached Bobby Redmond on the next play for the score. 

llWLLJ ri! 

Varsity Football. Row One: Steve Ostermann, Tom 
Poe. Rod Mumma, Ken Grandberry. Bernard Jackson. 
Ken Lyday, Tony Lomax. Nile DeCuire. Steve Hamilton, 
Gordon Yeomans, Bob Leslie. Row Two: Clyde 
Warehime, Ike Nelson, Ron Mims, Harry Thompson, 
Bob Engle, Bill Moos, Mike Johnson. Brian Lange. Fred 
Phillips, Mark Painter. Mike Monahan, Blain Lamoureux. 
Row Three: Fritz Brayton. Jim Gulledge. John Hook, 
Harold Bradford. Crosby Anderson, Chuck Hawthorne. 
Gary Bergan. Randy Pickering. Tom Caraher. Eric 
Johnson. Dennis Clancy. Howard Hill. Row Four: 
Dennis Lawler, Mike Talbot. Steve Busch, Don Sweet, 
Mike Hill, Dennis Mitchell, Craig Jackson. Don Olson, 
Geoff Reece. Buzz Brazeau. Jim Giesa. Row Five: Lee 
Weatherford, Steve Roberts, Wallace Williams. Robin 
Sinclair, Chris Madison, Martin Ancellotti. Jerry 
Burkhalter, Greg Craighead. Jim Robinson, Jim Dodd, 
Dana Dogterom. Row Six: Bob Redmond. Tyrone 
Daisey, Rod Anderson. Charles Peck. Ty Paine, Monte 
Tweten. Jim Forrest. Fred McGee. Stan Sherer. Don 

Four Cougar seniors, offensive guard Steve 
Busch, offensive tackle Buzz Brazeau, tailback 
Bernard Jackson, and kicker Don Sweet were 
named to the prestigous All-Pacific Eight Team. 
Busch, Brazeau and Jackson were also invited to 
the East-West shrine game. Jackson also went 
on to play deep safety in the Hula Bowl, a 
position his coach thought he had a better 
chance for in playing professional ball. Feb. 2 
Jackson was named Inland Empire amateur 
athlete for 1971. 

Coach Jim Sweeney also picked up an 
exceptional post honor — being named 
District 8 Coach of the Year by the American 
Football Coaches Association. The District 
encompasses Washington, Oregon, Idaho. 
California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, 
Alaska, and western Canada. "It is a great honor, 
not only for me but for the school and, 
particularly, the assistant coaches and their 
families. But it is even more of an honor for the 
players who have taken great pride in hanging in 
there with us when things were tough," said 
Sweeney. Quoted from AP release — WSU's 
Jim Sweeney Named Top Coach in District 8. 
Feb. 10 in the CUB came a celebration banquet. 

The Cougar football coaching staff in its cheeriest year of recent times 
brought varsity progress beyond early hope and is backed now by an 
undefeated frosh squad. Standing (I. to r.) Dick Melhart, trainer; Joe Tiller, 
defensive ends; Head Coach Jim Sweeney; Jim Erkenbeck. (now in 
California) offensive line; Keith Lincoln, quarterbacks and receivers: 
Kneeling, Sam Jankovich (now administrative assistant to the Athletic 
Director); Walt Cubley. defensive tackles: Leon Burtnett. defensive 
secondary (now at Wyoming) Bob Simpson, backs 


Frosh Football Team: Row One: Ken McFaddin, Vern Chamberlain. Tony Cook. 
Gary Butler. Gary Anderson. Daryl Zanck. Gary LeValley. Wilbur McKinney. Mike 
Hogan. Row Two: Don Lewis. Don Chisholm. Andrew Jones. Pat Harty. Steve 
Straatman. Tom Gould. Joe Danelo. Dave Bridgeford. Gary Walker. Row Three: Jim 
Freeburn. Brian McManus, Rod Anderson. Bill McElroy. Mike McCarty. Bill 

Patterson. Jeff Smith. Richard Smedley, Roy Sooman. Row Four: Dave Richards, 
manager; Pat Harty. Dennis Brown, Ernie Harris. Gary Larson. Bob Divers, Charles 
Anderson, Bob Aldrich, Dan Davis. Row Five: Dan DeWeert. Alan Zellner. Joe 
Daniels. Jim Ewalt, Mike Carter. Coach William Cords. Jim Jensen. Steve Anderson. 
John Freeman. 

Right: Fullback Charles Anderson 
shows great potential in second effort to 
get that little extra yardage to make the 
defense. Below right: Quarterback Jeff 
Smith turns the corner for yardage on a 
keeper against the Husky pups. Below: 
An Oregon Duckling running back gets 
dumped by a hard pursuing defense. 

A staunch freshman defense downs the pup 

Freshmen Make Clean 

Sweep of Foes 

New freshman football coach Bill Cords, replacing 
Pinky Erickson, directed his Coubabes to their second 
perfect season in the last three. 

The Coubabes opened their four-game season with a 
come-from-behind 27-20 victory over the University of 
Idaho frosh in the annual Calam Temple Shrine game in 
Lewiston. Charles Anderson established himself as a 
potential top running back with a 1 81 yard effort. 

The freshmen next demonstrated their superiority by 
dumping the Oregon Ducklings 24-0 to provide a 
Homecoming Weekend sneak preview of the varsity's 
31-21 win over the Ducks. 

The OSU Rooks bit the turf next, 33-24. Anderson 
scored twice for the second game in a row and Vern 
Chamberlain added two, to pad the margin. 

A 31-yard, fourth quarter field goal by Joe Danelo gave 
WSU a 17-16 thriller over the Husky pups and a perfect 
record. Down 16-7 at the end of the third period, 

quarterback Jeff Smith hit wide receiver Tony Cook on Fullback Charles Anderson drives and powers his way through 

an 85-yard bomb to bring the Coubabes within two the Oregon defense 

before Danelo's toe won the game. 


Tom Robinson and Wayne Ristau start to pull away from a University of Montana opponent in the Idaho Invitational meet held at the 
Moscow golf course. 



Harriers No. 2 in Nation, Pac-8 Champions 

Far right: Mark Hiefield and Dave Harper close in on the last 600 
yards of the Whitworth Invitational. 

WSU team members Mark Hiefield, Phil Burkwist (practically 
hidden), Dean Clark. Dale Fleet, Tom Robinson. Graham 
Hutchinson. Dave Harper. Dave Francis and Don Smith jump with 
the gun at the beginning of the four mile Whitworth Invitational in 

Washington State had its best cross country team in 
history in 1971. The Cougar thinclads placed second in 
the nation, the highest NCAA finish WSU has ever 
achieved in this sport. Coach Jack Mooberry's and John 
Chaplin's distance men also brought home the Pacific-8 

WSU started the autumn season warming up at the 
Whitworth Invitational before following the football 
team to Utah to post 19-36 and 1 7-41 wins over Utah 
and BYU, respectively (low score wins). At the Idaho 
Invitational the Cougar swept the first eight places for a 
literal "run away" win over Montana. Idaho and SFCC. 

The cross-country team again accompanied the football 
team south to take on Stanford. And again the 
combination proved to be a winner for both, however, 
the thinclads managed to win somewhat more handily, 
scoring a 18-45-72 three-way victory over the Indians 
and San Jose State. 

The Pacific-8 Northern Division championship was held 
over a six mile course in Eugene, Oregon. Cougars Dan 
Murphy, Mark Hiefield, Dave Harper, Dale Fleet and Phil 
Burkwist took the second through sixth positions 
respectively giving WSU a winning low score of 20. 
Oregon's Steve Prefontaine was first across the line 
with additional seventh, eighth, ninth, eleventh, and 

twelfth place positions to net second with 36. Oregon 
State and Washington filled out the order with scores of 
80 and 97. 

Mooberry's runners next went to Los Angeles for 
another six mile contest to determine the Pacific-8 
champion. Again Oregon's Prefontaine crossed the line 
first, but WSU again brought home the team trophy. The 
Cougar team of Dan Murphy, Phil Burkwist, Mark 
Hiefield, Dave Harper, Dale Fleet, Dean Clark and 
Richard Gazal took places 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, and 18 to 
again edge Oregon 31-47. UCLA finished third with 77, 
while the other five schools scored well into triple 

Washington State took positions 2, 16. 24, 27, 53, 54 
and 74 in a field of nearly 300 contestants at the 33rd 
annual NCAA championships in Knoxville, Tennessee. 
The finishes gave WSU 122 points, but the Prefontaine- 
led Oregon team finally turned the tables on the 
Cougars with a winning low point effort of 83 points. 
Pennsylvania placed third behind WSU with 158. Dan 
Murphy covered the six mile course in 29:37 minutes, 
only 23 seconds behind the leader. Murphy's second 
and Phil Burkwist's sixteenth team placing earned them 
All-American status to join teammates Don Smith and 
Mark Hiefield who earned the honor at last year's NCAA 


Looks, legs and precision marching were all 
beautifully combined by the Cougarettes to provide 
several enjoyable performances throughout the football 
and basketball seasons. The 32-member squad, 
Washington State University's official drill team, 
performed at all four home football games at Albi 

Stadium and also accompanied the team to Seattle for 
the battle for the Apple Trophy with arch-rival 
Washington. The Cougarettes also highlighted several 
basketball intermissions with routines done to the 
accompaniment of the pep band. 

Cougarettes: Row One: Laura Blackwood. Karen Peterson. Kathy Kurbitz. Gail Sipila. Debbie Druffel. Sue Harrison. Debbie Turner. Jackie Reeves. Row Two: Janice 
Tiearney. Janet Sande. Laurel Elmer. Shirley Moore. Kris Helling. Marnie Laatz, Shelley Conklin. Julie McAlister. Kathy Speir. Linda Johnson. Debbie McLaughlin. Row 
Three: Marilyn Bane, Shannon Stenberg. Linda Gwen. Robin Schuur, Chris Nyberg, Ann Mertz. Maribeth Wetter, Linda Drechsel, Becky Gottschalk. Coral Johnson. 
Janny Cronkhite. Marsha Pearson. Sharon Dullanty. 


Dale Hunter 

All-Around Todd Chisum 
Pommel Horse 

Paul Mengedoht 

Floor Exercise 


WSU hosted the 1972 Pacific-8 Gymnastics Championships March 23-25. 
In a cruel trick of fate California, which won four of six individual titles, saw 
runner-up Washington go to the national tournament. The Bears were 
ineligible due to an NCAA suspension for a football recruiting infraction. 
Stanford's Steve Hug won the all-around competition and the horizontal bars 
crown while Husky Tom Ozora took the parallel bars title. Floor exercise, 
pommel horse, rings, and vaulting titles all went to Cal. 

Cougar Dubi Lufi placed fourth in the parallel bars to miss an NCAA 
tournament trip by only one position. Lufi was the highest placing Cougar. He 
also finished eighth in vaulting, just ahead of teammate Steve Griffin. 

Above: Varsity Gymnastics Team. Row One: Coaches Dwight Mowry, Bob Peavy, Waichi Miki. Row Two: Team, 
Paul Mengedoht. Todd Chisum, Larry Roske. David Young. Dan Hunter. Jim Holt, Terry Hill. Andy Alexander, Tim 
Nakken, Brad Loan, Steve Griffin, Ken Hovermale Not Pictured: Dubi Lufi. 

178 Gymnastics 

Brad Loan 

Floor Exercise 

Ken Hovermale 

Pommel Horse 

Gymnastics Team 179 

Coach Peavy assisting Dubi Lufi 
to the ring. 

Todd Chisum 

Pommel Horse 


New Coach: 

Bob Greenwood 

180 Basketball 

The 1971-72 season saw a new coach in 
WSU basketball. Bob Greenwood, who with 
his staff of Dale Brown and Homer Drew, 
replaced the veteran Cougar coach Marv 
Harshman. Jud Heathcote and Danny 

Although Harshman must be credited with 
producing some of the finest teams in the 
school's history, and a coaching record in the 
Pac-8 second only to that of UCLA, he left 
Greenwood with only one starter from a last 
place 1970-71 team. 

Introducing a "swing" offense coupled with 
a scrappy defense. Greenwood sought to put 
the Cougs back in the win column. Led by 
team captain and only returning starter Dan 
Steward, with help from regulars Mike 
Dolven and Jim Nielsen, the new offense 
soon began to click. In non-league the 
Cougar recorded victories over Gonzaga. 
Montana, Idaho (2), Nevada, and three more 
in tournament action. 

Top: Forward-Guard Paul Jenkins goes between two Idaho players to score. 
Above Left: Cheerleader Linda Pullam and Brian Munson go through a 
routine at the Far West Classic. Above: Soul n' Coubabes Ann Thomas, 
Phyllis Haynes and Connie Carley bolster enthusiasm from Bohler fans. Left: 
Coach Greenwood, referee and Idaho assistant John Smith attempt to cool 
down upset Cougar assisstant Dale Brown immediately following the 
Perkins-Steward incident, while Idaho coach Wayne Anderson restrains one 
of his players. Steward can be seen lying at their feet. Opposite Top: New 
head cage coach Bob Greenwood instructs his players during a timeout. 
Opposite Middle: Yakima Valley College transfer Morris Griffin connects on 
a free throw of Gonzaga. Opposite Left: Trainer Dick Melhart tries to revive 
unconscious Dan Steward after he is cooled by Vandal Carlos Perkins. 

Basketball 181 

Left: Michigan controls the tip to begin the second round of action 
in the first round of the Far West Classic The Cougars went on to 
upset the Wolverines. Center Left: Senior Jim Nielsen passes to 
Bob Niehl in semi-final action at the Far West Classic against New 
Mexico. Below: Senior southpaw Rick Rawlins shoots around 
Florida State opponent in the championship game of the F.W.C. 
Bottom: The Cougars are introduced prior to the championship 
game of the F.W.C. From Left to Right: Bob Niehl, Rick Rawlins, 
Steve Bergstrom. Mike Dolven. Morris Griffin, Pat Rogers, Brad 
Jackson. Steve Kebbe. Joe Garrity. and Coach Greenwood. 

The Cougars' first of two holiday 
tournament appearances stacked them 
against Oklahoma City in first round of 
the four-team Utah Classic in Salt Lake 
City. WSU handily defeated the taller 
Chiefs 76-63. Then they met host Utah, 
first round victor over Yale, for the 
tourney championship. The Cougars, 
however, failed to better their 1 -8 series 
with the physical Redskins bowing 74- 
60 for a respectable second place. 

WSU found itself paired with highly- 
favored Michigan in the first round of the 
prestigious Far West Classic. Predicted 
to do poorly, the Cougars wasted no time 
in disrupting the composure of the 
tournament by handing the Wolverines a 
sound 81-67 thrashing. 

New Mexico defeated Oregon to meet 
WSU in second and semi-final round. 

^ p . 

“ i 



1 9* 



The Cougars again underdogs, 
furthered their reputation as the 
tournament's Cinderella team with a 
60-51 upset win. 

High-scoring and nationally ranked 
Florida State met WSU for the 
championship after defeating two 
powerful Pac-8 teams, Washington 
and Oregon. The Seminoles also 
proved too tough for the Cougars, 
handing them a 85-61 humbling and 
another second place trophy. Later 
the Seminoles battled their way into 
the NCAA finals. 

182 Basketball 

Above: Cheerleaders Cheryl Dyer and Arnie Marino find the action too tense to 
watch, a reaction not shared by many other fans. Right: Senior Guard Dan Steward 
drives a California guard into a screen set by Bill Flowers. Below: Forward Bob 
Niehl drives to the basket past Stanford's center 

Cal takes narrow wins, 
Stanford provide victory 

The Cougars opened Pac-8 play at Stanford. Leading 
at half. WSU went cold in the second period, hit only 
21% from the field. Stanford took advantage of the poor 
shooting to streak to a 76-54 win. Bohler gym, 
however, saw the series with the Indians split as the 
Cougars took a thrilling 68-66 victory led by center 
Mike Dolven's 25-point season high effort. 

California's Golden Bears posted two three-point 
victories over the Cougars, 79-76 and 81-78. In the first 
encounter in Berkeley Cal needed an overtime to defeat 
guard Dan Steward's 34 point onslaught, his career 

Sports 183 


Cougs dump Ducks twice 


Oregon State, led by All-American guard 
candidate Freddie Boyd, had difficulty subduing the 
stubborn Cougars 77-71 in Pullman. The Beavers 
had less trouble at home ripping WSU for a 99-64 
victory. Boyd led the attack with 32 points. 

The Cougars took two Pac-8 victories from the 
Oregon Ducks, 73-56 in Pullman and 77-69 in 
Eugene. Junior College transfer Morris Griffin had 
his best game of the year at Oregon, scoring 20 
points while senior Rick Rawlings dominated the 

Above, doing a change of routines and costumes, cheerleader 
Linda Yearout flips partner John Winskill. At left Dan Steward 
starts to lay-off a faked jump shot over guard of Oregon State's 
honorable mention All American Freddie Boyd. In the picture 
below freshman coach Homer Drew congratulates Dan 
Steward after the Cougars first victory over the Oregon Ducks. 

USC losses close 

Within ten days the Pac-8 schedule had WSU play 
UCLA and USC back to back, away and home, for what 
is undoubtedly the toughest segment of any team's 
schedule in the country. 

The Bruins lengthened their unblemished record with 
two wins over the Cougars. The poll-leading Uclans 
easily handled WSU 89-58 in Los Angeles and repeated 
the feat by almost the same score 85-55 on the Cougar 
home court. 

USC also posted two almost identical wins over the 
Cougars. 78-66 and 73-65. 

In the top picture forward Morris Griffin takes a rebound away 
from both an USC player and teammate Rick Rawlings. First team 
All American Bill Walton, above, holds off Cougar pivot man Mike 
Dolven. Trojan Ron Riley, left, rips a loose ball away from Dan 

Bruins too tough 

Basketball 185 

Harshman's return brings defeat. 

186 Basketball 

Marv Harshman's first year of coaching against WSU 
proved costly. Husky senior Steve Hawes and Charles 
Duley pumped in thirty points apiece as Washington 
outgunned the Cougars 103-92 in their first meeting. 

Bohler gym provided less than its usual favoritism for 
the season finale with the Huskies victorious again, 94- 
63. The game was the last for Cougar seniors Dan 
Steward, Rick Rawlins, Jim Neilsen and Joe Garrity. 

Above: Center Jim Neilsen hooks over a Husky while Rick 
Rawlings (44) and Morris Griffin (34) get set for a possible 
rebound. Left: Guard Brad Jackson puts up a shot as one Husky 
goes down and another, Paul Tillman (10). goes up to check it. 
Below: Ex-Cougar coach Marv Harshman returned to Bohler gym 
with his new team and a new look of his own. The disguise was 
part of a gag prompted by his wife. 

The 1971-72 was an unusual season. Sports writers 
predicted no more than a six-win season and a last place 
conference placing. First year coach Bob Greenwood and 
his staff, however, produced an 11-15 record, including 
two second place tournament trophies and seventh place 
conference finish. 

More unusual than the record, however, was the 
resignation of Greenwood less than a week after 
season's end. Reasons? No comment! 

Surprises end season 

Above Left: Senior Rick Rawlings, seen checking 
Washington's Steve Hawes, received the Most Improved 
player award. Rawlings was fifth in rebounding in the Pac- 
8. Jim Nielsen, also pictured, received the award for the 
team's Most Inspirational player. Above: Senior guard 
and team captain Dan Steward was the team's leading 
scorer. Steward, who was a starter for two and a half 
years, was selected to the third team All West Coast, 
honorable mention All Pacific-8 and named to the NCAA 
sanctioned Pizza Huts' west squad. 

VARSITY TEAM First Row: Joe Garrity. mgr. Mike Secor, assistant coach Dale Brown, head coach Bob Greenwood, freshman coach 
Homer Drew, trainer Dick Melhart. Frank Donaldson. Second Row: Brad Jackson, Pat Rogers. Steve Kebbe, Bob Niehl, Paul Jenkins, Don 
Paul. Dan Steward. Third Row: Morris Griffin, Guy Huestis. Mike Dolven, Steve Berstrom, Rick Rawlings, Jim Nielsen, Bill Flowers, Dave 



Above: Center Brad Wiley wraps himself around a loose ball against Idaho as 
team mate Don Johnson watches the scramble. Right, high scoring guard Dave 
Wood goes up for a basket between two Spokane defenders. 

Coubabes extend home 
win string to 36 


The 1971-72 Coubabes. 
under the direction of new coach 
Homer Drew, compiled a perfect 
home court record. The 11-0 
Bohler gym record stretched to 
36 the number of consecutive 
home victories, a string begun in 

On the road the freshmen 
Cougars fared less well, winning 
only three of eleven away 

Left: Freshmen Basketball. Row 
One: Dave Wood, Kip Reeder. Doug 
VanLeuven, Bill Cooper, Jim Wilson, 
Brian Roark Row Two: Coach Homer 
Drew, Austin Frederick, Ben Krause, 
Brad Wiley, Brian Murphy. Rich Steele. 
Don Johnson. Ken Paul, Ed Jackson, 
Student Assistant Coach Mike Gomez. 

188 Frosh Basketball 


The over-all season record of 14-8, although very respectable, fell 
far below the previous six year average on only 2.5 losses a year. 

Drew, assisted by former Cougar shooting star Mike Gomez, found 
future varsity potential throughout their squad. In the backcourt Dave 
Wood and Ben Krause combined both an outside scoring threat with 
fast-break ball handling. Forward Don Johnson moved well under the 
basket and around the perimeter. Inside husky Brad Wiley and Richard 
Steele and lanky Brian Murphy provided needed muscle along with 

Above Coach Homer Drew (right) takes the 
chalk away from student assistant Coach 
Mike Gomez to draw out a play on the board. 
Left, Forward Don Johnson soars above 
Spokane opponents for a tip-in. Below, Rich 
Steele cuts off a Husky pup on the base line 
while guard Ben Krause comes in to cut off 
any outlet pass. The Coubabes ended the 
year with a big 66-62 victory over the 
Washington freshmen. 

Frosh Basketball 189 




Wrestling Team: Top. Brad Davis; Top Right. Carnie McArthur; Above. Sam Hieronymus; Right Center. Paul 
Danelo; Right. Graduate assistant Don Langan and Coach Roger James. 

190 Wrestling 

WSU qualified eight men for the Nationals in the 
Pacific-8 Conference Wrestling Tournament in Seattle. 
The Cougars, with three men in the finals, finished third 
in the conference tournament with 50 V$ points, behind 
Oregon State and Washington, who tied for the title at 
78 Vi each. 

Grapplers 3rd in 

Those qualifying for the National Tournament and their 
place in the Pac-8 were: Carnie McArthur, 118 pounds, 
third; Paul Danelo, 134 pounds, third; Phil Palady, 150 
pounds, second; Brad Davis, 158 pounds, second; 
Kaare Papenfuse, 167 pounds, fourth; Sam 
Hieronymus, 177 pounds, second; Charles Lemcke, 
190 pounds, fourth; and Bill Demeroutis, heavyweight, 

Coach Roger James' grapplers compiled a 9-4 season 
win-loss record, only encountering difficulties with 
fellow northwest Pac-8 teams. 

Although eight Cougars qualified for the National 
Tournament only five, McArthur, Danelo, Palady, Davis, 
and Hieronymus attended. All except McArthur won 
their first matches, with Hieronymus upsetting No. 1 
seeded Russ Johnson of Ohio. WSU's luck however, 
soon ran short, as only Hieronymus survived the second 
match before being defeated in the quarterfinals. 

Wrestling Team: Left, Bill Demeroutis. unlimited; Upper Right, Phil Palady, 
150 , 13 - 4 . 

Above Middles: Wrestling Team. Row One: Mgr Dana Sana Strom, Dave 
Michels, Dave Story, Jerry Hunter. Reuben Baca, Carnie McArthur. Paul 
Danelo. Mgr. Merle Schuyler. Row Two: Stan Smith, Brad Davis. Bill Kullberg, 
Dave Carleton, Ben Ashley, Dan Daly. Kit Burno, John Gomez. Row Three: 
Coach James. Tom Gr£nt. Charlie Lemcke, Dan Kilgore, John Butts, Bill 
Demeroudis, Dave Whitaker. Tim O'Connor, Mike Hall, Coach Langan. 

Wrestling 191 


The 30th annual WSU Indoor track and 
field meet kicked off the 1 972 season. Jack 
Mooberry's Cougars won all but two events 
in the Hollingbery Fieldhouse based 
invitational. John Delamere, however, was 
the only man to break a record by jumping 
49 feet 11 !4 inches in the triple jump. 

The Cougar cindermen put on equally 
impressive show at the Whitman College 
Relays in Walla Walla. WSU won 13 of 16 
events, setting meet records in all but four. 
Delamere again won both horizontal jumps, 
Mark Hiefield led four teammates through 
the 5000 meter while Mike McCourtie and 
Chuck Madison took firsts in the discus and 
javelin, respectively. Bob Niehl also 
continued his winning way in the high jump. 

The WSU Invitation looked very similar to 
the earlier Indoor meet. Cougars again 
dominated local competition, winning 1 5 of 
21 events. Phil Wass closed in on the 
minimum number of points needed to qualify 
for the decathlon by NCAA standards and 
Dave Rorem established himself as the man 
to beat in the sprints. 

Early Meets Easy for Trackmen 

192 Track 

Above Left: Coach Jack Mooberry consults one of his 
winded performers. The 1972 season was Mooberry's 
27th year at the reins of WSU track. Under Mooberry 
the Cougars have had 30 individual conference 
champions, five Northern Division titles and more 
than 90 individual Northern Division champions. Left: 
Junior Dan Labbe chucks the javelin well past 200 
feet during the WSU Invitational Meet. Below: John 
Liddle concentrates prior to a high jumping attempt. 
Opposite page: Irish sophomore Dan Murphy leads 
in the 3 mile against Washington. Murphy, who won 
All-American status in cross country, led Cougar 
distance men. 



Richard Gazal, Dave Fox, Mike Reed 

John Liddle 

Only Conference Victory Over Washington 

The Cougar tracksters were defeated by 
Oregon State 101-64 in the first conference 
meet of the season. Double wins by both 
Delamere and Rorem were not enough to 
help the Cougars against the powerful 
Beaver squad. 

The University of Wyoming found itself 
completely outclassed against the Cougars 
as WSU took first in every event and second 
in all but three in a lopsided 150-12 victory. 

WSU was double winner, conquering both 
Montana and Air Force in the year's only 
triple meet. Three Cougars met NCAA 
qualification for the national meet: freshman 
Jim McGoldrick in the discus. Chuck 
Madison in the javelin and three-miler Dean 

Only Rorem, Madison, Niehl, and 
steeplechaser Graham Hutchinson managed 
wins against a strong Oregon team. The 
Ducks annexed the conference meet 99-63 
led by Steve Prefontaine’s record-breaking 
5,000 meter run. 

Washington provided the Cougars their first 
and only conference victory of the season. 
WSU took 20 of 27 events in the Mother’s 
Weekend meet. The win helped to boost the 
confidence of the 24 Cougars headed for the 
Northern Division meet in Corvallis. 

Graham Hutchison. Jerry Rice 

Bottom: Mark Heifield 

Track 195 

Varsity and Freshman Track Team. Row One: Coach Jack Mooberry, Richard Gazal. Dan Murphy. Chuck Madison. Ivars Dravinski. David Herald. Dave Rorem. John 
Liddle. Bob Niehl. Dave Harper. Row Two: Dean Clark. Mark Hiefield. Mike Monahan. Dan Labbee, Kip Peterson. Steve Smith, Reggie Macklin. Ken Miller. Bert Peters 
Brock Aynsley. Row Three: Dean Moore. Jim McCourtie, Jack Nevin, Denny Legro. Jim McGoldrick. Bill Hodgson. Jerry Rice. Doug Vandevanter. John Coski. Row 
Four: Coach John Chaplin. John Delamere. Phil Burkwist. Dave Francis. Mike Reed. Dave Fox. Greg Smith. Steve Watson, Larry Ohs. Greg Luft. Row Five: John Ewing 
Don Sandvig. Stan Grzybala. Bill Demeroutis. Dick Leland. Bill Niemi. Bob Boyle. Jerry Morton. Dennis Cihak. Forrest Thompson. Row Six: Don Chism. Bob Brink. Larry 
Holcomb. Chris Spaun. Jed Miller. Walley Autem. Colin Young. Geoff Woods. Steve Cochran. 

John Delamere. with a long jump of 24-8 
1/2. captured the only first for the Cougars in 
the Northern Division Track Meet. Delamere 
also took second in the triple jump. High 
hurdler Ken Miller also provided a second as 
did Bill Hodgson in the javelin and the 440- 
relay team. Another second also came from 
Reggie Macklin in the intermediates. 

Sprinter Dave Rorem also had to settle for 
second in both the 100 and the 220, both 
times behind Oregon's Al Hearvey. Bob 
Niehl had to accept third in the high jump 
despite leaping 6-10. 

In all WSU compiled 37 points to take third 
place between Oregon State and 
Washington—Oregon, winning 11 of 1 9 
events, ran away with the title, scoring 89 

Washington State had its poorest showing 
ever in the All Pac-8 Conference meet, 
producing only 14 points. The Cougars 
placed last. WSU got its points in the three 
mile from Mark Hiefield and Phil Burkwist, 
who ran fourth and fifth, respectively; while 
Bob Niehl was sixth in the high jump and 
Jim McGoldrick placed sixth in the discus. 
The mile relay team also placed sixth. Even 
so, in numbers qualifying and in newcomers 
future WSU track prospects look brighter. 

John Coski 

Poorest Finish Recorded in PAC-8 Meet 


Brayton Enters Second Decade as Coach 


Coach Chuck Brayton entered his second 
decade in charge of Cougar baseball with a 
strong team, mostly returnees from last year's 
second place Pac-8 team. Despite the loss of 
NCAA base stealing champ Bobby Waits and 
second team District 8 all stars Manny Perez 
and Tom Thomas, returning All Pac 8 third 
baseman Terry Heaton led a strong, experienced 

Lewis-Clark State surprised the Cougars 3-4 in 
the season opener. Rains then washed a double 
header with Idaho off the schedule. WSU took 
two from Idaho State and another from EWSC 
against one loss to the University of Puget 
Sound in the Banana Belt Tournament. 
Brayton's boys were denied a chance at 
revenge, having to settle for second in the rain- 
abbreviated tournament. 

Gathering steam, the Cougars stole a double- 
header from CWSC, did the same to EWSC and 
returned from five days of ballplaying in Hawaii 
with only one additional loss. 

Baseball 199 

Diamondmen Win Crucial Games 

Pac-8 action started with Oregon at 
Bailey Field. The Ducks aced the Cougs in a 
Friday game 5-0, but found their record 
quickly reversed as WSU took both games of 
a Saturday doubleheader 7-2 and 10-8. The 
same pattern appeared the following week 
as the Cougs fell 5-4 to the Huskies in 
Seattle on a Friday before clubbing them 
back the next day 8-0 and 1 5-3. 

The Cougar diamond men blasted through 
the remaining half of April by pulverizing 
hapless Oregon State for six wins and 
avenging a Lewis-Clark State loss but 
dropping two tough games to streaking 

Left: Second baseman Terry Heaton racks up a hit 
against Oregon. The hit helped bring in the tying run 
in the Cougars' come from behind 3-2 win for the 
Northern Division title. Heaton's outstanding play and 
strong hitting won him a place on the ND All-Star 

Varsity Baseball Team. Row One: Bill Sanford. Kyle Olson, Ray Parr, Brian Wright, Scott Woodward. Joe McIntosh. Bob Parr, manager. Row Two: Steve Merkley, 
Bob Currie. Dan Alley. Larry Herman, Barry Sbragia. Marv Chamberlain, Steve Grasser. Coach Chuck Brayton. Row Three: Dave Diehl. Frank Jackson, Woody Harris, 
Jim Chapados. Larry Angell. Terry Heaton. Dave Pyles. 

200 Baseball 

Top: First baseman Frank Jackson slides home for a crucial run during the regular 
season-ending Washington series. Tied with Oregon, the Cougars won all three 
games to remain deadlocked and force a single game play-off (won) for the Northern 
Division title. Above Left: Jackson takes a throw at first in plenty of time to prevent a 
Husky from getting on first. Above Right: Pitcher Joe McIntosh distinguishes himself 
in WSU baseball history by compiling ten wins for the second season in a row. 

Baseball 201 

McIntosh’s Relief Defeats Ducks, 
Northern Division Title Taken 

Whitworth next surprised WSU 9-5 for 
their first win over the Cougars, who then 
had to outslug Idaho for a 12-11 win. 
Holding a one-game lead in the Northern 
Division, the Cougars journeyed to Eugene 
for a critical three game series with second- 
place Oregon. 

WSU opened its division lead to two games 
by thumping the Ducks 19-6 in the first 
game. WSU pumped out 20 hits, including 
four home runs. Oregon, however, threw the 
race back into a tie by downing WSU twice, 
3-2 and 3-1, in the Saturday doubleheader. 

The Cougars returned home to finish the 
season against Washington, knowing they 
could not afford a single loss, as Oregon was 
at the same time entertaining winless OSU. 
Both leaders came through under pressure 
sweeping the series. The Huskies, however, 
proved tough, only stubbornly going down to 
defeat 6-5, 8-1, and 3-2. 

Top: Second baseman Terry Heaton runs down Oregon runner Bob Neal from 
behind to tag him for the out. The Cougar pitcher, who allowed only one hit in 
five innings of relief, covers third. Bottom: Oregon's Roberts dusts himself off 
after failing to get onto first. A strong Cougar defensive infield is led by first 
baseman Frank Jackson, seen behind Roberts. Opposite Page Top: The entire 
team swarms around McIntosh after Cougars defeat Oregon for ND title. 

Tied again, with the regular season over, the 
division race boiled down to a single play-off 
game. A flip of a coin put the game in 
Pullman. To the winner would go the 
Northern Division title and a chance to 
dethrone the Southern Division champ, two- 
time National champion USC. The losers 
could look forward only to finals week. 

Oregon scored a run in the second and 
another in the third to lead 2-0 through the 
first four innings. But WSU put one on the 
board in the fifth. Joe McIntosh then 
replaced starter Barry Sbragia on the mound 
to hold the Ducks scoreless for the 
remainder of the game while the Cougars 
scored again in the sixth and seventh to win 

The Northern Division title under their 
belts, the Cougars became the guests of the 
Southern Division Champs (USC) in a best of 
three series for the Pac-8 title and a chance 
to go on toward the NCAA World Series. 
Nothing however went right for the Cougars 
as starting pitcher Larry Angel, 5-1 over the 
season, was blasted for five runs in the first 
inning of the opening game. Larry Herman 
came into relieve Angel, allowing only one 
hit in the remaining eight innings, but the 
lead was insurmountable as they lost 6-1. 
WSU’s hitting improved the second game, 
but not enough, with the Trojans edging out 
a 8-7 win and the title. The Cougars ended 
up a very respectable 29-13 for the season. 

Junior Varsity Wins 10, Drops 6 

Junior Varsity Baseball Team. Row One: Andy Muntz. Manager. John 
Busch, Rich Schafer, Pete Doumit. Row Two: Lonnie Funk, Chuck Streamer, 
Bob Tonsacker. Wes Graham, Ed Smith. Row Three: Roger Dirkes, Brian 
Schreck. Dave Stewart, Mike Loft, Greg Creighton, John Mellein. 


Bill Kodama 

Right: Jim Randolph 

Win Streaks 

Steve Docherty 

Right: Craig Clayton 



Varsity Tennis Team. Row One: Walt Kastner. Ron DeHaan. Bill Kodama, Joe Karas. Back Row: 
Rex Davis, coach; Craig Clayton, Jim Randolph, Steve Docherty. 

n Net Season 

Left: Walt Kastner 

Ron DeHaan 

The WSU tennis team compiled an 
impressive 14-8 record over the spring 
season. Included were six and five match 
win streaks, separated only by a single loss 
to tough Boise State. The Cougar netters 
fared poorly against other Pac-8 schools, but 
strongly handled several California schools 
and other Northwest competition. During an 
early season southern jaunt, the netmen 
handed double defeats to Chico State and 
Cal-Davis. in addition to a single encounter 
triumph over Sacramento State. 

Senior singles standout Steve Docherty led 
the otherwise young Cougar team. Although 
hampered by a midseason injury, Docherty 
rallied to defeat Seattle University's Mike 
Prineas, revenging an earlier loss plus 
gaining the match point for the Cougars. 

As expected, the young Cougars finished at 
the bottom of the conference. They were 
throttled 9-0 by OSU and edged 6-3 by 
Oregon in the season-ending conference 

Joe Karas 

Tennis 205 


Brad Storey Jim McCarry 

Senior Brad Storey and Junior Jim McCarry anchored an otherwise 
young WSU swim team. McCarry has established himself as one of the 
top distance men in the school's history—holding the record for the 
1,650, 1,000, 500, and 200 fly. For his efforts McCarry was voted the 
Outstanding Swimmer for 1972. Storey, the squad's only senior, 
distinguished himself by qualifying for and representing WSU for three 
consecutive years in the NCAA championships. He also served as the 
1972 team captain. 

Over the season the team swam to a 7-5 win-lost record, establishing 
four freshman and eleven varsity records. Team records, however, did 
not stand up well against tough Pac-8 competition. Oregon State 
provided the Cougars their only conference victory in five meets. 

The All Pac-8 past season meet showed the team short both in depth 
and experience as they were drowned into last place. However, with 
three quarters of the team underclassmen the prospects are for a much 
improved season next year. 

2Q6 Swimming 

Swimming Team. Front Row: Assistant coach Tom Fenn. Chris Holtorf. John Downer. Bill Morris. Wilson Godwin. Dick Peterson, Dave Nix, Dave Grant, Coach Doug 
Gibb. Back Row: Dave Burkey. Jim Salter, Dan Miller, Dave Asahara, Dan Anderson, Jim McCarry, Bob Franklin, Mark Norris. 

Dave Nix 

Swimming Team 207 


The 1972 Golf team had one of its 
most successful seasons ever, 
winning its first major tournament 
trophy. WSU tied with Oregon in the 
Oregon Invitational Tournament 
among a tough field of ten teams. A 
flip of a coin gave WSU the trophy. 

The team also won the 4-Way 
tournament and placed second in the 
Banana Belt and Idaho Invitational 

In PAC-8 tournament action the 
WSU team bogeyed into last place in 
the Northern Division, but managed a 
sixth place in the PAC-8 tournament. 

Right: Team Captain Terry Esvelt and 
Medalist Lawson Abinanti hold the 
Championship trophy of the University of 
Oregon Invitational Tournament. 

Golf Team. Front Row: Coach E G. (Pat) Patterson, Neal Nelson, Terry Esvelt (Captain), John Beutler, Paul Renberg. Back Row: Paul Felts, Lawson Abinanti. Rick 
Schrader. Jerry Curtis. Jeff Urban. 

Rowing Club 

Palouse weather dealt the 1972 rowing effort a cruel blow in late 
January. Strong winds gusting up the Snake River canyon toppled the 
Rowing Club's one-year old shell house, destroying it, crushing shells 
and smashing oars. 

Only an heroic effort by the club members and friends enabled the 
team to get back on the water for the spring season. Fund-raising 
collections taken up at home basketball games financed the 
reconstruction of a stronger shell. Meanwhile, a gracious loan of three 
shells by the University of Washington got the club on the water 

The season started late with a upperclassmen-underclassmen race in 
mid-April. The upperclassmen won handily by 4 Vi lengths. The 
Corvallis Invitational Regatta was the team's first official appearance of 
the year. WSU, with entries in the junior eight and freshmen four 
divisions, placed thirteenth out of eighteen participating teams. 

The University of Washington brought their boats to the Snake in 
early May for a dual race. The Huskies won all three races easily to no 
one’s surprise. The Huskies, with one of the best clubs in the nation, 
later went on to win the entire West Coast title and advance to the 
national championships. 

The WSU season ended with the Steward Cup competition in Seattle. 
The rowing proved a bit too tough, as WSU placed fifth in both five- 
boat fields. 

Barring further natural destruction, the WSU rowing effort, with the 
third largest program in the Northwest, should improve greatly over the 
next few years. 

Rowing Club 209 


































Oregon State 





Sixth in PAC-8 

Conference 2-4 

Season 4-7 












Oregon State 





Season 4-0 






Idaho (relay) 






Puget Sound 


















Oregon State 








Eight in PAC-8 
Conference 1-4 
Season 7-5 

















Oklahoma City 












New Mexico 



Florida State 












Oregon State 






























Oregon State 








Seventh in PAC-8 
Conference 3-1 1 

Season 11-15 




North Division 
WSU 20, Oregon 36 
Oregon State 80, 
Washington 97 

PAC-8 Championship 
WSU 31, Oregon 47, 
UCLA 77. USC 124, 
Oregon State 133, 
California 124, 
Stanford 1 54, and 
Washington 203 

NCAA Championship 
Oregon 89, WSU 122 
First in PAC-8 
Second in Nation 




Utah 36 

BYU 41 

Stanford 45 

San Jose 72 









Spokane Falls 






Spokane Falls 






Columbia Basin 









North Idaho 






Oregon State 



Spokane CC 









Spokane CC 



Yakima Valley 



Yakima Valley 






North Idaho 



Big Bend CC 








Season 14-8 


WSU Opponent 





Seattle U 






British Columbia 






Chico State 



Chico State 






Sacramento State 



Boise State 



Utah State 



Idaho State 












Oregon State 






Oregon State 



Seattle U 




















Eighth in PAC-8 

Conference 0-8 

Season 1 6-9 
















140 00 


1 16.85 

San Jose 


















Fourth in PAC-8 

Season Ave. 133.54 

Season 6-4 











Dickinson State 






Montana State 



Eastern Oregon 


















Seattle Pacific 



Oregon State 
Multnomah A C. 



Portland State 


Third in PAC-8 

Conference 0-3 

Season 9-5 

8 Washington 


3 Washington 


3 Oregon 


1 use 


7 USC 


Second in PAC-8 
Conference 14-4 

Season 26-12 





L-C State 



Idaho State 



Idaho State 






Puget Sound 





















P-R All Stars 
























L-C State 



Oregon State 



Oregon State 



Oregon State 






Oregon State 



Oregon State 



Oregon State 
































Yakima Valley 



Yakima Valley 



Green River 



Green River 









North Idaho 



North Idaho 









Treasure Valley 



Treasure Valley 



Yakima Valley 



Yakima Valley 


Season 10-6 


All Tournament Action 


Lost to 

Banana Belt 



Oregon Invit.* 



Alderbrook Invit. 






OSU Invit. 



Northern Division 



Stanford Invit. 



EWSC Invit. 



Idaho Invit. 



* tied 



Sixth in PAC-8 
Season 65-27-1 




64 Oregon State 


150 Wyoming 


123 Air Force 


114 Montana 


63 Oregon 


100 Washington 


Eighth in PAC-8 
Conference 1 -2 

Season 4-2 

Scoreboard 211 

Fish Fans 

Fish Fans. Front Row: Suzanne Peterson. Kim Shoemaker. Jeanice Cox. Didi Gigandet, Gail Lacefield, Cathy Higgins. Juli Heinemann. Paula Gray, Heidi Howard Back 
Row: Jeanie Simmons, Dorothy Martin. Ann Murphy, Kathy Thompson. Glenda Hewson, Kitsy Palmer, Paula Terhaar. Carol Buffum, Joan Lang. Jean Gompf, Peggy 
Durham. Darlene Helt. 

The Fish Fans Water Show gave its forty-third 
Mother's Weekend production this year. A program 
under the theme of "The Medium is the Message" was 
performed in the New Gymnasium Pool to a packed 
house on both Friday and Saturday. Miss Agnes 
McQuarrie, associate professor of physical education, 
directed the women's swim organization. 

Lois Correll started the show in 1929 when the pool in 
Bolher Gym was first opened. She ran the production for 
ten years after which Beth Taylor directed it for another 
five. Miss McQuarrie has had charge of the show since 

Women’s Recreation Association 

Crimson W. Seated: Carol E. Thomas. Veda Frederick. Standing: Dianne Sullivan. Sharon Hitsman. Alda Amidon. Kay A. Williams. Chris Meyer. Jackie Philleo. Jeanie 
Simmons, Peggy Ott, Christie Gregory, June Auld. Ann Fruechte. Pat Koshko. 

WRA Council and Intramural Board. Seated: Melinda Hertel. Peggy Ott. Ann Fruechte, Mary Frost. Terri Schmidt. Joan Steberl. 
Standing: Joanne Washburn, advisor, Judy Sedanquist, Bev Buchholtz, Carol Thomas, Debbie Jones. 

WRA 213 

Swim Team. Row One: Kathy Wright. Jeanice Cox. 
Linda Noble. Row Two: Dede Roland, Joanne Neben, 
Debbie Taylor, Carol Cutler. 

Volleyball Team. Row One: Alda Amidon, Cathy Carlyle, Sharon Hitsman, Cheryl French. Peg Ott, Donna 
Beeman. Ros Haack, Judy Sedenquist. Nancy Forsman. Row Two: Pat Koshko. Carol E. Thomas, Vickie 
Holling, Joyce Halldorson. Roxanna Ralphs, Gloria Kelley. June Auld, Pam Perkins, Jackie Philleo. Row 
Three: Linda Systad. Ann Fruechte. Christie Gregory, Bebbie Hughes, Barbara Brim, Andrea Barston. 
LaFaye Fuson, Joan Steberl, Sandy Sienczynski Ski Team. Row One: Miss Washburn. Kathy Schjelland. 
Patti Ford, Kari Freeman, Blythe Davis. Row Two: Chris Meyer, Judy Walters, Cindy Williams, Sue Taylor, 
Kathy Parks, Merilee Jordan. Chris Moe, Laurie Scott. Marty Jordan, Judy Bickenbach. 

The Ski Team participated in three 
regional skiing meets. The team placed 
fourth in the winter's first meet at 
Alpental. At Jackass Ski Bowl the team 
divided in two, with the A team finishing 
second and the B team coming home 
with first place. In its annually hosted 
Schweitzer Basin meet the A team was 
fourth and the B team second. A fifth 
place trophy was captured at the NCSC 
championship on Crystal Mountain. 

The seven-member swim team 
traveled to Whitman and Idaho for 
meets. The team also competed in the 
NCWSA meet held at Southern Oregon 
College in Ashland. 

The A, B, and C volleyball teams 
compiled respective records of 11-7, 9- 
4, and 3-0. The first two teams saw post 
season action in the NCWSA 
Tournament, hosted by nearby University 
of Idaho. The A team also made the trip 
to the Northwest Tournament at Eugene. 
Next year WSU will host the tournament. 

Ski Team. Row 1: Miss Joanne Washburn. Kathy Schjelland, Patti Ford. Kari Freeman, Blythe Davis; Row 
2: Chris Meyer, Judy Walters, Cindy Williams, Sue Taylor, Kathy Parks. Merilee Jordan. Chris Moe, Laurie 
Scott. Marty Jrdan. Judy Bickenbach. 

214 Volleyball and Ski Teams 

Field Hockey Team. Row One: Pat Rickner. Carol Campbell, Marge Frei, Kathy Niebuhr. Betty Young, Judy Walters, 
Jan Guenther. Row Two: Cindy Maxin. Nancy Wessels, Carol Sexson. Row Three: Kathy Huggins. Terah Regan, Jan 
Olivier, Brenda Miller. Judy Bickenbach, Margaret Frost. Row Four: Jan Moon, Marcia Walter. Sherri Smith, Chris 
Meyer, Marsha Thorn, Jan Mueller. Pam Murphy 

The Northwest A Field Hockey 
Tournament was hosted by the 
WSU team. The team also 
competed in a regular season 
against the University of Idaho, 
Eastern and Central Washington 
Colleges and the University of 

The WRA basketball team 
became the first WSU women's 
sports team to participate in a 
national tournament. Cougars 
won all five games in the 15 
team Northwest Collegiate 
Women's Sports Association 
tournament at Idaho. The 
tournament boosted the team's 
record to 11-2 and qualified 
them for the National 
Intercollegiate Championships at 
Illinois State. At Norman, III., 
however, the team found the 
going tough, losing their first two 
games in the double elimination 

Jennifer Gray and Marda 
McClenny led the team in scoring 
while Ann Fruechte and Christy 
Gregory dominated the 
rebounding department. 

Basketball Team. Row One: Christy Gregory. Ann Fruechte, Jennifer Gray, Sherri Smith, Alison Cone, Sandy Sienczynski. Janet Olivier. Row Two: Betty Young, Jan 
Guenther, Jo Washam, Marda McCierry, Diane Byrnes, Deborah Brewer, Sue Hoffman. Vivian Moses. Row Three: Mis Durrant. Linda Durston. Kay Williams, Judy 
Howe, Nancy Forsman. Sharon Hitsman. Nancy Wessels, Vicki Raub, Marg Frost. 

Field Hockey 215 

Intermural Board and Interact Board: Front Row: L-R Ann Fruechte. Carol Davis, Judy Howe, Mary Lynn McDonald. Back Row: L-R 
Paula Ratcliffe, Chris Meyer, Marcia Walter. Jane Kelly, Vicki Hulling. Carol Thomas 

Tennis: Back Row: Kathi Clement, Nancy Wiggins, Barb Myers, Joyce Swanson, Linda Weston, Patti Vancil. Michele Bopa, Nancy Wessels. Pam Sunderson. 
Sheryl Gotts, Coach. Front Row: Carol Thomas. Pat Koshko, Gayle Lantz. Christie Morgan. Carol Campbell. Alison Cone. Sue Hoffman, Yvonne Brown. Donna 


Tennis and Intramural Board 


BASKETBALL: Gannon 5, first 

Gannon 7, second 

POCKET BILLIARDS: Gannon, first 

Theta Chi, second 

Men's Intramurals Board. Seated: Tom Sellers. Pete Doumlt, Dan Garcia. 
Standing: Van Schoessler. Mike Flood, Mike Harter, Reed Spencer. Not Pictured: 
Bruce Shields. Gene Schmidt. John Cotter, Steve Epperson and Roger Koeler. 

