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Full text of "Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898): 1899-11-24"

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tij$A>‘‘MAC : HURDLE 

rjfLt on css s «'«* 


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The SuecesHof His Army Is Wry 
Satisfactory to Him. 

It Is Said* 

Will Next Handle the Election 
Returns and Declare He* 
suit of the Election* 

CHATTA N( h HIA , Tctin . Nov. 24.- 
At In o'clock yesterday morning 
tin* exercises of dedicating tin* 107 
monumcnta and Hunkers of the state 
of llllnola on tin* launefle'ajs sur- 
rounding 111** city were held at Orchard 
Knoli. Ihr Kite of one of tin- principal 
memorial HliaftK anil fnmoiiH during 
tin- civil war a* the headquarters of 
Oeneral (Irani The day was clear 
and warm, typical of till* season In 
the Central Routt). It la cMtmatcd 
that more I hull one tlimiHanal real- 
dent a of llllnola and at leaal three 
IhoiiNand Chattanooga people at- 
tended the exerolaos aim remnlned 
until Iheclcaeof the program. Among 
the distinguished visitor* was Sena- 
tor Cullom. (lovernor Tanner mid 
staff Comml»»loner of Pension a II. 
Clay Kvaii*. General II. V. Iloynton, 
representing the secretary of War, 
and a large delegation from the 
eoitfederate camp of thla city. The 
exercise* opened with music by tho 
Fifth Kegiment hand of Atlanta, 
(la. Then followed prayer by the 
Kev. I)r. Wm. Pettis. of I he Episco- 
pal church, of this city. Major Chita. 
A. Connolly delivered the speech 
presenting the monuments to the 
governor of Illinois on behalf of the 
Illinois commissioners. 

Governor John R. Tanner, of III- 
nols, received the monuments, du 
llvering nil eloquent speech of a o-pt 
ance, and in turn present etl them to 
the government. A 

\VA KIIINUTON, Nov. 24. -Senator 
Debt*. of Kentucky, was here yester- 
day. report says to see the president 
about the condition of affairs In hla 
state. . 

Discussing the Kentucky situation 
with n, newspaper corfespondent 
after lit* visit lo the White house, Sen- 
ator liehoe Said: 

••of course, we won in the Kentucky 
election, and we do not propose he 
Ing delrauded of Our rights. We 
Intend to protect them at any cost. 
Taylor and the entire state ticket 
were elected. Nine-tenths of the po- 
ple are with us. So are Hie newspa- 
pers. Irrespective of party. Taylor 
,'wlll lie inaugurated governor, despite 
the assertions of Prey Woodson and 
others. I sec- that Mr. Woodson, who 
is the Democratic National commit- 
teeman, says that Goebel will he 
governor. Ttiat Is incorre«l. tloebel 
is a desperate man. hut I cannot he 
lleve that he will attempt to carry 
this contest to the legislature. If 
he does, however. It will nol profit 
him. ns the legislature will la- anti 
G oeliel and anti lltackleim.” 

Fall and Winter 


Arc Thinking of a Conquered 
Enemy mid South Africa Re- 
public as Well. 

ilon’t fail to see our lino. Alljtlie 
ami domestic manufacture. PER- 
FECT FIT and satisfaction guaran- 

State Hoard lias no Klgtit to Go 
Behind Returns or to LbADge 
County CcrtiffLate*. 



of Dress Goods in all lengths, 
of Linings in all lengths, 
of cot. Flannels & Flannelettes 
of Percales. 


Successor to’VV. .1, Pic ke 
PHlmerlllouse 1 *>’> Broadway 

LhNDoN, Nov. 24. — Additional 
Pretoria dispatches, through refil, sny the lloer* have a scheme 
r«nd> for declaring a South African 
republic Flags for the new republic 
are already made and a iiiib.n with 
the * Irilhge Free Kl atoSs shown by use 
if I lie ointige cross. It Is tlso sal-1 
more Englishmen are eiillsllng with 
III - Boer arrmy ladle vlhg ’ll -y will 
g. ‘ eomiiilsstons A force of a h nis- 
anil nas hei-n sei gto capture (lu. 
nwu)t. Ifi Rhodesia. The English 
prisoners at Pretoria now iiumher 
font teen hundred men and fifty-two 
offloerr The Boer* expect lo pos- 
sess t»cuth Africa In six months 
,md War enthusiasm Is high. 

LOUISVILLE, Nov 24. -Tile can 
vassing hoard of this county after 
S great Waste of (line anil much Waste 
of breath amt cows tiler able uncer- 
tainty late yesterday evening vote* 
to and did certify the count of the 
i-lty and county ns found on Invea 
tlgallon lo lie. t'nrutli anil Hoertz, 
though the evidence was heard only 
fur their guidance, as Was then un- 
derstood, decided lo send all the af- 
fidavits with the certificate to the 
state canvassing board, no doulit 
hoping this board will dare lo do Ihe 
dirty work II fell Inclined to do but 
skipped through fear of all indlg limit 
people The vote as certified by 
Ihr hoard shows a clear majority for 
Taylor of over Ihre*- thousaud ami 
settles la-volet dispute hla elcrtloii 
and Ills! of the entire KepuliUraii 
ticket. M 

Relative to the affidavit* In ques 
t un It can l><- sahl that many have 
already tieeu shown false by affi- 
davits from repot aide citizens pule 
Unhid In Ihe Evening l’< at. and the 
attorneys of the llritqal .Election 
I. engue dial Hie KepubllCali eaiali- 
dates call riddle many others 

It can also be added that the stale 
hoard has no more authority to go 
back of these county certificate* 
and throw oul tile vole, or lo slier 
It. than has Ihe county board, and 
the talk of passing ihe affidavits 
up In the Hate hoard Is not Ihe talk 
of lawyers, but of mere political 
c hails Ians 

The final declarator of Ihe result 
of the elect Ion I* right up to the 
state board now- and Monday It Is 
expected lo meet to ratify and d<- 
c'ate Hie dis Islon of ihr people. In 
spile (f Hie claim of llie lloela- lies 
to Ihe contrary Hie certificates will 
without question Ire lastisd to the Re 
publican candidate# 

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the rush, 

Several Vttirs Up This Morniup 
ami Fined. 

8:20 IS THE TIME, at 

The II v pilot 1st Was Nol Fined 
No Wart not Issued 
Against Him 


322-324 Broadway. 

The Government of the Filipinos 
Beitur Disrupted. 

1 liny was but a ii ry brief *.-s«|nn 
„f Hi. |kiI|(<- roilit tills morning Mid 

lie docket wax urn gust.. 

John I ■omthu'j > bum wbotui* serv.-d 
lino for vagrancy, was rlinrgcd wlltl 
not h- inking himself unto anno- Ion 
cst railing, bill pleaded Hint Isn was 
erlppleil. Hll'l collld tint work f--r A 
.11 |ng lie lilts lOi II frequently M-ell 
Isgglng mid llie enurl »»rs*«l him 
that no more of Ml. h r.-tidin t ••.'* 
wanierl, amt gave him unt It . nirunrnw 
morning At H o’i Ink to gel out <-f 
town D" promised that !l - .vouM, 
and li ft 

Anilv Daiooii an-l Wiley VV Db-rc, lit 
ten charged »llh drUIlk.-nil-ss, had 
1 1 , . f toqng avplon. Imn « 

Tim) ylsaM g nut v lo ■ ha g.- W 
drunk- unes- . And »nc flmil 4 1 and 
( osts. 

William Kcbaffer iiud W'llham A. 
\lorrls«»n pleaded guilty lo disorderly 
. ondm I h> flung their plslola from 
s huggi on one of the pikis andwprp 
fined $2.*ii li. 

Ixartore lleiriiig and Donna II- ale. 
colored were charged with using pro- 
fane language 

■ Ac von guili \ •' asked III.- i-onrl. 

"Nosllli I atilt use* I no 'uiflaiec' 
language dc< lured one, and the nth 
*r corroborated lief As the wltn-'sses 

• ere nhs.-nt the ■ e was continued 
until tomorrow no-riling and the dc 
femlalils were rehnserl Oil their own 
m ogulrnn. e. 

I'mf VV A. I'arrnwav. Ihe hypivd lot, 

• a-, not Itiwd "li Hie sngg- .INI i-f 
|'rt<M-( nttlig AlUitnet Win -hr I'.iiop 
Im-II who appreciates experiments f.-r 
Selin'*' ami r«» iHi-mendid Hull llie 
.as*- be not pros.-, tiled I’r- f. Car 
rawav was eharg.-il wl'll **» I less 
driving which In- did while giving a 
demonstration of mind -adi.ig 

L'lNDiiN. Nov. 24. -The pieen sent 
n in* usage of rongratil I II 1 1 .1 to 
Jeuerul Metliuell, for Ills brilliant 
action at Belmont yesterday and tx- 
presse* sympathy for the casualties. 

Several of Ihe High Officials lu 
Hands of Oils unit 
Ills Men. 

Dt'HRAN, Nov. 24.— There In much 
anxiety here about Eslcourt, where 
c aiuionadlng conlluued last even- 
ing. Refugee-* who recently arrived 
from I’retorttt **>• President krugei 
is alt snilb-s ever tile situation in 
Natal, and Hint burghers are Inviting 
each other to CiiHMui is dl iuer at 

Suit to Be Broujrlit Against Wil 
cox & Halloran at Once- 

Have advanced, with woman herself. They 
are both a little MANNISH, but nei+her are the 
less beautiful for that. 

We are showing; the nobbiest line of ladien* 
boots for $2 50, $3 00 and $3 60 in the city. , 

Vlr. Frier and. Wilcox Jfc Halloran 
Will Settle Their Differences 
In Court. 

LhKENZO. Marque/., Nov. 23.— 
A message from Pretoria say*: Ikei 
Ident Kruger lias ordered the release 
of several non-combatants, who 
were timight there as prisoners. 
ID- In considering the release of Win- 
ston Churchill, who was captured 
in tin armored train fight at l r -ere 
Station Churchill holils a llcitteu- 
ttlt's commission and Is war orie* 
pc mb nt . 

Mr. Wm. Drier, formerly superin- 
tendent cf the Hc-werage construc- 
tion here, left this nfternrion for 
Terre Haute, Ind., and hi* attorney, 
Major Moss, Is instructed and etc 
powered to tiring suit In the circuit 
court here against Wilcox A Halloran 
as soon u* the necessary paper* can 
lie filed, for till amount approximat- 
ing $7000. 

Rupert ntondent Erler came here 
Tuesday with the hope of adjusting 
his business matters with Wild x A 
Halloran amicably, hut they con'd 
not. It n-ems. agree. 

The contractor* claim that they 
owe Mr. Erler nothing, and that he 
was paid monthly all the money due 
him. less ten per cent held back to 
indemnify them In case the contract 
was nol complied with. 

The $2finft Wilcox A Halloran paid 
the city as a compromise for the 
work the city did op the streets, they 
want to deduct front the remaining 
money due Mr. Erler, and Mr. Erler 
claims that his contract compels hint 
to do no work un the streets until 
after the m-wernge was received by 
the city, and the work Was clone by 
the city long liefore this. 

For misses, children and boys, we carry the 
best that is made, at the lowest possible prices. 

Hi it'TH AM I’ToN, Nov. 23. -The 
steamers Haul, Komis and bonne 
'astir sailed this morning for South 
Aftlrt with three thousand troops 
ferndnt first contingent of liftli 
army division recently mobilized 

lu tllfl Colonial IKpr.rtneUt of the 
German Government. 

DURBAN, Nov. 23. -A dtscr dited 
rep.)-' from Kaffir source* say* Gen VV title has Captured all Hie big 
Jt ,er guns around Ladysmith. Tu 
g,-la t-ver is swollen now by icCent 
heavy Tallis and I* tiliforciatile. 

$ Uneeda ^uwftNTft* 

HEREIN. Nov. 21. Investigation 
■hew . ttm i the facl* in ilia Cameroon 
rvandal, made public by Ihe Tag*- 
litatf NeiVertit*T IK. when that paper 
said all apparently Corrupt deal Iiud 
taken place by w hi, ti Hie chief of the 
C olonluJ department gave away 

*0.000 oqiiare kilometers of t’atn- 
erocui soil. e«l inia tel to be woith 
utiout 4ll.mio.ootl marks, to various 
high personages, far exceed ihe T age. 

Ida it 'a stcry. The promoleia, It 
appear*, first formed a Company and 
soon told out to a new eompany 
formed «t Hrusael* and made up of 
Belgians. IngliHinien and several 
Ameilcanr «fcr IK.r.mV.OiMl francs. 
The* coisesslon. It further appears, 
really cost them nothing The first 
company »n» named in the conce* 
si on Hudek Atnerun. I’tlcc'e Holien 
lohe Hehrlngeu was one of Iheorlgl- 
ual concessioner*. For till* reason 
the emperor forced Ills resigtiat Ion 
a* clib-f court clianda-iliUn. 

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already arrived, and 

LONDON. Nov. 24, — No purttcu 
la.-* ot yesterday'* engagement Iwm 
li-fa ricelved hero excepting a 
brief r.etlcogf the deal It of llM-ll 
in r Blundell, c-f t lie tire tin doer 


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Men’s and Boys’ Outfitters. 

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call will convince you 
beyotnl a doubt that 

LONDON. Nov 24. -The • morning 
post putdlstiOh the following dated 
J'le termaritzburg, Nov. 23: "We 
have received a rumor here today from 
Dutch sources to the effect that our 
forces recently inflicted another 
disastrous •sfBat on the Boers kroutai 
Ladysmith. Nearly ull the enemy's 
urge gsm> fire reported to have Is ell 
captured. The Boer* are said to 
liav. been completely denronit td. 
The rumor ts unconfirmed, tint the 
Dutch In tile district appear much 
depressed, so that there may lie some 
truth In it- 

A telegrum from Lord Uetluen 
stales that ut daybreak yeate day 
morning lie took t tie Doer position at 
Belmont, south of Klmtierly, where 
Lieutenant Colouel Keith- Falconer 
and Lieutenant Wood were killed. 
The Infantry behaved with gr.-ut gal- 
lantry and were well supported by 
the naval brigade The Hi tilth 
losses art- Said to In- con*ld -r i'ile, 
w-lillc- tht seof the enemy w*r- ..ra v. 
TIi.- British troops carried tn.» *:,-sl 
tl,.»i nt Ihe point of Hie ‘myoiier. 

. Itt.ough details are scarce, It Is 
evident that the action was of a 
pretty severe charm ter. "Our vic- 
tory was complete.'’ ti'.vs Lord 

Deucy * Flag Hccrctary Koyally 
Welcomed ut (.tiilncy, III. 

