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Chinook 1973 Volume 74 
Washington State University 

Published by the Board of Publications for the Associated Student Body 
Pullman, Washington 

Preface 1 

Overview One 17 

Campus Life 29 

Entertainment and Speakers 73 
Athletic Competition lOl 

Campus Royalty 169 

Overview Two 189 

Administrative Personnel 201 

Academic Colleges 229 

Organizations and 

Student Government 




Senior and 

Graduate Students 


Student Living Groups 










Index and 



Our surroundings have 
alwags been 
a terrestrial showcase 
of change. 



4 Preface 

A certain closeness 
to the land 

as we utilize its offerings, 

alter its form, 

and unearth its secrets. 

The Ozette Dig 

ABOVE: When the camp was being set up, the U.S. Coast 
Guard fiew in supplies and equipment, a task that has since 
been taken over by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Squadron 
located at Whidbey Island. RIGHT: Aerial view of the Ozette 
expedition camp at Cape Olava. 

a unique outside 

6 Preface 


ABOVE LEFT: Summer Field school students begin to excavate 
a trench. The white tags in the trench wall record artifacts 
discovered. UPPER LEFT: The mess hall and kitchen at the 
Ozette camp are shown. UPPER RIGHT: Excavations at Ozette 
continue through the snows of winter. 

Preface 7 

Since April of 1970. WSU has been involved with 
the expansion of Northwest Coastal history through 
direct participation in excavations at the Ozette Dig 
site on Washington's Olympic Penninsula. 

UPPER RIGHT: Part of the crew wades in the icy waters of 
the tidal pools, laying out the hoses which bring water to 
the pumps, thus permitting the excavators to wash away 
the massive clay slide which covers the house. RIGHT: 
Summer field school students remove mud slides covering 
a buried house. This house proved to be 40 feet wide and 
nearly 70 feet long. BELOW RIGHT: Large numbers of sea 
lions may be seen on one of the small islands located just 
offshore from the Ozette site. 

BELOW LEFT: Two WSU students are plotting the stratigraphy of 
the deposits of a test trench. BELOW RIGHT: Excavation of the 
skull of a whale takes place. 

Preface 9 

The site contains, under a massive mud slide, the 
completely preserved remnants of a Coastal Indian 
culture. Cultural impact on the tribe's descendents is 
displayed through the dedicated involvement of local 
Makah Indians since the dig's conception. There has 
been a unique revitalization of their present culture due 
to the unearthings of the past. Plans for a permanent 
museum near the site are underway. 

BELOW LEFT: Measuring and recording the thickness of the 
cultural layers in the site. BELOW RIGHT: Washing the mud 
from the planks of the house. 

10 Preface 

ABOVE LEFT: Another carved wall panel shows a large, 
mythical bird being pursued by a wolf. UPPER CENTER: 
Structural remains of buried house that were smashed and 
broken by a mud slide. ABOVE RIGHT: Near the Ozette site 
petroglyphs have been incised into the rocks. 

Preface 11 

UPPER RIGHT: A woven basket and 
cedar bark matting exposed on the 
floor of the Ozette house. RIGHT: 
Project assistant director Paul 
Gleeson on left and two Makah 
Indian crew members examine 
decorative wall panel with carved and 
painted design of whale. 

12 Preface 

The project is manned by WSU Graduate students, 
and assisted by undergraduates on leaves of absence 
during the school year. 

The site is also host to an annual Summer Field School 
for interested students. Additional educational impact is 

evident through field trips which yearly bring thousands BELOW LEFT: Richard D. Daughterty holds up the corner of 
of students and visitors to the Ozette site. large woven bag in which the prehistoric whalers carried their 

harpoon heads. BELOW RIGHT: WSU student Anne Lydiard 
drafts the stratigraphy of the trench walls. 

Preface 13 

fl mood of security and sense of innocence 
blankets this secluded campus. 

14 Preface 

We must realize that beyond 

our sheltered life of learning, changing priorities 

and new perspectives await us in an outside world. 

Preface 15 

Another school year. 

A year of new expectations, new faces and friends. 
With thousands of private worlds, 
a reason as to why we should be here 
is indefinable. 

Overview 17 

A personal freedom 
we all possess 
yields a myriad 
of beliefs 
and motives, 
often misunderstood 
by others. 

18 Overview 

The retreat 
to a common refuge 
such as the CUB 
gives us a chance 
to exchange 
such feelings 
in an unrestricted 

Overview 19 

20 Overview 

kr I 

There is something about WSU 

that makes the process of registration worthwhile. 

A “something” that differs with each of us. 

Overview 21 

Bryan Tower has 
a deep significance 
to many people. 

This traditional symbol 
of WSU 

and theatrical 
can be seen 
throughout the Pullman 

22 Overview 

Athletic competition ploys o large role 
In student life on our secluded campus. 
A caged "Butch” acts as a stimulus 
for student spirit 
and reminder of years past. 

24 Overview 

Overview 25 

College is an assortment 
of experiences and meanings. 

26 Overview 

The idea of engagement rings, 
crowded bleachers, 
and cheerleaders mag appeal 
or repulse. Dorm parties and 
pledge dances draw 
spirited support 
or withdrawn apathy. 

. • *> 

7«l • ^ 

We are Individuals, 

and we each have a definition of life. 

28 Overview 


The undisturbed land surrounding College Hall gives way to a growing university and its modern mall 

Campus Life 29 

Campus Life 31 

32 Campus Life 


Campus Life 33 


Fall Festival 

WSU Celebrates 

carnival complete with 
booths and rides provides fun 
and games for WSU stu¬ 
dents and Pullman citizens. 
and girls compete in bicycle 
races during the second an¬ 
nual Fall Festival. OPPOSITE 
ABOVE LEFT: Cold Blood 
and Elvin Bishop entertain at 
Saturday night concert. 

Fall Festival 35 

Second Annual Fall Festival 


Features John Denver 

ABOVE: Sign contest 
brings out creativity and 
spirit. RIGHT: A ser¬ 
pentine through the liv¬ 
ing groups gathers stu¬ 
dents for a football rally. 
iot races provide oppor¬ 
tunity for living group 
participation and com¬ 
petition. OPPOSITE 
Sweeney helps spark 
enthusiasm for a vic¬ 
tory over OSU. OP¬ 
John Denver and Megan 
McDonough give musi¬ 
cal performance to 
Homecoming crowd. 

1 " 


111 f§=|| 

— ^t! , fl 

36 Homecoming 

Homecoming 37 

'Little International 9 









ABOVE: A sheep patiently awaits his 
turn to be shown. RIGHT: Gary Dah- 
Istedt leads his pig around the ring 
during the showmanship contest. 
OPPOSITE PAGE: Bill Heineman 
sets up his steer for the judge. 

38 'Little International' 

Victory Over Stanford 

ABOVE: A Friday night rally, com¬ 
plete with a 50's skit, attracts 
many dads, moms, and students. 
ing in the CUB provides fun and 
exercise for dads and students. 
and students enjoy a smorgas¬ 
bord in the CUB. OPPOSITE BE¬ 
LOW: Dads and their kids regis¬ 
ter for the annual Dad's Day golf 
tournament. LEFT: Cindy Sulenes 
and Coach Sweeney present the 
"Dad of the Year" award to Bill 
Monro as his daughter Marsha 
looks on. 

Dad's Day 41 

Highlights Dad’s Day 


Fall Scenes 

Fall Brings Leaves, 

ABOVE AND OPPOSITE RIGHT: Romping, walking, and studying in the 
leaves remain popular fall pastimes. OPPOSITE UPPER LEFT: Halloween 
comes to Pullman. OPPOSITE LOWER LEFT: The CUB sponsors a Thanks¬ 
giving Smorgasbord in honor of turkey day. 

Fall Scenes 43 

Halloween and Thanksgiving 



Democratic and Republican headquarters, in downtown 
Pullman, are two busy places before the election. 




44 Campus Life 

Presidential Election 

To Voters 

Please Study These instructions Before 

Entering the Polling Place 


TO obtain ballots for voting 







mm- • — — ■—.* ,4 ■ — ,mm rnmm ~‘ * mt Ito Im m mm taha Ml to Ito «•* 

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Students determine their voting precincts, sign 
voting sheets, and receive their ballots before entering the booth to read 
instructions and vote. 

Campus Life 45 

Elicits Student Participation 

Around Bookie - Follett’j 

New Buildings Change 

Campus Appearance 

ABOVE: Maynard Lee Daggy Hall is the 
new home of the Speech department. It 
will also be used for speech therapy and 
instruction and drama production. OP¬ 
POSITE UPPER LEFT: The new Physical 
Sciences building is located east of 
Stimson Hall and will house the Geology 
department and parts of the Physics 
department. Natural Sciences and 
technical services. OPPOSITE UPPER 
RIGHT: Edward R. Murrow Communi¬ 
cations Center combines a new building 
and the old Arts Hall. It houses the 
Communications department, student 
publications and WSU's radio and 
television services. BELOW OPPOSITE: 
Phase 1 of Clarence D. Martin Stadium 
was officially dedicated during Home¬ 
coming Weekend. Phase II, to be built 
when funds are available, will house the 
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, 
and Interior Design departments. 
RIGHT: The new English building is 
Emmett L. Avery Hall and is located 
beside Bryan Tower. 


48 New Buildings 

New Buildings 49 

IDartin Stadium 


ABOVE: Dan Martin addresses students, alums, and Cougar friends in the 
new stadium named for his father and former governor, Clarence D. Martin. 
Sandy Solenberger and Lee Carstens stand by, waiting to present the 
Homecoming Spirit Trophy. UPPER LEFT AND RIGHT: Clean up of the 
stadium following WSU's first home game results in police "participation" 
at remaining games. RIGHT: Governor Dan Evans joins the Homecoming 
crowd and helps cheer the Cougars on to victory. 

50 Campus Life 


Construction continues on the interior and exterior of the coliseum. Its completion is expected in 
time for the 1973-74 school year. It will house basketball games, concerts, and academic facilities. 

Campus Life 51 

Continues on Coliseum 

Students AmuseThemselves 

OPPOSITE RIGHT: Pullman merchants offer free parking to 
lure Christmas shoppers downtown. OPPOSITE LOWER LEFT: 
ASWSU sponsors a "Winter Frolics/' without the usual winter; 
however enough snow was scraped up for competitive broom 
hockey. TOP OPPOSITE: Some students even give in to 
upcoming finals and find the library a useful place. TOP 

LEFT: Santa Claus takes time out to visit the Bookie and 
distribute goodies to students. TOP RIGHT: Many students 
skied when snow was available, but WSU's North-South 
remained closed all winter. ABOVE: Cub crafts sponsors 
several workshops for interested students, including a cake 
decorating one. 

Campus Life 53 

with Arrau of Activities 

Winter (?) 

Comes to Pullman 

After a short spell of normal, snowy winter weather ... 

54 Winter Scenes 

Winter Scenes 


Truman and Johnson Die 

The passing of Harry 
Truman and Lyndon 
Johnson left the United 
States with no living ex¬ 
presidents. The two 
former chiefs of state 
died within a month of 
each other. 

Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President 


Harry S. Truman, 33rd President 


National Concerns 




)«*«* <mm 

• I* — ■ I 4, ' I . I 

• Sr«* * 

‘ • 
UM MjM** • IU* lit 

* Mj*..! !• 4*4 J*»»« 
■*■ • • . \->» 

I ' 

r*»« • 

«»l «s,»'» lM • 4'.' ' “»*< - 


** 1 *H V—• 

M • « • • 

U. l 

|| Ll • mtr 

1 V»n i *h44» Kj|wJ. 


II »*tf ' *|4 4)M* I 

V|>. l)f|W« IWk V4 
ii *•»-!* y»wi 

I* V».< V||| ' . |V. . * . . 

II * nlr, < Nrrpwfh 

I \.»t \wf.tii-. «.».•> \ , 

II I*1. Wr!. .W 

V. »% \c». • »t> k*» ***< 

IIiojM I *111 

t« IbTt.m < Jff k 

\ Jr S.r. Vi.fusu Hr.*, h 
V 4 ii»I y-h '* \U < -i-tur* .1 
f t»» »rul«t IK* 

IT tinUtiti U • 'null l*4wi 
K N.*.* |I.. V < 

II Y»u*hi.. I I C iruir 

II .1 ■ . I 

. i 

I- Kju .ill I i t' 

Mi-Kjitl It Nui \h*rijrrr. 
S|» i-.ipmnnJ ftforrti iw* 

*• Mi-.* Lt thirl, v I) 

s»t4uk»i !•••.! 


21 1».huil> 1 .1 I'ntdr 
Hillui M IS***. Virgin** 
H. J. h V 4 rjplurrd 
I* < rnitwf IKS 
V »Vii |j ('ntdr It.ivul 
H Y.,» lh,U.ih Minn 

14 l'w*4r Hob*rt 
Ii Y..> ImH«* r«y. M<> 

14 I rMiim rmdr Uxubr 

Viet Nam 

After a decade of unde¬ 
clared war, peace and return¬ 
ing prisoners of war were 
eagerly welcomed. ABOVE: 
Paintings on the CUB wall 
express both sides of student 
concern with the Viet Nam 
War and American pride. 

National Concerns 57 

War Ends 

Casino Royale Offers 

Something For Everyone 

ABOVE: Martin Nash, card manipulator, 
amazes the Casino audience with his sleight* 
of-hand tricks. BELOW AND RIGHT: 
Roulette, solitaire and craps entice gambling 
Casino goers. 

58 Casino Royale 

LEFT: Change girls from various living groups exchange 
gamblers' money for chips. TOP LEFT AND RIGHT: Comedian- 
guitarist Mike Nuen and singing group Indian Summer 
entertain in the Lair. ABOVE: Brady Hiatt and the Sonics 
provide dancing music in the Ballroom. 

Casino Royale 59 

ASWSU Information and Sex 

Information Centers 

ABOVE: Information Center Secretaries: Ellen 
Bartholomew, Joan Harlan, and Mona Whitney. 
BELOW: Ron Kelleher, co-ordinator. 

The ASWSU Information Center was created, 
developed and is now co-ordinated by Ron Kelleher, 
a former student assemblyman and a Business 
Administration major. "To accumulate and 
disseminate information regarding campus activities 
and events," is how Kelleher summed up the 
Center's purpose. The Information Center maintains 
normal office hours and is located on the third floor 
of the CUB. Kelleher is assisted by three secretaries 
who are on work-study. 

This year the Information Center published and 
distributed a weekly newsletter of activities and 
maintained a phone service. Tentative future plans 
include a monthly newspaper that would give 
advance information on concerts and explain 
ASWSU functions. Organized tours for visitors and 
prospective students are also in the planning stage. 

60 Campus Life 

Serve Campus 

ABOVE: Volunteer counselors use the "VD dial" to find 
information about symptoms and diagnosis. UPPER RIGHT: 
The center is located in the CUB basement. RIGHT: Many 
pamphlets and charts are available for student use in the Sex 
Information Center. 

The Sex Information Center, located in the basement 
Of the CUB, was created as a place for students to talk 
out hassles or find information on sex, venereal disease, 
contraception and related topics. The center is manned 
by a staff of volunteers who have undergone a six week 
training period and followed by a week of testing by 
experienced counselors. 

Volunteers stress that anyone may use the available 
reading and reference materials and that counselors are 
not there to moralize but to listen and inform. The 
counselors refer questions about abortion to the Family 
Planning Clinic and work with the WSU Health Service 
to help those needing contraceptions and other medical 
services. Volunteers also give lectures to living groups 
around campus. 

The Sex Information Center is an action group with 
much potential, ready to help anyone who needs 
information or someone to talk to. 


Last Game, Ends Era 

62 Bohler Gym 

As the final buzzer sounded for the March 9th WSU- 
UW game, it ended not only the game but also an era. 
Bohler Gym. named for J. Fred Bohler. one time dean of 
Physical Education and Director of Athletics turned its 
job over to the new Performing Arts Coliseum. Although 
the gym. built in 1928. will still house PE classes, 
intramurals and the athletic offices, most sports 
competition, concerts, and speakers will take place in 
the multi - million dollar coliseum. 

OPPOSITE: Bohler Gym changes from enthusiastic basketball 
crowds.. . to emptiness. BELOW: Bohler Gym .. . will 
continue to serve the university. ABOVE AND RIGHT: A 
portrait of J. Fred Bohler will still hang in the gym named for 
the former WSU coach and dedicated to his way of thinking. 

•; ,r ' i ; * ill 1 

Bohler Gym 63 

ITlarried Students Keep Busy 

with Activities. . . 

64 Married Students 

BELOW RIGHT: Children, house and lawnwork, plus studies occupy the time of many married students. BELOW 
AND ABOVE: University housing for married students ranges from the inexpensive South Fairways to the more 
luxurious Valley Crest Village. OPPOSITE LOWER LEFT: Married students with children manage to still find time 
for family fun. OPPOSITE ABOVE: The Married Students Association sponsor several activities throughout the 
year, including an autumn picnic at Kruegal Park. UPPER RIGHT: Children present an added responsibility to the 
busy life of a student. 

Married Students 65 

Outdoor Activities 

LEFT: Equestrian Club and NIRA sponsor the annual spring 
rodeo during Mom's Weekend with events including wild bull 
riding and women's calf roping. ABOVE AND BELOW: Linden 
Street is once again delighted by the AG R's annual spring Barn 
Dance decorations and festivities. 

68 Spring Scenes 

Replace Spring Studies 

ABOVE: Volleyball and other outdoor sports are favorite spring study 
breaks. UPPER LEFT AND RIGHT: Keggers and trips to the Snake 
prove to be the most popular spring pastimes . . . and it remains a fact 
that kids of any age enjoy water and a cool drink. RIGHT: Musicians of 
all kinds become a familiar sight on the mall as warm weather invaded 

Spring Scenes 69 

72 Campus Life 


Entertainment and Speakers 

and Speakers 


Entertainment and Speakers 

76 Entertainment and Speakers 


.. all the world’s 
a stage” 

The John Denver Show 

John Denver Show 81 

with Pflegon fflcDonough 











84 Carpenters 

The Carpenters 

with Skiles and 




Stokely Carmichael-April 18 

Fransisco Hernandez-May 11 

86 Campus Speakers 

Hess-Luce Debate-Dec. 5 

Campus Speakers 87 


88 The Gallery 

The Gallery 89 

A Visual Experience 

Summer Palace 


Summer Palace Revivals 91 

Little Girl . 

John Buchanan. Jr. .. 

Rev. Winemiller . 

Mrs. Winemiller . 

Alma Winemiller .... 

Rosa Gonzales . 

Nellie Ewell . 

Roger Doremus . 

Dr. John Buchanan. Sr 

Mrs. Bassett . 

Rosemary . 

Vernon . 

Dusty . 

Gonzales . 

Archie Kramer . 

. Rita Szablya 

. Steven C. Dobbins 

.. . Hal Ferdig 

. Lynn Maria Petterson 
. . Alicia Gail Glorfield 

. Karen Lynn Moen 

Susan Lynn Shane 
William Preston DePew 

. Jerry C. Pierce 

. Nora Chester 

. Gail T. Miller 

. Mark Lovelace 

.... Kelly Boyle 

.. . . Richard F. Taflinger 
. Kelly Boyle 

92 University Theatre 

A midsummer 


Hippolyta . . . 


Egeus ...... 


Demetrius . . 

Lysander . . . 


Peter Quince 



Snout . 

Starveling. . . 


First Fairy. . . 




Titania's Fairies.Kathryn Skow, Sandra 1. 

Belzer. Sydney Mause, Susan 
Marie Picatti, Kathe Rowe 

Oberon's Fairies.Thomas Koran. Rick 

Beeman, Tony Mueting. Gail Miller, 
Mark Headlee, Gregory Skinner, 
Christopher Herrick, Kathy Fish 

University Theatre 


Night’s Dream 

The Ice Wolf 

Storyteller . Mark Headlee 

Anatou .. ♦.. Deanna Oliver 

Karvik . Jerry C. Pierce 

Arnarqik . Jennifer Hillis Bone 

Tarto . Rick Beeman 

Kiviog . Janos Szablya 

Villagers .. .Thomas Koran. Kathryn 
Schmidt. Kelly K. Boyle 

Atata . Gregory P. Skinner 

Shikikanaq .. Diana Bennett 

Motomiak . Kelley Feathers 

Wood God . John E. Feathers 

Bear. .., Jerry C. Pierce 

Fox . Jennifer Hillis Bone 

Beaver . Diana Bennett 


The Ice Wolf 

Calm Down (Tlother 


Old Man. ... Thomas Koran 

Chuck ..... Earl Ray Reid 

Mary. ..... Cynthia Smithson 


Woman 1 ..... Patti Neill 

Woman 2 .. Cynthia Allen Nelson 

Woman 3 ... Susan Marie Picatti 

One Act Plays 95 



Coachman . 


Lydia Languish. 



Mrs. Malaprop. 

Sir Anthony Absolute. 

Captain Absolute. 

Roger Wynn Tompkins 


Bob Acres. 

Sir Lucius O'Trigger. 



Mrs. Malapropos Servant . 

.Jim Baumgartner 

Acres' Servant. 

Julia's Maid. 

96 The Rivals 

Hamm ... Steven C. Dobbins 

Clov .„. Neil O'Leary 

Nagg . Christopher Herrick 

Nell .. ..... Camille Wadleigh 






Endgame 97 

Zach. The Tavern Keeper's Son . Dumper Stiles III 

Sally, the hired girl . Karen L Moen 

Freeman, the Tavern Keeper . Lee Henry 

Willum, the hired man . Danny Bruce Shaffer 

The Vagabond. *. Alan Strohmaier 

Violet, the woman .,. Helen A. Szablya 

Govern Lamson ___.__ Jerry C. Pierce 

Mrs. Lamson, the Governor's wife . Kathe J. Rowe 

Virginia, the Governor's daughter . Rochelle Stocker 

Tom Allen, the fiance. ... Tim Cooke 

The Sheriff . *..., . Jim Baumgartner 

Ezra, the Sheriffs man . Randy Northup 

Joshua, the Sheriff's other man ... Paul Rosefeldt 

Stevens, the attendant . Earl Ray Reid 

98 The Tavern 

fl Day in the Death of 

Joe Egg 99 

Joe Egg 


UPPER RIGHT: Before Breakfast. 
LOWER RIGHT: The Man with a Flower 
in His Mouth. LOWER LEFT: The Swan 
Song. UPPER LEFT: The Stronger. 


Miss Y. an unmarried actress . Gail T. Miller 

Mrs. X, a married actress ... Mary L. Kuhn 

Waitress . Jennifer H. Bone 

Woman ..... Deanna R. Oliver 

Men ... Jim Baumgartner 

S. N. Snyder 


Mrs. Rowland . Suzanne Petersen 

Alfred . Jim Baumgartner 


Commuter ... Earl Ray Reid 

Man . Roger Wynn Tompkins 


Vassily Vassilyitch Svetlovidov, an old actor . 

Richard F. Taflinger 

Nikita Ivanitch, an old prompter . Kurt E. Eckhardt 

100 Quartet 


WSU Crew competes with little recognition but with integrity against more experienced teams and more popular 

Athletic Competition 101 


102 Athletic Competition 

Athletic Competition 103 

Photos of WSU Crew by Len L. Mills 


Athletic Competition 


Ray Nagel 

George Raveling 

Head Basketball Coach 

WSU Athletic Director Ray Nagel's second year was 
one of change in the athletic outlook. 

The football program "turned the corner" and played 
on campus for the first time in three years, with the 
completion of the Clarence D. Martin Stadium. 

For the first time in 24 years, WSU played a home 
football game on the other side of the mountains. 
Financially, playing USC in Seattle was a success with 

the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics netting 
about $55,000 in the experiment. 

For the second time in two years, a new man directed 
the basketball hopes of the Cougars. 

And for the first time in many years, the future of 
athletic participation in the Pac-8 looked bright for 

LEFT: Pat Crook, 
Business Manager. 
FAR LEFT: Glenn 
Oman, Associate 

Athletic Competition 105 

Athletic Director 

Early Season Has 


Highs and 

UPPER ABOVE: Tom Poe fights 
through a block to wrap up 
Utah's Gene Belzcyk. ABOVE: 
Steve Hamilton carries against 
Utah in home opener. 

106 Football 

^ asssa Sgsgggfc^— 

Jim Sweeney r'T™'^ wVu^t into'th^twS 

\ZZZ°^ conferenctTcrown a°nd .he hid .0 .he 

ise Bowl. 

MMSAS , . p ni ,nsr^ waited until the 

The junior-dominated J the fourt h 

cond half to get the«r offense m gear a 

jarter to get all their points on the board. 

allowing a 27 'Vard TD pg^^^/gUdrove^deep into 

r 53^«s srss 

onversion' , fun' provided .he winning margin for .he 

LIFORNIA . p ac _8 season the 

The WSU squad star edI tlh ^ going t0 run 

owing week and it looked sta( jium. The option 

lifornia’s Golden Bears ou. 0 .he „„ the 

ar, H r Thf 17 0 lI V ed «o e od lale in .he firs, half 
wn the momentum of the game changed hands. 

re second half ^'^“^ow^dV^Hea^wTa 
Jht for the Coua ^' n but the Cougars could no. 
romT^eC and came home on ,he shot. 

end of a 37-23 score. 

ARIZONA „,,artorhack Tv Paine and running 

The combination of quarterback 'y ra 

Jim Sweeney 

»- ZSFaSS iMloX mistakes ou, of 
:l d na. The WAC ,earn was held .0 one ne. yard 
rushing in the first half. 

w^He^he washeld to ,28 braids'rushing. Ty'paineTgoIthe 
other score on a four-yard keeper. 

UTAH , K ^ * m Clarence D. Martin 

It was a bewildering deb .uaro hut the 

stadium. WSU dominated the gamjreverjWrh^^ ^ 

scoreboard. After trailing Utah's Steve 

SB yards for .he 

score that iced the game for the Utes. 

The Cougars ou,gained Utah 



Cougars Roll in ffiidseason 


There was never any doubt about the 
outcome of the game as the Cougars 
piled up 481 yards in total offense and 
set a school record with 32 first downs. 
Five Cougars got into the scoring act and 
Ty Paine moved into first place on the all- 
time Cougar passing list. He completed 
13 of 21 for 199 yards and a touchdown. 
Steve Hamilton led the rushers with 92 

Fumbles continued to plague WSU. 
However, Idaho was able to recover only 
one of seven Cougar bobbles. Both 
squads had troubles keeping the official 
flags in their pockets as 301 yards in 
penalties were flagged in the contest. 
Nothing could combine to stop the 
Cougars as they waltzed to a 35-14 win 
in the 72nd Battle of the Palouse. 

108 Football 

LEFT: Linebacker Tom Poe sets to 
attack the Idaho offense. OPPOSITE 
UPPER: Development of the of¬ 
fensive line was a key to Cougar 
success. LOWER LEFT: Jim Robinson 
became a fine pass rusher and repre¬ 
sented WSU in the East-West Shrine 
game. LOWER RIGHT: Greg 
Craighead hurries quarterback Ross 

Football 109 

Cougars in Homecoming Win 

ABOVE: Scoring a second quarter touchdown, Ken 
Grandberry runs well against the Beavers. BELOW: Ty 
Paine throws a swing pass to Ken Grandberry. 
OPPOSITE UPPER: Ty Paine sets seven individual 

records in 1972. He was also the West quarterback in 
the East-West Shrine game. OPPOSITE LOWER: 
Robin Sinclair's TD on a punt return gets the Cougars 
going against OSU. 

110 Football 


The Cougars traveled to the Willamette Valley 
for the first of six straight Pac-8 games. They 
were not to be denied as they evened their 
conference record at 1 -1 with a 31-14 victory. 

The Crimson and Gray dominated the game 
from the onset with a devastating pass rush. 
WSU's defense got to highly-touted Duck 
quarterback Dan Fouts nine times for 72 yards 
in losses. 

Steve Hamilton was the leading ball carrier for 
the second week in a row as he picked up 164 
yards in 31 carries. 

The Cougars equaled their victory output of the 
year before and Gary Larsen was named Pac-8 
defensive player of the week for his efforts 
against the Ducks. 


WSU ran up their highest score in the history 
of the series with a 37-7 win over the Beavers. 
Robin Sinclair got the Cougars going midway in 
the first quarter when he returned a punt 50 
yards for the score. OSU got their only score in 
the final two minutes of the game and ruined the 
Cougars hopes for their first shutout victory 
since 1968. 

The offense was led by Ken Grandberry, who 
picked up 116 yards on 19 carries. Joe Danelo 
tied a single game record with three field goals, 
and Ty Paine moved into sixth place in career 
total offense in the Pac-8. 

Football 111 

Cougars Fall to L.fl. Schools 

112 Football 

OPPOSITE UPPER LEFT: Anthony Davis was the of¬ 
fensive star with 195 yards rushing. OPPOSITE LOW¬ 
ER: The scrambling of Mike Rae pulls the Trojans out 
of a hole more than once. LEFT: Lynn Swan catches a 
Rae pass in Cougar territory. LOWER BOTTOM: Greg 
Johnson drives his way around the Trojan defense. 
BELOW: Tom Wickert can't seem to stop the Trojan's 
John Grant. 


The run for the Roses got serious when the 
Cougars traveled south to meet the Bruins. The next 
day, the Seattle P-l called the WSU team ", . . 
game but self destructive." This was the case as 
fumbles killed the Cougars. 

The offensive line ripped gaping holes in the Bruin 
defense, and WSU dominated the first period of 
play. An inconsistent defense allowed UCLA three 
TD's as the score was 21 -6 at the half. 

Individuals continued to turn in fine performances as 
Grandberry picked up 116 yards rushing and 
Hamilton 122. Ty Paine also had an outstanding day 
as he passed for 225 yards and two scores. 


The Cougars out-hit and out-played the number 
one team in the nation for the first 15 minutes. With 
time running out in the first period, Joe Danelo set a 
new school record with a 50-yard field goal to knot 
the score at three a piece. 

John McKay still couldn't understand why USC is 
not loved as he played the polls and his first team in 
a 44-3 win. Anthony Davis was the big gun for the 
Trojans as he picked up 195 yards rushing. 

Football 113 

Dads See Stanford Beaten 


The Stanford Cardinals took a look at 
WSU and sang "Mickey Mouse." The 
Cougars took a look at Stanford in their 
Dad's Day game and sent them back to 
Palo Alto to the same tune. 

The Cougars scored the first two times 
they had the ball and never trailed. The 
score was 17-13 until late in the game 
when the defense put on a tremendous 
stand at their own 31 . Two Stanford tries 
yielded no gain, and the Cougars added 
ten more points in the 27-13 win. 

The defense had what Jim Sweeney 
called the "best defensive effort since 
I've been here." Conference total offense 
leader Mike Boryla was held to 94 yards 
and was sacked 10 times for 72 yards in 
losses. The win guaranteed the Cougars 
the first winning season since 1965. 

Ken Grandberry picked up 149 yards on 
a record 36 carries and was named the 
Pac-8 offensive player of the week. 

BELOW: Seen stopping Stanford's John 
Winesberry, Gary Lsrsen has a fine game 
against the Cards. RIGHT: Greg Craighead 
and Jim Robinson sack Mike Boryla ... 
again. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Ken Grandberry 
runs through the Stanford defense for 149 
Hamilton is stopped by the Card's Jim Merlo. 
times Stanford recovers its own fumble. 

114 Football 

Dogs Take Dump in 

Apple Cup Came 

116 Football 


A full house plus a regional audience saw WSU prove just who 
had the best football team in the state with a 27-10 thumping of 
the Huskies in the battle for the Apple Cup. 

Unbelievably, the Cougars trailed at the half, 10-3, as the defense 
dominated the UW. WSU also controlled the game offensively as 
they had 10 first downs to the Huskies two. 

WSU took complete control of the game in the second half both 
offensively and defensively. The Huskies did not cross into WSU 
territory for the rest of the game and finished the game with -11 
yards on the ground. Sonny Sixkiller was sacked six times for 42 
yards in losses and Joe Danelo set a new season record with 12 
field goals. 

The 72 season brought recognition to WSU in various ways. The 
third place finish in the conference was the highest in the history of 
the conference and college football coaches ranked the Cougars 
15th in the nation. Senior Bill Moos and Sophomore Steve 
Ostermann were named to the Coaches All Pac-8 team and Ty 
Paine, Ken Grandberry, Bill Moos and Gary Larsen were named to 
the All-Coast second team. Paine, Moos and Jim Robinson were 
named to the West team for the East-West Shrine game in San 




































ABOVE: Tyrone Daisy keeps a close check on a 
Washington receiver. OPPOSITE UPPER RIGHT: 
A dejected Sonny Sixkiller was sacked six times. 
OPPOSITE UPPER LEFT: Joe Danello sets a new 
season record of 12 field goals during the game. 
OPPOSITE BELOW: "That's what happens when 
you live in a town like Pullman/' Sixkiller, Nov. 
1972. LEFT: Ty Paine runs through the tackle of 
Bill Cahill for the tying score. 

Football 117 

Coubobes Share Northern 

Division Title 

ABOVE: Quarterback Brad Wag¬ 
ner carries the ball on the option 
against Oregon State. RIGHT: A 
pass to Coubabe wide receiver 
Rick Riegle is broken up by a 
Rook defender. 

118 JV Football 

Above: Coubabe*. Row One: Anderson. Row Two: Miller. Harding. WilliBins. James. Young. Wilson. Green. Minor Row Three: Iddings. Reed. Dickenson. Fountain. 
Glass. Zach. Guttormson, Row Four: Pendleton. Luff. Whitlock. Maenhout. Bonnet, Davies. Strange. Bradwm. Row Five: Potuzak. Hill. Ambrozic. Ulrich. Bosley. 
Mitchel. Simpson Row Six: Brigham, Strswn. Mason. Riegle. Firman. Morris. Husflocn Row Sevan: Wrzesien. Christiansen. Mullinex. Lakubiak. King. Richards. Heinst. 
Row Eight: Van Dale. Bryan. Nanry. McClure. Hebert. Wagner. Satter. Keating Row Nine : Sweeney. Mumma. Busch. Bergan, Henderson. Kosik. Cords 

A collection of freshman and sophomores went out 
this year and gave an indication of the future. A ten 
game win streak was snapped in the finale, but the 
Coubabes rolled to four victories in their other games. 

The season started with a 14 to 11 victory over the 
Husky Pups in Pullman. For the first time in four years, 
the Ducklings of Oregon scored points on the Coubabes 
but could not come up with the victory as WSU came 
home with the victory 24-14. The best offensive show 
of the year came as a part of homecoming when the 
Coubabes ripped the OSU Rooks 55-7. In the Little 
Battle of the Palouse, Idaho was another easy mark as 
WSU prevailed 23-0. Bill Cords suffered his first defeat 
as coach of the JV's when the Coubabes lost to the 
Husky Pups in an Everett Shrine game. A bad snap from 
center on a punt cost WSU as the U W won 23-21 . 






















JV Football 119 

Cougars Pac-8 Cross Country 

Champs Again 

With a team "stronger than last year," 
Jack Mooberry's cross-country squad 
came into the 1972 season as the 
defending Pac-8 and Northern Division 

Following only three days of turnout, the 
Cougars traveled to Arizona for a 
triangular meet with Arizona and East¬ 
ern New Mexico. Mooberry called the 
meet a "mismatch in conditioning" as 
WSU fell to Arizona 20-35 and beat 
Eastern New Mexico 21-34. The Cougs 
also participated in and won the Idaho 
Invitational where no scores were kept. 

The well-balanced Cougar team ran 
away with the Northern Division and 
in the Pac-8 champions - John Ngeno, 
Dan Murphy and Mark Hiefield swept the 
top three spots to lead the Cougars to 
the championships. 

With a knee injury to Mark Hiefield, 
Cougar hopes glimmered and WSU 
placed fourth in the NCAA champion¬ 
ships in Houston. 

120 Crosscountry 


WSU 35 Arizona 20 

WSU 21 East N. Mexico34 
Northern Division: WSU 26, 
Oregon 52, OSU 53, UW 97 
First in Pac-8 
Fourth in NCAA 

LEFT: Coach Mooberry, second 
from right, is in his 28th year as a 
Cougar Coach. OPPOSITE A- 
BOVE: Kenyan John Ngeno 
places first in Pac-8 during his 
freshman year. OPPOSITE BE¬ 
LOW: Dan Murphy paces the 
team much of the year. 

Above: Cross Country Team. Front Row: Clar. Murphy. Bean, Morton, Billett, Pengally (mgr.). Reece (mgr ). Head Coach Jack Mooberry. Back Row: Coach Chaplin. 
Francis, Hiefield, Burkwist. Gazal. Smith. Rice. 

Crosscountry 121 

Above: Yell Squad. Row One: Bob Kilpatrick. Margie Higashi. Melinda Hertel. Brian Munson. Linda Pullam. Betsy Vaughan. Dave Young. Row Two: 
Mike Sweeney. Dick Boston. Steve Moses. Not Pictured: Karen Lewis. Judy Stein. 

Above: Cougerettes. Row One: Sharon Sullivan. Heather Forbes. Deb Carlson. Jane Morton. Manlyn Bane. Carla Hatley. Michele Koutnik. Cricket Amos. Kathy Speir. 
Laura Blackwood (President) Row Two: Karen Peterson. Sherry Brandt. Carol Pirie. Michelle Fitzgerald. Vickie Frost. Penny Kurbitz. Cindi Kraemer. Kathy Kurbitz 
(Captain). Barb Lawson. Sue Harrison. Cheri Thomas. Becki Robertson Row Three: Deb Gardner. Marcia Pearson. Jane Davis. Becky Gottschalk. Linda Chalich. Patty 
Stockstad. Debby Floch. Patty Ogden. Mary Heimbach. Jeanine Charvet. Cindy Wainscott. 

122 Athletic Competition 

Above: Rally Squad. Row One: Kass Leonard. Carolyn Lowder. Lynn Jones. Meg Williams. Vicki Strmgfellow. Laurie Abernathy Row Two: Dede Lawler. Ken 
Christiansen. Al Mouncer. Jim Gibbons. Mike Hall. Jeff Scott Row Three: Jim Medina. Debbie Smith, Roy Dragoo Barb Diefendorf. Gordy McFadden. Barb Norris. Al 
Forbes. Cami Vick. Steve Leatch. Thyes Svinth. Kevin Dooley Not Pictured: Brian Jappert 

ONE: Raquel Gilmore. Constance 
Carley ROW TWO: Bernice Upton. 
Veronica Gilmore. Nadia Betts 

Athletic Competition 123 

Department of 
Intercollegiate Athletics 

Above: Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Row One: Norma Sampson. Judy Haswell, Jan Elway. Linda Foster. Lois Brosten, Stephanie Allyn, Kayleen Scott. 
Diana Caratini. Row Two: Mike Wilson. Ray Nagel. Walt Cubley. Pat Crook. Frank Baker, Doug Gibb, Rex Davis. Jim Whitesel. Joe Tiller. John Chaplin, Sam Jankovich. 
Jim Sweeney. Bob Peavy, Ray Braun. Jack Elway, Keith Lincoln. Row Three: Ron Mims, Ross Vaughn. Larry Donovan. Roger James, Steve Cottrell. John Heft, Jack 
Mooberry. Glenn Oman. Dick Melhart. George Raveling. Bill Cords. 

124 Athletic Department 

A New Coach 

Above: 1972-73 Cougar Basketball Team. Row One: Asst. Coach Dick Devenzio, Xavier Hunter, Dave Wood. Pat Rogers. Brad Jackson. Brad 
Greenberg. Ben Krause. Joe Westik. Mgr. Row Two: Head Coach George Raveling, Assoc. Coach Steve Cottrell. Don Johnson. Brad Wiley. Rich Steele. 
Steve Bergstrom, Mike Dolven. Dave Meredith, Edgar Jeffries. Bob Niehl, Assoc. Coach John Heft, Asst. Coach Mark Edwards. 

George Raveling came to the 
Palouse to head the Cougar 
basketball fortunes in the wake of the 
firing of Bob Greenwood. He had 
been an assistant at the University of 
Maryland and had been given much 
of the credit for helping turn 
Maryland into a national power. 

Raveling and his young staff got to 
work quickly and surprised many 
with their recruiting success. An 
outstanding group of freshmen along 
with returnees from the year before 
gave rise to hope of an improved 

ABOVE: George Raveling brings class to the Cougar Basketball 

Basketball 125 

and a New Look 

WSU Finds Tough Stort 

The season started off with the Cougars beating the 
Cougars and as the season progressed, the WSU squad 
had a tendency to be their own worst opponent. 

The Houston Cougars came to town the first day of 
December to face WSU and a packed Bohler Gym. 
Ranked anywhere from fifth to 1 5th in the preseason 
polls, the taller Houston club came from behind in both 
halves to escape with a 72-60 win. 

George Raveling picked up his first win at WSU at 
the expense of the San Jose State Spartans. 
Sophomore wingman Ben Krause sparked the Cougars 
in the win. hitting long jumpers to take game scoring 
honors with 18 points. Brad Jackson and Morris Griffin 
also came off the bench to assist the Cougars in their 
first victory of the season. 

126 Basketball 

OPPOSITE LEFT: WSU Cougars outrebound 
Houston Cougars. OPPOSITE RIGHT: Morris 
Griffin proves to be a leading scorer in the early 
season. TOP LEFT: Ben Krause trys to hold off a 
San Jose Spartan. TOP RIGHT: Rich Steele and 
Bob Niehl let one get away. LEFT: Ben Krause's 
18 points help the Cougars in George Raveling's 
first coaching win. 

Basketball 127 

Rough on Cougars 





Four of WSU's five losses prior to Christmas 
came at the hands of Big Sky Conference teams. 
The Cougars traveled to Spokane only to lose to 
Gonzaga, 54-52. Idaho came across the border 
and beat the Cougars for the first time in five 
years, 68-53. Montana was also tough for the 
Cougars as they romped to a 72-49 win in 
Missoula. Montana State was no easier as they 
took the Cougars by five, 61-56, in Bohler Gym. 

With a one and five record, WSU went to 
Portland to take part in the Far West Classic. For 
the fifth straight year, the Cougars would finish 
in the upper division of the eight team tourney, 
placing fourth. 

Before the PAC-8 season got underway, WSU 
made a side trip into Colorado to take on Denver 
University and came home losers, 71-61. 

128 Basketball 



OPPOSITE TOP: The Idaho game proves to be physical for 
everyone. OPPOSITE BOTTOM: Senior wing Morris Griffin 
checks away a Vandal lay-in. ABOVE LEFT: Rich Steele is 
fouled in the Montana State game. LEFT: Mike Dolven's 10 
points and 13 rebounds are not enough to stop the Idaho 
Vandals in Bohler Gym. RIGHT: Ben Krause drives for two 



Raveling Gets 

First Conference Win 

ABOVE: The improvement of Edgar Jeffries helps the Cougars as the season rolled on. OPPOSITE TOP LEFT: 
Mike Dolven drives for two of the 10 points he picked up against California. OPPOSITE TOP RIGHT: Brad Wiley 
drives to the bucket against the Bears' John Coughran. OPPOSITE LOWER LEFT: This one gets away from Edgar 
Jeffries in the Cal game. 

130 Basketball 

Two nights later. California came to town. Mistakes by 
the Cougars provided the difference. Mike Dolven 
picked up three quick fouls in the first half, and Cal 
overcame an early WSU lead. Trailing by 15 at the half, 
the Cougars put on a scoring burst and knotted the 
score at 45. The Bears picked up the next ten points and 
the Cougars came out of the first weekend of PAC-8 
play with a split and ranked in the middle of the 

A trip into the Willamette Valley was next on tap for 
WSU. and the Oregon schools turned out to be rude 
hosts. Improved shooting and the play of freshman 
Edgar Jeffries were not enough as the Cougars fell to 
OSU 91-71 and to the "Kamikaze Kids" of Oregon, 77- 

The first semester came to an end with the final non¬ 
conference games of the season against Gonzaga and 
the Idaho Vandals. WSU continued to be stymied by the 
Zags and went down 61-52. The final non-conference 
outing brought the first victory over a Big Sky opponent 
for the Cougars. WSU made it worthwhile with a 78-61 
dumping of the Vandals of Idaho. 

Stanford came to Pullman to open the 1973 PAC-8 
season. George Raveling got his first PAC-8 victory in 
his conference debut, and Mike Dolven displayed some 
of the style that would make him one of the leading 
scorers in the conference as the season progressed. 
Dolven picked up 28 points in the win over the 
Cardinals. Raveling felt the ball club "played an 
outstanding game." 

Basketball 131 

California Trip 

Takes Toll on Cougars 

A new addition to the Cougar Lineup came with the 
new semester as Sammy Miller, a highly touted 
freshman became eligible. He quickly became the "go- 
man" of the Cougar offense. 

Mike Dolven's career high 31 points were not enough to 
hold off the Huskies in the first meeting of the year 
between the two clubs. The UW's Ray Price sparked the 
Dogs in the second half, and the Cougars came home 
with a 58-51 loss. 

The conference season would get no easier as the next 
opponents for the Cougars were the Bruins of UCLA and 
the USC Trojans. WSU went into the record book as just 
another victim in the Bruins record setting string of 

victories following UCLA’s 88-50 win. USC trailed at 
the half, but managed to pull away from the Cougars 80- 
63. The game was close up until the end when Mike 
Dolven and Morris Griffin fouled out. Both the L.A. 
schools had an easier time the following weekend with 
the Cougars losing to the UCLAns, 96-64 and the 
Trojans, 79-55. 

WSU continued its road trip in California the following 
weekend with a visit to the Bay areas. California led by 
only 12 at the half but ran away in the second period to 
take a 98-57 victory in what may have been the 
Cougars worst game of the year. The next day WSU 
made its only appearance on coast TV and fell to the 
Stanford Cardinals, 59-44. 

132 Basketball 

OPPOSITE: Bob Niehl goes over Coughran for two of the five 
points he picked up against Cal. TOP LEFT: Ben Krause throws 
in two of the ten points he picked up against Cal. BOTTOM 
LEFT: Dolven moves against the Bears' John Coughran. 
BOTTOM RIGHT: Griffin blocks out on the boards. TOP 
RIGHT: Steve Bergstrom comes on to play alongside Dolven at 
the post as the season wore on. 

Basketball 133 

Bohler Bows Out 

to Huskies in Finale 

Raveling, the last man to coach in Bohler 
Gym, and Jack Friel, the first. OPPOSITE 
BELOW: Steve Bergstrom fronts Lars Hanson 
of the Huskies. RIGHT: Wingman Edgar 
Jeffries misses a Husky and the rebound in the 
season ender. 

134 Basketball 

A big buildup for the last game in Bohler Gym 
preceded the contest between the Cougars and the 
Huskies Cage stars of years past along with three of 
the four men to coach in Bohler were in Pullman for 
the ceremonies closing the gym as the home for the 
Cougar basketball team. 

Both teams had improved since the first meeting in 
Seattle, with WSU using excellent aggressive 
defense in the last part of the season along with the 
fast break. 

There was a packed house for the game, but the 
Huskies, led by Ray Price and Louie Nelson, pulled 
away from the Cougars in the first half and didn't 
stop until Washington had tucked away an 88-76 

The outcome had no bearing on Pac-8 standings for 
Washington State since the Cougars were still left in 
the conference cellar. 

The Cougars lost only two men by graduation, 
leading scorer Mike Dolven and wingman Morris 









San Jose State 









Montana State 





















Oregon State 




































Oregon State 





Basketball 135 

JV’$ Extend Home 

Unbeaten Streak to 41 

ABOVE: JV coach Steve Cottrell shows some of the fire 
that drove the Coubabes during the season. OPPOSITE 
ABOVE: John Hall puts up two from the lane. OPPOSITE 
BELOW: The Coubabes got excellent leadership and floor 
play from Xavier Hunter. RIGHT: Dave Meredith pulls one 
off the boards. 

136 JV Basketball 

1972-73 brought the end to a freshmen only 
team, but there was no difference for the Coubabes 
as they racked up a season's mark of 16 and 4 for 
Coach Steve Cottrell. In the process, the WSU JV's 
also closed out their time in Bohler Gym by 
extending the length of the home unbeaten streak to 
41 games. The Coubabes last loss in Bohler Gym 
was in December 1969. 

Three of the four losses came in a period of just over 
two weeks at the end of January. A late season push 
brought wins in eight of the last nine games for the 

Freshman Xavier Hunter led the Coubabes with a 
14.3 scoring average, his highest output being 29 
against the Idaho JV's in Pullman. Terry Justice 
provided some of the board strength as he averaged 
just under nine rebounds per game. 



Yakima Valley 






Treasure Valley 






Wenatchee Valley 



Big Bend 



North Idaho 



Big Bend 


















Walla Walla 



Walla Walla 



Yakima Valley 



North Idaho 



Lewis-Clark State 



Lewis-Clark State 





JV Basketball 137 

ffiid-Season Injuries 

Hit Wrestlers 

Roger James completed his eleventh season as the 
head coach of the Cougar wrestlers with a season's 
record of seven wins against eight tosses. It was only 
the second losing season for James in his time at 
Washington State 

The wrestlers were potentially a better team, but Dennis 
Tramor and Mike Jostrom were lost to the team in mid¬ 
season with injuries and the young Cougars found 

themselves dropping six of their last nine matches 

Paul Danelo’s 9-3-1 record led the individual efforts for 
WSU In the Pac-8 championships, Daneto took the 134 
pound title while Demeroutis finished fourth in the 
heavyweight division This was only good enough to 
help WSU capture sixth place in the conference. Both 
Danelo and Demeroutis competed in the NCAA 
Championships at Seattle, but failed to place 


BELOW 190-pound Irishman Russ Rodgers counters a single 
leg dive by Dan Lloyd of the Umvorsity of Washington LOWER 
LEFT. An official's timo out brings Cougar coach Roger James 
to the mat with advice for Mike Jostrom OPPOSITE BELOW: 
Gary Butler has an extended Matt Nelson on Dwight 
Offenbacher of Portland State OPPOSITE ABOVE Harry 
Henneck of the Cougars and Dan Mello of Portland State wait 
in the referee & position UPPER LEFT In a heavyweight battle. 
Bill Demeroutis tries for an escape against Oava Graves of the 









Eastern Oregon State College 



Eastern Washington 



Portland State 



Western Washington 



Central Washington 



Seattle Pacific 



Oregon College of Education 












North Dakota State 



Moorhead State College 






Boise State College 


Wrestling 139 

- _ 

Record-Breaking Season 

ABOVE:. Andy Alexander works on the parallel bars. 
OPPOSITE ABOVE LEFT: Bob Dickmeyer takes his turn on the 
pommel horse. RIGHT: Dubi Lufi-12th in '73 NCAA All- 
Around. OPPOSITE BELOW: Andy Alexander performs an iron 
cross on the rings. OPPOSITE ABOVE RIGHT: Jim Holt 
receives fourth in 1972 AAU Championships. 



Oregon Open 


California State 



Eastern Washington 



Central Washington 















Eastern Montana 



Portland State 




Pacific NW Championship (3rd) 

Pac-8 (5th) 

140 Gymnastics 

For the second year in a row, the Cougar Gymnastics 
team placed fifth in the conference. WSU beat out USC 
in the last event of the competition to move into the fifth 

Led by veterans Dubi Lufi, Jim Holt, and freshman Bob 
Dickmeyer, the gymnasts rolled up a record of five wins 
against four losses. Lufi had been rated the tenth best 
gymnast in the nation in 1972, and Holt had finished 
fourth on the rings in the 1972 AAU Championships. 
Dickmeyer was the highest scoring incoming freshman 
this year and scored a high of 9.3 in vaulting at the Pac- 
8 Meet to help the Cougar scoring. 

During the season, team records in six events and a 
team scoring record were set. The team score of 149.2 
against Stanford and Washington broke the old record 
set the year before. 

Lufi represented the Cougars in the NCAA 
Championships held in Eugene and finished 12th in the 
all-around competition. 

Gymnastics 141 

Season’s End Sees 

Swim Program Cut 

OPPOSITE ABOVE: Dave Grant swings In the 200-yard 
butterfly against Simon Fraser OPPOSITE LOWER RIGHT: 
Head swim coach Doug Gibb. OPPOSITE LOWER LEFT Mike 
Hall does a reverse 1 Vj, in the pike position. 



•. m t x 

& *f# 

' it ^ i 

-".."vV 3 


1972-73 turned out to be the year that inter¬ 
collegiate swimming was dropped from the athletic 
program because of budgetary cutbacks in the athletic 

During the season. 13 team records were broken, but 
head to head competition produced a record of only one 
win against six losses The lone win came against North 
Idaho. The Cougars did win the WSU Relays, placed 
third in the Far West Relays, fourth in the Northern 
Division and last in the Pac-8 Head Coach Doug Gibb 
felt that this was not a true indication of the WSU 
strength, since the Cougars could probably do well in 
almost any conference in the land except the powerful 

* * • •?: 






Simon Fraser 

















3rd Far West Relay 
4th Northern Division 
8th Pacific-Eight 

Swimming 143 


Ends 28 Year Career 

Above: Track Team. Row One: Lloyd Brown. Dale Bean. Vern Stoffel. John Ngeno, Emmanuel Ackah. Dick Leland. Tony Tenisci. Dan Murphy. Rick 
Baggett. Bruce Horman. Bill Niemi. Forrest Thompson. Row Two: Kip Ngeno, Morris Noble. John Delamere. Dale Scott, Dave Rorem, Steve Smith, 
Reggie Macklin, Larry Minor. Dave Herald, Dan Labbee. Gary Minor. Bert Peters, Phil Burkwist. Row Three: Dale Reece, John Haley, Jerry Rice. Steve 
Cochran. Con Riedel. Norm Keltges, Al Smith, Bob Niehl. Kip Peterson. Dean Moore, John Liddle. Mik r McCourtie. Doug Vandevanter. Eric Iverson. Bill 
Hodgson. Larry Ohs. Jack Nevin, John Cosk. Mark Hiefield, Dean Clark. Dick Gazal. Coach Mooberry 

Jack Mooberry. the dean of the Pac-8 track coaches closed out a 28- 
year head coaching career at WSU in 1973. 

Mooberry began his association with the Cougars as a sprinter during his 
collegiate days. Although he was hampered by injuries, Mooberry 
competed in the national championships as a sophomore. He returned to 
WSU as the Head track coach in 1946. 

During his first seven years as the head man, Cougar teams took five 
Northern Division titles. Under Mooberry, WSU has had its highest finishes 
in NCAA competition in both cross country and track. 

In 1971, the Cougar Cross Country team finished second and the 1968 
and 1970 track teams finished second in the NCAA meet for the highest 
placings ever for WSU. In 1968, Mooberry was chosen as the first 
recipient of the Coach of the Year Award given by the United States Track 
and Field Federation and the United States Track Coaches Association. 

Mooberry retires with a dual meet record of 123 wins against 49 losses 
and one tie. In the series with the University of Washington, Mooberry 
teams have compiled a record of 21 -6-1. 

John Chaplin, a former WSU sprinter and an assistant to Mooberry since 
1968, will become the next head coach of the Cougars. 

OPPOSITE BOTTOM: Jack Mooberry retires as Head Coach. 
BELOW: Sprinter Morris Noble breaks the tape in the WSU 
Invitational. ABOVE: Kip Ngeno passes the baton to Noble in a 
meet against Idaho and Colorado State. UPPER RIGHT: 
Distance Duo Dan Murphy and John Ngeno keep in even stride. 



Cougars 6-2 

In Dual fTieets 

WSU dominated the Whitman Relays and the WSU 
Invitational before starting the dual meet sesson The 
Cougars went into the meet against Idaho and Colorado 
State hampered by injuries, as they would be all season. 

Senior sprinter and team captain Dave Rorem pulled a 
hamstring in the Invitational and would not run at full 
speed for the rest of the season Top quarter-miler Dave 
Herald was also hurt by injuries for much of the season 
and could not return to the form that had helped him tie 
the school record in 1972. 

Colorado State came to Pullman for their first meet 
against the Cougars and came away on the wrong end 
of a 119-73 score Idaho also competed in the meet and 
was soundly beaten 134-54 Idaho has not beaten 
WSU since Mooberry's first year, 1946 

Spring break found the Cougars in Corvallis to take on 
OSU. with the Beavers' depth leading them to a 91-72 
win over WSU 

The Cougars also traveled to Eugene to take on the 
University of Nebraska in part of a meet that featured 
four teams. Ten season and ten individual career bests 
aided WSU in the 107-83 victory. 

Oregon made the trip to Pullman and relied on depth 
over the crippled Cougars in the sprints to take a 94-69 
win One of the outstanding races of the day came when 
the Cougars freshman half-miler Dale Scott ran away 
from the Ducks Steve Bence. 

In a warm-up to the season finale. WSU came out on 
top in a double-dual meet at Montana beating Montana 
121 Vi -64 VS and Utah State 123-64 

Jack Mooberry's record against the Huskies became 21 - 
6-1 as the Cougars romped over the UW. 91 VS-71 Vi. 
Two meet records were set in Seattle with John 
Delamere bettering 50 feet in the triple jump, and Dan 
Murphy running away from the field in the three-mile 



record holder in the 440. 
Dave Herald registers 
another win. FAR LEFT: 
Steeplechaser Dean Clark 
hurdles a water obstacle. 
LOWER LEFT: John Dele- 
mere competes in the long 
jump against Idaho and Colo- 
rado State. LEFT: Shot putter 
Dean Moore gives an extra 
effort BELOW: John Ngeno 
leads a Cougar sweep in the 
hurdles at the WSU Invi¬ 

WSU Has Strongest Pac-d 

Finish Since 1969 

Five firsts came the Cougars way in the Northern 
Division Championships at Eugene. For the first time, on 
an agreement between the coaches of the Northern 
Division schools, the meet was held on a non-scoring 
basis. Victories came for discus thrower Mike 
McCourtie, high hurdler Kip Ngeno, miler Dean Clark, 
hammerthrower Tony Tenisci, and triple jumper John 

A full squad of 24 represented WSU in the Pac-8 
Championships, also held in Eugene. In their best 
conference finish since 1969, the Cougars finished 
fourth behind UCLA, USC and the University of Oregon. 
At this point in the season, the sprint corps was still held 
back by crippling injuries. 

Points came from the mid and long distances, including 
a Cougar sweep in the six-mile event and places in the 
three-mile run. John Ngeno was the only first place 
finisher for the Cougars, that coming in the six-mile. By 
their showing in Eugene, WSU qualified fourteen men 
for the NCAA championships in Baton Rouge, 

148 Track 

OPPOSITE UPPER: Hitting the tape ahead of 
his competition. Kip Ngeno, Northern Division 
champion, wins another high hurdles race. 
OPPOSITE LOWER: Bob Niehl, 5th place 
winner in the 1972 NCAA championships, 
begins his ascent over the cross bar. LEFT: 
Half miler Dale Scott commands the lead as 
his competition turns the corner. ABOVE: In 
the 440 yard relay, WSU attempts to 
overcome an Oregon lead. 






Colorado State 



Oregon State 








121 y 2 


64 y 2 


Utah State 


91 y 2 


71 y 2 

Fourth in the Pac-8 
Dual Meet Record 6-2 

Track 149 

Young Tennis Squad 

Abov*: Tanm* Taam Bow Ona: Joe Karas Bill Kodama WaH ICaHnac Row Two; Jim Randolph Steve C/qw Oa« Clayton Coach Ra* Oavia 






U.C Davis 



Fresno State 



San Diego State 



Southern Oregon 



Chico State 



Sacramento State 



U.C. Davis 



Nevada Reno 






Boise State 



Utah State 



Weber State 



Boise State 














150 Tennis 

Tennis Squad Members included ABOVE Bill Kodama. RIGHT 
Jim Randolph. BELOW Walt Kastner. and OPPOSITE LOWER 
Joe Karas. 

An improving Cougar tennis squad moved closer to 
being Pac-8 caliber in 1973. Pre-season tournament 
play was something new and helped prepare the team 
for play in the regular season. 

The lack of an outstanding player left the Cougars well- 
balanced. but not as strong as m 1972. The best 
matches for the team came against Seattle University 
and the University of Washington, although both were 
losses. 5-4. and 6-3. 

At the season ending conference championships in Los 
Angeles. WSU played their best in the history of the 
event, but still could finish no higher than eighth. 

Tennis 161 

Golfers Capture ND Title 

Above: Golf Team. Row One: Jerry Curtis. Lawson Abinanti. Mike Halvorsen. Row Two: Chris Repass. Paul Felts. Bill Ratcliffe. Neal Nelson. Bob 

Team members included: LEFT Jerry Curtis, 
OPPOSITE LEFT Lawson Abinaoti and RIGHT 
Paul Felts. 

U. of Oregon Invitational 

Fifth Place 

Banana Belt Intercollegiate 

Tied First 

Alderbrook Intercollegiate 

Tied Second 

Tokatee Invitational 

Third Place 

U.S. Collegiate Invitational 

Tied for Eighth 

WSU 18 Hawaii 9 

WSU 19 California 10 

Northern Division 

First Place 


Sixth Place 

152 Golf 

Eight returning lettermen and a coach in the 
legislature composed the Cougar Golf team in 1973. 

WSU won one of the tournaments it entered during the 
season and won both of the head-to-head matches that 
filled out the schedule. All this was done while the 
regular coach for the golf squad. E G. “Pat" Patterson, 
was serving in the Washington State legislature. Robert 
Doornink of the men's Physical Education department 
was the interim coach. 

The season got underway with the University of Oregon 
Invitational, a tournament that the Cougars had won the 
year before. Fate was not so kind in 1973 as WSU could 
manage only fifth place. 

The action then moved to the Clarkston Golf and 
Country Club for the Banana Belt Intercollegiate. When 
the last putts had been holed, WSU finished in a tie for 
first with Oregon State. 

Two tournaments made up the schedule during spring 
break with the Cougars tieing for second in the 

Alderbrook Intercollegiate and taking third in the 
Tokatee Invitational. 

A trip to California saw the WSU team tie for eighth in 
the U.S. Collegiate Invitational at Stanford and beat the 
University of Hawaii and the University of California in 
dual competition. 

Something new to Cougar Golf came on the return to 
the home course, the Clarkston Golf and Country Club. 
In the Northern Division Tournament, WSU finished in 
the top spot. John Beutler and Jeff Urban tied for 
second in the individual competition behind golfers from 
Oregon and Oregon State. 

In the season ending Pacific-8 Championships, also held 
at the Clarkston course, WSU could do no better than 
sixth behind champion USC. 

Golf 153 

Cougars Romp to 

Fourth ND Crown 









1 X' m 

1 ft ¥ %' f 

A |H‘ 


1 1 

Above: Baseball Team. Row One: Joe McIntosh, Steve Mueller, Ken Phelps, Dave Stewart. John Larson. Dave Wright. Brian Schreck. Jim Chapados. 
Scott Centers. Roger Dirkes, Dave Pyles. Row Tow: Ross Vaughan. Steve Grasser, John Bush, Roger Stein, Larry Hermann. Wes Graham. Marv 
Chamberlain. Rick Shafer, Tom Owens. Chuck Brayton (coach) Row Three: Mark Beem, Steve Merkley, Doug Simon. Bill Sanford. Kyle Olson. Woody 
Harris, Bob Parr. 

154 Baseball 

The power hitting Cougars had little trouble racing to 
their fourth straight Northern Division title. The other 
three teams provided little opposition as the conference 
mark for WSU was 1 5-3. Only one team, Oregon, could 
take a game from the Cougars prior to the last weekend 
of play. 

During the regular season-ending series with the 
Huskies in Seattle, a disputed call at first base that 
followed a disputed call at third, cost the Cougars the 
first game of that series. In the first game of the 
Saturday doubleheader, many of the Cougar reserves 
went much of the way in a 2-1 loss. Joe McIntosh 
continued his brilliant career with a 9-2 decision that 
ended the regular season for the Cougars. 

Highlights of the conference season included a 26-6 
whomping of Oregon State and a 25-11 beating of 
Oregon before a Mothers Weekend fullhouse crowd. In 
that Oregon game, outfielder Doug Simon drove three 
balls out of Bailey field to set a Cougar single-game 
record, for home runs and his nine RBI's set another 
team record. 

Joe McIntosh set a career win record for the Pac-8 with 
14, the record breaker coming against Washington in 
Seattle. McIntosh also set a career win mark for WSU 
with 34 victories. Steve Merkley erased the conference 
stolen base mark with 30 in his career. 

BELOW: Bill Sanford tries to beat out a bunt along the first 
base line. OPPOSITE BOTTOM: Steve Merkley "takes" a base 
against Gonzaga. ABOVE: Infielder Brian Shreck awaits the 
ball and a close tag. 

Team Records New 

Season Win mark 



Lewis-Clark State 



Lewis-Clark State 

































Treasure Valley 



Boise State 



Portland State 



Portland State 



Portland State 



Portland U 












Cal (Riverside) 












Arizona State 







Fresno State 



Sacramento State 



Humboldt State 
























Oregon State 



Oregon State 



Oregon State 






Oregon State 



Oregon State 



Oregon State 





























Season record 40 wins, 15 losses 

156 Baseball 

ABOVE: Catcher Bill Sanford and Umpire C.J. Mitchell 
anticipate the next pitch. BELOW: Pac-8 Conference Medal 
winner Jim Chapados puts one out against Oregon. 

Baseball 157 

mu Foils in 

Championship Series 

For the fourth straight year, the Cougars were the 
Northern Division champs and for the third straight year, 
USC beat WSU for the Pac-8 crown. 

The two teams met in Pullman for the championship 
series before a packed Bailey field crowd. The Trojans 
had taken the measure of the Cougars in the Riverside 
Tournament 9-2 earlier in the season. 

BELOW: WSU defense proved to be solid most of the time. 
ABOVE: The Trojans do not break under pressure, they just 
bring in another pitcher. RIGHT: Woody Harris' late inning 
home run tied things up at 8 a piece. 

A single game on Friday did not do much for Cougar 
chances. WSU led off with three runs in the top of the 
first, but the Trojans bounced back with seven in the 
bottom half of the inning and relied on the big inning the 
rest of the way in a 13-4 win. 

Needing to take two on Saturday, WSU went to the 
ninth inning of the first game with a 9-8 lead, then USC 
first baseman Darrel Arenstein knocked a homerun over 
the left field wall to put the Cougars away, 11 -9. 

Above: IM Board. Row One: Cameron Corey. Gene Schmidt. Roger Koller. Row Two: Van Schoessler. Archie Corderre, Bruce Shields. Mike Harty. 
Missing: Dick Seccers. 

^ ‘ . 7 






Tau Kappa Epsilon 





Phi Sigma Kappa 



Alpha Tau Omega 



Alpha Tau Omega 


Truckers 7 

Truckers 3 






Alpha Tau Omega 




Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Alpha Tau Omega 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 











Delta Upsilon 


Theta Chi 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 


Geoff Wood 


Soul Striders 



Tau Kappa Epsilon 








Greek- Phi Sigma Kappa 

Independent- Stimson 

MANAGER OF THE YEAR Greek- Bob Weller, Phi Sigma Kappa. 

Independent- Cameron Corey, Stimson. Steve Epperson, 

Truckers. Scott Taylor, Redeyes. 

IM Sports 1 59 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 

Above: Phi Epsilon Kappa. (Men's Physical Education Honorary) Row One: Paul Mengedoht. Greg Johnson. Brad Bossen, Greg Santora. James Mellen. Waichiro 
Miki, Tracy Spencer, Randy Lilje. Row Two: Leon Sanders, Dave Pyles. Gil Shoos. Gary Baranzini. Greg Lurt, Cliff Russel. Ken Heany. Jim Noble, Gene Dogen. Row 
Three: Don Widman, Stan Peale, Jerry VanVIeck. Dick Codey. Don Ayres, Gary Tillotson. Larry Marshall, Mike Hastings. Marc Pence. Ed Hogle, Gene Wolczymski. Pat 
Coulina. Bob Peavy. Row Four: Geoff Wood. Dyke Dickie, Eric Anderson, Steve Boosinger, Bill Marshall. 

The Alpha Gamma Chapter of Phi Epsilon Kappa 
(Professional Physical Education Fraternity) involved 
itself in several worthwhile projects which were of 
service to the University during the 1972-73 academic 
year. The sponsorship of the annual Student-Faculty 
Retreat at Camp Easterseal was one of the principal 
projects of the fraternity. Speakers for the retreat were: 
Dr. George Brain, Bob Weller, Chris Vanos, and John 
Ballweg. Other projects were: the clean-up of Clarence 
D. Martin Stadium (Operation C.R.A.P.- "Cleanup 
Refuse and Paper") which saved the university $1,300 
in maintenance costs; the special recognition to retired 

leaders in physical education at WSU by the dedication 
of Cougar Corner in the New Gymnasium; the 
sponsorship of guest speaker Howard Schaub, the State 
Supervisor of Physical Education for the State of 
Washington; the provision of a counseling service for 
incoming freshmen and transfer students majoring in 
physical education and recreation; the sponsorship of 
concessions at all home basketball games; and the 
nomination of Dr. Victor Dauer for the National Honor 
Award for Phi Epsilon Kappa for his services to physical 

1972 Officers Bill Marshall 
(President), Pat Couling (Vice 
President), John Ross (Secretary), 
Leon Sanders (Treasurer), Bob 
Peavy (Advisor). 

