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HARMONY that’s the message and 

PHiMnnt V ? tned « forward in ^is year’s 
UHINOOK. In our often-unsettled world and 

personal lives, we need all the re-enforce- 

ment and positive thoughts we can get, and 

thf 97 k c . hinnook staff has structured 
the yearbook to stress these ends. 

We ve tried to look at the brighter side of 
life in general, and on campus in particular 
to bring you a yearbook which reflects the 
year that was . . . but does it with zest and 

Particularly the pages which separate the 
various sections carry the HARMONY 
theme yet show the contrasts and discords 
in our lives. We'd like our readers to know 
iT ot ever Y silver lining has a 

tag bUt rath6r " eVery Cl0Ud has a si,ver 



4 ' 



rv. -v • , 

E-r * I 

rvw ifioua 

ftMwa » 


Ihm *•* US 

M<v f 

M. « CU4 AJ. ■ 


: Jjrj 




g **’ 



Aw .oil 




b Oft *•*<• ' 

TK. thoupMfui 
iQi nON 


DISORDER, sometimes, 
is life itself. And the college 
experience can be a con¬ 
fusing life, filled with the 
pressures of exams, the 
uncertainties of relation¬ 
ships, the longing for 
home, and the searching to 
find a niche, and the appre¬ 
hensions accompanying 
that final semester — what 
next? As we go from neo¬ 
phyte student to veteran 
collegian, sometimes for 
each question answered 
two more queries take its 
place. But if we really try, 
give it our all, that uncer¬ 
tainty and disorder can 
change to . . . 

Visions 17 


. . . HARMONY, life’s 
perfect pirouette. It’s fitting 
in — whatever we’re in to. 
It’s finding a comfortable 
partner. It’s a breath of 
Palouse air on a balmy 
spring day. It’s suddenly 
understanding how those 
individual courses are fit¬ 
ting together to form a dis¬ 
cipline. It’s being at ease 
with your 16,000 fellow stu¬ 
dents. It’s finally deciding 
what we REALLY want to 
do — and then doing it. 

20 Visions 

The Black Cloud 

The black clouds gather 
on the sky. 

Dark, sailing from the 
windy west. 

And, piled in massive 
columns high. 

Look down upon the mountain's 

Nature seems hushed, and all 
at rest. 

No sound flies on the silent 

The eagle seeks his rocky nest; 
The wild beast hastens 
to his lair . 

George Campbell Ogden 

Visions 21 

Where did our cougar emblem come from? 
It’s been with us for over thirty years thanks to a 
gift from Randall A. Johnson, now a retired 
advertising supervisor for Washington Water 
Power Co., and then Washington State College 
junior. Johnson, a sign painter for the school, 
created the symbol in 1936 when he and his 
boss, the late Fred Rounds, superintendent of 
buildings and grounds, decided a simpler, 
shorter way of identifying property was needed. 
After about an hour the original design was fin¬ 
ished. Today’s cougar head is similar to that 
found in the university archives; its difference 
being the adaption of the mouth when state col¬ 
lege "C" became university “U.” 

22 Visions 

Visions 23 

Begin Here 




c -ni acre 

24 Visions 










<-*■ OQ 90 

® ° 2 <o 

» » C 



stun) z oso| 



mo tim 



jnoA puij 

lunj df)|s 






Visions 25 

. . Seriously competitive, but fun/ 


"Guys here pay more 

attention to the Cougs 

and to food than to 


"Good-looking flirts!" 

Visions 27 


Real nice 


28 Visions 

Visions 29 

Noon, a typical day at the Cub. 

It’s lunch time and the crowds are heading for their 
favorite places to eat. The lines going into Mother’s 
Cupboard are overflowing near the Question Center. 
The traffic jam in the Lair is even worse than usual: 
Today’s Special “All The Spaghetti You Can Eat’’ for 
$1.25. Suggestions have been made to put in stop 
lights in the corridor separating the cafeteria from the 

The ASWSU offices on the 3rd floor are full of activ¬ 
ity. The 1978-79 ASWSU elections are beginning. The 
candidates are getting ready for battle and there are 
posters everywhere. Curious co-eds are making their 
way up to the 3rd floor to see if ASWSU President Mark 
Ufkes really got his head shaved or if the Evergreen just 
printed a phony picture. Environmental Task Force, in 
preparation for May 3 Sunday, has built a giant windmill 
taking up the entire hallway leading to all the activities 

In the Cub’s basement the bagel shop has turned out 
a record number of bagels with cream cheese. The 
bowling alley offered free bagels to any bowler who got 
more than three strikes in a game. 

Near the Cub’s auditorium advanced tickets are 
going on sale for the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the 
10th showing in the last three years. The popular satire 
caused lines to overflow outside. 

A typical day at the Cub? 

30 Visions 

The CUB 

Visions 31 







32 Visions 

Construction: Wazzu's 



Beauty is 
in the Eye 
of the Builder 

At the beginning of the 1977-78 school year three new 
sculptures were constructed on campus. They were "X-Posi- 
tion” located outside the Veterinary Science Building, “Red 
and Gray Bio Sci” at the north entry plaza of the Biological 
Science Building, and a third untitled sculpture located in the 
plaza of the Agricultural Complex. 

There were considerable differences of opinions over the 
sculptures chosen. Four meetings were advertised inviting 
persons to look at the selections. Final selection was based on 
permanence, durability, appropriateness to the site, and 
aesthetic qualities. 

The sculptures are a part of the “Art in New State Buildings 
Program," a new law requiring that one half of one percent of 
the construction costs of state buildings be used to pay for 
artistic improvements. 

34 Visions 

36 Visions 

. . Outside and with friends." 

"Ilike to go someplace where I can be totally alone." 

Visions 37 

38 Visions 

This Is Cougar Country 

Saturday afternoon games tended 
to be all-day happenings, at which 
books were seldom found, as the 
Cougs' winning grid season encour¬ 
aged much enthusiasm from fans, in 
addition to that of its chief sup¬ 
porter, Butch. Although at times 
those in the stadium seemed a little 
distracted, all would probably agree 
that it was an exciting season, filled 
like the stands were, with that 
mighty Cougar spirit. 

Visions 39 

Confiden tial: 




What a life — pacing back and forth in this cage all 
day long with nothing to do but check out the traffic 
on Stadium Way and the tennis players beyond. I 
guess I can sympathize with some of the students 
who have visited me and complained about feeling 
cooped up in their rooms, cramming for exams dur¬ 
ing finals week. Well, at least they don’t have to con¬ 
tend with all those exhaust fumes. Just breathing can 
be hazardous to your health around here. Why 
couldn't they have built my cage on some peaceful 
hilltop where 

40 Visions 

I could take my catnaps undisturbed. That’s 
the price of being a celebrity; everybody 
wants to see me. 

Besides, I’ve got a tradition to uphold. I 
remember my dad, Butch V, telling me 
about the family line — how it all started 
with the first Butch in 1927. They almost 
named the original Butch "Governor Hart¬ 
ley," I suppose to give some credit to the 
guy who gave my ancestor to the school. 
Sure glad someone came up with the name 
"Butch" instead. Can you imagine me 
being Hartley VI? 

Yeah, old dad used to tell me a lot of sto¬ 
ries about the Butch family. Butch II took 
over the mascot duties in 1938 and was 
here a few years before being replaced by 
Butch III. That Butch only remained one 
year. I think that’s just about the time auto 
traffic increased here and I’m sure his lungs 
couldn’t take the strain. I really don’t know 
how I’ve lasted. Must be some truth to what 
that zoology major who visits me once in a 
while says. Something about Darwin and 
adjusting to your surroundings better than 
dad. Who knows? 

I do know that it isn’t the exhaust fumes 
that get me as much as the weekend traffic. 
The exhaust smell is twice as bad on those 
nights and reminds me of the smells at the 
football games. Seems to come from these 
different-colored bottles the students are all 
holding onto. I thought it was the bottles 
they liked so much. Then I noticed that they 
often toss them away when they’re empty. 
Occasionally, they’ve ended up in my living 
room. They sure don’t taste good. 

Anyway, my grandfather never had prob¬ 
lems with bottles, and probably didn’t mind 
the exhaust either. According to dad, 
granddad was out of his cage more than he 
was in it. Butch IV was "catnapped” three 
times by rival schools as part of some stu¬ 
dent prank. I know differently. Old grand¬ 
dad must have had a bit of the Pink Panther 
in him; cause when he was attending a foot¬ 
ball game he developed a mutual yen for 
some sweet, young cheerleaders. Well . . . 
they never did find out how they sneaked a 
300-pound cougar into the sorority, but ol’ 
granddad used to have to take a week to 
recuperate from his nocturnal escapades. 
Lucky dog . . . er. . . cat. 

Those were the days, I guess. And it 
hasn’t been too bad for me either, with 
three square meals a day and free medical 

No, it hasn’t been a bad life, though one 
day’s similar to the next here in this cage. 
Well, you kind of get used to it — do a lot of 
sleeping and laying around — listening to 
the tennis players and the passing cars. I 
wonder, sometimes, what it’s like outside. 
Well, it’s too late now, and anyway, it hasn’t 
been a bad life. 

Visions 41 

42 Visions 

We arrive in this world alone. 
We depart alone. 

This time called life. 

Was meant to share." 

Visions 43 

Pullman Parks 

Sparkle City 

r | »» 

V V 

48 Visions 

"Button up your 
overcoat. . 

There was a time when we here in the 
Palouse hills doubted that moisture in any 
form would ever drip on us again. Eventu¬ 
ally, the rain did come, and even though the 
farmers rejoiced, most of the students did 
not. Nobody appreciated being poked in the 
side of the head by a passing umbrella, 
watching a football game through a sheet of 
plastic, or getting saturated with slush from 
a passing motor vehicle. 

verything else is blue . 

"People seem supportive 
and basically know 
what they're here 
to achieve," 

52 Visions 

"The campus is geared to students 
and its various activities encourage 
group participation 

Visions 53 

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER They call it — but it's a 
misnomer because it should be Everyday-of-the- 
Week Fever, given the tradition of beer drinking 
students here have nurtured. 

No, not everyone indulges in the sipping game, 
as there are those who will partake only of the bub¬ 
bly which begins with a “7” or a double script 
“C.” Such teetotalism is commendable and, to be 
sure, a personal choice not to be argued about. 

However, for those Wazzuers who choose to 
imbibe, there are ample watering holes. Familiar 
are, of course, some of the Pullman spots depicted 
on this page. And let’s not overlook the "training 
grounds’’ available in Moscow, where legislative 
sanction allows legal tipping for the younger set. 

But who could calculate the number of barrels 
and bottles consumed on campus itself — in the 
Greek houses, nearby apartments, and, yes, dor¬ 
mitories. If some have their way even the CUB 
would relax its rules and offer a CUB Pub, a quaint 
name that has been suggested. 

Pullman — 21, , . 

54 Visions 

. . . Moscow —19 

Is drinking good clean fun or potentially damag¬ 
ing? That’s a question to which the answer hasn’t 
been found. Studies have shown, however, that 
student drinking is on the increase. A classic study 
of student drinking, taken in 1950 by Robert Straus 
and Selden D. Bacon, polled 15,000 students on 
27 campuses around the nation. The study deter¬ 
mined that 80 percent of college men and 61 per¬ 
cent of the women were drinkers. A study last year 
of 7,345 students found that 95 percent of college 
students consume some alcohol with “little differ¬ 
ence among classes or sexes.” So the gals are 
catching up, fellows. Probably with a little encour¬ 
agement by male companions. 

So we’re drinking more and, supposedly, enjoy¬ 
ing it at least as much or more than ever. And as 
long as there's thirst there will be a place to satisfy 
it. So if you’re inclined toward having your per¬ 
sonal mug hanging from the Ram wall, sipping a 
cool one while challenging electronic baseball 
champ at Rusty's, boogying to the best at Har¬ 
low’s, beating off the rowdies at the Spruce, kick¬ 
ing out the jams at Rath’s, absorbing the mellow¬ 
ness of Rico’s, or tapping weekend keg at your 
place — GO AHEAD. . . just don’t overdo it. 

Visions 55 

Pepto Bismol 

Kl id « “ 

56 Visions 

If a "pizza with numbers 2, 4, 6 and 14," "two burritos and a 
cherry empanada," or "a Big Mac and a side of fries " rings an 
all-too-familiar beli in the back of your head, you are just one 
of the majority of students who has given into the apartment 
dwellers' staple of Hamburger Helper, dining hall turn styles, 
and Greek dress-up dinners for a less nutritious but more fun 
meal of junk food , In small and occasional quantities, Haven 
Hoagies, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Crustos are nice diver¬ 
sions, But what about that one night when you and a friend, 
decide to skip out and terrorize the junk food district? A likely 
gluttonistic orgy might consist of a 16" pizza with no less than 
four toppings! And of course, you have to wash it down with 
something! Just right next door is the Taco Time; who can pass 
up tacos? Can't forget to run down to the A& 14' for a side of 
golden brown potato gems. To make up for the time lost while 
those greasy little morsels are deep fat frying, just use the 
Cougar Country Drive-In window to pick up a quick dip 

By now you should feel absolutely sick (from guilt if noth¬ 
ing else), A stop at Rosauers to pick up the latest discovery in 
stomach upset remedies is definitely in order. You have now 
convinced yourself you'll never make this mistake again, just 
then your nose gets wind of a delightful odor from the Butter 
Bake Shoppe, 

Surely you'd feel like eating a cream-filled, mil-covered 
pastry tonight while you hit the books! 


QUARTER POUNDER with eh###* 

Visions 57; 

Don't even think about parking here 

To avoid the problem of cars and parking has¬ 
sles, students and children have used another 
mode of transportation. 

On “Sun Day,” May third, people all over the 
nation were to appreciate “Earthday” and use 
alternate forms to save energy. 

Visions 59 


Some are here 
to watch, 
some are here 
to play. 


Some don't 
care, but we 
are all here 
for the beer. 

6 ? 

A ccom plishm en ts 

... 30 Years 

Dr. Allan Smith, vice president of academics, 
announced in October his July retirement. He has 
held his post for eight years. 

Smith, who received his Ph.D in Anthropology at 
Yale, joined the faculty here in 1947 as an associ¬ 
ate professor of anthropology. Appointed a full 
professor in 1951, Smith was made chairman of 
the department in 1965 and acted as chairman 
until his appointment as vice president of academ¬ 
ics in 1969. 

Smith has been referred to as one of the finest 
scholars ever employed by the institution, accord¬ 
ing to Jack Clevenger, vice president of student 
affairs, who also retired this year. 

President Terrell praised the work of Dr. Smith. 
“He has been a member of our faculty for a long 
time and has performed his responsibilities in an 
inspired and tireless manner. I have never seen a 
finer representative of the academic community 
than Allan Smith. I have appreciated deeply his 
academic leadership over the past eight years and 
his loyalty to Washington State University for more 
than 30 years. He will be greatly missed and very 
difficult to replace.’’ 

... 25 Years 

December 1, 1977 marked the end of J. C. Cle¬ 
venger’s 25-year career at WSU as vice president 
of student affairs. 

Clevenger began his work with students after 
receiving his graduate degree from Stanford ir 
higher education administration. He returned to his 
undergraduate school, Colorado State University 
to become that school’s first alumni director. 

For a guy who calls himself an old square, J. C 
Clevenger has found himself siding with students 
on a variety of issues throughout his career. 

When Clevenger left his office he took with him 
three decades of viewing panty raids to water 
fights, raw meat and blood riots to students’ violent 
strikes, and from moving into the system for 
change to an increase in worldly concern. 

Dr. Clevenger stated, “I look at those three dec¬ 
ades and I’m struck just as much by the similarity 
as anything. Students still come for the best rea¬ 
sons. These same kind of hopes and ambitions 
and fears and anxieties are in every generation of 
students. The same search for identity.’’ 

62 Visions 

Fritz visits 


On the evening of January 11. 1978 Walter 
Mondale and his secret service men pulled into 
Pullman Mondale, on his way to the Western Gov¬ 
ernors Conference, made several stops at different 
Western states The WSU campus delightfully pre¬ 
pared for the visit. 

Vice President Mondale ate his breakfast in Ste¬ 
phenson's dining hall the next morning, address¬ 
ing the students there and eating the hash. During 
his speech later that day at the Performing Arts 
Coliseum, Mondale alluded to the meal to insert 
some local color He said, “Everybody told me not 
to eat hash I did. and that's why this will be a very 
short speech " 

Mondale's speech was somewhat of a disap¬ 
pointment. Although Mondale's advance people 
said he would talk about the agriculture problems 
facing the country. Mondale talked about every¬ 
thing except that. He talked about everything from 
western resources to unemployment and nuclear 
proliferation. According to Mondale, what scares 
him most about the future is the danger of uncont¬ 
rolled nuclear proliferation and nuclear weaponry 
in the world 

"Human sanity and survival absolutely depend 
on this nation’s leading the way to harness the 
awful defenses of unrestrained nuclear weaponry 
in this world,'' he commented. 

Visions 63 


Why are the American farmers striking? Here are 
some points farmers are making: 

We are striking for 100% parity, i.e. the balance 
between the prices received by the farmer for his prod¬ 
ucts and the prices he has to pay for labor, equipment, 
and necessities, plus a profit. 

Parity price for wheat is $5.03. 

We are receiving $2.36 today. 

In 1947 the price of wheat was $2.47. 

In 1947 a city wage earner was making a good living 
if he brought home $200 a month. (Would you be will¬ 
ing to go back to earning $200 a month with today’s 

Did you know that there is only 3<C worth of wheat in a 
loaf of bread? The wrapper costs 4<t. Who is getting the 
other 62<t. Not the farmer. 





64 Visions 










































In 1957 it took 24% of your tax income to buy grocer¬ 
ies. Today it takes 17%. Food is still a bargain! 

If all of American agriculture could receive 100% par¬ 
ity for their products, it would raise the percentage of 
what you spend on food by only 3%. 

The next time you buy groceries, take a look at what 
you buy. How much is actually food, and how much is 
non-eatable? Figure it up some month — you would be 
surprised at what you actually spend on food. 

It takes 25,210 bushels of wheat at $2.38 to buy a 
new John Deere wheel tractor. 

It took approximately 3,000 bushe’s of wheat to buy 
a 1948 D6 tractor when wheat was $2.47 a bushel. 

So you can see, the farmers are paying more for their 
equipment, labor, and expenses, but receiving less for 
their products. 

How long can the family farm keep operating at vkinn<; fis 

this rate? A Farmer’s Point of View 

In and out, Round about. . . 


Greg King. ASWSU vice president — 1977- 

66 Visions 

. . . the circle goes 

Vann Snyder ASWSU vice president — 

Visions 67 

Signs, Signs . . . 





, ND 



Visions 69 

1L _ „ 


"A lot of hassle. . . 

They gathered like a herd of cattle at 12:30 pm June 3 on Bailey 
Field. The largest ever, 2,692 qualified for the ceremony. But only 
1,400 went through with it. The procession started at 1:00 pm like a 
mile-long snake winding into the Coliseum. Once inside and seated, 
the large crowd was addressed by the "Distinguished Alumnus,” 
Keith Jackson. 

70 Visions 

for a little tassle" 

Before one could leave, the ceremonial gown had to be left at a 
designated area, so that others can rent a robe when their turn 
comes. The cap and tassle will always be memories of at least four 
years at WSU. 

So they came and they went. Many had a lot to say while they were 
here, others said nothing. But whatever they did, their graduation 
appearance might have also been a symbolic goodbye to WSU and 
the Palouse. 

Visions 71 



Sound . . . 

An Escape 
From Reality 

Shakespeare once said, “The World is but a 
stage and we are but players upon it." Today he 
would say, “The World’s a sound stage and we’re 
all recording artists.’’ 

Remember the time you and your roommate 
took the curling iron in hand and imitated Peter 
Frampton. And the time you put your head phones 
on and you dreamed you were singing a love song 
to Linda Ronstadt. Your stereo allows you to have 
your own Woodstock without leaving your room, 
featuring Jerry Garcia, Neil Diamond, the Grateful 
Dead, and Rod Stewart, and many many more. 
And all of this thanks to your Sansui, JBL’s, and 
your Pioneer system. 

Visions 73 

A Decade on Top 

Stepping into the office of university president in 
the midst of growing campus unrest, Glenn Terrell 
first set his eyes on the Palouse area in the sum¬ 
mer of 1967. 

In view of growing enrollment — a record enroll¬ 
ment figure of 11,334 in his first semester — Ter¬ 
rell saw the major problem in the area of higher 
education as one of “finding capital to build and to 
keep pace with needed expansion, and to maintain 
what we have." Efforts made by Terrell to find this 
capital has resulted in an estimated 100 percent 
increase in the university's operating budget; from 
$81,846,174 for the biennium of 1965-67 to 
$168,484,000 for the last biennium of 1975-77. 

With enrollment still increasing, the next two 
years were not quiet ones for the Terrell adminis¬ 
tration. Campus unrest, because of the Vietnam 
War and Cambodia, as well as a growing concern 
for civil rights in the university, reached a peak in 
1969. During this period Terrell saw his job as 
being "keeper of the peace." 

Described often during his early years here as 
"a lanky Florida-born psychologist-turned-admin¬ 
istrator," Terrell showed, in the opinion of many, a 
flair for diplomacy in dealing with protesting stu¬ 
dent groups. 

The now-57-year-old president came to Wash¬ 
ington State University from the position of dean of 
the faculties for the Chicago Circle Campus of the 
University of Illinois. Terrell graduated from Florida 
State University in 1948 with a master’s degree in 
psychology, and went on to receive his Ph.D. at 
Iowa State University in 1952. Earlier in his educa¬ 
tion, Terrell earned a B.A. in political science at 
Davidson College in North Carolina in 1942. 

One of the youngest presidents in the universi¬ 
ty’s history — 47 at the time of his inauguration — 
Terrell was constantly at grips with the dilemma of 
growing enrollment. Expecting 25,000 students by 
1982, the university was already feeling the pains 
of space shortages in the early '70’s. Faced with 
possible enrollment ceilings imposed by the state, 
Terrell directed efforts from the $3 million super¬ 
structure now called “Fort French" to expand liv¬ 
ing accommodations around the campus to meet 
the increase. 

Possessing a reputation as a traveller, Terrell 
has earned the title of “WSU’s Globetrotter". The 
title is not unjustly awarded, as Terrell has been 
closely involved with organizations such as the 
National Association of State Universities and 
Land-Grant Colleges, of which he is now presi¬ 
dent, the Council for Post-Secondary Education, 
and the Council of University Presidents. 

74 Visions 

Terrell is also not an unknown figure in Olympia, 
where he has appeared often to speak on items 
such as tuition increases. 

Despite his frequent trips away from the univer¬ 
sity, Terrell has, during the course of his adminis¬ 
tration, stated that his aim is “to talk with and not 
at’’ students. 

Looking to the future, one area of concern to the 
president is, again enrollment. Ironically, the uni¬ 
versity is now experiencing a drop in enrollment 
trends, a contradiction to Terrell’s earlier years 

Also faced with issues such as the South African 
investment question, and possible university 
budget cuts, Terrell has indicated continuing con¬ 
cern with such areas which affect the university 
will not stop. 

The first ten years of his administration have 
been good ones, according to Terrell, and thor¬ 
oughly enjoyable. 

“I like everybody here, and I believe in the 
school,’’ Terrell said. “And I wouldn’t be president 
anywhere else.” 

Visions 75 






Harry Lillis Crosby was born May 2, 1904 in Tacoma, Washing¬ 
ton and was raised in Spokane. With encouragement from his par¬ 
ents and friends, Bing became a singer. Soon he was one of the 
world’s finest singers and actors, performing in many fine films. He 
starred in “Going My Way,’’ playing the inspirational Father O’Mal¬ 
ley, for which he won the Oscar for Best Actor in 1944. He also 
played in other famous films such as “White Christmas,’’ in which 
he co-starred with Danny Kaye. Another one of his all-time great 
films was the “Bells of Saint Mary.” 

Besides being remembered for his fabulous movies and his mel¬ 
odious voice, we all will remember his golfing, his orange juice 
commercials, and Ba Ba Ba Boom. 

76 Visions 

LIMELIGHT, spotlight, 
delight, . . . they’re all the 
same. It means Homecoming, 
weekends for the folks, Casino 
Royale, Bellhop, and the myriad 
of events, speakers, concerts 
and whatever is offered in a 
vibrant university environment. 
It’s something for everyone. 

Limelight 77 


il li 11 We i t 

Webster’s Dictionary defines homecoming as 
“an annual celebration’’ welcoming back alumni. 
For the visitors and students alike, Homecoming 
proved to be an exciting time. The sun shone as 
the Cougars averted a last minute comeback 
attempt by California and beat the favored Bears 
17-14. In concert, Pablo Cruise and the Doobie 
Brothers provided a great evening of entertain¬ 

Homecoming Hostesses. Row One: Lori Irsfeld, 
Janey Law, Cheryl Gere, Rexanne King, Anne Dav¬ 
ies, Kim Schutz, Marti Alford, Mary Moloney, Tami 
Schimmels, Lisa Calkins, Valerie Burns. Row Two: 
Linda Baker, Karen Hylton, Sheri Anderson, Katie 
Vaux, Barb Dahl, Dena M.E. Vignaux, Jennifer Con¬ 
ley, Karen McDonald, Kathie Knight, Heidi Eigen- 
brode, Shannon McGinn, Rebecca A. Peck, Claudia 
Henderson. Marta Emerson, Karen Thrailkill, Jean 
Wolf, Jan Heselwood Row Three: Camie Smith, 
Barbara Collier, Carolyn Sell, Janet Guthrie, Diane 
Doran, Nancy Campbell, Marley Prescolt, Joan 
Suder, Stephanie Burd, Merri Rieger, Erin Kelly, 
Kathy Bashaw. 


80 Limelight 

Limelight 81 

Hail, torrential downpours — 
but nothing could dampen the 
enthusiasm ot Dad’s Weekend. 
The victory over the Ducks was 
a perfect highlight of the week¬ 
end. Afterwards, some attended 
the Marilyn McCoo and Billy 
Davis Jr. concert, while others 
headed for the good times of 

Robert Landerholm was 
voted Dad of the Year; daughter 
Barbara was a freshman in 
Delta Delta Delta. 

82 Limelight 

“The Cos’’ put on a hell of a perform¬ 
ance that everyone really enjoyed. It 
seems that everything went right with the 
baseball team’s win over OSU and the 
track team’s cleanup of Montana State. In 
Moscow, even the moms were asked for 
their ID. Elaine Monroe, the mother of 
Kristi Monroe, was the Mom of the Year. 
Kristi is a senior in Kappa Kappa Gamma. 
The line was long at Ferdinand’s, but 
we’ll get there earlier next year. 

Limelight 83 

84 Limelight 

Casino Change Girts and Hostesses. Friday Night. Row One: 

Debbie Martin. Liz Russell. Molly Whiteside. Lori Froland. Clive Freid- 
ennch. Lynn Ramerman. Gail Brown. Tory Jeans. Dee Dee Busse. 
Kristey Thompson Row Two: Barb Reyers, Kathie Knight. Sue Conk¬ 
lin, Cookie Taylor. Alison Hansell. Alice Willows. Diane Kaelin. 
Sharon Mathias. Patty Lewis. Ruth Sterner. Tamra Selfridge. Karen 
McDonald, Debi Heintz, Kristin Morris. Sue Thoreson. Keri Myers. 
Gina Hannold. Row Three: Sue Coffin. Gail Drangstveit, Lisa Ben¬ 
nett. Jerrie Rogers, Tracy Evans, Lenee Gram. Anne Gettman. 
Rhonda Denis. Yvonne Ling, Molly O'Brien, Donna Pietras, Liz John¬ 
ston. Mary Lou Madden, Nikki Whittle. Cheri Franzen, Melissa James. 
Cindy Evans. Cindy Shannon. Lisa Osbun. 

Casino Change Girls and Hostesses. Saturday Night. Row One: 

Maria Vermes. Dian Higgins. Laura Finsley. Karen Hendrick Row 
Two: Barb Reyers. Tamra Selfridge. Elaine Marlatt. Janice Bjornstad. 
Alison Hansell. Lynn Ramerman. Yvonne Ling. Suzie Paxton. Diane 
Doran. Sandra Bankston Terese Chalmers. Margie Weber. Sharon 
Kauffman. Lauri Ford. Jane Goodman. Lynne Braun. Debbie Fitz- 
thum. Marti Alford. Mary Tudor. Katie Vaux. Row Three: Lenee 
Gram. Lorn Russell. Pam Jones. Lynn Livingston. Soozi Lindquist, 
Lisa Osbun Cindy Shannon Teresa Wiegardt Jerrie Rogers. Karen 
Cloanmger. Monica Ewell. Lisa Bennett, Donna Pietras. Gail Drangst¬ 
veit. Nikki Whittle. Gail Brown. Mary Mortimer, Barbara Meier. Traci 
Wothe. Karen. Barb. Linda 

Limelight 85 

86 Limelight 

Bellhop Bunnies. Friday Night. Row One: Lynn Wiggins, Liz Edwards, Debra 
Carr. Debbie Danekas. Row Two: Tory Jeans, Lori Pixley. Cherell Banks, Julie 

Bellhop Bunnies. Sat. Night. Row One: Leslie Erwin. Rose Morris. Janet Grieben, 
Sylvia Slagle. Row Two: Claudia Henderson, Leslie Hey worth, Sue Strenge, Marcy 



Germaine Greer 

“As long as American women do not take up arms and demand safe¬ 
guards against the deluge of contraceptive chemicals being sold to them 
all the world will suffer with the results.” 

Frank Wilkinson 

“I oppose criminal code reform SB 1437 because it contains provisions for 
repression of labor protests, anti-war demonstrations, and a woman’s right to 
an abortion. ” 

88 Speakers 

Speakers 89 

Jean Michael Costeau 

"We use our visual senses loo much, if we don't see something happening — like radioac¬ 
tive waste contamination — we tend to ignore it.” 

90 Speakers 

Molly Haskell 

"Tracing women's roles from the tremulous virgins and rip-roaring flappers of 
the silents to the raped and brutalized sex objects of the sixties and seventies." 

Slade Gorton 

Speakers 91 

Theater’s impermanence as an artistic medium 
was made to pay off handsomely in the revival of 
“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the 
Forum”: Director Gael Hammer and the cast took 
the Summer Palace’s good production and made it 
a great one. Shevelove’s and Gelbart’s adaptation 
of Plautine comedy was contemporary enough to 
be accessible and true enough to its sources to 

give the feel of Roman comedy. A light, irreverent, 
and probably irrelevant comedy about a slave’s 
attempts to earn his freedom by getting his young 
master the virgin bride of his choice from the 
greedy neighborhood procurer, the revival of 
“Forum” proved that sheer entertainment, if cor¬ 
rectly done, can be great art. 

92 Drama 

Opposite Page. Upper Left: Hysterium (Todd Moeller). 
Domina (Shelby Davis). Upper Right: Soldier (John E. 
Davis). General Miles Glorious (David Brandt), Soldier 
(Maynard Villers). Hysterium disguised as a dead virgin 
(Todd Moeller). Lower: Vibrata (Debbie Barber). Gemma I 
(Terri Ward). Gymnasia (Lynn Rossman). Tintitabula 
(Brooke Balser), Gemina II (Karen Rotko), and Pseudolus 
(Richard Taflinger). This Page. Upper Left: Torvold Hel- 
mer (Richard Young). Nora (Karen Rotko). Below: Dr. 
Rank (Dale Carlson). Nora (Karen Rotko). Left: Helen the 
Maid (Linda Foss). Nora (Karen Rotko). 


A production of any Ibsen play is a gamble; “A 
Doll’s House” is more of a gamble than most. 
Starkly realistic and serious, it risks seeming dry, 
abstract, propagandistic and even old-fashioned, 
for all its timeliness. Director Charles A. Jones 
wisely decided that the best way to deal with the 
story of a woman’s rude awakening to the realities 

of her position would be to focus on the characters 
rather than on the issues. Not only did his strategy 
make the play work as a piece of theater; it also 
made the very issues whose overstressing would 
have killed the production come alive as intimate 
emotional revelations rather than as dry abstract 

Drama 93 

Right: Julie Hofstedt as 
Miss Lowell, Tom Leacy as 
Sidney, Lynne Rossman as 
Irene, Maynard Villers as 
Peter. Lower Right: Janis 
Clarke as Stella, Victoria 
Scales as Francis. Below: 
Tom Leacy as Sidney, 
Lynne Rossman as Irene, J. 
Evan Davis as Carleton. 


Moss Hart’s comedy “Light Up the Sky” was 
WSU’s Entry in the 1978 American College Thea¬ 
tre Festival. The story of an earnest young play¬ 
wright’s stressful initiation into the world of show 
business, the play is both a funny expose of and a 
loving tribute to the people of that world. A classic 
example of the decorous and witty style of main¬ 
stream American comedy in the forties and fifties, 
the play calls for an old-fashioned mode of acting 

which plays down physical movement and 
stresses the power of the voice to convey action 
and emotion. Although trained in more contempo¬ 
rary modes of acting which stress movement and 
play down voice, the young actors handled the 
unfamiliar mode well enough to qualify for entry in 
the regional competition at Spokane as an alter¬ 

94 Limelight 

Left: Shawn DeLong does her 
makeup. Lower Left: Richard 
Taflinger as Macbeth. Below: 
Laura Duncan as Joanne, Shawn 
as Kathy, Margot Knight as Mary. 


By focusing on three small-town Texas girls as 
they advance from high-school cheerleaders to 
sorority officers to adult stranger, Jack Heifner’s 
“Vanities” holds up for critical examination the 
changes wrought by the 1960’s on American val¬ 
ues. The story of the women’s acceptance, or 
questioning, or rejection of traditional values does 
not pretend to offer any solutions; rather, it 

explores problems in an almost painfully funny 
way. The timing and teamwork that went into the 
handling of the three demanding and well-bal¬ 
anced roles made Stage ll’s production of “Vani¬ 
ties” convincing proof that talky, realistic, serious, 
psycho-social drama is far from dead in contempo¬ 
rary theatre. 

Limelight 95 

Above: J. Evan Davis as Paul Seveinge, Rebecca Smalley as 
Antoinette Seveinge, and Mary Fryberger as Josefa Lantane. 
Upper Right: J. Evan Davis. Right: Mary Fryberger and J. Evan 

€,€, §h©y In The Daek” 

In accordance with the dictum that the best look at the light side of exploitation, political cor- 
jokes in the world are usually about the most seri- ruption, marital strife, murder, and the legal system 
ous subjects, the production of Harry Kurintz’s, “A of contemporary France. 

Shot in the Dark” gave the audience a delightful 

96 Limelight 

Top: Larry Julius, Kevin Henderson, Laurel Udhus, Cindy Nauclear, 
Tommy Wynne, Karl Pankaskie. Left: Laurel Udhus. Above: Larry 
Julius, Kevin Henderson, Lurel Udhus, Cindy Naucler, Tom Wynne, 
Karl Pankaskie. 

The story of the pressures and struggles which 
culminated in the independence of Ireland was 
brought to the WSU stage in a reader's theatre 
adaptation of Leon Uris’s historical novel "Trinity.” 
Capitalizing on the immediacy of stage presence 
involved compressing the novel to meet the 

demands imposed by the limitations of stage time. 
Careful alternation between the narrative historic 
overview and the individual dramatic episodes 
succeeded in translating to the stage the epic 
scope of the novel, while slides shown before each 
act helped the audience imagine the scenes. 

Limelight 97 


■ s R 



This Page. Left: Richard Taflinger as Macbeth and 
Lynne Rossman as Lady Macbeth. Upper Right: Rich¬ 
ard Taflinger as Macbeth in his royal robes. Right: 
Richard Taflinger as Macbeth. Opposite Page. Top: 
Battle to the death. Left: Richard Taflinger as Macbeth. 
Right: Bill Profit. Lynne Rossman as Lady Macbeth and 
Richard Taflinger as Macbeth. 


“Macbeth,” Shakespeare’s tragedy about 
how one man's mad ambition destroys his coun¬ 
try and, ultimately, himself, was, intellectually 
and technically, perhaps the most ambitious 
production of the year. In accordance with mod¬ 
ern views on Elizabethan ideals such as the 
glory of war and the pomp of government, the 
production was intended as a deliberate defla¬ 

tion of the ideals upon which the play is based. 
Eschewing parody, the production depended on 
smoke and light effects, choreographed sword 
fights, troop movements and crowd scenes to 
achieve a sometimes gory picture of the realities 
of the society from which the story came. 

98 Limelight 

Limelight 99 

Right: Lynnie Rossman 
as Rosemary, Shawn 
DeLong as Millie, and 
Barbara Hammond as 
Flo. Below: Tom 
McTigue as Alan Strang, 
John Westerman, Lynne 
Rossman, Maynard Vil- 
lers, Kelly Bogle, and 
Charles D. Driscoll as 
the horses. 

IPicnic* Ecus 

By focusing on the preparations for and the aft¬ 
ermath of a small town Labor Day picnic, William 
Inge’s “Picnic” analyzes both the ties that bind 
people together and the forces which drive them 
apart. The production concentrated on making 
clear to the audience that the characters in the 
community are, despite their geographic and emo¬ 
tional closeness, tremendously diverse; and the 

The problems of a boy who develops a psycho¬ 
religious fixation on horses and of the psychiatrist 
who reluctantly works to bring him back to the dull- 

resulting orchestration of varying pacing, intensity, 
and energy levels proved that although some of 
the play’s Freudian assertions have become 
cliches and its hyper-realism is no longer fashiona¬ 
ble, “Picnic” still has the power to move audi¬ 
ences in ways that have not lost their freshness 
after 25 years. 

ness of modern reality were made painfully real in 
the electrifying production of Peter Shaffer’s bril- 
lant drama “Equus.” 

100 Limelight 

Sit VII /Hill II III. ANIL Nil ill N IDuiIIIaVII'L 

It was hard to say who enjoyed the 
show most — the bands or the audience 
— when Steve Miller and Norton Buffalo 
Stampede came to the Performing Arts 
Coliseum. "Hey, they were great," and 
"Much better than most college audi¬ 
ences," commented Buffalo and Miller. 
And the audience; well, it almost seemed 
as though they never quit clapping once 
Miller hit the stage. 

Norton Buffalo Stampede, dressed in 
outfits from the 1930’s, warmed up the 
audience in fine style with music that 
went from blues to rock, from country to 
jazz, and back again. 

The Steve Miller Band, recording for a 
live album, seemed amazed at the 
crowd’s overwhelming “WSU" reception. 
Steve Miller and company replied to the 
audience’s enthusiasm by giving an out¬ 
standing performance, including such 
songs as "Jungle Love," "Take the 
Money and Run," and "Fly Like an 

Limelight 101 

America, Dewey Bunnell and Gerry 
Beckley, gave an appreciative, if unaltered, 
PAC audience a highly professional per¬ 
formance in February. 

The concert was also the first chance for 
the ASWSU-sponsored plan of “peer pres¬ 
sure and public relations,” to combat drink¬ 
ing and smoking in the PAC. The coopera¬ 
tion displayed by the adoring crowd 
exceeded even the wildest expectations 
held by ASWSU officials. 

America played a number of their hits, 
including "Ventura Highway,” "Muskrat 
Love,” "Daisy Jane” and "Tinman,” from a 
stage resembling a talk-show set, complete 
with fake grass, bushes and walnut panell¬ 
ing. After the first few notes of every song, 
the audience exploded with applause and 
cheers, with most of the floor crowd on its 
feet for the length of the concert. 

Michael Murphey opened the show with a 
dazzling mix of rock, country and blues, 
enchanting the audience and proving the 
scope of his music goes beyond "Wildfire.” 

Staring downward intently, with an Eng¬ 
lish Oval Cigarette perched between the 
strings of his Fender Stratocaster, Eric 
Clapton ignited a rock and blues fire in a 
winter concert at the Performing Arts Coli¬ 

Fueled by backup guitarist George Terry 
and vocalist Marci Levy, the Clapton inferno 
blazed with songs like "Cocaine,” "The 
Core," (a nice duet performed with co¬ 
writer Levy), and his then-current hit single, 
"Lay Down Sally.” 

Clapton is literally a living legend in the 
rock scene. His musical style with his begin¬ 
nings in the primitive rock and blues clubs 
that graced the alleys of a changing Lon¬ 
don more than 15 years ago. 

The coals are still red-hot for such Clap¬ 
ton oldies as "Badge," "Bottle of Red 
Wine,” "Key to the Highway’,' and his mas¬ 
terpiece of heartbreak and pain, "Layla.” 
Rarely does Pullman get a chance to host a 
legend, but this time, there was no doubt as 
to who the audience considered a rock vet¬ 

— Brent Siewert 

102 Limelight 


Opening the Homecoming concert, 
Pablo Cruise performed popular songs 
from their three hit albums. Such well- 
known tunes as "Find a Place in the 
Sun," "Watcha Gonna Do," "Raging 
Fire,” and "Tonight My Love," to name 
a few outstanding songs, entertained 
the crowd. 

Smoke and rockets filled the Per¬ 
forming Arts Coliseum as the Doobie 
Brothers exhibited to the Homecoming 
audience a special blend of pop and 
mellow rock. Playing hits and new 
releases, they involved 12,000 spirited 

Displaying their superb musical tal¬ 
ents, the seven musicians who make 
up the "Doobs" were called back for 
two well-deserved encores. "Listen to 
the Music” and "Sweet Maxine” raged 
through the coliseum as the rowdy 
crowd sang along. In a joint effort, 
Pablo Cruise and the Doobie Brothers 
combined for a great sound. 

104 Concerts 

On the night of April 11, Bryan 
Hall came alive with the fresh 
sound of Rock ’n Jazz with Tom 
Scott. The crowd witnessed 
Scott,s versatility in listening to his 
aggressive and emotion-filled jazz. 

Opening act Kevin MacCulley 
provided the audience with a get- 
down-and-be-small feeling. 

Despite the low attendance, 
Cyndi Grecco gave an outstand¬ 
ing performance to kick off the 
year’s mini-concert series. 

Miss Grecco is known for her 
recording of the theme song from 
"Laverne and Shirley,” titled 
“Making Our Dreams Come 
True,” but her real talent came 
through in her versions of 
“Heaven Must Be Missing an 
Angel,” “Here Come Those Tears 
Again,” and “Kissin’ My Love.” 

106 Limelight 

Once again Tim Weisburg hit the Pullman 
area. Packed with jazz, classical, rock and pop, 
he played to a full house. Weisburg’s mastery of 
the flute, was aided by his versatile band, and 
aided by numerous electronic gadgets. Weis¬ 
burg has an amazing ability to jam, and jam he 
did. He makes it look all too easy. 

The Amazing Rhythm Aces gave the concert 
an added country sound. 



More than 11,000 spectators packed the 
Coliseum Mom’s Weekend. They crowded in 
to see a mime, a pianist, and a comic. 

Mime Don McLeod warmed the audience 
up by following concert-goers around and imi¬ 
tating their mannerisms. 

Succeeding McLeod was the Seattle-based 
pianist Walt Wagner. Wagner showed his ver¬ 
satility with numbers like "MacArthur Park,” 
‘‘Nights in White Satin,” and his own compos¬ 
ition, "Humptulips.” 

Before the applause from Walt Wagner died 
down, “Cos” was out throwing remarks and 
pokes all over the place. 

He remarked that Pullman was the only 
place in America that didn’t have a Holiday 
Inn ora McDonald’s. 

When Cosby was younger he was confused 
about his name. He explained his Dad used to 
say, "Jesus Christ, get over here,” leading 
"Cos” to believe his name was Jesus Christ. 

Cosby kept the mothers and their kids roll¬ 
ing with laughter. 

108 Limelight 

Hairict Cm 

April 28th was an evening of unex¬ 
pected pleasure when Harry Chapin and 
company made their first appearance in 
Pullman. Chapin has come to fame 
because of his ability to tell stories with 
songs such as “Corie’s Coming,” 
‘‘Taxi,” and “Cats in the Cradle.” 

Chapin proved himself as a more than 
capable solo artist. As each member of 
the band sang a solo number it was clear 
that Chapin’s band was one of versatility. 
For anyone who expected a laid back 
evening, they got quite the contrary. 
Chapin and his band dubbed the crowd, 
“The Pullman Memorial Choir,” gaining 
audience participation on songs such as 
“All My Life's a Circle,” and “30,000 
Pounds of Bananas.” 

Two encores proved the audience 
thoroughly enjoyed Chapin, and Chapin 
enjoyed being there. As he said, “Why 
did you wait so long to invite us to Pull¬ 
man? Goddamn it, we had a blast.” 

Limelight 109 

Dad's Weekend featured Marilyn McCoo and 
Billy Davis Jr., one time members of the Fifth 
Dimension. The handsome couple bounced out 
on stage for an hour-long performance. Fea¬ 
tured were their hit songs “You Don’t Have to 
Be a Star, Baby,’’ and “Your Love Is Lifting Me 
Higher.” The crowd wasn’t a sellout, but those 
who attended enjoyed the concert. 

The opening act was a pleasant comic, Jay 
Leno, fresh from a performance on the Tonight 

All in all, it was a relaxing evening. 


110 Limelight 



Top Left: Mime Don McLeod. Above: Skateboard contest. Left: 
Meeker Carnival roustabout. 

Limelight 111 

112 Limelight 

DISORDER, is screaming for time 
out from the sideline, or the agony of 
losing the big one, and knowing 
there’s no tomorrow to try again. 
Disorder can blind-side you, it can 
come suddenly; like when you’re 
ahead by a precarious point and the 
other team puts on the full-court 
pressure. It may come inches from 
your goal line and you’re out of time, 
out of plays and out of luck. It may 
come as a double steal, and you’re 
the catcher debating between throw¬ 
ing to third or second. It may come 
when you’re on the sidelines, lead¬ 
ing the cheers or being led by them 
— but not being able to get in the 
action. But if you don’t stop cheer¬ 
ing, don’t stop trying, don’t give up 
you can turn it all into . . . 

Grandstand 113 

. . . HARMONY, which is winning — doing it 
fairly, convincingly and with humility; knowing 
that next time the cheers could be for them. It’s 
beating the press, making the desperation 
jumper, perfecting the suicide squeeze. It’s put¬ 
ting it to the Huskies at Edmundson Pavilion and 
making the Bruins sweat, win or lose. Harmony 
is starting on the third team, maintaining the 
desire and working up to the second squad, and 
then gutting out the two-day practices and earn¬ 
ing the starting job. Harmony is team play, and 
team winning. 

116 Grandstand 

WSU Intercollegiate Athletic Personnel 

Under the guidance of athletic 
directors Sam Jankovich and 
JoAnne Washburn the WSU ath¬ 
letics program has risen to one of 
the top programs in the Pac-8. 
With the addition of many new 
programs and the intensifying of 
existing ones, WSU has become a 
competitive force in all major 

With two Arizona schools join¬ 
ing the Pac-8 next year, WSU will 
face even a bigger challenge as 
the new Pac-10. Despite Pull¬ 
man’s relatively small size and 
financing compared to these other 
communities, you can be assured 
that the excellence that we have 
attained in “Cougar Country’’ will 
not be lost. 

Top. Women’s Athletic Staff. Row One: Jean Yale, Yoland Abarca Row Two: 
Virginia Egan, Jane Vogel, Prudence Miles, Sue Ferguson. Sandy Brown- 
scombe, Rick Swalm, Beth Parsons. Sue Durrant. Row Three: Debra Pipher, 
Sandy Schneider, Al Sanders, Sue McLain, Marie Matsen. Bente Kjoss-Hansen, 
Dot Dobie, Louise Scott. Bottom. Men’s Athletic Staff. Row One: Dick Beech- 
ner, Rex Davis, Mike Church, David Walker, Ward Black. John Faiman. Row 
Two: Jill Ward, Jerry Mansfield, Rich Glover, Bob Waits, Gayle Larse. Maureen 

Hovenkotter, Paula Bailey, Joyce Courser, Evelyn Martson, Jeanne Grainger, 
Barbara Quann, Geri Cox, Linda Chalich, Tom Mays. Row Three: Warren Pow¬ 
ers, Steve Morton, Sam Jankovich. Bill Cords, Mike Price. Mark Heydorf, Bob 
Niehl, Zaven Yaralian, Dick Melhart, Jimmy Walden, Tom Pugliese, Glenn Oman, 
Mark Edwards, Chris Lilly, Dave Redding, George Raveling. Kathy Becker, Rick 
Sloan. Tom Schneeman, Todd Pickett. Roger James. Bob Walz, Rod Commons. 

Grandstand 117 

Right: Henry Rono, Mark 
Higginson and Rob Evans 
running against the UW 
Huskies. Far Right: Donald 
Collins lays one up against 
the Russians. Below: Jack 
Thompson passes just in 
time before Cal rushes in 
for a tackle. Middle: Kelly 
Redman of the women's 
cross-country team strain¬ 
ing on the last few yards. 
Bottom Left: Karen Blair 
after receiving the baton 
during the WSU Invita¬ 
tional. Bottom Right: A 
member of the women’s 
swimming and diving team 
during practice. 

Top Right: Barb Brooks performing on the uneven parallel bars during a practice. Upper 
Left: Henry Rono leads the pack in a cross-country race this past fall Middle Right: 
Three women soccer players racing for the ball during practice in Martin Stadium. 
Above: Outfielder Steve Wilke rounds a base despite an Oregon State player Right: Lori 
Trent up for two for WSU. 

Cross Country 
The Expected and the Unexpected 

As expected, Henry Rono 
successfully defended his 
NCAA title, finishing in near¬ 
record time. As expected, 
another Cougar would finish in 
the first five; Joel Cheyroit 
proved this to be true by finish¬ 
ing fifth. The unexpected, the 
Cougars failed to finish in the 
running for the team title; and 
also failed to qualify for the 
NCAA meet as a team. 

The Cougars, last year’s 
third-place team, suffered a dis¬ 
appointing season’s end, due to 
untimely injuries. Henry Rono, 
Samson Kimobwa, and Joshua 

Kimeto, who finished 1, 2, and 
11 respectively last year, were 
all figured to finish in the top 10 
or even the top 5 this year. With 
the addition of outstanding 
freshmen Robert Evans and 
Joel Cheyroit to returning letter- 
men Mark Higginson, Mike Kis- 
gei, and Randy Homey, the 
Cougs appeared to be full of tal¬ 

The Cougars easily defeated 
the University of Montana in 
their only dual meet of the sea¬ 
son. The cloud of gloom then 
appeared as the Cougars were 

upset in the Pac-8 Northern 
Division race by eventual NCAA 
Champion Oregon. Two of the 
Cougar mainstays, Kimeto and 
Kimombwa, finished poorly in 
the race due to leg injuries. 
Because of the injuries sus¬ 
tained they were redshirted and 
will receive an extra year eligibil¬ 
ity. The Cougs then finished 
third in the Pac-8 Champion¬ 
ships and failed to qualify for the 
NCAA Championships, thus 
ending the team season, but 
with next year to look forward 

Opposite Page: Henry Rono breezes to his second 
straight NCAA Cross Country Championship. This 
Page. Top Left: Randy Horney runs all alone. Top 
Right: Freshman Robert Evans shows winning form. 
Bottom Left: Freshman Joel Cheyroit finished 
strong to place fifth in NCAA. Bottom Right: Cougs 
atop preseason ratings. 




1 4 BYU 



OCTOBER |. 1977 

national poll 

Grandstand 121 

Cross Country 

During the fall semester the 
WSU women’s cross country 
team, in its first year of exist¬ 
ence, took part in three 
scored races. 

Gloria Sherfey finished 
eighth in the Eastern Wash¬ 
ington University Invitational 
on October 22 to lead the 
Cougar runners to a third- 
place finish as a team. Kathy 
Peckham finished 10th and 
Kelly Redman was 15th for 
the Cougars. 

Sherfey once again led the 
Cougar team to an eighth- 
place finish in the University 
of Washington Invitational on 
October 29. Sherfey finished 
22nd among the runners in 
the three-mile race. 

An llth-place finish in the 
Northwest College Women’s 
Sports Association regional 
meet on November 5 was the 
Cougars’ final appearance of 
the season. 

Cross-Country. Left to Right: Kelly Red¬ 
man, Tina Shepard, Karen Blair, Cathie 
Leadbetter, Jean Peckham, Ailene Grant, 
Amy Rust. Carol McCabe. Kathy Peckman, 
Lib Rust, Pam Weiss, Mary Haskins, Lisa 
Woodcock, Gloria Sherley. 

122 Grandstand 

WSU Women’s 
Field Hockey 

The 1977 Women’s Field Hockey Team completed 
a very successful season, finishing with a 12-7-3 
overall record. Four of these losses came at the 
hands of the powerful Idaho Vandals. 

The Cougars were impressive as they won the 
NCWSA Field Hockey Tournament held in Burnaby, 
British Columbia. They finished as the only unde¬ 
feated team in the 14-team tournament. They also 
showed great prowess at the AIACO-USFHA 
Regional Qualifying Tournament, but were eliminated 
before the final round. 

Kathy Smith was the leading scorer. 



A (M mM 

Jwk W nM 


t • r 

imi Ll 

W I'm 

- km 


Women’s Field Hockey. Row One: 

Alice Hardin, Linda Kays, captain; Mari¬ 
lyn Parish; Marilyn Mouatt, coach; Kathi 
McGranahan; Carol Parker; Lori Suther¬ 
land. Row Two: Robin Schoenherr, Carol 
Coston, Anna Zachwieja, Sue Bailiff, 
Karen Gourley, Patty Mattausch, Alice 
Goodwin, Sue Ferguson, trainer. Row 
Three: Carolee Edwards, Jann Casper- 
sen, Cindy Smith, Kathy Smith, Marcia 
Taylor, Virginia Van Vessem, Mary Bor- 
tush, Anne Pfeiffer, Barbara Kase, 

Grandstand 123 

Coaching Staff 

The 1977 Cougar football team, 
under the direction of first-year 
coach Warren Powers, finished 
with one of the best records in 
recent years at 6-5. This turn¬ 
around from last year’s 3-8 record 
was quite an accomplishment 
considering the caliber of the 
teams they were scheduled 
against. Six of the teams they 
played received votes in the final 
national poll of the season with 
four ranking in the top 15. These 
four teams were invited to post¬ 
season bowls and all won impres¬ 


Riding on a winning season, 
with a successful new coach and 
many returning players, the out¬ 
look for Cougar football appeared 
bright. Then to the dismay of 
everyone, Coach Powers per¬ 
formed the illusion of the disap¬ 
pearing coach following in the 
footsteps of Jim Sweeny and 
Jackie Sherrill. The lure of a Uni¬ 
versity of Missouri job and a return 
to his home grounds overrode his 
verbal commitments to WSU. But 
before departing, the athletic 

department forced him to reim¬ 
burse them $55,000 to free him of 
the remaining two years of his 

After a rapid search for a 
replacement, Cougar Assistant 
Coach Jim Walden was named as 
new head coach with stringent 
contract stipulations. With the 
support of the players and fans 
assured, the Cougar football pro¬ 
gram will continue to improve 
under his guidance with no lapse 
in sight. 

Row One: John Faiman, Steve Morton, Dave Redding. Rich Glover. Mark Hey- Mike Price, Mike Church. Dave Walker, 
dorft Row Two: Zeven Yaralian. Dick Beechner. Jim Walden. Warren Powers. 

124 Grandstand 

WSU Football 1977. Row One: Jack Trimble, Michael Church, Dick Beechner, 
Mark Heydorft, Zaven Yaralian, John Faiman, Dave Redding, Richie Glover, War¬ 
ren Povyers, Steve Morton, Mike Price, Jim Walden, Dave Walker, Dick Melhart, 
Walt Loetfler. Row Two: B Bratkowski. M. Levenseller, D. Schwartz, K. Greene, 
J. Troppmann, D Pedigo. D Doornink, B. Zanck, M. Patterson, B. Kelly, J. 
Thompson, D. Hover, E. Ramson, M. Clark. Row Three: C. Diedrick, N. Barnes, 
D. Lemke, L. Finan, T. Larsen, A. Galloway. M Galovich, J. Dodds, D. Reardon, 
G. Hedrick. D McVey Row Four: V Bull. K. Sheets. T. Gilmore, R. Bull. S. Jack- 
son. P Watson, S. Johnson, M. Linker, B Grun, M. DeSanto, H. Gillum, S. Harris, 

B. Reifel, V. James. Row Five: D. Rodgers, T. Busch, S. Young, E. Rehwaldt, S. 
Swift, G. Yarno, M. Snow, S. Busch, D. Williams, M. Winger, S. Kalinoski, D. Luke- 
hart, M. Lemke. Row Six: C. Utt, S. Sweet, K. Brown, R. Robinson, R. Fode, A. 
Kennedy, D. Braun, T. Everson, D. Nevels. M. Hicks. M. Chandless, B. Sullivan, B 
Ferguson. Row Seven: S. Donahue, M. Wilson. S. Grant, T. Thompson, B. Gre¬ 
gor, M. Sanders, R. Simmons. T. Gray. G. Sykes, T. Anderson. S. Thieme, G. 
Knight, J. Elsea. Row Eight: B. Sickler, J. Keller, R. Diffine, J. Hagensen, K. 
Goodenough, J. Jones, T Alberta, B. Maxey, R. Fletcher, R. Williams, M. Wash¬ 
ington, P. Palumbo, G. Tate. Row Nine:B Flones, D. Barber, P. Escalera, G. 
Emerson, M Armstrong, L. Finck, N Brossoit, B Harper, S. Pelleur, J. Whatley, 
G Hovus, W. Flatt. 

i Grandstand 125 




This Page. Top: Mike Washington fol¬ 
lows his blockers through Michigan State 
defensive line. This Page. Bottom: Tight 
end Eason Ramson beating his man for a 
long gain. Opposite Page. Top: Senior 
Dan Doornink turns the corner ahead of a 
Michigan State lineman. Opposite Page. 
Bottom: Kicker Paul Watson performing 
his specialty. 


4 % 


Seventy-six thousand Nebraska 
tans were stunned when a poised 
WSU team walked away trom the 
highly rated Cornhuskers with an 
impressive 19-10 victory, in Lin¬ 
coln. Nebraska led in total otfense, 
but it was the tough Cougar 
defense that made the difference. 

It recovered a fumble, setting up 
one score, held Nebraska on the 
goal line twice, and sacked the QB 
for a safety in the final quarter. 

Dean Pedigo amassed 17 tackles 
with Don Hover and Don Schwarz 
each contributing 11. The offense 
was led by the running of Mike 
Washington and two Thompson- 
to-Kelly TD passes. 

The Cougars played their sec¬ 
ond consecutive road game, beat¬ 
ing MSU 23-21 in East Lansing. 

The Spartans found out by game's 
end that it was no fluke that the 
Cougars beat Nebraska. Against 
the Cornhuskers an outstanding 
defense set the tempo, but this 
time it was the offense’s turn to 
show its prowess. The Cougars 
racked up 535 yards with 364 
yards coming from Jack Thomp¬ 
son's aerials. For the second week 
in a row, Jack Thompson was the 
Pac-8 player of the week. 

The Cougars then traveled to 
Lawrence, Kansas to play the Jay- 
hawks. The Cougars came out run¬ 
ning and passing, finishing the 
game with a healthy 527 yards 
total offense — 240 running. The 
Jayhawks only managed 239 total 
yards, all on the ground. 

It was the Cougar’s inability to 
score a touchdown that resulted in 
the 14-12 loss. The Cougars 
closed in on the goal line many 
times, but were never able to cross 
the stripe. They had to settle for 
four field goals. With only a few 
seconds remaining on the clock, 

Paul Watson was called in to try a 
field goal. It was close, but he 

As expected, the battle of the 
Palouse never really materialized 
as the Cougars easily destroyed 
the Idaho Vandals 45-17 in the 
Cougars’ final home game. The 
Cougars were impressive on 
offense, rolling up 497 total yards. 

Kicker Paul Watson broke Joe 
Danelo’s school record with a 57- 
yard field goal. 







This Page. Top: One of the many fum¬ 
bles they suffered in their loss to USC. 
This Page. Bottom: Senior Brian Kelly 
makes a diving catch against Stanford. 
Opposite Page. Top: The tension was 
high as the Cougs convincingly beat Cal 
in their first home game. Opposite Page. 
Bottom Left: Quarterback Steve Grant 
makes a pitch out against USC. Oppo¬ 
site Page. Bottom Right: Jack Thomp¬ 
son meets a USC lineman after throwing 
a pass. 

After three grueling road games 
in the East, the Cougs returned to 
the West to play powerful USC in 
their league opener. The Cougs 
suffered an embarrassing defeat in 
Los Angeles, losing 41-7. USC 
gained 490 total yards, and the 
numerous mistakes made by the 
Cougs led to the overwhelming 
score. The Cougs lost three fum¬ 
bles and were intercepted twice. 

Brian Kelly’s 6-yard touchdown 
reception in the fourth quarter was 
the first time the Cougs had 
crossed the goal line in two 

The Cougs returned to Pullman 
with a 2-2 record to host the Cali¬ 
fornia Golden Bears in their first 
home game. The Bears entered 
the game with a 4-0 record and 
number-10 rank, but the inspired 

Cougars dealt Cal its first setback 
of the season. In the second half, 
punter Gavin Hedrick unloaded an 
82 yard punt, and Jack Thompson 
broke Ty Paine’s career passing 
record of 4,136 yards. 

The Cougs then traveled to Spo¬ 
kane’s Joe Albi Stadium to meet 
the UCLA Bruins. As the game 
ended, the Cougs were on the 
short side of a 27-16 score. The 

130 Grandstand 

Cougs played well, but gave up 
too many scores on two big plays 
which essentially made the differ¬ 
ence in the game. Jack Thompson 
turned in another outstanding per¬ 
formance, amassing 261 yards 
with 28 completions in 42 
attempts. Mike Levenseller also 
played an outstanding game, mak¬ 
ing 91 receptions for 149 yards 
and a touchdown, and returning a 

punt 32 yards for another touch¬ 

When the Cougs traveled to 
Palo Alto to meet the Stanford 
Cardinals, everyone expected a lot 
of passes to be thrown, and that 
they were. Jack Thompson and 
Guy Benjamin, two of the premier 
quarterbacks in the nation, locked 
up in all-out aerial battle, with 
Thompson and the Cougs coming 

out behind 31-29. Thompson 
completed 20 of 25 passes for 286 
yards and one touchdown, while 
Benjamin was completing 27 of 39 
passes for 330 yards and three 
touchdowns. The game was 
extremely close, see-sawing back 
and forth with Stanford coming out 
ahead at the final gun. 

Grandstand 131 




The University of Oregon fell 
victim to WSU on Dads’ Week¬ 
end as a sellout crowd watched 
the Cougars destroy the Ducks 
56-20. The Cougars totalled 
603 yards in the game for their 
biggest output of the season. 
Gaining 380 yards on the 
ground, the Cougars showed 
that they had a running game to 
go along with their well-known 
passing attack. Even a second 
half downpour could not stop 
the Cougar offense as Mike 
Washington returned the kick¬ 
off 87 yards, sparking a 28- 
point Cougar second half. 

With a 4-4 season record, the 
Cougars traveled to Corvallis to 
meet the Oregon State Beavers. 
Playing a very patient game, the 
Cougars easily defeated the 
Beavers 24-10 to capture their 
fifth win of the season. Dan 
Doornink was the outstanding 
player of the day, carrying the 
ball 21 times for 105 yards, 
catching 4 passes for 47 yards, 
and scoring two touchdowns. 

The Cougars journeyed to 
Husky Stadium on November 19 
for their final game of the sea¬ 
son. On the frozen astro-turf, 
they were soundly defeated 35- 
15 by a strong Husky squad in 
front of a national television 
audience. The Cougars got off 
to a slow start in the emotion¬ 
ally-charged intrastate rivalry 
and never built up enough 
momentum to catch the Husk¬ 
ies. The victory meant the Apple 
Trophy and the Pac-8 title to the 
Huskies, and allowed them to 
go on to the Rose Bowl where 
they beat the Michigan Wolve¬ 

Top: Dean Pedigo drills his man into 
the turf. Middle: Dan Doornink bursts 
through the line against the Huskies. 
Bottom: Assistant Coach Rich Glover 
helps the team stretch out during 
warm-ups. Far Right: Brian “Touch¬ 
down" Kelly scores against Cal. 

132 Grandstand 

Cougar Highlights 

1977 was a season marked by 
many outstanding performances. 
The 6-5 record was the best since 
1972 when Jim Sweeney’s team 
finished 7-4. The key to this suc¬ 
cessful season was the establish¬ 
ment of a running game in addi¬ 
tion to Jack Thompson's dynamic 
passing, and a much improved 
defensive unit. 

Jack Thompson became the 
first Pac-8 junior ever to throw for 
over 5000 yards. With another 
outstanding season next year, he 
could surpass almost all the Pac-8 
and NCAA passing records. Mike 

Levenseller and Dan Doornink, 
two of his favorite receivers, will 
not be back next year. Levenseller 
finished third on the WSU career 
reception list and eighth in the 
Pac-8. Fullback Dan Doornink 
ended up sixth on the career 
reception list. Doornink also 
ended his career as the third lead¬ 
ing rusher in WSU history. 

Place-kicker Paul Watson set a 
school record with his 57-yard 
field goal against Idaho and tied 
another record with his four field 
goals against Kansas. Gavin 
Hedrick, WSU’s outstanding pun¬ 

ter, finished the season with an aver¬ 
age of 44.7 yards per kick, tying his 
1975 record. He finished his career 
with 217 punts for 9,409 yards, both 
Pac-8 records. His career average of 
43.4 yards per kick set a school 
record and placed him eighth on the 
NCAA all-time list. 

The defense will be losing its two 
leading tacklers; Don Hover and 
Dean Pedigo, as well as star defen¬ 
sive back Kenny Greene. Outstand¬ 
ing linemen Barry Zanck and Larry 
Finan, among others, will also be lost 
to graduation. 

nti wiiJiimw 

Several Cougar seniors 
appeared in the first Challenge 
Bowl in Seattle's King Dome in 
January where Dan Doornink 
rushed for 142 yards, leading the 
Pac-8 to a 27-20 victory over the 
Big 10. In addition, Doornink, also 
named the game’s most valuable 
player, was named to the second 
team academic all-America 
because of his achievements in 
the classroom as well as on the 
field. Other seniors competing for 
Wazzu in the Challenge Bowl were 
Don Hover, Don Schwartz, Eason 
Ramson, Ken Greene, and Mike 
Levenseller, who in the Hula Bowl 
caught a TD-pass and threw for a 
two-point conversion. 

Men's Soccer 

From the initial September match 
of the season until the final sched¬ 
uled contest before playoff time, 
another first-place finish seemed 
inevitable; the Cougs leading all 
other schools in wins, goals scored, 
as well as shutouts handed to oppo¬ 

With their first-place finish in regu¬ 
lar league play behind them, the 
Cougs were figured as a shoe-in to 
repeat in the championship playoffs 
and keep the perennial trophy in 

However, as the Cougars found 
out, playoff results aren’t based on 
past performance records as they 
dropped their opening contest of the 
Championship round to the Central 
Wildcats in sudden death overtime, 
3-2. But with the frustrating upset 
behind them, the Pullman booters 





A \ 


pulled together to close out their fall 
season in a winning fashion by 
knocking off the Eastern Eagles 3-2. 
The victory left the Cougs with a 
third place finish and a taste for 
vengeance in the upcoming season 
of play. 

1977-78 WSU Men's Soccer Team. Row One: Dan 

Maracich, co-captain; Pete Bennett; Steve Wilson, co¬ 
captain; Leigh Bennett; Steve Barnett, Pete Demmg; 
Jeff Coblentz, Mark Imsland. Row Two: John Pierce, 
Joel Hellenkamp, Joe Koszarek. John Chadwick. Bob 
Hopper, Kenny Robinette. Wayne Martin. Rod Crocker, 
Rob Rasmussen, Carter Burns. 

136 Grandstand 



l \w 



5 a, 

■ -Whitman 




WSU 1 





2 — 










V I 

j Jf 

O O c\j O T- c M 

Women’s Soccer 

The 1977 women’s soccer team 
finished its initial season in impres¬ 
sive style. The Cougars had a very 
diversified scoring attack as some¬ 
one different was the leading scorer 
in nearly every game. Leading scor¬ 
ers for the season were Tracy Hub¬ 
bard, Janet Milholland, Debbie 
Doyle, and Denise Bender. 

The Cougars, who battled for the 
league championship this season, 
look forward to doing well in the 
1978 season with many returning 
team members. 

WSU Women’s Soccer Team. Row One: Debbie Ford, Bobbi Davis. Row Two: raine Fox; Dode Smilanich, Dimne Cote, Diane Burton, Kandy Jess, Debbie 

Janet Milholland, Amy Jolley, Lorene Pearson, Juli Sullivan, Nancy Cox, Shannon Doyle; Ken Robinette, coach 

Paige, Ginny Vetter. Row Three: Mike Milholland, coach; Tracy Hubbard; Lor- 

Grandstand 137 


Rolling to an outstanding season 
record of 35-5, the Women’s Volley¬ 
ball team advanced to the national 
tournament this year. Despite prob¬ 
lems with sickness and injuries the 
team consistently pertormed well all 

Capturing the NCWSA Region IX 
Championship was one of the sea¬ 
son’s highlights. Besides advancing 
them to nationals, it destroyed the 
seven year dominance of Oregon 
and PSU at this tourney. The victory 
over PSU in the championship game 
marked the first time a Northwest 
school had beaten them in five 

This was the first WSU women’s 
athletic team to qualify for national 
tournament competition since the 
women’s basketball team in 1971. 

Advance to Nationals 


Opposite Page. Top: Deb McGill 

makes a powerful hit Lower Left: 
Jean Purdy lofts a return volley. 
Lower Right: A Cougar spikes the 
ball over an opponent's attempted 
block. This Page. Top: Cougars 
use a triple block against OCE. 

Women’s Volleyball Team. Row One: Che¬ 
ryl McCleary. Kathy Lyon. Jean Purdy. Teri 
Kay. Jayne Smith Row Two: Denise Green. 
Yvonne Velasco. Deb McGill. Lon Sorensen. 
Heidi Urquhart Kim Seals. Mane Matsen. 

JZr Jr 


finishes strong 

The Cougar water polo team faced some very 
tough competition this season and still posted a 
respectable 9-4-1 record. The Cougars made a 
strong showing in the Northwest Water Polo 
Championships, earning 4th place. 

The Cougs will be looking f’rward to another 
victorious season in 78 as many of this year’s 
team members will be returning. With another 
year’s experience the men from the north could 
be challenging the water-oriented California 
schools in the NCAA playoffs. 

Brett Graham 
Kent Abendroth 
Mark Faust 
Kelly Bolender 
Steve Mason 
Tom Quann 
Dan Hagerman 
Mark Shafller 
Mike Morrow 
Eric Rompannen 
Paul Rice 

Dave Schults, coach 
Don Harrer, assistant 

Cougar Marching Band 

In The 

Drum Major: John Eliadis Feature Twirlers: Debbie Rolph. 
Kris Hoing Marching Band: Anna Ackerman, Dell Adams, 
Sharon Agun, Linda Aleshire, Jay Allert, Pete Anderegg. Dean 
Anderson. Martin Anderson, Scott Arbuckle, Steve Arndt, 
Chris Attwood. Elizabeth Barker. Dawna Barndt. Jed Bauer- 
meister. Fred Baxter. Roger Beaubien, James Beecroft, Tom 
Bender, Dan Bentson, Mickie Benzel, Mark Bohnet, Judith 
Bolender, Eric Carlson, Lisa Case, Dan Chubb, Kirk Cole, 
Frank Colony, Anne Crosby, Don Cunningham, Mary Diana. 
Sharon Dmeen. Kay Dragich, Merylynn Eidsvoog, Mark Ellis, 
Dan Fisher, Delwyn Haroldson, Andrew Hill, Mark Howe. 
Michael Jacobson, John James, Pat Jeffries, Dave Johnson, 
Kathy Jones. Linda Karlsen. John Korn, David Kudrna, Kay 

Landberg, Rick Lindsay, Jenny Longstaff, Doug Luft, Patricia 
Lyon, Ron Matsen, Lorraine McVey, Denise Meeds, Britton 
Miller, Stephen Moen, John Moore, Jeffrey Morris, Mark Mur¬ 
phy, John Nelson, Dan Newman, Robert Norris, Michael 
O'Boyle, Evelyn O’Connell, Jan Peterson, Diane Preston, 
Kathy Rankin, Ken Reeder, Robin Richardson, Jim Richstein, 
Jerry Ringo, Pamela Robison, Curtis Rodocker, Eric Ross, 
Vicki Rova. Michael Satia, Steve Schmelz, Lisa Schlonga, 
John Shaw, Sheryl Shoemaker, James Smith, Kathryn Smith, 
Cheryl Sonetz, Kathy Stocker, Eric Thorsen, Jeanette Tihista, 
Mark Trautman, Sheryl Tressler, Dawn Trout, Dean Trout, 
Dave Vosler, Ronald White, Linda Woodall, Mark Woodworth. 

Grandstand 141 

WSU Women’s Ski Team 

Women’s Ski Team. Row 
One: Amy Rust, Carolyn 
Rogers. Jo Roberts. Lib 
Rust. Jan Cunningham. 
Cindy Lyman. Marcia Mels- 
ness Row Two: Sheri Han¬ 
son. Amy Cox. Alice Good¬ 
win. Vickie Thompson. 
Julie Newnam. Row Three: 
Karla Westgard. Bente 
Kjoss-Hansen. coach; Lisa 

Men’s Ski Team. Row 
One: Mike Helgerson. pres¬ 
ident; Brian Hinthorne. vice 
president; Joe Frazier, 
coach; Bruce Sargent 
Row Two: Steve Bodovin- 
itz. Dave Kornich. Bruce 
Weaver. Bruce Zornow. 
alpine coach; John Ratliff, 
Scott Clauss. Mike D'Ar- 
ienzo Row Three: John 
Crittenden, nordic coach; 
Clay Frederick. Norm 
Simons. Pat Tessier. Augie 
Meyer, Paul Nebolon. 
Shane Hager. Pat O'Hara. 
Paul Samvataro. 

WSU Men’s Ski-Team 

142 Grandstand 

Dawn Kuntz, team captain, set records in the 
100 yard breaststroke and 400 yard individual 
medley Laurie Granthem set school records in 
the 50 yard and 100 yard freestyle events and 
the 100 yard backstroke event Claudia hill set a 
record in the 500 yard freestyle event. 



and Diving 

Dual Meet Record: 5 wins — 3 losses 


104 Portland State University 36 

53 Pacific Lutheran Univ. 87 

92 Whitman College 46 

102 Whitworth College 35 

61 Oregon State University 76 

53 Central Washington Univ. 78 

68 University of Puget Sound 62 

87 University of Idaho 53 

NCWSA Regionals — 7th out of 13 teams 

Tami Hansen — 5th in 1 meter diving 
3rd in 3 meter diving 

Laurie Granthom — 8th in 100 backstroke 
7th in 50 freestyle 
10th in 100 freestyle 

Women's Swimming and Diving Team. Row One: Tonya Sandvik, Kristy Kate Larned, Tami Hansen. Lynn Gourley. Madeleine Siegneuret. Becky Schau- 
Knuth, Dawn Kuntz. Laurie Grantham, Debra Pipher, coach; Sandy Smith, Her, Blair Knappett, Ricky Swalm, assistant coach. 

Doranne Long, Michelle Lovell. Row Two: Dan Miller, diving coach; Linda Toso, 

Grandstand 143 

Wrestlers Send 
Two to Nationals 

Mike James (167 pounds) and Tom 
Goodwin (118) turned in outstanding 
performances for the WSU men’s wres¬ 
tling team for the 1977-78 season. 

James won the PAC-8 title in his 
weight class and Goodwin finished 
second at the championships in Cor¬ 
vallis, Oregon. 

Freshman Dan Morrow (177) also 
had a good year for the Cougars as he 
placed third in the PAC-8 tournament 
and just missed a shot at the nationals. 

Goodwin led the team with a 21 -12-1 
record and nine pins. James began 
slowly in dual meets with a 4-6-2 
record, but he blossomed in tourna¬ 
ments to finish 19-12-2. Morrow was 
13-7 in his initial year. The only senior 
on the squad, Bryan Pfeiffer (190), had 
the next-best record at 10-13. Unlim¬ 
ited wrestler Kevin Yanasak, who is 
hardly a heavyweight at 177 pounds, 
was 7-15 on the season. 

Men’s Wrestling Team. Row One:Tom Goodwin, Allan 
Acheson, Mark Applegate, Mike James. Bryan Pfeiffer, 
Kevin Yanasak. Dan Drllevich, Mike Quann, Glen Zuroske 
Row Two: Neal Dorow, assistant coach; Cary Chaplin. 
Charlie Swartz, Norm Inaba. Glenn Matsumoto, Bill Steven¬ 
son. Scott Valley. Mark Grindstaff Row Three: Roger 
James, head coach; Dan Morrow. Tim Paul. Bill Willard. 
Joe Torelli. Frank Baker, Jim Goodwin, Steve Brown. Bart 

144 Grandstand 



6 .. . 

. . . Wyoming University. 

. .37 

0 . . . 

. . . Colorado State. 

'■Air Force Academy Tourney 
’'Grays Harbor Tourney 

. 40 

15 . . . 

Alumni Meet. 

"Washington Invitational 

. .24 

13 . . . 

. . . Eastern Washington Univ. . . 

. .25 

18 . . . 

. . . Central Washington Univ.. . . 
"Portland State Tourney 


3 . . . 

. . . Oregon State. 

. .42 

13 . . . 

. . . Oregon College of Educ. . . . 

. .23 

33 . . . 

. . . U. of British Columbia . 

. .17 

30 . . . 

. . . Simon Fraser University. 

. .11 

11 . . . 

. . . University of Montana . 

. .29 

9 . . . 

. . . University of Washington . . . 

. .38 

25 . . . 

. . . Boise State University. 

. .14 

16 . . . 

... Oregon . 




Drill Team-Butchmen 

Cougar Drill Team. Row One: Susie Danforth, 
Kaelin Donald. Janie Calkins. Row Two: Kathy 
Shehan. Laura Parsons. Judy Herres, Merri 
Lind, Theresa Siler. Sue Hollingsworth. Kathy 
Wyatt. Doris Rothstrom. Row Three: Sue Legel, 
Teresa Allen. Colleen Dinehart, Sue Hahn. Mar¬ 
gie Weber. Sharon Hansen. Denise Owens, 
Cindy Tesmer. Row Four: Cindy Wegner, Kath¬ 
leen Roberts, Carmen Pally, Anne Kamin, 
Sharon Mathias. 

Below. Butchmen: Jeff Wall, Dick Mattila, Bill 
Wodiske, Mike Conley. Mik eifer. Carey Chaplin, 
Bill Meyers 

146 Grandstand 

Yell Squad and Crimson Rally 

Yell Squad. Row One: Sandte 
Barnard Row Two: Sam Mar¬ 
shall, Mike McAllister, Scott 
Jones, Daune Brelsford, Rich¬ 
ard Harris. Bill Williams. Row 
Three: Marta Tyler, Stacy 
Yarbourgh, Conrada Villa, Jan 
Wilson, Georgia Leonard. 

Crimson Rally Squad. Row 
One: Butch. Row Two: Deny 
Boyer. Pat Stare, Jenise Wolff, 
Larry Nelson, Shirley Langdon, 
Quinton Booker, Karen Albee. 
Dave Christel, Janis Harper, 
Walt Eskeberg, Kim Moa. Row 
Three: Bob Shaffer, Leslie 
Davis, Ladd Shumway, Eileen 
Amon, Bill Davis, advisor; Terry 
Schaaf, Mark Smith, Cynce 
Howell, Reid Johnson, Allyson 
Griffith, Kelly Greene. Melanie 
Sexton, Jeff Busch. 

Grandstand 147 

Cagers Finish Strong 

After hitting a mid-season slump 
which saw four players leave the 
team and two others suspended for 
two games, the Cougars regrouped 
and came on to win six of their last 
nine games of the season. 

A season-ending victory over the 
Washington Huskies gave the Cou¬ 
gars a 16-11 record overall and a 7-7 
in league play, placing the squad in a 
third place tie with USC. This marked 
the second consecutive season WSU 
had placed third in the Pac-8. 

Speculation abounded early in the 
season that 1977-78 was the year the 
UCLA Bruins may be dethroned. But 
as it turned out, the Bruins completed 
Pac-8 play undefeated. Oregon State 
finished second in the conference. 

Junior James Donaldson, who 
Head Coach George Raveling 
described as “the best center in the 
Pac-8,” and sophomore Donald Col¬ 
lins led the way for the Cougars in the 
late going. Both were named to the 
Pac-8 second team. 

Donaldson, a 7-2 postman from 
Sacramento, California, made his 
presence known at Friel Court and on 
every court he played on during the 
season. He was credited with 82 
blocked shots and 305 rebounds, 
which made Donaldson the second- 
best single-season rebounder in Cou¬ 

gar history. He was also the confer¬ 
ence’s second-best rebounder. He 
also set a new WSU single-game 
record for minutes played during a 
season, 998.5. 

Collins, after getting off to a slow 
start, caught fire in February after sit¬ 
ting out two games for disciplinary 
reasons, along with Clarence Clark. 
He ended the season as the Cougars’ 
leading scorer in conference games 
with a 15.2 average, shooting 53.2 
percent from the field and 87.1 from 
the foul line. 

Sophomore Terry Kelly was moved 
from his wing position to guard mid¬ 
way through the season to replace 
injured point guard Kenny Jones, the 
team’s captain. Kelly’s scoring ability 
was hampered by the move, but he 
soon proved he could move the ball- 
club. Kelly led the team in overall 
scoring with 352 points. He was the 
second best free throw shooter in the 
Pac-8, hitting 83.3 percent of his 

Kelly, Donaldson and Collins fin¬ 
ished eighth, ninth and tenth in con¬ 
ference scoring. 

As has become characteristic of 
Raveling-coached teams, defense 
became the Cougars’ mark of excel¬ 
lence in 1978. WSU was first in team 
defense in the conference and they 

were ranked in the top 10 nationally, 
giving up only 62.6 points a game. 

Washington State got an early start on 
the 1977-78 season by scheduling an 
October trip to Europe to play some of 
the top teams in Yugoslavia and Italy. 
The Cougars were able to win only two 
of six games, but the team returned to 
the States with confidence and maturity. 

Early in November the Russian 
National basketball team made a 13- 
game tour of the United States, which 
included a stop in Pullman. WSU fans 
got a hint of what was to come as Don¬ 
aldson checked the Russian’s 7-5 Vladi¬ 
mir Tkachenko, matching his 12 points 
and outrebounding the Russian 12-9. 
The Cougars defeated the Russian 
nationals 71-69. 

The regular season began for the 
already-tested squad in late November 
as WSU opened against the University 
of Puget Sound in Spokane. After trail¬ 
ing UPS most of the game, the Cougars 
surged late in the game and pulled out a 

67- 65 victory, led by Donaldson’s 16 
points and 14 rebounds. 

Washington State then hit the road for 
three games, defeating Northern Ari¬ 
zona but losing to Louisiana State and 
Seattle University. 

A return to Friel Court was a welcome 
change for the weary Cougars, who 
defeated Humboldt State and Eastern 
Montana. The action then moved to 
Spokane where WSU defeated Gonzaga 

Ohio State came in mid-December to 
Pullman and squeezed out a 79-73 
overtime victory. The Cougars traveled 
to southern California and defeated 
Pepperdine in a final tuneup before the 
Far West Basketball Classic, 75-62. 

Washington State opened the Tour¬ 
nament with a convincing 82-75 win 
over Illinois. The Cougars then lost a 
gallant fight against the eventual tourna¬ 
ment champions, Colorado State, 47- 
46. The Cougs went on to capture third 
place in the tournament with a 62-56 
victory over Raveling's alma mater, Vil- 

The Cougars looked confident and 
well-prepared to begin Pac-8 confer¬ 
ence play after the Christmas break. But 
unfortunately two teams of tough South¬ 
ern California cagers invaded the 
Palouse and left the Cougars wondering 
what had hit them. USC downed WSU 

68- 65 on Thursday and the UCLA 
Bruins came to town on Sunday and 
trounced the Cougars 70-55. 

Washington State tried to get a grip 
on itself as it traveled to Northern Cali¬ 
fornia to challenge Stanford and Califor¬ 
nia. Kelly led the Cougars to a close 62- 
59 win over the Cardinals, but Stuart 
House’s season-high 19 points was not 

Grandstand 149 


enough to counteract the offense dis¬ 
played by Cal. WSU was defeated 66- 

Idaho was the Coug’s opponent in 
mid-January as the Cougs got a rest 
from conference play. Kelly ignited 
for 30 points and the Cougars 
needed every one of them as WSU 
narrowly defeated the Vandals, 69- 

WSU played the Idaho game and a 
league contest against Washington in 

late January without the 
services of Collins and 
Clark, who Raveling had 
suspended for disciplinary 
reasons. Raveling was criti¬ 
cized for keeping these two 
wings out of the lineup for 
the Washington game, 
especially after the Cougs 
were humiliated by the 
Huskies, 68-52. Kelly con¬ 
tinued to have the hot hand 
as he popped in 28 points. 

But as sure as January 
ended in turmoil, February 
began in grand fashion. 

Oregon and Oregon State 
came to Pullman in hopes 

of taking home easy wins over the 
troubled Cougars. However, Collins 
and Clark had returned to the lineup 
and the Cougs were ready to settle 
down and play solid basketball — 
and that’s what they did. OSU went 
home a dejected 63-58 loser and 
Oregon did the same, losing 54-48. 

WSU followed the Oregon schools 
back to the Willamette Valley the next 
weekend and nipped Oregon 57-55 
on the infamous MacArthur Court. 


62 ... . 

. . S and P Meats. 

. .81 

89 ... . 

. . Russ Dean Ford. 

. .97 

63 ... . 

. .Spokane Community College . 

. .48 

69 ... . 

. . S and P Meats. 

. .83 

85 ... . 

. . Gonzaga J.V. 

. .71 

73 ... . 

. .YakimaValleyJ.C. 

. .63 

64 ... . 

. . Northern Idaho. 

. .72 

92 ... . 

. . Whitworth J.V. 

. .59 

99 ... , 

. . Russ Dean Ford. 

. .93 

60 ... . 

. . Eastern Washington J.V. 

. .73 

64 ... . 

. .Whitworth J.V. 

. .55 

62 ... . 

. . Northern Idaho. 

. .73 

56 ... . 

. . Eastern Washington J.V. 

. .75 


If 1 | 

\ 1 

V \ jv * 1 

M 1 Jm • 

V4 i 

r \ 

Junior Varsity Basketball. Row One: Michael Lewis, Marty Heimbigner, Greg Neal. Row Two: Terry Bourne, Bob Niehl, Bob Struiksma, Lee Bogard, Jeff 

Zuger. Derrell Butler, Nicholas Watson, Bradley Ness, Gregory Grant, Gary McKinney, Andy Muiznieks, Brian Grun, Tom Schneeman. 

150 Grandstand 

Varsity Basketball. Row One: Tom Pugliese, Brad Ness. David Niehl, Row Two: Clarence Clark. Angelo Hill. John Preston. James Donaldson, 

Terry Kelly. Ken Jones. Steve Johnson. Keith Collins. George Raveling John Tessem. Stuart House. Don Collins. 

Grandstand 151 



But the Cougar gears were stripped on Saturday by OSU as 
the Beavers defeated WSU, 58-46 on regional television. 

The Cougars were not shaken, however, and they ven¬ 
tured into southern California believing in themselves. UCLA 
was the Cougars’ first opponent in Los Angeles. The Bruins 
were ranked fourth in the nation at the time. Washington 
State players played the game of their lives that night. Ahead 
59-58 with only 10 seconds remaining in the contest, Clark 
was fouled and he sank the first free throw on a one-and- 
one situation. But the shot was nullified by a fane violation 
call by referee Tom Harrington, who said House had entered 
the lane too soon. The ball was awarded to UCLA at half 
court and all-American David Greenwood rebounded a 
missed Bruin shot and stuffed the ball for a 60-59 Bruin vic¬ 

As if one heart-breaker was not enough, the Cougars met 
USC the next night. The Trojans pulled ahead of WSU with 
less than 15 seconds to play, 55-54. The Cougars worked 
the ball into House for a final shot, which bounced off the rim 
as the buzzer sounded. Collins collected 20 and 16 points 
against the two L A. schools. 

Raveling said of the weekend, “We were just two baskets 
away trom the greatest weekend in the history of Washing¬ 
ton State basketball.’’ The coach was not particularly 
pleased with the lane violation call made against House in 


the UCLA game and he vocalized his discon¬ 
tent. "This was just another night’s work for 
intimidated officials.” After observing game 
films of the contest, members of the local 
media announced that lane violations had 
occurred during 27 of 33 free throw 
attempts. Yet only the violation by House 
drew a call by an official. 

The Cougars apparently decided to dis¬ 
charge the past weekend from their thoughts 
and go forward because that’s exactly the 
way they finished out the season, defeating 
Cal 90-83, downing Stanford 67-64, and nip¬ 
ping Washington 57-52. Collins scored a 
season-high 21 points against the Huskies 
and Donaldson collected a season-high 19 

So the Cougars ended the season winning 
six of their last nine games, which built up 
momentum Raveling feels will carry over to 
next season, when his entire starting lineup 
of Donaldson, Kelly, Collins, House and 
Angelo Hill return. Only three seniors, Jones, 
Dave Niehl, and Steve Johnson were lost to 

"These kids showed a lot of character 
coming back as they did through all the 
adversity. They’re great kids and I love 'em 
like my own sons.” 

— Dale Goodwin 

154 Grandstand 

Grandstand 155 


70 . 
74 . 
78 . 
45 . 
67 . 

. Simon Fraser 
. Idaho 

Eastern Washington University 

Montana State University 
. Oregon College of Education 
. Portland State University 

Montana State University 
Boise State University 
Pacific Lutheran University 
Oregon State University 


Idaho . 

. Gonzaga University 
U. of A — Fairbanks 

Of A — Anchorage . . . . . 

U of A. — Anchorage ;* ■ 
Boise State University 
Eastern Washington Umversi 
Western Washington Uni' 
University of Washington 
Oregon .. ■ 

. Portland State Umvei 

- *V; 

• ft 









156 Grandstand 

Women Hoopsters Close 19-5 

The women’s basketball team fin¬ 
ished the 77-78 season with a 19-5 
record, setting a school mark for 
wins in a season, and a third place 
finish in the N.C.W.S.A. Region Nine 

Jeanne Eggart, freshman guard 
from Walla Walla, was named to the 
all-league and all-tournament teams. 

In her first year with the team, Eggart 
set the one-game and season tree- 
throw record, season scoring 
record, led the team in scoring and 
assists, and made the most field 
goals in one game in Cougar history. 

Laurie Turner, another guard also 
holds the field goal mark. Both 
guards sank 12 field goals in one 
game. Janet Kusler led the team in 
rebounding during the season. 

Captain for the 77-78 squad was 
Linda Kays, senior guard. Kays, 

Melanie Jennings and Sue Smith 
were the only three senior members 
of the squad. By: Monte Kieling. 

Women’s Basketball. Row One: Stacie Driscoll, Lori Machiro, Denise Schlepp, 
Pat Sobczyk, Jody Walker, Lori Trent Row Two: Darcy Kelley. Patty Elliot, Lisa 
Sands, Liza Eschbach, Theresa Elliot, Karen Elzey, Grace Silver. Row Three: 
Jody Dickens, trainer; Patty Mattausch, mgr.; Kyla Merwin, Mgr.; Allison Davis, 

trainer; Jeanne Eggart, Melanie Jennings, Sue Smith, Laura Redburn, Martha 
Lehnen, Cindy Mulica, Janet Kusler, Jan Zachman, Debbie Lovell, Gail Houser, 
Hary Ellen Danielson. Laurie Turner, Linda Kays, Harold Rhodes, asst, coach; 
Sandy Brownslombe, asst, coach; Sue Durrant, coach 

Grandstand 157 


The 1977-78 gymnastics season must be consid¬ 
ered a success despite the Cougars last-place finish 
in the Pac-8 championships. The Cougars were 
ranked in the top twenty nationally in the early sea¬ 
son as were three other teams in the Pac-8. 

The Cougars, under first-year coach Ward Black, 
finished the season with an impressive dual meet 
record of 4 wins and 2 losses in the rebuilding proc¬ 
ess of WSU gymnastics. Individual gymnasts cited by 
Coach Black as the foundation of the team were sen¬ 
iors Bill Smith and Mike Petrovich, and juniors 
Goerge Konzek, Rick Langendoen, Leonard Lewis, 
and Karl Jensen. 




.Oregon . 






.Portland St. 



.Cal-State Chico. 








Men’s Gymnastic Team: Chuck Birge, Rob Roll, Jim Femling, Leonard Sullivan, Karl Jensen, Rick Langendoen, Greg Skinner. Dan Starner, Bob 

Lewis, Mark Hampton, Gary McFarland, Mike Petrovich, Bill Smith, Tom Quann, Ward Black, coach 

158 Grandstand 

Grandstand 159 

Women’s Gymnastics 

The women’s gymnastic team 
had a year of “firsts.” This was 
Coach Al Sanders’ first year as 
the women’s gymnastic coach. 
For the first year the team quali¬ 
fied as a team in regional com¬ 

The highlight of the season 
was the regional competition 
held at EWU in Cheney in 
March. The gymnasts placed 
12th in regional competition. 
Eight gymnasts qualified individ¬ 

Barb Brooks, Lori Brasher, 
Kay Helbert, and Jill Price were 
considered the outstanding 
gymnasts, and Diane Colclough 
and Cheryl Boyce the most 

This year’s team was a very 
young team with two seniors, 
eight sophomores and one 
freshman. The women's gym¬ 
nastic team is becoming a 
strong, dedicated team, and 
they have proved they are 
proud to be a part of WSU’s 
women’s athletic program. 

Women’s Gymnastic Team. Row One: Jill Price, Felli Young, trainer. Row Two: Norma Jurado, Diane Col- 
Bergano, Brenda Young, Michelle Kingsbury, Peggy dough, Lori Brasher, Janis Lobeda, Barb Brooks, 
Berhow, captain; Cheryl Boyce; Denise Howie; Loretta Megan Blissell, Kay Helbert, Al Sanders, coach. 

160 Grandstand 

Women’s Track and Field 

During the WSU Invitational Meet on May 5, four wom¬ 
en’s track records were broken. Jeanne Eggart improved 
her school javelin record with a throw of 157-3 to win the 
javelin event. The mile relay team of Kathy Ferguson, 
Janet Heinrich and Karen Quint established a record with 
a time of 4:10.9. Gloria Sherfy took second place in an 
exciting 1,500 meter race with a time of 4:54.2 which also 
topped a school record. Other Cougs who placed during 
the invitational were: Eileen Hoffman, second in the long 
jump; Karen Blair, third in the 400 meter event. Janet 
Heinrich placed third in both the 100 meter hurdles and 
400 meter hurdles. As a team, the Cougs took fifth place 
out of eleven teams. 

This year, four members of the WSU Women’s Track 
and Field team competed in the NCWSA Regional Com¬ 
petition in Bozeman, Montana on May 12-13. These 
women were: Jeanne Eggart, javelin; Karen Blair, 400 
meters; and Kathy and Jean Peckham, 5000 meters. 
Jeanne Eggart finished in the third place and was the lone 
placer out of the four Cougs in competition. 

Jeanne Eggart was the only member of the team to 
qualify for the AIAW National Track and Field Champion¬ 
ship held in Knoxville, Tenn. in the end of May where she 
placed third in the javelin event. 

Women’s Track. Row One: Suzanne Anderson, 
Pat Sobcyzk, Jeanne Eggart, Karen Blair, Kathleen 
Ferguson, Diane Malmoe, Mary Bartush, Dana 
Blair. Row Two: Sandy Schneider, asst, coach; 
Laura Merriam; Karen Quint; Marcia Taylor; Dot 
Dobie, coach; Cindy Smith; Eileen Hoffman; Sue 
Krueller; Gloria Sherfey; Janet Heinrich; Carol 
McCabe; Marilyn Parish, manager. 

Grandstand 161 

Men’s Track and Field 

Upper Left: Samson Kimombwa and Joshua Kimeto 
running the 5000-meters race. Upper Right: Greg St. 
Pierre passing UW runners in the final stretch of the 
800-meters. Joe McPherson is close behind. Lower 
Right: Scott Allen cleared seven feet and won this high 
jump event. 

It was a very successful year for the men’s 
track and field team, with WSU athletes break¬ 
ing three world records. Henry Rono broke 
the world record in the 5000-meters race with 
a time of 13:08.4. Samson Kimombwa now 
holds the world record in the 10,000-meters 
with a time of 27:30.5. In the steeple chase 
the new world record is held by Henro Rono 
with a time of 8:05.4. 

162 Grandstand 

Upper Left: Joel Cheruiyot after a successful run in the 
1500-meters. Upper Right: Brian Goodman with Coach 
Sloan after clearing 17-feet for the first time. Lower Left: 
Henry Rono clearing the water barrier on his way to winning 
the Steeplechase event and setting a stadium record. 




1 / 





Upper Left: Brian Worden set a school record and a 
lifetime best with a 17-3 in the pole vault Upper Right: 
Gene Lorenzen throwing 259-7 and setting a school 
record and lifetime best in the javelin throw against the 
UW. Lower Right: Greg St. Pierre handing ott the 
baton to Paul Buchholtz in the mile relay. Jeff Ramsey 
is in the background. All WSU participants in the relay 
were from Washington high schools Lower Left: Al 
Darneille in the high jumping event cleared 6-10 
against the Huskies and taking second place in this 

Above: Brian Goodman ecstatic atter clearing 17 feet. Lower Left: 
Triple-jumper Ian Campbell successfully defended his title in the 
1978 NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships with the 
world's third best indoor leap of 55-8%. Ian is also a sprinter in the 
100- and 200-meters for WSU. 


107 Vz 









Oregon Stale 



Arizona State 


Boise State 

Colorado State 




Weber State 







Cougs Capture Division Crown 

166 Grandstand 

On to Pac-8 Championship 




Seven WSU baseball players 
were named to the Northern Divi¬ 
sion All-Star Baseball team by 
conference coaches. They are: 
pitchers Eric Snyder and Steve 
Quealey, second baseman Dan 
Wodrich, shortstop Bruce Cha¬ 
ney third baseman Dave Edler 
outfielder Jim Lauer. and all- 
around and designated hitter John^j 
Seefried. Northern Division Player 
of the Year was awarded to All- 
American third baseman Dave' 
Edler. Coach “Bobo’' Brayton was 
selected as Northern Division 
Coach of the Year. 

The 1978 Cougar baseball season was somewhat 
like a banquet. The main course was great — a veri¬ 
table baseball fan’s culinary delight; seven courses; 
wholesome, tasty and satisfying. The only thing miss¬ 
ing was what everyone was waiting for. . . the des¬ 

The Cougs had a successful season again under 
Coach “Bobo’’ Brayton, winning their 11th consecu¬ 
tive Northern Division title, compiling a 41-17 season 
record, beating UCLA in a single-game playoff for 
the right to compete in the Rocky Mountain Region¬ 
al, the first step toward College World Series play in 
Omaha, Nebraska. And that was the dessert that 
wasn’t served as the Cougars couldn’t come up with 
one more super effort in Rocky Mountain play where 
they lost two games, depriving them of the sweetness 
of competing in the prestigious Omaha tournament. 

The season had more than enough highlignts for 
Cougar baseball fans. The 1978 squad had the sec¬ 
ond-best winning mark in WSU history, surpassed 
only by the 1976 team. 

The team started with a 12-1 record, managed 
mostly against Inland Empire competition and at the 
annual Banana Belt Tournament in Lewiston. The 
team then departed on a challenging road trip in April 
which saw the Cougs compete in 17 games within a 
14-day period. The team was tired when it reached 
UCLA and some of the better California teams and 
came out of the road trip with some tough losses. 
The Cougs entered Pac-8 play with a 19-8 record. 

But the Cougs bounced back in league competi¬ 
tion, earning a 15-3 mark for league play. The BIG 
WEEKEND was when the USC Trojans, number one 
ranked in the nation, came to town for a best-of-three 
series, the winner earning the Pac-8 championship 
and an automatic spot in the NCAA tournament. A 
crowd of almost 4,000 saw the Cougars give it their 
all but the Trojans escaped with victories in two one- 
run ballgames, 3-2 and 5-4. 

Washington State had one more chance to make it 
into the post-season tournament. The Cougs had to 
play UCLA for a winner-take-all single game. The 
team shook off the USC defeats and played an 
inspired and dramatic game. Behind 6-4 in the ninth 
inning, pinch hitter Scott O’Farrell hit a three run 
homer to win it for WSU and send the Cougs to 
Tempe, Ariz. in the Rocky Mountain Tournament. 

There the Cougs ran out of gas, being defeated by 
Gonzaga University and then eliminated by power¬ 
house Arizona State University. ASU eventually beat 
Gonzaga in the title game. 

Now that the returning Cougars have tasted the 
main course, they’ll be out for the dessert with 
renewed vigor next season. Bon appetite! 

Grandstand 167 

Cougs Ruin Bruins 1 

Right: Jim Lauer takes a 
healthy cut against the 
Ducks. Below: All Star 
Dave Edler takes a look 
at one. Far Right: Desig¬ 
nated hitter John See- 
fried waits on the pitch. 

168 Grandstand 

for regional playoff. 

Left: Pitcher Eric Snyder waits for the signal. Right: First baseman Jim Lauer 
keeps tabs on a Duck. Above: Northern Division Coach of the Year Chuck 
“Bobo” Brayton. 

Grandstand 169 

Cougs faced USC 

Baseball Team. Row One: Matt Minium, Dave Rose, Joe Tom, John Cook, Steve Weis. Row Three: Tony Provenzo, Jim Syreen, Dan Wodrich, Jim Lauer, Doug 

Quealey, Phil Hinrichs, Jack Brossman. Row Two: John Seefried, Don Crow, Cey, Bob Padovan, Steve Wilke, Dave Edler. 

Mike Kinnunen, Jim Carrithers, Eric Snider, Bruce Chaney, Bill Lockwood, Bob 


170 Grandstand 

, for Pac-8 title 

Junior Varsity Baseball. Row One: Al Merlich, Brian Stanton, Scott O’Farrell, Mike Nickolotf, Brian Anderson, Clay Hill, Brett Winter, George Miller, Tim 

Jack Brossman, Cam Mitchell, Tim Clarke. Row Two: Coach Jerry Mansfield, Herrman, Manager Eric Lunden. 

Lower Right: Pitcher Steve Quealey (10-1) 
waiting for a pop fly. Third baseman, Dave 
Edler is in the background. 





















Oregon State 



Oregon State 



Oregon State 














Grandstand 171 

Golfers Tee Up 

Men’s Golf. Row One. Varsity: Pete Guay. Dan Thacker. Dave Barber. Tim 
Quinn. Geoffrey Hann, Gary Everson Row Two. Junior Varsity: Coach Keven 
Veleke. Dave Murray. Marty McVey. Doug Angell. Jeff Howell 

The WSU men’s golf team was slow to start the sea¬ 
son, but then they came on strong. 

The Cougar team won the Idaho Invitational in Mos¬ 
cow on April 22, where they beat the University of 
Idaho, Gonzaga University, Boise State and Whitman f 
College. During this tournament six WSU golfers quali¬ 
fied for the Pac-8 championship tournament. The six 
were: Dave Barber, Gary Everson, Pete Guay, Geoffrey 
Hann, Tim Quinn, and Dan Thacker. 

The Pac-8 Championship was hosted by USC in 
Thousand Oaks, California May 1 and 2. The Cougar 
golf team placed eighth out of eight teams. 

During the Eastern Washington University Invitational 
held in Spokane on May 4 and 5, WSU golfers placed 
third out of 12 teams. 

172 Grandstand 

Ruggers Tee Off 


Rugby Club. Row One: Steve 
Niemi. Jim Byrd. George New 
Row Two: Guy Beckett. Tim 
Rersvard. Jeff Lance. Guy 
Becker. Bob Wieder. Craig 
Ross. Gary Gobbato. Kirk 
Christemeon. Mike Loranger. 
Mark Halliday Row Three: 
Glen Lindeman. Jeff Rush. 



Tennis Women Jump the Net 

The Cougar women tennis players were unde¬ 
feated at the WSU Invitational May 2 here in Pull¬ 
man. The team took an eight-game winning streak 
into the NCWSA Eastern Area Tournament held in 
Seattle May 12-13. In that tournament, the Cougar 
women tied for second place with Oregon. 

Four women’s singles players and two doubles 
pairings went to the Regional Qualifying Tourna¬ 
ment in Missoula, Montana, May 19-20. Marlaine 
Dickson went as number one singles player; 
Rhonda Panattoni, number two singles; Michelle 
Chauner, number three singles; and Elaine Dick¬ 
son went as number four singles. Elaine and Mar¬ 
laine Dickson teamed up as the number one dou¬ 
bles entry while Rhonda Panattoni and Ann Sug¬ 
ars were the second pairing of doubles. 

Dickson and Dickson qualified for the National 
Women’s Tennis Tourney in Salisbury, Maryland 
on June 3-12, after defeating teammates Panat¬ 
toni and Sugars in The Regional Qualifying Tour¬ 

Women’s Tennis. Row One: Karen Partlow, Rhonda Panattoni, Marlaine Dick- trainer; Sue McLain, assistant coach; Yolanda Abarca, assistant coach; Bente 
son, Linda Morrison. Row Two: Elaine Dickson, Anne Sugars, Michelle Chauner, Kjoss-Hansen, coach. 

174 Grandstand 

Men’s Tennis Closes 13-7 

Men’s Tennis. Row One: Mark Howell, Trevor Schneider, Otto Jones, Pete 
Kremm, Lars Thykier, Coach Rex Davis. Row Two: Frank Olson, Tim Reid, 
Ken Wagar, Jim Lees, Roger Tyzzer, Mark Walters. 

The men’s tennis team had one of the best years 
ever with a season record of 13-7. The team fin¬ 
ished higher than ever before in the Northern Divi¬ 
sion Men’s Tennis Championship. There the team 
came within a few points of winning the Northern 
Division title, but they lost to the UW. 

Coach Rex Davis was pleased with the team 
overall and said the whole team contributed to the 
successful season. Overall records were held by 
Trevor Schneider and Mark Walters. 

Left: Roger Tyzzer concentrates on a return volley. 