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The |»**er of all full drens ahirta. Of finr 
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Jefferson and Elliott Only Goun 
ilea Not Officially Hetiorted, 

The Latest, the Nobbiest, for 
Ladies : 

ql'INt’V. III. Nov. 24. -Lieut. II 
M Caldwell. Admiral Drwey’a flag 
ar'e relarv. srriV.-rl here yester-lay. 
He was ti«t at the Htallon by two 
hriiss liand*. naval rererv.s, a iidlltla 
eon patiy Slid n large iiuinla-r of * lii 
• -ns. who escorted him to tile ii « *in .- . »f 
(IN nsither. llie Imihlltigs ukilig llie 
line of mareli were ileeora let In lu* 
greet. at him sh-ng tile entire ruute. 
honor anil > lieers mid waving flags 
Last night a banquet Lieut, ( aid 
well was pit-seuteil wiili a sliver lov- 
ing eup. anil Hiih evening a public 
reception will la- given lilm. 

FRANKFORT, Ky., Nov. 24 -Of 
flcial returns have been received at 
the office of the secretary of .state 
from 117 of the lilt counties In the 
state. The two counties yet unre- 
ported are Jefferson unit milolt. 
The count In the latter has hpen com- 
pleted. and In Jefferson the result 
will he certified before the enunf the 
week, so there will lie nothing to pre 
vent the meeting of the slat e olfctioo 
commissioner* next Monday If ('apt. 
W. T. Ellis can come here at that 
II m*. 

Public I'ustodmg Thompson has f if 
ted quarter* on the second floor nf 
the executive building In which lire 
state Itoiu-i! will hear contests after 
counting the vote In the office of the 
secretary of state. 

Yale Mufflers 

A fttock Ktigli«li *quarc. capab’r of br 
ing tied in many thapeii. in colors most 
beautiful. Stately, comfortable, elegant 

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Aberdeen | 

display in window. The Lsdy Cunou 

tie— no two alike. 

Full-dress muftk-r. 
price fz.oo to Jr oo. 

WASHINGTON, Nov. 24. Ills sail! 
St the wax department that by Hie 
end of the present Week Gen. HHs 
will receive reinforcements t ' tbw 
nundiei of 3 ,000 men It Is expo t 
•d that the major poitlou of these 
forces will be thrown directly Into 
Cnvlle province, south of Manila, and 
will clean out the Insurg-pts who 
have infested tlint regi,,|i eve, s|tji* 
the full of Manila. The Insurgents 
in this section are believed to nuui 
her a Is > lit l.fMMI to 2, nun men. 

The Shed Is to He Fight Hundred 
Feet Long. 

Our $1 00 Silk-Lined 
Kid Gloves 

Arc the moat elegant and 
ting in the market. 

Rnndmaster II. t'. Wallace was nut 
at tile in'* Illinois Central depot tills 
morning, where work Is progressing as 
rapidly a* weather will permit. The 
brick under Contractor tint terjoliti, is 
very rapidly loouutig up. and Hie 
depot will tie finished as soon as pos- 

Kiiarlii akjer Wallace staled that the 
platform, which will not la- built until 
tin- depot ts finished, will In- kuu 
feet long 

Tin tug shed at the I'nloti t>-|s>t has 
not yel been mllerl. A Urge force 
if met Is Ht work on It, tlowsv -r, and 
the rnllerN will probatil.r be placed 
under It tomorrow. 

The yard office of tile llllii I* Cc;i 
trill was Hits morning looverl from 
the aliops to Hie new dispatcher's 
office. Tills takes Yunlinnster Ku.-ran 
anil I •- force out ran her. 

Try Weille’s 

MANILA. Nov 2 t. ScVivef Ig.dmg 
In Hie north of Iloilo begun Tuesday, 
Move ntlirv 21 Four AmeHcana 
were killed and twenty five wound- 
ed. including three officers. The In 
surgents gre retreating to t-.itiut Iktr 
tmru, tint fighting rs,ntluiies. 

Equal to auy H uo .hoe hoM in l-a lucati 


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ate prices. Good fits, splendid material ami 
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KAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 24 - The 
members of the First TeumsM-e regi- 
ment left yesterday for Hie Oakland 
mole, where iwo special trains wailed 
to convey them to their homes. Ii was 
late In Hie afternoon when the trains 
pulled out, although the men and ofrt 
ct-rs left tin- Kan Francisco side on t lie 
3 o'clock boat. A great crowd wop 
gathered at the Union ferry ,1 i-|mi| to 
bid good bye to Hie soldiers, tin- reg 
t ment having made many friends 
among llie people here. Among those 
who gathered to s»v farewell were 
siores of women and pretty girl*. The 
trouble over the transportation of the 
men seemed to have been amicably 
settled SS there- w as lit tic con (, 
among the hoys lu him- unit all sccua-d 
happy to get started on tlo-lr trip 
autos* the ccmtliicut. in the , a s- - of 
some ten or more nieu llnru was not 
enough cash among them lo buy tick- 
ets and this morulng a suls-cripllon 
w-ns taken up to pay the wav of the 
financially embarrassed, or rather to 
loan them the money. This mom gig 
Mrs. A. K. Townsend, the rich Califor- 
nia lady who Iiuk dope so much for the 
regiment w.|it to the d ofrice 
and offered tier ell, < k for $,'>0,000 to 
pay the full expense (>f the regiment 
lo Tennessee. The magnificent ulfet 
was refused with good gru> e tty Ihe 
Tennesseeans lliqttgll the geuerosity 
of lb- lady wp* highly apprudat, ,|. 

Venezuela's war, llmugti rated Hs 
a small matter and of no Interest In 
the world’s politics, Is vigorous, and 
Its 1 ast battle shows it record of 
killed and wounded nearly If not quite 
equal to that of any engagement lit 
Kouth Africa or the Fhdippines, and 
jnucli exceeding the most of them, 
At Puerto CulieUo, Just fought with 
victory for General ('astro, giving liinj 
control of the only place of conse- 
quence in the country not alieady 
in lus po**eMlon,thc killed and wouu 1- 
ed numbered thieeliiindrisl. more than 
fell at Glencoe or Dundee, and a good 
many more than have fallen in the 
siege operations against Klmbadey, 
Mafeklng or Ladysmith. I’ueito Ov 
hello will henceforth take a oonsplct 
Otis place in the list of the republic’s 
battlefield*, and may wind up the 
war. tearing only the gueitlht Her- 
nandez the gadfly of Venezuelan 
politics -mid Id* band to be disposed 

Hdinatna of Lute Vice President 
Hobart Viewed lly Muny. 


noon today all the streets sun. > i |- 
lug the Holiart lionie were bloc : -d by 
a dense crowd of Citizens wlio w. uteri 
lo Disc odv anlage of the only cliuis e 
lo riev Hie ri-ninins of the I ite vice 
president, now lying in state In Cur- 
roll Hall Although the hours from 
2 till *• were set aside for this pur- 
pose the people began gathering as 
early uk *d this morning A hundred 
and fifty members of congress will 
attend the funeral tomorrow, 'lie 
pr. sepfe of file large Crowd levy 
Is taken as d"i u|e.l eyiikjice f it e 
hit It esteem Mr. Hobart onio.c) 

We want your [patron 


Wc appreciate 


Part of Ilia Division lake* Frentl 
uni Over all Otbars on I. C. 

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and a selection ot high-class 5c cigars, and made at home. 

Call for them. 

We have only up-to-date 

7’he inspertors who recently went 
over the .'UlBOla Central rajlrntu! have 
finished their t.eur, and ill* awintl 
to Hie best six mtle« on the enil'* 
Illinois Central system of over B.OOl) 
miles waamadeto Roaditiaster H U. 
Wallace's division, which’ I* front 
Louisville to Paducah. 

The six miles |* up about Heaver 
Dam. and I* the li-velesl an u smooth 
est and best kept of any on the *ys 
ttm • 

mV, M. Crahen is the supervisor and 
Mr. H. aeo'tion foreman 

The same s’* u 1 * 1 * 1 * 'erelverl tti* 
award lust year, ftlsd 

We sell our trimmed lmts 
regardless of cost. 

lug in- iirding to nil act entitled "An 
Act to provide how III* pouting and 
binding a tut stationery of thq state 
shall be furnished, approved June 
20. 1 H03. '* 

lllunkN may be had from Hie treas, 
Urer. Bids .should tie address, d to 
the secretary of state, 2tn‘J 


We do a* we advertise 
beuce our success. 

Mr .1 E. Palmer, the newVstoia’i 
ke.-pei of the Illinois (Yntral, airiv.x) j 
lust night from Chicago and i>egan 
work tln> morning in the storeroom. 

With Paper and Stationery for 
Public Printing. 

Threatening weather tonight and 

Andy Watson, the Bell county out 
law, escaped from an officer liy jump, 
lug from it second-story window. 

Give us a call and wc 
will save you money. 

Yours respectfully, 


32b Broadway. 

Rental proposals Will la' reCClV. d 
#t the Office of the sts retury ot state 
nt fort, Ky n until noon, be 
ceruliei S, 1 Hit?*, at which time they 
will be opened, for furntsliii-g paper 
aud stutbuei) 'for the public print 

rongresaman Oruinpaukai . of i 
dltiiiu, an flounce* that lie vin m 
trrduce a bill III congress for Hi • re 
Colonial department gave aw a .- !•>, 
l|uctlc>n of the represent Htion of the 
mg l Uv _ne$ro. 

Dr. McCormick, of the stute ld»nr(| 
if liiatth. who ima tie.-ti making ; u 
Inveailgaticn, sa.vs there are over 
0(K‘ cases of smallpox In Union coun- 
ty, if which nun. h.-r SOU case* „r®' 
in Untcutown, 

A flood destroyed the river of l.itm 
ml" ill WaslilllfkCdl Mate. 

Janos W. McKinney, wlio on the 
face if Hie returns was defeated for 
representative in Trigg county by 
four votes, will contest the el-.vUoii. 

Two hundred structural troll wnig 
er* went cn u strike at Chicago. 

Joint B. Embry, of Nlcholnsvidc 
Ky., died of yellow fever in L'iiIih. 

©Itc ^abttcol? $\ra 

— * — ^ 

• llicr U'liit'* Mir I (i ni {KAIil ' K it*- 


Ti ll* Mint- to r. I "Ike n nmn Or tfrtou^ 
ti&iiK it w'i \rr m i iilpuinutiK |li* pkr«H 
f*W thefr own :u|vAntage, lust cad of 

using Ihelrown talents for tin beg- fit 
of tlir party. In at thr time nftWnpt 
at Imnnlsm roiunirnco*. If, III ailmlmi* 
luring Mint rebuke, llir party tinqMt 
rniliy Miftlirn. It *111 only ton Wo lW*> 
lesson the plallirr. Thai In exactly 
tlir iMirnl to Ih* unforced; political 
pm lira ntjraya miTi n if uny prrmlt 
(branrlV'H 111 ItrciH'ir tUr I oiiln uf 
•elf ■ enluruil mul nmliltlnuM nirn. If 
a party aiiffrrn a ilrfrat in a nlalo of 
national eject loll, once or tw-l*e, simp- 
ly lirr anno thr propir w ill nm tolerate 
'Ifcoenrai't (lint party will learn n bw- 
non which it will not noon forget, ami 
It In nafr to nay It mill not permit 
Mlrli men to gain cunt ml of Itn orgasm 
ratli >in* lii tlir near future. That uaa 
•fiial caused t tnv .leflnlt of tlir I4epu*»- 
Mean party In Marylanil thin ymir. It- 
man a tutlrr lennon. lull In lliu eml a 
profitable "lie Whenever a few men 
rule a party, the people km*' confidence 
In It- Whenever I llon<> men are depone*! 
the pulill* return lo tlielr firmer sup- 
port of the parly. Nothing maken a 
party n*i weak with the pn)|ilr an to 
fiatv It t a* liy whnti la etieutiotily t ena- 
eil a ’maelitne;* nothing makes I 
stronger than to have the inmuieii feel 
the parly In run In their interests. 

"The name cry which wan tsIsihI by 

the Uox machine in obki wan ruined 
by tbe Uoeliel machine In Kentucky. 
Vote for the machine, swallow a lit lie 
•tuff the bosses produced, shut, y«ur 
cyea to all their corruption, nuffer 
your rights lo Ik> curtailed au*t y*>ur 
privileges lien led, in ord< r to Hue your 
party regularly. Yet what rosped-abl* 
HepubUean ailinlrea tile llemo* rat w 1 10 
vot.ecl.for Goebel? How, then, ean he 
defend thone who voted fur Cox? And 
the reverie m also true. 

"Why, the very fact that thoae wl>o 
are moat Intimately cuuaecteil with 
political 'ImsniV are the n>*>4 earnest 
in their ilenutl of It. shows that they 
do not believe in it. nixl that they do 
know the people ought to'tctnike It. 
t*l*1 you ever know a political ‘b>»g 
acknowledge hlmlelf to tie <rr, and 
make a fight on that platform?' 

for Innulng a eertlfka e to (Joe- 
bo all* gi'i^iit of-ttNMi* l.aiiot . 
haftf*. CR: fill, rung tiK- . Splri-fl, :lilu|.'»<- 

Imtra 1 1 ' > <! > 1 1 > it that tht n'Xfi I* jap 

W 'U be convince. I of *ft> ''^t'vrgfid 

regularity of tlie election III Knox anil 
Johnson. The atub bmika -how wlial 
•or! of ballot* were need, an I ;i ought 
not to Im a difficult matter la settle 
ihia ennt rovaifiyl I I T I 

"Gochtdiu*. while expressing eonfl- 
dence In the willingness :.f iln- at ale 
lioard to eornndt nn out r ige upon Ih* 
rtglit lif ailffiRge talk about ilic t|igl) 
•landing of the gentlemen »bo coin. 
|nw*c the hoard a* tf the rf>pdt nlon "f 
these nmi were such as to I miliu the 
liopular approval of anytlildg they 
mlglil ilo. Thin Im alamter by tnuotiilo, 
aa tlielr ansuuipllon that rebel will 
gut the certificate m slander direct. 
W»> do not. believe that rapt. Kills 
and Judge I’ryor would use tlielr repu- 
tation for iulegrlty to Induce tlir |kit» 
plr of Kentucky to aocept a wrong. 
They ix>uld not tf tliey would. W*od- 
son’ll dialled Iterally atateil I* souie- 
thing like Mur. The members of the 
commission ara men of high standing, 
anti whatever they do will he accepted, 
If tlapt. Pills or Judge Pryor were to 
•teal a homo or rob a . lunik, this 
would make horsestealing and ’rank 
robbery honorable In Kentucky lie 
mi'puim to forgitl that, the ryput all on 
of tlirae men In tut nos t upon liountalrla 
conduct. Tht* repul/uton < an bo easily 
* leer roved try dUttionorablr acts. If 
they wer uUi rob a bank tlie ptvipl j uf 
Kentucky woiri*', «<**letnn tlleiu, lath- 
* e»> than apiivMe • liunk rubbery If 
tlroy pnitlutpnte ia Mie rubborv of tbu 
majority of the people of Kc*i of 
IIm> right* of Aiovrluan- t itt’.euship. 
Kentucky wilt roiulemn '*••• ■ -inilirils 
rMhit Miaa approve the crime. It la 
an inaalt to <?apt . Ellla and Judge Pry. 
or U inHtniwio that they would p<» 
Nome o|ioa tlielr own reput *Uj»a to 
cloark a I rlin#." * ^ 

If re* haven't • rewulsr. wmlihr moreaieni of tbe 
bowel! ererr ler. Tell re k>et <>r will tie Keep r>>ur 
xieelt open, imd t>e well t'orae. In theiuepecf 
violent phjvle or pill imivon le ileneerirae Tbe 
mi. .<i hen. eealevt. tncvi t>erfect wer uf beeping tbe 
bowele elenr end clean n to tebe 

luiscaimoN rates: 

(Knitted nt the poetnfkct nt Pnducnh. Ky 
eecond elate matter.) 


