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Washington State Univensity pullman, Washington 


The symbol of Tai Chi, or the One Great 
Ultimate, is based on the ancient Chinese Tail 
philosophy, whereas change is brought about by 
the interaction of Tai Chi’s complementary aspects 
the Yin and Yang principle. Yang represents active, 
positive, tender, weak, old. Their interblending in 
varying proportions accounts for a productive and 
harmonious union of all substances and all objects in 
the universe. 

The Chinook staff chose to use the symbol 
of Tai Chi to represent a year that they felt tc 
be one of change; political, social anc 
environmental change that occurred at WSU, at the 
state and at the national level. Each change, according 
to the philosophy, is in fact, a Yin and YanjE 
phenomenon from which the ultimate state of Tai Chi 
might eventually be achieved. 














Colleges & 






A small man, perhaps in his late 30s, appears, 
walking slowly down a trail. He is dressed some¬ 
what conspicuously in a long raincoat. 

The man stops, scans the area carefully, then 
pulls out a small tape recorder. He sets the ma¬ 
chine down and pushes the “play” button. 

“Good morning. Dr. Hobbs,” crackled the 
recorder. “As you have probably heard, the West 
Coast is experiencing one of its worst droughts in 

“The Cascade snowpack is at a record low, 
farmers fear the lack of irrigation water will doom 
their crops and power companies are worried 
about reduced levels of hydroelectric power gen¬ 
eration this summer. 

“Something must be done.” 

“The governor has repeatedly boasted that hers 
is not a ‘do nothing administration’. However, she 
has on several occasions been accused of doing 
nothing about the weather. 

“In a top secret cabinet meeting this month, 
the governor announced that the time had come 
to do something about the weather. 

“Your mission, Dr. Hobbs, should you decide to 
accept it, is to make it rain in Washington state. 

“The governor has made arrangements to ap¬ 
propriate $125,000 for a cloud seeding project.” 

“Of course, you will be paid, regardless of the 
outcome of the project. Good luck.” 

“This tape will soon dry up and blow away.” 

Stephen Woodruff 

© in Weather— 
A Dry Situation 

10 Expressions 

It took extensive media coverage and 
the dust in our throats to convince many 
WSU’ers that the drought was real. But, 
once realized, some steps to save energy 
were taken. Half the lights in the mall 
and other campus areas were per¬ 
manently turned off. This, and other ef¬ 
forts by the administration to save en¬ 
ergy, set an example for students (or 
maybe it was the other way around) and 
WSU managed to cut back on its energy 
usage by 23%. The required cutback for 
state institutions was a mere 10%. 

During the worst of the drought, anx¬ 
iety concerning crop (and money) losses, 
forest fires in the summer, and damage 
to fish, prevailed. Although a wet May 
dampened these fears slightly—experts 
predicted that this was only the begin¬ 
ning of a permanent water shortage, 
while WSU students foresaw a new life¬ 
style of constant conservation. 

6 ) IN Government: Carter Shades Ford... 

The 1977 presidential race included Jimmy 
Carter’s exclusive interview with Playboy maga¬ 
zine, where he revealed that he had an occasional 
lust for the ladies. Carter’s comment caused quite 
a stir in the nation, and prompted one WSU stu¬ 
dent to observe of the campaign, “Now I guess we 
have a choice between a ‘luster’ and a ‘lack-lus- 

12 Expressions 

While Ufkes Replaces Lewis 

Locally, WSU’s presidential race pro¬ 
cessed uneventfully. No break-ins were 
uncovered and wire-tapping was appar¬ 
ently non existent—although the Ufkes/ 
King ticket was charged with littering. 
The triumphant team had the immedi¬ 
ate issues of a tuition hike and budget 
hearings to cope with. 

Expressions 13 

6 ) in Style 

14 Expressions 

€> in 

WSU has a new look this year 
with the construction of several 
buildings and some minor work on 
others. Close to $22 million has 
been spent on projects. Several 
buildings have been or will be com¬ 
pleted in advance of their target 
date, thanks to mild winters the last 
two years. 

The new Science and Engineer¬ 
ing Library, completed in Decem¬ 
ber, opened for business four 
months ahead of schedule. Phase 
Two of the Bio-Sciences Building 
was to be finished by the end of the 
school year, also ahead of schedule. 
Other projects included Chinook 
Village, opened for occupancy at 
the beginning of the school year, 
the construction of a new ski lodge 
at North/South Ski Bowl, and 
remodeling of the CUB and Dana 
Hall’s third floor. 

Not yet finished, but coming on 
strong, is the new Veterinary 
Sciences building. It should be fin¬ 
ished halfway through the next 
school year, almost eight months 
earlier than originally planned. 

16 Expressions 

o in Coaches: 

As the Sherrills Tearfully Depart... 

It wasn’t long after Jim Sweeney’s “Once a Cougar, 
always a Cougar” left our ears that we lost our second 
football coach in twelve months. Jackie Sherrill 
couldn’t be blamed for accepting the offer of a lifetime 
... but it left some of us wondering. Is something 

wrong with Pullman? 

Our misery was short-lived though, with the arrival 
of Cornhusker Warren Powers who proclaimed to the 
student body upon his arrival, “I sure hope I can do 
you right.” Power to you Warren, and welcome. 

18 Expressions 

...A New Dynasty is Born 

Expressions 19 

Some things never change... 


WSU’s Mall 
Activity Galore 

Rampaging wild Rainiers herded through the 
mall causing panic among WSU students as thou¬ 
sands turned out on a sunny afternoon to cheer 
them on. 

This event highlighted mall activity, drawing 
crowds from their comfortable habitat in the Lair 
and Cafeteria to enjoy the festivity of outdoor 

Affording a diversion to indoor eating, the noon 
hour catered to various mall entertainment in¬ 
cluding political speakers such as Senator Warren 
Magnuson and House Representative Tom Foley. 

International dancers. Theatrical groups, sing- 
a-longs, and Mayfest completed the array of ac¬ 
tion which occurred on the mall this year. 

22 Expressions 

Expressions 23 

An aerial view of the WSU campus might cause the 
viewer to take a quick second glance and ask, “Was 
that a campus back there or an anthill just poked with 
a stick?” 

Yes, the problem of overcrowding has struck one of 
the most unexpected places in the state—the sprawling 
Palouse; or to be more specific, one particular hill on 
the Palouse with WSU resting upon it. 

WSU has been the object of good-humored ridicule 
in the past. It has been called “Moo U” and the “Cow 
College” for ages, giving it the reputation of being a 
tiny, farmsy, down-home college. But the pace of life 
here is as hectic and quick-moving as any large city, 
and the problems growth brings are here also. 

WSU 1936: pop. 3587 
WSU 1946: pop. 5907 
WSU 1956: pop. 5491 
WSU 1966: pop. 10,662 
WSU 1976: pop. 16, 693 

24 Expressions 

spa £ 

Metro Pullman: An Overcrowded Wheat Field 

Too many people are cram¬ 
med into too small of an area 
(dorms, classrooms, the CUB at 
noon) and slow-moving lines 
wear even the most patient per¬ 
son’s patience. Shortage of park¬ 
ing tends to be aggravating, but 
may be a good lesson for those 
who should be walking to cam¬ 
pus in the first place. 

Overall, this type of over¬ 
crowding seems to generate a 
selfish attitude in individuals as 
they tend to feel growing dislikes 
for anyone who gets there first. 

Expressions 25 

Sometimes Persons Like Bumping Elbows 

Sometimes society demands 
and truly enjoys overcrowding. 

What would a party or 
Boyer Park be without wall- 
to-wall people? Crowds at 
football and basketball games 
are obviously essential. 

It seems that crowds have 
one of two effects on people: 
They either love it, or they 
hate it. 

Expressions 27 


Don’t Fence 
Me In 

Persons feel the need for space today, as did the 
cowboys or early America when they sang, 

“I want to ride to the ridge where the west com¬ 

Gaze at the moon until I lose my senses, 

I don’t like hobbles and I can’t stand fences, 
Don’t fence me in.” 

28 Expressions 

Expressions 29 

Cougs In Their Spare Time 

Although the most popular spare-time sport at WSU may be 
partying, it is not the only thing that keeps Cougs busy in their 
free hours. From .hangliding at Tekoe and Steptoe to the side¬ 
walk in front of Murrow Hall, which seems to have turned into a 
skateboarding track, Wazzu has a myriad of students doing their 
own thing. As a result, new forms of entertaining sports are 
sprouting everywhere you look. Even if you don’t participate, 
you can enjoy yourself simply by watching. Which brings us to 
one of the old favorite Cougar pastimes . . . girl watching. 

30 Expressions 

Art: It’s a Matter of Taste 

Art: Its beauty, or lack of it, lies in the 
eyes of the beholder. 

To some, the pieces show talent of an 
unbelievable magnitude, each one ex¬ 
pressing an idea, feeling or mood in a 
subtle way. 

Others find little to appreciate in the 
works, and the nonappreciaters mumble 
comments like “Weird” or “I could 
have done better than that in first 
grade,” as they view the sculptures and 

Where the art lover sees inspiration 
and beauty, the nonlover sees only blobs 
of paint and clay. 

Irrelevant Crises 

An eventful year it was. Recall, if you 
will, some of the campus events/hap¬ 
penings of 1976-77 which, although 
hardly of a catastrophic magnitude, did 
ease the monotony of the ordinary. 

The faithful Fusser’s made its annual 
appearance and immediately became 
the object of scorn from the more pro¬ 
tective WSU lovers. Who could be so 
devoid of good taste as to allow a 
COW’S HEAD, of all things, to be im¬ 
printed on our directory’s cover, they 
demanded to know. A conspiracy, they 
said, initiated by the cosmopolitan ele¬ 
ments in our midst, wishing to embar¬ 
rass our beloved institution which is la¬ 
boring to shed the cow-college image. 
The battle lines formed: one side, out¬ 
raged at the symbolic animal on the 
cover appearing to pop out of a meadow 
of green—the other, defending the cover 
design as depicting honest tranquility 
and simplicity for which our campus is 
known. Who won? Who knows or who 
cares? But it was fun no matter which 
side of the fence you were on. 

What would breakfast be like without 
milk? What would take the tart out of 
the coffee, soften those tough little corn 
flakes, soothe that delicate stomach so 
abused at Raths the night before? Milk, 

5AY, UH, ... 5lR y ARE YOU __ _ 

Ideally f^jivnjncj for vuc - hp ^7 

the morning elixir .. . ex¬ 
cept for those poor, milk- 
less Chinook Village resi¬ 
dents who were regularly 
ripped off mornings by 
the elusive milk thief. All- 
night vigils were main¬ 
tained with no results . 
Milk lovers set their 
alarms for 5 a.m. in hopes 
of beating the midnight 
dairy skulker to the punch 
But they only lost their 
milk AND their sleep. 
The crime remained un¬ 
solved; the culprit was 
never subjected to justice. 
Chinook Village victims 
can only hope some jus¬ 
tice prevailed in the end 
... maybe the thief died 
of a heart ailment brought 
on by an overload of cho- 

34 Expressions 

Further abuse frustrated Chinook Vil¬ 
lage residents during 1976-77. There were 
too few parking spaces for too many cars. 
Always enterprising, the CV tenants uti¬ 
lized the handy, and often ample, parking 
facilities of nearby Rogers-Orton. The re¬ 
sult was a letter-to-the-editor writing war 
without parallel. The result of the letter 
campaign was the acquisition of a few 
more parking spaces by CV inhabitants. 
The moral of the situation appears to be: If 
you’re spaced out . . . er . . . out of space, 
write a letter to the editor and it’ll get 

Then there was the case of the hetero¬ 
sexual duchess. WSU administrators zeal¬ 
ously complying with Title IX anti-sex dis¬ 
crimination regulations first told Waller 
Hall residents they couldn’t choose a 
Duchess of Windsor this year unless equal 
chance were given to the fellows to be¬ 
come a duke, prince, or whatever. The so- 

lons in French Ad. softened 
their stand when confronted 
by angry Wallers and decided 
to allow the uni-sex contest to 
proceed ... at least for this 
year. But there’s always next 

George Raveling had a great 
idea to insure high-decibel 
support for his basketball 
team. Reserve a block of seats, 
preferably near center court, 
for the more enthusiastic fans 
and watch the Cougs play bold 
and the opponents fold under 
the vocal pressure. Sure 
enough, the first home game 
saw the birth of the 
“Loudmouths” section, basket¬ 
ball-crazed Cougar lovers 
decked out in identical T- 
shirts. The problem was that a 
number of equally fervant 
Cougar supporters sitting in 
the far-off comers of the PAC 

coveted the seats being re¬ 
served for the Loudmouth 
club. A compromise of sorts 
was reached, as the 
Loudmouths retained their 
court priorities, but only if 
they also arrived at the gates 
at an early hour ... just like 
the rest of us. 

“What’s a ‘Herinal?’ ” the 
Daily Evergreen asked in an 
article, responding to a letter 
about a Robert Ameson art ex¬ 
hibit. The answer: “.. . a five- 
foot high ceramic urinal 
depicting, also, various parts of 
the female anatomy. It solic¬ 
ited’such comments from out¬ 
raged women as “an insulting 
affront to women.” No con¬ 
clusions were reached, except 
perhaps the unexpressed real¬ 
ization of what a university is 
all about: the exchange of 

f we 





WQA iiJ?, 

Expressions 35 

What to Do in the Palouse 

Above: Picnic spot on the south fork of 
the Clearwater River. To get there take 
SR 14 east from Grangeville to the junc¬ 
tion. Then go south 5 miles. When the 
highway crosses the river, head east for 
about 25 miles. Right: Camping in the 
Moscow Mountains. Take US 95 north 
for 4.6 miles from Third Street in Mos¬ 
cow. Turn right on the gravel road, 
drive east 1 mile, turn left and follow 
the road to the top of the ridge. 

36 Expressions 

Making a Day of it...or... 

Above: Boyer Park, on the Snake River, is 
20 miles southeast of Pullman. Take the 
Wawawai Road west from Pullman and 
follow the signs to Boyer. Left: Williams, 
Badger, Fishtrap, Rock, and Fish Lakes are 
all fishing retreats located south of 
Cheney. Take highway 195 from Colfax 
toward Spokane. Turn left near the hivvay 

Expressions 37 

• • 

an Afternoon of it 

Right: Fishing at Laird Park. The park is 
38 miles northeast of Moscow on US 95-A. 
Below, Left: Gravel road in Laird Park. 
Below, Right: Kruegal Park in Pullman. 
Proceed up Spring Street, turn left before 
reaching the Water tower. 

38 Expressions 


p . > , 


a 1 



*. / 

Top: Conner Museum. Located in basement of 
Science Hall. Below: Greenhouse. Located on 
top of Science Hall. 

Expressions 39 


And in the Autumn, 

When you gather the grapes of your 
vineyards for the winepress. 

Say in your heart, 

“I too am a vineyard, and my fruit 
shall be gathered for the 

And like new wine I shall be kept 
in eternal vessels.” 

And in winter, when you draw the 
wine, let there be in your heart 
a song for each cup; 

And let there be in the song a 

remembrance for the autumn days, 
and for the vineyard, and for the 

Kahlil Gibran 
The Prophet 

40 Expressions 


Peaceful Pause 

Winter Storms 

Enjoying that 
April Sun 

During two weeks of 80 degree weather, masses 
flocked to Boyer Park equipped with Ballpark 
Franks, Fritoes, and beer. Many students skipped 
classes to enjoy the unusual outburst of sunshine 
reigning over the Palouse in April. 

Opening season discovered participants engaged 
in diversified activities. Athletic arms displayed 
marked prowess as footballs, frisbees, and baseballs 
catapulted through the air, some accidentally hit¬ 
ting strategic targets. 

Blanket touched blanket across the park lawn 
sparing minimal walking space between them. Oil- 
lacquered bodies greedily soaked up rays, turning 
tints of pink or shades of brown. A few courageous 
souls braved the ice waters of the Snake River. 

Musical rivalry permeated the atmosphere as 
transistor radios and cassette tape recorders vied 
with elaborate stereo systems to capture an atten¬ 
tive audience. 

42 Expressions 

Expressions 43 

Music Fills 
Students’ Days 

Musical forms exist in abundance at WSU, yet none 
become paramount. They range from familiar bands such 
as jazz-oriented Savanna, who frequents local pubs, to 
nationally known rock-n-roll groups like Supertramp, 
contracted by the Performing Arts Committee. Popular 
Disco thrives through the live music of Barney Arm¬ 
strong’s Machine. Armstrong enrapts his audiences with 
musical delight, demanding full command when he per¬ 

Some students prefer to exhibit their own, hidden, tal¬ 
ents in WSU’s amateur shows. Butch’s Den offers a relax¬ 
ing vent for such artistic expression, where as the Gong 
Show treats musical ability lightly, poking fun at the fe¬ 
vered attempts of students. 

Top Right: Ian Andersen’s pol¬ 
ished performance portrays the 
meticulous artistry of music. 
Above: Super Tramp illuminates 
the coliseum with a brightly col¬ 
ored light show. Right: Partici¬ 
pants in the Gong Show anticipate 
poor audience reception and 
make quick exit via “the cane.” 

44 Concerts 

Concerts 45 

Top Left: Procol Harem exhibits playing mystique before a captive 
audience. Top Right: Eric Swanson takes time off from studies to get 
into some serious picking. Left: Barney Armstrong belts out his infa¬ 
mous version of “I only have eyes for you.” Above: Silver, the warm¬ 
up band for Hall and Oates, breaks into a rousing rendition of their 
original hit “Wham Bami Shang-a-lang.” 

Students Exhibit 
Marked Preference 

In Music 

Top Right: Ambrosia and Styx present the epitome of 
rock-n-roll. Above: An Ambrosia and Styx guitarist dis¬ 
covers himself immersed in a flood of music. Right: A few 
radical students bodily display their attitude towards 
disco music. 

46 Concerts 

Left: WSU’s Sav- 
ana performs in 
the mall. 

Above: Janis Ian’s mellow madness projects a deep, philosophi¬ 
cal quality rarely surpassed bv other artists. Left: Cindy Puri 
spends a quiet evening at home listening to mood music. 

Concerts 47 

Palouse Pulchritude 

Loved for its blue morning skies, patchwork hillsides 
and spring flowers, the Palouse also demands respect 
with its sudden, violent dust storms and thunderous tor¬ 

To the newcomer, the Palouse may at first appear to 
be an endless expanse of rollin hills with an occasional 
farmhouse oasis. But to the person with an eye for 
beauty, to the person who takes the time to observe, the 
Palouse unfolds itself willingly. 

Dorm Life: You Won’t Forget It... 

Thirty-six per cent of the 16,700 stu¬ 
dents at WSU live in dorms, today, as com¬ 
pared to the 47 per cent who were living 
in dorms in 1966. 

• • • 

• • • 

No Matter How Hard You Try 

Dorm Life. How does one describe it? Saying that it’s 
an experience you’ll never forget might suffice. (But 
then, you won’t forget the time you got your wisdom 
teeth out either.) 

Dorm life is a mixture of feelings. It’s loving dining 
hall food the first year and gaining 10 pounds—it’s hating 
the food your sophomore year, and gaining 10 more 

Dorm life is getting along with everyone on the floor 
except your roommate—and sometimes it’s getting along 
with your roommate and no one else. 

Dorm life is locking yourself out of your room at least 
3 times a week, and on really bad days, locking yourself 
out of the building. 

Dorm life is just getting to sleep the night before a big 
test, when the crowd who went to Moscow returns and 
your next door neighbor is sick. 

But some things dorms certainly ARE NOT: 1) Clean a 
great percentage of the time; 2) Totally empty during 3 
a.m. fire drills, and; 3) Spacious and quiet. 

To say that dorm life is fun is true (V4 of the time). To 
say that dorm life is “the pitts” is true ( l A of the time). 
The other half of the time, no one is really sure WHAT it 
is ... a building full of nuts on weekends ... a building 
full of monks during finals week . . . friends, acquaint¬ 
ances and enemies, all under the same roof! 

Expressions 51 

Greek Life 

The Greek population at WSU has re¬ 
mained around 2000 students for the past 10 
years because there has been no need for 
the fraternities to expand, and the sororities 
would be met by an economic burden if 
they were to expand. 

52 Expressions 

Being Greek is more than the social events that every¬ 
one sees ... the parties, exchanges and competitions. It’s 
a chance to live and work together in a special way with 
a wide variety of people. Most anywhere you live on 
campus you make special friends, but in a Greek house 
there’s a feeling of belonging that is hard to get anywhere 
else. It’s the pride each person has in the achievements of 
the house and each individual in it. 

Being Greek means being involved. Involved in the 
house, the campus and the community. Most houses have 
a philanthropy they contribute to either on a local or na¬ 
tional level. They also help others through scholarships, 
dance marathons, and community projects. 

Being Greek means thinking your house is the best, 
even while realizing that every other house thinks they 
are, too. 

Being Greek may involve many activities and social 
events, yet when it comes right down to it, it is just one 
way of campus life. We’re all just students . . . trying to 
make the grade and have some fun at the same time. 

Debbie Ducho 

Expressions 53 

• • • 

...Off Campus Life 

The Great Migration 

One solution to the housing prob¬ 
lem facing WSU has been the con¬ 
struction of apartment complexes 
on the outskirts of campus. The re¬ 
sult: a drastic change in the ratio of 
off-campus students as compared to 
on-campus. In 1966, 30% of the 
10,700 WSUers lived off-campus. 
Today, 50 percent of the 16,700 
live off-campus. 

Wonder if it’s raining? It’s always raining and 
when I walk home in the rain, I get sick. Maybe 
I’ll walk today. I’ll take my umbrella with me in 
case. Hmmm, looks like a nice day. No, I can’t 
walk, I have to go to the grocery store from my 
5:00 class. Great, I’ll get caught in the rush hour 
traffic. I’ll go to the store tonight. No, if I do that 
I won’t have a parking place when I get back. I 
can’t afford another ticket. I’ve already accumu¬ 
lated enough tickets to pay an extra month’s rent. 
Jeez, I had better get up, I gotta class in 15 

“Morning Gregg, where’s the paper? Nah, I just 
want the sports and the funnies. I can read the 
rest later.” Where’s the Evergreen? Crummy pa¬ 
per, damn thing is a waste of time and money. 
“Hey Mike, what time does Happy Hour start at 
the Misfits? Is it in the Evergreen?” Damn, I’m 
late. Great breakfast, a stale pop tart and a glass 
of juice. 

Now I gotta run to class. Figures, it’s starting to 
rain and I forgot my umbrella. Whew, 9:10, made 
it just on time. “Whatdya mean we started at 8 
this morning?” 

Lunchtime! 50$, oh boy, enough for a doughnut 
and milk, I gotta get more money someplace. Two 
hours to kill before my next class. I hate the CUB 
at noon, no place to sit, 20 minutes to wait in line 
to buy something. “Hi, how’s it goin! Yeah, me 
too.” Hmmm. cute, very cute. Wonder if I should 
ask ... “What, 52$? Anybody got two pennies? 

I know! Pinball! “Hey, you gotta quarter, I’ll 
pay you back when I sell my first novel.” 

That didn’t take long. I gotta stop wastin’ my 
time and money on pinball. I should go to the li¬ 
brary to study in between classes. 

I really should study. When is my class going to 
start? 5 minutes. Damn, I’m gonna be late. Time 
to run again. 

I hate this class! Two hours long and the 
teacher makes each moment count. Wonder what 
I’ll have for dinner tonight. Poor slobs that still 
have to eat dorm food. I can have whatever I 
want. Jeez, I don’t feel like cooking tonight, guess 
I’ll have pot pie and soup and a sandwich. 

I wish it would stop raining long enough to 
walk home for a change. “Anybody home?” Ah, 
nice and quiet. Think I’ll cook a good meal after 
all, ... if I can find some clean pots. God, what a 
mess. I gotta do some dishes. 

“Anybody want to go out tonight? Study! 
What’s the matter with ya?” What’s on TV? 
Maybe I’ll go to bed early tonight for a change. 
Well, that about does it for Carson. Time to hit 
the hay. Damn, I forgot to go to the store. I’m 
hungry and I forgot to do that paper. Boy, being 
on your own is great, I think? 

Expressions 55 

Tuition Hike 

What the Students Think 


*33b General Local Fund 
f'undb used in conjunction with 
State appropriations for genera.) 
operating expense. 

Special Local 
*117 \ Funds. Fund used 
State. \ for athletics 
Treasury \ /fswsu, rearea. 
Funds art budjehA frion, special 
and appropriated for \ e>/ en+5 
Construction and bond 
red eruption. 

I am opposed to the drastic in¬ 
crease in out-of-state tuition pro¬ 
posed. I will be faced with pay¬ 
ing $1,857 in tuition next year, 
an increase of $277. The next 
year tuition will be $2,130. This 
heavy burden on non-residents is 
unnecessarily high, and may keep 
non-residents away. 

I realize non-residents do not 
pay taxes in this state, but many 
out-of-state students still pay 
taxes in their states, which may 
not have equivalent courses of 

I am totally against the tuition 
increase. Access to education 
should not be based on the ability 
to pay, but on the desires and 
qualifications of the individual. 
Tuition hits hardest on the lower 
and middle income groups, Our 
state legislature is wasting a 
highly valuable resource (a hu¬ 
man mind) by financially limiting 
the access to higher education. 
We students should make the 
voters of Washington State more 
aware of this gross injustice. 

I think a tuition increase is a 
good idea, if and only if the gen¬ 
erated money is allocated to the 
university. There are many de¬ 
partments that are terribly un¬ 
derstaffed and need new equip¬ 
ment for laboratories. 

Scholarship and loan money 
should be used to help those hit 
hardest by an increase. Financial 
aid should be awarded to those 
who truly need aid. 

It is vital that we make sure 
that the money generated 
through a tuition increase stays 
within the university towards the 
benefits of education rather than 
be used by the legislature just to 
cope with budget deficits. 

A fairer way to increase tuition 
would be by a percentage basis 
of university cost. This would 
make it possible to adjust with 
economic changes and is also a 
more direct method of measuring 
where that money goes. 

I do not like a tuition increase, 
but then I don’t think anyone 
really enjoys paying higher costs 
for anything. However, if we ex¬ 
pect to maintain quality educa¬ 
tional programs at this in¬ 
stitution, we simply cannot 
expect the state and taxpayers to 
incur the brunt of the cost in¬ 
crease. Students personally 
should be prepared to assume at 
least partial responsibility for 
helping maintain the quality that 
they themselves want in a good 

There are two bills proposed: 
one which has an escalator clause 
which could increase tuition 
without a vote, the second bill is 
minus the clause. Under the sec¬ 
ond, tuition would increase $66 
next fall and $54 the next year. 
At the present time 90% of tui¬ 
tion goes to pay for faculty sala¬ 
ries. The increase will generate 
more money for the state, but the 
extra money derived from tuition 
increases will not necessarily be 
channeled toward education, as 
it should. 

Expressions 57 

The Weekend at Wazzu 

The things 

that pass for knowledge, 
I can’t understand. 

D. Fagen W. Becker 

Expressions 59 


A Picture is Worth . . . 

60 Expressions 

Expressions 61 


After at least four years of books, 
tests, lectures and studying, 1,607 
graduates received their diplomas at 
the 1977 WSU Commencement Exer¬ 
cises. An additional 1,066 people 
chose to receive their degrees via the 
U.S. mail, and did not attend the cere¬ 

Featured speaker Governor Dixy 
Lee Ray spoke to the graduating class, 
telling them that government has a 
great need for higher education and 
proposed the establishment of a “state 
supreme court of science” to advise 
citizens on complicated issues in¬ 
volving science and technology. 

62 Expressions 

The Result of Four Long Years 

Dr. Orvile A. Vogel, world renowned wheat breeder, receives the Regents’ Distin¬ 
guished Alumnus Award from Harold A. Romberg, president of the Board of Re¬ 

Expressions 63 

Ethnic Groups Offer Education 

to Students 

A WSU student may be from Seattle, or from 
Africa. A WSU student may have white skin, or 
brown. He may believe in Christianity or he may 
be Muslim. 

A cultural mixture of persons make up the stu¬ 
dent body of most college campuses in the U.S. 
today. At WSU, the out-of-classroom opportu¬ 
nities to learn about cultures other than one’s own 
is part of what makes this university a genuine 
learning experience. 

Black History Week, from Feb. 7-12, gave stu¬ 
dents the chance to observe a black art exhibit in 
the Fine Arts Museum; slides and films were 
shown throughout the week; a soul food dinner 
was held and Dr. Edward Crosby gave a presenta¬ 

An American Indian festival was held May 12- 
14. The activities for this event were a salmon 
bake, for which several tribes donated the salmon. 
Indian ceremonial dancing and a Friday night 
pow wow at which the public was invited to join 
in the dancing. 

The Chicano students of the campus were busy 
this year. Their main thrust was presenting talks 
to various groups. They have visited ROTC, 
YWCA, and several living groups, with the goal of 
creating a better appreciation and understanding 
of the others’ culture. 

V b- ■ 

Expressions 65 


Homecoming Hostesses. Row One: Patricia Vander Wilde, Sue Kimmerle, Diane Preston, Cathy Lukens, Lori Johnson, Maria Hull, Tracv 
Lehn, Melanie Sexton. Row Two: Kathy Wyatt, Sharon Turplc, Karin Selland, Susan Grey, Debbie Martin, Tracy Heric, Julie Silke, Sandy 
Stavig, Laura Longley, Leona DeRoceo, Kristev Thompson, Trish Gotfredson. 

A Myriad 

of Festivities 

Activities 71 

Dad’s WeekencLOct. 22-24 

Mon. Oct. 25 

Dear Dad, 

Am I ever swamped with homework .. . 
three chapters behind in Poli Sci, two tests 
next week in BA and Rocks 101, but it was 
worth getting behind to spend last weekend 
with you. 

Thinking about the long talk we had, I just 
wanted to let you know that you’re really 
something ... you know how to loosen up 
and let go ... like at the football game. My 
ears were shot after listening to all the 
screaming. Remember Moscow? Food, fun 
and frolicking? You may play a mean game of 
pool but don t forget I creamed you in foos- 

Anyway, it was a good time. Oh, and one 
more thing, Dad, this morning when I got up, 
my head felt so swollen from the excitement, 
I headed for the medicine cabinet immedi¬ 
ately. Guess what I didn’t find? So next time, 
please, PLEASE, don’t take all the aspirin. 

Write back soon. 

Your studious child 

72 Events 

Mom’s WeekencLMay 6-8 

Mon. May 9 

Dear Mom, 

Finals are approaching so I thought I’d 
whip off a short note before the pressures set 
in. (And believe me, it’s no easy trick wading 
through five comprehensive finals!) 

I still don’t understand how we managed 
to cram so much action into one weekend. 
Rich Little’s impressions were fantastic, the 
fashion show was enjoyable, and Oklahoma 
was a kick. (Yea, yea, I remember all about 
your performance in “Charlie’s Aunt” back 
in ‘51 and I’m sure you’d make a great Ado 
Annie - even today.) 

I’m really sorry you had to wait in Ferdi¬ 
nand’s ice-cream line for two hours. But it 
was worth it, wasn’t it? 

Rathskellers had to have been the ulti¬ 
mate! After you drank Dad under the table, 
you ... oh well, never mind. 

Anyway, next time you start passing out 
phone numbers PLEASE don’t give them 
mine. The phone has been ringing ever since 
you left and it’s driving me CRAZY!!!! 

See you soon, 

Your collegiate kid 

Events 73 

Two Nights 
of Action: 
Popular Demand 
Lengthens Casino 

74 Activities 

Change Girls and Hostesses for Friday and Saturday Night: Vanessa Baird, Gabriel Barnsley, Sue Barr, Karen Berentson, Susi Black, Elisa 
Botch, Gail Bowman, Mimi Callero, Cathy Clark, Janice Cobh, Joan Collins, Alisa Cook, Jill Daling, Mary Engebretson, Didi Filan, Car¬ 
olyn Florek, Deb Fulford, Ursula Gahler, Kathy Goertzen, Kathy Griffith, Sandy Haigh, Debbie Hoffman, sue Hollingsworth, Linda Holt, 
Debbie Hooper, Patti Hullon, Sandy Jennings, Cyndi Johnson, Diane Kaelin, Debi Kennedy, Sheri Larsen, Deanna Larson, Janey Law, 
Linda Lee, Lita Long, Sue Manley, Sue Marchi, Melena Marsden, Cheryl Meyer, Jill Monson, Wendy Myhre, Mary Nesslv, Molly O’Brien, 
Cheryl Parkert, Anne Paszkowski, Irene Ringwood, Rose Samuel, Kris Sauerbrey, Ruth Sterner, Susan Stinemetz, Kerry Stoner, Rebecca 
Stumpf, Sue Tanigawa, Sharon Tschopp, Stephanie Tucci, Carole Vogel, Laurie Wall, Cassie Westby, Gloria Wheeling, Colleen 
Whitworth, Cathy Wkens, Mary Yedinak. 

Activities 75 


Bans Booze 

Friday Night Bunnies. Row One: Sue Manley, Lori Yngren, Josette Yolo, Didi Filan. Row Two: 
Diane Floch, Nancy Krenowicz, Kathy Brost, Michelle Paige. 

76 Activities 

Activities 77 


Presenting a variety of interesting 
subjects, several well-known lecturers 
spoke at WSU this year. 

Starting off the year, best-selling au¬ 
thor Vance Packard spoke of the isola¬ 
tion of individuals by vast migrations of 
industry personnel. Addressing about 
350 people, Packard said the mobile 
American tends to develop few close 
friendships and becomes indifferent to 
mutual infidelity. 

Following Packard, Vincent Bug- 
liosi, prosecuting attorney for Charles 
Manson and author of “Helter Skel¬ 
ter,” spoke to about 700 people. With 
a captive audience listening, Bugliosi 
explained the bizarre nature in which 
the Charles Manson murders were 

“One important factor that distin¬ 
guished this case from other mass mur¬ 
der cases was that the murderers were 
young girls. The very thought of young 
girls dressed in black, armed with 
knives, entering a house and stabbing 
people to death is horrendous. You 
don’t even see this in a horror story,” 
Bugliosi said. 

78 Speakers 

On March 8, world-famous, Academy 
Award winning filmmaker Frank Capra 
presented his 1932 film “Mr. Smith Goes to 
Washington.” Following the movie Capra 
answered questions from the audience and 
also spent several days on campus speaking 
to classes. 

Addressing an audience of nearly 500, 
black leader Stokely Carmichael spoke on 
the pitfalls of capitalism. Carmichael em¬ 
phasized that anyone, blacks, whites or stu¬ 
dents, would be “stupid” if they continued 
to support the capitalist system, since it ex¬ 
ploits the working class. He predicted that 
in three or four years a revolution to liber¬ 
ate these people will occur. 

Finishing tne year, Tsietsi Mashinini di¬ 
rected his speech toward gaining support 
for black equal rights in the forms of dona¬ 
tions, demonstrations and education to stop 
exploitation of South African blacks. 

Mashinini. who fled South Africa with a 
price on his head, blamed the United States 
for South Africa’s racial problems. 

“This is a sick country, and the sickness 
that is in this country is being imported to 
South Africa as a form of imperialism - 
profit by any means necessary," he said. 

Speakers 79 

Nashville Comes 
to Pullman: 

Nitty Gritty 
Dirt Band; 
Loretta Lynne 

80 Concerts 

i ‘>\V 

Jethro Tull 

Concerts 81 




82 Concerts 


and Fire 

Concerts 83 

84 Concerts 

Concerts 85 

Helen Reddy 
Glenn Yarbrough 

Top Left: Leo Kottke treats the audience to another melody 
on the acoustic guitar. Top Right: Dirk Hamilton, Leo 
Kottke’s warm-up, displays his unique talents both in singing 
and lyric writing ability. Above: Rich Little presents his im¬ 
personation of Jack Benny. Right: Distorted facials features, 
highly characteristic of Rich Little, add to one of Little's 
many routines. 

86 Concerts 

Music filled the air in and out of the Paiouse this year as 
Jim Crow. ASWSU Performing Arts Committee and mini- 
concerts outdid themselves bringing quality show after qual¬ 
ity show. 

Starting Ihe year big for FAC was supergroup Earth, 
Wind & Fire \ crowd of 9,000-plus was treated to a com¬ 
bination of jazz, rock, funk and high gear disco, and it re¬ 
sponded in a roaring, standing ovation for a large part of the 
show. The mood for the year was set. 

In a surprise move. PAC brought Jethro Tull to the cam¬ 
pus students, some < »l Whom waited two days in line fpi tick¬ 
ets Ian Anderson looked and acted like a demonic wizard. 
\lf*sm«Ti/rd Cougar Ians enjoyed In*' CttldcS because no mat¬ 
ter boM loony Ik* acts on stage, few can match him note for 
the flute. 

Super ’tramp and Procol iiarum played in the theatre and 
continued PAC success. Time has long since passed Hamm 
f>\, but anytime one gets an opportunity to hear B.J. Wilson 
play drums, he shouldn’t pass it up. Supertramp gave evi¬ 
dence that they are a Band of the future as the\ demon¬ 
strated proficiency in numerous instruments and music 

No one expected every concert to be an incredible success 
and Styx/Ambrosia were not. The crowd of high school and 
mixed-up college folks enjoyed it, although thfc music was 
loud and the Styx act lacked originality. 

Rich Little was here for Mom’s weekend, which was the 
last PAC sponsored show of the year. In a word, out¬ 
standing. Mixing over two-dozen personality impressions 
with well timed motion picture stills and music, Little 
brought a high class nightclub act to an area that is starving 
for more of the same. 

Although PAC put on the biggest shows and drew the 
most attention, mini-concerts did its job this year. Con¬ 
centrating on acts for a smaller, more selective! audience, 
mini-concerts outdid themselves with two supershows and 
two pretty good ones. 

Daryl Hall & John Oates surprised a lot of people by 
showing they could let loose and rock with the best of them. 
The duo sing and play together in near-perfect unity and 
rock in a manner that other groups could learn from. 

Perhaps the highlight of the year in one sense was the re¬ 
turn of Tim Weisberg. He is a performer who gives 1 JO per 
cent every time he steps out on stage. As warm as the WSU 
fan is to all performers who come to Pullman, the rapport 
between Weisberg and this school is in a class bv itself. 

Co-sponsoring with PAC, Mini-Concerts paid attention to 
ill tin- mountain people we have here and brought them the 
Mission Mountain Mood Bund and the \ittv Gritty Dirt 
Band. Th»* Wood Band raised a coimtrv storm with their 
pickin’, griiinin’ and best five part harmony singin* you can 
find. In a surprising move, the encore had the members of 
1 K>th bands playing and singing “Will the Circle Be Unbro¬ 
ken and the crowd enthusiastically joined in. 

Ramsey Lewis played the last Mini-Concert and demon¬ 
strated his movement back to his jazz and classical roots. 

Jim Crow, coliseum director, was a busy man also this 

year. MOR acts Glen Yarbrough, Loretta Lvnn and Helen 
Reddy didn’t bring in a big bunch of people but some fans 
were happy and Yarbrough was entertaining for Dad s 
YV eekend, Lynn and Reddy were expendable as concerts 
and dreary as performers. 

On the other hand. Crow pulled some winners this year, 
vtmr as everyone rise Town iif Town kicked booty 
arid placed some mights fine funk to .« drowd #ho knew 
what they were getting and loved every mumle of it 
(unis Jan mellowed out WSU fans with her OWft SHtyfc "1 
music. Ian is known for her stark anil powerful lyrics and 
she also has a pretty and expressive voice fot hot Wpl^t 
Ian's music is for people who get lonelv. depressed or just 
tired of t fir day-to-day grind of 1 h mu fhe bdiogs dune 
through in poignant fashion. 

SuperguitarLst Leo Kottk** and opener Dirk Hamilton 
charmed their respective audiences. Hamilton’s mu sir 
strives hard for originality and lyrically he does try to say 

something. Refreshing qualities in this da\ (A copv-< at hhim 
cuius. Kottke is another artist back by popular demand, and 
he was well Worth peeing and hearing lias mg six mid 
twelve-string acoustic guitar. Kbtfktl delivered a pciloi 
mance that sounded like six guftfttfetS placing (iiriouslv to¬ 

There you have it. All the contemporary concerts of the 
year. Pullman is often accused of bring on tin* outskirts of 
civilization Old twa} from the iv.dines of life When one 
..Considers the wide range of iiiusk mentioned dinvr and 
adds to \t tlu* Pultm&n artist m*i les and the jazz and rl.issiral 
music concerts put on by the mu i burnt, we can’t 

uplain too much about the musie scene. I bis year was an 
outstanding one for the* sounds of music and next vear will, 
lioprliillw continue m the same direction 

Tower of Power ^ 
Brings Pleasure i , 



Weisberg Received 
By Enthused 3,000 

■ tS" 


) - T £ 

j V * * 

0 .. 


* > 


1, IPS 




t - ****/ ^ 



17 . 


/ A 

*.■’ \/r 

i r/- 


i 'i 

88 Concerts 

House of 
Blue Leaves 

Upper Left: Artie Shaughnessy (Richard 
Taflinger) and Corrinna Stroller (Lynn 
Van Trieste). Upper Right: Artie and 
Bunny Flingus (Elizabeth Lynch) tells 
Bananas Shaughnessy (Verlaine Tafli¬ 
nger) that she will like the hospital. 
Left: Little Nun (Carole Ben tow). Sec¬ 
ond Nun (Ruth Loes) and Head Nun 
(Virginia Quinley) wait for the Pope to 
appear on TV. 

Drama 89 


on the 

Upper Left: Grandmother Tzeitel (Linda 
Carman) appears before Tevye (Richard 
Taflinger) and his wife Golde (Gretchen 
Orsland) in Tevye’s dream. Upper Right: 
The Fiddler (Dale Miller) plays the fiddle 
on top of one of the village houses. Danny 
Swan also played the Fiddler, performing 
in the dancing part of the play. Right: 
Tevye, the dairyman, pulls a cart loaded 
with his family’s possessions as they leave 
their village for the last time. 

90 Drama 


and the 

Upper Left: Brother Innocent (Bob Foster), 
Baron Grosekof (Steve Earl), the Baroness 
(Brooke Balser), Peter (Rich Crouch), 
Siegfried (Allen Bixby), Trudi (Bertha Gib¬ 
bon), Weisbart (Eric Miller). Upper Right: 
Schlafnicht the dragon (Steve Earl) awaits 
his dinner. Left: The Sea King’s daughter 
knits her father a tailcozy and tells Siegf¬ 
ried the lobsters will most likely bring her 
the ring that was thrown into the sea. 

Drama 91 


Above: Scapino (Richard Taflinger) and Carlo (Mike Murray) try to convince Argante 
(William Profit) to allow his son to marry Zerbinetta. Left: Zerbinetta (Bertha Gib¬ 
bon) awaits Argante s decision. 

Stage II 

The Stage II cast is made up of graduate 
students from the Drama Department. 
This year Stage II produced six plays: 

Portrait in Trilogy 
A Night of One Acts 
Born Yesterday 
A Scrap of Paper 

And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little 

Right: Billie Dawn (Camille Hutchison) gets lessons 
in culture from Paul Verrall (William Kiem) in 
Born Yesterday. 

92 Drama 

The behind-the-scenes work in preparation for opening night is often as time con¬ 
suming as rehearsals by the actors. It’s long hours and hard work, but the reward is 
realized when the curtains go up for the first performance. 




Aunt Eller. 



Ike Skidmore. 


Will Parker. 

Jud Fry. 

Ado Annie Carnes 

Ali Hakim. 

Gertie Cummings. 

Andrew Carnes. 

Cord Elam. 

.Lynne Rossman 

.David Evans Brandt 

.Karen Rotko 

.Eric G. Miller 

..Todd Moeller 

William Michael Hamer 

.William F. Kiem 

.Lynne VanTrieste 

.J. Evan Davis 

.Bertha Gibbon 

.Richard Crouch 

.Peter McDonnell 

Left: Director (Gael Hammer) coaches Curly (Da¬ 
vid Brandt) and Jud Fry (William Kiem) during one 
of the many rehearsals. 

Drama 93 

Oklahoma Plays... 

Top Left: Curly (David 
Evans Brandt) and Laurey 
(Karen Rotko) sing of their 
love to each other. Top 
Right: Laurey (Karen Rotko) 
dreams that Jud (William F. 
Kiem) is trying to take her 
away from her lover Curly 
(David Evans Brandt). 
Right: Ado Annie i (Lynne 
VanTrieste) faints into the 
arms of her boyfriend Ali 
Hakim (J. Evan Davis) as her 
father looks on. 

94 Drama 

Above: Ali Hakim, the trav¬ 
eling salesman, (J. Evan 
Davis) spins his tales to Ado 
Annie (Lynne VanTrieste). 
Left: The neighborhood 
cowboys ooh and ah over 
Ali Hakim’s tales of his trip 
to the city. 

Drama 95 

The Iceman Cometh 

Upper Center: Joe Mott (Roi-Martin Brown), Larry Slade (William Sev¬ 
erson), Pag McGloin (Stephen Buss), Piet Wetjoen “The General” (Wil¬ 
liam Profit), Hickey (Jerry Pierce), “Jimmy Tomorrow'’ (Bruce Lidding- 
ton), Chuck Morello (Dan Paul Crouter) and Rocky Pioggi (Feffery Roep) 
wait for Harry’s arrival. Right: Joe Mott (Roi-Martin Brown), Chuck 
Morello (Dan Paul Crouter) and Cora (Marcey Painter) discuss the prob¬ 
lems that Hickey has caused. Lower Left: Rocky agrees with Harry Hope 
(William Kiem) after Harry was almost run down “by one of them blame 
automobiles.” Lower Right: Margie (Tracey Trudeau) and Pearl (Linda 
Carman) listen to Larry Slade as Hugo Kalmar (Doug Phillips) sleeps. 

96 Drama 




Board of Regents 

Robert W. Strausz, Yakima; Mrs. Andrew Williams, Burton; Michael Dederer, Romberg, Vice President, Spokane; Robert P. Gibb, Bellingham; Mrs. Holt W. 

President, Seattle; W. Glenn Terrell, Secretary Ex. Officio, Pullman; Harold A. Webster, Bainbridge Island; H. H. Hayner, Walla Walla. 

if *‘!SfSI 




Lloyd W. Peterson 

Sr. Assistant Attorney General 
Sally G. Tenney 

Assistant Attorney General 

Administration 101 

Ted A. Pursley 

Barry D. Whelchel 
Director, Classified Staff 

Joseph D. Hamel 

Assistant Vice President, Finance 

Norman Coffman 
Internal Auditor 

Ben Jenness 

Retirement & Insurance Officer 

David J. Nordquist 

Director, General Services 

William Bierbaum 
Director, Housing & 
Food Service 

Administration 105 

hies i )iianii 

Col Robert J. Rehwftlrit 
Imiunaii, Aerospace Studies 

Allene F. ScliaiUei 
Director. Library 

V.N. Bhatia 

Director, Honorn Center 
Director, International Program 

Administration 107 


Wallis Beasley 
Executive Vice President 

Sam Jankovich 
Director, Intercollegiate 

Jolly Chimp 

Assistant to the 
Executive Vice President 

E. G. Patterson 
Director, Alumni relations 

108 Administration 

Robert B. Smawley 
Director. University Relations 

William E. Walden - Acting Director, Computing # Janies B. Crow - Director, P.A.C. 

Janusz S. Kowalik - Manager, Academic Services Richard B. Fry - Director, News Bureau 

John K. Steingraber - Director, Administrative Services Cordon H. Tuell - Geneial Manager, Radio and T.V. Services 

Administration 109 



A.E. McCartan 
Dean of Students 

William A. Cass 
Director, Student Counseling 

Administration 111 

French Ad 

To different students, the French Administration 
Building, and the people within it represent differ¬ 
ent things. 

Some students find the structure and its in¬ 
habitants fascinating and in their fixation write nu¬ 
merous articles or take dozens of pictures of it. 

Others find the appearance of the building and 
the mannerisms of its inhabitants to be a perfect ex¬ 
ample of cold impersonality. 

Both the complaints of impersonality and the fas¬ 
cination are justified, however, because the people 
within French Ad, or as it is often referred to, “Fort 
French,” determine to a large extent whether the 
student’s life is miserable, adequate or enjoyable. 

Its monolithic appearance exemplifies the era 
which began when it was built in 1966. For it has 
been in the last eleven years that the university has 
grown impersonal as a result of phenomenal growth. 

But amongst the impersonality, there remains 
hope. Harried administrators try their best to keep 
the university informed of what is going on. The 
University Senate provides the voice through which 
the university community can either extol or de¬ 
nounce the actions of the administration. 

Hope is also present in the simple fact that if 
French Ad becomes too heavyhanded, the WSU stu¬ 
dent will indignantly say so, just as he always has. 

The people in the “Fort” wield great power, but 
that power is not absolute. 

112 Administration 

w y x 

College of Agriculture 

Dr. John S. Robins 

Dean, College of Agriculture 


Dr. Leroy Rogers 

Agricultural Economics 

Dr. C. Alan Pettibone 

Agricultural Economics 

Dr. James Engibous 

Agronomy and Soils 

Dr. R. L. Preston 

Animal Sciences 

Dr. Robert E. Harwood 


Dr. John V. Spencer 

Food and Science 

Dr. Grant A. Harris 

Forestry and Range 

Dr. O. Ernest Smith 

Dr. John F. Schafer 
Plant Pathology 

The 2167 students of the College of Agriculture 
have many exciting changes to look forward to. New 
developments are constantly bringing changes to many 
different areas of agriculture. It is the hope of the Col¬ 
lege of Agriculture that as it moves into phase II of its 
construction plan it will be more able to meet its 
teaching and research commitment. 

A new experimental laboratory animal facility and a 
new swine center are currently under construction. 
Future plans include a food process pilot plant, mov¬ 
ing the horse and sheep centers to the Young Hastings 

area, completion of the Smith Engineering building, 
and remodeling of Johnson Hall. 

These changes will enhance the school’s ability to 
meet the challenge posed by the Foreign Assistance 
Act of 1975. This act will greatly increase the univer¬ 
sity’s role in international development of foreign assis¬ 
tance and give the school an active part in assisting de¬ 
veloping nations. The College of Agriculture is proud 
of its part in helping meet the nation’s agricultural 

College of Agriculture 117 


P. Milton Aldrich 
Pullman, Ag 
David Wayne Browne 
Asotin. Ag 
Joe Delp 
Pullman, Ag 
Ronald L. Esmay 
Wash luma, Ag 
Donald D. Hillesland 
Moscow, ID, Ag 
Marcia Jean Langer 
Edmonds. Ag 
Douglas C. Midke-Davenport. Ag 

Dean L, Benedict 
Soap l.ake, Ag Mcch 
Craig Cloaninger 
Colfax. Ag Eton 
John Randall Franz 
Ritzville, Ag Eton 
William Robert Cillis 
Washtucna, Ag Econ 
Alan C. Hamada 
Walla Walla. Ag Econ 
William E. Higginbotham 
Wilbur, Ag Mech 
Michael Himmelbcrger-Dayton. O. Ag Eeon 
Eric Robert Johnson 
St. John, Ag Eton 
Creg Jones 
Ridgefield. Ag Econ 
David Jon Lindberg 
Pendleton, ORE. Ag Mcch 
Bruce Daniel Lyle 
Connell, Ag Econ 
Howard Maier 
Lacrosse, Ag Econ 
Daniel E. Manghan 
Pullman, Ag Mcch 
Daniel Newhousc-Mabton. Ag Econ 
Cregory Karl Noren 
Cnmauo Is,, Ag Econ 
Ronald H. Osborne 
Moses laikc, Ag Econ 
Don Pease 
Sunnysidc. Ag Econ 
Thomas S. Pierson 
St. John. Ag Econ 
Robert Louis Rickman 
Othello, Ag Econ 
Edward R. Schneider 
Pasco, Ag Econ 
Joseph Edward Scott-Pulhnan, Ag Econ 

Agriculture Economics and Mechanics 


Thomas J. Benzel 
Ritzville, Agron 
Thomas P. Frasier 
Tacoma, Agron 
Raymond L. Frey 
Pullman, Agron 
Paid Anthony Camache 
Toppenish, Agron 
Mary Hostetler 
Port Angeles, Agron 
Kirk Darrel Jessee 
Walla Walla. Agron 
Jerry Knodel-Lind, Agron 
James A. Kropf 
Puyallup. Agron 
Sidney L*e Mayberry 
Almira, Agron 
James Paul Mcauliffe 
Stanwood, Agron 
Stanley Mickels 
Pullman, Agron 
Howard R. Nelson 
Creston, Agron 
Michael Orendorff 
Pullman. Agron 
Warren Rinehart-Bothell, Agron 

118 College of Agriculture 

Animal Science 

Marv Thomas 
Snohomish, Anim Sci 
Beverly Elaine Wilson 
Leavenworth, Anim Sei 
Jim Pederson 
Winlnck, Aium Sci 


Pearl Etael Pulford 
Newport, Hort 
Steve Rose 

Billings, MONT. Hort/Pol S 
Beck) Shaw 
Phoenix, AZ, Hort 
Stephen Smith 
Napa, CA, Hort 
Darn'd Kurtis Svenson 
Ven Nnys, CA, Hort 
Ronald Bradford Tukey, jr. 
Pullman, Hort 

Marvin Antonie 

Pullman, Aniin Sci 

Don N. Barnes 

Pullman, Aniin Sci 

Craig Caflen 

Billings. MT, Aniin Sci 

Frederick T. Darvill 

Moscow, ID, Anim Sci 

Donna Lou Duckett 

Princvillc, ORE, Anim Sci 

Carey Dupret 

Pullman, Aniin Sci 

Conrad Goulet-Pullman, Aniin Sci 

Frank & Kathleen Hendrix 

Athena, OREL. Aniin Sci & Cont Ed 

Michael Lee Hoel 

Ccntralia, Anim Sci 

Robert A. Jackson 

Albuquerque, NM, Anim Sci 

Heidi Leggett 

Tonaskct. Anim Sci 

Mark R. Levy 

Pullman, Anim Sci 

Nancy Therese Martin 

Mercer I.s„ Anim Sci 

John McGlone-Pullman, Anim Sci 

Michael Kevin Nichols 

Tacoma, Aniin Sci 

Danell D. Rector, Jr. 

Ellensburg. Anim Sci 
Walter John Remund 
Centralia, Anim Sc i 
Carol A. Rice 
Snohomish, Aniin Sci 
Terri Lee Rice 
Snohomish, Anim Sci 
Paul David Ructer 
Kent, Anim Sci 

David Stott-Pullman, Anim Sci 

Riciiard E. Anderson 
HoocLsport. Hurt 
Gerald Thomas Andrews 
Puyallup, Hort 
David Craig Blombcrg 
Trefoil, Hort 
Dannv Wolf Bowling 
Pullman. Hurt 
Pedro Bravo 

Maracay, Venezuela. Hort 

Mark Alan Burnett 

Pcshastin. Hort 

Midiael James Bybcc-Spokanc. Hort 

Kathleen Donahue 

Dayton, Ohio. Hort 

Mary Elizabeth Fade 

Bellevue, Hort 

Anne Christine EssJco 

Seattle, Hort 

Bob Foyle 

Brewster, Hort 

James Richard Freese 

Omak, Hort 

Gloria Jean Gould 

Seattle, Hort 

Jeff Heath-Brcwster, Hort 
Karen Riedel Henager 
Pullman. Hort 
Mary K. Jones 
Pullman, Hort 
Sandra J. Kennedy 
Bellevue. Hort 
Dean M. Logsdon 
Spokane, Hort 
Melinda I- McCormick 
Momm City. Hort 
Malcolm A. McGregor 
leavenworth, Hort 
Rebecca Messmer-Kent, Hort 

College of Agriculture 119 

Entomology, Food Science and Soils 


Thomas K. Baldwin 
Kirkland, Food Sci 
Pamela Baumgart 
Des Moines, Food Sci 
Christopher C. Brooks 
Pullman, Soils 
Alvin E. Easter 
Moxee, Food Sci 
Gary Eide 
Pullman. Food Sci 

Jerry Heath 
Pullman, Entom 
Patrick lathrop 
Pullman, Food Sci/Ag 
A. James Reiha 
Edwall, Food Sci 
Janet Remmereid 
Seattle. Food Sci 
Russ Salvadalena 
Pasco, Food Sci 

, Forestry and Range Management 

Stephen Randall Burket 
Spokane. Forst. 
James Fletcher 
Pullman. Forst. 
Val R. Garrison 
Vancouver, Range Mgt 
Thomas E. Creethurst 
Walla Walla. Forst. 
Jerry, Joan Haaland 
Pullman. Forst. 
John Charles Hanf 
Kennewick, Range Mgt 
Abdulhalek Jaafar-Pullinan, Forst. 

Steven Lynn Johnson 
Spanaway, Forst. 
Stanley Lynn Kemmerer 
Uniontown, Range Mgt 
Richard Krase 
Pullman, Forst. 

Megan Laily 
Pullman. Forst. 
Beverly Langslaff 
Seattle, Forst. 
Philip D. Marks 
Seattle. Forst. 
Linda Marlin-Wenatchee. Forst 
Wayne James Marlin 
Tacoma, Range Mgt 
Gregory A. Miller 
Pullman. Forst. 
Clinton Oke 
Pullman. Range Mgt 
Garry Donald Olson 
Tacoma. Forst. 
Cary O’Malley 
Allyn, Forst 
Rocky Pankratz 
Kelso, Range Mgt 
Ronald Pfeifer-Colfax, Forst. 
Steve Wayne Ranten 
Burlington, Forst. 
Walter F. Schrader 
Pullman. Forst. 
Cordon Dean Schroeder 
Renton. Forst. 
Robert N. Schweigert 
Addy, Range Mgt 
Mark Arthur Sherman 
Tacoma, Range Mgt 
Lori I. Tanaka 
Tacoma, Range Mgt 
Miehael Tatum-Malodt. Forst/Range Mgt 

120 College of Agriculture 

College of Economics and Business 

Dr. Eugene Clark 

Dean, College of Economics and Business 

Along with many fine courses for the full time 
student the College of Economics and Business is 
proud of its role in improving economic and job 
conditions, through special programs. The college 
offers several programs and services available to 
the business world. 

The University Center for Economic Devel¬ 
opment is a new program being started at WSU 
on a $250,000 grant from the Federal Economic 
Development Administration. The center will of¬ 
fer a full time staff and will utilize staff and stu¬ 
dent resources in an effort to assist small and me¬ 
dium sized businesses. Businesses will be able to 
seek assistance in management, marketing, fi¬ 
nance, as well as other problem areas. 

The staff and students also have a Small Busi¬ 
ness Administration Program to assist businesses 
that have problems meeting Small Business Ad¬ 
ministration loans. 

Two management development programs are 
being conducted for WSU school administrators 
and the physical plant is taking part in a person¬ 
nel management program. These programs are 
tailored specifically for the department request¬ 
ing them. 

The Office Administration department offers 
courses in two different areas: a program for im¬ 
proving communication skills and effective form 
writing, and an office management program to 
improve management skills. 

Dr. Edward A. Perkins Dr. Raymond H. Scott Dr. Robert F. Wallace 

Office Administration Business Administration Economics 

College of Economics and business 121 

Business Administration 

Alan C. Adams 
Port Townsend, Bus Ad 
Doris Adams 
Wapato, Bus Ad 
jan Marie Adamson 
Edmonds, Bus Ad 
L. Paul Alveslad 
Gig Harbor, Bus Ad 
Ernest R. Anderson 
Tacoma, Bus Ad 
Ricky C. Applegate 
Bellevue, Bus Ad 
Esad Aric-Piillman, Bus Ad 
David Allen Baker 
Seattle, Bus Ad 
Barbara Ann Baldridge 
Richland, Bus Ad 
Mark Baldridge 
Tacoma. Bus Ad 
Thomas I^eigh Ban- 
Langley, Bus Ad 
Robert E. Bayless 
Bellevue. Bus Ad 
David Michael Beail 
Seattle, Bus Ad 
Rosemarie Bernier-Tacoma, Bus Ad 
Ted D. Billbe 
Renton. Bus Ad 
Albert Holbrook Bingham, II 
Sedro Woolley, Bus Ad/Acct 
Diane Rae Blomdahl 
Okanogan. Bus Ad/Acct 
Robert A. Blume 
Pullman. Bus Ad 
Scott Boyer 
Oak Harlior. Bus Ad 
David Allen Bowman 
Seattle, Bus Ad 
Denny Brewer-Federal Way, Bus Ad 
Ernie Briggs 
Spokane. Bus Ad 
Judy Brown 
Vancouver, Bus Ad 
Vaughn H. Bruenn 
Pullman, Bus Ad 
Kelly Richard Bryan 
Denver, COLO, Bus Ad 
Jeffrey R. Buchanan 
Bellevue, Bus Ad 
Richard F. Burkhaiter 
Bainbridge Island, Bus Ad 
Sandra Burris Pullman, Bus Ad 
Jim Bussell 
Puyallup, Bus Ad 
Kylie By gland 
Bellevue, Bus Ad 
Michael E. Camp 
Lacrosse. Bus Ad 
Jack Jay Carlson 
Renton. Bus Ad 
Juan, Diana, Geoffrey Cerna 
Moses Lake, Bus Ad 
Keirv Diane Chapman 
Spanaway. Bus Ad/Cpt Sci 
Mark Chapman-Pullman, Bus Ad/Psych 
Lei Lani Chase 
Pullman, Bus Ad 
Dennis A. Choquette 
Vancouver, Bus Ad 
Mark Christel 
Tacoma, Bus Ad 
Susan Catherine Clark 
Fox Island, Bus Ad 
Guy D. Clements 
Concrete, Bus Ad 
May Wai-Yin Chan 
Pullman. Bus Ad 
Raelene Danklefsen-Snohomish, Bus Ad 
Robert Allen Davis 
Bremerton, Bus Ad 
Dorian Day 
Olympia, Bus Ad 
Donna Lois Dickover 
Renton. Bus Ad 
Patricia Digby 
Anacortes. Bus Ad 
Janice L. Dixon 
Seattle, Bus Ad/Acct 
Linda Dolan 
Olympia, Bus Ad 
Mark Donges-Pullman, Bus Ad 
Paul Emerson Doty 
Tacoma. Bus Ad 
Lori Jean Dunn 
Bellevue. Bus Ad 
Gad R. Eagle 
Wilber, Bus Ad 
Judith Ann Easley 
Yakima. Bus Ad 
Paul Easter 
Montesano, Bus Ad 
Pat Eggers 
Pullman, Bus Ad 
Nancy Fish-Port land, ORE, Bus Ad 
Janet L. Faunce 
Tekoa, Bus Ad 
John Robert Fazio 
Tacoma, Bns Ad 
Steve Jame Fazzari 
Walla Walla, Bus Ad 
Ron da Fleck 
Pullman, Bus Ad 
Rex Fox 
Longview, Bus Ad 
David K. Frank 
Shelton. Bus Ad 
Neil Callup-Spokane. Bus Ad 

122 College of Business Administration 

Dougin C. Gann 

Pullman, Bus Ad 

Robert Gannon 

Mabton. Bus Ad 

Dave ft. Gamy 

Olympia, Bus Ad 

Sally Garcia 

Pullman, Bus Ad 

Paul Stanford Gifford 

Burton, Bus Ad 

Ken E. Coetach 

Walla Walla. Bus Ad 

Steven Goodwin n-Kent, Bus Ad 

Kevin Gould 

Edmonds, Bus Ad 

Koi Gullingsnid 

Renton. Bus Ad 

Rebecca Anne Hall 

Othello, Bus Ad 

Ruth Hatvoraon 

Seattle, Bus Ad 

Ronald Hansen 

Pullman, Bus Ad 

John H. Happy, III 

Spokane, Bus Ad 

Jayne Harmon-Richland. Bus Ad 

Steve Haslet 

Yakima, Bus Ad 

Jeffrey Allan Hazelton 

Bellevue, Bus Ad 

Ron B. Heard 

Enumclaw, Bus Ad 

William Brace Hedrick 

Rupert. ID, Bus Ad 

Cary Heinemann 

Ritzvillc, Bus Ad 

Pamela Henderson 

Everett. Bus Ad 

Morgan Hew-Pull man. Bus Ad 

Margaret Mary Higgins 
Seattle. Bus Ad 
John G. Hoffman 
Lake Stevens, Bits Ad 
lisa Jancne Holbrook 
Longview, Bus Ad 

Susan Dianne Hole 
Sunnysidc, Bus Ad 
Michael M. Hooking 
Bellevue, Bus Ad 
Marcia Howard 
Renton, Bus- Ad 

Doug Irish 
Colfax. Bus Ad 
Kent R. lsakson 
Seattle, Bus Ad 
Stillman G. Isobe 
Pullman, Bus Ad 

Marcia Issacson 
Tacoma. Bus Ad 
George Allen John 
Medical Lake. Bus Ad 
Nancy L. Johns 
Cheney. Bib Ad 

Keith Ernest Johnson 

Omak, Bus Ad 

Riley Kdly 

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Hnquiam, Bus Ad 

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Pullman, Bus Ad 

Charles Kishick 

Pullman. Bus Ad 

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Middcrmecr, Netherlands. Bus Ad 

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Spokane, Bus Ad 

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Hoquiain, Bus Ad 

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Spokane, Bus Ad 

Lawrence Kush in an 

Seattle, Bus Ad 

Ame Lagergren 

Port Orchard. Bus Ad 

Gordon Lang 

Pullman, Bus Ad 

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Edmonds. Bus Ad/Acct 

Shelley Lein 

Seattle. Bus Ad 

Jim LiddeO 

East Wenatchee. Bus Ad 
Carol Ann Lien 
Seattle, Bus Ad 
Dave Lippert 
Spokane, Bus Ad/cct 
Patricia M. Long 
Yakima, Bus Ad 

John LotzgeseH-Sequim. Bis Ad 

College of Business Administration 123 

Gary Douglas Louie 
Bellevue, Acct 
Robert J. Lowery 
Tacoma, Bus Ad 
Marti Sidney Mai bon 
Bainbridge Is. Bus Ad 
Mary Lu Malphrus 
Oak Harbor, Bus Ad 
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Kelso, Bus Ad 
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Glendora, CA, Bus Ad/Home Ec 
Gail Ann Smith 
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Pullman, Bus Ad/Acct 
John R. Snyder 
Pullman, Bus Ad 
Thomas D. Snyder, jr. 
Seattle, Bus Ad/Real Est 
Charles Soule-Pullman, Bus Ad 

124 Collge of Economics and Business 

Tom Spencer 
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Marc C. Spohr 
Richland, Bus Ad 
Jon W. Stafford 
Mohler, Bus Ad 

Lawrence B. Stave 
Everett. Bus Ad 
Alan Strohmaier 
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Michael C. Worthy 

Pullman, Bus Ad 

Sid Yoshio N aka mo to 

fhillman. Bus Ad 

Jonathan Zier 

Walla Walla, Bus Ad 

Trish Zamorski-Anchorage, AK. Bus Ad 


Brian E. Alton 
Bellevue. Econ 
Katherine Ann Burnett 
Seattle. Econ 
Cary Nicholas Cosanko 
Seattle. Econ 
Nancy Hansen 
Pullman, Econ 
Mteve Walter Keller 
Redmond, Econ 
Milton Dean La than 
Seattle, Econ 
Neil Opfer-Spokane. Econ 

Robin Lee Oiry 
Vancouver, Econ 
Andrew Paterson 
Bainbridgc Is, Econ 
Clifford L. Peterson 
Tacoma, Econ 
Mark Schrum 
Horting, Econ 
Patdhakij Sitdhivonk 
Pullman. Econ 
Edward Masao Tanabe 
Tacoma, Econ 

Karen Van De Craff-Sunnyside, Econ 

College of Economics and Business 125 

Hotel and Restaurant Administration 

Craig Anderson 

Olympia. Hotel Ad 
Leonard William Blau 
Tacoma, Hotel Ad 
Stanley R. Boyd 
Yakima, Hotel Ad 
Bob Broden 
Walla Walla, Hotel Ad 
Elinor Butten 
Santo Domingo, Hotel Ad 
Candace Chromy 
Cnperville, Hotel Ad 
Debbie Danekas-Ritzville, Hotel Ad 
John William Egly 
Mercer Is. Hotel Ad 
William L. Fluke 
PeEll. Hotel, Rest Ad 
Bradley H. Johnson 
Spokane, Hotel Ad 
Raymond Lofink 
Pullman, Hotel Ad 
Norval Nelson 
Vanconver, Hotel Ad 
Joan Rochelle Owens 
Oak Harbor, Hotel Ad 
Howard L. Page-Mount Vernon, Hotel Ad 

Office Administration 

Maurita S. Austin 
Pasco, Of Ad 
Suzanne Curtis 
Pullman, Of Ad 
Becky L. Endter 
Bainbridgc, Of Ad 

Patricia Frantz 
Pullman, Of Ad 
Donna Cordon 
St. John, Of Ad 
Patti Loveless 
Olympia. Of Ad 

Carla Nystrom 
Lacoy, Of Ad 
Karen Ohlson 
Spokane, Of Ad 
Donna Jean Roiie 
Bellevue, Of Ad 

126 College of Business Administration 

College of Education 

Dr. George B. Brain 

Dean, College of Education 

The dropping of lower division courses within the de¬ 
partment of education has made the program accessible 
to a greater number of students. The previously required 
100 and 200 level courses were dropped this year and re¬ 
placed with more specialized classes to be taken at the 
junior and senior year level. 

An additional change within the department has been 
to emphasize current issues in education. Students ob¬ 
taining a teaching degree from WSU are tuned to be sen- 
stivie to cultural and ethnic differences which they are 
likely to encounter in their teaching careers. 

Increased emphasis on student teaching has been insti¬ 
tutionalized this year. Students are encouraged to teach a 
full semester, instead of the usual nine weeks. This ex¬ 
tended experience will increase job opportunities since it 
affords a student greater encounters in the teaching field. 

Changes of enrollment in both the faculty and students 
are well marked in the special education field. Two years 
ago, WSU offered no programs in special education. 
Today, 180 of the department’s students have declared 
special education as their major. 

Dr. Roger C. Wiley 
Physical Education for Men 


Dr. Carol E. Gordon 

Physical Education for Women 

Dr. Dale G. Andersen 

College of Education 127 


Robert Adams Jr. 
Spokane. Ed 
Earnest Alien 

Pasco, Ed 

Susan Anderson 
Kent. Ed 
Cloria Arnold 

Puyallup, Ed 

Pam Ausman 
Asotin, Ed 
Patricia Bdgarde 

Brewster, Ed 

Elise B lorn berg 

North Bend. Ed 
Ted Boyer 
Coupevillc, Ed 
Susan Brenden 
Richland. Ed 
Michael Brophy 
Connell, Ed 
Thomas Brosman III 
Addy. Ed 

Robert Brown 
Craigmont, ID, Ed 
Janet Cobb 
Pullman, Ed 
Debra Collinge 
Wenatchee, Ed 
Leslie Collins 
Toledo. OH. Ed 
Connie Comfort 
Tacoma, Ed 

Steven CotterOI 
Pullman. Ed 
Danny Coyne 
Sumner, Ed 
Terri Daling 
Watervillc. Ed 
Patrick Doumit 
Cathlamct, Ed 
Mary Driscoll 
Spokane, Ed 

Teresa Eeg 
Seattle. Ed 
Todd Elefson 
Arlington, Ed 
Cordon Erdrnan 
Vancouver. Ed 
Anne Freidenrich 
Seattle, Ed 
Stephen Carl 
Tacoma. Ed 

128 College of Education 

Lin Clueck 
Tacoma, Ed 
jane Hadley 
Longview, Ed 
Shcda Halldoraon 
South Bend, Ed 
Nona Heckman 
Long Beach CA, Ed 
Gail Henley 
Wapato, Ed 
James Herbert 
Pullman. Ed 

Donna Hibbard 
Bellevue, Ed 
Larry Hill 
Coldcndalc. Ed 
Janet Hoiienback 
Washtucna, Ed 
Marya Hutchinson 
Kirkland, Ed 
Cheryl Huttunen 
Anchorage. AK. Ed 
Cherita James 
Placantia, CA. Ed 

Patricia Jennings 
Sprague. Ed 
Barb Kee 
Seattle. Ed 
Steven Keehnel 
Pullman, Ell 
Lynda King 
Pullman, Ed 
Cathy Krause 
Spokane, Ed 
Vicki Kraxhcrger 
Vancouver, Ed 

Lome Lambert 
Yellow CAN. Ed 
Christopher Chapin 
Cosmopoiis. Ei! 

Mark LeVander 
Seattle, Ed 
Martha Light 
Tacoma, Ed 
Arlene land 
llwacn, Ed 
Gregory 1/oughridge 
Pullman. Ed 
David Lu/t 
Seattle, Ed 
Rod Luke 
Vancouver, Ed 
Kristy Mackenzie 
Edmonds. Ell 
Stephanie Mackenzie 
Edmonds, Ed 
Stephen Maddox 
Edmonds, Ed 
Cori Malbcrg 
Vancouver, Ed 

College of Education 129 

Michael S. McChan 
Bellevue, Ed 
Suun Mels ness 
Spokane. Ed 
Blue Meloy 
Pasco, Ed 
Cheryl Meyer 
Camas, Bus. Ed 
Prudence Miles 
Olympia, Ag Ed 
Amoh Minoru 
Pullman. Ed 

Randall J. Morgan-Everett. Music Ed 
David Mussio 
Trail. B.C., Ed 
Vicki Newman 
Great Falls, MT., Music Ed 
Nancy L. Oberg 
Wenatchee. Art Ed 
Karleen M. Ortiz 
Pullman. Ed 
lisa Petersen 
Longbranch. Ed 
David Phinney 
Sunnyside, Ed 
John Picard-Oroville. Math Ed/GS 
Alan Pierce 
Pomeroy, Pol S Ed 
Jeanette M. Planeich 
Seattle, Hist Ed 
Timothy Donovan Quigg 
Hoquiani, Indus! Ed 
Rhonda Radford 
Tacoma, Erl 
Richard Reding 
Pullman. Ag Ed 
Thomas Rose 
Olympia, Ag Ed 
Avis Sakata-Pukalani. HI, Ed 

Peggy Sommers 
Vancouver. S|K*cial Ed 
Melcah Snook 
Deer Park. Special Ed 

Kari Storoe 
Auburn, Special Ed 
Russ Tauares 
Vancouver, Ed 

Dana Jill Thoelcke 

Kennewick. Engl Erl 
Dale William Tilson 
Bellevue. Erl 

Elizabeth Timblin 
Seattle. Erl 
Chris Tomashoff 
Seattle, Hist Erl 
Lynn Top ham 
Denver, COLO. Erl 
Virginia Tremblay 
Pullman, F.d 
Malvnda Turner 
Walla Walla. Of Ad Erl 
Diane Vacca 
Seattle. Erl 
Phillip Wadc-Tacruna, Erl 

Randall Duane Wiggins 
Rosalia. Ag Ed 
David Jon WitsiJ 
Bellevue, Indust Erl 
Colleen Worley 
Woodinvillc, Special EtJik / El Ed 
Curtis Young 
Yakima. Engl Ed 
Matthew P. Zemeck-Renton. Ed 

130 College of Education 

Elementary Education 

Lori Badcssbrom 

Montcsano, Elcm Ed 

Susan Bales 

Tacoina, Elein Ed 

Cynthia Beatty 

Yorba Linda, CA. Elein Ed 

Margaret Blessing 

Moses Lake, Hem Ed 

Deborah Boolrwaiter 

Spokane, Elem Ed 

Mar)- Jane Brahen 

Mt. Vcmon, Elein Ed 

Nancy Brown-Olympia, Elein Ed 

Kathleen Calhoun 

Pullman, Elcm Ed 

Rnth Cad son 

Spokane. Elem Ed 

Ddnetta Cease 

Tacoma, Elcm Ed 

Jenny Chapman 

Spokane, Elcm Ed 

Linda J. Chapman 

Everett, Elem Ed 

Diane Dalisky 

Kent. Elem Ed 

Steve DePaul-Taeoma, Elem Ed 

Sue Horton 
Spokane, Elem Ed 
Julie Ann Houck 
Spokane, Elem Ed 
James Hyland 
Bellevue. Elem Ed 
Peter Isaacson 
Seattle, Elem Ed 
Dawn Jamlaas 

Pacific Palisades, CA, Elem Ed 
Ann Louise Jansen 
Everson, Elem Ed 

Tori! Kaldestad 
Hnqtiiam, Elem Ed 
Diane Kallstrom 
Vancouver. Elem Ed 
Donna Marie Keller 
Colton, Elcm Ed 
Lonnie Kreiner 
Spokane. Elein Ed 
Mary Lou Ubbey 
Vashon, Elcm Ed 

Patricia M. Mann 
Yakima, Elem Ed 
Cheryl Moore 
Ephrata, Elem Ed 
Marita A. Nelson 
Seattle. Elcm Ed 
Deborah Newell 
Aberdeen, Elem Ed 
Linda O'Cren 
Spokane. Elem Ed 

Patrick Michael Pearson 
Puyallup. Elem Ed 
Gail Pigion 
Spokane. Elem Ed 
Connie Poffenroth 
Lac rosse, Elcm Ed 
Kristie Roberts 
Seattle. Elem Ed 

Don Rokkan 
Richland, Elem Ed 
Alice Theresa Schiller 
Lacey, Elem Ed 
Joan Stuart 

Medical Lake, Elem Ed 

Elizabeth Thummei 
Boise, ID, Elem Ed 
Janice Van Winkle 
Spokane, Elem Ed 
Maryann A. Zapata 
Walla Walla, Elcm Ed 

College of Education 131 

Dennis Riel Acoose 
C ran fell, Sask, CA. RPA 
Brad Daniel Agerup 
Everett, PE 
Debbie Barton 
Benton City, PE 
Barton Clan Block 
Cashmere, RPA 
Barbara Bonnell 
Everett. PE 
Kay Ellen Bridenbaugh 
Mercer Is, PE 
Debbie Briest-Seattlc, PE 
Renee Mae Bruneau 
Redmond, PE 
David Charles Burgess 
Pullman, RPA 
Lome Lai Kum Chung 
Kailua, HI, PE 
Stuart Coe 
Wenatchee, RPA 
Margaret Anne Cooper 
Vancouver. Prcphys Therapy 
Debra Denby 
Pullman, PE 
Mark Doherty-Seattle, PE 
Floyd A. Dugger 
Tacoma. PE 
Craig Alan Emmick 
Seattle, PE 
Philip Gerard English 
Pullman, PE 
Ten A. Fay 
Spokane. PE 
David Fehler 
Spokane, RPA 
Leroy Fulfs 
Arlington, PE 
Kathryn Henson 
Seattle. RPA 
Megan Hodgson 
Vancouver, PE 
Debra Kay Iverson 
Colfax. RPA 
Timothy C. Jochen 
Richland. PE 
Stephen L.Johnson 
Pullman. RPA 
Janet Sue Kafer 
Everett, PE 
Victoria Keller-Richland. PE 
Jane Krause 
Rit/ville, PE 
Susan Elizabeth LaLandc 
Vancouver. PE 
Cheryl Kay Laudin 
East Wenatchee, RPA 
Steve Lohmcyer 
Pullman. PE 
Lisa A. McEven 
Auburn. PE 
Mary L. McNeil 
Pullman, PE 
Jo Ann Montgomery-Spokane. PE 
Edward S. Murray 
Wenatchee. PE 
Joan Mverx 
Tacoma, Prcphys Therapy 
A. Brad Peterson 
Manson, PE 
Jennifer Ann Prosser 
Mercer Is, RPA 
Ann Rettenmier 
Everett. PE 
Dave Riebe 
Tacoma, PE 
Kary Roumcliotts-Pullman. PE 
Jana M. Sargeant 
Moose Jaw, SASK, CA. PE/RPA 
Barbara SeidenStrieker 
Seattle, PE 
Shelly Ann Siegfried 
Ephrata. PE 
Molley Jean Sleeth 
Spokane. RPA 
Sally Gwyn Stewart 
East Wenatchee, RPA 
Mary Jo Stout 
Pullman, PE 

Suzanne Dewees Strite-Warrenton, ORE, PE 
Kathleen Sweeney 
Belt. MT. RPA 
Douglas Erling Taugen 
Lynnwood, RPA 
William Thomas Throssel! 
El Cerrito, CA. PE 
Debra Rae Trapp 
Walla Walla. RPA 
Murlin E. Varner, jr. 
East Weuatchee. PE 
William A. Victor 
Pullman, RPA 
Janet Ward-Federal Way, PE 

Physical Education 

132 College of Education 

|r. Albert D. Poe Dr. Joseph A. Brink 

Architecture Chemical Engineering 

Dr. Carl W. Hall 

Dean, College of Engineering 

College of 

The large demand for graduates of the College of En¬ 
gineering is reflected in the increase in enrollment in the 
college. Over the last three years the enrollment has in¬ 
creased at a rate of 15% per year. The enrollment of 
women has doubled every year for the last four years. 

It is the goal of the College of Engineering to prepare 
students for job entry at the professional level in archi¬ 
tecture and engineering. The College has unveiled many 
new programs to enhance learning. An internship pro¬ 
gram where students gain practical experience through 
eight months of intensive training in industry or business. 
There is also a new effort to strengthen the environ¬ 
mental programs, emphasizing water and air. 

“Engineering and Architecture education provides not 
only technical background but infusion of courses in 
other areas to prepare students for a professional respon- 

jr. John F. Orsborn Dr. Glen L. Hower 

and Env. Engineering Electrical Engineering 

Dr. D. Bruce Masson 

Material Sci. and Engineering 

Dr. Richard W. Crain, jr. 

Mechanical Engineering 

James M. Anson 
Pullman, Arch 
Robert WarTen Asahara 
Tacoma, Arch 
Randall Clen Benedict 
Del Mar, CA, Arch 
Carol Ann Bottemiller 
Olympia, Arch 
Patricia Brokaw 
Mercer Island, Arch 
Richard F. Brown 
Spokane, Arch 
Loren Cannon-Orofino, ID. Arch 

John Crittenden 
Douglas, AZ, Arch 
Denise R. Darrow 
Mercer Island, Arch 
Owen Irvflle Day 
Renton, Ag Engr 
Ross Earl Deck man 
Longview, Arch 
Luis Victor Degrande 
Vancouver, Ag Engr. 
David W. Foster 
East Wenatchee. Ag Engr. 

David Freimuth-Omak. Arch 
Omak, Arch 

Mark Steven French 
Pullman, Arch 
Blaine Crunerud 
Pullman, Arch 
Terrance Lee Harder 
Spokane, Arch 
Russ D. Hasse 
Pullman, Arch 
James T. HOlier 
Shelton, Arch 
Steven Earl Hoyt 
Vancouver, Arch 
Mark johnson-Boisc. ID. Arch 

David Roy Kimmel 
Stevenson, Arch 
Douglas Stanley Knight 
Bothell, Arch 
Greg Krape 
Graham, Arch 
Wendy Sue McClure 
Bellevue. Arch 
R. Scott McConnell 
Bellevue, Arch 
Paul F. McMahan 
Aberdeen. Ag Engr. 
Susan Nettleship-Pullman. Arch 

Donald Audie Nevins 
Bellevue, Arch 
H. A. Page 
Pullman, Arch 
David Charles Parker 
Wenatchee, Arch 
Lawrence D. Parrel! 
Edmonds, Arch 
William Parretta 
Tacoma, Arch 
William Quillin 
Vancouver, Arch 
David Rash-Seattlc 

Keith Roe son 
Chcwchal. Arch 
Ken Rowan 
Pullman. Arch 
Bijan Shabnam 
Pullman, Arch 
Anthony D. Shapiro 
Fullerton, CA, Arch 
James P. Shimmin 
Tacoma, Arch 
Ronald T. Stillmunkes 
Pullman. Ag Engr 
Michael Stone-Alpine. TX, Aren 

Norman Howard Strong 
Pullman, Aren 
Jon Clinton Stvner 
Bellevue. Arch 
William A. Wendlandt 
Reardan, Arch 
Ralph Roger Willson 
Pullman, Arch 
Katherine Lee Wright 
Pullman, Arch 
Jane Marie Wybomev 
Bellevue, Aren 
Steven Yee-Pullinan, Arch 

William Ray Creed 
Pullman. Bklg Th 
Jeff P. Fogarty 
Kirkland. Bldg Th 
David H. Cissefberg 
Spokane, Bldg Th 
Douglas G. Grohs 
Spokane, Bldg Th 
Tim Hanner 
Fairfield, Bklg Th 
Claries Hayleck. HI 
Pullman, Bldg Th 
David Hicks-Bremerton, Bldg Th 

Agricultural Engineering and Architecture 

Building Theory 

134 College of Engineering 

Chemical Engineering 

Bernard Kwong-Fai Au 
Pullman, Chein Engr 
lay Backus 
Kent, Chcm Engr 
Barbara Lee Breithaupt 
Puyallup, Chcm Engr 
Pradeep Jain 
Pullman, Chcm Engr 
Raymond McCraw 
Camas, Chem Efigr 

David John Pigion 
Spokane, Chem Engr 

Richland, Chem Engr 
Mung-Lin Simon Tan 
Pullman, Chem Engr 
Sharyn Camnela Veitcnheimer 
Qrlbcrt, Chem Engr 
Kent Lloyd Wedmeyer 
Pullman, Chem Engr 1 

Civil Engineering 

Pullman. Civ Engr 
Walter Bennett 
Bellevue, Civ Engr 
Steven P. Brannon 
Everett, Civ Engr 
Jeffrey Brown 
Pasco, Civ Engr 
Chris Cejka 
Kennewick, Civ Engr 
Scott Ross Creighton 
Spokane. Civ E^gr 

Bob Dahmen 
Pasco, Civ Engr 
Alan Eugene Dyer 
Kent, Civ Engr 
Bruce Eriksou 
Edmonds, Civ Engr 
Mark Allan Findey 
Colfax, Civ Engr 
Steven Henry Fischer 
lamgview. Civ Engr 
Gregary Brian Heath 
Puyallup, Civ Engr 

Rick Jones 

Mt. Vernon, Civ Engr 
James W. MacCombie 
Pullman, Civ Engr 
David Leslie Miller 
Pullman. Civ Engr 
Patrick O'Laughlin 
Spokane. Civ Engr 
Melvin Peterson 
La Camtcr. Civ Engr 
Richard Riedesel 
Longview, Civ Engr 

College of Engineering 135 

Electrical Engineering 

Stephen Allen 
Port Angels, Elect. Engr. 

Brad Andersen 
Pullman, Elect. Engr. 
Craig Asplund 
Seattle. Elect. Engr. 
Thomas P. Carmody 
Seattle, Elect. Engr. 
Shu-Kav Chow 
Pullman, Elect. Engr. 
Terrence K. Clark 
Lacey. Elect. Engr. 

Robert D. Conway 
Bellingham, Elect. Engr. 
James McKelvey Ewing 
Seattle, Elect. Engr. 
Thomas A. Crimes 
Pullman, Elect. Engr. 

Brent W. Guyer 
S|»kanc, Elect. Engr. 
Milton Earl Hart 
Royal City. Elect. Engr. 
Randall Lee Hazdton 
Seattle, Elect. Engr. 

Ray Alan Hisayasu 

Spokane, Elect. Engr. 
Joanne Karen Hoover 
Mercer Island. Elect. Engr. 
Dana William Korf 
Olympia, Elect. Engr. 
Craig Lee Oakley 
Pullman, Elect. Engr.. Bus 
John Scott Packer 
Silver Creek, Elect Engr. 

William Picatti 
Yakima, Elect. Engr. 

Craig Raese 
E. Wenatchee, Elect. Engr. 

Greg Richards 
Carson, Elect. Engr. 
James Keith Richstein 
Bremerton. Elec Engr. 

Elmer Watts 
Pullman. Elect. Engr. 
John Steven Wright 
Tacoma, Elect. Engr. 

Material Science and Engineering 

Maureen Carrick 
Snohomish, Eng. 

Scott A. Hess 
Ccntralia. Engr. 
Lisa Ann Horn yak 
Everett, Engr. 
Bill Morclock 
Pleasanton, CA, Eng. 
Khan Abdullatif Niazi 
Pullman, Engr. 

136 College of Engineering 

Steven Ping 
Lacrosse, Phys Meta] 
Kuang-Hua Shu 
Pullman, Mater Sci 
Paul Collier Smith 
Mercer Island, Eng 
Gerald T. Snell 
Royal City, Eng 
Lynn Vea 

Richland, Mater Sci 

Mechanical Engineering 

Jon Crawford Anaon 

Seattle Mcch Eng 

Kurt T. Bergmann 

Olympia, Mcch Eng 

Ron Bohman 

Bellevue, Mech Eng 

William B. Bratton 

Olympia, Mech Eng 

Richard Benny Clifton 

Renton, Mcch Eng 

Bob Comstock, Pullman, Mech Eng 

Stanley Drahos 
Tacoma, Mech Eng 
Wayne Ebert 
Tacoma, Mech Eng 
Koineth Elston 
Bellevue. Mcch Eng 
Paul Enquist 
Seattle. Mech Eng 
Syd France 

Wenatchee, Mech Eng 

Jerry Friddell, Dcs Moines, Mech Eng 

Cad D. Geleynse 
Pullman, Mcch Eng 
Jeffrey B. Gibbs 
Pullman, Mech Eng 
Lynn Jay Gibson 
Pullman, Mech Eire 
Dave Gill 

Kennewick. Mech Eng 

Warren E. Hills 

Spokane, Mech Eng 

Roy E. Hood, Elmer City, Mech Eng 

Terry Howard Hoech 

Claricston, Mech Eng 

Keith Edward Johnson 

Espanola, Mech Eng 

Kurt A. Johnson 

Espanola, Mech Eng 

lames EL Johnstone 

LaFayette, Mech Eng 

Ronald Lande 

Colbert, Mech Eng 

Robert Lentz, Monroe, Mcch Eng 

John Lynch 

Federal Way, Mech Elng 

Grant Manr 

Moses Lake. Mech Eng 

Timothy Patrick O'Connor 

Chehalis, Mech Eng 

Daniel E. Raile 

Richland, Mech Eng 

Michal Ransier 

Hurrah, Mech Eng 

Bryon Sanford, Pullman, Mech Eng 

Charles Douglas Scott 

Pullman, Mech Eng 

Mark Smith 

Kennewick, Mech Eng 

Ronald P. Stanley 

Spokane, Mcch Eng 

Surendra Singh 

Pullman, Mech Eng 

Duane A. True 

Richland, Mcch Eng 

Michael R. Weils, Pullman, Mech Eng 

College of Engineering 137 

College of 
Home Economics 

The newly instituted individualized learing 
center and new options in curriculum mark the 
progress made in the College of Economics. The 
individualized learning center, which is in its first 
full year of operation, helps to improve instruc¬ 
tion. Each carrel in the center is equipped with 
individual facilities for viewing slides, films, and 
tapes. The purpose of the center is to make it pos¬ 
sible for students to progress at their own rate and 
to help the instructor organize his time better. 

The other important change in the college is 
the new options in the curriculum. A program un¬ 
der revision now is an undergraduate option in 
dietetics, in which a student can complete the 
program in four years instead of five. Other op¬ 
tions include an interior design merchandising op¬ 
tion, a housing option, and a consumer-studies op¬ 

Dr. Alberta D. Hill 

Dean, College of Home Economics 

Dr. Dorothy Price 
Child and Family Studies 

Dr. Mignon Perry 

Clothing, Interior Design, and Text 

Dr. Dean C. Fletcher 

Food, Nutrition, and Institution Managemer 

138 College of Home Economics 

Child and Family Studies & Home Economics 

Malta Anderson 

Martson, Home Ec. Ed 
Barbara Bang 
Seattle, Homes Ec. Ed 
Nancy Biekelhaupt 
Pullman, Home Ec. Ed 
Mary Bigelow 

Long Beach, CA. Home Ec. Ed 
Julie Bingham 
Spokane, Home Ec. Ed 
Ten Biridand 
Seattle, Home Ec. Ed. 

Sharon Burgess-Pullman, CFS 

Janice Cannon 

Orofino, ID, Home Ec. Ed 

Janet Cobb 

Pullman, CFS 

Lue Ann Decimali 

Longview, Home Ec. Ed 

Helen Elmslie 

Kenton, Home Ec. Ed 

Mary Engebretson 

Seattle, CFS 

Christine Estes 

Vancouver, Home Ec. Ed 

Deanna Fischer Randle. CFS 

Leslie Haigh 

Seattle, Home Ec. Ed 

Kathy Hauser 

Olympia. CFS 

Leslie HiJI 

Pullman. CFS 

Anne Hunsaker 

White Salmon. Home Ec. Ed 

Crystal Hunter 

Yakima, CFS 

Linda Magden 

Tacoma, Home Ec 

Tcny Millson-Everett. Home Ec. Ed 

Many Murphy 

Spokane, CFS 

Terri Neal 

Edmon<U, Home Ec. Ed 
Debra Newman 
Alvrdeen, Home Ec. Ed 
Manha Niebauer 
Bellevue, Home Ec. Ed 
Cynthai Okamoto 
Mercer Island. Home Ec. Ed 
Anne Patrick 
Pasco. CFS 

Anne Perrine-Bellevue. CFS 

Sue Roberts 

Spokane, CFS 

Chuck Rogers 

Pullman. CFS 

Kimberly Tomasch 

Pullman. Home Ec. Ed 

Susan Snyder 

Tacoma, Home Ec. Ed 

Diane Soller 

Federal Way. CFS 

Kathryn Steele 

Fruit land. Home Ec. Ed 

Cheryl Tmilt-PuNman. CFS 

Marilec Wiseman 
Raymond. Home Ec. Ed 

Clothing, Textiles & Interior Design 

Katharine Angell 

Bainhridge Island, Cloth/Text 

Rebecca Bauer 

Bremerton. Inter Design 

Lorilce Brown 

Eniimclaw, Cloth/Text 

Nancy Bunn 

Pullman. Cloth /Text 

Wendy Carpine 

Seattle. Inter Design 

Marie Chan 

Pullman, Inter Design 

Sandra CoeAVunsto, Inter Design 

Julia Ashley Collins 

Spokane, Inter Design 

Linda Deisman 

San Diego, CA, Clolh/Tcxt 

Karen Eari 

Pori Townsend. Inter Design 
Janice Ehle 

Des Moines, Inter Design 

Teresa Ellon 

Tacoma, Inter Design 

Karen Erickson 

Spokane. Cloth/Text 

Cynthia Eucker-Spokane. Inter Design 

College of Home Economics 139 

Deb Fulford 
Redmond, Cloth/Text 
Beverly Calloway 
Arroyo Crand. CA. Cloth /Text 
Joan Gammie 
Yakima. Cloth/Text 
Linda Cause 
Yakima. Cloth/Text 
Linda Cfllespie 
Spokane. Cloth/Text 
Anne Hackett 
Tacoma. Inter Design 
Susan Halvonon-Edmonds, Cloth/Tcxt 
Nancy Hetler 
Tacoma, Cloth/Text 
Janet Hodgin 
Pullman. Cloth/Text 
Cathie Holmquist 
Tacoma. Interior Design 
Julie Jaspers 
Pullman, Cloth/Text 
Lori Kegel 
Everett, Cloth/Text 
Elizabeth Koval 
Gig Harbor, Cloth/Tcxt 
Debbie Kyllo-Spokanc. Inter Design 
Beverly Lange 
Seattle. (Moth/Text 
Donna McDonald 
Tacoma. Cloth/Text 
Mahala Murphy 
Seattle. Interior Design 
Marlene Nickoloff 
Pullman, Clotb/Text 
Marian Noyes 
Bellingham. Cloth/Text 
Linda Rasmussen 
Colfax, Interior Design 
Eva Rosacker-Poway. CA, Inter Design 
Susan Saldin 
Pullman, Cloth/Tcxt 
Deborah Saugen 
Tacoma. Cloth/Text 
Debbie Springer 
Seattle. Cloth/Tcxt 
Sheila Stafford 
Gresham. ORE. Interior Design 
Karen Stamm 
Bothell. Cloth/Tcxt 
Linda Stecher 
Vancouver. Cloth/Text 
Mary Stendal-Sedro Woolley, Cloth/Text 

Foods, Nutrition and Institution Management 

Lois Acnff 
Pullman. FN’IM 
Karen Bachman 
Clarfaton, FNIM 
Susan Baldwin 
Kirkland. FNIM 
Ann Barnes 
Lewiston, FNIM 
Rhonda Beatty 
Camas, FNIM 
Kathrvn Buringrud 
Bellevue. FNIM 
Irene Fulton-Anacortes. FNIM 
Theresa Cricp 
Bellevue, FNIM 
Barbara Haller 
Rockford. FNIM 
Jeanette Holley 
Pusan Korea. FNIM 
Rebecca Holman 
Pullman, FNIM 
Linda Hr vat in 
Tacoina. FNIM 
Debra Hubbard 
Pullman. FNIM 
Joseph J ackson- R ich I and. FNIM 

Michelle Medler 
Everett, FNIM 
Dawn Parnel 
Montesann, FNIM 
Susan Ramstead 
Poulsbo, FNIM 
Cheryl Schultz 
Livermore, CA, FNIM 
Pamela Sleight 
Crapeview, FNIM 
Marci Wood-Erlmonds, FNIM 

140 College of Home Economics 

Graduate School 

C.J. Nyman Dean, Graduate School 

The graduate school, consisting of 2000 students, ad¬ 
ministers all graduate programs on campus and handles 
admissions for graduate school. Other responsibilities in¬ 
clude approving all thesis and programs of study, as well 
as what constitutes a degree. Grant requests are also 
channelled through the school. 

The school, which has no faculty, initiates new pro¬ 
grams and leaves the teaching up to the individual de¬ 

Steven Abberger 
Tacoma, Materials ScL 
Joe Alcorn 

Denver, COLO, Bio Sci 
Kenneth Allwine Sr. 

Pullman, Crm Just. 

Lloyd Ames 
Pullman, Range Mgt. 

Chris Anderson 
Potlatch, Soc. 

James Anderson 
Buckley, Env. Sci. 

Rafael Andrada-San Antonio, Crm Just. 
Patrick Au 

Pasadena, CA, Bus Adm. 

Jonathan Babcock 
Rochester. NY, Civ Engr. 

Barbara Bardin 
Pullman. Speech 
Rex Baxter 
Pullman, NVldlf. Bio. 

Wyley Beatty , Jr. 

Tacoma, Math 
Adolfo Benavides 
Pullman.. Econ 
Bravo Pedro-Pullman, Hort. 

Francisco Brito 
Pullman, Civ. Engr. 

Anne Caprio 

Bozeman, Mont, Nutrition 
Stanley Dabrowski 
Miami, FLA, Hort. 

Franklin Davila 
Pullman. Bus Adm. 

Edward Davis Ill 
Pullman, Entom. 

John Ferrell Elliot 
Pullman, Ag Econ. 

Yousef ELMadhun-Pullman, Agon 

Rita Emery 

Kensington, CA, WPE 

Ben Essary 

Pullman, Gnu Just. 

Jeannette Fine 
Seattle, Phys 
Keith Fletcher 
Colville. Wldlf Bio 
Walter Frantz 
Pullman, Of Ad. 

Mark Fritch 
Pullman, For. 

Robert Gas-Pullman, Cnn Just. 
Brijendra Carg 
Pullman, Engr Sci. 

Pamela Craber 

No. Platte, NEB, Crm J. 

Keith Grieneekx 
El Cerritt, CA, Ednc. 

Hayyima Grossman 
Tacoma, Educ. 

Kumar Raj Gupta 
Pullman, Entom 
Debby Hancock 
Pullman. Geol. 

Joanne Harms 
Pullman, Soc. 

Graduate School 141 

Fredric Higginbotham 
Spokane. Range Mgt 
Dale Honeyfidd 
Uniontown, Anim Nutr 

Cerald Hughes 
Pullman. For/Range Mgt 
James Hunt 
Pullman, VTE 
Ottammany Dee Joy 
Pullman, Crm Just 
Marcus Jung 
San Francisco. Bus Ad 
Kenneth Kasper 
Pullman, Bact 
Brian Kearns 
Pullman. Psych 
Jerry Keiser 
Pullman, Educ 
Lee Klinski 
Vancouver. Speech 
Mohamed Mosbah Kushad 
Pullman. Hort 
Robert Leland 
Tacoma, Env. Sci 
Randall L. Lewis 
Tacoma, Coni 
Edward Maher-Pullman, Crm Just 
Robert Maher 
Pullman, Soils 
Cary Matzen 
Pullman. Mcch Engr 
Mohammad Mayar 
Pullman, Anim Sci 
Sharon McCregor 
Leavenworth, Math 
Pedro Mendez 
Pullman, Men’s PE 
Abel Mendoza-Frias 
Haincs, O, Chem 
ShetTv Mendoza-Haines, O, Anth 
John Miller 
Pullman, Env Eng 
Donald Moore 
Pullman, Speech/Com 
Mary Murphy 
Bremerton, Child Dev 
Douglas Nancarrow 
Pullman, Speech 
Ali Akbar Nararian 
Pullman, Econ 
Kevin Naylor 
Pullman, Cpt Sci 
Henry Oliver-Boise. ID, Edue 
Don Orazuiike 
Pullman, Ceol 
Douglas Payton 
Pullman, Ag. Engr 
William Pedersen 
Pullman, \V|.slf Bio 
Jaime Pcrozo 
Pullman, Soc 
Douglas Peterson 
Seattle, ACF. 
Mark Peterson 
Pullman, Botany 
Marilyn Pfeifer-Marlin, Bus Ad 
Randall Poff 
Vancouver, Music 
Sandra Power 
Monroe, Speech Path 
Judith Ray 
St. Louis, MO.. WPE 
Hamid Rezvani 
Tehran, Iran, E. Engr 
Judy Rose 
Pullman, Anth 
Susan Roth 
Palo Alto, CA„ Engl 
Seppo Salminen-Pullnian, Food Sci 
M. Shankar 
New Delhi, India. BA 
Diane Sharp 
Spokane. Speech 
Dianna Smith 
Monroe, Speech Path 
John Steiner 
Omak, Pol Sci 
Steven Stone 
Pullman, FN1M 
Roberta Stout 
Pullman, Soc 
Man Cheong Tam-Pullinan. Crm Just 

142 Graduate School 

College of Pharmacy 

Dr. Maynard Herrmann Dr. Allen I. White 

Administrative Assistant Dean, College of Pharmacy 

Dr. Allen White has seen many 
changes in the department of phar¬ 
macy since his appointment as Dean 
of the College in 1960. The most sig- 
nficant change, he insists, is the em¬ 
phasis on off-campus pharmacy, in 
which students participate in intern¬ 
ships involving clinical work. 

The basic educational program 
change made this year within the de¬ 
partment has been to take a look at 
behavorial objectives and com¬ 
petencies that pharmacists should 
have, and how they can be incorpo¬ 
rated in the curriculum. The study, 
which requires input from the faculty, 
will result in the dropping and up¬ 
dating of material and will help de¬ 
fine course objectives. 

The college maintains a figure of 
250-255 students due to limited lab 
space and an effort to keep the stu¬ 
dent-faculty ratio at a minimum. 

College of Pharmacy 143 


George , 

Mtrieti M. Agiubat 
Pullman, Pharmacy 
rge £dwaid Aldous 
ullman, Pharmacy 
Pat Barter 
Prescott, Pharmacy 
Kerry W. Bachman 
Washtucna, Pharmacy 
David Lee Bell 
Tacoma, Pharmacy 
Karen L. Bergiund 
Pasco. Pharmacy 
Constance M. Brown-Spokane, Pharmacy 

Jim L,. Bunse 
Pullman, Pharmacy 
Stephen E. Busch 
Spokane, Pharmacy 
Ron Cahill 
Sandpoint, ID, Pharmacy 
Bradley W. Carlson 
Redmond, Pharmacy 
Jeanine N. Charvet 
Mabton. Pharmacy’ 
Terry Robert Clark 
Zillah, Pharmacy 
Constance Davenport-Coldendale, Phannacy 

Roger Edwards 
Pullman, Phannacy 
Ehsan Etemadzadeh 
Pullman, Pharmacy 
Sharon Lee Feman 
Silverdale, Pharmacy 

Nick Cadsboell 
Pullman, Pharmacy 
Bruce Hendrickson 
Richland, Pharmacy 
Melanie Hendry 
Bellevue, Phannacy 

Guy Herbert 
Bellingham, Phannacy 
Donald Hyseil 
Richland, Pharmacy 
Edward Jeglum 
Pullman, Phannacy 

John Kennedy 
Mead, Pharmacy 
MaJin K. Lebbad 
Fresno, CA, Phannacy 
Jill Martin 
Pullman, Phannacy 

William Gerald Miller 

Spokane, Pharmacy/Bactcriology 
Vyonne Marie Minerich 
Sctlro Woolley, Pharmacy 
Rita Nordenstam 
Westmister, CA, Pharmacy 
Jennifer Iona Norman 
Bremerton, Phannacy 
Debbie Paysse 
Royal City, Pharmacy 
Ann Leslie Peach 
Wenatchee, Pharmacy 
Tracie Pritchard-Scat tie, Pharmacy 

Patricia Ann Rieckman 
Kennewick, Phannacy 
Kennewick, Pharmacy 
Catherine Rush 
Anchorage, AK, Phannacy 
Jim Schmick 
Colfax, Phannacy 
Michael J. Schrempp 
East Wenatchee, Pharmacy 
Michael Dean Strickland 
Ridgefield, Phannacy 
Sharon Sullivan-Spokane, Phannacy 

Susan C. Sutherland 
North Bend, Pharmacy 
Cary E. Thiemcns 
Sprague, Pharmacy 
Jennifer L. Tomchick 
Graham, Pharmacy 
Craig Urashima 
Kailua, HA, Pharmacy 
Dale Vanderscheldcn 
Puyallup, Pharmacy 
John Wooldridge, jr. 
Pullman, Pharmacy 
Christy Woolschlagar-Oinak, Phannacy 

144 Pharmacy 

College of Sciences and Arts 

Dr. Mary E. Shutler 


Dr. B.A. Nugent 

Dean, College of Arts 

Dr. Donald E. Wells 


Dr. John R. Elwood 


Dr. Ross A. Coates 
Fine Arts 

Dr. H. James Schoepfli 

Dr. Jean Seigneuret 

Foreign Languages and Lit. 

Dr. Jack Carloye 

Dr. Howard Deming 

General Studies 

Dr. Raymond Muse 


Dr. Ben E. Menke 

Police Science and Admin. 

Dr. John C. Pierce 

Political Science 

College of Sciences and Arts 145 

Several important changes have occurred this 
year within the College of Sciences, according to 
Dean of the college division, Roger Ray. 

In the first year medical instruction, what used to 
by an experimental program, has become officially 
established. This program maintains for students to 
learn their first-year medical education here, then 
transferring to the University of Washington to com¬ 
plete their training. This program saves the state 
dollars in not having to construct facilities at the 
U.W. and at the same time provides experience for 
the students in a small town environment, which en¬ 
courages more rural medical practice. 

The science department as a whole continues to 
have a large level of activity in graduate training 
and research. Grant support has increased, provid¬ 
ing money for graduate students as well as supplies 
and equipment. 

Dr. Roger T. Davis 


Dr. Charles Bowerman 


Dr. Roger B. Ray 

Dean, Division of Sciences 

Dr. Marcel E. Wingate 



Dr. Herbert M. Nakata 

Baet. and Public Health 

Dr. Joseph C. Hindman 


Dr. Roger D. Willett 


Dr. George Marsaglia 

Computer Science 

Dr. W. Frank Scott 


Dr. Calvin T. Long 

Pure, Applied Mathematics 

Dr. James R. King 


146 Administration 


Jfanet Bender 
Seattle. Anth. 

Connie Campbell 
Bellevue. Anth. 

Margaret Carlisle 
Richland, Anth. 

Mary Dickinson 
Pullman, Anth. 

Bob Hart 

San Diego CA, Anth. 

Vickie Hobner 
St. Louis, MO, Anth. 

Kay Cee Holder Maple Valley, Anth. 

Anne Van Ciin 
Pullman, Antn. 


Larry Anderson 
Seattle, Bad. 

Susan Baugh 
Seattle, Bad. 

Hal Bodman 
Dupont, Bad. 

Cary Chapin 
Lena ILL, Bad. 

John Crites 
Pullman, Bad. 

Marguerite Croonouist 
PeeWe Beach CA. Bad. 

Diane DuMond San Jose CA, Bad. 

Paul Eastman 
Liberty Lake, Bact. 

Denise Biason 
Yakima, Bad. 

Cary Fredricks 
Tacoma, Bad. 

Darlene Callagher 
Tacoma, Bad. 

Michael Cilligan 
Renton, Bad. 

Terry Hall 

Carson City. NEV. Bact. 

Thomas Hansen Olympia, Bact. 

Diane Held 
Pullman, Bad. 

Beth Hupf 

Seattle, Bact. 

Kenneth and Patricia Kasper + 
Pullman, Bad. 

fc lis Marsh 
llingham, Bad. 

Calvin Martin dale 
Pullman, Bact. 

Ingrid Meyer 
Seattle, Bad. 

Thomas Moe Pullman. Bact. 

Pamela Moore 
Kennewick, Bad. 

Cayle Mulknix 
Elina, Bact. 

Everett Nichols Jr. 

Tacoma, Bad. 

Nancy Orcutt 
Seattle, Bad. 

Lynn M. Owens 
Reno, Ncv., BacVPub. Health 
Dan Peplow 
Pullman, Bad. 

Cynthia Preston Kennewick, Bact. 

Robert Ronning 
Port Angeles, Bact. 

Mary Saffold 
Pullman. Bad. 

{ ulic Schultz 
‘oilman. Bad. 

Scott Shogrcn 
Vancouver, Bad. 