Grandstand 175 


Men’s Crew 

Men’s Crew. Row One: 

France Raine, Keri Pace, Steve 
Weed, Bob Meyer, Pat Shier, 
Tim Malkow, Blaine Beardsley, 
Ted Russell, Rob Obom, John 
Murphy. Tom Caudill, John 
Delong. Marty Michaelson, 
Tom Anderson, Jean Bohan¬ 
non. Mike Cates. Kath Krebs 
Row Two: Mike Noble. Dave 
Mclain, Dave Emigh, Mike 
Pabisz, John Holtman, Jeff 
McBride, Steve Wells. Jim Bar¬ 
ber, Kelvin Eder, Ed Beck, 
John Leedertsen, Mark 
Richter, John Krause. Mitch 
Van Wormer. Steve Affeldt, 
Rob Simons, Tim Richards. 
Row Three: Chris Gulick, Bob 
Appleyard, Bruce Giddens, 
Steve Ranten, Ken Struck- 
meyer, Paul Anderson, Tim 
Zeiler. Doug Engle, Rich West, 
Craig Young, Brian Romanick, 
Rich Ray. Mike Buckley, Brad 
Sleeper, Kurt Wahle. 

Right: The varsity men’s crew 
team racing on the Snake River 
against the UW. The team con¬ 
sists of Al Fisher, coxsain; 
Bruce Giddens; Rich Ray; Kel¬ 
vin Eder; Doug Engle; Chris 
Gulick; John Leendertsen; 
Steve Ranten. 

176 Grandstand 

Women’s Crew 

Left: The novice eight of 
the women’s crew practic¬ 
ing on the Snake River. Left 
to Right: Carol Hunter, 
Kiska Jose, Kelly Ramsden, 
Carey Cairns, Peggy Robi¬ 
son, Debbie Mayer, Cindy 
Johnson, Kathy Randall, 
Tami Nau. 

Women’s Crew. Row 
One. Novice Eight: Carol 
Hunter, Kathy Randall, 
Kiska Jose, Jodi Fehren- 
back, Kelly Ramsden, Mar¬ 
tha Sebring, Debbie Mayer, 
Carey Cairns, Janet Miller. 
Row Two. Varsity Open 
Four: Mo Carrick, Cyndi 
Johnson, Marcia Lee, Kari 
Buringrud, Chris Carsten, 
Coach Steve Porter. Var¬ 
sity Lightweight Four: 
Jean Patterson, Sue Erns- 
dorff, Robin Young, Felly 
Bergano, Tami Nau. 

Grandstand 177 

Rodeo Team. Row One: Gay 

Coats, Shann Evans, Sue 
Lowe, Annette Kertis, Becky 
Handly, Jennifer Leach. Row 
Two: Berk Davis, Larry Patter¬ 
son, Bing Wesner, Maureen 



Horseshow Team. Row One: 

Lou Tasker, Brenda Gatzke, 
Darcie Nielsen, Jim Ebeling, 
Randall Jack. Row Two: 
Renee Schuman, Lisa Meus- 
born, Mary LaPorte, Brian 








Drill Team. Row One: 

Theresa Tracy, Sue Key, Joan 
Myers, Larry Reynolds. Row 
Two: Tracy Hansen. 

Trainers—Intramural Council 

Trainers. Row One: Mike 
Borgford. Allison Davis, Al 
Price, Marsha Niehart. Row 
Two: Dick Melhart, head 
trainer; Mike Sandago; Trina 
Schrette; Doug Swenson; Mike 
Selor; Dale Engel; Loretta Gur¬ 
ney; Barrie Steele; Gary Hirst, 
assistant trainer. Row Three: 
Bob Branson, Mike O’Larey, 
Sue Ferguson, Chris Toma- 
shoff, Marty Matney. 

Intramural Council. Row 
One: Barry Masloff, Mike 
Secor, Bev Hastings, Bob 
Dempsey. Row Two: Neal 
Dorow, Kris DiDomenico, Mike 
Charlo, Kim Duncan, Eric 





182 Grandstand 

Intramural Scoreboard 

Flag Football 

Men: Sigma Chi 
Women: Alpha Phi 
Coed: Velvet Green Sportsmen 
Cross Country 
Men: Chaplain's Rejects 
Women: Alpha Phi 
Coed: Mother Bears 

Coed: Colchester United (Alpha Phi, Kappa Sigma) 


Men: Phi Sigma Kappa; Jerry and Juan Daviess 
Women: Kellie Walsh and Carol Spiegelberg 
Coed: Stevens Hall 


Men: Dana Gillet and Scott Adams 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Innertube Water Polo 

Coed: Algae 


Men: Gannon; Kandiah Paramjothy 
Women: Marti Jack 

Turkey Trot 

De'Haetten Running Club 


Men: Armadillos III 

Women: Regents; Ziegfield Vollies 

Coed: OC 

Table Tennis 

Men: Neill Hall; Errol Thomas and Darrell Thompson 
Women: Wendy Inoye 


Men: Six Feet and Under; Swish Wizards 
Men: Unlimited; Wheatland Five 
Women: BB Dazzlers 


Men: Sigma Chi; Bruce Chevey and Kim McAdams 

Women: Alpha Gamma Delta; Lori Campbell and 
Tami Tibitts 

Coed: The Rollouts; Kim McAdams and Cheryl Albin 

Pocket Billiards 

Men: Sigma Chi 

Women: Betsy Tripp and Dorothy Newkirk 
Coed: John Campbell and Betsy Tripp 

Coed Relay Swim Meet 

California Barking Spiders 

Freestyle Wrestling 

Scott Hall 


Men: Underwater Aardvarks 
Women: Davis Hall 

Water Polo 

Men: California Barking Spiders 


Men: Chaplain’s Rejects 
Women: Swisher Sweets 


Men: Country Comfort; Steve Miura, Mike Conley, 
Dean Sakaue, and Bob Albert 


Men: Jeff Stimson and Doddy Aposto 
Women: Anne Quigg and Tracy Lehn 
Coed: Barb Audie and Murry Peterman 


Men: Vince Hobson and Kandiah Paramjothy 
Women: Monica Small and Suzanne St. Pierre 
Coed: Marti Jack and Kim McAdams 


Beta Theta Pi, Bill Fanning 


Coed: The Bowled Ones; Laura Stamm, John 
Teberg, Liz Teberg, and Ken McElvain 
Men: ATO; Mike Warfield, Pete Devin, John 
Washburn, and Keith Poppe. 



Fun Run 

A total of 409 runners 
finished the 8.2 mile Fun 
Run from Moscow to 
Martin Stadium on April 
22. Gary Walton, dean of 
the College of Business 
and Economics at WSU, 
won the race and Janet 
Creager was the top 
woman finisher. The Fun 
Run was sponsored by 
Sigma Phi Epsilon and 
Miller Beer, and it raised 
$4,500 for the American 
Heart Association. 



Several runners from 
WSU participated in the 
Spokane Bloomsday Run 
on May 7. In its second 
year of existence, the 
Bloomsday Run has 
already become one of 
the largest running 
events in the country. 
This year’s run was won 
by Boston Marathon 
champion Bill Rodgers. 
Gary Walton, winner of 
the Moscow-Pullman 
Fun Run, finished 1 7th 
out of the 5,024 runners. 
Sam Williams also of 
WSU finished 19th over¬ 
all. Three women Cougar 
tracksters placed well in 
the female 19-22-year- 
old category. Kathy 
Peckham placed 4th in 
that category and 446th 
overall; Jean Peckham 
placed 8th and 604th 
overall; and Karen Blair 
finished 14th in that cate¬ 

Top Right: The start of the Moscow- 
Pullman Fun Run at Rosauer's park¬ 
ing lot in Moscow. Middle: At the 
Moscow-Pullman Run seasoned run¬ 
ners stretching out before the run 
begins. Bottom: And they're off and 
running, only 8.2 miles to go. 

184 Grandstand 

DISORDER is expecting the 3 
p.m. to 5 p.m. class period open 
on Mondays, Wednesdays and 
Fridays so you can sneak off for 
an hour of relaxing racquetball; 
and then discovering that the 
computer has you scheduled 
for two labs in that time slot. Dis¬ 
order is faithfully following the 
four-year academic program 
designed by your advisor, never 
taking an incomplete, proud of a 
3.8 G.P.A., and then being told 
in May by the registrar’s office 
that you're one hour short of 
graduating. You’ll have to take 
archery next fall. Disorder is red 
tape, which appears at times to 
be mass-produced by the 
French Administration Red 
Tape, Inc. And it's a product few 
want to produce and less want 
to buy ... but it’s there, in all 
its time-wasting glory. But when 
you get the right class, when 
you get the right advice, that’s 


Tassels 185 

. . . HARMONY. They may 
lose sight of it briefly, waver off 
course, but professors, adminis¬ 
trators, the French Ad folks, do 
have a mission — that of work¬ 
ing FOR students. They have 
their bad days, as we all do, 
when grade-change requests 
are misplaced, policy snafus 
result in compounding a prob¬ 
lem instead of easing it. But 
they’re trying to make it work. 
And running a mini-city of 
16,000 isn’t easy. 

What they need to provide is 
dedication to the task and what 
we need to give is patience. 




188 Tassels 

J - 

College of c$Lgricultm€ 

Dr. James C. Ingibous 

Agronomy and Soils 

Dr. C. Alan Pettibone 


Dr. R. L. Preston 

Dr. O. Ernest Smith 


Dr. John F. Schafer 

Plant Pathology 

Dr. Robert F. Harwood 


Dr. John V. Spencer 

Food Science and 

Dr. LeRoy Rogers 

Agricultural Economics 

Forestry and Range 

The College of Agricul¬ 
ture is more than just 
preparing people as 
farmers. The college pre¬ 
pares students for jobs 
ranging frmrtood proc¬ 
essing to agricultural 
communicators' on radio 

Researchers through¬ 
out Washington are tack¬ 
ling problems and seek¬ 
ing new knowledge. 
Much of the research 
found in the labs, is used 
to help local farmers. 

The extension agency 
also helps Washington 
farmers produce better 
quality crops by answer¬ 
ing their questions and 
giving helpful advice. 

The College of Agricul¬ 
ture offers degrees in the 
sciences and in the arts, 
and even offer§ a doctor- 

College of Agriculture 189 

Edwin R. Anderson — Anacortes, Ag 
Jed W. Bauermeister — Mesa, Ag 
Cindy S. Charron — Moxee, Ag 
Rich Lee Coulombe — Longview, Ag 
Ronald W. Edmondson — Yakima. Ag 
Greg Geleynse — Lynden, Ag 
Ronald Hennings — Sprague, Ag 


(^Agriculture Economics and Mechanics 

Emmanuel Ackah — Benin Nigeria, Ag Econ 

John Robert Albert — Stanwood CA. Ag Econ 

Allan Bafus — Colfax, Ag Econ 

Steve Bouchey — Wapato, Ag Econ 

Chris Brandon — Spokane, Ag Econ 

Phil Bray — Toledo. Ag Econ 

Dan Bruce — Farmington, Ag Mech 

Phillip Clark — Cashmere, Ag Econ 
Brian Crow — Oakesdale, Ag Mech 

John Simon Dekker — Zillah, Ag Econ 
Phillip C. DuFault — Prosser, Ag Econ 
Jeffrey Boyd Fagg — Pullman. Ag Econ 
James F. Fitzgerald — Clarkston. Ag Mech 
Richard S. Franklin — Fullerton CA, Ag Econ 

Joe L. Frazier — Dallesporl, Ag Econ 
Marsha A. Gossler — Seattle, Ag Econ 
Richard C. Harris — Chehalis, Ag Econ 
Curtis Hennings — Ritzville, Ag Econ 
Tom Herrick — Vancouver, Ag Econ 
Michael S. Ingham — Touchat, Ag Econ 
Donald Kagele — Ritzville, Ag Econ 

Stephen James Lancaster — Mesa, Ag Econ 
Daniel Lotz — Seattle, Ag Econ 
Kevin MacIntyre — Mansfield, Ag Econ 
Stephen Market — Pullman, Ag Econ 
James E. Meyer — Pullman, Ag Mech 
Gary Joseph Morford — Wapato, Ag Mech 
Sidney Morrison Jr. — Zillah. Ag Mech 

Steve C. Nelson — Eatonville, Ag Econ 
Ron Poulsen — Ellensburg, Ag Mech 
Bryan S. Sakuma — Mt. Vernon, Ag Econ 

Dean Walter Schoknecht — Shohomish, Ag 

Robert A. Schultheis — Colton, Ag Mech 
Gregory J. Scott — Pomeroy, Ag Econ 

Claudia Jane Sersland — Mt. Vernon, Ag Econ 

John Lyle Sheldon — Pullman. Ag Mech 
Alan Robert Smick — Endicott, Ag Econ 
David J. Tobin — Mabton, Ag Econ 
Robert Joel Watkins — Quincy, Ag Econ 
Ricci Weatherman — Clarkston, Ag Econ 
Hal Van de Vord — Des Moines. Ag Mech 

190 College of Agriculture 


c^Animal c Nutritioii and Science 

James E. Connolly — Richland. Agron 
David T. Fraser — Pullman. Agron 
Bruce A. Gill — Pullman, Agron 
Gregory Gillespie — Tieton, Agron 
Rodney L. Greene — Moses Lake, Agron 
Lynn Harris — Yakima. Agron 
Mary Hostetler — Vancouver, Agron 

Charles Harvey Huston — Moses Lake, Agron 
Mark Iverson — Kent, Agron 
Roger D. Jeske — Ellensburg, Agron 
Brian E. Jones — Cove OR. Agron 
Don Killingsworth — Pomeroy. Agron 
David Virgil Kobes — Zillah, Agron 
Case Kwak — Othello, Agron 

Michael R. Pettitt — Buckley, Agron 

Robert N. Robillard — Mokee, Agron 
Mark L. Roy — Moxee, Agron 
Rodney Schneidmiller — Liberty Lake. Agron 
Doug Seebeck — Outlook, Agron 

Patrick J. Shellenberger — White Swan, Agron 
Stephen Warren Smith — Tokoa, Agron 

Bruce Allen Baardson — Eatonville, Anim Nutr 
Don Neil Barnes — Pullman. Anim Sci 
Debora S. Bottemiller — Olympia. Anim Nutr 
Debra A. Brandmire — Sunnyside, Anim Nutr 
Steven L. Brown — Pomeroy, Anim Sci 
Trisha Craig — Pasadena CA, Anim Sci 
Daniel L. Fagerlie — Pullman, Anim Sci 

Rebecca J. Fallis — Seattle, Anim Sci 
Larry E. Fisher — Brush Prairie. Anim Sci 
Mark Giffey — Chehalis, Anim Sci 
Blaine A. Hood — Vancouver. Anim Sci 
Cynthia Johnson — Cosmopolis. Anim Sci 
Mike Kayser — Castle Rock. Anim Sci 
Thomas W. Keller — Washougal. Anim Sci 

Ann M. Kilpatrick — Oakesdale, Anim Nutr 

Marion Wilma Kooyman — Auburn, Anim Sci 

Ken Leisher — Redwood. Anim Sci 

Leslie Anne Lindow — Redmond. Anim Nutr 

Sandra M. Matheson — Bellingham, Anim Sci 

Daniel M. Miller — Pasco, Anim Sci 

Paul Anthoney Norcia — York MD. Anim Sci 

Mike Parker — Neah Bay, Anim Sci 
Laurie Powell — Seattle, Anim Sci 
Robert W. Pratt — Mica. Anim Sci 
Colleen K. Rogers — Sumas. Anim Sci 
Nancy Lee Rostan — Pullman, Anim Sci 
Cheryl Lynn Sonetz — Poulsbo, Anim Sci 
Daniel D. Stewart — Pullman, Anim Sci 

College of Agriculture 191 

c Entomologjr ^FoodScieqce and Soils 

c Horticultui€ 

Linda Marie Anyan — Spokane. Hort 
Donna Bick — Yakima. Hort 

Lola Blumenschein — Colfax. Hort 
Elizabeth Brannan — Mt. Vernon, Hort 
Arthur Haverly Brediger — Seattle. Hort 
Michele M. Carnevale — Trenton NJ. Hort 
David Ernest Clark — Chelan. Hort 

Leslie Ann Coulon — Rowensdale, Land Arch 
Jay D. Crawford — Mt. Vernon. Hort 

Mark Helmer Dalos — Richland. Hort 
Judy Emmons — Yakima, Hort 
Douglas Edward Field — Yakima. Hort 
Jim Forde — Lynden, Hort 
Karen Jean Frields — Tacoma. Hort 

Daniel R. Gaspar — Wenatchee, Hort 

Helen Hayter — Puyallup, Hort 

Constance Joan Hix — Zephyr Cove NE. Hort 

Ernie Holt — Brewster. Hort 

Vito lacobazzi — Tacoma. Hort 

Cathy Johnson — Pullman, Hort 

William H. Keene — Poulsbo, Hort 

Deborah Lloyd — Everett. Hort 
James Lorenzen — Burlington, Hort 
Paul Wesley McDonald — Wapato, Hort 
Barbara McGlone — Dear Park NY. Hort 
John W. Miller — Edmonds. Hort 
Bradley J. Mulvihill — Snoqualmie, Hort 
Carolyn J. Olson — Richland. Hort 

Susan Roberts — Federal Way. Hort 
Steve Rose — German Town TN, Hort 
Grant W. Rostan — Pullman. Hort 
Jim Rummel —Yakima. Hort 
John Shields — Pullman, Hort 
Teresa A. Walen — Graham, Hort 
Allan Patton Warman — Cashmere, Hort 

192 College of Agriculture 

^Forestry'and c Landscape Q^rchitectuHe 

Steven Ray Agnew — Pullman, For 
David D. Aichele — Pullman, For 
Gregory H. Ansley — White Salmon, For 
Rosemary Baker — Yakima, For 
Richard Brathovde — Pullman, For 
Diane Marie Burgin — LaCrosse, For 
Stephen L. Burinsky — Olympia, For 

Howard J. Burnside — Pullman, For 
Bryce C. Christensen — Centralia, For 
Lance L. Christensen— Longview, For 
Douglas Denison — Uniontown, For 
Rae Emmons — Bellingham, For 
William T. Erickson — Pullman, For 
Anita Ruth Foust — Othello, For 

Steven Friedman — Pullman, For 
Jeff Garver — Camas, For 
Tom Gnojek — Pullman, For 
Carl Jeffrey Goebel — Pullman, For 
Chris Horyza — Bellevue, For 
Lance Craig Hoyt — Toppenish, For 
Helen M. Jones— Vancouver, For 

James Benjamin Kelley— Pullman, For 
William H. Kelso — Benton City, For 
Christine M. LeClair — Sumner, For 
Linda Lou Martin — Wenatchee, For 
Thomas Eugene McCaulley— Naches, For 
Jack B. Micheau — Pullman, For 
Jerry Lee Murray — Pullman, For 

Judith Lynn Murray — Seattle, For 
Carol Mytvon — Kent, For 
Steven D. Novy — Concrete, For 
Mark R. Oergel — Tenino, For 
Walter R. Olsen — Libby MT, For 
Peter F. Poolman — Waitsburg, For 
Steven W. Ranten — Burlington, For 

Robert Reeck — Bellingham, For 
Connie L. Riha — Boise ID. For 
Rocky J. Ross — Pullman, For 

Robert M. Salberg — Kelso, For 

Ann Samloff — Rancho Palos Verdes CA, For 

Michael Jared Schad — Shelton, For 
Michael Herman Simonson — Bellingham, For 

Carolyn Lea Smith — Marysville, For 
Greg Smitman — Pullman, For 

R. Jaye Solowan — Yakima. For 
Scott Eldon Swanson — Tacoma. For 
Dana Alan Vandiver — Oroville, For 
Darrel E. Verney — Pullman, For 
Kathy D. West — Seattle, For 

Warren Jon Wilson — Olympia, For 
Michael Freeland Wolcott — Spokane, For 
William B. Betlach— Spokane, Land Arch 
Beverly Haight — Tacoma, Land Arch 
RoxAnne Hastings — Spokane, Land Arch 
Irvin Higashi — Pullman, Land Arch 
Richard Mattrass — Redmond, Land Arch 

Theda V. Scheibner — Kennewick, Land Arch 
Thomas Michael Sechrist —Vashon, Land Arch 
Chad Smith — Richland, Land Arch 
James S. Van de Vanter — Woodinville, Land Arch 
Cheryl A. Wunschel — Everett, Land Arch 
Terry Y. Yamamoto — Port Orchard, Land Arch 

College of Agriculture 


The College of Economics and Business adopted a new 
rule this year to ease a crowded situation Upper-level class 
enrollments will be limited to students majoring in business 
vho require a class for their major. Closed sections, 
standing in line to add classes or to get onto a waiting list, 
were all too common the first two weeks of school. A yearly 
twenty percent increase in certified majors was responsible 
fo,r the hectic situation. The newcrule allows the college to' 
maintain an acceptable student/teacher ratio until more 
teachers can be hired These steps were(equired to protect 
the college’s accreditation. 

Or. Gary M. Walton 

ian, College of Economics and Business 

Dr. Edward A. Perkins 

Office Administration 

V. Lane Rawlins 


Business Administration 


Qollege of Economics and business 

business (^Administration 

Cathy Adams — Longview, Acct. 

Fred A. Alexander — Inglewood CA, Mkt. 

Daniel E. Amundsen — Seattle, Acct 
David Barry Anderson — Tacoma, B A 
Catherine Antush — Seattle, B A 
Gary A. April — Vancouver, B A. 

George Kelly Arnzen — Garfield, B A. 

Mark Baker — Portland OR, Fin. 

J. Houston Barclay — Seattle, B A 
John W. Barnes — Yakima, B A 
Diann Adel Barry — Lacrosse, B A 
Richard O. Bartch —Valleyford, Ins. 
Ken Battie — Tacoma, Acct. 

Steven J. Baumgartner — Seattle, Acct 

Sue Baur — Yakima, B.A. 

Robert Bayless — Bellevue, Acct. 
Randy R. Bell — Seattle, B A 
Todd A. Belsvik — Bellevue, Acct. 
Stephen R. Berg — Puyallup, B.A. 
Tim Bergman — Pullman, B.A. 
Ted Billbe — Renton, B.A. 

Terry Bleck— -Seattle, Fin 
Thomas P. Boh man — Bellevue, B.A. 
Patrick Boucher — South Colby, B.A. 
David Bowman — Seattle, B.A. 

Donald Keith Bowman — Espanola, B.A. 
Bill Brager — Forks, Ins 
Keith W. Brewe — Seattle, B.A. 

Ernie Briggs — Spokane, B.A. 

Lynn Gladys Brine — Edmonds, Cpt. Syst. 
Timothy Paul Brogan — Bellevue, Syst Oper 

Carol M. Bruton — Pullman, B.A. 

Kelly Richard Bryan — Denver CO. Cpt. 

Carl Bryant— Yakima, Acct. 

Gaylord W. Buck — Gig Harbor, B A 

Olivia Buckley — Spokane, Mkt. 

Kelly P. Burke — Bellevue, Mkt. 

Ron Burkhardt — Yakima, Acct 
Thomas E. Callahan — Spokane, Acct 
Marilyn K. Carbaugh — Spokane, B A 
Mark Gregory Cejka — Kenewick, B.A. 
Richard G. Christensen — Eatonville, B.A. 

Greg Christoffersen — Mt. Vernon, B.A. 
Karen Jeanne Clark — Auburn, Acct 
Steven F. Clark — Pullman, B.A. 

Judson H. Clendaniel — Seattle, Real E 
Kathy Close — Yakima, Acct. 

Mark A. Cook — Olympia, Acct. 

Bill Cooke — Tacoma, B.A 

Douglas CottrilI — Seattle, Cpt S 
Donald J. Cox — Pullman, B A. 

Fred R. Cox — Richland, Trans. 

Andrew Curtis — Vaughn, Acct 
Thomas Daniel — Zillah, B.A. 

Craig C. Daniels — Bellevue, Mkt. 
William A. Davidson — Kennewick, Mkt 

Scott E. Davis — Tacoma, B A. 

Steve Davis — Yakima, Mkt. 

Terrell Deere — Yakima, B.A. 

Rick and Dawn Dennis — Pullman, B.A. 
Douglas Devries — Tacoma, B.A. 

Peter U. C. Dieke — Pullman, B.A 
Patty Anne Digby — Anacortes, Acct 

Business Administration 195 

Linda Distler — Spokane, BA 
Mark Doennebrink — Steilacoom, BA 
Michael Dollard — Mercer Is.. BA 
William A. Dorbol — Edmonds, BA 
Greg Dormaier — Cashmere, Mkt. 
Richard Dunham — Pasco, BA 
Dean Durpee — Spokane, BA 

Scott Clinton Eastham — Pullman, Acct. 
Fred Eberlein — Pullman, Acct. 

Steven P. Edwards — Corning NY, BA 
Randy G. Egolf — Olympia, BA 
Craig N. Elia — Walla Walla, Acct. 

Mary Ann Embry — Longview, Acct 
Judith Ann Emerson — Spokane, BA 

John S. Engen — Tacoma, Mkt 
Jody Entrikin — Bow, BA 
Karl Thomas Erickson — Pullman, BA 
Rafael Gregory Ferrer — Seattle, Mkt 
Bruce Fingarson— Bremerton, Acct 
Janice M. Fitzgerald — Mt. Vernon, BA 
John Fohne — Pullman, Acct 

Neal Forde — Everett, BA 

Scott Forsyth — Spokane. Mkt 
Don Fraley — Bothell, Mkt 

Rosemary Gallaghar — Puyallup. Pers 
Roy Gamer Gallagher — North Bend, BA 
Julia Giard — Clarkston, BA 
Lloyd Albert Gibbons — Seattle. Acct 

Gregg A. Giboney — Veradale, BA 
Bruce B. Gilbert — Coupeville, BA 
John M. Gilliams — Pullman, BA 
Caroline Gilmore — Yakima, Mkt 
Mary Gilmore — Pullman, Mkt 
Eric Glad — Bellevue, BA 
Marty Goodman — Tacoma, BA 

Douglas James Grant — Tacoma, Fin 

Michael Greary — Olympia, BA 

Glenn A. Green — Tacoma. Mkt 

Kim Scott Greer — Spokane, Acct 

Randy P. Gross — Walla Walla. Qnt M 

Reynir O. Gudjonsson — Gardabai Iceland, BA 

Robert W. Guild — Edmonds, Mkt 

Susan Stiller Haberman — Pullman, BA 
Gina Marie Haggerty — Spokane. Acct 
Cherilyn Hahn — Port Orchard, BA 
Mark Hall — Lake Stevens, BA 
Scott Hansen — Mercer Is.. Real E 
Charles Harley — Bellevue. BA 
Susan Harms — Bellevue, BA 

Gregary Heath — Puyallup, BA 
Kevin M. Hedeen — Malag. BA 
Colleen Henry — Tacoma. Acct 
Jerry Henry — Auburn, BA 
Joe Hentges — Seattle. Mkt 
Michael J. Herb — Vancouver. Mkt 
Leslie Hildebrand — Wenatchee. Mkt 

Ralph L. Hill — Spokane. Acct 

Brian J. Hirschkorn — Pullman. Acct 
Douglas A. Hitsman — Seattle, Acct 
David L. Hoefs — Woodland, Real E 
Jim Holmes — Grandview. BA 
Jeffrey M. Horien — Pullman. BA 
Karen L. Hovis — Yakima, BA 

196 College of Business and Economics 

Robert J. Hulskamp — Spokane. BA 
Marc Hutchinson — Federal Way. BA 
Kerfin Hylton — Spokane, BA 
Carlene A. Imano — Lahama HA, BA 
Nicholas L. Impagliazzo — Lacey, BA 
Stillman Isobe — Honolulu HA. BA 
Jeff T. Israel — Spokane, Mkt 

David William Jackson — Spokane. Mkt 
Michael E. James — Lake Stevens, Acct 
Lawrence Lee Jaquish — Pullman, BA 
Karl Jensen — Bremerton, BA 
Barry Jeske — Pullman, Fin 
Kylie Bygland Jeske — Pullman. Insur 
Dale C. Johnson — Yelm, BA 

Doug Johnson — Bellevue, Mkt 
Douglas B. Johnson — Seattle, Mkt 
Linda Johnson — Olympia. Mkt 
Nick Johnson — Kent. BA 
Elizabeth M. Johnston — Pullman. Acct 
Arlene Mary Jones — Port Orchard. Acct 
Joel Jornlin — Steilacoom. BA 

Stephen J. Kaiser — Endicott. BA 
Larry J. Kaleiwahea — Tacoma. BA 
Larry Mark Kaler — Tcaoma, BA 
Susan C. Karnath — Washougal, BA 
Carol Dee Kauffman — Kent. BA 
Brian Michael Kelly — Walla Walla, BA 
Kenneth C. Kemo — Fairfield. BA 

Steve Killian — Ephrata. Mkt 
Edward W. Killoren — Olympia, Acct 
Mary Lynn Killoren — Olympia. Housing 
Augustan Kittson — Kennewick, BA 
Kimball Knight — Pullman, BA 
Jon Krilco — Brush Prairie, BA 
Shirley D. Langdon — Bothell, BA 

Marvin Leaf — Moses Lake, Acct 
Susan Legel — Spokane. Acct 

Leanne Liddicoat — Spokane. BA 
Alan Scott Lindgren — Redding CA, BA 
John Logue — Lacy, Acct 
Todd Robert Lund — Everett, BA 
Ralph E. Lydin — Selah, BA 

David Bruce Matzke — Tieton, BA 
Craig A. Mayfield — Pullman, BA 
Michael E. McAllister — Spokane, BA 
Rebekah McCain — Pullman. Real E 
Frederick Wm. McConkey — Seattle, Fin 
Mary Heather McCoy — Spokane, Mkt 
Dan McCroskey — Bellevue. Acct 

Ken Madland — Seattle, BA 
Daniel J. Malloy — Spokane. Mkt 
Juli Marlatt — Tacoma. Mkt 

Margaret Martelli — Des Moines. BA 
Bruce Martin— Spokane, BA 
Michael D. Massey — Roy. BA 
Daryl Masuda — Mauai HA. BA 

Roger Lee McGraw — Camas. BA 
John McKay — Lake Oswego OR, BA 
Susan McKee — Richalnd. BA 
Reed McKinlay — Pasco. Acct 
John McKinnon — Kennewick, BA 
Paul Lynn McNeill — Richland. Trans 
Nancy McWilliams — Spokane, Mkt 

College of Business and Economics 


Dan Messinger — Garfield. B A 
Sharon L. Michael — Kennewick, B A 
Stephen M. Michaliszyn — Ephrata. B A 
Victoria Miller — Peshastin. Acct 
William D. Miller — Hoquiam, B A 
Larry Minor — Great Falls MT, B.A. 
Steven L. Moon — Tumwater. B A. 

Stanley G. Moore — Spokane, B.A. 
Steven Richard Moser — Spokane, B A. 
Lyle E. Moss — Spokane. Mkt 
Brad A. Myers —Claremonl CA. B.A. 

Charles A. Natland — Bremerton, Acct. 
Cheryl L. Nelson — Spokane, B.A 
Kenneth S. Nelson — Everett, Fin 

Larry L. Nelson — Seattle. B.A 
Rita Nelson — Burlington. B.A. 

Andrew Y. M. Ng — Pullman. B.A. 

Stephen P. Nichols — Bellevue. Mkt 
Nick Marks VonWurtemburg — Pullman, B.A 
Mark Charles Niemi —Seattle. Real E. 
Richard Noonkester — E Wenatchee, B.A. 

Janice Norden — Tacoma. B.A. 

Geoffrey W. Norwood — Spokane. Acct. 
Mark K. Novack — Everett. B.A. 

Wayne Allen Officer — Vancouver, Cpt. S 
Gary L. Oldright — Pullman. Acct 
Frank Olson — Puyallup, B.A. 

Joanne May Olson — Ferndale. Real E 

Ken Olson —Clarkston. B A 

Mike Ostrem —Seattle B A 
James Pearson — Federal Way. B.A 

Sue Peckenpaugh — Tacoma, B.A 
John Pelo — Walla Walla, Acct. 

Paula Jean Phillips — Yakima. B.A. 
Carolyn R. Polentz — Richland. B.A 

Steve Polis — Olympia. Acct 

Janquelin Faye Polites — Post Falls ID. Fin 
Starr L. Polum — Bremerton. B.A. 

Leslee Porta — Spokane. B.A. 

Linda Pritchett — Bellevue. Mkt. 

Lauri Ann Ragsdale — Kent, Acct 
Jacquelyn Randall — Renton, Mkt 

Joel P. Randolph — Quincy. B.A. 

Donald E. Rasmussen — Tacoma. B A 
Gregory Rathon — Arlington. Acct 
Doug Raymond — Klamath Falls OR. B.A 
Donna Lee Reid — Prosser. B.A 
Bill Reilly —Bellevue. Mkt. 

Ramona Louise Renner — Vancouver. B.A 

Gary Ried — Pullman. B A 

Carol Ann Rogers — Bellevue. B A 
David Root — Longview, B A 
Michael Rowe — Mercer Is., Acct. 

Patrick M. Ryan —Tacoma. B A 
William Sackville-West — Spokane, B.A 
John Sankovich — Tacoma. Fin 

Michael Schafer — Spokane. Mkt 
Jocelyn Lee Schauer — Tacoma. B A 
Donald L. Schoesler — Spokane. B A 
Gregory Gene Schrag — Odessa Fin 
Maureen Rose Schultheis — Colton. Trans 
Carl Schuur — Burlington. B.A. 

Linda Lee Schwartz — Prosser. B A 

198 Business Administration 

Jack F. Schwisow — Ritzville, Mkt. 

Randy Scott — College PI.. B A 

Matthew Seeds — Camus, Mgt. 

Rob Seruoss — Pullman, B A. 

Roann Magnuson Shaub — Puyallup, B A 
Tom Shuh — Everett. B A 
Rick Sinclair — Wenatchee, Mkt 

Rick Singletary — Tacoma, Mgt 
Douglas Skagen — Seattle. Fin 
Joseph Gerard Slye — Seattle. Acct 
Brian David Smalley — Centralia, Fin. 
Cynthia L. Smith — Spokane. B A 
Doug Smith — Bellevue, Mkt. 

Scott D. Smith — Seattle, B.A. 

Tom Snyder — Seattle. B.A. 

Paula L. Soenke — Olympia, B.A. 
William W. Solomon — Bellingham. Acct 

Harold Gene Spillman — Pasco, Fin. 
Douglas C. Stafford — Longview, Mkt 
William F. Starks — Compton CA, Fin. 
William D. Stephens — Vancouver. B.A. 

Carolyn Stivers — Olalla, B.A 

Jeffrey P. Stocking — Salano Beach CA, Mkt. 

John Strohmaier — Lind. Fin. 

Sharon K. Strong — Seattle, Per 
Glen Svalstedt — Maple Valley, B.A. 

Bruce Tate — Spokane, B.A. 

Steve Taylor — Spokane, B.A. 

Michael B. Thomas — Shelton, Mkt. 
Robert Thome — Bellevue. B.A. 

Kris P. Thompson — Tacoma, B.A. 
Marie H. Thompson — Spokane. Acct. 
Jim Thorp — Kent, Mkt. 

Gail Trefry — Spokane. B.A. 

Lynn A. Ur locker — Seattle, Fin. 

Andrea Sims VanDeVanter — Pullman. B.A 
Steven E. Vessels — Medical Lake, B.A. 
Joseph F. Visell — Vaugh, Trans. 

Linda Sue Waldher — Moscow ID, B.A. 
Stephen M. Walker — Walla Walla, B.A. 
Janice L. Walz — Seahurst, B.A 
Cedric Lee Watkins — Long Beach CA, B.A 

Joseph L. Watson — Pullman, B.A. 

Robert Frank Weis — E. Wenatchee. B.A. 
Burnett L. Whiteplume — Lapwai ID. B.A 
Charles E. Williams — Vancouver, Mkt 
LynDee Williamson — Pasco, Pers 
Doug Marc Wilson — Seattle, B.A. 

Jeffery Robert Wilson — Honolulu HI, B.A. 

Suzanne Wilson — Woodinville, Acct. 
Linda R. Winslow — Anchorage AK. B.A. 
Robert G. Wolfe — Olympia, B.A. 

Elsa K. Wong — Pullman, Acct. 

L. Stedem Wood — Mt. Vernon, B.A. 

Aaron Mitsuo Yokomura — Pullman, B.A. 
Stephen Randal Young — Wenatchee, Fin 

Business Administration 


John H. Barkley — Orting. Econ 
Cynthia June Becker — Rancho Palos Verdes 
CA. Of Ad 

George Scott Burleigh — N Hollywood CA, 

David Raymon Burnett — Moscow ID, Econ 
Elinor Butters — Santa Domingo, Dom. Rep , 

Art Campbell — Chelan. HA 
Scott J. Campbell — Tacoma. HA 

Thomas E. Carter — Walla Walla. Econ 

Carol Y. Chrisman — Seattle. HA 

Karen Christen — Prosser. 01 Ad 

Cathy Ann Christensen — Maple Valley. Econ 

Rich Colgan — Bellevue. HA 

Kathryn L. Combs — Gig Harbor, Econ 

Deirdre Connor — Issaquah. Econ 

Bonnie Belle Copeland — Tacoma. Econ 
Greg H. Eilers — Seattle. HA 
Gregory Lee Finch — Wall a Walla. HA 
Geoffrey Fanning — Spokane, HA 
Mary M. Flemming — Bellevue. HA 
Peter W. Grant — Seattle. HA 
Cindy Graves — Seattle. HA 

Jim Gray — Bellevue. Econ 
Carol Hall — Mercer Is.. Of Ad 

Katherine Haugen — Edmonds. Of Ad 
Paula C. Hirschkorn — Pullman. Econ 
Kay Hudson — Pullman. Econ 
Karen Susan Huff — Renton. Of Ad 
James E. Hurson — Kennewick, Econ 

B. Johnson — Spokane, HA 
Marsha Larson — Bremerton, Of Ad 

R. Scott Lassweil — Pullman, HA 
Bob Lease — Concord CA. Econ 
Robert Ledrew — Seattle. HA 
Anna Manolopouios — Richland, Of Ad 
Neil Edward Maris — Spokane. Econ 

David Scott McVey — Bellevue. HA 
Steven W. Mindemann — Renton, HA 
C. Nehemiah K. Ngeno — Pullman, Econ 
Key Nishimura — Tokyo Japan, HA 
Indra Panchcowrie — Pullman, Econ 
Jill Anne Peistrup — Seattle, Of Ad 
Scott D. Pepin — Bellevue. HA 

Jenny Lee Petitjean — Issaquah. Of Ad 

Cam Powell — Spokane. HA 

Annette B. Poulsen — Port Townsend. Econ 

Chris L. Richardson — Renton, Econ 
Mark Rogstad — Yakima, Econ 

Katherine Rooney — Seattle. Econ 
Linda A. Satterthwatte — Seattle. Of Ad 

Jocelyn Schauer — Tacoma, Of Ad 
Michael H. Schnabel — Pullman, Econ 
Jerry Selbo — Spokane, HA 
Carol Shaver — Kirkland, HA 
Victorial C. Smith — Sequim, Of Ad 
Susan Saldin Strong — Pullman. HA 
Paul L. Tefft — Bellevue, HA 

Ecoqomics, c Hotel <^Ad and Office <^Ad 

200 College of Business and Economics 


A career in teaching is quite demanding P 
daily and long-range lesson plans, in addition 
ricular assignments and the actual classroom I 
be exhausting But. if a teaching candidate 
helping others to mature both academically 
then we have found another hardworking, selfk 
The college of Education prepares the educ< 
teach and to evaluate student progress eftect 
variety ot methods. Lectures, seminars, and ac 
experiences are an integral part of the curric 
tour year degree the education graduate is we 
teach his of tier subject area or areas, and is \ 
to face the demanding, and legally responsib 
that he or she has chosen I 

> extra-cur- 
iching. can 

Dr. George B. Brain 

an, College ot Education 

Dr. Roger C. Wiley 

Physical Education for Men 

Dr. Carol E. Gordon 

Physical Education for Women 

Dr. Dale G. Andersen 


College of Education 201 

c Educatioii 

Mary Janine Adams — Spokane. Home Ec Ed. 
Lynette Armstrong — Beaverton OR. Home Ec 

Linda M. Baker — Tacoma. Ed. 

Ann Kimberly Barnhart — Tacoma. For. Lang. 

Karen Jean Barnes — Vancouver. Spec Ed 
Catherine D. Basta — Bellevue. Home Ec. Ed. 
Linda Bergeron — Reardon. Spec Ed. 

Wilbur Bishop — Coupeville, Ag Ed. 

Mary F. Blomberg — Pullman, Spec Ed 

Lila Kay Blumenschein — Colfax, Spec. Ed. 
Steven John Bodnar — Everett. Spec Ed 
Becky Boettcher — Vancouver, Eng. Ed 
Beth A. Brigson — Home Ec. Ed. 

T. Michael Burch — Albion, Mus. Ed 

Anna M. Carey — Hoquiam, Eng. Ed. 

Nora Carlson — Pullman, Spec. Ed 
Jill Carpenter — Spokane. Home Ec. Ed 
Karen Carpenter — Bremerton, Spec. Ed. 
Melanie Chang — Tacoma. Art. Ed. 
Christopher Lee Chapin — Cosmopolis, Mus. 

Kathy Coleman — Snohomish, Spec. Ed. 

John Cree — Sprague, Ind. Ed. 

Craig Culbertson — Colfax, Ag. Ed. 

Elain Davis — Pullman. Ed. 

Karen Gale Demond — Spokane. Mus. Ed. 
Mark Eathorne — Bremerton, Ed. 

Linda Einan — Richland, Eng. Ed. 

Michelle Rene Ellis — Port Orchard, For Lang. 

Diane Fink — Home Ec. Ed. 

Lisette Fleer — Vancouver, Ed 
Margo K. Flumerfelt — Bothell, Home Ec. Ed. 
Mary Catherine Freeman — Mercer Is., Ed. 
Marti Freese — Vancouver, F A. Ed. 

Linda C. Gillespie — Cheney, Soc. St Ed. 
Jerry Glaser — Puyallup, Math Ed 

Robin T. Goodrich — Albion. Ed. 

Kim Gumm — Farmington, Spec Ed. 

Robert E. Haberman — Pullman. Ag. Ed. 

Susan Kathleen Hadley — Redmond, Home Ec. 

Susan Hamilton — Longview, Home Ec. Ed. 
Kimberlee Hanby — Bainbridge Is.. Spec. Ed. 
Gary Kevin Held — Pullman. Ed. 

Ralph Hansonsmith — Pullman, Ed 
Teresa I. Hastings — Wapato, Math Ed. 
John M. Herr — Pullman. Ed. 

Holly Jo Hiatt — Clarkston, Ed. 

Michael Hickman — Olympia, Ag. Ed. 
Kirk A. Hinckle — Ellensburg, Ed. 

Carol Hofseth — Spokane, Math Ed. 

Mindy Honts — Wenatchee, Mus. Ed. 

Mark Irvin Hummel — Olympia, Ed. 

Dan C. Jamison — Pullman, Hist Ed. 

Barbara J. Kee — Seattle, Mus. Ed. 

Karen Kelly — Snohomish, Spec. Ed 
Joyce Margaret Kew — West Covina CA. Spec. 

Jerri L. Klicker — Walla Walla. Ag. Ed. 

Carolyn E. Koper — Oroville, For. Lang. Ed. 
Aimie Krull — Enumclaw, Home Ec. Ed. 

Lome C. Lambert — Yellowknife Canada, Mus. 

Janet J. Large — Tacoma, Spec Ed 
Laurene Larson — Issaquah, Home Ec. Ed. 

Kevin Michael Laughlin — Tacoma, Ag. Ed 
Marjorie Lee Lawson — LaCenter, Spec Ed 

202 College of Education 

Thomas B. Leacy — Gig Harbor, Spe Ed 
Sherri Leapley — Pullman, Art Ed 
LaDonna Liske — College PI.. Home Ec. Ed. 
Karen D. Loftis — Olympia. Home Ec. Ed. 

Guy R. Madison — Pasco, Ag Ed 
Shannon Marie McGough — Moses Lake. Art 

Max B. McCorkle — Seattle. Mus. Ed. 

Bob McLaughlin — Spokane. Hist Ed 
Michelle McMillin — Kennewick. Ed 
Marta McRae — Marysville, Spec. Ed. 
Gail M. Moser — Colton, Spe. Ed. 
Daniel Joe Murray — Pullman, Ag. Ed 
Jenny Nyman — Cheney, Engl. Ed. 
Nancy L. Oberg — Wenatchee, Art Ed. 

Michael Ovenell — Bellevue. Soc. St. Ed 
Jan Peterson — Yakima. Mus. Ed. 

Tom Pirie — Portland OR, I. Ed. 

Athena Denise Ralston — Orinda CA. Spec 

Dave Reeber — Pullman, Eng. Ed. 

Peggy Rhodes — Creston. Ed 

Patti Ann Saari — Oak Harbor, Home Ec. Ed. 

Dave Schactler — Colfax. Ag. Ed. 

Debbie Scodeller— Everett. Home Ec. Ed 

Ken Shamblin — Puyallup, Ag Ed 

Cathy Lynn Sheahan — Rosalia, Home Ec. Ed. 

Laurie B. Shelton — Vancouver. Ed 
Theresa Marie Siler — St John, Home Ec Ed 
Barbara Ann Sigler — German Ed 

Leanne Smith — Tacoma. Spec Ed. 

Lori Jean Smith — Pullman. Spec. Ed. 

Laurie Stevenson — Kent. Home Ec Ed. 
Heidi Annette Stixrud — Vashan. Ag Ed 
Kathryn Thomas — Edmonds. Home Ec Ed 
David Michael Tobin — Bellevue. Soc St Ed 
Chris Eugene Tomashotf — Seattle. Hist Ed 

Joan Vetto — Mercer Is., Spec. Ed 

Rebecca Suzan Watt — Kennewick, Home Ec. Ed. 

Gloria Wheeling — Veradale, Math. Ed. 

Randy Williams — Davenport, Ag. Ed. 

Rita Wixom — Renton. Spec. Ed. 

c Elementary' c Educatiori 

Kathleen M. Anderson — Seattle. Elem. Ed 
Shari L. Anliker — Vancouver. Elem. Ed 
Linda Marie Bell — Spokane. Elem. Ed. 
Peggy Berhow — Vancouver, Elem. Ed. 
Kevin Berry — Spanaway. Elem. Ed. 
Shannon Rae Birchill — Spokane, Elem Ed 
Leigh A. Bostrom — Bellingham, Elem. Ed. 

Jenny Brown — McCleary, Elem. Ed 
Janie Calkins — Spokane, Elem. Ed. 

Mary Ann Carter — Twin Falls ID. Elem. Ed. 
Diane Leslie Clark — Bellevue, Elem. Ed. 
Debra Kay Claus — Camas, Elem. Ed 
Greg Lloyd eleven — Bremerton, Elem. Ed. 
Richard A. Crouch — Camano Is., Elem. Ed 

Paul Henry Dann — Oak Harbor. Elem. Ed 
Lynne Alison Deckman — Longview, Elem. Ed 
Lisa Ann Fadeff — Vancouver, Elem Ed. 

Diane Fazio — Tacoma, Elem. Ed. 

Susan J. Flint — Blaine. Elem. Ed 
Carolyn M. Florek — Cathlamet. Elem. Ed. 
Karen Furth — Hoquiam, Elem. Ed. 

College of Education 


William F. Geppert III — Tacoma, Elem Ed 
Richard N. Gurr — Seattle, Elem Ed 
Sharon Lee Hall — Pullman, Elem Ed 
Wanda Hansen — Poulsbo, Elem Ed 

Mary Frances Hensler — Sumner, Elem Ed 
Fritzi Hirzel — Richland. Elem Ed 

Michael Hughes — Pasco, Elem Ed 
Cheryl Lee Johnson — Marysville. Elem Ed 
Karin Jordan — Pullman, Elem Ed 
Jocelyn La Lill — Spokane, Elem Ed 
Jim Lauer — Oroville CA, Elem Ed 
Linda Lengle — Pullman, Elem Ed 

Leslie S. Little — Colfax, Elem Ed 
Lynn M. Little — Colfax, Elem Ed 
Mary Ann Lund — Pullman, Elem Ed 

John James MacDonald — Ephrata. Elem Ed 
Nancy Markee — Lake Oswego OR, Elem Ed 

Marsha Joy McLaughlin — Yakima, Elem Ed 

Mary Kathryn Milton — Tacoma, Elem Ed 
Karen Molenaar — Port Orchard, Elem Ed 
Christine Moiitor — Bellevue, Elem Ed 
Jeanne Marie Monthy — Tacoma. Elem Ed 
Jane Ellen Moore — Spokane, Elem Ed 

Robetto Nevarez — Pullman. Elem Ed 
Teresa Jane Nibler — Walla Walla, Elem Ed 
Kerri O’Leary — Spokane, Elem Ed 
Jeri S. Pacsmag — Chehalis, Elem Ed 
Kathleen N. Pearson — Bellevue. Elem Ed 

Teri M. Portmann — Tacoma. Elem Ed 
Nancy Jo Price — Rosalia, Elem Ed 
Kathy Repp — Colfax, Elem Ed 
Becky Robinson —Spokane, Elem Ed 
Nancy J. Salt — Spokane, Elem Ed 

Kimberly Ann Sanders — Kent, Elem Ed 
Susan Schutts — Tacoma. Elem Ed 
Lorilee Sherwood — Spokane, Elem Ed 
Diane Shonka — Bellevue, Elem Ed 
Sheri Simpson — Highland CA, Elem Ed 

Roland Dale Snider — Walla Walla, Elem Ed 
Laurie Swan — Mercer Is., Elem Ed 

Gail Sue Tokunaga — Pullman, Elem Ed 
Mary Tormey — Spokane, Elem Ed 

Debra Lea Tweeddale — Issaquah. Elem Ed 

Vickie Ward — Battle Ground, Elem Ed 
Miriam Waters — Kirkland, Elem Ed 
Judy Williams — Tacoma. Elem Ed 
Diane Lynn Winter — Bothell. Elem Ed 
Connie Witte — Spokane, Elem Ed 


College of Education 

Physical c Educatiori 


Robert D. Albert — Pullman, RPA 
Cindy Barchenger — Issaquah, PE 
Laura Barkley — Asotin, PE 
Kim Bowling — Tacoma. PE 
Buddy T. Bear — Tacoma, PE 
Marianne E. Berry — Tacoma, PE 
Dana Blair — Vancouver, PE 

Katherine E. Blum — Morion, PE 
Julia Blunt — Vancouver, RPA 
Kimberly Ann Bowling — Tacoma. PE 
Bob Branson — Mossyrock. PE 
Sandra L. Brownscombe — Denver CO, PE 
Tracy Lee Bruhn — Seattle, PrephysTh 
Jeff Camp — Lacrosse, PE 

Michelle Lynn Cheuner — Seattle, RPA 
Suzanne Colgan — Bellevue, PE 
Robert D. Cooper — Ellensburg, RPA 
David L. Coulson — Pasco, PE 
Karen S. Coulson — Pasco, PE 
Susan Marie Davis— Ephrata, RPA 

Cynthia Dean — Bellevue. PE 

Colleen Louise Derango — Vashon, PE 
Kaelin Donald — Woodstock VA. RPA 
William C. Drui — Pullman. RPA 

Floyd A. Dugger — Tacoma. PE 
Kimberly A. Duncan — Renton. PE 

Lori Eby — Vancouver. PE 

Elee Marcel Fairhart — Morton. Prephys Th 

Teri Fay — Spokane. PE 

Lawrence Finan — Paramount CA. RPA 

Sharon L. Fouts — Pullman. PE 

John Gilmore — Port Orchard. PE 
Terri Linn Gould — Kennewick, PE 

Becky Gundlach — Pullman, PE 
Alice Hardin — Yakima, PE 
Beverlee J. Hastings — Palo Alto CA, PE 

Judy Hauger — Beaver Lodge, Canada, RPA 

Susan Lee Hill — Richland. PE 
Keith L. Hilmer — Puyallup, RPA 

Timothy Clark Jochen — Richland. PE 

Dean Olin Johnson — N Highlands CA, Prephys Th 

Mary Kaufman — Auburn, RPA 
Douglas R. Kee — Seattle. PE 
Gretchen Kipp — Seattle. PE 

College of Education 205 

Mandy L. Kister — Spokane. PE 
Douglas D. Konu — Orland CA. PE 
John Kuntz — Kennewick. RPA 
Diane R. Lang — Ridgefield. RPA 

Anne Marie Laseau — Alexandria VA. PE 
Roxy Lee — Pullman. PE 

Lance Thomas Leonard — Lebonon OR. RPA 
Toni J. Lively — Pullman. PE 

Barb Manuel — Tacoma, PE 

Jane Northey — Seattle. Prephys Th 

Karen M. Partlow — Olympia. PE 
Jean E. Peckham — Clarkston. PE 
Jeffrey Pedersen — Sequim. PE 
Shauna Corinne Pierson — Edmonds PE 
Karen Sue Randall — Seattle. Prephys Th 

Brad Reynolds — Pateros, PE 
Cheryl A. Rice — Auburn. PE 
Jill Schindele — Bellevue. PE 
Kimberly Seals — Auburn. PE 
Michael E. Secor — Spokane. PE 
Joyce E. Settveit — Pullman, RPA 
Shelly Ann Siegfried — Mesa, PE 

Bradley Dean Sleeper — Bellevue. PE 
Paul Marek — Spokane. Prephys Th 
Patricia Ann Mattausch — Rosalia. PE 
Mary L. McNeil — Seattle, PE 
Kim E. Meyers — Camus. RPA 
Jane Louise Miller — Seattle. PE 
Marsha J. Neihart — Pullman. PE 

Dorothy Smilanich — Seattle. RPA 
Kimberly K. Strawn — Anacortes. PE 
Cathy L. Sullivan — Bothell. PE 
Bill Tanner — Seattle. PE 
Joseph R.K. Tom — Kaneohe HA. PE 
Larry J. Vance — Onalaska, RPA 

Annemarieke Van Deene — Portland OR. PE 
DeAnn Marie Wells — E Wenatchee. PE 
Janet R. Wirth — Pullman, RPA 

Lynnette Zimmerman — Centralia. PE 

206 College of Education 

Qollege of Engineering 

Dr. Carl W. Hall 

Dean, College of Engineering 

Dr. Joseph A. Brink Dr. Richard W. Crain 

Chemical Engineering Mechanical Engineering 

The engineering profession is open to responsible, 
decision-making individuals. An engineer must solve 
problems dealing with the conveyance and generation 
of electrical energy, the invention and production of 
agricultural products, the designing, construction and 
operation of facilities necessary for an industrial world 
and the research and manufacture of new engineering 
-related materials. The College of Engineering provides 
the training necessary to acquire these highly special¬ 
ized skills. With this purpose in mind, the engineering 
department offers degrees in seven specialized fields 
degree in engineering will take between four and five 
years to complete. With this degree an engineering 
graduate has many satisfying and well-paying career 
opportunities from which to choose. 

College of Engineering 207 


Tayfun Alacakaptan — Pullman, Arch 
Robert Warren Asahara — Tacoma. Arch 
Steve Barnes — Pullman, Arch 
Randall Glen Benedict — Pullman. Arch 
Thomas James Blanchard — Pullman, Arch. 
Susan Lanipo Bonstrom — Pullman. Arch. 
Daniel R. Bresnahan — Colville, Arch 

Christopher Bushnell — Pullman, Arch 
Loren Eugene Cannon — Rosalia, Arch. 
Chris Edward Carlson — Puyallup, Arch. 
Ramon Jorge Cerna — Moses Lk . Arch 
Y. Ken K. Chin — Seattle. Arch 
Denise Darrow — Pullman, Arch 
Kevin L. Eder — Port Angeles. Arch 

Janet Lynne Eldridge — Bellevue. Arch. 
Susan Franks — Pullman. Arch 
Karen M. Gunsul — Portland OR, Arch. 
Randy Hamblin — Pullman, Arch. 
Russell D. Hasse — Cheney. Arch. 
James T. Hillier — Shelton. Arch. 
Kristin Jacobsen — Southworth, Arch. 

Gregory Lee Johnson — Wenatchee. Arch. 
Kevin R. Johnson — Everett. Arch 
Roger S. Kaalaas — Olympia. Arch 
Richard George Kielbon — Spokane, Arch 
Greg Krape — Graham, Arch 
Dean C. Longwell — Pullman, Arch. 

Wendy Sue McClure — Bellevue, Arch. 

John Mengedoht — Seattle, Arch 
David C. Parker — Wenatchee. Arch. 
Lawrence D. Parrett — Edmonds. Arch 
David Allen Rash — Seattle, Arch. 
Howard Rickard — Richland. Arch 
Thomas Aquinus Ryan — Bellevue. Arch. 
Randall C. Salisbury — Olympia, Arch 

James P. Shimmin — Tacoma, Arch 
Daniel E. Simpson — Kirkland, Arch. 

Randal Slater — Olympia, Arch 
Michael L. Stone -r- Pullman, Arch. 

Norman H. Strong — Pullman, Arch 
Russell Mark Thornton — Spokane, Arch 
Venita Rose Van Hamme — Richland, Arch. 

Bruce David Berglin — Walla Walla. MSE 
Alan Edward Caddey — Tacoma. MSE 
Nanine I. Day — Pullman. MSE 
Brad Kirkwood — Spokane. MSE 
Robert Moore — Pullman, MSE 
Mark A. Ness — Kirkland. MSE 
Sheri G. Smith — Seelah, MSE 

208 College of Engineering 

Civil Engineering 

Daniel R. Pease — Othello. C. Engr 
Robert Petrovich — Anchorage, AK. C Engr. 
Richard Schlonga — Vancouver. C. Engr 
Lori Ann Wakeman — Vancouver. C. Engr 

Construction Management 

Kyle Anderson — Issaquah. Env E 
Craig T. Baldwin — Ephrata, C Engr 
Steven P. Bichich — North Bend, C Engr 
Malcolm J. Bowie — Spokane. C Engr 
David D. Derry — Yakima. C Engr 
Ron Dukeshier — Bremerton. C. Engr 
Robert M. Dyer Soap, Lk. C. Engr. 

Randall I. Elliott — Post Falls. ID. C. Engr 

Steven Anthony Gallo — Tacoma. C Engr 
Mark W. Gietz — Pullman, C Engr. 

Susan E. Hagen — Mountlake Terrace. C. Engr 
Randy L. Hagedorn — Yacoh. C Engr 
James H. Hamre — Puyallup. C. Engr 
Lloyd John Hansen — Tacoma. C Engr 

Robert J. Hanson — Quincy, C. Engr, 

Scott Hardie — Spokane. C. Engr. 

Bernard Hargrave, Jr. — Richland. C Engr. 
William J. Holt — Auburn. C Engr 
Thomas, Jaske — Bethesda. MD. C. Engr 
Neil M. Jerstad — Puyallup. C. Engr. 

Phillip Mark Linden — Tacoma, C Engr 

John S. McIntyre — Camano. C Engr 
Keith Allen Metcall — Spokane, C Engr 
David Mueller — Spokane, C. Engr 
Cathy Lynn Nalley — Selah, C Engr 
William Donald O’Brien — Bellingham. C 

Patrick K. O’Laughiin — Port Orchard, C Engr 
Keith Parker — Tacoma, C Engr 

Loch G. Anderson — Issaquah, Const. Mgt. 
Jules R. Andrews — Everett. Const. Mgt 
Gary Burger — Shelton. Const Mgt 

Jeffrey C. Cunningham — Gresham. OR. 
Const Mgt 

Daniel Howell — Kirkland, Const. Mgt 
Greg E. Johnson — Pullman. Const Mgt 
Mark R. Johnson — Spokane, Const Mgt 

Ted Morris Lythgoe — Pullman, Const Mgt 
Carl Mattila — Woodland. Engr. Const 
Richard L. Maurstad — Clarkston. Const. Mgt 
George C. Paston — Pullman, Const. Mgt. 
Glenn Puro — Tacoma. Engr. Const 
Michael Ritchie — Seattle, Const Mgt 
James D. Rodgers — Walla Walla, Const Mgt 

Randell V. Smith —Spokane. Const Mgt. 
Trevor Thies — Camano Is., WN, Const. Mgt 
Kevin A. Thomas — Bothell. Const Mgt 
James T. Whitney — Seattle, Const Mgt 
Lorin George Yeaton — Seattle. Const. Mgt. 
Bruce A. Zornow — Const. Mgt 

College of Engineering 209 

Russell A. Anderson — Tacoma, Chem Engr 
Kurt A. Beckman — Cheyenne WY, Chem Engr 
Bruce Collison — Spokane, Chem Engr 
Robert Comstock — Pullman, Chem Engr 
Mark E. Cooper — Olympia, Chem Engr 
Fuad El-Haggagi — Tripoli Libya, Chem Engr 

Casey M. Kime — Bellevue, Chem Eng 
James R. Lawson — Selah, Chem Eng 
Richard A. Maricle — Pullman, Chem I 
Thomas B. Melancon — La Crescenta 
Gary L. Miller — Richland, Chem Engr 

Theophilus A. Oguntala — Pullman, Chem Engr 
Andrew Paszkowski — Pullman, Chem Engr 
David J. Ruffin — Richland, Chem Engr 

Steven George Steach — Richland, Chem Engr 
Brian Sterling — Hoquiam, Chem Engr 

Sharyn Carmel a Veitenheimer — Colbert, Chem Engr 

Jay Becker — Seattle, Mech Engr 
Paul Erland Carlsson — Olympia, Mech Engr 
Gerald M. Desmarais — Wapato, Mech Engr 
Timothy Earl Ess — Seattle, Mech Engr 
Steve Fischer — Pomeroy, Mech Engr 
Paul A. Gallagher — Spokane, Mech Engr 
Joe T. Hoffman — 

Lk. Stevens, Mech Engr 

C. Mark Howe — Seattle, Mech Engr 
Robert Bruce Howe — Pullman, Mech Engr 
Susan Lee Johnson — Pullman, Mech Engr 
James R. Kelley — Richland, Mech Engr 
Martin F. Lee — Kelso, Mech Engr 
Max Gordon Lies — Vancouver, Mech Engr 
Jon C. Mandell — Kennewick, Mech Engr 

Grant D. Marr — Moses Lake. Mech Engr 
Duane L. Miller — Ferndale, Mech Engr 
John Myers — Tacoma, Mech Engr 
Clifford V. Peterson — Pullman, Mech Engr 
Steve Raatz — Vancouver, Mech Engr 
Jim Reding — Tacoma, Mech Engr 
Steve Ripple — Spokane, Mech Engr 

William E. Ross — Clarkston, Mech Engr 
Richard Rubendall — Pullman, Mech Engr 
Floyd Shoemaker III — Richland, Mech Engr 
David B. Smith — Clinton, Mech Engr 
Steven L. Smith — Columbia, Mech Engr 
Jack F. Strickler — Columbia Falls MT. Mech 

Hiroshi Tanaka — Pullman, Mech Engr 

210 College of Engineering 

(^Agricultural c Engineering 

E. Joseph Albers — Fort Benton MT, Ag Engr 
Mark Clark — Tumwater, Ag Engr 
Vic DeGrande — Vancouver, Ag Engr 
Randy Frilch — Snohomich, Ag Engr 
Mitchell F. Johnson — Mt. Vernon, Ag Engr 
Ronald E. Oscarson — Spokane, Ag Engr 

Terry Poe — Hartline, Ag Engr 
D. Michael Powell — Pullman, Ag Engr 
Sheryl Powell — Pullman, Ag Engr 
Donald E. Rice — Mt. Vernon, Ag Engr 

Walter Mark Shannon — Pullman, Ag Engr 
Gary Waddoups — Kennewick. Ag Engr 

Electrical Engineering 

Mark A. Carlson — casi wenatchee, El Engr 
Bradley D. Childress — Maple Valley, El Engr 

John Richard Crooks — Spokane, El Engr 
William Glen Dearing — Wenatchee. El Engr 
Mark M. Dierks — Richland, El Engr 
James McKelvey Ewing — Pullman. El Engr 

William A. Gaines — Tacoma, El Engr 
Barry Hansen — Seattle, El Engr 
Mark Higginson — Richland, El Engr 
Joseph W. Hingston — Seattle. El Engr 

Luis Manahan Jabal —Tamuning, El Engr 
Gerald Scott Naroy — Pullman. El Engr 

Gary A. Nieborsky — Bellevue. El Engr 
W. Kent Palmerton — Mercer Is El Engr 
David J. Picatti — Yakima, El Engr 
John K. Postlewait — Pullman, El Engr 
Mike Renner -— Pullman, El Engr 
Greg Richards — Carson, El Engr 

James K. Richstein — Bremerton, El Engr 
Dave R. Riendeau — Pullman, El Engr 
Arthur Rusche — Olympia, El Engr 

Nels Eric Satterlund — Pullman, El Engr 
Robert Louis Seay — Seattle, El Engr 
Randy Sprague — Des Moines. El Engr 

Stojack — Tacoma, El Engr 
i — Tacoma. El Engr 
— Yakima, El Engr 
-Tacoma, El Engr 
:omb — Seattle. El Engr 

College of Engineering 211 

College gf c Home G Economics 

The College of Home Economics works at preparing 
young people for professions in home economics. The 
emphasis is on the individual and the family, as can be 
seen by the different departments offering courses under 
home economics. These include child and family studies, 
foods and nutrition, and interior design. 

Students take a variety of science and arts classes to 
round off their professional knowledge. A combination of 
theory and practicum produce well-bodied professionals 
in the home economics field. 

Dr. Alberta D. Hill 

Dean, College of Home Economics 

Dr. Mignon Perry 

Clothing, Interior Design, and Textiles 

Dr. Dorothy Price 

Child and Family Studies 

212 College of Home Economics 

Qhild and^Family Studies & c Home Economics 

Lora Olivia Albee — Seattle, C.F.S. 

Kris Anderson — Mercer Is., Home Ec. 

Shari L. Broeckel — Spokane, Home Ec. 

Patty A. Clancy — Kirkland, C.F.S. 

Larraine Adele Egman — Tacoma, Home Ec. 
Trudi Anne Hunt — Spanaway, C.F.S. 

Judith Ellen Johnson — Washougal, Home Ec 

Martha H. Jones — Bellingham, C.F.S. 

Sharon M. Knapp — North Bend, C.F.S. 
Roaalnd Lasher — Vancouver, C.F.S. 

Patricia Leahy — Seattle, C.F.S. 

Sharon K. Leonard — Pullman, Home Ec. 
Dehbie Lynn Markel — West Covina CA, C.F.S. 
Pamela A. Miller — Seattle, C.F.S. 

LaVonne Montgomery — Walla Walla, Home 

Rita Mustoe— Brier, C.F.S. 

Pamela Gay Nolen — Tacoma, C.F.S. 
Richard L. Pederson — Tacoma, C.F.S. 
Charles Stuart Rogers — Bellevue, C.F.S. 
Carol Ann Schwehm — Tacoma, C.F.S. 

Kim Jerene Shirk — Wenatchee, C.F.S. 

Karen Joy Sires — Yakima, C.F.S. 

Mary Rose Spangler — Seattle, C.F.S. 
Rachel Stroh — Spokane, Home Ec. 
Liann D. Wittkopf — Kennewick, C.F.S. 

Cynthia A. Allen — Wenatchee, F.N.I.M. 
Susan L. Anderson — Bellevue, F.N.I.M. 
Barbara Jane Brooks — Spokane, F.N.I.M. 
Mary K. Bushnell— Fox Is., F.N.I.M. 
Kathleen Clark — Tumwater, F.N.I.M. 
JoAnn Cloaninger — Colfax, F.N.I.M. 
Stephen Frank — Mazama, F.N.I.M. 

Kathryn Ann Hibbard — Pullman, F.N.I.M. 
Nancy Lea Hendrickson — Edmonds, F.N.I.M. 
Amy KaeJasman — Odessa, F.N.I.M. 
Kathleen L. Lundgren —Spokane, F.N.I.M. 
Denise E. McKee — Spokane, F.N.I.M. 

Kristi Monroe — Wenatchee, F.N.I.M. 

Patricia A. Noel — Kent, F.N.I.M. 

Maria Leca Perella — Tacoma, F.N.I.M. 
Mary K. Peter — Auburn, F.N.I.M. 

Lezli Reid — Anacortes, F.N.I.M. 

Mary Riggen — Juneau AK, F.N.I.M. 
Denise M. Rumpza — Des Moines, F.N.I.M. 
Diane K. Schenaker — Pullman, F.N.I.M. 
Pamela Sleight — Grapeview, F.N.I.M. 

Seattle, F.N.I.M. 

I — Gig Harbor, F.N.I.M. 
/ancouver, F.N.I.M. 

— Mount Lake Terrace, F.N.I.M. 

— Richland, F.N.I.M. 
lewick, F.N.I.M. 

College of Home Economics 213 

Qlothing ^textiles and 'dnterioiT 'Design 

Barbara Albers — Fort Benton MT, C.T 

Karen Anderson — Zillah, I.D. 

Peggy J. Anderson — Walla Walla, C.T. 
Sondra Aune — LaCrosse, C.T. 
Stephanie K. Baenen — Bellevue, C.T. 
Rebecca Jean Bauer — Bremerton, I D. 
Jill D. Bennett — Bellevue, C.T. 

Kathryn Christensen Berheim — Pullman, I D 
Mariann Berschauer — Olympia. I D 
Rebecca Bloom — Ellensburg, C.T 
Marie Chan — Pullman, I D 
Jill L. Clark — Issaquah, I D. 

Kristi Ann Dailey — Seattle, C.T 
Sharon Dart — Anchorage AK. I D 

Leslie Davis — Pullman, C.T. 

Denise deSalvatore — Mercer Is.. I D. 
Darth M. Dunbar — Olympia, C.T. 
Tomi J. Dupper — Tenino. C.T. 
Barbara L. Ebright — Seattle, C.T. 
Carol B. Faccinetti — Pullman, I.D. 
Robin M. Fonck — Edmonds. C.T. 

Dori A. Fontenot — Port Orchard, C.T 

Patricia Ann Frost — Spokane, I.D. 
Anne Kathleen Gill — Vancouver, I D 
Becky A. Gooch — Seattle, C.T. 

Lynn M. Goodrich — Albion, C.T. 

Jodi Guthrie — Spokane, C.T. 

Susan M. Harman — Tacoma. C.T. 

Connie Larson-Harris — Tieton, I.D. 
Linda Annette Hart — Bellevue, C.T 
Judy M. Herres — Pomeroy. C.T. 
Diane L. Hockenson — Issaquah. C.T. 
Elizabeth A. Horner — Seaview, C.T 
Deborah M. Johnson — Puyallup, C.T. 
Marsha Jeane Kinney — Ephrata, C.T 

Patricia A. Klein — Spokane, C.T. 
Terri A. Knopp — Vancouver, I.D 
Carol E. Koehler — Paulsbo, I.D. 

Carie Koenig — Tacoma, C.T. 

Barbara Longpre — Federal Way, C.T. 
Debbie S. Maxwell — Bellevue, C.T. 
Jilt E. Naugseth — Mercer Is., C.T. 

Janet Nelson — Pullman, C.T. 

Lisa Kathryn Nicholson — Richland, I D 
Teresa A. Owens — Lake Stevens, C.T. 
Susan Prouty — Pullman, C.T. 

Susan Lynn Race — Seattle, Fash Mer. 
Debra Dawn Richmond — Auburn, I D. 
Jann Robertson — Marysville, C.T. 

Patty Ross — Honolulu HI, C.T. 

Teri7 L. Schmidt — Plaza, C.T. 

Melinda Lande Sechrist — Vashon. I.D. 
Susan Skelton — Pasco. C.T. 

Karen Stamm — Bothell, C.T. 

Chick Stamschror — Pullman, C.T. 
PatriciaTamura — Spokane, I.D. 

Barbara Thoreson — Seattle, I.D 
Corby J. VanDruff — Vancouver, C.T. 
Jan Wilson — Vancouver, C.T. 

Kathy Ann Willson— Walla Walla, I D. 
Cindee Wright — Pullman, C.T. 
Dianne Lynn Yaphe — Edmonds, C.T. 
Lori Zirkle — Seattle, C.T. 

214 College of Home Economics 

Qraduate School 

Dr. C. J. Nyman 

Dean, Graduate School 

The graduate school has no teaching responsibilities 
Graduate courses are taught by the individual departments 
The school initiates new programs, administers all graduate 
programs, and handles admissions. 

Prospective graduate students must have an adequate 
background in humanities, arts, and sciences to achieve 
superiority in their specific field of study. 

Benny A. Advincula — Seattle Pt Path 
Rodney A. Aho — Pullmdn, Set Ed. 

James W. Alexander Pullman E Engr 
Malcom D. Alexander — Pullman Ed 
Brad Andersen — Pullman, E. Engr 
Parinoush Anouthirvani — Tillamook OP Nutr 
Jean Austin — Pasco Pol :Sci. 
t ^iiNii 4 [i 1 J 

Cl* tjftT f Melt 

. •*. *y 

Elio Delgado Azanero — Pullman vet 
Robert B. Baca — Pullman 6d 
Lars Arne Bauge -Pullman 
Carol A. Bottemiller— Ofympfa: Aroh. 

Scott Bradley — Pullman. Bio. 

Emma H. Briones — Pullman. Food Sci 
Joseph Broadwater — Pullman, Cpt. Sci. 

Jeannette Ntorina I 
Brijondra K.Garg 
Wolfgang F. Geier 
Said Omar $han - 
J. Keith Gritneeks 
Hayyin A. Glossmc 
Helene Hagestam 

Christopher Y. Chan — Pullman, Zoo 

Steve Crosby — Pu 
Khalifa M. Dahnous - 
Dale Larry Doering - 
Neal H. Dorow —u 
Yousef A. El-Madnu 
Ahmed S. Fellah 

|an. M.A. 

Pullman, Agron. 
Seattle, Phys. 
ian, Phys. Ed. 

Pullman, Soils 
illman, Hort 

■Seattle Phys. 
5 ullman Engr. Sci 
Pullman Eng 
Oilman, F Sci 
Pullman. Vet 
|—Tacoma, Ed . 

Pullman, Bio.-Chem 1 

Graduate School 215 

Martha Jack — Spokane, P.E. 

Toonas Kabin — Landskrona Sweden, Econ. 
David E. Kerr— Mill Valley CA, Phar. 

Hella Kihm — Pullman, Engl. 

Rob Kroeger — St. Paul MN, Phys. 

Prem Kumar — Pullman, Eng. 

T. Kumar — Pullman, MSE 

Jacque D. Lam be — Seattle. Psych. 
George Chen Lau — Pullman, Voc. Ed. 
Mohamed Arabi Liata — Pullman, E. Engr. 
Pat W. Lithrop — Gig Harbor, Ag. Engr. 
Frederick B. Lokken — LaCrosse, Pol. Sci. 
Phyllis M. MacDonald — Pullman, Psych 
Robert L. Mahler — Pullman, Soils 

Josephine N. Mark — Pullman, C.T. 
Timothy Mason — Santa Clara CA, E. Engr. 

William D. McFarland — Pullman, O.C 
Peter Louis Meszaros — Pullman. Soc. 
John Edward Miller— Pullman, Ed. 

Syd Minuk — Pullman, Ed. Admin. 

Dean J. Morris — Pullman, E. Engr. 

Jorge E. Munoz — Pullman, Anim. Sci. 

David Douglas Myrold — Daggett Ml, Soils 
Pundi L. Narashimhan — Pullman, M. Sci. Engr. 
Khan A. Niazi — Pullman. Eng. 

R. Craig Ogata — Berrington IL. Soc 
John Alan Ogren — Hoquiam, Elem. Ed. 

Joseph P. Pavia — Tacoma. Hist. 
Douglas M. Payton — Pullman. Eg. Engr. 
Albert E. Powell — Pullman, A.C.E. 

Bill and Cindy Reinhart — Pullman. Geo. 
Roberta D. Riggers — Pullman. Mus. 
Desmond P. Robinson — Renton, MBA 
Judy Ann Rose — Pullman, Anth. 

Rockford J. Ross — Pullman, Cpt. Sci. 

Greg Preston Ryan — Spokane, B.A. 

Susie Schaafsma — Bellevue, Home Ec. Ed. 
Todd Schutte — Moscow ID. Chem, Engr. 
Saumtengra Seng — Calcutta India, Math. 
Mark T. Shaw — Pullman, Psych. 

Andales C. Silvestre — Pullman. Ag. Engr. 

Stanley J. Smith — Pullman, Phys. 

Craig W. Snider — Clarkston, Com. Dis. 

Elda Consuelo Sosa — Pullman. Nutr. 

Jan Stelovsky — Pullman. Math. 

Marvin D. Stewart — Gig Harbor, Com. Dis. 

Michaela Stockschlaeder — Germany, Ind. 

Robert A. Sudar — Tacoma, Ag. Engr. 

Yoshio Suzuki — Pullman, Pol. Sci. 

Ricky L. Swalm — Pullman. Psych Ed. 
Khaled Tabbara — Pullman, Bact. 

Rick Tackett — Seattle, Mkt 

Stan Kazuo Takehara — Pullman, E. Engr. 
Heroe, Moetir and Henny Tjokro-Prajitno — 

Pullman, Econ. 

David W. Wetz — Seattle, B A. 

Sarah J. Whitten — Bellingham. Soc. 
Ralph Wilcox — Pullman, P.E. 

Ayuni Hautea-Wimper — Olympia. Soils 
Barry Hoi Tat Wong — Pullman, Cpt. Sci 
Lap-Ping Wong — Pullman, Env. Sci. 
John Worl — Pullman, Cpt. Sci 
Naheed Zaheer — Pullman, Elem Ed. 

216 Graduate School 

i s 

College gf cpijaifiiacy 

*2 i 

Dr. Allen I. White 

Dean. College of Pharmacy 

t , - sc 

r iJL 

The College of Pharmacy provides a solid scientific and 
mathematical foundation for its students Courses in the 
humanities and social sciences round off the course of stud¬ 

The college also has the difficult job of instilling a sense of 
care and protection for the consumer in the pharmacy stu- 

The field has expanded in the past years from the man in 
the white coat, behind a counter, to working in hospitals, 
research, and drug therapy. 

n mu* 

College of Pharmacy 217 

c Pharmacy 

Richard E. Anderson — Olympia. Pharm 
Susan G. Bel I more — Moscow ID, Pharm 
Joseph Binetti — Pullman, Pharm 

Steven Edward Busch — Spokane, Pharm 


Brad Carlson — Redmond, Pharm 
Russell T. Chapel — Spokane. Pharm 
Phyllis L. Chun — Kailua HI. Pharm 
Terry Clark — Pullman, Pharm 
Carol A. Dean — Tacoma. Pharm 

Phil Dunbar — Bellevue. Pharm 

Roger Dean Edwards — Pullman. Pharm 
James F. Emigh — Walla Walla. Pharm 
Sharon Lee Fernan — Silverdale, Pharm 

Bradley Friehauf — Yakima. Pharm 
Steven Galbraith — Blaine. Pharm 

Brian L. Harris — Vancouver, Pharm 
Bruce J. Hendrickson — Richland, Pharm 
Mark C. Johnson — Spokane. Pharm 

Angus John Kennedy — Mean, Pharm 
Michael Ray LaGrandeur — Pullman, Pharm 
Malin Karim Lebbad — Pullman, Pharm 
Steve C. Leppell — Spokane, Pharm 

Bonney Jean Mann — Tucson AZ. Pharr 
Ilona C. Nemeth — Clarkston. Pharm 
Sharon Ann Olson — Pullman. Pharm 
Patrick James Pang — Kailua HI. Pharm 
Linda Peterson — Pullman, Pharm 
Paul Allen Reavis — Pullman. Pharm 

Cathy Rush — Anchorage AK, Pharm 
Scott Seltridge — Whittier CA. Pharm 
Gary B. Southern — Kennewick, Pharm 
Jeffrey B. Wall — Woodland, Pharm 
Melanie J. Wasankari — Albion. Pharm 

R. Scott Williams — Tacoma. Pharm 
Holly Witcomb — Spokane, Pharm 

Christy Woolschlager — Omak, Pharm 
Richard L. Ytreeide — Spokane. Pharm 

218 College of Pharmacy 

Colleges gf S c le nce S and^rts 

Dr. B. A. Nugent 

Dean, College of Arts 

Dr. Mary F. Shutler 


Dr. Herbert M. Nakata 

Bact. and Public Health 

Dr. Ernest G. Uribe 


Dr. Roger D. Willett 


Dr. John R. Elwood 


Dr. Thomas A. Heuterman 


Dr. Ross A. Coates 

Fine Arts 

Dr. George D. Marsaglia 

Computer Science 

Dr. Howard O. Deming 

General Studies 

Dr. Thomas A. Johnson 

Criminal Justice 

Dr. Joseph W. Mills 


College of Sciences and Arts 219 

Or. Jack C. Carloye 


Dr. Roger T. Davis 


Dr. John C. Pierce Dr. H. James Schoepflin 

Political Science Music 

Dr. Raymond Muse 


Dr. Calvin T. Long 


Dr. Roger B. Ray 

Dean. College of Sciences 

220 College of Sciences and Arts 

c Anthropology andt^Asian Studies 

Allison A. Dodds — Tacoma, Anth 

Debra Jean Ecklund — Spokane, Anth 
Robin L. Hardenburgh — Oroville, As St 
Marvin Yamane — Warden, Anth 

c .Bacteriology 

Sally Aiken — Sunnyside. Bact 
Linda Jean Allen — Oakland CA, Bact 
Sylvester P. Antai — Pullman. Pub H 

Linda Brooke Balser — Briar, Bact 
Robynn A. Burch — Albion, Bact 

Julie Jo Carey — Walla Walla. Bact 
Jean Marie Daley — Seattle, Bact 
Angi Dorgan — Seattle. Bact 
Richard J. Driscoll — Edmonds, Pub H 
Frank C. Fleming — Yakima, Pub H 

Cynthia Fry — Seattle. Bact 
Mary P. Funke — Lacey. Bact 
Nancy J. Ganson — Bellevue, Bact 
Francis Grant — Tacoma, Bact 
Susan G. Harrer — Harrah, Bact 

Darryl Carey Jennings — Pullman, Bact 
Richard E. Johanson — Kennewick, Bact 
Sharon Y. Kaku — Seattle. Bact 
Karen Lynn Kuhn — Cheney. Env H 
Norine E. Laney — Sprague. Bact 

Annette M. Lindquist — Pullman, Bact 
Marsha Morris — Pullman. Bact 
Dorothy Newkirk— Pullman, Env H 
Jude Onyeso Nwosu — Owern Nigeria. Pub H 

Pasipanoctya Nziramasanga — Pullman, Bact 

Andrea Sue Rauch — Pullman. Env H 
Patricia Salternik — Tacoma, Bact 
Susan M. Smith — Renton, Env H 
Ingrid Solberg — Seattle, Env H 
Debi Stephenson — Yelm, Bact 

Jeannette Takashima — Seattle, Env H 
Margaret Tiffany — Kent, Bact 
D. Dean Trout — Tacoma, Bact 
Kathy L. White — Redding CA, Env H 
Lesley Ann Wong — Pullman, Bact 

College of Sciences and Arts 221 

c Biology' 

Rita Erdman — Canoga Park CA. Bio 
Gordon R. Frank — Walla Walla. Bio 
Janet Herber — Everett. Bio 

Jon Bradley Jarvis — Spokane. Bio 
Anne M. Kamin — Shelton. Bio 

Susan Kelly — Bellingham. Bio. 

Mark A. Longnecker — Olympia. Bio 
William McMaster — Gig Harbor. Bio 
Marc Wynne Modica — Spokane. Bio 
Karen Moore — Pullman. Bio 

Lori Novotney — Tacoma. Bio 
Casandra Owen — Kennewick. Bio 

Wayne Pentlila — Richland. Bio 
Teresa Anna Pierce — Richland. Bio 
Nathaniel Shippen — Edmonds. Bio 
Robert Stallard — Otis Orchards. Bio 

Lisa Marie Ballou — Richland. Biochem 
Harold L. Benny — Seattle. Biochem 
Bruce Crist — Seattle. Chem 
T. Michael Hecia — Pullman. Chem. 

Cynthia L. Ledgerwood — Burlington. Biochem 

Kathleen R. Marano — Tacoma. Chem 
Larry D. Morrison — Pullman. Biochem 
Steven Reed — Tacoma. Biochem 
Mary C. Sheldon — Veradale. Biochem 
Murray Thorson — Richland. Biochem 


Michael G. Brashler — Marysville. Cpt Sci 
David Cheung — Pullman. Cpt. Sci. 
Douglas Di Julio — Mercer Is . Cpt Sci 
Walt Ditlefsen — Tacoma Cpt Sci 
Miles Duane France — Pullman. Cpt. Sci 
Janet Kay Dye — Pullman. Cpt. Sci. 

JayGithens — Pullman. Cpt Sci. 

Donald L. Hollenback — Washtucna, Cpt Sci 
Steve Jewett — Mt Vernon. Cpt Set 
William C. King — Bellevue Cpt. Sci 

Kent Allan Kreger — Pullman. Cpt Sci 
Jennifer Longstaff — Chapel Hill. Cpt Sci 

Computer Science 

222 College of Sciences and Arts 

John Sidney McKean — Yakima. Cpt. Sci. 
David R. McKee — Tacoma. Cpt. Sci. 

John Meek — Mabton, Cpt. Sci. 

Brad Poole — Pullman. Cpt. Sci. 

Luke C. H. Reuter — Tacoma, Cpt. Sci. 
Randell B. Voshell — Portland OR, Cpt. Sci 

Qriminal Justice 

Candace Baer — Bellevue, Crm J 

Thomas Joseph Baker — Bellevue, Crm. J 

Ronald George Bauer — Tacoma, Crm. J. 

Thomas Borgford — Everett, Crm J 
Debora Renee Burleson — Maple Valley, Crm. J. 
Dave Combs — Vancouver, Crm. J 
Violet Crossman — Pullman, Crm J. 

Lynn Marie Dean — Auburn, Crm J. 

Wallace E. Desha — Tacoma, Crm. J. 

Craig Wayne Dougherty — Oak Harbor, Crm J 
Velma Lynne Eastman — Riverton WY, Crm. J. 
Jaynie Hansen — Spokane. Crm. J 
Dan Hawkes — Cusick, Crm. J. 

Julie E. Heaton — Pullman, Crm J. 

Brian Hill — Olympia, Crm. J. 

Paul A. Hughes — Wenatchee, Crm. J 
Scott E. Jacobs — Richland. Crm. J. 
Debbie Jermstad — Tacoma. Crm. J 
Susan Jones — Spokane, Crm. J. 
Robert E. Lentz — Graham, Crm J 
Thomas Leppich — Bellevue. Crm. J 

John B. Loutzenhiser — Yelm, Crm. J. 

Steven Marsh — Port Angeles, Crm. J. 

William D. Martinsen — Lacey, Crm J 
John Joseph McLeod — Grand Forks ND, Crm J. 
Roy Martin Miller — Portland OR. Crm. J 
Skip Nelson — Burlington, Crm. J 

College of Sciences and Arts 223 

Michael A. Newby — Olympia. Crm. J. 

Cheryl Nickolaus — Kennewick. Crm J. 

Steven M. Oderman — Pullman. Crm J 
Charles D. Peckenpaugh — Tacoma. Crm. J. 
Bryan Pfeiffer — Kent. Crm J. 

Douglas A. Pfeiffer — Tacoma. Crm. J. 

Linda Marie Pillo — Renton. Crm. J 

Christina B. Raquer — Tacoma. Crm. J 
Kenneth John Reis — Tacoma. Crm. J. 

Susan W. Richardson — Spokane. Crm. J. 
Chan St. Clair — Colville, Crm. J 
Loren Shumate — Olympia. Crm. J. 

Cynthia L. Vanderburg — Walla Walla. Crm. J. 

Mark D. Virgil — Tacoma. Crm. J. 

Kevin H. Vogeler — Seattle. Crm. J 
Brian P. Void — Tacoma. Crm. J 
Therese Ward — Clarkston, Crm. J. 

Ronald Kent White — Olympia. Crm J 
Kimberly K. Williams — Pullman. Crm J. 
Dean Anthony Yankee — Battle Ground, Crm. 

Don Allen — Seattle. Com 
Jan U. Allianic — Pullman. Com 
Carol E. Anderson — Bellevue. Com. 
Lori J. Anderson — Pendleton OR. Com 
Kathryn E. Andrews — Pullman. Bdc 
Thomas K. Armitage — Mercer Is.. Com. 
Jack Arends — Bremerton, Jrn. 

Bruce Allan Bafus — Pullman. Adv. 

Larry Bale — Raymond, Adv. 

Patricia Ann Baur — Yakima, P R 
Graham Geoffrey Biddle — Seattle. Adv 
Charles Birdsell — Kennewick. Com 
R. Michael Boge — Spokane. Com. 
Jeanne Susan Bonman — Boise ID, Com 

James A. Carberry — Tacoma. Com 

Mark Caron — Everett. Adv 

Greg Carpenter — Coeur D’Alene ID. Adv. 

Michael Craft — Tacoma, Com 
Michelle Colyar — Spokane, Com 
Richard Martin Cowan — Kirkland, Bdc 
Steven M. Davolt — Seattle, P R 

Christine Dijulio — Mercer Is.. P R. 
Shannon Leigh Dora — Tacoma. Adv 
Debbie Duchow — Spokane. Com 
Stephen M. Duex — Shelton. T V. Pr 
Peter B. Edgars — Seattle. Bdc 
Linda Ellingsen — Stanwood, Com. 
Jill C. Erikson — Spokane. P R 

Marian Fourno — Mt. Vernon. Adv. 

Greg Fredette — Bellevue. Com 

Lawrence H. Ganders — Spokane. Com 
Dale E. Goodwin — Spokane, Jrn 
Eric Grundmanis — Pullman. Com 
Debbie Guenther — Richland, Adv. 

Gary Haarsager — Seattle. Com 


224 College of Sciences and Arts 

Elizabeth Jean Hales — Spokane, P R 
Bruce John Harrer — Harrah. Ag. Com. 
Mike Hathaway — Napa CA, Com. 

Lee Hauser — Federal Way, Com. 

Jim Hawkes — Yakima, Adv. 

Sheryl Holroyd — Tacoma, Com. 
Thomas K. Hungate — Kennewick, Com. 

Stuart K. Impson — Edmonds, Cin. 

Debra Anne Kahns — Burlington, Com. 

Elizabeth Ann Ketcham — Edmonds, Cin 
Monte Kieling — Seattle. Jrn. 

Gail King — Spokane, Com. 

Elaine Ruth Korsmo — Tacoma, Com. 
Roderick C. Jackson — Pullman, Bdc 

C. Thomas Lathen — Spokane, Bdc 
Joan LeBrun — Edmonds, Adv 
Robin Lehman — Puyallup. Adv 
Todd W. Lien — Redmond, Bdc. 

Cynthia Maquire — Seattle, Com 

Nancy Elizabeth Marentette— Bellevue, Adv 

Patricia McGinnis — Seattle, Adv 

Sharon McKendrick — Mercer Is., Bdc. 
Melinda A. Miles — Seattle, Com 
Ingrid C. Millen — Othello, Bdc. 

James Howard Moore — Redmond, Jrn. 
Michael Craig Moore — Seattle, Com. 
Michelle Morgan — Bellevue. Adv. 
Susan M. Mortimer — Bellevue, Bdc. 

Kevin Duane Patterson — Longview, Com. 
Thomas D. Patterson — Orting, Adv 
Andrew E. Peabody — Mt. Vernon, Com. 
Joseph T. Pitt — Olympia, Com. 

Karen Raines — Seattle, Com. 

Susan Randall — Renton, Com. 

Ronn Rohe — Pullman, Com. 

Terri Roloff — Wilbur, Com 
Paula Rudberg — Des Moines. Com. 

Sarah Kathleen Schilling — Kirkland, Com. 
Linda A. Siegel — Bremerton, Com. 

Judy E. Somers — B.C., Com 
Susan Strenge — Spokane, Com. 

Bill Stewart — Port Orchard, Com. 

Carl Steven Sundquist — Vancouver, Com. 
Kathy ThirtyAcre — Okanagon, Com 
Lynne Thomas — Spokane, Com. 

Alan H. Thornton — Mercer ID, Com 
Stephen F. Tytler — Pullman, Com 
Cathie R. Valentine — Auburn, Com 
Steve M. Weber — Pullman, Com. 

College of Sciences and Arts 225 

Claudia H. Gerow — Nordman, Id. Engl. 
Roxanne Johnson — Pullman, Engl. 
Sherryl Kropp — Otis Orchards, Engl. 
Andy Mazur — Lacey, Engl. 

Nancy Pitzel — Renton, Engl. 

Diana Lynn Roe — Kennewick. Engl 
Judy Sharpe — Mabton, Engl. 


Environmental Science 

Mary Lee Becker — Montgomery MN, Env Sci 
J. W. Black — Federal Way, Env Sci 
Kyra Kennedy — Spokane, Env Sci 
Dianne Knapp — Silverdale, Env Sci 
Harold Moniz — Lacey, Env Sci 
Charles Senji Natsuhara — Auburn, Env Sci 
Jeff Otis — Flintridge CA, Env Sci 

Darien Anderson — Spokane, F A 
Pamela Ausman — Asotin, F A 
John E. Baumgartel — Grandview. F A 
Shelley P. Bockmeyer — Spokane. F A 
Christopher L. Brown — Pullman, F A 
Lisa Carden — Seattle, F A 
Carolyn Dye — Pomeroy, F A 

Kim Engeiman — E. Greenwich, F A 

Teresa Heckerbowie — Spokane, F A 
Susan D. Henry — Lewiston ID, F A 
Tom Kohler — Tacoma, F A 
Kris Miskimens — Tacoma, F A 

Robin Lynn Neubauer — Cashmere, F A 
Diane Porter — Tacoma, F A 

Julia Powell — Ocean Shores, F A 

Dael Krysti Ray — Issaquah, F A 
Paula Jean Runyan — Camas, F A 
Vicki E. Ruppel — Pullman, F A 
Adele Schierman — St. John, F A 
Kimberly Smith — Bellevue, F A 
Sherie Stoney — Grandview, F A 


226 College of Sciences and Arts 

foreign language 



Daniel A. Broch — Pullman. For L 
Laura C. Burns — Lynnwood. For L 

Cathy Jean Carter — Tacoma. Fren 
Mary DeMatteo ) Bellevue. Fren 
Kay Madelyn Ferguson — Seattle. Span 
Robin Ann Foster — Pullman. For L 
Daniel Ginder — Camas. Span 

Tracy Helmsworth — Lewiston ID. For L 

Theresa Hurston — Spokane. Fren 
Kristi Kaldal — Bothell. Fren 
Nithaly Teng Kenkittisak — Pullman. For L 
Jody Kespohl — Walla Walla. For L 
Rebecca Ann Larsen — Wenatchee. For L 
Lou Ann Lower — Bow. For L 

Sallie Maddox — Seattle. For L 

Karrie Monohan — Tacoma, Fren 
Lisa Lorraine Nordman — Aberdeen. Span 
Rita D. Pfeifer — Wilson Creek, For L 
Carol Reynolds — Seattle, For L 
Susan Wicks — Tacoma, For L 

General Studies 

Gregory C. Zografos — Spokane, Gen St 



Marc Anderson — Tonasket, Phy Sci 
Laurette S. Appel — Endicott. Music 

Diane Marie Bennett — Seattle. Hum 
Jan Bogard — Bremerton. Gen St 
Rose Marie Bradley — Pullman, Gen St 
John H. Burnett — Lahaina HI. Gen St 

Marcia L. Clacy — Moscow ID. Gen St 
John Colbert — Taonasket. Soc Sci 

Catherine Cook — Seattle, Hum 
Kathryn H. Crist — Seattle. Gen St 
Robert P. Edgers — Seattle. Gen St 
Clive M. D. Freidenrich — Mukilteo. Gen St 

Prudence E. Hazen — Colfax. Soc St 
Stefen Ibstedt — Pullman. Gen St 
Jill Johnson — Camano Is., Gen St 
Mary Ann Kallas — Spokane, Phy Sci 

Michael Clark Kilgore — Seattle, Gen St 
Mark Liening — Tacoma, Hum 

Bill Loesche — Everett. Gen St 
Andrea B. Moore — Royal City, Hum 

Shannon K. Morgan — Spokane, Gen St 
Leslie D. Olsen — Everett, Gen St 
Rovert A. Padovan — Sacramento CA, Gen St 
Vickie Parker — Kent, Gen St 

Sanford Pearl — Bellevue, Gen St 
Stacey Shelton — Pasco, Gen St 
Janice Kay Stull — E. Wenatchee. Gen St 
Kristi Westman — Ocean City. Hum 
Kerry Yanasak — Orting. Gen St 
Craig A. Yearout — Yakima, Gen St 

College of Sciences and Arts 227 

Qenetics and Qeology 

Jon C. Bruton — Pullman, Geol 

Kenneth Ray Cass — Pullman, Geol 

Jeanne Louise Frazier — Pullman, Geol 

C. Scott Kimball — Steilacoom, Geol 

Maria Carita Lanner — Madison OH, Genet 
Peter K. Matthews — Seattle. Geol 
Jan Mladineo — Renton, Geol 
Daniel F. Moran — Spokane, Geol 
Paul Michael Pettit — Pullman, Geol 
David J. Roberts — Enumclaw, Geol 

c Histor^ and ^Humanities 

Simon H. Cottle — Pullman, Hist 
Nancy Dean — Spokane, Hist 

Toni Rai Destefano — Spokane, Hist 
Barbara L. Dickinson — Pullman, Hist 
Janet L. Holman — Gig Harbor. Hist 

Edward James Leon Jex — Buena Park CA, Hist 
Wendy Lechner — Cathlamet, Hist 
Katherine A. Lyon — Klickitat. Hist 
Candy Lou Morris — Pullman, Hum 

Doug Sherwood — Spokane, Hist 

Kimberly C. Skinner — Pasco, Hist 
Steven R. Stocker — Spokane, Hist 
Stefanie Woodward — Portland OR, Hist 

228 College of Sciences and Arts 


Blaise Rabdu — Pullman, Math 
John E. Taberg — Shelton, Math 

John Peter Stephen Zito III — Seattle, Math 

Susanna Brady — Tacoma. Math 
Kenneth William Cox — Pullman, Math 
Karen Jean Haley — Olympia, Math 
Susan A. Hollingsworth — St. John, Math 
Robert F. Loft — Spokane, Math 
Thomas Lougheed — Montesano, Math 
Bart Scott McMacken — Pullman, Math 


Ernest G. Allen — Pasco, Mus 
Eileen Ruth Butcher — Pullman, Mus 
Felip Holbrook — Yakima, Mus 
William Scott Mather — Olympia, Mus 
Peter James McBride — Bothell, Mus 
William H. McLaskey — Mt. Vernon, Mus 
Gregg Miller — Pullman, Mus 


Christopher Dean Catlin — Pullman. Phys 
Chi-Ming Leung — Pullman, Phys 
Kurt Olson — Pasco, Phys 
Ann Parry — Ellensburg, Phys 

Grant Matthew Scott — Yakima, Phys 

c Pre Medicine 

Kathryn Marie Hammar — Bellevue, Premed 
Jon Layton — Seattle, Premed 
Walter Morgan — Quincy, Premed 
Joseph Pellicer — Cowiche, Premed 
David Stewart — Tacoma, Premed 

College of Sciences and Arts 229 

Political Science 

Terri A. Anderson — Marysville, Pol Sci 
James G. Baker — Pullman, Pol Sci 
Don Beck — Seattle, Pol Sci 
Ed Beck — Oak Harbor, Pol Sci 
Donovan R. Bigelow — Yakima, Pol Sci 
Robert Maxwell Clark — Selah, Pol Sci 
Robert G. Colclough — Auburn, Pol Sci 

Robert A. Cook — Seattle, Prelaw 
Constance M. Crawley — Federal Way, Pol Sci 
Robert C. Doyle — Kennewick, Pol Sci 
Janice A. Grant — Tacoma, Prelaw 
Gary C. Grotz — Seattle, Prelaw 
Jo Anne Gustin — Tacoma, Pol Sci 
Douglas Heaton — Tekoa, Pol Sci 

D’Willa Pier Hendrix — Pullman, Pol Sci 
Rick J. Hinrichs — Tacoma, Pol Sci 
Marvin Holmes — Pullman, Pol Sci 
Andrea Michelle Home — Longview, Pol Sci 
Laurie S. Johnson — Spokane, Pol Sci 
Noreen L. King — Spokane, Pol Sci 
Jerome F. Klajbor — Pullman. Pol Sci 

Janice E. Lenhardt — Billings MT, Prelaw 
Eric Lind — Bellevue, Pol Sci 
Susan M. Lomax — Olympia, Pol Sci 

Lory R. Lybeck — Auburn, Pol Sci 
Bob Mandich — Aberdeen, Pol Sci 
Karen J. MacDonald — White Salmon, Pol Sci 

Nancy Osborn — Seattle. Pol Sci 
Karen Lee Ozmun — Puyallup, Pol Sci 
David L. Peterson — Kennewick, Pol Sci 

John Heyes Pierce — Cheney, Pol Sci 
Robert Allen Potter — Federal Way, Pol Sci 
Pamela G. Rapp — Seattle, Pol Sci 

James G. Settle — Olympia, Pol Sci 
Vicki Schulz — Seattle, Pol Sci 
David Shank — Pullman, Pol Sci 

230 College of Sciences and Arts 

Leslie Shedd — Snohomish. Pol Sci 
Stephen G. Sheehy — Tacoma. Prelaw 
Arne John Skog — Tacoma. Pol Sci 
Kathleen A. Smettle — Spokane. Pol Sci 
Kurtis Snyder — Oregon City OR. Pol Sci 
Steve Stocker — Spokane, Prelaw 
Cathy Thoennes— Federal Way. Prelaw 

Katherine B. Watson — Boise ID. Pol Sci 
Richard Woasland II — Clarkston. Pol Sci 
Phyllis Ann Woods — Colville, Pol Sci 
June Wright — Vancouver. Pol Sci 
Kevin Yanasak — Orting, Pol Sci 
Daniel A. Youmans — Kent. Pol Sci 
Vittoria Zackovich —Cle Elum, Pol Sci 


William Bradley Anardi — Maple Valley. Psych 
Sharon Dick Anderson — Pullman, Psych 
David J. Bishop — Pullman, Psych 
Anne Blachier — France. Psych 
Gina Blendheim — Bellevue. Psych 
Jean P. Bohannan — Auburn. Psych 
Kathleen Conway — Bellevue. Psych 

Elizabeth Deocampo — Tacoma. Psych 
Reed B. Friedman — Colville. Psych 
Deborah A. Ganzkow — Bellevue, Psych 

James Douglas Gatewood — Stamford CT. Psych 
Georgiann Graves — Bellevue, Psych 
Alan Michael Gross — Pullman, Psych 

Dennis L. Haddock — Oak Harbor, Psych 
Kart M. Hoover — Seattle. Psych 

James Carl Moeller — Vancouver. Psych 
Scott Stuart Olsen — Pullman. Psych 
Cheryl Pierce — Tacoma, Psych 

John Stewart Price — Rosalia, Psych 
James P. Siridakis — Tacoma, Psych 
Shelley L. Timbers — Bellevue, Psych 
Luci Weldon — Malaga. Psych 

College of Sciences and Arts 231 

Social Studies and Social c WorI{^ 

Mary Jo Alpaugh — Bainbridge Is., Soc. W 
Stephen Bogan — Pullman, Soc. 

Lori Ann Cartylye — Tacoma, Soc. W. 
Catherine Ann Cervi — Marietta GA, Soc. 
Cynthia L. Childs — Bellevue. Soc. W. 
Dawn L. Clots — Seattle, Soc. W. 

Michael Davis — Bremerton, Soc. 

Martha Louise Haaland — Mercer Is., Soc. W 
Masako Ishii — Almira, Soc. 

Sandy Jennings — Wenatchee, Soc. W. 

Kirby M. Lang — Pullman, Soc. 

Jeff Lesser — Spokane. Soc. 

Helen Kennedy Lewis — Pullman, Soc. W. 
Leslie Joan Liebel — Pullman, Soc. W. 

Kathleen M. McCarthy — Tacoma, Soc W. 
Steven John McDonald — Edmonds, Soc. W. 

Jan Slaughter— Spokane, Soc 
Mandi Smith — Pullman, Soc. W. 

Karen A. Swieso — Federal Way, Soc. 
Jody Thomas — Ephrata. Soc. W. 

James H. Treacy — Moses Lake, Soc. 
Nanci Veblen — Bellevue, Soc. 

Carrol Ann White — Tacoma, Soc 
Lillian May Woo — Seattle, Soc. W. 

Dean Anthony Yankee — Battle Ground, Soc. 
Suzanne M. Zappone — Seattle, Soc. W. 

232 College of Sciences and Arts 

Margaret A. Fiala — Roy, Spe 
Linda M. Fiatla — Olds Canada, Com D 
Catherine V. Fort — Asotin, Spe 
Mary Lee Fryberger — Cathlamet, Drama 
Sue Gardner — Richland. Spe Ther 
Kevin James Girard — Tacoma, Spe 
Joan Fern Gustafson — Seattle, RCS 

Susan Hakala — Bellevue, Spe Path 

Marianne Hunter — Tacoma, Com D 
Ruth Janasz — Redmond, Spe 
Barbara Janzing — Kent, Com Dp 
Ann M. Klavano — Pullman. Spe 
Lisa Langlow — Tacoma, Spe 


Jana Larson — Tacoma, Com D 
Joan M. Lee — Seattle. Spe 

Beth Anne Longnecker — Olympia, Com D 
Julie Ann Mason — Marysville, Com D 
Holly McDonald — Bellevue, Com D 

Karen Lou Rotko — Seattle, Drama 

Robyn Schwartz — Seaview, Com D 
Stewart M. Slusher— Raymond, Drama 

Laura Kiyono Tanabe — Tacoma, Spe Ther 

Shelly Wells — Leavenworth, Spe 

Joan Hanson White — Olympia, Spe, Com D 

Thomas A. Yeager — Seattle, Spe 
Laura Ann Young — Camas, Com D 


Pam Armintrout — Middletown MD. Com D 
Criag Aust — Bellevue. Spe 
Coleen Bahr — Spokane. Com D 

Mary Lavrane Barnhart — Pullman, Spe Path 
Mebie Brannon — Everett, Com D 
Christie Dephelps — Redmond, Drama 
Colleen Dinehart — Zillah, Spe Ther 

Kathryn Jane McDonald — Bellevue, Com D 
Karen Lee McKibben — Seattle, Spe Path 
Sherry M. Mitzner — Chewelah, Spe 
Kimberly A. Nichols — Pullman, Com D 
Jean M. O’Keeffe — E. Wenatchee, Com D 

Greg Owens — Everett, Spe 
Cathleen Parker — Yakima, Spe Ther 

John Stewart Price — Rosalia, Com Dp 
Dianne Ramstead — Everett, Spe 

College of Sciences and Arts 233 

^Wildlife c Biology' 

Sandra Ackley — Yakima, Wldlf. Biol. 