1973 Officers Eric Anderson (Pres¬ 
ident), Greg Santora (Vice 
President), Cliff Russell 
(Secretary), Paul Mengedoht 
(Treasurer), Bob Peavy (Advisor). 

Karate Club 

Above: Karate Club. Row One: Joe Armstrong, Al Connelly. Bob Sunborn, Owen Keiser, Bob Bischoff, Jay Pugh. Neil Bierman, Ray Bryton. Row Two: Mack Shivley. 
Ed Lindsey. Tom Rodin. Alan Bernhard, George Brown. Tom Schreiber. Ed Alford. Arnie Aljets, Kim Giordano. Roy Crittendon. Row Three: Greg Winn. Rick Wuitschick. 
Scott Nakahara. Jim Neitling. Dean Reynolds (Captain). Mr. Chinen (Instructor). Dan Benker (president). Dick Ayres, Glenn Bloxham. 

Karate Club 161 

Women in Action 

Through Sports 

Above: Crimson W. Row One: Lafaye Fuson. Mary Lynn McDonald. Dianne Sullivan. Carol Thomas. Jackie Philleo. Vickie Holling. Row Two: Terri 
Schmidt. Cheryl French. Yvonne Brown, Peggy Ott, June Auld. Donna Fager, Sharon Hitsman. Row Three: Kay Williams. Joan Lang, Judy Howe, Ann 
Fruechte. Bev Bucholtz. Joan Steberl. Sherri Smith. 

Above: Field Hockey. Row One: Jan Olivier, Judy Bickenbach, Cindy Maxin, Jan 
Mueller. Denise Peterson. Judy Walters. Marcia Walter. Chris Meyer. Row Two: 
Terah Regan. Chris Moe. Joyce Swanson, Jan Moon. Carol Campbell, Kathy 
Niebuhr. Karen Reed. Marge Frost. Karen Houser. Row Three: Lisa Hanson, Patty 
Borgen. Sherri Smith, Theresa Belles. 

Above: WRA Council and Boards. Row One: Mary Lynn McDonald. Paula 
Ratcliffe. Vicki Raub. Carol Thomas. Row Two: Judy Howe. Ann Fruechte. Sherri 
Smith. Joan Steberl. Dianne Sullivan. 

162 WRA 

Above: Volleyball Team. Row One: Vickie Holling. Carol Thomas, Kathy Simpson. Karen Tanaka. Gloria Kelly. Judy Sedenquist, Jan Neukirchen. Row Two: Sharon 
Hitsman, June Auld. Rosalynn Batchelor. Diane Johnson. Donna Beeman. Bobbie Helgeland, Jane Schaller. Nancy Wiggins. Nancy Forsman. Row Three: Sandy 
Sienczynski. Ann Fruetche, Christy Gregory. Alison Cone. Pat Holstine. Michele loppini, Joan Steberl. Kay Williams. Andy Barstow. 

Left: Gymnastics. Row One: Diane Phillips, Peggy Ives. Cheryl French. Debbie 
Conover. Row Two: Lisa McEukan, Marsha Munyan. Julie Edwards. Martha Hall. 
Robin Bloom, Miss Diane Albright. Below: Tennis Team. Row One: Carol Thomas. 
Yvonne Brown. Carol Campbell, Linda Weston. Row Two: Roxanne Billington. 
Sharon Hitsman. Sue La Londe. Donna Fager, Kathy Clement. Row Three: Karen 
Hauser, Barb Meyers. Joyce Swanson. Marci Sutton. Alison Cone. Sue Hoffman, 
Mrs. Gotts. 



Above: Skiing Team. Row One: Teresa Zangar, Cindy Williams. Chris Moe. Kari 
Freeman, Patti Ford. Roma Jean Bell. Row Two: Kirsten Andersen, Kelly Cahill. Sue 
Gustafson, Kathy Schjelland. Row Three: Sue Rutherford. Marcia Walter. Judy 
Bickenbach. Judy Walters, Jeanette Marsh, (coach). 

Above: Swimming Team. Row One: Carol Cutler. Elin Johnson. Kathy 
Hitsman. Row Two: Sandy Sieczgnski, Kathy Hermann. Jill Lodwig. Cathy 
McClean. Row Three: Jane Schaller. Julie Haugseth. Jeanice Cox. Mary 
Bentler. Row Four: Ginny Swanstrom, Connie Kelly, Pat Phelps. 

Above: Basketball B Team. Row One: Nancy Forsman. Gayle Emery. Jan Moon, BJ Curry. Jan Olivier, Michelle loppini. Row Two: Miss Nanpy Schley, (coach) 
Betty Young, (manager) Kay Williams. Mouse Costello, Alison Cone. Diane Byrnes, Jennifer Gray, Debbie Brewer, Ann Fruechte, Christy Gregory. Judy Howe, 
Marda McClenny. Vickie Robb, (manager) Miss Linda Hackbarth, (coach). 

164 WRA 

PEM Club 

Above: PEM Club. Row One: Chris Meyer, Jan Mueller. Donna Spofford, Donna Carter. Bev Buchholtz. Donna Ackerman. Nancy Wessels. Row Two: Jill Gilbert. Lois 
Kuhnhausen. Jackie Philleo. Carol Thomas. Lisa Hansen. Pat Koshko. Ruth Lakel, Nancy Wiggins. Nancy Bush, Mrs. Ericson. Row Three: Terri Belles. Rhonda Lund, Jan 
Moon. Lanita Tilton, Roxie Aman, Denise Peterson. Gayle Emry. Kirsten Andersen. Chris Moe, Yvonne Brown. Joyce Swanson. Roxanna Ralphs, Judy Sedenquist 



Left: Women's Track and Field Club. Row One: Dawn Ingram, 
(publicity manager) Sue Wakely. Marcia Walter. Marilee Underhill, 
(president). Row Two: Kathy Dugan, (coach) Jan Moon. April Easter. 
Robilyn Madden. Not pictured: Eileen Mathews, (advisor). 

Sports Organizations 165 


Above: Fish Fans. Row One: Karin Rutledge, Loree Olson. Cathy McClean. Lisa Wagstaff. Debbie Newgard, Heidi Howard. Carol Cutler. Row Two: 
Jeanice Cox, Bonnie Chitty. Julie Haugseth. Kim Shoemaker. Mary Mengarelli. Sue Sawyer. Suzanna K. Peterson. Patty Murray. Diane Albright. Row 
Three: Didi Gigandet. Debbie Hutchiason, Suzie Botts, Carole Buffum. Ann Murphy. Kathy Conner. Pat Phelps. Kris Anderson. Denise Kinder. Paula 

RIGHT: Fish Fan Officers. Row One: Kim 

Shoemaker. President: Ann Murphy, Vice 
President; Carole Buffum. secretary: 
Jeanice Cox. treasurer; Paula Gray. Social 
Chairman; Didi Gigandet. Publicity. 


Ball U Athletic Club 

Above: Ball U Athletic Club. Row One: Doug Hall, Stan Pitlo, Frank Primozich, Doug Peterson, Robby Jr. Fitzsimmons, Bob Fitzsimmons. Row Two: Dan Taylor, 
Randy De Voto. Walt Bail (President). Steve Duhamel, Jim Shogan. Bill Niemi, Mel Parsons. Dave Karnofski, Jerry Shogan. Randy Frisvold 

Ball U is an off-campus fellowship designed to 
promote intramural competition and esprit de corps. 
Ball U's select group of men consistently battled their 
way into numerous intramural tournaments. Many a 
defeated Trucker, Greek, or dorm team was overheard 
to sigh, "Who are those guys!!" 

Keenly aware of social and academic requirements. Ball 
U made great progress in both environments. Ac¬ 
ademically, the organization's scholars constitute a vast 
"brain trust," a reserve that is shared among members. 

Socially, Ball U is preparing another corp of idealistic, 
well-rounded inheritors to carry on the club tradition. 

Ball U donated much time and money to support the 
town's many barmaids. These worthwhile endeavors 
netted Ball U an honorable table at each local 

Enthusiasm pervades the Ball U household. With 
continuing determination, the Ball U men are striving for 
a truly outstanding year in '74. 

Ball U 167 

AAU Basketball 





! ! 

Above: WSU Pele AAU Club Basketball Team. Row One: Mark McCauley. Steve Epperson. Frank Standaert. mgr. Dennis Yakovich, Rick Reagle. Row Two: Jon 
Sondegaard. Kent Paul. Lloyd Minor. Coach Pete Burns. Not pictured: Paul Jenkins. Larry Welch. 


There .s something special about every individual A title does not always represent the unique personality 
we each exhibit 

Campus Royalty 169 


172 Campus Royalty 

Phi Kappa Tau 

Dace Kundzins 

Campus Royalty 173 

Pledge Princess 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Dream Girl 

Stephanie Morris 

176 Campus Royalty 


Jane Votaw 

Campus Royalty 177 


Casino Rouale 

Above; Casino Royals Waitresses. Including: Cathy Allen. Karen Allen. Joanne Bar Karen Barclay. Blinda Begley. Jan Brumlow. Grace Chien. Jamte 
Dahl. Sue Divelbiss. Sandy Freitas. Lori Gnmm. Shirley Hunter. Kay Johnson. Ruth Kidwtler. Michelle Kink. Chris Leedom. Karen Lenz. Kathy McClean. 
Denise Mohr. Patty Murray. Loree Olson. Ann Reittenmeir. Roxie Thomsen. Terry Waterson. Judy Young. 

Above: Casino Royals Change Girls. Including: Kristine Anderson. Debbie Beck. Jeanne Bocek. Linda Breckel. Bonnie Brown. Suzi Burke. Linda Chalich Melissa 
Coffey. Cathy Crollard. Dixie Dragich. Lynn Dupree. Didi Gigandet. Joan Gammie. Paula Hammel. Kris Juris. Donna Kim. Sue Loucks. Mimi Lumm. Nancy Mickelson. 
Shirley Parsons. Suzanne Peterson. Tracy Prichard. Pam Ritchie. Louise Schmidt. Cindy Shane. Vicki Shallenberger Lisa Smith. Jude Southward. Carol Spiichal. Cathy 
Spotanske. Sharon Sullivan. Leslie Swalley. Karen Vistauent. Pam Williams 

180 Campus Royalty 

OCR Roe fTlates 

Above: AGR Roe Mates. Row One: Terne Shannon. Suzanne Peterson. Lucia Littlefield. June Knight. Kathi Lilje. Judy Anderson. Kaye Maury. Gail Bailey. Kathryn 
Scarpelli. Sharon Beckwith Row Two: Sandy Heverly. Lee Ann Eschbach. Joanne Barr. Cris Shuman. Barb Waldowski. Gwen Winters. Kathi Rogers. Joyce Halldorson. 
Jane Tippett. Sue Wood. Becky Reeder. Jan Sisemore Mary Edquist 

Campus Royalty 181 

SHE Little Sisters 

Above: SAE Little Sisters. Row One: Jane Davis. Nancy Nelson. Leslie Sluman Robin Silver. Chnsti Janett. Barbie Anderson. Row Two: Kay Spoonemore. Gayle 
Taylor Patty Strong Linda Bartley Connie Kincaid. Debbie Smawley. Linda Higgins. Margaret Surplus Row Three: Chris Leedom Sue Thompson Lam Landerbolm 
Anne Bayard Anne Josephson Mary Asplund. Anne Wasem. Machelle Murdock. Linda Myers Theresa Boulanger Row Four: Jeanme Charvet Vicki Norling. Ellen 
Weiher Kathy Thompson. Sheila Marsden Barb Walters Julie Stowe Peggy Landis Connie Blankers Patiy Murray 

184 Campus Royalty 

Little Orton 

Bruce Groom 
Margaret Munekiyo 

Campus Royalty 185 

Annie and Andy 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Little Sisters of ffiinerva 

Above Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sisters of Minerva. Row One: Chen Thomas Barb Lawson. Chris Sherrill. Ruth Gilbert Mary Long Anne Romano 
Row Two: Debbie Gardner Janet Johnson. Bernice Turner. Nancy Hoagiand Lyla Smith 

188 Campus Royalty 

We are unique individuals who have arrived 
together at the same time and same place. 

We have come to learn. 

With existing 
academic conditions, 
we lose to some degree 
the individual attention 
we all desire. 


Yet in education, as in life, 

we cannot expect to receive something. 

without giving of ourselves. 

Overview 191 

Beyond the classroom comes an individual attempt 
to comprehend what we have learned 
through disciplined commitment. 

More than ever before we find ourselves 
in the middle of a growing University 
— with new and expanding facilities 
to meet the unyielding demand 
for an improved education. 

194 Overview 

Overview 195 

196 Overview 

With University development, 

we must accept the fact that growth will also come 
to a surrounding community and student population. 

The controls necessary 
to maintain the freedoms 
we find in our education 

198 Overview 

and daily lifestyles 
remain ever present. 

The University is a functioning body made 
of a diversity of facilities and personnel. 

As individuals, we too have developed 
a functioning student body, 
with special meaning to us all. 

200 Overview 


Ecological consequences were a major administrative concern with the proposed placement of the KWSU transmitter on 
Kamiak Butte. 

Administrative Personnel 201 


202 Administrative Personnel 

Administrative Personnel 



Administrative Personnel 

Dr. Glenn Terrell 

In addition to being designated by law as secretary ex-officio of the Board of Regents, the 
President as general agent of the Board is the chief executive officer of WSU. He administers the 
policies approved by the Board of Regents and serves as adviser to the Board on policies and 
operations. He is the agent through whom representations to the Board are regularly made. Other 
functions of the President include: (1) Leadership in developing policies and organization for 
teaching, research, and extension programs. (2) Public representation of the University, including 
representation before the Legislature and other state agencies. (3) Responsibility for the general 
welfare of students; the development, operation, and maintenance of buildings, lands and 
equipment; financial matters pertaining to development, operation, and maintenance of the 
University; the administration of regulations adopted by the Board of Regents or by the faculty after 
approval by the Board. (4) Responsibility, delegated by the Board of Regents, for all appointments, 
promotions, salaries, leaves, resignations, and dismissals. (5) Presiding at meetings of the faculty and 

Administrative Personnel 205 


ABOVE AND RIGHT: At his office. Dr. Terrell 
spends his time pursuing a variety of tasks. OP¬ 
POSITE ABOVE: President Terrell takes part in 
Martin Stadium dedication ceremonies with Gov. 
Daniel J. Evans, left, and major donor Dan Martin 
and his wife, right. OPPOSITE BELOW: At home 
Dr. Terrell relaxes with his wife, Francine. 

206 Administrative Personnel 


Administrative Personnel 207 


Vice President 

Wallis Beasley 

Dr. Wallis Beasley is the executive substitute for President Terrell. He also attempts to relieve the 
pressures on Dr. Terrell by seeing to the majority of internal university affairs. 

He works as an advisor for students, who he stresses are free to come in and talk to him at any time. 

Other specific responsibilities include Institutional Research, University Publications, and Systems 
and Computing. 

208 Administrative Personnel 

Vice President 

Allan H. Smith 

Dr. Allen Smith is directly responsible to President Terrell and has general supervision of the 
academic program. He is in charge of the general administration of teaching departments 
research units, extension services and general administration of the faculty personnel program. 
Dr. Smith keeps in touch with students while teaching Anthropology classes. 

Administrative Personnel 209 


C. J. Nyman 

Dean, Graduate School 

C. James Quann 


Stan Berry 

Director of Admissions 

210 Administrative Personnel 

Vice President 

Warren A. Bishop 

The role of Vice President—University Development is one of constant change. Before the 
completion of one project or campaign, another one is started. The preparing of the budget to the 
Governor and the Legislature is another task. His role as liaison officer between the University and 
legislators and other directors of state government can make a great deal of difference in their 
reception of WSU's requests for funding grants, operating budget, as well as monies for our needs in 
academic building. 

Mr. Bishop serves on many committees that are influential in obtaining funds for the University, City. 
County, and State, such as the Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation, Regional Airport 
Board, Health Planning Council. Pullman-Moscow Water Resources Committee, and is an ex-officio 
member of student-oriented committees such as the Recreation and Physical Facilities 
Subcommittee of the University Senate. 

Administrative Personnel 211 

University Development 

J. Reginald Miller 

Director, University Relations 

Earl L. Muir 

Director. Facilities Planning 

212 Administrative Personnel 

E. G. Patterson 

Director, Alumni Relations 

R. F. Patrick 

Associate Director of Alumni Center 

Pat Caraher 

Editor. HillTopics 

Administrative Personnel 

Vice President 


V. Lauren Shelton 

Mr. Shelton is responsible for the financial affairs of Washington State University. The budget for 
the University, finally approved by the Regents and submitted to the Governor and Legislature, is 
prepared under his supervision. Allocations of the legislative appropriations are made with his 

The areas under the control of Mr. Shelton in 1972-73 are the Office of the Controller (payroll, 
research grants, construction contracts, accounting for scholarships and student loans, collecting of 
tuitions and fees). Budget Office, General Services Division (Purchasing Central Stores. Equipment 
Repair, Central Receiving); Housing and Food Service, Insurance Office, Staff Personnel and the 
Safety Division (Police and Fire). 

214 Administrative Personnel 

William B. Pence 

Fire Chief 

Ernest A. Schrenk 

Chief of Police 

Arthur M. Holtorf 

Director, Safety Division 

Administrative Personnel 215 

William Poindexter 

Director. Housing and Food Service 

216 Administrative Personnel 

Robert B. Smawley 

Director. General Services 
and Performing Arts Coliseum 

Howard Mount 

Controller and Budget Officer 

Vice President 

Dr. J. C. Clevenger 

Students, their welfare, and campus learning experiences have been Dr. Clevenger's main concern 
at Washington State University for twenty years. He is responsible for the Student Services area 
which includes Student Activities Center, the CUB, Student Financial Aids, and Student Health 

This past year Dr. Clevenger spent many hours visiting with students on campus as well as with those 
who came to his office to see him. Traditionally he has maintained an open door policy, and he hopes 
that students will come to visit with him if he can be helpful to them in any way. 

Administrative Personnel 217 

Student Affairs 

RIGHT: Dr. Ralph M. 
Buttermore, Director, 
Student Health Service. 
Richard C. French, Di¬ 
rector, Placement Bu¬ 
LOW RIGHT: Dr. Wil¬ 
liam A. Case, Director, 
Student Counseling 
LOW LEFT: Dr. Matthew 
Carey, Director, ASWSU 
Activities and CUB. 
McCartan, Dean of Stu¬ 
dents. BELOW LEFT: 
Jim Crow, Activities Co¬ 


Administrative Personnel 

Administrative Personnel 219 

Joe McLean 

Recreation Supervisor 

220 Administrative Personnel 

Jo Anne O'Donnell 

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs 

Bruce Anawalt 


Gordon Tuell 

Manager. KWSU AM-TV 

Dennis Morrison 

Assistant to President 

Administrative Personnel 221 




Row One: Dr. H. Dewayne Kreager. Dr. Glenn Terrell, Howard Morgan. Mrs. Henry Owen. Row Two: Harold Romberg. H.H. Hahner. Michael Dederer. Not Pictured: 
Lyle W. Neff. 

222 Administrative Personnel 

A Message From The Governor 

With the advent of peace in a war that lasted 
too long and with the recognition of China and 
the expansion of trade with Russia, we are 
entering a new era of human relations. 

The time and effort that have gone into 
improving our relations with other nationalities 
need also to be directed towards improving the 
conditions in our own country. It seems to be 
easier for us to jump the gap between the earth 
and the moon than for us to walk next door and 
say to our neighbors, "Hello! How are you 

The added responsibility of voting emphasizes 
the fact that students can no longer withdraw 
for four years into the protection of ivy-covered 
walls. You can begin as a student to improve our 
human relationships and our quality of life in this 
state and in the United States, by reaching out 
and offering a helping hand. 

Volunteer to help a friend, a handicapped 
person, a hungry family, or the old and lonely. 
This human experience could be the most 
exciting part of your education. 

Administrative Personnel 223 

Governor Daniel J. Evans 

French Administration is. . . 

224 Administrative Feature 

a student effort. 

a complex 
toward order 
and identity. . . 

226 Administrative Feature 

and an all important. . . 

.human touch 

228 Administrative Feature 


Research, instruction and extension programs in engineering have all changed to meet the challenges presented in 
the search for a better environment. 

Academic Colleges 229 


LEFT: Chemical engineer George Jensen checks 
the readings from a chromatograph in his research 
to remove iron and sulfur from coal waste 
products. ABOVE: Dr. R.A. Rasmussen and 
Michael Holdren set up air quality monitoring 
equipment in the Yakima Valley of eastern 
Washington as a part of an urban pollution 
research project. OPPOSITE ABOVE LEFT: The 
use of computers has helped engineers make rapid 
analysis of new products and to examine 
environmental effects of new technologies. 
OPPOSITE ABOVE RIGHT: Gary Bailey, water 
quality specialist draws off a sample of Spokane 
River water being tested in the sanitary 
engineering laboratory. RIGHT: A scale model of 
the Pullman flood plain will help engineers and 
planners approach the flooding problem in many 

Academic Colleges 231 

232 Academic Colleges 

ac-a-dem-ic (adj.) 1 . of schools or colleges and their 
learning; scholastic; scholarly. 2. having to do with 
general or liberal rather than technical or vocational 
education. 3. of or belonging to a learned society. 4. too 
far from immediate reality; not practical enough; too 
speculative. 5. formal; pedantic. Abbreviated acad. (n) 
1. a person belonging to a college or university. 2. pi. 
purely theoretical discussions. 

Academic Colleges 233 

College of Agriculture 

The responsibilities of the 
College of Agriculture are 
teaching, research, and 
cooperative extension. The 
college’s enrollment has doubled 
in the past ten years and has 
increased 15% from last year. 
The public seems to feel the 
number of farmers are 
decreasing, but in reality there 
are more people involved with 
farming now than ever before. 

The College of Agriculture has 
many research programs along 
with nearly 400 projects in 
various fields. The college is 
made up of nine academic 
departments and four research 
departments in addition to the 
seven that are scattered 
throughout the state. The faculty 
includes members from all of the 
39 counties in Washington. 

Louis L. Madsen 

Dean, College of Agriculture 

William B. Ackley 

Chairman, Horticulture 

B.R. Bertramson 


Agricultural Resident Instructor 

J. Edwin Faris 

Chairman, Agricultural 

Grant A. Harris 

Chairman, Forestry 

Timothy Blosser 

Chairman, Animal Sciences 

Robert F. Harwood 

Chairman, Entomology 

James Nielson John F. Schafer 

Director, Agricultural Chairman. Plant Pathology 

Research Center 

234 Academic Colleges 

College of Engineering 

The College of Engineering has 
broadened its courses and overall 
curriculum this year. It has initiated 
courses that will interest students 
outside of their major field. Now 
available are various technology and 
engineering courses designed to appeal 
to students throughout the university. 
The college has also approved a formal 
program of studies leading to the degree 
of Bachelor of Science in Engineering. 

There has recently been a tremendous 
increase in the enrollment of the college. 
The new students not only include 
freshmen but sophomore and junior 
transfers as well. The increase may be 
attributed to full page ads taken by major 
companies in newspapers all over the 
country to advertise their need for 

Carl W. Hall 

Dean. College of Engineering 

George T. Austin 

Chairman, Chemical and Nuclear 

Carl J. Goebel 

Chairman, Environmental Science 

Glen L. Hower 

Chairman, Electrical Engineering 

Jack T. Kimbrell 

Chairman. Mechanical Engineering 

Leon D. Luck 

Chairman, Civil Engineering 

June Roberts 

Chairman. Agricultural 

Academic Colleges 235 

College of 

Stephen R. Mitchell 

Dean, College of Sciences and Arts 
(Humanities and Social Sciences) 

Jack D. Dowell John R. Elwood 

Chairman, Political Science Chairman, English 

Ernest E. Ettlich 

Chairman. Speech 

Donald Wells 

Chairman, Communications 

Albert L. Pasquan 

Chairman, Police Science 

Richard Thornton 

Chairman, Fine Arts 

Howard Deming 

Chairman. Music 

Raleigh J. Ferrell 

Chairman. Anthropology 

Jean-Charles Seigneuret 

Chairman. Foreign Languages 
and Literatures 

Raymond Muse 

Chairman. History 

236 Academic Colleges 

Science and Arts 

The newest program in the College of Sciences 
and Arts, Science Division, is the WAMI program 
which is the Washington, Alaska, Montana, and 
Idaho Medical Program directed by the University of 
Washington School of Medicine. It provides for 
students to be admitted to any one of the 
participating institutions for the first year of medical 
school to take their basic science work before 
transferring to Seattle. The purpose of the program 
is to increase the capacity for medical training 
without requiring new facilities and new staffing in 
the medical school. 

Another new program in its last stages of approval 
provides for a Doctor of Arts in Chemistry as an 
alternative to Ph.D. The purpose is to better train 
persons in careers in teaching rather than careers in 

A new Physical Science building is now under 
construction on College Avenue which will 
accommodate the physics and geology 
departments. Hopefully, in the near future, new 
space will be provided for the bio-science program. 

B. Roger Ray 

Dean, College of Science and Arts (Science) 

Roger T. Davis 

Chairman, Psychology 

Herbert M. Nakata 

Chairman. Bacteriology and 
Public Health 

Peter R. Hooper 

Chairman. Geology 

Ottis W. Rechard 

Chairman. Computer Science 

Calvin T. Long 

Chairman, Pure and Applied 

Maurice Windsor 

Chairman, Chemistry 

William H. Matchett 

Chairman. Botany 

Edward E. Donaldson 

Chairman. Physics 

Academic Colleges 237 

College of 

Economics and Busines 

There are three departments in the 
College of Economics and Business 
and one research division. The three 
academic departments are business 
administration, economics, and office 
administration. There is also a 
teacher training program in con¬ 
junction with the College of Edu¬ 

On the graduate level there is a 
Masters of Business Administration 
program that is essentially for people 
who really intend to go into business 
rather than doing graduate work for a 
doctorate. There is also a master's 
program in Economics primarily for 
those planning to go either into junior 
college teaching or employment in 
banks or financial institutions or 
insurance companies where some 
advanced work in analysis can be 
valuable. There is an active Ph D 
program with about half of the 
students going into academic work at 
universities and colleges and the 
others into research jobs. Quite a few 
enter into federal government work 
and some go to private institutions. 
So far the placement of these 
students has been successful. 

Dr. Eugene Clark 

Dean. College of 
Economics and Business 

Dr. Robert F. Wallace 


Department of Economics 

Dr. Omer L Carey 

Chairman, Department of 
Business Administration 

Dr. Edward Perkins, Jr. 

Chairman, Department of 
Office Administration 

Dr. Lothar A. Kreck 

Head of Hotel and 
Restaurant Administration 

238 Academic Colleges 

College of 

The College of Education has four 
major functions: (1) the preparation 
of teachers. (2) the specialized 
responsibility for preparation of 
people in the vocationals, which 
would include areas such as Home 
Economics Education, Agricultural 
Education and Office Admini¬ 
stration, (3) training of personnel for 
administrative positions, executive 
and supervisory roles, and (4) to act 
as a consulting resource for local 
school districts and state agencies. 

Special programs in the college 
include tutorial help and direct 
instructional assistance on an 
individual basis for migrant workers' 
children, and also Peace Corps 

Field centers for observation for 
students in education provide 
laboratory experience for those 
people who are in preparation for a 
future in an educationally oriented 
area. Student teaching centers for 
the college are found around the 

Or. George B. Brain 

Dean. College of Education 

Dr. Carol E. Gordon 

Chairman, Department of 
Physical Ed. for Women 

Dr. Roger C. Wiley 

Chairman, Department of 
Physical Ed. for Men 

Dr. Lloyd B. Urdal 

Chairman, Department 
of Education 

Academic Colleges 239 



Aerospace Studies is like any 
other program on campus. Although 
the department staff is financed by 
the Air Force rather than the college, 
regular educational classes are held. 
Freshman and sophomore classes 
are one credit while senior classes 
are three in addition to one hour labs. 

Upon completing four years of col¬ 
lege, the graduate is commissioned 
as a second lieutenant in the Air 
Force. After two to three months of 
active duty he may choose, if he 
wants, to continue his schooling and 
specialize in a given field. 

Col. George A. Robinson 

Chairman, Department of Aerospace Studies 

•r* • 

Capt. Edward Lisota 

AS 100 (Freshmen) 

Maj. Bill Hirschfield 

AS 300 (Juniors) 

Maj. Ed Pursley 

AS 400 (Seniors) 

240 Academic Colleges 

Military Science 

Col. William B. Graham 

Chairman, Department of Military Science 

The Military Science Department at Washington 
State University offers a four-year program designed 
to prepare students for commissioning in the 
United States Army Reserve. The curriculum is 
divided into two distinct courses. 

The Basic Course, normally presented to university 
freshmen and sophomores, orients the student to 
both the U.S. Army and ROTC. Instruction includes 
military history, leadership, customs and courtesies, 
land navigation, and introduction to small unit 

The theme of the ROTC program is to provide a 
graduate with a firm and workable grasp of the 
dynamics of leadership and enhancing the 
usefulness of his scholastic achievement is the goal 
of the Army ROTC program. 

To meet the needs of the Army as well as the needs 
of the qualified students, several changes were 
made to the program. Additional emphasis was 
placed on the development of innate student 
capabilities to best serve the needs of the University. 

College of Pharmacy 

The College of Pharmacy has started a new 
program, in which four Spokane hospitals are 
cooperating, where senior students are required to 
spend a half semester or a summer session in 
Spokane observing the effects of drugs on patients 
and learning why the physicians choose the drugs 
they do. The program is intended to help the 
students become familiar with the complete medical 
care of patients and hopefully more patient oriented. 

One new project is a course on drugs in the society 
which will be a lecture class meeting two hours a 
week. Its objective will be to provide information on 
drugs of abuse, not only those of the street such as 
heroin and marijuana, but also the prescription and 
non-prescription drugs used in the home. This new 
project is being developed under a $160,000 
Health, Manpower and Education grant. 

The College has received rather wide recognition 
because of its programs and has been selected as 
one of four schools of Pharmacy across the country 
to be a model for a study sponsored by the National 
Institute of Health. 

Dr. Allen I. White 

Dean, College of Pharmacy 

Academic Colleges 241 

College of 

Home Economics 

The Home Economics College is 
made up of three departments to 
which new faculty members have 
been added. Enrollment is about the 
same as last year but a change in 
interests seems to be developing. 
Fewer students are in teaching and 
more are in merchandizing and 
interior design. Because of the job 
situation, students in any division of 
Home Economics have to prepare 
themselves to go in more than one 
direction through choices of elec¬ 
tives. Students must make them¬ 
selves versatile in all areas of the de¬ 

Graduate students are possibly 
limited more in Home Economics 
than other colleges because they 
work directly with youngsters as well 
as undergraduates. The teacher's 
assistants in textiles follow ditto 
sheets and in the other fields no one 
is completely responsible for a class. 

Interior Design will soon no longer be 
a part of Home Economics. It has 
been agreed that Fine Arts, Land¬ 
scaping, Architecture and Interior 
Design will become one college. 

Jane Werden 

Dean, Home Economics 

Mary Gallwey 

Chairman, Department of 
Child and Family Studies 

H. Delight Maughan 

Chairman, Foods and Nutrition 

Mignon Perry 

Chairman, Clothing, Interior 
Design, and Textiles 

242 Academic Colleges 

College of 

James A. Henderson 

Dean. College of Veterinary Medicine 

The College of Veterinary Medi¬ 
cine is in the process of changing 
their curriculum. Up to now, all stu¬ 
dents in the College were in the same 
program regardless of each stu¬ 
dent's personal needs. Last year a 
new program was introduced. The 
amount of required material and 
class time was reduced so there 
would be more time for the student 
to pursue his personal goals. Fresh¬ 
man and Sophomore students are 
now in this program. Although the 
system doesn't offer much change in 
the first two years, more choices will 
be possible in upper division classes. 

Dr. James B. Henson 

Chairman, Department of 
Veterinary Pathology 

Dr. Jon A. McCurdy 

Chairman. Department of 
Veterinary Anatomy 

Dr. Richard L. Ott 

Chairman, Department of 
Veterinary Clinical Medicine 
and Surgery 

Dr. William Dickson 

Chairman, Dept, of Veterinary 
Physiology and Pharmacology 

Dr. Sam G. Kenzy 

Chairman, Department of 
Veterinary Microbiology 

Academic Colleges 243 

Veterinary Medicine 

Medical Students Gain 

Practical Experience 

ABOVE: New to WSU this year, the WAMI program enabled U of W students to obtain basic studies from select 
schools in the states of Washington, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho. The program received funding from the Bureau 
of Health, Manpower Education, National Institute of Health, and U S. Public Health. Members in the program 
include: ROW ONE: Steve Shirts, Victoria Halsey, Ken Faw, Dan Graves. ROW TWO: Wayne Tilson, Mike Garrett, 
Laird Wolfe, Sam Eggertsen, Jack Doney, Mike McCabe. 

244 College Feature 

ABOVE AND BELOW: Veterinary Medicine students in more advanced stages of the program use Vet 
facilities for intensified study and experience. OPPOSITE BOTTOM LEFT AND RIGHT: Pharmacy 
students put lab time to good use learning medical and experimental techniques. 

College Feature 245 

Ed Classes See 

Individual Effort 

246 College Feature 

LEFT: Teaching skills are directly 
visible through rewarding assistance 
in the Speech and Hearing Clinic. 
economics education class deals with 
food preparation. OPPOSITE LOWER 
LEFT AND ABOVE: Students find 
time for self-expression in an 
elementary school arts class. ABOVE: 
Physical education students may 
elect to go through an array of unique 

College Feature 247 

Equipment, Classes, 

Cover Wide Spectrum c 

248 College Feature 

A diverse assortment of complex equipment, including an electron 
microscope, ABOVE, and planetarium, MIDDLE, aid science 
oriented students in studies. 

Diversity continues in subjects offered throughout the College of 
Science; from a bootleg variety of wine-tasting, RIGHT, to Police 
Science lab work, FAR RIGHT. 

College Feature 249 

Home Economics Skills Shape 

Career Backgrounds 

250 College Feature 


and Economics 

RIGHT: Students are able to 
produce their own garments in a 
clothing and textiles class. 
preparation classes show no sex 
discrimination as students learn 
basic skills. OPPOSITE UPPER 
LEFT: Weaving proves to be a 
rewarding and creative form of 
expression. ABOVE AND RIGHT: 
The utilization of computer 
programming expands research 
capabilities and career training 

Training Stem from Studies 

Agricultural Offerings 

THIS PAGE: One of the 
many unusual and unique 
offerings through the Hort¬ 
iculture department is a 
flower arranging class open 
to all interested students. 

practices, nutritional stud¬ 
ies, and research programs 
in the Department of Animal 
Sciences provide direct 
exposure and experience for 
students in the College of 


Provide Distinct Training 

play a Diversity of 

Self-expression and 

RIGHT: University Theatre participation 
elicits varying degrees of self-expression from 
drama students. BELOW: Make-up applica¬ 
tion is one of many aspects of theatre study. 


LEFT: A sophisticated form of campus com¬ 
munication allows Communications students first¬ 
hand experience in the radio-broadcasting field. 
LOWER LEFT AND RIGHT: Creativity comes in 
many forms as Fine Arts students share their 
individual talents. 

College Feature 255 

Engineering Finds 

Active Involvement 

LEFT: A tire-testing facility 
on the outskirts of campus is 
one of many research pro¬ 
jects in which the College of 
Engineering is involved. 
Engineering labs give stud¬ 
ents the opportunity to 
practice classroom prin¬ 
ciples and theories. 

Organizations & 

Members of the WSU Parachute Club relate to the Palouse hills with an aerial perspective 


Student Government 

Organizations 259 

260 Organizations 

Chris Schlect 

ASWSU President 

ASWSU Officers 

Diane Christopherson 

ASWSU Vice-President (2nd Semester) 

Jim Boldt 

ASWSU Vice-President (1st Semester) 

ASWSU Government 261 

ASWSU Assembly 

Above: ASWSU Assembly. Row One: Doug Newbold. Diane Christopherson. Jim Boldt. Judy Nilan-Bischof. Row Two: Don Lombardini. Mike Hall. Jeff Rundell, Paul 
Casey, Bruce Kinney, Rosemary Irvin. Joyce Halldorson. Pat Wyckoff. Row Three: Sid Nicholson. Phil Anderson. Dan Wurz. Dave Berett, Chuck Jackson. 

262 ASWSU Government 

Above: Special Events. Row One: Machelle Murdock, Carol Splichol. Leon Sanders. Gary Larson. Row Two: Mike Holliday. Rod Hollenbeck. Shelley 
Bucklin. Bill Hyslop, Jim Baker. Mark Degerstedt. Row Three: Ruth Kraucunas, Wendy Littlefield. Sue Larson. David Kendall. Barb Cornforth. Sue 
Warner, Mark Engler. Carroll Hayden. Not Pictured: Roy Wolfe. John Snyder. Nancy Shigeno. Tim Springer, Bob Thompson, Pam Williams. 

Above: Performing Arts Committee. Row One: Micheal C. Tudor, Bill Carter. Debbie Puckett. Steve Jenkins. Linda Chalich. Michelle Frank. Row 
Two: Dan Wurz. Ron Kercheval. Mike Makela. Gary Mitzet, Dave Lewis. Connie Bruce, Jerry Jensen. Alan Wood. 

ASWSU Committees 263 

ASWSU Committees 

Right: Political Union. Row One: Doug 
Picha, Dr. Walfred Peterson. Sue Adams. 
Lucy Lauterbach, Debbie Carlson. Dick 
Boston. Row Two: JoAnn Ross. Bill Davis. 

Above: Program Board. Row One: Stan Weber. Bill Davis. Jay Hines. Gary Larson. JoAnn Ross. Jim Mertes, Steve Waters, Ron Kercheval. Row Two: Cliff 
Webster. Chris Day, Jan Kiviluoma, Steve Van Buren. 

Below: Dance Committee. Row One: Ron Novotney, Van Schoessler. Steve Waters. Jerry Jensen, Jim Cummings. Row Two: Joyce Vogt. Becky Lamb. 
Janie Morten. Jo Ann Baker. Jan Gomulkiewicz. 

Above: Hostel Committee. Row One: Jeff Adams. Jack Stemmer. Row Two: Bill Above: Election Board. Row One: Gail Basso. Marci Irwin. Gayle Nicholson. 
McCloskey. Gayle Taylor. Rod Hollenbeck, Bill Davis. Carolyn Lowther. Row Two: Jim Crow. Bryan Chambers. Rich McKinney. 

Above: Films Committee. Row One: Rudolf Valentino (Bill Kullberg). Dustin Hoffman (Rick Davis). Annette Funicello (Cindy Perrault). Veronica Lake (Gina Tuttle), 
Frankie Avalon (Bob Carmack) Row Two: Clint Eastwood (Steve Van Buren), Mickey Mouse (Kristal Wiitala), The Spaghetti Kid (Tim Swanson). Not pictured: Greta 
Garbo (Ineke Moerbeek). King Kong (Steve Moore). 

ASWSU Committees 265 

Above: Homecoming Committee. Front Row, Sitting: Bill Hyslop. Sally Schoeff. Shelly Bucklin. Debbie Garhart. Lee Carstens. Middle Row, 
Sitting: Kathy Argens. Carroll Hayden. Sally Soltero. Cliff Webster. Donna Shigeno. Top Row, Standing: Jack Knapp. Doug Picha. Mary Barhanovich. 
Carolyn Lowther. Sue Grosz. Mike Hall, Wayne Burgess, Craig Johnson, Mimi Lum. Barb Bevegni. Joe Bratsky, Pat Mattson. Bruce Nelson, Sandy 
Sollenberger. Not Pictured: Chris Nyberg, Adele Stock, Pam Tompkins. Bob Tracy, Jeanne Wand. 

Above: Lecture Artist Series Committee. Front Row: Bob Hodge. Jean Klopfer. Hazel Lasley Middle Row: Judy Webb. Jan 
Kivilouma, Thomas Bojyo, Darcy Benny. Colleen Leahy. Jane Kirk, Craig Holstine. Back Row: Brian Jappert, Marty Jordan. Stan 
Weber, Jeff Hereford. 


ASWSU Committees 

Above: Dad's Day Committee. Front Row: Dale Parker. Suzanne Campbell. Charlotte Hartung. Mo Lamb. Cindy Sulenes. Sally Valiton. Middle Row: Diane Rarey. 
Sally Ness. Cheri Davis. Jan Sisemore. Denise DeMerschman, Pam Gamble. Top Row: Donna West. Kathy Palmer. Shirley Ness, Jill Gutkowski, Saundra McIntosh. 
Barb Diefendorf. Bruce Johnson. Scott Gillies. Bob Johnson. Arlene Eagle. Carroll Hayden. Not pictured: Lee Carstens. 

ASWSU Committees-IFC 267 


Above: Senior Panhellenic. Row One: Barb Walters. Meg Williams. Row Two: Jane Votaw. Deb McCown. Sandy Sollenberger. Debbie Hernas, 
Cyndee Clevenger. Linda Myers, Marcia Pearson. Row Three: MissJoAnne O'Donnell, Barb Chase. Kass Leonard. Dev Armstrong. Kay Donnen. Diana 
Ray. Kathy Speir, Mikki Pasocznyk. Row Four: Carla Vandyk, Debbie Lasater. Robin Bloom. Jill Wegley. Cherie Thompson. 

The main goal of Pan¬ 
hellenic is to unify—unify not 
only each sorority into one 
body but promote the under¬ 
standing between the inde¬ 
pendents and Greeks. Pan¬ 
hellenic is the governing body 
of the sorority system. They 
are also the organizers of 
sorority projects, both com¬ 
munity and civic and campus 

Above: Junior Panhellenic. Row One: Chris Keyes. Rhea Wuesthoff. Pam Lundquist. Debbie Puckett. PJ Lougee. Laurie 
Berg, Carol Bates, Debbie Hernas. Row Two: Karen Bontrager. Carol Bell. Jane James, Tracy Pritchard. Linda Saboe. Sue 
Gove. Rodie Renn, Mary Johnson. Becky Paulson. Heidi Peterson. Row Three: Nancy Landerholm, Mary Aiken. Lani 
Landerholm. Karen Waldbjorn. Sue Stack. Marti Jene, Cathy Douglass. Barb Christensen. Marcia Benny. Karen Vistaunet. 

268 Panhellenic 

The Associated Women Students 
is an organization for both unifying 
and educating WSU women. Oppor¬ 
tunity for women to work together 
comes with the many projects AWS 
coordinates including Mom's 
Weekend and Freshman Women's 
Orientation. They continued to assist 
with the Sex Information Center and 
supplemented it with a workshop on 
Human Sexuality. To keep both the 
men and women of WSU aware of 
the outside world, AWS sponsored 
numerous speakers in a variety of 

Above: AWS Executive Council. Row One: Jean Wilson. Kathy O'Connell. Debbie 
Weeks. Patt Wasson. Row Two: Betsy Keil. Sister Anne Thomas. Glenda Blank. 

Above: AWS Senate. Row One: Cathy Bergeron. Molly Linden. Chris Nyberg. Mary Vallely. Row Two: Dianna 
Smith. Sue Rutherford. Maureen Sweeney. 

AWS 269 

Associated Women Students 

AWS Activities Concentrates 

Around Mom s Weekenc 

Above: AWS Committee Chairmen. Left to Right: Wendy Littlefield, Barb Olson. 
Maggie Goeckler. Trade Pritchard, Debbie DeLappe. Patty Hernas. Gail Jackson, 
Lynn Murray. Jan Risley. 



CENTER: As a part of Women's Week in March, AWS presents a Third World 
THIS PAGE: AWS sponsors Mom's Weekend in May. The activities include a 
fashion show, an art sale on the mall, and performances by Fish Fans. 

JGL 9463 1 M* 

mj J 1 

/ / 

t / 

1 1 t 

Pk f 


rif 'r 

Above: AWS House of Representatives. Row One: Paula Francois. Jan Risley. Stephanie Hole. Row 
Two: Patty Hardin. Paulina Cockrum, Karen Larson, Laurie Slater. Suzanne Lindberg. Row Three: Carol 
Carter. Linda Acken. Pam May, Deb Gardner. Sue Wakeley. 

AWS 271 

International Christian 

Science Organization 

Relations Committee 

Above: Christian Science Organization. Row One: Patti Huggins, Patti Thorson. Renee Tanner. Jan Britt, Maureen Kennedy. Larry Clark, Bill Jones. 
Row Two: Cliff Jones, Wendv Williams. Jean Slade. Joanne Owen. James Geer. Steve Bu swell. William Haynes. Dr. David Higgins. Jay Johnson. 

Above: Alpha Phi Sigma. Row One: Debbie Wiggins, Bob Odermann, Allen Bremner. Bob Franks, Jim Reynolds. Doug Pagliari. Dale Weber. Rodney 
Nelson. Row Two: Kathy Noll. Susan Flack, Bill Carter. Gregory Neff. Keith lazz. Ray Roloff. Donald G. Farmer, Prof. D.E. Jerome, Gordon Van Huis. 
Brandt Hargrave. 


Mu Phi Epsilon 

Hilal Apaydin 

Cheryl Jeffords 

Sue Bybee 

Lynette Stoltz 

Gail Baily 

Kathleen Johnson 

Susan Campbell 

Anne Thomas 

Margaret Beckman 

Mara Lane 

Mary Ann Croxton 

Anna Thormahlen 

Roxanna Billington 

Cathy Larson 

Lucia de Ponte 

Janet Thornton 

Marybeth Bingay 

Barbara Logen 

Kathryn Davis 

Irene Tsou 

Pam Bostrom 

Lori McLaughlin 

Diane Graham 

Annette Wall 

Laurie Busch 

Karen Ray 

Peggy Hudson 

Janine Wimpress 

Organizations 273 

Alpha Phi Sigm 

Future Vets A.S.C.A. 

Above: ASCA Officers and Representatives. Row One: Bill Heineman. Jim Wagoner, Mike Casey, Bob Hester. Roger Dye. Row Two: Doug 
McGreevy. Bob Cox, Phil Howard, Rob Borolun. Robin Klicker, Hal Meenach. Al Ashenbenner. 

Above: Future Veterinarians. Row One: Sue Rosinbum, Patricia Mattson. Claudia Jramblin, Joya Nelson, Tracy Leer. Corey McLennan, Beth Clay. 
Row Two: Arthur Ortenburger. Rick Hastings. Judy Ainsworth. Katherine Schubert. Sheryl L. Lunstrum, Heather Boyce. David Frost. Row Three: 
David Betts. Jim Venier. Bob Engebretson. Roy A. LaPlante III, William Miller, Terry Butler. Carol Rice. Row Four: Duane Kim. Beckie Heim. Mike 
Conaway. Dale Erickson. Bob Wuerth. Karol Burrell. Tom Harris. Row Five: Brad Walterskirchen. R. Scott Williams. Carol Forhan. Eric Whitener. Janie 
Tripp, Jan Nordtvedt. Debbie Kinion. Row Six: Cindy Nichols. Mark Bryant, Allen Richards, Timm Leighton, Michael Desrosier. Mike H. Brown, Steven 

274 Organizations 

Dairy Club 

Above: Dairy Club. Row One: Jo Blake. Ken Schilke. Mike O'Neil. Roger Willis, Eunice Overland. Row Two: Dr. J.K. Hillers. Martin Burwash. 

Jim Folkinga. Karl Bishop. Merle Herrett. Bruce Anderson. Barbara Farr. Jeff Winikoff. Ken McPherson. Row Three: Bill Sitton. Roy Kinsman, 
Dennis McPherson. Kent Breidenstein. Dave Leatherman. Mike Martin. Dr. R.W. Wallenius. 

Agricultural Economics 

Above: Agricultural Economics Club. Row One: Roger Dye. Lyle Heimbigner, Darrel Kulm. Marty Anderson, Bruce Prenguber. Chris Foster. 
Marilyn Walter. Des O'Rourke. Row Two: Al Short. Allan Ashenbrenner. Karl DeRuwe, Mark Wagoner. Mike Schwisow. Gail Amos. Gary 
Dahlstedt. Tom Dechenne Not Pictured : Dr. Waananen. Dr. Rehberg. (Advisors) 

Organizations 275 




Above: Executive Council. Dave Rickenbach. Nancy Taft. Chuck Eliason, Candy Freeborn. Larry Reeves. Robyn Klicker. Ron Ferguson, Gloria McPhee. 
Gail Winter, Pam Roberts. Patricia Mattson. Pam Nelson. Steve McLean. Tara Johnson. 

VI ™;.AL 

ivWjfi / A T r Si 

i « ii f ' w i */'» »» 

I fU B| 

;■ •sv j B 


: «IR,* ■ ■- ^ 

•J rtaT ^ . £> jSi iT . 

\ y i 

X flU j<4u> 

1 Hu i tl . 

' b 


- jb 

Fh f T 

^ N ^ 

A A« 

- : 

Sn a-« 

In .k. Xj 

M TK' 

A ^BL 



Above: Equestrian Club. Row One: Rick Nelson. Richard Cone. John Woodard. Michael J. Pfaff. Buster Heitman. Steve Tomson, Jordan Dimock. Row Two: Del 
Johnson. Janelle Kissling. Pat Sauer, Jan Ullrich, Amy Newcomb. Judy Olson, Mary Hall. Phyllis Cline. John Finn. Row Three: Rhody Hayes, Colleen Cinak, Lynn 
Holbrook. Larry Reeves. Gail Bartlett, Roberta Lindsey. Audrey Schluneger, Steve McLean. Row Four: Mike Swann. Gail Winters, Tom Lamb. Candy Freeborn. Dan De 
Wuert. Pam Roberts. Jane Tippett. M'Lisse Rygmyr. Christy Larson. 

276 Equestrian Club 

Above: Equestrian Club. Row One: Tara Johnson. Jerome Wysocki. Row Two: Dave Rickenbach. Dixie Dragich. Rick Olson. Christina Schroeder. Nancy Taft, Gloria 
McPhee. Harriet Outland. Kevin Koler. Mary Lynn Rosene. Row Three: Chuck Eliason. Laurel Druffel. Robyn Klicker. Linda Edmund, Debbie Kinion. Joan Paulsen. Nora 
Boman, Bob Door. Row Four: Rolf Glerum. Debbie Phillips, Mike Casey. Mary Lou O'Neil. Heidi Leggett, Roy Sage, Norma Kayser. Joe Kool. Row Five: Carl Nissen. 
Sharon Nissen. Sheryl Klicker, Trudy Craig. Pam Nelson, Patricia Mattson, Jane Tippett. Elvis Presley. Larry Makus. 

Above: Team Captains. Janelle Kissling, Del Johnson, Gloria McPhee. Gail Winters. Ron Ferguson. Pat Sauer. 

Equestrian Club 277 

Lariat Club 

- pi i k. 

Above: Lariat Club. Row One: Mike Casey. Jerry Simpson. Mike Swan. Bill Meiser. Richard Cone. John Woodard. Buster Heitman. Dave Z. Rickenbach. Allen Miller. 
Row Two: Duncan Dunn. Harriet Outland. Kathy Fritchey. Claudia Weiss. Sharon Nissen. Jean Smith. Robyn Klicker.Charlene Marshall. Nora Boman. Nancy Boettcher, 
Chris Carroll. Christina Schroeder. Row Three: Everett L. Martin (advisor). Hal Meenach. Hunter Horvath. Van Seney. Carl Nissen. Mike Nissen. Vic Harris. Rod 
Anderson. Robert Klinger. Larry Reeves, Dan Coonrad (advisor), D. Craig Anderson (advisor). 

BELOW: Participation in ASCA's "Little 
International" highlight a year of suc¬ 
cessful activities. 

Range Management 

Above: Range Management. Row One: Grant A. Harris (advisor). Tom Greethurst. Scott Florence. Michael T. Braun, Robert McCarty. Andres Arnalos, Earl Me Kinney. 
John Olson. Paul E. Nyren. Row Two: Jerome Wysocki. Bob Korfhage. Steve Howes. Terry Sodorff. Tom Lamb. Byron Cheney. Bob Jacobs, John Simons. Row Three: 
Carl J. Goebel. Steve Cawelti, Bill Stewart. Bob Overly. Ben Roche. Jim Mowbray, Tom Jacobs. 


Above: Agricultural Education. Row One: Steve Rasmussen, Craig Miller, John Simila. Steve Thonney. Gerry Snyder. Dennis Wallace. Scott Branson. 
Row Two: Dr. C D. Loreen, Bruce Mortimer. Robfn Rosenau. Dennis Munden. Curtis Greenwalt. Row Three: David Freyer. Kenneth Wolf. Patrick 
Mundstedt, Dave Odenrider. Kent Breidenstein. Charles Guptill. 

Organizations 279 

Ag Education 

Alpha Tau Alpha 

Above: Alpha Tau Alpha. Row One: Scott Branson. Steve Thonney. Tom Sailer. Row Two: Orlin Reinbold. Tom Musser. David Leatherman. Jerry L. 
Snyder. Kent Breidenstein Row Three: Charlie Krouse. Wayne Holderby, Stephen Rasmussen. John Adams. Joseph Cvancara (advisor) Row Four: 
Dave Odenrider. Bob Gallagher. David Krawsky. Row Five: Roger Willis. Patrick Munstedt. Row Six: Robert Thode, Robin R. Rosenau 

Alpha Zeta 

Above: Alpha Zeta. Row One: John Cle?TGary Dahlstedt. Phil Howard. Bill Bowe. Rick Ames. Donald A. West. Row Two: Bill Lowe. Marilyn Walter. 
Kathleen Fritchey. Robyn Klicker. Jean Smith. Patricia Mattson. Cathy Ciolek. Steve Ledgerwood. Mike Dial Row Three: Rod McCall. John E. Olson. 
David R. Sontag. Allan J. Ashenbrenner. Darrel A. Kulm. Bruce Prenguber. Brian Cieslarm, M. Alan West. Doug Ensor. Michael Schwisow Row Four: 
Tom Patterson. Steve Smart. Dave Hambelton. Karl DeRuwe, Tim Lintz. Paul E Nyren. G. Ty Wick. John P. Nordheim. John A. Froseth. Garrett Templin 

280 Organizations 


Above: Horticulture Club Officers. Row One. Charlene Wootlin. Greg Hendrick. Don Van Wechel. Christine Johnson. Steve Cox 

Above: Horticulture Club. Row One: Robert Gaines. Mark Schmidt. Greg Hendrick. Glen Hata. Jacob Weber, Don Van Wechel, Greg Merriman. Row Two: Charlene 
Wootlin. Ruth Fenner. Susan McNicoll. Patti Howes. Gretchen Heuterman, Teresa Moore. Marilyn Van Hoose. Jean Neigel. Jackie Bergerson. Mrs. William Ackley. Row 
Three: Kim Stimmson. Douglas Merriman. Janice Clark. Ken Struckmeyer. Dr. Kurt Schekel. Eric Braunwart. Dr Patterson, Carl J. Pietsch. Dr. Bienz, Dave Sontag, Ken 
Agnew, Larry Peterson. Dr Kalin. Mrs. Kalin. Mrs. Larsen. Dr Larsen. Steve Cox. Dr Ackley. Nyle Verkist 

Horticulture Club 281 


Agronomy Club 

Above: Agronomy Club. Row One: Rob Bowlin. Mike Miller, Rick Ames, Fred Fleming. David Sharp, Mike Wood. Row Two: Paul Sunderland. Ron Turner, Howard 
Pittman, Tom Patterson, Rhody Hayes. Dan Riehle, Bob (Bear) Johnson. Robert E. Witters (advisor). Row Three: Greg Hattori. Brian Cieslar, Bill Bowe. Doug Gasseling. 
Howard Morgan. Kit Coleman. 

Above: Agronomy Club Officers. Kert Peterson. Fred Fleming, Brian Cieslar, 
Howard Morgan. James Maguire (advisor). 

Above: Crop Judging Team. Paul Sunderland. David Sharp, Howard Morgan. 
Dwane Miller (coach). 

282 Agronomy Club 

Above: Poultry Science Club. Row One: Russell Dean. Dr. John Spencer (advisor). Row Two: Rick Rich. John Verstrate. Kadagoda Withanage 
Buddadasa Gunaratne. Not Pictured: Nick Manring. Mark Seligmiller. 

Student Alliance of 



Left: Student Alliance of 
Landscape Architects. 
Row One: Eric Braunwart. 
Tom Edmark, Marty Lyon 
Row Two: Debbie 
Goodwin. Carl Pietsch. Bob 
Dahmen, Don Belts, Larry 
Cote, Bart Berg. Julie 
Jacobson Row Three: 
Jerry Hall. Cliff Sainsbury. 
Cathy Ciolek, Mike Lowers. 
Irvin M ichael. Duane 
Edwards. Craig Esvelt. Jim 
Moe, Mark Dusek. 

Organizations 283 

Poultry Science 

Home Economics 


Kappa Psi 

Above: Home Economics Association. Row One: JoAnn K. Lenhard. Cathy Winter. Mary Ann Nelson, 
Norma Hedrick. Rebecca Greenfield. Row Two: Mary Ann Eddy, Roberta Mielke, Susan Thompson. Paula 
Holbrook. Paula Hartstrom. Patricia Jones. Row Three: Kris Merritt. Elsie McDonell. Carol DeWitt. 
Margaret Elliot. Cheri Hancock. Row Four: Jean Rogers (advisor), Barbara Abbey, Jean Eickmeyer. Joyce 
Messenger. Ellen Bartholonew. Below: Kappa Psi, (Professional Fraternity for Male Pharmacy 
Students.) Row One: Robert St. Dennis. Mark Jones, Gary Yawman. Cal Lantz, Stanley Weber, Garry J. 
Brown Row Two: Anthony Pennella. Andreas Stergachis. Donald Seely. Dennis Cada. David Stott. John 
Griggs. R. Grant MacLean. Mike Angelo. Kendall Quinn. Greg McCall, Ken Mitley, Bob Blane, William 

284 Organizations 




Above: American Society of Civil Engineers. Row One: David Higgins. Les Okonek, Dave Reynolds. Dennis Wood. Rick Harting. Jerald Granahan. 
Herman Porter. Jerry Reynolds. Row Two: Don Baxter. Leon Luck. Len Montague. Dave Grunenfelder. Laurel Crone. Ron Baker. Cherri Defigh. Randy 
Lowe, Tom Novotney. Dave Prock. Eric Rohrbach. Harold Sorensen. Row Three: Doug Finicle. Roger Calhoun, Richard Bair, Cary Kopczynski, Elmer 
Ozolin. Brian Eisentrout. Clement Reitcheck, James Sarb, Steve Leach, Dan Galvin. Warren Wilson. Dick Bartells, Howard Lee. 

Above: Phi Chi Theta, (Women's Honorary in the College of Economics and Business.) Row One: Barbara Chase. Kay Alvarez, Bernadett Margin. 
Sally Lefler. Bonnie Betts, Laurie Slater. Row Two: Jan Sisemore. Paige Wood. Beverly "Swimm, Becky Gottschalk. Debbie Hernas. Karen Sanders. 
Carolyn Buchanan. Jill Stephenson. Barbara Bethards Row Three: Sue Sasser. Marsha Woodruff. Linda Pullam. Linda Ray. Shirley Boehm. Jean 
Yoshioka, Benine Robertson. Janey Shumate. 

Organizations 285 

Civil Engineers Phi Chi Theta 

Phi Kappa Phi 


College of Home Economics 

College of Agriculture 

Lisa J. Blanchard 

Brian Cieslar 

Pamela L Edlund 

Robin D. Gray 

Judith J. Payton 

Robyn K. Klicker 

Melissa J. Roedel 

Alfred L. Soler 

Dayle K. Wright 

College of Economics and B.A. 

College of Pharmacy 

Scott L. Agenbroad 

Deborah R. Doyle 

Dennis E. Bunday 

Nancy A. Gerstad 

Russell A. Davis 

Jacqueline K. Hodge 

Karen M. Fish 

John P. Schaumberg 

Bonnie J. Fossum 

Caren C. Steinburg 

Barbara J. Hatley 

Ann E. Jendro 

Nancy A. Thompson 

Ernest R. Johnson 

College of Sciences-Arts 

Mark P. Kuffel 


Thomas A. Lovas 

Gilbert K. Dodgen 

Michael J. Mayer 

Joyce 1. Higginbotham 

James M. Mertes 

Catherine E. Juenke 

Ronald L. Parrish 

Stanley K. Kreft 

Linda M. Ray 

Gaymarie Logsdon 

Allene E. Sampson 

Gary M. O'Mary 

Michael D. Shields 

Dyann K. Shigeno 

Barbara Spalding 

Doreen K. Snyder 

Richard R. Utter 

Marna Tisdel 

Patrick C. Walker 

Greg R. Wendler 

Heather A. Waldron 

Social Sciences 

College of Education 

Maxine C. Baptiste 

Glenda K. Blank 

Patricia A. Burgess 

Gail L. Hanford 

Janet M. Burke 

Judith D. Hansen 

Susan L. Christiansen 

Katherine V. Hein 

Michael J. Dinius 

Mary K. Hughes 

Katharine B. Foster 

Rebecca S. Johnson 

John W. Grill 

Pamela J. Luft 

Jan A. Hall 

Pamela J. Miller 

Barbara J. Helmer 

Darlene L. Napora 

Kathleen Hurson 

Pamela C. Newman 

Beverley M. Ibach 

Cynthia A. Perrault 

Keith D. Lazz 

Denise K. Rautio 

Craig M. Norris 

Patricia A. O'Brien 

College of Engineering 

Randall R. Ostman 

Se Fok Chan 

Keith Craig Petersen 

Yu Hung Cheng 

Dale L. Raugust 

Douglas P. Finicle 

Peggy L. Reich 

Steven A. Hucik 

Michele R. Robbins 

Christopher B. Johnson 

James H. Reynolds 

Chen-Tung Li 

Myrna L. Roos 

David W. Morgan 

Christine S. Rose 

Thomas E. Peekema 

Kirk A. Schmidtman 

David T. Reynolds 

Kolleen K. Sebby 

Keith A. Shuley 

John S. Tiffany 

Suzanne E. Sivley 

Linda M. Wachter 

Richard A. Stager 

Ann K. Waybright 

Chuck-Kwan J. Tai 

Carol L. Willsey 

James Y. Tamaki 

Nancy A. Zurian 

College of Science-Arts 

College of Veterinary Medicine 

Natural Sciences 

Michael J. Bone 

Dale D. Daniel 

Don A. Brunssen 

Joan M. DeWilliam 

John E. Dietrich 

Graduate Students 

Jay R. Gorham 

Ardath G. Auel 

James D. Guptill 

Ruby M. Bailey 

John R. Harbour 

Ellyn V. Brown 

Catherine M. Knoeber 

Steven D. Clarke 

Molly K. Kramer 

Sandra J. Ellis 

Mary V. Martin 

Candace M. Evans 

Jeffrey B. Miller 

Dewayne B. Gower 

Gayle M. Nisbet 

Yogendra M. Gupta 

Janice M. Parkhurst 

Lawrence W. Haapenen 

Gordon F. Rennie 

Larry M. Hellie 

Wayne G. Riches 

Thomas H. Johnson 

Sharon A. Saldin 

Benny K. Miao 

Delbert F. Small Jr. 

Marian H. Novak 

Patrick D. Snow 

Muriel K. Oaks 

John L. Thayer 

Neil J. O'Leary 

David G. Pugh 

College of Sconce-Arts 

Ralph E. Williams 

General Studies 

Thomas B. Williams 

Sue M. Grosz 

James T. Woo 

Marilyn E. Hawkins 

Fong Wu 

Mark A. Hiefield 

Rosemary J. Irvin 

David E. Lewis 

Keith E. Meyers 

Karin L. Simpson 

286 Organizations 

National Society of 

Above: National Society of Interior Design. Row One: Gretta Epperson. Joan Scott. Willa Witherow. Judy Olsen. Pam Reyers. Nancy Stevenson. 
Mary Ann Louie. Linda Maberry. Row Two: Mimi Law. Cynthia Botch. Eric Kolmodin. Lorinda Silverstein. Kris Peterson. Brenda Phillips. Jennyan 
Jensen. Tena Voordepoorte. Pat Lawry. Pati Huggins. Row Three: Janet Devine. Sue Wood. Dehlia Aker. Roberta Kilty. Annette Morgan, Don Hart, 
Jennifer Stabler. Curt Sherman. Rebecca Gannon. Neal McEachern. 

Hawaiian Club 

Above: Hawaiian Club Row One: Scott Nakahara. Cindy Hurley. Sharon Tengan, Paul Nozaki. Donna Kim. Joycelynn Chun. Ted Yamanaka. 
Row Two: Jolene Wong. Dr. Walter Hendrix, Mrs Millie Hendrix. Lynn Velasco, Keith Uyeno. Sandra Freitas. Denise Kishimoto, Elizabeth 
Hiramoto. Sharon Ouye. Barry Daida. Row Three: Floyd Kuboyamo. Guy Murashige. Dave Moriuchi. Todd Yamafuji. Rae Sumida. Karen Hatley. 
Russell Wada. Avis Sakata. Jessie Inazu. Jean Nagao. Row Four: Steven Miura, Ted Jones. Clint Saiki. Pete Burns. Allen Hatley. Allan Nakaya. 
Richard Torres. 



Interior Design 

Above: Sigma lota (Hotel and Restaurant Administration Honorary) Column One: Larry Ohlfs, Jim Bills. John Graham, Ron Marten. Steve 
Bellmont. Pat Winston, Mark Bergeron. Dave Bingham, Bob Rantucci, Greg Regester, Steve McKeag, Kerry Brown, John Gustafson. Column Two: Val 
Spencer. John Hobak. Martin Fleming. Kathy Hoagland. Dick Geiger, Russ Fate, Jay Puckett. Charlie Clist. Kevin Strolt, Rich Turnbull. Column Three: 
Phil Bell. Bob Lien, Paul Jennings. Bruce Balia, John Bahrenburg, Byron Trafton. Tim Jaegle. Paul Lopez. Ron Gustafson (Vice-President). Howard 
Wilson (Treasurer). Larry Walker. Mike Brooks, Mark Heglund. Bill Love. Column Four: Peter Villa-Gomez. Laurie Jonas. Bob Ferris (President). Lee 
Robinson. Dave Pickles. Bev Swimm. 

RIGHT: Ron Gustafson, left, presents 
Hotel Salesman of the Year Award to 
Michael A. Leven. OPPOSITE, UPPER 
LEFT: Annual Bellhop highlights year's 
activities. UPPER RIGHT: The Sigma lota 
Bunnies enhance the Bellhop's atmos¬ 

288 Sigma lota 

Pi Tau lota 

Above: Pi Tau lota (Pre-Med, Pre-Dental Honorary) Row One: Karl Winter. Jim Chapados. Tomas Holbrook. Ron Adkins. Garry Greene, Scott McClure, Steve 
Banich. Ron Scheif, Tom Horst Row Two: Jon Swenson, John Larsen. H.L. Eastlick. John Thayer, Steve Stansfield. Jay Gorham. Pat Couling. Jenny Smith. Verena 
Steiner. Sue Rutherford. Bill Renner. Dave Day, Kevin Harrington. Steve Renner. Row Three: Doug Clarke. John Harbour, Jim Doornink. Dale Daniel. Stan Sargent. 
Steve Harrop. Steve Tracy. Rex Stahly. Gordon Rennie, Kent Beebe. Jim Gagliardi, Robert Tracy. Paul Swinehart, Scott Minnich. 

Organizations 289 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Above: Alpha Lambda Delta (Freshman Women's Scholastic Honorary). Row One: Kathy Niebuhr, Susan Trettevik. Barbara Eder, Joyce Halldorson. Gail Dennie. 
Mary Jo Tyrrell. Heidi Owings. Sue Sasser. Carla Cooper. Denice DeMerschman. Sue Adams. Sue Blake. Beverly Steed. Cherri DeFigh, Cheryl Johnson, Karen Hara. 
Jayne Nakamura. Row Two: Ruth Linduren. Nancy Kafer. Nancy Larimer, Pam Albright. Sparre Strank. Kathleen James. Sue Larsen. Kristine McRae. Susan McNicoll, 
Shelley Earing, Vicki Hensen, Suzanne Burke. Shirley James. Denise Larson. Becky Nugent, Becki Robertson, Sandra Morgan. Dyann Shigeno. Row Three: Beverly 
Parks, Kerry Radcliffe. Susan Brown. Margaret Suiter. Fayo Gordon. Nancy Tidrick, Cynthia Gritten. Gayle Taylor, Linda Booth, Cheryl French. Michele Ward, Shirley 
Parsons. Eileen Hill, Dale Parker, Heidi Wyss. Jane Votaw, Karen Keiser. Jean Yoshino. Not Pictured: Suzanne Burke. Joanne Dawson. Judy Hoisington Gottschalk. Sue 
Sieloff, Kristal Wiitala. Debra Winans. Patty Ogden. 