John Show alter 
Mercer Island, Bad 
Sheri Smith 
Vancouver Bact. 

Jennifer Stapp Anacortcs, Bact. 

Debi Stephenson 
Pullman, Bact. 

Kathy Venable 
Pasco, Bact. 

Rene Vcsel 
Ocean Shores Bad. 

William Wodidcc 
Sarotoga, CA, Bact. 

Don Woods 
Pullman, Bad. 

Chengmei Lou Wu 
Pullman, Bad. 

Mary Zderie Tacoma, Bad. 

Seniors 147 

John Akers 

Pullman. Bio Sci 
Kevin Anderson 
Sumner. Bio Sci 
Peter Beaujon 
Pullman. Bio Sci 
Carolyn Brooks 
Pullman, Bio Sci 
Kevin Brown 
Pasco. Bio Sci 
Marie Cappello 
Prosser. Bio Sci 
Stephen Carbon-Pullman, Bio Sci 
Cathy Droden 
Seattle. Bio Sci 
Susan Falley 
Bremerton, Bio Sci 
Scott Fernandez 
Portland, ORE. Bio Sci 
Kevin Finnegan 
Tacoma. Bio Sci 
Cae Ciesler 
Seattle, Bio Sci 
Michael Hassell 
Port Angeles. Bio Sci 
Thomas Koenig-Manson. Bio Sci 
Michael Long 
Pullman, Bio Sci 
Bartley McRorie 
Bremerton, Bio Sci 
Elisabeth Moser 
Bellevue. Bio Sci 
Jim O’Keeffe 
E. Wenatchee, Rio Sci 
Susan Palm 
Edmonds, Bio Sci 
Helen Snodgrass 
Bellevue. Bio Sci 
Steven Steczina-Seattle. Bio Sci 


Debbie Crans 
Pullman, Chem 
Alan Crosby 
Pullman. Chem 
Darrel Eudres 
Richland. Chem 
Steven Hannick 
Hoquiain. Chem 
Garth Kingsley 
Bellingham. Chein 
Richard Lat.sch 
Renton, Chem 
Gary LeMoine-Tacoma, Chem 

Yuk-Chow Ng 
Pullman, Biochem 
James Tamura 
Spokane. Chem 
Huw Thomas-Pul I man. Bioehem 

Murray Thorson 
Richland, Biochem 
Gary Turney 
Tacoma, Chem 
Marion Whiting-Bellevuc. Chem 

148 College of Science and Arts 


Lind* Abbey 

Seattle. Com 
Steven Ahbn 
Issaquah. Pub Relat. 

Mary Austenson 
Saskatoon, Sask, Com. 

Tracy Barry 
Gig Harbor, Com 
Marjorie Batt 
Seattle, Com 
Daniel Berentson 
Burlington, Com. 

Mark Bern tsen-Issaquah, Com 

Steve Bloom 

Tacoma, Com 

John Boril 

Seattle, Com 

Merle Brawn 

Pullman, Com 

Mike Bums 

Seattle, Com 

Joanne Carapbe! 

Issaquah. Com 

Brian Cayford 

Calgary. Alb. Com 

Ron Curry-Mt. Vernon, Com 

David Dragavon 

Femdale. Com 

Richard Duval 

Tacoma, Com 

Maureen Eigeman 

Spokane, Com 

Patrick Fredrickson 

Fort Dudlow. Adv. 

Judith Frost 
Pullman, Com 
Diane Fyfife 
Vancouver. Com 

William Celoneck Jr.-Tacoma, Com 

Shannon Gilligan 

Yakima. Com 

Carolyn Grismore 

Pullman, Com 

Beverly Hauptil 

Seattle, Com 

Mark Hendricks 

Kent, Com 

James Hunt 

Pullman. Com 

Joan Jackson 

Bellevue. Com 

Kathleen Johnston-Altcrdeen, Adv. 

Kenji Kitatani 

Pullman. Com 

Jim Kostur 

Roscburg. ORE, Com 

Cay Linville 

Tiburon, CA, Com 

Dil Maricy 

Clarkston, Com 

Karen McCullock 

Prescott. Com 

C. Scott McDonald 

Bellevue, Com 

Pam Myers-Renton. Coin 

Greg Nettleton 

Kent Atlv 

Paul Nickell 

Bellevue, Com 

Cathleen Nuzum 

Yakima, Coin 

Maggi O’Keefe 

Richland, Com 

Stephen Pearson 

Pullman, Broadcasting 

Dianne Pedersen 

Seattle, Com 

Bruce Pokamey-Lk. Oswego, O. Com 

Sally Pool 

Seattle. Com 

Richard Rediske 

Novato, CA, Com 

Lori Sanddl 

Carlsbad, CA. Com 

Kathleen Saxan 

Kent, Com 

Ellen Seidel 

Mercer Island, Com 

Scott Semscnbrenncr 

Vancouver, Com 

Bob Sherwood-Pocatello. ID, Com 
Frank Shiere Jr. 

Bremerton. Com 
Jean Shipley 
Belles'iie. Adv. 

Michael Show 
Vancouver, Com 
Mark Skok 
Mercer Island, Com 
Nikki Smith 
Federal Way, Com 
Bill Storms 
Spokane. Com 

John Michael Stratton-Pullman. jount. 


College of Sciences and Arts 149 

Terre* WeiAur 

Davenport. Com 
Dan Wheat 
Olympia. Com 
Laurie Wiadom 
Rolling Hills Est., CA. Com 
Yvette Wixson 
Bremerton, Com 
Jeff Wright 
Spokane, Com 
Mary Lynn Zimmerman 
Oakesdale, Com 

Computer Science 

Kurt Baird 

Spokane, Cmpt. Sci 
Kevin Barbee 
Edmonds, Cmpt. Sci 
Steven Beck 
Pullman. Cmpt Sci 
Robert Carlson 
Pullman. Cmpt Sci 
David Cheung 
Pullman. Cmpt Sci 
Douglas Cottrill 
Seattle. Cmpt Sci 
Barry Crabtree-Tumwafer. Cmpt Sci 

Ed Ensign 
Kent, Cmpt Sci 
Gary Ferguson 
Moscow, ID. Cmpt Sci 
Jeffrey Hagen 
Tacoma. Cmpt Sci 
Nanette Hall 
Skamakawa. Cmpt Sci 
Loren Kyllo 
Puyallup. Cmpt Sci 
John Lang 
Federal Way, Cmpt Sci 
Joe Maybee. Jr.-Havlock, Cmpt Sci 

Seburo Mpinja 
Pullman. Cinpt Sci 
Lute Renshaw-Pullman, Cmpt Sci 

Hwankec Ryu 
Pullman, Cmpt Sci 
Shuhaku Aoki-LaConner. Cmpt Sci 

Wendy S tiers 
Federal Way. Cmpt Sci 
Michael Vixie-PrescuM. Cmpt Sci 

Marc Whitelcy-Port Angeles, Cmpt Sci 

150 College of Sciences and Arts 

Criminal Justice 

Luco Brown 
Sdah. Crm Just. 

Jeffrey Buhr 
Tacoma, Crm Just. 

Marion Burch 

Hayden Lake. ID, Crm Just. 

Jeffery Chrirturaen 
Edmonds, Crm Just. 

Karla Cofcert 

Aberdeen, Crm Just 

R. Spencer Dickson 

Edmonds, Crm Just 

Jean Qvrum-Marysville, Crm Just. 

Karen Floch 

Spokane, Crm Just 

Sherry Foreman 

Richland, Crm Just 

Lisa Fuerstenau 

Seattle. Crm Just 

Linda Cooder 

Kirkland, Crm Just 

Jeffrey Hall 

Port Angeles, Crm Just 

William Harbour 

Pullman, Crm Just 

Fay Dceda-Pullman, Crm Just 

Zachary Karanasos 

Tacoma, Crm Just 

Mike Karch 

Auburn, Crm Just 

Jay Kawakami 

Kalaheo, HA, Crm Just 

Karen Klason 

Federal Way, Crm Just 

Kimberlee Lathrop 

Olympia, Crm Just 

Paul Lesko 

Mercer Island, Crm Just 

Diane Lindeman-Tacoma, Cnu Just 

Paul Lyons Jr. 

Bremerton, Crm Just 

Nan Mackin 

Seattle, Crm Just 

Burton March 

Seattle, Crm Just 

Brenda Martin 

Tacoma, Cmi Just 

Robert Madco 

Tacoma, Cnn Just 

Shirley Monson 

Spokane, Cnn Just 

Pamela Moody-Spokanr, Crm Just 

Allison Moore 

Centraiia, Cnn Just 

Jenny Mostoller 

Bellevue, Cnn Just 

Robert Murphy 

Moses Lake, Crm Just 

Diiic Newnam 

Mercer Island. Cnn Just 

Andrew Nicmcr 

Bellevue, Crm Just 

Allan Pack 

Bellingham, Crm Just 

Craig Page-Portland. ORE, Cmi Just 

Rick Peterson 

Breckenridge, CO, Cmi Just 


Spokane. Cmi Just 

Jim and Kathic Price 

Auburn, Cmi Just 

Ellis Quarshie 

Pullman. Cmi Just 

Steve Quint 

Seattle. Cnn Just 

Juanita Richardson 

Shelburne, MASS. Cnn Just 

June Sakuma-Pullman. Cnn Just 

College of Sciences and Arts 151 


Adele Beckwith 
Puyallup, Engl 
Brien Bensd 
Endicott, Engl 
Robin Crittenden 
Douglas, AZ. Engl 
MaryEUen Fry km an 
Pullman, Engl 
Christina Herald 
Pullman, Engl 
Frances Milatich 
Everett, Engl 
Heidi A. Ornan-Anchorage, AK. Engl 

Ruth Satterlce 
Whitcfisb, MONT. Engl 

Kenneth Sharp 
Boothwyn, PA. Engl 

Laura Sperry 
Seattle, Engl 

Lai-Wan Yuen 
Pullman. Engl 

Deborah Bold 

Marysville. Env Sci 
Archie Crant Jr. 
Palouse, Env Sci 
Tim Hedahl 
Us Vegas. NEV, Env Sci 
Richard Hughes 
Wenatchee. Env Sc-i 
Cary Johnson 
Pullman, Env Sci 
Dianne Mcservc 
Bellevue, Env Sci 
Rod Miller-E. Wenatchee, Env Sc-i 

Environmental Science 

152 College of Sciences and Arts 

Fine Arts 

Foreign Language 

Eunice Allen 
Van Nuys, CA, FA 
Mari Brown 
Wailsbuig, FA 
Bridgil Bun ten 
Port Orchard, FA 
Lea Carden 
Seattle. FA 
Cretchen Qiailman 
Bellevue, FA 
Rebecca Clark 
Pullman, FA 

Clarence Chow-Hong Kong. FA 

Cwynn Davidson 

Seattle, FA 

Mark DeUpIain 

Pullman, FA 

Tsutomu Ezuia 

Pullman, FA 

Jerrold Fortune 

Bellevue, FA 

Sherry Fritz 

Pullman, FA 

Sue Gerth 

Tacoma, FA 

Elaine Coedder-Yaidma FA 
Barbara Craves 
Mercer Island, FA 
Meredith Hansen 
Mercer Island, FA 
Deborah Herbers 
Federal Way. FA 
Shinako Homma 
Pullman, FA 
Allan Jones 
Spokane. FA 
Marcia Kenney 
Bellevue, FA 

Noriko Kitayama Pullman, FA 

Kristi Knutson 

Seattle. FA 

Teresa Lorhcrau 

Tacoma. FA 

Diana McCabe 

Spokane, FA 

Laura McGuire 

Maple Valley. FA 

Yasuo Otake 

Pullman, FA 

Lou Anne Otis 

Puyallup, FA 

Sally Padilla-Moses Lake, FA 

Sandra Beimbom 
Tacoma, For L 
Leslie Chapman 
Tacoma, For L 
Karen Eitreim 
Yakima, For L 
Kay Ferguson 
Seattle, For L 
Daniel Cinder 
Camas, For L 
Betty Omlin 
Quincy. For L 

R. Karen Snyder Memphis. TENN, For L 

College of Sciences and Arts 153 

Steven Ay cock 
Moscow, ID, Gen Sin 
James Bagby 
Lynnwood, Cen Stu 
Richard Bernal 
Tacoma, Gen Stu 
Marian Bradford 
New Orleans. LA, Gen Stu 
Travis Brown 
Spokane, Gen Shi 
Jim Cory 
Everett. Gen Stu 
Sterling Divis-Brewster. Gen Stu 

John Drokc 
Pullman, Gen Stu 
Ellen Drumhcllcr 
Richland, Gen Stu 
Diane French 
Tacoma, Gen Shi 

Joseph Howard 
Pullman, Gen Stu 
Colleen liughbanks 
Spokane, Gen Stu 
Bill Kiem 
Spokane, Gen Stu 

Michael Kilgore 
Seattle. Gen Stu 
Jeffrey Kurc 
Federal Way, Gen Stu 
Judy Lindstrom 
Bellevue, Gen Stu 

Kimbcrle McCoy 
Port Angeles, Gen Stu 
Dolores Murnanc 
Huvcrstraw. N’Y, Cen Stu 
David Martin 
Pullman. Gen Stu 

Nancy Popovich 
Bellevue. Gen Stu 
Karen Powers 
Pullman, Cen Shi 
D. Todd Rogers 
Ephrata, Gen Stu 

Dan Rokkan 

Kennewick, Cen Stu 
Scott Secor 
Spokane, Gen Stu 
Michael Sompley 
Taft, CA, Cen Shi 

Susan Slinemet'/. 
Pullman, Gen Stu 
Odie Lee Thomas 
Pullman. Ceu Stu 
James Woods 
Vancouver. Gen Stu 

General Studies 

154 College of Sciences and Arts 


Lury Eaton 
Tacoma, Geol. 
Richard Hutson 
Lacy, Geol. 

C. Scott Kimball 
Steilacoom, Geol. 
Cynthia Reinhart 
Pullman, Geol. 


Marilyn Ball 

Corvallis. ORE, Hist. 
Kathryn Glavy 
Tacoma, Hist. 

Libby House 
Walla Walla, Hist. 

John Hulskamp 
Spokane, Hist. 

Scott Isaacson 
Wenatchee. Hist. 

Iver Matheson 
Hoquiam, Hist. 

Frances Pang-Pidlman, Hist. 
Joseph Pavia 
Tacoma, Hist. 

Gregory Powell 
Yakima. Hist. 

Kjminer)y Raddiffe 
Olympia, Hist. 

Craig Rayment 
Tacoma. Hist. 

Jaimis Schilling 
Bellevue, Hist. 

Janet Spencer 
Walla Walla. Hist. 

Barbara Velas-Seattle. Hist. 


Davis Peterson 
Tacoma, Math 
Greg Ryan 
Spokane. Math 
David Scharpf 
Puyallup, Math 
David Vandeveer 
Ccntralia. Math 
Terrance Keimer 
Pullman, Math 


Alfred Camp Jr. 

Pullman, Math 
Susan Dahl in 
Federal Way, Math 
Stephen Cendro 
Renton. Math 
James Gill 
Seattle, Math 
Karen Isaacson 
Olympia, Math 
Jem Julum 
Pullman. Mali) 

Niall Kline-Kennewick, Math 

Melissa Cummins 
Touchet, Music 

Shelby Davis 
Pullman, Music 
Gordon Jacobson, Jr. 

Aberdeen, Music 

Joan Knatcal 

Snohomish. Music 

Nancy Prater 

Spokane, Music- 

Pat ricia Keimer 

Anchorage, AK, Music 

Mark Riissdl-Tcrrehonne, O, Musk 

College of Sciences and Arts 155 

Chris Catlin 
Pullman, Phys 
Dak Doering 
Seattle, Phys 
William Jones 
Miles City. MONT, Phys 
Stephen Langford 
Richland, Phys 
Alan MacArthur 
Tacoma, Phys 
Alyssa Myers 
Pullman, Phys 
Jamie Nugent-Camas, Phys 

Kim Anderson 
Burlington. Pol Sci 
Jeanne Austin 
Pasco. Pol Sci 
Marc Bailey 
Bellevue, Pol Sci 
Bradford Donovan 
Pullman, Pol Sci 
Laurie Buffington 
Olympia, Pol Sci 
Miehael Cole 
Coldendale, Pol Sci 
Leslie Cushman-Olympia, Pol Sci 
Pam DeRusha 
Spokane, Pol Sci 
John Dziedzic 
Lacy, Pol Sci 
Gene Estabrook 
Seattle, Pol Sci 
John Ewers 
Spokane. Pol Sci 
Rafael Ferrer 
Seattle, Pol Sci 
Lisa Garmanian 
Bellevue, Pol Sci 
Timothy Giesa-Spokanc. Pol Sci 

Diane Gourley 
Seattle, Pol Sci 
Michael Graves 
Eugene, ORE. Pol Sci 
Mary Ann Groham 
Seattle. Pol Sci 

William Hamilton 
Portland, ORE. Pol Sci 
Mark Holden 
Kelso. Pol Sci 
Gregg John.vcn 
Chehalis, Pol Sci 

John Kuntz 
Pullman. Pol Sci 
Terrence Leahy 
Seattle, Pol Sci 
Joseph Lessard 
Kelso, Pol Sci 

Jeff Lesser 
Spokane, Pol Sci 
Bernard Little 
Wenatchee, Pol Sci 
Robert Loomis 
Spokane, Pol Sci 


Political Science 

156 Seniors 


Richard Lynberg 
Spokane, Pol S 
Kevin Medk 
Orting, Pol S 
James MJJcr 
Hoquiam, Pol S 

Jed Morris 

Bridgeport. Pol S 
David Namings 
Seattle, Pol S 
Defers Panattoni 
EUeoshurg, Pol S 

Alan Pierce 
Pomeroy, Pol S 
Arthur Rankson 
Issaquah, Pol S 
Dennis Rehberg 
Billings. MONT. Pol S 

Kevin Rogers 
Bremerton. Pol S 
Charlie Rohr 
Hayden Lake, ID, Pol S 
Marco Spani 
Pullman. Pol S 

Carol Summers 

Spokane, Pol S 

Craig Thompson 

Yakima, Pol S 

Kevin Vogeler 

Seattle. Pol S 

Stephen Way 

Olympia, Pol S 

Cary Willis 

Wenatchee, Pol S 

Richard Wogdand 

Clarkston, Pol S 

Kay Wolsbom-Pullman, Pol S 

Charles Baker 

Waitsburg, Psych 

Kenneth Bickle 

Uniootown, Psych 

Robert Brandon 

Walla Walla. Psych 

Carole Cements 

Seattle, Psych 

William Corker 

Longview, Psych 

Marilyn Darby 

Bellevue. Psych 

Steve DeBoer-Rcnton, Psych 

Carol De Stael 

Vancouver, Psych 

Mark Falkner 

Walla Walla. Psych 

Carol Franz 

Seattle, Psych 

Paul Gavin 

Seattle. Psych 

Karen Haynes 

Kent, Psych 

Allen Heinemann 

Prosser. Psych 

Maria Jungel-Vancouver, Psych 

F.rdme Kuljurgis 

Everett, Psych 

Cafl Lancaster 

Everett, Psych 

Jean Larson 

Ml. Vernon, Psych 

Cina Preite 

Bellevue, Psych 

Dan Ranson 

Pullman, Psych 

Marshall Seaman 

Federal Way. Psych 

Becky Stone-Vancouver, Psych 

Seniors 157 

Peggy Baker 

Olympia. Soc Work 
Terry Lee Bam hart 
Seattle. Soc Work 
Frandne H. Bottiger 
Bellingham. Soc 
Shirley Jean Callan 
Auburn. Soc Work/Soc 
Patrick J. Clark 
Vienna, Austria. Sot- 
Lee J. Doran 
Richland, Soc 
Julie Elworth-Bellcvuc, Soc 

Debra Kathryn Frank 

Pullman, Soc 
Paul Cene Hahn, Jr. 

Seattle, Soc 
Terri Lynn Higgins 

Sedro Woolley, Soc Work 

Anthony Holton 
Vancouver. Soc Work 
Colleen Marie Hulbert 
Mt. Vernon, Soc Work/Ale St 
Margaret L. Irish 
Pullman. Soc Work 

Betsy Wilma Knippa 
Tuiuwatcr. Soc Work 
Teri Ann Leonard 
Bellevue, Soc Work 
Sue Lucas 
Okanagon, Soc St 

Pamela D. Olanie 

Itillaboro, ORE. Soc Work 
Alma Kaye Reed 
Omak, Soc Work 
Colleen Marie Scace 
ksaquah. Soc Work 

Patricia L. Skelton 
Pasco. Soc Work 
Jeanne M. Snyder 
Spokane, Soc Work 
Susan Swanson 
Richland. Soc Work 

Rolf Tremblay 
Bellevue, Soc St 
Lillian May Woo 
Seattle, Soc Work 
Becky Yea man 
Yakima. Soc 

Social Studies and Social Work 

158 College of Sciences and Arts 


Carol Ann Bruton 

Seattle, Speech 

Suzy Denny 

Pullman, Speech 

Carol Frances Duncan 

Tempc. AZ, Speech 

Lori D. Flynn 

Liberty Lake, Com Dis 

Richard Roy Caring 

Seattle. Speech 

Valerie Herron 

Pullman, Com Dis 

lisa Hixenbaugh-Aubum. Speech 

Deborah M. Holloway 

Pasco, Com Dis 

Susan EL Jennings 

Wenatchee, Com Dis 

Evelyn Lois Kirk 

Pullman, Com Dis 

Avis Kathleen Koismo 

Steilacooin, Com Dis 

Lindsey B. Lebenzon 

Bellevue, Com Dis 

Kristi D. Petersen 

Seattle, Speech 

Cmny Quinley Richland Drama 

Charles D. Schwarz 

Pullman, Speech/PE 

Sonya Lynn Scott 

Pullman, Speech 

Wendy Sneva 

Issaquah, Com Dis 

Marty Stewart 

Cig Harbor, Com Dls 

Melody Jean Stone 

Edmonds, Speech 

Aidene Elise Vaughn 

Kelso, Com Dis 

Tanya Weber-Sequin. Speech 

Wildlife Biology 

Michelle Theresa Ashmore 
Palmer. AK. Wldlf Bio 
Donald C. Ausink 
Yakima, Zool 
Earl Bardin 
Pullman, Zool 
Bruce Edward Barga 
Walla Walla. Zool 
Lomt Burgstahler 
Vancouver. Wldlf Bio 
Bruce L. Bosley, jr. 

Hillsboro. CA, Zool 

Robert Bugert -Toledo, O. Wldlf Bio 

Frank C. Colony 

Orinda, CA, Zool 

Edward Conzatd 

Centralia, Zool 

Margaret Davies 

Pullman, Zool 

Andrew J. Devlin, jr. 

Pullman, Zool 
Barbara Doty 
Vancouver, Zool 
Richard A. Entman 
Quincy, Zool 

Douglas Extme-Onalaska. Zool 

Donald Crazrini 

Richland, Zool 

Larry Grove 

Winlock. Zool 

Donald Alan Harm 

Vancouver. Zool 

Mark S. Hendrickson 

Federal Wuv, Zool 

Jeffrey EL Kytlo 

Tacoma, Zool 

Dennis Larson 

Tacoma. Zool 

William Liljc-Davcnport. Zool 

Don Maris 

Spokane. Zool 

Walter C. Morgan 

Quincy. Zool 

Nancy Lee M urbach 

Aikin, S.C.. Zool 

Marcia Muto 

Seattle, Zool 

James W. Norbnry, jr. 

Seattle. Zool 
Patricia A. Powers 
Grandview, Zool 

Denysr Racine-Hacienda Hgts, CA, Wldlf Bio 

College of Sciences and Arts 159 

College of Veterinary Medicine 

The College of Veterinary Medicine, estab¬ 
lished in 1899, has a long tradition of commitment 
to teaching, research and public service in the 
areas of animal health and the relationship of ani¬ 
mal diseases to human health. 

The public service activities of the college are 
directed toward meeting the needs of the veteri¬ 
narian and his clients, the animal industry, com¬ 
panion animals and the public health agencies of 
the State of Washington, the nation and inter¬ 
national agencies. 

A D.V.M. degree requires at least seven years of 
study, the last four of which are professional 
study. As part of the training program the college 
maintains a clinic for treatment of large and small 

WSU has entered into a regionally shared cur¬ 
riculum program with the University of Idaho and 
Oregon State University to establish an equitable 
and efficient sharing of resources and costs for the 
D.V.M. training of students from all three states. 

In addition, students from eight other western 
states may enter the D.V.M. program and are 
sponsored by their home states under the WICHE 

Admission to the D.V.M. program is highly 

Dr. Leo K. Bustad 

Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine 

Dr. Robert B. Wilson 

Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology 

Dr. William G. Huber 

Veterinary and Comparative Anatomy 
Physiology and Pharmacology 

Dr. John E. Alexander 

Veterinary Clinical Medicine and Surger) 

160 College of Veterinary Medicine 

Intercollegiate Nursing Center 

Since its conception in 1969, the Intercollegiate 
Center for Nursing Education has remained one of the 
nation’s most unique nursing programs. The nursing 
center at Spokane is a cooperative effort of WSU, Fort 
Wright College, Whitworth College and Eastern 
Washington State College. 

The center enables the participating schools to com¬ 
bine resources while maintaining the integrity of their 
students. More than 50 hospitals and health agencies 
are involved in providing for the students a nationally 
accredited education. 

The Intercollegiate Center and WSU maintain an 
active and expanding Out Reach.program. Out Reach 
is designed to assist graduates of associate degree and 
diploma programs in continuing education and re¬ 
fresher courses. An increasing number of registered 
nurses are applying to the center in an effort to im¬ 
prove and expand their education. 

The Intercollegiate Center has before the legislature 
a proposed new building which would update teaching 
facilities and allow for the addition of a graduate 

Hilda B. Roberts 

Nursing Advisor and Associate Professor 

Hilda Roberts was in charge of the original development 
of the nursing program at the Intercollegiate Center for 
Nursing Education (pictured above) and was the pro¬ 
gram’s first director. 

School of Nursing 161 


Sharon Aufderhar 
Spokane, Nursing 
Kathy Blackketter 
Spokane. Nursing 
Cynthia Bushwar 
Spokane, Nursing 
Kathleen Charters 
Spokane. Nursing 
Teresa Chmelir 
Spokane, Nursing 
Michelle Coffey 
Spokane, Nursing 
Ann Dahl Spokane, Nursing 

Debbie Douglas 
Spokane. Nursing 
Barb Edwards 
Spokane, Nursing 
Jem Ftnlavson 
Spokane, Nursing 
Ellen Field 
Spokane, Nursing 
Jan Cutkowski 
Spokane, Nursing 
Margaret Halasey 
Spokane. Nursing 
Alice Heidy Spokane. Nursing 

Susan Helling 
Bellevue, Nursing 
Lynn Higginbotham 
Spokane, Nursing 
Tammie Hoover 
Spokane. Nursing 
Cheryl Husa 
Spokane, Nursing 
Sandra Keeshaw 
Spokane. Nursiug 
Janice Linderer 
Spokane. Nursing 
Kathy Merelli Spokane. Nursing 

Kathleen Nellermoe 
Spokane. Nursing 
Jodene Nelson 
Spokane, Nursing 
Karin Prais 
Spokane, Nursing 
Colleen Schmidt 
Spokane, Nursing 
Laura Smawlcy 
Pullman, Nursing 
Naney Smedley 
Spokane. Nursing 
Judy Snyder Spokane, Nursing 

162 Seniors 

Men’s Athletic Staff 

tow One: Howard Tippett, Gayle Larse, Cyd Roman, Debbie Gregory, Lila Dra- Candy Schulhauser, Glenn Oman, Robert Leahy, George Raveling, Sam Jankov- 
ler, Pam Grindstaff, Anna Koesel, Joyce Courser, Shannon Bauer, Jackie Sue ich, Chris Lilly, Kevin Veleke, Roderick Kirby, Gary Hirst, Bill Cords, Steve Loh- 
Veitman, David Walker, David Campo. Row Two: Jackie Sherrill, Rex Davis, mever, Roger James, Rick Sloan, Dick Melhart. 

Athletic Director 
Sam Jankovich 

Mr. Sam Jankovich, a fireball of en¬ 
ergy and personality’, was appointed to 
be WSU’s sixth athletic director upon 
the departure of Bay Nagle. 

Following a world of experience in 
athletics, from head coach and athletic 
director in Butte, Montana, to assistant 
football coach under Jim Sweeney at 
WSU. Sam Jankovich found himself as 
assistant athletic director where he more 
than tripled the Cougar Club's produc¬ 

As new athletic Director, Mr. Jankov¬ 
ich has his work cut out, but with his ex¬ 
uberance arid experience in Cougar ath¬ 
letics, great things are projected for the 

Sports 167 

Women’s Sports 

Athletic Staff 

JoAnne Washburn 

Women’s Athletic Director 

Under the guidance of Assistant Athletic Director, 
Jo Anne Washburn, women’s athletics at WSU contin¬ 
ues to produce fine athletes and coaches yearly. Their 
charter membership with the Northwest College 
Women’s Sports Association and the Association for 
Intercollegiate Athletics for Women has enabled WSU 

women to participate with other top athletes through¬ 
out the region and nationally. The Women’s Inter¬ 
collegiate Athletics program includes field hockey, 
volleyball, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, skiing, 
tennis and track. 

Women's Athletic Staff. How One: JoAnne Washburn, Dot Dobie, Bente Kjoss- ton, Sue Durrant, Jane Vogel, Ce DeMarco, Cori McCorkie, Judy Novinc, Ing< 
Hansen, Jody Dickens, Nancy Wright, Diane Albright. Row Two: Wilma Harring- Renner. 

168 Sports 

Field Hockey Finishes 9-9-3 

With the help of only five re¬ 
turning seniors, a young women’s 
field hockey team worked hard 
to finish with a 9-9-3 record. 

WSU finished with wins over 
Oregon College of Education, 
Pacific Lutheran and Northwest 

Two seniors. Barb Kase and 
Linda Kays, were honored by an 
invitation to participate in the 
United States Field Hockey Asso¬ 
ciation training camp and to play 
on the U.S. team. 

Looking forward to next sea¬ 
son, Coach Dot Dobie hopes to 
have two solid teams, with many 
JV players moving up to varsity. 

A field hockey team member practices before a game. 

Row One; Denece Cromwell, 
Amy Cox, Wendy Tyus. Row 
Two; Linda Kays, Sue Bailiff, 
Alice Goodwin, Prudence 
Miles. Row Three; Anna Zach- 
wieja. Barb Kase, Marilyn Par¬ 
ish, Kathryn Smith. Row Four; 
Patty Mattausch, Jane Schuller, 
Jean Peckham, Mary Cox, 
Nancy Wright, Dana Blair, 
Marcia Taylor, Gail Hauser, 
Carolee Edwards, Cathy Peck- 
ham, Mary Ellen Pearce, Laurie 
Turner, manager; Mary Bar- 
tush, Dot Dobie, coach. 

Sports 169 

Fall Sports 

Women Spikers Finish Third 

Row One: Molly Ronnestad, 
Heidi Urguhart, Susan Peters, 
Ellen Moe, Jan Cunningham, 
Kathy Lyon, Joyce Seltveit, Jea¬ 
nette Barham. Row Two: Joni 
Kauzlarich, Deborah McGill, 
Lori Sorensen, JoEllen Fehren- 
bach, Katie Gray, Jayne Smith, 
Jean Purdy, Nancy Engman. 
Row Three: Kathy Hinkelman, 
manager; Cori McConkle, assis¬ 
tant coach; Allison Davis, Leslie 
Peterson, Bliss Croonquist, 
Yvonne Velasco, Cheryl 
McCleary, Kim Seals, Judy 
Novinc, coach; Klaire Harry, 

Finishing third in the Region Nine tournament, the 
women’s volleyball team rounded out its season with a 29-8 
record. The Cougar spikers missed qualifying for the national 
championships by one game in the regional tourney. In the re¬ 
gional competition, the WSU women topped five other 
schools, split two games with Washington and lost to tourny 
winner Portland State and number two Oregon. i 

Above Left: Katie Gray defends the Cougar net. 
Above: Yvonne Velasco socks the ball over with a 
powerful serve. 

170 Sports 

Water Polo Shows Promise 

Goalie Doug Matchet stops a score during a team scrimmage. 

Kelly Bollenger drives in for a score. 

* The ’76 water polo sea¬ 
son found a young and in¬ 
experienced Cougar 
squad capturing 3rd place 
in the Northwest and fin¬ 
ishing with a strong 14-4 
overall record. 

With the core of the 
club being freshmen this 
year, the Cougs anticipate 
themselves as the team to 
beat in the ’77 Northwest 
campaign, as well as a vi¬ 
able NCAA contender. 

The Cougars will de¬ 
pend on season stand-outs 
John Testa, most valuable 
player. Bob Palmquist, 
best offense, and Doug 
Natchett, starting goalie 
and most improved 
player, to provide a solid 
backbone for continued 
.success. j 

Row One: Ed Tanabe, Tom Quann, Rourk Monohon, Dave Schultz, Bob Pomquist, Steve Leigh. Row Two: Doug 
Vtatchett, Mike Morrow, Steve Lohmeyer, coach; Jay Jerrad, Kent Abendorth. Row Three: John Testa, Paul Rice, 
Bret Graham, Kelly Bollenger, Eric Romppanen, Steve Mason. 

Sports 171 

Cross Country: Third In NCAA 

A season of aches and injuries came to a dramatic 
conclusion last November at North Texas State Uni¬ 
versity as the underdog Cougar cross country team 
blazed to a strong 3rd place finish in the NCAA Cham¬ 
pionships. Led by All-Americans Henry Rono, Samson 
Kimombwa and Josh Kimeto, the Cougs surprised ev¬ 
eryone but themselves. 

Rono became the first freshman ever to win the na¬ 
tional individual title, cruising through the tape with 

the fastest time ever in the world, capping his first sea¬ 
son at WSU with a perfect win record. 

The “Kenyan Corps,” along with the majority of the 
squad, returns next year with no less than the NCAA 
team title on their minds; a prize well within their 

On paper, WSU has the best cross-country team in 
the nation, but there has not yet been a race run on 

172 Sports 

Left: Freshman Henry Rono crosses the finish line capturing first 
place and establishing a new NCAA record time at the national 
championships. Above: Henry Rono, Joshua Kimeto and Samson Ki- 
mombwa break to the front at the Pac-8 meet at Stanford. Above: 
WSU runners leave the pack far behind at the NCAA meet, held in 
Denton, Texas. 



18.43 Montana 

37.. North Division, 2nd place 

41.Pac-8 Meet, 2nd place 

179.NCAA Meet, 3rd place 

Sports 173 

Fall Sports 

The spirited WSU soccer team finished 
off the ’76 fall campaign with an impres¬ 
sive 4-0 sweep over Central Washington 
State to capture 1st place in the North¬ 
western Intercollegiate Soccer League. 

After a slow 0-1-2 start, the Cougs came 
back to take a strong 3rd place in the pres¬ 
tigious Husky Classic, beating Seattle U 
and nationally ranked Southern Methodist 

With this year’s showing and most of the 
squad returning, the Cougs look forward to 
a most impressive ’77 season. 

Soccer: Fight For Recognition! 

Row One: Leigh Bennett, Bob Hopper, As Thornton, Steve Wilson, Bryce Landrud, captain, Pete Bennett. Row Two: Johi 
Droke, coach, Dan Maracich, co-captain, Mike Hansen, Dave Ware, Jeff Coblentz, Mike Milholland. Row Three: Don Cotey 
Joel Hellenkamp, Gary Sleight, John Cotton, John Pierce, Paul Watson. Row Four: Wayne Martin, Ken Robinette. 

174 Sports 

Football Gains New Staff 

Upper Right Hand Comer, Clockwise: Otto Stowe, 
wide receiver; Michael Church, defensive line; Rod 
Kirby, linebackers; Dave Campo, secondary; Mike 
Price, offensive line; Howard Tippett, defensive coor¬ 
dinator; Bob Leahy, offensive coordinator; Dave 
Walker, offensive line. 


Cougs Open In Kansas 

A yoimg Cougar football squad left Kansas Univer¬ 
sity stadium a little discouraged but gained valuable 
experience on the bottom end of a 35-16 defeat. 

Victimized by self-inflicted injury, the Cougs suf¬ 
fered five costly turnovers, three interceptions, and 
two lost fumbles .. . problems that can be relieved by 

Several positive notes lightened an otherwise dismal 
afternoon, including a virtually flawless kicking game 
supplied by Gavin Hedrick and Chuck Diedrick and 
many younger players showing good potential for ma¬ 
jor college football. 

WSU Bows To Minnesota 

With game experience being a much needed com¬ 
modity, the yoimg Cougar squad faced a strong Minne¬ 
sota ball club, only to be turned back home with their 
first win eluding them, 28-14. Minnesota’s offensive at¬ 
tack proved to be too much for the young Cougar de¬ 
fense to handle. 

Sophomore Jack Thompson, filling in for injured 
John Hopkins at quarterback, hit Brian Kelly on a deep 
post pattern which covered 49 yards for a touchdown. 

Defensively, cornerback Kenny Greene played a 
great game while Jeff Jones at linebacker made 13 
tackles filling in for injured Terry Gilmore. 

The Road To Wisconsin 

Washington State's Cougars found themselves trav¬ 
eling east for the third time in as many weeks and 
coming home with all too familiar results—a 35-26 loss 
at the hands of Wisconsin’s Badgers. 

The Cougars played well, but still couldn’t put ev¬ 
erything together for a full 60 minutes, and were 
forced to swallow their third defeat in a row. 

Down by 21, WSU came back to score two touch¬ 
downs on the passing of Jack Thompson, but could 
come no closer. 

The receiving star once again was junior Mike Le- 
vensellar, who grabbed 8 passes for 141 yards and his 
first two touchdowns of the season. Dan Doornink, an¬ 
other Cougar standout, gained 53 yards rushing and 
added another 67 in making seven receptions. 

176 Sports 

Upper Right: John 
Troppman shows his 
enthusiasm to the 
Cong offense as they 
battle USC in the 
Kingdome. Upper 
Left: Running back 
Ray Williams studies 
the game from the 
sidelines. Lower Left: 
Senior quarterback 
Wally Bennet barks 
out signals to the of¬ 
fense in the game 
against the Idaho Van- 

Sports 177 


Above: Cougar standout Mike Levenseller scores against Idaho. and honorable mention All-American. 
Levenseller was chosen for All-Pac-8 1st team, All-Coast 1st team 

WSU Dumps UI use Slips By Cards Kill Coug 

After a disappointing three 
weeks of road games, the Cougars 
seemed quite pleased to be back in 
Pullman, and their play showed it. 

The Cougars ripped into the U of 
I Vandals 45-6. The scoring started 
early as Jack Thompson hit Mike 
Levenseller with a pass the third 
play of the game. Thompson com¬ 
pleted 19 of 24 passes for 255 yards. 
Linebacker Dean Pedigo led an 
outstanding defensive effort with 
eight solo tackles, a fumble recov¬ 
ery and a pass interference. 

WSU’s 23-14 loss to USC was a 
hard fought battle. USC at¬ 
tempted to dominate but the 
Cougar “D” never folded. Hard¬ 
hitting Tommy Thompson, Don 
Schwartz, and Dean Pedigo man¬ 
aged well, keeping USC’s scoring 
under control. In the 4th quarter 
the score stood tied 14-14 until 
USC added 6 more points for a fi¬ 
nal 23-14. Coach Sherrill was 
pleased by the outstanding work 
of two freshmen players. Spud 
Harris and Melvin Saunders. 

In a close game against th 
Stanford Cardinals WSU lost ii 
the final seconds by a score of 22 
16. Once again, Jack Thompsoi 
had an impressive game, record 
ing 235 yards through the air oi 
19 completions. Despite Thomp 
son’s success in the airways th 
Cougars could not score via th 
pass. WSU’s only scoring cam> 
from two touchdowns on th 
ground, by running back Ra 
Williams and Jack Thompson. 

178 Sports 

Oh meL.Is this the year? 

Oh GeeL.For roses to appear 
Oh my!...Let’s wait ’n see 
Oh why!...Is there a USC? 


Cougs Fall In LA 

After two good showings at home, the Cougs met up 
with a little more than they were prepared for, and left 
the coliseum after a 62-3 embarrassment inflicted by the 
nationally ranked Bruins of UCLA. 

Seven turnovers leading straight to six UCLA touch¬ 
downs is plenty to break any team’s spirit. While the 
Cougs tried desperately not to fold, the Bruins could do 
no wrong, continually playing fresh reserves with bubbl¬ 
ing enthusiasm to make good. Emotional letdown played 
the major role in the lop-sidedness of the score. 

“Cardiac Kids” Take Win In Eugene 

The University of Oregon never knew what hit them as 
Jack Thompson led the Cougars on an 86 yard blitz for 
the winning score. With just 19 seconds showing on the 
game clock, Thompson hit Eason Ramson with a 14 yard 
strike leaving the Cougs down by 1 point. A successful 
two-point conversion gave WSU all the extra margin it 
needed to win its first league game of the ’76 campaign. 

Thompson and Levenseller continued to rack up statis¬ 
tics while Dan Doornink had his best day of the season 
with 115 yards rushing. The “young” Cougars seemed to 
be coming of age. 


The Cougars nearly did the impossible for the third 
game in a row, coming back in amazing fashion only to 
fall one point short after failing to complete a final two- 
point conversion. 

The Cougs were down and out for the count when 
Thompson went to work and the rest of the team fol¬ 
lowed. Thompson finished the game with 28 completions 
for 391 yards and 3 touchdowns. Levenseller grabbed 7 
passes for a total of 139 yards. Records were beginning to 
fall as Thompson and Levenseller were coming forth as 
one of America’s best passing-receiving teams. 

Fight Bears In Kingdome 

180 Sports 

Upper Right: A flash 
of Cougar spirit is re¬ 
flected in the face of 
cheerleader Sandie 
Barnard. Upper Left: 
Preparing to take the 
snap from center Jon 
Despois, all Pac-8 
quarterback Jack 
Thompson checks the 
opposition’s defense. 
Despite not starting 
until the fourth game, 
Thompson had an out¬ 
standing year, break¬ 
ing three conference 
records. Below: De¬ 
fensive back Mark Pat¬ 
terson gives his all to 
block a Minnesota 
field goal attempt. 


Homecoming Win 

In a successful fourth quarter 
drive, WSU came from behind to 
score a Homecoming victory over 
Oregon State. As usual. Jack 
Thompson directed the drive with 
accurate passes and excellent calls. 
Against the Beavers, he passed for 
345 yards and two touchdowns and 
28 completions. Split end Mike Le- 
venseller came closer to breaking 
Pae-8 records by catching 10 passes 
and one touchdown. 

Hie Cougar secondary did their 
share, defending against the pass as 
they held OSU to 132 yards and a 
less than 50 percent completion av¬ 

A spectacular last minute touch¬ 
down bv Thompson to Levenseller 
clinched a 29-24 victory for the 

Dogs Down Cougs 

For the third time in a row, 
WSU’s Cougars fell to the Univer¬ 
sity of Washington’s Huskies, 51-32. 
Following a Husky touchdown in 
the first quarter, Ken Greene inter¬ 
cepted at the WSU 45 and put the 
Cougars in good field position. Af¬ 
ter a touchdown by Bob Brat- 
kowski, the Cougar defense was un¬ 
able to stop the Husky’s strong 
running drive. By the third quarter, 
UW dominated the scoring with a 
49-14 lead. 

Despite the defeat, Jack Thomp¬ 
son pinned down three Pae-8 
records plus an honorable mention 
from the All-American Team. 
Thompson was also named to the 
All Pac-8 1st team, the A. P. All- 
Coast 1st team and to the U.P.I. 
All-Coast 2nd team. 

Above: The WSU Yell Squad backs up the team. Right: Tailback Mike Washington 
returns a kickoff in the UW game in Spokane. 

182 Sports 


Cougar Football Team 

Row One: Dave Campo, coach; John Dodds, Paul Watson, Terry Alberta, Lee 
Braach, Griffin Proctor, Greg Hicks, Jackie Sherrill; head coach, Rodney Goosby, 
Cedric Watkin, Mike Allen, Jack Brossman, Dan Doornink, Wally Bennett. Row 
Two: Zaven Yaralian, coach; Mike Price, coach, Mike Snow, Jack Thompson, 
Mark Patterson, John Troppman, Jeff Meyers, Randy Simmons, John Hopkins, 
Robby Robinson, Joel Cooper, Mike Levenseller, Dexter Tisby, Bill Cords, coach; 
Tom Mays, coach. Row Three: Steve Morton, coach; Jim Hagensen, Joe Smith, 
Art Galloway, Harold Gillum, Mike Washington, Bill Taylor, Bob Gregor, Tali 
Ena, Dick Michelson, Sam Busch, Mike Desanto, Chuck Diedrick. Row Four: 
Butch Schmidt, Chris Catlin, Mike Doerfler, Tom Thompson, Ken Greene, Mike 
Sanders, Gary Hibbs, Don Nevels, Keith Goodenough, Dan Reardon, Jeff Clark, 
Brian Kelly, Art Lower. Row Five: Otto Stowe, coach; Bob Bratkowski, Gavin 
Hedrick, Steve Smith, Don Schwartz, Bevan Maxey, Dan Lukehurt, George 

Yamo, Kevin Stephenson, Tom Boge, Dave Brown, Bob Hill, Barry Reifle, Eric 
Rehwaldt, Bob Stretten, Mike Church, coach. Row Six: Tony Wise, coach; Dave 
Tobin, Virgil James, Mark Hicks, Mike Pena, Randy Strawn, John Despois, Delmo 
Hooks, Del LaLuc, Steve Schuller, Steve Swift, Tom Larsen, Brad Taylor, Steve 
Jackson, John Virgin, Dave Lemke. Row Seven: Chris Connely, Gary Knight, 
Larry Finan, Alan Kennedy, Mike Gallovich, Bruce Grun, Steve Johnson, Spud 
Harris, Mark Chandless, Steve Thieme, Noel Barnes,Doug Nessan, Steve Kali- 
noski, Eason Ramson. Row Eight: Howard Tippett, coach; Bob Leahy, coach; 
Dave McVey, Greg Sykes, Tim Ochs, Ron Bull, Jerry Grass, Dave Williams, Terry 
Anderson, Barry Zanck, Gordy Huffman, Raleigh Fletcher, Jeff Jones, Terry Gil¬ 
more, Mike Linker. Row Nine: Rod Kirby, coach; Dave Walker, coach; Tim Ma¬ 
her, coach; Dick Melhart, head trainer; Gary Hurst, trainer. 



i6 • • * • *.i* 






Minnesota .... 

. . . 28 

23 . . . 


Wiscoi&in .... 

. . . 35 




Idaho . 

. . . . 6 

22 .." 

14 . 

use . 

. . . 23 

32 ... 



. Stanford . 22 


California . . . . . 23 


184 Sports 

: fft; » 

J.V. Football... Back Again 


ow One: Coach Zaven Yaralian, Coach Tim Maher, Andy Rohinson. Gary Hibbs, 
reg Marth, Terry Alberta, Art Lower, Sam Allegro, Jon Williams, Jeff Myers, Art 
alloway, Fred Zack, Dan Lukehart, head coach Tony Wise. Row Two: Rodney 
roosby, Brad Taylor, Chris Catlin, Steve Smith, Don Nevels, Raleigh Fletcher, 

Joe Smith, Griffin Proctor, Jim Olson, Jim Hagensen, Mike DeSanto, coach Tom 
May's. Row Three: coach Craig Olson, Bruce Grim, Virgil James, Matt Shea, Jerry 
Stintzi, Dave McVey, Steve Johnson, Dave Williams, Allan Kennedy, Barry Reifel, 
Eric Rehwaldt, John Virgin, Marc Hicks, Mike Linker, coach Steve Morton. 

Tony Wise 
Head Coach 











Reinstated back into Cougar athletics, the 35 man JV football team 
ended the season with a disappointing win-loss record. Even so, many 
young ball players had a chance to demonstrate their skills on a colle¬ 
giate level, instead of wasting their season on the bench. With the 
youth of the Cougar Varsity and this fine crop of JV players to utilize, 
1977 could be the best year WSU football has seen in a long time. 

Sports 185 


Cougar Caps 

Head Basketball Coach George Raveling sum¬ 
med up the 1976-77 Cougar basketball season 
with “It was the best of times and it was the worst 
of times.” 

The Cougars started the season rated 16th in 
the nation by Sports Illustrated. The Cougs 
opened the season with wins over Pacific Lu¬ 
theran, Seattle University, Gonzaga and Sacra¬ 
mento State. Seniors Steve Puidokas and Harold 
Rhodes served notice they would 
pose problems for opponents, 
Puidokas averaging 21 points and 
11 rebounds a game and Rhodes 
contributing with 17.7 per game. 

The Cougars made their first 
trip east rated 17th in the UPI 

WSU’s stay in the top 20 
didn’t last long however as a 
tough Rhode Island team 
knocked the Cougars from the 
ranks of the unbeaten 72-65. The 
Cougs bounced back however 
and beat Jacksonville to raise their record to 5-1. 

After a quick stop at home to beat Cal State- 
Bakersfield, the Cougs returned east to play Ohio 
State. In a tough game the Cougars escaped with 
a 67-66 win. Freshman Don Collins, playing in his 
home state, had his season high of 15 points. 

The Cougars then returned to play Pepperdine 
in Spokane. The Cougars looked sluggish and 
were dealt their second loss of the year. 

Warming up for 
Pac-8 play, the 
Cougars defeated 
Fresno State, SW 
Louisiana, and 
Idaho. They en¬ 
tered their “sec¬ 
ond season” with a 
10-2 record. 

The Cougs got 
off on the right 
foot with a pair of easy wins over Stanford and 
California. As they did all year, 
Puidokas and Rhodes carried the 
majority of the scoring. Puidokas 
picked up 39 points and 30 
rebounds for the two games, in¬ 
cluding a career high 18 
rebounds against California. 
Rhodes hit for 25 against Stanford 
and 17 against Cal. 

186 Sports 

Junior Varsity 

Above Left: Marty Giovac- 
ehini drives toward the Cou¬ 
gar basket for another score. 
Above Right: Steve Puid- 
okas displays his “soft” 
touch. Opposite Page, Bot¬ 
tom: Freshman Terry Kelly 
goes to the basket for the 




JlB ^ J 

Row One: Guy Magnus, Steve Kirby, Les Camp, Kye Dawald, Kent Jordan. Row Two: Mike Lewis, Gary 
Neal, Jeff McKinney, Brian Daley, Mel Odom. Row- Three: Dean Yankee, manager; Brad Agerup, trainer; 
Edgar Jeffries, assistant coach; Tom Schneeman, head coach; Karl Krug, assistant coach; Craig Williams, 

188 Sports 





low One: Coach George Raveling, Marty Giovacehini, Steve Puidokas, Coach 
"om Pugliese. Row Two: Ken Jones, Terry Kelly, Dave Niehl, Harold Rhodes, 
teve Johnson, Clarence Clark, Brian Grim. Row Three: Angelo Hill, Don Collins, 

Greg Johnson, Paul Sehilleei, John Tessem, James Donaldson, Stuart House, John 
Preston, Kevin Graffis. 














.Rhode Island.. 













.SW Louisiana. 












.Oregon State. 


























.Oregon State. 




. 6 . S 

Sports 189 


’77 Season Highlights 

Off to their best start in 28 years, the Cougars trav¬ 
eled to Bozeman, Montana to take on Montana State. 
Coach Raveling chose to rest an injured Puidokas for 
as long as possible in that game, but the Cougs fell be¬ 
hind early and things looked bad. Playing with a bad 
ankle, the senior post came in and scored 14 points 
over the last 10 minutes to help pull out a narrow 64- 

WSU now headed to the Willamette 
Valley to take on a tough Oregon State 
and a surprising Oregon. 

Poor foul-shooting did the Cougars in 
at Corvallis and- they drooped from a 
three way tie for first. 

Clutch shooting however, helped the 
Cougs knock Oregon from the ranks of 
conference unbeaten in a tough 49-45 
win on MacArthur Court. After this 

weekend the Cougs, 

Oregon, UCLA and the 
UW were all tied for 
first with Oregon State 
just one game back. 

Washington State re¬ 
turned home to battle it 
out for first with cross-state rival Washington in a tele 
vised game. The Cougars fell behind early and couk 
not overtake the Huskies in a 71-68 loss. Puidokas anc 
Rhodes continued to lead the Cougars in scoring, bu 
big contributions were being made by freshmen Stuar 
House and Don Collins. Point guard Marty Giovac 
chini offered leadership and continued to pile up as 

63 victory. 

190 Sports 

The Cougs now headed to Los 
Angeles for a pair of crucial games 
with USC and UCLA. Cougar 
hopes were dealt a severe blow 
when Steve Puidokas was forced to 
remain at home due to a badly 
sprained ankle Harold Rhodes took 
up part of the slack with a career 
high 29 points against USC. With 
seconds left, Stuart House slammed 
home a pass from Giovacchini to 
give the Cougs a 67-65 win. 

The Cougs 
traveled across 
town the next 
night to take on 
the Bruins in 
Pauley Pavilion. 
The Cougs took 
one on the chin 
despite the 26 
points of Rhodes 
and 11 of James 

Donaldson. UCLA 
had things their way 
and won 72-59. 

Five days later the 
Cougars and Bruins 
met again, this time 
in Pullman. In what Raveling called 
a “must win game” the Cougars 
raced to a 35-31 half-time lead. 

Unfortunately, the Cougars hit a 
flat spot for about two and a half 
minutes and UCLA scored eight 
unanswered points to break a 49-all 
tie. Final score: UCLA 65, WSU 62. 

The Cougars bounced back again 
to clobber USC 72-55. The Cougars 
shot a blistering 67 percent for the 
game and blew the Trojans out in 
the second half. 

The Cougars traveled down to 
the Bay area to take on a suddenly 
tough California team. California 
dealt the Cougar title hopes a seri¬ 

ous blow and knocked off the 
Cougs 66-52. 

Fast realizing they would have to 
close out the season with a winning 
streak, if they were going to receive 
a post-season bid, the Cougars beat 
Stanford 69-52. Stuart House 
played one of his finest games scor¬ 
ing 19 points and pulling down 
seven rebounds. 

Washington State returned home 
to find themselves in the thick of a 
battle for second place. In an ex¬ 
citing, physical game the Cougars 
came from behind to beat Oregon 
for the second time this year. The 
Cougs won by two, 55-53, after 
Marty Giovacchini sank a shot with 
12 seconds left. 

The Cougars closed out the sea¬ 
son in Seattle against the Huskies, 
and although the Cougars weren’t 
sure at the time, a post-season bid 
was on the line. The Cougs ran into 
trouble over the last nine minutes 
and only scored 
four points, as the 
Huskies ran away 
with the game, 66- 

The following 
Sunday was a long 
day for Cougar 
fans as they found 
out that Oregon 
had lost to Oregon 
State. A Cougar 
win over Washing¬ 
ton would have 
placed them in a 
tie with Oregon 
for second in the 
PAC-8. The NIT 
took Oregon, the 
Cougars stayed 

Sports 191 

Women’s Sports 

Swimmers Splash to Fifth 

Row One: Kristi Knuth, Linda Eastlick, Laurie Grantham, Teri Leonard, Kate Pflucgar, Lisa Broznowski, Lvnne Gourlev, Liz Metcalf, Inge Renner, Bruce Wei 
Lamed, Barbara Sadler, Dawn Kuntz, Wilinan Harrington, coach; Gordan Lang. ster, Mark Schaufler. 

Row Two: Becky Schaufler, Connie Iten, Allison Moore, Marne Medler, Kathy 

The women’s swim team highlighted its ’77 season 
by placing 5th out of 19 in the regional competition. 
Coach Wilma Harrington commented on two ex¬ 
ceptional meets in which the Cougars overcame 
Idaho in an individual meet, and the all-around 
meet in Oregon where the swim team ranked near 
the top. 

Several outstanding swimmers excelled during 
the ’77 season. Among them: Dawn Kuntz in the in¬ 
dividual medley and butterfly, Laurie Grantham in 
the backstroke, and Lynn Gourley in the 200 and 
500 yard freestyle. Senior Terry Leonard, in her last 
year of competition at WSU, capped her diving ca¬ 
reer by qualifying for, and attending, the national 
competition held in Providence, Rhode Island. 

With only two seniors graduating, Coach Har¬ 
rington is looking forward to an equally successful 
’78 season. 

Teri Leonard shows her good form as she 
executes a dive. 

192 Sports 

Snowless Ski Season Cut Short 

Women’s Ski Team 

Shelly Bolin 


Dianne Cote 


Jan Cunningham 


Paula Davis 


Debra Denby 


Leslie Farrell 


Alice Goodwin 


Carolyn Kalisch 


Cindy Lyman 


Jane Millwer 


Julie Newman 


Jane Schaller 


Janet Schmidt 


Molly Sleeth 


Mary Williams 


Amber Winkersteen 


Dode Smilanich 


Due to lack of snow, this year’s skiing com¬ 
petition was cut short. 

While the women continued to condition 
for the meets, doing exercises that simulate 
cross-country and alpine skiing techniques. 
Training with the men’s team, the women 
made use of roller skates as well as folk danc¬ 
ing, swimming, running, spider ball and re¬ 
laxation training. 

With more people than ever this year, the 
team was diversified with a broad back¬ 
ground of experience. Ten returnees, in¬ 
cluding five seniors, provided the backbone 
necessary for a strong team. 

Coach Kjoss-Hansen stated, “This is the 
most cohesive team of any I’ve ever coached. 
We were better set this season than ever be¬ 

Below: Jan Cunningham, Shelly Bolin and Coach 
Bente Kjoss-Hansen demonstrate cross country 
training techniques during the dry ’77 season. 

Winter Sports 

Young Wrestlers Struggle 

Row One: Mike Santiago, Trainer; Tom Goodwin, Mark Grindstaff, Mike Quann, ler, Rob Thornton, Jim Burke; Coach Roger James. Not Pictured: Glen Zuroske 
Dan Drllevich, Mark Erwin; Darryl Guthrie, Manager. Row Two: Frank Baker. Allan Acheson, Norman Inaha, Chuck Burns. 

Biyan Pfeiffer, Mark Applegate, Kevin Yanasak, Mike James, Tim Paul, Jim Vos- 

194 Sports 


Scoreboard wsu 

O....Oregon State.... 


41... Simon Fraser...., 




37...Montana State.., 



22...Idaho State. 




15... Boise State. 

.. 26 


13...Portland State..., 


3....U of W. 

31...Western Wash... 


10....Central Wash..., 








Left: Cougar Dan Drllevieh drives his opponent into the mat. Above: Tom Goodwin of WSU on the takedown and in control. 

Sports 195 

Winter Sports 

Gymnasts Place Two in Pac-8 Finals 

Dubi Liili, assistant coach; Gene Johnson, assistant coach; Leonard Lewis, Hie Mike Petrovich, George Konzek, Jim Fending, Bob Peavv, head coach. 
Stahl, Rich Langendoen, John Cummings, Bob Thome, team captain; Bill Smith, 



176.65...Eastern Montana....l40.90 
187.00...Cal State at Chico... 186.50 

and EWSC.157.10 

187.35.. . Washington. 200.45 


186.00...Portland State.189.05 

and Eastern Montana.153.85 

189.40.. WSU Alumni.181.65 

352.05.Pac NW Championships.3rd 

358.35...Pac-8 Championships.6th 

Right: Coach Boh Peavy confers with team captain Bob 

196 Sports 

With a skilled and well-bal¬ 
anced gymnastics team, the WSU 
men placed an impressive third 
in the Pacific Northwest Gym¬ 
nastics Championships. 

Following the Pacific NW 
meet the team competed in the 
Pac-8 Championships where 
Mike Petrovich and John Cum¬ 
mings placed 7th and 8th in the 
Pommel Horse finals. 

Coach Bob Peavy’s team 
placed 6th overall in the cham¬ 

Peavy felt the highlight of the 
season was beating Cal State at 
Chico, a nationally ranked Divi¬ 
sion II team. He was pleased by 
the team’s progress throughout 
the season as they compiled a 5-2 
meet record. 

Left: WSU gymnast Leonard Lewis 
demonstrates his skills on the rings. Be¬ 
low: Jim Femling exhibits his winning 
form on the parallel bars. 

How One: Jodv Dickens, Denise Andrews, Lori Maeshiro, Joyce Seltveit, Kathleen 
Chav, Linda Kays, Shauna Pierson, Laurie Turner, Tammi Bos, Sharon Brophv. 
Row Two: Kathy flinkelman, Linda Herzog, Grace Silver, Kathrvn Smith, Kim 

Mooney, Lori Trent, Pamela Brown, Melanie Jennings, Kim Piozok, Sue Durrant, 
coach. Row Three: Ce DeMarco, Jan Weber, Debbie Lovell, Gail Houser, Suei 
Smith, Jan Zaehman, Mary Danielson. Janet Kuslcr. 

Ending the season with a 13-7 
record. Coach Sue Durrant felt 
this year’s basketball team im¬ 
proved markedly over the pre¬ 
vious season. In post-season play¬ 
offs, the women’s team compiled 
3 wins and 1 loss to place third in 
the Eastern Areas Qualifying 
Tournament. Optimistic about 
the 77-78 outlook. Coach Dur¬ 
rant stated, “We only lose 2 se¬ 
niors so we will have a good re¬ 
turning nucleus for next season.” 

Right: In possession of the hall, Laurie 
Turner drives in for a score. 

Winter Sports 

Women’s Basketball Closes 13-7 

Women’s Gymnastics Grows 

Row One: Debby Foss, Shari Keeffe, Jamie Ness, Norma Jurado, Diane Colclough. Row Two: Coach Diane Albright, Cheryl 
Rice, Karen Anderson, Denise Howie, Peggy Berhow, Teresa Green, Lynn Minietta. 

With a majority of 
freshmen and soph¬ 
omores making up this 
year’s team, women’s 
gymnastics got off to a 
slow start, but bounced 
back to come on strong 
and finished with a suc¬ 
cessful season. The 
team members as well 
as Coach Albright 
noted that improve¬ 
ment was evident in the 
last four meets with 
teamwork being all-im¬ 
portant. Next year’s 
team looks forward to a 
smoother season with 
many members return¬ 

Bottom Left: Jamie Ness ex¬ 
ecutes a “Yamashiti” vault 
in a home meet at Bohler 
Gym. Bottom Right: Shari 
Keeffe demonstrates her 
skills on the uneven parallel 

Spring Sports 

Golfers Gain Experience 

Row One: Peter Guay, Mike Hemphill, Ed Klein, Bruce Bork, Dan Thacker. Row Two: Tim Quinn, Bill Morelockl 
Coach Keith Lincoln, Rick Applegate. 

Attending the Crosby Invitational Golf Tournament in 
Guadalajara, Mexico proved to be the highlight of the 
year for WSU’s golf team. The Cougars participated in 
several other tournaments throughout the season in¬ 
cluding the Seattle University Invitational, the Whitman 
Invitational, and the Tri-Cities Invitational. Competing 
in the first annual Pacific Northwest Intercollegiate 
Championships at Tokatee Golf Club, the Cougars fin¬ 
ished a strong sixth out of 14 teams. 

Coach Keith Lincoln commented on this year’s golf 
team saying he felt it was the strongest team WSU has 
had in several years. He expects continued improvement 
and an exciting season next year. 

Right: Team Captain Ed Klein blasts his way out of a sandtrap. 

200 Sports 


Turns in 

Earning their first winning sea¬ 
son since 1972, the men’s tennis 
team turned in a 10-8 record. 
Coach Rex Davis stated, “It was 
a very satisfying season because 
our players all competed to their 
potential throughout the year. 
We had good wins out of every¬ 
one on the team. Everyone had a 
positive outlook on the season.” 

Row One: Chris Randall, Roger Tvsser, Jeff Mahan. Row Two: Mark Howell, Jim Rice, Ken Wager. Row 
Three: Tim Schwab, Mark Walters, Tim Reid. 

Far Left: Ken Wagar executes a back¬ 
hand return. Left: Jeff Mahan concen¬ 
trates on a powerful delivery. 

Sports 201 

Women’s Sports 

Track: 6th in Regionals 

Row One: Nancy Krueger, assistant coach; Dot Dobie, coach. Row Two: Janee Cunningham, Marcia Taylor, Julie Shattuck, Jean Peckham, Patty Mattausch 
Geliheau, Katie Cray, Wendy Tvus, Kelly Reclmen, Karen Blair, Kathy Peckham. Dana Blair, Virginia Van Vessem, Lisa Woodcock. 

Theresa Kanclers, Marsha Kinney, Gail Brown, Gail Houser, Mary Bartush, Jan 

The WSU women’s track team finished its season 
by taking sixth place in the 35-team regionals held 
in Seattle during May. Dot Dobie, coach of the Cou¬ 
gar women said, “We’re really pleased. We’ve come 
a long way from last year, from 16th place to sixth. 
Last year we took only one person with us, this year 
we took nine.” 

WSU also had a strong regular season, compiling 
a record of four first places, one second place and 
one third. 

Right: WSU runners Jean Peckham and Kelly Redman head for 
a victory in the mile. 

202 Sports 

Tennis: 2nd in Regionals 

Sports 203 

WSU’s women’s tennis team completed its season taking second 
place honors in the regional tournament at Ashland, Oregon. The 
Cougars scored 37 Points and finished behind champion Washing¬ 
ton, the only team to defeat WSU during its 14-2 season. 

Coach Bente Kjoss-Hansen felt that Ashland was the highlight of 
the season. Kjoss-Hansen stated, “The main thing that we im¬ 
proved upon as a team during the season was concentration and 
dedication.” Another factor that attributed to the team’s success 
was the spring break tour. The women had a chance to play other 
colleges prior to their peak performance and pull together as a 

Thompson, Minka Davidha/.v, Anne Sugars, Kathv Steele, Marlaine Dickson, Sue 
Peters, Carol Spiegilberg, Gail Reiter, Bente Kjoss-Hansen, coach. Row Four: Jo 
Montgomery, Amanda Burk, Julie Sebotton. 

One: Karen Part low, Cathy Davis, Ann Parrv, Cathv Canong. Row Two: Val 
owles, Linda Beers, Debbie Panattoni, Barbara Patten, Lee Welliver, Vickie 
mmpson. Row Three: Elaine Dickson, Michelle Chauner, Mike O’Lorez, Ann 

Men’s Crew: Second in Northwest 

Cougar Crew 

Fred DarvilU 
Paul Enquist 
Jim Fischer 
Gerhard Kistemaker 
Steve Porter 
Brad Sleeper 
A1 Tli i emeus 
Mitch Wainwright 
Ray Wittmier 
David Yorozu 
Jean Bohannan 
Kelvin Eder 
Brian King 
Steve Ran ten 
Mark Richter 
Steve Weed 
Steve Wells 
Ed Beck 
John DeLong 
Doug Engle 
Chris Gulick 
A1 Fisher 
Jav Johansen 
John Krause 
John Leendertsen 
Marty Lund 
Tim Malkow 
Jeff McBride 
Luther Hitchcock 
Ted Russell 
Rob Simons 
Tom Anderson 
Joe Barton 
Jim Barbour 
Mike Campeau 
Tom Caudill 
Dan Keane 
Rich Ray 
Matt McDuffie 
Marty Michalson 
John Murphy 
Mark Shaber 
Rob Obom 
Kerri Pace 
Dave Toher 
Todd Heric 

For the men’s crew team, this sea¬ 
son was all action, featuring a busy 
schedule with competition from Bel¬ 
lingham, Western Washington, Mid¬ 
western Cup Competition, and Uni¬ 
versity of Washington. Ovenill, the 
WSU team finished ilie season tying 
for second place in the Northv 
hind the University of Washington. 

In conipttstiDnMftf the^ac-8 Rowing 
Championships in Redwood City, 
California, the Cougars fought hard to 

finish with a fourth place. During the 
first days of competition, the Cougs 
pulled a big upset bv beating out a 
top UCLA boat that was expected to 
challenge Washington, OSU and Cal 
t fctf championship. 

Cofeeh *Keu ^Struckmeyer stated, 
'Willi a win over UCLA, j^c gpjnmb*- 
Icft of respect;" Hejjdded that through 
championship competition, the Cou¬ 
gars learned what they will have to do 
next year to win. 

Spring Sports 

204 Sports 

W omen’s Crew Overcomes Obstacles 

In its third year at WSU, the women’s crew team 
was faced with numerous obstacles. Inexperience in 
both the team members and the coach worked 
against the women, as did the small number of girls 
who turned out. Despite these factors, the small 
squad had a tremendous competitive spirit that was 
reflected in their high marks at individual meets. 

The format this year involved boats of four girls, 
since not enough participated to make up an eight- 

man shell of one weight class. 

Women’s Crew capped off its season by traveling 
to the Western Invitational Women’s Rowing 
Championship, held in Redwood City, California. 
The lightweight shell took a second place, beating 
out four schools, while the open weights also com¬ 
peted strongly, beating out four schools and finish¬ 
ing 5th. 

Women’s Crew 

Felly Bergano 
Kari Buringrud 
Mo Carrick 
Chris Carsten 
Cvndi Johnson 
Kiska Jose 
Dawn Maguire 
Andy Moore 
Kristi Norelius 
Jean Patterson 
Bert Player 
Martha Witt 
Robin Young 

Sports 205 

Track: NCAA Indoor Champs 

Dr. Wallis Beasley, Athletic Director Sam Jankovich, Josh Kimeto Ian Campbell Henrv Bono, James Brewster, Brian Worden, Coach Rich Sloan, 
(looking over shoulder), Paul Buxton, Samson Kimomlnva (partially hidden). 

WSU’s indoor track team took everyone by surprise 
and won the national NCAA Division I title, the first 
NCAA title for Washington State University. 

The indoor track team had a unique season, travel¬ 
ing across the U.S. to such cities as Los Angeles, De¬ 
troit and Toronto for meet competition. 

Head Coach John Chaplin stated, “This is the 4th 
year of WSU’s indoor track program. We feel the pro¬ 
gram is getting stronger every year and there is a real 
team effort going.” 

Two of WSU’s talented track men, Henry Rono and 
Ian Campbell, both freshmen, also brought home na¬ 
tional championships. Campbell received a 1st place 
in the triple jump while Rono broke the collegiate 
record in the 2-mile. ' 

Chaplin commented, “I’m proud to be the coach to 
bring Washington State track their first national title.” 


206 Sports 

Sports 207 


Henry Rono displays his diversified talent in the steeple chase. Harry Koozentsoff heaves the javelin. 

With a powerful takeoff and back-flop form, A1 Darneille sails over the high jump bar. 

208 Sports 

ibove: Ian Campbell and Rod Goosby race toward the finish line and another victory for the Cougs in the 100-yard 
ash. Below: Record-breaking freshman Henry Rono sprints around the cougar track. 

Compiling an 8-1 season 
meet record, this year’s out¬ 
door track team traveled the 
road to success. WSU ad¬ 
vanced to the Pacific-8 Track 
and Field Championships, tak¬ 
ing 26 entries to UCLA for 
competition. The Cougars 
were runnersup in the Pac-8 
meet with the Trojans edging 
them bv 14 points. Sampson 
Kimombwa set new marks in 
the 5,000 and 10.000 meters 
While Hfenry Rono set a new 
standard in the steeple chase. 
Coach Chaplin stated, "It was 
a great effort by everyone, a 
real team showing.” 

With the help of Joshua Ki- 
meto’s and Samson Kimo- 
mbwa’s first and second-place 
finishes in the 5,000 meters, 
WSU placed fourth in NCAA 
action. Ian Campbell took 
fourth in the triple jump. 

Sports 209 


Cougs Win Northern Divisior 

How One: Bobo Brayton, coach; Tim Tveit, Jim Lauer, Dave Edler, Bob Weis, fenroth, John Seefried, Chris Camp, Greg Herrick. Row Three: Rick Schafci 
Mike Henley, Steve Wilke, Martv Maxwell, Mike Kunnuncn. How Two: Jack coach; Bob Padovan, Bob Sherwood, Don Crow, Phil Westendorf, Tracv Harrit 
Hughes, student manager; Dan Wodrieh, Tom Jobb, Greg Chandler, Larry Pof- Eric Wilkins, Jim Carrithers. 









. 1 


. 0 






. 1 



. 1 




1 . 





....Fresno State. 








....Santa Clara. 








....Sacramento State.. 





....Puget Sound. 


1 . 

....Sacramento State.. 




. 0 , 


. 0 






. 1 


. 1 





. 1 

6 . 

. 0 

22 . 

....Oregon . 


5 . 

. 6 












....Oregon State. 


4 . 

. 6 

11 . 

....Oral Roberts . 

. 6 

5 . 

....OregonState . 


5 . 

. 2 

2 . 

....Cal-Riverside . 

. 6 

9 . 

....Oregon State . 


6 . 

. 2 

8 . 

. 12 

18 . 

....Idaho . 


5 . 

...Washington . 

. 6 

22 . 

. 2 

9 . 

....Washington . 


9 . 

. 1 

8 . 

....California . 

. 3 

6 . 

....Washington . 


3 . 

....Idaho . 


210 Sports 

Left: Pitcher Chris Camp winds up for another Strike-out. Above: Phil Westendorf foils 
Oregon State’s steal attempt with a tag at second. 

Tim Tveit receives congratulations from Coach Brayton and his teammates after a home run. 

Sports 211 


Omaha Eludes Cougs 

Number-one hitter Dave Edler connects on a long drive. 

State. The team then advanced to play Arizona 
State and was defeated 11-7 despite leading 7-3 at 
one point. The Cougs played Cal-State Fullerton the 
next day in 101 degree weather and won 6-5. After a 
two-hour break, they once again challenged Arizona 
State University only to lose 3-2. Arizona State ad¬ 
vanced to the College World Series, while the 
Cougs, with a second place, returned home. 

212 Sports 

Though competition at the Region-8 Tournament 
against USC proved unsuccessful, the Cougars were 
nevertheless offered an at-large berth to the Rocky 
Mountain Regionals in Tempe, Arizona. In this 
double elimination tournament, the winner ad¬ 
vances to play in the College World Series in 
Omaha, Neb. 

With their sights on the series, the Cougs played 
well, starting out with an 8-7 win over Portland 

Greg Chandler scores for the Cougs as he touches home plate. 

Dave Edler sends the ball to first. 

Tracy Harris delivers a powerful 

Baseball Awards 

1977 Pac-8 Conference Northern Division Baseball Team 

Eric Wilkins. 

. Pitcher 

Bob Sherwood. 

. Pitcher 

Jim Lauer. 

.First Baseman 

Dave Edler. 

. Third Baseman 

Marty Maxwell. 


Greg Herrick. 

. Outfielder 

Phil Westendorf. 

. Utility 

Coaches Cup (Cougar Baseball Man of the Year) 

Phil Westendorf 

Defensive Player of the Year. 

.Greg Chandler 

Leading Hitter of the Year. 

. Dave Edler 

Leading Pitcher of the Year. 

. Eric Wilkin 

Bob Sherwood 

Chris Camp 

Sports 213 

Cougar Spirit 

Crimson Rally Squad 

Row One: Sari Whitaker, Jcnise Wolff, Cantlv Bear, Eileen Anion, Andrea Tudor, 
Melanie Sexton, A Hyson Griffith, Denece Bover, Cindy Evans, Janis Harper. Row 

Two: Gary O’Malley, John Baumgartel, Mike Stone, Al Zimmer. Rob Perkins, 
Mike Warfield, Jeff Busch, Bill Davis, Darby Duchovv, Bruce Williams. 

214 Sports 

\ow One: President Laurie Ragsdale, Captain Cyndy Becker; Secretary Anne 
7 riedenrich, Advisor Bill Davis. Row Two: Suzy Danforth, Sharon Mathias, Anne 
Camin, Stacey Yarbrough, Shari Nalle.y, Susan Jennings, Laura Karnell, Cheryl 

Nelson, Cindy Dean, Janie Calkins, Lila Blumenschein, Pam Richmond. Row 
Three: Colleen Dinehart, Karen Brown, Laura Parsons, Kathy Hopkins, Judy Her- 
res, Kaelin Donald, Janice Stull, Cathy Sheahan, Cheryl Landin. 

Sports 215 

Cougar Drill Team 

Cougar Spirit 

Butchmen-Yell Squad 

Butchmen. Row One: Jack Schwisow, Bryce Hausmann, Bill Wodiske, Gary Baker. Row Two: 
Jeff Gibbs, Bill Meyers, Jeff Wall, Dick Mattila, Mike Conley. 

Yell Squad. Row One: Pete Devin, Jill Thoelcke. Row Two: 
Becky Boettcher, K.C. Alv. Row Three: Sandie Barnard, Sam 
Marshall. Row Four Karen Forth, Tom Hartman. Row Five: 
Linda Cole, Brad Kuykendall, Guv Hamer, Lorri Ebv. 

Marching Band 

Anna Ackerman, Linda Connelly, Karen DeMond, Fran Erickson, Jane Evans, Susan Ferro, 
Lynn Hazelton, Susan Johnson, Kathy Jones, Susan Lawrence, Jane Mackay, Beth Miller, Karen 
Munnich, Devon McColley, Lorrie McVev, Linda O’Gren, Jan Peterson, Kathy Rankin, Debbie 
Schenk, Diane Schwartz, Molly Sleeth, Kathy Smith, Marcia Strohecker, Scott Thompson, Kari 
Torgerson, Kelli Vaught, Judy Somers, Cathv Weil, Sharon Dineen, Connie White, Linda Wood- 
all, Phyllis Woods, Karen Sires, Chris Childers, Patty Salternik, Joy McConnell, Robvnn Arm¬ 
strong, Robin Hardenburgh, Mike O’Boyle, Susan Spadoni, Ronna Plowman, Pat Peaarson, Me¬ 
lanie Baird, John Eliadis, Gary Garowski, Colleen Murphy, Dianne McNeill, Gordon Nanninga, 
Steve Schmelz, Carol Shaver, Colleen Sweeney, Kelly Maxwell, Vickie Thompson, Terry Beatv, 
Barb Halter, Steve Meerdink, Robin Rauch, Murry Peterman, Max McCorkle, Melissa Cum¬ 
mins, Rick Lindsay, Randy Sprague, John Moore, Barb Kee, Don Kuhns, Julie Lingenfelter, Deb¬ 
bie Lovely, Lvnn Massman, Lisa Merry, Clare Murphy, Chuck Natsuhara, Carol Prothman, Jill 
Reiter, Mike Burch, Charlotte Wrye, Randy Hazelton, Louis Hollstein, Kathy Savan, Sharon 
Agun, Susan Lutze, Kerry Chapman, Janice Friedman, Margaret Henderson, Larry Altose, Mar¬ 
tin Anderson, Mickie Benzel, Anne Crosby, Mike Jacobsen, John Korn, Randy Lamoree, Doug 
Luft, Jerry Ringo, Marc Pederson, Jim Skinner, Skeeter Shkerich, Steve Hubbard, Doug Poole, 
Vem Bromley, Jay Howe, Becky Fausett, Scott Henry, Tracy Thompson, Dale Doering, Walter 
Ford, Alan Jordan, Paul Crosby, Dan Dancer, Maureen Richards, Kevin Mueller, Floyd Beggs, 
Dan Chubb, Al Heston, Marv Dolejsi, Joe Holman, Pat Jeffries, Robert Norris, Scott Selfridge, 
Dean Trout, Tom Flora, Mark Murphy, David Cannon, Eric Carlson, Craig Conway, Elaine 
Goeckler, Craig Keppler, Steve Peters, Mark Howe, John James, Tim Troxel, Brian Miller, Bill 
Alslev, Beth Cone, Hilary Smith, Becky Hughes, Karen Stone, Mary Gosslee, Cheryl Sonetz, 
Joyce Davies, Peter Anderegg, Mike Bauer, Keith Burtzman, Craig Callen, Merlyn Eidsvoog, 
Mark Ellis, Marian Fourno, Ron White, Jenny Longstaff, Denise Owens, Gary Pederson, Judy 
Potter, Diane Preston, Dennv Rehberg, Eric Silvers, Hans Lundgren, Terri Daling, Murlin Var¬ 
ner, Janice Gifford. 

216 Sports 

Intramural Council 

Row One: Phil Beyl, Vice Chairman Pat Crow, Chairman Mike Partlow, Dan Vance. Row Two: Kevin Anderson, Kurt Thompson, Bob 
Albert, Leroy Fulfs, Chris Tomashoff, Advisor Tom Mays. 

Above: In nighttime action from Martin Stadium, two women’s intramural football teams battle it out for a 
berth in the playoffs. 


With 16 enthusiastic teams participating, this year’s intramural waterpolo program had great participation. 

Above: The Ramp Pub volleyball team 
spikes one against Country Comfort. 
Left: The Cub billiard tables were busy 
all winter with 75 teams playing in a 
single elimination tourney. This year’s 
winners were Irv Higashi and Mike Kel¬ 

Sports 219 

Intramural Winners 



Racquetball.Kim McAdams. Norval Nelson 


....Stephenson Tower Power 

Basketball (6 ft. and under).SAE Roto-Rooter 

Basketball (unlimited).Truckers III 


James Bemis, Steve Brebner 



.Country Coumfort 

Table Tennis. 

.Doug Green, Rex Hohlbein 


Cross Country. 

.deHaetten Running Club 

Water Polo. 


..John Happy, Marty Jouflas 

Softball (fast pitch). 


Softball (slow pitch) 



.deHaetten Running Club 


.The Untouchables 

Intramural Division Winners 





.Phi Delta Theta 

Above Left: A participant in the intramural decathlon sprints 
toward a victory. Above Right: Bob “Smokin” Collins releases 
another fast ball. Right: Pat Fredrickson sets his sights on an¬ 
other homer. 

220 Sports 


Magic House Members: 
Dave Schactler, Steve 
Stare, Candy Morris, 
Mike Warner, Tom 
Mildner, Barb Appel, 
Shelly Ross, Monte 
Schultz, Kathy Johnston, 
Dick Krace, Dana Brav, 
Janie Lane, Gary Slater, 
Paula Waters, Mike To- 
jelker, Naomi, Phil Bat¬ 
taglia, Bruce Lane, Gary 
Johnson, John Waters, 
Joanne Reed, Dean 
Conti, Glen Organ, 
Abbv Van Chinkwing, 
Jill Parthun, Wally 
Trull, Sally Schlicsman, 
Eric Sat her, Mike Bow- 
hay, Jenny Mostoller, 
Laura Roberts, Shanna 

Off Campus 225 

Row One: Resident 
Gvnccologust Craig 
“Spike” Padavieh, 
President Marc 
“Meat” Anderson, 
Vice President Ron¬ 
ald “MacDonald” 
Heeren, Financial 
Advisor Lonnie 
“Dad” Trammell. 
Row Two: Data Pro¬ 
cessing Consultant 
Brad “Too Cool” 
Poole, Bouncer 
Cordy “Kanga” Ruh, 
Fashion Coordinator 
Scott “Marginal” 
Marshall, Kitchen 
Help Mark “Water- 
butt” Hanson. 

Nonnag IV 


Row One: Steve Pettee, George Crossman, Jim Wilson, Mark Kerns, Kevin 
Spurgin. Row Two: John Leggett, Marc Crain, Harold Benny, Richard Scha- 
longa, Christy Woolschlager, Marilyn Carbaugh, Clint Jech, Chuck Stiles. 

Row Three: Marc Spohrangus, Elliott J.B. Thompson, Larrv Bosnia, Bill 

226 Off Campus 

Blue Max Speed Shop 

Flying Aces: Dave 
“Speed” Dittmar, 
Don “The Blue Max” 
Chase. Downed Pi¬ 
lot: Greg “Colonel 
Quak” Hendricks. 
Gunners: Annette 
“The Foon” Hen¬ 
dricks, Linda “COS” 
Anvan, Sue “Scoop” 
Blanchard. Under 
the Ice: Ace Herbie 
“Mole” Beck, Gun¬ 
ner Tina “Tuna” La- 


Row One: Grandma Yost, Tom Henderson, Steve Way, Nola Moore, Mike 
Arambel, Kathy Cameron, Debby Herbers. Row Two: Jon Anson, Don 
Moore, Mara Jones, Greg Jones, Rob Anson, Peggi Carter, Charles Natsu- 

hara, Jamie Nugent, Dale Wark, Don Bottemiller. Row Three: Joel Ander 
son, Mike Bybee, Grant Milam. 

Off Campus 227 

L.H.H. Admiration Society 

Row' One: Bug. Row' Two: Cathy Droden, Angi Dorgan, Kelli Bihag, Janice Halvorson. 

de Haetten House 

Row One: Greg Iverson, Ken Kelly, Bob Wuerth. Row Tw r o: Don Nelson, Ed Bentley, Keith Parker. 

228 Off Campus 

Turkey Pi Omega 

Dale Wood, Tracy Barry. 

With two members in the 
house the “Turkey Pi’s’’ put 
special emphasis on scholar¬ 
ship and sisterhood ... for a 
change. Tine philanthropists, 
they have always felt that 
“charity starts in the home”. 
Both members are proud of 
their famous alumni: Wonder- 
woman, Isis, Robin Barry, hu¬ 
manitarian; and Jeannette Col¬ 
lins, cowgirl. 

Row One: Secretary Mike Kilgore, Nancy Orcutt, President Bill Hedrick. Row Two: Kim Smith, Mascot Ray Sandidge, College 
•oed Diane Porter, Marv Everest. Row Three: Activities coordinator Becky Gooch, Vice President Brian Worden, Pledge Class 
Jeff Christiansen, Treasurer Betsy Horner. 

Off Campus 229 


Row One: Guv Enriques, Vic ki Schulz, 
Dean Alsin, Marc Jung, Ladislav Stejs- 
kal. Row Two: Frederick Orton, Lau ¬ 
rence C. Julius. Gretchen Kipp, Linny 
Scheuffele, Jeannine Torlai, Randy 
Bergstrom. Row Three: Edith Haenel, 
Sallie Nicholls. Harry Kuntz, Jerry 
Pfeifer, Sanford Pearl, Creep Cree, Boh 
llillis, Rick Muttart. Row Four: Dave 
Ellenz, Roger Arms, Don Sehoesler, 
Greg Schlag, Craig Daniels, Bill Pate. 
Row Five: Steve Thieme, Ted Trepa- 
nier. Patty Mann, Jan Polites, Lauri 
Ragsdale, Teri Birkland, Sweet Al, Sue 

Off Campus Scenes 

230 Off Campus 

Old Fifth Athletic Club 

Row One: Mark Johnson, Curt Brickner, Kevin Soldat, Dan Hawkes. Row Two: Row Three: President, Tim Hill; Jeff Heinemann, Randy Albi, Scott McGowan. 

Don Killingsworth, Ken Gingerich, Rob Thompson, Mark Kullberg, Paul Lyons. Too Short To Be Seen: Scott McDougall, Mark Tiplin, Jim Lombardi. 

Off Campus 231 


Row One: Student Captain, Mike Rhea; Mike Hubbard, Don Christensen; Cook, 
Cheryl Stratton; Greg Rathvon, Jim Meyer, Bob Johnson, Steve Somers, Brice 
Christensen, Steve Cowan; Assistant Chief, Don Barner. Row Two: Ron Hall, Rick 

Rathvon, Gary Larsen, Kevin Rogers, Larry Holdener, Terry Peterson, Philip Ar¬ 
nold, Bvron Bakke. Not Pictured: Rich Cowan 

Jim Bardesis 
Rich Cowan 
Ronald Hall 

Lawrence J. Holdener 
Michael Hubbard 
Robert D. Johnson 

232 Off Campus 

Off Campus 

Edward R. Aalvik 
Colleen Ahem 
Kenneth All wine, Sr. 
Krisann Anderson 
Kenneth Antles 
Cathy An tush 
Fernando Aparicio 

Tom K. Armitage 
Donald M. Arsenvch 
Allan Bafus 
Snead Bagwell 
Dawn Marie Bainbridge 
James Baker 
Josy Ball 

Sandra Bankston 
J. Houston Barclay 
John Barnes 
Donald Barman 
Thomas Ban- 
Nancy L. Barrett 
Wesley Barrett 

Bob Beasley 
Cynthia Bell 
Michele Benjamin 
Jeanine Benoit 
Edward T. Bentley 
and Judy Ward 
Daniel Berg 
Pete Bernev 

Mike Bevers 
Russ Birkland 
Dana Lynn Blair 
Sue Blanchard 
Worcester P. Bong 
Keith Bowman 
K. Duane Brelsford 

David Brevik 
Patrick Breysse 
Jennifer Briscoe 
Francis E. Brou, Jr. 
Antoinette Bryant 
David M. Bivant 
Debra L. Bryant 

James Alan Burks 
Dehora Burleson 
Rick Byers 
Alan Caddev 
Kathleen Cameron 
James Carberrv 
Michele M. Came vale 

Terese Chalmers 
Cathy Chandler 
Phyllis Chun 
Karen Christen 
Michael Clarev 
M.E. Cleveland 
Katherine L. Close 

Mike Conley 
DeDc Connor 
Craig Conrad 
Robert Cooper 
Loretta Coplan 
Lee-Ellen Copstead 
Douglas Cot trill 

Off Campus 233 

234 Off Campus 

Donald Cox 
Ann Crocker 
Ed Crow 
Jean Daley 
Stephen Day 
Carol Dean 
Sharon Dick 

David Dietz 
Sheryl Dodson 
Mark Doennebrink 
Gerald Dorn 
Debi Doyle 
Cathy Duncan 
Ken Eckert 

Debra Ecklund 
Garv Eide 
Michelle Ellis 
Yousef El-Madlum 
Dan Erlendson 
Jain it* Evans 
Jeffrey Fagg 

Richard Farnsworth 
Margaret Fiala 
David Finney 
Lee Fisher 
Frank Fleming 
Dori Fontenot 
Sally Foote 

Sam Fortino 
Marjorie France and Heather 
Mark Fritch 
Patricia Frost 
Susan Garner 
Jerry Gehrke 
Pamela German 

Gregory Cfeller 
Bruce Gill 
Greg Gillespie 
Carl Goebel 
Bainbi Googin 
Mary Gosslee 
Terri Gould 

Georgiann Graves 
Robert Gray 
Randell Greenfield 
Carolyn Greenlee 
David Grossarth 
Ruth Gullert 
Mara Gustavs 

Stuart Hamilton III 
Debby Hancock 
Larry Hanna Jr. 
Celeste Hansen 
Wanda Hansen 
Joan Hanson 
Jayne Harmon 

Robert Hart 
Charles Hash Jr. 
Jamie Hayles 
Teresa Hecker 
Michael Hecla 
Tedd Hendershot 
Terry Hendershot 

Nancy Hendrickson 
D’Willa Pier Hendrix 
Melanie Hendry 
Colleen Henry 
Henry J. Henry 
Terry 1 Herrick 
Thomas Heuterman 

Nancv Hewitt 
Leslie Hevworth 
Rhonda Hicks 
Jrvin Higashi 
Pamela Hill 
Kevin Hines 
Lvdia Hinman 

Constance Hix 
Lori Holland 
John Hollstein 
Charles Holtorf 
Kathv Hopkins 
Betsy Horner 
Pamela Howard 

Rebecca Hubbert 
Becky Hughes 
Rich Holies 
Keith Humphries 
Dave Hutchins 
Enrique Ibarra 
Stuart Impson 

Martha Jack 
William Jackman 
Stephen Jaspers 
Karl Jensen 
Barry Jeske 
Gary Johnson 
Kathleen Johnston 

Robert Johnson III 
Joel Jornlin 
Kimberly Kallstrom 
Susan Karnath 
Norm Keitges 
Brian Kelly 
John Kennedy 

Kenneth Keno 
Samson Kimobwa 
Beverly Kissoon 
Douglas Wave 
Annette Knoll 
Debby Kimble 
Edward Kimbrough 

Terri Knopp 
Carolyn Koper 
Elaine Korsmo 
Al Krack 
Thomas Kratzke 
Sherry Kropp 
Chris Kruize 

Dawn Kuntz 
J. Kuntz & C. Viliams 
Jeff Kvaternik 
Richard Langdendoen 
Milton Lathan 
Jim Laver 
Patricia Leahv 

Linda Lenglc 
(’hi Ming Leung 
Patricia Lewis 
Pam Lieske 
Jocelyn Lill 
Robert Lillie 
John Loeken 

Lou Lomax 
Beth Longnecker 
Tom Lougheed 
Larry Lucas 
Kathy Lyon 
Sheldon Malone 
Barb Manuel 

Off Campus 235 

Brenda Martin 
Connie Martin 
Kathleen A. Martin 
Robert Masko 
David Matzke 
Debbie S. Maxwell 
Steve Robert NleClaine 

Fredrick W. McConkey 
James McCutchan 
Paul McDonald 
Cindv McFarland 
William G. MeCaffey 
Sharon McGregor 
Marsha J. McLaughlin 

Andrew McNicoll 
Lisa Merry 
Marla Mever 
John E. Miller 
Linda Marie Miller 
Kent Molgard 
jin Moore 

Jim “Redmond” Moore 
Rose L. Morris 
Diane Lynette Murray 
Maria Murray 
Marguerite Mustoe 
Terri Neal 
Kenneth Nelson 

Nacnv Nelson 
Robin Neubauer 
Roberto D. Nevarez 
Jeannette J. Newton 
Kim A. Nicholas 
Lisa Kathryn Nicholson 
Gary Arthur Nieborsky 

Noel C. Nielson 
Don Nolan 
Steve Norling 
Jennifer Norman 
Andy Norstadt 
Lori Novotnev 
Peggy O’Donnel 

Mark Richard Oergel 
Gary Oldright 
Edward Olson 
Colleen A. O’Neal 
Michael Orendorff 
Michael Owens 
Teresa Owens 

Iris Paller 
India Panehcowrie 
Kevin B. Park 
Cathleen Parker 
Mike Parker 
Shcrvl A. Parks 
Jill Parthum 

Kevin Duane Patterson 
Paul Hanes Patterson 
Douglas Payton 
Jim Pearson 
Jean Peekham 
Dean Peyton 
Dave Pfaff 

Rita Pfeifer 
Paula Jean Phillips 
Shams Pirbhai 
Tom Pirie 
Peter Pleas 
Leslee Porta 
Kimberly Price 

236 Off Campus 

Patricia Ann Pyle 
Michael Quann 
Paul Anthony Racette 
Mark Reavis 
Steven Reed 
Deborah A. Rendish 
Keriy Retzel 

Melisse A. Retzel 
Linda M. Rice 
Nancy Riddle 
Keith Ristuben 
Karen L. Roberts 
Laura J. Roberts 
Rebecca Robertson 

Allan Wayne Robinson 
Bob Roller 
Katherine Rooney 
Susan Roth 
Mark Lee Roy 
Debbi Rufener 
Mike Rust 

David Lars Rynning 
Billy Neal Sandros 
Dave Schactler 
Linn Scheuffele 
LaVonne Schmidt 
L. Oregon Schmidt 
Tern Schmidt 

Sheila Schmitz 
Vicki Schulz 
Rebecca Scott 
Daniel Shafer 
David Shank 
Diane Sharp 
John Lyle Sheldon 

Doug Sherwood 
Kristie Simpson 
Stan Skov 
Cynthia Sloan 
Aivin E. Smith II 
Kenneth Smith 
Ralph Smith 

Victoria C. Smith 
Nancy Soss 
Mark South wood 
Frank Douglas Sjxmjer 
Chick Stamschror 
Kathv St ebbing 
C. Robert Steinbach 

Karen Sticklin 
Barbara Stone 
Sherie Stonev 
Janice Kav Stull 
Walter Swavne 
David Joseph Sweeny 
Roy C. Tabora 

R. Christopher Tank 
Bill Tanner 
Robert H. Tate 
Alan Templeton 
Tamara Terkla 
Ron Thomas 
John Thompson 

Moreen Thompson 
Lnreen Todd 
Vem Tolliver 
Karen Townsend 
Malcolm Townslev 
Gail Trefry 
Cathv Valentine 

Off Campus 237 

Albert Vallejos 
Bert VanderMark 
James VancleVanter 
R. S. Venkataehalam 
Maynard Villers 
Kenneth Voss 
Stephen Walker 

Tom Wallace 
Sue Wasson 
Joseph Watson 
Ralph Webber & Diane Graham 
Jeffery Welch 
Carry Westermann 
Janis Whitener 

Sheree Whitten 
Steve Wilford 
Daniel Wilkins Jr. 
Craig Williams 
Lenel Williams 
Sandi Williams 
Jimmy Williamson 

Mark Winger 
Barbara Wirth 
Martha Witt 
Rita Wixom 
C in dee Wright 
Doug Wright 
Marvin Yamane 


Scott Bartholomaus 
Dobra Bishop 
Timothy Brogan 
Stephen Carlson 
Denise DeSalvatore 
Peter Dess 
Barbara Dilorenzo 

Nancy Doom ink 
Philip Dufault 
Terri Dupper 
Tomi Dupper 
Neil Gallup 
Ron Heeren 
Dan Huneywell 

Jim Kane 
Kristen Opsvig 
Julie Rice 
Susan Richardson 
Walt Rostykus 
Larry Vance 
William Winnett 

238 Off Campus 


A1 Acheson 
Leslie Airiaki 
Jill Anderson 
John A rends 
Lvnne Assinan 
Vanessa Baird 
Sandra Becker 

Paul Bodnar 
Kama Boileau 
Lawrence Boitano 
Joe Brackbill 
Kelly Butz 
Lynne Dean 
Rena Dobson 

Dee Eaton 
Michael Edwards 
Julienne Field 
Debra Flowers 
Audrey Fugier 
Kenneth Graham Jr. 
Angela Hallin 

Sheri Hanson 
Janet Hedman 
Ben Hein 
Norman Inaba 
Joyce Johnson 
Vickie Johnson 
Cvndi Johnston 

Diane Kaelin 
Barbara Kalvig 
Steve Klindworth 
Rob Knott 
Charles Kronvall 
Margo Langham 
Brent Lee 

Carolyn Lee 
James Linker 
Matthew Little 
Jan Loetterle 
Lvnn Massmann 
Marcus Mattix 
Jov McConnell 

Tom McCormick 
Janet McKinney 
Evan Morris 
Man' Munn 
Nancy Murbach 
C-liris Miudock 
Nachef Riad 

Molly O’Brien 
Vickie O’Connell 
Janelle Paulsen 
Teresa Reed 
W. Michael Rehder 
Kathleen Shettle 
Mary Steinmer 

Peter Topalian 
Dan Tritle 
Tracey Trudeau 
Miriam Waters 
Marilyn Windsheimer 
Alice Winship 

Orton 239 

Stephenson East 

Julie Aliment 
Carol Anderle 
Kristie Anderson 
Toni Anderson 
Marv Anthony 
Wendv Bus 
Becky Bverlv 

Karen Carlson 
Catherine Ceelv 
Denise Cowart 
Debbie Creighton 
Rita Crouse 
Lori Jo Cummings 
Jan Cvr 

Sherry Dederiek 
Linda Dietiker 
Nancy Dunlop 
Jan M. Edson 
Missev Epping 
Cheri Finsen 
Laura Finslev 

Donna Fitch 
Leslie Fjalstad 
Theresa A. Gavnor 
Marv Gill 
Pamela Gorden 
Viki Gordon 
Marsha A. Gossler 

Marsha Louise Hager 
Susan Hang 
Hope Richele Haugen 
Dian Higgins 
Kathleen Hinkelman 
Sue Holbrook 
Linda M. Holt 

Debbie Holtman 
Sally Hubbard 
Rosario Y. Ines 
Michelle Kerle 
Jana Kim pel 
Debbie Kirschemann 
Julie Johnson 

Mary Langenhorst 
Kristine Larson 
Susan K. Lawrence 
Mary Alice Little 
Karen Loftis 
Mary Ann Lund 
Barbara Mattausch 

Deborah McGill 
Kelly McKee 
Paul McKeon 
Lauri McNeal 
Shirley M. Monson 
Laurie Moore 
Camille Morgan 

Linda Lee Mot tern 
Liann Mnmmey 
Chieko Okabe 
Janet Oslund 
Elise Pappin 
Jill Peistrup 
Cynthia Perkins 

240 Off Campus 

Leslie Peterson 
Hollv Preuschoff 
Aniv Raquer 
Karen Rector 
Molly Ronnestad 
Debv Schurman 
Kris Schweigert 

Barb Showman 
Shannon Slaehter 
Linda Steves 
Dorine Teitzel 
Kelli Vaught 
Brenda Wcisell 
Barbara Welling 

Steptoe Village 

Kelly Arnzen 
Todd Belsvik 
Debora Bottemiller 
Denece Boyer 
Pamela Briest 
Jeffery Buchanan 
Greg Christoffersen 

Christine Oijulio 
Janice Fitzgerald 
Linda Flatla 
Joseph Glenn 
Glenn Green 
Jan Grieben 
Pamela Henderson 

Michael Hughes 
Jay Iverson 
Edna Jaramilla 
Janet Large 
Thomas Latsch 
Kevin Laughlin 
Sandra Matheson 

Sue McKee 
David Miller 
Karl Moldrem 
Harold Moniz 
Paul Nebolon 
Gary Nieborsky 
Julia Paseoe 

Maria Perella 
Diane Perry 
Russell Peterson 
Lori Pixlev 
Paul Racette 
Garry Ried 
John Spadv 

Marv Spangler 
Rory Sparhawk 
Vem St. Clair Jr. 
Ann Walby 
Robert Watkins 
Ralph Young 
Gina Zmiarovieh 

Off Campus 241 


Debra Kae Almberg 
Robert Anderson 
Kerri Amtzen 
Diane Ashley 
Aron Aston 
Janet Bahr 
Melanie Baird 

Anne Beck 
Darrell Bessev 
J.W. Black 
Jim Boone 
Laura Burns 
Sandy Butcher 
Larry Cartwright 

Luca Comai 
Susan Cottingham 
Viki Crump 
William Cummins, III 
Elizabeth Deocampo 
Alvin Dormaier 
Linda Dvmond 

Ronald Erskine 
Rodney Evans 
Janet M. Formalin 
Skip Fossen 
Thelma J. Fujioka 
Kevin E. Hanson 
Linda Herzog 

Mark William Houk 
Kirbv Graham Hovt 
Gitie Merrild Jensen 
Jenifer M. Johnson 
Jeri Johnson 
Sandra Johnson 
Susan Kelley 

Becky Lynn Kellie 
Katherine L. Kie 
Carol Knudtsen 
Kevin P. Kussman 
Linda Louise Legg 
Kerry Lenhart 
Robert Lindwall 

John Ruel Manning 
Brad Yeoman Martin 
Leanne Moore 
Yukio Motoe 
Mehdi Namazie 
Brad Nelson 
Ann Parry 

Mary Reetz 
Kay Rogan 
Terren Roloff 
Michael Schoch 
William Sola 
Carol E. Smith 
Douglas Smith 

Rob Spraker 
Rodney Dean Stemagel 
Debra Lynn Toler 
Douglas Tracy 
Doug Venneri 
Sharon Wallace 
Valerie Weaver 

242 Off Campus 

Observatory Court 

Ellen Brandt 
Robert Branson 
Carron Calahan 
Jill Chindele 
Dawn Gloss 
K. Douglas Grafton 
Colleen DeRango 

Columbia Village 

Kenneth Eiekernmn 
Craig Elia 
Craig Einmick 
Kevin J. Engle 
Lcsli Field 
Mark Allan Finslev 
Valerie K. Hansen 

Linda Johnson 
Gregory King 
Hubert Langenhorst 
Jeffrey C. Lenhart 
Robert Mahler 
William D. Maston 
Pamela A. O’Kielly 

Rickv C. Applegate 
Laurence Bale 
Julie Blanchfield 
Jon Etherton 
Linda Hart 
Marcus A. Jung 
Thomas Medina 

Richard J. Rubendall 
Arthur Rusche 
Linn Scheuffle 
Don Schoesler 
Jerry Selbo 
James Siridakis 
Lisa Carol Sirjord 

Off Campus 243 

Stephenson North 

Diane Anderson 
Marv Antush 
Linda Armstrong 
Keren Bovko 
Jodie M. Buchanan 
Colleen Calpin 
Margaret Convne 

Cheryl Criss 
Margaret Cunningham 
Susan Da hi in 
Karen Devanev 
Maryann Dodge 
Marlene Gibbon 
Vikki Grimsby 

Cindy Guffey 
Debbie Gusa 
Jan Guthrie 
Valerie Hackett 
Sue Harms 
Julie Marie Hofstedt 
Lynda M. Judson 

Monica Kor/.yk 
Let tic Krogstadt 
Margo Laugh am 
Lisa Lapinski 
Mary Marchi 
Brook Lisa Martin 
Karen McKibben 

Sallic Nicholls 
Kathy Norris 
Debra Lea Pearce 
Kelly Reardon 
Chcric Reese 
Monica Roppo 
Kim Sam ford 

Annette Schuller 
Heidi Schulze 
Kathleen Simmons 
Donna Sirjord 
Ann Sutherland 
Jina Sylvester 
Karen Ziebcll 

Craig Anderson 
Thomas J. Baker 
Marianne Berry 
Tracey Berry 
Eric Borchgrevink 
Arthur H. Brediger 
Neal Burres 

Cindv Charron 
Robert Coldough 
Kathy Connors 
Jim Cox 
Bill Day 
Michael Dollard 
Roger C. Dye 

Campus Commons 

244 Off Campus 

John T. Eliadis 
Pamela Kav Elliott 
Marian Foumo 
Ken Gingerich 
Dennis Glynn 
Ken Groat 
Jan is Harper 

Reed Hellver 
John Jackson 
Steve Jackson 
Don Killingsworth 
Brenda Lee 
Richard Lewis 
Gordon Lund 

Steven Lutz 
Ralph Lvdin 
Steven G. Marsh 
David R. McKee 
Mike Monda 
Marsha Niebauer 
Mike Nordal 

Gary Oman 

Jeff “Sequim” Pederson 
Stephen Pearson 
Susan Lvnne Race 
Ronda Richards 
Boh Romero 
Steve Rose 

Bob Sherrow 
Scott Switzer 
Mikal Thomsen 
Barbara Thoreson 
David Tobin 
Micheal Weaver 
Bruce Zomow 

Greg Allen 
Leigh Bostrom 
Geoff Greggs 
Teresa Hecker 
Joyce M. Johnson 
Keith Johnson 
Owen Lawrence 

Debra Miller 
Pam Miller 
Marv Milton 
Cary Morford 
Harr)' Nelson 
Patricia Noel 
Diana Lynn Roe 

Dean Sam nelson 
Randy Scott 
Diane Slianka 
Michael Simonson 
Paula Soenke 
Rachel Stroh 
Cathv Thoennes 

Off Campus 245 

J. Brian Adclleman 
Fred Alexander & 
Yvette Herod 
Kevin J. Anderson 
Doug Angell 
Doug Ballou 
Catherine Basta 
Stephen Birnbainn 

Stephen Burinskv 
Kelly Burke 
Joseph Collins 
Mark Cook 
Mark Dalv 
Cindv Dean 
Rick Dennis 

John Engen 
Mark Fairhart 
Christopher Ferluga 
Margo Fhunerfelt 
Pete Galgano 
Randv Gross 
Boh Guild 

Dennis Haddock 
Brian Harris 
Mike Hathaway 
Dan Hawkes 
Mark Hummel 
Lon Inaba 
Roderick C. Jackson 

Cheryl Johnson 
Arlene Mary Jones 
William Kelso, Jr. 
Keith Larson 
Lanrene Larson 
Jim Lassen 
Toni Lively 

Susan Lomax 
Charles Long 
Kathryn McDonald 
Mark McGown 
Gail Anne Miller 
Michael Newbv 
Stephen Nichols & 
Susan Hakala (McAllister) 

Carey Olson 
Frederick Lee Orton 
Robert Padovan 
Debbie Peppones 
Jem mu Pet it jean 
Peter Pool man 
David S. Porter 

Diane Porter 
Michelle Rausch 
Laurie Ann Sehouboe 
Robert Seay 
Joann L. Shjeflo 
Stephen Strockbine 
David Vandeveer 

Kathy Vick 
Brian Void 
Sheryl Wallis 
Janice Walz 
Naomi Watanabe 
Lawrence M. Watson 
Sue Whittum 

Chinook Village 

246 Off Campus 

Chief Joseph Village 

Married Students 

Mary Jo Alpaugh 
Pam Annin trout 
Stephen E. Busch 
Julie Jo Carey 
Georgia Chapman 
George Crome 
Kim Duncan 

Fred Eberlein 
Diane Elliott 
Bob Foyle 
Kevin A. Gilbert 
Anne K. Gill 
Joan Goggin 
Jeff T. Israel 

Marsha Larson 
Marv A. LeMarche 
T. Paul Marek 
Julie Mason 
Patricia Ann Mattausch 
lngricl C. Millen 
Deborah Moore 

Joanne OLson 
Jeff Peterson 
Kristie Rollag 
Karen Rotko 
Sandy Smith 
William Stewart 
Laurie Swenson 

David 6c Laura Aichele 
Earl 6c Barbara Bardin 
Wayne 6c Mary Ann Bills 
Brian, Roxie 6c Jason Barn 
Mark 6c Debra Brandmire 
Christopher 6c Carolyn Anne 

David 6c Sharon Burgess 

Christopher & Terry Bushnell 
Juan, Diana 6c Goffrev Cerna 
Russell & Christine Chapel 
Lei Lani Chase & family 
Les 6c Diane Collins 
Steve & Shannon Cotterill 
Kenneth 6c Carol Cox 

Dannv 6c Robin Coyne 
John, Robin, Karen 6c Anna 

Stanley 6c Nancy Dabrowski 
Franklin, Joselina 6c Doris Da¬ 

Ross 6c Lue Ann Deckman 
Suzv 6c Ron Dennv 
John 6c Lvnette Droke 

Off Campus 247 

Gary 6c Deborah Ferguson 
Svd 6c Margaret France 
Mark, Pat, Lisa 6c Colette 

Raymond, Julie, Dong 6c Brian 

Brijendra Kumner 6c Kathy Garg 
Robert G. Gass 6c Family 
Royal 6c Nell Gerow 

Tom 6c Bev Gnojek 
Robin 6c Lynn Goodrich 
Thomas 6c Christy Graham 
Kent 6c Susan Halvorson 6c 

Ronald 6c Nancy Hansen 
Gerald S. Hardy 6c family 
Don 6c Kathy Harm 

Charles Hayleck, III 6c family 
John 6c Cheryl Herr 
Russ 6c Barb Hibben 
Michael 6c Kathi Hickman 
Bill 6c Robin Higginbotham 
Donald 6c Janet Hollenback 
Judy 6c Joe Howard 6c family 

Richard 6c Lori Hughes 
Donald, Suzette, Derek 6c 
Dema Ilysell 
I high 6c Carolyn Irwin 
Cherita 6c Dekoven James 
Woodrow 6c Shenie Jones 
Chuck 6c Linda Kaiser 
Mike Karch 6c family 

Kenneth 6c Patricia Kasper 
Kenneth 6c Elizabeth 

Mr. 6c Mrs. Mosbah Kush ad 
Tom 6c Jeri Leppich 
Gordon 6c Louise Lewis 
John 6c Suzanne Lynch 
David, Dana 6c Nathan Lill 

Bill McBride 6c family 
Mike 6c Patty Maty 
Mr.6c Mrs. William Mathison 
Malcolm 6c Sharon McGregor 
Abel 6c Sherry Mendoza 
Gregory 6c Denise Miller 
Hugh D. McEachen 6c family 

Mike 6c Karen Moore 
Douglas, Grace 6c Ashley 
Jeffory 6c Dorothy Newkirk 
Craig 6c Beth Oakley 
Fred 6c Yvonne Page 
Mark 6c Barb Peterson 
George C. Poston 

Jim 6c Kathie Price 
William 6c Linda Quill in 
Jenny 6c Bob Ronning 
Cynthia 6c William Reinhart 
Keith 6c Mary Sevev 
Ken 6c Jean Sharp 
Larry 6c Shirley Olson 

Steve 6c Jackie Shotwell 
Surendra, Priyamvade, Sanjav 
6c Snigdha Singh 
Mr. 6c Mrs. Jeffrey Lynn Smith 
Stanley 6c Debra Smith 
J. Michael 6c Cheryl A. Stratton 
Daniel 6c Karen Stewart 
Janet 6c Gerald D. Stonson, Jr. 