Clayton Duke Green — Issaquah, Wldlf. Mgt 
Olivia Diane LaCaille — Tacoma, Wldlf. Biol 
Charles Lycke — Edmonds, Wldlf. Biol 
William G. McGaffey — Idaho Falls, ID, Wldlf. 

J. Darrell Pock — Omak, Wldlf. Biol 

Janet R. Rosenberry — Coram, MT, Wldlf. Biol 

Mike Baker — Spokane, Zool 

Stewart G. Bohnet — Ephrata, Zool 
Robert Closson — Colfax, Zool 
Daniel Doornik — Wapato, Zool 
Bruce Joseph Fitterer — Yakima, Zool 
Royal K. Gerow — Priesf River ID, Zool 
Mike Horstman — Richland, Zool 

Curtis S. Leigh — Yakima, Zool 

James C. Little — Pullman, Zool 

Jeflrey Clarence Lenhart — Rifzville, Zool 

Rick Lowell — Olympia. Zool 

Dottie Lou Lucke — Aberdeen, Zool 

Craig A. Padavich — Cle Elum, Zool 
Rita L. Reed — Stanwood, Zool 
Margie Roberts — New York NY, Zool 

Walter G. Rostykus— Bellevue, Zool 
Patricia Rowe — Palos Verdes CA, Zool 

Suzanne Heidi Sample — Almira, Zool 
Sandra Jean Smith — Tacoma, Zool 

Kathy Wigner — Mt. Vernon. Wldlf Biol 


234 College of Sciences and Arts 

m 4 

College of ''Veterinary' Medicine 

Or. Leo K. Bustad 

Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine 

Dr. John E. Alexander 

Veterinary Clinical Medicine and Surgery 

Dr. William G. Huber 

Veterinary and Comparative Anatomy 
Physiology and Pharmacology 


Dr. Robert B. Wilson 

Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology 

College of Veterinary Medicine 235 

Colleen Sue Ahem — Ritzville. Nursing 

Donna L. Arildson — Tacoma Nursing 

Lee-El len Charlotte Copatead —Refine wick. 


Karen Lmda Roberta - Spokane. Nursing , 
Sheila Ann Schmitx — Spokane. Nursing 
Kneho Simpaon — D*ar Park Nursing 
Linda Spillman — Spotan* Nursmo 


Dennis Crain — Deer Parn. Nursing 

Donna E. DeHart — Nine Mile Tails Nursiflcfl 
Teresa L. Getlman — Spdkarte Cursing 
Sue Go 2 art — Aperdeeil^ursing 

Janet Rae Holloway - Spokane Assitstanl 
Professor „ 

Lily Huey — Spokane Nursing 

Susie Mane Maxwell - Kent, f<i 
Margaret R. Reimec — Spokane Nui 

WSU participates in a four-institution nursing 
program with EWU at Cheney, and with Spokane's 
Fort Wright and Whitworth Colleges. The program 
is the first of its kind in the United States. 

The curriculum prepares graduates for a wide 
variety of professional careers, such as in nursing 
homes, mental hospitals, community health agen¬ 
cies, and clinics. 

The first two years of the four-year program are 
spent in Pullman taking biological and physical sci¬ 
ences and social sciences, to give students a well- 
rounded background. 

The second two years are spent at the Spokane 
Intercollegiate Nursing Center. The student gradu¬ 
ates with a bachelor of science in nursing. 

Upper Left: Hilda Roberts, advisor for the Intercollegiate 
Nursing Center Upper Right: Laura Dustan, dean of the 
Intercollegiate Center 

236 College of Nursing 

DISORDER is rewarded with 
failure. It makes us feel like 10- 
year olds in a college atmos¬ 
phere. It means skipping the 8 
o’clock, waiting till the last min¬ 
ute to write the term paper, for¬ 
getting about going to class and 
leaning on lecture notes. It 
means taking an incomplete, 
and another, and another— 
and then, what the hell, why not 
drop out. But that one-time drop 
could become a habit; and 
that’s the disorder — and the 
danger. But if we see it through, 
make an honest effort for four 
years, we’ll earn . . . 

. . . HARMONY, and a 
silly tassel, which isn’t 
really that silly because it’s 
a symbol of accomplish¬ 
ment, of determination, of 
being among those who 
after four years made it. 
Harmony begins with a 
wide-eyed freshman, grows 
with four years of academic 
toil, matures during the 
senior experience and 
bears fruit on graduation 
day. Harmony is reflected 
by proud parents on gradu¬ 
ation day, in the Coliseum 
anxiously peering down on 
the black mass of mortar 
boards, hoping for a 
glimpse of a familiar fea¬ 
ture. It doesn’t matter if 
they don’t find it — know¬ 
ing part of them is there, 
somewhere, is enough. 

240 Hierarchy 

Board of Regents. Clockwise From 
the Top Left: Robert Gibb, Harold 
Romberg, president; WSU President 
Glenn Terrell, Kate Webster Below: 
Diptiman Chakravarti, Edith Williams, 
Jack Cole, Ed Williams; Governor 
Dixie Lee Ray. 

Board of Regents... Board of Regc 

President... President... Presidi 

~ A 

The many faces 
of our busy presi¬ 
dent, Glenn Ter¬ 
rell, discussing 
campus politics 
with ASWSU Pres¬ 
ident Mark Ufkes 
(right) and talking 
with J.V. Bas¬ 
ketball player 
Michael Lewis 
(lower left). 

242 Hierarchy 

Hierarchy 243 

Top. Left to Right: Dr. Wallis Beasley, executive vice president. 
E. G. Patterson, director, alumni relations. Robert B. Smawley, 

director, university relations. Joanne Washburn, director, inter¬ 
collegiate athletics for women. Bottom. Left to Right: Toshio 
Akamine, ombudsman and Janis Clemmons. Sam Jankovich, 
director, intercollegiate athletics. James B. Crow, director, per¬ 
forming arts coliseum. 

244 Hierarchy 

scutive... Executive... Executive... Ext 

Hierarchy 245 

Executive... Executive... Executive... 

Top Left: Dr. Janusz Kowalik, manager, academic services, system and 
computing. Top Right: John K. Steingraber, director, administrative ser¬ 
vices. Left: Dr. William E. Walden, director of systems and computing. 
Above: Robert N. Eastman, manager, KWSU-AM, radio-TV services. 

246 Hierarchy 

Executive... Exe 

Top Left: George B. Brain, dean, College of Education. Top 
Right: Lyle W. Mettler, general manager, radio-TV services. 
Above: Phyllis Liddell, director, affirmative action office. Bot¬ 
tom Right: Richard B. Fry, manager, news bureau. 

Hierarchy 247 

248 Hierarchy 

Academics... Ai 


ademics... Academics... Academics 

Top. Left to Right: Allan H. Smith, vice president, academics 
Stan Berry, director of admissions. Jack Cooley, budget director. 
Louis D. McNew, coordinator, academic advising program. Bot¬ 
tom. Left to Right: C. James Quann, registrar Talmadge 
Anderson, director, black studies program. Fernando Padilla, 
director, chicano studies. Ross O. Armstrong, director, institu¬ 
tional studies. 

Hierarchy 249 

Academics... Aca 

Top Let!: John A. Davis, director, Audio Visual Center. Top 

Right: Allene F. Schnaitter, director of libraries. Bottom Left: 
John M. Cronland, director, continuing university studies. Bot¬ 
tom Right: Vishnu N. Bhatia, director, honors program and 
international programs. 

250 Hierarchy 

Student Affairs... 

Top Left: J. C. Clevenger, vice president, student affairs. Top Right: Matthew 
Carey, director, Wilson Compton Union Building and ASWSU activities. Bottom 
Left: George A. Bettas, director, residence living. Bottom Right: A. E. 
McCartan, dean of students. 

Hierarchy 251 

Student Affairs... 

Top Left: Sidney W. Miller, director, Career Services and Placement Center. 
Top Right: William A. Cass, director, Student Counseling Center. Bottom 
Left: Bob Stephens, recreation coordinator, Bob Vervaeke, recreation 
supervisor, Chris Tapfer, OAP supervisor. Bottom Right: William S. Butts, 
director, Student Health Service. 

252 Hierarchy 


Top: William R. Bierbaum, direc¬ 
tor, Housing and Food Service. Bot¬ 
tom Left: Joseph D. Hamel, assist¬ 
ant vice-president, finance. Bottom 
Right: Warren A. Bishop, vice 
president, business and finance. 

Business and Fin 

Hierarchy 253 

Business and Finance... Business 

254 Hierarchy 

Top. Left to Right: David J. Nordquist, director, general services. Stuart H. 
Litzsinger, director, Physical Plant. Arthur M. Holtorf, director, safety division. 
Barry Whelchel, director, staff personnel. Bottom. Left to Right: Benning F. 
Jenness, retirement and insurance officer. Earl L. Muir, director of facilities 
planning. Norman R. Coffman, international auditor. Ted A. Pursley, control¬ 


Upper Right: Senior Assistant Attorney General Lloyd W. 
Peterson, Assistant Attorney General Sally G. Tenney. 
Below: Assistant to the President Dennis J. Morrison. 


256 Hierarchy 

DISORDER — if you look 
closely, you can see it in a face. 
Things just aren’t going right. 
It’s one of those days that 
begins as poorly as it ends, and 
you knew it would be a bummer. 
Even play-acting won’t help — 
dressing up in a costume to 
conceal the obvious — that 
what’s going to go wrong will go 
wrong. Murphy’s Law rules and 
ruins the day. We accept it, and 
that’s the fatal flaw, for had we 
tried to do something about it, 
made the effort, the day might 
have been different — we might 
have changed it all to a day of 


. . . HARMONY, because 
you just know it’s gonna be a 
top day. It doesn't matter what 
you wear; as long as it’s a smile. 
Overalls are as good as a tux¬ 
edo. It’s all in the tace. Hell, you 
might even match Terrell’s 
omnipresent grin and beat him 
to the punch with a jaunty, “Hi, 
how are you’’ as you pass by on 
the Mall. And the feeling’s 
catching — everyone likes to be 
around a smile, likes to be told, 
“Hey, you’re looking good.’’ 
Even if they’re looking the 
same, white lie a little, because 
if you begin to feel right with the 
world you’ll BE right with the 

260 Mugs 

We, the residents of Harold’s Halfacre have taken out this page in honor of 
our benevolent owner, Harold. We all wish him the best of luck. Right to 
Left in Descending Order: Mike “Double Nickel’s’’ James, Diane 

"Where’s the heater" James. Dan "Liquid Smoke" Kearl, Sandy "Cor- 
vair" Sidie, Guy "Gus" Gregory, Ivan "Clayface," Chris "Trout" Brown. 

Off Campus 261 

Harold’s Half Acre 

The Blue Max Speed Shop-French House 

The French House. Row One: Steve Johnson, Betty Bollert, Anne Bla- Schwartze, Julie Crook, Orestis Rossides, Brian Worden, Susanne Ash- 

chier. Row Two: Joe Pel I ice r, Tina Coty, Irina Kappler, Candy land. 

The Blue Max Speed Shop. Row One: Ex-Gunner: Annette "Roon" 
Hendricks, Gunner “Lil linda" Anyan, Gunner: Debbie Padden. Row 
Two: POW: Greg ‘'Quack" Hendricks, Gunner: "Nance" Westin, Flying 
Ace: Frank "Herbie" Beck, Gunner: Sue "Scoop" Blanchard, Squadron 

Leader. Don "The Blue Max" Chase, Flying Ace. Marky "Sharky" Roy. 
Row Three: Squadron Leader: Dave "Speed" Dittmar. Flying Ace: Dave 
"Tufty" DeLong. Missing in Action: Sue Fairbanks, Don "Web" Mar¬ 
shall, Sharyl "Dingy" Hitchcock. 

262 Off Campus 

Nonnag IV. Row One: Scott Marshall, Ron Heeren, Marc Anderson, Jim Row Three: Al Vandiver, Stu Bohnet. 
Kane. Row Two: Mike D’Arienzo, Gordy Ruh, Mar nson, Craig Padavich. 

Ferndale. Row One: Deann Strotz, Bill Wade, Tom Tellefsen, Tammy Pet- Wilson. Row Three: Gary Soderlund, Steve Reimer, Patti Tellefsen, 
ersen. Row Two: John Kempinsky, Karl Hohmann, Mary Coward, Cindy Joanne Olson. Row Four: Dean Pederson, Jeff Jones, Mike Hoel. 

Off Campus 263 

Ferndale-Nonnag IV 

WSU Fire Department 

* i* c 

O 9 ^ 

w mJ S'P ? §.§ 

. CD 


S £ i 

1 a*- 

5 I * 

2 d o 

S ' 00 c 

Q 2 . , 


.t D C/3 

u © o 
W > 

« i e 



CO - c 
C X) C * Q) 
o < O c w 




^ CO 

= C 

^ o 





























































































264 Off Campus 

Ken Kelly. Pat Lathrop. Row Two: 
Art Campbell. Don Nelson, Greg 
Iversen. Keith Parker. 


de Haetten House 






Magic House. Row One: Bruce 
Lane, John Waters. Row Two: 
Gary Slater, Bruce Butterworth. 

266 Off Campus 

Armadillo Awareness. Row One: Pat “Mute" Mitchell, Brandon “Ed 
Hume" Cole. Row Two: “Judge" Curt Rees, Jay “Perry The Duke" Kruse. 

Cream of the Crop. Row One: Sue “Q" Ellerman, Melanie “Marathon 
Mel" Hedlund, Debbie “Ducky" Maxwell, Barb “Boob" Janzing, Margo 
"McGoo" Flumerfelt, John “George" Cree. Row Two: Jim "James" 
Peterson, Cindy “Sin" Johnson, Kurt “Cowboy" Hennings. Row Three: 

Row Three: Dave “El Bar, Cat" Johnson, Steve “Dr. K" Kaiser, JB 

Sanford “Rhinestone Cowboy" Pearl, Jerry “Pfeiferstein" Pfeifer, Don 
“Alvin and Chippy" Everest, Doug “Angel" Angell, Gary "Berg" Berger, 
Robert "Bob" Burkhardt, Brad “Brad" Anardi, Greg “Greg" Raab. 

Off Campus 267 

Cream of the Crop -Armadillo Awareness 

v' -O «J 
U <D O © 
0 c: rn > 
?. ° m 
fl) ‘J- <D O 

£ 0 CD 3 - 


J • 0 

5§° i 

. Z <D 2 

0> LL > *” 

/it ^ 

© S o.3jS 

o £ g > 

g>^ a3 
o '© £> > 
0 r \£ = 

05 - 

r 5 o E 

0 -O O QJ 

■o b $ > 

2 to 

o < 

c ■ 
C 0 < 

0 0 

2? S 

£ co 

; o 

! cc - qJ _ 

■ . . 0 > 0 

; c 2 (a 5 

0 -^ z CD 
! U 

> (/> 0 o ~ 

! 0 .o . o 

; a -=? .2 co 

■ 6: 

£ 5 
v 5 

268 Innovators 



3 * W 

E o - 



■o 3 o 

So s 

- CO O 

3 S 1 



«j S 2 

^ Q [/) 

o ® I 
-J * <r 

U> Q 5 

o ”* S 


o> cc 

5 . © 

H 1 

c « 
c Q. 

O - 
CD q3 

| % 



C <U . 

c oa ^ 
c c 5? 


= 8 a 

- 1 r; , 2 

co . 


I C I 

< < c 

N •; r- - 


4) 3 V) 
jC LL. LU 

Innovators 269 

Wax Fruit and Ammunition Designers 

Off Campus 

Allan Acheson 
Debra Kae Almberg 
Barbara Anderson 
Carol E. Anderson 
Craig Anderson 
Diane Anderson 
Rose Mary Anderson 

Haida Andrade 
Ken Antles 
Elaine K. Arnett 
Cynthia Lynn Bell 
Vic Belonis 
Terri Benny 
Michael F. Benoff 

Feliciana S. Bergano 
Janice Bigornia 
Karen Blair 
Mark Bohnet 
Donna Boisen 
Lynn Bond 
Michael O. Bradley 

Denise Brain 
Shelley C. Bramstedt 
Gregory F. Brands 
Kenneth Brown 
Diane Burgin 
Scott Burnfield 
Cynthia Lorraine Bush 

Steve Byers 
Michael G. Campbell 
Laura Cargill 
Karen Jean Carlson 
Mark Caron 
Dave Carpenter 
Keith Carter 

Gary Cavalier 
Deborah S. Caviness 
James B. Chumbley 
Anna Clark 
Mary Cleveland 
Janice Cobb 
Sam Cole 

Darla Jean Comstock 
Beth Cone 
Wanda R. Craig 
Ann C. Croker 
Janice M. Cyr 
Brian Daly 
Susan Dawson 

Elizabeth Deak 
Mike Demay 
Stan Deusser 
Roger Dorway 
Cathy R. Duncan 
Nancy J. Dunlop 
Fuad Sadik El-Haggagi 

270 Off Campus 

Jill Emigh 
Mark S. Engel 
Missy Epping 
Jamie J. Evans 
Kamron Kakhrieh 
Alicia Denise Fancher 
Mark Feeney 

Randy Fenich 
Andrew E. Finkle 
Gary Wayne Floyd 
Robin Ann Foster 
Ivy Jacqueline Garner 
Phil Gaynor 
Dan Gill 

Elizabeth A. Gills 
Dale E. Goodwin 
Bo Gottschau 
Pedro I. Granados 
Robert Gray 
Janet K. Grieben 
Richard S. Grillo 

Gwandolyn K. Griswold 
Beverly Jill Gronlund 
Marsha Hager 
Janis Hammond 
Sharon Marie Hanssen 
Janna J. Harris 
Judy Hauger 

Alfredia Haynes 
Paula Heffernan 
Ben Andrew Hein 
Joel T. Hellenkamp 
Thomas W. Heuterman 
Slew Sin Hiew 
Andrew M. Hill 

Max Leamon Hinrichs 
Vincent Hobson 
Kathleen M. Hoing 
Robin Kim Holmes 
Tami Hoi way 
Dan Hovde 
Wes Howell 

Off Campus 271 

Thomas K. Hungate 
Mitchell Hutchinson 
Rose Ines 
Nancy Intlekofer 
Pat Ivers 
Julie Jackson 

Francis R. Jamerson 
Scott A. Jamieson 
Jack Bruce Jensen 
John Bart Johnson 
Julie A. Johnson 
Katherine D. Jones 

Diane C. Kaelin 
Kimberly Kallstrom 
Barbara Ann Kalvig 
Gail Karnath 
Leslie K. Kawuchi 
Dan Kelley 

James Benjamin Kelley 
Jim Kelly 
Wade Kellogg 
Gary Kilbury 

Edward Kimbrough and Deborah Parker 
James Kimbrough and Evelyn Harris 

Susan Kimmel 
Michelle E. Kingsbury 
Douglas Brian Klaue 
Marla A. Klein 
Nancy Knodel 
George J Konzek 

Peter Krehoff 

Shirley Kwan 

Richard Langendoen 

Rex Langston 

Julie Ann Larsen 

Georgia Lee Leonard 


Gerald Lee 
Patricia Ann Lewis 
Jani Lindeen 
Lori Anne Lobberegt 
Lou Ann Lomax 
Doranne Long 

Blair Losvar 
Jonathan Lucas 
Larry Lucas 
Meg E. Lujan 
Gordy Lund 
Karen Lund 

272 Off Campus 

Marianne Lund 
Kenneth W Luthy 
Ron Jeffrey Markin 
Lance Marshall 
Debbie Martin 
Carol L. Mason 
David Matzke 

Jaydee McCracken 
Mary McGonigle 
Sheila McHugh 
David R. McKee 
Susan J. McKenna 
D. Ruth McLeod 
Danny L. McMillin 

Rick Melcher 
Lizzie Meyer 
Stephen Noel Monroe 
Jose Codac Moreno 
Beverly J. Moreside 
Sharon Kane Nakahara 
William B. Nelson 

Kim Alan Nicholas 
Key Nishimura 
Gretchen Noerenberg 
Lisa Lorraine Nordman 
Paul T. Norton 
Lisa Ofness 
Joan O’Keefe 

Off Campus 273 

Michael O’Larey 
Don E. Olson 
Linda J. Olson 
Cynthia S. Paganelli 
Shelley Paganelli 
Karl W. Pankaskie 

Laura Parsons 
Paul Hanes Patterson 
Mary Pellicer 
Wade A Perceful 
Cynthia Perkins 
Robert Perkins 

James Pettenger 
Dean Peyton 
David Pfaff 
Sandra Potts 
K Martin Power 
Holly Prenschoff 

John Vincent Pricco 
Karen E. Prince 
Chris Pursley 
Deborah A. Rendish 
Kerry Retzel 
Melisse A. Retzel 

Maureen A. Richards 
Ken Robe 

Linda Sue Robertson 
Thomas Roller 
Judy Lee Rosaia 
Cynthia Ann Rose 

Jane Rosenkranz 
Michael D. Russell 
Thomas R. Ruther 
Robert M. Sal berg 
Bill Sandros 
Dale J. Schell 

Steven Schilke 

Denise Schlepp 

Leo Schmidt 

Stacie Ann Scholtes 

Greg Schrag and Jan Polites 

Deby Schurman 

Candy Schwartze 
Scott Schweizer 
Scott Seiler 
Syd Shera 
J. Siemens 
Ann Sims 

274 Oft Campus 

Alan Slonaker 
Br uce C. Smith 
David Smith 
Sandra Jean Smith 
Steven L. Smith 
Karen Elaine Soenke 

Will Sola 
Mary Ann Spada 
Frank Douglas Spanjer 
Rory Sparhawk 
Barrie Steele 
Craig Stevens 

Stacy Louise Stevens 
Karen A. Sticklin 
James Stiebrtiz 
Garry Swartz 
Donna Rachel Tarver 
Dan C. Thompson 

Kristey Thompson 
Martha Thomsen 
Mikal Thomsen 
Kris Thorsteinsson 
Kathy Tremaine 
Cheri Turnupseed 

Jeff Viney 

Danielle Vlaanderen 
Jeff Wall 
Barbara Wallace 
Bob Ward 
Crale Ward 

Susan Warner 
Mark R. Watson 
Catherine Jane Webb 
Barbara Jo Westover 
Janis Whitener 
Lenel J. Williams 

Kristi Willson 
Leslie A. Wilson 
Patty Wilson 
Karen Diane Worthy 
Thomas C. Wynne 
Darrell L. Yaden 

Off Campus 


Campus Commons 

Janet Anderson 
Cynthia K. Brehm 
Denise Doty 
Randy G. Egolf 
Eliece M. Ewers 
Cami Forney 

Karilynn Hardan 
Malvina Hathaway 
Teri Heilsberg 

Dennis Michael Hendershot 
Rich S. Howard 
Susan D. Hudelson 
Lauri Jackson 
Donald Kagele 

Mike Krona 
Robert Landick 
Jane Lantzy 
Lisa Lapinski 
Roland E. Macy 
Scott McDougall 
Keith Mills 

David A. Miskimens 
Merle O'Brien 
Kris Olsen 
Suzanne Replogle 
Scott Rogers 
Marla J. Sandvig 
Sue Scharnhorst 

Chief Joseph Village 

Cathy Antush 
Christine Atkins 
Linda C. Beers 
Katherine M. Berg 
Carrie Codding 
Erik Emery Colville 
Allison Davis 

Christine Dijulio 
Kristine L. Keller 
Brenda Diane Lee 
Karen Leith 
Karen McGraw 
Dale Pritchard 
Kristie Rollag 

276 Off Campus 

Chinook Village 

Linda Ann Armstrong 
Doug Ballou 
Randall E. Bergstrom 
Matt Brouns 
Bill Case 
Donald J. Cox 
Mike Cox 

Sue Ellerman 
Greg Feist 
Marian Fourno 
Jennifer Ann Glauser 
Rick E. Gutierrez 
Susan Harms 
Karen Hildahl 

Carlene A. Imano 
Jim Kim 

Charles Kronvall 
Tracey Kuehner 
Janet Lobe 
Stephen P. Nichols 
Christine O'Leary 

Bill Pate 
Dave Porter 
Arthur Rusche 
Vern E. St. Claire 
Michael Sandago 
Darrel Seymour 
Lyn David Sorensen 

Columbia Village 

Julie M. Blanchfield 
Jerilyn Boerhave 
Pam Briest 
Peter J. Dess 
Mark Erwin 
Steven Galbraith 

Theresa A. Gaynor 
Thomas Hermann 
Mark Higgins 
Michael Johnson 
Mike Mayberry 
Elise Pappin 

Laurie Ragsdale 
Molly A. Ronnestad 
James Peter Siridakis 
Penny Sue Thompson 
Gepffrey W. Worwood 

Off Campus 277 

Nez Perce 

Wendy Aldrich 
Daniel Boring 
Kari Brandvold 
Cindy Brynestad 
Kay Cogan 
Leontine C. Dufault 

Elaine Edwards 
Nancy L. Grimstead 
Stephanie Hatch 
Lisa D. Kennedy 
Joe Krenowicz 
Joanne Katherine Larson 

Paul Nebolon 
Kris Paller 
Deborah Powers 
Suzan Revis 
Randy Rizzuti 
Barbara Rowe 

Deborah J. Shannon 
Vickie Sprague 
Diane A. Vogel 
Barbara Walter 
Carol Jo Waltho 
Bill Winnett 

Andrew Howard Wirkkala 

278 Off Campus 

North Campus Heights 

Kris Anderson 
Scott Alan Baugh 
Klaas Bos 
Dave Bryant 
Gerald L. Dorn 
Dan Erlendson 

Elaine Greear 
Julie Marie Hofstedt 
Michael A. Hoskins 
Vivianne E. Huckstep 
Dennis Lynn Koepke 
Robin Levy 

Pat McGillivray 
Lisa K. Motin 
Sheryl Parks 
Mike Pavia 
Sue M. Reymer 
Terrence Scheib 

Observatory Court 

Barry J. Bartlett 
Colleen K. Cathey 
Bob Coe 

Bradley M. Dobry 
John H. Douglass 
Doug Engle 

Cheri Ann Felder 
Richard Erwin Giesa 
Teresa Green 
Maura Brigid Harn 
Scott W. Hunsaker 
Laura J. Kornell 

Denise Ann Meeds 
Diane Milner 
Molly O’Brien 
James Olson 
Jamie C. Ortengren 
Phillip Reifel 

Off Campus 



Cheryl Anderson 
Randy Anderson 
Steven R. Arndt 
Jim Beck 
Bruce D. Becker 
Susan Bernard 
Stuart R. Blakewood 

Rhonda Braswell 
Jolene Ann Cook 
Kevin Lee Douglass 
Dee Ann Eaton 
Frank J. Erickson 
Mark DuWayne Eshom 
Marthy Fifer 

Brian Fluetsch 
Jo Ann Fronzalia 
Audrey Fugier 
Marysue Gibson 
Amy L. Glenn 
Daniel Halkyard 
Cindy Hansen 

Bruce David Jackson 
Laura Lynne Kelly 
Al Krogh 
Phillip Larson 
Nancy Lomax 
Janet Elaine McKinney 
Stuart Mills 

Brian J. Moriarty 
Chip Mosley 
Karen Sue Munro 
Chris Murdock 
Christina Lee Newlin 
Lyle N. Nozaki 
Kim Osberg 

Tom Pounds 
Ann Sherrill Pratt 
Cindy Puri 
Richard G. Raub 
Peter Richardson 
Amy Rust 
Dianne Severin 

Ronald E Taylor 
Michael P Vinnick 
Dawn Warren 
Jeffery L. Weathers 
Jerald R. Wirkkala 
Morgan K H. Wong 


Kerry C. Allen 
MarkT.K. Chen 
Steve Fleischer 
Charles A. Holtord 
Eric W. Johnson 
David Lee 
Michael A. Maloney 

280 Off Campus 

Danny W. Miles 
Jerome Paul 
Doug Peterson 
Denis Rundle 
Joe Sexton 
Stewart Slusher 

Chad Loren Spaetig 
Jim Taylor 
Nhu Tran 
Vic Vinson 
Patrick Nels Walen 
Frank White 

Stephenson East 

Wendy K. Baker 
Carolyn Beckwith 
Kathleen Carey 
Susan D. Chandler 
Lynda Lorraine Clark 
Denise Comeaux 

Ann Dahl 

Joyce Kathleen Davies 
Mary Diana 
Lisa Decker 
Judy Dehaas 
Katherine Marie Eley 

Laura Lynne Finsley 
Shirley M Fitzgerald 
Leslie Fjalstad 
Tamara J Friberg 
Tish Griffin 
Linda Gruger 

Tammy M. Healy 
Kathleen Hinkelman 
Barbara Holbrook 
Lora K. Iverson 
Carrie Jones 
Linda Kent 

Kelsey Kristen Kerr 
Mary K. Kite 
Catharine S Koenig 
Laurie Gay Labrash 
Marcia Lacheck 
Yvonne Ling 

Georgia Lomax 
Annette Lurus 
Sharon Eileen Mahaney 
Dawn M Miller 
Dena Lynne Nelson 
Deanne Pearson 

Off Campus 281 

Mona L. Petersen 
Mary Riggleman 
Cindy J. Schurman 
Julie Ann Shattuck 
Tammy A. Shiley 
Susan Ann Sidel 
Theresa Skalabrin 

Teresa Snyder 
Karen A. Sorenson 
Kimberly E. Stump 
Dorine F. Teitzel 
Lorena Anne Tichenor 
Kathy Tuschoff 
Victorial Lynn Vevea 

Tina Wachter 
Terri Washer 
Nikki Whittle 
Alice Ann Willows 
Nanette Wiltse 
Catherine V. Wing 
Tracy A. Zehnder 

Stephenson North 

Kathy Arnold 
Marie Atchison 
Robin N. Bacon 
Liz Bessey 
Heidi A. Boeff 
Connie J. Boltz 

Keren Boyko 
Lori Ann Brown 
Jodie M. Buchanan 
Colleen Calpin 
Margaret Cunningham 
Carla Deane 

Dana Deckman 
Diane Demmer 
Susy Dougherty 
Janie Dybdahl 
Kim Fancher 
Lisa M. Fox 

Heather McMath Grandstafl 
Cindy Guffey 
Debbie Gusa 
Mitzi L. Hunter 
Julie Ann Jansen 
Donna Yvonne John 

Carol Jones 
Jennifer Jump 
Roberta Klevjer 
Mary Ann Kleyn 
Joan Therese Lawry 
Amy Jo Maw 

282 Off Campus 

• • * 

Karen Lee McKibben 
Kathleen Merlino 
Nancy Middleton 
Irene Monroe 
Jennifer Mueller 
Shawn P. Neeley 
Susan R. Neill 

Debbie Okken 
Mary Barbara Parker 
Janine Petersen 
Vicki Lee Peterson 
Lisa Ann Pollett 
Rona Prufer 
Jennifer Rueppel 

Kristen Russell 
Caryn R. Schmidt 
Carol M Shollenburg 
Jody Silverman 
Tami Marie Singletary 
Barbara Smith 
Jill Sobotka 

Diane Gay Sommer 
Sydney Ann Stallbaum 
Ruth Sterner 

Diane Stevenson 
Erin Sullivan 
Ann Sutherland 

Jina Sylvester 
Sue Taylor 
Connie Jo Thorndike 

Tamra Tibbitts 
Donna L Tyo 
Karla Westgard 

Robin Zachow 
Karen L. Ziebell 
Zig Zimmerman 

Off Campus 283 


Vicki Ashby 
Peggy Becken 
Tracey Berry 
Constance Coston 
Steven M. Davolt 
Sharron Denmark 

Eric D. Didomenico 
Richard Divers 
Judy Kay Glein 
Mary Hanf 
Karen P. Helton 
Bruce L. Hobert 

Sharon Louise Hodgins 
Dennis A. Hoover 
David C. Johnson 
George D. Johnston 
James R. Kelly 
Mandy L. Kister 

Mary Leche 
M. Jane Leche 
Robert L. Meservey 
Tomas Moreno 
Mary K. Munn 
Ann Patterson 
Gail E. Reiter 

Virginia L. Sand 
Jocelyn Lee Schauer 
Karim M. Senussi 
Richard Sherman 
Kathleen Simmons 
Elaine M. Smeltzer 
Gerald Strain 

Karen A. Swieso 
Caroline Tamaoa 
Carly Thomas 
Karen Townsend 
Barbara G. Vanslageren 
Wendy S. Waananen 
Sharon Watson 


Dave Anderson 
Carolyn Ashby 
Stephen E. Baker 
Ingrid Ann Balch 
Laura Berman 
Kim Bowersock 
David D. Burton 

Brian Bygland 
Linda Cassiano 
Stacy Clay 
Kevin Paul Coleman 
William L. Culver 
Minka Davidhazy 
Alvin L. Dormaier 


Off Campus 

Constance A. Douglass 
Patrica A. Elliot 
Theresa L. Elliot 
Leslie Ericson 
Kevin Feely 
Janet Forsmann 

Deke Gassett 
Fred P. Gibson 
Laurence J. Gjerstad 
Faith Hay 
Linda Herzog 
Pat Horst 

Lori R. Irsfeld 
Connie E. Keiter 
Katherine L. Kie 
Connie S. Kelsay 
Bahrah Khamneian 
Jodee Lane 

Wendy Lawson 
Kerry Lenhart 
Cyndi Lewis 
Diane Elizabeth Lewis 
Sylvia A. Loutzenhiser 
Brian Macaulay 
Keri Gene Markum 

Shannon McGinn 
Dennis J. Meske 
Darla Miller 
Mark Miller 
Charlene D. Mount 
Joanne Elizabeth Nelson 
Gary Dean Nussbaum 

Debora Petischek 
Valerie J. Porter 
Daniel F. Pruhs 
Mark A. Rappel 
Ernie Johanna Rombouts 
Alan R. Rosenzweig 
Melissa Karen Saenz 

Off Campus 285 

Tonya Sandvik 
Deanna Santos 
Bruce Sargent 
Tamara Schimmels 
Mike Sheppard 
Karen D. Sherman 
Douglas Smith 

Julie Marie Sobotta 
Shelly D. Sommerled 
Peter Tan 
Shannon Thinger 
Mary Whitney 
Susan Williams 

Married Student! 

David D. and Laura Aichele 

James and Marisa Alexander 

Jorge, Gisella, Jorge Jr. and Gisella Aragon 

Skip and Robin Bayley 

Terry Clark, Donna and Angelique Becker 

Mark and Kim Bolender 

Munoz Briones Family 

Robynn and Michael Burch 
Bob and Kathleen Christiansen 
Susan and Ronald Denny 
Daniel and Nancy Duhnnam 
Ahemed and Badvia Fallah 
Steve and Wendy Frank 
Brijendra and Kathy Garg 

Greg and Ruth Gteller 
Thomas and Christy Graham 
Brad and Debbie Guenther 
Gerald Hardy 
Paul and Dale Liddell 
Cindy and Lindsay Kanesta 
Harriet and Steven Hodge 

Lynden and Betty Long 
Dan and Sylvia Murray 
Mike and Claudia Nichols 
David and Gloria Owens 
Tom and Ann Pappas 
Doug and Anne Payton 
Sally Jane Peringer 

John and Deneen Postlewait 
Bill and Cindy Reinhart 
Dave and Sue Riendeau 
Charla and Peter Robinson 
Rod and Debi Sternagel 
Norman and Susan Strong 
Steve and Kathy Weber 

Dave and Chris Wharton 
Ralph, Kathy and Claris Willson 
John and Lucy Wurl 

286 Off Campus 


Ceheryl Albin 
Linda Lee Aleshire 
Debbie Arnold 


Cathy Bailey 
Kathy Barker 
Theresa Ann Becker 
Jeanne Bogardus 

Aline Boyadjian 
Cheryl Boyce 
Judy Bolender 
Marilyn Kay Carbaugh 
Sharon Christensen 

Donna Conrod 
Connie L Cutler 
Carol Dafforn 
Debbie Elaine Davis 
Kris Di Domenico 

Helen P. Doumit 
Cynthia Jane Foster 
Julie L. Galyean 
Rosanna M Graham 
Leslie Ann Harvey 

Colleen Hastings 
Lisa Higaki 
Laurel Hinrichs 
Terri Hirzel 

Deborah Lee Holcomb 

Coman 287 


Laurie Hultstrand 
Karen S. Jacobsen 
Linda Joos 
Holly Lambier 
Brenda McClellen 
Terri McNamara 

Lisa Ann Meusborn 
Dee Nance 
Audrey Parpala 
Cynthia J. Quinton 
Julie Kjos Sagmiller 
Lisa E. Schlonga 

Annette Schuchman 
Tracy J. Scofield 

Kathy Sharp 
Jean Sieg 

Sheri Simpson 
Susan M Spadoni 

Karen A. Sprute 
Debbie Swanson 

Sandi Sylvester 
Juliena Marie Talley 
Jeannette Tenista 
Marie H. Thompson 
Lori M. Wenham 

Juanita J. Willett 
Cheryl Willis 
Christy Woolsch lager 
Cheri A. Zadow 
Lori J. Ziemlak 

288 Coman 

Nancy Bain 
Beth A Brisson 
Nancy K. Campiche 
Michelle Canonica 
Anne Marie Carpenter 
Patricia Ann Coppo 
Lisa Mary Cornay 

Maureen E Dunning 
Janet M Edmunds 
Linda M Flatla 
Anne Furlong 
Jana Hanson 
Lavonne R Hill 
Val Hines 

Carol Hofseth 

Jill Johanson 

Melinda J Kennedy 

Betty Ketel 

Michelle Knack 
Joan Wood Lancaster 
Kathleen Larson 
Connie Leaf 
Laurie Powell 
Gayle Lynn Roberts 



Margo A. Sporleder 
Laura Beth Stamm 

Kathleen Sticklin 
Cammie Surgeon 

Alexis Swift 
Liz Teberg 

Susan Irene Turay 
Joanne Woody 

Laurie Anne Yeager 
Diane Marie Zaback 

290 Community 

Davis 291 

Davis. Row One: Tammy Fellows, 
Nancy Lowery, Valerie Vanden- 
bosch, Leslie Daugherty, Karen 
Mitchell, Monica Novich, Gail 
Stassihos. Row Two: Norma 
Jurado, Lori Hansen, Pat Blum, 
Susan Upington, Drusilla Berve, 
Shannon Ault, Pat Rowe, Jenny 
Nyman, Jo Shields, Cindy Tesmer, 
Ann Milligan, Kelly Hinkson, Kathy 
Ouillette, Debbie Turver. Row 
Three: Kim Wallace, Laura 
Foseid, Judy McFarland, Karen 
Johnson, Deborah Ruddy, Diane 
Sproul, Nancy Hanson, Susan 
Higley, Katie Bowling, Kris Jans- 
vold, Sarah Niebauer, Kris 
Skrinde, Karen Fong, Gail Bow¬ 
man Row Four: Kitty Tolsma, 
Laureen Hergert, Nancy Cox.. 
Row Five: Liz Kinkel, Robin Dun- 
kle, Betty Lyon, Sue Soller, Lynn 
Congdon. Karen Selby, Wendy 
Hammer, Julie Boekholt, Diann 
Foster, Amber Wintersteen, Deb¬ 
bie Noren, Cheryl Bunn. Row Six: 
Debbie Meyer, Jann Spillum, 
Tracy Reiner, Jana Sulley, Connie 
Reimen, Julie Gallinger, Lori 
Barnes, Debbie Rough, Lollie 
Lamb, Pam Burres, Barbara Bat¬ 


Karma Kae Arlt 
Lori Barnes 
Julie D Boekholt 
Cheryl Lynn Bunn 
Pamela Burres 
Peggy Campbell 
Linda Chick 

Cathy Ann Christensen 
Debbie Daman 
Leslie Daugherty 
Debra Ann Downing 
Robin Dunkle 
Tammy R. Fellows 
Karen Fong 

Laura Foseid 
Kimberle Freyberg 
Julie Gallinger 
Wendy S. Hammer 
Lori M. Hansen 
Sarah Hempstead 
Laureen H Hergert 

Susan Lee Higley 
Kelly Marie Hinkson 
Dae Jean Jahnke 
Karen Jensen 
Karen Johnson 
Lauretta Lamb 
Juliette Leitner 

Pamela Loudon 
Nancy Lowery 
Betty Lyon 
Kathy Mano 
Ann F Milligan 
Karen Mitchell 
Bridget Noreen Moss 

Susan Moss 
Sarah J. Niebauer 
Debra K Noren 
Jenny Nyman 
Roxanne Ramer 
Diane Redmond 
Deborah Rough 

Deborah Jean Ruddy 
Paula Sato 
Karen Selby 
JoAnne Shields 
Cheryl Shoemaker 
Kristine Skrinde 
Susan Mitzi Smith 

Susan Soller 
Debi Stadick 
Sherie Stoney 
Jane Sulley 
Cindy Tesmer 
Katherine J Tolsma 
Laurie L. Turner 



Duncan Dunn. First. Row One: Gwen Goodenough. Monique Orns. Ins 
Kubo. Kelly Ryan. Cindy Kammerzell Row Two: Pamela Hixson. Dorothy 
Dottie Podommick, Linda L "Jame" Lahn, Linda Watts. Brenda Powell. 

Duncan Dunn. Second. Row One: Julie Hansen. Ann Thompson, Ann 
Ames, Stephanie Tucci, Irene Ringwood, Geri Hara, Bobbie Alexander. 
Row Two: Stacie Driscoll, Debbie Barber, Robin Arita, Coral Hilby, Patty 
Huddleston, Meg McGovern, Charlotte Stan, Chery Lynn Anderson, Janice 
Phillips. Row Three: Colleen Gosney Maggie Welsh, Julia Rutherford. 

Daphne Barry. Row Three: Elise Botch, Kathy Hansen, Susan Gale. 
Vanessa "Viva” Martin, Margaret Taylor, Gail Firman, Marianne Hulit. 

DeAnn "DeDe” Wells, Cassy "Cowgirl” Chard, Cindy Pestal, Dawn Quig- 
gle, Mary Ann Whitney. Row Four: Kay Dragich, Noreen King, Betsy 
Miller, Carol Pel, Deb Glassburn, Teresa Hastings, Meredith Huey, Nancy 
Maxson, Susan Waugh. 

Duncan Dunn 


Duncan Dunn Second-Duncan Dunn First 

Duncan Dunn Third 

Bobbie Alexander 
Debbie Barber 
Mary Lee Becker 
Mariann Birkland 
Elise Botch 
Kelley Clevenger 
Kimberlee Clubb 

Janice Kay Dickerson 
Kay Dragich 
Teresa Lynn Erickson 
JoAnn S. Farrens 
Gail Firman 
Doreen Fitzgerald 
Teresa Foster 

Mona M. Frauenholtz 
Susan Gale 
Joann E Gardner 
Linda C. Gillespie 
Maureen Gilligan 
Deborah Glassburn 
Julia Hansen 

Kathryn Jane Hansen 
Teresa I. Hastings 
Marci Henderson 
Coral Lee Hilby 
Meredith A Huey 
Karen Susan Huff 
Joy Jacobson 

Duncan Dunn. Third. Row One: Marie-Pierre Wacquant, Mary Hazard, 
Becky Cyphers. Kim Clubb. Janet Zimmerman. JoAnn Gardner. Sue 
Suepy Penley. Kelley Clevenger. Mary Lee Becker. Linda Sommers. 
Holly Sinnott Row Two: Bonnie McMurray. Mariann Birkland. Joy Jacob¬ 
son. Teresa Foster. Sue Kruller. Kim Manion. Merri Rieger, Julie "BJK. 
JR Ramstead. Vicki Rova. Rita Ouillette, Robin Watanabe. Joanne 

Wright Row Three: Coleen Slater, Willa Hammack. Paula Schulz, Lori 
Nyegaard. Bonnie Butler. Patty Ross. Kim Schirk. Karen Huff. Nancy 
McNeilly Rosemary Levernier. Sherri Meyers. Row Four: Doreen Fitzger¬ 
ald. Cindy Lou Johnson. Jade Ingersoll. Lori Olson. Kelly Ryan, Julie 
TeSelle. Geri Wachter. Mona Frauenholtz. JoAnn Farrens. Kathy D. Jones. 
Staci Silver. Dana Imislund 

294 Duncan Dunn 

Cindy Lou Johnson 
Kathy Jones 
Cindy Diane Kammerzell 
Sue Kruller 
Iris Y Kubo 
Rosemary Levernier 
Kim Manion 

Nancy Maxson 
Kathleen McMonigal 
Debbie Mensinger 
Sherri Meyers 
Lynn Minietta 
Marianne Mulit 
Lori Nyegaard 

Lori Ann Olson 
Susan Carol Penley 
Cynthia Pestal 
Janice Phillips 
Julie Ann Ramstead 
Irene Ringwood 
Vicki Rova 

Julia Rae Rutherford 
Kristen Schlumberger 
Paula Schulz 
Stacey Ann Silver 
Holly Sinnott 
Colleen T Slater 
Sally Jean Smeltzer 

Linda Sommers 
Charlotte Stan 
Margaret Lee Taylor 
Ann Thompson 

Stepheme Tucci 
DeAnn Marie Wells 
Cheryl Lee Wieser 
Joanne Wright 

Duncan Dunn 295 

Gannon First-Gannon Officers 

Gannon Officers. Row One: Ron Reis, house manager; Ed Trautmann, Two: John W Ratliff vice-president. Kent W Oliver, intramural coordina- 
financial director. Guy Becken. ombudsman; Larry Clark, president Row tor 

Gannon First. Row One: Randie Fenton. Don Fuller. Sam Busch. Guy 
Becken. Kenny Haynes. Bill Lee Row Two: Jim Baichtal. Mark Feil. Andy 
Taylor. Paul Denny. Charles Gray. David Arbuckle Row Three: Duane 
Castles. Tali Ena. Jeff Stowell. Pete Canning. Leonard Huntting. Mike Lust. 

Warden Davis. Gregory Grant. Jeff Cook Row Four: Jeff Fegert. Greg 
Harris. Brian Harris. Steven Erwin. Stuart Davenport. Curt Jones. Bob 
Douglas. Clay Lewis. Mike Kitchens Row Five: Brian “Halv" Halverson. 
Pete Boerlage Daryl Orvik. Michael F Lee. Brad Scheelke 

296 Gannon 

Gannon Second. Row One: Dave MacLean. Audie Larson. Michael 
Davidson. Keith Wendeli Roberts. Sam Allegro. Scott Rarey Row Two: 
Wes Ferris. John Carlson. Jeff Kropp. Tony Ciez. Chuck Velasco. Al Wire. 
Alan Cline. Bob Cone. Matt Poison Row Three: Bob Boyd. John Squires. 
Chet Frizzell. Mark Lmdell. Gary Wedam. Steve McPherson. Dave Reic¬ 

hert. Ken Rothgeb. Kevin Fitzgerald. Glenn Nakasaki. Rick Walter Row 
Four: Daryl Delacruz. Greg Golliver. Mark Peacock. John Hinshaw. Steve 
Kahns Row Five: Keith Black, Daryl Russell. Bryan Stickel. T. Kelly Larkin. 
Bruce Kalina. Martin Heimbigner. Gordon Clausen. Mike Mann 

Gannon Third. Row One: John Holtman. Mark Applegate Row Two: Ken 
Ruud. Steve Fischer. Joe Wheeler. Rick Grubb. Mike Treiber. Kandiah Par- 
amjothy. Jeffery Wan. Row Three: Brian Romanick. Mark Biggs. John Nel¬ 
son. Mark Trautmann. Ken Dart. John Jacobsen. Mark Rosbach. Dan 
Miller. Steven D. Franks. Row Four: Eric Carlson. Jeff Harris. Mark John¬ 

son. Jeff Olsen. Dale Ochs. Allan Kennedy. Kevin Mest. Rob Nelly. Jack 
Deatherage. Ed Trautmann. Steven D. Affeldt Row Five: Ron Codi. Kurt 
Zylstra. Craig Nelson. Greg Fryer. Walter Flatt. Rick Christenson. Frank 
Lawhead Tom Bailey. Steve Moen. Dave Cowell. Larry Clark. 



Gannon Third-Gannon Second 

Gannon Fifth-Gannon Fourth 

If J { \ 

» .-X' • ■■ 1 

w V tA**4 ■ ■ ; • *1 

K i 1 

WOrtO fi 

1^*1' J 

Gannon Fourth. Row One: Bobbie Anderson, Walter Anderson, Andre 
Johnson, Ken Baur, Jeff Martin. Thomas Walker, Mark Hughes, Bill Roul- 
ston Row Two: Kevin Cowan, Barry J. Kenney, Steve Leonard, Craig 
Dugger, Jon Williams, Rick Todd, Chris Loeken. Doug Skrivan, John Nord. 
Row Three: Bill Fox, Jeff Cecil, Hans Rauth, Enrique Ibarra. Richard Ker, 

Gannon Fifth. Row One: Craig Bowie. Denny Devine, Ron Vannice. Mike 
Grothe, John Ratliff, Joe Lambrix. Steve Gull, Ken Mudge. Row Two: Jack 
B. Skagen, Jason N Johnson, Brooks Gilbertson, Kelly Thomas Jones, 
John Digby, Ron Kohler, Joey Tom, Andy Cline, Dave Kreft, Phil Hendry. 
Row Three: Randy Warren, Thomas Briley, Steve Wenke. Buzz Bjorneby, 
Doug Campbell, Marty Hurbi, Joe Steele. Michael Petrovich, Craig San- 

Curt Rodocker, Mark Yamamoto, Kent Oliver, Gregg Brower. Guillermo 
Ibarra, John Powers. David Shanks. Row Four: Blair Buchanan. Jeffrey 
Ford. Jim Ball, Dexter Baldwin. Rob Arbuckle. Dave Gillespie. Eric Alsid, 
Jim Campbell. Craig Allen, Tracy Riffe, Dave Reeber, Daloris, Craig 
McCallum. Row Five: Jay Stephen Gillman, Robert Uhrle 

ford. Lindsay Yamane, Mark Kullberg. Bill Edelblute Row Four: Jeff 
McLean. Chuck Dunkin. John Welsh. Randy Gramm, Douglas Dietiker. 
Greg Ingman, Brian Kohlwes. Mark Bailey. John Nelson. Tod Stewart. Rick 
Langlois, Patrick Wayne Larkin Row Five: Kevin Mclnnes, Joseph Torelli, 
Dan “Cowboy" Miller. Pat Ellis, Mike Owens 

298 Gannon 

Walter Anderson 
Mark L Bailey 
Guy Becken 
John Bjorneby 
Keith C Black 
Stewart G Bohnet 
Robert J Boyd 

Thomas R Briley 
Jim Campbell 
Thomas E Carter 
Richard G Christensen 
Gordon B Clausen 
Larry D Clark 
Kirby Jon Daily 

Daryl J Delacruz 
Charles D Dunkm 
Ed Ellis 
Pat Ellis 

Thomas E Evans 
Robert Finlayson 
Steve Joseph Fischer 

Bill Fox 

Steven Franks 
Gregory B. Fryer 
Brooks Gilbertson 
David Gillespie 
Mike Grothe 
Kenny Haynes 

Gannon Sixth. Row One: Vince Madden. Rory Garcia. Kirk Prince. Steve 
Speer, Greg Roberts. Dale Gier. Chuck “Chip" Barris. Ida Habbil Yuron. 
Dave Weston. Tom Evans, Brad Alboucq, Arthur Benard. Row Two: Steve 
Weidner Row Three: Ron Reis. Vern Rosbach. John Dorfner, Tim Cro- 
ghan. Tom Carter. Ed Ellis. Mike Conley, Keith Lawler, Calvin Misaki. Mike 

Mueller. Mark Colville Row Four: Terry Nishi. Steve Maloney. Jay Camp¬ 
bell, Lester Barnard. Katfish Keys. Steve Flanagan. Kelly Smith. Brad Ben¬ 
son, Chester Barnard Row Five: Rob Colvin. John Goforth. Larry Baker. 
Russ Rosendal. John Krueger, Robert Lacy. Charles Golob. Daniel Star- 
ner Row Six: John Kuhlman. Buzz Kander. Paul Anderson. Thomas Wise. 



Gannon Sixth 

Martin Heimbinger 
Phillip Hendry 
Glen Hodges 
Mark Hughes 
Leonard Huntting 
Marty Hurbi 
Enrique Ibarra 

Guillermo Cortes Ibarra 

Greg Ingman 

Philip Jackson 

Andre Johnson 

Mark David Johnson 

Allan Kennedy 

Barry J. Kenney 

Dave Kreft 
Mark Kullberg 
Joe Lambrix 
Rick Langlois 
Michael Franklin Lee 
William L. Lee 
Henry Kevin Mest 

300 Gannon 

Calvin Misaki 
Stephan C Moen 
John Nelson 
Kent W. Oliver 
Duane Lee Olson 
Kandiah Paramjothy 
Mathew Charles Poison 

John Ratliff 

Tracy Duanne Riffe 

Jeff Ropp 

Bradley Scheelke 

Brad Smick 
Jeffrey Stowell 
Egil Kevin Summers 
John Swenson 
Joseph Tom 
Joseph Torelli 
Fook Lun Wan 

John Welsh 

Mark Yamamoto 

Kurt Zylstra 

Gannon 301 

Goldsworthy Second-Goldsworthy First 

Goldsworthy First. Row One: Tom Flora. Mike L. Matney. Jeff 
McCormick Dwayne Prince. Mike Estabrook. Bob Kaye. Claylon Green. 
Richard Myers. Richard Ribbeck Row Two: Drue Reiland. Matt Clark. 
Charles White Killer Pimms Bob Struiksma. Mike Wenz. Joe "Whiz Kid" 
Sampson. Larry Gill. Charlie Brown Curt Weidner. Ed Olson. Craig Kep- 
pler Row Three: James "Zillah" Stewart. Richard Hayes. Steve Taylor. 

Goldsworthy Second. Row One: Jerry Clark. Mike Crouse. Joe First. 
Matt McDuffie. Gary McArthur. Stephen Standaert. Tom Margheim. Ben 
Zielke Myron Leonard. Bill Guido J Ahmann Row Two: Jay Anon. Brad 
Lauwers Bruce Giddens. Dick Wraspir. Rick Nelson. Dave Odom. Max 
Lies. Robb Obom. Lance Imboden Tom Cunningham Jon Christensen. 

Orlin VanWiermgen. Keith Berry. Dave Murray. Scott Berg. Stan Shupe. 
Tim Renouard. Bruce Perrussel Row Four: Brian "B.J." Williams. Todd 
Jerome Hoover. Mark Hanson. Stew Johnson. Mike Boge. Mike Merritt. 
Mark Johnson Row Five: Tom Burgess. Tim Zeiler. Bill C Smith. Kelly 
Cunningham. Benjamin Harper 

Frank Gonseth. Steven Stansbury. Row Three: Jeff Kubler. David Nagel. 
Jon Aal. Dennis Gardm. Randy Warmck. Tim Montgomery. Chuck "Dale" 
Barns. Mark "Streek Brzoska Steve Doc" Meier. Sosten De Leon. Mat¬ 
thew A Brzostowski. Chuck Berne Row Four: Cliff Burt. Dean Olden 
Kamp. Scott Eschbach Jay Dexter 

302 Goldsworthy 

Goldsworthy Third. Row One: Jon Davis. Bill Richardson. Just John Cos- 
sano Steve Aggie Agnello. Bob Anderson. Mark Zappone. Tom Dawson, 
Terry Snyder. John Korn, Gary Quantz. Chuck Burns. Row Two: Dale 
Jenne. Bruce Blackburn. Mitch Aho. Jim Simek. Kevin Amis. Ken Bohnet. 
Marty Goings. Ron Matney Mike Winans Row Three: Glenn Blair. Fritz 

Goldsworthy Fourth. Row One: Douglas Anderson. Mark R Quigley. 
Peter Sullivan. Pat Clark. Dave Keck. Ralph Spearow. Mike Hattrup Steve 
Geppert. Greg Osborn. Row Two: David Dutter. George Sarslield Ron 
Charley. Dave Gross. Karl Pearson. Jeff Schlenz. Doug Callahan Doug 

Coon. Dan Cossano. Craig Poederlein, Nick Moramarco. Dennis Selle. 
Tom Ross. Ed Perkins. Bill Whalen. Bruce Berkimer. Greg Lange, Greg 
Stidham. Jack Sabin. Row Four: John Fry. Jack Wallace. Ron Vandlac. 
Craig Balt. Row Five: Dave Satterfield. Scott Stinson. Doug Seefeldt. Steve 
Edwards. Greg Mettler. Mark Hayes Row Six: Scott Peters. 

Woodrufl. Andy Muizmeks Row Three: John Geppert. Gene Helsel. Dave 
Schaefer. Kevin Girard. Kelly Norris. Jeff Johnson. John Muramatsu. Bill 
Geppert. Russ Johnson. 

Goldsworthy 303 

Goldsworthy Fourth-Goldsworthy Third 

Goldsworthy Sixth-Goldsworthy Fifth 

Goldsworthy Fifth. Row One: Fred Marshall, Pat O’Hara, Jerry Note- 
boom, Paul Frrchtl, Mike Nickoloff, Ken Long, Dave Salee, Maurice A. 
Perry. Row Two: Matt Hoover, Kevin Malone, Alan Erhart, Norm Arvan, 
Mike Green, Scott Lennox, Pat Covington, Vaughn Weedman, Shane 

Hager, Ron McKerman, Geoff Thompson Row Three: Mike Wernz, Kelly 
Vaughn, Rick Honcoop, Jerry Cork, Bill Oakes, Steve Perry, Stephen Saw- 
chuck, Kerry Zinsli, Gordy Ruh, John Chadwick, Gerard Brule, Dale Engel, 
Terry Osborne. 

Goldsworthy Sixth. Row One: Mark Hermanson, Moses Kimura, Hor- 
shack Fitzsimmons, Mike Broberg, John Jenks, Ronald James Marsh, Tom 
Woody McNabb, Dutz Olmstead, Mike Case. Row Two: Jeff Grove, Don 
Deschane, Dave Harney. John Hiles, Henrik Christensen, Poindexter Con- 
Ion, Steve Humphries, Stan Scott. Rich Babowicz, Daniel N. Mead, Tony 

Dickman. Row Three: Mike Larson, Randy Adams, Brad Kidkwood, J. 
Greg Carrougher, Pete Van Dyke, Steve Gallo. Alan Mclvor, Bruce Browel- 
eit, David Barber, John Keder. Row Four: Greg Townsend, Joe Robison, 
ArneSvendsen. Ross Thompson, Doug Mills. 

304 Goldsworthy 

Mitchell C. Aho 
Richard J. Babowicz 
Bruce L. Broweleit 
Matthew A. Brzostowski 
Tom H. Burgess 
Henrik Christensen 

Patrick A. Covington 
Thomas Cunningham 
Jay L. Dexter 
Steven P. Edwards 
Dale Engel 
Joseph First 

Steven Anthony Gallo 
Bill Geppert 
Kevin James Girard 
Frank Gonseth 
Clayton Green 
Shane Hager 

David Harney 
Mark Hayes 
John C. Hiles 
Rick Lee Honcoop 
Brad Kirkwood 

John R. Korn 
Max G. Lies 
Kevin Malone 
Thomas W. Margheim 
Gary J. McArthur 

Goldsworthy 305 

Steven E. Meier 
Daniel M. Miller 
Michael J. Nickoloff 
Bill Oakes 
Robb Obom 
Dave Odom 
Patrick O'Hara 

Edward Stephen Olson 
Steve Oord 
Gregory Alan Osborn 
Ed Perkins 
Justus C. Pickett 
Al Price 
Dwayne Prince 

Gary R. Quantz 
Scott Roth 
Dave Satterfield 
Terry R. Snyder 
James Afton Stewart 
Steve Taylor 
Peter Vandyke 

Edward J. Warner 
Mike Wernz 
Bill Whalen 
Richard Wraspir 
Mark Zappone 
Tim T. Zeiler 
Steffen Ben Zielke 

306 Goldsworthy 

Kruegel-McAllister Officers. Row One: Wayne Huddleston, president; 
Chris Childers, vice-president; John Kronberger, vice-president; Artie 

Kruegel First. Row One: Ken A. Schade, Ron "Squirrel” Redden, Wayne 
J. Houston, Femi Olarewaju. Row Two: Barry Wehhiam Fletcher, John 
Ouincey Lynch, James K. Smith, Norris E. Washington, James J. Oster, 
David M. Ollee. Row Three: Keith Calandra, Paul Newman, Steven Han- 

Howard, secretary; Kelly Wood, treasurer. 

sen, Dan Michael, Peter K. Remington, Dale Mills, Rick Welke, John 
Wiborg, Steve Moore. Row Four: Ray Perez, Randy A. Hulett, Matt Trow¬ 
bridge, Mitch Locker, John Marchese, Mike Baker, Ron "Demon” Walker, 
Ben Bradham, Victor Zyirzdys. 



Kruegel First-Kruegel McAllister Officers 

Kruegel Third-Kruegel Second 

Kruegel Second. Row One: Pete Townshend, Terry Beck, Rich Povacz, 
Howard Abrahamson, Dale Sorensen, Eugene Longoria, John Summer- 
ford. Row Two: Larry Haugen, Tim Smith, Mike Pearson, Sir Karl Hoh- 
mann, Hendrik Von Der Nolte, Kam Manos, Joseph Petretee. Jerry Atrics. 

Row Three: Randal Womack, Grant Dencklau, Hugh G. Rection, Porter 
Waggoner, Mick Jagger, Mike Collier. Bruce Lee. Row Four: James L. Hill, 
Steven Rose, Kevin Kochen, Brian “Herbie” Herbert, Jerry Thompson, 
Tom Kela, Paul John Crowley. Terry Nickels. 

Kruegel Third. Row One: Jim Lees. Rich Kner John Kronberger, Wayne 
Huddleston. “Mikey” Montana, Kurt Wahle, John Hale. Row Two: Jack 
McCormack. Lance R. Richman. Mark Hampton. Kurt Rohr, Kelly Sheets, 

Jeff Morris Row Three: Ken Boucher. Steve Day. Louis Burwell. Mike 
Cates. Joel Grindeland Row Four: Rick Van Auker. Devin McHenry. Grant 
Rugtherglen, Rangel S. Cavazos. Gilbert Escobar. 



Kruegel Fourth. Row One: Joe "Milhouse” Kennedy. Greg Gorecki. Tim 
McGreevy. Gary Wartstler. Tim Patterson. Tom Allen, Jeff "Kiss” Holman. 
Row Two: David L. Dewey. Jim Morrision, John Roach, Eric Zakarison, 
Michael Robinson. Jeff Hilt. Terry Buckley. Greg Gibbons. Row Three: 
Bruce Hilliard. Terry Orton. Anders Von Heijne, Steve Poirot. Teresa Wil- 

McAllister First. Row One: Diane Farrell, Kathy Bell. Karen Oster. Kathy 
Layman. Vicky Miller. Lisa Fite. Gretchen Bishop. Karen Chandler. Joan 
St Hilaire Row Two: Cynthia L. Galloway. Leslie George. Joan Vendra- 
min. Susan Norton. Robynne Konishi. Laura Rubenthaler. Louise "Easy” 
Suttell. Dorita Renee Carter. Andy Walker. Vicki L. Rice. Sue Tiersma Row 

ley. Ron Poirot. Bob Allman. Mark Edson, Todd Green. Mike Loranger 
Row Four: James Roberts, Gary Hilliard, John Russell. Brian Howard. 
Mike Baker, Kevin McEneaney, Bruce Tarver. Jeff Huff. Brian Mealey. 
Greg Nullet, Mitch Van Wormer. Jake Baranowski. 

Three: Joan Lott. Ingrid Wilson, Brenda Maloney. Julie Humphreys. Laura 
Wright. Nancy McCullough. Sue Johnson. Tamara Nelson. Julie Janett 
Artie-Angela Howard. Katherine Connelly. Carol Pohlod. Sandra Powell 
Jan Lindahl. 



McAllister First-Kruegel Fourth 

McAllister Third-McAllister Second 

McAllister Second. Row One: Jackie Gagne, Kim Bryan. Row Two: Kelly 
Marie Wood. Robin G. McGee, Brenda Gail Sheehan, Val Nelson. Cindy 
Baur, Janice Weigand, Gail Paysse, Joni Kendrick, Kathy McCullough, 
Jennie Oliver. Row Three: Julie Gramm, Robin Minietta, Marilyn Perry, 
Necia Monroe, Lori Hann, Beverly "Brun” Ferrell, Tammy Pardo, Epstein, 

McAllister Third. Row One: Sue Flint, Bernice Tan, Kathy Kile, Tanya 
Story, Wendy Inouye, Elaine Yong. Row Two: Anita Davisson, Sharon 
Gray, Cindy Wellings, Lynn Whitaker, Tracy Yamane, Tom ‘ Devil” Dan¬ 
iels, Debi Naccarato, JoAnn “Lil Coug” Turney. Karla Rosenthal, Alice 

Deanna Rench, Jeanne "Tiger” Cowan, Dinah Spacey Dinah, Janet 
Fischer Row Four: Kathy Blodgett, Margaret Doumit. Andrea Rauch. K. 
C. Jeglum, Andrea "Andi” MacDonald. Jill "Jilbert" Price. Doris Konewko. 
Bev Simpson. Jan Longway, June Sherman, Lori Brasher, Nancy Miller 

Tang, Gayle ‘‘Qusi” Gordon. Row Three: Penny Freed, Cappit Simpson. 
Lindy Morton, Becky Rexius. Jayne Mayeda. Sue Droppelman. Marion 
Kooyman, Debbie Rinker. Amy Husfloen. 

310 McAllister 

Diane Colclough 
Jeanne Marie Cowan 
Margaret Doumit 
Beverly Ann Ferrell 
Susan Janice Flint 

McAllister Fourth. Row One: Gretchen Ludwig. Kathy McDonald. Sue 
Burgess. Heidi Eigenbrode, “Kirby”, Mary Lou Johnson, Mary Cozza. 
Rexanne King. Row Two: Delores K. Taylor, Laura L. Redburn, Janet 
Heinrich. Janice Nicholson, Nancy Noerenberg. Lori Venema, Andrea 
Ramalho. June Thomas. Row Three: Chris Masters, Lori Childress. 

Teresa Enright. Brenda Sluder, Peggy Sever. Debbie Martin, Debbie 
Schneider. Deanna Stone. Deanna Rainsberry. Lupe Leal. Cheryl Nelson 
Row Four: Betty Schroeder. Alison Holbrook, Rosanne Rudd. Allison 
Pearce, Dalyce Taylor. Barbara Wallace. Cheryl Blomquist. Colleen War¬ 
ren, Fran Snyder, Mindy Eernisse, Deniece Simmons. 



McAllister Fourth 

Wendy M. Inouye 
Mary Lou Johnson 
Joni A. Kendrick 
Kathy Kile 
Rexanne C. King 
Robynne Y. Konishi 
Lynette Leffler 

Cynthia R. Lockbeam 
Jan M. Longway 

Gretchen Ludwig 
Andi MacDonald 

Kathleen E. McDonald 
Robin McGee 

Susan J. Meyer 
Necia Monroe 

Lindy Morton 
Cheryl Nelson 

Valerie Nelson 
Veronica Diane Nelson 
Anh Thi Nguyen 
Janice Lynn Nicholson 
Susan Kay Norton 
Jennifer Oliver 
Karen Oster 



Allison Robin Pearce 
Marilyn Perry 
Jill Marie Price 
Deanna Rainsberry 

Andrea S. Rauch 
Laura Redburn 

Becky Rexius 
Lena M. Ronning 
Julie Rose 
Karla Rosenthal 
Rosanne Rudd 
Debbie Schneider 
Elizabeth Schroeder 

Peggy Sever 
Beverly Simpson 

Cappi Simpson 
Laura Lynne Six 

Tammy J. Skagen 
Deanna Stene 

Tanya Story 
Patricia Turnbull 

Joan Vendramin 
Andrea Walker 

McAllister 313 

Michael D Baker 
Don Beck 
Scott Paul Beseda 
Michael S Collier 
David A Daniel 
Tom E. Daniels 
Barry William Fletcher 

Greg Gibbons 
James L. Hill 
Bruce Hilliard 
Brian J. Howard 
Jeff Huff 
Randy A Hulett 
Kevin Kochen 

Jeff Lesser 
John Q. Lynch 

Kevin McEneaney 
Brian Mealy 

Paul J. Newman 
Ebenezer Olarewaju 

Mike Pabisz 

Peter Anthony Pasquale 

Timothy R. Patterson 
Michael D. Robinson 

Lance R. Richman 
Ken A. Schade 
James K. Smith 
John Summerford 
Bruce Tarver 
Pete Townshend 
Allen B. Tumbaga 

314 Krugel 



2 0 "g ai 
0 * lZ 3 
^ ca co < 



E Jo 
0 c 


>» £ >• J- 

® o o 0 
-* CC t ^ 

V) ^ c 

O c 2 " 

£ 0>5 £ 

Sia) c 


g £ 6 
^ 0) ^ 

>s rc 

5 £?w - 
"2 ^ 

O = T5 co 

0)1 £ 'g 

O C 3 ° 
00 £ 

> J j 11 

£ 03 P P 

5 ^ r 

■ 0 -3 

P h i 1 
5? ^ > c 
C 0) 3 C 
0 c O < 

Z 0 CD 

C ® C 
< 1*8 
® 0 3 

d) ^ u 

-f 0 
-L ^ 

D 0 0 


CD . ~ 
CL »- c 
p 0 >. 

O ^ a> 

a) >• a> 


c 0 td p 
o q. c jo 

O) CL CO o 

c js © . 
3 O o o 5 
“ co E 

0 0 O 

© > 

Q *: 

o w V) 

3 0 c 
> > 0 

0 *o 

5 - LL) 

o o _ 

>• F 

•n L 

0 *— C 

« g g 
^ £ 5 
>>0 0 


>; >® 
s 0 -g 
o o -g 

5 ®Q 

>s H • 


0 0 
CO ^ 

• 0 ) 
^ E 

0 => 
Q_ co 


0 0 


C «' ^ 
0 3 O 

CO CO ^ 

c ^ 

0 o 0 
^ cc ~ 

0 . 0 ? 
/F n CL 
* £ ra 

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f. ctQ 
o O) - 
^ 0- C 

>» 0) -2 
- 0 ^ 
0 0 C 


0 -O jj 


.ir 0 : 

C O 
O O 

0 "d 
E o 
0 LL 
x: - 

(/) E . 


^ > Q. 


> c 

"O 0 
=5 0 

0 O 0 ^ 
c O ^ 0 
c p -c 

0 0 —J ^o 

0 0) 

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0 — 

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_l -O 

° l ^ o 3 

C (/) -Q 0 

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0 3 g ? 

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CO 0 

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0 ) 0 

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3 0 0 § 

LLl U > I 

0 O 0 
0 C = 
“3 0 ^ 
0 Z 2 
■O . £ 

0 © 
- 1 a m 




cc 3 

0 0 ^ 
t O > 

c o 
^ 0 n 

m = -Q 

0 M 



0 _ 

m cl 

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0 XJ 
0 => 
0 “5 

° c 

■p 8 


£ I 
0 c 

o to 


o 0 0 
0- c 


> — 
• 0 - 

0 co £ 
.2 n 0 
0 -2 0 
- 0 O 

© 6 w 

c - co >, 
0 O .. n 
0 O x A 

5 2 </) j 



Nancy Abbott 
Linda Jean Allen 
Viki Barie 
Barbara Berg 
Kathy Borgford 
Stacy Lynn Bullmgton 
Casey Burgess 

Judy Carstens 
Cynthia K. Carlson 
Diane Copeland 
Judy Crawford 
Peggy Criez 
MaryS. Fadness 
Karen Jean Haley 

Charlene Rae Heimgartner 
Judith Hergert 
Lynn Hergert 
Teresa Lyn Hill 
Elizabeth Ann Hurter 
Sarah L. Hussey 
Sandy Kackley 

Tracey Karshner 
Julie K Lybbert 
Beth Louise Miller 
Mary V Miller 
Ana Murguia 
Lori Nanney 
Judy Carol Pankratz 

Rhonda Parks 
Hollis Ann Pierce 
Colleen G Richardson 
Michelle Rieken 
Jerrie L. Rogers 
Nancy Diane Rowlett 
Christine Sander 

Anita Schultz 
Tamra S Sellridge 

Chris Shepard 
Deborah Ann Slessman 

Linda K Toso 
Sheri Ann Wilson 



Neill. First. Row One: Cheryl Crosier. Dianne Fode, Kim C. Audette, 
Theresa Hess, Sylvia Cerna. Jesse Hembroff Formsma, Martha Gonzales, 
Kellie Yates, Nancy Scheller Row Two: Grover. Jill Romano. Charlott Mar- 

tinkus. Susan Anderson. Ann Klavano, Sandra Dutl. Margaret Henke Row 
Three: Kris Bergerud, Yvonne “Nonie” Panchot, Sue Ernsdortf. Danna 
Erickson. Kathy Becker. Marcia McGlone. 

Neill. Second. Row One: Bob Hall, Gregg Wilson, Gordan Hill. Andy 
Sawin Row Two: Rolf C. Westly, Pat Kim, Walter Koehler, Tom Martinsen, 
Matt Kitterman, Richard Schlonga. Kirk Cole. Jeff A Davidson. Row 
Three: Kevin MacIntyre. Dean Backholm, Jim Ikeda, Nguten Dung. Garcia 

Clarke Row Four: Brian Smith, Paul Waters, Mike Sutton Row Five: 
Bryan Thompson, Robert Friedman, Craig Peterson, John Clardy, David 
O’Malley. Tim Brown, James Reinertson, Howard Burlingame, Steve Dah- 



Neill Second-Neill First 

Neill Fourth-Neill Third 

Neill. Third. Row One: Jane Buse, Tricia Reimer, Catherine Weil. Row 
Two: Sue VanNorden, Robin Belcher, Rhonda Beatty, Patrick Henry 
Navel Orange, Mary Fowler, Helen Headley, Dawn Faulk, Kathleen 
Parsons, Julie Marie Lemke. Row Three: Connie Lee, Lauri Kemp, 

Charyl Axelsen, Barbara Berg, Lisa Takeoka, Stacie Tanner, Katrina 
Nathe, Kay Ricketson, Davlyn Last, Kristina Harris, Row Four: Genetta 
LyFord, Carollyn John, Marti Freese, Kathy Davis, Debbie Best, Sandy 
Kerstetter, Betsy Grah, Kay Deffenbaugh, Trade L. Wilson. 

Neill. Fourth. Row One: Kurt Turner, Jeff “Hermy” Hindman, Mary 
“Claudia” Fowler, Michael Barer, Tom Hester, Marc Breuninger, Allen 
Patterson, Scott McClure, Roger Brewin. Row Two: Doug Opstad, Todd 
McKinlay, Brien Reep, Alan Yoder, Chuck Elliott, Ron Fisher, Marshall 

Olson. Row Three: Darrell Thompson, John Scott, Mickey Mouse, 

Glenn Gracey, Matthew Todd, Greg Hickel, Alan J. Paulsen, JP Morgan, 
Eqp., David Thiede, 

318 Neill 

Mike Barer 

Harold Benny 

Debbie Best 

Cathy Jean Carter 

Sylvia Cerna 

Terese Chalmers 

Neill 319 

Marcia McGlone 

Joff Morgan 

Deryl Lee Nation 

Carolyn M. Nightingale 

Glenn Gordon Gracey 
Margaret Henke 
Greg J. Hickel 
Carollyn Ruth John 
Matt J. Kitterman 

Walter Koehler 
Collins Loupe 
Kevin L. MacIntyre 
Marilyn J. Maddeford 
Thomas J. Martinsen 

320 Neill 

Nonie Panchot 
Allen Patterson 
Sue Peters 
Patricia G. Reimer 
Richard Schlonga 
Mary C. Sheldon 
Linda A. Siegel 

Brian E. Smith 

Lome Lynn Turner 

Susan Lynn VanNorden 

Catherine Anne Weil 

Neill 321 

Orton Third-Orton Second 


Orton. Second. Row One: Nick Impagliazzo. Row Two: Rick Ebel, Marc 
Hoffmann, Greg Benjamin, Rick Ossinger, Coleen Small, Lynn Massmann, 
Chris Cetinich. Alan Corwin. Row Three: Steve Bodo, Bob Monaghan, 
Disco Suckski, Lib Rust, Luci Weldon, Mina Jo Duckett, Connie Begley, 

Orton Third. Row One: Buddy Romero. Rodney Gonzales, Dora Suazo, 
David Neely. Trini Hernandez. Row Two: Natalie Cisneros. David 
Paquette, Gennie Garcia, Lola Crawford, Jesse DeLeon, Carol Porter, 

Margie Gary, Kelsey K. Kerr, Elizabeth Jenson, Bob Wegner. Row Four: 
Gail Gamlem, Wendy Potter, Gerry Wright, Steve Barland, Dave Crump, 
Brenda Tuttle, Tom Bloom, Marie Weinand, Chuck Sidor, Kevin Decker, 
Sibby Slagle, Lucinda Corker, Andy Urso, Kirk Mosley. Row Five: Eric 

Rafael Santiago. Row Three: Bill Zumwalt. Ruben Martinez. Leonard 
Paquette. Doug Landers. Maria Ocanaz. Oscar Torrez, Everett Coulter. 
Edna Gonzales. Duane Flynn. Susie Alvarado. 

322 Orton 

Orion. Fourth. Row One: Cindee Gapen. Paul Bayer. Teresa Reed. David 
Gilbert. Brian VanCamp. Cindy All. Row Two: Carolyn Lee. Kim Miller. 
Julie Nicholson, Debi Flowers. Karen White. Tasha Burks. Jack Bowers. 
Geri Robison. Row Three: Frank Francis. Frank Erickson, Karen Christen- 

Orton. Fifth. Row One: Rick Rohlman Row Two: John Bredstrand. 
Louise Neff. Tricia Ofstad. Ann Pratt. Julie K. Warnock. Marilee Burgeson. 
Jodi Cook. Laura Young. Heather Nakamura. Angilee Turner. Roger 
Woodworth. Row Three: Dave Swannack. Katie Mechelsen. Stacy Kirk. 
Beth Wheeler. Michele Melton. Jill Gross. Ann Gygi. Cherell Banks. Cindy 

sen. Melissa James. Diane Maxwell. Marshal Lines. Madeline Post, Peter 
Richardson. Bruce Brodahl. Steve Fuller. Row Four: Kelley Ingraham. 
Mike '‘Tony" Gibson, Mad Hatter, Tom "Tall'' Pounds. Linda Worley. Jeff 
Fry. Cheryl McNally. Mark Hastings. 

Puri. Cindy Johnston, Chris Murdock, Kevin Beck. Row Four: Mister "C", 
Gene Allen, Frank DeVries, Allen Hall, Richard Raub. Bryan Reighlley. 
Douglas E. Engle. Craig "Meoff Jack" Sutherland. Cheryl Anderson, 
Bruce Becker. Tom Droz, Jim Linehan, Loren Lovejoy. Dave Brown, Ron 
Taylor, Eric Selby, Ken McCarty. 



Orton Fifth-Orton Fourth 

Orton Seventh-Orton Sixth 

Orton. Sixth. Row One: Marty Stebbins, Audrey Fugier, Pam Shell, Lynn 
Miller. Gretchen Johnson, Mary Bristow, Jane Emigh, Brenda Latterell, 
Hugh Durkan, Frank Reil Row Two: Don “Trans" Cunningham, Alice 
Winship, Lorri Buntain, Kristin Paulson, Sharon Buesa, Steve Absalonson. 
Robert P. Bogenberger, Mike Harris, Kami Peterson. JoAnn Fronzalia, 

Orton. Seventh. Row One: Amy Rust, Vickie Repanich, Jim Beck. Cathy 
Opdahl. Peter Topalian. Mike Ryan, Bill Lawrence. Row Two: M-C Dick, 
Ralph Chip. Debbie Ottosen. Robin Richardson, Barbara Meier, Robert 
“Black Velvet" Schiffner. Debbie Foss. Cathy Marining. Jerry Wirkkala. 

Clara Erskine. Row Three: Tom “Spike" Landon, Willie "Timeward" 
McGown, Glenn Morita, Shahi. Abelardo Segura, Larry Young, Kevin T 
West. Jeff Weathers. Brian Moriarty. Jim Chambers, Frank Curl, Diane 
Kenedy, Kathy Paul 

Kelly Mohondro. Sue “Sioux" Rauch, Dawn Warren. Row Three: Dan'l 
Dickey. Pat Mullaney. Mike Vinnick. Jeff “Big Daddy" Dennis, Philip D. 
Larson. Ross “Bud Man" Lyle, Jon “Dugan" Elfin. Joan McLean. Carol 
Peterson, Janet Maxwell. Kevin Douglass. Michelle Smith, Jill Campbell. 

324 Orton 

!> 4Mh’<t »<0v|f<«if 
}4Ml C •!< t" <II *t'i<4 , H4 V44!) 
tiilr t >101.4<<< < 
j| j!f UI<‘M ♦ ! (4* 

MW'»l#||lH‘H 44 H * IftMtoM i 4 f 

t>t 5 > 4 < 4 *n tin 

Ujlltfjifrl I{> M <<><>" H>'i4<>U |4£» 

||»*l 44 *<»t**M 4 «i 4 §tt H#f 

I|f4§l0 MfWtOli »l< 

1 4 <i«o( 4 > I 4 j <4 *!< 'jf:I 

«•*!<• UMHHttl 

< >|(> tM<jft»4tI 

I l < U 4 »l 4 • I 

r**t t P<(o4ilfi 

< 4 f 4 * #*«* «f tiki 

44 i 

W .*#fl lM»* <1 < 
•lb«G*4J> 4 jh < 4f* 4f I 

5 - ‘<* i 

t *< vli i ****W'*WM 

MHaOMMII I*' 111 Ol'i H»< I 
(?|M| 4 i) 4 f pjlf m( 4 <H 4 l'*{ 
IlM^Ufl 4 i #i 
tti||h» 4 « jlwWMM {<{ 


<Ht V4 4 »4 44 >14 I « |<'4|»)li tM 
<:<><(< «‘4< 4 4* '4'44‘Xi »l4|il«< 

4 4 <» <; 4 Wlf I ‘>4‘ 4> ''tfilfltji 

«••!« *4<» 44MHMM«<4 > iwifii 

<<»« 4f «: 4; li 


&lMiH)rt||ll ,, N44i|»# '4<j jt»|{ , )4*4C «»• 1 iflm »• 

J*^Wyi<K‘ h 44 ii»#i 4 f 4 i:> n w»r*Mt 

■wir : x < 4 ' •,' + p« ’l << 

■r :•&>*» - 

Ll ^ "^ r J#\v 

—* 0 \ i 

. k. • 


•#- r 

•L A&& • 


L . •] 


Orton. Eighth. Row One: Karen Munro. Laurine McGreevy, Debbie 
Eaton. Beth Hammer. Leilani M. Jue. Barbara Zane, Tami Rasmussen. 
Alice Lushenko, Mike Donohue. Nancy Johnson. Cindy Hansen, Pique 
Lopo Yipee. Row Two: Paul Lewis. Jill Campbell, Brian Hicks. Douglas C. 
Anderson, Marianne Lund, Claire Marie Schaefer. Susan Kay Becklund, 

Orton. Ninth. Row One: April D. Helmbolt, Mary Blackburn, Judy Ruddy, 
Barb Doherty, Cheryl Bennett. Kathy Murphy, Blair Knappett. Row Two: 
Nancy Lomax. Charlotte Taylor. Maynard A. Barnes. Sue Brady, Jim Pitts. 
Claudia Henderson, Robin Schultz, JoAnne Gustin, Heidi Sparman, Bud 

Boyd Hatch, Aki Wright. Roxanne Weed. R. Jamie Barbour. Dee Eaton. 
Amy Glenn, Sue Baxter Row Three: Mark Weeks, Rod Batl. Peter Micha- 
lowtcz, Alan Kottwitz, Greg Graham, Laura Kelly, C McIntosh. Rick Dill- 
man, Larry Bale, Chan Sing Ip, Rand Blakewood. Tim Hansen, Tom 
McCormick, Steve Arndt 

Kilpatrick. Robyn Schwartz. Bosco The Wonder Dog, Mark “M&C" Stef¬ 
fens. Row Three: Peter Onfire, Insane Dane, Kently Walker. Jim Plampin, 
Drew Eskenazi, Paul Miller, Dan Shea, Lise Srock, Debbie Leus. Leon 
Duran. Julie Shaffer. Robert Hadley, Zena Mitchell. 



Orton Ninth-Orton Eighth 

Orton Eleventh-Orton Tenth 

Orton. Tenth. Row One: Owen Nelson. Laurie Phelps. Jeanne Eerkes. 
Lori Knuth, Geoffery Hann. Geoffrey D. Webert. Martin E. Schoonover. 
Geoff Fowler. Morgan K. H. Wong. Kim Woo Row Two: Raymond Combs. 
Steve Schoonover. Mark Williams. Allen Lester, Casey Nagy. Suzie Pax¬ 
ton. Lam Bowles. Julie Anthony. Lori Takeoka. Katie Little. Marnie Wood. 

Orton. Eleventh. Row One: Steve Meloche. Tiny, Bill Ferguson. Vicki 
McConnell Randy Siler Kelly Stevens. Kerri O'Leary. Jr. Poulsen. Wanda 
Luick. Kim Osberg. Winkle Figerbean Row Two: Brad Waggoner. Darcy 
Bartow. Mark McQuinn Blaine Stephenson. Sheila Keesecker. Lisa 
Anthony. Pamela Hawkins. Randy Anderson. Theresa Opgenorth. Sindi 

Row Three: Larry Boitano. Sally Sharpe. Shawn McKellar. Kim Eller. Kathi 
McGranahan, Sharon Dart. Vicki R Bevert. Kathryn J Moschel. Randy 
Williams, Mary Sue Gibson. Dianne Severin. Harry Woodcock. Steve 
Quant. Jack Arends. Yodak Babaluchi. 

Hellerud. Leanne Skansi. Row Three: Robert McKinney. Steve Phillips. 
Martha Sebring. Gordon Wines. Sue Sander. "Buster Hymen”. Jane Par¬ 
ker Jan McKinney. Alfrida Frog. Richard Gnehm. Willie Santos. Paul Ishii, 
Mark Eshom. Gary Weiss. Jeannette Tyler. Christina Lee Newlin. Brett 

326 Orton 

Regents First Section. Row One: Lisa Chapman, Shirley Brooks. Teresa 
Howell, Patty Gatewood, Karen Williams. Row Two: Denise Owens. Judy 
Potter, Donna Schmiege, Molly Barnhart, Helen Heppell, Jana Joss. 
Nancy Vetter, Kellie Walsh, Beth Leggett, Trish O'Connell, Mary Sobcyzk. 
Carol Spiegelberg. Row Three: Karen Meyer. Norma Ketel, Shayla Roddy. 
Row Four: Pam Berry. Judy Phillips, Nancy Dalthorp, Betsy McCallum. 

Regents Second Section. Row One: Dana Sanders. B. Lynn Bly. Jenni¬ 
fer Johansen Susan Strom. Judy Tweit Row Two: Marianne Jensen. 
Cindy Hartwig. Margo Cusin. Cheryl A. Brittain. Carey Cairns. Lori Ham¬ 
mett. Wendy Schneider. Kristi Jackson. Sharon Fish. Row Three: Vicki 
Boxx. Geraldine F. Felchlin. Marianne Anarde. Colleen Harrington. Vicky 

Nora Lewis. Marcia Warrender, Debbie Ford. Cindy Wilson, Lorraine Fox, 
Lisa White. Kandee Dudley. Anna Ackerman. Heidi Salu, Judy Williams, 
Margaret Shelton, Diane Versteeg. Row Five: Gail Duncan, Deena Heye. 
Leslie Barnard, Charlene Clements, Shawne Weber, Kathy Smith, Lori 
Bond, Lauri Miller. Ailene Grant. 

Carey. April Weed. Lisa Carlsen. Valerie Gunby. Kathy Jo Lindell. Melanie 
D. Harris. Alitza Blough. Tami Oliver. Shannon Paige. Row Four: Megan 
Skinner. Connie Rolie, Shauna Undi. Cindy Buhman. Lisa Schofield. San¬ 
dra Pickering. Sarah Peterson. Kit Warner. 



Regents Second Section-Regents First Section 

Streit Fourth 

Regents Third Section. Row One: Jann Casperson. Marie Stumpf, 
Christy Todd, Kay Henninger. Connie Rabie. Bobbi Davis Row Two: Gin¬ 
ger Williams, Dawn Trout, Michelle Myers, Julie Jackson. Donna Dumaw. 
Mary Jo Doherty. Marie Hull. Kris Box Row Three: Kelly LeGresley, Laura 

Dreeszen, Elaine Bishey, Kim Dowd, Rita Snow, Jeanne Fuller. Suzanne 
Raschke, Terri Fields, Carolyn McConkey, Patty McDermid Row Four: 
Juli Sullivan, Beth Newell. Shelley York. Ann Ward, Gail Hau. Jean Miller, 
Jan Zehm. Martah Lehnen. Laura Longley 

Regents, Fourth Section. Row One: Brenda Young. Carol Probst. Rene 
DuRall. Becky Gagnon. Karen Pitzel Row Two: Lisa Otness, Randi Knut¬ 
son. Sandi Pfeifer. Nancy Heistuman. Carol Suave. Rhonda Benson, 
Renee Thomson Row Three: Debbie Lubbe. Mary Nessly. Colleen Nolen, 

Cheryl Moberly. Carlita Lanner. Liz Hayes. Kathy Nickolaus Row Four: 
Sharon Randall. Pam Robison, Diana Davis. Mary Strang. Dawn Meren- 
back. Bev Meagher Row Five: Laurie Johnson. Grace Silver. Georeann 
Robbins. Lori Merlich. Diane Burton. 



Regents. Fifth Section. Row One: Rose Marie Binetti Jill Crawford. Linda 
Carberry. Diane Doran. Sheryl Joy Workman. Linda Colvin. Steph Burd. 
Row Two: Mary Kennett. Hedy Bauer. Shayne Kinner. Kim Sands. Bridget 
McGee. Leslie Boone. Judy Mladineo. Sally Stockman Row Three: Lori 

Regents. Sixth Section. Row One: Kateen Houser Kathy Ferguson 
Debbi Law. Kathy Stalder. Susie Peterson. Jill Hinschberger. Claire Wilson 
Row Two: Mary Tederman. Lmda Eckland. Ruth Rosenkranz. Shirley 
Langdon. Dianne Gilliland. Dori Fontenot. Row Three: Janet Zehm Jenm- 

Sutherland. Carolyn Goo. Karen Hansen. Cindy Kessel. Kim Moa. Laura 
Barger Trish Matthews. Bert Player, Mary Hamm Row Four: Karen 
McDonald. Martha Fritz. Denise Navle. Laura Hunt. JoAnn Roberts. Jean 
DeMier. M. K Robison. Donna Matthews. Cindy Mosher 

fer Stucki, Sue Bingham, Rhond Bierle, Lynn Radliff, Jeannene Johnson. 
Row Four: Allison Sanden, Cobe Kennedy, Patti Petty, Jody Moll, Tracey 
Hubberd, Sheri Sharp, Debbie Schirmer, Katie Stacer. 



Streit Sixth-Streit Fifth 

Regents Eighth Section-Regents Seventh Section 

Regents. Seventh Section. Row One: Connie Chitwood, Diana Gretten- 
berg, Kelli Miller, Chris Courtright, Kyla Merwin, Charlene Flowers, Roxane 
Chappell, Deanne Platner, Kristi Alason, Mary Hostetler. Row Two: Lynne 
Wilson, Cindy Barber, Alison Hansell, Lynn Ramerman, Lani Cran, Lisa 

Regents. Eighth Section. Row One: Rosanne Kennedy, Mary Drumhiller, 
Karen Chin, Karen Schinkel, Phyllis Pedersen, Mariann Torretta, Anne 
Jacobi. Row Two: Joyce Pogue, Susan Anderson, Tammy Arndt, Crissy 
Paeth, Dori Knight, Terri Howell, Jan Hesslewood, Carolyn Raese. Row 
Three: Renie Jones, Lori Grubbs, Cindy Partlow, Debbie Helms, Tammy 

Sievers, Carol Roberts, Mary Miller. Lea Beechner, Kim Barnhart, Julie 
Moore, Kay Potter, Mary Miller, Karen Olstad, Cindy Welch, Rosemary Bol¬ 

Burmeister, Susan Cook, Simone Azure, Joni Lang, Anne Davies, Char 
Flowers, Claire Wilson, Pam Pilcher. Row Four: Stephanie Lee, Colleen 
Catchpole, Lisa Martinez, Diane McKinnon, Morgot Thorndike, Edna Gon¬ 
zalez, Laurie Fitzgerald, Kay Johnson, Karen Nickolaus, Maureen Kooser, 
Sydne Knutson. 



Karen Albee 
Marianne Anarde 
Michelle Anderson 
Jeanne Adele Austin 
Cecile Babich 
Ann K Barnaart 

Hedy Marie Bauer 
Lea Ann Beechner 
Ronda J. Beierle 
Margaret Bemis 
Rose Marie Binetti 
Beatrice Bly 

Rosemary Bolster 
Lori Beth Bond 
Vicki Boxx 
Diane L. Burton 
Carey Cairns 
Mary Ann Carter 

Roxane M. Chappell 
Janice Cunningham 
Margo Cusin 
Maryjo Doherty 
Diane Doran 
Kim Jovran Dowd 
Rene Durall 

Linda Ecklund 
Karen Louise Elzey 
Tracey L. Evans 
Geraldine Felchin 
Kathleen Ferguson 
Dori Fontenot 
Martha Fritz 

Regents 331 

Lisa M. Frolen 
Diane L. Gill 
Carolyn Y.Y. Goo 
Lenee Gram 
Lori A. Grubbs 
Lori Eileen Hammett 
Jan Haselwood 

Kateen Hauser 
Kay Henninger 
Leslie Heyworth 
Mary Hostetler 
Teresa M. Howell 
Tracy Hubbard 
Virginia Marie Hull 

Kristi Jackson 
Anne Elizabeth Jacobi 
Jennifer L. Johansen 
Jeannene Johnson 
Tamara Johnson 
Lucia Jordan 
Jana Joss 

Shari Keeffe 

Roseanne E. Kennedy 

Mary Kennett 

Norma J. Ketel 

Randi Knutson 

Shirley D. Langdon 
Debbi Law 
Kelly LeGresley 
Kathy Jo Lindell 
Laura Longley 



Deborah K. Lubbe 
Lisa R. Martinez 
Donna L. Matthews 
Betsy McCallum 
Bridget McGee 
Dianne K. McKinnon 

Kay Menniger 
Karen Meyer 
Kelli A. Miller 
Mary F. Miller 
Mary M. Miller 
Kimberly Moa 

Cheryl Lynne Moberg 
Linda Morrison 
Cindy Lou Mosher 
Denise Marie Narle 
Karen Nickolaus 
Kathy Nickolaus 

Colleen Jo Nolan 
Evie O’Connell 
Kristi L. Olason 
Tamara Oliver 
Jeri S. Pacsmag 
Shannon Paige 

Judith Phillips 
Shauna Corinne Pierson 
Pamela Pilcher 
Karen Pitzel 
Joyce Pogue 
Lori Price 

Regents 333 

Carolyn Probst 
Lynette A. Ramerman 
Terri Riedner 
Carol Roberts 
JoAnn E. Roberts 
Margaret Robinson 
Connie Jill Rolie 

Elizabeth Sadler 
Dana Patrice Sanders 
Ellen Sauve 
Karen E. Schinkel 
Lisa M. Schofield 
Christine Ann Souza 
Katie J. Stacer 

Sally Stockman 
Jennifer Straughan 
Jennifer Stucki 
Juli M. Sullivan 
Oranthai Tantimedh 
Maria Santos Taveres 
Mary Ellen Tederman 

Margot A. Thorndike 
Christine Todd 

Dawn E. Trout 
Judy Grace Tweit 

Ann Lynne Ward 
Cindy S. Welch 

Lisa Marie White 
Ginger J. Williams 

Judy Williams 
Karen Diane Williams 

MaryLynne Wilson 
Shelley York 

334 Regents 

Rogers Hall Officers. Row One: Mark Sigrist, Gary Grotz. Row Two: 

Rogers. Second. Row One: Richard Schmidt, Hubert Langenhorst. Larry 
Walker, Steve Steach, Mark Sires. Treg Owmgs Row Two: Gary Tate. Tod 
Weyrauch, Jeff McMillan, Wayne Brugge, Derrell Butler Row Three: 
Kevin Woelfel, Tom Mitchell, Mackay Miller, Wayne Harmond, Brian Ber- 

Mark Thackray, Pete Dunlop. Dana Dixon, Mark Webert 

ghoff. Steve Ferber. Kevin. Jeff Lenhart. Row Four: Steve Goodman. Brian 
Lyons, Renny Smith. Mike Concienne. Pat Cunningham, Fred Peschel, 
Bob Bauman, Tom Bowles. Row Five: Gary Rauth, Skip Yant. Darrel Mar¬ 
tin, Greg Henderson, Mike Humphreys, Sheldon Israel. Fred Bauman 

Rogers 335 

Rogers Second-Rogers Hall Officers 

Rogers Fourth-Rogers Third 

Rogers. Third. Row One: Brad Childress, Bob Haldeman, Dean Williams, 
Rick Mettler. Row Two: Rob Raine, Kelly Malone, Phil Sheely, Rob Dunn, 
Alex Gene, Jim “Bob” Calpin, Steve Grote, Randy Strozyk, John Keatts, 
Rich Mann, Shevy Chase. Row Three: B. W. Somerville, Mark Tolleshaug, 

Larry Baxter. Mike, Skinner, Scott Peterson. Row Four: Greg Ness, Dayle 
“Amosotis" Margeson, Jim Paulson, Carl Maxwell, Kevin Carson, Kelly 
Swan, Dave Eitner. Marbry Jones. MacDonald Otamiri, Mike Forde, Jeff 
Pruiett. Row Five: John Ludowise, Andy Leigh, Doug Fery, Ken Knuchell. 

Rogers. Fourth. Row One: Greg Jones, Dale Carlson, Mike Lane, Eric 
Startin, Steve Northey, Tim Campbell, Elvis Presley, Mike Hanson, Rick 
Tollehsaug, Doug Wheatcroft. Row Two: Dan Sinks, Greg Joralemon. Wil- 
lian Monroe. Jeffrey Britton. Doug Davison, Tim Richter, Steve Smith, Mike 

Coughlin, Jay Draper, Paul Gollnick. Kevin Skolrud. Row Three: Chris 
Crawley, Mark McKay, Brett Thomas, Tom Braden. Evan Jones, Greg 
Clark, Steve Metz, Kevin Roseborough, Kevin Miller, Larry Mayrand. 

336 Rogers 

Rogers. Fifth. Row One: Dave Trieschmann, Larry Altose, Philip Ives, 
Don L. Snider, John T. Cripe, Marty Andrews, Douglas R. Drobny. Row 
Two: Barry Nelson, Chuck "Climbin' Fool" Miller. Mike Harrison, Mark 
Jutte. Rob Flodin, Rick Moore, Craig Klindworth. Mark Goff. Row Three: 

Rogers. Sixth. Row One: Bob McGinely. Keith Flamer. Dan Zaback, Tom 
Tochterman. Mike McMahon. Mike Hortado. Emmanuel Amkpogum, Mike 
Delbuono. Mike Hawes. Row Two: Rick Vevea, Keith Snider. Terry Dough¬ 
erty. Dan Freeman. Brian Stambuk. Jeff Keown, Sherwood Smith, Bill 

Eric Amundson, Mark Saelens. Mike O’Heron. Randy Voshell. Steve 
Bogert, Ron Matsen, Mark Fisher, Scott Roth. Row Four: Paul Anderson. 
Scott P Churchill, Jim Rypkema, Dave Nagle. Duane Smith. Jeff Finke, 
David Lawson, Greg Griffiths 

Howe. Row Three: Greg Murdock. Lawrence An Nevada. Brain Christof- 
erson. Frank Waldron Row Four: John Rhodes. Dennis Muhly. Jim Moss. 
Remi Southard. Marc Stenchever. Baltasar Villaneuva. Row Five: Mike 
"Stew" Stewart, Bob Doremus. Mark Quigley. George Lyon 

Rogers 337 

Rogers Sixth-Rogers Fifth 

Rogers Eighth-Rogers 

Rogers. Seventh. In Front: Bill Heart Row One: Brett Young. Tony 
Ghosn, George Goodfellow, Terry Torkelson, Elias Salinas, Scott McMillin, 
Andy Carter, Vince Moeller, Rob Quackenbush. Row Two: Tom Lucas, 
Terry Tombari. Mark Carver, Dave Wike, Eric Swanson, Mike Miner, Tom 
Karaganes, Steve Koch, Ron Wieland. Dennis Achey, Gordon Keller Row 

Rogers. Eighth. Row One: Jeff A. Bullington, Charles Pernick, Eric Pross, 
Tom Rex, Russell J. Rockwood, Jim Hockett, Chad Bennett, Ken McMullin, 
Marty Vincent, Neal Sullivan. Harold Warren. Row Two: Bill Cooke, Kevin 
Doerr, Mark Chopper. Steve Phillips, Mike Dugger, David Fesenbek. Sam 
Horton, Mike Glinegavduer, Big Mac. Rick Sampson, Rollie Snider Row 

Three: Eric Heia, Tom Morris, David Breard. Michael A. Zehnder, Doug 
Hodgson. Mike Thornton, Doug Williams. Todd Hodges. Row Four: Mark 
Wevert, Dale Hirsh, Tim Utley, Dave Borgens, Mark Serbousek, Steve 
Noakes, Joe McDonnell, Dan Estabrook 

Three: Tim Merlino, Blake Emigh, Eric Horne. Herb Patten, Joe Anderson. 
Ron Perkins. John "The Drunk", Jon Reynolds. Row Four: Bob Malone. 
Michael Filler, Chris Cook, Jim Botelho, Randy Mayer Row Five: Jeft 
Davis. Mike Koenig, Pat Tovosa. John Horne. Dale Rubbelke. Mark Patter¬ 
son, Steve Sundquist 



Rogers. Ninth. Row One: Scott Geddes, r.a.; Matt Filip. Row Two: Gor¬ 
don Belles, Cam Smith, Kevin McLaughlin, Tim Hepper, Freddie “Fear¬ 
less ' Lamm, Jeffrey “Nosco” Jones, Dana Dixon, Ross Parker, Gregg 
Larson. Row Three: Scott Frazer, Bill O’Brien, Jit Rieck, Wild Bill, Doobie, 
Paul Stanley, Scott Coleman, Ron Calmus III, Dennis Roberts, Alan 

Rogers. Tenth. Row One: Gregory A Larsen Row Two: Wally Lee, Don 
Willis, Mike Wierman, Dean Anderson, Gary Burnett, Stan Mitchell, Marc 
LaPlante, Larry Westfall. Row Three: Mark Sigrist, Larry Martin, Craig 
Waters. Keith Erwin, Paul Therriault, Lloyd Daser, Pat Jeffries, Jim Ham- 

McLean, Kip Daly, Mike “Don Juan” Scott. Row Four: James Kelly. Dan 
“Mean" Sheen, Craig Culmback, Ed Simpson, Bill Moore, Brad Brim, Mark 
Guthrie, Terry Guell, Jay Clevenger. Row Five: Jim Geiger, Darrel Jone, 
Frederick George Brighton, Alan Lee, Mike Saxon, Ken Scolavino, Rick 
Openshaw, John Setliff. 

bleton, Tom Bowles, Lee Pivonka Row Four: Dan Sego, Bob McCaslin, 
Greg McGowan. Brent Carnahan, Tom Koven, Jim Flemming, Randy 
Davis, Steve Schmelz. James Mar. Row Five: Shale Undi. Jerry “Gramps” 
Peterson, Dan Gross, Gene Chin. 

Rogers 339 

Rogers Tenth-Rogers Ninth 

Rogers Eleventh 

Rogers Eleventh. Row One: Mark Gauthier, Phil Wesen, Pete Dunlop, 
William Cowart, John Hume, Bill Cummins, Mike Kerns. Row Two: Ron 
Corson, Mark Howe, Paul Cooper, Bob Hodson, Frank Olsen, Stu Thomp¬ 
son, Kyle Goodwin, Jim Neumiller. Row Three: George Nimick, Chip Ban¬ 
ister, Bill George, Rich Roy, Greg Aucutt, Tom Bender, Don Ballard. Row 

Four Mark Fredericks, Doug Comstock, Mike Rann, Doug Stubsten, Larry 
Randall, John McLeod, Joe Seaborn, John Seamans, Don Brook. Row 
Five: Mike Noble, John Drexel, Dave Groff, Steve Philpott, Rob Elliott, 
Dave Kudrna, Rick Qually, Dale Knochenmuss, Brian Hagel, Eric Roose. 