Above: Lambda Alpha Epsilon. Row One: Mary Rowe, Kathy Noll. Lloyd Black, Daniel Birk, Linda Ford, Keith Axberg. Row Two: Cathy Carlton, Wynn Swancon. Mike 
King, Gloria Rivera. Sue Daniewicz. Nancy Tidridk, Debra Wiggins. Julie Zembal. Donna West. Phil Leliefield 

290 Organizations 

Ain nH * J 11 

Ip/ Jt > V 

1 i 

{ 1 



Above: SPURS (Sophomore Women's Honorary). Row One: Sue Kelleher (Jr. Advisor). Sparre Strand. Maureen Sweeney, Becky Irvin. Amy Fortier, Susan 
McNicholl. Kristai Wiitala, Barb Toevs (Jr. Advisor). Row Two: Laurie LeNeve, Becky Gatchet. Chris Gillings. Corky Warrick. Sarah Moran. Sandy Sheppard. Row Three: 
Joanne Shadel. Cheryl Johnson. Jane Berhow, Carla Cooper. Ruth Lindgren. Barb Stage. June Bosserman. Row Four: Rodie Renn. Molly Linden. Stephanie Margin. 
Peggy Williams, Debbie Oviver, Joan Lang. Row Five: Joanne Cochran. Michele Johnson. Laura Derr, Bonny Johnson, Sue Larson. Row Six: Laurie Grimm, Bev Parks. 
Maureen Retzel. Jane Votaw. Theresa Boulanger, Chris Shuman. Barb Anderson. Row Seven: Patty Hernas. Jan Martin, Joanne Dawson. Amy Kontas. Nancy Peterson. 
Kerry Clarke, Shelly Earing. Not Pictured: Lisa Healy. Jeanne Sanders, Ms. Roberta Kilty (Advisor). 


Those sexy young Spurs in the 
stunning blue and gold busied 
themselves with all types of activities - 
draining veins at the bloodcurdling blood 
drive, . . . wafting through blue clouds of 
smoke from "funny” cigarettes at 
concerts . . . coddling IK Little Brothers 
. .. sending a mushy Spur-o-gram from 
Mickey Mouse to Raggedy Ann . . . 
leading the melodious croaking at the 
Spur Songfest ... a regional get- 
together at U of I (from Rathaus to 
Rathskeller's) . . . ushering inebriated 
alums at football games ... 

Spurs 291 

Outing Club 

292 Outing Club 

Alpha Epsilon Rho 

Above: Alpha Epsilon Rho (Broadcasting Honorary). Row One: Doug Peterson. Angela Moos, Darrell Prowse. Sharon Warsinske. Margy Tylczak. Bill Jones. Mary 
Causgrove. Row Two: Kevin Hunter, Rich Solberg. Bruce Johnson, Dick Warsinske, Geoff Harvey, Jim Corcoran. Joe Boyd, Russ Patrick. RussTrebby. 

Alpha Tau of Alpha Epsilon Rho is one of the most 
active chapters of the national radio-TV honorary. 
Members are selected on the basis of professional 
potential, contributions to broadcasting and high 

Two students were sent to the national convention in 
Washington D C., which coincided with the National 
Association of Broadcasters annual convention. 

On campus, Alpha Epsilon Rho presented feature 
movies, sponsored the Radio-Television Awards 
Banquet that featured Mrs. Edward R. Murrow as the 
main speaker, and participated in the dedication of the 
Edward R. Murrow Communications Center. 

Alpha Epsilon Rho 293 

Rho Nu 

Above: Rho Nu. (Nursing Honorary) Row One: Jeanne Williams. Barb Heimbigner. Bonnie Nelson. Joni Martin. Cathy Jo Bean. Karen Hara. Row 
Two: Carolyn Todd (Advisor). Heidi Hurtiman, Barb Largent. John Folkrod. Marcia McGarry. Terry Lindstrom. Yvonne Johnstone. Mrs. Roberts 

Beta Gamma Sigma 

Above: Beta Gamma Sigma. (Upperclassmen Business Administration and Economics Honorary) Row One: Barb Hatley, Sandra Dunning, Scott Agenbroad. Rick 
Whitney. Becky Lynn, Barb Bethards. Barbara BJuff. Kathleen Hurson. Row Two: Richard E. Vosburgh. Lionel K. Maddeford, Ronald Burleson. Josephine Lo, Patti Gail 
Ireland. Mary Anne Hupf. Carol Cutler. Candy Horton. Gail Ogino. Row Three: Martin E. Flemming, Randall W. Bennett. Gerald E. Jensen. Larry J. Walker. Robert E. 
Morozzo. Kent R. Kinyon. Chris Q. Yaun. Robert E. Hickam, Nick G. Papadopoulos. 

294 Organizations 

Intercollegiate Knights 

Above: Intercollegiate Knights. (Men's Service Organization) Row One: Roger Koller. Wayne Steffen. Vic Stokes. Roger Droz. Jim Acquarelli. Tim Rice. Mike 
McKay. Randy Koller. Steven Thonney. Row Two: Scott Siebe. Anthony Pennella. Nelson Cordill Jr.. Cheryl Johnson. Rodie Renn. Keith Vendramin, Patrick Doumit. 
John H. McNeil. Mark Brandon. Row Three: Jack Elliot. Gene Elliot. Gene Schmidt. Mark Wagoner. Jeff Cashman. 

Intercollegiate Knights 295 

Sigma Tau Rho Chi 

Left: Rho Chi, (National Honor Society of 
Pharmaceutical Science.) Row One: Janet 
Granger, Barb Taylor, James Caputo. Row 
Two: Stewart Yuen, Mark Jones. Not 
pictured: Tom Paul. Stan Weber, Allen 

Above: Sigma Tau, (Engineering honorary.) Row One: Larry Mukai, C. George Lee, David Reynolds, Doug Ensor, Charles McCain. Katherine Shing, 
Richard Bair, Suzanne Sivley. Doug Finichle. Peter Cheng. Row Two: Dean Laurvick. Bruce Ley, David R Jones. Eric Rohrbach. Willard Wilson. Dick 
Bartells. Elmer Ozolin, Gary Mansell. Dave Griffith. Richard Grube, 

296 Organizations 

Residence Hall Association 


ROW ONE (I to r) 
Mary Lee Hansen... 

Susy Fair. 

Sally Conner. 

Bernadette Margin . 
Noreen Murdock... 
Elaine Killingsworth 

Lena Monroe. 

Terah Regan. 

Rich Slunaker. 


Brian Jonas. 

H.S. Wright Jr. 

Becky Thorndike... 

Mike Moon. 

Ken Putnam. 

Tom Perham. 

Dennis Bunday 
Marziah Kiehn 

.. . RHA Advisor 


. Stevens 


. Stevens 

. . . . Community 


.. .. Community 
. RHA President 


.. Streit-Perham 


. Gannon 



. RHA Treasurer 
Stephenson East 

Nancy Johnson.. 
Cathy Greene ... 
Lindsay Fiker.. .. 

Mark Hess. 

Joseph Roberts . 
Robert H. Ewalt . 

Jay Niblett. 

Randy Lilje. 

Ed Johnson. 

Jay Puckett. 

Kevin O'Hare • • • 

Rex Stahly. 

Scott McLaughlin 
Betsy Hoggarth • 

Jeff Jaech. 

Don Morris. 

Sandy Keathley • 
John Jensen 

•.. Stephenson East 


.Duncan Dunn 

. Stephenson South 

.RHA Advisor 











• • •. RHA Secretary 
RHA Vice-President 

RHA 297 


American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers 

Above: American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Row One: Ron Juris. Ray Ledgerwood, John Hulse. Brian Johnson. Michael J. Pfaff. Jim Payton. Row Two: 
Nelson A. Cordill Jr.. Greg Farrens. Paul Wattenburger. Channon Murphy. Doug Ensor. Dale Van Schoick. Kenneth Neace, Anthony E. Charvet. Row Three: Jay Mills. 
Doug Redford. Bill Irving. Roger Eberhart. J.E. George. Gene T. Thompson. C.A. Pettibone. Henry Waelti. June Roberts. Albert E. Powell, J.B Simpson. 

Student Association 

Below: Chinese Student Association. Row One: Josephine Leung. Elizabeth Yip. Anne Liu. Thomas Fung. Row Two: Edward Shen, Brenda 
Wong. Rosa Pak. Regina Chow. Veng Nguy. Thuy Nguy. Mimi Law. King-Wai Cheung. Row Three: Kam-Woon Mak, Peter Cheng. Alan Kwong, 
Mike Tsang. Alfred Tsang. Chris Yip, Eddie Wu. Patrick Au, Erwin Chan. 

Above: Detachment Personnel. Row One: Mrs. Caroline Clifton. MS Gloria Wunder. Colonel William B. Graham. Major Kenneth W. Laird. Mrs. Lois Bunger. 
Row Two: Captain Chester J. Bisno. Captain Peter D. Hoffman. Captain Richard Cardinali. SFC Charles Glen. SFC Francis Mocabee. 

Army R.O.T.C. 

The Military Science Department at 'Washington 
State University offers a four year program designed to 
prepare students for commissioning in the United 
States Army Reserve. The curriculum is divided into two 
distinct courses. 

The Basic Course, normally presented to university 
freshmen and sophomores, orients the student to both 
the U.S. Army and ROTC. Instruction includes military 
history, leadership, customs and courtesies, land 
navigation and introduction to small unit tactics. 

Students who successfully complete the Basic Course 
are eligible to compete for entrance into the Advanced 
Course by taking mental and physical examinations and 
appearing before a review board. The Advanced Course 
consists of subject areas which prepare a cadet for 
summer camp and commissioning. Advanced cadets 
sign a contract obligating them to accept a commission 

upon successful completion of ROTC and graduation 
from the University. 

The theme of the ROTC program is to provide a 
graduate with a firm and workable grasp of the 
dynamics of leadership and enhancing the usefulness of 
his scholastic achievement is the goal of the Army 
ROTC program. In the accomplishment of this goal, the 
basic premise of individual development is paramount. 

To meet the needs of the Army as well as the needs of 
qualified students, several changes were made to the 
program. Additional emphasis was placed on the 
development of innate student capabilities to best serve 
the needs of the University. Several changes have been 
initiated during the past year. Leadership Laboratory has 
been modified and expanded to include adventure 
training and a senior human relations seminar has been 

ROTC 299 

Cadet Staff 

Above: Cadet Staff. Row One: Richard Dadisman. Frank Megorden. Ken Robertson. Row Two: Richard Utter. Mark Elliott, Rick Gumke. 

Scabbard and Blade 

Above: Scabbard and Blade. Row One: Larry Mukai. Frank Megorden. Rick Gumke. Ken Robertson. Row Two: Tom Bailey. Richard Utter. Mark Elliot. Richard 

300 ROTC 


Above: SAME. Row One: Brian Bush. Randy Willard. Ben Anstey. Eric Jarvi. Row Two: Cpt. Hoffman. Larry Mukai. Richard Sandahl. Larry 
Gilmore, Richard Dadisman, Mike Ragan. Bill Naddy. Allen Shook. 



Above: AUSA. Row One: Hubert Kolde. Richard Sandahl, Brian Bush. Roger Edwards. Row Two: Cpt. Hoffman. Ben Anstey. Larry Gilmore. Richard 
Dadisman. Jim Martin. 

ROTC 301 

Drill Team 


Above: Army ROTC Sponsor Corps. Row One: Sandy Heverly, Kathy Buttice, Commander Betty Wattras. Sheri Morrison. Carol Greene. Row 
Two: Jill McReynolds, Dale Jackson. Karen Kallander. Marcia Lindroth. Nancy Landerholm. Ann White. Kris Endahl, Rhonda Morasch. Mary 
Aiken. Debbie Wyatt, Lynn Murray, Cheryl Foulon. Frank Megordon. 

Below: Drill Team. Included: Captain Bisno. Frank Moore. Mark Martens. Timothy Jaegle, Doug Hanscom. Paul Weir. George Jurgens. 

302 ROTC 

Above: ROTC Rifle Team. Row One: G. Becken. G. Pettit. R. Utter. A. Worthen. Row Two: Sandy Heverly, J. Martin. R. Heinteman. R. Welch. 
M. Johnson. Capt. Hoffman 

Rifle Team 

Above: Army Rangers. Row One: SFC Macabee. Frank Megordan. Mark Elliot. Ross Harrison. Tom Barley Row Two: Debby Wyatt. Sheri Morrison. 
John Ailport. John Tunis, Mike Rhea. Jeff Jordan. Mike Booth. Dean Wilkerson. Greg Winn. Randy Willard. Nancy Landerholm, Lynn Murray. Row 
Three: Marsha Lindroth. Ray Carr. Ben Anstey. Steven Rose, Mike Fitzpatrick. Bill Haynes. Robert Hanley. Dave Driver. Jim Vik, Craig King. Kris Endahl. 
Rhonda Morasch. 

ROTC 303 



Above: Department Staff. Row One: Colonel George A. Robinson. Row Two: Major W.G. Hirschfeld Jr., Capt. Edward T. Lisota. Lt. Col. Edward E. 


Students in the Air Force ROTC 
program attend classes and have a major 
field as do other students. As a part of 
their curriculum, they learn basic 
leadership skills, problems of national 
defense, the development of aerospace 
power, the military systems of the world, 
and management principles. During the 
junior and senior years, each cadet 
receives $100 per month and the 
outstanding cadets on Air Force 
scholarships have full tuition and books 
paid for in addition to this subsistence. 

There are various other activities the 
cadets can participate in such as: Arnold 
Air Society with its sister organization 
Angel Flight, Honor Guard, Swing Choir, 

Rifle Team, Society of American Military 
Engineers, the Military Ball, Dining In, 

The Flying Turtles, Dinner-dances, and 
many others. The Air Force ROTC cadet 
has one more advantage-he has a job 
when he finishes college and one in a 
respected profession. 

304 ROTC 

Arnold Air Society 

Above: Arnold Air Society. Row One: Capt. Edward Lisota. Rod McCall. Joe Bratsky. Jerry McGinley, Mike Ragan. Rob Coe. Bob Geiger. Ron Ogden. 
Row Two: Clifford Reinke. Larry Nicholas, Mark Polcyn. Ken Linderman. Wayne Fuqua. Richard W. McKinney. Pat Greenwald. Don Morris. Michael 
Henchman. Row Three: Mel Fingarson, Kim Beesley, Lori Lightner. Row Four: Dick Moore. Jim Gebhardt. Roger Busse. Larry Lambert, Mike Wier. 
Robert L. Anderson. Sally A. Bossio. Dennis Smith. 

Above: Angel Flight. Row One: Sidra Phillips, Laura Buchanan, Pam Tengesdai. Francee Shotwell. Mary Baumagartel. Cathy Dawson, Mollie Schrick. 
Row Two: Randi Burns, Eileen Owen. Maxine Powell. Judy Young, Sue Oswald, Kelly Balogh. Patty Hernas. Row Three: Sharon Ouye. Donna 
Shigeno. Teresa Harness. Sherrie Fitzpatrick. Joanne Cochran. Christina Schroeder, Rita Watson, Julie Lee. 

ROTC 305 

Angel Flight 


Group Staff 

Above: Spring Staff. Row One: Dennis Rooks. Steve Snyder. Larry Buckingham. Shaun 
Liles, Row Two: Richard Welch. Ken Linderman. Rob Coe. Reg Willich. Ken Bottemiller. 
Dave Organ. Eric Jarvi. Row Three: Michael Ragan. Dan Crocker. Jim Ulrich, Joe Bratsky, 
Jim Gebhardt. Dick Braid. Below: Fall Staff. Row One: Joanne Skidmore. Robert 
Anderson. Wayne Fuqua. Richard McKinney. Row Two: Darrel Carter. Rob Coe, Reg 
Willich. Mel Fingarson. David Unger. Tom Granlund. Steve Snyder. Not Pictured: Rod 
McCall. Pam Tengesdall. 

Phi Lambda 

Above: Pi Lambda .Theta, (Women's Education Honorary.) Row One: Dyann Shigeno. Gail Hanford, Francine Shurtleff, Kathy Hein, Pamela Miller. 
Row Two: Antoinette Poulsen (advisor), Robin Rossing. Linda Grzybala. Lynn Swartzlender. Becky Copeland, Melanie Jones, Linda Groundwater. 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

Above: Omicron Delta Kappa, (Service Honorary for Senior Men.) Row One: Ken Robertson, Mike Kraemer, Cris Vanos, Tim Hopf. Row Two: Hal 
Bancroft. Dave Lipps. Craig Jackson. John L. Thayer. John R Harbour, Chris L. Hansen. 

Organizations 307 


Soccer Club 

Above: Soccer Club. Row One: Gordi Severeid, Kevin Murray, Paul Canham, Peter Thorpe. Dick Sackett, Bruce Schimpf. Row Two: Francisco Manzo. Roy Adams. 
Mike Roe. Gary Sleight. Jason Bressler. John Arnold, Joe Danelo, Pat Gallagher. Kevin Maguire. Henry Centeno. 

Year Record 10-1-7 Goals:For-33 Against-33 

LEAGUE RECORD 7-0-2 Second Place Finish 

Sept. 30 

WSU vs Gonzaga 


Oct. 1 

WSU vs Montana 


Oct. 8 

WSU vs Montana 


Oct. 15 

WSU vs Spokane 


Oct. 21 

WSU vs Whitman CC 


Oct. 29 

WSU vs Gonzaga 


Nov. 4 

WSU vs Idaho 


Nov. 12 

WSU vs Idaho 


Nov. 19 

WSU vs Spokane 


High Scorer for League Play: 

Bob Divers 

7 Goals 


May 5 

WSU vs Rainer Soccer Club 


April 14 

WSU vs Idaho 


March 10 

WSU vs Idaho 


April 4 

WSU vs Seattle Pacific 


April 3 

WSU vs Green River CC 


April 2 

WSU vs U of W 


April 1 



March 4 

WSU vs Idaho 


Sept. 23 

WSU vs Idaho 


308 Soccer Club 

The annual KUGR Marathon donated over $2600 in profits to the Whitman County Chapter of the Washington 
Association for Retarded Children. 

Communications 309 



Chinook Staff 

Above: 1973 Chinook Staff. Row One: Bruce Johnson. Row Two: Lee De Chambeau. Layne Hanford Row Three: John Snyder. Dev 
rmstrong. Chris Beardsley. Kristal Wiitala, Lark Pischel. Row Four: Alex Gipson. Candy Andrews. Saundra McIntosh, Barb Diefendorf. Not 
Pictured: Lee Carstens. Rich Whitehill. Anne Heydon. Wendy Wagner. Jill Gutkowski. 

Editor.John Snyder 

Associate Editor.Lee Carstens 

Business Manager.Saundra McIntosh 

Associate Business Manager.Barb Diefendorf 

Division Editors.Candy Andrews 

Dev Armstrong 
Alex Gipson 
Layne Hanford 

Sports Editor.Bruce Johnson 

Art Editor.Wendy Wagner 

Photo Editors.Chris Beardsley 

Lee De Chambeau 
Rich Whitehill 

Copy Editors. Anne Heydon 

Kristal Wiitala 

Layout Editors.Jill Gutkowski 

Lark Pischel 

Advisor.Bev Martin 

310 Chinook Staff 

John Snyder 


Lee Carstens 

Associate Editor 

Chinook Staff 311 

Dev Armstrong, Candy Andrews, Layne Hanford, Alex Gipson 

Divisions Editors 

Bruce Johnson 

Sports Editor 

Jill Gutkowski 

Layout Editor 

Lark Pischel 

Layout Editor 

312 Chinook Staff 

Lee OeChambeau, Chris Beardsley 

Photo Editors 

Kristal Wiitala 

Copy Editor 

Beverley Martin 


Barb Oiefendorf 

Associate Business Manager 

Saundra McIntosh 

Business Manager 

Pete Barkley 
Raggedy Ann Brackett 
Karen Duffey 
Margie Duncan 
Sandra Eagle 
Shelly Earing 
Kris Endahl 
Paula Hughes 
Jan Krueger 
Karen Larson 
Joan Light 
Cheryl McIntosh 

Kathy Miller 
Leilani Punihaole 
Jackie Purdy 
Paulette Perryman 
Sue Saldin 
Mary Beth Scott 
Molly Shriek 
Dennis Stamaris 
Leslie Swalley 
Celia Topalian 
Deb Turney 
Barb Wayne 
Doris Woo 

Chinook Staff 313 

Evergreen Staff 

Above: Fall Evergreen Staff. Row One: Terry Warner. Wenda Vautier, Roberta Floyd, Emmet Pierce, Norm Minske. Bill Walker. Dan Walsh. Mark 
Wennerlind, Greg Kummer. Row Two: Jeff Parsons. Steve Moore. Nancy Hyslop, Dean Radford. Bob Carmack. Jim Kresse. Bruce Amundson. 


Managing Editor. 

Campus Editor. 

Editorial Assistant. 

Associate Campus Editor 

Sports Editor. 

Assistant Sports Editor ■ 
Sports Writers. 

News Editors. 

Assistant News Editors • 

.Dean Radford 

. Nancy Hyslop 

.Pat Coolen 

.... Stephen Moore 
■ • • • Emmet Pierce 

.Dan Walsh 

.. .Bruce Amundson 
Mark R. Wennerlind 
Greg Kummer 

. Jim Kresse 

Laura Deichsel 

.Scott Pingrey 

Linda Pierce 
Norm Minske 
Sue Oliver 

Senior Staff Writers 

Depth Writer. 

Staff Writers. 

Feature Writer. 

Staff Reporters 


.Roberta Floyd 

Janine Wittrock Grant 

.Jeff Parsons 

.Bob Carmack 

Bill Walker 
Bill Nessly 

.Terry Warner 

.Brian Clevenger 

Thomas Hogan 
Mike Burgess 
Vicki Rice 
Wenda Vautier 
.Bev Martin 

314 Fall Evergreen 

Dean Radford- 



Nancy Hyslop 

Managing Editor 

Stephen Moore 

Editorial Assistant 

Fall Evergreen 

Jim Kresse 
News Editor 

Laura Deichsel 

News Editor 

Janine Wittrock Grant 

Senior Staff Writer 

Pat Coolen 

Campus Editor 

316 Fall Evergreen 

Daily Evergreen 

Above: Evergreen Business Staff. Row One: John Gifford. Row Two: Brad Bannon. Marc Duncan. Randy Bunker. Rush Riese. Not Pictured: Gary 
Riesen, Bill Penoyar, Dave Cockrill. Mike Brewer, Greg Kummer. 

Marc Duncan 

Business Manager 

Evergreen Business Staff 317 

Business Staff 


Evergreen Staff 


Above: Spring Evergreen Staff. Including, left to right: Jennie Krull. Nancy Hyslop. Colleen Leahy. Mike Guilfoil. Deb Treneer. Greg Weber. Jim 
Kresse. Bob Carmack. Roberta Floyd, Deb Wilson. Heidi Keller. Dean Radford. Alan Kiefer. Mark Wennerlind 


Assistant to the Editor. 

Managing Editor. 

Campus Editor. 

Feature Photo Editor. . 

Sports Editor. 

Assistant Sports Editor 
Sports Writers. 

News Editor. 

Assistant News Editors 

... Nancy Hyslop 

.Greg Weber 

.Jim Kresse 

. . . Roberta Floyd 
. . .Donnie Griffin 
Bruce Amundson 
Mark Wennerlind 
.. .Greg Kummer 

.Sue Oliver 

.. . Dean Radford 
Mark Richardson 
Deb Wilson 
Linda Pierce 
Norm Minske 

. . .Bob Carmack 
Deb Treneer 
Colleen Leahy 
Mary McDermott 
Terry Warner 
Mike Guilfoil 
Robert Malphrus 

.Heidi Keller 

.. . . Jeff Parsons 

.Alan Kiefer 

Dale Bennett 
Wenda Vautier 
Jennie Krull 
. . Dennis Baeyen 
Douglas Bradley 

Senior Staff Writers 

Staff Writers 

Feature Writer. 

Legislative Correspondent 
Staff Reporters. 


318 Spring Evergreen 


A1 ^pi\ - 

Jeff Parsons 

Legislative Correspondent 

Nancy Hyslop 


Greg Weber 

Assistant to the Editor 

Spring Evergreen 319 

Bruce Amundson 

Sports Editor 

Deb Wilson 

Assistant News Editor 

Bev Martin 

Editorial Advisor 
Assistant General Manager 

320 Spring Evergreen 

Student Publications 

Above: Student Publications Board. Row One: Howard Mount. Saundra McIntosh. 
Nancy Thompson. Row Two: Dr. Matthew Carey. Bob Smawley, Dr. Stephen Mitchell. 

Wesley D. Calvert 

General Manager, Student Publications 

Nancy Hyslop. Mike Moon. Mrs. Beverly Rouse. Kimberly Faris, 
Wes Calvert. John Snyder. Dr. Donald Wells. Rick McGovern. 

Jess Allred 

Assistant to the General Manager 

Student Publications 321 


KWSU Radio and 

Television Services 

Above: Sports Crew. Dave Lester, Bill Jones. Kevin Flink. Bruce Johnson, Frank Murray. 

ABOVE: Marcia Drucker and Mary Causgrove 
maintain surveillance on TV monitors. 

Above: KWSU Board Operators. Row One: Larry Robbins. Row Two: Randy Lewis. Frank Murray. Wayne Bills. John Chelminiak, Doug Peterson. 

322 KWSU 

BELOW: Bruce Johnson loads slides into film chain. 

Above: KWSU TV Crew. Tom Hopkins. Marcia Drucker, Gary O'Mary, Bruce Johnson, Mary Causgrove. Thomas Hogan. 

KWSU 323 

KUGR Radio 

Above: KUGR Chiefs. Row One: Sharon Warsinske. Row Two: Corky Dupar, Mary Causgrove, Amy Fortier, Kim Habenicht. Kevin Hunter. Larry 
Green. Dick Warsinske. Row Three: Geoff Harvey. John Chelmaniak, Gary O'Mary. Randy Lewis, Dick Dierks. 

Above: KUGR Staff. Row One: Mary Causgrove. Marty Lanser, Kevin Hunter. Amy Fortier. Kim Havemicht. Corky Dupar, Sharon Warsinske, Dick Warsinske. Row 
Two: Warren Franklin. Henry Cerna. Bill Walker, John Chelmaniak, Larry Greene, Neal Edwards, Mark Wrolstad. Randy Lewis, Geoff Harvey. Row Three: Don Perry. 
Gary Danielson. Dave Herald, Jim Meyer, Peter VanSant. Steve Crow. Mike Curtiss, Bob Pratt. Gary O'Mary. Jim Corcoran. 

324 KUGR Radio 

Senior and 

Ten Teacher Corps-Peace Corps interns from WSU have been working with the school children and townspeople of 
Clarkston. Washington where the interns are completing training to be elementary school physical education teachers in 

Senior and Graduate Students 325 

Graduate Students 

ABOVE: Old tires, stacked and bolted into 
place on Highland School playground, 
provide great place for the children to 
climb. RIGHT: Barry Prescott of San 
Diego, CA, initiates peewee wrestling 

326 Senior and Graduate Students 

LEFT: Community participation is one of the strong 
points of the Clarkston program. The interns have used 
their spare time to work with children and adults; in 
this case, Darlene Armijo chats with a resident of a 
rest home. BELOW: A parachute becomes one of the 
most popular items of equipment in the elementary 
physical education program at Clarkston. 

Senior and Graduate Students 327 

328 Senior and Graduate Students 

Lawson Abinanti 
La Jolla, CA, Political Science 
Walter E. Abegglen 
Pullman, Accounting 
Clyde D. Acree Jr. 

Benton City. Physics 
Jeffrey Adams 
Bellevue. Social Work 
Christine Marie Adkins 
Kirkland. Education 
Gail Lyn Adler 
Puyallup, Fine Arts 

Steven D. Akehurst 
Lacey, Forestry 
Yukio Aki 
Japan. Fine Arts 
Cheryl Ann Albrecht 
Seattle. Education 
Gary L. Albright 
Issaquah. Accounting 
Michael C. Alfano 
Moses Lake. Personnel 
Deborah R. Allard 
Oak Harbor. Animal Biology 

Bonnie Allen 

Olympia. Sociology 

Laurie Ambrogio 

Gig Harbor, Bacteriology 

Russell J. Anarde 

Auburn, Business Administration 

Ardel Anderson 

Kent. Sociology 

Dean A. Anderson 

Seattle. Psychology 

Janis L. Anderson 

Federal Way. General Studies 

Joan Anderson 
Everett. Sociology 
Joan Anderson 
Seattle. Sociology 
Joyce Anderson 
Seattle. English 
Karlyn Sue Anderson 
Kennewick. English Education 
Mark Alan Anderson 
Montesano. Architecture 
Philip Apple Anderson 
Ephrata. Gen. Ag. and Gen. Comm 

Wendy Harlow Anderson 
Puyallup. Home Economics Ed. 
Robert Louis Anderson 
Newburg. OR, Business 
Candy Andrews 
Prosser. English 
Luann Andrews 
Wenatchee, Elementary Ed 
Mick Andrews 
Prosser. Agriculture 
Albert C. Angelo Jr. 

Vancouver. Architecture 
Craig E. Angelo 

Vancouver. Business Administration 

Jennifer Lynn Anstey 

Kelso, Animal Science 

Hilal Apaydin 

Ankara. Turkey. Music 

Carrie Arteel 

Yakima. Speech Pathology 

Allan “J" Ashenbrenner 

Rosalia. Agricultural Economics 

David R. Atherton 

Seattle, Pre-Medicine 
Thomas Robert Atkins 
Bellevue- Electrical Eng. 

June Barbara Auld 
Blaine, Physical Ed. 

Don Ayres 
Everett. Pre-Therapy 
Bob Bagley 
Wenatchee, Economics 
John A. Bailey 
Trail BC. Music 

R. Ronald Baker 

Moses Lake. Civil Eng. 

Robert Ball 

Ridgefield, Political Science 

Brad Bannon 

Gig Harbor, Business 

Karen Y. Barale 

Oakland, CA. Foods and Nutrition-lnst. Management 

Becky Barber 

Spokane. General Studies 

Charles Robert Barber 

Washougal. Agriculture 

Catharine Barclay 
Bellevue, Elementary Ed 
Harold F. Barker 
Spokane. Business 
Stephen Alan Barnes 
Burlington. Economics 
Linda Bartley 
Spokane. Psychology 
Gail Basso 

La Grande, OR. English 
Miles A. Batt 
Cheney. Anthropology 

Daniel Dale Bauermeister 
Connell. Political Science 
Judy Baumgartner 
Spokane, English 
Don Baxter 
Seattle. Civil Eng. 

Judith L. Baxter 

Brush Prairie. Home Economics Ed. 

Rick Bayley 

Mercer Island. Architecture Studies 
James Beames 
Kennewick, Business 



Christine K. Beardsley 
Seattle. Elementary Ed 
Jeannette Cain Beatty 
Seattle. Food Science 
Lynn A. Beetty 
Coeur d'Alene. ID. Hotel Ad. 

Lewis K. Beaty 
Pullman. Bacteriology 
Michael Beck 
Tacoma. Communications 
Teri Beck 
Tacoma. Sociology 
Margaret Ann Beckman 
Tacoma. Music 
Beveriee Beckwith 
Pomeroy, Elementary Ed. 
Gretchen Beerbower 
Manchester. Art 
Mersha Beery 
Pullman. Zoology 
Elizabeth Begert 
Puyallup. Social Work 
Eugene D. Beireis 
Everett. Wildlife Biology 

Richard Micheel Beitler 
New Breighton. PA. Speech Ed-Theater 
John H. Belonis 
Seattle. Social Work 
Donald Stewart Belts, Jr. 

Colfax. Landscape Architecture 
Cheryl Benedict 
Asotin. Office Ad. 
Darcy Benny 
Chehalis. Graphic Design 
TW (Berry) Benson 
Tacoma. Education 
Barthrop Thomas Berg 
Pullman. Landscape Architecture 
Brian Eugene Berg 
Pullman. Architecture 
Dana Fenton Berg 
Pullman. Interior Design 
Ron Bergevin 
Toppenish. Psychology 
Steve Bemhart 
Pullman. Mechanical Eng. 
Barbara Berreman 
Kettle Falls. Foods and Nutrition Inst Management 
Michael J. Berry 
Tacoma. Forestry 
Debra J. Bertsch 
Naches. Sociology 
Douglas L. Bertsch 
Naches, Architecture 
Nancy Lynn Betlach 
Spokane. Speech Pathology-Secondary Ed. 

Richard D. Bettencourt 
Chelan. Marketing 
Bonnie Betts 
Wenatchee, Office Ad. 

Gail L. Biddle 
Kent. Fashion Merchandising 
Linda Fay Biddle 
Loon Lake. Elementary Ed. 

Eugenio R. Bigornia 
Tacoma. Communications 
George A. Bismore 
Everett. Psychology 
Alicia A. Bittner 
Spokane. Office Ad. Ed. 

Lloyd E. Black 
Bellevue. Police Science 
Usa Blanchard 
Mercer Island. Clothing and Textiles 
Bob Blane 
Wenatchee Pharmacy 
Linda Roseann Blau 
Sumner Bacteriology 
H. Gordon Blume, Jr. 
Spokane. Geology 
Randy L. Boehm 
Vancouver. General Studies 
Jeanne Boekelheide 
Pullman. Speech Therapy-Elementary Ed. 

Robin Lee Boettcher 
Pullman. Fine Arts Ed. 
Robert Charles Bohara 
Tekoa. Math-Physics 
Janis C. Bolinger 
East Wenatchee. Clothing and Textiles 
David L. Bondo 
Issaquah. Communications 
Edward T. Bunn 
Olympia. General Studies 
Nina P. Boonsirithum 
Bangkok. Thailand. Interior Design 
Steve Boosinger 
Chico. CA. Physical Ed. 
Lowden G. Borgens 
Lowden, Agricultural Ed 
Bradley G. Bossen 
Cashmere. Recreation 
Allyn Q. Bottorff 
Williamsville, IL. Wildlife Biology 
Charlene Bourne 
Palouse. Elementary Ed. 
Russell Howard Bradford 
Pullman. Anomal Biology 
Nanette Rae Bradley 
Spokane. Elementary Ed. 

Peter J. Bradley 
Pullman. Political Science 
Carlotta Jo Bradley-Wint 
Spokane. Black Studies 
Danny Allen Braillard 
Kirkland. General Business 
Susan Branenburg 
Vancouver. Elementary Ed 
Beverly Brann 
Lynden City. Office Ad 

330 Seniors 

Kent A. Breidenstein 

Winlock. Agricultural Ed. 
Allen Douglas Bremner 

Republic. Police Science 

Lois Nelson Bremner 

Republic. Animal Production 
J. Douglas Breon 
Erie. PA. Elementary Ed. 

1 nfli no mi mi ini in 

n hj m u aj iy u 

John Russell Bresko 
Pasco. Psychology 
Vicki Gayle Brewer 
Walla Walla. History 

Pamela Briant 

Yakima, Home Economics 

Bobbe Brittle 

Mercer Island. Child and Fam. Studies 

Willye Brockway 
Seattle. Social Work 
Michael T. Brook 

Alberta. Bus Ad -Hotel and Restaurant Ad 

Theresa Brosius 
Vancouver. Elementary Ed. 
Charlie Brown 
Spokane. Chemical Eng. 

Cheri E. Brown 
Olympia. Home Economics Ed 
David Lee Brown 
Vancouver. Political Science 
Marsha Brown 
Olympia. Police Science 
Steven Franklin Brown 
Ridgefield. Agricultural Ed 

A. Lynn Bruce 
Pullman. Social Studies Ed. 
Sharon A. Bruce 
Pullman. Elementary Ed. 

John Joseph Brugger 
Chewelah. Animal Science 
Rita Eileen Bruins 
Walla Walla. Social Work 
Al Bryant 

Pullman. Architecture 

Ardith E. Buchanan 
Pateros. Psychology 
Christian F. Buchmann 
Seattle. Business Ad 
Dennis Bunday 

Kraaimen. Belgium, Business Ad 

Steve D. Bunting 

Allyn. Elementary Ed 

Dennis Burch 

Seattle. Architecture 

Patricia A. Burgess 

Walla Walla. Political Science 

Cathy Burghardt 

Tacoma. Sociology 

Lorna G. Burgstahler 

Vancouver. Zoology 

Janet Marie Burke 

Tacoma, Social Work 

Kathleen J. Burke 

Lynnwood. Political Science 

Pamela L. Burke 

Redlands. CA. General Studies 

Patricia A. Burns 

Pullman, Elementary Ed 

Steve Burns 

Seattle. Pre-Law 

Susan Burt 

Olympia. Social Work 
Brian James Bush 
Tacoma, English Ed. 

Robert E. Butter. Jr. 

Dayton. Hotel Administration 
Carol Elizabeth Caldwell 
Centralia. Communications 
Randy Camp 
La Crosse, Elementary Ed. 

Betsy Campbell 
Edmonds. English Ed 



Carol Campbell 
Toppemsh. Physical Ed. 

Craig Campbell 
Pullman. Horticulture 
Gary Wayne Campbell 
Madison. IN. Industrial Ed. 
Michael Lynn Campbell 
Richland. Architecture 
Cheryl Renee Caraher 
Federal Way. Office Ad 
Barbara Card 
Seattle. Marketing 
Spark Carlander 
Richland. Communications 
Constance G. Carley 
Seattle. Psychology 
Cynthia Jo Carlsen 
Spokane. Office Ad. 
Janet E. Carlson 
Spokane. Business Ed. 
Linda Carlson 
Tacoma. Communications 
Merrie J. Carlson 
Mercer Island. Police Science 
Gary Carlyle 
Tumwater. General Studies 
Thomas T. Carney 
Spokane. Math Ed 
Stephen A. Carr 
Tacoma. Psychology 
Ross Howard Casey 
Pullman. Mechanical Eng 
David Catling 
Stewartsville. OH. Political Science 
Christine A. Carroll 
Seattle. Animal Production 

David P. Carson 
Woodland. Electrical Eng. 

William 0. Carter 
Vancouver. Police Science 
Marie A. Cassingham 
Moses Lake. Police Science 
Charline Lela Castle 
Bellevue. Communications Disorders-Elementary Ed 
Robert Chace 
Kirkland. General Studies 
John B. Champion 
Medina. General Studies 

Clement Chan 
Hong Kong. Electrical Eng 
Debbie Chan 
Hong Kong. Pharmacy 
Fan-nan Alipius Chan 
Hong Kong. Bacteriology-Public Health 
Terry Yuen-Fong Chan 
Tacoma. Business Ad 
Veraphong Chanartsopon 
Bangkok. Thailand. Business Ad 
Jenny Chang 
Hong Kong, Business Ed 

Jim Chapados 
Chehalis. Pre-dental 
Daniel Chase 
Spokane. Civil Eng. 

Pat C. Chastek 
Spokane. Police Science 
King-wai Cheung 
Hong Kong. Computer Science 

Elaine Chihara 
Auburn. Social Work 
Brenda F. Y. Ching 
Honolulu. HI. Communications DisordersElementary Ed. 

Bryan Tracy Chambers 
Seattle. Pre-Law 
Allen Chow 
Hong Kong. Pharmacy 
Karlyn Christen 
Spokane. Elementary Ed 
Robert G. Christensen 
Pullman. Industrial Ed 
Mark Christianson 
Mt. Vernon. Agriculture 
Thomas A. Christopher 
Palouse. Communications 
Diane Elizabeth Christopherson 
Olympia. General Studies 
Brian Cieslar 
Everson. Agronomy 
Dennis R. Cihak 
Pullman. Building Theory 
Gary E. Clark 
Belfar. Police Science 
Girard Clark 
Pullman. General Studies 
Douglas Alan Clarke 
Tacoma. Pre-Dental 
Janice E. Clarke 
Ceshastin. Horticulture 
Robert H. Coble 
Snohomish. Mechanical Eng. 
James C. Coblentz Jr. 
Tacoma. Communications 
Mark A. Coburn 
Raymond. Pharmacy 
Dave Cockrill 
Bellevue. Communications 
Catherine M. Cole 
Bellevue. General Studies 

332 Seniors 

Thomas E. Coleman 
Yakima, Biochemistry 
Richard L. Collins 
Walla Walla. Business Ad 
Edwin H. Colvin 
Pullman. General Studies 
Patricia L. Colvin 
Pullman. Psychology 
Andrea Coma 
Vancouver, Physical Ed 
Priscilla Conk 
Tacoma. Recreation 
Rena Diane Cooper 
Seattle. Elementary Ed 
William E. Cooper 
Seattle, Police Science 
Danny B. Copeland 
Sacramento. CA. Psychology 
Rebecca Ann Copeland 
Bellevue. Education 
James Corcoran 
Bellevue. Communications 
Linda Marie Corssmit 
Pullman, Bacteriology 
Larry Cote 

Bremerton. Landscape Architecture 
Melvin A. Coughlin 
Longview. Pharmacy 
Pat Couling 

Creston. BC. Physical Ed. 

Kay Coulter 
Burton. Political Science 
Walt Cowart 
Pullman, Elementary Ed. 

Jeanice R. Cox 

Deer Park. Foreign Language Ed. 

Thomas M. Craig 

Mt. Home, ID. Building Theory and Practice 

Carl Schulyer Crane 

Phoenix, AR. Bacteriology 

Allen Joseph Craney 

Olympia. Forestry and Business 

Linda "Tractor" Crawford 

Fife, Recreaction 

Charles G. Croc 

Casper. WY. Business Ad 

Gail L Crocenzi 

Puyallup. Socology 

Laurel Crone 

Pullman. Civil Eng. 

Carissa Crouse 

Spokane. Social Welfare 

Jerry Curtis 

Chehalis. Psychology 

Jamie L. Dahl 

Colville. Bacteriology 

Gary J. Dahistedt 

Mt. Vernon. Agricultural Economics 

Mary Louise Daily 

Kennewick, Pharmacy 

Ronda Daling 
Waterville. Nursing 

Evan Dallas 

Federal Way. Math-Education 

Betsy Dana 

Bellevue. Elementary Ed. 

Dale Douglas Daniel 

Lacrosse. Zoology 

Richard M. Daniels 

Redwood City. CA. Political Science 

Susan Daniewicz 

Sookane. Police Science 

Gene S. Darby 

Bellevue. Business Ad 

Patricia Dashney 

Medical Lake. History Ed 

Alan G. Davis 

Tacoma. Zoology 

Carol Ann Davis 

St John. Physical Ed. 

Debbie Davis 

Prosser. Office Ad 

Esther Davis 

Palisades. General Studies 

Rickie R. Davis 

Redmond. Psychology 

Jean Dawson 

Seattle. Home Economics Ed 

Lauri Dayton 

Washougal. Electrical Eng-Economics 

Patricia Ann deBlaquiere 

Rupert. ID. Pharmacy 

David A. DeBruyne 

Olympia. Physics 

Karl Deckart 

Germany. Electrical Eng 

Stephen Mark Deller 

Everett. English 

Randolph M. DeLong 

Seattle. Business Ad 

A. William Demeroutis 

Edmonds. Business Ad 

William Preston DePew 

Tacoma. Theatre Arts-Drama 

S. C. Depner 

Spokane, Economics 

Andrea Patrice Devlin 

Pullman. Nursing 

Greg Devlin 

Spokane. Pre-Law 

Joan Dewilliam 

Spokane. Bacteriology 

Jenise Diafos 

Seattle. Sociology 

Kurt Dichmann 

Munich, Germany; Physics 

Tony DiDesidero 

Bridgeport. PA, Forestry 

Barb Diefendorf 

Seattle, Speech Pathology 

Seniors 333 

John E. Dietrich 
Walla Walla. Zoology 
Dan D. Dillon 
Spokane. Psychology 
Michael Dinius 
Seattle. Psychology 
Patricia B. Doering 
Rosalia. Food Science and Technology 
Gene Yoshio Dogen 
Tacoma. Elementary Physical Ed. 

Robert E. Dolan. Jr. 
Goldendale. Physical Science Ed 

Tempel L. Doerr 
Pullman. Police Ad. 

Mike Dolven 
Pullman, Education 
Dinah Lee Donaldson 
Pullman. English 
Rena Maria Doornink 
Wapato. Recreation 
Jim Doornink 
Wapato. Pre-Medicine 
Barbara Doornink 
Pullman. Political Science 

James E. Doumit 
Cathlamut. General Studies 
Wanda M. Dow 
Bellingham. Social Work 
Nancy Ann Doyle 
Tacoma. Advertising Communications 
Kathy Drake 
Richland. Speech Pathology 
V. Marc Droppert 
Everett. Psychology 
Debby Kay Druffel 
Colton, Speech Ed 
Timothy Drumhiller 
Yakima. Pre-Dental 
Donald W. Jubb Jr. 
Everett. Business Ad 
Mary Ann Duff 
Walla Walla. Family Studies 
Steve DuhameJ 
Seattle. Economics 
Jayne Ellen Duiing 
Demming. Elementary Ed.-Language Arts 
a Marcia Dunlap 

Lake Stevens. Interior Design 
Gail Dunn 
Wapato. Horticulture 
James E. Durfey 
Mabton. Forestry 
Cheryl Dyer 
Seattle. English Ed. 
Bob Eaton 
Seattle. Hotel Ad. 
Susan L. Eby 
Lacey. Home Economics Ed. 

Charles A. Edler 
Connell. Agromony 

Pamela Edlund 

Hoquiam. Child and Family Studies 
Roberta Jean Eickmeyer 
Deer Park. Home Economics Ed 

Dan Eikum 

Tacoma. Police Science 
Brad Einfeld 
Pullman. Civil Eng 

Brian L. Eisentrout 

Olympia. Civil Eng 
Sally Ann Eldridge 
Mt Vernon, Education 

Stephen L. Ellington 

Tacoma. Business 
Mark M. Elliott 
Torrence. CA. Political Science 

Eugene Ellithorpe 

Palouse. Sociology 
Sean H. El wood 
Pullman. Fine Arts 

334 Seniors 

Chuck O. Eng 

Moscow. ID Data Processing 

David Emigh 

Walla Walla. Industrial Ed. 

Marilyn Ann Enright 

Danville. CA. Sociology 

Christy N. Erisman 

Port Townsend. Elementary Ed. 

Kristi Ernsberger 

Yakima. General Biology 

Thomas Ernsberger 

Yakima, General Biology 

Rosemary Ernst 

Everett. Police Science 

Bill Erwert 

Seattle. Business 

Craig Benson Esvelt 

Garfield, Landscape Architecture 

Liz Ewing 

Pullman. Fine Arts 

Michael Fagerness 

Tacoma. Recreation 

Verne Farrell 

Seattle, Forestry 

Robart L. Ferris 
Pullman, Hotel Ad 
Michael R. Ferry 
Seattle. Police Science 
Kristin L. Fichtner 
Tacoma. Fine Arts 
Blaine N. Field 
Arlington. Business Ad. 

Eric S. Fieldstad 

Pullman. Police Science-Sociology 
Karen M. Fish 
Tacoma. Office Ad 

Kathleen K. Fish 
Pullman. Elementary Ed. 

Fred Len Fishback 

Yakima. Journalism 

Doug Fitzsimmons 

Pomeroy, Agricultural Mechanics 

Robert Fitzsimmons 

Longview, Business Ad 

Alvis R. Forbes 

Cowiche. Food Science 

Gerry Forsberg 

Fern Hill, Speech 

Pete Forsyth 

Moses Lake. Business Ad 

Joseph C. Fortier 

Anchorage. AK. Zoology 

Julie A. Fortune 

Seattle. Interior Design 

Bonnie Jean Fossum 

Spokane. Accounting 

Chris A. Foster 

Pasco, Agricultural Economics 

Michael C. Fousha 

Yakima. Electrical Eng. 

Frank Austin Fowler 
Richland. Computer Science 
Karin Fritzie Fox 
Chewelah. Elementary Ed. 
Sharlene E. Fox 
Endicott, Bacteriology 
Dave Frazier 

Oakesdale. Polotical Science 
Virgil Frazier 
Walla Walla. Forestry 
Mark A. Fredrickson 
Tacoma. Computer Science 
Daniel R. Frei 
Clarkston. Mech. Eng. 

Martha Elaine Frisch 
Olympia, Recreation 
Mark Douglas Fritch 
Snohomish. Forestry-Business 
Ann Fruechte 

Spokane, Physical Ed.-Recreation 
Diana K. Fuller 
Olympia. Home Economics Ed. 
William Edward Fulton 
Tacoma. Electrical Eng. 

Majel Furu 
Hoquiam, Engineering 
LaFaye Fuson 
Wapato. Bacteriology 
Robert A. Gaines 
Ellensberg. Horticulture 
Laura Galey 
Sunnyside, Education 
Agnes Gallagher 
Puyallup. Communications 
Jindy Marie Gelow 
Kirkland. Biological Science 

Douglas George 

Mt Vernon. Environmental Health 
Nina N. Georgopolos 
Tacoma, Elementary Ed. 

Vance F. Gervais 
North Bend. Civil Eng. 

Cherol Holly Getman 
Spokane, Psychology 
Elaine C. Giberson 
Bremerton, Clothing and Textiles 
James E. Gibson 
Lancaster. PA, Mech. Eng 

Victoria Gibson 
Tacoma. Recreation 
Herb Kent Giffin 
Vancouver, Architecture 
Jim D. Gillihan 
Pullman. Pharmacy 
W. Wilson Godwin 
Mt. Vernon. Forestry 
W. Michael Gaffney 
Tacoma, Forestry 
Jean L. Gompf 
Fargo. ND, Social Work 

Seniors 335 

Kent Goodey 
Pullman. Police Science 
Daniel Lee Gordner 
Yakima. Geology 
Julie Gordon 
St John. Computer Science 
Jay Richard Gorham 
Pullman. Pre-Medicine 
Nancy Gorshe 
Spokane. Social Work 
Yvonne Gourlie 
Everett. Psychology 
Randy Grady 
Colfax, Communications 
Jerald H. Granahan 
Everson, Civil Eng 
Tom Granlund 
Spokane. Social Science 
Kathy Graves 
Tacoma. Communications 
Robin D. Gray 
Spokane. Entomology 
Thomas Greethurst 
Walla Walla, Range Management 

Christina J. Gregory 
Oakesdale. Physical Ed 
David Grembowski 
Kirkland. Sociology 
Karen Frances Griffin 
Puyallup. Education 
Morris Falls Griffin 
Englewood. NJ, Business 
Paul L. Grimm 
Pullman. Food Science 
John C. Grohs 
Spokane. Business Ad 

Sue Grosz 
Kent. General Studies 
Linda Groundwater 
Olympia, Education 
Linda Lee Grzybala 
Vancouver. Spanish Ed 
Anne Alene Guard 
Washougal. Foreign Language Ed. 

Paul H. Guilfoil 
Spokane. Business 
James D. Guptill 
Pullman. Mathematics 

Jack D. Guske 
Eatonville. Psychology-Communications 
Debby Gustafson 
Seattle. Elementary Ed.-Speech Pathology 
Ronald Gustafson 
Spokane, Hotel Ad 
Jill Gutkowski 
Mercer Island, Communications 
Linda Gwin 
Marysville. Clothing and Textiles 
Genevieve Marie Gwynne 
Tacoma, Sociology 
Kent B. Haberly 
Ml. Vernon, Political Science 
Doug Hall 
Olympia. Business Ad. 

Mark E. Hall 
Spokane. Business Ad. 

Melody Hall 
Longview. General Studies 
Pearl Kay Hall 
Kent, Social Studies Ed. 

Randy C. Hamilton 
Chehalis. Police Science 

Steven Hamilton 
Portland, OR. Political Science 
Robert M. Hancock 
Tacoma. Elementary Ed. 

Andrew Hane 
Connell. Recreation 
Richard A. Hankinson 
Belfair. Recreation 
Dale Hanks 
Tacoma, Pharmacy 
Kristine M. Hanenburg 
Spokane. Office Ad. 
Gail Liane Hanford 
Ft. Benton. MT. Education- Speech Pathology 
Chris L. Hansen 
Seattle. Music 
Judith D. Hansen 
Burlington. Elementary Ed 
Donald W. Hanson 
Mercer Island. Pharmacy 
John R. Harbour 
Pullman. Pre-Medicine 
Scott Harper 
Vancouver. Political Science 
Barbara L. Harris 
Pullman, Geology 
Gary G. Harris 
Tacoma. Architectural Studies 
John L. Harris 
Vancouver, Business 
William R. Harris 
Mt. Vernon, Sociology 
Maureen Hart 
Pullman, Political Science 
Phyllis Ann Harrison 
Tacoma. English 
Mary Lou Harting 
Pullman, Elementary Ed. 
Susan Eileen Hartman 
Tumwater, Fine Arts 
Linda Susan Hartmann 
Bellevue. Bacteriology 
James Harp Harper 
St. Louis. MO. Recreation 
Charlotte M. Hartung 
Rosalia. Home Economics Ed. 

Gilbert Dean Hata 
Wapato, Psychology 

336 Seniors 

Glenn F. Hata 

Wapato, Horticulture 
Greg M. Hattori 
Moses Lake. Agronomy 
Terry A. Hawkinson 
Custer. Business 
Phyllis Adrienne Haynes 
Seattle, Clothing and Textiles 
William Haynes 
Treton. Electrical Eng. 

David A. Hazelquist 
Olympia, Psychology 

James B. Heath 
Tonasket. Political Ad. Science 
Gayle Heer 
Ephrata, Bacteriology 
Patricia Heikel 
Aberdeen. Recreation 
Kevin Heimbigner 
Ritzville. Business Ed. 

Darlene M. Helt 
Colville, Recreation 
Mike Henderson 
Vancouver. Police Science 

Linda Renee Henson 
Mt Vernon. Theatre Arts and Drama 
Debbie Hernas 
Davenport. Office Ad. 

Merle E. Herrett 
Spokane, Animal Science 
Susan Hessel 
Bellevue, Psychology 
Glenda M. Hewson 
Granger. Home Economics Ed. 
Naoma W. Hickman 
Worley. Music Ed. 

John M. Hickey 
Tacoma. Police Science 
Sue Hickman 
Walla Walla. Geography 

Mark Hiefield 

Milwaukee. OR. General Studies 
Joyce Higginbotham 
Hartline. Foreign Languages 
Judy D. Higginbotham 
Walla Walla. General Studies 
Ann Ellen Hillman 
San Antonio. TX. History 

Jey J. Hines 
Pullman. History 
Patti Hinrichs 
Tacoma. French 
Karen Hively 
Camas. Office Ad. 

Jill M. Hix 
Pullman. Sociology 
Eva Ho 

Hong Kong. Social Work 
Greg Hoffman 
Prestpn. Pre-Law 

Karen Lynn Hoffman 
Stevenson. Recreation 
Patty Hoffman 
Spokane. Elementary Ed. 

Dave Hodgin 
Seattle. Forestry 
Paula A. Holbrook 

Edmonds. Foods and Nutrition Inst. Management 

Dorman Ladd Holcomb 

Vancouver. Building Theory and Practice 

Vickie Lynn Hotting 

Fairfield. Physical Ed. 

Donald Ross Hollingbery, Jr. 

Moses Lake. Architecture 
Jeffrey B. Hollingbery 
Moses Lake, Zoology 
Clyde D. Holloway 
Farmington. Business 
Steve Holman 
Vancouver. Communications 
Thomas James Holman 
Yakima. Political Science 
Karen Holms 
Spokane. Elementary Ed. 

Kathy Honsberger 
Bellevue, Elementary Ed. 

Bill Hoople 
Ephrata. Civil Eng. 

Eric Hopkins 
Coupeville. Business Ad. 

Linda Lee Hopson 

Ketchikan. AK. Clothing and Textiles 

Dan Horsfall 

Seattle, Computer Science 
Dorothy Hougan 
Pullman. Political Science 

Michael L. Hougan 
Pullman. Forest Management 
Ernest James Houtz 
Pullman. Chemical Eng. 

Heidi Howard 
Sunnyside. Physical Ed 
Mark J. Howard 
Olympia, Police Science Ad 
Ronald E. Howard 
Tacoma. Environmental Science 
Judy Elaine Howe 
Otis Orchards. Physical Ed. 



Steven Alexander Hudik 
Seattle. Mechanical Eng. 

Patricia Alice Huggins 
Longview. Interior Design 
Karen L. Hughes 
Liberty Lake. English Ed. 
Mary Kay Hughes 
Tacoma. Communication Disorders-Elementary Ed 
Stephen Huhta 
Hoquiam. Computer Science 
Jon P. Hulen 
Spokane. Accounting 
Scott A. Huntley 
Richland. Architecture 
James Patrick Hurley 
Walla Walla. Pre-Law 
Rita Kay Hurley 
Yakima. Elementary Ed. 
Fred C. Hyman 
Pullman. Biological Science 
Nancy Hyslop 
Seattle. Communications 
William D. Hyslop 
Spokane. Political Science 
Bev May Ibach 
Yakima. Sociology 
Dave lerien 
Seattle General Studies 
Gisela Inge 
Peshastm. Elementary Ed -German 
Linda Louise Ireland 
Seattle. Psychology 
Leslie Ironside 
Bellevue. Elementary Ed. 
Phillip Charles Irvin 
Tacoma. Zoology 

Rosemary Jean Irvin 
Tacoma. General Humanities 
William C. Irving 
Cathamet. Agricultural Mechanics 
Marcella A. Irwin 
Monroe. Bacteriology 
Lynetie S. Ito 
Papaikou. HI. Elementary Ed 
Eiichi Iwaki 
Kyoto. Japan. General Studies 
Craig W. Jackson 
Seattle. Pre-Medicine 

Dean E. Jackson 
Grandview, History 
R. Charles Jackson 
Bellevue. Economics 
Sally James 
Custer. Home Economics Ed. 

Chris C. Janett 
Davenport. Architecture 
Joann V. Janett 
Edwall. Mathematics Ed. 
Cheryl Jeffords 
Olympia. Music 
David V. Jenkins 
Yakima. Forestry 
Gordon L. Jenkins 
Bellevue, Accounting 
Raymond E. Jenkins 
Kennewick. Entomology 
Steve Jenkins 
Longview. Business Ad 
Kathleen R. Jennings 
Kent. Psychology 
Gerald E. Jensen 
Spokane Business Ad 

Jennyan Jensen 
Cheyenne. WY. Interior Design 
Peter H. Jensen 
Waterville. Computer Science 
Rodney D. Jensen 
Olympia. Civil Eng 
Jane V. Jensen-Norman 
Mt. Vernon. Pre-Law 
Cindi Jinneman 
Butte. MT. Bacteriology 
Connie Jones 
Seattle. Speech Pathology 
Tacoma. Business Ad 
Brian Howard Johnson 
Asotin. Ag Mechanization 
Carol Johnson 
Yakima. Elementary Ed. 
Carol A. Johnson 
Everett. Home Economics-Ad 
Craig S. Johnson 
Walla Walla. Mechanical Eng 
Diana Johnson 
Issaquah. English Ed. 

Ernie R. Johnson 
Poulsbo. Accounting 
Gary M. Johnson 
Longview. Architectural Eng 
John S. Johnson 
Clarkston. Civil Eng 
Paul V. Johnson 
Seattle. Speech 
Rebecca S. Johnson 
Yakima. Elementary Ed. 
Robert Johnson 
Pomeroy, Agronomy 

Scott Johnson 
Ephrata. Mechanical Eng. 
Shelly L. Johnson 
Omak. Physical Therapy 
Steve Johnson 
Carson. Forestry 
Vincent Randall Johnson 
Pullman. Bacteriology 
David E. Jones 
Moses Lake. Accounting 
John A. Jones 
Santa Rosa, CA. Architecture 

338 Seniors 

Douglas E. Kramer 

Wilbur. Hotel and Restaurant Management 
Molly Karen Kramer 
Almira. Zoology 

Mike Kraemer 

Richland, General Studies 
Gary Frederic Knell 

Kent. Pre-Law-Political Science 

Greg Jones 
Anacortes, Music Ed. 

Irwin William Jones 

Walla Walla. Architecture 

Laurie D. Jones 

Spokane. Police Science 

Melanie Jane Jones 

Travis AFB. CA, Foreign Language Ed 

Patricia Ann Jones 

Seattle. Home Economics Ed 

Renato E. F. Jones 

Tacoma. Elementary Ed. 

Esther Marie Jonker 
Sultan. Music Ed. 

Merilee L. Jordan 
Spokane, Recreation 
Ronald A. Jordan 
Kent. Biochemistry 
Cathy Juenke 
Issaquah. French 
Janice E. Junker 
Seattle. Elementary Ed. 

George Eric Jurgens 
Fallon. NV, Anthropology 
Karla Kahns 
Everett, Education 
Kenneth G. Kaimbach 
Vancouver. Chemistry 
Eleanor R. Kasprzak 
Pullman. Education 
Gary J. Kasprzak 
Pullman, Education 
Linda Kazda 
Clarkston. English Ed. 

Gary E. Keister 
Tacoma. Elementary Ed. 

Ronald R. Kelleher 
Spokane. Business 
Gail Elizabeth Kelly 
Portland. Clothing Textiles 
Gloria Ann Kelley 
Spangle. Pre-Physical Therapy 
Thomas D. Kendrick 
Pullman. Geology 
Christine Kennedy 
Vancouver. Horticulture 
Merritt Ketcham 
Goldendale. Electrical Eng. 

Bill Kilian 
Spokane. Business 
Cheryl Killingsworth 
Pomeroy. Veterinary Medicine 
Deborah Kilpatrick 
Thorton. Pre-Physical Therapy 
Connie Jo Kincaid 
Spokane. Home Economics 
Bruce King 

Pullman. Communications 

William P. Kingman 

Cashmere. Nursing 

Deborah J. Kirchgessner 
Everett, English 
Jane Marie Kirk 
Spokane. General Studies 
Robyn Kay Klicker 
Walla Walla, Food Science 
Cathleen Knight 
Seattle. Clothing and Textiles 
Donna Marie Knight 
Pullman. Elementary Ed. 

Thomas Knight 
Seattle, Business 



Stanley Karl Kreft 
Edmonds, Foreign Languages 
Karen Kreider 
Opportunity, Recreation 
Jim Kresse 
Pomeroy. Communications 
Robert F. Krueger 
Spokane. Political Science 
Rod A. Krueger 
Kent. Bacteriology 
Blanche M. Kudaishi 
Kekaha, HI. Secretary Ed 
Bruce L. Kuhneu 
Tacoma, Mechanical Eng. 
Lois Kuhnhausen 
Vancouver. Recreation 
Darrel A. Kum 
Lind. Agricultural Economics 
Susanne Eloise Lade 
Moses Lake. Bacteriology 
Sandy La Due 
Sacramento. CA. Police Science 
Patrick La Framboise 
Yakima. Communications 

Ruth Lake! 

Spokane. Recreation 
Dean Corbett Lamb 
Tacoma. Architecture 
Larry R. Lambert 
Seattle. Business Ad. 
Daniel William Langdon 
Bellevue. Building Theory and Practice 
Craig E. Lange 
Pullman. Electrical Eng. 
Terrie Kaye Landis 
San Diego. CA, Bacteriology 

Calvin R. Lantz 
Tacoma. Pharmacy 
Gayle Lantz 
Vancouver. English Ed 
Kari Anna Larson 

Sedro Woolley. Foods and Nutrition Inst Management 
Ken D. Larson 
Palo Alto. CA. Architecture 
Anita Laska 
Metaline Falls. Office Ad. 
Claire Ann Latendresse 
Richland, English 
Kathryn Ann Latham 
Pasco. Bacteriology 
William Lai-sze Lau 
Kowloon, Hong Kong, Hotel Ad. 

Jessie E. Lawrence 
Port Angeles. Clothing and Textiles 
Patricia M. Lawry 
Chehalis. General Humanities 
Steven A. Leach 
Pullman. Civil Eng. 
Gail Lederie 
Seattle. Child and Family Studies 

Sally Jo Ledgerwood 
Clarkston. Elementary Ed. 

Chun-Sing George Lee 
Hong Kong. Electrical Eng. 
Diane Louise Le Febvre 
Seattle. Clothing and Textiles 
Sally A. Lefler 
Everett. Office Ad. 
Linda Kay Leonard 
Olympia. Foreign Language Ed. 

Tim Leong 
Portland. OR. Pre-Dental 
Dana Craig LeValley 
Walla Walla. Architecture 
Dalton E. Lewey 
Colfax. Business Ad. 
Brian Dean Lewis 
Ephrata. Elementary Ed. 
David Evan Lewis 
Auburn. Liberal Arts Program 
Chen Tung Li 
Everett. Electrical Eng. 
Gary J. Libey 
Spokane. Pre-Law 

John T. Liddle 
Whittier, CA. Physical Ed. 

Peggy Lieberg 
Wenatchee. Fine Arts-Elementary Ed 
Jeffrey Allen Lightheart 
Pullman. Architecture 
Randy Lilje 
Davenport. Recreation 
Faith Limbocker 
Onalaska, Physical Ed. 
Steven M. Lindberg 
Richland. Political Science 

Gerald A. Linnenkohl 
Hoquiam, Forestry-Business 
Wendy Lee Littlefield 
Kirkland. Clothing and Textiles 
Glen Littleton 
Oakesdale. Business Ad. 
Maribeth Littleton 
Oakesdale. Education 
Gerald Edward Litwin 
Tacoma. Architecture 
Jim Llewellyn 
Wilbur. Agriculture 
Barbara Joanne Logen 
Stanwood, Music 
Martha Ann Logan 
Cinabar, Business Ad 
Richard T. Long 
Pullman. Psychology 
Jerald M. Lorenz 
Pullman. Landscape Architecture 
Thomas A. Lovas 
Pullman. Economics 
Mary Ann Louie 
Milwaukee, OR. Interior Design 



Bill Lowe 

Ellensberg. Agricultural Ed 
David Chong-yan Lum 
Walla Walla. Computer Science 
Rick Lupton 
Tacoma. Architecture 
Richard Lee Lyman 
Dayton. Anthropology 
Dean Lynch 
Quincy. Social Work 
Susan Lynne 

Princeton. IL. Communications Disorders-Elementary Ed. 

Andrew Duff MacGillivray 

Spokane. Economics 

Catherine E. MacKinnon 

Seattle. Elementary Ed 

Reginal MacKlin 

Pullman. Business Ad 

R. Grant MacLean 

Spokane. Pharmacy 

Ronald D. Madden 

Washougal. Business Ad. 

P. Kathleen Magee 

Mt Vernon, Elementary Ed.-Speech Pathology 

Robert L. Maine 

Pullman. Communications 

John Egre Macland 

Norway. Business 

Michael Stephen Mallory 

Pullman. Business Ad. 

Susan Christine Malloy 
Spokane. Elementary Ed. 

Michael H. Mansfield 
Quincey. Building Theory and Practice 
Fred Kendall Markham 
Kennewick. Psychology 

Marilyn Marks 
Seattle. Education 
James M. Marshall 
Tacoma. Political Science 
Linda Lee Marshall 
Pullman. Elementary Ed. 

William Marshall 
Pullman, Physical Ed. 

Barbara Martin 

Spokane. Political Science-History 

Charles A. Martell 

Kent. Forestry 

Tina R. Martin 
Spokane. Dietetics 
George W. Martin 
Prosser. Electrical Eng. 

Jacqueline J. Martin 
Burlington, Education 
Martin P. Martinson 
Honolulu, HI. Civil Eng 
Ann Martonik 
Tacoma. Political Science 
Michele C. Marvin 
Othello, Anthropology 
Lance Sean Mauden 
Sedro Woolley. Psychology 
Cynthia Trell Maxin 
Renton, Pre-Physical Therapy 
Stanley R. Maxwell 
Wenatchee. Business Ad 
Linda Mayberry 
Olympia. Elementary Ed 
Karen D. Mayer 
Cashmere. Math 
Kathy Mayer 

Pullman. Computer Science 

Mike Mayer 
Seattle. Business 
Anne Mayton 
Aberdeen. Fine Arts 
Daniel C. McAlister 
Spokane. Math 
Diane C. McAlister 

Spokane. General Studies-Physica! Science Ed. 

Carnie McArthur 
Spokane. Fine Arts 
Richard W. McCabe 
Spokane. Business Ad. Marketing 

Rod McCall 
Pullman. Animal 8iology 
James E. McCarry 
Bellevue. Civil Eng. 

Patti McCarty 
Kelso. Physical Ed. 

John Woods McCaslin 
Bellevue. Architecture 
Dennis Lee McClellan 
Federal Way. Elementary Ed 
Terrell D. McClinton 
8ellevue. General 8iology 

Mary K. McCloskey 
Seattle. Elementary Ed. 

William F. McCloskey 
Reno. NV. Mechanical Eng. 