Khaled, Zahra, Marwan 6c Rana 
John Tracy 6c family 
Phil & Vemene Trautman 
Kent 6c Debbie Wehmever 
Kay, John 6c Susan Wolsborn 
Lai-Wan 6c Tung-Shing Yuen v 

248 Off Campus 


Laurettc Appel 
Cathy Bailey 
Karen Berglund 
Elise Blomberg 
Terry Boggs 
Barbara Breithaupt 
Gail Brown 

Linda Calhom 
Marilyn Carbaugh 
Teresa Chard 
Lorrie Chung 
Julie Crook 
Carol Dafforn 

Jaekie Davis 

Julie Douthwaite 

Sue Dyer 

Becky Fagerlie 

Susan Ferro 
Robin Forde 
Laurie Cervais 
Elaine Goeckler 
Joan Gustafson 
Sarah Henson 
Katy Herbert 

Deborah Holcomb 
JoAnn Hu 
Deborah Jackson 
Karen Jacolisen 
Debbie Johnson 
Linda J(xw 
Joann Kaalaas 

Rebecca Larsen 
Leslie Lieske 
Robin Lindsay 
Jane Maekay 
Susan Mader 
Carol Mils term an 
Diane Mavse 

Coman 249 

Lisa Meusborn 
Connie L. Michel 
Sheri Moore 
Roberta Lee Perigo 
Jacqueline M. Perry 
Jan Peterson 
Cvnthia J. Quinton 

Gail Robinson 
Dona lee Rose 
Paula Rudberg 
Elizabeth A. RusseU 
Debra Scheuerman 
Tracy J. Scofield 
Jean H. Sieg 

Sheri Simpson 
Susan M. Spadoni 

Maire Thompson 
Kitty Tolsma 

Krista Turner 
Denise Von Essen 

Carol J. Waltho 
Mary Jo Ward 

Paula Whealy 
Gloria Wheeling 

Leesa A. Whit turn 
Christy Woolschlager 

250 Coman 


Vickie R. Ashbv 
Valerie Barney 
Patricia Caritis 
Wendy Jean Carpine 
Cindy Childs 
Patricia Coppo 
Lisa M. Comay 

Janet Edmunds 
Valerie Eiknm 
Cynthia Fry 
Gay Gardner 
Rebecca L. Glaze 
Mary “Meg” Grayson 
Nancy Rae Green 

Colleen Hastings 
Marcia Hint/ 

Vickie Huntington 
Masa-o Ishii 

Judith Jane Jackson 
Linda Kay Johanson 

Helen M. Jones 
Betty L. Ketel 

Nancy Faye Kolmer 
Connie Leaf 

Sharon Lvdig 
Diane M. McKendrick 

Sharon McKendrick 

Community 251 

Lou Anne Otis 
Lauri Powell 
Carol Prothman 
Robin Smith 
Sheri Smith 
Vickie Sprague 

Karen Sprute 
Alexis Swift 
Lis Teberg 
Margaret Van Pat ter 
Tina Wiley 
Diane Zaback 

252 Community 

Davis 253 

Row One: Gina Welch, Penny Inglis, Diana Milner, Rhonda Brooks, Kelly Broodus, Sharon Olson, 
Roxanne Rainer, Nancy Fry, Debi Stadick, Joan Ilanson. Row Two: Melinda Smiley, Perri Heinicke, 
Julie Corker, Lisa Allen, Michelle Coulon, Jeanne Sawhill, Kelly Collier, Jan Wilson, Beanie Ingersoll, 
Karen Fong, Amber Wintersteen, Paula Sato, Tammy Fellows. Row Three: Linda Newman, Nancy 
Westin, Debbie Nygren, Debbie Daman, Gail Bowman, Cindy Tesmer, Margaret McGuigan, Diann 
Foster, Susan Smith, Kim McCoy, Bridget Moss, JoAnne Schmitz, Jean Larson, Karen Molenaar, 

Kerry Tanner. Row Four: Dae Jean Jahnke, Cindv Petterson, Lorri Itochhaus, Julie Boekholt, Joyce 
Rogers, Lvnne Groshong, Janet Flint, Debbie Ruddv, Marion Whiting, Diane Sproul, Michele Mes- 
ton, Beth Brisson. Julie Lcitner, Judy Murray, Theresa Tracy. Row’ Five: Jenny Nyman, Julanne Long, 
Gail Stassiones, Leslie Seaton, Jo Anne Shields, Kathv Sloane, Sue Kimmerle, Denise Howie, Kathy 
Seitters, Karen Jensen, Carol Johnson, Annette Kertis, Carol Heidenson, Jane Doe, Sue Yeastings, Ja¬ 
net Lapev rouse. 


Susan Barr 
Patricia Barrington 
Susan Bartz 
Julie Bingham 
Julie Boekholt 
Beth Brisson 

Kelly Collier 
Michelle Coulon 
Debbie Daman 
Tammy Fellows 
Janet Flint 
Karen Fong 

Nancy Mae Fry 
Joan Hanson 
Lorri Hochhaus 
Patty Inglis 
Penny Inglis 
Dae Jahnke 

Karen Jensen 
Rita Kimball 
Janet Lapeyrouse 
Jean Larson 
Nancy Lowery 
Kimbcrle McCoy 

Diana Milner 
Karen Molenaar 
Debbie Monstad 
Bridget Moss 
Deborah Nvgren 
Jenny Nyman 

Karen Prince 
Roxanne Ramer 
Diane Redmond 
Deborah Ruddy 
Paula Sato 
Jeanne Sawhill 

JoAnne Schmitz 
Karen Selby 
JoAnne Shields 
Sue Slominski 
Melinda Smiley 
Susan Mitzi Smith 

Debi Stadick 
Melanie Stinogel 
Cindy Tesmer 
Shelley Tinbers 
Laurie Turner 
Nancy West in 


254 Davis 

Duncan Dunn First and Second 

)uncan Dunn One. Row One: Julie Rutherford, Terri Gall, Gwen Goodenough, reasa Walen, Cvndia Zumpft, Diane Archer, Betsy Miller, Nova Herzog, Marvann 
Svlichelle Walker, Diane Troxel, Lisa Fair, Dawn Quiggle. Row Two: Margie Law- Whitney, Elise Boynton, Teresa Hastings, 
on, Kelly Ryan, Irene Ringwood, Karen Berentson, Noreen King. Row Three: Te- 

L: 12 * 


■ H 

r^r - - >3 

^ > 1 

£f * s 


Duncan Dunn Two. Row One: Bobbie Alexander. Row Two: Betsy Titus, LuAnn 
>eYoung, Cindy Pestal, Cathie Elliot, Stephanie Tucci, Alisa Cook, Deb Glass- 
nirn, Nancy Parker. Row Three: Hilary Smith, Chris Maldonado, Gail Pearson, 
ohanna Jackson, Mariann Birkland, Iris Kubo, Marci Henderson, Rita Ouilette, 

E>ebra Hoffman, Maureen Gilligan. Row Four: Gail Ryder, Julie Hansen, Tracy 
Scott, Joann Farrens. Row Five: Willa Hammack, Cynthia Jorgenson, Kim Shirk, 
Shellev Muck, Pam Cady, Cindy Christensen, Nancy Dean, Denise McKee, Sally 
Tee, Sue Kluek, Sandy Melot. 

Duncan Dunn 255 

Duncan Dunn Third 

Row One: Betkv Schaufler, Lori Nvegaard, Dana Gamlem, Robin Allan, Vicki Pe¬ 
terson, Brenda Powell, Celia Hoppe, Connie Stevens, Gayle Harris, Bonnie Butler, 
Kim Clubb. Row Two: Sandy Whitelev, Michele Beauchamp, Geri Waeehter, 
Deb Hunter, Kim OTarrell, Patty Ross, Connie White, Liza Nagel, Kim Hov- 
erter, Mary Hazard, Margy Williams. Row Three: Patt Wainhouse, Heidi Oman, 

Connie Sloboden, Cindy Cutschmidt, Eileen Zimmerman, Jenny Hudon, Jane 
Zimmerman, Rosemaiy Laveni, Kelly Clevenger, Stacv Silver. Row Four; Tam] 
Thomas, Julie TeSelle, Linda Satterthwaite, Lynn Urlocker, Karen Anderson 
Becky Cyphers, Susie Black. 

Karen Lynne Anderson 
Diane Archer 
Debbie Barber 
Michele Beauchamp 
Karen Berentson 
Mariann Birkland 
Canii Bishop and 
C. Cordon Moris 

Elise Botch 
Bonnie Butler 
Kelly Clevenger 
Kim her Lee Clubb 
Alisa Cook 
Leslie Ann Con Ion 
Luann Deyoung 

Catherine S. Elliott 
Lisa Fair 
JoAnn S. Farrens 
Linda Gillespie 
Maureen Gilligan 
Shannon M. Gilligan 
Deborah Glassbum 

Gwynneth F. Goodenongh 
Ruth Halvorson 
Julie Hansen 
Gayle Harris 
Teresa Irene Hastings 
Mary Hazard 

256 Duncan Dunn 

Margaret Henderson 
Kim Hoverter 
Jennv Hudon 
Karen Huff 
Deborah Hunter 
Johanna Reed Jackson 
Cvnthia Jorgensen 

Xoreen Utreda King 
Susan Kluek 
Iris Yuri Kulx) 

Linda Lucile Lahti 
Marjorie I^ee Lawson 
Rosemary Levemier 

Denise E. McKee 
Lori Xvegaard 
Heidi A. Oman 

Rosemary Ondrueh 
Rita C. Ouillette 
Gail Person 
Cynthia Ann Postal 
Vicki Lee Peterson 
Brenda Jean Powell 
Dawn Quiggle 

Irene Ringwood 
Patricia Ann Ross 
Julie Rutherford 
Kelly Ann Rvan 
Linda A. Satterthwaite 
Tracy Scott 
Stacey Silver 

Hillary Smith 
Sallv jean Tee 
Marion Titus 

Stephanie Tueci 
Teresa Ann Walen 

Mary Ann Westover 
Connie White 
Sandra Whitelev 

Cheryl Wieser 
Joanne VVoodv 
Cvndia Lump ft 

Duncan Dunn 257 

Gannon Officers and Firs! 

Left to right: Kent Oliver, intramural director; Peter Camiel, ombudsman; Tim rector; Doug Johnson, vice-president. 
Troxel, maintenance manager; Bob Thompson, president; Dave Odom, finance di- 

Cannon One. Row One: Chelan, Guy Becken. Row Two: Reyes Ojeda, Celestino 
Villanueva, Leonard Huntington, Mike “Psycho” Lust, Peter Halson, Greg Cuil- 
lier, Jerry Holman. Row Three: Mark Bohnet, Pete Boerlage, Brian “Halvey” 
Halverson, Jerry Campbell, Chris “Pus” Jensen, Chuck Gray, Dave Rice, Dave 
“Org” Johnson, Blaine Johnson, Eric Lunden. Row Four: “Fatty” Arbuckle, Dave 

Williams, Steve Jaspers, Dan Castles, Mike Kitchens, Tim “Trox” Troxel, Dm 
Fuller, Pete Canning, Mike Lee, Stuart “Doc” Bohnet. Row Five: Terry Stock 
Jay Spom, Sam Busch, Randie Fenton, “Enormous” Ian Campbell, Tedd Rudd 
Bob Kirkpatrick. Row Six: Curt Rees. 

258 Gannon 

Gannon Second and Third 

Gannon Two. Row One: John Thompson, Doug Huntington, Dave Leight, Jon 
Cashman. Row Two: Phil Gaynor, Kurt Hayden, Geoff Thompson, Rocky Terry, 
Greg Carougher, Greg Wheeler, John Jensen, Mike Wedam, Joe McPhereson, 
Curt Baird, Clarence Chow. Row Three: Rob Keegan, Bryan Stickel, Kevin Voss, 

Robert Landick, Dave Lemke, Larry Finan, Allan Kennedy, Ron Walker, Tom 
Lucas. Row Four: Luke Vasiliou, Ron Pauley, Matt Hoover, Gregg Golliver, Mike 
Ashor, Dave Odom, Dave Williams, Rick Christensen, Carl Meske, Jack Carlson, 
Steve Keller, Greg Ryan, Larry Clark. 

Gannon Three. Row One: Mike Platz, Gary Blevens, Dave Palmer, Mark Apple- 
gate. Row Two. Bruce Henry, Ed Trautmann, Scott Brown, Mark Biggs, Steve 
Kirwan, Steve Vissotzky, Roy Pruneda, Craig Walton, Mike Bruyn, Steve Dolan. 
Row Three: Steve Fisher, Jack Newman, Kurt Anderson, Eric Carlson, Dave Of- 

field, Mike Linn, Dale Scott, Dan Weddle. Row Four: Dan Dancer, Jeff Thomas, 
Kevin Park, Bill Lathrop, Roger Cone, Jeff Reis, Bob Brigham, Dave Knight, Ken 
Scmidt, John Studdard. 

Gannon 259 

Gannon Fourth and Fifth 

Cannon Four. Row One: Greg More, Otto Burden, Rob Arbuckle, Jerry Tiberio, 
Yasuo Otake, Mike Slater, Sam Allegro, Scott Yamane. Row Two: Bill Plunkett, 
Boll Walkey, Bob Palmquist, Jeff Ford, Bill Heilmann, Max Standafer, Steve Rose, 
Enrique Ibara. Row Three: John Carlson, Craig MeCallum, Don Collins, Kelley 

Larkin, Michael Davidson, Kris Jahn, Jim Ball, John Testa. Row Four: Guigermo 
Ibara, Richard Kerr, Mike Williams, Rick Todd, Rick Ellis, Mark Yamamoto. Row 
Five: Dave Parker, John Honan, Dexter Baldwin, Greg Brower, Cliff NadingJ 
Stuart House, Pat Smith, Daryn Kono, Kevin Rowan, Wes Farris, Kent Oliver. 

Gannon Five. Row One: Richard Cross, Mike Petrovich, Rob Thompson, Joe Sea¬ 
born, John McLeod, Mark Tiplin, Ron Vannice, Joe Eley. Row Two: Max Ber- 
ghammer, Dan Stransky, Lindsay Yamane, Pat Ellis, Gary Warstler, Bob 
McGinley, Pete Camiel, Steve Dollahite, John Ratliff. Row Three: Gordy Dhatt, 
Shawn Lavin, Tony Davis, Terry Kelly, Mike Miehaliszyn, Joe Tom, Steve Gull, 

Bill Eldelblute, Don Malaspino, Bop Dursley. Row Four: Sam Miller, Andy Cline, 
Steve Willis, Larry Goodwin, Dave Kreft, Jim Lombardi, Dale Dudley, Brad Wal- 
terskirchen, Lee Morris, Mark Kullberg, Scott McDougall, John Swenson, Mike 

260 Gannon 

Gannon Sixth 

Gannon Six. Row One: Kerry Simshauser, Phil Jackson, Dave Simmons, Dean 
Johnson, Paul Anderson, Ed Jex, Esq., Carl Bryant, Dan White. Row Two: Tom 
[Wise, Glen Hodges, Mike Mueller, Scott McClure, Steve Carpenter, Tom Carter, 
Dave Weston, Bryan Sandlin, Tim Croghan, Keith Lawler, Stephen Meerdink, 
Brad Alboucq, John Hawkins, Ralf Westermayer. Row Three: Jeff Johnson, Jim 

Beeman, Grant Bain, Mark Thompson, Max McCorkle, Gary “Martini” Devin, 
John Dorfner, Bernie Hayden, Ron Reis, Vern Rosbach, Sheldon Miller, Keith Bur¬ 
gess, Andy Peabody. Row Four: Randy Niemi, Dan “Saint” Hicks, Steve Flana¬ 
gan, Erik Colville, Joe Lemieux, Dean Longwell, Brad Benson, Doug Johnson, 
Mary Michalson, John Tunberg, Bill Oaks. 

Gannon 261 

Goldsworthy First and Second 

Goldsworthy One. Row One: Tim Renouard, Rusty Macy, Mike Estabrook, Randy 
Benedict, Jeff McCormick, Jim “Conman” Conolly, Richard Meyers. Row Two: 
Ron Ogden, Mark Johnson, Steve Douglas, Greg “Franco” Lamanna, Michael 
“Brotherman” Jones, Karl Durwood Hulbert, Drew Reiland, Curt Weidner, Bill 
Case. Row Three: Duane Prince, Chris Pursley, Mike Spencer, Bob Kaye, Bob 

Dyer. Kip Van Leuven, Don Rice, Stan Shupe, Mitch Johnson, Clayton Green. 
Buck Gibbons, Dale Abbott, Tod Pickett, Orlin Van Wieringen, Dave Murray 
Scott Berg. Row Four Scott Kinzer, Tom Burgess, Craig Keppler, Tom Farring¬ 
ton, Mike Boge, Tom Flora, Mike Fahsholtz, Joe Holeman. 

Goldsworthy Two. Row One: Gerry Larson, Ken Robinette, Chris Meyer, Barney 
Baleom, Mike Brown, John Whalen, Mike Campeau, John Thoennes. Row Two: 
Bryce Landrud, Rick Sinclair, Randy Hagedorn, Kirk Jessee, Chris Yefko, Steve 
Stansbury. Row Three: Matt McDuffie, Steve Earl, Sosten Deleon, Dick Wraspir, 

Tim Montgomery, Max Lies, Tom Margheim, Al Price, Jay Dexter, Gary] 
McArthur, Steve Standaert, Steve Langford, Ralph Ilhi. Row Four: Paul Keck, 
B.Z. Loren Cummings, Whit Lippincott, Ed Warner, Brad Freihauf, Mike How¬ 
ell, Tom Moreno, Bill Horan, Matt Brzostowski, Bob Burkhart, Steve Meier. 

262 Goldsworthy 

Goldsworthy Third and Fourth 

Goldsworthy Three. Row One: Dave Balcom, Rick Cargill, Steve Wilson, Jim 
Simek, Ron Swafford, Mike Sandago, Dave Gutschmidt, Barney Shiroma, Alan 
Shipman. Row Two: Robb Detamore, Dale Wilkins, John Korn, Glen Blair, Mark 
Ross. Row Three: Chuck Bums, Jeff Mckenny, Lance Baird, Harry Kooznetsoff, 

Bryon Sanford, Kevin Amis, Dennis Selle, Ray Kelly, Mitch Yockey. Row Four: 
Fritz Coon, Wes King, Bill Todd, Dan Wright, Scott Peters. Row Five: Mike 
West I in, John Fry, Mitch Aho, Steve Edwards, Gerry Stinzi, Howard Platt, Ray 
Proctor, Greg Mettler. Row Six: Gary Quantz, Robert Norris, Mike Winans 

Goldsworthy Four. Row One: Bruce Cook, Glenn Nakasaki, Bob Anderson, Kevin 
Summers, Marty Hanson, Joe Hentges, Dave Larkey, Phil Schroeder, Jim Orten- 
gren, Tsutomu Ezura. Row Two: Clay Wyant, Russ McRae, Darrell Wilcox, Jeff 
(ohnson, Kurt Snyder, Doug Woodruff, Mike Bruce, Steve Geppert, Rob Rob- 
dlard. Row Three: Doug Anderson, Ted Benoit, Bill Shadel, Steve Lodge, Brian 

Warden, John Lund, Richard Grillo, Kevin Girard, “Bobo” Brayton, Steve Bran¬ 
non, Brad Watkins, John Murainatsu, Andy Burt, Gene Estabrook. Row Four: 
Tim Jones, Kelly Norris, Mike Poindexter, Pete Lee, Sam Pendergrass, Bill Hoff¬ 
man, Doug Engle, flay Grove, Rob Phillips. 

Goldsworthy 263 

Goldsworthy Fifth and Sixth 

Goldsworthy Five. Row One: Polar Bear, The Head, Mark “Bongo Zappone, 
Brian Carter, George Greenland, Ken Long. Row Two: The Running Rag, The 
Webbed Rag, Chuck Williams, Eric Larson, Kevin “Moses” Malone, Scott 
McDonald, Dale Engel, Roger the Dodger Wegley, Ed Perkins, Steve Tatum, 
Steve McClellan. Row Three: Bill, Mike “Rocco" Hughes, Pat “Bear" O’Rourke, 
Tom “Dawman” Dawson, Pat Durgan, Bie Bob McClain, Stephen “Ski" Saw- 

chuk, Steve “BC” Stewart, B.A. “Bob" Anderson, Mr. Don Scullv, Quick Chri* 
Johnson, Steve “AG" Agnello, Randy “Rowdy Bastard" Bunch, Tommy “The; 
Streak" Embrv, Jeff “Flash" Rimsite. Row Four: Dan Cossano, Darrell, Steve Cri¬ 
der, John Cnize, Thomas L. Schwarz, John Chadwic, Tom “CC" Dupar, Phil 
Dixon, Greg “Detour" Sicilia, Gus “Wallv Warhead” Gregory, Mike Campbell. 
Brent Lvon, Brian “S.K." Wilson. 

Goldsworthy Six. Row One: Dan Duncan, Pat Mitchell, Richard Hutson, Mike 
Case, Jav Kruse, Ron Marsh, Angel Nigrete, Rich Babowicz, Dave Firestone, Dan 
Eveleth, Roy Haralson, Wayne Smith. Row Two: Dan Miller, Brad Kirkwood, 
Don Deschane, Craig Stevens, Dave Greenville, Kevin Barbee, Mike Lyons, 
Chuck True, Brian Scatena. Row Three: Arthur Bernard, Steve Gallo, Tom 

McNabb, Ken Brook, Dave Roberts, Ross Thompson, Kurt Berglund, Dave! 
Thompson, Howard Revenig, Jeff Casebolt. Row Four: Mike Larson, Eric Isaac¬ 
son, Stan Scott, Keith Nelson, Fred Melgaard, Dick Nicholson, Terry Wallace,! 
John Keder, Doug Mills, Bruce Browcleit. 

264 Goldsworthy 



Top Left-Clockwise: Social Chairman Don Rozsonits, 
Treasurer Rick Sinclair, Vice President Dwayne 
Prince, President Steve Gallo, Intramural Chairman 
Chris Johnson, Assistant Social Chairman Chris Du- 
par. Not pictured: Chris Purslcy. 

Goldsworthy 265 

Dale Abbott 
Mitchell Aho 
Kevin Amis 
Douglas Anderson 
Scott Anderson 
Richard Bahowicz 
Barney Balcom 

Kevin Barbee 
Tom Beck 
Randall Benedict 
Albert Bingham II 
Glenn Blair 
R. Michael Boge 
Steven Brannon 

Bruce Brovveleit 
Michael Brown 
Ric Brown 
Matthew Brzostowski 
Tom Burgess 
Chuck Burns 
Andy Burt 

Michael Cam pea u 
Michael Case 
Frederick Coon 
Sean Cox 
Jav Dexter 
Steve Douglas 
Stephen Earl 

Dale Engel 
Doug Engle 
Gene Estabrook 
Daniel Eveleth 
Tsutomn Ezura 
Thomas Farrington 
David Firestone 

Brad Friehauf 
John Fry 
George Greenland 
David Greenville 
David Gutschniidt 
Randy Hagedorn 
Richard Hutson 

Ralph Ihli 
Kirk Jessee 
Brad Kirkwood 
John Korn 
Jav Kruse 
Stephen Langford 
Michael Lyons 

Roland Macy 
Thomas Margheim 
Cary McArthur 
Scott McDonald 
Jeff McKinney 
Wm. Me Laskey 
Thomas McNabb 

Steve Meier 
Richard Michelson 
Dan Miller 
John Muramatsu 
Angel Negrete 
Bob Nitz 
Robert Norris 

266 Goldsworthy 

Jamie Ortengren 
Scott Peters 
Justus Pickett 
Michael Poindexter 
Al Price 
Dwayne Prince 

Tern' Rasmussen 
Darrell Rector Jr. 
Howard Revenig 
Ronn Rohe 
Mark Ross 
David Salee 

Michael Santiago 
Bryon Sanford 
Thomas Schwartz 
Stan Scott 
Richard Sherman 
Alan Shipman 

Barney Shiroma 
Jim Simck 
Terry Snvder 
James Staley 
J. Craig Steven 
John Thoennes 

Huw Vaughan Thomas 
Ross Thompson 

Terrence Wallace 
Dale Wilkins 

Goldsworthy 267 

Kruegel First and Second 

Kruegel One. Row One: Chris Childers, Cindy Lockbeam. Row Two: Dianne Sev- 
erin, Lena Ronning, Mary Hardy, Andi Rauch, Val Nelson, Wanda Bailey, Jill 
Schoesler, Norine Laney, Jan Longway, Connie Berg, Kim Bryan. Row Three: 
Helen Lewis, Karla Rosenthal, Martha Olson, Necia Monroe, Diane Schwartz, 

Malvina Hathaway, Laura Jackson, Shannon Duckworth, Margaret Lafond, Pali 
Campbell, Sherry Bamer, Michelle Colyar. Row Four: Arlene Christensen, Lym 
Minietta, Sue Dowdell, Deb Howell, Lynn Greenlee, Patsy Brock, Chris Koukle> 
Cindy MaGee, Janice Phillips, Sue Flint. 


Jj, ; 


Kruegel Two. Row One: Diane Colclough, Chary MacLean, Laurette Yund, 
Vickie Ward, Carolyn Florek, Janie Siebenmark, Nancy Kinsolving. Row Two: 
Vicki Tanner, Tanya Story, Amy Husfloen, JoAnn Turney, Mary Lou Madden, 
Cindy Wellings, Darcy Furlough, Dawn Goetting, Lynn Whitaker, Mary Ramos, 

Mar)' Danielson. Row Three: Toni Anderson, Mary Anne Bettinger, Carol Jones, 
Linda Caudill, Barb Wallace, Linda Smith, Loretta Harris, Chris Carsten. Row 
Four: Carol Gambold, Sharon Gray, Anita Davisson. 

268 Kruegel 

Kruegel Third and Fourth 

Iruegel Three. Row One: Cathy Fray, Jan Metzgar, Ally Negaard, Patti Salternik, 
x)ri Price, Debbie Brooks, Leslie Brittle, Debbie Neal, Kelli Stevens, Jan Merc¬ 
ian, Debbie Hooper. Row Two: Doris Rothstrom, Mahala Murphy, Charlie Cole- 
lan, Tina Hansen, Marion Barney, Chris Hernandez, Heidi Eigenbrode, Cheryl 

Brittain, Carol Welsh, Alice Schilter, Linda Koller, Laura Redburn, Brenda Stu- 
der, Kellie Slater, Marcia Middendorf. Row Three: Elaine “Kelli” Greear, Nancy 
Taylor, Jackie Baker, Kim Raehor, Teri Heilsberg, Jan Lauterbach, Marla Sandvig, 
Cindy Brehm, Laura Parsons, Jill Monson, Patti Harder, Robin Young. 


(ruegel Four. Row One: Cheryl Blomquist, DeeDee Hannfer, Deanne Jackson, 
}ecky Rexius, Shonie Frederick, Jackie Ridewood, Ann Dahl, Colleen Dougherty, 
vlarti Haaland. Row Two: Delores Taylor, Grace Aid, Lindy Morton, Patty Ar¬ 
nold, Nancee Myers, Cheryl Crocker, Margeret Schultzer, Betty Bollert, Lynn 

Eastman, Shari Keeffe. Row Three: Janet Moulster, Barbara Arnold, Lori Kinder, 
Kriss Coss, Suzy DeChaineau, Laureen Harrison, Carmel Schwartze, Robin Bos- 
sert, Desi Faatz, Sharon Hanssen, Denise Fancher, Linda Brown, Alice Snouffer, 
Brenda Cullen. 

Kruegel 269 

McAllister First and Second 

McAllister One. Row One: Becky Flechsig, Katie Bowling, Rita Reed, Vicky 
Miller, Margie Beinis, Gretchen Vannatter, Joan Vendramin, Roberta Knutson, 
Linda Long, Shawn Newell. Row Two: Kathy McCullough, Cathy Cervi, Josette 
Yolo, Ann Jacobson, Julie Orr, Lisa Myers, Shawn Neeley, Kitty Whitcomb, Julie 
Gramm. Row Three: Sue Makala, Kathy MaComber, Anne McAteer, Laurie An¬ 

derson, Judi Waller, Barb Batson, Denise Dinger, Joanne Tompkins, Sandra Pow 
ell. Row Four: Jane Godwin, Robyn Smith, Becky Morey, Karen Twietineyer, Lis. 
Fite, Elaine Gower, Diane Thomas, Sue Scharhorst, Jan Clark, Debbie Atkins 
Tammy Nelson. 

McAllister Two. Row One: Kris Carroll, Sue Carter, Rhonda Sample, Teresa 
Green, Karen Bakken, Laura Kornell, Robin McGee, Sue Zappone. Row Two: Sal¬ 
ley Stevens, Gail Paysse, Catherine Burns, Janice Weigand, V.J. Bidley, Shari Nal- 
ley, Marilyn Perry, Mindy Sue Fischer, Kathie Meyer, Dinah Aldrich, Kathy Jes- 

semey. Row Three: Lori Brasher, Janet Fischer, Mitzi Hunter, Mark Zappone, 
Jennifer Oliver, Marie Impala, Jill Daling, Margie Caldwell. Row Four: Julie Ann 
Miller, Donna Bick, Kelly Wood, Chris Jinneman, Sally Fleenor, Patti Gilbertson, 
Mary Christy, Jennifer Shancer, Ann Butler, Colleen Hudchinson. 

270 McAllister 

McAllister Third and Fourth 

IcAllister Three. Row One: Janet Anderson, Meri Muirhead, Pam Loudon, Pam 
Walters, Janice Bigomia, Kerri O’Leary, Marcia Taylor, Carrie Johnson, Marion 
iooyman, Mar)' Parsons. Row Two: Cheryl Sonetz, Julie Pogue, Julie Idler, 
fawn-O-Van, Kathy Padden, Diane Bostwick, Janine LeVasseur, Debi Naccarato, 

Patti Jackson, Renie Foley, Cheri Pederson. Row Three: Susan Gray, Katie Lynch, 
Patty Walsh, Michelle Moberly, Ann Wan, Debbie Rinker, Sue Droppelman, 
Diane Swiek, Robin Fonek, Andrea Vincent, Barb VanSlageren, Mary Sieverson. 

icAUister Four. Row One: Row One: Kathy Schappel, Peggy Tibbits, Laurie Ve- 
<ema, Rhonda Caudle, Debbie Martin, Sandy Stavig, Karen Meyer, Dawn Hayes, 
lori Johnson, Deanna Rainsberry, Cathy Nuzum. Row Two: Sonya Olson, Anne 
itephanick, Barb Wallace, Allison Pearce, Nancy Anne Nitz, Karen Joy Sires, 
fcami Fomey, Connie Landro, Gretchen Peterson, Jill Magnuson, Christine Du- 

par, Jan Du par, Patrice Sweeny. Row Three: Colleen Warren, Mary Cozza, Erika 
Brandt, Lynn Thamm, Jocelyn Schaner, Jeanne Bocian, Laurel Roche, Deanna 
Stone, Lynn Stephens, June Thomas, Sharon Murray, Gail Jasmer, Wynne Alison 

McAllister 271 

Geri Anderson 
Wanda Bailey 
Connie Berg 
Ann Beldin 
Mary Anne Bettinger 
Cvntliia Brelnn 
Leslie Brittle 

Debbie Brooks 
Kimberly Bryan 
Jana Buchanan 
Brenda Callen 
Linda Caudill 
Christine Childers 
Candace Chromv 

Linda Cole 
Diane Colclough 
Suzie DeChaineau 
Lynne Eastman 
Heidi Eigenbrode 
Leslie Erwin 
Alicia Faneher 

Jo Ellen Fehrenbach 
Carolyn Florek 
Desiree Foutz 
Lisa Fox 
Cathv Fray 
Darcy Furlough 
Harriet Cross 

Nancy Gvlling 
Sharon Hanssen 
Martha Haaland 
Teri Heilsberg 
Amv Husfloen 
Laura Jackson 
Gina Johnsen 

Leslie Johnsen 
Terry Johnson 
Carol Jones 
Shari Keefe 
Carie Koenig 
Norine Laney 
Deana Lathrop 

Betsy Lewis 
Cynthai Lockbeam 
Jan Longway 
Mary Madden 
Janis Merriman 
Jan Metzger 
J. Marcia Middendorf 

Necia Monroe 
j.n Monson 
Lindy Morton 
Mahala Murphy 
Alison Negaard 
Val Nelson 
Janice Nicholson 

Karen Olinstead 
Laura Parsons 
Melissa Parsons 
Rebecca Peck 
Janice Phillips 
Julie Powers 
Lori Price 


272 Kruegel 

Andrea Ramalho 
Laura Redburn 
Becky Rexius 
Lila Roosevelt 
Doris Rothstrom 
Patricia Sal tern ik 

Marla Sandvig 
Alice Schilter 
Renee Schumann 
Dianne Severin 
Linda Smith 
Kelli Stevens 

Carol Streufert 
Brenda Studer 
Delores Taylor 
Nancy Taylor 
Cindy Vanderburg 
Patricia VanderWilde 

Barbara Wallace 
Vickie Ward 
Paula Waters 
Cindy Wellings 
Carol Welsh 
Robin Young 

Kruegel 273 

Dawn Akivama 
Janet Anderson 
Debbie Atkins 
Cynthia Baur 
Agnes Beka 
Margaret Be mis 
Donna Bick 

Katie Bowling 
Cheryl Brittain 
Catherine Burns 
Jan Clark 
Cathv Cervi 
Marv Christy 
Jill Daling 


JoAnn Donnell 
Cristine Dupar 
Jan Dupar 

Mindy Fischer 
Robin Fonck 
Maureen Folev 

Cami Forney 
Patricia Gilbertson 
Jane Godwin 

Susan Gray 
Julie Honk 
Colleen Hutchinson 

Julie Idler 
Gail Jasmer 
Carrie Johnson 

Marion Kooyman 
Laura Kornell 
Janine Levasseur 
Julia Lingenfelter 
Pamela Loudon 
Kathryn Macomber 
Cindy Maricle 

274 McAllister 


Victoria Miller 
Terr\' Millson 

Meri Muirhead 
Debra Naccarato 

Shari Lvnn Nalley 
Shawn P. Neeley 

Nancy Nitz 
Cathfeen Nuzum 
Kerri O’Leary 
Jennifer Oliver 
Sonya Olson 
Julie Kaye Pague 
Marv Parsons 

Gail Paysse 
Cheri Pederson 
Gretehen Peterson 
Julie Peterson 
Deanna Rainsberry 
Rita Lvnn Reed 
V.J. Ridley 

Laurel Roche 
Jennifer Shaner 
Sue Scharnhorst 
Wynne Sheely 
Mary Sieverson 
Karen Joy Sires 
Elaine M. Snieltzer 

Cheryl Sonetz 
Sandy Stavig 
Lynn Marie Thainm 
Peggy Tibits 
JoAnne Tompkins 
Patricia Turnbull 
Laura Venema 

Andrea Kay Vincent 
Barb Wallace 
Judi Waller 

P.J. Walters 
Janice Weigand 
Josette Yolo 

McAllister 275 

276 McCroskey 

Row One: Sue Markham. Row Two: Mary Miller, Molly Kapeeky, Debbie Slessman, Kathy Morris, 
Kirsten Krainann, Kim Wade, Lori Nannev, Lee Ann Smith, Judy Carstens, Kathv Borgford, Betty 
Lundgren. Row Three: Larraine Egman, Karen Pearson, Geordy Klarich, Joan Vetto, Sherri Kipp, 
Diane Thierry, Kathv Jansen, Maureen Fager, Kim Grunst, Becky McGreevy, Carol Lee, LaVonne 
Hughes, Liz Blankenship, Debbie Van Nostran, Chris Sander, Terri Mill. Row Four: Anita Schultz, 
Shirley Kwan, Mikel Garber, Patty Nolan, Megin Blissell, Robin Bull, Karen Haley, Ellen Burson, 

Marilyn Marwood, Karen Blair, Gail Lancaster, Trudi Hunt, Gathv Nallev, Mary Cheung, Marv 
Fiala, Judy Mitchell, Lynn Hergert, Wendy Stiers, Kerry Chapman, Vikki Vedvick, Jeanette Oliver. 
Row Five: Karen Whysong, Karen Issacson, Sue Dahlin, Judy Hergert, Carol Thompson, Carol 
Hamilton, Linda Allen, Michelle Riekcn, Casev Burgess, Beth Miller, Sara Siemens, Cheryl Avrcs, 
Moira Witmer, Viki Barie, Tracey Karshner, Ellen Schulkc, Judv Pankratz, Toni Nvman, Carol Mvt- 
ron, Jan Blake. 


Nancy Abbot 
Linda Allen 
Cheryl Avres 
Viki Barie 
Liz Blankenship 
Deanii Bryan 
Robin Bull 

Beth Burda 
Cascv Burgess 
Ellen Burson 
Judy Carstens 
Kerry Chapman 
Peggy Criez 
Susan Dahlin 

Larraine Egman 
Karen Haley 
Judith Hergert 
Lavonne Hughes 
Karen Isaacson 
Kathy Johnson 
Sandy Kackley 

Tracey Karshner 
Leslie Kawauchi 
Sherri Kipp 
Geordy Klarich 
Cynthia Knappett 
Kirsten Kromann 
Shirley Kwan 

Gail Lancaster 
Carol Lee 
Teresa Lynhill 
Marilyn Marwood 
Beth Miller 
Marv Miller 
Kathv Morris 

Carol Mytron 
Cathy Nallev 
Judy Pankratz 
Karen Pearson 
Michelle Rieken 
Teryl Rose Hi 
Ellen Sehulke 

Anita Schultz 
Sara Siemens 
Lee Ann Smith 

Wendv Stiers 
Kathleen Sweeney 
Carrol Thompson 

Connie Thorndike 
Debbie VanNostran 
Joan Vet to 

Kvme Wade 
Julie Wells 
Moria Witmer 

McCroskey 277 

Neill First and Second 

Neill One. Row One: Gail Beckham, Chervl Crosier, Cindie Roberts, Sue 1 Er- 
nsdorff, Sue 2 Anderson. Row Two: Lisa Srok, Teri Luna, Nora Mantzel, Marijane 
Schlosstein, Sylvia Cema, Mimi Callero, Martha Gonzales, Becky Fallis, Dianne 
Fode. Row Three: Willo Street, Julie Giard, Sue Douthitt, Jean Kaupila, Pucky 

Stivars, Sandy Dun, Ann Bancroft, Linda Hammond, Kathy Goertzen, Jill Ma¬ 
honey. Row Four: Kailua Kid Becker, Martha Neblo, Kathy Parker, Caroline Ta- 
mada, Don’ie King, Ann Klavano, Terry Barnhart, Kris Sauerbrey, Julie Bliss. 

Neill Two. Row One: Bill Kelley, Markie Wistort, “Farmer” John Canfield, Joe 
Monek, Pageboy Tuohy. Row Two: Kelly Bogle, Ron Ray, Randy Sprague, Joey 
Lessard, Rick Fejeran, Don Parretta, Denis McCarthy, Russ Whitaker. Row 
Three: Greg Ingham, Tiin “Rolo” Reid, “Whiz Kid” Muir, Jeff “Fig” Rush, Harry 

“O”, “Cheater” John Scott, Tony Gibson, Andy Sawin, Brian Smith, Roy Barsky. 
Row Four: John Jakotieh, Tom Martinsen, Willy Wilson, Sam Cole, Jim I. Carl 
son. Bill Hamer, “Crispy” Brad Campbell, Scott Hunsaker, Bill Dwight Ross. 

278 Neill 

Neill Third and Fourth 

4eiU Three. Row One: Kathy Davis, Nancy Markee, Mary Freese, Anita Barbour, 
uin Abraham. Sue Disney, Heidi Wimmer. Row Two: Kathy Yale, Laurie Parks, 
ulie Prine, Catlina Weil, Minka David Lazy, Sue Marchi. Sue Liebergesell, Tri¬ 
ha Reimer. Row Three: Nancy Sanford, Carol Cummings, Janet Remmereid, 

Debbie Rexius, Sally Culpepper, Frieda Haynes, Karen Hovis, Becky Smith. Row 
Four: Joanne Kuntz, Sue Goetting, Jamie Schmelzenbach, Kathy Pagni, Deb Best, 
Barb Berg, Marilyn Maddeford, Mary Fowler. 

eill Four. Row One: Mike Fitzgibbon, Leo Powell, Marty Sherred, Rick Causey, 
m Tamura, Tom Pappas, Tom Kabs, Kyle Kettel. Row Two: Fred Goodwin, 
ormv Hull, Brian Hinthome, Allen White, John Otto, Chris Peters, Dave Fisher, 
Hindman. Row Three: Rick Gardner, Mike Barer, Ron Fisher, Joff Morgan, 

Steve Beck, Fred Breiten, Bill Wyatt, Gordon Hill, Roger Schatzel, Ed Clark, 
Gary Gomes, Mike Donaghy, Collins Loupe. Row Four: Tim McComb, Chuck 
Taylor, Dan Shea, Jeff Lupinski, Matt McLean, Rick Sever, Pete Molenaar, Greg 
Hickel, Mike Bull, Steve Verkey, Curt Carlson, Roger Brewin. 

Neill 279 

Patricia Ann Abraham 
Susan Anderson 
Mike Barer 
Terry Barnhart 
Rov Barskev 
Steven M. Beck 
Gail Anne Beckham 

Barbara Berg 
Debbie Best 
W. Frederick Breiten 
Deborah Brennan 
Michael Bull 
John Canfield 
Jeff Carlson 

Carol Carter 
Svlvia Cerna 
Ed Clark 
Gerard Collins 
Anne Crosby 
Cheryl Crosier 
Minka Davidhazv 

Susan Ernsdorff 
Rebecca Fallis 

Mary Anne Fields 
Ronald Fisher 

Dianne Fode 
Mar\ Louise Fowler 

Julia Giard 
Kathrvn Coertzen 

Thomas E. Greethurst 
Gina Haggerty 

280 Neill 

William Hamer 
Janette Harvey 
Alfredia Haynes 
Jeff Hindman 

Karen Hovis 
Scott Hunsaker 
Gregory Ingham 
John Jakotich 

Kyle Kettel 
Ann Klavano 
Susan Liebergesell 
Jennifer Longstaff 

Shari Lovitt 
Jeff Lupinski 

Marilyn Maddeford 
Thomas Martinsen 

Denis McCarthy 
Scott McKennon 

R. Randy Nelson 
Kathv Pagni 

Laurie Anne Parks 
William Parretta 

Neill 281 

Gerald Pastore 
Julie Pryne 
Timothy Reid 
Patricia Reiuier 
Janet Remmereid 

Debbie Rexius 
Cindie Roberts 
Bill Ross 
Kristine Saverberg 
Roger Paul Sehatzel 

Candy Schwartze 
Cathy Speigner 
Randall Sprague 
Caroline Tamada 
James Tamura 

Audrey VanSchuppen 
Cynthia Weber 
Catherine Weil 
Kristi Westman 
Russell Whitaker 

282 Neill 

Drton Second and Third 

frton Two. Row One: Jamie Barbour, Kathie Knight, Luci Weldon, Denise Nan, 
Jenise Hoover, Dan Daling, Jeannette Takashima, Kiin Miller, Alice Winship. 
ow Two: Rita Weinand, Brad Jones, Jeanne Monthv, Andrea Eyre, Wayne Har- 
t»r, Paul Hobby, Gill Naylor, Kevin Colton, Vanessa Baird, Cindy Andreas, 

Yvonne Hagertv, Lee Harvego, Barb Trounce, Dale Hill. Craig Baber. Row Three: 
Steve Klindworth, Lonnv Eauchus, Mike McCarty, Gregg McCorkhill, Eric 
Norbv, Dianne Oiness, Kristie Barber, Julie Delaney, Wendv Potter, Gail Gam- 
lein, Stephanie Parkinson, Lvnn Massmann, Linda Larson, Steve Barland. 

Mon Three. Row One: Mark VlcKibben, Charlie Johnston, Hope Rollis, Andi 
dome, Carol Destael, Claire Gatrell, Janelle Poulsen, Robin Myra, Rick Weath- 
rinan, Sharon Knapp. Row Two: Pete Staub, Greg Johns, Bob Stohner, Jeff Mor¬ 
gan, Deb Bussert, Doug Dragovieh, YVally Desha, Jan Loetterle, Diane Clark, Do¬ 

lores Murnane, Mark Bleekert, Bill Vadino, Mike Spencer. Row Three: Scott 
Collier, Clav Fredricks, Ralph Hill, Wayne Bruso, Dave Dodge, Gail Gabbato, 
Dan Harrison, Ole Olson. Ranger Rick Gutierrez, Stan Bostrom 

Orton 283 

Orton Fourth and Fifth 

Orton Four. Row One: Cindy Bargewell, Vern Foster, Kama Boileau, Mary Stem- 
mer, Karen Doan, Sandy Becker, Barb Kalvig, Janet Hedman. Row Two: Lisa 
Ayer, Rick Sheyer, John Logue, Steve Aalvik, Nick Impagliazzo, Charlie Thorn- 
borrows, Kelly Butz, Dave Gilbert, Evan Morris, Tom Pounds, Kim Reily. Row 
Three: Michelle Hallin, Linda Eastlick, Carol Braaten, Jill Anderson, Cindee Ga- 

pen, Zena Mitchell, Julie Nicholson, Teresa Reed, Julie Field, Elizabeth Adam 
Rena Dobson, Linda Worley, Carolyn Lee, Debbie Flowers. Row Four: Duan 
Neely, Steve Fuller, Jack Bowers, Mike Henderson, Jim Linker, Dave King, Ha; 
old Booker, Scott Armstrong, Norm Inaba, Matt Little, Clay Belleman, Jeff Fry. 

Orton Five. Row One: Darrell Heiner, Kelly Cunningham, Pam Moore, Cindy 
Puri, Kathy Merlino, Cathy Abe, Anna Schrader, Marie Hamada, Beth Wheeler, 
Karen Rioux, Susie Spangler, Laura Young, Cindy Adams,Bill McGown. Row 
Two: Chris Butler, Jim Adams, Matt Borland, Mark Feeney, Jon Hill, Jim Line- 

hail, Jamie Barbour, Patty Slade, John King, Julie Warnack, Pete Boileau, 
Kerwin, Loren Lovejoy, Dave Gann. Row Three: Gene Jones, Tom Droz, Jett 
ger, Bryan Reightley, Jeff Druffel, Jim Adams, Doug Engle, John Anderson, Chri 
Murdock, Randy Locke, Andy Schock. 

284 Orton 


Drton Sixth and Seventh 

Mon Six. Row One: Kristie Anderson, Mary Kay Munn, Ellen Leitz, Teri Couch, 
me Emigh, Joan Sinnnelink, Arlene Ehvood, Ken Pruitt, Bev Taylor, Kim Bar- 
ise, Terry Usher, Brenda Latterell. Row Two: Klaus Ludwig, Claudia Stevens, 
ice Golden, Hugfi Durkan, Leslie Amaki, Kris Anderson, Frank Corl, Ed 

White, Lynne Dean, Jack Simonson, Mike Render, Kristin Paulson, Tom Landon, 
Miki Nishimura, Wayne Watkins. Row Three: Roger Woodworth, Dale Gunns, 
Shawn King, Marc Mattix, Magnus Gudmundsson, Dan Willis, Allan Fritz, Ken 
Graham, Roland Richardson, Robert Schuessler, Bill Bottenberg. 

Mon Seven. Row One: Debbie Fitch, Kathy Anstett, Joanie Sakrison, Sylvia Gon- 
alez, Jill Fisher, Jane Fairburn, Cris Brown, Greg Runyon, Bill Ferguson, Kim 
laker, Dennis Stone. Row Two: Tom Pelland, Gretchen Tonning, Rob Calhoun, 
’atty Price, Elizabeth Drew, Patty Madsen, Scott Peterson, Genetta Lyford, Lisa 

Aasland, Dick Poulsen, Jan Wadups, Mari Karin Miller, Pete Topalian, Rob Knott, 
Dave Battersby. Row Three: Mike Diemert, Shelly Bykoff, Carol Anderson, Keli, 
Blaine Stephenson, Robyn Schwartz, Tom McPharlin, Juli Hagiwara, Don Cotey, 
Joan Regan, Gene Scalzo, Rick Inglin, Jamie Pelland. 

Orton 285 

Orton Eighth and Nintl 

Orton Eight. Row One: Helene Sutton, Richard Masonari, Bret MacDemiott, Ka¬ 
ren Larsen, Lori Blair, Jalen Johansen, Marie Miller, Jaydee McCracken, Laurie 
Gardner, Sherry DeRosia, Mike Anthis. Row Two: Arthur Yee, Paul Norcia, Cathy 
Cot, Sue Ciynch, Jane Green, Ron Tisdel, Darrell Souza, Laurie Lee, Debbie ^ax- 

ton, Barry Bartlett, Jeff Thomas, Jim Towers, Denyse Racine, Kathy Shettle, K; 
ren Sorenson, Jane Hood. Row Three: Larry Boitano. Randy Rizzuti, Lynn Mor 
moto. Dee Eaton, Patrick Day, Brent Lee, Lisa Brooks, Jim Roe, Kevin Davis, Jc 
DeBruyne, Jim Walter, Randy Stinson, Dan Pierce. 

Orton Nine. Row One: Kevin Clark, Joan Smalley, Joanne Gustin, Cheryl Ben¬ 
nett, Anne Wilkinson, Kim Lewis, Barb Doherty, Erin Walk, Beth Brown, Pete 
Isaacson, Doug Treganowan, Mindy Harvey. Row Two: Sue Devore, Karen 
Munro, Ray Tanaka, Dan Chubb, Rob Brooks, Linda Stehr, Laurel Strand, Debbie 

Rough, Maiy Williams, Steve Wisner, Judy Ruddy, Jeff Sale, Rich Visaya, Pet 
French, Kevin Henry. Row Three: Sue Speight, Anna Sherman, Joe Brackbill 
Mike Edwards, Paul Eisenbrey, Jean Venable, Randy Salisbury, Sandy Sidie 
Diane Winter, Chris O’leary, Bruce Clark. 

286 Orton 

Dr ton Tenth and Eleventh 

rton Ten. Row One: Jeff Watkins, Mark Williams, Kennedy How, Debbie 
henk, Molly O’Brien, Diane Kaelin, Shawn McKeller, Elbe Hill, Vicki Webert, 
illis Pedersen, Ann Wendell. Row Two: Julee Jerkovich, Kathy Moschel, Jackie 
lee, Marc Schmidt, Teri Portmann, Scott Baugh, Kelly Stansell, John Pasquan, 

Wayne Jess, Vicki Johnson, Jim Kahn, Jack Arends, Jerry Simon. Row Three: Dave 
Smith, Dave Williams, Joanne Rysdorp, Dave Sage, John Carroll, Steve Quant, 
Dan Tritle, Sue Peters, Win Norton, Richard Gnehm, Marcia Lee, Gregg Dech- 

rton Eleven. Row One: Debbie Hannula, Linda Connelly, Sheila Keesecker, 
arb Sadler, Leonard Wolf, Lynne Assman, Patty Shannon, Joan Roddy, Kristi 
nuth. Row Two: Mark Dailey, Janet Schmidt, Kevin Storey, Connie Iten, Mar- 
a Sebring, Margret Dodge, Erin Casserly, Bob Carlson, Patty Rustanius, Judy 

Johnson, Steve Beaty, Lori Jenkins, Kathy Coplen, Debbie Graham, Joan Wallace. 
Row Three: Tom Lawson, Marty Freet, Dennis Bowie, Bob Godwin, Denise An¬ 
drews, Jay Goss, Ben Hein, Charlie Kronvall, Betsy Knippa, Barry Crabtree, Steve 
Kerr, Brad Walth. 

Orton 287 

Regents Section 1 and 2 

Regents Section One. Row One: Lisa Glueck, Denise Owens, Shirley Brooks, Pau¬ 
lette Aspinall, Mary Harbour, Stacy Pence Teresa Howell. Row Two: Diane 
Floch, Lisa Motin, Judy Eskridge, Janice Edkridge, Carlette Lesesne, Karen Wil¬ 
liams, Becky Michael. Row Three: Judy Williams, Anna Ackerman, Lynn Cash, 

Helen Heppell, Mary Sobczyk, Cece Forde, Janine Strickland, Debbie Morgai 
Row Four: Patti O’Neill, Sandy Tomlin, Wendy Maxwell, Molly Barnhart, Cine 
Lyman, Kim Novotony, Judy Potter, Donna Schmiege, Kelly McClain, There' 
Larson, Marcia Melsness. 

Ik ^ i 

jf vH 


V - ^ 

iji g” 

■ 11 

■ Vjt k 

Regents Section Two. Row One: Lita Long, Kim Sanders, Lynn Tomlinson, Carol 
Trosper, Becky Osborn, Linda Bell, Rhonda Denison, Lisa Demond. Row Two: 
Jayne Seidel, Mary Dolejsl, Clare Murphy, Susie Taylor, Tami Vigue, Gloria 
Sherfey, Cindy Walston, Barb Westover, Mary Felland, Lorna Yockey, Ellen Moe. 
Row Three: Kerri Pace, Kathy Padgett, Marianne Jensen, Barbara Patten, Mar¬ 

ianne Anarde, Martha Chaney, Vicki Carey, Gretchen Norenberg, Cindy Ho» 
orka, Carol Lemon. Row Four: Kristi Novelrus, Megan Skinner, Geri Felchlii 
Karie Weeks, Brenda Gatzke, Sandy Fleming, Jeri Pacsmag, Dawn Maguin 
DeeDee Stemmer, Margo Cusin, Chris Swanson, Jamey Heaton. 

288 Regents 

Regents Section 3 and 4 

egents Section Three. Row One: Kathy Fort, Karen Alhee. Row Two: Bev Wil- 
ains, Gail Houser, Cheryl Scott, Marie Stumpf, Kathy Johnson, Lee Welliver, 
vnn Nelson, Mary Bender. Row Three: Lynn Her, Pam Post, Jeanne Hoggarth, 
larv Jo Doherty, Luann Sander, Julee Jackson, Pat Matthews, Michelle Myers. 

Row Four: Terri Fields, Marie Hull, Tammy Antilla, Kathy Steele, Sally Pool, 
Shelley Campbell, Debbie Lovely, Ann Ward. Row Five: Carey Dupret, Taminy 
Burmeister, Ellen Stevenson, Mary Ellen Wagner, Laura Longley, Jackie Patjens, 
Cindy Mosher, Tammy Pugh, Karla Colbert. 

iegents Section Four. Row One: Nancy Fjeitstuman, Janet Halldorson, Rhonda 
'orter, Sandra Gibbons, Cindy Greer, Barbara Fulton. Row Two: Leslie Kern, 
nna Gates, Joan Fackrell, Nancy McDonald, Patti Rice, Ilona Jean Hodson, Anne 
iettman. Row Three: Karen Johnson, Kathy Smith, Jan Begg, Kathy Kuckmak, 

Joyce Roberts, Kathy Fujioka, Eloise Mitchell, Debbie Iverson. Row Four: Debi 
Kennedy, Tarni Ward, Jean Perry, Anne Bowles, Kathy Doughty, Kateen Hauser, 
Judy Saftich, Jan Keele, Carrie McLean, Kristie Franck. 

Regents 289 

Regents Section 5 and 6 

Regents Section Five. Row One: Gail Smalley, Jeri Rajcich, Rose Binetti, Theresa 
O’Brien, Kathy Oebser, Jackie Mathews, Kim Moa. Row Two: Lisa Dejarnet, 
Shawn Delong, Dimne Cote, Sheryl Workman, Denise Navle, Sally Stockman, 
Cindy Wicker, Gina Gates, Martha Fritz. Row Three: Marilyn Parish, Karen Han¬ 

sen, Jennifer Bare, Jeanne Austin, Karen Raines, Mickey Jackson, Norene Ennis 
Julie Helmholz. Row Four: Jacki Murray, Mary Hamm, Michele Kriebel, Theresa 
Aly, Diana Olsen, Linnet Long, Carolyn Goo, Laurie Bauermeister, Tracy Isler 
Yvette Joseph, Roberta Saldana. 

Regents Section Six. Row One: Theresa Morelli, Debbi Law, Sue Thoreson, Patty 
Armstrong, Mary Hartv, Lynne Deckman, Jill Hinschberger, Dianne Kuwahara, 
Nancy McDonald, Jamie Ness. Row Two: Carol Sauve, Pat Brennan, Mary Teder- 
man, Susan Lawless, Sandy Hilton, Marie Chan, Dorie Knight, Kristie Franck, 
Krisiti Jensen, Stacey Walters. Row Three: Sharon Rowe, Tami Poe, Dianne Gilli¬ 

land, Pat Sobczyk, Leslie Roedel, Lynn Hazelton, Kellee Johnson, Sandy Pfeifer, 
Maralee Gould, Allison Sanden, Leslie Walker, Melinda Vawter. Row Four: 
Claudia Nilson, Carolyn Walker, Shirley Langdon, Loretta Gurney, Roxy Lee, 
Cindy Robinson, Rhonda Benson, Patricia Petty, Sharee Franklin. 

290 Regents 

Regents Section 7 and 8 

legents Section Seven. Row One: Sharon Taira, Jill Morgan, Cor McConkle, Kate 
>uBois, Roxanne Chappel. Row Two: Paula Desgranges, Debbie Crans, Kristy 
'happle, Karen Anderson, Connie Chitwood, Janet Richards. Row Three: Jeanne 

Totten, Serena Kuehne, Lori Lobberegt, Margaret Snyder, Janet Foster, Julie 
Lust, Merry Ann Gordon, Bonney Mann. Row Four: Jani Raymond, Susie Fresh- 
ley, Bev Holt, Pat Grokman, Judy Rosaia, K.C. Weirauch, Cindy Wilkinson. 

legents Section Eight. Row One: Karen Partlow, Elsa Wong, Cathy Craig, Cindy 
Jhristensen, Barbara Larson, Mary Pellicer, Vicki Tebb, Vicki Mortimer. Row 
'wo: Susan Cook, Leslie Moore, Charlene Flowers, Karon Porras, Barbara Snyder, 
landi Johns, Shelley Lansaw, Nancy Moore. Row Three: Margot Thorndike, Mau¬ 

reen Richards, Joni Long, Kathy Nelson, Cindy Van Liew, Nancy Menzia, Debbie 
Stevenson. Row Four: Christi Bitney, Peggy Hammerle, Julie Lemke, Linda Zu- 
pan, Maureen Jones, Simone Azure. 

Regents 291 

Hollv Ager 
Karen Albee 
Marianne Anarde 
Karen Anderson 
Patricia Armstrong 
Paulette Aspinall 
Jeanne Austin 

Cathy Beaver 
Mary Bender 
Rhonda Benson 

Debbie Beringer 
Rose Marie Binetti 
Marv Blomberg 

Anne Bowles 
Janet Bueehl 
Tammy Burmeister 

Ava Jean Campbell 
Cheryl Chamberlain 
Marie Chan 

Cindv Christensen 
A. Ingrid Clair 
Karla Colbert 
Lynne Alison Deckman 
Lise Dejarnatt 
Paula Desgranges 
Mary Jo Doherty 

Heather Duncan 
Carey Dupret 
Mary Ellen Wagner 
Sandra Fleming 
Teri Flint 
Cece Forde 
Catherine Fort 

Janet Foster 
Kristie Franck 
Sharee Franklin 
Susan Fresh ley 
Barbara Fulton 
Gina Gates 
Brenda Gatzke 

Dianne Gilliland 
Lisa Glueck 
Carolyn Goo 
Loretta Gurney 
Rhonda Hale 
Janet Halldorson 
Mary Hamm 

292 Regents 

Debbie Lovely 
Julie Lust 
Cynthia Lyman 
Patricia Matthews 
Judy McFarland 
Nancy Menzia 

Mary Harbour 
Elise Lee Hartnng 
Kateen Hauser 
Nancy Heitstuman 
Sandy Hilton 
Jill Hinschl>erger 
Ilona Hudson 

Jeanne Hoggarth 
Robin Holmes 
Beverly Holt 
Teresa Howell 
Virginia Hull 
Lynn Iler 
Debra Iverson 

Mickey Jackson 
Marianne Jensen 
Cynthia Johnson 
Karen Johnson 
Kathv Johnson 
Kellee Johnson 
Yvette Joseph 

Shirley Langdon 
Shelley Lansaw 

Barb Larson 
Theresa Larsen 

Shelly Lawson 
Roxy Lee 

Kris Lindstrom 
Lita Long 

Regents 293 

Liz Meyer 
Sandra Mize 
Kimberly Moa 
Ellen Moe 
Debbie Morgan 
Cindv Mosher 
Lisa Motin 

Wendy Myhre 
Deborah Navle 
Kathv Nelson 
Lvnn Nelson 
Claudia Nilson 
G ret then Noercnberg 
Rita Nordenstam 

Kristine Norelius 
Sheila O’Brien 
Kathryn Ocbser 
Patricia O’Neill 
Denise Owens 
Jacqueline Patjens 
Mary Pellicer 

Stacy Pence 
Patti Petty 
Saudi Pfeifer 
Sally Pool 
Tamara Pugh 
Jani Raymond 
Patricia Rice 

Maureen Richards 
Cindy Robinson 
Leslie Roedel 
Cathy Ronnestad 
Allison Sanden 
Kimberly Sanders 
Cheryl Scott 

Shelly Siegfried 
Kathv Smith 
Barb Snyder 
Marv Sobczvk 
Patricia Sobczvk 
Carol Spiegelberg 
Kathryn Steele 

Elizabeth Stemmer 
Deborah Stevenson 
Ellen Stevenson 
Sally Stockman 
Marie Stumpf 
Gavle Smalley 
Sue Thorcson 

Margot Thorndike 
Sandra Tomlin 
Gretehen Ulowetz 
Carolyn Walker 
Stacey Walters 
Ann Ward 
Susan Warner 

Lee Ann Welliver 
Cynthia Wicker 
Bev Williams 
Karen Williams 
Elsa Koon bun Wong 
Rebecca Zeutschel 
Linda Zupan 

294 Regents 

Rogers 2nd 
and Officers 

Rogers Officers: Steve Sundquist, administrative assistant; Dale 
Goodwin, president; Steve Moser, vice president; John Weekes, 

Rogers Two. Row One: Dan Welliver, Scott Morrision, Terry Brown, Jeff Bar- kson, Kyle Dorsey, Pete Krehoff, Bill Briskey, Mark Ellis, Mike Holder. Row 
stow, Phil Bogardus, Allan Brugge, Dale Goodwin, Mark Erwin. Row Two: Doug Three: Joe Slye, Steve Moser, Jay Quine, Jay Jared, John Weekes, John Cunning- 
WiLson, Lloyd Gibbons, Mike De May, Mike Mayberry, Jim Dickman, Dave Hin- ham, Pat McGuillvrey, Curt Franz, Mark Thackray. 

Rogers 295 

Rogers Third and Fourth 

Rogers Three. Row One: John Ludowise, Steve Joyce, Rich Howard, Kelly Ma¬ 
lone, Dave Eitner, Brian Horn, Larry Copp, Mike Doty, Mat Spaulding, Lloyd 
Hansen, Bill Throssell. Row Two: Carl Maxwell, James Smith, Phil Sheely, John 
Keatts, Dave Zimmerman, Jim Calpin, Rick Divers, Steve Bichich, Randy Strozyk, 

Steve Metz, Dean Williams, Brad Foien, Paul Therrialt. Row Three: Fred Zack 
Ben Nwachukwa, Rich Mann, Brian Alton, Rick Emtman, Brad Childress, Pett 
Richardson, Pat Baker, Mike Skinner, Doug Fery, Don Johanson, Steve Suudquist 
Rob Dunn, Scott Anderson, Rick Lybarger. 







m \y 

[ 1 

■ ^91 

v sp 

iv M . 

\ A 

Rogers Four. Row One: Steve Monroe, Kevin Miller, Mick Lee, Greg Goraleman, 
Mark Shrum, Will Vellman. Row Two: Craig Sepich, Brett Thomas, Dan Keane, 
Malcolm Hanks, Tom W'arfield, Steve Northey, Doug Wyman, Joshua Levine, 
Boh Andring, Roger Camphell, George Brown, Rob Rasmussen, Mitch Lechelt. 

Row Three: Howard Koppe, Kevin Skolnid, Doug Konu, Mike Geisenheimer, Jeff 
Lesser, Greg Jones, Brian (Broom and Hat) Upton, Phil Daling, Randy Fenich, 
Steve Wallace. Row Four: Tim Campbell “T.C.'\ Mike Hanson, Ken Morse, Bob 
Wenzen, Tom Braden, Eric Shnim, David Brown. 

296 Rogers 

Rogers Fifth and Sixth 

..tiL I - 0 


Rogers Five. Row One: Roger Summers, Doug Drobney, Joe Pitt, “R.A.” Mike 
Moats, Kent Toyoda, Dwyane Leighty, Scott Geddes, Erlan Leitz, Mark Sutton, 
pud Riedner. Row Two: Mario Isely, Chuck Miller, Larry Beck, Sam “Bones” 
Jkeleton, Kevin Allison, Steve Riese, Mark Jutte, Paul Jaquish, John Sutliff, Bob 
iunderson, Phil Ives. Row Three: Mark Fisher, Eric Didominco, John Cripe, Stan 

Myers, Bob Murdock, Paul Cantly, Dave Reeber, Rob Simons, Marty Andrews, 
Dana Dixon, Scott Clark. Row Four: Randy Egolf, John Orr, Craig Lotze, Scott 
Coble, Dave Hardy, Kevin Luehrs, Dave Venier, Ross Truit, Brian Giles, Craig 
Swafford, Marshall Lane. 

Rogers Six. Row One: Jerry Ringo, Jon Christian, Mike O’Heron, Treg Owings, 
^arry Walker, John Martin, Steve Steach, Tiny Neil, Steve Guans, Randy Voshell, 
denry R. Carpenter. Row Two: Craig Brown, Mark Stevens, Brian Eifert, Keith 
Royer, Dave McMakin, Bob Somerville, Mike Jacobson, Brian Higby, Peter H. 
Rankin, Alphonso Overdahl, Dave Macdonald, Brad Myers. Row Three: Ron 

Reed, Dave Sundberg, Steve Melton, Steve Michaelsen, Steve Jacobson, Brooks 
Hagle, Bruce Bennett, Mark D. Duncan, Steve Bogert, Greg Ness, Glen Grette. 
Row Four: Mike Stewart, Don Kagele, Brian Cayford, Steve Thorson, Steve Kelso, 
John Rhodes, Remi Southard, Jim Barber, Rick Lewis, John Barkley, Dan Brown. 

Rogers 297 

Rogers Seventh and Eighth 





Rogers Seven. Row One: Bill Howe, John McKay, Matt Luzny, Tim Clement, 
George Goodfellow, Lyle Bonny, Steve Morrow, Dave Wike, Steve Johnson, Brian 
Lewinski. Row Two: Tim Hodgson, Rex Wilhelm, Bill Hart, Ron Weiland, Tom 
Karagianes, Jim Rogers, Dave Wallingford, John Hunter, Jerry Froland, Todd 

Hodges, Joe McDonnell. Row Three: Brian Anderson, Kirk Shroyer, Mark W* 
bert, Tom Morris, Rob Stein, Gordon Keller, Vince Moeller, Mark Cleven, Waynj 
Bean. Row Four: Dave Guild, Mike Miner, Al Kirpes, Mark Carver, Craig EcL 
monds, Randy Roadifer, Dave Borgens, Lon Morgan, Mike Torpey. 




f «|p 

Rogers Eight. Row One: Bill Cooke, Mike Winegardner, Mike Zehnder, Mike 
Linker, Kevin Meek, Jon Easier, Todd Norquist. Row Two: Dave Cornforth, Evan 
Mamey, Kirk Anderson, Glenn Yeager, Tom Rex, Scott Henry, Lee Bak, Rich 
Nelly, Andy Bice, Bill O’Brien. Row Three: Doug Goodell, Hugh Fraser, Ken 

Rothgeb, Bob Malone, Bill Adamaitis, Mark Chopper, Steve Amdd, Ken Reis, K< 
vin Williams. Row Four: Mike Johnson, Dennis Hoover, Mark Higgins, Stev 
McPherson, Jeff McCallum, Ben Kostick, Chris Tochterman, Steve Kahns, Kevi 
Fitzgerald, Joe Barton. 

298 Rogers 

ogers Ninth and Tenth 

;ogers Nine. Row One: Chris “Beaver” Bendickson, Sherwood Smith, Don Ever- 
st, Mike Miller, Larrell Gardner, Dave Kelly, Ray “Junior” Tompkins. Row Two: 
like Parkinson, Jeff “Muscle Beach” Filip, Kimo Chun, John Benoit, Jim Barrett, 
teve “Squirrel” Kipisz, Mark Lewinski, Mike Ziccarelli, Keith Johnson, “Rotsie” 
toy Herman. Row Three: Lindsay “Chief’ Kanesta, Mark James, Jon “Zoo” 

Zuchowski, Dave Cannon, Maik Sannes, Dave Doughty, Larry “Mayfool” May- 
field, Boh Menzel, Jeff “Nasco" Jones, John Welsh. Row Four: Russ “Crusty” 
Curd, Matt “Helm” Henry, Creg Elliott, Scott Brownlee, Dan Websyer,Bob 
Rieck, Brian Knowlton, Neil “S. Shirley” O’Keeffe, Korry Pearl, Don Kuhns. 



logers Ten. Row One: Scott Sissons, Dave Fowlkes, Mike Burdorff, John Fonte- 
ot, Kirk Higginson, Marc LaPlante, Stan Mitchell, Don Willis. Row Two: Ray 
Villis, Randy Watts, Mark Gietz, Rick Lindsay, Dan Crabtree, Jerry Sattler, Jim 
eberg, Mark Sigrist, Mike Wierman, Paul Stencil. Row Three: Dennis Hinder- 

shot, Jim Cook, Larry r Baxter, Joe Leon, Phil Dyer, Jim Mar, Ray Zoellick, Steve 
Schmelz, Craig Waters, Tony Williams, Gene Chin. Row Four: Mark Levy, Bob 
Labrach, Randy Chong, Greg Larson, Dan Johnson, Ron Gross, Steve Alboucq, 
Fred Fleck, Chris Jacobsen. 

Rogers 299 

Rogers Eleventh 

Rogers Eleven. Row One: Dan Vail, Pete Dunlop, Mark Adams, Dan Drllevich, 
Lair)' Randall, Greg Powell, Dennis Matteo, Mike Stone, Dave Beers, Garry Pen¬ 
ning, Pete Craig. Row Two: Earl Johnson, Paul Higinbotham, Mark Murphy, Rick 
Ray, Jeff Boyles, Mike Schenaker, Jim Freese, Tim Knittle, Mark MacCowan, Lo¬ 
ren Schumate. Row Three: John Hume, Bill Cummins, John Pembroke, Scott 

Hawkins, Doug Stubsten, Tom Tjoelker, Jim Neumiller, Robb Obom, Pat Shearer. 
Mark Hawe. Row Four: Bruce Calico, Kevin Simonds, Greg O’Neal, Fre 
Tliomas, Bill George, Steve Ben, Mark Coomes, Ted Wiegert, Tony Main 
Charles Mallorv Banister III. 

Brian Alton 
Marty Andrews 
Robert Andring 
Steven Arnold 
Patrick Baker 
Joseph Bart 
John Basler 

Laurence Walter 
Bruce Bennett 
John Benoit 
David Berry 
John Bogardus 
Stephen Bogert 
Jeff Boyles 

Lawerance Brown 
Craig Brown 
Dan Brown 
Jim Calpin 
Roger Campbell 
Tim Campbell 
Chris Carlson 

Braian Cayford 
Denny Cavalier 
Mark Chopper 
Kimo Chun 
Christopher Cook 
James Cook 
Larry Copp 

300 Rogers 

Daniel Crabtree 
Chris Crawley 

William Cummins 
John Cunningham 

Mike Demav 
Eric Didomenico 

Richard Divers 
Dana Dixon 

Roger Dorwav 
Kirt Dozier 
Dan Drllevich 
Michael Dugger 
David Eitner 
Richard Emtman 
Randy Fenich 

Dougals Ferv 
James Freese 
Mark Fisher 
Brad Foien 
Thomas Frasier 
Daniel Freerksen 
Scott Geddcs 

Lloyd Gibbons 
Dale Goodwin 
Bill Hart 

Dennis Hendershot 
Scott Henry Jr. 
Kirk Higginson 

Dave Hinkson 
Brooks Hogle 
Dennis Hoover 

C. Mark Howe 
Jay Howe 
John Hume 

Rogers 301 

Steven Jacobson 
Mark Janies 
Mark Johnson 

Evan Jones 
Greg Jones 
Steve Joyce 

Donald Kagele 
Tom Karagianes 
Wade Kellogg 

Timothy Knittle 
Steve Knoper 
Douglas Konu 

George Konzek Jr. 
Ben Kostick 
Peter Krehoff Jr. 
Robert LaBrash 
Marc LaPlante 
Mick Lee 
Jeff Lesser 

Joshua Levine 
Mark Levy 
Eric Lewis 
Hans Lundgren 
Ken Madland 
Michael Mayberry 
Paul McNeill 

Kevin Meek 
Steve Melton 
Stephen Metz 
Steve Michaelsen 
Kevin Miller 
Stan Mitchell 
Lonnie Morgan 

Greg Morrison 
Steven Moser 
Steve Northey 

Benjamin Nwachukwa 
Dennis O’Boyle 
Michael O’Heron 

Neil O’Keeffe 
Treg Owings 
Korry Pearl 

302 Rogers 

Peter Rankin 
David Rash 
Rich Ray 
Dave Reeber 
Ronald Reed 
John Rhodes 
Peter Richardson 

James Rogers 
James Ronald 

John Ryan 
Jerry Sackmann 

Elisara Satia 
Stephen Schmelz 

Mark Shnun 
Kevin Simonds 

Scott Sissons 
Kevin Skolmd 
Joseph Slye 
Ken Smith 
Bob Somerville 
Remi Southard 
Richard Spalding 

Michael Stone 
Douglas Stubsten 
Roger Summers 
Stephen Sundquist 
James Teberg 
Mark Thackrav 
Marc Thompson 

William Throssell 
Tom Tjoelker 
Michael Torpey 
Dan Vail 
William Veelman 
Tom Warfield 
Steven Watt 

Rogers 303 

Bernard Kwong Fai Au 
Keith Dennis Baldwin 
Thomas C. Barber 
Harold Benny 
Francisco Brito 
Thomas Brosman III 
Paul Edward Buxton 

Christopher Chapin 
Steven Davolt 
David DeGroot 
Gerry Desmarais 
Ronald W. Edmondson 
Gregg Eilers 
James McKelvey Ewing 

James Findley 
Gary L. Garowski 
Guy Klaus Hansen 
Ron B. Heard 
Paul A. Hughes 
Anthony Crotoma Ifie 
Joseph C. Jackson 

Steven Jewett 
Steven Lynn Johnson 
Milton Dean La than 
Daniel Lathrop 
Kevin L. MacIntyre 
R. Scott McConnell 
John S. McKean 

William Nels Mich 
Scott Mulliner 
James W. Norbnry, Jr. 
Patrick J. Pang 
Kenneth Lyle Robe 
Vern Russell 
Richard Schlonga 

304 Scott 

Steph. E. 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th 

>tephenson East Two and Three. Row One: Sheryl Gelineau, Leslie Peterson, 
.isa Ambrose, Cindy Penewell, Molly Ronnestad, Rosie O’Hern. Row Two: Linda 
vlottem, Sue Hang, Ronni Bevers, Carole Christiansen, Edie MeMonigle, Karen 
'arlson, Lisa Pfeifer, Marsha Gossler, Janine McMahon, Hallie Radliff, Nancy 
piss, Cindv Kelley, Jane Salvus. Row Three: Mary Forrester, Pam Baumgart, 

Marv Little, DeAnn Brvan, Katy Eschbaeh, Pam Gorden, Theresa “Pinky” Gay- 
nor. Elaine “Scjuiggy” Simpson, Shawn Sorenson, Kris Larson, Judy Anne Miller, 
Julie Haxton, Kathv Cowan, Wendy Bus, Cindy Acuff, Janice Swenson, Camille 
Morgan, Julie Jacobsen, Cindy Leifeste, Risa Ragland, Mary Pat Bergen, Barb 
Showman, Linda Einan, Michele Stone, Erin Vincent. 

>tephenson East Four and Five: Row One: Christine McKown, Barbara Wal- 
man, Dorine Teitzel, Theresa Capps, JoAnn Lawson, Barbara Hilliard, Sandie 
5 atts, Pam Mason, Janice Zachman, Vickie Gordon. Row Two: Deborah Odle, 
ihelley Curttright, Denise DeSalvatore, Betsy Graham, Kathy Biskey, Cheryl 
-toward, Nancy Engman, Yvonne Belascu, Angie Michaelsen, Alison Becker, Mol- 
ie Chapman, Leslie Fjalstad, Lori Parker. Row Two: Terri Washer, Debbie Kir- 

schenmann, Kathy Kranc, Barb Larimer, Sue Hudelson, Jane Lantzy, Barbara 
Holbrook, Shirley Fitzgerald, Cindy Anderson, Michelle Kerle, Sue Kimmel, Je- 
nvee Goodwin, Barbara O’Neill, Cathy Wing. Row Four: Cheryl Underwood, Ma- 
rissa Fisher, Erin Kelly, Kristin Stump, Robin Cruthers, Lvnne Anderson, Memory 
Mvers, April Lancaster, Laura Brown, Terri Ramsay, Becky Byerly. 

Stephenson East 305 

Steph. E. 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th 

Stephenson East Eight and Nine. Row One: Denise Comeaux, Pauli Weddridge, 
Jill Peistrup, Marcie LaCheck, Amy Roquer, Liann Mummey, Dianne McNeill, 
Lori Leff, Dawn Amaya, Nancy Carter, Julie Shattuck, Darlene Hyde. Row Two: 
Cheri Finsen, Jan Edson, Jana Kimpel, Shannon O’Connell, Janet Oslund, Fran- 
cisca Erickson, Ann Kalis, Heidi Johnson, Kim Kouba, Janet Stage, Susie Rowand, 
Donna Fitch, Gail Reiter, Kari Brandvold, Barbara Rowe. Row Three: Debbie 

Creighton, Peggy Zappone, Carol Parsons, Carol Heinz, Sue Coffin, Cindv 
Wright, Liz Green, Kelly Leslie, Susan Lawrence, Diane Ahnemiller, Pat Sun] 
dquist, Debbie Collins, Sandee Grant, Vicki Hamlin, Teresa Malphrus, Karlei 
Schmidt, Jenni Pielemeier. Row Four: Celeste Nelsen, Jean Lamont, Mary Ann 
Lund, Karen Loftis, Theresa Jacay, Charlene Lantz, Joan Scharnhorst, SheiL 
McDougall, Heidi Frederick, Mary Neuby, Wanda Bena, Nan Mitzner. 

Stephenson East Six and Seven. Row One: Nancy Ottem, Jean Elurum, Nancy 
Wood, Danette Walker, Julie Howse, Lori Merrill, Jill Knight, Kelli Vaught, Deb¬ 
bie Martin, Cathy Villanis. Row Two: Sue Revis, Carol Schwehm, Holly Pre- 
iLschoff, Carol Yenney, Luanne Butler, Leslie Fichtenberg, Cheryl Schultz, Hope 
Haugen, Robin Ray, Ursula Gahler, Monnett Smith, Ardy East. Row Three: Shan¬ 
non Talcott, Cindy Naucler, Bev Gustafson, Janelle Freed, Sherry Dederick, Deb¬ 

bie Holtman, Kelly McKee, Cheryl Williams, Connie Farris, Julia Simmons, Janet 
Spencer, Cindy Evans, Allyson Griffith, Diane Toothaker, Pat Liewer. Row Four: 
Sharron Denmark, Sari Graven, Mary Hanf, Eve Colon, Valerie Dvorak, Jan Cyr, 
Sue Holbrook, Lauri McNeal, Kathy Langenhorst, Nancy Dunlop, Cindy Perkins, 
Jeanne Grainger, Deby Sherman, Diane Dow, Tish Griffin, Nansi Dodge, Laurie 

306 Stephenson East 

Steph. E. 10th # 11th, 12th and 13th 

itephenson East Ten and Eleven. Row One: Paula Duncan, Elsie Pappin, Lisa 
Deldotto, Nancy Antunes, Julie Johnson, Missy Epping, Kim Miller, Nancy Nel- 
ion, Mary Coward, Cindy Galanti. Row Two: Debbie Foss, Page Palmer, Paula 
vlcKeon, Barbara Welling, Kristi Anderson, Jane Ellen Avery, Barbara Becker, 
nie Reymer, Joanie Acuff, Julie Nelson, Toni Anderson, Mary Widman, Kathy 
vVaterman. Row Three: Barbara Meier, Theresa Ransom, Diane Miller, Caren 

Eggars, Mary Ann Polo, Tara Otonicar, Che-lan Chen, Joan Schultz, Mikki 
Whittle, Sarah Hubbard, Risa Estrada, Shannon Slachter, Kathy Lukens, Cindy 
Erickson. Row Four: Nancy Engman, Lee Kipper, Tracey Zehnder, Elaine Ed¬ 
wards, Debbie Sammons, Denise Hamilton, Donna Boisen, Theresa Donovan, 
Elizabeth Chan, Ginny Scalzo, Cindy Sherman, Debbie McGill, Cheryl Moothart, 
Carol Bamett, Debbie Shannon, Teri Crawford. 

Stephenson East Twelve and Thirteen. Row One: Patty Holmstrom, Linda Steves, 
Rose Ines, Nancy Grim, Peggy Dunlap, Sue Leonard, Heidi Kalkwarf, Nithaly 
Kenkithisak, Chieko Okabe. Row Two: Barb Mattausch, Laurie Moore, Debbie 
Elder, Karen McGraw, Kathy Hinkelman, Karen Leith, Genevieve Bennett, Mary 
Hisey, Shelley Manning, Takako Yamada, Julie Aliment, Shirley Monson. Row 

Three: Carol Anderle, Cheryl Gere, Karen Rector, Alix Claussen, Carolyn Rich¬ 
ardson, Laurie Ransom, Tamara Sprague, Rita Crouse, Denise Brain, Brenda Wei- 
del, Jenny Walston, Heather Sharkey, Lori Jo Cummings, Lynn Lesage, Mary An¬ 
thony, Cindy Nibler, Laurie Finsley. Row Four: Patti Parrish, Karen Ozmun, Liza 
Eschbach, Diana Higgins, Cathy Ceely, Lisa Ballou. 

Stephenson East 307 

Steph. N. 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th 

Stephenson North Two and Three. Row One: Marie Cappello, Sara Vanatters, Ar¬ 
ietta Krogstadt, Kathy Arnold, Jo Dee Mitzner, Odette Schirdler, Keri Young, 
Julie Fudge, Reenee Brady. Row Two: Laura Stillman, Debbie Cobb, Cheri Turn- 
upseed, Darien Anderson, Nancy Botnen, Jodi Sylvester, Jina Sulvester, Pam 
Wheeler, Becky Chapman, Nancy Sutch, Doneda Baker. Row Three: Allison Rob¬ 

bins, Sue McCalliun, Sue Whitehousc, Patty Wastradowski, Janice Norden, Suzy 
Dougherty, Brenda White, Jane Mitchel, Kelly Reardon, Virginia Ball, Kim San-^ 
ford, Cheryl Criss, Vicki Grimsby, Sue Pittenger, Jene Stubbs. Row Four: Kathryn 
Lust, Donna Linstnim, Margaret Cunningham, Tammi Bos, Shelly Paganelli, Sue 
McKenna, Pam Simpson, Janet O’Halloran, Keri Firehamrner, Donna Siford. 

Stephenson North Four and Five. Row One: Becky Deines, Lisa Bliss, Karen 
Foutv, Lori Altom, Sharon Dineen, Bev Kagele, Linda Bakolas, Lindy Quast, Kay 
McConnick, Jodi Moulthrop, Karri Hefner, Cindy Guffey, Donald. Row Two: 
Carolyn Rogers, Shelley Miller, Mary Kay Egbert, Pam Estlund, Shari Anliker, El¬ 
len Foss, Hakie Bos, Cheri Seotvold, Julie Hofstedt, Sheri Larsen, Kathy Will¬ 
oughby, Marie Atchison, Kathi Fortner, Joan Collins, Row Three: Carmen Jime¬ 
nez, Debra Tweeddale, Lynda Judson, Gina Ciucci, Marlene Gibbon, Carol 

Westpfahl, Linda Sheldon, Carolyn Hughes, Kathy Hoyt, Danielle Plante, Marcha 
Weber, Maria V. Wellford, Deeann Moffat, Karen Hill, Mary Thomas, Diane An¬ 
derson, Sarah Knutson, Ann Verhulp, Cathy Cervenka. Row Four: Barbara Bangs, 
Heidi Schulze, Susan Rooney, Mar)' Ann Pelk, Denise Doty, Vicki Bailey, Karilynn 
Hardan, Cheryl Crotty, Cindy Baxter, Darlene Gallagher, Kathy Norris, Marilee 
Winjarski, Cindi Parsons, Diane Zimmerman. 

308 Stephenson North 

Steph. N. 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th 

; M 

i . 1 

i i i 

s j| | i i 

i | 



S| i r • ^ I 

foTiW il'fWjj 

hr* * : 

fNm w '« 

* Y - •' 

'<Kl . • 

Stephenson North Six and Seven. Row One: Laurie Robison, Ursula Hackstadt, 
Peggy Sinick, Grace Silver, Dana Deckman, Sandie Wirth, Barb Bricka, Karen 
Holt, Sue King, Phyllis Fridlund, Karla Schmidt, Darla Holling. Row Two: Margo 
Franklin, Anne Freepons, Susan Havist, Bechy Dye, Sue Dawson, Linda Arm¬ 
strong, Janet Lobe, Nancy Sage, Cinda Barker, Diane Tucker, Leslye Farrell, 
Linda Copp, Susan Taylor. Row Three: Charlene Howard, Sue Swenson, Kathy 
Lundgren, Becky Harty, Sally Mayer, Meg Norton, Jackie McCulloch, Judy Gle- 

nim, Gayla Hunt, Leslie Salisbury, Barb Blodgett, Barb Jandl, Laurie Gamlein, 
Cindi Corbin, Anne Robinson, Jane Muxen, Celia Williams, Kerrie Bathurst. Row 
Four: Kathey Bishop, Patty Flynn, Debbie Haralson, Annette Scott, Jan Crieben, 
Mary Freeman, Jo Anne Daughtry, Cheryl Richardson, Robin Zachow, Nancy 
Norbury, Heidi Urcjuhart, Jan Fields, Laurie Thornton, Keren Boyko, Rieka Lee- 

Stephenson North Eight and Nine. Row One: Diane Sommer, Janey Law, Janet 
Guthrie, Katherin Corkum, Jeanie Picken, Noreen O’Carroll, Denise Higginbo¬ 
tham, Jean Rasmussen, Mari Watanbe. Row Two: Janette Corkum, Janet Shi- 
niondle, Cindy Kippenhan, Sue Tueber, Susan Neill, Ann Hutchins, Vicky Hertz, 
Kristine Olsen, Leslie Olsen, Danielle Darcy, Linda Wagstaff, Lori Barnes, Deb¬ 
bie Okken, Carla Deane. Row Three: Candy Wiggens, Tina'Woelz, Stephanie 

Wells, Tammy Carlisle, Mary Wood, Cherie Reese, Cynthia Leeser, Laura Kelly, 
Nancy Sauve, Deborah Powers, Sharon Pratt, Joan Shogan, Jodi Doyle, Billip Mil- 
lhollen. Row Four: Carin Hull, Debra Pearce, Kathleen Simmons, Linda 
Schwartz, Donna Reid, Valerie Hackett, Kristen Keys, Mary Ann Kallas, Teresa 
Allen, Amy Thompson, Christi Sandall. 

Stephenson North 309 

Steph. N. 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th 

Stephenson North Ten and Eleven. Row One: Kim Bainard, Susan Jenson-Nor- 
man, Donna Tarver, Lou Ann Lower, Lisa Stevick, Shauna Vails, Annette Schul¬ 
ler, Lynne Boswell, Sharon Strong, Robin Ray, Kris Larsen, Sheryl Monk. Row 
Two: Linda Hynes, Cathy Mitchell, Katherine Buldhaupt, Lisa Lapinski, Cary 
Pillo, Lale Johnson, Monica Roppo, Patty Curry, Karen Anderson, Ann Brazel, 
Leslie Peterson, Debbie Gusa, Debi Debruld. Row Three: Mary Veith, Marcy 

Thomas, Karen Hildahl, Lori Trent, Trisha Cawley, Mary Ann Spingola, Man 
Means, Collen Reese, Jan Naddy, Sue Lewis, Anne Miller, Monica Korzyk, Jod 
Masto, Darlene Letavec, Margaret Coyne, Carlene Imano, Sue Harms, Debn- 
Stirn, Jo-Anne Peterson, Theresa Buckingham, Mary Marchi, Sherri Wallace 
Mari Lee Weseman, Sue Dahlin, Lisa Martin, Jodie Buehanan, Kim Anderson 
Chris Atkins. 

Stephenson North Twelve and Thirteen. Row One: Donna Tyo, Merilee Davis, 
Jane Tessier, Sallie Nicholls, Betty Bossio, Mary Jo Weber, Debbie Dunn, Jenny 
Rueppel, Moira Bostweck, Deb McGeary, Lori Rossman, Mary Lovezzola. Row 
Two: Andrea Skaran, Lynne Rossman, Brooke Masley, Pam Kilborn, Heidi Snyder, 
Libby Meckley, Jody Silverman, Ruth Sterner, Cheryl Davis, Helen Hauter, 
Nancy Intlekofer, Lorene Pearson, Mary McIntyre. Row Three: Patti Headley, 

Lisa Woodcock, Candy Allen, Dawn Callison, Karen Ziebell, Lynn Dusenberry. 
Sue Brown, Marilyn Schultheis, Julie Muller, Karen Devaney, Kathie Keller, Pam 
Tuski, Kris Keller, Jill Jacobs. Row Four: Kim Loken, Nancy Barrow, Sue Tan- 
igawa, Ann Sutherland, Marie Mischel, Mary Antush, Anne Milat, Bev KnueJ 
Tyece Sullivan, Patty McCausland, Lonnie Johnson, Kathy Brown, Cathy Henton. 
Megan Tedrow, Ann Cree. 

310 Stephenson North 

Stephenson S. 2nd and 3rd 

Stephenson South Two. Row One: Murray Thorsen, Rick Wendt, Scott Woodside, 
Eric Lund, Paul Lacy, John Croy, Craig Finley. Row Two: Steve Kouchi, Brian 

Hawkins, Robb Roberts, Kirt Stueckle, Clair Wilkins, Jim Gallagher. Row Three: 
Ed Killoren, Paul Thronson, Keith Rivenbark, Bruce Tripp. 

Stephenson South Three. Row One: Del Scott, Mike Bird, Bob Logan, Alan 
Noakes, Mike Richardson, Dan Mason, Mark Higginson. Row Two: Willem Bos, 
Doug McBride, Brad Rising, Pete McDonald, Gary Lindahl, Brian Huddle, Mike 

Malnati, Jim Parley, John Dugan, Klags Bos, Bill Hansen. Row Three: David Stott, 
Shinichi, Walt Morgan, Dave Raese, Joe Jackson, Juan Pineda, Rick Laird, Kim 
Smith-Bag, Dan Gill-Bag, Bryan Yunker, Tim Nelson. 

Stephenson South 311 

Stephenson S. 4th and 5th 

Stephenson South Four. Row One: Roger Fichter, Dana Warren, Joe Hard- Carrington, Jeff Nomi, Larry Brugge, Tom Schafer, Mark Hein, Chuck Kissinger, 
enburgh. Garret Haider, Eric Olafson, Bill Dale, Rockie Yarwood, Bill Kann, Steve R« w Tnree: Al Roy, Spencer Moon, Marc Oliason, Ted Peterson, Andy Nielsen, 
Thompson. Row Two: Dan Lynch,Wes Hal ting, Ken Rekila, Gene McCaul, Doug Dan Maher, Morgan Hew. 

Stephenson South Five. Row One: Mike Robinson, Greg Sorenson, Ivan Yakinov, Three: Jose Cojones, Dave Reams, Mike McGhan, Drew Devlin, Steve Chinking, 
Dean Dickinson, Steve Stastinka. Row Two: Gerry Allen, John Fuhr, Hugh G. Rick Meier, Dennis Latimer, Greg Henshall. Row Four: Spud Harris, Mark Smith, 
Rection, Rich Gurr, Rick Furthun, Buster Himen, Dave Smith, Bruce Schulz. Row Pete Fmge, Jack Mehoff, Roger Sherman, Ricky Main, Bret Knerdson. 

312 Stephenson South 

Stephenson S. 6th and 7th 

Stephenson South Six. Row One: Scott Lawless, Dean Willows, Dick Pederson, 
pete Chapman, Brent Guinn, Mark Sherman, Kim Anderson, Steve Ross, Steve 
♦Volf, Rick Nishino, Mike Brendel, Rick Fletcher. Row Two: Jeff Upham, Lance 

Richman, Mark Cooper, April’s Pet, Rick Ytreeide, Steve McDonald, Paul Fruge, 
Bart Nelson, Fred Cox. Row Three: Andy’s Friend, Kent Palmerton, John Dzied- 
zic, Wayne Officer, Doug Snook, Dave Olson, Dan Diamond, Steve Gfeller. 

Stephenson South Seven. Row One: Pete Voordupoorte, Len Foleen, Andy Ander¬ 
son, Terry’ Hillsten, Jeff Rasar, John Boy, Allen Bennett, Steve Warnecke, Randy 
Combs. Row Two: Jeff Pittman, Glenn Thompson, Russ Sworter, Larry Hoffman, 

Bill Frisbie, Kelly Bowers, Greg Campbell. Row Three: George Garcia, Jeff 
Hauges, John Nicks, Mark Ausmus, Jeff Crossman. 

Stephenson South 313 

Stephenson S. 8th and 9tt. 

Stephenson South Eight. Row One: Bill Davidson, Marc Brown, Dereck Soo, Brent Anderson, Mark Cifka. Row Two: Tom SchwaiJ 
Dan Elliott, Tony Koenig, Curt Bernal, Lyn Sorensen, Doug Sears, Tom Hermann, Brian Goodman, Jamie Cobb, Don Rasmussen, Hill 
Collender, Jeff Huntzberger. Row Three: Doug Ballard, Jim Rich, Mike Nelson, Carey Olsen, Peter Grant, Paul Buchholtz, John Norn 
Brad Hodges. 

Stephenson South Nine. Row One: Kevin Williams, Steve Sutherland, Lindsay Smith, Dave Sutherland, Mark Linquist, Grant Hubric 
Row Two: Danny Bray, Ronnie Garberg, Brain Zipse, A1 Moomaw, John Bullock, Dennis Wickstrom, Bryan Mohler, John Wittenber 
Tim Lichlyter. Row Three: Mike Bauer, Clyde Giles, Rick Maricle, Bret Graham, John Colbert, Eric Romppanen, Mike Spink, Stes 
Berg, Scott Burleigh, Jim Chipps. 

314 Stephenson South 

Stephenson S. 10th and 11th 

9 ■■ ■ 


tephenson South Ten. Row One: Milt Hart, Stacy “Wimp” Smith, Jack “Munchie” Micheau, Walt Takasaki, Steve Hammond, John Meek, Ric 
Hot” Raunio, Mike “Nasty” Lawr, Eric Stevick. Row Two: Daniel Hovde, Tim Hamilton, Charley Youngblood, Lindev Leggett, Jim Holmes, Don 
jloore, Mark Johnson, Scott “No P” Thomson, Craig Johnson, Steve “KD” Wilson, Gregg Miller. Row Three: Doug Woodworth, Dick “B.T.L” 
firooke, Tom “Neverballed” Nedervold, Bill Pate, Scott Orton, Jim Fredlund, Jon Mandell. 

tevenson South Eleven. Row One: Jim Rice, Larry Lindahl, Matt Smith, Wayne Dake. Row Two: Jim Lawson, Chris Miller, Joe Luce, Scott Early, 
tick Isreal, Joe Deschaneau, Jim Lomax, Gary Olson. Row Three: Loren Cannon, Jim Jesernig, Clarence Meyer, Jeff Gesell, Chris Guliek, Paul Rice, 
|im Kalkwarf, Ed Covey, Terry Barnhill, A. Adams. Row Four: Steve Zeck, Rick Sanford, Phil Waite, Dave Anderson, Steve Lockwood, John Frlan. 

Stephenson South 315 

Stephenson South Twelve. 
Row One: Jim Kvam, Steve 
Killian, Bob Burwell, Dick 
Leach, Dan Sego. Row Two: 
Tim Marrs, Steve Davis, 
Doug Elburn, George Lin¬ 
dsay, Mark Jensen, Rick 
Miller, Rick Olson, Ben Ber¬ 
nal, Larry Kvam. Row 
Three: Gary Kilburg, Keith 
Cabell, Dan Admunson, 
Dan Radell, Leonard Lewis, 
Jerry Kosserling, Ed Pogr- 
eba, Walt Ford, Al Lorenz. 

Stephenson S. 12 

Wayne Allen 
Kim Anderson 
Don Ballard 
Michael Bauer 
Stephen Berg 
Klaas Bos 
Willem Bos 

Kelly Bowers 
Danny Bray 
Scott Burleigh 
Robert Burwell, Jr. 
Loren Cannon 
Gary Cha 
James Chipps 

Randy Coombs 
Mark Cooper 
Fritz Cox 
Jeff Crossman 
William Dale 
Andrew Devlin, Jr. 

316 Stephenson South 

Clyde Giles 
Bret Graham 
Garret Haider 
Milton Hart 
Thomas Hermann 
Mark Higginson 
Terry Hillsten 

Brad Hodges 
David Hoerlein 
John Honnold 
Victor Jones 
Tim Kalkwarf 
Jerry Kesselring 
Edward Killoren 

Tonv Koenig 
Paul Lacv 
Rick Laird 
Scott Lawless 
Gary Lindahl 
Mark Linquist 
Joseph Luce 

Eric Lund 
Don Lynch 
Rick Maricle 
Gene McCaul 
Michael McGham 
Bartley McRorie 
John Meyers 

Jack Micheau 
Rick Miller 
Bryan Mohler 
Spencer Moon 
Hew Morgan 
VValter Morgan 
Michael Nelson 

Eric Olafson 
Mark Oliason 
Bill Pate 
Jeff Phillips 
Edward Pogreba 
Chris Porter 
Thomas Quann 

Ric Raunio 
Kenneth Rekila 
James Rice 
Paul Rice 
Lance Riehman 
Richard Roberts 
Eric Romppanen 

Mark Sherman 
Mark Smith 
Lvn Sorensen 
Dennis Spink 
Kirt Stneckle 
Shinichi Sugiyama 
David Sutherland 

Steven Sutherland 
Murray Thorson 
Paul Thronson 
Jeffery Upham 
Richard Waistrom 
Rick Wendt 
Dennis Wickstrom 

Kevin Williams 
Oliver Willis 
Steve Wilson 
John Wittenberg 
Carl Wood 
Richard Ytreeide 
Bryan Yunker 

Stephenson South 317 

Stevens First/ Second, Thirc 

and Ground 

Stevens One and Two. Row One: Nancy Prater, Barb James, Barb Gieehe, Anita 
Foust, Carole Beutow, Colleen Nelson, Anita Wand, Mary Leche, VVina Maden, 
Karen Reidinger, Donna Keller. Row Two: Shinobu Sasaki, Diane Schenaker, 
Cathie Picha, Bonnie Foster, Kathy Bennett, Cindy Fransen, Alice Chamberlin, 
Melissa Woodruff, Karen Charles, Cindy Carrillo, Molly Southworth, Kathy 

Hodgson, Karen Williams. Row Three: Helen Snedgrass, Karen Miller, Megan E 
vine, Lola Blumenschein, Spark Arbuckle, Karen Nellermoe, Debra Kyllo, Nana 
Sturdevant, Bertha “Door Knob” Gibbon, Barb Forderhase, Denise Ellis, Ja& 
Thomas, Carol Chrisman, Gail Livingston, Kari Buringrud, Jennie Boleneus. 

Stevens Third and Ground. Row One: Rose Baker, Donna Crissey, Leslie Shedd, 
Stef Woodward, Doris Adams, Sue Bodine (Horshack), Diane Burgin, Denise Mof- 
fatt, Janet Bender. Row Two: Diann Barry, Janis Hammond, Annette Blair, Roy- 
lynn Ware, Kim Fletcher, Mary Stohr, Joanne Greenlund, Analiese Sokoll, Sylvia 
Saldua. Row Three: Cindy Glanville, Kim Hargrave, Cathy Clark, Juanita Rich¬ 

ardson, Becky Childress, Karen Hanson, Vicki Griebling, Vicki Child, Nanc 
Wells, Cathy Corrigan, Mary Ketel. Row Four: Debbie Dahlstrom, Ginny Pan* 
mler, Lorena Tichenor, Michele Saelens, Melanie Reed, Carol Dem, Wend^ 
Poms, Sue Lucas, Kelley Jones. 

318 Stevens 

Doris Jean Adams 
Phyllis Aldridge 
Cheiyl Arbuckle 
Diann Barry 
Janet Bender 
Diane Burgin 
Kari Buringnid 

Cindy Carrillo 
Peggy Carter 
Vicki Child 
Carol Chrisinan 
Cathv Clark 
Donna Cressev 
Snzv Culver 

Carol Dem 
Denise Ellis 
Kim Fletcher 
Bonnie Foster 
Anita Ruth Foust 
Barbara Lynn Gieche 
Joanne Greenlund 

Janis Hammond 
Kim Hargrave 
Sharvl Lvn Hitchcock 
Katherine L. Hodgson 
Barbara James 
Diane Kallstrom 
Donna Marie Keller 

Mary A. Ketel 
Debbie Kyllo 
Sue Lucas 
Edwina Madsen 
Karen Miller 
Denice Marie Moffat 
Suzanne Moreau 

Colleen Joy Nelson 
Cynthia Okamoto 
Cynthia Olmstead 
Katherine A. Peckham 
Catherine Picha 
Nancy Jean Prater 
Juanita Richardson 

Michele Saelens 
Shinobu Sasaki 
Diane Kav Schenaker 
Helen Golda Snodgrass 
Analiese Sokoll 
Molly Southworth 
Stacv Louise Stevens 

Nancy Sturdevant 
Janene R. Thomas 
Lorena Tichenor 
Anita Wand 
Nancy Therese VVeils 
Karen Williams 
Melissa A. Woodruff 

Stevens 319 


Stimson Upper A and Lower £ 

Stimson Lower A. Row One: Daryl Hagseth, Greg Abbott, Jay Benner, House 
Councilman Jeff Henning, Dan Matta, Todd Wyborney, John McKinnon, Ray 
Gratrix, Steve Hansen. Row Two: Steve Doupe, Rob Rankin, Duncan Koler, Steve 

Oshea, Rich Riedesel, Tom Davidson, Jerry Griebling, Dave Meyer, Sponsor Mik 
Matthews, Bob Schultheis, Bob Kirby. Not pictured: Mike Washington, Mik 
Robert, Terry Harder, Bob Betschart, Russell Bird, Russell Anderson. 

320 Stimson 

Stimson Upper A. Row One: House Councilman Brad Homes, Kevin Berry, Brad 
Murray, Kurt Glastetter, Steve Wilson, Scott Clayton, Doug Luft, Dan Tilque, 
Robert P. Marshall, Gary L. Heid, Sponsor Jay Hebert. Row Two: Bruce I. Nelson, 

John Fohne, Jean-Franeois Awenenti, Thomas Hamrick, Jeffrey P. Rea, Shawn d 
Scholey, Brent Homes, John Murphy, Mark Porter, Bart Collinger. Not picture'I 
Stu Padelford, Dan Boffey. 

timson Section B and C 

btimson Section B. Row One: Robin Basnaw, Karl Laska, Kent Abendroth. Row 
Two: Tom Wallace, Lee Tyler, Duncan Koler, Curt Stump, Steve Wilson, Larry 
‘Sweet” Williams. Row Three: Rob Sievers, Pete Beaujon, Tom Allard, Mike 
vlcGough, Jim Sutton, John Andrist, Glenn Fujiwara, Dan Wodrich. Row Four: 

Lee Hauser, Dave Best, “Big” Jim Thayer, J. Clark McAbee, Randal Sakaino, Ke¬ 
vin Hedeen. Not pictured: Paul Wanser, Ed Sheffield, Lester Nihei, Lyle Drader, 
Craig Whittlesey, Dave Wharton. 

\ y 

i l 1 

1 r .iAk W ^ 

PI \ j * 1 

El 1 J Wr* 


IJ lit 1 

wJ * Vi 

Stimson Section C. Row One: President Jim Allen, Head Sponsor Dale Van Des- 
chelden, David Marcoe, “Clean” Gene Cochran, Bob Kestell, Joe Virnig, Barry 
Murray, Marc Breuninger, Mark S. Freitag, Doug Ashby. Row Two: Dave Green, 
Secretary John E. Teberg, John Hanson, Mark Stuhrman, Jeff Rickel, Eric Miller, 

Dale Korf, Grant Rice, Mark Hall, Matt Kindsvogel, Home Councilman John 
Leenders, Don Shoemake, Vice President Rich Tomsinski. Not pictured: Dan 
Kranz, John VanderMay, Rick Pavey. 

Stimson 321 

Stimson Section D and E 

Stimson Section D. Row One: Joe Tylczak, Thor Solberg, Niels Gadsboell, David Terry Pecha, Michael Keller, Robert Lentz, Don Olson, Ken Metully, Brian Gu 
Dutter, Jim Sizer, House Councilman John Leendertsen, John West, Cliff Yeager, mond, Melker M. Odem, David J. Voss, Jeff LaDoucer, Jay Matsen, Zach Kara 
David Gibney, Jr., Dana Haugen, Carl Berg, Mike Marklev. Row Two: Treasurer nosos. Sponsor Art Bori, Larry Nagle. Not Pictured: Galen Van Vleet. 

rw j 


[ * f / 

( i 

t ^ E 

1 ) L " 

i [Vlj 

v m v 1 " 

Stimson Section E. Row One: T.O. Nash III, Dan Fisher, Ron Thomas, Randy La- 
moree. Sponsor Jim Settle, Bill Strand, Dan Bushnell, Casey Schaufler. Row Two: 
Ken Battie, Mike Townsend, Dwayne Moses, Jack “Zach” Brossman, House 
Councilman Dave Kitsch, Dan Johnson, Steve A.nliker, Jim Burkes, Kent Jordan, 

Harley Freeman, Head Resident Jim Wemple. Not pictured: Barry “Bear” Reifel 
Rob “Tweedy” Tweitmeyer, Dan Downey, Martin Siemien, Dave Haguewood; 
Steve Bihler. 