BOWLING: Chinese Students Assoc., first 

Intramurals 217 

218 Intramurals 


220 Intramurals 

TENNIS: Lakers, first 

Gannon, second 

Waller, second 



Gannon, first 
Truckers, second 


Phi Delta Theta, Greek 
Stimson, Independent 


Independent: Cameron Corey, 
Stimson Greek: Dennis Duffy, Phi 
Delta Theta Off Campus: Steve 
Epperson, Truckers Club: Bob Benski, 
Vet Med 


WRESTLING: Goldsworthy, first 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, second 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, second 

WEIGHT LIFTING: Truckers, first 

Gannon, second 

DECATHLON: Sigma Nu. first 
Rogers, second 

SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL: Truckers, first 

Phi Delta Theta, second 

GOLF: Truckers 1, first 

Truckers 2,second 

TRACK & FIELD: Sigma Nu, first 
Gannon, second 

Intramurals 221 

Soccer Club 

""A" TEAM 

WSU Opponent 


Notre Dame 












Notre Dame 





















Seattle Pacific 












Pacific Lutheran 






Seattle Pacific 



Seattle U. 



Green River CC 






Wenatchee Valley 






Spokane Spokes 









Green River CC 



Seattle Pacific 



Heidleburg (Tac.) 


Season 12-10-7 

Goals for: 71 

Goals against: 47 

Season 2-5 

14 Goals. 25 Goals Against 


















Walla Walla CC 

Wenatchee Valley 
Green River CC 


222 Soccer 

Karate Club 

Karate Club. Front Row: Scott Nakahata, Randy Camp. Joel Carlson, J. Mack Shivley. captain, Teruo Chinen. instructor. Dean Reynolds. Mel Fingarson, Owen Keiser. 
Back Row: Bob Hall, Mike Berndt. Ray Brytan, Roy Critteredel. Ed Hewitt, Jim Bagby. Dan Nafziger, Kathy Totten. 

Karate 223 

Water Polo Team. Row One: Dave Burkey, Chris Holtorf, Mickey Krob, Glen Yocum. Dave Nix. Robert Franklin. Row Two: Tom Fenn. coach. Dick Peterson, John 
Downer, Dave Grant, Mark Norris, Jim McCarry, Dave Asahara, Blaine Wheeler, manager. 

Water Polo Team Wins 3, Loses 7 

Water Polo 













Puget Sound 



Pacific Lutheran 









Pacific Lutheran 









224 Water Polo 

Rodeo Club 

The word "improvement" could best sum up the 
WSU Rodeo 1972 season. Competition in eight rodeos 
saw the club never fail to place less than four 
contestants in the finals. Last year WSU only had 
finalists twice. In addition the club brought home two 
Buckles-of-the-Year. The first was won by Diana 
Roberts in goat tying against Central Oregon 
Community College and the second by Cal Parvin in 
steer wrestling against Yakima Valley. In addition to 
Roberts and Parvin, other consistent WSU rodeo 
performers were Jim Proctor, Dick Schoenberg, Gail 
Winters, Mike Hopper, Roberta Lindsey and Jeanine 
Proctor. At the season's end Parvin and Jim Proctor 
were in contention for a seat at the College National 

The annual WSU Rodeo as usual highlighted Moms 
Weekend. Miss Debbie Phillips reigned as queen over 
the event. 

Rodeo 225 



Niemi Award Fred Bohler Award Most Improved Sophomore 

Brian Lange Steve Busch Eric Johnson 

Outstanding Defensive Players 

Ron Mims and Bob Leslie 

Outstanding Offensive Player Butler Inspirational Award 

Bernard Jackson Chuck Hawthorne 


Outstanding Swimmer Bob Eby Inspirational Award 

Jim McCarry Jim McCarry 


Team Captain Most Valuable Player Top Pitchers 

Terry Heaton Frank Jackson Barry Sbragia and Joe McIntosh 

226 Honors 

Bill Rush Memorial Award 

Jim Nielsen 


PAC-8 Medal 

Team Captain 
Dan Steward 

Most Improved Player 

Rick Rawlings 


Team Captain Inspirational Award 

Dave Rorem 

Dave Rorem 

Pete Naumchik Award 

Phil Wash 




5*rs —-T 


• i 

w j 

Dr. Glenn Terrell, 

Talk — Dr. Glenn Terrell did a lot of talking in 1971- 
72 about the university, its objectives and the obstacles 
that are encountered in striving toward achievement of 
those goals. "People can't be anxious about what they 
don't understand." 

Serving as a contact between the university and the 
community and state. Dr. Terrell saw his job as getting 
people to work together and involved in planning the 
university — its present and future. He answered 
endless questions about the university and was a focal 
point for exchange of ideas concerning the development 
of Washington State. 

Dr. Terrell's enjoyment of his work comes from a special 
feeling he has that he calls "loving people." That means 
loving people and caring enough about everyone to see 
that the university serves all the people it was designed 
to serve. 



Dr. Wallis Beasley 

Executive Vice President 

An institution of the size and complexity of 
Washington State University must never be left without 
an administrative head to oversee its vast organization. 
In President Glenn Terrell's numerous absences from 
the university. Dr. Beasley served in the executive 

position. Dr. Beasley concerned himself with the 
internal affairs of the university to free President Terrell 
from much of the paper work. Thus Terrell could spend 
as much time as possible speaking about the university 
and in other off-campus contacts. 


Dr. Allan H. Smith 

Vice President — Academic 

As Vice President of Academics Dr. Smith was 
concerned with the administration, the work of 
coordinating and directing the academic programs 
initially established by the departmental and 
administrative heads under his direction. "The registrar 
or director of admissions may come to me with a 
problem, but they make most of the decisions in their 

own areas," said Dr. Smith. 

The administrative contact with students that Dr. Smith 
had was indirectly through these administrators, but he 
kept in touch with students as a professor in the 
Anthropology department. 

Dr. J.C. Cleveger 

Vice President, Student Affairs 

"Dean" Clevenger, as he still prefers to be called, 
worked with a total picture of student life in mind. He 
was not just concerned with academics but also with 
life outside the classroom — student government, 
activities, and health. Administrators under him 

provided services for students to gain maximum 
educational experience, to make the most of the years 
they spend here. 

Dr. Clevenger himself has been helping students for two 
decades as an administrator. He likes working with 
students because "they turn me on." 

W.L. Poindexter 

Director of Housing and Food Service 


V. Lauren Shelton 

Vice President-Finance 

There grows in the corner of Mr. Shelton's office a 
rather large branching plant that has been developing 
since the office was built. The areas under the control of 
Mr. Shelton in 1971-72 were as many and far reaching 
as the branches of that plant. He was responsible for the 

financial affairs of Washington State. Heads of divisions 
did the leg work, but final approval had to come from 
Mr. Shelton. Budget, allocations of legislative 
appropriations, and negotiation of contracts went 
through the hands of this university vice president. 


Arthur M. Holtorf 

Director of Safety Division 

Robert B. Smawley 

Director of General Services 

Howard E. Mount 

Controller and Budget Officer 


Development of the university both within and 
beyond its campus borders was the primary concern of 
Warren A. Bishop. However, in this development Mr. 
Bishop had to take into account the impact of the 
university and its growth on the community of Pullman 
and the state. He had to work with community leaders 
to consider the ultimate advantages or disadvantages to 
everyone involved, not just the university. Of special 

consideration this year was the Stadium Fund Drive of 
which Mr. Bishop was director. 

Another of the major projects of development 
undertaken by University Development was working to 
aid establishment of a regional shopping center to serve 
both the university and the community. 


Bruce Rutherford 

Director, Physical Plant 

J. Reginald Miller 

Director, University Relations 

Richard B. Fry 

Manager, News Bureau 


E.G. Patterson 

Director of Alumni Relations 

Philip E. Keene 

Director of Facilities Planning 


Above: Board of Regents. Row One: Howard Morgan. Mrs. Henry Owen. Michael Dederer. Lyle Neff. Row Two: H.H. Hahner. Dr. H. Dewayne Kreager. Not Pictured: 
Harold Romberg. Dr. Glenn Terrell. 

246 Administration 


Recent passage of the eighteen-year-old amendment 
by the United States Congress and its ratification by 
sufficient states to make it operative and the passage by 
the Washington State Legislature of an eighteen-year- 
old responsibility law, now make it possible for virtually 
every college and university student to be involved, with 
full rights, in our political system. 

Never has it been more important for students to be 
involved in the political affairs of their community, their 
state, and their nation. 

1972 is a year of challenge. For the first time, citizens 
from eighteen to twenty-one years of age will vote in a 
presidential election. This represents a substantial 

segment of the new voting population and can be 
decisive in many political contests. 

The key, of course, is participation. I urge every student 
to take a full and active part in the total political process, 
expecting no miracles, but initiating the effort for 
change, which is always difficult, time-consuming, and 
sometimes frustrating. 

Be of good cheer, however. The hope for the future far 
exceeds its hopelessness. Our future, in a very real 
sense, is yours to decide. 

Daniel J. Evans 

Administration 247 

Catherine M. Northrup 

Dean of Women 

Dr. Bruce Anawalt 



Gordon H. Tuel! 

Manager, KWSU-AM-TV 

Dennis J. Morrison 

Assistant to the President 

Administration 249 

Dr. William A. Case 

Director, Student Counseling Center 

Dr. Ralph M. Buttermore 

Dicector. Student Health Service 

Richard C. French 

Director, Placement Bureau 

250 Administration 

Ernest Schrenk 

Police Chief 

William Pence 

Fire Chief 

Administration 251 

Bill Brown 

Activities Coordinator 

Joe McLean 

Recreation Supervisor 

Dr. Matthew Carey 

Director of AWSU and the CUB 

252 Administration 

Non Patrick 

Associate Director of Alumni Center 

Sue Cairns, Bill Davis, Carroll Hayden 

Program Advisors 

Pat Caraher 

Editor HillTopics 



ASWSU Officers and Assembly 

4 W' 


Above: Carlton Lewis. ASWSU president. 

254 ASWSU Officers 

Above: Student Assembly. Row One: Jim Bertramson. Darrel Lau. Jim Berett. Chris Schlect, Bev Brann, Dennis Clarke. Greg Dow. Row Two: Carlton Lewis, 
Jenny Kwong, Diane Christopherson, Chuck Jackson, Mary Gallagher. Row Three: Linda Barrom, Mary Anderson, Jim Boldt. Ron Kelleher, Jeff Rundell, Brad Kay. 
Harvey Dunham. Not Pictured: Phil Anderson, Bruce Cardwell. 

ASWSU ASSEMBLY ... repre¬ 
sentative government . . . problems 
. .. looking for answers . . . action 
... doing something ... 
redistricting .. . better 
representation of off-campus 
students . . . more money . . . 
referendum . . . optional student 
activity fee . . . another . . . finals 
before Christmas .. . concern .. . 
support . . . three percent increase in 
state employees' pay . . . IPAC . . . 
lobbying for higher education . . . 
getting the Regents to meet in 
Pullman . . . student participation 
. . . ASWSU elections . . . running 
for office . . . campaigning . . . 
voting . . . showing you care . . . 

:hris Schlect. Carlton Lewis, and Mark Backman served as the nucleus of student 
ictivities throughout the year 



Above: Frosh Faculty Weekend. Row One: Ron Muck. Wally Frantz. Charley Hafenbrack, Harvey Dunham. Kathy Fish. Row Two: Sue Cairns. Marny Blue. Russ 
Smith. Chris Peters. Steve Bunting, Ann Kuhlman. JoAnn Ross. Phyllis Morrow. Barb Bevegni, Patti Mayberry. Row Three: Brad Laffaw. Becky Brown, Carol Seehafer, 
Leonard Hegland, Emily Heintz, Jody Missildine. Jim Bertramson. Amy Fortier, Leslie Vea, Carla Hatley. 

Above: Political Union. Row One: Glenn Uno. Anne Gehrett. Lucy Lauterbach. Joann Ross. 
Bill Davis. Row Two: Hal Bancroft, Larry Haapenen, Eric Bell. Dennis Clark. Mark Wennerlind. 

Above: Lecture Artist. Row One: Sue Cairns. Stan Weber, Jane Kirk. 
Kelly Landreth. Row Two: Bob Patton. Roger Schlesinger. Bob Hodge, 
Judy Webb, Jeff Langlow. 

256 ASWSU 

Above: Crimson Rally. Row One: Dan Indgjerd, Pat LaFramboise, Al Mouncer. Tom Aitchinson, Barb Diefendorf, Ken Christianson, Scott Smith, Curt Stone, Tom 
Rhone. Row Two: Terry Olson. Cindy Schorr, Debbie Smith, Karen Sablin, Saundra McIntosh. Gordy McFadden. Lynn Jones. Marilyn Howard, Becky Rightmire. Jeanie 
McFadden, Thyes Svinth. 

Performing Arts. Row One: Mike Grecco, 
Michelle Franks, Ron Kercheval, Debbie Puckett, 
Bill Naismith. Row Two: Carroll Hayden, Steve 
Jenkins, Bill Carter. John Morrison. Dave Lewis. 
Todd Dauer. 

Dance Committee. Row One: Candy Garner, 
Gayle Herbert, Jan Gomulkiewicz. Gary Jefferson. 
Carroll Hayden. Row Two: Jerry Jensen. Steve 
Waters, Larry Gilmore, Dan Wurz. 

ASWSU 257 

Special Events Committee: ROW 1: Scott Johnson, Margaret Sewell, Anne Gehrett, Bill Hyslop. Row 2: David Grembowski, Michelle Frank, Jan Delbuono, Kris 
Widman, Jan Todnem. Row 3: Bruce Prenguber, Gary Larsen, Pat Wiegand. Nancy Potter, Laura Hastings, Debbie Colley. Jean McCormick, Sue Paulson, Mike 
Beechinor. Sue Messinger, Leon Sanders. 

Films Committee: ROW 1: Christine Brentwood Row 2: Gary Larsen, Bill 
Davis. Row 3: Martin VanBuren, Rich Davis, Muhammed AM. 

Fine Arts Committee: ROW 1: Charlene Collender, Dianne Nissen, Bede 
Jordan. Row 2: Nina Herzog, Barb McGovern. Chris Day. Jim Pyles. Leora Allison. 

258 ASWSU 

AWS: Row 1 : Pam Dorway, President; Jean Dawson. Senior Independent Senator; Connie Bruce. Off-Campus Senator; Judy Mecartea. 1st Vice-President; Maggie 
Goeckler, Freshman Independent Senator; Patti Wasson, AWS Regional officer; Cathy Greene. Sophomore Independent Senator. Row 2: Candy Nourse. Treasurer; 
Darcy Benny. Secretary; Teri JO Wand, Freshman Greek Senator; Candy Crawford. Junior Greek Senator; Cris Phillips, Junior Independent Senator. 

Women Students 

AWS: Fall brings new officers . . . 
September-New Student Orientation 
. .. '70 Retreat at Camp Easter seal- 
fun & sun . . . October-Regional 
Convention . . . Contemporary 
Women's Symposium .. . a 
telegram to Nixon .. . AWS 
Christmas Party-Thetas get an 
expensive serenade . . . booming 
"Sex Info Center" improves monthly 
... A letter from the White House 
. . . College Day throughout the 
State ... a tea for Transfers .. . 
Political Awareness Symposium-La 
Donna Harris, Judge Otto, Gisela 
Tabor .. . Equal Rights Amendment 
. . . "Women's Week"-Masculine or 
Feminine? Vera Glazer, Lester 
Kinsolving . . . Ecology-Earth Day 
. . . Environmental Program with 
Mary Ann Erickson . .. Free Special 
Events tickets for Senior Citizens . . . 

New student fling .. . Mom's 
Weekend-"Nitty Gritty" Dirt Band, 
rodeo. May Queen, sign contest . . . 
National Convention . .. and AWS 
keeps the faith. 

AWS 259 

Above: Committee Chairmen. Shirley Loesch. Day Care Center; Irene Asai. Freshman Orientation. 
Missing: Kathy McDonald. Mother's Weekend; Shawn McPherson, Personnel; Terry Olson. Special 
Events; Mimi Lum, Communications; Julie Odman. College Day. 

Above: Judy Mecartea. 1 st Vice President; Christy O'Berg, Senior Greek Senator. 

260 AWS 

^bove: House Representatives. Row One: Sharon Sullivan. Margaret 
5uiter. Row Two: Sherry Grove, Carol Mclnturff. Row Three: Irene 
<\sai, Sue Craven. Row Four: Shirley Loesch. Joan Light. Row Five: 
ludy Mecartea, Carla Utecht. 

AWS 261 

Above: Interfraternity Council. Row One: Bill Lowe. Chuck Curtis. Tom Zirbel. Gary Libey. Row Two: Blaine Field, Tom Miller. Mike Sweeney. Lee Carstens. Jim 
Nelson. Gary Neill. Row Three: Glen Littleton. Jim Corcoran. Lawson Abinanti. Cliff Webster, Rick Vermeers. Row Four: Mike Fagerness. Randy Frisvold. William 
Slodysko, Dan Bariault. Jeff Martin. Row Five: Gary Oakland. James Hoggartt. Row Six: Dean Lynch. Scott Smith. Spark Carlander, John Drake. Row Seven: Craig 
Nobel. Pat O'Neill, Carl Sulzbach, Paul Guilfoil. Doug Picha. 

Interfraternity Council 

262 Interfraternity Council 

Above: Senior Panhellenic. Row One: Debbie Hernas, Laurie Hoover, Karen Rodda, Darcy Benny. Row Two: Dot Fleet. Suzanne Franks, Sandy LaDue, Cherie 
Thompson, Miss JoAnne O'Donnell, Advisor, Dean Catherine M. Northrup. Row Three: Cyndee Clevenger, Kathy Rodda, Stephanie Fridette, Mikki Pasciznyk, Barb 
Walters. Barb Chase. Row Four: Margaret Tsutakawa, Becky Barber, Sandy Sollenberger, Pat Devlin. Sheila Marsden Not pictured: Cheryl Martin. 


twelve months of friendship 
.. . working together .. . 
sharing ideas ... memories 
.. . spring workshop .. . 
painting garbage cans .. . 
rush, rush, rush ... Pan. IFC, 
dance ... eating yummies at 
Rogers ... Fall Festival bike 
race .. . Panhellenic—"All 
Greek!" . . . 

Above: Junior Panhellenic. Row One: Debbie Hernas, Kass Leonard, Jane Berhow. Cathy Polhemis, Christi Janett. Row 
Two: Kathy Odsather, Roxie Thomsen. Vicki Frost, Debbie Puckett, Michelle Koutnik, Debbie Garhart. Row Three: Glenda 
Hewson. Jane Votaw. Row Four: Debbie Flock, Carol Paulsen, Tressa Warren, Jill Price, Michelle Fitzgerald, Patti Hall, 
Jane Davis, Jeanne Sanders, Andrea Shultz. Not Pictured: Marne Arthaud. Kit Farmer. Debbie Carlson. Laura Boyer, 
Maxine Powell, Laurie Frandell, Sue Scalzo, Ernie Freitas, Penny Kurbitz, Elaine Peterson. 

Panhellenic 263 




Abovo: RHA Officers. John Jensen. Rick Slunaker, Sandy Keathley. Denny Bunday. 

The Residence Housing Association served as a 
sounding board for opinion and interest, suggestion and 
complaint for those living in residence halls on campus. 
Students could channel their complaints through RHA 
committees that look into them and search for a 

solution or alternative. Obtaining personal property 
insurance for residents was a major project for the 
association. Purchased for general use by students were 
a duplicator machine and movie projector. 

[ I t I 

Above: RHA. Row One: Rick Slunaker. Beth MacLeod, Kristal Wiitala, Anne Guard, Helen Logan, Joe Cardoza, Joe Roberts, Peggy Ott, Jerry Pierce. Row Two: John 
Jensen, Sandy Keathley, Marylee Hansen, Cece Gavalie. Elaine Killingsworth, Terah Regan, Lindsay Fiker, Marsh Cannon, Nancy Johnson. Cindy Phillips, Shelley 
Bucklin, Denny Bunday, Nancy Rothnie, Brian Jonas, Mark Hess, Jay Niblett, Mike Hansch, Judy Huie, Lena Monroe, Cathy Greene. 

264 Residence Hall Association 

Louis D. McNew 

Coordinator of the Curriculum Advisor Program and 
Experimental Educational Program 

Dr. Lewis M. Magill 

Chairman, Academic Standing Committee 

Dr. V.L. Bhatia 

Coordinator, Honors Program 


Louis Madsen 

Dean, College of Agriculture 

College of 

Despite the university's enrollment ceiling, 
the College of Agriculture enrollment increased 
six percent over last year's to 11 50 in 1971 -72. 
This increase is attributed to growing 
environmental concern, a challenge beyond 
providing food, fiber, and shelter. To 
accommodate the growing number of students, 
the college moved into its own set of new 
facilities located together on the east side of 
campus nearer the livestock centers. 

James Nielson 

Director of Agricultural Research 

June Roberts 

Chairman. Department of Agricultural Engineering 



Grant Harris 

Chairman, Department of Forestry and Range Management 

Robert Harwood 

Chairman, Department of Entomology 

Albert Harrington 

Chairman, Department of Agricultural Economics 

268 Colleges 

Timothy Blosser 

Chairman, Department of Animal Science 

B.R. Bertramson 

Director of Agricultural Resident Instruction 

William Ackley 

Chairman. Department of Horticulture 

Colleges 269 

College of Sciences and Arts 

Dr. Stephen R. Mitchell 

Dean. College of Sciences and Arts 
(Humanities and Social Sciences) 

Dr. B. Roger Ray 

Dean, College of Sciences and Arts (Sciences) 

With an enrollment of approximately 5,500 this year, 
the College of Sciences and Arts continued to be the 
largest educational division at Washington State 
University. This particular college helped fulfull one of 
the basic functions of the university — to provide basic 
liberal arts education, not only for those who intend to 
major in some field in the College, but also to provide a 
liberal arts component for students in other areas. The 
student's total program of studies with this liberal arts 
background would provide a broad educational 
spectrum and students would be better able to cope 
with society's complex mode of living. 

Minority studies programs were expanded as soon as 

new curricula could be established as part of an attempt 
to lend greater emphasis to the interdisciplinary 
programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 
Professional and applied areas of the college also 
expanded to encompass more diverse human resources. 

Instruction wasn't the only concern of the College of 
Sciences and Arts and its numerous departments. 
Research programs and both theoretical and applied 
projects were carried on by professors and students. 
Much of this research was supported through 
extramural funding. 


Dr. James E. Broyles Dr. Roger T. Davis 

Chairman. Department of Philosophy Chairman, Department of Psychology 

Dr. Richard D. Daugherty 

Chairman, Department of Anthropology on U.S. Funded Research Leave at Ozette 
(Dr. Robert E. Ackerman Acting Chairman. Sept, 1 5 '71 - Sept. 1 5 '72) 

Dr. Peter R. Hooper 

Chairman. Department of Geology 


Dr. John R. Elwood 

Chairman. English Department 

Dr. Howard Doming 

Chairman. Department of Music 

Mr. Melvin L. DeFleur 

Dr. Ernest E. Ettlich Chairman, Department of Sociology 

Chairman, Department of Speech 

Dr. Edward E. Donaldson 

Chairman, Department of Physics 


A. Keith Monaghan 

Chairman, Department of Fine Arts 


Dr. Calvin T. Long 

Chairman. Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics 

Dr. Raymond Muse 

Chairman, Department of History 

Dr. Herbert M. Nakata 

Chairman. Department of Bacteriology and Public Health 

Dr. William H. Matchett 

Chairman. Department of Botany 


Mr. Albert L. Pasquan 

Chairman, Department of Police Science and Administration 


Dr. Ottis W. Rechard 

Chairman. Department of Computer Science 

Dr. Carl M. Stevens 

Chairman, Department of Chemistry through January 1 

Dr. Jean-Charles Seigneuret 

Chairman. Department of Foreign Languages and Literature 


Military Science and Aerospace Studies 

Continuing leadership training was the basis for the 
program of the Department of Military Science, ROTC. 
Qualified students received supplemental training and 
education to prepare them for commissioning as second 
lieutenants in the regular Army or Army Reserve. The 
program provided cadets with training and experience in 
executive management for use upon graduation, not 
only in the military but in civilian life as well. 

At the 1971 summer camp. WSU cadets placed first 
among all universities of the twelve western states in 
physical proficiency and marksmanship and placed 
second nationally in marksmanship. 

The department of Aerospace Studies also provided 
intense executive training for cadets enrolled in the 
program working for productive service in the United 
States Air Force. Maintenance of previously existing 
programs characterized the year with continuation of 
the Arnold Air Society, Angel Flight, Honor Guard, 
Corps Training, Flight Instruction Program, Cadet-Angel 
Chorus, and Rifle Team. 

Col. William B. Graham 

Chairman, Department of Military Science 

Col. George A. Robinson 

Chairman. Department of Aerospace Studies 

College of Home Economics 

Dr. Jane E. Werden 

Dean, College of Home Economics 

Continuing emphasis was placed upon the value and 
importance of the relationship between the individual 
and the family. Courses offered in programs under the 
College of Home Economics helped cement this 

relationship through practical learning experiences and 
application of subject matter to the solution of problems 
in the field of Home Economics. 

College of Pharmacy 

With all the public and professional concern about 
drugs, the College of Pharmacy established a Drug 
Information Center in 1971-72. It was designed to 
provide special information about drugs to pharmacists, 
physicians, and other health professionals in the area. A 
computerized system aided in drug information retrieval 
and speed in relaying that information to the caller. 
Adverse drug reactions were one of the major concerns 
of the center and information from the center proved 
invaluable in treatment of persons suffering from such 

Dr. Allen I. White 

Dean. College of Pharmacy 


Dr. Mignon Perry 

Chairman, Department of Clothing, Interior Design and Textiles 

Dr. Alberta Hill 

Professor of Home Economics Education 

Dr. Mary O. Gallwey 

Chairman, Department of Child and Family Studies 

Mrs. H. Delight Maughan 

Chairman, Department of Foods. Nutrition and 
Institution Management 


The College of 

A new development in curriculum of the College of 
Engineering was the inaguration of a Bachelor of 
Science (Engineering) Degree without a departmental 
major. This new program provided engineering students 
an opportunity to combine education from two areas of 
emphasis so they could prepare themselves to work 
closely with or in other professional areas outside those 
of the College of Engineering. 

Continual changes in engineering technology, due to 
research conducted by the College of Engineering into 
fields of environmental preservation, industrial 
development, and general knowledge, contributed 
toward overcoming problems of concern to the nation 
and the world. 

Dr. Carl W. Hall 

Dean, College of Engineering 

Dr. George T. Austin 

Chairman, Department of Chemical Engineering 

Engineering 281 

Loren B. Almy 

Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering 

Carl J. Goebel 

Head of Environmental Science Program 

Dr. Glen L. Hower 

Chairman, Department of Electrical Engineering 

282 Engineering 

College of 

The success of American education lies within the 
teacher. To help insure that success, new programs 
were initiated by the College of Education pertaining to 
new requirement for certification and licensing of 
teachers and other public school officials. These new 
programs provided more professional preparation of 
personnel for educational roles. 

Field-oriented, these programs require demonstration of 
competence in actual classroom activities. A Teacher 
Core Program provided career entry opportunities for 
persons from minority cultures. 

Michael W. McMahon 

Head of the Men's Recreation Program 

Dr. Lloyd B. Urdal 

Chairman. Department of Education 

Physical Education 283 

Dr. Roger C. Wiley 

Chairman. Department of Physical Education for Men 

Dr. Carol E. Gordon 

Chairman, Department of Physical Education 

for Women 

284 Physical Education 

Dr. Omer L. Carey 

Chairman, Department of Business Administration 

Dr. Eugene Clark 

Dean, College of Economics and Business 

College of Economics and Business 

With American economy in a period of instability, 
there is an increasing need for understanding the basic 
structure and operation of that economy, especially for 
those students planning entry into management 
professions. Armed with this understanding, provided by 
the curriculum of the College of Economics and 

Business, future executives can conceivably aid in 
finding solutions to complex problems of economy. 

the experience of interaction with the business 
community of the state by students and faculty afforded 
application of principles learned in the classroom. 

Economics and Business 285 

Dr. Robert F. Wallace 

Chairman. Department of Economics 

Dr. Lothar A. Kreck 

Head of Hotel and Restaurant Administration 

Dr. Robert E. Hoskinson 

Chairman. Department of Office Administration 

286 Economics and Business 

James A. Henderson 

Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine 

Dr. James B. Henson 

Chairman, Department of Veterinary Pathology 

College of 
Veterinary Medicine 

Despite the increasing demand for entry, 
the College of Veterinary Medicine upheld its 
high requirements and rigorous curriculum. 
Students who complete pre-professional 
courses, are admitted to the college, and can 
pay the special fees required, undergo an 
organized four-year program of professional 
study in veterinary medicine. At least six 
years are required to obtain the degree of 
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 

The college entered into a regional 
educational program with ten Western 
states. Under the terms of the compact, a 
certified student from any of the states who 
signed the agreement would be sponsored 
financially by his home state, but subject 
only to fees for resident Washington 

Veterinary Medicine 287 

Dr. Sam G. Kenzy 

Chairman. Department of Veterinary Microbiology 

Dr. Richard L. Ott 

Chairman. Department of Veterinary 
Clinical Medicine and Surgery 

Dr. Paul Klavano 

Chairman, Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology 

Dr. Jon A. McCurdy 

Chairman, Department of Veterinary Anatomy 


There are as many interests as there are people, 
especially on a university campus the size of 
Washington State. The educational goals of these 
individuals are also diversified and the colleges' 
curricula must meet the demand. Lectures, labs, 
research, discussion all these are used as pathways to 
learning and understanding, fulfilling many dreams that 
lead to others. 

290 Colleges 

College Informals 

Classroom Informals 

292 Seniors 





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: BMiKBrnV u ^ - 1 

kS^BBv LmBb W0B&&*** WL H| 

^ fi»iw T ’ m - —*Jpi 

^Mk ■ * Vl ■■• * 

f •» ■ -^^f 51 

■f: t 1 » _ 

| B B 1 ^rr ■ ~~-| 

*' Tib. — • • - • ■—“—— 














a f 


War,, WcQce 

Left: May Queen Finalists: Kay Duskin. Pam Dorway, Mary McGee. Liz 
Vhay, Jan Anderson. 

May Queen 299 

^Jheta C^liL r*Citt(e \dterd 

Above: Theta Chi Little Sisters: Row One: Marilyn Walthers. Debbie Holbrook. Row Two: Judy Sobotka. Sally Britain, Marilyn Howard, Karla Kahns, Jan 

300 Theta Chi Little Sisters 

Delta Slg Dream Girl 301 


armerA <sLMcuicih,ler 

Patty Mad 

Mtpli a Cjamma ^/£)eita 

302 Farmers Daughter 



Penny P^urhitz 

2)/ c 

eUJelta y^jt 

t amnia 

Pi Kap Dream Girl 303 

304 Royalty 


-(jolddworthy playmate 


fjeid Jdati J(iny and Qt 

^£)onna oCind&ey (J3ill jf^eterson 


Royalty 305 

• ».' \ 

Orton ~s$nnie an 

1~Jom binder 

sdmi CL 


mi K^hampayne 



vW* iV '*• 

csdittde •listers 

SAE Little Sisters. Row One: Patty Strong. Barb Walters. Sheila Marsden. Julie Stowe. Kay Murray. Row Two: Pam Westland, Ginni Burger, Kathy Thompson. Debbie 
Smawley, Sue Long, Linda Bartley. Susie Brandenberg. Row Three: Cathy Westlin, Joyce Korus. Peg Sweeney, Margaret Surplus, Stephanie Gredette. Pam Horning, 
Connie Taylor. Connie Kincaid. Nancy Nelson. Sheri Thomasian. 




Right Above: Sigma lota Bellhop Bunnies. Row 
One: Linda Hasting. Ellen Wyer Row Two: Carol 
Brannan. Janet Thompson. Kathy Argens. 

Right Below: Sigma lota Bellhop Bunnies. Row 
One: Ginna Davis, Anne Kelly, April Sandbloom. Row 
Two: Kathy Lodi. Jolynn Henderson. Kathy Argens. 



308 Sigma lota Bellhop Bunnies 


The Portfolio 

The Portfolio is a new addition to the Chinook. The 
1972 Chinook Staff has prepared this section as an 
effort to link the yearbook more closely with the campus 
and the entire university community. The views and 
ideas of people in all phases of life connected with 
Washington State University were used in this composit 
of philosophies. The views of these people were mixed 
throughout the section with representative pictures of 
life at WSU and in Pullman. 

Those people chosen as representatives of the WSU 
community were picked on the basis of their varying 
activities, differing views on the moral and social 
issues of this time period, and their familiarity with the 
campus. They are: 

Joe Bratsky-ROTC Cadet 

Ellen Watkins-Receptionist for ASWSU President 
Jim Dunne-Mayor of Pullman, and Associate Professor 
of Communications 

William Davis-Program Advisor of ASWSU Activities 
Paul Brians-Assistant Professor of English, Coordinator, 
Humanities Program, Coordinator, Free University 
Kay Duskin-Assistant News Editor, Daily Evergreen 
The 1972 Chinook Staff sincerely hopes the Portfolio 
will be a valuable addition to the yearbook and will help 
the yearbook more thoroughly fulfill its goal of 
completely covering the campus, its moods, activities, 
and its people during the 1971-72 school year. 

William R. Davis, Program Advisor 
ASWSU Activities 


Ellen Watkins, Receptionist for Carlton Lewis and Chris Schled 

Joe Bratsky, ROTC Cadet 

Kay Duskin, Evergreen Reporter, former ASWSU Senator 

Joe Bratsky-What place do you feel extra curricular 
activities should play in the college student's life? 

Extra curricular activities facilitate a more complete 
college education in that they provide wider 
opportunities for meeting and working with people. 
Through the interactions out of class, we, as students, 
can learn more about dealing with problems that arise 
when people must work together. I think that taking 
advantage of extra curricular activities allows a student 
to develop an understanding of these needs, as well as 
adding a deeper fulfillment to a college career. 

Do you think college students today are more apathetic 
than their predecessors? If so do you have an 
explanation for the cause of this apathy? 

If there is a difference between the college students of 
today and their predecessors. I'm sure that today’s 
students are more aware of the rest of the world and its 
problems. College students are not any more exempt 
than other age groups from getting totally wrapped up 
in their personal lives, but I feel that current college 
environments make students more deeply concerned 
with problems outside their immediate lives. It seems 
that they are not only worried about the problems of 
today such as racism, but also about yesterday's 
problems with Viet Nam. We are also involved in 
questions for tomorrow such as ecology and our 


Kay Duskin: What place do you feel extra 
curricular activities should play in the college 
student’s life? 

I feel extra curricular activities and the 
amount of time students devote to them 
depends upon the individual student. For some 
students just finding themselves in a new living 
situation provides enough activity to fill up a 
person's spare time. For, others, a wide variety 
of activities can broaden a person's outlook. 
Besides broadening a person's outlook and 
perhaps making people more aware of what is 
going on on campus, extra curricular activities 
give students the opportunity to accept added 
responsibility. Also, depending on each student's 
motivation, it provides a means by which 
students can receive recognition in an otherwise 
vast and nameless system. But, extra curricular 
activities depend upon each student himself. 
Each person knows best how he wants to spend 
his spare time, whether it be drinking beer at the 
Snake or running a sign contest for 
Homecoming. It's doing what ever interests you 
and each person gets what he wants to get out 
of each activity. 


Paul Brians: Do You think college students should 
spend their time involving themselves with the moral 
and social issues such as the Vietnam War? 

First of all, to me Vietnam is primarily a political 
issue. Of course students should involve themselves 
with politics, morals, etc. They are human beings and 
citizens. Now that most students can vote, they would 
be irresponsible to remain unconcerned about important 
social issues. 

Bill Davis: Can you justify the large expenditures made 
each year on the athletic programs? 

Yes, I think so. I do not know the amount of the 
budget. I have been told that the football program earns 
money and subsidizes a number of minor sports. I think 
that participation in these sport programs by students is 
an indication of the interest. And I think that the size of 
crowds that show up for athletic activities as compared 
to speakers and performers is a good indication of 
interest in athletics. 


Jim Dunne: What place do you feel 
extra curricular activities should play in 
the college student's life? 

Extra curricular activities and the part 
they play in the lives of students seem to 
vary with the curriculum of the students. 
Vet Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, 
Architecture . . . professional schools 
. . . seem to offer their students little 
time to become involved in extra 
curricular activities. Liberal Arts students 
seem, traditionally, to have more time to 
be actively involved in activities outside 
the classroom. What place these 
activities should play in a student's life is 
something each student must decide for 

Joe Bratsky: Do you think college students should 
spend their time involving themselves with the 
moral and social issues such as the Vietnam War? 

I think college students should work to 
understand moral and social issues facing our 
country, but I think this should be channeled into 
working toward positive solutions. We have to 
understand the problems and questions of our world 
if we are to work effectively in meeting the 
challenges it presents. As students, we have an 
obligation to seek a deeper understanding of the 
social and moral issues of our time. We must 
understand in order to lead in search of solutions. 


Jim Dunne: What relationship should there be between 
Pullman and the university? 

The university and the city are one. There is no city 
. .. none to speak of ... without the university. We fail 
or prosper together. 

Kay Duskin: What relationship should there be 
between Pullman and the university? 

Pullman is a fairly close-knit community which both 
the "hill" and the town have worked long and hard to 
develop. We are more fortunate than many other 
communities similar to Pullman because there appears 
to be a cooperative approach to many of the problems 
that arise. The two entities are closely related in that 
when a problem effects one it effects the other. I feel 
this is a desirable situation and something that should 
be encouraged. The University cannot afford to be a 
separate little world of its own. It has to be aware of 
what its actions mean to the surrounding community, 
just as the community must be aware of the effects of 
its actions. Interaction between students, faculty and 
community members is the only way to go. In the long 
run such individual interaction will forestall a great 
number of problems and bring about a much better 
relationship between the community and the university. 


Paul Brains: Do you think 
college students today are 
more apathetic than their 
predecessors? If so do you 
have an explanation for the 
cause of this apathy? 

Students are definitely 
growing more apathetic, 
especially about college. They 
have lost the illusion that a 
degree is worth much in 
financial terms and they 
regard most classes as a 
waste of time. They are 
probably right. 

Do you think the university as 
an institution of higher 
learning should take a stand 
on moral and social issues? 

When the university gets 
around to advocating some¬ 
thing or other, I figure it's a 
lost cause. I'd really rather not 
have the backing of the 
Regents on most issues of 

Portfolio 317 

Kay Duskin: Can you justify the large expenditures 
made each year on athletic programs? 

Yes. Because WSU is situated in the "dingles" 
students have to more or less create their own 
things to do. I think the University has realized it has 
a major responsibility to its students to provide 
recreational facilities and activities. Sports, of 
course, is the major activity relied upon. Because of 
the number of students who view such games I 
think there is a need for substantial funding of 
athletic programs. However, I feel that instead of 
devoting such a large percentage to the major 
sports that more should be devoted to minor sports. 

Bill Davis: Can you justify the large expenditures 
made each year on athletic programs? 

Yes, I think so. I do not know the amount of the 
budget. I have been told that the football program 
earns money and subsidizes a number of minor 
sports. I think that participation in these sport 
programs by students is an indication of the interest. 
And I think that the size of the crowds that show up 
for athletic activities as compared to speakers and 
performers is a good indication of interest in 

318 Portfolio 

Jim Dunne: Can you justify the large expenditures made 
each year on athletic programs? 

I can if there is more equitable allocation of funds to the 
different athletic programs. The annual phone bill of the 
football program is larger than the total budget for the year 
of the tennis program. There are a zillion paid football 
assistants. Coach Brayton, one of the finest baseball 
coaches in the country, has no assistant. On occasions I 
have seen him and his team out raking and lining the field. 
This doesn't happen in football. Football players are 
supplied with everything they need to play the game; 
tennis players are required to buy their own racquets. This 
is not an equitable arrangement. I have nothing against 
football and the way that program is being run. However, if 
we have college athletics for the benefit of the students 
who participate and for the pleasure of the remainder of the 
student body, it is reasonable to assume each sport should 
be treated the same way in the allocation of funds, the 
Ihiring of assistants, pay increments, etc. Track, tennis, 
gymnastics, wrestling and the other minor sports are as 
important to this university as football. I repeat ... I have 
no criticism of the way the football is being run; I'm in favor 
of more of the same for the other sports. 

Paul Brains: Can you justify the large expenditures made 
each year on athletic programs? 

Those athletic programs which pay for themselves are 
tolerable . . . Anything else is a waste of money, circuses 
for fat alumni. 



Bill Davis: What merits do you think WSU has that 
possibly would place it in a higher category than 
most of the other colleges and universities in this 

The geographical location and physical layout 
have produced a number of inconveniences, but on 
the other hand have facilitated the development of a 
"college atmosphere" and student involvement that 
is peerless in a number of other campuses. 

Jim Dunne: What merits do you think WSU has 
that possibly would place it in a higher category 
than most of the other colleges and universities in 
this area? 

Because of its isolation WSU forces students, 
faculty members and townspeople to rely more oh 
their inner resources, to develop closer relationships 
with others, to become more self-directed and less 
dependent on surroundings. I regard this as a 
positive good ... for those who can handle it. It 
also forces everyone in the area to make a special 
effort to find out what is being written, thought, and 
said about major issues in our state and country. 

Paul Brains: What merits do you think WSU has 
that possibly would place it in a higher category 
than most of the other colleges and universities in 
this area? 

It's on a hill. We won't drown in case of flood. 

Bill Davis: Do you think the university as an 
institution of higher learning should take a stand on 
moral and social issues? 

No. I see no reason why an institution should take 
a stand. The individual, not the institution should be 
the captain of his soul. 

Ellen Watkins: Do you think the university as an 
institution of higher learning should take a stand on 
moral and social issues? 

No. I don't think the university should take a 
stand because it (the university) represents too 
many people. The only feasible way it could take a 
stand is if it canvassed the entire university 
community for an answer as to what direction that 
stand should take and if a solid majority (e.g. 80%) 

320 Portfolio 

oni sivnaiAidM snvnaiAiaNi 

it * 


, L l \x 




Whitney V. Adams 
Tacoma, Police Science 
John T, Aden 
Yakima. Forestry 
John S. Adkins 
Doty. Economics 
Roger D. Admiral 
Pullman. General Studies-Business Administration 
Anne Marie Aiken 
Spokane. Sociology 
Marion J. Akins 
Tacoma. FNIM 

Judith A. Alexander 
Boise. Idaho. Psychology 
Abdul Quddoos Alhasni 
Pakistan, Civil Engineering 
Dennis G. Allan 
Pasco, General Studies 
Essie Ray Alley 
Bremerton. Fine Arts Education 
Leora Allison 
Warden. Interior Design 
Teresa Allnoch 
Seattle. General Studies 

Alda Amidon 

Goldendale. Physical Education 
C. Ed Anderson 
Olympia. Social Studies 
Carol Anderson 
Odessa. FNIM 
Catherine Anderson 
Pullman. Recreation 
Charles R. Anderson 
Stanwood. Elementary Education 
Gail Anderson 
Spokane. Pre Medicine 

Janet Ellen Anderson 
Tacoma. Speech Pathology 
Scott E. Anderson 
Seattle, Architecture 
Scott W. Anderson 
Renton. Hotel Administration 
William Anderson 
Santa Rosa. Calif.. Bacteriology 
Betty J. Andrew 
Mt. Vernon. Health Education 
Dan J. Andrews 
Palouse. Anthropology 

We’re not alone any more 

John G. Andrews 

Olympia. Wildlife Biology 
Martin Andrus 
Seattle. Mechanical Engineering 
Lauren Angle 
Tacoma. Foreign Language 
James M. Arbes 
Pasco. Civil Engineering 
Harry T. Argetes 
Everett. Agricultural Education 
Joy Lynn Armstrong 
Issaquah. Social Studies 

Becky Ann Ashurst 
Roslyn, Communications 
William T. Atkins 
Tacoma, Business Administration 
Lynn Keith Atwood 
Yakima, English Education 
Steve Aubert 
Bellingham, Pharmacy 
Dennis M. Auvil 
Pullman. Journalism (Communications) 
Donald E. Ayers 
Seattle. Elementary Education 

Hank S. Baarslag 
Tacoma. Psychology 
Rebecca Ann Babcock 
Wapato. Elementary Education 
Ruben Baca 
Pullman, Police Science 
Richard Bader 
Ephrata, Agriculture Education 
Judith Baer 
Bellevue. Clothing and Textiles 
Roger Allen Bafus 
Winana. Interior Design 

George Bagwell 
Everett. General Biology 
Robert D. Bahr 
Wilbur. Agricultural Economics 
Kathy Bailor 
Tacoma. Communications 
Rebecca Baity 
Yakima. Elementary Education 
Dirk A. Baldon 
Hollywood. Calif. Hotel Administration 
Patricia Marie Balhiser 
Elmendorf AFB. Alaska. Interior Design 

326 Seniors 

Hal C. Bancroft III 

Pullman. Speech 

Gin Bane 

Bellevue. Psych 

Diane L. Banner 

Pullman. Elementary Education 

Sam R. Banner 

Kirksville. Mo. History 

Kethie Barcott 

Everett, Clothing and Textiles 

Robert E. Barnes 

Tonasket, Animal Science 

Alan R. Bartelheier 

Snohomish, Agricultural Economics 

Marilyn K. Bartoletta 

Spokane, General Studies 

Joseph P. Barrett 

Spokane. Physics 

Susan E. Barrus 

Bothel. Hotel Administration 

David E. Baugh 

McMinnville. Or., Chemistry 

Edward Lee Bauer 

Connell, Agricultural Mechanics 

Dean L. Beardslee 
Moscow, Idaho. Economics 
Roger Allen Bechtol 
Coulee City. Pharmacy 

Debora Joan Beck 

Hoquiam. Math Education-General Studies 

Don E. Beck 

Bothel. Psychology 

Roger T. Beck 

Seattle. Hotel Administration 

H. Grant Beckerini 

Spokane. Physical Science 

Michael L. Beechinor 
Waitsburg, Political Science 
Gordon H. Beeman 
Spokane. Physical Metallurgy 
Sterling Kirk Beklleman 
Pullman. Biological Science 
Eric W. Bell 
Spokane. Bacteriology 
Monica Bell 
Seattle. Language Arts 
Torchie Gene Belts 
Sumner, History 

William H. Benjamin Jr. 

Royal City, Bacteriology 
Lynette L. Bentzien 
Bellevue. Sociology 
Andrea Loy Bergly 
Longview. Office Administration 
Robert B. Berlien 
Pullman, Architecture 
Carol Ann Berry 
Bellevue. Political Science 
George L. Berry 

Tacoma. Mechanical Engineering 


Being away from home... 