By carrier, per week I 

Hy mad. pet mouth, in advance . .1 

By mail, per year, in advance 


On* year, by mail, poaiagc paid....]. 

Address Thk 8v». Peducnk. gy. 

mniuniH w u 

and Cooking: purposes' 
and rem oral satisfaction 

Orrtci i !4 Bro«<tw»y I Tilsfboh* ...No 15 H 

rioatant. PalttaMr. Potenl Tantr OmM IV'iP*t»d, 
Novrr Hu'Mn ur tOr .1>t VV \V ritr 

tor freo akmi’lo. ah<1 btniwi on health, AiitlrOi# 1 

Indm;. Cftlot*. Iwlfnl, <•* Vsrt. Mts 

•a^Mcmlxr of the Scripps-McRae 
League, the best afternoon Tele- 
thc States. 

W e have inlrotluced in the work room of our carpet department a new 
■yiteiu-pt tnakinj 

graphic Association in 

bordered carpttt, whereby the turn under around the 
it* bo ViAterially from tbe appearance of a carpet, ih done 
geaiu4 of our cxrpeU are made in such a manner us to hi- 

ItihlerVtfen the work ia fayed. These point* are worthy 

of your consideration, as they add greatly to the appearance of a carpet. 

Remember, this is the only place in the city 
where you can gret such work. 


Iwgwuluan ttnpUmntl.iu of IhmMn Owlf 
Tnrun Uy Inak llntd. 

To some. M Ixttt, of ih« un*UBlhergil 
mj luoutucrabl* host of golfers the 
question in ay have occurred ai on* 
time or fmothnr Whence came the 
word "caddle"f Frntik Boyd, In hM 
'‘Omitted f'hapler* In' the History of 
Monlfleth," wlih'li he contVltuiteii to 
"The Hook Of Monlfleth llolf i 'ikdlki- 
iar,” offer* an ingenious u« well an 
highly amusing explanation uf the 
term There wa». he nay*, a Culdee. 
or "Keledal," entabllnhment at Monl- 
fleth at one time, till the monk* of Ar‘ 
liroath dl»l>o«ses«ei the Oul.leba tif 
fhelr lands and made them tkelr *erv- 
anta One dHy it occurred to » aouk,. 
while having a git.-ne of golf, to make 
the Kulodel carry lUn elubs. He found 
tbla cuntrihuted KtealJy lo tils cofnfor^ 
"The plan wgs adopted by tlte rest of 
the monks, and hencefortn they never 
went out wlthflut being aet ♦mpunled 
by their Keledel " Now you know," 
contlnuee Mr Hnyd. "that In these 
part* the practice Is to cut short words 
in phlrts lit lltMi nil used A UK 
tlU. for Ilian tijaevM lays Halsray.' 
It Is always 'Halgrle ' Thus It was 
natural that In the course of time the 
»l‘ should drop out of Hie Kelhdet',' and 
It should come to sound like 'caydef'. 1 
•ait t* tHhi dag lKldils how tht wonMa 
pronounced by superfine Scotch youths. 
In the strong Forfarshire vernacular 
U waa. however broadened out lo 'rad- 
dls ' ” Aa a matter of fact, the origin 
of the term "caddie" Does not Appear to 
have evar heet^.arinfartorlly explained. 
Jamieson, who defines caddie aa one 
who earns a livelihood by runulag er- 
rands, delivering meesagea. aqd so on. 
eipraaaea the opinion that the Ursa 
was originally the sama -with the 
French oadet. which a« he remarks Is 
some times used to denote a yi*ing per- 
son In ganeral. • Ur Murray. In hi* 
colossal work, holds the same view, 
but how the word came to be employed 
to denote tbe lad who carries a play- 
er's golf ctnbi has still to ha elucidated. 
— Literature. - , ... 

Today i« tlie Inst day 'nr fpl.tq c on 
tesiN ngulnst membin* of the b-gis 
In ttiie. 

PrcKiilent McKinley will npl i 
Din proo.lseri visit lo Nashville 
finds buMTIeas too pressing y 

OwiLlsnmense Stock of New Carpets and Rugs 

iwcvinmATK; ";;v, ;;;; 

Office 427 Broadway. Telephone No. 8 

awaits your inspection. We are offering: 
Kxtrs goo* I seven-eight ha hemp 

idpoi’/orm yffa." ’ 

WttW cotorfd gnd pattern* in yard- 
wide gfinite — xhte best emp carpet 
tw^4r4r ip; y4rtV - | 

Kiglit pieces of good quality iq- 
grain carpets — our quarter- wucl-t- 
iiright patterns, for iUo yard. 

Four pieces strictly all-wool 60c 
tngrsfn caYjicts to dost out for -fOc 

l«x3H ioches, 6J>c. 

Smyrna ruga, :!Ox64 inches in size, 
for 08 cents 

f llsnitsmue M< queitc rug*, regular 

large sizes, for 82.110 ami 83.46. 

New line of tine fur rugs in solid 
black and white; also combinations 
of gray, black, brown and white furs 
from 81.75 lo 85 00. 

Smyrna druggets. T'uxlO'v feet 
to 0x12 feet in size, badsomc red, 
blue or green color combinations, 
ranging in price from 87.60 to 835. 

We are Closing Out a Cheap 
Line of Mattings. 


Drop in And nee us. 


received -by Secrets rp Of State Finley 

from all tbe counties in Kentucky ex- 
cept Jefferson and Elliott. The State 
• I action commission Is exuectcO t*> 

meet Monday . the 27th. to begin tti 1 *- 

good measure Here/ 

You will always get 
good quality here. 

You will always get 
courteous treatment^ere 

The center of the governorship cop- 
test will aoon be Frankfert. The 
slate commission l» to meet Monday 
lo canvass the vote mid *ie< liar*, (by 
result officially that is no* so wyll 
known to thd people of the slate and 
country. , , , 



That nomocracy la hopelessly given 
over to Bryaiiism Is uceept<-d with 
deapadrlng reslgnstlon by *be af- 
flicted parly and wtlh svnil'Vhetlc 
catk vru py .tho , ppanuw -^t Juge. 
feveii 1ft <>p «c8dql ^f edfilflxjp-rtvuuj 
this party, Inured to blunders, fulls 
to learn wisdom. There Is a pretty 
well defined oouvt, tiou inside the 
party that In a campaign led by 
RiVnn, snd pitched on the ohi plane 
eff radical disturbance to ratab 
iislie*) order, I>eroocra*y inuat Inev- 
I tably meet f oreordnl nisi orfi'al. 
Yet there la A disposition that qmounta 
to devermIQHtiVb lo repeat the folly 
of lSJWV .1 ust Mica t Ion of I hi* course 
Is prolwibly tiased upon the dl»courng- 
ing reflesy loti that Itke resigt face* 
the party with any other available 
leader upon, ufty Otbwr poaalble plat- 
form. and iho,i it la well to fight It* 
out. upon the old line in shfer drw 
peratlon and devillab-llke ikvollon 
to consistency, always reserving Ilia 
great American privilege of taking 
on any other fallacy found lying 
Around looa«\ 

In tbla connection a recapitulation 
in retrospect may serve to p iuu a 
paJItiCai mas* 1 liF ^irognuslb alkiii 
In 1H96 McKinley got 271 tile< lor.vl 
Votes and Brysp 17d. Wiitc then 
Bryan has lost Kausao, South tbikoti, 
>V asliingiou and Wyoming, with 
twenty one electoral VQtes The 
Uecnocrais have regained M|i y'.ifut. 
simply lusxause the free silver Issue 
wan Ignored — liy WkR». The gold 
Iienucratu of that Male wl|a Imre 
returned to tbelr party tflil *Mlvloii 
It bgvlnlf Bryan la nom*nat.-d Tliey 
hAve an ineradicable fear of his mon- 
etary theories. He msy carry Ken- 
tucky with the aid of the (ioe.hel law — 
a , lout >t ful proposition- but, even that 
state, filth thirteen electoral votes, 
will not make good bis losses. It la 
a safe prediction that he will lie 
beaten ; worse in I t*pO than ill lrififi 

ft fi evident, a* the St. Lout* > ilob<- 
Jlemccrat very pertinently nts 
forth, that lire Heroocrstk- party 
Ua^< resolved,, ivllh its * yes ofeu, to 
go down Into the valley of bun*iiatl<in 
with llryafi. If pri-fera' the c.gtulnty 
of defeat wiin him to thf* relfiqt e poa 
siblllfy of atltvo** wlTli som* other 
man It ia well.* 

If You Want--- 


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The . Swell Window Drapery— Durable, Ar* 
rustic, Inexpensive. 

fnwn 98(vTd 84 9bj a Vfiir. 
k-^wprit qurtaifia |8 to 85 * pair. 

HOnluin point lace curtains — in white or ecru, beautiful ecroll de- 
signs — suitable for most any room, 85 60 a pair. 

. ftH'l' li.iM icil iMUftOW f t>r» ' 


Nice felt window shadei, 3 feet wide, G feat long, spring rjiler, 1 5c. 
Good G.feet shades, for 20 cents. 

1 oil f«l l *'ioe«*iiiiU^*ii<lk to xmier, any style or size, oak and m.ihogany our 
tmlo poles and 20 cent*. 

hfiifl'irUu curtain poles, silver trimmings, 25 cents. 

The new double Parisian curtain rods, for 35 cents. 

State of Ohio, City of Toledo, * 

Lucas "omit/, i ** 

FRANK J. UiKN EY mskes o»th that he Is 
the senior pinner of the tirm of F J. Cheney 
A Co., doing ba.lnees In the etiy of Toledo 
county and state sroresald, ant that said mm 
will pay the sun of ONK HI NHKKLi DoL 
l.AKS for each and every case of Catarrh that 
cannot be cured by tbe use of HALL'S CA- 


Sworn to b*>fore me and •ubr- rtlied in my 
presence, this Stb day of December, A A l-W. 
> K A L A. W. liLBAOON. Notaiy Public. 

Uah s Catarrh Cute Is Mken 'mentally and 
acts direc tly »n the blood add mucous surfaces 
of the system Send for testimonials, free 
F J CHENEY A CO , Toledo, O. 
Fold by Druggist* Wc 
Mall s Family HU* are the best. 

New Work 



In ton months of tills year the lial- 
hnco of trade In favor of ilia United 
states amounts lo $i<7o,(Hm.i.0<m>. and 
for tbu same time tie gold imports 
•xceert the exports by over $8 .(mhi.immi. 
Prosperity stands the test of figures 
in all departments of trade and of tlie 
govern menu 





The same old place, 218 COURT 8t, 


When Qoebel Is out. of the guberna- 
torial contention lie will sunn sink 
into the oblivion lie lias so well won 
for himself. His career will become 
a by-word for all tlml Is mean in 
polities, however. Much was the re- 
ward of other betrayers and Uoeliel 
alone has himself to blame. 

A thoroughly equipped Book-making plant. 

You need send nothing out of town. 

PtUat FUt-Oocnin* Book* WOADVA 


IU«A Mi, VWIrniMr l-« •* Mol* Is 
SNM for Those 

No«A In J adds mors lo the attractlye- 
bhs of a roam than a pot of ferns 
But bow to manage ferns when they 
com* from tb* florist Is what few 
houacwlTsa know If tba Intsetloa b* 
to gut them sln*ly they should ho ra- 
pottad in a alia larger only (has the 

If recalvad 

,i ran*»e*l by an artistic decorator to beautify your room. 

PECLAL.-A dozen different patterns in tine chenille portieres, 

jLDriee 8 4 50 to 810. This week at 50c on tlie dollar. 

^Offtry portieres, 3'« yar*U lung, heavy fringe: rei, blue aad green 

•BAG a pair. 
fsKan . * 





Woo dson'a iTtlcag** Interview, hi 
which lie said that Goebel woulil ald.i*- 
h.v tli* ilecision of the slate oauvass- 
Ing tsi.lTd. lias brought down up*>n Ills 
lieail enough etlUeism to i lit his Nam- 
sonlnn locks and his pride as well tf 
both were as lender as they should lie. 
such Impudence, and such roasts! 

To Beat Bryan for Presidential 

Nomination Nest Year. 

drap«n*4 — the latest thing — also suitable for stylish 

for 75 cents yard, 
and mahogany, 81 25 

pots they hart ucrupi"! 
by mall, with the soil w*sh*d from the 
root*, put tbs plants Into as small pots 
as will naturally account* xlats (he sit* 
of Chair roots. Plan* hit* of rh arena 1 
or broksn pottery an Inch In dspth in 
tfta bottom of tb s pot for dratuase 
Covar tbla with a thin layer of must or 
isafy rsfuse lo prevent the soli from 
washing through An Ideal soil is 
rloh, flaky laaf molfl. with on»-foarth 
part roars* sharp *nn? well allied Ih 
In tb* ahaenc* of laaf nioid wall-roltad 
sod. rich In decayed roots, ia «•!* «ll»ni . 
or chip dirt, tailed with decay*.! straw 
or «uch inattar with either of these use 
ih* wo* proportion of *anJ One 
ne*d not always go to tbe woods for 
laafmold. In many a sheltered feme* 
corner and under the edge of walks 
the leaves from shtd* sud otbwr trees 
find lodgment year after year ami de- 
cay. Manure should not Iw added w> 
the soil for fernt. an rxeeptioni may be 
made with very strung growing varle 
(lee — a little may be added with bene- 
ficial result If *o thoroughly Uerayed 
that tt looks Ifke rleh. blech earth A 
few bits of .-harroal. varying from the 
lit* of a pwa to that of a basainut. may 
be scattered through tbe soil, they 
kewp the soil tweet and ferp roots 
seam to Uke the little nooks add crau 
litas afforded by them nits of broken 
brisk may he substituted , either bold 

NEW YORK, Nov. 24. -The Herald 
nays: "Maryland Democrats will 

in nn antl-Kryau movement if any eie 
couragement W off*-red llietu by tliu 
lenrierH In thin and other eastern 
state*. -✓"'-G 

TIiIn flirt was nunonnecd In Hi* hard 
Croker by «x-N*»iahjr Arthpr I*. Go* 
a>au nu'i Dovurnot elixt John tYuit*>n 
Smith . f.f 

st nator Gormau la qiioled un saving 
to a frlt-nd last evening that a auf- 
flctent tiumlier of ntitl -Bryan dele- 
galea wrujd be aent to thv fn xt na- 
tional convent ion to prevent Ih*' boinl- 
natien of tlm Ncbraaka leailet liy tti* 
twn-ihlnl* - voUi nweaioiry. While in 
New York Fenator Ooruian and (!*>v.- 
elect Kmtth have b,'*-n lu Icoau inn- 
sultntlon concerning the Democrat io 
poll* -lea which Mary laud may del Hop 
during the next six month* With 
them at the \Vald«irf-A*U)rln was 
llnrlmnin Schley, cousin of Admiral 
Schley, ami surveyor bf the I’ert of 
HalUmom under -the laat « l* v* Innd 
aflrnliilatratlon Mr. Kchley is i close 
friend of deuator Gorman, anil Ida 
presence atArted the minor that eastern 
Democrats woulil unite In presenting 
the nAme of Admiral Schley in the 
next < on vent ton 1 

It Is said, however, that Admiral 
Schley Iihn announced that he would 
have nothing to do with politics, and 
woulrl not aocept tbe presidency aa 
a gift. 'f l 

If Senator Gorman's plana reach 
ihelr fulf fruition Maryland w ill liulat a 
very early state convention, nt which 
a delegation to tbe national ccnveu- 
tlon will be Darned which will In- aolkliy 
and openly opposed to Bryan • 

Ollier eastern states and some south- 
ern states are expected to follow 
Maryland'a example. No candidate 
has been settled upon it In said, with 
whom fo oppose Bryan. 