Jean McCormick 

Mercer Island. Speech Pathology 

Terry Robert McDaniel 

Fallon. NV. Police Science 

Bruce K. McDanald 

Redmond, Computer Science 

Mary Lynn McDonald 

Walla Walla. Education-Speech Pathology 

Sharon D. McDonald 

Sunnyside. Recreation 

Elsie Mae McDonell 

Inchelium. Home Economics Ed 

David S. McDonelll 

Vancouver, Forestry 

Sue McFaul 

Pullman. Elementary Ed. 

Jack W. McGrath 
Mansfield. Elementary Ed 
David F. McHugo 
Spokane. Hotel Ad 



Saundra D. McIntosh 

Seattle. Communications 
Richard William McKinney 
Lacey. Business Ad 

Colleen McPhee 

Tacoma. Child and Family Studies 
Samuel J. McReynolds 
Chehalis. Wildlife Biology 

Frank M. Megorden 

Federal Way. Police Science and Ad 
Wolfgang Peter Mehl 
Calgary. Alberta. Physical Ed. 

John R. Mellein 

Longview, Marketing 
Milly Kay Melville 
Lamont. Social Work 

Marguerite Menaul 

Centralia. Elementary Ed. 
Linda F. Merritt 
Seattle. Biological Sciences 
Elizabeth Ann Mertz 
Bellevue. Clothing and Textiles 
Christine E. Meyer 
Seattle. Physical Ed 
Keith Eric Meyers 
Camas. General Studies-Social Science 
Patrick Meyers 
Greenacres. Chemical Eng 

James C. Michael 
Pullman. Soil Conservation 

Geraldine Mikel 

Spokane. Communication Oisorders-Elementary Ed. 

Marla Mae Miklancic 
Pullman. Elementary Ed. 
Cathleen A. Miller 
Fox Island. Police Science 
Daniel E. Miller 
Sultan. Physical Ed. 
David James Miller 
Spokane. Political Science 

Judith L. Miller 
Puyallup. Police Science 
Marilyn Miller 
Olympia. Business Ad 
Michael Miller 
Coram. NY. Police Science 
Pamela J. Miller 
Tenino. Elementary Ed. 
Richard J. Miller 
Modesto. CA. Bacteriology 
Pam Mills 
Auburn. Communications 

Dick Mitchell 

Moses Lake. Business Ad -General Studies 
Kenneth W. Mitley 
Spokane. Pharmacy 
Kerry M. Mizuno 
Honolulu. HI. Pharmacy 
Larry Glenn Mogck 
Denver. CO. Chemical Eng 
Peggy Moloney 
Spokane. Communication Disorders 
Len Montague 
Vancouver. Chemical Eng 
Suzanne Monteiro 
Everett. General Studies 
Becky J. Moore 
Tacoma. Elementary Ed. 
Randall D. Moore 
Seattle. Sociology 
Stephen E. Moore 
Pullman. Communications 
Angela Thane Moos 
Edwall, Communications 
William H. Moos 
Olympia. History 

Catherine A. Morehead 
Aberdeen. Speech 
Howard K. Morgan 
Pullman. Agronomy 
Greg C. Mork 
Walla Walla. Civil Eng - Business Ad. 

Robert E. Morozzo 
Spokane. Accounting 
Linda M. Morr 
Tacoma. Economics 

342 Seniors 

James Kerry Morse 
Spokane. Pre-Law. 

Albert E. Mouncer 
Ventura. CA. Political Science 
Sheila Mountjoy 
Renton. General Studies 
Julann Mowrey 
Spokane. Home Economics Ed 
Linda Ann Moyer 
Seattle. Education 
Dennis R. Munden 
Pullman. Agricultural Ed. 

Dennis R. Munster 

Pullman. Business Ad -Finance 

Guy K. Murashige 

Hilo. HI. Political Science 

Sherryl Murray 

Kent. Recretation 

William D. Naismith 

Olympia. Pre-Law 

Marcia Nanninga 

Bellevue. Home Economics Ed. 

Darlene Napora 

Richland, Communication Disorders-Elementary Ed. 

Jean Toshiko Natsuhara 
Auburn. General Studies 
Susan Bolton Neal 
Richland. Office Ad.-Education 
Gregory Allan Neff 
Olympia. Police Science 
Nancy Roame Nehl 
Edmonds, Fine Arts 
Jim Neill 

Pullman. Business Ad. 

Barbara Nelson 
Vancouver, English Ed 
Harold Nelson 
Lafayette. CA. Biology Ed 
Karen L. Nelson 
Spokane. Bacteriology 
Pam Nelson 
Seattle. Recreation 
Paul D. Nelson 
Spokane. Police Science 
Rodney Carl Nelson 
Pullman. Police Science 
Shirley Ness 
Spokane. Bacteriology 
Virginia Nelson 
Olympia. Recreation 
W. Bruce Nelson 

Farmington. Agricultural Economics 

John I. Nethercutt 

Spokane Hotel and Restaurant Ad. 

Nancy L. Neufer 
Tacoma. Elementary Ed. 

Jack Frederick McRead Nevin 
Menlo Park. CA. Sociology 
Pamela C. Newman 
Aberdeen, Education 
Thuy He Nguy 

Hong Kong. Clothing and Textiles 

Imran Khalid Niazi 

Lahore. Pakistan. Chemical Eng 

Lawrence A. Nicholas 

Spokane. Electrical Eng 

Warren Nicley 

Colfax. Pharmacy 

Barbara Ann Nielsen 

Sumas. Elementary Ed.-Social Studies 

M. Barbara Nielsen 

Edmonds, Police Science 

William M. Niemi 
Longview, Business 
Judith Marie Nimbar 
Bellevue. Home Economics Ed. 

Joan I. Nishitani 
Seattle. General Studies 
David Nix 
Seattle. English Ed. 

Craig Noble 
Walla Walla. Business 
Susan L. Noble 
Spokane. English Ed. 

James Clifford Noel 
Pullman. Recreation 
Cathleen A. Noerenberg 
Castlerock. Social Work 
Martha Nojd 

Tacoma. Clothing and Textiles 
Richard Norberg 
Seattle. Bacteriology 
Curtis B. Norton 
Wenatchee. Horticulture 
Christine Nyberg 
Spokane. English 
Marilyn M. Nybo 
Puyallup. Physical Ed. 

Kenneth R. Nygard 
Pullman. Animal Science 
Michael N. Nystrom 
Anacortes, Forestry 
Craig L. Oakley 
Seattle, Electrical Eng. 

Kathleen Schmidt O'Connell 
Pullman. Pre-Law 
Mary O'Connell 
Tacoma, Elementary Ed 

C. Mike O'Connor 
Walla Walla, Business 
Gerald Odman 
Toppenish. Business Ad. 

Les Okonek 
Grapeview, Civil. Eng. 

Patricia Old 
Albion. Bacteriology 
Alan Oldright 
Enumclaw. Pharmacy 
Janis Kay Oliver 

Vancouver. Elementary Ed.-Speech Pathology 



Rick Oliver 
Puyallup. Music Ed 
Joe Olmstead 
Prosser. Civil Eng. 
Allan G. Olson 
Mt Vernon. Mechanical Eng 
Pamela Ann Olson 
Moses Lake. Zoology 
Pamela Olson 
Mt. Vernon. Elementary Ed. 

Randall Olson 
Monroe. History 
Robert Glen Olson 
Everett. Forestry 
Gary Martin O'Mary 
Pullman. Communications 
Michael D. O'Neil 
Eltopia. Animal Production 
Sherrie Lynn Orlob 
Cheney. Recreation 
James Orr 
Eatonville. Music 
Peter Michael Osgard 
Tacoma. General Studies 

Judy Lynn Osborn 
Kent. Elementary Ed 
Randy Ostman 
Raymond. Sociology 
Connie Ostrander 
Yakima. Fine Arts 
Harriet C. Outland 
Anacortes. Animal Science 
Eunice I. Overland 
Puyallup. Animal Science 
Jo Ann Owen 
Tacoma. Music Ed. 
Rod Owen 
Walla Walla. Physical Science 
John J. Padden 
Bellingham. Business 
Jim Page 
Ephrata. Business Ad. 
Laurie Diane Paley 
Los Angeles. CA. Art 
Rosena Pang 
Hong Kong. Data Processing 
Bradley D. Parks 
Aberdeen. Political Science 
David William Pavlick 
Seattle. Pre-Law 
Robert J. Parr 
Spokane. Police Science and Ad 
Ronald L. Parrish 
Spokane. Business Ad. 
Thomas E. Parsons 
Tumwater. Education 
Thomas S. Parsons 
Seattle. Business 
Mikki Pasicznyk 
Spokane. Elementary Ed 

Charles A. Park 
Ft. Lewis. Business Ad 
William Earl Partin 
Enumclaw. Economics and Finance 
Tom R. Paul 
Davenport, Pharmacy 
Ann Sara Payne 
Waitsburg. Sociology 
Doug Payne 
Puyallup. Business Finance 
Thomas L. Peavey 
Seattle. Police Science 
Randy C. Pearson 
Waitsburg. Pre-Dental 
William F. Penoyar 
Tacoma. Communications 
Michael E. Perkins 
Pullman. Psychology 
Orla Jean Perkins 
Athena. OR. General Biology 
Robert W. Perkins 
Renton. Pre-Dental 
Cindy Perroult 
Seattle. Elementary Ed 
Renee Teresa Perrault 
Yakima. Math 
Joe Perry 
Pasco. Economics 
Russel Gene Perry 
Wenatchee, Finance 
Gerald F. Petersen 
Tacoma. Mechanical Eng 
Anne Carin Peterson 
Richland. Pre-Physical Therapy 
Kertis D. Peterson 
Freeland, Agronomy 

Kristin Peterson 
Portland. OR. Interior Design 
Larry S. Peterson 
Cashmere. Horticulture 
Richard James Peterson 
Bellingham. Pre-Dental 
Penny Petow 
Tekoa, Office Ad 
Diane Ruth Petroff 
San Francisco. CA. Elementary Ed 
Kathleen A. Phelan 
Bellevue. Foreign Language. Ed 
Jackie L. Philleo 
Cheney. Physical Ed 
Brenda C. Phillips 
Bremerton. Interior Design 
Christine A. Phillips 
Seattle. Environmental Science 
Willaim R. Phillips 
Richland. Business-Transportation 
James W. Philopant 
Spokane. Accounting 
Chakorn Phisvthikul 
Bangkok. Thailand. Architecture 

344 Seniors 

Melanie Leigh Pickett 
Moses Lake, Art Ed. 

Deborah Pierson 

Lummi Island. Elementary Ed. 

Marebel Pillsbury 
Spokane. Radio and Television 
Michael W. Pillsbury 
Spokane. Business Ad. 

Robert D Pittsenbarger II 
Alderwood Manor. Business Ad 
Randall Poff 
Vancouver, Music Ed. 

Sharon Poffenroth 
La Crosse. Elementary Ed. 

Kathy Ann Popplewell 
Bellevue. Education 
Herman M. Porter 
Olympia. Civil Eng. 

Sue Porter 

Seattle. Home Economics Ed. 

Michael J. Portmann 
Tacoma. Police Science 
Albert E. Powell Jr. 

Pullman. Communications 
Earl P. Powell 
Pullman, Sociology 
Marguerite A. Powell 
Seattle. History Ed. 

Bruce A. Prenguber 
Redmond, Agricultural Economics 
Jean F. Primozich 
Longview, Public Health 
Marilyn Prothero 
Seattle. Education 
Darrell G. Prowse 
McCleary, Communications 

Lynne Marie Pursell 
Alderwood Manor. Elementary Ed. 
Kenneth E. Putnam 
Saudi. Arabia. Mechanical Eng. 

Janet Qualiotto 
Renton. Clothing and Textiles 
A. Hameed Quaraishi 
Pullman, Architecture 
Sheila Lynn Quesenburg 
Bellevue. Elementary Ed. 

Linda Kay Quick 
Moses Lake. History Ed. 

Mark Michael Quinn 
Seattle, Range Management 
Randall James Racicky 
Pullman. Pharmacy 
Dean Radford 
Tukwila. Journalism 
Bruce Rafuse 
Pullman, Geology 
Patti Randall 

Spokane, Child and Family Studies 
Paul William Rashford 
Ephrata. Electrical Eng. 

Anne Rasmussen 
Bellevue, Elementary Ed. 

Deepak A. Raval 

Mufulina. Zambia. Mechanical Eng. 

Linda Ray 

Cheney, Business Ad. 

Stephen Aubrey Raymond 

Port Angeles, Bacteriology-Public Health 

Dennis C. Rea 

Walla Walla, General Agriculture 
Steve Rector 
Richland. Businsss Ad 

Dennis A. Redford 
Puyallup, Forestry 
Donna Jo Redman 
Palouse. English Ed. 

Vailery A. Reed 
Clayton. Nursing 
Donald A Reeves Jr. 

Sumner. Computer Science 
Larry D. Reeves 
Anatone. Animal Nutrition 
Sallie Ann Reisner 
Anacortes. Elementary Ed 
David L. Rembert 
Tacoma. Electrical Eng. 

William R. Renner 
Puyallup, Zoology 
Gordon F. Rennie 
Olympia. Biochemistry 
David A. Reynolds 
Warden. Political Science 
James H. Reynolds 
Walla Walla. Police Science 
Jerry P. Reynolds 
Clarkston. Chem. Engineering 

Stanley D. Rhodes 
Longview. Speech Ed. 

Marianne Rice 

Coulee City, Elementary Ed. 

Randi C. Rich 

E. Wenatchee. Electrical Eng. 

Terry J. Richard 
Arlington, Communications 
Jane E. Richards 
Vaughn. Psychology 
Denise G. Richardson 
Kirkland. Elementary Ed. 

Wayne Riches 
Richland. Pre-Medicine 
Gary A. Riesen 
Pullman. Economics 
Michael D. Riggs 
Pullman, Education 
Rebecca L. Rightmire 
Bellingham. Elementary Ed. 

Robert A. Robbins 
Rancho Cordova, CA, Bacteriology 
Kerry Lee Roberts 
Spokane. Business Ad 



Benine Robertson 
Federal Way. Business Ad. 

Ken Robertson 
Tacoma. Social Studies 
Karen L. Rodda 
Walla Walla. Elementary Ed. 

Kathleen L. Rodda 
Walla Walla. Elementary Ed. 
Yvonna Marie Roepcke 
Bellevue. Elementary Ed 
Alan L. Rogers 
Oroville. General Studies 
Floyd A. Rogers 
Wenatchee. Electrical Eng 
Raymond Howard Roloff 
Odessa. Police Science 
Russel S. Rome 
Everett. Education 
Ernest E. Roos III 
Robway. NJ. Pre-Law 
Myrna Neely Roos 
Dallas. TX. Pre-Law 
John Van Rooy 
Yakima. Sociology 
Robin R. Rosenau 
Valleyford. Agricultural Ed. 
Robin J. Rossing 
Entiat. Elementary Ed. 
Timothy George Rowand 
Oak Harbor. Elementary Ed. 

R. Brian Rowse 
Seattle. Veterinary Medicine 
David Roy 
Moxee. Political Science 
Richard Neil Rucker 
Spokane. Computer Science 
Dennis E. Rugg 
Walla Walla. Business Ad 
J. Newt Rumble 
Pullman. Psychology 
Robert M. Russell 
Walla Walla. Business Ad. 
Mary Elaine Ruud 
Bremerton. Home Economics Ed. 

Sidney A. Sackmann 
Lewiston. Animal Production 
Richard Earl Sackett 
Sunnydale. CA. Electrical Eng. 

Kerry J. Saffel 
Summer. Elementary Ed 
Cathi Sagstad 
Seattle. Elementary Ed Speech Pathology 
Evelyn Wilhelmson Salo 
Pullman. Foods and Nutrition 
David Robert Salo 
Pullman. Architecture 
Sharon Ann Saldin 
Pullman. Nursing 
Allene E. Sampson 
Richland. Business Ad Marketing 

James W. Sanders 
Packwood. Electrical Eng. 
Leon E. Sanders 
Yakima. Business Ad. 

David W. Sanders 
Prescott. Psychology 
Richard C. Sandahl 
Pullman. Mechanical Eng 
William S. Sanford 
Los Altos. CA. Geography 
Romae Louise Sargent 
Spokane. Elementary Ed. 

James D. Sarb 
Port Orchard. Civil Eng. 
Stephen E. Saunders 
Vero Beach. FL. Psychology 
William F. Saul Jr. 
Olympia. Business Ad 
Helen R. Schaaf 
Selah. Elementary Ed 
Norm P. Schaaf 
Seattle. Forest Management 
Gary L. Schaeffer 
Westport. Mechanical Eng 
Sheri Lyn Schaeffer 
Seattle. Foods and Nutrition 
Linda K. Scheer 
Spokane. General Studies 
Nancy Schenk 
Clarkston. Office Ad 
Russell O. Scherck 
Toms River. NJ. Police Science 
Kenneth W. Schilke 
Port Angelos. Dairy Science 
Carson K. Schlamp 
Bellevue. Fine Arts 

Christian E. Schlect 
Yakima. Pre-Law 
Debbie Schmidt 
Ritzville. Fine Arts 
Eugene J. Schmidt 
St. John. History Ed. 

Joe Schmitz 
Rosalia. Agriculture 
Karen A. Schmidt 
Vancouver, Elementary Ed 
Mark Schmidt 
Omak. Horticulture 
Terrie Jo Schmidt 
Ritzville. Foreign Language 
Kirk Schmidtman 
Waterville. Pre-Law 
Sheila Lee Scholz 
Colfax. Music Ed 
Cindy Schorr 
Seattle. Sociology 
Richard Schrader 
Wenatchee. Zoology 
Sara Ann Schroder 
Port Angeles. General Studies 

346 Seniors 

James R. Schutt 
Bremerton, General Studies 
Edwin Price Schultz 
Pullman Building and Theory 
Michael F. Schultz 
Eau Claire. Wl, Chemistry 
Gilbert A. Schoos 
Pullman. Physical Therapy 
Louise Ellen Schuster 
St. John. Office Ad 
Daniel J. Schwartze 
Seattle. Mechanical Eng. 

Joan M. Scon 
Ellensburg. Interior Design 
Karen L. Scribner 
Walla Walla. English Literature 

Linda Seal 

Quincy. Home Economics Ed. 

Annette Eileen Sebastian 
Yakima. Recreation 
Ann Frances Seipt 
Wenatchee. Bacteriology 
John H. Severns 
Chelalis. Police Science 
Patty D. Severns 
Chehalis, Speech Therapy 
David W. Sharp 
Moses Lake. Mechanical Eng. 

Gloria Joan Shaw 

Bellevue. General Studies 

Richard L. Shawley 

Pomeroy. General Agriculture 

Theodore A. Shelly 

Spokane. Chemistry 

Edward Shen 

Hong Kong. Architecture 

Bruce H. Shields 

Lamont. History 

Donna Maye Shigeno 

Moses Lake, Bacteriology-Public Health 

Dyann Shigeno 

Pullman. Education-Speech Pathology 

Laura Lynn Shimmin 

Tacoma. Education 

Vernon W. Shook 

Seattle. Architecture 

Kim Shrader 

Yakima. Marketing 

Roger K. Shroyer 

Moscow. Animal Production 

Richard J. Shrum 

Shelton. Building Theory 

Janet R. Shumate 

Spokane. Office Ad 

Francine Bette Shurtleff 

Pullman, Elementary Ed. 

V. Geoffrey Shurtleff 
Pullman. Recreation 
Claudia Shustoff 
Spokane. Elementary Ed. 

Laurel Amy Singer 
Watertown. English Ed 
Dai Chow Siu 
Spokane. Pharmacy 
Sharon Skagen 
Bellingham. Sociology 
Linda Sue Skinner 
Pullman. Psychology 
Richard B. Skreen 
Castle Rock, Architecture 
Bob Sloan 

Packwood. Pharmacy 

William Joseph Slodysko 

Springfield. MO. Psychology 
Jacqueline Gail Slovek 

Sumner. Home Economics Ed. 

Kathy Lee Small 

Albion. Social Science 

Debra Deane Smawley 

Pullman. English 

Paula Smeltzer 

Wenatchee. Sociology 
Carol Smick 
Endicott. Psychology 

Breta Louise Smith 

Sequim, Business Ad. 

Dale W. Smith 

Zillah, Agricultural Economics 

Seniors 347 

Paul A. Smith 

St. Louis, MO. Geology 
Peter T. Smith 
St. John. Business 
Richard H. Smith 
Waterville. Mechanical Eng 
Scott Smith 
Snohomish. Business 
Sherri Suzann Smith 
Ephrata. Clothing and Textiles 
Virginia Jude Smith 
Auburn. Elementary Ed.-Speech Therapy 

Joan W. Snick 
Endicott. Sociology-Social Work 
Patty Snively 
Coulee Dam, Physical Ed. 
Doreen Kay Snyder 
Montesano. Communications 
Gerald L. Snyder 
Washtucna, Agricultural Ed 
Mary Helen Soderlind 
Forks. English Ed 
Susan Sodorff 
Colton. Sociology 
Marilyn Elizabeth Solberg 
Olympia. General Studies 
Hermine Louise Soler 
Mt. Vernon. Child and Family Studies 
Craig Herbert Somes 
Snohomish, Computer Science 
Kathie E. Sorensen 
Everett. English 
Rick V. Sorenson 
Spokane. Pre-Law 
Diann Sornberger 
Seattle. Zoology 
Timothy Joel Spencer 
Everett. English 
Kay Spoonemore 
Dayton. Physical Ed 
Jane L. Sporleder 
Walla Walla. Social Work 
Charles Standley 
Richland. Fine Arts 
Susan Marie Standley 
Shelton. Psychology 
Alan F. Stanford 
Spokane. Business Ad. 

Jane Kelly Stanford 
Spokane. Bacteriology 
Caren Steinburg 
Cashmere. Pharmacy 
Lisa K. Stephenson 
Quantico. VA. Bacteriology 
Robert C. Stickney 
Spokane, Architecture 
Nancy Jean Steffen 
Monroe. Elementary Ed. 
Dorothea Steiger 
Tacoma. Home Economics 
David P. Steinberg 
Shelton. Hotel Ad. 

Al Steiner 
Marysville. Animal 8iology 
Kirsten M. Stenberg 
Seattle. General Studies 
Terrance E. Sterkey 
Kennewick. Electrical Eng. 
Craig V. Sternagel 
Tumwater. Communications 
James M. Stevens 
Pullman. Geology 
Ralph T. Stewart 
Pullman. Forestry 
Susan Stewart 
Redmond. Fine Arts 
Van Earl Stingel 
Seattle. General Studies 
Charles A. Stoffers 
Pullman. Food Science and Technology 
Steven L. Stone 
Pullman, Pre-Vet 
Dan Stoneman 
Spokane. Physics 

Brad N. Storey 
Victoria, 8C, Civil Eng.-Architecture 
David O. Stott 
Vancouver. Pharmacy 
C. Susan Stovall 
Toppenish, Pharmacy 
Pamela Ann Strand 
Fort Benton. MT, Sociology 
Brenda Joan Stratton 
Seattle. History Ed. 

Cheryl Strother 
Pullman. Fine Arts 

Constance M. Strecker 
Qlympia, Child and Family Studies 
Barbara Street 
Aberdeen. History Ed. 
Karen Strege 
Mount Vernon, Home Economics Ed. 

Steven Storaasli 
Tacoma. Architecture 
Anita A. Sukoia 
Dededo. Guam. History Ed. 

Cindy Sulenes 
Tacoma, Recreation 

Lynne Sullivan 
Sunland. CA. Sociology 
Diane Sullivan 
Battle Ground. Physical Ed. 
Paul L. Sunderland 
Dayton. Agronomy 
Margaret Surplus 
Richland. Education 
Thyes Jean Svinth 
Tacoma. Biology-Education 
Peg Sweeney 
Pullman. Elementary Ed 

348 Seniors 

Jon Swenson 

Wheatridge. CO. Pre-Med 
Lynn Swartzlender 
Lakeview. OR. Elementary Ed. 

Gary Swanson 
Tacoma Sociology 
Kenneth D. Syre 
Everson. Agricultural Ed. 

Glenn Edward Szabo 
Greenacres. General Studies 
Patricia Marie Szmyd 
Walnut Creek. CA. English 
Joseph Tai 

Pullman. Mechanical Eng. 

Linda M Tai^ano 
Pullman. Physical Ed. 

Cheryl K Tanabe 
Tacoma. Dietetics 
Oivind Tangen 

Drammen. Norway. Electrical Eng 

Sasquatch Tapfer 
Tacoma. Recreation 
Debra Taro 

Ketchikan. AK. Fashion Merchandising 

Anne Elise Taylor 

Lynden. Home Economics Ed 

Barbara Taylor 

Camas. Pharmacy 

Sara Lee Telecky 

Ritzville. Office Ad 

Garrett C. Templin 

Ritzville. General Agriculture 

Pam J. Tengesdal 

Tacoma, Foods and Nutrition Inst. Management 

Michael Terhaar 

Spokane. Pharmacy 

Jane Ann Ternes 

Walla Walla. Elementary Ed 

John L. Thayer 

Spokane. Pre-Med 

Sister Anne Thomas 

Racine. Wl. Psychology 

Vicky Dawn Thomas 

Longview. Elementary Ed. 

Gary Thompson 
Mountlake Terrace. Math Ed. 

Nancy A. Thompson 
Seattle. Pharmacy 

Susan Kathleen Thompson 
Bellevue. Home Economics Ed. 

Yvonne Thompson 
Seattle. Elementary Ed. 

Donna Kay Thorgerson 
Bellevue. Anthropology 
Marsha Jean Thorn 
East Wenatchee. Conservation 
Patti Thorson 
Seattle. Interior Design 
Oscar Lyle Tiegs 
Thorton. Soils 

Catherine Tiffany 

Pullman. Elementary Ed 
John Scott Tiffany 
Pullman. Political Science 
Rob Tiffany 
Colville. Business Ad 
Carl K Tiller 
Bellevue. Business 
Gary Tillotson 
Pullman, Recreation 
Marna Ann Tisdel 
Seattle. Communications 
James Tobin 

Mabton. Agricultural Mechanization 

Mike Toda 

Dallesport. Bacteriology 
Terry Arnold Todd 
Entiat. Business Ad 
Gloria A. Tomich 
Prosser. Bacteriology 
Margaret Ann Tsutakawa 
Spokane Home Economics Ed 
Robert E. Tracy 
Moses Lake. Pre-Dent. 

Linda Trapp 

Walla Walla. Clothing and Textiles 
Brian R. Treasure 
Vancouver. Animal Nutrition 
Russell Trebby 
Spokane Communications 
Steven A. Treese 
Pocahontas. 10. Chemical Eng 
Jo Treter 

Stanwood. History Ed 
Carol Trohimovich 
Aberdeen. History 
Brian L. Tyrrell 
Selah. Speech Ed. 

Laurie Michelle Uhl 
Everett. Physical Ed. 

David R. Unger 
Tacoma. Physics 
William David Ungs 
Hillsboro OR. Botany 
Alan G. Urichuk 
Calgary Alberta. Physical Ed 
Mary K. Vallely 
Richland. Education 

Kathy Vanderhoop 

Upland CA. History 

Claire Vander Linden 

Hoquiam. Child and Family Studies 

Joy Van Nostern 

Bickleton. Pre Law 

Christian D. Vanos 

Spokane Pre-Physical Therapy 

Gene Van Selus 

Wenatchee. Economics 

Edward C.R Van Schupper 

Tacoma. Computer Science 

Seniors 349 

Jody Lee Van Schoorl 
Spokane. Home Economics Ed 
Sue Velas 
Seattle. Elementary Ed. 
James R. Verellen 
Richland. Political Science 
Nyle L. Verkist 
Bellingham, Horticulture 
Christine Frederikke Viestenz 
Walla Walla. English Ed 
Randolph K. Vikan 
Tacoma. Zoology 

Shirley Louise Vogel 
Washougal. Elementary Ed 
Russel Wada 
Lihue. HI. Electrical Eng 
Gary Wagenblast 
Puyallup. Civil Eng 
Juret R.L. Wahle 
Bellevue. Elementary Ed 
John J. Waldburger 
Ketchikan. AK. Chemical Eng 
Daniel R. Wallace 
Seattle. Psychology 

Joan Wallace 
Everett. Elementary Ed 
Bill Walker 
Seattle. Communications 
Larry James Walker 
Fox Island. Hotel Ad 
Steven Arnell Walker 
Montesano. Physical Therapy 
Steven C. Walser 
Blame. Political Science 
Marilyn Walter 
Odessa. Agricultural Economics 

Judy Helen Walters 
Pullman, Physical Ed 
Deborah Walton 
Issaquah. Pre-Med French 
Steven B. Waples 
Pullman. Education 
A. Wesley Ward. Jr. 
Pullman. Geology 
Steve Eugene Waters 
Yakima. Police Science 
Betty Watras 
Tacoma. Office Ad Ed 

Louan Christina Watson 
Tumwater. Clothing and Textiles 
Linda J. Watters 
Sequim, Home Economics Ed 
Ann K. Waybright 
Spokane. Sociology 
C.L. Weaver 
Spokane. History 
William M. Weaver 
Prosser. Bacteriology 
Eileen Weber 
Issaquah. Political Science 

Robert James Wendt 

Tacoma. Math Ed 
Mary West 
Seattle. Elementary Ed 

Scott Phillip West 

Longview. Police Science-Ad 
Michael Westfahl 
Othello. Electrical Eng 

Pamela Sue Westland 

New Canaan. CN. Elementary Ed -Speech 
Carol Jeanne Westover 
Benton City. Bacteriology 

Alan Whisman 
Deerpark. Mathematics 
Michael Sherrill Whitaker 

Kent. General Studies 

350 Seniors 

Linda Whitcomb 
Spokane. Social Work 
Deborah Ann Marie White 
Kennewick, Fine Arts 
Rich Whitehill 
Seattle. Forestry 

Karlene A. Whitelaw 

Keller, Foods and Nutrition Inst. Management 

David F. Whitman 

Snohomish. Police Science 

Ellen Lee Wickhorst 

Twin Falls, ID. German 

J. Patrick Wiegand 

Mercer Island. Geology 
Tony Lee Wiggins 
Pullman, Business 
Cindy Wilbert 
Gig Harbor Sociology 

Gail Ann Wilbert 
Spokane Physical Ed. 

Judy Ann Wilkinson 
Puyallup. Elementary Ed. 
Richard R. Wilkinson 
Lewiston. ID. Police Science 

Howard S. Wilson 
Seattle. Hotel Ad 
Jan Wilson 
Spokane. Sociology 
Jean Wilson 
Seattle. Business Ed 
Robert Wilson 
Clarkston. Business 
Pat Winston 

Spokane. French-Hotel and Restaurant Ad. 
Arthur Valentine Wint 
Spokane. General Studies 

Karl Winter 
Tacoma. Zoology 
Willa Witherow 
Forks. Interior Design 
Miriam Wittig 
Mansfield. Sociology 
Jean Wold 

Moses Lake. General Linguistics 
Gary Thomas Wood 
Richland. Architecture 
Gloria Jean Wood 
Moses Lake. Elementary Ed 

Valerie Rae Woodruff 
Marysville. Zoology 
Paul A. Worden 
Warden. General Agriculture 
Dick Wray 

Bellevue. Environmental Science 

Diana Wright 
Elk. Math 

William Gordon Wright 
Tacoma. Math-Computer Science 
Patricia Louise Wyckoff 
Deer Lodge. MT Interior Design 
Carol Yaden 
Longview, Sociology 
Jean Yoshioka 
Tacoma. Office Ad. 

Robert Budge Young 
Yakima. Forestry 
Beverly A. Youngstrom 
Pullman. Home Economics 
William E. Youngstorm 
Seattle. Mechanical Eng. 

Mary K. Zaremba 
Yakima. Psychology 

Linda Jo Zander 

Woodinville. Education 

Julienne L. Zembal 

Hoquiam, Police Science-Psychology 

Beth Zinniel 

Tacoma. Clothing and Textiles 

Dean T, Zografos 
Spokane. General Studies 
Kirk A. Zumhoff 

Kennewick, Business Ad.-Economics 

Nancy Zurian 

Palos Verdes. CA, Antropology 

Seniors 351 

i* ii 

Graduate Students 


Camilla L. Bishop 
Pullman. Guidance and Counseling 

Rubens Da Silva 

Americana Sao Pauto. Brazil. Business Ad. Marketing 
Jose Carlos Decarvalho Moura 
Belo Horizonte. Brazil. Elec. Eng. 

Stephen J. Decker 
Rosebud. SD Police Ad. 

Kathleen Dugan 
Billings. MO. Physical Ed. 

John M. Finn 
Calgary. Alberta. Business Ad 

Steven M. Hager 
Spokane. Business Ad. 
Ralph Kasper Markarian 
Providence. Rl. Environmental Science 
Shui Shen Lan 
Pullman. Computer Science 
Jean Landa 
Willowdale. Physical Ed. 

Warren L. Maddox 
Pullman. Police Science 
W. Richard Maher Jr. 
Pullman. Education 

Craig W. McKelvey 
Monroe. Geology 
Ron Pengelly 
Pullman. Physical Ed. 
Anilkumar Puri 
Pullman. Mechanical Eng 
Linda Rockey 
Seattle. Guidance and Counseling 
Pam Stratton 
Pullman. Recreation 
Joe A. Small 
Albion. Agriculture 

Frank Shapiro 
Los Angeles. CA. History 
Stephen Tarr 
Heath Cardiff. Britain. Music 
Lakshminarayana Tatapudi 
Andhra Pradesh. India. Electrical Eng 
Werner Wanderdsleben 
Pullman. Language and Literature 
a Dale Webber 
Pullman. Police Science and Ad 
John A. Vanover II 
Eagle River. AK. Police Science 


Oliver Chappie 
Redmond. Elementary Ed 
Carl G. Devin 
Longview. Vocational Tech, and Ed 
John Eric Croy 
Pullman. Education 
J. Keith Grieneeks 
Pullman. Sociology 
M. C. Gupta 
Pullman. Physics 
Joseph Krasnec 
Pullman Chemistry 

R. A. Pendergrass 

Pullman. Education 
Valerie Rose Croy 
Pullman. Education 
Roy L Schmidt 
Auburn. Vocational Tech. Ed. 
Paul Shen Tung Lee 
Pullman. Agriculture Economics 
Cornelis Waltherus Johannes Maria Corssmit 
Pullman. Agriculture Economics 

352 Graduate Students 

Student Living 

Members of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity utilize an external, natural world, too often taken for granted. 

Student Living Groups 353 


Student Living Groups 355 

356 Student Living Groups 




Carol L Abbott 
Hilal Apaydin 
Connie Sue Aufderhar 
Anita Axtell 
Teddi Bainbridge 
Kelly Balogh 

Melodie R. Bell 
Lynn Marie Beltz 
Barbara Berg 
Jeri Betz 
Ann English Bevens 
Jane Louise Bevens 

Janis Boyd 
Jan Boyer 
Jan Burmingham 
Colleen Cleary 
Cindy Clemetson 
Sharon Cole 

Sharon Cook 
Charlotte Cruzen 
Cathy A. Dawson 
Kathy Drabik 
Terry Dreaney 
Diane Dunn 

Sandra Kay Eagle 
Kathy Edmondson 
Susan Edson 
Carole Lynn Engibous 
Catherine L. Fischbach 
Karen M. Fish 

Gerry Forsberg 
Sharon Glein 
Maggie Goeckler 

Sharyl L. Gowan 
Barbara Gustin 
Joanne Harris 

Sharon A. Harris 
Connie Heimbigner 
Dianne Heimbigner 

Mary Patricia Hoffman 
Denisse M. Houghton 
Joyce Hubbard 

358 Coman 

Janet Jump 
Janice E. Junker 
Elizabeth Kee 
Peggy Kembel 
Sherri King 

Shelley Kirk 
Linda Kay Leonard 
Barbara Louise Lombard 
Patti McCarty 
Joyce Messenger 

Janet Jean Mickelwait 
Nancy Beth Mutchler 
Sheree Ann Myers 
Virginia Nelson 

Barbara Ann Norris 
Theresa Lynette Olsen 
Janet Paine 

Lynn Peterson 
Sidra K. Phillips 
Piper Pischel 

Cathy Preston 
Jean F. Primozich 
Leilani Y Punihaole 

Janet L Rousseau 
Romae Louise Sargent 
Leslie Siem 

Maureen Sweeney 
Patricia Thompson 
Susan Kathleen Thompson 

Brenda S Tisdale 
Laurie Michelle Uhl 
Connie Willman 

Coman 359 


Paula Ashton 
Judith L. Baxter 
Gretchen Berg 
Linda Carel Bloom 
Pamela Joy Bostrom 
Charlene Bourne 

Connie Cantrell 
Sandy Carter 
Debbie Chan 
Jenny Chang 
Allen Chow 
Janice E. Clarke 

Janet Coleman 
Jane Conrad 
Lori D'Andrea 
Karen Dixon 
Marcia Drucker 
Rebecca A. Dutro 

Barbara Eder 
Kathryn Eley 
Ronda D Fleek 
Debbie Flickinger 
Kathie Floren 
Patricia B. Griswold 

Joyce Halldorson 
Teresa Marie Harness 
Janet Lynn Haynes 
Mary Louise Hoffman 
Leslie J. Hudlow 
Kathleen Huggins 

Amy Kontos 
Karen Y. Lafky 

Susan Lancaster 
Anita Laska 

Lori Leigh Lightner 
Mary M. Long 

Marcia Malcomb 
Rita Nordenstam 

Lynne Marie Pursell 
Terah Regan 

Annette Eileen Sabastian 
Cinda Schott 

Louise Ellen Schuster 
Breta Louise Smith 

Janice Stendahl 
Susan LynTorgerson 

Susan Kay Trettevik 
Janie Tripp 

Margaret Wagenblast 
LuAnn Wing 


1 * Hk 



Wendy Lynn Adams 
Christi Anderson 
Debbie Beck 

Nancy Boettcher 
Dee Dee Borgens 
Carolle Boucher 

Carol C. Bruns 
Carolyn Buchanan 
Shelley Bucklin 

Kathleen J Burke 
Cindi Ann Bushwar 
Jean Chesley 

Dana C. Coleman 
Roberta Davies 
Joanne Dawson 

Dianne Dorway 
Linda Edmund 
Susan Marie Elder 

Susy Fair 
Diana Flotree 
Mary Frykman 


Nanette Fujmaka 
Linda Gaw 
Shelley Gibb 

Mary F Gross 
Janet A. Hagemeister 
Constance L. Hayden 




Susan Hodgson 
Nancy Diane Johnson 
Suzanne Johnson 

Pam Kanzler 
Sharon Kohn 
Morrine Lamb 

Sherry Lambier 
Mary Mengarelli 
Pam Mills 

Suzanne E Peterson 
Lisa Peth 

Pamela Ann Piper 

Pat Powers 
Deanne M. Robey 
Ann Leslie Russell 

Sally Saltero 
Diane Smith 
Kristine Smith 

Virginia Jude Smith 
Catherine Spotanske 
Susy Sundberg 

Paula Walch 
Carolyn Warnock 
Marlene Wong 

Davis 363 

Duncan Dunn 

Marilyn Anderson 
Donna Jena Baxter 

Leslie Bennett 
Jan Bethune 

Martha E. Blum 
Sherry Ann Brasher 

Pamela Briant 
Terry Butler 

Becky Chapman 
Nancy Ann Doyle 

Kristine Duex 
Lindsay Fiker 
Mary Fleener 
Lorraine Gai 
Milissa Gierman 

Debbie Graves 
Kathy Graves 
Cathy Grimes 
Eileen Haskins 
Marti Haviland 
Wendy Hein 

Kathy Herber 
Nancy Hoagland 
Lynn Ann Holmes 
Jeri Hughes 
Lynne Hunter 
Elin Johnson 

Julie Rae Johnson 
Andrea Jordan 
Karen Kaiser 
Pamela Knaggs 
Christine Larson 
Shaune L. Liles 

Ruth Lmdgren 
Judy McCleary 

Jane Macho 
Susan Marshall 

Val Martin 
Linda Mizer 

Marcey Painter 
Margie Parks 
Renee Teresa Perrault 
Elaine Podominick 
Lori Putnam 
Jeannie Reyburn 

Leslie Rickard 
Kathi Rogers 
Anne Schillinger 
Mardi Scott 
Pam Sherry 
Diane Stone 

Constance M. Strecker 
Ginny Swanstrom 
Beth Syltebo 
Jean Louise Tilson 
Sharon M. Tucker 
Genevieve C. Vale 

Valerie Walker 
Patricia Wells 
Rebecca Wheeler 
Pamela D. White 
Gwen Winters 
Juanita Kay Young 

Duncan Dunn 



Ron Alldredge 
Glenn Althoff 
Randy Ambrozic 
Lance M Anderson 
Cameron J. Baker 
Steve Baldwin 

Alan Bernhard 
Ron Berschauer 
Richard Bettencourt 
Kenneth M Bisbee 
Allyn Q. Bottorff 
Eldon W. Brown 

David Browne 
Matthew R. Carson 
Larry Cochran 
Bill Colville 
Nelson A. Cordill. Jr. 
Robert A. Dickmeyer 

Roger Dirkes 
David Dean Driver 
Robert E. Egeland 
Thomas Edwin Ehigh 
Steve Finley 
Steven H. Fischer 

Dennis Fitch 
Frank Fowler 
Virgil Frazier 
W. Michael Gannon 
Bradley Kyle Gingerich 
Wes Graham 

Alan Hammora 
Thomas Harris 
Mark Heglund 
J. Michael Henchman 
Robert Hilliard 
Donald S Hillstrom 

Sanford E Hinderlie 
Gary Lee Holland 
James P Holt 
Kevin Earley S. Hoult 
Michael R. Hultman 
James B Hutchinson 

Keith E Johnson 
Woodie Jones. Jr. 

Duane Kim 
John Eugene King 
Bruce Kinney 
Roy A. LaPlante III 

P Ray Ledgerwood 
Thomas Ledgerwood 
Steve Lee 
Dennis Lindsey 
Robert R. Logan 
John H. McNeil 

366 Gannon 

Ken G. MacDicken 
Roy E Matthews 
Joe Maybee 
Douglas Meerdink 
Richard Meerdink 
Dave Merritt 

Paul E. Miller 
Steve Morman 
Gary Morris 
Mike Murray 
J. Scot Nicholson 
Patrick Parish 

Ervin Parkins 
A Brad Peterson 
Brooke Peterson 
Tim Pingrey 
Jim Ray 

Stephen Aubrey Raymond 

R Timothy Rice 
Dennis E. Rugg 
Steven E Savitz 
Roger Schimmeyer 
Richard E. Schneider 
Dale D. Scott 

Gordon W. Sivley 
Bruce Steeve 
James Wayne Sutton 
Fredric W. Tanner 
Michael Leroy Tatum 
James G. Tessier 

Rod Towell 
Robert A. Vancil 
Donald Van Wechel 
Nick Waldher 
W. Bradley Walterskirchen 
Ken Wehmeyer 




Greg Aeschliman 
Nick Anderson 
Bill Armes 
John H Belonis 
Stephen Blankenship 
Gregory Bocchi 

David N. Bogue 
Al Borman 
John Brewer 
Christian F. Buchmann 
Randy Camp 
Gene Cramer 

Allen Joseph Crawey 
James H. Crooks 
Gene S. Darby 
Richard L. Day 
Mike Dean 
Al Deguchi 

Randolph M. DeLong 
John Eldon Dietrich 
Robert Emmel 
Doug Ensor 
Michael Evanger 
Michael R. Ferry 

David Flatness 
David M. Freimuth 
Jack Gaffney 

Stephen L Gendro 
William G. Gotfredson 
James Allen Griffin 

Larry Hafer 
Gilbert Dean Hata 
Glenn F. Hata 

Mark W. Headlee 
William Higginbotham 
Lyle Hildahl 

Joseph Hill 
Michael Phillip Hill 
Roy E. Hood 

368 Goldsworthy 


Bruce Craig Horman 
Roger Howard 
Mark James 
Edward Johnson 
Scott Johnson 
George Eric Jurgens 

Steven J. Keehnel 
David Kennedy 
Chet E. Kenoyer 
George Konopik 
Raymond Lee 
James R Longan, Jr 

Gary D. Louie 
Marvin D. Louie 
John W Malloy 
Rick Marler 
Mike Mayer 
Allen Miller 

Dean J. Morris 
Paul Arvid Morris 
Bruce Mortimer 
Earl W. Murdock 
Roy W. Neese 
Ronald A Nelson 

Michael J. Nissen 
John Osborne 
Mark Warren Parcel 
Ron Paul 

Ronald R Peterson 
Mikel Ray Phillips 

Karl Vander Ploeg 
Dean Radford 
Richard H. Rast 
Mark H. Reece 
Paul Reed 
Gordon F. Rennie 

William R. Renner 
Patrick C. Roe, Jr. 
Lawrence Edward Roske 
John W Russell 
Bill Satterhwaite 
Franklin Z. Schenck 

DaniolJ. Schwartze 
George H. Serley 
Michael Sherry 
Steven Skinner 
Bert Smith 

David Laurence Smith 

Jeff Smith 
Gerald L. Snyder 
John Curtis Steiner 
Ralph Edward Train 
Jim H. Venier 
Nyle L. Verkist 

Stephen C Waite 
James R. Wegner 
Ronald Wilcox 
Craig W. Willson 
Henry L. Woodward 
Roger E Young 

Goldsworthy 369 

Kruegal-McAl lister 

Marieta Adams 
Linda Albert 
Barbara Ames 
Carmen Anderson 
Connie Rae Anderson 
Karlyn Sue Anderson 

Katherine Beaman 
Karen Bell 
Susan Bell 
Susan Bennett 
Linda Fay Biddle 
Delores Bogan 

Mary Jane Bratton 
Kathleen Bredeson 
Laura Buchanan 
Kimberley Burke 
Kathleen Buss 
Carol Carson 

Maureen E. Conrad 
Jan Cristofoli 

Kathleen Cromer 
Suzie Curtis 

Bernice Daut 
Sue Eastman 

Janet Ehli 
Sally Ellis 

370 Kruegal-McAllister 

Catherine Frances Feher 
Aileen L. Fink 
Cheryl M. Foster 
Cynthia Fox 
Jayne L. Freed 
Sandra J. Freitas 

Nancy K. Friehauf 
Lynn Glaser 
Dena Marie Hagen 
Julie Ann Haugseth 
Emily Jean Heintz 
Sue Hickman 

Sharon L. Hillier 
Barbara Hodapp 
Patricia Anne Hogan 
Anne Hunsaker 
Mary E. Ingram 
Lin Marjorie Ingstad 

Sharon Iwamoto 
Karen Jacky 
Robin Jasman 
Gloria Jeffcott 
Linda I. Jensen 
Cheryl Johnson 

Judy Janet Johnson 
Karen Kay 
Jane Kile 

Jeanette M. Knapp 
Nancy D. Kuhnau 
Melinda Larson 

Lucy Lauterbach 
Janet Linscott 
Donna Lischka 
B Jeanne McKay 
Peggy Ann McKee 
Jean McLaughlin 

Kruegal-McAllister 371 

Geri McLean 
Nancy Malloy 
Susan Christine Malloy 
Barbara Martin 
Pamela J. May 
Marguerite Menaul 

Nancy Mills 
Betsy Moore 
Lena Moore 
Elaine Moorhead 
Galen Marie Motin 
Joy Muller 

Carol A. Murray 
Barb Myers 
Liz Myers 
Patty Nason 
Nancy Neufer 
Susan Odne 

Mary Anne Olmstead 
Bev Ottoson 
Debbie Paysse 

Maribel Pillsbury 
Nancy Pirret 
Sharon Poffenroth 

Sue C. Porter 
Jan Pribbernow 
Julie Puffert 

Sandra Rapenchuk 
Allison Reid 
Kathy Roady 

Marcia L. Robinson 
Linda Rockey 
Debie Roether 

Paula Royalty 
Benaya Schafer 
Evita Schmidt 

Karen L Scribner 
Linda R. Seidel 
Becky Shackelton 

372 Kruegal-McAllister 

Joanne Shadel 

Cris Shriner 

Becky Simpson 

Peggy Solan 

Debra Steinman 

Jill K. Stephenson 
Anne Marie Swanson 
Renee Lynn Tanner 
Pam J. Tengesdal 
Carrie Thompson 
Nancy Thumler 

Susan Toll 
Jessie Turner 
Gail Twelves 
Lisa Tylczak 
Annette Vochatzer 
Joan Wallace 

Patti Waller 
Laura Ward 
Darce Webb 
Vicki Weeks 
Robin Wheeler 
Marilyn Whiteside 

Cindy Wine 
Jeanne Winter 
Mary Wolfe 
Paige Wood 
Heidi Wyss 
Julienne L. Zembal 

Kruegal-McAllister 373 


Gale Brink 
Jan L. Britt 
Paula Gail Chrisman 
Cindy Cone 
Rena Diane Cooper 
Mary Elizabeth Derr 

Joan De William 
Jayne Ellen Duling 
Joni Eberlein 
Diane L. Ehle 
Leianne T. Fujimura 
Sandra Jean Graham 

Barbara Sue Harris 
Mary Haskins 

Linda Renee Henson 
Cathy Hoagland 

Denise Hoard 
Patricia Alice Huggins 

Michele Johnson 
Nance Johnson 

Noma M. Kayser 
Patty Kennedy 

Susan Kimes 
Jane Marie Kirk 

Sally Lloyd 
Elsie Mae McDonell 

374 McCroskey 

Sarah Jane Moran 
Sherril Nossum 
Christine Nyberg 

Julie Porro 
Julie Ann Prince 
Carol Rice 

Kathy Ringo 
Carolyn Ruthford 
Laura Lynn Shimmin 

Laurie Slater 
Cynthia Lee Smithson 
Diann Sornberger 

Eileen Stanley 
Leslie Ann Swalley 
Kathleen Sweeney 

Katherine Thompson 
Janet A Thonney 
Marna Ann Tisdel 

McCroskey 375 


Jone Alexander 
Paul Scott Armstrong 
Richard Benedict 
John W. Blain 
Michelle Bope 
Terri Brock 

David Ross Butler 
Sande Cartwright 
Terry Yuen-Fung Chan 
Scott Dahlin 
Denise Anna Daunais 
Richard Dierks 

Jane Downing 
Karen Elizabeth Echelbarger 
Mark M. Elliott 
Kevin Elston 
Carl L. Evans 
Bob Farilla 

376 Neill 

Kristiana Johnson 
Neil Johnson 

Pete King 
Brenda Koeller 

Karin Kozik 
Jan Kroum 

Dave Le€ 

Barbara Lb..linger 

Joseph Lessard 
Bertha V Lynn 

Leslie N. Martin 
David Masters 

Don Morris 
Colleen Morrissey 

Marcia Muto 
Joe Nevue 

Jean Osmond 
Steve Panek 

Mary Clare Paris 
Tom H. Parker 

Neill 377 

Paul G. Parkin 
William Parretta 
Anne Perry 
Donita Reams 
Robert William Redman 
Rosalynn R. Rmgor 

Richard Earl Sackett 
William F. Saul. Jr. 
Stephen E. Saunders 
Josie Schilling 
Rich Slunaker 
Nina Smith 

Paul A. Smith 
Gerry Snell 
Eric Sorensen 
Jim Tamura. Jr. 
Bobbi Tanner 
Steve Tarr 

378 Neill 


Barbara L. Allan 
Carole Anne Allen 
Thomas G. Anderson 
Terri Andreasen 
Robert E Andrew. Jr. 
Leo Baker 

Ellen Bartholomew 
Don Baxter 
Eugenio R. Bigornia 
Mike Boltz 

June Irene Bosserman 
Cathy Briley 

Jack Brook 
Terry Brown 
Loranna E. Bruno 
Steve D. Bunting 
Stephen Burket 
George Calvin 

Gayle Carlson 
Janet M. Carlson 

Gary N. Christopher 
Donald L. Cutler 

Mark Davis 
Leanne Day 

Carl Deffenbaugh 
Carol Eunice DeStael 

Michael Phillip Devaney 
Sally Dickey 

Orton 379 

Roger Droz 
Cathy Ellsworth 
James England 
Sue Erb 
Stephen Erickson 
Judy Eyestone 

Jerry Findley 
Avis Foos 
Kim Franklin 
H. Jane Freese 
Shelley Rae Frohning 
Lydia Gaebe 

Diane Gardner 
Greg Garney 
Vance F. Gervais 
Tracy Gill 
Kari Gilmore 
Alex Gipson 

Gary Francis Hiller 
Heather Hoke 
Kathy M Hurley 
Denise Jacobs 
Jim Jameson 
Peter H. Jensen 

Jerilyn Jewett 
Deborah K. Johnston 
Lynn D Jones 
Donald W. Jubb. Jr. 
Christopher M. Kearney 
Ann Kennedy 

Dana Leland King 
Tery Ann Knudson 
Douglas A. Lambuth 
Janet L. Larson 
Tim Leong 
Ruth M. Loes 

380 Orton 

Mike Wilson 
Jolene L. H. Wong 
Luz N Young 

Kimberly Lundstrom 
Patricia McNulty 
Allison Marsh 
Renee Mercereau 
Thomas Edward Meyers 
Mark Mullen 

Margaret Munekiyo 
Acha Musashi 
William R. Naddy 
Kevin Naylor 
Donna Eileen Nopp 
Rachael Norby 

Jay C. Niblett 
Mark Niendam 
Chuck Pendell 
Janice Pennington 
Cindy Perrault 
Lynn Peterson 

Eric Petterson 
Denise Pillette 
Glori Plitt 
Allen E Richards 
Harry Rice 
J Patrick Rice 

Barry Roth 

Frederic M Sammond 
Rick Saul 
Dave Schafer 
M. Kathleen Selders 
Tracey Short 

Delmis Sonneson 
Chuck Stone 
Gerry Stout 
Richard Strieker 
John R. Swanson 
Merrilee Swanson 

Raymond H. Tanaka 
David Taylor 
Marvin D. Thrall 
Philip Lee Trautman 
Sharon K. Tuckness 
Leslie Vander Wegen 


Orton 381 

Second Floor 

382 Orton 

Fourth Floor 

Orton 383 

Fifth Floor 

Seventh Floor 

384 Orton 

Ninth Floor 

Orton 385 


Tenth Floor 

Eleventh Floor 

386 Orton 

ABOVE: House Council. Paul Casey, Don Porter, Steve Buztia, Charlie 
Calhoun, Tom Anderson, Mariye Ota, Dan Case. TOP ABOVE: Dorm 
Officers. Barb Weir, Tom O'Brien, Mariye Ota, Jay Niblett. RIGHT: Staff 
Assistants. Row One: Deb Treneer. Row Two: Rick Saul. Row Three: Marv 
Sturgeon, Jeanette Vogel, Deb Williams, Beth Reymore, Joyce Stephens, 
Gerry Stout. Row Four: Ned Champagne, Steve Castleberry, Jack Beaujon. 

Orton 387 


Donna Ackerman 
Laurie Ambrogio 
Claudia Lynn Angus 
Jennifer Lynn Anstey 
June Barbara Auld 

Susan Avery 
Jane Marie Bade 
Roena Barkley 
Vicki Barnhart 
Gail Bartlett 

Karen M. Bishop 
Patricia Beebe 
Sally Britain 
Rhonda Blank 
Constance M. Brown 

Susan Campbell 
Janet Carrell 
Ginger Chaffeur 
Brenda F.Y. Ching 
Kathleen Coleman 

Becky J. Collins 
Carla Cooper 
Eileen "Mouse'' Costello 
Janie Countryman 
Sara Davis 

Shelby June Davis 
Lee DeChambeau 
Sandy Deignan 
Gail Dennie 
Barb Diefendorf 

388 Regents 

Teri Dietz 
Debra Downing 
April D. Easter 
Julie Lee Edwards 
Debbie Elder 
Catherine Sue Farago 

Barbie Farr 
Lynne Flickinger 
Linda Ford 
Carol Forhan 
Connie Fox 
Doris Fujioka 

Majel Furu 
Sandra Garl 
Jindy Marie Geiow 
Paula Gray 
Arlene Grothe 
Jill Gutkowski 


Regents 389 

Michelle S. Holter 
Judy Elaine Howe 

Lori Howell 
Wendy Huber 

Jan Hunnicutt 
Dawn Ingram 

Michele Ann loppini 
Julie L. Irmer 

Peggy Ives 
Barbara Jean Stevens 

Debbie Johnson 
Karen Johnson 

Marta Lynn Johnson 
Diane Jorgensen 

Kathryn Marie Larsen 
Diana Legacie 

390 Regents 

Susan Gayle Martin 
Karen McCulloch 

Annette McGrath 
Saundra D McIntosh 

Tina R Martin 
Launa Medved 

Anne L. Millen 
Kathy Miller 

Marilyn Miller 
Donna Morgan 

Laurie Mudge 
Myra Myers 

Jean Toshiko Natsuhara 
Anne E. Navarre 

Diane Nelson 
Weze Nelson 

Regents 391 

Vicki Newman 
Diane Nibler 
Cathleen A. Noerenberg 
Joy Van Nostern 
Carol Lynn Norine 
Joyce O'Connell 

Karen Olson 
Nancy Olson 
Mary Opgenorth 
Sharon Ouye 
Kathleen N. Owens 
Marnell Pelly 

Stephanie Rogers 
Shirley Sargent 

Patricia L. Sauer 
Carol Schlenker 

Kathryn L. Schmidt 
Carol Seehafer 

392 Regents 

Ann Frances Seipt 
Terrie Lynn Shannon 
Diane E. Sinnes 

Tami Smith 

Mary Helen Soderlind 

Cheryl Spadt 

Alberta Rachel Stadtler 
Dorothea Steiger 
Maureen Stephens 

Karen Strehlew 
Cindy Sulenes 
Noranne Sullivan 

Janis Taylor 
Kristi Ann Tedrow 
Jane Ann Ternes 

Yvonne Thompson 
Donna J. Thorndike 
Paula Melita Thorpe 

Leslie Todd 
Roberta Tonder 
Jacqueline D. Turner 

Gail Marie VanLeuven 
Deborah Lee York 
Theresa Wall 

Reenee Anita Warren 
Terry Warner 
Donna West 




David A. Anderson 
Hillford W. Anderson 
James R Anderson 
John N. Anderson 
Paul J Anderson 
Tony Anfinson 
John Argyle 

John Arnold 
Thomas Robert Atkins 
Charles D. Baker 
Ted Baseler 
Jim Bauermeister 
Gary Baugh 
Roy A. Beasley 

Mark W. Bennett 
Wally Bennett 
TW (Benny) Benson 
Bob Blane 
Tom Brace 
Gene Brasher 
Richard Brimmer 

Thomas F. Brooks 
John Bruun 
Ron Bunnell 
M. Clint Buswell 
Alan Caley 
Bill Caplin 
Steve Cartan 

Sam Cerna 
Peter C.H. Cheng 
King-Wai Cheung 
Patrick J. Clark 
Jim Clingan 
Ward Brace Colignon 
William E. Cooper 

Thomas M Craig 
Rich Danielson 
Stan Eakins 
Craig A. Emmick 
Eddy Eng 
Wesley W. Ervin 
Dale L. Freeman 

Scott Flick 
John Folkrod 
Pat Gallagher 
Mark Galligan 
Norman A. Geiger 
Albert G. Grasher 
David George Hannam 

Thomas A. Harrington 
Kerry Hartung 
Gerald Hee 
Charles H. Heieck 
Ronald M. Henricksen 
Ted Hollar 
Ross D. Jamieson 

Tony Judah 
Scott Kantrowitz 
Norm Keitges 
Greg Kelly 
Gale S. Kennedy 
John Kjargaard 
Wayne W. Klump 

David R. Kimmel 
Paul F. Koester 
Dayne Kornfeind 
Dan Kusmirek 
Neal C. Kuyper 
Darrel Lau 
Jim Lee 

394 Rogers 

Steve Lepage 
Robert Marvin Lien 
Dean Logsdon 
John Woods McCaslin 
Neal R. McEachern 
Mike McGimpsey 
Jack W. McGrath 

Jim McMains 
Robert McPherson 
Mike Malone 
Don Martin 
Tom Martin 
Tim F Mathews 
David A. Miskimens 

Eric W. Nelson 
Gary Nordlund 
Edward Ochoa 
Douglas R. Olson 
Neil Opfer 
Lon Patterson 
Kelly Perkins 

David B. Peterson 
Larry S. Peterson 
Mark R. Peterson 
Daniel G. Peters 
Paul Michael Pettit 
Frank Pratt 
David Allen Prock 

Thomas E. Pukima 
Tim Randall 
Patrick Reason 
Steven Retter 
Mark Richardson 
Rick Rogers 
Robert S. Russell 

John E. Ruthford 
Charles R. Sample 
Darrell L. Sanders 
Edward Raymond Sauve 
Robert B. Scofield 
Allen Todd Shook 
Michael Shook 

James T. Sizemore 
Richard J. Slovek 
Jack David Smith 
Rick Smith 
Darrell Sotka 
Steven Robert Sowers 
Gary Alan Sperline 

Randy Suess 
Jack Swanson 
Michael John Thayer 
Dale. W Tilson 
Scott R. Tower 
Stuart A Trefry 
Michael G. Troxel 

Mark Tyerman 
Ken Van Kooten 
Wayne Walker 
Allyn Warner 
Robert James Wendt 
Michael J. Westfahl 
Don Wetzel. Jr. 

Rogers 395 

Peggy E. Conner 
Donna Danielson 
Aria Dayton 
Dee Dean 
Constance D. Denson 

Carmen Dybdahl 
Janis M. Eastman 
Mary Joan Erickson 
Gail Diane Everson 
Donna Fernandes 

Ellen Gehrman 
Lisa Hansen 
Bobbie Helgeland 
Barb Higgins 
Kathleen M. Hilliard 

Elizabeth Hiramoto 
Sharon Hockenson 
Nancy Lynn Jacobson 
Nancy Keeffe 
Jody Kitten 

Joan Knatcal 
Pam Lane 
Sheri Lathrop 
Margo C. Lawr 
Janette Gayle Madden 


Bobbi Akiyoshi 
Kathy Ardell 
Cathy Jo Bean 

Theresa J Belles 
Elizabeth L. Bolson 
Suzanne Botts 

Heather Boyce 
Pam Campbell 
Tina E. Carlson 

396 Scott 

Connie Kathleen Mader 
Pamala Ann Mason 
Cathy Meyer 
Lois Jean Morasch 
Sherryl Murray 

Gail Nelly 
Christine Nelson 
Sherrie Lynn Orlob 
Judy Overdahl 
Shirley Parsons 

Joan Quesnel 
Debbie Regehr 
Gail Ann Rhymes 

Rebecca Anne Rogers 
Naomi Spears 
Lanita Tilton 

Deborah Travis 
Cheri Valentine 
Jody Lee Van Schoorl 

Stephenson East 

Sue Adams 
Kay Alvarez 
Ellen J. Anderson 
Gretchen Arges 
Anne Marie Axworthy 
Connie Ballard 

Nadia Lynne Betts 
Jacqui Bergerson 
Debbie Bernsen 
Elise Blomberg 
Karen J. Brown 
Nancy Bryant 

Celeste B Dang 
Sandy Daniels 
Patricia Dashney 
Cynthia M. Davis 
Sylvia Davis 
Irene Donahue 

Harriet Dorsey 
Pamela Edlund 
Barbara S. Edtl 
Jennie Eirich 
Shirley Evans 
Susan Cathleen Falck 

398 Stephenson East 

Julie A. Fortune 
Karin Fritzie Fox 

Candy Garner 
Peggy Garen 

Carla Jean Geier 
Claudia Glover 

Diane Gossett 

Rebecca Lynn Greenfield 

JoAnn Griffith 

Julie Groom 

Terin S. Guinn 

Linda S. Haavig 

Christine Hathaway 
Karen Hegtvedt 
Rebecca J. Heim 
Kathy Hermann 
Lindy Lee Hicks 
Kerrie Hole 

Rachel Howard 
Patti Howes 
Barbara Huprich 
Bev Ibach 

Linda, Louise Ireland 
Jani Jameson 

Nancy L. Johnson 
Colleen M Jones 
Phyllis Kelly 
Marziah Kiehn 
Barbara King 
Peggy King 

Deborah J. Kirchgesseur 
Marianne Kirchner 
Stacie Knauss 
Kristine Lynn Knouse 
Jane Knudson 
Marilyn Jean Knudsen 

Sue Kopczynski 
Kathleen L. Kraft 
Mary Kathleen Lanning 
Karen M. Larson 
Karen Leathers 
Janet Lenhart 

Stephenson East 399 

Rebecca Lind 
Mary Lindberg 
Donna Loge 
Sharon E Loken 
Gretchen Losvar 
Debbie Lotze 

Nancy Love 
Peggy Annette McCartney 
Leslie McGee 
Shannon McNeal 
Collen McPhee 
Joyce McRae 

Kristine McRae 
Jeanette K. Mackinnon 
Kim Maclean 
Carol March 
Alice J. Marska 
Denise Caryl Matson 

Jean Melvin 
Kris Merritt 
Roberta Mielke 
Lauri J. Miller 
Kathy M. Morasch 
Helen Morrill 

Cynthia R. Munt 
Jean Neigel 
Blythe Jane Nelson 
Bonnie K. Nelson 
Jan Norelius 
Caren O’Donnell 

Pamela Ann Olson 
Diane Parkinson 
Melba Pearce 
Cheryl Ann Pease 
Janet Lee Petersen 
Valerie Preuschoff 

400 Stephenson East 


Judi Thompson 
Nancy Marie Tidrick 

Margaret Tylczak 
Marilyn Uno 

Terri Vanhollenbeke 
Laura Ward 

NancyJ. Wierenga 
Peggy Williams 

Mary K. Young 
Linda S. Zurian 

Lynda Rama 
Janet Rarey 
Kathy Redford 
Deborah Lynn Russell 

Kathryn A. Scarpelli 
Debby Schmid 
Diane Schneider 
Summer Selby 

Janet Sheeley 
Mary Shollenburg 
Lyla Smith 
Sandra Karen Smith 

Kathie E. Sorensen 
Donna Spofford 
Rita K. Stevens 
Nancy Stevenson 

Laurie Suess 
Kristine R. Swanson 
Sally Sweet 
Joanne Terao 

Stephenson East 401 

Stephenson South 

Mark Adams 
Brad Adkins 
Yukio Aki 
Bruce K. Allert 
Dale N Anderson 
Greg Anderson 

Mark Anderson 
William John Andring. Jr. 