Lynn M. Bess 
Tacoma, Elementary Education 
Bill N. Bethards 
Redmond. Pre-Dentistry 
Abdalla Said Biala 
Pullman. Food Science-Grad Student 
Dan G. Bickelhaupt 
Dayton. Agricultural Economics 
Joan Louise Binford 
Northridge, Calif., FNIM 
Shari Bingen 
Aberdeen. Education 

Jaclyn Birdsall 
Kirkland. Elementary Education 
Richard Birr Jr. 
Pullman. Building Theory 
Diane Kay Bissell 
Burlington. Elementary Education 
Margaret Lynn Black 
Richland. Art Education 
Patty Biacktaw 
Prescott. Elementary Education 
Robert E. Blakemore III 
Oakesdale. Agricultural Economics 

Sue Blakemore 

Oakesdale. Speech Pathology 
Sheldon E. Blank 
Pullman. Agronomy 
Drew M. Bodker 
Spokane. Pre-Law 
Arthur E. Bogan 
Enumclaw, Anthropology 
Tom R. Bolin 
Spokane. History-Education 
Judith Claire Boling 
Vancouver. Home Economics Education 

JoAnn Bockman 
Pullman. Elementary Education 
Nicole Bomar 
Bridgeport. General Studies 
Thomas C. Bond 
Port Angeles. Police Science 
Janet Kathryn Boston 
Richland. Speech Pathology 
Patricia Ann Bower 
Spokane. Botany 
Harold Boyd 
Dayton. Pre-Medicine 

Lynn Brady 

Olympia. Home Economics Education 
Kurt Braunwart 
Moses Lake. Agricultural Economics 
Terry E. Brazas 
Mt. Vernon. Hotel Administration 
Mary Brelsford 
Port Angeles. General Studies 
John Brenneis 
Chehalis, Architecture 
Lloyd Robert Brewer 
Spokane. Biological Science-Secondary Education 

Brenda Brinkman 

Renton. Bacteriology 
Kathleen Britt 
Union Gap. Foreign Languages 
Ronald L. Britt 
Union Gap. Entomology 
Sheila Brockie 
Spokane. Education 
Cyndra Marie Broenneka 
Moscow. Idaho. Child and Family Studies 
James Gilbert Brook 
Grandview. Agricultural Economics 

Teresa Johnson Brooks 
Mt Vernon. Elementary Education 
Joan Broomed 
Seattle. Recreation 
Kelly N. Brown 
Pullman. Pre-Law 
Jeffrey Lee Brown 
Pullman. Electrical Engineering 
Steven F. Brown 
Pullman. Agricultural Education 
Bruce Elliot Bromnell 
Vancouver. General Studies 

Cathy M. Bruland 
Bellingham, Fine Arts Education 
Katherine Buckenroth 
Seattle. Child and Family Studies 
Mark Richard Bucklin 
Edmonds. Pre-Law 
Jeffrey J. Buerstatte 
Walla Walla, Police Science 
Nancy Bunnell 
Wapato. Political Science 
Steven Bruce Burton 
Bellevue. General Humanities 

328 Seniors 

Dennis Burch 
Seattle. Architecture 
Terry L Burns 

Spokane. Elementary Education 

Virginia Burger 

Richland. Textile Science 

David Ross Butler 

Spokane. Architecture 

Gerald L Butler 

Medford. Or.. Police Science 

Sharon Sue Byrne 

Wenatchee, Elementary Education 

Ritaann Callson 

Tacoma, Home Economics Education 

Steve R. Campbell 

Pullman, Wildlife Biology 

Margaret A. Cannon 

Aberdeen. Sociology 

Cathy Capps 

Bonneville. Bacteriology 

Joseph Edward Cardoza 

Pullman. Political Science 

Bruce Lynn Cardwell 

Longview, Civil Engineering 

Barbara Carey 
Seattle. Sociology 
Robert J. Carfile 
Vancouver. History Education 
Michael W. Carpenter 
Seattle, Anthropology 
Scott E. Carson 

Federal Way. Business Administration 
Jane Marie Carstens 
Reardon. Office Administration 
Janis M. Carvo 
Moses Lake. Bacteriology 

Sue L. Chapman 

Tacoma, Fine Arts 

Sui-Sin Stephen Choi 

Kowloon. Hong Kong. Electrical Engineering 

Gene M. Chouinard 

Cosmopolis. Police Science 

Aurora J. Cifuentes 

Colfax. Foreign Language 

Crista L. Claar 

Bellevue. Elementary Education-Speech Pathology 

Candi Clark 

Spokane. Elementary Education 

James Clark 

Pullman Agricultural Economics 

Paul W. Cochran 

Naches. Business Administration 

H. Dennis Cockrum 
Chelan. Pharmacy 
Archie Coderre 

Medicine Hat. Alberta, Physical Education 

Mario Colangeli 
British Columbia. Architecture 
William R. Coleman 
Wapato. Pharmacy 

Charlene F. Collender 

Seattle. Office Administration 
Gary R. Colley 
McCleary. Political Science 

Seniors 329 


Janet B. Collins 
Cashmere. Child and Family Studies 
Joanne M. Conom 
Seattle. Psychology 
Tom Cook 
Okanogan. Agronomy 
Dewn M. Corskie 
Spokane. English 
David Gene Cotton 
Washougal. Police Science 
Janice M. Crowell 
Tacoma, Education 

Sadie Crowell 
Bellingham. Clothing and Textiles 
Theresa Meureen Culver 
Bellevue. Elementary Education 
John R. Cutter 
Everett. Civil Engineering 
Douglas A. Dahl 
Pullman. Accounting 
Nancy Daly 
Spokane, Clothing and Textiles 
M. Christine Damm 
Seattle. General Studies 

Ann Daniel 

White Swan. English 
Roger Dennis Daniel 
Colfax. Social Studies Education 
Tod Dauer 
Pullman. Civil Engineering 
Marilee Ann Davis 
Palisades. Fine Arts Education 
Marilyn Lea Davis 
Montesano. Office Administration 
Marjory Davis 
Pullman. General Studies-Social Studies 

Patricia A. Dean 
Centralia. Elementary Physical Education 
James A. Deardorff 
Pullman. Mechanical Engineering 
Ronald G. Detlaan 
Omak. Industrial Education 
Judy Deignan 
Seattle. French 
Nancy L. Dejong 
Selah. General Studies 
Brenda Rose DeLong 
Sedro Wooley, Education 

Lynn Dannie 
Fairfield. FNIM 
Robert K. Depner 
Lethbridge. Alberta. Architecture 
Ann Marie Derrig 
Bremerton. Elementary Education 
Raymond Desy 
Everett. Business Administration 
Barbara Jean DeHaan 
Omak. Office Administration 
D. Craig Dewey 
Mt. Vernon. Advertising (Communications) 

Shirley Elizabeth Dicus 
Spokane Psychology 
Jeff Heinz Dieterschuenemann 

Tacoma. Police Science 


We turned to each other 

Sharon A. Dietrich 
Metaline, Social Work 
Murl Dineen 

Aberdeen, Elementary Education 

David A. Dittmer 

Pullman, Building Theory and Practice 

Candice Dixon 

Pasco, Bacteriology 

Richard Dixon 

Pullman. Zoology 

Sandra L Dixon 

Hoquiam. General Studies 

Kenneth R. Dobbin 

Cheney. Agricultural Economics 
Celie Ann Dodd 
Colfax, Elementary Education 
Diane Donahoe 
Bellevue, Elementary Education 
Barbara Ann Donald 
Tacoma, Office Administration 
John R. Dorffeld 
Bellingham, Civil Engineering 
James R. Doriss 
Richland. English Education 

Tamara Joe Donn 
Yakima. Elementary Education 
Pamela Dorway 
Everett. Political Science 
Peter G. Doumit 
Cathlamet. History 
Lynne Marie Downey 
Pullman, Recreation 
Linda C. Drechsel 

Coeur d'Alene. Idaho. Home Economics Education. Fine Arts 
Elaine M. Dube 
Rosalia, Home Economics 

Marilyn J. Dufault 
Prosser. Elementary Education 
Charles Duncan 
Greenacres. Building Theory 
Stephen K. Duncan 
Pullman. Industrial Education 
Harvey A. Dunham 
Spokane, Pre law 
Mikel Dunham 
Kennewick. Sociology 
Rob Dunlap 
Spokane, Interior Design 

Dale C. Duskin 
Arlington. Pharmacy 
Kay Duskin 

Reardan, Communications 
Raymond William Early 
Seattle. Social Studies Education 

David W. Eaton 

Gig Harbor. Bacteriology and Public Health 

Kandy M. Eaton 

Kent. English Education 

Sally Jo Ebe 

Pullman. Home Economics Education 

Stephen Carl Ebe 

Pullman. Agricultural Engineering 

Judith Eckhardt 

Tacoma. Speech Therapy. Education 

Brenda Edmiston 

Aurora. Ontario. Physical Education 

Clif Edwards 

Pullman. English 

Janet Eklund 

Seattle Elementary Education 

Ace C. Elliott 

Toppemsh. Animal Nutrition 

Thomas M. Elliott 
Tacoma, English 
M. Janet Ellis 
Tacoma, Clothing 
Kathleen D. Emmons 
Tacoma. Elementary Education 
Geoffrey James Eng 
Spokane. History 
Stanley Eng 

Walla Walla. Building Theory and Practice, Business Admin. 

Anne E. English 

Regina. Saskatchewan. Speech Pathology 

Judith L. Engstrom 

Kent. English Education 

Grant Theodore Erb 

Tacoma Zoology 

Linda Joyce Erb 

Tacoma Physical Education 

Judy Erdman 

Pullman. Psychology 

Tom Erickson 

Pasco, Political Science 

Karen Gayle Eskeberg 

Spokane. Elementary Education 



Michael Wayne Extine 
Onalaska. Chemistry 
Deborah Evers 
Almira, English 
Robert Faires 
Colfax. Elementary Education 
David D. Fallstrom 
Issaquah. Elementary Education 
Gary Allen Fanning 
Soap Lake. Economics 
Robert W. Fedoroff 
Sitka. Alaska. Psychology 

Kathy Feldhaus 
Tacoma. Fine Arts 
Douglas Paul Felker 
Farmington. Animal Production 
Delores Feller 
Everson. Elementary Education 
Gwynneth Ferguson 
Dayton. Pre-Medicine 
Tom Ferris 
Spokane. Architecture 
Garyl Feser 
Selah. Agricultural Economics 

Michael L. Field 
Seattle. Pharmacy 
Mary Ann Finch 
Pullman. Foreign Language 
Robert Finke 
Ephrata. Agronomy 
Jeffrey Paul Fish 
Vancouver, Building Theory and Practice 
Anita I. Fisher 
8othell. Biology 
Linda Fisher 
Yakima, Elementary Education 

Dave Fi9k 
Vashon. Architecture 
Steven A. Fitter 
Elbe. Electrical Engineering 
Gayle Fitzgerald 
Seattle. English 
Per Olaf Fjeld 
Ellensburg. Architecture 
Dot Fleet 

Vancouver. Elementary Education 
Darrell S. Fleischman 
Moses Lake, Environmental Health 

Jean Marie Flower 

Grandview. Home Economics 
Susan A. Foisie 
Seattle. FNIM 
Dean J. Fondahn 
Walla Walla. 8ioChemistry 
Ferris L. Forar 
Arlington, Animal Science 
Michael F. Ford 
Anchorage. Alaska. Business Administration 
Lee Ann Fordyce 
Vashon. Communications 

332 Seniors 

Shirley J. Forsberg 

Ferndale. Home Economics Education 

Susan Foster 

Woodland, English 

William J. Foster 

Edmonds, General Studies 

George Fox 

Pullman. Mechanical Engineering 

Sharlene E. Fox 

Endicott, Medical Technology 

Kathryn Franks 

Spokane. Elementary Education 

Suzanne Franks 
Spokane. Sociology 
Jane L. Frazier 

Walla Walla. Elementary Education 
Joan Diane Freeman 
Woodinville. Office Administration 

Martha French 

Stockton. Calif.. Elementary Education 

Carol Fries 

Colfax. Elementary Education 
Mark Douglas Fritch 
Snohomish, Forestry 

Maureen Fryer 

Pullman, Physical Education 

Gary D. Fuher 

Spokane, Architecture 

Catherine Renee Futtrup 

Vancouver. General Studies-Humanities 

Donald T. Fyall 

Pullman, Business 

Mary F. Gallagher 

Spokane, Sociology 

Maureen Gay Gamey 

Kirkland. Sociology 

Julie H. Gamwell 
Bellevue. Elementary Education 
Doug J. Garbareno 
Edmonds, Music Education 
Daniel Garcia 
Yakima. Police Science 
Michael R. Garrett 
Loomis. Music Education 
Mary Garvey 
Moses Lake, Psychology 
Anne K. Gavareski 
Aberdeen. English Education 

We learned... 

Virginia Anne Gehrett 

Deer Lodge. Montana. Computer Science 
Joseph L. Geierman Jr. 

Spokane. Pharmacy 
Alice Marie Gentry 
Yakima. Police Science 
Ronald Peter Genuario 
Norwalk. Conn., Economics 
Barry George 
Omak, Range Management 
David W. Germain 
Pullman, Architecture 

Ailala Ghodbane 
Pullman. Plant Pathology 
Marcy Gibb 
Bellingham. Zoology 
Bjornulf A. Gilje 
Pullman, Architecture 
Ronald L. Gill 
Aberdeen. Pharmacy 
John D. Gillan 

Issaquah. Electrical Engineering 
Hamlin W. Gilmore 
Lahaina. Ha.. Fine Arts 

Karen Gilmore 

Calgary, Alberta. Home Economics Education 

Guy Allen Gimlen 

Spokane, Chemical Engineering 

John Peter Goetz 

Walla Walla, Chemical Engineering 

Brenda Cheryl Goodson 

Spokane. Clothing and Textiles 

Jon G. Gordon 

Lacrosse, Agricultural Engineering 

Celeste Gormley 

Waterville. Office Administration 

Joanne Romayne Gotovac 

Aberdeen. Elementary Education 

Anita L. Graham 

Aberdeen. Elementary Education 

Greg J. Grassl 

Pasco, Agriculture 

Alan L. Gray 

Seattle. General Studies 

Joyce Gray 

Richland. English Education 
Gordon A. Greenwald 
Spokane. Industrial Education 

Seniors 333 

Glenn Gregg 

Kent, Communications 
Richard James Gribbon 
Tacoma, Communications 
John M. Griffon 
Seattle, Mathematics 
Janice B. Grose 
Glenoma, Elementary Education 
Lee Grose 
Glenoma. Social Studies 
Douglas L. Gross 
Tacoma. Business Education 

Leslie J. Gross 
Port Orchard. Sociology 
Ronald J. Gugliemetti 
Menlo Park. Calif, Elementary Education 
Dan C. Guptill 
Monroe. Civil Engineering 
Kathleen E. Guptill 
Puyallup, Interior Design 
Martin J. Gutschenritter 
Pullman. Police Science 
Oren J. Hadaller 
Mossyrock. Chemical Engineering 

B.J. Hagfors 
Aberdeen. English 
Jacki Haggerty 
Coopersburg. Pa , General Studies 
James K. Hahner 
Walla Walla, Economics 
Benjamin C. Haight 
White Salmon, Electrical Engineering 
Larry E. Hall 
Pueblo. Co.. Wild Life Biology 
Norma B. Hall 
Spokane. Elementary Education 

Steven L. Hall 

Tacoma. Chemical Engineering 
Edith "Pat" Hamilton 
Centralia. Elementary Education 
Scott Hamilton 
Chehalis, Agricultural Economics 
Dave Hammon 
Tacoma, Sociology 
James Edwin Hammond 
Spokane. Building Theory and Practice 
Theresa B. Handley 
Yelm. Social Studies Education 

Steven L. Hankins 
Chehalis. Interior Design 
Larry N. Hansen 
Tekoa, Agricultural Economics 
Kathryn L. Hanson 
Walla Walla. Physical Education 
Mary I. Hanson 
Pullman, Dietetics 
Todd S. Hanson 
Richland, Business Administration 
Ann Colleen Hardin 
Davenport, Elementary Education 



 be ourselves 

Linda Dee Harries 

Tacoma. Recreation 

Steven L Harrington 

Snohomish. Economics 

Gilbert Dean Hata 

Wapato. Sociology 

Kathy Jo Hastings 

Spokane. Education 

Colin C. Hastie III 

Bellevue, Anthropology 

George Harwood 

Salem. Or., Business Administration 

Susan Haskell 

Everett. Home Economics Education 

Darryl E. Hartung 
Rosalia. Agricultural Education 
Judith Lynn Hartmann 
Bellevue. Elementary Education 
Kathy Lynn Harry 

Vancouver, Home Economics Education 

Sally C. Harris 

Oceanside. Calif.. Anthropology 

Lee R. Harris 

Kirkland, Veterinary Medicine 

Gary F. Hatzenbeler 

Pullman. Mechanical Engineering 
Mary R. Hayano 
Moses Lake. Business Education 
Richard Alan Hayashi 
Spokane. Pre-Dentistry 
Wayne E. Hays 

Walla Walla. Business Administration 

Stephen J. Heath 

Pullman, Mechanical Engineering 

Wayne Heath 

Spokane. Computer Science 

Kenneth Edward Heaton 
Richland. Pharmacy 
Stanley E. Henderer 
Pullman, Police Science 
Mary L. Hedreen 

Seattle. Home Economics Education 

Douglas A. Hein 

Ephrata. Electrical Engineering 

Janis Hemingway 

Spokane. English 

Diana L. Henderson 

Spokane. Mathematics Education 

Kay Adele Henderson 

Corando. Calif.. Animal Biology 
Kristine D. Henderson 
Puyallup, Speech Education 
Michael E. Henderson 
Spokane Mechanical Engineering 
Jack Heinrick 

Tacoma, Elementary Physical Education 
Karen Mario Henricks 
Wenatchee. Elementary Education 
Trina L. Hendrickson 
Aberdeen. Elementary Education 

Kathy Henning 

Stanwood. Elementary Education 

Chayo Herdman 

Menlo Park. Calif., Education 

Steven E. Hermann 

Port Angeles. Mechanical Engineering 

Deborah Ann Hill 

Clarkston. Home Economics Education 

JimE. Hill 

Goldendale. Animal Science 
Richard J. Hill 
Tacoma, Zoology 

Thomas P. Hill 

Palo Alto, Calif., Communications 

Linda I. Hi (tier 
Burlington, BioChemistry 

Suanne Hinton 

Lynden. Home Economics Education 

Susan K. Hinton 

Mt. Vernon. Elementary Education 

Christopher Hirst 

Santa Maria. Calif.. General Studies 

Emmett William Hobbs III 

Fairchild. AFB. Industrial Education 

Joe Hofmeister 

Richland. Business Administration 

Timothy R. Holbrook 

Vancouver, Hotel Administration 

Anne Rathbone Holloway 

Moses Lake, Bacteriology-Public Health 

Eleanor Holmes 

Seattle. Office Education 

Paula Ann Hong 

Pullman, Pharmacy 

Bill J. Hoople 

Ephreta. Civil Engineering 



Laurie Hoover 
Seattle. Elementary Education 
Thomas F. Hopkins 
Portland. Or. Communications 
James A. Hordyk 
Arlington. Forestry 
John R. Horn 
Pullman. Pharmacy 
William J. Horn 
Palouse. Business Administration 
Charles F. Hoskinson 
Gig Harbor, Forestry 

Tommy Allen Horton 
Bremerton. Civil Engineering 
Paul L House, Jr. 
Quincy, Architecture 
Donna Marie Howard 
Vancouver, Clothing and Textiles 
Richard Charles Howe 
Walnut Creek. Calif. Communications 
James Finn Howell 
Savannah. Ga.. Business Administration 
Cherrill Hubbard 
Moses Lake, Psychology 

Christie Ann Hubble 
St. John. Music Education 
Sandra Hudlow 
Everett. Business Administration 
James W. Hughes 
Pullman. Police Science 
Laurel Jean Hume 
Seattle. Communications 
Gayle Margaret Hunt 
Seattle. Anthropology 
Diane Kay Hurd 
Rockford, Elementary Education 

James Patrick Hurley 
Seattle. History 
Nancy Ann Hurley 
Seattle. Elementary Education 
Kathleen Hurson 
Kennewick. Political Science 
Connie Husa 
Spokane, Zoology 
Betsy Huson 
Spokane. Office Administration 
Wendy Lee Huston 
Edmonds. History 

But we shared so much 

Marlene Hutchens 
Colfax. General Studies 
Camille Hutchinson 
Kennewick, Speech 
Linda Lee Irwin 
Beaverton. Or. Foreign Language 
Lynette Eileen Irwin 
Mercer Island. Elementary Education 
Philip C. Irvin 
Tacoma. Biochemistry 
Danny K. lu 
Pullman. Mechanical Engineering 

Doug Jackson 
Moses Lake, Psychology 
William Jackson 
Seattle, Political Science 
Gary V. Jacobs 
Pullman. Mechanical Engineering 
George W. James. Jr. 

Pullman. Communications 
Chris Craig Janett 
Davenport. Architecture 
Jackie Jansen 
Tacoma. Elementary Education 

Dennis Albert Jarrell 
Olympia. Forestry 
Marcia Anne Jensen 
Tacoma. Elementary Education 
Peter Jensen 
Bickleton, Agriculture 
Kim Lee Jester 
Longview, Art Education 
Bonnie Johnson 
Spokane. Bacteriology 
Gary M. Johnson 
Longview. Architectural Engineering 

Jackie G. Johnson 
Clarkston. Elementary Education 
Nancy Ann Johnson 
Camas. Office Administration 
Patsy Johnson 
Omak. Computer Science 
S. Carol Johnson 
Valleyford. Sociology 
Stanley Pleas Johnson 
Camas. Pharmacy 
Louis A. Joly 
St. Paul. Alberta. Physical Education 

336 Seniors 

Cheryle A. Jonas 

Spokane. Sociology 

Linda Kay Jones 

Newport. Elementray Education 

Jan D. Jongeward 

Vancouver. Psychology 

Beatrice Ann Jordan 

lone. Interior Design/Graphic Design 

Julia Mary Jose 

Yakima. Education 

Chen Andrew Kalab 

Pullman, Electrical Engineering 

Patty Kale 

Coulee Dam. Elementary Education 
John William Kamerrer 
Pullman, Industrial Arts 
Eugene Kanda 
Auburn. Pharmacy 
David J.S. Keefe 
Calgary. Alberta. Canada 
Trudy Keeney 

Manson. Elementary Education 
Mary Kehne 
Redondo Beach. Calif. 

Jo Ann Kelly 

Bellevue. Business Administration 

Bentley Kern 

Ellensburg, Horticulture 

Craig D. Kerr 

Seattle. General Studies 

Nancy A. Kerr 

Fairfax. VA. 

Ramdan Kahlid 

Pullman, Chemical Engineering 

Micheel R. Kiefer 

Auburn. Veterinary Medicine 

Dennis Kimball 
Tacoma. Chemical Engineering 
James Edward Kimbrell 
Pullman. Mechanical Engineering 
Adele Marie Kirkpatrick 
Pullman, Speech 
Keith E. Klosterman 
Seattle. Geology 
Kathleen Knapp 
Seattle, Fine Arts 
Helen Louise Knickerbocker 
Wauan, Clothing and Textiles 

Walter M. Knowles Jr. 

Kennewick. Elementary Education 

Marci E. Knutsen 

Bellingham. Elementary Education 

Raymond E. Knutzen 

Everett. Police Science Administration 

Kristine L Koeford 

Kirkland. Elementary Education 

Larry J. Kolano 

Tacoma. History Education 

Virginia L. Kollie 

Bellevue. Sociology 



Gail Marie Koorenny 
Pullman. Pharmacy 
Suzette Jeanne Koski 
Pullman. Communications 
Virginia Korfhage 
Walla Walla. Elementary Education 
Dennis Kraft 
Pullman. Business Administration 
Robert J. Krause 
Centralia. Physical Education 
David L. Krawsky 
Ridgefield. Agriculture Education 

Robert E. Kreider 

Pullman. Civil Engineering 
Thomas John Krell 
Spokane. Political Science 
Nick S. Kristovich II 
Tacoma. Elementary Education 
Silvia M. Kroeger 
Ellensburg. Clothing and Textiles 
John Alan Krueger 
Enumclaw. Elementary Education 
Larry D. Krueger 
Pullman, Agriculture Education 

Robert F. Krueger 

Spokane. Political Science 
Rennie Lee Kubik 
Ritzville. Agronomy 
Bruce Kuhnau 
Tacoma. Mechanical Engineering 
Wong Lai 
Pullman, Biochemistry 
Victoria L. Lamb 
Seattle, Speech Pathology 
Jim Edward Lampitt 
Pullman, Accounting 

Alan Roy Landerholm 

Seattle. Forestry 
Sarah Landry 
Aberdeen, Bacteriology 
Chris R. Laney 
Sprague. Agricultural Economics 
Robert G. Lang 
Tacoma. Education 
Deborah Langer 
Tacoma. Communications 
Al Larson 
Issaquah. Accounting 

Janet L. Lasater 

Walla Walla, Clothing and Textiles 
Bruce Latta 
Richland. History-Education 
Debby Latham 
Kent. Clothing and Textiles 
Kit Latta 
Spokane. History 
Jennie L. Lauckhart 
Aberdeen. General Studies-Mathematics 
Mila Laurente 
Tacoma. Education 

Scott Learned 
Kent, Business Administration 
Danny L. Legahn 
Pullman, Physics-Metallurgy 



...goodtimes, hard work... 

R.V. LeClerc II 
Olympia. Geology 
Pam Lee 
Seattle. English 
Lana Lae Kerr 

LaCrosse. Physical Education 

Jan Lemon 

Seattle, Elementary Education 

Betty Jean Lenasky 

CleElum. Sociology 

Carl Lentz 

South Bend, Pharmacy 

Thomas E. Lightly 

Hillsobrough. Calif.. Police Science 
Marti Lillwitz 
Spokane. Police Science 

Anita Lira 

Edcouch. Texas. Elementary Education-Spanish 

Rodney Lisbeth 
Dianna F. Liss 
Yakima. Education 
Joseph Chung Hing Lo 

Hong Kong, Building Theory-Business Administration 

Brad Loan 

Auburn. Recreation 
Carol Ann Lockwood 
Helena. Mont., General Studies 
G. Scon Lockwood 
Helena, Mont.. General Studies 
Shirley Loesch 

Wenatchee. Elementary Education 

Gay Marie Logsdon 

Spokane. English 

David W. Long 

Walla Walla. Forestry 

Sharon Joy Lord 

Spokane. Sociology 

Gladys A. Loreen 

Pt. Orchard. Elementary Education 

Rex S. Lott 

Carson City. Nev . Pharmacy 

Nancy Lotto 

Seattle. Elementary Education 
Donna Patricia Love 
Kennewick. Bacteriology 
Julie Anne Luck 
Pullman, Fine Arts 

Laura Faye Luck 

Pullman. General Biology 

Kenneth Lyday 

Wichita Falls, Texas. Communications 

Ann Marie Lydiard 

Port Angeles. Environmental Science 

Kathleen Lynn 

Tacoma. Elementary Education 
Anita McCarry 
Bellevue, Physical Education 
Kathleen W. McCartan 
Pullman. Elementary Education 

Cynthia McClaer 
Woodland. Mathematics 
Bill McDonell 
Spokane. Police Science 
Douglas B. McDonnell 
Tacoma, English Education 
Ketie McEnany 
Pinehurst. Idaho. Recreation 
David L. McGarry 
Seattle. Social Work 
Mary Lynne McGee 
Yakima, Speech Therapy 

Barbara Rose McGovern 

Spokane. Bacteriology 
Janis McKelvy 
Seattle, Physical Education 
Bonnie J. McKinley 
Edmonds, Elementary Education 
Gary E. McIntosh 
Olympia. Political Science 
John D. McIntosh 
Richland, Political Science 
Patrick W. McIntyre 
Spokane. Police Science 

Susan Dean McMullin 
Pullman. Elementary Education 
Lorna Ellen McNett 
Spokane. Elementary Education 
Kathy McQuaker 
SanRamon. Calif., Mathematics 
Kent A. McVay 

Renton. Business Administration-Mathematics 
Patricia L. MacDonald 
Spokane, Office Administration 
Troyer Scott MacGillivray 
Spokane. Architecture 



Margaret Masskant (Anderson) 
Renton. Math 
Deborah D. Mabbott 
Craigmont. Idaho. English 
Terri Madden 
Brewster. Music 
Charles G. Madison 
Pasco. Business Administration 
Susan Marie Magnussen 
Longview. Home Economics Education 
Marlene Malloy 
Spokane. Home Economics Education 

John R. Mann 
Davenport. Agriculture Mechanization 
Jeannie Manwell 
Aberdeen. Business 
Claudia Lynn Marley 
Prosser. Elementary Education 
Vivian R. Marlow 
Auburn. Home Economics 
Marguerite E. Mars 
Seattle. Elementary Education 
Cheryl Martin 
Sacramento. Calif. General Studies 

Linda Martin 
Spanaway. Recreation 
Robert C. Martin 
Longview. Physical Education 
Douglas K. Mason 
Walla Walla. Zoology 
Patricia H. Mason 
Walla Walla. Bacteriology 
Marcus Allen Mathison 
Yakima. Business Administration 
Maria Josefa Mathison 
Yakima. Office Administration 

Alan Matsushima 
Ewa Beach. Hotel Administration 
Vernon P. Matthews 
Parker. Animal Nutrition 
Robyn Mattil 
Mission Viejo. Calif . Biology 
Susan M. Mattson 
Vancouver. Anthropology 
Rocky R. Maupin 
Greenback. Psychology 
Christy Gene Mauss 
Spokane English Education 

Stephen Dee Mauss 

Spokane. Chemical Engineering 
John M. Maxwell 
Colville. Environmental Science 
Janis Mayeda 
Othello. Pharmacy 
Melody J. Mayer 
Tacoma. Elementary Education 
Judy Mecartea 
Seattle. Police Science-Administration 
Shelley L. Meddaugh 
Tacoma, Music 



Tim Mellin 

Pullman, Broadcast Communications 

Susan Massinger 

Garfield. Elementary Education 

William N. Mickelson 

East Wenatchee, Business Administration 

Cassandra Anne Mielk 

Carthage. Mo.. Social Studies 

Sue Mieike 

Davenport, Communications 

Bob Miller 

Tacoma. Mechanical Engineering 
Chris Miller 

Sunnyside. Elementary Education 

Dennis R. Miller 

Chehalis. Accounting-Hotel Administration 

Gary Courtland Miller 

Pullman. Psychology and Sociology 

Janice A. Miller 

Fox Island. Sociology 

Marshall Vin-Charles Miller 

Brewster, History 

Morrie Lee Miller 

Bremerton. Biology 

Richard D. Miller 

Vancouver. Business Administration 

Stephen C. Miller 

Coulee City. Communications 

Richard F. Millerick 

Mercer Island. Recreation 

Wendy Millerick 

Mercer Island. Recreation 

Jay Mills 

Kennewick. Agricultural Engineering 
Joseph W. Mills 
Pullman, Forestry 

Monte L. Mingus 

Pullman. Pre-Law 

Scott Minnick 

Chehalis, Communications 

Dan Mittelstaedt 

Pullman. Agriculture Economics 

Vicki Mae Mixon 

Kennewick. Elementary Education 

Beverly Mizumoto 

Seattle. Elementary Education 

Claudia Molchion 

Marysville. Speech Therapy 

James Moll 

San Mateo. Calif.. Communications 

Darrell Monroe 

Tieton. Wildlife Biology 
Jody Monson 

Woodenville, Animal Science Nutrition 

Frank J.B. Moore 
Moscow. Forestry Management 
William Douglas Moore 
Toledo. Agricultural Economics 

Angela Moos 

Edwall. Social Studies Education 

Lynn Morrison 

Seattle. Elementary Education 

Robert T. Morrison 

Pullman. Foreign Language Education 

Gerald W. Morse 

Yakima. Industrial Education 

Susan Mortland 

Bremerton. FNIM 

Ranee Charleen Moss 

Sunnyside. Elementary Education 

Jose Carlos de Carvalho Moura 

Pullman. Electrical Engineering 

Carol Jane Mowry 

Grandview. Mathematics Education 

David R. Mudd 

Renton. Wildlife Biology 

Gregory K. Munter 

Pullman, Pharmacy 

Jan Muret 

Spokane. Art 

Joan Marie Murphy 

Puyallup. History 

Pamela J. Murphy 

Seattle. Elementary Education 

David M. Murray 

Richland. Business Administration 

Steven R. Murray 

Woodland. Geology 

Herbert H. Nagata 

Pullman. Pharmacy 

Jim Nagle 

Everett. Hotel Administration 
Robert M. Nanney 
Longview Music 
Richard J. Nash 
Snohomish. Fine Arts Education 



Mary Kathryn Nason 
Bellevue. Elementary Education 

Doug Near 

Arlington. Landscape Architecture 
Charles Warren Neeley 
Tacoma, Business Administration 
Julie Ann Neigel 
East Wenatchee. Forestry 
Pam Nesvig 
Yakima. Elementary Education 
Linda Newhouse 
Mabton. Clothing and Textiles 

Michael G. Newman 

Pullman. Police Science 
Priscilla Newton 
Pullman. Sociology 
Ernest L. Nicholson 
Vancouver. Pre-Law 
Jeffrey Alan Nickerl 
Pullman. Political Science 
Gene M. Niederkleine 
Ritzvill, General Agriculture 
Gen L. Nielsen 
Richland. Chemical Engineering 

Dianne M. Nissen 

White Swan. Interior Design 
Mary Chu Fung Nor 
Pullman. Business Administration 
Cheryl Ann Norden 
Tacoma. Home Economics Education 
Vicki Norrie 
Spokane. Elementary Education 
Denise Novacoff 
Wapato, Elementary Education 
Marilee Nutter 
Cathlamet. Sociology 

John Nyere 

Seaside. Calif., Business Administration 
Andrew J. Oakley 
Bremerton. Police Science 
Christy Oberg 
Spokane. Elementary Education 
Sheila O'Connell 
Seattle. Sociology 
Gerald L. Odman 
Moscow, Idaho. Chemical Engineering 
Ellen Marie Oertli 
Winlock. Pharmacy 

Donna Ogle 

Waterville. English Education 
Ekpe Efiong Okoh 
Pullman, Agriculture Economics 
Greg Oldham 
Spokane. Hotel Administration 
Larry Olson 
Everett. Physical Education 
Linda S. Olson 
Everett. Business Education 
Terry Olson 
Bellevue. Elementary Education 

R.D. Warren Omans 

Clarkston. Business Administration 
Erin O’Neil 
Bellingham. Child Development 
Patricia D. O'Neil 
Olympia. Clothing and Textiles 
Takeshi Onishi 
Ashai Osaka. Japan, Sociology 
Leslie M. O'Rourke 
Pullman, Anthropology 
Mere! R. O'Rourke 
Pullman, Anthropology 

Susan Diane Orser 
Kalispell, Mont. Elementary Education 
Nancy K. Ousley 
Colfax. Sociology 
James B. Overman 
Pullman. Political Science 
Martin H. Owen 
Tacoma, Business Administration-Finance 
Nancy A. Owings 
Eatonville. Bacteriology 
John E. Ozolin 
Tacoma. Business Administration 

Mustafa Ozgur 

Portland. Or. Mechanical Engineering 
Terry Parish 
Yakima, Elementary Education 
Bradley D. Parks 
Aberdeen. Political Science 
Shelley Parks 
Tacoma. Home Economics Education 
Susan Marie Pathison 
Spokane. Social Science 
Elizabeth A. Partridge 
Whithall. Md . Sociology 

342 Seniors 

Carl Paul 

N Bonneville. Physics 

Karla Marie Paul 

Seattle. Clothing and Textiles 

Sue Paulson 

Moses Lake. Home Economics Education 

Victoria M. Pavlevsky 

Aberdeen. Police Science 

Diane E. Payne 

Pullman. Anthropology 

Eugena Raymond Payne 

Pullman. Bacteriology 

Steve R. Pearson 

Edmonds. Business Administration 

Mary Peck ham 

Clarkston. Elementary Education 

John C. Penny 

Rochester. Wild Life Biology 

Scott Penny 

Sunnyside. Business Administration 

Michael Perini 

Walla Walla. Psychology 

Janifer A. Perreira 

Hilo. Ha , Elementary Education 

Teressa L Persyn 

Newport, Home Economics Education 

Paul Peters 

Spokane. Elementary Education 
Danny L. Peterson 
Flagstaff. Ariz.. Psychology 
Darlene K. Peterson 
Everett. Elementary Education 
Kay Eileen Peterson 
Everett. Sociology 
Jana N. Peterson 
Pasco. History 

John F. Peterson 
Spokane. Civil Engineering 
Larry Andrew Peterson 
Doty. Business Administration 
Penny AnnPfeffer 
Spokane. Elementary Education 
Randy Pickering 
Issaquah. Recreation 
Richard D. Pickett 
Chelan. Business Administration 
Joan Pickew 
Manson. Education 

Gary R. Pike 
Everson. Animal Nutrition 

Anne Pilkey 

Tacoma, Elementary Education 

Susan Pitts 
Okanogan. Education 
Robert D. Pittsenbarger II 

Pullman. Business Administration-Accounting 

Joan M. Plowden 

Tacoma. Elementary Physical Education 
Darryl Lee Podolak 
Enumclaw. Education 

James Allen Pompey 

Tacoma. Police Science 

Rhonda Poor 

Pullman. English Education 

Seniors 343 

Terry Powell 
Wapato. Recreation 
Patrick J. Prentice 
Blanchard, Horticulture 
Becky L. Priebe 
Pullman. Elementary Education 
Chandler Priebe 
Pullman, Business Administration 
Andrew L Pringle 
Longview. Biology 
Mark S. Puskar 
Scott AFB, III., Fine Arts 

Susan Quackenbush 

Longview. Social Studies Education 
Steve Radkey 
Spokane. Architecture 
David Nelson Rajaia 
Centralia. Mechanical Engineering 
Lynn Randa 
Renton. Elementary Education 
Robin Randles 
Seattle. Elementary Education 
Kevin Howard Randolph 
Quincy. Business Administration 

Dennis C. Rapp 
Greenacres. Civil Engineering 
R. Stephen Rasmussen 
Toppenish. General Agriculture 
Dennis C. Rea 
Walla Walla. General Agriculture 
Katherine B. Ream 
Pullman. Pharmacy 
James D. Reddick 
Findlay. Ohio, Recreation 
Donna Reed 
Omak. Mathematics 

Patrick N. Reed 
Aberdeen. Psychology 
Lynne Reeder 
Camas. Social Work 
Dean Reeves 
Asotin. Animal Production 
Sheila Kathleen Reeder 
Vancouver. Elementary Education 
Gloria J. Reeves 
Pullman. English 
Dana Renee Rehberg 
Seattle. Education 

Diane M. Reid 
Ephrata. Elementary Education 
Susan Reiley 
Olympia. Elementary Education 
Peggy Ellen Reinhardt 
McMinnville. Or.. Police Science 
Conrad M. Renberg 
Albion. Computer Science 
Thomas Patrick Reynolds 
Richland, Civil Engineering 
Clarence Joy Ricarte 
Pullman. Elementary Education 



And we learned to care 

Gregg Richmond 
LaCenter. Business Administration 
Larry R. Richmond 
Rockford, Recreation 
Patricia Richmond 
Pittsburgh, Penn., General Studies 
Patricia H. Rickner 
Marblemont. Physical Education 
Kathleen K. Riddle 
Bellevue, Psychology 
E. Dennis Riebe 
Tacoma, Architecture 

Eleen Marie Riedasch 
Seattle. History Education 
Wayne G. Riehle 
Davenport. Agronomy 
Clifford Ridgway 
Everett. Economics 
Anita Riggers 

Spokane. Elementary Education 
Susan Gwynn Roerk 
Tacoma, FNIM 
Michael W. Roberts 
Medical Lake, Computer Science 

Laurie Jeanne Robbins 
Vancouver, Sociology 
Sheryl D. Roberts 
Pullman. Elementary Education 
David R. Rock 
Santa Rosa. Calif., Physics 
Barry B. Rodland 
Everett. Economics 
James H. Rodstol 

Port Orchard. Business Administration 
Donald E. Rogers 
Tacoma. Data Processing 

William E. Rogers 

Spokane. Electrical Engineering 

Joanna E. Rohrmann 

Kennewick, Elementary Education 

Rex J. Rohwer 

Spangle, Economics 

Kathie Ann Roll 

Sedro-Wooley. Home Economics Education 

Bruce D. Rommel 

Seattle. Communications 

Kathy Louise Rose 

Port Townsend. Elementary Education 

Corrie Curtis Rosetti 
Colville, English Education 
Andrea Rosentangle 
Raymond, Office Administration 
Evelyn Rose Haythorne 
Pasco. Anthropology 
John R. Ross Jr. 

Wenatchee, Physical Education-Physical Therapy 
Sandra Ross 
Seattle, Sociology 

Hugh Rossoio 

Reno. Nev., History Education 

J. Michael Roth 
Orchards, Pre-Law 
Nancy Lee Roth 
Longview. Fine Arts 
Dave D. Rothery 

Calgary, Alberta. Physical Education 

Judy Ann Rowe 

Aberdeen. Elementary Education 

Robert S. Rowe 

Friday Harbor, Industrial Arts 

Candace Rudsdil 

Tacoma, Sociology 

Susy Ruitenbeck 
Kennewick. Interior Design 
Irene Ruzicka 
Walla WBlIa, FNIM 
Ruth Sabean 

North Bend. Elementary Education 
John Sackman 
Pullman, Psychology 
Michael A. St. Martin 
Olympia. Architecture 
David Salo 

Clarkston, Architecture 

Loretta R. Salvadalena 

Pasco. Home Economics Education 

Yvonne Sanders 

Yakima, Office Administration 

Andrea Jean Sandison 

Port Angeles. Political Science 

Margaret K. Sataka 

Moses Lake. Elementary Education 

Keith P. Sattler 

Pullman. Accounting 

Anthony W. Schall 

Tacoma, General Studies 



Mary Lou Scheei 
Spokane. Home Economics 
Bernie H. Schell 
Cashmere. Music Education 
Susan K. Schell 
Cashmere, Music Education 
Marjorie Scheller 

Coeur d'Alene. Idaho, Mathematics Education 

Nancy L. Schmitt 

Kent, General Studies Mathematics 

Alane Mary Schneller 

Walla Walla, Physical Education 

Frances Schneider 

Selah. Elementary Education 

Gary Schneider 

Longview, General Studies 

Cyndie Schuh 

Moses Lake, Bacteriology 

Brian Schutz 

Pullman, Sociology 

Lynn E. Schwendiman 

Albion, Elementary Education 

Mary Jane Scott 

Chehalis, Elementary Education 

Cathleen M, Seely 
Bothell, Foreign Language 
Bradley B. Sele 
Haines. Alaska. Wildlife Biology 
Thomas L. Sellers 

East Wenatchee. Business Administration 

Gene Van Selus 

Pullman, Mathmematics 

William Webb Semmler 

Yakima. History Education 

Margaret Sewell 

Newport, Interior Design 

Patricia Shannon 

Billings. Mont., Elementary Education 
Thomas W. Shannon II 
Tacoma. Business Administration 
Gene C. Sharratt 
Seattle. Elementary Education 
Robert C. Sheehy 

Lancaster. Penn., Social Studies-Education 
Amy D. Shemet 
Pullman. Interior Design 

Don Sheridan 

Pullman. Business Administration 

Lillian Kay Sherman 
Kennewick. Psychology 
Judith Lynn Sherwood 
Kent. Elementary Education 

Lois Carol Sherwood 
Moscow. Idaho. Zoology 
Linda J. Shields 
Stevenson. Clothing and Textiles 

Brian J. Shinn 
Clarkston. Communications 
Stephen P. Shoemaker 
Palouse, Communications 

346 Seniors 

We’ll use what we know... 

Patti Jean Siems 
Seattle, Fine Arts Education 
John Simila 

Lake Stevens, Agricultural Education 

Polly Sinclair 

Quincy, Pharmacy 

John F. Skadan 

Pullman, Economics 

Lin Varae Skavdahl 

Oaksdale, Calif., Physical Education 

Kathy Skippen 

Sweet. Idaho. Recreation 

Margaret A. Slagle 

Republic. Biological Science 

Joe A. Small 

Albion, Agricultural Education 
Gregory Eugene Smith 
Olympia. Chemistry 
Jean Smith 

Mansfield. Animal Science 
Jeffrey Keely Smith 
Vancouver, History 
Kathy Smith 
Kent. Physical Education 

Kirby N. Smith 
Seattle. Biology 
Marilyn K. Smith 

Van Nuys, Calif., Home Economics Education 

Pamela K. Smith 
Seattle, Education 
Scott B. Smith 

Tonasket. Business Administration 
Steven L. Smith 
Tustin, Calif.. Chemistry 
Reed W. Spencer 
Everett. Civil Engineering 

Thomas Carl Smith 
Prosser, Business Administration 
Vivian Smith 
Spokane, FNIM 
Sharon Joyce Sorensen 
Everett. Animal Nutrition 
Linda May Speer 
Seattle. History 
Elaine Marie Spencer 
Seattle. General Biology 
Tracy Lynn Spencer 
Tacoma. Physical Education 

Roger K. Stafford 

Spokane. Mechanical Engineering 

Carol L. Stairet 

Richland. Sociology 

Wayne E. Staley 

Toledo. Economics 

James Stalmaster 

Seattle. Mechanical Engineering 

Peggy Lou Stark 

Spokane. Bacteriology 

David M. Startup 

Sunnyside. Business Administration 

Sharon M. Stave 
Everett. Sociology 
Christine Steelhammer 
Centralia. Animal Science 
Merritt C. Stegmeier 
Kent. Forestry 
.Robert C. Stein 
Pullman. Bacteriology 
John S. Stemkoski 
Pe Ell, Physcial Science Education 
Pam Stephen 

Walla Walla. Physical Education 

Mary E. Stephenson 
Pullman, Music 
Robert A. Stevens 
Walnut. Calif.. Sociology 
Carl R. Stewart 

Smithsville. Miss., Political Science 
Dale Franklin Stidham 
Soap Lake. Sociology 
Josephine Anne Stidham 
Soap Lake. Sociology 
Monna Stirling 
Walla Walla, Sociology 

Lisa Jo Storey 

Longview, Elementary Education 
Mark J. Stroh 
Everett, Animal Science 
Nancy E. Strayer 
Newport, Elementary Education 
Catherine A. Sullivan 
Seattle. Bacteriology 
Dianne Lynn Summers 
Spokane. Physical Education 
Patricia L. Sunbury 
Stockton. Calif.. Spanish 



Mary Linda Sunderland 
Spokane. Chemistry 
Terri Y. Suzuki 

Pukalani. Ha . General Studies 
John L. Swesey 
Tacoma. Landscape Architecture 
Robert E. Swope 
Black Diamond. Music 
Richard Syring 

Woodland. Electrical Engineering 

Jay Takaaze 

Papaikou. Ha.. Architecture 

Michael Louis 
Pullman. Communications 

Gary Tanigami 

Alberta. Canada. Physical Education 
Connie L Taylor 
Sunnyside, English Education 

Edith A. Taylor 

Centralia. Home Economics Education 
Ki Tecumseh. Jr. 

Pullman, Communications 
Jacqueline Rae Tee 
Fairfield. Office Administration 

And recognize what we don’t know 

William W. Tee 

Latah. Agriculture Mechanization 
Marie Ellen Tellessen 
Veradale. Chemical Engineering 
Ken Thiemann 
Spokane, Communications 
Donald C. Thill 
Pullman. Agronomy 
Robert John Thode 
Chehalis. Agricultural Education 
Christopher L. Thompson 
Pullman. Pre-Law 

Diane Lee Thompson 

Sedro-Wooley. Recreation 

Robert C. Thompson 

Walla Walla, Business Administration 

Robert D. Thornes 

Pullman. Forestry 

James D. Thornes 

Vicki Kay Thrall 

Washougal, Elementary Education 

Linda Timmons 

Othello. Clothing and Textiles 


Clarkston. Animal Nutrition 

Susan Todd 

Tacoma Recreation 

Janice Todnem 

Auburn, French 

David N. Tolleshaug 

Longview. Business Administration 

Samuel Tshibuabua 

Luluabourg, Congo. Electrical Engineering 

Patrick J. Tucker 

Walla Walla. Agricultural Economics 

J. David Turner 

Federal Way. General Studies-Education 

John A. Tylczak 

Shelton. History Education 

William Ungs 

Hillsboro. Or., Botany 

Alan George Urichuk 

Calgary, Alberta. Physical Education 

Gerald Eugene Vaninetti 

Coulee Dam, Geology 

Annette M. VanMiert 

Richland, Speech Therapy 

Tom Vaughn 
Pullman. Economics 
Phyllis L. Van Winkle 
Spokane. Elementary Education 
Patricia Ann Verhey 
Everett. Education 
Liz Vhay 

Spokane. Pre-Physical Therapy 
Paul M. Voorhees 

Pullman, Business Administration-Economics 
Cindy Votaw 
Asotin. Bacteriology 

Gayle Waara 

Aberdeen. Speech Pathology 
John L. Wade 
Pullman. Physical Education 
Donald E. Wagner 
Spokane. Chemical Engineering 
Larry W. Wagner 
Spokane. Pre-Dentistry 
Dennis N. Waits 
Seattle. Police Science 
Steven D. Walbridge 
Tacoma. Police Science 

348 Seniors 

Louise C. Walker 

Portland. Or.. English 

Frank Walkowski 

Pullman. Mathematics 

Scott R. Wallace 

Kennewick. Economics 

Joseph Walsh 

Zillah. Conservation 

Carol Jean Walters 

Walla Walla. Office Administration 

Werner Wandersleben 

Pullman. Spanish 

Kae Warnock 

Wenatchee. Elementary Education 

Peter C. Warren 

Oswego. III.. Marketing 
Ted L. Warren 
Kirkland. Communications 
Jo Ann Washam 
Auburn. Recreation 
Jim Waters 

Yakima. Business Administration 
Richard M. Watkins 

Torrance. Calif.. Communications 

Kristen M. Webb 

Ellenburg, Drama 

C. Dale Webber 

Calexico, Police Science 

Carol Weimer 

Pomeroy. English Education 

Sherry E. Weinrich 

Pasco, Biological Education 

Michael Wellman 

Pullman, Electrical Engineering 

Elizabeth E. Welsh 

Camas, Wildlife Conservation 

Thomas Charles Westbrook 
Vancouver, Mechanical Engineering 
Thomas A. Westergreen 
Sumas. Forestry 
Catherine Ann Wheatley 
Ellensburg. Business Administration 
Deborah Kay White 
Seattle, Speech Pathology 
Leslie L. Whiteman 
Tacoma. Social Studies Education 
Cindy Wicks 

Tacoma. Speech Pathology-Elementary Education 

Gene L. Wiederspohn 
Everson, Animal Nutrition 
Richard L. Wieneke 
Burien. Economics 
Nick H. Wigen 

Lacrosse. Mechanical Engineering 

Janelle Wiggins 

Colville, Elementary Education 

Carole Wiitala 

Seattle. Elementary Education 

Betsy Willard 

Pullman. Clothing and Textiles 

Denise Williams 

Lompoc. Calif.. Elementary Education 
Richard I. Williams 
Stanwood. General Agriculture 



Brandt Lewis Willson 
Seattle. Police Science 
Cathy Wilson 
Spokane, FNIM 
Michael R. Wilson 
Yakima, Pre-Law 
Robert G. Wilson 
Colfax. Agricultural Mechanics 
Michael Wolf 
Pasco, Business 
Lucia Yee Ping Wong 
Pullman. Biochemistry 

... but we won’t be alone. 

Man Chiu Wong 

Hong Kong. BCC. Mathematics-Electrical Engineer! 

Alice Louise Kegel Wood 

Colville. Home Economics Education 

Barbara Wood 

Seattle. Sociology 

Larry D. Wood 

Tacoma. Pre-Law 

William M. Woodcock 

Yakima, Agriculture 

Donna R. Worden 

Warden. Mathematics Education 

Marianne Workman 

Moses Lake. Elementary Education Speech Pathol- 

Leslie J. Wright 

Outlook. Agronomy 

Edward W. Wyman 

Sitka. Alaska. Marketing 

Tom Wysong 

Palouse. Communications 

Joe Yamamoto 

Warden. Agricultural Economics 

Linda Diane Yantis 

Milton Freewater. Or.. Mathematics Education 

Thomas Frederick Yates 
Dayton. Social Studies Education 
Jerry Andrew Yencopal 
Cle Elum. Pharmacy 
Colin Young 

Durban. So. Africa. General Studies 
Beverly Youngstrom 
Seattle, Home Economics Education 
Kathryn B.J. Yuen 

Honolulu. Ha.. Business Administration 
Kai-Young Kevin Yung 
Pullman, Electrical Engineering 

Bruce A. Zagar 
Bellevue. Political Science 
Gail Zagar 
Bellevue. Sociology 
Kathy Zelazny 
Tacoma. Sociology 
Nancy L. Zurline 
Bellingham. Psychology 
Corinne M. Murphy 
Seattle. Conservation 
Doreen S. Pirie 

Grandview, Elementary Education 

350 Seniors 



Michael C. Alfano 
Stephen P. Anderson 
Steve Bernard 
Brad Bannon 
Grover E. Caille 

Dave Cattin 
H. Dennis Cockrum 
Ron Draggoo 
Dave Dudman 
Marc Duncan 

Peter Dunn 
Mike Fagerness 
David Griffith 
Andrew Paul Hane 
Robert Hendrick 

Jim E. Hill 
Craig Homchick 
Peter Jensen 
Phil Johnston 
Daniel Keenan 

John William Kamerrer 
Gary Frank Leatham 
Michael Lee 
Russell Lowman 
Alan Matsushima 



. U, 



352 Acacia 

Jeff Moore 
Dan Noss 

Brad Oxford 
Doug Serrill 

Richard Skadan 
Steven L. Smith 

Paul R. Rogers 
John R. Ross, Jr. 