— Design In— 

Stable and Fancy Groceries 

Provision^ Produce, (Feed, Etc. 

Senator ItlaCkburn ways lie still 
believes Goebel was elect in! snd Mid 
.eglslnture Is DeincrriilJ*- and tlml 
lie will l>e ret urinal to the senate. Mr. 
B. would no doubt declare the moou 
<jf : •■•—e If it was 
Agreeable lOWJ SO, aB.I lie would be 
Mat as near tb* truth * f the matter. 

Try our Celebrated Sugar 
Cured Meats. 

Haas, Sbonlilcrs, anil Baeon— and Strictly Pure laird. Ail our oab 
pack and sold under a guarantee, 

v 08 . 826-827 8. Third 8t. Te , **'»'"ne |08 

Tha .South Afriosn war ha* not af- 
fected general buqursfi in any part of 
the world, excepMat 'the scut of Hie 
sonfllct^ No E*ir*psy4 comriry haa 
had nny of its i n injure*), not 

*ven England. Th« *ar will re*luoa 
iho pre|llcte*l Im ri-Ami iu the world's 
gold production for IMG to aome ex- 
tent, but aside ‘—jiftf - i ircpii, stall, e 

the world will uigAfg' affected oa 
li riallvby tbe ronaMh. 

It feet could talk, QUi 

quality would be tbe i 
demanded. Have you 4 
themP NOP What is 
merit P Style* fit and j 

Is rapidly becoming Ui# favorite with the people of this c'ty. It lead* 
others, for the reason that it I* , , 


Medium Price 



Whether the odrtillmte of election 
for governor la deli.-Vr. i to General 
Taylor, whom th* peoj.l. sebvted, or 
to Mr. Goebel, whom Ih. people didn't 
select, has finally been pa-wuxl up to 
tfte slate canvassing imarri. The 
power of Die lhr*e 0011 me » be aa 
great- n« Vbe Qoi>tii'H|iA chum and the 
certificate, *w* they ‘ ksHert, may lx- 
delivered to Goebel, the not elected, 
tun the atatemefit Is iloubU'il fqr tlu- 
one reason tf no other that the Iriuuv 
viate is comimsed uf sitgirt . ii|t.-n 
and not fools **r Ifnavea. General 
Taylor will Ire governor. 

Bergdoll, Hroprietoi. Tenth and Madison •'■wola 

lone 101. Ortlers filled until 11 n m 

““da l’op, Seltzer Water ami all kinds of Temiicrance 

Ara you neoding Shoes for the girls and boys P 
Our stock is complete in all. departments. 

Child's 5s to 8s, 50c, 76c, $1.00 and 81.25 
Child’s 8 1-2* to 11s, 75c, 81.00, 81.25 and’81.50 
Misses’ 11 l-2a to 2s, 75c, 8100, 81.26, 81.60 and 82.00 
*L Bovs' tt 1-lto to Via. 75c and 81 00 
mjMM fagVfl-88, 11.00, 81 25 and |1.50 

llojs'-lttoe l-2s, 81.00, 81.25, $1.50 a „«l 82.00 



in atkliMon to toting for prefideiiMal 
i-le* tors and lociuber* uf congrisn next, 
your* a portion of the people of Ken- 
tucky will etoot n judge of til*- court 
of apiMXil* and U|kii» line remilt will 
clepen*) the pnlllH'Ml eoirqile xl.-i of I Ill- 
appellate court of KrnUiofcy lor the 
ensuing two years. 

The term of Judge Haeelrlfg. of the 
'KevunlU AppelUtto iliotrict. expires In 
one year and bis HUcoetmor is to Im elec- 
ted In November, lttGO. 'iln- judges 
holding ovar art, equally divided po- 
litically, the Republicans being Messis. 
Iliitsniro, Usffy and Dulteile, *nu the 
Democrats Messrs. Faynter, Jlobson 
and WbltA. m 

The Seventh Appellate district is 
Si-publican by a large majority, uud 
even Under tfte Inlqiptoits Go* t>* l force 
hill it, gave a plurality of .‘1,721 for 
Taylor. In a presidential election the 
district Is sure of a Republican ma- 
jority of fi.Ufib with a high data nomi- 
nee for Judge on the ticket. 


A good Intention clothes itself with 

Give me health and a day ami I will 
make ridiculous the pomp of emperors 

It makes a great difference |„ the 
force of a sentence whether u man be 
behind It or no. 

Work every hour, paid or Unpaid; 
see only that thou work am) thoa 
canst not ascape thy reward. Whether 
tby work be fine or coarse, planting 
corn or writing epics, so only It be 
honest work done in thine own appro- 
bation. it shall earn a reward to the 
senses as well aa to the thought. Tbe 
reward of a thing well don* is to 

lyase ^ W a l. : Ml 

I see the spectacle of morning from 
tbe hilltop over against my house, 
from daybrtiaK to sunrise, with emo- 
tions which an angel might share. 14ie 
long, slender bars of cloud fl<jat like 
flashes ID a sea of (Tlmson light Front 
tbe earth, as a shore. I look out Into 
that silent sea. 1 seem to partake of 
Its rapid transformations, tint active 
enchantment reaches my dust, and 1 
dilate and conspire with Hie morning 

Consider what yuu have In the 
smallest chosen library. A company 
of the wisest and wittiest mfu that 
could be picked out of all elvID coun- 
tries In a thousand years havu set In 
best order tbe results' df their learn- 
ing and wisdom. The man thejneefvas 
were hid and Inaccessible, solitary. Im- 
patient ot Interruption, fenced in by 
etiquette, hut the thought which they 
did not uncover, to their boson* friend 
la, bare .fftlfieff lINt* .Jttf transparent 
words to ua. tha strangers ot fiuother 

The statement marie thaf Senator 
Frye will become president, irilntilri 
President McKinley rile, Is im error, 
cenator Frye is president pm Gin. *,f 
llie senate and in* such beeoin*« I he 
a* ling vice president so far as the 
duties of Hull of flee imike linn tin- p re- 
st iling officer of the sena'c. lint 
the Forty-ninth congress tic.-d the 
presidential succession, ami lu care of 
President McKinley's death, t'n- sec- 
retary of state will nek ss jw, sident. 
Then In iinoVMffen " ill come H»* »ee- 
r alary of, tht treasury', he; pus rclury 
of w ar, l l«e attorney general, ■ lie post- 
master generul, tile airrelary af I lie 
navy atiil llie seerelary Jfit ,tli,» Inter- 
ior. This is the ortlei in *n->c both 
the president anil Flee pr -Si. lent are 

Solicits your patronage. We thoroughly guar- 
antee all our work. We employ experienced 
workmen, and will do your work in a sanita- 
ry, scientific manner at the lowest prices 

Bond purchases fit tbe New York 
sub-treasury under tha recent call of 
Secretary Gage have aiuotinf.Sd to 
$ »,H (Ml, II l* . 


r*la*|* at Fkltada-lptils Mlat. 

The report o* the coinage of the 
Cnited .Stale? mint in Philadelphia 
during tbe fiscal year shows the full 
rglue to be 8k0.79-l.40l.97. Of this 
amount. 849. 919.180 was lu gold: 89,- 
918,311.65 In silver, and 8956.910.14 in 
base metal. The number of pieces ofgold 
minted was as follows: Double eagles, 
1669.368; eagles, 893,142; half-eaglej, 

I. 508,022: quarter-eagles, 24.116; total 

number of gold pieces, 4,094,648. The 
Sllw-r pieces coined were as follows: 
Dbllar/ 3,466,709: half-dollars. 3.3o6.- 
7U9; qusrter-dollars, 11.904,708; dimes, 
18.220.709. uf base metal the coins 
mimed were as follows: Five cents. 

II. 539,782: cents. 37.992,354; the total 
WUgiLier of gold piece* was 4.094.648; of 
silver. 36.898.838:' of base metal, IS - 
IS 2.086. The total number of places 
colued was 90.625,570. 

Mails arrive sud are distributed as follows 
From IsMlsrlU*- abd i:a»4- 

Trsiii No aui opens at o p in 

r.' i ;•<>?* . 

•> *jti •> '• * 00 p. lit 

From Memphis sml South— 

Trslu No. 3 R open St I O'P iu. 

•• • »il •* '• T Oils RL 

.* • *• v *■«» m.' 

N„ U. A Nt L — 

Trails he r« epenai • SJft or 
hi. La>u Is and West— 

'J'rsl»f8y kapii*n svKSl^.fn. * 4 

*• '* »0S •• • 8-lOs 111. - 

A fitvoimlile report on the Bollau>l 
torpclo boat will be marie to tfte Brig 
Ish admiralty by the British nnvAl 
Attacbe at Washington, who Ira- In 
.speotc the vessel. 



Ex-l't>Ktma*ler T. N. Edwards, who 
fflsappearetl from Law rent elMirg. Ky , riays >«go, has been lo* ateuat 
Mfuiroelhty^kli). lie Is in*nue 00*1 
will bn brought borne for aiealinea*. 

Canned Goods if K 

Yree delivery to all figrti Lf 

Uoi. 7th s’A Adams 

The newly elected governor of Ken- 
tucky will Im- inaugural ed in thc 
flfth Tuesday nfter Iiim election* 
which this year will Ire on Dix emlM-r 
12. The lieutenant governor „ini 
s Alter state offlcera will take * touge 
of their offlcee at the same time. 
Tlie governor Im elected for it term 
of four years, and should Ire Ole la*. 
fore hla term of office expires the 
lieu tenant governor ta nppolnU-il 
lo fill ike vacancy and serve in that 
capacity until the next regular eloe- 

• • -sf , 

The memls-rs of the general asseui- 
My-thw reprpHHliUit I vea and ts-ira. 
tors- take possoaslou of tlr.-ir offices 
on the first riuy of Junuiwy following 
their election. The representatives 



Dispatch; "The Goelwl- 
ltes are still claiming lliut Goebel will 
he governor, such claims assume that 
the state lioant of election commis- 
si oners will arbitrarily throw *.ut 
•trough counties C>> convert a Tuylor 
plurality into a Goebel plurality. 

"The Dispatch woulil again reiterate 
Its confidence In t'apt. Ellis an*l Judge 
I’ryor. We <lo not Indorse l he atti- 
tude of these gentlemen llirouglmut 
the contest, but we <k> Hot believe 
i hey will do what the Oyebellt*« evi- 
dently expect them to rid. We dr li t 
IrellgVe they wtjl go b*-IUn>l llie re- 
turns of lliu Gnelicl nun >.hi»|n tln| 
have appointed. We ikr not Isdli-vs 
they will deliberately <l|sf rjnichlae 
whole counties In enuilt < ft rebel In .We 
do mit liellcve them to be '■aphlrle *>f 
su ait, that woulil be so 'mtpahly <lis- 
liotieet. Ii Is to<> piHin that I'.iyi.-r haa 
U-en luuii Klly eh- cried quT-i n u tot 
lliein to Ire nblu to give any plausible 

Mali, clone »» follows; 

For L-.un vine sml K 1 A( - 
Train No- X -‘ closes, at lu iu a. m 

" “. m -* " j' "f }"■ 

- p cat ff i r / 7 "Ua 8* 

For Msmpnis and aouth— 

•JrslU No,i{4lvio»*Aff 

.. •• Ml '* " It p. tu 

- •• swi ."li UUP, UL 

N.,C * 1» L — 

Train No- !<*• rloaaa at # 0 ) ». in. 
hi Uonla ami Wast— 

Train No. MS-' closes at It 10 3 m 



(Hives, Beware ! 

An rxpactgnl mother had brtlrr I 


Wari'iiiiu Asent ur.l ffijRf 

N<» ft* ('or. Ha-reuiU and TeDUt»aA««.. 
*aUucAb, Ky. 

not take anything al all than Ihotr 
positively dangerous mixtures so widely 
advertised to relieve her discomfort and 
nausea. She ought to know that outside 
external treatment Is the only way that 
can possibly be of any benefit. She ought 
to know that Motnmr’m Frlanais 
the only remedy (hat will help her, and 
it is an external liniment. It takes her 
through the entire period in comparative 
comfort, shortens labor, and childbirth is 
no longer to be dreaded. More than that, 
it preserves her girlish shap* after the 
ordeal, and her Ullle one will come into 
the world perfect in form and health. 

fflurileTour Itowvli Wtlh ('*«car*U. 

CfiDdy Cuthanlr, cure run«upation forf»r*t 
Uk.wfr- If C C C fall. drutfirifctM refund luonev 




Infant mortality Is something fright- 
ful. -fatal ly one- quarter die hefur -t hejr 
•rea* li * *ms* year, one-third before they 
arn five, und one- half ft*- fore t hey ara 
/ifta-uiii Tftu timely use of WMITK'B 
CREAM VER.MIFL'GE woulil save a 
suaj'S'itj of these precious lives. I’rlee 1 
"5 cts. buhl b y PuBols A Go. 

Ot. EdwarSs. eye, ear. uosc and 
AruMl specialist. I’Adawtft- 

Physician &nd 

Ufflos Uonrsi 
.' » toSa, D..llolp, w 

Offlcfi, No. 418 k Broadway. 


Physician and 


Tl|p JUcbmond. liul .-lti ui of 
date bail an lutwresllug art! 
Moral tYniriigi! UF politics. . 