322 Stimson 

Stimson Upper F and Lower F 

ttimson Upper F. Row One: John Hisey, Tom Caudill, Tom Kreller, Doug Mil- 
brandt, Gary Akiziki, Roy Goudy. Row Two: Scott McGill, Donald Ham, Jeff 
Jen, Tom Parrish, Phil Dailey, Mike Ambrose, Bob “J.B.” Millay, Richard Wer- 
ier. Row Three: Jim Takatsuka, Mell Ploegman, Todd Sherrett, Rich Cook, Kevin 

K. Smith. Row Four: Thomas McCaulley, Kris Thorsteinsson, Martin Anderson, 
Sponsor Ed Crow. Not pictured: House Councilman Stephen Prewitt, Brad Carl- 
berg, Bryan Bredberg. 

Stimson Lower F. Row One: House Councilman Darrell Jess Lee, Joe Wohleb, 
[ohn Ralowicz, Clay Sprague, Sponsor Kevin Killyer, Steve Reimer. Tor Eric Drit- 
jot, Michael Stone, Mark Folkerts, Jim Bardesis. Row Two: George Johnson, Rod 
Ames, Dale Kruger, Steve “Hane” Cullen, Calcolm Townsley, James “Ben” Kel¬ 

ley, Daniel P. Dozer, Raymond Nob, Gary Neal, Tom Larson, Craig Flatten, John 
Larson, Neil Eric Sundberg, James Matthew: Not pictured: Chris Horyza, Paul 

Stimson 323 

Stimson Fourth 

Stimson Four. Row One: Ernie Allen, Joe Pavia, Dave “Curly” Johnson, Tim Hunter Gold, Jr., Daniel F. Kinch, Guy F. Hebert, Patti Hutton, Steve Eberly 

“Tex” Willhite, Thomas Allard, Dick Bigley, Jon “Pubes” Osenga. Row Two: Kevin “Betty” Cullinan, Stuart Turner. 

John Gross, Dave “Country Joe” Blomberg, Tom “Munchkin” Goodwin, Jr., Fred 

324 Stimson 

>treit Two. Row One: Adrienne Cook, Lori Maeshiro, Marijo Paullin, Kim Kutz, 
fanis Hutchinson, Monica Lewis, Anne Pelzel, Arlene Whitney, Mary Lu Mal- 
phrus, Karen Shu, Shannon Skinner, Janet Brulotte. Row Two: Lee Ann Barker, 
Linda Woodall, Marcy Stackman, Charmaine Wright, Melanie Baird, Erin Lauf- 

mann, Melinda Richardson, Lorrie McVey, Sue Anderson. Row Three: Teresa 
Clausen, Lori Faul, Dawn Johnson, Vickie West, Becky Handly, Ramona Little, 
Megan Calhoun, Debbie Almberg, Margie Fifer. 

Streit 325 

>treit One. Row One: Rick Cosmer, Don Gordon, Randy Perkins, Eric Silvers, 
)an Sarles, John O'Connor, Jim Boone, Wayne Houston, Dan Jacobs. Row Two: 
•keeter Shkerich, John Holl, Tony Miller, Tom Norman, Less Camp, Paul Ham- 

mersley, Scott Baltzell, Dan Edens, Jim Gill. Row Three: Ron Varner’s feet, Steve 
Hisey, Bob Haverlock, Jim Walker, Mark Borough, Ron Sternberg, Steve Hisey, 
Paul Brown, Dell Adams. 

Streit First and Second 

Streit Third and Fourth 

Streit Three. Row One David Plumb, Dan Edens, Sanford Pearl, Steve Thieme, fer, Raleigh Saddler, Bob Bray, Don Swanson, Brad Nelson. Row Three: K.C. 
Walt Landerholm, Doug Smith, Greg Stout, Robert Moore. Row Two: Dean Johnson, Bruce Erikson, Mike Smith, Jim Tachuk, Tom Conlon, Jim Croghan, Pat 
Evans, Jack Edson, Colin Webb, Jerry Pfeifer, Lee Skene, Chris Rieke, Jerry Pfei- Lathrop, Jeff Sandiene, John Milligan, Jason McCarty, Rod Zerr, Art Campbell. 

Streit Four. Row One: Nancy Newby, Marilyn Rafal, Kim Strawn, Robin Hankel, 
Bev Jones, Kathy Bogyo, Maureen Finnegan, Judy Schneider, Tammy Richmond, 
Nancy Hayes, Carolyn Ashby, Linda Herzog, Sharon Wallace. Row Two: Tata 
Potuzak, Marie Eken, Holly Stegman, Viola Babinsky, Teri Rogers, Lora Dallum, 

Marcie Anderson, Darcie Nielsen, Karen Haas, Tairi Lewis, June Wright. Row 
Three: Lorrie Sivich, Sue Kelley, Valerie Weaver, Carol Smith, Kris Profit, Ann 
Hattrup, Shannon Curban, Diana Sly, Diane Peterson, Tricia Tully. 

326 Streit 

Streit Fifth and Sixth 

»treit Five. Row One: Bill Chaput, Gordon, Rick Savikko, Bern Sav, Craig Nish- 
moto. Row Two: Kevin Kussman, Eric Chard, Kenny Morris, Michael Tremmal, 
dandy Kirlin, Mary Lou Malphms, Ray Bowman, Kelly Constable, Kelly Packard, 
shah Barney. Row Three: Eric Christofferson, Will Sola, Dale Thompson, Roy 

Tainayo, Pat Stice, Dave HoKvegner, Ron Knight, Dale Rundle, Steve Shearer, 
Tom White, Dave Finlayson, Tony Sconzo. Row Four: Brad Lyman, Dave Har- 
cus, Don Gordon, Rick Nishi, Lars Peterson, Bruce Parrott, Doug Tracy, Rod Ster- 
nagel, Greg Caq>enter. 

Streit Six. Row One: Jenny Johnson, Dana Merrell, Janet Bahr, Debbie Rolph, Toler, Carol Knudtsen, Peggy Hupf, Sarah Schilling, Deanna Larson. Row Three: 

Joanne Robbers, Janet Mitchell, Margie Sloan, Trisha Hensel, Lori Kreider, Linda Smith, Shannon Madison, Rhonda Radford, Carole Jauregui. 

Norma Jurado, Nancy Jones. Row Two: Marty Lanser, Elizabeth Deak, Debi 

Streit 327 

Per ham First and Second 

L t ^ 

Jt - 4 1 i 

i . v jfc 


l j I 

Perham One. On floor: Chris Irwin, Row One: Barry Yamamoto, Steve Hunt, 
Scott Huntley, Don Marshall, Mark Houk, Mike Chubski, Charles Watts, Row 
Two: John Moore, Doug Venneri, John Cushen, Darrell Bessey, Steve Zwiener, 
Mark McMannis, Dale Johnson. Row Three: Jim Pierson, Monte Kieling, Mark 
Schlaifer, Jay Shafer, Grub Cummins, Mark Sorlie. Not pictured: Dave Butcher, 

Bill Curdy, Bob Vasquez, Aron Aston, Bill Eldridge, Cliff Bates, Phil Wade, Pat 
Ryan, Brian Miller, Kevin Hanson, Skip Fossen, Mark Christianson, Keith- 
Thrower, James Camden, Joe Biggs, Eric Brown, Jim Vannatta, Gregg Hake, Gary 
Cox, Hank Staub, Dale Pritchard, Clyde Parker. 

Perham Two. Row One: Tami Murray, Charlene Towns, Teresa Baskett, Quenby 
Bonow, Cynthia Howell. Row Two: Phillip Wade, Sue Pilkey, Lynn Claudon, Viki 
Crump, Leslie Lind, Vicki Moeller, Daniel Creek, Laura Engebretsen. Row 

Three: Martha White, Julie Lotz, Mary Giambalvo, Lisa Brunoff, Cindy Coe, 
Theresa Dankers, Kathy Kie, Eugenia Nethercut. 

328 Perham 

Perham Third and Fourth 

’crham Three. Row One: Mark Woods, Charles Ellenwood, Ed Solbach, Kevin 
ihearer, Tim Hewitt, Jim Dick, Tom Grady, Mike Schock. Row Two: Tim Sche- 
:er, Kevin Winterfeld, Don “Tazmanian Devil” Nevels, Bud Shepard, Dave 
Ihupe, Mike Montana, Dennis Erlenmeyer, Jim Coombe, Bruce Mathewson, Fred 
ose. Row Three: Mark Johnson, Scott “Sasquatch” Story, John Bredstand, Deke 

Gassett, Randy Parks, Paul Costello, “Buffalo” Bob Pease, Larry Lowry, Jeff 
Heintz, Dan Kane, Terry Alberta. Row Four: John Cooper, Tom O'Neill, Dave 
Warden, Kevin Scott, Griff “Doc” Proctor, Bill Dolph, Randy “Dad” Carper, Jeff 
Campbell, ? , Mike Delaney, Dave Barton, Steve Ehrgott, Doug Freeman. 

‘erhanri Four. Row One: Elsa Mata, Thelma Fujioka, Kathy Browne, Denise 
-leyers, Patsy Meehan, Kathy Cameron, Didi Filan, Jody Tucker, Sharon Wilton, 
aime Erickson, Sue Mullikin, Mary Madson, Sandy Butcher. Row Two: Kristey 
Tiompson, Linda Hardwick, Ann Edwards, Kerri Amtzen, Charly Espina, Liz 

Deocampo, Marcia Strohecker, Nacha Villegas, Rhonda Lawson, Becky Henry, 
Marcie Hall, Sue Fiedler, Colleen Shanahan, Nancy Levine. Row Three: Leanna 
Paulsen, Karen Crossland, Laura Burns, Marlys Feller, Tracy Hansen, Libby 
Eichholtz, Jan Figg, Petra Harris, Charlotte Wrye. 

Perham 329 

Perham Fifth and Sixth 

Perham Five. Row One: Dave Wakeley, Mark Hebein, Jim Geier, Jim Vosler. 
Row Two: George Petrich, Terry Beatty, Vincent Salinas, Bob Conley, Wayne 
Neeley, Kerry Lenhart, Dennis King, John Aldrich, Gary Cha, Mehoi Namazie, 
Rick Mills, Jay Fleming. Row Three: Steve Houchin, Rob Bishop, Don Piper, Ron 

Hiraki, Luca Comas, James Derrig, Cliff Nelson, Marty Johnson, Doug Olsen, 
Gary Tiberio. Row Four: Ron Erskine, Mike Grady, Robert Lindwall, Russ Lewis, 
Stuart Bonney, Brad Smith, Dean Fitzgerald, Rob Spraker, Floyd Beggs, Don Do¬ 
ran, John Manning, David Umondia, John Duncan. 

Perham Six. On Floor: Dan Creek. Row One: Vicki Burton, Terri Martin, Noemi 
Morales, Wendy Bateman, Kim Timmer, Rosemary Ollis, Kay Rogan. Row Two: 
Sharon Conrod, Genny Storwick, Lory Kawabata, Linda Sorgey, Sally Padilla, 
Becky Kellie, Julie Sabotta, Carrol White, Dee Ann Keith, Leanne Moore, Mary 
Ann Embry, Kay Gillory. Row Three: Janie Leche, Kathy Marano, Gitte Jensen, 

Edith L. Duttlinger, Shadow Johnson, Janee Gelineau, Karen Shively, Meredith 
McQuaid, Gwenneth Carlson, Char Bierman. Row Four: Kathy Morrison, Jod\ 
Huber, Donna Enarson, Mare Winkler, Denise, Joanne Hughley, Deanna Finn. 
Mary Reetz, Candi Longan. 

330 Perham 

Waller Basement, First & Second 

[ \ 


I 11 



■ m 


J fPI 





Valler Basement and One. Row One: Derrith Bartling, Ron Stephenson, Marty 
Larson, A. Mixpickle, Bob Beckord, John Hoyt, Bob May, Dave Dragavon. Row 
wo: Chris Bartling, Craig Spaniel, Dan Hanson, Phil Madden, Bob Sudduth, Ted 
Cot man, Kevin Potasky, Lance Leonard, Tom Duris, Gerald Lee. Row Three: 
Robert Baker, Mark Hoffman, Jon Robinson, Lou Tasker, Lars Hendron, Luther 

Hitchcock, Blaine Beardsley, Roger Riggers, Mark Burke, Rod Beard. Row Four: 
Dennis Davaz, Robert Stallard, Bob Kenworthy, William Lincoln, Alan Kemp, 
John Toilet, John Swanson, Robert Johnson, Charles O brien, Russ Bishop, Rich 
Crouch, Steve Rowles. 

/aller Two. Row One: Bob Lewis, James Carter, Larry Hall, Tom Patterson, 
pare Whiteley, Emmanuel Opubar. Row Two: Wayne Parcel, Mike Neal, Steve 
tlman, Malcolm Epherson, Jeff Herda, Dan McCroskey, John Crane, Mark Bur- 
m. Row Three: Walt Vebelacker, Leslie Lynd, Ken Bass, Ted Curtis, Eric John¬ 

son, Ray Weeks, Bruce Hallgarth, Randy McGraw, Greg Schmidl. Row Four: Jay 
Kelley, Mark Lewis, Mike Desanto, Richard Stahl, Dave Jones, James Houston, 
Terry Reimer. 

Waller 331 

Waller Third and Fourth 

Waller Three. Row One: Chris Stewart, Duane Hawk, Dale Howell, Craig 
Rongev, Jeff Macpherson, Ray Thompson, Dan Blackenship. Row Two: Steve 
Soos, Tom Dettwiler, M. Thorpe, Clay Lewis, Richard Schwartz, Roger McGraw, 
Marvin Holmes, John James. Row Three: Dave Peterson, Doug Tracey, Dave Rog¬ 

ers, Glen Svalstedt, Cecil Crain, Rodney Cawston, Mike Reiteineir, Kurt Camp 
bell, Greg Dahlstrom, Tim Walker, Dan Dunham. Row Four: Nick Johnson, Pail 
Olsufka, Rick Johnson, Keith Hogan, Ron Dukeshier, Mike Pavia. Row Five 
Randy Pell, Jed Bauermeister, Mark Herke, Neil Jerstad, Russ Pylkki. 

Waller Four. Row One: Glen Roper, Mark Woodworth, Joe “Forester”, Scott 
Kimball, Jim Simpson, Frank Weinand. Row Two: Greg Block, Paul Hander, 
Brian Moe, John Fitzsimmons, Dan Brougher, G. Up, Gil Glennie. Row Three: 

Mike Siverling, John Burke, Mike Metzler, Tom Forbes, Kevin Richeson, Davit. 
Sherwood, Tom Gorrie, Steve Chan. C. T. Yap. 

332 Waller 

Kenneth Virgil Bass 
Douglas Bonebrake 
Ernie Briggs 
Dan Brougher 
Rodney Cawston 
Max Clark 

David Wayne Dragavon 

Daniel Dunham 
Maleom Epherson 
Gil Glennie 
Bob Haley 
Duane A. Hawk 
Lars Hendron 
Jeff Herda 

Marvin Holmes 
John James 
Jack Bruce Jensen 
Robert Johnson 
Jay Kelley 
Alan Kemp 
Bob Kenworthy 

C. Scott Kimball 
Gregory Koster 
Gerald Lee 
Lance Leonard 
Mark Lewis 
Les Lynd 
Mark McCauley 

Daniel McCroskey 
Eric McCulloch 
Randal Paul McGraw 
Raymond McGraw 
Roger McGraw 
Roy Martin Miller 
John O. Morris 

Ted Randolph Notman 
Mark Painter 
Wayne Parcel 
Thomas Patterson 
Mike Pavia 
Jeff Perry 

Kevin Dale Potasky 

Terrance A. Reimer 
Michael Reitemeir 
Jon K. Robinson 
Stephen D. Rowles 
Hwankee Ryu 
Gregory Schmidl 
Richard Schwartz 

James Simpson 
Guy Christopher Smith 
Steven L. Soos 
Craig Spaniel 
Robert Stallard 
Chris Stewart 
John K. Swanson 

Louis Erven Tasker 
Godwin Ugwoaba 
Lynn Vea 
Raymond Weeks 
Ronald K. White 
Marc Whiteley 
Choy Yap 

Waller 333 

Wilmer 1st 2nd, 3rd and 4th 

Wilmer One and Two. Row One: Mary Carter, Diane Morrell, Joni Kauzlarieh, 
Nancy Knodel, Jane Ripple, Sue Dewar, Helene Spurgeon, Jody Cossano. Row 
Two: Kathy Hoing, Cindy Kellett, Kris Hoing, Debbie Caviness, Martha John¬ 
stone, Jan Roe, Marilyn Larson, Jean O’Keeffe, Janice Friedman, Sharon Balza- 
retti, Theresa Wiegardt, Roberta Player, Laurie Tanabe. Row Three: Patty Doug¬ 
las, Janet Selby, Virginia Sand, Peggy Becken, Carol Fyall, Jill West, Dorine 

Blanchard, Barb Wood, Debbie Raymond, Cristine Darlington, Laura Rudd, Patt 
Spanner, Nancy Griinstead, Leslie Bader, Vivianne Huckstep. Row Four: Bar 
Barton, Jamie Nelson, Cynthia Miller, Robin Foster, Coleen Bahr, Shelley Bocl 
mever, Lisa Nordman, Holly Holman, Betty Pringuber, Margaret Weber, Laui| 
Cain, Aimie Krull, Janet Rosenberry, Deborah Liebel. 

Wilmer Three and Four. Row One: Carole Kennedy, Linda Burke, Kim Polak, 
Merlynn Eidsvoog, Nancy Scott, Madeline Nanod, Liz Wiley. Row Two: Annette 
Fricke, Kim Rawnsley, Sylvia Alexander, Dena Vignaux, Shirley Chesley, Marion 
Wilcox, Sandra Randall, Jamie Pavel, Lucy Murr, Ann Huntting, Cathy Jones. 
Row Three: Karen Kaiser, Karol Rundall, Kathy Rankin, Lauri Graham, Ann Lin- 

dberg, Molly Moser, Leslie McLain, Patty Tirmingham, Laura Peterson, Kareil 
McFarland, Wendy Shackette, Kathy Combs. Row Four: Jane Rosenkranz, KellyiJ 
Campbell, Mindy Eernisse, Claudia Sersland, Kimberly Skinner, Kathy 
McMurray, Jenni Matsui, Kay Hebert. 

334 Wilmer 

Sylvia Alexander 
Leslie Bader 
Coleen Bahr 
Sharon Balzaretti 
Barbara E. Barton 
Peggy Becken 
Shelley Bockmeyer 

Betty Brenguber 
Linda Burke 
Deborah Caviness 
Kathryn Combs 
Cris Darlington 
Sylvia Darr 
Sue Dewar 

Patty Douglas 
Mindy Eernisse 
Merlynn Eidsvoog 
Janice Friedman 
Carol Fyall 
Lauri Graham 
Nancy Grimstead 

Faith Gunby 
Kathleen Hoing 
Kris Hoing 
Holly Rae Holman 
Martina Howorth 
Vivi Anne Huekstep 
Deanna Johnson 

Joni Kauzlarich 
Carole Kennedy 
Nancy Knodel 
Shirley Knox 
Marilyn Larson 
Sharon Leach 
Debbie Liebel 

Anne Lindberg 
Jenni Matsui 
Karen McCulloch 
Marilyn J. McDowell 
Leslie McLain 
Cynthia Miller 
Molly Moser 

Madeline Nanod 
Jamie Nelson 
Lisa Nordinan 
Jean O’Keeffe 
Kathy Parks 
Laura Peterson 
Kimberly Polak 

Betty Prenguber 
Kathy Rankin 
Debbie Raymond 
Randi Reed 
Jane Ripple 
Janice Roe 
Janet Rosenberry 

Jane Rosenkranz 
Diane Rudd 
Laura Rudd 
Virginia Sand 
Nancy Scott 
Claudia Sersland 
Wendy Shepherd 

Kimberly Skinner 
Patty Spanner 
Patricia Triniingham 
Dena Viguaux 
Margaret Weber 
Jill West 
Teresa Wiegardt 

Wilmer 335 

336 Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Candi Adams 
Susan Allan 
Rhoda Alton 
Lori Baekstrom 
Cinda C. Barker 
Margaret R. Blessing 
Mary Jane Branhan 

Nancy Marie Brown 
Boo Burkhalter 
Maureen Cavanaugh 
Leslie C. Chapman 
Leslie Marie Coble 
Kim Crawford 
Raelene Danklefsen 

Marv Dickhaus 
Wilma Dulin 
Elizabeth Finnev 
Heather Fox 
Valerie Frank 
Diane Fvffe 
Carol Hall 

Jaynie Hansen 
Susan Havist 
Dawn M. Hayes 
Sandra Holloway 
Libbv House 
Colleen M. Hughbanks 
Julie Johnson 

Cindy Juel 
Jana Dee Larson 
Deborah Mann 
Peggy Masterson 
Molly Kei Mivaya 
Lynn Mounsev 
Deborah Newell 

Debra Ann Newman 
Patti Pagan 
Anne Paine 
Sue Peckenpaugh 
Lisa Ann Petersen 
Linda Pillo 
Nancy Popovich 

Elizabeth Richardson 
Lynn Roehl 
Sally Roosendaal 
Renee Scheyer 
Cathy Jean Shafer 
Nancv Spanich 
Elizabeth Thompson 

Lori Ungren 
Christine Unwin 
Carole E. Vogel 
Sarah Waldron 
Laurie Wall 
Lisa Woodcock 
Sandia Young 

Alpha Chi Omega 337 

338 Alpha Delta Pi 

r t&J 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Cvnthia Act iff 
Teresa Allzn 
Janice Anderson 
Sondra Anne 
Laura Barkley 
Ann Barnes 
Adele Beckwith 

Diane Berrv 
Liz Breyhan 
Olivia Buckley 
Karen Clark 
Susie Danfort h 
Rhonda Denison 
Mary I^ee Engebretson 

Cynthia Eucker 
Sandra Eudaley 
Michelle Evans 
Lisa Foisie 
Kathv Gibb 
Lisa Gibb 
Jan Grant 

Anne Hackett 
Susy Hadley 
Randi Hansen 
Judy He i res 
Lisa Hopp 
Hollp Hoskins 
Patti Hutton 

Kristi Jensen 
Joan Kelly 
Kyra Kennedy 
Geordv Klarich 
Anne Laseau 
Janice Lenhardt 
Martha Light 

Robin Lund 
Mary Maenhout 
Peggy Mahoney 
Nancy McWilliams 
Kris Miskimens 
Nancy Moore 
Patricia Nolan 

Joanna Olsen 
Laura Pendleton 
Connie Poffenroth 
Gina Marie Preite 
Kafen Ann Puro 
Caroline Reid 
Leslie Roedel 

Colleem Russell 
Gale Ryan 
Jann Schilling 
Dawn Seresun 
Carol Shaver 
Rebecca Tompkins 

Sharon M. Turple 
Molly Whiteside 
Kris Willits 
Suzanne Wilson 
Sharon Wride 
Kathryn Wyatt 
Lynette Zimmerman 

Alpha Delta Pi 339 

340 Alpha Gamma Delta 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Candis Alford 
Lori Andrew 
Kim Bailie 
Barbara Bennettt 
Mariann Berschauer 
Barbara Brnhn 
Julie Chaffee 

Jeanine Charvet 
Cathv Christensen 
Connie Comfort 
Catherine Cook 
Trisha Craig 
Leslie Davis 
Kathleen Donahue 

Debbie Eerkes 
Lynn Emerson 
Kathryn England 
Jennifer Fitterer 
Ursula Gahler 
Barbara Gardner 
Kathy Grisham 

Colleen Hall 
Debbie Kahns 
Janet Keehn 
Cindy Kelley 
Jody Kespohl 
Janet Kinder 
Terri Legan 

Shelley Lein 
Leslie Liebel 
Lori Malberg 
Elaine Martyn 
Pam Mason 
Donna McDonald 
Chris MeKown 

Marta Me Rae 
Julie Monroe 
Maria Morales 
Margie Mufcahy 
Kim Myers 
Janet Nelson 
Sheryl Nye 

Karen Phillips 
Barbara Salvus 
Lori Sandell 
Kathy Santee 
Carol Schlaefer 
Melanie Sexton 
Patricia Skelton 

Casi Smith 
Heidi Stokke 
Rebecca Stumpf 
Elizabeth Turra 
Shawn Underwood 
Cori Vick 

Karen Van de Graaf 

Alpha Gamma Delta 341 

342 Alpha Omicron Pi 

Alpha Omicron Pi 

Karen Barnes 
Julie Beckel 
Cynthia J. Becker 
Peggy Berhow 
Judy Blunt 
Nora Carlson 
Sue Carter 

Lvnn Clandon 
Janis Colbert 
Joan Collins 
Barbara Dnniell 
Peggy Daniell 
Judy DeCeorge 
Marji Dorman 

Rebecca Dvc 
Denise Eliason 
Didi Filan 
Diane Floch 
Karen Floch 
Kathleen Fraser 
Anne Freidenrich 

Pamela Green 
Jodi Guthrie 
Julie Haxton 
Deborah Hofhnan 
Cathv Holwegner 
Lori Hutchison 
Karen Kelly 

Marsha Kinney 
Lonnie Kremer 
Robyn Lind 
Merri Lynd 
Anna Manolopoulos 
Connie Masterman 
Marcia McCown 

Sandra Melot 
Debbie Moore 
Cheryl Nelson 
Molly O’Neill 
Nora O’Neill 
Cheryl Parkert 
Julie Peterson 

Claudia Phaneuf 
Christi Platt 
Sue Rauch 
Kathy Lynn Repp 
Pam Richmond 
Karen Rouse 
Roann Shaub 

Laura Simanton 
Leeanne Smith 
Ingrid Solberg 
Peggy Sommers 
Shannon Spence 
Linda Stecher 
Diane Stone 

Janice Thornton 
Dianne Thorp 
Margo Wallace 
Laurie Wescott 
Cassandra Westby 
Ann Whittaker 
Karen Williams 

Alpha Omicron Pi 343 

344 Alpha Phi 

Alpha Phi 

Sandra Ackley 
Christy Barrett 
Beth Bartalamay 
Kim Beardsley 
Barbara Bowen 
jin Brewster 
Karen Brown 

Kari Buringmd 
Cindy Carpenter 
Jill Carpenter 
Lucy Cheney 
Shirley Croker 
Donald Kaelin 
Suzanne Elliott 

Cindy Fransen 
Valoric Garcia 
Sherri Ginger 
Susan Hahn 
Rebecca Hall 
Kim Hamilton 
Kathy Hanford 

Tracy Helmsworth 
Anne Hollenbeck 
Sue Hollingsworth 
Tamara Horwege 
Victoria Hult 
Rhonda Ingham 
Susan Jennings 

Laura Joerns 
Amv Jolley 
Alison Kilpe 
Susan Legel 
Melissa Llovd 
Janis Lobcda 
Debra McCune 

Mary Meloy 
Val Morris 
Mary Nesslv 
Dorothy Newhouse 
Cvndi Peterson 
Gretchen Peterson 
Wendv Poms 

Christine Potter 
Melinda Richardson 
Kristie Roberts 
Susan Roberts 
Catherine Rush 
Marijane Schlosstein 
Theresa Siler 

Dorothy Smilanich 
Chelsa Stevenson 
Kern' Stoner 
Kris Stump 
Laurie Swan 
Patti Swan 
Corbv Vandruff 

Alpha Phi 345 

346 Chi Omega 


Chi Omega 

Lanette Adams 
Suzanne Anderson 
Kristine Gail Booth 
Jennifer Jean Carlson 
Jennv Chapman 
Pennie Cooley 
Kristen Davis 

Candis Delorenzo 
Teri Dickerson 
Elizabeth Doty 
Anne Dowd 
Teresa Lvnn Eeg 
Gini Evans 
Laurie Farris 

Jill Foster 
Denise Fraser 
Judy Kay Glein 
Susan Hagerty 
Leslie Haigh 
Sandra Haigh 
Lori Halin 

Kathy Hammar 
Sue Harrer 
Jill Haugseth 
Beverly Hauptli 
Diane E. Held 
Laureen Hickey 
Mary Hoagland 

Sue Horton 
Janet K. Huxel 
Linda Marie Johnson 
Roxanne Johnson 
Jeannette C. Johnston 
Jami Kauzlarich 
Cheryl Kay Landin 

Linda Magden 
Rebekah McCain 
Joanne Moring 
Susan Mortimer 
Marita A. Nelson 
Karen Oh Ison 
Connie Partin 

Debbi Porter 
Linda Pritchett 
Lezli Reid 
Carol Reynolds 
Julie Robinett 
Cathv Ruckle 
Laurie I. Shaw 

Gale Shearer 
Sandy Sparks 
Theresa Stowe 
Janice Stull 
Pam Wilkins 

Phyllis Jamie Vanderzwiep 
Carol Zener 

Chi Omega 347 

Delta Delta Delta 

Susan Allan 
Claudia Anderson 
Lucille Andersen 
Linda Bergeran 
Ann Biderbost 
Cynthia Blue 
Katherine Bvmes 

Janie L. Calkins 
Kelly Click 
Cindi Corbin 
Debbie D. Danekas 
Lisa Dickson 
Colleen Dinehart 
Anne Doumit 

Debbie Duchow 
Rita Erdman 
Cherilvn Fosburg 
Cam J. Gossard 
Tamara Hennings 
Mindv Honts 
Beanie Ingersoll 

Traci Isler 
Sandy Jennings 
Debbie Jermstad 
Nancy L. Johns 
Judy Johnson 
Karel Kant 
Mary Kays 

Pamela Kilborn 
Shelley Lynn Kirkhus 
Jerri L. Klicker 
Barbara Landerholm 
Heidi M. Larson 
Nanette Levien 
Anne Virginia Lee 

Cvndie Malkson 
Sharon Mathias 
Patricia Marie Nagel 
Tamela Dee Murray 
Juli A. Nelson 
Shelley Neel 
Janet Neraas 

Gina Orlando 
Jamie Peha 
Carmen Pollev 
Kevin Denise Poole 
Barbara Rasell 
JaAnn Revercomb 
Julie Ann Salvus 

Janice Schilke 
Anne Shanahan 
Carolyn Shea 
Cathy Sheahan 
Lvnelle Simmons 
Carol A. Summers 
Marv Summers 

Amy Thompson 
Rene Vessel 
Kathy Waterman 
Debbie Jean Williams 
Jan Wilson 
Janice Van Winkle 

Delta Delta Delta 349 


350 Delta Gamma 

~- > 'T 

Delta Gamma 

Peggy Anderson 
Candace Baer 
Patricia Belgarde 
Lynn Bloomquist 
Liz Bowers 
Robin Brown 
Barbara Burnside 

Joanne Campbell 
Lori Carlyle 
Suzie Chamos 
Kamion Clark 
Melanie Couch 
Cindy Cuthbert 
Leona DeRocco 

Debbie Fish 
Karen Furth 
Cindy Graves 
Rebecca Haberman 
Katherine Haugen 
Linda Hrvatin 
Kathy Kerr 

Megan Kerr 
Barb Klein 
Colleen Kuffel 
Mary Lancaster 
Tracy Ann Lehn 
Zoe Leonard 
Suzanne Lurus 

Lisa Manole 
Audry Mannard 
Lisa Marshall 
Gwenn McDonald 
Michelle McMillin 
Marne Medler 
Shelly Medler 

Christine Molitor 
LaVonne Montgomery 
Jennifer Olsen 
Dawn Parnel 
Kristi Petersen 
Melinda Plummer 
Pam Power 

Kristin Pratt 
Lisa Reynvaan 
Carol Rogers 
Kristine Saverbrey 
Connie Schneider 
Donna Schneider 
Trina Schrette 

Susan Skelton 
Char Smith 
Stephanie Smith 
Kimberly Snider 
Susan Stiller 
Ann Suhadolnik 
Denise Swarat 

Donna Taylor 
Patricia VanderWilde 
Mindy Vawter 
Conrada Villa 
Katv Watson 
Julie White 
Connie Witte 

Delta Gamma 351 

352 Gamma Phi Beta 

Gramma Phi Beta 

Sally Aubert 
Elaine Barokas 
Robin Bcrgesen 
Tina Biss 

Francine H. Bottiger 
Lvnne Braun 
Kathv Brost 

Marion Burch 
Anna Carev 
Gina Caston 
Marvane Davie 
Katv Dutcher 
Jody Entrikin 
Lori D. Flynn 

Debbie Fitzthuin 
Leslie Gilchrist 
Mary Gilmore 
Susan Harrel 
Jo Ann Harrington 
Leslie Hildebrand 
Jeanna Holtz 

Rene Horner 
Laurie Humphreys 
Susan Hurlbut 
Amy S. Jacobson 
Jill Johnson 
Judi Johnson 
Sharon Johnson 

Janet Sue Kafer 
Susy Kelly 
Gail King 
Diane Lindeman 
Patricia Madsen 
Dianne Madson 
Juli Marlatt 

Jean McClean 
Sherry Mitzner 
Nancy Oberg 
Page Palmer 
Barbara Phipps 
Debby Pitcher 
Kathy Pittillo 

Ginny Quinley 
Ann Rettenmier 
Debra Dawn Richmond 
Cece Rosser 
Kelly Ann Rudy 
Ginny Sxalzo 
Mary Stone 

Patti Stowell 
Susan Anne Strenge 
Colleen Sweeney 
Leslie Walker 
Tracey Wallenberg 
Chris Whittaker 
Deborah Wooten 

Gamma Phi Beta 353 

354 Kappa Alpha Theta 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

Jill Rae Abraham 
Sallv Aiken 
Jan Alderman 
Peggy Baker 
Susan J. Bales 
Bonnie Barzler 
Heidi Bock 

Barbara Brocks 
Jenny Brown 
Judy Brown 
Laura Marie Burke 
Linda Burke 
Susan Canny 
Laura Cargill 

Melanie Chang 
Beverly Christman 
Joan Clancy 
Janice Cobb 
Janet Dirkes 
Lisa Ann DeMond 
Karen G. DeMond 

Kathleen Eakin 
Janet Faunce 
Lori Fazio 
Julie Folev 
Linda Sue Gillespie 
Jane Ann Hadley 
Chris Hamacher 

Karen Haugen 
Margaret Heath 
Roxanne Hood 
Brenda Jackson 
Deborah D. Jones 
Erin Kelly 
Debie Kennedy 

Cathv Lukens 
Marv Malmassari 
Susan Manley 
Melena Marsden 
Jill Martin 
Mary McCoy 
Cheri Ness 

Jean Perry 
Sue T. Pilkey 
Dianne Ramstead 
Connie Richardson 
Cindi Rivers 
Lisa Saboe 
Debbie Scodeller 

Julie Silke 

Sue Svacek 

Susan Tanigawa 

Consantance Jill Thayer 

Jodie Thorsen 

Susan Trimble 

Marv Ann Westover 

Kappa Alpha Theta 355 

356 Kappa Delta 

Kappa Delta 

Barbara Adams 
Catliv Adams 
Lisa Allen 
Kit Andrews 
Shannon Buehill 
Becky Bloom 
Kathryn Burnis 

Colleen Clampitt 
Sue Clark 
Peggy' Clei*f 
Leanne Cook 
Julie Corker 
Catherine Cunningham 
Ann Davidge 

Jane Devens 
Rae Emmons 
Patti Fell 
Nancy Gellos 
Debbi Gram ling 
Deborah Hall 
Theresa Hanley 

Perri Heinicke 
Michele Honts 
Peggy Huff 
Lesley Jackson 
Ann Jacobson 
Lavre Jausoro 
Kim Jensen 

Lesley Jeanne Kerns 
Anne Kirk 
Donna Knapp 
Kim Latimer 
Carol Lererett 
Susan Litzsinger 
Diane Marble 

Kelly Ann McCormick 
Holly McDonald 
Allision Ve Moore 
Jane Mnxen 
Patricia E. Nelson 
Jane Nor they 
Kathy Ormiston 

Diane Orrico 
Daniece Owsley 
Athena Ralston 
Terry Schaaf 
Laurie Shelton 
Lori Stach 
Sheila Sumner 

Sandy Swanson 
Kathy Thirtyaere 
Maribeth Tliompson 
Vickie Thompson 
Toni Townsend 
Marta Tyler 
Cindy Vandergrift 

Karen Vaughn 
Kathy Vickery 
Julie Vonderahe 
Terri Wallberg 
Sari Whitaker 
Jan Wilson 
Kathy Witter 

Kappa Delta 357 

V > J- ll^AV 


i'.YVW wmJ 


358 Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Lori Anderson 
Jill Bennett 
Mebie Brannon 
Kerry Brock 
Nancy Buck 
Amy M. Cade 
Jackie Carey 

Susan Catherine Clark 
Toni Danbara 
Stacy E. Davert 
Linda Distler 
Shannon Doran 
Marta K. Emerson 
Becky L. Endter 

Kim Engelman 
Karen Louise Erickson 
Stephanie Erickson 
Sue Farago 
Katharine Fitzgerald 
Marsha Fletcher 
Joan Gammie 

Sue Gardner 
Diane Elaine Gourlev 
Colleen Haight 
Debra A. Hardman 
Marel Kristen Hauge 
Susan Helene Heglund 
Colleen Marie Hulbert 

Marva Ann Hutchison 
Dawn Jamtaas 
Ann L. Johnson 
Julia Johnson 
Cynthia Jorgensen 
Jill Jorgenson 
Kathy Kranc 

Nancy Lapp 
Joan LeBrun 
Gay Linvill 
LeAnn D. Lobeda 
Debbie Lowdon 
Mary MacLean 
Colleen Martin 

Patty McCausland 
Betsy McDowell 
Teresa Merz 
Kristi Monroe 
Anne Donovan Quigg 
Terri Ramsay 
Sarah Roberts 

Lorilee Sherwood 
Jean M. Shipley 
Becky Slingland 
Susan Taylor 
Lynn Tomlinson 
Carol Trosper 
Susan Vague 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 359 



360 Pi Beta Phi 

Pi Beta Phi 

Jan Adamson 
Eileen Anion 
Andrea Arteel 
Peggy Bennett 
Terry Bleek 
Becky Boettcher 
Jeanne Bonnian 

Cathy Coleman 
Karvn Driscoll 
Marv Denise Driscoll 
Kelly Dunham 
Lorri Ebv 
Kasandra Edgemon 
Mindi Edwards 

Sherry Rae Farr 
Laurie Kay Farrar 
Susie Fiksdal 
Jeanette Flovd 
Lisa K. Fuerstenau 
Cathy Fuller 
Cheryl L. Gere 

Linda Good 
Lenne Jo Hallgren 
Stephanie Hammer 
Jov Hanson 
Katrina Hargrave 
Jane Higgins 
Carin Hull 

Dorothy Jacobs 
Kristin L. Jacobsen 
Sue Jankovich 
Maria Jones 
Sheri Jones 
Sue Kim merle 
Sandy Le Doux 

Mary Lehn 
Georgia Lee Leonard 
Marv Lou Libbey 
Judy M asset 
Vicki Novak 
Kim Olson 
Cheryl Lynn Pierce 

Robvn Ratcliffe 
Julie Repp 
Nancy Salt 
Christi Sandall 
Nanette M. Scarpelli 
Adele Schierman 
Liz Schuolcr 

Karin Selland 
Kathy Sloane 
Cynthia Smith 
Casey Storey 
Paula Ann Symbol 
Mary Elizabeth Tormey 
Terri Torseth 

Phi Beta Phi 361 

Sigma Kappa 

Pam Ausman 
Delores Berst 
Lvnne Buchanan 
Ann Butler 
Jennifer Chase 
JoAnne Cloaninger 
Melissa Cummins 

Tamara Dezellem 
Carmen Deniwe 
Patricia Ann Drinnon 
Janet Ficken 
Mona Fishhack 
Diann Foster 
Heather Fraser 

Kim Cumrn 
Lee Elizabeth Guthrie 
Susan Hagen 
Claudia Hager 
Kisa Hahn 
Cindy Harrison 
Vickie Hayes 

Holly Hiatt 
Donna Hibbard 
Robin Lamlierto 
Nancy Marentette 
Linda Martin 
Marvanne McAuliffe 
Wendv Sue McClure 

Shannon McCough 
Karla McKinnon 
Candy Morris 
Karen Munnich 
Colleen Murphy 
Pam Mvers 
Tracv Nordstrom 

Laurel Oakes 
Maggie ORear 
Paulene Osbun 
Lori Parker 
Diane Pratt 
Christy Ransom 
Jan Sangl 

Karen Stone 
Karen Sullins 
Maggie Tivnan 
Terri Turner 
Debbie Willard 
Joan Williams 
Margy Williams 

Sigma Kappa 363 

364 Acacia 


Kirkland C. Alv 
Tom Asch 
John Bargreen 
Jim Baunach 
Robert A. Bemdt 
Ron Burkhardt 

Phil Clark 
Judson Clendaniel 
Robert Divelbiss 
Tom Dorsey 
Charles Jon Driefus 
Paul Stanford Gifford 

Paul Goodman 
Douglas Grant 
Craig Cecil Griffith 
Jeffrey Joseph Hall 
Tom Hart men 
Larry Harold Hill 

Ernie Holt 
Dan T. Houk 
Gregor)' Hughes 
Stephen L. Johnson 
Michael Frank Jones 
Kenneth R. Kilpatrick 

Thomas Leacv 
Douglas S. Matchett 
Gar\' Matsumoto 
Kirt Maxwell 
Teel William Morris 
Randy Nelson 

Andy Norstadt 
Tom Norstadt 
Kenneth Olson 
Rodney N. Parsons 
Jeffery Paton 
Jeff Person 

Joel Prince 
Jim Reding 
Kevin Reding 
Russell Lee Rettig 
Steven Schwind 
Mark Steffens 

Marty Stewart 
Alan Stuckey 
Douglas Erling Tangen 
Daniel Tesch 
Gregor\' Alan Vandiver 
Bill Williams 

Acacia 365 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

Daniel Bahr 
Quinton Darrell Booker 
Phil Bray 
Craig Cloaninger 
Chris Crimmins 
Wayne Duckworth 

Daniel E. Eilers 
Matt Evans 
Damon L. Filan 
George D. Fuller 
Boh German 
Jim Glover 

Robert E. Haberman 
Thomas Henning 
Michael Himmelbeiger 
Gregory Robert Hinton 
Lance Craig Hoyt 
Eric Robert Johnson 

Scott Kawauchi 
Sparrow Keyes 
David Virgil Kobes 
Frank Lange 
Bernt C. Lehn 
Kevin McDowell 

Buddy Miller 
Daniel Newhouse 
Paul Park 
Don Pease 
Ron PouIson 
Graig Schwab 

Doug Seebeck 
Tim Sheahan 
Douglas L. Taylor Jr. 
Mark Thom 
Steve Yoshio Tokunag 
Rick Van de Graaf 

John Vantrease 
Eugene R. Warren 
Tim Yamamota 
Allan N. Zimmer 
Greg Zuger 
Scott Zuger 

Alpha Gamma Rho 367 

368 Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Kvle Anderson 

Loch Gravdon Anderson 

Harry Archer 

Mike Beall 

Jeffrey R. Boughton 

Chris Brandon 

Jeff Coblentz 

Dave Combs 
Douglas Davidson 
John Curtis Dawson 
Doug DeVries 
John Driscoll 
Duke of North Creek 
Lloyd Galey 

James Girvan 
Brent W. Guver 
James B. Harvey 
Mitchell R. Hille 
Kirk Hinkle 
Dan Howell 
Thomas Ross Howell 

Marc S. Hutchinson 
Jeff Berry Linker 
Dave Jack 
Bradley H. Johnson 
Ronald Oscar Kellen 
Brent A. Kibbe 
Donald C. Knight 

Marvin Leaf 
John Lien 

Brian Arthur Manhart 
Barry Masloff 
Bill Neudorfer 
Pete Powers 
Herbert F. Satterke III 

Ralph Satterlee 
Craig Sedlacek 
William W. Solomon, Jr. 
Walter Alan Stelter 
Michael Lee Stone 
Scott Charles Swoope 
Eric Geoffrey Tessem 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 369 

370 Alpha Tau Omega 

Alpha Tau Omega 

Brad Agemp 
Joseph Baer 
Gary Baker 
Todd Barringer 
Michael Beck 
Jon Buerstatte 
Jeffrey Busch 

Scott Cassels 
Marc Cawdrev 
Doug Cev 
David Christel 
John Crahill 
Jeffrey Cunningham 
Chris Dahl 

Mike Delaney 
Pete Devin 
Craig DeVine 
Dave Fehler 
Neal Forde 
Scott Forsyth 
W. Scott Gaerisch 

Jeff Gullickson 
Robert Hall 
Dave Hatheway 
Bryce Hausmann 
John Hayward 
Gregarv Brian Heath 
Gary Hibbs 

Corey Houston 
Kelly Johnson 
Scott Jones 
Ron King 
Robert Lange 
John Larson 
Mark Larson 

Gregg Lovins 
Bob McLaughlin 
Greg Owens 
Keith Poppe 
Ralph Prouty 
James Quigley 
John Patrick Quigley 

Paul Robbins 
James Schollmeyer 
Jack Schwisow 
Robert Servoss 
Jim Simanton 
Bill Storms 
Kris Thompson 

Alan Thornton 
Rick Torseth 
Kirk Turnbull 
B.J. Wakkuri 
Michael Warfield 
Paul Wiggiun 
Keith Yamane 

Alpha Tau Omega 371 

372 Beta Theta Pi 

Beta Theta Pi 

Alan C. Adams 
Greg Anderson 
Mark Bohman 
Tom Bohman 
Travis Hunter Brown 
Stan Burke 
Jim Carev 

Kenneth Christen 
Patrick Corr 
Gale Edward Cost on 
Lynn Dicus 
Dave DuPree 
Dean DuPree 
David Edler 

Bill Fanning 
Richard Roy Caring 
John H. Happy III 
Jim Hawkes 
Bryan Neal Henderson 
Rich Heydon 
Kevin Hylton 

Reid Johnson 
Allan Lee Jones 
Joseph An tone Keller 
Riley Kelly 
Chris Knapp 
Jorge P. Lancia 
David Leslie 

Don Maris 
Douglas M. Martel 
Robert Monroe 
Todd Morton 
Michael Orteig 
John Ostcrbaek 
Robin Lee Oury 

Charles Peach 
Gary Robert Price 
Rim Pring 
Melvin Robinson 
Scott Rudy 
Michael P. Shaw 
Douglas M. Skagen 

Alan Strohmaier 
John Strohmaier 
Bradley G. Taylor 
Stuart Thomas 
Al Vance 

Charles Whitehead 
William S. Wiggins 

Beta Theta Pi 373 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Dale Anderson 
Ben Bear 
Richard Bernal 
James P. Borgen 
Scott James Campbell 
Bart Carmichael 
Dennis Carver 

Rob Chapman 
Phillip Cummings 
Chuck Davis 
Steve Davis 
Douglas Dijulio 
Stephen Dullantv 
John Eglv 

Todd Elefson 
Scott J. Evans 
Lerov Fulfs 
Paul Hahn Jr. 

William F. Heilmann 
Timothy Herrman 
Andy Johnson 

Greg Johnson 
Brian Jones 
Jerry Kjos 
Don Kurt is 
Gordon R. Lang 
Kirby Lang 
Michael Lein 

Raymond Lofink 
Edward Maher 
Rom Jeffery Markin 
Randv K. Maurer 
Mark Millsap 
Karl Pankaskie 
Cliff Pappas 

Dan Patrick 
Wayne Penttila 
Dave Petersen 
Dan Quarter 
Kelly Joe Richman 
Howard Robbins 
Mark Rogstad 

Dan Rokkan 
Bill Ross 

Kevin M. Schwenk 
Michael Sondheim 
Ronald Stojack 
Thomas P. Stowe 
Dennis Tobin 

Benjamin Varon 
Rick Wasem 
Price Leo Winemiller 
Kevin R. Winterfeld 
Frank A. Zemek 
Charles Zimmerman 

Delta Sigma Phi 375 

376 Delta Tau Delta 


Delta Tau Delta 

Mike Adams 
Tom Addison 
Eric Anderson 
Johnny R. Beaver 
Douglas A. Behrens 
Norman J. Brown 
David Brumbaugh 

Michael Bvers 
Jim Canary 
Steven Clark 
Grant Colbv 
Greg Dainard 
Richard Dunham 
Steve Dvsart 

Tim Erwin 
Randal Fisher 
Fred Fleming 
Clive Freidenrieh 
Donald Grazzini 
James Alan Gray 
Bruce Hauge 

David Hawthorne 
David Hixson 
Paul Ingersoll 
Art Johnson 
Danny Johnson 
Harvey Keene 
Mike Lent 

Bryan Anderson Lowe 
Chuck Luchini 
Duncan McCabe 
Patrick McGough 
Craig Moon 
Kevin Mueller 
Dale W. Murray 

Everett Nichols, Jr. 
Michael O’Rell 
Kirk Ossewaarde 
Chuck Rogers 
James Schumacher 
Richard Schumacher 
Duncan Anthony Scragg 

Jeff Shreves 
Brian A. Smith 
Douglas Marti Smith 
Randy Terr)' 

Brian C. Tytler 
Stephen F. Tytler 
Martin Woodfield 

Delta Tau Delta 377 


.j l^iW % 

* J* ilf 14 i 
* f JM 7 . ffVlL 

• ► 

J V > * 

378 Delta Upsilon 

Delta Upsilon 

Michael Anderson 
Ed Babbitt 
Rex Baxter 
Robert E. Bayless 
Bob Broders 
Keith Brutzman 
Jeffrey R. Buchanan 

Wayne Burckhardt 
John Burnett 
John Busse 
Richard James Cole 
Richard Colgan 
Jim Corv 
Andrew Curtis 

Jeff Darrow 
Mark Delabarre 
Tor Driflot 
Darby Du chow 
Greg Early 
Kenneth Elston 
Paul Ferrette 

Gregory Fredette 
Terry Furman 
Robert Gannon 
Kelly Greene 
Micheal John Hansen 
Michael T. Hawkins 
Jeff Heath 

Bruce David Holms 
Rod Hovde 
Charles N. Howard 
Charles D. Kasmar 
Jon Layton 
Mark Liening 
Daniel Lotz 

Reed McKinlav 
Kenneth Moe 
Craig Monroe 
Stephen Pazan 
Kerry Phelps 
Chris Porter 
Dennis Rehberg 

Brian Replinger 
Thomas Ripple 
Scott Richard Roundy 
Michael Rowe 
Paul Russell 
Curt Sedglev 
Tom Silver 

Kenneth G. Smith 
Thor Solberg 
Mark A. Spadoni 
Patrick Stare 
Chan St. Clair 
Rich Stevens 
Dave Stewart 

Kevin Thomas 
Paul Watson 
William Watts 
Mike Whitney 
Stephen Williams 
Frank Williamson 
Daniel Zech 

Delta Epsilon 379 


380 Farmhouse 


Kerr)' Allen 
James L. Angell 
Jacob Anker 
Warren S. Beardsley 
Robert Brown 
Alan Childers 

Stephen A. Dorsey 
Patrick F. Doumit 
Dale Faw 

Dean Marvin Fieken 
Joseph Robert Fox 
Stephen John Franks 

Greg Gelevnse 
Gregg Gibonev 
Jeffrey Allan Hazelton 
Scott Henry 
Michael Ingham 
Donald L. Jackson 

Thomas Masti Keck 
Charles Kishick 
Brian Laffaw 
Curtis Lind 
Robert D. Loomis 
Douglas C. Mielke 

Ronald B. Mielke 
John K. Orange 
Allan H. Pack 
Kevin J. Paulson 
Alan Peterson 
Bruce Hobart Rowlands 

Edward R. Schneider 
Kevin Schneidmiller 
Rodney G. Schneidmiller 
Ross D. Schneidmiller 
Dean W. Schoknecht 
Scott Selfridge 

John Sheridan 
Paul L. Tefft 
Rod Tittemess 
John Michael Ulsher 
Alan Walklev 
M. Eric Westland 

Farmhouse 381 

382 Kappa Sigma 

Kappa Sigma 

Craig Anderson 
J. Brad Anderson 
Steve J. Barnett 
Jeff Bennett 
Ted Boysen 
Bill Brandt 
Michael Lee Brophv 

Terry Burns 
Dennis A. Choquette 
Michael L. Cole 
Tom LeCompte 
Timothy Denton 
David Dirksen 
Pat Eggers 

Scott Arthur Flovd 
Jeffery Finke 
Jeff D. George 
Rick Garrison 
Mike L. Grothe 
Barry Hansen 
Mike Hatch 

Alfred Canry Heston 
Douglas A. Hitsman 
Mark L. Holden 
Dean Huibregtse 
Brian C. Johnsen 
Scott Kruse 
John Kupker 

Jay M. Wardle 
Kevin “Bruiser” Yanasak 
Paul L. Yee 

Marty Paul MeVev 
Michael E. McAllister 
Martin McLean 
Keith Mikuleckv 
Mike Charles Moeser 
Mark Niemi 
Matthew Alan Otanicar 

Charlie Pearson 
David L. Rabiner 
Mark Rogers 
Steven Shaw 
Robert Thomas 
Michael Wilson 
Kevin Wittmer 

Kappa Sigma 383 

384 Lambda Chi Alpha 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Jerry A. Barhanovich 
Leigh Preston Bennett 
Peter Bennett 
Larrv Blackett 
John Janies Clancy 
Greg Coates 
Douglas Cole 

Pete Comfort 
Kve Dawald 
Tim Dooley 
Kevin Estes 
Robert K. Follett 
Mark Garvin 
Jim Gilbert 

Kevin J. Gould 
Bill Hansen 
Robb Hatley 
Scot Halbert 
Robert Hulskamp 
Steve Johnson 
Steven Jolly 

James E. King 
Brad T. Kuykendall 
Brian P. Kuykendall 
Patrick W. Kvietkus 
Jeffrey E. Kyllo 
Gregg Langlow 
Henry Lewis 

Michael D. Lewis 
Rodney John Luke 
Paul E. Northcutt 
Patrick O’Laughlin 
Jim Olsen 

Charles Peckenpaugh 
Don Pelo 

Jack Pelo 

Richard W. Pessemier 
Clifford L. Peterson 
Don Plucker 
James Quann 
Tom Reser 
Randv Ronnback 

Steven Sandvik 
Joel Sasser 
Eric Seaberg 
Bill Sigmar 
Lawrence B. Stave 
Hal Townsend 
Jeffery Wilson 

Lambda Chi Alpha 385 

386 Phi Delta Theta 

Phi Delta Theta 

Frank Bot tiger 
Kim Brain 
Mike Brazier 
Carl Bridge 
Tom Cain 
Dan Canfield 
Rod Carr 

B radiov Corset ti 
William Dahl 
Larry Daudt 
Gregory Deam 
Fred Douglass 
Thomas Dulek 
Kent Dunstan 

Douglas Engberg 
Mark Faust 
Bruce Finley 
Tim Flaherty 
David Gellos 
Steven Hanson 
Mark Henderson 

Joseph Hingston 
Rex Hohlbein 
Bob Holleman 
Mathew Holm 
Robert Ingram 
Steven Isaacson 
Jeff Johnson 

J. L. Johnson 
Lindsay Johnson 
David Key 
Daniel Larson 
William Lilje 
David Lotzgesell 
John Lotzgesell 

Mark Ludtka 
Brian Ludington 
Dan Lukehart 
Todd Lund 
Jerry Markham 
Jack Madsen 
Tim Mjelde 

James Millen 
Michael Nealey 
Mark Nelson 
Gregory Olsen 
Rick Pardncci 
John Patopea 
Steven Peterson 

Bruce Pokarney 
J. Campbell Powell 
Glenn Puro 
Timothy Qnigg 
Greg Richards 
David Robb 
Paul Schrette 

Rex Shoemake 
David Skinner 
Bruce Slingland 
Scott Smith 
Dan Smith 
Dan Sullivan 
Jim Thirtvacre 
Craig Thompson 

Phi Delta Theta 387 


388 Phi Gamma Delta 

Esad A lie 
Miekie Lee Benzel 
Ross Earl Deckman 
Daniel Edwards 
John Ellicott 
Dana Richard Ehnslie 

James Fletcher 
Robin Goodrich 
John Grigsby 
Kevin D. Henderson 
Mark S. Hendrickson 
Frederick N. Higgins 

Steven Jacobson 
Kevin Ray Johnson 
Tim Kennedy 
Augustan Kittson 
Mark Lindeman 
Jim McCracken 

Roch O’Connor 
Thomas Kevin O’Rell 
Craig Raese 
Dave Rutherford 
John Sanborn 
Mark Schons 

' Phil Gamma Delta 389 

390 Phi Kappa Tau 

Phi Kappa Tau 

David W. Amble 
William Ballinger 
David Michael Beail 
Bill Braswell 
Gilliert P. Black 
Phil Campbell 
Mike Carlsson 

Russell Tripp Chapel 
Terry Robert Clark 
Alan Crowe 
Thomas R. Daniel 
John Michael Darrah 
Steve Dali I 
Rene DeLossantos 

Rafael Gregg Ferrer 
Karl Gauglitz 
Bruce B. Gilbert 
Gary Nicolas Gosanko 
Alan C. Hamada 
Harry Hamada 
Randall Hamada 

Jon Heim 
Jim Kostur 
Paul Lesko 

Burton Winslow March 
Charlie R. McNulty 
Michael Oakes 
Frank Ramirez, jr 

Joe Rimkus 
Gregory J. Scott 
Donald Short 
Thomas D. Snyder, jr 
Chuck Stangle 
Stephen X Sylvester 
Michael Berwyn Thomas 

Phi Kappa Tau 391 

392 Phi Sigma Kappa 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

Kirk Anderson 
Michael S. Anderson 
Tom Anderson 
Bruce A. Bafus 
Edward Beck 
Richard F. Burkhaltcr 
Y. Ken Chin 

Chris Curry 
Greg DeGeller 
Kelvin L. Eder 
Brett Estev 
Matt Ewers 
Gregory Lee Finch 
Dennis Fletcher 

Calvin Hall 
Todd M. Heric 
Larrv Hoehnc 
Bill Hock 

Fred “Jake” Jaccard 
Robert A. Jackson 
Dave Lippert 

Bruce Daniel Lyle 
Tony Mackay 
Larry Nelson 
David W. Parsons 
Gregory Piacitelli 
Steve Wayne Raten 
James Rodgers 

Scott Shelton 
Sky Shelton 
Dick Smithson 
Andy Stay 

John Sommerville, jr. 
Scott Thompson 
Jim Thorp 

Phi Sigma Kappa 393 

394 Pi Kappa Alph 

?i Kappa Alpha 

Jeffery Ames 
Richard Bartch, Jr. 

Jim Bennett 
Steve “Bezerk” Bevins 
Keith Paul Blooinster 
Paul Bohner 
Wayne Forrest Briese 

Greg Carpenter 
Chris Gatlin 
Carey Chaplin 
Mark Raymond Clark 
Fred Eastman 
Rex Fox 

Paul Anthony Gamache 

Jeffrey B. Gibbs 
Kevin Hannam 
Thomas O’Leary Hansen 
Jerry King 
Matthew John Laird 
Martin Lee 
Richard Lindsay 

Carl Matilla 
Bill Meyers 
Robert C. Monroe 
Rick Paulson 
Garv Pederson 
William Picatti 
Joseph Pregent 

Tim Salley 

Charles Douglas Scott 
David A. Shillingburg 
Daniel D. Shuler 
Jeffrey G. Smith 
Doug Stafford 
Brian Dean Thic 

Monte W. Vick, jr. 
Jeff Wall 
Jeffery Wise 
William A. Wodiske 
Dave Wood 
Steve Wuerl 
James Yanasak 

Pi Kappa Alpha 395 

396 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Robert S. Adams, Jr. 
David Anderson 
Dave Barber 
David Benseoter 
Dave Black 
Michael Borth 
Scott John Borth 

Bruce L. Bosley, Jr. 
Scott Bover 
Tom Boyer 
Norman C. Brown 
Daniel A. Bruce 
Darren Buck 
Gaylord Buck 

Ray Clary 
Kelly Colkitt 
Brian Crow 
Archie Denhoed 
Dave Dolcjuist 
C rohs Douglas 
Russ Downing 

Paul Easter 
Mark Eat home 
Wayne Ebert 
J. Walter Eskeberg 
Arnold Esparza 
Geoffrey D. Fanning 
Jeff Fant 

Jeff Fox 
Walter V. Fox 
Richard W. Gilmore 
David H. Gisslberg 
Thomas Hugh Goodfcllow 
Tim Hahner 
Joseph Hall 

Ronald Hennings 
Doug Irish 
Dave Jackson 
Jon Bradley Jams 
David Johnson 
William Lockwood 
Michael David Lvon, Jr. 

James M. Martin 

Matthew H. McCauley 

Scott McGee 

Steve Meyers 

Kirk Michels 

Bill Oakes 

Gary O’Malley 

Gregory J. Phillips 

Reid Porter 

Rol>ert Louis Rickman 

Brad Selland 

Rob Schlief 

Ladd H. Slim nway 

Steve Stocker 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 397 

398 Sigma Chi 

Sigma Chi 

Steve Adanalian 
Bill Austell 
Jeff Burnside 
Jim “Bergie*’ Bergman 
Thomas J. Benzel 
Kirby Baird 

Gary Bacon 
Lawrence N. Cook 
Raymond DiGiovanni 
Roger Edwards 
Gordon William Erdnian 
William Erickson 

James R. Femling 
John Ferguson 
Jerry Fleming 
Jamie Fletcher 
Brian Foltz 
Kim Gage 

Thomas Hall 
Gar)' Heineman 
Blaine A. Hood 
Gordon Jackson 
Burt Johnson 
Mark Robert Johnson 

Neal Keck man 
Brian Kelly 
Miles Kuntz 
John R. Layman 
Joseph Lee Lessard 
Stephen Lewiski 

Dave Lindquist 
Bennet C. Low 
Kim McAdams 
Steven Oates 
Michael M. Pevou 
Anthony Provenzo 

Jerry Reder 

fohn Frederick Schocttler 
Stephen Schocttler 
Andie Sherberg 
Bob Sherwood 
William Alan Simpson 

Andrew Spence 
William Starks 
Keith L. Sweitzer 
Steve Thorson 
Bruce Titus 
Bill Ukropina 

James Wark 
Lee A. Webber 
John Westerman 
David Wilson 
Pat Wilson 
John Woods 

Sigma Chi 399 

400 Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Mark Alton 
Stanley R. Boyd 
Mike Burns 
Robert A. Cook 
Robert F. Corcoran 
Mike Coulson 
Jav Crawford 

Jack Crowe 

Ron Curry 

Brian Dalv 

Stephen Eggers 

Brett Ennnons 

Stacv Evans 

John “U-Bolt” Ewers 

Bruce Fingarson 
Bruce J. Fitterer 
Don V. Fraley, Jr 
Richard Franklin 
Pete Harlin 
Richard Harvey 
Felip Holbrook 

Bill Horton 

Keith Houser 

Craig M. Johnson 

Dave Johnson 

Dean Christian Johnson 

Jeff Johnson 

Keith Johnson 

Dave Kirk 
Gary LeVander 
Mark LeVander 
Tim Lien 

Eric “Mad Dog” Lind 
Gregory Litton 
Sain Marshall 

Blue Meloy 
Gregory Karl Noren 
Richard Lee Pederson 
Scott D. Pepin 
Grant Riva 
Svend Ronhovde 
Kevin Sand 

Robert Schmitz 
Dave Simmons 
Joel Simpson 
Jack Strieker 
Trevor Thics 
Dave Lee Tift 
Mark Robert Varnes 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 401 

r - - -iMM 


mtim m 



402 Sigma Nn 

Sigma Nu 

Lawrence Anderson 
Steven Anderson 
Mark Baker 
Brian Baulaurier 
Bruce Beaulaurier 
Patrick Beaulaurier 
Robert Beebe 

Barton Block 
William Boettcher 
Samuel Bovard 
Jim Calahan 
Victor Christensen 
L. Jeff Clark 
Mike Clark 

Dave Coe 
Michael Dollard 
Gregory Dormaier 
Peter Edgers 
Rob Edgers 
Ken Ellington 
R(xl Epps 

Rav Fortier 
John Hall 
Steve Haslet 
Mark Hastings 
John Hayden 
Mike Herb 
Lance Inaba 

Scott Isaacson 
Erik Isakson 
Kent Isakson 
Douglas M. Johnson 
Kirk Klicker 
Dennis Larson 
Greg LeBrun 

Greg Licldle 
Guv Madison 
Guv Magnus 
Leonard Monroe 
Jeffrey Morrison 
Greg Nettleton 
Kurt Olson 

David Parker 
Dan Quail 
Steve Raatz 
Robert Riches 
Craig Russell 
Jeffrey Saad 
Steven Sanders 

Edward Sblendorio 
Stephen Sheehy 
Paul Slagle 
Bill Slominski 
Ronald Stanley 
Donald Tanfen 
Ronald Taylor 

Ron Thirtyacre 
Raphael Tompkins 
Donald Tracy 
Mark Unwin 
Gregg Wallinder 
Stephen Young 
Jonathan Zier 

Sigma Nu 403 

fail Kappa Epsilon 

Joseph Robert Banniek 
Dean A. Berschauer 
Bertt Rav Bimbe 
Pat Burrows 
Gordon Cammack 
Mark Campbell 

Guv D. Clements 
Edward Conzatti 
Steve DeBoer 
T. Diefendorf 
Mark Falkner 
John Robert Fazio 

Herb Fending 

Richard Fowler 

William Karl Geloneck, Jr. 

John V. Kain 

Eric Knutsen 

Daniel Larsen 

Alan Scott Lindgren 
Robert LeDrew 
Bill Lenhart 
Frank D. Lewis 
Rob Lynch 
David Martin 

Michael Mason 
Rad Miller 
Douglas Morrison, Jr. 
Mike Morrow 
Marc Mueller 
Robert B. Nelson 

Randall Nibler 
David Niendorf 
James Oliver 
Eddy Palao 
Mark Louis Powers 
Shawn Powers 

Arthur B. Rankson 
Mark Reisinger 
Dave Riebe 
Paul Roth 
Paul F. Sarff 
Russ J. Tavares 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 405 

406 Theta Chi 

fheta Chi 

Sain Adams 
Dave Anderson 
Steve Beehler 
Michael W. Bernard 
Steven Blair 
Mark Blankenship 
Burr N. Boutwell 

Kevin Brown 
Dave Carlsen 
Michael Charlo 
Bruce Collison 
Craig K. Collison 
Herb Courtney 
Don Cummings 

Marshal! Dale 
Dean C. Dennis 
Warren Gale 
Chuck Goeckler 
Mark Lee Ciffev 
Jerry Clasar 
Martv Goodman 

Bennie Hamilton 
Bruce John Harrer 
Joe Hoffman 
John G. Hoffman 
R. Mark Kantonen 
Jerry Knodel 
Michael Leachman 

John Richard Lawler 
Bill Liddell 
Jim Liddell 
Bill Loesche 
David Lowery 
James Paul Meauliffe 
Mike Meanv 

John Mengedoht 
Terry O’Brien 
Brian Earl Opitz 

Michael Parks 
Robert Perkins 
Jim Petritz 

Doug Potter 
Dave Quick 
Warren Rinehart 
David Robertson 
D. Todd Rogers 
Scott Charles Secor 
Lonn Sipes 

Ame John Skog 
Mark Smith 
Mark Strother 
Jerry Surdyk 
Jeff Swarthout 
Marv Thomas 
Kerr>' Yanasak 

Theta Chi 407 

Alpha Kappa Alpho 

Row One: Jeanne Austin, president; D’Willa Hendrix, secretary; Tonya Tucker, chairwoman; Teri Jo Brown; Tonva Moore, correspondence secretary. Not Pic; 

vice president. Row Two: Pythia Branch, publicity; Marion Bradford, rush tured: Sandra Burris. 


408 Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Phi Kappa Theta 

Steven Abberger 
Michael J. Ballasiotes 
Mike Benist 
Thomas P. Carmodv 
Bob Cole 
Robert Duggan 
Dennis Ford 

Patrick Ford 
Maurice James Hansen 
Tim Hedahl 
Bvron Hutchinson 
William Joyce 
Velle Kolde 
Andrew P. Lesko 

Christopher E. Lewis 
Mike Milnes 
Dirk Newnam 
John Robert Nielsen 
Michael O’Hara 
Tom Pommerening 
Steve Quint 

Gregory T. Rapp 
Jeffery Richards 
Robert Gordon Robbins 
Floyd M. Shoemaker, Ill 
Thomas R. Spencer 

Phi Kappa Theta 409 

Theta X 

Curt Charles Anderson 
Tony Bly 
Jon P. Brumbach 
Rodney Crocker 
Rodney Elias Cole 
John Gerard 
Steven M. Goodwin 

Chris Ledgerwood 
Thomas Melancon 
Douglas Opstad 
David Phinnev 
Paul David Rueter 
Galvin Thompson 
Michael E. Vixie 

410 Theta Xi 


^ ^ " ' y i 


- jf' r z 




Royalty 415 

Row One: Debbie Law, Michelle 
Evans, Felly Bergano, Holly Pre- 
uschff, Christy Dejulio, Cathy El¬ 
liot. Row Two: Sue Olsen, Terry 
Steiner, Donna Hibbard, Connie 
Riha, Pam Warden, Shelly Wiltse, 
Kateen Hauser, Lori Kegel, Debbie 
Kimble. Row Three: Debbie Fitz- 
thum, Arlene Lord, Robin Ber- 
geson, Marian Fourno, Lynne 
Deckman, Dorothy Smilanich, 
Connie Martin, Sharon Turple, 
Caroline Reid, Jenny Brown. 

Delta Sigma Phi Little Sisters 

416 Royalty 

Acacia Little Sisters 

Row One: Carol Welsh, Alice 
Schilter, Sharon Mathias, Tamara 
Hennings, Jerri Klicker, Amy Jas- 
man, Lynn LaSage, Carla Yawney, 
Judy Herres. Row Two: Anne Kirk, 
Heidi Eigenbrode, Leslie Mitchum, 
Corby Vandruff, Carol Lee, Jane 
Evans, Sherri Gruger, Kristi Rollag. 
Row Three: Sandy Swanson, Beth 
Simmons, Meg Grayson, Rene 
Horner, Linda Koller, Cindy 
Childs, Andrea Ramahlo, Linda 
Chapman, Debbie Leikel. Row 
Four: Carol Prothman, Jan Met¬ 
zger, Jean McClean, Cece Rosser, 
Joan Williams, Marcia Mittendorf, 
Valerie Gillman, Terri Turner, Ja¬ 
nice Phillips, Sue Hahn. 

Royalty 417 

Row One: Pam Stromme, Rae Em¬ 
mons, JoAnne Schmitz, Carol Hei- 
denson, Shawna Mullarky, Nancy 
Lowery, Dana Bray. Row Two: Me¬ 
gan Hodgson, Jennifer Chase, Col¬ 
leen Whitworth, Sue Swenson, 
Nancy Beckmann, Marilyn Larson, 
Linda Bell, Sharon Leonard, Jamie 
Davel, Merlynn Eidsvoog, Lisa Del- 
dotto. Row- Three: Rhonda Ingham, 
Lvnnette Zimmerman, Mary Lee 
Engebretsen, Jenny Longstaff, Kris 
Miskimens, Barbara Becker, Lynnie 
Bell, Dawn Seresun, Maralee 
Gould, Carol Shaver, Cheryl Van 
Court, Jill Brewster, Erp. 

Kappa Sigma Little Sisters 

418 Royalty 

Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sisters 

Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sisters. 
Row One: Julie Kay Peterson, Gale 
Rvan, Libby Ketcham, Tracy He- 
ric, Diane Poole, Lori Zirkle Row 
Two: Sue Ellennan, Melanie Hed- 
lund, Kathy England, Judy De- 
George, Nancy McWilliams, Jan 
Schilling, Shirley Frye, Karen 
Brown, Kris Petersen, Tricia Klein, 
Boo Burkhalter. Row Three: Lisa 
Fugate, Joan Lee, Chris Barrett, 
Lynn Blooniquist, Karen Carpen¬ 
ter, Paula Symbol, Sharon Naka- 

vv kjkj 


¥, ’ 




r : 

, ( mi & 




i t m 4 


Royalty 419 

Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters. Row 
One: Den etc Bover, Maria Mo¬ 
rales, Cathy Henton, Denise 
Owens, MaryLee Davis. Row Two: 
Patty Carius, Mary Ncwgard, 
Joanne Campbell, Sue Fargo, 
Nancy Engman. Row Three: 
Athena Ralston, Kvme Wade, Julie 
Jackson, Peggy Carter, Sue Allen, 
Pam Cadv, Robin Bull, Fritzi Hir- 
zel, Robin Ray. 

Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters 

Delta Tau Delta Little Sister; 

Row One: Sue Whitcomb, 
Janice Lane, Debbie Dahl- 
strom, Carol Shaver, Tracey 
Karshner, Karla Grubb, 
Nora Carlson. Row Two: 
Karen Barnes, Leslie Seaton, 
Marcia McCown, Dianne 
Thorp, Kam Clark, Kim 
Smith, Pam Ausman, Lucy 
Cheney, Valerie Morris. 
Row r Three: Casey Warner, 
Kelly Click, Barb Klein, 
Cheri Moore, Penny Petra- 
gallo. Holly Hiatt, Julie 

* 'ft ± J 

m wm* 1 

• A 1 f ! w| y*> ' VI mr jm 

Alpha Delta Pi Big Brother 

Row One: Brian Jones, 
Todd Morton, Paul Robbins, 
Bill Wodiske, Buddy Bear, 
Herb Satterlee, Paul Roth. 
Row Two: Dave Wilson, 
Mark Kantonen, Chris 
C rim mins, Kirk Ossewarde, 
Jim Calahan, Loch Ander¬ 
son, John Driscoll, Lynn 
Dicus. Row Three: Dan 
Wood, Benny Bear, Lalo 
Guiljardo, Rob Schlief, Qui¬ 
nton Booker, Chan St. Clair, 
Ron Schmidt, Eric Lind, 
Tom Hughes, Mike Oakes, 
Kim McAdams. 

420 Royalty 


^hi Kaapa Theta Little Sisters 

Row One: Karen Ziebell, 
Peggy Becken, Sally Pool, 
Betsy Eddy, Wilma Dnlin, 
Patty Barrington. Row Two: 
Lauren Annestimson, Deb¬ 
bie Stander, Faith Gnnby, 
Carol Fvall. Jana Larson. 

Sigma Kappa Big Brothers 

Row One: Kevin Mueller, 
Martin Woodfield, Tony 
McPheeters, Dean Fieken. 
Row Two: Gary Honn, 
Dean Schoknecht, Kevin 
Johnson, Peter Pleas. 

Royalty 421 

422 Royalty 

Farmhouse Little Sisters. Row One: Diane 
Pratt, Kathy Rankin, Claudia Anderson, Beth 
Burda, Nancy Abbott, Tracy Scofield, Denise 
Von Essen, Cindy Vaudergrift, Ursula Gayler, 
Kevin Poole. Row Two: Joanne Greenland, 
Carmen Polley, Cherie Knopp, Diane Preston, 
Carolyn Florek, Judi Waller, Lauren Anne 
Stinson, Nancy Wells, Kim Gumm. Row 
Three: Shannon Birch ill, Diane Gourley, Pat 
Stout, Sue Hollingsworth, Kerry Stoner, Toni 
Destefano, Janet Ficken, Anne Doumit, Lori 
Andrew, Nancy Kercheval, JoAnn Cloaninger, 
Debbie Hall. 

Farmhouse Little Sisters 

Royalty 423 

Delta Upsilon Little Sisters 

Delta Upsilon Little Sisters. Row One: Kristin 
Pratt, Kathy Ormiston, Juli Marlatt, Marsha 
Hillman, Nancy Cellos, Diane Orrico, Sue 
Clark, Melanie Couch. Row Two: Chris Moli- 
tor, Cyndy Becker, Joan Lebrun, Karen Erick¬ 
son, Marsha Kinney, Leslie Stubbs, Rebecca 
Stumpf, Karen Anderson, Rebecca Hall, Terri 
Legan, Karen Phillips, Connie Schneider. Row' 
Three: Nancy Salt, Jonie Calkins, Chris Ham- 
acher, Dianne Ramstead, Karen DeMond, 
Janie Hansen, Judy Blunt, Margo Wallace, 
Janis Colbert, Debbie Moore, Sherry Farr, Ja¬ 
net Neraas, Ann Biderbost, Polly Shuman. 

424 Royalty 

AKL Little Sisters 

Alpha Kappa Lambda Little Sis¬ 
ters. Row One: Jayne Seidel, Kim 
Latimer, Katie Cameron, Carol 
Reynolds, Jill Hogseth, Kathy Ham¬ 
mer, Snzie Schmut Richardson, 
June Wright, Laurie Seevich, Mar¬ 
gie Mulcahy. Row Two: Laurie 
Ragsdale, Kathy Anderson, Susie 
Hadley, Linda Johnson, Tami Hos- 
man, Lori Novotney, Nancy Dean, 
Heidi Stokke. Row Three: Cindy 
Harrison, Karen Sullins, Cathy 
Hutchinson, Julie Monroe, Barn 
Gardner, Vicki Mulder, Denise 
McKee, Cindy Tesmer, Anne Hack- 
ett, Joan Kelly, Kris Willits, Tracy 
Anne Scott, Debbie McCune. 


b m 






Br ™ 


. .V 

B iv. 



■ J 

Royalty 425 

Lambda Chi Little Sisters. Row 
One: Eve Coin, Maria Jones, Marla 
Samulson, Sheryl Schott, Karen 
Driscoll, Lisa Marshall, Sue 
Strenge, Tammy Fellows, Mary 
Pentilla, Rhonda Dattbesall, Bev 
Gustufson. Row Two: Joan Russ, 
Jan Grelben, Pam Richmond, Edie 
Cunningham, Cheryl Patterson, 
Susie Jankovich, Shelly Wells, 
Shorri Ness, Ingrid Solberg, Marta 
Tyler, Janie Law, Liz Bowers. Row 
Three: Jill Bennett, Jenise Wolff, 
Leeanne Smith, Peggy Anderson, 
Rene Miller, Nancy Bereman, Sue 
Peckenpaugh, Debbie Mann, Dan- 
iece Owslcv, Diane Fazio, Crystal 
Hunter, Mary Dickhaus, Tracy 
Lehn, Jenny Olsen. 



Lambda Chi Little Sisters 

426 Royalty 

• • • 




Phi Gamma Delta Little Sisters. Row One: 
Candy Morris, Rox Hastings. Row Two: 
Sandra Ackley, Nancy Marautette, Patti Love¬ 
less, Kathy Blum. Row Three: Vicki Hayes, 
Karen Stamm, Terri Turner, Kim Smith, Shan¬ 
non McGooski, Lynn Goodrich, Diane Hock- 

Royalty 427 




Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sisters. Row One: 
Claudia Pheneuf, Jamie Peha, Debbie Germs- 
tad, Patty Casebolt, Elaine Barokas, Janet Ka- 
fer. Row Two: Linda Lee, Kathy Shaeffer, 
Patty Iverson, Janet Kinder, Karen Williams. 
Row Three: Lynn Rail, Peggy Hammcrle, Sue 
Penoyar, Lynn Davidson, Michelle McMillian, 
Conrada Villa. Row Four: Katie Paine, Melina 
Marsdon, Mebie Brannon, Mimi McClean, 
Becky Slingland. Row Five: Gay Banks, Doug 
“Moe” Morrison, Suzi Schutts, Suzie Charnos, 
Cindy Marsh, Lynda Kerr. 

428 Royalty 

Alpha Gamma RhoMates 

Alpha Gamma Rho-Mates. Row 
One: Susie Danforth, Sandy Smith, 
Mary Jo Stout, Mo Ahem. Row 
Two: Carmel L. Travis, Maggie 
O’Rear, Jan Grant, Gloria Wheel¬ 
ing, Kathy Kerr. Row Three: The¬ 
resa Siler, Rhonda Hicks, Kim 
Hamilton, Karri Hefner, Peggy 
Cl erf, Cathy K. Holwegner. Row 
Four: Barbara Bowen, Stephanie 
Smith, Laurel Cramer, Claudia Ser- 
sland, Lisa Mandle, Kahri Wigen, 
Virginia Sand, Elaine Goeckler. 

jfjt. f.'l l; t 3l ^ 


1 v M " 

Fpl i 


L Jj 


« HP 

■■ / 

X jP\ 

3 ( 



1 Ul 


jpPjF ^ y 3 "* 1 

* i Vi 


^ V ' B 

■1 IHi J 

r t i » 

/I 1 

jl ‘1 

/ ) 1 



r/t J 


1 * » .. -rjfm ^ 



r - i 

r jtMj) 

1 1 ^BtS 

v'W ' 

' 7<« 


I y 

IN 1 

y 1 I 

f l 

r_£r v / #1 

Royalty 429 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sisters. 
Row One: Luci Andersen, Mary 
Lancaster, Suzanne Lums, Leslie 
Davis, Jo Ann Harrington, Sandy 
LeDoux. Row Two: Linda Lathim, 
Mindy Honts, Stacey Yarbrough, 
Linda Distler, Colleen Martin, Lori 
Sherwood, Patty Nelson, Sari 
Whitaker, LeAnn Lobeda. Row 
Three: Sheri Jones, Liz Richardson, 
Mariann Berschauer, Susy Kelly, 
Connie Witte, Mary Driscoll, Mary 
Tormev, Kristi Monroe, Cheri Fos- 
burg, Janice Anderson, Nanette 
Levien. Row Four: Sue Manley, 
Roxanne Hood, Mary Kramer, Cy¬ 
nthia Smith, Cheri Pierce, Linda 
Cood, Becky Boettcher, Kristin Ja¬ 
cobsen, Colleen Kuffel, Laura Bark¬ 

SAE Little Sisters 

430 Royalty 

ATO Little Sisters 

Alpha Tau Omega. Row One: Can- 
dis Alford, Trisha Craig, Lisa 
Woodcock, Cindy Graves, Ann Os- 
weiler, Kerry Brock, Janice Thor¬ 
ton, Gwenn McDonald, Linda 
Winslow. Row Two: Patti Skelton, 
Andrea Tudor, Rhoda Altom, Adele 
Schierman, Sue Colgan, Nancy 
Fitzsimmons, Melinda Plummer, 
Casey Cambell, Eilleen Amon, 
Peggy Bennett, Sue Harder. Row 
Three: Casi Smith, Lynn Lobeda, 
Lorri Eby, Jane Higgins, Suzy Skel¬ 
ton, Gail King, Kathy Fitzgerald, 
Kathy Pearson. 

* 'X vxj 

4 I 

Royalty 431 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sisters. 
Row One: Anne Quigg, Melanie 
Chang, Jenny Brown, Janice Cobb, 
Laura Cargill, Julie Douthwaite, 
Karen Huff, Sharon Stejer. Row 
Two: Jeanne Sawhill, Cindy Wal- 
demar, Jill Scaglia, Lindsey Leben- 
zon, Becky Osborn, Debbie Eerkes, 
Shawn Underwood, Becky Giesa, 
Trina Schrette, Patti Leahy, Ally- 
son Griffith. Row Three: Lori Jen¬ 
kins, Beanie Eagersoll, Shannon 
Doran, Kelly Rudy, Anne Perrine, 
Kris Bitney, Teresa Kasah, Anna 
Manolopoulos, Teresa Morelli, Ka¬ 
ren Rouse, Lori Hutchinson, Cy¬ 
nthia Jorgenson, Karen Dawson. 

Sig Eps Little Sisters 

432 Royalty 

Sigma Chi Little Sisters 

Sigma Chi Little Sisters. Row One: Kim Sni¬ 
der, Denise Swarat, Stacy Davert, Megan 
Kerr, Lisa Trueblood, Joy Hanson, Andy Ar- 
teel, Ann Johnson. Row Two: Kathy Kriner, 
Kathy Haugen, Joyce Capri, Barbee Burnside, 
Suzy Baker, Kim Myers, Sue Conklin, Wendy 
McClure, Lynette Simmons, Leslie Jackson. 
Row Three: Lynelle Beckwith, Cheryl Criss, 
Cindy Gallamore, Bev Christman, Barb 
Bruhn, Leona DeRocco, Kit Andrews, Debbie 
Grambling, Barb DiLorenzo, Debbie Porter, 
Rita Erdman, Sue Mortimer. Not Pictured: 
Debbie Duchow, Sara Nunnelly, Karen Oh- 
lsen, Wendy Kibbe, Sue Maltby, Karen 

Royalty 433 

Theta Chi Little Sisters. Row One: Ox, Stacy 
Pence, Lezli Reid, Connie Stevens. Row Two: 
Bonnie Bar/.ler, Marta McRae, Lisa Kara- 
malic, Barb Snyder, Karen Shields, Cindy Pcs- 
tal, l.auric Tanabe, Elaine Martin, Sue Allan. 
Row Three: Melissa Lloyd, Peggy Daniell, 
Cindy VanLiew, Cathy Fort, Mary Maenhout, 
Fox Johnson, Bev Lange, Carol Hall, Becky 
Michael, Sharon Johnson, Sue Lcgel, Martha 
Light, Cathv Sheahan, Renee Schcyer, Linda 
Magden, Shonie Frederick, Leslie Liehel, 
Bad) Brtx)ks. Not Pictured: Cindy Acuff, 
Linda Bergeron, Maureen Cavanaugh, Kathy 
Coleman, Leanne C(X)k, Helene Heglund, Fav 
Ikeda RoAnn Shaub, Patti Smithson, Kathy 
Steele, Sue Svacek, Carolyn Walker, Suzanne 

Theta Chi Little Sisters 

DTD Sally Sunshint 
Debbie Hardmar 

^ambda Chi Crescent Girl 
Jody Vevoda 

Royalty 435 

Farmer’s Daughtei 
Nancy Kercheva 

436 Royalty 

?i Kappa Alpha Dream Girl 
<im Olsen 


Royalty 437 

Leslie Davk 
IK Duches 

4.38 Royalty 

Caroline Shea 

Phi Tau Pledge Princess 

Royalty 439 

Community Santa Clau< 

Fred Golc 

440 Royalty 

Sigma Chi Sweetheart 
<ari Boyer 

Royalty 441 

TKE Waterfollies Queer 

Sue Tayloi 

442 Royalty 

Dutstanding Seniors 

Colleen Sweeney & Michael Camp 

Royalty 443 

Student Involvement 

Uncle Butch Wants You . . . 

Left: Dan Maher's style of student involvement means 
sharing songs with mall frequenters. Below: Student 
government participation is on the increase. Bottom: 
ASWSU Vice President Bart Block makes a private 
point to Mikal Thomsen during an ASWSU assembly 

• • • 

and You and You 

One would think that the typical college student was busy enough—with¬ 
out having a zillion clubs, committees and honoraries to join. But the fact is, 
these opportunities are endless at WSU and the students here take full ad¬ 
vantage of them. Their reasons for becoming involved are also endless: to 
meet people, to supplement one’s major, to gain leadership abilities, to look 
good on resumes. 

And though the rewards for volunteering one’s time and efforts are not 
always clearcut, the enjoyment of “doing” is one reason that students join. 


Beta Pi 

The national engineering honor society Tau 
Beta Pi, was founded at Lehigh University in 
1885. Tau Beta Pi recognizes those who have 
displayed distinguished scholarship and charac¬ 
ter as students in the field of engineering. Mem¬ 
bership in Tau Beta Pi includes engineering stu¬ 
dents whose academic standing places them in 
the upper eighth of the junior class or upper 
fifth of the senior class. Membership is further 
based on honor, breadth of interest, and good 

Row One: Eric Sorensen, Kimball T. Bergerud, Daniel E. Simpson Jr., Robert W. 
Asahara, Jerold H. Friddell, Beth Hubert, Mark Smith, Terry Meyer. Row Two: 
Svd France, Ken Johnson, Brad Andersen, Larry Parrett, Carol Bottemiller, Ray 
1 Hayleek, Barry Hansen, Bob Dahinen, John Weekes. Row Three: Gerald S. Hardy, 

Richard K. Riedesel, Robin Fries, Ann White, Steve Wolf, Milton Hart, Joanne 
Hoover, Susan Johnson, Larry Furumasu, Minoru, Amoh, Don Bender, Advisor. 
Row Four: John C. Henry, Don Ballard, Wally Bennett, Steve Brannon, Greg 
Plummer, Jeff Brown, Mike Wells, Randy Sprague, Kurt Bergmann, Jon Anson. 

Honoraries 451 




Alpha Epsilon Rho is an 
honorary broadcasting fra¬ 
ternity designed to encour¬ 
age and reward scholarship 
and accomplishment among 
students of broadcasting, to 
promote the advancement 
of education in the art and 
science of broadcasting and 
to establish meaningful com¬ 
munication between student 
and professional broad¬ 

Row One: Bev Hauptli, Mark Anderson, Steve Wilson, Tom Dickinson, Val Limburg, advisor; Steve Tvtler. Row Twt 
Tracv Barry, Don Moore, Kenji Kitatani, Indrid Millen, Wayne Bills, Bill Sigmar, Rod Jackson, Jeff Roll, Jim Zimmei 
Frank Shiers, Bob Eastman. Row Three: Kit Andrews, Charlie Birdsell, Mike Hathaway, Chris Whittaker, Steve Ltj 
void, Kathv Savan, David Dragavon, Karen Raines, A1 Keck. 




Alpha Tau Alpha is an ag¬ 
riculture education honor¬ 
ary. A.T.A. develops a pro¬ 
fessional spirit among 
teachers of Vocational Agri¬ 
culture and promotes 
teacher involvement in com¬ 
munity activities. 

A.T.A. assists the Agricul¬ 
ture Education Club in 
some of its activities, as well 
as providing speakers and 
presentations for the A.T.A. 
and Ag Ed Club meetings. 

Row One: Kevin Plambeck, Kevin Paulson, David Johnson, Robert Brown. Row Two: Gerald Ringwood, Steve! 
McLean, Chuck Hein, Teena Steinbaeh, Heidi Stixrud, Don Marshall, Karen Fouty, Steve Longmeier. Row Three: 
Danny Coyne, Stu Padelford, Bruce Heimbigner, Kevin Laughlin, Jack Zimmer, Dick Jacobson, Stan Smith, Guv j 
Madison, Howard Maier, Dr. George A. Robinson. 

452 Honoraries 

How One: Mervin White, Kim Smith, Scott Jacobs, Jeffrey Biihr. Row Two: Sandra Shields, 0‘Tammany Jov, Karl- 
Heinz Graef, Loren Shumate, Juanita Richardson, Edward Maher, Treasurer, Ron White, Mike Kareh, Lynn Lesage, 
Andrew Niemer, Warren Maddox. Row Three: Ellis Quarshie, Kathleen Heppell, Simon Man Cheong Tam, Paul 
Hughes, Zachary J. Karanasos, Esq., Robert Starskv Masko, Jeff “Hutch’* Christiansen, Mark Schons, H. Steve Heintz. 




Alpha Phi Sigma, the 
criminal justice scholastic 
honorary, has broadened its 
horizons to include other re¬ 
lated fields. 

The honorary provides its 
members with knowledge 
and experience of their fu¬ 
ture professions. The basis 
behind the organization is to 
assist its members in their 
future roles in order to up¬ 
grade the criminal justice 
field as a whole. 

Row One: Curtis L. Benner, Steve C. Kelso, Mark R. Johnson, Brian G. Blank, Craig Russell, Duane Hawk, Thurman 
Pavia, Gale Ryan, Debra Heaton. Row Two: Lee Ann Smith, Cynthia Knappett, Mary Kay Munn, Leslie Amaki, 
Kerry Lenhart, Kathy Evans, Hist.-Editor, Margaret Tiffany, Rita Crouse, Brenda Weisell, Sharon Kroo, Katherine 
Bogyo, Joe Luce, President. Row Three: Pam Richmond, Carmen Polley, Claudia Anderson, Lisa Dickson, Shannon 
Skinner, Cindy Tesmer, Margo Wallace, Laura Simanton, Hope Haugen, Dae Jean Jahnke, Liz Wiley, Leslie McLain, 
Secretary. Row Four: Melanie Hedlund, Vice-President, Linda Whitney, LeAnn Lobeda, JoAnne Schmitz, Craig 
Haveman, Barb Larson, Dale Abbott, Meri Muirhead, Vicki Smith, Junior Advisor, Doug Fortner. 




Alpha Lambda Delta is a 
national honor society 
whose members attained a 
3.5 or higher G.P.A. during 
their freshman year. Mem¬ 
bers are active only as soph¬ 
omores. This year’s activities 
of the W.S.U. chapter in¬ 
cluded an information ser¬ 
vice for registering fresh¬ 
men, a campus-wide 
registration service, tradi¬ 
tional banquets and initia¬ 
tions, and various “social 
functions” such as are typi¬ 
cal of WAZZU student 

Honoraries 453 



Alpha Zeta is a national 
honorary for the College of 
Agriculture with the Elliott 
Chapter here at WSU one of 
50 in the U.S. At present 
there are approximately 40 
active members in the club. 

Alpha Zeta primarily is a 
service organization. Some 
of its activities include as¬ 
sisting transfer students to 
the college, and a high 
school visitation program. 

Alpha Zeta is an organiza¬ 
tion committed to promot¬ 
ing the ideals and goals of 
agriculture at the college 
level and beyond. 

Row One: Gerald Andrews, Helen Hayter, Chris Brooks, Bob Davis, Chris Brandon, Ann “Agnes” Essko, Connie* 
“Hortense” Hix, Alvin Forar. Row Two: Pamela Baumgart, Nancy L. Jorns, Beverly E. Wilson, Claudia J. DeLano 
Terri Rice, Craig Callen, T. R. Wilson. Row Three: Bill Kelso, Nancy Martin, Lola Blumenshcein, Gerry Ringwoodf 
Kevin Laughlin, Stan Smith. Row Four: Alan Vandiver, Donna Duckett, Tracv Sulzbach, Dean Brown, Howard Nell 
son. Row Five: Michael Kilgore, Roger Shelev, Ken Leisher. Row Six: Carey Dupret, Dan Hudkins, Don Kill* 
ingsworth, Anne Pfeiffer, Gary A. Licata, Robert Carlson, Don Barnes. 

Phi Eta 

Phi Eta Sigma is a na¬ 
tional scholastic honor so¬ 
ciety with over 170 chapters 
in the United States. The 
Washington State Univer¬ 
sity chapter was established 
on April 21, 1948. The so¬ 
ciety seeks to promote high 
scholastic achievement in all 
fields of learning, and recog¬ 
nizes superior academic per¬ 
formance among freshmen 
in particular. All students 
who have a G.P.A. of 3.50 or 
better for the first semester 
of the freshman year are eli¬ 
gible to join. 

Row One: Man' Gull, Kathy Repp, Claudia Anderson, Gale Rvan, Leslie Amaki, Marv Kay Munn, Craig Russell, Joe 
Luce. Row Two: Kathy Bogyo, Cindy Metten, Melanie Hedlund, Shannon Skinner, Margo Wallace, Steve Sundquist. 
Row Three: John Tegerg, Dale VanDersehelden, Jeff Clark, Ilona Jean Hodson, Dale Abbott, Louis McNew, advisor. 

454 Honoraries 


low One: Marla Mever, Barb Snvder, Cindv Vanliew, Cathy Basta, Kim Bemaird. Row Two: Heidi Kalkwarf, Jea¬ 
nette Jakishima, Sue Strite, Sharon Mathias. Row Three: Pvthia Branch, Denise Nan, Carolyn Olson, Dr. Wilhelnienia 
p'eaver, Barb Schultz, Denise Boccelli, Nlarv Eschbach, Malvnda Turner, Julie Shattuck. Row Four: Barb Manuel, 
Aeggie Smith. Nancy Murbach. 

Orchesis, a performing 
dance honorary, was 
founded at the University of 
Wisconsin in 1923. 

The honorary’s perfor¬ 
mances this year include 
th ose at three local 
churches, “Amistad II” of 
the Black Arts Exhibit, and 
their annual spring concert. 

Some members partici¬ 
pated in master classes in 
Spokane taught by the Paul 
Taylor dance company and 
some participated in the 
Northwest Dance Sympo¬ 
sium at Pacific Lutheran 
University in Tacoma. 

Auditions for Orchesis are 
held in October. 

Row One: Pat Rowe, Ilona Jean Hodson, Suzanne Sample, Barbara Doty. Row Two: John H. Larsen, Kevin B. Park, 
Steve Standaert, Paul Chan, Stewart Bohnet, Craig Padavieh. Row Three: Garth Kingsley, Donald Calvert, Dale Van- 
Derscbelden, Rick Emtman, Bill Lilje. 

Pi Tau 

.Pi Tau Iota is the local 
Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental or¬ 
ganization consisting of stu¬ 
dents aspiring to gain en¬ 
trance into one of the health 
profession fields. 

One of the activities 
which the members can par¬ 
ticipate in includes touring 
various regional medical and 
dental facilities. During the 
monthly meetings, speakers 
and movies are presented in 
hopes of facilitating the stu¬ 
dents decision to pursue a 
health career. 

Honoraries 455 

Kappa Psi 

Kappa Psi, the profes¬ 
sional pharmaceutical fra¬ 
ternity which has one of the 
largest memberships of all 
the professional fraternities, 
is building and growing on 
the WSU campus. 

The objectives of Kappa 
Psi are to develop industry, 
sobriety, and fellowship; to 
foster high ideals, scholar¬ 
ship, and pharmaceutical re¬ 
search. Members are ac¬ 
tively interested in all 
projects which will advance 
the profession of pharmacy. 

Row One: W. Hayton, advisor; Kerry W. Bachman, Steve Tomlinson, Joe Binetti, Tim Rice, Russ Myers, Jan Bei 
nhoft, Dale VanDerschelden, David Wilson, Malin K. Lebbad. Row Two: Gary Thiemens, Paul Chan, Patrick Pam| 
John Wooldridge, David Bell, Dan Arnold, Agtt Stallion, Biff Dormaier, Bob Breithaupt, Craig Urashima, Roger Et: 
wards. Row Three: Jim Emigh, Craig Scott, Jim Schmick, Paul Reavis, Dave Dragovieh, R. Scott Williams, Tiir 
Evans, Jim Derrig, Brad Carlson, Tracey Stott. 



Mortar Board is a national 
honor society of college se¬ 
niors. Membership selection 
is based on scholastic, lead¬ 
ership, and service qualities. 
This year, members of the 
WSU chapter chose to con¬ 
centrate on community ser¬ 
vice activities. A highlight 
of the year was the tradi¬ 
tional initiation ceremony 
for new members, held on 
Mom’s Weekend. 

Row One: Jan Swanson, Sharon Goodwin, Cathy Johnson, Anne Fre id enrich, Ann Barnes. Row Two: Holly Whit¬ 
comb. Elaine Goeckler, Kathy Ormiston, Adawna Windom, Pamela Sandvig. Row Three: Lisa Kramer, Maggie 
O’Rear, Janet Kafer, Janice Dixon, Diane Gourley. Row Four: Meleah Snook, Gary Gosanko, Fran Bottiger, Karen 
Eitreim, Rick Emtman. Row Five: Nancy Johns, Nancy Bunn, Colleen Sweeney. 

456 Honoraries 

-.eft to Right: John Wooldridge, Penny Berglund, Gary Dormaier, Tim Rice, Ed Jeglum, Connie Brown, Jim Schmick. 

Rlio Chi 

Membership in Rho Chi 
Society is open to men and 
women majoring in phar¬ 
macy, and is attainted by 
election based upon out¬ 
standing academic achieve¬ 
ment and personal qualities 
consistent with the goals 
and ideals of the society. 
Election to Rho Chi is con¬ 
sistent, furthermore, with 
the policies of the Associa¬ 
tion of College Honor So¬ 
cieties, of which the Na¬ 
tional organization is a 

Epsilon Chapter of Rho 
Chi at WSU has a member¬ 
ship of 32 at present, which 
includes undergraduate and 
graduate students and fac¬ 

Row One: John Eglv, Len Blau, Arne Gustafson, Jerry Selbo, Linda Burke, Karen Dawson, Marla Meyer, Sue Saldin, 
Art Campbell, Julie Degerstrom, Ed Soderman. Row Two: Rick Boiler, Carol Chrisman, John Thersen, Candy 
Chromv, Kim Good, Scott Campbell, Brad Johnson, Kevin Winterfeld, Eric La Drew, Jody Moulthrop, Sylvia Dvk- 
man, Karen Stane, Bob Karch. Row Three: Stan Bovd, Greg Finch, Julie Dexter, Scott Pepin, Derk Golden, Fred 
Fleck, John Hoyt, Dave Schillingburg, Tim Lien, Ron Davis, Lisa Bliss, Charles Lo, Paul Tefft. 

Sigma Iota 

Sigma Iota, WSU’s Hotel 
Honorary, was founded in 
the late 1940’s. The Society 
of Innkeepers gets its name 
from the first two greek let¬ 
ters of the above title. The 
club sponsors field trips, 
guest speakers, the Bellhop, 
banquets for various groups 
including the Business De¬ 
velopment organization, a 
spring picnic, as well as 
cocktail hours for parents to 
meet the members of the 
Hotel faculty during Mom’s 
and Dad’s weekends. The 
club is self-supporting and 
also attends such activities 
as Northwest restaurant 
shows. It maintains active 
relations with alumni 
through these shows, 
H.S.M.A. conventions and a 

Honoraries 457 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 

Boh Peavv, advisor; Steve Lohmeyer, vice-president; Boh Albert, president; Floyd Dinner, secretary; Russ Bemis 

Phi Epsilon Kappa is a 
coed honorary fraternity for 
chosen students majoring in 
physical education, recrea¬ 
tion, and pre-physical ther- 

Each year the fraternity 
sponsors a senior recognition 
picnic honoring physical 
education, recreation and 
prephysical therapy seniors 
who have records of out¬ 
standing achievement in 
professional participation in 
their chosen field. 

The fraternity sponsors 
the annual Di Giovanna 
Award, an honor bestowed 
on an outstanding senior in 
their field. 

f ; 

I . - 

Ai * ‘1 

J V 

Phi Epsilon Kappa. Row One: Russ Bemis, Floyd Dugger, Boh Albert, Steve Lohmeyer, Boh Peavy. Row Two: Su¬ 
zanne Strite, Tim Jochen, Mike Walker, Marianne Berry, Jill Schindele, Lance Leonard, Beverlee Hastings, Craig 
Emmick, Dave Saffold. 

458 Honoraries 

^igma Tau Alpha 

Sigma Tau Alpha is de¬ 
signed to give a member, or 
majority member, of Rain¬ 
bow Girls an opportunity 
for continued fellowship 
with her sisters. Primarily a 
service organization, in¬ 
cluded in the year’s activi¬ 
ties were fund-raising events 
for the Fred Hutchinson 
Cancer Research Center in 

Row One: Lauri Graham, Karen 
McFarland, Meg Grayson, Karla Rose¬ 
nthal, Barb Wallace. Row Two: Tricia 
Reimer, Judv Glerum, Gavla Hunt, Sue 
DeVore, Barbi Doherty. Judy McFarland. 

Rho Nu 

) H 



► ^ 


V • 

j - ■* 

• 1 i ' ' * 9 

11 j if 


rn u d 

Row One: Shelley Thomas, Leslie Fjalstad, Becky Byerlv, Gale Ward, Mary Jo Doherty, Judy Carstens, Sharon 
Turple, Kris Willits, Cathie Picha. Row Two: Lena M. Ronning, Margaret Schultheis, Paula Medchill, Debbie Ren- 
dish, Cathie Elliott, Pam Power, Kamion Clark, Katherine Smith, Barb Bricka, Barb Vannet, Terry Boggs, Shelly Bo¬ 
lin. Row Three: Deborah McGearv, Anne Douinit, Jackie Stevenson, Joanne Martelli, Mariann Birkland, Rose Marie 
Binetti, Donna J. Enarson, Mary Margaret Winkler, Rita Crouse, Dawn Amaya, Teresa Chard, Dona Struthers. Row 
Four: Debbie Beringer, Karen Holt, Marla Klein, Lucv Cheney, Jeanne Brownlee, Brenda Weisell, Lvnn Hergert. 
Row Five: Becky Tompkins, Mary Christy, Wendy Shackette, Cherie Knopp, Susan Spadoni, Kathy Gibb, Alisa Cook, 
Debra Miller, Lee Ellen Copstead, Shirley McRae, Patsy Brock. 

Rho Nu is an organization 
interested in health sciences. 

The club invites speakers 
from many areas. Several 
volunteer programs are of¬ 
fered by Rho Nu, at Memo¬ 
rial Hospital, local nursing 
homes, and helping with the 
handicap swim program. 

Annual events include a 
trip to the Intercollegiate 
Center for Nursing Educa¬ 
tion in Spokane and a spring 

Honoraries 459 


Row One: Claudia Anderson, Leslie McLain, Kathy Evans, Kelly Click, Dae 
Jean Jahnke (holding Edna the Inspirational Elephant), Debbie Neal, Patti 
Matthews. Row Two: Lisa Hopp, Cheryl Chamberlain, Carmen Polley, Amy 
Jacobson, Debi Heaton, Ellen Moe. Row Three: Terri McNamara, Sue Neilh 
Kathv Hopkins, Nancy Sturdevant, Hope Haugen, Carol Johnson, Susie Dan- 

“S” is for service, “P” is for pep, “U” is for unity, 
“R” is for rep. 

The Spurs are a national sophomore honorary, 
which taps fifty new members each spring. The pur¬ 
pose of Spurs is to serve the university and the com¬ 
munity; to support student body and university ac¬ 
tivities; and to foster among all students a spirit of 
loyalty and helpfulness. 

forth, Chris Barret, Laura Longlev. Row Four: Tracey Karshner, Virginia 
Sand, Carol Fyall, Debbie Ruddy, Vickie Hayes, Sally Hubbord. Row Five: 
Caroline Reid, Kathy Seitters, Polly Shuman, LaVonne Hughes, Anne Doumit. 
Row' Six: Debbie Hall, Karen Jensen, Claudia Nilssen, Lesley Jackson, Barbara 
Bowen, Laurie Tanabe, junior advisor. 

Qualifications for membership include an interest 
and participation in college activities, honesty, de¬ 
pendability, service to others and a 3.0 gpa. Spurs 
sponsors an all-campus dance during registration, 
campus blood drive in the fall and spring, Songfest 
on Mom’s Weekend, ushers at football and basket¬ 
ball games and performs other needed services for 
the university. 

460 Honoraries 

[ntercollegiate Knights 

Row One: Gregory Litton, 
Kerry Lenhart, Boh Ken- 
worthy. Cherilvn Hahn, 
Curt Anderson, Stewart 
Bohnet. Chris Brandon. 
Row Two: Craig A. Padav- 
ieh, Keith J. Bart a. Paul 
Knppc. Jacob Anker, Jem 
Selho. Dave DeGroot. Ron 
Thirtyaere. Dennis Barm's. 

The Cougar Guard chapter of Intercollegiate 
vnights was founded at WSU in 1922. It was one of the 
•harter chapters in the national organization, which 

f nakes it one of the two oldest out of the 17 chapters 
urrently in existence; the other being the University 
f Idaho. The purpose of IK’s is to serve the school and 
community, promote spirit, and provide leadership 

and involvement to the club members. The IK motto is 
“Service, Sacrifice, and Loyalty.” 

The Knights help the Spurs with their annual blood 
drives, collect for the heart fund, sell mum corsages at 
Homecoming, usher for football and basketball games, 
ring the victory bell, and sponsor an annual duchess 

Phi Kappa Phi 

Undergraduate Student 

Mare Edward Aasland 
Sally Spring Aiken 
John Robert Albert 
Brian Emery Alton 
Sondra Jean Anne 
Leif Ernst Barem 
Marv Jo Barnett 
Kenneth Lance Battie 
Susan Mary Baugh 
Sandra Louise Beimborn 
Tomi Maria Bengtson 
Karen Leigh Berglund 
Kathryn E. Bernheim 
Diane Rae Blomdahl 
Daniel Roger Bresnahan 
Patrick Nolan Breysse 
Lvn Gladys Brine 
Charles Julius Broughton 
Carol Marie Bruton 
Jeffrey Thomas Bulir 
John Bruce Bullock 
Katherine A. Burnett 
Carol Yvonne Chrisman 
Craig E. Callen 
Marianne Rose Callero 
Loren Eugene Cannon 
Carol M. Card 
Brent Rov Carlson 
Peter Varnell Collins 
Constance Maiy Crawley 
Leslie Lvnn Davis 
Bradley Kent DeWaare 
Lee James Doran 
Debra Jeanne Duchow 
Ronaldv Glen Dukeshier 
Lori Jean Dunn 
Michael Jeffrey Dunn 
Theresa Ryan Durkan 

Lind June Einan 
Elizabeth Jane Eschbach 
Douglas B. Ferro 
John J. Frawley 
Anne Susan Freidenrich 
Diane Carner French 
Susan E. Gellatly 
Royal Kent Gerow 
Michael David Gillum 
Kathryn Carleton Clavey 
Ronald Lewis Godfrey 
Debra Lynn Gould 
Gina Marie Gozinsky 
Edward Janies Guthrie 
Cherilyn Hahn 
Beverly Ryuji Haight 
Margaret Ann Hair 
Susan Grace Harrer 
Milton Earl Hart 
Jill Elizabeth Haugseth 
Kathleen Hauser 
Miriam Kay Hewitt 
Constance Joan Hix 
Calysta Hobson 
M)ehael Lee Hoel 
Susan Kaye Horton 
Nancy Lynn Huffstodt 

Cheryl Ann Huttunen 
Kevin Earl Hylton 
Jeffry Grant Israel 
El in Ann Johnson 
May Railton Johnson 
Mvron L. Johnson 
Arlene Mary Jones 
Marv Kristine Kaldal 
Charles Donald Kasmar 
Jav Akiyo Kawakami 
Sandra Jean Kennedy 
Garth Brandon Kingsley 
Beverly Jean Langstaff 
Jean Marie Larson 
Milton Dean Lathan 
R. Diane Law 
James Robert Lawson 
Robert Alien Lentz 
Martha Susan Light 
Susan Marie Lomax 
Mary Ann Lund 

Joy Laree Lundstrum 
Marv Heather McCoy 
Kathleen Ann McIntosh 
John Stuart McIntyre 
John Joseph McLeod 
Randall Ray Mills 
Walter Curran Morgan 
Marguerite Ann Mustoe 
Pamela Lee Myers 
Jane Ellen Northey 
Susan Marra Oldenstadt 
Margaret Ann O’Rear 
Timothy Kevin Payne 
Wayne Fletcher Penttila 
Patricia Victoria Podzorski 
Annette Brinch Poulsen 
Catherine Mary Pricco 
John Stewart Price 
Richard Michael Priest 
David Allen Rash 
David J. Reeber 

Steven Lee Reed 
Margaret Jane Richmond 
Marie Gail Rieck 
David James Ruffin 
John Michael Ryan 
Pamela Camfield Sandvig 
Jane Karen Schaller 
Teresa Lynn Schmidt 
Carol Ann Schwehm 
Joseph Edward Scott 
Shannon Jack Shaffer 
Cathy Lvnn Sheahan 
Frank Abram Shiers 
Daniel Lee Shobe 
Mark James Slmim 
Carole Siccardi 
Sara E. Simpson 
Stanley Glen Skov 
Diane Marie Smith 
Mark H. Smith 
Roland Kim Smith 

Gregory E. Smitman 
Jon David Snyder 
William W. Soloman, Jr. 