Robert S. Rowe 
Randall Story 

Mike Warr 
Mark Wehmeyer 

Dave Wiley 
Clark Wilkins 

Dividing their time between academics and social 
life, the fifty men of Acacia have established a high 
scholastic average tempered with a well-balanced social 

Social activities included on that calendar were the 
Pledge, Pajama, and post-game dances. Throughout the 
year Founders Day Dinner, dress dinners and several 
fondues were held. In the spring activities found their 
way out-of-doors with the annual picnic and out-of- 
town formal at Priest Lake. 


Alpha Chi Omega 


Not often enough. 

We reflect upon good things. 

And those thoughts always center around those we 

And I think about those people 
Who mean so much to me 
And for so many years have made me 
So very happy. 

And I count the times I have forgotten to say "thank 

And just how much I love them. 

Felice Mancini 

Kathleen Berry 
Laura Blackwood 
Crista L. Claar 
Carol Davis 
Diane Donahoe 
Terri Dunagan 

Deborah Evers 
Julie Gamwell 
Julie Gordon 
Gail Liane Hanford 
Sue Haskin 
Kristine D. Henderson 

Katie Ingebretson 
Nancy Jaeger 
Shelly Johnson 
Donna Marie Knight 
Sherry Laitala 
Joanie Larson 

Deborah Lassen 
Wendy Layton 
Colleen Leahy 
Nancy Lotto 
Dianne Munroe 
Barb Nielsen 

354 axq 

Anne Rasmussen 
Mary Jo Redman 
Renee Rossano 
Debbie Sackmann 
Donna Shigeno 

Dyann K Shigeno 
Claudia Shustoff 
Leslie Sluman 
Kathy Speir 
Cheri Talbot 

Janet Thompson 
Betty Watras 
Cindy Wilbert 
Pat Wolf 
Debby Wyatt 

Judy Anderson 
Ginny Barrett 
Lynnette L. Bentzien 
Jane Berhow 
Rae Buchanan 
Darlene Christian 

Candy Crawford 
Nancy L. DeJong 
Barb Dompier 
Cathy Dunnington 
Jean L. Gompf 
Kathryn L. Hanson 

Kathy Henning 
Susan E. Howard 
Beuna Mary Johnson 
Kitty Jorgenson 
Karla Kahns 
Chris Kopet 

Katherine Leonard 
Karen Luft 
Jean McCormick 
Peggy McGee 
Carol Mclnturff 
Terry Olson 

Alpha Delta Pi 

When we are stripped of nakedness 
nothing's left except the soul 

. .. Bauxbaum 

When I think of my house, I think of me, my 
development as a person. "I" am of importance. Then 
there is my friend . . . my sister. We argue . . . because 
what I am and what she is does not coincide, but we 
discuss it and part, respecting the other. 

Personalities are as different here as the waters of the 
sea: calm, vigorous, roaring, quiet, and mean. 

ADPi? That is the address where I live, where the "I's" 
are "me's". And that is our unity. 

Anne Peterson 
Robin Randles 
Robin Schuur 
Machelle Seresun 
Julie Slaughter 
Dianna Smith 

Pam Strand 
Sparre Strand 
Gayle Sundquist 
Margaret Surplus 
Kathryn Todd 
Susan Todd 


A An 357 

Vicki Ann Barrett 
Janis C. Bolinger 
Betsy Brown 
Colleen Callahan 
Linda Chalich 
Cyndee Clevenger 

Marci Complita 
Mary Fagan 
Michele Ann Fitzgerald 
Nina Georgopolos 
Linda Gwin 
Tonia Heintz 

Cindy Higgins 
Linda Higgins 
Carol Johnson 
Mary Kehne 
Denise Kinder 
Pat LaLonde 

Suzette LaPlant 
Dianna F. Liss 
Colleen M. Mclntire 
Sue Madison 
Mary V. Martin 
Sharman Bramer Meiners 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

"The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his 
friend. I have no wealth to bestow on him. If he knows 
that I am happy in loving him, he will want no other 
reward. Is not friendship divine in this?" 

-Henry David Thoreau 

During the past year the members of Alpha Gamma 
Delta cared, loved, and grew closer to one another in 
many ways. But above all, they spent the year learning 
the real meaning of friendship. 

Linda Newhouse 
Vicki Norling 
Carole Pirie 
Doreen S. Pirie 
Diana Roberts 
Pam Roberts 

Susan Quackenbush 
Linda Salathe 
Annie Sawyer 
Frances Schneider 
Rita K. Seals 
Francee Kaye Shotwell 

358 AfA 

Shannon Stenberg 

Judy Vanderhoff 

Cami Vick 

CindyLou Wainscott 

Cork Warrick 

JoAnn Washam 






360 ATP 

Mike Andrews 
Robert T. Bahr 
Dan G. Bickelhaupt 
Harold Boyd 
Larry Broeckel 

Rod Brooks 
Steve Carle 
John Clerf 
Jerry Czebotar 
Gary Dahlstedt 

Rick L. Gumke 
Larry N. Hansen 
William Heinemann 
Bob Hester 
Phil Howard 

Loran Kitts 
Steven Ledgerwood 
Bill Lowe 
Dan McDonald 
Doug McGreevy 

Jim McKay 
Jim Mertes 
Jim Michaels 
Bruce Nelson 
Tim O’Connor 

Keith Peterson 
Andrew L. Pringle 

Mike Sheahan 
Bill Sieveke 

Glen A. Smith 
Dennis Solbrack 

Paul Sunderland 
Tom Tippett 

Kirk Wigen 
Nick H. Wigen 

Roy Wolfe 

William M. Woodcock 

Gary D. Yamamoto 
Joe Yamamoto 

"What kind of house is this?" he said, "Where I have 
come to roam?" "WHY, that's not a house," said Judas 
Priest, "It's not a house, it's a home." 

Bob Dylan 

ATP 361 

Joseph Barrett 
Steven Boosinger 
Mark Brandon 
Dennis Burch 
Don Castle 

James Davis 
Jack DeGagne 
Michael C. Fousha 
Dave Frazier 
Jim Gibbons 

Greg Allen Hoffman 
Peter Houck 
Chuck Jackson 
Chris Craig Janett 
Gary Walter Jefferson 

GaryJ. Libey 
Mitch McKay 
Len Montague 
Al Mouncer 
Russ Perry 

Gary Riesen 
Rex J. Rohwer 
Kirk Schmidtman 
Scott Schmidtman 
Richard Schrader 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Thomas L. Sellers 
William Webb Semmler 

Daniel J. Smith 
Jack Spanner 

Reed W. Spencer 
Rick Sorenson 

Ken Theimann 
Steven Thonney 

Stephen VanBuren 
Keith Vendramin 

Rick Vermeers 
Greg Wendler 

Richard L. Wieneke 
Dan Wurz 

Dave Yang 
Robert W. Yang 

Each day of our lives 
we spend among friends 
going our ways 
to meet our own ends 
most times are happy 
and they pass all too fast 
bad times are present 
but they never last 
We look to the future 
and answers to come 
for guidance of mankind 
and what must be done 
Together we stand 
apart we will fall 
with help of each other 
we will live through it all 
What do we look for? 
Brotherhood among men 
What do we dream of? 
Peace as we find it 
where ever we can 

AKA 363 

364 Aon 


Alpha Omicron Pi 

Marianne Arthaud 
Mary Jane Baumgartel 

Nancy Betlach 
Stephanie Eastman 

Dot Fleet 
Deborah Floch 

Carol Garretson 
Katie Hawman 

Mary Hendrickson 
Debbie Hernas 

Patti Hernas 
Janet Horsley 

Bonnie Johnson 
Diana Johnson 

Linda Ann Johnson 
Terri Johnson 

June Knight 
Ruth Kraucunas 

An exchange—a coke date—a football game. These 
are part of a beginning. A beginning of happiness, 
laughter, and fun times. Our pledge dance—our formal 
picnics and firesides. Being together ... sharing. All of 
this is a story of memories. 


Happy times 

Cheerful thoughts 
Wonderful memories 

that can't be bought. 

Mine to keep there; 
Always to stay 
And no one or nothing 
can take them away. 

Becky Lamb 

Peggy Maureen Landis 

Susan Larsen 

Pamela Lee 

Lucia Carole Littlefield 

Wendy Littlefield 

Nancy Mallory 
Marilyn Marks 
Pat Mattson 
Jane Morton 
Machelle Murdock 
Pam Nelson 

Sally Ness 
Denise Novacoff 
Carol Paulsen 
Jolene Paulson 
Sue Paulson 
Suzanne Peterson 

Trudy Roberts 
Terri L. Schmidt 
Mollie Schrick 
Margaret Sewell 
Celia Maureen Topalian 
Juret Wahle 

AOn 365 



Suzanne Allen 
Leigh Ange 
Patricia Marie Balhiser 
Margaret Beckman 
Sue M. Bell 

Pat Bouchey 
Theresa Boulanger 
Randi Lee Burns 
Sue Chapman 
Barbara Chase 

Lynda Cribb 
Nancy Daly 
Cheri Davis 
Denice DeMerschman 
Colleen Dye 

Arlene Ann Eagle 
Karen Gayle Eskeberg 
Kathy Fish 
Gayle Fitzgerald 
Kathryn Franks 

Janet Gwin 
Trudy Keeney 
Susan McNicoll 
Laura J. Minata 
Kathy Odsather 

366 A0> 

Janet Patchell 
Carolyn Peddee 

Karen Pettis 
Ann Remington 

Andrea Jean Sandison 
Julie Shutt 

Jan Sisemore 
Janet Small 

Sheryl Smith 
Debra Taylor 

Roxie Thomasen 
Kathleen Trudell 

Anne Van DerMolen 
Peggy Warner 

Jill Wegley 
Jean Wilson 

It was the best of times, 
it was the worst of times, 
it was the age of wisdom, 
it was the age of foolishness, 
it was the epoch of belief, 
it was the epoch incredulity, 
it was the season of Light, 
it was the season of Darkness, 
it was the spring of hope, 
it was the winter of despair. 

Charles Dickens 

A Tale of Two Cities 

Alpha Tau Omega 

Mike Archer 
Ben Ashley 
Randy Bemis 
Bradley Brown 
Kevin E. Burke 
Mark Burroughs 

Doug Calvert 
Chris Camp 
Brad Carlson 
Rick Carter 
William Carter 
Clark Casebolt 

Marv Chamberlain 
Michael Charles 
Michael Condos 
Fred Curtiss 
Charles Duncan 
Rick Ellingson 

Paul Guilfoil 
David Mark Johnson 
David Jones 
Bob Kilpatrick 
Dennis Kraft 
Fred Lange 

368 ATQ 

A1 Larson 
Mike Leslie 
Brad Loan 

Gary Beach Mallon 
Scott Minnick 
Jim Nelsen 

John M. Nelson 
Doug Picha 
Tom Quigley 

Stephen Randal 
Dick Reffett 
Tom Robinette 

Ned Rumpeltes 
Stanley Smith 
William Spencer 

Dumper Stiles 
Stan Sumner 
Mike Takemara 

Bob Towne 
Greg Tuke 
Doug Van Leuven 

Dennis N. Waits 
Peter C. Warren 
Tim Woodworth 

"Brotherhood begins with mutual consideration and 
understanding for others and ends when individuality is 

This was the motto of this year's Pledge class and has 
become the motto of Gamma Chi Chapter of Alpha Tau 
Omega Fraternity. Under the leadership of President 
Dave Burke, ATO has participated in such events as: a 

Christmas Party with our Little Sisters of the Maltese 
Cross, Roman Function, weekend sensitivity retreat with 
the Gamma Phis, and cruise on Lake Coeur d'Alene with 
the Lambda Chis, besides many other university events. 

Brotherhood excels at ATO because we strive to put our 
founding principles to work through our actions and not 
just words. 

ATD 369 

Deborah Allard 
Camille Buckley 
Jane Marie Carstens 
Mava Crew 
Janet Davis 

Kay Donnen 
Kay Duskin 
Martha A. French 
Pamela Gamble 
Virginia Anne Gehrett 

Karen A. Harrington 
Judy Higginbotham 
Nancy Hyslop 
Sandy LaDue 
Terri Madden 

Alpha Xi Delta 

Alpha Xi Delta began the year with hopes of building 
a new sorority house. Plans were for an apartment-style 
complex with completion date set for fall ‘72. 

Activities for the year included money raising for the 
sorority's Cougar Crew member, a fall all-house retreat 
in the Blue Mountains, a pledge dance, Christmas 
dinner, several firesides, and a spring formal. 

Cheryl Martin 
Linda Martin 
Ann Olson 
Barbara Olson 
Shelley Parks 

370 A-A 

Sue Stovall 
Cyndi Sturtevant 
Edith A. Taylor 



Greg S. Adams 
William Armstrong 
Bob Bagley 
Jeff Barton 
Dave Benedict 
Bob Brink 

Tim Drumhiller 
Bob Engel 
Allen Gardner 
Mike Hall 
James Hammond 
Mike Hickey 

372 B©n 


Bill Hood 
Bill Kilian 

Gary Marks 
Jerry Mitchell 

Beta Theta Pi 

Fraternity is Brotherhood 
Brotherhood is Fidelity 
Fidelity is Faith in Your Brother 

Jerry Morton 
Jim Neill 
Jim O'Banion 
Tom Peavey 
Robert W. Perkins 

Wayne Peterson 
Ken Robertson 
Brian Schreck 
Jeffrey K. Smith 
Steve Storaasli 

Alan C. Strohmaier 
Stanley Nicholas Velis 
Steve Waddle 
Bill Walter 
Bill Weitz 

David Westermann 
Brett Wiggins 
Vince Zimmer 
Dean T. Zografos 

B©n 373 

Pam Anderson 
Joanne Barr 
Janet Kathryn Boston 
Debbie Brownell 
Sharon Sue Byrne 
Susie Calbom 
Sharon Clausen 

Kathy Conner 
Sue Craven 
Paula Damron 
Shelley Earing 
Judith Eckhardt 
Lee Ann Eschbach 
Kathy Evans 

Vicki Frost 
Molly Susan Gage 
Deborah Ann Garhart 
Pam Hampton 
Vicki Hensen 
Claudia Hoffman 
Debbie Holbrook 

Marcia Holland 
Joan Karch 
Cheryl Killingsworth 
Laurie LeNeve 
Pamela K. Liebel 
Faith Limbocker 
Sue Long 

Peggy Lee Madsen 
Jennifer Manley 
Carla Marr 
Debbie Marquardt 
Sheri Morrison 
Linda Myers 
Shirley Ness 

Chi Omega 

Members of Chi Omega could be found all year busily 
engaged in house activities. "Plowed on a Snowy 
Evening" was the theme for the house's traditional 
pledge dance. With the holiday season came the 
Christmas party with Santa himself in attendance. 

Easter Kindness, working with handicapped children 
from Jefferson Elementary, shared the spring spotlight 
with the sunshine, barefeet, waterfights, and the house 

The ChiOs have much to reflect on about the past year 
and even more to look forward to this fall. 

374 XQ 

Martha Nojd 
Pat Ogden 
Mikki Pasiczynk 
Penny Ann Pfeffer 
Patricia Kathleen Pratt 
Paula Reed 

Janice S. Weiger 
Rena Wittkopf 

Lynn Beth Sherman 
Rita Stallings 
Julie Stowe 
Debra Turner 
Nancy Voegele 
Anne Wasem 

XQ 375 


Darcy Benny 
Robin Bloom 
Sandra Braafladt 
Kathleen L. Carpenter 



Robin Collen 
Diane Cuthill 
Janie Falkenreck 
Colleen A. Field 

"Raise the bridge, my 
friend is sailing by!" 

St. Augustine 

Suzanne Franks 
Barbara Gahan 
Pamela L. Hall 
Joni Hensley 

Patty Hoffman 
Sharon Lewis 
Gayle Karlson 
Molly Kathleen Linden 

Denise Miller 
Cindy Mills 
Linda Marie Moody 
Jan Muret 

Christi Janett 
Dee Johnson 
Christy Oberg 
Kathi Polhamus 

Jakey Lynn Oberg 
Andrea Rosentangle 
April Sandblom 
Sara A. Schroeder 

Debbie Seipp 
Diane Skagen 
Muffy Sleeth 
Debbie Smith 

Teri Diane Tucker 
Elizabeth L. Vesey 
Debbie Weeks 
Jan Wilson 

People live in relation to one another. It will always 
be in relationship, but what varies is the degree. There 
are a million contributing factors to the birth and growth 
of these relationships; most are due to chance, or 
responsibility, obligation, duty or delight— 
but one ... 

the ones I call friend could only have been specifically 
created, along with the trees and flowers, sunshine, the 
warm ocean beaches, the clear mountain stream . . . 
and they mean so much. 



Pam Albright 
Carrie Arteel 
Deanne Ausman 
Diana Avery 
Kathy Bailor 
Marilyn Bane 

Bev Brann 
Carol Bernice Brooks 
Valarie Casey 
Candi Clark 
Melissa Coffey 
Shelley Conklin 

Betsy Dana 
Patt deBlaquiere 
Coleen Dohley 
Mikel Dunham 
Nyla Jane Eagan 
Kit E. Farmer 

Laura Follett 
Jeanne Hargreaves 
Kris Helling 
Darlene Helt 
Kathy Kurbitz 

Penny Kurbitz 
Joan Lang 
Nancy Larimer 
Barbara Lawson 
Melissa McCormack 
Deb McCown 

Delta Gamma 

Katie McEnany 
Janis McKelvy 

Melody J. Mayer 
Marcie Murray 

Janet Poe 
Pamela Powers 

Sheila Kathleen Reeder 
Cyndie Schuh 

Gail Sipila 
Patricia Stockstad 

Jane Thompson 
Sue Thompson 

Cindy Tracy 
Joyce Vogt 

Delta Gamma is a home in which we are learning 
about responsibility, pleasure, joy, sorrow, and life. The 
most important thing that binds us together is 
friendship. Friendship that has evolved from sharing 
good times and bad times, laughter, and tears; and 
especially, from receiving a smile from one who really 
means it. 

Delta Gamma is our home, where we can be surrounded 
by friends, or left alone with our private thoughts 
because our friends understand. Our home is filled with 
one-of-a-kind individuals who show us new ideas, new 
places to go, and new people to know. We feel that 
"Happiness seems made to be shared." 

Delta Sigma Phi 

John T. Aden 
Donald C. Archer 
Rick Bayley 
Robert J. Carlile 
Steve Clark 

Dave Day 
Karl DeRuwe 
John T. French 
Randy Frisvold 
David Grembowski 

Kirk Michael Hanson 
Jeff Hereford 
Steve Holman 
Kerry S. Jeaudoin 
Edward Jeffrey Craig 

380 AIO 

Larry J. Kolano 
Steve Linden 

David McDonnell 
Hugh Rossolo 

Mark Rumble 
Robert J. Sherrill 

James Walker Wilson III 

J. Patrick Wiegand 

Ron Wysaske 

Ken Yates 

AIQ 381 

John Ailport 
William Buchmiller 
Brooks V. Burford 
Delta Cockrill 
Bruce Elliott 
Albert M. Eltvick 

Larry Gilmore 
Ray Jenkins 
Michael John Trull 
Walter Kim 
Thomas Knight 
Thamnoon Kunajak 

Bob Laatz 
Terry R. Lillybridge 
Bruce Lucas 
Tom McLean 
Tom Masterson 
Kerry M. Mizuno 

Mike Navroth 
Charles Warren Neeley 
Matt Orme 
Bill Penoyar 
Kevin Peterson 
Stephen Renner 




382 ATA 

Ricky Rich 
Bob Sloan 

Preston Tolar Smith 
Joe Sundstrom 

Sotirious Tefkros 
Robert John Thode 

During the course of the past year the men of Delta 
Tau Delta have emphasized the importance of university- 
oriented projects. These include the Delt Stadium Fund 
Drive as well as partial sponsoring of Israeli gymnast 
Dubi Lufi. Other house activities include the annual 

Christmas Smorgy, "Go Down Gamblin," Pledge Dance, 
and the Spring Formal, culminating with the selection of 
Sally Sunshine 1972, Miss Betsy Vaughn, of Pi Beta 

ATA 383 

Tim Allison 
Dave Atherton 
Harold Barker 
Paul N. Bartlett 
Bob Bautista 
Don E. Beck 

Jim Bills 
Felix Boyle 
Phil Christensen 
Greg Devlin 
Corky Dupar 
WadeM. Esvelf 

Stephen Ferris Albers 
Blaine Field 
Wesley R. Franks 
Louis Osterman Gannon 
Gene A. Gibson 
Larry Green 

Michael J. Harkins 
Jerry Jensen 
Kevin King 
Jim Kosse 
Mike Kraemer 
George Last 



384 AY 

Mark A. McClure 
Bob Newton 

Marc A. Norberg 
Tom Novotney 

Al Oelschlaeger 
Jeff Parsons 

Alvin Rykus 
Don A. Tucker 

Sixty-nine members strong, the men of Delta Upsilon Life, spring walk for charity, a number of varied 

undertook an exciting calendar of events including: Fall exchanges.laughing, talking, sharing. 

Pledge Dance, Pajama Dance, Winter Formal, Spring communicating, helping, loving—brotherhood keeps 
Cruise, Neighborhood kegger, hosting free U, and Young you busy. 

AY 385 


FarmHouse is establishing itself strongly on the 
Washington State campus, and this year was filled with 
many high points in its activities. Seeking events which 
would provide entertainment, the chapter engaged in 
projects which cemented relations for individuals within 
this living group. 

These activities included a community project for the 
Pullman Convalescent Center, a Christmas party for the 
Lewiston Children's Home, a pledge Halloween party for 
the YMCA little brother program and the sponsoring of 
an orphan in the United States or a foreign country. All 
projects stressed full house participation so that an 
individual could find not only entertainment, but 
enjoyment through service to his community and the 
fraternity in which he lived. 

FarmHouse functions were spread throughout the year, 
and provided entertainment for everyone. The annual 
"Roaring 20's" dance, pledge dance, Christmas carol 
serenades with the Chi Omegas, and the spring formal, 
held in Coeur d'Alene, were true highlights to a year 
which saw much progress within the FarmHouse 
chapter on WSU's campus. 

Al Bryant 
Jeff Cashman 

James E. Doumit 
Peter G. Doumit 

Mike Dudley 
Roger Dean 

Jack Elliot 
Russell Faw 

Larry Fehr 
Joseph E. Florek, Jr. 

386 FH 

Mark Douglas Fritch 
Douglas A. Gasseling 
Garry R. Greene 
Scott Hamilton 
Darryl E. Hartung 
Greg Hartung 

Rodd Hedlund 
Gary B. Hofer 
Eddie Hogle 
Brad Hunter 
William Irving 
Eugene Kando 

Bentley Kern 
Randy J. Koller 
Roger Koller 
Don Lewis 
Tim Lintz 
Dean Lynch 

John R. Mann 
Curt Oehlert 
Jeff Ogard 
Rob Patterman 
Dan Riehle 

Wayne G. Riehle 
Richard Shawley 
Al Steiner 
Richard Thursby 
Mark Wagoner 
Jake W. Weber 

Chris Ahrens 
Kristi Berentson 
Kathy Besecker 
Ginna Davis 
Cheryl Ford 
Amy L. Fortier 

Ernie Freitas 
Gina Freniere 
Cindy Gates 
Marcy Gibb 
Connie Hansen 
Laurie Hoover 

Melanie Jane Jones 
Nancy Kafer 
Lynne Katyryniuk 
Ann Kelly 
Diane Knott 
Joan Laffaus 

Sheila A. Marsdon 
Anita McCarry 
Ann Mertz 
Sue Millhollen 
Patty Mosman 
Gwen Mukai 

388 rCPB 

Gamma Phi Beta 

The 54 members of Gamma Phi Beta experienced 
two sensitivity weekends. One was an exchange with 
the ATOs and one within their home. After formal 
pledging in the fall, the Gamma Phis had an all house 
picnic at Reaney Park. Throughout the year Gamma 
Phis had a Christmas party, homecoming activities with 
the SAEs and an Idaho exchange with the Lamda Chis. 
Spring was highlighted by the annual formal and the 
year was successfully brought to a close with a cruise 
on Lake Coeur d'Alene with the Thetas. 

Barb Orthund 
Jill A. Price 

Kathleen Riddle 
Delene Rae Rowland 

Sindy Sands 
Cindy Schorr 

Jeanette Marie Setzer 
Laurie Sharp 

Jeanie Simmons 
Barbara Toevs 

Laura T. Trimble 
Megen Williams 

rOB 389 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

Barb Anderson 
Laura Baffney 

"Prettiness goes with youth, but beauty goes with 
maturity. This year of experience has been rich in the 
knowledge of constant love, the happiness of new 
friendships, a rainbow after a storm, and the wisdom of 
a time to give and a time to receive." 

Barb Baker 
Connie Blankers 

Robin Biizard 
Linda Booth 
Laurie Busch 
Becky Copeland 
Kim Cox 
Linda C. Drechsel 

Cheryl Dyer 
Laurel Elmer 
Laurie K. Frandle 
Cheryl Lynn French 
Debbi Gardner 
Ruth Gilbert 

Debby Gustafson 
Sue Gustafson 
Carla M. Hatley 
Anne Heydon 
Shelly Horton 
Patsy Johnson 

Susan Porter 
Sheila Quesenbury 
Paula Reasoner 
Sue Scalzo 
Robin Scarff 
Jo Anne Scodeller 

Debbie Lasater 
Janet L. Lasater 
Mary Lynn McDonald 

Susan McFaul 
Mary Lynne McGee 
Phyllis Morrow 

Jan Oliver 
Sue Oliver 
Susan Diane Orser 

Pam Pewe 
Anne Pilkey 
Rhonda Poor 

390 KA0 

KA© 391 

Cricket Amos 
Gail Bailey 

Barbara Bevegni 
Christine Bereswill 

Robin Lee Boettcher 
Kathy Cobb 

Joanne Cochran 
Kathleen Connell 

Barbara Cornforth 
Dawn M. Corskie 

Dinah Lee Donaldson 
Chris Dormaier 

Gwynneth Ferguson 
Sally Hamilton 

392 KA 

Glenda Hewson 
Eleanor Holmes 
Kathy Honsberger 
Leslie Ironside 
Dale Jackson 
Lyn Jorgenson 

Karen Kallander 
Betsy Keil 
Gail Lacefield 
Patti Leadon 
Julie Anne Luck 
Mina Nichols 

x \ 

v * 

Kappa Delta 

In the firelight faintly glowing. 

When the lights are dim and low. 
Kappa Delta memories flicker. 

Softly come and softly go. 

A house is made of sticks and stones 
but a home is made of love. 

You have 

only to know that 

wherever you are, 

you are on the road to yourself 

Sue Noble 
Donna Ogle 

Gayle Oswald 
Susan Oswald 

Nancy K. Ousley 
Terry Parish 
Peggy Ann Peterson 
Linda Marie Powell 
Maxine Powell 
Lynn Randa 

Kathy Rowe 
Patty Sage 
Christine Shuman 
Short Slagle 
Sandy Sollenberger 
Sharon Lee Sullivan 



Sharon Beckwith 
Betsy Brandon 
Sherry Brandt 
Jane Anne Davis 
Michelle Frank 
Annette Gaines 

Nancy Gorshe 
Becky Gottschalk 
Cindy Hash 
Linda Hastings 
Betsy Husom 
Linda Johnston 

Marty Jordan 
Merilee Jordan 
Karen Kendall 
Julie Larson 
Kathi Lilje 
Kris Lotzgesell 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

A long list of varied activities made the year for 
Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority an energetic one. 
Besides scholarship and philanthropic dinners, the 
members participated in Homecoming. A spaghetti 
dinner preceded the annual fall Triad Dance. At 
Christmas time they had a big-little sister party, several 
firesides, and a Christmas date dinner. With spring came 
a pledge sneak, surprise breakfasts, serenades, water 
fights, exchanges, the pledge dance, and a cruise on 
Coeur D'Alene Lake. Missy Ruth, the Kappa's field 
secretary, visited the house to help coordinate sorority 

Kathy McQuaker 
Carol Jane Mowry 

Susan Moyer 
Marcia Pearson 

Anna Pedersen 
Shawn Pherson 

394 KKr 

Marcia Pierce 
Nancy Potter 

Karen L. Rodda 
Kathleen L. Rodda 

Andrea L. Schultz 
Pat Shannon 

Adele Stock 
Lisa Jo Storey 

Connie L. Taylor 
Rose Mary Van Winkle 
Kathy Wilson 

Rod Anderson 
Tom Bates 
Kenneth Jay Berry, Jr. 

James Clark 
Stephen C. Depner 
Dick Dressel 

The 36 members of Kappa Sigma, under the 
guidance of President Ron Pengelly, survived a year 
filled with activities. The annual wine and spaghetti 
dinner started off the festivities, followed by a triad in 
October and another in November. Later, the winter 
formal in Richland, the spring dance, and spring cruise 
on Lake Coeur D'Alene added to a very exciting year. 

Wayne Roger McElrea II 
Richard D. Miller 

KX 397 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

A year of fulfilling companionship and energetic 
participation in various activities, was experienced by 
the men of Lambda Chi Alpha. Under the leadership of 
President Thomas Miller, the fraternity provided a 
multitude of diverse events. Early each fall, the annual 
Watermelon Bust spotlights the beginning of a 
continuem of traditional house activities soon to follow. 
Among these activities were the annual Pledge Dance, 
the Christmas Fireside, the Homecoming Chariot Race, 
the Scholarship Dinner, the Firemen's Ball, the Spring 
Formal in Richland, and a Spring Cruise with the ATOs 
on Lake Coeur d'Alene. Other activities included guest 
speakers, special exchange dinners, and active 
participation in student government and intramural 
athletics. The open opportunity to acquire new 
knowledge, as well as rewarding friendship, constitutes 
the design of the year, now gone past, into memories of 
Lambda Chi Alpha, never to be forgotten. 

Bob Abbott 
Mark Andrew Anderson 

Pete Cattle 
Bruce Dady 

Tom Dechenne 
PerOlaf Fjeld 

Timothy R. Holbrook 
William D. Hyslop 

Craig S. Johnson 
Patrick Johnson 

Jack R. Knapp 
Brad R. Knapp 


Curt Larson 
Michael C. Lowery 
Jeff Lust 
Craig McCown 
Tom Miller 
Greg Moore 

Brian P. Munson 
Ron Parrish 
Tom Sahlberg 
Leon Sanders 
Tom Steinbeck 
George R. Sutch ill 

Corky Thoreson 
David Tjersland 
Kirk Wallace 
Jim "Nickel” Wandling 
Steve Williamson 
Kevin Woehrlin 

Peter Alkins 
Eric Anderson 
Gary Anderson 
Greg Astells 
Rick Aubert 
Don Ayres 

Bill Benson 
Rich Berndt 
Greg Bonann 
Michael Brok 
Brad Bossen 
Greg Brady 

Ron Bromfield 
Burrell Brown 
Gordon Bryson 
Ed Burger 
John Butts 
James P. Chapados 

Ken Doane 
Dennis Duffy 
Dan Eliason 
Dave Frederickson 
Steven Frere 
Randy Glessner 

Kenneth E. Gudgel 
Bob Gundlach 
Steven Harrop 
P. Mason Harvey 
Mike Hovey 
Bob Katica 

Daniel L. Kilgore 
Kit Latta 
Dick Leland 
Bruce Leonard 
Mike Lowers 
Ron Martin 

Phi Delta Theta 

The sixty-five men of Phi Delta Theta enjoyed a year 
filled with enthusiasm and excitement. The pajama 
dance kicked off fall activities and it was followed by the 
pledge dance. The energetic members also participated 
actively in all fields of the intramural program. Mothers 
and fathers were held in awe again this year as they 
observed the annual Phi Delt turtle race, held at Rogers 
Field. Spring activities also included a picnic and 
baseball game for Lewiston orphans, a weekend 
camping trip at Lake Coeur d'Alene, and numerous 

400 ®A© 

Larry Olson 
Patrick O'Neil 
Randy Pickering 
Bill Polley 

Bill Ratcliffe 
Barry B. Rodland 
Bart B Rodland 
Stan A. Sargent 

Ken Schmidt 
Steve L. Scott 
Martin Shapiro 
David M. Stewart 

Craig A. Swenson 
Gail Ware 
Mel Weythman 
Frank Zurlme 

William H. McElroy 
Chris McEnany 
Jim Milne 
Mark Newland 
C.E. Noble 

<DA0 401 

Terry L. Burns 
Gerald Greer 
Douglas Hanscom 
Mike Mansfield 
Larry Marshall 
Peter Moore 

Scott Nelson 
Scott W. Norquist 
Jeff Noyes 
Marty Pedersen 
Terry C. Pierce 
Clifford Ridgway 

William J. Slodyska 
Jim Tallant 
Michael D. Thompson 
John S. Wegener 

Phi Gamma Delta 

Phi ...Gamma Delta 

The past year has been interesting and exciting for 
the Fijis. We experimented with a number of new ideas 
along with upholding the traditions set down 
throughout our past. We have also enjoyed many 
activities that helped to break the daily grind of school. 
Our pledge dance and informal were welcomed as 
winter activities along with our fireside and Christmas 
party. Keggers and exchanges were also invited 
activities around the Fiji house as well as our annual 
"Fiji Island" in the spring. All in all it's been an active 
year for Pi Mu Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. 

402 OTA 

Paul Gardner Allen 
Craig M. Buhl 
Chris Christensen 
Mark Engler 
Alan Aamot 
Mike Flood 

William Gumm 
Mike Haspert 
Gary Johnson 
Renato Jones 
Graham Kelsey 
Nicholas Igor Kosin 

A healthy balance of social interaction, athletics and 
academic pursuit provided an objective for Phi Kappa 
Theta throughout the 1971-72 school year. Goals, such 
as reducing unhealthy, childish Greek-Independent 
rivalries, dissolving the "clique-ish" image of Greeks and 
extending the personality of the house beyond the 
University community were arbitrarily set. Phi Kappa 
Theta also searched for a happy medium between the 

advantages of dormitory or apartment life and 
traditional fraternity house living. Some workable 
combinations of privacy and independence, yet fraternal 
affiliation, was sought. The men of the house continued 
to work on irradiating the remaining few straws of the 
old and obsolete fraternity way of life whose image 
continues to embarrass the Greek system. 

Of A 403 

Phi Kappa Tau 

Brian Berg 
Don Bury 
Stephen A. Carnes 

Dennis G. Clark 
Edward Gene Colema 
Thomas Wynne Cox 

Wallace Cunningham 
Robby Davis 
Karl Denison 

Thomas Michael Dixson 
Scott Drysdale 
William M. Francis 

Glen Gay 
David Hole 
Joe Robin Kinney 

404 OKT 

Ernie Nicholson 

Steven C. Larsen 
Steven M. Lindberg 
James Wynne McCabe 

Les Peterson 

Mark Quinn 
Joe A. Small 

Howard W. Stacy 
John G. Williams 

Life at Phi Tau is like winning the Stanford game 
every day of the year .. . excitement, surprise, 
satisfaction. Like the clock on Bryan tower. Phi Tau is a 
continuous entity and yet the happenings and functions 
are as sporadic as good old Pullman weather . . . 
unpredictable as winter, yet guaranteed to move you 
like a spring day on the Palouse. 

Starting with the pledge dance and corresponding 
pledge princess contest, the year's activities flow 
smoothly much like beer from a keg ... a Phi Tau keg, a 
phenomenon in itself, to which our neighbors will attest. 

With winter comes a "spirited" Santa at the Christmas 
party, with the chapter purchasing his spirits. When the 
semester ends, happy healthful holidays begin for our 
worthy neophytes, and we prepare for spring. 

First comes the rose formal followed by a hangover and 
sunburn as another school year ends with Captain 
Finney and our spring cruise. 

Good times, bad times, the "Friday at Five Club" and all 
night bull sessions create a way of life that means 
(something special to each man who wears a "Phi Kappa 
Tau" on his chest. Something special and unique that is 
bound by a responsibility to one’s self, the house, and 
people in general. A great way to get through college 
. .. the only way for a Phi Tau! 

OKT 405 

Rick Adams 
Gail Amos 
Gery G. Amos 
Alan Merritt Andersen 
Chuck Anderson 
Joe Bratsky 

Lee Carstens 
Pat C. Chastik 
Mark Coburn 
Rob Coe 
Alvis Forbes 
Scott V. Gorham 

Michael Hargrave 
Bob Hergert 
Jim Dale Hoersch 
Dan Huntingford 
James P. Hurley 
Bruce Johnson 

Greg D. Jones 
Stephen Kelly 
Ronald L. Kercheval. Jr. 

Kurtis Kiehn 
Robert J. Konen 
Alan Manning 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

Phi Sigma Kappa is people 

People to be laughed at 

People to say good morning to 

People to know 

Maybe after they are dead 

You wonder if they're alive sometimes 

but you say good morning anyway 

It's house policy. 

Touched by proximity 

We are what we are 
an assemblage of ideas 
a montage of people. 

We stand and we sit 

in an attempt to say the unsayable 

we are behind a door that 

will not ring 

to do the undoable. 

It must be beaten upon 
to live the unliveable. 

-By Dan Huntingford 



Gary Mitzel 
Curt Morris 

Mark Polcyn 
R. Stephen Rasmussen 

Steven Smith 
Richard Starr 

Mark Taylor 
Darrell Tawes 

John A. Wagner 
Robert Weller 

Richard Williams 
Ronald Wilson 

Laurie Abernathy 
Kathy Argens 
Kathie Barcott 
Kris Bjorklund 
Joan Bothwell 
Laura Boyer 

Marilyn Brill 
Nancy Bruce 
Karlyn Christen 
Janny Cronkhite 
Mary Dotson 
Heather C Forbes 

Sally Funch 
Mary F. Gallagher 
Chris Gillings 
Heidi Howard 
Stephanie Howe 
Annette LaLonde 

Kathy L. Lewis 

Sandy McFarland 

Patty McGough 

Melissa Mize 

Peg Moloney 

Becky Morrison 

408 riBa> 

Michele Morrone 

Kerry Lynn Pretzinger 
Kathleen Pynor 

Jackie Reeves 
Becki Rightmire 

Janet Sande 
Joan Scott 

Pi Beta Phi 

The year 1971-72 has been another busy one for the 
Pi Phis. The beginning of a new national program "I.C. 
'71", which allows for greater personal and individual 
development within the sorority, the adoption of a nine 
year old boy from the Appalachian Mountain region of 
our country, along with the annual Fri-it, Pledge, and Pi 
Phi-Kappa dances, Christmas Fireside, and raiding of 
fraternities were some of our activities. Also of course, 
there was much of our very favorite thing—"snerkling." 

nBCD 409 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Waves of individualism 
rippling on one fraternal sea, 
finally breaking on the 
shore of brotherhood. 

David L. Anderson 
Don Barnes 

Spark Carlander 
Dennis Clancy 

John R. Cutter 
Gary Dove 

John Mark Droke 
Erik Elmgren 

Jim Forsman 
Jim Freeburn 

Kevin C. Gage 
Gene Gamache 

Rodney Liseth 
Scott McClure 
Hugh Mackenzie 
Bill Naismith 
Michale Pacheco 

Gary Schneider 
Bob Simpson 
Wayne E. Staley 
William A. Sanford 
Jon Swenson 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Lawson Abinanti 
Thomas P. Aitchison 

C. Ed Anderson 
Kirk Baumann 

Timothy L. Baumann 
Lawrence G. Bennett 

Michael H. Chaney 
Chuck Curtis 

Timothy Danaher 
Rich Daniels 

412 ZAE 

Daniel Mike Bcone 
George L. Berry 
Ken Bright 
Gary Brown 
Bruce Elliot Brownell 
Doug Bruce 

Ted R. Durfey 
Greg Easton 
Rick Eide 
Stephen Ellington 
Gordon Finch 
Kyle Frandle 

Gordon L. Gamelin 
Chad S. Graves 
Steve Griff 
John Grohs 
James K. Hahner 
Gary Hauber 

Eric Hopkins 
Jeffrey A. Hunt 
Patrick Jennings 

Dan C. Lawhead 
Mark Magnussen 
Mike Mallory 

Andy Maloof 
Tom Mannschreck 
Kyle Mathison 

Scott R. Morgan 
Jerry Moyer 
Mark Norris 

Gary Oakland 
Dan D. Oliver 
Pete Osgard 

Brent Potter 
Dennis C. Rea 
Paul Renber 
Greg Smith 
Peter T. Smith 
Reed Smith 

Scott B. Smith 
Jack Stentz 
Patrick J. Tucker 
John J. Waldburger 
Don Widman 
Stuart Woods 

ZAE 413 

Susan Apple 
Carol Birdsell 
Linda Boyce 
Shelia Brockie 
Bonnie Brown 

Susan Carole Blake 
Paige Conrad 
Margaret Deming 
Ruth Fenner 
Jean Marie Flower 

Kathryn Hale 
Patti Heikel 
Janis Hemingway 
Pam Horning 
Jennifer Jones 

Susan Keefer 
Karen Lee Keiser 
Shelley Kensler 
Gail Lederle 
Kathryn Lemley 

Marsha L. Lindroth 
Kathleen Lynn 
Lisa Maag 
Deborah L. Manarolis 
Hollis Susan Moore 

Joan Marie Murphy 
Nancy Norrie 
Vicki Norrie 
Julie Odman 
Deborah Pierson 

414 IK 

Cathleen M. Seeley 
Janet Shumate 

Matllyn K. Smith 
Elaine Spencer 

Diana Stack 
Cindy Strait 

Jane Tippett 
Jane Volaw 

Cindy Votaw 
Phyllis Whitaker 

Lark Wilson 
Suzie Winston 

Lily Woo 

Jean Frances Yoshino 

Sigma Kappa 

Sigma Kappa had a busy year with many activities. 
Sigmas worked hard on their Dad's Weekend sign and 
received a second place trophy for their efforts. The 
pledge class started the year off with the annual pledge 
dance named "The Hook and Ladder Hop." Fall 
serenades to the various fraternities on campus brought 
much participation from Sigmas. The yearly Christmas 
Party added to the Yuletide Spirit in Pullman. 

Spring semester was a particularly busy time for the 
girls. A house retreat was planned for everyone, 
highlighted by a cruise up the Snake River into Hell's 
Canyon. The annual spring formal was a gala event, 
including a dinner at the Oriental Restaurant. Sigma 
Kappas also participated in the annual Song Fest held 
Mother's Weekend. Sigmas were actively engaged with 
gerentology work this year, which is a national 

IK 415 

Jim Austin 
Mark Babcock 
Bill Bakamis 
Jeffrey Baker 
Kent Beebe 
Thomas Bordner 

Steve Burnett 
Criag Campbell 
Darrel Carter 
Jim Cumming 
Mark Degerstedt 
Eric Dunham 

Jim Gagliardi 
Tom Gnojek 
Tom Griffith 
Greg Hattori 
Jeffrey J. Hattori 
Rod D Hollenbeck 

Matt Hoydar 
Bruce Johnson 
James Johnson 
Sandy Johnson 
Scott Johnson 
Frank Stuart Kemery 

Lance Kliewer 
Young Jed Kuczynski 
Gary P. Larson 

Steve Lieberg 
Douglas McCollum 
Andrew MacGillivray 

Troyer Scott MacGillivray 
Charles G. Madison 
Mitch Madison 

Mike M. Makela 
Rick Murray 
Warren Nicley 
Tom Norwalk 
Dick Opsahl 
Bob Paine 

Robb Pankey 
Steve R. Pearson 
Scott Peterson 
James W. Philopant 
Dave Recchia 
Pat Rogers 

Don Norris Ross 
Gary R. Sanford 
Thomas Sather 
Kirk Schmick 
Dan Schnell 
Pat Shockley 

416 IN 

Howard Skaug 
David Slagle Jr. 

Edward P. Smith 
Mike Stanley 

John Thayer 
Robert Thompson 

Robert Tracy 
Keith Trefry 

Del W. Vanderhoff 
Bob Wanezek 

Sigma Nu 

Presidents Dick Mitchell and Steve Pearson led the 
seventy-five actives through another rewarding year at 
Sigma Nu. We enjoy a prosperous balance between 
academic, athletic, and social achievements, letting 
every member contribute in his own way. Sigma Nus 
are unquestionably involved students with men active in 
most programs on the hill. We realize that at college 
there is time to work AND time to play. The letter is 
manifest in our annual functions including the risque 
Boxer Rebellion, the campus renowned Waterfront 
Brawl, and the unforgettable White Rose Formal held 
this year in Kennewick. All in all, we had an action-filled 
year with expectations of next year being just as 

IN 417 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Red door-eternal friendship, brotherhood 
Queen of Hearts-a girl with love for all 
Pledge sneak-a time of kegs and companionship 
and the Sig Ep memories 

memories of: 

Zulu's dates 
Baron's lizard 
and sundeck functions 

Big brother-little brother closeness-friends for all time 
Pajama and pledge dances-dates and drunks 
Quiet Easter Firesides and the Coeur d'Alene formal 
and the Sig Ep memories: 

Eric Addusib 
Gary W. Barenzini 

Dan Bariault 
Bill Batten 

Mark D. Bigger 
Ken Christianson 

Doug Danielson 
D. Craig Dewey 

memories of: 

Sons of Frozen North 
Willie's room 
and Golden's tux 

Intramural championships-skill and support 
Scholarship-achievement of personal goals 
Ritual of initiation-an entrance to brotherhood 
and the Sig Ep memories 

memories of: 

Lightnings' and Rick's bobsled 
Rat's and S'Kellers, CB's and the Ram 
and Third Deck seek and destroy. 

Red hearts of our girls-reminders of love 
Sororities and dorms-exchanges and friends 
Sig Ep pride and friendliness-none finer 
and the Sig Ep memories 

memories of: 

Days at the Palouse 

The Big One 

Hula on the roof 

Pinnings and rides 

The brown helmet 

Grinch and Ken, Ratso and Dew 

Leo and Rhino, Fish and . .. 

Ted Durfey 
Chad Fisher 

Rodrick G. Fisher 
David Fox 

Karl Hadley 
Reed Hadley 

Bill Handy 
Bruce Hauber 

418 IOE 

Steven Douglas Hoag 
Scott Huntley 
James Bruce King II 
John Martin 
Dan O'Neill 
Jim Rasmussen 

Leo Roozen 
James Satterfield 
Anthony W. Schall 
Jeff Scott 
Jef Simpson 
Greg Smith 



Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Many of the functions of Tau Kappa 
Epsilon were held with the Daughters of 
Diana-our little sister program. At 
Halloween, pledges and their sisters 
carved pumpkins while at Christmas. 

Tekes and the daughters decorated the 
tree and exchanged gifts. In the spring a 
beer-baseball game was held with the 
daughters and the little sisters of two 
other fraternities. Tekes were active in 
other house functions such as the pledge 
dance, two boxer shorts dances, a winter 
formal, our annual beer and crab feed 
and the spring cruise on Lake Coeur 
d'Alene. Besides the many house 
functions, Tekes were involved in all 
campus intramurals with participants in 
Pac-8 football, baseball and wrestling. 

Mitch Allen 
James Guy Allphin II 
Mark Andrews 

Roger Beck 
Gary Butler 
Joe Gashoe 

Jim Corcoran 
Craig S. Daly 
Craig N Dickison 

Daniel Henry Empenger III 
Dan Fleming 
Greg George 

Tom Grant 
Bruce Hamilton 
Martin Hart 

Stephen Hemmen 
John M. Hickey 
Randy Huges 

Clay Cochran Jolly 
Bob Locke 
John Meehan 

Bill Miller 
Jim Nagle 
Chris C. Nolan 

Les Okonek 
Fess Parker 
Robert J. Perriella 

Jeff Potncek 
Chris Reed 

James Thomas Slavin Jr. 

Ben Stewart 
Gordie Walsh 
Warren B. Willoughby 

TKE 421 

Theta Chi 

Allen Aldrich 
Paul Scott Armstrong 

Theta Chi fraternity, as well as the Greek system at 
WSU has undergone a vast change recently. During the 
1971-72 year this was facilitated by the change from 
the former hell week at Theta Chi to a work week, 

during which the whole house joins in revamping the D Derlk S j B B"own 

house. The year 1971-72 was also a building year for 

the little sister program which was adopted to 

accomplish a more meaningful program than the former 

Dream Girl contest. This, along with an eventful social 

calendar, highlighted the year for Theta Chi. 

Scott Candoo 
R. Donald Carlson 

Lynn Carmichael 
Tom Carney 

David Cams 
Asa Clark 
Girard Clark 
Thomas Coleman 
Cameron Covington 
Tod Dauer 

Dave Elfoson 
Scott Eubanks 
Mike Evans 
Fred Fishback 
Jay Gorhan 
Randy C. Hamilton 

Jeffrey Harlow 
G. Frederick Knell 
Glen Littleton 
Dick Loofburrow 
Jim Loofburrow 
Jeff Martin 

Dave Nordeen 
Steve O'Brien 
Randy Ostman 
Roger Overman 
Bob Paasch 
Chris Rogers 

Mike Sieman 
Scott James Smith 
John Van Rooy 

Stan Weber 

John Wood 

0X 423 

Carl Busweil 
Don Busweil 

Theta Xi 

Freedom Is. 