Dr. J. E. Coyle, office 1MI Broad 
street, residence HID Houtli Fourth 
street; office telephone, 3T8; real 
4enoe telepftosa, *AA 

-j. , _ vj I Jf 

Office and residence, 538 Broadway 
Office hours, 9 to u a.m.,8 to 4 p.n 
Telephone Jsn 19 L 



field to PaduCah. Trie "rlfat'iM* <■, 24 
mil.-*. won made iri t’liittHfm. Third 
vprt no atops made, and It wan 

Observations Randbi 

at night or on-Sunday 

Fair Street 

pounds .'tnatSrn Wl i | Ko on lone 
pfWMMNr Journey* with |>r mother, 
elder sinter or p-spomfihhi female 
tofatM wtfktrttr'nhW footedSa* mpny an 
^6 tulles a day. At 18 *h<ji* vigorous 
iind tough as a tnd^ftfala. pony, and, 
like moat mountain-bred women, she I* 
ihWiiflt.* vWi'V novP upon her 
fjr 1 /, AftJ <* from 1J0 

’Ml 1 "') ,0 ir i% H, n i il <; v than 30 

anfUmtc- A month ity lfi»v*ltfig 6(1 mi lee 
a <W> as *4 JUeafBM- sailer, Forty 

or 50 miles always hearing a burden of 
oyer 100 pounds- for atonee are added 
aa the tray Is emptied of merchandise, 
to maintain tho cuatomary weight— 
and this for an Income of a franc a 
day’ Out of the franc «b* baa her food 
and sleeping quarter* to protore, and 
her clothe* to got. Twenty franca a 
year will keep her in clothe* 

A brief chemise and a light calico 
robe constitute her traveling apparel. 
On her head *he wears a aoft torhe or 
pad. upon which the tall ilray) is 
placed. She w.wr* no shoes; she needs 
none The nobt, of her Tret are lough - 
•ord to something like India rubber, 
fueling noaapertlim of Ktirfaee. bidding 
d‘tflam.e to th. sharpest flints Her’ 
food is simple live sous a day for 
bread or biscuits, a few sous for ra- 
gout. a few sous for some rhegp liquor 
to mix with her drinking water; per- 
haps 15 sous io all. Her shwptng quar- 
ters might be eipected to hying her 
daily expenses up to a franc; dcverlhe- 
less such 1* her ability to euonomlxn 
that she not only manages live on 
ber tuoome (which seems inqredible), 
but actually saves enough to Act her- 
self up In some simple bueiudsii wbeu 
ber youth and physical powers de- 


Worn out with arduous 

r iutinc of th^ school, 
ill (fink sfi-cnjth and 

a through 

if A hoi 

miiM lr rnwrllMMl, ninl fni* 

B*. » -attA CWthtfl 

0*11 and sec hla line of **** 

Tubs, Stands, Qas Fix- 
tures and Fittings 

t>V 'alt VfnrlA.' r>ort'tTall to 'hue hi* cel 
1 .etaateik Aqua iMrs Water Kilter. 

S, Thifli* Taliohooi II 


There is always.* CARNIVAL of 
real BARGAINS— a regular TUADK 
Ulsriiil of bugpf buyers, 

John Wanamalcer, the merchant 
prince, says that any young man tag 
succeed if he will — 

Deserve success. 

Many a young man in this towg 
ha* obtained his first start in business 
from money aecumulatad little by lit. 
tie in a good savings bank. 

" WtJWv ionic 

The powerful strength- 
laving elements of the 

frUfct^lloplwti) build 
tip'ttir nerves and add 
strength to the system. 

Capital gsoo.OUO . 
■erplaa, glOU.UOO 

City National Bank, 


Our FALL FKSTlv ftTF.S of latest 
novelties draw the people toourstore. 
We are M A K F, liij and FITTERS of 
Hie latest tldnffs lu DRESSKS and 
and Ladies’ Furnishings. We make 
skirts free of charge for our trade. 

We are Not 
in the Trust 

— 'Ur staid, f«w you can trust' but 
we’ll sell you FOR CASH the best 
(tHJd^'tAU in town, and every 
shoe we sell to you will wear the 

whole year rental. 

Interest odd on time deposits 

Pays Interest on 
Time Deposits J 

Open Saturday Nights. 

Ard fllxivr 




Are our Sliirts afu) eralls. We 
suit all men fro’ ’ll JHikT 
GIANT in Sliy {H Overalls, 
the same in u4..*yi>ar. 

Try us and oblige 

ItoAd Man and Resident of Lima 
Thinks of Foley's Kidney Cure. 

1 have been troubled * glcai deal 
with hacktohe. 1 *«i induced io try 
Foley’s Kidney Cure, and one bottle, 
entirely relieved me. I gl adtf rcc , 
omiurffl (it tp,f»lj f>uc e»p.x tally my 
friends among tho train men. win 
arc usually similarly afflicted. I 

UKO. II. 1IAU8KN, Eugint cr pit L. B. 
A W. K. R. J 

l». A. Yelacr, 8. It. Winstead. 

413; Broadway, 

Paducah, Kv, 


Intgrgst Paid on Time Deposits 
Offices id second And third floors 
Io Let. 

(Iso O. Thompson, Free. 
Un. L Atkins, Cashier. 

Attorneys for 

Padncah, Tennessee a Alabama Rail 
road Company, 

City National Bank, 


Rkkd, (l rkkr Lima, Reed 

& Oliver, AQreer. 

„„ Lawyers, Lawyers, 

Office, Benton, Ky. Offloe, Murray,* * 

Will practice in In federal and state 
courts at Paducah, Ky., and In tbg 
courts of Marshall, Livingston, Callo- 
way, Graves and adjoining counties. 
Collections promptly attended to. 
W.D/lreer, | W.M.Reed, I Con. Linn 
Eadocah. I Benton. I Murray 

To l urs Constipation FoN««ri 

Tlte t 'ndtfrtCi OUlOV Uttifilt I0« or St, 

I* C C. C. fa* 1 1« curt. drufigiaUxcfulMl uumuy 

'I hrough Cars far California. 

The IlhnntN 'Central It allroad ''com- 
pany will ftift ft ’T Christ Bleeping (‘’ar 
through to -Nun Kraigilnco, twin, a 
week. pausing Paducah cm trawi 2uL 
at r. ir, p. in. every Mono.-tv and Friday, 
ruiii rimulng Mem Iris, New (Jclraug 
and Southern l’auflo Hallway. Itas- 
ervaUona. uui lie t.Hib on appliuatiuu 
to tlie uniiuralghcd. 

Id J. .T. DONOVAN, Agent. 

205 Broadway 

Mccuiwhilt! Llui workvra went making 
good progre-es. mgl flugly got all 

jt be 'b^ns '<|w^y idsat, |iY«<i mb 'ifla- 

iforLuSSyg 'gwt oliji MfHl'II <, con 

aldcrmg I lie normal aolor cf A fire 
ii»l*>l /*S*V * 11 hla "iigliie, 

HI lie t4i« •ml otm-r Mil ng» he 
liHd * id - iwliiai^ ms lien they slrwld 
him on bl" fivl lie muh ns tilnck .1* 
U" at* <tl evade* -Ml *H» iiuaw 
hu .* ,.oipy|,4Qd Mien the woman 
who find been mnriinir lug a 

For Sale. 

one two-*U>ry, nluo room, f ains 
residence on North Bixtb street. No. 
520. Uood atablea anil other out 
buildings AH modern lumrovoruentsi 
Trice ri-aaouuhie and oh easy terms. 
Apply to Vaughan and Ferguson. 

Notice to Tax Pavers, 

• py^ ^■9' i» m I art rf 

fon 1 ;p,»Aiixlnl (hat >"U 
, get Hie BEST. 

( tie Elks Preparing tor ! heir An 
Dual Lodge ot Sorrow. 

Time Table in erect Nov. 1!. isw, 

South Bocso— pji she tus 

Cincinnati...';., n <Wlsn 

LoultMUe ~ i.’-am v aipm I 

CweUeburo. . .. v .v/uiii 
H orse HtMK3h..|l «,m ■> - f 

Oeatgal CIW-..1- rUpiu I Ham 

Nortonvnle . ... l 12pm 1 M.n| 

Evanevllle s ;vi»m « uupm 

Hoi< ;i ,ui n ooam 5 uupm 

Princeton X Mipm 'I Obain X .ties 


Part nr * a 1 *pm y r,»m , c iiu 


Partueab ; 4 *pm I J'.’.m 


rmton 8 itpm 4 

PaducaUunc... b >»m 

Cairo ■ li ispm 

Rlvne 8 34am 

JackeuQ.Tann.. 8 6Uam 

Memphis g a, am | 

New Orleans... 7 ;tpm 1 

nobth uochd— ri; sts sox 

New Orleans... 7 xsprn 

Memphis 7 dam 

Jackson Tenn.. |i 

Rives... <• -c ( 

PsrtucahJunc.. , . . J . > 1 

Cairo, in x mam s xiaiii l 

Pulton. ........ A uuam It :'>Sm 1) 

PartucaV.L... 7 SSam ll >8am 


Paducah 7 Suam 4 l.pmn '4am I 


Princeton 8 luam 7 48pmlv iopm I 

Hopkinsville. . 4 uupm > gupm 4 shun I 

Evansville b 46pm K 

Nortonvilis....lU team 1 tkun 1 

Central City. II .1 ram j Mptu 4 

Horse llrauch 12 67pm 3 l lam 

Owensboro 6 I Jpm 5 iSfiai 

Louisville.. 446pm 6 46pm 1 

Cincinnati. ... g 3upm u 



Lv Paducah is n pm 8 

Ar Parker.. 1 . .1... *;ivpni lu 

CarboDdale 4 10 pm 12 

Chicago 7 1 x 1 ana ll 

E. St. Louis 7 26 pm 8 

St. Louie 7 48 pm 7 

SOUTH 80 0»D. Ml 

LV Si. Louis ...._ g W am 8 

Ar K. hi Louis g 30 itn It 

Chlcego I 60 am b 

Carboudale 1 1 66 .1 in 1 

Lv Parker I -T p m 8 

tr Paducah 3 it pm »i 

All iratns run uaUy. 

Trains Nor. 3u3 and '.174 have through 
man palace, sleeping aid parlor .an be 
Paducah and Sl.uouls, 

For Information, tickets or raservi 
»PPly to A.H. Utaeon. O . P. A., Chaise 
W. A. Kellond, A. O. P. A., LoulsvUb 
C. C. McCarty, D P. A.. SI. Louta, o 
Donovan. C. A., Paducah Kr 

All floraABH dtvlng City taxes are 
hereby notified to call at my office — 
city hull -and settle same at iw 
slid avoid thC rush which Usually 
oceurs th? latter pan of the jmoiaib 
After December 1, all outstanding 
taxes will hgve the penalty uilded. 
WM. K, I{ AVS, City fax Collector. 

City, November X. 1S99. 2ntd 

raducah b' lge. No. 217. of F.lks, 
is preparing for Its annual h«lge of 
sorrow, which will be held ittmuay 
Afternoon. Dis 3 , at Klks ball In tlie 
Leech building and to which every 
isuly will tw jlnvlted. 

The members who died dudng the 
year are Past F.xalted Killer Andrew 
M'ell and Mr Albert C. Illeu 1 1 Ap 
proprlate eulogies will he deliveie.i 
hy meirdiers of the order, had the 
mivii es will no dMiut; as u.ii.J, ha 
well attended. 2 

Cor. yth and Trimble Sts, 
, 4|Bio to tin- piiiple of t, 

)U4 Jtvili a 'dei I 'ii*-k , 
of Maple and i'aucjr 

Thousands of men and woman suffer 
from piles, espe. fatly Women with fe- 
male Weakness liAVe tills suffering to 
Contend with In addition to their other 
pains. TA fl'r.KK’N BUCKEYE TILE 
OINTMENT wifi qul< kly effect a cure. 
l‘rl<e. Wi i ts irt bottles, tubes 75 ct». 
.'old by liuBols A Co. _( 

If yon are suffering from druW’gjuuss 
In tlii day time, irritability if temper, 
sleepless nights, gelu ral debility, mud- 
s' lie, and general want of tone of tho 
tystem. Use ilEHUINE. You *ili pet 
1 1 lie f und Dually a cure, i’flie :->t • u. 
hold by DuBoU A Co. 

Higb-6rade$prlii( Wagons! 

Repifr >v agons, Carriages and 

• 1 ill, it a a iieurwl’ * clu 1 
* 1 1 gif |p<ho«rrt(ikL.0e, lull 
lii Mlervowij neiMI kv. an 
ep laughed * 

* • p, * w ■ 

I eoQla ‘have Ilf Kies 

oAer. fdatarH CruaittlfLlo 
»*oiii tfcf ^Bkinmy 
ami no sfiiiMltaii . aaRMriK 
<r a' way 

Nd i*« 
f tbej(ll»n 

' clll*. Me 

sidm i f Seal 

Best heatinjr and cdok 
stoves at Hank Bros & Jones 

First-class Horse-shoeing, 
General Blacksmithtng. 
All work warranted. 
Telephoto No. t25 f 


Best Prescription lor Malaria, Chills and Fever, 

Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic 

A. II. TIUJRNENfi, Mgr. Wills Creek 
Coal CO.. Hliffslo, Uhie, writes; , 
I have liwn nffi-cted with kidney 
ant! blsdder trouble Mr ream. |i«ss- 
ing gravel or gtoncS. accompanied by 
excruciating pains other medi- 
cine* only gnv» tetnfH>r»r?*rHl*r AT- 
ter taking Foley’s K Idoey "Cure, the 
reault w»i »urprl»ln^ A f> w iloaes 
•tarteil the tnlck duft,_ Bttlr Bne 
•tone*, etc., and now I have no pain 
acroaa ruy kidneys and feci like a new 
man. l olrj's Kidney Cure h»» douc 
me #1000 worth of good. j 

A. Yrlaer. ». II. W*a stood. 

13W1 Llincne. 
wg« making 
le ’^uiAaeligar 
is along the 
I tbi wheels, 
III fnCI Uta en- 
lurk atght. and 
the 1^" I.ea^ Allied b^ *tie Wuin mrm 
threw mu si'OidM) glare no the 
ruddy fsc.-a of (tie greasy olli*s,' 
and K*vc *» itf'-ii* Ay n|d'*»'*nce (o 
WWVIMI.J jwetai*t'Bu- clioi. Th* 
inapictor was looking utiiftr our of 
the ecai he* wlietl he in* l^e ftgMrC 
cf a man huddled i|p on 1 he b’.tke rcul 
lie ( idled fm him I O come O.R. liut the 
man wouldn't do it. 

Inspector l.lmorc Is a JUtl hearleil 
man. (»■• lie nppreciatlil ilk danger 
in which the m»n wbh i||uini too 
much to allow him lacunj) out his 
plans Hull he xllpiwd llitte would 
proluihly have hern even Sr jiletrea, 
ao lie Mutated 111 (otic* tliuljkoiild not 
fr n pliAi'l I I «| L 
Hi* uamp finadv (ttimfji that ho 
aould hare to iibandon iiieAnp, and 



and Surgeon 

Office Sixth and Braafmbr. 

