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Full text of "Owingsville outlook (Owingsville, Ky.): 1898-05-26"

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NO. 43. 

Tobaf-Cd . -if.<'« nnd |^r^^■l■^ \\ «■ cilToi vui ilir ii»<t S;nlilli ^ 
•t Jdo. a. R»ni«oj ^ ; tiiul lliirni-Kr: w y i an ii v\ k »i \i>r, nt 

t fair pricfo < diin' .iml (-Miiiiino our 
8tock. .loiiN A. Kamkky a C'i. 

The KMtiMky M 
«rill uww •! 

Crfabrated Tigr 
line. Jro. a. 

ft. Caafamire 

Hbj Kakp. Full 
Ramoei 4 Co. 

W. B. Scott, of Bethel, bM hMl 
an increase of 
$17 per month. 

The onlv 
found in O 

Brother k Onodpaater 

bought \V. \V. (Iliul ) ( lurk s 
1 of itrawberriea. 'I'hey can 
'furnitili frosli bcrrica every | 

ing at a very low price. 

reel bergeiae to be 

l>(>coratlon day 
at tke Parvto 
Cmga. — Uuf 

Hhvo vi>u ee*n the Walter A. 
Wood Tubular 6teel Mower? It is 

will be prayer meeting at 
the CkffetUa ehureh at tbe aaual 
hour Tburaday ei 

Vim «M Mfar «• wwjri iiwg (hat 
Ni lln. mmB bete 



lHt«0t otrle. 

A. tW, 
nold last week toVWri 

being the 







I* rt4nee my 
•fgendelwUI aell at 
li for to day* Um entire 
it full and eomplete. 
Graaga Olty, 1^. 

A raw have faiahaa 
tiag. With aao( 

this weak plaala vfll ha large 

enough for OM b< " 
be set. 

r faa4 
vfll h 
bulk of the erop 


T. S. Shruut has on hands a 
complete line of new Itugglea and 
Phaetons which he will trade jou 
for an old one or for a horse or 
■•la. Priaea vaiy low for aew bug- 
glaa for «aah ar tvaia. Sl-tf 

S. S ( 'oNVKNTloN.--'rlle AnniiJil 

StHlf ( Oiivetition of llu' Kentucky 
Siiiiilay xehodl I'nion will be held 
ill I'adiicnh on June 14, 15 and 16. 
Kvery Sunday-seliool in the State 
is entitled to one delegate for each 
hundred iiiembersor fraction there- 
of. Kntertainment will be provide<l 
for all accredited Megatcaon con 
ditioa that tbair aaaiee are enrolled 
on or bofoia JwM IS with Rev. W. 
H. Ptaherlaa at raiMah. AU the 
milroada ta the 8«ato hatra aada a 
rate of oM fan for tha nmmi trip 
on preseatatloB of andaatiala. Cre- 
dentials may be obtained from 
county officers, or from the State 
Secretary at Room 19, Loaiavllle 
Trust Building, Louitvilla. 


Cavalry hor«e8 

o'clock a. ni. and :t 

Flat rreeW* 
. Heal fouA 
> ix r head. I Sunday at 11 
y o'clock p. m. 

The horse .1. S. HrowB shows^r 

liinist lf ; a colt by him «M k* CokkMii i .— I have bought < lark 

Uabie to hif owner. Crouch's corn mill in town. Ketf- 

ular grindinu days are Friday :iiul 
nd white Sweet Po- Saturday. Meal exchanged for corn 
at aay llsa my cMsViniiTs bring it. 

S. I'. At<'hicom 

Qt^Ksn Finn — R. B. 
Joseph WiUiama, kii»e r af the 

Poor-hottaa, lea 9tmt^ maitk af 
grata blaek pepper from aa original 
exporters* package. It araa aot 
represented to be premium pepper, 
and Jo waa aatoaiahed to lad a 
pleee of moaey in hie purehaae. The 

money is a email copper coin hav- 

Klder Alfrev will jireacli at .Inhn | '"K "'< ••<*«• Holland coat of 
Shrout's locust grove, near the '"■■I""- date 1859, and tlio inscrip- 
toll house on the HreMon pike, next ' cent," -Xederlandsch In- 

Red, yellow 
tHto plants (good ones) at Kroiher 
* Goudpaater'e.* May 19, '»8 

Md -la thia hot eaoagh'for your 
waa OB the tip of maay a league. 