And social norms look you 
In the face, to change 
From inside, or to 
Revolt against when they 
Become oppressive. 

And the mental orgasm. 

Like the Mind-expanding drug. 
Makes you aware of change 
And you reach for more. 

Laurence D. Dinwiddle 
Michael F. Ford 

Doug J. Garbareno 
Randy Grady 

Ronald Hanson 
William Douglas Moore 

Mike O'Neil 
Dennis Packer 

William D. Parmenter 

Thomas Sherry 

Steven Shinohara 

Bruce Warninger 

0- 425 


Coman Hall 

Jinny Adams 
Janet Anderson 
Janet Ellen Anderson 

Marilyn Anderson 
Connie Sue Aufderhar 
Anita Axtell 
Barbara Bang 
Lynn Beltz 
Barbara Beng 

Anne English Bevens 
Jeanne Braun 
Lannie Bingham 
Barb Brim 
Eileen Broomell 
Joan Broomell 

Teri Brownlee 
Diana Kay Cochran 
Sharon Eileen Cook 
Linda Marie Cross 
Charlotte Cruzen 
Shirlee Daun 

Cathy Douglass 
Karen Duffey 
Diane B. Dunn 
Sue Elam 
Mary Beth Fink 
Marilyn Frei 

Kathleen D. Gagnon 
Maggie Goeckler 
Karen Gorton 
Cheryl Greinke 
Joanne Harris 
Elizabeth Hart 

Jo Ann Hastings 
Barbara Heimbigner 
Connie Heimbigner 
Mary Patricia Hoffman 
Marilyn Howard 
Jennifer D Johnsen 

Jill Jueling 
Janet Jump 
Jane Kelly 
Kathleen Konecki 
Jennie L. Lauckhart 
Kathy Leinweber 

Linda Kay Leonard 
Patti McCarty 
Teresa McCauley 
Pamela McHugh 
Sue McLean 
Linda Matthewman 

430 Coman 

Joyce Messenger 
Liz Morris 

Theresa Olsen 
Jean Primozich 

In 1971 the women of Coman Hall enjoyed a 
Halloween dinner eaten Tom Jones style, a senior 
sneak, and once again the Coman Casanova Contest 
During the Christmas season the girls participated in 
Pixie week and a gift exchange party. Throughout the 
year several award dinners were given honoring the 
women of Coman Hall. Also, during the year. Coman 
participated in several social exchanges with other living 

Bonnie Roberts 
Chris Rodin 
Jan Russell 
Romae Sargent 
Barbara Smith 
Vicki Sovold 

Marjorie Spooner 
Tricia Swindal 
Patricia Thompson 
Susan K. Thompson 
Laurie Uhl 
Vicki Walfenbarger 

Laurie Walton 
Kae Warnock 
Connie Willmann 
Colleen Yaden 
Carol Yaden 
Melanie Yarwood 

Coman 431 

Community Hall 

College life is the grand makebeliever. the bitter reality, 
the party that never ends, the race that is never won. 

It is Alice in Wonderland standing on her head 
talking to Linus about calculus 
with the Hail Alma Mater in the background 
and a beer can standing on the floor. 

It is a retreat which the world can never touch 
a place of silence and peace 
where the moment of international crisis 
is the point after the touchdown. 

The religion is faith, the creed is hope, 
the motto is "next week we study." 

Never before and after are you so very close to reality 
and yet so vitally withdrawn from it. 

The sorrows are deep sloughs of despair and dejection. 

The loneliness comes creeping in and overwhelms you 
and there is no one and nothing to fill the silent 
racking void. 

And then you have a cherry coke and there is joy and ecstasy. 

And the rustle of leaves and the string of cars 

glistening on a rainy night that fill you with a peace 
and a love that no poem or cathedral can give. 

They are simple, these four years. 

We never will them, we sometimes appreciate them 

And we spend the rest of our lives reliving them. 

Virginia Bane 
Pam Baum 

Judith Baxter 
Linda Carel Bloom 

Nancy Boettcher 
Charlene Bourne 

Coleen J. Brown 
Constance Cantrell 

Judith A. Davenport 
Christina Dawn Schroeder 

Karen Dixon 
Lindsay Downham 

432 Community 

Barbara Eder 
Lynann Edge 
Debra A. Fry 
Joyce Halldorson 
Janet Lynn Haynes 
Mary Helen Inverso 

Jenny Lyn Jensen 
Elaine Killingsworth 
Linda S. Koehler 
Silvia M. Kroeger 
Karen Y. Lafky 
Deborah Jean Lang 

Kris Moore 
Lavrienne E. Post 
Susan Picatti 
Terah Regan 
Eleen Marie Riedasch 
Donna Roulstone 

Davis Hall 

Suzi Burke 
Kathleen Burke 
Francine Bette Chinn 

Joanne Dawson 
Pamela Dorway 
Linda Gaw 

Joanee Romayne Gotovac 
K. Jayne Gross 
Janet Hagemeister 

Judith L. Hoisington 
Jane Carol James 
Jane Kile 

Morrine Lamb 
Victoria L. Lamb 
Julia Larson 

434 Davis 

Anita Lira 
Shirley Loesch 

Shannon D. McFall 
Kathy McKay 

Susan Marie Magnussen 
Diane Petroff 

Deanne Robey 
JoAnn Ross 

Priscilla See 
Christi Sherrill 

Sue Sieloff 
Michele Smith 

Gayle Waara 
Charlotte Ruth Warsham 

Marlene Wong 
Mary Woods 

For the 35th year, Davis Hall welcomed new and 
returning coeds with assorted activities. During 
registration week an ice cream party and a watermelon 
feed gave Davis's ninety nine residents an opportunity 
to meet their neighbors and new head resident. A first 
for Davis was a raunch dance. "Trucking Around the 
Zoo" co-sponsored with two other quad area dorms. 
Christmas brought pixie week and a fireside for all to 
trim the old fashioned tree. With spring came sun¬ 
bathing on the sundeck, water fights and the annual 
spring semi-formal. 

Davis 435 

Duncan Dunn 

A new beginning— 

the final departure 

With the middle years stuffed in between— 
laden with recollection. 

New faces telling of different lives brought together— 
for a while. 

Our presence seemed brief and only 

Now we leave having shared our 
innermost thoughts 

With that bestest friend ... 

Rose D. Atwood 
Rebecca Ann Babcock 

Donna Jean Baxter 
Carol Bell 

Nicole Bomar 
Pamela Briant 

Audrey K. Dhillon 
Debbie Ditter 

Wendy Eldridge 

436 Duncan Dunn 

Kathleen Hurson 
Julie Rae Johnson 
Linda Kerslake 
Martha Knight 

Marci E. Knutsen 
Cindy Lierman 
Barbara Long 
Diana Louise Murphy 
Candy McMillan 
Susan Dean McMullin 

Marie Miller 
Claudia Molchior 
Marsha Monro 
Pam Nesvig 
Melonie O'Neil 
Cathy S.N. Opena 

Margie Parks 
Marta R. Page 
Renee Perrault 
Susan Reiley 
Jeannie Reyburn 
Leslie Rickard 

Elizabeth J. Roberts 
Kathy Roberts 
Deborah Rossiter 
Mary Kay Saulie 
Mardi Scott 
Mary Jane Scott 

Anne Schillinger 
Lynn Severtson 
Patti Jean Siems 
Gloria Shaw 
Sherrill Sleightholm 
Terrie Suzuki 

Linda Taitano 
Marleen Thurlow 
Sharon M. Tucker 
Sue Walker 
Rebecca Wheeler 
Kathy Zelazny 

Duncan Dunn 437 

Gannon Hall 

Tom Ardell 
Kenneth Bisbee 
Dennis Eric Brown 

John C. Bush 
Gary Busick 
Byron Cheney 

Gene Chouinard 
Brent Christie 
Dean Clark 

Patrick Crowley 
Roger Dirkes 
David Dean Driver 

Harvey A. Dunham 
Brad Gingerich 
Mark Giske 
Lawrence M. Gorton 
Wes Graham 
William Gray 

438 Gannon 

Mike Hache 

Todd S. Hanon 

Woody Harris 

Mark R. Heglund 

Donald S. Hillstrom 

Ron Hoyum 

Steve Huhta 

Kirk Isajcsan 

Bruce Kinney 

Our task as men 
is to find the few principles 
that will calm the infinite anguish 
of free souls. 

We must mend 

what has been torn apart, 

make justice imaginable again 

in a world so obviously unjust, 

give happiness a meaning once more 

to peoples poisoned 

by the misery of the century. 


it is a superhuman task. 

But superhuman is a term 
for tasks men take a long time 
to accomplish, 
that's all. 

—Albert Camus 



The human individual possesses a contriving brain; 

insatiable intellectual curiousity. 

regardless of utility; 

a memory; the power to reason; 

the capacity to order facts 

for long-range utilization; 

purpose; the will to make decisions 

and a capacity to execute them in subtle ways. 

All of these qualities are possessed by man 
at an order of magnitude 
which differentiates him absolutely 
from other animals . .. 

And more, man possess Potentiality, 
a power to realize his Potentiality in Actuality; 
a power to which no limit is known. 

—James C. Malin 

Bob Knutson 
Stewart Lowe 

Ed McConkey 
John H. McNeil 

John M. Maxwell 
Mike Moon 

Gregory Mott 
Andrew J. Oakley 

Rick Oliver 
Steve Parkhurst 

Jim Phelan 
Kim Phelps 

440 Gannon 

Patrick J. Raymond 
Ram Sablin 

Craig Rolf Salvesen 
Gordon Sivley 

Richard W. Spitler 
Mark William Stendal 

Bob Stiles 
David R. Unger 

Richard Wayenberg 
Johnson Randall 

No man has learned to live 

until he can rise above the narrow confines 

of his individualistic concerns 

to the broader concerns of all humanity. 

Length without breadth 
is like a self-contained tributary 
having no outward flow to the ocean. 

Stagnant, still and stale, 
it lacks both life and freshness. 

In order to live creatively 
and meaningfully, 

our self-concern must be wedded to other concern. 
—Martin Luther King 



Chas Atkinson 
Drew M. Bodker 
David N. Bogue 
Mike Boltz 
John M. Brewer 
Steven Davis 

Curtis W. DeHaan 
Gale DeJong 
Mike Dial 
David W. Eaton 
Alan L Gray 
Gilbert Dean Hata 

Goldsworthy Hall 

Ken Hewson 
Thomas P. Hill 

Roger Howard 
Bill Kullberg 

Bruce Legg 
Randy Lewis 

Marvin Louie 
Allen James Miller 

442 Goldsworthy 

Paul Peters 

Karl VanderPloeg 

Darryl Lee Podolak 

L Allen Price Jr. 

James D. Reddick 

Goldsworthy 443 

James H. Rodstol 
Larry Roske 

Virgil E. Schmidt 
David Laurence Smith 

Terrance J. Smith 
John Curtis Steiner 

444 Goldsworthy 

Sharon Aboen 
Lynn Marie Barneich 
Katherine Beaman 
Susan Bell 
Card Bennett 
Linda Fay Biddle 

Carol Bjorgan 
Julie Black 
Barbara Blegen 
Jane Currie Botterman 
Kathy Bredeson 
Mary Burns 

Nancy Bush 
Jennifer Cadwell 
Jeannette Cain 
Susan Call 
Anne E. Campbell 
Claudia Chandler 



Valerie Clem 
Charlene Collender 
Margaret Collins 
Pamela Crandall 
Jennifer Crask 
Jan Cristofoli 

Nancy Dahl 
Ronda Daling 
Bernice Dauf 
Lorrie Ann Cougherty 
Beth Easterbrooks 
Anne E. English 

Sandi Farwham 
'Delores Feller 
Ruth K. Fergen 
Shirley J. Forsberg 
Sue Van Fredenberg 
Carol Fricke 

Kruegel-McAllister 445 

Nancy Kathryn Friehauf 
Mary Garvey 
Anne K. Gavareski 
Mary Jane Goss 
Susan Greiwe 
Jacquie Haeger 

Norma B. Hall 
Carol Hagedorn 
Jo Alison Hanford 
MaryAnne Hawley 
Karen Hara 
Carla J. Hardy 

Marcia Heasley 
Jean Marie Hein 

Emily Jean Heintz 
Jolynn Henderson 

Gail Ann Hetherington 
Sue Hickman 

446 Kruegel-McAllister 

Linda I. Hillier 
Barbara Hodapp 
M. Elizabeth Hoggarth 
Sue Holcombe 

Meredith Ann Holman 
Barbara lafrate 
Fran Johnson 
Judy Janet Johnson 

Kay Ann Johnson 
Julie Lynn Jordan 
Leslie P. Joslin 
Kathy Killam 

Kelli Klaas 
Melinda Larson 
Joanne Lillquist 
Kathy Lingen 

Gladys A. Loreen 
Carolyn Lowther 
Debbie McCollum 
Jean McLaughlin 

Marlene Mallory 
Nancy Malloy 
Pam Marshall 
Barb Mart 

Kruegel-McAllister 447 

Marquerite Menaul 
Mary M. Mittge 
Cathy Morehead 
Betsy Moore 
Terri Moore 
Elaine Moorhead 

Patricia Nason 
Christine Nelson 
Patricia Nissen 
Mary Anne Olmstead 
Jan Oppie 
Diane Parkinson 

Susan Marie Pattison 
Debbie Paysse 
Mary Peckham 
Vickie C. Perdue 
Joan Picken 
Sharon Poffenroth 

Jan Pribbernow 
Donna Raabe 
Patti Randall 
Gloria Ann Rivera 
Mary Robinson 
Sandra Ross 

Nancy L. Schmitt 
Cathy Schimpf 
Linda R. Seidel 
Joanne Shadel 
Janet Simpson 
Shelley Smith 

448 Kruegel-McAllister 

Gail Twelves 
Phyllis VanWinkle 
M. Annette Vochatzer 
Joan Wallace 

Laura Ward 
Rita Watson 
Pamela Westfahl 
Robin Wheeler 
Vicki Lynn Wheeler 
Cindy Wine 

Cindi M. Williams 
Jeanne Winter 
Mary Wolfe 
Paige Wood 
Heidi Wyss 
Julienne Zembal 

Kruegel-McAllister 449 

McCroskey Hall 

This was the year of changes for McCroskey Hall. 
Under the sturdy leadership of Alda Amidon, dorm 
president, the 95 women of McCroskey enjoyed the 
liberal benefits of lengthened visitation hours and the off¬ 
beat education provided by a new pool table in the 
basement. One of the highlights of the year was a trip to 
the Washington State Penitentiary at Walla Walla, late 
in October. Christmas brought more proof that it is 
better to give. Money was provided to buy gifts for five 
patients at the Eastern State Hospital near Medical 
Lake. Spring brought the usual outdoor activities, as 
well as a street dance towards the end of April. 

Teresa Allnoch 
Alda Amidon 
Monica Bell 
Jan L. Britt 
Fran Ciarlo 
Mary Alice Clow 

Catherine Cole 
Cindy Cone 
Rena Cooper 
Pam Flodine 
Sandy Graham 
Pat Greenwald 

Patricia B. Griswold 
Kitty Hawkins 
Naoma Hickman 
Sharon Hitsman 
Denise Hoard 
Patricia Huggins 

Diane Kay Hurd 
Julie K. Jacobsen 
Kristi Jensen 
Michele Johnson 
Patty Kennedy 
Sally J. Ledgerwood 

450 McCroskey 

Kathi Ollom 
Jean Smith 
Jenny Smith 

Joan Steberl 
Linda Systad 

. y Gloria Lobe 

Elsie McDonell 
Judy Mecartea 
Sarah Noran 

Katherine L. Thompson 
Debbie Turrill 

Cindy West 
Debra Wiggins 

Nancy Wiggins 
Judy K. Young 

McCroskey 451 

452 Neill 

Nancy C. Gable 
William 0. Hunter Jr. 
Willy Isa 
Scott Johnson 
Lawrence A. Jones 
Cathy Lee 

David E. Lee 
Steve G. Lien 
Connie Mead 
Don Morris 
R.D. Warren Omans 
Carolyn Ophus 

William S. Palmer 
Tom H. Parker 
Marc Pence 
Carl J. Pietsch 
Diana Rudisile 
Richard Earl Sackett 

Robert Thomsen 
Steve Treese 
Neal Trulson 

Ronald W. Vail 
Stan Weston 
Barbara Wood 

Orton Hall 

There must be no gap between 
expression and meaning, 
between real and declared aims 
... It means not saying or 
thinking, "I didn't MEAN to hurt 
your feelings," when there really 
existed a desire to hurt. It means 
not saying "luncheon" or "home" 
for the purpose of appearing 
upper-class or well-educated. It 
means not using the passive 
mood to contribute, to no one in 
particular, opinions that one is 
unwilling to call one's own. 

Donald Hall 

Ned Champagne 

Head Resident 

Judith A. Alexander 
Barbara Allan 
Alan R. Bartelheimer 
Ellen Bartholomew 
Lloyd Robert Brewer 
Deborah A. Carlson 

John R. Dorffeld 
Loren Dorman 
Michael Fautain 
Ferrie L. Forar 
Bruce E. Groom 
Larry E. Hall 

IE> S?® 


Tom Neubert 
Teressa L. Persyn 
Beth Reymore 
James H. Reynolds 
Margaret A. Slagle 
Delmis Sonneson 

Tom Spencer 
Vasili Takas 
Mark Thomason 
Janice Todnem 
Armand B. Utshudi 
E. Wynn VanAusdle 

Steven D. Walbridge 
Matt Wanchena 

Diane Warner 
Larry D. Wood 

Thomas F. Yates 
Herbert S.K. Yuen 





Regents Hill 

. . . living in Regents . . . 

goodtimes, seven-day weekends 

kittens, puppies, gold fish, and orange trees 

quiet hours, loud stereos 

no more Velvet room 

long lines in the dining hall 

sunbathing, soaking up sun, very little studying 

dress dinners, Cornish Game hen—again 

raunch dances, lots and lots of people, lots of guys 


snow, dorm meal trays, late nights on the Hill 

the Incinerator and Otis, the Elevator 

phones ringing, visitation, no unescorted guys in the halls 

haunting the desk for letters from home 

water fights in the pond 

trying to get things together 

sleeping in. skipping classes 

finals, quiet at last 

making it through school in one piece 
together ... 

Helen Amburgey 
Joan Anderson 
Claudia Lynne Angus 
Jennifer L. Anstey 
Susan Avery 
Janet Ayers 

Roean Barkley 
Ruth Barnett 
Gail Bartlett 
Gail Basso 
Polly Boren 
Diane Boscovich 

Cynthia Botch 
Vicki Brewer 
Cheri Brinkman 
Sally Britain 
Cindy Bruner 
Sarah Calavan 

Betsy Cain 
Cathy Carlton 
Lee De Chambeau 
Bonnie Chitty 
Sonia L. Cleland 
Carla Cooper 

Jean Marie Dallas 
Kathy Dalton 
Gail Dennie 
Mary Denny 
Barb Diefendorf 
Candice Dixon 

458 Regents 

Kristi Dodge 
Debbi Downing 

Gail Dunn 
Julie Edwards 

Sherry Embree 
Kathryn Evers 

Janette Fanning 
Pam Fogleman 
Linda Ford 
Lee Ann Fordyce 
Connie Fox 
Kari Freeman 

Marge Frei 
Debby Ann Fujihara 
Majel Furu 
Emily Jager 
Sandra Garl 
Rena Gauthier 

Cece Gavalir 
Nan Gaudette 
Alice Marie Gentry 
Pam Gifford 
Judy A. Gillis 
Robin Gillis 

Regents 459 

Janis Goodman 
Linda A. Gormley 
Kathleen Grant 
Paula Gray 
Jill Gutkowski 
Melody Hall 

Diane Halverson 
Kathy Hansen 
Paula Hartstrom 
Charlotte Hartung 
Camean Lisa Healy 
Haydee Hernandez 

Holly Herron 
Melinda Hertel 
Kathryn Hilde 
Paula Jane Hill 
Carol Hinchliffe 
Paula Holbrook 

Sherry Holland 
Michelle Hotter 
Connie Husa 
Sue Inman 
Lynette Irwin 
Debbie Johnson 

460 Regents 

Chris Ladish 
Gayle Lantz 

Dede Lawler 
Bunny Leenhouts 

Rita J. Levang 
Joan D. Light 

Linda Lobberegt 
Mary Ellen Lucas 

Sally Lund 
Linda Maberry 

Sheila McCabe 
Cynthia McClaer 

Laurrie McDougall 
Saundra McIntosh 

Bonnie J. McKinley 
Lori McLaughlin 

Lynn McNeill 
Donna Elaine Maes 
Jean Matsuhara 
Beverly Merkel 
Mary Mezger 
Marilyn Miller 

Beverly Mizumoto 
Christi Morgan 
Laurie Mudge 
Myra Myers 
Rebecca L. Nansen 
Lois Nelson 

Regents 461 

Louise Nelson 
Sharon Nelson 
Dixie Newbill 
Cathy Noerenberg 
Diane Olson 
S. Kim O'Neal 


Kathleen Pleas 
Sheri Plescher 
Yvonne Poole 
Diane Poulsen 
Mary Rudd 
Kathleen Rubright 

Teri Robertson 
Sandy Ringer 
Diane Rarey 
Patricia L. Sauer 
Carol Schlenker 
Jane Schultz 

Catharine Seibolt 
Karen Shaffer 
Vicky Shallenberger 
Gay Shollenberger 
Lynn Shrauger 
Tammy Siebenberg 

Kathie Palmer 

Martha L. Payne 

Eve Peabody 

Marnell Pelley 

Bonnie M. Penniman 

Karen C. Phillips 

462 Regents 

Sharon Skadsen 

Tena Skeen 

Wendy Smith 

Sharon Joyce Sorensen 

Kay Redene Spoonemore 

Cathy Stafford 
Nancy Steffen 
Ceci Stevens 
Karen L. Strehlow 
Cindy Sulenes 
Christi Swannack 

Judith A. Thatcher 
Donna J. Thorndike 
Rebecca L. Thorndike 
Roberta JearrTonder 
Judy Trvitt 
Karla VanDyk 

Carla J. Vtecht 
Louise C. Walker 
Theresa Wall 
Terry Lynn Warner 
Patti L. Wasson 
Carol Weimer 

Vicki S. Wen 
Donna West 
Candy Wester 
Cyndi Westermeyer 
Loralee White 
Debbie Zlatich 

Regents 463 

Scott Hall 

Rebecca Baily 
Sandra Fay Bjornson 

Donna Danielson 
Margie Duncan 

Carmen Dybdahl 
Brenda Edmiston 

Sue Erickson 
Sherry Fitzpatrick 

Terry Forsell 
Jacquelin Garner 

Pamela Gregory 
Marcia Hunter 

Diane Johnson 
Cheryl A. Jones 

Peggy Jordan 
Jody Kitten 

Catherine Kroll 
Colleen Morrissey 

464 Scott 

Lynne Morton 
Sherryl Murray 
Shirley Parsons 
Karen Peterson 
Gail Rhymes 
Rebecca A. Rogers 

Judy Rush 
Marie Scambelluri 
Marybeth Scott 
Cindy Shobe 
Marcia Shreve 
Sherri Smith 

Cynthia Stanley 
Lanita Tilton 
Deborah F. Turney 
Barbara J. Wilson 
Janet Wright 
Roanne Zigler 

Rogers Hall 

David Anderson 
Thomas R. Arnold 

Tom Bailey 
Douglas Bennett 

Wayne Bills 
Bob Blane 

Richard Brimmer 
David J. Bollinger 

Earl James Bone 
Donald R. Bowen 

David P. Carson 
David Chism 

Douglas Clarke 
Bradley Clarno 
Doug Collier 
Richard Danielson 
Bill Eberlein 
Pat Gallagher 

Norman Geiger 
Alex Gipson 
John Peter Goetz 
Richard Gray 
Dale Hanks 
Michael W. Hansch 

466 Rogers 

Charles Heieck 
Darryl Hertz 
James Hinken 
Emmett Ivar Husa 
George Isackson 
Chip Jackson 

Craig A. Johnson 
Jay A. Johnson 
Wayne W. Klump 
Gene Kolczynski 
Nick S. Kristovich II 
Michael Krob 

Lanny L. Lewis 
Ed Little 
Jack McGrath 
Doug McKay 
William N. Mickelson 
Elton L. Miller 

Rich Miller 
William A. Morris 
Gary Penrod 
Mark Peterson 
Gary L. Podrabsky 
David Allen Prock 

Rogers Hall activities, both in the dorm and on 
campus, were many and varied. Raunch dances, 
intramurals, a road rally, trap shoot, and 12 floor games 
led the list of dorm functions. Rogers won the noise 

contest at the Dad's Weekend football rally and the Best 
Supporter Award for the Pac-8 gymnastic 

Rogers 467 

Pat Reason 
Steve Retter 

David Rock 
Corrie Curtis 

Vernon W. Shook 
Richard Silliman 

Mike Simons 
Gregory Eugene Smith 

John Snyder 
Dan Stoneman 

Barry Sturgill 
Blaine R. Thorington 

Byron Trafton 
Jon Tunis 

Tom Tuura 
Dale VanSchoiack 

Robert Wendt 
Mike Westfahl 

468 Rogers 


Anne Marie Aiken 
Wendy Rhyae Arevalo 

Debbie Arnold 
Laura Bailey 

Dona Barrett 
Margot Bierman 

Jaclyn Birdsall 
Liz Bjoraanesset 

Linda Blevins 
Sandy Boekenoogen 

Stephenson North 

Helen Mary Bray 
Marcia Broom 

Cynthia Brux 
Janice Buchanan 

Katherine Buchenroth 
Janet M. Burke 

Pat Chapman 
Nancy Chastain 

The women of Stephenson North have had a busy 
year with a wide variety of floor functions including 
pizza parties and Pixie Week. Speakers on various topics 
as Consumer Protection and Apartment living were also 
featured. The climax of the year came with the 
preparations for Mother's Weekend and the picnics that 
are a part of it. 

Kathy Cline 
Debbie Cook 
Marlis Lynn Corcoran 
Joanne Covey 
Cindy Crotty 
Pat Cunningham 

Jamie L. Dahl 
Kyle Daniels 
Terri L. Darnell 
Debbie DeVries 
Connie R. Dickman 
Kelly Dolan 

Wanda M. Dow 
Deborah Drake 
Beth Elliott 
Kathleen Ellis 
Christine M. Elston 
Colleen C. Emery 

Judy Engstrom 
Janet Lynn Ericson 
La Fa ye Fuson 
Patti Ford 
Jeanne Fredlund 
Carol Fries 

Diane Ganguet 
Denae Gigandet 
Jill Gilbert 
Christine L. Goodell 
Diane Gossett 
Sherry Grove 

Cindy Hall 
Ann Marie Hallstrom 
Theresa B Handley 
Pam Hansen 
Susan Harrison 
Norma Hedrick 

Gayle Heer 
Darcy Heiber 
E. Eileen Hill 
Cindy Houghton 
Sandy Hunt 
Sally James 

Joann Janett 
Kristine L. Johnson 
Elaine Kammeyer 
Debbie Kinion 
Janelle Kissling 
Patricia Koski 

Rosie Kvinsland 
Linda Lanning 
Julie M. Larson 
Mila Laurente 
Diana Layne 
Gretchen Leaf 

Sally A. Lefler 
Sally A. Lindberg 
Nancy Lutterloh 
Deborah D. Mabbott 
Sharel Marjamaa 
Marguerite Mars 

Roberta Mielke 
Carol Miller 
Cynthia Miller 
Judy Miller 
Jane Milton 
Kathleen Moeller 

Linda Nicks 
Jan Nordtuedt 
Laura Louise Orando 
Jo Ann Owen 
Heidi Owings 
Chris Palm 

Gloria Pfiffner 
Cindy Phillips 
Anne Popelka 
Joan Poulsen 
Donna Reed 
Becky Reeder 

Caren Reves 
Marcia Riverr 
Susan G^v Hoark 
Nancy Rothnie 
LeEllen Sue Ross 
Michelle Sarp ovich 

Kathy Sherwood 
Pam Sirjord 
Pamela K. Smith 
Stacy Stendal 
Pam Stephen 
Susan Afagh-Tabrizi 

Cheri Ann Thomas 
Kathy Elizabeth Thompson 
Nancy Marie Tidrick 
Randie Uebelacker 
Penny Vogt 
Carol Jean Walters 

Gisela Inge Weirich 
Deborah Kay White 
Patricia Louise Wyckoff 
Jani Youngstrom 
Janine Zulauf 

Stephenson North 471 

Stephenson East 

Supporting and participating in numerous Center 
projects, Stephenson East, the University's newest 
dorm, remains an integral working part of the 
Stephenson Complex social life. East has contributed to 
many Center functions—formals, a flea market, raising 
money for a Korean orphanage, and numerous dances. 

East also sponsored two scholarship dinners and a go- 
back-to-the good-old-days film festival. Excelling in 
sports, Stephenson East captured the intramural 
football and basketball titles. 

Susan Elizabeth Adams 
Barb Anderson 

Gretchen Arges 
Connie Ballard 

Marybeth Bingay 

Connie Blair 

Linda Blevins 

Camille Dawn Campbell 

Ann M. Carlson 

Jane Carson 

Pauline Cockrum 

Maude Coleman 

Maryann Croxton 

Karen Sue DeBoer 

Stephenson East 473 

Debbie Dodge 
Diane Dinger 
Harriet Dorsey 
M. Janet Ellis 
Nancy Forsman 
Juli Anne Fortune 

Karin Fritzie Fox 
Candy Garner 
Carla Jean Geier 
Marilyn Gillette 
Claudia Glover 
Anita L. Graham 

Pamela J. Griffin 
Rosalynn Haack 
Debbie Hamilton 
Carol Hansen 
Linda Hartmann 
Linda Christina Heath 

Gayle Herbert 
Chayo Herdman 
Wendy Holman 
Cindy Horjes 
Rachel Howard 
Peggy Hudson 

Mary Jansma 
Marcia Anne Jensen 

Nancy L. Johnson 
Randi M. Johnson 

Deborah J. Kirchgessner 
Laura Kissler 
Patti Lee 
Pamela Luft 
Carol March 
Sandra Marlene Mills 

474 Stephenson East 

Kristine Merritt 
Debbie Miles 
Kathy Morasch 
Jean Neigel 

Blythe Jane Nelson 
Diane Nelson 
Karen Novobielski 
Janet Ohrberg 
Pamela Ann Olson 
Susan Parrish 

Virginia Parrish 
Piper Pischel 
Becki Robertson 
Vicky Rhodes 
Kathleen E. Ryan 
Lillian Kay Sherman 

Sandra Shields 
Carolyn Snedeker 
Donna Snow 
Kathie Sorensen 
Kay Sorenson 
Donna Spofford 

Laurie Suess 
Joanne Terao 
Mari Jo Thompson 
Marilyn Anne Uno 
Kay A) Varez 
Gayle L. Walker 

Peggy Ward 
Joyce E. Whitehead 
Kristal Wiitala 
Peggy Williams 
Marianne Workman 
Jean Yoshioka 

Stephenson East 475 


William T. Atkins 
Richard Bader 
Barry Bates 
Eric W. Bell 
Richard Birmingham 
Steven F. Brown 


Steve R. Campbell 
Bruce Lynn Cardwell 
Ray Carr 
Chris C. Christiansen 
Christopher B. Corotivo 
ThomasJ. Dennis 

Steve Falconer 
Dale Fleet 
William J. Foster 
Robert Franklin 
John Freberg 
Tim Freeman 

Daniel W. Galvin 
John D. Gillen 
Boyd T. Gittins 
Rolf Glerum 
Robin Gray 
Douglas L. Gross 

Ronald J. Guglielmetti 
John R. Hanson 
Rich Harkness 

Emmett William Hobbs III 
Dan Johnson 
Stan Kasemeier 

Keith E. Klosterman 
Don Krueger 
Bruce Kuhnav 

Rudy Macs 
Robert C. Martin 
William Jerry Miller 

Jody Monson 
David J. Moore 
Jack Frederick Nevin 

476 Stephenson South 

Robert E. Swope 
William Taylor 
David L. Teitzel 
Carl Tiller 

Rich Virkelyst 
Robert Virkelyst 
Richard I. Whinnery 
Leslie L. Whiteman 

Gene M. Niederkleine 

Craig O'Brien 

Martin H. Owen 

Elmer Ozolin 

Tom Reese 

John M Roberts 

Victor Sletten 
Steve Smith 
David Spomer 
Don Stayner 
Wayne Stettler 
Robert Stevens 

Stephenson South 


Stevens Hall 

478 Stevens 

Helen Logan 
Katherine L. McLean 
Pamela J. Murphy 

Susie Nylund 
Audrey Pearson 
Erin Powers 
Mary Lynn Scheel 
Nancy Schenk 
Judy Lynn Scdenquist 

Un Varae Skaudahl 
Karin Jo Strege 
Diane L. Thompson 
Patti Thorson 
Caroly West 
Diane Laurinda Wilson 

Stevens 479 

Stimson Hall 

Stimson Hall exuded "native charm" in the quest for 
dorm unity and entertainment. Included in the variety of 
functions was a renewal of the cross-campus 
Independent-Greek snowball follies as well as 
exchanges, parties on the Snake, and the traditional 
ever popular Stimson Stomp and Bowery Brawl dances. 

Culture was introduced with Stimson-sponsored Coffee 
Hours featuring speakers on a wide spectrum of topics. 
In addition, the unique dorm paper, the HOWL, 
continued to keep Stimsonites informed and 

This year, a significant dimension of activity has been 
added as Stimson Hall prepares for its 50th Anniversary 
as a living group—a long and proud tradition of being 
more to the men of Stimson than a place to park their 

John Antich 
Donald E. Ayers 

Stephen Benson 
Michael J. Berry 

Mike Bing 
Mike Bladek 

Bradley Bredeson 
Lawrence Charters 

Greg Creighton 
Michael Creighton 

Gilbert Crumrine 
Randy De Voto 

Steve Duhamel 
David Freyer 

Brian Edward Garrett 
Gordon A. Greenwald 

John M. Griffen 
Thomas C. Gruver 

Richard Charles Howe 
Ronald Howord 

Jeff Huey 
Warren Huey 

Dennis A. Jarrell 
Robert K. Jasman 

Dean G Johnson 
Allan Douglas Klatt 

i m 

Frank M. Megorden 
Steven Y. Miura 
Thomas S. Parsons 
Gerald Peterson 

482 Stimson 


Robert L. Anderson 
Wendy Berning 
Carol Ann Berry 
Katrina Best 
Andi Blegen 
Brenda Buchanan 

Marie Cassingham 
Bob Conway 
Carole Coveil 
Mike Dattilo 
Rhetta Dunne 
Ginger Evans 

484 Streit-Perham 

- r 


Cheryl Ferguson 
Katie Fitzsimmons 

Jim Gebhardt 
Karen Gilmore 

Jan Gomulkiewcz 
Leslie J. Gross 

Linda Groundwater 
Louis Hammer 

Judith Lynn Hartmann 
Susan E. Hartman 


Nancy Haskell 
Evelyn R. Haythorne 
Douglas Hildie 
Karla Jess 

Brian Johnson 
Thomas John Knell 
Kevin C. Kelly 
Craig D. Kerr 

488 Streit-Perham 

Gary E. McIntosh 
Sid Nicholson 
Tim Mellin 
Corinne Murphy 
Linda Quick 
Patrick Reed 

Linda Kazda 
Lucy La Croix 
Barbara N. Largent 
Lois Larson 
James M. McCorkle 
Kim Rachelle Maclean 

Christine Stinnett 
Ruth Stockdill 
Shelley Talbot 
John Tylczak 
Bonita K. Wolfe 
Paul Worden 

Dan Bauermeister 
Steven Bruce Burton 
Joseph Edward Cardoza 
Michael Carpenter 
Peter Yu-Hung 
Sui-Sin Stephen Choi 

James C. Coblentz Jr. 
David Doornink 
Gary Lee Feser 
Hamlin W. Gilmore 
Dave Hall 
Jeffrey Heath 

Bradley K. Hickel 
Steven Louis Kazda 
Donald Jack Lyman Jr. 
Richard Lee Lyman 
Thomas D. Mairs 
Douglas Meyer 

Marshall Vin-Charles Miller 
Kurt Nelson 
Don Ostheller 
Michael J. Portmann 
Kenneth E. Putnam 
Kendall Quinn 



Jeffrey Rambo 
Michael W. Roberts 
Robin Rosenau 
James S. Ryder 
Russell Scherck 
Stephen Siemion 

Forrest Solvt 
David N. Tolleshaug 
J. David Turner 
Brian Westerdahl 

Tom R. Bolin 
Donald Gene Farmer 

Charles L. Hafenbrack 
James Mellen 

W.S.U. Fire Station 

Below: Fire Station. Row One: Doug Dragoo, Steve Snyder, Fred Putnam. Row 
Two: Wally Frantz. Tom Bolin. Stanley Pease, Allen Dyer. Jim Parsons, Ed Schilter, 
Don Farmer. Steve Larsen, Joe Means, Greg Mork, Dave Stampalia. Row Three: 
Charley Hatenbrack, Jim Koenig, Doug Merriman. Chris Ellison, Jim Mellon. 

W.S.U. Firestation 


Karen Anderson 
Betty Andrew 
Margaret S. Andrist 
Sara Joanne 
Barb Berreman 
Glenda Blank 

Beverly Buchholtz 
Molly Jane Campbell 
Kerry F. Clarke 
Marilyn Craig 
Leslie Cruickshank 
Susan Curtis 

Jean Dawson 
Lynn Dennie 
Elaine M. Dube 
Barbie Gingerich 
Judith Lynne Goit 
Pamela Gowan 

Marcia Gunning 
Sharon Hall 
Christie Ann Hubble 
Laurel Jean Hume 
Cheryl Diane Jeffords 
Kristen Kinard 

Sarah Landry 
3arbara K. Loganecker 
Judith Ann McCormick 

Patti McKenzie 
Sheryl Mattausch 
Patti Mayberry 

Susan Messinger 
Marsha Millarich 
Lynda Murray 

Marsha Ott 
Peggy Ott 

Beverly Parks 
Marilyn Prothero 

Kerry Radcliffe 
Kathie Root 

Sue Rutherford 
Sharon Van Sinderen 

Beverly Smith 
Kathy Smith 

Shari Stave 
Margaret Suiter 

Lynn Swartziender 
Sylvia Ann Valdez 

Jennifer Weimer 
Kristine A. Widman 

Wilmer Hall 

Maggie’s Farm 

494 Off Campus 

Helen R. Adams 
Jeff Adams 
John F. Aldridge 
Steve Alegria 
Elisabeth Allen 
Dean A. Anderson 

Linda A. Anderson 
Lana Marie Andrews 
William David Areritt 
Harry T. Argetes 
Becky Ann Ashurst 
Keith F. Axberg 

Jeri Ann Axelson 
Terry D. Ayers 
Roger Allen Bafus 
Susan E. Barrus 
Johnathan M. Bauer 
Ken Beale 

Off Campus 

Lynn Alan Beatty 
Roger Allen Bechtol 
Bev Beckwith 

Larry L. Beecher 
Cheryl Benedict 
Michelle Berryessa 

Gail Biddle 
David Bingham 
Linda Blau 

Daniel M. Boone 
Dave A. Brooks 
Kelly N. Brown 

Lynn Bruce 
Sharon Bruce 
John J. Brugger 
Pamela L. Burke 
David Ross Butler 
John Bruce 

Barbara Cand 
Margaret A. Cannon 
Barbara Carey 
Janet Carlson 
Ermanildo L. Castro 
Ronald G. Chadwick 

James R. Chaffee 
Brenda Ching 
Jodie Christman 
Thomas A. Christopher 
Diane Elizabeth Christopherson 
Dennis R. Cihak 

Off Campus 495 

Gary R. Colley 
Mary Collins 
Ronald A. Collins 

Robert Corbett 
Colleen Cox 
Pat Coy 

Linda Crawford 
Terry Crowe 
Mariel Damaskin 

Mel Davis 

Joellen Jean Denney 
Robert K. Depner 

Takas N. Dhimitrios 
Sharon A. Dietrich 
Darcy Dinnison 
Celia Ann Dodd 
Frederick J.H. Dodd 
James Doornink 

Rena Doornink 
Curt Dreese 
Duane T. Dusek 
Susan L. Eby 
Roberta Jean Eickmeyer 
Cindy Ellison 

Kathleen Fish 
Suzanne Fish 
Doug Fitzsimmons 
Hannia Maria Fonseca 
Becky Forland 
Gary D. Fuhar 

Aaron Galey 
Brenda Cheryl Goodson 
Kristina Granquist 
Mike Greenlee 
Randy A. Gregory 
Paul L. Grimm 

Jack Guske 
Jan Hall 

Benjamin C. Haight 
Ann Colleen Hardin 
Bill Harris 
Nohne Hickles 

Joyce Higginbotham 
Sandra Higginbotham 
Deborah Ann Hill 
John F. Hoback 
Richard Holden 
Dale A. Hostetler 

496 Off Campus 

Helen Hughes 
Jenny Huneywell 

Patti Gail Ireland 
Linda Lee Irwin 

Rebecca Lois Irvin 
Rosemary Irvin 

Greg Johnson 
Karla Johnson 
Al Jones 
Bede Jordan 
Nancy Kaufman 
David J. S. Keefe 

Gloria Ann Kelley 
Bill Kelly 
Gail E. Kelly 
Deborah Kilpatrick 
Susan Kimball 

Mark Raymond Kolmodin 
Gail Marie Koorenny 
Lois Kuhnhausen 
Owen K. Kuribayashi 
Steve Landt 
Kris Lappano 

Wong Lap-ping 
Debby Latham 
Barbara Ledgerwood 
Randy Lilje 

MarleenJ. Longabaugh 
Gayle Lueckenotte 

Donald M. MacKay 
R. Grant MacLean 
Charles McCain 
Mary McCloskey 
Malcom McDonald 
Sharon McDonald 

Samuel J. McReynolds 
Phyllis Malone 
Jeannie Manwell 
Christine Marker 
Fred Markham 
Adele Pamela Marshall 

William John Marshall 
Linda Martin 
Randall D. Martin 
Katherine Mason 
Cindy Maxin 
Stanley Maxwell 

Off Campus 


Wolfgang Peter Mehl 
William E. Meiser. Jr. 
Milly Kay Melville 
Linda F. Merritt 

Cathy Miller 
Stephen Miller 
Frank J.B. Moore 
Terry Montague 

Steve Morris 
Joan I. Nishitani 
Sheila O'Connell 
John Odom 

David L. Page 
Karen Partch 
Nancy Partlow 
Calvin Parvin 

Scott A. Paul 
Steven Kent Paul 
Rhonda Payne 
Janet Peckenpaugh 

Kim Pierce 
Albert E. Powell. Jr. 
Edward J. Powell 
Jan Pratt 
Gloria J. Reeves 
Robert A. Renner 

Patricia H. Rickner 
Boyd D. Roberts 
Gayle Eileen Roberts 
Jolene Robertson 
Lee Robinson 
Royden Robb 

Dennis E. Rugg 
Susy Ruitenbeck 
Robert Rummel 
Kerry Saffel 
Marjorie Scheller 
Jo Schirr 

Kathryn Schmidt 
Francisco Segura 
Don Sheridan 
Judith Lynn Sherwood 
Laura L. Shimmin 
Stephen P. Shoemaker 

498 Off Campus 

flf f 

Kim Shrader 
Ron Sierra 
John Simila 
John F. Skadan 
Linda M. Skadan 
Mary Skelton 

Kathy Skow 
Richard B. Skreen 
Kathy Lee Small 
Darrell Lee Smith Jr. 
Janie Sporleder 
Merritt Stegmeier 

Mark Stroh 
Dianne Sullivan 
Dandi Swanson 
Richard Syring 
Jo Tueter 

Annette Marie Towner 

Marsha Jean Thorn 
Barbara Thatcher 
Tom Thackrey 
Garrett C. Templin 
Anne Taylor 
Jean Tamlyn 

RamaSamy Uthurusamy 
Gary R. Wagenblast 
Wendy Joy Wagner 
A. Wesley Ward 
Anthony Washines 
Gayle Waters 

Steve Waters 
Nancy M. Wegner 
David J. Welch 
Richard W. Welch 
Marion Wells 

Thomas Charles Westbrook 

Elizabeth Holden Westergreen 

Joyce E. Whitehead 

G. Ty Wick 

Cindy Wicks 

Reg Willich 

Robert E. Wilson 

Off Campus 499 

500 Independent 




Closing 505 








Subject Index 


AERho .105 

Ag Econ Club.134 

Ag Educ Club.132 

Ag Merchanization Club.132 

Agronomy Club.136 

Alpha Chi Omega.354 

Alpha Delta Pi.356 

Alpha Gamma Delta.358 

Alpha Gamma Rho.360 

Alpha Kappa Lambda.362 

Alpha Lambda Delta.116 

Alpha Omicron Pi.364 

Alpha Phi.366 

Alpha Phi Epsilon.106 

Alpha Tau Alpha.131 

Alpha Tau Omega.368 

Alpha Xi Delta.370 

Alpha Zeta.130 


ASCE. 107 

Athletic Council.161 



Beta Gamma Sigma.107 

Beta Theta Pi.372 


Chi Omega.374 

Christian Science.118 



Cougar Crew.298 


Crimson Clover.131 

Crimson 0.115 


Crimson W..213 

Cross Country.175 

Dairy Science.135 

Dance Committee.257 


Delta Delta Delta .376 

Delta Gamma.378 

Delta Sigma Phi.380 

Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl.301 

Delta Tau Delta.382 

Delta Upsilon.384 

Duncan Dunn.436 


Equestrian Club.138 


Farmhouse Farmer's Daughter.302 

Film Committee.258 

Fine Arts Committee.258 

Fish Fans .212 


Forestry Club.133 

Frosh-Faculty Weekend Committee .256 

Future Vets.140 

Games Area Committee.258 

Gamma Phi Beta. 388 

Gannon . . . ..438 

Gannon-Goldsworthy Playmate . . . .304 

Goldsworthy. 442 

Golf. 208 

Gymnastics. 178 

Hawaiian Club.120 

Home Ec Club.109 

Horticulture Club.140 

IFC. 263 

I.K's . 115 

Intramural Board. 216 

Japanese Club. 120 

Judo. 223 

Kappa Alpha Theta. 390 

Kappa Delta. 392 

Kappa Kappa Gamma.394 

Kappa Psi.108 

Kappa Sigma.396 


Kruegal-McAllister. 445 


Lambda Alpha Epsilon.Ill 

Lambda Chi Alpha.398 

Lariet Club..137 

Latter Day Saints.119 

Lecture Artist Committee.256 

Little Orton Annie and Andy.306 

Maggie's Farm.494 

May Queen.299 


Men's Bowling.223 

NAISA .121 

Nat'l Soc. of Interior Decorators .... 108 


Neill Hall King & Queen.305 

Off Campus. 494 

Omicron Nu.109 



Outing Club.113 

Pakistan Club.121 


PEM Club.213 

Performing Arts Committee.257 

Phi Chi Theta.110 

Phi Delta Theta.400 

Phi Eta Sigma.116 

Phi Gamma Delta.402 

Phi Kappa Tau.404 

Phi Kappa Theta.403 

Phi Sigma Kappa.406 

Pi Beta Phi .408 

Pi Kappa Alpha.410 

Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl.303 

Political Union.256 

Range Management.133 



Rho Chi.118 

Rho Nu.106 



ROTC . ..124 


SAE Little Sisters.307 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon.412 

Sigma lota .308 

Sigma lota Bellhop Bunnies.112 

Sigma Kappa .414 

Sigma Nu.416 

Sigma Phi Epsilon.418 

Sigma Tau.117 

Sigma Tau lota.117 


Spurs .114 

Stephenson East.472 

Stephenson North.469 

Stephenson South.476 




Student Assembly.254 

Student Publications Board.153 


Tau Kappa Epsilon.420 


Theta Chi.422 

Theta Chi Dream Girl.300 

Theta Xi.424 

Track. 192 



Women's Basketball.214 

Women's Bowling.215 

Women's Field Hockey.214 

Women's Gymastic.214 

Women's Ski Team.215 

Women's Swim Team.214 

Women's Tennis.215 

Women's Volleyball.215 

WRA Council. 213 

WRA Intramural Board.213 

WRA Rep and Managers.213 

Wrestling .190 

WSU Fire Station.491 

Staff Index 

Ackerman, Robert E.271 

Ackley, William B.269 

Almy. Loren B.282 

Anawalt, Bruce.248 

Austin. George T.281 

Bassett, Day L.133 

Beasley, Wallis.237 

Berry. Stanley.238 

Bertramson. B. R.269 

Bhatta. Vishnu .266 

Bishop, Warren A.243 

Blosser, T. H.269 

Brown, Dale D.181 

Brown, William R.252 

Broyles, James E.271 

Burtnett. Leon.171 

Bush, Karen.143 

Bushaw, Donald W. 115 

Buttermore, Ralph M.250 

Cairns, Susan G.253 

Calvert, Wesley D. 153 

Caraher, Patrick J.253 

Cardinali. Richard.127 

Carey. Matthew G. 153,252 

Carey. Omer L.285 

Cass. William A..250 

Clark, Eugene.285 

Clevenger, John C.239 

Coonrad, Daniel.132 

Cubley. Walton B. 17 1 

Daugherty, R. D.271 

Davis, Roger T.271 

Dederer, Michael.246 

DeFleur, Melvin L. .273 

Deming, Howard D.272 

Dockter. Kenneth B..126 

Donaldson, Edward E.273 

Drew. Homer W..189 

Dunn. Duncan .132 

Elwood, John R..272 

Erkenbeck. James 8 .171 

Ettlich, Ernest E.273 

Fiscus, Keith E.133 

Fontan, Charles R.Ill 

French, Richard C.250 

Froseth, John A.132 

Fry, Richard B.245 

Gallwey, Mary 0.280 

George, John E. Jr.133 

Goebel. Carl J.282 

Gordon. Carol E.284 

Graham, William B.278 

Greenfield. Eugene.120 

Greenwood. Robert W.. . . 180,181,182. 