Btlbflrniarr. 1 

First Tasteless Tonic 
ever manufactured.. All 
other so-called "Taste- 
less" Tonics are imita- 
tion:.! Ask any druggist 
about this who Is not 
FUbHING au imitation. 

It is simply Iron and 
Quinine in a tasteless 
form. . . . Sold by every 
druggist in the malarial 
sections of the United 

States No cure, no 

pay — Trice, 50 C. 

t f<wi1« i!etiv*rf«1 to dtiy i«it of 
t»«4rr« ^«o«ipti|r ftltrd 

r. makes 1 
k^ p IGS 


Office Ovrw Cltlccna Havlnga Uwnlc 

Offloe Hour a 

7:30 to S:80;p. at.; 
Telephone* 68 and SMC 

Chicago's new poutoffu * I* to be 
the finest hnlldiag cf (tie kind Hi ths 
country The basement and (he 
two lower floor* of Ihe building 
♦ 111 la- Used etlODdji for po*» office 
purpna.-* Aliove these Ihe *l*uctme 
will be built In the shape cf >i cion* 
In Lbl* form Uic structure will rim- 
eight atorie*. Above ihr umhi riM>f 
there will lie eight additional stories, 
inclosed in it dome llKl feet lu dlrnn 

i-LPr. . 



Ft l.oris, Mo » Fet^ 6. 1*^3 
Pabt« Mcmriiia Co , City. 

Owtlemini-We wf«h tr» ronc-atulato you 
on th« iai rt an d vro arc* haviotr *>n your 

(iroip'N IiihtclTHa i liill S ouii’. ikiiZAni- 
in i n |* our record of irtvi-nfory under date of 
.Iau Ul. wo Giul that wo sold dmimr Ua» CbiM 
ftCBAon of lKiX. 2tS0 doze n tiro%4'V» Totilu. Wo 
nl»o lxud that our situs on your I iuaGib 
llroa>t»-4)ui»ln« ThMtU havo bt-eji eunuw 
thinu « normous: huviair rold during tho lalo 
Cold aud Grip stohui l.'.’OO dozen 
i'loanc rub down order coclosed herewith , 
•bd oblige. Yours truly, 

Kaokon, Ixxfl 

I aris Ifamciwa Co : , 

Oentlemm:— I handle navenor eight differ* 
tnt kiudjof ChillTViDica but I sell ten bottles 
of <*rete , s to win ro I sort one of the others. 
I sold 36 bottles of (frove'i 4 bill Tonic in 
one day and could have sold xuor» if 1 had had 
it on hand M r Davo Wood* c alod iivo cmci 
ot cbiilfl with onu bottle 

Respectful lr. ’ 

John t. viny-UU). 

W.S.Masow. L.W 1 


Fostollice Buildiog, 

^■neral l.w prarflr*. Laurt anl 88111 
iuittk a 4p*Ualt>'k l’roiikLJt at tout Ion k!» 
tections. Notary and hxamlner lu ofllc 


or people 

Many of your friends, 
whom you kuuw of having coutrsoted 
consumption, pneam<5nla or other, 
fatal diseases by neglect cf a simple- 
lold or dough. X’uley s Uoiiey and 
Tar. a safe, sure and pleasant t ough i 
medicine, would have saved them It 
Is guarantees. J 

D. A. Yelser, F. It. Winstead. 4 

The Loo; and Short of It 


He wthkOd sway in the dnrknes*. 
lint wild before he gol oul of heating 
that h<- always trnveli-d that w»y, 1 ml 
iloiibllen* c-rawleil back as soon as 
the lu*|>cctor left. 


'J here are'k4« -Hy|"*>MKls in Tadu- 
cah, mid they are mad at each other. 
II Is luwl enough for OriUuury roorluls 
to b*' mad at each oilier, but when 
'lypnollats d«t'lare war aud "aashay” 
arooinl lirgn. Ilalung Ul«-lv lorn*. 
hawk* and wav dull*. It I* high 
Man' to lie looking out for something 
Hit ere*llng There I* some Incentive 
for them to exert themselves In their 
woudi-rful R4, Movement* when they 
am mad. 

The fact Is that they were formerly 
partners, but fell out. They have 
derided to go h kloneianil Are here 
lo spwik far lhems»-lv,-* Nit-dh'ss 
to say. they go Jl cafistaiitly. 

Ape do I* 

to hypnotise Ihe people Hi CmlU£uh 
I nt o thinking they have good street*. 

‘ *W, but 
lOlUeil so 
ire would 
nun said 

about hi* r ,fe * 
know never will hi.”* - 

•he other 

Whichever pne does this. . 
one can work the ‘‘ishblt foot” on 

» very one whq iNdli Mn- tiatul of ex- 
i-ciojAi hig a Wrivt 1 cam ‘ Spit 
ting” Wruilil be mort expreiflHe, Isil 
■\pj|i(u^tininis ?|fn- mere proper 
item, n# »oni- (4 f Bn- gehtli-then will 
pli-H*e hypnotize the expect orator*. 

Th«- police could ' b<- flxerl liy lire 
rival hypnoUHt *0 (hev wouldn’t 
know a drunken man from a tohil' 
sMiiu 1 , and the cH y con ned Into 
paj ing ilm interest, cqltu rtiv fronds. 
It I* ..valent that Ate gi-ni hAmni have 
already workeil on the Uoebel men, 
and they might now wuke them up 
to tht-lt defeat. Ill short, there *ro 
mtnfy thing* Ifky tnlghl do In I'aitu- 
•ah to esLddlsh their popularity 
aud make tlicin*elve* u*efill. untl thu 
oun w^ojlni-a^#* mt*| ^fl| ahtfundly 
Ire argttlid lb tl«' W»*»t**r popular- 
ity. Now let the fur fljrl 

Clean Lump and 

Rave plenty on 


DAILY. ,,,m * 

Paducah Coal and 

Mining Co. 

Phone 264. 

David L. A*viM'e, hi* wife *nd fhelr 
Chlldrert iwe instantly ktlkil 11V 
Pembroke Spring*. Vii . try the burst 

tng of a boiler in a sawmill. 

have nd ooatrol. 0hr r prices wlU 
please, too. 


J. W. YOUNG A SON, Proprietor* 

“ * 120 Nprfl» -•!» W., , , *»- 

Paducah, Golcondn & Kli/.alreUrtown. 
“Abthvk Peck, - - Master. 

C. B hadley, ... Clerk. 

OTri-wcekly packet. Leaves Pa. 
ilucah every Tuesday, Thursday «nd 
Saturday at 12 :i)0. - Lenvee . Ftiza- 
hetlitown every Mcffiday, VVetines- 
day anti Friday 8 a. iu., and Gol- 
uontia same days 12:80 p. m. 


Ueo. A. Tonllfc*,’ tlfrper Naruj isk-y, 
0 . writes: 1 have lieen using Foley’s 
koney and Tsr for sore throat aud 
hoarseness *B<1 find ll the best rem- 
edy I ever tried It Stopped Ihe cough 
Immediately and relieved all sore- 
ness. . '£= 

It A. Yelser. 8. U. Winstead. 

w ' w r ,, , iliilTitlA hi'l iU 




Nature's Remedy improved by science to a harmless, pleasant, positive cure. 

■ • fktA a Airv hnAki/4Ui a i a rni’/vzM.xsr.v r 



The Marconi Wireless Telegraphy 
company w as Inccrporalbdat Tr.nt"ii, 
N J. with $1.0,000,0041 capital. 


contact with that most natural and speedy cure. 

Real I>tatc 
and lumirancc 

The Fast and Popular 


Sol union Van Nh-tor, the ilefwtiM 
Democtatuj candidate for 
live in (be country district of Payette 
count y, will contehl the ehs tion of 
Henry Berry, tils" HephWu an bp 

ponent - .' 

1 . I i iA-rfri j -1 

H(»WtO PKEVkni a cold. 

After exposure, tor when you feel a 
cold coming on take a doscof Foley’s 
Honey and Tar. It never fail# and 
will prevent pneumonia or connimp- 
•» If taken In time. i 

1 «««, 8. if. Winstead. 1 

Prompt Dolivery 

l egal Row 

Paduculi, Ky 

Psrmansatly Csrad 

a— n ■■ »i *s W— 

ISiMHilf * (vSHHIHH Vy 

M. aunrs iuit 

: arms 


Western Kentu 


advances a New Theory in the Treatment of Coughs. It cures* the Cough by curing th* 
Cause. This remedy cuts the mucus and destroys the germs of disease and heals and soothes, 
so that there is no inclination to cough. Coughs, Colds, Croup, Whooping Cough and Lunf 
Soreness disappear by its use as snow before tne sunshine of spring. 


If it fails to give entire satisfaction in any and all cases, child or adult. 

WnOl^A kj 

he double dally, Paducah and Me- 
tropolis l’acket. “ 
Observing strictly schedule time. 
Leaves Metropolis for l’aducah 7:30 
ui. and 1 ;30 p. ui. 

Leave* Paducah for Metropolis 11 
m aud 4 30 p w 

KI> COWLING. Master 

For buna, Otiu. bruise*. t.i< erailona, 
or In Juries or any rte*>rlptlou. H.VL- 
LAkD'T- SNoW LINIMENT *.« A '•Hlie- 
nlr riuuetly. It never fall* to lo good, 
aik 1 si pruupUy that ll* woul r'-tliur- 
ativo properties fri*|ueuUy ofeu’-e me 
priso 1’rk e 25 aud 50 ots. t 1 old by 
llu Buis A Co. fc l 

<lrl a l..l ■■* Hal, llmlo. 

• aii ftlwaya rvilnble iauu»a*l 
Drngaiel far < TUcktuer t KnjUtk /'ij-i 
*• '*/ ffi ml la Ktd ami '<U meta- V 
r-i-ie* '-i sd with blaa rltb»r. Take 
|do etkrr. *•.<>*•• dmmf •<*» »%'e*tfa- 
Hrn 4 ia.lisnuii .rM Ak Uragg.sia ar m 
la *u«M fa# partAeu afA V««UtuoaU 
“ Uallef fbr l.adlea." *n MUr. by V 

3 All- !•»— ♦ Talt up lal#. If— M 
"faiffu. JUlUlti 

Four trAlnmtn wure k 
are mlssiag. and four paraengeig an' 
a postal clerk were Injured by a 00! 
Ilslon bekween a f;k*t p»*»«ns ,- r t'Aln 
and ft freight train u«*r Mii’ool, 
lad . 



t*->4-T»r Hoa»y Is lb* b«*t oOngk 

• hat* avsY **aA Uj wir* kart * •*- 

o( brosobltUaal »«>.» troak:», »nd » 
botit, r«U«,crt kyrfo *ach an .rt«*% B, 

,.kl g dollar bofllolor her. and the la pi 

.A fulli uaovgrort We wlll.oeeer b* ||__ — 

Dr Ball', ifao T»r H i»*y Jo our babi. Dmgflat. 
r. a Wllbara. Taylororbla. Rf - 

net Mum* ruYima 

I hart » vary eevere oolrt ao* oore throsk- 
laut. I thought I woe toklas pneuipooia If 
a so-ceut bottle of Dr Heir# Plne-Tar-Hool 
sort *fl#r liiloc 14 on, d»y aud oighl I cenl 
that lilt khafant remedy Mel I avar Had 
reooiaaewi ll highly lo mooykody -L*wla 
Davie. J P . Allen vhle. Mo. 

loiipmioi rruiD. 

I havo nU riietu BoHi lor aoo year. 
.. - 1 led/ and good o-ller: 

Btolla Howell . of thlo 
rod to havo ooneuiup- 
ort health.— J. T. Uro- 
iurg, 111 

at Law 

Stenographer, Ntdary Public 
Kxaminer in Office. 

116 floath Fourth street. 

Ur. u ll. Urifflth. ofrio* back of 

ijoPbfrsbu'* drug Teicphono 

180 Beeldoooe 415 Boolb Ninth. 
Keaidetjne VOkiphofiD. 840 

Regular boar* (or om - -rociloe, T to Mo. m. 
1 k> 1 p. i* , sail 8 10 7H p. u. 

Wb«n proctlqabl* call narly la, rxibsr IU* 

near the elow» o( »h**e bum* 
om. .- on Ninth, between uroadwsy and Ja 

Keeldanca oornsr Ninth anil JeSofson Tell 
phone 141 

Lookout for SubbtitiAtea : Demand BELL’S PINE.- TAR* HONEY 

And do not let any druggist offer you one of those chap syndicate cough matures on which he makes a big profit 

DR. BELL’S PIHE-TM-HONEY is sold by alt good druggists. 

Prepared only by TUB B. B. BPTUBRLAKU MKDIUIXB CO.. PaduoaM. Ky. 

i’nm-tlpBtkm im-ahiftlie acriim ll«: Inn 
\.t K ante tuatUtr that slioulii bo dla- 
cliarKi-d .lull)', uufl unless tins ia dona 
tile foil' matter I* ulisorsi d aiel .vitaeu# 
tb i system. Use HKltlilNK to Itrln# 
*0<lil^|l|!rltybt the iio** -Is. I’rloa 
3,0 11*, Fi kl by Da Both A On- .* 

«»n drargrtai who 
vnufl. f«.r u« Tab# It with 

■Pfvlll.Mbiloffitly. pNitolrnltj Om 
bos. ft. dioally cure*. J bniM BIM, 
iraniowii to eiirw or w# r#fundt»rM»sio». 

Paducah Real Estate Care, i 


HtorsTslapboa* las 

HrdiirrCf T ’l#r hon#t60 

If it fails to cure go to your merchant 


We will refund to him. Price 60 cts 


Sale Proprietors, MEMPHIS. TCNM. 

If you have sore lliroftt, sunmeaB 
ar.Tnss thu baek or siqc, or your luuga 
(ael sore or tender, or you are threat- 
ened with diphtheria or pueumoula, 
apply HALUAKD’h 8NOVV LINIMENT' the fastest run ever miKlc 
Ih-iwm-ii l.oulsvillu and Mamphla, 
on the Illinois Central, waa I he one 

made a few tnflWto idSttlMin M»7- 

extei nttlly, ami u** Couaaen’a lloneyi 
ot l'ar. bold by UulioU A Co. . 




Makes the food more delicious and wholesome 

l'r I*, n . Me Keel, of 'Vlnuii, wax |ii 
till' rlly today 

Rev. W. K. Taylor, of the h,t,»ii-I 
Prr*l,\ iprlan ohurcli, lift today for 
Kill Ion. Mo., mi a visit to ’it* p.i-t-iil*. 
Ilo will lip absent for sevetal -Iny* 

Mr*. Jesse I’litnnm, wife of I hr well 
known conductor, left till* mi. tiling 
for 1 .1 >iil * v|l lo to reside. 

Mr. E. H. Outline, of Cincinnati. is 
at tlio I’almer. 