David Breard 
Fred Brighten 
Brad Brim 

340 Rogers 

Gary H. Burnett 
Jim Calpin 
Tim Campbell 
Brent D. Carnahan 
Kevin Carson 
Andy Carter 
Bradley Childress 

Mark H. Chopper 
Jay Dee Clevenger 
Paul R. Cooper 
Larry Copp 
Ronald Corson 
Bradley D. Craig 
Chris Crawley 

Ken Criscola 
John G. Cullen 
William R. Cummins 
Lloyd Daser 
Jeffrey M. Davis 
Michael L. Delbuono 
Dana Dixon 

Kevin R. Doerr 
Mike Doty 
Terry Dougherty 
Jay C. Draper 
Michael R. Dugger 
Robert L. Elliott 
Keith R. Erwin 

Ric Evans 
Steve Ferber 
Douglas Fery 
Matt Filip 
Scott J. Frazer 
Mark Fredericks 
Scott D. Geddes 

Bill George 
Kyle D Goodwin 
Gary Grotz 
Brian Hagel 
Robert Alan Haldeman 
Mike Harrison 
John R. Hisey 

Rogers 341 

Bob Hodson 
Geoff Hoffman 
Samuel Horton 
Taiwo lluyomade 
Rob Ing 
Pat Jeffries 

Jeff Jones 
Steven Joyce 
Michael T. Kern 
Rich Kimura 
Ken Knuchell 
Thomas A. Koken 

David A. Kudrna 
Friedrich Lann 
Alan R. Lee 
Bob Lex 
William Maag 
Darrel Martin 

Leo Darrell McKinley 
Leonard W. McKinnon 
John J. McLeod 
Scott McMillin 
Tom Morris 
Jim Moss 

Dennis Muhly 
Barry N. Nelson 
Michaef K. Noble 

David Nogle 
Steve Northey 
Craig Olsen 

T reg Owings 
Mark E. Patterson 
Kevin A. Penrod 

Fred David Peschel 
John Scott Peterson 
Steve Philpott 

Lee N. Pivonka 
Robert A. Potter 
Otto Pruegschat 
James Pypkema 
Rick Qually 
Rob Raine 

342 Rogers 

David Allen Rash 
Gary Alan Rauth 
Rich Ray 
James Reecroft 
Don Robbins 
Eric P. Ross 
Eric Roose 

Elias Salinas 
Richard T. Schmidt 
Mark Maynar Serbousek 
Dan R. Sheen 
Ed Simpson 
Mark Sires 
Cam Smith 

Remi Southard 
Steven George Steach 
Douglas Stubsten 
Neal Sullivan 
Stephen Sundquist 
John K. Sutliff 
Gordon Tachuk 

Mark Randall Thackray 
Brett C. Thomas 
Terry Tombari 

Terry Tor kelson 
David C. Trieschma 
Scott E. Tweit 

Tim A. Utley 
Frederick C. Vevea 
Marty D. Vincent 

Randall B. Voshell 
Craig Waters 
Philip Daniel Wesen 

Doug Wheatcroft 
Ronald A. Wieland 
Dean H. Williams 

Kevin John Wise 
Mike D. Wonacott 
Skip Yant 
Dan Zaback 
Michael A. Zehnder 
John Peter Stephen Zito 

Rogers 343 

Stephenson East Third-Stephenson East Second 

Stephenson East Second. Row One: Michelle Stone. Jenny Sharp 
Nancy Carter. Dawn Amaya Marcia Panattoni. Cris Nang> Row Two: Ann 
Butterfield. Sue Christensen. Sue Ripple Ruth Muir Sue Gengler. Annette 

Stephenson East Third. Row One: Linda Eman Row Two: Susan Law¬ 
rence. Julie Fawcett. Kristie Weber. Lorraine Gale. Belinda Morger Kathy 
Krebs. Kim Schutz Roxanne Magnus Marti Alford. Monica Small. Sonya 
Seeman Row Three: Donna King. Denise Comeaux Cindy Timblin. Lora 

Lurus. Debbie Creighton. Theresa O'Brien Row Three: Linda Eman. Sheri 
Kruizenga. Connie Dauer. Sandi Tall. Tina Wachter Terri Clyde" Skalab- 
rin. Susan "Bonnie" Sidei 

Iverson Cindy Gausman Janice Sweeney. Laurie Potter Row Four: 
Karen Gen. Ardis Wallace. Shelly Samuelson Mauann Herne. Carrie 

344 Stephenson East 

Stephenson East Fourth. Row One: Lori Senecal. Lori Froland. Theresa 
I Capps. Lisa Ledum. Audrey Cunningham. Yvonne Ling. Sue Heitt. Lynne 
Westmoreland Row Two: Peggy Zappone. Lynne Eastman. Dianne Bald- 

Stephenson East Fifth. Row One: Janet Miller. Wendy Park. Gail Drew. 
Tamara Nau. Carol Hunter Row Two: Amy Larson. Joyce Werth. Cathy 
Wing Anne Flewelling Jeanne Coic. Karen Cosden. Row Three: April 
Lancaster. Becky Byerly. Nancy Sage. Sally Haseman. Barb Hilliard. Kalhy 

win, Deanna Pearson. Dorine Teitzel, Lisa Brunoff. Barb Jones. Cindy 
Coe. Row Three: Cyndie Grush. Kay McCormick. Shirley Fitzgerald. Carol 
Sigrist. Kelly Burk. Theresa Dankers. 

Randall. Rosaleen Twohy. Dana DiMaio. Row Four: Kathi Powell, Debbie 
Odle. Terri Washer. Lee Ann Robinson. Maureen Roberts. Karen Pellerin. 
Tammy Clark 

Stephenson East 

Stephenson East Fifth-Stephenson East Four 

Stephenson East Seventh-Stephenson East Sixth 

Stephenson East Sixth. Row One: Pam McEachern. Anne Grainger. 
Debby Mayer Row Two: Jean Picha. Lisa Johnson. Lisa Ganders. Geor¬ 
gia Lomax. Teresa Snyder. Kathy Moll. Mardell Groenig Row Three: Kate 
Kalis. Sherry DeRosia, Katy Kroum. Jill Knight. Lise Melhouse. Julia Sim- 

Stephenson East Seventh. Row One: Amy Raquer. Sue Swanland. 
Deanna Knudtson. Sue Smith. Lynda Dorsey. Julie DeMark. Toni Ander¬ 
son. Jana Kimpel. Nansi Dodge. Diane Dow Row Two: Laura Newcomb. 
Deleth Phelps. Diane Toothaker. Lon Workman. Liann Mummey. Kenda 

mons. Tamara Fnberg. Mary Riggleman. Patty Bachmeier. Lon Sebastian 
Row Four: Connie Farris. Kim Sanders. Lynda Bell. Jayne Hatch. Kathy 
Basler. Melinda Walker. Jenyce Goodwin. Barbara O'Neal 

Lockmiller. Lmdy Ouast. Kimberly Sanders. Joyce K Davies Row Three: 
Tish Griffin. Valane Dvorak. Laurie LaBrash. Beth Woods. Karen Morris. 
Deanna Scavella 

346 Stephenson East 

Stephenson East Eighth. Row One: Jennifer Jacobson, Jill Newhouse, 
Sandra Moon, Mary Newby. Janet Stage. Row Two: Carol Hein, Kelly Les¬ 
lie, Jill Peistrup, Janet Oslund, Joye Ainslie, Kelly Hooper, Heidi Frederick, 
Sue Coffin. Row Three: Karen Goodwin, Nina Coe, Heidi Johnson, Dana 

Stephenson East Ninth. Row One: Mary Diana, Jackie Kent, Karen Crev- 
elmg, Jill Peistrup Row Two: Debbie Julian, Nanette Wiltse, Lynda Clark, 
Donna Fitch. Janet Oslund. Julie Shattuck. Carol Parsons. Row Three: 

Yeaman, Dianne McNeill. Row Four: Patti Hahn, Jody Flomer, Mary 
Achey, Kelli Detray, Sheila McDougall, Theresa Jacoy. Charlene Lantz, 
Cindy Wright. 

Sue Teppo, Vicky Vevea, Linda Gruger. Barb Becker, Karen Sorenson, 
Terri Robison, Kathy Selle, Marcia LaCheck 

Stephen East 


Stephenson East Ninth-Stephenson East Eighth 

Stephenson East Eleventh-Stephenson East Tenth 

Stephenson East Tenth. Row One: Missy McEneaney. Sharon Sellers 
Row Two: Lisa Zmi. Maureen Macho, Theresa Ransom. Laura Finsley 
Janet Bulman. Nancy Hole Luleika Silva Row Three: Dena Nelson. Lauri 
Kraemer Carol Douglass. Kathy Carey. Lynda Melugin. Mary Widman. 

Kim Stemp. Bev Lazenby. Kelli Vaught. Lisa Knocker Row Four: Karen 
Martin. Mary Kilber Tracey Zahnder. Carol Brown. Carol Barnett. Ellen 
Foss Renita Rix Kathy Waterman 

Stephenson East Eleventh. Row One: Joan Conway. Sharon Kauflman. 
Nanette Vissotzky Peg Rusche, Butch Row Two: Barbara Arnold Ann 
Dahl. Kriss Coss. Sandra Bishop. Lynette Stevens. Lorna Robertson, Deb 
Downing Row Three: Kathy Langmes. Julie Sumner Paula McKeon. Julie 

Nelson. Cindy Sherman MaryAnn Polo Row Four: Kristie Anderson. 
Nancy Antunes Marv Lou Madden Nikki Whittle. Lorena Tichenor Janet 
Moulster Patty Skoglund. Janet Grabill Kathy Carey 

348 Stephenson East 

Stephenson East Twelfth. Row One: Debbie Roth. Kathy Rasmussen. 
Renee Wood. Dian Higgmgs, Cathy Ceely. Row Two: Carolyn Beckwith. 
Tammy Healy. Barb Mattausch, Joyce Johnson. Suzabelle Jackson. Leslie 

Lindow. Mary Kite Row Three: LeAnne Stanley. Mary Anthony. Carol 
Anderle. Syd Pearson. Cathy Koenig. Kris Larson. Ann Haltrup. Michele 

Stephenson East Thirteenth. Row One: Nancy Gallenberg. Rose Wes. 
Jill Hickey. Kelly Higby. Row Two: Genie Eschbach. Heidi Kalkwarf. 
Linda Steves. Cathleen Hinkleman, Judy De Haas. Sue Chandler. Wendy 
Baker. Becky Watt. Row Three: Teresa Cartmell. Kelly Ramsden, Michelle 

Kerle. Judy Emerson. Barb Mizoguchi, Kathy Eley Row Four: Debbie 
Elder. Sue Dyer. Nithaly Kenikittisak. Mylinh. Row Five: Carol Jones, Les¬ 
lie Fjalstad. Linda Kent. Katie Eschbach 

Stephenson East 


Stephenson East Thirteenth-Stephenson East Twelfth 

Stephenson North Sponsors—Stephenson North Staff and Officers 

Stephenson North Staff and Officers. Row One: Ann Brazel, Karla president; Jodi Sylvester; Cindy Parsons; Diane Sommer; Marilee Winiar- 
Schmidt, Terry Eller, Linda Mitchell, Debby Brennan, Teresa Malphrus. ski; Phyllis Fridlund; Barb Blodgett. 

Gail Beckham. Row Two: Leslie Salisbury, Janet O’Halloran, Mary Marchi. 

Stephenson North Sponsors. Row One: Janet O'Halloran, Keri Fireham- 
mer, Pam Simpson, Sara Van Citters, Kelly Reardon. Carol Westpfahl, Car¬ 
olyn Rogers. Row Two: Carmen Jimenez, Mary Thomas. Sandie Wirth, 
Dana Deckman, Leslie Salisbury. Ann Freepons. Diane Sommer. Sue Neill, 

Carla Deane, Janey Law. Row Four: Karen Anderson, Colleen Reese, 
Cathy Mitchell, Debra Stirn. Deanna Tyo, Kim Loken. Margaret Cunning 
ham. Suzanne Brown 

350 Stephenson North 

Stephenson North Second. Row One: Janet O'Halloran, Donna Linst- 
rum. Kelly Precechtel, Pam Simpson. Row Two: Tammi McIntosh, Katie 
Lynch, Nancy Sutch, Mitzi Hunter, Grace Pelone, Debbie Cobb. Jene 

Stephenson North Third. Row One: Megan McAlexander. Valerie Hale, 
Suzy Dougherty. Colleen Calpin. Allison Lien. Mary Ann Fleyn, Linda Larl- 
sen. Donna L Sirjord. Row Two: Kristen Russell. Kim Fancher, Kelly Rear¬ 
don. Laura Kelly. Sara Van Citters. Sri van der Kroef Lauri Hood. Chris Tif- 

Stubbs Row Three: Julie Moulton. Janie "Coach’' Dybdahl. Debbie Lind¬ 
quist. Diana Shrum. Kalany Standaert. Wanda Darnell. Ann Brazel. Keri 

fany Row Three: Kathy Arnold. Cindy Wegner. Mari Watanabe. Donna 
John, Carol Kramer. Cheryl Niemuth. Tami Singletary. Marilyn Dozer. Sue 
Pittenger. Kathy Cavanagh. Caryn Schmidt 

Stephenson North 


Stephenson North Third-Stephenson North Second 

Stephenson North Fifth-Stephenson North Fourth 

Stephenson North Fourth. Row One: Gail Beckham, Jodi Moulthrap, 
Leanne Heintz, Grace Torrey, Leslie Grothe, Joanne Dunn. Row Two: Kim 
Bainard, Carolyn Rogers, Carol Shollenburg, Sandy Pickett, Cindy Guffey, 
Linda Sheldon. Row Three: Linda Ladwig, Estralitta Elder. Marlene Gib- 

Stephenson North Fifth. Row One: Vicki Peterson, Marie Atchison, 
Cathy Cervenka. Carol Hackler. Dayna Senter. Denise Hoover, Cindy Par¬ 
sons. Diane Zimmermann. Carmen Jimenez, Cindy Baxter, Marilee Winiar- 
ski, Ann Verhulp. Row Two: Laura Merriam. Karri Skolrud. Danielle Plante, 

bon. Carol Westpfahl, Rose Marie Kenney Row Four: Jill Sobotka. Tammy 
Smith, Vicki Draggoo, Patty McKenna, Kathy Hoyt, Pam Estlund, Sharon 
Dineen. Moira O’Connell. 

Alison Face, Barb Dahl, Debra Lea Tweeddale. Marial Willford, Diane 
Anderson, Mary Thomas. Row Three: Kim Carrothers. Kristy Zimmerman, 
Jackie Ruthford, Sharon Radach. Colleen Marlow, Gail Beckham, Kim 
Kutz, Chris Snow 

352 Stephenson North 

Stephenson North Sixth. Row One: Debbie Meek, Susan Jensen. Carol 
Bohringer. Judy Ziehl, Tawnia Babic, Liz Robbins, Nancy Middleton, Tami 
Tibbitts. Row Two: Diane Stevenson, Marne DeSilva, Dana Deckman, 
Phyllis Fridlund, Sandie Wirth, Carol Suhadolnik, Peggy Smick, Amy Jo 

Maw Row Three: Kris McElroy, Jenni Faulkner, Robin Zachow, Cheryl 
Richardosn, Laurene Harrison. Carol Guthrie, Pam Boekenoogen, Lisa 
Pollett, LeAnne Celmer, Debbie Nicholson 

Stephenson North Seventh. Row One: Tami Ufkes, Julie Jansen, Barb 
Boldgett. Nancy Morbury, Gina Johnsen, Mary Kusske, Leslie Salisbury 
Row Two: Karla Davison, Donna Peery, Anne Robinson, Shelley Larm, 
Sandy McCrory, Anna Morgan, Terri Bishop, Linnea Preston. Row Three: 

Keren Boyko, Ann Freepons. Gayle Gamache, Laurie Robison, Becky 
Harty, Jeannie Kemman, Kris Backes. Darla Southern, Sue Trask, Mary 

Stephenson North 353 

Stephenson North Seventh-Stephenson North Sixth 

Stephenson North Ninth-Stephenson North Eighth 


Stephenson North Eighth. Row One: Patrice Stierlen, Ann Grubb, Deb¬ 
bie Fischer, Diane Sommer, Jan Corkrum, Anne Lister, Fran Wilson. Susie 
Gardner Row Two: Teresa Malphrus, Ann Hutchins, Cindy Kippenhan, 

Cindy Perenchio. Carol McCabe. Lisa Dixon, Karen Huseby, Julie Weis. 
Row Three: Stephanie Wells, Linda Reid, Lisa Dalrymple, Jan Fields, 
Michaele Ruane, Robin Bacon, Valerie Hackett. Vickie Hertz. 

Stephenson North Ninth. Row One: Janey Law. Heidi Boeff, Lori Brown, 
Debbie Okken. Lori Panchot. Noreen O'Carroll, Jodi Doyle, Katie Corkum 
Row Two: Teresa Malphrus, Karen Charles. Janet Guthrie. Terri Bloom- 
Field. Carla Deane, Margie Caldwell. Sue Neill. Kathy Carlson, Stacie 

Scholtes Row Three: Monica Rose Roppo. Mary Kay Egbert. Diane Nel 
son, Rona J. Prufer. Lizzie Beth McCartan. Shirely Knutson, Cindy Mait 


Stephenson North 

Stephenson North Tenth. Row One: Mary Marchi. Anne R. Miller. Susan 
Lewis Susan Dahlm. Patty Curry. Row Two: Lissa Carey, Karen Ander¬ 
son Debby Brennan Diane Paula Demmer. Jodie Buchanan. Colleen 

Stephenson North Eleventh. Row One: Debbie Gusa. Cathy Mitchell 
Row Two: Mary Veith Debbie Dubrule Debby Stern. Debbie Gusa Cathy 
Mitchell. Lisa Stevick. Marcy Thomas. Kris Larsen Row Three: Gaye 
Hayashi. Lisa Peterson. Erin Sullivan. Sydney Stallbaum. Berta Klerjer. 

Reese. Karen Bricker. Robyn Kelso Row Three: Laura Breard. Karen 
McKibben. Zig Zimmerman. Becky Weber. Deeann Moffat, Jodi Musto. 
Jina Sylvester. Jodi Sylvester. 

Karla Westgard Row Four: Joan Lawry, Debbie Petersen. Judy Haines, 
Liz Bessey. Kris Moberg. Karol Kolcz. Row Five: Debby Brennan. Kim 
Neal. Christie De Phelps. Biz Alpaugh. Teri Ward. Jan Gallagher. Jennifer 
Mueller. Ellen Bunge. 

Stephenson North 


Stephenson North Eleventh-Stephenson North Tenth 

Stephenson North Thirteenth-Stephenson North Twelfth 

1 J 

»- ✓ 4 

iw .*■ "3 

p 4 


i | 

R « A 


Stephenson North Twelfth. Row One: Lisa Woodcock. Tammy Petersen. 
Caryn Jordan. Pam Tuski. Sandy Welliver. Sandi Hirsch. DeDe McConnell. 
Katy Robins. Beth Rogan Row Two: Gmny Henderson. Tracy Torpey. 
Barbara Smith. Cathy Kircher. Joanne Shellan. Julie Johannes. Ann Suth- 

Stephenson North Thirteenth. Row One: Jenny Rueppel Jody Silver- 
man Row Two: Sharon Orcutt. Marianne Scoll. Ruth Sterner. Betsy 
Barker. Margaret Cunningham. Kathy Merlino. Lynn Dusenberry Row 
Three: Karen Neighbors Jeanme Dellwo Bonnie Hill Shene McRoberts. 

erland. Laurie Rice Karen Lewis Row Three: Donna Tyo. Linda Schact- 
ler. Mary Antush. Karla Schmidt Kim Loken. Dolores Hatchel. CHristi 
Schnell. Cathy Henton 

Kari Niksich. Karen Devaney Lisa Mellmger Mary Lu Gallagher. Karen 
Ziebell. Karen Curtis Lesa Fitzthum Row Four: Suzanne Brown Karla 
Schmidt. Donna Starr Connie Coffman Debbie Brown. Ken Livengood. 
Moira Bostwick 

356 Stephenson North 

Stephenson South Officers. Row One: Brel Graham Mark Linquist. 
Brvan Mohler. Tom Nedervold president Row Two: Dick Pedersen. 

Stephenson South Second. Row One: Jim Richstem. Ken Reis. Neil Diet- 
eorich Dave Kelly Steve Aulbach. Jim Justin. Row Two: Leonard Ehason. 
Michael Satia. Paul Lacy Dan A. Duncan. Dan Weddle. Row Three: Bruce 

Moses Torrescano. Steve Sutherland. Dave Sutherland 

Tripp. Allen Opfer Dennis Erlenmeyer. Lenny Van Pelt Kir? Stueckle. Keith 
Rivenbark. Greg Pessemier 

Stephenson South 357 

Stephenson South Second-Stephenson South Officers 

Stephenson South Fourth-Stephenson South Third 

Stephenson South. Third. Row One: Mark Emtman. Warren Heath 
Moyar. Row Two: Mark Bolander. Richard Uen, Roger Grove. Delmer 
Scott. Celestine Undiandeye, Pasipanedya Nziramasanga. Row Three: 
David Umondia. Gary Cha. Carl Wood. Alan Noakes. Daniel Mok. Rex Cal- 

Stephenson South. Fourth. Row One: Mike Stevens Row Two: Wes 

Harting. Garret Haider. Mike Richardson, Joe Hardenburgh. Spencer 
Moon. Mike Ziccarrelli. Row Three: Steve Thompson. Robert Norris. Tom 
G-ubeille, Gerry Stintzi. Don Lynch. Kelly Bowers. Tom Wilson. Jay Allert, 

loway, Wayne Hahn. David S. Raese Row Four: Doug McBride, John 
“Mr. Suave" Dugan. Gary Lindahl. Dan Coleeson. Paul Budd. Rick Laird. 
Bryan Yunker, Perry Freeman. Jim Nasium. Bruce Hale 

Darrell Woods Row Four: Kevin Larson. Gene McCaul. Chris Widrig. Ger¬ 
ald Sherrell. Tom “The Kid" Schultheis. John M "Alabama" Ulsher. Scott 
R. Mortimer 

358 Stephenson South 

[u EZj/j 



Stephenson South. Fifth. Row One: Craig Brown. Dale Pavola, Greg 
Henshall. Rick Heilmann. Row Two: Doug Cowin. Hugh G. Erection, Steve 
Chmick. Rick Forthun. Dave Smith. Don Engel Row Three: John Fuhr. 

Dave Reames, Mike Chard. Randy Chong, Nicholas Mason, Don Ballard. 
Bruce Schulz. Row Four: Rich Gurr. Rick Mam. Dennis Latimer. Bruce 
Keough. Bob Zimmerman. Ron Fullerton, Kurt Anderson. 

Stephenson South. Sixth. Row One: Scott Lawless. Dean Willows. Dick 
Pedersen. Peter Chapman Row Two: Ted Russell, Worcester “Don 
Juan" Bong, Mike Warnecke, Doug Shook. Robert Erickson. Row Three: 
Bob Wright, Dan Diamond. Eric Lund, Crazy Bart. Jethro Bodine. Keith 

Cook, Jerry Allen, Scott Woodside, Rick Fletcher Row Four: W K. Palm- 
erton, Chris Quinton, Daniel W. Keller, Tom Niedenfuer. Paul W. Bodnar, 
Jim Dugan. Mike Brendle. 

Stephenson South 


Stephenson South Sixth-Stephenson South Fifth 

Stephenson South Eighth-Stephenson South Seventh 

Stephenson South. Seventh. Row One: John Morris. Russ Finley. Frank 
Schilling. Glen Thompson Row Two: Pete VoordePoorte, Alan Bennett. 
Fred Fleck, John Honnold. Terry Hillsten. John Barnes. Mark Ausmus, 
Michael Wallace. Row Three: Greg Campbell. Pat Noonan, Tim Nelson. 

Stephenson South. Eighth. Row One: Roger Duane Sherman. Hugh R 
Collender, Steven G. Danielson. James M Goodwin. Fred Douglas Good¬ 
win. David C. Hoerlein. Terry J. Tyrrell. Row Two: Donald C Hill. Anthony 
E. Koenig. J. Patrick Tessier. Robert H Sudduth, Joel Q Ley. Emmett 

Mike "Steve Martin" McCarty. Jeff Rasar. Scott "Ganghas Kahn" Splane. 
Duncan Scragg Row Four: Dave Bricka. Steve Bell. Rory Crick. Bill 
Strand. Clifton Nading, Dave Paul. Steve Hall 

James Shearer. George Matthew Flickinger. Jerry Sattler Row Three: 
Richard L. Roberts. Dave Cooper. John N Cunningham. Ronald J. Miller. 
Paul Sebastian Olsufka. Douglas Richard Lawrenson. Scott Serna 

360 Stephenson South 

Stephenson South. Ninth. Row One: Bret Graham Row Two: Clyde 
Giles. Jim Chipps, David P. Sutherland, Joshua P. Levine, Tim H. Peter¬ 
son. Jimmy Colbert. Row Three: Tim Jankovich, Todd Bond, Dave Peter¬ 
son. Wes King, Mark Linguist, Kevin Williams, Jeff Brunetle, Steven M. 

Sutherland, Michael G. Lee. Row Four: John Norris. Mike Spink. Danny 
Bray, John Wittenberg, Kevin Colton, Mark Meyer, Bryan Mohler. Steve 

Stephenson South. Tenth. Row One: Dave Hamilton, Paul Blanding, Jon 
Welsh, Dan Kane, Steve Stubbs. Eric Robinson, Michael Monk Row Two: 

Tom Nedervold. Craig W. Williams, David Alumbaugh, Eric Romppanen, 

Stephenson South 361 

Doug Hovde, Scott McKennon, Tim Malkow Row Three: Jim Fairweather. 
“Mikie” Campeau, Doug Woodworth, Eric “The Greek” Stevick, Bruce 
Hauge, Gordon L. Wright, Jerome Hedlund, Ed Norris. 

Stephenson South Tenth-Stephenson South Ninth 

Stephenson South Twelfth-Stephenson South Eleventh 

Stephenson South. Eleventh. Row One: Pete S. Nolen, Jack T. Lindner, 
Mike Tollkuehn, Jett Gesell, Dan Coleman, David Anderson, Phil Waite, 
Tom Davidson, Scott Spalding, John R. Frlan. Row Two: Steve Lane, Ste¬ 
ven Zeck, Tim Kalkwart, Greg Beeman, Steve Lockwood, Larry Lindahl, 

Stephenson South. Twelfth. Row One: Ron Reed, Al Lorenz, Kirt Dazier. 
Row Two: Leonard Lewis, Malcolm L. Epherson, Tim Bradtord. Dan Sego, 
Dave Goetz, Donn Ylvisaker Row Three: Neil Fink, Greg O’Neal, Mark 

Kevin Williams, Keith Foster, Brad Young. Row Three: Rick Wendt, Paul 
Rice, Steve Bodnar, Mike Riuenbark, Brooks Berry, Jim Fletcher, Ken Rek- 

Tempel, Donald Hout, Walt Ford, Bob Lambert, Dan Radii, Scott Furman, 
David Duntley. Row Four: Ray Ellis, Mark Jensen, Roger Beaubien, Ste¬ 
phen Davis, Wm. R. J. Volny, Billy Ricardo Williams. 

362 Stephenson South 

Jerry Allen 

David Barry Anderson 
Sylvester P. Antai 
Donald A. Ballard 
Roger T. Beaubien 
Paul W. Bodnar 
Steven John Bodnar 

Todd Bond 
Worcester A. Bong 
Danny Bray 
Jett Brunette 
Andy Burt 
James Levi Chipps 
Stephen R. Clitton 

James D. Colbert 
Randy Coombs 
Robert David Cooper 
Kevin Cotton 
John N. Cunningham 
Kirthman Dozier 
Leonard Eliason 

Malcolm Epherson 
Dennis Erlenmeyer 
Russ Finley 
John Fuhr 

Ronald A. Fullerton 
Clyde Giles 
Daniel K. Gleeson 
David Goetz 

Bret Richard Graham 
Richard Nelson Gurr 
Mark Hall 
Bruce Hauge 

Jerome H. Hedlund 
Dave Hightower 
Terry L. Hillsten 
Mark W. James 

Stephenson South 363 

Joshua P. Levine 
Leonard B. Lewis 
Joel Q. Ley 
Mark Lindquist 
Eric Charles Lund 
Dan Lynch 
John Owen Morris 

Barry G. Murray 
Brad A. Myers 
Robert Norris 

Paispanodya Nziramasanga 
W. Kent Palmerton 
Gregory J. Pessemier 
Tim H. Peterson 

Ron Reed 
Kenneth John Reis 

Paul Rice 
Michael Satia 

Frank Schilling 
David B. Smith 

Steven Soos 
Kirt Stueckle 

David P. Sutherland 
Steven M. Sutherland 

364 Stephenson South 

Stevens First and Second. Row One: Mary Anne Thompson, Doreen 
Barry. Debra Ann Von Essen, Mary E. Parnell. Cheryl Chauner. Toni Kel¬ 
ler. Teresa Trtlson. Row Two: lla Westberg. Glena Martin, Mary Hogle. 
Linda Waldher. Barbara Bikfasy, Tracy Bruhn, Lois Gibson, Cathie 
Picha. Kelly Farmer, Renee Sexson, Dana Croy. Row Three: Kathy 
Hodgson. Carol Dern. Karen Williams. Barb Hangartner, Marla Meyer, 

Stevens Ground and Third. Row One: Cathy Clark. Laurie Harrison. 
Rosemary Baker. Stefanie Woodward Row Two: Colleen Nelson, Lauren 
Barratt. Margaret Fanning, Linda Thompson. Diane Fuller. Lorri Cochran, 
Kathy Evans. Donna Cressey, Kim Hargrave. Row Three: Keri Young. 
Connie Cogburn, Winda Madsen. Denice Moffat, Leslie Little, Bryn 
Thompson. Rosary Harva, Julie Bliss, Jani Lindeen, Louise Minnick, Karen 

Shelley Sachs, Cindy Carrillo. Jennie Boleneus. Barbara Luedeking, 
Janelle L Paulsen. Chere Fritts, Robin Fonlaine. Bonnie Foster. Cathy 
Fort Row Four: Kelley Ann Jones. Teresa A. Walen. Lisa M. Sand. Carol 
Elaine Stocker. Norene Ennis, Carol Chrisman, Gail Livingston. Becky 
Childress. Terry Lynn Cleghorn, Bonnie Schneider 

Reidinger. Nancy Wells Row Four: Kay Landberg. Jody Keafft, Mason. 
Shan Krom. Griz Van Calcar, Titanic. Lynn Little. Denise Ellis. Sylvia Sal- 
dua, Debbie Nicholson, Jeanne Weston. Karen Gronning. Row Five: Janet 
Dean. Christy Loechelt. Kathy Peckham. Mary Ketel, Karen Nellermoe. 
Kathy Bennett, ‘ Deebs,’' Diane Hole. 

Stevens 365 

Stevens Ground and Third-Stevens First and Second 

Sylvia Alexander 
Rosemary Baker 
Doreen Barry 
Barbara Bikfasy 
Annette Blair 
Tracy Lee Bruhn 
Cindy J. Carrillo 

Catherine Ann Clark 
Terry L. Cleghorn 
Lorri Lee Cochran 
Cathy Ann Corrigan 
Donna Cressey 
Dana M. Crog 
Denise Ellis 

Kathleen A. Evans 
Kelly M. Farmer 
Robin Fonlaine 
Catherine V. Fort 
Bonnie Lynn Foster 
Barbara J. Hangartner 
Kim Hargrave 

Rose Haruo 
Katherine Hodgson 
Mary Hogle 
Mary A. Ketel 
Shan Kay Krom 
Jani Lindeen 
Christy Loechett 

Edwina K. Madsen 
Marla J. Meyer 
Karen Miller 
Colleen Joy Nelson 

Debbie Nicholson 
Mary Elizabeth Parnell 
Catheinr Ann Picka 
Janelle L. Poulsen 

Lisa Sand 
Bonnie Schneider 
Renee Sexson 
Carol Elaine Stocker 

Janene Renee Thomas 
Teresa Marie Tillson 
Debbie VanCalcar 
Debra Ann Vonessen 

Linda Sue Waldher 
Teresa A. Walen 
Nancy Therese Wells 
Jeanne M. Weston 
Karen Marie Williams 
Keri Young 

366 Stevens 

Stimson Second A and Lower A. Row One: Earl Bensching, Rat, Kevin 
Cullinan. Row Two: Barry Chrisman, Ken Haynes, Dan Wodrich, Mike 
Pfeifer, Cameron Mitchell, Rob Marshall, Raymond Woh. Row Three: Jim 
Early, Matt Kindsvogel, Gary Neal, Rod Ames, Rob Twietmeyer, Mike Mur¬ 

phy, Jim Thayer, Eric Lefstad, Jim Settle, Tom Wallace, Gary Anderson, 
Kenneth McElvain. Row Four: Brad Ness, David L. Rynning, Grant 
Dimock, Bob Schultheis, Joe Perusse, Joe Dougherty, Chet Gladstone. 
Row Five: Tim Newton. 

Stimson Third A and Section B. Row One: Craig D. Whittlesey, Ken Bat- 
tie, John Ralowicz. Row Two: Jon Osenga, Toobas Kabin. Rich Tomsin- 
ski, Steve Brodeur, Dave Wharton. Row Three: Mike Ellerman, Kevin 

Susenberry. Steve LeBeau, F. Uxhw Ufwoaba, Steve Bihler, Darrell Lee, 
Mike Dedman, Dave Stark, Bob Millay Row Four: Dan Jenisch, Alan Dahl, 
Casey Schaufler, Kurt Glastetter, Steve Wilson 

Stimson 367 

Stimson Third, Section B-Stimson Second, Lower A 

Stimson Section F and E-Stimson Section C and D 

Stimson Section C and D. Row One: Melvin Ploegman Jeff Hamilton. 
Scott Clauss. Richard Werner Row Two: Chuck Tilton John West. Carl 
Berg. John Teberg. Dan Tilque. Jelf Rickel Row Three: Lance Williamson. 
Mike Bruce. Sean Maloney. Tim Connor. John Leenders. Elmo O 

Stimson Section F and E. Row One: Nasser Bahzad. Marty Willy Cun¬ 
ningham John S May. Tom Dolan. Doug Gorder Dave Rose. Pancho 
Villa Row Two: Dave Olsen. T. O Nash. Steve Reimer. Dave Meyer. Jim 
Allen Row Three: Martin Anderson. Tom Kreller. Coswm Saito. Ken Run- 

Schlepp. David Rickel. Jay Benner Row Four: Breon Williams. Mark 
Stuhrrnan. Randy Long. John McKinnon. Steve O’Shea. Kevin Hedeen, 
Bart Cloninger. Jim Johnson. Robert Lentz. 

die. Cliff Yeager Roger Zelazny. B Carlberg. Steve McGough Row Four: 
Palmer Hartz. Kevin Jones. Rick Markley. David Thomas. Todd Wyborney. 
Earl Scragg 

368 Stimson 

Stimson Section One, Two, F, and Basement. Row One: Dan Drlfevich, 
Peter Buerling, Don Wilson, Mark Leitzinger. David Duke, James Staley, Ed 
Crow. Tom Larson. Row Two: Jeff Nielsen, James Burks, Rob Sievers, Joe 
Tylczak. Randy Parr. Thomas McCaulley. David Best. John Dailey, Doug 

Barrett. Mike McGough Row Three: Lawrence Ellis, Dan Bentson. Dan 
Fisher. Mike Dean. Dave Geer, Melkor M. Odom. Ron Thomas. Dave 

Stimson Fourth. Row One: Brian D. Redman, Peter Boos. Brian Gilbert- Cochran, Larry Demich, Jim Wemple Row Three: Ross Herman. Ernest 
son. Doug Ashby. Bruce Johnson. Dan Kinch, Mike O'Leary Row Two: Allen, RickPavey 
Stuart Turner. Steve Eberly, Ron Estep. President Jay Matsen. Gene 



Stimson Fourth-Stimson Onejwo, F, Basement 

Streit Second-Streit First 

Streit First. Row One: John Bitney. Mark Rappel Brad Olmstead. Bill 
Wade. Mr Thomas M O'Neill. Tom Tellefsen Row Two: Rick Garrison. D. 
B Carruthers. Terry Lewis. Mark Anderson. Gary D Nussbaum. Alvin L 
Dormaier. Dan Shoeman. Dell Adams. David K. Fisher. Jeff Tri Row 

Streit Second. Row One: Molly Baird. Maggie Snyder. Lynda Strang. 
Cyndi Lewis Row Two: Becky Johnson. Sandy Von Holt. Ranel Anderson. 
Laurie McCaw. Mary Whitney. Jodee Lane. Jadene Simpson. Gayle Ozer- 
off. Barb Knapp. Debbie Stark. Vickie West. Shannon Skinner Row Three: 
Jackie Swarts. Nnenna Chukwa. Lome McVey. Erin Lepley. Joanne Ratal. 

Three: John Cressey. Paul Ausshezz. Skeeter Shkerich. Hammeren 
Havorlock Mike Lueck. Kent Parker. Benny Montenez. Bill Bass. John 
Sheehan, Gary McFarland. Dan Jacobs, Bob Hoskins 

Debbie Lappier. Kim Bowersock. Denise Hill. Patricia Lyon Row Four: 
Marcy Sackmann. Margie Fifer. Chris May. Tallulah Heilman Blondell 
Smith. Lisette Hess Monique Dubos. Patty Hastings. Val Doud. Linda 

370 Streit 


Streit Third. Row One: Kelly Dorland. Bruce Lindell. Jim Croghan Pudley. 
John Lefriec. Robert Moore. Jeff Sandaine. Ron Knight Row Two: Chris 
Fisher. Michael Spencer. Dave McCandless. John Dugan. Darrell Turner. 
Jeff Graves. Dennis Meske. Walt Landerholm. Jeff Lake. Pat Moffitt Row 
Three: Fred Gibson. Mike Hood. Gary Finlayson. Bill Schultz. Eric Chard. 

Brian Miller. Ron Hiraki. Terry Ganike. Martin Taylor Row Four: Brad Nel¬ 
son. John Miller. Douglas Smith. Danny Pruhs Tim Massey. Scott Allen. 
Tom Conlon. Lary McCarty, Joshua G. K B. Kimeto. John Haston Jim 
Baye. John Manning 

Streit Fourth. Row One: Josy Ball. Laura Engebretsen. Charly Espina. 
Kathy Parry. Eileen Hoffman. Melissa Sqenz. Lynn Welch Row Two: 
Tonya Sandvik. Stacy Roark. Jeanme Walters. Leslie Ericson. Toni Ander¬ 
son Janet Stover. Nancy Newby. Marcie Anderson. Linda Herzog Care 
Bare Row Three: Diane Lewis. Betsy Ratcliffe. Anne Swisher. Nichelle 

Blount. Renee Hawn. Faith Hay. Linda Cassiano. Tnsh Gotfredson Row 
Four: Ellen Johnson. Lynn Cash. Robin Hankel. Mary Rosandich. Shirley 
M Anderson. Deanna Santos. Nancy Yoshitake. Laura Berman. Diana 



Streit Fourth-Streit Third 

Streit Sixth-Streit Fifth 

Streit Fifth. Row One: Horace. Neil Okrent. Eric Pimck. Bill Chaput. Dave 
Butcher. Jeff Young. Art Starry. Keith Boyle. Tony Sconzo. Dave Cannon, 
Don McKee. Row Two: Bill Culver. Eric McCulloch. Brian Bygland. Ste¬ 
phen E Baker. Pat Stice. John Curry. Philip E Lloyd. Steve Oyer. Doug 

Henley. Pat Horst. Martin R Tigar Row Three: Don Swanson. Michael 
Jackson. Dave Busko. Rick Scott, Mike Menard. John Pflug. Mark Miller. 
Kelly Haas. Perry Stanfield. Larry Frick Jeff Benker. John Greene. Chris 

Streit Sixth. Row One: Pamela Willich. Ken Markum. Mmka Davidhazy. 
Lorri Russell. Lynn Sullivan. Becky Myhre. Janet Carroll. Polly Dotson. 
Laura Bentley. Kirsten Andersen. Candyce Spolek. Mary Stohr. Row Two: 
Natalie Collins. Connie Keifer. Laura Fuller, Glenda Seeman, Ingrid Balch. 

Mary Pendlebury. Diana Detton. Sharon Wallace. Row Three: Barbara 
Wilson. Lynn Livingston. Julie Sobotta Kathy Browne, Ernie Rombouts. 
Cindy Brumley. Petra Harris. Diane Evjen Row Four: Janet Forsmann. 
Colleen Yamaguchi. Darla Miller 


* i rm V w » U wt * 

Ei TJa i/1 1 V m 

* m A \ * 

Perham First. Row One: Jeff Collier. Bruce Sargent. Eric S. Brown, Killer 
Huntley. Bill Ross. John Cushen. Chris Irwin. Peter Stabb, Marcus Sortie. 
Joe Weber Row Two: Les Denison, Peter Kremm, Brad Hughes. Kevin 
Hanson, Pat Ryan, Larry Lawry, Doug Venneri. Darrell Bessey, Mike Shep¬ 

pard, Larry Gjerstad, Stu Nakashima Row Three: Dale Johnson. William 
Richards. Mark D. McCaw, Barry T. Uamamoto. Gary Alexander. Mark 
Holmes, Sir Lancerlot Smith. John Moore. Bill and Sandy Eldridge. Mike 

Perham Second. Row One: Sara Whitinger. Tami Schimmels. Ann Turk- 
mgton. Cindy J. Faucher. Wendy Lawson, Sue Williams, Carole Christian¬ 
sen. Linda Puddy, Marilyn Wine Row Two: Lynne Aalvik. Kathy Schor. 
Sue Lowe. Joanne Nelson. Nancy Lott. Marybeth Hines. Pamela Jackson. 

Cynce Howell. Mary Holbrook. Cheryl Sali. Karen Sherman. Lucy Castillo. 
Dianna Cantu. Marta Alvarado. Lisa Osbun. Shelley Sommerfeld. Kim Wil¬ 
son. Terri Martin. 

Perham 373 

Perham Second-Perham First 

Perham Fourth-Perham Third 

Perham Third. Row One: Mark Hebein, Monte Kieling, Kevin Shearer, 
Scott Garrett. Ron Gilpin Row Two: Paul Spencer, Andy Hargrove. Bob 
Fairchild. Alan Rosenzweig, Tom Collins. Bland Lucas. Mike Hoiland Row 

Perham Fourth. Row One: Teresa Dovey, Libby Eichholtz, Ronda Law- 
son. Becky Henry. Stacy Clay. Row Two: Frerechi Hayes, Cynthia Morris. 
Darlene Kie Latanya Lucas. Teresa Willey. Nancy Uglesich, Colleen Shan- 
| ahan. Charlotte Wrye. Anne Edwards Row Three: Cheryl Mickelson. 

Three: Kevin Coleman, Craig L. Young, Byron Collier, Robert Sholtes, 
Doug Roemer, Stephen Ramos, Steve Ehrgott, David Anderson. 

Frances Ansley. Michelle Brunson. Pam Jones, Rebecca Kay. Rhonda 
Eisenbarth, Kari Midtlyng Row Four: Teri Some. Kelly Jarrett. Linda 
Adams. Ellen Duemling. Deborah Olson. Mary Frances Chesnut. Patty 
Elliot. Mary Struthers. Karen Botts. 

374 Perham 

Perham Fifth. Row One: David Wakeley. Larry Weber, Steven Grossman. 
Fritz Rathjens. Brian Olsen. Doug Olsen. Dennis King, Bryon Torka. Dean 
Fitzgerald. John Aldrich Row Two: Bahram Khamneian. Jim Simpkins. 

Kevin Feely. All Mohamed Adeeb, Jim Derrig. Dave Warren Row Three: 
Paul Neil. Steve Shearer. Don Jauregui. Mikey Grady. Kerry Lenhart. Deke 
Gassett. Gary Tiberio. Floyd Beggs 

Perham Sixth. Row One: Chilly Willy. Daniel Creek. Arlene Whitney. 
Sheedvash Amirkia Row Two: Lory Kawabata, Valerie Burns, Theresa 
Elliot. Meredith McQuaid. Sharon Conrod. Debora Petschek. DeeAnn 
Keith. Cathy Durston. Tina Lowry. Nancy Beamish Row Three: Mary Sta¬ 
cey. Shannon Ihinger. Cheryl Eldemar. Joanne Hughley. Mary Reetz. 

Donna Enarson. Carole Sue Braaten. Lon Irsfeld. Gina Stirpe Agens 
Wocken Row Four: Nancy Welk. Lisa Weldon. Meg Martin and Bud. Kris- 
tan Kennedy and Wrong. Shannon McGinn and ATO. Karen King and 
Wonder. Kathy McKay. 

Perham 375 

Perham Sixth-Perham Fifth 

Waller Second-Waller Basement and First 

Waller. Basement and First. Row One: Ron Stephenson. Darrell R 
Laird. Dennis ' Bunyon ' Davaz. Marty "Hoost" Carson. Tim Pendergraft 
Jim Rankin Ernest Tubby Honyaktewa. Robert Weisberg. Paul Kight 
Row Two: Rich Westerheid. Steve Rowles. Kerry Gelb. Ted Nugent. Mark 
Parcel Dan Hansen Jon Augenstme Jack Culmer Anne Marie Culmer 

Waller. Second. Row One: Al Look Chris Smith Scott Bates. Mark 
Lewis. Jay Kelley. Ted W Curtis Tom Graf Les l.ynd Tim Keller Row 
Two: Kyle Reyes. Wayne Parcel Greg Koster. Kevin Holloway. Brian 
Tremblev. Tom Carpenter. Michael Gallagher. Larry Hall Randy McGraw 

Chris Culmer. John Hoyt. Tom Duris Row Three: William Yule. Jams 
Muizmeks. John Swanson. Peter Rohde. Alan Kemp. Eric Johnson. Earl 
Eaves, Bob Kenworthy. Russ Bishop. Bob Baker Bob Stallard. Robert 

Ken Groat Row Three: Bill Davis Walt Gosciewski. Chris Culmer. Mike 
O'Brien. Dennis Wilcox. Bill Gibson. Charles Prestrud. John Culmer. Lynn 
Johnston Andy Eckel Bob "Boobsy" Lewis Jon Robinson 



Waller. Third. Row One: Kurt Campbell. Mark Herke, John James. Chris 
Stewart Row Two: Randy Pell. George Pickett. Dale Q. Howell. Steve 
Brown. Cosmo Corrigan. David D Rogers. Dale L. Johnson. Jay Cooper. 

Ned Culmer Row Three: Jed Bauermeister. Chris Clumner. Neil Jerstad. 
Karl Laska. Paul "Wildman” Gilbert. Erik Senuty. Keith Martin. John Mar¬ 
tin. Brad Meagher. Dan Blankenship. John Felton. John Hemrich 

Waller. Fourth. Row One: Keith A Johnson, Bill Murray Jr., Edmond Sze- 
Pangchiu, Gerry Hartill, Roger Lind. Russell Pylkki, Cecil Crain, James 
Simpson. Tom Forbes. Row Two: Steve Reynolds. George Powell. Jay 
Monroe, Chris Holman. Rory Tollefsrud. Mark Woodworth. Jack Culmer, 

Richard West. Eric Olafson, Bill Cutler. Kevin Richeson. Gil Glennie Row 
Three: David Dezotell. Ken Johnson, John Fitzsimmons, Roy Miller, Art 
Holeflaffer, Tom Dettwiler, Ron Adams. 1-Sen Wang, Gene Rogers. 



Waller Fourth-Waller Third 

Allen Arnold 
Jonathan E Augenstme 
Scott H. Bates 
Jed Bauermeister 
Charles Birge 
Jack C. Blaylock 
Douglas Ray Bonebrake 

Mark Burton 
Thomas Jay Cooper 
Cecil Crain 
Richard A Crouch 
Michael Davis 
Michael Gallagher 

Gilbert D. Glennie 
Tom Graf 
James Griswold 
Lars Hendron 
Jeff Herda 
Chris Holman 

Ernest Honyaktewa 
Tubby Honyaktewa 
John James 
Keith Johnson 
Ken Johnson 
Jay Kelley 

Alan D. Kemp 
Robert Kenworthy 
Paul M. Kight 
Mark Lewis 
Robert Lewis 
Roger Lind 

Les Lynd 
Keith A. Martin 
Steve McClaine 
Randy McGraw 
Roger Lee McGraw 
Bill Murray 

Randy Notman 
Eric Olafson 
Mark L. Painter 
Wayne A. Parcel 
Timothy J. Pendergraft 
Charles E. Prestrud 

Russell Pylkki 
Mike Reitemeier 
Jon K Robinson 
Gene Rogers 
Steve Rowles 
Erik J. Senuty 

Robert Louis Shapley 
Guy Christopher Smith 
Robert Stallard 
Jeffrey Michael Stern 
Chris Stewart 
Rich West 

378 Waller 


Wilmer First and Second. Row One: Hope Richete Haugen, Laura Rudd, 
Deanne Weidkamp, Connie Roberts. Julie Soltero, Terri Gilmore, Carole N. 
Kennedy, Wendy Lou Shepherd, Laura Hoffenbacker, Lois Schmidt, Deb¬ 
bie Neese Row Two: Leslie Gard, Liz Wiley, Teresa Wiegardt, Kathy L. 
Rankin, Susan Wilson, Patty Aleman, Gail Miller, Kati Goll, Peggy 
McMartm. Nancy J. Norikane, Barbara Kletke, Kathy Porter, Beth Chan¬ 
dler, Jenni Matsui, Laura Peterson, Carrie Peterson, Lisa Westgard, Diane 

Wilmer Third and Fourth. Row One: Nancy Scott. Julie Jackson. Jamie 
Pavel. Madeline Nanod, Takako Yamada, Kialy Tran, Linda Gray, Sandy 
Lindgren. Karen McFarland, Kim Rawnsley. Row Two: Connie Michel, 
Marlynn Eidsvoog. Kim Polak, Shirley Knox, Terri Nelson, Lisa Case. Shir¬ 
ley Chesley. Lauri Ford. Carla Shamberger, Becky Peter, Kathy McMurray, 

Larson, Sheryl Tressler Row Three: Mary Cossand, Kimberly Skinner, 
Mary Forde, Margie Weber, Anne Willey, Debbie Masters, Carrie Johnson, 
Kathy McCoy. Linda Reimen, Sandy Randall, Marian Wilcox, Janice Fried¬ 
man. Vicki Halliday. Randi Reed, Janet Selby. Laura Aain, Betty Prengu- 
ber, Karrie Townsend, Holly Holman, Denise Bruya, Lisa Wellington, Deb¬ 
bie Morgan, Susan Gray. Melene Anderson, Karin Stevenson. Lisa Barnes, 
Denise Bender, Cindy Roe. 

Cheryl Carter, Chris Doornink Row Three: Faith Gunby, Gail Stassinos, 
Jeanmne Varunok. Lauri Graham, Janice Haagen, Deanna Johnson, 
Roberta Knutson, Rita Reed. Maggie Weber, Sena Waite, Mary Coward, 
Debbie Wilson, Patty Trimingham, Nora Falwey, Leslie Erwin, Marilyn 
McDowell, Molly Moser. 

Patty Aleman 
Shelley P. Backmeyer 
Lisa Barnes 
Barbara Beeker 
Cheryl Ann Carter 
Lisa Coleen Case 
Shirley Chesley 

Wilmer 379 

Wilmer Third and Fourth-Wilmer First and Second 

Kathryn Louise Combs 
Mary Catherine Coward 
Cris Darlington 
Linda L Dong 
Merlynn Eidsvoog 
Nora Ottolie Falwey 
Mary Forde 

Janice D Friedman 
Terri Ann Gilmore 
Kati Goll 
Lauri Graham 
Linda C Gray 
Faith D. Gunby 
Janice Haagen 

Vicki J. Halliday 
Hope Richele Haugen 
Laura Hoffenbacker 
Carrie Johnson 
Deanna Gay Johnson 
Roberta Lynn Knutson 
Diane J. Larson 

Sandy Lindgren 
Debbie Masters 
Kathy McCoy 
Marilyn J. McDowell 
Karen McFarland 
Connie L Michel 
Gail Lee Miller 

Debbie Morgan 
Madeline Nanod 
Debra Kay Neese 
Terri Nelson 
Jamie Sue Pavel 
Rebecca Lynn Peter 
Laura Gayle Peterson 

Kimberly Anne Polak 
Kathy L Rankin 
Rita Reed 
Linda M. Reimen 
Diane M Rudd 
Laura Rudd 
Lois Schmidt 

Nancy Scott 
Kimberly C. Skinner 
Coralie Smith 
Julie Ann Soltero 
Julie Ann Sproul 
Karin Marie Stevenson 
Karrie A. Townsend 

Kialy Tran 
Sheryl L Tressler 
Patricia Trimingham 
Jeannine Varunok 
Dena M E. Vignaux 
Margaret Mary Weber 
Deanne Kay Weidkamp 

380 Wilmer 


Alpha Chi Omega 

382 Alpha Chi Omega 

Mary Dunbar 
Julie A. Durham 
Julie Marie Edler 
Valerie N. Frank 
Margo Franklin 
Kathi Goertzen 

Julie A. Grassi 
Jaynie Hansen 
Susan Havist 
Dawn M. Hayes 
Mary Beth Hines 
Julie Johnson 

Cindy Juel 

Jana Larson 

Lynn Marie Livingston 

Nancy Lott 

Sue Lowe 

Anne E. McKenzie 

Lori Milholland 
Karrie Monahon 
Suzanne Moreau 
Lynn Mounsey 
Julie Ann Muller 
Rebecca Myhre 

Lisa Osbun 
Patti Pagan 
Kathleen Pearson 
Sarah Peterson 
Sue Peekenpaugh 
Diane Perry 

Sandra Pickering 
Linda Marie Pillo 
Joan Marie Regan 
Renee Riva 
Sally Roosendaal 
Cyndi Scharr 

Cindy Shannon 
Sibby Slagle 
Caron Swensen 
Lori Ungren 
Christine Unwin 
Gail Norine Vincent 

Julie Voegtlin 
Carole E. Vogel 
Sarah M. Waldron 
Laurie Wall 
Sandra Young 
Lori Zirkle 

Alpha Chi Omega 383 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Rhonda Aasen 
Candis Alford 
Marti Alford 
Elizabeth Gail Allen 
Lori Andrew 
Lisa Ann Badgley 
Barbara Bangs 

Cheryl Bargreen 
Tammy Bargreen 
Barbara Bennett 
Mary Berg 
Mariann Berschauer 
Jane E. Bertolin 
Lolo Brown 

Barbara Bruhn 
Wendy Bus 
Dawn Callison 
Lori C. Campbell 
Julie Chaffee 
Cathy Christensen 
Trisha Craig 

386 Alpha Gamma Delta 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Cindy Acuff 
Teresa Allen 
Janice Anderson 
Karen Anderson 
Sondra Jean Aune 
Vicki Denise Bailey 
Cynthia L. Barber 

384 Alpha Delta Pi 

Laura Barkley 
Sue Barr 
Diane Berry 
Renee Bodine 
Liz Breyhan 
Patricia Anne Carius 

Karen Carpenter 
Karen Jeanne Clark 
Lynn Congdon 
Sue Conklin 
Pat Courier 
Susan Danforth 

Rhonda Denison 
Sue DeVore 
Saundra Eudaley 
Michelle S. Evans 
Lisa Foisie 
Ann Gettman 

Kathy Gibb 
Lisa Gibb 

Maralee Marie Gould 
Janice A. Grant 
Susan Kathleen Hadley 
Randi J. Hansen 

Jane Haun 
Karri Lynn Hefner 
Lisa A. Hopp 
Holli Lyn Hoskins 
Patti Lyn Hutton 
Krisi Jensen 

Kathryn Keelker 
Goerdy Klarich 
Dianne Knapp 
Kathie Knight 
Janice Lenhardt 
Donna Mangiameli 

Mary Mauenhaut 
Melinda A. Miles 
Kris Miskimens 
Gail A. Pearson 
Rhonda Lee Porter 
Kathleen J Potter 
Linda Puddy 

Karen Puro 
Caroline Reid 
Teryl Roselli 
Colleen Russell 
Elizabeth Russell 
Gale Ryan 

Dawn Marie Seresun 

Carol Shaver 
Polly Suzanne Shuman 
Molly Whiteside 
Sara Jeanne Whittinger 
Kristine M. Willits 
Suzanne Wilson 
Kathryn Michele Wyatt 

Alpha Delta Pi 385 

Debbie Eerkes 
Jeanne C. Eerkes 
Lynn Emerson 
Kathryn England 
Carol J. Fowler 
Ursula Gahler 
Nancy L. Gilbert 

Susan Golden 
Kathy Grisham 
Cherilyn Hahn 
Andra Hall 
Colleen Hall 
Nina Marie Harbrecht 
Vickie Harris 

Julie Humphreys 
Kris James 
Debra Anne Kahns 
Janet Elizabeth Keehn 
Cindy Kelley 
Nancy Kercheval 
Janet A. Kinder 

Lisa K. Knocker 
Lorie Knocker 
Julie Kramer 
Janice Lane 
Terri Legan 
Leslie Joan Liebel 
Denise Marquardt 

Kathy Santee 
Carol Ann Schlaefer 
Kimberly Schutz 
B. Jan Sechrist 
Melanie Jo Sexton 
Casi Colleen Smith 
Rebecca Stumpf 

Pam Mason 
Karen McDonald 
Judith Ann McRae 
Marta McRae 
Jan Noel Metzger 
Jody Moll 
Julie L. Monroe 

Maria Morales 
Keri Myers 
Kim Myers 
Janet Nelson 
Gigi Norman 
Karen Phillips 
Jean Salvus 

Cheryl Denise Taylor 
Andrea L. Tudor 
Elizabeth Tuura 
Shawn Underwood 
Katie Vaux 
Jody Walker 
Trudi Walker 

Jill West 
Holly Whitcomb 
Sue Whitcomb 
Andrea White 
Jan Witt 

Stacy Yarbrough 
Kathleen Joanne Young 

Alpha Gamma Delta 387 

Alpha Omicron Pi 

388 Alpha Omicron Pi 


Kathryn Ann Warner 
Shelley Wells 
Cassie D. Westby 
Karen Williams 

4 * 

Judy DeGeorge 
Susanne M. Dorman 
Rebecca S. Dye 
Monica Vesta Ewell 
Didi Filan 
Diane Floch 
Jodi Guthrie 

Julie Hartford 
Julie Haxton 
Debi June Heintz 
Debbie Hoffman 
Eileen Rose Hoffman 
Lori Hutchison 
Penny Inglis 

Anne M. Kamin 
Karen Kelly 

Elizabeth Ann Ketcham 
Marsha Jeane Kinney 
Cheri Louise Kircher 
Deanna L. Knudtson 
Dianne Kuwahara 

Pam Learned 

Joan Lee 

Robyn Lind 

Merri Lynd 

Anna Manolopoulos 

Sharon Maureen Marler 

Carolyn McCown 

Marcia McCown 
Debbie Moore 
Kristin A. Morris 
Cheryl L. Nelson 
Norreen O'Caroll 
Molly Kathleen O’Neill 
Nora O’Neill 

Carol Joy Osterback 
Vickie Parker 
Julie Kay Peterson 
Claudia Phaneuf 
Christi L Platt 
Karen Quint 
Susan Manette Rauch 

Linda Rasmussen 
Susan L. Rice 
Connie L. Riha 
Karen Rouse 
Kathleen Ruehl 
Roann M. Shaub 
Laura Simanton 

Shannon I. Slachter 
Leanne Smith 
Ingrid Solberg 
Dianne Thorp 
Janice Lynn Thorton 
Kyme Wade 
Margo Wallace 

Alpha Omicron Pi 389 

Jill Bales 
Felicity Barnsley 
Christine L. Barrett 
Beth Barialamay 
Kim Beardsley 

Barbara Bowen 
Kari V. Buringrud 
Cindy Carpenter 
Jill Carpenter 
Janet L. Coville 

390 Alpha Phi 

Shirley Croker 
Kaelin Donald 
Suzanne Elliott 

Karen Gourley 
Susan Hahn 
L. Kim Hamilton 
Karen Hanson 
Beverlee J. Hastings 

Karri Hefner 
Anne Hollenbeck 
Tammy Horwege 
Rhonda L. Ingham 
Amy M. Jolley 

Alison Kilpe 
Susan Legel 
Janis Lobeda 
Julie P. Lundburg 
Wendy MacKenzie 
Mary Meloy 

J. Marcia Middendorl 
Jan Merriman 
Valerie Morris 
Mary Nessley 
Dorothy Newhouse 
Barbara Ellen Patten 

Cyndi Peterson 
Gretchen Peterson 
Deanne Platner 
Wendy Porno 
Melinda Richardson 
Susan Roberts 

Doris Rothstrom 
Marijane Schlosstein 
Linda Sheldon 
Theresa Marie Siler 
Dorothy Smilanich 

Kris Stump 
Laurie Lynn Swan 
Patty Swan 
Corby J. VanDruff 
Jane Weekes 

Ann L. Wesley 
Colleen K. Whitworth 
Debbie Young 

Alpha Phi 391 

Lanette Kay Adams 
Jane Ellen Avery 
Kristine Booth 
Sheelagh Bronson 
Julie Brown 
Debra J. Bryant 
Stephanie Jeanne Burd 

392 Chi Omega 

Janine Campbell 
Jennifer Jean Carlson 
Debbie Carver 
Maureen Cavanaugh 
Becky Clay 
Stacy Clay 
Candi Conover 

Pennie Cooley 
Kathleen Coplen 
Anne Davies 
Kristen Davis 
Candis Sue DeLorenzo 
Teri Dickerson 
Elizabeth Doty 

Anne D. Dowd 
Laurie Farris 
Jo Ellen Fehrenbach 
Jennifer L. Flint 
Carolyn M. Florek 
Denise M. Fraser 
Susan Renee Hagerty 

Sandy Haigh 
Carol Hall 
Susan Harrer 
Jill E. Haugseth 
Susan Hays 
Laureen Hickey 
Mary Hoagland 

Mary Holbrook 
Sue Holbrook 
Debbie Holtman 
Jilanna Katherine Jacobs 
Roxanne Johnson 
Rosemary H. Kamb 
Debra Kay Hannula 

Mary Kaufman 
Joni Kauzlarich 
Sallie Maddox 
Cheryl Moothart 
Mary Mortimer 
Susan M. Mortimer 
Helen Claire Neufeld 

Anne Louise Paine 
Kathy Parry 
Melissa Parsons 
Connie M. Partin 
Marsha Prescott 
Linda Pritchett 
Carolyn Raese 

Carol Reynolds 
Julie Robinett 
Cheryl P. Sali 
Laurie Shaw 
Margaret Schultheis 
Marilyn W. Shultheis 
Gale Ruth Shearer 

Chi Omega 393 

Delta Delta Delta 

Cynthia Adams 
Susan Allan 
Lucille Andersen 
Julie Ann Ashback 
Janice Ann Barton 


Delta Delta Delta 

rv ] 

Janet Corbin 
Kelly Cunningham 
Colleen Dinehart 
Anne Doumit 
Debbie Duchow 
Rita Erdman 
Chris Erskine 

Traci Marre Esler 
Kathy Farr 
Cherilyn Fosberg 
Cam J. Gossard 
Tamara Hennings 
Mindy Honts 
Nancy Ann Howell 

Sandy Jennings 
Sharon Ann Jennings 
Debbie Jermstad 
Karel Kant 
Erin Marie Kelly 
Kristin Keyes 
Kathryn Kight 

M. Stacy Kirk 
Jeri Klicker 
Sheri A. Larsen 
Anne V. Lee 
Nancy M. Madison 
Sharon Mathias 

Jacquelyn Kay McCulloch 
Cindy McDougall 
Katie Mechelsen 
Patricia Nagel 
Juli A. Nelson 
Barbara Lynn Neraas 
Nancy Overholser 

Carmen Polley 
Marley Prescott 
Merri M. Reiger 
JoAnn Revercomb 
Jayne Salvus 
Jan Schilke 
Carolyn Sell 

Sandy Semler 
Cathy Sheehan 
Lynelle Simmons 
Mary E. Summers 
Any Thompson 
Susan Waugh 
Jan Wilson 

Delta Delta Delta 395 

Delta Gamma 

Peggy J Anderson 
Candice Baer 
Carol Beatty 
Cmdy M. Beddow 
Susan Kathleen Bell 

Liz Bowers 

Joanne Marie Campbell 
Suzie Charnos 
Joann Chidiac 
Kamion L Clark 

LoraleeS Clements 
Melanie Couch 
Cindy Cuthbert 
Leona Derocco 
Lynn Eastvold 


Delta Gamma 


Debbie M Fish 
Sharon Fish 
Julie Fretz 
Karen Furth 
Gina Grant 
Cindy Graves 
Molly Graves 

Becky Haberman 
Katherine Haugen 
Donna Higgins 
Sally Ingram 
Julie Ann Johannes 
Pam Jones 
Mary Rebecca Kay 

Megan Jo Kerr 
Laurie Sue Kilbury 
Ann M. Kilpatrick 
Barb Larimer 
Zoe Anne Leonard 
Soozi Lindquist 
Suzanne M. Lurus 

Lisa Mandle 
Audrey Mannard 
Lisa Marshall 
Margaret Martetli 
Marne Medler 
Christine Molitor 
LaVonne Montgomery 

Linda L. Myers 
Shari Nalley 
Robin Olsen 
Melinda Plummer 
Kris Sauerbrey 
Camille Schmitz 
Trina Schrette 

Stacey Shelton 
Susan Skelton 
Char Smith 
Kim Snider 
Leslie Sturdivant 
Ann Suhadolnik 
TiaJah Taylor 

Patricia Vanderwilde 
Mindy Vawter 
Conrada Arlene Villa 
Katherine B Watson 
Laura Webber 
Cynthia H. Weber 
Connie Witte 

Delta Gamma 397 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Ranel Anderson 
Debbie Arnold 
Debora Atkins 
Sally Aubert 
Cathy Bertoldi 

398 Gamma Phi Beta 

Tina Biss 
Lisa K Bliss 
Janice M Bjornstad 
Stacy Lynn Boswell 
Kathy Brost 
Anna M Carey 
Karen Carstensen 

Anne Crosby 
Anita L. Danielson 
Maryane Davie 
Cheryl Davis 
Jody Kae Entrikm 
Debbie Fitzthum 
Mary Gilmore 

Jane Goodman 
Susan Harrel 
JoAnn M. Harrington 
Janet Herber 
Leslie C. Hildebrand 
Ruth Holland 
Donna Holman 

Jeanna Holtz 
Gina Honnold 
Rene Horner 
Laurie Humphreys 
Susan Hurlbut 
Judith Jacobs 
Amy Jacobson 

Julie Jacobson 
Jill Johnson 
Judi Johnsonn 
Sharon Johnson 
Karin Jordan 
Susan Kelly 
Gail King 

Jennifer MacDougal 
Patti Madsen 
Elaine A. Marlatt 
Juli Marlatt 
Jean McClean 
Susan McClean 
Patricia McGinnis 

Nancy L. Oberg 
Page Palmer 
CeCe Rosser 
Sharon Rowe 
Kelly Rudy 
Ginny Scalzo 
Susan Strenge 

Sue Thoreson 
Leslie Walker 
Tracey Wallenberg 
Chris Whittaker 
Lynn Wiggins 
Debbie Wooten 
Gena Zelensky 

Gamma Phi Beta 399 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

Sally Spring Aiken 
Jan Alderman 
Susan Baker 
Bonnie Barzler 
Heidi Bock 
Ann Brooks 

Barbara Jane Brooks 
Linda Burke 
Valerie Burns 
Susan Canny 
Janice Cobb 

Jennifer Conley 
Lisa Ann Decker 
Karen DeMond 
Lisa Ann Demond 

400 Kappa Alpha Theta 

Constance Thayer 
Leslie Vierra 
Stacey Ann Walters 
Mary Westover 
Julie Rene White 



Janet Dirkes 
Kathy Eakin 
Leslye Farrell 
Diane Fazio 
Lori Fazio 
Julie Fox 

Deborah V. Franco 

Christine Hamacher 
Alison Hansell 
Gayle Harris 
Susan M. Haug 
Patti Headley 
Nancy Hole 
Roxanne Hood 

Kim Hoverter 
Lori R Irsfeld 
Brenda Kay Jackson 
Deborah D Jones 
Erin Kelly 
Debora Kennedy 
Cathy A. Lukens 

Mary Malmassari 
Susan Manley 
Meg Martin 
Mary Heather McCoy 
Kathy McKay 
Mary Means 

Barbara Katharine Meserve 

Wendy Mynre 
Cheri Ness 
Linda Nicholson 
Ann Osweiler 
Wendy L Parkhill 
Stacy Pence 
Jean Perry 

Sue Pilkey 
Tamara Lynn Poe 
Diane Ramstead 
Cindi M Rivers 
Cindi Lee Robinson 
Laura Rose 
Tamara Schimmels 

JoAnne Schmitz 
Kathleen M. Schor 
Betsy Seabury 
Lisa Stevers 
Mary K. Struthers 
Sue Suacek 
Susan Tanigawa 

Kappa Alpha Theta 401 

Kappa Delta 

Barb Adams 
Carrie Adams 
Cathy Adams 
Mary Jamne Adams 
Kathryn E Andrews 
Alison Becker 
Shannon Rae Birchill 

Rebecca Bloom 
Nancy Burkland 
Linda Carberry 
Colleen Clampitt 
Sue Clark 
Peggy Clerk 
Pamela Copeland 

402 Kappa Delta 

Perri Heinicke 
Karen Hendrick 
Michele Rene Honts 
Peggy Huff 
Susan Huff 
Karal Hunt 

AnnL Jacobson 
Laure Jausoro 
Kim Jensen 
Lesley J Kerns 
Diane Marble 
Kelly McCormick 
Holly McDonald 

Laura Morgan 
Lynn Morimoto 
Jane Muxen 
Patty Nelson 
Diane Orrico 
Damece A Owsley 
Anne Pottmeyer 

Mona Renner 
Karen Satterberg 
Terry Schaaf 
Mary Scheide 
Denise Simmons 
Molly Southworth 
Sharon Lynn Steen 

Sheila Sumner 
Sandy Swanson 
Kathy Ann Thirtyacre 
Vickie Jean Thompson 
Tom Townsend 
Marta Tyler 
Lauri Vandebrake 

Lucinda Vandergrift 
Maria Vermes 
Virginia Vetter 
Julie K Vonderahe 
Patty Weller 
Jan Wilson 
Vittoria Zackovich 

Kappa Della 403 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Lori J. Anderson 
Joanna Baldwin 
Diane Ballasiotes 
Peta Bickar 
Lisa Ann Bonciolini 

404 Kappa Kappa Gamma 


Denece Rene Boyer 
Lori Anne Brackett 
Mebie Brannon 
Baby Bryno 
Kathy Carlson 
Nancy Ann Cox 
Linda Distfer 

Shannon Leigh Doran 
Kim Engefman 
Stephanie Erickson 
Katharine Fitzgerald 
Nancy K. Forrister 
Sue Gardner 
Valerie Gillman 

Mary Groshong 
Debi Hardman 
Kathy Heald 
Helene Heglund 
Janet Heinrich 
Colleen Henderson 
Patricia Hensel 

Sheryl Holroyd 
Marylin Hutchinson 
Marcy Ingram 
Ann Johnson 
Cynthia Jorgensen 
Kathy Kranc 
Lisa Langlow 

Joan LeBrun 
Leann D. Lobeda 
Patty McCausland 
Betsy McDowell 
Teresa Merz 
Susan J. Michelsen 
Kristi Monroe 

Marsha Morris 
Rosemary Ondruch 
Lorna Pritcher 
Judy Proctor 
Anne Quigg 
Lisa Rennie 
Susan Schutts 

Lorilee Sherwood 
Sandy Stavig 
Vicki Lynn St rate 
Suzy Taylor 
Karen Marie Thrailkill 
Carol SueTrosper 
Susan Vague 

Tami Vigue 
Loree Wagner 
Lisa Weldon 
Linda Whitney 
Tina Wiley 
Jenise L. Wolff 
Susan ne Wolff 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 405 

Pi Beta Phi 

406 Pi Beta Phi 

Kathy F. Akiyama 
Eileen E. Amon 
Lori K. Anderson 
Linda Renee Baker 
Lorelle Barrett 
Jill Bennett 
Peggy Bennett 

Terry Bleck 
Becky Boettcher 
Jeanne Susan Bonman 
Kari Boyer 
Lisa Calkins 
Cathy Coleman 
Viki Lynn Crump 

Mary Drumhiller 
Lorri Eby 
Debbi Erickson 
Diane Fink 

Katherine Fitzsimmons 
Jeanette Floyd 
Cheryl Lynn Gere 

Debbi Gotzian 
Pam Graves 
Rhonda Hale 
Susan Hanby 
Joy Hanson 
Carin Hull 
Karen Hylton 

Darcy Kelly 
Sue Kimmerle 
Mary Lehn 
Judith Diana Masset 
Mary McCauley 
Kim McNeill 
Claudia Rae Mend 

Mary Moloney 
Pam Nordquist 
Becky L. Osborne 
Rebecca Ann Peck 
Cheryl Pierce 
Robyn Ratcliffe 
Julie Ann Repp 

Joanna L. Russell 
Nancy Salt 
Christl Ann Sandall 
Adele Schierman 
Karin Lynn Selland 
Stephanie Selland 
Kathy Sloane 

Janice L. Smith 
Melissa Smith 
Casey Storey 
Jody Thomas 
Mary Tormey 
Terri Torseth 
Catherine Ann Vail 

Pi Beta Phi 407 

Sigma Kappa 

408 Sigma Kappa 

Pam Ausman 
Constance Charleson 
Tamara Dezellem 
Tami Dillon 
Michon Alysse Filion 

Heather Fraser 
Kim Gumm 
Claudia M. Hager 
Teri Heinrick 
Holly Jo Hiatt 

Janet L. Holman 
Robin Ann Lamberto 
Nancy Elizabeth Marentette 
Maryanne McAuliffe 
Wendy Sue McClure 

Shannon McGough 
Toni L. Munizza 
Karen Alfreda Munnich 
Laurie Oakes 
Paulie Osbun 

Lori Parker 
Katherine E. Randall 
Christy S. Ransom 
Jan Sangl 
Carolyn Ann Short 

Karen Sullins 
Maggie Tivnan 
Cynthia L. Wagner 
Debra Kay Willard 
Joan Williams 

Sigma Kappa 409 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Alpha Kappa Alpha: Terese Chalmers, Sandra Bankston, Concepcion Lendro, Tonya Levette Moore, Tonya Tucker, D’Willa Hendrix. 

410 Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Phi Gamma Delta 

g Ann a 


Mickie Lee Benzel 
Daniel J. Edwards 
John Cowry Ellicott 
James Fletcher 
Kevin D. Henderson 

Fred Higgins 
Kevin R. Johnson 
Timothy Kennedy 
Gus Kittson 
Roch O'Connor 
Gary Sauriol 

David Schons 
Dave Sleight 
Richard M. Westover 
John P. Whitlock 
John B Winkler 
Leigh B. Woodruff 

Phi Gamma Delta 411 




Kirkland Aly 
Robed L Andring 
Robert Berndt 
Ron D Burkhardt 
John Byrne 
John T. Clutter 
Bob Divelbiss 

Bob Doremus 
Tom A Dorsey 
Chuck Dreitus 
Sean Driscoll 
Eric A Farinha 
Gregory Faunce 
Paul Goodman 

JimS Grant 
Craig C Griffith 
Tom Hartman 
Randy L. Hill 
Ernie Holt 
Mike Jones 
Dan Keane 

Kenneth Kilpatrick 
Thomas B Leacy 
Philip Blaine Madden 
Douglas Matchett 
Gary L Matsumo 
Kid E. Maxwell 
Mike Meadows 

Clitlord Monlux 
Dan Murray 
Randy Nelson 
Ken Olson 
Tim O'Neil 
Rodney N. Parsons 
Jeflrey Patton 

Jim Reding 
Russell Lee Rettig 
Jeff Slothower 
David Stevens 
Marty Stewart 
Alan Stuckey 
Alan Tai 

Robert T. Terkla 
Brett Thomas 
Gregory Vandiver 
Bradley A. Whitsell 
Bill Williams 
Fred Scott Willson 
Clay F. Wilson 

Acacia 413 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

jcn = 

414 Alpha Gamma Rho 

Randall C. Adams 
Duane Anderson 
Robert G. Andrews 
Dean Lindsay Asahara 
Dan Bahr 
Quinton Booker 
Phil Bray 

Emmitt Cam 
Neal Edison Cochran 
Chris Crimmins 
Brad Lee Dodson 
Tim Doherty 
Roger Dye 
Matt Evans 

Damon Filan 
Dan Haak 
Jeff Harris 
Greg Hinton 
Steven Walter Hooks 
Lance Craig Hoyt 
Andy Craig Jensen 

Scott Kent Kawauchi 
David Virgil Kobes 
Scott Kummer 
Frank Lange 
Bernt C Lehn 
Richard W. Leitz 
Kevin James Lyle 

Dave Magstadt 
Kevin McDowell 
Kirk A. McDowell 
Kevin McPartland 
Buddy Miller 
Ronald Ray Miller 
Craig Nelson 

Paul M. Park 
Ron Poulsen 
Douglas Rowell 
Craig Schwab 
Doug Seebeck 
Tim Sheahan 
Scott Summers 

Alpha Gamma Rho 415 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 

416 Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Kyle Anderson 
Loch G. Anderson 
Scott T Anderson 
Harry S. Archer 
Jeffrey R. Boughton 
Jeff Coblentz 
Dan Connell 

William A. Dale 
David Davis 
John Curtis Dawson 
Douglas Devries 
Terry Dinketkamp 
Mike Duffy 
Tim Dutton 

Lloyd Galey 
John Giese 
James Girvan 
Malcolm Hanks 
Mitchell Robert Hille 
Kirk A. Hinckle 
Eric Horbach 

Daniel G. Howell 
Tom Howell 
Jeff B lunker 
Douglas Johnson 
Ashley Leaf 
Marvin Leaf 
Barry Masloff 

MatlhewC. Meckley 
Ken Meech 
Bill Neudorfer 
Neil E. O’Keeffe 
John Otto 
Kim P. Peth 
Peter V. Powers 

John M. Schoessler 
William W Solomon Jr. 
Walter Stelter 
Michael L. Stone 
Richard J. Strinsky 
James R. Summers 
Scott C. Swoope 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 417 

Alpha Tau Omega 


Alpha Tau Omega 

Jules R. Andrews 
Gary Baker 
Todd R Barringer 
Fred Baxter 
Joseph Charles Bear 
Michael Beck 
Jeffrey Busch 

Brad S. Campbell 
Scott Lewis Cassels 
Jim J. Chittenden 
David Christel 
John Crabill 
JeflreyC. Cunningham 
Mike Delaney 

Peter Hayes Devin 
Craig R. Devine 
Scott Erickson 
Kevin E. Entrikin 
Tom Fallquist 
Neal Forde 
Scott Forsyth 

Chris Bill Garras 
Jim Gaston 
Martin J. Gilchrist 
Dave Goetz 
Jeff Gullickson 
Gus Guttschalk 
Robert Hall 

Bryce Hausmann 
Kurt Holbrook 
Steven D. Jansen 
Ottie Jones 
Scott K. Jones 
Larry M. Kaler 
Ron King 

John Larson 
John P. LeFriec 
Rick Lohman 
Steven L. Lutz 
Greg Matsch 
Gary Newell 
Greg Owens 

James G. Quigley 
Jerry David Peterson 
Jeffrey W. Ramsey 
Paul Robbins 
Mike Schnurr 
Jack F. Schwisow 
Rod Servoss 

Jim Simanton 
Philip Sommer 
George W. Sumner 
Kris P. Thompson 
Alan H. Thornton 
John A. Washburn 
Keith Yamane 

Alpha Tau Omega 419 

Beta Theta Pi 

420 Beta Theta Pi 

Doug Andrews 
Mike Baker 
Thomas P. Bohman 
Stan Burke Jr. 

Frank David Cholaj 
Gale Coston 
Dave E Dupree 

Dean Dupree 
Brian A. Ellsworth 
Bill Fanning 
Jeffrey Wayne Fisher 
Steven Foltz 
John T Gillis 
Jim M. Hawkes 

Denny Hutton 
Reid G. Johnson 
Joseph Keller 
Bob Kennedy 
Dave Leslie 
Mike Malnati 
Grant Marks 

Michael L. McAllister 
Robert B. Monroe 
Todd Morton 
Peter Mounsey 
Glen Y. Muramoto 
Matt Murphy 
David Neufer 

Eric Nicholson 
John Osterback 
R Glenn Phillips 
Steve Pratt 
Tim Pring 
Rick Reed 
John Rossi 

Scott Rudy 
Douglas Skagen 
John Strohmaier 
Tom Strohmaier 
Bradley G. Taylor 
Tim Troyer 
Rick Tupper 

AI Vance 
Harry B Watkins 
Blake Jeffrey Watson 
Thomas C. Weaver 
R. Bruce Weitz 
Craig Yearout 
Gregory Zografos 

Beta Theta Pi 421 

Delta Sigma Phi 

422 Delta Sigma Phi 

Chip Anderson 
Dale Anderson 
Ben Bear 
Buddy T. Bear 
Tom Beck 
Guy Beckett 
James P. Borgen 

Paul A. Boyd 
Gerald Michael Burton 
Dennis Carver 
Rob Chapman 
Curtis Clift 
Scott Collier 
Phil Cummings 

Chuck Davis 
Steven M. Davis 

Douglas DiJulio 
Scott Jesse Evans 
Michael Fahsholtz 
Gregory A. Firn 
Elmer T. Fudd 

Robert Gore 
Roland Haney Jr. 
William F. Heilman 
Timothy Herrman 
Steven Jarms 
Brian Jones 
Michael Jones 

Jerry Arthur Kjos 
Donald Kurtis 
Timothy Leonard 
Michael Marks 
Jon Marsh 
Mitchell Maurer 
Randy Maurer 

Rob McCroskey 
Clarke Miner 
Cliff Wayne Pappas 
Mark A. Pappas 
Wayne Penttila 
David L. Petersen 
Porky R. Pigg 

Mark Pihl 
Dan Quatier 
Mark Ragstad 
William E. Ross 
Scott Sampson 
Kevin Schwenk 
Chris Smith 

Michael Sondheim 
Ronald Joseph Stojack 
Thomas Stowe 
Robert E. Thompson Jr. 
Eric R. Thorsen 
Patrick D. Tobin 
Benjamin Varon 

Rick Wasem 
Chris Webb 
Pete Winemiller 
Dan Wood 
Frank Zemek 
Charles Zimmerman 

Delta Sigma Phi 


DeltaTau Delta 


Delta Tau Delta 

Tom Addison 
Doug Anderson 
Douglas Anderson 
Douglas Anderson 
Eric L. Anderson 
Kyle B Anderson 
Roy Barskey 

D. A. Behrens 
John Culley Biersner 
Gary E. Blanken 
Ryan Brookhart 
Larry A Brown 
Norm Brown 
David Brumbaugh 

Michael Byers 
Jon Canary 
David J Carsten 
David Ernest Clark 
Steven Clark 
Grant Colby 
James D. Cornwall 

Gregory Damard 
Richard Dunham 
Mike Dunn 
Steven Barry Dysart 
Tim Erwin 

Clive M.D Freidenrich 
Jim Gray 

David Hawthorne 
John Edward Hayes 
David Herrman 
Donald J Hill 
Ruskyle L. Howser 
Paul Ingersoll 
Curt Jacobson 

Danny Johnson 
Art Jonson 
Bill Keene 
Patrick Kemp 
Mike Lent 
Bryan Lowe 
Chuck Luchim 

Peter James McBride 
Duncan McCabe 
Dion McClauley 
Tony McPheeters 
Craig W Moon 
Kevin Mueller 
Kirk L Ossewaarde 

Todd Pettelle 
Charles Stuart Rogers 
Ken Shamblin 
Jeff Shreves 
Fred Stong 
Brian C Tytler 
Eric G. Weaver 

Delta Tau Delta 


Delta Upsilon 

Jerry Aiken 
Todd Allan 
Bob Allman 
Michael Jay Anderson 
Greg Baldwin 
William B Betlach 
Vance K Bingham 

426 Delta Upsilon 

Thomas James Blanchard 

Rodger Boothman 
Keith Brutzman 
Mike Bryant 
Dan Buchanan 
Wayne Burckhardt 
John H Burnett 
Thomas E Callahan 

Sam Chase 
Rick Colgan 
Fritz Cox 
Andrew Curtis 
Jeff Darrow 
Mark Delabarre 
Darby Jay Duchow 

Greg Early 
Gary Filion 
Greg Fredette 
Terry M. Furman 
Howie Gouthier 
Kelly Green 
James P Harris 

Michael T. Hawkins 
Jack Heckman 
Paul Henry 
Rodney Wynn Hovde 
Myron S Jared III 
Jon Layton 
Mark Liening 

Daniel Lotz 
Kevin Luehrs 
Todd Marker 
Douglas R. McEachran 
Reed Edward McKinlay 
Kenneth Moe 
Craig Monroe 

Scott O Farrell 

Steven Anthony Owsley 

Kerry Phelps 

Chris Porter 

Tom Ripple 

Brian Replmger 

Scott Roundy 

Michael Rowe 
Paul Russell 
Chan Joseph St Clair 
Kenneth G Smith 
Mark Spadom 
Patrick Stare 
David Stewart 

Bruce L Tate 
Kevin A Thomas 
Bill Watts 
Larry Welch 
Mike Whitney 
Frank Williamson 
Daniel Stewart Zech 

Delta Upsilon 427 


428 Farmhouse 

Greg T. Allen 
James Angell 

Jacob Anker 
Warren Beardsley 
Joel Terry Bourne 

Alan Childers 
Greg Geleynse 
Steven E. George 
Gregg A. Giboney 

Michael S. Ingham 
Robert Joseph Fox 
Curtis Franz 
Thomas Keck 
John E. Kempinsky 

John W. Steensma 
Rob Taylor 
Paul L. Tefft 
Edwin Vanderpol 
Luke Vos 

Dave Walker 
Alan Walkley 
Douglas Wood 

Henry J. Kilmer 
Scott Henry 
Brian Hicks 
Brian Henry Latfaw 
Mike J. Langevin 
LaMarr L. Larmer 

Curtis Lind 
Ron B. Meilke 
John K. Orange 
Kevin J. Paulson 
Bruce Hobart Rowlands 
Kevin Schneidmiller 

Rodney G. Schneidmiller 
Ross David Schneidmiller 
Dean Walter Franz Schoknecht 
Scott Selfridge 
John Sheridan 
William H. Skavdahl 

Farmhouse 429 

Kappa Sigma 


Kappa Sigma 

Greg Allen 
J Brad Anderson 
Steve Barnett 
Robert M Berry 
Michael G Brashler 
Lew DelFierro 
David C. Evans 

Scott A Floyd 
Bryan Friel 
Rick Garrison 
Jeff Dean George 
Barry W Hansen 
Michael D Hatch 
Douglas A Hitsman 

Casey M Kime 
Scott Kruse 
John Kupker 
Kirk A MacDonald 
Michael E McAllister 
Marty McVey 
Michael C Moeser 

Victor E Monahan 
Patrick Murphy 
Mark Charles Niemi 
Matthew Otomcar 
Charles J K Pearson 
Lee Peppel 
R. Greg Peterson 

Chuck Powell 
Mark S. Rogers 
Pat Stewart 
Robert G Thomas 
Phil Badness Thornley 
CHristian D Thorsen 
Jay M Wardle 

Kappa Sigma 431 

w > 

ttV-r V w 

M Urn, ^ 


Darrel Bailey 
Jerry Barhanovich 
Leigh Bennett 
Richard H. Bennett 
Larry Blackett 

432 Lambda Chi Alpha 

Scot Hulbert 
Steven R. Jolly 
Casey D. Jones 
Patrick W. Kvietkus 
John Lancaster 
Gregg Langlow 

Michael D. Lewis 
Scott McDonald 
Paul Northcutt 
Brent Olson 
James Olsen 
Timothy Pavish 

Greg Coates 
Dougals Allan Cole 
Peter J. Comfort 
Kye L. Dawald 
James F. Dooley 
Jeff Druffel 
Rich Eaton 

Kevin Estes 
Dan Eveleth 
Robert K. Follett 
Mark F. Garvin 
Michael J. Gleason 
James Hansen 
Rob Hatley 

Donald Pelo 
James Pierce 
Mark Quann 
Tom Reser 
Michael S. Richmond 
Randy Ronnback 

Scott Eldon Swanson 
Dan Sweeney 
Hal E. Townsend 
Mike Trafton 
Steven Kriag West 

James Whitney 
Jeffery R. Wilson 
Gary $. Wood 
Brian J. Zaro 

Lambda Chi Alpha 433 

Phi Delta Theta 

434 Phi Delta Theta 

Kent Abendroth 
John R. Albert 
Harrell Lee Beck 
Frank Bottiger 
Michael L. Breum 
Carl F. Bridge 
TomS. Cain 

Dan Canfield 
Bradley J. Corsetti 
Jeff Dean 
Fred Douglas 
Thomas Dulek 
Douglas Scott Engberg 
Timothy P. Flaherty 

Vicken Garabedian 
David Gello 
Chris E. Gildow 
Douglas A. Green 
Chuck Higgins 
Bob Holleman 
Matthew F. Holm 

Steven F. Isaacson 
John S. Jakotich 
Jay S. Johnson 
Lindsey Johnson 
Brian Lind 
David Lotzgesell 

Brian Daniel Ludington 
Mark Ludtka 
Dan Lukehart 
Jerry Markham 
Dennis Matteo 
David McCorkle 

John S. McIntyre 
William Dean Miller 
Rich Nelly 
Gregory Olsen 
Jeff E. Olson 
Rick Paroucci 

John R. Patopea 
Cam Powell 
Glenn Puro 
Timothy K. Reid 
Greg Richards 

David Robb 
Scott D. Smith 
Bruce Sundquist 
James R. Thirtyacre 

Phi Delta Theta 435 

Phi Kappa Tau 

436 Phi Kappa Tau 

David W. Amble 
Gilbert Black 

Mark Blumenthal 
Mark M. Blumenthal 
Phil Campbell 

Michael Carlson 
Russell T Chape 
Marc Christiansen 
Alan M. Crowe 

Steve Dahl 
John Darrah 
Rene Delossantos 
John Denison 
John Fulgham 

Karl F. Gauglitz 
Bruce B. Gilbert 
Harry Hamada 
Randall Hamada 
Delwyn G. Haroldson 
Tom Kohler 

Dana Law 
Eugene Longoria 
Patrick McAulitfe 
Charles McNulty 
Philip Merchant 
Michael Nordal 


Michael Oakes 
Frank Ramirez 
Robert Michael Richards 
J. Shannon Rimkus 
David Roth 
Lee Russell 
Gregory J. Scott 

Randell V. Smith 
Tom Snyder 
Greg Stangle 
Bill Tanner 
Michael B. Thomas 
Wayne Topinka 
Brad Wake 

Phi Kappa Tau 437 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

438 Phi Sigma Kappa 

Kirk Anderson 
Bruce Alan Bafus 
Edward J. Beck 
Mike Buckley 
Thomas Caudill 
Richard Chester 
Y. Ken K. Chin 

John E. Daumgartet 
Greg DeGeller 
Kevin L. Eder 
Kurt Hedeen 
Todd Michael Heric 
Keith M. James 
Fred Jaccard 

Greg M. Piacitelli 
Bob H. Quint 
Steven W. Ranten 
Steven Rath 

Jeffrey P. Rea 
Bradley Steven Ross 
Robert Shaffer 
Bill Skaer 

Dick Smithson 
John E. Somerville 
John Leo Thoennes 
Jim Thorp 

Thomas E Tyrrell Jr. 
Bruce Williams 
L. Stedem Wood 
Steve Zediker 

Anthoney Kurt McKay 
Robert McPherson 
James R. Milne 
Larry L. Nelson 
Dave Parsons 
Dave Pearson 

Phi Sigma Kappa 439 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

440 Pi Kappa Alpha 

Greg Carpenter 
Ken Case 

Crhistipher Dean Catlin 
John F. Cederholm 

Carey Chaplin 
Dana Ray Cummings 
Scott Tracy Frank 
David Gutschmidt 

William M. Hamer 
Kevin Hannam 
Jerry Klug 
Matthew J. Laird 
Terrill Warren Larson 

Martin F. Lee 
Craig D. MacPherson 
Carl R. Mattila 
John McKinney 
Craig McQuarrie 

Bill Meyers 
Michael Nelson 
Rick Nelson 
Andrew Paszkowski 
Robert Petkovich 
Tim W. Salley 

David Shillingburg 
Daniel D. Shuler 
Gregory H. Skaer 
Brian Dean Thie 
Reid Thomas 
Joseph T ugaw 
Lee Tyler 

Dalemont William Vick Jr. 
Blaine D. Williamson 
Jeflrey Donald Wise 
W. A. Wodiske 
David Louis Wood 
Steven W. Wuerl 
James P. Yanasak 

Pi Kappa Alpha 441 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Dave Barber 
Dave Black 
Michael D. Borth 
Scott Borth 
Norm Brown 

442 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Dan Bruce 
Gaylord W. Buck 
Kelly Colkitl 
Brian Crow 
Bradley T. Cullen 
Tony Davis 
Stephen Day 

Dave Dolquist 
Mark Eathorne 
Rob Erickson 
J. Walter Eskeberg 
Geoffrey Fanning 
J. E. Fant 
Walter V. Fox 

Michael Geary 
Steve Goetz 
Roger Groeschell 
Bob Gunning 
Joe Hall 
Dan Harmon 
Ken Haynes 

Jon Heidrich 
Ronald Hennings 
Clay Hill 

David William Jackson 
Jon Bradley Jarvis 
David A. Johnson 
Curt Jones 

Mark Knight 
Shawn Lavin 
Terrance R. Lavin 
William B. Lockwood 
Dan Loewen 
Michael D. Lyon Jr. 
Scott McGee 

Rob McWilliams 
Kirk Michels 
Rick Nookester 
James E. Pederson 
J. Reid Porter 
Dave Roberts 
Michael E. Schmitz 

Ladd Shumway 
Jay D. Sporn 
Bradley Stocker 
Steve Stocker 
Gunnar Strand 
Michael Strand 
Dan Thacker 

Scott B. Tidd 
Ronald Waddell 
Bradley Warrington 
Robert F. Weis 
Robert G. Wolfe 
Cory Jon Yost 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 443 

444 Sigma Chi 

Gary Lee Bacon 
Kirby Baird 
Jim Bergman 
Jeff Burnside 
Dan Burton 
Bruce Chaney 

Ed Crosby 

Roger Dean Edwards 
James Ralph Femling 
John Ferguson 
David Finlay 
Jamie Fletcher 

Brian Foltz 
Kim O. Gage 
Mic Gehrig 
Stephen Gingeresky 
Ron Griffin 
Todd Hagerty 

Arne John Hall 
Thomas Hall 
Neal Heckman 
Rich Heydon 
Rick Huntley 
Gordon Jackson 

Jim Linstrum 

Steven Oates 

P. J. O’Brien 

Scott A. Ohrman 

Michael MacGregor Peyou 

Mike Picatti 
Josh Preece 
Tony Provenzo 
Jeffrey B. Pyatt 
Craig A. Schlecht 

John F. Schoettler 
William F. Starks 
Keith Sweitzer 
Bruce Titus 
Bill Ukropina 

Sigma Chi 445 

Lawrence Anderson 
Michael Aletto 
Patrick T. Beaulaurie 
Bob Beebe 
Dave Bergstrom 
Glen Jerome Blair 
David Bocek 

William Boettcher 
Sam Bovard 
Mark Caron 
Fredrick P. Coon 
Mark William DeLong 
Tom DiJulio 
Boyd Russell Dines 

Greg Dormaier 
Robert Edgers 
Rod Epps 
Benjamin Evans 
Mark Filicetti 
Bradley C. Fisher 
Randy Garner 

John H. Griffith 
Rocky Grimes 
John Owen Hall 
Scott Hansen 
Jack A. Harper 
Michael J. Herb 
James E. Hurson 

Lance C. S. Inaba 
Erik Isakson 
Robert D. Jacobsen 
Doug Johnson 
Douglas N. Johnson 
Kirk A. Klicker 
Rob Landerholm 

Greg Lebrun 
Steve Lester 
Greg Liddle 
Richard M. Locke 
Roger K. MacPherson 
Guy R. Madison 
Guy M. Magnus 

Leonard B. Monroe 
Jeff Morrison 
Kurt Olson 
David C. Parker 
Scott Pelluer 
Daniel W. Ouall 
Steve Raatz 

William D. Stephens 
William G. Slominski 
Stephen G. Sheehy 
Edward J.Sblendoria 
Steve D. Sanders 
Jeffrey Saad 
Don Tracy 

Ray Tompkins 
Donald Warren Taufen 
Ronald B. Taylor 
Ronald L. Thirtyacre 
James H. Whatley 
Christopher L. Widrig 
Stephen Randal Young 

Sigma Nu 447 

Mark A.H Alton 
Steve Bouchey 
Robert A. Cook 
Mike Coulson 
Jay D Crawford 
Kurt Dammeier 
Brian Dennis 

Eric Dillon 
Dave Edgerton 
Steve Eggers 
Brett Emmons 
Michael J. Fahey 
Bruce J. Fitterer 
Don Fraley 

Richard S. Franklin 
Allan P. Gamache 
Eric F. Green 
Kim Scott Greer 
Pete Harhn 
Richard Harvey 
Felip Holbrook 

Bill Horton 
Keith Houser 
John Jacobs 
Craig M Johnson 
Dave Johnson 
Dean C. Johnson 
Jeff Johnson 

Keith Johnson 
Robert Jungquist 
John H. Kroetch 
Larry Laurent 
Gil Leighton 
Gary LeVander 
Greg Litton 

Larry Lunsford 
Sam Marshall 
Tim Peterson 
John Poppe 
Douglas Rich 
Grant Riva 
Svend Ronhovde 

Jim Rummel 
Robert W. Schmitz 
Dave Simmons 
Joely Simpson 
Douglas Smith 
Jack F Strickler 
Tom Sullivan 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 449 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

450 Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Steven James Alger 

Richard P. Barker 
Ed Beck 

Brett Simbe 
Jeflrey Stone 
Kevin Sullivan 

Matt Tanselli 
William T. Tinsley 
Dan Witkowski 

Douglas Kaufman 
Eric Irving Knutsen 
Dan E. Larsen 
Thomas Leppich 
Alan Scott Lindgren 
Michael R Mason 

Thomas McTigue 
Mikel Morrow 
Dave Mueller 
Marc James Mueller 
Robert Nelson 
Randall A. Nibler 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 451 

Theta Chi 



k ^ 

B / M 

Sam Adams 
Kirk Glen Anderson 
Ted Baer 
Lee M. Bak 
David Bernard 

452 Theta Chi 

Michael Bernard 
Mark Blankenship 
Dave Charlo 
Mike Charlo 
Bruce Collison 
Craig Collison 
Brent Crawford 

Don Cummings 
Marshall R. Dale 
Dean C. Dennis 
Scott Dwyer 
Doug Freyberg 
Warren Gale 
Mark Giffey 

Jerry Glaser 
Chuck Goeckler 
Marty Goodman 
Steve Gordon 
Jim Gray 

Gregory L. Graybeal 
Terris Guell 

Joe T. Hoffman 
Jack Howard 
Steve Jaspers 
Patrick C. Keating 
Russ King 

Daniel P. Leachman 
Bill Liddell 

Bill Loesche 
Dave Lowery 
Mark William McKay 
Michael P. Meany 
John Mengedoht 
Terry M. O'Brien 
Brian Opitz 


Michael H. Parks 
John F. Petosa 
Jim Petritz 

John Thomas Plymale 
Doug Potter 
David A. Quick 

Dave Robertson 
Gregory W. Rowe 
Lonn Alexander Sipes 
Arne John Skog 
Mark A. Smith 
Scott Smith 
Jerry Surdyk 

Theta Chi 453 

Phi Kappa Theta 

Jeff Dennis 
Robert Duggan 
Rafael Gregory Ferrer 
Patrick Ford 
Maurice James Hansen 

Velle Kolde 
Andy Patrick Lesko 
Barton S. McMacken 
Michael Milnes 
Rob Nielsen 
Michael O'Hara 
Gregg Rapp 

Jeff Richards 
Tom Rivily 
Scott 0. Schwiezer 
Floyd M. Shoemaker 
Lars Thykier 
Joseph Fred Wheeler 
Marc Wing rove 

454 Phi Kappa Theta 

Theta Xi 


Curt C. Anderson 
Tony A. Bly 
Alan Buswell 
Brian Cochran 
Rodney Crocker 
Peter C. Fairley 
Frank C. Fleming 

Steve Jones 
Brent Malgarin 
Thomas B. Melancon 
Calvin Thompson 
Keith G. Underwood 
Steven R. Wilson 
David Winters 

Theta Xi 455 


DISORDER of the personal kind is 
sometimes the worse kind. It could be 
exterior — you just don’t look right. No 
matter how hard we try to “make-up,” 
or cover up those physical flaws, they 
still show through. Why can’t I be the 
royal one. Then my biggest problems 
would vanish — popularity would 
come easy — no more reading about 
Bellhop on Tuesday morning; you 
WERE the Bell of the Hop. Why, oh 
why, couldn’t I have been born pretty 
and everything would have been . . . 

Majesties 457 


. . . HARMONY. Yeah, harmony 
is being pretty, attractive, self 
assured, handsome. But you know, 
they’re right. . . it is only skin deep. 
Beauty also is charm, effervescence, 
kindness, friendliness, sincerity. It’s 
a quality of lifestyle, that if you own 
it, will reward you with a sincere pop¬ 
ularity. “He or she is fun to be 
around, makes me feel good about 
myself, easy to. talk to, easy to com¬ 
municate with, to share things, feel¬ 
ings, problems, joys, with.” That’s a 
true relationship, true harmony and 
true beauty — and it’s infinitely more 
permanent than mascara, or a mus¬ 
cle-enhancing suntan. It’s a lasting 

460 Majesties 

Theta Xi Little Sisters of the Unicorn 

.a >. © 

T W C 


— ^ L_ CO 

$ 2 *" Q- 0 

>s ~ o 

M ga 

c/> ■= $ 

.. <3 o 
O = 3> 

0) JD 
* £ -O 

o o © 


>s Q> 
-C D 

ro co 
*: . 
- c 
c O 
0 ) </) 
■O *- 
CO 0) 
0- 0 

© °- 
O) 0) 
m -C 

™ o 
. © 

E sz 

1 ^ 

2 CO 

CO _ 
*- Q> 
co in 

£ 6 

- <0 
■C o 
r cc 

$ Q) 
(n -* 
O) O 

E oc 

= CO 


462 Majesties 

0 ) ~o 


^ 10 

2 E 


O -D 
— TO 

(0 Q 
a .. 
uj g 

<o O 

to o 

3 <0 

.* fc 

<0^5 o 

-£=0 5 

a> t- 

® So 
6 | a 

<0 ^ C 
”3 C TO 
- TO 6 
C Q. t 
■C r I 
« O Q, 
c jo g 


g >*c 

5 w ~ 


> N 

to r 
cr g 

< £ 
n ^ 

-9 * 

c 9 


5 I 

TO ^ 


TO £ 

® o 

O o 


TO -3 


™ o 
5 g 

> TO 


2 § 

- c n ■- 


§£ O 


s S-S 




W( -~^j\ w 

t^L '4-..V _ J 

Majesties 461 

Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sisters 


- t= 03 
<0 5 
O ^ ^ 

C -I 
£ O . 
<D <0 

r c 5 

? E 2 

5 - 

C -O 

« CO 


° Ti 
* = To 

O 3 Q) 


to ^ 

n O 
O c 

7n <P 

O <D 

£ £ 


>< 5 Q) 

0 O C 

a c 
E Q-S 

<D C7> . 

•C o 4/5 

a ^ E 

o* ! > 

® i) co 


•jg * CO' 
T7j > CO 

© 0 O 

_i cc oc 

O - 1 
-C _*f 
o ^ 

_ o 


*- CO 
Q) _C 
-C D 

co a) 

c £.5 

0) 5 u 

-O CO -> 
•2 O - 


C 3 i? 

™,° > 

. u- <D 

I *° 

55 Oqj 

Q) ' 

a ® = 

. — 1 CD 

c -O 
D m a 

s s! 

Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sisters 

Kappa Sigma Little Sisters 

>. >. C * 0> 

| .f e 

z 5 5; ® 

eg 5 .?* 


c ■* <o ® O 
® >• £ <o c 

.. <0 -O .03 

» z 2 oir 

c -5 o a) 

O ^ 

* | 8 jo o 

O O c P J 
flC _1 ^ LLI V- 

c ( 
Q) ^ ' 


o> </> : 
d ‘E j 
</) * 

— a> 

<D (/> 

> 03 • 
03 H l 

: 5 « 2 

: £ > c 

to <5 ^ 

! 9 y ® 

; ra ra _i 

!« 2 .s 
. !q r- <d 
> O 3 *- 
: O n ~ 
3 to /< « 

: O 


<1) _ 
V -C 

x t 


O) £ 


_J C 
O <D 
2 ® 




</) C 

® s s 

<D CJ c 

rr 0 = 
^ .<5 CD 

a> £ a? 

c ^ (0 

S d> 


Si o 

' CO <D <D 

g- - -o C C 

o ^ o * <D 

^ C c 


£ o>-£ & ® 

n JZ y- -r 

>> 0) _' <1) 


z Q C Q) 
w_- . r> Q 
o $ o ^ 
§ t 
«J D c ® 
> <0 o m 

>n M 0 
“D_ — 1 C 
C >- >, cz 

^ -C <D LJ 
- 0^ = 
Q) - ^-' - 
(/) c <1> ^ 
“ ^ 03 

ra Q 



i ? o •S 
: <D c o ^3 

) t— LU t— QQ 

2 § 


.<£ OC 

<1) 03 — 
Q C i= 

0) I 

rp -f— 0) 

•o < c 

5 c 2 

g |3 

> CD CL) 


f o o 
Z I: J 
o S t 

Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sisters 

= - a ) iz 

« a> 5B 

1 £ (U 

S 5 E 

£ o § 

c £ TO 
TO £.C 

a) E (/) 

O ° 0 
° H 

8 £3 

o <*> - 

£ •£ c 


QC ^ T 

O £ g 
QC "I </> 

• to Q 



w O-J 

f I §' 


<L> <T3 —» 
.C — 1 0 
O <D C 
n c 

«| 3 

TO > 

F * 

C flf . 

TO “■ 

C . 

s 8 

O) TO 
E < 


- O 


I o 

o z 

C T3 

° 5 

_l < 

2 3! 


D O 


TO 4 


t- n 

P O 

' TO u.' 

• TD TO 

! f! 

. (S) 


U) — 1 



TO > 




> C 
— TO 

£ < 

. c 0 
c -C _* 
t O TO 
TO -> jT 

c ; to 

Q >• £ 

>.£ - 1 
= <0 _• 

w." P 
-iC TO TO 


c ® 
* -I CO 

466 Majesties 

Alpha Tau Omega Little Sisters 

468 Majesties 








E d> 

* § 

■O > 

Q) _ 


Q) * 

Q) .O 
C >, 
C <0 

0 J z 


o = 

OC o 

2 « 

<TJ > 

. o) o> 

; a * 

: a. i 

c o to 

5 * 6 
2 <1> 
</5 = ^ 
® 6)^ 
Q. <5 r: 
< 1)0 £ 

« <o 
* =? 

S g ® 

^ O) C 

>. u * 
-* Q> V 

O C O 

Q) C £ 

OQ < »- 

C -6 c c 
O fO $ 5 

% S' 2 O 

.c CD CD £ 
^ 0) >>* 


p> L- 2 

<0 2 ,_• .2 

5 3 (DO 

• (0 2 3 

2 2? Li- o 

5 - *5 
o^E ^ 
2 < ft 
a) 2 . -Q 

<u 5 
o> ~> o 

g w - ff 

o H 


2 ^ - 
c ^.c 

_2 ii ' 

i ® (5 = 
: 5 Oi 

Q) C 

g3 S 

0 ^ 5 , 

s ^ 

_ — 2 
00 O n 
O >> QJ 
^ O fj 
ra 1 S 2 ■ 

w O C . 
> £ < 
T? 8 c 

§3 8 

<c £ -C : 

6 < -8 : 

<u n 

0 0 
^ Q 
0 - 
~ 0 o 
£ 1° 
03 I 

I C 
£ 0 

</> £ 

.. 0 

fl> * 

O c 

i "S 


cc * 

o -o 

1 * o 

OC eg 


<D £ 

. a) £ > 

' - J m 

, s 

I E 

Q § 

<d £ 
□ N 

— ( 1 ) 

l ^ 

0 0 0 

03 Q Q 

c <u 2? 