Eric Benton Sorensen 
Randall Brian Sprague 
Deborah Gail Springer 
Roland C. Starr 
John Leroy Stenslie 
Susan Anne Strenge 
Tracy Elaine Sulzbach 
Shelly Devonne Sumner 
Paul Leslie Tefft 
Elizabeth Diane Thummel 
Margaret Ada Tiffany 
Marie Helena Thompson 
Mark Thomsen Turner 
Anne Louise Van Gijn 
Galen Dean Van Vleet 
Sharyn Carmela Veitenheimer 
Kathleen Ann Vickery 
Steven March Watt 

Jeanne Kav Weitkamp 
Michael Ross Wells 
Shirley Ann Whitaker 
David Cameron Wilson 
Linda Rae Winslow 
Robin Gav Young 
Lisa Ann Zupan 

Graduate Student 

Richard C. Adams 
James Russel Anderson 
Robert Dale Bagiev 
Carole Jane Barkhurst 
Seth R. Beckerman 
Francisco A. Brito 
William J. Burrow 
Michael Anthony Caldero 
Genie Canales 
Helen Sharon Chase 
Terri Chassin 
Joe Herman Dewbre 
Monica Theresa Eichberger 
Rita Dorotht Emery 
Christopher James Forbes 
Walter F. Frantz 
Judith Giniger 
Kathrine Ellen Gorham 
Jack Richard Hargis 
Edmond P. Hogan 
Veasha Marie Olson 
Suzanne D. Pease 
Joel Kurt Phillips 
Michael Walter Pole 
Thomas Burton Rybus 
Fletcher G. Shives 

Faculty Initiates 
Robert Kunkel 
Milton Rokeach 
Clarence A. Ryan, Jr. 

Retiring Faculty 
Paul Beckett 
Igor Kosin 

1976-1977 Chapter 
Fenton Larsen 
Sherril Carlson 
Kathryn Buringrud 
Darlene Townsend-Moller 
Jean Klopfer 
Gardner Shaw 

Phi Kappa Phi was the first honor society to give 
recognition to superior scholarship in all fields of 
study and to take into membership the highest rank¬ 
ing students from every branch of learning. Founded 
in 1897 at ihe University of Maine, the society now 
has 140 chapters, with a total membership of more 
than 240,0()0. Throughout the universities of the 
United States and one in the Philippines, each year 
18,000 new members are added. 

The Greek letters stand for the society’s motto, 
translated is, “Let the love of learning rule man¬ 
kind.” This wording, expressing a goal rather than a 
“fait accompli,” has been officially accepted by the 

462 Honoraries 

Omicron Nu 

How One: Debbie Springer, Susy Hadley, Terri Neal, Betsy Horner, Dorothy Robinson. Row Two: Leslie Haigh, Leslie Davis, 
Retecta Dahl, Rita Mustoe, Ann Barnes, Kathy Hibbard, Kaye Funk, Nancy Bunn. Row Three: Kathy Common, Anne Ca- 
jjprio. Shelly Medlcr. Row Four: Jill Haugseth, Suzanne Pease, Lvnette Armstrong, Rachel Stroll, Denise Rump/.a, Cathv 
pheahan. Barb Ebright, Terry Schmidt, Sue Uravieh, Sondra Anne, Jan Swanson, Barb Phippard, Jan Hiller. 

Pi La: 

bda Theta 

Row One: Sharon McGregor, Edie Pelham, Jamie Nugent, Terri Gould. Row Two: Margaret France, Shannon Birehill, Kerri 
O’Leary. Row Three: Patty Mann, LLinnea Marshall, Barbara Barton. Row Four: Laurie Shelton, Jenny Brown, Lvnn Lo- 
teda, Becky Dahl. Row Five: Denice Englund, Paul Dann, Lila Blumenschein, Thomas A. Brosman III, Laurie Johanson. 
Row Six: Rich Crouch, Teresa Hastings. Row Seven: Cathy Sheahan, Diane Guzzo, Laurie McGuire. 

Omicron Nu is a 
Home Economics hon¬ 
orary that was founded 
at Michigan State Uni¬ 
versity in 1912. Kappa 
chapter at WSU was 
founded in May, 1919. 
Omicron Nu promotes 
Home Economics study 
at the graduate and re¬ 
search level, recogniz¬ 
ing both superior grad¬ 
uate achievement and 
undergraduate scholas¬ 
tic excellence. 

Each semester, top 
Home Economics stu¬ 
dents in the junior and 
senior classes as well as 
graduate students are 
invited to join the orga¬ 

Pi Lambda Theta, a 
national educational 
honorary, was founded 
in 1910. Washington 
State University Pi 
Chapter began in 1923. 
Pi Lambda Theta rec¬ 
ognizes individuals at 
the undergraduate, 
graduate, and in-the- 
field level, who demon¬ 
strate high academic 
performance and lead¬ 

This year. Pi Chapter 
has been active, spon¬ 
soring several work¬ 
shops open to all educa¬ 
tion majors. The 
purpose of these work¬ 
shops has been to assist 
students in their profes¬ 
sional preparation. 

Eligibility for under¬ 
graduates is limited to 
education majors with a 
3.2 or better g.p.a. 

Honoraries 463 


“The Pacific 
Northwest Person¬ 
nel Management 
Association has 
provided its mem¬ 
bers with an op¬ 
portunity to learn 
and advance pro¬ 
fessional attitudes. 
It gives a student a 
chance at one to 
one contact with 
someone in a job 
they might hold 
one day.” 

Row One: Sharon Strong, Paul Wiggum, Kathy Cromer, Terry Harrison, Donna Dickover, Chris Dahl, Rhonda Fleek. Row Twr. 
Lyn Williamson, Dan Perkins, Sally Garcia, Guy Clements, Ruth Halvoerson, Steve Thayer, Paula Soenke, Mark Corker, Charlct 

Newman Association 

“Through a program of counselling, study, liturgy 
and social gatherings, the Newman Association and 
Student Chapel of St. Thomas Moore seek ways to in¬ 
tensify out Christian life on campus.” 

Row One: Tom Hall, Gail Moser, Barb Blackburn, Ron Natter. Row Two: 
Joe Francik, Becky McGreevv, Mary Hensler, Scott Lawless, Father Ed¬ 
ward Caffery. Row Three: Jack Pefvson, Celeste Botch, Lynn Owens, 
Kathy Holdren, Kristi Privette, Kevin Laughlin. Row Four: Joel Hellen- 
kamp, Mark Rov, John Martin, Lotiise Achey. Row Five: Thomas Pesek, 
Jan Wirth, Steve Robinson. 

464 Organizations 




“Interior Design 
gives us a wide variety 
of job opportunities. 
Actually, the club is the 
graduating senior class. 
We spend a lot of time 
together socially and 

Row One: Carolyn Ivy, Cori Sal- 
mcla, Anne Hackett, Kathy Will- 
son, Wendy Carpine, Melanie De- 
merschman. Row Two: Teresa 
Elton, Connie Rocker, Shiela Staf¬ 
ford, Karen Earl, Debbie Kvllo. 
Row Three: Mahala Murphy, Ja¬ 
nice Ehle, Linda Casinnssen, Sandy 
Coe, Cathy Hohnquist. Row Four: 
Judv Collins, Cindi Eucker, Eva 



“The Bago Gang is 
an elite group of phar¬ 
macy students that 
travel to pharmacy 
conventions to promote 
the pharmacy profes¬ 
sion and the Cougar 

Row One: Paul Reavis, Joe Binetti, 
Bruce Hendrickson. Row Two: Jill 
Martin, Dave Dragovich, Jenny 
Norman, Ron Campbell. Not Pic¬ 
tured: Steve Tomlinson. 

Organizations 465 

466 Organizations 

Palouse Country Club 
5th Year Architecture 

Left Side. Row One: Rex Bond, 
H.A. Page, Bill Qnillan. Row 
Two: John Crittenden, Phil 
Beyl, Jane Wybomey, Brett 
Hansen, Geoff Guss, Nicolee 
Bradbury, Tom Jurcak, Bob 
Peckham, Dr. T.A. Gorski. Row 
Three: Ron Henry, Doug Sato, 
Dennis Weisenbom, Gary Mac- 
Ken/.ie. Center: Ross Deckman. 
Right Side. Row One: Tony 
Shapiro, Jon Styner, Bill Par- 
retta, Steve Story, Steve Hoyt, 
Gene Callan, Stan Cole. Row 
Two: Brian Regehr, Bonnie 
Ford, Kate Wright, Doug 
Knight, Ernie Robeson, Randy 
Hait, Blaine Grunenid, Dave 
Fremitith. Row Three: Scott 
McConnell, Mike Snodgrass, 
Dave Kiminel, Dave Moriuchi, 
Ken Rowan, Mark French, Brad 
Baker, Jim Anson. Tree: Jeff 

“Fifth year archi¬ 
tecture had a great 
deal of class unity. In 
fact, it was almost 
like a close-knit fam¬ 
ily. The class varies 
from year to year, 
but this year’s class 
has been really 

Organizations 467 

Row One: Jean Peekham, Sally Aiken, Janet Kafer, Debbie Trapp, Dawn Seresun, Marcia LaCheck. Row Two: Cindy Acuff, Kim Duncan, Lynn 
Widrig, Rebecca Clark, Chick Stamschror, Sally Hubbard, Nikki Whittle, Cathy Sullivan, Sally Aubert, Laurie Tanabe, Debbie Lowdon, Beckv Mi¬ 
chael. Row Three: Brad Homes, Darrel Verney, Steve Metz, Debbie Holcomb, Sue Leonard, Sonya Scott, LeAnn Lobeda, Ceordv Klarich, Claudia 
Nilson, Kathy Smith, Barb Walter, Sandy Whiteley, Kim Hoverter, Ann Jansen; Diane Albright, advisor. 

Officers. Row One: Debbie Trapp, president; Janet Kafer, vice 
president; Dawn Seresun, secretary. Row Two: Sally Aiken, public¬ 
ity; Diane Albright, advisor; Mareie LaCheck, social chairman; Jean 
Peekham, treasurer. 

“Being in Fish Fans allows the members an 
opportunity to work with others toward a fi¬ 
nal goal-the performances given at Christmas 
and the Mother’s Weekend show. 

The group is unique in that the members 
write the acts, design their costumes and de¬ 
velop the final format for the water shows.” 

Fish Fans 

Home Ec. Association 

“Home Economics Asso¬ 
ciation has helped to de¬ 
velop a better rapport be¬ 
tween club members and 
the faculty.” 

Row One: Lezlie Reid, Naomi Watanabe, 
Linn Seheuffele, Kristi Monroe. Row Two: 
Beth Burda, Diane Archer, historian; Deb¬ 
bie Schliesman, publicity; Teri Birkland, 
chairman; LueAnn Deckman, secretary; 
Barbara Bang, treasurer; Karen Leith, 
chairman elect. Row Three: Karen Ander¬ 
son, Terri Neal, Marsha Niebauer, Clare 
Lovett. Row Four: Beth Brisson, Julie Bi¬ 
ngham, Nancy Bickelhaupt, Signe Burgen, 
Jill Carpenter, Donine Grigsby. 


“The Associated Students 
of the College of Agricul¬ 
ture has given me some 
idea of what the other clubs 
are all about. Most of us are 
involved in our own depart¬ 
ment clubs and the ASCA 
acts as a council to bring 
them all together.” 

Row One: Roy Dube, Gene Warren, Bill 
Haberman. Row Two: Gerald Ringwood, 
Vickey Platt, Becky Messmer, Teena 
Steinbach, Lola Blumenschein, Val Garri¬ 
son, Prudence Anastasia Miles. Row 
Three: Everett Martin, advisor; Russ Sal- 
vadalena, Jeff Loge, Gerald Andrews, 
Mike Kayser, Kirk Jessee, Dan Coyne, 
Steve Brown. Row Four: John Kalin, Bill 
Artz, Mike Wilson, Rocky Pankratz, Mike 
Simonson, Connie Hix, Bob Davis. 

468 Organizations 

Office Ad. Activity Comi 



“The Office Administra¬ 
tion Activities Committee 
has involved me with people 
with my same interest. We 
work together to get things 

Row One: Terri Gall, Becky Endter. Row 
Two: Suzie Curtis, Kevin Stroncek, Ma- 
lynda Turner, Stacy Pence, Marsha Lar¬ 
son. Row Three: Janice Thornton, Karen 
Christen, Laura Adolf, Leesa Whittum. 


“The Student American 
Pharmaceutical Association 
has made me, as a pharmacy 
student, more aware of the 
issues facing pharmacy and 
helped to prepare me as a 

Row One: R. Timothy Rice, Malin K. Leb- 
bad. Row Two: Cathy Rush, R. Scott Wil¬ 
liams, David Bell, Kerry Bachman, Al 
Glass, Ron Campbell, Randy Luther, Dan- 
ial Baker, Jim Derrig. Row Three: Jim 
Schmick, Barbara Klaus, Ed Jeglum, Steve 
Tomlinson, president-elect; Joe Binetti, 
Doug Crafton, Gary Southern, Sue Speer, 
Phyllis Chun. Row Four: Larry Sim- 
onsmeier, advisor; Craig Stott, Hugh Ir¬ 
win, Chuck deBriere, Steve Saxe, Paul 
Reavis, Jim Emigh, Tracey Stott, Gary 
Thiemens, Dan Arnold, Roger Edwards. 
Row Five: Fran Rehrmann, Sharon Sulli¬ 
van, Ann Peach, Stephanie Wright, Linda 
Peterson, treasurer; Mike Marr, Linda 
Stump, Sue Bellmore, Connie Davenport, 
president; Debbie Hansen, secretary. 

Organizations 469 

Horticulture Club 

Row One: Malclom McGregor, Muhammed Suwwan, 
Ernie Holt, Bruce Allen, Jeff Heath, Dr. Darrel Bienz, 
Dr. William Ackley, Vito Iacohazzi. Row Two: Pearl 
Pulford, Liz Branhan, Marianne Callero, Carlev Albers, 
Connie Hix, Teresa Walen, Gwen Metsger, Janet Boeh- 
avc, Sandy Smith, Marv Jones, Melinda MeCormik, Ka¬ 
ren Frields. Row Three: Dr. Fenton Larsen, Brooke Pe¬ 
terson, Mark Burnett, Dr. El wood Kalin, Bruce 
McTavish, Walt Ashland, Muhammad Saeed, Mrs. Ma- 
hammad Saeed, Pat Walen, John Matlock, Helen Hayter, 
Gerald Andrews, John Miller, Tom Anvil, Dr. Wayne 
Loescher, Dr. B.W. Pooviah, Dr. M.E. Patterson, Dr. 
W.M. Iritani. 

“Hort Club has helped me get to 
know my fellow students and faculty 
on a more personal level. It’s good 

Officers. Top: Pearl Pulford, president. Right to Left: Lola Blumenschein, ASCA rep¬ 
resentative; Mark Burnett, vice president; Gerald Andrews, ASCA representative; 
Connie Hix, treasurer. 

470 Organizations 


en Students 

Row One: Susy Hadley, Wendy McClure. Row Two: 
Toni Destefano, Debby Kimble, Maggie O’Rear, Jan 
Grant, Jayne Harmon. Row Three: Penny Cooley, Barb 
O’Neal, Pam German, Marv Austenson. Not Pictured: 
JoAnne O’Donnell, Elaine Zakarison, Lori Andrew, Les¬ 
lie McLain, Pam Ansman. 

“AWS has helped me to understand 
more the need to help women in de¬ 
veloping, utilizing and exploring their 
individual potentials.” 

Organizations 471 

Future Yet 

“There are tours of the 
vet facilities, many speakers, 
and even the de,an talks to 
us. We find out what is go¬ 
ing on in the vet field and 
how we can be a part of it.” 

Row One: Marv Reetz, Carol Dern, Dr. 
Brvan, Mark Burton, Den ice Moffat. 
Rantlv McGraw. Row Two: Dena M. E. 
Vignaux, W. A. Wodiske, Bill McCaffey, 
Linda L. Lahti, Diane Sommer, Sherri 
Kipp, Ellen Schulke, Jeff Loge. Row 
Tliree: Virginia Sand, Sandra Powell, Rob¬ 
ert Shinek, Mike Parker, Stormy Hull, Pern 
Eberlein, Kim C. Audette. Row Four: Jeff 
S. Hughes, Rebecca Dve, Laura Venema, 
Dave Hays, John Scott, Carol Schlaefer, 
Rick Gutierrez. 

Society of Women Engineers 

“The organization has 
helped me see the problems 
that women engineers face 
in the outside world. Some 
students have been in the 
club several years and 
they’ve given us good ad¬ 

Row One: Sue Johnson, Lori Wakeman, 
Catherine Buldhaupt, Krystvna Kowalik. 
Row Two: Susan Hagen, Gwenneth Carl¬ 
son, Jan Hedman, Colleen Hutchins, 
Nancy Sanford. Row Three: Linda Shel¬ 
don, Susan Lawrence, Cindv Barge well, 
Eugene Pare, advisor. 

472 Organizations 

Clothing and Textiles Club 

“I’ve learned a lot about 
my future job possibilities 
through speakers who came 
to our meetings and have 
learned to work with the 
faculty and students in my 

Row One: Deb Springer, Jan Swanson, 
dean advisory board; Linda Stecher, vice 
president; Marlene Nickoloff, president; 
Susan Westiniller, publicity; Nancv Bunn, 
secretary-treasurer; Denise Stranahan. 
Row Two: Martina Haskins, Beverly Gal¬ 
loway, Mickey Peterson, Karen Erickson, 
Donna McDonald, Nancy Hetlcr, Kristi 
Dailey. Row Three: Teresa Owens, Linda 
Cause, Chick Stamschror, Debbie Saugen, 
Sondra Anne, Diane Hockenson, Lori 

WSU Dairy Club 

“I’m from a farm, and 
Dairy Club helps me keep 
up with new ideas and 
methods in farming. I like 
learning about problems you 
might face as a farmer and 
how to handle them.” 

Row One: Edit? McMonigle, Roger Wall- 
enius. Larry Fisher. Dav e Scott. Row Two: 
Bill Coe res. Alvin Forar. John Nagv. Mel 
Filler*. John Mower, joe Hillers. Bob 
Perry, Jake Anker. 

Organizations 473 

Forestry and Range Manage] 


Lent Clul 

Row One: President Jeff Goebel, Beth Cowe, Diane Mayse, Diane Besand, 
Connie Riha. Row Two: Rocky Pankratz, Val Garrison, Fred Higginbotham, 
Jeff Richardson, Dr. Carl J. Goebel. Row Three: Mark Warren, Bill Kelso, 
Stuart Hoffman. Row Four: Monte White, Cindy Talbott, Rowena Hughes, 

“The Forestry and Range Management Clubs had 
a joint picture taken for the Chinook as a part of in¬ 
creased cooperation between the clubs. The clubs 

Grant Harris, Ben Roche. Row Five: Leonard Askham, Gerald Hughes, Sam 
Ham. Row Six: V.C. Baldwin, Greg Miller, Vaughn Wray, Joel Tompkins, 
John Musel, Mike Simsans, Clint Oke, Bob Schweigert, Lori Tanaka, Bill 

give us a medium for the exchange of ideas among 
the members.” 

474 Organizations 

Xoung Life 

“I enjoy the singing and 
fellowship that Young Life 
offers. It is giving me a 
background in leading 
people to Christ, I’ve made 
new friends who are inter¬ 
ested in the Christian way of 
life. Young Life gives me a 
source of strength.” 

Ron Coder of the Seattle Seahawks 

Organizations 475 

Block and Bridle Club 

Row One: Sandra Powell, Sharon Fauts, Randall Greenfield, Willo Street, Bob 
Dnrch, Jordan Dimock, Ivan Deaver, Steve Brown. Row Two: Raymond Nott, 
Lisa Kertis, Tim Farrell, Annette Kertis, Todd A. Johnson, Claudia DeLano, Lou 
Tasker, John Burke, Dan Coonrad, advisor; Jerry Reeves, advisor. Row Three: 
Mike Parker, Cindv Erickson, Mitzi Hunter, Pam Post, Carol Dem, Linda L. 

Lahti, Darcie L. Nielsen, Lynn Iler, Linda Mottem, Vickey Platt, Theresa Tracy, 
Lynn Gagnon, Jodee Penner, Stud Callen, Ann Crocker, Rick Coulombe. Row 
Four: Terri Rice, Becky Fallis, Donna Duckett, Brenda Gatzke, Jan Milam, Pam 
Hill, Maureen Cilligan, Renee Schumann, Patty Trimingham, Rhonda Hicks, Car¬ 
mel L. Travis, Mike Byrd, Darlene Maston. 

“Block and Bridle Club helped me to get involved. 
It deepened my interest in horses and I’ve made a lot 
of new friends.” 

476 Organizations 


“PRSSA has given me 
professional experience out¬ 
side of the classroom. It has 
given me the chance to get 
to know other students 

Row One: E.S. Lorinior, Wendv Stiers, 
Marian Founio, Steve Davolt, Andy Peab¬ 
ody, Debbie Duehow, Cathv Nuzum. Row 
Two: Kathy Painter, Sharon Mathias, Col¬ 
leen Sweeney, Cindv Knappett, Michele 
Nleston, Pat Baur, Linda Chalicb, Cathie 
Valentine. ]udv Johnson. 



Ly and Physics Club 

“Through the club, I have 
gained knowledge and en¬ 
thusiasm for many of the 
new fields in astronomy and 

Row One: Dr. John Bray, Dr. John 
Doughty, Bill Joyce, Chi-Ming Leung, Ken 
Voss. Row Two: John Terberg, Alan Jones. 
Mike Wallace. Row Three: Grant Scott, 
Larry Lovverv, Dave Rust, Alan Mac- 
Arthur. Roland Starr. 

Organizations 477 


Row One: John Hickev, David Klopfenstein, Ron Morris, Kathy Seiler, Jeanne 
Engstrom, Linda Jensen, Beth Kintner, Cathy Sandstrom. Row Two: Pat Pearce, 
Randy Neuschwander, Lindsey Woolf, R. Craig Brownlee, Mike Cass, C. Scott 

Smith, Gary Maynard, Paul Rostykus, Don Stewart, Clarence Niles, Andy Robin¬ 
son, Mark Lawrence, Dr. Ronald Adkins. 

“The most beautiful thing about WAMI is the it helps to ease the tension.” 
smaller classes. We are able to share our anxieties and 

Row One: Randy “Amarillo” Smith, Gay “Hello” 
Banks, Rick “Grinnin” Barrett, Dan “Ony” 
O’Neil, Colleen “Stretch” Hulbert, Burt “Cro- 
Mag” March, Greg “Pomeroy” Scott. Row Two: 
Bruce “The Cab” Gilbert, Rusty “Spoons” 
Chapel, David “Barney” Beail, Alan “Grasshop¬ 
per” Hamade, John “Toilet” Fulgham. Row 
Three: Margaret “Mo” Bain ter. 

“The Marching Cabarones 
sponsor bi to tri-weekly Mu Up- 
silon Gamma club meetings. Our 
motto is “Reality is a crutch for 
those who cannot handle 

478 Organizations 

Marching Cabarones 

Landscape Architecture 

How One: Kathv Wilburn, Danny Bowling, Sally McFarland, Mary Eade, Peggy Staehcli, Bruce McCrory, Sandy Kennedy. Edith Duttli- 
nger. Row Two: Pari Kermina, Jill Stanton, Terry Yamamoto, Reid Hellver, Delores Bogan, Becky Shaw, Becky Messmer. Row Three: Scott 
Peterson, Dave Yorouzu, Pam Langfeldt, Shinichi Sugiyama, Phil Waite, Roger Sherman, Rich Taylor. 

Hui Hauoli O’Hawaii 

Row One: Iris Tamanaha, Lyn 
Yuda, Glenn Matsumoto, Daryl 
Masuda, Sid Nakamoto, Craig 
Nishimoto, Row Two: Glen Fuki- 
wara, Kim Latimer, Randal Sa- 
kaino, Jeanne Nagao, Avis Sakata, 
Charlene Espina, Joan Ojerio, Lor- 
rin Ojerio, Dr. Alex Ojerio. Row 
Three: Kimo Chun, Mark Yam¬ 
amoto, Kim Moa, Rae Yamanaka, 
Toril Kaldestad, Gail Beckham, Al¬ 
bert Ojerio, Robin Watanabc, Ryon 
Ojerio, Elizabeth Hiramoto, Made¬ 
line Nanod, Dawn Akivama, 
Shareen Malik. Row Four: Lester 
Nihei, Jim Tessier, Gary Peterson, 
Liane Sing, Mutsuko Saeki, Fav 
Tvela, Judy Yamashiro, Sharon 
Taira, Lory Kawabata. Row Five: 
In' Higashi, Guv Isobe, Duane 
Kim, Dean Sakaue, T(xld Yamefuji, 
Jeff Christiansen, Patti Tamura, Joe 
Tom, Elizabeth Johnson, Arlene 
Koba, Millie Hendrix. Row Six: 
Jack Thompson, Bob Albert, Mar¬ 
garet Thompson, Ann Nakagawa, 
Sylvia Saldua, Dr. Walter Hendrix, 
Raymond Noh. 

“The club attempts 
to reflect Hawaii’s 
many cultures.” 

Organizations 479 

Food Science Club 

“Food Science benefitted 
me because I got to know 
the profs on a out-of-class- 
room level. I also got to 
know the students and we 
do many entertaining things 

Row One: Pam Warden, Debbie Moore, 
Pam Baumgart, Wanda Martin, Shane 
Erickson, Colin Cooley, Pat Kvietkus. Row 
Two: Clark ]. Brekke, Advisor, Larrv 
Greemvalt, Anne Jacobson, Laurie Jaegu, 
Tom Baldwin, P. Michael Davidson, Janie 
Gleason, Bill Artz, Doug Luedecke, Rich 
and Freddy Brim, Barry Swanson. Row 
Three: Karen KJeinsworth, Russ Salvada- 

Sunday Night Dinner Club 

“The purpose of our club is 
to get all procrastinators to¬ 
gether, over dinner, so we 
can decide what we aren’t 
going to do. You’d be sur¬ 
prised how many problems 
disappear if you just put 
them off. 

At present we have about 
14 who will eventually be¬ 
come members, but I’m sure 
there are more of you on 

Row One: Gladish Breekenridge, Jeff Bu¬ 
chanan, Linda Dietiker, Kevin Hosman, 
Matt Spalding. Row Two: Rick Divers, 
Steve Bichich, Ann Sutherland, Jodre Bu¬ 
chanan, Rich Mann, Lloyd Hansen, John 
Keatts, Dave Sutherland, Dave Kettel, Elf 

480 Organizations 

Industrial Education 




i A 

w JA 

“The Industrial Educational Association is designed 
to give members a wider range of experiences that 
may not be obtainable during regular class scheduling. 
We are in a continuous period of growth and devel¬ 
opment, and always welcome new members.” 

Row One: Lowell Kenney, John Herr, Paul Harlin. Row Two: Tom Pirie (presi¬ 
dent 1977), Dave Dodge, Dave Larkey. Row' Three: Dr. Murphy, Jim Herbert 
(president Spring 1976), Eric Wesland, Steve Keehnel, Doug Hughes, Tim Pen¬ 
man. Row Four: Dave Emigh, Dr. Bakamis, Jim Adams, Doug Carlson, Dave Wit- 
sil. Row Five: Vem Stoeffel, Kahn Reamliotus, Gary Held. Row Six: Mark Can¬ 
trell, Gerry Larson, John Cree. Row' Seven: Tom Graham, Kirk Hinkle, Mike 

Organizations 481 

Rec. and Park Admin. Clul 

“The Recreation Club 
has made me aware of 
the field and of contri¬ 
butions other people 
have made. I’ve been 
able to see how recrea¬ 
tion and parks affect so¬ 

Row One: Kaelin Donald, Minka 
Davidhazv, Julie Pryne, Heidi Hen¬ 
son, Debbie Denbv. Row Two: 
Catalina VVeild, Mary Kaufman, 
Jana Sargeant, Mark Donerty, Jen¬ 
nifer Prosser, Lance Leonard. Row 
Three: Kris Jamtaas, John Kuntz, 
Bob Albert, Mike Madden, Megan 
Hodgson, Gail Bowman, Mr, Mike 
McMahon, advisor. 

“I have had the op¬ 
portunity to hear a va¬ 
riety of speakers from 
the real estate industry 
which has helped me 
visualize what a career 
in real estate has to of¬ 
fer. Being a member 
has also led to some 
new friendships and in¬ 
teresting experiences.” 

Row One: Marv Nelson, Beckie 
McCain, Peggy Daniell, Linda 
Miller, Joanne Olson, Bob Newell. 
Row Two: Ernie Coufal, Craig 
Lotze, Paul Alvcstad, Dave Hoefs, 
Barry McGee, Doug Bunn, Dan 
Shobc, George John. Not Pictured: 
Mark Ufkes, Steve Steczina, Stan 
Gurske, Greg Ryan, Moe Therrien, 
Paul Kitzke, Toni Snyder, Pat Col- 

Real Estate Association 

482 Organizations 

Associated General 


“The association 
has given me the op¬ 
portunity to meet 
and learn from 
people in the con¬ 
struction industry.” 

Row One: Jim Boulanger. Bob 
Cummings, Bill Greed, David 
Curtis, A. D. Foe. Row Two: 
Dave Hicks. Rav Hayleck, Brian 
Smalley Esq., Neil Opfer, Tom 
Postlewait, Rhoda Altom. Row 
Three: Bill Simpson, Harv Li Re¬ 
gard. Lee Kilcup, James 
Whitney. Vince Aleksey, Dave 
Max well. Jim Rodgers. Row 
Four: Dan Wolfe, Eric Tcssem, 
Jeff Fogarty. Gary Burger, Max 
Kirk, Bruce Zornow. 

Society of Professional Journalists 

“The society keeps 
me caught up with 
journalism ... it 
helps me to strive for 
quality in my work.” 

Row One: Steve Woodruff, 
Lynne Thomas, Julie Smitt, Ju¬ 
dith Frost, Marion Woyvodich, 
Colleen Sweeney, Dan Wheat. 
Row Two: Christian Holtz, Jack 
Arends, Paul Nickell, Jeff 
Wright, Mark Hendricks, Mike 
Stratton, Tom Ryll, Bill Gelo- 
neck, Tom Heutennan. 

Organizations 483 


“Panhellenic helps me 
know and understand other 
sororities. It has encouraged 
unity between us and bet¬ 
tered personal relations.” 

Row One: Second Vice-President Jan 
Swanson, Treasurer Shelley Lein, First 
Vice-President Diane Gourley, President 
Bev Hauptli, Secretary Dawn Pamel, 
Rush Chairman Lori Backstrom. Row 
Two: Susan Hagen, Nancy Moore, Cindy 
Craves, Becky McCain, Daniece Owsley. 
Row Three; Karen Brown, Suzanne Col- 
gan, Dianne Ramstead, Fran Bottiger, 
Adele Schierman, Sue Gardner, Mary 

Row One: Lisa Badgley, Barb Land- 
erholm, Connie Richardson, Lynn 
Mounsey. Row Two: Cheryl Gere, Holly 
Hiatt, Barb Larimer, Debbie Wooten, 
Cathv Wyatt. Row Three: Dianne Preston, 
Lanette Adams, Marta Emerson, Katie 

Junior Panhellenic 

484 Organizations 

Soc. of Interior Designers 

“Interior Design gives me 
a feeling of leadership. Our 
community activities rein¬ 
force our motto that ‘inte¬ 
rior designers do it better.’ ” 

Row One: Teresa Elton, Wendy Carpine, 
Corinne Salmela, Karen Earl, Vice-Presi¬ 
dent Melinda Seehrist, Anne Hackett. 
Row Two: Melanie Demerschman, Sandy 
Coe, Janice Ehle, Debbie Richmond, Ad¬ 
visor Roberta Kilty-Padgett, Secretary 
Connie Rocket, Becky Bauer. Row Three: 
Cindi Eucker, Sari Graven, Carol Figon, 
Mariann Berschauer, Treasurer, Debbie 
Kvllo, Jamie Reed, Anne Gill, President 
Eva Rosacker, Terri Knopp. 


Iota Mu 

“OIM was formed in 
memory of Oran J. 
Maurer who was an 
outstanding citizen in 
the community for 
many years and de¬ 
serves to be recognized. 
His wife, Lavina, has 
been running the room¬ 
ing house where we 
live for the last thirty 
years, and living here 
has been a rewarding 
experience for us.” 

Row One: Speaker of the House, 
Jan Koal, Keri Woodall, Vonda 
Mullennix, Chet Forward, Jay Be¬ 
cker. Row Two: Paul Lukosi, Bruce 
Erickson, Steve Garl, David York, 
Todd Hathaway, Alan Jennings, 
Craig Renschler. Row Three: Rob¬ 
ert Carpenter, Adam Cope, Gilbert 

Organizations 485 

Residence Hall Association 

Row One: Greg Gassett, Treasurer James C. Farley, Steve Sundquist, Vice-Presi¬ 
dent Mark Howe, Dale VanDerschelden. Row Two: Michelle Conlon, Jo Shields, 
Laurie Tanabe, Barbara Becker, Paul Gallagher, Secretary Lynne Estman, Jim 
Allen, Debbie Sammons. Row Three: George A. Bettas, Margie Lawson, Cindv 

Childs, Dale Goodwin, Justus Mylius, Lloyd Gibbons, Nancy Gienstead, Cathy 
Naliev, Mary Fiala, Margot Thorndike, Susan Bodine, Alison Becker. Row Four: 
Chris Childers, Jackie Perry, Brenda Powell, Cathie Leadbetter, Dave DeGrott, 
Roger Kilgren, Cheryl Ann Brittain, Kathy Evans, Dan Pierce. 

“In RHA I’ve 
been involved in 
residence hall de¬ 
cisions — such as 
drinking policies, 
vending machines, 
how to spend stu¬ 
dent money, and 
how to keep every¬ 
one informed.” 

486 Organizations 

Agronomy Club 

Row One: J. Maguire, H. Nelson, M. Wilson, Ann Beher, Mary Lee, R. Willers, J. 
Kiopf. Row Two: David Ronntry, Chuck Huston, Dale Johnson, David Kohes, 
Kirk Jessee, Boh Mahler, Dean Brown. Row Three: Mike Pettitt, Donald Drader, 

Don Killingsworth, Doug Seebeek, Brent Young, Tom Benzel, Roger Kilgren, 
Steve Witthuhn. 

“The club opened 
my eyes to what Agron¬ 
omy is all about. The 
interrelationships be¬ 
tween the students and 
faculty is excellent. Ev¬ 
eryone is called upon to 
do something and the 
experience in lead¬ 
ership is very benefi¬ 

Organizations 487 

Beta Alpha 

“Personally I’ve 
helped people 
with their income 
tax and learned 
more about my ac¬ 
counting major .. . 
speakers and pro¬ 
grams presented at 
our meetings 
showed me the op¬ 
tions open to me in 
the field.” 

Row One: Carol Card, Janis M. Clemmons, Patty Digby, Karen Hovis, Jeanne Moore, Marv Ann Embry, Jeff L. Smith, Marc Jung, 
Judy Emerson, David W. Miller, Paul Henderson, Treasurer Linda Quillin, Secretary Janice Dixon. Row’ Two: Joan Goggin, Nancy 
Johns, Beth Rogers, Diane Blomdahl, Gail Eagle, Linda Nicholson, Lei Lani Chase, Steve Watt, Roger McGraw, Bob McGuinnessJ 
Michael Moore, Vice-President Janis Pierce, President Jerry Willey, Faculty Advisor John Dethman. Row Three: Paul Slagle 
Mark Malbon, Fred Eberlcin, Dave Lippert, Steve Oakerland, Jon Stafford, Jeff Matson, Ed Killoren, Gary Oldright, Jay Matsen, 
Mike Husking, John Snyder, Paul Doty, Tcxld Belsvik. 

“Being in the club helps to stim¬ 
ulate my interest in the Ag Econ 
field. Also, we participate in many 
social activities.” 

Ag Econ Club 

Row' One: Advisor Dr. Wallace Rehberg, Jeff Fagg, Chris Curry, Don Kagele, Craig Ford, Bob Durch 
Row Two: Al Zimmer, Dan Bahr, Chris Brandon, Gene Warren, Bernt Lehn, Larrv Johnson, Jack Crowe. 
Row’Three: Bruce Lyle, Phil Bray, Don Pease, Claudia Sersland, Dan Newhaose, Randy Franz, Tom Pier¬ 
son, Eric Johnson, Mike Himmelgerger. Row’ Four: Leon Baker, Larry Welch, Dan Crabtree. 

488 Organizations 

Amer. Soc. of Civ. 

“ASCE gives me 
a chance to see 
firsthand what I’m 
studying in my 
classes. We go on 
tours, listen to 
speakers, and get 
actively involved.” 

Row One: Rodney Smith, Steve Gallo, Neil Opfer, Greg Heath, Ann White, Dale Rogers, George Goff, Alan Babb, Bob Dyer. Row 
Two: Rick Jones, Jim Orendorff, Fred Eastman, Bruce Erikson, Bob Dahmen, Alan Tebaldi, Cathv Nallev, Steve Bichich, Jan Grie- 
I >en, Jim Hamre, Steve Fischer, Keith Parker, Glenn Nakasaki. Row Three: Mark Linden, Jeff Brown, Don Whitehouse, Greg Bri- 
Uendine, Don Ballard, Rich Riedesel, Bill O’Brien, Patrick Roe, John McIntyre, Don Schramm. 

Ag Ed Club 

“Agricultural Education has 
given us the chance to work with 
high school students and show them 
the world of agriculture.” 

Row One: Rovce Beardsley, Cannon J. Spaeth, Chuck Hein, Randy Wiggins, Howard Maier, Stan Smith, 
Robert Brown, Randy Williams, Dan Bushnell, Jerry Simon, Bruce Matsumura. Row Two: Kevin G. Plam- 
beek, William C. Goetz, Bruce Heimbigncr, Randy Leimveber, Rod J. Luke, David Johnson, Becky Gross, 
Penny Gross, Prudence Miles, Ed Lillquist, Les Collins, Guy Madison, Steve Longmeier. Row Three: Dick 
Jacobson, Dan Coyne, Skv Shelton, Tom Furscth, Steve Cotterill, David Smith, Paul Zeinler, Tom Reich, 
Fred Leach. Doug Hillier, Lon Morgan, Rick Reding, Dr. George A. Robinson, Joseph G. Cuancara. Row 
Four: Ted Boyer, Richard McBride, Teena Steinbach, Kevin Laughlin, Stu Padelford, Donald Jam, Heather 
Duncan, Betty Lundgren, Dan Murray, Kevin Paulson, Rov Dube, Jack Zimmer, Gerrv Ringwood. 

Organizations 489 


“YMCA provides the type 
of atmosphere that helps 
students get involved in the 
community and both the 
student and the person he 
works with benefits.” 

Row One: Rich Vineyard, Patrick Clark, Bruce Bates. Row Two: Terri Anderson, Mike Ellis, Cindy Blue. 

490 Organizations 

Lerican Marketing 


How One: Cal Duncan, advisor; Dave Baker, Dennis, unknown, unknown, Ted Billin'. Row Two: Janet Faunee, Marv McCov, 
K’ancv McWilliams, Kelly McLean. Sharon Kramer, Marci Howard, Mary Malphrus, Nancy Fish, unknown, Lori Potts. Row Three: 
■Gordon Lang, Mike Worthy, Carolyn. Russ Ilibben, Brian Knowlton, Dave Martel, Boh Guild, Tim Sehor, Paul Kitzke, Jim Liddell, 
Cars Willenhorg, Jim Prokop. Jim Rupp. 

“The Marketing 
Club has expanded 
my interest in 
business by help¬ 
ing me to meet 
successful busi¬ 
nessmen, my 
teachers, and stu¬ 
dents in the same 
major. The speak¬ 
ers, meetings, and 
activities have 
helped me to fur¬ 
ther my interest in 



“The WSU Bicycle Club 
has had weekly rides touring 
the Palouse highpoints. 
Variation of pace in the va¬ 
riety of rides gives all indi¬ 
viduals a consideration in 
purpose. The friendly and 
foul wind and temperature 
challenges any outdoor, en¬ 
thusiastic cyclist to pedal for 

Row One: John Cripe, Flint Thorton, 
Dave DeGroot, Martha Jack, Rich aid 
Gnchm. Row Two: unknown, Dave 
McFadden, Ken Rekila. Pamela Hawkins, 
Ken Rohe, Doug Price, Roger Brown. 

Organizations 491 


Operating under an “open-door” policy, ASWSU Pres¬ 
ident Roland Lewis and Vice-President Bart Block sought 
to increase student involvement within the university as 
on the state level. Preparatory planning began in August 
with a mass distribution of informational flyers to all 
committees and living groups on campus. This move eli¬ 
cited direct student response toward the planned pro¬ 
grams and activities. According to Block this was “a 
mechanism to find out student input, in the summer, be¬ 
fore we put the plans into action.” 

Expansion of the executive council to include the posi¬ 
tions of Commissioner of Student State Affairs, Student 
Envoy and Students for a Better Education stimulated 
awareness of pertinent legislative issues concerning tui¬ 
tion, accreditation and collective bargaining. 

Further administrative accomplishments included a 
visit from State Senator Warren Magnuson and Repre¬ 
sentative Tom Foley followed by a rock group rally evok¬ 
ing tremendous student participation. Lewis was ap¬ 
pointed a position on the Citizens’ Task Force in tuition 
by Chairperson Peggy Maxey. 

Research on a national scale involved faculty eval¬ 
uations resulting in an “instructional development effec¬ 
tive assessment plan.” 

Total efforts “opened doors” for students with Pullman 
merchants, state government, the ASWSU legislature as 
well as nationally. 

ASWSU Officers: Scott Butler, Joe Lessard, Paul Gallagher, Cathy Nuzum. 
Patricia Bauer, Mike Bernard. 

ASWSU Assembly: Row One: Mikal Thomsen, Brad White, Dan Tritle, Theresa Doughtery, Joe Pavia. Row Two: Greg King, Diane Mad- 
son, Mark Ufkes, Steve Way, Greg Cleven, Kerry Yanasak. Row Three: Roland Lewis, Steve Sheehy, Andie Glebe, June Wright, Dave 
DeGroot, Bart Block. 

492 ASWSU 

ASWSU 493 

Homecoming Committee 

Homecoming Committee. Row One: Megan Hodgson, Marta Tyler, Andrea Tudor, Nancy Kereheval, Kris Thompson, Terry Schmidt, Wendy Lech 
ner, Neal Forde, Clive Freidenrich, Chairman. Row Two: Laurie Shelton, Jenise Wolff, Gary Gosanko, Chris Molitor, Dean Cunningham, Gail KingJ 
Scott Forsyth, Jenny Brown, John Hayward, Denece Boyer, Dave Hatheway, Janice Lenhardt. Row Three: Dan Howell, Jim Rodgers, Scott SeeorJ 
Paul Gifford, Bill Davis, Advisor; Diane Orrico, Sari Whitaker, Paul Peterson, Terry Bleck, Melanie Jo Sexton, Barb Satterlee, Craig Callen. 


Weekend Co] 



Dad's Weekend Committee. Row One: Cindy Adams, Debbie Jermstad, Pam Whitworth, Bill Davis, Advisor; Sandi Jennings, Debbie Danekas, Chair¬ 
man; Janet Anderson, Deb Lovely, Megan Hodgson, Carroll Hayden, Advisor. Row Two: Ray Powell, Gina Orlando, Denise Stranahan, Mary Sum¬ 
mers, Dianne Thorp, Joyce Capri, Maureen Cavanaugh, Denece Boyer, Jack Howard, Cheryl Johnson. 

494 ASWSU 

Lecture Notes Committee 

Lecture Notes Committee. Row One: Leslie Amaki, Terrea Weishaar, Candy DeWeert, Ted Rudd, Sharon Kimble, manager; Nancv Murbach. Row 
Tw'o: Ann Shanahan, Jamie Peha, Patty Casebolt, Rita Mustoe. 

Lecture Artist Committee 

Lecture Artist Committee. Row' One: Ann Hunting, Rob Corcoran, Scott Forsythe, Rich Cowan, Pete Bennett, Jill Abraham, Nancy Johns. Row' Two: 
Humphrey Leynse, Erik Isakson, Sheila Halldorson, Terry Leahy, Dan Coleman, Gregg Eilers, Greg Finch, Rollin Wimpy, Marc Hutchinson, Todd 
Nelson, Dan Gaspar, Anne Perrine. 

ASWSU 495 



ler Protection Committee 

Row One: Dianne MadLson, Paula Reisenauer, Steve Aycock, Dave Shank. Row Two: Brad Rossman, Diane Lindeman, Ernest Cou- 
fal, Tedd Hendershot, Janet Lapeyrouse, Connie Crawley. Row Three: Carla Nystrorn, Jannie Adams, Sue Lomax, Chuck Rogers. 

Coffee House Committee 

Jim Ewing, Lynn Mounsey, John Meglen, Carroll Hayden, advisor; Kevin Hines. 

496 ASWSU 

lection Board Committee 

Row One: Ross Thompson. Row Two: Babowicz, Karen Larsen, David 
Mussio. Row Three: Mahala Murphy, Carol Welsh, Debbie Miller, 
^Cheryl Brittain. Row Four: Bill Davis, advisor; Chris Pursley. 

Volunteer Agency 

Connie Montgomery, Reggie Smith, Tessa Kendall. 

CUB Arts Coi 



Herb Satterlee, Kaycee Glavey, Laurie McGuire, Sarkis Zeitjian, Wendy Lechner, Bill Davis, advi¬ 

ASWSU 497 

Mini Concerts Co 



How One: Greg Turner, Larry Minor, John Neglen, Boh Wolfe. Row Two: Terr)' Schmidt, Danience Owsley, Nancy 
Cellos, Casey Warner. Row Three: Paul Wiggum, Gary Curtis. 

Relations Committee 

Row One: Frey Abib, Rick Hodgson, Jim Ewing, Chirauat Chang. Row Two: Hilary Smith, Robin Foster, chairperson; 
Ann Huntting, Fon-San Down. Row Three: Susan Wohld, Shirley Porter, Gerald Lee, Abel Mendoza. 

498 ASWSU 

Performing Arts Committee 

Row One: Libby Ketcham, Garry Lange, Kerry Yanasak, Debby Lovely, Charles Long. Row Two: Sandy Swanson, 
Kim Smith, Jeff Busch, Jeff Spitzer, Chairman, Cyril Matthews, Ernie Oliver, Phillip Wade. 

Political Union 

Row One: John Kliem. Row Two: Gregg Johnsen, Suzanne Langille, Anne Vandeman, Jim Schwantez, Hector Salazar. 
Row Three: Norm Ott, Ron Starr, Bill Becker, Alan Jones, Milton Lathan, chairperson; Pam Repp, Mike Cole, Wendv 
Lechner, Jennifer Oliver, Andrea Horne. 

ASWSU 499 

Mesa Directiva 

David Ernesto Camacho, Celestino Villanueva, Jr., Melody Portugal, Juan Patricio Cerna. 




Row One: Ellen Seidel, Don Moore, Gudrun Brangwen, Marie Thompson, Diane Bosfwick. Row' Two: Dan K. Vance, Martin Scorsese, 
Brian De Palma, George Roy Hill. 

500 ASWSU 


Row One: Bennard Dallas, Tonv Azure. Row Two: Yvette K. Joseph, Barbara Greene. 

Row One: Jody Underwood, Debbie Crafts. Row Two: Fred Cox, Edna 
Griesse, Craig Daniels. 

Special Events Co 



Row One: Clive Freidenrich, Megan Hodgson, Sue Clark, Gary O’Malley, Scott 
Boyer, Paul Slagle, Cyril Matthews, Scott Marshall, Laurie Grimm, Elaine Goeck- 
ler. Sue Svacek, Brian Beaulaurier, chairman. Row Two: Carroll Hayden, advisor; 

Denise Stranahan, Steve Bunn, Scott Hanson, Cindv Okamoto, Joan Lee. Row 
Three: Paul Peterson, Neal Forde, Jon Zier, John E. Baumgartel, Dennis Larson, 
Karen Floch, Sue Rauch, Leanne Cook, Laurie Shelton. 

ASWSU 501 

Environmental Task Force 

How One: Ellen Schulke, David As¬ 
tro, Larrv Hall. Row Two: Jack 
Simonson, Anne Marie, William Al¬ 
exander Gray, Lucy Murr. 



How One: Dave Robertson, Mark Kantonen, Gina Hag¬ 
gerty, Mark Shaber, Mike Delaney. Row' Tw r o: Mike An¬ 
derson, Chuck Price, Brett Estey, Scott Butler, Ed Beck, 
John Somerville. 



Thurman Nash, Jamala Thompkins, Michael Taylor, Rodney 
McAuley. Not pictured: Lisa Motin, Bob Lindsay. 

502 Organizations 

International Relations Committee 

Offers WSU a Week of 

Organizations 503 

Air Force ROTC 

This year’s Air Force 
ROTC boasts a larger, 
stronger and more dynamic 
program. For the first time 
in WSU history, the pro¬ 
gram includes 35 cadets 
from the University of 
Idaho. In addition, AF- 
ROTC has more women ca¬ 
dets than ever before. 

Women find the AF- 
ROTC program more at¬ 
tractive due to increased op¬ 
portunities in non-flight, 
technical and non-technical 
support areas, as well as pi¬ 
lot training. 

There has been a positive 
image change for Air Force 
ROTC on the WSU campus. 
It is partially attributed to a 
better overall quality of stu¬ 
dents entering the program, 
both academically and par- 
ticipatively. AFROTC is 
changing with its members. 

Cadre Staff 

Cadre Staff. Row One: Maj Charles Mordan, Col Robert Rehwaldt, Lt Col Anthony Ditnnam, Captain Carl Lawson. 
Row Two: Captain Theodore Nitz, S Sgt Ira Clanc, Ms Lynn Waters, S Sgt Barnett Pearl man, T Sgt Jerry Toon. 



AFROTC Seniors. Row One: Brad John¬ 
son, Cliff Reinke, Jeff Hagen, Chris Catlin, 
Bill Ament. Row' Two: Roger Gray, Rick 
Peterson, Bob Jackson, Alta Haight, Gary 
Ferguson. Row' Three: Steve Beck, Donald 
Bowman, Chris Lopes, Dave Keenan, 
Steve Moss, Brad Childress. 

504 Military 

Larger, Stronger 

and More Dyna: 

Fall Staff. Row One: Brad Johnson, Rick 
Peterson, Gars' Devin, Jeff Hagen, Gary 
Ferguson. Row Two: Marcia Taylor, Roy 
Miller, Boh Jackson, Alta Haight. Row 
Three: Shelley Timbers, Roger Gray, Cliff 
Reinke, Dave Keenan, Bill Anient, Dan 
Bigelow. Row Four: Steve Beck, Keith 
Bowman, Chuck Vickrey, Steve Moss, 
Chuck Teagarden. 



Spring Staff. Row One: Alta Haight, Cathy 
Clannch, Jeff Hagen, Brad Johnson, Tom 
McCaullev, David Keenan. Row Two: 
Grant Milam, Kevin Engle, Charlie Rohr, 
Marcia Taylor, Linda Martin, Debbie 
Brennan, Bill Stevens, David Walker. Row 
Three: Bill Erickson, Charles Teagarden. 
Charles Vickery, Dan Bigelow , Karl Erick¬ 
son, Steven Moss, Tom Melancon. 

Military 505 

Arnold Air Society 

Arnold Air Society. Row One: Grant Milam, Cathv Claunch, Jeff Hagen, Tom Melancon, Mark Hebein, David Keenan. Row Two: 
Kevin Engle, Debbie Brennan, Mark Weber, Linda Martin, David Walker, Brad Johnson. Row Three: Charles Teagarden, Chuck Vick¬ 
rey, Bruce Rowlands, Eric De Domenico. 

Arnold Air Society is the Air Force ROTC 
Honorary. The 40 cadet members exist to serve 
the campus, community and the Cadet Corp. 
Members are selected on the basis of academic 
standing and performance in AFROTC. 

They learn about the Air Force and its 
people through frequent interaction with other 
Air Society Chapters in the Pacific Northwest 
Area. One of their projects this year is co-hos¬ 
ting, with Montana State, the Annual Arnold 
Air Society Convention in November. 

Angel Flight 

Angel Flight is an auxiliary of Arnold Air So¬ 
ciety. It serves the same purposes and has sim¬ 
ilar membership requirements. Angel Flight of¬ 
fers men and women a chance to learn about 
the Air Force without the commitments of the 
cadet. WSU’s Angel Flight organization re¬ 
cently became the Pacific Northwest Area 

Angel Flight. Row One: Sue Hollingsworth, Amy Cucker, Cindy Kellett. Row Two: Cap¬ 
tain Carl Lawson, Patti Coppo, Janet Edmunds, Shelley Timbers. 

506 Military 

*.rmy ROTC 




Army ROTC Staff. Row One: 
Nonna Hatley, LTC William Over- 
holser, Maj Edward Lindahl, Lois 
Gardner. Row Two: SGM Z.S. 
Seals, CPT David Niendorf, CPT 
Donald Hoisington, CPT Larrv 



Student Staff. Row One: C/Maj 
Bill Dewitt, C/LTC Mike Math¬ 
ews, C/Maj Mark Schons. Row 
Two: C/Maj Jeff Poole, C/CPT Jeff 
Christiansen, C'/Maj Andrew Nie- 
mer. C/CPT Tom Spencer, C/CPT 
Paul Lesko. 

Military 507 

Army ROTC Seniors 

Army ROTC Seniors. Row One: Tom Renshaw, Mitzi Bottorff, Bill 
Dewitt. Row Two: Steven Haslet, Mark Schons, Robert Hanson, Mi¬ 
chael Mathews. Row Three: Thomas Spencer, Arthuro Bori, Charles R. 
Sandige III, Jeffrey Poole. Row Four: Jeffery Christiansen, Michael Kil¬ 

gore, Andrew Niemer, Wayne Bills, Hal Bodman. Not Pictured: Jerry 
Bush, Russell Fate, William Hedrick, Richard Hutson, Michael Mad¬ 
den, James Maw, David Saffold, Cheryl Schultz. 

508 Military 


Top Left: Dennis Skok, Bob Hanson, Bob Lentz, Tom 
Renshaw, Jim Kelley, and Mike Mathews begin to pre¬ 
pare for the annual Army-Air Force football game. 
The Army winning streak was obviously in no danger. 
Middle Left: Softball, tug-of-war, volleyball and “wa¬ 
ter games” highlighted the Spring Picnic on the banks 
o£ the Palouse River in Laird Park. Left: A casual 
comment by Lieutenant Colonel Overholser raises a 
good laugh during the Fall Awards Party. Top: Cap¬ 
tain Hoisington observes the progress of Mike Case, 
Steve Oderman, and Roger Schatzel through an Ori¬ 
enteering Course, which is a new Olympic event that 
combines map reading and outdoor skills with a cross 
country race. Above: Jeff Poole and Jeff Christiansen 
ham it up for a demonstration during the first Fall Se¬ 
mester Leadership Event. 

Military 509 

Cougar Rangers 

Row One: Carey Allen, Larry Hall, Bob Hanson, Tina Hoi worth, Jeff Poole, Jim Beeman, Andy Stay, Don Emerson. Row Two: Randy Carey 
Guv Smith, Doug Bonebrake, Bob Lentz, Bob Lee, Mike Schnabel. Row Three: Mark Cummings, Floyd Duggar, Jim Maw, Tim Timmons 
Dave Rozell, Bruce Baardson. 

Above: Rangers Jeff Poole and Bob Lentz check the map to make 
their next move. Right: Cadet Rangers Ron Marsh and Bob Lee learn 
patrolling techniques in the Moscow Mountain Training Area. 

510 Military 

ROTC Rifle Club 

Row One: Kerry Allen, Donie King, Denice Moffat, Rita Erdnian. Row Two: Bruce Baardson, Rick Peterson, Roger Schatzel, Mike Case, Stan 
Wilkinson, advisor. 

The members of the Rifle Club exhibit the tools 
of their sport and demonstrate their uses. 

Military 511 

Hs e K. 'll Stereo 


I tWi 

k kJV o- & M 

Il' r 

IB /* 

KUGR General Staff. Row One: Jeff Roll, Bev Hauptli, Janet Ereth, Mike Hath¬ 
away. Frank Shiers, Val Limburg, Jerry Holman, Ingrid Millen. Row Two: Jan 
Zimmer, A1 Keck, Doug Behrens, Dan Tritle, Sue Blanchard, Steve Wilson, Tracy 
Barn', Charlie B., Kit Andrews, Steve Quant, Viv Huekstep, Dave “Stump” Drag- 
avon, Lori Pixley, Kim Jensen, Sarah Schilling, Marty Lanser. Row Three: Chris 

Whittaker, Mel Odom, Tod Pickett, Skip Templeton, Steve Tytler, Dave Henrie, 
Julie Hofstedt, Craig Aust, Doug Klave, Ron Rohe, Chris Bendickson, Ron Knight, 
Larry Altose, Scott Morrison. Not Pictured: Paul Stencil, Jeff Rea, Mark Hen¬ 
dricks, Steve Bratton, Greg Harris, Mike Barer, John James, Shannon Madison, 
Marv Newby, Rich Howard, Steve Johnson. 

KUGR Directors. Row One: Frank Shiers, general manager; Doug Behrens, traffic manager; Larry Altose, local affairs director; Jim Zim¬ 
mer, production director; Val Limburg, faculty advisor; Mike Hathaway, public service chief; Charlie Birdsell, program director; Steve 
Tytler, sales director; Julie Hofstedt, promotion assistant; Dave Dragavon, music librarian; Jeff Roll, news director. Not Pictured: Dan 
Wright, Steve Quant, Dan Tritle, Mike Burns, Ed Lamoureux. 

Usually, KUGR management takes this space to ex- 
pouse the virtues of its unique format, especially de¬ 
signed to serve the needs of our student body. It’s refresh¬ 
ing to note that this year nothing has changed . .. except 
the fonnat, which management will tell you is perfect. 

Aside from what it thinks, these spacious studios have 
been the scene of many accomplishments. In 1974, they 
were a physics lab. Dr. Yodsk Babaluchi developed a 
clear glue which changed the way America steams its 
rece. We, on the other hand, have brought the Cougars- 
Sportsbeat, The Sound Hour album preview, Sunday 
night jazz, and the most complete, comprehensive local 
news coverage on KUGR. Perhaps it appears that we at 
KUGR have taken this year lightly. We have. But it’s 
been fun for us. And we hope the same’s true for you. 

Communications 513 


This past year has seen more student in¬ 
volvement with KWSU-TV, and a major change 
in the retiring of General Manager of Radio Tele¬ 
vision Services Gordon Tuell. Tuell has been at 
the helm encouraging the growth of both radio 
and television for the past seven years. 

KWSU-TV employs communications students 
on television crew as you see pictured here. Liter¬ 
ally - without student help, KWSU-TV would be 
unable to engage in such an active production 
schedule • 

In addition to local programming, KWSU-TV is 
an affiliate of the Public Broadcasting Service 
(P.B.S.), through which we obtain most of our na¬ 
tional programming, KWSU-TV had two docu¬ 
mentaries accepted for national distribution by 
P.B.S. this year. “The American Indian: A Quiet 
Revolution” aired in the fall of 1976 and dealt 
with the new, involved image Indians are culti¬ 
vating of themselves. “A Community Called 
Earth” aired early in 1977, and dealt with the 
shrinking size of our habitat in terms of the in¬ 
creasing need for interdependence among nations. 
It was hosted by Hugh Downs, who came to Pull¬ 
man to video tape his segments. 

Hugh Downs and KWSU supervisor Michael Cotsones pre¬ 
pare to tape “A Community Called Earth.” 

Row One: Brian Huotari, Geoffry Chew, Tom Dickinson, Steve Wilson. Row Two: 
Walt Fox, Marilyn Schram, Rich Cowan. 

Tarwater performs for “The Second Ending” show. 

514 Communications 

KWSU AM 1250 

M L il 



J #i j 

Aft jp 

■ * 


Row One: Wayne Ray Bills, Chris Whittaker, Mark Rossman. Row Two: Jay Neal Zarowitz, Chuck Hinde, 
Michelle Colyar, Robert Cooper, Bill Boaz. Row Three: Brian Huotari, William Irvine, Steven C. Levold, 
Viv Huckstep, Rick Sherman, Bryan Lowe. 

This was a year of change for 
KWSU radio. Long-time station 
manager Burt Harrison retired after 
25 years at WSU ... the station’s 
new manager, Robert Eastman, ar¬ 
rived in November . .. and KWSU 
changed to a new morning format 
of all news and features called 

Broadcast communications stu¬ 
dents have played a major role in 
the operation of the station since it 
was established in 1922. This past 
year students were employed as an¬ 
nouncers and board operators, 
members of the news and sports 
staff, and as continuity, production 
and promotion assistants. 

KWSU is a charter member of 
the National Public Radio network. 

Daybreak Staff. Larry Altose, William Irvine, Cheryl Nielson, Wayne Ray Bills, Steve C. Levold. 

Board operator and announcer Viv Huck¬ 
step prepares a tape for a show. 

Communications 515 

Student Publications Board 

Row One: Leah Thompson, Debbie Duchow, Nancy Johns, Barb Christensen. Row Two: Kevin Paulson, Ray Druian, Paul Nickell, Klaus 
Seherler, Charlie Rohr, Jeff Wright, Tom Heuterman, Ted Pursley, Wes Calvert. 



Row One: Karen Doan, Kay Hud¬ 
son, Diane North nip. Row Two: Jo 
Mark, John Stalter. 

516 Communications 

“You Guys, The Chinook 

Deadline was Today.” 

Leah Thompson 

Klaus Scherler, Asst. General Manager 
Wesley Calvert, General Manager of SP 

Chinook 517 



Top Left: Sandy Williams, division editor; Kent Molgard, division editor; 
Top Right: Row One: Clarence Chow, art editor. Row Two: Bob Ken¬ 
worthy, layout editor; Mark Kullberg, layout editor. Right: Debbie Martin, 
copy editor; Cindy Evans, division editor. Above: Dayna Edwards, photo 
editor; Valerie Nelson, copy editor. 

518 Chinook 

“Gee ... I Guess I’d Better Schedule 



‘Til Mark Them ‘Rush Order!’ 

Top Left: Lori Pixley, sports editor; Nicholis Skillman, division 
editor. Above: Vickie O’Connell, photo editor; Kama Boileau, 
general photo editor. 

Volunteer Staff. Row One: Lisa Hahn, Debbie Willard, Robin Lamberto, Patricia Carius, Jenni¬ 
fer Chase, Robert S.P. Reed, John Cushen, Row Two: Cindy Mosher, Kerry Retzel, Deke Gas- 
sett, Patricia Coppo, John Yale, Christy Di Julio, Melinda Richardson. 

Chinook 519 

Fall Evergreen 

Students returned to Pullman in September to find an Ever¬ 
green with a mastbox filled with inexperienced copyreaders, 
writers and editors. But by semester’s end, with 62 issues behind 
them, the journalistic rookies combined to produce some con¬ 
spicuously high-quality papers. 

Innovations in layout highlighted the paper and helped dilute 
the spelling and style errors which plagued the staff throughout 
the semester. With the help of a phyched ad staff, the Evergreen 
boasted a new look, utilizing the “block” layout format for dum¬ 

Only one Evergreen staff in every eight has the opportunity to 
cover a national presidential race and the Fall staff relinquished 
much of its news and editorial pages to the Carter-Ford contest 
as well as to the Ray-Spellman battle and the state initiative is¬ 

“Advance planning” became the newsroom watchword and it 
resulted in special sections on photography. Cougar basketball 
and the elections. We strived to make the next issue a little less 
predictable and often succeeded. 

Jeff Wright, Editor 

Row One: Arends, Lenel Williams, John Leggett, Al Wasser. Row Two: Steve Ah- 
lin, Jeff Burnside, Mark McGoun, Jim Carberry, Mark Hendricks, Mike Stratton. 
Row Three: Leslie Seaton, Mary Lynn Zimmerman, Lynn Thomas, Kris Ann An¬ 

derson, Steve Woodruff, Karen Raines, Dan Wheat, Linda Ellingsen. Row Four: 
Dan Mills, Larry Ganders, Jeff Wright, Constance Lewis, Paul Nickell, Klaus 

520 Communications 

Fall Ad Staff 

Above: Rick “Ricketts” Duval and “Brother” Bill Bratton, Reviewers. Be¬ 
low: Mark Hendricks, Asst. News Editor 

Row One: Michele Meston, Karen Hegtvedt, Jean Shipley, Joan Consani. Row Two: 
Rick Riegle, Steve Lutz, Robin Goodrich, Bill Brager. Row Three: Scott Hamilton, R. 
Blue Rediske. 

Above: Steve Lutz, Scott Hamilton, sales¬ 
people. Left: Karen Hegtvedt; assistant to 
business manager, Robin Goodrich; assistant 
business manager, Blue Rediske; business 

Communications 521 

Spring Evergreen 

Regularly buffeted by complaints from organiza¬ 
tions’ chairmen, house presidents, ASWSU heavy¬ 
weights, communications professors, French Ad bu¬ 
reaucrats and forgotten readers, Evergreen editors 
could not but be amazed that the 43 persons who 
called themselves the editorial staff of the Daily Ever¬ 
green did not throw up their arms in a collective dis- 

Instead, the staff—a quarter of them volunteers—as¬ 
sembled for six hours each day, Monday through 
Thursday, in a room tucked away in one of WSU’s less 
distinctive basements. Erupting from the deceptively 
disorganized efforts of this staff came the 63 issues of 
the spring Daily Evergreen. 

During the semester, the Evergreen staff managed 
to assemble for its community some intelligible, and 
occasionally intelligent articles on the ASWSU elec¬ 
tion, and primary. Mom’s Weekend, the legislature, 
proposed tuition hikes, collective bargaining legisla¬ 
tion, local effects of the regional drought, and the 
dreams of the Cougar basketball squad. 

Paul Nickell, Editor 

Row One: Mike Winegardner, Kim Miller, Debbie Holtman, Elaine Goeckler, 
Brent Siewert, Lenel Williams, Julie Smitt, Monte Kieling. Row Two: Brad 
Stracener, John Leggett, Mike Burns, Jim Angell, John Leenders, Mike Stratton, 
Dan Mills, Scott Waller, Marie Hull, Lynne Thomas, Tom Wilson, Vicki Ashby, 
Jeff Wright, Gary Akizuki, Steve Woodruff, Rick Duval. Standing: Paul Nickell, 

Jack Arends, Christian Holtz. Not Pictured: Robb Detamore, Sue Coffin, John 
Bright, Roy Tabora, Kris McRae, Jeff Burnside, Maureen Ahern, Dell Burner, 
Jenifer Johnson, Shirley Kwan, Tami Pugh, Megan Skinner, Jan Wilson, Marion 
Woyvodich, Bob Sievers, Frank Shiers. 

522 Communications 

Spring Ad Staff 

Row One: Asst. Business Manager Robin Goodrich, Asst, to the Business Manager Karen Hegtvedt, Michele Meston, Business 
Manager R. Blue Rediske. Row Two: Bill Brager, P. “Fred” Fredrickson, Joan Consani, Scott Hamilton, Bob Collins. 

Communications 523 


Subject Index 


Acacia Little Sisters.416 

Ag Econ Club.488 

Ag Ed Club....489 

Agronomy Club.487 

Air Force ROTC.504 

Alpha Chi Omega.336 

Alpha Delta Pi.338 

Alpha Delta Pi Big Brothers.420 

Alpha Epsilon Rho.452 

Alpha Camma Delta.340 

Alpha Gamma Rho.366 

Alpha Gamma Rho-mates.428 

Alpha Kappa Alpha. 408 

Alpha Kappa Lambda..368 

Alpha Kappa Lambda Little 


Alpha Lambda Delta.453 

Alpha Omega Pi.342 

Alpha Phi.344 

Alpha Phi Sigma.453 

Alpha Tau Alpha.452 

Alpha Tan Oinega.370 

Alpha Tau Omega Little Sisters.430 

Alpha Zeta.454 

American Marketing Association.491 

American Society of Civil 

Engineers. 489 

Am. Soc. of Interior 


Arnold Air Society.506 


Associated General Contractors.483 

Associated Women Students.471 

Astronomy and Physics Club.477 



Beta Alpha Psi.488 

Beta Theta Pi.372 

Bicycle Club...491 

Black Awareness.502 

Block and Bridle Club.476 

Blue Max Speed Shop.227 

Boeing Angel Flight.506 


Campus Commons...244 

Chi Omega.346 

Chief Joseph Village.247 

Chinook Staff.517 

Chinook Village.246 

Coffee House Committee... 

Composition Room..516 

Consumer Protection Committee.496 

Cougar Drill Team.215 

Crafts Committee.501 

Crimson Rally Squad.214 

CUB Arts Committee.497 

Dads Weekeud Committee.494 


deHaetten House.228 

Kappa Kappa Camma.358 

Kappa Psi.456 

Kappa Sigman.382 

Kappa Sigma Little Sisters.417 



KWSU. Radio.515 


Lambda Chi Alpha.384 

Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl.435 

Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sisters.425 

Landscape Architecture.479 

Lecture Artist Committee.495 

Lecture Notes Committee.495 

L.H.H. Admiration Society.228 

Magicc House. 



WSU Dairy Club.473 

Yell Squad.216 


Young Life.475 


Ackley, William B. 470 

Married Students. 



MESA Directive.500 

Military Science.507 

Mini Concerts Committee.498 

Mortar Board. 456 


Newman Association.464 

Nez Perce.245 

Nonnag IV. 

Observatory Court.243 

Office Ad Activity Committee. 

Old Fifth Athletic Club.231 

Ornicron Iota Mu.485 

Omicron Nu.463 

Orton, Group Pictures.283 

Orton, Individuals.239 


Outstanding Seniors.443 

Palouse Country Club.466 


Performing Arts Committee.499 


Phi Delta Theta.386 

Phi Epsilon Kappa.458 

Phi Eta Sigina.454 

Phi Gamma Delta.388 

Phi Kappa Phi.462 

Phi Kappa Tau.390 

Phi Kappa Theta.409 

Phi Kappa Theta Little Sisters.421 

Phi Sigma Kappa.392 

Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sisters.418 

Phi Tau Pledge Princess.439 

Pi Beta Phi.360 

Pi Kappa Alpha.394 

Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl.437 

Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters.419 

Pi Lambda Theta.463 

Pi Tau Iota.455 

Political Union.499 

PNPMA. 464 


Real Estate Association...482 


Albright, Diane R. 

168 199 467 


Alexander, J.E. 



Andersen, Dale C. 



.Ashland, Walter I. 



Askham, Leonard R. 




Bakamis, WiUiam A. 



Baldwin Jr., Virgil C. 


Bauer, Shannon. 



Beasley. Wallis. 



Beckett, Paul L. 



Bender, Donald L. 



Berry, Stanlev. 



Bettas Ceorge A. 

.Ill 486 


Bhatia, Vishnu. 



Bienz, Darrel. 



Bierbanm, William R. 



Bishop, Warren A. 



Bowcrman, Charles. 



Brain, George B. 


Bray, John E.476 

Brayton, F. Chalres.210,211 

Brckke, Clark J.480 

Brink, Joseph A. 133 

Bryan, Gary M.472 

Bustad, Leo K.160 

Butts, WilliamS.Ill 

Calvert, Wesley D.516,517 

Campo, David C.167,184 

Carey, Matthew G.110 

Carloye, Jack C.145 

Carlson, Sherrill S. 462 

Cass, William A...111 

Chaplin, John P.206 

Church, Michael A.184 

Clauc, S. Sgt. Ira.504 

Clark, Eugene.121 

Clevenger, John C.110 

Coates, Ross....-.145 

Coffman, Nonnan R.105 

Cooley, Jack E..107 

Coon rad, Daniel.476 

Cords. William L.167,184 

Cotsones, M.J. 514 

Courser, Joyce M. 167 

Crain Jr., Richard W.133 

James, Roger D.167,194 

Jankovich, Sam.108,167.206 

Jenness, Benning F.105 

Johnson, Cene.196 

Kalin, Elwood W.470 

Kilty-Padgett, Roberta L.485 

King, James R.146 

Kirby. Roderick C.167,184 

Kjoss-Hansen, Bente.168,193,203 

Klopfer, F. Dudley...109 

Klopfer, Jean M.462 

Koesel, Aina M.167 

Kosin, Igor L. 462 

Kowalik, Janusz S.109 

Kunkel, Robert R.462 

Larse, Gayle.167 

Larsen, Fenton E.462,470 

Lawson, Carl, Captain.504,506 

Leahy, Robert V.167,184 

Lilly, C.L.. 167 

Limburg. Val E.452,512,513 

Lincoln, Keith P.200 

Lindahl, Major Edward.507 

Litzsinger, H. Stuart.104 

Loescher, Wayne H.470 

Lohmeyer, Steve.167 

Long, Calvin T..146 

Lufi, Dubi.196 

Maguire. James D. 487 

Markin Jr., Rom J.375 

Marsaglia, Ceorge.146 

Masson, D. Bruce. 133 

Mays, Tom.184,185 

McCartan, Arthur E..111 

McCorkie, Cork.168 

McMahon, Miehacl W.482 

MeNew, Louis D.106,454 

Melhart, Richard R.167,184 

Mcnke, Ben A.145 

Miller, Sidney W...111 

Mordan, Charles (Major).504 

Muir, Earl L.104 

Murphy, Ronald R.481 

Muse, Raymond.145 

Nakata, Herbert M.146 

Niendorf, David, Cpt.507 

Nitz, Theodore (Captain).504 

Nordquist, David J.105 

Novinc, Judith, K. 168 

Nugent, B.A.145 

Ojerio, Alexander D.479 

Oman, Glenn E.167 

Orsbom, John F.133 

Overholser, Lt. Col. William R.107, 


Pare, Eugene G.472 

Tenney, Sally G. ,[ 

Terrell, Glenn...jH 

Tippett, Howard D.167ft 

Toon, T. Sgt. Jerry . 

Townsend-Moiler, Darlene A. 

Tuell, Cordon H.■ 

Veleke, Keven E....;■ 

Vervaeke, Robert H.I 

Vogel, Carol J. 

Walden. William E.H 

Walker. David L.167! 

Wallace, Robert F.J- 

WaUcnius, Roger W. 

Washburn, Joanne R. 

Waters, Lvnn E.. 

Weaver, Wilhelmina. 

Webster, Mrs. HOIt W.[ 

Weitman, Jackie S.i 

Wells, Donald E.I 

Wemplc, James R.J 

Whelchel, Barry D. 

Whipple, James EL. 

White, Allen 1.1 

Wiley, Roger C.J 

Wilkinson, Stan. .1 

Willett, Roger D.1 

Williams, Mrs. Andrew. t 

Wilson, Robert B. 1 

Wingate. Marcel E.■ 

Wise, Anthony C.184,1 

Yaralian, Zaven. 184,1 

Student Index 

Aasland, Marc Edward.4) 

Aahrik, Edward Ray. 2) 

Aalvik, Steven Lee. 2' 

Aasland, Lisa Ann... 2 j| 

Abberger, Steven. 4* 

Abbey, Linda.ll 

Abbott, Dale Roinain.262,266,45 

Abbott. Gregory Lee.3a 

Abbott, Nancy Jo.277,4!; 

Abe, Catherine Hisako.2J§ 

Abendroth, Kent James.171,32 

Abib, Frey.45 

Abraham, Jill Rae.128,355,4! 

Abraham, Patricia Ann.279,28 

Acheson, Allan Duane.194,23? 

Achey, Louise Teresa.4<»l 

Ackerman, Anna Marie.216,2 U 

Ackley, Sandra Jean.345,42 



Rec. and Park Administratiou 


Cronland, John M. -. 

Crow, James B. 



rauerson, tugene .. 

Patterson, Max E. 


Acoose, Dennis Riel. 

A cuff Cypthifi Jrpc 


305 339 46 



. .288 

Pearl man, S. Sgt. Barrett. 


Acuff Joan I judn 

3 it 


Kesirlenee Hal| 


Davis, Rex S. 


Peavy, Robert D. 


Acuff Lois Jean 



Rho Chi. 


Davis, Roger T. 

Perkins Jr., Edward A. 

. 121 

Adamaitis, William G. 







Delta Delta Delta.348 

Delta Gaina..350 

Delta Sigma Phi.374 

Delta Sigma Phi Little Sisters.415 

Delta Tau Delta.376 

Delta Tau Delta Little Sisters.420 

Delta Upsilon..378 

Delta Upsilon Little Sisters.423 

DTD Sally Sunshine.434 

Duchess of Windsor.444 

Duncan Dunn.255 

Election Board... 497 


Environmental Task Force.502 

Evergreen Staff, Fall. 520 

Evergreen Staff, Spring.522 


Farmhouse Little Sisters.422 

Fanner’s Daughter.436 

Fiji Litde Sisters.426 

Film Committee.500 

Fire Station.232 

Fish Fans..467 

Food Science Club.480 

Forestry and Range Mangement.474 

Future Vets.472 

Gamma Phi Beta.352 



Home Ec. Association.468 

Homecoming Committee.494 

Horticulture Club.470 

Hui Hauoli O’Hawaii.479 

IK Duchess.438 

Industrial Education.481 

Intercollegiate Knights.461 

Interior Design Seniors-.465 

International Relations 


Intramural Council.217 

Junior Panhellenic.484 

Kappa Alpha Theta.354 

Kappa Delta.356 

Rho Nu.-.... 





70 Center. 

Sig Eps Little Sisters.431 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon.396 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little 


Sigina Chi.396 

Sigina Chi Little Sisters.431 

Sigma Chi Sweetheart...441 

Sigma Iota.457 

Sigma Kappa. 362 

Sigma Kappa Big Brothers.421 

Sigma Nu.402 

Sigma Omega Beta.229 

Sigma Phi Epsilon.400 

Sigma Tau Alpha.459 

Society of Professional 

Journalists. .483 

Society of Women Engineers.472 

Special Events Committee.501 



Stephenson East, Group.305 

Stephenson East, Individuals.240 

Stephenson North, Croup.308 

Stephenson North, Individuals.244 

Stephenson South..311 

Steptoe Village.241 

Davis, William R.214,215,494,497 

De Marco, Ce. 168 

Dederer, Michael.101 

Deming, Howard 0.145 

Dethman Jr., John P...488 

Dickens, Jody.168 

Dobie, Dorothy D.168,202 

Doughty, John R.476 

Drader, Lila A.167 

Duncan, Calvin P.491 

Dunnam, Anthony (Lt. Col.).504 

Durrant, Sue M.168,198 

Elwood, John R.145 

Engibons, James C.117 

Fry Richard B. 


Gardner, Lois. 


Gibb, Robert P.. 


Goebel, Carl J. 


Gordon, Carol E. 

Gorski, T.A.. 



Graze, Larry (Captain). 


Gregory, Debbie. 


Grindstaff, Pamela R.. 


Haenel, Edith. 

Perry, Mignon.138 

Peterson, Lloyd F.101 

Pettibone, C. Alan...117 

Pierce. John C.145 

Poe, Albert D.133 

Poovaiah, B.W..470 

Preston, R.L.117 

Price, Dorothy Z.138 

Price, Michael B...184 

Pugliese, Thomas A.189 

Pursley, Tod A.«... 105,516 

Quann, Charles J. 107 

Raveling, George H.167,189 

Ray. B. Roger...146 

Reeves, Jerry J.476 

Rehberg, Wallace A.488 

Rehwaldt, Col. Robert J.107.504 

Adams, Alan Craig.122,37; 

Adams, Barbara Lonise.35& 

Adams, Candyce Gail.128,33; 

Adams, Catherine Ann.35 

Adams, Cynthia Kaye.284,49^ 

Adams, Dell Lester...32. 

Adams, Doris Jean.122,318,31' 

Adams, Elizabeth Jane.2&I 

Adams, James Allan.284,285,48 

Adams, Janet Sue.49* 

Adams, Lanette Kay.347,48- 

Adams, Mark Victor. 30t a 

Adams, Michael Darrell.3775 

Adams, Richard Charles.46i 

Adams, Robert S. Jr.128,397 

Robins, John S. 


Robinson, George A. 

Roche Jr., Ben F. 



Rogers, Leroy F.. 

Rokeach, Milton. 



Roman, Carol Ann. 


Hall, Carl W.. 
Hamel, Joseph D... 







Streit-Derham, Individuals. 


Student Envoy. 


Hammer, Gael W.93 

Harrington, Wilma.168,192 

Student Publications Board.516 

Snnday Nigjit Dinner Club.480 

Tau Beta Pi.451 

Tau Kappa Epsilon.404 

Tau Kappa Epsilon Little 


Tau Kappa Epsilon Waterfollies 


Theta Chi.406 

Theta Chi Little Sisters.433 

Thetz Xi.410 

Turkey Pi Omega. 229 

Volunteer Agency.497 



Harwood Robert F... 

. 117 

Hatley, Nonna J.507 

Hayden, Carroll M.494,496,501 

Havner H H. 101 

Hayton, William L.. 


Hendrix, J. Walter. 

Hemnaim, Maynard F. 



Heuterman, Thomas. 

Hill, Alberta D. 


Hindman, Joseph L. 


Hirst, Cary R. 

Hoisington, Captain L. Donald. 

Holtorf, Arthur M. 



Hower, Glen L. 


Huber, William C. 


Hurst, Cary. 


Iritani, Willy M.... 

Romberg, Harold A.-..101 

Ryan Jr., Clarence A.462 

Schafer, John F.117 

Schaitter, Allene F.107 

Scherler, Klaus P..516,517 

Schneeman, Thomas H.188 

Schoepflin, H. James.145 

Schulhauser, C.E.167 

Scott, Raymond H.121 

Scott, W. Frank....146 

Seals, Z.S. SCM.507 

Seigneuret, Jean C...145 

Shaw, Chas. Gardner...462 

Sherrill, Jackie...167,184 

Shew, Richard L..474 

Shutler, Mary E.145 

Sloan, Richard D.167,206 

Sinawley, Robert B...109 

Smith, Allan H.106 

Smith, Orrin E. 117 

Spencer, John V......117 

Staffer, John C.516 

Steingraber, John K.109 

Stephens, Robert L.110 

Strausz, Robert W.101 

Adams, Samuel Ernest. 

Adamson, Jan Marie. 



Adanalian, Stephen. 

Addison, Thomas Warren. 

Addleman, Joseph B. 



Admunson, Dan. 

Adolf, Laura Lee. 


Admunson, Dan. 


Ager, Holly Jean. 

Agemp, Bradley Daniel. 

Aglubat, Marieta M. 

Agnello, Steven Joseph. 





Agun, Sharon Katherine. 


Ahem, Colleen Sue. 


Ahem, Maureen E. 


Ahlin, Steve Mark. 

.149 520 

Ahnemiller, Diane C. 

Aho. Mitchell C. 



Aichde, David Duane. 




Aiken, Sally Spring.355,462,467 

Akers, John Lynn.148 

Akiyama, Dawn Patricia.274,479 

Akizuki, Gary Michael.323,522 

Albee, Karen Alice.289,292 

Albers, Carlene Jean. 470 

Albert, John Robert.462,482 

Albert, Robert Dudley.217,458.479 

Alberta, Terry Lynn.184,185,329 

Albi, Frank Randolph.231 

Alboucq, Bradley D.261 

Alboueq, Steven Robert.299 

Aleoni, Joe. 141 

Alderman, Janet Jo.355 

Aldous, George Edward..144 

Aldrich, Dinah K.270 

Aldrich, John Gilbert.~..330 

524 Index 

fleh, P. Milton. 

Idge, Phvllis D. 



iev. Vincent El. 





•d. Candis Rae. 


ient. Julie Marie.. 


i, Robin Lee. 


i, Susan Elizabeth. 

il, Thomas Avery. 


!gro. Samuel S. 

t, Bruce Lee. 



n, Candy Ilene. 

k Carcv . 


p, Ernest Cordon. 

n, Eunice. 



n, Ccrald B. 


n, Greg T.245 

it. Janies Robert.321,486 

n, Kerry Calvin.381,511 

n, Linda Jean..276,277 

n, Lisa Renee. 77,253,357 

n, Michael F...184 

n, Stephen Ray. 136 

n. Susan E...419 

n, Teresa Kay..309,339 

n, Wayne..316 

>on, Kevin James...297 

vine, Kenneth J. Sr.141,233 

iberg, Debra Kac.242,325 

augh, Mary Jo.247 

n. Dean Karels.230 

ey. Bill.216 

tm. Lori A...308 

tm, Rhoda Lynn.337,430,483 

in. Brian Emery.125.296,300. 


bn, Mark Aaron..401 

yse, Lawrence David-.216,512.513, 


estad. L. Paul...-.. 122,482 

Kirkland C.216,365 

', Teresa Elaine.-.290 

laki, Leslie Mitsuko.239,285,453, 


iya. Dawn Denise.306,459 

ible, David Wilfred.391 

r, Lisa Carol.-.305 

ibrose, Michael Wayne.323 

rent, Bill. 

ics, Jeffery' Alan. 



■res, Lloyd I>eo. 

. 141 

it’s, Rodney Eugene.— 


his, Kevin Allan. 

roh, Minoru. 



ion, Eileen Estraya_ 

ardc, Marianne Lee. 

.deregg, Peter C. .. 




iderle, Carol Marie. 

idersen, Brad E. 



•derven, Lucille Ann. 

.349 429 

rtlerson, Brent John. 


jderson, Brian Dennis 


MliTvnn Carol F- 


iderson, Christen V. 


alcrson, Cindy Lee. 

tderson, Claudia Anne.. 




Anderson, Craig Brian —.244 

Anderson. Crig Martin-.-.383 

Anderson, Craig Steven..—.126 

.Anderson, Curl Charles.410,461 

Anderson, Dale Carl.375 

Anderson, Darien Irene—.-.308 

Anderson. David Barry.-315 

Anderson, David T.-.407 

Anderson, David W.. 397 

Anderson, Daine Teresa.244,308 

Anderson, Douglas.....263,366 

Anderson, Eric Lief.377 

Anderson, Ernest Rome.122,313 

Anderson, Geri Jo.272 

Anderson, Gregory Mark.373 

Anderson, James B.383 

Anderson, James R...141,462 

Anderson, Janet Mary.271.274,494 

Anderson. Janice Marie.339,429 

Anderson, Jill S...239 

Anderson, Joel.-.-..227 

Anderson, John Walter...—.284 

Anderson, Karen Ann.. 310,469 

Anderson, Karen Leslie.-.291.292 

Anderson, Karen Louise...—.422 

Anderson, Karen Lynne.199,256 

Anderson, Kathleen M.-.424 

Anderson, Kevin John.138,217,246 

Anderson, Kim C.156,313,316 

Anderson, Kimberley S.310 

Anderson, Kirk Glen.298 

Anderson, Kirk Marr...—.393 

Anderson, Kristie Lee.285 

Anderson, Kristie M.240,307 

Anderson, Kristina M.285 

Anderson, Kristine Ann.233,520 

Anderson, Kurt Harold.259 

Anderson, Kyle Taylor...369 

Anderson, Larry Lee.147 

Anderson, Laurie Jo..270 

Anderson, Lawrence L.-.403 

Anderson, Loch Craydon.369,420 

Anderson, Lori Jean.. 359 

Anderson, Lynne Denise.305 

Anderson, Marc Hunter.226 

Anderson, Marcie Lou.-.326 

Anderson, Mark Andrew.. 452 

Anderson, Maria Ann.139 

Anderson, Martin M.216 

Anderson, Martin Wayne.....323 

Anderson, Michael Jay.379 

Anderson, Michael S.393,502 

Anderson, Paul C.F.261 

Anderson, Scott.-.366 

Anderson, Peggy Jane.351,425 

Anderson, Richard E.149 

Anderson, Robert E..264 

Anderson. Robert 1.263 

Anderson, Robert James —.242 

Anderson, Scott R.-.-.296 

Anderson, Steven E..-.403 

Anderson, Susan Anne.-.-.128,325 

Anderson, Susan C.—.278.280 

Anderson, Suzanne C..-.347 

Anderson, Teresa Ann..-.490 

Anderson, Terrance A.184 

Anderson, Thomas C.-.204,393 

Anderson, Toni C.-.240,307 

Anderson, Toni L.268 

Andrada, Rafael Prado.—.141 

Andreas, Cynthia Jane ..283 

Andrew. Lori Kaye.341,423 

Andrews, Denise M.198,287 

Andrews, Gerald Thomas.119,454,468, 


Andrews, Kathryn Ellen.357,432,452, 


Andrews, Martin Robert.297.300 

Andring. Robert Lee.296,300 

Andrist, John Phillip.321 

Angell. Douglas Lee.246 

Angell, James Lew.381,522 

Angell, Katharine Anne.139 

Anker, Jacob John.381,461,473 

Anliker, Shari Lynn.308 

Anliker, Steve Wayne.322 

Annestimson, Lauren..421 

Anson, James M.134,466 

Anson, Jon Crawford.137,227,451 

Anson, Robert C.-. 227 

Anstett, Kathleen A.-.285 

Anthis, James Michael.-.386 

Anthony, Mary Ann.307 

AntilEa, Tamara Call...289 

Antles, Kenneth Kari ...233 

Anthony, Mary. 240 

Antonie, Marvin E..-.119 

An tunes, Nancy Marie.-.307 

Antush, Catherine Anna..233 

Antush, Mary Elizabeth.244 

Anvan, Linda Marie.227 

Aparicio, Fernando.233 

Appel, Barbara Jean.225 

Appel, Laurette Sue.249 

Applegate, Mark B.194,259 

Applegate, Ricky C.122,200,243 

Arainbel, Michael Joe.227 

Arbuckle, Cheryl E.318,319 

Arbuckle. David Scott. 258 

Arbuckle, Robert Dean.260 

Archer, Diane Marie.255,256,468 

Archer, Harry Stewart —.369 

Arends, John H.239,287,483, 


Aric, Lsad. 122 

Armintrout, Pamela Sue.247 

Armitage, Thomas Keith.233 

Arms, Roger Leroy.230 

Armstrong, Linda Ann.244,309 

Armstrong, Lynettc Ann.483 

Armstrong, Patricia A.290,292 

Armstrong. Robynn.216 

Armstrong, William S.284 

Amdd, Steve.298 

Arnold, Barbara Jeanne.269 

Amok!, Daniel Eugene.456,469 

Arnold, Gloria Linn.-.128 

Arnold, Kathy.308 

Arnold, Patricia Lou.269 

Arnold, Philip.232 

Arnold, Steven R.-.-..300 

Arotzen, Kerri Lynne.242,329 

Amzen, George Kelly.241 

Arsenych, D>nald M.—.233 

Arteei, Andrea Rae.361,432 

Artz, William Eugene.468,480 

Asahara, Robert Warren.134,451 

Asch, Thomas Leland.365 

Ashby, Carolyn Dale—.326 

Ashby, Douglas James.321 

Ashby, Vicki Roxanne..251,522 

Ashley. Dane C.242 

Ashmore, Michelle T.159 

Axhor, Michael Fremont.259 

Askham, Leonard—.-.474 

Aspinall, Paulette M.-.288,292 

Asplund, Craig Steven.136 

Assinan, Lynne Rose.-.239,287 

Aston. Aron Thomas.242,328 

Astro, David.-.502 

Atchison. Marie E.308 

Atic, Esad.389 

Atkins, Christine EL.-.310 

Atkins, Debbie Kay.77,270,274 

Au, Bernard Kwong-Fai.135,304 

Au, Patrick Ho-Ming.141 

Aubert, Sally Olivia.337,467 

Audctte. Kim Celeste.472 

Aufderhar. Sharon Kay.162 

Aune, Sondra Jean.339.462,463, 


Ausink, Donald C.-.159 

A usman, Pamela Rae ..128,363,420 

Auanus, Mark R. .313 

Aust. Craig K.—.512 

Austell, William John.-.399 

Austenson, Mary Ann ..149,471 

Austin, Jeanne Adcle.156,290.292, 


Austin, Maurita S. 126 

Auvil, Thomas D.470 

Avery, Jane EUcn.307 

Awenenti, Jean F.L.320 

Avcock, Steven Diane.154,496 

Aver, Lisa Ann.284 

Ayres, Cheryl Ann.276,277 

Azure, Anthony Lloyd.-.501 

Azure, Simone C. -..291 


Baardson, Bruce Allen.510,511 

Babb, Alan. 489 

Babbitt, Edward Thomas..379 

Babcock, Jonathan Dean.141 

Baber, Craig Ronald.283 

Babinsky, Viola.326 

Babowicz, Richard John.284,366,497 

Bachman, Karen.140 

Bachman, Kerry William.144,456,469 

Backstrom, Lori Ann.131,337,484 

Backus, Walter Jay.135 

Bacon, Cary Lee.399 

Bader, Leslie Irene.334,335 

Badgley, Lisa Ann.-.484 

Baer, Candace Adele..351 

Baer. Joseph Charles.317 

Bafus, .Allan Douglas.233 

Bafus, Bmce Alan.-.393 

Bagby, James Benjamin —.154 

Baglcy. Robert Dale—.462 

Bagwell. Snead.-.233 

Bahr, Colcen Aun. 334,335 

Bahr, Daniel J..367,488 

Bahr, Janet Marie.242,327 

Bailey, Catherine J.-..249 

Bailey, Marc David.156 

Bailey, Vjcki Denise.-.308 

Bailey, Wanda Jean.268,272 

Bailie, Kimberly Rae.341 

Bailiff, Susan Joeanne.169 

Bain, Grant Donald.261 

Barnard, Kimberly Ann.310 

Bainbridge, Dawn Marie.233 

Bainter, Margaret..478 

Baird, Kirby M. 399 

Baird, Kurt Bradley. 259 

Baird, Lance Awender.263 

Baird, Melanie Marie.216,242,325 

Baird. Vanessa Lynn.75,239,283 

Bak. Lee M.298 

Baker, Bradley Allen. 466 

Baker, Charles.157 

Baker, Danial Edwin.—.469 

Baker, David Allen.122,491 

Baker, Doneda E.308 

Baker, Franklin Lewis.194 

Baker, Cary Louis.216,371 

Baker, Jackie Rae.-.269 

Baker, James Garnet.233 

Baker. Kimberly Ann. 285 

Baker. Leon Robert. 488 

Baker, Mark Edwin.403 

Baker, Patrick Scott.-.296.300 

Baker, Peggy.-.—.158,355 

Baker, Robert Jaymes.331 

Baker. Roseinary...-..318 

Baker. Susan. 432 

Baker, Thomas Joseph...244 

Bakke, Byron John.-..232 

Bakken, Karen Raye.-.270 

Bakolas, Linda Sue...308 

Balcom, Barney Joel.262,366 

Balcom, David J.-..263 

Baldridge, Barbara Ann.122 

Baldridge, Mark Dean...122 

Baldwin, Dexter T.260 

Baldwin, Keith Dennis.-.304 

Baldwin, Susan.140 

Baldwin, Thomas Keith.120,480 

Bale, Laurence George.—. .243 

Bales, Susan Jeannine.-.131,355 

Ball, James Cleun.-.260 

Ball, Joccivn Jean.-.-.233 

Ball, Marilyn Suzanne.-.—155 

Ball. Virginia.-.308 

Ballard, Donald Albert.316,451,489 

Ballard. Doug Clinton....314 

Ballasiotcs, Michael J.409 

Ballinger. William F.391 

Ballou, Douglas W.246 

Ballou, Lisa Marie.307 

Baltzell, Scott Henry.325 

Balzaretti, Sharon A.334,335 

Bancroft, Ann.278 

Bang. Barbara Carol.139 

Bangs, Barbara Ann.308,468 

Banister, Charles M.300 

Banks, Cay Elaine.427,478 

Bankston, Sandra Ann. 233 

Bannick, Joseph Robert.405 

Barbee, Kerin E.1.50,264.366 

Barbee, Larry Kim.285 

Barber, David Eininett.397 

Barber, Debra Lynn.256 

Barber, James Walter.297 

Barber, Kristie Marie.283 

Barber, Thomas C.304 

Barbour, Anita M.—.-.279 

Barbour, Roy James.204,283,284 

Barclay, James Houston.233 

Bardesis, James George.232,323 

Bardin, Barbara Kaye..141 

Bardin. Earl Dan.159,247 

Bare, Jennifer Jo.290 

Barcm, Leif Ernst.462 

Barer, Michael Bruce.279.280 

Barga, Bruce Edward.159 

Bargewell, Cindy Kay.284,472 

Bargreen, John Howard.385 

Barham, Mary Jeannette.170 

Barhanovieh, Jerrv A.-.385 

Baric, Viki Lynn.276,277 

Barker. Cinda Cristinc.309,377 

Barker, Lee an n Marie.325 

Barker, Patricia C.144 

Barkhuist, Carole J.462 

Barkley, John Howard.297 

Barkley, Laura Jean.-.— .339.429 

Barland, Steven Paul.283 

Barnard, Samira Lynn.181,216 

Bamer, Shenry Kay.268 

Barrier, Don.. 232 

Barnes, Ann Therese.140,339,456, 


Bames. Dennis Lloyd.-.461 

Barnes, Don Neil.119,454 

Bames, John William.233 

Bames, Karen Jean.343,420 

Bames, Lori.309 

Bames, Noel Winston.184 

Barnett, Carol Ann.307 

Barnett, Mary Jo.462 

Barnett, Stephen James.383 

Barney. Marion Claire.269 

Barney, Valerie Jean. 25 

Barnhart, Mary' Lavranc.288 

Barnhart, Teny l>ee.158,278.280 

Barnhill, Terry James.315 

Bamslev, Cabriel.75 

Bamuin, Donald James.233 

Barokas, Elaine R.-.337,427 

Barr, Sue Kathryn.75,254 

Barr, Thomas Leigh.122,233 

Barrett, Christine L..345,418.460 

Barrett, James P.299 

Barrett, Nancy L.233 

Barrett, Richard A.478 

Barrett, Weslev Dean.233 

Barringer, Todd Robert.371 

Barrington, Patricia L..254,421 

Barrow, Nancy.310 

Barry, Brian Divid.247 

Barry, Diann Adel.318.319 

Barry. Tracy Lynn.149.229.452, 


Baiskey, Roy William.278,280 

Baretow, Jeffrey S.-.295 

Bart, Joseph.-.-.300 

Barta, Keith J.,..461 

Bartalainay, Elizabeth.-..345 

Bartch. Richard O. Jr.-.395 

Bartholomaus, Scott L...238 

Bartlett. Barry Joel...286 

Battling, Christopher-.331 

Bartling. Dcnrith....331 

Barton, Barbara Ellen.334,335,483 

Barton, David Ralph.329 

Barton, Debbie Caye.132 

Barton, Joseph Patrick.204,298 

Bartush, Mary Beth.169,202 

Bartz, Susan Lisa.254 

Barzler, Bonnie.355,433 

Basked, Teresa M.328 

Balser, Brooke.-.-.91 

Basler, Jon Edward.298,300 

Basnaw, Robin W Wayne.321 

Bass. Kenneth Virgil.331.333 

Bast a, Catherine D.246,455 

Bateman, Wendy Ann.330 

Bates, Bruce Randal.490 

Bates, Clifford Lloyd... 328 

Bathurst, Katherine A. 309 

Batson, Barbara Ann.270 

Bad. Marjorie K. 149 

Badersby, David P. 285 

Battaglia, Phillip J.225 

Battie, Kenneth Lance.322,462 

Bauer, Michael S.216,314,316 

Bauer, Rebecca Jean.139,485 

Bauer. Patricia.492 

Bauenneister, Jed W.332 

Bauermeister, Laurie J.290 

Baugh. Scott Alan.287 

Baugh, Susan Mary.147,462 

Baiungart, Pamela Jo-.120,305,454, 


Baumgartel, John Evans.214,501 

Index 525 

Baunach, James Edward.365 

Baur, Cynthia Louise. 

Batur, Patricia Ann. 




Baxter, Laurence W. 

Baxter, Rex Dewayne. 

Baylcss, Robert E. 



Razzazieh Nader . 

.. 135 

Beail, David Michael. 

Bean, David Alan. 



Bean, Wayne Alan. 


Bear, Benjamin Alan.. 

Bear, Bnddy Taylor. 


Bear, Candy.. 


Beard, Rodney Alan. 


Beardsley, Blaine K...331 

Beardsley, Kim Louise.345 

Beardsley, Royce D.489 

Beardsley, Warren S.381 

Beasley, Rohcit Sam Jr.233 

Beatty, Cynthia J.131 

Beatty. Rhonda Rae.140 

Beatty, Wyley Eminitt.141 

Beaty, Steven Lee.287 

Beaty, Terry Wayne.216,330 

Beauchamp, Michele L.256 

Beaujon, Peter Hagc.138,321 

Beaulaurier, Brian M.403,501 

Beaulauricr, Bruce A. 403 

Beaulaurier, Patrick T.403 

Beaver, Cathy Louise.292 

Beaver, Johnny Ray.377 

Beck, Anne Marie..242 

Beck, Edward John.204,393,502 

Beck, Herb.227 

Beck. Lawrence Richard.297 

Beck, Steven Maurice.150,279,280, 


Beck, Thomas Philip.266 

Beckel, Julie M.343 

Becken, Guy Paul.258 

Becken, Margaret J.334,335,421 

Becker, Alison Kay.305,486 

Becker, Barbara Lynn.307,417,486 

Becker, Cynthia June.215,343,422 

Becker, Jay Winston.485 

Becker, Katherine E.278 

Becker, Sandra Gail.239,284 

Becker, William C.499 

Beckennan, Seth R.462 

Beckham, Gail Anne.278,280,479 

Beckmann, Nancy Jane.417 

Beckord, Robert Steven.331 

Beckwith, Adele Marie.152,339,432 

Beebe, Robert G.403 

Beehler, Stephen John.407 

Beeman, James L.261,510 

Beers, David Louis.300 

Beers, Linda Carol...203 

Bcgg, Jan Elisabeth.289 

Beggs, Floyd Hunter.216,330 

Beher, Ann.487 

Behrens, Douglas A.377,512,513 

Beimbom, Sandra L.153,462 

Beka, Agnes Thomas.274 

Belascu, Yvonne...305 

Beldin, Ann Marie.272 

Belgarde, Patricia Ann.128,351 

Bell, Cynthia Lynn.233 

Bell, David Lee.144,456,469 

Bell, Linda Marie.288.417 

Bell, Mary Lynn.417 

Belleman, Clay Guy.284 

Bellmore, Susan G.469 

Belsvik, Todd Arnold...241,488 

Bemis, Jeffery Brian..220 

Bemis Margaret Clare....270,274 

Bemis, Rus>cll Lynn.458 

Bena, Wanda Joanne...306 

Benavides, Adolfo.141 

Bender, Janet Irene.147,318,319 

Bender, Mary Elizabeth.289,292 

Bendickson, Chris A.299,512 

Benedict, Dean L.118 

Benedict, Randall Glen.1.34,262,266 

Bengtson, Toini Maria.462 

Benlst, Mike E.409 

Benjamin, Michele.233 

Benner, Curtis Lee.453 

Benner, Jay David.320 

Bennett, Alan D...313 

Bennett, Barbara J.341 

Bennett, Bruce Robert.297,300 

Bennett, Cheryl Ann.286 

Bennett, Cenevieve E..307 

Bennett, Guy Francis.383 

Bennett, James S.395 

Bennett, Jill Dianne.359,425 

Bennett, Kathy Ann.318 

Bennett, Leigh Preston.174,385 

Bennett, Margaret Anne.361,430 

Bennett, Peter Whitney.174,385,495 

Bennett Walter Neil.135,177,184. 


Benny, Harold Louis.226,304 

Benoit, Jeanine Marie.233 

Benoit, John Alfred.299,300 

Benscoter, David Alan.397 

Bensel, Brien James.152 

Benson, Bradley Alan.261 

Benson, Rhonda Louise.290,292 

Bentley, Edward Thomas.228,233 

Benzel, Mickie Lee.216,389 

Bexi 2 el Thomas Jay.118,399,487 

Berentson, Daniel D....149 

Berentson, Karen E. 75,255,256 

Berg, Barbara Suzanne.279,280 

Berg, Carl Edward.s.322 

Berg, Constance Ann.268,272 

Berg, Daniel Keith.233 

Berg, Scott Eugene..262 

Berg, Stephen Robert.314,316 

Bergano, Feliciana S.205,415 

Bergen, Mary Pat.305 

Bergeron. Linda Carol.....319 

Bergerud, Kimball T....451 

Bcrgesen, Robin L.337,415 

Ber^iarnmer, Max Ellis.260 

Berglund, Karen Leigh.144,249,462 

Bcrglund, Kurt Nash...264 

Berglund, Penny.457 

Bergman, James F.399 

Bergmann, Kurt Thomas.137,451 

Bergstrom. Randall E.230 

Berhow, Peggy Jo.199,343 

Beringer, Debbie.292,459 

Bemaird, Kim.455 

Bernal, Ben Mangonon.316 

Bernal, Curt Made. 314 

Block, Gregory Oliver.332 

Blodgett, Barbara Ann.309 

Blomberg, Elise Marie. 

Blomberg, Mary Frances. 



Blomdahl, Diane Rae. 

Blomquist, Cheryl Linn. 

Bloom, Rebecca J.. 




Bloom, Steven Clvde. 


Bloomquist, Lynn Diane. 

Bloomster, Keith Paul. 



Blue. Cvnthia Ami. 

Blum, Katherine E.426 

Blume. Robert Alan. 122 

Blumcnscheiu, Lila Kay.215,463 

Blumenschein, Lola May.318,454,468, 


Blunt, Julia Marie.343,422 

Bly, Tony Allison.410 


Bernard, Arthur. 


Duaz, » imam r*uru. 

Rncrelli Denise M 



Bernard. Michael W. 

.407 492 

Rncian Jrannr Marie 



Bemdt, Robert A. 


Bock Heidi 



Bemev, Peter William. 


Rorkmeyer Shelley P. 

.334 335 


Bemheim, Kathryn E. 


Rod in e S iK an Aim 

318 486 


Bemhoft, Jon R. 


Rnriinan Hal Rodney 

147 508 


Bernier, Rosemarie. 


Bodnar. Paul Wavne. 