Robert Baetke 
Dale Bean 
Steve Bellmont 
Richard M. Bernal 

Robert G Bina 
Michael Bladek 
Earl James Bone 
Douglas Boyce 
Robert D. Brown 
Steven Franklin Brown 

Dennis Bunday 
Kit Burns 
Peter Chapman 
Harold D. Clarke III 
Charles M. Clist 
Herb Cook 

402 Stephenson South 

John Dean 
Michael Drake 
Robert Flanders 
Robert Franklin 
John A. Freberg 
Eiichiro Fukuda 

Daniel W. Galvin 
Rolf T. Glerum 
Hugh Richard Goin 
Robin D Gray 
Kenneth M. Halleen 
Steve Hannick 

Richard Philip Hernandez 
Douglas Heyamoto 

Steve Horak 
Steve Hughes 

Gene Jarstad 
Alan Jennings 

Ernie R. Johnson 
Ron Jure 

Stanley Kanno 
Alan M. Kiefer 

Ken W. Linderman 
David Chong-Yan Lum 

Ronald McDougall 
Brad A. McMullen 


Stephenson South 

Michael J Maeum 
Joseph Maj 
Rich Manary 
Mike Martin 
William D. Mason, Jr. 
Thomas G Mickelson 

William Jerry Miller 
Norman L. Minske 

Steve Moon 
David J. Moore 

Andrew J. Muntz 
John Nelson 

Jack Frederick McLeod Nevin 
Imran Khalid Niazi 

David Nix 
Allan G. Olson 

Richard James Peterson 
David A. Pickles 

David Plowman 
Herman M. Porter 

Edward Reid 
Barry Rettkowski 

Dave Reynolds 
Wayne Riches 
Hugh T. Saffel III 
Paul Salisbury 
Peter G. Sample 
Paul F. Schlichting 

404 Stephenson South 

Gary Schmauder 
Thomas L. Schreiber 

Mark A. Sherman 
Christopher Spivey 

David Spomer 
Don Stayner 

Erie 0. Stone 
John Syring 

James D. Ulrich 
Christian D Vanos 

Joseph H. Westsik. Jr. 
Gary C. Wetzel 

Alan Whisman 
David R. Williams 

William Gordon Wright 
Ralph H. Zehier 

Stephenson South 405 

Stephenson North 

Carol Affleck 
Marilyn Aho 
Judy Barbee 
Laurie Bardue 
Marti Bates 
Jill Marie Bellows 

Marcy Betschart 
Sandy Mae Boisselle 
Nikki Rene Boyer 
Tara Boyle 
Kathy S. Bradford 
Denise Branca 

Helen M. Bray 
Margie Bredberg 
Marlene Jeanette Bride 
Pamela A. Brown 
Patti Jo Brown 
Cindy Bruner 

Lorna G. Burgstanler 
Janet Marie Burke 
Kim Burks 
Christine Carlson 
Mary Carlson 
Merrie J. Carlson 

Pat Chapman 
Nancy C. Chastain 
Becky Ann Clark 
Deborah Sue Clark 
Janet Coble 
Linda Cole 

Suzanne Cottingham 
Linda Couture 
Debbie Craig 
Pat Cunningham 
Darlene Daniel 
Kyle Daniels 

Terri Darnell 
Debbie DeVries 
Connie Rae Dickman 
Denise Renee Didiek 
Wanda M. Dow 
Deborah Dean Drake 

Kim E. DuBois 
Ann Easterbrooks 
Mary Ann Eddy 
Margaret Elliot 
Christine M. Elston 
Sue Enright 

Debbie Ensor 
Nancy Erickson 
Michelle Phyllis Feld 
Gwen Feverston 
Karen Jean Frost 
La Faye Fuson 

406 Stephenson North 

Carole Susan linhart 
Diane L. Lorenzo 
Martha McClintock 

Sharel Marjamaa 
Jdn Martin 
Susan Matsumoto 

Nancy Maule 
Kathy M. May 
Carol M. Miller 

Darlene M. Gallagher 
Dianne Ganguet 
Carol George 
Patti Lynne Goff 
Linda Lee Grzybala 
Susan Guzek 

Susan Halbert 
Martha Hall 
Shelley Hanson 
Susan Harrison 
Norma Hedrick 
Terri Heinlen 

Paula Higby 
Joyce Higginbotham 
Lynn Higginbotham 
Linda Hill 
Karen Holmes 
Kim Hughes 

Pamela D. Hull 
Lana L. Hunnicutt 
Gisela Inge 
Susan V. Irish 
Gayle Jaasund 
Sally James 

Karen Anne Jeffers 
Janice Jitsuko 
Diane Johnson 
Gail A. Johnson 
Elaine Kammeyer 
Susan A. Karlson 

Debra Kelly 
Gail Elizabeth Kelly 
Candy Kennedy 
Lucille M. Kirschbaum 
Janelle Kissling 
Deb Krautwurm 

Stephenson North 407 


Judith L. Miller 
Kathleen Moeller 
Jeanne Morrison 
Linda Ann Moyer 
Valerie Mueller 
Mary Ann Nelson 

M. Barbara Nielsen 
Jo Ann Owen 
Heidi Owings 
Arlene Paulson 
Susan L. Peterson 
Penny Petow 

Debra J. Price 
Marsha Price 
Gayle Rathbun 
Laurie Redfield 
Carolyn Rish 
Kathi Rivers 

Marcia Rivers 
Gayle Roberts 
Chris Robson 
Paula S. Rogers 
Kathleen Rubatino 
C. Sue Sasser 

Susan Schneidmiller 
Betsy Roberts Seidel 
Bev Shonka 
Pam Sirjord 
Pat Skrentny 
Mary Alice Smith 

Janet Lynn Snyder 
Diane Sommer 
Sandra Stauffee 
Sharon Steele 
Brenda Joan Stratton 
Stephanie Sully 

Sue Sutherland 
Susan Tempel 
Debbie Kay Thompson 
Susan Tibbitts 
Jane Marie Tracey 
Kathleen Marie Tubbin 

Muriel S. Vincent 
Laurie Wahlers 
Betty Wahlstrom 
Nancy Walczyk 
Laurie Jo Warner 
Gayle Waters 

Gail F. Weir 
Vicki Lynn White 
Ellen Lee Wickhorst 
Candy Wiggins 
Sherry Williamson 
Monna Wilson 

Terri L. Winter 
Gloria Jean Wood 
Jane M. Wyborney 
Patricia L. Wyckoff 
Michale Yockey 
Joan Zaleski 

Stephenson North 


Charles G. Croc 
Michael H. Davis 

Stewart Emery 
Robert L. Ferguson 

David Freyer 
Donald Gibson 

David Gord 
Jerry Griebling 

William Haynes 
Guy F. Herbert 

Jeff Huey 
Mark Huston 

Feri Adib 

Steven D. Akehurst 
Bert K. Anderson 

John Austenson 
Dave Bennett 
Jeff Bull 

Dave Burton 
Richard Ciranny 
Jim Crisp 

Stimson 409 

Kim Keep 
Richard W. Krase 
Robert F. Krueger 
Bruce Lane 
Jeffrey C. Linn 

William Long 
Robert L. Mahler 
Dale Marlin 
Douglas E. Meek 
David A. Meriwether 

Larry Mogck 
Dan Monteith 
Michael Munro 
Scott T. Nakahara 
Gerald T. Nelson 

Tom Ogg 
Thomas E. Parson 
Don Perry 
Gerald F. Peterson 
Paul William Rashford 

410 Stimson 

David Rich 
Eric Rohrback 

Dennis Rooks 
Cliff Russell 

Jose A. Santiesteban 
Michael Snow 

Edward 1. Soule 
Douglas Spear 

Rex Stably 
Steve Studhalter 

James Hayden Thomas 
Oscar Lyle Tiegs 

Donald T. Trotter 
Jeff Tucker 

Dale Wark 
Bob West 

Edward Worthern 
Chris W. Yaun 

Glenn H. Yokomura 
Jeffrey S. Yokomura 

Stimson 411 


Laurel Aley 
Cheryl Andersen 

Sandra Kay Black 
Ruth Chamberlin 

Beth Everist 
Dawn Ferguson 

Lillian Fuller 
Ruthanne Giess 

Jeri Lynne Grazier 
Anne Alene Guard 

Kristy Hill 
Stephanie Hole 

Debra J. Kinion 
Dianna Kissinger 

Barb Landon 
Nancy Lowry 

Lori McLaughlin 
Katherine L. McLean 

412 Stevens 

Debbie O'Meara 
Deborah Ortiz 
Erin Powers 
Donna Richards 
Becki A. Robertson 
Linn Rossmaier 

Nancy Schenk 
Karen A Schmidt 
Linda Seal 
Peggy Siple 
Janet Sue Snyder 
Cynthia Stanley 

Elois Swift 
Lynnette Vehrs 
Shirley Louise Vogel 
Lynn Wiebe 
Deborah Youngblood 
Patricia J. Youngblood 

Stevens 413 


Barbara J. Ansley 
Constance Ann Bartels 
Malinda Larie Bastian 
Barbara Berreman 
Gwen Bowers 
Jo Ann Brown 

Susan Anne Brown 
Molly J. Campbell 
Kerry Forrest Clarke 
Debbie Cook 
Marilyn Kay Craig 
Leslie Cruickshank 

Susan Curtis 
Jean Dawson 
Diane Decker 
Sandy Dickey 
Linda Ernest 
Carol Evans 

Laurie Hattan 
Anita Homchick 
Marla Innis 

Nancy Merilyn Jones 
Molly Kennedy 
Kristen L Kinard 

414 Wilmer 

Kris Widman 
Suzanne C. Wilbraham 

Pamela Williams 
Willa Witherow 

Janet Wright 
Margaret Suiter 

Lynn Swartzlender 
Jennifer L. Tomchick 

Sylvia Valdez 
Cynthia Waldher 

Kerry Radcliffe 
Donna Rauch 
DanaJ. Schloenleber 
Suzanne E. Sivley 

Catherine S. Klemp 
Karen Kluck 
Jennie Krull 
Susanne Eloise Lade 
Pam Laffey 
Mara Lane 

Claire Ann Latendresse 
Lindsey Lebenzon 
Barbara K. Longanecker 
Melba Ann McDonell 
Lisa McEuen 
Patti McKenzie 

Patti Mayberry 
Anne Mayton 
Marsha Millarich 
Nancy C. Murphy 
Barb Mylius 
Linda Neumann 

Peggy Ott 
Beverly Parks 
Shelley Pearson 
Denise Peterson 
Nancy L. Phelps 
Debra Presnell 




Patrick Ho Ming Au 
Thomas L. Baeyen 
Fan-nan Alipius 
Peter Yu-Hung Cheng 
James Lee Cleveland 
Richard S. Cogar 

Gerry Deckert 
David W. Doornink 
Russell J Fate 
Gary Feser 
Craig T. Gabler 
Richard E. Geiger 

Steven L. Kazda 
Jim Kresse 
Jeff Kure 
Ronnie D. Kutark 
Randy Lilje 
Richard Lee Lyman 

Bruce Moore 
Loren Petty 
Howard W. Pittman 

Michael J. Portman 
Kenneth E. Putnam 
Kendall Quinn 

Russell 0. Schenck 
Robert R.G. Schisler 
Eric Snow 

Jim Stager 
David W. Townsend 
Richard Craig Wesson 

Michael Sherrill Whitaker 
Gregory Wilson 
Dick Wray 



Fire Station 

Donal G. Farmer 
William D. Gary 
Charles L. Hafenbrack 
Greg C. Mork 
Greg S. Swanson 

Above: WSU Fire Station. Row One; Tom Gausman, Ron Montague. Fred Putnam. Row Two: Bill Gary. Dave Stompalia. Don Hart. Tim Clark. Greg Merriman. Row 
Three: Steven R. Larsen. Ed Schilter, Bill Colville. Charley Hafenbrack. Greg Swanson, Don Farmer, Doug Merriman. Gary Larsen. Row Four: Jon Tunis. Mike Rhea. 

Fire Station 417 

Julie Anderson 
Thomas Arney 
Maurita Austin 
John A. Bailey 

Tom Bakamus 
Garold W. Becken 
Cherie Berge 
Jon Bernhoft 
Dennis Berschauer 
Michael Allen Booth 
Dean Breithaupt 

Ward E. Buringrud 
Kathy Calhoun 
Joel S. Carlson 
Bob Carmack 
Steve Carter 
Marie Cassingham 
Claudia Collins 

Bob Conway 
Sue Cooney 
Ernest Richard Coufal. Jr. 

Jan Cressey 
Julie Crevatin 
Randall Crook 
Da Gang 

Raymond W. Dangman 
Bill Danielson 
Surjit S. Dhatt 
Clayton R. Dickinson 
Tony Di Desidero 
Ryan Dunham 
Dirk Dunn 

Ed Edwards 
Chuck 0 Eng 
Valentin Espinoza. Jr. 
Roxanne Ethier 
Randall E. Fink 
Jerome William Fisher 
Anthony Flores 

Denise Rae Fuller 
Diana Kae Fuller 
Neil Gallup 
Pam Gehrke 
Chuck Gerstenberger 
Gerri Goedde 
Bill Grant. Jr 

Michael G. Gregory 
Laurie A. Grimm 
John J. Gustafson 
Jay Hall 
Dave Hartman 
Sandra Heitstuman 
Reid P. Hogle 

Phil Hostak 
Karen G. Houser 
Ray Jensen 
Brian Howard Johnson 
Ted N. Jones II 
Mark Kawasaki 
Linda Kazda 

Rebecca Kelley 
Pam Kinart 
David H. Kirske 
Cornell Knight 
Bill Kullberg 
Barb Largent 
Chun-Sing George Lee 


418 Steit-Perham 

Terry Lee 
Marilou Lehmann 
Dwane Lenhard 
Jo Ann Lenhard 
Monty Lennox 
Cathy Lindgren 
Richard W. McCabe 

James M. McCorkle 
Martha McKinley 
John Egil Maeland 
Stephen Markel 
Fred Kendall Markham 
Lance Sean Mauden 
Pat Meservey 

Keith Eric Meyers 
Fred A. Miller, Jr. 
Jimmy Lee Miller 
Kazuo Minami 
Carol Lynn Mitchell 
Angela Thane Moos 
Scott Campbell Morgan 

Michael Mott 

Toni Myers 

Teri Newman 

Sid Nicholson 

Richard Norberg 

Lynnea Jean Ogmundson 

Ivor T. Olsen 

Patrick James Pang 
Robert E. Parks 
Ron Parrott 
William Earl Partin 
Daryl Pratt 
Darrell G. Prowse 
Paula Ann Ratcliffe 

Anthony Rawung 
William R. Reinhart 
Charles M. Reynolds 
Terry Richard 
Jan Laura Richards 
Joseph Blue Charles Robert 
Darryl Robertson 

Tom Scherting 
Rebecca L. Schipdele 
Cynthia Shane 
Kim Singhrs 
Deb Smith 

Earl C. William Smith 
Thomas D. Snyder, Jr. 

Carol Splichal 
Barbara Stage 
Jeffery Wade Standley 
Ruth Stockdill 
Doug Stout 
John Strehlow 
Jeff Thomas 

Stephen Thomas 
Craig Henry Urashima 
Darrel E. Verney 
James Wagner 
Steven Russell Waite 
Bill Walker 
Debbie Waterman 

Jo-Ellen Watson 
Ralph D. Webber 
Jeanne Williams 
Ralph R. Willson 
Douglas A. Winter 
Constance Wood 
Howard Wright 

Streit-Perham 419 

420 Independents 


Housing options are diverse and unique as an increasing number of students migrate to off-campus abodes. 

Off-Campus 421 

Shashi Abay 
Linda M. Adkins 
Marcia Agostino 
Clinton M. Anderson. Jr 

David W. Anderson 
Frank Anderson 
Robert Louis Anderson 
William E. Anderson 

Luann Andrews 
Andy Angaiak 
J. Hall Antich 
Steven J. Appel 

Wendy Rhyae Arevala 
Keith F. Axberg 
Tom Bailey 
Miles A. Batt 

Jonathan M. Bauer 
Jim Baumgartner 
Randi Bedayan 
Sandra Bjornson 

John B. Blair III 
Glenda K. Blank 
Robert Charles Bohara 
Nina P. Boonsirithum 

Ken Bottemiller 
Bill Bowe 
Kevin M. Boyle 
Mary Nanette Boyle 

Eric C. Braunwart 
Gary Breckenridge 
Marcia Broom 
Yvonne D. Brown 

Steven G Brumbaugh 
Beverly Buchholtz 
Judy Bullock 
John C. Bush 

Anne E. Campbell 
Clint C. Campbell 
Pamela J. Carey 
Deborah Ann Carlson 

422 Off-Campus 

Dale Carmichael 
Ray Carr 
David P. Carson 
Veraphong Chanaratsopon 

Byron Cheney 
Brent Christie 
Thomas A. Christopher 
J. Colleen Cihak 

Dean Clark 
Richard L. Collins 
Stephen Collins 
Christopher 8 Corativo 

Sue Cotter 
Jennifer Crask 
Terry B. Crea 
Michael L. Curtis 

Bruce Dady 
Stephen G. Dahm 
Russ Davis 
Demse Densmore 

Michael Desrosier 
Randy De Voto 
Elizabeth Donnelly 
Lindsay Downham 

Guadalupe H. Espinoza 
Stephen A. Evans 
Christy Fieldstad 
Duane Fister 
Pam Fogleman 
Patti Ford 

Debra S. Forster 
Tom E. Franks 
Susan Diane Frazier 
Kari Freeman 
Gary Frost 
Nancy C. Gable 

Off-Campus 423 

Kevin Gage 
Dale R. George 
Phyllis Gerdin 
David Gilmer 
Karen L. Gorton 
Sherry Grove 

Dean R Guenther 
John R. Gurtner III 
Pam Hampton 
Jeannine Ann Hanna 
Carol Hansen 
Jon H. Hansen 

Pamela Hansen 
Jodee Hardung 
Carl H. Harmon 
James T. Harston 
Diane Haugen 
Anthony Hedron 

Marcia Heasley 
Mary Heimbach 
Barbara Heimbigner 
Lyle Heimbigner 
Heidi Hellesto 
William Henshaw 

Ed Hewitt 
Maroni Higgins 
Paula Hill 
Paul H. Hittinen 
John F. Hoback 
William A. Hogan 

Jeannette K. Hopland 

Dale A Hostetler 

Cherilyn Howard 

William 0. Hunter Jr. 

Darwin L Husa 

424 Off-Campus 

Rebecca Lois Irvin 
Sherry Jamison 
Bob Jasman 
Cheryl Jeffords 
Mary Jensen 

Dan S. Johnson 
Karla G. Johnson 
Lucinda L Johnson 
RandiM Johnson 
Debbie Jones 

Lawrence A Jones 
Mirella Remigia Jones 
Jill Jueling 
Dave Karnofski 
Ruth Kidwiler 

Frank Kilduff 
Laura Lynne Kissler 
Ralph Kluger 
Bob Knutson 
Eric Kolmodin 

Mark R. Kolmodin 
Diane Kramer 
Graig Jeffrey Kramer 
Stanley Karl Kreft 
Craig Lange 

George F. Larson 
Gretchen Anne Leaf 
Cheryl M. LeBlanc 
Eric A. Lee 
Dalton E. Lewey 

Randall L. Lewis 
Sally A Lindberg 
Kim Little 
Cam Livingston 
Susan L. Lott 

Off-Campus 425 

Janice Madle 
Doug MacKay 
Donald Mariotto 
Adele Pamela Marshall 
Joni Faye Martin 
Sheryl Mattausch 

Milly Kay Melville 
Frederick A. Menzia 
Pamela Merritt 
Jo Ann Meucci 
Karen Mihelich 
Ken Miller 

Clyde L. Monma 
Herbert Monroe 
Christi Morgan 
Marcia Morris 
Ethan Moseng 
Gregory A. Mott 

Irene Mueller 
Diane Nelson 
William Nelson 
David R. Newhouse 
Veng Nguy 
Jolene Nimbar 

Patricia Nissen 
C. Pauline Noble 
Autumn Nolen 
Jan Nordtvedt 
Randy Northup 
Duane M. Oord 

Cathy Opena 
Jan Oppie 
Laura Orando 
Elmer W. Ozolin 
Kenneth F. Paine 
Nikos G. Papadopoulos 

Steve Parkhurst 
Nance Partlow 
Mark Patterson 
Steven K. Paul 
Greg Pearce 
Mark Peeples 

426 Off-Campus 

Doug Peterson 
Eileen A. Peterson 
Laura Petrich 
Ghery St. John Pettit 

Gloria Jean Pfiffner 
CarIJ. Pietsch 
Lark Pischel 
Annie Popelka 

Sharman C. Pollock 
Ed Powell 
Pamela Sue Powell 
Susan Powell 

Cynthia Pratt 
Jan Pratt 
Linda Kay Quick 
Robert J Randall Jr. 

Linda Ray 
Clement Reitcheck 
Jackie Reeves 
Barry Lee Renshaw 

Jimmy M. Rice 
Mary Agnes Rice 
Kerry Lee Roberts 
Lee A Robinson 

Mary Robison 
Darius S. Rogers 
Susie Roodhouse 
Jo Ann Ross 

Gary W. Roush 
Diana Lee Rudisile 
James S. Ryder 
Karen Sablin 

Karen M. Sanders 
Colleen Sargent 
James R. Sattler 
Lorrie Sawtells 

D W. Schaefer 
Carol Scharnhorst 
Ron Schleif 
Janet Schluter 




Phillip W Schneider 
Van A. Schoessler 
Christina Dawn Schroeder 
Liane Cecelia Schumaker 
Judy L. Sedenquist 
Priscilla See 

Catharine E. Seibolt 
Vickie L. Seward 
Carol Shenenberger 
Sandra D. Sheppard 
Nancy Shirk 
William P Sitton 

John Skog 
Mark A. Skok 
Monty Smick 
Jenny Smith 
John Snyder 
Judy Sobotka 

Marilyn Elizabeth Solberg 
Martha Standley 
Beverly Steed 
David Cecil Stewart 
Dan Stoneman 
Ken Stoor 

Cheryl Sundberg 

Tom Spencer 
Valerie M. Spencer 
Robert L Springsay 
Jaime Storkman 
David L. Teitzel 
Sara Lee Telecky 

Sara J. Thomas 
Janice Tiearney 
John Scott Tiffany 
Larry Toll 
Cheri Tompkins 
Kathleen M. Totten 

428 Off-Campus 

Russell Trebby 
Neal Brian Trulson 
Randie Uebelacker 
Alan G. Urichuk 
Carla J. Utecht 
Ronald W. Vail 

Marilyn Van Hoose 
Don Van Tine 
Peter F. Villagomez 
Penny Vogt 
Noel Walker 
Ann Walters 

Patti L. Wasson 
A. Wesley Ward. Jr 
Bernadine Waterman 
Shelley Watson 
C. Dale Webber 
David J. Welch 

Michael W Wells 
Scott Phillip West 
Dave W Wetz 
Vicki Wheeler 
G. Ty Wick 
Richard Widng 

Kristal Mickey Wiitala 
Jay Wiley 

Mary Kathryn Williams 
Reg Willich 
Delwyn Winterfield 
James Wisher 

Off-Campus 429 

Off Campus 
Proves To Be 
a Popular 

430 Off-Campus 

Off-Campus 431 

Hillside Inn Maggie's Farm 

Above: Maggie's Farm. Row One: Jon Stearns, Katty Aerrick, Fran Ciarlo. Phil Jamtaas. Les Miller, Judy Franklin. Dale Swedberg, John Liddle Row 
Two: Bob McCarthy. Fran Naylor. Kris Jamtaas. Debbie Gribble. Kathy Fay. Bill Crampton, Rosie Gates, Bill Curry, John Myhre Row Three: Steve 
Bergstrom. Teresa Brulotte. Row Four: Sue Fors, Alan Hakola Front: Casey. Zeno. Clancy, Ode 

Above: Hillside Inn. Row One: Elmer "Iron Gut'' Ozolin, Chris "Bandito" Foster. Pablo “Everest" Yedinak. Brad “Bone" Toner Row Two: Scot “Hop" 
Hamilton. Gary "Cricket" Hopkins, General Mills, Scott "Oink” Williams. Jim “Dint" Durfey Row Three: Ted "Little Durf" Durfey, Dave "Lightweight" 
Teitzel. John "B.S." Peterson, Dan "The Yen" Yedinak, John "The Wizard of" Ozolin. 

432 Off-Campus 


Departure from Alpha Omicron Pi sorority after an informal rush party, ends the rushees day. 

Greeks-Sororities 433 


Shelley Antill 
Lorraine Aquino 
Pam Aust 
Becky Barber 
Linda Bartley 
Laura Blackwood 

Diane Bocek 
Suzanne Campbell 
Patti Christensen 
Carol Ann Davis 
Kay Louise Davis 
Julie Dowell 

Cheryl Foulon 
Margret Gentry 
Judie Gordon 
Sally Haddow 
Gail Diane Hanford 
Nancy Jaeger 

Christy Johnson 
Shelly L Johnson 
Deborah Jones 
Joan King 
Michelle Kink 
Donna Marie Knight 

Sherry Laitala 
Joanie Larson 
Debbie Lassen 
Wendy Layton 
Colleen P. Leahy 
Chris Leedom 

Pam Lundquist 
Julie McCamey 
Molly Malone 
Karen Marquardt 
Dianne Munroe 
Barbara Ann Nielsen 

Deanne Olson 
Karen Petersen 
Joanne Ptacek 
Debbi Puckett 
Anne Rasmussen 
Mary Jo Redman 

Suzanne Roedel 
Renee Rossano 
M'Lisse Rygmyr 
Camille Sawers 
Donna Shigeno 
Dyann Shigeno 

Nancy Shigeno 
Claudia Shustoff 
Leslie Marie Sluman 
Kathy Speir 
Peggy Styner 
Janet Thompson 
Linda Waters 

Betty Watras 
Cindy Wilbert 
Ann Wilzen 
Jean Wold 
Diana Wolf 
Pat Wolf 
Debby Wyatt 

AXQ 435 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Leah Rae Adams 
Leslie Jane Adams 
Judy Anderson 
Candy Andrews 
Katherine Jane Berhow 
Lori Anne Biss 

Rae Lynn Buchanan 
Carolyn Cassill 
Bonnie Chitty 
Barbara Doornink 
Cathy Dunnington 
Sandy Emerson 

Janeen Feley 
Connie Francis 
Jean L. Gompf 
Layne Hanford 
Susan E Howard 
Janet 0. Johnson 

Kristine Johnson 
Karla Kahns 
Marcia Kuper 
Kass Leonard 
Teresa Lien 
Karen Luft 

Jean McCormick 
Peggy McGee 
Jennifer Monahan 
Eileen Owens 
Anne Carin Peterson 
Tracie Pritchard 

Linda Saboe 
Debbie Smith 
Dianna Lee Smith 
Shawna Spangler 
Kay Spoonemore 
Marian Stephenson 

Pam Strand 
Sparre Strand 
Carrie L. Sundquist 
Gayle Sundquist 
Margaret Surplus 
Claudia Taft 

Margaret Ann Tsutakawa 
Sally L. Valiton 
Claire Vander Linden 
Barb Waldowski 
Marilyn Walter 



Alpha Gamma Delta 

Kristine Anderson 
Catharine Barclay 
Karen Barclay 
DruAnne Barr 
Janis C. Bolinger 

Colleen Callahan 
Linda J. Chalich 
Jeanine N. Charvet 
Grace Chien 
Marci Complita 

Janet Fisher 
Michele Fitzgerald 
Patsy Fluharty 
Nina N. Georgopolos 
Susan Gove 

Linda Gwin 
Carol Johnson 
Kristine Juris 
Mary Shannon Kelly 
Denise Kinder 

Molly Karen Kramer 
Carla Sue Lindstrom 
Julie McAlister 
Susan Jane MacDonald 
Suzanne Jane Madison 

Mary Martin 
Lori Mason 
Vicki Norling 
Carol O'Keefe 
Debbie Patterson 




Devora Armstrong 
Marianne Arthaud 
Mary Jane Baungartel 
Belinda Begley 
Nancy Lynn Betlach 

Shelly Clare Betlach 
Jeanne Bocek 
Linda Broeckel 
Jan Brumlow 
Cindy Chorvat 

Susan DeWater 
Deborah Floch 
Carol Gwin 
Debbie Hernas 
Patricia Hernas 

Cynthia Horsley 
Katherine A. Jacobsen 
Diana Johnson 
June Knight 
Ruth Kraucunas 

Becky Lamb 
Peggy Landis 
Sue Larsen 
Julia Ann Lee 
Lucia C. Littlefield 

Wendy Lee Littlefield 
Marilyn Marks 
Patricia Mattson 
Marilyn Moore 
Janie Morton 

Machelle Murdock 
Audrey Ellen Nafziger 
Pam Nelson 
Debbie Paddison 
Linda Panasuk 

Jan Risley 
Trudy Roberts 
Judy Rush 
Teresa L. Schmidt 
Mollie Schrick 
Vicky Shalfenberger 

Celia Topalian 
Karen Vistaunet 
JuretR.L. Wahle 
Sally J. Warden 
Terry Waud 
Pam Westland 

Aon 441 

Alpha Phi 

Cathy Melinda Allen 
Suzanne Allen 
Sue Ashenbrenner 
Janis Marie Bafus 
Pam Bariletti 

Margaret Beckman 
Theresa Boulanger 
Randi Lee Burns 
Barbara Chase 
Darelle J. Cheadle 

Linda Cribb 
Cheri Davis 
Denice DeMerschman 
Arlene Ann Eagle 
Kathleen Louise Fish 

Katherine Hitsman 
Anne Jacobson 
Marti Jean 
Julie Lynn Jordan 
Michele Kent 

Denise Linnemann 
Susan Laury McNicoll 
Karen L. Nelson 
Janet Patchell 
Becky Ann Reeder 

Jan Sisemore 
Jan Small 
Linda Smith 
Leslie Strom 
Roxie Thomsen 

AO 443 

Chi Omega 

Pamela J. Anderson 
Joanne Barr 
Judy Baumgartner 
Carol L. Bell 
Shabnam Bijan 
Catherine Buttice 

Candy Christensen 
Sharon Clausen 
Andrea Coma 
Kathy Conner 
Janet Cox 
Sue Craven 

Paula Damron 
Laurie Diveley 
Susan Divelbiss 
Kathryn Dunstan 
Shelley Earing 
Lee Ann Eschbach 

Kathy Evans 
Vicki Adele Frost 
Molly Gage 
Debi Garhart 
Cindy Gose 
Mureen Hart 

Vicki Hensen 
Claudia Hoffman 
Debbie Holbrook 
Gail Colleen Holmes 
Kathie Holmes 
Marcia E. Hunter 

Joan Karch 
Cheryl Killingsworth 
Pam Liebel 
Faith Limbocker 
Patti Jo Lougee 
Peg '’y Lee Madsen 

Jennifer L. Manley 
Debbie Marquardt 
Carla Marr 
Sheri Morrison 
Linda Myers 
Shirley Ness 

Martha Nojd 
Pat Ogden 
Mikki Pasicznyk 
Patricia Pratt 
Anita Rockness 
Chris Rodin 

Cathy Schimpf 
Paula Schmidt 
Julie Stowe 
Nancy Voegele 
Ann Wasem 

XO 445 

Mary Carol Asplund 
Darcy Benny 
Marcia Benny 
Cathy Bergeron 
Robin Bloom 

Shelley Buettner 
Cathy Burghardt 
Carol Chapman 
Barbara Christensen 
Gail Cross 

Maryann Croxton 
Diane Cuthill 
Lynn Dupree 
Ruth Espedal 
Colleen A. Field 

Kathy Figon 
Denae D Gigandet 
Joni Hensley 
Patty Hoffman 
Linda Lee Hopson 

Kathy Hosking 
Christi Janett 
Marilyn C. Johnson 
Dace Kundzins 
Sharon Lewis 

Debbie Lien 
Joan D. Light 
Molly Kathleen Linden 
Pamela L. Hall 
Lynn Mason 

Linda M. Moody 
Janey Oberg 
Audrey Pearson 
Paulette Perryman 
Sue Pettit 

Kelly Ramsey 
Anne Romano 
Debi Rowswell 
April Sandblom 
Dianne L. Skagen 

Muffy Sleeth 
Debbie Smith 
Debra Elaine Tack 
Teri Tucker 
Elizabeth Vesey 

AAA 447 

Delta Gamma 

Pamela J. Albright 
Carrie Arteel 
Rose Diane Atwood 
Ann Bailey 
Joy Berry 
Karen Bontrager 

Beverly Brann 
Carol Brooks 
Melissa Coffey 
Betsy Dana 
Kathy Drake 
Kris Endahl 

Laura L. Follett 
Yvonne Gourlie 
Carol Greene 
Cindy Haynes 
Darlene M. Helt 
Anne Josephson 

Calla Sue Kirkwood 
Jan Keneger 
Kathy Kurbitz 
Penny Kurbitz 
Joan Lang 
Nancy Larimer 

Barbara Lawson 
Melissa McCormack 
Deb McCown 
Jill McReynolds 
Susie Matuski 
Nancy Mickelson 

Rhonda Morasch 
Marilyn Murray 
Karen O'Leary 
Nancy Palmer 
Janet Poe 
Pamela Powers 

Donna Roulstone 
Michele Saranovich 
Sue Sawyer 
Christi Sherrill 
Gail Sipila 
Janice Sipila 

Carol Smick 
Patricia Stockstad 
Linda L. Taggart 
Jane Lynn Thompson 
Sue Thompson 
Cindy Tracy 

Af 449 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Patty Anderson 
Carol Bates 
Barbara Benish 
Georgi Carkonen 
Corky Christensen 
Diane L. Clark 

Heidi Liniger 
Cathy McClean 
Sheila A. Marsden 
Sue Millhollen 
Patty Murray 

Debbie Newgard 
Gretchen Olson 
Karen Peterson 
Polly Phipps 
Francy Radewan 

Ann Rettenmier 
Delene Rowland 
Sindy Sands 
Cindy Schorr 
Jeanie Simmons 

Marti Storkman 
Barb Toevs 
Donna Willcoxon 
Megen Williams 
Katherine Wright 

r®B 451 

Judy Almos 
Barbara Anderson 
Barbara Jean Anderson 
Barbara Auer 
Barbara Baker 
Laurie Jeane Berg 

Connie Blankers 
Robin Blizard 
Linda Booth 
Laurie L. Busch 
Maude Coleman 
Lynda Colkitt 

Rebecca Ann Copeland 
Jenise Oiafos 
Claudia Drucker 
Cheryl Dyer 
Cindy Flickinger 
Laurie K. Frandle 

Deb Gardner 
Ruth Gilbert 
Debby Gustafson 
Sue M. Gustafson 
Carla M. Hatley 
Patti Hinrichs 

Carol Horan 
Shelly Ann Horton 
Bonny Gay Johnson 
Cathy Juenke 
Molly McCormick 
Mary Lynn McDonald 

Sue McFaul 
Phyllis Morrow 
Pam Murray 
Janis Kay Oliver 
Sue Oliver 
Kathleen A. Phelan 

Sue Porter 

Shelia Lynn Quesenbury 
Paula G. Reasoner 
Sue Scalzo 
Jo Anne Scodeller 
Debra Deane Smawley 

Paula Smeltzer 
Jo Anne Stidolph 
Vicky Stringfellow 
Peg Sweeney 
Patricia Marie Szmyd 
Mary K. Vallely 

Leslie Ann Vea 
Kari A. Veblen 
Melanie Jean Wallace 
Barbara Walters 
Deborah Walton 

Ellen Jane Walton 
Kathy Jo Wise 
Jan Wissenback 
Nancy Zimmerman 
Mary Aiken 

Kappa Delta 

Gail Bailey 
Teri Beck 
Janet Benson 
Christine Bereswill 
Barb Bevegm 

Robin Lee Boettcher 
Susan Call 
Joanne Cochran 
Kathleen Connel 
Barbara Cornforth 

Debbie DeLappe 
Dinah Lee Donaldson 
Chris Dormaier 
Cece Gavalir 
Colleen Goodwin 

Sally Hamilton 
Karen M. Hanshew 
Glenda M. Hewson 
Kathy HonSberger 
Leslie Ironside 

Debbie Irvine 
Dale Jackson 
Gail Jackson 
Jane Carol James 
Karen Kallander 

Christie Keyes 
Patricia A. Leadon 
Shannon McFall 
Patti Neill 
Gayle Nelson 

Susan L. Noble 
Sue Oswald 
Melanie Leigh Pickett 
Janet Qualiotto 
Pamela Ray Richey 

Kathe Rowe 
Patty Sage 
Cris Shuman 
Snort Slagle 
Sharon Sullivan 



•nFHHi ,’ililiuiii 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Beverlee Beckwith 
Sharon Beckwith 
Debbie Benedetti 
Betsy Brandon 
Sherry Brandt 
Cathi Crollard 

Jane Anne Davis 
Vicki DeVine 
Cynthia Louise Duren 
Enid Edgers 
Diane Forbes 
Michelle Frank 

Nancy Gorshe 
Becky Gottschalk 
Cindy Haffner 
Linda Hastings 
Sue Johnson 
Marty Jordan 

Connie Jo Kincaid 
Carolyn A. Knapp 
Karolyn W. Kooley 
Julie Larson 
Kari Anna Larson 
Kathi Lilje 

Carolyn Lowther 
Shawn Macpherson 
Ann Milton 
Susan Moyer 
Stephanie Morris 
Marcia Pearson 

Anna Pedersen 
Heidi Peterson 
Karen L Rodda 
Kathleen L. Rodda 
Judy Rossiter 
Andrea Lora Schultz 

Adele Stock 
Lynne Sullivan 
Janet Sutherland 
Gayle Taylor 
Cheri Ann Thomas 
Bernice Turner 

KKr 457 

Pi Beta Phi 

Laurie Abernathy 
Kathy Argens 
Connie Blair 
Joan Bothwell 
Susie Bothwell 

Susan Branenburg 
Bonnie Brooks 
Patti Chaney 
Karlyn Christen 
Carolyn Close 

Mary Dotson 
Marybeth Fink 
Heather Forbes 
Sally Funch 
Chris Gillings 

Barb Hawkins 
Barb Hayes 
Heidi Howard 
Jill Jensen 
Laurie D Jones 

Paula C. Jones 
Donna Kim 
Lani Landerholm 
Nancy Landerholm 
Kathy Lewis 

Linda Mayberry 
Peggy Moloney 
Nancy Noble 
Eileen Alanna Owen 
Denise G. Richardson 

Rebecca L. Rightmire 
Louise Schmidt 
Joan M. Scott 
Heidi Smith 
Lisa Smith 

□BO 459 

Sigma Kappa 

Linda Adamson 
Sherry Ann Allen 
Joyce Barber 
Sarah Baxter 
Carol Birdsell 

Susan Carole Blake 
Bonnie Brown 
Cathy Douglass 
Ruth Fenner 
JoAnne Garbe 

Kathryn Louise Hale 
Patti Heikel 
Sandy Heverly 
Kristine L. Johnson 
Jennifer Jones 

Susan Keefer 
Shelley Kensler 
Gail Lederle 
Barbara Long 
Debbie McCollum 

Hollis Moore 
Deborah Pierson 
Rodie A Renn 
Benine Robertson 
Jeanne Sanders 

Sally Schoeff 
Laurie Scott 
Janet R. Shumate 
Kathy Gai Thomas 
Jane Tippett 

Jane Votaw 
Lark Wilson 
Lorri Wilson 
Suzie Winston 
Jean Yoshino 

IK 461 

Alpha Xi Delta 

Deborah R. Allard 
Mava Crew 
Janet Davis 
Kay Donnen 
Pam Gamble 
Judy D. Higginbothan 

Nancy Hyslop 
Sandy LaDue 
Barbara Olson 
Nancy Peterson 
C. Susan Stovall 


A familiar sight to many, as Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity members pick up one of the sororities for their annual 
"Watermelon Bust." 

Greeks-Fraternities 463 



Michael C. Alfano 
Brad Bannon 
Randy Bunker 
Dave Cattin 
Rolf M. Christensen 

David L. Clemm 
Ron Draggoo 
Michael Fagerness 
Kevin Grayson 
David Griffith 

Andrew Hane 
John R. Hanson 
Robert L Hendrick 
Philip Johnston 
Pat Keegan 

Daniel Keenan 
Michael B. Lee 
Ed Little 

Russell Lowman 
William Scott Mather 

Alan Matsumoto 
Jeff Moore 
Steve Nilson 
Dan L. Noss 
Michael Orr 

Earl Ray Reid 
Gary Schmirler 
Charles Sjulson 
Marvin Stewart 
Randy Story 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

Mick Andrews 
Rob Bowlin 
Larry William Broeckel 
Rod Brooks 
John Clerf 

Michael Wayne Coble 
Robert D. Cox 
James Cummins 
Roger Dye 
Jim Gyarfas 

Bob Hester 
Phil Howard 
Paul V. Johnson 
Steven J. Juneau 
Paul Kimble 

Steve Ledgerwood 
Bill Lowe 

Dan W. McDonald 
Douglas R McGreevy 
James McKay 

Jim Michael 
Jim Moeller 
Richard A. Nelson 
W. Bruce Nelson 
Tim O'Connor 

Richard D. Olson 
John L. Shaffer 
Mike Sheahan 
Michael Laverne Siler 
Paul M. Sommer 

AfP 467 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Daniel M. Baasch 
Steve Boosinger 
Mark Brandon 
John F. Brown III 
John Carter 
Larry Clark 
James K. Davis 

Jack B. DeGagne 
Nathan Harry Douglas 
Michael C. Fousha 
Dave Frazier 
Robin Fries 
James B. Gibbons 

Scott Gillies 
Jeffrey H. Hamilton 
Richard E. Harkness 
Spencer K. Hayashi 
James C. Hinckle 
Greg Hoffman 

R. Charles Jackson 
Gary W. Jefferson 
Doug Jones 
GaryJ. Libey 
Hugh McGavick 
Len Montague 

Bill Motsenbocker 
Albert E. Mouncer 
Dale Murray 
Jim Ostrander 
Russel Gene Perry 
Christian E. Schlect 

Kirk Schmidtman 
Scott Schmidtman 
Richard Schrader 
Don Shaffer 
Rodger C. Small 
Daniel Jay Smith 

Rick Sorenson 
Jack Spanner 
Steven Thonney 
Rolf Tremblay 
Leslie A. Uyeji 
Kieth Vendramin 

Rick Vermeers 
Greg R. Wendler 
Rich Whitehill 
Dan Wurz 
Dave Yang 
Robert Yang 

AKA 469 

David Andrew 
Mike Archer 
Graham Biddle 
David J. Bollinger 
Kevin Burke 
Douglas A. Calvert 

Jim Carkonen 
Rick Carter 
William 0. Carter 
Clark Casebolt 
Robert Carl Casey 
Vern J. Chamberlain 

Michael Charles 
Michael N. Condos 
Garry Curtiss 
William Stephen Dahl 
Joe Daniels 
Douglas Dilley 

Richard Ellingson 
Steve Falconer 
Michael S. Grummel 
Michael Guilfoil 
Paul Guilfoil 
Greg Hall 

Mike Hall 
Gregary B. Heath 
George Hollingberry 
Donald R. Hollingbery. Jr. 
Jeffrey B. Hollingbery 
James Ashworth Howarth IV 

Steve Jenkins 
Dave Johnson 
David E. Jones 
Fred K. Lange 
Michael Leslie 
Mark Maenhout 

Gary Mallon 
Paul Morency Means 
Greg Mitchell 
Stephan Randall Moses 
Jim Nelson 
John M. Nelson 

Joel Pease 

Doug Peckenpaugh 

Douglas Tedford Picha 

Brian Lee Poor 

Pat Quigley 

Dave Richardson 

Gary W. Robertson 
Ned Rumpeltes 
David W. Sanders 
Bill Spencer 
Dumper Stiles 
Stanley Neil Sumner 

James R. Takemura 
T. Michael Takemura 
Bob Towne 
Greg Tuke 
Doug Van Leuven 
Tim Woodworth 

ATQ 471 

man Hum 

Beta Theta Pi 

Greg S. Adams 
Bob Bagley 
Jeff Barton 
Dave Benedict 
Ole Ronald Bohman II 

Robert J. Brink 
Timothy Drumhiller 
Rock Edward Fountain 
Mark Hiefield 
Bill Hood 

Gary E. Hopkins 
Charles B.H. Hough 
Bradley E. Jackson 
Bill Kilian 
Mike Loft 

Gary Marks 
Bruce E. Mitchell 
Jerry Morton 
Jim Neill 

David Pearson 
Thomas L. Peavey 
Robert W. Perkins 
Brion Potter 

Bruce A. Prenguber 
Clint Prescott 
Ken Robertson 
Ron Roler 

David Carter Rowand 
Brian Schreck 
Steve Smart 
Steven Storaasli 

Alan Strohmaier 
Stan Velis 
Steve Waddle 
Mark S. Walker 

Steve Watson 
Brett Wiggins 
Robert H. Witte 
Dean T. Zografos 

B©n 473 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Dean Aeling 
Donald C. Archer 
Clarence H. Banks III 
Rick Bayley 

Steven H Belton 
Armand Binkhuysen 
David Lee Brown 
Steven B. Clark 

Edward Jeffrey Craig 
Ron D'Andrea 
Karl Deruwe 
John E. Ellis 

John T. French, Jr. 
David Grembowksi 
Mark E. Hall 
Jeff Hereford 
Steve Holman 

Kerry S. Jeaudoin 
Steve H. Johnson 
Geoff Larsen 
Bill Lindoff 
David S. McDonnell 

Gregory A. Olson 
Kertis D. Peterson 
Garry A. Ried 
Mark Rumble 
Robert James Sherrill 

Scott Simmons 
Ken Unruh 
J. Patrick Wiegand 
Kim Wissing 
Ken Yates 


Delta Tau Delta 

John Ailport 
Jack Brock 
Brooks Vern Burford 
Sot Chimonas 

Carl Schuyler Crane 
Richard Dill 
Dan Eikum 
D B Elliott 

Donald Grazzini 
Raymond E Jenkins 
Terry Keene 
Thomas A. McLean 

Alan L. Rogers 
Richard Neil Rucker 
Bob Sloan 
John Streeter 

Robert Strieker 
Joseph A Sundstrom 
Mike Toda 
Michael John Trull 

ATA 477 

Delta Upsilon 

Steve Albers 
David R. Atherton 
Steve Del Bertholf 
Jim Bills 

Philip N. Bochsler 

Robert Carrell 
Benito Cervantes. Jr. 
Philip Matthew Christens 
Greg Colburn 
Greg Conner 

Jim Klasen 
James J. Kosse 
Mike Kraemer 
George Last 

Dennis Lee McClellan 
Roy W. McLean 
Philip Marks 
Marc Norberg 

Tom Novotney 
Jeff Parsons 
Kent E. Paul 
Michael Payton 

Kim Phelps 
Michael J. Plymale 
Larry Welch 
Thomas N. Zirbel 

Jim Cory 
Greg Devlin 
Chris Dowell 
Corky Dupar 
Wade M. Esvelt 

AY 479 



i ^ r 

' Ui i 


Robert Ball 
Daniel K. Bowerly 
Al Bryant 
Steve Burns 
Dave Carlton 
Jeff Cashmen 

Gene Yoshio Dogen 
James D. Doumit 
Patrick Doumit 
Michael R. Dudley 
Russell Faw 
Jelka Folkinga 

Bruce G. Fritch 
Mark Douglas Fritch 
Doug Gasseling 
Larry Greenwalt 
Greg "Harry" Hartung 

Ronald E Hauenstein 
Andrew J. Hogle 
Edward A. Hogle 
Brad R. Hunter 
William C. Irving 

Randy Koller 
Roger Koller 
Fred Landes 
Donald G. Lewis 
Larry Luksan 

Dean Lynch 
Tom Maiden 
Vincent Maloney 
Curt Oehlert 
Rob Pattermann 

Curtis Reinbold 
Dan Riehle 
Dan Roberts 
Richard L. Shawley 
Dave Smith 

Wayne D. Steffen 
Al Steiner 
Victor E. Stokes 
Michael Dean Strickland 
Richard L. Thursby 

Mark Wagner 
Donald D. Wagoner 
Mark D. Waldher 
Jack Weber 
Eric Keith Whitener 

FH 481 


, ^ ■ — i % 

i v W5'^ 



' ff* 

vXF — 




•* & 

** •' '/ 


mm. v ^ 

jfff > vV^V. V * 1 rK 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

Bob Andersen 
Mark A. Anderson 
Marty Anderson 
Dan Arnold 
Pete Cattle 

Fidel Alexander Coronado 

Stephen Marc Deller 
Harley Drewry 
Chuck Edmunds 
Rich Fuson 
Donald R. Garner 
GaryJ. Gilchrist 

Lawrence A. Grando 
William E. Hartl 
Paul E. Henderson 
John D. Hillman 
Loren S. Horsley 
William D. Hyslop 

John Ingebretson 
Craig S. Johnson 
Lee Klinski 
Jack R. Knapp 
Dean Koutlas 
Brad Laffaw 

M. David Link 
Mike Lowery 
Raymond Craig McCown 
Mike Moore 

David Matthew Morrison 

Brian Paul Munson 
Howard L. Page 
Ronald Parrish 
Allen Pickering 
Gary L. Podrabsky 

Christopher M. Repass 
Leon E. Sanders 
Mike S. Simons 
Tom Steinbeck 
Mike Sweeney 

James F. Taylor 
Leo Wainhouse 
Steven A. Wells 
Tom Westlin 
Steve Williamson 

AXA 483 

Stephen N. Lee 
Dick Leland 
Marvin Lippert 
Mike Lowers 
Brian McGinnis 

Richard Miller 
Mark S. Newland 
Craig Noble 
Patrick H. O'Neil 
Jim Paine 

David R. Pederson 
James B Petterson 
Davis Pitt 
Bart H. Rohrs 
Mark C. Ryan 

Eric Anderson 
Gary R. Anderson 
Gregory M Astells 
Rick Aubert 
Don Ayres 

Bruce Allen Backstrom 

Steve C. Bahr 
Kermit Benson 
Richard Neal Berndt 
David L. Bondo 
Michael Bowman 
Greg Brady 

Steve Brazil 
Ron Bromfield 
Burrell Brown 
Gordon D. Bryson 
Jim Chapados 
Dennis Duffy 

Daniel S. Eliason 
Greg Farris 
Steve Frere 
Lou Gellos 
Randy Glessner 
Kenneth E. Gudgel 

John Hardman 
Steven Carl Harrop 
Roger David Hotelling 
Mike Hovey 
Robert P. Katica 
Dennis Keanns 

Stephen James Samuelson 
Stan A. Sargent 
Steve Scott 
Alan Smith 
Dave Stewart 

Craig A. Swenson 
Gary Versteege 
Daniel R Wallace 
Gail R. Ware 
Mark Watkinson 

OA© 485 

Phi Kappa Tau 

Scott Adams 
Clifford Allen Ashley 
Brian Eugene Berg 
Russ T. Chapel 

Terry R. Clark 
Thomas Wynne Cox 
Karl Denison 

John Thomas Drumheller 

Scott J. Drysdale 
Bill Erwert 
Lynn Fralick 
Gary N. Gosanko 

Robert Lee Keynon 
Michael D. Kirby 
Steven M. Lindberg 
Jeffrey T. McCalib 

Bob McCarty 
Tim I. Morrow 
Jim Pemberton 
Mark Michael Quinn 

Dale E. Sines 
David Small 
Joe A. Small 
Douglas Preston Smith 

Phi Kappa Theta 

Edward Blakesley 
Allan Hanson 
Marc Harader 
Martin John 
Renato E.F. Jones 
Timothy C. Kenny 

488 OK0 

Theta Xi 

James W. Alexander 
Lee S. Boreen 
Carol W. Buswell 
Al Cottier 
Dan Crocker 

Ed Crosseor 
David C. Ellis 
Frank C. Fleming 
Randy Grady 
Barry Halvorson 

Ronald A. Hanson 
Scott D. Johnson 
Sam Mcllvanie 
Ray Mathisen 
Steve Nevares 

Dennis 0. Packer 
Melvin V. Parmenter 
Dennis Lee Wallace 
Bruce David Warninger 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

Rick Adams 
Clifford R. Alexander 
Alan Merritt Andersen 
Joe Bratsky 
Mark A. Broberg 
Lee Carstens 

Pat C. Chastek 
Wes Clizer 
Steve Coble 
Mark A. Coburn 
Robert Coe 

Leon Michael Filan 
Ronald R. Fitzgerald 
Alvis R. Forbes 
Steve Gerkey 
Scott V. Gorham 

Gary Grant 
Andrew Hale 
Bob Hergert 
Ronald D. Huntingford 
Bruce Johnson 

Jay J. Johnson 
Greg Jones 
Jeff Kembel 
Kurt Kiehn 
Robert J. Konen 

Bruce D. Lyle 
James Riley Meyer 
Gary Mitzel 
Curt A. Morris 
Scott E. Morris 

Fred Olberding 
Mark Polcyn 
Mike Paulson 
Russ Rodgers 
Steven M. Rodman 

Peter Schultz 
Miel Phillips Smith 
Steven A. Smith 
Richard Starr 
Robert James Weller 

OIK 491 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Dean Alsin 
Don Barnes 
Brian Boyle 
Robert John Brott 

Spark Carlander 
Gary Dove 
John Droke 
Jim Forsman 

Gene Gamache 
Jim Gaudette 
Eric M. Hensen 
Chris Henderson 

Don Lewis 
Scott McClure 
Tom Monroe 
William H. Moos 
William D. Naismith 

Robert Owens 
Michael Pacheco 
Mark A. Reynaud 
Bill Sanford 
Tom Sauve 

Jon Swenson 
David W Tipton 
Michael A. Toner 
Terry Lee Wiggins 
Frederick G. Wilson 

nKA 493 

SigmqaAlpha Epsilon 

Lawson Abinanti 
Bob Adams 
Ron H. Anderson 
Bill Becker 
John A. Beutler 
Bruce Bosley 
George Braker 

Eric R. Brown 
Gary N. Brown 
Gary W. Brown 
Brad Cullen 
Charles A. Curtis 
Timothy M. Danaher 
Richard M Daniels 

Doug Danielson 
Greg Eastman 
Stephen L. Ellington 
Gordon Gamelin 
Richard Gerlitz 
Dave Gisselberg 
Chad Steward Graves 

Stephen A. Griff 
Doug Grohs 
John C. Grohs 
Jim Hartford 
Gary Hauber 
Eric Hopkins 
Jim Howell 

R. Eldyn Humphrey 
Jeff Hunt 
Rich Jennings 
Hilton M. Jones 
Gary Johnson 
Perry Jones 
Jeff Kerr 

Rod A. Krueger 
Stephen W. Lamp 
Bruce G. Lisser 
Paul McCarthern 
Michael Stephen Mallory 
Rob Meyers 

Dave Michels 
Jerry Moyer 
Mark Norris 
Paul Herbert Nurmi 
Gary Oakland 
Craig O'Brien 

Pat Oliver 

Peter Michael Osgard 
Brent Potter 
Dennis C. Rea 
Tim Renberg 
Davis C, Richmond 

Wayman Robinett 
Herbert G. Schairbaum 
Gregory J. Smith 
Peter T. Smith 
Reed D. Smith 
Lucian Szmyd 

John Van Beek 
John J. Waldburger 
Steven B. Waples 
Bernie Weible 
Allan P. Williams 
J. C. Wright 

IAE 495 



Sigma Chi 

Eric Jarvi 
Robert Johnson 
Daymon E. Marple 

Bradley D. Parks 
David Pascoe 
Daniel A. Pass 

James A. Peeler 
Roy W. Pollock 
Sid Porter 

Don Pounder 
Mark Puskar 
Alan Rasell 

Craig E. Angelo 
Rick Beal 
Randall T. Borden 
Gordon William Erdman 

Dave Gamrath 
Gary Heinemann 
Mark Hester 
Dave lerien 

Robert Martin Shay 
William L. Simpson 
Glenn Edward Szabo 
John W. Whitesel 


Jim Austin 
Mark Babcock 
James C. Baker 
Jeff Baker 
Earl Bardin 
Kent Beebe 

George N. Beito 
Jim Boero 
Tom Bordner 
Richard Brown 
Curtis Burnett 
Greg Carl 

Craig Campbell 
Jim Christianson 
James E Cumming 
Mark L. Degerstedt 
Gary Dormaier 
John Filicetti 

Jim Gagliardi 
Mark L. Gilbert 
Tom Griffith 
Greg Hattori 
Jeffrey Jay Hattori 
Patrick W. Hill 

Rod Hollenbeck 
Craig Jackson 
Bruce R. Johnson 
Sandy Johnson 
Scott Johnson 
Gary P. Larson 

Craig A. Lenhart 
Douglas A. McCollum 
Andrew Duff MacGillivray 
Don MacGillivray. Jr. 
Mitch Madison 
Dick Mitchell 

Mike Morrison 
John I. Nethercutt 
Warren Nicley 
Thomas Norwalk 
Dick Opsahl 
James W. Philopant 

Bob Robinson 
Steven V. Robinson 
Don Ivar Ross 
Gary Robert Sanfrod 
Jim Schmick 
Kirk W. Schmick 

Bill Stocker 
David Slagle. Jr. 

Jon C. Styner 
John L. Thayer 
Joseph Thomas Thayer 
Robert L. Thompson 

Ken Toevs 
Robert E. Tracy 
Steve Tracy 
Jeffrey Scott Ward 
Rick Weidemann 
Scott L. Wilson 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Eric Addison 
Bill Batten 
Steve Beyersdorf 
Ken Christianson 
Kenneth Michael Coleman 

Scott Ross Creighton 
Ted R. Durfey 
Jon D Eldridge 
Eric Fraley 
Karl Hadley 

Wm. Howard Handy. Jr. 
Bruce Hauber 
Steve Hoag 
Scott A. Huntley 
Larry R. Jensen 

Doug Johnson 
Rick Jones 
Mike King 
Carnie McArthur 
Roger K Marsula 

Chris Meehan 
Bill Meloy 
Robert Meloy 
Danny Mendoza 
James Peterson 

Stanley D. Rhodes 
Jon Scott 
Jef Simpson 
Thomas St. Louis 
Dick Stoddard 

IQE 501 

-i * 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Gilbert Pena Jr. 
Robert Perriella 
Ken Phelps 
Jeff Potucek 
Don Reehoorn 

Herb Reeves 
Peter Rosvall 
John Francis Ryan 
James T. Slavin, Jr. 
John Soderberg 

Gary Starkey 
Van Earl Stingel 
Stephen A. Tanner 
Craig Toll 
Mark Valentine 

Gordie E. Walsh 
Craig Williamson 
Warren W. Willoughby 
Scott Boris Woodin 

Mitchel B. Allen 
James G. Allphin II 
Paul Apostle Jr. 
Arthur Bankson 
Jeff Beard 
Brad Becker 

Jon Beery 
Craig Bergquist 
Richard M. Blakley 
Randy Lee 
Gary D. Butler 
John B. Champion 

James Corcoran 
Craig S. Daly 
Steve Daries 
Craig N. Dickison 
Dan Empenger 
Tom Grant 

Martin L. Hart 
Ric Henning 
John M. Hickey 
Randy Hughes 
Bob Hulbert 
Bill Miller 

Rick Mitchell 
Chris Nolan 
Curtis B. Norton 
Les Okonek 
Daniel C. Olson 
Jim Parker 

TKE 503 

Theta Chi 

Allen Aldrich 
Gary A. Bramer 
Derek Brown 
Kevin Brown 
Asa Clark 

Gerald Clark 
David A Elofson 
Douglas Fishback 
Fred Len Fishback 
Pete Forsyth 

Jay Richard Gorham 
Randy C. Hamilton 
Jeffrey Harlow 
Fritz Hille 
James T. Hyland 

Dave Nelson 
Dean H. Orrico 
Donald C. Raymond 
Gary W. Smith 
Scott Smith 

John Van Rooy 
Dave Weber 
Stanley S. Weber 
Mark W. Wilponen 
Lindsey Woolf 

©X 505 

Phi Gamma Delta 

Paul G. Cornwell 
Glenn Donald Deckert 
Neal Deckman 
Ross E. Deckman 
Gerald Greer 

By the opinions of some, Greeks are doomed to die. 
But true fraternity was never meant to die. 

The Seventies are an era of evolution. 

Evolution means growth. 

One of the facts of growth is continued death. 

Greek Life 

Greek Life 509 

510 Greek Life 

512 Greek Life 


Index and Closing 513 

and Closing 


Karate Club.161 



KWSU. 322 

Lambda Alpha Epsilon.291 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 482 

Lariat Club.278 

Little International'.38 

Little Orton Annie and Andy.185 

Maggie's Farm.432 

Married Students.64 

May Queen.186 


Military Science.241 

Mom's Weekend. 66 

Mu Phi Epsilon.273 

Nat. Soc. of Interior Design.287 


Omicron Delta Kappa.307 


Pan-Hellenic. 268 

PEM Clgb.165 

Performing Arts Coliseum. 51 

Phi Chi Theta.285 

Phi Delta Theta. 484 

Phi Epsilon Kappa. 160 

Phi Gamma Delta. 506 

Phi Kappa Phi. 286 

Phi Kappa Tau.486 

Phi Kappa Tau Pledge Princess. ... 173 

Phi Kappa Theta. 488 

Phi Lambda Theta.307 

Phi Sigma Kappa.490 

Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sisters. ... 183 

Pi Beta Phi.458 

Pi Kappa Alpha.492 

Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl. 176 

Pi Tau lota.289 

Poultry Science.283 

Subject Index 

AAU Basketball. 

. 168 


. 464 

Aerospace Studies. 


Ag. Econ Club. 


Ag Education Club. 


Agronomy Club. 


AGR Roe Mates. 


Air Force ROTC. 

. 304 

Alpha Chi Omega. 


Alpha Delta Pi. 


Alpha Epsilon Rho. 


Alpha Gamma Delta. 


Alpha Gamma Rho. 


Alpha Kappa Lambda. 


Alpha Lambda Delta. 


Alpha Tau Omega. 


Alpha Omicron Pi. 


Alpha Phi. 

. 442 

Alpha Phi Sigma. 


Alpha Tau Alpha. 


Alpha Xi Delta. 


Alpha Zeta. 


Am. Soc. of Ag Eng. 


Am. Soc. of Civil Eng. 


Army ROTC. 




ASWSU Assembly. 


ASWSU Committees. 


ASWSU Information Center. 

. 60 

ASWSU Officers. 


ATO Little Sisters. 




Ball U Athletic Club. 




Beta Gamma Sigma.294 

Beta Theta Pi.472 

Bohler Gym.62 

Casino Royale.58.180 

Chinese Student Assoc.298 


Chi Omega.444 

Christian Science Organization.272 

Clarence D Martin Stadium.50 

College of Agriculture.234 

College of Economics and Business. 238 

College of Education.239 

College of Home Economics.242 

College of Engineering .235 

College of Pharmacy.241 

College of Science and Arts.236 

College of Veterinary Medicine.243 



Community Hall Santa Claus.175 



Dad's Day.40 

Dairy Club.27 5 


Delta Delta Delta.446 

Delta Gamma.448 

Delta Sigma Phi.474 

Delta Tau Delta.476 

Delta Tau Delta's Sally Sunshine... 187 

Delta Upsilon.478 

Duncan Dunn.364 

Dutchess of Windsor.179 

Equestrian Club.276 


Fall Festival.34 

Farmer's Daughter. 177 


Fire Station.417 

Fish Fans.166 


Future Vets.274 

Gamma Phi Beta.450 






Hawaiian Club.287 

Hillside Inn.432 


Home Ec Assoc.284 

Horticulture Club.281 


IK Dutchess.182 

IM Sports.159 

Intercollegiate Knights.295 

International Relations Committee. . 272 

Kappa Alpha Theta.452 

Kappa Delta.454 

Kappa Kappa Gamma.456 

Kappa Psi.284 

Rally Squad.123 


Range Management. 279 



Rho Nu.294 


SAE Little Sisters.184 


Sex Information Center.61 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon.494 

Sigma Chi.496 

Sigma Chi Sweetheart.178 

Sigma lota.288 

Sigma Kappa.460 

Sigma Nu.498 

Sigma Phi Epsilon.500 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sisters of 


Sigma Tau.296 

Soccer Club.308 

Soulin Coubabes.123 


Stephenson East.398 

Stephenson North.406 

Stephenson South.403 




Student Alliance of Landscape 

Architects. 283 

Student Publications Board.321 


Tau Kappa Epsilon.502 

Tennis. 150 

Theta Chi.504 

Theta Chi Little Sisters.174 

Theta Xi.489 

Track. 144 

Waller. 416 

WRA. 162 



Women's Track. 165 

Yell Squad.122 

514 Index 

Staff Index 

Ackley. William B. 234,281 

Albright, Diane R.163 

Allen, James H. Sgt.304 

Allred, Jess.321 

Altyn, Stephanie. 124 

Anawalt, Bruce.221 

Anderson, D. Craig.278 

Austin. George T.235 

Baker. Francis L.124,107 

Beasley, Wallis.208 

Berry, Stanley.210 

Bertramson. B.R.234 

Bienz, Darrel.281 

Bisno. Chester J. 302.299 

Bishop, Warren A.211 

Blake. Joseph W. 275 

Blosser, T.H.234 

Bowerman, Charles.236 

Brain, George B.239 

Braun, Ray.107 

Brayton, F. Charles.154 

Brosten. Lois E.124 

Broyles. James E.236 

Bunger. Lois.299 

Buttermore, Ralph M.218,107 

Calvert. Wesley D.321 

Caraher. Patrick J.213 

Carattini. Diana.124 

Cardanali. Richard.299 

Carey. Matthew G.218,321 

Carey, Omer L. 238 

Case. William A.218 

Chaplin, John P. 124 

Clark, Eugene.238 

Clevenger, John C.217 

Clifton. Caroline. 299 

Coonrad, Daniel. 278 

Cottrell. Joel S. 124.125 

Crook. Woodrow J. (Pat).105,124 

Crow, James B.21 8,265 

Cubley. Walton B.107.124 

Cyancara. Joseph G.280 

Davis, Rex Stuart. 

Davis. Roger T. 

Davis. William R. 

Demtng. Howard O. 

Devenzio, Dick. 

Dickson, William M. 

Donovan, Larry R. 

Doornink, Robert H. 

Dowell. Jack D. 

Dunn, Duncan. 

. . . .124,150 



. 236 

. 125 


... 107.124 

. 152 



Eastlick. Herbert L.289 

Edwards, Mark. 125 

Elway. John A.107.124 

Elway. Jan.124 


Ericson, Jane A. 165 

Ettlich. Ernest E.236 

Ewalt, Robert H.297 

Faris, J. Edwin.234 

Ferrell. Raleigh J. 236 

Foster. Linda 1. 124 

French, Richard C.218 

Froseth. John A.280 

Fry, Richard B. 212 

Gallwey. Mary 0. 242 

George. John E. Jr.298 

Gibb. Douglass F. 124 

Glen, Charles. 299 

Goebel. Carl J. 235,279 

Gordon. Carol E.239 

Gotts. Sheryl M. 163 

Graham. William B. Col. 241,299 

Hackbarth. Linda A.164 

Hall. Carl W.235 

Hansen. Marylee. 297 

Harris. Grant A. 234,279 

Harwood, Robert F.234 

Haswell, Judith A.124 

Hayden. Carroll M.. . . 220,263.266,267 

Hayton. William L. 284 

Heft. John G.124.125 

Henderson, James A.243 

Hendrix, J. Walter.287 

Henson. James B.242 

Higgins, David T.272 

Hillers. Joe K.275 

Hirschfield. Maj. Bill. 240,304 

Hoffman. Peter D. Capt . . . 299,301,303 

Holtorf. Arthur M.215 

Hooper, Peter R.237 

Hower, Glen L.235 

James, Roger D.124 

Jankovich. Sam.124 

Johnson. Alan A.235 

Kalin, Elwood W.281 

Kenzy, Sam G. 243 

Kilty. Roberta L.287 

Kimbrell. Jack T.235 

Kiviluoma. Jan.220.264,272 

Kreck. Lothar A.238 

Laird. Kenneth W. 299 

Larsen, Fenton E.281 

Lincoln. Keith P.107.124 

Lisota, Edward Capt. 240,304.305 

Long. Calvin T.237 

Luck. Leon D. 235,285 

Mocabee, Francis.299 

Madsen, Louis L.234 

Maguire. James D.282 

Marsh. Jeanette J.164 

Martin. Beverley A.313,320 

Martin, Everett L.278 

Matchett. William.237 

Maughan. H. Delight.242 

McCartan. Arthur E.218 

McCurdy. Jon A.243 

McDonald. Jean.304 

McLean. Joe.220 

Melhart, Richard R.124 

Miller. Dwane G.282 

Miller, J. Reginald.212 

Mims, Anthony R.124 

Mitchell. Stephen R. 236,321 

Mooberry, Jack W.121,124,144 

Morrison, Dennis J.221 

Mount. Howard.21 6.321 

Muri, Earl L. 212 

Muse, Raymond.236 

Nagel, Ray.105.124 

Nakata, Herbert M.237 

Nielson. James M. 234 

Nyman, Carl J.210 

O'Donnell. Jo Anne. 221.268 

Oman. Glenn E.105,124 

O'Rourke, Desmond.275 

Ott Richard L.243 

Pasquan. Albert L.236 

Patrick, Robert F.213 

Patterson. Eugene G.213 

Patterson, Max E.281 

Peavy. Robert D.124,160 

Pence, Wm. B.215 

Perkins. E.A. Jr.238 

Perry. Mignon.242 

Peterson. Walfred H.264 

Pettibone. C. Alan.298 

Poindexter, William.216 

Poulsen. Antoinette.307 

Pursley. Edward E.240.304,306 

Quann, Charles J.210 

Raveling. George H.105.124,125 

Ray, B Roger.237 

Rechard. Ottis W.237 

Rehberg. Wallace A.275 

Roberts. June. 235,298 

Robinson, George A. Col. 240.304 

Roche, Ben F. Jr.279 

Rutherford. Bruce.212 

Sampson. Norma J.124 

Schafer. John F.234 

Schekel. Kurt A.281 

Schrenk, Ernest.215 

Scott, David M.235 

Scott. Kayleen M.124 

Seigneuret, Jean C.236 

Shelton, V. Lauren.214 

Sherman, Curtis C.287 

Simon. Richard G.323 

Simpson. John B.298 

Smawley, Robert B.216,321 

Smith. Allan H.209 

Sorensen. Harold C.285 

Spencer, John Y. 283 

Stephens. Robert L.220 

Sweeney, James J.124 

Terrell. Glenn.205 

Thompson. Gene T. 298 

Thornton, Richard.236 

Tiller. Joseph H.124 

Todd, Carolyn M.294 

Tuell. Gordon H.221 

Urdal, Lloyd B.239 

Waananen. Martin Y.275 

Wallace. Robert F.238 

Wallenius. Roger W.275 

Wells. Donald E. 236,321 

Werden. Jane E.242 

West, Donald A.280 

White, Allen 1.241 

Whitesel. James P.124 

Wiley. Roger C.239 

Wilson, Michael B.124 

Windsor. Maurice W.237 

Witters. Robert E.282 

Wunder. Gloria.299 

Zuccaro, Peter J. Sgt.304 


Index 515 

Student Index 


Abay. Shashi.422 

Abbey. Barbara Arlene.284 

Abbott. Carol L.358 

Abegglen. Walter E.329 

Abernathy. Laurie V. 123,459 

Abinanti. Lawson F. 1 52,329.495 

Ackah. Emmanuel.144 

Acken. Linda.271 

Ackerman. Donna Marie. 165,388 

Acquarelli. James M.295 

Acree. Clyde Daniel Jr.329 

Adams. Greg Stanley.473 

Adams. Jeffrey Alan. 265,329 

Adams, John C. Ill.280 

Adams, Leah Rae.437 

Adams, Leslie Jane. 437 

Adams. Marieta Laraine.370 

Adams, Mark.402 

Adams. Richard Norman. 491 

Adams. Robert S. Jr. 495 

Adams, R. Scott.487 

Adams. Roy Douglas.308 

Adams. Susan E.264.398 

Adams. Wendy Lynn. 362 

Adamson, Linda Kay. 461 

Addison. William Eric.501 

Adib, Freydoon.409 

Adkins. BradJ.402 

Adkins, Christine M.329 

Adkins. Linda M.422 

Adkins. Ron.289 

Adler, Gail Lyn.329 

Aeling, Adrian Dean.475 

Aerrick, Katty.432 

Aeschliman, Gregory D.368 

Affleck. Carol.406 

Agenbroad. Scott L.294 

Agnew, Kenneth Lee.281 

Agostino. Marcia.422 

Aho. Marilyn.406 

Aiken. Mary Louise. 268.302,453 

Ailport. John Henry.303.477 

Ainsworth. Judith Lynn. 274 

Akehurst, Steven D. 329.409 

Aker. Dehlia D.287 

Aki, Yukio. 329.402 

Akiyoshi, Roberta Ann.396 

Albers, Stephen Ferris.479 

Albert, Linda Louise.370 

Albrecht. Cheryl Ann. 329 

Albright. Diane.166 

Albright, Gary Lee. 329 

Albright. Pamela Joy.449 

Aldrich, Allen James.505 

Aldrich, Robert Brian. 107 

Alexander. Clifford Jr.491 

Alexander, James W.489 

Alexander. Joan E.376 

Aley. Laurel Jane.412 

Alfano, Michael Carl. 329.465 

Alford, Eddy Clint.161 

Alipius. Fan-nan.416 

Aljets, Arnold M.161 

Allan. Barbara Louise.379 

Allard. Deborah Ruth. 329,462 

Alldredge. Ronald D. 366 

Allen, Bonnie Lou.329 

Allen, Carole Anne.379 

Allen. Cathy Melinda.1 80.443 

Allen, Karen Louise.180 

Allen, Mitchel Brian.503 

Allen. Sherry Ann.461 

Allen. Suzanne.443 

Allert. Bruce Keith.402 

Allphin, James Guy II.503 

Almos, Judy Eilene.453 

Alsin, Dean Karels.493 

Althoff, Glenn David.366 

Alvarez. Katherine J.285.398 

Aman, Roxanne Eileen.165 

Ambrogio. Laurie Ann.329.388 

Ambrozic. Randal E.119,366 

Ames. Barbara A.370 

Ames. Richard G. 280,282 

Amos, James Gail.275 

Amos, Paula (Cricket).122 

Amundson, Bruce Dean.314.320 

Anarde. Russell J.329 

Andersen. Alan Merritt.491 

Andersen. Kirsten V.164.1 65 

Andersen, Robert Dean.483 

Anderson. Ardel K.329 

Anderson. Barbara. 184.453 

Anderson. Barbara Lynn.453 

Anderson, Bert Kerry.409 

Anderson. Bruce Henry.275 

Anderson, Carmen Maria.370 

Anderson, Charles E. 119 

Anderson. Charles Roy.107 

Anderson, Clinton M Jr.422 

Anderson, Constance R.370 

Anderson. Cristi.362 

Anderson, Dale Norman.402 

Anderson, David Arvin.394 

Anderson, David W.422 

Anderson, Dean Arthur.329 

Anderson, Ellen Julene.398 

Anderson, Eric Arnold. 1 60.485 

Anderson, Frank.422 

Anderson, Gary Rohnal.107,485 

Anderson, Gregory Lee.402 

Anderson, Hillford W.394 

Anderson. James R.394 

Anderson, Janis L.329 

Anderson. Joan Lois.329 

Anderson, Joan Lorie.329 

Anderson, John Neal.394 

Anderson. Joyce.329 

Anderson. Judith Kay.181.437 

Anderson, Julie Lynn.418 

Anderson. Karlyn Sue.329,370 

Anderson, Kristine Ann ... 1 66,180.439 

Anderson. Lance M.366 

Anderson, Marc Richard.402 

Anderson. Marilyn.364 

Anderson, Mark Alan.329 

Anderson, Mark Andrew.483 

Anderson. Martin Alson. 278,483 

Anderson, Nicholas D.368 

Anderson. Pamela J.445 

Anderson. Patty.451 

Anderson, Paul Joseph.394 

Anderson. Philip Alan. 262,329 

Anderson, Robert Louis. . 305.306.329. 