CO o 03 

g> >. -d 

r O (0 

2 0QCD 

£ < 


Q c O 

^ 9 c 
£ jj - 

-I 2 

>> co 

— ^ Q) 

■O = ~ 

O 0 03 

O * * 

CO >, C 
□ 00 
cc x E 

s if 

c/3 W ■“ 
c Z3 0 
* 05 -O 

iz 0 Q 
0 r: 

°- g % 

f *5 

O ^ C/3 

0 c 3 

—5 t 0 


<0 * g 

C O .— 
0 OC C 

> 0 

w >sQ 
0 -5? 

-C 0 

o 0 n 
*5 c o 
^ j cc 

= 3.® 

TD - C 
C C C 
0 □ O 
OC ® O 

>> 11 

,' 0 


> — = £ 03 3 

0 0 £ 03 go 

05 © -o 5 

Z -* 0 c/) 


t DC 0 D 

0 c $ 

*: >>.= o 


£ 0 0 c 

0 0 
CL ■ • CL 

c 0 

0 0 ■= - 
C «» g £ 

g O c 0 

0 0x0 

• 3 “ L DC 

> °° -O 0 ^ 

O c -O >, ^ 

O o 0 0 ^ 

I oo Q O 0- 

Delta Sigma Phi Little Sisters 

: 2 ro a> 
: * a> 


■ tt< b 

!.« ro a,’ 


■ ^ c c 

I £ s f 


£ £ 

o w 

o g 
Q § 
. a> 
c □ 

(TJ <TJ 

E m 

S .9? 
■Q □ 
« ra 

x _j 

v * 0) 

E c ® 

<o <a -* 
* O % 

m ® 00 
j: to 
O =3 X> 
Q_ C/D C 

.9? -* to 
"D ° m 

C ° $ 

m o ^ 

^ (TJ 
. ^ 

It .9? ^ 

470 Majesties 

O ® 0 0 

* s^*- 

£ % o' w 


«gO £ 
_® O Q- 

S c 0 c 
-J § o 2 

S D .03 

*5 = J! . 
5- c5 .5 a? 
3 a- z 5 

OJ .. - c 

s * s J 

4) C - 


O 03 0 
.O CO I— 

I d> = 

£ > a> 
CD 03 t 

£ 55 ™ 
< £ © 
^ </) 

O 03 

i co 

* 0) 0 
O E 03 

CC 0 TJ 

C * <5 

™ © 8 

o) — y 

0 13 O 

—I -3 DC I 

■D <Z £ 

o 42 2 
$ x o- 

CO 0 c 

£ E c/5 


© e € 

<3 D 

^=0 0 
w Q c 

v - 5 

0 0 j 

Q3 0 ^ 

$ E> ■ 
o 0 £ 


c -O 
^ 0 
-9 cr 

o -c 


6 d- 


J> Q 


O 03 


0 f} 

* o 

>. Li_ 

C 0 
O g 

c Q 

1/3 0 ) 

<0 o 
2 ° 

0 5^ 

°~ § 

— 0 

B » 
co ® 

> c 
n 0 
w E 
0 => 

.9? >> 

C/3 — 

</) O v 
0 CL ± 
O . S* 
0 O 
d « 0 
0 <3 => 


< ? 2 

0 _ y 

m O 0 

a> OJli- 

i- 5 _i 


Delta Upsilon Little Sisters 

Theta Chi Little Sisters 

i C (D 

g $ *5 j§ 




. D — 1 Q> 

in ro - ^ 

« • ? » 

® ® 2 w 

5 ® $ c 
j >. S 

O 1= “> 

.c ro c» . 

<■>£ g § 

«o .. j- c 

u ® > g 

C C ro | 

H O O (/) 

ro >* 

</> "O 

o g 



H 0 
5 c 

O ro 

cc o 

JO > 

o> Q? 


a? c 
Q § 
ro 2 

g ^ ^ 

£ ro ~ ro 
£ cr ro r 


„ ® i: CO 

jS ro • > 
feO £ ro 


3 3*5 
mc/) ° 6 
TD ro ro 

C >T) I 

*f §S 
I 5 I ° 

ro j. 
f= ro 
ro _i 
ro - 

1 £ 

a 3=' 

o u 

.c >> 

ro c 

* O 




* <d"E 
° 5 5 
(r t! ^ 

<0 ^ C 

5 S 8 
« ra S 

</> Q x 

fl> w ^ 

= ® O 
tr m -n 

3 5 . 

■C 5 D 
ro i-j > 

!• <D 

.5? C D 

(/) O C/3 

i S £ S 

W "J -* c 

» 6*.S 

5iS 3 c 

><(/) “5 _ $ 0 

^ (/) <D 

E - ^ 

2 o’ 

■ ? ffi a 

£ ai 

_ ® > 

_ ®. 

2 ® i 

J r 5 
H O ^ 

| e o 

0 2^ CD 
>•0 > 

CD </) Q 

o C/5 ^ 
w - ZJ Q ■ 
> ^0 c/5 . 
O ..- TJ 1 
a c 

>- (J ^ 0 


<o ^ 

^ - > & ' 



c t .5 

O £ 5 3 

-5 H E CO 

Sigma Chi Little Sisters 

Farmhouse Little Sisters 




. ( 





© y s? 

) 2 c g 

- E g (/> 

: <T5 c 

) . -C (T3 

: r CO Q 
’ O .. . 

J = O n 

i m £ d 

» >,*" -C 

i s 

'«£ <2 
<D . C 
! w 

' Q) CD 
Q) ? =' 

• <D QJ 

£ c </> 
c S c 
£ < 0 
€_- Q 

O 0 



0 ^ 
CD 0 
O CL ~ 


> 5 Q 

0 y~ 

c U 

3 ? 


c O • 

0 . Q) 

$ g 

LU ® $ 

c -o 

O ~ 0 
> LL I 



i e 

</> ^ 

A) (1) 

£ o 


fo 2 

E o 


E £ 

“* i> 
2 c 

ra $ 
* o 
W cc 
-C * 
a £ 
< 5 

c © 


S 3 




« a 



§ © 
$ u - 

2 J- 

™ 2 

C (J 

c ® =6 .s> ■= 

£ o 
o o 
* C/D 

S£? o 

t W 

O £ 

-O £ 
? >• O 



O) C 

E -2 


3 £ .5 - 

C <D 

o O) 
X 3 


£ X 
<D — 
CD -=5 

Tr> - 1 


j= c 


■tr 03 


— c 

'” 03 

fM <1> 

• C 

c o 

<D </> 

c o5 

2 CL 

J c id >.ro 
o o ® c (/1 - 


i “> < C/D “> 

111 ii'l 

ocr c 2 m 

a> © O v •- c 

2 g>2 S 


Sf 4 §*§ 

r > 3 = c/> -O E 
- O o 0 03 o o 
WZli^C jIt 

Alpha Kappa Lambda Little Sisters 

Phi Kappa Tau Little Sisters 


« § 

— a 

S E 

3 H 
ra >% 
H E 
rc < 


5 2 ■? 

y- S oa 

. Q) 

. — — (Y) 

: <D t/> (0 >» O 

. CO < 

aT = - 

£ % 

ca > 




C £ 

476 Majesties 

Sigma Kappa Big Brothers 

Sigma Kappa Big Broth¬ 
ers. Row One: Kevin Muel¬ 
ler. Steve Barnett. Tony 
McPheeters, Kevin R 
Johnson, J. F. Whitlock. 
Row Two: Curt Anderson, 
Kevin Toomey. Jim Pow¬ 
ers, Mike Brashler, Rodney 
Crocker Row Three: Rich 
Dunham, Martin Sean 
Woodlield. Dean Schuk- 
nechl, Bill “Willie” Solo¬ 
mon, Mike Benist. Mark 
Roy. Gary Honn. Pat Kemp 


XI w 



1 * ■ l . 

ir 1 

Alpha Delta Pi Big Broth¬ 
ers. Row One: Scott 
Evans. Ken Chin, Brian 
Follz, John Osterback. Dan 
Wood Row Two: Buddy 
Bear. Mike Aletto, Matt 
Evans, Chuck Goeckler, 
Craig Devine. Svend Ron- 
hovde. Row Three: Todd 
Morton, Chris Crimmins. 
Kelly Greene. Frank Rami¬ 
rez. Loch Anderson. Lalo 
Guajardo Row Four: Nor¬ 
man Williams. Tom Fall- 
quist, Kirk Anderson, Bill 
Wodiske, David Gutsch- 
midt. Brian Thie. Greg Hin¬ 
ton. Lew del Fierro, Eric 
Farinha Row Five: Mark 
Spadoni. Rob Chapman, 
Pete Winemiller, John C. 
Denison, Doug Green, 
Glenn Puro, Michael 

Alpha Delta Pi Big Brothers 

Majesties 477 

Phi Gamma Delta Little Sisters 

Phi Gamma Delta Little 
Sisters. Row One: Mary 
McCoy, Pat Blum, Lynn 
Goodrich. Row Two: Karen 
Stamm, Nancy Marentette, 
Robin Rudd, Kathy Blum. 

Phi Kappa Theta Little 
Sisters. Row One: Penny 
Rice, Betsy Eddy, Patty 
Barrington. Row Two: 
Margo Langham, Lanette 
Adams, Jenny Chase. 

Phi Kappa Theta Little Sisters 

478 Majesties 

> CO CO >N > 

§ 5 c q) s 

£ ° * s “ 

5 i 

? C t: c o 

w ® 0)S O 
W X c - 2 

5 c x (J .<5 

<0 r- /■> ^ 

° Sm | 2 


2 i> | £ w 

"5 f u 2 ro 
O O co co * 

>: r: c 0) 

2 J=P£ 

(0 oOh 
> ^ g- 5 

Jr <D £ O 

| &g 5 

f 9 o </> to 


i g|| 

a s 

• • b © 

8 *« s' 

He ^ c 


<u >. 
-j o> 


8 2 3 

E ^ > 





Delta Tau Delta Big Sisters 

£ * o 

o c 

R 1 

«i z 

O (Dz I 
50 (D 
t: . v> 


(Q § = 

Q-CC ^ 

S' ® C 

V (TJ <D 

* 0 © 

CO .. — 

£ a) o 
oi = 0 


£ O O 

a a 


* c 
Q < 

cc « 

i 1 i § 

) £ <o « 

J CL 5 0 

i ra < ™ 

> 2 5 5 

S 0 O flj 

• ■ "o Oi 
^ fl> c c 

> 2 a> < 

s _ m ( 

480 Majesties 

a> ® * 
c c ° 
O ro a 



g 8 l 

a> ^ c 

© c o 

35 z * 

a> co 
5 ^ 


— CO 
<0 * .C 

« £ 1 

-j- a) n .■= 

5 « o “> 



£ H CO 

(/) 3 D (D 

C*" 5 . 3 °- 

CO £3 - CO 


x * 8 • 
« co-Jf 


- y 5 

S ■o s 

® C b 

15 “ 

_l - £ 

- © 3 
I S“ 

^ o £ 

5 ?|I o | 

(0 y J CO t 


-Q P rn 

d c O 
f— co OC 

O 03 £ 
o .2 $ 

. w_- ^ -c 

c o ^ <-> 
o 5 CO 

w ^ O -n 
cjtr c<u 

>..Q > jQ 
_, b: -Q ^ 03 

O S. S * Q 
—I o O - 
> U «Or 

b »_ w ■■ O 

I 2 ^ S o 
>;S r :' 11 3 

co > ro * O 
£ — >* o ° 
« ££ir 2 

03 O 


br CO 

€ | 
Q> CO 
03 oc 
UJ (0 
=6 £ 
Q3 "D 

5 < 
© __ 
03 03 

ro o> 
-c £ 

5 Jj 

ro c 


c c 
O <0 
c/3 0 ) 

-c O 
o o 

Majesties 481 

Acacia Little Sisters 

Farmer’s Daughter 
Mary Westover 

482 Majesties 

Phi Kappa Tau Pledge Princess 
Mary Holbrook 

Majesties 483 

Duches of Windsor 
Kristi McManus 

484 Majesties 

Community Santa Claus 
Steve Donahue 

Majesties 485 

Lambda Chi Crescent Girl 
Soozi Lindquist 

486 Majesties 

Gannon’s Angel 
Linda Aleshire 

Majesties 487 

Sigma Chi Sweetheart 
Heidi M c Climans 

488 Majesties 

Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl 
Kathy Brock 

Delta Tau Delta’s Sally Sunshine 
Lolo Brown 

490 Majesties 

Majesties 491 

Intercollegiate Knight’s Duchess 
Jolynn Sayler 

492 Majesties 

DISORDER is expressed in 
many ways. Sometimes it 
comes in the form of misun¬ 
derstanding or not seeing 
things the same way as some¬ 
one else. We could talk it 
over, search for a compro¬ 
mise. But if that method’s too 
slow maybe a protest will get 
the point across, force the 
issue and get things done the 
way we think they ought to be 
done. It’s a world of contra¬ 
dictions, of opposites that 
don't really attract, but move 
farther apart, separated by 
long-held opinions, stubborn¬ 
ness, unyielding committ¬ 
ments to doing it “my way,” 
or no way. It’s the other guys 
that don’t know what they’re 
talking about. We’ve always 
done it THIS way, the right 
way — so why change. Why 
change? Well, perhaps 
because we can’t settle on 
another planet yet, which 
means we're stuck with each 
other for a while longer, so 
we’d better be thinking of 


. . . HARMONY, which is 
expressed in standing 
together, talking together, 
shaking hands and meaning 
it. So you can’t have it all your 
way. What’s wrong with a little 
compromising? It’s not a dirty 
word, you know, “compro¬ 
mise.” Because compromis¬ 
ing is showing respect for 
others’ viewpoint, their ideals, 
convictions, experiences. It’s 
a mutual act, and that’s what 
makes it beautiful. No one 
loses in fair compromises, 
everyone wins because 
there’s a GAIN. The parties to 
a compromise each take the 
best from the other and mold 
what was before only individ¬ 
ual and devisive into a new 
whole, strengthened by the 
addition of a little from every¬ 

496 Innovators 

Pi Lambda Theta. Row One: Jerry Glaser Doug Potter Cathy Sheahan. 
Paul Dann, Debbie Barber Row Two: Susy Hadley Sherry Kropp Lau* 
r*■" r •£ Harrison Kim Hanby Row Three: Kathy Repp Karen McFarland 

Men Benedict Sue Tnmole Mary McNeil Sarah Hubbard Row Four: 
Nora Carlson Karen Bayless. Mary Hogle Happy i odge Row Five: Ann 
Summer son. Nancy Salt. Sue Hollingsworth LWiley Don Piper 

Honoraries 497 


Pi Lambda Theta 

Kappa Psi-Pi Tau Iota 

Pi Tau lota, Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental Organization. Row One: Craig Two: Don H. Went, advisor; Rom Jeffrey Markin; Glen Zuroske. Lyle 

Padavich. Cindy Reardon. Pat Rowe, Kitty Tolsma, Stewart Bohnet. Row Bonny; Bruce Smith; Steve Standaert; Dave Gillespie 

Kappa Psi, Professional Pharmaceutical Fraternity. Row One: Bill 
Hayton, advisor; Dale Hackney; Bob Kelley; Tim Lichlyter; Steve Suther¬ 
land; Steve Smith; Cliff Bellmore Row Two: Dan Baker. Jim Derrig. Steve 
Tomlinson. Joe Binetti. Marvelous Marv. Dale Murray. Tim Vawter Row 

Three: Tracey Stott. Dwight Thomas. R. Scott Williams. Jim Chipps, Paul 
Reavis, David Wilson. Tim Evans. Dave Dragovitch, Jim Emigh, Roger D., 
Edwards. Kevin Hillyer. Dick Shine. Brent Carlson. Tom Keefe. Paul Chaw. 



Spurs, National Sophomore Honorary. Row One: B Jackson, secre¬ 
tary; M. Westover. registration dance chm.; K. Hoverter Row Two: A. Lee. 
convention chm.; K. Johnson; A. Gettman. J. Potter; J. McFarland; J. 
Stage; M Nanod; N Abbott, president; J Weekes. songleader Row 
Three: J. Bogardus, vice-president; M. Schulteis; C. Hein; K. Schmidt; M. 
Henderson, blood drive chm.; R. Jones; L. Hergert; C. Burgess. Row 

Four: T. Scofield. L Campbell. D. Callison. U. Gahaler. M. Birkland. T. 
Deullem, treasurer; L. Graham. Row Five: M. Emerson. N. O'Neill. M 
Anarde, usher chm ; M. Richardson; P. Sobczyk; M Tederman; R Deni¬ 
son. Row Six: J Perry. K. Collier. B. Dye. L. Gibb, L. Cain. M Schulteis. K 
Jensen, L Hughes, advisor; A. Crosby; T. Matthews, j.a.; K. Munmch; P. 
Blum; M. Wilcox. 




Phi Eta Sigma-Alpha Lambda Delta 

Alpha Lambda Delta, National Honorary for those who attained a 3.5 
or higher during their freshman year. Row One: Brian Smith; Joe Luce, 
student advisor; Gale Ryan; Marianne Anarde; Lori Nyegaard; Matthew 
Otonicar, president; Judy McFarland, treasurer; Betty Ketel; Jim Powers, 
vice-president. Row Two: Jane Weekes, Randi Hansen, Clare Murphy, 
Patricia Coppo, Robin Lindsay, Shannon Duckworth. Row Three: Sandra 

Phi Eta Sigma, National Honorary for those who attained a 3.5 or 
higher during the first semester of their freshman year. Row One: 

Dominic Lam, Kim Hoverter, Susanne Bain Ashland, Charles Thomas 
Hash Jr., Joe Luce, executive officer. Row Two: Delia Hall; Matthew Oto¬ 
nicar; Gale Ryan, vice-president; Jeff Clark, vice-president; Todd Fisher, 

Dutt, Lynne Braun, Martha Chaney, Alan Kemp, Mary Sevey, Doug Mills. 
Row Four: Cathy Wing, Shelley Curttright, Cindy Parsons, Diane Sommer, 
Dawn Amaya. Charles Hash, Warren Beardsley. Row Five: Terry Hillsten, 
Marsha Hager. Barbara Rowe, Denise Comeaux, Matthew A. Brzostowski, 
Steve Standaert. 

president; Cindy Mettler, treasurer, Louis McNew, advisor. Row Three: 
Tricia Gawley, Pam Estlund. Marlene Gibbon, Mary Pellicer, Diane Som¬ 
mer, Lynn Minietta Julia Simmons. Row Four: Steve Jaspers. Mark Smith, 
Jon Basler, Doug Mills, Terry Hillsten, Patricia Coppo, Randy McGraw, 
Alan Kemp. 

500 Honoraries 

Rho Nu, Health Services Organization. Row One: Linda Whitney. Patty 
McCausland. Julie Blanchfield, Barbara Holbrook. Debbie Rendish, Kathe¬ 
rine Smith. Debbie Gusa. Dawn Amaya Row Two: Barbara VanSlageren. 
Patrice Sweeny. Cindy Maricle, Lena Ronning. Mary Jo Doherty, treasurer; 
Judy Carstens. vice-president; Gretchen Johnson, secretary; Joan Wil¬ 
liams. Mary Fudress; Geraldine Felchlin; Mary Hazard. Row Three: Sus- 

Alpha Zeta, National Agricultural Honorary. Row One: Nancy Lee Ros- 
tan, Charlotte Bierman, Shari Lovitt. Debbie Rexius. Debra Shelton. 
Pamela Baumbart. Debbie Moore. Ken Leisher, Donna Duckett. Chris 
Brandon Row Two: Robert E. Shimek. Daniel Stewart, Jeff Garver, Bil 
Kelso. Connie Hix. Don Kilfingsworth, John W. Miller. Allan Bafus. Tim 

anne Wolff. Mary Margaret Winkler. Sylvia Saida. Marcha Weber. Teresa 
Chard, Collette Culleton. Robin Rollins, Janie Lihoefer. Rose Marie Bmetti. 
Carrie McLean. Cindy Sherman, Ellen Foss. Cindy Pestal Row Four: Jan¬ 
ice Phillips, Beth Cone, Lynn Thamm, Susan Spadom, Karen Nickolaus, 
Shirley Fitzgerald, Trade L Wilson. Carollyn R John, Hilda Roberts, advi¬ 
sor; Mary Hanf. Su Mayfield. Debbie Hall; Nancy Nelson. 

Herrman. Linda Hynes. Tom Keller. John Froseth. advisor Row Three: 
Sandy Matheson. Mike Parker. Tom Keck. Wilbur Bishop. Scott 
McDougall, Virginia Sand, Claudia Seisland, Catherine Colbert. Lola Blu- 
menschein, Alvin Forar. Martin Waanen 

Honoraries 501 

Alpha Zeta-Rho Nu 

Intercollegiate Knights-Orchesis 

Orchesis, Dance Honorary. Row One: Barb Manuel, Barb Schultz, 
Shawn VanGorder, Sharon Mathias. Row Two: Zoghanno Holmes, Julie 
Lybbert. Joan Gustafson. Dave Brunton. Row Three: Jackie Patjens, Jill 
Hinschberger. Laurie Miller. Nancy Murbach. Kathy Basta, Lani Bowles, 

Jill Jacobs Row Four: Teresa Cartmel, Cindy VanLiew, Carolyn Olson. 
Lisa Weldon, Kim Barnaird. Camille Wadliegh, Geoff Gamble Row Five: 
Julie Crook, Shelly Wiltse, Barb Snyder, Julie Shattuck, Dr. Wilhemina 
Weaver. Cathy Davis, Marla Meyer. Pat Cittlewood 

Intercollegiate Knights, Service Organization. Row One: Jacob Anker, Dave Cornforth Row Three: Bob Kenworihy. Steve Chan, Curt Anderson, 
Jeff Markin, Paul Kippe. Leslie Davis, Jerry Selbo, Mike Winegardner Row Tom Wynne, Mike Moeser 
Two: Chuck Holtorf, Stuart Bohnet, Ben Hein, Bob Malone. Steve Monroe. 

502 Innovators 

Mortar Board, National Honor Society for Seniors. Row One: Sharon 
Strong, Leslie Davis, Mary Ann Carter, Jenny Brown, Sally Aiken, Claudia 
Seisland, Theresa Siler. Row Two: Stewart Bohnet, Mary McCoy, Jane 

Northey. Tina Wheeler, Cherilyn Hahn, Susy Hadley. Row Three: Jim 
Hagensen, Kaelin Donald, Beth Longnecker, Jan Grant, Jill Reiter, Barb 
Rasell, Sondra Aune, Linda Bergeron, JoAnn Cloaninger. 

Alpha Tau Alpha Honorary. Row One: Beth Sadler, Dan Bushnell, Tom 
Furseth. Row Two: Dr. Richard Linhardt, Alma Davis, Jay Anderson, 
Teena Steinbach, Betty Lundgren, Mike Hickman, Randy Williams, Kevin 
Laughlin Row Three: Roger Balvin, Jack Zimmer, Jery Klicker, Dave 

Smith, Dan Murray, Steve McLean, Penny Gross. Row Four: Dr. Joseph 
Cvancara, Bob Haverman, Guy Madison. Row Five: Steve Longmeier .Sky 
Shelton, Kevin Paulson, Dave Johnson. 



Alpha Tau Alpha-Mortar Board 

Alpha Epsilon Rho-Honor Student Advisory 

. \ 

R v 


# j 

— t : _ 

3 1 

jP’ —a ■ 

Honor Student Advisory Council. Row One: Nancy Pitzel. Kathy Painter 
Row Two: Bruce Smith. Joseph Pellicer, Naomi Watanabe. Lory R. 

Lybeck, Dana Mortimer. Mike Gallagher. Bob Closson, Stacy Walters. 
Cheryl Blomquist. Karen Sprute. Jon Buerstatte 

Alpha Epsilon Rho. Row One: Ingrid Millen. Judy Somers. Steve Wilson. 
Chris Whitaker. Bob Romero. Mike Hathaway. Sue Mortimer. Dick Cole 
Row Two: Tom Armitage. Karen Kelly. Michelle Colyar. Vic Huckstep. Gail 

King. Rick Sherman. Jim Zimmerman. Nick Walker. Karen Raines Row 
Three: Bob Curry. Charlie Birdsell. Dan Tritle. Al Keck. Steve “Harley” 
Levold, Jerry Holman. Scott Morrison. Kit Andrews. Val Limburg 



Rho Chi, Pharmaceutical Honorary. Row One: Phyllis Chun. Rich Row Two: Ed Noonan. Holly Whitcomb. Kevin Gallagher. Jenny Norman, 
Anderson. Dave Kanyer. Melanie Hendry. Mike LaGrandeur. Leif Barem Dave Wilson. LisaZupan. Russ Chapel 

Lho Chi. Row One: Janet Couch. Bob Breithaupt. Denise Cheney. Ste¬ 
phen 'The Lowest'' Busch. Marv Sturgion. Karen Lynne Abe. Tony Abe. 
Sharon Olson Row Two: Tom Keefe: Carol Dean, music director; Malin 
Karim Shiek'' Lebbad: Linda Peterson; Sue Speer; Marty Jinks, advisor. 

Bruce Hendrickson III: Roark Hulet; Joe Binetti. treasurer: Steve Leppell 
Row Three: Jim Derrig: Linda Stump, president: Tracey Stott; Laurie 
Schouboe; Roger D Edwards. Pat Baker. ' Big' Dave Dragovich; Jenny 
Norman: Mark Johnson; Howard Koppe 



Lho Chi-Rho Chi 

Tau Beta Pi 

Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society. Row One: Chris 
Carlson. Roger Arms, Don Nelson. Dave Rogers, Randy Sprague. Steve 
Roberts. Row Two: Donald L. Bender, advisor; Cindy Mettler, Gene Jones, 
Carol Bottemiller, Diana Milner, Lori Wakeman, Theresa Buckingham. 

Row Three: Carl Geleynse, Todd E. Fisher, Jerry Allen, Steve Hilby. Mike 
Ritchie, Steve Wolf. Brad Kirkwood, Gerry Desmarais, Myron Johnson. 
Row Four: Brad Andersen, D. Scot Marshall, Thonas Melancon. Robert 
Moore, Joe Hingston, Bruce Nelson, Don Ballard, Greg Sorenson. 

506 Honoraries 

Phi Epsilon Kappa. Row One: Jane Miller, Doug Kee, Joe Tom, Kevin nard. Not Pictured: Kim Bowling, Bev Hastings, Marti Jack, Kim Seals, 
Peterson, Mike Walker, Kelly Arkell, Floyd Dugger, Rick Swalm, Lynn Teri Fay, Gerry Mansfield, Bob Dempsey, Jill Schindele, Connie Chitwood, 
Gourley. Row Two: Brian Bergemann, advisor; Neal Dorow, Gene John- Kim Meyers, Merryl Jassen, Kim Duncan, Lori Sorensen, Yvonne Velasco, 
son, Colleen De Rango, Terri Gould, Lynnette Zimmerman, Bob Albert, Michael Bradley. 

Marianne Barry, Kevin Graffis, Jeff Camp, Michelle Chauner, Lance Leo- 

Phi Epsilon Kappa is an honorary 
fraternity for physical education, rec¬ 
reation, and pre-physical therapy 
majors. The Alpha Gamma Chapter 
of Phi Epsilon Kappa is one of the 
most active chapters in the nation. 

The activities done this year were: 
cleaning university grounds, provid¬ 
ing a social for an alliance scholar, 
presenting guest speakers, estab¬ 
lishing a study room, and helping out 
with Mother’s Weekend activities. 

Honoraries 507 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 

Sigma Tau Alpha-Omicron Nu 

Omicron Nu. Row One: Leslie Davis, Liann Wittkopf, Gretchen Noren- 
berg, Lorraine Egman. Kathleen Clark. Arlene Pattison Row Two: Betsy 
Horner, Sondra Aune, Joanne Schmidt, Mary Riggen, Dr. Kaye Funk. 

Cathy Sheahan Row Three: Rachel Stroh. Lynnette Armstrong. Denise 
Rumpza. Susie Schaafsma. Robin Smith. Barb Ebright, Terry Schmidt 

Sigma Tau Alpha. Row One: Karla Rosenthal, Barb Wallace. Karen Sor- enson Row Two: Tricia Reimer. Martann Birkland. Shauna Vails 

508 Innovators 

Lambda Alpha Epsilon, criminal justice professional organization. 
Row One: Laure Jausoro. Colleen Whitworth, treasurer; Cheryl Nicko- 
laus; Scott Jacobs. Bryan Pfeiffer. Tom Baker. Row Two: Cathy Cervi. 
Rhonda Ingham, secretary; Claudia Phaneuf. Lisa Marshall. Tom Hoff. 
Greg Pessemier, Ronald G. r. President; Gene L. Estabrook Row Three: 

Reid Johnson, vice president. Bob Burwell. Orlin J. VanWiermgen. Sue 
Dyer. Ken Reis. Dan Hawkes. Bill Pate. Mary Lou Custer. Steve Marsh. 
Dean Yankee, master-of-arms: Kevin Vogeler. Steve Heintz. Steve 

Innovators 509 

Undergraduate Student 

James Robert Allen 
Claudia Anne Anderson 
Lynette Ann Armstrong 
G. Kelly Arnzen 
Catherine J. Bailey 
Daniel Gary Benker 
Linda Bergeron 
Lisa Kay Blumenschein 
William Claud Bolick 
Debora Sue Bottemiller 
Kristie L. Bratrude 
Theresa M. Buckingham 
Jon Vernon Buerstatte 
Steve J. Capeloto 
James A. Carlson 
Mary Teresa Carter 
David Wayne Christel 
Mark Raymond Clark 
Kathleen Ann Coleman 
Jill E. Daling 
Paul Henry Dann 
Cynthia Joan Dean 
Linda Distler 
Craig N. Elia 
John Scott Engen 
Kathleen A. Evans 
Todd E. Fisher 
Marlys Gay Fogelquist 
James Forbes 
Claire Gatrell 
Mark Lee Giffey 
Kim Scott Greer 
Dennis Lee Haddock 
Deborah K. Hansen 
Hope Richele Haugen 
Guy F. Hebert 
Marcia Teresa Hintz 
Paula Caton Hirschkorn 
Douglas A. Hitsman 
Kelley D. Hoff 
Grant Kendall Hubrich 
Kristin Leigh Jacobsen 
Dae Jean Lenor Jahnke 
Susan Marie Jones 
Timothy O. Kalkwarf 
Kimberly A. Kallstrom 
Thomas Mastin Keck 
Brad Lee Kirkwood 
Jana D. Larson 
Erlan Mark Leitz 
Sharon Kay Leonard 
Gary H. Lindahl 
LeAnn D. Lobeda 
Nancy S Magnuson 
Brian Jay Majeres 
Lisa Marie Mandle 
Margaret Ann Martelli 
Jay Davidson Matsen 
Lauri Ann McNeal 
Cynthia Ann Mettler 
Todd Alan Moeller 
Deborah L. Moore 
Camille Ann Morgan 
Mary Kathryn Munn 
Ed Noonan 
Jeannette Els Nyman 
Patricia Ann Palmer 
Ann Marie Parry 
John Hayes Pierce 
Roberta Diane Player 
Robert William Pratt 
Doug Prince 
Karen Sue Randall 
Caroline Reid 
Julie A. Repp 
Kathy L. Repp 
Michael D. Ritchie 
Brad Dorn Sargent 

Mark Tennant Shaw 

Graduate Student 

Faculty Initiates 

Leslie Ann Shedd 


Rom J. Markin 

William R. Slater 

Rodney A. Aho 

A. Sherrill Richarz 

Sandra Jean Smith 

Takenori Aso 

Belinda Sue Starkie 

Joan Christine Armitage 

Stephen Joel Sundquist 

Stephen E. Balzarini 

Caroline M. Tamada 

Rhonda Lynn Blair 

Robin Lee Thompson 

Donald M. Cecil 

Steven Noel Thompson 

Roger Neil Clemmons 

Karen Gayle Vaughn 

Evelyn M. Craven 

Margo Diann Wallace 

M. Patrick Feeney 

John Marshall Weekes 

David Larry Felker 

Brenda Marie Weisell 

B. Clifford Gerwick 

Ann Loraine Wesley 

Michael D. Hammig 

Jill D. Whelchel 

Robert L. Howser 

Sheree L. Whitten 

Jeffrey M. Johnston 

LeRoy L. Willard 

Holly S. Kennell 

Juanita Jean Willett 

Laurie Gay Linvill 

Judith Ann Williams 

Thomas A. Mays 

Marilee Elizabeth Winiarski 

Raymond L. Miller 

Steven D. Wolf 

Joel Dean Nicholson 

Retiring Faculty 

Karen Michi Yamamoto 

Robyn Kay Nolen 


Catherine Nopp 

Sam G. Kenzy 

Barbara Ann O’Neill 

Robert Kunkel 

Kenneth Lee Petersen 

Guy R. Spencer 

Eileen Patricia Jackson Poeter 
William Keith Prusaczyk 

Joanne M. Riley 

Ellen K. Watson 

Phi Kappa Phi was the first honor society to give recognition to 
superior scholarship in all fields of study and to take into mem¬ 
bership the highest ranking students from every branch of learn- 

one in 

The Greek lette 


■ 30,000 new members are 

i $ 

iety’s motto, PHILOSPHIA 

srs stand 

KRATEITO PHOTON, which freely translated is, “Let the love of 
learning rule mankind.'' This wording, expressing a goal rather 
than a fact, has been officially accepted by the society. 

David Ryder 
Debra Givin Smith 
Susan Brown Songer 
Ponnaganti Vayukumar 
Carolyn J. Wyatt 

1977-78 Chapter 

Sherrill Carlson 

Sally Aiken 

William E. Brandt 

Darlene A. Townsend-Moller 

Jean M. Klopfer 

Carol E. Gordon 

510 Honoraries 

Clothing and Textiles-Accounting Club 

Accounting Club. Row One: Ann Wesley. Susan Legel. Molly Whiteside. 
Linda Thompson. Lauri Ragsdale. Vicky Miller. Patty Digby. Ed Killoren. 
Roger McGraw. Brian M. Kelly Arlene Jones. Karen Clark. John Dethman. 
Jeff Matson. Row Two: Terry Furman. Jay Matsen. Rich Yarbrough. Terri 
Sawyer Jim Kane. Kris Homg. Mark Furumasu. Sylvia Erdmann. Marie 
Thompson. Kathy Close. Patsy Jaspers. Mary Ann Emisry. Ken Battie, 
Kevin Hylton. Richard Dunham Ken Olson. Marc Hutchinson. Tom Shuh. 
Carl Bryant. Fred Eberlem. Carol Bruton, president; Jams Clemmons, vice 

Clothing and Textiles Club. Row One: Chick Stamschror Stacy Yarb¬ 
rough. Sondra Aune. Leslie Davis. Barb Ebright Row Two: Julie Kay 
Peterson. Debbie Maxwell. Cmdee Wright. Sue Race. Jan Wilson. Kelly 
McCormick Row Three: Marla J. Sandvig. Marsha Kinney. Becky Gooch. 

president. Row Three: John Killam. Tim Kalkwad. Gary Oldright. Kay 
Cogan, Andrea Sims. Brian Hirschkorn. Rich Tomsinski. Don Buckner. 
Tom Rex. Erlan Leitz Todd Belsvik. Bob McGumness. Reed McKmlay. 
Craig Mayfield. Don Wade. Mike Dollard. Bill Solomon Dan Lee Boffey. 
Row Four: Bill Leidy Donn Ylvisaker. Jim Klein. Gary Ward Peggy Maho¬ 
ney. Mark Cook Steve Polls. Dan Amundsen. Eric Eid Andy Curtis. Tom 
Callahan Craig Elia Joe Slye. Dan Radii 

Judy Herres Diane Hockenson. Kristi Dailey. Sue Harmon. Terry Schaaf 
Row Four: Jams R Harper Jo Ann Revercomb. Jennifer Glauser. Cathy 
Basta. Sheila Sumner. Marta Tyler 



WSU Concert Choir. Row One: Mindy Honts, Debbie Rendish, Debbie 
Barber, Barb Trounce, Nancy Moore, Wendy Lou Shepherd, Vicki Drag- 
goo. Alexis Swift. Janet Corbin, Peggy Clerf. Barbara Kee, Michelle Cam- 
peau, Leslie Gard. Camille Morgan, Janet Schoessler, Paula Olsen. Row 
Two: Dr Frank Green, director; Joyce Davies. Susanne Dorman, Julie 
Hofstedt, Shirley Porter, Lori Rossman, Laura Barkley, Val Morris, Tricia 
Reimer, Sylvia Alexander. Karen DeMond, Connie Michel, Elain Davis. 

Gina Marie Gozinsky, Wilda Hatch, Anne Dowd, Jill Reiter. Row Three: 
Thomas Pankaskie, Wm. C. Bolick, Bob Divelbiss, Wm. H McLaskey. Pete 
Harlin, David E Brandt, Kevin McNulty, Richard Scheyer, Chris Olsen. 
Britton Miller. Paul Dann, Jeff Stiverson, Jim Paulson. Felip Holbrook Row 
Four: Jerry Selbo. Dave Mitchell. Bryan Bredberg, Dale Engel. Rich 
Crouch, Dan Wetzel, Scott Miller, Todd Moeller, Peter McDonnell. Dan 
Gaspar, Stephen Peters. Joseph Francik, Marty Peoples. 



Concert Choir 

Personnel Club—Baptist Student Ministers 

Baptist Student Ministers. Row One: Lori Andrew, Marta McRae, Jan 
Nelson, Rick Wendt, Jett Wall, Steve Bodnar, Dick Mattila, Paul Wattenbur- 
ger, Peter A. Pasquale. Row Two: Karen Barnes, Julie Kay Peterson, Bob 
Harvey, Colleen Harvey, Barb Hilliard, Norene Ennis, Kathy Waterman, 
Ellen Foss, Cindy Kiele, Debra Lee Tweeddale, Walt Takisaki. Row Three: 
Janice Anderson, Kristie Anderson, Kim Miller, Lynette Stevens, Deb Odle, 
Michelle Kriebel, Crissie Paeth, Diane Hassell, Dorie Knight, Jim Paulson, 

Personnel Club. Row One: Dibbie Brock, Diann Barry, Donna Cressey, 
Karen Reidinger, Joseph L Watson, Daniel Perkins. Row Two: Sally Gar¬ 
cia, Mona Renner, Sharon Strong, Terry Harrison, Steve Capeloto, Donald 
Cox. Row Three: Sue Harms, Lyn L. Williamson, Paula Soenke, Craig 

Bruce Hauge. Row Four: Tim Nelson, Debbie Barton, Neville Wilson, Jan¬ 
ice Doeden, Randy Alanko, Randy Elliot, Dean Williams, Bill McLaskey, 
Fran Holland, Leslie Liebel, Cathy Christensen, Barb Bennett, Jim Coren- 
zen. Row Five: Zena Mitchell, Richard Gehm, Cliff Nading, Doug Shook, 
Steve McDonald, Doug Sherwood, Dave Kirk, Tim Schwab, Carl Wells, 
Brad Childress, Larry Baxter, Rick Ytreeide, Steve Metz, Rick Crouch, Tim 
Kalkwarf, Stephen Swift. 

Daniels, Esther Nelson, Advisor, Fred Cox, Jim Pearson, Don Schoesler. 

514 Organizations 

Agriculture Economics Club. Row One: Dan Barnum, Leonard Eliason, 
Mike Kayser, Greg Scott, Allan Bafus, Chris Brandon. Row Two: Bernt C 

Lehn, Claudia Sersland, Phil Bray, Dave Magstadt, Steve Lancaster, 
Cathy Colbert, Don Kagele. Nancy Kercheval, Larry Welch, Leslie 

Food Science Club. Row One: Pam Baumgart, Debbie Moore. Row Two: 
Charles Blumhardt, Shane Erickson, Laurie Jaeger. Tracy Fitzer. Terry 
Pierce, Tom Eisele, Mark Colville, Kelly Morris, Clark Brikke Row Three: 

Colin Cooley. Pat Kvietkus, Bill Artz, Ted Herrera, P. Michael Davisson. 
Seppo Salminen, Janie Gleason. John Yerstrate, Lloyd Luedecke, 
David Brekke 

Organizations 515 


Food Science Club-Agriculture Economics 

Pullman Yacht Club-Rec. and Park Assoc. 

Recreation and Park Administration. Row One: Jenny L. Avalla, Nancy Estrada, Quinby Bownow, Mark Yamamoto. Row Three: Bob Albert, Dave 

Newby, Lynn Gourley, Susan Davis. Row Two: Karen Sheilds, Risa Cooper, John Kuntz, Frank Williamson, Mike Bradley. 

Pullman Yacht Club. Row One: Grant Aubriah, Jeff Buchanan. Row Two: Jean Pieha, Paul McNeill, Tamara Friberg, John Crooks 

516 Innovators 

Circle K Club: Mark Reavis, Rob Perkins, Mary Huston, Bong Worcester. 

The Clean Livers Club. Left to Right: Karl “Zit” Gauglitz, Allan “Big Al“ 
Crowe, Brad “Cowboy” Wake, Rene “Boo-Foo” Delos Santos, Bill 

“Buck" Tanner, Greg “The Burger” Ferrer, Tom “Stud” Snyder, Joe “The 
Wop” lafrati. 


lv*. ■l 

UL. <■ 


MM " W~0 'J®—- 


WsA i 1 


■ # J BV3 

M i k Jr^M 

Innovators 517 

Cleanlivers Club-Circle K 

Student American Pharm. Assoc.-Bago Gang 

Bago Gang. Row One: Steve Tomlinson, Tracy Stott, Paul Reavis, Bruce "Big” Dave Dragovich, Jenny Norman. 
Hendrickson, Jim Emigh, Malin Karim Lebbad, Joe Binetti. Row Two: 

Student American Pharmaceutical Association. Row One: Russell 
Chapel, Debbie Hansen, Jenny Norman, Bruce Hendrickson, Colleen M. 
Cox, Lori Price. Tony T. Abe, Michael R. LaGrandeur, Joe Binetti Row 
Two: Stephen Busch, Sharon Olson, Daniel Baker, Richard Anderson, 
Carol Dean, Linda Peterson, Malin Karim Lebbad. Ilona Nemeth, Marlene 

Gibbon, Tim Lichlyter, Cliff Bellmore, Steve Sutherland. Jim Emigh Row 
Three: Bob Breithaupt. Kay Ricketson, Colleen Hudlow, Sue Speer, Phyllis 
Chun, Karen Lynne Abe, Sue Bellmore. Stephanie Wright. Debbie Cohen, 
Kathryn Rosemeier. Laurie Schouboe, Tracey Stott, Bill Mich. 



WAMI. Row One: Steve Durch. Randy Alanko, Keary Kunz, Wm. Lamont man, Ross Appleyard, Sean Murphy, Al Williams. Row Three: Raoul Duke, 
Worden, Mary Eschbach, Walter Morgan, Carl R. Olden. Row Two: Bob Brent Pistorese, Rick Emtman, Patrick Shannon, Bill Dittman. 

Bjurstrom, Ann McKee, Rollin Wimpy, Ken Nakata, Craig Arntz, Bill Ditt- 

Megamen. Row One: Molly Katica, Bruce Porter, founder; Geff Morphew. 
founder, Dan Malloy, founder; Dave Gill Row Two: Katie Berg, Pat Baur, 
Gina Blendheim, Sue Baur. Robin Fonck, Diana Zamber, Wendy Johnson, 
Dave Murray, Karl-Heinz Graef. Row Three: Patti Leahy, Carolyn Polentz, 
Theo Charuhas, Jackie Randall. Bob Mac McNamara, Beaver Lydin, Paula 

Runyan, Megarunt Zappone, Mary Ellen Wagner, Kathy McDonald, Lynn 
Torgerson. Row Four: Richard “Punk” Johanson, Matt Williams, Chuck 
Williams, John Sankovich, Duane L. Miller, Karl M. Hoover, G. J. “Gus” 
Gregory, John Nelson 

Innovators 519 



stad. Row Three: Randy Elliott. Howard Copp, advisor; Dean H. Peyton. K. 
Martin Power. Linda Puddy, Larry Julius. Russell Rockwood. Mike 
Andreotti. Dave Andreotti. Mark Linden. James F Orendorff. 

Row One: Debbie Martin, Dennis Selle. Jim Hamre. Steve Gallo, Greg Briz- 
endine. Keith Parker, Don Nelson, Cathy Nalley, John McIntyre. Row Two: 
Cindy Bargewell, Jann Grieben, Mike Gleason, Sharon Balzaretti, John N. 
Cunningham, Louis P. DuBois, Ron Dakeshier, Steve Bichich. Neil Ver- 

Row One: Jenny Longstaff, Juanita Willett. Row Two: Luke Reuter. Mike John E Jorgenson. Jeff George, Jay Wardle 
McAllister. Tom Pankaskie, Robert Wagner. Mike Brashler, Barry Hansen. 



Panhellemc. Row One: Cindy Graves, Second Vice-President, Jody 
Entrikin, Treasurer, Jane Higgins, Rush Chairman, Jo O’Donnell, Advisor, 
Suzanne Colgan, President, Lori Zirkle, Secretary. Row Two: Dianne 

Thorp, Sandy Young, Tami Vigue, Carol Hall, Kim Myers, Janice Ander¬ 
son, Cindy Vandergrift, Sandy Erpenbach. Row Three: Gail King, Christy 
Barrett, Jill Scaglia, Linda Nicolson, Lisa Marshall, Anne Shanahan. 

Junior Panhellenic. Row One: Rosemary Kamb, Laury Morgan, Debbie Rebecca Kay, Jan Metzger, Debbie Young, Cheri Kircher, Brenda Kelley, 
Bye, Jane Goodman, Leslie Mitcham, Caron Swensen. Row Two: Sue Haug, Viki Crump. 



Junior Panhellenic--Panhellenic 

American Marketing Association-Omicron Iota Mu 

Omicron lota Mu. Row One: Mrs. O. J Maurer. Chris Miller. Bill Zahler, Boyer. Rick Sanford. John Zeger. Chet Forward. 
Vern Russell. Adam Cope. Row Two: Jan Koal, Craig Renschler. Jim 

American Marketing Association. Row One: Bob Guild. Karl Jensen, 
Greg Ferrer. Susie Haberman, Carol Rogers, Nancy McWilliams, Mary Gil¬ 
more, Steve Walker Linda Pritchett. Row Two: Carolyn Polentz, Trea¬ 
surer, Janet Faunce, Secretary, Terry Schmidt, Donna Cressey, Karen 
Reidinger, Lori Jenkins, Don Fraley, Jan Walz. Jackie Randall. Jody Entri- 
kin, Juli Marlatt. Leslie Hildebrand, Linda Winslow. Row Three: Glenn 

Green. Vice-President, Arne Hedeen, President. Steve Nichols, Cedric 
Watkins, Rick Singletary, Daniel Zech, Thomas Hermann, Will Solla, Jim 
Thorp, Kelly Burke, Timothy C. Hamilton, Dereck Soo, Chuck Williams. 
Row Four: Paul Easter, Mike Schafer, Gary April, Jerry Henry, Barry 
Fletcher, Doug Tracey, Rick Sinclair, Steve Michaliszyn, Steve Killian, Jeff 
Young, Terry Yoshino. 










' 7 ;re < 

* rs\« 



* wjPV 


Pre-Vet. Row One: Dr Bryan, Denice Moffat, John Dugan, Mark Burton, 
Rebecca Dye, Marty Stebbins, JoAnn Fronzalia, Bonnie Foster, Jam Lin- 
deen Row Two: Dianne McNeill, Randy McGraw, Laurie Lesko, Al Brick- 
man, Virginia Sand, Kim Dowd, Tamra Selfridge, Robben Lettieri, Mike 
Mueller, Row Three: Don Cunningham, Nancy Campiche, Anne Marie 
Carpenter, Doug Mills, Pete Van Dyke, Janet Guthrie, Diane Sommer, 

Associated General Contractors. Row One: Mike Ritchie. Bob Cum¬ 
mings. Don Everest. Lon Udy, David Hatheway, Jim Metzger. Row Two: 
Ted Lythgoe. Dave Lill, Dan Maracich, David Kelly, Jeff Filip, Paul Olson, 

Robin Lamberto. Sue Carter. Row Four: Laura Kelly, Amy L. Glenn, 
Sharon Orcutt, Kenneth Boucher, Kevin Wise, Tricia Gawley, Paula Dem- 
mer, Michael S. Lemieux. Row Five: Deborah A Julian, Mary Kite, Bob 
Follett, Karma Arlt, Mary Kennett, Steve Lyon, Brian J. Williams. Row Six: 
Perry Stanfield, John Somerville, Robert E Shimek, Kalvin R. Keys, John 

Bill Satterthwaite. Row Three: Steve Burnstead. Jeff Cunningham, Trevor 
Thies. Bruce Zornow, Dick Mattila, Jim Whitney, Glenn Puro, Gene Scalzo, 
Gary Burger, Rick Divers. 

Innovators 523 

Associated General Contractors-Pre-Veterinarians 

WSU Real Estate Association-Libyan Students 

Libyan Students. Row One: Houssein F. Younis, Yahya S. Abo Gnah Mohamed A. Usta, Yousef A. El-Madhun, pres., Kenneth Spitzer, advisor, 

Abdulwahed Belazi, Karim Senussi, Fuad El-Haggagi. Row Two: Tuhami M Jaballa, Farag S. Abdulrahman, Aref G. Marwan. 

WSU Real Estate Association. Row One: Joanne Olson, Edie Cunning- Jerry Pfeifer, Keith Pfeifer, Judson Clendaniel, Mark Novak, Steve Vis- 
ham, Beckie McCain, Peggy Daniel!. Row Two: Jerry Tiberio. Mike Meany, sotzky. 

Tom Snyder, Pat Collison, Brian Smalley, Marvin Nelson. Row Three: 



Infamous Turquoise Couch Club. Row One: Ralph ‘Beaver’' Lydin, 
Colleen "Cougar Cottage" Henry, Ron "Disco Do" Heeren, Scott "Disco 
Butt" Marshall. Row Two: Kathy "Diet Squirt" Tremaine, Don "Onions" 

Hoody Blues Baseball. Row One: Cindy Andreas, Krista Archer, Sharon 
Ankahara, Darien Anderson, Cheri Turnupseed, Tricia Klein. Row Two: 
Terry Hendershot. manager; Jeanine Smith; Dave Witthuhn; Jann Grieben; 
Jerry Makao; Shawn Vangorder; Dave McKinley; Kris Hoing. Row Three: 

Elliott, Janice "Time Warp" Fitzgerald, Jim "Marv" Kane. Row Three: 
Walter Schwartz, Nancy "thee Detroit," Roger "Ramjet" Hansen, Joe 
"Professor Flatone" 

Gary Slater, Dan McKinley, Todd Haskell, Don Divers, Randy Bergstrom, 
Jeff Barstow Row Four: Bob Thomas, coach; Rick Inglin; Bob Brigham; 
Craig Loete; Greg Graham; Kim Reimer, Mike Hinchliffe. 

Innovators 525 

Hoody Blues Baseball-Turquoise Couch Club 

Agri. Mechanization-ASAE 

American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Row One: Glenn Kranzler, 
Mitch Johnson, Kyle Rumble, LeAnne Stanley, Scribe, Ray Ellis Jr., Denny 
Davis, Don Rice. Row Two: Greg Cuillier, Ken Johnson. Dave Foster, Mark 
Clark, Vice President, Randy Fritch, President, Dennis King, Michael Gal¬ 

lagher, Owen Day. Row Three: William Roseburg, Robert Lacy. Bruce 
Nelson, John Rowley, Robert Sudar, Joe Albers, John E. George, Larry 

Agricultural Mechanization Club. Row One: Robert Canfield, Tim Yma- 
maoto, John Adderson, Ron Poulsen, Ken Gingerich. Joshua A. Adeo- 
shun, Mike Sheppard. David S. Pfaff. Row Two: Neal Cochran, Tom Giber- 
son, Bob Schultheis, Jim Meyer, Frank lange, John Cossano, John Shel¬ 

don, Ken Fetter, Steven Rommel. Row Three: Richard Schmidt. Rodger 
Wagner, Hal Van de Vord, Steve Fink. Stephen Francis, Jon Heidrich, Skip 
Mead. Jim Fitzgerald Kay-Yii Francis 1 Hii, Martin Taylor, Brad Hodges, A 
E. Powell, Adviser. 



WSU Home Economics Association. Row One: Ann Doumit, Naomi 
Watanabe, Margo Flumerfelt, Mrs. McDonald. Donna Pietras, Mari Watan- 
abe, Linn Scheuffela. Rosalind Lasher Row Two: Lynette Armstrong, Lor- 

Forestry Ciub. Row One: Mary Ketel. Connie Riha, Greg Ansly. Vern Tol¬ 
liver. Bill Hansen, Barb Kase. Monica Roppo, Chris “Plywood” Westwood 
Row Two: Jim Thompson. Kurt Campbell, Mark Oergel. Bill Hunt. Bill 

raine Egman, Karen Anderson. Beth Brisson. Karen Leith. Amy Jasman, 
Kathy Lundgren, Ruth Busdieker, Patty Noel, Mrs. Jean Rogers 

Kelso. Roger Schatzel. Stan Surridge. Mike Wolcott, rpesident; Greg 
Juber Row Three: Steve Burinsky, Jeff Garver. Keith Baldwin. Steve 
Lodge, Roger Chapman, advisor; Al Foutch. 



Forestry Club-Home Economics Association 

Society of Prof. Journalists-Dairy Club 

Dairy Club. Row One: Cathy Duncan, Debbie Bottemiller, Nancy Jorns, Three: Joe Blake, adviser, John Nagy, Mike Wedam, Hal Vandervard, 
Charlotte Bierman, Terry Mulhearn, Laurie Lesko. Row Two: Larry Fisher, Steve Nelson, George Crossman. 

Al Forar, John Mower, Karen Sherman, Jake Anber, Steve Thonney. Row 

Society of Professional Journalists. Row One: Jim Carberry, Gary Aki- Ashby. Row Three: Tom Heuterman, Kevin Patterson, Viv Huckstep, Steve 

zuki, Carrie Parks, Monte Kieling, Larry Ganders. Row Two: Lenel Wil- Levold, Dee Eaton, Linda Ellingsen, Robin Thompson, 

liams, Ann Sims, Jim Angell, Judy De Haas, Lynne Thomas, Vicki R. 



PRSSA. Row One: Sharon Mathias, Kathy Painter. Row Two: Crissie Floch, Patty Jensen, Ron Hiraki, Jim Branch, Katherine Berg, Steve 
Paeth, Julia Johnson, Tracey Berry, Mary Marchi, Kim Myers, Sue Whit- Davolt, president; Christy DiJulio, Amy Cade, 
comb, Laura Simanton. Row Three: Colleen Haight, Eric Horne, Diane 

Residence Hall Association. Row One: Mark Sigrist, Val Hines, Dianne 
Fode, Anne Clapperton, Bobbie Alexander. Chris Shepard, Casey Bur¬ 
gess. Row Two: Jeannine Varunok. Teresa Wiegardt. Cindy Quinton. 
Karen Pitzel, Joni Lang. Tammy Fellows. Ed Trautmann. treasurer Row 
Three: Mike Brendle, Tom McNabb, Clayton Green, Randy McGraw, Ron 

Hiraki, Valorie Doud, Chris Childers. Mariann Herne, Cathy Clark, Mary 
Marchi, Mancy Morbury. Row Four: Mike Robinson, Mark Thackray, Caro- 
lee Edwards, Dan Pierce, president, Larry Clark, vice president; Jeff Fry; 
Dick Poulsen; Clift Yeager; Peggy Sexton, secretary; George Bettas, advi¬ 



Residence Hall Association-PRSSA 

Agriculture Education 

0 2 k 

8 ^ C 

»— CO 

S .*='* 

c 9 

< E £ 

>, P CD 


^ -I 3 
Oj Q) U- 

o 3 E 

u w o 

O £ l ” 

tt E £ 

■O CO E 

UJ Dl 

w E 

> ° ® Q 

S Kn • 

g I 0 ,c 



b a £o 

§ a> 2 >a 

*“ 0 ^ c/> 

* W C/> 0 

X kS 1 

E 1 

— C 

2 £ £ 

- c ^ j= 

^ 2 w q w 

o)^~" C 

0 C £ 

C <0 O 

£ Q a 

g i § £ 

: CD * 



i O 

i- 0 

3 * 

8 « 

0 b 
^ c 

W’ IV •— vu • — 

< Q I ^ Q d . 

>, c » = 
c S o 

?2 dill 

S .® c .nW 

£ o -D 3 5 
E O 0 0 0 
_i (/) CC J o 

j CO c > 


“> 0 > 
c © 


<n _- 

I £ ® 

■s 0 c 
cn r: 

>s b </> 
3 O □ 

. Jq t 

§ w i< 

E §8- 


“ 5 ®g 



0 ~0 

> c 

;t 0 


£ -* 
0 0 
7 o 
0 E 



C 0 

5 ? 

C jp 

° O 



5 k: 

CD 0 
CD to 
0 =3 

0 0 0 

0 A 

O $ 0 

^ CD -C 


p £ 





^ n 2 
- 1 - ^ r c o 
i 2 0 C 
!c .a ®.2>" 
g> .a y lu < 
X k ~ • 

E 0 <5 

* P o 

-> to 

.. 2? -c 
o a ^ 

* « 2 
O "O 

I ® 

C —I 

0 b 

CD 0 
C 0 



i, > 0 
^ 0 




0 c: 
O u_ 

0 to 
-* 0 
: Cl 
■D D 
0 QQ 
X : 

0 c 
O ?-D 
= ® 8 

: OT 
-o r — 
0 O .c 

0> 2 
5 0 

< 31 





_0 0 
P 0 • 
3 °- « 

L- 1 . O 

O * 



■o ® E 
©? E 
~ .E <o 


0 .tr 

Q - .E 

Q. > 

co zz 

CD ^ 

- 0O 

co ■£ 

C O 
° CD ° 

co rtz 

cd » 

Q_ ^ • 


^ > rtr 

F? aj. 

0 GO CO .3 


^ aa 

X 3 3 

•tr o 



CD -C 
T3 Q. 
P c/> 


^ CD 0 


CO (/) — 

0 o 
—'‘‘ 4 = c 

5 > — 

° b cap 

O 0 t: 

^ 0 

c p 

_ •— 0 CD 

> 0 £ ^ 0 

— . ’ k— i — 

O 0 


0 "5 

°> >,-Q 

(- 0/5 
.3 0 

C 0 - 

0^ £ 

E ro ® 

.o -o 

— c 0 a> 

0 (D -C W 
p O 

^ F 0 

0 -b Q._c 
0 0 P 


CD ( 1 ) "O 
= .§ ® 

CO.-^ m 

£ «,? 

"O TD ~ 
•*r C o C 

° 0 O) 0 
CL U) “0 
CL 0 C 

£ CL CD §. 
“ 3 C ® 

a> 2 <d ‘D 

n a>.Q .E 



Gamma Delta Iota 

Landscape Architecture-So. Ewartzville Recreation 

Southern Ewartzville Recreation League: Dave Crane, Kathy Burnell, Cork, Chris Muir. Joe Kennedy. 
Charlie Gardner, Mark Hermanson, Eric Wegner, Paul McFaddon, Jerry 

Landscape Architecture. Row One: Dan De Foor, Dan Matta. Bruce 
Blackburn, Theda Scheibner, Chad Smith, Janet Zehm. Row Two: Terry 
Yamamoto, Rick Nishi, Rox Hastings, Kevin Cedergreen, Terry Snyder, 
Ann Verhulp Row Three: Dave Peterson, Leslie Joyce, Lawrence Welk, 

Irv Higashi, Steve Eisenbarth, Karen Johnson, Pete Wunschel. Row Four: 
Steve Knauer, Joe Brackbill, Scott Blake, Bruce McCrory, Jani Raymond, 
Fern Ripple. 

532 Innovators 

Ski Club. Row One: Dave Holm, Lori Campbell, Dianne Yaphe, Debbie 
Maxwell, Dave Wilson, Mary Coward, Don Divers. Row Two: Jody Walker, 
Carol Fowler, Dawn Callison, Dan Pruhs, Bill Wade, Ursula Gahler. Row 

Three: Brian Olson, Sue Jackson, Kris Larson, Elaine Edwards. Row Four: 
Bill Austell, Suzy Taylor, Frogman, The Kid. Row Five: Kirby Baird. Louie 
Lamier, Jerry Surdyk, Shonie Frederick, Jeff Erben. 

Saturday Night Jacuzzi Club. Row One: Roger “Dodger 1 ’ Dye, Randy 
“R." Smith, president; Greg “Pomeroy" Scott, advisor; Randy “Pegolf" 
Egolf. Row Two: Teresa “Pooch" Smith, vice president; Dave “P.F Dave" 
Miskimens; John "Toilet" Fulgham; Steve “Chuckles" Sylvester Row 

Three: Maureen “Weenie" Baker, secretary; Terry “Mr. Goose" Clark, 
sergeant at arms; Bruce “Cabarone" Gilbert, Dan "Ark Jacooz Danny" 
Bahr; John “Orr What" Orr. 

Innovators 533 

Saturday Night Jacuzzi-Ski Club 

Fifth Year Architecture 















1 E 



CD </) 

| o 

c —~ 
- > 
^ <D 
£ C 

r- cvj 
-E (D 
CT) ^ 
D — 

O >> 
£ J?> 


LU -C 


CD *5 

E oo 

CO >- 

>. O ® 

f T 3 * 


> <0 


CD -Q 








O > >> CD 

* c > 

o a) 5 


4 ) ^ - 

3 ^ - 

O 03 

-C '£ * 

o E 2 

t co > 

<TJ ” 



U. O CC 

00 O 

sz *- 


< O 

-Q <D 
O to 

O' £ 



$ ® 
c « 

”S >S 


© CC 

!■ «T >• < 

-1 > I 

H C 

—• c 

3 o 

£<=> * 

3 O 

CD o5 CC 

g f 

i=- ca *o 
03 T ' 

^ 000 . 
o 3 X _ 
in • © 
r cl 
o> a? 


(75 . 

»- o © 

CO TD . 
Q XD ^ . 


c ™ 


^ (D I 
v > 


3 C 2 
OJ o O 
CL (O 0. 

i- c ’ 
© E 



■ So 2 

“I • 



3 rf 03 to 

) DC „ 

Q) > 3 

i O . CC 
> "3 C .. 

3 • 5 *- 
: -o O 3 
: ~ to u. 

-* c 

- O to 
C Q) 

O CC s 
c CO 


c * . 

03 J* 

o g>o 

-I - > 

• CD 


i' 1 
•- 6 
u.' -3 

= to 


= w D r: 

x <o co 
1 JO 
>* « . 
•O 03 c 
C 03 o 
< * n 

c§ ® 

2 c 
03 O 

O Q 






Association for Women Students 

± g 

3> g'rn * ro 0) 2 

c m « i 55“ 5 
E 8 |Sfo c - 

_ 3 

111 Ҥ 1 S . 
O «< °tT I 

<CT 3 —iOCD_iCQ^ 

536 Innovators 

Horticulture Club. Row One: 

Debbie Davis, Mark Dalos, Alvin 
Dormaier, Mary Little, Joft Mor¬ 
gan. Row Two: Bruce Taylor, Dr. 
Fenten Larsen, Suzanne Lurus, 
Carolyn Olson, Gwen Pettit, Vito 
lacobazzi. Row Three: Betty 
Ketel, Glenn Gracey, Tom Auvil, 
Patrick Walen, Connie Hix, Herb 
Femling. Not Pictured: Pete, 
Wesley Miller, Lizzy Brannan. Mimi 
Spegetti, Linda Onion 

Horticulture Club Officers: 

Gwen Pettit, ASCA representative; 
Patrick Walen, treasurer; Teresa 
Walen, secretary. 

Innovators 537 

Horticulture Club 

: n 0 5 
' 03 i: O 
c . 


i o 


03 > 


0 2> 

_Q w 
D ^ 
Q. (D 

f z 



>s c CO 

03 v 

2 w -g 
® - Z 
o cq 
0 a> 

(/> P L. 
(/) 0 
- 0 ) - 
(D br ^ 

-i- Q. (/> 

o 2 ? 

03 03 

-I * 



c 0 

03 CC 

•i= >> 
03 .tr 


>- c 5 

1 8 m 

<2 c - 

F 0 .c 

3 If 

° C/D W 


0 03 (^j 
-> >£ ^ 

0 ^ -C ' 

2 CO X 

^ 0 c ■ 

O 3 i- 
0 0 0 
CO _J * . 

J >> C <-' 

0‘s o g 

CC o > O 

0 0 C 

F c u 

° 2 = Q £ 

O o Q • ^ 
o -C * 
x 0 5 : 

03 lB <0 § 

^ H OC X 

c c 
c c 

> > 


o 0 ) 

i * 

3 E 

F o _■ 
< 3 

c c < 

3 < >> 

538 Innovators 

' TD 

« | A 
=3 o 

^ c 

03 o 
-C ^ 








O) 03 Q) 



i- I 

03 C 
> 03 

If ^ 

CD £ 
D C 
n <D 
_2 (D 
03 £ 


^ <D 


E ^ 

<D 03 
-C ^ 

^ =J O .b 

N ^ 
1} £ 
o> -o 

C 0) 

2? 5 
— 2 
03 CO 
__ 03 

C m 

§ I 


Z3 ^ 


™ .9- o 

(/) O 

vj c. 

&E i 

13 03 (j 

E a) 

Id w o 

$ o> ° 

03 C L 

>> C ^ 

g >2 2 
o ,g>o 

O -Q 

W a ? 
® 0) 0 

« £ s 

® r> 


03 > 
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-Q ^03 

| O 

^ r/3 

■- +-i 03 

03 o _2 


- O 



_*: b= 

03 O 

^ 03 

<D £ 


2 o 

03 “ . 

__ CO (/) 
TD 03 03 

£ r> o 








03 .y ^ 

^ * 
O C 
£ < 

05 ^ 

8 « 

- § 

^ ~ -C 

CD 2 ^ 
03 CD 

$2 * 

> Q_ 00 

-2 < w 

03 03 ’^3 

a o 03 


-O .b= C3 c 

c a 
o Q- 


TD *♦_ 

■g o 




03 03 

a > 

Q. £ 

03 03 

c ^ -Q 

§- 5 

03 0 O 

- o « f 

1=65 § 

O ® H w 

c o o 

0 £<S 


3 o ■-' 


<s : H 


OQ 1 ! 


„ To ® 
2 <D 

E y - 

<? o to 

c/> ^ co 

® « 
£ o 

CD c 


m w 
ii? (D 

c 1 
a> 03 
CD -J 

N O 


U Q 

• o 
5 0 





C 00 

-J 0 ) 

. J*. 

- o 

<D <D 

^ E 

c 03 


=> 5 

(D u» 

3 S P 

m co 

- 0) 


<15 5 O 03 TO 

— O C C C 

2> a uj % o 

0 . c ra I 

b^ OD 
£ ^ <= b 

r- O zi c 

^ m 2 CLQ 

^z 1 

i' 5 _*f _ 

. 0) -c g Q 


•n «0 ” 

S m0: 

TO > ^ 
O N — 


> o 

<1) — i_ — 

‘»q w S 5 

_ : ^ Q5 o 


- 3 C c I 

> ip CO O O 

> Ql : to DC 

Innovators 539 

Sigma Pi Alpha Mu 

Black Student Union 

Above Left: Damani Obafemi leads a crowd of protestors 
up to French Ad to demonstrate against WSU’s invest¬ 
ments in South Africa. Above Right: Students met on the 
mall, discussed, carried signs, and marched to French Ad. 
Upper Left: B.S.U. President Michael Taylor presides over 
the statewide B.S.U. meeting. Right: Students listened to 
different speakers express their views on WSU's divest¬ 
ment of stocks. 



£ S g 

5 * i= | “ 


O v> . CO <0 

» ^ o> — 1 

> 03 C 0 
O D •-, w D 

oc o — 1 tr (/) 
CC : 0) - 


O ■§ m © j> 

Jr : d) (C 

.5 - c -*ro 

■5 .52 c ^ £ 

* > o »- C 
O TO > 0 

fflQ>-h to 

o : i 



CO c - 

O) s 


O 0 
- o 


: to 
0 0 

^ > TO 


w 6 


0 0 

■O c 
TO £ 
0 - H 

1 S c 

O 0 LJ 3 
O II - TO 


1 |!§ 
,® a> o Q 

Innovators 541 

Bowling Club 

Hui Hauoli O’ Hawaii 

Hawaiian Club. Row One: Rae Yamanaka, Tracy Yamane, Toni Molina. 
Row Two: Avis Masuda, Kim Moa, Raymond Noh Row Three: Wendy 
Inouye, Rose Haruo, Lyle Nozaki. Row Four: Randal Sakaino, Sharon 
Taira, Elizabeth Hiramoto. Daryl Masuda Row Five: Jean Nagao. Helen 

Nham, Judy Yamashiro, Sylvia Saldva, Gail Beckham. Row Six: Craig 
Nishmoto, Calvin Misaki, Lory Kawabata, Lisa Iwasaki, Mrs. Walter Hen¬ 
drix, Ann Nakagawa, Glen Fujiwara, John McKinnon. Row Seven: Lester 
Nihei, Lyn Yuda, Irv Higashi, Dean Sakaue. 

Above Left and Right: Members of Hui Hauoli O’Hawaii working on cor¬ 

sages for Mothers' Weekend. 



American Chemical Society: Joe Tylczak, David Sherwood, Paul Rice, Croenig. 
president; Bruce Crist, Steve Reimer. Dan Hansen, Michael Shelly, Mardell 

Gamma Delta lota. Row One: Debbie Maxwell, Diane Yaphe, Chick Gooch, Cathy Basta. 
Stamschror. Row Two: Cindy Wright, Susie Hadley, Barb Ebright, Becky 

Innovators 543 

Gamma Delta Iota Amer. Chemical Soc. 

Interfraternity Council Newman Association 

The Newman Center is a college student 
organization within the Catholic Church that is 
open to anyone, of any denomination, who 
wishes to participate. The Newman Center pro¬ 
motes Christian growth and sharing through 
activities and community service projects. 

Interfraternity Council: Marty Goodman, Larry Nelson, Juan Daviess, 
Scott Hanson, Randy Nelson, Dave Crystal, John Somerville. 

Newman Association. Row One: Karen Nicholaus, Joel T. Hellenkamp, 
Kathy Nicholaus, Delmer Paul Weston, Mike Pavia. Row Two: Stacey Bae- 
nen, Cheryl Nicholaus, Rosemary Levernier, Kelly Clevenger, Elise Botch, 
Dr. Tom Pesek. Row Three: Tim McGreevy, Tom Larsen, Carol Henry, Joe 
Pellicer, Jan Wirth, Eric Shrum, Barry Reifel. 



Associated Students College of Agriculture. Row One: Kirby Nelson, Tim Yamamoto, Member, Pam Warden, Roy Dube. 
Member, Buddy Miller, Member, Alvin Dormaier Row Two: Craig Nelson, 

Astronomy and Physics Club. Row One: Dr. J. Thomas Dickinson. Row Mike Wallace, Ken Voss, Roland Starr, Alan Jones, Bruce Broweleit, John 
Two: Russell Bird, Sue McDougall, R. S. Venkatachalam. Row Three: Teberg. 

Innovators 545 

Astronomy and Physics Club- A.S.C.A. 

Jelly Brains East -Block and Bridle 

Block and Bridle. Row One: Jana Brandt, Jim Durand, Sherryl Culbert¬ 
son, Mitzi Hunter, Becky Handly, Annette Kertis, Teresa Baskett, Scott 
Shelton, Tim Farrel, Randy Greenfield. Dr. Jerry Reeves, Berk Davis. Row 
Two: Cheri Felder, Fred Leach, Sky Shelton, Dr. Ray Wright. Dee Ann 

Jelly BrainfrEast. Row One: Steve Moon. Dave Haun, Jim Bagby, Rich 
Yelenich, Duane DeBruyne, Joe Scott, Rob Walters, Steve Estergard Just 
a bunch of wild, wild guys dedicated to world peace, prosperity, a constant 

Keith, Ann Crocker, Bing Wesner, Maureen Dunning, Darcie Nielson, Gay 
Coats. Row Three: Theresa Tracey, Becky Fallis, Mary Widman, Shann 
Evans, Larry Reynolds, Sandy Matheson, Joan Myers, Sue Key, Tracy 
Hansen, Larry Patterson, Sue Lowe, Rick Thompson, Kevin Holloway. 

pursuit of happiness and who always have a nice thing to say about their 
mothers Not Pictured: Karl Wallenda; H. R. ‘ Bob" Haldeman, Gary Gill- 
more; Anita Bryant; Idi Amin and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver. 

546 Innovators 

High Ball Express: Lory Lybeck, Tim Rasmussen, Bob Closson, Greg 

Student Publications Board. Row One: Barbara Christensen, Susanne man, Joe Hamel, Hugh Cameron, Matt Carey, Wes Calvert, Sue Hintz, 
Ashland. Row Two: Larry Ganders, Mark Kullberg, Ray Druian, Patricia Andy Mazur, Debbie Marlin, Kevin Paulson, Chuck Holtorf, Klaus Scherler. 
Matthews, Lori Anderson. Row Three: Robin Goodrich, Thomas Heuter- 

Innovators 547 

Student Publications Board- High Ball Express 

Agronomy Club 

ca > o E 

co w s* a. -o 

.. Q X Q) 

I <•' £s 

® £ is £<8 .= 

J a) r 3 ^ CD 

o CD O O o - 

CC (T c 

■9 2^ <5 ca <5 jz 

° 2 C - 5 5 

E g * g E S 

c o> W ^ 


< CD * _i H ® 

• ^ CD - 

O E 

c sz 
E g 

® c 
> <3 

<1) Q) 

C W 

2 g 

a c 
E £ 
S 3 


1 “ 

$ ¥ 
<0 CO 

5 !' 



jC W 

| 5 . 

548 Innovators 


A.S.W.S.U. Executives 

ASWSU Representatives. Row One: Mike Del¬ 
aney. Sheri Larsen. Gregory King, Vann Snyder, 
Marty Goodman. Row Two: Mike Bernard. Mike 
Dugger, Scott Jacobs. Val Fisher, Dave 
DeGroot. Debi Stephenson. Mark Ufkes. Row 
Three: Mike Robinson, Dave Tift, Theresa 
Doherty, Brad White, Colleen Warren, Bruce 
Williams. Douglas Anderson, Charles Price. 

550 ASWSU 

The Assembly members started off their 
terms this year with the usual ritual of 
budget hearings, appointing and confirming 
chairpersons to various ASWSU commit¬ 
tees, and just taking care of business in 
general. Due to the increase of general bus¬ 
iness, meetings were changed to every 
Wednesday and “traveling” meetings were 
incorporated into the schedule to give stu¬ 
dents the opportunity to see their student 
government in action. 

They initiated a voter registration drive 
and successfully registered more than 800 
students, enabling them to vote in either 
Pullman elections or their home town ones. 
With so many students registered and vot¬ 
ing in the Pullman elections the first student 
ever was elected to the Pullman City Coun¬ 

During election time, the Assembly voted 
on resolutions pertaining to both state and 
local issues, involving themselves in busi¬ 
ness outside ASWSU. 

Closer to home, a Bookie Board policy 
was accepted to ensure a continuous divi¬ 
dend policy to ASWSU. The Student Asso¬ 
ciation feels the committee increased the 
student government’s portion of the student 
and activity fee allocation. 

ASWSU Executives. Row One: Craig Elia, Greg King. Row Two: Jim Branch, Tom Pirie, Dave Jackson, Mark Ufkes, Jim Albert 



A.S.W.S.U. Representatives 

International Relations-Lecture Notes Committee 

Lecture Notes Committee. Row One: Karen Ries. Ed Killoren, Mary Lit¬ 
tle. Ronald K. Fisher. Hope Haugen, Cary Pillo. Row Two: Sharon Kimble. 

Rita Mustoe, Leona DeRocco. Anne Shanahan, Katie Cameron, Barbara 
Kalvig. Elaine Korsmo. 

International Relations Committee. Row One: Susan Wohld, Gerald 
Lee. Hope Haugen, Barbara Sibisi, Shirley Kwan, Paul Norton, So Kuen 

Kwok. Row Two: Jim Ewing. Shafaat Ahmad, Danielle Vlaanderen, Carita 
Lanner, Charles Hash, Christine Kind, Jan Timmerman. Pedro Granados 




Lecture Artists Committee. Row One: Todd Nelson, Pete Bennett, Erik Castles, Rod Epps, Greg Doumaier, Constance Thayer, Kelly Bowers, Jan 
Isakson, Tim Pring, Leigh Bennett. Row Two: Steve Baumgartner, Dan McKinney. 

Political Union. Row One: Julie Hiefield, Tamara Hannings, Kurt Snyder, Kliem, Alan Jones, Annette Poulson, “The Beck,” Andrea Horne, Bob 
Jan McKinney, Jennie Oliver Row Two: Bob “The Knife" Doyle, John M Mandich, Wendy Lechner, Mike Meany. 

ASWSU 553 

Political Union-Lecture Artists 

Homecoming Committee--Dad’s Day Committee 

Dad’s Day Committee. Row One: Dave Quick, Dave Shillingburg, Distler, Lova Albee, Jane Ellen Avery, Maureen Cavanaugh, Lynn Lobeda, 
Denece Boyer, Cheryl Johnson, Linda Whitney. Row Two: Mark Smith, Carmen Dolley, Cheri Hahn, Janice Anderson, Clive Freidenrich. 

Jack Howard, Dave Leslie, Lynn Dicus. Row Three: Carroll Hayden, Linda 

Homecoming Committee. Row One: Kelly Click, Karen Little, John Hay¬ 
ward, Deeann Moffat, Melanie Sexton, Andrea Tudor, Holly McDonald. 
Nancy Kercheval. Row Two: Terry Bleck, Patti Leahy, Jenny Brown, Neal 
Forde, Gary Matsumoto. Paul Peterson, Larry Nelson. Row Three: Dean 

Cunningham. Anne Quigg. Heidi Bock. Gail King. Chris Molitor, Laurie 
Shelton. Row Four: Bill Davis, Candis Debrenzo, Scott Forsyth, Kevin Hyl¬ 
ton, Kristi Monroe, Sue Manley, Vicky Zackvich, Dave Leslie. Row Five: 
Kurt Olson. Mark Johnson. 

554 ASWSU 


Black Awareness. Row One: Jess F. Veasey, advisor, Bob Lindsay, trea¬ 
surer, Lisa Martin, secretary, Michael Taylor, president, Rodney McAuley, 
vice-president-at-large, Kay Ferguson, corresponding secretary Row 
Two: Edward Kimbrough, Joe Smith, Julia Lee, Sandra Bankston, Debo¬ 

rah Parker, Thomas Winston. Jeanne Austin, Joseph N Reid. Row Three: 
Barry William Fletcher. Audrey Johnson. Marcus Ealy, Cedric Lee Watkins, 

Performing Arts Committee. Row One: Ladd Shumway, Casi Smith. Ernie Oliver. Barbee Burnside Row Two: Elizabeth Ketcham, Kimberly 
Terry Schaal, Cyril Matthews, chairperson, Mike Brazier, Marsha Prescott, Smith, Scott Forsyth, Tamy Terkla, Garry Lange. Bob Collins 



Performing Arts Committee-Black Awareness 


Mini Concerts. Row One: Mick Lyon, John Meglen, Mike Warfield. Row Row Three: Jim Gaston, Terry Schmidt, Jim Zimmer. 
Two: Molly Katica, Robin Goodrich, Doug Smith, Maureen Monaghan. 

MEChA. Left to Right: Estaben Garza, Elsal Villanueva, Pablo Candela, Reyes Ojeda. 

556 ASWSU 

Volunteer Agency: Connie Montgomery, Mary Lou Harwood. 

Election Board. Row One: Cathy Wagoner, Bill Davis, Maureen Cava- Edward Beck, co-chairman; Chris Pursley; Tom Caudill; Tom Anderson; 
naugh Row Two: Richard Babowicz. Alan Loiacono, co-chairman; Ross Thompson. 



Election Board 

Cub Arts-Environmental Task Force 

Environmental Task Force. Row One: Ann Marie Ekren. Claudia Ste- vens. Jack Simonson. Kim Ann Novotny. Brian Burton. Reed Friedman 

Cub Arts. Row One: Annette Poulsen. Leslie Shedd. Bill Davis, Julie Kay Joan Collins. Gail Brown. Wendy Lechner. Sarkis Zeitjian 

Peterson. Diane Bennett. Row Two: Marc Hutchinson. Elaine Martyn. 



Consumer Protection. Row One: Mary Lehn. Eileen Amon. Mike War- Kim Miller, Debbie Slessman. Terry Cleghorn. Jim Chittenden, Tom Boh* 

field. Janet Lapeyrouse Row Two: Mary Sobczyk. Sue Harmon. Liz Rus- man. 

sell Row Three: Nancy Pierson. Pam Nolen, Ginger Williams Row Four: 

KAZU. Row One: Bill Stewart. Linda Strickland. Dave Brevik, Jon Ether- 
ton. Ric Ovalle. Rob Ablott Row Two: Jeni Johnson. Scott McClure. Jack 
Micheau. Jim Porter. Beth Tuura. Tom Wallace. Jacqui Garner. George 
Allen. Pete Nolen. Kathi Goertzen. Ernie Allen Row Three: Robert Sear- 

foss. Pat Boucher. Cyril Matthews. Tom Hungate. Dave Rynning. Dave 
Lee. Dave 'Monty'' Meyer. Phil Ricker. Bill Oakes. Dale Johnson. Chris 
Marshall Row Four: Dave Buhaly. Stan Burke Dave Austin. Jeff Stern. 
Steve Tatum. 



KAZU-Consumer Protection 

ilms Committee-Question Center-Special Events 


Special Events. Row One: Clive Friedenrich, Sue Rauch, chairperson; Otis Elevator. Row Five: Kathy Wyatt, Jerry Daviess, Bruce Beaulaurier, 

Patty Nelson. Row Two: Jane Northey, Sue Clark. Row Three: Heidi Walt Eskeberg. 

Bock, Diane Floch, Barb Daniell. Row Four: Joan Lee, Cyril Matthews, 

Question Center. Row One: Leslie Boone, Steve Barry, David Roberts, son, Claire Wilson, Colleen Catchpole, Greg Stangle, June Wright 
Kathy Doughty, Robin Myra, Bonnie Schneider Row Two: Laurie John- 

Films. Row One: Mary Sobczyk, Dan Lathrop, Bill Vadino, Marie Thomp- son, Carrie Parks, Bob Carlson, Colleen Nelson. 

560 ASWSU 

Army ROTC Seniors 

Army ROTC Seniors. Row One: Wanda Hansen, Jim Kelly, Mark Schatzel, Mark Cummings, Mike Case. Row Five: Bruce Barrdson, 
Gietz. Row Two: Kathy Lyon. Donnamarie King, John Talbot, Marv Bob Lee, Tim Timmons, Floyd Dugger, Don Emerson. Dave Rozell, 

Everest. Row Three: Randy Carey, Gordon Frank, Robin Harden- Jerry Bush 
burgh, Bob Lentz. Row Four: Mike Schnabel. Steve Blaska, Roger 

562 Military 



ROTC Staff. Row One: Lois Bunger. LTC 
William Oveholser. Norma Hatley Row Two: 
CPT James Haas. S.SGT. Michael Ruesler, 
MSG. Harry Bessner. SGM Mike Seals. 
Major Edward Lindahl. CPT. Donald Hoising- 
ton. CPT. Robert Gass 



Student Staff. Row One: Dave Rozell. Steve Blaska. Jerry 
Bush. John Talbot. Row Two: Robin Hardenburgh. Mike 
Schnabel. Randy Carey Row Three: Kathy Lyon. Don Emer¬ 
son. Row Four: Floyd Dugger 



Top Left: ROTC Faculty win the student/faculty volleyball 
tournament. From left to right: W. Overholser, R. Gass, F. 
Dugger, D. Hoisington, M. Seals, E. Lindahl, H. Bessner. 
Top Right: D. Skok, S. Abolonsom, K. Bjornstahl, and K. 
Nelson "ham it up” during a leadership lab. Above: D. 
Dodge prepares to downski. The department sponsors 
both downhill and cross country skiing activities. Above 
Right: Students and Faculty conclude a volksmarch with 
hot dogs and beverage. Right: Rappelling is a skill taught 
by the department, first in the fieldhouse and later out¬ 

564 Military 

ROTC Cougar Rangers 

Cougar Rangers. Row One: Wanda Hansen, Bob Lentz, Gail Firman, David 
Fahy, Kerry Allen, James Vosler, Ron Marsh, Chris Smith, George Konzek. Row 
Two: Mike Case, Don Emerson, Floyd Dugger, Andy Stay, Dave Dodge, Ellen 
Leitz. Kermit Nelson, Randy Carey. Row Three: Bruce Baardson, Mark Cum¬ 

mings, Bob Lee, Don Cummings, Carl Overdahl, Donovan Bigelow, Doug Boneb- 
rake, Alan Cline, Joe Crislip, SFC Harry Bessner, Major Edward Lindahl, Dave 

Military 565 


Rifle Team. Row One: Lowell Kenney, Cindy Vanderburg, Lauri Pow- Bessner, Phil Dixon, Brian Carter, 
ell. Row Two: Roger McGraw. Row Three: Chuck Lycke. Msg. H. 

566 Military 

Air Force Cadre Staff 

Air Force Cadre. Row One: Sgt. Ira Clanc, Fredda Buxton, Col. Robert Maj. Charles Mordan, Capt. Theodore Nitz, Capt. Clark, Mssgt. Martinez. 
Rehwaldt, Lt. Col. Anthony Dunnam, S. Sgt. Gene Taylor. Row Two: 

AFROTC Seniors 

Air Force ROTC Seniors. Row One: Roy Miller, Marcia Taylor, Debbie Chuck Vickery, Ron Oscarson, Tom Melancon, Brad Poole, Bill Stevens, 
Hagen, Cathy Claunch, David Brown, Paul Thronson, Chuck Teagarden, John McKean, Karl Erickson, Mike Lambirth 
Linda Martin. Row Two: Marc Anderson, Gary Devin, Shelly Timbers, 

Military 567 

AFROTC Fall Staff 

AFROTC Spring Staff 

Air Force Fall Staff. Row One: Linda Martin, Cathy Clow, Scott Geddes, Charles Gray, Steve Lockwood, Shelley Tim- 

Roy Miller, Randy Voshell. Row Two: Dave Piter, Marc Ander- bers, Tom Melancon, Row Four: John McKean, Bill Stevens, 

son, Steve Wilford, Bill Erickson, Murry Peterman Row Three: Mark Hebein, Dave Brown, Tom McCaulley. 

Air Force Spring Staff. Row One: Scott Geddes, Dave Piter, 
Cathy Clow, Linda Martin, Mark Hebein, Roy Miller Row Two: 
Carol Mason, Kevin Bradley, Marc Anderson, Charles Gray, 
Steve Wilford, Rene Delossantos, Jim Klein. Row Three: Jon 

Christian, Steve Lockwood, Dave Brown, Shelley Timbers, 
John McKean, Bill Erickson, Tom Melancon Row Four: Elise 
Killian, Carl MacGillivary, Tom McCaulley, Ed Notson, Murry 
Peterman, Bill Stevens, Randy Voshell 

568 Military 

Angel Flight 

Angel Flight is an auxiliary of Arnold Air Society. It 
serves the same purposes and has similar member¬ 
ship requirements. Angel Flight is a unique organiza¬ 
tion because it offers men and women a chance to 
discover the Air Force without the commitments of 
the cadet. 

Angel Flight. Row One: Connie Charleson, Karen Hanson, Linda Martin, Robin 
Dunkle. Row Two: Jean Sieg, Terri Riedner, Major Mordan, Joye Ainslie, Kenda 
Lockmiller. Row Three: Patti Coppo, Connie Martin, Sue Hollingsworth, Carly 
Thomas, Shelley Timbers. 

Arnold Air Society is the Air 
Force ROTC Honorary. Mem¬ 
bers are selected on the basis 
of academic standing and 
performance in AFROTC. 
They provide many services 
for the campus community 
and Cadet Corps. Through 
frequent interaction with 
other Air Society Chapters in 
the Pacific Northwest WSU 
members learn about the Air 
Force and become ac¬ 
quainted with its other affili¬ 

Arnold Air Society. Row One: (Floor) Carol 
Mason. Linda Martin, Cathy Clow, Betsy 
McCallum. Robin Dunkle (Sitting) Mark 
Hebem. Scott Geddes. Steve Lockwood, Ric 
Evans. Tom Braden. Row Two: Mark Weber, 
Larry Williams, Jay Niezgoda. Jeff Lenhart. 
Roy Miller, Randy Voshell, Terri Riedner, 
Joye Ainsle Row Three: Richard Weitz. 
Elise Killian, Jon Christian. Tom McCaulley. 
Clark McAbee, Shelley Timbers. Bob Colvin. 
Carly Thomas. Connie Martin. Dave Brown. 
Bill Stevens. Martin Schoonover. 

Arnold Air Society 

Military 569 

This year, KWSU-TV and AM are involved in a new CHALLENGE 
Campaign which was launched in an effort to generate additional 
funds for the station. These funds will enable it to purchase new 
national programs, to produce more local programs and to secure 
new technical equipment. The campaign was initiated after receiving 
a matching grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities 
challenging KWSU to raise $300,000 over a three-year period which 
will be matched dollar-wise on a three to one basis by NEH. The 
KWSU Challenge has been successful during its first year run and the 
station is looking towards another successful year in 1978-79. 

KWSU-TV is continually growing and fast becoming the Inland 
Empire's strongest public broadcasting station. Part of its growth is 
coming from its acquisition of a satellite dish, newly installed beside 
the Murrow Communications Center last fall. The Satellite will enable 
KWSU-TV greater program flexibility, that is, to choose any one of 
four programs broadcasted at any given time. As a result, KWSU will 
be able to offer more programming alternatives suited to community 
interests. It will also mean more live coverage of happenings like cur¬ 
rent events and sports activities in addition to current programming. 

KWSU-TV is still drawing celebrities to the Palouse. Jean-Michel 
Cousteau, oldest son of renowned ocean explorer Jacques Cous¬ 
teau, on visit to the WSU campus during a lecture presentation, came 
by the KWSU-TV studios to assist in promoting THE COUSTEAU 
ODYSSEY for Channel 10. Cousteau joins TV Host Hugh Downs and 
President of CBS Richard Salant as celebrated guests of KWSU-TV 
during the past two years. 


570 Communications 



KWSU Radio. Fall Staff. Row One: James R. Bryan Lowe, Bob Romero, Cheryl Neilson, 
“Capt. Fantasy" Meyer, Tod "The Morning Michelle Colyar, Larry Altose, Viv Huckstep, 
Mayor" Pickett, Rick Sherman. Row Two: Steve Tytler, Rod Jackson, Jan Allianic. 


KWSU Radio. Spring Staff. Row One: Chris Whitaker, Michelle Colyar, Paul Rybock, 
Frank Dill, Doug Klave. Row Two: Les Williams, Dave Rabiner, Bill Irvine, Jay Zarowitz, 
Bones McCoy, Julie Hofstedt, Kris Lindstrom, Jan Allianic, Rod Jackson, Bill Swartz. 

KWSU radio celebrated its 55th birthday on 
December 10, 1977 . . . the Year of the Chal¬ 

A Challenge grant from the National Endowment 
for the Humanities was awarded to KWSU Radio- 
Television Services for the purpose of raising addi¬ 
tional funding for the public broadcast stations. For 
every three dollars KWSU raises from non-federal 
funds, NEH will provide one additional dollar. The 
Challenge grant continues for three years. 

Students play an important role in the operation 
of KWSU radio. This past year students were 
employed as announcers and board operators, 
program hosts and producers, members of the 
news and sports staff, and as continuity, promo¬ 
tion, production and traffic assistants. 

Two new professional staff members joined 
KWSU this year; Dale Harrison, producer; and Don 
Gay, who became music director after the retire¬ 
ment of Elmer Erickson, a KWSU veteran of more 
than twenty years. 

The station is a charter member of National Pub¬ 
lic Radio. 

Communications 571 

KUGR FM is programmed and staffed entirely by stu¬ 
dents. KUGR provides over 130 students with the opportu¬ 
nity to gain invaluable experience in station management, 
programming, broadcast sales, news reading and editing, 
announcing, production and other essential aspects of 
radio station operations. Past staff members have gone on 
to make significant contributions to the broadcast industry. 
KUGR is proud of the strides it has made in recent years to 
its current position as the FM station most preferred by WSU 

Row One: Kim Jensen, Pat McGillivaray, Doug Klaue. Cal Glomstad, Dave Bre- 
vik, Sue Blanchard, Paula Rudberg. Gail King Row Two: Terri Roloff, Bill Ukro- 
pina, John James, Dan Bray, Mike Stern, Sarah Schilling, Steve Quant, Ingrid Mil- 
len, Laurie Phelps, Barb Kletke, Kevin Doerr, Tammy Fellows, Dawn Warren, 
Shannon Madison, Fred Peschel, Karen Kelly, Brian Fleming, Eric Roose Row 

Three: Mark Hodges, Tom Peterson, Dave Henrie, Steve Johnson, Mellisa Woo¬ 
druff, Vivian Huckstep, Todd Allan Row Four: Greg Ferrer, Roger Lind. Craig 
Aust, Dan Smith. Scott Morrison, program director; Mike Hathaway, general man¬ 

572 KUGR 

Top Left: Mike Moore, managing editor. Center Left: Larry Ganders, editor. Right. Evergreen Staff 
Reporters. Row One: Barb Brooks, Debbie Holtman, Megan Skinner. Row Two: Vicki Ashby. Brent Sie- 
wert. Row Three: Linda Ellingsen. Lee Hauser, Jay Dexter, Frank Sciamanda. Row Four: Tim Connor, 
Georgia Lomax. Row Five: Carrie Parks, Monte Kieling. Above. Senior Staff. Row One: Mike Moore, 
managing editor; Dan Mills, news editor; Jeff Burnside, feature editor. Row Two: Scott Waller, senior 
staff writer — city desk; Jim Angell, senior staff writer — administration; Larry Ganders, editor; Dee 
Eaton, assistant managing editor; Lenel Williams, editorial assistant and assistant news editor; John 
Leenders, news editor; Lynn Thomas, sports editor. 

Fall Staff 

Fall 1977 turned out to be an innova¬ 
tive semester tor the Evergreen. Con¬ 
tinuing complaints about the Ever¬ 
green’s news coverage and lack ot 
accuracy resulted in a new policy of 
having several people double-check 
each story. The policy worked — the 
number of complaints were signifi¬ 
cantly reduced. Team reporting was 
also successfully introduced. Staff writ¬ 
ers, coordinated by a Senior Staff 
Writer, covered the city desk — Pull¬ 
man and state issues — ASWSU, and 

A staff made up fairly equally of 
experienced and inexperienced stu¬ 
dents, worked long and hard, learning 
their trade during the first weeks of the 
semester. Their efforts paid off, as the 
staff set a record of 60 pages printed 
during the week of Homecoming. 

Evergreen 573 




Above: Robin Goodrich, business manager; Karen 
Hegtvedt, assistant to the business manager; Bob Lease, 
assistant business manager. Right. Row One: Bob Lease. 
Row Two: Sue Bishop, Kathy Thirtyacre. Bob Collins. Row 
Three: Barb Wood. Row Four: Robin Goodrich, Doug 
Smith, Dave Benscoter Row Five: Karen Hegtvedt Not 
Pictured: Mark Caron. 

The Ad Staff deals with the business 
concerns of the Evergreen. The busi¬ 
ness manager and his staff are respon¬ 
sible for collecting local advertising 
and designing effective layouts. An 
increase in the amount of advertising 
proportionally increases the editorial 
content of the Evergreen. The ad staff 
operates on a purely professional basis 
and provides invaluable experience in 
the advertising field. 

574 Communications 

Spring Evergreen Staff 

It was an interesting spring. Shackled by many ot the same 
bureaucratic chains which have bound Evergreen staffs for 14 
years, "Greenies” still managed to turn out what some consider 
to be the best paper in years. 

Evergreen readers found they were washing down their break¬ 
fasts with less mundane meeting news and instead were waking 
up to see issues and concerns voiced on page one of the Ever¬ 
green. Perfect papers? No, but they were improving. 

ASWSU President Mark Ufkes’ proposed invitation to Libyan 
dictator Muammar Al Qadhafi to WSU rode page one regularly 
during the early part of the term as controversy over the invita¬ 
tion boiled. Few students left Pullman in June without knowing 
the scoop on Qadhafi. 

And the Evergreen sent the “Third-Floor CUB Gang’’ into a 
fervor with its endorsements of candidates for the ASWSU gen¬ 
eral election. It was fun, and perhaps did some good. 

One of the most significant advances during the term was 
made by the sports staff as they turned the back pages of the 
paper into one of the best-read sections. 

Perhaps most importantly, the spring Evergreen staff found 
much to rejoice about with its limited successes. Morale, always 
a problem, was improved and staffers actually had some fun in 
the course of printing a paper. If the spirit of the staff carries over 
into the fall, the student body will have an even better paper. 

Evergreen Staff. Row One: Carrie Parks, Tim Connor, Jill Newhouse, Marion Angell, Steve Woodruff, Bob Ward. Row Four: Scott Waller, Monte Kieling. Top 
Woyvodich Row Two: Larry Ganders, Dee Eaton, Gerogia Lomax, Dan Mills, Left: Steve Woodruff, editor. 

Donna Tarver, Lenel Williams. Row Three: Steve Weber, Brent Siewert, Jim 

Communications 575 





Spring Ad Staff. Row One: Kathy Thirtyacre, Mark Caron, Dave Benscoter, Barb Tom Cooley 
Wood, Robin Goodrich. Row Two: Karen Hegtvedt, Steve Oates, Bob Thomas. 

Upper Right: Robin Goodrich, business manager. Upper Left: Karen Hegtvedt, assistant to the business manager. 

576 Communicatons 

Top Left: Denise Drake, sports editor; Carol Bevilacqua, division edi¬ 
tor. Middle: Klaus Scherler, assistant general manager. Top Right: 
Wes Calvert, general manager. Left: Ron Kohler, division editor; 
John Nelson, division editor. Above: Cyndi Peterson, division editor; 
Val Morris, copy editor. 

Communications 577 



Upper Right: Jan McKinney, photo editor; Jackie Baker, photo editor; Vickie Sprague, 
general photo editor. Right: Melinda Richardson, division editor: Valerie Nelson, copy 
editor. Above: Jonathan Welsh, art editor; Shan Krom. division editor. 


Upper Left: Herb Femling. sports editor; Scott Davis, assistant 
business manager. Upper Right: Coleen Dougherty, division edi¬ 
tor; Cindy Mosher, layout editor. Above: Gretchen Tonning, divi¬ 
sion editor; Tami Ward, layout editor Left: Debbie Martin, busi¬ 
ness manager; Vickie O’Connell, associate editor 



from Kully 

One cannot put out such a book without help from 
many people. This year’s book I think, reflects the hard 
work the following people put into it to make the best 
CHINOOK ever. 

Many thanks goes to my staff. 

Coleen Dougherty — The Maynard Hicks winner for 
Inspiration and Dedication to the staff. 

Val Nelson — Most Outstanding Upperclassmen. 
Jackie Baker — Also Most Outstanding Upperclass¬ 

Al Camp — Photo Clerk, who can dish it out as well as 
take it. 

John Hoyt — Photographer of the year. 

Wes Calvert — If I didn’t have a problem, he did. But 
we worked it out. 

Klaus Scherler — His mere presence gave inspiration 
to the whole staff. The CHINOOK 
will miss you Klaus. 

Dick LoPachin — From Taylor Publishing Company. 

For taking the time to help out with 
all the technical problems. 

Terry Hill — From Taylor Publishing Company. Got us 
started at the retreat. 

Phrannque Sciamanda — For his most appreciated 

writing skills. 

Arden Literal — For supplying us with hundreds of 
photos, which we demanded "right 

Mark Kullberg 


But, some days less than others 


Beauty is a 
seasonal occurrence 



1st j 



.j 4i 

" fy'M 7 '- i 

n ./ 4k? 

*i ^tiVo 

„vl ' ^ 

>4 ’• 

•' * ? /< 



Subject Index 


Acacia Little Sisters.481 

Accounting Club.512 

Ag. Ed. Club .530 

Agricultural Mechanics.526 

Agronomy Club.548 

Air Force ROTC.568 

Alpha Chi Omega.382 

Alpha Delta Pi .384 

Alpha Delta Pi Big Brothers . . 477 

Alpha Epsilon Rho.504 

Alpha Gamma Rho.414 

Alpha Gamma Rho Mates . . .470 

Alpha Kappa Alpha.410 

Alpha Kappa Lambda .416 

AKL Little Sisters.475 

Alpha Lambda Delta.500 

Alpha Omega Pi.388 

Alpha Phi.390 

Alpha Tau Alpha .503 

Alpha Tau Omega.418 

ATO Little Sisters.467 

Alpha Zeta.501 

American Chemical Society . . 543 
American Marketing Assoc. . . 522 


Armadillo Awareness.267 

Arnold Air Society.569 

ASCA .545 

Assoc. General Contractors . .523 

AWS .536 

Astronomy and 

Physics Club .545 



BagoGang .518 

Baptist Student Ministers ... .514 

Beta Theta Pi.420 

Black Student Union .540 

Block and Bridle.546 

Blue Max Speed Shop.262 

Boeing Angel Flight.569 




Campus Commons.276 

Chi Omega .392 

Chief Jo Village.276 


Chinook Village.277 



Community Santa Claus.485 

Concert Choir.513 

Consumer Protection 

Agency .559 

Cougar Drill Team .146 

Cream Of The Crop.267 

Crimson Rally .147 

Cub Arts .558 


Dad’s Weekend.554 


Deep Bush Boys .268 

deHaetten House.265 

Delta Delta Delta .394 

Delta Gamma.396 

Delta Sigma Phi.422 

Delta Sigma Phi Little Sisters . 469 

Delta Tau Delta .424 

Delta Tau Delta Little Sisters . . 479 

Delta Upsilon.426 

Delta Upsilon Little Sisters . 471 

DTD Sally Sunshine.490 

Duchess of Windsor.484 

Duncan Dunn .293 


Election Board.557 

Environmental Task Force . . . 558 

Evergreen Staff, Fall.574 

Evergreen Staff, Spring .575 



Farmhouse .428 

Farmhouse Little Sisters.474 

Farmer's Daughter.482 

Ferndale .'.263 

Fiji Little Sisters.478 

Films Committee.560 

Fire Station.264 

Fish Fans.538 

Food Science.515 

Forestry and Range 


French House.262 

013 © 

Gamma Delta lota .531 


Gamma Phi Beta.398 


Gannon's Angel.487 

Goldsworthy .302 


Harold’s Half Acre.261 

High Ball Express.547 

Home Ec. Assoc.527 


Honor Students Advisory 

Council .504 

Hoody Blues Baseball .525 

Horticulture Club.537 

Hui Hauoli O’Hawaii.542 


IK Duchess.491 


Inter-Fraternity Council .544 

International Relations.552 

IM Council.179 


Jelly Brains East.546 

Junior Panhellenic.521 


Kappa Alpha Theta.400 

Kappa Delta.402 

Kappa Kappa Gamma.404 

Kappa Psi .498 

Kappa Sigma.430 

Kappa Sigma Little Sisters . . . 464 

KAZU .559 



KWSU Radio.571 


Lambda Alpha Epsilon.509 

Lambda Chi Alpha.432 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Crescent Girl.486 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Little Sisters..463 

Landscape Architecture.532 

Lecture Artist Comm.553 

Lecture Notes Comm.552 


Libyan Students.524 


Magic House.266 

Marching Band.141 

Married Students.286 


McCroskey .315 


Megamen .519 


Mortar Board.503 



Newman Assoc.544 

Nez Perce.278 

Nonnag IV.263 

North Campus Heights.279 


Observatory Court.279 

Omicron lota Mu .522 

Omicron Nu.508 





Performing Arts Comm.555 


Personnel Club.514 

Phi Delta Theta .434 

Phi Epsilon Kappa.507 

Phi Eta Sigma.500 

Phi Gamma Delta.411 

Phi Gamma Delta 

Little Sisters.478 

Phi Kappa Phi .510 

Phi Kappa Tau..436 

Phi Kappa Tau 

Little Sisters.476 

Phi Kappa Theta .454 

Phi Kappa Theta 

Little Sisters.478 

Phi Sigma Kappa.438 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

Little Sisters.480 

Phi Tau Pledge Princess 483 

Pi Beta Phi.406 

Pi Kappa Alpha.440 

Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl. . . 489 
Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters . . 465 

Pi Lambda Theta.497 

Pi Tau lota.498 

Political Union.553 




Real Estate Assoc.524 

Recreation and Park Assoc. .516 

Regents. 327 


Rho Chi.505 

Rho Nu .501 



Saturday Night 

Jacuzzi Club.533 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon .442 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Little Sisters.473 

Sigma Chi.414 

Sigma Chi Little Sisters.473 

Sigma Chi Sweetheart.488 

Sigma Kappa.408 

Sigma Kappa Big Brothers . . 477 

Sigma Nu.446 

Sigma Phi Epsilon .448 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Little Sisters.468 

Sigma Pi Alpha Mu.539 

Sigma Tau Alpha.508 

Ski Club.533 

Society of Professional 


South Ewarzville Recreation 532 

Special Events.560 


Stephenson East.344 

Stephenson North.350 

Stephenson South.357 

Steptoe Village.284 




Student Amer. 