Koadinoster II. U. Wallace, of tile 
I. I'., waa in tile city today. 

Mr. R. .), Water*, of Murray, l* at 
llie I'almer. 

Mr. George J. I>avi* t of Washing 
ton. I*. I* att lie I'aliner. 

Mr. It. I.. Cecil, of Louisville. in at 
the ralmer. 

Mr. Gaston McarpK, of Ashville, N. 
C. , In at the I’almer. 

Ma*ter Mechanic M. 8. Curley, of 
the Illinois Central, ha* returned from 

Mr. Frank Dean went up to I'rUiee- 
ton tin* morning on hualue**. 

Mr. and Mr*. Will Holt are parent* 
of a fine hoy tinby. their first horn. 

Mr*. F. II Moore, of Milan, Tenn., 
I* expected Ihl* afternoon on a visit 
t o Mrs, li ra 7-c II oil _ 

Mr*. J. II. Little and daughter, Miss 
Maggie, (eft this morning for Urn ns 
burg, Ky., on a visit. 

Ilona. Henry Burnett and W. M 
Reed went to Louiaville this morn 
tng to t&kn deposit l-*i*. 

Ml** May Terrell left till* morning 
for Cairo, on a visit to Mias .la nolle, 
her lute guest- 

Mr. Wtlllatn Erler went to ColUtuhti*. 
<». , tills looming, L> complete Home 
work he 1* doing there. 

Master Aubrey, *011 of Mr. I). A. 
Mcaehuiu, is ill with pneunit nia and 
is quite sick. 

Mr. It. J. Foppe, who tins been living 
tn .larkaon, Tenn.. and Cairo, 111., for 
the past ten months. Is again living 
In I'aducah, a no lias his old |H>siU<Hi 
with the (ones liistollim-nl Company- 

l ulled State* Deputy Marshal lo- 
re turned tisluy from Nlugara, II, isl.-r- 
son couuty, where he went t» sum- 
mon wttue»*es to the -'Mir > t. d.ral 

Mr. F. E., Cart right !ms •«' urned 
from a aojaurn at Hat .■•ulugs. i 

On Tailor Suits ami La-lies’ Rea-Iy- 
Made Clothlnp at the Bazaar. When 
you are in a hurry for anything in 
the ready- made line sent! right to us 
for it. You will get Just wbat you 
want, for our stock is complete, and 
we carry only such goods as we can 
guarantee to be the latest style and 

Ready to we&r hats 
we are selling- at S 5 per 
cent off 

Now is your time to 
buy a new black hat 

was mighty good u ua 



weather to” suit our blow-out; and to day he 
sends us weather that calls for one of those 
stoves you hear everybody talking about: 

Several are Proposed on the 
Illinois Central. 

Handsome tailor suits, all the latest 
shadis and styles, worth 10.00, at 
5 98. 

Handsome Venetian tailor suits, 
braid trimmed, panel skirt, latest 
cut, actually worth 16.00, for 9,98. 

Habit bark suits in new shades, a 
bargain at Id. 00, for only 9.50. 

PLAID SKIRTS— Plaid skirts in 
every imaginable color and material. 

Two dollar plaid skirts 1.25; 3.00 
plaid skirts at 1.50; 4.00 ylaid skirts 
at 2.00 camel’s hair plaid skirts in , 
beautiful designs and patterns, and a 
guarantee to flt any lady in Paducah. 

It is a good idea to call and get 
first selection on fall waisix. Wc will 
Bhow you right kinds at right prices. 

Handsome braided waists at prices 
2.00 waists at 

Cairo. fi.S; fall, 
ilia ttanooga I I; rot* 
Cln< iniiatl, 7.7; rise. 
Evansville, 4.8; rise. 

> lorence. tl.O; rise, 
.lohnsoiivtlic, o.:l. rls- 
Louisville. 4.1; rise. 

Mi Carmel, 1 .8; Rinnil 
Nashville. (1.9; Ktaiul 
I'a-lu- all . 2.2; rise, 
rtltaburgh, tl.O; rise. 
Ht. Louis (i.rl; rise. 

Moore's Air-Tight Heaters! 

General Freight Agent llurlbtil 
to Hu Succeeded Hy 
a F. H. Bowes. 


lo9 North Fourth street. 

Steam Cleaning Works 
Phone No. 

The Illinois Cf III rat Hallway roni 
pany c on n- in plate* change* in Mie 
management <f II* freight depart 
■unit in I.oulsvlke on er a I -out hi-i i-iii- 
her I. ■ 

Mr. F. U. Howe*, now general freight 
agent, at New Orleans, t* stated to 
stiereed Mr. Ilurlhut in Louisville. 
Tile latter will proliahly be u-u-igncd 
to ntnre Important dune* In Chlc*go# 
Mr. Ilurlliut tis* li.-en tti for three 
rear*. «nd stand* I Ugh with shipper* 
a* well a* railroad men. 

It la understcod Mie claim depart, 
merit* of the cr>j£0Mi'V now located 
In l.ouiNVille and New llrlvalis w| | 
he con*olldnte<l ulnl moved In Gbl- 

dhsorvatton taken at 7 a. in. River; 
2.2 feet, on the gauge, a rl*e or it. I 
In the last 24 hour*. Wind, north- 
east, a good hrerle. Weather, rloilily 
amt roolor. Temperature 4ti. 

I'ELL, O’l.xrirr 

We find we are over- 
stocked on winter hats 
and must sell at figures 
ridiculously low. 

Millinery goods of all 
kinds seliing cheap tor 
cash at the Bazaar. 

We have some new 
black hats trimmed in 
plumes, taffeta silk and 
ornaments we’ll shotV, 
even if you are not 
quite ready to purchase 

Millinery cheap at 


Hiq Wtifle Sturt oo Broad wau 

no- Ti-iitu **.->• nriiysfl from lennw 
.sop rlvrr at fl o'cksk tin* morning. 
-Jm departs on return trip tomorrow 
at n p. m. 

Captain Murk Cole will command 
the itiiNNell Lord again this season. 

Tin- .1. It. Rlrlmrdtinn ilepartxl for 
Cairo on time thin morning with a 
jrtp considerably over the average 
f,r the lam month , 

Captain I,. Brunner, of ttie new 
Kfeainer Fred A. Blank*, t* in the 
city stopping nt the I’almer house. 

The Kuttawa cleared for Cumber- 
land river Hit* mottling with fair 
1-ilslpcss. , _ 

The largest fleet of i-oal left Point 
I'leasan' on Tuesday, Nov. 7. iswft, 
that was ever known to go . <ti t of the 
Kanawha river at one time. There 
were fifteen towhoat ■ ami over 2«M» 
barge* In the fleet and It safely 
ttnoiigii to Cinrlnnall without an ac- 

The new «teet hull government, (mat 
W. R. King t tie finest Imut ever hiuh 
on the western water* will have 
Louisville next Monday for St. Louis. 

The Louisville and Cincinnati pa< k 
ets are giving through lulls of tailing 
to I’l 1 1 still rgil . 

Caplatn Tom Hyman Is in Louisville 
arranging to take Ids boat out >-f 
charter and bring her t>a -k io Cum- 
berland river as there will be g, „„i 
issuing water in the Ciimlierlau.l ilver 
in a very days 

A Cincinnati dispat< h of v»» 22 

*ay»: "River fi.7 ,’e -t *• h ,. in. 
Weather warm, with a M, •«.’,• *i !n 
til day River rising slowly all , >y 

The eoiitlnuation "f the ,-adv a * i.- 
IMUir of rain here, and tin- evidence* 
that the rain belt was moving r. ;i- 
lilly townril liea-tw-Mer*. Itnve caused 
a rise in tile hopi * of tile l-i al e-.,i| I 
and rIVermen dial if equaled by the 
rtse tn the river that will follow will 
mean a general resumption of u bust 
ness will) li for la- k of water lias b.-en 
tn a state of lomparatiVe Btagna- 
Hon for many months! The fust limit 
to go out In ttie i’lttshurgh trade for 
many months was the Keystone State, 
.-tie left tile wharf tonight with one 
of the finest trips of freight that 
have gone out of Mils harts. r in the 
history of latter-day *teamb»aitng. 

Everybody and "us included- are 
happy to learn of Charley Me hoi* r. • 
corery, who was dangerously III at 
Vicksburg a few- days since. He Is 
up again nnd doing the "slur g.iz- 
ii. g" act at the wheel of the Belle of 
the Bends. 

It Is the general talk today in river 
ctrrle* that there Is a strong prob- 
ability of (lie St. Louts A Tennessee 
Ittver I’acket company and tlio Lee 
Line racket, company, of Memphis, 
conaolldatlug their business. There 
Is however nothing definite. Hut 
there are extenuating es 
Wlilih gives gtsol reason for ‘he re- 
port. For the tieneflt of Imtli lines 
we hope the reports arrtrue as It will 
harmonize the difference between 
these l wo Kplendtd lines of st-acners. 
We were always opposed to . -it rates 
and marine w arfare. 


on and after this date a chs'ge 

to snit any purse 
98o; 3.00 waists at 1.98. 

A handsome satin waist at 2.98, 
would be cheap at 4.00. 

Beautiful taffeta silk waists, actus 
value 5.00, at 2.98. 

Of course you need fall underwear. 
We can show you the right kind at 
the lowest prices. No more complete 
underwear line in town. Ask to see 

New outing tlannel wrappers at 
75c, worth double. 

Fancy outing wrap|>ers at popular 

Hair switches to match an> color 
or texture of hair. If you have any 
trouble matching your hair come 
here. Wc show an elegant switch 
at 7£c. 

New feature for the Bazaar — Just 
received, a sa nple line of fine don- 
gola and vici kid shoes. Bring your 
feet with you and let us fit them. 

Our catalogue on application. 

win In- made for ttie publication of 
resolutions of respect, obituary no 
tlces. cards of thanks, official notices 
of meetings of lodges, societies or 
other organizations, »nd all notices 
of church eiiteitaiuments where a fss 
is charged or collect ton taken. 


Announces U> the citizens of 1’aducah that lie has removed to 2:13 NORTH 
TUIRTKKNril STREET, comer of Monroe. In Ins new and commodious 
quarter* you will find one of the finest, largest, freshest, most complete linen 
of tiROCKRIKS, PROVISIONS, PRODIUK, etc., ever opened \* th* city. 
He extends a cordial invitation to all to call and inspect Ills g mmIb, an- 1 as- 
ures them the closest market quotations. In the rear of the store Will be 
ound the t»esl of wines, liquors, brandies, cigars, etc. 

-Mr. John E. Williamson, Jr., was 
Initiated Into the Elks la*t night. 

Movement on Foot to l-XwMir-li 
One In Paducah. 

—Tom Minton and Jerotue Smith will 
box fifteen rounds before the Atnlclls 
club tonight, and will *jubtlcn* have 
a large crowd. Minton Is from etn- 
clnnatl, and the contestants are both 
In fine condition. 

t’aducali may have a public lllwa-y. 
Last night n number <-f prominent 
and influential Iiun«--ss men met la 
the parlors of the I'almer House niid 
discussed plans for a library. 

The mi-ettng was merely pn-llrnt 
uary one. hut promises much good, 
ss everyone present was fuovir»4»ly tin 
pressed with the lues, .-f having a 
library. Another nneting Will l«* 
lieli) 111 A short tlm>- to ciniiple’ • the 
organization and perf„ t plans. 

Messr*. Herman Well, I’liark-s Ate 
tx it t , Frank Hemet t, Fred Robertson, 
A I I'oh tnan mid Lloytl Bloomfield, will 
leave on Mr. Well'* iti-sni laiinch lo- 
morrow for a iluck bunt up the river. 

- The I’aducah IttKtorlcnl nn-l Lit- 
erary Wnctety mis-t* thl* evening at 
7:4r« o’clock tn the lect ure room of t he 
First. I’hrlstlan chun-li. An Interest- 
ing program will Is- cawted out. 

— A runaway horse this morning 
strurk a telephone post near the mar- 
ket house, anil came near killing 
himself hy the blow, guile a crowd 
was attracted to the scene, hut the 
animal whs h*«>ii able to "navigate" 
ngaiti. You can’t kill a market house 

The funeral of the Isle Mrs llavld 
Flournoy took place this afternoon at 

2 . to o’cIim k lit the house, Seventh 
anil Harrison streets, >i rvin z hy It. v. 
W. E. rave, und nt <>ak 



Jerome Smith Expects to Lick the 
Cincinnati Man. 

Iced Tea 

Tin- funeral of the late Mr*. D. 
Wallin e, whose remain* arrived l.i*t 
night from Cairo i<s k place t las after- 
noon nt 2 o'cloc k from the res|d*-m e 
of tier ilnughter. t>|f, hoiltli I ourth 
street. The Interment waa at Oak 
drove. uiMMi 

~ 1 1 ■ -s-d 

Ibo fsmsral of Mrs. T. J. Atkins, ss 
stated yesterday, will tak« place to- 
morrow morning at 10 t’dbek from 
ikoir restdeaea, interment at Oak 
drove, Rev. IT. It. Johnston to officiate. 

How is Your 
Tooth Brush? 

The criminal term of clrxuil court 
will iM-gin Monday week, and the 
present civil term will last until the 
Saturday preceding 

Docs not tllnt the prices ot our 
fsll suits stnl overcoats, which wr 
liought l-clorr wool went up. hence 
we are able to quote you the follow- 
ing prices for t lie best made doth 
iug in the w .rid 

should be puie to 
insure the perlec- 
lion ot cookery— 
there is slso the 
matter of health. 
Our extracts are 
the best to be had. 

Is * moat delicious 
drink when prop- 
erly made. This is 
posaibleouly with 
the right kind of 
raw material. We 
have it in stock. 

Tom Minton and Jrrome Kndtli, 
heavy weights, will this evening 
spar ten rounds tiefure the Albtctio 
dull for points. A grant deal of in- 
terest Is felt in the bout, bmMuse 
they are both heavy weigh* s, und 
powerful men, and -uch Is confident 
of winning. 

They fought here last V it v In u 
Mintm got a little the ivil <-f It, 
mil Smith threw tip * lie apnjg *. Mi cc 
thrn lie has been In •xoed.nt 1'1'IU- 
Ing, and will ilo Pa lU ’ili iroud to- 

We have just received a 
large importation of 
tooth brushes, made 
especially for us in 
Japan. They are 

Constable Patton yesterday after- 
noon xulil the saloon fixtures of John 
Walters under a Judgment In favor 
of Mr. E. (1. Boone, for alxml $r>il. 
Mr. Iloone tiecame the perchasrr of the 

Barksdale Brothers 


Pall Suits 

Tlio I'oacons of tlio Firs! Pnvshv- 
leil an church will moot at th#* paKtor*## 
stiKly tonight. Thi» is nn important 
■i opting aim! th#* #h*«»ona nr#* all 
tirgf#1 to l>e pr»*M*ntw 

Alt- wool chrvloli. In I»li 
with hrm h laz uir sa.k* 
the*r«uil«w uld indkRle (• 
aik for thrm i« )m 

rtiaia mul# 
;htii« zl^ut 

-«nJ all «rr 

sntl are sold under a 
liPAKANTKK that the 

coote out. 