Bemtsen, Mark E..149 

Berry, David.300 

Berry', Diane Marie.339 

Berry, Kevin John.320 

Berry, Marianne E..244,458 

Berry'. Tracey lone.244 

Berschauer, Dean Alan.405 

Berechauer. Mariaim.341,429,485 

Beret, Delores Evelyn.363 

Besand, Diane L.474 

Bessey, Darrell Eugene.242,328 

Best, David Wesley.321 

Best, Debra Elaine.279,280 

Bettinger, Mary Anne..268,272 

Beu, Steve J.-.300 

Beulow, Carole Ann.159,318 

Bcvere, Mike R. 233 

Bevcre, Rhonda Lynn.305 

Bevins, Steven Scott.395 

Beyl, Phillip Matthew.217,466 

Bice. Andrew Arthur.298 

Bichich, Steven Paul.296,480,489 

Bick, Donna Marie.270,274 

Bickelhaupt, Nancy L.B.139,468 

Bickle, Kenneth R.155 

Biderbost, Ann Marie.349,422 

Bidley. V.J.270 

Biennan, Charlotte J.330 

Bigelow, Donovan R.505 

Bigelow, Man- Dean...139 

Biggs. David Mark.259 

Biggs, Joseph Junius..328 

Bigley, Richard E.324 

Bigoruia, Janice V.271 

Billbe, Ted DeUoyd.122,491 

Bills, Wayne Rav.247,452,508, 


Bimbe, Bern Ray. 405 

Binetti, Joseph E.456,465,469 

Binetti, Rose Marie.290,292,459 

Bingham, Albert H. II.122,266 

Bingham, Julie Anue.139,254,468 

Birchill, Shannon Rae..357,423,463 

Bird, Michael C.311 

Birdsell, Cbades V.452,513 

Birkland, Mariaim E.255,256,459 

Birkland, Russell Gene.233 

Birkland, Teri Marie.139,230,468 

Bimbauin, Stephen.246 

Bishop, Camilla L..256 

Bishop, Debra Shannon.238 

Bishop, Kathey Lynn ..309 

Bishop, Robert Wayne.330 

Bishop, Russell Owen.331 

Biskey, Kathy Jean. .'305 

Biss, Tina Marie.337 

Bitney. Christ i Lynne.291,431 

Bixbv, Allen Charles.91 

Black, Carrie Suzanne.75 

Black, David Robert.397 

Black, Gilbert Pryor.391 

Blaek, Jeffrey William.242 

Black, Susie.256 

Blackburn, Barbara J.464 

Blackenship, Dan.332 

Blackett, Lawrence W.385 

Blackketter, Kathy...162 

Blair, Annette.318 

Blair, Dana Lvnn.169,202,233 

Blair, Glenn Jerome.263,266 

Blair, Karen Rebecca.202,276 

Blair, Lori Anne.286 

Blair, Steven Charles.407 

Blake, Jan A.276 

Blanchard, Dorine Kay.334 

Blanchard, Susan E.227,233,512 

Blanchfield, Julie M.243 

Blank, Brian.453 

Blankenship, Elizabeth.276,277 

Blankenship, Mark T.407 

Blau, Leonard William.126,457 

Bleck, Therese Ellen.361,494 

BJeckert, Mark Douglas.283 

Blessing, Margaret R.131,337 

Blevens, Gary Alan.259 

Bliss, Julia Ellen.278 

Bliss, Lisa Kayceen.308,457 

Blissell, Margaret Ann.276 

Block, Barton Alan...132,403,449, 


Boehave, Janet.470 

Boekholt, Julie Diane.253,2.54 

Boerlage, Andrew Pete.258 

Boettcher, Rebecca Ann.216,361 

Boettcher, William C.403 

Bogan, Delores Eileen.479 

Bogardus, John Philip.295,300 

Boge, R. Michael.184,262,266 

Bogert, Stephen Ronald.297,300 

Boggi, Terry Ann.249,459 

Bogle, Kelly C.278 

Bogyo, Kath&ine S.326,453,454 

Bohannon Jean Park.204 

Bohinan Mark Ails tin.373 

Bohinan, Ole Ronald II.137 

Bohrnan, Thomas Paul.373 

Bohner, Paul Allen.395 

Bohnet, Mark William.258 

Bohnet, Stewart Graham.258,455,461 

Boileau, Kama Eve.239,284,519 

Boileau, Peter Hinkcl.284 

Boisen, Donna Lynn.307 

Boitano, Lawrence J.239,286 

Bold, Deborah Ann.152 

Bolencus, Jennie J. 318 

Bolin, Shelly Aim.193,459 

Bollenger, Kelly.171 

Boiler, Richard John.457 

Bollert, Betty K...269 

Bond, Rex Lee.466 

Bonebrake, Douglas Ray.333,510 

Bong, Worcester P.233 

Boninan, Jeanne Susan.361 

Bonne 11, Barbara Jean.132 

Bonny I .yle Isaac. 



Bonow, Quenby Starrett. 


Booker, Harold Gene.284 

Booker, Quinton D.367,420 

Bookwalter, Deborah A.131 

Boone, James Alan.242,325 

Booth, Kristine Gail.347 

Borchgrevink, Eric C. .244 

Borgen, James Patrick.375 

Borgens, David Brian.298 

Borgford, Helen K....276 

Bori, Arthuro Gervacio.322,508 

Boril, John Gary.149 

Bork, Bruce.200 

Borland, Matthew' D.. 284 

Borough, Mark Howard.325 

Borth. Michael David.. 

Borth, Scott John. 

Bos. Crectje.. 

Bos, Klaas. 


Bos Tammi Rae.. 

.198 308 

Bos, Willem. 


Bosfwiek, Diane.. 


Bosley, Bruce Lee Jr.. 


Bosnia, Larry Franklin. 


Bossert. Robin Anne. 

io, Betty Marie.310 

Bostroin, Leigh Annette.245 

Bostroin, Stanley Q.283 

Bostwiek, Diane Denise.271 

Bostwick, Moira Ann.310 

Boswell, Lynne.310 

Botch, FJise Marie.75,256,464 

Botnen, Nancy C.308 

Botteiniller, Carol Ann.134,451 

Bottemiller, Debora S.241 

Bottemiller, Donald E.227 

Bottenberg. William J.285 

Bottiger, Francinc H.158,337,456, 


Bottiger, Frank Edward.387 

Bottorff, Mitzi Lou. 508 

Boughton, Jeffrey Roy.369 

Boutwell, Butt North.. 


Bovard, Sam David. 


Bowen, Barbara Ann. 

Bowers, John Wilson. 

Bowers, Kelly C.. 




Bowers, Liz Ann. 

Bowhay, Michael Harold...., 



Bowie. Dennis James. 


Bowles, Anne Marie.289,292 

Bowling, Danny Wolf...119,479 

Bowling, Mary Kathleen.270,274 

Bowman, David Allen. 122 

Bowman, Donald Keith.504 

Bowman, Gail Marie.75,253,482 

Bowman, Keith.233,505 

Bowman, Raymond. 327 

Boyd, Stanley Ray.126.401.457 

Boyer, Denece Rene.214,241,419, 


Boyer. Kari Celeste.441 

Bover, Keith Allen.297 

Boyer, Scott Von.122,397,501 

Boyer, Theodore Carl.128,489 

Boyer, Thomas Robert.397 

Boyko, Keren Jayne.244,309 

Boyles, Jeffrey R.300 

Boynton, Elise.255 

Boyseri. Ted C.357 

Braach, Lee.184 

Braaten, Carole Sue.284 

Brackbill, Joseph B. 239,286 

Bradbury, Nicolee.466 

Braden. Thomas Allan.296 

Bradford, Marian Joel.154,408 

Brady, Reeuee Anrita.308 

Brager, William Allen.521,523 

Brahen, Mary Jane.131 

Brain, Denise Carol.307 

Branch, Pvthia Lynn. 

Brandal, Paul Roald. 



Brandon, Robert K. 


Brandmire, Mark Wayne.247 

Brandon, Chris Paul.369,454,461, 


Brannan, Elizabeth Ann.—470 

Brandt, David Evans.93,94 

Brossman, Jack Anthony. 

Brest, Kathy Lynne. 

Brou, Francis Emile Jr.. 

Brougher, Daniel Wayne.332 

Broughton, Charles J. rt 

Browcleit, Bruce Lee.264 

Brower, Gregg Lee.Jfl 

Brown, Christian Dale..'f 

Brown, Constance M.1W 

Brown, Craig Allen.297 k 

Brown, Daniel Brian.2971 

Brown, David Derry.H 

Brown, David Martin.■ 

Brown, Dean Standley.454 

BrownJEric Peter.H 

Brown, Gail Darby.202, 

Brown, George.■ 

Brown, Jeffrey Edward.I 

Brown, Jeffrey Mark.135,451 

Brown, Jenny Lynn.355,415,« 


Brown, Judith Ann.122, 

Brown, Karen Kay.151,215,.' 


Brown, Kathryn A..1 

Brown, Kevin Randall.138,' 

Brown, Laura Priscilla. I 

Brown, Lawerance G. V 

Brown, Linda Lou. 

Brown, Lorilee C.| 

Brown. Marc B.a 

Brown, Mari Louise.| 

Brown. Mary Elizaheth. i 

Brandt, Erika. 


Brown, Michael David. 


Brandi William Edward 


Brown, Michael Scott. 

Brandvold Kari 1 .ynn. 


Brown, Nancy Marie. 


Rrangwen Gnrimn 


Brown, Norman Clark. 

Branhan, Mary. 


Brown, Norman Jeffrey. 


Brannan, Mary' Jane..484 

Brannon, Martha E...359 

Brannon, Steven Peek.135,263,266, 


Branson, Robert F.243 

Brasher, Lori Jean.270 

Braswell, William C.391 

Bratton, William B. 

.137 521 

Bravo, Pedro. 


Bray, Dana Lee. 


Bray, Danny Edward. 


Bray, Phillip H. 


Bray, Robert C.326 

Brayton, Bobo.263 

Braze!, Ann Katherine.310 

Brazier, Michael E. 387 

Brebner, Steve Douglas..220 

Breekenridge, Gary'.480 

Bredberg, Bryan Rayner..323 

Brediger. Arthur H.244 

Bredstrand, John E.329 

Brehm, Cynthia Kay.269,272 

Breiten, W. Fredrick.279,280 

Breithaupt, Barbara L.135,249 

Breithaupt, Dean C.456 

BreLsford K. Duane.233 

Brenden, Susan C.128 

Brendle. Mike Ray.313 

Brenguber. Betty.335 

Brennan, Deborah Anne.280,505,506 

Brennan, Patricia C.290 

Bresnahan, Daniel R.462 

Breuninger, Mare David.321 

Brevik, David Lee.233 

Brewer, Dennis Sheldon.122 

Brewin, Roger Charles.279 

Brewster, James Edward.206 

Brewster. Jill Lynn.345,417 

Brcyhan, Elizabeth Ann.339 

Breyse, Pat Nolan.233,462 

Bricka. Barbara D....309,459 

Bridenhaugh, Kay Ellen. 

Bridge, Carl Forbes. 



Briese, Forrest Wayne. 


Briest, Debbie Jo. 

Briest, Pamela E. 



Briggs, Paul Ernest. 

Brigham, Robert Frank. 

Brim, Freddy. 




Brim, Richard James. 



Brine, Lvnn Cladys.462 

Briscoe, Jennifer Ann.233 

Briskey, William J. Jr.295 

Brisson. Beth Ann.253,254,468 

Brito, Francisco A.141,304,462 

Brittain, Cheryl Ann.269.274,486, 


Brittle, Leslie L.269,272 

Brizendinc, Gregory D..489 

Brock, Kerry Lynn..359,430 

Brock, Patsy Lu.268,459 

Broders, Robert Jay.126,379 

Brogan, Timothy Paul.238 

Brokaw, Patricia Jane.134 

Bromley, Vernon Lyle.216 

Brood us, Kelly.253 

Brook, Kenneth Leonard.264 

Brooke, Richard L.315 

Brooks, Barbara Jane.355,433 

Brooks, Carolyn Anne.138 

Brooks, Christopher C.120,247,454 

Brooks, Debbie Jean.269,272 

Brooks, Lisa Anne.286 

Brooks, Rhonda Jean.253 

Brooks, Robert Lee.286 

Brooks, Shirley Ann.288 

Brophy, Michael Lee.128,383 

Brophy, Sharon Kay.198 

Brosman, Thomas Arthur.128.304,463 

Brown, Pamela.1 

Brown, Paul Keith.3 

Brown, Ric Vance.a 

Brown, Richard Francis.1 

Brown, Robert Alan.-.4 

Brown, Robert Gerald.128,381,4 

Brown, Robin Lynn.3: 

Brown, Roger Curtis Jr.I 

Brown, Roi-Martin.J 

Brown, Steven Lee.468,4| 

Brown, Suzanne Gordine. 

Brown, Teri Jo. 

Brown, Tarry Merlin. 

Brown, Travis Hunter.154,.1 

Browne, David Wayne. 

Browne, Kathleen Kay. 

Brownlee, Jeanne M. 4 

Brownlee, Ricliard C.4) 

Brownlee, Scott Hollis. 2& 

Broznowski, Elizabeth.192,2 

Bruce, Daniel Alan.3> 

Bruce, Michael Reay...21; 

Bruenn, Vaughn Henry.h 

Brugge, Allan Douglas..295,3" 

Bruhn, Barbara Anne.34VJ 

Brulotte, Janet Lynn.3a 

Bmmbach, Jon Peter.4' 

Brumbaugh, David Carl.3 a 

Bruneau, Renee Mae.1 

Bruoff, Lisa Ann.32 

Bruso, Wayne Peter.2W 

Bruton, Carol Marie.4ft 

Brutzman, Keith Allen..37; 

Bruyn, Michael D.23 

Bryan, Deann K.277,3*1 

Bryan, Kelly Richard.12:' 

Bryan, Kimberly A.268,27 

Bryant, Antoinette D..231 

Bryant, Carl Fredriek.26: 

Bryant, David M.231 

Bryant, Debra Lynette..23-“ 

Rr/nstouski, Matthew A.262,26* 

Bnchanan, Jana Marie.27. 

Buchanan, Jeffrey L.4ht 

Buchanan, Jeffrey R.122,241,371 

Bnchanan, Jodie M.244,310,48^ 

Buchanan, Lynne M.36: 

Bucholtz, Paul Henry..3D 

Buek, Darren Templeton. 

Buck, Gaylord Wayne. 

Buek, Nancy Elise... 

Buckingham, Theresa M.31ti 

Buckley, Olivia Ann..331 

Buechl, Janet Lee.292 

Buerstatte, Jon Vernon..37! 

Buffington, Laurie. 15(g 

Bugert, Robert Marion...15b 

Buhr, Jeffrey Thomas.151.4S3.462 

Buidhaupt, Catherine M.310,472$ 

Bull, Michael L.279,280c 

Bull, Robin Kathleen.276,277,419 

Bull, Ronald Lyle.184 

Bullock, John Bruce.314,462 

Bunn, Doug. 


Bunil, Nancy...,. 


Bunn, Steven Todd. 



Bunse, Jim Lee. 


Bunten, Bridgit Ellen. 


Burch, Marion. 


Burch, Thomas Michael. 


Burckhardt, Wayne Roy. 


Burda, Beth Ann. 


Burden Otto Lawrence. 


Burdorff, Miehael K. 


Burg, Scott.262 

Burgen, Signe Ruth.468 

Burger, Gary Lee. 483 

Burgess, Carolyn Joan.276,277 

Burgess, David Charles.132,247 

526 Index 

Is. Keith Weldon.561 

^ss, Sharon.—..-.139 

J-ss. Tom H.262566 

In. Diane Marie...318,319 

ptahler, Lonia G...159 

ignat Kari V.318,319,345 

ignid, Kathryn J.140,462 

tsky. Stephen 1.~.246 

Amanda G. 503 

John Patrick.-..332.476 

Br, Kelly Patrick.-.246 

Laura Marie.355 

r, Linda Louise.334.335,355, 


e, Mark.331 

e. Stanley James.194,373 

Set, Stephen R.-.120 

halter, Mary F.337,418 

halter, Richard F.122,393 

hardt, Robert J.562 

hardt, Ron Dean.365 

ignid, Kari.205 

s, James Alan.233,322 

;igh. George Sc ott.314,316 

Ison, Debora Renee.233 

leister, Tamara J.289,292 

er, Dell Blair..523 

ictt, John Hay.379 

ictt, Katherine Ann.125.462 

<ett, Marie Alan.119.470 

«, Catherine M.270,274 

.is, Charles B.194.263,266 

is, I .aura Carolyn.242,329 

is, Michael Edward.149,401,522 

is, Terence M.357 

iside. Barbara.-.351,432 

‘iside, Jeff Tremain.399,520 

•es, Neal Stanley.244 

ris, Sandra Lois.122 

Jrow, William Joseph.462 

rows, Patrick E.405 

ms, Kathryn Alice.357 

«n, Ellen Ann.276577 

% Andy Kevin.-.263.266 

ton, Mark Joel.-.,331.472 

ton, Vicki Kay.330 

tzinan, Keith.216 

well, Robert H. Jr.316 

, Wendy Lynn.-.240,305 

ch. Jeffrey George.214,371.499 

ch, Sam Joseph.184,258 

ch, Stephen Edward.144,247 

X Jem- Alexander.508 

hnell, Christopher.247 

hnell, Daniel W.322,489 

hwar. Cynthia Ann.162 

^s, Stephen R.96 

se, John Jay..379 

,scll, James A.122 

Acrt, Debi Ann....„.283 

icher, David Fred.328 

cher, Sandy Karen.542,329 

ler, Ann Frances.-.270,363 

;ler, Bonnie B. 256 

iler. Christopher J.284 

.ler, Luanne Marie ..-.-.306 

tier, Scott Allen.492,501 

tiers, Elinor Ruth.126 

IA Franklin Kelly.-.239584 

xton, Paul Edward.206,304 

free, Michael James.119,227 

eriy, Becky M.240,305,459 

ers, Michael Curtis.577 

ere, Rick.233 

gland, KyKc.122 

koff, Rochelle Renee...285 

rd, Michael Duane.-.476 

mes, Katherine M...-.-. 349 



II Keith.316 

ley, Alan Edward...-.233 

; Amy M.359 

ly. Pamela.255.419 

Fery, Father Edward.464 

ill], Ronald James.144 

Lin, Tom Scott.587 

in, Carron Dee.243 

in, James S.403,420 

i, Linda Marie.249 

>, Michael A.-.-.462 

ildwdl, Marjorie Ann.270 

alhoun, Kathleen Ann-.131 

alhoun, Megan Lee.525 

alhonn, Robin Paul.285 

alico, Bruce B. .-.500 

■alkins, Janie Lee.215,349,422 

■allan. Gene W. 466 

allan, Shiriev Jean.-.158 

alien. Brenda Lorene.272 

alien, Craig Eugene.119516,454, 


^allero, Marianne Rose -.75.278.462, 


allison, Dawn Marie.-.310 

alpin, Colleen.244 

g ames Patrick.296,300 

Donald James.-.455 

», David Ernesto.500 

James J.328 

i, Kathleen J.533 

ameron, Kathleen May.227.329,424 

amiel, Peter Amon.258560 

Jaminack, Gordon C...405 

imp. Alfred F. Jr..155 

amp, Christopher E..510,211513 

Camp, Lester C.-.—.188,325 

Camp, Mic hael Eugene.122,443 

Campbell, Arthur C.-. 326,451 

Campbell, Ava Jean.592 

Campbell, Bradley S.-.278 

Campbell. Carol Ann.430 

Campbell. Connie L.-.147 

Campbell. Cregory S.313 

Campbell, Ian Bernard.206509558 

Campbell, Jeffrey S...329 

Campbell, Jerry Allen.-.258 

Campbell, Joanne Marie.149,351,419 

Campbell, Kellye M.334 

Campbell, Kurt Robert.332 

Campbell, Mark George.405 

Campbell, Michael S.264 

Campbell. Patricia M. 268 

Campbell, Ralph Philip.391 

Campbell. Roger Lee.296,300 

Campbell, Ronald Dean.465,469 

Campbell, Scott James.375,457 

Campbell, Shelley.-.289 

Campbell, Timothy R.296,300 

Campeau. Michael M..204,262,266 

Canales. Genevieve.-.462 

Canary, James William.-.377 

Canfield, Dan Walton.387 

Canfield, John Charles.-.278,280 

Cann, Laura. 334 

Canning, Peter Stephen.258 

Cannon, David Lowell.216599 

Cannon, Janice Lee..,-.139 

Cannon, Loren Eugene.134,315.316, 


Canny, Susan Joann.355 

Cantley. Paul Douglas..-.297 

Cantrell, Mark.481 

Cappello, Marie Ida...138,308 

Capps, Theresa Lynn.-.-.305 

Capri, Joyce Lynn.-.432,494 

Cap no, Anne Marlene.141,463 

Carbangh, Marilyn Kay.226,249 

Carberry, James A..233,520 

Card, Carol Marie.462,488 

Carden, Lisa Reid.-.153 

Carey. Anna Marie.-.337 

Carey, Jackie Lynne.-.359 

Carey, James Patrick -.373 

Carev, James Randolph.510 

Carey, Julie Jo.247 

Carey, Vicky Ann.-..288 

Cargill, Laura Lee.355,431 

Cargill, Richard Glenn.263 

Carius, Patricia Anne.251.419,519 

Carlbcrg, Brad Stephen.-.323 

Carlisle, Margaret L.147 

Carlisle, Tummy Jo.309 

Carisen, David William.409 

Carlson, Bradley Win.-.144,456 

Carlson, Brent Roy.-.462 

Carlson, Chris Edward.-.300 

Carlson, Curtis Ray.-.279 

C arlson, Douglas Lee.481 

Carlson, Eric Mark.216,259 

Carlson, Cwcnneth Jill.-.330.472 

Carlson, Jack Jay.122,259 

Carlson, James John.-.278 

Carlson, Jeffrey W.280 

Carlson, Jennifer Jean.347 

Carlson, John D..260 

Carlson, Karen Jean.240,305 

Carlson, Nora Diane.343,420 

Carlson, Robert Bjorn.287 

Carlson, Robert Sewell.150,454 

Carlson, Ruth Marie.131 

Carlson, Stephen L..138538 

Carisson, Michael L.391 

Carlyle. Laurel Ann.-.351 

Carman, Linda Rae.90,96 

Carmichael, Bart A.375 

Carmody, Thomas P.136,409 

CamevaJe, Michele M.533 

Carpenter, Cindy Gay.-.345 

Carpenter, Gregory D.-.395 

Carpenter. Gregory S..327 

Carpenter, Henry.-.297 

Carpenter, Jill Linda.345,468 

Carpenter, Karen Anne.418 

Carpenter, Robert W.465 

Carpenter, Stephen B.261 

Carper, Randy Hain.329 

Carpine, Wendy Jean.139,251,465. 


Carr, Rodney Clayton.387 

Carrick, Maureen Y.136505 

Carrillo, Cynthia Jane.-.318,319 

Carrington. Douglas C..312 

Canrithere, James R..-.210 

Carroll, John David.287 

Carroll, Kristine L... 270 

Carrougher, John G. —. 259 

Carsten, Christine A.205568 

Caretcns, Judy Kay.276577,459 

Carter, Brian Allen.-.264 

Carter, Carol Ann.280 

Carter, James E..331 

Carter, Mary Teresa.334 

Carter, Nancy Ixmisc.-.306 

Carter, Peggy Joan.227,319,419 

Carter, Susan Marie.270,343 

Carter, Thomas Edward.261 

Cartwright, Larry.242 

Carver, Dennis Wayne.-.375 

Carver, Mark Clyde.-.298 

Case, Michael Dee.264566.509. 


Case, William McDonald.262 

Casebolt, Jeffrey A..—.264 

Casebolt, Patricia R.427,495 

Cash, Lynn Michelle.-.288 

Cashman, Jon E... 258 

A1 Camp 

Student Publications Photographer 
Photographer of the Year 

Casmusscn, Linda.465 

Casscls, Scott Lewis.371 

Casserlv, Erin Marie.287 

Castles, Daniel W.258 

Cast on, Gina Lynn.337 

Catlin, Christopher D..156.184,185, 

395 504 

Caudill. Linda Jean.268572 

Caudill, Thomas.204,323 

Caudle, Rhonda Kay.271 

Causey, Roderick D.279 

Cavalier, Gary Dennard.300 

Cavanaugh, Maureen A.494 

Caviness, Deborah Sue.334,335 

Cawdrey. Mare Carlton.371 

Cawston, Rodney.333 

Cayford, Brian Murray.149597.300 

Cease, Delnetta Dawn.131 

Ceely, Catherine Ina.240,307 

Cejka, Christopher C.135 

Cema, Diana L.122, 

Cema, Juan Patricio.247,500 

Cema, Sylvia.278,280 

Cervenka, Catherine A.308 

Cervi. Catherine Ann.270574 

Cey, Douglas Brian.371 

Cha, Gary Myonghak..316530 

Chadwick, John C.-.264 

Chaffee, Julie Kay.-.341 

Chalich, Linda Joyce.477 

Challman, Grctchen Ann.-.153 

Chalmers, Tcresc Ann.233 

Chamberlain. Cheryl M.592,460 

Chamberlin, Alice S.318 

Chan, Elizabeth.307 

Chan, Marie Mai Yee.139,290592 

Chan, May Wai-Yin.122 

Qian, Paul Edward.455,456 

Chan, Stephen.-.332 

Chandler, Cathy Lynn.233 

Chandler, Greg Martin.510513 

Chandless, Mark Steven.184 

Chaney, Martha.288 

Chang, Chirauat.498 

Chang. Melanie Yasuko —.355,431 

Chapel, Christine. 247 

Chapel, Russell Tripp.591,478 

Chapin. Christopher L.129,304 

Chapin, Gary- Wayne.147 

Chaplin. Carey Sean.-.395 

Chapman, Georgia L.247 

Chapman. Jennifer Jean.131.347 

Chapman, Kerry Diane.122,216,276, 


Chapman. Leslie Gail.-.153,337 

Chapman, Linda J.131,416 

Chapman, Mark Phillip.122 

Chapman. Mollie Noel.505 

Chapman, Peter Shane.313 

Chapman, Rebecca Diane.308 

Chapman, Robin Lee.375 

Chappell, Koxanc Marie.291 

Chappie. Kristen E.291 

Chaput, William B..327 

Chard, Jan Eric.327 

Chard. Teresa C.249,459 

Charles, Karen Marie.518 

Charlo, Michael Edward.407 

Chamos, Suzie Carrie.-.351,427 

Chan-on, Cindy S..244 

Charters, Kathleen G.-.162 

Charvet, Jeanine N.—.144,341 

Chase, Don Leroy.227 

Chase, Helen Sharon. 462 

Chase, Jennifer Ann.363,417,519 

Chase, Lei Lani Jeanne...—.—.122,247,488 

Chassin. Terri Lynn.-.462 

(banner, Michelle Lynn.203 

Chen, Che-lan.. 307 

Cheney, Lucy Anne.345,420,459 

Chesley, Shiriev Fay.-.334 

Cheung, David.150 

Cheung, Mary' Mayee....-.276 

Chew, Geoffrey S.514 

Child, Vicki Lynn.318,319 

Childers, Alan Jay.-.381 

Childers, Christine J..216,268572, 


Childress, Becky Sue—.518 

Childress. Bradley D.-.-.296,504 

Chflds, Cynthia Lynn.416.486 

Chin, Gene J.-.299 

Chindelc. Jill.243 

Chin, Ying Ken Kueng.—.593 

Chinking, Steve.312 

Chipps, James Levi. 314,316 

Chitwood. Connie E.291 

Chinelir, Theresa Marie.162 

Chong, Randal Rian.299 

Chopper, Mark H.598,300 

Choquette, Dennis Alan.122,383 

Chow, Clarence Lai-Kai.153,259,518 

Chow, Shu Kay.-.136 

Chrisman, Carol Yvonne.318,319,457, 


Christel. David Wayne.371 

Christel, Mark Kenneth.122 

Christen, Karen Denise.533,469 

Christen, Kenneth L.373 

Christensen, Arlene M.268 

Christensen, Brvce C. 


Christensen. Cathy Jo. 


Christensen, Cindv Lee. 


Christensen Cindv R. 


Christensen. Don Lee. 


Christensen, Jeffrey D.229 

Christensen, Richard G.-.259 

Christensen, Victor I..403 

Christian, Jon Wilson.297 

Christiansen, Carole M.305 

Christiansen, Jeffery.151,453,479, 


Christianson. Mark D.328 

Christman, Beverly Ann.355 

Christoffereen, Greg.241 

Christofferson, Eric D.327 

Christopher, Guy.333 

Christy, Mary Kathleen.270,274,459 

Chromy, Candace Ann.126,272.457 

Chubb, Daniel Gene.216,286 

ivi ILlldU ridlLK .. 

Chun, Kimo Craig. 

..599, .300.479 

Chun, Phyllis Lei. 

Chung, Lome Lai Kirn. 

Ciueci, Gina Terresa. 




Clair Ingrid A. 


Oainpitt, Colleen E. 


Index 527 

Jon Hoyt 

Student Publications Photographer 
Photographer of the Year 

Clancy, Joan Marie.355 

Clancy. John James.385 

Clarcy, Michael.233 

Clark, Bruce Jonathan.286 

Clark, Catherine Ann.75,318,319 

Clark. Clarence J. Ill.189 

Clark, Diane Denise.283 

Clark, Edwin Charles.279,280 

Clark, Janice Cayle.270.274 

Clark, Jeffrey Scott.184,454 

Clark, Kainion Lee.351,420,459 

Clark, Karen.339 

Clark, Kevin Dale.286 

Clark, Larry David.258 

Clark, Lewis Jeff.403 

Clark, Mark Allan.403 

Clark, Mark Raymond..395 

Clark, Max.333 

Clark, Patrick J.158,490 

Clark, Phillip Leon.365 

Clark, Rebecca Sue.153,467 

Clark, Scott.297 

Clark, Steven Charles.377 

Clark, Susan Catherine.122,359 

Clark, Susan Margaret..357,422,501 

Clark, Terrence Keith.136 

Clark, Terry Robert.144,391 

Clary. Ray.397 

Claudon, Lynn M..328,343 

Claunch, Cathy.505,506 

Clausen, Theresa Ann.325 

Claussen, Alix Fraser.307 

Clayton, Scott.320 

Clement, Timothy John.298 

Clements, Carole Lee.155 

Clements, Cuy Darcy.122.405,464 

Clemmons, Janis Maycda.488 

Clendaniel, Jndson H .365 

Clerf, Peggy Jeanne.357,428 

Cleveland, Mary E.233 

Cleven, Cregory Lloyd....492 

eleven. Marie Daniel.298 

Clevenger, Kelley P.256 

Click, Kelly Ellen..349,420,460 

Clifton, Richard Benny.137 

Cline, Andy Jack.260 

Cloaninger, Craig Lee.118,367 

Cloaninger, Joann.363,423 

Close, Katherine L..233 

Closs, Dawn Loiselle.243 

Clubb, Kimber Lee.256 

Clynch, Susan Dianne.286 

Coates, Greg Donald.365 

Cobb, Debra Jean.308 

Cobb, Jamie.314 

Cobb, Janet E.139 

Cobb, Janice...75,128,355, 


Coble. Leslie Marie..337 

Coble, Scott McLean.297 

Coblentz, Jeff Robert. 174,369 

Cochran, Gene Paul.321 

Coe, Cynthia Anne.328 

Coe, David Wavne.403 

Coe, Sandra Jean.139,465,485 

Coe, Stuart Donglas.132 

Coffey, Michelle D.162 

Coffin, Susan Ann. 306 

Cojones, Jose.312 

Colbert, Janis Kay.343,422 

Colbert, John Vernon.314 

Colbert, Karla Raye.151,289,292 

Colby, Raymond Grant.377 

Colclough, Diane T.199,268,272 

Coklough, Robert G.244 

Cole, Douglas Allan.385 

Cole, Linda Virlea.216.272 

Cole, Michael Lee.156.363,499 

Cole, Richard James..379 

Cole, Robert Milton Jr.409 

Cole, Rodney Elias.410 

Cole, Samuel.278 

Cole, Stanley Alvin.466 

Coleman, Cathy Ann..361 

Coleman, Charlene M.269 

Coleman, Daniel Rogers.495 

Colgan, Richard.379 

Colgan, Suzanne Marie.430,484 

Colkitt, Byron Kelly. 397 

Collcnder, Hugh R.-.314 

Collier, Kelly Kay.253,254 

Collier, Scott Allen.263 

Collinge, Debra Kay.128 

Collinger, Bait..320 

Collins, Debora Rene..'306 

Collins, Donald.189,260 

Collins, Gerard.280 

Collins, Joan Eileen.75,308,343 

Collins, Joseph M.246 

Collins, Judy.465 

Collins, Julia Anne.139 

Collins, Leslie Robert.128.247,489 

Collins, Peter Vamell.462 

Collins, Robert Todd.220,523 

Collison, Bruce Cary.407 

Collison, Craig K.407 

Colon, Ivelyth.306,425 

Colony, Frank Cameron.150 

Colton, Kevin Charles.283 

Colville, Erik Emery.261 

Colyar, Michelle E...268,515 

Comai, Luca.242,330 

Combs, David Scott.369 

Combs, Kathryn Louise.334,335 

Combs, Randy.313 

Comeaux, Denise Marie.306 

Comfort, Connie Clark.128,341 

Comfort, Peter J.375 

Common, Kathy.463 

Comstock, Robert Neal.137 

Cone, Elizabeth C.216 

Cone, Roger Reed.259 

Conklin, Susan Kaye.432 

Conley. Mike.216,233 

Conley, Robert John.330 

Conlon, Thomas Patrick.326 

Connelly, Chris.184 

Connelly, Linda Jo.216,287 

Connolly, James Erich.262 

Connor, DeDe.233 

Connors, Kathleen C.244 

Conrad, Craig Cooley.233 

Con rod, Sharon Ruth.330 

Consani, Joan E.521,523 

Constable, Kelly R.327 

Conti, Dean Arthur. 235 

Conway, Craig Phillip.216 

Conway. Robert David.136 

Conyne, Margaret Julie.244 

Conzatti, Edward V.159,405 

Cook, Adrienne M.325 

Cook, Alisa.75,255,256. 


Cook, Bruce Matthew.263 

Cook, Catherine Lynne.341 

Cook, Christopher C.300 

Cook, James Bennett.299,300 

Cook, Lawrence N.399 

Cook. Leaimc.357,501 

Cook, Mark Allen.246 

Cook, Richard Warren.c323 

Code, Robert Alan.401 

Cook, Susan Louise.291 

Cooke, William H. Jr.298 

Cooley, Colin Darryl.480 

Cooley, Pcnnie Louise.347,471 

Cooinbe, James Michael.329 

Coornbs, Randy Wayne.316 

Coomes, Ma rk A.300 

Coon, Frederick Peter.263,266 

Cooper, Joel Anthony.184 

Cooper, John William.329 

Cooper, Margaret Anne...132 

Cooper, Mark Emerson.313,316 

Cooper, Robert Allen.515 

Cooper, Robert David.233 

Cope, Adain M.485 

Coplan, Loretta Marie.233 

Coplen,Kathleen Ann.287 

Copp, Larry Alan.296,300 

Copp, Linda Jean.309 

Coppo, Patricia Aim.251,506,519 

Copstead, Lee Ellen C.233,459 

Corbin, Cindi Kay.309,349 

Corcoran, Robert F.401,495 

Corker, Julie Marie.253,357 

Corker, William Mark.155,464 

Corknun, Janette Lynne.309 

Corkum, Katherine L.309 

Corl, Frank Emerson.285 

Comay, Lisa Mary. 251 

Comforth, David Evan.298 

Corr, Patrick J.373 

Corrigan, Cathy Ann.318 

Corsetti, Bradley Jay.387 

Cory, James Me Guirc.154,379 

Cosmer, Richard Evans.325 

Coss, Kristina G.269 

Cn&ano, Daniel P.264 

Cossano, Mary Jo.334 

Costello, Paul Eugene.329 

Coston, Cale Edward..373 

Cote, Diinne Alice.193 

Cote)’, Donald Eugene.174,285 

Cotterill, Steven J.128,247,489 

Cottingham, Susan M.242 

Cotton, John Bruce.174 

Cottrill, Douglas T...150,233 

Couch, Melanie Anne.351,422 

Couch, Theresa Joan.285 

Coufal, Ernest Richard.482,496 

Coulombe, Ricky Lee.476 

Coulon, Leslie Ann. 256 

Coulon, Michelle Rene.253,254,486 

Coulson, James Michael.401 

Courtney, Herbert W. Jr.407 

Covev, Edgar Anthony.315 

Cowan, Richard Martin.232,495,514 

Cowan, Steve.232 

Cowan, Susan Kathleen..'305 

Coward, Mary Catherine.307 

Cowart, Denise A.240 

Cowe, Beth.474 

Cox, Amy Lorraine.1(S9 

Cox, Dmald Jeffrey.234 

Cox. Fred Robert.501 

Cox, Fred Stacer.-313.316 

Cox, Car)’ Alan.328 

Cox, James Elbert.244 

Cox, Kenneth William.247 

Cox, Mary Patricia......169 

Cox, Sean.266 

Coyne, Danny Michael.128,247,452, 


Coyne, Margaret. .310 

Cor/za, Mary Ann.271 

Crabill, John Dwight.371 

Crabtree, Barry N.150,287 

Crabtree, Daniel E..299,301,488 

Crafton, Kelvin D.243,469 

Crafts, Debbie.501 

Craig, Cathy Lynn...291 

Craig, Patricia Susan.341,4:30 

Craig, Peter H.-300. 

Crain, Cecil.332 

Crain, Marc Scott.226 

Cramer, Laurel Mae.428 

Crane, John H.331 

Crans, Debbie C.148,291 

Crawford, Jay Donglas.401 

Crawford, Teresa Rae.307 

Crawley, Christopher A.301 

Crawley, Constance M.462,496 

Cree, Annemarie M.310 

Cree, William John.481 

Creed, William Ray.134,483 

Creek, Robert Daniel.328,330 

Creighton, Deborah Ann.240,306 

Creighton, Scott Ross...135 

Cressey, Donna Ann.319 

Crider, Steven C.264 

Criez, Margaret Mary. .277 

Crimmins, Christopher.367,420 

Cripe, John Thomas.297.491 

Criss, Cheryl Lynne.244,308,432 

Criss, Nancy Jean.305 

Crissey, Donna.318 

Christman, Bov. 432 

Crites, John Dale.147 

Crittenden, John N.134.247,466 

Crittenden, Robin Anne.152 

Crocker, Ann Elizabeth.234,476 

Crocker, Cheryl Rae.269 

Crocker, Rodney James..410 

Croghan, James B. .326 

Croghan, William T.261 

Croker, Shirley Anne.345 

Croine, George Evan.247 

Cromer, Kathleen Ann.464 

Cromwell. Dencee Marie.169 

Crook, JuKe Jean.249 

CroCroonquist, Marguerite.147,170 

Crosby. Alan Dean.148 

Crosby, Anne..216,280 

Crosby, Paul Edward.216 

Crosier, Cheryl Marie.278,280 

Cross, Richard Dale.260 

Grassland, Karen M..329 

Crossman, George W. Ill.226 

Crossman, Jeffrey Drew.313,316 

Crotty, Cheryl L...308 

Crouch, Richard Allan.91.93,331, 


Crouse, Rita Elaine.240,307,453, 


Crouter, Dan Paul.96 

Crow% Brian McCall..397 

Crow, Donald Leroy.210 

Crow, Eddie Charles.234,323 

Crow, Patrick Weldon.217 

Crowe, Alan Michael.391 

Crowe, Jack Stuart.401,488 

Croy, John Floyd.311 

Crump, Viki Lynn.242,328 

Cruze, John.264 

Cuancara, Joseph C.489 

Cufrv, Ron.149 

Cuiliier, Cregory K.258 

Cullen, Brenda.269 

Cullen, Stephen R.323 

Cullinan, Kevin John.324 

Culpepper, Sara Lea.279 

Culver, Suzanne Eunice.319 

Cummings, Carol M.279 

Cummings, Dmald Ray.407 

Cummings, John Martin.196 

Cninminj£, Loran Newell.262 

Cummings Lorie Jo.240 

Cummings, Mark Alden.510 

Cummin^, Phillip D.375 

Cummings, Robert J.483 

Cummins, Melissa Jane.155,216,363 

Cummins, William F.242,301,328 

Cummins, William R.300 

Cunningham, Catherine.357 

Cunningham, Edie Marie.425 

Cunningham, Janice E.170,193,202 

Cunningham, Jeffrey C.371 

Cnnninghain, John Nolan.295,301 

Cunningham, Kelly M.284 

Cunningham, Margaret A.244,308 

Cunningham, Robert D.494 

Curd, Russell Sheldon.299 

Curdy, William Robert.328 

Cuny, Christopher C.393,488 

Curry, Patricia K.310 

Curry, Ronald Lee.401 

Curtis, Andrew Fisher.379 

Curtis, David Lee.483 

Curtis, Suzanne Louise.126,469 

Curtis, Ted Williams.331 

Curtiss, Garry Edward.498 

Curttright, Shelley L.305 

Cushen, John Parker.328,519 

Cushman, Leslie Ann.156 

Cusin, Margo A.288 

Cuthbert, Cindy Lu.351 

Cyphers, Rebecca Leigh.256 

Cyr. Janice Marie.240,306 


Dabrowski, Stanley T.141,247 

Daffom, Carol Ann.249 

Dahl. Ann Ellen.162,269 

Dahl, Chris Calen.371, 

Dahl, Rebeeca Suzan.463 

Dahl, Steven David.391 

Dahl, William Mark.387 

Dahlin, Susan Marie.155,244,277, 


Dahlstrom, Deborah Ann.318,420 

Dih Is train, Cregory C.332 

Dahmen, Robert Joseph.135,451,489 

Dailey, Kristi Ann.473 

Dailey, Mark Warren.287 

Dailey, Phillip Alan.323 

Dainard, Cregory D.377 

Dake, Wayne Harlan.315 

Dale, Marshall Ryan.407 

Dale, William Allen.312,316 

Daley, Brian. 188 

Daley, Jean Marie.234 

Daling, Daniel Joseph.283 

Daling, Jill Eileen.75,270,274 

Daling, Philip Mare.296 

Daling, Terri Sue.128,216 

Dalisky, Dane Marie.131 

Dallas Barnard.501 

Dallum, Lora Lee...326 

Dalv, Brian Jay.M 

Daly, Mark Alan..8 

Daman, Deborah Anne.253J 

Danhara, Torri Kazue.II 

Dancer, Daniel Wayne.216. 

Danekas, Debbie Dean.126,349. 

Danforth, Susan Kay.215,339,-* 

Daniel, Thomas R. 

Daniell, Barbara C.343. 

Daniell, Peggy Lynn.343. 

Daniels, Craig Corbett.230,, 

Danielson, Mary Ellen.198, 

Dankers, Theresa Marie 
Danklefsen, Raelene Jo.. 

Dann, Paul Henry.n’ 1 

Darby, Marilyn Jean. | 

Darcy, Danielle F..1 

Darlington, Cristine A .334,.' 

Dameillc, Allen T. a 

Da it, Sylvia Catherine.,'f 

Darrah, John Michael.1 

DarTOw, Denise Renee.1 

DdiTow, Jeffrey Clay.-i 

Darvill, Frederick T.119,S 

Dattbesall, Rhonda. 4 

Daudt, Larry Alan. 

Daughtry, Jo Anne.Cw 

Davaz, Dennis Mark.3 

Davel, Jamie. 4f 

Davenport, Constance K.144,4 

Davert, Stacy Ellen.359,4 

Davidge, Ann Marie... 38 

Davklhazy, Minka Maria.203,2 

Davidson, Douglas Lynn.3 

Davkkoa f.wvnn Ellen.__1 

Davidson, Lvnn Carol. 

Davidson, Michael J. 

Davidson, Philip M. 




Davidson, Thomas Craig. 

Davidson, William A. 



Davie, Marvane. 


Davies, Joyce Kathleen. 

Davies, Margaret Ann. 


Davila, Franldin.141.2- 

Davis, Allison Gencvra 

Davis Cathy Sue.2 

Davis, Charles Anthony.2< 

Davis Charles Stuart.-3' 

Davis, Cheryl Jean.3 

Davis Edward J. Ill.1> 

Davis, Jacquelyn M.2^ 

Davis John Evan.93,94,? 

Davis, Katherine Sue...2* 

Davis Kevin Earl.2> 

Davis, Kristen Rae.3- 

Davis Leslie Lvnn.341,429,4. V 


Davis, Marylee Ann.41 

Davis Merilee. 31 

Davis Paula Louise.If 

Davis, Robert Allen.122,43 

Davis Robert Francis. 

Davis Ronald Kevin. 45 

Davis. Shelby Jnne 

Davis, Stephen L...31 

Davis Steven Miles. 

Davisson, Anita Louise, 

Davolt, Steven Michael.304,4' 

Dawald, Kye Leslie.188,38 

Dawson, John Curtis.36 

Dawson, Karen Joanne.431,45 

Dawson, Susan Renee.30| 

Dawson, Thomas Eugene 

Day, Dorian Ann.. 

Day, Owen Irville.. 

Day, Patrick Sean. 

Dav, Stephen R.... 

Day, William N... 

Deak, Elizabeth Ann.32' 

Dearn, Gregory Miles.383 

Dean, Carol Aun.23< 

Dean, Cynthia Joan...215.24C 

Dean, Lynne Marie....239,28* 

Dean, Nancy Lyle.255,42- 

Deanc, Carla Ann... 

Deaver, Ivan Eugene.47(. 

Deboer, Steve R.155,405 

Debriere, Charles B.4Gf: 

Debruld, Debi.31(8 

Debruyne, Joseph R.286 

Dechaineau, Suzanne M.269,272 

Dechirico, Gregg W. „...287 

Dcckman, Dana Lee.309; 

Dcckman, Late Ann.13® 

Deckman, Lynne Alison.290,292,415, 

■to 1 - 

Dcckman, Ross Earl. 134,247,389. 


Dedcrick, Sherry Lyun.240,306 

DeDomenico, Erie.506 

Degeller, Cregory J.393! 

DeGeorge, Jndy Ann.543,418 

DeCrandeLuis Victor.134 

DeGroot, David Edward.304,461,486. 


Deines, Becky Lee.308 

Oejamatt, Lise J. 290,292 

Dejulio, Christy.415 

DeLabarre, Mark S.379 

Delaney, Julie Anne.283 

Delaney, Mike Eugene.329,371,502 

Delano, Claudia Jean.454,476 

DelDotto, Lisa Anne M..307,417 ' 

DeLeon, Sosten 0.262 ; 

DeUPlain, Marie T.153 

DeLong, John Paul.204 

DeLong, Shawn Marie.290 ' 

DeLorenzo, Candis Sne.347 , 

DeLossantos, Rene C.-391 

528 Index 

Lannv Joe.. 



’ ireo. Cecelia A.— 

: iy. Michael Eldon. 

ivliiiun Mf'lanic J 



465 485 

J*id, Karen Gale.. 

m3 1 ju A fin 

288 355 

v, Debra Ami. 

•jed, Archie. 

. 397 

_nn RhnmLi Kav 

.288 339 

is, Dean Court nev. 

. 407 

..b. Richard Andrew. 

v, Ronald Timothv. 


. 247 

v, Susan Ruth. 


■hi, Timothy Grant...383 

ainpo, Elizabeth 0.242.329 

lul, Steven Dominic*.131 

Vigo, Colleen L.243 

i Carol Ann.318,319.472, 


xxj. Leona C.-.71.351.432 

sia. Sheryl Jo.... 286 

^ Janies Peter.. 456,469 

™g, Jarucs Thomas.330 

»rjia, Pamela Jean.156 

-jjwe. Carmen.363 

ilvatorc. Denise.238,305 

jito, Michael Ray.184,185,331 

iiane, Don Allen.264 

haneau, Joe.-.-..315 

ranges, Paula Kay.291,292 

a, Wallace Edgar.283 

tarais, Gerald M.304 

ois, Jon.181,184 

Peter Joseph..238 

tel, Carol Eunice.157,283 

efano, Toni Rae. 

more, Robert Lee. 



wiler, Thomas K. 

uiey, Karen Colleen.. 
sns, Jane Emma. 


.. 244,310 


in Gary Neale 


In, Peter Hayes. 


in, Craig R. 


lin, Andrew Joseph.... 

ore. Sue Mary. 

ries, Doug Horton. 




/aard, Bradley Kent... 


/ar Susan Lee. 


dire Joe H. 


/cert, Daniel L. 

/ill. Bill Lee. 

tor Jay I ainsoy 



262 266 

ter, Julie Ann. 


Yning. 1 imri n 


ellem, Tamara Sue.... 
itt, Gurdial Singh. 



moral Daniel E_ 


k, James Robert. 


k, Sharon Marie- 


kens. Jody Ann.....198 

Dickerson. Ten Fae.347 

Dickhaus. Mary C. 425 

Dickinson, D. Dean..312 

Dickinson, Mary Alice.147 

Dickinson. Thomas John.452,514 

Dickinan, James Jay.296 

Dickover, Donna Lois.122,464 

Dickson, Elaine M.203 

Dickson, Lisa K.349,453 

Dickson. Marlaine R...203 

Dickson, R. Spencer. 151 

Dicus, Lynn Von.373,420 

Didomenico, Eric David.297,301 

Diedrick, Charles M.184 

Diefendorf, Thomas R.405 

Diemert, Michael Allen.285 

Dietiker, Linda K.....240,480 

Dietz, David Herbert.234 

Digby, Patricia Anne.122,488 

Digiovarmi, Raymond A.399 

Dijulio, Christine M.241,519 

Dijulio, Douglas David.375 

Dilorenzo, Barbara M.238,432 

Dimock, Jordan Ray. 476 

Dineen, Sharon E.... SL 16,308 

Dinehart, Colleen Kay.-.215.349 

Dinger. Denise -. 270 

Dirkes, Janet Ellen.355 

Dirksen, David D.383 

Disney, Susan Theresa.279 

Distler, Linda Marie.359,429 

Dittmar, David Charles.227 

Divelbiss, Rolrcrt A..365 

Divers, Richard James.296,301,480 

Divis, Sterling Monroe. 154 

Dixon, Dana Steven.297,301 

Dixon, Janice Lynn.122,456,488 

Dixon, Philip Bruce...264 

Doan, Karen Marie.284,516 

Dobie, Dorothy D.. 169 

Dobson, Rena Carolyn.239,284 

Dodds, John. 184 

Dodge, David Mason.283,481 

Dodge, Margaret Ann.287 

Dodge, Maryann Kay.244 

Dodge, Nancy Dianne.306 

Dodgen, Gilbert K.485 

Dodson, Sheri Ann..234 

Doennebrink, Mark. 234 

Doerfler, Michael Lee.184 

Doering, Dale Larry.156,216 

Doherty, Barbara Lee.286,459 

Doherty, Mark Murphy.132,482 

Doherty, Maryjo K.289.292,459 

Dolan, Linda Louise.122 

Dolan, Steven Thomas.259 

Dolcjsi, Mary KayT...216,288 

Dollahite, Steve Todd.260 

DoUard, Michael Scott.244,403 

Dolph. William Merel. 329 

Dolquist, David Neil..397 

Bruce Fingarson 

Student Publications Photographer 

Donaghy, Midtael J.—..279 

Donahue, Kathleen. 119 

Donald. KacHn Gwynn.215,345,482 

Donaldson, James Lee...189 

Donges, Mark Richard.122 

Donnell, Joann.-.274 

Donovan, Bradford L.156 

Donovan, Teresa Louise.307 

Dooley, Timothy John.385 

Doomink, Daniel Glenn.184 

Dooniink. Nancy J.238 

Doran, DonaldL.330 

Doran. Lee Janies.158,462 

Doran, Shannon Leigh...359,431 

Doifner. John Emlin.261 

Doigan, Angela Marie.-.228 

Dormaier, Alvin Leroy.242 

Dormaier, Gary Keith.456,457 

Donnaier, Gregory M.403 

Donnan, Marjorie Ann.. 343 

Dorn, Gerald Lawrence.234 

Dorsey, Kyle Patrick.......295 

Dorsey. Stephen Arthur... 381 

Dorsey, Tommy Allea...365 

Dorway, Roger Charles.301 

Doty, Barbara Jean.159,455 

Doty, Denise Helene.308 

Doty, Elizabeth Lctha..347 

Doty, Mike Everett.296 

Doty, Paul Emerson.122,488 

Dougherty, Coleen Ann.269 

Dougherty, Susan M.308 

Doughtery, Theresa.492 

Doughty, David Harold.299 

Doughty, Kathy Jean.289 

Douglas, Debra Dee.._.162 

Douglas, G rolls.397 

Douglas, Patricia 1.334,335 

Douglas, Stephen M.262,266 

Douglass, Fred Michael.387 

Doiunit, Anne Marie.349,423,459, 


Doumit, Patrick F.„.128,381 

Doun, Fon-San. 498 

Doupe, Stephen C.320 

Douthitt, Susan R.278 

Douthwaite, Julia B.249,431 

Dow, Diane Patrice.306 

Dowd, Anne Denise.347 

Dowdell. Susan Dawn.268 

Downey, Daniel Mark.322 

Downing, Russell A.397 

Doyle, Debbie K. -.234 

Doyle, Jodi Anne.-.309 

Dozer, Daniel P.323 

Dozier. Kirthman F.301 

Drader, Donald Ruben..487 

Dragavon, David Wayne.149,331,333, 


Dragovich, David J. 456,465 

Dragovich, Douglas M.283 

Drahos, Stanley Edward.-.137 

Dreifus, Charles Jon.-.365 

Drew, Elizabeth A.285 

Driflot, Tor Eric.‘....323,379 

Drinnon. Patricia Ann...363 

Driscoll, John Francis.369,420 

Driscoll, Karyn L.361,425 

Driscoll. Mary Denise.128,361.429 

Drllevich, Dan Paul.194,300,301 

DroDrobny, Douglas R.297 

Drodai, M. Catherine.148,228 

Drake, John Mark.154,174,247 

Droppelman, Suzanne C.271 

Droz, Thomas Edward.284 

Druffel, Jeff Francis—. 284 

Druian, B. Raymond.516 

Dnunhcller, Ellen.154 

Dube. Roy Ixiuis.-...468,489 

■Dubois, Kathleen M..291 

Duchow, Darby Jay.214,379 



Duckett, Donna Lou.119,454,476 

Duckworth, Shannou L.268 

Duckworth. Wayne Gary.367 

Dudley, Dale Lsacc.260 

Dufault. Philip Conrad.-.238 

Dugan, John Dudley.311 

Dugger, Floyd Arnold.132,458,511 

Dugger, Michael Ray.301 

Dukeshier, Ronald Clen.332,462 

Dulek, Thomas L. -.387 

Dulin, Wilma Jo.337.421 

Dullanty, Stephen J.—. 375 

Dumond, Dane E.147 

Dun, Sandy.-.278 

Dunean. Carol Frances—.159 

Duncan. Cathy Renac.234 

Duncan, Daniel Albert.-.264 

Duncan, Heather Ann.292,489 

Duncan, John Karl.-..330 

Duncan, Kimberly Ann.247,467 

Duncan, Mark Douglas.297 

Duncap, Paula. 307 

Dunham, Daniel Lee.332,333 

Dunham, Kelly Marie.361 

Dunham, Richard C.377 

Dunlap, Peggy E.307 

Dunlop, Nancy J.240,306 

Dunlop, Peter John.300 

Dunn, Debbie Gail.-.310 

Dunn, Lori Jean.122,462 

Dunn, Michael Jeffrey.462 

Dunn, Robert Mark.-.296 

Dinning, Darryl Mike.481 

Dunstan, Kent William.387 

Dupar, Cristine Ann.—.285,271,274 

Dupar, Jan Pauline..271,274 

Dupar, Thomas Edwin Jr.264 

Dupper, Tomi Jean.238 

Dupree, Dave Exlward.373 

Dipree, Dean Robert...373 

Dupret, Carey Clare.-.119,289,292. 


Dutch, Robert Patrick.476,488 

Dirgan, Patrick Kevin.264 

Duns, Thomas John.-.331 

Durbin, Hugh O’Neill.285 

Durkan, Theresa Ryan.462 

Dursley, Boh.260 

Discnberry, Lynn Ann.310 

Dutter, David Mark.322 

Duttlinger, Edith L.330,479 

Duval, Richard E.149,521,522 

Dvorak, Valarie Lee.306 

Dye, Rebecca Shircen.309,343,427 

Dye, Roger Clarence.244 

Dyer, Alan Eugene.135 

Dyer, Philip Arthur. 

Dyer, Robert Martin. 

Dyer Susan Kathleen 





Dyknian, Sylvia. 


Dymoral, Linda Gayle...242 

Dvsart, Steven Berry.377 

Dzicdzic. John F.156,313,316 

Eachns, Lonny A..283 

Eadc, Mary Elizabeth.119,479 

Eagle, Gail Ruth.122,488 

Eakin, Kathleen Marie.355 

Earl, Karen Jo.139,465,485 

Earl, Stephen Gregory.91,262,266 

Early. Greg George.-.379 

Early, Scott Edward..315 

Easley, Judith Ann.—.122 

East. Ardlyn Marie.-.306 

Easter, Alvin Eugene. 120 

Easter, Frederick Paul.122,397 

Eastlick, Linda Marie -.192,284 

Eastman, Bob.452 

Eastman, Frederick G.395,489 

Eastman, Paul Scott.147 

Eastman, Velina Lynn.269,272,486 

Eathome, Mark William.397 

Eaton. Dee Anne. 239,286 

Eaton, Larry George.155 

Eberlein, Frederick J.247,488 

Eberlcin, Pem Jarvis.472 

Eberly, Steve Alan.324 

Ebert, Wayne Frank-.137,397 

Ebright, Barbara Lynri.463 

Eby, Lorri Tanya.216,361,430 

Eckert, Ken Lee...,-.234 

Ecklund, Debra Jean..234 

Eddy, Elizabeth Ethel.421 

Edens, Daniel Brian.325,326 

Eder, Kelvin Leonard.204,393 

Edgemoii, Kasandra Lea.361 

Edgers, Peter Bruce.-.403 

Edgcrs, Robert Proctor...403 

Edler, David Delmar.210,212,213, 


Edmonds, Craig A..298 

Edmondson, Ronald W.304 

Edmunds, Janet Marie.251,506 

Edson, Jan Marilyn.240,306 

Edwards, AnneC.329 

Edwards, Barbara Jean.-.162 

Edwards, Carolee.169 

Edwards, Daniel Jay. .389 

Edwards, Dayna M.J518 

Edwards, Elaine Marie.-.».307 

Edwards, Melinda...361 

Edwards, Michael R.239,286 

Edwards, Roger Dean.144,399.456. 


Edwards, Steven P.-.263 

Ecg, Teresa Lynn.128.347 

Ecrkes, Debra May.341.431 

Eemissc, Melinda Gay.334,335 

Egbert, Mary Kay.308 

Eggers. Caret).307 

Eggere, Patrick Alan.122,383 

Eggers, Stephen Lee.401 

Egly, John William.126,375.457 

Eginan, Larrainc Adele.276,277 

Egolf, Randy Gene.297 

Ehle, Janice Helen.139,465,485 

Elders, Mel.473 

Ehrgott, Steve Kiui.329 

Eichberger, Monica T..-.462 

Eichholtz. Olivia Lee..329 

Eickerman, Kenneth S.243 

Eide, Gary Gene.-.120.234 

Eidsvoog, Merlynn R.216,334,3)5, 


Eifert, Brian Edward.-..297 

Eigeman, Maureen Aune.149 

Eigenbnxle, Heidi M.269,272,416 

Eikuin, Valerie Ann.251 

Eilers, Daniel E.367 

Eilers, Gregg Herbert.304,495 

Einan, Linda June.305,462 

Eisenbrey, Paul R.286 

Eitner, David Karl.296,301 

Eitreim, Karen Lee.153,456 

Eken, Marie Lynn.-.326 

El-Madhun, Yousef A.141,234 

Ettxim, Douglas Alan.-.316 

Eldelblute. Bill.260 

Elder, Debra Lynne..-.307 

Eldridge, William J.-.328 

Elefcon, Todd Philip.. 128,375 

Eley, Joseph C. .260 

Elia, Craig Neil.-..243 

Eliadis, John T.216,245 

Eliason, Denise Kay.-.147.343. 

EUenwood, Charles.329 

Ellcnz, David Frank.230 

Ellemian, Susan Kay.418 

Ellicott, John L.389 

EUin^en, Limb Marie.-.520 

Ellington, Kenneth P.403 

Elliott. John Ferrell.141 

Elliott, Catherine S.255,256,415 


Elliott, Danny Edward.314 

Elliott, Diane Gail.247 

Elliott, Greg Brace.299 

Elliott, Pamela Kay.245 

Elliott, Suzanne M..'345 

Ellis, Chandra Denise.318.319 

Ellis, Mark E..216.295 

Ellis, Michelle Rene.234 

Ellis, Mike.-..490 

Ellis, Patrick Raymond.260 

Ellis, Rick Joespn.260 

Elmslie, Dana Richard.389 

Ehnstie, Helen Ann.139 

Elston, Kenneth Jay.137,379 

Elton. Teresa Rene.139,465,485 

Elvrarn, Jean Marie.151151,306 

EKvood, Arlene Rose.285 

Elworth, Julie Therese.158 

Embry, John Thomas.264 

Embry, Mary R.330,488 

Emerson, Don Lavem.510 

Emerson, Judith Ann.488 

Emerson, Lynn K.341 

Emerson, Marta Kaye.359,484 

Emery, Rita D. 141,462 

Emigh, David Mark.481 

Emigh, James Frank.456,469 

Einigh, Mary Jane.285 

Emmick, Craig Alan.132^43,458 

Eminons, Brett Allen...401 

Emmons, Rae Ann.351.417 

Eintman, Richard Alan.159,296,301 


Ena, Tali S..„-.184 

Enarson, Donna J.330,459 

Endres, Darrel Wayne.—.148 

Endtcr, Becky Lynn.126,359,469 

Engberg, Douglas Scott.387 

Engebrelsen, Laura Mae.328 

Engebretson, Marv Lee.75,139,339, 


Engel, Dale Robert.264,266 

Engclman, Kimberly A..359 

Engen, John Scott.246 

England, Kathryn Lee.341,418 

Eugle, Doug Allen..263 

Engle, Douglas Earl.204.266,284 

Engle, Kevin Thomas.243,505,506 

English, Philip Gerard.132,316 

Englund, Deniee Dune.463 

Engnian, Nancy J. .- 170,305.307, 


Engstrorn, Jeanne C.478 

Ennis, Norene Marie-.-.290 

Enquist, Paul N.137,204 

Enriques, Guy Benjamin.230 

Ensign, Edward Craig.150 

Entrikin, Jolene Kae.337 

Epherson, Malcolm L.331,333 

Epping, Jeau Marie.240,307 

Epps, Rodney James.403 

Erdinau, Gordon William.128,399 

Erdman. Rita C.349,432,511 

Ereth. Janet Marie..512 

Erickson, Brace E.135,485,489 

Erickson, Cynthia Lynn.307,476 

Erickson. Francisca.216,306 

Erickson, Jaime Dawn.329 

Erickson, Karen Louise.139,359,422, 


Erickson, Karl Thomas.505 

Erickson, Shane Alan.480 

Erickson, Stephanie J.359 

Erickson, William T.399,505 

Erikson, Brace Emil.326 

Erlendson, Dan F.234 

Erlenmcyer, Dennis J.329 

Emsdorff, Susan Marie.278,280 

Erskine, Ronald James.242,330 

Ervine, Megan Elissa.318 

Erwin, Leslie Louise.272 

Erwin, Mark Clifford.194,295 

Erwin, Tim John.377 

Eschbach, Elizabeth J.305,307,462 

Eschbach, Mary P. 455 

Eskeberg, J. Walter.397 

Eskridge, Janice D.-.288 

Eskridge, Judy Maria.288 

Esmay, Ronald Lee.—.118 

Esparza, Arnold.-.397 

Espiua, Charlene L...329,479 

Essary, Bennie Glen.—.141 

Essko, Ann Christine.119,454 

Estabrook, Eugene Lee.156,263 

Estabrook, Michael L.262,266 

Estes, Christine Marie.139 

Estes, Keviu Thomas.385 

Estey, Brett Richard.393,502 

Estlund, Pamela Lynn.-.308 

Estrada, Risa Marie.307 

Etemadzadeh. Ehsan.144 

Etherton. Jon Sherman.243 

Eucker, Cynthia Ann.139,339,465, 


Eudaley, Sandra Anne.-.339 

Evans, Cindy Jo.214.306,518 

Evans, Dean..-.326 

Evans, Gini.-.-..347 

Evans, Jamie Jo.234 

Index 529 

Evans, Jane Ann M.216,416 

Evaivs, Kathleen A. 460,486 

Evans, Kathym A. 453 

Evans, Matthew Graves....367 

Evans, Michelle Susan...339,415 

Evans, Rodney Dean G..242 

Evans, Scott Jesse.375 

Evans, Stacy Dean.. 401 

Evans, Timothy Ray.-.456 

Eveleth, Daniel Mark.264,266 

Everest, Don Lee.. 299 

Everest, Marvin Lyle.229 

Ewers, John David.156,401 

Ewers, Matt Paul.393 

Ewing, James McKelvey.136,304.496 


Extine, Douglas Dale.159 

Eyre, Andrea Michelle.283 

Ez.ura, Tsutomu.153,263,266 


Faatz, Desi...-..269 

Fackrell, Joan Marie....289 

Fager, Maureen Ann.276 

Fagertie, Becky L.„.249 

Fagg, Jeffrey Boyd.-...234,488 

Fahsholtz, Mike A.262 

Fair, Lisa June.255,256 

Fairbum, Jane Rosanne.285 

Fairhart, Mark Eldon...246 

Falkner, Mark Joseph.157,405 

Fallcy, Susan Arlene.148 

Fallis, Rebecca Jeanne.278,280,476 

Fanchcr, Alicia D.269,272 

Fanning. Bill M.-.373 

Fanning, Geoffrey D...397 

Fant, Jeffery Emerson.397 

Farago, Susan Ilona. 359 

Fargo, Sue.419 

Farley, James C. 486 

Farnsworth. Richard C... 234 

Farr, Sherry R.361,422 

Fanrar, laurel Kay. 361 

Farrell, Leslye Ann......193,309 

Fan-ell, Tim Scott.476 

Fanrcns, Joann Sarah.255,256 

Farrington, Thomas J.266 

Farris, Connie Lynn.306 

Farris, Laurie Ann.306,347 

Farris, Wesley Jay..260 

Fate, Russell J. .508 

Faul, Lori G..325 

Fauncc, Janet Lauren.122,355,491 

Fausctt, Rebecca Ann.216 

Faust, Mark E..387 

Fauts, Sharon.......476 

Faw, Dale Gordon.. 381 

Fay,Ten Ann-.—. 132 

Fazio, Diane Maria... 425 

Fazio, John Robert...122,405 

Fazio, Lori Ann.355 

Fazzari, Steve James.122 

Feeney, Mark John. 284 

Fehler, David Michael.132,371 

Fehrenbach, Joellcn.170,272 

Fejeran, Richard M...278 

Felchlin, Geraldine F.288 

Fell, Patti Jean.357 

Fcllard, Mary.288 

Feller, Marlys Colleen.329 

Fellows, Tammy Rae.253,254,425 

Femling, Herbert Allen.405 

Fernling, James Ralph.196.197,399 

Fenich, Randall James.296,301 

Fenton, Randie Scott.258 

Ferguson, Deborah.-.248 

Ferguson, Gary A.150,248,504, 


Ferguson, John Anthony.....399 

Ferguson, Kay M.—.153 

Ferguson, William A..285 

Fcrluga, Christopher J.246 

Feman, Sharon I-ee.144 

Fernandez, Scott A.„.148 

Fcn-er, R. Greg.156,391 

Ferrette, Paul Arthur.379 

Fend, Douglas B.462 

Ferro. Susan Ellen.216.249 

Fcry, Douglas N.296,301 

Fiala, Margaret Ann.234 

Fiala, Mary Catherine.276 

Fichtenberg. Leslie A.306 

Fichter, Roger L.312,316 

Ficken, Dean Marvin.381,421 

Fiekeu, Janet Louise...-363,423 

Fiedler, Susan ne K.329 

Field, Ellen Elizabeth.16^ 

Field, Julienne Marie...239,284 

Field, Lesli Anne. .243 

Fields, Jan Louise-.309 

Fields, Mary Anne..-.280 

Fields, Terri Lynn.-.289 

Fifer, Marjorie L. —.-.-.325 

Figg, Janet Patricia.329 

Figon, Carol Ann.485 

Fiksdal, Susan Loree.361 

Filan, Damon L.367 

Filan, Derry Lee.-.329 

Filan, Didi.75,76.343 

Filip, Jeffrey E..299 

Finan, 1-rwrence A. Jr.184,259 

Finch, Gregory Lee.393,457,495 

Findley, James Bryan.304 

Fine, Jeannette Morina.141 

Fingaison, Bruce Allan...401 

Finke, Jeffrey Arthur.383 

Finlay, Bruce Justin.387 

Finlayson, David Scott.327 

Finlayson, Jem Luann. 162 

Finley, Craig Ellis.311 

Finn, Deanna Dorene.. 330 

Finnegan. Kevin M.-...148 

Finnegan, Maureen E...326 

Finney. David Stanley.234 

Finney. Elizabeth Jane.337 

Fiasco, Cheri Lynn. 240,306 

Finslcy, Laura Lynn.240,307 

Finsley, Mark Allan.1.35,243 

Firehainmer, Keri Rac.308 

Firestone, David Neal.264,266 

Fischer, Deanna Sue.139 

Fischer, Janet Lynn......370 

Fischer, Jim.204 

Fischer, Mindy Sue.270,274 

Fischer, Steven Henry.135,489 

Fish. Debbie M.-.-.351 

Fish, Nancy Ellen.- 122,491 

FLshback, Mona B. 363 

Fisher, Alan Jay. .204 

Fisher, Daniel W.322 

Fisher. David Knoien.279 

Fisher, Jill Marie.-.285 

Fisher, Larry Eugene.473 

Fisher, Lee.334 

Fisher, Mark Jeffrey...297,301 

Fisher, Randall William.377 

Fisher, Ronald Ray.279,280 

Fitch, Debra Harriet.285 

Fitch. Donna Lyn. 240,306 

Fite, Lisa Nordby.270 

Fitterer, Bnicc Joseph.401 

Fitterer, Jenifer R.341 

Fitzgerald, Dean R.330 

Fitzgerald, Janice M.241 

Fitzgerald, Katharine.359,430 

Fitzgerald, Kevin C...298 

Fitzgerald, Shirley.305 

Fitzgibbon, Michael E.279 

Fitzsimmons, John W. 332 

Fitzsimmons, Nancy Jo.—.- 430 

Fitzthum, Deborah Ann.337.415 

Fjalstad, Leslie Rene..240,305,459 

Fjeitstuman. Nancy...289 

Flaherty. Tinwthy P.387 

Flanagan, Stephen A.261 

Flatla, Linda May.-.-.241 

Flatten, Craig John.323 

Flcchsig. Becky Jo.271 

Fleck, Frederick Jude.299,457 

Fleck, Ronda Darlene.122,464 

Flee nor, Sally J.-. 270 

Fleming, Frank C.334 

Fleming, Fred W...377 

Fleming, Jay Paul.330 

Fleming. Jerry —. 399 

Fleming. 5andra Ranee.288,292 

Fletcher, Dennis G.-.393 

Fletcher, James D.399 

Fletcher, James Henry..120.389 

Fletcher, Keith W.141 

Fletcher, Kim Marie...318,319 

Fletcher, Marsha C—.-.359 

Fletcher, Raleigb Lee.-.184,185 

Fletcher, Rick.313.316 

Flint, Janet Viola.353.254 

Flint, Susan Janice.268 

Flint, Theresa.292 

Floeh, Dane Rae.76,288,343 

noth. Karen Kay.151,343,501 

Flora, Thomas John.216,262 

Florek, Carolyn Marie.-.75.268,272, 


Flowers, Charlene K.-.291 

Flowers, Debra Lynn. 239,284 

Floyd, Jeanette Marie.361 

Floyd, Scott Arthur...-.383 

Fluke, William Larry. 126 

FlumorfeU. Margo Kay.. 246 

Flynn, Lori Denise. 159,337 

Flynn, Patricia Lois.309 

Fode, Danne Melinda.278J180 

Fogarty, Jeffrey Paul.134,483 

Fohnc, John Robert.-...329 

Foien, Bradley J.296,301 

Foisie, Lisa Michele...339 

Foleen, Leonard C.-.313,316 

Foley, Julia Marie.355 

Foley, Maureen Ruth.271,274 

Folkerts, Mark Allen.323 

Follett, Robert K.385 

Foltz, Brian Dale.399 

Fonck, Robin M..271,274 

Fong, Karen Louis.353,354 

Fontenot, D>ri A.334 

Fontenot, Jolm Joseph..-.299 

Foote, Sally A.334 

Forar, Alvin Leland...454,473 

Forbes, Christopher J.462 

Forbes, Thomas Jeffrey.332 

Fond, Bonnie Jean. 466 

Ford, Craig Harrison.-.488 

Ford, Dennis Roger.409 

Ford, Jeffrey Scott.260 

Ford, Patrick Michael.409 

Ford, Walter Lee..216,316 

Forde, Cecelia Mary—.288,292 

Forde, Neal Olaf.371,494,501 

Forde, Robin A.249 

Forderhase, Barbara L.318 

Foreman, Sherry Kay...151 

Forester, Joe.332 

Formann, Janet.-.242 

Forney, Camille Kay.—..271,274 

Forrester. Mary Lynn.305 

Forsyth, Scott A.371,494,495 

Fort, Catherine V.289,292.433 

Forth on, Richard B..312 

Fortier, Raymond F.-.403 

Fontino, Sam.234 

Fortner. Douglas Baum —. 453 

Fortner, Kathryn L.308 

Fortune, Jenrold J... 153 

Forward, Chester Wayne.—.485 

Fodnirg. Chcrilyn D.-..349,429 

Foes, Deborah Kay.-.199,307 

Foss, Ellen Marie.308 

Fossen, George A.242,328 

Foster, Bonnie Lynn.318,319 

Foster, David Win ton.134 

Foster, Diann Lee.253,363 

Faster. Janet Louise..291,292 

Foster. Jill.347 

Foster, Keith Alan..316 

Foster, Robert Izmis.—.91 

Foster. Robin Ann.-.334,498 

Foster, Vernon F.-..284 

Fourno, Marian Francis.216,245,415, 


Foust, Anita Ruth.-.-.318,319 

Fouty, Karen Marie.308,452 

Foutz, Desiree.272 

Fowler, Mary Louise.-.279,280 

Fowler. Richard Gordon.405 

Fowlkes, David Earl.299 

Fox, Heather Colleen.-337 

Fox, Jeffery Michael.397 

Fax, Joseph Robert.-381 

Fax, Lisa Margaret..272 

Fox. Rex Charles.122,395 

Fox, Walter Vincent.397,514 

Foyle, Robert Gene.119,247 

Fraley, Donald V. Jr.401 

France, Herbert Sydney.137,248,451 

France, Margaret Ellen.131,248,463 

France, Marjorie K.-.234 

Francik, Joseph Gerard.-.464 

Franck, Kristie Anne.289,290,292 

Frank, David Kenneth.122 

Frank, Debra Kathryn.—.158 

Frank. Valerie Nada.337 

Franklin, Margo Jean-.-309 

Franklin, Richard S.401 

Franklin, Sharee Kae -.-.290,292 

Franks, Stephen John.381 

Fransen, Cynthia Ann.318,345 

Frantz, Patricia King-.126 

Frantz, Walter Forrest..141,462 

Franz, Carol Louise...157 

Franz, Curtis G...295 

Franz, Randall John.118,488 

Fraser, Denise Marie.347 

Fraser, Heather Ann.363 

Fraser. Hugh Duncan.298 

Fraser, Kathleen Ruth.-343,484 

Frasier, Thomas.....118,301 

Frawley. John J_-.462 

Fray. Catherine Ann.—.269,272 

Frederick, Heidi Lynn.306 

Frederick, Shonie E.269,433 

Fredctte, Paul Gregory..379 

Fredlund, James.—-.316 

Fredricks, Clay. 283 

Fredricks, Gary Robert.147 

Fredrickson, George P.—.149,523 

Fredrickson, P. Fred.220 

Fredlund, James Robert. 315 

Freed, Janelle Sue.306 

Freeman, Douglas Allen.329 

Freeman, Harley D.322 

Freeman, Mary C.309 

Freepons, Ann C.309 

Freerkscn, Daniel J.301 

Freese, James Richard.119,300,301 

Freese, Martha Jean.279 

Frect, Martin Lewis.„..287 

Freidenrich, Anne S..128,215,343, 


Freidenrich, Clive M. D.377,494,501 

Freihauf, Brad.262 

Freiniuth, David M.134,466 

Freitag, Mark Steven.-321 

French, Diane Carrier. 154,462 

French, Mark Steven.134,248,466 

French, Patricia Ann.248 

French, Peter Link.286 

Frcshley. Susan E.291,292 

Frey, Raymond Lawrence.118,248 

Fricke, Annette Marie.334 

Friddell, Jerry.137,451 

Friedman, Janice Diane.216,334,335 

Friehauf, Bradley R.-.282.266 

Frields, Karen Jean. 470 

Fries, Robin J. .451 

Frisbie. William B. 313 

Friteh, Mark Douglas.—.141,234 

Fritz, Allan Dale.—..285 

Fritz, Martha Elaine.290 

Fritz, Sherry Lee.153 

Friddell, Jerold Hal.-.464 

Fridlund, Phyllis S. 309 

Frlan, John Richard —..315 

Froland, Jerry A.298 

Frost, Judith Ann...149,483 

Frost, Patricia Ann. 234 

Fruge, Paul Ray..313 

Fruge, Peter Mark....312 

Fry, Cynthia Lee.251 

Fry, Jeferey August.284 

Fry, John Walton.263,266 

Fry, Nancy Mae.253,254 

Frye, Shirley Lynn.-.418 

Frykman, Mary Ellen.-.152 

Fudge, Julie Margaret.308 

Fueretenau, Lisa Kay—.151,361 

Fugate, Lisa Jo.—. -418 

Fugier, Audrey Jo.-.239 

Fuhr, John Milton.-.-.312,318 

Robert Carlson 

Student Publications Photographer 

Fujioka, Kathy Mari.289 

Fujioka, Thelma Yuri.242,329 

Fujiwara, Glen S.321,479 

Fulford, Debra Jean.75,140 

Fulfs, Leroy Clarence.132^17,375 

Fulgham, John Raymond.-.478 

Fuller. Cathy Loa.361 

Fuller. Don Blake.-.258 

Fuller, George David. 367 

Fuller, Steven Charles.284 

Fulton, Barbara Jean.289,292 

Fulton, Irene Jeanette.140 

Funk, Kaye.463 

Furlough, Darcy Sue.268,272 

Furman, Terry Michael...379 

Furseth, Tom Elwood.:.489 

Furth, Karen Marie.216,351 

Fununasu, Larry Alan.451 

Fyall, Caro! Jean.334,335,421. 


Fyffe, Diane Marie. 149,337 


Cadsboel, Niels.144,322 

Gaerisch, Werner Scott. 371 

Gage, KimO..399 

Gagpon, Lynn Elizabeth.476 

Gahler, Ursula.75,306,341 

Calanti, Cindy Maureen.307 

Gale. Warren W. 407 

Galcy, Lloyd Lester.309 

Galgano, Pete Anthony.246 

Gall, Terri Lynn.255,469 

Gallagher, Darlene M.147,308 

Gallagher, James M. Jr..311,316 

Gallagher. Paul A.-.486,492 

Callamore, Cindy I-eigh.432 

Gallo, Steven Anthony.284,265,489 

Gallovich, Mike.—...184 

Galloway, Arthur Lee.-.184,185 

Galloway, Beverly J.-.140,473 

Callup, Neil Preston.*—..122,238 

Galvin, Paul Scott...157 

Gamachc. Paul Anthony.— 118,395 

Gambold, Carol Jean.-. 268 

Gamlem, Dana Ixxiise..256 

Camlcm, Gail Marie..263 

Caminie, Joan Elaine.—.140,359 

Ganders, Lawrence H..520 

Candro, Stephen.155 

Cann, David Russell. 284 

Gann, Douglas Gene.123 

Gannon, Robert E. Lee.123,379 

Ganong, Catherine E.203 

Capen, Cindee June.284 

Caray, Dave Bruce.-.-.123 

Carber, Mikel Jo.-..276 

Gaiberg, Ronald Byron..314 

Carcia, George T.-..-313 

Garcia, Sally.-.123,464 

Garcia, Valorie B..345 

Cardner, Barbara Ann.341,424 

Gardner, Gay Ninette.251 

(Gardner 1 .aura lean ... _ 0 

Gardner, Rick Bradlev. 

Gardner, Susan Lvrm. 

Garg, Brijendra Kuinar 


Garg, Kathv Ann. 


Caring, Richard Roy. 

Carl, Stephen Richard. 

Gannanian, Lisa Gayle. 




Gamer, Susan Jo. 2-i 

Carowski, Gary Ixmis.216,3< 

Garrison, Richard H.3T 

Garrison. Val Rey.-.120.468,4 

Garvin, Mark Forler. 

Caspar, Daniel Raymond.4S 

Gass, Michael Arthur...47 

Gass, Robert Glenn.141,24 

Cassett, Gregory M.329,51 

Gates, Gina Marie...289,290,29 

Gatrell, Claire Diane.28 

Gatzke, Brenda I^ec.-.J288.292.47 

Cauglitz, Kari F.39 

Cause, Linda Marie.140,47 

Gawlcy, Patricia Anne.-31 I 

Gaylcr, Ursula.—.42 

Caynor, Philip Alan.-.23i 

Gaynor, Theresa Ann.240,30* 

Geedcs, Scott Daniel..297,30 

Gehrke, Jerry Reinhard..23 1 

Ceier, James C...316,331 

Geisenheimer, Michael.291 

Geleynse, Carl D.—.13’ 

Celeynse, Gregory Jay.-.38 

(Jelineau, Jance Blyth..202,33< 

Cclineau, Sheryl Lynn.30" 

Cellatly, Susan E.46. 

Cellos, David Philip.363 

Cellos, Nancy E.357,422,49^ 

Geloneck, William K. Jr.149,405,46 

George, Jeffrey Dean.36 

George, William Howard.3(X 

Gcppert, Steve Michael.-.263 

Cere, Cheryl Lynn.307,361,46! 

German, Pamela Lee.234,471 

German, Robert Kyle_-.367 

Gerow, Royal K..248,462 

Genrard, John Patrick.—.410 

Certh, Susan R.. 153 

Gervals, Laurie Ann.249 

Cesell Jeffrey D..315 

Gettman, Anne E.289 

Gfeller, Gregory Cale.234 

Gfeller, Stephen F...313 

Ciambalvo, Mary Ix>u.328 

Giard, Julia Marie.278,280 

Cibb, Kathleen Ann.339,459 

Cibb, Lisa Marie.339 

Cibbon, Bertha M.-.91,92,93. 


Gibbon, Marlene Kay.244,308 

Gibbons, Lloyd Albert.295,301,486 

Gibbons, Sandra Kay.289 

Gibbons, Warren F..262 

Gibbs, Jeffrey Brian.137,216,395 

Cibney, David Allen Jr.-.322 

Giboney, Gregg Alan.-..381 

530 Index 

baon, Lynn Jay.137 

Iwon, Michael A..278 

cche, Barbara Lynn.318,319 

rrsa, Rebckka Anne.431 

rsa. Timothy James.136* 

c-Jer, Gae Lois.„.148 

viz, Mark Wayne.299 

ffcy, Mark Lee.-.407 

Jford, Janice Faye..216 

ffoni, Paul Stanford.123,365,494 

Ibert. Bmce Baker.391.478 

|llK*rt, James Monroe.385 

•Ibert, Kenneth David.284 

dbert, Kevin Alan.247 

ill>crtson, Patricia L.270,274 

jles, Brian J...297 

lies, Clyde Hencry.—.314,317 

ill. Anne K.247,485 

ill, Bruce Alden..234 

ill, Daniel Maiston..311 

ill, David Hutton.137 

ill, James C....155,325 

ill, Mary Theresa.240 

illespie. Gregory R..234 

illespie, Linda C.256 

illespie, Linda Sue.. 140,355 

illigan, Maureen S.255,256,476 

-illigan, Michael P..147 

• illigan. Shannon M. 149,256 

• illiland, Dianne L. .—2 

►illis, William Robert...118 

oilman, Valerie Ann.416 

pillory, Kay Elizabeth.330 

olluin, Harold L. 184 

•ilium, Michael David. 462 

I .ilinore, Mary Kay.337 

I ibnore, Richard Wayne...397 

ilinore, Terry Linn. 184 

indcr, Daniel Harry. 153 

ingerich, Kenneth M...231,245 

iniger, Judith.-.462 

jtnovHcchini, Martin J.188,189 

nrard, Kevin James.263 

j iirvan, James Bernard.369 

ussdbcrg, David H.134,397 

i ilanville. Cindy Kay...'..318 

Glaser, Gerald David.407 

! .lass. Albert Paul.469 

1 dassbum, Deborah A—..255,256 

! ilastetter, Kurt S.320 

jGlavcy. Kathryn C.155,462,497 

Glaze, Rebecca Lynn.251 

fGleason, Janie Ellen.480 

vGlebe. Andrea Irene...492 

yplein, Judy Kay. .347 

icienn, Joseph Karl.. 241 

Glennie, Gilbert D.332,333 

Clenun, Judy Barbara.309,459 

^Glover, James Everett..367 

Clueck, Lisa Kathryn.129,288,292 

Glynn, Dennis Michael.245 

Gnehin, Richard Michael.287,491 

Gnojek. Thomas Andrew.248 

Gobhato, Gail Louise.283 

Godfrey, Ronald Lewis.-.462 

i Godwin. Bobby James Jr..287 

Godwin, Jane Louise.270,274 

Goebel, Carl Jeffry.234,474 

Goeckler, Charles D.......407 

Gocckler, Elaine Carol..153,216,249, 


Coeres, William Bryan.473 

Coertzen, Kathryn L.-.75,278,280 

Goetsch, Kenneth Edwin.-.123 

Goctting, Dawn Marlene..268 

Coetting, Susan Louise..279 

Goetz, William Carl.-.489 

Goff, George David.489 

Goggin, Barnbi.234 

Goggin, Joan Kathleen.247,488 

Gold, Fred Hunter Jr.324,440 

Golden, Bruce Law.285 

Golden, Thomas Derk...457 

Golliver, Gregory R.259 

Gomes, Gary Lee.279 

Gonzales, Maria Martha..-.278 

Gonzalez, Sylvia.285 

Coo, Carolyn Y. Y.290,292,479 

Gooch, Rebecca Ann.229 

Good, Kimberly Ann.457 

Good, linda Darlene.131,361,429 

Goodcll, Douglas James.298 

(kxxlenough, Cwynneth F.255.256 

Goodenough, Keith A. -.,.184 

Gooder, Linda Jean.151 

Goodfellow, George H...298 

Goodfcllow, Thomas H.397 

Goodman, Brian Paul. 314 

Goodman, Martin Bruce.—.407 

Goodman, Paul Burton.365 

Goodrich, Lynn Marie.248,426 

Goodrich, Robin T.248,389,521, 


Goodwin, Alice Margret.169,193 

Goodwin, Dale Eugene.295,301,486 

Coodwin, Fred Douglas.279 

Goodwin, Jenyce Lynn..305 

Goodwin, LaiTy Dean.260 

Goodwin, Sharon.456 

Goodwin, Steven Miles.123,410 

Goodwin, Thomas A.194,324 

Coosby, Rodney.184,185,209 

Goraleman, Greg.-.296 

Gorden, Pamela Sue.240,305 

Gordon, Donald Lewis.325,327 

Gordon, Donna Gay...126 

Gordon, Merry Ann.291 

Gordon, Victoria Anne.240,305 

Gorham, Kathrine Ellen.-.462 

Gonrie, Tom H.332 

Cosanko, Cary Nicolas.125,391,456, 


Coes, Geoffrey Harris.466 

Goes. Jay William.287 

Cossard, Cam Jane.349 

Gosslee, Mary J.216,234 

Gossler, Marslia Ann.240,305 

Got, Cathy.286 

Gotfredson, Patricia G. 71 

Goody, Roy Wesley.323 

Gould, Debra Lyn. 462 

Gould, Gloria Jean.119 

Gould, Kevin James.-...123.385 

Gould, Maralce Marie.290,417 

Could, Terri Lynn.234,463 

Goulet, Conrad William.119 

Gourlcy, Dane Elaine.156,359,423, 


Gourlcy, Lynn Ann.. 192 

Gower. Elaine Marie.- 270 

Gozinsky, Gina Marie.462 

Graber, Pamela Page... 141 

Grady, Michael F.330 

Grady, Thomas Patrick.-..329 

Craef, Karl-Heinz.453 

Graffis, Kevin Howard.189 

Graham. Bret Richard.171,314,317 

Graham, Debbie Ann.287 

Graham, Diane.238 

Craham, Elizabeth A. 305 

Graham, Kenneth D. Jr.239.285 

Graham, Laurie Marie.334,335,459 

Graham, Thomas Joseph.248,481 

Grainger, Jeanne.306 

Cramling, Debra Ann.357,432 

Gramm, Julie Ann.270 

Crant, Archie W. Jr.152 

Grant, Douglas James..365 

Grant, Janice Ann...339,428,471 

Grant, Pete Wilinot.314 

Grant, Sandra Kay.-.306 

Grantham, Laurie G.192 

Grass, Jerry.184 

Cratrix, Ray Carroll.320 

Graven, Sari Patricia.306,485 

Graves, Barbara Verrel.- 153 

Graves, Cynthia Lo.351,430.484 

Graves, Georgiann W.-.-.234 

Craves, Michael Lee.-.156 

Gray, Charles Maurice —. .258 

Cray, James Alan.-.377 

Gray. Kathleen Marie.170,198,202 

Gray, Robert Raymond..234 

Gray, Roger Fielding.504,505 

Gray. Sharon Louise....268 

Gray. Susan Beth..271,274 

Cray. William Alexander..502 

Gravson. Mary E.251,416,459 

C razz ini, Donald W.159,377 

Greear, Elaine Marie.269 

Green, Clayton Duke.262 

Creen, David Alan.-.321 

Green, D>uglas Alan.220 

Green, Elizabeth Ann.-..306 

Green, Glenn A..—..241 

Green, Jane Lori.286 

Green, Nancy Rac..251 

Green. Pamela Kay.-.131,343 

Green, Teresa Ann.„. 199,270 

Greene, Barbara.. 501 

Greene, Kelly Steven..379 

Greene, Ken Edward.184 

Greenfield, Randall E.234,476 

Creeuland, George T.264,266 

Greeulee, Carolyn L.234 

Greenlee, Lynn Ann.268 

Creenlund, Joanne M..318,319,423 

Creenville, David H.264.266 

Creenwalt. Larry Alan.480 

Greer, Cynthia Ann.289 

Creethuist, Thomas E.120,280 

Greggs. Geoff Brian.245 

Gregor, Robert Lee.......-.184 

Gregory, Guy John..—..264 

Crelben, Jan..-.-.425 

Crette, Glenn Burke -.297 

Grey, Susan. 71 

Criebcn, Janet K.241,309.489 

Griebling, Cerald Lee.320 

Criebling. Vicki Ann.318 

GrienecKs, John Keith.141 

Criep, Theresa Marie.140 

Cricsse, Edna.. 501 

Griffin, Patricia Jane. 306 

Griffith, A Hyson M.214.306,431 

Griffith, Craig Cecil.365 

Griffith, Kathy.-.75 

Grigsby, Donine M.-.468 

Grigsby, John Eric.389 

Grillo. Richard S.263 

Grim, Nancy Joanne.307 

Grimes, Thomas Allen.136 

Grimm, Laurie Ann.—.501 

Crimsby, Vicki Theresa.244,308 

Crimstead, Nancy L.334,335 

Grindstaff, Mark Ix.*e.-.194 

Grisham, Kathleen M.341 

Grismore, Carolyn Lee.—.149 

Groat, Kenneth Lloyd.245 

Grohman, Mary Ann.156 

Grohs, Douglas Guy.134 

Groshong, Lynne Marie-.-..253 

Cross, Becky.-.—_—489 

Grass, Harriet Marcia.272 

Cross, John Edmonds.324 

Gros, Penny Lou Ross.489 

Gross, Rand) Paul....246 

Gros, Ronald Ray..299 

Crossarth, David Max.234 

Grossman, Hayyima.141 

Crothe, Michael Larry.383 

Grove. Larry E..159 

Grove, Ray Allen.263 

Groves, Robert Michael.218 

Grubb, Karla Vee.420 

Cruger, Sherri J.345.416 

Gran. Brian Kenneth.189 

Crun, Bmce Wayne.—..184,185 

Crunenid, Blaine F. 134,466 

Gmnst, Kiin Elizabeth. 276 

Cuaus, Steve.—.-..297 

Guay, Peter..—..200 

Gueker, Amelia Jane.506 

Codiiuindsson, Magnus T.285 

Guffey, Ciudy Jo.244,308 

Guild David Eugene.298 

Guild, Robert Ward.246,491 

Cuiljardo. Lalo.-.420 

Gnimond, Brian Joseph. 322 

Guinn, L. Brent..313 

Culick. Willard C.204,315 

Cull, Mary.-.454 

Gull, Steven Arnold.260 

Cullert, Ruth.234 

Gullickson, Jeffrey H..371 

Cullingsmd. Kenneth N.123 

Giunm, Kiinbra Lee.363,42-3 

Cunby, Faith Dclynne.335,421 

Gunderson. Robert M. 297 

Gunns, Dale Alan...285 

Gupta. Raj Kumar.-.141 

Gurney, l>oretta Marie.290,292 

Guit, Richard Nelson.312 

Cusa, Debbie Aim.244,310 

Gustafson, Amc Carl.457 

Gustafson, Beverly A.306.425 

Ctstafson, Joan Fern.249 

Gustavs, Mara.-.-.234 

Gustin, Joanne Marie.-.286 

Guthrie. Darryl C...194 

Guthrie, Edward James.462 

Cuthrie, Janet Lynn.244,309 

Guthrie, Jodi Ann.343 

Guthrie, Lee Elizabeth...—.363 

Gutierrez, Rick E..283,472 

Gutkowsld. Janet Anne.. 162 

Cutschmidt. Cindv Mav.256 

Cutschmidt, David K—.263,266 

Cuyer, Brent Walden Jr.136,369 

Guzzo, Dane Rose.131.463 

Gylling, Nancy H..272 


Haaland, Jerry. —120 

Haaland, Joan Lee. 120 

Haaland, Martha Louise.269,272 

Haas, Karen Lee.326 

Haberman, Rebecca A.351 

Habcrman, Robert E.367 

Haberman, William A.468 

Hackett, Anne Hollidav.129,140,339, 


Hackett, Valeric Rene.244,309 

Hackstadt, Ursula Ann.-.309 

Haddock, Dennis Lee.246 

Hadley. Jane Ann.129,355 

Hadlev, Susan Kathleen.339,424,463, 


Hadiger, Laura Lee.77 

Hagedom, Randy Louis.262.266 

Hagen, Jeffrey Alan.150,504,505, 


Hagai, Susan Elaine..363,472,484 

Hagcnsen. James F..184,185 

Hager, Claudia Mary...363 

Hager, Marsha Louise.240 

Hagerty, Susan Renee.347 

Hagerty, Yvonne Louise.283 

Haggerty, Gina Marie.280,580 

Hagiwara, Juli Ann.285 

Hagle. Bnx>k.s.297 

Hagsetli, Daryl Lee.320 

Hagnewood, David Lynn.322 

Hahn, Cherilyn. 461,462 

Hahn, Lisa Marie —.363,519 

Hahn. Paul Gene Jr.158,375 

Hahn, Susan Elaine.345,416 

Hahncr, Timothy Albert.-.134,397 

Haider, CarTct John..312,317 

Haigh, Leslie Ann.139,347,463 

Haigh, Sandra Lou.75,347 

Haight, Alta. 504,505 

Haight. Beverly Rynji.462 

Haight. Colleen Rae.-.359 

Hair, Margaret Ann.-.462 

Hakala. Susan Gail.246 

Hake, Gregg Alan.-.-328 

Halasey, Margaret B... 162 

Hale. Rhonda Kay.292 

Haley, Bob.-.-.333 

Haley, Karen Jean.227,276 

Halin, Laura Lee.-.347 

Hall, Calvin Springer.393 

Hall. Carol Ami.337,433 

Hall. Colleen Patricia.341 

Hall, Deborah Kaye.357.423,460 

Hall, Jeffrey Dare.-.—.151 

Hall, Jeffrey Joseph.365 

Hall, John Owen.403 

Hall, Joseph Vernon.397 

Hall. Lawrence Ora.331,502,510 

Hall, Mareic Lynn.-.329 

Hall, Mark.321 

Hall, Nanette M.-.150 

Hall, Rebecca Anne..—.123,345,422 

Hall, Robert Allen.-..371 

Hall, Ronakl James..232 

Hall, Terry Robert..—.147 

Hall, Thomas Laing.399,464 

Halldorson, Janet Lea.289,292 

Halldorson, Sheila Rae.129,495 

llallgarth, Bmce T..-. 331 

Hallgren, Lenne Jo.—.361 

Hallin, Angela.. 239 

Hallin, Michelle.. 284 

Halson, Peter James.-.-.258 

Halter, Barbara Sue.-.140,216 

Halverson, Brian Dean.258 

Halvorson, Janisc Kae..228 

Halvoison, Ruth Ann.123,256,464 

Halvorson, Susan Jayne.140,248 

Ham, Dmaid Norman.323 

Ham, Sam.474 

Hamacher, Christine K.-.355,422 

Hamada, Alan C..118.391,478 

Hamada, Harry Keith.391 

Hamada, Marie Sctsu.-.284 

Hamada, Randall Kent.391 

Hamer, Robert Cuy.216 

Harner, William Michael.93,278,281 

Hamilton, Bennie Ray...407 

Hamilton, Carol Lee.276 

Hamilton. Denise Lee.307 

Hamilton, Kim..345 

Hamilton. Stuart A. Ill.234,521.523 

Hamilton, Timothy C.315 

Hamilton, William Paul.156 

Hamlin, Vicki Lynn.—.306 

Hamm, Mary Janet.290,292 

Haminack, Willa Alpha.255 

Hammer, Kathryu Marie.347 

Hammer, Kathy.-...424 

Hammer, Stephanie L..361 

Hammerle, Peggy Claire-.-.291.427 

Hammerslev, Paul D—..*..325 

Hammond. Janis Jo.318,319 

Hammond, Linda Diane.-.278 

Hammond, Steven Wayne.315 

Hamrc, James Harley.489 

Hamrick. Thomas W.-.320 

Hancock, Debra Jean.141.234 

Hander, Paul Carey..332 

Handly. Rebecca A.325 

Hanf, John Charles.120 

Hanf. Mary Jane.—.306 

Hanford, Kathy Lynn.345 

Hankel, Robin Janet. 326 

Hanley, Theresa Joanne.357 

Hanna Iawrenee P. Jr.-.-.234 

Hannani, Kevin Mark.—.395 

Hannfer, DecDee.269 

Hannick, Steven M.148 

Hannula, Debra Kay...287 

Hansen, Barry Wendell.383,451 

Hansen, Brett Lee.466 

Hansen, Celeste Anne...—.234 

Hanseu, Christina M..269 

Hansen, Deborah Kay.469 

Hansen. Cuy Klaus.304 

Hansen, Jaynic Marie.337,422 

Hansen. Julie Ann.255.256 

Hansen, Karen Ann.290 

Hansen, Llovd John.296,480 

Hansen, Maurice James.409 

Hansen, Meredith Ann.153 

Hanseu, Micheal John.-.131,174.379 

Hansen, Nancy Lynn T—.125 

Hansen, Randi Jean.-.339 

Hansen, Ronald Lynn.123,248 

Hansen, Steve Craig.320 

Hansen, Thomas Oleary.- 147,395 

Hansen, Tracy Kimball.329 

Hansen, Valerie Karen.243 

Hansen, William Edgar.-.385 

Hansen, William Lee.311 

Hanson, Daniel Lyun.331 

Hanson, Joan Marie.234.253.254 

Hanson, Jolui A. 321 

Hanson, Joy Ann.—361,432 

Hanson, Karen...-.318 

Hanson. Kevin Edward.242,328 

Hanson, Mark Harry.226 

Hanson, Marty Anthony.263 

Hanson, Michael deed.296 

Hanson, Robert John Jr.508,509,510 

Hanson, Scott Michael.501 

Hanson, Sheri Louise-.239 

Hanson, Steven Lowell.387 

Hansscn, Sharon Marie.269,272 

Happy, John Harrison 3.123.220,373 

Haralson, Debra Louise.309 

Haralson, Roy Hodges.264 

Harbour, Mary Ann.288,293 

Harbour, William M.-.151 

Harcus, David Carey.-.327 

Hardan, Karilynn Marie -.-.308 

Hanlenburgji, Joseph T.312 

Hardenburgh, Robin L.216 

Harder, Mary Kathryn.431 

Harder, Patricia Dell.269 

Harder, Terrence Lee.134 

Hardman, Debra Ann.359,434 

Hardwick, Linda Lee.329 

Hardy, Gerald Scott.-.248,451 

Hardy, Mary Elizabeth.268 

Hargis, Jack Richard_-. 462 

Hargrave, Katrina Lee.77,361 

Hargrave. Kim Marie..318,319 

Harlin, Paul.-.481 

Harhn, Peter Francis.401 

Harm, Donald Alan.159,248 

Harmon, Jayne.123,234,471 

Harms, Joanne Marie.141 

Harms, Susan Robyn...230,244,310 

Harper. Janis Rae-.. 214,245 

Harper, Wayne Alan.283 

Harrel, Susan Kay..337 

Harrer, Bruce. 407 

Harrer, Susan Grace.347,462 

Harrington, Jo Ann M.429 

Mike Davis 

Student Publications Photographer 

Index 531 

Mary Lovezzola 

Student Publications Photographer 

Harris, Brian Lee.246 

Harris, Gayle Lee.256 

Harris, Hayward (Spud).184,312 

Harris, Loretta.268 

Harris, Petra Manuela.329 

Harris, Tracy Edward.210,213 

Harrison, Cindy Jo.363,424 

Harrison, Daniel J.283 

Harrison, Laurene Rae.269 

Harrison, Terry R.464 

Harry, Klaire Doreane.170 

Hart. Linda Annette.243 

Hart, Milton Earl.136,315,317, 


Hart, Randy Franklin.466 

Hart, Robert Lee.147,234 

Hart, William Curtis.298,301 

Harting, Wesley Alan.312 

Hartman, Thomas Scott.216,365 

Hartung, Elise Lee.293 

Harty, Mary Alice.290 

Harty, Rebekah.309 

Harvego, Lee Allan.283 

Harvey, James Barrett.369 

Harvey, Janette Marie.281 

Harvey, Melinda Maude.286 

Harvey, Richard W.401 

Hash, Charles T. Jr.234 

Haskins, Mart ina.473 

Haslet, Steven Douglas.123,403,508 

Hasse, Russell Dean.134 

Hassell, Michael A.148 

Hastings, Beverlee J.458 

Hastings, Colleen Rae.251 

Hastings, Mark John.403 

Hastings, Roxanne.426 

Hastings, Teresa Irene.255,256,463 

Hatch, Michael David.383 

Hathaway, Malvina Ann.268 

Hathaway, Michael Wm.246,452512, 


Hathaway, Todd Nelson.485 

Hatheway, David W...371,494 

Hatley. Robb Alan.385 

Hattrup, Ann D.326 

Haug, Susan Marie.240,305 

Hauge, Bruce Paul.377 

Hauge, Marel Kristen.359 

Haugen, Dana Reece.322 

Haugen, Hope Richele.306,453,460 

Hangen, Karen Lisa.355 

Haugen, Katherine L.351,432 

Hauges, Jeff.313 

Haugseth, Jill E.347,462463 

Hauptli, Beverly Jean.149,347,452 

484 512 

Hauser, Katcen.289,293,415 

Hauser, Kathleen.139,169,4(2 

Hauser, Lee Shelley.321 

Hausmann, Bryce Edward.216,371 

Hauter. Helen.310 

Haveman, Craig Norman.453 

Havenstein, Marjory'.132 

Haverlock, Robert H.325 

Havist, Susan Lynn.309,337 

Hawe, Mark..300 

Hawk, Duane Allen..332,333,453 

Hawkes, Danne Lee.231,246 

Hawkcs, James M.373 

Hawkins, Brian Terhune.311 

Hawkins, John Milton..261 

Hawkins, Michael T.379 

Hawkins, Pamela.491 

Hawkins, Scott Elliott.300 

Hawthorne, David D.377 

Haxton, Julie Ann.305,343 

Hayden, Bernard P.261 

Hayden, John Phillip.403 

Hayden, Kurt David.259 

Hayes, Dawn Marie..271,237 

Hayes, Vicki Jean.363,426,460 

Hayleck, Charles R. Ill.134,248,451, 


Hayles, James Lee Jr.234 

Haynes, Alfredia Linn.279,281 

Haynes, Karen Frances.157 

Hays, David Warner.472 

Hayter, Helen Marie.454,470 

Hayward, John Mohr..371,494 

Hazard, Mary Louise.280 

Hazelton, Jeffrey A..123,381 

Hazelton, Lynn Louise.216,290 

Hazelton, Randall Lee.136,216 

Headley, Patti Jo.310 

Heard/Ron B.123,304 

Heath, Gregary Brian.135,371,489 

Heath, Jeffrey Edmund.119,379,470 

Heath, Jerry Lynn...120 

Heath, Margaret Ellen.255 

Heaton, Debra Marie.453,460 

Heaton, Jainey Jo.288 

Hebein, Mark Steven.230,506 

Herbert, Guy Frank.324 

Hebert, Jay Paul.320 

Hebert, Kathleen M.234 

Heckcr, Teresa Ann.234,245 

Heckman, Nona E.129 

Hccla, Thomas Michael.234 

Hedahl, Tim Cunnar.152,409 

Hedeen, Kevin Michael.321 

Hedhmd, Melanie Ann.418,453,454 

Hedinan, Janet Aile.239,284,472 

Hedrick, Gavin Rush.184 

Hedrick, William Bruce.123,229,508 

Hcercn, Ronald Marc.226,238 

Hefner, Karri Lynn.308,428 

Heglund, Susan Helene.259 

Hcgtvedt, Karen A.521,523 

Hcid, Cary- Louis.320 

Heidenson, Carol Marie.253,417 

Heidy, Alice.162 

Hcilmann, William F.260,375 

HeiLsberg, Ten Lee. 269,272 

Heim, Jon Lars.391 

Heimbigner, Bmce L.452,489 

Hein. Ben A.239,287,461 

Hein. Charles William.452.489 

Hein, Mark Edward.312 

Heinemann, Allen W.157 

Heinemann, Gary Lyle.123,399 

Heinemann, Jeff Craig.231 

Heiner, Darrell Kirk.284 

Heinickc, Perri Lynn.253,257 

Heintz, H. Steve.453 

Heintz, Jeff Craig.329 

Heinz, Carol.„.306 

Heitstuinan, Nancy Joy..293 

Held, Diane Elizabeth.147,347 

Held, Gary Kevin.481 

Helenkamp, Joel T.174 

Helling, Susan Elaine.162 

Hellyer, Reed Norman.245,479 

Helmholz, Julie Ann.290 

Helmsworth, Tracy Rae.345 

Hemphill, Michael A.200 

Henager, Karen Lynn.119 

Hendershot, Dennis M.301 

Hendershot, Tedd Eldin.234,496 

Hendershot, Terry B.234 

Henderson, Brian Neal..373 

Henderson, Kevin D.389 

Henderson, Margaret L.216,255,257 

Henderson, Mark C.387 

Henderson, Michael P.284 

Henderson, Pamela D.223,241 

Henderson, Paul Ernest.488 

Henderson, Thomas H.227 

Hendrieks, Annette.227 

Hendricks, Gregory J.227 

Hendricks, Marti Howard.149,483,520, 


Hendrickson, Bruce J.144,465 

Hendrickson, Mark S..159,389 

Hendrickson, Nancy Lea.234 

Hendrix, Dwilla Pier.234,408 

Hendrix, Frank.119 

Hendrix, Kathleen.119 

Hendrou, Lars Hayden.331,323 

Hendry, Melanie Jean.144,234 

Henley, Gail Faye.129 

Henley, Michael Robert.210 

Henning. Jeffrey David.320 

Henning, Thomas S.367 

Hennings, Ronald John.397 

Hennings, Tamara A...349,416 

Henrie, David E..512 

Henry, Bruce Daniel.259 

Henry. Colleen E.234 

Henry, Henry lames.234 

Henry, John Charles...451 

Henry. Kevin Lon.286 

Henry, Matthew Allen. 299 

Henry, Rebecca Ann.329 

Henry, Ronald Ray.466 

Henry, Scott Gerald Jr.216,298.301, 


Hensel, Patricia Ileen.327 

Henshall, Gregory A.312 

Hensler, Mary Frances.464 

Henson, Kathryn Beth.132 

Henson, Sarah Ruth.249 

Henson, Hedi.482 

Hentges, Joseph M.263 

Henton, Cathy Ailleen.310,419 

Heppell, Helen Marie.288 

Heppell, Kathleen S.453 

Herald, Christina Lynn.152 

Herb, Michael J.403 

Herbeis, Deborah M.153,227 

Herbert, James Allen..129,144,481 

Herbert, Kathleen C.-.249 

Herda, Jeff Scott.331,223 

Heigert, Judith Ellen.276,277,459 

Hergert, Lynn Alayne.276,459 

Heric, Todd Michael.204,293 

Herie, Tracy Anne.71,418 

Herke, Mark J.232 

Herman, Roy Arthur.299 

Hermann, Thomas Wayne.314,317 

Hernandez, Christina M.269 

Herod, Yvette Maureen.246 

Hen-, John Michael...248,481 

Herees, Judith Marilyn.215,239,416 

Herrick, Gregory A.210,213 

Herrick, Terry 1.234 

Hereman, Timothy John.375 

Herron, Valerie Lee.159 

Hertz, Victoria Arm.309 

Herzog, Linda Marie.198,242,326 

Herzog, Nova Marie..255 

Hess, Scott Anthony.136 

Heston, Alfred.216,383 

Hetler, Nancy Ann.140,473 

Heuterman, Thomas.234 

Hew, Morgan.123,312,317 

Hewitt, Miriam Kay.462 

Hewitt, Nancy Ruth.235 

Hewitt, Timothy Bond.329 

Heydon, Richard Neal.373 

Heyworth, Leslie Joan.235 

Hiatt, Holly Jo.363,420,484 

Hibbard, Donna Jean.129,363,415 

Hibbard, Kathryn Ann.463 

Hibben, Russell Thomas.125,248,491 

Hihbs, Cary Lee.184,185,371 

Hickel, Greg John.279 

Hickey, John Edward.478 

Hickey, Laureen Ann.347 

Hickman, Michael J.248 

Hicks, Dan James.261 

Hicks, David James.134,483 

Hicks, Gregory Phillip.184 

Hicks, Mark R.184,185 

Hicks, Rhonda Jeanne.235,428,476 

Higashi, Irvin T.219,225,479 

Higby, Brian Carl. 297 

Higginbotham, Denise C.309 

Higginbotham, Frcdric.142,474 

Higginbotham, Lynn M.162 

Higginbotham, William.118,248 

Higgins, Diana Lynne.240,307 

Higgins, Frederick N.389 

Higgins, Jane Frances.361,430 

Higgins, Margaret Mary.123 

Higgins, Mark William.298 

Higgins, Terri Lynn.158 

Higginson, Kirk Dean.299,301 

Higginson, Mark Lee.311,317 

Higinbotham, Paul M.300 

Hildahl, Karen Lynne..310 

Hildebrand, Leslie C.337 

Hill, Angelo Lance.189 

Hill, Dale Lee.283 

Hill, Elora Jeanette.287 

Hill, Gordon.279 

Hill, Jon Charles.284 

Hill, Karen Mardcll.308 

Hill, Larry Harold.129,365 

Hill, Leslie Sharon.139 

Hill, Pamela J.235,476 

Hill, Ralph Leonard.283 

Hill, Robert Allen.184 

Hill, Teresa Lyn.276 

Hill, Timothy Richard.231 

Hille, Mitchell Robert.369 

Hiller, Janet H.463 

Hillers, Joe.473 

Hilliard. Barbara L.305 

Hillier, Douglas A.489 

Hillicr, James Thomas.134 

Hillis, Robert M.230 

Hillman, Marsha.422 

Hills, Warren E. Jr.137 

Hillstein, Terry Lee.313,317 

Hillyer, Kevin Jon.323 

Hilton, Sandra Lee.290,293 

Himen, Buster.312 

Himmelberger, Michael.118,367,488 

Hinde, Chuck.515 

Hindershot, Dennis.299 

Hindman, Jeffrey Lee.279,281 

Hines, Kevin Patrick.235,496 

Hingston, Joseph W.387 

Hinkle, Kirk.369,481 

Hinkelman, Kathleen.170,198,240, 


Hinkson, David L.295,301 

Hinman, Lvdia Seymour.235 

Hinschberger, Jill D.290,293 

Hinthome, Brian W.279 

Hinton, Gregory Robert.367 

Hintz, Marcia Teresa. 251 

Hiraki, Ronald Thomas.330 

Hiramoto, Elizabeth H.479 

Hirzel, Fritzi Ellen.419 

Hisavasu, Ray Alan...136 

Hisey, John Robert.323 

Hisey, Mary Jane.307 

Hisey, Stephen Leslie.325 

Hitchcock, Luther C.204,331 

Hitchcock, Sharyl Lyn.319 

Hitsman. Douglas a!.383 

Hix, Constance Joan.235,454,462, 


Hixenbaugh, Lisa S.159 

Hixson, David Lee.377 

Hoagland, Mary Susan.347 

Hobby, Paul David.283 

Hobson, Calvsta.462 

Hochhaus, Lorei Anne.253,254 

Hock, Bill.393 

Hockeuson, Diane L.426,473 

Hndges, Bradley T.314,317 

Hodges, Glen Harold. 261 

Hodges, Todd Eric.298 

Hodgin, Janet Lynn.140 

Hodgson, Katherine L.318,319 

Hodgson, Keith Leroy.498 

Hodgson, Megan Elena.132,417,482, 


Hodgson, Timothy F.298 

Hodson, Ilona Jean.289,293,454, 


Hoech, Terry Howard.137 

Hoefs, David Lawrence.482 

Hoehne, Larry Dean.393 

Hoel, Michael Lee.119,462 

Hoertein, David C. 317 

Hoffman, Bill.263 

Hoffman, Deborah Lynn.75,255,343 

Hoffman, Joe Thomas.4( 

Hoffman. John Grady.123,4 < 

Hoffman, Lawrence J.31 

Hoffman, Mark Daniel.3.; 

Hoffman, Stuart Dean.4 ~t 

Hofsledt, Julie Marie...244,308,51 

Hogan, Edmond Pascal.46 

Hogan, Keith Robert.33; 

Hoggarth, Jeanne Kay.289,29 

Hogle, Brooks Alan.30* 

Hogieth, Jill.42? 