Hahner, H. H.246 

Hall. Carl W.281 

Harrington, Albert.268 

Harris. Grant A.268 

Harwood, Robert E.268 

Henderson, James A.287 

Hendrix, J. Walter.120 

Henson, James B.287 

Hicks. Maynard.>145 

Hill. Alberta D.280 

Hillers. Joe K.134 

Hirschfeld, William.126 

Holtorf. Arthur M.242 

Hooper, Peter R.272 

Hopp, Tim.115 

Hoskmson. Robert E. .286 

Hower, Glen L.282 

Hughes. Dolly.138,139 

Jankovich. Sam .171 

Jennings. Ronald .126 

Johnson, Richard J.139 

Keene. Philip E.245 

Kenzy. Sam G.288 

Klavand. Paul A. ..289 

Kreager. H. Dewayne.246 

Kreck. Lothas A.286 

Limburg, Val E.105.1 56 

Lincoln, Keith P.171 

Long, Calvin T.274 

Loreen C. Oscar.133 

Madsen, Louis L.267 

Magill, Lewis M.266 

Matchett, William.275 

Maughan, H. Delight .280 

McCartan, Arthur E.115.240 

McCurdy, Jon A.289 

McLean. Joe.252 

McMahon, Michael W.283 

McNew. Louis D.266 

Melhart, Richard R.175.181,187 

Miller. John P.268 

Miller. Reginald J. 153.238 

Mitchell, Stephen R. 153.270 

Monaghan, A. Keith.274 

Morgan. Howard.246 

Morrison. Dennis J. .249 

Morrow, Michael B.115 

Mount. Howard E. 153.242 

Nakata, Herbert M.275 

Neff. Lyle .246 

Nielson. James M.267 

Northrup. Catherine.248 

Nyman, Carl J.238 

Mary. Clayton C.132 

Ott. Richard L..288 

Pasquan, Albert L. .276 

Patrick. Robert E..253 

Patterson. G.245 

Pence, Wm B.251 

Perry, Mignon.280 

Pettit. Gilbert A.126 

Poindexter, W.L.240 

Quann. Charles J.238 

Ray, B. Roger.270 

Rechard, OttisW..276 

Roberts, June. 267 

Robinson, George A.278 

Romberg, Harold.246 

Rutherford, B. A..244 

Schrenk, Ernest .251 

Seigneuret, Jean C.276 

Shaw. Chas Gardner.269 

Shelton. Y. Lauren.241 

Simpson, John B. 133 

Simpson. Robert W.171 

Smawley, Robert B.242 

Smith, Allan H.237 

Smith. Trude.114 

Stephens. Robert L.252 

Stevens. Carl M.276 

Swanson, Karl Thdr.277 

Sweeney, James J.1 68.171 

Terrell. Glenn.234,246 

Tsurutani. T. 153 

Tuell. Gordon H.249 

Urdal, Lloyd B.283 

Waananen, Martin Y.. 135 

Wallace. Robert E.280 

Wells, Donald E. 1 53,277 

Werden, Jane E.279 

White, Allen 1 .279 

Wiley. Roger C.284 

Zuccaro. Peter J.126 

516 Index 

Student Index 


Aamot. Alan.403 

Abbott. Robert Wayne.398 

Abernathy. Laurie V.408 

Abden, Sharon Marie.445 

Adams. Greg Stanley.372 

Adams. Helen Ruth .495 

Adams. Jeffrey Alan.495 

Adams, Richard Norman .406 

Adams. Susan Elizabeth.472 

Adams. Virginia J.430 

Adams. Whitney Vann.327 

Addison. William Eric.418 

Aden. John Thomas.327,380 

Adkins. John Sheldon.327 

Admiral. Roger Dale.327 

Ahrens, Christine M..388 

Aiken, Anne Marie.327.469 

Ailport, John Henry.382 

Akins. Marian Joyce.327 

Akre. Sara Beth.484 

Albers. Stephen Ferris.384 

Albright. Pamela Joy.378 

Aldrich, Allen James.422.476 

Aldrich, Robert Brian.172 

Aldrich, Robin Sue.484 

Aldridge. John F.495 

Alegria. Steven Lee.495 

Aley, Laurel Jane.478 

Alfano. Michael Carl.352 

Alkins. Peter Andrew.400 

Alhasni, Abdul Q.327 

Allan. Barbara Louise.454 

Allan. Dennis Gordon.327,476 

Allard. Barbara Sue.139 

Allard, Deborah Ruth .140.370 

Allen, Elisabeth Ann.495 

Allen. Elyse Suzanne.366 

Allen. Mitchel Brian .420 

Allen. Paul Gardner.403 

Alley. Essie Ray.327 

Allison, Leora Jean.327 

Allison. Timothy Craig.384 

Allnoch, Teresa Ann.327.450 

Allphin, James Guy II.420 

Al Varez. Katherine J.475 

Amburgey, Helen C.458 

Amidon, Alda Rose.327.450 

Amos. Gery Gene.135,406 

Amos. James Gail. 135,406 

Amos, Paula Rebecca.110 

Amundson. Bruce Dean.152 

Anarde, Russell John.125 

Ancellotti. Martin B.171 

Andersen. Alan Merritt.406 

Anderson, Barbara Ann.472 

Anderson, Barbara.114 

Anderson. Barbara Lynn.390 

Anderson. Carol Marie.327 

Anderson. Carl Edward.327 

Anderson, Catherine A..327 

Anderson. Charles E..172.1 73 

Anderson. Charles Roy.327,406 

Anderson. Crosby.171 

Anderson. David Arvin.466 

Anderson, David Lynn .410 

Anderson. Dean Arthur.495 

Anderson. Eric Emil.400 

Anderson, Gail Albert.327 

Anderson. Gary Michael.166.172 

Anderson. Gary Rohnal.400 

Anderson. Gregory Neil.140 

Anderson. Janet Ellen.327.430 

Anderson. Janet Ellen.430 

Anderson. Jeri.120 

Anderson, Joan Lois.458 

Anderson. Judith Kay.356 

Anderson, Karen Lee .492 

Anderson, Linda Alyn.495 

Anderson, Marilyn Rose.430 

Anderson, Mark Andrew.348 

Anderson. Mary Ruth.255 

Anderson, Michael T.125 

Anderson. Pamela J.374 

Anderson. Philip Alan.255 

Anderson. Robert Louis. . . 124,125.484 

Anderson. Rod. 171,172.396 

Anderson, Scott Edward.327 

Anderson. Scott W.327 

Anderson, Stephen Paul.352 

Anderson, Steven F.172 

Bob Bullis, Senior Photographer, WSU Photo 

Anderson, William E. 
Andrew. Betty Jean ... 
Andrews, Dan James . . 
Andrews. John Gregory 
Andrews, Lana Marie . . 

Andrews, Mark. 

Andrews, Michael Lee. 
Andrist. Margaret S.\ . . 
Andrus, Martin Robert . 
Ange. Leigh Temple . . . 
Angle. Lauren Janice . . 
Angus, Claudia Lynne . 
Anstey. Jennifer Lynn . . 

Antich. John Hall . 

Antill. Shelley Jean 

Apple, Susan L. 

Aquino, Lorraine Lynn. 
Arbes, James Martin. . 
Archer, Donald Charles 

. . . .327 
. . . .327 
. . . .327 
. . . .495 
. . . .420 
. . . .360 
. . . .492 
. . . .327 
. . . .366 
. . .327 
. . . .458 
. . . .480 
. . . .354 
. . . .414 
. . . .354 
. . . .327 

Archer, Michael Eugene 
Ardell. Thomas Edward . 

Areritt, William D. 

Arevalo, Wendellin R. . . 
Argens, Kathleen L. 
Arges. Gretchen Sue . . . 

Argetes, Harry T. 

Armstrong, Devora Lee . 
Armstrong. Jan Robert . 
Armstrong. Joy Lynn . . 
Armstrong. Paul Scott. . 
Armstrong. William C.. . 
Arney. Thomas Richard. 
Arnold, Deborah Gail . . 
Arnold, Thomas Richard 

Arp. Sara J. 

Arteel. Carrie Lynn. 

Arthaud, Marianne 
Ashley, Benny Wayne . . 




















Ashurst, Becky Ann. . . 
Astells, Gregory M. . . . 
Atherton. David Reid. . 

Atkins, William T. 

Atkinson. Charles 
Atwood, Lynn Keith . . 
Atwood, Rose Diane . . 
Aubert, Richard John . 
Aubert, Steve Claude . 
Aufderhar, Connie Sue 
Ausman, Deanne Amy 

Austin, Jim. 

Auvil. Dennis Merle. . . 
Avery. Diana Marie . . . 
Avery. Susan Christine 

Axberg. Keith F. 

Axelson. Jeriann. 

Axtell, Anita Irene 
Ayers, Donald Ernest . 



. . . .384 
. . . .442 
. . . .327 
. . . .436 
. . . .400 
. . . .327 
. . . .430 
. . . .378 
. . . .416 
. .. .378 
. . . .458 
. . . .495 
. . . .495 
. . ..430 


Ayers. Terry Dale .495 

Ayres. Donald Robert.400 


Baarslag, Hendrik S.327 

Babcock. Mark.416 

Babcock. Rebecca Ann.327.436 

Baca. Ruben".111.327 

Backman, Mark Timothy.254 

Bader. Richard. Myrlen . . . 133.327.476 

Baer. Judith Agnes.327 

Bafus, Roger Allen.495 

Bagley. Robert Dale.372 

Bagwell. George Harvey.327 

Bahr. Robert David.327.360 

Bailey. Laura Helen.469 

Bailey. Rebecca Fern .327,464 

Bailey. Thomas Robert.129.466 

Bailor. Katherine Lou .327.378 

Bakamis, Bill.416 

Baker, Barbara.390 

Baker, Jeff.416 

Baldon. Dirk Arin.327 

Balhiser. Patricia M.327,366 

Ballard. Constance K.472 

Bancroft, Hal C. Ill.11 5.326 

Bane. Marilyn. 177.378 

Bane. Gin.326.432 

Bang. Barbara Carol.430 

Banner. Diane L..326 

Banner, Sam R..326 

Bannon, Bradley B..352 

Baranzini. Gary Wayne.418 

Barber. Becky Mary.354 

Barcott. Kathy.326,408 

Bariault J. Daniel.418 

Barker, Harold Frank.384 

Barkley. Roena Kay.458 

Barneich. Lynn Marie.445 

Barnes. Don Neil.410 

Barnes. Nancy.139 

Barnes. Robert. 132,139,326 

Barnett. Ruth Jean.458 

Barr, Joanne Louise .374 

Barrett. Dona E.469 

Barrett. Joseph P.326,362 

Barrett. Vicki Ann.358 

Barrett. Virginia C.356 

Barrom, Linda Ellen.255 

Barrus. Susan E.326.495 

Barry. Kevin Douglas.155 

Bartelheimer, Alan R. 134,326.454 

Bartholomew, Ellen A.454 

Bartlett. Gail Ann.138.458 

Bartlett, Paul Hanson.384 

Bartley, Linda Carol.354 

Bartoletta. Marilyn K.142.143,145. 


Barton. Cheryl Ann.139 

Barton, Jeffrey A.372 

Basso, Dale Loren.452 

Basso. Gail Anne .458 

Bates. Barry Alan.476 

Bates. Thomas Allen.396 

Batfany. Laura Kelly.114,390 

Batten, William Joseph.418 

Bauer. Jonathan M.495 

Bauer, Edward Lee.*133.326 

Bauermeister. Daniel D.490 

Baugh. David E.326 

Baum, Pamela L.432 

Baumgartel, Mary Jane. 124.364 

Bautista. Robert M.384 

Baxter. Donna Jean.436 

Baxter. Judith Lillian.432 

Bayley, Richard E..380 

Beale. Kenneth Wynne.495 

Beaman. Katherine Ann.445 

Beardslee. Dean L..326 

Beardsley. Christine K. . . . 142.143.144 

Beatty. Lynn Alan.485 

Bechtol. Roger Allen.326.495 

Beck. Darrell.105 

Beck, Debora Joan.326 

Beck, Don E..326.384 

Beck. Roger.326.420 

Becker, Gary.127 

Beckerini, H. Grant.326 

Beckman, Margaret Ann.366 

Beckwith. Beverlee Rae.495 

Beckwith. Sharon Lynn.114.394 

Beebe. Kent.416 

Beecher. Larry Le Roy.495 

Beechinor. Michael L.326 

Beeman, Gordon H.326 

Beklleman. Sterling Kirk.326 

Bell. Carol J..436 

Bell. Eric W. .326.476 

Bell, Monica.326,450 

Bell. Susan Marie.366.445 

Bellon. Delores.121 

Belts, Torchie Gene.326 

Beltz. Lynn Marie.430 

Belzer. Sandra Irene.478 

Bemis, Randall Patrick.368 

Benedict. Cheryl Fay.110,495 

Benedict. David Philip.372 

Benge, Barbara.430 

Benjamin. William H.Jr.326 

Bennett, Carol Ann.445 

Bennett, Douglas Ralph.466 

Benny, Darcy.376 

Benson. Bill George.400 

Benson. Stephen Lloyd.480 

Berentson. Kristine A.388 

Berett. James A.255 

Berg. Brian Eugene.404 

Bergan. Gary Charles.171 

Bergerson. Jacqueline.472 

Bergly, Andrea Lou.110.326 

Bergstrom. Stephen J.182.187 

Berhow. Katherine Jane.356 

Berlien. Robert B.326 

Bernard, Stephen D.352 

Berndt. Richard Neal.400 

Berning, Wendy P.484 

Berreman, Barbara E.492 

Berry. Carol Ann.326.484 

Berry. George L. 128.326,413 

Berry. Kathleen.326,354 

Berry. Kenneth Jay Jr.396 

Berry, Michael James.480 

8 erryessa. Michelle L.495 

Bertramson, James L..255 

Besecker. Kathleen D.. 145.388 

Bess. Lisa.326,472 

Bess, Lynn Margaret.328.472 

Best, Trina Marie.484 

Bethards, Bill N..328 

Betlach. Nancy Lynn.364 

Betts, Bonnie Bea.110 

Bevens. Ann English.430 

Biala, Abdalla Said.328 

Bickelhaupt, Dan G. 328.360 

Biddle, Gail L.495 

Biddle, Linda Fay.445 

Bierman, Margot Ellen.469 

Bigger. Mark David.418 

Bills. James Frank.384 

Bills. Wayne Ray. 127.466 

Binford, Joanne Louise.328.472 

Bing, Michael Richard .480 

Bingay, Marybeth Janet.473 

Bingen. Shari Lu.328 

Arden Literal, Photographer, WSU Photo 


Bingham, David Andrew.495 

Bingham. Louann.430 

Binkley, Douglas Keith.422 

Birdsall. Jaclyn.328,469 

Birdsell, Carol Louise.414 

Birmingham, Richard J.476 

Birr, Richard John Jr.328 

Bisbee. Kenneth Marvin.438 

Bissell, Dianne Kay.328 

Bjoraanesset E.469 

Bjorgan, Carol Ann.445 

Bjorklund, Robin Lynn.408 

Bjornson, Sandra Fay.464 

Black, Julie Colleen.445 

Black, Lloyd Edward.Ill 

Black. M. Lynn.328 

Black, Patricia C.328 

Blackwood, Laura J.. 177.354 

Bladet. Michael F..480 

Blain. John William.452 

Blaine, Bob.115 

Blair. Connie Marie.473 

Blake. Jo Anne.146 

Blake. Susan Carole.414 

Blakemore. Robert E. Jr..328 

Blakemore. Sue Ellen.328 

Blane. Robert Earnest.466 

Blank. Glenda Kay.492 

Blank. Sheldon Elmer.328 

Blankers. Constance L.390 

Blau. Linda Roseann.495 

Blegen. Andrea Grace.484 

Blegen, 8 arbara Lynn.445 

Blevins, Linda Delores.469,473 

Blizard. Leslie Robin.390 

Bloom, Linda Carel.432 

Bloom. Robin Anne.376 

Blume. Harold G. Jr.124,125 

Boaz. Susan.452 

Bockman, Jo Ann.328 

Bodker, Drew Maurice.328,442 

Boekendogen, Sandra L.469 

Boettcher, Nancy Lea.432 

Bogan, Arthur Eugene.328 

Bogue. David Nicholson.442 

Boldt. James Michael.11 5.255 

Bolin. Thomas Russell.328.491 

Boling. Judith Claire.328 

Bolinger. Janis C.358 

Bollinger, David James.466 

Bolton, Susan Kaye.110 

Boltz, Michael John.442 

Bomar. Nicole.328.436 

Bonann. Gregory J.400 

Bond. Thomas Clinton.328 

Bone, Earl James.466 

Boone. Daniel Micheal.412.495 

Boosinger. Steven B.362 

Booth, Linda Lee.390 

Bordner. Thomas.416 

Boren. Polly Ann.458 

Borgens. Lowden Gene.133 

Bork. Michael Phillip.400 

Boscovich, Diane Lynn.458 

Bossen, Bradley Gene.400 

Boston, Janet Kathryn.328.374 

Botch. Cynthia Elise.458 

Bothwell, Joan Denny.408 

Botterman. Jane Currie.445 

Bouchey. Patricia Ann.366 

Boulanger. Theresa M.366 

Bourne, Charlene Sue.432 

Bouslog. John Lewis.134 

Bowen. Donald Ray.466 

Bower. Patricia Ann.328 

Boyce. Linda Ruth.414 

Boyd. Harold Eugene.328.360 

Boyer. Laura Lee.408 

Boyer, Nikki Rene.469 

Boyle. Felix Javerne.384 

Braafladt. Sandra Kay.376 

Braden, Timothy Joseph.127 

Braden. Wayne.127 

Bradford. Harold C.171 

Brady. Barbara Lynn.328 

Brady. Gregory Lynn.400 

Brandon. Betsy.394 

Brandon, Mark Wade.362 

Branivnd. Tom.125 

Brandt. Sherry Ann.394 

Brann. Beverly Jean.255,378 

Bratsky. Joseph H.406 

Braun, Jeanne Ann.430 

Braunwart, Kurt D.328 

Bray. Helen M.469 

Brayton. Frederick C.165 

Brazas. Terry Ernest.328 

Brazeau, Philip H. Jr..171 

Bredeson, Bradley A.480 

Bredeson. Kathleen Mae.445 

Breidenstein. Kent A..133 

Brelsford, Mary C.328 

Brenneis, John Loren.328 

Brewer, John Martin.442 

Brewer, Lloyd Robert.328.454 

Brewer, Michael Wilson.149 

Brewer. Vicki Gayle.458 

Briant, Pamela.436 

Bridgeford. David E.172 

Briehl, John Ludwig.155 

Bright. Ken Edward.413 

Brill, Marilyn Ann.408 

Brim. Barbara Janice.139.430 

Brimmer, Richard P.466 

Brink. Robert John.372 

Brinkman. Brenda C.328 

Brinkman. Cheryl Lynn.458 

Britain, Sally Adell.458 

Britt. Janice Lee.450 

Britt. Kathleen.328 

Britt. Ronald Lamar.328 

Brockie. Sheila.328,414 

Broeckel, Larry W.360 

Broenneke. Cyndra M.328 

Bromfield. Ronald R..400 

Brook. James Gilbert.328 

Brooks, Carol Bernice.378 

Brooks. David Alton.495 

Brooks. Randall Lee.124,125 

Brooks, Rodney Wayne.360 

Brooks. Teresa Marie.328 

Broom, Marcia Kay.469 

Broomell, Eileen L..430 

Broomell. Joan Marie.328,430 

Brown, Betsy Ann.114,358 

Brown. Bonnie Joanne.414 

Brown. Bradley Page.368 

Brown, Burrell. W. Jr.400 

Brown, Coleen Joyce.432 

Brown. Dennis E. 1 72.438 

Brown. Derek Jeffrey.422 

Brown. Ellen Kathryn.452 

Brown, Gary Norton.413 

Brown. Jeffrey Lee.328 

Brown, Kelly Nolan.328.495 

Brown. Steven Franklin. . . 133,328,476 

Brown, Yvonne Diane.114 

Brownell. Bruce E.328.41 3 

Brownell. Debra Ruth.374 

Brownlee. Teresa Ann.430 

Bruce, A. Lynn .495 

Bruce. Douglas Eugene.413 

Bruce. John.495 

Bruce, Nancy Cameron.408 

Bruce. Sharon Adele..495 

Brugger. John Joseph. 127,495 

Bruland, Cathy Marie. ...328 

Bruner, Cynthia Kay.458 

Brux, Cynthia Lee.469 

Bruya, Donald Craig.129 

8ryant. Alvin Eugene.11 5.386 

Bryson. Gordon Dennis.400 

Buchanan. Brenda Helen.484 

Buchanan, Janice.469 

Buchanan. Laura K.124 

Dean Beardslee. Clerk, Student Publications Photography 

Buchanan, Rae Lynn.356 

Buchenroth, Katherine.328,469 

Buchholtz, Beverly J.110,492 

Buchholz. Robert W.133 

Buchmiller. William C.382 

Bucklin, Mark Richard.328 

Buckles, Sidney .110 

Buckley. Camille.370 

Buerstatte, Jeffrey J.328 

Buhl, Craig Matson.403 

Bullard. Janice Marie.114 

Bunnell, Nancy Ann .328 

Burch. Dennis Lee .329.362 

Burford. Brooks Vern. 111,155,382 

Burger. Edgar Peter.400 

Burger, Virginia Lee.329 

Burgess, Wayne A.124 

Burke. Janet Marie.469 

Burke. Kathleen Joan.434 

Burke. Kevin Estill.368 

Burke, Pamela Lynn.495 

Burke. Suzanne Marie.434 

Burkhalter, Jerry Lee.171 

Burkwist. Phillip L.175 

Burnett, Steve.416 

Burns, Mary Jane.445 

Burns. Michael Dennis.452 

Burns. Randi Lee.366 

Burns. Terry Lee.329.402 

Burroughs. Mark M.368 

Burton. Steven Bruce.328,490 

Bury. Donald Glen.404 

Busch. Laurel Louise.390 

Busch, Stephen Thomas.171 

Bush. Karen Kay.149 

Bush, John Clyde.438 

Bush. Nancy Mary.445 

Busick. Gary Gene .438 

Buswell, Carl Wallace.424 

Buswell, Donald Bruce.424 

Butler, David Ross.329.495 

Butler, Gary Duane. 166,172,420 

Butler, Gerald Lee.329 

Butts, John Lawrence.400 

Bye. Gary Wayne.133 

Byrne. Sharon Sue.329,374 


Cable, Vicki Ann.114 

Cadwell, Jennifer B..445 

Caille, Grover Eugene.352 

Cain, Elizabeth Diane .458 

Cain, Jeannette Marie.445 

Cain. John William.149,153 

Calavan, Sarah Jo.458 

Calbom. Susan Lynne.374 

Call. Susan Margaret .445 

Callahan. Colleen M..358 

Callson. Ritaann.329 

Calvert. Douglas Alan.368 

Camp, Christopher E.368 

Campbell. Anne E.445 

Campbell. Camille Dawn.473 

Campbell. Craig.416 

Campbell. Molly Jane. . .492 

Campbell. Steve Robert.329.476 

Candoo. Scott A.422 

Cannon. Margaret A.329,495 

Cantrell, Constance A.432 

Capps, Catherine A.329 

Caraher. Thomas C.165 

Cardoza, Joseph Edward.329,490 

Cardwell. Bruce Lynn .... 255,329,476 

Carey. Barbara A.329.495 

Carlander, Laurence M.410 

Carle, Stephen Michael.360 

Carley, Constance G.181 

Carlile, Robert Jess.329,380 

Carlsen. Cynthia Jo.110 

Carlson. Ann Marie.473 

Carlson. Bradley John.368 

Carlson, Deborah Ann.454 

Carlson. Janet Elaine .1 10,495 

Carlson, Ronald Dean.149 

Carlton, Cathy Ann.458 

Carmack, Robert Hadley.146,152 

Carmichael. Dale Edwin.129 

Carmichael. Lynn Neal.422 

Carnes. Stephen Allen.404 

Carney, Thomas Truitt.422 

Cams. David Charles.423 

Carolus, Ronald C.156 

Carpenter, Joan K.138 

Carpenter. Kathleen.376 

Carpenter. Michael W.329,490 

Carr. Raymond H. Jr.129,476 

Carson, David Paul.466 

Carson, Rosalyn Jane.473 

Carson, Scott Edward.329 

Carstens. Jane Marie .329.370 

Carstens, Lee Warren.142,143. 


Carter. Darrel.125,416 

Carter. Michael Ray.172 

Carter, Richard Leland.368 

Carter, William Del.368 

Carvo. Janis Marie.329 

Casebolt. Clark D.368 

Casey. Michael Lee.132.139 

Casey, Valarie Ann.378 

Cashman, Jeffrey N..386 

Cassingham, Marie A..484 

Castle. Donald W. Jr.362 

Castro. Ermenildo L.495 

Cattin, David Marshall.352 

Cattle. Peter Scott.398 

Causgrove. Mary M.105,1 56 

Cedergren, Ingrid M.478 

Carl Gentry, Tom Turra, Martin Burwash, Rick Reil, Student Publications Photographers. 



Chadwick. Ronald Gale . . . 


Chaffee. James Richard .. 


Chalich. Linda Joyce. 


Chamberlain. Marvin A . . 


Chamberlain, Vernon J. . . 


Champagne. Edward A . . 


Chan, Andrew Ka Lab .... 


Chandler. Claudia L. 


Chapados, James P.. 


Chapman, Patricia Ann . . . 


Chapman, Susan Lynn . . . 

. . . .329.366 

Charles. Michael J. 


Charters. Lawrence 1. 


Chase. Barbara Jo . 


Chastain, Nancy C. 


Chastek. Patrick Chet .... 


Cheney. Byron Lee. 


Ching. Brenda Fung Yee . . 


Chinn. Francine Bette .... 


Chisholm, Donald R. 


Chism. David G. 


Chitty, Bonnie Louise .... 


Choi Sui-Sin Stephen . . . . 


Chouinard. Gene Marvin . . 

. . . 329.438 

Christen, Karlyn Lee. 


Christensen. Chris. 


Christiansen. Chris C. . . . . 


Christensen. Philip M. 


Christianson. Kenneth. . . . 


Christie. Robert Brent . . . . 


Christman. Jodie. 


Christopher. Thomas A. . . 


Christopherson. Diane. . . . 

. . . .255,495 

Chu Fung-Nor, Mary . . . . 


Ciarlo. Frances Lee. 


Cifuentes. Aurora J. 


Cihak. Dennis Ralph. 


Claar. Crista Lynn. 

. . . .329.354 

Clancy. Dennis Duane . . . . 


Clark. Asa Webb. 


Clark. Candice Gean. 

. . . .329.378 

Clark, Dean Allen . 

_ 175.438 

Clark. Dennis George . . . . 


Clark. Girard Donald. 


Clark. James Gordon. 


Clark. James Murray. 


Clark, Lois. 


Clark. Steven 8ennett . . . . 


Clarke. Dennis. 


Clarke. Douglas C. 


Clarke. Kerry Forrest. 


Clarno. Bradley R. 


Clausen, Sharon Lynn . . . . 


Cleland. Sonia L. 


Clem, Valerie Lynne. 


Clerf. John. 


Clevenger, Cynthia Ann 


Clifton. Caroline . 


Cline. Kathy Ann. 


Clow. Mary Alice. 


Coblentz. James C. Jr. . . . 


Coburn, Mark Allen. 


Cochran. Diana Kay. 


Cochran. Paul Wayne . . . . 


Cockrill. Delta. 


Cockrum. H. Dennis. 


Cockrum. Paulina Mary . . . 


Coderre. Archie Wayne . . . 


Coe. Robert Alan. 

- 125.406 

Coffey, Melissa Ann. 


Colangel. 1. Mario. 


Cole, Catherine Marie . . . . 


Coleman, Maude Cecelia. . 


Coleman, Thomas Edmond 


Coleman. William R. Jr.. . . 


Collen. Robin Ann. 


Collender, Charlene F. . . . • 

. . • 329.445 

Colley. Gary Richard. 

• . . 329.496 

Collier. R. Douglas . 


Collins. Janet Lee. 


Collins. Margaret Lynn . . . 


Collins. Mary Barbara . . . . 


Collins. Ronald A. 


Colwell. Dolores Ann . . . . 


Coma. Andrea Dea. 


Complita, Marcella R. 


Condos. Constantine. 


Cone, Cynthia M. 


Conklin. Michael S. 


Conner, Kathleen Mary . . . 


Conom. Joanne Michele . . 


Conrad. Paige Louise . . . , 


Conway. Robert B.. 


Cook. Anthony Leon 


Cook. Deborah Dee 


Cook. Sharon Eileen 


Cook. Thomas William.330 

Cooke. Timothy Steven.172 

Cooper. Carla Jane.458 

Cooper. Rena Diane.450 

Cooper, William J.188 

Copeland. Rebecca Ann.390 

Corbett. Robert Bryan.496 

Corcoran. James W.420 

Corcoran. Marliss Lynn.470 

Cordill, Nelson A. Jr.115,133 

Corotivo, Christopher B.476 

Corskie, Dawn Marie.330 

Cotton. David Gene.330 

Coveil, Carol Ann .484 

Covey. Joanne Kathryn.470 

Covington. Cameron H.423 

Cox. Colleen.496 

Cox. Kimberly Ann.390 

Coy, Pat .496 

Craig, Edward Jeffrey.380 

Craig. Marilyn Kay .492 

Craighead. Gregory J..171 

Crandall. Pamela Ann.445 

Crask. Jennifer La Rue . . ..445 

Craven. Sue .374 

Crawford, Candace . . 142,143.145,144. 


Crawford. Linda Louise.496 

Creighton. Gregory R.480 

Creighton. Michael J.480 

Crew. Mava Johann.370 

Cribb. Lynda Jane.366 

Cristofoli. Janis M. .445 

Cronkhite. Janny Lynn. 177,408 

Cross. Linda Marie 430 

Crotty, Cynthia Lee.470 

Crowe. Theresa Louise.496 

Crowell. Janice M. .330 

Crowell. Sallie.330 

Crowell. Stephen Foss.125 

Crowley. Patrick John.438 

Croxton, Maryann Lee.473 

Crumrine, Gilbert J. .480 

Cruzen. Charlotte Ann. 145.430 

Culver. Theresa M..330 

Cumming. Jim .416 

Cunningham. Pat.470 

Curtis. Michael Duane.133 

Curtis, Susan Rae.492 

Curtiss. Fredrick R.368 

Cuthill. Diane Louise.376 

Cutter, John Richard.330,410 

Czebotar, Jerry Allen.360 


Dady, Bruce Wayne.398 

Dahl. Douglas Arne.330 

Dahl, Jamie Lynn.470 

Dahl. Nancy Carol.445 

Daida, Barry S.120 

Daisy. Tyrone James.171 

Daling, Ronda Jo .114,445 

Dallas. Jean Marie.458 

Dalton. Kathleen Rose.458 

Daly, A. Nancy.330,366 

Daly. Craig Scott.420 

Damaskin, Mariel Ann.496 

Damm. M. Christine.330 

Damron, Paula Uorean.374 

Dana. Elizabeth Mills .378 

Danelo, Joseph Peter.172 

Daniel, Ann.330 

Daniel. Dale Douglas.115,452 

Daniel, Roger Dennis.330 

Daniels. Joseph Dennis.172 

Daniels. Kyle Marie.470 

Danielson. Donna Jean.464 

Danielson. Douglas G.418 

Danielson. Richard W. 127,466 

Darnell. Terri Lynn.470 

Dattilo. Michael David.484 

Dauer. Thomas Oscar.330.423 

Dauf. Bernice.445 

Daugherty, Alan Lee.452 

Daun, Shirlee Kathleen.430 

Davenport, Judith Ann.432 

Davis, Carol Ann.354 

Davis. Cheryll Ann.366 

Davis. Dan Lee.172 

Davis. James Kay.362 

Davis. Jane Anne.394 

Davis. Janet Elizabeth.370 

Davis, Jerry Howard.Ill 

Davis. Marilee Ann.330 

Davis, Marilyn Lea.330 

Davis. Marjory E.330 

Davis. Melody Ellen.496 

Davis. Steven Richard.442 

Davis. Virginia S.388 

Dawson. Jean Louise.492 

Dawson, Joanne M.434 

Day, David Eugene.380 

Day. Roberta Frances.478 

Dean, Patricia Ann.330 

Dean, Roger.386 

Deardorff. James Allen.330 

De Blaquiere. Patricia.378 

De Boer. Karen Sue.473 

Dechenne. Thomas Dean.398 

DeChambeau, Lee.458 

De Cuire. Nile Alton.171 

De Gagne. Jack Bernard.362 

DeGooyeo, Bruce.115 

De Haan, Barbara Jean.330 

De Haan, Curtis Wayne.442 

Deichsel. Laura K.140 

Deignan. Judy.330 

De Jong. Gale Arthur.442 

DeJong, Nancy Lee.330.356 

De Long, Brenda Rose.330 

Demerschman. Denice E.366 

Deming. Margaret Anne.414 

Denney. Joellen Jean.496 

Dennie. Gail Ann.458 

Dennie, Lynn Annette.330.492 

Dennis. Thomas Joseph.476 

Denny. Mary Evelyn.458 

Depner. Stephen Carl.396 

Depner, Robert Kurt.330.496 

Derrig. Ann Marie.330 

De Ruwe. Karl Jules.380 

Desv, Raymond Terry.330 

Detlan, Ronald G.330 

Devlin. Greg Martin .384 

De Voto, Randy Bruce .480 

De Vries, Debbie Ann.470 

Deweert, Daniel L.172 

Dewey, D. Craig.330.418 

Dhillon. Audrey Kanwal .436 

Dhimitrios. Takas N.496 

Dial. Michael Joseph.442 

Dickison, Craig Norman.420 

Dickman, Connie Rae.470 

Dicus. Shirley E.330 

Diefendorf. Barbara R. . . .142,143,145, 


Dietrich. Sharon A.331.496 

Dierks. Richard D. Jr.452 

Dineen, Muriel Theresa.331 

Dinger. Diane.474 

Dinius, Michael John .480 

Dinnison, Darcy .496 

Dinwiddie, Laurence D.424 

Dirkes, Roger Lee.438 

Ditter. Deborah Jane .436 

Dittmer. David Alan.331 

Divers. Robert Eugene.172 

Dixon. Candice.331.458 

Dixon. Karen Lee .432 

Dixon. Richard Charles.331 

Dixon. Sandra Lucille.331 

Doane, Kenneth Wayne.400 

Dobbins. Kenneth Ray. 128.331 

Dodd, Celia A.331.496 

Dodd. Frederick J. H.496 

Dodd. James McKee .168,171 

Dodge, Deborah E.474 

Dodge. Kristi Lee .459 

Dogterom. Dana M. .165,171 

Dolan. Kelly Kathleen.470 

Dolven. Michael N..187,182 

Dompier. Barbara Ann.356 

Donahoe. Diane Lynn.331,354 

Donald. Barbara Ann .331 

Donaldson. Frank E .187 

Donley. Colleen K. .378 

Donn, Tamara Jo .331 

Donnen. Kay Annette.370 

Doornink, David W.490 

Doornink, James W.498 

Doornink, Renamarie.498 

Dorffeld, John Ralph.331.454 

Doriss, James Parker.331 

Dormaier. Christine A.114 

Dorman, Loren Dean .454 

Dorsey. Harriet Ann.474 

Dorway. Pamela Jean.231.434 

Dotson. Mary Celeste.408 

Dougherty. Lorrie Ann.445 

Douglass. Catherine S.430 

Doumit. James Edward . 


Doumit. Peter George 


Dove. Gary S. 


Dow. Gregory Charles . . . 


Dow. Wanda Marlene . . . 


Downey, Lynne Marie . . . 


Downham. Lindsay Gail . 

. 432 

Downing, Debra. 


Draggoo. Ronald Edward 


Dragich. Dixie Ann. 


Dragoo, Douglas P.. 


Dragoo, Roy K . 


Drake. Deborah Dean . . . 


Drechsel, Linda C. 

. 177.331.390 

Dreese, Curtis William . 


Dressel. Richard D 


Driver. David Dean. 

. 129.438 

Droke. John Mark. 


Druffel, Debby Kay 


Druffel. Laurel Ann. 


Drumhiller. Timothy A. 


Dube, Elaine Mary . 


Dudley. Michael Roy • • • 


Dudley, Ricky G . 


Dufault, Marilyn Jean . . . 


Duffey, Karen Ann . 


Duffy. Dennis Robert 


Duhamel. Steven W . . . 


Dullanty. Sharon Marie 


Dunagan. Terri Kay. 


Duncan. Charles Craig. . . 


Duncan, Marc Earl . 

. 149.352 

Duncan. Margarethe C. . . 


Duncan, Stephen K. 


Dunham. Eric. 


Dunham. Harvey Aaron . 

.1 15.128. 


Dunham, Mikel Patricia . 


Dunham, Scott Howard . 


Dunlap, Robert Eugene . . 


Dunn, Diane Bonnie . . 


Dunn, Gail Alida. 


Dunn, Peter Bridgeman 


Dunne. Rhetta. 


Dunnington, Cathy Dana- 


Dupar, Robert William 


Durfey, Ted R. 


Dusek, Duane Theodore . 


Duskin. Dale Carroll • • • 


Duskin. Kay E. 37.146.331,370 

Dybdahl, Carmen Lois • 


Dye. Colleen. 

. 128.129.366 

Dyer. Cheryl Lynn. 

. 183.390 

Dyer, 1. Allen. 


Eagan. Nyla Jane. 


Eagle. Arlene Ann. 

. . . 114.366 

Earing. Shelley Sue. 


Early. Raymond Lloyd. 


Early. Raymond, William . . . 


Easterbrooks, E. S. 


Easton. Greg. 


Eaton. David Wiley. 

. . .331.442 

Eaton, Kandy Marie. 


Eaton, Kevin Eugene. 


Eaton, Larry Earl. 


Ebe Sally Jo . 


Ebe. Stephen Carl. 

. . . 133.331 

Eberlein. William C. 


Eby. Susan Louise. 


Eckfield, Ronald Bryan . . . . 


Eckhardt. Judith Ann . 

. . .331.374 

Eder. Barbara Jean. 


Edge. Lynann . 


Edmiston. Brenda R. 

. . .331.494 

Edwards, Clif Dee. 


Edwards. Julie Lee. 


Eickmeyer, Roberta J. 


Eide. Richard James. 


Eklund, Janet D. 


Elam. Susan Vana. 


Eldridge. Wendy Susan . . . . 


Elfoson. Dave. 


Eliason. Daniel Stuart. 


Ellingson, Richard B. 


Ellington. Stephen L. 


Elliot. John Ferrell. 


Elliott. Asa C. 


Elliott. Bruce. 


Elliott. Elizabeth Ann. 


Elliott, Mark M. 


Elliott, Thomas M. 


Ellis. Kathleen A. 



Ellis, Margaret Janet.331.474 

Ellis, Michael Glen .115 

Ellison, Cindy W.496 

Elmer. Laurel Jean. 177.390 

Elmgren. Erik Thomas.410 

Elston, Christine M.470 

Eltvick. Albert Magney . . . 105,1 56.382 

Embree. Sherry Lynn .459 

Emery. Colleen C.470 

Emmons. Kathleen Dee .331 

Empenger. Daniel Henry.420 

Eng, Geoffrey. James.331 

Eng. Stanley.331 

Engle. Bob .171.372 

Engler. David Mark.403 

English. Anne E. '.331,445 

Engstrom, Judith L. .331.470 

Ensor. Douglas Edward.133 

Erb. Grant Theodore.331 

Erb, Linda Joyce.331 

Erdman, Judith Ann.331 

Erickson. Douglas H.149 

Ericson, Janet Lynn .470 

Erickson, Susan Lynne.464 

Erickson, Thomas M.331 

Eschbach. Lee Ann.374 

Eskeberg. Karen G.331.366 

Espy. John S.332 

Esvelt, Robert Peter.396 

Esvelt, Wade Martin.384 

Eubanks. Scott Jay.423 

Evans. Katherine E.332 

Evans. Kathryn M.1 10,374 

Evans, Judith Lynn.436 

Evans. Michael Lynn.423 

Evers, Deborah.332 

Evers. Deborah.354 

Evers. Kathryn Louise.459 

Ewalt. James Edward.172 

Extine. Michael Wayne.332 


Fagerness. Michael G.352 

Fair. Martha Jane.479 

Faires. Robert.332 

Falconer. Steven E.476 

Falkenreck, Janie E.376 

Fallstrom. David C.332 

Fanning. Gary Allen .332 

Fanning, Janette Marie.459 

Farmer. Donald Gene.491 

Farmer. Kit Elizabeth .378 

Fautain. Michael.454 

Faw. Russell Wayne.386 

Fedoroff. Robert W.332 

Fehr, Larry Michael.386 

Feldhaus. Kathy.332 

Felker, Douglas Paul.332 

Feller. Delores.332,445 

Fenner. Ruth Anne.114.414 

Fergen, Ruth Kathryn.445 

Ferguson. C Cheryl.485 

Ferguson, Gwynneth.332 

Feser. Gary.332,490 

Feusner, John Douglas ... 132,138,139 

Field, Blaine Newton.384 

Field. Colleen Ann.114,376 

Field, Michael L.332 

Fiker. Lindsay Ann .437 

Filkins, Constance H.121 

Filyaw. Michael Ross.452 

Finch, Gordon Ray.413 

Finch. Mary Ann.332 

Fingarson, Melvin H.124.125 

Fink. Marybeth.430 

Finke. Robert .332 

Finn. Brian C.127 

Fish, Jeffrey Paul .332 

Fish, Kathleen Louise.366,496 

Fish. Suzanne Margaret.496 

Fishback, Frederick L.423 

Fisher. Anita 1.332 

Fisher. Chad Barton.418 

Fisher. Linda Marie.142.143.144. 


Fisher, Rodrick Gail.418 

Fisk. David Alan .332 

Fitzgerald. Gayle Ann.332,366 

Fitzgerald. Michele A.358 

Fitzer. Steven Archie.332 

Fitzpatrick. Sherry.464 

Fitzsimmons. Catherine.485 

Fitzsimmons. Douglas L.496 

Fjeld, PerOlaf.332.398 

Fleet. Dale Rowland. 175.476 

Fleet. Dot.332,364 

Fleischman, Darrel S.332 

Fleming. Dan Lee.420 

Floch, Deborah Lyn.364 

Flodine. Pamela Jean.450 

Flood. George Michael.403 

Florek. Joseph Edward.386 

Flower, Jean Marie.332,414 

Flowers. Bill Ray.187,183 

Floyd, Roberta B.140 

Fogleman, Pamela Ann.459 

Foisie. Susan A.332 

Follett. Laura Louise.378 

Fondahn, Dean J.332 

Fonseca, Hannia Maria.496 

Forar, Ferris L.. 132,134,454 

Forbes. Alvis Ray.1 24,406 

Ford. Cheryl Helen .388 

Ford. Linda Marie.114.115.142. 


Ford. Michael F.332.424 

Ford, Patricia M.470 

Fordyce. Lee Ann.332.459 

Forhan, Carol Ruth.139 

Forland. Becky.496 

Forrest. James C.171 

Forsberg. Shirley J.333,445 

Forsell, Terry Lynn .464 

Forsman. James Edward.410 

Forsman. Nancy Lynn.474 

Fortier, Amy Louise.388 

Fortune, Julie Anne.474 

Foster. Susan.333 

Foster. William Jack.333.476 

Fousha. Michael C.362 

Fox. Connie Danielle.459 

Fox. David C.418 

Fox. George Arthur.333 

Fox. Karin Fritzie.474 

Fox, Sharlene E.333 

Francis, David John.175 

Frandle, Kyle.413 

Frandle. Laurie Kay.390 

Frank, Michelle 1.394 

Franklin. Robert T.476 

Franklin. Warren Lee.156 

Franks. Kathryn.333,366 

Franks. Suzanne.333.376 

Franks. Wesley Robert.384 

Frantz, Wally Forrest.491 

Frazier, Jane Louise.333 

Frazier. David. 

Freberg, John A.476 

Frederick, Austin.188 

Fredrickson. David D.400 

Fredlund. Jeanne Ann.470 

Freeborn, Candice Kay.138 

Freeburn. James W..172,410 

Freeman, Joan Diane.333.479 

Freeman. John Norman.172 

Freeman. Kari Ann.459 

Freeman. Timothy James.11 5,476 

Frei. Margaret Ann.459 

Frei, Marilyn Kay.430 

Freitas, Ernestine.388 

French. Cheryl Lynn.390 

French, John Thayer Jr.380 

French. Martha Anne.333.370 

Freniere, Gina.388 

Frere. Steven Edward.400 

Freyer. R. David. 133.481 

Fricke. Carol Linda .445 

Friehauf. Nancy K.446 

Fries. Carol Joy.333.470 

Frisvold, Randy Lynn.380 

Fritch. Mark Douglas.333.387 

Fritchey. Kathleen J.132 

Frost, Vicki Adele.374 

Fry, Debra Ann.433 

Fryer, Maureen Roberta.110.333 

Fuher. Gary D.333,496 

Fujihara, Debra Ann.459 

Fuller, Marvin R.127 

Funch. Sally J.408 

Fuqua. Wayne Charles. .124 

Furu, Majel Christine.459 

Fuson. La Faye Marie.470 

Futtrup. Catherine R.333 

Fyall, Donald Thomas.333 


Gable, Nancy C.‘_ 138.453 

Gage. Molly Susan.374 

Gagliardi. Jim.416 

Gagnon. Kathleen Diane. 138.430 

Gahan. Barbara Carol.376 

Gai, Lorraine Cecilia.437 

Gaines. Annette Cecile.394 

Gale. Rita Ellen.114 

Galey. Aaron Lewis.496 

Gallagher. Mary F . 255.333.408 

Gallagher. Patrick H.466 

Gallagher, Robert E.133 

Galvin. Daniel Wilder .476 

Gamache. Gene Francis.410 

Gamble. Pamela Jean.370 

Gamelin, Gordon Louis.413 

Gamey. Maureena Gay.333 

Gamwell. Julia Hope.333,354 

Ganguet. Dianne Marie .470 

Garbareno. Doug James.333.424 

Garcia. Daniel.333 

Gardner. Allen Lee.372 

Gardner, Deborah Ann.390 

Garhart. Deborah Ann .374 

Garl, Sandra Jane.459 

Garner. Candace Kay.474 

Garner. Jacquelin A.464 

Garrett. Brian Edward.481 

Garrett. Michael Roy.333 

Garretson. Carol L.114.364 

Garrity. Joseph C.182.187 

Garvey. Mary Lou.333.446 

Gashoe. Joe.420 

Gasseling, Douglas A.387 

Gatchet. Rebecca Mary.437 

Gates, Cindy.388 

Gaudette, Nana Rene.459 

Gauthier, Rene Marie.459 

Gavalir. Cecelia E..459 

Gavareski. Anne K..333.446 

Gaw, Linda Phyllis.434 

Gay. Jane Ellen.437 

Gebhardt, James Allen.485 

Gehrett, Virginia Anne ... 1 53,333.370 

Geier. Carla Jean .474 

Geierman, Joseph L. Jr.333 

Geiger, Norman .466 

Geiger. Robert L.127 

Gentry. Alice Marie. 111.333.459 

Genuario. Ronald P.333 

George. Barry Ingram.333 

George. Gregory Lee.420 

George. Janet Sue.437 

Georgopolos. Nina N.358 

Germain. David Wayne.. .333 

Ghodbane. Allala .333 

Gibb. Marcy Lynn.333.388 

Gibbons. James Burson.115.362 

Gibbs, Carol Diane.124 

Gibson, Gene Arthur.384 

Giesa, James Brian.171 

Gifford, John Alan .149 

Gifford. Pamela Mary.459 

Gigandet. Denae Di.470 

Gilbert. Jill Suzanne.470 

Gilbert. Ruth Alice .390 

Gilje. Bjornulf A.333 

Gill, Ronald Loyd.333 

Gillen, John Davis.333.476 

Gillette. Marilyn Lee.474 

Gillies, A. Scott.115 

Gillings. Christine A.408 

Gillis. Judy Adele.459 

Gillis. Robin Lee.459 

Gilmore, Hamlin W. ; . 333,490 

Gilmore. Karen Ann.333.485 

Gilmore. Larry Eugene .382 

Gimlen, Guy A.333 

Gingerich. Barbara L.492 

Gingerich. Bradley K.438 

Giske, Mark John.438 

Gittins. Boyd T.476 

Glen. Charles A.127 

Glerum. Rolf Thomas.476 

Glessner, Randy Loren.400 

Glover. Claudia Jean.474 

Gnojek. Tom.416 

Godfrey, Sally Jo.437 

Goeckler, Margaret Ann. 145,430 

Goetz. John Peter.333,466 

Goit, Judith Lynne .492 

Gomez, John Chris.37 

Gomez. Michael Erick .... 115,188.189 

Gompf. Jean Louise.356 

Gomulkiewicz, Jan M.485 

Goodell. Christine L.470 

Goodman, Janis Elaine.460 

Goodson, Brenda Cheryl.333,496 

Gordon, John Stanley . . 
Gordon, Jonathon F. . . . 
Gordon. Julie Jean .... 
Gorham. Jay Richard .. 

Gorham. Scott V. 

Gormley. Celeste . 

Gormley. Linda Anne . . 
Gorshe. Nancy Inez.... 
Gorton, Karen Lydia . . . 
Gorton, Lawrence Milo . 

Goss, Mary Jane. 

Gossett. S. Diane. 