Pharm. Assoc.518 

Student Pub. Board.547 


Tau Beta Pi .506 

Tau Kappa Epsilon.450 

The Kappa Epsilon 

Little Sisters.461 

Theta Chi.452 

Theta Chi Little Sisters.472 

Theta Xi.452 

Theta Xi Little Sisters.462 

Turquoise Couch Club 525 


Volunteer Agency .557 




Wax Fruit and Ammunition 



WSU Dairy Club.528 

Yacht Club.516 

Yell Squad.147 


EaVCEilty/ State 

Abolonsom. S 564 
Akamine. Toshio 244 
Alexander. J E 235 
Andersen Dale G 201 
Anderson. Talmadge 249 
Armstrong. Ross O. 249 
8ailey. Paula J 117 
Beasley. Wallis 244 
Beechner. Dick 117. 125 
Bender. Donald L 506 
Bergemann. Brian W 507 
Berry. Stanley 249 
Bessner. Harry 563. 564, 565 
Bellas. George A 251,529 
Bierbaum. William R 253 
Bishop. Warren A 253 
Bjornstahl. K 564 
Blake. Joseph w 528 
Brain. George B 201.247 
Brandt. William E 510 
Brayton. Chuck ’Bobo" 169 
Brekke. Clark J. 515 

Index 589 

Brink. Joseph A 207 
Bunger. Lois 563 
Burlingame. Sandra F. 264 
Bustad. Leo K 235 
Butts. William S. 252 
Calvert. Wesley D 54 7. 577 
Cameron. Hugh E 547 
Carey. Matthew G. 251 
Carloye. Jack C 220 
Carlson, Sherrill S. 510 
Cass. William A. 252 
Chalick. Linda 117 
Chapman. Roger C 527 
Christensen. Barbara 547 
Church. Michael A 117,124 
Clanc, Ira 567 
Clark. Tyler C 567 
Clevenger. J. C. 62. 251 
Coats. Ross A 219 
Coffman. Norman R. 255 
Commons. Roderick L. 11 7 
Cooley. Jack E. 249 
Cords. William L 117 
Courser, Joyce M 117 
Cox. Geraldine C 117 
Crain Jr , Richard W 207 
Crittenden. John C 142 
Cronland. John M 250 
Crow. James B 244 
Davis, John A 250 
Davis. Rex S 117, 175 
Davis, Roger T 220 
Davis, William C 147 
Davis. William R 554. 557 
Demmg. Howard O 219 
Dickinson. J. Thomas 545 
Dobie. Dorothy D 117. 161 
Doeden, Jamne M 514 
Dunnam. Anthony 567 
Durrant. Sue M n 7 
Dustan. Laura C 221 
Eastman. Robert N 246 
Edwards. Mark A 11 7 
Elwood, John R 219 
Faiman, John 117. 125 
Fletcher. Dean C 212 
Fry. Richard B. 247 
Funk. Kaye 508 
Gass. Robert 563, 564 
Glover. Richard E 117. 124. 125 
Goodenaugh, K 125 
Gordon. Carol E 201.510 
Green, Francis M. 513 
Hall. Carl W. 207 
Hamel. Joseph D. 253, 547 
Harrer. Don 140 
Harris. Grant A. 189 
Harwood, Mary L 557 
Harwood, Robert F 189 
Hass. Cpt James 563 
Hatley. Norma J 563 
Hayton. William L 498 
Hendrix. Mildred L. 542 
Heydodf. Mark 117. 124. 125 
Heuterman. Thomas 219. 547 
Hill. Alberta D 212 
Hmz. Susan C 547 
Hirst. Gary R 160 
Hoismgton, Donald 563. 564 
Holloway. Janet R 236 
Holtorf. Arthur M. 255 
Hovenkotter, Maureen C 117 
Hower. Glen L . 207 
Huber. William G. 235 
Ingibous, Dr James C 184 
James. Diana L. 261 
James. Roger D. 117. 144 
Jankovich. Sam 117. 244 
Jenness. Bennmg F 255 
Johnson. Thomas A 219 
Kenzy. Sam G 510 
Kimble. Sharon L 552 
King. James R 220 
K|oss-Hansen. Bente 117. 174 
Klopfer, Jean M 510 
Kowalik. Janusz S 246 
Kunkel, Robert R. 510 
Larse, Gayle 117 
Larsen. Fenton E 537 
Liddell. Phyllis F 241 
Lillis. Charles M 197 
Lilly. C L 117 
Lindahl. Major Edward 563 
Linhardt. Richard E 523 
Lilzsmger. H Sluart 255 
Loefller, Walt 125 
Long. Calvin T 220 
Marsaglia. George 219 
Martinez. Felipe 567 
Masson. D Bruce 207 
Matsen, ManeE 117. 139 
Maurer. Mrs O J. 522 
Mays, Thomas A 11 7 
McCartan, Arthur E. 251 
McDonald. Genevieve S. 527 
McNew. Louis D 249 
Melhan. Dick 117, 125, 160 
Mettler, Lyle W 247 
Miller. Sidney W 252 
Mills. Joseph W 219 
Mordan. Charles 565, 567, 569 
Morris. Evelyn A. 117 
Morrison, Dennis J 256 
Morion. Steven R. 117. 124. 125 
Muir, EarIL. 255 
Muse. Raymond 220 
Nakata. Herbert M 219 
Nelson, Esther A. 514 
Nordquist. David J 255 
Nugent. B. A. 219 
Nyman. Carl J. 215 
O'Donnell, Jo 521 
Oman. Glenn E 117 
Orsborn. John F 207 

Overholser, William 563. 564 

Park. James L 220 

Patterson, Eugene G. 244 

Patton. Robert J 207 

Pecherer. Robert M 124 

Perkins. Jr , Edward A 194 

Perry. Mignon 212 

Pesek. Thomas G 544 

Peterson. Lloyd F 256 

Pettibone. C. Alan 189 

Pierce. JohnC 220 

Pipher. Debra J. 117. 143 

Powell. Albert E. 526 

Powers, Warren 117, 124, 125 

Price, Michael 124 

Preston. R L 189 

Price, Dorothy Z. 212 

Price. Mike 117. 125 

Profit, William 98 

Pugliese, Thomas A 117. 151 

Pursley, Ted A. 255 

Quann. Barbara 117 

Ouann, Charles J 249 

Raveling, George H 117. 151 

Rawlins. V Lane 197 

Ray. Dixie L. 241 

Redding. David C 117. 124. 125 

Reeves. Jerry J. 546 

Rehwalto, Robert 567 

Richarz.AnnS 510 

Roberts, Hilda B 221 

Robins. John S 189 

Rogers. Jean C 527 

Rogers. Leroy F 189 

Romberg, Harold D 241 

Ruesler, S.Sgt. Michael 563 

Sanders, Alfred 117. 160 

Schafer. Joyce 189 

Schaitler. Allene 250 

Scherler. Klaus P 547. 577 

Schneeman. Thomas H 117. 150 

Schoepfhn. H James 220 

Schults. Dave 140 

Scott. Louise M 117 

Seals. Mike 563. 564 

Searfoss. Robert L 559 

Seigneuret. Jean C. 220 

Shutler. Mary E 219 

Sloan. Richard D 117 

Smawley. Robert B. 244 

Smith. Allan H. 62. 249 

Smith. Orrm E. 189 

Spencer, Guy R. 510 

Spencer. John V. 189 

Spitzer, Kenneth D. 524 

Steingraber. John K. 246 

Stephens. Robert L. 252 

Tallman. Irving 220 

Tapfer, Christopher J 252 

Taylor. Gene 567 

Tenney, Sally G 256 

Terrell. Glenn 70. 71. 74. 75, 241.294 

Townsend-Moller. Darlene A. 510 

Trimble. John D. 125 

Uribe. Ernest C. 219 

Veasey.Jess 555 

Veleke. Keven E 172 

Vervaeke, Robert H. 252 

Vogel. Carol J 117 

Waits. Robert C. 117 

Walden. Jimmy C 117. 124.125 

Walden. William E. 246 

Walker. David L. 117. 124 

Walton. Gary M 184, 194 

Walz, Robert 117 

Ward. Jill K. 117 

Washburn, Joanne R 244 

Watson. Ellen K. 50 

Webster Mrs. Kate 241 

West. Harvey L 220 

Whelchel. Barry D 255 

White. Allen 1.217 

Wiley. Roger C. 201 

Willett. Roger D 219 

Williams. Ed 241 

Williams. Mrs. Edith 241 

Wilson. Robert B 235 

Wingate. Marcel E 220 

Wohld. Susan E 552 

Vale. Jean K. 117 

Varalian. Zaven 117. 124. 125 



Aal. JonL 302 
Aam. Laura 379 
Aalvik. Lynne M. 373 
Aasen. Rhonda G 386.466 
Abarca. Yolanda M 117, 174 
Abbott. Nancy J. 315, 316. 499 
Abdulrahman. Farag S. 524 
Abendroth. Kent J 140,435 
Ablott, Robert E. 559 
Abo Gnah Yahya Said 524 
Abrahamson, Howard F. 308 
Absalonson. Steve C 324 
Acheson. Allan D. 144.270 
Achey. Dennis E 338 
Achey, Mary J. 347 
Ackah, Emmanuel 190 
Ackerman. Anna M 141,327 
Ackley. Sandra J. 234 
Acuft. Cynthia J. 384. 4 72. 538 

Adams. Barbara L 402 

Adams. Carrie L 402 

Adams. Catherine A 195. 402 

Adams, Cynthia K 394. 480 

Adams. Dell L 141,370 

Adams. Dennis S 183 

Adams. Lanette K 392. 478 

Adams. Linda J 374 

Adams, Mary J 202. 402 

Adams. Randall C 304.415 

Adams. Ronald G 377 

Adams, Samuel E 452 

Addison. Thomas W 425.526 

Adeoshun. Joshua A 526 

Advmcula, Benny A. 215 

Atfeldl, Steven D. 176, 297 

Agnello, Steven J 303 

Agnew, Steven R. 193 

Agun. Sharon K 141 

Ahern, Colleen S 236 

Ahmad. Shafaat 552 

Ahmann. John T 302 

Aho. Mitchell C 303,305 

Aho. Rodney A 215. 510 

Aho. Terry L 192 

Aichele. David D 193. 286 

Aichele Laura 286 

Aiken. Jerome R. 426 

Aiken. Sally S 221.400. 503.510 

Amslie, L Joye 347. 569 

Akiyama. Kathleen F 407 

Akizuki, Gary M 526 

Alacakaptan, Tayfun K 208. 534 

Alanko. Randy A 514,519 

Alason. Kristi 330 

Alexander. Sylvia A 366, 513 

Alford. Candis R 386, 467 

Alford. Marti J 80. 85, 386 

Alger. Steven J 451 

Allan. Susan E 394 

Allan. Todd M 426. 572 

Allegro. Samuel S 297 

Allen, Craig E 298 

Allen, Cynthia A 213 

Allen. Donald R 224. 340 

Allen. Elizabeth G 386 

Allen. Ernest G 369, 559 

Allen. George H. 229. 368, 559 

Allen, Gerald B. 359, 363, 506. 539 

Allen. Greg T 429 

Allen, Gregory F 431 

Allen, James R 368. 510 

Allen. JonS. 162.371 

Allen, Kerry C . 280. 565 

Allen. Linda J. 221.315,316 

Allen. Mervel E 323 

Allen, Michael F 163 

Allen, Susan E 383, 465 

Allen. Teresa K. 146, 384. 471 

Allen, Thomas L 309 

Alleto, Micheal 447 

Allen. Jay B 141.358 

Allianic. Jeanette U 224.571 

Allman. Roben M 309. 426 

Almberg. Debra K 270 

Alpaugh. Elizabeth M 355 

Alpaugh. Mary J 232 

Alsid. Eric H 298 

Aitom. RhodaL 467 

Alton. Mark A 449 

Altose. Lawrence D 337, 571 

Alumbaugh. David L 361 

Alvarado. Mana 373 

Alvarado. Susie 322 

Alexander. Marisa 

Aly. Kirkland C 413 

Amaya, Dawn D 344, 500, 501 

Adams, Cynthia K 394. 480 

Adams, Dell L. 141,370 

Adams, Dennis S 183 

Adams, Lanette K 392. 478 

Adams, Linda J. 374 

Adams. Mary J 202. 402 

Adams. Randall C. 304, 415 

Adams. Ronald G 377 

Adams. Samuel E 452 

Addison. Thomas W 425, 526 

Adeoshun, Joshua A. 526 

Advincula, Benny A. 215 

Affeldt. Steven D 176. 297 

Agnello. Steven J 303 

Agnew, Steven R 193 

Agun. Sharon K. 141 

Ahern. Colleen S. 236 

Ahmad. Shafaat 552 

Ahmann, John T 302 

Aho, Mitchell C. 303, 305 

Aho, Rodney A 215. 510 

Aho, Terry L 192 

Aichele. David D 193. 286 

Aichele. Laura 286 

Aiken. Jerome R 426 

Aiken, Sally S. 221.400. 503, 510 

Ainslie, L Joye 347. 569 

Akiyama. Kathleen F 407 

Akizuki, Gary M. 526 

Alacakaptan. Tayfun K. 208, 534 

Alanko. Randy A. 514. 519 

Alason. Kristi 330 

Alexander, Sylvia A 366, 513 

Alford. Candis R 386. 467 

Alford. Marti J 80. 85, 386 

Alger. Steven J 451 

Allan, Susan E. 394 

Allan, Todd M 426. 572 

Allegro. Samuel S. 297 

Allen, Craig E. 298 

Allen, Cynthia A. 213 

Allen. Donald R. 224, 340 

Allen. Elizabeth G 386 

Allen. Ernest G 369, 559 

Allen, George H 229, 368, 559 

Allen, Gerald B 359. 363, 506. 539 

Allen. Greg T 429 

Allen. Gregory F 431 

Allen. James R 368. 510 

Allen. JonS 162.371 

Allen. Kerry C 280. 565 

Allen. Linda J 221.315.316 

Allen. Mervel E 323 

Allen. Michael F 163 

Allen. Susan E 383, 465 

Allen, Teresa K 146, 384. 471 

Allen. Thomas L 309 

Alleto. Micheal 447 

Alien. Jay B 141,358 

Allianic. Jeanetle U 224, 571 

Allman. Roben M. 309. 426 

Almberg. Debra K 270 

Alpaugh. Elizabeth M 355 

Alpaugh, Mary J 232 

Alsid, Eric H 298 

Aitom. Rhoda L 467 

Alton. Mark A 449 

Altose. Lawrence D 337. 571 

Alumbaugh, David L 361 

Alvarado. Mana 373 

Alvarado. Susie 322 

Aly. Kirkland C 413 

Amaya. Dawn D 344. 500, 501 

Amble. David W 437 

Ames. Ann M 243 

Ames. Rodney E 367 

Amis. Kevin A 303 

Amon. Eileen E 147, 407. 467. 559 

Amundsen, Daniel E 195, 512 

Amundson. Eric P 337 

Anarde. Marianne L 327. 331.499 500 

Anardi. William B 231.267 

Alban. Jerry B 264 

Aibee, Karen A 147, 331 

Albee. Lora O. 213. 554 

Albers. Barbara A 234 

Albers. E. Joseph 211.526 

Albert. James D 551 

Alben. John R 183. 190. 435 

Albert. Robert D 205. 454, 507. 516 

Alberta. Terry L 125 

Alb.n, Cheryl M 183. 287 

Alboucq. Bradley D 299 

Alderman. Janet J 400 

Aldrich. Dinah K 311 

Aldrich, John G 375 

Aldrich. Wenda S. 278 

Aleman, Patty S. 379, 468 

Aleshire, Linda L. 1 4 1 ,287, 487 

Alexander, Bobbie L. 293. 294. 529 

Alexander. Fred A 195 

Alexander. Gary 373 

Alexander, James W. 215. 286 

Anderson. Cheryl L 293 

Anderson, Claudia A 510 

Anderson, Craig B 280 

Anderson. CurtC 455. 477. 502 

Anderson. Date A 423 

Anderson. Darien l 226. 525 

Anderson. David B 195. 362. 363 

Anderson. David C 284. 374 

Anderson. Dean C 141,339.340 

Anderson. Diane T 270. 352 

Anderson. Douglas 303. 425. 550 

Anderson. Douglas C 425 

Anber. Jake 528 

Anderegg, Peter C 141 

Anderle, Carol M 349 

Andersen. Brad E. 215. 506 

Andersen. Kirsten H 372 

Andersen. Krisann 279 

Andersen. Lucille A 394. 466 

Anderson. Barbara J 270 

Anderson. Bobbie 298 

Anderson. J. Brad 431 

Anderson, Brian T 171 

Anderson. Carol E 224. 270 

Anderson. Cheryl A. 280, 323 

Anderson. Douglas J 425 

Anderson, Duame K. 415 

Anderson. Edwin R 190 

Anderson. Eleanor M 315 

Anderson. Eric L 425 

Anderson, Gary L 367 

Anderson. Janet M 276 

Anderson, Janice M 384, 466. 514. 521.554 

Anderson. Jay L. 503. 530 

Anderson. Joseph A 338, 340 

Anderson. Karen A 350. 355 

Anderson. Karen L 527 

Anderson. Karen L 384 

Anderson. Karen M 214 

Anderson. Kathleen M 203 

Anderson. Kirk G 439, 452 

Anderson, KirkM 477 

Anderson. Kristie M 348. 514 

Anderson. Kristina M 213 

Anderson. Kurt H 359 

Anderson. Kyle B 209. 425 

Al Camp 
Photo Clerk 

590 Index 

Anderson. Kyle T 417 

Anderson. Lawrence L 447 

Anderson, Loch G 209, 417. 477 

Anderson. Lon J. 224, 404, 547 

Anderson. Lori K. 407 

Anderson, Marc H. 227, 263. 564, 567 

Anderson. Marcie L. 371 

Anderson, Mark J. 370 

Anderson, Martin W 141,368 

Anderson. Melene R. 379 

Anderson, Michael J 426 

Anderson, Michelle 331 

Anderson. Mitchell D 423 

Anderson. Paul G. F 176. 299 

Anderson, Paul W. 337 

Anderson, Peggy J 214, 396 

Anderson, Randy 280, 326 

Anderson. Rick L. 218, 505 

Anderson, Robert E 303 

Anderson. Robert J 264 

Anderson, Ronee R. 370, 398 

Anderson, Rose M 270 

Anderson, Russell A 210 

Anderson. Scott T 417 

Anderson. Sheri M 80 

Anderson. Shirley M 371 

Anderson, Susan C 317 

Anderson. Susan L 213 

Anderson. Susan R. 330 

Anderson. Suzanne 161 

Anderson, Teresa A. 535 

Anderson, Terrance A 125, 230 

Anderson, Thomas C 176, 557 

Anderson. Tom L 371 

Anderson. Walter K 298, 299 

Andrade, Haida 270 

Andreas, Cynthia J 525 

Andreotti, David J 520 

Andreotli, Mike J 520 

Andrew. Lori K, 386, 514, 536 

Andrews, Douglas E 421 

Andrews, Jules R 209, 419 

Andrews. Kaihryn E 224, 402. 473. 523 

Andrews. Martin R 337 

Andrews. Robert G 415 

Andring, Robert L 413 

Angell, Douglas L. 172, 267 

Angel I, James L. 429, 526, 573. 575 

Ankahara, Sharon 525 

Anker, Jacob J. 429. 503 

Anliker, Shari L 203 

Anoushirvani-Tafreshi 215 

Ansley. Frances H. 374 

Ansley, Gregory H 193. 268, 527 

Antai. Sylvester P 221.363 

Anthony, Julie K 326 

Anthony. Lisa D. 326 

Anlhony, Mary A. 349 

Amies, Kenneth K 270 

Antunes, Nancy M 348 

Antush, Catherine A 195. 276 

Anlush, Mary E. 356 

Anyan. Linda M. 192,262 

Aposto. Dobby 183 

Appel. LauretieS. 227 

Applegate. Mark B 144, 297 

Appleyard. Robert F 176 

Appleyard. Ross W 519 

April. Gary A. 195.522 

Aragon, Jorge R. 286 

Aragon, Gisella 286 

Arbuckle. David S. 141,296 

Arbuckle. Robert D 298 

Archer, Harry S 417 

Archer. Krista L 525 

Arends, John H. 224, 326 

Aresvik, EvanC. 340 

Arildson, Donna L. 236 

Arita. Robin M. 293 

Arkell, Kelly J. 507 

Arlt, Karma K 292. 523 

Armintrout. Pamela S. 233 

Armitage. JoanC. 510 

Armitage. Thomas K. 224. 504 

Arms, Roger L 506 

Armstrong. Linda A. 277 

Armstrong. Lynette A 202. 510. 527 

Armslrong, Mark S. 125 

Arndt. Steven R. 141,280. 325 

Arndt, Tamara A. 330 

Arnett. Elaine K 270 

Arnhold. Allen R 378 

Arnold, Barbara J. 348. 531 

Arnold. Debra L 287, 398 

Arnold. Kathy 282. 351 

Arnzen, George K. 195. 510 

Arnlz. Craig T. 519 

Aron, Jay B. 302 

Artz. William E. 515 

Arvan, Robert N 304 

Asahara. Dean L 415, 548 

Asahara. Robert W. 208. 534 

Ashback, Julie A. 394 

Ashby, Carolyn D 284 

Ashby, Douglas J. 369 

Ashby, Vicki R. 284. 526, 573 

Ashland, Susanne E 262, 500, 547 

Aso, Takenori 510 

Atchison, Marie E. 282. 352 

Atkins, Christine E. 265, 269,276 

Atkins, Debbie K 398, 469 

Attwood, Christopher D 141 

Aubert, Sally O 398 

Aubriah. Grant 516 

Aucutl, Gregory R 340 

Audette, KimC 31 7 

Audie. Barbara A. 183 

Augenstine, Jonathan E 376, 378 

Aulbach, GeorgeS 357 

Ault, Shannon L. 291 

Aune, SondraJ. 214.384. 503,508, 512 

Ausman. Pamela R 226, 409 

Ausmus. Mark R 360 

Aust. Craig K. 233, 572 

Austell. William J 533 
Austin. David S. 559 
Austin. Jeanne A. 215. 331,555 
Auvil, Thomas D 537 
Avalla, Jenny L 516 
Avery. Jane E 392, 465. 554 
Axelsen, Chary! D. 318 
Azanero. Elio D. 215 
Azure. Simone C. 330 


Baardson, Bruce A. 191,565 

Babaluchi, Yodak 326 

Babic, Tawma L. 353 

Babich. Cecile 331 

Babowicz. Richard J. 304, 305, 557 

Baca, Robert B. 215 

Bachmeier. Patricia K. 346 

Backes, Kristine E 353 

Backholm, DeanS 317 

Bacon, Gary L 445 

Bacon. Robin N. 282. 354 

Badgley. Lisa A 386 

Baenen, Stacey E 544 

Baenen, Stephanie K 214 

Baer. Candace Adele 223, 396 

Baer, Theodore M 222,452 

Bafus. Allan D 190. 501.515 

Balus, Bruce A 224, 439 

Bagby. James B 222, 546 

Bahr. Coleen A 233 

Bahr, Daniel J 415, 533 

Bahzad. Nasser K 368 

Baichtal, James F 296 

Bailey, Catherine J 287, 510 

Bailey, Darrel E 432 

Bailey, Mark L. 298, 299 

Bailey. Tom W 297.299 

Bailey, Vicki D. 384 

Bailie, Kimberly R. 467 

Bailiff. Susan J. 128 

Bam, Nancy E 289 

Bainard, Kimberly A. 352 

Baird, Kirby M 445, 533 

Baird, Lance A 441 

Baird. Molly R 370 

Bak. Lee M 452 

Baker, Damal E 498 

Baker, Franklin L 144 

Baker. Gary L 419 

Baker. Jackie R 578 

Baker, James G 230 

Baker, Kimberly A 388 

Baker, Larry M 299 

Baker, Linda M 202 

Baker, Linda R 80, 407 

Baker, MarkE 195 

Baker, Maureen K 533 

Baker, Michael A. 234, 421 

Baker. Michael D 307, 311.314 

Baker. Michael S 309 

Baker. Robert R. 376 

Baker, Rosemary 193, 365, 366 

Baker, Stephen E. 284, 372 

Baker, Susan 400, 473 

Baker. Thomas J. 223, 509 

Baker. Wendy K. 281,349 

Bakke. Byron J 264 

Batch, Ingrid A 284, 372 

Baldwin, Craig T 209 

Baldwin, Dexter T 298 

Baldwin. Dianne M 345 

Baldwin, Gregory A. 426 

Baldwin. Joanna L 404 

Baldwin, Keith D 527 

Bale, Laurence G 224.325 

Bales, Jill M 390 

Ball. James G. 298 

Ball. Jocelyn J. 371 

Ballard. Donald A. 359, 363 

Ballard, Donald J. 340. 506 

Ballasiotes. Michael J 454 

Ballou. Douglas W. 277 

Ballou, Lisa M. 222 

Balser. Linda B 92. 221 

Balvin. Roger W 503, 523 

Balzaretti, Sharon A 520 

Balzarini, Stephen E 510 

Bangs, Barbara A. 386, 481 

Banister, Charles M 340 

Banks, Cherell M 87, 323 

Bankston, Sandra A. 85, 311,410. 555 

Baranowski, John D 309 

Barber, Cynthia L. 330. 384 

Barber, David E. 172, 442 

Barber, David L. 125, 304 

Barber. Debra L 92. 293, 294, 497. 513 

Barber. James W 1 76 

Barbour, Roy J, 325 

Barchenger. Cindy J. 205 

Barclay, James H 195 

Bardesis. James G 264 

Barem. Leif E 505 

Barer, Michael B 318, 319 

Barger. Laura M 329 

Bargewell, Cindy K 520 

Bargreen, Cheryl L. 386 

Bargreen, Tammy G. 386 

Barhanovich, Jerry A 432 

Barie, VikiL 315, 316 

Barker, Cinda C 383 

Barker, Elizabeth A 141,356 

Barker, Katherine A 287 

Barker. Richard P 451,461 

Barkley. John H 200 

Barkley, Laura J 205, 385, 513, 538 

Barland. Steven P. 322 

Barnaart. Ann K. 331 

Barnard, Chester J. 299 

Barnard. Leslie J. 327 

Barnard. Lester J 299 

Barnard, Sandra L 147 

Barndt, Dawna L 141 

Barner, Don 264 

Barnes, Denise 541 

Barnes. Don N 191 

Barnes. John F 360 

Barnes. John W. 195 

Barnes. Karen J 202, 479, 514 

Barnes, LisaC. 379 

Barnes. Lori L 291.292 

Barnes, Noel W 125 

Barnes, Steven A. 208 

Barnes. Todd A 325 

Barnett. Carol A. 348 

Barnett. Stephen J 136,431.477 

Barnhart. Ann K. 202.330 

Barnhart. Mary L 233. 327 

Barnsley. Felicity A. 390. 475 

Barr, Sue K. 385 

Barrett. Christine L 390, 521 

Barrett, Douglas E. 369 

Barratt. Lauren 365 

Barrett, Lorelle L. 407 

Barringer, Todd R 419 

Barrington, Patricia L. 478 

Barry, Daphne M 293 

Barry, DiannA 195, 514 

Barry, Doreen K, 366 

Barry, Sieve P. 560 

Barskey, Roy W. 425 

Barstow, Jeffrey S. 525 

Bartalamay, Elizabeth 481 

Bartch, Richard 0 . Jr. 195 

Bartlett. Barry J 279 

Barton. Debbie G. 514 

Barton. Janice A 394 

Bartush, Mary B 161 

Barzler, Bonnie L 400 

Bashaw, Kathy K. 80, 394 

Baskett, Teresa M 546 

Basler. Jon E. 340. 500 

Basler, Sally K. 346 

Bass. William C 370 

Basta, Catherine D 202. 502, 512, 543 

Bates, Scott H. 376. 378 

Batson, Barbara A. 291 

Balt, Rod L. 325 

Battie. Kenneth L. 195, 367, 512 

Bauer. Hedy M. 329. 331 

Bauer, Rebecca J. 214 

Bauer, Ronald G. 223, 504 

Bauermeister, David J 548 

Bauermeister, Jed W. 141, 190,377,378 

Bauermeister, Laurie J. 470 

Bauge, Lars A. 215 

Baugh. Scott A. 279 

Bauman, Alvin F. 335 

Bauman, Robert C 335 

Baumgart. Pamela J, 501.515 

Baumgartel. John E 226 

Baumgarlel. Margaret A. 388 

Baumgartner, Steven J 195, 553 

Baur, Cynthia L 310 

Baur, Kenneth F 298 

Baur, Patricia A. 224, 519 

Baur. Susan J. 195.519 

Baxter, Cynthia A 352 

Baxter. Fred J 141.419 

Baxter, Laurence W 336, 340. 514 

Baxter. Susan L. 325 

Baye. James D. 371 

Bayer, Paul C 323 

Bayless, Karen L 497 

Bay less, Robert E. 195 

Bailey. Skip 286 

Bailey, Robin 286 

Beach, Douglas H. 541 

Beamish, Nancy K 375 

Bear. Benjamin A. 423 

Bear. Buddy T. 205, 423. 477 

Bear. Joseph C 419 

Beardsley, Blaine K. 176 

Beardsley, Kim L. 390 

Beardsley, Warren S. 429, 500 

Beatty, Carla C 396 

Beatty, Rhonda R. 318 

Beaubien, Roger T 141,362.363 

Beaulaurier. Bruce A. 560 

Beaulaurier. Patrick T. 44 7 

Beck, Donald M. 230, 311.314 

Beck, Edward J. 176, 439. 577 

Beck. Edward R. 230, 451 

Beck, Frank H. 262 

Beck. Harrell L. 435 

Beck, James P. 280, 324 

Beck, Kevin L. 323 

Beck, Michael K. 419 

Beck. Terrence L. 308 

Beck. Thomas P 423 

Beckel. Julie M 388 

Becken. Guy P 296. 299 

Becken, Margaret J 284 

Becker, Alison K 402, 476 

Becker. Barbara L 347 

Becker, Bruce D. 280, 323 

Becker, Cynthia J 200, 388 

Becker, Donna M 286 

Becker, Jay W 210 

Becker. Katherine E, 317 

Becker. Kaihryn A. 117 

Becker, Mary L. 226, 294 

Becker, Theresa A 287 

Beckelt. Guy W. 173.423 

Beckham, Gail A. 350, 352. 542 

Becklund, Susan K 325 

Beckman, Kurt A. 210 

Beckmann, Nancy J 464 

Beckwith. Carolyn J, 281.349 

Beddow, Cindy M. 396 

Beebe. Robert G 447 

Beechner. Lea A 330, 331 

Beecrott, James O 141 

Beeman. Greg R. 362 

Beers. Linda C. 276 

Beggs, Floyd H. 375 

Begley. Connie E 322 

Behrens, Douglas A 425 

Behrens, JohnP. 441 

Beierle. Ronda J 331 

Belazi, Abdulwahed M. 524 

Belcher. Robin 318 

Bell, Cynthia L. 270 

Bell. Kathy J 309 

Beil. Linda M. 203 

Bell. Lynda A 346 

Bell. Randal R. 195 

Bell, Steven L 360 

Bell. Susan K. 396 

Belles. Gordon L 339 

Bellmore. Clifford B. 498 

Bellmore. Susan G. 218 

Belonis. Victor J. 270 

Belsvik, Todd A. 195, 512 

Bemis, Margaret C. 331,548 

Benard, Arthur, ill 299 

Bender, Denise E. 379 

Bender, Thomas J. 141,340 

Benedict, Mary 497 

Benedict, Randall G. 208, 534 

Benist, Mike E. 477 

Benjamin, Gregory 322 

Benker. Daniel G 264. 510 

Benker, Jeffrey A 372 

Benner. Jay D 368 

Bennett, Alan D. 360 

Bennett, Barbara J. 514 

Bennett, Barbara L. 386 

Bennett. ChadS. 338 

Bennett. Cheryt A 325 

Bennett. Diane M. 227. 558 

Bennett. Jill D. 214, 407, 463 

Bennett. Kathy A. 365 

Bennett, Leigh P 136. 432. 553 

Bennett, Lisa G. 85. 315 

Ben net, Peggy 407, 467 

Bennett. Peter W. 136, 553 

Bennett, Richard H. 432 

Benny. Harold L 222,319 

Benny. Terri A. 270 

Benoff, Michael F 270 

Bensching, Earl J. 367 

Benscoter. David A. 574, 576 

Benson, Bradley A. 299 

Benson. Rhonda L. 328 

Bentley, Laura L. 372 

Bentson. Daniel V. 141.369 

Benzel. Mickie L. 141,411 

Berbow, Peggy 160 

Berg, Carl E. 368 

Berg, Barbaras. 316, 318 

Berg, Katherine M. 276. 519, 529 

Berg. Mary E. 386 

Berg, Scott E. 302 

Berg. Stephen R. 195 

Bergano. Feliciana S. 160.177, 270 

Bergeron. Linda C. 202 , 394. 503, 510 

Bergerud. Kimball T. 317. 534 

Bergerud, Kristen J. 317 

Berghoff. Brian J, 335 

Berglin, Bruce D. 208 

Bergman, James F. 445 

Bergman. Timothy C. 195 

Bergstrom, David W 447 

Bergstrom, Randall E 277, 525 

Berhow, Peggy J. 203 

Berkimer, Bruce A. 303 

Berman. Laura J. 284, 371 

Bernard. David R. 452 

Bernard, Michael W. 453, 550 

Bernard, Susan L 280 

Berndt, Robert A. 413 

Bernheim. Kathryn E 214 

Berrie, Charles D. 302 

Berry, Brooks G. 362 

Berry, Diane M. 385, 465 

Berry, Keith L. 302 

Berry, Kevin J. 203, 367 

Berry. Marianne E 205, 507 

Berry, Pamela E. 327 

Berry. Robert M. 431 

Berry, Tracey I. 284, 529 

Berschauer, Mariann 214, 386 

Berloldi. Cathy M. 398 

Bertolin, Jane E. 386 

Berve, Drusilla G. 291 

Beseda, Scon P. 311,314 

Bessey. Darrell E. 373 

Bessey. Elizabeth F. 282, 355 

Best. David W. 369 

Best, Debra E 318, 319 

Betlach, William B. 193, 426 

Bevert, Vicki R. 326 

Bevilacqua. Carol 577 

Bevins. Steven S. 441 

Bichich, Steven P. 209, 520 

Bick, Donna M 192 

Bickar, Rosemarie J. 404 

Biddle, Graham G. 224 

Biderbost, Ann M. 471 

Biel. Timothy L. 501 

Bierman. Charlotte J. 528 

Biersner, JohnC. 425 

Bigelow. Donovan R. 230. 565 

Biggs, David M. 297 • 

Bigornia, Janice V. 270 
Bihler. Steven C. 367 
Bikfasy. Barbara S 365. 366 
Billbe, Ted D 195 
Binetti. Joseph E 218, 498, 518 
Binetti. Rose M 329, 331,501 
Bingham, Susan B. 329 
&ngham, Vance K. 426 
Birchill, Shannon R, 203, 402. 474 
Bird, Russell J. 545 
Birdsell. Charles V. 224, 504 
Birge. Charles J 158, 378 
Birkland, Mariann E. 294, 499, 508 

Index 591 

Bishop. David J 231 
Bishop. Gretchen H 309 
Bishop. Russell O. 376 
Bishop, Sandra A 348 
Bishop. Susan A. 574 
Bishop, Tern A. 353 
Bishop. Wilbur J 202, 501 
Biss. Tina M. 399 
Bissett, Ronald J 534 
Bitney, John M. 370 
Bjorneby, John M. 298, 299 
Bjornstad. Janice M 85, 399 
Bjurstrom. Robert L. 519 
Blachier, Anne M. 231.262 
Black. David R. 442 
Black. Jeffrey W 226 
Black. Gilbert P 437 
Black. Keith C. 297. 299 
Black. Ward E . Ill 117, 158 
Blackburn. Bruce W. 303. 532 
Blackburn. Mary F. 325 
Blackett. Lawrence W. 432 
Blair, Annette 222,366 
Blair. Dana L. 161.205 
Blair. Glenn J. 303. 447 
Blair. Karen R. 118. 122. 161. 184, 270 
Blair, Rhonda L. 510 
Blake, Scott T 532 
Blanchard. Susan E. 262, 572 
Blakewood, Stuart R 280, 325 
Blanchard. Thomas J. 208. 426 
Blanchtield. Julie M. 277. 501 
Blanding. Paul A. 361 
Blanken, Gary E 425 
Blankenship, Daniel C 377 
Blankenship. Mark T. 453 
Blaska. Steven J. 562, 563 
Blaylock. JackC. 378 
Bleck. Therese E. 195, 407. 554 
Blendheim. Gina M. 231.519 
Bleth. Doug L 441 
Bliss. Julia E. 365 
Bliss. Lisa K. 399 
Btisselt. Margaret A. 160 
Blodgett. Barbara A. 350, 548 
Blodgett. Kathryn F 310 
Blomberg. Mary F. 202 
Blomquist, Cheryl L. 311.523 
Bloom. Rebecca J. 214, 402 
Bloom. Thomas E 322 
Bloomlield. Terri L. 354 
Blough, Alitza 327 
Blount, Nichelle E. 371 
Blue. Cynthia A. 476, 535 
Blum. Katherine E. 205.478 
Blum. Patricia A. 291,478, 499 
Blumenschein. Lila K. 202, 510 
Blumenschein. Lola M 192. 501 
Blumenthal, Mark 437 
Blumenthal. Mark M. 437 
Blumhardt, Charles A. 515 
Blunt. Julia M. 205. 388 
Bly. Beatrice L. 327.331 
Bly, Tony A. 455 
8ocek. David C. 447 
Bocian. Jeanne M. 311 
Bock. Heidi 400,554,560 
Bockmeyer, Shelley P. 226 
Bodine, Dawn R, 385 
8odine. Jethro 359 
Bodnar, Paul W. 359,363. 539 
Bodnar. Steven J. 202. 362, 363, 514 
Bodovimtz, Steven J. 142 
Boefl, Heidi A 282.354 
Boekenoogen, Pamela D. 353 
Boekholt. Julie D. 291,292 
Boerhave, Jerilyn R 277 
Boerlage, Andrew P. 296 
8oettcher, Rebecca A 202, 407 
Boettcher, William C. 447 
8offey. Daniel L. 512 
8ogan, Stephen P 232 
Bogard. Jan L. 227 
Bogard. LeeW. 150 
Bogardus, Jeanne S. 287. 499 
Boge, R Michael 224, 302 
Bogenberger. Robert P. 324 
Bogen. Stephen R 337 
Bohannan, Jean P 176, 231 
Bohman. Thomas P. 195. 421,559 
Bohner. Paul A. 441 
Bohnet, Kenneth G. 303 
8ohnet. MarkW. 141,270 
Bohnet. Stewart G. 234, 263. 299. 498. 502 

Bohringer, Carol C. 353 
8oisen, Donna L. 270 
Boitano, Lawrence J. 326 
Bolander, Mark S. 358 
Bolender, Judith A. 141.287 
8olender, Kelly H. 140 
8olender. Made H 286 
Boleneus, Jennie J. 365, 548 
8olick, William C. 510, 513 
Bolster. Rosemary 330, 331 
Bolt. Craig A 303 
Boltz, Connie J. 282 
Bonciolini, Lisa A. 404 
Bond. Lori B 327,331 
Bond. Lynn M. 270 
Bond. R. Todd 361,363 
8onebrake. Douglas R. 378. 565 
Bong. Worcester P. 363. 539 
Bonman, Jeanne S. 224, 407 
Bonny. Lyle 1. 498 
Bonstrom. Susan L 208. 534 
8ooker. Quinton D. 147. 415 
Boone. Mary L 329, 560 
Boos. Peter C. 369 
Booth, Kristine G. 392 
8oothman. Rodger 427 
Borgen, James P. 423 
Borgens. David B. 338, 340 
8orgford, Helen K 315, 316 

Borgford, Michael A 179 

Borgford. Thomas J. 223 

Boring. Daniel B 278 

Borth. Michael D 442 

Borth, Scott J 442 

Bos, Klaas 279 

Bostrom. Leigh A. 203 

Bostwick. Moira A 356 

Boswell, Stacy L. 399 

Botch, Elise M 293, 294, 544 

Botelho, James S 338 

Bottemiller, Carol A. 215, 506, 534 

Bottemiller, DeboraS 191,510, 528 

8ottiger, Frank E 435 

Botts. Karen L. 374 

Boucher, Kenneth M. 308. 523 

8oucher, Patrick E. 195, 559 

Bouchey, Steven A 190. 449 

Bough ton. Jeffrey R 417 

Bourne, Joel T. 150, 429 

8ovard. Sam D. 447 

8owen. Barbara A. 390. 470 

Bowers. John W. 322 

8owers. Kelly C. 358. 553 

Bowers. Liz A. 396. 463 

Bowersock, Kim 284,370 

Bowie. Craig F. 298 

Bowie, Malcolm J. 209 

8ow1es, Leilam G. 326, 502 

Bowles. Thomas W. 339 

Bowles, Tom L. 335 

Bowling. Kimberly A. 205. 507 

Bowling. Mary K 291 

8owman, David A. 195 

Bowman. Donald K. 195 

Bowman. Gail M . 291 

Bownow, Quinby 516 

8ox. Kristina R. 328 

8oxx. Vicki L. 327,331 

Boyadjian. Aline 287. 468 

Boyce. Cheryl A. 160, 287. 469 

Boyd. Paul A. 423 

Boyd. Robert J. 297, 299 

Boyer, DeneceR 147,405.465.536.554 

Boyer, James W. 522 

Boyer. KariC 407, 473 

Boyko. Keren J. 282. 353 

Boyle. Keith W. 372 

Boynton. Elise 394 

Braaten, Carole S. 375 

Brackbill. Joseph B. 532 

Brackett. Lori A. 405 

Braden, Thomas A. 336, 569 

Bradford, Timothy G. 302 

Bradham. Benjamin K. 307 

Bradley. Kevin P. 564 

Bradley, Michael O. 270. 507. 516. 576 

Bradley, Rose-Marie 227 

Bradley. Scotl B. 215 

Brady, Susanne M. 229. 325 

Brager, William A. 195 

Brain, Denise C. 270 

Bramstedt, Shelley C. 270 

Branch. James D. 529. 551 

Brandalise. James J. 454 

Brandmire. Debra B. 191 

Brandon. Chris P. 190, 501.515 

Brands. Gregory F 270 

Brandt, David E. 92, 513 

Brandt. Jana L. 546 

Brand void. Kari L. 278 

Brannan, Elizabeth A. 192 

Brannon. Martha E 405 

Brannon, Mebie 366 

Branson, Robert F. 179, 205 

Brasher, Lori J 160. 310. 311 

Brashler. Michael G. 222, 431.477. 520 

Braswell. Rhonda L 280, 476 

Brathovde, Richard L 193 

Bratkowski, Robert L. 125 

Bratrude. Kristie L 510 

Braun. Dennis D. 125 

Braun. Lynne K. 85. 500 

Bray. Danny E. 361,363, 572 

Bray. Phillip H 190. 415. 515 

Brazel. Ann K. 350, 351 

Brazier. Michael E. 555 

Breard. David B 339. 340 

Breard. Laura A. 355 

Bredberg, Bryan R. 513 

Brediger. Arthur H 192 

Bredslrand. John E. 323. 523 

Brehm. Cynthia K 276 

Brendle, Mike R. 359, 529, 539 

Brennan, Deborah A. 350, 355 

Bresnahan, Daniel R. 208. 534 

Breum, Michael L. 435 

Breuninger, Marc D 318 

Brevik. David L. 559, 572 

Brewe, Keith W 195 

Brewer, Ivan K. 523 

Brewin. Roger C 318 

Breyhan. Elizabeth A 385 

Bricka, David G 360 

Bnckman. AJ H 523 

Bridge. CarlF. 435 

Briest. Pamela E. 277 

Briggs. Paul E 195 

Brigham. Robert F. 525 

Brighton. Fred G 339, 340 

Briley. Thomas R. 298 

Brim, Bradley L. 339,340 

Brine, LynnG. 195 

Briones, Emma 215 

Briones, Munoz 286 

Brisson. Beth A. 289, 527 

Bristow. Mary L. 324 

Britt. Gale A. 534 

Brittain, Cheryl A. 327 

Britton, Jeffrey S. 336, 340 

Brizendine, Gregory D 520 

Broadwater. Joseph 215 

Broberg, Mike S. 304 

Broch. Daniel A. 227 

Brock, Kathy L 489 
Brock, Kerry L 467 
Brodahl, Bruce A 323 
Brodeur, Stephen J 367 
Broeckel. Shan L 213 
Brogan. Timothy P 195 
Bronson. Sheelagh F 392 
Brook. Donald E 340 
Brookhart, Ryan L. 425 
Brooks. Ann E 400 

Brooks. Barbara J 119. 160, 213, 400. 573 

Brooks, Shirley A. 327 

Brossman, Jack A 170, 171 

Brossoit, Nicholas J 125 

Brost, Kathy L 399 

Brouns, Matthew C 277 

Browder, Jeni F 388 

Broweleit. Bruce L 304. 305, 545 

Brower. Gregg L 298 

Brown. Carol L 348 

Brown. Charles V 302 

Brown, Christopher L 226, 261.534 

Brown. Craig A. 359 

Brown. David D 567, 569 

Brown. Oavid M 323 

Brown. Debra M 356 

Brown, Eric S 373 

Brown, Gail D. 85. 388, 465. 558 

Brown. Jenny L 203. 503, 554 

Brown. Julie A. 392 

Brown, Kenneth A 125. 270 

Brown, Larry A 425 

Brown, Laura P 490 

Brown. Lori A. 282, 354, 386 

Brown, Nancy M. 468 

Brown, Norman C. 442 

Brown, Norman J 425 

Brown, Robin L 463 

Brown. Steve B 377 

Brown. Steven L. 191 

Brown. Suzanne G 350, 356 

Brown, Timothy R 31 7 

Browne, Kathleen K 372 

Brownlee. Scott H 264 

Brownscombe. Sandra L. 117. 157. 205 

Bruce. Daniel A 443 

Bruce. Michael R. 368 

Brugge, Wayne D. 335 

Bruhn. Barbara A 386 

Bruhn. Tracy L. 205, 365. 366 

Brule. Gerard R 304 

Brumbaugh. David C 425 

Brunoff, Lisa A 345 

Brumley. Cindy J. 372 

Brunette, Jeffrey C. 361.363 

Brunson. Michelle D. 374 

Brunlon, David F. 502 

Bruton, Carol M 195.512 

Bruton, JonC. 228 

Brutzman. Keith A. 427 

Bruya, Denise V. 379 

Bryan. Kelly R. 195 

Bryan. Kimberly A. 310.311 

Bryant. CarlF. 195.512 

Bryant. David M. 279 

Bryant. Debra J. 392 

Bryant. Michael E 427 

Brynestad. Cindy L 278 

Brzoska. Marks 302 

Brzostowski. Matthew A. 302. 305. 500 

Buchanan. Daniel J. 427 

Buchanan. Jeffrey L 516 

Buchanan, Jodie M 282, 355 

Buchanan. Robert B 298 

Buchholtz, Paul H 164 

Buck. Gaylord W 195, 443 

Buckingham, Theresa M. 506. 510 

Buckley, Mike D. 176. 439 

Buckley. Olivia A 195 

Buckley, Terry M 309 

Buckner. Don D 512 

Budd. Paul R. 358 

Buerlmg. Peter J 369 

Buerstatte. Jon V 510. 523 

Buesa. Sharon A 324 

Buhman. Cynthia D 327 

Bull. Robin K 465 

Bull, Ronald L 125 

Bull. Vincent S 125 

Bullington. Jeff A 338 

Bullington. Stacey L 86, 315. 316 

Bulman. Janet L 348 

Bunge. Ellen L 355 

Bunn, Cheryl L 291.292 

Buntain, Lorri E. 324 

Burch, Robynn A. 221,286 

Burch. Thomas M 202 

Burckhardt. Wayne R 427 

Burd. Stephanie J 80, 329, 392 

Burger. Gary L 209. 267 

Burgeson, Marilee 323 

Burgess, Carolyn J 499 

Burgess. Casey 315, 316, 529 

Burgess. Suzanne M. 311 

Burgess. Tom H 302, 305 

Burgin. Diane M. 193. 270 

Buringrud. Kari V. 1 77. 390. 475 

Burinsky, Stephen L. 193. 268, 527 

Burke. Kelly P 195.522 

Burke, Linda L. 400 

Burke. Stanley J 421.559 

Burkhalter, Mary F. 383 

Burkhardt. Robert J. 267 

Burkhardt. Ron D. 195, 413 

Burks, James A. 369 

Burleigh, George S. 200 

Burleson, Debora R. 223 

Burlingame. Howard L 317 

Burmeister. Tamara J. 330 

Burnell. Kathy 532 

Burnett. David R 200 

Burnett. Gary H. 339. 341 

Burnett. John H. 227.427 

Burnfield. Scott A 270 

Burns. Carter M 136,454 
Burns. Charles B 303 
Burns, Laura C 227 
Burns. Valerie L 80. 375, 400 
Burnside, Barbara 555 
Burnside, Howard J 193 
Burnside, Jeff T 445, 573 
Burnstead. Steven A 523 
Burres. Pamela Z 291.292 
Burrows. Patrick E 451 
Burt, Andy K 363 
Burt, Clifton M 302 
Burton, Brian B 517, 558 
Burton, Daniel A 445 
Burton, David D 284 
Burton. Diane L. 137, 328, 331 
Burton. G Michael 378, 423, 523 
Burweil, Louis G 308 
Burwell. Robert H . Jr 507 
Bus. Wendy L 386.472 
Busch. Jeffrey G 147.419 
Busch. Sam J 125.296 
Busch, Stephen E 218 
Busch. Tony J 125 
Busdieker, Ruth L. 527 
Buse, Jane A. 318 
Bush. Cynthia L. 270 
Bush. Jerry A. 562. 563 
Bushnell. Christopher 208 
Bushnell, Daniel W. 503. 523 
Bushnell. Mary K. 213 
Busko, David A 372 
Busse, Deanne L 85 
Buswell, Alan L. 455 
Butcher. David F 372 
Butcher, Eileen R 229 
Butler, Bonnie B 294 
Butler. Derrell 150. 335 
Butler, Scott A 268 
Butterfield. Ann M 344 
Butters. Elinor R 200 
Buxton Fredda L 567 
Bye. Debra J 394, 521 
Byerly. Becky M 345.536 
Byers. Michael C 425 
Byers. Steve K 270 
Bygland, Brian 284, 372 
Byrd. James K 173 
Byrne, John P 413 


Caddey, Alan E 208 

Cade. Amy M. 529 

Cady, Pamela 383, 465 

Cain. Emmitt D 415 

Cain. Laura L 499 

Cam. Tom S 435 

Cairns. Carey L 1 77, 327. 331 

Calandra. Keith A 307 

Caldwell. Marjorie A 354 

Calkins. Janie L 203, 394 

Calkins. Janine H 146 

Calkins. Lisa A. 80, 407 

Callahan, Douglas P 303 

Callahan, Karen L 475 

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Campbell, Cathy A 463 

Campbell, Douglas M 298 

Campbell. Gregory S 360 

Campbell, Ian B 163, 165 

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Campbell. Jill 324, 325 

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Campbell. John W 183 

Campbell. Kurt R 377. 527 

Campbell. Lon C 183, 386, 466, 499. 533 

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Campbell, Nancy J 80 

Campbell, Peggy 292 

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Campeau. Michael M.361.513 

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Canary. Jon T 425 

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Carbaugh, Marilyn K. 195, 287 

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Carberry, Linda B 329, 402 

Carden, Lisa R 226 

Carey. Anna M 399 

Carey, James R 562, 563 

Carey, Julie J 221 

Carey, Kathleen L 281.348 

Carey Lissa J. 355 

Carey. Matt 547 

Carey, Randy 565 

592 Index 

Carey. Timothy M 202 

Carey. Vicky A 327. 474 

Cargill. Laura L 270.468 

Carius, Patricia A 385. 465 

Carlberg. BradS 368 

Carlsen, Lisa J 327 

Carlson. Bradley W 218 

Carlson. Brent R 498 

Carlson. Chris E 208. 506 

Carlson. Cynthia K 315.316 

Carlson. Dale R 93. 336 

Carlson. Eric M 141.297 

Carlson. James A. 510 

Carlson, Jenniler J 393 

Carlson. John D 297 

Carlson. Karen J 270 

Carlson. Kathleen M 354, 405 

Carlson. Mark A 211 

Carlson, Nora D 202, 388, 479. 497 

Carlson, Robert B 560 

Carlsson. Michael L 437 

Carlsson. PaulE 210 

Carlyle. Laurel A 232 

Carman. Mark J 451 

Carnahan. Brent D 339. 341 

Carnovale. Michael N 192 

Caron. Mark E 224. 270 447. 574. 576 

Carpenter, Anne M 289, 523 

Carpenter. Cindy G 390 

Carpenter. Dave 270 

Carpenter. Gregory D 224 

Carpenter. Gregory S 441 

Carpenter. Jill L. 202.390 

Carpenter. Karen A 202, 385, 480 

Carpenter. Thomas G. 376 

Carr, Debra L. 87 

Carnck. Maureen Y 1 77 

Carrillo. Cynthia J 365.366 

Carrithers. James R. 170 

Carroll, Brett H 326 

Carroll. Janet P 372 

Carrothers. Kimberly J. 352 

Carrougher. John G 304 

Carruthers. David B. 370 

Carson. Kevin L. 336, 341 

Carson. Martin D 376 

Carsten. Christine A 177 

Carsten. David L 425 

Carstens. Judy K 315, 316. 501 

Carstensen Karen L 399 

Carter. Andy W 338.341 

Carter. Brian A 566 

Carter. Cathy J 227 319 

Carter. Cheryl A. 379 

Carter, Dorita R 309 

Carter. Keith A 270 

Carter. Mary A. 203.331.503 

Carter. Mary T 510 

Carter. Nancy L. 344 

Carter. Susan M 388. 472. 523 

Carter. Thomas E 200, 299, 299 

Cartmell. Teresa A. 349, 502 

Carver. Deborah A 393 

Carver. Dennis W 423 

Carver, Mark C 338 

Case. Kenneth R 441 

Case. LisaC. 141.379 

Case. Michael D 304. 562. 565 

Case. William M 277 

Casebolt, Patricia R 461 

Casey, Campbell 467 

Cash. Lynn M 371 

Caspersen. Jann L 123 328 

Cass. Kenneth R 228 

Cassels. Scott L. 419 

Cassiano. Linda A 284. 371 

Castillo. Lucy M 373 

Castle. Elizabeth J. 315 

Castles. Daniel W 553 

Castles, Duane l 296 

Catchpole. Colleen J 330. 560 

Cates. Curtis M 176.308 

Cathey. Colleen K 279 

Catlm, Christopher D. 229. 441 

Caudill, Thomas 176. 439, 557 

Cavalier, Gary D 270. 541 

Cavalier, Janine 541 

Cavanagh. Kathleen M 351 

Cavanaugh. Maureen A 393. 472. 554. 557 

Cavazos. Rangel S 308 

Caviness. DeborahS 270 

Cecil Donald M 5 JO 

Cecil. Jettrey P. 298 

Cedergreen. Kevin N 532 

Cederholm. John F 441 

Ceely. Catherine I 349 

Ce|ka. Mark G 195 

Celmer. Leanne M 353 

Cerna. Ramon J 208 

Cerna. Sylvia 31 7 319 

Cervenka. Catherine A 352 

Cervi, Catherine A. 232, 509 

Cetimch. Chris J 322 

Cey. Douglas B 166, 170 

Cha. Gary M 358 

Chadwick. John C. 136 304 

Chaffee. Julie K 386 

Chalmers. Terese A. 85 319. 410 

Chan. Christopher Y B. 215 

Chan. Marie M Y. 214 

Chan, Sing I 325 

Chan. Stephen 502 

Chandler. Beth A 379 

Chandler. Karen A 309 

Chandler. Susan D 281.349 

Chandless. Mark S 125 

Chaney. Bruce H 167. 170. 445 

Chaney, Martha 500 

Chang, Melanie Y 202. 468 

Chapel. Russell T 218.437.505 

Chapin. Christopher L 202. 441 

Chaplin, Carey S 144.146 

Chapman. Lisa A 327 

Chapman. Peter S. 359. 539 

Chapman, Robin L 423,477 

Chappell, Roxane M 330. 331 

Chappie. Virgeen M. 315 

Chaput. William B 372 

Chard. Cassandra L 293 

Chard. Jan E 371 

Chard. Michael D 359 

Chard. Teresa C 501 

Charles. Karen M 354 

Charleson. Constance 409. 569 

Charley. Ron L 303 

Charlo, David E. 453 

Charlo, Michael E 179. 453 

Charnos. SuzieC 396 

Charron. Cindy S. 190 

Charuhas, Reagan A. 519 

Chase. Christopher C. 336 

Chase. Don L. 262 

Chase. Jennifer A 464, 478 

Chase. Samuel C. 427 

Chauner. Cheryl A. 365 

Chauner. Michelle L. 174, 205, 507 

Chen. Mark T. K. 280 

Cheruiyot, Joel K 163 

Chesley, Shirley F 379 

Chesnut, Mary F 374 

Chester. Richard M 439 

Cheung. David 222 

Chevey. Bruce 183 

Chick. Linda J. 292 

Chidiac. Joann 396 

Childers. Alan J 429 

Childers, Christine J. 307, 529 

Childress. Becky S 365 

Childress. Bradley D 211.336, 341.514 

Childress. Lori K. 311 

Childs. Cynthia L 232 

Chin. Gene J 339 

Chin. Karen J 330 

Chin. Ying K. K 208. 439. 477 

Chimck. Stephen E 359. 548 

Chip. Ralph 324 

Chipps. James L. 361.363. 498 
Chittenden. Jim 419. 559 
Chitwood. Connie E 330. 507 
Chotaj. Frank D 421 
Chong. Randal R 359 
Chopper. Mark H. 338. 341 
Chrisman. Barry V 367 
Chrisman. Carol Y 200.365 
Chnstel. David W 147. 419. 510 
Christen. Karen D 200 
Christensen. Bryce C. 197. 264 
Christensen. Cathy A 200. 292 
Christensen. Cathy J 386. 514 
Christensen, Don L 264 
Christensen. Henrik N 304. 305 
Christensen. Jon D. 302 
Christensen, Karen D 323 
Christensen. Lance L. 193 
Christensen. Richard G 195.297.299 
Christensen. Sharon G 287 
Christensen. Susan M 344 
Christian. Jon W 564. 569 
Christiansen. Carole M 373 
Christiansen. Kathleen 286 
Christiansen, Marc 437 
Christiansen, Robert A 286 
Christoferson. Brian S 337 
Christoftersen. Greg 195 
Chubb. Daniel G. 141 
Chukwu. Rebecca N 370 
Chumbley. James B 270 
Chun. Phyllis L 218. 505 
Church. Robert M. 125 
Churchill. Scott P 337 
Ciez, Anthony D 297 
Cisneros, Natalie O. 322 
Clacy. Linda K 388 
Clacy. Marcia L 227 
Clampitt. Colleen E 402 
Clancy, Patricia A 213 
Clapperton, Anne M 529 
Clardy, John D. 317 
Clark, Anna 270 

Clark. Catherine A 365. 366, 470. 529 

Clark. Clarence J.. Ill 151 

Clark. David E. 192. 425 

Clark. Diane L 203 

Clark. James M. 523 

Clark. Janice G. 94 

Clark. Jeffrey S 500 

Clark. Jerry K. 302 

Clark. Jill L. 214 

Clark, Kamion L. 396 

Clark. Karen J 195. 385. 512 

Clark. Kathleen D. 213. 508 

Clark. Larry D 296. 297. 299, 529 

Clark. Lynda L 281.347 

Clark, Mark A. 526.572 

Clark. Mark R 211.510 

Clark. Matthew J 302 

Clark. Patrick A. 303 

Clark. Phillip L. 190, 190 

Clark, Robert M 230 

Clark. Steven C 425 

Clark. Susan M 402. 471.560 

Clark. Steven F. 195 

Clark. Tammy L 345 

Clark. Terry R. 218.286. 533 

Clarke. Garcia L. 317 

Clarke. Tim W 171 

Claunch. Cathy 567 

Claus. Debra K. 203 

Clausen. Gordon B 297. 299 

Clauss, Scott A. 142, 368 

Clay. Constance H 374.393 

Clay. Rebecca A. 393, 468 

Cleghorn. Terry L 365. 366. 559 

Clements, Charlena J 327 

Clements. Loralee S 396 

Clemmons. Jams M. 512 

Clemmons. Roger N. 510 

Clendamel. Judson H. 195, 524 

Clerl. Peggy J 402, 513 
Cleveland. Mary E. 270, 463 
Cleven. Gregory L 203 
Clevenger. Jay D 339, 341.523 
Clevenger, Kelley P 294. 544 
Click. Kelly E. 394. 554 
Clift. Curtis J 423 
Clifton. Steve R 363 
Cline, Alan T. 297. 565 
Cline. Andy J 298 
Cloanmger, Joann 213, 503 
Cloanmger. Karen M 85 
Clonmger, Bart A. 368 
Close, Katherine L 195.512 
Closs. Dawn L. 232 
Closson, Robert A. 234. 523 547 
Clow. Kathleen M 564. 569 
Clubb. Kimber L. 294 
Clutter. John T 413 
Coates. Greg D 433 
Coats. Gay D. 178. 546 
Cobb. Debra J 351 
Cobb. Janice 270, 400. 468 
Coblentz. Jeff R 137,417 
Cochran. Brian E. 455 
Cochran. Gene P 369 
Cochran. Lorri L 365. 366. 481 
Cochran. Neal E. 415. 526 
Codding. Carrie L. 276 
Codi. Ronald J. 297 
Coe. Cynthia A 345 
Coe. Nina T 347 
Coe, Robert K. 279 
Coffin. Susan A. 85. 347 
Collman, Connie J 356 
Cogan, Kay J 278. 512 
Cogburn. Constance L. 365 
Coic. Jeanne A. 345 
Colbert. Catherine J 501.515 
Colbert. James D. 361,363 
Colbert. John V. 227 
Colby. Raymond G 425 
Colclough, Diane T 160.230.311 
Cole. Brandon L 267 
Cole. Douglas A 433 
Cole. Kirk A 141.317. 319 
Cole, Richard J 523 
Cole. Samuel 270 
Coleman, Cathy A 407 
Coleman, Daniel R. 362 
Coleman, Kathleen A 202. 510 
Coleman. Kevin 284. 374 
Coleman, Scott T 339 
Colgan. Richard E 200, 427 
Colgan, Suzanne M. 205, 388, 521 
Colkitt. Byron K 443 
Collender. Hugh R 360 
Collier. Barbara L 80 
Collier. Byron H. 374 
Collier. Jeffrey A 373 
Collier. Michael S. 308. 311.314 
Collinge. Laure M 475 
Collins. Donald 118. 151 
Collins. Joan E 388. 558 
Collins, Keith R 151 
Collins. Natalie L 372 
Collins. Robert T. 555. 574 
Collins* Stephen P 530 
Collins. Thomas H. 374 
Collison. Bruce G 210. 453 
Collison. Craig K. 453 
Collison. William P 524 
Colony. Frank C 141 
Colton. Kevin C 361 
Colville. Erik E. 276 
Colville, Mark A 209. 515 
Colvin. Linda L. 329 
Colvin. Robert B 299. 569 
Colyar. Michelle E 224. 523. 571 
Combs. David S 223 
Combs, Kathryn L 200, 380 
Combs. Raymond C 326 
Comeaux. Denise M 281.344, 500 
Comfort. Peter J 433 
Comiskey. Jennfer L. 538 
Comstock. Darla J 270 
Comstock, Douglas A 340 
Comstock. Robert N 210 
Concienne. Mike P 335 
Cone. Elizabeth C 270. 501 
Cone. Robert A 297 
Congdon. Lynn L.291.385 
Conklin. Susan K 85. 385 
Conley. Jennifer M 80. 400 
Conley, Michael R 146. 183, 299 
Conlon. Kelly M 304 
Conlon. Thomas P 371 
Connell. Daniel A. 417 
Connelly. Katherine M. 309 
Connolly, James E. 191 
Connor, Deirdre 200 
Connor. Timothy 368 
Connor. Timothy J. 573. 575 
Conover. MaryC 393, 481 
Conrod, Donna G. 287 
Conrod. Sharon R 375 
Conway. Joan L 348 
Conway, Kathleen 231 
Cook. Alisa 470 
Cook. Catherine 227 
Cook. Christopher G. 338 
Cook. Jeff D. 296 
Cook. JoleneA 280.323 
Cook. Keith W 359, 539 
Cook. Mark A 195,512 
Cook. Robert A 230, 449 
Cook, Susan L 330 
Cooke. William H . Jr. 195. 338 
Cooley, Colin D 515 
Cooley, PenmeL 393 
Cooley . Thomas L 576 
Coombs, Randy W 363 
Coon, Frederick P 303, 447 
Cooper. Mark D 516 

A special thanks go to the Student 
Publications Photographers 
Al Camp — photo clerk 
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Corsetti, 8radley J 435 

Corson. Ronald W 340. 347 

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Cossano, Daniel P 303 

Cossano. John S. 303. 526 

Cossano, Mary J. 379 

Coston. Carol L. 123 

Coston, Constance M. 284 

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Cote, Dimne A. 137 

Cottle. Simon H. 228 

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Index 593 

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Davidson. William A 195 

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Davige. Ann 480 

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Davis. Denny 526 

Davis. Diana L 328 

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Davis. Jeffrey M 338. 341 

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Davis, Katherine S 318 

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Davison. Douglas G 336 

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Dazier, Kiri 362 

Deak, Elizabeth A 270 

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Dick, Mary C 324 
Dick, Sharon M. 231 
Dickerson. Janice K 294 
Dickerson. Ten F 393. 466 
Dickey, Danny K 324 
Dickinson. Barbara L 228 
Dickman. Anthony J 304 
Dickson, Elaine M 1 74 
Dickson, Marlaine R 174 
Dicus, Lynn V 554 
Didomemco. Eric D 284 
Didomentco, Kris M 179. 287 
Diedrick, Charles M 125 
Dieke. Peter U C. 195 
Dierks, Mark M. 211 
Dietderich. Neil E. 357 
Dietiker. Douglas G. 298 
Oiffine, Richard P. 125 
Digby. JohnC 298 
Digby, Patricia A. 195, 512 
Dijulio. Christine M 224. 276. 529 
Oijulio, Douglas D. 222, 423 
Dijulio. Tom M. 447 
Dillman. Richard V. 325 
Dillon, EricE. 449 
Dillon, Tamara M. 409 
Dimaio, Dana M. 345 
Dimock. Kenneth G 367 
Dtneen. Sharon E 141.352 
Dinehad, Colleen K. 146, 233, 395 
Dines. Boyd R 447 
Dinkelkamp. Terry A. 417 
Dirkes, Janet E. 401 

Distler. Linda M 196, 405, 466. 510. 554 

Ditlefsen, Walter E., Jr 222 

Dittman, William A. 519 

Dittmar, David C. 262 

Divelbiss. Robed A. 413. 513 

Divers. Donald K 525. 533 

Divers, Richard J 284. 523 

Dixon. Dana S. 335, 339, 341 

Dixon. Lisa A. 354 

Dixon, Philip B 566 

Dobry. Bradley M 279 

Dodds. Allison A 221 

Dodds, John R 125 

Dodge, David M. 564,565 

Dodge, Nancy D. 346 

Dodson. Brad L. 415, 530 

Doederlem, Craig M 303 

Doennebrmk, Mark 196 

Doering. Dale L. 215 

Doerr. Kevin R. 338, 341,572 

Dohedy, Barbara L 325 

Dohedy. Maryjo K. 328, 331.501 

Dohedy, Theresa M 550 

Doherty, Timothy P 415 

Dolan, Thomas P 368 

Dollard, Michael S 196, 512 

Dolquist, David N 443 

Donahue, Steven E 125. 485 

Donald. KaelinG 146. 205, 390, 50c 

Donaldson, James L. 150, 151 

Dong, Linda L 380 

Donohue, Michael D. 325 

Dooley, James F, 433 

Doornink, Daniel G 125, 128, 134, 135, 234 

Doornink. Mary C. 379 

Doran. Diane M 80, 85. 329, 331 

Doran. Shannon L. 224. 405 

Dorbol, William A 196 

Doremus, Robert L. 337, 413 

Dorfner, John E 299 

Dorgan. Angela M 221 

Dorland. Kelly W 371 

Dormaier. Alvin L. 284. 370. 537 

Dormaier. Gregory M. 196, 447, 545, 553 

Dorman, Susanne M. 389. 513 

Dorn, Gerald L 279 

Dorow, Neal H 144, 179. 215. 507 

Dorsey, Lynda M 346, 465 

Dorsey. Tommy A 413 

Dorway. Roger C. 270 

Dotson, Pauline C. 372 

Doty, Denise H. 276 

Doty, Elizabeth L. 393 

Doty, MikeE. 341 

Doud. Valorie L. 370, 529 

Dougherty, Coleen A 579 

Dougherty, Craig W 223 

Doughedy, Joseph T. 367 

Doughedy, Susan M 282. 351 

Doughedy. Terry L. 337, 341 

Doughty. Kathy J 560 

Douglas. Robed M, 296 

Douglass, Carolyn M 348 

Douglass, Constance A 285 

Douglass. Fred M. 435 

Douglass. John H 279 

Douglass. Kevin L 200, 324 

Doumit. Anne M 395. 474. 527 

Doumit, Helen P 287 

Doumit. Margaret H 310. 311,474 

Dovey, Teresa L 374 

Dow Diane P 346 

Dowd. Anne D 393, 513 

Dowd, Kim J 328, 331 

Downing, Debbie L 348 

Doyle. Debbie K 137 

Doyle. Jodi A 354 

Doyle. Robed C. 230, 553 

Dozer. Marilyn 351 

Dozier. Kirthman F 363 

Draggoo. Vicki E 352,513 

Dragich. Kay M 141,293. 294 

Dragovich. Dan A. 518 

Dragovich, David J 498 

Drake. Denise L 577 

Drangstveit. Gail M 85, 315 

Draper. JayC 336, 341 

Dreeszen, Laura L. 328 

Dreifus, Charles J 413 

Drew, Gail L 345 

Drexel. John R 340 

Driscoll. Karyn L 463 

Driscoll, Richard J 221 

Driscoll, Sean 413 

Driscoll. Stacie M 157,293 

Drllevich, Dan P 144, 369 

Drobny, Douglas R 337 

Droden, M Catherine 222 

Droppelman. Suzanne C 310 

Droz, Thomas E 323 

Druffel, Jeff F 433 

Drui, William C 205 

Druian, B Raymond 547 

Drumhiller. Mary L 330.407 

Dube, Roy L 545 

Dubois. Louis P 520 

Dubos, Monique V 370 

Dubrule, Deborah L. 355 

Duchow, Darby J 427 

Duchow, Debra J 224, 395 

Duckett. Donna L 501 

Duckett, Mina J, 322 

Duckworth, Shannon L. 500 

Dudley. Kandice L 327. 469 

Duemlmg. Ellen K 374 

Duex, Stephen M 224 

Dufault, Leontine C 278 

Dufault, Philip C 190 

Duffy. Michael R 417 

Dugan. James R. 359 

Dugan, John D 358, 523 

Dugan, John W 371 

Duggan, Robed D 454 

Dugger. Craig W 298 

Dugger. Floyd A 205, 507. 562. 563. 564. 


Dugger. Michael R 338.341.550 
Duhnnam, Daniel 286 
Duhnnam. Nancy 286 
Duke. David E 369 
Dukeshier, Ronald G 209 
Dulek, Thomas L 435 
Dumaw. Donna M 328 
Dunbar, Dadh M 214 
Dunbar, Mary K. 383 
Dunbar. Philip G. 218 
Duncan, Cathy R 270. 528 
Duncan, Daniel A. 357 
Duncan. Gail L. 327 

Duncan. Kimberly A. 179, 205, 507, 538 

Duncan. Laura V 95 

Dung. Nguten A. 317 

Dunham, Kelly M 466 

Dunham. Richard C. 196.425,477.512 

Dunkin, Charles D 298. 299 

Dunkie, Robm D, 291,292, 569 

Dunlop, Nancy J 270 

Dunlop, Peter J. 335. 340 

Dunn.Joanne M. 352 

Dunn, Michael P. 425 

Dunn, Robed M. 336 

Dunning. Maureen E 178. 289, 546 

Duntley, David G. 362 

Dupper. Tomi J. 214 

Dupree, Dave E 421 

Dupree, Dean R 421 

Du rail, Rene I 328. 331 

Duran. Leon W 325 

Durand. James A 264. 546 

Durch, Stephen M 519 

Durham, Julie A. 383 

Duris, Thomas J 376 

Durkan. Hugh O 324 

Durpee, Dean 196 

Durston. Cathy A. 375 

Dusenberry, Lynn A. 356 

Dutt. Sandra P 317, 500 

Dutter, David M. 303 

Dutton, Tim E 417 

Dvorak, Valarie L 346 

Dwyer, Scott D 453 

Dybdahl. Janie L 282.351 

Dye, Carolyn 226 

Dye, Janet K. 222 

Dye. Roger C. 415, 533 

594 Index 

Dyer. Susan K 349, 509 
Dysart, SlevenB. 425 

Eakm, Kathleen M. 401 

Ealy. Marcus 555 

Early, Greg G. 427 

Early. James D 367 

East. Ardlyn M. 386 

Easter. Frederick P. 522 

Easlham, Scott C. 196 

Eastman, Velma L 223.345 

Eastvold, Lynn J. 396 

Ealhorne, MarkW 202.443 

Eaton, Dee A 280. 325. 526. 573. 575 

Eaton. Rich 433 

Eaves. Earl J. 376 

Ebel, Richard A. 322 

Ebeling, James M 178 

Eberlein. Frederick J 196.512 

Eberty, Steve A. 369 

Ebright. Barbara L. 214, 508, 512, 543 

Eby, Lorri T. 205. 407 

Eckel, Andrew J 376 

Ecklund. Debra J. 221 

Ecklund. Linda G. 329, 331.469 

Eddy, Elizabeth E 478 

Edelblute. Bill D 298 

Edgers, Peter B 224 

Edgers. Robert P. 227, 447 

Edgerton, Dave A. 449 

Edler. David D. 167, 168, 171 

Edmondson. Ronald W. 190 

Edson, Mark A 309 

Edwards. Anne C. 374 

Edwards. Carol J 123. 529 

Edwards, Daniel J 411 

Edwards. Elaine M 278.533 

Edwards. Elizabeth R. 87 

Edwards. Janet M 289 

Edwards. Mike L. 373 

Edwards, Roger D 218. 445, 498 

Edwards, Steven P 196, 303, 305 

Eerkes, Debra M 387 

Eerkes, Jeanne C 326, 387 

Eernisse, Melinda G. 311 

Egan, Virginia A 117 

Egbert, Mary K 354 

Eggart, Jeanne A. 157, 161 

Eggers. Stephen L 449 

Egman, LarraineA 213. 508. 527 

Egolt, Randy G. 196.276, 533 

Ehrgott, Steve K 374 

Eichholtz, Olivia L. 374 

Eid, Eric J 512 

Eidsvoog. Merlynn R 141.379. 380 

Eigenbrode, Heidi M 80, 311.481,531 

Eilers. Gregg H 200 

Einan, Linda J 202, 344 

Eisele, Thomas A. 515 

Eisenbarth. Steven M. 532 

Eitner. David K. 336 

Ekren. Anne M. 517, 558 

El-Haggagi, FuadS. 524 

El-Madhun. Yousef A. 524 

Eldemar. Cheryl M 375 

Elder, Debra L. 349 

Elder, Estralitta L. 352 

Eldridge, Janet L. 208 

Eld ridge, William J 373 

Eley. Katherine M 281,349 

El George, John 526 

El-Haggagi, FaudS 210, 270 

Elia. Craig N 196.510.512.551 

Eliadis. John T 141 

Ehason, Leonard L. 357, 363, 515 

Eller. Kimberly A 326 

Eller, Terry K 350 

Ellerman, Michael J 367 

Ellerman, Susan K 267, 277 

Ellicott, John L 411 

Ellingsen, Linda M. 224, 526, 573 

Elliot, Patty A. 157.285.374 

Elliot, Theresa L. 285, 375 

Elliott. Catherines. 157 

Elliott. Charles K. 318 

Elliott. Donald W. 525 

Elliott. Patrick D 285 

Elliott. Randall I. 209, 514, 520 

Elliott, Robert L. 340. 341 

Elliott. Suzanne M 390. 474 

Ellis, Chandra D 365, 366 

Ellis. Edmund B 299 

Ellis, Lawrence F 369 

Ellis, Mark E. 141 

Ellis. Michelle R. 202 

Ellis. Patrick R. 298. 299 

Ellis. Raymond O.. Jr 362, 526 

Ellsworth, Brian A. 421 

El-Madnun, Yousef A 215 

Elsea. Jim 125 

Elzey, Karen L. 157. 331 

Embry, Mary R 196 

Emerson. Don L. 562, 563, 565 

Emerson. Eugene E. 125 

Emerson. Judith A 349 

Emerson, LynnK. 387 

Emerson. Marta K. 80. 467, 499 

Emigh. Blake D 338 

Emigh. David M. 1 76 

Emigh. Gillian M. 271 

Emigh, James F 218. 498, 518 

Emigh, Mary J. 324 

Emisry, Mary A. 512 

Emmons, Brett A. 449 

Emmons, Judy M 192 

Emmons. Rae A. 193, 403 

Emtman. Mark D. 358 

Emtman. Richard A. 519 

Ena. Tali S. 296 

Enarson. Donna J. 375 

Engberg. Douglas S 435 

Engebretsen, Laura M 371 

Engel. Dale R 179.304,305.513 

Engel, Donald W. 359 

Engel, Mark S. 271 

Engelman, Kimberly A. 226, 405 

Engen, JohnS. 196, 510 

England. Kathryn L 387 

Engle, Doug A. 176. 279, 525 

Engle, Douglas E. 323 

Engman, Nancy S 465 

Ennis. NoreneM 365, 514 

Enright. Teresa M 311 

Entrikin, Jolene K 196. 399, 521.522 

Entrikin. Kevin E. 419 

Epherson, Malcolm L. 362, 363 

Epping, Jean M 271 

Epps. Rodney J 447, 553 

Erben, Jett 533 

Erdman, Rita C. 222 . 395, 473 

Erdmann, Sylvia A. 512 

Erhart, Alan L 304 

Erickson, Danna J 317 

Erickson. Debbi A 407 

Erickson. Frank J. 280, 323 

Erikson, Jill C. 224 

Erickson, KarlT. 196, 567 

Erickson, Robert D 359, 539 

Erickson, Robert P 443 

Erickson, Scott M 419 

Erickson, Shane A 515 

Erickson, Stephanie J 405 

Erickson, Teresa L. 294 

Erickson, William T 193, 564 

Ericson, Jill C. 403 

Ericson. Leslie S. 285, 371 

Erlendson, Dan F, 279 

Erlenmeyer, Dennis J 357, 363 

Ernsdorfl, Susan M 177. 317 

Erpenbach, Sandra S. 521 

Erskine. Chris D 395 

Erskine. Clara M 324 

Erwin, Keith R 339, 341 

Erwin, Leslie L 87,379 

Erwin. MarkC. 277 

Erwin, Steven D. 296 

Erwin. Tim J. 425 

Escalera. Paul 125 

Eschbach, Catherine I 349 

Eschbach, Elizabeth J 157 

Eschbach, Eugenie M 349 

Eschbach, Mary P 519 

Eschbach, Scott E 302 

Escobar, Gilbert 308 

Eshom, Mark D 280. 326 

Eskeberg, J Walter 147, 443, 560 

Esler, Traci M 395 

Espina. Charlene L 371 

Ess, Timothy E. 210 

Estabrook. Daniel O 338 

Estabrook, Eugene L 509 

Estabrook, Michael L 302 

Estep, Ron H. 369 

Estergard, Steven R. 546 

Estes. Kevin T. 433 

Estlund, Pamela L. 352, 500 

Estrada, Risa M 506 

Etherton. Jon S 559 

Eudaley, Sandra A 385 

Evans. Ben W 447 

Evans. Cindy J. 85 

Evans, David C 427 

Evans, Frank R. 118 

Evans. Jamie J. 271 

Evans, Kathleen A 365, 366 

Evans, Kathryn A. 510 

Evans, Matthew G. 415, 477 

Evans, Michelle S. 385, 469 

Evans. Richard P 341,569 

Evans, Scott J. 423 

Evans, Shann M 1 78, 546 

Evans. Susan C. 315 

Evans. Thomas E. 299 

Evans, Timothy R. 498 

Evans, Tracy L 85. 331 

Eveleth. Daniel M. 433 

Everest, Don L. 267, 523 

Everest. Marvin L. 562 

Everson. Robert G 172 

Everson. Tom M. 125 

Everts. Terry L. 541 

Evjen, Diana M. 372 

Ewell. Monica V. 85. 389 

Ewers. Eliece M. 276 

Ewing. James M. 211.552 


Faccinetti, Jorge D 214 

Face, Alison D. 352 

Fadeff, Lisa A 203 

Fadness, MaryS 315, 316 

Fagerlie. Daniel L 191 

Fagg. Jeffrey B 190 

Fahey, Michael J 449 

Fahsholtz, Mike A. 423 

Fahy, David A. 565 

Fairchild, Robert D 374 

Fairhart, Elee M. 205 

Fairley, Peter C 455 

Fairweather, James R 361 

Fakhrieh, Kamron H. 271 

Fallah, Badria 286 

Fallah, Ahmed S 215, 286 

Fallis. Rebecca J 191,546 

Fallquist, Thomas R 419, 477 

Falwey. Nora 0. 379, 380 

Fancher, Alicia D. 271 

Fancher. Kimberley R. 282, 351.469 

Fanning, Bill M 183, 421 

Fanning, Geoffrey D 200, 443 

Fanning, Margaret L 365 

Fant, Jeffery E. 443 

Farinha, Eric A 413, 477 

Farmer, Kelly M. 365, 366 

Farr, Kathleen M 395 

Farrell, Diane E 309 

Farrell. Leslye A 401.471 

Farrell. Tim S. 546 

Farrens, JoannS 294 

Farris, Connie L 346 

Farris. Laurie A 393, 475 

Faucher, Cindy J 373 

Faulk. Dawn L, 318 

Faulkner. Jenni M. 353 

Faunce. Gregory R. 413 

Faunce, Janet L 522 

Faust, Mark E. 140 

Fawcett, Julie M. 344, 403 

Fay. TeriA 139,205.507 

Fazio, Diane M 203, 401.463 

Fazio. Lori A 401,471 

Feely, Kevin M 285. 375 

Feeney. Mark J 271 

Feeney, Martin P. 510 

Fegert. Jeffery E 296 

Fehrenbach, Joellen 177, 393 

Fell, Theron M. 296 

Feist, Gregory P 277 

Fejeran, Richard M 192 

Felchlin, Geraldine F. 327, 331,501 

Felder, Cheri A. 279, 546 

Felker, David L. 510 

Fellows. Tammy R 291.292. 463, 529, 572 

Felton. John F. 377 

Femling. Herbert A 451,537.579 

Femling. James R. 158. 445 

Fenich, Randall J. 271 

Fenton, Randie S 296 

Ferber. Steve J 335.341 

Ferguson, John A. 445 

Ferguson, Kathleen M. 161,329,331 

Ferguson, Kay M 227. 555 

Ferguson, Sue 117, 123, 179 

Ferguson. William A. 326 

Ferguson. William W 125 

Fernan, Sharon L. 218 

Ferrell. Beverly A. 310, 311 

Ferrerr, R Greg 196. 454, 517. 522, 572 

Fery, Douglas N. 336, 341 

Fesenbek, David S 338 

Fetter, Kenneth L 526 

Fiala, Margaret A 233 

Fiala. Mary C 315 

Ficken, Janet L. 474 

Field, Douglas E 192 

Fields. Jan L. 354 

Fields, Terri L 328 

Filer, Marjorie L 280.370 

Filan, Damon L 415 

Filan, Derry L 389, 461 

Filicetti, Mark A. 447 

Filion. Gary A. 427 

Filion, Michon A. 409, 465 

Filip, Jeffrey E 523 

Filip. Matthew J 339, 341 

Filler, Michael A, 338 

Finan, Lawrence A., Jr 125, 134, 205 

Finch, Gregory L 200 

Finck, Lee J 125 

Fine. Jeannette M. 216 

Fingarson, Bruce A. 196 

Fink, Diane K, 202.407 

Fink, Steve D. 362 

Finke, Jeffrey A. 337 

Finkle, Andrew E 271 

Finlay, David J 445 

Finlayson, GaryA 371 

Finlayson, Robert K 299 

Finley, Russell J 360 

Finsley. Laura L 85, 281,348. 473 

Firehammer, Keri R 350, 351 

Firman, Gail O 293. 294, 565 

Firn, Gregory A 423 

First. Joseph M 302, 305 

Fischer. Debra A. 354 

Fischer. Janet L. 310 

Fischer. Stephen J. 210, 297, 299 

Fish, Debbie M. 396.471 

Fish. Sharon G 327, 396 

Fisher, Alan J. 176 

Fisher. Bradley C 447 

Fisher. Chris A. 371 

Fisher. Daniel W 141,369 

Fisher, David K 370 

Fisher. Elizabeth J 315 

Fisher. Jeffrey W 421 

Fisher, Larry E. 191,528 

Fisher. Mark J. 337 

Fisher. Ronald R 318, 319, 552 

Fisher. Todd E. 500.506, 510 

Fisher, ValorieK.550 

Fitch. Donna L 34 7 

Fife. Lisa N, 309 

Fitterer. Bruce J. 234, 449 

Fitzer. Tracy L. 515 

Fitzgerald. Cynthia E. 467 

Fitzgerald. Dean R. 375 

Fitzgerald, Doreen E. 294 

Fitzgerald, James F 190, 526 

Fitzgerald, Janice M. 196, 525 

Fitzgerald. Katherine 405 

Fitzgerald, Kevin C. 297 

Fitzgerald. Laurie 330.468 

Fitzgerald, Shirley M. 281.345, 501 

Fitzsimmons, John W. 377, 407 

Fitzsimmons. Nancy J. 467 

Fitzsimmons, Paul M, 304 

Fitzthum, Deborah A. 85, 399, 469 

Fitzthum, Lesa A. 356 

Fjalstad, Leslie R. 281.349 

Flaherty. Timothy P. 435 

Flake, Linda M 403, 466 

Flamer. Keith R. 337 

Flanagan, Stephen A. 299 

Flatla, Linda M. 233. 289 

Flatt. Walter A 125.297 

Fleck, Frederick J 360 

Fleer, Lisetta K 202 

Fleischer. Steve 280 

Fleming, Brians. 572 

Fleming. Frank C 221,455 

Flemming, Jim D. 339 

Flemming, Mary M. 200 

Fletcher, Barry W. 307. 311.314, 522, 555 

Fletcher, James D 445 

Fletcher, James E. 362 

Fletcher, James H. 411 

Fletcher, Raleigh L. 125 

Fletcher, Rick 359. 539 

Flewelling, Anne E. 345 

Flickinger, George M. 360 

Flint, Jennifer L. 393 

Flint, Susan J 203.310,311 

Flint. Theresa 466 

Floch, Diane R. 389, 471, 529. 560 

Flodin. Robin F 337 

Flomer, Jody A. 347 

Flones, Brian L. 125 

Flora, Thomas J 302 

Florek. Carolyn M 203.393, 474 

Florek. John A 268 

Florek, Joseph E 268 

Flowers, Charlene K. 330 

Flowers, Debra L. 323 

Floyd. Gary W. 271 

Floyd, Jeanette M. 407. 463 

Floyd. Scott A. 431 

Fluetsch, Brian A. 280 

Flumerfelt, Margo K 207. 267. 527 

Flynn, Duane 322 

Fode, Dianne M. 317.319, 529 

Fode. RussefIB 125 

Fogelquist, Marlys G. 510 

Fohne, John R. 196 

Foisie, Lisa M. 385. 536 

Follett, Robert K. 433. 523 

Foltz. Brian D 445. 477 

Foltz, Stephen R. 421 

Fonck. Robin M 214, 519 

Fong. Karen L 291,292 

Fontaine. Robin L. 365. 366 

Fontenot. Dori A. 214, 329, 331 

Forar. Alvin L .501.528 

Forbes, James G. 510 

Forbes, Thomas J. 377 

Ford, Deborah A. 137. 327 

Ford. Jeffrey S 298 

Ford. Lauri J 85, 379 

Ford, Patrick M. 454 

Ford. Tamera J 315 

Ford. Walter L 362 

Forde, James R 192 

Forde, Mary A. 379, 380 

Forde, Michael J 336 

Forde, Neal O. 196,419, 554 

Forney. Camille K. 276 

Forrister, Nancy K. 405 

Forsmann, Janet M 285. 372 

Forsyth, Scott A. 196, 419, 554, 555 

Fort. Catherine V. 233. 365. 366, 472 

Forthun. Richard B 359 

Forward. Chester W. 523 

Fosburg. Cherilyn D 395, 466 

Foseid, Laura J 291.292 

Foss. Deborah K. 324, 462 

Foss. Ellen M 348. 501.514 

Foss. Linda C. 92 

Foster, Bonnie L 365, 366, 523 

Foster, Cynthia J. 287 

Foster, David W. 526 

Foster, Diann L. 291 

Foster, Keith A. 362 

Foster, Robin A. 227, 271 

Foster. Teresa K 294 

Fourno, Marian F, 224. 277 

Foust, Anita R. 193 

Foutch, Allan L 268, 527 

Fouts, Sharon L 205 

Fowler. Geoffrey H 326 

Fowler. Carol J 387, 533 

Fowler, Mary L. 318 

Fowler. Richard G. 451 

Fox. Joseph R. 429 

Fox. Julie I 401 

Fox, LisaM 282 

Fox, Lorraine M. 137, 327 

Fox. Walter V. 443 

Fox. William P 298. 299 

Fraley, Donald V., Jr. 196, 449, 522 

Frampton, Norman E. 548 

France, Miles D. 222 

Francik, Joseph G 513 

Francis, Stephen L. 323. 526 

Franco, Deborah V. 401 

Frank, Gordon R. 222 , 563 

Frank. Scott T. 441 

Frank. Stephen R, 213, 286 

Frank, Wendy 117.286 

Frank, Valerie N 383. 468 

Frankenfield, Abby 315 

Franklin, Margo J 383 

Franklin. Richard S. 190, 449 

Franks, Paul E. 534 

Franks, Steven D. 297, 299 

Franks. Susan E 208 

Franz. Curtis G. 429 

Franzen, Cheryl K 85 

Fraser. Amy S 468 

Fraser, David T. 191 

Fraser, Denise M. 393, 465 

Fraser, Heather A 409 

Frauenholtz, Mona M. 294 

Frazer. Scott J 339, 341 

Frazier, Brian E 548 

Frazier, Jeanne L. 228 

Frazier, Joe L. 142. 190 

Frederick, Clay E. 142 

Frederick. Heidi L. 347 

Frederick, Shonie E. 533 

Fredericks, Mark L. 340. 341 

Index 595 

Fredette. Paul G. 224. 427 
Freed. Penny S. 310. 312 
Freeman. Daniel D. 337 
Freeman. Mary C. 202 
Freeman. Perry R. 358 
Freepons. Ann C. 350, 353 
Freese. Martha J. 202, 310, 319 
Freidenrich. Clive M. D 05, 227, 425. 554 

Fretz. Julie A. 396 
Freyberg. Douglas W. 453 
Freyberg, Kimberly 292 
Friberg. Tamara J. 281,346, 516 
Frichtl. Paul T. 304 
Frick, Lawrence J. 372 
Fridlund. Phyllis S. 350, 353 
Friedman. Janice D. 379. 380 
Friedman. Reed B. 231.517, 558 
Friedman. Robert H. 317 
Friedman. Steven K. 193 
Friehauf, Bradley R. 218 
Frtel. Bryan W. 431 
Frields. Karen J. 192 
Fritch. Mark D 268 
Fritch. Randolph B 211,526 
Frills. Chere K 365 
Fritz. Martha E. 329, 331 
Frizzell, Chet B 297 
Frlan, John R. 362 
Froland. Loretta M. 85, 345 
Frolen, Lisa M. 332 
Fronzalia. Jo A. 280. 324, 523 
Frost. Patricia A. 214 
Fry, Cynthia L. 221 
Fry. Jeffrey A. 323. 529 
Fry. John W 303 
Fry, Penny M. 315 
Fryberaer. Mary L 96. 233 
Fryer, Gregory B. 297, 299 
Fugier, Audrey J. 280, 324 
Fuhr. John M. 359, 363 
Fujiwara. Glen S 542 
Fulgham. John R. 437, 533 
Fuller, Don B. 296 
Fuller. Jeanne M. 328 
Fuller. Laura L. 372 
Fuller. Steven C. 323 
Fullerton. Ronald A 359, 363 
Funke. Mary P 221 
Furlong. Anne M. 289 
Furman. Scott D. 362 
Furman, Terry M 427. 512 
Furseth. Tom E. 503. 530 
Furth. Karen M. 203, 396 
Furumasu, Mark D 512 


Gage. Kim O 445 

Gagne, Jacquelyn R 310 

Gagnon. Becky A. 328. 476 

Gahler, Ursula 387, 474, 499, 533 

Gaines. William A 211 

Galbraith, Steven M. 218. 277 

Gale. Lorraine R. 344 

Gale, Susan D. 293.294, 472 

Gale. Warren W. 453 

Galey. Lloyd L. 417 

Gallagher, Janet L. 355 

Gallagher. Kevin L. 505 

Gallagher, Mary L. 356 

Gallagher. Michael W. 376.378, 523, 526 

Gallagher. Rosemary J. 196 

Gallagher, Paul A, 210 

Gallagher, Roy G. 196 

Gallenberger. Nancy A. 349 

Gallinger. Julie A. 291.292 

Gallo. Steven A 209. 304, 305, 520 

Galloway. Arthur L. 125 

Galloway. Cynthia L. 309 

Galovich, Mike C. 125 

Galyean, Julie L, 287 

Gamache, Alan P 449 

Gamache, Gayle E. 353 

Gamble. David A. 502 

Gamlem. Gail M. 322 

Ganders. Lawrence H. 224, 526. 547. 573. 


Ganders, Lisa S. 346 
Ganike. Terry 371 
Ganson. Nancy J. 221 
Ganzkow. Deborah A. 231 
Gapen. Cindee J. 323 
Garabedian, Vicken A. 435 
Garcia. Gennie 322 
Garcia. Rory 299 
Garcia. Sally 514 
Gard. Leslie L. 379,513 
Gardin. Dennis L. 302 
Gardner. Charlie 532 
Gardner, Joann E. 294 
Gardner, Susan L. 354 
Gardner. Susan L. 233, 405 
Garg. Brijendra K. 215, 286 
Garg. Kathy 286 
Garner. Ivy J. 271.559 
Garner, Steven R 447 
Garras. Chris B. 419 
Garrett. Scott R. 374 
Garrison. Richard C. 370 
Garrison. Richard H. 431 
Garver. Jeff W. 197. 268. 501.527 
Garvin, Mark F. 433 
Gary. Margery A. 322 
Garza. Esteban S 556 
Caspar. Daniel R. 192. 513 
Gasaett. Gregory M, 285. 375 
Gaston. James W. 419, 556 
Gatewood. James D. 231 
Gatewood. Patricia A. 327 
Gatrell, Claire D. 510 

Gatzke. Brenda L. 178 

Gauglitz, Karl F. 437, 517 

Gausman. Cynthia S, 344 

Gauthier, Mark D. 340 

Gawley. Patricia A. 500,523 

Gaynor. Philip A 271 

Gaynor. Theresa A. 277 

Geary, Michael T 443 

Geddes, Scott D. 339, 341,564. 569 

Geer. David L 369 

Gehrig, Michael J 445 

Geiger, James D. 339 

Geier. Wolfgang 215 

Gelb, Kerry S. 376 

Geleynse, Carl D. 190.506 

Getlos. David P. 435 

Gengler. Susan M. 344 

George. Jeffrey D 431,520 

George, Leslie A 309 

George, Steven E 268. 429 

George, William H 340. 341 

Geppert. Steve M. 303 

Geppert. William F . Ill 204, 303, 305 

Gere. Cheryl L 80. 407 

Gerow, Claudia H 226 

Gerow, Royal K. 234 

Gerwick, Ben C 510 

Gesell, Jeffrey D 362 

Gettman, Anne E. 85. 385, 499 

Gettman. Teresa L 236 

Gfeller. Greg 286 

Gfeller. Ruth 286 

Gfeller, Stephen F 539 

Ghan. Said 0.215 

Ghosn, Tony E. 338 

Giard. Julia M 196 

Gibb, Kathleen A 385 

Gibb, Lisa M. 385.481.499 

Gibbon. Marlene K 352. 500 

Gibbons. Gregory N 309, 314 

Gibbons. Lloyd A. 196 

Giberson. Thomas E. 526 

Giboney. Gregg A. 196.429 

Gibson. Frederick P 285. 371 

Gibson. Lois E. 365 

Gibson. Marysusan 280, 326 

Gibson. Michael A. 323 

Gibson. William L. 376 

Giddens, Bruce W. 176. 302 

Gier. Dale C. 299. 302 

Giesa, Richard E. 279 

Giese. John H. 417 

Gietz. Mark W 209. 562 

Giffey, MarkL. 191.453.510 

Gilbert, Bruce B 196. 437, 533 

Gilbert. Kenneth D. 323 

Gilbert. Nancy L. 387 

Gilbert. Paul E 377 

Gilbertson, Brian K. 369 

Gilbertson. Brooks M. 298. 299 

Gilchrist. Martin J. 419 

GikJow. Chnstopher E 435 

Giles. Clyde H. 361.363 

Gill, Anne K. 214 

Gill. Bruce A. 191 

Gill. Daniel M. 270 

Gill. David H. 519 

Gill. Diane 332 

Gill. Laurence R. 302 

Gillespie. David L 298. 299. 498 

Gillespie. Gregory R. 191 

Gillespie. Linda C 202 , 294 

GiNet. DanaM. 183 

Gillick. Chris 176 

Gilligan. Maureen S. 294. 465 

Gilliland. Dianne L. 329 

Gillis. JohnT. 421 

Gillman. Jay S. 298 

Gillman, Valerie A 405 

Gills. Elizabeth A 271 

Gillum, Harold L 125 

Gilmer, Kim L. 315 

Gilmore. Caroline J. 196 

Gilmore. John G. 205 

Gilmore. Mary K 196. 399. 471.522 

Gilmore, Terri A. 379, 380 

Gilmore. Terry L. 125. 205 

Gilpin. Ronald A. 374 

Ginder. Daniel H. 227. 319 

Gingeresky. Steve N. 445 

Gingerich, Kenneth M. 526 

Girard. Kevin J. 233. 303. 305 

Girvan, James B. 417 

Githens. Jay L. 222 

Gjerstad. Laurence J. 285, 373 

Glad. Eric G. P 196 

Gladstone. Chester E 367 

Glaser. Gerald D. 202. 453. 497 

Glassburn, Deborah A. 293. 294 

Glastetter. Kurl S. 367 

Glauser, Jennifer A. 277,512 

Gleason. Janie E. 515 

Gleason. Michael J. 520.533 

Gleeson. Daniel K. 363 

Glein, Judy K. 284 

Glenn, Amy L. 200.325. 523 

Glennie, Gilbert D. 377.378 

Glomstad, Calvin C. 572 

Gnehm. Richard M. 326 

Gnojek. Thomas A 193 

Gobbato. Gary C. 173 

Goebel. Carl J. 193 

Goeckler. Charles D 453. 477 

Goertzen, Kathryn L. 383, 461 559 

Goetz. David P 362.363.419 

Goetz. Steven T. 443 

Goff. Mark R. 337 

Goforth. John 299 

Goings. Gregary M. 303 

Golden. Susan E. 307 

Goil. Katherine M. 379. 380 

Goiliver, Gregory R. 297 

Goilnick, Paul D. 336 

Gotob, Charles T. 299 

Gonseth. Frank J 302. 305 

Gonzales. Edna 322, 330 

Gonzales. Maria M. 317, 319 

Gonzales, Rodney 322 

Goo. Carolyn V V 329. 332 

Gooch, Rebecca A 214, 512. 543 

Goode no ugh. Gwynneth F 293 

Goodfellow. George H. 338 

Goodman, Brian P 163. 165 

Goodman. Jane M 85. 399. 521 

Goodman, Marlin B 196. 453. 544, 550 

Goodman. Paul B 413 

Goodman. Steven F 335 

Goodrich, Lynn M 214. 478 

Goodrich. Robin T 202. 547. 556. 574. 576 

Goodwin, Alice M 123. 142 

Goodwin. Dale E. 124, 271 

Goodwin. Fred D 360 

Goodwin. James M 144 

Goodwin. Jenyce L 346 

Goodwin, Karen E 347 

Goodwin. Kyle D 340.341 

Goodwin, Thomas A 144 

Gorder, Douglas P. 368 

Gordon. Gayle A 310. 312 

Gordon. Steve M 453 

Gore, Robert R 423 

Gorecki. Gregory A 309 

Gosciewski, Walter F 376 

Gosney. Colleen K. 293 

Gossler, Marsha A 190 

Gotfredson. Patricia G 371 

Gottschau. Bo 271 

Gotzian. DebraS. 407 

Gould. Maralee M 385. 464 

Gould. Terri L 507 

Gourley. Karen L 123. 390. 507 

Gourley. Lynn A. 143.516 

Gouthrer. Howie 427 

Gozart, Susan L 236 

Gozinsky. Gina M 513 

Graber. Wanda R. 192 

Grabill. Janet K. 346 

Gracey. Glenn G 318, 321,537 

Grady. Michael F. 375 

Graef, Karl-Hemz 519 

Gral, Thomas A. 376. 378 

Graffis. Kevin H 507 

Grab, Elizabeth J. 318 

Graham. Bret R. 140. 357. 361.363 

Graham. Christy L 286 

Graham. Greg M 325 

Graham, Gregory S 525 

Graham. Lauri M 379, 380, 499 

Graham. Rosanna M 287 

Graham. Thomas J 286 

Grahm. Betsy 480 

Grainger. Anne 346 

Grainger. Jeanne 117 

Gram. Lenee 85. 332 

Gramm. Julie A 310.312 

Gramm. Randy P 298 

Granados. Pedro 1.271,552 

Grandstaff, Heather M 282 

Grant. AileneM 122, 327 

Grant. Douglas J 196 

Grant. Francis J 221 

Grant. GmaK 396 

Grant. Janice A 230.385. 470, 503 

Grant. Jim S. 413 

Gram. Pete W 200 

Grant. Steven M. 125. 130 

Grantham. Laurie G 143 

Grassi. Julie A 383 

Graves. Cynthia L 200. 396 467. 527 

Graves. Georgiann W 231 

Graves. Jeff P 371 

Graves. Molly K 397 

Graves. Pamela J 315, 407 

Gray. Charles M 296. 564 

Gray. James A 200. 425. 453 

Gray. Linda C 379. 380 

Gray. Robert R 271 

Gray. Sharon L 310 

Gray. Susan 8 379 

Gray. Tyron H 125 

Graybeal. Gregory L. 453 

Graynor, Theresa 535 

Greear, Elaine M 279 

Green. Clayton D 235, 302. 305. 529 

Green. Denise R 139 

Green. Douglas A 435. 477 

Green. Eric F 449 

Green. Glenn A. 196. 522 

Green. Michael A 304 

Green. Teresa A 279 

Green. Todd R. 309 

Greene. John J. 372 

Greene. Kelly S 147. 427. 477 

Greene. Kenneth E 125. 134. 135 

Greene. Rodney L 191 

Greenfield. Randall E. 546 

Greer. Kim S. 196. 449.510 

Gregor. Robert L. 125 

Gregory. Guy J 261.519. 534 

Grettenberg. Diana K. 330 

Grieben, Janet K. 87. 271,520. 525 

Grieneeks, John K 215 

GriHtn, Patricia J. 281,346 

Griffin. Ron 445 

Griffith. Allyson M. 147 

Griffith. Craig C 413 

Griffith. John H. 447 

Griffiths. Bonnie S. 315 

Griffiths. Greg W 337 

Grillo. RichardS 271,531 

Grimes. Rocky J 447 

Grimstead. Nancy L 278 

Grindeland. Joel A. 308 

Grindstaff. MarkL. 144 

Grisham. Kathleen M. 387 

Griswold, Gwendolyn K. 271 

Griswold. James E. 378 

Groat. Kenneth L. 376 

Groemg. Mardell E. 346 

Groeschell. Roger A. 443 

Groff. Dave P. 340 

Gronning, Karen A. 365 

Groshong. Mary E 405 

Gross. Alan M. 231 

Gross. Dan D 339 

Gross. DaveE. 303 

Gross. Jill L. 323 

Gross. Penny L. R 503,530 

Gross. Randy P. 196 

Grossman. Hayyim A. 215 

Grossman. Steven C. 375 

Grote. Steven S 336 

Grothe. Leslie A 352 

Grothe, Michael L. 298. 299 

Grotz. Gary C 230. 335, 341 

Grove, Jell 304 

Grove. Roger L 358 

Grubb. Ann I 354 

Grubb. Richard L. 297 

Grubbs. Lori A 330, 332 

Gruger. Linda G. 281.347 

Grun, Brian K 150 

Grun. Bruce W 125 

Grundmams. Eric 224 

Grush. Cynthia A. 345 

Guajardo. Eliazar 477 

Guay. Pele J 172 

Gubeille, Tom 358 

Goleeson, Dan 358 

Gudjonsson. ReynirO 196 

Guell. Terris L. 339, 453 

Guenther. Debra E 224, 286 

Gulley. Cindy J 282.352 

Guido. William S 302 

Guild, Robert W 196.522 

Gulick. Willard C. 176 

Gull. Steven A 298 

Gulfickson. Jeffrey H 419 

Gumm, Kimbra L 202, 409 

Gunby. Faith D 379. 380 

Gunby. Valerie A. 327 

Gundlach. Becky A 205 

Gunning, Bob 443 

Gunsul. Karen M 208. 534 

Gurney, Loretta M 160. 179 

Gurr, Richard N. 204, 359, 363 

Gusa. Debbie A. 265,269. 282. 355. 501 

Gustafson, Joan F 233. 502 

Gustin, Joanne M 230, 325 

Guthrie. Carol R 353 

Guthrie. Dale A 548 

Guthrie. Janet L 80. 354. 523 

Guthrie. Jodi A 214,389.461 

Guthrie, Mark L 339 

Gutierrez. Rick E 277 

Gutschmidt. David K 441.477 

Guttschalk. Gus 419 

Gygi. Ann M 323 

1 nun 

Haagen. Janice 379. 380 
Haak, Dan L 415 
Haaland. Martha L 232 
Haarsager. Gary E 224 
Haas. Kelly R. 372 

Haberman, Rebecca A. 397, 470,522 

Haberman. Robert E 202 

Hackney. Dale N 498 

Hackett, Valerie R 354 

Hackler, Carol L. 352 

Haddock. Dennis L. 231.510 

Hadley, Robert E. 325 

Hadley. Susan K 202. 385. 475, 497, 503. 