If you need a mower 
a b ea t U — - 

buy only 


Dr. Andrew H. Boyd,.^at* of 
'aris, has rented the late^^> Vc. 

room over J. M. Kjchart'sN tore 
>nd fitted it up for a dental o i|ce, 
where tie would Ite glad to havi hy, 
aall'aa him. 

■ V 

asU yoa goods ebe«per<ben 
•ayoac aad give you a nice Ging- 
er Calieo drees for every $6 
rash purcfaaae. Mas £«till. 

J. J. Nesbitt is making! «om^ 
substantial luprovement^^in his 
iteyaekU botal property, i>4^'Th< 

Our stock of Saddles, Harness, 
Kuggy Dusters, Whips, Ac, Ac., is 
full and we invite your inspection. 

JoRK A. Ramsey A Co.'v 

the yaM. at- 
tended the May aaating at JVnite 
OakCkarek laat Buaday.fSp^der 
BIbert Dawaoa preaebed. This 

Priee a Walter A. WoodTabalarltowa, the whale aounty nearly and 


fore yaa hay. 

A Co.*a be. 

Da Mt forget that Mm. BetiU 
trill aeU yoa cha priWiit hat for 

less money Uwa aay one In town. 

J. M. Ricbarc boaght of J. J. 
Moore, west af tama, a suckliag 
male far ttf; twa aC J. 

Ine Broi 
Try one. 

rn" is at the 
ShorU Plow 

kdjoining eaa at i ea 
in the attendance. 


All the m w and desirahlc styles 
in Nillincry at about ih [h t cent, 
less than you can buy them else- 


Mbs. U. 8. KsTiLL. 

Com bae eome ap walL 
le doiag Inely. Tbe weather is ao 
eeaeoaabie Umt everythiag ia tbe 
««f af viPMtfM fovwadag aieely . 

«ggy DaMem MaMk< 
aaaeon.^We ha«9 • 
bought direetflMi MM 
at fair prioea. 

Jen A. Eamsxt A 

We are prepareti to furuleb aay> 

thing in Saddles, llarneae, Bridlea, 
Whips, Blankets, Lap Dustera, 
Spurs, Bits, Ac, and extra parts 
for Harness at living prices. 

John A. Kamset A Co. 

Deputy SherilTs J. L. Atchison 
and S. C. Bascom, ilr , took to the 
Frankfort prison last Salurda}' 
Oscar Hughes, under 15 years' sen- 
tence f.)r killing his lialf lirother 
Lewis Hill; and Casey Conner, 3 
years and II months, for cutting 
Geo. Wilsou, of color. Both con- 
victe am aelored. 

We have a large etock of Haiii>- 
■ADB Boys', Youths' and Men's 
Saddlef. We know they cAKKOT BE 

EXCEl.tKIl HV ANTONK. Wc inVlte 

your inspection. Don't cost any- 
thing to examine them. 

Yours very resp., 
JoBV A. Ramset a Co. 

,0. W. CaMNirkilb 

etoefc, at bit bam oa Priekly Aeh. 

Fob Salb.— Oae huadred thoaa- 
•ad Sweet Poteto Plaala. 

Brown Double Sbovel plows and 
fire-tooth Cultivators are tbe beat. 
Jm>. A. Ramsbt a C^ 

And you didn't Jcjuta^ there 

- in sweet potato 
, yes, there is a great 
4t|[eraace. You eaa get tbe right 
•t Brotlier A 

At Mobbhkad. — Elder T. S. 

Tinsley opened his protracted meet- 
ing at the Christian Church in this 
city Monday evening, and is draw- 
ing large crowds at each service. 
Brother Ti nsley is one of the bright- 
est young preachers in tbe State, 
and has many warm friends in the 
"City of the Hills." It ia hoped 
that he will do a great dealaffaad 
in thia io eality^Advaaaa . 