Anderson, Rod.107 

Anderson, Ronald H.495 

Anderson, Thomas. 379.387 

Anderson. Wendy Kay.329 

Anderson, William E.422 

Andreasen, Terri Linn.379 

Andrew. David Glenn.471 

Andrews, Candace . . 310,312.329.437 

Andrews, Luann. 329,422 

Andrews. Michael L.329.467 

Andrews, Robert E. Jr.379 

Andring, W. John Jr.402 

Anfinson, Anthony E.398 

Angaiak. Andy.422 

Angelo. Albert Carl Jr.329 

Angelo, Craig Eugene.497 

Angelo. Michael A. Jr.284 

Angus, Claudia Lynne.388 

Anstey, Barbara Jean.414 

Anstey. Benjamin P. 301.303 

Anstey, Jennifer Lynn.329,388 

Antich. J Hall.422 

Antill. Shelley Jean.435 

Apaydin. Hilal. 329,358 

Apostle, Paul Jr.503 

Appel. Steven J.422 

Aquino. Lorraine Lynn.435 

Archer, Donald Charles.475 

Archer, Michael Eugene.471 

Ardell, Kathleen E.396 

Arevalo, Wendy Rhyae.422 

Argens. Kathleen L.459 

Arges, Gretchen Sue.398 

Argyle. John Douglas.394 

Armes, William Tomiro.368 

Armstrong. Devora Lee.268,310. 


Armstrong, Joe. 161 

Armstrong. Paul Scott.376 

Arnalds, Andres.279 

Arney, Thomas.418 

Arnold. Daniel Eugene.483 

Arnold. John Francis. 308.394 

Arteel. Carrie Lynn.329.449 

Arthaud, Marianne.441 

Ashenbrenner. Allan J. 274.275, 


Ashenbrenner. Susan L. 183.443 

Ashley, Clifford Allen.183.443 

Ashton. Paula Jeane.487 

Asplund. Mary Carol.360 

Astells. Gregory M.184.447 

Atherton. David Reid.485 

Atkins. Thomas Robert.329,479 

Atwood. Rose Diane. 329.394 

Au, Patrick Ho-Ming.449 

Aubert, Richard John.298,416 

Auer, Barbara Kaye.485 

Aufderhar, Connie Sue.453 

Auld, June Barbara.358 

Aust, Pamela Marie... 1 62.1 63.329.388 

Austenson. John Norman.435 

Austin. James Marshall.409 

Austin. Maurita.499 

Avery, Susan Christine. 418 

Axberg. Keith F.388 

Axtell, Anita V.422 

Axworthy, Anne Marie.358 

Aynsley, Brock Ord T.398 

Ayres, Donald Robert.107 



Baasch. Daniel Mason.469 

Babcock. Mark Everett.499 

Backstrom, Bruce Allen.485 

Baetke. Robert E.402 

Baeyen, Thomas Lloyd.416 

Bafus, Janis Marie. 443 

Baggett. Richard D. 144 

Bagley. Robert Dale. 329.473 

Bahr. Steve C.485 

Bahrenburg, Jon F.288 

Bailey. Ann Elizabeth.1 78,449 

Bailey, Gail Evelyn.181,455 

Bailey, John A. 329.418 

Bailey. Tom. 300.303,422 

Bailie, Jane Marie.388 

Bainbridge, Teddi.358 

Bair, Richard A. 285.296 

Bakamus, Tom.418 

Baker, Barbara.453 

Baker, Cameron John.366 

Baker, Charles Douglas.394 

Baker, James C. 263.292,499 

Baker, Jeffrey, Bruce.499 

Baker. Jo Ann. 174.264 

Baker. Leo Edward.379 

Baker, Ron. 285 

Baker, Walter Ronald.329 

Baldwin. Steve G.366 

Ball. Robert Wayne. 329.481 

Ball. Walt.167 

Balia, Bruce Wallace.288 

Ballard. Constance K.398 

Balogh. Kelly. 305,358 

Bancroft. Harold C. Ill.307 

Bane, Marilyn. 122 

Banich. Steven Gene.289 

Banks, Clarence H. Ill.475 

Bankson. Arthur B.503 

Bannon. Bradley B. 317.329,465 

Barale, Karen V. 329 

Baranzini, Gary Wayne.160 

Barbee. Judy.406 

Barber. Becky Mary. 329.435 

Barber, Charles R.329 

Barber, Joyce Ellen.461 

Barclay, Catharine E. 329.439 

Barclay. Karen Lynn.439 

Barclay. Virginia L. 180 

Bardin. Earl Dan. 499 

Bardue, Laurie.406 

Barhanovich, Mary M.266 

Bariletti. Pamela Ann. 443 

Barker. Harold Frank.329 

Barkley. Roena Kay.388 

Barnes. Don Neil.493 

Barnes. Steve A.329 

Barnhart. Victoria E. 388 

Barr. Druanne Cathrine.439 

Barr. Joanne Louise.181.445 

Barstow, Andrea.1 63 

Bartells. Richard Boyd. 296,285 

Bartels. Constance Ann.414 

Bartholomew, Ellen A. 60.284,379 

Bartlett, Gail. 276.388 

Bartley. Linda Carol. 184,435 

Barton, Jeffrey A.473 

Baseler, Theodor Paul.394 

Basso. Gail Anne. 265.329 

Bastion. Malinda Larie. 414 

Batchelor. Rosalynn. 163 

Bates, Carol Allyne. 268,451 

Bates. Marti. 406 

Batt. Miles A.329,422 

Batten. William Joseph.501 

Bauer. Jonathan M.422 

Bauermeister. Daniel D.329 

Bauermeister, James D.394 

Baugh, Gary David.394 

Baumgartel, Mary Jane ... 1 83.305.441 
Baumgartner. Judith A.. . . 329,422,445 

Baxter. Donald Wallace. 285.379 

Baxter, Donna Jean.364 

Baxter. Judith Lillian. 329.360 

Baxter. Sarah Jean.461 

Bayard. Anne Elizabeth.184 

Bayley. Richard E. 329,475 

Beal, Richard T. Jr.497 

Beaman, Katherine Ann.370 

Beames. James Rudell.329 

Bean. Cathy Jo M. 294.396 

Bean. Dale William.121,144.402 

Beard. Samuel Jeffrey.503 

Beardsley. Christine K.310,313,330 

Beasley. RoyAlvey.394 

Beatty. Jeannette C.330 

Beatty, Lynn Alan.330 

Beaty, Lewis Kent.329 

Beck, Debbie. 180.362 

Beck, Michael Harold.330 

Beck, Theresa A. 329,455 

Becken, Garold W.303,418 

Becker. Bradley W.503 

Becker, William C.495 

Beckman. Margaret Ann. 330,443 

Beckwith. Beverlee R. 330.457 

Beckwith. Sharon Lynn.1 81.457 

Bedayan, Randi.422 

Beebe. Kent S. 289.499 

Beebe, Patricia Anne. 388 

Beem, Mark Douglas. 154 

Beeman, Donna Lee.163 

Beerbower. Gretchen J.330 

Beery, Jon Harvey.503 

Beery. Marsha Ann.330 

Beesley, Kim R.305 

Begert, Elizabeth K.329 

Begley, Belinda Rae.180,441 

Beireis, Eugene David.330 

Beitler. Richard M. 330 

Beito. George Norman.499 

Bell. Carol Luann. 268.445 

Bell. Karen Irene.370 

Bell, Melodie R. 358 

Bell. Phil R.288 

Bell. Roma Jean. 164 

Bell, Susan.370 

Belles. Theresa Jeanne.... 1 62,165.396 

Bellmont, Stephen M. 288,402 

Bellows. Jill Marie.406 

Belonis. John Hanson. 330.368 

Belton, Steven Harvey.475 

Belts, Donald S. Jr. 283,330 

Beltz. Lynn Marie.358 

Benedetti. Debra L.457 

Benedict. Cheryl Fay.330 

Benedict. David Philip.473 

Benedict, Richard L.376 

Benish, Barbara Jean.451 

Benker. Daniel Gary. 161 

Bennett, David Michael. 409 

Bennett. Leslie Jane.364 

Bennett, Mark Wayne.394 

Bennett, Randall W.294 

Bennett. Susan Lynn.370 

Bennett. Walter Neil.119,394 

Benny. Darcy. 266.330,447 

8enny, Marcia Lee.268,447 

Benson, Janet Lee. 455 

Benson, Kermit E.485 

Benson, Thomas W.330.394 

Bentler, Mary Ann.164 

Bereswill, Christine H.455 

Berett. David Henry. 262 

Berg, Barbara.358 

Berg. Barthrop T. 283.330 

Berg. Brian Eugene. 330.487 

Berg, Dana.330 

Berg, Gretchen Marie.360 

Berg. Laurie Jeane. 268,453 

516 Index 

Bergan. Gary Charles. 119 

Berge. Cherie. 418 

Bergeron. Cathy Ann.269.447 

Bergeron. Mark Donald.288 

Bergerson. Jacqueline. 281.398 

Bergevin, Ronnie Dean.330 

Bergquist. Craig Reed.503 

Bergstrom. Stephen J. 125.432 

Berhow. Katherine Jane.186.437 

Bernal. Richard M.402 

Berndt, Richard Neal.485 

Bernhard, Alan Paul.1 61.366 

Bernhart, Steve Earl.330 

Bernhoft. Jon.418 

Berreman. Barbara E.330.414 

Berry. Evelyn Joy.449 

Berry, Michael James .330 

Berschauer. Dennis.418 

Berschauer, Ronald Lee.366 

Bersen. Debbie.398 

Bertholf, Steve Del.479 

Bertsch. Debra Jane.330 

Bertsch. Douglas L.330 

Bethards. Barbara Gaye. 285.294 

Bethune. Janet Martha.364 

Betlach, Nancy L. 330.441 

Betlach. Shelley Clare.441 

Betschart. Marci.406 

Bettencourt. Richard D.330.366 

Betts. Bonnie Bea. 285.330 

Betts. David William.274 

Betts. Nadia Lynne. 123.398 

Betz, Jeri.358 

Beutler. John Allen.495 

Bevegni, Barbara Jean. 266.455 

Bevens. Ann English.358 

Bevens. Jane Louise.358 

Beyersdorf. Steven Ray.501 

Bickenbach, Judy A.162.164 

Biddle. Gail L.330 

Biddle, Graham G. 471 

Biddle. Linda Fay.330,370 

Biermann. Neil Evan.161 

Bigornia, Eugenio Raul. 330.379 

Bijan. Shabnam.445 

Billett. Mark Erik.121 

Billington. Roxanne.163 

Bills, James Frank.288,479 

Bills. Wayne Ray.322 

Bina, Robert George.402 

Bingham. David.288 

Binkhuysen. Armand F.475 

Birdsell, Carol Louise.461 

Bisbee. Kenneth M. 366 

Bischoff. Bob. 161 

Bishop. Camilla Linda.352 

Bishop. Karen Marie.388 

Bishop. Karl E. 275 

Biss. Lori Anne.437 

Bittner. Alicia Ann.330 

Bjornson, Sandra.422 

Black, Lloyd E.330 

Black. Sandra Kay.412 

Blackwood, Laura J. 122,435 

Bladek, Michael F.402 

Blain, John William. 376 

Blair. Connie Marie.459 

Blair. John B. Ill.422 

Blake. Susan Carole.461 

Blakesley. Edward B.488 

Blakley. Richard M\. 503 

Blanchard, Lisa Jean. 330 

Blane. Robert Earnest. . . 284.330,394 

Blank. Glenda K. 269,422 

Blank. Rhonda Lee.388 

Blankenship. Stephen G.368 

Blankers. Constance L. 184,453 

Blau, Linda R.330 

Blizard. Leslie Robin.453 

Blomberg. Elise Marie.398 

Bloom. Linda Carel.360 

Bloom. Robin Anne. 163.268,447 

Bloxham. Glenn Lenton.161 

Bluff. Barbara L.294 

Blum. Martha E.364 

Blume, Harold G. Jr.330 

Bocchi. Gregory Joseph.368 

Bocek. Diane Elizabeth. 183,435 

Bocek, Jeanne Marie.180,441 

Bochsler. Philip N.479 

Boehm. Randy L.330 

Boehm, Shirley P.285 

Boekelheide. Jeanne.330 

Boero, James Arthur.499 

Boettcher. Nancy.278.362 

Boettcher, Robin Lee.330.455 

Bogan. Delores Eileen.370 

Bogue. David Nicholson.368 

Bohara. Robert Charles. 330.422 

Bohman. Ole Ronald II.473 

Boissellee. Sandy Mae.406 

Bojyo, Thomas. 266 

Boldt, James Michael. 261,262 

Bolinger, Janis C.330.439 

Bollinger. David James.471 

Bolson. Elizabeth L.396 

Boltz, Michael John.379 

Boman, Nora Lea. 277.278 

Bondo. David L.330.485 

Bone, Earl James. 402 

Bontrager. Karen Sue. 268.449 

Boonsirithum. Nina P.330 

Boosinger. Steven B.160.330,469 

Booth, Linda Lee.453 

Booth. Michael Allen.303.418 

Bope. Michelle Ann.376 

Borden, Randall Thomas.497 

Bordner. Thomas Horace.499 

Borgen, Patricia Jo.162 

Borgens. DeeDee.362 

Borgens. Lowden Gene.330 

Boreen. Lee Scott.489 

Borman, Alfred Marion.368 

Borolun. Rob.274 

Bosley, Bruce Lee Jr.119,495 

Bossen. G. Bradley. 160.330 

Bosserman, June Irene.379 

Bossio. Sally Ann.305 

Boston. Richard A.. 122,264 

Bostrom. Pamela Joy.360 

Botch. Cynthia Elise.287 

Bothwell, Joan Denny.459 

Bothwell, Susan C.459 

Bottemiller. Ken. 306,422 

Bottorff. Allyn Q. 330.366 

Bob Bullis 

Senior Photographer WSU Photo 

Index 517 

Arden Literal 

Photographer WSU Photo 

Botts, Suzanne Lynn. 166,396 

Boucher, Carolle.362 

Boulanger, Theresa M.184,443 

Bourne, Charlene Sue. 330.360 

Bowe. Bill. 280.282.422 

Bowerly. Daniel K. 481 

Bowers. Gwendolyn Ann.414 

Bowlin. Robert Alfred. 282.467 

Bowman. Michael Fred.485 

Boyce. Douglas Gary.402 

Boyce. Heather Marie. 274,396 

Boyd. Janis.358 

Boyd. Joe Wilson.293 

Boyer, Jan.358 

Boyer, Nikki Rene.406 

Boyle. Brian Aloysius.493 

Boyle. Kevin M.422 

Boyle. Mary Nanette.422 

Boyle. Tara.406 

Brace. Tom Sheppard Jr. 394 

Bradford. Harold C.107 

Bradford. Kathy S.406 

Bradford. Russell H.330 

Bradley. Caroltta.330 

Bradley. Nanette Rae. 276,330 

Bradley. Peter Jeffrey.330 

Brady, Gregory Lynn.485 

Braid. Richard P.306 

Braillard, Danny A.330 

Braker. George Carroll.495 

Bramer. Gary Alan. 505 , 

Branca. Denise.406 

Brandon. Betsy.457 

Brandon. Mark Wade. 295.469 

Brandt. Sherry Ann. 122.457 

Branenburg. Susan Jane.330,459 

Brann, Beverly Jean. 330.449 

Branson. Scott Jerry. 279.280 

Brasher. Herbert E. Jr. 394 

Brasher. Sherry Ann.364 

Bratsky. Joseph H.. . .266.305.306,491 

Bratton. Mary Jane.370 

Braun. Michael Thomas.279 

Braunwart. Eric C. 281.283.422 

Bray, Helen M.406 

Brayton, Frederick C. 107 

Brazil, Stephen D.4B5 

Breckenridge. Gary.422 

Bredberg. Margie.406 

Bredeson. Kathleen Mae.370 

Breidenstein, Kent. . . 275.279,280.331 

Breithaupt. Dean.418 

Bremner. Allen D. 273.331 

Bremner. Lois Nelson.331 

Breon, James D.331 

Bresko. John Russell.331 

Bressler. Jason Robert.308 

Brewer. Deborah Elaine.164 

Brewer. John Martin. 368 

Brewer. Michael Wilson.317 

Brewer. Vicki Gayle.331 

Briant. Pamela. 331.364 

Bride. Marlene Jeanette.406 

Brigham, Thomas Dale.119 

Briley, Catherine Ann.379 

Brimmer. Richard P.394 

Brink. Gale F.374 

Brink. Robert J.473 

Britain. Sally Adell.388 

Britt. Janice Lee. 272,374 

Brittle. Bobbe Ann. 331 

Broberg. Mark Allen.491 

Brock. Jack Marion.477 

Brock. Terri Marie.376 

Brockway, Willye.331 

Broeckel. Larry W.467 

Broeckel. Linda Kaye. 180,441 

Bromfield. Ronald R.485 

Brook. Jack Ray.379 

Brook, Michael Thomas. 288.331 

Brooks. Bonnie Rae.459 

Brooks. Carol Bernice.449 

Brooks, Rodney Wayne.467 

Brooks. Thomas F.394 

Broom. Marcia.422 

Brosius. Theresa F. 331 

Brott, Robert John.493 

Brown. Bonnie Joanne.180.461 

Brown. Burrell W. Jr.485 

Brown, Charles Arnold. 331 

Brown. Cheri E.331 

Brown. Constance M.. . 388 

Brown. David Lee. 331,475 

Brown, Derek Jeffrey.505 

Brown, Eldon Wayne.366 

Brown. Eric Randall.495 

Brown, Garry J.284 

Brown, Gary Norton.495 

Brown, Gary William.495 

Brown. George Wesley. 161 

Brown. Jo Ann.414 

Brown. John F ill.469 

Brown, Karen J.398 

Brown. Kerry Robert.288 

Brown. Kevin Randall. 505 

Brown. Lloyd Elroy. 144 

Brown. Marsha Jenean.331 

Brown. Michael Harvey.274 

Brown. Pamela A.406 

Brown. Patti Jo.406 

Brown, Richard Francis.499 

Brown. Robert Daryl.402 

Brown, Steven Franklin. 331,402 

Brown, Susan Anne.414 

Brown. Terrence George.379 

Brown. Yvonne D. 1 62.163.1 65.422 

Browne. David Wayne.366 

Bruce, Albert L.331 

Bruce. Constance Lee.263 

Bruce. Sharon A.331 

Brugger, John Joseph.331 

Bruins. Rita E.331 

Brulotte. Theresa Jane.432 

Brumbaugh. Steven G. 422 

Brumlow. Janice Fay.180.441 

Bruner, Cindy.406 

Bruno, Loranna Eveleen.379 

Bruns, Carol C.362 

Bruun. John Harald.394 

Bryan. Richard Thomas.119 

Bryant, Alvin Eugene. 331.481 

Bryant, Mark Wayne.274 

Bryant, Nancy.398 

Bryce, Becky.398 

Bryson. Gordon Dennis.485 

Bryton. Ray.161 

Buchanan. Ardith E.331 

Buchanan. Carolyn Kay. 285.362 

Buchanan. Laura K. 305.370 

Buchanan. Rae Lynn.437 

518 Index 

Buchholtz. Beverly. 162.165,422 

Buchmann, C.F. Ill. 331,368 

Buck, Marcia.398 

Buckingham. Larry A.306 

Bucklin. Shelley. 263.266.362 

Buettner. Shelley Ann.447 

Buffum, Carole Jo.166 

Bull. Jeffrey Grant.409 

Bullock. Judy.422 

Bunday. Dennis E. 297,331,402 

Bunker, Leslie Randall.317,465 

Bunn, Edward T.330 

Bunnell. Ronald Ray.394 

Bunting, Steve D.331,379 

Burch, Dennis Lee.331 

Burford. Brooks Vern.477 

Burgess, Patricia A.331 

Burgess. Wayne A.266 

Burghardt, Cathy Lyn.331,447 

Burgstanler, Lorna G.331.406 

Buringrud. Ward E.418 

Burke. Janet Marie.406 

Burke. Kathleen J. 331,362 

Burke, Kevin E.471 

Burke, Kimberley Ann.370 

Burke, Pamela L.331 

Burke, Suzanne Marie.180 

Burket. Stephen R.379 

Burkhalter. Jerry L.107 

Burkwist. Phillip L.121.144 

Burleson. Ronald L.294 

Burmingham, Jan.358 

Burnett, Curtis S.499 

Burns, Patricia Anne.331 

Burns, Pete Douglas. 1 68.287 

Burns. Randi Lee. 305.443 

Burns, Steven Richard.331,481 

Burrell. Karol Allyce.274 

Burt, Susan C.331 

Burton. Dave Charles.409 

Burwash. Stephen M.275 

Busch. Laurel Louise.453 

Busch. Stephen Thomas.119 

Bush, BrianJames. 301,331 

Bush, John C. 154,422 

Bush. Nancy Mary. 165 

Bushwar. Cindi Ann.362 

Buss, Kathleen Linda.370 

Busse. Roger Paul. 305 

Buswell. Carl Wallace.489 

Buswell, M. Clint. 394 

Buswell, Stephen G.272 

Butler, David Ross.376 

Butler, Gary Duane.503 

Butler, Robert E.331 

Butler, Terry Ann.274,364 

Buttice, Catherine A.302,445 

Byrnes. Diane Delores.164 


Cada, Dennis John.284 

Cahill. Kelly.164 

Caldwell. Carol E.331 

Caley. Alan Merril.394 

Calhoun, Charles Alan. 322 

Calhoun, Kathy. 418 

Calhoun. Roger G. 285 

Calkins. Ellen Marie. 398 

Call, Susan Margaret. 455 

Callahan. Colleen M.439 

Calvert, Douglas Alan.471 

Calvin. George. 379 

Camp, Randy Gale. 331,368 

Campbell. Anne E. 422 

Campbell, Betsy. 331.398 

Campbell, Camille Dawn.398 

Campbell, Carol Ann. 162,163,332 

Campbell, Clinton C.422 

Campbell, Craig James. 332.499 

Campbell. Gary Wayne.332 

Campbell. Michael Lynn.332 

Campbell. Molly Jane.414 

Campbell. Pamela Roas.396 

Campbell. Susan K. 388 

Campbell, Suzanne M. 267,435 

Canham, Paul.308 

Cantrell, Constance A. 360 

Caplin, Bill. 394 

Caputo, James Frank.296 

Caraher. Cheryl R. 332 

Caraher. Thomas C. 107 

Card. Barbara Jean.332 

Carey. Pamela J.422 

Carkonen. Georgia 1.451 

Carkonen, Jim Gus.471 

Carl, Greg Allen.499 

Carlander. Laurence M.332,493 

Carley. Constance G. 123.332 

Carlsen, Cynthia Jo.332 

Carlson. Christine.406 

Carlson. Deborah Ann.422 

Carlson, Debra Joann . 122.264 

Carlson, Gayle Annette.379 

Carlson. Janet Elaine. 332 

Carlson. Janet Marie.379 

Carlson. Joel S.418 

Carlson, Linda C.332 

Carlson. Mary.406 

Carlson. Merrie J. 332,406 

Carlson, Tina E.396 

Carlton, David Keith.481 

Carlyle. Gary Wilson.332 

Carmack Bob. . . 265.314.318,320.418 

Carmichael. Dale. 423 

Carney. Thomas Truitt. 332 

Carr, Ray. 303.423 

Carr, Stephen Andrew.332 

Carrell, Janet Ann.388 

Carrell, Robert Dean.479 

Carroll. Christine A. 278,332 

Carrougher, Diane. 398 

Carson, Carol.370 

Carson, David P. 332,406.423 

Carstens, Lee Warren. . . . 266,267,310. 


Cartan, Steven William.394 

Carter. Carol Ann.271 

Carter, Darrel F. 306 

Carter, Donna M. 165 

Carter, Jacqueline Lee.370 

Carter, John Davis Jr.469 

Carter, Michael Ray.107 

Carter. Richard Leland.471 

Carter. Sandra Lea.360 

Carter, Steve.418 

Carter. William. 263,273.332,471 

Cartwright, Sande.376 

Casebolt, Clark D.471 

Casey. Mike. 274.277.278 

Casey. Paul Allen.262 

Casey. Paul Edward.387 

Casey, Robert Carl.471 

Cashman. Jeffrey N. 295,481 

Cassill, Carolyn Diane.437 

Cassingham, Marie A. 418 

Castle, Charline Lela.332 

Cattin, David Marshall.465 

Cattle, Peter Scott. 483 

Causgrove. Mary M.. . 224.293.322,323 

Cawelti. Stephen Wayne. 279 

Centeno, Henry Rossi.308 

Centers. Scott Allen.154 

Cerna, Henry James.224 

Cerna. Samuel.394 

Cervantes. Benito Jr. 479 

Chaffeur. Virginia Ann. 388 

Chalich. Linda Joyce. 122,180,263 


Chamberlain, Marvin A. 1 54 

Chamberlain, Vernon J. 107.471 

Chamberlin, Ruth Ann.412 

Chambers. Bryan T.265,332 

Champagne, Edward A.322 

Champion. John B. 332,503 

Chan, Debbie.360 

Chan. Erwin.298 

Chan, Fan-Nan A.332 

Chan, Ka Ming Clement.332 

Chan. Terry Yuen-Fong. 332.376 

Chan. Yuen-Mei Deborah.332 

Chanartsopon, V.423 

Chaney. Pamela Louise. 398 

Chaney. Patti C.459 

Chang, Jenny Bertha.332,360 

Chapados. James P . 1 54.289.332.485 

Chapel. Russell Tripp.487 

Chaplin, John.121 

Chapman, Carol Kay. 447 

Chapman. Patricia Ann. 406 

Chapman. Peter Shane. 402 

Chapman. Rebecca E. 364 

Chappie, Oliver Loch. 352 

Charles. Michael J.471 

Charvet. Anthony Emile.298 

Charvet. Jeanine N. 122,184,439 

Chase, Barbara Jo. 268.285.443 

Chase. Daniel Lee.332 

Chastain, Nancy C.406 

Chastek. Patrick Chet. 332,491 

Cheadle. Darelle Joan.443 

Chelminiak. John Leon. 224,322 

Cheney. Byron Lee. 279.423 

Cheng, Peter Chi-Hong . . . 296.298,394 

Cheng. Yu Hung.416 

Chesley, Jean Claire.362 

Cheung. King-Wai. 298,332.394 

Chien, Grace Y. Y. 180.439 

Chihara, Elaine Susan.332 

Ching, Brenda Fung Yet.332,388 

Chimonas, Sotirios.477 

Chitty. Bonnie Louise.166.437 

Chon. Allen.296 

Chorvat. Cynthia J.441 

Chow. Allen N. 332,360 

Chow, Regina Mei Wah.29B 

Chrisman, Paula Gail. 374 

Christen. Karlyn L.332,459 

Christensen. Barbara A.. . . 187.268,447 

Christensen. Candace C.445 

Christensen, Cora B.451 

Christensen. Patrice.435 

Christensen, Philip M.479 

Christensen. Robert G.332 

Christensen. Rolf M.465 

Christenson. Barb.274 

Christianson. Alfred M.332 

Christianson. James J. 119,499 

Christianson. Kenneth. 123.501 

Christiansen, Linda M.398 

Christie. Robert Brent.423 

Christopher. Gary Neal.379 

Christopher, Thomas A.332,423 

Christopherson, Diane. . . . 261,262.332 

Chun. Joycelynn C.N.287 

Ciarlo, Frances L.432 

Cieslar. Brian. 280.282.332 

Cihak. Dennis Ralph.332 

Cinak. Colleen.276 

Ciolek. Cathy C.280.283 

Ciranny, Richard Alan.409 

Clancy, Dennis Duane.107 

Clark. Asa Webb.505 

Clark, Becky Ann.406 

Clark, Dean Allen. 121,144,423 

Clark, Deborah Sue.406 

Clark, Diane Leslie.451 

Clark. Gary Eldon.332 

Clark. Girard Donald. 332,505 

Clark. Lawrence Dupre. 272,469 

Clark. Patrick J.394 

Clark. Steven Bennett.475 

Clark. Terry Robert.487 

Clark. Timothy Mcadam.417 

Clarke, Douglas. 289,332 

Clarke. Harold D. 402 

Clarke. Janice Elaine. 281.332.360 

Clarke, Kerry Forrest.414 

Clausen. Sharon Lynn. 1 74.445 

Clay. Beth Ann. 274,370 

Clayton. Craig.150 

Cleary. Colleen P.358 

Clement, Kathi S.163 

Clements. Karen Lee. 370 

Clemetson. Cynthia J.358 

Clemm, David Lee. 465 

Clerf, John S.280,467 

Cleveland. James Lee.416 

Clevenger. Cynthia Ann.268 

Cline, Phyllis Rosalie. 276 

Clingan. James Richard.394 

Clist. Charles Mark. 288.402 

Clizer. Charles W.491 

Close, Carolyn Joy.459 

Clow, Jennifer.396 

Coble. Janet Marie.406 

Coble. Michael Wayne.467 

Coble, Robert Howard.332 

Coble. Steven Alan.491 

Coblentz. James C. Jr. 332 

Coburn. Mark Allen. 332,491 

Cochran. Joanne E. 305,455 

Cochran. Larry Lee.366 

Cochran. Steve Ellis. 144 

Cockrill, M. David. 317.332 

Cockrum. Paulina Mary.271 

Codey. Dick.160 

Coe. Robert Alan. 305,306.491 

Coffey. Melissa Ann. 186,449 

Cogar, Richard Steven.416 

Colburn. Gregory Allan.479 

Cole, Catherine M.332 

Cole, Linda Louise. 406 

Cole, Sharon Jeanne. 358 

Coleman. Dana Carol.362 

Coleman. Janet Lynn.360 

Coleman. Kathleen T.388 

Coleman. Kenneth M.501 

Coleman, Kit L.242 

Coleman. Maude Cecelia.453 

Coleman. Thomas Edmond.333 

Colignon. Ward Brace.394 

Colkitt, Lynda Irene.453 

Collins, Claudia Anne.418 

Collins, Margaret Lynn.370 

Collins, Rebecca Jane.388 

Collins, Richard Lee.333,423 

Collins. Stephens.423 

Colville, William C. 366.417 

Colvin, Edwin H.333 

Colvin, Patricia.333 

Coma. Andrea Dea. 333,445 

Complita. Marcella R.439 

Conaway. Michael W.274 

Condos, Micheal Dean.471 

Condotta, Catherine E.398 

Cone. Alison Elaine.1 63,1 64 

Cone. Cynthia M.374 

Cone. Richard Glen. 276.278 

Conk. Priscilla R.333 

Connel. Kathleen A.455 

Connelly. Albert Louis.161 

Conner. Gregory Scott.479 

Conner, Kathleen Mary. 1 66,445 

Conner, Marilyn Dee.396 

Conner. Peggy Ellen.396 

Conner, Sally Jane.297 

Conover, Debra Jean.163 

Conrad, Jane Patricia.360 

Conrad. Maureen E.370 

Conway. Robert B.418 

Cook. Anthony Leon.107 

Cook. Deborah Dee. 414 

Cook, Herbert Lewis.402 

Cook. Sharon Eileen.358 

Coolen. Patrick G.316 

Cooney, Susan Teresa. 418 

Cooper. Carla Jane.388 

Cooper, Rena Diane.374 

Cooper. William Eugene. 333,394 

Copeland. Danny B.333 

Copeland, Rebecca Ann. . 307,333.453 

Corativo, Christopher.423 

Corcoran, James W. 224.293,333. 


Corderre, Archie.159 

Cordill, Nelson A. Jr. 295,298.366 

Cords, William Lewis.119.124 

Corey, Cameron Robert.159 

Cornforth, Barbara G. 263,455 

Cornwell. Paul G. 506 

Coronado, Fidel A.483 

Corssmit. Cornelis W.J. 352 

Corssmit, Linda Marie.333 

Cory, James McGuire.479 

Coski. John Morgan.144 

Costello. Eileen Helen.164.388 

Cote. Larry Dennis.283.333 

Cotter, Susan V.423 

Cottingham, Suzanne R.406 

Cottier. Allen Paul.489 

Coufal. Ernest Richard.418 

Coughlin. Melvin Alan. 333 

Couling, Patrick Alan. 1 60.289,333 

Coulter, Kay.333 

Countryman. Katherine.388 

Coursey, Chris Eugene.402 

Couture. Linda Diane.406 

Cowart. Walter M. 333 

Cox. Bob.274 

Cox. Janet Kaye.445 

Cox, Jeanice R. 164.166,332 

Cox, Robert Don.467 

Cox. Steven Ralph. 281 

Cox. Thomas Wynne. 487 

Craig. Debra Jean.406 

Craig. Edward Jeffrey.475 

Craig. Marilyn Kay. 414 

Craig. Thomas Malcomb. 333,394 

Craig. Trudy Louise. 277,398 

Craighead. Greg.107 

Cramer. A. Eugene Jr.368 

Index 519 

Crampton. William A.432 

Crane, Carl Schuyler. 333,477 

Craney. Allen J.333 

Crask. Jennifer Larue.423 

Craven. Susan Elaine.445 

Crawey, Allen Joseph.368 

Crawford, Linda Louise.333 

Crea, Terry Bruce.423 

Creighton, Scott Ross.501 

Cressey, Jan.418 

Crevatin. Julianne.418 

Crew, Mava Johann.462 

Cribb, Lynda Jane. 443 

Crisp, James Lee.409 

Cristofoli. Janis M.370 

Crittenden. Roy.161 

Croc. Charles. 333.409 

Crocenzi. Gail L.333 

Crocker Daniel W. 306.489 

Crollard, Cathi Ann. 180.457 

Cromer. Kathleen Ann.370 

Crone. Laurel D. 285.333 

Crook, Randall Alan.418 

Crooks. James H. Jr. 368 

Cross. Virginia Gail.447 

Crosseor, Ev.489 

Crouse. Carissa M.333 

Crouse. Cynthia Sue.451 

Crow. Steven Kirkwood.150.224 

Crowley. Timothy L.402 

Croxton. Maryann Lee.447 

Croy, John E. 352 

Croy, Valerie R.352 

Cruickshank. Leslie L.414 

Cruzen. Charlotte Ann. 358 

Cullen. Bradley T.495 

Cumming. James Everett.499 

Cummins. James George.467 

Cunningham. Pat.406 

Curry, Bill.432 

Curtis. Charles Alan.495 

Curtis, Jerry Lester. 1 52.333 

Curtis, Michael L.423 

Curtis. Susan Rae.414 

Curtis. Suzanne Louise.370 

Curtiss. Garry Edward.471 

Curtiss. Michael M.224 

Cuthill, Diane Louise.447 

Cutler, Carol Jean. 164.166.294 

Cutler, Donald Leslie.379 


Dadisman. Richard E. 300.301 

Dady. Bruce W.423 

Dahl. Jamie L. 180.333.402 

Dahl. William Stephen.471 

Dahlin. Randy Scott.376 

Dahlstedt, Gary James. . . 275.280.333 

Dahm. Stephen George. 423 

Dahmen, Robert Claude.283 

Diada. Barry S.287 

Daily. Marylouise.333 

Daisy. Tyrone James.107 

Dating. Ronda Jo. 333 

Dallas. Evan M.333 

Daly. Craig Scott.503 

Damron. Paula Dorean.445 

Dana. Elizabeth Mills.333.449 

Danaher. Timothy M.495 

Dandrea. Lori Anne.360 

Dandrea, Ronald John. 475 

Danelo. Joseph Peter.107,308 

Dang. Celeste B.398 

Dangman. Raymond W.418 

Daniel. Dale Douglas.289.333 

Daniel. Darlene.406 

Daniels, Joseph Dennis. 107.471 

Daniels, Kyle Marie.406 

Daniels. Richard M. 333.495 

Daniels. Sandra Elaine.398 

Danielson. Bill.418 

Danielson, Donna Jean.396 

Danielson. Douglas G. 495 

Danielson, Gary Robert.224 

Danielson, Richard W. 394 

Daniewicz. Susan F.333 

Darby, Gene Steven. 333,368 

Daries. Steve. 503 

Darnell. Terri Lynn. 406 

Dashney. Patricia J.333.398 

Da-Silva. Rubens.352 

Daunais. Denise Anna. 376 

Daut. Bernice A.370 

David. Sara Jean.388 

Davies, Roberta. 362 

Davis. Alan Glenn.333 

Davis, Carol Ann. 333.435 

Davis. Cheryll Ann.267.443 

Davis. Cynthia Marie.398 

Davis. Deborah.333 

Davis. Esther Louise.333 

Davis. Ginna.451 

Davis. James Kay.469 

Davis. Jane Anne.122.184.457 

Davis. Janet E.462 

Davis. Kay Louise.435 

Davis. Mark S. 379 

Davis. Michael Harold. 409 

Davis. Rick Steven.265 

Davis. Rickie R.333 

Davis. Russell Arthur.423 

Davis, Shelby June.388 

Davis. Steven R.119 

Davis. Sylvia Louise.398 

Dawson. Catherine Ann. 305,358 

Dawson. Jean Louise. 333.414 

Dawson, Joanne M.362 

Day. Christopher J.264 

Day, David Eugene.289 

Day, Leanne Patricia.379 

Day. Richard Lester. 368 

Dayton. Aria Jean.396 

Dayton. Lauri P.333 

Dean. Deette Darlene.396 

Dean. John Ellison.403 

Dean, Michael Edward.368 

Dean. Russell Warren.283 

deBlaquiere. Patricia A. 333 

Debruyne. David A.333 

Dechambeau. Lee.310.313,388 

Dechenne, Thomas Dean.275 

Deckart. Karl Ernst.333 

Decker. Diane Marie.414 

Decker. Stephen John.352 

Deckert. Gerald August. 416 

Deckert, Glenn Donald.506 

Deckman. Neal Edward. 506 

Deckman. Ross Earl.506 

Deffenbaugh. Carl Lee.379 

Defigh. Cherri Diane.285 

Degagne. Jack Bernard.469 

Degerstedt. Mark Lee. 263.499 

Deguchi. Alison T.368 

Deichsel. Laura K.316 

Deignan, Sandra Kay.388 

Delamere. John Edward.144 

Delappe. Deborah Lynn. 270.455 

Deller, Stephen Mark. 333,483 

Delong, Randolph M. 333,368 

Demeroutis, A. William.333 

Demerschman. Denice E. 267.443 

DeMoto. Randy. 423 

Denison, Karl Richard.487 

Dennie. Gail Ann.388 

Densmore. Denise F. 423 

Denson. Constance D.396 

Depew. William P.333 

Depner. Stephen Carl.333 

Derr. Mary Elizabeth.374 

Deruwe. Karl Jules. 275.280,475 

Desrosier, Michael. 274,423 

Destael. Carol Eunice.379 

Devaney, Phillip M.379 

Devier. Charles A.107 

Devin. Carl Glen.352 

Devine. Janet E.287 

Devine. Victoria Lynn.457 

Devlin. Greg M. 333.479 

Devoto, Randy Bruce.167 

Devries. Debbie Ann.406 

Dewater. Susan Kay.441 

Deweert. Daniel L.276 

Dewilliam, Joan Marie. 333,374 

Dewitt, Carol Jean.284 

Dhatt. Surjit Singh.418 

Diafos. Jenise. 333,453 

Dial. Michael J.280 

Dichmann. Udo Kurt.333 

Dickey, Sally Corrine.379 

Dickey. Sandra Lynee.414 

Dickie. Dyke Charles.160 

Dickinson, Clayton R.418 

Dickinson. Scott Bruce.119 

Dickison. Craig Norman.503 

Dickman. Connie Rae.406 

Dickmeyer. Robert A.366 

Didesidero. Anthony P.33$.418 

Didiek. Denise Renee.406 

Diefendorf. Barbara R.. . . 123.267.310, 

Dierks. Richard D. Jr. 224.376 

Dietrich. John Eldon. 334.368 

Dietz. Terese Marie. 389 

Dill. Richard E.477 

Dilley. Douglas Scott.471 

Dillon, Dan D.334 

Dimock. Jordan Ray.276 

Dinius. Michael John.334 

Dirkes. Roger Lee. 154.366 

Divelbiss. Susan Marie. 180.445 

Diveley. Laurie Ann.445 

Dixon. Karen Lee.360 

Doering. Patricia B.334 

Doerr. Tempel L.334 

Dogen, Gene Y. 160.334.481 

Dolan. Robert Emmett.334 

Dolven. Michael N. 125,334 

Donahue. Irene Marie.398 

Donaldson, Dinah Lee.334,455 

Doney, Jack Richard.244 

Donnelly, Elizabeth.423 

Donhen. Kay Annette. 268.462 

Dooley. Kevin Joseph. 123.379 

Doornink. Barbara.334.437 

Doornink. David W.416 

Doornink. James.289.334 

Doornink. Rena.334 

Dormaier. Christine A.455 

Dormaier. Gary Keith.499 

Dorsey. Harriet Ann.398 

Dorway. Diane Dixon.362 

Dotson. Mary Celeste. 186,459 

Douglass, Catherine S. 268,461 

Douglas. Nathan Harry.469 

Doumit, James Edward. 334,481 

Doumit. Patrick F. 295.481 

Dove, Gary S.493 

Dow, Wanda M. 334,406 

Dowell. Christopher S.479 

Dowell, Julie Anna.435 

Downham, Lindsay.423 

Downing, Debra.389 

Downing. Jane H.376 

Doyle. Nancy Ann. 334.364 

Drabik. Kathy Diane.358 

Draggoo, Ronald Edward.465 

Draggoo. Roy K.123 

Dragich. Dixie Ann. 180.277,423 

Drake. Deborah Dean.406 

Drake, Kathleen M. 334.449 

Drake, Michael Anthony.403 

Dreaney. Teresa Lynn.358 

Drewry. Harley Neill.483 

Driver. David Dean. 303.366 

Droke. John Mark.493 

Droppert. V. Marc.334 

Droz. Roger Louis. 295,380 

Drucker. Claudia Tracy.453 

Drucker. Marcia Joan.. . . 322.323,360 

Druffel. Debby Kay.334 

Druffel. Laurel Ann.277 

Drumheller. John T.487 

Drumhiller, Timothy A. 334,473 

Drysdale. Scott James.487 

Dubois, Kim Elizabeth. 406 

Dudley. Michael Roy. 481 

Duex. Kristine Rose.364 

Dufault. Katherine M.423 

Duff. Mary A. 334 

Duffey. Karen Ann.423 

Duffy. Dennis Robert.485 

Dugan. Kathleen Marie. 1 65.352 

Duhamel. Steven W. 167.334 

Duling, Jayne Ellen. 334.374 

Duncan. Marc Earl.317 

Dunham. Ryan R.418 

Dunlap. Marcia Lee.334 

Dunn. Diane Bonnie.358 

Dunn. Dirk A.418 

Dunn. Gail A. 334 

Dunning, Sandra Lea.294.423 

Dunnington, Cathy Dana. 1 74.437 

Dunstan. Kathryn Ellen.445 

Dupar, Robert William.224,479 

Dupree, Lynn Christine. 180.447 

Duren. Cynthia Louise. 457 

Durfey. James E. 334.432 

Durfey. Theodore R. 432.501 

Dusek. Mark David.283 

Dutro. Rebecca Ann.360 

Dybdahl. Carmen Lois.396 

Dye. Roger Clarence. 274.275.467 

Dyer, Cheryl Lynn. 334.453 


Eagle, Arlene Ann. 267.443 

Eagle. Sandra Kay.358 

Eakins. Stan. 394 

Earing, Shelley Sue.445 

Easter. April Denise. 165.389 

Easterbrooks. Ann.406 

Easterbrooks, Beth.423 

Eastman. Gregory Jess.495 

Eastman. Janis Mae.396 

Eastman. Peggy Sue.370 

Eaton. Robert Stanley.334 

Eberhart. Roger. 298, 

Eberlein. Joni Louise.374 

Eby. David Edward.423 

Eby. Susan Louise.334 

Echelbarger, Karen E.376 

Eddy. Mary Ann. 284.406 

Eder, Barbara Jean.360 

Edgers. Enid Ellen.457 

Edler. Charles.334 

Edlund. Pamela Lea. 334.398 

Edmark. Thomas.283 

Edmondson. Kathy Lyn.358 

Edmund. Linda Louise. 277.362 

Edmunds. Alan Charles.483 

Edquist, Mary E.181 

Edson. Susan Irene.358 

Edtl. Barbara Susan.398 

Edwards, Duane Lewis.283 

Edwards. Eddie Don.418 

Edwards, Julie Lee.163.389 

Edwards, Neal.224 

Edwards. Roger D. 301 

Eggertsen. Sam Child.244 

Ehigh, Thomas Edwin.366 

Ehle. Diane Lucille.374 

Ehli. Janet K.370 

Eickmeyer. Roberta J. 284.334 

Eikum. Daniel Edward. 334,477 

Einfeld. Brad J.334 

Eirich. Jennifer Kaye.398 

Eisentrout. Brian L. 285,334 

Elder, Debra Jean.389 

Elder. Susan Marie.362 

Eldridge, Jon Delos.501 

Eldridge. Sally Ann.334 

Eley. Kathryn Margaret.360 

Eliason. Charles H.276.277 

Eliason, Daniel Stuart.485 

Ellingson. Richard B.471 

Ellington. Stephen L. 334,495 

Elliot. Gene.295 

Elliot. Jack.295 

Elliot. Margaret Carol. 284.406 

Elliott. Douglas Bruce.477 

Elliott. Mark M.300.303.334.376 

Ellis. David Clark.489 

Ellis. John Edward. 475 

Ellis. Sally Elizabeth.370 

Ellithorpe, Eugene A. 334 

Ellsworth. Catherine G.380 

Elofson, David Andrew.505 

Elston. Christine M.406 

Elston. Kevin Richard.376 

Elwood. Sean Hardin. 334 

Emerson. Sandra Carol.437 

Emery. Colleen C.423 

Emery. Robert Sterling.423 

Emery. Stewart Roy.409 

Emigh. David Mark.335 

Emmel. Robert Royal.368 

Emmick. Craig Alan.394 

Empenger. Daniel Henry.503 

Emry, Gayle Radene.164.165 

Endahl. Kristine Marie. . . 302,303,449 

Eng, Chuck Oung. 335.418 

Eng. Eddy.394 

Engebretson. Bobby Jay.274 

Engel, Robert John.107 

Engibous. Carole Lynn.358 

England. James G.380 

Engler. David Mark.263 

Enright. Marilyn Ann.335 

Enright. Susan Garden.406 

Ensor. Debbie Lynn. 406 

520 Index 

Ensor, Douglas Edward . . . 280,296.368 

Epperson. Greta.287 

Epperson. Steven W. 168 

Erb, Susan Marie.380 

Erdman. Gordon William.497 

Erickson. Dale Lauri.274 

Erickson. Mary Joan.396 

Erickson. Nancy L.406 

Erickson. Stephen A. 380 

Erickson. Warren D.423 

Erisman, Christy Nina.335 

Ernest. Linda Marie.414 

Emsberger, Kristi.335 

Ernsberger, Thomas W.335 

Ernst. Rosemary.335 

Ervin. Wesley Wayne. 394.396 

Erwert. William Peter. 335.487 

Eschbach, Lee Ann.181.445 

Espedal. Ruth Ann.447 

Espinoza. Guadalupe H.423 

Espinoza. Valentine Jr. .418 

Esvelt, Craig B. 283,335 

Esvelt. Wade Martin.479 

Ethier, Roxanne Mary.418 

Evanger, Michael Ray.368 

Evans, Carl Lloyd.376 

Evans, Carol Louise.414 

Evans, Judith Lynn.364 

Evans. Kathryn M.445 

Evans. Shirley Jean.398 

Evans, Stephen Alan.423 

Everist. Elizabeth Ann.412 

Everson. Gail Diane.396 

Ewing, Elizabeth Jane.335 

Eyestone, Judy Jo.380 


Fager. Donna.1 62.163 

Fagerness. Michael G. 335,465 

Fair, Susan Kay. 297,362 

Falck, Susan Cathleen •..398 

Falconer, Steven E.471 

Fantello, Rita Marie.414 

Farago, Catherine Sue.389 

Farilla. Bob.376 

Faris, Kimberly Ann.321 

Farmer, Donald Gene. 273.417 

Farr, Barbara Jean. 275.389 

Farrell, Verne H. 335 

Farrens. Greg Paul. 298 

Farris, Gregory A.485 

Farver, Joan Ellen.414 

Fate, Russell J.288.416 

Faw, Kenneth Doyle.244 

Faw, Russell Wayne.481 

Fay, Catherine E.432 

Feher. Catherine F.371 

Feld, Michelle Phyllis.406 

Feley, Janeen Mae. 437 

Felts. Paul Charles. 152 

Fenner, Ruth Anne. 281.461 

Ferguson, Dawn J. 412 

Ferguson. Deborah K.414 

Ferguson, Robert Lee.409 

Ferguson. Ronald Lee. 276.277 

Fernandes, Donna L.396 

Ferris. Robert L. 288,335 

Ferry, Michael R. 335,368 

Feser, Gary Lee.416 

Feverston. Gwendolyn E. 406 

Fichtner. Kristin L.335 

Field. Blaine Newton. 335.479 

Field. Colleen Ann.447 

Fieldstad. Christy P.423 

Fieldstad. Eric John.335 

Figon, Kathryn Mary.447 

Fiker. Lindsay Ann. 297,364 

Filicetti. John F.499 

Filan. L. Michael.491 

Findley. Jerry Scott.380 

Fingarson. Melvin H. 305.306 

Finicle, Douglas P. 285.296 

Fink. Aileen Linda.371 

Fink, Marybeth.459 

Fink. Randall Eugene. 418 

Finley. Steven A.366 

Finn. John. 276.352 

Firman. David Rebb.119 

Fischbach. Catherine L.358 

Fischer. Steven Henry.366 

Fish. Karen Marie. 335.358 

Fish. Kathleen K.335 

Dave Popken 

Student Publications Photographer 

Fish. Kathleen Louise.443 

Fishback, Douglas Kim.505 

Fishback. Frederick L. 335.505 

Fisher. Janet Diane.439 

Fisher. Jerome Wayne.418 

Fister, Duane.423 

Fitzgerald, Michele A. 122.439 

Fitzgerald, Ronald R.491 

Fitzpatrick. Michael F.303 

Fitzsimmons, Douglas L.335 

Fitzsimmons, Robert A.167,335 

Fitzpatrick. Sharon L.305 

Flack. Susan.273 

Flanders. Robert W.403 

Flatness. David E.368 

Fleek. Ronda Darlene.360 

Fleener. Mary Clare. 364 

Fleming, Frank C. 282.489 

Fleming. Martin E.288.294 

Flick. Scott.394 

Flickinger. Deborah J.360 

Flickinger. Lucinda.186,453 

Flickinger, Lynne M.389 

Flink. Kevin Richard.322 

Floch, Deborah Lyn. 441 

Floren. Kathie Jean. 360 

Florence. Scott R. 279 

Flores, Anthony.418 

Flotree, Diana M.362 

Floyd. Roberta B.314.318 

Index 521 

Francis, Constance Lyn. 437 

Francis, David John.121 

Francois. Paula Louise.271,414 

Frandle, Laurie K.453 

Frank. Michelle 1. 263.457 

Franklin. Judy Ann.432 

Franklin. Kim Yvonne.380 

Franklin. Robert T.403 

Franklin. Warren Lee.224 

Franks. Thomas Edward.423 

Frazier, Dave.335,469 

Frazier. Susan Diane. 423 

Frazier. Virgil Lee. 335.366 

Freberg. John A. 403 

Fredrickson, Mark Alan. 335 

Freeborn, Candice Kay.276 

Freed. Jayne Lynette.371 

Freeman. Dale Lawrence.394 

Freeman. Kari Ann. 164.423 

Freese. Jane Helen.380 

Frei. Daniel R.335 

Freimuth. David M.368 

Freitas. Ernestine.451 

Freitas. Sandra J.180.287.371 

French. Cheryl Lynn. 162,163 

French. John Thayer Jr.475 

Frere, Steven Edward.485 

Freyer, R. David. 279.409 

Friehauf. Nancy K.371 

Fries. Robin J.. . .469 

Frisch. Martha Elaine.335 

Frisvold. Randy Lynn. 167 

Fritch. Bruce Gregory.481 

Fritch. Mark Douglas. 335.481 

Fritchey. Kathleen. 278.280 

Frohning. Shelley Rae . 380 

Frost. David Roy.274 

Frost. Gary David.423 

Frost, Karen Jean.406 

Frost. Margaret L.162 

Frost. Vicki Adele. 122.445 

Fruechte. Ann Louise. 1 62.1 63,164,335 

Frykman. Mary Ellen.362 

Fujimura. Leianne T.374 

Fujinaka. Nanette F.362 

Fujioka, Doris Yumi. 389 

Fukuda. Eiichiro.403 

Fuller. Denise Rae. 418 

Fuller. Diana Kae. 335.418 

Fuller. Lillian.412 

Fulton. William M.335 

Funch. Sally J. 459 

Fung. Thomas Ting Kwok.298 

Fuqua. Wayne Charles. 305.306 

Furu. Majel Christine.335.389 

Fuson. Lafaye Marie. 162.335.406 

Fuson. Richard Lee.483 


Gable. Nancy C.423 

Gabler. Craig T.416 

Gaebe. Lydia Willett.380 

Gaffney. John M.368 

Gaffney. W. Michael.335 

Gage. Kevin Cardwell.424 

Gage. Molly Susan.445 

Gagliardi. James P. 289,499 

Gai. Lorraine Cecilia.364 

Gaines, Robert A. 281.335 

Galey, Laura.335 

Gallagher. Agnes Ann. 335 

Gallagher. Darlene M.407 

Gallagher. Patrick H. 308,394 

Gallagher, Robert E.280 

Galligan, Mark Clifton.394 

Gallup. Neil Preston.418 

Galvin. Daniel Wilder. 285.403 

Gamache. Gene Francis.493 

Gamble. Pamela Jean.267.462 

Gamelin. Gordon Louis.495 

Gammie. Joan Elaine.180 

Gamrath. David James.497 

Ganguet, Dianne Marie. 407 

Gannon, Rebecca.287 

Gannon. Robert E. Lee.479 

Gannon. W. Michael.366 

Garbe. Joanne Louise.461 

Gardner. Deborah A . .122.188.271,453 

Gardner. Diane Marie.380 

Garen, Peggy.399 

Garhart, Deborah Ann.266,445 

Garl, Sandra Jane.389 

Fluharty, Patricia Ann.439 

Fogleman. Pamela Ann.423 

Folkinga. Jelke. 275.481 

Folkrod, John M.294.394 

Follett. Laura Louise.449 

Foos, Avis Maureen.380 

Forbes. Alvis Ray.123.335.491 

Forbes. Diane Marie.457 

Forbes. Heather.122.174,459 

Ford. Cheryl Helen.451 

Ford. Linda Marie.389 

Ford, Patricia M. 164.423 

Forhan. Carol Ruth. 274,389 

Forrest. James C.107 

Fors. Sue.432 

Forsberg. Gerry E.335.358 

Forsman. James Edward.493 

Forsman, Nancy Lynn.1 63.164 

Forster, Debra Susan.423 

Forsyth, Peter. 335.505 

Fortier. Amy Louise. 224,451 

Fortier. Joseph C.335 

Fortune. Julie A. 335,399 

Fossum. Bonnie Jean.335 

Foster. Cheryl Maurine.371 

Foster. Chris Alan. 275.335.432 

Foulon, Cheryl Sue. 302.435 

Fountain. Rock Edward.119.473 

Fousha. Michael C. 335.469 

Fowler. Frank. 335.366 

Fox. Connie Danielle. 389 

Fox, Cynthia Ann.371 

Fox, Karin Fritzie. 335.399 

Fox. Sharlene E.335 

Fraley. Eric L.501 

Fralick. Robert L.487 

Rich Birmingham 

Student Publications Photographer 

522 Index 

Garner. Candace Kay.399 

Garner. Donald Ray.483 

Garney. Gregory Lee. 380 

Garrett, Michael M. 244 

Gary. William D.417 

Gasseling, Douglas A.282.481 

Gates. Rosamond Lois.432 

Gaudette, James Donald.493 

Gault. Georgie Adeline.414 

Gausman. Thomas Wayne.417 

Gavalir. Cecelia E.455 

Gaw. Linda Phyllis.362 

Gay. Jane Ellen.174 

Gazal. Richard Anthony.121.144 

Gebhardt. James Allen. 305.306 

Geer. James Irvin.272 

Gehrke. Pamela Sue.418 

Gehrman. Ellen Jean.396 

Geier, Carla Jean.399 

Geiger. Norman Arthur.394 

Geiger, Richard Edward. 288.41 6 

Geiger. Robert L . 305 

Gellos. Louis David.485 

Gelow. JindyM. 335.389 

Gendro. Stephen Lynn.368 

Gentry. Margaret Ann. 435 

George. Carol Kay. 407 

George. Dale R.424 

George, Douglas C. 335 

Georgopolos, Nina N. 335,439 

Gerdin. Phyllis Marie.424 

Gerkey. Steven Francis. 491 

Gerlitz. Richard Webb. 495 

Gerstenberger, C.E.418 

Gervais, Vance Frost.335.380 

Getman, Cherol H.335 

Gibb, Rhonda Perry.451 

Gibb. Shelley Kaye.362 

Gibbons. James Burson. 123,469 

Giberson, Elaine Carol.335 

Gibson. Donald Clyde.409 

Gibson, Gene Arthur. 479 

Gibson, James E.335 

Gibson, Victoria M.335 

Gierman. Milissa. 364 

Giess. Ruthanne.412 

Giffin. Herb Kent. 335 

Gifford. John Alan.317 

Gigandet. Denae Di.166,174.180, 


Gilbert. Jill. 165 

Gilbert, Mark Lee.499 

Gilbert, Ruth Alice. 182,188,453 

Gilchrist. Gary James.483 

Gill. Tracy Darryl.380 

Gillies, Scott. 267.469 

Gillihan. Jim Dale.335 

Gillings. Christine A. 1 74,459 

Gilmer. David Ray.424 

Gilmore. Kari L. 380 

Gilmore, Larry Eugene.301 

Gilmore, Raquel.123 

Gilmore. Veronica R. 123 

Gingerich. Bradley K.366 

Giordano. Kim. 161 

Gipson, Alexander C. 310.312.380 

Gisselberg. David H.495 

Glaser, Diana Lynn.371 

Glass. John Erik.119 

Glein, Sharon Marie.358 

Glerum. Rolf Thomas. 277,403 

Glessner. Randy Loren.485 

Glover. Claudia Jean. 399 

Gnagy. Denise M.R.376 

Godwin, W. Wilson.335 

Goeckler, Margaret.270.358 

Goedde. Gerri Lyn.418 

Goedon. Faye.399 

Goff, Patti Lynne.407 

Goin, Hugh Richard.403 

Goit. Judith Lynne.414 

Gompf. Jean Louise. 335,437 

Gomulkiewicz, Jan M.264 

Goodey, Kent Oris.336 

Goodwin, Colleen Marie.455 

Goodwin, Debbie Ann.283 

Gord, David Carl.409 

Gordner, Daniel Lee.336 

Gordon,JulieJ. 336.435 

Gorham. Jay Richard . . . . 289.336,505 

Gorham. Scott V.491 

Gorshe. Nancy Inez. 336,457 

Gorton, Karen Lydia.424 

Gosanko, Gary Nicolas.487 

Gose, Cynthia Jane.445 

Goslee, Janet Anne.399 

Gossett. S. Diane.399 

Gotfredson. William G.368 

Gottschalk, Rebecca A. 122.185, 


Gourlie. Yvonne M. 336,449 

Gove, Sue April. 268.439 

Gowan. Pamela Michele.414 

Gowan, Sharyl Leilani.358 

Grady, Randall James. 336,489 

Graham. C. Wesley.366 

Graham. John Robson.288 

Graham. Sandra Jean. 174,374 

Graham. Wes. 154 

Gramblin, Claudia Rae.380 

Granahan. Jerry Henry. 285,336 

Grandberry. Kenneth J.107 

Grando. Lawrence A.483 

Granger, Janet Eileen.296 

Granlund. Thomas A.306,336 

Grant. Bill.418 

Grant, Gary R.491 

Grant. Janine Wittrock.316 

Grant. Thomas Arthur.503 

Grasher, Albert G. Jr.394 

Grasser, Stephen Ray.154 

Graves. Charles Steven.495 

Graves. Daniel Leahy.244 

Graves. Debra Ilene. 364 

Graves. Kathryn Elaine. 336.364 

Gray, Jennifer M.164 

Gray. Paula Anne.166,389 

Gray. Robin Douglas. 336,403 

Gray, William Darius.417 

Grayson, John Kevin.465 

Grazier. Jeri Lynne.412 

Grazzini. Donald W. 477 

Green, James Sullivan. 119 

Green, Lawrence James.224 

Greenberg. Brad Howard.125 

Greene. Carol Ann.362.449 

Greene, Catherine.297 

Greene. Garry R.289 

Greenfield. Rebecca L.284,399 

Greenwald, Patricia A.305 

Greenwalt. Curtis Ray.279 

Greenwalt. Larry Alan.481 

Greer, Gerald Lawrence.506 

Greethurst, Thomas E . . 279,336,376. 