Hadwiger. Laura L. 474 

Hagedorn. Randy L 209 

Hagel. Brian A 340. 341 

Hagen. Debbie 567 

Hagen, Susan E 209 

Hagensen, James F. 125, 503 

Hager. Claudia M 409 

Hager. Marsha L.271.500 

Hager. Shane D. 142. 304. 305 

Hagerman, Daniel C. 140 

Hagerty, Susan R. 393 

Hagerty. Todd A. 445 

Hagestam. Helene 215 

Haggerty. Gina M. 196 

Hahn. Cherilyn 196, 387. 503. 554 

Hahn. Patti A. 347 

Hahn. Susan E. 146, 391 

Hahn. Wayne G. 358 

Haider. Garret J 358 

Haigh, Sandra L. 393 

Haight. Beverly R. 193 

Haight. Colleen R. 529 

Haines. Judy L. 355 

Hakala. Susan G 233 

Haldeman. Robert A. 336, 341.546 

Hale, Bruce D. 358 

Hale. John P. 308 

Hale. Rhonda K. 407 

Hale. Valerie L. 351 

Hales. Elizabeth J. 225 

Haley. Karen J. 229, 315. 316 

Halkyard. Daniel E. 280 

Hall. Allen L. 323 

Hall. Andra H. 387 

Hall. Andrew M. 534 

Hall, Arne J 445 

Hall. Carol A 200.393. 521 

Hall. Colleen P.387.466 

Hall. Deborah K. 403. 474. 501 

Hall. Delia L. 500 

Hall. John O. 447 

Hall. Joseph V. 443 

Hall, Lawrence O. 376 

Hall. Mark 196. 363 

596 Index 

Hall. Robert A. 419 

Hall, Robert L 317 

Hall, Ronald J 264 

Hall, Sharon L. 204 

Hall. Steven M. 360 

Hall, Thomas L 445 

Halliday, Vicki J. 379,380 

Halthrup. Ann 349 

Halverson. Brian D 296 

Hamacher, Christine K. 401 

Hamada, Harry K. 437 

Hamada, Randall K 437 

Hambleton. James A 339 

Hamblin, Randy J. 208 

Hamer, William M 441 

Hamilton. David L 361 

Hamilton, Elizabeth G 475 

Hamilton, Jelfery A 368 

Hamilton, Kim 471 

Hamilton, Lillian K. 391 

Hamilton, Susan J 202 

Hamilton. Timothy C. 522 

Hamm, Mary J. 329 

Hammack, Willa A 294 

Hammar. Kathryn M, 229 

Hammer, Elizabeth M 325 

Hammer, Wendy S 291,292 

Hammett. Lori E 332 

Ha mm ig, Michael D 510 

Hammond, Jams J. 271 

Hampton. Mark W 158, 308 

Hamre, James H 209, 520 

Hanby. Kimberlee 202, 497 

Hanby, Susan 407 

Handly. Rebecca A. 178. 546 

Haney. Roland, Jr 423 

Hanf, Mary J 284, 501 

Hangartner, Barbara J 365, 366, 476 

Hankel, Robin J. 371 

Hanks, Malcolm E 417 

Hann. Geoftrey H, 172.326 

Hannam. Kevin M. 441 

Hannold. Gina 85 

Hannula. Debra K 393,469 

Hansell, Alison 85. 330. 401 

Hansen, Barry W 211.431,520 

Hansen. Cindy R 280. 325 

Hansen. Daniel R 376, 543 

Hansen, Deborah K. 510 

Hansen, James H 433 

Hansen, Jayme M 223. 383, 471 

Hansen. Julie A. 293, 294 

Hansen, Karen A 324 

Hansen, Kathryn J 293. 294 

Hansen, Lloyd J 209 

Hansen, Lori M 291,292 

Hansen. Mark 525 

Hansen, Maurice J 454 

Hansen. Randi J 385, 481,500 

Hansen, Scott E. 196, 447 

Hansen, Sharon 146 

Hansen. Steve G 307 

Hansen, Tamela K. 143 

Hansen, Tim A 325 

Hansen, Tracy K. 178. 546 

Hansen, Wanda L . 204, 562. 565 

Hansen, William L 527 

Hanson,Jana G, 289 

Hanson, Joy A, 407, 473 

Hanson. Karen 391.569 

Hanson. Kevin E 373 

Hanson. Mark H. 263, 302 

Hanson, Michael G. 336 

Hanson. Nancy K. 291 

Hanson, Robert J.. Jr. 209 

Hanson. Scott M 544 

Hanson. Sheri L 142 

Hara, Geri S 293 

Harbrecht, Nina M 387 

Hardan, Kanlynn M. 276 

Hardenburgh. Joseph T 358 

Hardenburgh, Robin L 221.562. 563 

Hardte. Scott L. 209 

Hardin, Alice L. 123. 205 

Hardman. Debra A. 405 

Hardnett. Henry 534 

Hardy. Gerald S. 286 

Hargrave. Bernard L. 209 

Hardy. Joseph W 451 

Hargrave. Kim M 365, 366, 468 

Hargrove. Robert A 374 

Harley, Charles 196 

Harlin, Peter F 449, 513, 535 

Harmon, Danny D 443 

Harmon. Susan M 214. 512. 559 

Harmond. Wayne E 335 

Harms. Susan R. 196. 277. 514 

Harn. Maura B. 279 

Harney. David J 304. 305 

Haroldson, Delwyn G. 141.437 

Harper. Benjamin C 125. 302 

Harper, Jack A. 447 

Harper. Janis R 147,512 

Harrel. Susan K 399 

Harrer. Bruce J. 225 

Harrington, Colleen A 327 

Harrington, Jo A M 399 

Harris. Brian L. 218 

Harris. Evelyn D. 272 

Harris, Gayle L 401 

Harris, Gregory C 296 

Harris. Hayward 125 

Harris. James P 427 

Harris. Janna J. 271 

Harris. Jettrey R, 297, 415 

Harris. Kristine K 318 

Harris, Lynn J 191 

Harris, Melanie D. 327 

Harris, Michael J. 324 

Harris. Petra M. 372 

Harris. Richard C 147, 190 

Harris, Vickie L 387 

Harrison, Laurene R. 353. 497 

Harrison, Laurie A. 365 

Harrison. Michael H 332. 341 

Harrison, Terry R. 514 

Hart, Linda A. 214 

Hartford. Julie L 389 

Hartill, Gerald L. 377 

Hading. Wesley A. 358 

Hadman, Thomas S 413 

Hartwig, Cindy A. 327 

Harty. Rebekah 353 

Hadz. Palmer A. 368 

Haruo. Rosery 366. 542 

Harva. Rosary 365 

Harvey. Leslie A 287,477 

Harvey. Richard W 449 

Haselwood. Jan 532 

Haseman. Sally A. 345 

Hash. Charles T , Jr 500, 548, 552 

Haskell. Tod L, 525 

Haskins, Madina M 122 

Hasse. Russell D 208, 534 

Hassell, Diane M 514 

Hastings, Beverlee J. 1 79. 205, 390, 507 

Hastings. Colleen R 287 

Hastings. Mark E 323 

Hastings, Patricia L 370 

Hastings, Roxanne 197, 532 

Hastings, Teresa I 202, 293, 294 

Haston, John 371 

Hatch, Boyd E 325 

Hatch, Jayne M 346 

Hatch, Michael D. 431 

Hatch. Stephanie K 278 

Hatch. Wilda 1.513 

Hatchel, Dolores M 356 

Hathaway, Malvina A 276 

Halhaway, Michael W 225. 572 

Hatheway, David W. 523 

Hatley. Robb A 433 

Hattrup, Michael A 303 

Haug, Susan M 401,472, 521 

Hauge. BruceP 361.363. 514 

Haugen, Hope R 379, 380. 510. 552 

Haugen. Katherine L 200. 397 

Haugen, Larry E 308 

Hauger, Judy L 205. 271 

Haun. Dave 546 

Haugseth. Jill E. 393. 475 

Haun. Jane L 385.469 

Hauser. Kateen 332. 469 

Hauser, LeeS 225,573 

Hausmann. Bryce E 419 

Hautea. Ayum A. 216 

Haverlock. Robed H. 370 

Havist, Susan L 383 

Hawes. Michael W. 337 

Hawkes. Danny L 223 

Hawkes, James M 225, 421 

Hawkins, Michael T 427 

Hawkins. Pamela J 326 

Hawn. Renee S. 371 

Hawthorne, David D 425 

Haxton, Julie A 389 

Hay. Faith E 285, 371 

Hayashi. Gaye Y 355 

Hayes, Dawn M 383,473 

Hayes. Elizabeth A. 328 

Hayes, Frerechi L 374 

Hayes, John E. 425 

Hayes. Richard L. 302 

Haynes. Alfredia L 271 

Haynes. KenR 367, 443 

Haynes. Kenneth R 296, 300 

Hays. Susan E 393 

Hayter. Helen M. 192 

Hayward. John M. 554 

Hazard, Mary L. 294. 501 

Hazen, Prudence E 227 

Headley. Helen M 318 

Headley. Patti J 401 

Heald. Kathy A 405. 463 

Healy. Theresa M 281.349 

Heath, Gregary B 196 

Heaton. Douglas J 230 

Heaton, Julie E 223 

Hebein, Mark S 374. 564, 569 

Hebed. Guy F. 510 

Hecker, Teresa A. 393 

Heckman. John F 427 

Heckman, Neal A. 445 

Hecla. Thomas M 222 

Hedahl, Bna J. 178 

Hedeen. Arnold R. 522 

Hedeen. Kevin M 196. 368 

Hedeen. Kud A 439 

Hedlund, Jerome H 361, 363 

Hedlund, Melanie A 267, 480 

Hedrick. Gavin R. 125. 130, 134 

Heeren, Ronald M 263, 525 

Heffernan, Paula A. 271 

Hefner. Karri L 385, 391.470 

Heglund. Helene 405 

Heglund. Susan H 472 

Hegtvedt. Karen A. 574. 576 

Heia, Eric A 338 

Heibert. Kay 160 

Heidrich. Jon T 443, 526 

Heilmann. Richard W 359 

Heilmann, William F 423 

Heilsberg, Teri L 276 

Heimbigner. Madin L 150, 297, 300 

Heimgadner. Charlene 315, 316 

Hein, Ben A 271,502 

Hein. Carol S. 347, 499 

Heimcke. Perri L. 403 

Heinrich. Janet L. 161,311,405 

Hemrick, Teresa J. 409 

Heintz. Debi J 85, 389 

Heiniz, H. Steve 509 

Heinlz, LeanneB 352 

Heitstuman, Nancy J 328, 467 

Heitt. Sue M 345 

Held. Gary K. 202 

Helgerson. Michael D 142 

Hellenkamp, Joel T. 136, 271,544 

Hellerud, Sindy J. 326 

Helmbolt. April D. 325 

Helmholz. Julie A 481 

Helms. Debra J 330 

Helmswodh. Tracy R. 227 

Heisel, V. Eugene, li 303 

Helton. Karen P 284 

Helmpstead, Sarah J. 292 

Hemrich, John L. 377 

Hemdershot, Dennis M 276 

Henderson, Claudiea R 80. 87, 325 

Henderson. Colleen G. 405 

Henderson, Gregory A 335 

Henderson. Kevin D 97,411 

Henderson, Margaret L 294, 499 

Henderson, Virginia L 356 

Hendrick, Karen S 85, 403 

Hendricks, Annette 262 

Hendricks. Gregory J 262 

Hendrickson, Bruce J 218, 518 

Hendrickson, Nancy L.213 

Hendrix. Dwilla P 230, 410 

Hendron, LarsH 378 

Hendry. Phillip W 298, 300 

Henke, Margaret P 317, 320 

Henley. John D 372 

Henn. Lori A 312 

Henninger, Kay M 328. 332 

Hennings. Cudis R 190, 267 

Hennings, Ronald J 190, 443 

Hennings, Tamara A 395. 553 

Henrichs, Don A. 534 

Henrie. David E. 572 

Henry. Caroline A 544 

Henry. Colleen E 86. 196 315, 525 

Henry, EverettS 429 

Henry, Jerry R 196. 522 

Henry, Paul 0 427 

Henry. Rebecca A 374 

Henry. Susan D 226 

Henry, Thomas P. 534 

Hensel, Palricia I 405 

Henshall, Gregory A 359 

Hensler, Mary F 204 

Hentges, Joseph M 196. 531 

Henton, Cathy A. 356 

Heppell, Helen M 327 

Hepper. Timothy D 339 

Herb, Michael J 196, 447 

Herber, Janet S 222 ,394 

Herbert. Brian L 308 

Herged, Judilh E 316 

Herged. Laureen H 291, 292 

Hergert. Lynn A. 315, 316, 499 

Heric. Todd M 439 

Herke, Mark J. 377 

Herman. Louis R 369 

Hermann. Thomas W 277, 522 

Hermanson. Mark A. 304, 532 

Hernandez. Christina M 322 

Herne. Mariann L 344. 479. 529 

Herr, John M 202 

Herrera. Theodore R 515 

Herres. Judilh M 146, 214, 512 

Herrick. Thomas J 190 

Herrman. Timothy J 17 1 ,423. 501 

Herrmann, David J 425 

Hedz. Victoria A 354 

Herzog, Linda M 285. 371 

Heselwood. Jan 80 

Jess. Lisa R 370 

Hess, Theresa 317 

Hesstewood, Jan 330 

Hester. Thomas R 318 

Heuterman, Thomas W 271,526 

Heydon. Richard N 215, 445 

Heye, Deena L. 327 

Heywodh, Leslie 87. 332 

Hialt. Holly J 202.409.479 

Hibbard. Kathryn A 213 

Hickel, Greg J. 318,320 

Hickey. Jill M 349 

Hickey, Laureen A 393,481 

Hickman, Michael J 202, 503 530 

Hicks. Brian F. 325. 530 

Hicks. Mark R. 125 

Hiefield. Julianne 553 

Hiew, SiewS 271 

Higaki, Lisa M 287 

Higashi. Irvin T. 193, 532, 542 

Higby. Kelly K. 349 

Higgins. Charles T 435 

Higgins, Diana L 85. 349 

Higgins, Donna M 397 

Higgins, Frederick N 411 

Higgins. Jane F 467.521 

Higgins. Mark W. 277 

Higgmson, Mark L 118, 211 

Higley. Susan L. 291.292 

Hiibourn, Charlotte E. 468 

Hilby, Coral L 293, 294 

Hilby, Steven N 506 

Hildahl, Karen L 277. 538 

Hildebrand. Leslie C 196, 399. 522 

Hiles, John C . Ill 304, 305 

Hill. Andrew M 141,271 

Hill. Angelo L 151 

Hill, BonmeS 356 

Hill, Brian D 223 

Hill. Denise G 370 

Hill. Donald C 171.360, 443 

Hill, Donald J 425 

Hill. Gordon F 317 

Hill, James L. 308, 314 

Hill, Lavonne R 289, 465 

Hill, Ralph L. 196 

Hill, Randy L. 413 

Hill. Susan L 205 

Hill, Teresa L 315, 316 

Hille. Mitchell R. 4 1 7 

Hilliard. Barbara L 345. 514 

Hilliard. Bruce A 309, 314 

Hilliard. Gary A. 309 

Hillier. James T. 208, 534 

Hillsten. Terry L 360, 363. 500 
Hillyer, Kevin J. 498 
Hilmer, Keith L 205 
Hilt. Jeffrey W 309 
Hmchliffe, Michael S 525 
Hinckle. Kirk A 202. 417 
Hindman. Jeffrey L 318 
Hines. Mary E. 373, 383 
Hmes, Valarie A 288, 529 
Hingston. Joseph W 211.506 
Hinkelman. Kathleen 281,349 
Hinkson, Kellis M 291,292, 469 
Hinnchs, Laurel D 287 
Hinnchs, Max L 271 
Hinrichs. Phil G 1 70 
Hinnchs. Rick J 230 
Hinschberger. Jill D 329, 502 
Hmshaw, John M 297 
Hinthorne. Brian W 142 
Hinton. Gregory R 415. 477 
Hintz. Marcia T 510 
Hiraki. Ronald T 371,529 
Hiramolo. Elizabeth H. 542 
Hirsch. Sandra L 356 
Hirschkorn. Brian J 196. 512 
Hirschkorn. Paula C. 200. 510 
Hirsh, Dale M 338 
Hirzel. Fntzi E 204, 465 
Hirzel, Teresa L 287. 476 
Hisey, John R 341 
Hitchcock. Sharly 262 
Hitsman, Douglas A 196,431,510 
Hix. Constance J 192.501.537 
Hixson, Pamela L 293 
Hoagland Mary S 393 
Hobert. Bruce L 284 
Hobson. Vincent H 183, 271 
Hockenson. Diane L 214. 512 
Hockett, James E 338 
Hodges. Glen H. 300 
Hodges, Mark E 572 
Hodges. Todd E. 338 
Hodgins. Sharon L. 284 
Hodgson, Douglas J 338 
Hodgson, Katherine L 365 366 
Hodson. Robert L 340, 342 
Hoefs. David L 196 
Hoel, Michael L 263 
Hoerlem. David C 360 
Hoff, Kelley D 510 
Hoff. Tom D. 215, 504 
Hoftenbacker, Laura L 379, 380 
Hoffman Deborah L 389. 461 
Hoflman, Eileen R 161,371 389 
Hoffman. Geoff 342 
Hoffman. Joe T 210, 453 
Hoffmann. Marc A 322 
Hofseth. Carol A 202. 289 
Hofstedt. Julie M 94, 279. 513 571 
Hogle, Mary L 365. 366, 497 
Hohmann. Karl H. 263 308 
Holland. Michael E 374 
Hoing, Kathleen M 271 
Hovng, Kristie J 141,512, 525 
Holbrook. Alison 311,312 
Holbrook. Barbara 281,501 
Holbrook. Felip E 229, 449, 513 
Holbrook, Kurt G 419 
Holbrook, Mary E 373. 393. 483 
Holbrook. Susan E 393 
Holcomb. Deborah L 287. 538 
Hole. Diane D 365 
Hole. Nancy J 348, 401 
Holland, Frances W. 514 
Holland. Ruth A 399 
Hoiieman. Robert G 435 
Hollenback. Donald L 222 
Hollenbeck. Anne C 391 
Hollingsworth. Susan A 146, 229, 462 497 

Holloway. Kevin S 376. 546 

Holm, David J. 533 

Holm. Matthew F 435 

Holman. Christopher K. 377, 378 

Holman, Donna M 399, 467 

Holman. Holly R 379 

Holman, Janet L 228, 409 

Holman, Jeff D 309 

Holman, Jerry D 504 

Holmes. James R 196 

Holmes. Mark A. 373 

Holmes, Marvin E 230 

Holmes, Robin K 271 

Holmes, Zoghanno A 502 

Holroyd, Sheryl L 225.405 

Holt. Ernie 192, 413 

Holt. William j 209 

Holtman, Deborah S. 393, 469 573 

Hoffman, John W 176, 297 

Holtorf. Charles A 280.502,547 

Holtz. Jeanna M 399 

Holway. Tami S 271 

Honcoop, Rick L 304. 305 

Honn. Gary D 477 

Honnold, Gina 399 

Honnold. John K 360 

Honts. Michele R. 403. 446 

Honts. Mindy L 202. 395, 513 

Honyaktewa. Ernest G 376, 378 

Hood. Blaine A. 191 

Hood, Laurie J 351 

Hood, Michael R. 371 

Hood, RoxanneL 401 

Hooks, Steven W. 415 

Hooper, Kelly L 347 

Hoover, Denise R. 352, 469 

Hoover, Dennis A 284 

Hoover, KarIM 231, 519 

Hoover, Matthew D. 304 

Hoover, Todd J 302 

Hopp, Lisa A 385 

Hopper, Robert G 136 

Horbach. Eric E 417 

Horlen. Jeffrey M. 196 

Index 597 

Horne. Andrea M. 230. 553 
Horne, Eric R 338, 529 
Horne, John W. 338 
Horner, Elizabeth A 214, 508 
Horner, Lorene L 399 
Horney. Randy D 121 
Horst. John P 285, 372 
Horstman, Michael G. 234 
Horton, Samuel E 338. 342 
Horton, William D. 449 
Horwege. Tamara L. 391 
Horyza. Christopher L 193 
Hoskins. HolliL 385 
Hoskins. Michael A 279 
Hoskins. Robert E. 370 
Hostetler, Mary L. 191,330. 332 
Houf. Don R. 362 
House. Stuart L 151 
Houser, Gail A 157. 329 
Houser, Keith D. 449 
Houston, Wayne J 307 
Hovde, Daniel A. 271 
Hovde, Douglas M 361 
Hovde. Rod W 427 
Hovenkotter, John E 190 
Hover, Don R 125. 134. 135 
Hoverter, Kim L 401.499, 500 
Hovus, August 125 
Hovis. Karen L 196 
Howard. Artie M.307. 309 
Howard. Brian J 309. 314 
Howard. Jack W 453, 554 
Howard. Rich S. 276 
Howard. Valerie G 315 
Howe. Carol M 141.210.340 
Howe. Robert B 210 
Howe. William B. W 337 
Howell. Cynthia A 147.373 
Howell. Dale C 377 
Howell. Daniel C 209, 4 1 7 
Howell. Jeffrey E. 172 
Howell, Mark W. 175 
Howell, Nancy A. 395 
Howell, Teresa M. 327. 330. 332 
Howell, Thomas R 417 
Howell. Wesley H. 271 
Howie. Denise J. 160 
Howser, Robert L. 510 
Howser, Ruskyle L. 425 
Hoyt. John F . Jr 376 
Hoyt. Kathleen A 352 
Hoyt. Lance C 193, 415 
Hubbard. Sarah A 497 
Hubbard. Tracy A. 137. 329. 332 
Hubrich, Grant K. 510 
Huckstep, Vivianne E 279.526 564 571 

Huddleston, Patty M. 293 
Huddleston. Wayne H 307.308 
Hudelson. Susan D 276 
Hudson, Kay D 200 
Huey, Meredith A 293.294 
Huff. Jeffrey A 309 314 
Huff. Karen S 200. 294 468 
Huff. Peggy K 403 
Huff. Susan E 403 
Hughes. Bradly F 373 
Hughes, Lavonne G 499 
Hughes. Mark A 298, 300 
Hughes, Michael D 204 
Hughes, Paul A 223 
Hughley, Joanne V 375 
Hulbert. Scot H 433 
Huleft, Randy A. 307, 314 
Hulit, Marianne M 293 
Hull. CarmS. 407. 463 
Hull. Virginia M 328. 332 
Hulskamp. Robert J. 197 
Hultstrand, Laurie A. 288 
Hume, John D. 340 
Hummel, Mark I. 202 
Humphreys, Julie R. 87. 309, 387 
Humphreys. Laurie A. 399, 463 
Humphreys, Michael C 335 
Humphries, Stephen T. 304 
Hungale, Thomas K. 225, 559 
Hunsaker, Scott W. 279 
Hunt, Karal E. 403, 538 
Hunt, Laura A. 329 
Hunt, Trudi A. 213. 315 
Hunt. William L 527 
Hunter, Carol A 177, 345 
Hunter, Marianne 233 
Hunter. Mitzi L 282. 351.546 
Huntley. Rick A. 445 
Huntley. Scott R 373 
Huntting. Leonard M. 296. 300 
Hurbi. Leonard M. 298. 300 
Hurlbut. Susan 215, 399 
Hurson. James E 200. 447 
Hurston, Theresa M. 227 
Hurler, Elizabeth A 315. 316 
Huseby. Karen S. 354 
Husfloen, Amy K. 310. 312 
Hussey. Sarah L 315, 316 
Huston. Charles H 191 
Huston. Mary A 517 
Hutchins. Ann M 354 
Hutchinson. Marc S. 197. 5! 2. 558 
Hutchinson. Marylin 405 
Hutchinson. Mitchell L. 272 
Hutchison, Lori J. 389. 468 
Hutton, DennisR 421 
Hutton. Patti L. 385, 471 
Hylton, Karen M. 80. 407 
Hylton, Kevin E 196, 512, 554 
Hynes. Linda K. 501 


lacobazzi. Vito N 192. 537 
lafrati. Joseph R. 517 

Ibarra, Enrique C 298, 299, 300 
Ibarra. Guillermo C 298 
Ibstedt. Lars S 227 
Ihinger. Shannon 375 
Ikeda. James R 317 
lluyomade. Taiwo J 342 
Imano. Carlene A. 197.277 
Imboden, Lance P. 302 
Imislund, Dana J. 294 
Impagliazzo. Nicholas 197. 322 
Impson. Stuart K 225 
Imsland. Mark E. 136 
Inaba, Lance C. S 447 
lnaba. Norman T 144 
Ines, Rosario Y 272 
Ing, Robert D 342 
Ingersoll. Jade L 294 
ingersoll, Paul S. 425 
Ingham. Michael S 190, 429 
Ingham. Rhonda L 391,509 
Inglin, Richard K 525 
Inglis, Penny L 389 
logman, Greg A. 298. 300 
Ingraham. Kelley S 323 
Ingram, Marcella L 405 
Ingram. Sally J 397 

Inouye. Wendeiin M. 183. 310. 312. 542 

Intlekofer. Nancy M 272 

Irsfeld. Lori R 80 285. 375. 401 

Irvine. William L 571 

Irwin, Christian L 373 

Isaacson, Steven F 435 

Isakson, Erik B 447, 553 

Ishu. Masako 232 

Ishn. Paul J 326 

Isobe, Stillman G 197 

Israel, Jeflry G 197 

Israel, Sheldon S. 335 

lunker. Jeff B. 417 

Ivers. Patrick J 272 

Iversen. Greg R. 265 

Iverson. Lora K. 281,344 

Iverson Mark A 191 

Ives. Philip H. 337 

Ivy. Mark A 534 

Iwasaki. Lisa K 542 


Jabal, Luts M 211 
Jaballa, Tuhami M. 524 
Jaccard. Frederick D. 439 
Jack. Martha L. 183. 216.507 
Jack. Randall 178 
Jackson. Brenda K 401.499 
Jackson. BruceD 280 
Jackson. Dave W 197.443. 551 
Jackson. Gordon J. 445 
Jackson. Julie A 379. 466 
Jackson. Julie A 328 
Jackson, Julie L. 272 
Jackson, Kristi L. 327. 332 
Jackson. Laura L. 276 
Jackson. Michael A. 372 
Jackson. Pamela S 373 
Jackson, Philip I 300 
Jackson. Roderick C . Jr. 225. 571 
Jackson. Steve E. 125 
Jackson. Susan M 349,533 
Jacobi. Anne E. 330. 332. 464 
Jacobs. Daniel B. 370 
Jacobs. Jilanna K. 393, 502 
Jacobs. John E 449 
Jacobs. Judith A. 399 
Jacobs. Scott E 223, 509. 550 
Jacobsen.John D 297 
Jacobsen, Karen S 208 
Jacobsen. Kristin L 208, 510 
Jacobsen. Robert D 447 
Jacobson. AmyS 399 
Jacobson. Ann L 403, 468 
Jacobson. Curl M 425 
Jacobson. Jennifer L 347 
Jacobson.Joy A 294 
Jacobson. Julie A. 399 
Jacobson. Michael E. 141 
Jacoy. Theresa C 347 
Jaeger, Laurel Y 515 
Jahnke. Dae J. L. 292, 510 
Jackotich. John S. 435 
James. John E 141.377. 378, 572 
James. Keith M 439 
James. Kristin M 387 
James, Larry 526 
James Mark W. 363 
James Melissa A. 85. 323 
James. Michael E. 144, 197 
James. Michael L. 261.534 
James. Virgil T 125 
Jamieson. Scott A 272 
Jamison. Dan C 202 
Janasz. Ruth A 233 
Janelt. Julie L. 309 
Jankovich. Timothy R. 155 , 361.363 
Jansen Julie A. 282. 353 
Jansen. Steven D 419 
Janzing, Barbara A. 233. 267 
Jaquish, Lawrence L. 197 
Jared, Myron S. 427 
Jarms, Steven L 423 
Jarrett, Kelly 374, 464 
Jarvis, Jon B. 222, 443 
Jaske, Thomas R 209 
Jasman. Amy K 213, 527 
Jaspers. Patricia A. 512 
Jaspers. Stephen R. 453. 500 
Jassen. Merryl S 507 
Jauregui. Donald R. 375 
Jausoro. LaureA. 403. 509 
Jeans. Tony 85. 87 
Jeffries. William P 141,339. 342 

Jegium. Karen C 310 

Jemsch. Daniel A. 367 

Jenkins. Marilyn L 468, 522 

Jenks. John R 304 

Jenne, DaleE. 303 

Jennings. Darryl C. 221 

Jennings, Melanie A. 157 

Jennings. Sandra L. 232, 395 

Jennings, Sharon A. 395 

Jensen, Andy C. 415, 548 

Jensen. Jack B 272 

Jensen. John P 451 

Jensen. Karl W 158, 197,522 

Jensen, Karen A 292 

Jensen. Kimberly J 403, 572 

Jensen, Krisli A 385, 471.499 

Jensen, Marianne 327, 463 

Jensen, Mark A. 362 

Jensen, Patricia E. 529 

Jensen. Susan E. 353 

Jenson, Elizabeth A. 322 

Jensvold. Kris E 291 

Jermstad, Deborah A 223. 395 461 

Jerstad. Neil M 269, 377 

Jeske, Barry L 197 

Jeske. Kylie 1 97 

Jeske. Roger D 191 

Jess. Kandy L 137 

Jewett, Steven W. 222 

Jex. Edward J. L 228 

Jimenez. Carmen 350. 352 

Jochen. Timothy C 205 

Johannes. Julie A 356. 397 

Johansen. Jennifer L. 327. 332 

Johanson. Jill M 289, 465 

Johanson. Richard E. 221.519 

John. Carollyn R. 318. 320 501 

John. Donna Y. 282. 351 

Johnsen. Gina L. 353 

Johnson, Andre R. 298. 300 

Johnson, Ann L. 405 

Johnson. Audrey J. 555 

Johnson. Bart 144 

Johnson, Bradley H. 200 

Johnson. Bruce L. 369 

Johnson, Burton J 445 

Johnson, Carrie A. 379. 380 

Johnson. Cathy A. 192 

Johnson. Cheryl L. 204, 554 

Johnson. Cindy L. 267 

Johnson. Cindy L. 1 77. 294. 295 

Johnson. Craig M 449 

Johnson. Cynthia L. 191 

Johnson. DaleC 373. 559 

Johnson. DaleL. 197. 377 

Johnson. Danny R. 425 

Johnson. David A. 443 

Johnson. David B 449 

Johnson. David C 141.267, 284, 503, 523 

Johnson, Dean C 449 

Johnson. Dean O 205 

Johnson. Deanna G 379, 380,475 

Johnson, Deborah M 214 

Johnson. Douglas B 197 

Johnson. Douglas E. 417 

Johnson. Douglas M 197 

Johnson. Douglas N 447 

Johnson. Ellen M 371 

Johnson, Eric W. 280. 376 

Johnson. GaryG. 507 

Johnson. Gregory E. 209 

Johnson. Gregory L. 208 

Johnson, Grelchen A. 324, 501 

Johnson, Heidi E. 347 

Johnson, James P. 368 

Johnson,Jason N 298 

Johnson. Jay S. 435 

Johnson. Jeannene 329. 332 

Johnson, Jeffrey D 303 

Johnson. Jeflry K. 449 

Johnson, Jenifer M 559 

Johnson. Jill M. 227, 399. 463 

Johnson.Joyce M. 349 

Johnson. Judi M. 399 

Johnson, Judith E 213 

Johnson, Judy L. 481 

Johnson. Julia L. 475. 529 

Johnson. Julie A. 383. 468 

Johnson. Julie A. 272. 473 

Johnson. Karen J.291.292 

Johnson. Karen L. 532 

Johnson. Kathy L 466 

Johnson, Keith A 449 

Johnson. Keith A 377.378 

Johnson, Kay E. 330 

Johnson. Kenneth I 377. 378. 526 

Johnson, Kevin R 208. 411.477 

Johnson. Laurie A 328 

Johnson. Laurie S. 230, 475. 560 

Johnson. Linda K. 197 

Johnson. Lindsey D. 435 

Johnson. Lisa M. 346 

Johnson. MarkC. 218 

Johnson, Mark D 297. 300 

Johnson. MarkD. 264 

Johnson, Mark D. 302 

Johnson, MarkR 445 

Johnson, MarkR. 209 

Johnson, Mary L. 311,312, 481 

Johnson, Michael A. 277 

Johnson, Mitchell F 211,526 

Johnson, Myron L. 506 

Johnson, N. Nicholas 197 

Johnson, Nancy A. 325 

Johnson, Rebecca A 370 

Johnson, Reid G. 147.421.509 

Johnson. Roxanne M. 226. 393 

Johnson, Russell D 303 

Johnson, Sharon £ 399 

Johnson. Stephen M. 262 

Johnson. Stephen P. 125 

Johnson. Stephen V. 151 

Johnson. Steven P. 572 

Johnson. Stewart A. 302 

Johnson,Susan A 309 

Johnson, Susan L. 210 

Johnson, Tamara 332 

Johnson. Wendy R 519 

Johnston. Cindy L. 323 

Johnston, Elizabeth M 85, 167 

Johnston, George D 284 

Johnston, Jeffrey M 510 

Johnston, Lynn A. 376 

Jolley. Amy M 137.391 

Jolly, Steven R 433 

Jone, Darrel Y. 339 

Jones, AlanC. 545, 553 

Jones, Arlene M 197. 512 

Jones, Barbara R 345 

Jones. Brian E 191.423, 548 

Jones. Carol A. 282 

Jones. Carol L 349 

Jones. Carrie E 281.344 

Jones. Casey D 433 

Jones. Curtis G. 296 

Jones. Curtis L. 443 

Jones. Deborah D 401 

Jones. Evan O 336 

Jones. Gene D 506 

Jones, Greg A. 336 

Jones. Helen M 193 

Jones, James M 336 

Jones. Jeffrey L 263. 339. 342 

Jones, Kathy D 141.272, 294. 295 

Jones. Ketley A 365 

Jones. Kelly T 298 

Jones, Kenneth 151 

Jones, Kevin P 368 

Jones. Maria L 463 

Jones. Martha H 213 

Jones, Maureen E 330 

Jones. Michael F 413 

Jones. Mike L. 423 

Jones, Ottiwell W 175, 419 

Jones, Pamela D 85, 374. 397 

Jones. R. Jeffrey 125 

Jones. Scott K 147.419 

Jones. Steven G. 455 

Jones. Susan M 223. 510 

Jonson, Arthur W 425 

Joos. Linda M. 288 

Joralemon, Gregory L 336 

Jordan. Caryn L 356 

Jordan, Karin A. 204. 399. 467 

Jordan. Lucia D. 332 

Jorgensen. Cynthia E. 405, 468 

Jorgenson, Jill B 463 

Jorgenson, John E 520 

Jornlin, Joel H. 197 

Jorns. Nancy L. 528 

Jose, Annakiska M 177 

Joss, Jana L 327, 332 

Joyce. Leslie J 532 

Joyce. Steven M 342 

Juber, Gregory J 268. 527 

Jue. Leilam M. 325.464 

Julian. Deborah A 347.523 

Julius. Lawrence C 97. 520 

Jump. Jennifer L 282 

Jungquist. Robert K 449 

Jurado, NormaS 160, 291 

Justin, James P 357 

Jutte, Mark A. 337 


Kaalaas. Roger S 208, 534 
Kabin, ToomasK. 216, 367 
Kackley, Sandra G. 315, 316 
Kaelin, Diane C. 85. 272, 476 
Kagele, Donald M. 190,276,515 
Kahns, Debra A. 225, 387 
Kahns, Steve L. 297 
Kaiser, Stephen J. 197. 267 
Kaku. Sharon Y. 221 
Kaldal. Mary K. 227 
Kaleiwahea, Larry J 197 
Kaler, Larry M 167, 419 
Kalina, Bruce D 297 
Kalinoski, Steven M 125 
Kalis. Kate S. 346 
Kalkwarf. Heidi J 349 

Kalkwarf. Timothy O 362. 363. 510. 512 514 

Kallas. Maryann 227 

Kallstrom. Kimberly A. 272. 510 

Kalvig. Barbara A. 272. 469, 552 

Kamb. Rosemary H 393, 521 

Kamin, Anne M 146.222,389 463 

Kammerzell. Cindy D 293, 295 

Kander. George K 299 

Kane. Daniel 361 

Kane. James F 263, 512. 525 

Kanesta, Cindy 286 

Kanesta. Lindsay A. 286 

Kant, Karel V. 395,461 

Kanyer. David A 505 

Kappler, Irina A. 262 

Karagianes, Tom A. 338 

Karamatic, Lisa M 472 

Karlsen, Linda E. 141 

Karnath, Gail L. 272 

Karnath, Susan C. 197 

Karshner. Tracey 315. 316. 479 

Kase. Barbara A 123, 527 

Katica. Molly A. 519. 556 

Kauffman, Carol D. 197 

Kaufman. Douglas E. 451 

Kaufman. Mary M. 205. 393 

Kauffman. Sharon 85 

Kauzlarich, Jom A. 393 

Kawabata. Lory K 375. 542 

Kawauchi. Leslie K 272,476.515 

Kawauchi. Scott K 4 15 

Kay. Mary R. 374, 397, 521 

Kaye, Robert B 302 

598 Index 

Kays. Linda M 123, 157 

Kayser. Michael L. 191.515 

Keattl. Jody 365 

Keane. Daniel J 413 

Kearl. Daniel A 261,534 

Keating, Patrick C 453 

Keatts. JohnC. 336 

Keck, Dave W. 303 

Keck. James A 523 

Keck. Thomas M 429.501.510 

Keder. JohnW 304 

Kee. Barbara J 202. 513. 544 

Kee. Douglas R. 205. 507 

Keefe. Thomas A 498 

Keeffe, Sharon L. 332 

Keehn. Janet E 387, 469 

Keelker. Kathryn 226 

Keene, William H 192. 425 

Keesecker. Sheila A 326 

Keiter. Connie E 285.372 

Keith, Dee A 375. 546 

Kela. Thomas W 308 

Keller. Antoinette R 365 

Keller. Daniel W 359 

Keller. Gordon W 338 

Keller. Jeffrey C 125 

Keller. Joseph A 421 

Keller. Kristine L. 276 

Keller, Timothy M 376 

Keller, Tom W 191.501 

Kelley. Brenda J 521 

Kelley. Cindy L 387,471 

Kelley, Dan E 272 

Kelley. James B 193. 272 

Kelley. James R 210 

Kelley. Jay D 376. 378 

Kelley, Robert M 498 

Kelln, Marianne M 315 

Kelly. Brian M 125. 130. 134, 197.512 

Kelly. Darcy A 407 

Kelly. David D 357 

Kelly. David S. 523 

Kelly. Erin A 401 

Kelly. Erin M 395 

Kelly. James A 339 

Kelly. James R 272. 284, 562 

Kelly. Joan K 475 

Kelly. Karen A 389.572 

Kelly. Karen L. 202. 504 

Kelly. Ken K 265 

Kelly. Laura H 351,523 

Kelly. Laura L 280.325 

Kelly. Susan J 222, 399 

Kelly, Terry M 151 

Kelsay. ConnieS. 285 

Kelso. Robyn M. 357 

Kelso. William H 193. 268. 501.527 

Kemman. Jeannie R 353 

Kemo. Kenneth C. 197 

Kemp. Alan D 376, 378. 500 

Kemp. Lauri A 318 

Kemp. Patrick R 425. 477 

Kempinsky. John 263. 429 

Kendrick. Jom A 310. 312 

Kenedy. Diane 324 

Kenkiltisak. Nithaly 227. 349 

Kennedy. Allan S 125. 297, 300 

Kennedy. Angus J 218 

Kennedy. Carole N 379 

Kennedy. Cobe K. 329 

Kennedy. Debora L. 401.467 

Kennedy, Joseph M 309. 532 

Kennedy. Kristan A. 375 

Kennedy, Kyra L. 226 

Kennedy. Lisa D 278 

Kennedy. Melinda J 289 

Kennedy. Melissa J 315 

Kennedy, Robert W 421 

Kennedy. Rosanne E. 330. 332. 468 

Kennedy, Timothy J. 411 

Kennetl. Mary J 329. 332. 523 

Kenney. Barry J 298. 300 

Kenney, Rosemarie 352 

Kent. Jacqueline M 347 

Kent. Linda K 281,349 

Kenworthy. Robert D 376, 378. 502 

Keough, BruceK 359 

Keown, Jeffrey E 337 

Keppler, Craig H 302 

Ker. Richard W 298 

Kercheval. Nancy S 387. 515 

Kerle, Michelle R 349 

Kern, Michael T 342 

Kerns. Lesley J 403 

Kerns, Michael T 340, 572 

Kerr, David E 216 

Kerr, Kelsey 281,322 

Kerr. Megan J. 397 

Kerstetter. Sandra A 318 

Kertis, Annette J 178, 546 

Kespohl. Jody L 227 

Kessel. Cynthia M. 329 

Ketcham, Elizabeth A. 225. 389. 555 

Ketel. Betty L 289. 500. 537 

Ketel. Mary A 365. 366, 527 

Ketel. Norma J 327. 332 

Kew, Joyce M 202 

Key. Susan E 178.315.469. 546 

Keyes. Kristin E 395, 470 

Keys. KalvmR 299.523 

Khamneian. Bahram 285. 375 

Kidkweed. Brad 304 

Kie, Darlene D 374 

Kie, Katherine L 285 

Kielbon, Richard G. 208, 534 

Kielmg, Monte W 225, 374, 526. 573, 575 

Kight, Kathryn D 395 

Kight. Paul M. 376, 378 

Kihm. Hella 216 

Kilber. Mary K 348 

Kilborn. Pamela J 395 

Kilburg, Gary F 272 

Kilbury, Laurie S 397 

Kile. Kathryn L. 310. 312 

Kilgore. Michael C 227 
Kilgren. Roger K 548 
Killam, John D. 512 
Killian, Elise 569 
Killian, Steve J 197, 522 
Killingsworth. Donald 191.501.548 
Killoren, Edward W. 197. 512. 552 
Killoren. Mary L. 197 
Kilpatrick. Ann M. 191.397 
Kilpatrick, Joe F. 325 
Kilpatrick, Kenneth 413 
Kilpe. Alison A. 391 
Kim. J. Patrick 317 
Kim, James M H 277 
Kimball, Clayton S 228 
Kimble. Debra A 536 
Kimbrough, Edward 272, 555 
Kimbrough, James A. 272 
Kime. Casey M. 210, 431 
Kimento. Joshua G K B 162, 371 
Kimmel. Susan J. 272 
Kimmerle. Susan D. 407 
Kimombwa. Samson B. 162 
Kimpel. Jana S 346 
Kimura. Lindsey J 304 
Kimura. Richard T 342 
Kinch. Daniel F. 369 
Kind. Christine 552 
Kinder, Janet A 387 
Kindschi. Sally R 476 
Kindsvogel. Matt W 367 
King. Dennis R. 375, 526 
King. Donna L. 344 
King. Donnamarie A. 562 
King. Gail A. 225. 399, 467. 504. 521.554 

King. Gregory N. 66. 550. 551 

King. Karen L 375 

King, Neal W 439 

King. Noreen L 230, 293 

King. Rexanne C. 80. 311.312 

King. Ronald S. 419 

King, Russell D. 453 

King. Wesley R 361 

King. William C. 222 

Kingsbury, Michelle E. 160, 272 

Kmkel. Elizabeth A 291 

Kmner. Shayne L 329 

Kinney. Marsha J. 214. 389. 512, 536 

Kipp, Gretchen M 205 

Kipp. Sherri M 315 

Kippe, Paul 502 

Kippenhan, Lucinda M. 354 

Kircher, Cathy M. 356 

Kircher. Cheryl L. 389, 521 

Kirk. David A. 514 

Kirk. IraL 534 

Kirk, Katy C 466 

Kirk. Margaret S. 323, 395 

Kirkwood. Brad L. 208. 305. 506. 510 

Kister. Mandy L. 206, 284 

Kitchens. Michael D. 296 

Kite. Mary K 281.349. 523 

Kitsch, David J. 369 

Kitterman. Matthew J. 317, 320 

Kittson, Augustan D. 197. 411 

Kjos, Jerry A. 423 

Kjoss-Hansen. Bent 142 

Klajbor. Jerome F 230 

Klarich, Geordy J. 385. 480. 538 

Klaue. Douglas B. 272, 571.572 

Klavano, Ann M 233,317 

Klein, James W 512, 564 

Klein, Patricia A. 214, 525 

Kletke, Barbara J. 379, 474. 572 

Klevjer, Roberta L. 282, 355 

Kleyn, Mary A. 282. 351 

Klicker. Jerri L 202. 395. 481.523 

Klicker. Kirk A 447, 503 

Kliem. John M 553 

Klindworth. Craig A. 337 

Klug. Gary A. 441 

Knack. Michelle M 289 

Knapp. Barbara K. 370 

Knapp. Dianne L. 226, 385, 480 

Knapp. Sharon M. 213 

Knappett. Blair B 143, 325 

Knauer. Steven J. 532 

Knight. Dorie L 330. 514 

Knight. Gary J 125 

Knight. Kathleen A. 80. 85. 385 

Knight. Margot 95 

Knight, Mark D 443 

Knight. Ronald R. 371 

Knight, Teri J. 346 

Knochenmuss. Dale R 340 

Knocker. Lisa K. 348, 387 

Knocker. Lorie L 387 

Knodel. Nancy L. 272 

Knopp, Terri A. 214 

Knuchell. Ken K. 336. 342 

Knudtson. Deanna C 346, 389 

Knuth. Kristy S. 143 

Knuth, Lori E 326 

Knutsen. Eric I 451 

Knutson. Randi A 328, 332 

Knutson, Roberta L 379. 380 

Knutson, Shirley A 354 

Knutson. Sydne D. 330 

Koal. Jan G. 522 

Kobes. David V 191,415, 548 

Koch, Steven M 338 

Kochen. Kevin J. 308, 314 

Koehler. Carol E. 214 

Koehler, Walter S. 317. 320 

Koenig, Anthony E. 360 

Koenig, CarieS. 214 

Koenig, Catherines 281,349 

Koenig, Michael C 338 

Koepke. DennisL. 279 

Kohler. Ronald D. 298, 577 

Kohler. Tom M 226. 437 

Kohlwes. Brian H. 298 

Koken. Thomas A 339. 342 

Kolcz. Karol J 355 

Kolde. Velle J 454 

Konishi, Robynne Y 309. 312 

Konu. Douglas D 206 

Konzek. George J., Jr. 158,272.565 

Kooser, Maureen S 330 

Kooyman, Marion W 191.310 

Kopan. Deanna L 461 

Koper. Carolyn E 202 

Korn. John R 141.303. 305 

Kornell. Laura J. 279 

Kornish, David N 142 

Korsmo, Elaine R. 225, 552 

Koster. Gregory J. 376 

Koszarek. Joseph L 137 

Kottwilz, Alan E 325 

Kraemer, Lauri J. 348 

Kramer. Caroline 351 

Kramer, Julie C. 387. 471 

Kranc. Kathy L 405, 473 

Kranzler, Glenn 526 

Krape. Gregory J 208. 534 

Krause, John E 176 

Krebs, Kalhenne L. 176,344 

Kreft. David L 298. 300 

Krehoff, Peter F . Jr 272 

Kreller, Thomas R 368 

Kremm, Peter 175. 373 

Krenowicz. Michael J. 265. 269. 278 

Krier, Richard B 308 

Krilco. Jon 197. 363 

Kroeger, Robert S. 216 

Kroetch. John H 449 

Krogh, Alvin Z 280 

Krom. Shan K 365. 366 578 

Krona, Mike A. 276 

Kronberger. John M 307, 308 

Kronvall. Charles M 277 

Kropp. Jeffrey R. 297 

Kropp. Sherry L. 226. 497 

Kroum. Katie M 346 

Krueger. John M 299 

Kruizenga, Sheryl L 344 

Krull. Aimie L 202 

Kruller, Susan G 161.294. 295 

Kruse. H Scott 431 

Kruse, Jay E 267 

Kubler, Jeffrey R 302 

Kubo, Iris Y 293.295 

Kudrna, David A. 141,340. 342 

Kuehner, Tracey L. 277 

Kuhlman. John H. 299 

Kuhn. Karen L. 221 

Kullberg. Mark J 298, 300. 547, 580 

Kumar. Prem 216 

Kumar. T 216 

Kummer. Scott 415 

Kuntz. Dawn L. 143 

Kuniz, John A 206, 516 

Kunz. Keary P. 519 

Kupker, John A. 431 

Kurtis, Donald R 423 

Kusler. Janet M. 509 

Kusske. Mary M 353 

Kutz, Kimberly J. 352 

Kuwahara, Dianne M 389. 481 

Kvietkus, Patrick W 192. 433. 515 

Kwan. Shirley Y. 272. 552 


Labrash, LaurieG. 281. T4£ 

Lacaille, Olivia D. 234 
Lacheck. Marcia M,281.347, 538 
Lacy, Paul A. 357 
Lacy, Robert J 299. 526 
Ladwig. Linda R. 352 
Laffaw, Brian H. 429 
Lagrandeur. Michael R 218. 505 
Lahn. Linda L "Jame" 293 
Laird. Darrell R 376 
Laird. Fredrick D 358. 363 
Laird, Matthew J 441 
Lake. Jeffrey G. 371 
Lalill. Jocelyn 204 
Lam. Puy-Chung D 500 
Lam, Yuet-Hing 192 
Lamb. Lauretta M 291,292 
Lambe, Jacque D 216 
Lambert. Lome C 202 
Lamberto, Robin A 409, 523 
Lambert, Robert S 362 
Lambier. Holly D. 288, 476 
Lambirth, Mike 567 
Lambrix. Joe P. 298. 300 
Lamm, Friedrich C. 339 
Lancaster, April J. 345 
Lancaster, Joan W. 289 
Lancaster. John M 433 
Lancaster. Mary L 466 
Lancaster. Stephen J 190.515 
Lance. Jeffery T 1 73 
Landberg, KayL. 141,365 
Landerholm. Barbara L 82. 466 
Landerhofm, Robert W. 447 
Landerholm. Walt R 371 
Landers. Doug 322 
Landick, Robert W 276 
Lane, Janice L 387 
Lane, Jodee A 285. 370 
Lane. Michael D 336 
Lane. Stephen T. 362 
Laney. NorineE 221 
Lang. Diane R 206 
Lang. Joni L. 330, 529 
Lang, M Kirby 232 

Larigdon, Shirley D 147, 197, 329, 332 
Lange, Frank E 415, 526 
Lange, Garry J 555 
Lange. Gregory B. 303 
Langendoen. Richard R 158, 159.272 

Langenhorst. Hubert S 335 
Langevin. Michael J 429 
Langham, Margo R 478 
Langiois. Richard A 298. 300 
Langlow. Gregory L 433 
Langlow. Lisa E. 233.405 
Langmas, Kathleen M. 348 
Lanston. Rex A. 272 
Friedrich. Lann 342 
Lanner, Maria C. 228, 328, 552 
Lantz. Charlene C. 347 
Lantzy. Jane A 276 
Lapeyrouse, Janet L. 559 
Lapinski. Lisa 276 
Laplante, Marc B. 339 
La Porte. Mary 178 
Lappier, Debbie R. 370 
Large, Janet J. 202 
Larimer. Barbara T. 397 
Larkin. Patrick W. 298 
Larkin. Timothy K. 297 
Larrn. Shelley K. 353 
Larrner. Lamarr L 429 
Larned. Catherine H. 143 
Larsen. Dan E. 451 
Larsen, Gregory A. 339 
Larsen. Julieann 272 
Larsen. Kristen L. 355 
Larsen. Rebecca A 227 
Larsen, Sheri A. 395. 472. 550 
Larsen, Thomas E. 125, 544 
Larson, Amy A. 345 
Larson, AudieC. 297 
Larson. Barbara A. 538 
Larson, Connie J. 214 
Larson. Diane J. 379. 380. 474 
Larson. Gregg A 339 
Larson, Jana D 233. 383, 510 
Larson, Joanne K. 278 
Larson, John S. 419 
Larson, Kathleen M. 289 
Larson. Kevin R. 358 
Larson. Kristine K. 349. 533 
Larson. Laurene L. 202 
Larson. Marsha S 200 
Larson. Michael J. 304 
Larson. Philip D. 280, 324 
Larson, Terrill W 441 
Larson, Thomas C. 369 
Laseau. Anne M. 206. 475 
Lasher. Rosalind R. 213, 527 
Laska. Karl M. 377 
Lasswell, Richard S. 200 
Last, Davlyn M. 318 
Lathrop. Daniel P 560 
Lathrop, Patrick J. 265 
Latimer. Dennis W. 359 
Latterell. Brenda J. 324 
Lau, George C 216 

Lauer. James T. 167, 168, 169. 170. 204 

Laughlin. Kevin M. 20. 503. 530 

Laurent. Larry F 449 

Lauwers. Bradley K. 302 

Lavin, Shawn C 443 

Lavin. Terrance R 443 

Law, A G. 548 

Law, Dana G 437 

Law. Deborah M. 329. 332, 469 

Law, Janey A. 80. 350, 354, 463 

Lawhead. Frank E. 297 

Lawler. Keith A. 299 

Lawless. Scon E 359, 539 

Lawless. Susan M. 541 

Lawrence, Susan K 344 

Lawrence. William E 324 

Lawrenson. Douglas R. 360 

Leppell, Steven C. 219 

Leppich, Thomas R. 223. 451 

Lesko, Andy P. 454 

Lesko. Laurie S. 523, 528 

Leslie, David C. 421,554 

Leslie. Kelly B. 347 

Lesser. Jeffrey P. 232.314 

Lester, Allen R 326 

Lester. Steven E. 447 

Lettieri, Robben M 523 

Leung. Chi M. 229 

Leus. Debra S. 325 

Levander, Gary R. 449 

Levenseller. Michael T 125, 131, 134, 135 

Levernier, Rosemary 294, 295, 479, 544 

Levine, Joshua P. 361,364 

Levy. Robin L 279 

Lewis, Clay A. 296 

Lewis. Cynthia D 285, 370 

Lewis, Diane E. 285, 371 

Lewis. Eric R. 179 

Lewis. Helen K. 232 

Lewis. Karen L 356 

Lewis, Leonard B 158, 362. 364 

Lewis, Mark R 376, 378 

Lewis, Michael D 150. 242 

Lewis, Michael D. 433 

Lewis, Nora L. 327 

Lewis. Patricia A. 85. 272 

Lewis. Paul O 325 

Lewis. Richard A. 190. 439 

Lewis. Robert C. 376. 378 

Lewis. Susan G. 355 

Lewis, Terry G. 370 

Lewiski, Stephen E. 445 

Lex. Robert W. 342 

Ley. Joel Q. 360. 364 

Lichlyter. Timothy L. 498 

Liddell. Dale 286 

Liddell, Paul J. 286 

Liddell, William A 453 

Liddicoat, Leanne 197 

Liddle, Gregory D 447 

Liebel. Leslie J 232. 387, 514 

Lien, Allison J. 351 

Lien, Todd W. 225 

Liening, Mark A 227. 427 

Lies. Max G. 210. 302, 305 

Index 599 

Liewellyn. Clark 534 

Lill. David J 523 

Lind. Brian R 435 

Lind. Curtis C. 268, 429 

Lind, Eric H 230 

Lind. Leslie A 467 

Lind. Merri 146 

Lind. RobynS. 389. 481 

Lind. Roger W 377.378. 572 

Lindahl, Edward J. 564, 565 

Lindahl. Gary M. 358,510 

Lindahl, Jan 309 

Lindahl. Larry O 362 

Lindeen. Janeen G 272, 365, 366. 523 

Lmdell, Bruce A. 371 

Lindell. Kathryn J. 327. 332 

Lindell. Mark D 297 

Linden. Philip M. 209, 520 

Lmdgren, AlanS 197, 451 

Lindgren. Sandra L 379. 380 

Lawry, Joan T 282. 355 

Lawry. Larry 373 

Lawson. David C 337 

Lawson, James R. 210 

Lawson. Marjorie L 202 

Lawson, Ronda J 374 

Lawson. Wendy A 285. 373 

Layman, John R 445 

Layman, Kathleen A. 309 

Layton. Jonathan H. 229, 427 

Lazenby, Beverly A 348. 538 

Leach. FredT., Jr 546 

Leach, Jennifer E 178 

Leachman. Daniel P. 453 

Leacy. Thomas B 94.203,413 

Leadbetter, Cathie E. 122 

Leal, Ashley J 417 

Leaf. Connie R. 289 

Leaf, Marvin P 197. 417 

Leahy, Patricia E. 213. 519. 554 

Leal, Guadalupe C 311 

Leapley. Sherri D. 203 

Learned. Pamela J. 389 

Lease. Robert W. 200. 574 

Lebbad. Malm K 208, 518 

Lebeau. Stephen S 367 

Lebrun. Greg P 447 

Lebrun, Joan M. 225, 405 

Leche. Marilyn J 284 

Leche. Mary E 284 

Lechner. Wendy S 228, 553. 558 

L eclair. Christine M 193 

Ledgerwood. Cynthia L. 222 

Ledrew, Robert E 200 

Ledum. Lisa A. 345 

Lee, Alan R 339. 342 

Lee, Anne V 395, 499 

Lee, Brenda D 276 

Lee. Carolyn L 322 

Lee, Connie W 318 

Lee, Darrell J 367 

Lee. David R 280. 559 

Lee. Gerald M S. T 272. 552 

Lee, Joan M 233. 389. 480, 560 

Lee. Julia M 555 

Lee, Marcia A 177 

Lee, Martin F 210.441 

Lee. Michael F. 296, 300 

Lee, Michael G 361,363 

Lee. Peter J. 531 

Lee, Robert B. 562, 565 

Lee. Roxanna M 206 

Lee. Stephanie M. 330 

Lee. Wally 339 

Lee. William L 296, 300 

Leenders, John D 368, 573 

Leendertsen, John D. 176 

Lees. James W. 175. 308 

Leffler. Lynette A 312 

Lefriec, John P 371.419 

Lelstad, Eric T 367 

Legan, Terri J 387. 471 

Legel. Susan E. 146, 197.391.512 

Leggett. Lillian B. 327 

Legresley. Kelly G 328. 332 

Lehman, Robin A. 225 

Lehn. BerntC 415. 515 

Lehn. Mary R 407. 559 

Lehn. Tracy A 183,463 

Lehnen, Martha J. 157.328 

Leidy. William A. 512 

Leigh, Andrew H 336 

Leigh. Curtis S. 234 

Leighton. Gil J 449 

Leisher. Kenneth L. 191,501 

Leith. Karen M. 276, 527 

Leitner. Juliette M. 292 

Leitz, Ellen L. 565 

Leitz. Erlan M. 510. 512 

Leitz. Richard W. 415 

Leitzinger, Mark D. 369 

Lemieux, Michael S 523 

Lemke, David H. 125 

Lemke. Julie M. 318 

Lemke. Michael E. 125 

Lencer. Corrine K 315 

Lendro. Concepcion 410 

Lengle. Linda M. 204 

Lenhardt. Janice E. 238. 385 

Lenhart. Jeffrey C. 234. 335. 569 

Lenhart. Kerry S. 285. 375 

Lennox. Charles S. 304 

Lent. Willis M 425 

Lentz. Robert A 368. 562, 565 

Lentz. Robert E. 223 

Leon. JoeV. 439 

Leonard. Georgia L 147, 272 

Leonard. Lance T 206. 507 

Leonard. Myron J. 302 

Leonard, Sharon K. 213, 464, 510 

Leonard, Steve A. 298 

Leonard. Timothy D. 423 

Leonard. Zoe A. 397 

Lepley. ErinE 370 

Lindner. Jack T 362 

Lindow. Leslie A 191.349 

Lindquist. Annette M. 221 

Lindquist, David W 445 

Lindquist. Deborah A 351.364 

Lindquist. Susan M 85. 397. 486 

Lindsay, Richard T. 141 

Lindsay. Robert L 555 

Lindsay, Robin A 500 

Lindstrom. Kris 571 

Linehan, James F 323 

Lines, Marshall S 323 

Ling, Yvonne M 85. 281.345, 541 

Linker, MikeS. 125 

Linquist. Mark C 357, 361 

Lmstrum, Donna J. 351 

Linstrum, James C 445 

Linvill, Laurie G 510 

Liske. Ladonna M E. 203 

Lista, Mohamed A. 216 

Lister. Anne L 354 

Lithrop. Pat W 216 

Little. James C 234 

Little. Karen 554 

Little. Katie M 326 

Little. Leslie S 365 

Little. Lynn M 204.365 

Little. Mary A 537.552 

Little. Matthew R 439 

Litton. Gregory J 449 

Litzsinger. Susan D 475 

Lively, Toni J 206 

Livengood. Keri J 356 

Livingston. Gail L 365 

Livingston, Lynn M 85. 372, 383, 538 

Livingston. Ronald D 439 

Lloyd, Deborah J. 192 

Lloyd. Phil E. 372 

Lobberegt, Lori A 272 

Lobe. Janet L 277 

Lobeda. Jams L 160,391 

Lobeda. Leann D 405. 466. 510 

Lobeda. Lynn C. 467, 554 

Lockbeam. Cynthia R 312 

Locke. Richard M 447 

Locker. Mitchell D 307 

Lockmiller. Kenda D 346, 569 

Lockwood, Stephan B 362, 564. 569 

Lockwood. William B. 170. 443 

Lodge, Harriet 286, 497 

Lodge. Steven D 286, 527 

Loechelt. Christina L. 365. 366 

Loeken. Chris G. 298 

Loesche, Bill A. 227. 453 

Loete, Craig E 525 

Loewen. Dan R 443 

Loft, Robert F. 229 

Loftrs. Karen D 203 

Logue. John L 197 

Lohman. Richard C 419 

Lohoefer. Janie A 481 

Loiacono. Alan M 557 

Loken. Kimberly A 350. 356 

Lokken. Frederick B 216 

Lomax, Georgia L 281.346. 518, 573 

Lomax, Louann 272 

Lomax. Nancy C 280. 325 

Lomax. Susan M 230 

Long. Betty L 286 

Long. Doranne L 143 

Long. Kenneth A, 304 

Long. Lynden G. 286 

Long. Randy L 368 

Longley, Laura L. 328. 332 

Longmeier, Ronald S 503, 530 

Longnecker. Beth A. 233, 503, 536 

Longnecker, Mark A. 222 

Longoria. Eugene R 308, 437 

Longpre. Barbara J 214 

Longstaff. Jennifer K 141,222, 520. 578 

Longway. Jan M. 310, 312 

Longwell. Dean C 218 

Look. Al 376 

Loranger. Micheal J. 173. 309 
Lorenz. Alan S 362 
Lorenzen. A Gene 163. 164 
Lorenzen. James H 192 
Loso. Lina 548 
Losvar, Blair R 272 
Lott. Joan E 309 
Lott. Nancy A. 373.383 
Lotz. Daniel B 190.427 
Lotzgesell, David W. 435 
Loudon, Pamela J 292 
Lougheed, Thomas W 229 
Loupe, Collins G. 320 
Loutzenhiser. John B. 223 
Loutzenhiser, Sylvia A. 285 
Loveioy, Loren A. 323 
Lovell, Debbie A. 157 
Lovell. Michelle L 143 
Lovitt, Shari L 462.501 
Lowe, Bryan A 425. 571 
Lowe. Sue E. 178, 373, 383, 546 
Lowell. Richard B 234 
Lower. Lou A. 227. 265, 269 
Lowery. David B 453 
Lowery. Nancy A 291.292. 464 
Lowry. Christine M. 375 
Lubbe. Deborah K 328.333 
Lucas, Jonathan G. 272 
Lucas. Larry S 272 
Lucas, Latanya J. 374 
Lucas. Philip B , Jr. 374 
Lucas. Tommy L. 339 
Luce, Joseph P. 500 
Luchini, Charles E 425 
Lucke, Dorothy L 234 
Ludington, Brian D. 435 
Ludowise, John D 336 
Ludtka, John M 435 
Ludwig. Gretchen A. 311.312 
Lueck. Mike E. 370 
Luedecke. Douglas L. 515 

Luedeking. Barbara 365 

Luehrs. Kevin G 427 

Luft, Douglas B 141 

Luick. Wanda L 326 

Lujan. Meg E 272 

Lukehart. Dan D 125. 435 

Lukens. Cathy A. 401.468 

Lund. EricC 359. 364, 539 

Lund. Gordon C 272 

Lund. Karen T 272 

Lund, Marianne 273, 325 

Lund. Mary A 204 

Lund, Todd R. 197 

Lundberg. Julie P 391,464 

Lunden, Eric R 171 

Lundgren, Betty J. 315, 503, 530 

Lundgren. Kathleen L 213, 527 

Lunsford. Larry M 449 

Lurus, Annetle E 281,344 

Lurus, Suzanne M 397, 466. 537 

Lushenko. Alice M 325 

Lusis. Maris E. 548 

Lust. Michael C 296 

Luthy, Kenneth W. 273 

Lutz, Steven L 419 

Lybbert. Julie K 316, 502 

Lybeck. Lory R 230, 504. 547 

Lycke, Charles E. 234. 566 

Lydin. Ralph E 197, 519, 525 

Lyford, Genetta M. 318 

Lyle, Kevin J 415 

Lyle, Ross G. 324 

Lyman, Cynthia L 142 

Lynch, Donald D 358, 364 

Lynch. John O 307, 314 

Lynch, Katherine E 351 

Lynd. Leslie D 376. 378 

Lynd. Merri G 389. 464 

Lyon. Betty L 291.292.465 

Lyon. George H 337 

Lyon. Kathy A 139. 228. 562. 563 

Lyon. Michael D., Jr 443, 556 

Lyon. Patricia K 141.370 

Lyon. Steven R. 523 

Lyons, Brian M 335 

Lythgoe. Teddy M 209. 523 

Maag, William D 342 
Macaulay, Brian J. 285 
MacDonald. Andrea 310. 312 
MacDonald, John J. 204 
MacDonald. Karen J 80. 230 
MacDonald. Kirk A 431 
MacDonald, Phyllis M 216 
MacDougal. Jennifer E. 399 
MacGillivray. Carl R 564 
Macho. Maureen L. 157, 348 
MacIntyre. Kevin L. 190, 317. 320 
MacKenzie. Wendy J 391 
MacLean, David C 297 
MacPherson. Craig D 441 
MacPherson, Roger K 447 
Macy, Roland E 276 
Maddeford. Marilyn J. 320 
Madden. Mary L 85. 348 
Madden. Phil B 413 
Madden, Vince W 299 
Maddox, Saflte A 227, 393 
Madison. Guy R 203, 447. 503. 530 
Madison. Nancy M 395 
Madison, Shannon L 572 
Madland. Kenneth D 197 
Madsen. Edwma K 365,366 
Madsen, Patricia A 399, 471 
Maenhout. Mary T 385 
Magnus, Guy M 447 
Magnus, Roxanne L 344 
Magnuson, Nancy S. 510 
Magstadt, David A. 415.515 
Mahaney, Sharon E 281 
Mahler. Robert L. 216 
Mahoney, Peggy H 512 
Main, Ricky A 359 
Maitland. Cindy A 354 
Majeres, Brian J 510 
Makao. Jerry 525 
Malgarm. Brent 455 
Malkow, Timothy J 176,361 
Malloy. Daniel J 197. 519 
Malmassari, Mary A. 401 
Malmoe. Diane R. 161 
Malnati. Michael C 421 
Malone, Kevin H. 304. 305 
Malone, Robert K. 336 
Malone. Robert S. 338. 502 
Malone, Sheldon L. 548 
Maloney. Brenda J 309 
Maloney. Michael A 280 
Maloney, Sean M. 368 
Maloney. Stephen E. 299 
Malphrus. Teresa L 350. 354 
Mandeil. Jon C 210 
Mandich. Robert A. 230, 553 
Mandle, Lisa M 397.470.510 
Mangiameli. Donna E 385, 469 
Manion. Kim E 294, 295 
Manley, Susan L 401,554 
Mann. Bonney J 278 
Mann, Ian C 372 
Mann. Michael L 297 
Mann, Richard P . Jr. 336 
Mannard, Audry A 397 
Manning. John R., Jr 371 
Mano. Kathy L. 292 
Manolopoulos. Anna 200, 389, 468 
Manos, George K 308 
Mansfield. Gerald C. 117.171.507 
Manuel. Barbara E. 206. 502 
Mar, James S. C 339 

Maracich, Daniel A 136,523 

Marano. Kathleen R 222 

Marashimhan, Pundi L 216 

Marble, Diane M 403, 473 

Marchese. John J 307 

Marchi. Mary K 350.355.529 

Marcksvonwurtemberg, N. 198 

Marek, Thomas P 206 

Marentelte. Nancy E. 225. 409, 478 

Margeson, Dayle L 336 

Margeson, Jacilyn R 536 

Margheim. Thomas W 302, 305 

Mancie, Richard A 210 

Marie. DeAnn 295 

Marineau. Thomas F 534 

Mannig. Cathy M 324 

Maris. Neil E 200 

Mark. Josephine N 216 

Markee. Nancy 204 

Markel. Debra L 213 

Market, Stephen M 190 

Marker, Todd D 427 

Markham, Gerald D 435 

Markin. Ron J 273. 498. 502. 510 

Markley, Richard S 368 

Marks. Grant G 421 

Marks. Michael E 423 

Markum. Ken G 285. 372 

Marlalt, Elaine A 85. 399 

Marlatt, Julianne M 197, 399, 522 

Marler, Sharon M 389. 481 

Marlow, Colleen L. 352 

Marquardt. Denise R 387 

Marr. Grant D 210 

Marsh, Jon K 423 

Marsh, Ronald J 304, 565 

Marsh, Steven G 223, 509 

Marshall. Chris 559 

Marshall. D Scot 262. 263. 506. 525 

Marshall. Fred N 304 

Marshall. Lance D 273 

Marshall. Lisa K 397, 463. 509. 521 

Marshall. Robert P 367 

Marshall. Sam 14 7, 449 

Martelli. Margaret A. 197, 397, 510 

Marlin, Brian W 534 

Martin. BruceE 197 

Marlin. Charles H. 192 

Martin. Constance J 569 

Martin. Darrel F 335. 342 

Martin. Deborah J 85. 273. 520. 547. 579 

Marlin, Debra A 311 

Marlin. Glena J 365 

Martin, John A, 377 

Martin, Karen L 348 

Martin, Keith A 328. 377 

Martin. Larry E. 339 

Martin. Linda L 193. 564, 567, 569 

Marlin, Margaret A. 375, 401 

Martin, Tern L. 373 

Martin, Vanessa L 243 

Martin, Wayne J 136 

Martinez. Lisa R 330, 333 

Martinez. Ruben 322 

Martinkus. Charlott A 317 

Martmsen, Thomas J 317.320 

Martinsen, William R 223 

Martyn. Elaine B 558 

Marwan, Aref G 524 

Maslotf. Barry W 179.417 

Mason. Carol L 273, 564, 569 

Mason. Julie A 233 

Mason. Michael R 451 

Mason. Nicholas B 359 

Mason. Pamela J 387, 461 

Mason. Steven E 140 

Mason, Timothy I 216 

Masset, Judith D 407 

Massey, Mike D 197 

Massey. Timothy C 371 

Massmann. Lynn A 322 

Masters. Christine 311 

Masters, Debra D 379. 380 

Masuda. Daryl K 197. 542. 592 

Matchett. Douglas S 413 

Mather. W Scon 229 

Matheson. Sandra M 191.501,546 

Mathias. Sharon D 146. 395. 481,502, 529 

Matney. Martin M 179 

Malney, Mike L 302 

Matney, Ron J. 303 

Matsch. Gregory A 419 

Matsen. JayD 369. 510, 512 

Matsen, Ronny C 337 

Matson, Jeffrey E 512 

Matsui. Jennifer M 379 

Matsumoto, Gary L 413, 554 

Matsumoto, Glenn Y 144 

Malta, DanC 439. 532 

Mattausch. Barbara A. 349 

Mattausch, Patricia A 123. 206 

Matteo, Dennis P 435 

Matthews. Cyril N 555. 559. 560 

Matthews. Donna L 329. 333 

Matthews. Patricia A 329. 547 

Matthews. Peter K 228 

Mattila. Carl R 146, 209. 441.523 

Mattrass. Richard L 193 

Matzke. David B 197,273 

Maurer. Mitchell V 423 

Maurer. Randy K 423 

Maurstad. Richard L 209 

Maw, Amy J. 282, 353 

Maxey. Bevan J 125 

Maxson. Nancy J 293, 295 

Maxwell. Carl A. 336 

Maxwell. DebbieS 214, 267. 512. 533. 543 

Maxwell. Diane L. 323 

Maxwell. Janet K 324 

Maxwell, Kirt E. 413 

Maxwell, Susan M 236 

May, Christine M 370 

May. John S. 368 

Mayberry. Michael W, 277 

600 Index 

Mayeda.Jayne 310 

Mayer. Debby L 1 77. 346 

Mayer. Randy A 338 

Mayfield, Craig A 197.512 

Maylield, Susan K 501 

Mayrand. Larry S 336 

Mays. Thomas A 510 

Mazur, Andy 226. 547 

McAbee. Clark 569 

McAdams. Kim R 183 

McAlexander. Megan L 351 

McAllister, Michael E. 197, 431.578 

McAllister. Michael L 147. 421.520 

McArthur. Gary J 302. 305 

McAuley, Rodney E 555 

McAuliffe. Maryanne E 409 

McAulifle. Patrick W 437 

McBride. Douglas P 358 

McBride, Jeffrey A 1 76 

McBride, Peter J. 229 425 

McCabe, Carol L 161.354 

McCabe. Duncan D 425 

McCain. Rebekah L 197. 470. 524 

McCallum. Betsy 327. 333, 569 

McCallum. Craig D 298 

McCandless. David M 371 

McCarlan, Elizabeth C 354 

McCarthy. Kathleen M. 232 

McCarty. Kenneth P 323 

McCarty. Larry T 371 

McCarty. Michael J 360 

McCaslin, Robert B 339 

McCaul, Gene C 358 

McCaulley, Thomas 193, 369, 564. 569 

McCauley, Mary F 407 

McCausland, Patricia L 405. 501 

McCaw. Laurie 370 

McCaw. Mark D 373 

McClain, Dave 176 

McClame. Sieve R 378 

McCauley. Dion 425 

McClean. Jean M 399, 481 

McClean. Susan A. 399 

McCleary. Cheryl A 139 

McCtellen. Brenda 288 

McClimans. Heidi K 488 

McClure, Scott C 318. 559 

McClure. Wendy S 218.409.534 

McConkey, Carolynn L 328 

McConkey. Fredrick W 197 

McConnell. DelorisE 356 

McConnell. Victoria L 326 

McCorkle. David T 435 

McCormack, Jack M 308 

McCormick. Jeffrey M. 302 

McCormick. Kay L. 345 

McCormick, Kelly A 403. 512 

McCormick. Thomas V 325 

McCown. Carolyn J 389, 481 

McCown. Marcia L 389. 479 

McCoy. Kathy L 379. 380 

McCoy. Mary H 197. 401.478. 503 

McCracken. James V 264 

McCracken. Jaydee L 273 

McCrory. H. Bruce 532 

McCrory. Sandra L 353 

McCroskey. Dan L 197 

McCroskey. Maggie 315 

McCroskey. Melanie 315 

McCroskey. Robert D 423 

McCulloch. Eric S 372 

McCulloch. Jacquelyn K 395, 481 

McCullough, KathrynS 310 

McCullough. Nancy J 309 

McDirmid. Patricia J. 328 

McDonald, Gwenn E. 467 

McDonald. Holly A 233. 403, 554 

McDonald, Karen M 85. 329.387 

McDonald. Kathryn J 233, 519 

McDonald. Kathy E 311.312 

McDonald. Paul W 192 

McDonald. Scott I 433 

McDonald. Steven J. 232, 514 

McDonnell. Joseph G 338 

McDonnell. Peter J 513 

McDougall. Cynthia L 395 

McDougall. Scott P 276 

McDougall. Sheila L. 347 

McDougall. Susan R 545 

McDowell. Betsy D 405 

McDowell. Kevin A. 415 

McDowell. Kirk A 415 

McDowell, Marilyn J 379. 380 

McDuffie. Matthew N 302 

McEachern, Pamela M 346 

McEachran. Douglas R 427 

McElroy, Kristina L 353 

McElvain, Kennelh R 183. 367 

McEneaney. Kevin E 309. 314 

McEneaney, Melissa L 348 

McFaddon. Paul 532 

McFarland. Gary P 158. 370 

McFarland. Judy F 291.499. 500 

McFarland. Karen J 379. 380. 497 

McFarland. William D 216 

McGaffey, William G 234 

McGee. Bridget M 329. 333 

McGee. Robin G 310. 312 

McGee. Scott 433 

McQII. Deborah R 139 

McGillivray, Patrick J 265. 269, 279, 572 

McGmley. Robert A 337 

McGinn, Shannon A 80, 285, 375 

McGinnis. Patricia 225, 399 

McGlone. Barbara R 192 

McGlone, Marcia A 317. 320 

McGonigle, Mary A 273 

McGough. Michael S 369 

McGough, Shannon M 203. 409 

McGough, Steven C 368 

McGovern. Margaret M 293 

McGowan. Gregory L 339 

Me Gown, William H 324 

McGranahan. Kathleen 123. 326 

McGraw. Karen L 276 

McGraw. Randal P. 376. 378, 500. 523, 529 

McGraw. Roger L 197.378.512.566 

McGreevy, Laurine K 325 

McGreevy, Timothy D 309, 544 

McGutgan. Margaret J 475 

McGuinness. Robert A 512 

McHenry. Kevin E 308 

McHugh. Sheila E 273 

Mclnnes. Kevin J 298. 548 

McIntosh. Tammi L 351 

McIntyre. John S. 209. 435. 520 

Me Ivor. Alan S. 304 

McKay. Anthoney K 439 

McKay. John R. 197 

McKay. Kalhryn J. 375. 401 

McKay. Mark W. 336.453 

McKean. JohnS 223, 564. 567 

McKee. Ann L 519 

McKee. David R. 223. 273 

McKee. Denise E 213 

McKee, Donald C 372 

McKee. Susan A 197 

McKellar. Shawn A 326 

McKendnck. Sharon M 225 

McKenna. Patricia A 352 

McKenna. Susan J. 273 

McKennon. Scott P 361 

McKenzie. Anne E 383.468 

McKeon, Paula R. 348 

McKerman, Ron 304 

McKibben. Karen L 233. 283, 355 

McKinlay. Reed E. 197. 427, 512 

McKinlay, Todd R 318 

McKinley. Daniel B 525 

McKinley, David C 525 

McKinley. Leo D 342 

McKinney. Janet E. 280 326. 462, 553, 578 

McKinney. John J 150.441 

McKinney. Robert M 326 

McKinnon. Diane K 330. 333 

McKinnon. John C . Jr 197 . 368.542 

McKinnon. Leonard W 342 

McKown. Christine L 473 

McLain. Susan K 117. 174 

McLaskey. William H 229. 513.514 

McLaughlin, Jan M 464 

McLaughlin. Kevin D. 339 

McLaughlin, Marsha J 204 

McLaughlin. Robert P 203 

McLean. AlanS. 339 

McLean. Jell S 298 

McClean. Joan H. 324 

McLean, Steven W. 503, 530 

McLeod, Dorothy R 273 

McLeod, John J. 223, 340, 342 

McMacken, Barton S 229, 454 

McMahon. Michael F. 337 

McManus, Kristi A 484 

McMartin, Peggy S. 379 

McMaster. William C 222 

McMillan. Jeffrey J 335 

McMillin. Danny L 273 

McMillin. Michelle M 203 

McMillin. Scott R 338. 342 

McMomgal. Kathleen A 295 

McMullen. Kent D 190 

McMullm, Kenneth E 338 

McMurray. Bonnie M 294 

McMurray. Elizabeth A 526 

McMurray. Kathleen M 379 

McNabb. Thomas P. 304 . 529 

McNally. Cheryl A. 323 

McNamara, Robert T. 519 

McNamara. Tern L 288 

McNeal, Lauri A 510 

McNeil. Mary L 206. 497 

McNeill, Dianne K. 347. 523 

McNeill, Kim A 407 

McNeill. Paul L. 197, 516 

McNeilly. Nancy J 294 

McNulty. Charles R. 437 

McNulty. Kevin J. 513 

McPartland, Kevin L. 415 

McPheeters. Anthony R 425. 477 

McPherson. Joe J. 162 

McPherson, Robert M 439 

McPherson. Stephen D 297 

McQuaid. Meredith M 375 

McQuarrie. Craig S 441 

McQuinn. Mark A 326 

McRae. Judith A. 387, 481 

McRae. Marta J. 203. 387, 472, 514 

McRoberfs. Sherie A 356. 54 1 

McVey. DavidS 125.200 

McTigue. Thomas G 451 

McVey. Lorraine A. 141.370 

McVey. Marty P. 172. 431 

McWilliams. Nancy A 197. 480. 522 

McWlliams. RobS. 443 

Mead. Daniel N 304 

Meader. Roger A 526 

Meadows. Michael E 413 

Meagher. Beverly S 238 

Meagher. Joseph B 377 

Mealey. George B 309. 314 

Means. Mary K. 401.467 

Meany, Michael P 453. 524. 553 

Mechelsen, Katherine D 323, 395 

Meckley, Matthew C 417 

Medler, Marne E 397 

Meech, Kennelh R 417 

Meeds. Denise A 141,279 

Meek, Deborah A. 353 

Meek, John M. 223 

Meglen, John E. 556 

Meier, Barbara A 85. 324. 462 

Meier, Steven E. 302, 306 

Melancon, Thomas B 210, 455. 506. 564. 


Melcher, Rick K. 273 
Mel ho use. LiseS 346 
Melfmger. Lisa L 356 
Meloche. Steven E. 326 

Melot, Sandra L 472 

Meloy, Mary E. 391.470 

Melsness. Marcia L 142 

Melton. Michele L. 323 

Melugin, Lynda R 348 

Menard. Michael J 372 

Mengedoht. John A 208, 453 

Menmger. Kay 333 

Mensinger. Deborah L 295 

Merchant, Philip K 437 

Merlich. Alexander 171 

Merlich. Lori M 238.477 

Merlino, Kathleen M 283. 356 

Merlino. Timothy G. 338 

Merriam, Laura A. 161,352 

Merrill. Mark J 264 

Merriman, JamsE 391 

Merritt. Michael J 302 

Merwin, Kyla R 330 

Merz. Teresa J. 405 

Me serve, Barbara K 401 

Meservey. Robert L 284 

Meske. Dennis J 285. 371 

Messmger. Daniel J 198 

Mest, Henry K 297,300 

Meszaros. Peter L. 216 

Metcalf. Keith A. 209 

Mettler. Cynthia A 500. 506. 510 

Mettler, Gregory H 303 

Mettler, Rick A 336 

Metz, Stephen E 336. 514 

Metzger, James S 523 

Metzger. Jan N. 387, 481.521 

Meusborn, Lisa A 1 78. 288 

Meyer. August R 142 

Meyer. David C 368. 559 

Meyer. Debbie J 291 

Meyer. Elizabeth J 273 

Meyer. James E 190. 526 

Meyer. Karen A 327.333 

Meyer. Mark C 361 

Meyer. Marla J 365. 366. 4 72. 502 

Meyer. Robert E . Jr 176 

Meyer. Susan J 312 

Meyers. Kim E. 206. 507 

Meyers. Sherri A 294, 295 

Meyers. William L 146.441 

Michael, Dan L 307 

Michael. Rebecca A 538 

Michael. Sharon L 198 

Michaelsen, Angelia J 480 

Michaelson, Marty 176 

Michaliszyn. Michael J. 522 

Michaliszyn, Stephen M 198 

Michalowicz, Peter A. 325 

Micheau. Jack B 193, 559 

Michel, Connie L. 379, 380, 513 

Michels. Kirk J 443 

Michelsen. Susan J. 405 

Mickelson, Cheryl M 374 

Middendorf, Jacqueline 391 

Middleton. Nancy D 283, 353 

Midtlyng. Kari L 374 

Miles. Danny W 281 

Miles. Melinda A 225. 385 

Miles. Prudence A 11 7 

Milholland. Janet L 137 

Milholland. Michael O 137. 383 

Millay. Robert E 367 

Millen. Ingrid C 225. 523. 572 

Miller, Anne R 355 

Miller, Beth L 315. 3t6 

Miller, Belsy 293 

Miller, Brian D 371 

Miller, Britton D 141.513 

Miller. Buddy 415 

Miller. Charles M. 335 

Miller. Charles P 337 

Miller. Christopher C 523 

Miller. Dan P 298 

Miller. Daniel D 297 

Miller, Daniel M 191,306 

Miller, Darla D 285, 372 

Miller. Dawn M 281 

Miller. Duane L. 210. 519 

Miller. Gail L. 379, 380 

Miller. Gary L 210 

Miller, George E 171 

Miller, Gregg R. 229 

Miller. Jane L 206. 507 

Miller. Janet 177, 345 

Miller. Jean M 328 

Miller. John E. 216 

Miller. John W 192.501 

Miller, Karen M. 366 

Miller. Kelli A. 330. 333 

Miller. Kevin C. 336 

Miller. Kimberly C. 323. 514. 559 

Miller. Laurie B 327.502 

Miller. Lynn E. 324 

Miller. Marks 285.372 

Miller. Mary F 330.333 

Miller. Mary M. 333 

Miller. Mary V 315. 316 

Miller. Nancy A. 310 

Miller. Pamela A 213 

Miller, Paul L 325 

Miller. Raymond L. 510 

Miller, Ronald J. 360 

Miller. Ronald R 415, 545 

Miller. Roy M 223. 377. 564, 567. 569 

Miller. Scott 513 

Miller. Victoria J 198.309.512 

Miller. William D. 198, 435 

Milligan. Ann E. 291.292, 469 

Mills. Arthur D 304 

Mills. Dale F 307 

Mills. Daniel J 523.573 575 

Mills. Keith A 276 

Mills. Stuart W 280 

Milne. James R 439 

Milner. Diana L 279. 506 

Milnes. Michael D 454 

Milton, Mary K. 204 

Mindemann. Steven W 200 

Miner. Charles M. 339 

Miner. Clarke W 423 

Minietta. Lynn A. 295. 500 

Minietta. Robin S 310 

Minium. Matt J 170 

Minnick, Louise E 365 

Minor. Larry P 198 

Minuk, Sydney 216 

Misaki. Calvin A. 299. 301,542 

Miskimens. David A 276. 533 

Miskimens. Kristine A. 226. 385, 464 

Mitcham. Leslie A. 521 

Mitchell. Cameron 171.367 

Mitchell. Catherine A. 350,355 

Mitchell. David W. 513 

Mitchell, Karen L. 291.292 

Mitchell. Patrick J. 267 

Mitchell. Stanley G 339 

Mitchell. TomS. 335 

Mitchell. ZenaL 325.514 

Mitzner. Sherry M. 233 

Miura. Steven Y. 183 

Mizoguchi. Barbara A. 344 

Mladineo, Janice A. 228 

Mladineo. Judy K. 329 

Moa. Kimberly P. 147. 329, 333. 542 

Moberg. Cheryl L . 238, 333, 465 

Moberg. Kristina A. 355 

Modica, Marc W. 222 

Moe. Kenneth R. 427 

Moeller, James C. 231 

Moeller. Todd A. 93. 510. 513 

Moeller. Vincent M 339 

Moen, Stephan C. 141.297. 301 

Moeser. Mike C. 431.502 

Moffat. Deeann M 355. 554 

Moffat. Denice M. 365. 523 

Moffitl. Patrick E. 371 

Mohler. Bryan L. 357. 361 

Mohondro. Kelly C. 324 

Mok. Wai-Mun D. 358 

Molenaar. Karen M 204 

Molina. Antonia H. 315. 542 

Molitor, Christine G 204, 397. 554 

Moll. Frederic H. 519 

Moll. Jody L. 329. 387 

Moll. Kathryn A 346 

Moloney. Mary C. 80. 407 

Monaghan, Maureen A. 556 

Monaghan, Robert D. 322 

Monahan. Victor E.431 

Moniz. Harold P. 226 

Monk, Michael E. 361 

Monlux, Clifford J. 413 

Monohon, Karrie I. 227, 465 

Monroe. Craig R 427 

Monroe. Irene K. 283 

Monroe. Jay F 377 

Monroe. Julie L 387 

Monroe. Kristi L 83. 213. 405. 554 

Monroe. Leonard B 44 7 

Monroe. Necia J 310. 312 

Monroe. Robert B 421 

Monroe. Stephen N 273, 502 

Monroe. William J 336 

Montana. Michael J 308 

Montanez. Benny 370 

Montgomery, Connie S 557 

Montgomery. Lavonne E 213. 397 

Montgomery, Tim J 302 

Monthy, Jeanne M 204 

Moon, Craig W 425 

Moon, Sandra A. 347 

Moon, Spencer W 356 

Moon. Steven L 198, 546 

Moore. Andrea B 227 

Moore. Debbie J 389, 471.501 

Moore. Deborah L. 192, 510, 515 

Moore. James H., Jr 225 

Moore, Jane E. 204 

Moore, Johnny E 141,373 

Moore, Julie A 330 

Moore, Karen J 222 

Moore. Levette410 

Moore, Michael C 225. 573 

Moore, Nancy L 481.513 

Moore. Richard K 337 

Moore, Robert J. 208, 371.506 

Moore, Stanley G 198 

Moore. Steven F 307 

Mootharl. Cheryl M 393. 472 

Morales, Maria G 387, 465 

Moramarco. Nicolo 303 

Moran. Daniel F 228 

Morbury. Nancy 529 

Moreau. Suzanne L 383 

Moreno. Jose C. 273 

Moreno. Tomas 284 

Moreside, Beverly J 273 

Morgan. Anna M 353 

Morgan. Camille A. 510. 513 

Morgan, Deborah A. 379. 380 

Morgan. Joff P 318. 320, 537 

Morgan. Laura L 403, 521 

Morgan. Lonnie E 530 

Morgan, Michelle D. 225 

Morgan. Shannon K. 227 

Morgan, Walter C. 229. 519 

Morger, Belinda G. 344 

Moriarty, Brian J. 280, 324 

Morimoto. Lynn E 403 

Morita, Glenn H. 324 

Morphew, Geoffrey B 519 

Morris. Candy L. 228 

Morris, Cynthia D. 374 

Morris. Dean J. 216 

Morris, Jeffery L. 141.308 

Morris. JohnO. 360, 364 

Morris. Karen S. 346 

Morris. Kristin A 85. 389 

Morris. Marsha C. 221.405 

Morris. Rose L. 87 

Morris. Thomas O. 339, 342 

Index 601 

Morris. ValeneS 391.479. 513. 577 

Morrison. Jeff 44 7 

Morrison, Larry D. 222 

Morrison. Linda C 174, 333 

Morrison. Scoff C 504. 572 

Morrow. Daniel S 144 

Morrow. Michael L. 140 

Morrow. Mikel J 451.535 

Mortimer, Danna L 504 

Mortimer . Mary A 85 

Mortimer. Scott R 358 

Mortimer. Susan M. 225. 393. 473. 504 

Morton. Lindy L. 310, 312 

Morton, Todd 421,477 

Moschel. Kathryn J 326 

Moser. Gail M. 203 

Moser. Molly K 379 

Moser. Steven R 198 

Mosher. Cindy L 329. 333. 579 

Mosley, Kirk T 280. 322 

Moss. Bridget N 292 

Moss. James D 337. 342 

Moss. Lyle E 198 

Moss. Susan M 292 

Motin. LisaK 279 

Moulster Janet N 348 

Moullhrop. Jody L 352 

Moulton. Julie M 351 

Mounsey. Lynn M 383. 461 

Mounsey. Peter R 421 

Mount. Charlene D 285 

Mower, John A. 528 

Moyar, Warren H 358 

Mudge. Kenneth L 298 

Mueller, David M. 209. 451 

Mueller, Jennifer J 283, 355 

Mueller. Kevin B 425. 477 

Mueller, Marc J 451 

Mueller, Michael J 299. 523 

Muhly. Dennis L 337.342 

Muir Christen E. 532 

Muir. Ruth M 344 

Muiznieks. Indulis A 150. 303 

Muiznieks. JanisD 376 

Mulhearn, Theresa M 528 

Mulit. Marianne 295 

Mullaney. Patricia M 324 

Muller . Julie A 383 

Mulvihill, Bradley J. 192 

Mummey. Liann M 346 

Mumzza. Toni L 409 

Munn. Mary K 284, 510 

Munmch. Karen A 409. 499 

Munoz. Jorge E 216 

Munro. Karen S 280, 325 

Muramatsu. John M. 303 

Muramoto. Glen V 421 

Murbach. Nancy L 502 

Murdock. Chris B 280. 323 

Murdock. Gregory J 337 

Murguia, Anaivette 86. 316 

Murphy, Bernard P 431 

Murphy. Clare L 500 

Murphy, John K. 176 

Murphy. Kathy S 325 

Murphy. Mark A. 141 

Murphy. Matthew 421 

Murphy. Michael J 367 

Murphy. Sean T 519 

Murray. Barry G.. Jr 364 

Murray. Dale W 498 

Murray. Daniel J 413 

Murray. Darnel J 286, 503. 530 

Murray. David J. 1 72. 302. 519 

Murray. Jerry L 193 

Murray. Judith L. 193 

Murray. Sylvia A. 286 

Murray. Tamela D 467 

Murray. William J 377. 378 

Musto. Jodi E 355 

Mustoe. Marguerite A 213. 552 

Muxen. Jane A 403. 475 

Myers. Brad A 198.364 

Myers. Joan E 178, 546 

Myers. John A 210 

Myers. Ken R 85. 387 

Myers. Kimberly A. 387. 473. 521.529 

Myers. Linda L 397 

Myers. Michelle R. 328 

Myers. Richard M 302 

Myers. Shelly L 473 

Myhre. Rebecca J 372. 383 

Mylinh 349 

Mynre. Wendy 401 

Myra. Robin K 560 

Myrold. David D 216 

Mytron. Carol A 193 

Naccarato. Debra A. 310 

Nadmg. Clifton R. 360. 514 

Nagao.Jeanne A 542 

Nagel. David J 302, 337 

Nagel. Patricia M 395 

Nagy. Casey A 326 

Nagy. John A 528 

Nakagawa. Ann H 542 

Nakahara. Sharon K 273 

Nakamura. Heather K 323 

Nakasaki. Glenn l 297 

Nakashima. Stuart A 373 

Nakala. Kenneth M 519 

Nalley, Cathy L. 209. 520 

Nalley, Shari L 397,471 

Nance. Donna D 288 

Nanney. Lori L 315, 316 

Nanod. Madeline J 331.379. 464. 499 

Narigi, Cristina P 344 

Narley. Denise M 333 

Naroy, Gerald S 211 

Nash. Thomas O . Ill 368 

Nasium, Jim 358 

Nathe. Katrina L 318 

Nation, Deryl L 320 

Natland, Charles A 198 

Natsuhara. Charles S 226 

Nau, Tamara J 177, 345 

Naucler. Cindy J 97 

Navle. Denise M 329 

Naylor. Gillian S 468 

Neal. Gary A 150, 367 

Neal. Kimberly J 355 

Neal, Mark J 534 

Nebolon. Paul A 142.278 

Nedervold, Thomas F 357. 361 

Neely. David 322 

Neeley. Shawn P 283 

Neese Debra K 379. 380, 474 

Neff. Louise A. 323 

Neighbors. Karen V 356 

Neiharl. Marsha J 206 

Neil. Paul E 375 

Neill. Susan R 283, 350 354 

Nellermoe, Karen L 365 

Nelly. Richard J 435 

Nelly, Robert C 297 

Nelson, Barry N. 337. 342 

Nelson. Bart D. 359, 539 

Nelson. Bradley D 371 

Nelson. Bruce I 506 526 

Nelson, Cheryl A 311.312 

Nelson. Cheryl L. 198 389 

Nelson. Colleen J 366. 560 

Nelson, Craig W 297. 415. 545 

Nelson. Dena L 281.348 

Nelson. Diane A 354 

Nelson. Donald K 265. 506. 520 

Nelson. Harry D. 223 

Nelson, Janet L 214. 387. 514 

Nelson. Joanne E 285, 373 

Nelson, John A 519 

Nelson. John A 141.297 

Nelson, John B 298. 301.577 

Nelson, Juli A 395 

Nelson. Julie L 348 

Nelson, Kathy L 469 

Nelson, Kenneth S 198 

Nelson, Kermit R 564. 565 

Nelson. Kirby D 545 

Nelson, Larry L 147 198 439. 544, 554 

Nelson, Marvin J . Jr 524 

Nelson. Michael W 441 

Nelson. Nancy C 501 

Nelson. Owen D 326 

Nelson. Patricia E 403. 466, 560 

Nelson. Randall E 413. 544 

Nelson, Richard M 441 

Nelson, Richard R 302 

Nelson, Rita A 198 

Nelson. Roberi B. 451 

Nelson, Steven C 190. 528 

Nelson, Tamara L 309 

Nelson. Terri L 379. 380 

Nelson, Timothy N 360, 514 

Nelson. Todd A. 553 

Nelson. Valerie J 310, 312. 578 

Nelson, Veronica D 312 

Nelson. William B 273 

Nemeth, liana C 218 

Neraas. Barbara L 395 

Ness. Cheryl E 401.463 

Ness. John G 336 

Ness. Mark A 208 

Ness, Paul B 150, 151.367 

Nessly, Mary K 328. 391.462 

Neubauer, Robin L. 226 

Neudorler, William C 417 

Neufeld. Helen C 393 

Neuter. David J 421 

Neumiller, James S 340 

Nevada. Lawrence A 337 

Nevarez. Robetto 204 

Nevels. Don C 125 

Nevms. Donald A 534 

Newby. Michael A 224 

Newby, Nancy A 371,516 

Newcomb. Laura K 346 

Newell. Elizabeth A 328 

Newell, Gary W 419 

Newhouse. Dorothy J 391.470 

Newhouse. Jill A 347.575 

Newkirk. Dorothy D 183, 221 

Newlin, Christina L 280. 326 

Newman. Daniel L 141 

Newman. Harry G . Ill 173 

Newman, Paul J 307. 314 

Newnam. Julie J 142 

Newton. Timothy T 367 

Ng. Andrew V M 198 

Ngeno. C Nehemiah K. 200 

Nguyen, Anh T 312 

Nham. Helenann H. S 315, 542 

Niazi, Khan A 216 

Nibler. Randall A. 451 

Nibler, Teresa J 204 

Nicholas, Kim A 273 

Nichols. Claudia J 286 

Nichols. Kimberly A 233 

Nichols. Michael K 286 

Nichols. Stephen P 198. 277. 522 

Nicholson. Debra A 365. 366 

Nicholson, Debra L 353 

Nicholson, Eric W 421 

Nicholson. Janice L 311.312 

Nicholson, Joel D 510 

Nicholson, Julie A 323 

Nicholson, Lisa K 214 

Nickels, Terry S. 308 

Nrckolaus. Cheryl A 224. 509. 544 

Nickolaus. Karen L 330, 333, 501.544 

Nickolaus. Kathy L 328.333 544 

Nickololf. Michael J 171.304 

Nicolson. Linda L 401.521 

Niebauer, Sarah J 291.292 

Nieborsky. Gary A. 211 

Niedentuer. Thomas E 359 

Niehad, Marsha 1 79 

Niehl David A 151 

Niehl. Robert E 117. 150 

Nielsen. Darcie L 178. 546 

Nielsen. Jeffrey A 369 

Nielsen. John R 454 

Nielson. Cheryl A 571 

Niemi. Mark C 173.198 431 

Niemuth. Cheryl M 351 

Niezgoda, Jay D 569 

Nihei. Lester M 542 

Niksich, Kan L 356 

Nimick. George G 340 

Nishi. Rick L 532 

Nishi. Terry G 299 

Nishimoto. Craig M 542 

Nishimura. Key 200. 273 

Noakes. Alan J 358 

Noakes, Steven F 338 

Noble. Michael K 176. 340 342 

Noel. Patricia A 213, 527 

Noerenberg. Gretchen B 273 

Noerenberg Nancy A 31 1 

Nogle. David G 342 

Noh Raymond E 542 

Nolan, Colleen J 328 333 

Nolen. Pamela G 213, 559 

Nolen. Peter S 362. 559 

Nolen. Robyn K 510 

Nolle, Hendrik K K 308 

Noonan. Edward J 505.510 

Noonan, Patrick D 360 

Noonkester. Richard D. 198 

Norberg. Marc A. 268 

Norby. Eric D 322 

Norcia. Paul A 191 

Nord. John F 298 

Nordal. Michael W 437 

Norden. Janice A. 198 

Nordman. Lisa L 227, 273 

Nordquist. Pamela S 407. 468 

Noren, Debra K 291,292 

Norikane. Nancy J 379 

Norman. Gladys G 387 

Norman. Jennifer I 505.518 

Norris. Edward H 361 

Norris, John P . Jr 361 

Norris. Kelly D 303 

Norris. Robert W 141.358 364 

Northcult. Paul E 433 

Northey Jane E 206. 503. 560 

Northey, Steven C 336 342 

Norton, Paul T 273. 552 

Norton. Susan K 309,312 

Norwood. Geoffrey W 198 

Noteboom Jerry R 304 

Notman. Ted R 378 

Notson. Edward A 564 

Novack, Mark E. 198, 524 

Novich. Monica I 291 

Novotney. Lon A. 222. 475 

Novotny. Kim A 517.558 

Novy. Steven D 193,268 

Nozaki, Lyle N 280,542 

Nuilet, Greg J 309 

Nussbaum. Gary D 285. 370 

Nwosu. Jude O 221 

Nyegaard. Lori M 294 295. 500 

Nyman. Jeannette E. 203. 291.292. 510 

Nziramasanga. P 221 358 364 

Oakes. Laurel B 409. 4 79 
Oakes. Michael G 437. 477 
Oakes. William D 304. 306. 559 
Oates. Steven J 445, 576 
Obafemi. Damam 540 
Oberg. Nancy L 399 
Obom, Robert R 1 76. 302. 306 
Oboyle, Michael D 141 
Obrien. Merle P 276 
Obrien. Michael J 376 
Obrien. Molly J 85.279 
Obrien. Patrick J 445 
O'Brien. Terry 453 
Obrien. Theresa E 344 
Obrien. William D 209.339 
Ocanaz. Maria 322 
Ocarroll. Noreen G 354, 389, 481 
Ochs. Dale A 297 
Oconnell. Evelyn F 141,333 
Oconnell, Moira J 352 
Oconnell. Patricia A. 327 
Oconnell. Vickie I 579 
Oconnor. Nancy R 479 
Oconnor. Roch V 411 
Oderman. Steven M 224 
Odle, Deborah j 345. 514 
Odom. Dave L 302. 306 
Odom. MelkorM 369 
Oergel. Mark R 193, 268. 527 
Ofarrell. Scott L 171.427 
Officer, Wayne A 198 
Of ness. Lisa 273 
Ofsiad, Patricia A 323 
Ogata. Ronald C 216 
Ogren. John A 216 
Oguntala. TheophilusA 210 
O Halloran. Janet K 350. 351 
O'Hara. Michael 454 
Ohara. Patrick K 142.304.306 
Oheron. Michael D 337 
Ohnstad. Diana L 371 
Ohrman. Scott A 445 
Ojeda. Reyes 566 
Okeefe, Joan E 273 
Okeeffe. Jean M 233 
Okeeffe. Neil E 417 

Okken, Debbie K 283. 354 
Okrent. Neil A 372 
Olafson, Eric J. 377. 378 
Olarewaju. Ebenezer O 307. 314 
Olarey. Michael J. 179, 274 
Olason, Kristi L. 333 
Olaughlm. Patrick K. 209 
Olden, CarIR 519 
Oldenkamp. Dean L. 302 
Oldright. Gary L. 198. 512 
Oleary. Christine D. 277 
Oleary. Kerri P 204. 326 
Oleary, Michael T 369 
Oliver, James R. 451 
Oliver. Jennifer L 310. 312. 553 
Oliver. Kent W 296. 298, 301 
Oliver. Tamara J 327. 333 
Ollee. David M 307 
Olmstead. Bradley A 370 
CMmstead. Frederick R 384 
Olsen. Brian L. 375 
Olsen. ChristopherL. 513 
Olsen. Craig 342 
Olsen. David A. 368 
Olsen. Douglas S. 375 
Olsen. Frank V.. Jr 340 
Olsen. Gregory F 435 
Olsen. James D. 433 
Olsen. Jeffrey N 297 
Olsen, Kristine L 276 
Olsen, Leslie D 227 
Olsen, Paula R 513 
Olsen. Robin J. 397 
Olsen. Scott S 231 
Olsen. Susannah L. 469 
Olsen. Walter R 193, 268 
Olson. Brent R 433 
Olson. Brian D. 533 
Olson. Carolyn J. 192. 502. 537 
Olson. Deborah L 374 
Olson. Donald E 274 
Olson. Duane L 301 
Olson. Edward S. 302. 306 
Olson. Frank R. 175. 198 
Olson. James K. 279 
Olson. JeflE 435 
Olson. JoanneM 198, 263. 524 
Olson. Kenneth R 198. 403, 512 
Olson. Kurt H 229.447.554 
Olson, Linda J 274 
Olson. Lori A 294, 295 
Olson. Marshall L. 318 
Olson. Sharon A. 218 
Olstad. Karen L. 330 
Olsufka. Paul S 360 
Omalley, David P 31 7 
Ondruch. Rosemary G 405 
Oneal. Barbara L 346, 536 
Oneal. Gregory T 302 
Oneill. Barbara A 510 
Oneill. Molly K. 465 
Oneill. Nora J 389. 472. 499 
Oneill, Thomas M. 370 
Oneill. Timothy K 413 
Oord. Steve J 306 
Opdahi. Catherine M. 324 
Openshaw. Richard M 339 
Opfer. Allen G. 357 
Opgenorth, Theresa M 326 
Opitz Brian E. 453 
Opstad. Douglas D 318 
Orange. John K 429 
Orcutt. Sharon R 356. 523 
Orendorft, James F. 520 
Orns. Monique M. 293 
Orr. John D 533 
Ornco. Diane M 403. 471 
Ortengren. James C 279, 531 
Orton, Terrance W 309 
Orvik. Daryl W. 296 
Osberg. Kimberley M 280. 326 
Osborn. Becky L 407. 468 
Osborn. GregoryA 303 
Osborn. Gregory A 303 
Osborn. Nancy L 230 
Osborne. Terry D 304, 306 
Osbun. Lisa A 85.373.383 
Osbun. Paulene L 409. 465 
Oscarson. Ronald E. 211.567 
Osenga. Jon R 367 
Oshea. Stephen P 368 
Osiund. Janet K 347 
Ossewaarde. Kirk L. 425 
Ossmger, Richard A 322 
Oster. James J. 307 
Oster, Karen R 309. 312 
Osterback, Carol J 389 
Osterback. John V 421.476 
Ostrem. Roger M. 198 
Osweiler. Ann L. 401.467 
Otamiri. MacDonald A. 336 
Otis, Jeffrey L 226 
Otness. Lisa C 328 
Otonicar, Matthew A 431. 500 
Otto. John L 417 
Ottosen, Debra K 324 
Ouillette. Katheryn 291 
Ouillette. Rita C 294 
Ovalfe. Rrc 559 
Ovenetl. Michael D 203 
Overdahl. Carl P 565 
Overholser, Nancy 395 
Owen. Casandra L 222 
Owens. David J 286 
Owens, Denise A 146. 327, 465 
Owens, Gloria 286 
Owens. Gregory W 233. 419 
Owens. Michael R 298 
Owens. Teresa A 214 
Owmgs, Tredgar D. 335. 342 
Owsley. Daniece A. 403 
Owsley. Steve A 427 