WBWMRvam naM aad vlU 

be aueh that vamat yoa ia giving 

it to us. Will take pleasure in 
showing you through our 
JoHB A. Ramsbt 


T A CoS. 
<».i . 

Circuit Court adjourned tor the 
term Wednesday of last week. D, 
B. VanUndingham was granted 
aew trial. Ue was rcieaaedoa l>ond 

Wm. Peale, of Harrodsburg, 
bought at 976 each three cavalry 
l^orses of T. J. Routt, Kd Hewitt 
•ad Jo McClure, of near Sherburne. 

A fall line of Walter A. 
Tubular Steel Mowers. All 
at J no. A. Ramaey A Co.'s. 


Bava yaa eeen thoee new Woolen 


The Walter A. Wood Tubular 
Steel Mower pulls with less weight 
on necks of team tbaa aa/ otiMr 
e market. MlM mt 
>«t tbe toagae. 

The GeorgeCewa 
over a eoluma ta a 
elegant reeeftiaB reel 
Mr. and Mm. Vta.S. 

that tow n. 

T. 8. Sbrout is the 

BouaBT McLB Colts. — Thomas 
of MooreBeld, was here 
I and bought mule ooltsas 
followa, to be takenxAt weaning 
time: aft P(iaMyAah,aMaf 8am- 
- - - H§:aMa(Tboai. 

Sbraatk at WMhmflaa Braaah, for 
|U; vaalaf tova, one oty JacoU 

die," which latter is Dutch as 
Schiedam schnapps. The other side 
of the coin is a puzsle. Around the 
edfje is what at first blush one 
woulil take to be something like a 
has relief illustration of Batavia- 
arrack-fed delirium tremens, but 
may perhaps be nothing more se- 
rious than a wise Javanese admon- 
tion to "Never let your business 
nterfera with your drinking." In- 
ide a eeatral eirele is tbe familiar 
angaafr af tha Koraa ia ahoieeet 
Arabia. What it aaya daeaat mat- 
ter. All AraUa laaka aad aannds 
alike to tha aMalafad aaaMaaUl. 
Pepper beiag a produet af the 
Dutch Baat ladiee it ia preaamed 
that tome one loet the coin ia a 
package of the aoadioMBt ha was 
putting ap la thaae far away lands. 

Oi>D Fbiaowb At Sau ' Lmsk.— 
ath Lodge, No. M, at tha L O. O. 
. was organised at Halt Li a k on 
fridmy night, the Mth last. R. G. 
'Elliott^ Oraad SeaatMgiy, nmisted 
by sixteen membM* at Wataon 
Lodge, No. 3S, of Mt. SlarUaf. aad 

»kree, members »X.-MaaMalW U iwi g a, 

tfo. 34, of Morebead, conlamd the 
degrees and established the Lodge 
in working order. Thirteen new 
roerobere were initiated, and the 
Lodge then elected the following 
officers to Serve for the ensuing 
term : — 

W. A. Whitcomb, N. G.; L. F. 
Uobbins, V. (J. ; Slieriuan Gullett, 
Secy. ; J. H. Campbell, Trcas. ; H. 
L. Sewell, Warden; Z. T. Bowman, 
Conductor; Wni. Green, O. G. ; J. 
H. Otis, 1. G.; W. P. Diekerson, R. 
S. to N. G. ; George Martin, L. S. 
to N. G. ; K. L. Andrewa, R. 8. 8. ; 
Wm. Waddla. L. 8. 8.; L. W. Gul- 
let^Chaplai■: Ja8.AUam a C; 
Joha O. Oreea, B. 8. la 6.; Jaa. 
Waltoa, L. 8. to v. O. 

The following members from 
other Lodges were present: 

From Watson Lodge, No. 32, Mt. 
Sterling— J. W. Taul, W. 8. Lee, 
J. L. Bronner, J. W. Groves, Hurry 
Campbell, Fred Scnieur, W. T. 
Havens, Joe Nathan, S. M. New- 
meyer, W. H. Clark, J. T. Stock- 
dale, A. N. Cline, J. T. Breese, M. 
M. Carr, James Turner; 

From Mountain Lodge, No. 84, 
Morehead — S. Muse, Joel S. Head, 
Jr., Wm. F. Schooler. 