Gregory, Christy Jean .... 1 63.1 64,336 

Gregory, Michael G.418 

Grembowski. David Emil.336,475 

Gress. Jean Marie.380 

Gribble, Deborah Ann.432 

Griebling. Gerald Lee.409 

Grieneeks. John Keith. 352 

Griff. Stephen Arthur. 495 

Griffin. James Allen. 368 

Griffin. Karen Frances. 336.380 

Griffin. Morris F.336 

Griffith. David Marvin. 296,465 

Griffith. Jo Ann.399 

Griffith. Thomas Allan.499 

Griggs. John Curtis.284 

Grimes, Cathy Ann.364 

Grimm, Laurie Ann.180.418 

Grimm. Paul Lewis.336 

Griswold. Patricia B.360 

Gritten. Cynthia M.376 

Grohs, Douglas Guy.495 

Grohs, John Charles. 336.495 

Groom. Bruce Evert. 185.380 

Groom. Julie Diane.399 

Gross, Mary Frances.362 

Grosz, Sue Marie. 266.336 

Grothe, Arlene A.389 

Groundwater, Linda L. 307,366 

Grove. Sherry Lynn.424 

Grube. Richard Lee.296 

Grummel, Mike Scott.471 

Grunenfelder. David P.285 

Grzybala. Linda L. 307,336.407 

Guard, Anne Alene. 336,412 

Gudgel. Kenneth Eugene.485 

Guenther, Dean Ronald.424 

Guilfoil, Michael P.318,471 

Guilfoil. Paul Hayes.336.471 

Guinn, Terin Susanne.399 

Gumke. Rickie Lynn.300 

Gunaratne. Buddadasa.283 

Gunning, Marcia Ann.414 

Gupta, Mool Chand.352 

Guptill, Charles F.279 

Guptill. James Daniel.336 

Gurtner. John R. Ill.424 

Guske. Jack Dean.336 

Gustafson. Debora L. 336,453 

Gustafson. John J. 288.418 

Gustafson. Ronald. 288.336 

Gustafson, Susan Marie. 164,453 

Gustin. Barbara Lynn.358 

Gutkowski. Jill Arlene . . . .267.310.312, 

Guttormsen, Gene R.119 

Guzek, D. Susan.407 

Gwin. Carol Ann. 336.441 

Gwin. Linda Jean.439 

Gwynne. Genevieve M. 336 

Gyarfas. James Robert.467 


Haavig. Linda Susan.399 

Habenicht. Kimberly A. 224.389 

Haberly, Kent Bishop.336 

Hadaway. Margaret Ann.380 

Haddow. Sally Jo.435 

Hadley. Karl David.501 

Hafenbrack. Charles L.417 

Hafer, Larry Ray.368 

Haffner, Cynthia Lynn. 457 

Hagemeister, Janet A.362 

Hagen, Dena Marie.371 

Hager. Steven Mark.352 

Hagerman. Cindy Ann..389 

Hake. Therisa P.380 

Hakola. Allan Arnold. 432 

Halbert. Susan Marie.407 

Hale, Andrew Dale.491 

Hale. Kathryn Louise.461 

Haley. John James.,144 

Hall. Douglas Robert. 1 67.336 

Hall, Gregory Allen.471 

Hall. Jay Alan.418 

Hall. Jerry.283 

Hall, Mark E. 336,475 

Hall. Martha Kimberly.163.407 

Hall. Mary. 276 

Hall. Melody Anne. 336.389 

Hall. Michael John.123,262.266 

Hall, Michael Wayne.272,471 

Hall. Pamela Lynn. 447 

Hall. Pearl Kay. 336,414 

Halldorson, Joyce Kay. . . . 181,262.360 

Halleen. Kenneth M. 403 

Halsey, Victoria. 244 

Halverson, Dianne K.389 

Halvorson, Barry Lee.489 

Halvorson, Mike.152 

Hambelton. David W. 280.479 

Hamilton, Jeffrey H.469 

Hamilton. Randy Curtis.336.505 

Hamilton. Sally Marie.455 

Hamilton, Scott. 432 

Hamilton, Steven Earl.107.336 

Hammel, Paula Kay. 180 

Hammora. Alan. 366 

Hampton, Pamela Sue.424 

Hancock. Cheri E.284 

Hancock. Robert.336 

Handy. William H. Jr.501 

Hane. Andrew Paul. 336.465 

Hanenburg, Doug.380 

Hanenburg. Kristine M.336 

Hanford. Gail. 307.336.435 

Hanford, Layne Lucine. . 310,312.437 

Hankinson, Richard A.336 

Hanks, Dale Leroy. 336 

Hanley. Robert Wayne.303 

Hanna, Jeannine Ann.424 

Hannam, David George.394 

Hannick, Steven M. 403 

Hanscom. Douglas E.302 

Hansen. Carol D.424 

Hansen, Chris L. 307.336 

Hansen, Eric Main. 493 

Hansen. Judith D. 336 

Hansen. Jon H.424 

Hansen, Lisa.165.396 

Hansen, Michael H. 403 

Hansen. Pamela Ann.424 

Hansen, Rebecca Lynn.389 

Hansen. Robert Wayne.403 

Hanshew. Karen Marie.455 

Hanson. Allan Andrew.488 

Hanson. Donald W. 336 

Hanson. Lisa Rae.162 

Hanson. Ronald Alvin.489 

Hanson, Shelley Jean.407 

Hara. Karen Diane. 294 

Harader, Marc Robert.488 

Harbour. John Richard . . 289,307,336 

Hardin, Patricia M.271 

Harding. Keith Maron.119 

Hardman. John Henry. 485 

Hardung. Jodee K.424 

Hardy, Judith Sharon.389 

Hargrave. Brant T. 2 73 

Harkness. Richard E.469 

Harlan, Joan. 60 

Harlow. Jeffrey G.505 

Harmon. Carl Howard.424 

Harness, Teresa Marie. 305.360 

Harnish. Connie Lynn.389 

Harper, James Douglas.336 

Harper. James Scott. 336 

Harrington. Kevin M. 289 

Harris. Barbara S.336 

Harris, Gary J. 336 

Harris. Joanne Louise.358 

Harris. John Lyman.336 

Harris. Sharon A.358 

Harris, Thomas Michael. . 274.366,418 

Harris, Victor Earl.278 

Harris, William R.336 

Harris. Woody.1 54 

Harrison, Phyllis Ann.336 

Harrison. Pierce R. Jr.303 

Harrison. Sue.407 

Harrop. Steven Carl. 289,485 

Harston, James T.424 

Hart, Donald Jennings. 287,417 

Hart, Martin Lewis.503 

Hart. Maureen Alice. 336.445 

Hartford. James Leland.495 

Harting. Mary Lou. 336 

Harting, Rick.285 

Hartl, William E.483 

Hartman, Joyce Ann.389 

Hartman, Susan Eileen.336 

Hartmann, Linda Susan.336 

Hartstrom, Paula Rae. 284,390 

Hartung, Charlotte M. 267.336.390 

Hartung. Gregory Paul.481 

Hartung. Kerry Edward.394 

Harty, W. Michael.159 

Harvey. Geoffrey Lynn. 224,293 

Haskins. Eileen Mary.364 

Haskins. Mary Patricia.374 

Hastings. Linda Sue.457 

Hastings, Michael L.160 

Hastings. Richard Lee.274 

Hata. Gilbert Dean. 336.368 

Hata, Glenn Freeman. . . . 281.337,368 

Hathaway, Christine L.399 

Hatley, Allen Bert.287 

Hatley. Barbara J.294 

Hatley, Carla. 122.186.453 

Hatley. Karen.287 

Hattan. Laurie.414 

Hattori. Greg M. 282.337,499 

Hattori. Jeffrey.499 

Hauber. Bruce A. 501 

Hauber. Gary Lynn.495 

Hauenstein, Ronald E.481 

Haugen, Diane.424 

Haugseth. Julie Ann. 164,166,371 

Haviland. Martha A.364 

Hawkins, Barbara Ann.459 

Hawkinson, Terry Allan. 337 

Hayashi. Spencer Kenji. 469 

Hayden. Constance L. 362 

Hayes. Barbara Jean. 459 

Hayes. RhodyL. 276.282 

Haynes. Cynthia Sue. 449 

Haynes. Janet Lynn.360 

Haynes. Phyllis.337 

Haynes. William Norgan. .272,303.337. 


Hazelquist. David Alan.337 

Headlee. Mark Wayne.368 

Heany, Kenneth Thomas. 160 

Heasley. Marcia J.424 

Heath. Gregary Brian.471 

Heath. James Blake.337 

Hebert. Louis Adam.119 

Index 523 

Hendrick, Norma Jean. 284,407 

Hedron, Anthony.424 

Hee. Gerald Kwock C. 394 

Heer, Gayle Antonette. 337 

Heglund. Mark Richard. 288,366 

Hegtvedt, Karen Ann.399 

Heieck, Charles H. 394 

Heikel. Patricia Ann. 337,461 

Heim, Rebecca. 274,399 

Heimbach, Mary M. 122.424 

Heimbigner. Barbara Jo. 294,424 

Heimbigner, Constance.3 58 

Heimbigner. Dianne Kay. 358 

Heimbigner, Kevin W. 337 

Heimbigner. Lyle R.275,424 

Hein. Kathy. 307 

Hein, Wendalyn Faye.364 

Heinemann. Gary Lyle.497 

Heinemann. William C.274 

Heinlen. Teresa S. 407 

Heinteman. R. 303 

Heintz, Emily Jean.371 

Heitman. Buster.278 

Heitman. Robert L.276 

Heitstuman, Sandra J.418 

Helgeland. Roberta Jo. 163,396 

Hellesto, Heidi Ann. 424 

Helt. Darlene Marie. 337.449 

Henchman, J Michael. 305,366 

Henderson. Christopher.493 

Henderson. Jerry M.119 

Henderson, Michael J.337 

Henderson, Paul Ernest.483 

Hendrick, Gregory John.281 

Hendrick. Robert L.465 

Hendrix, Millie. 287 

Henning. Richard F. 503 

Henricksen, Ronald M.394 

Hensen. Victoria Marie. 174,445 

Henshaw. William R.424 

Hensley, Joni Louise. 447 

Henson, Linda Renee. 337,374 

Herald, David Charles. 144,224 

Herber. Kathleen Marie.364 

Herbert. Guy F.409 

Hereford. Jeffrey Lee. 1 74,266,475 

Hergert. Robert Wayne.491 

Herman. Lawrence R.154 

Hermann. Kathleen Mary. 1 64.399 

Hernandez. Richard P.403 

Hernas, Deborah Ann ... 1 86,268.285, 

Hernas, Patricia J. 270,305,441 

Herrett. Merle Eldene. 275.337 

Hertel, Melinda Gayle.122,186 

Hess, Mark Louis.297 

Hessel. Susan.337 

Hester. Mark Wyn.497 

Hester, Robert Dean Jr. 274.467 

Heuterman. Gretchen A.281 

Heverly. Sandra Ann. 1 81,302,303.461 

Hewitt, Edward Leonard.424 

Hewson. Glenda M. 337,455 

Heyamoto, Douglas G.403 

Heydon, Anne Elizabeth.183,310 

Hickey. John Michael. 337.503 

Hickman, L. Sue. 337,371 

Hickman. Naoma Willene.337 

Hicks. Lindy-Lee.399 

Hiefield. Mark Alan. . .121,144,337.473 

Higashi, Margie Kyoko. 122,186 

Higby, Paula Marie.407 

Higginbotham. Joyce 1. 337,407 

Higginbotham. Judy D. 337,462 

Higginbotham. Lynn M.407 

Higginbotham. William. 368 

Higgins. Barbara Anne.396 

Higgins. David. 285 

Higgins. Linda Lou.184 

Higgins, Maureen P.424 

Hildahl. Lyle Wayne.368 

Hill. Howard Calvin.107 

Hill. Joseph Edward. 119.368 

Hill, Kristy June. 412 

Hill, Linda Ann.407 

Hill, Michael Phillip. 107.368 

Hill. Patrick Walsh. 499 

Hill, Paula Jane. 424 

Hille, John Frederick.505 

Hiller. Gary F.380 

Hilliard. Kathleen M.396 

Hilliard, Robert John.366 

Hillier, Sharon Louise.371 

Hillman. Ann E.337 

Hillman. John Danford.483 

Hillstrom. Donald S.366 

Hinckle. James Craig.469 

Hinderlie. Sanford E.366 

Hinen, Paul Herbert.424 

Hines. Jay. 264,337 

Hinrichs, Patricia.337,453 

Hiramoto. Elizabeth H. 287,396 

Hitsman, Katherine M. 164.443 

Hitsman, Sharon Louise.1 62.1 63 

Hively, Karen J. 337 

Hix.JilIM. 337 

Ho. Eva.337 

Hoag. Steven D.501 

Hoagland. Catherine N. 288 

Hoagland. Nancy Jean. 188.364 

Hoard. Denise Irene.324 

Hoback, John F. 288.424 

Hockenson. Sharon Lynn.396 

Hodapp, Barbara M.371 

Hodge, Robert Douglas.266 

Hodgin, David Harvey 337 

Hodgson. Susan Marie . 363 

Hodgson, William Clark. 144 

Hoff. Dale Eugene. 376 

Hoffman, Claudia May.445 

Hoffman, Greg Allen.337,469 

Hoffman. Karen L. 337 

Hoffman. Mary Louise A.360 

Hoffman, Mary Patricia. 358 

Hoffman, Patricia S. 337,447 

Hoffman. Susan Denise.163 

Hogan, Michael John.107 

Hogan, Patricia Anne..371 

Hogan. Thomas E Jr.323 

Hogan. William Allen.424 

Hoggarth, Marian E.297 

Hogle, Edward Allen. 1 60.481 

Hogle, Reid Paul.418 

Hoke, Heather Lynn.380 

Holbrook, Deborah Mary.445 

Holbrook. Lynn Zana. 276 

Holbrook. Paula Ann. 284.337.390 

Holbrook, Tomas E. 289.493 

Holcomb. Dorman Ladd.337 

Holderby. Wayne D.280 

Hole, Kerry Letitia. 399 

Hole. Stephanie Jane.271,412 

Holland. Gary Lee.366 

Hollar, Ted Charles.394 

Hollenbeck. Rodney D . . 263,265,499 

Holliday. Michael D.263 

Holling. Vickie Lynn. 162.163.337. 


Hollingbery, Donald Jr. 337,471 

Hollingbery, George C. 471 

Hollingbery, Jeffrey B. 337,471 

Holloway. Clyde D.337 

Holman, Steven Greg. 337,475 

Holman, Thomas J.337 

Holmes, Gail Colleen.445 

Holmes, Karen.407 

Holmes, Kathie Lynn.183,445 

Holmes. Lynn Ann. 364 

Holms. David James.479 

Holms, Karen Anne.337 

Holstine. Craig E.266 

Holstine. Patricia L.163 

Holt. James P.366 

Holt. Kathleen Louise.376 

Holter, Michelle Susan.390 

Homchick, Anita Susan.414 

Honsberger, KathyJo. 337.455 

Hood. Roy Ellis.368 

Hood, William Robert.473 

Hoople, William Joseph. 337 

Hopf. Tim. 307 

Hopkins, Gary Easton.473 

Hopkins. Gary.432 

Hopkins. J Eric. 337.495 

Hopkins. Tom.323 

Hopland, Jeannette K.424 

Hopson. Linda Lee.337,447 

Horak. Steven Gerard.403 

Horan. Carol Jean. . 453 

Horman, Bruce Craig. 144,369 

Horsfall. Daniel Dale.337 

Horsley, Cindy Lou. . . 441 

Horsley, Loren S.483 

Horst, Thomas E.2B9 

Horton, Candy Gay.294 

Horton. Shelly Ann. 174,453 

Horvath. Hunter A.278 

Hosking. Kathy J.447 

Hostak. Philip Albert.418 

Hostetler, Dale Allen.424 

Hotelling, Roger David.485 

Hougan, Dorothy R.337 

Hougan, Michael L.337 

Hough, Charles B.H.473 

Houghton. Denisse M.358 

Hoult, Kevin E.366 

Houser. Karen Gay. 1 62,1 63,41 8 

Houtz, Ernest James.337 

Hovey, Michael Wayne.485 

Howard. Cherilyn.424 

Howard, Heidi Gay.1 66.337,459 

Howard. Mark James.337 

Howard, Phillip Wayne. . . 274,280,467 

Howard. Rachel Lynn.399 

Howard. Roger S.369 

Howard. Ronald Edwin.337 

Howard, Susan E.437 

Howarth, James A. IV.471 

Howe, Judy Elaine. . . 162.164,337,390 

Howell, James.495 

Howell. Lori Jane.390 

Howes. Patti Ann. 281.399 

Howes. Steven Webster.279 

Hubbard, Joyce P.358 

Huber, Wendy Karen. 390 

Hucik, Steven Alexander. 338 

Hudlow, Leslie J. 360 

Huey, Jeffrey C.W.409 

Huggins. Kathleen M.360 

Huggins. Patricia Alice. . . 272.287.338, 


Hughes, Jeri-Ann.364 

Hughes. Karen L.338 

Hughes. Kim Kathleen.407 

Hughes. Mary Kay.338 

Hughes. Randal Allen.503 

Hughes. Stephen K.403 

Huht. A. Stephen.338 

Hulen, Jon P. 338,479 

Hull, Pamela Dee.407 

Hulse. John Herbert.298 

Hultman. Michael Ray.366 

Humphrey, Robert Eldyn.495 

Hunnicutt. Janet Lynne. 390 

Hunnicutt. Lana L.407 

Hunsaker, Anne Marie.371 

Hunt. Jeffrey Alan. 495 

Hunter, Bradley R.481 

Hunter. Kevin. 224,293 

Hunter. Lynne Marie.364 

Hunter, Marcia Ellen.445 

Hunter. Shirley Ann.1 80.451 

Hunter, William 0. Jr.424 

Huntingford. Daniel D.491 

Huntley. Scott A. 338,501 

Hupf. Mary Anne C.294 

Huprich. Barbara E. 399 

Hurley, Cynthia Carol.287 

Hurley. James Patrick.338 

Hurley. Rita Kay.338 

Hurliman. Heidi Jean.294 

Hurson, Kathleen.294 

Husa. Darwin Lennie.424 

Husfloen, Mark Ogden.119 

Huston, Mark Allison.409 

Hutchinson. Deborah J.166 

Hyland. James Theodore.505 

Hyman. Fred C. 338 

Hyslop. Nancy J.314,31 5.31 8,31 9, 


Hyslop, William D.. . . 263.266,338,483 


Ibach, Bev May.338.399 

Iddings. Thomas Edward.119 

lerien, Dave. 338,497 

Inazu. K. Jessie.287 

Inge. Gisela.338.407 

Ingebretson. John C.483 

Ingram, Dawn. 165.390 

Ingram, Mary Evelyn. 371 

Ingstad, Lin Marjorie.371 

Innis. Marla Kay.414 

loppini, Michele Ann. 1 63.1 64.390 

Ireland. Linda Louise. 338.399 

Ireland. Patti Gail.294 

Irish, Susan V.407 

Irmer, Julie Louise.390 

Ironside. Leslie J. 338,455 

Irvin, Philip Charles.338 

Irvin. Rebecca Lois.425 

Irvin, Rosemary Jean. 262.338 

Irvine, Deborah E.455 

Irving, William C.298.338.481 

Irwin, Marcella A. 265.338 

Ito. Lynette S.338 

Iversen, Eric Scott. 144 

Ives. Peggy Irene.163.390 

Iwaki. Eiichi.338 

Iwamoto. Sharon Tokiko.371 


Jackson. Bradley Earl. .. 125,473 

Jackson, R. Charles. 262.338.469 

Jackson. Craig W . . 107.307,338.499 

Jackson. Dale Claire. 302,455 

Jackson. Dean E.338 

Jackson. Diane Carroll.183 

Jackson. Gail Ellen. 270.455 

Jacky. Karen Ann.371 

Jacobs, Denise Elisa.380 

Jacobs. Robert W.279 

Jacobs, Thomas Everett.279 

Jacobsen. Julie K. 283 

Jacobsen, Katherine A. 441 

Jacobson. Anne Melinda.443 

Jacobson. Nancy Lynn.396 

Jaech, Jeffrey A. 297.376 

Jaeger, Nancy Ann.435 

Jaegle, Timothy R. 288.302 

Jakubiak, Peter Henry.119 

James, Jane Carol.268.455 

James, Lloyd C.119 

James, Mark William.369 

James, Sally D. 338.407 

Jameson. James J.380 

Jameson, Janice Lynn.399 

Jamieson. Ross David.394 

Jamison. Sherry Lynn.425 

Jamtaas, Kris M.432 

Jamtaas, Phil.432 

Janett. Chris C.338 

Janett, Jean Christine. 184,447 

Janett, Joann V.338 

Jappert, Brian R. 123,266 

Jarstad, Glenn Eugene.403 

Jarvi. Eric John. 301.306.497 

Jasman, Robert Kaye.425 

Jasman. Robin Rae. 371 

Jean. Margaret Ann.443 

Jeaudoin, Kerry Steven.475 

Jeffcott, Gloria E.371 

Jeffers, Karen Anne.407 

Jefferson. Gary Walter.469 

Jeffords, Cheryl D. 338.425 

Jeffries, Edgar Lee Jr.125 

Jene, Marti. 268,274 

Jenkins. David V.338 

Jenkins, Gordon L.338 

Jenkins, Raymond E. 338.479 

Jenkins. Steve. 263.471 

Jennings, Alan Paul.403 

Jennings. Kathleen R.338 

Jennings, Patrick.495 

Jennings, Paul Neill.288 

Jensen. Gerald E. 294,338,479 

Jensen. Jenny Lyn.360 

Jensen,Jennyan. 287,338 

Jensen. Jerald Summers. 263.264 

Jensen. Jill Louise.459 

Jensen, John E.297 

Jensen. Larry Ray.501 

Jensen, Linda Ingrid.371 

Jensen, Mary J.425 

Jensen, Peter H. 338.380 

Jensen, Ray Richard. 418 

Jensen. Rodney D.338 

Jensen-Norman, Jane V.338 

Jewett, Jerilyn.380 

Jinneman, Cindi.338 

Jitsuko. Janice.407 

John, Martin B. 488 

Johnson, Al.338 

Johnson. Bonny Gay.453 

Johnson. Brian. 298,338.418 

Johnson, Bruce. 292,499 

Johnson. Bruce L. 267,293,310. 


Johnson, Carol. 338,439 

Johnson, Cheryl Lynn .... 1 82,295.371 

524 Index 

Johnson, Christine Sue. . 


Johnson, Donald W. 


Johnson, Gregory. 


Johnson, Craig S. 

. 266,338.483 

Johnson, Douglas F. 


Johnson, Janet Onalee . . . . 

. . . 188.437 

Johnson. Danny Sorren. 


Johnson. Edward G. 

. . . 297.369 

Johnson, Jay Arthur. 

. . . 272.491 

Johnson. David Mark. . . 


Johnson. Elin Ann. 

_ 164.364 

Johnson. John S. 


Johnson. Debra. 


Johnson. Eric Stafford . . . . 


Johnson. Judy Janet. 


Johnson. Del. 

_ 276.277 

Johnson, Ernie R. 


Johnson, Julie Rae. 


Johnson. Diana. 

_ 338.441 

Johnson, Gail Aileen. 


Johnson, Karen Lea. 

. 390 

Johnson, Diane Cecilia . . 


Johnson. Gary. 


Johnson. Karla Gwen. 


Johnson. Diane Maria . . . 


Johnson, Gary Ernest. 


Johnson. Kay Ann. 


Al Chan 

Student Publications Photographer 

Johnson. Keith Edward.366 

Johnson. Kristiana L.377 

Johnson. Kristine Fay.437 

Johnson. Kristine Lee.461 

Johnson. Lucinda Lee.425 

Johnson. Marilyn C. 447 

Johnson. Mark Patrick. 505 

Johnson, Marta Lynn.390 

Johnson, Mary Maudine. 268,451 

Johnson, Michael.107 

Johnson, Michele Lana.374 

Johnson. Mitchell S.493 

Johnson. Nancy C.374 

Johnson. Nancy Diane.363 

Johnson. Nancy Lee. 297.399 

Johnson, Neil Martin.37 7 

Johnson. Paul V. 338.467 

Johnson, Randall G.505 

Johnson. Randi Mona. 425 

Johnson, Rebecca S. 338 

Johnson. Robert. 282.338 

Johnson, Robert Keith. 267.497 

Johnson. Sandy. 499 

Johnson, Scott. 338.499 

Johnson. Scott Douglas.489 

Johnson, Scott Draper.369 

Johnson, Shelly L.338.435 

Johnson, Stephen H. 475 

Johnson, Steven.338 

Johnson. Susan Jane.457 

Johnson, Suzanne C. 363 

Johnson. Tara Lee. 276,277 

Johnston, Deborah Kay.380 

Johnston. Philip.465 

Johnstone, Yvonne K. 294 

Jonas. Brian Fredrick.297 

Jonas, Laurie Lee.288 

Jones. Andrew.107 

Jones, Connie.338 

Jones. David. . 338.471 

Jones. David Reese.296 

Jones. Deborah L. 435 

Jones. Deborah Mary.425 

Jones. Douglas Paul.469 

Jones. Greg. 339.491 

Jones. Hilton Mcewan.493 

Jones, Irwin William.339 

Jones. Jennifer Lynn. 461 

Jones. John A.. . . ..338 

Jones. Laurie D.. 339.459 

Jones, Lawrence Allan.425 

Jones. Lynn D. 123,380 

Jones. Mark E. 284,296 

Jones. Melanie Jane. 307.339.451 

Jones, Mirella Remigia. 425 

Jones, Nancy Merilyn. 414 

Jones. Patricia Ann.284.339 

Jones. Paula Clarice. 183.459 

Jones, Perry Lee.495 

Jones, Renato E.F. 339.488 

Jones. Rick Eugene.501 

Jones. Ted Newton II. 287,418 

Jones, Timothy Scott.322 

Jortes. William C. Jr. 272.293.322 

Jones. Woodrow E. Jr.366 

Jonker. Esther Marie.339 

Jordan. Andrea H.364 

Jordan, Jeffrey Scott.303 

Jordan. Julie Lynn.1 74,443 

Jordan, Martha Ann. 174.266,457 

Jordan. Merilee L. 339 

Jorgensen. Diane C.390 

Josephson. Anne Marie.184.449 

Jramblin. Claubia.274 

Jubb, Donald Warner Jr. 334,380 

Judah. L. Anthony.394 

Jueling, Jill Marie.425 

Juenke, Cathy.339.453 

Julbert. Bob.503 

Jump, Janet llene.359 

Juneau, Steven James.467 

Junker. Janice. 339,359 

Jure. Ron.403 

Jurgens. George Eric. . . . 302,339.369 

Juris, Kristine Ethel. 180.439 

Juris, Ronald David.298 


Kafer. Nancy Jean. 186.451 

Kahns. Karla. 339,437 

Kaiser. Karen Kay.364 

Kallander, Karen Lyle. 302.455 

Index 525 

Kalmbach. Kenneth G.339 

Kammeyer, Elaine J.407 

Kanno, Stanley.403 

Kan trowitz. Scott J. 394 

Kanzler. Pamela Kaye.363 

Karas. Joseph Denton.150 

Karch. Joan Marie.445 

Karlson, Susan Arleen.407 

Karnofski. David John. 167.425 

Kasprzak. Eleanor R.339 

Kasprzak. Gary J.339 

Kastner. Walter W.150 

Katchaturian, Fran.107 

Katica. Robert Patrick.485 

Kawasaki. Mark Ryo.418 

Kay. Karen Maree.371 

Kayser, Noma Marie. 277,374 

Kazda. Linda J. 339.418 

Kazda, Steven Louis. 416 

Keanns. Dennis.485 

Kearney. Christopher M.380 

Keathley. Sandra M.297 

Keating. Keith Robert.119 

Kee. Elizabeth M.359 

Keefer. Susan G.461 

Keeffe. Nancy Jane.396 

Keegan. Patrick James.465 

Keehnel. Steven John.369 

Keenan. Daniel Edward.465 

Keene. Terence Edward.477 

Keep, Kim Darwin.410 

Keil. Elizabeth Lee.269 

Keiser, Owen Robert.161 

Keister, Gary E.339 

Keitges. Norman Edward.394 

Kelleher. Ronald R. 60,339 

Keller. Heidi Lee.318,320 

Kelley. Gloria Ann. 163.339 

Kelley. Rebecca Ann.418 

Kelly, Ann Elaine.451 

Kelly. Connie.164 

Kelly, Debra Eugenia. 407 

Kelly. Gail Elizabeth.339.407 

Kelly. Gregory Warren. 394 

Kelly. Mary Shannon. 439 

Kelly, Phyllis Marie.399 

Kelly, Shannon.183 

Keitges, Norm.144 

Kembel, Jeffrey F.491 

Kembel. Peggy.359 

Kendall. David Ralph.263.505 

Kendrick. Thomas D.339 

Keneger, Jan.449 

Kennedy. Candace Ann.380.407 

Kennedy, Christine.339 

Kennedy. David William.369 

Kennedy, Gale S.394 

Kennedy, Maureen Y. 272,414 

Kennedy, Patricia 1. 374 

Kenney. Timothy C. 488 

Kenoyer. Chet E. 369 

Kensler, Shelley Lee.461 

Kent, Michele Andrea.443 

Kercheval. Ronald Lynn. 263.264 

Kerr. Jeffrey Reed.495 

Ketcham. Merritt.339 

Keyes. Christie Lynn. 268.455 

Keynon, Robert Lee.487 

Kidrick, Nancy Marie.401 

Kidwiler. Ruth H.180,425 

Kiefer. Alan Michael.318.403 

Kiehn. Kurtis Byron. 491 

Kiehn, Marziah Gail. 297.399 

Kilduff, Eamonn Frank.425 

Kile, Jane Ann. .371 

Kilian, William Joseph. 339.473 

Killingsworth, Cheryl. 339.445 

Killingsworth. Elaine.297 

Kilpatrick. Deborah.339 

Kilpatrick, Robert D.122 

Kim. Donna A. 180.287.459 

Kim, Duane Sung Soo. 274.366 

Kimble. Paul Ernest Jr.467 

Kimes. Susan Elizabeth.374 

Kimmel, David Roy. 394 

Kinard, Kristen L.414 

Kinart. Pamela Ann.418 

Kincaid. Connie Jo. 184.339,459 

Kinder, Denise Lynn. 166.439 

King, Barbara Joanne.399 

King. Craig Stephen.303 

King, Dana Leland.380 

King. Joan Marie.435 

King. John Eugene.366 

King, Kevin Douglas.479 

King, Michael Vernon.501 

King. Peggy Ann.399 

King. Peter Bowden.119.377 

King. Sherri llene.359 

Kingman. William P. 339 

Kinion. Debra Jean. 274.277.412 

Kink. Michelle Marie.180.435 

Kinney. Bruce Paul. 262.366 

Kinsman, Roy 8ernard.275 

Kinyon, Kent Ray.294 

Kirby, Michael Duane.487 

Kirchgessner. Deborah. 339.399 

Kirchner. Marianne. 399 

Kirk. Jane Marie. 266.339,374 

Kirk. Shelley Rae.359 

Kirkwood, Calla Sue.449 

Kirschbaum. Lucille M.407 

Kirske. David Henry.418 

Kishimoto. Denice T.287 

Kissinger. Dianna Lynn. 412 

Kissler, Laura Lynne. 425 

Kissling. R.Janelle. 276.277.407 

Kitten. Jody Anne. 396 

Kjargaard. John Mark. 394 

Klasen, James Francis.479 

Klemp, Catherine Sue.415 

Klicker. Robyn Kay.274.276.277. 


Klicker. Sheryl Ann.277 

Klinger, Robert G.278 

Klinski, Lee Norman.483 

Klopfer. Jean. 272 

Kluck, Karen Mary.415 

Kluger, Ralph Martin. 425 

Klump, Wayne Walter. 394 

Knaggs. Pamela Marie.364 

Knapp. Carolyn Ann.457 

Knapp, Jack Ronald. 266.483 

Knapp. Jeanette M. 371 

Knatcal. Joan Ellen.396 

Knauss, Stacie Joyce.399 

Knell, Gary Frederic . 339 

Knight. Cornell.418 

Knight. Donna Marie.339,435 

Knight. June Lavon.181,441 

Knight. Thomas. 339 

Knott, Diane Maureen.451 

Knouse. Kristine Lynn. 339,399 

Knudsen, Marilyn Jean.399 

Knudson. Jane E.399 

Knudson, Tery Ann.380 

Knutson, Robert Donald.425 

Kodama, William.150 

Koehler. Linda Susan. 339.360 

Koeller. Brenda Kay.377 

Koester. Paul F.394 

Kohn. Sharon Sue.363 

Kolczynski. Eugene Jr.160 

526 Index 

Kolde. Hubert E. 301.488 

Koler. Kevin De Baun.277 

Koiler. Randy John. 295.481 

Koller. Roger.1 59.295.339.481 

Kolmodin. Eric Duane. 287,425 

Kolmodin. Mark Raymond.425 

Konen. Robert Joseph.491 

Konopik. George Edward.369 

Kontos. Amy Lynne. 361 

Kontz, D. Edward Jr.339 

Kooley, Karolyn Wendy. 457 

Kopczynski. Cary Stephen. . . . 285.339 

Kopczynski, Susan M.399 

Korfhage. Robert Coyle.279 

Kornfeind. Dayne Robin.394 

Koshko. Patricia E. 165 

Kosik. Owen J.119 

Kosse. James John.479 

Koutlas, Dean Peter.483 

Koutnik. Michele L.122 

Kozik, Katharina M.377 

Kraemer. Cynthia Lynne.122 

Kraemer. Mike.307.339.479 

Kraft. Jerry John.505 

Kraft. Kathleen Louise.399 

Kramer. Craig Jeffrey.425 

Kramer. Debbi Gaye.174 

Kramer, Diane.425 

Kramer. Douglas E.339 

Kramer. Molly Karen. 339.439 

Krase, Richard William.410 

Krasnec. Joseph Peter.352 

Kraucunas. Ruth V. 186,263.441 

Krause. Ben Wayne. 125 

Krause. Timothy N.107 

Krautwurm. Deborah Ann.407 

Krawsky. David L.280 

Kreft, Stanley Karl.340.425 

Kreider, Karen Louise.340 

Kresse. James Irwin.314.31 6,318. 


Krogh. Julie Lynn.407 

Kroum. Jamet Elizabeth.377 

Krueger. Robert F.340.410 

Krueger. Rodney Allan. 340.495 

KruII. Jennie Mae.318.415 

Kuboyama. Floyd M.287 

Kudaishi. Blanche M.: 340 

Kuhnau. Bruce L.340 

Kuhnau. Nancy Doris.371 

Kuhnhausen, Lois Rae.165,340 

Kullberg. William D. 265.418 

Kulm. Darrel. Arthur. 275.280.340 

Kummer, Gregory S.314.31 7 

Kundzins. Dace Maija. 173.447 

Kuper, Marcia Lynn.437 

Kurbitz, Kathy Kay.122,449 

Kurbitz, Penny Irene. 122,449 

Kure. Jeffrey Sherman.416 

Kusmirek, Daniel S.394 

Kutark. Ronnie D.416 

Kuyper. Neal C.394 

Kvinsland. Rosemary.407 

Kwong. Alan.298 


Labbee. Dan Alva.144 

Lade. Susanne Eloise.340.415 

Ladiser. Karen Beth. 186.451 

Ladue, Sandra K.340.462 

Laffaw. Bradley John. 483 

Laffaw, Joan Annette.451 

Laffey. Pamela Sue.415 

Lafky, Karen Yvonne.361 

Laframboise. Patrick. 340.493 

Lafreniere. Regina M.451 

Laitala. Sheryl Ann.1 86,435 

Lakel. Ruth Ann. 1 65.340 

Lally. Megan Kathleen.407 

Lalonde. Susan E.163 

Lamb, Becky Jill.264.441 

Lamb. Dean C.340 

Lamb. Morrine Jo-An.267.363 

Lamb. Walter Thomas. 276.279 

Lambert. Larry R.305.340 

Lambier. Sherry Lynn.363 

Lambuth. Douglas A. 380 

Lamoureux, Blaine C. 107 

Lamb. Stephen Walter.495 

Lan, Shui Shen.352 

Lancaster. Sally A.361 

Landa, Jean.352 

Landerholm. Lani Ann. ... 1 84.268.459 

Landerholm. Nancy Jean. 268.302, 


Landes. C. Frederick.481 

Landis. Peggy Maureen.184.441 

Landis. Terrie K.340 

Landon, Barbara J.412 

Lane. Bruce Cameron.410 

Lane, Mara Jean.415 

Lane. Pamela Lois.396 

Lang. Joan Marie.162.449 

Langdon. Daniel W.340 

Lange. Craig Evan. 340.425 

Lange. Frederick Karl.471 

Lanning. Mary Kathleen.399 

Lanser. Martin M. Ill..224 

Lantz. Calvin Roy III.284.340.505 

Lantz. Gayle Earlene.340 

Laplante. Royal A. Ill.. 274.366 

Largent. Barbara N.294.418 

Larimer. Nancy Ellin.449 

Larsen. Gary Robert.417 

Larsen. Gary Stanley.107 

Larsen, Geoffry Roy.475 

Larsen, Kathryn Marie.390 

Larsen. Steve Ray.417 

Larsen. Susan Jane. 183,441 

Larson. Christine L. 276.364 

Larson. Eugene John..289 

Larson. Gary Phillip. 263.264.499 

Larson. George Francis.425 

Larson. Janet Louise.380 

Larson. Joan Louise.435 

Larson, John.154 

Larson. Julie Ann.1 74.457 

Larson. Karen Marjorie. 271.399 

Larson. Kari Anna. 340.457 

Larson, Kenneth D.340 

Larson. Melinda Lee.371 

Larson. Sue Jane.186.263 

Lasater. Debbie.268 

Laska. Anita.340.361 

Lasley. Hazel.266 

Lassen. Deborah Kay.435 

Last. George Vincent.479 

Latendresse. Claire A. 340.41 5 

Latham. Kathryn Ann.340 

Lathrop. Sheri Ann.396 

Lau. Darrel Wayne.«. .262.394 

Lau. William Lai-Sze.340 

Laurvick. Dean Michael. . . ...296 

Laury. Patricia M.340 

Lauterbach. Lucy E.264.371 

Law. Mimi Eki. 287.298 

Lawler, Denise Marie.123 

Lawler, Dennis Alan.107 

Lawr, Margo Cathleen.396 

Lawrence. Jessie E.340 

Lawry, Patricia M.287 

Lawson. Barbara J.122.188.449 

Layton, Wendy Eileen.1 74.435 

Lazz. Keith D.273 

Leach. Steven Allen. 123.285.340 

Leadon, Patricia Alma.455 

Leaf. Gretchen Anne.425 

Leahy. Colleen P. 266.318.435 

Leatherman, David E. 275.280 

Leathers. Karen Lynn.399 

Lebenzon. Lindsey Beth.415 

Leblanc, Cheryl Marie.425 

Lederle, Gail Ann.340.461 

Ledgerwood. P Ray.298,366 

Ledgerwood. Sally J.340 

Ledgerwood. Steven R.280.467 

Ledgerwood. Thomas L.366 

Lee, Chun-Sing George. . . 296.340,41 8 

Lee, David E.377 

Lee. Eric Alan.425 

Lee. Howard Evan.285 

Lee. James Harry.394 

Lee. Julia Ann. 305,441 

Lee. Michael Brian.465 

Lee, Paul Shen Tung.352 

Lee. Randy.503 

Lee. Raymond Hoy Pung.369 

Lee, Stephen N.485 

Lee, Stephen William.366 

Lee. Terry Alan.419 

Leedom, Christine M.180.184.435 

Leer, Tracy Jean.274 

Lefebvre. Diane L.340 

Lefler. Sally Ann.285,340 

Legacie. Diana Dawn.390 

Leggett. Heidi Marie. 277.407 

Lehmann. Marilou Laura.419 

Leighton, Timm Edward.274 

Leininger. Barbara Jo.377 

Leister, Debbie.391 

Leland. Richard M.144.485 

Lench. Dan.306 

Lenhard, Dwane Edgar.419 

Lenhard. Joann Kay.284,419 

Lenhart. Craig Anthony.499 

Lenhart. Janet E.399 

Lennox. Monty W.419 

Lenz. Karen Diane.180 

Leonard. Katherine A.123.186.268 


Leonard. Linda Kay.340.359 

Leong. F. Timothy.340.380 

Lepage. Steven W.395 

Leslie. Michael John.471 

Lessard, Joseph Lee.377 

Lester. David G.322 

Leung. BetaYukWah.298 

Levalley. Dana Craig.340 

Levalley. Gary Todd.493 

Lewey, Dalton Edwin.340.425 

Lewis. Brian D.340 

Lewis. David Evan. 263,340 

Lewis. Donald Gene.481 

Lewis. Donald James.493 

Lewis. James Ovid.107 

Lewis. Karen Sue.122 

Lewis. Kathy Lou.459 

Lewis. Randall Leon.224.322.425 

Lewis. Sharon Jean.447 

Ley. Robert David.296 

Li, Chen-Tung.340 

Libey. Gary James. 273,340,469 

Liddle. John Thomas.144.340.432 

Liebel, Pamela Kay.445 

Lieberg, Peggy Marie.340 

Lien. Deborah Sue.447 

Lien. Robert Marvin. 288.395 

Lien. Teresa Louise.437 

Light. Joan Dee.447 

Lightheart. Jeff A.340 

Lightner, Lori Leigh'. 305.361 

Liles. Shaune Louise. 306.364 

Lilje. Katherine Alice.181.457 

Lilje. Randolph B.160.297.340.416 

Limbocker. Faith Alene. 340.445 

Lindberg. Mary Susan.400 

Lindberg. Sally Ann.425 

Lindberg, Steven M.340.487 

Lindberg. Suzanne E. . .271 

Linden. Molly Kathleen. 269,447 

Linderer, Janice Kay.391 

Linderman. Kenneth W.. . . 305.306,403 

Lindgren. Catherine G.419 

Lindgren, Ruth Ellen.365 

Lindoff. Billy Arthur. . .475 

Lindroth. Marsha L. 302.303 

Lindsey. Dennis.366 

Lindsey. Ed.161 

Lindsey. Roberta Ann.276 

Lindstrom. Carla Sue.439 

Lindstrom. Teri Diane. 294.391 

Linel. Rebecca.400 

Linhart, Carole Susan.407 

Liniger. Heidi Jane.451 

Link. M. David.483 

Linn. Jeffrey Carl.410 

Linnemann. Denise M.443 

Linnenkohl. Gerald A.340 

Linscott, Janet Ann.371 

Lintz. Timothy Allen.280 

Lippert, Marvin David.485 

Lipps. David Leslie.307 

Lischka. Donna E.371 

Lisser. Bruce Gordon.495 

Little. Edwin Thomas.465 

Little. Kim Ben.425 

Littlefield. Lucia C.181.441 

Littlefield. Wendy Lee. . . . 263,270.340. 


Littleton, Glen Edgar.340 

Littleton. Maribeth.340 

Litwin. Gerald Edward.340 

Liu. Anne Ka Po.298 

Livingston, Camille R.425 

Llewellyn, James M.340 

Lloyd, Sally Ann.374 

Lo. Josephine B.C.294 

Loar, William R. Jr.488 

Lodwig. Jill.164 

Loes. Ruth Margaret.380 

Loft. Michael Lee.473 

Logan. Martha A.340 

Logan. Robert Reade.366 

Loge, Donna Rae.400 

Logen. Barbara Joanne.340 

Logsdon. Dean Monroe.395 

Loken. Sharon Elaine.400 

Lombard. Barbara L.359 

Lombardini. Donald Lee.262 

Long. Barbara Jane.461 

Long. Mary Margaret. 188,361 

Long. Richard T.340 

Long, William Dee.410 

Longan. James R. Jr.369 

Longanecker. Barbara K.415 

Lopez. Paul Anthony.288 

Lorenz, Jerald Martin.340 

Lorenzo. Diane Lynn.407 

Losvar. Gretchen Anne.400 

Lott. Susan Louise.425 

Lotze. Debra Lee.400 

Loucks. Sally A.180 

Lougee, Patricia Jo. 268.445 

Louie. Danny.425 

Louie, Gary Douglas.369 

Louie. Marvin Dennis.369 

Louie. Mary Ann.287.340 

Lovas. Thomas A.340 

Love. Nancy Elizabeth.400 

Love. William Murray.288 

Lowe. Randall Craig.285 

Lowe. William Keith.280.341.467 

Lowers. Michael F.283.485 

Lowery, Michael C.483 

Lowman. Russell E.465 

Lowther, Carolyn Lee. .123,265.266.457 

Luft, Gary Alan.119 

Luft, Gregory Merrill.160 

Luft, Karen Lee.437 

Luksan. Larry Lee.481 

Lum. Chong-Yan David. 341.403 

Lum. Victoria Marsha.1 80.266 

Lund. Rhonda Catherine.165 

Lund. Sally S.391 

Lundquist. Pamela Jean.268.435 

Lundstrom. Kim Diane.381 

Lunstrum. Sheryl Lynn.274 

Lupton. Rick Niel.341 

Lust. Jeffrey Don.425 

Lyle. Bruce Daniel.491 

Lyman, Richard Lee.341.416 

Lynch, Dean Brent.341.481 

Lynn, Bertha Veronica.377 

Lynn, Rebecca Mariet.294 

Lynne, Susan.341 

Lyon. Marty Allen.283 


Maberry. J. Linda.287 

Macdicken, Kenneth G.367 

Macdonald. Susan Jane.439 

Macho. Jane Louise.365 

Machin. Lynn Elizabeth.426 

MacGillivray, Andrew.341.499 

MacGillivray. D.K. Jr.499 

MacKay, Douglas Evan.426 

MacKinnon, Catherine.341 

MacKinnon. Jeanette K.400 

MacKlin, Reginal E.144.341 

MacLean. Kim R.400 

MacLean, R Grant. 284.341 

MacLond. John Egre.341 

MacPherson. Shawn S.457 

Maddeford. Lionel III.294 

Madden. Janette Gayle.396 

Madden. Robilyn Jay.165 

Madden. Ronald D.341 

Maddox, Warren Lee.352 

Mader. Connie Kathleen.397 

Madison. Mitchell Paul.499 

Madison. Suzanne Jane.439 

Madsen. Peggy Lee.445 

Maeland.John Egil.419 

Maenhout. MarkJ.119.471 

Maeum, Michael J.404 

Magee. P. Kathleen.341 

Maguire, Kevin David ..308 

Mahler, Robert L.. 410 

Maiden. Thomas Charles.481 

Maine. Robert Lavern. 341 

Index 527 

Mairs. Thomas Dean.416 

Maj. Joseph Allen.404 

Mak. Kam Woon.298 

Makela. Mike Melvin.263 

Maker. W. Richard Jr.352 

Makus. Larry D.277 

Malcomb, Marcia Fern.361 

Mallon. Gary Owen.471 

Mallory, Michael S. 341,495 

Malloy. John William.369 

Malloy. Nancy Carol.372 

Malloy. Susan C. 341.373 

Malone. Michael P.395 

Malone, Molly Jane.435 

Maloney, Vincent K.481 

Manary. Richard L.404 

Manley. Jennifer Lynn.445 

Mansfield. Michael H. 341.506 

Manzo. Francisco.308 

March. Carol Anne.400 

Marcka. Alice J.400 

Marcy. Rodney Eugene.505 

Margin. Bernadette M.285.297 

Mariotto. Donald Leo.426 

Marjamaa. Sharel Lee.407 

Markarian. Ralph K.352 

Markel. Stephen M.419 

Markham. Fred K.341.419 

Marks. Gary Emanuel.473 

Marks. Marilyn Ann.341.441 

Marks. Philip David.479 

Marler, Richard Eugene.369 

Marple. Daymon Eugene.497 

Marquardt. Debra Dee.445 

Marquardt. Karen Lee.435 

Marr. Carla Ann.445 

Marsden. Sheila.184.451 

Marsh, Allison Rae.381 

Marshall. Adele Pamela.426 

Marshall, Charlene L.278 

Marshall. James M.341 

Marshall, Larry Gene. 160.506 

Marshall, Linda Lee.341 

Marshall. Susan.365 

Marshall. William John.160.341 

Marsula. Roger Kent.501 

Martell. Charles A.R. 341,477 

Marten. Ronald Erwin.288 

Martens. Mark Alan.302 

Martin, Barbara E. 341.372 

Martin. Dale Leo Jr.410 

Martin. Donald H. Jr.395 

Martin. George William.341 

Martin. Jacqueline J.341 

Martin. James Brent.301 

Martin. Janice Mae.407 

Martin. Jeffrey Dale.505 

Martin. Joni Faye.294.426 

Martin. Leslie Nan.377 

Martin. Mary Virginia.439 

Martin. Michael Wayne. 275.404 

Martin. Susan Gay.391 

Martin. Thomas Edward.395 

Martin, Tina Ruth.341.391 

Martin. Valerie Anne.365 

Martinson. Martin Pele.341 

Martonik. Ann R.341 

Marvin, Michele. C.341 

Mason. Lori Patricia.439 

Mason. Lynn Ann.447 

Mason. Pamala Ann.397 

Mason. William D. Jr.404 

Mason, Stephen Dwight.119 

Masters. David Roy.377 

Masterson. Thomas W.477 

Mather. W. Scott.465 

Mathews, Tim Frederick.395 

Mathisen. Ray Arvid.489 

Matson. Denise Caryl..400 

Matsumoto. Alan D.465 

Matsumoto, Susan Lynn.407 

Mattausch. Sheryl Ann.426 

Matthews. Roy E. Ill.367 

Mattson. Patricia C. 266.274.276. 


Matuski. Suanne. 449 

Mauden, Lance Sean.341,419 

Maule, Nancy.407 

Maury. Monica Kaye.181 

Maxin. Cynthia T.162.341 

Maxwell, Stanley Ray.341 

May. Kathleen Marie.407 

May. Pamela Jean.271.373 

Maybee, Joe Thomas Jr.367 

Mayberry. Linda Sue. 341.459 

Mayberry, Patricia G.415 

Mayer. Karen Diann.341 

Mayer. Kathryn Joanna.341 

Mayer. Michael James.341.369 

Mayton. Anne Marie.341.415 

McAlister, Daniel C.341 

McAlister. Diane C.341 

McAlister. Julie.439 

McArthur, Carnie Jack.341.501 

McCab, Michael Oren.244 

McCabe. Richard W.341.419 

McCain. Marvin H.296 

McCalib. Jeffrey T.487 

McCall. Gregory E.284 

McCall. Rodney M.. . . 280.305.306.341 

McCamey. Julia Anne.435 

McCarry. James Edward.341 

McCarthy. Bob.432 

McCartney. Peggy A.400 

McCarty. Patricia Lou.341.359 

McCarty, Robert A.279 

McCarty. Robert S. Jr.4B7 

McCaslin. John Woods. 341,395 

McCathern. Paul L.495 

McClain. Mark Walton.168 

McCleary, Judy Carol.365 

McClellan, Dennis Lee.341,479 

McClean. Catherine M.166.180.451 

McClenny. Marda Dee.164 

McClintock. Martha J.407 

McClinton. Terrell D.341 

McCloskey. Mary K.341 

McCloskey, William F. 265.341 

McClure. Michael Roy.119 

McClure. Scott Thomas.289.493 

McCollum. Debra C.461 

McCollum, Douglas A.499 

McConkey. Edward Jack.425 

McCorkle. Jim M.419 

McCormack, Melissa A.449 

McCormick. Jean P.341,437 

McCormick. Molly A.453 

McCourtie. Mike.144 

McCown. Debora Gail.... 268.274.449 

McCown. Raymond Craig.483 

McCray. Kathleen Diane.425 

McCulloch, Karen Lee.391 

McDaniel. Terry R.341 

McDanold, Bruce Kelvin.341 

McDonagh. John P.425 

McDonald. Dan Warren.467 

McDonald. Mary Lynn.162.341,453 

McDonald. Sharon D.341 

McDonell. Elsie Mae. 284.341.374 

McDonell. Melba Ann.415 

McDonnell, David S. 341.475 

McDougall. Ronald J.403 

McEachern, Neal R.287.395 

McElroy. William H.107 

McEuen. Lisa Alice.163 41 5 

McFadden. Gordon Otto.123 

McFall. Shannon Dee.455 

McFaul. Sue Anne.453 

McGarrah. Catherine E.426 

McGarry, Marcia C.294 

McGavick. Hugh Joseph.469 

McGee. Leslie Ann.400 

McGee. Peggy Anne.437 

McGimpsey. Michael J.395 

McGinley, Gerald Lee.305 

McGinnis. Brian P.485 

McGovern. Rickey James.321 

McGrath. Annete V.391 

McGrath. Jack Wayne. 341.395 

McGreevy. Douglas R.274.467 

McGuire. Richard M.505 

McHugo. David Frank.341 

Mcllvanie. Samuel G.489 

McIntosh. Joseph A.1 54 

McIntosh. Saundra D. 267.310.313. 


McKay. Beverly Jeanne.371 

McKay. James Wallace.467 

McKay. Michael.295 

McKay. William W.416 

McKeag, Steven Lee.288 

McKee. Peggy Ann.371 

McKelvey. Craig W.352 

McKenzie. Patricia J.415 

McKinley. Martha Lynn.419 

McKinley. William P.426 

McKinney. Earl.279 

McKinney. Richard W.265.305.306. 


McKinney. Wilbur W.107 

McLaughlin. E.Jean.371 

McLaughlin. Lori.412 

McLaughlin, Scott.297 

McLean. Geraldine Ann.372 

McLean. Katherine L.164.412 

McLean, Roy Willis.479 

McLean. Steven Wayne.276 

McLean. Thomas Andrew.477 

McLennan. Colin Corey.274 

McMains, James Warren.395 

McMullan. Brad Alan.403 

McNeil. John Harry. 295.366 

McNeal. Shannon E.400 

McNicoll. Susan Laurie. 281.443 

McNulty, Patricia.381 

McPhee, Colleen Iris. 342.400 

McPhee, Gloria Jean. 276.277 

McPherson, Dennis C M.275 

McPherson. Kenneth J.275 

McPherson. Robert M.395 

McRae. Joyce Ann.400 

McRae, Kristine Marie.400 

McReynolds. Jill E.302.449 

McReynolds. Samuel.342 

Means. Paul Morency.471 

Medina, James A.123 

Medved, Launa Ann.391 

Meehan. Christopher J.501 

Meek. Douglas Edward.410 

Meenach. Harold R.274.278 

Meerdink. Douglas Paul.367 

Meerdink, Richard Lee.367 

Megorden. Frank M.. . 300,302.303.342 

Mehl, Wolfgang P.342 

Meiser. William E. Jr.278 

Melhart. Dick.107 

Mellein, John Roger.342 

Mellen. James Edward.160 

Meloy. Robert Thomas.501 

Meloy, William Thomas. 501 

Melville. Milly Kay. 342.426 

Melvin. Jean Macrae.400 

Menaul. Marguerite C.342,372 

Mendoza. Daniel Craig.501 

Mengarelli, Mary Jo.166.363 

Mengedoht. Paul.160 

Menzia. Frederick A.426 

Mercereau. Renee J.381 

Meredith, David Paul.125 

Meriwether, David A.410 

Merkley. Stephen V. 154 

Merriman, Douglas L. 281.417 

Merriman. Gregory Lee.281.417 

Merritt. David Richard.367 

Merritt, Kristine Lynn. 284.400 

Merritt. Linda Faye.342 

Merritt. Pamela Ann.426 

Mertes. James Michael.264 

Mertz. E. Ann.342 

Meservey. Patrick J.419 

Messenger. Joyce Ann. 284.359 

Meucci. Joann.426 

Meyer, Catherine Jean. 397 

Meyer. Christine E.. . . 162.1 65.342.413 

Meyer, James Riley. 224.491 

Meyers. Barb.163 

Meyers. Keith Eric. 342.419 

Meyers. Patrick G.342 

Meyers, Robert Mark.495 

Meyers. Thomas Edward.381 

Michael. Irvin Otto.283 

Michael. James C. 342.467 

Michels. David Joe.495 

Mickelson, Nancy L.180.449 

Mickelson. Thomas G.404 

Mielke, Roberta Marie. 284.400 

Mihelich. Karen Marie.426 

Mikel. Geraldine Ada.342 

Miklancic. Marla Mae.342 

Miles. Deborah Ann.183 

Millarich. Marsha L.415 

Millen, Anne Llewellyn.391 

Miller. Alan Dale.278 

Miller. Allen James.369 

Miller. Carol Marie.407 

Miller. Cathleen A.342 

Miller, Craig Allen.279 

Miller. Daniel Earl.342 

Miller, David James.342 

Miller. Fred A.419 

Miller. Jimmy Lee. 119.419 

Miller. Judith Louise. 342,408 

Miller. Kathleen Marie.391 

Miller, Kenneth Glenn.426 

Miller. Laurie Jo. 400 

Miller. Leslie Bruce.432 

Miller. Marilyn Elaine. 342 

Miller. Marilyn June. 391 

Miller. Michael. 282 

Miller. Michael John.488 

Miller. Michael Roland. 342 

Miller. Pamela J. 307.342 

Miller, Paul Eugene.367 

Miller. Richard. 342.485 

Miller. William Gerald_ 274.404.503 

Millhollen. Susan C.451 

Mills. Jay Robert.298 

Mills. Nancy P.372 

Mills. Pamela M. 342.363 

Milton. E. Ann.457 

Mims. Anthony Ronald.107 

Minami. Kazuo. 419 

Minnich, Scott Arthur.289 

Minor, Gary Leon.144 

Minor, Larry P.144 

Minor, Lloyd Kendall.119.168 

Minske. Norman L.404 

Miskimens. David Allan. 395 

Mitchell. Bruce Edward.473 

Mitchell. Carol Lynn. 419 

Mitchell. Dennis James.107 

Mitchell. Gregory L.471 

Mitchell. Richard J.342 

Mitchell. Richard J. 119.499.503 

Mitley. Kenneth W. 284.342 

Mitzel. Gary William. 263.491 

Miura. Steven Vasue.287 

Mizer. Linda Eileen.365 

Mizuno. Kerry M. 342.477 

Moe. Christine Anette .... 1 62.1 64.165 

Moe, James L.283 

Moeller, James Kirk. 467 

Moeller, Kathleen L.408 

Moerbeek. Hendrika H.265 

Mogck. Larry Glenn. 342,410 

Mohr. Denise Carolyn.180 

Moloney, Margaret Mary.342,459 

Monahan. Jennifer Anne.437 

Monma. Clyde Lawrence. 426 

Monro. Marsha Lee. 365 

Monroe. Herbert John. 426 

Monroe. Lena.297 

Monroe. Thomas James.493 

Montague, Leonard Lyle. . 285,342,469 

Montague. Ronald John.417 

Monteiro. Suzanne Jean.342 

Monteith. Dan Berchal.410 

Moody. Linda Marie.447 

Moon. Lynda Jan. 162.164.165 

Moon. Michael Corwin. 297.321 

Moon, Steven Spencer.404 

Moore. Becky Jane.342 

Moore. Benjamin Wilbur.416 

Moore. Beth Lynne.372 

Moore, Bruce John.416 

Moore. David V.404 

Moore. Dean Allen. 144 

Moore. Dick. 305 

Moore. Frank J B.302 

Moore. Hollis Susan.461 

Moore, Lena.372 

Moore. Marilyn Gail.441 

Moore. Michael Francis. 483 

Moore. Randall Dean.342 

Moore, Robert Jeffrey.465 

Moore. Stephen E.. . . 265.314,31 5.342 

Moore. Teresa E.281 

Moorhead. Elaine D.372 

Moos. Angela T.293,342.419 

Moos. William Herman. . . 107.342,493 

Moran. Sarah Jane.375 

Morasch. Kathy Marie.400 

Morasch. Lois Jean. 397 

Morasch. Rhonda Kay. . . . 302.303,449 

Morehead. Cathy A.342 

Morgan. Annette M.287 

Morgan, Christi Ann.426 

Morgan. Donna K. 391 

Morgan. Howard Kenneth.282.342 

Morgan. Scott Campbell.419 

Morivchi. Dave.287 

Mork. GregC. 342.417 

528 Index 

Morozzo, Robert E. 294.342 

Morman. Steven H.367 

Morr. Linda M.342 

Morrill. Helen May.400 

Morris. Brian Lee. 119 

Morris. Curt Andrew.491 

Morris, Dean Jack.369 

Morris, Donald Michael. . . 297,305,377 

Morris, Gary Hollis. 367 

Morris. Marcia Anne.426 

Morris, Paul Arvid.369 

Morris, Scott Eugene. 491 

Morris. Stephanie C.A.1 76,457 

Morrison, Jeanne Marie.408 

Morrison. Michael Reid.499 

Morrison, Sheri Kay. 302,303,445 

Morrissey. Colleen A.377 

Morrisson. David M.483 

Morrow, Phyllis.453 

Morrow. Timothy Ivan.487 

Morse, James K.343 

Mortimer, Bruce George. 279,369 

Morton. Gerald Wayne.121,473 

Morton. Jane Marie . . 122,1 74,264.441 

Moseng. Ethan M.426 

Moses, Stephan Randall.122.471 

Motin, Galen Marie.372 

Motsenbocker. William.469 

Mott, Gregory Allen.426 

Mott, Michael L.419 

Mouncer, Albert E.1 23.343.469 

Mountjoy, Sheila J.343 

Moura. Jose Carlos.352 

Mowbray, James Edwin.279 

Mowrey, Julann. 343 

Moyer, Gerald Melvin.495 

Moyer. Linda Ann. 343.408 

Moyer. Susan.457 

Michele Saranovich 

Student Publications Photographer 

Mudge, Laurie Sue.391 

Mueller. Irene Marie.426 

Mueller. Janice Marie.162.165 

Mueller. Valerie Jean.408 

Muench. Stephen Robert.154 

Mukai. Larry Herman. 296,300.301 

Mullen, Mark.381 

Muller, Josephine Joy.372 

Mumma, Rodney.119 

Munden, Dennis Ray.279.343 

Mundstedt. Patrick.279 

Munekiyo, Margaret M. 185,381 

Munro, Michael Gregory.410 

Munroe. Dianne June.435 

Munson. Brian Paul. 122,483 

Munstedt. Patrick A.280 

Munster. Dennis Rodney. 343 

Munt, Cynthia Roseann. 400 

Muntz, Andrew John. 404 

* \ 


Munyan, Marsha Daphne.163 

Murashige. Guy Kazuo. 287.343 

Murdock, Earl Willis.369 

Murdock, Lee Machelle ... 1 84,263,441 

Murdock, Noreen Marie.297 

Murdock. William G.323 

Murphy, Ann.166 

Murphy, Channon K.298 

Murphy. Dan J.121,144 

Murphy. Nancy Colleen. 415 

Murray, Carol Anne. 372 

Murray. Dale William.469 

Murray. Frank Brian.322 

Murray. Kevin Francis.308 

Murray, Lynda G.270,302.303 

Murray, Marilyn. 449 

Murray, Michael Dean.367 

Murray. Pamela Ann.183.453 

Murray, Patricia Lee . . 1 66,1 80,1 84,451 

Murray. Sherryl C.343.397 

Musashi, Atsuhiko.381 

Musser. William Thomas.280 

Mutchler. Nancy Beth.359 

Muto, Marcia May. 377 

Myers. Barbara Jean.372 

Myers. Elizabeth Anne.372 

Myers, Linda Diane. 184.268,445 

Myers, Myra M. 391 

Myers, Sheree Ann.359 

Myers. Toni Ann.419 

Myhre. John Eric.432 

Mylius. Barbara Gay.415 


Nabbefeld. Debbie A.413 

Naddy, William Rodger. 301.381 

Nafziger, Audrey Ellen.441 

Nagao. Jeanne Ai.287 

Naismith, William D. 343.493 

Naivaluvou. Vasiti K.365 

Nakahara. Scott T.1 61,287,410 

Nakaya, Allan Akira.287 

Nanninga. Marcia E.343 

Nanry, David Paul.119 

Napora, Darlene Lois.343 

Nason. Patricia Kay.372 

Natsuhara, Jean T.343,391 

Nauroth, Michael W.477 

Navarre, Anne E.391 

Naylor. Fran.432 

Nayloe. Kevin.381 

Neace, Kenneth V.298 

Neal, Susan Bolton.343 

Neese. Roy William.369 

Neff. Greg Allon.273,343 

Nehl, Nancy Roaine.343 

Neigel. Jean A.281.400 

Neill. James Harold. 343,473 

Neill. Patti Joyce.455 

Neitling, James Albert.161 

Nelly. Gail Marie.397 

Nelsen, James F.267 

Nelsen. Janice Rosanne.365 

Nelson, Barbara Jean.343 

Nelson. Blythe Jane.400 

Nelson, Bonnie Kaye. 294.400 

Nelson. Bruce.266 

Nelson. Christine Ann.397 

Nelson. David Lance.505 

Nelson, Diane E.426 

Nelson. Diane Lee.391 

Nelson. Eric W.395 

Nelson, Gayle Eldru. 174,455 

Nelson, Gerald Thomas.410 

Nelson, Harold Glenn.343 

Nelson. James Lennox.471 

Nelson. John Eric.404 

Nelson, John Milton.471 

Nelson, Joya.274 

Nelson. Karen L.343.443 

Nelson, Mary Ann.284.408 

Nelson. Nancy Jill.184 

Nelson, Neal Norman.152 

Nelson. Pamela Sue.276.277,343. 


Nelson. Paul D.343 

Nelson. Richard Allan.467 

Nelson. Rodney Carl.273.343 

Nelson, Ronald Arthur.369 

Nelson. Scott Lindsay.506 

Nelson. Virginia May. 343,359 

Nelson. W. Bruce. 343.467 

Index 529 

Nelson. Weze.391 

Nelson. William H.426 

Ness. Sally Ann.267 

Ness. Shirley Rae. 267.343.445 

Nethercutt, John I. 343,499 

Neufer. Nancy L.343,372 

Neukirchen. Janet M.. . .163 

Neumann. Linda Ann.415 

Nevares. Steven Arthur.489 

Nevin. Jack F. 144,343,404 

Nevue, Joseph Ross.377 

Newbold. Douglas M.262 

Newcomb. Amy Jo.276 

Newgard. Deborah Lynn... 1 66,183.451 

Newhouse. David R.426 

Newland. Mark Simon.485 

Newman, Pamela C.343 

Newman. Teri Jo.419 

Newman, Vicki Lynn.342 

Ngeno, John Kipkemoi.144 

Ngeno. Kip.144 

Nguy. Thuy H.298.343.426 

Nguy. Veng Hoa.298 

Niazi, Imran Khal Id. 343,404 

Nibler, Diane Louise.392 

Niblett, Jay.297,381.3B7 

Nicholas. Lawrence A. 305.306.343 

Nicholas, Cynthia Jane. 274,413 

Nicholson. Gayle E.265 

Nicholson, John Scot.367 

Nicholson. Sidney III. 262.419 

Nickam. Robert E.294 

Nicley. Warren W. 343.499 

Niebuhr, Kathleen E.162 

Niehl, Robert Edward.125.144 

Nielsen. Barbara Ann.343.435 

Nielsen. M. Barbara.343.408 

Niemi. William Marc.144.167.343 

Niendam, Mark Phillip.381 

Nilan. Judith Lynne.262 

Nilson. Steve A.465 

Nimbar. Jolene M.426 

Nimbar. Judy.343 

Nishitani. Joan 1 .343 

Nissen, Carl Anthony.277,278 

Nissen,Michael Jon. 278.369 

Nissen. Patricia Jean.426 

Nissen, Sharon.278 

Nix, David L.343,404 

Noble, Clara Pauline.426 

Noble. Craig Edward. 343.485 

Noble. James.160 

Noble. Morris Jr.107,144 

Noble, Nancy A.459 

Noble. Susan L. 343.455 

Noel. James Clifford.343 

Noerenberg. Cathleen A. 343,392 

Nojd, Martha Harriet. 343,445 

Nolan, Christopher S.503 

Nolen. Autumn Marie.426 

Noll. Kathy.273 

Nopp, Donna Eileen.381 

Norberg, Marc Andrew.479 

Norberg. Richard M.343.419 

Norby. Rachael Phyllis.381 

Nordenstam. Rita L.361 

Nordheim. John P.280 

Nordlund. Gary John.395 

Nordtvedt, Janet L. 274.426 

Norelius. Janelle Ann.400 

Norine. Carol Lynn.392 

Norling. Vicki Lynn.184,439 

Norris. Barbara Ann.123,359 

Norris. William Mark.495 

Northup, Randy W.426 

Norton. Curtis Byron. 343.503 

Norwalk. Thomas Harry.499 

Noss. Dan Leonard.465 

Nossum. Sherril Yvonne.375 

Novotney. Thomas Frank.285.479 

Nozaki. Paul Yasuto.287 

Nurmi, Paul Herbert.495 

Nyberg, Christine M.266.269.343. 


Nybo. Marilyn M.343 

Nygard, Kenneth R.343 

Nyren. Paul E. 279,280 

Nystrom. Michael Nels.343 


Oakland, Gary John.495 

Oakley. Craig L.343 

Oberg. Janey Lynn.447 

O'Brien. James C.495 

O'Brien. Thomas Edward.387 

Ochoa. Edward David.395 

O'Connell. Joyce Ann.392 

O'Connell. Kathleen M.269 

O'Connell. Kathleen Schmidt.343 

O'Connell, Mary M.343 

O'Connor. Charles M.343 

O’Connor. Timothy P.467 

Odenrider. David W.279.280 

Odermann, Robert J.273 

Odman. Gerald Lee.343 

Odne. Susan Kay.372 

O’Donnell, Caren L.400 

O'Donnell. Jo Anne.274 

Oehlert. Curtis W.481 

Ogden. Patricia Jo.122.445 

Ogden, Ronald Joe.305 

Ogg. Thomas Allen.410 

Ogino, Gail Esther.294 

Ogmundson, Lynnea Jean.419 

O'Hare, Kevin Joseph. 297 

Ohles, Lawrence B.288 

Ohrman. Wendi Jo.413 

Ohs, Larry Duane.144 

O'Keefe. Carol Ann.439 

O'Keefe, Mary Agnes.365 

Martin Burwash 

Student Publications Photographer 

530 Index 

Okonek, Leslie Joe. 

. 285.343.503 

Paine. Janet Marie. 


Olberding. Fredrick Al. . . 


Paine. Kenneth Frank. . . . 


Old. Patricia Jean. 


Paine, Ty Carl. 


Oldright. Alan Lee. 


Painter. Marcey Jayne . . . 


O'Leary. Karen Louise. . 


Pak. Rosa Pui Pik. 


Oliver. Janis K. 


Paley. Laurie Diane. 


Oliver, Linda Sue. 


Palmer. Kathleen Ann. . . 


Oliver. Patrick Allen. 


Palmer. Nancy Inez. 


Oliver. Richard D. 


Panasuk. Linda Kay. 


Olivier, Janet Marie. 


Panek. Steven B. 


Olmstead. Joseph M. 


Pang On Ying, Rosena . . 


Olmstead. Mary Anne . . . 


Pang, Patrick James. 


Olsen. Donald Earl. 


Papadopoulos. Nicolas . . 

.... 294.426 

Olsen. Ivor Thor. 


Parcel. Mark Warren. 


Olsen, Judy. 


Paris. Mary Clare. 


Olsen, Theresa Lynette . . 


Parish, Patrick Jay. 


Olson, Allan G. 

. 344.404 

Park. Charles Alan. 


Olson. Barbara Ellen.... 


Parker. Dale Kay. 


Olson. Daniel Charles. . 


Parker, James Sampson. . 