Oyer. Steven L. 372 



Ozerolf. Gayle L 370 
Ozmun. Karen L 230 


Pabisz. Michael J 176. 314 

Pace. Kerri L 176. 480 

Pacsmag. JeriS. 204. 333 

Padavich. Craig A 234, 263. 498 

Padden. Debra S. 262 

Paden, Margaret E 462 

Padovan, Robert A 227 

Paeth, Christina J 330. 514. 529 

Pagan. Patricia M 383 

Paganelli, Cynthia S 274 

Paganelli, Shelley A 274 

Paige. Shannon D 137.327, 333 

Paine, Anne L 393 

Painter. Kathleen M 504, 529 

Painter. Mark L 378 

Palao. Edmond 451 

Palter. Iris M 278 

Pally. Carmen 146 

Palmer, Page L 399 

Palmer. Patricia A 510 

Palmerton. William K. 211.359. 364 

Peistrup, Jill A 200. 347 

Pel. Carol A. 293 

Pell. Randy J 377 

Pelland. Mary P 474 

Pellerm, Karen A 345 

Pellicer. Joseph F 229, 262. 504, 544 

Pellicer, Mary C. 274, 500 

Pelluer, Scott J 125.447 

Pelo. Donald C 433 

Pelo, John E. 198 

Pelone. Grace A 351 

Pence, StacyL 401.472 

Pendergratt. Timothy J 376. 378 

Pendlebury. Mary L 372 

Penley. Susan C 294. 295 

Penrod. Kevin A 342 

Penttila. Wayne F 222,423 

Peoples. Martin D 513 

Pepin. Scot! D 200 

Pep pel. Lee A 431 

Perceful. Wade A 274 

Perella. Maria L 213 

Perenchio. Cynthia M 354 

Perez. Raymond M 307 

Permger. Sally J 286 

Perkins. Cynthia A 274 

Perkins. Edward L 303. 306 

Perkins. Robert H 274, 517 

Perkins. Ron P 338 

Pernick. Charles P 338 

Perrussel. Bruce K 302 

Perry. Diane E 383 

Perkins, Daniel R 514 

Perry. Jacqueline M 469. 499 

Perry. Jean E 401 

Perry. Marilyn C 310. 313 

Perry. Maurice A 304 

Perry. Stephen M 304 

Perusse. Joe R 367 

Peschel. Fred D 335. 342. 572 

Pessemier. Gregory J 357 

Peslal. Cynthia A 293, 295. 501 

Peter. Mary K 213 

Peter, Rebecca L 379, 380 

Peterman. Murry G 183.564 

Peters. Scott J 303 

Peters. Stephen W 513 

Peters. Susan M 321 

Petersen. Dave L 423 

Petersen. Debbie l 355 

Petersen. Janine M 283 

Petersen, Kenneth L 510 

Petersen, Mona L 282 

Petersen. Tamara J 263. 356 

Peterson. Carol L 324 

Peterson, Carrie L 379 

Peterson. Clifford V 210 

Peterson. Craig 1317 

Peterson. Cynthia L 391.475. 577 

Peterson. David S 361.532 

Peterson. Douglas M 281 

Peterson. Gretchen 391.462 

Peterson. James P 267 

Peterson. Janet M 141,203 

Peterson. Jay M 534 

Peterson. Jerry D 419 

Peterson. Jerry E 339 

Peterson. John S. 342 

Peterson. Julie K 389. 512, 514, 558 

Peterson. Kamilee F 324 

Peterson. Kevin 507 

Peterson. Laura G 379. 380 

Peterson. Linda A. 278 

Peterson. Lisa M. 355 

Peterson. Paul R. 554 

Peterson. R. Greg 431 

Peterson. Sarah L. 383 

Peterson, Scott G 336 

Peterson. Susan L 329. 470 

Peterson. Terry A. 264 

Peterson, Tim M. 449 

Peterson, Timothy H 361.364 

Peterson. Tom 572 

Peterson. Vicki L 283, 352 

Peth. Kim P 417 

Petiljean. Jenny L. 200 

Petkovich. Robert S. 441 

Petosa, John F 453 

PetragaJlo, Penny S 479 

Petretee. Joseph A 308 

Petritz, Jim 453 

Petrovich. Michael V 158. 298 

Petrovich, Robert 209 

Petschek. Debora 285, 375 

Pettee, Sandra K 469 

Palumbo. Paul M. 125 

Panattoni, Marcia J. 344 

Panchcowrie. Jndra 200 

Panchot. Lori A 354 

Panchot. Yvonne M 317. 321 

Pang. Patrick J. 218 

Pankaskie. Karl W. 97. 274 

Pankaskie, Thomas A 513, 520 

Pankratz. Judy C 315, 316 

Pappas, Mark A 423 

Pappas. Patricia A. 286 

Pappas. Thomas 286 

Pappin, Elise A 277 

Paquetle. David 322 

Paquette, Leonard 322 

Paramiothy. Kandiah 183. 297. 301 

Parcel. Mark W. 376 

Parcel. Wayne A 376. 378 

Pardo. Tamara A 310 

Parish, Marilyn D. 123. 161 

Park. Paul M. 415 

Park, Wendy A. 345 

Parker. Carol A. 123 

Parker, Cathleen M 233 

Parker. David C 208. 447. 534 

Parker. Deborah D 272. 555 

Parker. JaneE 326 

Parker. Keith S 209. 265. 520 

Parker. Kent E 370 

Parker. Lori L. 409 

Parker. Mary B. 283 

Parker. Michael T 191.501 

Parker. RossS 339 

Parker, Victoria I. 227, 389 

Parkhill. Wendy L 401 

Parks. Carrie S 526, 560. 573. 575 

Parks, Michael H 453 

Parks. Rhonda R. 315. 316 

Parks. Sheryl A 279 

Parnell. Mary E 365, 366 

Paroucci, Rick 435 

Parpala. Audrey G. 288 

Parr. Randy E 369 

Parrett. Lawrence D. 208, 534 

Parry. AnnM 229. 510 

Parry. Kathy J 371,393 

Parsons. Carol J 347 

Parsons. Cindy M 350, 352. 500 

Parsons. David W 439 

Parsons. Dora 8. 117 

Parsons. Kathleen M 318 

Parsons. Laura K 146. 274 

Parsons. Melissa A. 393, 476 

Parsons. Rodney N 413 

Partin. Connie M. 393, 469 

Partlow. Cynthia A 330 

Partlow. Karen M. 174. 206 

Pasquale, Peter A. 314. 514 

Paston. George C. 209 

Paszkowski. Andrew J. 210, 441 

Pate. William F 277.504 

Patjens, Jacqueline K 502 

Paton. Jeffery D 413 

Patopea, JohnR 435 

Patten. 8arbara E. 391 

Patten. Herbert L 338 

Patterson. Allen 318, 321 

Patterson. Ann M 284 

Palterson. Kevin D 225. 526 

Patterson, Larry A 1 78. 546 

Patterson. Mark E. 125. 338, 342 

Patterson, Maryjean 177 

Patterson. Paul H. 274 

Patterson. Thomas D 225 

Patterson. Timolhy R 309, 314 

Patlison, Arlene 508 

Paul. David R 360 

Paul. Jerome D 281 

Paul. Kathy A 324 

Paul. Timothy R 144 

Paulsen, Alan J 318 

Paulsen, Janelle L 365 

Paulson. James A 336, 513, 514 

Paulson, Kevin J 429, 503. 530. 547 

Paulson. Kristin A. 324 

Pavel. Jamie S 379, 380, 464 

Pavey. Richard N 369 

Pavia. Joseph P 216 

Pavia. Michael F. 265. 269. 279. 544 

Pavish, Timolhy L 433 

Pavola. Dale L 359 

Paxton. Suzanne J. 85. 326 

Paysse. Gail A 310 

Payton. Douglas M. 216. 286 

Peabody. Andrew E 225 

Peacock. Mark R. 297 

Pearce, Allison R 311.313 

Pearce, Debra L. 467 

Pearl. Sanford D 227. 267 

Pearson. Charles J K 431 

Pearson. David W 439 

Pearson. DeanneV 281.345 

Pearson. Gail A. 385, 481 

Pearson. James F 198,514 

Pearson. Karl S 303 

Pearson. Kathleen N. 204, 383 

Pearson. Lorene E 137 

Pearson. Michael W. 308 

Pearson, Sydney 349 

Pease. Daniel R. 209 

Peck. Rebecca A. 80. 407 

Peckenpaugh. Charles D 224 

Peckenpaugh. Susan J. 198. 383 

Peckham, Jean E. 122. 161. 184, 206 

Peckham. Kathy A 122. 161, 184.365 

Pedersen. Don 541 

Pedersen. Jeffrey P. 206 

Pedersen. Phyllis S 330 

Pedersen, Richard A 213, 357, 359 

Pederson. Dean M 263, 533 

Pederson. James A 443 

Pedigo. Edmon D 125, 134 

Peery, Donna J 353 

Peha. Jamie M 461 

Peltenger, James W. 274 

Pettelle. Todd R. 425 

Pettit. Gwen 537 

Pettit. Paul M 228 

Peltitt. Michael R 191 

Petty. Patricia L 329 

Peyou. Michael M 445 

Peyton, Dean H 274, 520 

Pfaff. DavidS 274.526 

Pfeiler. Jerome R 267. 524 

Pfeifer. Keith G 524 

Pfeiler. Michael L. 146.367 

Pfeifer, Rita D 227 

Pfeifer, Sandra G 328. 467 

Pfeifler. Anne W 123 

Pfeiffer. Bryan W 144. 224. 509 

Pfeiffer. Douglas A 451 

Pfeifler. James J 451 

Pflug, John F 372 

Phaneuf. Claudia R 389. 509 

Phelps. Deleth R. 346 

Phelps. Kerry J 427 

Phelps. Laurie L. 326. 572 

Phillips. Janice R 293. 295. 501 

Phillips. Judith A 327. 333 

Phillips, Karen L 387. 471 

Phillips. Paula J. 198 

Phillips, R. Glenn 421 

Phillips. Steven D 338 

Phillips. Steven W 326 

Philpott. Steve J 340. 342 

Piacitelli. Gregory M 439 

Picatti. David J. 211 

Picatti. Mike L 445 

Picha. Catherine A 365. 366 

Picha. Jean E 346 

Pickering. Sandra S 327. 383 

Pickett. George K. 377 

Pickett. Justus C. II306 

Pickett. Sandy D 352 

Pickett. Todd 117. 571 

Pieha. Jean 516 

Pierce. Cheryl L 231.467 

Pierce. Daniel J 529 

Pierce. Hollis A. 315.316 

Pierce. James E 433 

Pierce. John H 136. 230. 510 

Pierce. Teresa A 222 

Pierce. Terry S 515 

Pierson. Nancy A 559 

Pierson. Shauna C 206. 333 

Pietras. Donna M 85. 315. 527 

Pihl. Mark A 423 

Pilcher, Pamela A 330. 333 

Pilkey. Sue T 401.469 

Pillo. Cary A. 552 

Pillo. Linda M 224,383 

Pimms. Charles E 302 

Pinick. Eric Q 372 

Piper. Donald K. 497 

Pirie, Thomas E 67,203. 551 

Pistorese. Brent P 519 

Pitt. Joseph T 225 

Piftenger, SueK 351 

Pitzel. Karen M. 328. 333. 529 

Pitzel. Nancy J 226, 504 

Pivonka. Lee J 339, 342 

Ptxley. LoreneM 87 

Plampin. James A 325 

Plante, Danielle L 352 

Plainer. Deanne R. 330. 391 

Platt. Christ! L 389 

Player. Roberta D 329. 510 

Ploegman, Melvin P 368 

Plummer. Melinda 397. 467 

Plymale, John T 453 

Pock, J Darrell 234 

Podominick. Dorothy R 293 

Poe, Tamara L 401 

Poe, Terry J 211 

Poeter, Eileen P 510 

Pogue. Joyce E 330. 333 

Pohlod. Carol M 309 

Poirot. Ronald A 309 

Poirot. Steven J 309 

Polak. Kimberly A. 379. 380 

Polentz. Carolyn R 198.519.522 

Polis. Steve H. 198.512 

Polites. Janquelin F 198. 274 

Pollett. A. 283. 353 

Policy. Carmen M. 395 

Polo. Mary A 348 

Poison. Mathew C 297.301 

Polum. Starr L 198 

Poole. Bradley 223, 567 

Poolman. Peter F 193 

Poppe, John L 449 

Poppe. Keith L 183 

Porta. Leslee K. 198 

Porter, Bruce W 519 

Porter. Carol 322 

Porter. Christopher N. 427 

Porter. David S 277 

Porter. Diane E. 226 

Porter. J Reid 443 

Porter. James R. 559 

Porter, Kathy J 379 

Porter. Rhonda L 385 

Porter. Shirley M 513 

Porter. Steven A 177 

Porter. Valerie J 285 

Portmann. TeriM 204 

Post. Madeline E. 323 

Postlewait. Deneen 286 

Posllewait. John K. 211.286 

Potter. Douglas L. 453, 497 

Potter, Glenda K 330 

Potter, Judith H 327. 499 

Potter. Kathleen J. 385 

Potter. Laura L. 344 

Potter. Robert A. 230, 342 

Potter. Wendy B. 322 

Pottmeyer. Anne K 403. 538 

Potts. Sandra K. 274,470 

Poulsen. Annette B 200, 553, 558 

Poulsen. Dick A., Jr 326, 529 

Poulsen. Janelle L 366 

Poulsen. Ron L. 190,415.526 

Pounds, Thomas S. 280. 323 

Povacz. Richard J 308 

Powell. Albert E.. Jr 216 

Powell. Brenda J 86. 293 

Powell. Charles R 431 

Powell. Donnie M. 211 

Powell. George N. 377 

Powell. J Campbell 200, 435 

Powell. Julia C. 226 

Powell. Kathleen E. 345 

Powell. Laurie J 191.289, 462. 566 

Powell, Sandra E. 309 

Powell. Sheryl A. 211 

Power. Kenneth M 274, 520 

Power. Pamela K. 469 

Powers. Deborah J 278 

Powers, James H. 500 

Powers. John D 298 

Powers. Peter V 417 

Pratt, AnnS 280.323 

Pratt, Kristin K 4 71 

Pratt. Robert W. 191.510 

Pratt. Steve E. 421 

Precechtel. Kelly J 351.476 

Preece. Joshua J 445 

Prenguber, Betty A 379 

Prescott. Marley A. 80. 395 

Prescott. Marsha R 393, 555 

Preston, Diane E 141 

Preston, John T 151. 155 

Preston. Linnea C 353 

Prestrud, Charles E. 376. 378 

Prestrud. Kristotter C 534 

Preuschoft. Holly J 469 

Pricco, John V. 274 

Price. Alfred B. 179, 306 

Price. Charles H 550 

Price. Jill M 160,310.313 

Price. John S 231,233 

Price. Lori A 333 

Price. Nancy J 204 

Prince. Doug R 510 

Prince. Doyle K 299 

Prince. Dwayne A 302. 306 

Prince. Karen E 274 

Pring. Timothy S 421.553 

Pritcher. Lorna M 405 

Pritchett. Linda J 198, 393. 522 

Probst. Carolyn M 328, 334 

Proctor. Judy A 405 

Prouty, Susan C. 214 

Provenzo. Anthony J 170. 445 

Pruegschat. Otto 342 

Prufer. Rona J 283, 354 

Pruhs. Daniel F 285. 371.533 

Pruiett. Jettrey D 336 

Prusaczyk. William K 510 

Puddy. Linda L. 373. 385. 520 

Purdy. Jean E 139 

Puri. Cmdy J 280. 323 

Puro. Glenn E 209. 435. 477. 523 

Puro. Karen A 385 

Pursley. Chris A. 274,557 

Pyatt. Jettrey B 445 

Pylkki. Russell J. 377.378 

Pypkema. James 342 


Ouackenbush. Robert L. 338 

Quail. Daniel W. 447 

Qually. Richard W 340, 342 

Ouann. Michael R 144 

Ouann, Thomas A 158 

Quant. Steven L 572 

Quantz. Gary R 303. 306 

Quast. Linda E 346 

Qualier. Dan L. 423 

Quealey. Steven M. 167. 170, 171 

Quick. David A. 453. 554 

Ouigg. Anne D 183. 405. 468. 554 

Quiggle, Dawn J. 293 

Quigley. James G. 419 

Quigley. Mark R. 303 

Quigley. Mark T 337 

Quinn. Timothy S 172 

Quint. Karen A 161,389 

Quint. Robert H. 439 

Quinton. Christopher D 359 

Quinton. Cynthia J 288. 529 

Raab. Gregory A 267 
Raatz. Steven G 210.447 
Rabdau. Blaise S 229 
Rabie. Connie R. 328 
Rabiner. David L 571 
Race. Susan L. 214, 512 
Radach. Sharon L 352 
Radii. Daniel J 362.512 
Radliff. Lynn E 329. 538 
Raese. Carolyn K 330. 393 
Raese. David S. 358 
Ratal. Joanne T 370 
Ragsdale, Lauri A 198. 277, 512 
Rame. France E. 176 
Rame, Robert I. 342 
Raines. Karen I. 225, 523 
Rainsberry. Deanna L 311,313 
Ralowicz. John H. 367 
Ralston. Athena D. 203. 465 
Ramalho. Andrea L. 311.481 
Ramer. Roxanne E 292 

Index 603 

Ramerman. Lynette A. 85. 330, 334 

Ramirez. Francisco 437, 477 

Ramos. Slephen D. 374 

Ramsden. Kelly L. 177.349 

Ramsey. Jeffrey W. 164,419 

Ramson. Eason L. 125. 128, 135 

Ramstead. Dianne E. 233. 401 

Ramslead. Julie A. 294.295 

Ranb. Richard 323 

Randall. Jacquelyn D. 198, 519. 522 

Randall. Karen S. 206. 510 

Randall. Kalherine E. 409.496 

Randall. Kathleen M. 177, 345 

Randall. Larry A. 340 

Randall. Sandra L. 379 

Randall. Sharon L 328 

Randall. Susan M. 228 

Rankin, James B 376 

Rankin. Kathy L 141,379. 380 

Rann. Michael W 340 

Ransom. Christy S 407.461 

Ranson. Theresa A. 348 

Ranten. Steve W 176. 193, 268, 439 

Rapp. Gregory T. 454 

Rapp, Pamela G. 230 

Rappel. Mark A 285. 370 

Raquer, Amy J. 346 

Raquer, Christina B. 224 

Rarey. Donald S 297 

Rasar, Jeffrey D. 360 

Raschke. Suzanne 328 

Rasell, Barbara A. 503 

Rash. David A 225, 343. 534 

Rasmussen, Donald E. 198 

Rasmussen. Kathleen A 349 

Rasmussen, Linda A 389 

Rasmussen. Robert B. 136 

Rasmussen. Tamara L. 325 

Rasmussen. Timothy A. 547 

Ratclifle. Helen E 371 

Ratclifte. Robyn 407 

Rath. Stephen C 439 

Rathjens. Fritz M 375 

Ftathvon. Gregory R. 198. 264 

Rathvon. Richard A. 264 

Ratliff. John W 142.296. 298.301 

Raub. Richard G. 280 

Rauch. Andrea S. 221.310.313 

Rauch. Susan M 389 

Rauch. Susan M 324.560 

Rauth. Gary A 335.343. 541 

Rauth. Hans H 298 

Rawnsley. Kim S. 379 

Ray. Dael K. 226 

Ray. Richard L. 176. 343 

Raymond, Douglas B. 198 

Raymond. Jani M. 532 

Rea. Jeflrey P 439 

Readdy. Joseph P 534 

Reames. David G. 359 

Reardon. Cynthia E 498 

Reardon. Daniel J 125 

Reardon. Kelly A. 350.351 

Reavis, Mark A. 517 

Reavis, Paul A 218, 498. 518 

Redburn. Laura L 157. 311.313 

Redden, Ronald L 307 

Reding. JamesE. 210, 413 

Reding. Richard A 530 

Redman, Brian D 369 

Redman. KellyS. 118. 122 

Redmond. Diane L 292 

Reeber. David J. 203. 298 

Reeck. Robert N. 193. 268 

Reecroft. James 343 

Reed, Randi L 379 

Reed, Rick E 421 

Reed. Rita L. 234, 379. 380 

Reed. Ronald J 362, 364 

Reed. Steven L 222 

Reed. Teresa K 323 

Reeder. Russell K. 141 

Reep. Brien E. 318 

Rees. Curtis 0. 267 

Reese. Cooleen M. 350,355 

Reetz. Mary M. 375 

Regan. Joan M. 383.465 

Rehwaldt, Eric W 125 

Reichel. David M. 297 

Reid. Caroline 385, 469. 510 

Reid. Donna L. 198 

Reid. Joe N, 555 

Reid. Lezli J 213 

Reid. Linda K 354 

Reid. Timothy K. 175. 435 

Reidel, Stephen P. 514 

Reidinoer. Karen D. 365 

Reifel. Philip B. 125. 279, 544 

Reiger. Mary M. 395 

Reighttey. Bryan K. 323 

Reil, Frank L. 324 

Retland. Drue N. 302 

Reilly. Bill C. 198 

Relmen. Linda M. 379. 380 

Reimer. Kim A. 525 

Reimer, Margaret R. 236 

Reimer. Patricia G 318,321.508.513 

Reimer. Steven H 263. 368. 543 

Reiner, Tracy L. 291 

Reinertson. James A. 317 

Reinhart. Cynthia L. 216, 286 

Reinhart. William R. 216. 286 

Reis. Kenneth J. 224.357. 364. 504 

Reis. Ronald J. 296, 299 

Reisinger. Mark J. 451 

Fteitemeier. Michael D. 378 

Reiter. Gail E. 284 

Reiter. Jill 513 

Rekila. Kenneth W. E. 362 

Remington. Peter K. 307 

Ranch. Deanna M. 310 

Rendish. Deborah A. 274, 501.513 

Renner. MikeD. 211.417 

Renner. Ramona L 198.403.514 

Rennie, Lisa F. 405 

Renouard, Timothy J. 302 

Renschler, Craig D 522 

Repanich, Victoria L. 324 

Replinger. Brian K 427 

Replogle. Suzanne M. 276 

Repp, Julie A 407.467,510 

Repp. Kathy L 204.497. 510 

Reser. Thomas W. 433 

Retlig. Russell L 413 

Retzel. Kerry R. 274 

Retzel, MelisseA 274 

Reuter, Christopher H. 520 

Reuter, Luke 223, 520 

Revercomb, Jo A 395. 461.512 

Revis. Susan L. 278 

Rex. Thomas E 336. 512 

Rexius. Becky J 313 

Rexius. Debora R 310.501 

Reyers. Barbara R 85, 315 

Reyes. KyleR. 376 

Reymer. Sue M 279 

Reynolds. Bradley S 206 

Reynolds. Carol J 227, 393, 475 

Reynolds. John S 377 

Reynolds. Jon K. 338 

Reynolds, Lawrence B 178, 546 

Rhia, Connie 541 

Rhodes. John H 337 

Rhodes, Peggy E. 203 

Ribbeck. Richard E 302 

Rice. Cheryl A 206 

Rice. Donald E. 211.526 

Rice, Laurie L 356 

Rice. PaulT 140. 362. 364. 543 

Rice, Penny D 478 

Rice. Susan L 86. 389 

Rice. Vicki L 309 

Rich. Douglas W 449 

Richards. Gregory S. 211.435 

Richards. Jeflery J 454 

Richards. Maureen A. 274 

Richards, Robert M 437 

Richards. Tim 176 

Richards. William R 373 

Richardson. Bill L 303 

Richardson. C L. 200 

Richardson. Cheryl A 353 

Richardson. Colleen G 315, 316 

Richardson. Melinda K 391,499. 578 

Richardson. Mike C 358 

Richardson. Peter H 280, 323 

Richardson, Robin K 141.324 

Richardson. Susan W 224. 475 

Richeson, Kevin D. 377 

Richman, Lance R, 308. 314 

Richmond. Debra D 254 

Richmond. Michael S 433 

RiChstein, James K 141, 211.357 

Richter. Mark D 176 

Richter. Tim E. 336 

Rickard. Howard M. 208 

Rickel. David S. 368 

Rickel. Jeffery A 368 

Ricker. Phillip D 559 

Ricketson, Kay L. 318 

Rickey. Lola A. 462 

Rieck, Jeffery S 339 

Ried. Garry A 198 

Rendeau, Dave 286 

Riendeau, Sue 286 

Riedner. Theresa L 334. 569 

Rieger. Merri M. 80, 294 

Rieken. Michelle R 315. 316, 474 

Riendeau. Dave R. 211 

Ries, Karen L. 552 

Riffe, Tracy D 298. 301 

Riggen. Mary R. 213. 508 

Riggers. Roberta D 216 

Riggleman. Mary C. 282. 346 

Riha. Connie L 193. 389. 527 

Riley. Joanne M 510 

Rimkus. Joseph S. 437 

Ringo. Jerry A. 141 

Ringwood. Irene L. 293.295. 472 

Rinker. DebbieS. 310 

Ripple, Donna J 315 

Ripple. Steven M. 210 

Ripple. Susan P 344 

Ripple, Thomas A. 427 

Ritchie. Michael D 209. 209. 506. 510. 523 

Riva. Grant W 449 

Riva. Renee K. 383 

Rivenbark. Keith A, 357 

Rivenbark. Mike 362 

Rivers. Cindi M. 401 

Rivily, Thomas A. 454 

Rix. Renita R. 348 

Rizzuti. Randy J. 278 

Roach. John S. 309. 523 

Roark, Stacy A. 371 

Robb. David H 435 

Robbins, Donald A. 343 

Robbins. Elizabeth R. 353 

Robbins. Georgann L. 328 

Robbins. Paul M.419 

Robe. Kenneth L. 274 

Roberts. Carol A. 330, 334 

Roberts. Constance A. 379.469 

Roberts. David J 228. 560 

Roberts. David K. 443 

Roberts, Dennis H. 339 

Roberts. Gayle L. 289. 469 

Roberts. Greg H. 299 

Roberts. James K. 309 

Roberts. Joann E. 142. 329, 334 

Roberts. Karen L. 236 

Roberts. Kathleen A. 146 

Roberts. Keith w 297 

Roberts. Margie L 234 

Roberts. Maureen E. 345 

Roberts. Richard L 360 

Roberts. Sarah L. 466 

Roberts. Steven H. 506 

Hoberts, Susan L. 192. 391 

Robertson. David B. 453 

Robertson. Jann T. 214 

Robertson. Linda S. 274 

Robertson. Lorna L 348 

Robillard. Robert N. 191 

Robinett. Julie A 393. 479 

Robinette. Kenneth A 136. 137 

Robins. Katharine A. 356 

Ftobinson, Andrew M. 125 

Robinson. Anne E. 353 

Robinson. Becky L. 204 

Robinson. Charla 286 

Robinson. Cindy L. 401 

Robinson, Desmond P 216 

Robinson. Eric I. 361 

Robinson, Jon K 376. 378 

Robinson. Lee A 345 

Robinson. Michael D 309.314 

Robinson. Michael S 529. 550 

Robinson, Peter 286 

Robinson. Geraldine A. 323 

Robison. Joe A. 304 

Robison, Laurie A. 353 

Robison, Margaret K. 177. 329 

Robison. Pamela J 141,328 

Robison, Peggy 177 

Robison. Terri R. 347 

Rock wood, Russell J 338.520 

Rodgers. James D. 209 

Rodocker, Curtis E 141,298 

Roe. Cynthia D 379 

Roe, Diana L 226 

Roemer, Douglas A 374 

Roesler, Craig R 268 

Rogan, Elizabeth A 356 

Rogers. Carol A, 198, 522 

Rogers. Carolyn M. 142.350. 352 

Rogers. Charles S. 213. 425 

Rogers. Colleen K 191 

Rogers. D Todd 125 

Rogers, David E. 506 

Rogers. David W. 377 

Rogers, GeneC. 377, 378 

Rogers. Jerrie L 85. 315. 316 

Rogers. Mark S 431 

Rogers. Scott R 276 

Rogstad, Mark L 200, 423 

Rohde, Peter H. 376 

Rohe. Ronald H. 225 

Rohlman. Richard W 323 

Rohr. Kurt A. 308 

Rolie. Connie J. 327. 334 

Roll. Robert D 158, 159 

Roller. Thomas S 274 

Rollins. Robin L. 501 

Rdoff. Terren M 228, 572 

Rolph. Debbie E 141 

Romamck. William B. 1 76, 297 

Romano. Jill 0. 317 

Rombouts. Ernestine J. 285. 372 

Romero. Buddy 322 

Romero. Robert F. 504, 571 

Rommel. Steven P 526 

Romppanen, Eric P. 140, 361 

Ronhovde, Svend 449. 476 

Ronnback. Randy R 433 

Ronnestad. Molly A 277 

Ronmng, Lena M 313. 501 

Rono, Henry K 118. 119. 120. 162. 163 

Rooney. Katherine A. 200 

Roose. Eric M 340. 343, 572 

Roosendaal, Sally K 383, 471 

Ropp. Jeffrey R 301 

Roppo, Monica R 354, 527 

Rosaia, Judy L 274 

Rosandich. Mary E 371 

Rosbach. Mark A 297 

Rosbach. Vernon F 299 

Rose. Cynthia A 274 

Rose. David S 170. 368 

Rose. Judy A 216 

Rose. Julie K. 313 

Rose. Laura D 401 

Rose. Steven S 192. 308 

Roseborough. Kevin P. 336 

Roseburg, William S 526 

Roselli, Teryl M 385. 465 

Rosendal. Russell E 299 

Rosenkranz. Jane l. 274 

Rosenkranz. Ruth 0 329 

Rosenthal. Karla S 310, 313, 508 

Rosenzweig. Alan B. 285. 374 

Ross. Bradley S 439 

Ross. Craig W 173 

Ross. Eric P. 141.343 

Ross. Joan M. 463 

Ross. Patricia A. 214. 294 

Ross. Rockford J. 216 

Ross. Rocky J. 193 

Ross. Thomas E 303 

Ross. William E 210.423 

Ross. William T. 373 

Rosser. Cecelia L. 399. 481 

Rossi. John L. 421 

Rossides. Orestis 262 

Rossman, Lori L. 513 

Rossman. Lynne M 94. 98 

Rostan, Grant W. 192 

Rostan, Nancy L. 191 

Rostykus. Walter G 234 

Roth. David M 437 

Roth. Deborah K 349 

Roth. Scott T. 306. 337 

Rothgeb. Kenneth D. 297 

Rothstrom. Doris G. 146. 391 

Rotko. Karen L 92. 93. 233 

Rough. Deborah E 291.292.472 

Roulston. William S 298 

Ftoundy. Scott R 427 

Rouse. Karen M 389. 468 

Rova. Vicki L 141,294.295 

Rowe. Barbara J. 278. 500 

Rowe. Gregory W 453 

Rowe. Michael 198, 427 
Rowe. Patricia A. 234. 291.498 
Rowe. Sharon M. 399 
Rowell. Douglas P 415 
Rowlands. Bruce H 429 
Rowles. Stephen D 376. 378 
Rowlett. Nancy D 316 
Rowley. John C 526 
Roy. Mark L. 191.262.477 
Roy. Rich 340 

Rozell, David A 562. 563. 565 

Ruane. Michaele A. 354 

Rub, Gordy 304 

Rubbelke. Dale J. 338 

Rubendall. Richard J. 210 

Rubenthaler. Laura R 309 

Ruckle. Cathryn A 469 

Rudberg. Paula M 225. 572 

Rudd. Diane M 380 

Rudd. Laura E 379. 380 

Rudd, Robin K 478 

Rudd. RosanneL. 311,313 

Ruddy . Deborah J 291.292 

Ruddy, Judy A. 325 

Rudolph. James D 534 

Rudy, Kelly A 399 

Rudy. Scott M 421 

Ruehl. Kathleen A 389 

Rueppel. Jennifer L. 283. 356, 465 

Ruffin. David J 210 

Ruh. Gordon J 263 

Rumble. Kyle C 526 

Rummel. James R 192. 449 

Rumpza. Denise M 213, 508 

Rundle. Denis A 281 

Rundle, Kenneth E 368 

Runyan. Paula J 226, 519 

Ruppel. Vicki E 226 

Rusche, Arthur D 211,277 

Rusche, Peggy M 348 

Rush. Catherine A 218 

Russell. Armistead G 359 

Russell. Colleen F 385. 480 

Russell, Daryl A 297 

Russell, Elizabeth A 85. 385, 465. 559 

Russell. Joanna L 407 

Russell. John D 309 

Russell, Kristen J 283. 351,469 

Russell. Lee M 437 

Russell, Michael D 274 

Russell. Paul T 427 

Russell, S Lorri 85, 372 

Russell. Ted 176 

Russell, Vern K 522 

Rust. Amy A. 122, 142.280 324 

Rust. Elizabeth E 122, 142, 322 

Ruther. Thomas R , Jr 274 

Rutherford. Julia R 295 

Rutherglen. Grant W S 308 

Ruthford, Jackie K 352 

Ruud. Kenneth J 297 

Ryan. Gale L 385, 480. 500 

Ryan. Greg P 216 

Ryan. Kelly A 293, 294 

Ryan, Mike T 324 

Ryan, Patrick M 198, 373 

Ryan. Thomas A. 208. 534 

Rybock. Paul H 571 

Ryder. David O. 510 

Rynning. David L 367. 559 

Rypkema. James 337 

Saad. Jeffrey R 447 
Saan. Patfi A. 203 
Sabin. Jack C 303 
Sachs. Shelley M. 365 
Sackmann. Marcy A. 370 
Sac kville-West. Wm D 198 
Sadler. Elizabeth L 334, 503 
Saelens, Mark J 337 
Saelens, Michele A 349 
Saenz. Melissa K 285 
Sage. Nancy J 345 
Sakaino. Randal Y 542 
Sakaue. Dean T 183, 542 
Sakuma. BryanS. 190 
Salberg. Robert M 193. 274 
Saldin, Susan J 200 
Saldua, Syvtia L 365. 542 
Salee. David A. 304 
Sail. Cheryl P. 373. 393 
Salinas. Elias 338, 343 
Salisbury. Leslie E. 350. 353 
Salisbury. Randall C 208 
Salley. Tim W 441 
Salminen, Seppo J 515 
Salt. Nancy J 204.407.497 
Salternik. Patricia 221 
Saiu. Heidi M. 327 
Salverda. Patrick R. 534 
Salvus. Barbara J 387, 472 
Salvus. Jane A 395 
Samloff. Ann D 193 
Sample. Suzanne H 234 
Sampson. Joe M . Jr 302 
Sampson. Richard E 338 
Sampson. Scott 423 
Samsel. Rozanne H 462 
Samuelson. Michele S. 344 
Samvataro. Paul 142 
Sand. Lisa M. 365,366 
Sand. Virginia L 284. 501.523 
Santiago. Michael P 179. 277 
Sandaine. Jeffrey L 371 
Sandall. Christi A 407 
Sanden. Allison E 329 
Sander. Christine M 315. 316 
Sanders. Dana P. 327. 334, 474 
Sanders, Kimberly A 204. 346 

604 Index 

Sanders. Megan M 289 

Sanders. Melvin L 125 

Sanders. Sleven D 447 

Sanders. Susan C. 326 

Sandros. Bill N. 274 

Sands, Kimberly P. 329 

Sandvig. Marla J 276. 512 

Sandvik. Sleven E 433 

Sandvik. Tonya K. 143,286 371 

Sanford. Craig A 298 

Sanford. Ricky A. 522 

Sangl. Janice C 409 

Sankovich. JohnJ 198.519 

Santiago, Ralael 322 

Santos, Deanna M 286. 371 

Santee, Kathleen R 387 

Santos. Wilhelm 326 

Sargent, Brad D. 510 

Sargent, BruceE 142,286,373 

Sarslield. George P. 303 

Sasser. Joel S 433 

Satia. Elisara U. 141,357, 364 

Sato. Paula K 292 

Salterberg. Karen C 403 

Satterfield, David W 303, 366 

Satterlund, Nels E. 211 

Satterthwaite, Linda A 200 

Satterthwaite, W. J 523 

Saltier. Jerome A. 360 

Sauerbrey. Kristine C. 397 

Saunol, Gary W 411 

Sauve. Ellen L. 334 

Sawchuk, Stephen P. 304 

Sawhill. G. Jean 468 

Sawin, Andrew J 317 

Sawyer. Terri L 512 

Saxon. MikeD. 339 

Sayler, Jolynn K. 491 

SWendorio, Edward J 447 

Scagfia. Jill 468. 521 

Scales, Victoria A 94 

Scalzo. Gene L. 523 

Scalzo. Gmny M. 399, 467 

Scavelta, Deanna L 346 

Schaaf, Theresa M. 147. 403. 512, 555 

Schaafsma. Susan V. 216, 508 

Schactler. Dave R 203 

Schactler. Linda C. 356 

Schad. Michael J 193 

Schade. Kenneth A. 307. 314 

Schaefer, Claire M 325 

Schaefer, David C 303 

Schafer. Michael A. 198 

Schamhorst, Susan E. 276 

Schalzel. Roger P 527.562 

Schauer, Jocelyn L 198, 200. 284 

Schauller. Becky J 143 

Schauller, Casey B 367 

Scheelke. Bradley S 296, 301 

Scheib. Terrence M 279 

Scheibner, Theda V 193, 532 

Scheide, Mary E 403 

Schell, Dale J 274 

Scheller. Nancy L. 317 

Schenaker. Diane K. 213 

Scheuftele, Linn D. 527 

Scheyer, Richard D. 513 

Schierman, Adele L 226. 407. 467 

Schiffner. Robert E. 324 

Schilke. Janice M 395, 476 

Schilke. Steven L. 274 

Schilling. Frank X 360. 364 

Schilling, Sarah K 225,572 

Schimmeis. Tamara L 80. 286, 373 401 

Schmdele, Jill M 206, 507 

Schmkel, Karen E 330, 334 

Schirmer. Debbie A 329. 481 

Schlaefer. Carol A 387. 481 

Schlecht. Craig A 445 

Schlenz. Jeffrey M. 303 

Schlepp, Denise R 152. 274 

Schlonga. Lisa E 141,288 

Schlonga. Richard J 209, 317. 321 

Schfosstem. Manjane 391 

Schlumberger, Kristen 295 

Schmelz. Stephen C 141.339 

Schmidt. Caryn R 351 

Schmidt. Karla L 350, 356, 499 

Schmidt. Leo G. 274 

Schmidt, Lois A. 379, 380, 479 

Schmidt, Richard T 335. 343, 526 

Schmidt. Teresa L 214, 522. 556 

Schmidt. Terry 508 

Schmiege, Donna L 327 

Schmitz. Camille M. 397 

Schmitz. Jo A 401 

Schmitz, Michael E 443 

Schmitz. Robert W 449 

Schmitz. Sheila A. 236 

Schnabel, Michael H. 200, 562. 563 

Schneider. Bonnie S 365, 366, 479, 560 

Schneider, Debra E. 311,313 

Schneider, Diane M. 161 

Schneider, Gwendolyn M 327 

Schneider, Sandra K 117 

Schneider. Trevor 175 

Schneidmiller, Kevin E. 429 

Schneidmiller. Rodney 191,429. 548 

Schneidmiller, Ross D 429 

Schnell. Christi A. 356 

Schnurr, Michael R 419 

Schoenherr, Robin M 123 

Schoesler, Donald L 198.514 

Schoessler, Janet K 513 

Schoessler, John M 417 

Schoettler. John F 445 

Schofield, Lisa M. 327. 334 

Schoknecht, Dean W. 190.429 

Scholtes, Robert j. 374 

Scholtes. Stacie A 274, 354 

Schons, David A 411 

Schoonover, Joseph S 326 

Schoonover. Martin E 326. 569 

Schor, Kathleen M 401 

Schott, Sheryl R 463 

Schrag. GregG. 198, 274 

Schrette, TnnaA 179, 397 

Schroeder, Elizabeth C. 311,313 

Schroeder, Phillip J 531 

Schuchman. Annette L. 288. 474 

Schuknecht. Dean 477 

Schulke, Ellen M. 315 

Schullheis, Margaret M. 393. 499 

Schullheis. Marilyn W 393, 499 

Schullheis, Maureen R 198 

Schultheis. Robert A. 367, 526 

Schullheis, Thomas A. 358 

Schultz, Anita K. 315, 316, 474 

Schultz, Barbara J 502 

Schultz, Robin L 325 

Schultz. William D 371 

Schulz. Bruce E 359 

Schulz. Paula D 294. 295 

Schulz. Vicki D. 378 

Schumann, ReneeS. 178 

Schuoler, Elizabeth A 466 

Schurman, Cindy J. 282 

Schurman, Debra R 274 

Schulte. Todd M 216 

Schuttie. Sharon M. 289 

Schutts. Susan E. 204.405 

Schutz. Kimberly E 80. 344, 387 

Schuur, Carl 198 

Schwab, GraigV 415 

Schwab, Timothy A 514 

Schwartz, Don J 125. 135 

Schwartz, Linda L 198 

Schwartz, Robyn A 233, 325 

Schwartz, Walter 525 

Schwartze, Carmel J. 262, 274 

Schwehm, Carol A 213 

Schwetzer, Scott O 274. 454 

Schwenk. Kevin M 423 

Schwisow. Jack F. 199. 419 

Sciamanda, Francis T. 573 

Scodeller, Debra L 203 

Scofield. Tracy J 288. 499, 580 

Scolavino, Ken 339 

Scoll, Marianne P 356 

Sconzo, Anthony T 372 

Scott, David B 534 

Scott, Delmer, Jr. 358 

Scott. Grant M. 229 

Scott, Gregory J 190. 437, 515, 533 

Scott. Joe 546 

Scott. JohnG. 318 

Scott. Nancy 379, 380, 463 

Scon. Rick A 372 

Scott, Stanley W 304 

Scott. Tracy A. 475. 518 

Scragg. Duncan A 360, 368 

Seaberg, Eric M 433 

Seaborn, Joseph P 340 

Seabury. Betsy D 401 

Seals, Kimberley G. 139, 206, 507 

Seamans. John C. 340 

Seay, Robert L. 211 

Sebastian. Grace L. 346 

Sebnng. Martha A 177, 326 

Sechnst, Betty J. 387, 471 

Sechrist, Melinda K 214 

Sechrist, Thomas M t93 

Secor. Michael R. 179, 206 

Seebeck, DougC 191.415. 548 

Seeds, Matthew K. 199 

Seefeldt. Myron D 303 

Seefried. JohnP 167. 168. 170 

Seeman, Glenda R 372 

See man, Sonya S 344 

Sego, Daniel J. 339, 362 

Sehor. Kalhy 373 

Segura, Abel 324 

Seiler. Gregory C 534 

Seiler. Scott W 274 

Selbo. Jerry L 200, 502. 513 

Selby. Eric J. 323 

Selby. Janet J. 379 

Selby, Karen R 291.292 

Self ridge, Robert S 400. 429 

Selfndge. TamraS 85. 315, 316. 474, 523 

Sell, Carolyn A. 80. 395 

Selland. Karin L. 407. 468 

Selland. Stephanie J 407 

Selle, Dennis L. 303, 520 

Selle. Kathryn M. 347 

Sellers. Sharon P. 348 

Selor. Mike 1 79 

Semler, Sandra A. 395 

Senecal, Lori A 345 

Seng. Saumtengra 216 

Senter. Dayna M. 352 

Senussi. Abdel-Karim M. 284. 524 

Senuty. Erik J 377.378 

Serbousek, Mark M 338. 343 

Seresun. Dawn M. 385. 464, 538 

Serna, Scott 360 

SersJand. Claudia J 190.470.515 
Servoss. Rod 199, 419 
Servoss, Robert N 199 
Settle. James G. 230, 367 
Sever. Margaret C. 311,313 
Severin, Dianne L 280, 326 
Sevey. Mary L 500 
Sexson. Renee M. 365, 366 
Sexton, Brian H 433 
Sexton. Joseph P 281 
Sexlon, Melanie J 147, 387, 554 
Sexton, Peggy L. 529 
Seymour. Darrel 277 
Shatter. Julie E 325 
Shatter. Robert F., Jr. 147. 439 
Sbattler, Mark 140 
Shaker. Steven M 509 
Shamberger, Carla J 379 
Shamblin, Kenneth L 203, 425, 530 
Shanahan. Anne M.461,521.552 
Shanahan, Colleen M 374 
Shank, David M, 378 

Shanks, Carl D 298 
Shannon, Cindy M 85, 383 
Shannon. Deborah J 278 
Shannon. Patrick J 519 
Shannon. Walter M 211 
Shapley, Robert l. 376, 378 
Sharp, Jenny C 344 
Sharp, Kathryn D. 288 
Sharp, Sheri L 329 
Sharpe, Judy J. 226 
Sharpe. Sarah M. 326 
Shattuck. Julie A 282, 347. 502 
Shaub. Roann M 199. 389 
Shaver, Carol A. 200. 385, 464 
Shaw, John E 141 
Shaw, Laurie J. 393 
Shaw, Mark T. 216. 510 
Shea, Daniel S 325 

Sheahan, Cathy L 146, 203, 395 497. 508 

Sheahan, TimP 415 

Shearer, Emmett J 360 

Shearer, Gale R 393 

Shearer. Kevin H. 374 

Shearer. Steven K 375 

Shedd. Leslie A. 231,510. 558 

Sheehan. Brenda G 310 

Sheehan,JohnC. 370 

Sheehy, Stephen G. 231.44 7 

Sheen, Dan R 343 

Sheets, Kelly R. 125, 308 

Shell, Pamela S. 324 

Shellan, Joanne M 356 

Sheldon. John L 190. 526 

Sheldon. Linda J. 352, 391 

Sheldon. Mary C 222, 321 

Shellenberger. Patrick 191 

Shelly, Michael J 543 

Shelton, Laurie B 203, 554 

Shelton. Margaret A 327, 468 

Shelton. Scott 546 

Shelton. Sky R 503. 530. 546 

Shelton, Stacey 221 . 397 

Shepard. Christine M 315. 316. 529 

Shepard, Tina M 122 

Shepherd. Wendy L. 379, 513 

Sheppard, Michael L 286. 373, 526 

Shera, Sydney K. 274 

Shertey. Gloria A 122, 161 

Sheridan. John B 429 

Sherman. Cynlhia L 348, 501 

Sherman. June A 310 

Sherman. Karen D. 286, 373, 528 

Sherman. Richard D 284, 504. 571 

Sherman, Roger D 360 

Sherrell, Gerald M 358 

Sherwood, David J 543 

Sherwood, Douglas W 228. 514 

Sherwood, Lonlee 204. 405, 466 

Shields. Joanne 291,292 

Shields. John T 192 

Shields. Karen A. 516. 538 

Shier, Patrick J 1 76 

Shiley. Tammy A 282 

Shillingburg. David A 441,554 

Shimek. Robert E 501 

Shimmin. James P 208. 534 

Shine. Richard E. 498 

Shippen, Nathaniel T. 222 

Shirk. Kim J. 213. 294 

Shkerich, Alex K 370 

Shoemaker, Cheryl A 141.292 

Shoemaker. Floyd M , III 210. 454 

Shoeman. Daniel A 370 

Shollenburg. Carol M 283, 352 

Shonka. Diane C 204 

Short. Carolyn A 409 

Shreves. JohnJ 425 

Shrum. Diana C 351 

Shrum. EncJ 544 

Shuh, Thomas G. 199, 512 

Shuler. Daniel D. 441 

Shuman, Polly S. 385, 471 

Shumate. Loren W 224 

Shumway. Ladd H. 147, 443. 555 

Shupe. Stan J. 302 

Sibisi. Barbara 552 

Sickler, Brian M. 125 

Sidel, Susan A 282.344 

Sidie, Alexander S , Jr 261,534 

Sidor, Charles W 322 

Siegfried. Shelly A 206 

Siegneuret. Madeleine 143 

Siemens, J. Andrew 274 

Sievers, Lisa K. 330 

Sievers, Robert J. 369, 541 

Siewert. Brent R. 573. 575 

Sigler, Barbara A. 203 

Sigrist. Carol Z. 345 

Signs!, Mark E. 335. 339. 529 

Siler. Randy E 326 

Siler. Theresa M. 146. 201,391.503 

Silva. Z. Z Antunes D 348 

Silver. Grace P 157. 328 

Silver. Stacey A 294. 295 

Silverman, Jody L 283. 356 

Silvestre, Andales C. 216 

Simanton. James B 419 

Simanton. Laura L. 389, 472. 529 

Simbe. Brett R 451 

Simek. James E 303 

Simmons, David P 449 

Simmons, Deniece 311 

Simmons, Denise 403 

Simmons, Julia C 346, 500 

Simmons, Kathleen A. 284, 467 

Simmons. Lynelle 395 

Simmons. Randal D 125 

Simon, Jerry K 530 

Simons. Norman H 142 

Simons, Robin S 1 76 

Simonson, Jack R 517, 558 

Simonson, Michael H 193, 268 

Simpkins. James S. 375 

Simpson. Beverly L 310, 313 

Simpson, Bryce E. 339 

Simpson. Cappi J. 310. 313 

Simpson, Daniel E . Jr. 208. 534 

Simpson, Ed 343 

Simpson, jadene A. 370 

Simpson, James A. Jr. 377 

Simpson. Joel E 449 

Simpson, Kristie L. 236 

Simpson. Pamela S 350, 351.476 

Simpson, Sheri S. 204, 288 

Sims. Andrea H. 512 

Sims. Ann M 274. 526 

Sinclair, Richard H 199,522 

Singletary, Rick L. 199, 522 

Singletary, Tami M 283 351 

Sinks, Daniel T. 336 

Sinnott. Holly J 295 

Sipes, Lonn A 453 

Sires, Karen J 213 

Sires. Mark J 335, 343 

Siridakis, James P 231.277 

Sirjord. Donna L 351 

Sivich. Lorrie J. 4 75 

Six. Laura L. 313 

Skaer, William A. 439 

Skaer, Gregory H 441 

Skagen, Douglas M 199, 421 

Skagen, Jack B. 298 

Skagen, Tammy J. 313 

Skalabrm, Theresa A 282, 344 

Skansi. Leanne M 326. 465 

Skavdahl. William H 429 

Skinner, Gregory J 158.159 

Skinner. John M 336 

Skinner, Kimberly C 228, 379, 380 

Skinner. Megan A 327, 475, 573 

Skinner, Shannon J. 370 

Skog. Arne J. 231,453 

Skoglund, Patricia G. 348 

Skok. Dennis J. 564 

Skolrud, Karri R. 352 

Skolrud, Kevin D 336 

Skrinde, Kristine L 291.292 

Sknvan, Douglas L 298 

Slachler. Shannon I 389, 467 

Slagle, Sylvia E 87. 322, 383 

Slater. Coleen T 294. 295 

Slater. Gary L 266,525 

Slater. Randal A. 208. 534 

Slater, William R 510 

Slaughter. JanL. 232 

Sleeper, Bradley D 1 76, 206 

Sleight, David R 411 

Sleight, Pamela C. 213 

Slessman, Deborah A 315. 316. 559 

Sloane. Kathy L 407 

Slominski. William G 447 

Slonaker, Alan L 275 

Slothower, Jeffrey D. 413 

Si usher, Stewad M 233. 281 

Slye. Joseph G 199.512 

Small, Coleen E 322 

Small, Monica L 183. 344 

Smalley. Brian D 199,524 

Smalley, Rebecca R 96 

Smeltzer. Elaine M 284 

Smeltzer, Sally J 295 

Smettle, Kathleen A 231 

Smick, Alan R 190 

Smick. Bradley E. 226. 301 

Smick. Margaret A 353 

Smilamch, Dorothy A. 137. 206, 391 

Smith, Barbara T 283. 356 

Smith, Bill C 158. 302 

Smith. Brian E 317, 321 

Smith, Bruce C 275. 498. 504 

Smith, Cameon M 80, 343, 393 

Smith. Carolyn L 193 

Smith, Casi C 387. 467, 555 

Smith, Chad 193 

Smith. Charlene L 397 

Smith. Chris 376, 565 

Smith, Coralie 380 

Smith, Cynthia I 123,161 

Smith, Cynthia L 199 

Smiih. Daniel A. 572 

Smith. David B 210. 359. 364 

Smiih. David H. 530 

Smith. David J M 275 

Smith. David L. 503 

Smith, Debra G. 510 

Smith. Denise I 476 

Smith. Douglas A. 371 

Smith, Douglas M 449 

Smith, Douglas M 199, 556. 574 

Smith. Duane L. 337 

Smith, Gary A. 433 

Smith, Guy C. 378 

Smith, Howard C., Jr. 532 

Smith. JamesK 141.307.314 

Smith, Janet C 370 

Smith, Janice L 407 

Smith. Jeanine M. 525 

Smith, Joe F 555 

Smith. Katherine J. 501.538 

Smith. Kathryn M 462 

Smith. Kathy A. 123. 327 

Smith, Kathryn M 141 

Smith, Kelly M. 299 

Smith, Ken G. 427 

Smith. Kimberly K. 226. 555 

Smith. Lance C. 373 

Smith, Leeanne 203, 389, 463 

Smith, Lon J. 203 

Smith. Mark A 453. 500, 554 

Smith, Melissa M 232. 407 

Smith, Michelle D. 324 

Smith, Randell V 209, 437. 533 

Smith, Robed C 335.339 

Smith. Robin C 289, 508 

Smith. Sandra J 143, 234, 275. 276 

Smith. Sandra J. 470, 510 

Smith. Scott D 453 

Smith, Scott D 199. 435 

Index 605 

Smith, Sheri G 208, 289 

Smith. Sherwood E. 337 

Smith. Stanley J 216 

Smith, Stephen W 191 

Smith, Steven L 275 

Smith, Steven L 210 

Smith, Steven R 336 

Smith, Susan M 221 

Smith, Susan M 157. 292 

Smith, Susan S 346 

Smith, Tamara D 352 

Smith, Teresa M. 533 

Smith. Tim P. 308 

Smith. Victoria C. 200 

Smithson. Richard A 439 

Smitman, Gregory E 193 

Snider. Craig W 216 

Snider, Donald L. 337 

Snider, James E 1 70 

Smder. Keith W 337 

Snider, Kimberly K 397 

Snider, Roland D 204, 338 

Snook. Douglas R. 359. 539 

Snow, Christine A 352 

Snow. RitaM 328 

Snow, Mike T 125 

Snyder. Barbara S. 502 

Snyder. Eric 167. 169 

Snyder, KunisD. 231.553 

Snyder, M Francesca 311 

Snyder, Margaret A. 370 

Snyder. Teresa A. 282, 346 

Snyder. Terry R. 303. 306. 532 

Snyder. Thomas D.. Jr. 199. 437. 517 524 

Snyder. Vann J 67. 550 

So. Kuen K 552 

Sobczyk, Mary J 327. 559. 560 

Sobczyk, Patricia A. 157. 161 499 

Sobotka. Jill A. 283, 352 

Sobotta. Julie M. 286, 372 

Soderlund. Gary K 263 

Soenke, Karen E. 275 

Soenke, Paula L. 199. 514 

Some. Ten L 374 

Sola. William E 275. 522 

Solberg, Ingrid M 221,389 463 

Soller, Susan J 291.292, 465 

Solomon. William W., Jr 199. 417. 477. 512 

Solowan. R. Jaye 193 

Soltero. Julie A 379, 380. 468 

Somers. Judith E. 225. 504 

Somers, Steven G. 264 

Somerville. BoW. 336 

Somerville. John E . Jr 439.523.544 

Sommer. DianeG. 283. 350. 354. 500. 523 

Sommer. Philip H 419 

Sommerteld. Shelley D.286.373 

Sommers. Linda C. 294,295 

Sondheim, Michael S. 423 

Sonetz, Cheryl L. 141, 191 

Songer, Susan B 510 

Sonntag, Sharma L 315 

Soo. Dereck R. 522 

Soos. Steven L. 361.364 

Sorensen, Dale R. 308 

Sorensen, Lori A 139, 507 

Sorensen, Lyn D 277 

Sorenson, Greg A. 506 

Sorenson, Karen A. 282. 347, 508 

Sorlie, Marcus E. 373 

Sosa. Elda C. 216 

Southard, Remi W. 337, 343 

Southern, Darla J 353 

Southern, Gary B. 218 

Southworth. Molly A. 403 

Souza. Christine A 334 

Spada. Maryanne L 275 

Spadoni. Mark A. 427. 477 

Spadom, Susan M 288,501 

Spaetig. Chad L 281 

Spalding. D Scott 362 

Spangler, Mary R. 213 

Spanjer. Frank D. 275 

Sparhawk. Patric R. 275 

Sparman. Heidi J. 325 

Spearow. Ralph G. 303 

Speer, Steven J. 299 

Spencer. Michael B. 371 

Spencer, Paul F. 374 

Spiegelberg, Carol L 183. 327 

Spillman, Harold G. 199 

Spillman, Linda L. 236 

Spillum, Jann F. 291 

Spink. Dennis M. 361 

Splane, Howard S. 360 

Spolek, Candyce A. 372 

Sporleder. Margo A. 290 

Sporn. Jay D. 443 

Sprague. Randall B. 211.506 

Sprague. Vickie L. 278. 578 

Sproul, Diane L. 291.380 

Sprute, Karen A. 288, 504 

Sqenz. Melissa 37 1 

Squires. John P. 297 

Srock. Lise A. 325 

Srystal, Dave 544 

St. Clair, Chan J . IV 224. 427 

St Clair. VernC.. Jr. 277 

St Hilaire. Joan E. 309 

St. Pierre. PaulG. 164 

St Pierre. Suzanne T. 183 

Slabb. Peter 373 

Stacer, Kathleen J. 329. 334, 469 
Stacey. Mary A. 375 
Stadick, Deborah L. 292 
Stafford. Douglas C. 199 
Stage. Janet E. 347. 499 
Stalder, Kathy S. 329 
Staley. James E. 369 
Stallard, Robert L. 222. 376. 378 
Stallbaum. Sydney A 283. 355 
Stambuk, Brian A 337 
Stamm, Karen A 214. 4 78 
Stamm. Laura B 183.290 

Stamschror, Cecilia J. 214. 512, 538 543 

Stan. Charlotte M 293. 295 

Standaert. Kathleen A. 351 

Standaert, Steve M 302. 498, 500 

Stanfield, Perry H 372.523 

Stangle. Gregory C 437. 560 

Stanley, Leanne M. 349, 526 

Stanley. Ronald P 339 

Stansbury. Steven S 302 

Stanton, Robert B 171 

Stare, Patrick S 147.427 

Stark. David J 367 

Stark. Debbie F 370 

Starkie. Belindas 510 

Starks. William F 199. 445 

Starner. Daniel L 158. 299 

Starr. Donna L 356 

Starr. Roland C 545 

Starry. Arthur A 372 

Starlm. Eric E 336 

Stassihos. Gail 291 

Stavig. Sandra E 405. 471,536 

Stay, Andrew H 565 

Steach. Steven G 210, 335, 343 

Stebbins, Martha E 324 

Steele, Barrie E 179.275 

Steele. Joseph A 298 

Steen. Sharon L. 403 

Steensma, John W 429 

Steffens, Mark S 325 

Stembach. Teena P 530 

Stelovsky. Jan 216 

Stelter. Walter A. 417 

Stenchever Marc R 337 

Stene, Deanna 313 

Stephens, William D. 199. 447 

Stephenson. Blame J 326 

Stephenson. Deborah K. 221.550 

Stephenson. Ronald R 376 

Sterling. Brian L. 210 

Stern. Jeffrey M. 378. 559. 572 

Sternagle. Debi 286 

Sternagel, Rodney D. 286 

Sterner, Ruth A. 85. 283. 356 

Stevens. Barbara K 315 

Stevens, Claudia A. 517. 558 

Stevens. David J 413 

Stevens. John C 275 

Stevens. Kelly A 326 

Stevens. Michael J 358 

Stevens. Stacy L 275 

Stevens. Lynette 348. 514 

Stevens. William L.. Jr 564. 567. 569 

Stevenson. Bill 144 

Stevenson. Diane I 283. 353 

Stevenson, Karin M 379, 380, 538 

Stevenson. Laurie A. 203 

Stevenson, Susan J 279 

Steves. Linda D 349 

Stevick. Eric F 361 

Stevick. Lisa L. 355 

Stewart. Chris J 377.378 

Stewart. Daniel D. 191.501 

Stewart. David R 229. 427 

Stewart, James A 302.306 

Stewart, Marvin D 216 413 

Stewart, Michael B 337 

Stewart, Patrick L. 431 

Stewart. Tod A. 298 

Stewart. William R. 225. 559 

Slice, Patrick U 372 

Stickel. Bryan A 297 

Sticklm, Karen A 275 

Sticklm. Kathleen L. 290 

Stidham. Gregory A. 303 

Stiebntz. James A 275 

Stierlen. Patrice G. 354 

Slimson, Jeftery J 183 

Stinson, Scott E. 303 

Stmtzi. Gerald R 358 

Stirn. Debra C 350. 463 

Stirpe. GinaM 375 

Stivers. Carolyn P 199 

Stiverson. Jeff H. 513 

Stixrud. Heidi A 203 

Stocker. Bradley G 443 

Stocker, Carol E 365.366 

Stocker, Kathleen M 141 

Stocker, Steven R 228. 231.443 

Stocking, Jeffrey P. 199 

Stockman. Sally A 329. 334 

Stockschlaeder, M 216 

Stohr, Mary K 372 

Stojack. Ronald J. 211.423 

Stone. Barbara A 226 

Stone. Deanna l 311 

Stone, Jeffrey M 451 

Stone, Michael L. 208. 417, 534 

Stone, Michelle L. 344 

Stoney. Sherie K. 226. 292 

Stong, Fred S. 425 

Storey. Casey M. 407 

Story Tanya M 310. 313 

Stott. Tracey F. 498 

Stover. Janet L 371 

Stowe. Theresa E 471 

Stowe, Thomas P. 423 

Stowed. Jeffrey W. 296, 301 

Strain. Gerald T 284 

Strand. Gunnar J 443 

Strand, Michael S 443 

Strand, William C 360 

Strang, Lynda M 370 

Strang, Mary M 328 

Strate, Vicki L. 405 

Strawn. Kimberly K. 206 

Strenge, Susan A 87. 225. 399, 463 

Strickland. Linda M. 559 

Strickler. Jack F 210. 449 

Strmsky, Richard J. 417 

Stroh. Rachel A 213. 508 

Strohmaier. John F. 421 

Strohmaier. Thomas 199, 421 

Strom. Susan E 327 

Strong, Norman H 208. 286, 534 

Strong, Sharon K. 199. 503. 514 

Strong. Sue 286 

Strotz. Deeann l 263. 263 

Strozyk, Randall L 336 

Struckmeyer, Ken 176 

Struiksma, Robert J. 150. 302 

Struthers. Mary K 374.401 

Stubbs. Jene A. 351 

Stubbs. Steven M. 361 

Stubsten, Douglas W. 340,343 

Stuckey. Alan 413 

Stucki, Jennifer J. 334 

Studer. Brenda G. 311 

Slueckle, Kiri R. 357. 364 

Stuhrman. Mark C. 368 

Stull. Janice K 227.393 

Stump. Kimberly E. 282, 348 

Stump. Kristin E 379,391 

Stumpf, Marie C 328 

Stumpf. Rebecca J 387,471 

Sturdivant, Leslie M 397, 463 

Suacek. Sue 40 

Suazo, Dora 322 

Sudar. Robert A. 216, 326 

Sudduth, Bob H. 360 

Suder, Joan M. 80, 393 

Sugars, Elizabeth A. 174 

Suhadolmk. Ann D. 397, 463 

Suhadolmk, Carol J. 353 

Sulley. Jana L. 291.292 

Sulims, Karen L 409 

Sullivan, Brian 125 

Sullivan, Cathy L. 206 

Sullivan. Erin K. 283. 355 

Sullivan. Juli M. 137. 328. 334 

Sullivan, Kevin F 451 

Sullivan. Lynn M. 372 

Sullivan, Neal J. 338, 343 

Sullivan Peter E 303 

Sullivan, Thomas J 158, 449 

Summerford. John W. 308, 314 

Summers. Egil K. 301 

Summers. James R 417 

Summers. Mary E 395 

Summers. Scot! D 415 

Summer son. Ann 497 

Sumner, George W. 419 

Sumner. Julie M. 348 

Sumner. Sheila K. 403, 480. 512 

Sundquist, Bruce V 435 

Sundquist. Carl S 225 

Sundquist, Stephen J 338 343. 510 

Surdyk, Jerry E 453, 533 

Surgeon. Camille K. 290 

Surridge. Stanley S. 527 

Sutch. Nancy E. 351 

Sutherland, Ann E. 283. 356 

Sutherland. Craig A 323 

Sutherland, David P. 357, 361,364 

Sutherland, Lori A. 123, 329 

Sutherland, Steven M 357,364 498 

Sutliff. John K. 343 

Suttell, Louise L. 309 

Suzuki, Yoshio 216 

Svalstedt. Glen A 199 

Svendsen, Arne K. 304 

Swalm. Ricky L. 117, 143. 216 507 

Swan. Kelly N. 336 

Swan. Laurie L. 204. 391 

Swanland. Susan M. 346 

Swannack. Charles J. 4 1 5 

Swannack. David L 323 

Swanson, Debbie L 288 

Swanson, Donald M. 372 

Swanson, Eric C 338 

Swanson, John K 376 

Swanson. Sandra L 403. 481 

Swanson. Scott E. 193.433 

Swarthout. Jeff C 453 

Swarts, Jacqueline M 370 

Swartz, Charlie 144 

Swartz, Garry 275 

Swanz, William D 571 

Sweeney, Daniel J. 433 

Sweeney. Janice M 344 

Sweeny. Patrice M 501.531 

Sweet, Scott P. 125 

Sweitzer, Keith L 445 

Swensen. Caron E 383, 521 

Swenson. Douglas E 1 79 

Swenson. John D. 301 

Swenson. Susan M. 464 

Swieso. Karen A 232, 284 

Swift, Alexis Y. 290. 513 

Swift, Stephen D. 514 

Swift. Steven M 125 

Swoope, Scott C. 417 

Sword. Pamela M 471 

Sykes. Gregory M. 125 

Sylvester. Jma M. 283. 355 

Sylvester. Jodi L. 350, 355 

Sylvester, Sandra K. 288, 474 

Sylvester, Stephen X. 533 

Sytton, Mike 317 

Sze-Pangchiu. Edmond 377 


Tabbara. Cecil K. 216 
Tachuk. Gordon W. 343 
Tackett. Richard D. 216 
Taflmger, Richard F. 93. 95. 98 
Tai. Alan S. 413 
Taira. SharonS. 542 
Takashima. Jeannette G. 221 
Takehara. Stan K. 216 
Takeoka. Lisa 318 
Takeoka, Lori 326 
Takisaki. Walter D. 514 
Talbot. John C. 562, 563 

fall. Sandra L 344 

Talley, Juliena M 288. 469 

Tamada. Caroline M 510 

Tamura. Patricia L 214 

Tan. Peter 286 

Tan. SuatL B 310 

Tanabe, Laura K 538 

Tanaka. Hiroshi 210 

Tang, Alice 310 

Tanigawa. Susan J 401 

Tanner. Stacie E 318 

Tanner. William D. 206, 437. 517 

Tanselli. Matt A. 451 

Tantimedh, Orathai 334 

Tarver, Donna R. 265, 269, 275, 575 

Tasker, Louis E. 178 

Tate, Bruce L 199,427 

Tate. Gary E 125, 335 

Tatum, Alan S. 559 

Taufen, Donald W 447 

Tavares, Maria S. 334 

Tauler, James 453 

Taylor, Andy L 296 

Taylor, Bradley G. 421 

Taylor, Bruce G. 537 

Taylor. Charlotte J. 325. 476 

Taylor. Cheryl D. 387. 481 

Taylor, Dalyce E 311 

Taylor, James A. 279. 281 

Taylor, Marcia A. 123, 567 

Taylor. Margaret L 293, 295 

Taylor. Martin A. 371 

Taylor, Michael L. 540 

Taylor, Robert O 429 

Taylor, Ronald E. 280, 323. 447 

Taylor, Steven G. 199, 302. 306 

Taylor, Susan D 283 

Taylor, Susan D. 405. 533 

Taylor. Tia J. C 85, 397 

Teagarden. Charles R. 567 

Teberg, Elisabeth 183. 290 

Teberg, John E 183, 229, 368, 545 

Tederman, Mary E. 329, 334, 499 

Tefft. Paul L. 200. 429 

Teitzel. Donne F, 282. 345 

Tel lessen, Patti A. 263 

Tellefsen, Tom P, 263. 370 

Tempel. Mark A. 362 

Temsta. Jeannette 288 

Teppo Susanna L 347 

Terkla, Robert T. 413 

Terkla, Tamara J. 276. 555 

Teselle. Julie G 294 

Tesmer, Cindy L. 146. 291.292 

Tessem. John H. 151 

Tessier, John P. 142, 360 

Thacker, Daniel J. 1 72, 443 

Thackray. Mark R. 335, 343, 529 

Thamm, Lynn M. 501,531 

Thayer, Constance J 401.553 

Thayer. James P. 367 

Therriault, Paul A. 339 

Therrien. Greg P 54 7 

Thie. Brian D.441,477 

Thiede, David R. 318 

Thieme, Steven G. 125 

Thies. Trevor H. 209, 449, 523 

Thmger. Shannon 286 

Thirtyacre, James R. 435 

Thirtyacre, Kathy A. 225. 403. 576 

Thirtyacre, Ronald L 447 

Thoennes. Catherine S. 231.393 

Thoennes. John L. 439 

Thomas, Brett C. 336, 343. 413 

Thomas. Carly 284. 569 

Thomas, David A. 368 

Thomas. Dwight E 498 

Thomas. Errol A. 183 

Thomas. Janene R. 366 

Thomas. Jody L 232, 407 

Thomas. June A. 311 

Thomas, Kathryn M. 203 

Thomas, Kevin A. 209, 427 

Thomas. Lynne K 225. 502. 526, 573 

Thomas. Marcy A 87. 355 

Thomas, Mary E. 350 

Thomas. Michael B. 199. 437 

Thomas, ReidE. 441 

Thomas. Robert B. 525 

Thomas. Robert G.431.576 

Thomas. Ron S. 369 

Thome. David R. 279 

Thome. Robert M 199 

Thompson. Albert R. 304 

Thompson, Amy M. 476 

Thompson. Ann E 295,395 

Thompson. Bryan B. 317 

Thompson. Bryn M 365 

Thompson, Calvin S. 455 

Thompson, Dan C. 275 

Thompson, Darrell W. 183. 318 

Thompson, Elizabeth 465 

Thompson. Geoffrey S. 304 

Thompson, Glen L. 360 

Thompson, Jack 118, 125, 130. 131. 134 

Thompson. James A 527 

Thompson, Kris P. 199.419 

Thompson. Kristey S. 85. 275, 479 

Thompson, Linda M. 365, 512 

Thompson. Maribeth 466 

Thompson, Marie H. 199. 288, 512, 560 

Thompson, Mary A 365 

Thompson, Penny S 277 

Thompson. Richard W 546 

Thompson. Robert E.. Jr 423 

Thompson. Robin L. 510. 526 

Thompson, Scott L. 279 

Thompson. Steven N.358.510 

Thompson. Stuart A. 340 

Thompson, Tommie C. 125 

Thompson, Vickie J 142,403 

Thomsen, Martha E. 275 

Thomsen, Mikal J. 275 

Thomsen, Rene R 328 

606 Index 

Thonney. Steven C 528 

Thoren, Jeffrey H. 453 

Thomson. Barbara A. 214 

Thoreson, Sue A. 85. 399, 469 

Thorn, Mark P 415 

Thorndike. Connie J 283 

Thorndike. Margot A 330, 334 

Thornley. Philip K 431 

Thornton. Alan H 419 

Thornton, Janice L 200, 389 

Thornton, Mike K 338 

Thornton, Russell M 208 

Thorp. Dianne C 389. 479, 521 

Thorp. James W 199,439,522 

Thorsen, Eric R 141.423 

Thorsen, Jodie L 213 

Thorson, Murray R. 222 

Thorstemsson. T K 275 

Thovson, Jerry K 308 

Thrailkill. Karen M 80 405 

Thronson. Paul T 210.567 

Thorsen. Christian D 431 

Thykier. Lars P 175,454 

Tibbits. Margaret A 531 

Tibbitls, TamraS 183, 283, 353 

Tiberio. Gary T. 375 

Tiberio, Gerard D 524 

Tic he nor, Lorena A 282, 348 

Tidd. Scott B. 443 

Tiersma. Susan M 309 

Tiffany, Christina A 351 

Tiffany. Margaret A. 221 

Tilt. DaveL 449. 550 

Tigar. Martin R 372 

Tihista, Jeanette A 141 

Tillson. Teresa M 365. 366 

Tilque. Daniel J 368 

Tilton. Charles L 368 

Timbers. Shelley L 231.564. 567, 569 

Timblin. Cynthia R 344 

Timmerman. Jan R 552 

Timmons. Timothy S. 562 

Tinsley. William T. 451 

Titus. Bruce T 445 

Tivnan. Margaret H. 409 

Tjarnberg. Stephen O 535 

Tjoelker, Thomas N 277 

T|okroprajitno. S. 216 

Tcbm. David J 190 

Tcbm, David M. 203 

Tochterman. Thomas B 337 

Todd. Christine M 328, 334 

Todd. Loreen D 226 

Todd. Matthew D. 318 

Todd. Richard J 298 

Tckunaga. Gail S 204 

Tcilefsrud. Rory D 377 

Tclles, Valaurie E 200 

Tclleshaug. Mark A 336 

Tclleshaug. Rick B 336 

Tclliver. Vernon R 268, 527 

Tcllkuehn, Michael H 362 

Tclsma, Katherine J 291,292, 498 

Tern, Joseph R. 170, 206, 298, 301,507 

Tcmashoff, Chris E. 1 79, 203 

Tcmbari. Terence M 338. 343 

Tcmlm. Sandra E 279 

Tcmlinson. Lynn M 463 

Tcmlinson. Steven R 498, 518 

Tcmpkins, Raphael L 447 

Tcmsinski, Stephen R 367, 512 

Tcnnmg, Gretchen A 579 

Tcomey. Kevin P 477 

Toothaker. Diane K 346, 465 

Topalian. Peter A 324 

Topinka, Wayne A 437 

Torelli, Joseph A 144.298.301 

Torgerson. Lynn M 519 

Torka, Bryon W. 375 

Torkelson. Terry D 338, 343 

Tormey. Mary E 204, 407 

Torpey. Tracy A. 356 

Torrescano, Moses J 357 

Torretta. Mariann 330 

Torrey. Grace A. 352 

Torrez. Oscar 322 

Torseth. Terri M 407. 467 

Toso. Linda K 143.315.316 

Townsend. Gregory R 304 

Townsend. Hal E 433 

Townsend. Karen L 284 

Townsend. Karne A 379, 380 

Townsend. Tom M 403. 480 

Townshend. Pete 314 

Tracy. Donald K 447 

Tracy. Doug E. 522 

Tracy. Theresa K. 178. 546 

Trafton, Michael H 433 

Tran. Kialy379. 380 

Tran, Nhu 281 

Trask, Susan E. 353 

Trautmann, Edward J 296. 297. 529 

Trautmann. Mark J 141,297 

Travis. Carmel L 190 

Trefry. Gail A. 199 

Treiber, Michael A. 297 

Tremaine. Kathryn A 275, 525 

Trembley, Brian D. 376 

Trent. Lon M 119, 157 

Tressler. Sheryl L 141.379. 380 

Tri. Jeffrey T 370 

Trieschmann, David C 337. 343 

Trimble, Susan L 467, 497 

Trimingham. Patricia 379, 380, 470 

Tripp. Betsy J. 183 

Tripp. Bruce I 357 

Trifle. Daniel F. 504 

Troppman. JohnS. 125 

Trosper, Carol S. 405 

Trounce, Barbara A 513 

Trout. Dale D 141.221 

Trout, Dawn E 141.328,334 

Trowbridge, Matthew A 307 

Troyer. Tim M 421 

Tucci. Stephanie D 293. 295 
Tucker. Tonya R. 410 
Tudor. Andrea L 387. 467. 554 
Tudor, Mary 85 
Tugaw. Joseph A 441 
Tumbaga, Allen 8 314 
Tunned, Leslie A 213 
Tupper. Rick G. 421 
Turay. Susan I. 290 
Turkington, Ann B. 373 
Turnbull. Patncia A 313 
Turner, Angilee H. 323 
Turner. Kurt D. 318 
Turner, Laurie L 292 
Turner. Lorrie L. 157. 321 
Turner. Stuart A 369 
Turney. Joann K 310 
Turnupseed, Cheri L 275. 525 
Turver. Debra K 291.292 
Tuschoff. Kathlyn M. 282. 538 
Tuski, Pamela J 356 
Tuttle. Brenda M. 322 
Tuura. Elizabeth A 387, 559 
Tweeddale, Debra L. 204, 352. 514 
Tweit. Judy G. 327, 334 
Tweit. Scott E 343 
Twietmeyer, Robert C. 367 
Twohy. Rosaleen M 345 
Tylczak, Joseph H 369. 543 
Tyler. Jeannette K. 326 
Tyler, Lee O. 441 
Tyler, Maria K 147.403.512 
Tyo. Donna L 283. 350, 356 
Tyrrell. Terry J. 360 
Tyrrell. Tom E 439 
Tytler, Brian C 425 
Tytler. Stephen F 225. 571 
Tyzzer. Roger P 175 


Uamamoto, Barry 373 
Udhus, Laurel L. 97 
Udy. Leo A. 523 
Uen. Shyr-Sen R 358 
Ufkes, Mark L 66. 242. 550. 551 
Ufkes. TamaraS 353 
Uglesich. Nancy M 393 
Uhrle. Robert J 298 
Ukropina. William C. 445. 572 
Ulsher. John M 358 
Umondia, Umondia D. 358 
Underwood. Keith G. 455 
Underwood, Shawn L. 387 
Undi. Roland S. 337 
Undi. Shauna S. 327 
Undiandeye. Celestme 358 
Ungren. Lon J. 383 
Unruh. John A. 276 
Unwin. Christine M 383 
Upington. Susan D. 291 
Uravich. Susan K. 213 
Urlocker, Lynn A. 199 
Urquhart, Heidi L 139, 276 
Urso, Andrea C 322 
Usta, Mohamed A 524 
Utley. Timothy A. 338. 343 
Utt. Chris A 125 

Vadino. William A 560 
Vague, Susan R 405. 473 
Vail. Catherine A 407. 468 
Vails. Shauna D 265. 269. 277. 508 
Valentine. Catherine R 225 
Valley. Scon M 144 
Vanauker. Ricky D. 308 
Vancalcar, Debbie A 365. 366 
Vancamp, Brian K 323 
Vance. Allen E. 421 
Vance. Larry J 206 
Vancitters, Sara D. 351 
Vancourt, Cheryl K 464 
Vandebrake. Lauri A 403 
Vandeene Annemarieke206 
Vandenbosch. Valerie J. 291.292 
Vanderburg. Cynthia L. 224, 521,566 
Vandergrift, Lucinda A. 213. 403, 521 
Vanderkroef, Sri O 351 
Vanderpoi, Edwin D. 429 
Vandervard. Hal 528 
Vanderwilde, Patricia 397 
Van DeVanter, Andrea S. 199 
Vandevanter. James S 193 
Vandevord. Halfred D. 190, 263. 526 
Vandiver. Dana A 193 
Vandiver. Gregory A 413 
Vandlac, Ronald C. 303 
Vandruff. Corby J. 214.391.481 
Vandyke, Peter R. 304, 306. 523 
Vangorder. Shawn J 502, 525 
Vanhamme, Venita R 208 
Vannice, Ronald L 298 
Vannorden. Susan L 318, 321 
Vanpelt, Lenny 357. 364 
Vanslageren. Barbara G. 284, 501 
Vanvessem, Virginia 123 
Vanwieringen, Orlm J 302, 509 
Vanwormer. Mitch R. 176. 309 
Varnes. Mark R 449 
Varon, Benjamin M. 423 
Varunok, Jeannme L 379, 474, 529 
Vaughn. KarenG. 510 
Vaughn, Kelly E 304 
Vaught. Kelli R 348 
Vaux. Katie M. 80. 85. 387 
Vawter, Melinda S. 397, 465 

Vawter. Tim K. 498 
Vayukumar, Ponnaganti 510 
Veblen. Nanci S 232, 407 
Veitenheimer, Sharyn C. 210 
Veith.MaryC 355 
Velasco. Charles S 297 
Velasco. Yvonne J. 139. 507 
Vendramin, Joan L 309, 313 
Venema. Laura E. 311 
Venkalachalam, R. S 545 
Vennen, Douglas P 373 
Verhulp, Ann M 352, 532 
Vermes. Maria E 85. 403. 463 
Verslad. Neil 520 
Vetter, Nancy D. 327 
Vetto. Joan 203 
Versteeg. DianeS. 327 
Vessels. Steven E 199 
Vetter. Virginia 137, 403 
Vevea. Fredrick C. 337. 343 
Vevea. Victoria L. 282. 347 
Vevoda. Jodi L 463 
Vick. Dalemont W 441 
Vickery, Chuck 567 
Vignaux. Dena M 80, 380 
Vigue. Tami J 405. 466, 521 
Villa. Conrada A 147.397 
Villanueva, Baltasar A. 337 
Villers. Maynard R 93. 94 
Vincent, Gail N 383. 468 
Vincent. Marty D 338, 343 
Viney. Jeffrey D 275 
Vmnick, Michael T. 280, 324 
Vinson. Victor J 281 
Virgil. Mark D. 224 
Vised. Joseph F. 199 
Vissotzky, Nanette 348 
Vissotzky, Stephen W 524 
Vlaanderen. Danielle 275. 552 
Voegtlm. Julie A 383 
Vogel. Carole E. 383 
Vogel. Diane A. 278, 475 
Vogeler, Kevin H. 224, 504 
Void, Brian P. 224 
Volny, William R 362 
Vonderahe. Julie K 226, 403 
Vonessen, Debra A 365, 366 
Vonessen, Denise M 474. 538 
Vonheijne. Anders B 309 
Vonholt, Sandra L. 370 
Voordepoone. Peter 360, 364 
Vos Lucas. John 429 

Voshell, Randall B 223, 337, 343, 564, 569 
Vosler, David L. 141 
Vosler, James I 264, 565 
Voss. Kenneth J 545 

Waananen. Wendy S 284 
Wachter. Christine T. 282. 344 
Wacquant. Marie-Pierre 294 
Waddell. Ronald M. 443 
Waddoups. Gary M. 211 
Wade. Donald D. 512 
Wade. Gerald W. 263 
Wade. Kimberly 389. 465 
Wade, William J. 263.370, 533 
Wadleigh. Camille C. 502 
Waechter. Geri K 294 
Wagar. Kenneth E. 175 
Waggoner, Bradley S 326 
Waggoner, Scott A. 208 
Wagner. Cynthia L 409, 471 
Wagner. Loree B 405 
Wagner. Mary E. 519 
Wagner, Robert C 520 
Wagner, Rodger G 526 
Wagoner, Catherine A 557 
Wahle. Kurt A 176.308 
Waite. Molly S 379 
Waite. Phillip S. 362 
Wake. Bradley D 437. 517 
Wakeley, David P 375 
Wakeman, Lon A. 209. 506 
Waldher. LindaS. 199. 365. 366 
Waldron, Frank W 337 
Waldron. Sarah M. 383, 466 
Walen. Patrick N. 281,537 
Walen, Teresa A 192, 365, 366. 537 
Walker. Andrea C 309. 313 
Walker. Dave R. 125,429 
Walker. James E. 548 
Walker, Jody M 157,387.533 
Walker. Kent M. 325 
Walker. Larry D 335 
Walker. Leslie 399. 463 
Walker, Melinda L. 346 
Walker. Michael D 507 
Walker, Michelle M 504 
Walker, Ronald 307 
Walker. Stephen M 199, 522 
Walker. Thomas N 298 
Walker. Trudi A 387,481 
Walkley. Alan K. 429 
Wall. Jeffrey B 146.218, 275.514 
Wall. Laurie A. 383,475 
Wall. Suzanne E 393 
Wallace. Ardis M 344 
Wallace. Barbara A. 508, 536 
Wallace. Barbara K 275, 311, 313 
Wallace, Jack R. 303 
Wallace, Kimberly S. 291,292 
Wallace, Margo D 389, 471,510 
Wallace, Michael L 360 
Wallace. Michael M 545 
Wallace, Sharon L. 372 
Wallace. Thomas H 367. 559 
Wallenberg, Tracey A. 399 
Wallenda. Karl 546 
Waller. Scott B 573, 575 

Wallis. Sheryl R. 277 
Walsh. Kellie J 183.327 
Walter. Barbara J 278. 538 
Walter. Bnan A. 435 
Waltermann. Kathleen E. 315 
Walters. Jeanine S. 371 
Walters. Mark H. 175. 211 
Wallers. Rob 546 
Walters. Stacey A. 401.504 
Waltho, Carol J 278 
Walz, Janice L 199, 522 
Wan. FookL 297.301 
Wang. I-Sen377 
Ward. Ann L 238. 334, 475 
Ward. Bob 275 
Ward. Crale 275 
Ward. Gary L. 512 
Ward, Robert P. 575 
Ward. Tamilyn K 579 
Ward, Teresa G 355 
Ward. Therese M. 93, 224 
Ward, Vickie D 204 
Warden, Pamela R. 545 
Wardle, JayM. 211.431.520 
Wardle, Roy 431 

Warfield. Michael W 183. 556. 559 

Warman. Allan P 192 

Warnecke. Mike W 359.364. 539 

Warnecke. Steven D 364 

Warner, Edward J 306 

Warner. Kathryn A 389 

Warner, Susan K 275 

Warntck. Randy C. 302 

Warnock, Julie K. 323 

Warr. Lon W 417 

Warren. Colleen G 311.550 

Warren, David J 375 

Warren. Dawn L 280. 324. 572 

Warren. Harold R 338 

Warren. Randy W 298 

Warrender, Marcia A. 327, 464 

Warrington. Brad P 443 

Wasem, Frederick J 423 

Washburn. Johnny A. 183, 419 

Washer. Terri L. 282, 345 

Washington, Michael R 125. 128 

Washington, Norris E. 307 

Wasko. John J. 534 

Watanabe. Mari R 294. 351.527 

Watanabe, Naomi S 504, 527 

Waterman. Kathleen A 348.514 

Waters. Craig S 339, 343 

Waters. John M 266 

Waters. Miriam L. 204 

Waters. Paul E. 317 

Watkins, Cedric L. 199. 555 

Watkins. Harry B 421 

Watkins. Robert J. 190 

Watson. Blake J. 421 

Watson, Joseph L 199. 514 

Watson. Katherine B 231.397 

Watson. Mark R. 275 

Watson, Nicholas S 150 

Watson. Paul J. 125. 128. 134 

Watson, Sharon A. 284 

Watt. Rebecca S. 203. 349 

Wattenburger, Paul L 514 

Watts. Linda L. 293 

Wans, William R. 427 

Waugh, Susan F 293. 395 

Weatherman. Ricci R 190 

Weathers, Jeffery L 280, 324 

Weaver, Bruce R 142 

Weaver. Eric G. 425 

Weaver, Michael R. 200 

Weaver, Thomas C. 421 

Webb. Catherine J 275 

Webb. Chris C 423 

Webber, Laura L. 397 

Webber, Lee A. 445 

Weber. Cynthia H 397 

Weber, Elizabeth M 355 

Weber, Joe V 373 

Weber. Kathy 286 

Weber, Kristie M. 344 

Weber, Larry E 375 

Weber. Marcha A. 501 

Weber. Margaret M 85, 379. 380. 481 

Weber, Margaret S 379 

Weber. Mark 569 

Weber. Mary J 146 

Weber. Shawne L 327 

Weber. Steven M 225. 286. 575 

Webert, Geoffrey D 326 

Webert. Mark H 335 

Webster. Scott K 435 

Wedam, Gary R. 297 

Wedam, Michael L. 528 

Weddell, James D. 534 

Weddle. Daniel V. 357 

Weed. April D. 327 

Weed, Roxanne 325 

Weed. Stephen L. 176 

Weedman, Vaughn C. 304 

Weekes. Jane C 371,499. 500 

Weekes. John M 510 

Weeks. Mark A. 325 

Wegner. Cynthia L 146.351 

Wegner. Eric A. 532 

Wegner, Robert E 322 

Weidkamp, Deanne K 379, 380 

Weidner. Curtis J. 302 

Weidner. Steven G. 299 

Weigand. Janice M 310 

Weil. Catherine A. 318, 321 

Weinand, Marie A. 322 

Weis. Diane M 407, 468 

Weis. Julie A. 354 

Weis. Robert F. 170. 199, 443 

Weisberg. Robert F. 376 

Weisell. Brenda M. 510 

Weiss. Gary R 326 

Weiss, Pamela G. 122 

Weitz, Richard A 425. 569 

Index 607 

Weitz. Richard 8. 226, 421 

Welch, Cindy S 330, 334 

Welch, Larry L 427, 515 

Welch. Lynn A. 371 

Weldon, Lisa K. 375. 405, 502 

Weldon, M Lucinda 231, 322 

Weik, Ann T. 375 

Welke. Richard A 307, 314 

Weller, Patricia K. 403 

Wellmgs. Cynthia 310, 313. 465 

Wellington, Lisa E 379, 380 

Welliver. Lee A. 466 

Welliver, Sandra J 86. 356 

Wells. Carl V 211,514 

Wells, Deann M 206. 293 

Wells. Nancy T 365, 366 

Wells. Shelley L. 389, 463 

Wells. Stephanie J 354 

Wells. Stevan D, 176 

Welsh. John P 298. 301.361 

Welsh, Jonathan A 99. 578 

Welsh, Margaret K 293 

Wemple. James R 369 

Wendt, Richard P 362. 364, 514 

Wenham, LoriM 288 

Wenke, Steven E 298 

Went. Don H 498 

Wenz, Michael V. 302 

Werner, Richard T. 368 

Wernz. Michael J 304, 306 

Werth. Joyce M 345 

Wes. Rose 349 

Wesen, Philip D 340, 343 

Wesley. Ann L. 391.510. 512 

Wesner, BmgG. 178. 546 

West. Dale E. 191 

West. Jill T. 387 

West, John L. 368 

West, Kathy D 193 

West. Kevin T. 324 

West. Richard A. 176. 377. 378 

West, Steven K. 433 

West. Vickie G. 370 

Westberg. Ila D. 365 

Westby, Cassandra D 389, 471 

Westerheid. Richard T. 376 

Westerman, Garry H. 191 

Westtall, Larry G. 339 

Westgard. Karla M 142. 283 355 

Westgard. Lisa A 142.379 

Westin, Nancy J. 231.262 

Westman. Kristi L 227 

Westmoreland. Lynne L 345 

Weston. David A 299 

Weston. Delmer P 210, 544 

Weston. Jeanne M 365. 366 

Westover, Barbara J 275 

Westover. Mary A. 401.482. 499 

Westover, Richard M 411 

Westplahl. Carol E 350. 352 

Westwood. Christopher 268. 527 

Wetz. David W. 216 

Wetzel. Daniel L. 513 

Weyrauch, Tod W 335 

Whalen, William C 303, 306 

Wharton. Chris 286 

Wharton. David C 286. 367 

Whatley. James H. 125. 447 

Wheat. Lori A 276 

Wheatcroft, Doug S 336, 343 

Wheatley. Jack 268 

Wheeler, Elizabeth A 323 

Wheeler. Joseph F 297. 454 

Wheeler, Kerri A 407, 463 

Wheeler, Tina L 503 

Wheeling, Gloria A 470 

Whelchel. Jill D. 510 

Whellmg. Gloria 203 

Whitaker. Lynn D 310. 465 

Whitcomb. Hollis E 387. 505 

Whitcomb, Susan M 387, 529 

Whitcomb. Wayne A 211 

White, Andrea C 387 

White, Bradley L. 550 

White. Carrol A 232 

White. Frank E. 281 

White, Julie H 463 

White. Julie R 401.567 

White. Karen A. 323 

White. Kathy L. 221 

White. Lisa M. 327.334.469 

White. Roberta L 191 

White. Ronald K 141.224 

Whitehead. Walter T 445 

Whitehouse. Susan L 276 

Whiteley, Sandra L 538 

Whitener. Jams M 275 

Whiteplume. Burnett L. 199 

Whiteside. Molly E 85. 385. 473, 512 

Whitinger. Sara J. 373. 385. 465 

Whitlock. John P. 411.477 

Whitney. Arlene T. 375 

Whitney. James T 209. 433, 523 

Whitney. Linda M 405. 501.554 

Whitney. Mary A 286. 293 

Whitney. Mary K. 370 

Whitney. Michael A 427 

Whitsell. Bradley A 413 

Whittaker. Christine M. 225. 399 

Whitten. Sarah J 216 

Whitten. ShereeL 213.510 

Whittle. Nickola A 85. 282. 348 

Whittlesey, Craig D 367 

Whittum. Leesa A 277 

Whitworth. Colleen K 391.464, 509 

Wiborg. John S. 307 

Wicks, Susan K 227 

Widman, Mary A 348, 546 

Widrig. Christopher L 358. 447 

Widrig. Lynn E. 538 

Wiegardt. Teresa L 85. 379. 380. 529 

Wieland. Ronald A 338.343 

Wierman, Michael J 339 

Wieser. Cheryl L 295 

Wiggins. Lynn M 87. 399 

Wigner, Kathryn F. 234 

Wike. David K. 338 

Wilcox. Dennis L 376 

Wilcox. Marian M 379. 380. 499 

Wilcox. Ralph C 216 

Wiley, Elizabeth A 379. 497 

Wiley. Susan G 541 

Wiley. Tina A. 405 

Wilford, Stephen J. 564 

Wilke, Stephen E 119, 167. 170, 449 

Willard. Debbie K 409.475 

Willard. Leroy L. 510 

Willard. William C 144 

Willett. Juanita J 288. 510. 520 

Willey. Anne 379 

Willey, Teresa A 309. 374 

Williams. Alan B. 519 

Williams, Arnett B 368 

Williams, Bill J 413 

Williams, Billy R 362 

Williams. Brian J 302. 523 

Williams, Bruce L. 439, 550 

Williams. Charles A. 522 

Williams. Charles E 199. 519 

Williams. Craig W 361,364 

Williams, D Mark 326 

Williams. David B 125 

Williams, Dean H 343. 514 

Williams. Douglas W 338 

Williams, Ginger J 328, 334, 559 

Williams, Joan L. 409 

Williams. Jon M 298 

Williams, Judith A 204. 327. 334, 510 

Williams, Karen D. 327. 334 

Williams, Karen M 365. 366 

Williams. Karen R 389 

Williams. Kevin J. 362, 364 

Williams, Kevin L 361 

Williams. Kimberly K. 224 

Williams. Larry D 569 

Williams, Lenel J 275. 526, 571.573. 575 

Williams. Margaret A 409. 479 

Williams, Matthew J 519 

Williams, Noman L 417.477 

Williams. Paul S 276 

Williams. R Scott 218 

Williams. Randall E 203, 326 

Williams. Raymond D. 125 

Williams. Randy L 503. 530 

Williams. Russell S 498 

Williams. Sandra D 226 

Williams. Susan C 286, 373 

Williams. William L. 147 

Williamson. Blame D 441 

Williamson. Frank E 427, 510. 576 

Williamson, Lance J 368 

Williamson. Lyn D. 199, 514 

Willich, Pamela J. 372 

Willis. Cheryl L 288 

Willis. Donald G 339 

Willits. Kristine M 385 

Willows. Alice A 85. 282 

Willows, Dean C 359 

Willson, Fred S 413 

Willson. Kathy A 214. 286 

Willson. Kristi M 275 

Willson. Ralph R 208, 284 

Wilson. Barbara A 372 

Wilson. Claire E 329, 330. 560 

Wilson. Clay F. 413 

Wilson. Cynthia L 263.327 

Wilson. David B 505 

Wilson. David L 226, 445. 533 

Wilson. Deborah A 379 

Wilson. DonC. 369 

Wilson. Douglas M 199 

Wilson. Frances A 354 

Wilson. Gregg B 317, 321 

Wilson. Ingrid I 309 

Wilson. Jan D 147.214,395.403 466 467 

Wilson. JeMery R 199. 433 
Wilson. Kimberly A 373 
Wilson. Leslie A 275 
Wilson. Mary L. 330, 334 
Wilson. Michael D 125 
Wilson. Patricia A 275. 473 
Wilson. Sheri A 315.316 
Wilson. Stephen S. 367 
Wilson, Stephen W 136. 504 
Wilson. Steven A 225 
Wilson. Steven R 455 
Wilson. Susan M 379 
Wilson. Suzanne M 199. 385 
Wilson. Thomas E. 358. 364 
Wilson. Tracie L 318, 321.501,541 
Wilson. Warren J. 193 
Wiltse. Nanette L 282, 349 
Wiltse. Richelle M 409. 462, 502 
Wimpy. Rollm E. 519 
Wnans. Michael B 303 
Wine. Marilyn L. 192.373 
Wmegardner. Michael K. 502 
Wmemiller, Price L 423,477 
Wines, Gordon R. 326 
Wing, Catherine V 282. 500 
Winger. Mark R 125 
Wmgrove. Marc P 454 
Wimarski, Marilee E 350, 352, 510 
Winkler. John B 411 
Winkler, Mary M 404 461.501 
Wmnett. William C 278 
Wmship, Alice M 324 
Wnslow. Linda R 199, 522 
Winston. Thomas 555 
Winter. Bret D 171 
Winter. Diane L 204 
Winters. David G. 455 
Wmtersteen. Amber L 291,292 
Wire. Alan E. 297 
Wirkkala. Andrew H. 278 
Wirkkala. Jerald R 280. 324 
Wirth. Janet R 206.544 

Wirth. Sandra A. 350. 353 
Wirtz. Joanna 409 
Wise. Jellrey D 441 
Wise. Kevin J 343 
Wise, Thomas J 299 
Wiser, Cherie 192 
Witkowski, Dan P 451 
Witmer, Moira F. 315. 316 
Witt. Janet F 387 

Witte, Constance M. 204. 397. 466 

Wittenberg. John L. 361 

Witthuhn. David E. 525 

Witthuhn. Steven W 191.548 

Wittkopf. Liann D 213. 508 

Wixom. Rita A 203 

Wocken. Agnes E 375 

Wodiske, William A 146. 441.477 

Wodrich. Daniel D 167. 1 70, 367 

Woeltel, Kevin B 335 

Wogsland. Richard G.. 11231 

Woht. Raymond 367 

Wolcott. Michael F. 193, 268. 527 

Wold. Hans S 413 

Wolf. Jean M 80. 467 

Wolf. Steven D 506, 510. 539 

Wolfe. Robert G 199, 443 

Wolff. Jentse L 147. 226. 405. 463 

Wolff. Susanne M 405. 501 

Wolford. Bruce K 435 

Womack. Randal G 308 

Womack. Wendy O 395 

Wonacott. Michael D 343 

Wong. Elsa K. 199 

Wong. Hoi T B 216 

Wong. Koon H. M 280. 326 

Wong. Lap-Ping 216 

Wong. Lesley A. 221 

Wonheijne. Anders 8 314 

Woo. Kim 326 

Woo. Lillian M 232 

Wood. Barbara S 574. 576 

Wood. Carl O 358 

Wood. Daniel D. 423, 476 

Wood, David L .44 1 

Wood, Douglas A 429 

Wood. GaryS 433 

Wood. Kelly M 307, 310.313 

Wood. Leighton S 199.439 

Wood, Marion E 326, 567 

Wood. Renee R 349 

Wood. Shari D. 397 

Woodaege. Dave 192 

Woodall. LindaS 141.231.370 

Woodcock, Harry S 326 

Woodcock. Lisa A 122. 356 

Woodfield. Martin S 477 

Woodruff. Douglas W 303 

Woodruff. Leigh 8 411 

Woodruff, Melissa A. 277. 572 

Woodruff. Stephen P 575 

Woods. Darrell A 358 

Woods. Elizabeth A 346 

Woods. Phyllis A 231 

Woodside. Scott L 359. 364. 539 

Woodward. Stefame228, 365 

Woodworlh. Douglas R 361 

Woodworth. Mark R 141.377 

Woodworth. Roger D 323 

Woody. Joanne E 290 

Woolf. Sharon K 226 

Woolschlager. Christy 288 

Wooten. Deborah K 399 

Worcester. Bong 517 

Worden. Brian T 163. 164, 262 

Worden, William L 519 

Workman, Lori M 346 

Workman. Sheryl J. 329 

Worl. John C 216 

Worley. Linda G 323 

Worthy. Karen D 275 

Wothe. Traci L 85 

Woyvodich. Marion P 575 

Wraspir, Richard C 302. 306 

Wride. Larry A 413 

Wright. Aki G 325 

Wright. Cindee R 214, 512 543 

Wright, Cynthia L 34 7 

Wright. Daniel J 225 

Wright. Gerald R 322 

Wright, Gordon L . 361 

Wright. Joanne M 294, 295 

Wright. June R 231.475. 560 

Wright. Laura L. 309.313 

Wright. Robert C 359, 539 

Wright. Stephanie A. 277 

Wrye. Charlotte A. 374 

Wuerl. Steven W 441 

Wunschel. Cheryl A. 193 

Wurl. John 286 

Wurl. Lucy 286 

Wyatt. Carolyn J 510 

Wyatt. Kathryn M 146. 385. 481.560 

Wyborney. Todd C 368 

Wynne. Thomas C. 97. 275. 502 

Yaden, Darrell 275 

Yale. Cheryl L 231 

Yale. Kathy S 213 

Yamada. Takako 379 

Yamaguchi. Colleen N 372 

Yamamoto. Karen M 191.510 

Yamamoto. Mark A 298.301.510.576 

Yamamoto, Terry Y 193. 532 

Yamamoto. Timothy C 415. 526, 545 

Yamanaka. Rae A 542 

Yamane. Keith 419 

Yamane. Lindsay C 298 

Yamane. Tracy L 310.542 

Yamashiro, Judy M 542 

Yanasak. James P 441 

Yanasak. Kerry M 453 

Yanasak. Kevin J 144, 227. 231 

Yankee, Dean A 224. 232. 509 

Yant, Philip A 335. 343 

Yaphe. Dianne L. 214. 533, 543 

Yarbrough, Richard A 512 

Yarbrough. Stacey V. 147. 387, 512 

Yarno, George A. 125 

Yates. Kellie D 317. 321 

Yeager, Clifford J 368. 529 

Yeager. Laurie A. 290 

Yeager, Thomas A. 233 

Yeaman. Dana D 347 

Yearout. Craig A 227, 421 

Yeaton. Lonn G. 209 

Yee. Paul 431 

Yee. Steven M, 208 

Yelenich, Richard F 546 

Yipee. Pique L. 325 

Ytvisaker, Donn j 362. 512 

Yoder. Lester A. 318 

Yokomura. Aaron M 199 

Yolo, Josette M M 397 

Yong. Elaine 310 

Yonlick. Chris G. 449 

York. David R 534 

York. Shelley K. 238, 334 

Yoshino, Richard T 522 

Yoshitake. Nancy L 371 

Yost, Cory J 443 

Youmans. Daniel A 231 

Young. Brad 362 

Young. Brenda L. 160, 328 

Young, Brett E 338 

Young. Craig L. 176. 374 

Young. Debra A. 391.521 

Young. Jeffery J, 372. 522 

Young, Kathleen J 387 

Young. Keri D 86. 365. 366. 468 

Young. Larry A. 324 

Young. Laura A 233. 323 

Young. Richard G 93 

Young. Robin A. 1 77 

Young. Sam S. 125 

Young. Samuel J 279 

Young. Sandra L 383. 521 

Young. Stephen R. 199, 447 

Younis, Houssein F 524 

Ytreeide, Richard L 218,514 

Yuda. Lynn M 542 

Yue. John D 199 

Yule. William A 376 

Yunker. Bryan E 358 

Zaback, Daniel R. 337 

Zaback. David D 343 

Zaback. Diane M 290 

Zachman, Janice M. 157 

Zachow, Robin R 283, 353 

Zachwieja. Anna C. 123. 275 

Zackovich. Vittoria R 231.403. 554 

Zadow, Cheri A 288. 465 

Zaheer. Naheed 216 

Zahler. William J 275. 522 

Zakanson. Eric A 309 

Zamber, Diana J 519 

Zanck. Barry E 125. 134, 199 

Zane. Barbara J 325 

Zappone, Mark A 303. 306 

Zappone. PeggyL.345 

Zappone.Suzanne M 232, 519 

Zaro. Brian J 433 

Zarowitz. Jay N. 571 

Zech, Daniel S 199. 427. 522 

Zeck. Steve 362 

Zediker. Steve R. 439 

Zeger, John F 522 

Zehm, Janet L 329. 532 

Zehnder, Michael A 338. 343 

Zehnder, Tracey A 282 

Zeiler. Tim T 176, 302. 306 

Zeitjian. Sarkis 199. 558 

Zelensky. Gena M 399 

Zemek. Frank A 423 

Zemler, Paul G. 530 

Zener. Kathryn N 397 

Zeretzke. Heidi J 315 

Zerr. Rodney G 445 

Zerzan. Paul A 191 

Ziccarelli, Michael W. 358 

Ziebell. Karen L 283. 356 

Ziehl.JudyA 353 

Zielke. Steffan B 302, 306 

Ziemlak. Lori J 288 

Zier, Jonathon P 199 

Zimmer. James A 530, 556 

Zimmerman. Charles D 423 

Zimmerman, Janet A 294 

Zimmerman, Kristy J 352 

Zimmerman. Lynnette M. 206, 464, 507 

Zimmerman, Robed D 359 

Zimmerman. Shirley A, 283, 355 

Zimmerman. William J 504 

Zimmermann, Diane K 352 

Zini, Lisa M 348 

Zinsli. Kerry D 304 

Zirkle, LoriK 214,383.521 

Zito. John S 229, 343 

Zoellick. Raymond D 275 

Zografos, Gregory C 227. 421 

Zornow, Bruce A. 142, 209, 276. 523 

Zuger, Greg H 150 

Zuger. ScoltW 415 

Zumwalt. Bill 322 

Zupan. Lisa A 505 

Zuroske. Glen W 144, 498 

Zvirzdys. Victor E 307 

Zylstra, Kud R 297,301 

608 Index 

Martha L.