Gotovac. Joanne R.. . . . 
Gottschalk. Rebecca A.. 
Gould. Thomas Coleman 
Gowan. Pamela Michele 
Grady. Randall James . . 
Graham. Anita Louise . . 
Graham, Sandra Jean . . 
Graham, William Mark . 
Grandberry. Kenneth J . 
Granquist, Kristina J. 
Grant. Janine Wittrock . 
Grant. Kathleen Marie. . 
Grant. Linda Susan .... 
Grant. Thomas Arthur. . 
Grassl. Gregory James . 
Graves. Charles Steven. 

Gray, Alan Lance. 

Gray. Joyce Ann. 

Gray. Kitty Enola. 

Gray. Paula Anne. 

Gray. Richard Orren . . . 
Gray. Robin Douglas . . . 
Gray. William Darius. . . 
Green. Lawrence James 

Greene. Garry R. 

Greenlee, Michael T. . . . 

. . . .333 
. . . .406 
. . ..438 
. ...446 
. . ..470 
. . . .492 
. . . .450 
. . ..460 
. ...479 
. . ..420 
. . . .333 
. . . .413 
. ...333 
. ...140 
. . . .466 
. ...476 
. . . .438 
. . . .496 

Greenwald. Gordon Adam .... 333,481 

Greenwald, Patricia A.450 

Greer. Gerald Lawrence.402 

Greethurst. Thomas E.452 

Gregg. Glenn Arthur.334 

Gregory, Pamela Lynn .464 

Gregory. Randy Alan.496 

Greinke, Cheryl Denise.430 

Greiwe. Susan Lee.446 

Grembowski, David Emil.380 

Gribbon, Richard J.. 105.334 

Griff, Stephen Arthur .413 

Griffen, John Michael.334.481 

Griffin, Lane Arnold.129 

Griffin. Morris Falls . . 181,182.186.187 

Griffin, Pamela Jean.474 

Griffith. David Marvin.352 

Griffith. Tom.416 

Grimm, Paul Lewis.496 

Griswold, Patricia B.450 

Grohs. John Charles.413 

Gutkowski. Jill.143.144 


Haeger. Jacquie Lynn . . 
Hafenbrack, Charles L. . 
Hagedorn, Carol Louise. 
Hagemeister. Janet A. . 
Hagfors, Bertha Jo 
Haggerty, Jacqueline G. 
Hahner, James Kenneth 
Haight. Benjamin C. . . . 
Hale. Kathryn Louise. . . 
Hall. David Robert 

Hall, Jan Ann. 

Hall, Larry Eugene. 

Hall. Mary Sue. 

Hall, Melody Anne 
Hall. Michael John 
Hall. Norma Bernice . . . 
Hall, Pamella Kathryn . . 
Hall. Sharon Diane 

Hall. Steven Lee. 

Halldorson. Joyce Kay • 
Hallstrom. Ann Marie • • 
Halverson. Dianne Kay 

Hamasaki. Sandy. 

Hamasaki. Wayne Y. • • • 
Hamilton. Bruce G. • • • 
Hamilton. Debra Lei • 
Hamilton, Douglas C. • • 
Hamilton. Edith Marie . 
Hamilton. Randy Curtis 
Hamilton. Scott Lee . • . 
Hamilton, Steven Earl . . 
Hammer. Louis F. 







1 15,334.413 
. . . . 334.496 




. . . . 334.454 
















. . . .334,455 




Hammon. David A.334 

Hammond, James Edwin.334,372 

Hampton, Pamela Sue.374 

Handley, Theresa B..334,470 

Handy. William H. Jr.418 

Hane, Andrew Paul.352 

Hanford. Barbara Ann.105 

Hanford. Gail Liane.354 

Hanford. Jo Alison .446 

Hankins, Steven Lee.334 

Hanks, Dale Leroy. .466 

Hansch. Michael W.466 

Hanscom. Douglas E.402 

Hansen. Carol Denise.474 

Hansen. Constance Jay.388 

Hansen, Galen.!.133 

Hansen. Kathleen J.460 

Hansen. Larry Norman.334.360 

Hansen, Pamela Ann .470 

Hanson. Cheryl Renee.110 

Hanson. John Richard.476 

Hanson. Kathryn Louise.334,356 

Hanson. Kirk Michael.380 

Hanson. Mary 1.334 

Hanson. Ronald Alvin.424 

Hanson. Todd Sterling.334.439 

Hara, Karen Diane.446 

Hardie. Joanne Louise .125 

Hardin, Ann Colleen.334,496 

Hardy. Carla Jane.446 

Hargreaves. Jeanne L.278 

Hargrave. Michael Lynn.406 

Harkins. Michael J.384 

Harkness. Richard E.476 

Harlow. Barbara J.334 

Harlow. Harry Warren.334 

Harlow, Jeffrey Glen.423 

Harlow, Wendy Kay.446 

Harper. David John.175 

Harries. Linda Dee .335 

Harrington. Karen A.370 

Harrington. Steven L.335 

Harris. Barbara Sue.177 

Harris. Earnest Neal.172 

Harris, Joanne Louise.430 

Harris. Lee Robert.335 

Harris. Sally Clair.335 

Harris. Victor Earl.132 

Harris. William R..496 

Harris. Woody.439 

Harrison, Donnan R. Ill.129 

Harrison. Linda Joyce.121 

Harrison. Pierce R. Jr..121 

Harrison. Susan L. .470 

Harrop, Steven Carl.400 

Harry. Kathy Lynn.335 

Hart. Elizabeth Joane.430 

Hart. Martin Lewis.420 

Hartman. Susan Eileen.485 

Hartmann. Judith Lynn.335.485 

Hartmann, Linda Susan .474 

Hartstrom. Paula Rae.460 

Hartung, Charlotte M..460 

Hartung. Darryl Emil.335.387 

Hartung. Gregory Paul.387 

Harty, Patrick Alan.172 

Harvey. Philip Mason.400 


Hash. Cynthia Ann.394 

Haskell, Nancy Lynne.487 

Haskell, Susan Lucinda ... L ^. .. . 335 

Haskin. Susan Alice.354 

Haspert. Michael Lee.403 

Hastie. Colin C. Ill.335 

Hastings. Jo Ann .430 

Hastings. Kathy Jo.335 

Hastings, Laura Anne.114 

Hastings, Linda Sue.394 

Hastings, Sharon Clyde.-105.1 56 

Hata, Gilbert Dean.335,442 

Hatley. Allen.. 120 

Hatley. Carla Marie.390 

Hatley, Karen.120 

Hattan. Walter Howard.135 

Hattori, Greg.416 

Hattori. Jeffrey.416 

Hatzenbeler. Gary F.335 

Hauber, Bruce Alan.418 

Hauber. Gary Lynn.413 

Haversat, Gertrude.139 

Hawkins. Katherine G.458 

Hawman. Mary Kathleen.364 

Hawthorne, Charles E.171 

Hayano, Mary Ruth.335.446 

Hayashi. Richard Alan.335 

Hayes. Rhody Laurence.138 

Haynes. Janet Lynn.433 

Haynes. Phyllis A.181 

Haynes. William Norgan.129 

Hays. Wayne Edgar.335.455 

Haythorne. Evelyn R.345.487 

Healy, C. Lisa.460 

Heasley. Marcia June.446 

Heath. Jeffrey Edmund.490 

Heath, Linda Christina.474 

Heath, Wayne Bruce.335 

Heaton, Kenneth Edward.335 

Hebner. John Raymond .105,156 

Hedlund. Rodd Eugene ..387 

Hedreen. Mary Louise.335 

Hedrick. Norma Jean .470 

Heer. Gayle Antonette.470 

Heglund, Mark Richard.439 

Heiber. D. ArcyJean.470 

Heieck, Charles H.467 

Heikel. Patricia Ann .414 

Heimbigner. BarbaraJo.430 

Heimbigner. Constance . 138.430 

Heimbigner. Randall L.138 

Hein. Douglas Alan.335 

Hein, Jean Marie.446 

Heinemann, William C.. 132,360 

Heintz. EmilyJean .446 

Heintz. Tonia Marie.358 

Helling, Kristine L. 177.371 

Helt, Darlene Marie. .. 128,371 

Hemingway. Janis Lynn.335.414 

Hemmen. Stephen Craig.421 

Henderer. Stanley E.335 

Henderson. Christopher.410 

Henderson. Diana L.335 

Henderson, Jolynn.446 

Henderson, Kay Adele .335 

Henderson. Kristine D.335,354 

Henderson, Michael E.335 

Henderson. Michael J.Ill 

Hendrick, Robert L.352 

Hendrickson. L. Trina.335 

Hendrickson. Mary V.364 

Henning. Kathy ..335.356 

Hendricks. Karen Mario.335 

Hensen. Victoria Marie.374 

Hensley, Joni Louise.376 

Herbert, Gayle Annette.474 

Herbold. James Edward.115 

Herdman. Chayo Linda.335.474 

Hereford. Jeffrey Lee .380 

Hergert Robert Wayne.406 

Hermann, Steven Edward.335 

Hernandez, Haydee F.460 

Hernas, Deborah Ann.364 

Hernas. Patricia J.. 124.364 

Herron, Hollis Ann .460 

Hertel, Melinda Gayle.460 

Hertz. Darryl Wayne.467 

Hester. Robert Dean Jr.360 


Hetherington. Gail Ann.446 

Hewson. Kenneth Samuel.442 

Heydon. Anne Elizabeth. 145.390 

Hickel. Bradley Kent.490 

Hickey, John Michael.421 

Hickey. Michael Gay.372 

Hickles. Nohne.496 

Hickman. L. Sue.446 

Hickman, Naoma Willene.450 

Hiefield, Mark Alan.175 

Higashi. Margie Kyoko. 

Higginbotham. Joyce 1.496 

Higginbotham, Judy D.370 

Higginbotham. Sandra K.496 

Higgins. Alison Marr.149 

Higgins. Cynthia Rae.358 

Higgins. Linda Lou.358 

Higheagle. Georgine . „.121 

Higuchi. Calvin.120 

Hilde. Kathryn Joyce.460 

Hildie. Douglas Lloyd.487 

Hill. Deborah Ann.335.496 

Hill. Elizabeth Eileen.470 

Hill. Howard Calvin.171 

Hill. Jim Edward.335,352 

Hill. Michael Phillip.171 

Hill. Paula Jane. 145.460 

Hill, Richard John.335 

Hill, Thomas Patrick.335,442 

Hiller. Gary Francis.455 

Hillier. Linda Irene.335.447 

Hillstrom. Donald S.439 

Hinchliffe. Carol Ann.460 

Hinde. Charles Carroll.155 

Hinken. James Allen.467 

Hinton, Suanne.335 

Hinton. Susan K.335 

Hiramoto. Elizabeth H.120 

Hirst. Christopher Lee.335 

Hitsman. Sharon Louise.450 

Hoag. Steven D..419 

Hoard. Denise Irene.450 

Hoback. John Franklyn.496 

Hobbs. Emmett W. Ill.335.476 

Hodapp, Barbara Mary.447 

Hoersch. Jim Dale.406 

Hofer. Gary Brent.347 

Hoffman. Claudia May.374 

Hoffman. Greg Allen.362 

Hoffman. Mary Patricia.430 

Hoffman. Patricia S.376 

Hofmeister, Joseph A.335 

Hogan. Kathleen Mary.142.143 

Hogan. Michael John.172 

Hoggarth, Marian E.447 

Hogle. Edward Allen.115.387 

Hoisington. Judith L.433 

Holbrook, Deborah Mary.374 

Holbrook, Paula Ann.460 

Holbrook. Timothy R.335.398 

Holbrook. Tomas Eugene.410 

Holcombe. Sue Mae.447 

Holden. Richard Nolan.496 

Holland, Marcia Lee.374 

Holland. Sherry Denice.460 

Hollenbeck. Rod D.416 

Holloway. Anne.335 

Holman. Meredith Ann.447 

Holman. Steven Greg.380 

Holman. Wendy.474 

Holmes, Eleanor Kay.335 

Holter. Michelle Susan.460 

Homchick. Craig T.352 

Hong. Paula Ann.335 

Hood. William Robert.323 

Hook. John G.171 

Hoople. Bill J.335 

Hoover. Laurie B.388 

Hopkins, J. Eric.413 

Hopper. Michael Irvin .... 132,138,139 

Horjes. Cynthia Lee.474 

Horning. Pamela K..414 

Horsley. Janet Marie.364 

Horton. Kani.114 

Horton. Shelly Ann.390 

Hostetler. Dale Allen.496 

Houck. Peter M .362 

Houghton. Cynthia C..470 

Hove. Robert H.455 

Hover, Diane Marie.138 

Hovey. Michael Wayne.400 

Howard. Marilyn Kay.430 

Howard. Phillip Wayne.360 

Howard. Rachel Lynn.474 

Howard. Roger Stanley.442 

Howard. Ronald Edwin.481 

Howard. Susan E.114.356 

Howe. Richard Charles ... 105,1 55.1 56. 


Hoydar, Matt.416 

Hoyum. Ronald Alton.439 

Hubble. Christie Ann.492 

Hudson. Paul Richard.133 

Hudson. Peggy Lee.474 

Huestis. Guy Frederick.187 

Huey. Jeffrey C. W.481 

Huey. Warren Gate.481 

Huggins, Patricia A.450 

Hughes. Helen Elaine.497 

Hughes. Randal Allen.421 

Huhta. Harley Stephen.439 

Hull. Daniel Bruce.128 

Hume. Laurel Jean.492 

Huneywell. Jennifer L.497 

Hunt. Gayle Margaret.479 

Hunt. Jeffrey Alan.413 

Hunt. Sandra Lee.470 

Hunter. Bradley R..115.387 

Hunter. Marcia Ellen.464 

Hunter, William 0. Jr..453 

Huntingford. Daniel D.. 145.406 

Huntley. Scott Alan.419 

Hunzeker. Jack.155 

Hurd. Diane Kay.450 

Hurley, James Patrick.406 

Hurson, Kathleen.437 

Husa. Constance D.460 

Husa. Emmett Ivar.467 

Husom. Elizabeth Anne.110.394 

Hutchison. Graham C.175 

Hyslop. Nancy Jean. 140.152,370 


lafrate. Barbara Ann.447 

Ibach, Beverley May.474 

Inazu. Jessie.120 

Ingebretson. Katie L.354 

Inman. Susan Rae.110.460 

Inverso, Mary Helen.433 

Ireland. Patti Gail.497 

Irvin, Rebecca Lois.497 

Irvin, Rosemary Jean .497 

Irving. William Craig. 133.387 

Irwin, Linda Lee .497 

Irwin. Lynette Eileen.460 

Isa. Wilfred C.453 

Isackson. George L. Jr.467 

Isakson, Kirk Lee.439 

Ito. Lynette.120 


Jackson. Bernard.168.171 

Jackson. Bradley Earl .... 182.186.187 

Jackson. Chuck. 1 1 5.255.362 

Jackson, Craig William.171 

Jackson. Edward Jacob.188 

Jackson. Mary.121 

Jackson. Roger.121 

Gary Barnett. Student Publications Photographer 


Jackson. Walter H. Jr.467 

Jacobsen, Julie K.450 

Jaeger, Nancy Ann.354 

Jager. Emily Eileen.459 

James. George W Jr.146 

James. Jane Carol .434 

James. John Waite Jr.121 

James, Sally Diane.470 

Janett, Chris Craig .362 

Janett. Jean Christine.377 

Janett, Joann Virginia.470 

Jannett. Joane.124 

Jansma. Mary Ruth.474 

Jarrell, Dennis Albert.481 

Jasman. Robert Kaye.481 

Jeaudoin. Kerry Steven.380 

Jefferson. Gary Walter.362 

Jeffords. Cheryl Diane.492 

Jenkins. Paul Edward.181.187 

Jenkins, Raymond E.382 

Jennings. Patrick.413 

Jensen, Gerald Emery.384 

Jensen. James Joel.172 

Jensen. Jenny Lyn.433 

Jensen. Kristi Marie.114.450 

Jensen, Marcia Anne.474 

Jensen. Peter Harold.352 

Jess. Karla Dee.487 

Johnson. Beuna Mary.356 

Johnson. Bonnie Jo.364 

Johnson. Brian Howard.487 

Johnson. Bruce Edward.144 

Johnson. Bruce L.406 

Johnson. Bruce Randall.416 

Johnson. Carol Lynn. 177,358 

Johnson. Christine L.155 

Johnson. Craig Arnold .467 

Johnson. Craig Stephen.398 

Johnson. Danny Sorren.476 

Johnson. David Mark.368 

Johnson. Dean Glenn.482 

Johnson. Debra.460 

Johnson, Diana Cheryl.364 

Johnson. Diane Maria.464 

Johnson. Donald W.188.189 

Johnson, Eric C.171 

Johnson. Frances M.447 

Johnson. G. Dee.377 

Johnson. Gary Lee.403 

Johnson. Gregory M.497 

Johnson, James Taylor.416 

Johnson. Janet Onalee.460 

Johnson. Jay Arthur.467 

Johnson. Jennifer Lee.430 

Johnson. Judi.371 

Johnson. Judy Janet.447 

Johnson. Julie Rae.437 

Johnson. Karen Lea.460 

Johnson. Karla Gwen.497 

Johnson. Kay Ann.447 

Johnson. Krisijana L.470 

Johnson, Linda Ann. 177,364 

Johnson. Michael Roger.171 

Johnson. Michele Lana.450 

Johnson. Mitchell S.410 

Johnson. Nancy Lee.110,474 

Johnson. Patrick S.398 

Johnson. Patsy Ann.390 

Johnson. Randall Wayne.441 

Johnson. Randi Mona.474 

Johnson. Richard D..138 

Johnson. Scott Draper.453 

Johnson. Shelley D.105.1 56 

Johnson, Shelly Lynn.354 

Johnson. Scott Cameron.416 

Johnson, Tara Lee.138 

Johnson. Teresa Ann.364 

Johnson, Thomas Gary.133 

Johnston, Linda Kay.394 

Johnston, Philip A.352 

Johnston. Richard Lee.129 

Jolly, Clay Cochran.421 

Jones. Andrew.172 

Jones. Charles Allan.497 

Jones. Cheryl Aurora.337.464 

Jones. David Evan.368 

Jones. Deborah Dawn.337 

Jones, Deborah L.460 

Jones. Gregory Dale.406 

Jones, Jennifer Lynn.414 

Jones. Lawrence Allan.453 

Jones, Linda Kay.337 

Jones. Melanie Jane.388 

Jones. Renato E.403 

Jones. Timothy Scott.105 

Jongeward. Jan Dee.337 

Jordan, Beatrice Ann.337.497 

Jordan. Julie Lynn.447 

Jordan, Marty.394 

Jordan, Merilee Louise.394 

Jordan. Peggy A.464 

Jorgenson, Kathryn L.456 

Jose. Julia Mary.337 

Joslin. Leslie Pamela.447 

Jueling. Jill Marie.430 

Jump. Janet llene.430 

Jurgens. George Eric.127 


Kafer. Nancy Jean.388 

Kahns, Karla Kay.356 

Kale. Patricia Ann.337 

Kaluza. Judith Ann.460 

Kamerrer. John William.337.352 

Kammeyer, Elaine J.470 

Kanda. Eugene Akira.337 

Kanzler. Pamela Kaye.114 

Karch. Joan Marie.114,374 

Karlson, Gayle Ann.376 

Kasemeier. Stanley L.476 

Katica. Robert Patrick.400 

Katyryniuk, V. Lynne.388 

Kaufman, Nancy Louise.497 

Kay. Bradley Alan.255 

Kazda. Linda Jean.488 

Kazda. Steven Louis.490 

Kebbe. Stephen Ernest.182.187 

Keefe, David John S.337.497 

Keefer. Susan G..414 

Keenan. Daniel Edward.352 

Keeney. Trudy Ann.337,366 

Kehne. Mary Annette.337.358 

Keiser. Karen Lee.414 

Kelleher. Ronald Ray.255 

Keller. Heidi Lee.140 

Kelley. Gloria A.497 

Kelly. Ann Elaine.388 

Kelly. Gail Elizabeth .497 

Kelly, Jane Bartlett.430 

Kelly. Jo Ann .337 

Kelly. Kevin C.487 

Kelly. Stephen Patrick.406 

Kelly. William Lester. ..497 

Kelsey. Graham L.403 

Kemery. Frank Stuart.416 

Kendall. Karen Helen.394 

Kennedy. Patricia 1.450 

Kensler, Shelley Lee.414 

Kercheval. Ronald Lynn.406 

Kern, Bentley III.387 

Kerr. Craig Douglas .337.487 

Kerr. Lana Lee.339_ 

Kerr, Nancy B..337 

Kerslake. Linda L.437 

Khalid. Ramdane .337 

Kiefer. Michael R.337,455 

Kiehn, Kurtis Byron.406 

Kiehn. Marziah Gail.474 

Kile. Jane Ann.434 

Kilgore. Daniel L.400 

Kilian. William Joseph.323 

Rich Birmingham, Student Publications Photographer 


Al Chang, Student Publications Photographer 

Killam. Kathy Anne.447 

Killingsworth. Cheryl.374 

Killingsworth, Elaine.114,433 

Kilpatrick. Deborah S.497 

Kilpatrick, Robert D.368 

Kim, Byung Ku.497 

Kim, Walter S.382 

Kimball, Dennis Henry.337 

Kimball. Susan Storm.497 

Kimbrell. James Edward.337 

Kimpo. Florentino L.125 

Kinard. Kristen L.492 

Kinder, Denise Lynn.358 

King. Barbara Joanne.474 

King, Craig Stephen.129 

King. James Bruce II.419 

King. Jo An Lorraine.460 

King. Kevin Douglas.384 

Kinion, Debra Jean. 138.470 

Kinion. Donald Ward.138 

Kirchgessner. Deborah .474 

Kirkpatrick. Adele M. T37 

Kishimoto. Denice. ’.0 

Kissinger. Dianna Lynn. 9 

Kissler, Laura Lynne.s /4 

Kissling. R. Janelle. 470 

Kitten. Jody Anne.464 

Kitts. Loran L. Jr.360 

Klaas. Kelli Dee.447 

Klatt, Allan Douglas.482 

Kleweno. David Dean.135 

Kleweno. Douglas Gene.135 

Klicker. Robyn Kay.139 

Klicker, Sheryl Ann.139 

Kliewer, Lance.416 

Klosterman. Keith E.337.476 

Klump. Wayne Walter.467 

Knapp. Brad R.398 

Knapp, Jack Ronald.398 

Knapp. Kathleen Jane.337,460 

Knell. Gary Frederic.423 

Knell. Thomas John.487 

Knickerbocker. Helen L.337 

Knight. Donna Marie.354 

Knight. June Lavon.364 

Knight. Martha Ellen.437 

Knight. Thomas Charles.382 

Knoeber, Catherine M.114 

Knott. Diane Maureen .388 

Knowles. Walter M. Jr.337 

Knutsen, Marcie E.337.437 

Knutsen, Wayne L.115 

Knutson, Kurt Alan.396 

Knutson, Robert Donald.440 

Knutzen. Raymond E.111,337 

Koefod, Kristine Loree.337 

Koehler. Linda Susan.433 

Koenig. James Russell.491 

Koistinen. Nancy Faye.460 

Koland. Larry John.337.381 

Kolczynski. Eugene Jr..467 

Kolde. Hubert Endel.127 

Koller. Randy John.387 

Koller. Roger William.387 

Kollie. Virginia L.337 

Kolmodin, Mark Raymond.497 

Konecki. Kathleen.430 

Konen. Robert Joseph.406 

Koorenny, Gail Marie.338,497 

Kopet. Christine Joan.356 

Korfhage. Virginia L.338 

Korsmo. Kenneth Carl.125 

Kosin. Nicholas Igor.403 

Koski. Patricia Rae.470 

Koski. Suzette Jeanne.338 

Kosse. James John.384 

Kovaleski. Craig .139 

Kovaleski. Kathy.139 

Koyama. Linda Jill.468 

Kraemer. Michael J.384 

Kraft. Dennis Eric.338.368 

Kraft. Karen llene C.110 

Kraucunas, Ruth V.364 

Krause, Ben Wayne.188,189 

Krause. Robert Joseph.338 

Krawsky, David L. 133.338 

Kreider. Robert Earl .338 

Krell. Thomas John.338 

Kristovich. Nick S.338.467 

Krob. Michael Lowell.467 

Kroeger. Silvia Marie.338,433 

Kroll. Catherine Rose.464 

Krueger. Don.474 

Krueger, John Alan.338 

Krueger, Laurence Dean.338 

Krueger. Robert F.338,482 

Kubik. Rennie Lee. .338 

Kuboyama. Floyd.120 

Kuczynski, W. Jed.416 

Kuhnau. Bruce L.338,476 

Kuhnhausen. Lois Rae.497 

Kullberg. William D.442 

Kummer, Gregory S.149 

Kunajak. Thamnoon.382 

Kurbitz. Kathy Kay. 177,371 

Kurbitz. Penny Irene.371 

Kuribayshi, Owen K.497 

Kvinsland. Rosemary. 139.471 

Kwong, Jenny Wy.255 


Laatz. Margie Ann.171 

Laatz. Robert Steven .382 

La Croix. Lucille L. .488 

Ladish. Christine M. .461 

La Due, Sandy .370 

Lafky. Karen Yvonne.433 

La Framboise. Patrick.410 

Lai. Wong.338 

Laitala. Sheryl Ann.354 

La Londe. Annette M.408 

La Londe Patricia A.358 

Lamb. Becky Jill.365 

Lamb. MorrineJo-An.434 

Lamb. Victoria Louise.338.434 

Lamb, Walter T.139 

Lambert, Larry Ray.125 

Lamebu II, Theodore J.121 

Lamoureux, Blaine C.171 

Lampitt. Jim Edward .338 

Landerholm. Alan Roy .338 

Landis. Peggy Maureen .365 

Landreth, Carol Lee.153 

Landry. Sarah Paige.330,492 

Landt. Steve Ellwood. 132.497 

Laney. Christopher R.142.143.144. 


Lang. Deborah Jean.433 

Lang. Joan Marie.378 

Lang. Robert Gary.338.455 

Lange, Brian Cole.171 

Lange, Frederick Karl.: . . .368 

Langer. Deborah D.338 

Lanning. Linda Joyce.471 

La Plant. Suzette Kay.358 

Lappano. Kristan Maria.497 

Lap-ping. Wong.497 

Largent. Barbara N.488 

Larimer, Nancy Ellin.378 

Larsen. Steven Craig.405 

Larsen. Steven Ray.491 

Larsen. Susan Jane.365 

Larson. Allan Robert.369 

Larson, Arthur Lee.338 

Larson. Curtis Thayne.399 

Larson. Gary Phillip.172,416 

Larson. Joan Louise.354 

Larson, Julie Ann.394 

Larson. Julia Kathleen .434 

Larson. Julia Marie.471 

Larson. Lois Marie .488 

Larson, Melinda Lee.447 

Lasater. Debra Ann.390 

Lasater. Janet Lynn.338.390 

Lassen. Deborah Kay.354 

Last. George Vincent .384 

Latham. Deborah Gwen.338.497 

Latta, D. Bruce.338 

Latta. Kit Patrick.338.400 

Lau. Darrel Wayne.255 

Lauckhart, Jennie L. 128.338.430 

Laurente, Mila P.338,471 

Lawler. Denise Marie.461 

Lawhead. Daniel Cole.413 

Lawson. Barbara Jane.378 

Layne. Diana Rae.471 

Layton. Wendy Eileen.354 

Leaf, Gretchen Anne.471 

Leahy. Colleen P.354 

Learned, Scott K.338 

Leatham. Gary Frank .352 

Leatherman, David E.133.134 

Le Clerc. Roger V.ll .339 

Lederle. Gail Ann .419 

Ledgerwood. Barbara L.497 

Ledgerwood. Sally Jo . .. ..450 

Ledgerwood. Steven R. 133.360 

Lee. Catherine Lucille.453 

Lee. David E.453 

Lee. George .115 

Lee, Michael Brian.352 

Lee. Pamela Kay. 124,339.365 

Lee. Patricia Lynne.474 

Leenhouts. Bonnie Dee.461 

Lefler. Sally Ann.471 

Leffler. Sanford Ross .110 

Legahn, Danny L.338 

Legg. Bruce V.442 

i Leinweber. Kathy Marie.430 

j Leland, Richard M.400 

Lemley. Kathryn Denise.414 

Lemon. Janet Inez.344 

Le Neve, Laurie Jean.374 

Lenhard, Joan.114 

Lensky. Elizabeth Jean.339 

Lentz, Carl Phillip.339 

Leonard. Bruce James.400 

Leonard. Katherine Ann.356 

Leonard, Linda Kay.430 

Leslie. Michael John.369 

Leslie, Robert Douglas.171 

Levalley. Gary Todd .172,410 

Levang. Rita Jeanne.461 

Lewis, Carlton David. 1 1 5.254.255 

Lewis. Donald Gene.387 

Lewis, Donald James.172.410 

Lewis. Karen Sue .37 

Lewis. Kathy Lou .408 

Lewis. Lanny Leland.467 

Lewis, Randall Leon.1 56.442 

Lewis. Sharon Jean.376 

Libey. Gary James .362 

Liebel, Pamela Kay.374 

Lieberg. Steven F..•.416 

Lien, Steven Griffith.453 

Lierman. Cynthia Kay.437 

Light. Joan Dee.461 

Lighty. Thomas.339 

Lilje, Katherine Alice.394 

Lilje. Randolph B.497 

Lilliwitz, Maureen.Ill 

Lillquist. Joanne C.447 

Lillwitz. Maureen Kay.339 

Lillybridge. Terry Ray .382 

Limbocker, Faith Alene.374 

Lindberg. Sally Ann.471 

Lindberg. Steven M.405 

Linden, Molly Kathleen.376 

Linden. Steven B.381 

Lindroth, Marsha L. .414 

Lindsey. Roberta Ann.139 

Lingen. Kathryn Layne .447 

Lintz. Timothy Allen .387 

Lira. Anita.339.435 

Liseth. Rodney.339.411 

Liss. Dianna Florine.339.358 

Little. Edwin Thomas.467 

Littlefield. Lucia C.365 

Littlefield, Wendy Lee.365 

Littleton. Glen Edgar.423 

Littlewood, Patricia K.110 

Llerghtholm, Sherrile.120 

Loan. Bradley Jay.339,369 

Lobberegt, Linda Lee.461 

Lobe. Gloria Elaine.451 

Lo, Joseph Chung Hing.339 

Locke. Robert Martin.421 

Lockwood, Carol Ann.339 

Lockwood, G. Scott .339 

Loesch. Shirley Jean.339,435 

Logan. Helen Louise.479 

Logsdon. Gay Marie.339 

Lohman. Lonnie Everett.138 

Lomax. Anthony Stanley.171 

Long, Barbara Jane.437 

Long. David William.339 

Long, Susan Adele.374 

Longabaugh, Marleen J..497 

Longanecker, Barbara K. .492 

Loofburrow, James Paul.423 

Loofburrow. John R..423 

Lopp, Thomas B.133 

Loreen. Gladys Alberta.339,447 

Lord. Sharon Joy .339 

Lott. Rex Sinfield .11 5.339 

Lotto. Nancy Jean.339.354 

Lotzgesell. Kristine A..394 

Louie, Marvin Dennis.442 

Love. Donna Patricia.339 

Lowe. Stewart Robert.440 

Lowe. William Keith. 133.360 

Lowers. Michael F..400 

Lowery. Michael C..399 

Lowman. Russell E..352 

Lowther. Carolyn Lee.447 

Lucas. Bruce Richard.382 

Lucas, Mary Ellen.461 

Luck, Julie Anne.339 

Luck, Laura Faye.339 

Lueckenotte, Gayle L.497 

Luft. Pamela Jean.474 

Luft. Karen Lee.356 

Luft. Pamela Jean.474 

Lund. Sally S .461 

Lust. Jeffrey Don.399 

Lutterloh. Nancy Anne.471 

Luzoh. Laura.121 

Lyday. Kenneth Ray.171.339 

Lyman. Donald Jack Jr..490 

Lyman, Richard Lee.490 

Lynch, Dean Brent .387 

Lynn, Kathleen.339.414 


Maag, Lisa Ann.414 

Mabbott. Deborah Dee.471 

Maberry. Linda Jane.461 

MacDonald. Patricia L.339 

MacGillivray. Andrew.416 

MacGillivary. Scott.115.416 

MacGillivray T. Scott.339 

Mackenzie. F. Hugh.411 

Maclean. Kim Rachelle.488 

Maclean. R. Grant.497 

Macs. Rudy.476 

Madden. Theresa Lee.370 

Madison. Charles G.416 

Madison, J. Christian.171 

Madison, Mitch.416 

Madison. Suzanne Jane.358 

Madsen. Peggy Lee.374 

Maes. Donna Elane.461 

Magnussen. Susan Marie.435 

Maguire. Kevin David.482 

Magnussen. Mark E.413 

Mairs. Thomas Dean .490 

Makus. Larry Dean.138 

Makela. Mike Melvin .416 

Mallory. Marlene.447 

Mallory. Michael.413 

Mallory. Nancy Lee.114,365 

Malloy. Nancy Carol.447 

Mallon, Gary Owen.369 

Malone, Phyllis Gaye.497 

Maloof. Andrew Alan.413 

Manarolis. Deborah L.414 

Manley. Jennifer Lynn.374 

Mann. John Robert. 133.387 

Manning. Alan Matthew.406 

Mannschreck. Thomas C.413 

Manwell. Jeannie Gail.497 

Mansfield. Michael H.402 

March. Carol Anne.474 

Margin, Bernadette M.128 

Marjamaa, Sharel Lee .471 

Marino. Arnie.183 

Marker. Christine.497 

Markham. Fred Kendall .497 

Marks, Gary Emanuel.323 

Marks. Marilyn Ann .365 

Marquardt. Debra Dee.374 

Marr, Carla Ann .374 

Mars. Marguerite Ellen.471 


Marsden, Sheila Ann .388 

Marshall. Adele Pamela.497 

Marshall, Larry Gene.402 

Marshall. William John.497 

Marshall. Pamela Ann .447 

Mart. Barb.447 

Martell. Charles A. R.124 

Martin. Cheryl Ann.370 

Martin. Dale Leo Jr.482 

Martin. Jeffrey Dale.423 

Martin. John Andrew.419 

Martin. Linda Jo.370 

Martin, Linda Sue.497 

Martin. Mary Virginia.358 

Martin, Ronald Glen.400 

Martin, Randall Densow.497 

Martin. Robert Curtis.476 

Mason. Katherine.497 

Masterson, Thomas W.382 

Mathison. Kyle Douglas.413 

Matsushima. Alan Y.352 

Mattausch. Sheryl Ann.492 

Matthewman. Linda Dene.430 

Mattson. Patricia C. .365 

Mattson. Patricia .138 

Maxin, Cynthia T.497 

Maxwell. John M.440 

Maxwell. Stanley Ray.497 

Mayberry, Patricia G.492 

Mayer. Melody, J.379 

McAlister. Daniel C.125 

McAlister. Julie Ann.177 

McAllister. Suzanne M..105 

McCain. Charles M .497 

McCabe. J. Wynne.405 

McCabe. Sheila Ann.461 

McCall. Rodney Mearl.124.125 

McCarry, Anita C.. 339,388 

McCartan. Kathleen W..339 

McCarty. Michael A..172 

McCarty. Patricia Lou.430 

McCauley. Edward F.396 

McCauley. Teresa.430 

McClaer. Cynthia .339.461 

McCloskey. Mary K.497 

McClure. Mark Allan.384.385 

McClure. Scott Thomas.411 

McConkey. Edward Jack..440 

McCoid, Patrick D..146,147 

McCollum. Debra C.447 

McCollum. Douglas A.416 

McCorkle. Jim M .488 

McCormack, Melissa A.378 

McCormick. Jean P. 124,356 

McCormick. Judith Ann.492 

McCown, Deborah Gail .378 

McCown, Raymond Craig.399 

McCrae, Kris.152 

McDonald. Dan Warren.360 

McDonald. Kathy L..114 

McDonald, Malcolm G..497 

McDonald. Mary Lynn . 128.390 

McDonald. Sharon D..497 

McDonnell. David S..381 

McDonnell. Douglas B..339 

McDonell. Bill.339.403 

McDonell, Elsie Mae.451 

McDougall. Laurie Joy.461 

McElva, Wayne.125 

McEnany. Christopher.401 

McEnany. Katheryn L.339.379 

McElrea. Wayne Roger.396 

McElroy. William H. 172.401 

McFall. Shannon Dee.435 

McFaddin, Kenneth Ray.172 

McFaul, Sue Anne .110,390 

McFarland, Sandra J.408 

McGath. Jay D.115 

McGarry, David Lewis .339 

McGee. Freddi Allen.171 

McGee. Mary Lynne. 339,390 

McGee. Peggy Anne.356 

McGinley. Gerald Lee.125 

McGough. Mary P.408 

McGrath. Jack Wayne .467 

McGreevy. Douglas R.360 

McHugh. Pamela Ruth.430 

McIntosh. Gary Edward. 339.488 

McIntosh. John Duncan.339 

McIntosh, Saundra D.142,143. 


Mclntire. Colleen M.358 

Mclnturff. Carol J.356 

McIntyre, Patrick W.339 

Mackay, Donald Malcolm.497 

McKay. Doug.467 

McKay, James Wallace.360 

McKay. Kathryn Jean.435 

McKay. Mitchell Alan.11 5.362 

McKelvy. Janis Eileen. 339.379 

McKenzie. Patricia J.492 

McKinley, Bonnie J. 339.461 

McKinney. Richard W. . .115.124.125. 


McKinney, Wilbur W.172 

McLaughlin. Debra Kay .168 

McLaughlin. E. Jean.447 

McLaughlin. Lori.461 

McLean, Katherine L.479 

McLean. Steven Wayne.139 

McLean. Susan.430 

McLean, Tom.382 

McManus. Brian Lee.172 

McMillan. Candace Lou.437 

McMullin. Susan Dean.339.437 

McNeal. Shannon E.475 

McNeil. John Harry.440 

McNeill. Lynn M.461 

McNett. Lorna Ellen.339 

McNicoll. Susan Laury.366 

McPhee, Colleen Iris.475 

McPhee, Gloria Jean.138 

McQuaker. Kathryn M..339.394 

McRae. Kristine Marie.475 

McReynolds, Samuel.497 

McVay. Kent Allen.339 

Mead, Constance Ann.453 

Means. Joseph E.491 

Mecartea. Judith Carol.451 

Meehan. John Micheal.421 

Megorden. Frank M.482 

Mehl. Wolfgang P.498 

Meiners. Sharman B.358 

Meiser. William E. Jr. 132.498 

Mellen. James Edward.491 

Mellin. Timothy D. 105.1 55,488 

Melville. Milly Kay.498 

Menaul, Marguerite C.448 

Meredith. David Paul.187 

Merkel, Beverly E.461 

Merriman. Douglas L.499 

Merritt, Kristine Lynn. .475 

Merritt. Linda Faye.498 

Mertes. James Michael .360 

Mertz. E. Ann. 177.388 

Messenger. Joyce Ann.431 

Messinger. Susan Ann.492 

Meyer. Douglas William.490 

Mezger. Mary.461 

Michael. James Curtiss.360 

Mickelson, William N.467 

Mielke. Roberta Marie. 145.471 

Mielke. Susan Louise.105 

Miki, Waichiro.120 

Miles. Deborah Ann.475 

Millarich, Marsha L.492 

Miller, Allen James. 132,442 

Miller. Bill Ray.421 

Miller, Bruce.121 

Miller, Carol Marie.471 

Miller, Cathleen A.498 

Miller Cynthia Leslie.121.471 

Miller, Denise.376 

Miller. Elton Lee.467 


Miller, Judith Louise.471 

Miller. Marie Diane.437 

Miller, Marilyn June.461 

Miller. Marshall V.490 

Miller, Michael Lloyd.127 

Miller, Morrie Lee.121 

Miller Rich.467 

Miller, Richard Dean.396 

Miller. Stephen C. 105,498 

Miller. Thomas Austin.399 

Miller, William Terry.476 

Millhollen. Susan C. .388 

Mills, Cynthia Jane.376 

Mills, Jay Robert.397 

Mills, Sandra Marlene.474 

Mills, John Brian.405 

Milne, James Douglas.401 

Milton, Jane.471 

Mims, Anthony Ronald.171 

Minata, Laura Jane.366 

Minnick, Scott M.369 

Minnich, Scott Arthur.115 

Morrison. Sheri Kay.128,374 

Mitchell, Dennis James.171 

Mitchell, Jerry Wayne.323 

Mitzel. Gary William.407 

Mittge, Mary M. .448 

Miura, Steven.120.482 

Mizumoto. Beverly Anne.461 

Mize. M. Melissa.408 

Mizuno, Kerry M..382 

Moeller. Kathleen L. .471 

Molchior. Claudia D.437 

Moll, James Harvey.105,11 5.1 55. 