Hohlbein, Rex John.220,38t 

Hohner, Vicki Kathleen.....14 

Hoing, Kathleen M.334,33» 

Hoing, Kristie Jo.334,33jj 

Holbrook. Felip Engene.40 

Holbrook, Lisa Jancne.12£ 

Holbrook, Susan E.240,30» 

Holcomb, Deborah Lee..249,46' 

Holden, Mark Lucian.156,38* 

Holdener, L.arry Joseph.23; 

Holder, Kay Cee.14', 

Holdren, Kathv. 

Hole, Susan Dianne. 



Holl, John Christopher. 


Holland. Lori Ann.. 


Holleman Rnhprt C_ _383 

Hollenback, Donald L. 


Hollenback, Janet Sne. 

Hollenbeck. Anne C. 



Hollev TeanetteC___14<v 

Holling, Darla. 


Hollingsworth, Susan A.75,345,423. 


Holloway, Debra M.159 

Holloway, Sandra Lee.337 

Hollstein, John Louis.216,235 

Holm, Matthew Fredrick.387 

Holman, Holly Rae.334,335 

Holman, Jerry David.258,512 

Holman, Joseph William.216,262 

Holman, RebeccaS.140 

Holmes, James Robert.3151 

Holmes, Marvin E..332,333 

Holmes, Robin Kim.293 

Hohnquist, Cathie Lynn.140,465 

Holms, Bruce David. 379 

Holms, David James..135 

Holmstrom, Patricia A.307 

Holt. Beverly.291,293 

Holt, Ernie....365,470 

Holt, Karen Marie.309,459 

Holt, Linda M.75,240 

Holtman, Delrorah Sue.240,306,522 

Holton, Anthony David.158 

Holtorf, Charles A.235 

Holtz, Christian L.483,522 

Holtz, Jeanna Marie.-337 

Holwegner, Cathy K.343,428 

Hoiwegner, David Allen...327 

Holworth, Tina.510 

Homes, Bradley Bernard.320,467 

Homes, Brent Edward.320 

Homma, Shinako...153 

Honan, John Joseph.260 

Honcyfield, Dale Cloyd.142 

Honeywell, Dan.238 

Honn, Cary Dean.421 

Honts, Michele Rene.357 

Monts, Mindy Lee.349,429 

Hood, Blaine Alan.399 

Hood, Jane Eileen. 286 

Hood, Roxanne Loriea...355,429 

Hood, Roy Ellis.137 

Hooks, DelmoC. Jr.184 

Hooper, Debra Marie.75,269 

Hoover, Denise Renee.283 

Hoover, Dennis Allen.298,301 

Hoover, Joanue Karen.136,451 

Hoover, Matthew Davis.259 

Hoover, Tamara Lane.162 

Hope, Richele Haugen.240 

Hopkins, John Day.184 

Hopkins, Kathy Lynn.215,235,460 

Hopp, Lisa Ann.339,460 

Hoppe, Celia F.256 

Hopper, Robert Gerard.174 

Horan, Joy Marie.517 

Horan, William S. Jr..262 

Home, Andrea Michelle. 


Homer, Elizabeth Anne. 


Homer, Lorene Lea. 


Homer, Rene. 


Homyak, Lisa Ann. 

Horton, Susan Kaye. 


Horton, William Dale.401 

Horwege, Tamara Lynne..345 

Horyza, Christopher L.323 

Hosking, Michael M.123,488 

Hoskins, Holli Lynn.339 

Hosman, Kevin Paul.480 

Hosman, Tauii.424 

Hostetler, Mary Lou.118 

Houchin, Steven Earl.330 

Houk, Dan Thomas.-365 

Houk, Julie Ann.131,274 

Houk, Mark W.242,328 

House, Elizabeth Mae.155,337 

House, Stuart Lance.189,260 

Houser, Gail Ann.198,202,289 

Houser, Keith D.401 

Houston, Corey Martin.371 

Houston, James Douglas.331 

Houston, Wayne J.325 

Hovde, Daniel Alan.315 

Hovde, Rod Wynn...379 

532 Index 

overter, Kim Louise.256,257,467 

ovis, Karen Lorraine.279,281,488 

ovorka, Cindy Lou.288 

ow, Kennedy Lxre.287 

oward, Charlene Dahl.309 

oward, Charles Nelson.379 

oward, Cheryl Ann. 305 

• /ward. Jack William.494 

oward, Joseph Spencer.154,248 

oward, Marcia Jo.123,491 

oward, Pamela Jean.235 

award, Rich Samuel.296 

owe, Mark.216,301,48(1 

owe, Jay Ward.216,301 

owe. William Bell W.248 

owell, Cynthia Arlcue.328 

owell. Dale Carlton.332 

< iwdl, Daniel Clinton.369,494 

okell, Deborah Ann..268 

owell, Mark William.201 

owell, Michael V.262 

owell, Teresa Marie.261.293 

owell, Thomas Ross.369 

>owie, Denise Joy.199,253 

ioworth, Martina R.335 

owse. Julie Ann...306 

i>yt. John Franklin...331,457 

o)1, Kathleen Ann.308 

oyt, Kirby Graham.242 

oyt. Lance Craig.367 

oyt, Steven Earl.134,466 

rvatin, Linda Marie.140,351 

lu, Jo Aim.249 

lubbard, Debra Joy.140,240 

Hibtnrd, Michael David.232 

Inhhard, Sarah Ann.307,467 

lubbard, Stephen T...216 

iubbert, Becky Jean...235 

uiooora, aany. 

iuiier. Joanne. 


lubcrt, Beth Evelyn. 


lubrich. Grant Kendall.. 
Huckstep, Vivianne E. 

luddlc, Brian Scott. 




ludlcson, Susan Diane... 


ludkins, Daniel Frank... 


ludon. Jennifer Anne. 

ludson, Kay Dolores. 


luff, Karen Susan..257,431 

luff, Peggy Kathleen.357 

hiffman. Cordon W.184 

luffctodt, Nancy Lynn.462 

lughbanks, Colleen M.154,337 

lughes. Carolyn Marie.308 

lughes, Doug....481 

lughes, Gerald Godfrey.142,474 

lughes, Gregory Alan.365 

lughes. Jack L..210 

lughes, Jeffrey Scott.472 

lilies, Lavonne C.276,277,460 

lughes, Michael D.241 

lughes, Michael Leo.264 

lughes, Paul Allen.304,453 

lughes, Rebecca Lynn...216,235 

lughes, Richard Martin.152,235,248 

Inghcs, Rowcna .. 474 

lughes. Thomas C..... 
lughley, Joanne V. 

dulbert D. Karl. 

fulbert, Scot Howard.385 

lull, CarinSue..309,361 

lull, Marie. 71,522 

lull. Stormy Bush. .279,472 

lull, Virginia Marie.289,293 

hillon, Patti.75 

(ulskamp, John P. Jr....155 

hdskamp, Robert James.385 

lult, Victoria A.345 

lumc, John David...300,301 

lununel, Marie Irvin.246 

•lumphrcys, Laurie A.337 

iumphries, Keith T......235 

ilunsakcr, Anne Marie.139 

ilunsaker, Scott Wood.278,281 

Hunt, Cayla Sue.309,459 

Hunt, James Michael.142,149 

Hunt, Steve Joseph.328 

Hunt, Trudi Anne.276 

Hunter, Crystal Kay.139,425 

f luntcr, Deborah Ann.256,257 

Hunter, John Robert. 298 

Hunter, Mitzi Louise.270,476 

Hiuitington. Douglas L.258,259 

Huntington, Vickie L.. 251 

Huntley, Scott Roy.328 

Huntting, Ann Lucile.334,495,498 

Huntzberger, Jeff. 314 

Huotari, Brian Curtis.514,515 

Hupf, Elizabeth Anne...147 


Hurlhut, Susan. 


Husa, Cheryl Ann. 


Husfloen, Amy Kathleen. 


Huston, Charles Harvey. 


Hutchins, Ann Marie. 


Hutchins, Colleen M. 


Hutchins, David A.235 

Hutchinson, Byron Lee...409 

Hutchinson, Cathy...424 

Hutchinson, Colleen S.270,274 

Hutchinson, Janis Lynn.325 

Hutchinson. Lori.343,431 

Hutchinson, Marc S...369,495 

Hutchison, Camille.92 

Hutchison, Marya Ann.129,359 

Hutson, Richard Earl.155,264,266. 


Hutton, Patti Lyn. 

Hutt unen, Chcrvl Ann. 

Huxel, Janet Kay. 




Hyde, Darlene Marie. 

1 b land, James. 



Hvlton, Kevin Earl. 

Hvnes, Linda Kay. 



Hyscll, Donald B. 


lacobazzi, Vito Nick.470 

Ibara. Enrique.235,260 

Ihara, Culgcnno. 260 

Idler, Julie Marie.271,274 

Lfie, Anthony Orotoma.304 

Dili, Ralph Edward.262,266 

Ikeda, Fay Chieko.151 

Iler, Lynn Marie.289.293.476 

lllman, Steven William.331 

Imano, Carlenc Akiko.310 

Impagjiazzo, Nicholas.284 

Iinpala, Marie Lucille.270 

Inaha, Lance Carter S..403 

Inaba, Lon Kern'.-.246 

Inaba, Norman Thomas.194,239,284 

lues, Rosario Yadao...240,307 

Ingereoll, Kathleen P.253.349,431 

Ingersoll, Paul Scott. 377 

Ingham, Gregory Allen.278381 

Ingham, Michael S.381 

Ingham, Rhonda Lynn.345,417 

Inglin, Richard Keith.285 

IngHs, Patty Sue. 254 

Inglis, Penny Lou.253.254 

Ingram, Robert Stiner.387 

Intlckofer, Nancy Mae.310 

Ipsen, Mark Roderick...235 

Irish, Douglas Dale.123,397 

Irish, Margaret L. 158 

Irvine, William L.515 

Irwin, Carolyn Jean.248 

Irwin, Christian Louis.328 

Irwin, Hugh Estel Jr.348,469 

Isaacson. Eric Paul.. 264 

Isaacson, Karen E.155327,276 

Isaacson. Marcia Beth...123 

Isaacson, Peter John.131.286 

Isaacson, Scott Paul. 155,403 

Isaacson, Steven F.387 

Isakson, Erik Brooks.403,495 

Isakson, Kent R.123,403 

Iscly, Mario Raul.297 

Ishii, Masako..251 

Isler, Traci Marre. 390349 

Isobe, Stillman C.... 123.479 

Israel, Jeff T....247 

Israel, Jeffry Grant...462 

Israel, Ricky David ....315 

Iten, Constance Ruth.192,287 

Innkcr, Jeff Bern-.369 

Iverson, Creg Ray.228 

Iverson, Debra Kay.13238993 

Iverson, Jay Anton...241 

Jaeger, Laurel. Yvonne.480 

Jahn, Christopher, D.260 

Jahnke, Dae Jean L..253354,453. 


Jain, Pradeep, Kumar.135 

jakishiina, Jeanette.455 

Jakotich, John S.......278.281 

Jam, Donald........489 

James, Barbara Jo.318,319 

James. Chcrita..129348 

James, Dekoven. 248 

James, John Edward.216,332,333 

James. Mark William.299,302 

James, Michael E...194 

James, Virgil T.184,185 

Jamtaas, Dawn Carol.131,359 

Jamtaas, Kristofer M.482 

Jandl, Barbara Anne.309 

Jankovich, Sue Ellen.361,425 

Jansen. Ann Louise.131,467 

Jansen. Kathleen Marie.276 

jaqnish, Paul Timothy.297 

Jaramilla, Edna J.241 

Jared, Myron Shelby.295 

Jarvis, Jon Bradley.397 

Jasinan, Amy Kae.416 

Jasmer, Gail Diane.„.271,274 

Jaspers, Julie Rae... 140 

Jaspers, Stephen R .235358 

Jauregui, Carole Marie..327 

Jausoro, Laurc Agnes.357 

Jcch, Gerald D.226 

Jeffries, Edgar Lee Jr.188 

Jeffries, William P.216 

Jeglum, Edward Lee.144,451,469 

Jenkins, Marilyn L.287,431 

Jennings, Alan Paul.485 

Jennings, Melanie A.198 

Jennings, Patricia Kim.129 

Jennings, Sandra Lee. 75 

Jennings, Sandra Lee....‘149,494 

Jennings. Susan E.159,215,345 

Jensen, Chris Eric.258 

Jensen, Gitte Merrild.242,330 

Jensen. Jack Bruce.333 

Jensen. John Patrick.259 

Jensen, Karen Ann...253,254,460 

Jensen. Karl Warren.235 

Jensen, Kimberly Jo.357,512 

Jensen, Kristi Ann.290,339 

Jensen, Linda Louise...478 

Jensen, Marianne.288,293 

Jensen, Mark Andrew.316 

Jensen-Nonnan, Suzanne.310 

Jerkovich, Julecann M.287 

Jennstad, Deborah Ann.349,427,494 

Jerrad, Jay... 171 

Jerstad, Neil Martin —.332 

Jescmig, James M.315 

Jeske. Bany Lee.235 

jess, Wayne Donald.287 

jessee, Kirk Dan-el.118,262,266, 


Jessenicy. Kathy Jo... 270 

jewett. Steven Walter.304 

jex, Edward James Leon...261 

Johnson, George Lynn.323 

Johnson, Gregory Eric...189,375 

johnson, Heidie E. 306 

Johnson, Jeffrey Dale.263,387 

Johnson, Jeffrey G.261 

Johnson, Jeffry K.401 

Johnson, Jenifer M.242,327 

Johnson, J.L....387 

Johnson, Jcri Marie..242 

Johnson. Jill Mari.337 

Johnson, Joyce Marie.239 

Johnson, joyce Marie.245 

Johnson, Judi Marie.337 

Johnson, Judith Ellen.287 

Johnson, judy Lynn..349,477 

Johnson, Julia Lynn.359 

Johnson, Julie Ann.337 

Johnson, julie Anne.240,307 

Johnson. Karen Janice.289.293 

Johnson, Katherine L..289.293 

Johnson, Kathy Lvnne ...277 

johnson, Keith A.401 

johnson, Keith E.136,299 

Johnson, Keith Edward..137,245 

Johnson. Keith Ernest...123 

Johnson, Kcllce Jayne.290,293 

Johnson, Kelly Cene.371 

Johnson, Kemberlv C.326 

Johnson. Kenneth R.. 451 

Johnson, Kevin Ray.389,421 

Johnson, Kurt Allen.137 

Johnson, Laic Alison...310 

johnson, l.arry Michael.488 

johnson, Linda Kay...243 

Johnson. Linda Marie..347,424 

johnson, Lindsey Dean.387 

Johnson. Lonnie Jo.310 

Johnson, lz>ri Lea.71,271 

johnson, Mark Collins.231 

johnson, Mark Courad...329 

Johnson, Mark Dean..315 

johnson, Mark Donald.262 

Johnson. Mark Richard.302 

johnson, Mark Robert.134.235,399, 


Johnson, Martin Robert....330 

Johnxm, May Railton.462 

Johnson, Michael T...298 

johnson, Mitchell F.262 

johnson, Myron Leslie. 462 

Johnson, N. Nicholas.332 

Johnson, Rebecca A.433 

johnson, Reid riffith.373 

Johnson, Ricky Ray..332 

johnson, Robert D.232 

johnson, Robert...331,333 

johnson, Roxanue Mar)'.347 

johnson. Shadow.330 

johnson, Sharon 0£. 337 

johnson, Stephen L.365 

johnson, Stephen Paul.184,185 

johnson, Steven Lynn.120,132,304 

Johnson, Steven P.298 

johnson, Steven Robert.385 

Johnson, Susan Lee.216,451,472 

johnson, Terry Anne...272 


Ives, Philip Harry. 


v.tfiiirtJii. . 

Jinnoivui Christine VI 


Johnson Vienna F 1. 

239 287 


Ivy, Carolyn. 


jofih Thomas I aof 


jnhndnn Charles W 



Jnrhrn Timo(hy CJIflrk 

139 afVi 

Johnston, Cynthia. 


.... 158,-359,478 

joenis, Laura E. 

Johnston, Jeannette C. 


jaaiar. nixim tiajen. 

Jacay, Theresa.. 


Jaocard. Frederick D. 

Jack, David A. 



Jack, Martha Louise. 

Jackman, William Lee. 



Jackson, Brenda Kay. 


Jackson, Dave William.... 


Jackson, Deanne Marie.... 
Jackson, Deborah L. 



Jackson, Donald Lee. 


jackson. Cordon James.... 
Jackson, Joan. 



Jackson, Johanna Reed. 


Jackson, John Gerald. 


jackson, joseph C. 

Jackson, joseph R. 

Jackson, Judith Jane. 



J ackson, julie Anue. 

ackson, julie Lynn.....419 

Jackson, Laura Lea.272,468 

jackson, Lesley Anne.357,432,460 

Jackson, Mickey Mesha.290,293 

Jackson, Patricia L. 

Jackson, Philip Ian. 



Jackson, Robert A. 


Jackson, Roderick C. Jr. 

Jackson, Steve E.. 

Jacobs, Daniel Bruce.. 





Jacobs, Dorothv Marie. 


Jacobs, Ji lamia K. 


Jacobs, Scott Edward. 


Jacohsen, Chris Cordon. 

Jacobsen, Julie. 



Jacobsen, Karen Sue. 


Jacobsen, Kristin L. 

Jacobsen, Michael S. 



Jacobson, Amy Sue. 

Jacobson, Ann Laurie.. 

Jacobson, Anne Melinda. 

Jacobson, Cordon A. Jr. 





Jacobson, Michael E._ 


Jacobson, Richard Lee. 

Jacobson, Steven A. 



Jacobson, Steven Kent. 


Johansen, Jalen Wayne..204,286 

johanson, Donald L.296 

Joluuison, Laurie Ann...463 

Johanson. Linda Kay..251 

John. George Allen.123,482 

Johns, Gregory Earl.283 

Johns, Kandi Kay..291 

Johns, Nancy Louise.123,349,456, 


Johnsen. Brian C.383 

Johnsen, Gina Lee.272 

johnsen, Gregg Eric.156,499 

johnsen, Leslie M. 272 

Johnson, Andy R.375 

Johnson, Ann Louise.^....359,432 

johnson. Art...377 

johnson, Blane Erie...258 

johnson, Bradley H.126,369 

johnson.-Bradley L..457,504,505, 


Johnson, Burton John...399 

johnson, Carol Marcia.253.460 

johnson, Carrie Ann.271,274 

johason. Cathy Anne...456 

Johnson, Cheryl Lee..246,494 

Johnson, Christopher M.264,265 

johnson, Craig Donald..315 

johnson, Craig Michael.401 

johnson, Cynthia L.75,205,293 

Johnson. DaleC.328,487 

Johnson, Daniel Lloyd. 


Johnson, Dannv Ray. 


ohnson, David Allan. 


Johnson, David Bruce. 

Johnson, David C. 

[ohnson. Dawn Renac. 




ohnson, Dean C. 


ohnson, Dean Olin. 

Johnson, Deanna Cay. 



Johnson, Debbie Lynn. 

Johnson, Douglas L. 



Johnson, Douglas M. 


Johnson, Earl H. 


Johnson, Elin Ann. 

Johnson, Elizabeth L. 



Johnson, Eric Robert...118,367 

johnson, Eric William.331,488 

Johnston, Kathryn M.228 

johnston, Kathleen M.149,228 

Johnstone. J aim's Edwin...137 

Johastone, Martha Anne..334 

Jolley, Ainy Marie.. 345 

jolly. Steven Ray.*..385 

jones, Alan Curtis...477 

jones, Allan Lee..153,373,499 

jones, Arlene Mar)'.246,462 

jones, Beverly Jean...326 

joness Brad.283 

Jones, Brian Victor..375,420 

jones, Carol Leigh.268,272 

jones, Cathlccn Ann.334 

jones, David Richard.331 

Jones, Deborah Denise...355 

Jones, Evan O....202 

Jones, Gene Douglas.284 

jones, Greg Allen.296,302 

jones, Gregory Allen.118,227 

Jones, Helen Marie.251 

Jones, Jeffrey Lee.184,299 

jones, Kathy Dianne.. 216 

jones, Kelley Ann.. 318 

Jones, Kenneth .. 189 

jones, Maria Lynn...361,425 

Jones, Mary Katherine....119,470 

jones, Maureen E. 227,291 

jones, Michael Frank.365 

jones, Michael Wilfred.262 

Jones, Nancy Elaine...327 

jones, Rick Eugene.. 135,489 

jones, Scott Kennard..363 

jones, Sheri Lynn....361,429 

Jones, Sherrie Lou.248 

Jones, Tim....263 

Jones, Victor Carl.317 

jones, William Bradley.156 

Jones, Woodrow E. Jr.248 

Jogs, Linda Marie.249 

Jordan, Alan Ray.216 

Jordan, Kent Alwyn..188,322 

Jorgensen, Cynthia E.255,257,359, 


Jorgensou, Jill B. 359 

Jomlin, Jon N.235 

joms, Nancy Lee.454 

Jose. Annakiska Marie.205 

johnson, Cary Gene...152,235 jose Fnedbcrt...329 

Joseph, Yvette Kay. 

Jouflas Peter Martin 



joy, Otainmany Dee. 

Joyce, Steven Michael... 
joyce, William George. 

Judson, Lvnda Mae. 

Juel, Cvnthia Ruth.. 






Julius, Lawrence Carl... 
Julian, Jerry Lee.. 



Jung, Marcus Alan. 

J ungel, Maria Louise.. 




Jurado, Nonna Sonia. 

Jurcak, Thomas Louis 



Intte, Mark Anton. 



Kaalaas. Joann.249 

Kabs, Tom.279 

Kackley, Sandra Gayle.277 

Kaelin, Diane Chcrvl.75,239,287 

Kafer, Janet Sue.132,337,427, 


Kagelc, Beverly Jo..308 

Kagele, Donald Melvin.297,302,488 

Kahns, Debra Anne...... 341 

Kalins, Steve Laveme....298 

Kain, John Vincent... 405 

Kaiser, Charles Ellis.248 

Kaiser, Karen Kay.334 

Kaldal, Mary Kristine.462 

Kaldestad, Toril Diane.131,479 

Kalin, John Elwood...468 

Kalinosld, Steven Mark. 184 

Kalis, Ann Strattc.306 

Kallsch, Carolyn Sue.193 

Kalkwarf, Heidi J.307,455 

Kalkwarf, Timothy 0.315,317 

Kallas, Mary ann.309 

Kallstrom, Diane L.131,319 

Kallstrom, Kimberly A...235 

Kalvig, Bariiara Ann.239,284 

Kamin, Anne Miriam..215 

Kanders, Theresa.202 

Kane. Daniel.329 

Kane. James Frederick.238 

Kancsta, Lindsay Allen.299 

Kann, William Walter.312 

Kant, Karel Velda..349 

Kantoncn, Raymond Mark.407,420,502 

Kapecky, Molly. 276 

Karagianes, Tom A.298,302 

Karamatic, Lisa Marie.433 

Karanasos, Zachary J.151.322,453 

Karch, Michael Anthony.151,248,453 

Karch, Robert John...457 

Karlin, Curtis Lane.135 

Kamath, Susan Camille.235 

Karshner, Tracey.276,277,420, 


Kasan, Teresa. 431 

Kasc, Barbara Ann.169 

Kasmar, diaries D. 379,462 

Kasper. Kenneth C...142,147,248 

Kaufman, Mary Marie.482 

Kauppila, Jean Louise.278 

Kauzlarich, Jaini Lee.347,444 

Kauzlarich, Joni Ann.170,334,335 

Kawahata, Lory K.330,479 

Kawakami, Jay Akiyo.151,462 

Kawanchi, Leslie..277 

Kawauchi, Scott Kent...367 

Kaye, Robert Bruce.262 

Kavs, Linda Marie.169,198 

Kays, Mary Cecilia.349 

Kayser, Michael Leroy.468 

Keane. Daniel Jay.204,296 

Kearns, Brian.142 

Keatts, John C.296,480 

Keck, James Alan ..452 

Keck, Paul Leon...262 

Keck, Thomas Mast in. 381 

Keder, John Wilson.„.264 

Kce. Barbara Jean. 129,216 

Keefe, Shari. 272 

Keeffe, Sharon Lee.199,269,372 

Keegan, Robert Douglas.259 

Kcehn, Janet Elizabeth.341 

Keehnel, Steven John.129,481 

Keelc, Janice Ruth. 289 

Keenan. Dave.504.505,506 

Keene, William Harvey..377 

Kcesecker, Sheila Aim..287 

KegeL Lori Diane...140,415 

Kesier, Jerry C....142 

Keitgcs, Norman Edward.235 

Keith, Dee Ami.330 

Keller, Donna Marie.131,318,319 

Keller, Cordon W.298 

Keller, Joseph Antonc.373 

Keller, Kathryn Amy. 310 

Keller, Kristine L.. 310 

Keller, Michael James.219 

Keller. Michael Robert...322 

Keller, Steven Walter.125,259 

Keller, Victoria Johan.132 

Kellett, Cynthia Lois.334,506 

Kelley, Cindy Lee.305,341 

Kellev, James Benjamin.323,509 

Kelley, jay Darrell.331,333 

Kelley, Susan D.—.242.326 

Kellie, Becky Lynn.242,330 

Kellogg, Wade Allen.302 

Kelly. Allen Ray Jr.263 

Kelly, Brian Andrew.399 

Kelly, Brian Michael.184 

Kelly, Brian Robert.235 

Index 533 

Kelly, David Scott.299 

Kelly Erin Anne.305,355 

Kelly, Joan K.339,424 

Kelly, Karen Ann.343 

Kelly, Ken K.228 

Kelly, Laura Helen.309 

Kelly, Riley James.123,373 

Kelly, Susan Jean.77,337,429 

Kelly, Terry M.188,189,260 

Kelly, William G.278 

Kelso, Steven Chester.297,453 

Kelso, William Howard.246,454,474 

Keminerer, Stanley Lynn.120 

Kemp. Alan Douglas.331,333 

Kendall, Teresa Ann.497 

Kcnkiltisak, Nithaly.307 

Kennedy, Allan Stephen.184,185,259 

Kennedy, Carole Nina.334,335 

Kennedy, Debora Lynne.75,289,355 

Kennedy, John ...144,235 

Kennedy, Kyra Lee.339 

Kennedy, Sandra Jean.119,462,479 

Kennedy, Timothy James.389 

Kenney, Crawford L.481 

Keno, Kenneth Charles.235 

Kenworthy, Robert D.331,333,461, 


Keppler, Craig Howard.216,262 

Kercheval, Nancy Susan.423,436,494 

Kerle, Michelle Rene.240,305 

Kermani, Arab Pari F.479 

Kems, Lesley Jeanne.289,357 

Kerns, .Mark Robert.226 

Kerr, Kathryn Ruth.351,428 

Kerr, Linda.427 

Kerr, Megan Jo.351,432 

Kerr, Richard.260 

Kerr, Steven Brent.287 

Kertis, Annette Julene.253,476 

Kerbs, Lisa Marie.476 

Kerwin, Christine Ann.284 

Kesselring, Jerry Lin.317 

Kestcll, Robert Joseph.321 

Ketcham, Elizabeth Ann.418,499 

Ketel, Betty Lee.251 

Ketel, Mary Ann.318,319 

Kettel, David Harold.480 

Kettel, Kyle D.279,281 

Key, David Martin.123,387 

Keyes, Gregory Scott.367 

Keyes, Kristin Eileen.309 

Kibbe, Brent Alleu.369 

Kibbe, Wendy Lynnette„...432 

Kie, Katherine Lee.242,328 

Kieling, Monte William.328,522 

Kiein, William Fred.92,93,94, 


Kilbom, Pamela Jane.310,349 

Kilburg, Gary Francis.316 

Kilcup, Leroy Charles.483 

Kilgore, Michael Clark.154,229,454, 


Kilgren, Roger Keith...486,487 

Killian, Steve Joseph.316 

Killingsworth, Donald.231,245,454, 


Killoren, Edwarxl W.311,317,488 

Kilpatrick, Kenneth.365 

Kilpe, Alison Andrea.345 

Kiin, Duane Sung Soo.123,479 

Kimball, Clayton Scott.155,332,333 

Kimball, Rita Ann.254 

Kimble, Debra Ann.235,415,471 

Kimble, Sharon Lee.495 

Kimbough, Edward.235 

Kimeto, Joshua.172,173,206 

Kimmel, David Roy. 134,466 

Kimmel, Susan J.305 

Kimmerle, Susan Dee.71,253,361 

Kimombwa, Samson Bein.172,173,206, 


Kimpel, Jana Sue...240,306 

Kineh, Daniel, Fredrick.324 

Kinder, Janet Alison.340,427 

Kinder, Lori Kay.269 

Kindsvogel, Matt W.321 

King, David Victor.284 

King, Dennis Ray.330 

King, Donnamarie Anna.278,511 

King, Gail Ann.237,430,494 

King, Gregory N...243,492 

Kin& James Edwin.385 

King. John Charles..57,284 

King, Lynda Doris.129 

King, Norecn Lareda.255,257 

King, Ronald Scott.371 

King, Shawn Erick. 285 

King, Susan Elaine..309 

Khig. Wesley R.263 

Kingsley, Garth B.148,455,462 

Kinney, Marsha Jeane.153,202,343, 


Kinnunen, Michael J.210 

Kinsolving, Nancy Jo.268 

Kintner, Elizabeth.478 

Kinzer, Scott King.262 

Kipisz, Steve Kelly.299 

Kipp, Gretchen Maurine.230 

Kipp, Sherri Marie.223,276,472 

Kippenhan, Lucinda May.309 

Kipper, Lee Ann..307 

Kirby. Robert F.320 

Kirby, Steven A.188 

Kirschemann, Debbie.240 

Kirk Anne Elizabeth.357,416 

Kirk, David Alexander.401 

Kirk, Evelyn Lois.159 

Kirk, William Max.135,483 

Kirkhus, Shelley Lynne.349 

Kirkpatrick, Robert D.258 

Kirkwood, Brad Lee. 

Kirlin, Randall Ray. 



Kirscheiunann, Debbie J. 


Kirwan, Steven Mark. 


Kishick, Charles W. 

Kissinger, Charles R.. 



Kisson, Beverly R.. 


Kistemaker, Gerhard 1. 


Kitatani, Kenji. 


Kitayama, Noriko. 


Kitchens, Michael D. 


Kitsch, David James. 


Kittson, Angustan D.... 


Kitzke. Paul Richard. 


Kjos, Jerry Arthur. 


Klarich, Gcordy Jo. 

Klason, Karen Louise. 




Klaue, Douglas Brian. 


Klaus. Barbara Kay. 


Ktavano, Ann Marie. 


Klave, Doug. 


Klein, Barbara Ilene. 


Klein, Edwin Joseph. 


Klein, Maria Ann. 


Klein, Patricia A. 


KIcinsworth, Kiin. 


Klicker, Jerri Lyn. 

.349 416 

Klicker, Kirk Alan. 


Kliern, John Mathew 


Klindworth, Steven J . 

.239 283 

Kliue, Niall William. 


Klinski, Lee Norman. 


Klopfenstein, David A. 


Klnck, Susan Marie. 


King, Brian Geoigc. 


Klug, Jerome A. 


Knapp, Christopher A. 


Knapp, Donna R. 


Knapp, Sharon Marie. 


Knappett, Cynthia C. 


Knatcal, Joan Ellen. 


Kneeshaw, Sandra Lynne.... 


Knerdson, Bret. 


Knight. David Michael. 



Knight, Dorie Lynn. 


Knight, Douglas S. 

.134 466 

Knight, Gary 1. 


Knight, Kathleen A. 


Knight, Ronald Brent. 


Knight, Tcri Jill. 


Knippa, Betsy Wilma. 


Knittle, Timothy W. 


Knodcl, Jerry Lynn. 


Knodcl, Nancy Lou. 


Knoll, Annette, Marie.. 


Knoper, Steven Ross. 


Knopp, Cherie Juanita.. 

.423 459 

Knopp, Terri Ann. 


Knott, Robert Elton. 

. .239 285 

Knowlton, Brian S. 

.299 491 

Knox, Shirley Linn. 


Knudtsen, Carol D. 


Knue, Beverly Grace. 


Knuth, Kristy Sue. 


Knutsen, Eric Irviug. 


Knutson, Kristi Naomi. 


Knutson, Roberta Lynn. 


Knutson, Sarah Jo. 


Koal, Jan Garrett. 


Koba, Arlene Ayaine. 


Kobes, David Virgil. 


Koenig, Anthony Eugene. 

..314 317 

Koenig, Carie Sue. 


Koenig, Thomas Arnold. 


Koismo, Avis Kathleen. 


Kolde, Velle, Jakob. 


Koler, Duncan Briau. 

Koller, Linda M. 


.269 416 

. 251 

Kono, Daryn David. 


Komi, Douglas Duane. 



Kooyman, Marion Wilma.... 


Knoznetsoff, Harry F. 

.208 263 

Koper, Carolyn Elaine. 


Koppe, Howard Scott. 


Koppc, Paul Graham. 


Korf, Dale A. 


Korf, Dana William. 


Korn. John Russell. 

Komell, Laura J. 



Korsmo, Elaine Ruth. 


Korzyk, Monica Irene . 

. 244 310 

Kosseriing, Jerry. 


Kosler, Gregory Jakle. 


Kostick, Benjamin M . 

.298 302 

Kostur, James Andrew. 


Kouba, Kim Ann. 


Kouchi, Steve Joseph. 


Kouldes, Christine D. 


Koval, Elizabeth Ann. 


Kowalik, Krystvna. 


Krsce Dick 


Krack, Alan C. 


Kramann, Kirsten. 


Kramer, Lisa Jean. 


Kramer, Mary D... 


Kramer, Sharon Jean. 


Kranc, Kathy Lynn. 


Krape, Gregory James. 


Krase, Richard William. 


Kratzke, Thomas Martin. 


Krause, Cathy Ann. 


Krause, Jane Avlyn. 


Krause, John Edward. 


Kraxberger, Vicki L. 


Kreft, David Lee. 


Krehoff, Peter F. Jr. 


Kreider, Lori Sue.327 

Kreller, Thomas R.323 

Kremer, Lonnie Marie.131,343 

Krenowicz, Nancy A.76 

Kriebel. Michele M.290 

Kriner, Kathleen Mary.432 

Kro^tadt, Arietta Rae.244,308 

Kromaim, Kirsten Aim.277 

Kronvall, Charles M.239,287 

Kroo, Sharon Resa.453 

Kropf, James Anthony..118,487 

Kropp, Sherry Linda.235 

Krueger. Nancy Lynne.202 

Krug, Karl Bernard. 188 

Kruger, Dale Owen.323 

Kruize, John Christian.235 

Krull, Aimie Lou.334 

Kruse, H. Scott...383 

Kruse, Jay Edward.264,266 

Ktiho, Iris Yuri...255,257 

Kuhosumi, Elizabeth.248 

Kubosumi, Kenneth Jay.248 

Kuchmak, Katherine M.289 

Kuehnc, Serena Renee.271 

Kuffel, Colleen Sue.351,429 

Kuhns, F. Donald.216,299 

Kuictlms, Pat.480 

Kuljurgis, Erdme Maria.157 

Kullberg, Mark J.231.260,518 

Kuntz, Dawn Louise. 192,235 

Kuntz, Harry.230 

Kuntz, Joanne Marie.279 

Kuntz, John Allen...156,482 

Kuntz, Miles, Micheal.399 

Kupker, John Allen.383 

Kurc, Jeffrey Shennan.154 

Kurtis, Donald Robert..375 

Kusliad, Mosbah Mohamed.142,248 

Kushman, Lawrence Kent.123 

Kusler, Janet Marie.198 

Kussnian, Kevin Peter.242,327 

Kutz, Kimberly Jane.325 

Knwahara, Dianne Mac.290 

Kuykendall, Bradley T.:..216,385 

Kuykendall, Brian Paul.385 

Kvam, James Russell.316 

Kvam, Larry John.316 

Kvatcmik, Jeff J.235 

Kvictkus, Patrick W.385 

Kwan, Shirley Y.276.277 

Kyllo, Debra Kay.140,318,319. 


Kyllo, Jeffrey Eldon.159,358 

Kyllo, Loren Palmer...150 


Labrash. Robert Steven.299,302 

Lacheck, Marcia Marie.306,467 

Lacy', Paul Alan.311,317 

Ladouceur, Jeffrey A.322 

La Drew, Erie. 457 

Laffaw, Brian Henry'. 381 

Lafond, Margaret Mary...268 

Lagergren, Amc Albert...123 

Lahti, Linda Lueile.257,472,476 

Laird, Rick D.311,317 

Laird, Matthew John.395 

Lally, Megan Kathleen.120,474 

Lalonde, Susan E.132 

Laluc, Delbert Edward.184 

Lamanna, Gregory- John.262 

Lambert, Lome Cyril.129 

Lamberto, Robin Ann.363,519 

Lamont, Jean Marie.306 

Lamoree, Randy Lamont.216,322 

Lancaster, April Joy.305 

Lancaster. Gail J.157,276 

Lancaster, Mary Lee..351,429 

Landa, Jorge P.373 

Landc, Ronald.137 

Landerhotin, Barbara L.349,484 

Landerholm, Walt R.326 

Landiek, Robert Wuyne.259 

Landin, Cheryl Kay.132,215,-347 

Landon, Thomas Michael.285 

Landro, Concepcion.271 

Landrud, Bryce Russell.174,262 

Lane, Bruce Cameron. 225 

Lane, Janice Louise.225,420 

Lane, Marshall Dwight.297 

I aney, Norine E.268,272 

Lang, Gordon Reginald.123,192,375, 


Lang, John M.150 

Lang, M. Kirby.375 

Langdon, Shirley D,.290,293 

Lange, Beverly Anne.140,433 

Iange, Frank E..367 

Lange, Garry' Joseph.499 

Lange, Robert Charles.371 

Langendoen, Richard R.196.235 

Langenhorst, Hubert S.243 

Langenhoist, Mary K.240,306 

Langer, Marcia Jean.118 

Langfeldt, Pamela Jean.479 

Langford, Stephen C.156,262,266 

Langharn, Margo Renee.239,244 

Langille, Suzanne Y.499 

Langlow, Gregory L.385 

Langstaff, Beverly J.120,462 

Lansaw, Shelley Louise.291,293 

Lanser, Martin M. Ill.327,512 

Lantz, Charlene C..306 

Lantzy, Jane Ann.305 

Lapeyrouse, Janet L.253,254,496 

Lapinski, Lisa.244,310 

Laplante, Marc B.299,302 

Christopher Oliver 
Student Publications Photographer 

Lapp, Nancy Carol...359 

Large, Janet Jean.241 

Larimer, Barbara T.305,484 

larkey, David Alan...263,481 

Larkin, Timothy Kelly.260 

Lamed, Catherine H.192 

Larsen, Dan Edward.405 

Larsen, Gary Robert.232 

Larsen, Karen Anue..286.497 

I^arscn, Kristen Lee.310 

Larsen, Rebecca Ann.249 

Laisen, Slieri Anuc.75,77,308 

Larsen, Theresa Ann.288,293 

Larsen, Thomas Eugene.184 

Larson, Barbara Ann.291,293,453 

Larson, Dan Robert.387 

Larson, Deanna Lynn.75,327 

Larson, Dennis Paul.159,403,501 

Larson, Eric Russell.264 

Larson, Gerald Allen.262,481 

Larson, Greg.299 

Larson, Heidi Marie. 349 

Larson, Jana Dee.337,421 

Larson, Jean Marie.157,253,254, 


Larson, John David..323 

Laisonjohn H.455 

Larsonjohn Scott.371 

Larson, Keith Martin.246 

Larson, Kristine Karen.240,305 

Larson, Laurenc Lee.246 

Larson, Linda Lee.283 

Larson, Marilyn Louise.334,335,417 

Larson. Mark David—.371 

Larson, Marsha Sue.247,469 

Larson, Marty....331 

Larson, Michael John..264 

Larson, Thomas C....323 

LaSage, Lynn.416 

Laseau, Anne Marie.339 

Lasell, Kristina L.227 

Laska, Karl Michael.321 

Lassen, James Greg.246 

Lathan, Milton, Dean.125,235,304, 


Lathim, Linda Colleen.429 

Lathrop, Daniel Peter.304 

Lathrop. Diana Jean.272 

Lathrop, Kimberlee Ann.151 

Lathrop, Patrick James.120,326 

Lathrop, William Ray.259 

Latimer, Dennis Wayne.312 

Latimer, Kimberly June.357,424,479 

Latsch, Richard Alan.148 

Latsch, Thomas Martin.241 

Latterell, Brenda Joan.285 

Lauer, James Thomas.210,213 

Lauhnann, Erin Ann.325 

Laughlin, Kevin M.241,454,452, 


Lautcrbaeh, Janet Gail.. 

Laver, Jim. 

1 jivem Rosemary 



Lavin, Shawn C. 


Law, Deborah Marie. 

Law, Janey Anne. 


.75,309 425 

Law, R. Diane. 


Lawler, John Richard. 


Lawler, Keith Alleu.261 

Lawless, Scott Edward.313,317,464 

Lawless, Susan Marie.290 

Lawr, Michael Wayne. .315 

Lawrence, Mark Erwin.47J* 

Lawrence, Owen Tower.243 

Lawrence, Susan K.216,140,306 


Lawson,James Robert.315,462 

Lawson, Jo Ann...303 

Lawson, Marjorie Lee... 
Lawson, Ronda Jean. 


Lawson, Thomas Willard.... 


Lavman, John Randall. 


Layton, Jonathan H. 


Leach, Fred T. Jr. 


Leach, Richard Vernon. 


Leach, Sharon R. 


Leach man, Michael R. 


Leacy, Thomas Bernard. 


Leadbetter, Cathie E. 


Leaf, Connie Rae. 


Leaf, Marvin Paul. 


Leahy, Patricia Eileen. 

Leahy, Terrence A. 

Lehbad, Mai in Karim. 

Lebenzon, Lindsey Beth. 




.159 431 [ 

Lebrun, Greg Paul. 


Lebrun, Joan Marie. 

.359,422 , 

Lcche, Marilyn Jane. 


Leche, Mary Elizabeth. 


Leehelt, Mitchell S. 


Lechner, Wendy Sue. 

I zminplp Toni Cawy 



Ledgerwood, Chris N. 



Ledoux, Sandra Lvun. 

Ledrew, Robert Eric. 



Lee, Anne Virginia. 


Lee, Bobby Joe. 

.510 1 

Lee, Brenda Diane. 


Lee, Brent C. Y. 


Lee, Carol J. 


Lee, Carolyn Leola. 


Lee, Darrell Jess. 


Lee, Gerald Martin S. T. 

Lee, Jackie Lynn. 



Lee, Joan Marie. 


Lee, Laurie Jean. 


Lee, Linda Diane. 


Lee, Marcia Alice. 


I jpfo. Martin Fredrick. 


Lee, Mary T... 


Lee, Michael Franklin. 


Lee, Michael Cordon. 


Lee, Peter Jeffrey. 


Lee, Roxaima Marie. 

.290 293 

Leenders, John David. 


Leendertsen, John D. 


Leescr, Cynthia Anne. 


Leeser, Rieka Lynn.. 


Lcff, Lori Jeanne. 


Lcgan, Terri Jo. 


Legel, Susan E. 


Legg, Linda Louise. 


Leggett, Heidi Marie. 


Leggett, John William. 

Leggett, Lindey Stuart. 




Lehmann, Debbie B. 


Lehn, Bcmt Christian. 


Lehn, Mary Ruth. 


Lehn, Tracy Ann. 

Leibel, Debbie. 



Leifeste, Cindy Lynn. 


Leigh, Steve. 


534 Index 

?ht, David Carl.258 

*hty, Dwayne Erwin.297 

l. Michael Nave.-..375 

\ Shelley Ann...123.341,484 

lweber, Randall E.489 

ter, Kenneth Luin.454 

th. Karen Mary..307,488 

tner, Juliette M..253 

tz, Ellen Louise._..285 

:z, Erlau Mark.297 

and. Robert Frank.-.142 

darchc, Mary A.247 

nieux, Joseph David.261 

uke, David Herman.184,259 

nke, Julie Marie.. 291 

noine, Cary Stephen.148 

non, Carol Jean.288 

lgle, Linda Mae.235 

Uiardt, Janice E.339,494 

ihart. Bill John...405 

lhart, Jeffrey C.-.243 

diart, Kerr)' Steven.242,330,353, 


it. Willis Michael.377 

.tz, Robert Arien.137.322.462, 


itz, Robert Eugene.509 

xi, Joe V..299 

.Kiard, Georgia Lee.361 

.ward, Lance Thomas.331,333,458, 


xiard, Sharon Kay.417 

iwiard, Susan Marie.-.307,467 

onard, Teri Ann.158,192 

onard, Zoe Anne. 351 

(ipich, Jeri C—. .248 

ppich, Thomas Roy...248 

sage. Lynn Marie.307,453 

vesne, Carlette T. .-.288 

sko, Andy Patrick. 409 

sko, Paul C.151.391,507 

alie, David Craig.-..373 

idie, Kelly Brooke...306 

ssard, Joseph Lee.156.278,399, 


-sser, Jeffrey Philip...156,296,302 

kavec, Darlene Lynn.310 

•ung, Chi-Ming.. 235,477 

vander, Gary Roger.401 

Hander, Marie Philip.129,401 

vasseur, Janine Lynn.271,274 

rvenseller, Michael T.178,184 

■vernier, Rosemary.257 

>vien, Nanette Jayne.349,429 

-vine, Joshua P.296,302 

|*vine, Nancy R.329 

rvold, Steven C.452,515 

|vy. Mark Richard.119.299,302 

■wiuski. Brian James.-..298 

•winski, Mark William.299 

•wis, Betsy Ann. .272 

.s.*wis, Christopher E.. 409 

-Vwis, Clay Dean.—..-332 

bwis, Constance E...320 

.Wis Eric Richard..297,302 

ewis, Frank David. 405 

iewis. Cordon Dean...248 

ewis, Helen Kennedy.268 

ewis, Henry Charles..385 

;ewis, Kim Renee.286 

ewis, Leonard Bernard.196,197,316 

ewis, Louise Ellen.248 

ewis Mark Richard.331,333 

ewis Micliael D.385 

ewis, Micliael David.188 

ewis Monica Lu... 325 

.ewis, Patricia Ann.235 

-ewis Randall Leon. 142 

.ewis Richard A. 245 

-ewis Robert C.„.331 

ewis Roland Ray...492 

^ewis Russell Lee.330 

ewis Susan Gail.....-.-.310 

ewis Taira Susan.326 

ewiski, Stephen E..399 

-eynes, Humphrey. 495 

..ibbey, MaryLou.-.131.361 

Jcata. Cary Arthur.454 

Jchlyter, Timothy L.314 

Jddell. James Hendry.123,491 

iddell, William A.407 

.iddingtou, Bruce.96 

. jddle, Gregory Diane.403 

-lebel, Deborali Carol.334,335 

jcbel, Leslie Joan.341,433 

JebcrgeseU, Susan.279,281 

pen. Carol Anne.123 

Lien, Jeffry Wallace.323 

I Jen, John Dwight.369 

Lien, Timothy WyHe.401.457 

Liening. Mark Avery ..379 

Lies Max Cordon... .262 

Lieske, Leslie Lee.249 

Lieske, Pamela Jean. 235 

I iewer, Patricia Ann.—. 306 

Light, Martha Susan.-.129,339,433, 


Ldijc, »▼ imam joiiii. 

Lill, David Jesse.248 

Lill, Jocelyn la..235 

Lillegard, Harvey John.135,483 

Lillie, Roliert K.-.235 

Ullquist, Edwiu Carl. 489 

Lincoln, William Frank.331 

Lind, Curtis C.-.381 

Lind, Erie H...401,420 

Lind, Leslie Ann..328 

Lind, Robyn Susan.343 

Lindahl, Cary Michael..311,317 

Lindahl, Lam' Owne.-...315 

Lindberg. Anne M...334,335 

Lindberg, David Jon.118 

Lindeinan, Diane Marie.151,337.496 

Lindeman, Mark M.-389 

Linden, Philip Mark...489 

Linderer, Janice Kay.162 

Lindgren. Alan Scott... 405 

Lindquist, David W.399 

Lindsay, George Win. Jr..316 

Lindsay. Richard Cuy.216,395 

Lindsay, Richard T.299 

Lindsay, Robin Ann.249 

Lindstrom, Judy Ann..154 

Lindstrom, Kris.293 

Lindwall, Robert E.E.242,330 

Linchan, James Francis..284 

Lingle, Linda. 235 

Lingenfelter, Julie A.216,274 

Linker, James Robert.239,284 

linker. Mike Scott.184,185,298 

Linn, Michael Erbon.259 

Linquist, Mark C.314,317 

Linstruin, Donna Ja.308 

Linvil). Laurie Gay.149,359 

Lippert. David Jerome.123,393,488 

Lippincott. Whitney V.262 

Little, Bernard Glen.156 

Little, Mary Alice.240,305 

Little Matthew R......239,284 

Litton, Gregory James.401,461 

Litzsinger, Susan D..357 

Lively, Toni Jeannine.-.246 

Livingstou, Gail L.318 

Lloyd, Melissa Zoe.345,433 

Lo, Charles.457 

Lobberegt. Lori Anne.—2D 1 

Lobe, Janet Louise..309 

Lobeda, Janis Laurene.345 

Lobeda, Leann D.359,429,453, 


Lobeda, Lynn Carol.430,463 

Lockbeam, Cynthia Rose.268,272 

Locke, William Randall..284 

Lockwood, Stephan B... 315 

Lockwood, William B.. .397 

Lodge, Steven Douglas.263 

Loeken. John Herbert..235 

Loes, Ruth Margaret. 89 

Locschc, Bill A.407 

Loetterle, Jan Marie.239,283 

Lofink, Raymond Kiel.126,375 

Loftis, Karen D.240,306 

I>ogui, Robert Everett.311 

Logc, Jeffrey Craig.468,472 

Lojpdon, Dean Monroe..119 

Logue, John Lawrence.284 

Lohrneyer, Steven R.132,171,458 

Loken, Kimberly Ann.310 

Lomax. James E.315 

Lomax, Lou... 235 

Lomax, Susan M.246,462,496 

Lombardi, James A.231.260 

Long, Charles Curtis.246,499 

l/>ng, Joan Muriel.. 291 

Long, Julanne Kay...253 

Long, Kenneth Alan.264 

Long, Linda Louise.270 

Long, Linnet Sharon.290 

Long, Lita EL....75,281,293 

Long, Michael Joseph.148 

Long, Patricia Mar)’.123 

Longan, Candace Jo.330 

Longley, Laura Lucile.71,289.293, 


Longineier, Ronald S.452,489 

Longneeker, Beth Anne..235 

Longstaff, Jennifer K.216,281,417 

Lougway. Jau Marie...268,272 

Longwell, Dean Charles.261 

Looinis, Robert Donald.— 156,381 

Lopes, Chris....-.504 

Lorberau, Teresa Lynn ..153 

Lord, Arlene Elizabeth.129,415 

Lorenz, Alan Scott..—.316 

Lorimor, E.S... 477 

Lotz, Daniel B.379 

Lotz, Julie Ann..328 

Lotze, Craig Kelly.297,482 

Lotzgesell, David W.387 

Lotzgesell, John W.123,387 

Loudon, Pamela Jean.271,274 

Lougheed, Thomas W.235 

Loughridge, Gregory T.129 

Louie, Car)' Douglas...124 

Loupe, CoUins Gerard..279 

Lovejoy, Loren Arthur.-.284 

Loveless. Patti Kay.126,426 

Lovell, Debbie A. 198 

Lovely. Deborah A.216.289,293, 


Lovett. Clare.—.468 

Lovezzola, Mary T........310 

l-ovim, Richard Gregg..371 

Lovitt, Shari Lynn. 281 

Lowdon, Debbie K.350,467 

Lowe, Bryan Anderson..377,515 

Lower, Arthur Marion.184,185 

Lower, Lou Ann.-310 

Lowery, David Brian.407 

Lowery, Larry.477 

Lowery, Nancy Aim.254,417 

Lowery, Robert James.124 

Lowry, Lawrence Paul.329 

Lncas, Larry Steve...235 

Lucas, Susan Jane.158,318,319 

Lucas, Tommy Lee.259 

Luce, Joseph Paul.315,317,453, 


Luchini, Charles E..377 

Ludington, Brian D....387 

Ludowise, John Douglas.296 

Ludlka, John Mark.387 

Ludwig, Klaus-Dieter.285 

Luedeeke, Doug.480 

Luehrs, Kevin Gerhardt.—297 

Luft, David Stanley.—. 129 

Luft, Douglas Brown.216,320 

Luke, Rodney, John.129,385,489 

Lukehart. Dan D— .184,185,387 

Lukcnss Cathy Ann.71,307.355 

Lukosi, Paul Theodore.485 

Luna, Teri Lee.278 

Lund, Eric Charles.311,317 

Lund, Gordon C.245 

Lund, John Gregory.263 

Lund, Martin Dwight.204 

Lund, Mary Ann.204.306,462 

Lund, Robin Lea.339 

Lund, Todd Robert.387 

Lunden, Eric Roy.-..258 

Lundgrcn, Betty Jean.276,489 

Lundgren, Hans..216,302 

Lundgren, Kathleen L.309 

Lundstrum, Joy Laree.462 

Lupinski, Jeff A..279,281 

Lams, Suzanne Marie.351,429 

Lust, Julie Ruth.-.291,293 

Lust, Kathryn Martha.308 

Lust, Michael Charles.258 

Luther, Randall Dean.469 

Lutz. Steven L.245,521 

Lutzc, Susan.-.216 

Luzny, Matthew Paul.298 

Lybarger, Richard Alan.296 

Lydig, Sharon Arm.251 

Lydin, Ralph Edward..245 

Lyle, Bruce Daniel.488 

Lyfonl, Cenetta M.285 

Lyle, Bruce Daniel.118,393 

Lyman, Bradley Allen...327 

Lyman, Cynthia Lee.-.193,288,293 

Lvnberg. Richard R.157 

Lynch, Donald DoeUc.312,317 

Lynch, Elizabeth Ann.—.89 

Lynch, John Henry.137,248 

Lynch, Katherine E.271 

Lynch, Robert Ross Jr. 405 

Lynd, Leslie David.331,333 

Lynd, Merri Cay.343 

Lynhill, Theresa.277 

Lyon, Brent E..264 

Lyon, Kathy A.170,235 

Lyou, Michael David Jr.397 

Lyons, Michael Anthony.264,266 

Lyons, Paul Fredrick.151,231 


MacArthur, Alau S.— .156,477 

MacBride, William T.-.248 

MacCombie, James W.135 

MacDennott, Bret James.286 

MacDonald, David A.-.297 

MacCowan, Mark Stuart.300 

MacIntyre, Kevin Lee.304 

MacKay, Anthony Kurt.393 

MacKay, Jane Audrey.216,249 

MacKenzie, Gary Mark.466 

MacKenzie, Kristy Arm.129 

MacKenzie, Stephanie.-.129 

Madriri, Nan Cathleen.151 

MacLean, Chary.268 

MacLean, Mary Denise.359 

Macomber, Kathryn A.270,274 

MacFierson, Jeff Reid.332 

Macy, Michael, Caylord......248 

Macy, Patricia Marie.248 

Macy, Roland E.-.262,266 

Maddeford, Marilyn ) .279,281 

Madden, Mary Louise..272,268 

Madden, Michael Thomas.482,508 

Madden, Phil Blaine..331 

Maddox, Stephen Knute —.129 

Maddox, Warren.-...453 

Maden, Wina.318 

Mader, Susan Christine.249 

Madison, Cuy Reginald.403.452,489 

Madison, Shannon Lee.327 

Madland, Kenneth Dana.-.302 

Madsen, Edwina K.319 

Madsen, Jack Thomas.124,387 

Madsen, Patricia Arm.285 

Madson, Dianne Kristin.337,492,496 

Madson, Mary Theresa.—.329 

Maenhont, Mary Terese.339,433 

Maeshim, Lori Matsuko..198,325 

Magden, Linda C —.139,347,433 

Magee, Cynthia Ann..268 

Mapius, Cuy Martin.—.188,403 

Magnuson, Jill Marie.271 

Maguire, Dawn Annette-.205,288 

Mahan Jeffrey Joseph.201 

Maher, Daniel Thomas.312,449 

Maher, Edward Louis.142,375,453 

Maher, Timothy Shane.184,185 

Mahler. Robert L.142,243,487 

Mahoney, Jill Kathleen..278 

Mahoney, Peggy H.339 

Maier, Howard Vernon.118,452,489 

Main, Ricky Allan.312 

Mains, Tony Leroy.300 

Makala, Sue..270 

Malaspino, Donald M..260 

Malberg, Lori Ellyn. 129,341 

Malbon. Mark Sidney.124,218,488 

Maldonado, Christine A.255 

Malik, Sharcen. 479 

Malkow, Timothy John.204 

Malkson, Cynthia Karen.349 

Malmassari, Mary Ann. -355 

Malnati, Michael C....311 

Malone, Kevin Harold.264 

Malone, Robert Kelly.296 

Malone, Robert Steven...298 

Malone, Sheldon, Lance.235 

Malphnis, Marv Lucille.124,325,327. 


Malphnis, Teresa Lynn..306 

Maltby, Suzanne Lynn.-.432 

Mandell, Jou Courtney.215 

Mandle, Lisa Marie.351,428 

Manhart, Brian Arthur..369 

Manley, Susan Louise.75,76,355, 


Mann, Bonney Jean.291 

Mann, Deborah Kaye.337.425 

Mann, Patricia Maureen.131.230,463 

Mann. Richard P. Jr...296,480 

Mannard, Audry Ann.351 

Manning, John Rnel Jr.242,330 

Manning, Shelley Lyn.307 

Manolopodos, Anna.—.243,431 

Mantzel, Nora -.-.278 

Manuel, Barbara Ellen.455 

Manuel, Barb.235 

Mar. James SC.299 

Maracich. Daniel A.174 

Marano, Kathleen R.330 

Nancy Marautctte.426 

Marble. Dane Marie.357 

March, Burton Winslow.151,391,478 

Marchi, Mary Kathleen.244,279,310 

Marchi, Susan Ellen. 75 

Marcoe, David Brian.-.321 

Marek, Thomas Paul.247 

Marentette, Nancy E...363 

Margheim, Thomas Wayne.262,266 

Maricle, Cindy Aim.274 

Maricle, Richard Allen.—.314,317 

Maris, Donald Owen.159,373 

Mark, Josephine Nonna.516 

Maikee, Nancy.279 

Markham, Cerald Deaune.387 

Markham, Sue Lynn.276 

Markley, Michael E.322 

Marks, Philip David.120 

Marlatt, Julianne M.337,422 

Marley, Orvella Eula...149 

Mamey, Evari Kendall.298 

Marr, Grant Douglas.137 

Marr, Michael Arthur.469 

Manx, Timothy Lee. 316 

Mansden, Melena R...75,355,427 

Marsh, Cynthia Louise.-.427 

Marsh, Janis LceAnnc.147 

Marsh, Ronald James.264 

Marsh, Steven G.245 

Marshall, Donald W.129,328.452 

Marshall. John Auld.-..216,401 

Marshall, Linnea Dell.-.463 

Marshall, Lisa Kay.357,425 

Marshall, Robert Paul.320 

Marshall, Scott Alan..226,501 

Martel, David Paul.124,491 

Martel, Douglas M.373 

Martelli, Joanne L.459 

Marth, Greg Howard.185 

Martin, Brad Yoeman.242 

Martin, Brenda Joyce.151,236 

Martin, Brook Lisa.244 

Martin, Colleen Anne.359,429 

Martin, Constance Joy.236.425 

Martin, David Thomas.-.154,405 

Martin, Deborah Jean.71,306,518 

Martin, Debra Ann. 271 

Martin, Elaine —.433 

Martin, Everett.468 

Martin, James Myron.124,397 

Martin, Jill Denise.144,355,465 

Martin, John Anthony.297,464 

Martin, Kathleen Raye.124,236 

Martin, Linda Lou.120,303,505. 


Martin, Lisa.310 

Martin, Nancy Therese.119,454 

Martin, Terri Lynn.330 

Martin, Wanda Ruth.480 

Martin Wayne James.120,174 

Martindale, Calvin P.-.147 

Martinsen, Thomas J.-.278,281 

Martyn, Elaine Bell.341 

Marwood, Marilyn Ann.276,277 

Masko, Robert Steven.151,236,453 

Masley, Brooke Ann.310 

Masloff, Barry Wayne.369 

Mason, Daniel Paul.311 

Mason, Julie Ann.247 

Mason, Michael.405 

Mason, Pamela Jean.305,341 

Mason, Steven Ernest.171 

Masonari, Richard.286 

Masset, Judith Diana.361 

Massinann, Lynn Anne.216,2-39 

Mastcnnan, Carol Ann.249 

Masterman, Connie D.343 

Masterson, Peggy.337 

Maston, Darlene.476 

Maston, William Dean.-.243 

Masuda, Daryl Kunio.479 

Mata, Eka.329 

Matchett, Douglas S.365 

Matheson, Iver Arvkl.155 

Matheson, Sandra Marie.241 

Mathews, Jackie Marie.290 

Mathews, Michael Paul.507,508.509 

Mathewson, Keith Bruce. .329 

Mathias, Sharon Denise.215,349,416, 


Mathison, William K.124,248 

Mat ilia, Carl.396 

Matlock, John David.470 

Matsen, Jay Davidson.322,488 

Matson, Jeffrey Earl.488 

Matsui, Jennifer Meiko.335 

Matsumoto, Cary Louis.365 

Matsuinoto, Glenn Y.479 

Matsumura, Bruce Kenji.129,489 

Malta, Dan Craig.320 

Mattausch, Barbara Ann.169.240,307 

Mattausch, Patricia A.202,247 

Matteo, Dennis Paul.300 

Matthew, James Byron..320,323 

Matthews, Cyril N.499,501 

Matthews, Patricia A..289,293,460 

Mattila, Carl R.216 

Mattix, Marc E...239,285 

Matzen, Cary Dennis.142 

Matzke, David Bruce.236 

Maughari, Daniel Edward.118 

Maurer, Randy Kenley.375 

Maw. James..508,510 

Maxey, Bevan J.184 

Greg Juber 

Student Publications Photographer 

Index 535 

Maxftckl, Richard B...124 

Maxwell, Car! Arthur.296 

Maxwell, David Michael.483 

Maxwell, Debbie S.236 

Maxwell, Kelly Jean. 216 

Maxwell, Kirt Erin.365 

Maxwell, Martyn S.210,213 

Maxwell, Wendy Alice.288 

May, Robert Lewis.331 

Mayar. Mohammad Q.142 

Maybee, Joe Thomas Jr.150 

Mayberry, Michael W.295,302 

Mayberry, Sidney Lee.118 

Mayer, Sarah Louise.309 

Mayfield, Larry John.299 

Maynard, Cary Linden.478 

Mays, Thomas Allen..217 

Mayse, Diane.249,474 

McAbee, Clark J.321 

McAdams, Kiin Reed.220,399,420 

McAllister. Michael E.124,383 

McArthur, Cary Joseph.262,266 

McAtcer, Anne E. 270 

McAuley, Rodney E.502 

McAuliffe, James Paul.118,407 

McAuliffe, MaryAiuic E.363 

McBride, Douglas Paul.311 

McBride, Jeffrey Allen.204 

McBride, Richard Allen.489 

McCabe, Diana Lynn.153 

McCain, Hebckah Leigh..347,482,484 

McCallmn, Craig David.260 

McCalluin, Jeffrey Jack.298 

McCallnm, Susan Marie.308 

McCarthy, Denis Steven.278,281 

McCarty, Jason James..326 

McCarty, Michael John.283 

McCaul, Gene Curtis.312,317 

McCauley, Mark Gregory.-.333 

McCauley, Matthew H.397 

McCauuey, Thomas.323,505 

McCausland, Patricia L.310,359 

McClain, Kelly Jean.288 

McClain, Robert Clyde.264 

McClaine, Steve Robert.236 

McClean, Jean Marie.337,416,427 

McCleary, Cheryl Ann.170 

McClellan, Steve Kent.264 

McClure, Scott Charles..261 

McClure, Wendy Sue.134,363,432, 


McColley, Devon Mam.216 

McComb, Timothy Roy.279 

McConkey, Fredrick W.236 

McConkle, Corinne M.170,291 

McConnell, Joy Lannae.216,239 

McConnell, Robert S.1.35,304,466 

McCorkhill. Gregg D.283 

McCorklc, Max Brian.216,261 

McCormiek, Jeffrey M.262 

McCormick, Kay Louise.308 

McCormick, Kelly Ann.357 

McCormick, Melinda L.119,470 

McCormick Thomas V.239 

McCown, Marcia Lynn.343,420 

McCoy, Kimberle Susan.154,253,254 

McCoy, Mary Heather.355,462,491 

McCracken, James V.389 

McCracken, Jaydee Lee.286 

McCrory, H. Bruce.479 

McCroskey, Dan L.331,333 

McCulloch, Eric Scott.333 

McCulloch, Jacquelyn K.309 

McCulloch, Karen Lee.129,149,335, 


McCullough, Kathryn S.270,274 

McCune, Debra Lynne.345,424 

McCutehan, James F.236 

MeDonald, Donna Jean.140,341,473 

McDonald, Gwcnn E.351,430 

McDonald, Holly A.357 

McDonald, Kathryn Jane.246 

McDonald, Nancy Ann.289,290 

McDonald, Paul Wesley...236 

McDonald, Scott Irwin.264,266 

McDonald, Steveu John.149,313 

McDonnell, Joseph G.298 

McDounell, Peter John.93,311 

McDougall, Scott P.231,260 

McDougall, Sheila L.306 

McDowell, Betsy Dee.359 

McDowell, Kevin Arnold.367 

McDowell, Marilyn J.335 

McDuffie, Matthew N.204,262 

McEachen, Hugh Douglas.248 

McEueu, Lisa Alice-.132 

McFadden, Dave.491 

McFarland, Cindy L.-.236 

McFarland Judy F.293,459 

McFarland Karen Jo..334,459 

McFarland, Sally Anne.479 

McCabe, Duncan.377 

McCaffey, William G.236,472 

McGeary, Deborah Ann.310.459 

McGee, Barry William.-.482 

McGee, Robert Scott..397 

McGee. Robin C.270,274 

McChan, Michael Scott.130,312,317 

McGill, Deborah Renee.170,240,307 

McGill, Scott Andrew.323 

McCiuley, Robert A.260 

McGlone, John James.119 

McGooski, Shannon.426 

McGough, Michael Scott.321 

McGough, Patrick James.377 

McGough, Shannon Marie.363 

McCoun, Mark Nelson.246,520 

McGowan, Scott Russell.231 

McCown, Williarp H.284 

McGraw, Karen Louise.307 

McGraw, Randal Paul.333,472 

McGraw, Raymond Dean.135,333 

McGraw, Roger Lee.332.333,488 

McGreevy, Rebecca Anne.276,464 

McGregor, Malcolm Alex.119,248,470 

McGregor, Sharon L.142,236,248, 


McOuigan, Margaret J.253 

McGuigan, Maureen K.124 

McCnifturey, Pat.295 

McCninness, Robert A.488 

McGuire, Laura Anne.153,463,497 

McIntosh, Kathleen Ann.462 

McIntyre, John Stuart.462,489 

McIntyre, Mary Irene.310 

McKay, John Ronald.298 

McKean, John Sidney.304 

MeKec, David Ralph.245 

McKee, Denise Earline.255.257.424 

McKee, Kelly Jo.240,306 

McKee, Susan Anne.241 

McKellar, Shawn Arlene.287 

McKendrick, Diane M.251 

McKendrick, Sharon M.251 

McKenna, Susan J..308 

McKennon, Scott P.281 

McKenny, Jeff.263 

McKeon, Paula Rebecca.240,307 

McKibbon, Karen.-.244 

McKibben, Mark Tinner.283 

McKinlay, Reed Edward.124,379 

McKinney, Janet Elaine.57,239 

McKinney, John Jeffery.188,266 

McKinnon, John C. Jr.320 

McKinnon, Karla Marie.363 

McKown, Christine L.305,341 

McLain, Leslie Gail..334,335,453, 


McLaskey, William H.266 

McLaughlin, Marsha Joy.236 

McLaughlin, Robert P..371 

McLean, Carrie A.289 

McLean, Kelly Aim.124,491 

McLean, Martin William.383 

McLean, Matthew Jon.279 

MeLean, Steven Wayne.452 

McLeod John Joseph.260,462 

MeMahan, Paul Francis.134 

McMahon, Janine Marie.305 

McMakin, Ward David.297 

McMaiuus, Mark Donald.328 

McMaster, Steve Allen.124 

McMillin, Michelle M.351,427 

McMonagle, Gail Ann. 124 

McMonigle, Edith V..305,473 

Me Murray, Kathleen M.334 

McNabb, TTiomas Paul.264,266 

McNamara, Terri Lynn.460 

Me Neal, Lauri Ann.240,306 

McNeil, Mary Lynn.132 

McNeill, Dianne Kari.216,306 

McNeill, Paul Lynn.302 

McNicoll, Andrew A.236 

McNulty, Charles R.391 

McPharlin, Thomas P.285 

McPheeters, Anthony R.421 

McPherson, Joe James.259 

McPherson, Stephen D.298 

McQuaki, Meredith M.330 

McRae, Marta Jo.341,4.33 

McRae, Russ R.263 

McRae, Shirley Jean.459 

McRorie, Bartley D..-.148,317 

MeTavish, Bruce James.470 

McVey, David Scott.184,185 

McVey, Lorraine Aim...216,325 

McVey, Marty Paul..383 

McWilliams, Nancy Ann.339,418,491 

Means, Mary Katherine.310 

Meauy, Michael Patrick.407 

Meckiey, Elizabeth Ann.310 

Medchill. Paula Ann.252,459 

Medina, Thomas Gregory.243 

Medler, Mame Ellen.192,351 

Medler, Michelle E.140,351.463 

Meehan, Patricia Lynn.329 

Meek, Kevin Chad. 


Meerdink, Stephen Lyn. 


Meglcn, John Edward. 


Mehoff, Jack. 


Meier. Barbara Ann. 


Meier, Richard Ray Jr. 


Meier, Steven E. 


Melaneou, Thomas B.410,505,506 

Melgaard, Fred Eugene.264 

Melot, Sandra Lynn.255,343 

Meloy, Mary Elizabeth..345 

Meloy, William Thomas.130,401 

Melsness, Marcia Lynne.288 

Melton, Steven Jay. 


Mendez, Pedro Paul. 


Mendoza, Sherry J. 


Mendoza-Frias Abel. 


Mengedoht, John Arthur. 


Menzel, Robert C. 


Menzia, Nancy Kathryn.291,293 

Merelli, Kathy.162 

Merlino, Kathleen Mary-.284 

Merrell, Dana Marie.327 

Merrill, Lori Lee.-.306 

Merriman, Janis Ellen.269,272 

Merry, Lisa Rosanne.216,236 

Merz, Teresa Jean.359 

Meserve, Dianne Marie.152 

Meske, Carl Fred Jr.259 

Mesimer, Rebecca Rae.119,468,479 

Meston, Michele Arlene.253,477,521, 


Metten, Cindy. 454 

Mettler. Gregory H.263 

Metully, Kenneth J.322 

Metz, Stephen Edward.296,302,467 

Metzger, Gwenn Yvonne.470 

Metzger, Jan Noel.269,272,416 

Metzlcr. Michael T.332 

Meusbom, Lisa Ann.250 

Meyer, Cheryl.75,130 

Meyer, Christopher J.262 

Meyer, Clarence.315 

Meyer, David C.320 

Meyer, Elizabeth Joan.294 

Meyer, Ingrid E.147 

Meyer, James Edward.232 

Meyer, Karen Anne.271,274 

Meyer, Kathie Louise.270 

Meyer, Marla Jeanne.236,455,457 

Meyer, Michael Kenneth.124 

Meyer, Terry R.451 

Meyers, Denise.329 

Meyers. Jeff.184 

Meyers, John.317 

Meyers, Richard...262 

Meyers, Steve Scott.397 

Meyers, William Louis.216,395 

Mich. William Nels.226,301 

Michael, Rebecca A.288.467 

MichaeLsen, Mary Jane.261 

Michaelsen, Steven H.297,302 

MichaLson, Martin H..204 

Michaliszyrt, Michael J.260 

Micheau, Jack Bradford.315,317 

Michel, Connie Lou.250 

Michels, Kirk Jay.397 

Miehclson, Richard J.184,266 

Miekels, Stanley Alan.118 

Middendorf, Jacqueline (Marcia) ....269,272 

Mielke, Douglas Carl.118,381 

Mielke, Ronald Bruce.381 

Mikulccky, Ronald K.-.383 

Milam, Jan Carol.476 

Milam, Lloyd Grant.227,505,506 

Milat, Anne Marie...310 

Milatich, Frances Ann.152 

Milbrandt. Douglas A.323 

Mildner. Thomas F.225 

Miles, Prudence Ann.130,169,468, 


Milholland, Michael 0.174 

Millay, Robert Eugene..323 

Millen, Ingrid C..247,452,512 

MUIcr, Anne Russell.310 

Miller, Anthony Arthur.325 

Miller, Beth Louise.276,277 

Miller, Betsy.255 

Miller, Brian Miehael.216,328 

Miller, Charles Paul.297 

Miller, Christopher C..315 

Miller, Cynthia Anne.334,335 

Miller, Dale E.90 

Miller, Daniel Mark.264,266 

Miller, David Lee.-.488 

Miller, David Leslie.135 

Miller, David Wayne.241 

Miller, Debra Kay.245,459,497 

Miller, Diane Debra.307 

Miller, Elizabeth Y.210 

Miller, Eric Gordon..91,93,321 

Miller, Gail Anne.246 

Miller, Gregg Robert.315 

Miller, Gregory Aaron.120,248,474 

Miller, James Andrew.387 

Miller, James R.151 

Miller, Jane Louise. 193 

Miller, John Fredrick.142 

Miller, John Wesley.236,470 

Miller, Judy.305 

Miller. Julie Ann.270,274 

Miller, Karen M.316,319 

Miller, Kevin C.296,302 

Miller, Kimberly C.283,307,522 

Miller, Linda Marie.236,482 

Miller, Marie Louise.286 

Miller, Mary Karin.285 

Miller, Mary Virginia.276,277 

Miller, Michael T.299 

Miller. Pamela Annette.245 

Miller, Rad Whitson.405 

Miller, Renee Linda.-.425 

Miller, Richard H.316,317 

Miller, Rodney Arnold.152 

Miller, Roy Martin.333,505 

Miller, Samule Ellery.260 

Miller, Sheldon Jay.261 

Miller, Shelley Luanne..308 

Miller, Victoria Jean.270,27.5 

Miller, Wilbert Dean.367 

Miller, William Gerald.144 

Miller, William Henry.474 

Millhollen, Billie A.309 

Milligan, John R.-.326 

Mills, Artnur Douglas.264 

Mills, Daniel James.520,522 

MilLs, Randall Ray.462 

Mills, Richard Taylor.330 

Millsap, Mark Robert..375 

Mil Ison, Terry Jane.139,275 

Milner, Diana Lee.253,254 

Milnes, Michael D.409 

Milton, Mary Kathryn.245 

M iner, Charles M icliael.298 

Minerich, Vyonne Marie..144 

Minietta, Lynn An.199,268 

Minor. Larry P.498 

Minoru, Amoh.130,451 

Misehel, Marie E. 310 

Miskimens, Kristine A..339,417 

Mitcham, Leslie Ann.252,416 

Mitchel, Jane Marie.308 

Mitchell, Catherine A.310 

Mitchell. Elolse..289 

Mitchell, Janet Lynn.327 

Mitchell, Judith Ann.276 

Mitchell, Patrick J.264 

Mitchell, Stanley Glen.299.302 

Mitchell, Zena L.284 

M it tendorf, Marcia.416 

Mitzner, Jo Dec.308 

Mitzner, Nan C.-..306 

Mitzner, Sherry' Marie.337 

Miyaya, Molly Kci.337 

Mize, Sandra Lynn.294 

Mjelde, Timothy Bruce.387 

Moa. Kimberly P.290,294,479 

Moats, William Michael.297 

Moberly, Miehelle Anne.271 

Moe, Brian Frederick.332 

Moe, Ellen Catherine.170,288,294, 


Moe, Kenneth Richard..379 

Moe, Thomas Allen.147 

Moeller, Todd Alan.93 

Moeller, Victoria F.328 

Moeller, Vincent M. 298 

Moeser, xMike Charles.383 

Moffat, Dceann Marie.308 

Moffat, Deuiee Marie.318,319,472, 


Mohler, Bryan Lee.314,317 

Moldrein, Stuart Karl.241 

Molcnaar, Karen Marina -.253,254 

Molenaar. Peter C.279 

Molgard, Kent Michael.236,518 

Molitor, Christine C.351,422,494 

Monda, Michael Joseph.245 

Monek, Joe John.278 

Moniz, Harold Paul.241 

Monk, Sheryl Lee.310 

Monohon, Norman Rourk.124,171 

Monroe, Craig Richey.379 

Monroe, Julie Louise.341,424 

Monroe, Kristi Lee.359,429,468 

Monroe, Leonard Bruce.403 

Monroe, Ncdu Jane.268,272 

Monroe, Robert Bums.373.395 

Monroe, Robert C.395 

Monroe, Stephen Noel.296 

Monsoti, Jill Rac.75.269.272 

Monson, Shirley Marie.151,240,307 

Monstad, Debra Dee.254 

Montana, Michael James.329 

Montgomery-, Connie Sue.497 

.Montgomery, Jo Ann.132,203 

Montgomery, Lavonne E..351 

Montgomery, Tim John.262 

Mouthy, Jeanne Marie.283 

Moody, Pamela Ann.151 

Mooinaw, Alan Wayne.314 

Moon, Craig William.377 

Moon, Spencer Warren.312,317 

Mooney, Kim.198 

Moore, Allison Ve.151,192,357 

Moore, Andrea Beth.205 

Moore, Cheryl Diane.131,420 

Moore, Debbie Jean.343 

Moore, Deborah Louise.247,422,480 

Moore, Donald E. Jr.142,452,500 

Moore, Donald Gerald. 227,314 

Moore, Jill Marie.:.236 

Moore, Johnny Eugene.216,328 

Moore, Laurie Lynnette.240,307 

Moore, Lcanne Marie.242,330,488 

Moore, Leslie Karren.291 

Moore, Michael Francis.124,248,488 

Moore, Nancy' Gwyu.291 

Moore, Nancy Lynn.339,484 

Moore, Nola.227 

Moore, Pamela Ann.147.284 

Moore, Robert James... 326 

Moore, Sheryl Ann.250 

Moore, Stanley Glen.124 

Moore, Tonya Lcvette.408 

Moothart, Cheryl Marie.307 

Morales, Maria G.341,419 

Morales, Nocmi.330 

More, Greg.260 

Morelli, Theresa Marie.290,431 

Morelock, William Burr.136,200 

Moreno, Tomas..262 

Morey, Becky Annette.270 

1st Morford, Gary Joseph.245 

Morgan, Camille Ann.240,305 

Morgan, Debra Kay L.288,294 

Morgan, Jeffrey Robert.283 

Morgan, Jill Eileen.291 

Morgan, Joff Paddock.279 

Morgan, Lonnie E.298,302,489 

Morgan, Randall James.130 

Morgan, Walter Curran.159,311,317, 


Moriinoto, Lynn Emi.286 

Moring, Joanne K.347 

Moris, C. Gordon.256 

Moriuchi, Dave Akira.466 

Monnan, Steven H. 124 

Morrell, Diane J.334 

Morris, Candy Lou.225,363,426 

Morris, Evan D.239,284 

Morris, Jed William.157 

Morris, John Owen.333 

Morris, Kathy Lynn.276,277 

Morris, Kenneth Eugene.327 

Morris, Lee Clifford.280 

Morris, Ronald R.478 

Morris, Rose Larretta.236 

Morris, Thomas Odey.298 

Morris, Valerie Sue.345,420 

Morrison, Douglas S.405,427 

Morrison, Gregory S.302 

Morrison, Jeff. 

Morrison, Kathleen M..4 

Morrison, Scott C.295.3 

Morrow, Michael Lloyd.1 

Morrow, Mikcl James.4R 

Morrow, Steven Reed.2, 

Morse, Kenneth Dean...& 

Mortuner, Susan M. 

Mortimer, Vicki Lee. 

Morton, Lindv Lon. 



Morton, Steven Robert. 


Morton, Todd. 


Moschel, Kathryn Jane. 


Maser, Elisabeth Ann.-.. 


Moser, Gail M. 


Moser, Molly Kay.334,3 

Moser, Steven Richard.295.1 

Moses, Charles Dewane.3 

Mosher, Cindy Lou.289,294,5 

Moss, Bridget Noreen.253,2.; 

Moss, Steve.504,5 

MostoJler, Jenny K.151.2 

Mot in, Lisa Kay.288,2 

Motoe, Yukio.2* I 

Mottem, Linda Lee.240,305,4 

Moulster, Janet Nancy.2 i 

Moulthrop, Jodi Lyn.308,4 

Mounscy, Lvnn Marie.337,484,4* 

Mower, John Alexander.47 

Mpinja, Seburo.I* 

Muck, Shelley Rae.2.1 

Mueller, Kevin Blair.216,377,42 

Mueller, Marc James.4< 

Mueller, Michael Joris.2ti 

Mueller, Wayne Herbert.1. 

Muir, Christen Earl.2* 

Muirhead, Mcri Ann.271,275.43 

Muiznieks. Janis D.33 

Mukahy, Margaret Ann.341,43 

Mulder, Vicki Marie.42 

Mulknix. Gayle.I t 

Mullarky, Shawna C.225,41 

Muller, Julie Ann.-.311 

Mullikin, Susan Jane. 32. 

Mullincr, Scott.30* 

Mummey, Liann Marie.240,.30; 

Munii, Mary Kathryn.239,285,45. 

Munnich, Karen Alfreda.216,38 

Munro, Karen Sue.28' 

Muramatsu. John M.263,28 

Murbach, Nancy Lee.159,239,45“ 


Murdock, Chris Blythe.239.28 

Murdock, Robert James.29 

Mumane, Dolores Marie.154,28 

Murphy, Clare Lonise.-.216,28 

Murphy, Colleen Anne.216,37 

Murphy, John Kevin.204,32* 

Murphv, Mahala Ann.140,269,272 


Murphy. Mark Allen.216,30C 

Murphy, Mary Jane.142- 

Murphy, Mary Margaret.13t: 

Murphy, Robert Merle.15 • 

Murr, Lucy Annette.334,50^. 

Murray, Bam' Gene Jr.321 

Murray. Bradley S.32(5 

Murray, Dale William.124,377 

Murray, Daniel Joe.-481# 

Murray, David J.262! 

Murray, Diane Lynette.23ft) 

Murray, Edward Scott.132$. 

Murray, Jacki Lynn.290 

Murray, Judith Lynn. 253T 

Murray, Maria C. 

Murrav, Michael Dean. 

Murray, Sharon Louise. 




Murray. Tamela Dee. 

Musel, John. 



Musiio, David. 


Musto. lodi Elizabeth. 


Mustoe, Marguerite A.236,462,463, 


Muto, Marcia M.159 

Muttart, Rickey Lee.230 i 

Mvers, Alyssa Claire. 

Myers, Brad Anthony. 



Myers, Jeff. 


Myers. Joan Elizabeth. 


Myers, Kimberly Anu. 


Myers, Lisa Javne. 

.270 . 

Myers, Memory Kate.-.305 

Myers, Michelle Rae.-.289 

Myers, Nancee Lee.269 

Myers, Pamela Lee.149,371,462 

Myers, Russell Mark..-.456 

Myers, Stanley Kent.297 i 

Myhre, Wendy Lynn.75,294 

Mylius, Justus Arthur.486 

Myra, Robin Kay..283 

Mytron, Carol Ann.276,277 I 


Naccarato, Debra Ann..271.275 

Naddy, Jan Lee.310 

Nading, Clifton R.260 

Nagao, Jeanne Ai.479 

Nagel, Elizabeth Anne.256 1 

Nagel, Patricia Marie.349 | 

Nagle, Larrv Donald.-.322 

Nagy, John Andrew.473 

Nakagawa, Ann Haruko.479 

Nakahara, Sharon Kane.418 

Nakamoto, Sid Yoshio.125,479 

Nakasaki, Glenn Isamu.263,489 

536 Index 

icv, v^auiy i^vuu. i /,‘tou, 


ilcy. Shari Lynn.215,270.275 

iniazie. Mehdi Mirza..242,330 

ncarrou-, Douglas M.142,248 

icarrow, Grace Ann.248 

nney, Lori Lynn.. 278 

nninga, Gordon Recce..216 

nod, Madeline Joy.334,335.479 

pora. Matthew D..124 

rarian. Ali Akl>ar.142 

sh, Thomas Ogden HI.322 

sh, Thurman Andrew.502 

tland, Charles Allan.124 

tsiiliara. Charles S..216,227 

{tsui, Jenni..334 

lu, Denise Rcnca.77,283.455 

uder, Cindy Janette.306 

.ner, Ronald Earl.464 

Me, Deborah Ann.294 

vie, Denise Marie.290 

iylor, Gillian Susan.283 

lylor, Kevin Paul.142 

ail, Deborah Lee.269,460 

al, Gary Alan.188,323,331 

ul. Tlieresa Louise.139.236,463. 


i»ley, Michael S. .. 387 

rblo, Martha Louise...278 

ebolon, Paul Andre.241 

edcrvold, Thomas F.315 

cel, Shelley Diane.349 

jedev, Shawn P.270,275 

edey, Wayne Philip.330 

jrdv. Duane Allen.284 

irgaard, Alison P.269.272 

egrete, Angel... 266 

[Will, Susan Renee.309.460 

dlermoe, Karen Lee.318 

dlcnnoe, Kathleen A........162 

*dly, Riehard James.298 

'elsen, Celeste Alene.306 

• Ison. Bart D.313 

idson, Bradley Denton.242,326 

ildson, Bruce Ian. 320 

idson, Carol Lee.124,252 

idson. Cheryl Louann.«...215,343 

ridson, Colleen Joy..316,319 

•Hson, Donald Keith.228 

t «dson, Harry Dca..245 

Kdson, Howard Royal.118,454,487 

Jdson, Jamie Jean.334,335 

idson, Janet Lee...341 

Jdson, Jodene C.162 

Vdson, Juli Anne. 349 

«»dson, Julie Lee.307 

4dson, Kathy Jean...291,294 

Nelson, Keith Eugene.264 

sdson, Kenneth Scott.236 

sdson, Larry Lee.124,393 

S'dson, Lvnn A.289.294 

Nelson, Marita Ann.131,347 

s'dson, Mark William.387 

“Nelson. Marvin John Jr.482 

S'dson, Michael Craig.314,317 

Nelson, Nancy C.307 

\dson, Nancy Louise.236 

Nelson, Norval John.126,220 

Ndson, Patricia E.357,429 

Ndson, Randall Edward...365 

Ndson, Robert Bernard.405 

Ndson, Roy Randall... 281 

Ndson, Tamara L.270 

Ndson, Timothy Neil..311 

Ndson, 3'odd Alan.495 

Ndson. Valerie Jo.268.272,518 

Nennings, David...157 

Neraas, Janet Ann. 349,422 

Ness, Cheryl Elisabeth.355,425 

Ness, Jamie Lynetle...199,290 

Ness, John Gregory...297 

Ncssan, Douglas Edward.184 

Nessly, Mary Kathleen.75,345 

Nethercut. Eugenia R.328 

Nettleship, Suzan L..134 

Netlleton, Gregory H.149.403 

Neuhauer, Robin Lyrai...236 

Neuby, Mary... 306 

Neudorfer, William C.369 

Neumillcr, James S.300 

Neuschwandcr. Randy.478 

Nevarez, Roberto D.236 

Novels, Don Clinton...184,185,329 

Ncvins, Donald Audic.134 

Newby, Michael Arthur.246 

Newby. Nancy Ann.326 

Newell, Bob.482 

Newell, Deborah Ann.131,337 

Newell, Shawn Adrienne.270 

Newgard, Mary E.252,419 

Newhouse, Dan Milton.118,367,488 

Newhousc, Dorothy Jean.-345 

Newkirk. Dorothy Doris.248 

Newman, Debra Ann.139,337 

Newman, Jack Edward...259 

Newman, Julie. 193 

Ncwinan, Linda Lee...... .253 

Newman, Vicki Lynn.130 

Newman, Dirk J. 151,409 

Newton, Jeannette Jent.236 

Ng, Yuk-Chow.148 

Niazi, Khan Abdullatif.136 

Nibler, Cynthia Anne..307 

Nibler, Randall Allen. 405 

Nicholas, Kim Alan.236 

Nicholls, Sallie L..230,244.310 

Nichols, Everett Jr.147,377 

Nichols, Michael D. 119 

Nichols, Stephen P.246 

Nicholson, Dick.264 

Nicholson, Janice Lynn.272 

Nicholson. Julie Ann.284 

Nicholson, Linda Lee.488 

Nicholson, Lisa K.236 

Nikell, Paul Carev.149,483,516, 


Niekoloff. Marlene D....140,473 

Nicks. Richard C. Jr. 313 

Niebaucr, Marsha Anne.139,245,468 

Nieborsky, Cary Arthur.236,241 

Niehl, David Alan.189 

NieLsen, Andrew' Burke.312 

Nielsen. Darcie Lynn.326,476 

Nielsen, John Robert.409 

Nielson, Chcrvl Ann.515 

Nielson, NoefC......236 

NicLvon, Richard M...124 

Niemer, Andrew- Mark.151,453,507. 


Niemi, Mark Charles.383 

Niemi, Randall Paul.261 

Nicndorf, David F.405 

Nihei, Lester Marnoru.479 

Niles, Clarence.478 

Nilson, Claudia S.290.291,467 

Nilsscn, Claudia.460 

Nishi, Rick Lynn.327 

Nishimoto. Craig Masao.327,479 

Nishiinura. Miki.285 

Nishino, Ricky Eichi.313 

Nitz, Nancy Anne.271,275 

Nilz, Robert Henry.266 

Noakes, Alan J...311 

Noli, Raymond.323 

Nod, Patricia Ann.245 

Noerenbcrg. Gretchcn B.294 

Noh, Raymond Edwin ..479 

Nolan, Donald Craig.236 

Nolan. Patricia Ann.276,339 

Noini, Jeffrey David. 312 

Norbtiry, James W. Jr..159,304 

Norbury, Nancy Lee. .309 

Norbv, Eric David. 283 

Norcia, Paul Anthony.286 

Nordal. Michael W.245 

Nordcn, Janice Ann. 308 

Nordemtain, Rita L.144 

Nordman, Lisa larrraine..334,335 

Nordstrom. Tracy Lou...371 

Norelius Kristine Lee.205,288,294 

Noren, Gregory Karl.118,401 

Norenbeig, Cretehen.288 

Norling, Steven Panl. 236 

Norman, Jennifer Iona.144,236,465 

Nonnan, Thomas Russell.325 

Norquist, Todd William...298 

Norris, John P. Jr.314 

Norris, Kathy Lvnn.244,308 

Norris, Kdly Dale.263 

Norris, Robert Warren.216.263.266 

Norstadt, Andrew- M.236,365 

Norstadt, Thomas E.365 

Northcutt, Paul E.385 

Northcy, Jane Ellen.357,462 

Northey, Steven Carl.296,302 

Norton, Margaret Mary.309 

Norton, Winchester G.287 

Notman, Ted Randolph.331,333 

Noth Raymond... 476 

Novak, Vicki Lynn..361 

Novinc, Judy.170 

Novotney, Lori Alane.236,424 

Novotny. Kim Ann.288 

Noyes Marian Frances.140 

Nugent, James Marion.156,227.461 

Nunnelly, Sara Estes.432 

Nuziun, Cathy. 477 

Nw-adiukwu, Benjamin M.296-102 

Nyc, Sheryl Leslie...341 

Nygren, Deborah S.253,254 

Nyegaard, Lori M.256,257 

Nyinan, Antoinette T.276 

Nyman, Jeannette Els.253,254 

Nvstrom, Carla Marie. 126,496 

Nuzum, Cathleen F...149,271,275, 



Oakes, Bill.397 

Oakes Laurel Beth.363 

Oakes Michael Gordon..’191,420 

Oakes. William Dennis.261 

Oaklev, Craig L...136,248 

Oates. Steven John. 399 

Oberg, Nancy Louise.130,337 

Obom, Robert Roy.204,300 

Oboyle. Michael Dennis.216,302 

Obrien, Charles James...331 

Obrien, MoUyJ.75.239.287 

Obrien, Sheila Ami.294 

Obrien. Terry M.407 

Obrien. Theresa Ellen.290 

Obrien, William Donald.298,489 

Ocarroll. Noreen G.—...309 

Ochs. Tim F... 184 

Oconnell, Shannon Lynn.306 

Oconnell, Vickie Irene.239,519 

Oconnor, John Edward.325 

Ocomior, Roeh Vincent.389 

Oconnor, Timothy P.... 137 

Oderman, Steven M.509 

Odlc. Deborah Jo...305 

Odom, Dave Laurance.258 

Odom. Melkor McGuire.188,322,512 

Odoiuiell, Margaret E.236 

Oebser, Kathryn Ann.290,294 

Oergel, Mark Richard.236 

Ofarrell, Kimberly.256 

Officer. Wayne Allen.313 

Offield, David Richard.259 

Ogden, Ronald Joe.262 

Ogren, Linda Ann.131,216 

Ohalloran, Janet K.308 

O'Hara, Michael.409 

Ohem, Rosemary Lois.-305 

Ohcron, Michael David.297,302 

Oh Ison, Karen Lee..126.3-I7.432 

Oincss, Dianne Alona.283 

Ojeda, Reves.258 

Okalie, Chieko.240 

Okamoto, Cynthia Jean.139,319,501 

Oke, Clinton Raymond.120,474 

Okecfe. Mary Agnes.149 

Okceffe, James Neal.148 

Okceffc. Jean Marie..318,334 

Okecffc, Neil Edward.299,302 

Okerlund, Steven Craig.124,488 

Okielly, Pamela Ann.243 

Okken, Debbie Kay.309 

Olafson, Erie Jon.312,317 

Olanie, Pamela Del.158 

Olaughlin, Patrick K.185.385 

Oldenstadt, Susan Marra.462 

Oldright, Gary Lynn.236,488 

Oleary, Christine D.286 

Oleary. Kerri Patricia....271.275,463 

Oliason, Marc Jeffers-..312,317 

Oliver. Ernest Lee Jr.499 

Oliver, Henry Lincoln.142 

Oliver, James Ray.405 

Oliver, Jeanette L.276 

Oliver, Jennifer L.270,275,499 

Oliver, Kent Wendell.258.260 

Ollis Rosemary A.330 

Olmstead. Cynthia Lee.319 

Olmstead. Karen Sue..272 

O’Lorcz, Mike. 203 

Olsen, Diana Marie.290 

Olsen, Douglas Stephen.330 

Olsen, Gregory F.387 

Olsen, Jennifer Lynn.351,425 

Olsen, Jim... 385 

Olsen, Joanna Karen.339/482 

OLsen, Kristine L.309 

Olsen, Leslie Diane... 309 

Olson, Cares- Robert .. 246,314 

Olson, Carolyn Joanne.... 455 

Olson, Craig Stanley ..185 

Olson, David Philip.313 

Olson. Donald Edward.322 

Olson, Edward Stephen.236 

Olson, Garry Donald.120 

Olson, Cary Michael.. .315 

Olson, Jimmy Allen.155,263 

Olson, Joanne May....247 

Olson, Kenneth Robert.365 

OLson, Kimberly Sue.361,415.437 

Olson, Kurt Hancock.403 

Olson, Larry Phil.248 

Olson, Martha Lee.268 

Olson, Rick.316 

OLson, Sharon Anne.253 

Olson, Sonya E.271,275 

Olson, Vcasha Marie —.462 

Ol.sufka, Paul S.332 

Omalley, Cary Keith.120,214,397 

Oman, Gary- Kelvin.245 

Oman, Heidi Ann.256,257 

Omlin, Betty Aiuie...153 

Ondnich, Rosemary G...257 

Oncal, Barbara Lynn..471 

Oneal, Colleen A..236 

Oncal, Gregory Thomas..’300 

Oneil, Daniel Robert...478 

Oncill, Molly Kathleen...343 

Oneill, Nora Jean..343 

Oncill, Patricia Ann.288,294 

Oneill, Thomas Michael.329 

Opfer, Neil David.125.453.489 

Opitz, Brian Earl... 407 

Opstad, Douglas Daer..410 

Oj*vig. Kristen Kay.238 

Opubar, Emmanuel...331 

Orange, John Kevin.381 

Orazulike, Don Maduka.142 

Orcutt, Nancy Lorraine.147,229 

Orcar, Margaret Ann.124,363.428, 


Orcll, Michael Douglas.377 

O’Reil, Thomas Kevin.389 

Orendorff, James Frauk.489 

Orcndorff, Michael S.118,236 

Orlando, Gina Louise.349.494 

Ormlston, Kathleen M.124,357,423, 


Orourke, Patrick M.264 

Onr, Jolin Allen.297 

Orr, Jutielyn.270 

Orrico, Diane Marie.357,423,494 

Orsland, Gretchen.90 

Ortcig, Michael Joseph...-373 

Ortengren, James G.263,267 

Ortiz, Karleen Mae.130 

Orton, Frederick Lee.230,246 

Orton. Scott A.315 

Osliom, Becky Lynn.288,431 

Osborne, Ronald Harlan.118 

Osbun, Paulene L.363 

Oseuga, Jon Richard.324 

Oshea, Stephen Paul..320 

Oslund, Janet Kay.240,306 

Osscwaarde, Kirk L..377,420 

Osterliack, John Vernon.373 

Oswciler, Ann Louise.430 

Otake, Yasuo.153,260 

Otis, Lou Anne.153,252 

Otonicar. Matthew- Alan.353 

Steve Zeck 

Student Publications Photographer 

Otonicar, Tara Ann.307 

Ott, Nonnan Stanley...499 

Ottem, Nancy Louise.-306 

Otto. John Leigh... 279 

Ouillettc, Rita Claire ..255,257 

Oury, Robin Lee.125,373 

Ovenell, Michael David.243 

Overdahl, Carl P.297 

Owens, Denise Annette.216,288,294. 


Owens, Gregory Waldo.371 

Owens, Joan Rochelle.126 

Owens, Lynn Marie. 464 

Owens, Michael Robert.236.260 

Owens, Teresa Arlene.236,473 

Owings, Tredgar D.297.302 

Owsley. Daniecc Arlene.357,425,484, 


Ox. 407 

Ozmun, Karen Lee.307 


Pace, Kent Lee. 

Pack, Allan Hanid. 

Packer, John Scott. 

Para nag, Jcri Sue. 

Padavich. Craig A. 

Parklcn, Katherine S. 

Padelfond, Stewart Lee. 
Padgett, Kathalenc L.... 

Padilla. Sally Anna. 

Padovan, Robert Allan- 
Pagan, Patricia Maria... 

Paganclli, Shelley A. 

Page, Craig Joseph. 

Page, Harold Alfred II.. 

Page, Howard L. 

Pagni, Kathleen C. 

Pague, Julie Kaye. 

Paige, Michele A. 

Paine, Anne Louise. 

Paine, Katherine E. 

Painter, Kathleen M. 

Painter, Marcey Jayne.. 
Painter, Mark Leonard. 

Palao, Edmond. 

Paller, Iris.. 

Palm, Susan Marie.. 

Palina, De Brian.... 

Palmer, David Earl. 

Palmer, Page Lynn. 

Palmerton, Wiliiam K... 

Palniquist. Robert J. 

Pammler, Virginia May, 
Panattoni, Debra Joan... 

Pancheow-rie. Indra. 

Pang, Frances Suk G_ 

Pang, Patrick James. 

Pankaskie, Thomas A. 

Pankratz, Judy Carol. 

Pankratz, Roliert G. 

Pappas, Cliff Wayne. 

Pappas, Thomas. 










































Pappin, Elise Anne. 


Parcel. Wayne Alan.. 

Parducci, Rick David. 

Parish. Marilvn Diane. 

Park, Kevin Byron.. 

Park. Paul M... 





Parker, Cathleen Marie. 

Parker, Dave Gerard. 

Parker. David Charles. 

Parker, Kathy Ann. 

Parkr-j- k'lMlli 






Parker Kent Ellis 


Parker, Lori Linn. 


Parker, Michael Thomas. 

Parker, Nancy Mac. 


Parkert, Cheryl Lynne. 


Parkinson Michael G — 


Parkinson, Stephanie I. 


Parks. Kathv Marie. 

Parks, I.auric Ann. 


Parks Michael Hollis. 


Parks, Rands Lee. 

Parks, Shervl Ann. 



Pariev, Jim. 


Parnel, Dawm Michele. 

Parrett, Lawrence Dean. 

Parrctta. Donald Paul. 




Parretta, William M. 

Parrish. Patricia Anne. 


Parrish, Thomas ( >aig. 

Parrott, Bruce William. 



Parry Ann Marie 

203 242 

Parsons, Carol Jeanne. 


Parsons Cindv Marie. 


Parsons David Wayne. 


Parsons, Laura Kav. 

Parsons Mary Sue. 


Parsons, Melissa Ann. 

Parsons Rodney Neal. 



Part hum Jill Ann 


Partin. Connie Marie. 


Partlow, Karen Marie. 

Partlow-, Michael Lewis. 

Pascoe, Julia M. 




Pasquan, John Jay. 

Pasture Gera|d M 



Paszkow-sld, Anne B. 


Pate, William Fred.. 


Paterson, Andrew Keith. 

Patjens, Jacqueline K. 

Patou. Jeffery Donald.. 

Patopea, John R. 





Pat rick, Anne E. 

. 139 

Patrick, Daniel Robert. 

Patten Barbara Ellen. 

Patterson, Cheryl Ann.. 




Patterson, Jean. 


Patterson, Kevin Duane. 

Patterson, Mark Steven. 

Patterson, Michael G. 

Patterson, Thomas Dean. 

Patts Sandie. 





Paul, Timothy R. 


Pauley, Ronald Alan. 


Paullin Marijo E.. 


Paulsen, Janellc. 


537 Index 

Paulsen, Leaima Marie. 

Paulson, Kevin John. 

Paulson, Kristin Anne. 





Paulson, Richard Kent. 


Pavel, Jamie Sue. 334 

Pavey. Richard Nels.321 

Pavia, Joseph Patrick.155,324,492 

Pavia, Michael Francis.332,333 

Payne, Timothy Kevin.462 

Paysse. Cail Ann..144,270,275 

Payton, Douglas Marc.142,236 

Pa/an, Stephen Francis.379 

Peabody, Andrew Eric.261,477 

Peabody, Raymond B.124 

Peach, Ann Leslie. 144,469 

Peach, Charles Wade.373 

Pearce, Allison Robin. 

Pearce Debra 1 jp a . 


. 244 309 

Pearce, Patrick Zim. 

. .47H 

Pearl Korrv I. 

299 302 

Pearl, Sanford Dean. 

Peareon, Charles J. K. -. 

P^pjoi^ ( 2 ;i•] Agnes 


9JW 2.57 

Pearson, James Frank. 


Pearson, Karen L. 

Pearson, Kathleen N. 



Peterson, Janet M........216,250 

Peterson, Jeffrey Lyn.~.247 

Peterson, Joanne.310 

Peterson, Julie Diane.275,343 

Peterson, Julie Kay.418 

Peterson, Lars Alan. 327 

Peterson, Laura Gayle....334,335 

Peterson, Leslie K.170,241,310 

Peterson, Mark Raymond...142,248 

Peterson, Melvin Leon.135 

Peterson, Michelle Ann.473 

Peterson, Paul Richard.494 

Peterson. Rick.. 151,504,505, 


Peterson. Russell D... 24 1 

Peterson, Scott Gibson.285 

Peterson, Scott Jay.479 

Peterson, Steven G..387 

Peterson, Terry Arthur..232 

Peterson. Theodore E.....312 

Peterson, Vicki Lee.256,257 

Pet it jean. Jenny Lee.. 246 

Pearson, Iarrene E.. 310 

Pearson, Patrick M... 131,216 

Pearson, Stephen Crahm.149,245 

Pease, Don Alan.118.367,488 

Pease, Robert Matthews.329 

Pease, Suzanne D. C.462,463 

Pccha, Terry Geoffrey.322 

Peck, Rebecca Ann.272 

Peckenpangh, Charles D...385 

Peckenpangh, Susan J.337,425 

Peckham, Jean Ellen.169,202,236, 


Peckham, Kathy Ann.169,202,319 

Peckham, Robert Cuy...466 

Pedersen. Dianne Marie...149 

Pedersen, Jeffrey P.. 245 

Pedersen, Lillis Anne..-.287 

Pedersen, Richard A....313,401 

Pedersen. William T . 142 

Pederson, Cheri May..271.275 

Pederson. Gary Leroy. 216,396 

Pederson, Janies Allen. 119 

Petragallo, Penny Sne. 

Petrieh, George Hervev... 
Pclritz, James George.. 



. 407 

Petrovich, Michael V. 

Petterson, Cynthia M.. 



Pettitl, Michael R. 


Petty Patricia Lvnn 


Peyou, Michael M. 


Peyton, Dean Harry. 

Pfaff, David Stanley. 



Pfeifer, Jerome R. 

Pfeifer, Lisa Viann. 



Pfeifer. Marilyn Rene. 