Olson, Deanne Kay. 


Parker, Tommie Hugh. . . . 


Olson, Douglas Ray. 


Parkhurst. Steven C. 


Olson, Gregory A. 


Parkin. Paul Gray. 


Ol 9 on, Gretchen V. 


Parkins. Ervin Dale. 


Olson. John Edward Jr . . 

. 279.280 

Parkinson. Diane Lynn. . . 


Olson. Judith A. 


Parks, Beverly Grace. 


Olson. Karen Elaine. 


Parks, Bradley Dean. 


Olson. Kyle Lee. 


Parks. Margie Marie. 


Olson. Loree Dale. 


Parks. Robert Eugene. . . . 


Olson. Nancy Lynn. 


Parmenter, Melvin V. 


Olson. Pamela Ann. 


Parr. Robert James. 


Olson. Pamela Ellen. 


Parretta. William M. 


Olson. Randall Keith.... 


Parrish. Ronald Lee. 

. 344.483 

Olson. Richard Daniel. . . 


Parrish. Susan Cameron. . 


Olson, Richard Pearse. . . 


Parrott, Ron L. 


Olson. Robert Glen. 


Parsons. Jeffrey D. 


Omary, Gary Martin. 

. 224.323.344 

Parsons. Jeffrey M. 

. . 314.479 

Omeara. Deborah Anne . . 


Parsons, Mel. 


O'Neil. Mary L. 


Parsons. Shirley L. 

. 180.397 

O'Neil, Michael David . . . 

. 275,344 

Parsons, Thomas Edward. 


O'Neil Patrick Howard . . . 


Parsons. Thomas Shawn. 


Oord. Duane Michael. . . . 


Partin. William Earl. 

.... 344.419 

Opena. Cathy S. N. 


Partlow. Nance. 


Opfer. Neil David. 


Pascoe. David Frank. 


Opgenorth. Mary Irene . . 


Pasicznyk. Michele E. 


Oppie, Janice Irene. 


Pass, Daniel Andrew ... 


Opsahl. Richard Kirk. . . . 


Patchell. Janet Merle.... 


Orando. Laura L. 


Patrick, Russell Laird.... 


Organ. David Harl. 


Pattermann, Robert F . . . 


Orlob. Sherrie Lynn. 

. 344.397 

Patterson. Debra Lynn. . . 


Orr. James L. 


Patterson. Lon C. 


Orr. Joseph Michael. 


Patterson, Mark R. 


Orrico. Dean Henry. 


Patterson. Thomas G. 

.... 280.282 

Ortenburger. Arthur 1.. . . 


Patterson, William Lee. . . 


Ortiz, Deborah Susan. . . . 


Paul, Kent Ernest. 

. 168.479 

Osborn, Judy L. 


Paul. Ronald Bruce. 


Osborne. John Richard . . 


Paul, Steven K. 


Osgard, Peter Michael. . . 

_ 344.495 

Paul. Thomas Robert. . . . 


Osmond. Jean Carr. 


Paulsen. Carol Ann. 


Ostermann. Stephen R.. . 


Paulson, Arlene Kae. 


Ostman. Randall R. 


Paulson, Jolene Gail. 


Ostrander, James 0. 

. 344.469 

Paulson, Michael Allen. . . 


Oswald. Sue. 


Paulson, Rebecca L. 


Oswald, Virginia Susan . . 


Pavlick. David W. 


Ota. Mariye Angela. 


Payne. Ann S. 


Otl Margaret. 


Payne. Douglas Dwight. . 


Ottoson. Beverly A. 


Paysse. Deborah Lynn. . . 


Outland. Harriet C. 


Payton. James W. Jr. 


Ouye. Sharon Akiko. 


Payton, Michael Eugene. . 


Overdahl. Judith Anne. . . 


Pearce. Gregory Lee. 


Overland. Eunice Irene. . . 

. 275.344 

Pearce. Melba Lynn. 


Overly, Robert James. . . 


Pearson, Audrey Lee. 


Owen. Eileen Alanna. . . . 


Pearson, David L. 


Owen, Joann Marie. 


Pearson. Marcia Gail. 

. 122.268.457 

Owen, Robert Rodderick. 


Pearson. Michele Marie. . 


Owens, Eileen Ann. 


Pearson. Randolph C. 


Owens. Kathleen M. 


Pease. Cheryl Ann. 


Owens. Robert Patrick. . . 


Pease. Joel M. 


Owings. Heidi Ann. 


Peavey. Thomas Leigh . . . 


Owings, Thomas Ray. . . . 


Peck. Chuck. 


Ozolin. Elmer Willis. . 285.296.426.432 

Peckenpaugh. Douglas A . 


Ozolin. John Egil. 


Pedersen, Anna Marie . . . 


Pedersen. David R. 



Peeler. James A. 


Pelley. Marnell Leann. . . . 


Pacheco. Michael. 


Pemberton, James G. 


Packer. Dennis Otis. 


Pence, Marc Leonard.... 


Padden, John James Jr.. 


Pendell, Charles Brian . . . . 


Paddison. Debra Lynn. . . 


Pendergrass, R.A. 


Page, Howard Louis III. . 


Pendleton. Michael P. 


Page, James Philip. 


Pengelly. Ronald G. 


Page. Marta Renee. 


Pennella. Anthony J. 

_ 284,295 

Pagliari. M. Douglas.... 


Pennington, Janice L. 


Paine. James W. 


Pendyar. William F. 


Pens Jr.. Gilbert.503 

Perham. Thomas Reed.297 

Perkins. Kelly Wayne.395 

Perkins. Michael E.344 

Perkins. Orla Jean. 344 

Perkins. Robert W.344,473 

Perkins. Woodrow.107 

Perrault, Cynthia Ann. 265.381 

Perrault. Renee Teresa.344.365 

Perriella. Robert.503 

Perry, Anne Elizabeth.378 

Perry. Donald. 224.410 

Perry. Joseph Michael.344 

Perry. Russel Gene. 344.469 

Perryman. Paulette A.447 

Peters. Bert.144 

Peters, Daniel Gordon.395 

Petersen. Gerald Franz.344 

Petersen. James Walter. 501 

Petersen. Janet Lee.400 

Petersen. Karen Marcia.435 

Peterson, A. Bradley.367 

Peterson. A. Brooke.367 

Peterson. Anne Carin.344,437 

Peterson. David Burt.395 

Peterson. Denise Renee. . . 162.165.415 

Peterson. Douglas M.. 1 67.293.322.427 

Peterson. Earl George.410 

Peterson. Eileen Ann.427 

Peterson. Heidi. 268.457 

Peterson. John Richard.432 

Peterson. Karen Alice.122.451 

Peterson. Kertis Dana. . . . 282.344,375 

Peterson. Kip..144 

Peterson. Kris.287 

Peterson. Kristin.344 

Peterson. Larry S.281,344.395 

Peterson. Lynn Ann.359 

Peterson. Lynn Loree..381 

Peterson. Mark Raymond.395 

Peterson. Nancy.462 

Peterson. Richard J.344.404 

Peterson. Ronald Roger.369 

Peterson. Susan L.408 

Peterson. Suzanne Kay... 1 66.180,181. 


Peth. Liza Gale.363 

Petow. Penelope P. 344.408 

Petrich. Laura Susan.427 

Petroff, Diane R.344 

Petterson. James B.485 

Petterson, John Eric.381 

Pettit. Ghery St. John. 303.427 

Pettit. Paul Michael.395 

Pettit. Susan K.447 

Petty. Loren Edward.416 

Pfaff. Michael Johnson. 276.298 

Pfiffner, Gloria Jean .427 

Phelan. Kathleen Anne. 344,453 

Phelps. Kenneth Allen. 1 54.503 

Phelps. Kim.479 

Phelps. Nancy Lee.415 

Phelps, Patricia E.1 64.166 

Philled. Jackie Lynn. 163,165.344 

Phillips. Brenda C. 287.344 

Phillips. Christine A.344 

Phillips. Deborah Ann.277 

Phillips. Diane Lee.163 

Phillips. Mikel Ray.369 

Phillips. Sidra Kay. 305,359 

Phillips, William R.344 

Philopant. James W. 344,499 

Phipps, Polly Anne.451 

Phisuthikul. Chakorn.344 

Picha. Doug. 264.266.471 

Pickering, Allen Adair.483 

Pickett. Melanie Leigh.345.455 

Pickles. David Alan. 288.404 

Pierce. Emmet Eugene.314.316 

Pierce. Terry Cliffton.506 

Pierson. Deborah.345.461 

Pietsch. Carl John. 281.283.427 

Pillette, Denise Karen.381 

Pillsbury. Marebel. 345.372 

Pillsbury. Michael.345 

Pingrey. Timothy D.367 

Piper, Pamela Ann.363 

Pirie, Carole Ann. 122,439 

Pirret, Nancy Lorraine .372 

Pischel, Lark Lucinda.312.31 6.427 

Pischel. Piper Angela.359 

Pitlo. Stanley William.167 

Pin, Davis C.485 

Pittman. Howard Wayne.282,416 

Pittsenbarger, Robert.345 

Plitt. Glori Christine.381 

Plowman. David Ray.404 

Plymale, Michael John.479 

Podominick. Elaine M.365 

Podrabsky. Gary Lee.483 

Poe. Janet Elizabeth.449 

Poe. Thomas John Jr.107 

Poff, Randall Wayne.345 

Poffenroth. Sharon M.345,372 

Polcyn, Mark Andrew. 305.491 

Pollock. Roy William.497 

Pollock. Sharman C.427 

Poole. Yvorlne Rene.392 

Poor. Brian Lee.471 

Popelka. Anne Marie.427 

Popplewell. Kathy Ann.345 

Porro. Julie Frances.375 

Porter. Donald R.387 

Porter. Herman Mathes. . . 285.345,404 

Porter. Sidney Carl.497 

Porter, Susan Claire.372 

Porter. Susan Dee.345.453 

Portmann, Michael J.345,416 

Potter. Brent Noland.495 

Potter. Brion William.473 

Potter. Leslie Ann.439 

Potucek. Jeff J.503 

Potuzak. Mischa Dean.119 

Poulson, Rebecca Lou.441 

Pounder, Donald John.497 

Powell, Albert E. Jr.298.345 

Powell. Earl P.. . .345 

Powell. Edward J.427 

Powell. Marguerite A.345 

Powell. Maxine Juanita.305 

Powell, Pamela Sue. 427 

Powell. Susan Marie.427 

Powers, Carrie Ann.392 

Powers. Erin Elizabeth.413 

Powers, Pamela Ann.449 

Powers. Patricia Kay.363 

Pratt. Cynthia J.427 

Pratt. Daryl Berry.419 

Pratt, Francis Cairns.395 

Pratt; Janice.427 

Pratt. Jeffrey Emmett.107 

Pratt. Patricia K.445 

Pratt. Robert Frank.224 

Prenguber, Bruce A.. . 275,280.345,473 

Prescott. D. C. Ill.473 

Presley, Elvis.277 

Presnell, Debra Jean.415 

Preston. Catherine E. 359 

Preuschoff, Valerie K.400 

Pribbernow. Janet Rae.372 

Price. Debra Jane.408 

Price. Marsha Renee.408 

Primozich. Frank J. Jr.167 

Primozich. Jean F.345.359 

Prince. Julia Ann.375 

Pritchard. Trade S.268,270.437 

Prock. David Allen.285.395 

Prothero. Marilyn.345 

Prowse. Darrell G. 293.345,419 

Ptacek. Joanne Gail.435 

Puckett, Deborah Ann. . . . 262,268.435 

Puckett. Jay Damon. 288.297 

Puffert, Julie M.372 

Pugh, John Jay.161 

Pukima, Thomas E.395 

Pullam. Linda Kay.. 122,285 

Punihaole, Leilani Y.359 

Puples. Mark.426 

Puri. Anil Kumar.352 

Pursell, Lynne Marie. 345.361 

Puskar. Mark Steven.497 

Putnam. Frederick Carl.417 

Putnam, Kenneth Eugene. 297,345.416 

Putnam. Lori Ann.365 

Pyles. David L.1 54.1 60 


Qualiotto, Janet N. 345.455 

Quarishi, Abdul H. 345 

Quesenbury, Sheila L. 345,453 

Quesnel, Joan Michele.397 

Quick, Linda Kay. 345.427 

Quigley, John Patrick. 471 

Quinn. Kendall Reed. 284.416 

Quinn. Mark Michael.345,487 

Index 531 


Racicky. Randall James.345 

Radcliffe. Kerry E.415 

Radewan, Frances E.451 

Radford. Dean A.314.31 5.318.345. 


Rafuse, Donald Duwayne.345 

Ragan. Michael David. . . . 301.305.306 

Ralphs. Roxanna Sue.165 

Rama. Lynda Carol.401 

Ramsey. Kelly Dianne.447 

Randall. Patricia A.345 

Randall. Robert J. Jr.427 

Randall. Timothy James.395 

Randolph. James T. 150 

Rantucci. Robert R.288 

Rapenchuk. Sandra 8 eth.372 

Rarey. Diane Arlene. 267.392 

Rarey. Janet Elaine.401 

Rasell. William Alan.497 

Rashford, Paul William. 345.410 

Rasmussen. Anne Louise. 345,435 

Rasmussen. R. Stephen. 279.280 

Rast. Richard Herbert.369 

Ratcliffe. Bill.152 

Ratcliffe. Paula Ann.162,419 

Rathbun. Gayle Ann.408 

Raub. Vicki Lynn.162 

Rauch. Donna.415 

Raval. Deepak A.345 

Rawung. Anthony.419 

Ray. Diana Elaine.268 

Ray. Jim Elliot. 367 

Ray. Linda Marie. 285.345.427 

Raymond. Ronald C.505 

Raymond. Stephen A.345.367 

Rea. Dennis C.345.495 

Reagle. Rick.168 

Reams. Donita Dolores. 378 

Reason. Patrick A.395 

Reasoner, Paula Gayle.453 

Rector. Steven Howard. 345 

Redfield. Laurie. 408 

Redford. Dennis Alex.345 

Redford, Douglas Earl. 298 

Redford. Kathleen L. 401 

Redman. Donna J.345 

Redman. Mary Josephine. 435 

Redman. Robert William.378 

Redmond. Robert C.107 

Reece. Dale Adlai.121.144 

Reece. Geoffrey Robert.107 

Reece. Mark Hollister.369 

Reed, Karen Suzanne.162 

Reed. Paul Eugene.119.369 

Reed, Vallery Ann.345 

Reeder, Becky.181.443 

Reehoorn, Donald Peter.503 

Reeves, Donald A. Jr.345 

Reeves. Herbert Bruce.503 

Reeves. Jacelyn Ann.427 

Reeves. Larry Dale. . 

Regan. Terah Dawn.1 62.297,361 

Regehr. Debrah Gayle.397 

Regester. Greg D.288 

Reid. Allison Marie.372 

Reid. Earl R.465 

Reid. Edward Paul.404 

Reinbold. Curtis Neil.481 

Reinbold. Orlin P. 280 

Reinhart, William R. 419 

Reinke. Clifford Allen. 305 

Reisner. Sallie Ann.345 

Reitcheck. Clement J. 285.427 

Reittenmeir. Ann.180 

Rembert. David Lynn.345 

Renberg. Timothy S.495 

Renn. Rodie Adeline. 268,295,461 

Renner. Stephen Frank. 289.477 

Renner. William R. 289.345.369 

Rennie. Gordon F.289.345.369 

Renshaw. Barry Lee.427 

Renton. Judy.183 

Repass. Christopher M. 1 52,483 

Rettenmier, Ann.451 

Retter. Steven Lyle.395 

Rettkowski, Barry Cy.404 

Reyburn. Delpha Jean.365 

Reyers, Pamela Jo.287 

Reymore. Beth Elise.387 

Reynaud. Mark.493 

Reynolds. Charles Mark. 419 

Reynolds. David Allen.345 

Reynolds. David Thomas. . 285.296.404 

Reynolds. James Henry.345 

Reynolds. Jerry P.285 

Rhea. Michael 8 ryan. 303.417 

Rhoades. Jamese Lou.392 

Rhodes. Stanley Dean. 345,501 

Rhymes. Gail Anne.397 

Rice, Carol Ann. 274.375 

Rice. Harry Dale Jr.381 

Rice. James Patrick.381 

Rice. Jerry E.1 21.144 

Rice. Jimmy Melvin.427 

Rice. Marianne.345 

Rice. Mary Agnes.427 

Rice. R. Timothy. 295.367 

Rice. Vicki Lynn.392 

Rich. David 8 ruce.411 

Rich. Randi Chris.345 

Rich. Rickey Lee.283 

Richard. Terry Joseph. 345.419 

Richards. Allen E. 274,381 

Richards. David Wayne.119 

Richards. Donna Lisa.413 

Richards. Jan Laura.419 

Richards. Jane Evalyn.345 

Richardson. David Lee. 471 

Richardson, Denise G. 345,459 

Richardson. Mark J. 395 

Riches. Wayne Gary.345.404 

Richey, Pamela Rae.1 74,455 

Richmond, Davis C.495 

Rickard. Leslie D. 174.365 

Rickenbach. David Zeno. . .276,277.278 

Rieckman. Patricia Ann.392 

Ried. Garry Alan.475 

Riedl, Conrad Francis.144 

Riegle. Richard J.119 

Riehle. Daniel Charles. 282.481 

Riese. Rush Nytar.317 

Riesen. Gary.317.345 

Riggs. Michael Dale.345 

Rightmire. Rebecca L. 345.459 

Ringer. Sandra Lee.392 

Ringo. Kathleen Diane. 375 

Ringor. Rosalynn Renee.378 

Rinta. Sandra Sue.392 

Rish. Carolyn Kay.408 

Risley. Kathy Janel. 270.271.441 

Rivers. Kathleen Dee.408 

Rivers. Marcia J.408 

Roady. Katherine L. 372 

Robb. Dana Louise.439 

Robb. Vickie. 164 

Robbins. Larry.322 

Robbins. Robert Allen.345 

Roberts. Daniel C.481 

Roberts, Joseph C. 297,419 

Roberts. Kerry L. 345.427 

Roberts. Pamela Jean. 276.439 

Roberts. Stephen A.107 

Roberts, Trudy Sue.441 

Robertson. Becki Ann.122.413 

Robertson. Benine H.285.346,461 

Robertson, Darryl M.419 

Robertson, Gary W.471 

Robertson, Kenneth Jr300.307.346.473 

Robey. Deanne Marie.363 

Robinett. Wayman Linn.495 

Robinson. Jim Lee. 107 

Robinson. Lee A.288.427 

Robinson. Marcia L.372 

Robinson. Robert.499 

Robinson. Steven.499 

Robinson, Mary Margaret. 427 

Robson. Christine M. 408 

Rockey. Linda Marie. 352.372 

Rockness, Anita Ellene.445 

Rodda. Karen Louise.346,457 

Rodda. Kathleen Leah.346,457 

Rodgers. Rebecca J.392 

Rodgers. Russell Ray.491 

Rodin, Christine M. 183.445 

Rodin. Tom.161 

Rodman. Steven Michael.491 

Roe. Michael Edward.308 

Roe. Patrick C. Jr.369 

Roedel. Melissa Jane.392 

Roedel. Suzanne.435 

Roepcke, Vvonna Marie.346 

Roether. Debra Lee. 372 

Rogers. Alan L. 346.477 

Rogers. Darius S.427 

Rogers. Floyd Alexis.346 

Rogers. Kathryn Marie.181.365 

Rogers, Patrick Brent.125 

Rogers. Paula Sue.408 

Rogers. Rebecca Anne.397 

Rogers. Richard Kent.395 

Rogers. Stephanie Anne.392 

Rohrbach. Eric John. 285.296,411 

Rohrs. 8art Harding.485 

Roler, Ronald J.473 

Roloff. Raymond H. 273.346 

Romano. Anne Mary. 188.447 

Rome, Russell Stanley.346 

Roodhouse. Sue Ellen. 427 

Rooks. Dennis Victor. 306.411 

Roos, Ernest E.346 

Roos. Myrna Neely.346 

Rorem. David M. 144 

Rosanno. Ranee.174 

Rosenau. Robin R.279.280.346 

Rosene, Mary Lynn.277 

Rosinbom. Sue.274 

Roske. Larry E.369 

Ross, Donald.499 

Ross, Jo Ann.264.427 

Rossand. Renee Marie.435 

Rossing. Robin Joy. 307.346 

Rossiter. Judith E.457 

Rossmaier, Linda M.413 

Rosvall. Peter Cole.503 

Roth. 8arry Albert.381 

Roulstone. Donna Gray.449 

Rouse. Beverly L.321 

Rouse. Rachelle Louise.183 

Roush. Gary Williston.427 

Rousseau. Janet Lynn.359 

Rowand. David Carter.473 

Rowand. Timothy George.346 

Rowe, Kathryn Jane.455 

Rowland. Delene Rae.451 

Rowse. R Brian.346 

Rowswell. Deborah Jean.447 

Roy. David Paul.346 

Royalty. Paula Kay.372 

Rubatino. Kathleen M.408 

Rucker. Richard Neil. 346.477 

Rudisile. Diana Lee.427 

Rugg. Dennis Edward. 346,367 

Rumble. Joseph N. Jr.346 

Rumble. Mark Allan.475 

Rumpeltes. Dan Edward.471 

Rundell. Jeffrey M.262 

Rush. Judith Marie.441 

Russell. Ann L.363 

Russell. Clifford A.160,411 

Russell, Deborah Lynn.401 

Russell. John William.369 

Russell. Robert M.346 

Russell. Robert S.395 

Ruthford. Carolyn Alys.375 

Rutherford, Susan E. 164,269.289 

Ruthford. John Edwin.395 

Rutledge. Karen.166 

Ruud. Mary E.346 

Ryan. John Francis.503 

Ryan. Mark Christopher.485 

Ryder. James Stanley.427 

Rygmyr, M. Lisse.276.435 


Sabastian. Annette Eileen.361 

Sablin, Karen.427 

Saboe. Linda Sheryl.183.268,437 

Sackett. Richard E.308,346.378 

Saffel. Hugh T.404 

Saffel. Kerry Jo.346 

Sage. Patricia Mae.455 

Sage, Roy Earl.277 

Sagstad. Cathi L. 346 

Saiki. Clint Yasuo.287 

Sailer. Thomas Eugene.280 

Sainsbury. Clifford R.283 

St. Dennis. Robert.284 

St Louis. Thomas E.501 

Sakata, AvisMichie.287 

Salathe, Linda Jean.174.439 

Saldin. Sharon Ann.346 

Salisbury. Paul.404 

Salo, David Robert.346 

Salo. Evelyn Wilhelmson.346 

Salter. John C. 119 

Saltero. Sally.363 

Sammond. Frederic M.381 

Sample. Charles R.395 

Sample, Peter Glenn.404 

Sampson. Allene Esther.346 

Samuelson. Stephen J.485 

Sandahl. Richard C.301.346 

Sandblom, M. April.447 

Sanders. Darrell Lewis.395 

Sanders. David W.346,471 

Sanders. James W.346 

Sanders. Jeanne Marie.461 

Sanders. Karen M.285,427 

Sanders. Leon E.160,263,346,483 

Sands. SindyJean.451 

Sanford. Gary Robert.499 

Sanford. William Alpha. 1 54.493 

Sanford. William S.346 

Santiesteban. Jose A.411 

Santora. Gregory James.160 

Sarandvich. Michele V.449 

Sarb. James Dennis. 285,346 

Sargent. Colleen K.427 

Sargent, Romae Louise.346.359 

Sargent. Shirley Gayle.392 

Sargent. Stanley Alan.289,485 

Sasser. C. Sue.285.408 

Satterthwaite. W. J.369 

Sauer. Patricia Louise. . . . 276,277.392 

Saul. Richard Dwaine. 381.387 

Saul. William Francis.346,378 

Saunders, Stephen E. 346,378 

Sauve. Edward Raymond.395 

Sauve. Thomas John.493 

Savitz, Steven Ellis.367 

Sawers. Camille.435 

Sawtells. Loretta Mae.427 

Sawyer. Sue Ann.166.449 

Scalzo. Susan Florence.453 

Scarpelli, Kathryn A.181.401 

Scattler, James R.427 

Schaaf. Helen R.346 

Schaaf. Norman Paul.346 

Schaefer. David Warren.427 

Schaeffer. Gary Leon.346 

Schaeffer. Sheri Lyn.346 

Schafer. Benaya Lynn.372 

Schafer, David Scott.381 

Schairbaum. Herb.495 

Schaller. Jane K.163.164 

Scharnhorst. Carol L.427 

Scheer. Linda Kay.346 

Scheif. Ron.289 

Schenck. Franklin Z.369 

Schenck. Russell 0.416 

Schenk. Nancy Lynn. 346.413 

Scherck. Russell Owen.346 

Scherting. Thomas W.419 

Schilke. Kenneth W. 275.346 

Schilling, Josephine 1.378 

Schillinger. Anne L.365 

Schilter, Edward Frank.417 

Schimmeyer. Roger A.367 

Schimpf. Bruce Dale.308 

Schimpf. Catherine L. 186.445 

Schindelf. Rebecca L.419 

Schisler. Robert R. G.416 

Schjelland. Katherine.164 

Schlamp, Carson Kirk.346 

Schlect. Chris Earl. 261,346.469 

Schleif, Ronald Carl.427 

Schlenker. Carol Lee.392 

Schley. Nancy Minnie.164 

Schlichting. Paul F.404 

Schloenleber. Dana J.415 

Schluneger, Audrey E.276 

Schluter. Janet Lynne.427 

Schmauder. Gary.405 

Schmick. Kirk William.499 

Schmid. Deborah R.401 

Schmidt, Debra Kay.346 

Schmidt, Eugene J.159.295.346 

Schmidt. Evita Marie.372 

Schmidt. Karen Annetta.346.413 

Schmidt. Kathryn L.392 

Schmidt. Louise Eva.180,459 

Schmidt. Mark. J.281.346 

Schmidt. Paula Marie.445 

Schmidt. Randolph Lee.352 

Schmidt. Teresa Lynn.162.441 

Schmidt, Terrie Jo.346 

Schmidiman. Kirk A. 346.469 

Schmidtman. Scott Lee.469 

Schmirler. Gary Leo.465 


Schmitz. Joe Albert.346 

Schneider. Diane B.401 

Schneider. Phillip W.428 

Schneider. Richard E. 367 

Schneidmiller. Susan. 408 

Schoeff. Sally Jean. 174,272.461 

Schoeff, Suzanne.266 

Schoessler, Van Allen. 1 59,264.428 

Scholz. Sheila Lee.346 

Schoos. Gilbert Arthur.347 

Schorr. Cindy Lee.346.451 

Schott. Cinda Joy.361 

Schrader. Richard A. 346.469 

Schreck. 8 rian Vern. 154.473 

Schreiber. Thomas Lee. 161.405 

Schrick, Molly.1 74,305,441 

Schroeder. Christina D 277.278,305.428 

Schroeder. Sara Ann.346 

Schubert. Katherine L.274 

Schultz. Andrea Lora. 186.457 

Schultz, Edwin Price.347 

Schultz, Michael F.347 

Schultz, Peter Albin.491 

Schumaker. Liane C.428 

Schuster. Louise Ellen. 347.361 

Schutt. James Randall.347 

Schwartze, Daniel J.347.369 

Schwisow, Michael V. 275.280 

Scodeller. Jo Anne.453 

Scofield. Robert 8 . 395 

Scott. Dale.144.367 

Scott. Jeffrey Layne.123 

Scott. Joan Mildred. 287.347.459 

Scott. Jon Robert.501 

Scott, Laurie Ann ..461 

Scott. Mardi Gail. 365 

Scott. Steven Lewis.485 

Scribner. Karen L. 347,372 

Seal, Linda Grace.347.413 

Sebastian. Annette E.347 

Sedenquist, Judy Lynn.... 163.1 65.428 

See. Priscilla J.428 

Seehafer. Carol A.392 

Seely. Donald M. 284 

Seibolt. Catharine E.428 

Seidel. 8 etsy Roberts.408 

Seidel. Linda R.372 

Seipt. Ann Frances.347,393 

Selby, Summer 0. 401 

SekJers. M. Kathleen. 381 

Seligmiller. Mark. 283 

Seney. Van Robert.278 

Seresvn. P. Machelle. 174 

Serley. George Henry.369 

Severeid. Gordon 8 .308 

Severns. John H.347 

Severns. Patty D. 347 

Seward. Vicki L.428 

Shackelton, 8 ecky Lynn.372 

Shadel. Joanne R.373 

Shafer, Rick.154 

Shaffer. Donald James.469 

Shaffer, John Leslie.467 

Shallenberger, Vicky L.180,441 

Shane. Cynthia.180,4 1 9 

Shannon. Terrie Lynn.180,393 

Shapiro. Frank Sam.352 

Sharp. David W. 282,347 

Shaw. Gloria. Joan.347 

Shawley. Richard Lee. 347,481 

Shay. Robert Martin.497 

Sheahan. Michael Ray.467 

Rob Emery 

Student Publications Photographer 

. . . 401 

Shoemaker. Kim Arlene . 


Sieczynski. Sandra. 

. . .163,164 

Singhrs. Kim C. 

. 419 

... 347 

Shogan. James Merle . 


Siem, Leslie Lynn. 


Sinnes. Diane E. 



Shogan. Jerry M. 


Siler, Michael Laverne. 


Sipila. Gail Elaine. 


. 428 

Shollenburg. Mary L . . . . 


Silver. Robin Lynn. 

. 184 

Sipila, Janice Mae. 


. ... 428 

Shonka. Beverly Ann . . . . 


Silverstein. Lorinda M. 


Siple. Peggy Jo. 

. 413 

. . . 107 

Shook, Allen Todd. 


Simila. John E. 


Sirjord. Pamela Lou. 

. . . 408 

.... 405 

Shook, Michael Robert. . 


Simmon, Doug. 


Sisemore, Janet llene .181.267,285,443 


Shook. Vernon William . . 


Simmons. Jeanie Carol... 


Sitton. William P. 


... 475 

Shoos. Gil. 


Simmons. Scott Edward. . . 


Siu, Dai Chow. 


. 369 

Short, Allan Ray. 


Simons. John A. 


Sivley. Gordon Walter. 



Short. Tracey Lynn.. 


Simons, Michael. 


Sivley, Suzanne E. 

. . 296.415 


Shotwell. Frances Kaye . . 


Simpson, Jeffrey R. 

. 501 

Sizemore. James Thomas. . 

. 395 


Shrader. B Kimberly. . . 


Simpson. Jerry Grant. 


Sjulson, Charles S. 



Shriner. Cristine M. 


Simpson. Kathy Jean. 


Skagen, Dianne Linn. 

. 447 


Shroyer, Roger Keith. . . 


Simpson. Rebecca Jean. . . 


Skagen, Sharon Ann. 

. 347 


Shuman, Cristine Carol. 


Simpson. Robert Keith. 


Skidmore. Joanne. 

. 306 


Shumate. Janet Ruth . . . 

. .285,347.461 

Simpson, Robert L. 


Skinner, Linda Sue. 


. . . 296 

Shurtleff, Francine. 


Simpson, William L. Ill. 


Skinner, Steven Allen. 



Shurtleff, V. Geoffrey. . . . 


Sinclair. Robin Edmund. . . . 

. 107 

Skog. John Eric. 

. 428 

. 244 

Shustoff, Claudia M. 

. 347.435 

Sines. Dale E. 


Skok. Mark A. 


. . 161 

Siebe. Scott Kendal. 


Singer. Laurel A. 


Skreen, Richard Brian. 


Index 533 

Skrentny, Patricia R.408 

Slade, Jean F.272 

Slagle, David LewisJr.499 

Slagle, Diane Eileen.455 

Slater, Laurie Gail. 271,285.375 

Slavin, James Thomas.503 

Sleeth. Mary Martha.447 

Sleight. Gary Duane.308 

Sloan, Robert Warren. 347.477 

Slodysko, William J. 347,506 

Slovek, Jacqueline G.347 

Slovek, Richard Joseph.395 

Sluman. Leslie Marie. 184,435 

Slunaker, Richard A. 297,378 

Small, David Ray.487 

Small. Janet L.443 

Small. Joe Allen. 352,487 

Small. Kathy Lee.347 

Small, Rodger Carl.469 

Smart, Stephen Benson. 280.473 

Smawley, Debra Deane . . . 184.347,453 

Smeltzer. Paula.347.453 

Smick. Carol Ann. 347,449 

Smick, Monty Douglas.428 

Smith, Alan Curtis.144,485 

Smith, Barbara Jean.359 

Smith. Barbara Suzanne.359 

Smith, Bert James.369 

Smith. Breta L. 347.361 

Smith. Dale Wesley.347 

Smith, Daniel Jay.469 

Smith. David Laurence.369 

Smith, David Randall.481 

Smith. Deborah Anne. 123,447 

Smith, Debra Ann. 419 

Smith, Debra Ann. 123,437 

Smith, Dennis R.305 

Smith, Diane Rosemary.363 

Smith. Dianna Lee. 269,437 

Smith, Don Clarence.121 

Smith. Douglas Preston.487 

Smith, Earl William.419 

Smith, Gary Walter.505 

Smith. Gregory J. 495 

Smith, Heidi Marie. 459 

Smith. Jack David. 395 

Smith, Jean.278.280 

Smith. Jeffrey William.107,369 

Smith. Jennifer Kay.289.428 

Smith, Kristine Diane.363 

Smith, Linda Jane.443 

Smith. Lisa Marie. 180.459 

Smith. Lyla Faye. 188,401 

Smith, Mark Jamie.506 

Smith. Mary Alice.408 

Smith. Niel Phillips.491 

Smith, Nina P. 378 

Smith, Paul Alvin.378 

Smith. Peter Thomas. 348.495 

Smith. Reed Donohue.495 

Smith. Richard H.348 

Smith. Ricky Allen. 395 

Smith, Sandra Karen.401 

Smith, Scott James. 267,348.505 

Smith, Sherri Suzann. 1 62.348 

Smith. Steven Anthony. 144,491 

Smith. Tamara Kay. 393 

Smith. Virginia Jude. 348,363 

Smithson. Cynthia Lee.375 

Snell. Gerald Thomas.378 

Snick, Joan W. 348 

Snively, Patricia Kay.348 

Snow. Eric Lee.416 

Snow, Michael Alan.411 

Snyder, Doreen Kay.348 

Snyder. Gerald Lester. . . . 279,280.369 

Snyder, Janet Lynn.408 

Snyder. Janet Sue.413 

Snyder, John Robert. 263,310.311 


Snyder. Stephen M.306 

Snyder. Steven Noel.306 

Snyder. Thomas D. Jr.419 

Sobotka, Judith Lynn.428 

Soderberg. John A. Jr.503 

Soderlind, Mary H. 348.393 

Sodorff, Sue Alice.348 

Sodorff. Terry Hanson. 279 

Solan. Peggy Marie. 373 

Solberg. Ken R.293 

Solberg, Marilyn E. 348,428 

Soler, Hermine Louise.348 

Sollenberger, Sandy. 266,268 

Mark Anderson 

Student Publications Photographer 

Sotka, Darrel Norman. 395 

Soule. Edward Lawrence.411 

Southward. Judith Ann.180 

Sowers. Steven Robert. 395 

Spadt, Cheryl K. 393 

Spangler. Shawna L.437 

Spanner, Jack Clyde Jr.469 

Spear. Douglas Eugene.411 

Spears. James Andrew.487 

Spears. Naomi Lynne.397 

Speir. Katherine Lee.122,268,435 

Spencer, Thomas Ray.428 

Spencer, Timothy Joel.348 

Spencer. Tracy L.160 

Spencer, Valerie Mae. 288,428 

Spencer. William W.471 

Sperline. Gary Alan. 395 

Spivey, Christopher L. 405 

Splichal, Carol Ann. 180.263.419 

Spofford. Donna Jeanne. 165,401 

Spomer. David Leslie.405 

Spoonemore, Kay Redene. 184,348.437 

Soltero. Sally. 

Somes. Craig Herbert. . 
Sommer, Diane Marie. . 
Sommer. Paul Mannis. . 
Sondergaard, Jon N.. . . 
Sonneson, Delmis Leroy 
Sontag, David Ralph. . . 
Sorensen. Eric Benton. 

Sorensen. Katbie E. 

Sorenson. V. Ricky. 

Sornberger. Diann Lynn. 


.... 348 
. . . .408 

. . . . 168 
.... 381 

. ... 378 




534 Index 

Sporleder, L. Janie.348 

Spotanske. Catherine. 180.363 

Springer. Tim Charles.263 

Springgay, Robert Lee.428 

Stabler. Jennifer.287 

Stably. Rex. 411 

Stack. Bonnie Suzanne.268,439 

Stadtler, Alberta R.P. 393 

Stage. Barbara Jane.419 

Stager, James Milford.416 

Stahly. Walter Rex. 289,297 

Standaert. Frank E.168 

Standley. Charles Ray.348 

Stand ley. Jeffery Wade.419 

Standley. Martha L.42B 

Standley. Susan Marie.348 

Stanford. Alan Frank. 348 

Stanford. Jane Kelly.348 

Stanley. Cynthia Rae.413 

Stanley, Eileen Louise. .375 

Stansfield, Stephen J. 289 

Starkey, Gary Edward.503 

Starr. Richard A.491 

Startin, Jim Leroy.467 

Stayner. Donald Shaw.405 

Stauffer, Sandra E.408 

Stearns, Karen Marie.359 

Steberl, Joan Marie. 1 62.163 

Steed, Beverly Marie.428 

Steele- Richard Murray.125 

Steele, Sharon Dee.408 

Steeve. Bruce Henry.367 

Steffen. Nancy Jean.348 

Steffen. Wayne Donald. 295,481 

Steiger. Dorothea A. 348.393 

Stein. Roger Fredric.154 

Steinbeck. Thomas M.483 

Steinberg. David Paul.348 

Steinburg. Caren C.348 

Steiner. Alfons Josef. 348.481 

Steiner. John Curtis.369 

Steiner. Verena Marie.28$ 

Steinman. Debra A.373 

Stemmer. Jack Davin.265 

Stenberg, Kirsten.348 

Stendahl. Janice L.361 

Stephens, Ann Maureen.393 

Stephens, Joyce Yvonne.387 

Stephenson. Jill K.285.373 

Stephenson. Lisa K. 34B 

Stephenson, Marian F.437 

Stergachis. Andreas S.284 

Sterkel. Terrance E.348 

Sternagel. Craig V.348 

Stqvens, Barbara Jean.390 

Stevens. James Matthew.348 

Stevens. Rita Kay.401 

Stevenson. Nancy Ann. 287.401 

Stewart, David Ceci. 42B 

Stewart, David Miles. 154,485 

Stewart, Marvin Dale.465 

Stewart. Ralph T. 348 

Stewart. Susan E.348 

Stewart, William L.279 

Stickney. Robert Clyde.348 

Stidolph. Joanne Marie.453 

Stiles. William Henry.471 

Stimmson, Kim.281 

Stingel. Van Earl. 348,503 

Stock. Adele E.266.457 

Stockdill, Ruth Ann.419 

Stocker. William H.499 

Stpckstad, Patricia A.122.449 

Stoddard, Richard Bert.501 

Stoffel. Vern.144 

Stokes. Victor Evan. 295.481 

Stompalia, Dave.417 

Stone. Charles R. 381 

Stone, Diane Elizabeth.365 

Stone, Erie 0.405 

Stone. Steven Lewis. 274.348 

Stoneman. Daniel Lee.348,428 

Stoor. Ken Edwin.428 

Storaasli. Steven J. 348.473 

Storey, Brad Norman.348 

Storkman. Jaime.428 

Storkman, Martha L.451 

Story, Randall Willard.465 

Stott. David.284,348 

Stout. Douglas Wade.419 

Stout. Geraldine Lynn. 381.387 

Stovall. Carol Susan.348,462 

Stowe, Julia Lee. 184.445 

Strand. Pamela Ann.348,437 

Strand. Sparre Monissa.437 

Stratton. Brenda Joan.348,408 

Stratton. Pamela Larie.352 

Strawn, Randall Robert.119 

Strecker. Constance M. 348,365 

Street. Barbara Jean.348 

Streeter. John William.477 

Strehlow, John.419 

Strehlow. Karen Lou.393 

Strenge, Eric Kreg.119 

Strieker. Robert Alan.477 

Strickland, Michael D.481 

Striker. Richard Alan.381 

Stringfellow. Vickiy L. 123,453 

Stringfellow, Vickiy L.123,453 

Strohmaier. Alan Carl.473 

Strolt. Kevin.288 

Strom, Leslie Anne.443 

Strong. Patricia Ann. 184 

Strother, Cheryl L.348 

Struckmeyer. Ken.281 

Strutz, Vickie Renae.428 

Studhalter. Steve E.411 

Sturgeon, Marvin Carl.387 

Sturgill, Barry Allan.428 

Styner. Jon Clinton.499 

Styner, Peggy Jean.43 5 

Sucee. Richard Allen.428 

Suess, Lauretta Clair.401 

Suess, Randall Henry.395 

Suiter. Margaret L. 415 

Sukola. Anita Alice.348 

Sulenes, Cynthia L. 267,348.393 

Sullivan, Dianne M. 162.348 

Sullivan, Lynne Ann.348.457 

Sullivan. Noranne.393 

Sullivan. Sharon Lee. 180,455 

Sully, Stephanie Jane.408 

Sumida, Rae Akemi.287 

Sumner, Stanley Neil.471 

Sunborn, Bob.161 

Sundberg. Cheryl Lynn.428 

Sundberg, Susan E.363 

Sunderland, Pamela Ann.455 

Sunderland. Paul L. 282.348.467 

Sundquist, Carrie L.437 

Sundstrom, Joseph A.477 

Surplus. Margaret J.1 84,348.437 

Sutherland. Janet Lee.457 

Sutherland, Susan C.408 

Sutton. James W.367 

Sutton, Marci Paula.163 

Svinth, Thyes Jean.123,348 

Swalley. Leslie Anne. 180,375 

Swan, Michael K. 276.278 

Swanland. Linda Lee.439 

Swannack. Steven W.467 

Swanson, Ann Marie.373 

Swanson, Gary L.349 

Swanson. Gregory S.417 

Swanson, John Russell.381 

Swanson, John Scott.395 

Swanson, Joyce Arlene... 162,163.165 

Swanson, Kristine Rita.401 

Swanson. Merrilee Ann.381 

Swanson. Timothy B.265 

Swanstrom, Ginny.1 64,365 

Swartzlender, Donna L.. . . 207,349,41 5 

Swedberg. Dale.432 

Sweeney. James J. Jr.107.11 9 

Sweeney, Kathleen.375 

Sweeney. Maureen. 269,359 

Sweeney, Michael P. 227 

Sweeney. Michael P. 483 

Sweeney, Peg. 348.453 

Sweet. Sally Jo.401 

Swenson. Craig Alan.485 

Swenson. Jon Reid. 289,493 

Swenson. Son.349 

Swift. Elois Annette.413 

Swimm. Beverly Ann.285.288 

Swinehart, Paul A. Jr.289 

Syltebo. Beth Ann 365 

Syre. Kenneth Dee.349 

Syring, John Robert.405 

Szabo, Glenn Edward. 349,497 

Szmdy. Lucian. 495 

Szmyd. Patricia M. 347,453 


Tack, Debra Elaine.447 

Taft. Claudia Helene.437 

Taft. Nancy S. 276.277 

Taggart. Linda Lucille.449 

Tai. Chuck-Kwan Joseph.349 

Taitano. Linda M.349 

Takemura. T. Michael.471 

Tamura, James J.Jr.378 

Tanabe. Cheryl Kiyoka.348 

Tanaka, Karen Keiko.163 

Tanaka, Raymond H.381 

Tangen, Oivind.349 

Tanner, Fredric W.367 

Tanner. Renee L. 272.373 

Tanner, Robin Mei-Ling.378 

Tanner. Stephen A.503 

Tapfer. Christopher J.349 

Taro. Debra L. 349.455 

Tarr. Stephen Richard. 352,378 

Tastad, Randy Jay.501 

Tatapudi. L.352 

Tatum, Michael Leroy.367 

Taylor, Anne E.349 

Taylor, Barbara Ann.296 

Taylor. Barbara Elaine.349 

Taylor, Danny Howard. 167 

Taylor. David William.381 

Taylor, Gayle Elaine. 184,265.457 

Taylor, James Forrest.483 

Taylor, Janis Irene.393 

Taylor. Rickie Earl.488 

Tedrow, Kristi Ann.393 

Teitzel, David L.428,432 

Telecky. Sara Lee.428,349 

Tempel, Susan Gail.408 

Templin, Garrett C. 280,349 

Tengan. Sharon H.287 

Tengesdal, Pamela Jean. . 305,306,349 


Tenisci. Anthony. 144 

Terao. Joanne.401 

Terhaar, Michael James. 349 

Ternes, Jane Ann. 393 

Tessier. James Gibson.367 

Thayer. John L. 287.289,499 

Thayer. Joseph Thomas.499 

Thayer. Michael John. 395 

Thode. Robert John. 280 

Thomas. Anne.269 

Thomas. Carol Elene.165 

Thomas, Carol Jean.1 62.1 63 

Thomas. Cheri Ann.122.188,457 

Thomas. James Hayden. 411 

Thomas, Jeffrey Eric.419 

Thomas. Kathy Gai.461 

Thomas. Sara Jane.428 

Thomas. Stephen T. 419 

Thompson, Carrie Gail.373 

Thompson. Cheryle Lynn.268 

Thompson. Deborah Kay.408 

Thompson, Forrest. 144 

Thompson. Harry L. 1 07 

Thompson. Jane Lynn. 449 

Thompson. Janet Gayle.435 

Thompson, Judith Ann.401 

Thompson. Katherine L. 375 

Thompson, Kathy E.184 

Thompson, Michael Don. 506 

Thompson. Nancy A. 32 1 

Thompson, Patricia A. 359 

Thompson. Robert L. 263,499 

Thompson. Susan Ann.... 1 84,284,449 

Thompson, Susan K. 349,359 

Thompson. Yvonne. 349 

Thompson, Yvonne Marie. 393 

Thomsen, Roxie Marie.180.443 

Thonney, Janet Annette. 375 

Thonney. Steven Carl. 279.280,295.469 

Thorgerson, Donna K. 349 

Thorn. Marsha. 349 

Thorndike, Donna Jean. 393 

Thorndike. Rebecca L.297 

Thorpe. Paula Melita. 393 

Thorpe, Peter R. 308 

Thorson, Patricia A. 272.349 

Thrall. Marvin Duane.381 

Thumler, Nancy Anne. 373 

Thursby. Richard Leigh. 48 1 

Tibbitts, Susan Gail.408 

Tidxel, Michael G. 395 

Tiearney, Janice P. 428 

Tiegs. Oscar Lyle. 349,411 

Tiffany, Catherine. 349 

Tiffany, John S. 349.428 

Tiffany. Robert L.349 

Tiller. Carl Kerry. 349 

Tiller. Joe.107 

Tillotson. Gary L. 1 60,349 

Tilson. Dale William. 395 

Tilson, Jean Louise.365 

Tilson, Wayne.244 

Tilton, Lanita Sue.165,397 

Tippett, Jane Ann. . . . 181.276,277,461 

Tipton, David William.493 

Tisdale. Brenda Sharon. 359 

Tisdel, Marna.349,375 

Tobin. James T. 349 

Toda, H. Michael. 349.477 

Todd, Leslie Lee. 393 

Todd. Terry Arnold.349 

Toevs. Barbara Irene.451 

Toevs. Kenneth Dale.499 

Toll, Craig Allen.503 

Toll, Larry Michael.428 

Toll. Susan Irene.373 

Tomchick, Jennifer. 415 

Tomich. Gloria Ann. 349 

Tompkins. Cheryl Anne .428 

Tompkins, Pamela J.266 

Tomson, Steven Ralph.276 

Tonder, Roberta Jean. 393 

Toner, Michael Alan.493 

Toner. Richard B. 432 

Topalian, Celia M. 441 

Torgerson. Susan Lyn.361 

Torres. Richard F. 287 

Totten, Kathleen M.428 

Towell, Rodney Warren.367 

Tower. Scott R.395 

Towne. Robert John.471 

Townsend, David Wayne.416 

Tracey. Jane Marie.408 

Tracy, Cynthia M.449 

Tracy Robert Eugene . 266,289,349.499 

Tracy. Steven Lynn.289.499 

Trafton. Byron G.288 

Train. Ralph Edward.369 

Transeth, Don Willard.107 

Trapp, Linda Louise.349 

Trautman. Philip Lee.381 

Travis. Deborah Ann. 397 

Treasure. Brian Ray.349 

Trebby, Russell James. . . . 293.349,429 

Treese. Steven Alan.349,378 

Trefry. Stuart Allen. 395 

Tremblay. Rolf Richard.469 

Treneer, Deborah Susan.318,387 

Treter, Jo. 349 

Trettevik, Susan Kay.361 

Trimble. Laura Teresa.186 

Tripp. Jane Marie.274.361 

Trohimovich. Carol May.349.455 

Trotter, Donald Thomas. 411 

Troutman. Sterling M.465 

Trudell. Kathleen Anne.443 

Trull. Michael John. 477 

Trulson, Neal Brian. 429 

Tsang. Alfred Fu Lai.298 

Tsang, Mike.298 

Tsutakawa, Margaret A.349,437 

Tubbin, Kathleen Marie.408 

Tucker. Jeffrey Warren. 411 

Tucker, Karen Jean. 449 

Tucker, Sharon Marie.365 

Tucker. Teri Diane. 447 

Tuckness. Sharon K.381 

Tudor, Michael C.263 

Tuke, Gregory William.471 

Tunis, Jon Allan. 417 

Turnbull, Richard L.288 

Turner. Bernice Ann.188,457 

Turner, Jacqueline D. 393 

Turner, Jessica Ruth. 373 

Turner, Ronald Lee.282 

Turney, Deborah Faye.. . . 378 

Tuttle. Regina Grace.265 

Twelves, Gail Amanda.373 

Tyerman. Mark. 395 

Tylczak. Lisa Louise.373 

Tylczak, Margaret. 293,401 

Tyrtell. Brian L. 348 


Uebelacker, Randie Lea.429 

Uhl, Laurie M. 349,359 

Uhling, Lawrence R.501 

Index 535 

Ullrich. Janice Louise.276 

Ulrich. James David. 306,405 

Ulrich. Mark C. 119 

Underhill, Marilee Ann.165 

Unger. David R.306.349 

Ungs, William D. 349 

Uno, Marilyn Anne.401 

Unruh. Kenneth Lynn.475 

Upton. Bernice Marie.123 

Urashima. Craig S.419 

Urichuk, Alan George. 349,429 

Uskoski, Luciene M.375 

Utecht. Carla Jean.429 

Utter. Richard Ross.300.303 

Uyeji, Leslie Alan.469 

Uyeno. Keith Akio.287 


Vail. Ronald W.429 

Valdez, Sylvia Ann.415 

Vale. Genevieve C.365 

Valentine. Charles R.S.503 

Valentine, Cheryl Ann.397 

Valiton, Sally Lovell. 267,437 

Vallely, Mary Kathleen.269,275. 


Vanbeek, John Edward.495 

Vanburen. Stephen A.264,265 

Vancil. Robert A.367 

Vandaele, Michael B.119 

Vander, Linden Claire. 349.437 

Vander. Ploeg Karl P.369 

Vanderhoff, Judy Lee.439 

Vanderhoop, Kathy L. 349,455 

Vandermolen, Ann M.443 

Vanderwegen, Leslie A.381 

Vandevanter, Douglas E. 144 

Vandyk. Karla P. 268,459 

Vanhollebeke, T.L.401 

Vanhoose. Marilyn Jo.281.429 

Vanhuis. Gordon Lee.273 

Vankooten, Kenneth D.395 

Vanleuven. Douglas G.471 

Vanleuven, Gail Marie.393 

Vannostern. Joy Ellen.349,392 

Vanos. Christian D. 307,349.405 

Vanover. John A ll.352 

Vanrooy. John Roger. 346.505 

Vansant, Peter R.224 

Vanschoick. Dale G.298 

Vanschoorl, Joanne. 350.397 

Vanschuppen. Edward C. 349.378 

Vansinderen. Sharon.1 74,449 

Vantine. Donald Allen.429 

Vanvleck. Jerald W.160 

Vanwechel. Donald D. 281.367 

Vaughan. Betsy.122 

Vaughn, Ross Edward.1 24.1 54 

Vautier, Wenda.314.320 

Vea. Leslie Ann.174,453 

Veblen. Kari Anne.453 

Vehrs, Lynnette Kaye.413 

Velas. Susan Jean.350 

Velasco, Lynn J.287 

Velis, Stanley N. 473 

Vendramin. Keith Leo.295.469 

Venier, James Howard. 274.369 

Verellen. James R.350 

Verkist, Nyle Lloyd. 281,350.369 

Vermeers, Richard Lee. 267,469 

Verney. Darrel Edward.419 

Versteege, Gary Hans.485 

Verstrate. John Allen.283 

Vesey. Elizabeth L.447 

Vick. Camilyn Daleen.123.186.439 

Viestenz. Christine F.350 

Vik, James Irving.303 

Vikan, Randolph K.350 

Villagomez, Peter F. 288,429 

Vincent. Muriel Susan.408 

Vistaunet, Karen L.180.268.441 

Vitalich. Kathleen M.457 

Vixie, Gary Wayne.487 

Vochatzer, M. Annette.373 

Voegele, Nancy Jean.445 

Vogel. Jeanette Elaine. 381.387 

Vogel, Shirley Louise. 350,413 

Vogt. Joyce Ann. 264 

Vogt, Penny Gayle.429 

Voordepoorte, Tena.287 

Vosburgh, Richard E.294 

Votaw, Jane Kathleen .... 1 77,268,461 


Wada, Russell Den. 287,350 

Waddle, Steven Russell.473 

Waelti. Henry.298 

Wagenblast, Gary R.350 

Wagenblast, Margaret A.361 

Wagner. Bradley Allen. 119 

Wagner. James Paul.419 

Wagner. Mark.481 

Wagner. Wendy Joy.310 

Wagoner, Donald Dale.481 

Wagoner. Jim.274 

Wagoner. Mark Steven. 275.295 

Wagstaff, Lisa M.166 

Wahle, Juret Reginal L. 350,441 

Wahlers, Laurie Lynn.408 

Wahlstrom. Betty Jean.408 

Wainhouse, Leo Edward.483 

Wainscott. Cindy Lou.122 

Waite, Stephen C.369 

Waite, Steven Russell.419 

Wakeley. Susan Louise. 165,271 

Walch. Paula Marie.363 

Walczyk. Nancy Felicia.408 

Waldbjorn, Karen Diane. 268.457 

Waldburger, John J. 350,495 

Waldher. Cynthia Anne.415 

Waldher. Mark D.481 

Waldher. Nicholas K.367 

Waldowski. Barbara J.1 81.437 

Waldron. Mark Dennis. 506 

Walker. James Rex.501 

Walker, LarryJames. 288.294,350 

Walker, Mark Steven.473 

Walker. Ric Noel.429 

Walker, Steven Arneill.350 

Walker. Valerie Ann. 365 

Walker, Wayne Richard. 395 

Walker. William Robert. . . 224.314,350. 


Wall, Theresa Cecelia.393 

Wallace. Daniel Roger.350,485 

Wallace, Dennis Lee. 279,489 

Wallace. Joan M.350,373 

Wallace. Melanie Jean.453 

Waller, Patricia Ann.373 

Walser, Steven Charles.350 

Walsh, Daniel Edward.314 

Walsh. Gordon E.503 

Walter. Donna Diane.381 

Walter, Marcia Beth. 162.1 64.165 

Walter. Marilyn.275.280.350.437 

Walters, Ann Shirley.429 

Walters. G. Barbara. 184,268,453 

Walters. Judy Helen.1 62.1 64.350 

Walterskirchen. W. Brad. 274.367 

Walton, Deborah A.350,453 

Walton, Ellen Jane.453 

Wanchena, Matthew John.381 

Wandersleben. Werner.352 

Waples, Steven Ballard. 350,495 

Ward. Alexander Wesley.350.429 

Ward. Jeffrey Scott.499 

Ward. Laura Pearl. 373,401 

Ward, Michele Marie. 447 

Warden, Sally Joann. 186.441 

Ware, Gail Raymond.485 

Warehime, Clyde Dean.107 

Wark. Dale W.411 

Warner, Glenn Allyn Jr.395 

Warner, Laurie Jo.408 

Warner. Susan Marlene.263,459 

Warner, Terry Lynn.314,393 

Warninger, Bruce David.489 

Warnock. Carolyn.363 

Warren, Reenee Anrita.393 

Warrick. Corinne E. 183,439 

Warsinske, Richard J. 224,293 

Warsinske. Sharon.224 

Wasem, Anne Marie.184,445 

Washington. Anne H.381 

Wasson. Patricia L. 269.429 

Waterman. Bernadine L.429 

Waterman, Debra Jean.419 

Waters, Gayle Kathleen.408 

Waters. Linda Maria.435 

Waters, Steve Eugene.264,350 

Waterson. Terry J.180 

Watkinson, Mark Steven.485 

Watras. Elizabeth Jane . . . 302.350,435 

Watson. Jo Ellen.419 

Watson, Louan C.350 

Watson. Rita Emma.305,378 

Watson, Shelley Laine.429 

Watson. Steven Thomas.473 

Wattenburger. Paul L.298 

Watters. Linda J.350 

Waud. Terry Jo.441 

Waybright, Ann K.350 

Weatherford, Lee Wood.107 

Weaver, Carlos Lynn.350 

Weaver, William M.350 

Webb. Darce Keen.373 

Webb. Judith Gail.272 

Webber. Colbert Dale. 352.429 

Webber. Ralph Duane. 419 

Weber, Dale.273 

Weber, David A.505 

Weber. Eileen Gail. 350 

Weber, Gregory Neil.318.319 

Weber, Jacob William. 281.481 

Weber, Stanley Steven.264,266, 


Webster. Cliff.264.266 

Weekes, Vicki Rae. 373 

Weeks. Deborah Lee.269 

Wegener. John Steward.506 

Wegley, Jill Suzanne.268 

Wegner. James Ray.369 

Wegner, Nancy M.350 

Wehmeyer. Kent Lloyd.367 

Wehmeyer, Mark Gerald. 350,465 

Weible, Bernie Ross.495 

Weidemann, Richard G.499 

Weiher, Ellen Jean. 184 

Weilbaum, James G.381 

Weimer, Paul Howard.367 

Weir. Barbara Marian.387 

Weir, Gail Frances.408 

Weir. Paul Alan.302 

Weiss. Claudia Ann.278 

Welch. David J.429 

Welch, Larry Lee.479 

Welch, Richard Worden.303.306 

Weller. Robert James.491 

Wells. Jane E.459 

Wells. Marion Janet. 350.378 

Wells, Michael Wathen.429 

Wells, Patricia Ann.365 

Wells, Steven Allan.483 

Wendler, Greg R.350,469 

Wendt, Robert James. 350,395 

Wennerlind. Mark R.314.318 

Wessels, Nancy Eloise. 165 

Wesson, Richard Craig.416 

West. Cynthia Lynn.375 

West. Donna Lynn.267.393 

West, Mary Louise.350 

West. Millard Alan.280 

West, Robert A.411 

West, Scot Philip.350.429 

Westcott. Patricia Sue.378 

Westfahl. Michael J. 350,395 

Westik. Joe. 125.405 

Westland, Pamela. 350,441 

Westlin, Thomas Dean.483 

Westmiller. Nancy Lee.378 

Weston, Linda Rae.163 

Westover. Carol Jeanne.350.381 

Wetz, David William.429 

Wetzel, Don Dale Jr.395 

Wetzel. Gary Carl.405 

Wetzel. Scott Owen.378 

Wheeler. Rebecca L.365 

Wheeler. Robin Ann.373 

Wheeler, Vicki Lynn.429 

Whisman. Alan Wayne. 350.405 

Whitacre, Thomas Jay.395 

Whitacre. Timothy Ray.395 

Whitaker, Michael S.350.416 

Whitcomb, Linda Ann.351 

White, Ann Irene. 302,457 

White, Deborah Ann M.351 

White. Pamela Dawn.365 

White, Timothy James.378 

White, Vicki Lynn.408 

Whrtehill. Richard A. 310,351.469 

Whitelaw, Karlene Ann.351 

Whitener, DouglasTy.395 

Whitener, Eric Keith. 274.481 

Whitesel. John William. 107,497 

Whiteside, Marilyn Sue.373 

Whitlock. Scott Miles. 119 

Whitman. David Francis.351 

Whitney, Barry Rick.294,501 

Whitney. Mona Alicia.60 

Wick. Gregory T. 280,429 

Wickert, Thomas Kirk.107 

Wickhorst, Ellen L.351.408 

Widman. Donald Edward.160 

Widman. Kristine Ann.415 

Widrig, Richard F.429 

Wiebe. Lynn.413 

Wiegand, J. Patrick.351 

Wier, Mike. 305 

Wierenga. Nancy Jane.401 

Wiess. Mark Edward.378 

Wiggins. Brett James.473 

Wiggins. Candace Jo .408 

Wiggins, Debra Rae.273.375 

Wiggins. Nancy Lee.163.165 

Wiggins, Tony Lee. 306,351,493 

Wiitala. Kristal Kathi. 265.313,316, 


Wilbert, Cynthia Lind.351,435 

Wilbert, Gail Ann.351,393 

Wilbraham. Suzanne C.415 

Wilcox. Ronald Charles.369 

Wiley. Bradford James.125 

Wiley. David B.465 

Wiley, Gloria Jo. 447 

Wiley. Jay Christopher.429 

Wilkerson. Dean Eugene.303 

Wilkinson. Judy Ann.351 

Wilkinson. Richard R.351 

Willard. Randy.301,303 

Willcoxon, Donna Pearl.451 

Williams. Allan P.495 

Williams, Arnold Gary.351 

Williams, Cindy.164 

Williams. David Robert.405 

Williams, Deborah Anne.387 

Williams. Debra Kaye.439 

Williams, Gregory A.119 

Williams. Jeanne.294,419 

Williams. John Gary.487 

Williams. Kay Ann. 162,163,164 

Williams. Mary. 274.429 

Williams. Megen Julia. . . . 123.186,268 


Williams, Pamela. 180,263,415 

Williams. Peggy.401 

Williams, Robert S.274 

Williams. Scott.432 

Williams, Wendy.272 

Williams, Wendy Ellen.351 

Williamson. Craig.503 

Williamson. Sherry Lee.408 

Williamson. Steven E.483 

Willich. Reg. 300,429 

Willis. Lance Byron.378 

Willis. Roger Allen.275.280 

Willmann, Constance P. 351,359 

Willoughby, Warren W. 351.503 

Willson. Craig William.369 

Willson. Ralph Roger.419 

Wilponen, Mark Wayne.505 

Wilson. Barbara J.397 

Wilson. Deborah Jane. . . .292.318.320, 


Wilson, Frederick G.493 

Wilson, Gregory John.416 

Wilson. Howard Sirjord. 288.351 

Wilson. Janice Alayne. 351,447 

Wilson, Jean L.269,351,443 

Wilson, Joseph Ambrose.395 

Wilson. Kathleen Dawn. . . 174,292.457 

Wilson. Lark Elaine.461 

Wilson, Lorri Eileen.461 

Wilson, Michael Vernon.381 

Wilson. Monna Lee.408 

Wilson, Robert Eric.351 

Wilson. Scott Lee.499 

Wilson, Tony. 119 

Wilson. Warren Ernest. 285 

Wilson. Willard L.296 

Wilzen. Ann Marie.435 

Wimpress. Janine Adele.397 

Wine, Cynthia Sue. 373 

Wing. Luann Elizabeth. 361 

Winget, Michael W. 395 

Winn. Greg.161.303 

Wint, Arthur V.351 

Winston, Claudia S.461 

Winston. Patrick D. . 288,351 

Winter, Catherine E.284 

Winter. Douglas A.419 

Winter. Jeanne Lenora.373 

536 Index 

Winter, Karl Edwin.289,351 

Winter, Theresa Louise.408 

Winterfeld. DelwynJ.429 

Winters, Gail. 276,277 

Winters, Gwen Inez.1 81,365 

Wise. Kathy Jo.453 

Wisher. James Paul.429 

Wissenback, Janice L.453 

Wissing. Kim M.475 

Witherow. Willa J. 287,351,415 

Witt, Joseph Bouldin.429 

Witte. Robert Harris.473 

Witter. Stephen Joseph. 367 

Wittig, Miriam G.351 

Wold, Janis Jean. 351,435 

Wolf, Diana Monroe.435 

Wolf. Kenneth.279 

Wolf, Patricia Elaine.435 

Wolfe. Laird.244 

Wolfe, Mary Stuart.373 

Wolfe, Roy Alan.263.467 

Won. Son.393 

Wong, Brenda C M.298 

Wong, Jolene Lai Ha. 287,381 

Wong. Marlene Faye.363 

Wood, Alan Joesph.263 

Wood, Constance E.419 

Wood, Dave.125 

Wood. Gary Thomas.351 

Wood, Geoffrey Stephen.160 

Wood. Gloria Jean.351.408 

Wood, Michael Glen.282 

Wood, Paige A. 285,373 

Wood. Susan Elizabeth. . . .1 81,287,447 

Woodard. Andrea Joan.378 

Woodard. John Ross.278 

Woodfield, William G.465 

Woodin, Scott M.503 

Woodruff. Marsha.285 

Woodruff, Valerie Rae.351 

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Zurian, Linda Sue.401 

Zwiegand. J. Patrick.475 

Richard Box 

Student Publications Photographer 

Index 537 


Bev Martin 
Wesley D. Calvert 



Rich Birmingham 
Martin Burwash 
Al Chan 
Rob Emery 
Jack Guske 
Richard Dierks 
Ed McConkey 
Dave Popken 
Michele Saranovich 
James Schutt 
Catherine Seibolt 
Mark Anderson 
Charles Whipple 
Richard Box 

Rimas Visgirda 
Wendy J. Wagner 
Dave Cattin 


Dr. Richard Daughtery, 
WSU Anthropology Department 


Dale Quincy 
Jerry Ratliff 
Lee Jones and 
countless others 





Bob Bullis 
Arden Literal 
Betty Rodeen 


Jess Allred and Comp. 

room girls 

"The Secretaries" 






John Snyder.... 

Lee Carstens.... 


Candy Andrews 

.Campus life 


"Outstanding upperclassmen" 

Alex Gipson..... 

AG Clubs 
Off Campus 
"Outstanding Upperclassmen" 

Layne Hanford.. . 

.Academic colleges 



Dev Armstrong. . 



Bruce Johnson... 

Lark Pischel. 

Picture cropping 

Jill Gutkowski .. . 

Picture cropping 

Anne Heydon .... 

Kristal Wiitala ... 

"Outstanding underclassmen" 

Chris Beardsley .. 

Lee DeChambeau 


'Outstanding Underclassmen" 
"Inspirational Award Winner" 

Saundra McIntosh 
Barb Diefendorf. . 

Mike Desrosier... 

Jeanne Brackett . 

Cheryl McIntosh . 

The Beautiful People.Volunteer staff 

538 Credits 

The word "effort" really best describes 
this volume. It has been the efforts of 
many individuals, directly and indirectly, 
which should be appreciated. Personal 
commitments, both large and small, have 
been vital throughout our production 

As one looks through the book, thoughts 
may reflect praise or disappointment. But 
it must be remembered that a staff of 
dedicated students, not professionals, 
are responsible for what you see. 
Although only students, we have each 
strived for a degree of professionalism; 
attempting to solve our problems and 
mistakes and humbly accept our 

As a staff, we have all been a part of a 
vast learning process, and I'm sure I can 
speak for the others involved, when I say 
we have each prospered in many ways. A 
unique awareness of the university 
resulted as we each progressed with our 
work; an awareness which I feel is 
conveyed in the contents of the book. 
People too became a part of our learning 
process, as we worked together as a 
group and separately with strangers. 

As an editor, I was surprised to discover 
the complexity of factors that I had to 
consider, a point which should also be 
remembered when evaluating the book. 
Since the Chinook is a completely self- 
sufficient book, some pages which may 
seem undesirable to many, generate the 
necessary income for the production of 
more favorable portions of the book. 

I chose to remain with a book format 
which seems to be best for our unique 
campus, excluding and including varying 
amounts of material which as a whole fit 
comfortably into our particular lifestyle. 

And now that my job is completed, I only 
hope that as a reader you have gained 
some degree of satisfaction as I have in 
preparing this book for you. 

John Snyder 
1973 Chinook Editor 

Words 539 

Students Wayne Yager 

r- i , 


Karl W. Hagen, Jr, 
Richard D. Harbour 

Glen 1,.Galligan 

James L. St. John 

Morris S. Knebelman 
Harry Stern 
J. Reginald Miller 
Raymond R. Jones 
Alice A. Gates 
Leonard J. Klossner 


in Mem or tarn 



542 Closing 

Closing 543 

544 Closing