Momners, Carol.121 

Monahan. Michael Brian.171 

Monro, Marsha Lee.437 

Monson, Jody Wayne.476 

Montague, Leonard. Lyle.362 

Montague. Terrence R.498 

Moody, Linda Marie.376 

Moon. Michael Corwin.440 

Moore. Charles Richard.125 

Moore, Darleen M.140 

Moore, David Jack.476 

Moore, Frank J. B.498 

Moore, Gregory William.399 

Moore, Hollis Susan.414 

Moore, Jeffrey Richard.125 

Moore, Kristine Lee. 139,433 

Moore, Shirley Ann.168 

Moore, Teresa E.448 

Moore, William Douglas.424 

Moos. Angela Thane.455 

Moos, William Herman.171 

Moorhead. Blaine D.448 

Morasch, Kathy Marie .475 

Morehead, Catherine A.448 

Moreno, Arnold Armijo.405 

Morgan, Christi Ann.461 

Morgan. Scott Richard.413 

Mork, Greg C.491 

Morris, Curt Andrew.407 

Morris, Donald Michael .453 

Morris, Elizabeth Eves .431 

Morris. Stephen Alvin.498 

Morrison. Rebecca.408 

Morrissey. Colleen A.464 

Morrone. Michele Marie.408 

Morrow, Phyllis. 114.390 

Morse, Gerald Wyane.403 

Morton, Gerald Wayne.323 

Morton. Jane Marie.365 

Moses, Vivian.121 

Mosman, Patty Jo Ann.388 

Morton, Lynne Marie.465 

Mott, Gregory Allen .440 

Mouncer, Albert Edward. 144.362 

Mowry, Carol Jane.394 

Moyer. Gerald Melvin.413 

Moyer. Susan.394 

Mudge. Laurie Sue.461 

Mukai. Gwen. 124,388 

Mukai, Larry Herman .127.129 

Muller, David John.133 

Mumma. Rodney.171 

Munroe, Dianne June.354 

Munson, Brian Paul.181.399 

Muret, Janice Ellen.376 

Murdock, Lee Machelle. 145,365 

Murashige, Guy.120 

Murphy, Brian John .188 

Murphy, Corinne Marie.320,488 

Murphy, Diana Louise.437 

Murphy, Joan Marie.414 

Murphy, Pamela Jean.479 

Murray, Lynda Grace .492 

Murray. Marcia.379 

Murray. Richard C..416 

Murray. Sherryl C.465 

Musser. William Thomas.133 

Muzeroll, Craig Lee.403 

Myers, Myra M.461 

Myers. Linda Diane.374 


Nagatomo, Kazuhiko.120 

Nagle, James Thomas.421 

Naismith, William D.411 

Nakamoto, Takashi.120 

Nakaya, Allan.120 

Nansen. Rebecca Lynn.461 

Nash, Gerald.403 

Nason, Mary Kathryn.342 

Nason, Patricia Kay.448 

Naonth, Mike.382 

Neace, Wayne Lewis .133 

Near, Douglas Dwight .342 

Neeley, Charles Warren.342,382 

Neigel. Julie Ann.342 

Neigel. Jean Aileen.475 

Neill. Gary Cameron.403 

Neill. James Harold.323 

Nelsen. James F. .369 

Nelson, Blythe Jane.475 

Nelson. Christine M..448 

Nelson, Diane E.475 

Nelson. Ike.171 

Nelson, James Lennox.139 

Nelson. John Milton.369 

Nelson, Kurt.490 

Nelson, Lois Madge.461 

Nelson, Louise Irene.462 

Nelson, Pamela Kay.138,139 

Nelson, Pamela Sue.365 

Nelson, Sharon Frances.462 

Nelson. Scott Lindsay.402 

Nelson. W Bruce.360 

Nerling, Vicki.358 

Ness. Sally Ann.365 

Ness, Shirley Rae.374 

Nesvig, Pam J.437 

Nevin, Jack F.476 

Newgard, Deborah Lynn. 145,388 

Newhouse, Linda Gayle.342,358 

Newland. Mark Simon.401 

Newman, Michael Gene.342 

Newton, Robert John.385 

Newton, Priscilla.342 

Nicholas. Lawrence A.124 

Nichols, Mina Louise .110 

Nicholson, Ernest L. 342,405 

Nicholson. Sid.488 

Nickerl, Jeffrey A.342 

Nicley, Warren Wade.416 

Nicks. Linda Evelyn.471 

Niederkleine, Gene M.342,477 

Niehl, Bob. 153,182.187 

Nielsen. Barbara Ann.354 

Nielsen. James Joseph . . . 182,186,187 

Nielsen. Kenneth L.342 

Nilan. Judith Lynne.155 

Nissen. Patricia Jean .448 

Nishitani. Joan Irene.498 

Nissen. Carl Anthony.139 

Nissen, Dianne M.138,342 

Noble. Craig Edward.401 

Noerenberg, Cathleen A.462 

Nojd. Martha Harriet.375 

Nolan. Christopher S.421 

Norberg, Marc Andrew.385 

Nordeen. David C.423 

Norden. Cheryl Ann.342 

Nordtvedt, Janet.471 

Norquist, Scott W. .402 

Norrie. Nancy Marie.414 

Norrie. Vicki Jo.342,414 

Norris, Barbara Ann.128 

Norris, William A.467 

Norris, William Mark.413 

Norwalk, Thomas Harry.416 

Novacoff, Denise Lynn.342,365 

Novobielski, Karen L. .475 

Novotney, Thomas Frank.385 

Noyes, Jeffrey H. .402 

Nozaki, Paul Yasuto.120 

Nullet, Michael Austin .397 

Nutter, Nancy Marilee.342 

Nyberg, Christine M..177 

Nyere, John Edward Jr.. . . 128.129.342 

Nyhus, Caroline J..110 

Nylund. Susan Caroline .479 


O'Banion . James Lloyd.323 

O'Brian, James Craig.477 

O'Brien, Steven W.423 

O'Connell, Sheila Mary.342,498 

O'Connor, Timothy P.360 

O'Neal. S. Kim .462 

O'Neil. Daniel Robert.419 

O'Neil, Erin.388 

O'Neil, Patrick Howard.401 

Oakland. GaryJohn.413 

Oakley, Andrew J.342,440 

Oaishi, Takeshi.120 

Oberg. Christy Glee.342,377 

Oberg, Janey Lynn.377 

Odman. Gerald Lee.342 

Odman, Julia Caroline.414 

Odom. John Paul.498 

Odsather, Kathy Lou.366 

Oehlert, Curtis W.387 

Oelschlaeger, Charles.385 

Oertli, Ellen Marie.342 

Ogard. Jeffrey J.387 

Ogden, Patricia Jo .375 

Ogle. Donna Mae.342 

Ogle. Kathleen W.110 

Ogura, Tsuyoshi.120 

Ohrberg. Janet Eloise.475 

Okoh. Ekpe E. 135,342 

Okonek, Leslie Joe.421 

Oldham. Gregory Lee.342 

Oliver. Dan David.413 

Oliver. Janis Kay.390 

Oliver. Linda Sue.390 

Oliver, Richard D.440 

Ollom, Kathi Jo.451 

Olmstead, Mary Anne.448 

Olson. Ann Tona.370 

Olson, Barbara Ellen.114,370 

Olson. Diane Carol.462 

Olsen, Donald Earl .171 

Olson. Gretchen V.388 

Olson, Larry Michael.342.401 

Olson, Linda Sue.372 

Olson. Pamela Ann.475 

Olson. Terry Marie .342,356 

Olsen, Theresa Lynette.431 

Omans. R D. Warren.342,453 

O'Neil. Erin Lea.342 

O'Neil. Mary Louise .139 

O'Neil. Melonie Lynn .437 

O'Neil. Michael. 134,424 

O'Neil, Patricia D.342 

Onishi. Takeshi.342 

Opena, Cathy S. N.437 

Ophus, Carolyn Kay.453 

Oppie, Janice Irene.448 

Opsahl, Richard Kirk.416 

Orando, Laura Louise.471 

Organ. David Harl.125 

Orme, Matthew C. .382 

O'Rourke. Leslie M. .342 

O'Rourke, Melvin Ray.342 

Orser, Susan Diane.342,390 

Orthund. Barbara Kay.389 

Osgard. Peter Michael .413 

Ostermann, Stephen R.171 

Ostheller, Donald W.490 

Ostman, Randall R.423 

Oswald, Virginia Susan.124 

Ott, Marsha Claire.493 

Ott, Peggy Joy.493 

Ousley. Nancy Kay.342 

Outland, Harriet C. .138 

Overland. Eunice Irene.134 

Overman. James Braden.342 

Overman. Roger Dean.423 

Owen, Jo Ann Marie.471 

Owen, Martin Herbert.342,477 

Owings, Heidi Ann.471 

Owings. Nancy Anita .342 

Ozgur, Mustafa.342 

Ozolin, Elmer Willis.477 

Ozolin, John Egil.342 


Paasch, Robin Kurt.423 

Pacheco. Michael.411 

Packer, Dennis Otis.424 

Page, David Lee.498 

Page. Marta Renee.437 

Paine. Robert Walter.416 

Paine, Ty Carl.171 

Painter. Mark William.171 

Palea. Robert Kini.120 

Palm, Christine R.471 

Palmer, Kathleen Ann.462 

Palmer, William S. 138.453 

Pankey, Robert Newell.416 

Parish. Terry Lee.372 

Parker, James Sampson.421 

Parker, Tommie Hugh.453 

Parkhurst. Steven C.440 

Parkinson, Diane Lynn.448 

Parks, Beverly Grace.493 

Parks, Bradley Dean.342 

Parks, Margie Marie.437 

Parks. Shelley Lynn.342,370 

Parmenter, William D.425 

Parrish. Ronald Lee.399 

Parrish. Susan Cameron.475 

Parrish, Virginia .475 

Parsons, James Claude.491 

Parsons. Jeffrey D.385 

Parsons. Shirley L.465 

Parsons, Thomas Shawn.482 

Partch, Karen Kay.498 

Partlow. Nancy Arlene.498 

Partridge. Elizabeth A.342 

Parvin, Calvin Elroy. 139.498 

Pasicznyk, Michele E.375 

Patch, Stephen Jay.140 

Pattermann. Robert F.387 

Patterson. William Lee.172 

Pattison, Susan Marie.342,448 

Paul, Carl Allen.343 

Paul. Donald Ray Jr.187 

Paul, Karla Marie.343 

Paul. Kent Ernest.188 

Paul, Scott Alan.498 

Paul, Steven Kent.498 

Paulsen, Carol Ann.365 

Paulson. Joan.138 

Paulson. Jolene Gail.365 

Paulson. Susan Jane .343,365 

Pavlevsky. Victoria M..343 

Payne. Diane E.343 

Payne. Eugene Raymond.343 

Payne, Martha Lawson.462 

Payne, Rhonda Jean.498 

Paysse, Deborah Lynn .448 

Peabody. Eve Marie.462 

Pearson, Audrey Lee.479 

Pearson. Lawrence B*..397 

Pearson, Marcia Gail . 177.394 

Pearson. Steve Randall.343.416 

Pease, Stanley Thomas.491 

Peavey. Thomas Leigh.323 

Peck, Charles Edward.171 

Peckenpaugh, Janet L.498 

Peckham, Mary Margaret.343,448 

Peddee. Carolyn.367 

Pedersen, Anna Marie.394 

Pedersen, Martin Peter.402 

Pederson. Dee Ann.139 

Pelley, Marnell Le Ann.462 

Pence, Marc Leonard.453 

Penniman, Bonnie Mary.462 

Penny, George Scott .343 

Penny, John Charles.343 

Penoyar. William F.382 

Penrod. Gary Trent.467 

Perdue, Vickie C.448 

Perini. Michael Bruce. 125.343 

Perkins. Orla Jean.498 

Perkins, Robert W.323 

Perrault, Renee Teresa.437 

Perreira. Janifer A.343,498 

Perriella. Robert J.421 

Perry, Russel Gene.362 

Persyn. Teressa Linda . ..343,456 

Pestal, Thomas Allen.397 

Pete, Craig Warren.498 

Peters, Paul F.343,443 

Petersen. Karen Marcia.354 

Peterson, A. Leslie .405 

Peterson. Anne Carin .356 

Peterson. John F. .343 

Peterson. Larry Andrew.343 

Peterson. Danny L.343 

Peterson, Darlene K.343 

Peterson. Douglas M.498 

Peterson, Gerald.482 

Peterson. James H.135 


Lowell Walmsley. Student Publications Photographer 

Pulmano. George Veda.120 

Puskar. Mark Steven.344 

Putnam. Frederick Carl.491 

Putnam. Kenneth Eugene.490 

Pynor. Kathleen 1.409 

Raabe. Donna Jo.448 

Radcliffe. Kerry E..493 

Radkey. Steven Ray.344 

Radford. Dean A.140,152 

Ragan, Michael David.125,482 

Ragland. James E. Jr.105 

Raisner. William M. .125 

Rajala, David Nelson. 124,344 

Rambo. Jeffrey James.490 

Randa, Lynn Marie.344 

Randal. Stephen.369 

Randall. Patricia Anne .448 

Randles, Roberta Jean.344.356 

Randolph. Kevin Howard.344 

Rapp, Dennis Charles.344 

Rarey, Diane Arlene .. .462 

Rasmussen. Anne Louise.355 

Rasmussen. James E.419 

Rasmussen. R. Stephen.344,407 

Ratcliffe. William W..401 

Rawlings, Richard M. • • • 182.186,187 

Raymond, Patrick Jude.441 

Rea. Dennis Clark.344,413 

Ream. Katherine B..344 

Reasoner. Paula Gayle.390 

Reason. Patrick Allen.468 

Recchia. David Dean 416 

Reddick. James D.344.443 

Redford. Dennis Alex.443 

Redman. Mary Josephine.355 

Redman, Robert William.171 

Reed. Christopher G.421 

Reed, Donna Lynn .344,471 

Reed. Patrick Norman.344,488 

Reed, Paula Anne.375 

Reeder. Becky Ann.471 

Reeder. Lynne Ann.344 

Reeder. Kim Richardson.188 

Reeder. Sheila K .344.379 

Reese. Gregory Lane.171 

Reese. Thomas Walter..477 

Reeves. Dean Edward. 132.344 

Reeves. Dena Michele .138 

Reeves, Gloria Joy.344.498 

Reeves. Jacelyn Ann.409 

Reeves. Larry Dale.132 

Reffett. Richard Dale.369 

Regan, Terah Dawn.433 

Rehberg, Dana Renee.344 

Reid, Diane Marie.344 

Reiley. Susan Louise.344,437 

Reinhardt, Peggy Ellen.344 

Remington, Ann Marcia.367 

Renner, Robert A.498 

Renkel. Steven F.115 

Renner. William Robert.125 

Renberg. Conrad M .344 

Renberg, Paul.413 

Renn. Rodie Adeline.431 

Renner. Stephen.382 

Retter. Steven Lyle.468 

Reves. Caren Ruth .471 

Reyburn. Delpha Jean.437 

Reymore, Beth Elise.456 

Reynolds. James Henry.456 

Reynolds, Thomas P.344,403 

Rhodes, Vicky Lee.475 

Rhymes, Gail Anne.465 

Ricarte. ClareneJoy.344 

Ricarte. Stephen L..133 

Rice, Jerome Alan.140 

Rich. Daniel Cameron.127,140 

Rich. Rickey Lee.383 

Richard. Terry Joseph .... 140.148.153 

Richards. David Wayne.172 

Richmond, Gregg.345 

Peterson. Jana Norene.343 

Peterson. Karen Alice. 1 68.465 

Peterson. Kay Eileen.343 

Peterson. Keith Arthur.361 

Peterson, Kertis Dana.128 

Peterson. Kevin M..382 

Peterson. Mark Raymond.467 

Peterson. Nancy Olive.371 

Peterson. Richard P..498 

Peterson. Scott.416 

Peterson. Suzanne Kay.1 14.365 

Peterson. Wayne Andrew.323 

Petroff, Diane.435 

Pettis. Karen Louise.367 

Pewe. Pamela Ann.390 

Pfaff. Michael Johnson.133 

Pfeffer. Penney Ann.343.375 

Pfiffner, Gloria Jean.471 

Phelan, James Patrick .440 

Phelps. Kim .440 

Phillips. Cindy Ann.471 

Phillips. Deborah Ann.139 

Phillips. Frederick R.171 

Phillips. Karen C.462 

Phillips. Richard Jay.491 

Philopant, James W.416 

Picatti. Susan Marie.433 

Picha. Douglas Tedford.369 

Pickett. Richard D. .343 

Pickering. Randy Royal . . . 171.343.401 

Porter. Susan Dee .390 

Portmann. Michael J.111.490 

Post. Laurienne Edith. 344,433 

Potter. Nancy Marie.114.395 

Potter. Brent Noland.413 

Potucek. Jeffrey J..421 

Poulsen. Diane L.462 

Poulsen. Joan Lynn.471 

Powell. Albert E. Jr. 105.156.498 

Powell. Edward J.498 

Powell. Terry Rae.344.371 

Powers. Erin Elizabeth.479 

Powers. Pamela Ann.379 

Pratt. Janice.498 

Pratt. Patricia K.375 

Prenguber. Bruce A.135 

Prentice. Patrick J.344 

Pretzinger. Kerry Lynn.409 

Pribbernow. Janet Rae.448 

Price. Jill Andree.389 

Price. Lester. Allen Jr.443 

Priebe, Becky Deobald.344 

Priebe, Chandler Lloyd.344 

Pringle, Andrew L.344.361 

Primozich. Jean F.431 

Prock. David Allen.467 

Protherd. Marilyn.493 

Puckett, Deborah Ann.354 

Pullam. Linda Kay.181 

Pumphrey. Harold Lewis.146.147 

Quackenbush. Susan Ann 
Quesenbury. Sheila L. . . . 

Quick, Linda Kay. 

Quigley. Thomas R. 

Quillin, William Keith . . . 
Quinn. Kendall Reed.... 
Quinn. Mark Michael. . . . 

. ...390 
. ...490 
. . ..405 

Picken. Joan Patricia. . 

Pickew. Joan. 

Pierce. Emmet Eugene 
Pierce. Kimberly Joan. 
Pierce. Marcia Ann . . 
Pierce. Terry Cliffton . . 

Pieti. Kris. 

Pietsch. Carl John 
Pierson. Deborah 
Pike. Gary Robert 
Pilkey. Anne Alice 
Pirie, Doreen Sue 
Pischel. Piper Angela . 
Pitts. Susan Kathleen . 
Pittsenbarger, Robert . 

Pleas. Kathleen R. 

Plescher, Sheri Ann . . 
Plowden. Joan Marie . 
Podolak. Darryl Lee . . 
Podrabsky, Gary Lee . . 
Poe. Thomas. John Jr. 
Poe, Janet Elizabeth . . 
Poffenroth. Sharon M. 
Polcyn. Mark Andrew . 
Polhamus. Kathleen A. 
Polley. William David . 
Pompey, James Allen . 
Poole. Yvonne Rene . . 

Poor. Rhonda R. 

Popelka. Anne Marie . 

. ...448 
.... 140 
. . . .395 
. . . .402 
. . ..354 
. . . .453 
. . . .414 
. • • 343 

. ...475 
. ...343 
. ...343 
. . . .462 
. . . .462 

. . ..379 
. . ..407 
. . . .377 
. . ..401 
. . ..343 
.... 462 

. . . .471 


Richmond. Larry.345 

Richmond. Lee Alan.138 

Richmond. Patricia.345 

Rickard. Leslie D.437 

Rickner. Patricia H.345.498 

Rickenbach. David Zeno.138 

Riddle. Kathleen.345.389 

Ridgway. Clifford.345.402 

Riebe. E. Dennis.345 

Riedasch. Eleen Marie.345 

Riehle, Daniel Charles.387 

Riehle. Wayne.345.387 

Riesen. Gary Alan. 149.362 

Rightmire. Rebecca L.409 

Riggers. Anita.345 

Ringer. Sandra Lee.462 

Risley. D. Jill.114 

Rivers. Marcia Jo.471 

Rivera, Gloria Ann.448 

Roark, Susan Gwynn.345.471 

Roark. Brion Dane.188 

Robar. Scott Lynn.129 

Robbins. Laurie Jeanne.345 

Roberts, Bonnie Louise.431 

Roberts. Boyd D.498 

Roberts. Diana Lynn. 138.139.358 

Roberts. Elizabeth J..437 

Roberts. Gayle Eileen.498 

Roberts. John Merrill.477 

Roberts, Kathleen J..437 

Roberts. Michael W..345.490 

Roberts. Pamela Jean.139,358 

Roberts. Sheryl D.345 

Roberts. Stephen A.171 

Roberts. Steven L.171 

Roberts. Trudy Sue.365 

Robertson. Becki Ann.475 

Robertson, Benine H.415 

Robertson. Jolene.498 

Robertson. Kenneth Jr.323 

Robertson. Teresa A.462 

Robey. Deanne Marie.435 

Robinette. Thomas Earl.369 

Robinson, Jim.171 

Robinson. Lee A.498 

Robinson. Mary M.448 

Robinson. Thomas Emery.170.175 

Rock. David Franklin.345.468 

Rodda. Karen Louise.395 

Rodda. Kathleen Leah.395 

Rodin. Christine Mary.431 

Rodland, Barry B.345.401 

Rodstol. James H.345.444 

Rogers, Christopher E.423 

Rogers. Donald E.345 

Rogers. Patrick Brent .... 182.187,416 

Rogers. Rebecca Anne.465 

Rogers. William.345 

Rohrmann. Joanne E.345 

Rohwer. Rex.345,362 

Rohrbach, Robert M.482 

Roll. Kathie Ann.345 

Rommel. Bruce. 140.148.345 

Rooks. Dennis Victor.125.482 

Root, Kathleen Marie.493 

Roozen. Leonard Maria.419 

Rose. Kathy Louise.345 

Rose. Steven Kenneth .129 

Rosenau. Robin Ryan. 133.490 

Rosentangle. Andrea.345,377 

Rosetti. Corrie Curtis.345 

Roske, Larry E.444 

Ross. Donald Bruce.416 

Ross, Jo Ann.435 

Ross. John.345 

Ross. Le Ellen Sue.471 

Ross. Sandra Lee.345.448 

Rossano. Renee Marie.355 

Rossolo. Hugh I. Jr.345.381 

Rossiter, Deborah Lou.437 

Roth. J. Michael.345 

Roth. Nancy Lee.345 

Rothery. Dave Donald.345 

Rothnie. Nancy Ruth.471 

Roulstone, Donna Gray.433 

Rowe. Judy Ann.345 

Rowe. Robert Spencer.345 

Rowland. Delene Rae.389 

Royden. Robb.498 

Rozelle, Michael L..133 

Rubright. Kathleen Ann .462 

Rudsdil. Candace Lee.345 

Rudisile. Diana Lee.453 

Rudd. Mary.462 

Rugg. Dennis Edward.115.498 

Ruitenbeck. Susan.345.498 

Rumble. J. Newton. Jr.149 

Rumble. Mark Allan.381 

Rummel. Robert Edward.498 

Rumpelters. Dan Edward.369 

Rundell. Jeffrey M.255 

Rush, Judith Marie.465 

Russell. Jan.431 

Rutherford. Susan E.114,493 

Ruzicka. Irene Marie.345 

Ryan. Kathleen E.475 

Ryan. L. David.145 

Ryder. James Stanley.490 

Rykus. Alvin Lewis.385 


Sabean, M. Ruth.345 

Sablin, Ramor E.441 

Sackman. John William.345 

Sackmann. Deborah Lynn.355 

Sackett. Richard Earl.453 

Saffel. Kerry Jo.498 

Sage. Patricia Mae.128 

Sahlberg. Thomas N.399 

Sailer, Thomas Eugene.133 

St.John. Kenneth James.124.125 

St. Martin. Michael A.345 

Salathe, Linda Jean .358 

Salo. David Robert.345.482 

Salvadalena. Loretta.345 

Salvesen, Craig Rolf.441 

Sandahl. Richard C.129 

Sandblom. M. April.377 

Sande. Janet Lynn. 168.409 

Sanders. Jeanne Marie.415 

Sanders. Leon E.399 

Sanders. Yvonne Diane.345.41 5 

Sandison. Andrea Jean.345.367 

Sands. Margaret B. 37 

Sands. Sindy Jean.389 

Sanford. Gary Robert.416 

Sanford. William Alpha.411 

Santiesteban. Jose A..482 

Saranovich. Michele Y.471 

Sargent. Romae Louise . . . ..431 

Sargent, Stanley Alan.401 

Sather. Thomas Merrill.416 

Satterfield. James W.419 

Sattler. Keith P.345 

Satake. Margaret Kim.345 

Sauer. Patricia Louise .. 139.462 

Saul. William Francis.453 

Saulie, Mary Katherine.437 

Saunders, Stephen E.453 

Sawyer. Anne Marie.358 

Scalzo. Susan Florence.490 

Scambelluri, Marie.465 

Scarff. Robin Renee.490 

Schall. Anthony W.345.419 

Scheef. Sally.415 

Scheel. Mary Lynn .479 

Scheele. Mary Alice.346 

Schell. Bernie H.346 

Schell. Susan K.346 

Schellberg. Carrie.415 

Scheller, Marjorie P.346.498 

Schenk. Nancy Lynn.110.479 

Scherck, Russell Owen.490 

Scherr, Michael Gustav.115 

Schilke. Kenneth W.134 

Schillinger. Anne L.437 

Schilter, Edward Frank.491 

Schimpf. Catherine L.448 

Schirr. Jo Janel.498 

Schlect. Chris Earl.254.255 

Schlenker. Carol Lee.462 

Schmick. Kirk William.416 

Schmidt, Kathryn L. .498 

Schmidt. Kenneth P.401 

Schmidt. Teresa Lynn.365 

Schmidt. Virgil Ervin.444 

Schmidtman. Kirk Alan.362 

Schmidtman. Scott Lee.145.362 

Schmitt. Nancy Louise.346.448 

Schmitz, Joe Albert .133 

Schneider. Frances L.138.139.346, 

Kerry Bjorn, Student Publications Photographer 



Schneider, Gary Lynn.346,411 

Schnell. Daniel Philip.416 

Schneller, Alane Mary.346 

Schoenberg, Richard A..139 

Schoesler, Randal J.453 

Schorr, Cindy Lee.389 

Schrader, Richard A..362 

Schreck, Brian Vern.323 

Schrick. Mary Rae.124,365,433 

Schroeder. Christina D. . . . 132,138,432 

Schroeder, Sara Ann.377 

Schuh, Cynthia Lee.346,379 

Schultz, Andrea Lora.395 

Schutz. Brian Robin.346 

Schultz, Jane Fay.462 

Schuur, Robin Kathleen.168,356 

Schwendiman, Lynn- E..346 

Scodeller, Jo Anne.390 

Scott. Jeffrey Layne.419 

Scott, Joan Mildred .409 

Scott, Mardi Gail.437 

Scott. Mary Beth.465 

Scott, Mary Jane.346,437 

Scott. Steven Lewis.401 

Scovel, Mark S.483 

Seals, Rita Kay.358 

Sebastian. Annette E.433 

Secor, Michael Robert .115 

Sedenquist. Judy Lynn.479 

See. Priscilla J.435 

Seeley, Cathleen M.346,41 5 

Segura, Francisco Nino.498 

Seibolt. Catharine E.462 

Seidel. Linda Rae.448 

Seipp. Debra Lynn.377 

Sele. Bradley B.346 

Seligmilter. Marc R.121 

Sellers, Thomas Lee.346,363 

Semmews. Phillip D.127 

Semmler. William Webb.125.142, 


Seresun, P. Machelle.356 

Seshiki. RoyJoji.120 

Setzer, Jeanette Marie.389 

Severtson, Lynn Ann .437 

Sewell, Margaret Jane.346.365 

Shadel. Joanne R..448 

Shaffer. Karen Gene.462 

Shallenberger, Vicky L.462 

Shannon, Patricia Jean.- 346,395 

Shannon. Thomas W. II.346 

Shapiro, Martin S.401 

Sharp, Laurie E.389 

Sharratt. Gene Curtis.346 

Shattuck. Deborah K.433 

Shaw, Gloria Joan .437 

Shawley, Richard Lee.387 

Shea. George Gordon.403 

Sheahan, Lorry Donn.361 

Sheehy, Robert Charles.346 

Shemet, Amy D.346 

Sherer, Stanley.171 

Sheridan, Don. 346,498 

Sherman, Lillian Kay.346,475 

Sherman, Lynn Beth.375 

Sherrill. Christi Dee.435 

Sherrill. Robert James.381 

Sherwood, Judith Lynn.346.498 

Sherwood, Kathryn Ann.471 

Sherwood. Lois C.346 

Shields. Linda Jean.346 

Shields. Sandra Ann.475 

Shigeno, Diane Kaye. 124.355 

Shigeno. Donna Maye.355 

Shimmin. Laura Lynn.498 

Shinn. Brian Joe.346 

Shinohara. Steven S.425 

Shobe, Cynthia Lynn.465 

Shockley. Patrick W.416 

Shoemaker, Stephen P.346,498 

Shollenberger Gayla M.462 

Shook, Vernon William.346,468 

Shores. Patricia Gayle.139 

Short, Allan Ray.135 

Shotwell, Frances Kaye. 124,358 

Shoup, Deborah Kay.346 

Shrader, B. Kimberly.499 

Shrauger, Lynn Marie.462 

Shreve, Marcia M. 124,464 

Shumate. Janet Ruth.110.415 

Shustoff, Claudia M.355 

Shutt. Julie Kay.367 

Siebenberg, Tammy Rae.462 

Sieloff, Susan Lynn.435 

Siemion. Stephen L.490 

Siemon, Michael Leland.423 

Siems, Patti Jean.347.437 

Sierra. Ron.499 

Sieveke. William Louis.361 

Silliman, Richard L.468 

Simila, John E.347,499 

Simmons, Jeanie Carol.389 

Simmons, Robert Jay.453 

Simons, Michael Scott.468 

Simpson, Janet Lynn.448 

Simpson. Jeffrey R.419 

Simpson, Robert L.411 

Sinclair. Pauline M.347 

Sinclair, Robin.171,397 

Sipila. Gail Elaine.379 

Sirjord, Pamela Lou .471 

Sisemore, Janet llene.367 

Sivley, Gordon Walter.441 

Skadan, John F.347,499 

Skadan, Linda M.499 

Skadsen. Sharon Teresa.463 

Skagen, Dianne Linn.377 

Skaug. Howard Otto.41 7 

Skavdahl, Lin Varae.347,479 

Skeen. Tena Rae.463 

Skelton, Mary Edna .499 

Skippen, Kathleen Mary.347 

Skow. Kathryn Elaine. 156.499 

Skreen. Richard 8rian.499 

Slagle, David Lewis Jr.417 

Slagle, Margaret Ann.347.456 

Slaughter. Julie Anne.356 

Slavin. James Thomas.421 

Sleeth, Mary Martha . . . ...377 

Sleightholm, Sherrill.437 

Sletten, Victor N.477 

Sloan. Robert Warren.383 

Slodysko. William J.402 

Sluman. Leslie Marie.355 

Slunaker. Richard A.453 

Small, Janet Laura.367 

Small. Joe Allen. 133.347.405 

Small. Kathy Lee.499 

Smawley, Debra Deane.391 

Smedley. Richard C.172 

Smeltzer. Paula C.391 

Smila, John.133 

Smith. Barbara Jean.431 

Smith, BeverlyJoyce.493 

Smith. Daniel Jay.363 

Smith, David Laurence.444 

Smith. Darrell Lee Jr.499 

Smith. Deborah Anne.377 

Smith. Dennis R..125 

Smith. Dianna Lee.356 

Smith. Donald John.175 

Smith. Edward Patrick.417 

Smith, Glen Alan.361 

Smith, Gregory Dale.419 

Smith. Gregory Eugene.347,468 

Smith. Jean.132,347.451 

Smith. Jeffrey Keely.323.347 

Smith. Jeffrey William.172 

Smith. Jennifer Kay.451 

Smith. Kathy Margaret.347,493 

Smith. Kirby N.347 

Smith, Marilyn Kay.347.415 

Smith. Michele Dalene.435 

Smith. Pamela Kay.347,471 

Smith. Peter Thomas.128,413 

Smith, Preston Tolar.,383 

Smith, Scott Bruce.347 

Smith. Scott James.423 

Smith. Sherri Lynn.465 

Smith. Shelley Ann.448 

Smith. Sheryl Jeanette.367 

Smith. Stanley Paul .369 

Smith. Stephen R..477 

Smith. Steven Anthony.407 

Smith. Steven Lewis. 133.347 

Smith. Terrance Joe.444 

Smith, Thomas Carl .347 

Smith. Wendy Louise.463 

Smitt. Vivian Jean.347.449 

Snedeker, Carolyn.475 

Snider. Craig Wayne.381 

Snow, Deborah Joyce.145 

Snow. Donna Elaine.475 

Snyder. John Robert.142,143,144, 


Snyder, Steven Noel. 125,491 

Solbrack, Dennis Ray.133,361 

Sollenberger, Sandra K.124 

Solut, Forrest.490 

Sonneson, Delmis Leroy.456 

Sonnichsen. Tim W.115 

Sooman. Roy Willock. 172,453 

Sorensen, Alan Wayne.125 

Sorensen, Donna Marie.132 

Sorensen, James Philip.133 

Sorensen, Kathie E.475 

Sorensen, Sharon J.132,139,347, 


Sorenseon. Kathleen P.475 

Sorenseon, V. Ricky.363 

Sovold, Vickianne C.431 

Spanner, Jack Clyde Jr.363 

Spears, James Andrew.483 

Speer, Linda M.347 

Speir, Katherine Lee.168,177,355 

Spencer. Elaine Marie.347,41 5 

Spencer, Reed Walter.347,363 

Spencer, Thomas Ray.456 

Spencer, Tracy Lynn.347.403 

Spencer, William W.369 

Spitler, Richard W.441 

Spofford, Donna Jeanne.475 

Spomer, David Leslie.477 

Spoonemore, Kay Redene.463 

Spooner. Marjorie T.431 

Sporleder. Jane Louise.499 

Stack, Diana Marie.41 5 

Stack. Robert Harold .397 

Stacy, Howard William.405 

Stafford, Roger Kay.347 

Stahly, Walter Rex.483 

Stairet, Carol Lee.347 

Staley. Wayne E.347.411 

Stallings. Rita Kay .114.375 

Stalmaster, James E.347 

Stampalia, David Scott.491 

Stanley. Cynthia Rae .465 

Stanley. Michael.417 

Stark. Peggy Lou.347 

Starr. Richard.407 

Startup, David Miles.347 

Stave. Sharon Marie.347,493 

Stayner, Donald Shaw.110,477 

Steffen. Nancy Jean.463 

Stegmeier, Merritt C.347,499 

Steed. 8everly, Marie.449 

Steelhammer, C. S.132,139,347 

Stein. Robert C. .347 

Steinbeck. Tom.399 

Steiner, Alfons Josef.387 

Steiner, John Curtis.444 

Steiner, Verena Marie.371 

Stemkoski. John S.347 

Stenberg. Shannon Ruth. 168,359 

Stendal. Mark William.441 

Stendal. Stacy K.471 

Stentz, John Burr Jr.413 

Stephen, Pamela Jean.347,471 

Stephenson, Mary E.371,347 

Stettler, Wayne Edwin.477 

Stevens. Cecily Rose.463 

Stevens, Robert A.347,477 

Steward, Daniel Alvin .... 181,1 83.1 87 

Stewart, Ben Earl.421 

Stewart, Carl Rodney.347.381 

Stewart, David Miles.401 

Stidham. Dale F.347 

Stidham. Josephine A.347 

Stieber, Gregg Michael.483 

Stiles. Robert Joe.441 

Stiles, William Henry.369 

Stinnett. Christine A.489 

Stirling. Monna F.347 

Stock. Adele E.395 

Stockdiil. Ruth Ann.489 

Stocker. Kristine M.449 

Stockstad. Patricia A.379 

Stoneman. Daniel Lee.468 

Storaasli, Steven John.323 

Storey. Lisa Jo.347.395 

Stovall, C. Susan.371 

Stover. Susan Marie.138 

Stowe. Julia Lee.375 

Straatman, Steven Pol.172 

Strachan, James Robert.453 

Strait. Cynthia Lynn .415 

Strand, Pamela Ann.356 

Strand. Sparre Monissa.356 

Strayer. Nancy Evelyn.347 

Strege, Karin Jo.479 

Strehlow, Karen Lou.463 

Stringfellow, Vickiy L.391 

Stroh, Mark Joseph.347.499 

Strohmaier, Alan Carl.323 

Strother. Cheryl L. 142,143,145 

Sturgill. Barry Allan.140.468 

Sturtevant, Cindy.371 

Suess. Lauretta Clair.475 

Suiter, Margaret L..493 

Sulenes. Cynthia L..463 

Sullivan, Catherine A .347 

Sullivan, Dianne M..499 

Sullivan. Lynne Ann.395 

Sumida, Rae Akemi .120 

Summers, Diana Lynn.347 

Sumner, Stanley Neil.369 

Sunbury, Patricia Lynn.347 

Sundberg. Cheryl Lynn.449 

Sunderland. Mary Linda.348 

Sunderland. Paul L..361 

Sundquist, Gayle D..356 

Sundstrom, Joseph A. .383 

Surplus, Margaret Jean.356 

Sutch. George R. Ill .399 

Suzuki, Terrie Yooko.348.437 

Swannack, Christi.463 

Swanson, Sandra Elaine.499 

Swanstrom, Virginia D. .449 

Swartzlender, D. Lynn .493 

Sweet. Donald.168,171 

Swenson. Craig Alan .401 

Swenson, Jon Reid.411 

Swesey. John Lloyd.348 

Swindal. Patricia Ann.431 

Swope. Robert Edward. 348.477 

Syring, M. Richard. 348,499 

Systad. Linda Mae.451 


Taitand, Linda M.437 

Takaaze, Peggy.120 

Takaaze. Jay Tokio. 120.348 

Takas, Vasilios.456 

Takemura, T. Michael.369 

Talbot. Cheri Leigh.355 

Talbot. Michael L.171 

Talbot. Shelley E..489 

Tallant, Millard J. Ill.402 

Tamanaha. Kazuo.120 

Tamlyn. Jean Louise.499 

Tamura. James J. Jr.453 

Tanigami. Gary.348 

Tapio. Gloria June.449 

Tawes. Darrell Howard.407 

Taylor. Anne Elise.499 

Taylor. Constance Lee.348.395 

Taylor. Debra Ann.367 

Taylor. Edith Ann . 348.371 

Taylor, Mark William.407 

Taylor. William Vaughn.477 

Tecumseh. KiutusJr.121,348 

Tee. Jacqueline Rae.110,348 

Tee. William Wesley. 133.348 

Tefkros, Sotirious.383 

Teitzel, David L. .477 

Telecky. Sara Lee.449 

Tellessen. Marie Ellen.348 

Templin. Garrett C..499 

Tengan, Sharon Hatsue .120.449 

Terao. Joanne.475 

Thackrey, Thomas A.499 

Thatcher. 8arbara Ann.499 

Thatcher, Judith Ann .463 

Thayer, John Lewis .417 

Thiemann. Kenneth Carl.348,363 

Thill. Donald Cecil.348 

Thode, Robert John .348,383 

Thomas. Anne.181 

Thomas, Cheri Ann.471 

Thomas. Sherry.425 

Thomason. Mark Dean.456 

Thompson, Christopher.348 

Thompson. Diane Lee.348,479 

Thompson. Harry L.1 64.171 

Thompson. Jane Lynn.379 

Thompson. Janet Gayle.355 

Thompson. Katherine L.451 

Thompson. Kathy E.471 

Thompson. Linca Lea.449 

Thompson, Marijo.475 

Thompson, Michael Don.402 

Thompson. Patricia Ann.431 

Thompson. Robert Craig.348 

Thompson. Robert Dean.348 

Thompson. Robert L.417 

Thompson. Susan Ann.379 

Thompson, Susan K..431 

Thomsen, Robert Denton.453 

Thomsen, Roxie Marie.367 

Thonney, Steven Carl.363 

Thoreson. Cary Milton.399 

Thorington. Blaine R.468 

Thorn. Bruce Charles.419 

Thorn. Marsha.499 

Thorndike. Donna Jean.463 

Thorndike. Rebecca L.463 

Thornes, James Douglas.348 

Thorson. Patricia A.479 

Thrall. Vicki K.348 

Thurlow, Marleen Gaye.437 

Thursby. Richard Leigh.387 

Tidrick. Nancy Marie.471 

Tiearney. Janice P.168 

Tiegs. Oscar Lyle.483 

Tierney. Janice.177 

Tiller. Carl Kerry.477 

Tillotson. Ann C.449 

Tilton, Lanita Sue.465 

Timmons. Linda .348 

Tippett. Jane Ann.138.41 5 

Tippett. Thomas J. . 132.348.361 

Tisdel. Marna Ann.105 

Tjersland. David B.399 

Todd. Kathryn Lynn.356 

Todd. Susan Lee.348.456 

Todnem. Janice Anne.348,456 

Toevs, Barbara Irene.114.389 

Toll. Jeffrey Paul.444 

Tolleshaug, David N. 348,490 

Tomson. Steven Ralph.138 

Tonder. Roberta Jean.463 

Topalian. Celia M.365 

Towne, Robert John.369 

Towner, Annette Marie.499 

Towner. Karen Louise.110 

Tracy. Robert Eugene.417 

Trafton. Byron Gardner.468 

Transeth. Don Willard.171 

Treese. Steven Alan.115.453 

Trefry. Keith Alan.417 

Tribbett. Lyndelle K..357 

Trimble. Laura Teresa.389 

Trine. Michael D.483 

Trower. Tandy W. II.127 

Trudell, Kathleen Anne.367 

Trull. Michael John.382 

Trulson. Neal Brian.453 

Truitt. Judy.463 

Tshibuabua. Samuel M.348 

Tsutakawa. Margaret A.124 

Tucker. Patrick James.348.413 

Tucker, Sharon Marie.437 

Tucker. Teri Diane.114.377 

Tuetor. Jo . ..499 

Tuke. Gregory William.369 

Tunis. Jon Allan. 129,468 

Turner. Debra K. 168.375 

Turner, Jessica Ruth.449 

Turner. John David.348,490 

Turner. Ruth Margaret.449 

Turney. Deborah Faye.465 

Turrill. Deborah D.451 

Tuura. Thomas Lynn.468 

Twelves. Gail Amanda.449 

Tweten. Monte Douglas.171 

Tylczak. John Arthur.348.489 

Tyrrell. Mary Jo.145 


Uhl, Laurie Michelle.431 

Ullrich, Janice Louise.139 

Ulrich. James David.125 

Unger. David Ronald. 125.441 

Ungs. William David.348.444 

Uno. Marilyn Anne.475 

Urichuk. Alan George.348 

Utshudi. Armand B.456 

Utter. Richard Ross. 127.483 

Uyeno. Keith Akio.120 


Vail. Ronald William.453 

Valdez. Sylvia Ann.493 

Vallely. Mary Kathleen. 128,391 

Valley, Scott Anthony.419 

Van. Ausdle E. Wynn . 133.456 

Van Beek. Margaret Ann.391 

Van Buren. Stephen A.363 

Van Dermole. N. Ann M.367 

Van Dyk. Karla P.463 

Van Fredenberg. M. S.445 

Van Inetti. Gerald E.348 

Van Miert. Annette M.348 

Van Rooy. John Roger.423 

Van Schoiack. Dale G. .468 

Van Selus. Maurice Jr..346 

Van Sinderen. Sharon.493 

Van Valkenburg. Steven.133 

Van Winkle. Phyllis L.348.449 

Van Winkle. Rose Mary.395 

Vandeberg. Steven C.397 

Vander. Linden Claire.357 

Vander Ploeg. Karl P.443 

Vanderhoff. Delbert W.417 

Vanderhoff, Judy Lee.359 

Vaughan. Mary E.409 

Vaughn, Thomas Lee .348.403 

Vea. Leslie Ann.391 

Velis. Stanley N.323 

Vendramin, Keith Leo.363 

Verhey. Patricia Ann.348 

Vermeers. Richard Lee.363 

Vesey. Elizabeth L. .377 

Vhay, Elizabeth Ann.348.391 

Vick, Camilyn Daleen.359 

Vik. James Irving .125 

Virkelyst. Richard M.477 

Virkelyst. Robert A.477 

Vochatzer. Marie A.448 

Voegele. Nancy Jean.375 

Vogt. Joyce Ann.379 

Vogt. Penny Gayle .471 

Voorhees. Paul M. .348 

Votaw. Cynthia Anne.348,41 5 

Votaw. Jane Kathleen.415 

Voyles. Harry Thomas.132 

Vtecht, Carla J.463 


Waara, Gayle Irene.348,435 

Waddle. Steven Russell.120.323 

Wade. John Leslie .348 

Wagenblast, Gary R.499 

Wagenblast. Margaret A. . .433 

Wagner. Donald E. Jr.348 

Mike Higgins, Student Publications Photography 


Wagner, John Adolph.407 

Wagner. Larry William.348,471 

Wagner. Wendy. 136,145,499 

Wagoner, Mark Steven.387 

Wahle, Juret Regina L.365 

Wainscott, Cindy Lou.359 

Waite, Stephen C. .444 

Waits. Dennis Nolan.348.369 

Waldburger. John J..413 

Waldron, Heather Ann.114 

Walker, Gayle Lynn .475 

Walker. Louise C..349,463 

Walker. Suson Lynn.437 

Walker, William Robert.140 

Walkowski, Frank J..349 

Wallace, Joan Marie.449 

Wallace. Keith Alan.444 

Wallace, Kirk Robert.399 

Wallace, Scott Richard.349 

Walsh, Daniel Edward .152 

Walsh, Gordon Edward.421 

Walsh. Joseph Eugene.349 

Walsh, Susan Mary.139 

Walter, Marilyn Kay.357 

Walter. William Barton.323 

Walters. Barbara Gay.391 

Walters, Carol Jean .349.471 

Walton, Laurie Kay.431 

Wanchena. Matthew John .... 121,457 

Wandersleben. Werner.349 

Wandling, James Allen.399 

Wanezek, Robert Lewis.417 

Ward. Alexander Wesley.499 

Ward, Delbert Charles .155 

Ward. Jim.121 

Ward. Jeffrey Scott.417 

Ward, Laura Pearl.449 

Ward. Peggy Jane.475 

Warden, Sally Joann.365 

Ware, Gail Raymond.401 

Warehime. Clyde Dean.171 

Warner. Diane Gayle .457 

Warner, Margaret Ellen.1 14,367 

Warner, Terry Lynn.463 

Warninger, Bruce David.425 

Warnock. Kae.349.431 

Warren. Peter Currier.349,369 

Warren. Ted Len. 105.349 

Warren. Tressa Ann.357 

Warrick. Corinne E.359 

Warsinske, Richard J.105.156 

Wasem. Anne Marie.375 

Washam.JoAnn . 349.359 

Washines. Anthony.499 

Wasson. Patricia L.463 

Watanabe, Ivan M.128 

Waterman, Bernadine L.114 

Waters. Gayle Kathleen.499 

Waters. James Dale.349 

Waters. Steve Eugene .111,499 

Waters, William Henry.397 

Watkins, Richard M.349.411 

Watras. Elizabeth Jane.128.355 

Watson. John Lawrence.155 

Watson. Rita Emma.449 

Waud, Terry Jo.365 

Wayenberg, Richard A.441 

Weatherford, Lee Wood.171 

Webb, Kristen Marie.349 

Webber, Colbert Dale.349 

Weber. Jacob William.387 

Webster. Clifford A.419 

Webster, John David.140 

Weeks, Deborah Lee.377 

Wegener. John Steward.402 

Wegley, Jill Suzanne.367 

Wegner, Nancy May.499 

Weible. Brenda Sue.365 

Weiger. Janice Susanne.375 

Weiher, Ellen Jean.409 

Weimer. Carol Annette.349.463 

Weimer. Jennifer Lynn.493 

Weinrich. Sherry Eva .349 

Weirich. Gisela Inge.471 

Welander, Robert Lynn.383 

Welch. David J.499 

Welch. Richard Worden .. 125,127,499 

Weller. Robert James.407 

Wellman. Michael.349 

Wells. Jane E.409 

Wells, Marion Janet.499 

Welsh, Elizabeth E.349 

Wen, Vicki Shu.463 

Wendler, Greg R.363 

Wendt. Robert James.468 

West. Carolyn Jo .479 

West. Cynthia Lynn.451 

West. Donna Lynn.111,463 

Westbrook. Thomas C. . .. 124,125.349. 


Wester. Candis Dee .463 

Westerdahl. Brian Lee .490 

Westergreen, Thomas A.349 

Westermann, David W.323 

Westermeyer, Cynthia R.463 

Westfahl. Michael Jay.468 

Westfahl, Pamela Kay.449 

Westland, Pamela Sue.365 

Weston, Stanton Deray. .453 

Westsik, Joseph H. Jr.115 

Wetter, Maribeth . 168.357 

Weythman. Melvin John.401 

Wheatley, Catherine A.349 

Wheeler, Rebecca L.437 

Wheeler. Robin Ann.449 

Wheeler. Vicki Lynn.449 

Whinnery. Richard Irl.477 

Whitaker. Phyllis Jean.415 

White. Deborah Kay.349,471 

White. Dennis Wayne.127,129 

White, Loralee Sue.463 

Whitehead. Gay Lee.409 

Whitehead, Joyce E.475,499 

Whiteman. Leslie Lewis.349.477 

Whitney, Barry Rick.419 

Wick. Gregory T.499 

Wicks. Cynthia Lea.349,499 

Widman. Donald Edward.413 

Widman. Kristine Ann.493 

Wiederspohn. Gene Lee.134.349 

Wiegand. J. Patrick...381 

Wieneke. Richard Lee.349.363 

Wigen, Kirk.361 

Wigen. Nicholas Howard. 349,361 

Wiggins. Brevt James.323 

Wiggins. Debra Rae.111,451 

Wiggins. Janelle Lynn.349 

Wiggins. Nancy Lee.451 

Wiggins. Tony Lee.411 

Wiitala, Carole.349 

Wiitala. Kristal Kathi..145.475 

Wilbert. Cynthia Lind.355 

Wilbourn. Ronald Dale.397 

Wilder, Sheila Lynn.121 

Wiley, Bradford. James.188 

Wilkinson. Richard R..397 

Willard. Betsy Leigh.349 

Williams. Arnold Gary.121 

Williams. Cynthia M.449 

Williams, Deborah Anne.114 

Williams. Denise D.349 

Williams. Gary R.127 

Williams, John Gary.405 

Williams. Margaret E.475 

Williams. Margery K.409 

Williams. Megen Julia.389 

Williams, Richard Iver. 349,407 

Williams. Wallace.171 

Williams, Wanda M.350 

Williamson. Jeffrey A.441 

Williamson. Steven E.399 

Willich. Reginald C. 124,499 

Willis. Roger. 134.350 

Willmann. Constance P..431 

Willoughby. Warren W. .421 

Willson. Brandt Lewis .350 

Willson. Craig William.419 

Wilson, Barbara Jean.465 

Wilson. Catherine H..350 

Wilson. Deborah Jane . 145.409 

Wilson. Dennis Barclay.133 

Wilson. Diane Laurinda.479 

Wilson, James Walker. 188,381 

Wilson. Janice Alayne.377 

Wilson, Jean Louise.110,114,367 

Wilson. Kathleen Dawn.395 

Wilson, Lark Elaine.415 

Wilson. Michael R.350 

Wilson. Robert Eric.499 

Wilson, Robert Glen Jr.350 

Wilson. Ronald Eugene.407 

Wine. Cynthia Sue.449 

Wingard. Sonja Marie.37 

Winskill. John C.164 

Winston, Claudia S.41 5 

Winter. Jeanne Lenora.449 

Winters. Gail.139 

Wise. Kathy Jo.391 

Wisher. James Paul.499 

Wissenback. Janice L..391 

Wittig, Miriam Grace.499 

Wittkopf. Rena Marie.375 

Woehrlin, Kevin Parks.399 

Wolf. Barbara Anne.499 

Wolf, Michael Irving.350 

Wolf. Patricia Elaine.355 

Wolfe. Bonita K..489 

Wolfe. Mary Stuart.449 

Wolfe, Roy Alan.361 

Wong. Lucia Yee Ping Wong.350 

Wong, Man-Chiu.350.444 

Wong, Marlene Faye.435 

Woo. Lily Ngan .415 

Wood, Alice Louise.350 

Wood. Barbara Jean.350 

Wood, Christina M.453 

Wood. David Ross.188 

Wood. Elizabeth Irene .128 

Wood, John Martin.423 

Wood. Karen Wynn.499 

Wood, Larry Dean.350.457 

Wood. Paige, Artus.449 

Wood, Susan Elizabeth.377 

Woodard. Gincy Anne.132 

Woodcock. William M. . . .128.129.350, 


Woodland, Lauri Ann.357 

Woods. Mary Susan. 1 14,140.435 

Woods. Stuart Henry.413 

Woodworth, Timothy L.369 

Worden, Donna Rae.350 

Worden, Paul Arling.489 

Workman. Marianne. 350,475 

Wray, Richard Scott.499 

Wright. Janet Kathleen.465 

Wright, Leslie Jay.350 

Wright, Steven Jay.115 

Wunder. Gloria.127 

Wurz. Danny Lee .363 

Wyatt. Debra Kay.355 

Wyckoff. Patricia L.471 

Wylie, Jilene Louise.499 

Wyman, Edward Wayne.350 

Wysaske, Ronald Alan.381 

Wysong, Thomas Martin.350 

Wyss. Heidi Lynn.449 


Yaden Carol Lynn.431 

Yaden, Colleen Elaine.431 

Yagi. Tunichi.120 

Yamada. Noriyuki.120 

Yamamoto. Gary Dean.361 

Yamamoto. Z. Joe.350,361 

Yamanashi, Yoshiki.120 

Yang. David Peter.363 

Yang, Robert Williams.363 

Yantis. Linda Diane.350 

Yarwood, Melanie Ann.431 

Yates, Kenneth A.381 

Yates, Thomas F.350.457 

Yaun. Christopher W..483 

Yearout, Linda Diane .164 

Yencopal. Jerry Andrew.350 

Yeomans. H. Gordon.171 

Yokomura, Glenn H..1 20,483 

Yokoyama, Charles.120 

Yokoyama, Anna .120 

Yokoyama, Mel.120 

Yokoyama, Howard M.120 

Yoshioka. K. Jean.475 

Yoshino. Jean Frances.415 

Young, Colin McEwan.350 

Young, Judy Kathleen.451 

Youngstrom, Beverly A.350 

Youngstrom, Jani Lea.471 

Yuen, Kathryn Bow Jun.350 

Yuen. Shu-Kan.457 

Yung. Kai-Young K. 350.477 

Yvon. Kathryn^.J.350 


Zagar, Bruce Anthony. 350 

Zagar. Gail Ann. 350 

Zanck, Daryl Daniel.172 

Zelazny, Kathy Louise. 350.437 

Zellner. Alan Lee.166 

Zembal. Julienne L. 449 

Zigler, Roanne Lea.465 

Zimmer, Kirk V. Jr.323 

Zimmerman, Raymond M.124,125 

Zinniel, Elizabeth M.499 

Zirbel. Thomas Norman.385 

Zlatich, Debora Ann.463 

Zografos. Dean T.323 

Zones. Richard Dennis.444 

Zulauf, Janine Kay.471 

Zurline, Frank.401 

Zurline, Nancy Louise.350 


Special Thanks and Gratitude to the WSU 
Photographers and Student Publications Photographers, 
without whose help this yearbook would not have been 
made possible. 

Bob Bullis 

Arden Literal 

Dean Beardslee 

Tom Turra 

Gary Barnett 

Martin Burwash 

Rich Birmingham 

Richard Dierks-not pictured 

Rich Whitehill 

Mary Ann Hanley-not pictured 
Carl Gentry 

Jim Schutt-not pictured 
Paul Hays-not pictured 
Al Chan 

Lyle Earlewine-not pictured 
Lowell Walmsley 
Kerry Bjorn 
Rick Reill 

Dan Hunter-not pictured 
Mike Higgins 
Joe Boyd-not pictured 
W.C. "Kit" Burns-not pictured 
Ron Stewart-not pictured 


Professor Maynard Hicks, editorial advisor for the CHINOOK, has been in the 
service of Washington State University since 1937. During this time he has 
shown extreme sacrifice, dedication, service, and inspiration to the students 
working on the various publications and to the university community. It is for 
this reason that the 1972 CHINOOK Staff chose to honor Professor Hicks at 
his retirement, with the dedication of this yearbook. 

We hope that this volume of the CHINOOK will communicate to the public the 
ideals, dedication and inspiration Professor Hicks has always demonstrated. 

Washington State University will feel the absence of Professor Hicks acutely. 
Student Publications, the Communications Department, the Athletic 
Department, and the entire University community will all be worse off because 
of Professor Hicks' departure. 

His outstanding service to the CHINOOK can never be repayed, we can only 
hope that this yearbook will partially pay back our enormous debt to Professor 

Saundra D. McIntosh 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 
following people for their assistance and 
dedication in the production of the 1972 

Wes Calvert-General Manager of Student 

WSU Photo, 

Student Photography-especially Dean 
Beardslee, photo clerk, 

Pischel Yearbooks-our printer-and Jerry Ratliff 
their representative. 

Bill Semmler-Associate Editor 

Wendy Wagner-Art Editor 

John Snyder-Division Editor 

Lee Carsten-Division Editor 

Candy Crawford-Division Editor 

Bruce Johnson-Division Editor 

Chris Laney-Sports Editor 

Chris Beardsley-Photo Editor 

Barb Diefendorf-Photo Editor 

Jill Gutkowski-Layout Editor 

Cheryl Strother-Layout Editor 

Linda Fisher-Copy Editor 

Linda Ford-Copy Editor 

Marilyn Bartoletta-Fall Associate Editor 

Kathy Hogan-Fall Division Editor 

Dave Frazier-Business Manager 

Al Mouncer-Assistant Business Manager 

The Volunteer Staff 

And once again Maynard Hicks, our adviser. 



Henry L Smith, Senior in Political Science 
Bruce ML Perkins, Junior in English 
Rhonda K. Schmidt, Freshman 
Alan Bouillon, Freshman 
Joyce Margaret Le Page, Junior in English; 

Faculty and Staff 

Col. Harry L. Cole, former Chemistry Instructor 
Donald L Masson, former head of WSU Mining 

Michael Walter Galgan, Professor of Animal; 
Science . jj 

John Preston Ingle, Former m # ^ 

Instructor of Education 

Everett M. Webb, Associate . 

Professor Emeritus of —. 


Retired Army Cot. William 
W. Bailey, Former Head of 
the Army ROIC Program ilii ^Mjjjjjjjjjjj^^t 

Fred G. Rounds, Professor i;MWjg|l 

Emeritus of Architectural ■■ 

Engineering . iSMli=- 


A.L. # Au*ie' Anderson,! 
Operator of 'Auzie's Campus 

Clarence/C. ffilffer} Boone,! 
Member of WSU's i918i 
Rose Bowf lepm,