Pfeifer, Rita Darlene. 



Pfeifer. Ronald Fay.120 

Pfeifer, Sandra Gail.290,294 

Pfeiffer, Anne Wight....454,474 

Pfeiffer, Bryan Wayne......_ 194 

Pflucger, Kathy Janice...192 

Phaneuf, Claudia Rae..343,427 

Phelps. Kerry Joe. 379 

Phillips, Doug.96 

Phillips, Gregory John.397 

Phillips. Janice Rei*e..268,272,416 

Phillips, Jeff Leo.—..317 

Phillips, Joel Knrt.462 

Phillips, Karen Leslie.341.422 


Polo, Mary Ann......‘307 

Pommcrening, Thomas C.409 

Pomquist, Bob.171 

Poms, Dawn Wendy.318,345 

Pool. Sally Dianne.149,289,294, 


Poole, Bradley.226 

Poole, Diane.418 

Poole, Douglas Brian.—.216 

Poole, Jeffrey Gene.507,508,509, 


Poole, Kevin Denise.349,422 

Poo Ilium. Peter Frank.246 

Pope. Cynthia Lee.124 

Popovich, Nancy D.154.337 

Poppe, Keith Louis..371 

Ponras, Karon Annette.291 

Porta, Leslee K....236 

Porter, Chris. 317 

Porter, Christopher N..379 

Porter, David Scott. 246 

Porter. Debora Anne..347,432 

Porter, Diane E..229.246 

Porter, J. Reid.397 

Porter, Mark Patrick.320 

Porter, Rhonda Lee. 289 

Porter, Shirley M.498 

Portmaim, Tcri Marie.287 

Portugal, Melody Ann.500 

Post, Pamela Jean.289,476 

Postiewait, Thomas L..135.483 

Poston, George Calvin.248 

Potasky. Kevin Dale.331,333 

Potter, Christine Lee..345 

Potter, Douglas Lee.407 

Potter. Judith H.216,288 

Potter. Wendy Beth.283 

Potts, Lori Colleen.124,491 

Potuzak, Tatiana Marie......326 

Poulsen, Annette B.462 

Pouben, Dick Alvin Jr..285 

Poulsen, Janelle L.283 

Poulsen, Ron Louis. .367 

Pounds, Thomas Scott.284 

Powell, Brenda Jean.....256,486 

Powell, Gregors' David.155 

Powell, Gregory Lee.300 

Powell, J. Campbell.387 

Student Publications Photographer 


Pecttec, Steve. 


Phillips Robert WurJ 


Powell, Leo Edward. 


Pefvson, Jack. 


...130 410 

Powell, Raymund Dale 


Quail, Daniel William. 


Peha, Jamie Michelle. 


Phiitncy, DsivicJ Walter.. 
Phippard, Barb. 

.’ 46 } 

Powell, Sandra Ellen. 


Quann, James Mark. 


Peistrup, Jill Anne. 


Phipps Barbara Lynne 


Power, Pamela Karol. 


Quann, Michael Richard.... 


Pelham, Edith Irene. 


Piacitelli Gregory M 


Power, Sandra Jean. 


Quann, Thomas Andrew. 


Pclkcv, Mary Ann. 


Picard Jonathan It 


Powers, Deborah Joan... 

Quant, Steven Lawrence.... 


Pell, Randy James. 


Picatti Wil|j^im G 


Powers, Julie Marie. 


Quanta, Cary R. 


Pel land, James Gerard. 


Picha Catherine Ann 

.'116 519 459 

Powers, Karen M. 


Quarshie. EUis. 


Pclland, Thomas P. 


Picken Jeanic Heather 


Powers, Mark Louis. 


Quast. Linda Eileen. 


Pellicer, Mary Clare. 


Pickett Justus C II 

‘26 ? 267 

Powers, Patricia Ann. 


Quatier, Dan Lee. 


Pclo, Donald Carl. 


Pickett Tod 


Powers, Peter V. 


Quick, David A. 


Pelo. John Edward. 


Pipl*»mf»ipr Jcnni 1 .11 


Powers, Shawn C. 


Quigg, Anne Donovan. 


Pelzel, Anne Hanson. 


130 157 

Prais, Karin. 


Quigg. Timothy Donovan... 


Pembroke, John M. Jr. 


'VH 429 

Prater, Nancy Jean. 


Quiggle, Dawn Jean. 


Pena, Mike. 


Pierce. Daniel lames. 


Prather. Steven Scott. 

Quigley, James Glenn_.... 


Pence, Stacy Lorraine.288,294,433, 


Pendergrass, Samuel C. -.—.263 

Pendleton, laura Jane.339 

Pcnewdl, Cynthia Jo.305 

Penman, Timothy Martin.481 

Penner, Jocelyn Dee.476 

Penning, Garry L.300 

Penoyar, Bettysue. 427 

Pcnttila, Mary Ann...425 

Penttila, Wayne F.375,462 

Pepin, Scott D. 401,457 

Peplow. M. Dan.....— 147 

Pepponcs, Deborah Jan.246 

Perella, Maria Leca..~.241 

Perigo, Roberta Lee...250 

Perkins, Cynthia Ann.240.306 

Perkins, Daniel Ralph... 464 

Perkins, Edward L... 264 

Perkins. Mark Alan...124 

Perkins, Randy David.325 

Perkins, Robert Harold.214,407 

Perozo, Jaime Jose.142 

Perrine, Anne E.139,431,495 

Perry, Diane Elizabeth.241 

Perry, Jacqueline M.250,486 

Perry. Jean Elizabeth.289,355 

Perry, Jefferson D..333 

Peny, Marilyn Carol. 270 

Perry, Robert Bruce. 473 

Person, Jefferson T. 365 

Pesek, Thomas. 464 

Pessemicr, Richard W.385 

Pestal, Cynthia Ann..255,257,433 

Peterman, Muny Guy.216 

Petere, Gerald C.279 

Peters, Scott J. 263,267 

Petere, Stephen W.216 

Peters, Susan Marie.170,203,287 

Petersen, Dave L.375 

Petersen, Kristi D.159,351,418 

Petersen, Leslie Jean. 305 

Peterson, Linda.469 

Petersen, Lisa Anne.130,337 

Peterson, A. Bradley.132 

Peterson, A. Brooke.470 

Peterson, Alan Donald.381 

Peterson, Clifford Lee.125,385 

Peterson, Cynthia L.345 

Peterson, David Steven.332 

Peterson, Davis E.. 155 

Peterson, Diane C....326 

Peterson, Douglas M.„.142 

Peterson, Gars' Donald.479 

Peterson, Gretchen.271,275,345 

Pierce, Janis Rae.124,488 

Pierce, Jerry Curtis. 96 

Pierce, John Hayes. 174 

Pierson, James Patrick.328 

Pierson, Shanna C.198 

Piereon, Thomas S.. 

Pieters, Roberta Rene. 

Pigion, David John.. 




Pigion, Gail Evalvn. 


Pilkey, Sue Teresa.. 

Pillo, Care A. 

Pillo, Linda Marie. 




Pineda, Juan R.. 


Ping, Steven Wayne.. 


Pinter. Karen Lynn.. 


Piper, Donald Kenneth... 
Pirhhai. Shams Anwar. 



Pirie, Thomas Edward..... 
Pirozok. Kim Marie. 



Pitt. Joseph Timothy.297 

Pittenger, Sne Kay. .308 

Pittillo, Kathy Louise...337 

Pittman. Jeffery Paul.313 

Pixley, Lorene Marie.241,512,519 

Plainbcck, Kevin Glenn.452,489 

Planckh, Jeanette M.130 

Plante, Danielle L.308 

Platt, Christ i Lee. 


Platt, Howard Reese. 

Platt, Victoria Gail. 


.468 476 

Plat/., Michael E. 


Player, Roberta D. 


Pleas, Peter Richard. 


Ploegman, Melvin Peter. 


Plowman, Ronna Jane. 

Plucker Donald G 



Plumb, David Charles. 

Plummer, Cregory Bruce. 



Plummer, Melinda.351,430 

Plunkett, William J.......260 

Podzoreki, Patricia V.462 

Poe, A. D.483* 

Poe, Tamara Lynn.290 

Poff, Randall Wayne.142 

Poffenroth, Connie J.131,339 

Poffcnroth, Larry Roy..210 

Pogreba, Edward Allen... 316,317 

Pogue, Julie Kay.271 

Poindexter, Michael C.263,267 

Pokamey, Bruce Allen.149,387 

Polak, Kimberly Anne.334,335 

Polaski, Mare Sue. 151 

Pole, Michael Walter...462 

Polites, Janquelin F. 230 

Polley, Cannen Marie.349,422,453, 

Pratt, Diana Kay.363,422 

Pratt. Kristin Kay.351,423 

Pratt, Sharon Rebecca.309 

Pregent, Joseph Robert.124,.395 

Preite, Gina Maria.157,.339 

Prengulier, Betty Ann.335 

Preston, Cynthia Ruth.147 

Preston, Diane Eileen.71,216,422, 


Preston, John Thomas......189 

Preuschoff, Holly Jean...241,306,415 

Prewitt, Stephen Earl.. 323 

Pricco, Catherine Mary...124,462 

Price, Alfred Blair. 262.267 

Price, Charles Harley.502 

Price. Doug...491 

Price. Gary Robert..—..373 

Price. James Leroy. 151.248 

Price, John Stewart.—...462 

Price. Kimberly Irene.236 

Price, Lori.269,272 

Price, Patricia Lynn.285 

Priest, Richard M.462 

Prince, Dwayne Antonio.262,265,267 

Prince, Joel Philip.365 

Prince, Karen E..254 

Princ, Julie. .279 

Pring, Timothy Scot. 373 

Pringuber, Betty..334 

Pritchard, Dale C.328 

Pritchard, Tracic S.144 

Pritchett, Linda Jean.347 

Privette. Kristin J. 464 

Proctor. Griffin D.184,185.329 

Proctor, Ray Arthur.263 

Profit, Kristine L... 326 

Profit. William.92,96 

Prokop, James Edwin.124.491 

Prosser, Jennifer Aim.—.132,482 

Prothinan, Carol Leigh..216.252,416 

Prouty, Ralph Carlton..371 

Provenzo, Anthony J.399 

Pruitt, Kenneth Dean.285 

Pruneda, Rojelio... 259 

Pryne, Julie E.282,482 

Pugh, Tamara Sue.289,294 

Puidokas, Steven John.188,189 

Pulford, Pearl Ethel.119,470 

Purdy, Jean E.... 170 

Puri, Cindy Jean...47,284 

Puro, Glenn Edward.—..387 

Puro, Karen Ann.339 

Pureley, Chris A. .. 262,497 

Pyle, Patricia Ann. 237 

Pylkki, Russell John....332 

Quigley, John Patrick.126,371 

Quillin, Linda Lea.—..124,488 

Quillin, William Keith...134,466 

Quine, Jay Alien. 295 

Quinley, Virginia E.. 89,159 

Quinn, Timothy Scott.200 

Quint, Brian Howard...124 

Quint, Steven Boyd.151 

Quinton, Cynthia June.250 


Rahjf>rr Hnvifl TT 


Race, Susan Lynn. 

RaecUe, Paul Anthony.... 

Rachor. Kimberly Jo. 

Racine Penysc 




159 286 

Rack!iffe, Kimmerlv A... 
Radcll, Dan. 



Radi iff, Hal lie Adelc. 

Radford, Rhonda Cail. 

Ihvid Senna 



... .311 

Ifoesc John ^*ni*g , 


Rafal, Marilyn Ann.. 

Ragland, Rlsa Jane. 

Racpdalc, Land Ann. 

Rad, Lynn. 





Ransom, Danny Lee.. 

Ransom, Laurie Ann..307 

Ransom, Theresa Ann.307 

Runtcn, Steve Wayne.120,204 

Rapp, Gregory T.,40k 

Raquer, Amy Jo.241 

Rasar. Jeffrey Dean.313 

Basel I, Barbara Ann.349 

Rash, David Allen.135,303,462 

Rasmussen, Donald E.207,314 

Rasmussen, Jean Susan.309t 

Rasmussen, Linda May.140' 

Rasmussen, Robert B.296 

Rasmussen, Terry D.267 

Ratcn, Steve Wayne.393): 

Ratdiffe, Robyn. 361 

Rathbonc, Todd William.124' 

Rathvon, Gregory Roy.232 • 

Rathvon, Richard Alan...232 

Ratliff. John Wilson.260 

Rauch, Andrea Sue.268,343,501 

Rauch, Robin Royal. 216 

Raunio, Richard E...315,317 

Rausch, Michelle M.246 

Rawnsley, Kim Sabrina.334 

Ray, Judith Diana.142 

Ray, Richard Lee....204.300.3G3 

Ray. Robin S.306,310,419 

Ray, Ronald Charles.278 

Rayinent, Craig Alan.155 

Raymond, Debra Kay.334,335 

Raymond, Jani Maureen.291,294 

Rea, Jeffrey Paul. 320 

Rcamcs, David Gerald....312 

Reamliotus, Kahn. 481 

Reardon, Daniel Joseph.184 

Reardon, Kelly Ann.244,308 , 

Rcavis, Mark Adrian.237 

Reavis, Paul Allen.456,465,469 

Rection, Hugh G..312 

Rector, Darrell D. Jr..119,267 

Rector, Karen Louise..241,307 

Redbum, Laura Lynn.269,273 

Reder, Jerry Dale.399 

Reding, James Edward.365 

Reding, Richard Allen.130,489 

Rediskc, Richard Ray.149,521,523 

Raile, Daniel Edward...137 

Raines, Karen Irene.290,452,520 

Rainsberry, Deanna L...271,275 

Rajcich, Jeri Lynn.290 

Ralowicz, John Henry.323 

Ralston. Athena Denise..357,419 

Rainalho. Andrea Lee.273 

Rainer, Roxanne Elaine.253 

Ramer, Roxanne....254 

Redmond, Diane l,ee. 


Reeber, David James.. 

Reed, Alma Kaye. 


Reed, Jamie Lee. 


Reed, Joanne. 


Reed, Melanie C. 


Reed, Randi Lynn.. 


Reed, Rita Lvnn. 


Ramirez, Francisco. 

Ramos, Mare Isabel. 



Ramsay, Terri Ann. 


Ramson, Eason L.. 


Ramstcad, Dianne Elese.... 

Ramstcad, Susan Lee. 

Randall, Chris. 




Reed, Robert Steven.....519 

Reed, Ronald John.297,303 

Reed, Steven Lee..237,462 

Reed, Teresa Kay.. 239,284 

Rees, Curtis Donald..258 

Reese, Cheric Annette..244,309 

Reese, Colleen Mary.310 

Reetz, Mary Mariys.242,330,472 

Randall, LarTy Allen.300 

Randall, Sandra Lynn.334 

Rankin, Kathy Lynn.216,334,335, 


Rankin, Peter Henry.....297,303 

Rankin. Robert Allen..320 

Rankson, Arthur B..157,405 

Ransier, Richard Mike. 137 

Ransom, Christy Sue.—363 

negan, joan mane. 

Regehr, Brian Roy. 


Rehlierg, Dennis Ray. 

Rchder, W. Michael. 



Rehrmaim. Frances M. 

Rehwaldt, Eric Wdliam.... 
Reich, Thomas Glenn . 




Rekl, Caroline...._—.. 

Reid, Donna Lee. 



Reid, Edward Paul. 


538 Index 

Lezli Jean.347,433,468 

Timothy K.201,278,282 

ingcr, Karen D.316 

I. Philip Barry.184,185,322 

alley, Bryan Keith.284 

.nd, Drue N.262 

v. Kim Marie...284 

»er, Patricia Call.155,279,282, 


*er. Steven Harley.323 

ier, Terrance A.155,218,331, 


hart, Cynthia L.155,248 

hart, William R..248 

ke, Clifford A.504.505 

. Jeffrey William.259 

Kenneth John...298 

, Ronald J.261 

enauer, Paula T.496 

mger, Mark Jean.405 

jemeier, Michael D.332,333 

«*r, Gail Edith.203.309 

!cr. Phyllis Jeau (Jill).216 

I lia, Kenneth W. E.312,377,491 

unercid, Janet L.279,282 

mnd, Walter John.119 

«lish, Debbie.237,459 

.ner-Bertolet, 1. E. 192 

iouand, Timothy John.262 

j^schler, Craig D. 485 

«shaw, Lute Thomas.1.50,508,509 

Blingcr, Brian Keith.379 

►p, Kathy Lynn.343,361,454 

Jp. Pam.499 

-er, Thomas Wayne.385 

tenmier, Ann.132,353 

|tig, Russell Lee.365 

pel, Kerry Raymond.237,519 

Vrnig, Howard Allan.264.267 

-jivereomb, Jo Ann.349 

ffris, Susan Lynn. 306 

L Thomas Eldai..298 

xius, Becky Jo.269,273 

xius, Debora Rae.279,282 

yiner. Sue M.307 

fynolds, Carol Joella.347,424 

fynvaan, Lisa Marie.351 

zvani, Hamid. 142 

tea, Michael Bryan.232 

♦odes, Harold David.189 

lodes, John Hampton.297,303 

ce, Carol Ann.119 

ce, Cheryl Ann.199 

ce, David Edwin.250 

ce. Grant Charles.321 

ce, James Philip.201,315,317 

ice, Julie Marie.238,420 

see, Linda Marie.. 237 

ice, Patrica Jean.289,294 

ice, Paul Thomas.171,315,317 

See, R. Timothy.456,457,469 

ice, Terri Lee.119,454,476 

ichards, Gregory S.387 

ichards, Janet E.291 

jehards, Jeffery- J.409 

itchards, Maureen A.216,291.294 

[ichards, Ronda Kay.245 

liciiardson, C. L.....355 

iichardson, Carolyn J.307 

tichardson, Cheryl Ann.309 

Iichardson, Constance.484 

licliardson, Elizabeth.337,429 

Iichardson, Jeffrey B.474 

Iichardson, Juanita J....151,318,319 

Iichardson, Melinda K.325,345,519 

-tichardson, Mike Craig.311 

Richardson, Peter H....296,303 

Richardson, Roland J.285 

Richardson, Susan W.238,424 

Riches, Robert Donald.403 

llicheson, Kevin D.332 

Richman, Kelly Joe.375 

Richman, Lance Ramon.313,317 

Richmond, Debra Dawn..353,485 

Richmond, Margaret J.....462 

Richmond, Maureen B.326 

Richmond, Pamela Dee.215,343,425, 


Richter, Mark D.204 

Rickel, Jeffery Allen..321 

Rickman, Robert Louis.118,397 

Riddle, Nancy Denise.237 

Ride-wood, Jacqueline M.269 

Ridley, Victoria Jean.275 

Ricbe, Dave Charles.132,405 

Rieck, Marie Gail.462 

Rieck, Robert Henry-.135,299 

Rieekman, Patricia Ann.144 

Ried, Carry Alan.241 

Riedcsd. Richard K.135,320,451. 


Riedner, Elmer Michael.297 

Riegle, Richard J..521 

Rieke, Christopher J..326 

Rieken, Michelle R.276,277 

Riese, Stephen Leslie.297 

Riggen, Mary Ruth.57 

Riggers, Roger Dean.331 

Riha, Connie Louise.415,474 

Rimkus, Joseph Shanncn.391 

Rimsite, Jeffery John.264 

Rinehart, Warren Glen.178,407 

Ringo, Jerry Arthur.216,297 

Ringwood, Gerald Bruce.452,454,468, 


Ringwood, Irene Louise.75,255,257 

Rinkcr, Debbie Sue.271 

Rioux, Karen Lynn.284 

Ripple, Jane Marie.334,335 

Ripple, Thomas Aleck...379 

Rising, Bradley Ryan.311 

Ristubcn, Keith.237 

Riva, Grant William ..401 

Rivenbark, Keith Alan.311 

Rivers, Cindi M..355 

Rizzuti. Randy James... 286 

Roadifcr, Randy Dean.298 

Robb, David Howard..387 

Robbers, Joanne Karen.327 

Robbin, Robert Gordon.409 

Robbins, Alison Anne.308 

Robbins, Howard Bowe.375 

Robbins, Paul McGovern.371.420 

Robbins, Timothy 0.126 

Robe, Kenneth Lyle.491 

Roberts, Cindie Kaye.278,282 

Roberts, David Spencer.264 

Roberts, Joyce Elaine.289 

Roberts, Karen Linda.237 

Roberts, Kristie Lynn.131,345 

Roberts, Laura J.225,237 

Roberts, Richard L.317 

Roberts, Robb Francis.311 

Roberts, Sarah Lee.359 

Roberts, Susan Lee.139 

Roberts, Susan Lynn.345 

Robertson, David Bruce.407,502 

Robertson, Rebecca S.237 

Robeson, Ernest Keith.466 

Robiilard, Robert Noel.263 

Robinett, Julie Ann.347 

Robinette, Kenneth A.174,262 

Robinson, Allan Wayne.237 

Robinson, Andrew M.184,185,478 

Robinson, Anne E.309 

Robinson, Cynthia D.290.294 

Robinson, Dorothy Mae.463 

Robinson, Gail Spring.250 

Robinson, Jon Kenneth..331,333 

Robinson, Kevin M.124,373 

Robinson, Michael S.312 

Robinson, Steve.464 

Robison, Laurie Ann.309 

Roche, Laurel A.271,275 

Rocker, Constance Kay.465,485 

Roddy, Joan Marie.287 

Rodgers, James Donald.393,483.494 

Roc, Diana Lynn.245 

Roe, Janice Lynn.335 

Roe, Jim Anthony.286 

Roe, Patrick C. Jr.135,489 

Roedel, Leslie C.290,294,339 

Roehl, Lynn Colette.337 

Roep, Feffery.96 

Rocson, Ernest Keith.134 

Rogan, Kathleen Joan.242,330 

Rogers. Beth Irene.124,488 

Rogers, Carol Ann.351 

Rogers, Carolyn M.308 

Rogers, Charles Stuart.139,377,496 

Rogers. D. Todd.154,407 

Rogers. Dale Edward.135,489 

Rogers, David Wayne.332 

Rogers, James Daniel...124,298,303 

Rogers, Joyce Marian.253 

Rogers. Kevin.157,232 

Rogers, Mark Stewart.383 

Rogers, Tcri Kathleen.326 

Rogstad, Mark L..375 

Rohe, Ronald Henry.267,512 

Rohr. Charles E. Jr.157,505.516 

Rokkan, Daniel Ray...154,375 

Rokkan, Donald James.131 

Rolie, Donna Jean.126 

Roll, Jeffrey Lee.452.512,513 

Rollag, Kristie Sue.247,416 

Roller, Robert Edward.237 

Rollis, Hope Lynne..283 

Roloff, Terren Marie.242 

Rolph, Debbie E.327 

Romero, Robert F.245 

Roinppanen, Eric Paul.171,314,317 

Ronald, James E.303 

Rongev, Craig Neal.332 

Ronhovdc. Svend.401 

Ronnhack. Randy R.385 

Ronnestad, Cathryn L.294 

Ronning, Jenny...248 

Ronnestad, Molly Ann.170,241,.305 

Ronning. Lena Marie.268,459 

Running, Robert M.147.243,248 

Rono. Henry K.172,173,206. 


Rooney, Katherine Anne.237 

Rooney, Susan E.308 

Roosendaal, Sally Kay.337 

Roosevelt, Lila L..273 

Roper. Glen Allen.332 

Roppo, Monica Rose.244,310 

Roquer, Amy.306 

Rosackcr, Eva Lorraine.140,465,485 

Rosaia. Judy Lee.291 

Rosbach, Vernon F.261 

Rose, Allan Stevens.245 

Rose, Donalec.250 

Rose, Steven Spencer.119,260 

Rose, Thomas Edward.130 

Roselli, Teryl Marie. 277 

Rosenberry, Janet Raye..334,335 

Rosenkranz, Jane Ilcne.334,335 

Rosenthal, Karla Sue.268,459 

Ross, Joan Mars-.425 

Ross, Mark Alan.263.267 

Ross, Patricia Ann.256,257 

Ross, Shelly.225 

Ross, Steven Ray.313 

Ross, William Edward..375 

Ross, William Thomas.278,282 

Rosser, Cecelia Lynn.353,416 

Rossman, Bradley F.124,496 

Rossman, Lori Leanne..310 

Rossman, Lynne Marie.93,310 

RcKsman, Mark.515 

Rostykus, Paul Steven.478 

Rostykus, Walter G.238 

Roth, Paul Gregory.405,420 

Roth, Susan Kay.142,237 

Rothgeb. Kenneth David.298 

Rothstrom, Doris Gayle.269,273 

Rotko, Karen Lou.93,94,247 

Rongh, Deborah Ellen...286 

Roumeliotis, K. C.132 

Round)-, Scott Richard.379 

Rountry, David Dean.487 

Rouse, Karen Marie.343,431 

Rowan, Kenneth Dean.135,466 

Rowan, Kevin.260 

Rowund, Susan E.1309 

Rowe, Baihara June...306 

Rowe, Michael.379 

Rowe, Patricia Ann.455 

Rowe, Sharon Marie.290 

Rowlands. Bruce Hobart..381506 

Rowles, Stephen D.331,333 

Roy, Alan.312 

Rov, Mark Lee.237.464 

Rozell, Donald Gale.510 

Rozsonits, Donald Jay.265 

Rubendali, Richard J.243 

Ruckle, Cathryn Anne.347 

Rudberg, Paula Marie.250 

Rudd, Diane Marie.335 

Rudd, Laura Emily..‘334,335 

Rudd, Theodore Hubert.258,495 

Ruddy. Deborah Jean.253,254,460 

Ruddy, Judy Ann.286 

Rudy, Kelly Ann.353,431 

Rudy, Scott Matthew.373 

Rueppel, Jennifer Lyn.310 

Rueter, Paul David.119,410 

Rufener, Debra Gail.237 

Ruffin, David James.462 

Ruh, Gordon Joseph.226 

Rumpza, Denise Marie.463 

Rundall, Karol Ann.334 

Rimdle, Dale E..327 

Runyun, Greg T. 285 

Rupe, Robert William.156 

Rupp, James Eugene.124,491 

Rusche, Arthur Denis.243 

Rush, Catherine Ann.144,345,469 

Rush, Jeff Orey.278 

Russell, Colleen F.339 

Russell, Craig Allan.403,453.454 

Russell, Elizabeth A.250 

Russell, Mark Alau.155 

Russell, Paul Thomas..379 

Russell, Ted.204 

Russell, Vcm Kenneth.304 

Rust, David William.477 

Rust, Mike.237 

Rustanius, Patricia M.287 

Rutherford, David D.1389 

Rutherford, Julia Rae.255,257 

Ruud, Neal Iran.135 

Ryan, Gale Louise.339,418,453, 


Ryan, George Gregory.259 

Ryan, Greg Preston.124,1.35 

Ryan, John Michael.303,462 

Ryan, Kelly Ann..255,257 

Ryan, Patrick M.328 

Rubus, Thomas Burton.462 

Ryder, Gail Madeline.255 

Rvll, Thomas Hardy.483 

Rynning, David Lars.237 

Rysdorp, Joanne.287 

Ryu, Hwankee.150,333 


Saad. Jeffrey Robert.403 

Saboe. Lisa M.355 

Sabot la, Julie.3*30 

Suckrnann, Jerry Norman.303 

Saddler, Raleigh H.326 

Sadler, Barbara Anne.192,287 

Saeed, Mohaainmad. 470 

Saeki, Mutsuko.479 

Saelens, Michele A.318,319 

Saffold, David Graham.458,508 

Saffold, Mary Lynn.147 

Saftieh, Judy Ann.289 

Sage, David M.287 

Sage, Nancy Janet.309 

Sakaino, Randal Y.321.479 

Sakata, Avis Michie.130,479 

Sakaue. Dean Toshimi...479 

Sakrison, Joan Marie.285 

Saknina, June Mitsuke.151 

Salazar, Hector.499 

Saldana, Roberta Jean.290 

Saldin, Susan Jean.140,457 

Saldua, Sylvia Leona.318,479 

Sale, Jeffrey Lee.286 

Salce, David Alan.267 

Salinas, Vincent D.330 

Salisbury, Leslie E.309 

Salisbury, Randall C.286 

Salley, Tim W.395 

Salmcia, Corinne A.465,485 

Sahninen, Seppo Jaakko.142 

Salt, Nancy Janet..361,423 

Saltemik, Patricia J.216,269,273 

Salvadalena, Russell H.468,480 

Salvus, Barbara Jean.340 

Salvus, Jane Ann.305 

Samford, Kimberly Ann.244 

Sammons, Deborah Lynn.307,486 

Sample, Rhonda Lynn.270 

Sample, Suzanne Heidi.159,455 

Sampley, Michael Dean.154 

Samuel, Rose.75 

Samuelson, Dean Arthur.24.5 

SamueLson, Marla Lee.425 

Sanlxim, John Knowles..389 

Sand, Kevin Michael.401 

Sand, Virginia L.334,335,428, 


Sandago, Michael Paul.194,263,267 

Sandall, Christi Arm.309,361 

Sandc-U, Lori Anne. 149,341 

Sanderi, Allison E...290,294 

Sander, Christine M...276 

Sanders, Kimberly Ann.288,294 

Sanders, Mike.184 

Sanders, Steven Don.403 

Sandidgc, Charles Ray.229,508 

Sandicne, Jeff..326 

Sandlin, Bryan Mark.261 

Sandros. Bill Neal.237 

Sandstrorn, Cathy D.478 

Sandvig, Marla Jayne.269,273 

Sandvig, Pamela Jean.456,462 

Sandvik, Steven Emil.385 

Sanford, Bryon John.137,263,267 

.Sanford, Kim.308 

Sanford, Nancy A.279,472 

Sanford, Ricky Alan..315 

Sang), Janice Caryl.363 

Sannes, Mark Alan.299 

Santee, Kathleen Rase.341 

Sarff, Paul Furlong.405 

Sargeant, Jana M.132,482 

Saries, Daniel A. Jr.325 

Sasaki, Shinobu.153,316,319 

Saso, Paula.....254 

Sasser, Joel Svanur.’..385 

Sather, Eric Donald.225 

Satia, Elisara Ufinfi.303 

Sato, Paula K....253 

Sato, Doug.466 

Satterke, Hcrbet F.369 

Saterlee, Barb.494 

Satterlec, Herbert 111.124,497,520 

Satterlee, Ralph W.369 

Satterke, Ruth Marie.152 

Satterthwaite, Linda A..256,257 

Saltier, Jerome Anton.299 

Sauder, Luarui Marie.289 

Sauerbrey, Kristine C.75,278 

Saugcn, Deborah Ann.140,473 

Same, Carol Elizabeth.290 

Sauve, Nancy Lee. 309 

Sav, Bern.327 

Saverbcrg, Kristine.282 

Savikko, Rick Allan.327 

Sawchuk, Stepheu P.264 

Sawhill, C. Jean.253,254,431 

Sawin, Andrew J.278 

Saxe, Steven Michael.469 

Saxton, Debbie Lynn.286 

Sayan, Kathleen Eva.149,216,452 

Sblendorio, Edward J.463 

Scace, Colleen Marie ..158 

Scagjia, Jill....431 

Scalzo, Gene L...285 

Scalzo, Ginny Marie.307,353 

Searpelli, Nanette M.124,361 

Scatena, Brian Frank...264 

Scaaf, Theresa M...357 

Schactkr, Dave.225,237 

Schafer, Thomas G. 312 

Schaller, Jane Karen.169,193,462 

Schalonga, Richard.226 

Schappel, Kathleen Ann.271 

Schamhorst, Joan Ella.306 

Schamhorst, Susan E.270,275 

Scharpf, David Wayne —.155 

Schatzcl, Roger Paul.279.282,509, 


Schauer, Jocelyn Let?..271 

Schaufkr, Becky Jane.192,256 

Schaufler, Casey Bruce.322 

Schaufkr, Mark S.152,192 

Schenaker, Diaue Kay.316,319 

Schenaker, Michael J.300 

Schenk, Deborah Ellen.216,287 

Scherer, Timothy Reed.329 

Schcuerman, Debra Lee.250 

Scheuffelc. Linn D.230,237.243, 


Schcycr, Renee Marie.337,433 

Schicnnan, Adele Lynn.361,430,484 

Sellilke, Janice Marie.349 

Schilleci, Paul G. F.189 

Schilling, Jannis C.155,339,418 

Schilling, Sarah K.327,512 

Schilter, Alice T.131.269.273. 


Schindelc, Jill Marie.458 

Schindler, Odeda.308 

Schlaefer, Carol Ann.341,472 

Schlag, Greg.230 

Schlaifer, Mark Alan.328 

Schlief, Robert Dean.397,420 

Schliesman, Debbie Sue.225,-168 

Schlonga, Richard J..364 

Schlosstein, Marijane.278,345 

Schmelz, Stephen C.216,299,303 

Schinelzcnhach. Jamie.279 

Schinick, James Stanley.144,456,457, 


Schmkll, Gregory F.-331,333 

Schmidt, Butch.184 

Schmidt, Colleen Kay.162 

Schmidt, Janet.193,287 

Schmidt. Karla Louise.309 

Schmidt, Karlen K.306 

Don Arsenych 

Student Publications Photographer 

Index 539 

Schmidt, Kenneth L.259 

Schmidt, Lavcmne Marie.237 

Schmidt, L. Gregory.237 

Schmidt, Marc Duane...287 

Schmidt, Teresa Lynn. 

Sehmiege Donns Lynn 




Schmitz, Jo Anne. 

.253,254 417 

Schmitz, Robert W. 

Schinucge, Ardis.. 




Schnabel, Michael H.. 


Schneider, Connie Rae... 
Schneider, Donna L. 



Schneider, Edward R. 

Schneider. Judith E.. 



Schneidmiller, Kevin E... 

Schncidiniller, Rodney. 

Schneidiniller, Ross D.. 



Schock, Andrew Charles.284 

Schock, Michael R.242,329 

Schoesler, Donald Lee.230,243 

Schoesler, Jill M. 268 

Schoettler. John F.399 

Schoettlcr, Stephen J.124,399 

Schoknecht, Dean W.381,421 

Scholev, Shawn Gerald.320 

Schollincyer, James J.371 

Schons, Mark Frederick.389,507,508 

Schor, Tim John.124,491 

Schott, Sheryl Rcnac.425 

Schrader, Anna C. 


Schrader, Walter F. 


Schram, Marilvn. 


Schramm, Donald Lyle.135,489 

Schrempp, Michael J.144 

Schrettc, Paul Dennis.387 

Schrette, Trina Ann.351,431 

Schroeder, Gordon Dean.120 

Schroeder, Phillip J. 263 

Schmrn, Mark.125 

Schuessler, Robert K.285 

Schulke. Ellen M.276,277,472, 


Schuller. Steve.184 

Schuller, Annette Ruth.244,310 

Schultheis, Margaret M.459 

Schultheis, Marilyn W.310 

Schultheis, Robert A.320 

Schultz, Anita Kay.276,277 

Schultz, Barbara Joan.307,455 

Sehultz, Cheryl Louise.140,306,508 

Schultz, Dave.171 

Schultz, Julie Ann....147 

Schultz, Monte Les.225 

Schultzer, Margeret.269 

Schulz, Bruce Edward.312 

Schulz, Vicki Diane.230,237 

Schulze, Heidi Marie.244,308 

Schumacher, James A.377 

Schumacher, Richard M.377 

Schumann, Renee S.273,373,476 

Schuoler, Elizabeth A.361 

Sehurmau, Debra Rose.241 

Schutts, Susan E...427 

Schwab, Graig V.367 

Schwab, Timothy Allen. 201 

Schwanz, Thomas Lee..314 

Schwartz, Diane Lee.216,268 

Schwartz, Don Jeffery.184 

Schwartz, Linda Lee.309 

Schwartz, Richard B.332,333 

Schwartz, Robyn Ann..285 

Schwartze, Cannel Jean.269 

Schwarz, Charles D.159 

Schwarz, Thomas Lee.264,267 

Schwchin, Carol Ann.306,462 

Schweigcrt, Kristina M.241 

Schweigert. Robert N.120,474 

Schwcizer. Jay Preston.126 

Schwenk, Kevin Milton.375 

Schwind, Steven R.365 

Schwisow, Jack F..216,371 

Scodeller, Debra L. 355 

Scofield, Tracy Jean.250,422 

Seonzo, Anthony Thomas.327 

Scorsese. Martin.500 

Scott, Annette Marie.309 

Scott, C. Douglas.137,395 

Scott, Cheryl Dianne.289,294 

Scott, Dale De Witt.J259 

Scott, David M...473 

Scott, Deliner Jr.311 

Scott, Gary Leeroy. 124 

Scott, Grant Matthew.304,477 

Scott, Gregory John.391,478 

Scott, Joseph Edward.... 

Scott, Kevin N. 

Scott, Nancy. 

Scott, Randy Roy. 





Scott, Rebecca Ann. 


Scott, Sonya Lynn. 


Scott, Stanley White. 


Scott, Tracy Anne. 

Seotvold, Chert Lynn.... 



Secor, Scott Charles.154,407,494 

Sedgley, Curt Glenn.379 

Sedlacek, Craig L..369 

Seebeck, Doug Craig.367,487 

Scefried. John Paul.210 

Seevich. Laurie.424 

Sego, Daniel Joseph.316 

Seidel, Ellen Virginia.149,500 

Seidel, Jayne C.288,424 

Seiler, Katherine Anne.478 

Seiler, Scott William.242 

Seitters, Kathy Jo.253,460 

Selbo. Jerry- Lee.243.457,461 

Selby, Janet Jean..334 

Selby, Karen Rae. .254 

Selfridge, Robert S.216,381 

Selland, Bradley F..397 

Selland, Karin Lynn.71,361 

Selle, Dennis L.263 

Seltveit, Joyce.170,198 

Sensenbrenner, Scott J.149 

Sepich, Craig Allan.296 

Scresun, Dawn Marie..‘339,417,467 

Sereland, Claudia Jane.334,335,428, 


Servuss, Robert..371 

Settle, James Gilbert.322 

Sever, Richard Eldon...279 

Severin, Dianne Lenore.268,273 

Severson, William.96 

Sevey, Keith Ray.248 

Scvey, Mary Lynn.248 

Sexton, Melanie Jo.71,214,341, 


Shaber, Mark R.204,502 

Shackcttc, Wendolyn S..334.459 

Shaded, William Henry.263 

Shaeffer, Kathy.427 

Shafer, Cathy jean..337 

Shafer, Daniel Wayne.237 

Shafer, Jay Lee.328 

Shafer, Rick.210 

Shaffer, Shannon Jack.462 

Sliake, Steven Ward. 151 

Shanalian, Anne Marie..349,495 

Shanahan, Colleen M.329 

Shancer, Jennifer. 270 

Shank, David McCalluin. 

Shanka, Diane. 

Shankar, M. 




Shannon, Deborah J. 

Shannon, Patricia C.287 

Shapiro, Anthony Dean.134,466 

Sharkey, Heather Marie.307 

Sharp, Diane V. 142,237 

Sharp, Jean Marie.157,248 

Sharp, Kenneth Douglas.152,248 

Shattuck, Julie Ann.202,306,455 

Shaver, Carol Ann.216,339,417, 


Shaw,Becky Amel.119,479 

Shaw, Laurie Jean.347 

Shaw, Michael Patrick. 373 

Shaw, Steven Wayne.383 

Shea, Carolyn Virginia.349,439 

Shea, Daniel Scott.279 

Shea, Mathew Joseph. 185 

Sheahan, Cathy Lynn.215,349,433, 


Sheahan, Tiin P.367 

Shearer, Gale Ruth.347 

Shearer, Kevin Harley..329 

Shearer, Patrick G.. 

Shearer, Steven Kelly. 


Shedd, Leslie Ann... 


Sheehy, Stephen G. 

Sheely, Phillip John. 



Sheely, Wynne Alison. 

Sheffield, Edward S.. 

Sheldon, John Lvlc. 



Sheldon, Linda j. 

Sheley, Roger Leslie.454 

Shelton, Laurie Beth..357,463,49*1, 


Shelton, Scott R.393 

Shelton, Sky Ray.393,409 

Shepard, Craig Alan..329 

Shephead, Wendy Lou.335 

Sherberg. Audic Lee..399 

Sheridan, John Bernard.381 

Sherman, Cynthia Lee. 


Sherman, Debv. 


Sherman, Mark Arthur. 

Shennan, Richard D. 

Sherman, Roger Duane. 

Sherred, Martin C. 





Scragg, Duncan Anthony.377 

Scully, Don.264 

Seaberg, Eric M.385 

Seaborn, Joseph Panl.260 

Seals, Kimberley Gale.170 

Seaman, W. Marshall.157 

Sears, Douglas Keith.314 

Seaton, Leslie Anne.253,420,520 

Seay, Robert Louis..246 

Sebotten, Julie.203 

Sebring, Martha Ann.287 

Sechrist, Melinda.485 

Sherrett, Todd Leslie.323 

Shenrow, Bob Scott..245 

Sherwood, David John.332 

Sherwood, Douglas W.237 

Sherwood, Lorilee.359,429 

Sherwood, Robert Alan.149,210,213, 


Shettle, Kathleen A.239,286 

Shever, Rick.284 

Shields, Joanne.253,254,486 

Shields, Karen Anne.433 

Shields, Sandra Ann.453 

Shieis, Frank Abram.149,452,462, 


Shillingburg, David A.395,457 

Shimmin, James Phillip.134 

Shimondle, Janet L.309 

Shinek, Robert.472 

Shipley, Jean Marie.149,359,521 

Shipman, Ward Alan.263,267 

Shirk, Kim Jerene.255 

Shiroma, Barney M.263,267 

Shively. Karen Dianne..330 

Shives, Fletcher G.462 

Shjeflo, Joann Lynn.246 

Shkerich, Alex King.216,325 

Shobe, Daniel Lee.124,462,482 

Shoeinake, Donald F.321 

Shocmake, Rex A.387 

Shoemaker, Floyd M. Ill.409 

Shogan, Joan M.309 

Shogrcn, Scott Francis.147 

Short, Donald Roy..391 

Shotwell, Jackie.248 

Shotwell, Steve Austin.248 

Shoults, Lvnn David...130 

Show. Michael.149 

ShowaJter, John David.147 

Showman, Barbara Sue.241,305 

Shreves, John Jeffry.377 

Shroyer, Kirk Dewayne.298 

Shrum, Eric John.296 

Shnim, Mark James.296,303,462 

Shu, Karen Elizabeth.325 

Shu, Kuang-Hua Huai.137 

Shuhaku, Aoki.150 

Shuler, Daniel Damon.395 

Shuman, Polly S.339,423,460 

Shumate, Loren Wesley.300,453 

Shumway, Ladd Howard.397 

Shupe, Dave.329 

Shupe, Stan Joel.262 

Siceardi. Carole Jean.462 

Sicilia, Gregory R.264 

Sidie, Alexander S. Jr.286 

Sicbenmark. Jane Ann.268 

Sicg. Jean Helen.250 

Siegfried, Shelly Ann.132,294 

Siemens, Sara Beth.276,277 

Sicinion, Martin Thomas.322 

Sievers, Robert Jay.321 

Sievcrson, Marybcth.271,275 

Siewert, Brent Robert.522 

Sigrnar, Bill.385,452 

Sigrist, Mark Edward.299 

Siler. Theresa Marie.345,428 

Silke, Julie Anne.71,355 

Silver, Grace Patricia.198,309 

Silver, Stacey Ann.256,257 

Silver, Thomas Vincent.379 

Silverman, Jody Lee.310 

Silvers, Eric James..216,325 

Simanton, James B..371 

Simanton, Laura Leigh.343,453 

Siinck, James Edward.263,267 

Simineiink, Joan Lee.285 

Simonds, Kevin Bruce..300,303 

Simmons, David Paxton.261,401 

Simmons, Julia Carol.306 

Simmons, Kathleen Ann.244,309 

Simmons, Lynelle.349,432 

Simmons, Randal David.184 

Simmons, Scott Edward.118 

Simon, Jerry Kay.287,489 

Simons, Robin Scott.204,297 

Simonsineier. Larry.469 

Simonson, Jack Roger.285,502 

Simonson, Michael H.245,468 

Simpson, Daniel E. Jr.451 

Simpson, Elaine.305 

Simpson, James Andrew.332,333 

Simpson, Joel Earf...401 

Simpson, Kristie Lee.237 

Simpson, Pamela Sue.308 

Simpson, Sarah E.462 

Simpson, Sheri Sue.250 

Simpson, William Allan..399,483 

Siinsans, Mike.474 

Simdiauser, Keny Lane.261 

Sinclair, Michael B.135 

Sinclair, Richard H.262,265 

Sing, Liane Psl.479 

Singh, Surendra. 137,248 

Sipes, Lonn Alexander.407 

Sires, Karen Joy.216JJ71.275 

Siridakis, James Peter.243 

Sirjord, Donna L.244 

Sirjord, Lisa Carol.243 

Sissons, Scott Richard.299,303 

Sitdhivonk, Patdhakij....125 

Siverling, Michael R.332 

Sivieh, Lome Jolene.326 

Sizer, David James.322 

Skagen, Douglas M.373 

Skaran, Andrea Jean.310 

Skelton, Patricia L.158,341,430 

Skelton, Susan Colleen.351,430 

Skene, Lee MacKenzie.326 

Skillman. Nicholis C.„.519 

Skinner, Brian David.387 

Skinner, James R.216 

Skinner, John Michael.296 

Skinner, Kimberly C.334,335 

Skinner, Megan Ann.288 

Skinner, Shannon Jo.325,453,454 

Skog, Ame John.407 

Skok, Dennis Joseph.509 

Skok, Mark .Allen.149 

Skolrud, Kevin Del.296,303 

Skov, Stanley Glen.237,462 

Sladiter, Shannon 1.241,307 

Slade, Patricia EUen.284 

Slagle, Paul William.124,403,488, 


Slater, Gary Lynn.225 

Slater, Kellie Renee. 

Slater, Michael I. 



Sleeper, Brad. 


Sleeth, Molly Jean.. 

Sleight, David R. 

Sleight, Gary Duane.. 




Sleight, Pamela Clara. 


Paul Nebolon 

Student Publications Photographer 

Slcssman, Deborah Ann.276 

Slingland, Becky Ann.359,427 

Slingland, David.387 

Sloan, Cynthia Darlene.237 

Sloan, Margery Janet.327 

Sloane, Kathy Lynn.253,361 

Slobodcn, Constance J.256 

Slominski, Susan C.254 

Stominski, William G.403 

Sly, Diana Marie.326 

Slye, Joseph Gerard.295,303 

Smalley, Brian David.135,483 

Smalley, Gayle Alyson.290,294 

Smalley, Joan E.286 

Srnawley, Laura Lynn... 162 

Sinedlcy, Nancy Diane ...162 

Smeltzer, Elaine M.275 

Sinick, Margaret Alice.309 

Smilanich, Dorothy Ann.193,345,415 

Smiley, Melinda Kay.253,254 

Smith, Alvin Edwanl.237 

Smith, Bradley Byron.330 

Smith, Brian Anthony..377 

Smith, Brian Earl.278 

Smith, Carol Elaine.242 

Smith, Carol Elizabeth..326 

Smith, Casi Colleen..‘341,430 

Smith, Charlene Louise...351 

Smith, Curtis Scott.478 

Smith, Michael C... 

Smith, Momiett Arlee. 

Smith, Nikki L. l4i 

Smith, Patrick F.26 

Smith, Paul Collier. 137,30 

Smith, Ralph Wesley.23 

Smith, Randell Vard.47* 

Smith, Rebecca Helen.271 

Smith, Reginald Robin.455,49' 

Smith, Robin Claire.25:j 

Smith, Robyn Doreen.-.27C: 

Smith, Rodney Dean.485 

Smith, Sandra Jean...24'i 

Smith, Sandra Jean.428,47< 

Smith, Scott Douglas.387 

Smith, Sheri Gave.252 

Smith, Sheri Lee.147 

Smith, Sherwood E.29SS 

Smith, Stacy R ..315 

Smith, Stanley J.489 

Smith, Stanley Walter.130,248,452. 


Smith, Stephanie Marie.351,428 

Smith, Stephen Edward..304 

Smith, Stephen Panl.119 

Smith, Stephen Warren.184,185 

Smith, Susan Carol.198 

Smith, Susan Mitzi.253,25*1 

Smith, Victoria C.237,453 


^iiuuif .. 

Smith, Darcy Sheryl. 


OII1IUI, VTciyilC .. . . 

Smilfi William Frhvarrl 

, .196 


Smith, David Bruce. 


Smithson, Richard A. 



Smith, David James M. 

Smith, Diane Christine. 



Smitman, Gregory E.. 

Smitt Jnliann 


483 522 


Smith, Diane Marie. 


Sned grass, Helen. 


Smith, Douglas Andrew. 

Smith, Douglas Marti. 



Smith, Gail Ann. 


Smith, Gny Christopher. 


Smith, Hilary Ann Venn. 



Smith, Jayne. 


Smith, jay Nelson.124 

Smith, Jeffrey Guy.395 

Smith, Jeffrey Lymi.124,488 

Smith, Joe F.184,185 

Smith, Katherine Jean.459 

Smith, Kathryn Marie.169,216 

Smith, Kathryn Marie.198,289,294 

Smith, Ken Gordon.379 

Smith, Kenneth Roy.237 

Smith, Kevin Kimberly.323 

Smith, Kim Rrigid.420,499 

Smith, Kim R.311,453,462 

Smith, Kimberly K.229,426 

Smith, Lee Ann.276,277,453 

Smith, Leeanne.343,425 

Smith, Linda Kay.327 

Smith, Linda Kay..268,273 

Smith, Lindsay Erick.314 

Smith, Lynn Frederic.248 

Smith, Mark Alan.407 

Smith, Mark Henning.137,312,317, 


Smith, Matthew Allen.315 

Snell, Gerald Thomas.137 

Sneva, Wendy Corrine.159 

Snider, Kimberly Kay.351.432 

Snodgrass, Helen Golda.148,319 

Snodgrass Michael Lee... 466 

Snool^ Douglas Roy.313 1 

Snook, Meleah.130,456 

Snouffer, Alice Marie.269 

Snow, Mike Thomas.184 

Snyder, Barbara Sue.291,294,433, 


Snyder, Heidi R..310 

Snyder, Janet Lynn. 152 

Snyder, Jeanne Marie.158 

Snyder, John Randall'.124,488 

Snyder, jon David.462 

Snyder, Judy Ann.162 

Snyder, Kurt is Dean.263 

Snyder, Margaret J.291 

Snyder, R. Karen.153 

Snyder, Susan Elaine.139 

Snyder, Terry R.267 

Snyder, Thomas D. Jr.124,391 

Sobczyk, Mary J.288,294 

Sobczyk, Patricia Anne.290,294 

Soenke, Paula Lou.245,464 

Sokoll, Analiese.318,319 

Sola, William E..242 

Solbach, Edward John.329 

Solberg, Ingrid Marie.343,425 

Solberg, Thor Anders.322,79 

540 Index 

t. Kelvin Lee.231 

\ Diane Gene..139 

.on, William W. Jr.309.462 

in, Judith Ellen....216.243 

ts. Steven Guy.232 

tville. Bob Watson.297.303 

*ville, John E. Jr..393.502 

ner, Diane Gay...'309,472 

ikts, Peggy Ellen.130,343 

«teiin, Michael S.375 

l z, Cheryl Lynn.216,271.275 

‘toereek Ray.314 

Steven Leslie...332,333 

.sen, Barbara L.162 

feen, Erie Benton.136,451,462 

jnsen, Lori A.170 

tsen. Lvn David.314,317 

'.Aon, Greg Anthony.312 

Bison. Karen A.286 

ison. Shawn M.305 

fcv, Linda Perhani..330 

■’r, Marcus Edward..328 

Nancy Lee...237 

4\ Charles Bruce.124 

Sard, Remi William.297.303 

hem, Gary Bruce.469 

hwood, Mark Edward.237 

hworth. Molly A.316,319 

a, Darrell David...286 

Vxii, Susan Marie.216,237,379, 


ly, John Irvin.241 

_*th, Cannon Jay.489 

ding, R. Matsen.118,296,303. 


lgler, Mary Rose.„.241 

igler, Susan Ann. 284 

mi, Man- Urs.157 

iiich, Nancy Lynn...337 

uiel, Craig Edward.331,333 

ujer, Frank Douglas.237 

nner. Patty Anne...334,335 

rhawk, Patric Rory.241 

dcs Sandra Marie...153,347 

er, Susan Leah.............469 

igjit, Susan Lee.286 

igner, Cathy Lee. 282 

nee, Andrew Brien.399 

nee, Shannon Dale..343 

ncer, Janet Ellen.155 

•ncer, Michael R.262 

nocr, Midiae) R.283 

•ncer, Thomas Randal.125.409,507, 


rry, Laura P......152 

lane, Jeffery..317 

penstrickcr, Barbara.132 

egelberg. Carol L.203,294 

tigoia, Mary ann..310 

nk, Dennis Michael..314.317 

tzer, Jeffrey James.499 


pm Jay Daniel..258 

rague, Clayton l-orcn..323 

rague, Randall Brian..216,278,282, 


rague, Tamara Calene.307 

rague, Vickie Lee.252 

raker. Robert lee.242,330 

ringer, Deborah Gail.140,462,463, 


htwl, Diane Louise -.253 

cute, Karen Ann.252 

jurgeon, Helene Faye..334 

mrgin, Kevin Charles..226 

oek, Lise Ann.. 278 

Clair ChanJ. IV..379,420 

Clair, Vcm Carl Jr....241 

ach, Lori T. 357 

adick, Deborah L.2253.254 

achcli. Margaret R.479 

afford, Douglas C. .395 

afford, Jon William.125,488 

afford, Sheila L.140,465 

age, Helen Sullivan.162 

rage, Janet Elizabeth.306 

phi, Richard James.....196,331 

:alev. James E.267 

iallard, Robert Lee.331,333 

la mm, Karen Ann.140,426 

lamschror, Cecilia J.237,467,473 

tandaert, Steve M.262,455 

tandafer. Max C.2260 

Under, Debbie.„.421 

tangle. Chuck.391 

tanley, Ronald Paul... 137,403 

tansbury, Steven S... 262 

4ansell, Kelly Dianne.287 

itanton, Jill Denise.479 

tapp. Jennifer Ruth.147 

itare, Patrick Stephen..225,379 

itarks William F. 399 

itarr, Ronald C..-.....462,477 

‘arr, Ronald Melvin...499 

dassinos, Gail.253 

«taub, John Henry IV..328 

Maul), Pete D.283 

Mave, Lawrence B.125,385 

itavig, Sandra Ellen.712271,275 

stay, Andrew Harry.393,510 

''teach, Steven George... 297 

stebbins, Kathy Dianne.237 

rtecher, Linda Stie.140,343,473 

Meczina, Steven Paul...148 

Meele, Kathryn Anne.139,203.289, 


Meffeus, Mark S.„.365 

Steger, Jeffrey Josef.284 

Stegman, Holly A..-326 

Stehr, Linda Louise.„. 286 

Stein, Robert Michael.298 

Steinbach, Cary Robert..237 

Steinbach, Teena Paige „.452,468,489 

Steiner, John Curtis.. 142 

Steiner, Terry- Lee R....415 

Stejer, Sharon Anna.431 

Stclter, Walter Alan.'169 

Stemmer, Elizabeth M....288,294 

Stenimer. Mary L....239,284 

Stencil, Paul Robert.299 

Stendal, Mary- Kerrill...140 

Stenslie. John Leroy.462 

Stephanick, Anne Marie.271 

Stephens, Lynn Ellen.271 

Stephenson, Blaine J.285 

Stephenson, Delxnah K.147 

Stephenson, Kevin.184 

Stephenson, Ronald Roy.331 

Stemagcl. Rodney Dean.242,327 

Sternberg, Ronald A. 325 

Sterner, Ruth Alice.75,310 

Stevens, Claudia Ann.285 

Stevens, Constance J.„.. .256.433 

Stevens, John Craig...„ 264.267 

Stevens, Kelli Arlene. .269,273 

Stevens, Mark T.-.297 

Stevens. Richard N.-379 

Stevens, Sally Ilenc...270 

Stevens, Stacy Louise.-319 

Stevens, William L. Jr...505 

Stevenson, Chelsa J.345 

Stevenson, Deborah Lyn.291,294 

Stevenson, Ellen Jane.289,294 

Stevenson, Jackie.459 

Steves, Linda Diane..241,307 

Stevick. Eric Fraser..315 

Stevick, Lisa Lynn.310 

Stewart, Chris Jerome.332,333 

Stewart. Daniel Duane.248 

Stewart. David Reed..-379 

Stewart, Donald Thomas.—.478 

Stewart, Marty.159 

Stewart. Michael Bryan..297 

Stewart, Sally Gwyn.132 

Stewart, Steven Neil.264 

Stewart, William R.247 

Stiee, Patrick Dean.327 

Stickel. Bryan A.258 

Sticklin, Karen A..237 

Stiers, Wendy Gayle.150,276,277, 


Stiles, Charles T...226 

Stiller, Susan Laurcne.351 

Stillman, Laura Ann.-308 

Stillmunkes Ronald T.134 

Stinemctz, Susan Jan.75,154 

Sb'nogel, Melanie Ann. 254 

Stinson, Cerald D. Jr.248 

Stiason, Lauren Anne.422 

Stinson, Randall K.286 

Stintzi. Cerald Ray.185,263 

Slim, Debra Christine ...310 

Stivers, Carolyn P. 278 

Stixrod, Heidi Annette.452 

Stock. Terry.258 

Stocker, Steven Robert.-397 

Stockman, Sally Ann.290,294 

Stoffel, Vem S.481 

Stohner, Robert M.283 

Stohr, Mary Katherine.318 

Stojack, Ronald Joseph.375 

Stokke, Heidi Jolene.341,424 

Stone, Barbara Ann.237 

Stone, Deanna Irene.271 

Stone, Diane J.343 

Stone, Harry Dennis...258 

Stone, Karen Marie.216,363,457 

Stone, Mary Elizabeth...353 

Stone, Melody Jean.. 159 

Stone, Michael David.300,303 

Stone, Michael Lee.134,214,369 

Stone, Michelle Lee... .305 

Stone. Peter Michael..323 

Stone, Rebecca.157 

Stone. Steven Lewis.„.142 

Stoner, Kerry Rene.75,345,422 

Stoney, Sheric Kay.237 

Storey, Casey Marie.361 

Storey, Kevin Scott.287 

Storms, William Bryan.149.371 

Storoe, Kari Jean.130 

Storwick, Genevieve P..330 

Story, Scott Weslcy329 

Story, Stephen Baird....466 

Story, Tanya Marie.268 

Stott, Craig. 456,469 

Stott, David Allan....119,311 

Stott. Tracey F.456,469 

Stout. Greg Alan ..326 

Stout. Mary Jo.. 132,428 

Stout, Patricia Montez...422 

Stout, Roberta Fay... 142 

Stowe, Otto William.175,185 

Stowe, Theresa E. 347 

Stowe, Thomas Patrick.375 

Stowell, Patti Jean.353 

Straccner, Bradley J.522 

Stranahan, Denise.140,473,494, 


Strand, Laurel Ann.286 

Strand, Michael Scott.397 

Strand, WillaimC.322 

Stransky, Dan G.260 

Stratton, Cheryl.232.248 

Stratton, John Michael.149,248,483, 


Strawn, Kimberly Kaye.326 

Strawn, Randal) Robert. 184 

Street. Willo Beth.278.476 

Strenge, Susan Anne.149,353,425, 


Stretten, Bob.18*1 

Streufert, Carol Marie.273 

Strickland, Janine M.288 

Strickland, Michael D.144 

Stricklcr, Jack F...401 

Strite, Suzanne Dewccs...132,455,458 

Strockbine. Stephen E..246 

Slroh, Rachael Anne.245,463 

Strohecker. Marcia Ann.216,329 

Strohmaier, Alan Carl.125,373 

Strohmaier, John F..373 

Stromatt, Michael S.243 

Stromine, Pam Vonnc.417 

Stroncek, Kevin Kay.126,469 

Strong, Norman Howard.134 

Strong, Sharon Kay.310,464 

Strother, Mark Lee.407 

Strozyk, Randall Leroy.296 

Struthcrs, Dona.459 

Stuart, Joan Margaret.131 

Stubbs. Jene Annette..308 

Stubbs, Leslie Ann.423 

Stubsten, Douglas W.300,303 

Stuckey. Alan.-365 

Studdanl, John Craig.259 

Studer, Brenda Gail.269,273 

Stueckle, Kirt Ray.311,317 

Stuhrman, Mark Conrad.321 

Stull, Janice Kay.215.237,347 

Stump, Curtiss Edward.321 

Stump, Kristin Eleanor.305,345 

Stump, Linda Kay.469 

Stuinpf, Marie C.289,294 

Stuinpf, Rebecca Jean.75.341,423 

Sturdevant, Nancy Jean.316,319,460 

Styner, Jon Clinton.134,466 

Sudduth, Bob Hcrdman..331 

Sugars, Elizabeth Anne.203 

Sngiyama. Shinichi..317,479 

Suhadolnik, Ann D.351 

Sullins, Karen Lonisc.-363,424 

Sullivan, Cathy Lynn..467 

Sullivan, Daniel J.387 

Sullivan, Sharon Lee.144,469 

Sullivan, Tyecc Lana.310 

Snlly, Stephanie Jane...125 

Snlvdrach, Tracy Elaine.454,462 

Summers, Carol Ann. 157,349 

Summers, Egil Kevin.263 

Summers, Mary Elise.349,494 

Summers, Roger Dean.297,303 

Sumner, Sheila Kay.357 

Sumner, Shelly Devonne.125,462 

Sundberg. David Ray.297 

Sumflierg, Neil Eric.323 

Sundquist, Patricia D..306 

Sundquist. Stephen J.295.296,303, 


Surdyk, Jerry Eugene.407 

Surridge, Stanley S.474 

Sntch. Nancy Ellen...308 

Sutherland, Ann Elise.244,310,480 

Sutherland, David Paul.314,317,480 

Sutherland, Steven M..314,317 

Sutherland, Susan C.144 

Sutliff, John Kelly.297 

Sutton, Helene Anne.286 

Sntton, James David Jr.321 

Sutton, Mark Richard.297 

Suwwan. Muhammad Ahmad.470 

Svaeek, Susan Marie.355,501 

Svalstedt, Glen Arne...332 

Svcnson, Daniel Kurtis.119 

Swafford, Craig W.297 

Swafford. Ronald Paul.263 

Swan, Laurie Lynn.345 

Swan, Patti Jeanne.-345 

Swanson, Cary Morton.480 

Swanson. Christy Anne...288 

Swanson, Donald Melvin.326 

Swanson, Janice Rae ..140,456,463, 


Swanson, John Kevin.331,333 

Swanson, Sandra Lynn.357,416,499 

Swanson, Susan Rose.158 

Swarat. Denise C.351.432 

Swarthont, Jeff C. ..407 

Swayne, Walter Stoll.237 

Sweeney. Colleen Ann.149,216,353, 


Sweeney, Kathleen.132,277 

Sweeny, David Joseph.237 

Sweeny, Patrice Marie.271 

Sweitzer, Keith Lester.399 

Swenning, Scott A.....135 

Swenson, Janice Lynn..305 

Swenson, John Duncan.260 

Swenson, Laurie Ann...247 

Swenson. Susan Marie..309,417 

Swiek, Diane M. 271 

Swift, Alexis Yvonne...252 

Swift, Stephen Daniel.184 

Switzer, Scott Gregory.245 

Swoopc, Scott C.. 369 

Sworter, Russ.313 

Sykes, Gregory M.184 

Sylvester, Jiua Marie.244,308 

Sylvester, Jodi Lee.308 

Sylvester, Steven R.391 

Symbol, Paula Ann.361.418 

Szabo, Leslie John....148 

Szabo, Leslie John.148 


Tabbara, Cecil Khaled...248 

Tahora, Roy Gonzalez.237 

Tachuk, James Stephen..326 

Taflinger. Richard F...89,90,92 

Taflinger. Verlaine.89 

Taira. Sharon Sucko.291,479 

Takasahi. Walt.315 

Takashiina. Jeannette G.283 

Takatsuka, James.323 

Takeoka, Donald.125 

Talbott, Cynthia Jo. 474 

Talcott, Shannon Lee.306 

Tam. Stmon Man Chen.142,453 

Tamada, Caroline M.278,282 

Tamanaha, Iris SaLsuko......479 

Tamayo, Roy Munoz.327 

Tamnra, James J. Jr.148,279.282 

Tainura, Patricia Lynn.479 

Tan Mung-Lin Simon.135 

Tanabe, Edward Masao...125,171 

Tanabe, Laura Kiyono.334,433.460. 


Tanaka, Lori I. .. 120,474 

Tanaka, Raymond H.286 

Tangen, Douglas Erling.132,365 

Tanigawa, Susan Jean.75,310,355 

Tank, Christopher R... 237 

Tanner, Bill... 237 

Tanner. Kerry Anita. 253 

Tanner, Victoria Ann.268 

Tarver. Donna Rachel.310 

Tasker, Louis Erven.331,333,476 

Tate, Robert Henry.237 

Tatum, Alan Stephen.264 

Tatum. Michael Leroy.120 

Taufen, Donald Warren.....403 

Tavares, Russell J.130,405 

Taylor, Beverly Jean.285 

Taylor, Bradley Gene.184,185.373 

Tavlor, Charles L. Jr...279 

Taylor, Delores K.269,273 

Taylor, Donna Lee. -351 

Taylor, Dongias L. Jr.118,367 

Taylor. Marcia Ann.109.202,271. 


Taylor, Michael Leroy.502 

Taylor, Nancy Adele.269,273 

Taylor, Richard Earl.479 

Taylor, Robert Wm..151 

Taylor, Ronald Royce.403 

Taylor, Susan Diane.359,442 

Taylor, Susan Diane.288,309 

Teagarden, Chuck.505,506 

Tebaldi, Alan Michael.135,489 

Tebb, Victoria E.291 

Teberg, Elisabeth...252 

Teberg, James E.299,303 

Teberg, John Ernest.321 

Tedennan, Man- Ellen.290 

Tcdrow, Megan Anne.510 

Tee, Sally Jane..255,257 

Tefft. Paul Leslie.381.457.462 

Tegerg. John. 454 

Teitzel, Dorine Fay.241.305 

Templeton, Alan Glen.237512 

Terberg, John —. 477 

Terkla, Tamara Jo.... 237 

Terry, Randall Jay... 377 

Terry, Roekv Duane.258 

Tcsch, Dan Lee.365 

Teselle, Julie Gay....256 

Tesmer, Cindy Lee...253,254,453 

Tesseni, Eric Geoffrey.135,309,483 

Tessem, John Harold.189 

Tessier, James Cihson.125,479 

Tessier, Jane Corbett.310 

Testa, John Leeland.171,260 

Tliackcr. Daniel James.200,397 

Thackray, Mark Randall.295,303 

Thamm, Lynn Marie.271,275 

Thaver, Constance Jill..355 

Thayer, James Phillip.321 

Thayer, Steven Earl.397,464 

Thcisen, John Ccrard.457 

Therriaull, Paul Abu.296 

Therrien, Maurice J.125 

Thic, Brian Dean. 395 

Thiede, Michael Eugene.159 

Thieme, Steven Gaylord.230,326 

Thiemens Alan Eugene.120,204 

Thiemens Gary Edward.144,456,469 

Thierry, Diane Marie.276 

Thies Trevor Hansen.401 

Thirtyacre, James R.387 

Thirtvacre, Kathy Ann.557 

Thirty-acre, Ronald L.403,461 

Thoelcke, Dana Jill.130,216 

Thoennes Catherine S.245 

Thoennes, John Leo.262,267 

Thomas, Brett C.296 

Thomas, Diane L.570 

Thomas, Fred Dean.300 

Thomas, Huw Vaughan.148,267 

Thomas, Janene Renee.316,319 

Thomas Jeffrey David...286 

Thomas, Jeffrey Scott...259 

Thomas June Ann...271 

Thomas Kevin Arthur.379 

Tlromas Lynne Kristin.483,520,522 

Thomas Marty Ann.310 

Thomas Marvin Burton.119,407 

Thomas Mary Elizabeth.308 

Tliomas Michael B.591 

Thomas Robert Gordon... 
Thomas Ron Scot. 


.237 322 

Thomas Shelley E. 


Thomas Stuart Scott. 


Thomas Tamara Neel.. 

Thomas William F.. 



Thome, Robert Mark. 

Tlrompkins Janiala. 



Thompson, Albert Ross. 

Thompson, Ann. 



Thompson, Ainv Mae. 

Thompson, Carol Sara. 

Thompson, Craig Allan .... 


.27 577 


Thompson, Craig El. 


Thompson. Dale L. 


Thompson, David Abn. 


Thompson, Elizabeth. 


Thompson, Elliot. 


Thompson, Galvin. 


Thompson, Ceoffrey S....258 

Tim Sheahan 

Student Publications Photographer 

Index 541 

Thompson, Glen Lowrie..313 

Thompson, jack.181,184,479 

Thompson, John L.258 

Thompson, John Martin.237 

Thompson, Kris Peter.371,494 

Thompson, Kristey, Sue.71,329 

Thompson, Kurt K.217 

Thompson, Leah.516,517 

Thompson, Linda T.126 

Thompson, Margaret.479 

Thompson, Maribeth.357 

Thompson, Marie Helena.250,462,500 

Thompson, Mark Stephen.—.261,303 

Thompson, Moreen Anne.237 

Thompson, Penny Sue.243 

Thompson, Ray P.332 

Thompson, Robert E. Jr.304 

Thompson, Robert J.231,258,260 

Thompson, Ross Golds.267 

Thompson, Scott Loriug.216,393 

Thompson, Steven Noel.312 

Thompson, Tommie Clyde.184 

Thompson, Tracy Neal.216 

Thompson, Vickie Jean.203,216,357 

Thomsen, Mikal Jens.245,449,492 

Thomson, Scott David.315 

Thomson, Barbara Ann.245 

Thoreson, Sue Annette.290,294 

Thom, Mark Peringer.367 

Thomborrow, John C.284 

Thorndike, Connie Jo..277 

Thorndike, Margot Ann.291,294,486 

Thornton, Alan Harold.174,371 

Thornton, Janice Lynn.343,430,469 

Thornton, Laurine L.309 

Thornton, Robert K.19*1 

Thorp. Dianne Carol..343,420,494 

Thorp, James W.393 

Thorpe, M.332 

Thorsen, Jodie Lee. .355 

Thorson, Murray R.148,311,317 

Thorson, Stephen Panl.297.399 

Thorsteinson, T. K...323 

Thorton, Flint.491 

Thronson. Paul T.311,317 

Tlu-ossell, William T.132,296,303 

Thrower, Arnold Keith.328 

Thuimnel, Elizabeth D.131,462 

Thurman, Pavie.453 

Tibbits, Margaret Anne.271 

Tiberio, Gary Thomas.330 

Tiberio, Gerard David.260 

TibiLs, Peggy.275 

Tiehcnor, Lorena Ann.318,319 

Tidd, Scott B.397 

Tiffany, Margaret A.453,462 

Tift, Dave Lee.401 

Tilque, Daniel Joseph.320 

Tilson, Dale William.130,304 

Timbers, Shelley L.505,506 

Timblin, Elizabeth J.130 

Tiinmcr, Karen Michelle.-.330 

Timmerman, Rick Gerald.369 

Timmons, Timothy Shawn.510 

Tinbers, Shelley.254 

Tinsley, Willaim T.405 

Tiplin, Mark Arthur..231.260 

Tisby, Dexter L.184 

Tisdel, Ronald Kenneth.286 

Tittemore, Rodney T.118 

Tittcmcss, Rod Brian..'381 

Titus, Betsy.255 

Titus, Brace T.399 

Titus, Marion E.257 

Titus, Varkey K.142 

Tivnan, Margaret Helen ..363 

Tjoelker, Michael Lyle.148,275 

Tjoelker, Thomas Neil.300,303 

Tobin, David John.245 

Tobin, Patrick Dennis.375 

Tochterman, Chris M.298 

Todd, Loreen Deborah.237 

Todd Richard John.260 

Todd William Franklin.263 

Toher, David Robert.204 

Tokunaga, Steven Yoshio.118,367 

Toler, Debra Lynn.242,327 

Toilet, John.331 

Tolliver, Vernon R.237 

Tolsma, Katherine J.250 

Tom, Joseph Roy.260,479 

Tomasch, Kimberly S.139 

Tomashoff, Chris E..130,217 

Tomchick, Jennifer L.144 

Tomlin, Sandra Ellen.288,294 

Tomlinson, Lynn Marie.288,359 

Tomlinson, Steven Ray. 456,469 

Tompkins, Joann Louise.125,270,275 

Tompkins, Joel L.474 

Tompkins, Raphael L.403 

Tompkins, Rebecca E.148,339,459 

Tompkins, Ray Rogers.299 

Tomsinski, Stephen R...321 

Tonning, Grcthcn Ann.285 

Toothakcr, Diane K.306 

Topalian, Peter A.239,285 

Topham, Lynn Marie.—.130 

Topinka, Wayne Allen.391 

Torgerson, Karen Lynn.216 

Toriai, Jeannine Marie.230,243 

Tonnes', Mary Elizabeth.361,429 

Torpey, Michael David.298,303 

Torseth, Richard John.371 

Torseth, Terri Marie.361 

Totten, Jcanine Kay.291 

Towers, James L.286 

Towles, Val.203 

Towns, Charlene Anne.328 

Townsend, Hal Eugene.385 

Townsend Karen Lee.237 

Townsend, Michael W.322 

Townsend, Toni Marie.357 

Townsley, Malcolm C..237,323 

Toyoda, Kent George.297 

Tracey, Douglas Barry.332 

Tracy. Donald K.403 

Tracy Doug Eric.242,327 

Tracy. John Edward.142,248 

Tracy, Nancy...157 

Tracy, Theresa Kaye.253,476 

Trammell, Lonnel D.226 

Trapp, Dehra Rae.132,467 

Trautinan, Philip Lee.248 

Trautmann, Edward J.259 

Trautman, Veniene Leah.248 

Travis, Cannel Lou.428,476 

Trefrv, Gail Ann. 237 

Trefry, Sheree A....125 

Treganowan. Dwight D.286 

Tremblay, Rolf Richard.158 

Tremblay, Virginia.130 

Trent, Lori Marie. 198,310 

Trepanier, Theodore J.230 

Trieste, Lynn Van. 89 

Triminghain, Patty...334 

Trimble, Susan Lyn.355 

Triminghain, Patricia.335,476 

Tripp, Bruce Irving.311 

Tritle, Daniel F.239,287,492, 


Troppman, John Sweeney.177,184 

Trosper, Carol Sue.288,359 

Trounce, Barbara Ann.283 

Trout, Dale Dean.216 

Troxel, Diane Marie.255 

Troxcl, Timothy Lee.216,258 

Trudeau, Tracey Leigh.96,239 

True, Charles Edward.264 

True, Duane Alan.137 

Trueblood Lisa Anne.432 

Truitt, Cheryl Lynn.139 

Truitt, Ross Warren.297 

Trull, Wayne F...225 

Tschopp, Sharon E.75 

Tuben, Gregg Richard.57 

Tucci, Stephanie Diane.75,255,257 

Tucker, Diane Joyce.309 

Tucker, Jody Lynn. 329 

Tucker, Tonya Renee.408 

Tudor, Andrea Lucilli.214,430,494 

Tneber, Sue.309 

Tnkey, Ronald B. Jr.119 

Tully, Patricia Diane.326 

Tuohy, Mike Charles.278 

Turnbull, Kirk Lee.371 

Turnbull, Patricia Ann.275 

Turner, Gregory S.498 

Turner, Krista G.250 

Turner, Laurie Jane.169,198 

Turner, Laurie Louise.254 

Tumer, M alvnda...130,455,469 

Turner, Mark Tlromscn.462 

Turner, Stuart A...324 

Turner, Terri Lou.363,416,426 

Turney, Gary Lynn.148,243 

Turney. Joann Kristen.268 

Tuniupseed, Cheri Lynn.308 

Turple, Sharon Mary.71,339,415, 


Tuski, Pamela Jeanne..310 

Tveit, Timothy Niles.210,211 

Tvela, Fay.479 

Tweeddale, Dehra Lea.308 

Twietmcyer, Karen F.270 

Twietineyer, Robert C..322 

Tylezak, Joseph H.322 

Tyler, Lee Ogden.321 

Tyler, Marta Karen.357,425,494 

Tyo, Donna Lynn.310 

Tytlcr, Brian C.377 

Tytler, Stephen F..377.452.512. 


Tyus, Wendv Juanita.169,202 

Tyzzer, Roger Philip.201 


Uebelachcr, Walter U...331 

Ufkes, Mark Leon.125,492 

Ugwoaba, Godwin Uche.333 

Ukropina, William C.399 

Ulowetz. Gretchen Gail.294 

ULsher, John Michael.381 

Umondia, Uinondia David.330 

Underwood, Cheryl Kay.305 

Underwood, John F.501 

Underwood, Shawn L.341,431 

Ungren, Lori Jean.76,337 

Unnberg, John.261 

Unwin, Christine M.337 

Unwin, Mark R.403 

Up, G. 332 

Upham, Jeffery- James.313 

Upton, Brian Thomas.296 

Urashima, Craig S.144,304,456 

Uravich, Susan Kay.463 

Urlocker, Lynn A.256 

Uniess, Terry Vance.118 

Urquhart, Heidi Lynn.170309 

Usher, Terry Jeanne.285 


Vacca, Diane Louise.130 

Vadino, William Arthur.283 

Vague, Susan Rnth.359 

Vail, Catherine Ann.361 

Vail, Jerald Dan..300,303 

Vails, Shauna Dorothy...310 

Valentine, Catherine R.477 

Valentine, Katherine A.237 

Valentine, Cheryl Ann...148 

Vallejos, Albert R. 238 

Variations, Sara.308 

Vance, Allen E..373 

Vance, Dan K.217,500 

Vance, Larry Joe.238 

Vancourt, Cheryl K.417 

Vandegraaf. Karen.125,341 

Vandegraaf, Rick R..367 

Vandcman, Anne Marie.499 

Vanderburg, Cynthia L.273 

Vandergrift, Lucinda A.422 

VanderMark, Bert.133,238 

Vandennay, John F.321 

Vanderschelden, Dale L.144,321,454, 


Vanderwilde, Patricia.71,273,351 

Vanderzwiep, Phyllis J.347 

Vandevanter, James S.238 

Vandevecr. David Paul.155,246 

Vandevord. Halfred D...118,304 

Vandiver, Dana Alan.454 

Vandiver, Cregory /Man.....365 

Vandmff, Corby Jean.345,416 

Vangijn, Anne Louise.462 

VanHom, Mike James.118 

Vanleuven, Clifford L.262 

VanLiew, Cindy Sue.291,433,455 

Vannatta, James B..328 

Vanuattcr, Gretchen L.270 

Vannet, Barbara Jean.247.459 

Vanniee, Ronald L.260 

VanNostran, Debra Anne.276,277 

VanNostran, William K....125 

Vanpatter, Margaret M.252 

VanSchuppen, Audrey M.282 

Vanslageren, Barbara C.271 

Vantrease, John James.367 

Vantrieste, Lynn M.93,94,95 

VanVessem, Virginia.202 

VanVleeet, Galen Dean.322,462 

VanWieringen, Orlin J.262 

VanWinkle, Janice Cleo.131,349 

Varner, Muriin E. Jr.132,216 

Varner. Ronald Melvin.325 

Vames, Mark Robert.401 

Varon, Benjamin Mier.375 

Vasiliou, Loueas V..258 

Vasquez, Robert Paul.328 

Vater, Roger Owen.243 

Vaughn, Ardenc Elise.159 

Vaughn, Karen Gayle.357 

Vaught, Kelli Rae.216,241.306 

Vawter, Melinda Sue.290 

Vawter, Mindy.351 

Vea, Lynn B.137,333 

Veblen, Nanci Sue.361 

Vedvick, Vicki Ella.276 

Veelman, William.303 

Veitenheimer, Sharyn C.135,462 

Veith, Mary Clair.310 

Velas, Barbara l.ynu.155 

Velasco, Yvonne J.170 

Venable, Kathy Jean.147,286 

Vendramin, Joan Louise.270 

Venema, Laura E.271,275,472 

Venier, David Dominie.297 

Venkatachalam, R. S.238 

Venneri, Douglas Paul.242,328 

Verhey, Steve D.279 

Veriinlp, Ann Marie.308 

Vcmcy, Darrel Edward.467 

Vesel, Maureen Annette.147,349 

Vetto. Joan L.276,277 

Vevoda, Jodi Louise.435 

Vick, Corwyn Leslie.125,341 

Vick. Kathy.246 

Vick, Monte V.395 

Vickery, Kathleen Ann.. 125,357,462 

Vickrey. Chuck.505,506 

Victor, William Albert...132 

Vignaux, Dena Marie.334,335,472 

Viguc, Tami Jo.288,359 

Villa, Conrada Arlene.427 

Villa, Hilario Pete.405 

Villanis, Cathryn Jean.235,306 

Villanneva, Celestino.258,500 

Villegas, Nacha Marie.329 

Villers, Maynard Roy.238 

Vincent, Andrea Kay.271,275 

Vincent, Erin E. 305 

Vineyard, Richard Noel.490 

Virgil, Mark Donovan.156,405 

Virgin, John J.184,185 

Vimig, Joe D.321 

Visaya, Richard Gerard.286 

Vissotzky, Stephen W.259 

Vixie, Michael Ernest.150,410 

Vogel, Carole E.75,337 

Vogelcr, Kevin H.157 

Void, Brian Paul.246 

Void, Roger Thomas. 149 

Vonderahe, Julie Kay.357 

Vonesscn, Denise Marie.250,423 

Voordepoorte, Peter..313 

Voshell, Randall Bruce.297 

Vosler, James 1.194,330 

Vo®, David J.322 

Voss, Kenneth John.238,477 

Voss, Kevin E...258 


Wade, Kimberly.276.277,419 

Wade, Phillip N.130,328,499 

Waechter, Geri Kathryn.256 

Wagar. Kenneth Eugen.201 

Wagner, Mary Ellen.289,292 

Wagstaff, Linda Carol.309 

Warners, Thomas H.393 

Wainhouse, Patricia A.256,257 

Wainwright, James M.120 

Wainwright, Mitch.204 

Waite, Phillip Snowden.315,479 

Wake, Bradley Dean.391 

Wakeley, David Philip.330 

Wakeman, Lori Ann.472 

Wakkuri, William J.371 

Walby, Ann Eileen.241 

Waldemar. Cindy L..361,431 

Waldron, Sarah M.337 

Walen, Patrick Nels.304,470 

Walcn, Teresa Ann.255,257,470 

Walk, Erin Melissa.286 

Walker, Carolyn Lois.290,294 

Walker, Danette Marie..306 

Walker, Dave Robert.505,506 

Walker, James E..325 

Walker, Larry’ Dale.297 

Walker, Leslie.290,353 

Walker, Michael Duane.458 

Walker, Michelle Marie.254 

Walker, Ronald.258 

Walker. Stephen M.238,369 

Walker, Timothy Craig.332 

Walker, Trudi Annette.341 

Walkey, Bob.260 

Walkley, Alan Kyle.381 

Wall, Jeffrey Bruce.216,395 

Wall, Laurie Ann.75,337 

Wallace, Barbara Ann....271,275,459 

Wallace, Barbara Kae.268,273 

Wallace, Joan Denise.287 

Wallace. Margo Diann.343,423,453, 


Wallace, Michael Lloyd..477 

Wallace, Sharon Lee.242,327 

Wallace, Sherri..310 

Wallace, Steven Arthur.296 

Wallace, Terence Lee.264,267 

Wallace, Thomas H.238,321 

Wallberg, Terri Lea.357 

Wallenberg, Tracey Ann.353 

Waller, Judith Marie.270,275,422 

Waller, Scott B.389,522 

Wallinder, Gregg D. 403 

Wallingford, David R.298 

Wallis, Sheryl Rene...246 

Walsh, Patricia Lynn..271 

Walston, Cynthia Ann.288 

Walston, Jennifer Lynn.307 

Waist roin, Richard A.317 

Walter, Barbara Jo.467 

Walter, Donna Diane.159 

Walter, James Aycrigg.286 

Walters, Mark Harry.201 

Walters, Pamela Jo.271,275 

Walters, Stacey Ann.290,294 

Walters, Thomas C.159 

Walterskirehen, W. Brad.260 

Walth, Brad Douglas.287 

Waltho, Carol Joseph.250 

Walton, Craig William.259 

Waltman, Barbara...305 

Walz, Janice Lynn.246 

Wan, Anna Wai-Fun.271 

Wanzer, Paul Randall.321 

Ward, Ann Lynne.289,294 

Ward, Gale Elizabeth.459 

Ward, Janet Louise.132 

Ward, Judy Heather.233 

Ward, Mary Jo.250 

Ward, Tamilyn Kay..289 

Ward, Therese Margaret.247 

Ward, Vickie Denise.268,273 

Warden, Brian.263 

Warden, Dave.329 

Warden, Pamela Renee.415,480 

War die. Jay Martin.383 

Ware, David Allan.174 

Ware, Rolynn.318 

Warfield, Mieliael W.214,371 

Warfield, Thomas W.296,303 

Wark, Dale W.137.227 

Wark, James Patrick.399 

Wamocke, Steven Dale.313 

Warner, Cassandra Jane.361,420,498 

Warner, Edward J...262 

Warner, Michael Duane.221 

Warner, Susan Kay. 294 

Wamock, Julie K.284 

Warren, Colleen G.271 

Warren, Dana Arthur..312 

Wanen, Eugene Robert.118,367,468, 


Warren, Mark Andrew.474 

Warstler, Cary V.260 

Wasem, Frederick Jay..375 

Washer, Terri Lewis.305 

Washington, Michael R.182,184 

Wasser, Alan Michael.520 

Wasson, Susan James.238 

Wasson, Susan Kay.132 

Wastradowski, Patricia.308 

Watanabe, Mari Robin.309 

Watanabe, Naomi Sue.246,468 

Watanabe, Robin Aiko.479 

Waterman, Kathleen Ann.307 

Waterman, Kathy Jo.349 

Waters, Craig Steven..299 

Waters, Miriam Leslie.239 

Waters, Paula J.225,273 

Watkins, Cedric Lee.184 

Watkins, Harry B...263 

Watkins, Jeffrey J...JK 

Watkins, Robert Joel..; ■ 

Watkins, Wayne Stuart.. 

Watson, Joseph.^Hj 

Watson, Katherine B.I 

Watson, Lawrence M. I 

Watson, Paul James.174,184 

Watt, Steven Marc.125,303. 

Watts, Cliarles Thomas. 

Watts, Randall D.jP 

Watts, William Robert. j 

Waud, Anita Louise.316 

Way, Stephen Marcus.157,227 

Weatherman, Richard L.A 

Weaver, Michael Robert.A 

Weaver, Valerie Joy.242^ 

Webb, Colin Anthony.^ 

Webber, Lee Allen.J 

Webber, Ralph Duane.120.; 

Weber, Cynthia Helen.J 

Weber, Janet Carol. ,.t 

Weber, Martha Ann... 

Weber, Margaret Mary.334,? 

Weber, Mark..1; 

Weber, Mary Joanne. M 

Weber, Tanya Renee.■ 

Webert, Mark Hamilton. 

Webert, Vicki Renee.jfl 

Webcster, Bruce Allan. 

Webster, Daniel Saugen.299,. 

Wedam, Michael Lee. y‘ 

Weddle, Daniel V.£ 

Weddridge, Pauli..... r j- I 

Weckes, Jane Carolyn.J3K 

Weekes, John Marshall.295.1 

Weeks, Karic Kay. 2 

Weeks, Raymond Jr.126,331. 

Wegley, Roger Scott.2$ 

Wehineyer, Kent Lloyd.135,2 

Weidel, Brenda.3 bK 

Weidner, Curtis James.2J 

Weigand, Janice Marie..270,2 

Weigel, Steven Daniel. if 

Weil, Catherine Anne.216,279,2; 

Weiland, Ron.2 

Weinand, Frank James.,31 

Weild, Catalina...4 

Weinand, Rita Marie.2 

Weirauch, Kathy C.2* 

Weis, Diane Marie.3 

Weis, Robert F.210,3^ 

Weisell. Brenda Marie.241,453,4. 

Weisenbom, Dennis Ray.4i 

Wcishaar, Terrea Lee.150,4? 

Weitkamp, Jeanne Kay.4( 

Welch, Jeffery, Paul.142,2 

Welch, Larry Lee..4» I 

Welch, Regina Eileen.23 

Weldon, M. Lucinda.2^ 

Wellford, Maria V....3C;. 

Welling, Barbara J.241,30 

Wellings, Cynthia.268,27 

Welliver, Daniel M.29' 

Welliver, Lee Ann.203,289,29 

Wells, Julie Kay.27*? | 

WeUs, Micliael Ross.137,451,46 

Wells, Nancy Therese.318,319,42 

Wells, Shelley Lynn.42 

Wells, Stephanie J.305; 

Wells, Steve.20 

Welsh, Carol Marie.269,273.410, 


Welsh, Jonathan Alan.29® 

Wendell, Ann Elisabeth.28 r 

Wcndlandt, William A.LV; 

Wendt, Richard Pound.311,31 j 

Wenzen, Robert F....29*‘ 

Weoley, John.12 

Wenier, Richard Thomas.323? 

Wescott, Laurel Ann.132,34. 

Weseinan, Man lee.311 

Wesley, Ann Loraine.345 

West, Dale Everett...304 

West, Jill Tracey..334.33 1 

West, John Lee.32a 

West, Vickie Gayle.242,32' 

Wcstby, Cassandra D.75,343 

Westby, Matthew Dorian.157 

Westendorf, Phil R.210,211,213 

Wcstennan, Carry H.238l 

Westennan, John Allen.399 

Westerinayer, Ralf S.261 

Westin, Nancy Jane.253,254 

Westland, Mark Eric.130,381,481 

Westlin, Mike Dwayne.263 

Westman, Kristi Lynn.282 

Westmiller, Susan Kay.140,473 

Weston, David Alan.261 

Westovcr, Barbara Jo.288 

Westover, Mary Ann.257,355 

Westpfahl, Carol E.308 

Whalen, John Thomas Jr.262 

Wharton, David Calvin.32 J 

Whealy. Paula Kay.250 

Wheat', Dan Joseph.150,483,520 

Wheeler, Elizabeth Ann.284 

Wheeler, Gregory L.258 

Wheeler, Pamela D...308 

Wheeling, Gloria Ann.75250,428 

Whitaker, Lynn Diane.268 

Whitaker, Russell G.278,282 

Whitaker, Sari Lynn.214,357,429, 


Whitaker, Shirley Ann.462 

Whitcomb, Hollis E.456 

Whitcomb, Kitty K.270 

Whitcomb, Susan M.341,420 

542 Index 

He, Allen Scott.279,282 

ate, Andrea C...341 

lite, Ann Irene.1.35.359.451. 


lite, Bradley Lane.492 

kite. Brenda Jean. 308 

I ite, Carrol Ann.243,330 

ite, Connie Gladys.218,256,257 

ite, Daniel James..261 

ite, Edward Lyle.285 

ite, Frank Elbert..304 

ite, Julie Helen..351 

ite, Martha Jane.328.355 

ite, Monte Dale.474 

ite, Ronald Kent.216,333.453 

ite, Thomas Leroy.327 

•nitehead, Charles A.373 

litehouse, Don Lee.489 

nitchouse, Susan L.308 

hiteley, Marc Lynn.150,331.333 

hiteley, Sandra Lynne.—256,257.467 

ihitener, Janis M. .238 

hiteside, Molly E..339 

hiting, Marion R.148,253.254 

hitney, Arlene T..325 

hitney, James Thomas.135,483 

hitney, Linda Marie.359,453 

hitney, Marv Ann....255 

•hitney, Michael A.379 

•hittaker, Ann Louise.343 

Tiittakcr, Christine M.353,452,512, 


'hitten, Sheree Lee.238 

hittle, Nickola Ann.307,467 

Vhittlesey, Craig C.321 

I 'hittum, Leesa Ann. 250,469 

•hitturn. Sue F.246 

rhitworth, Colleen Kay.75,243,417 

khitworth, Pamela Jean. 494 

Vhvsong, Karyn K.276 

Vicker, Cynthia L.290,294 

Vickstrom, Dennis W.314.317 

Vidman, Mary Aim-.-.-.307 

Vidrig, Lynn E..467 

Vicgardt, Teresa Lee.334,335 

Viegcnstein, Margaret...153 

Viegert, Theodore H..300 

Vieland, Ronald A.303 

Viennau, Michael John...299 

Vicser, Cheryl Lee.257 

Vigen, Kahri Lynn.428 

Viggins, Candace Jo.309 

Viggins, Randall Duane.130,489 

Viggins, William Scott.159,373 

Vigguin, Paul William.125,371.464, 


Vikc, David King.298,303 

•Vilboum, Kathy J...476 

A'ilcox, Darrell Gordon.263 

iVilcox. Marian Marie.334 

Wilcox, Marina.—254 

Wiley, Elizabeth A. -.334,453 

Wiley, Tina E....252 

Wilford, Steve.-..238 

Wilhelm, Rex Allen..-.298 

Wilke, Stephen Edmund..210,401 

Wilkerson, Robhi Jeau..247 

Wilkins, Clair Scott.-.311 

Wilkins, Dale Edwin.263,267 

Wilkins, Daniel Lee Jr.238 

Wilkins, Eric Lainoine.210.213,245 

Wilkins, Pamela Jean.347 

Wilkinson, Anne E.286 

Wilkinson, Cindy Renee.291 

Willard, Debbie Kay.363,519 

Willenborg, Gary Louis.125,491 

Willcns, R.. 487 

Willey, Jerry Wayne. 125,488 

Willhite, Timothy Owen..-324 

Williams, Anthony L. 299 

Williams, Rev Lorraine. 289.294 

Williams. Bill John...-.365 

Williams, Bruce Leon.. .214 

Williams, Celia Ann.309 

Williams. Charles E.264 

Williams, Cheryl Aim.306 

Williams, Craig Wilho.-.238 

Williams, D. Mark.287 

Williams, David Byron.184.185.258 

Williams, David Chew.287 

Williams, Dean Henry.296,303 

Williams, Debbie Jean.125,349 

Williams, Deborah Jean.243 

Williams Joan C.363,416 

Williams Jon M.185 

Williams Judith Ann.288 

Williams Karen Diann.288,294 

Williams Karen Marie..-316,319 

Williams Karen Rae..343,427 

Williams Kevin Jon -.303 

Williams Kevin Lee.314,317 

Williams Lany D.321 

Williams Lenel Jean.238,520,522 

Williams Maigaret Ann.256,363 

Williams Mary M.193.286 

Williams Mike.260 

Williams Norman Lee.369 

Williams, R, Scott.456 

Williams Randy Lynn.489 

Williams Raymond Earl.177 

Williams Russell S.469 

Williams Sandra D.238,518 

Williams Stephen J.379 

Williamson, Frank E.379 

Williamson, Jimmy Dan..238 

Williamson, Lyn Dee.245,464 

Willis Daniel James -.125,285 

Willis, Donald Coition.-.299 

Willis Gary Louis.-.157,405 

Willis Oliver Paul.. 157,317 

Willis Raymond Walter.299.303 

Willis, Steve Dale. 260 

Willits Kristine M.339,424.459 

Willoughby, Kathy Ann.—..308 

Willow's Dean C.-.313 

Willson, Kathy Ann —.140.465 

Willson, Kristi Marie ..241 

Willson. Ralph Roger.134 

Wilson, Beverly Elaine.119,454 

Wilson. Brian Joseph.261 

Wilson, David Blair.456 

Wilson, David Cameron.125,304,462 

Wilson, David Lee..‘199,420 

Wilson, Diane Marie.243 

Wilson, Douglas Marc.295*303 

Wilson, Gregg B.278.282 

Wilson. Jan.253,349 

Wilson, Jan Doris. 357 

Wilson, Jeffery Robert.-385 

Wilson, Jim.226 

Wilson, Joseph Ambrose.137 

Wilson. Michael R.468,487 

Wilson, Michael Sean.383 

Wilson. Patrick R.399 

Wilson, Stephen Scott.321 

Wilson, Stephen W.174,263267 

Wilson, Steve Albert.315,317,452, 


Wilson, Steven Robert.-.410 

Wilson, Suzanne Maire.339 

Wilson, Tainara Lee.341 

Wilson, Thomas Ross.45-1,522 

Wilton, Sharon Lee.329 

Wiltse, Richelle Marie..361,415 

Wimmer. Heidi Suzanne.279 

Wimpy, Rollin Earl.495 

Winans. Michael Bruce.263 

Windom, Adawna M.-.456 

Windsheirner. Marilvn G.239 

Wincgardner, Michael K.298.303,522 

Wincniiller, Price Leo..375 

Wing, Catherine V..241.305 

Winger. Mark.238 

Winget, Michael W.125 

Winiarski, Marilec E.-.308 

Winkerstecn, Amber. 193 

Winkler, John Brennan.389 

Winkler, Mary.-.363 

Winkler, Man' Margaret.459 

Winnett, William Carl.238 

Winship. Alice M.219,283 

Winslow, Liudu Rae.430,462 

Winter, Diane Lynn.286 

Winterfeld, Kevin R.329,375.457 

Wintcreteen, Amber Lee.253,254 

Wirth, Barbara Ann.-.238 

Wirth, Janet Rose.464 

Wirth. Sandra Anne.309 

Wirt z, Joann.-.363 

Wise, Jeffrey Donald.395 

Wise, Thomas James.-.261 

Wiseman, Marilee Ann.—.139 

Wisner. Steven Ray.286 

Wistort, Mark Robert.135.278,282 

Witmer, Moira F.276,277 

Wjtmer, Ray.151 

Witsil. David Jon.1.30,481 

Witt, Martha Jean.205,238 

Witte, Constance Marie.351,429 

Wittenberg, John L.314.317 

Witter, Katharine M.357 

Witthuhn, Steven Win.487 

Wittmcr, Kevin Lynn.383 

Wittmier, Ray.204 

Wixom, Rita Ann...238 

Wixson, Yvette Elaine.-.150 

Wodlske, William Alan.147,216,395, 


Wodrich, Daniel David.210,321 

Woelz, Christina M. 309 

Wogiland, Richard C. D.157 

Wohld, Susan...498 

Wohleb, Joseph Wenzel.-323 

Wold, Leonard James.287 

Wolf. Steven Don.313,451 

Wolf, Dan James..483 

Wolfe, Harold T. Jr.125 

Wolfe, Robert George.397,498 

Wolff, Jenise Louise.214,359,425, 


Wolsbom, Kay Gausinau.157,248 

Wong, ELsa Koon-Bun.125291294 

Woo, Lillian May. 158 

Wood, Barbara Sue.334 

Wood. Dale Patricia.132,229 

Wood, Daniel Dewavne.420 

Wood. Carl.-.317 

Wood, David Louis.395 

Wood. Kelly Marie. 270 

Wood, Kenneth Edward.381 

Wood, Marci Kyle.140 

Wood, Mary Lynn.309 

Wood, Nancy Jeanne.. 306 

Woodall, Keri Lin.132485 

Woodall, Linda Sue.216,243.325 

Woodcock, Lisa Ann.202,337,4:30 

Woodcock, Lisa Ann. 310 

Woodfield. Martin Lee.377,421 

Woodruff, Douglas W.263 

Woodruff, Leigji Bruce.-389 

Woodruff, Melissa Ann.316,319 

Woodruff, Stephen P.10,483,520, 


Woods, Don Eugene.-.147 

Woods, Jim Edward.. -.154 

Woods, John Luther.399 

Woods, Mark Henry..329 

Woods, Phyllis Ann.216 

Wooddde. Scott Loren.—.311 

Woodward, Stefanie.318 

Woodworth, Douglas R.215 

Woodworth, Mark R.332 

Woodworth, Roger Dale.285 

Woody, Joanne E.257 

Wooldridge, John W.144.456.457 

Woolf, Lindsev R.-.478 

Woolschlager, Christy.144.226250 

Wooten, Deborah Kay.353,484 

Worden, Brian Arthur.118229 

Worden, Brian T.206207 

Workman, Sheryl Joy.290 

Worlev, Colleen Anne.130 

Worley, Linda Gail.284 

Wothy, Michael Carey.125,491 

Woyvodieh, Marion P.483 

Wraspir, Richard Craig.262 

Wray, Vaughn Walter.474 

Wridc. Larry Alan.365 

Wride, Sharon Kay.-.239 

Wright. Charmainc Ann.243,325 

Wright. Cindee Rae.238 

Wright. Cynthia Lane.206 

Wright, Daniel James.-.263,267 

Wright, Douglas Vaughn.238 

Wright. H.S. Jr.-.153 

jciiicj- oicvtii.uu.iOj.Diu, 


Wright, John Steven.136 

Wright, June Renee.326,424,492 

Wright, Katherine L.—.134,466 

Wright. Nancy Ann.168,169 

Wright, Stephanie Ann.469 

Wrocha, Jake Anthony.369 

Wrye, Charlotte Anne.216,329 

Wu, Cheng Mei.147 

Wuerl, Steven William.-.395 

Wuerth, Robert L.228 

Wulfekuhle, Diane M.154 

Wyant. Clay Lynden.-.263 

Wyatt. Bill M.279 

Wyatt, Kathryn Michele.71,339,484 

Wybomey, Jane Marie.134,466 

Wybomcy, Todd Curtis..320 


Yakinov, Ivan.312 

Yale, John B.-.219 

Yale, Kathy Sue.279282 

Yamada, Takako.307 

Yamafuji, Todd E.479 

Yamamoto, Barry T.328 

Yamamoto, Mark Aaron.260,479 

Yamamoto, Terry Yukia.479 

Yamamoto, Timothy C.-.367 

Yainanaka, Rae Akcmi.479 

Yamanc, Keith.371 

Yamant*. Lindsay Craig.-.260 

Yamanc, Marvin.238 

Yainane, Scott Tomio.260 

Yamashiro. Judy. 479 

Yanasak, Janies Paul.395 

Yanasak, Kerry Michael.407,492.499 

Yanasak. Kevin John.383 

Yankee, Dean Anthony.-.188,238 

Yap, Clioy Toon.332,333 

Yaphe, Dianne Lynn.243 

Yarbrough, Stacey V.215.429 

Yamo, GeorgeAnthony.184 

Yarwood, Rockic Ralph.312 

Yawney. Carla Gene.247,416 

Yeager. Clifford J...322 

Yeager, Glenn Barnett.298 

Yeainan, Rebecca Lee.158,341 

Yearout, Craig A.-.373 

Yeasting. Susan Marie.253 

Ycaton, Izirin George.238 

Yedinak, Mar)' Kathleen.75 

Yec, Arthur Kin-Wai.286 

Yee, Paul.383 

Yce, Steven M..134,304 

Ycfko, Christopher A.262 

Yenney, Carol Lee.241,306 

Yoekey, Loma Jean.288 

Yockev, Mitchell Alan.263 

Yolo, josettc M. M.76.270275 

Yonlick, Chris George.401 

York, David Robert. 485 

Yorozu, David Sliinya.204,476 

Young, Brent LaVem.487 

Young. Curtis, Dewey.130 

Young, Keri Dawn.308 

Young. Laura Ann.284 

Young, Ralph David.241 

Young, Robin Allyson...205269273 

Young, Robin Gay. 462 

Young, Sandra Lee.337 

Young, Stephen Randal.403 

Youngblood, Charles G.215 

Ytroeide, Richard L.313,317 

Yuda, Lynn M. 479 

Yuen, Lai Wan Betty.152.248 

Yund, Laurette Marie.268 

Yunker, Brvan Edwin.311,317 


Zaback, Diane Marie.252 

Zacher, Mark Wayne.365 

Zachman, Janice Marie.198,305 

Zachow, Robin Rae.-..309 

Zachwicja, Anna Carole.169,2.50 

Zack, Fred O. Jr.185 

Zaheer, Iqbal Ahmed-.-.142 

Zaheer, Nahced.142 

Zamorski, Patricia D.-.125 

Zanck, Barry E.-.184 

Zapata, Maryann A.131 

Zappone, Mark Andrew.26-1267,270 

Zappone, Peggy L.306 

Zappone, Suzanne Marie.270 

Zarowitz, Jay Neal.515 

Zderic, Mar>' Jo.147 

Zdrojowski, Rosemary B.238 

Zech. Daniel Stewart.379 

Zeck, Fred.296 

Zeek. Steve.315 

Zediker, Steve Roland.393 

Zehnder, Michael A.298,303 

Zehnder. Tracey Ann.241.307 

Zeitjian, Sarkis.389.497 

Zemeck, Matthew Paul.-.130 

Zemek, Frank A.-.375 

Zcmler, Paul Gordon.489 

Zener. Carol 1.347 

Zerr, Rodney Gerald.-.326 

Zeutschd, Rebecca Jo.294 

Ziccarelli, Michael W.299 

Zicbell. Karen Louise.244,310,421 

Zier, Jonathon Paul.125,403,501 

Zier, Vicki Lynn.162 

Zimmer, Allan Neumann.118,214,367, 


Zimmer, Jack.452 

Ziinmer, James Anthonv.489,452,512, 


Zimmerman, Charles.375 

Ziminennan, David S.296 

Zinunennann, Diane Kay.308 

Zimmerman, Eileen A.256 

Zimmerman, Janet Ann.256 

Zimmerman, Lyunettc M.339,417 

Zimmerman, Mary Lynn.150.345.520 

Zipse, Brian Patrick.-.215 

Zirklc, Lori Kay.418,473 

Ziniarovich, Gina Rose.241 

Zoellick, Raymond D.299,303 

Zografos, Gregory Carl.373 

Zornow, Bmce Alfred.245,483 

Zuchowski, James M.299,303 

Znger, Greg Henry.-.367 

Zuger, Scott William.367 

Zumpft, Cyndia Lynn.255,257 

Zupan, Linda Louise.291,294 

Zupan, Lisa Ann.462 

Zuroske, Glen.194 

Zwiener, Steven John..328 

Arden Literal 
WSU Photographer 

Index 543 

Thanks For All The Work 

If anybody tells you it is a snap to put out a year¬ 
book, don’t believe them. It takes hours and hours of 
hard work, work that begins before the school year 
even starts and continues long after persons have gone 
home for the summer. The end result of the work is the 
book you now hold in your hands. Hopefully, you will 
enjoy it. 

In order to be produced, each page of the book re¬ 
quires dedication and loyalty on the part of the Chi¬ 
nook staff and the photography staff members, and 
they all feel an immense amount of satisfaction when 
they finally see the results of their blood, sweat and 

To those people who put in so much time designing 
and drawing page layouts, choosing and cropping pic¬ 
tures and writing and typing copy, thank you very 
much. I could never have done it without you. To all 
those who volunteered their time or contributed to an 
individual portion of the book, you also have my im¬ 
measurable gratitude and thanks. 

And finally, to those people who bought the book, I 
hope the pages bring back many memories of 1976-77 
at Wazzu for you. 

Leah Thompson 

The staff that brought you the book: 

Leah Thompson-a little bit of everything 
Mark Kullberg-a little bit of everything and final lay¬ 

Nancy Johns-selling books, pages and indexing names 
Joy Horan-selling books, pages and indexing names 
Sandy Williams-Concerts, ASWSU, Activities, Ex¬ 
pressions and Outstanding Upperclassmen on staff 
Marilyn Pfeifer-Chinook and Military 
Lori Pixley-Sports 

Nick Skillman-Administration, Drama and Honoraries 
Kent Molegard-Administration, Communications, Col¬ 
leges and Expressions 

Cindy Evans-Royalty, Organizations, Expressions and 
Outstanding Underclassmen on staff 
Vickie O’Connell-Seniors, Greeks, Dorms, Off Campus 
and Expressions 

Dayna Edwards-Seniors, Greeks, Dorms and Off Cam¬ 

Kama Boileau-Filing contact sheets and taking care of 

Bob Kenworthy-final layouts 
Cindy Mosher-final layouts 

Clarence Chow-cover, endsheets and division pages 
Debbie Martin-typing and fitting copy 
Val Nelson-typing and fitting copy 
Mary Jane Davian-indexing 
Margi Dorman-indexing 

Thank you to all the volunteers who worked period¬ 
ically throughout the year on such dull tasks as label¬ 
ing envelopes and cutting apart mug shots. I would 
have hated to have to do all of it without your help. 

I’d also like to thank the persons who spent so 
much time helping me, but were not on the 

Wes Clavert-the one that keeps tabs on everything. 
Klaus Scherler-winner of the Mr. Patience award 
and an all-around good guy to work with. 

Mike Bowhay-the supervisor of production of many 
good pictures, and the only person in the world that 
gets as mad as I do. 

Donna Cook, Dale Quincy and Jerry Ratliff from 
Herff-Jones Yearbooks-for catching all my goofs be¬ 
fore they appeared in print. 

Bob Bullis and Arden lateral for taking all of our 
group pictures. 

Rich Tnompson-my most loyal volunteer and a gen¬ 
erally patient husband. 

Chicago Barbie-for being such a source of in¬ 
spiration to the male portion of Student Publica¬ 

Many thanks to all the Student Publications pho¬ 
tographers that shot and printed our pictures, often 
when we desperately needed them, and they didn’t 
have to print them: 

Mike Bowhay 
Don Arsenych 
Kim Barbee 
Steve Bloom 
Art Bori 
Al Camp 
Robert Carlson 
Dean Conti 
Mike Davis 

Bruce Fingarson 
John Hoyt 
Greg Juber 
Mary Lovezzola 
Candy Morris 
Paul Nebolon 
Tim Sheahan 
Steve Zeck 
Christopher Oliver