U real Remustit sole tomorrow 
Don't fall to attend. 

-oust Anderson, colored, ig.-d 22, 
died last night In the city Hospital 
from consumption, and the teiuains 
will tr interred In the pauper burying 
grout .0 

REV . D, J . 

Chicago News: 

The keen edged proverb Is a cross- 
cut saw. _»jJJ 

The secret of true wisdom is to know 
your ignorance. 

Bread is the stuff of life and hard- 
tack I* the crowbar 

Bern*- men rut Aequulntances w hile 
scraping them - burlier*, for example. 

Bo sure you are right — then hold 
the slakes while the other fellows 

All the world's a stage- ami lots 
of actors thereon are merely stage 

A contortionist may lie completely 
wrapped up in himself without la-lug 
conceited. ,j 

The bachelor wtio sews on his own 
buttons understands the meaning of 
tks single Ax. i 

Poverty would soon t* an unknown 
quantity if men could dispose of tlielr 
property at cost. 

What » glorious world this would 
be if the ice man would only deliver 
opportunities at our doora. 

Many a man who poses as the arc-lit - 
Uct of hi* own fort une has to plan a 
large, uddltion for his son-in-law. 

Lots of people would starve If they 
were to sit down and wait patiently 
for the return of the bread they cusl 
up- n the waters. 

’ The Individual who tells the truth 
with delllierali- Cuutloii Isn't believed 
half so often os the fellow who can 
lie gracefully. 

Mr, I'lnrence Ooodmun. who is em- 
ployed at Kehkopf'a enllur factory, 
had hi* left elbow Caught »nd - -rusbe.l 
in a machine late yesterday after- 
noon while carrying some i-ollms 
across the floor. Dr. J. li. Roterlsnn 
dressed the Injuries, and the young 
man is resting easy at hi* home, a 27 
North Sixth. 

will deliver a 

ot Washington, l). C 
lecture at the 

Young Men's Christian 
Association Halt 
Saturday. November 25 

I’oder the auspices of the local lec- 
ture bureau. There is no more dis- 
tinguished lecturer on the rostrum 
than Dr. Stafford. His subjects are 
always well handled and his words of 
profit. Admission 50 cents. 


Drug Store 

Fourth and Broadway 

— Pi.-iln Ctty Lodge 4 4ft will mar t 
tonight nt 7:;<li tn spcciul comma- 
nlcntidi for work In M. M. degree \V. 
K. Penrod, Nr. \V., U . o. Ingram -Sec, 

Oak Hall Clothiers and lurnisbcrs 
v*. Coracr Third and BroadM.v 

-Mayor Lung is out of the city 
hunting, lie left about noon yester- 
day, and will probably be buck this 
afternoon. *3 

Bvaaig Is lllood nrr*. 

n<-sn blood means a rl.-sn skin. Xu 
hesuly without it. CoM-arrl*. t and) t'athsr- 
tic l iras your blood and keep it clean, b) 
stirring up the lazy liver and driving *11 im- 
nunlies from the body Begio to day to 
banish pimples, boils, lilotr liea, Liu, k tes ts, 
and that si- kly bilmus coniplt-non by taking 
Caws rets,— beauty for ten cents All drug- 
gists, satisfaction guarantied. 10r.2Sc.SOc. 

lime of Court Extended This 
Morning By Judge Husband*. 

— Justice Emery tilts morning Issued 
a sea rtli warrant against Mary Elliott 
Aful Oils I’erner, colorist, of I’lay a tree, 
at the Instunce of Mrs. Mary WoniMc, 
who alleges that she has reuooii to 
believe that her ax, whieh I* tnlsaing. 
van In- found on tlielr premises. The 
» a riant hint not tH-i-n served at press 



Owing to the extensiveness of ihe 
equity docket In the circuit court, th* 
term whloh would otherwise hav* 
ended tomorrow, lias been extended 
another wiek by Judge Husbands. 

The original timefor the expiration 
of the term "-as lust Saturday, but 
it was exti-ndedtu this Saturday . and 
now until Saturday week. 

Today scores of cases have been 
called nnd motions and demurrem 
heard, but nothing of Interest to the 
public has been done. 


F'l.gTCiiKi: Tkrrk.i.l, Manager 

Saturday, Nov, 25. 
Afternoon and Night. 
Matinee Prices, 25c, 
The Latest Comedy 

hpedal Commute* mer J. Will Fisher 
deeds to Jake Hh-Ocrman . for $22.1, 
jirgperty on Eighth street b*t»»vn 
llarrl* atid Boyd 

Mr. J. Will Holier, special coir.mlg- 
siouer, deeds to F. M. Fisher, property 
at Ninth am) Trimble street* for ST r,« ». 

— It was threatening last night, hut 
there was no rain. It has been cloudy 
and gloomy today and also threaten- 
ing. Like during yesterday the out- 
look would indicate snow 

lias been running their immense factory day and night for the past year in 
the vain endeavor to supply their growing trade. Thig means' 

Money in the Paducah 

Workingmen’s Pocket 

and money in the |H>ckeU of all I'aducah citizens who are purchas- 
ing any thing in the furniture line who will pay the n-tuil depart- 
ment of thii big factory a visit. Everything iu furniture. The 
most select line in the city. Courteous treatmeut accorded to all at 

Puy your limited shells and U*£ 
giiurs at Hank Bros a Jones- 


Mra. Thomas Rlildieman. rarshall 
vllle, MHh., write*: I was troubled 

with Halt Rheum for over thirteen 
years, had tried a number of doctors 
without relief, My husband liought 
a box of Banner Halve, which I applied 
two or three times and my hands bu 
gan to get better. ,ln a short (true 
they were entirely cured. 

D. A Yelser, S. II. Winstead. 

Toklo's recent Are destroyed 3.027 

Bt. Petersburg Is to have au under- 
ground railway. 

Women are now employed as sign 
painters In Berlin. 

German newspapers praise the Amer- 
ican consular service. 

A boat 2.000 years old has been dis- 
covered In excavating near Brussels. 

While European Rusila Is suffering 
from famine, the crops in Siberia have 
been unusually good. 

Starving peasants In Rusala have 
been driven to eating the straw 
thatches of their huts. 

London policemen havo been forbid- 
den to wear tan shoes on the ground 
that they are “too stylish. ” 

So much German beer Is being gold 
In England that British brewers fear 
they will sufTer by the competition. 

General fear la felt In Switzerland 
lest the neutrality of the republic be 
violated during the next European war. 

Tunis has been a French province 
for eighteen yeare, hut the recent cen- 
sus shows only 20,000 Frenchmen In 
the colony. 

According to the London Leader, 
fear of revolution Is causing French- 
men to transfer their wealth to Eng- 
lish and Belgian banks. 

British prisoners are to be furnlahed 
with boot-bruehes and female prison- 
ers will be allowed to wear night 
dreisee. Hitherto they have slept in 
their day garments. 

In Stookholm the fees for teispMooe 
user* are from 17.50 to )25 a /««£, yet 
the last report ot the telep^pie com 
pany ahowa profits of S per cen^oi^ove 

The management of the Historical 
and Literary society lecture course 
regrets exceedingly that the opera 
lie use could not be secured for Dr. 
Htaliord’s lecture tomorrow o * i. 
Over two week* ago It was thought 
that the opera house was xecu-ed, 
but when the manager looked over 
bis book- he discovered that he hud 
made arrangements for the 26U> 
Some three months ago A cor res 
poudence was then begun trying to 
change the date of the lecture, hut 
we had to take Dr. Btufford the 25- h 
lust, or not get him at aH\hl* season. 

Now we wish to say that we will 
arrange to seat four hundred people 
comfortably In the Y. M. C A. hall, 
A committee will make the hall as 
attractive us possible, the p'atform 
will be raised and everything possible 
will be done for the coruforl of the 
speaker and audience. It will be a 
great pleasure wefrel assqred foroqr 
people to bear Dr. Stafford un-ler 
ircurnstanoes the lea*t fuvoiable. 
Respectfully, UOM MITTEE. 

Mrs. J. 8. VViufrey HriuRS Butt 
Against Scottish Union. 

Mrs. J. H. Winfrey and her husband, 
Mr. J. H. Wlrfrey, this mi» rnlng filed 
suit In the circuit court against the 
Bcottlsh Union nnd National Insur 
snee company for $r.b(> on a policy 
taken out on household f nmt t u e 
The plaintiffs allege that their 
house was burned some time ago, 
and they sustained a loss of aiiout 
$718, nn-l have a policy for $r>00 in 
the above name-1 company, whteh 
they claim has refused to pay. 

Frices, night — 25, 35, 50 and 75 
cents. Seats will be on sale Friday 
morning for both the afternoon and 
night's |>crforruance at YanCulin’s 


Turkey roast pans and carvers 
at Hank Bros & Jones- 

A complete obit teratloo of the t-ans 
gre*-t- n of themornl law Ixtinpoeidbli 
The retentive power of the memory 
rebels against such an attempt. 
According to the behests of Judaism, 
actual guilt can not l-o converter] 
into right by any net of forgivem-es 
or atonement, human or divine. 
The definition of the Hebrew word 
Kofar, whlrh lithe root of Kippurlni, 
conveys quite a different meaning. 
It denotes ‘‘covering up,’’ to "over- 
lay. - It means that hy rar-ylug 
out resolutions of repentance into 
practice mni will be able to “coVR 
up" a multitude of Mua. This Is the 
cornerstone of sulvutlon as attained 
through man's own efforts. This 
Is ttie reason why the De) of Atone 
meat has produced kUctl a w holesome 
effect upon the moral status of 
Israel and has fostr-re-l sobriety, in 
tegrlty und rl£liteou* among the 
sons and -laughters of conscientious 
and pious parents. -JewlHb Spectator. 

123 South Second street. 
ThoDe 89. 

Will Nell for one week only 
Two new mllk-T harung, 5c 
lor- white toilet soap ife. 

Ne>v cooking figs, per pound, tlk- 
Beet min- c mr-ai in hulk, per poui 

I* what n I July b U i<l «*f our NMiito 
I'llli* Cough HjTTtip. It <!(*»«• u<>t euro 
everyone *r> easily, but mont peoplo 
“re satlsfi-v, with the result*. 

-Air Wlilte Fine Cough Syrup I* tu* 
l"M cough medicine we have seen in 
year* if making cough medicine, it 
goes to the spot at once, loosens lire 
l>hb-gin, quiets the Irritation, sn<l 
gives rest ami Comfort. 

If anyone Is dissatisfied »fier using 
half a In, tile, we buy It back. 

Gardner’s drug store, Third sn.l 

1 illlleNKee. , 

The town of Ladysmith, which Is 
so frequently metnh-ued In r-msi 
vaal dispatches, is named after the 
wife of Sir Harry Smith, atone time 
governor of Gape Colony. Sir Harry 
Smith, wtille a young officer lu Un- 
arm)’, served in Spain -hi ring the 
Peninsular war. On one occasion, 
when a detachment of troops, com 
man-led by Sir Hurry, had raptured 
and were occupying a Spanish town, 
he was appealed to for protection hy 
two beautiful young Spanish girls of 
noh'e birth Protection Was, of course, 
given them, and shortly the com- 
manding officer found IdmscJf deep 
ly In love with one of Ills -harges 
She afterwards became his wife, nn-l 
it is for per that the South Afilcan 
town Is numwY -V 

rult bullets, all kinds, per pound, 

Marie l.tklnger lu f for Legal 

J- pound can rhubarb, lltc. 

New- cod fish, per pound, 7 1 2c. 
Three packages c-K-ounut aid one 
Jelattne, 25e . 

New sorghum, per gallon. 15c. 
Spotted Fawn, best patent flou*, 
per bar ret, $4 25. 

Everything else proportion tl. 

Marie Et singer this moilllug filed 
suit In tin* (Inult ccuit against 
Edward Etslnger for divorce, alleg 
Ing abandonment as the cause. She 
states that they were married In tills 
county on March 7, 18«5, and he 
abandoned her March 2ft, IHH.Y He 
-11-1 not say where he was going, und 
ahe lias never since heard of hint. 

A, ask* for the custody of their 
four-year-old son, Ernest, nnd for 
all « flier proper relief. 

From three tu six car 
luaiU uf 

w. V, OWEN, 


II ttnk Bros & Jones 
iiio-* line of coal vases- 

Garbondale Goal 

always on Kami. 



Paducah Pa eking Co 


Eastern physicians have >kll-jd the 
attention oft heir board of he ilth 
to the habltof burning leaven 'a their 
City. To |>Ut a Stop to If I s ipirv their 
atm. and through theii effo-la ilie 
council ha* under ccnsl-leGiM'* 1 ] the 
puKsago of au ordlnHwr -■ tn y ofe^hit 
the pruoglwy. Physicians h d* 
i tiled that, the smoke Is thefiMIRa of 
much ^erfcus trouble of ttft th-out 
and n»g» and eyea. * 

Office Up-stairs, 

No. 30 2 1-2 Broadway 

R, L. Potter this morning bh-i «-|t 
In the circuit- rcu/t against Paste 
- rnlg .irnj ethern In -livid* Ihe eslgte 
c-f the late D. L. Crutg. There are 
oeveii c-f the children, a n! it Is de- 
al red to divide the property left hy 
the decease- 1 amongst them. The 
land is situated in tire county near 

Wood Vllle. 

Apple Cider. « 

Sweet, 36c i^Ulon. Have ^qur re- 
tail grtcer get It for you. . 
24n.l A K. UuNJ>URA$iJ» 

FOR RENT— Nice room, fall on Dr*. 
Reddkk A Rivers, sixth uud llroad- 
w»y- 8ntf 

Doa’t Toktrr. S*i( sad Hawks lusr 1.11* isif. 

To qatt tobacco easily aod forever, be u-a* 
nslui. f«U of life, nerve and vigor, take No To- 
Bse, ttn wonder worker, iligz makes wesk men 
siroag. All druggists, Me aril. Curegusrsn- 
tssa Booklet and sumpl* free Address 
Stsrllog Remedy Co , Cblcsgo or New YorR. 

Cotti IioiIh and fire spreens at 
Hank Bron &, Jones- 

A chest of gold containing Uf} 

uOO tin* been found In Mie wrecked 
Spanish cruiser Almlrnnte Oquendo. 
The wrecker* believe the lasiroyer 
Furor may Be easily ral ’d ai.u -e 

pul red . " 

Office Tenth ami Norton atreets. at 
e canning factory or 4tw Broadway 

Fancy old fashioned new crop of 
New Orleans molasses Ju»t tapped at 
li- Cknion'H, the groi-er, corner Point 
and Seventh. 24 >2 

3. W P«dWty,ofOoe 118 South 
Fifth street. Ream- uoo 2.118 Broad- 
way. Offlou teiepboao, 416; rott-