J. W. Steger, Speeial Deputy, of 
Edipae TxMlga, ■•. t96. of Olive 
Hill, waa alaa piaaaat aad assisted 
in tbe wa>k aC laatltatiag. The 
new Lodge atarta la with aaaallent 
proe p aat a for wwaaaa aai hide fair 
to Uu^tdr la ■■■■■■ hi ■imtiiihip 
in tha aaar iMaaa. At tha aaaelu- 
sion of the ce i ame ale e a lunch was 
served by tha aaw Lodge, which 

C. T. DeCarmo, of Mt. Sterling, 
was in town Thursday on business. 

MrB.H. 8. Mttiager aad ehil- 
dren. accompanied by Miss Mildred 
Garrett, all of Stepstone, visited 
relatives here Sunday. 

The Courier Journal of May 11th 
notes that J. flay Donnan, of this 
town, and Dr. J. M. Felaad, wife 
and sister, of Beya el d a v lM a, are ia, 
that city. 

Mrs. Win. K. Richards and son 
James Morrow, of (Jeorgetown, 
came ln«t week to visit Mr. and 
Mrs. J. M. Hiehnrl. Little 
Morrow is a fine bicyclist. 

Jodga aad Mra. M. 1. 
returaad Taeaday fram a 
daya" viiit to reiativae ia Mt. 8tar. 
ling. Mra. F.'a BMthar. Mra. Paaay 

Goodpasser, retamed with theas. 

Hon. Caleb R. Brooks, v\ V. 8. 
District Attorney of Oklahoma 
Territory, of (Jiithrie, Ok., Joined 
his family Friday afternoon at the 
honu' of his mother-in-law, Mrs. 
Belle Allen. Un Saturday he 
and family went to visit his 
sister, Mrs. Dr. Wm. C. Nee- 
bitt, in Mt. Sterling, and to meet 
there his brother Sent R., of Har- 
rodsburg, aad probably Leroy, of 
Cineiaaatl^ limy aa p iatad la re- 
tura ' 



Wm. L. Nixon went taLaaiavilla 
Tuesday on businesi. 

Waraer for IM; aaa ofl<tarltoil| Jas. F. Day, of Mt. Sterling, is 
Jones for Itf; tm 9t %0»rson] here this week on business. 
Dawson at«6K. J Jud.e Joh. D. Towtfc af Mt 

••vam Vi 

Don't forpet the lertiire at White 
Uak Church Saturday night. 

Geo. Boyd aad wifa vMtad tha 
family at W. O. Oaraall, on Plat 
Creek, Ratarday and Sunday a 
week ago. 

J. S. Anderson and J. P. Steph- 
ens have sold and delivered their 
tobacco to Wm. (Cud) Saadegar, 
at W^MBlag, at 8a. 

MiasLillie McKinncvnn returned 
last week from a two-weeks' visit 
to her aunt, Mrs. Klla Hamilton, in 
Montgomery Co., and reports a 
pleasant visit. 

Mrs. BUa Spaaaar, daughter Miss 
Lillieand Mra. Bbults, of Roe's 
Run: and Mn. Dal Garner were 
caeete of Mre.Mltri«a Williams on 
last WMiwsday. 

Mrs. Rlvira Willialtis anA l^o 
boys Hermon and Wayne cMti'ni- 
plate Stan ill}; on th«irJJJJ M\to 
friends and relatives in i<« 5iu i. 11- 
linuis and Kansas the fir.Xdr ^n*- 
Thej wOl visit ia IMaoia ti... 

Mrs. Miraada Atklasoa, afSttn- 
ten, Powell Co. ; Beninn Switser, of 
Indiana, and Mrs. Joseph McClure, 
of near Sherburne, visited the fam- 
ily of J. B. Donaldson week before 
lust. Mrs. I). S. Trurubo, of Bethel, 
and many others with quite a num- 
ber of Miss Lou Butcher'f ;:'ie8ts 
from Owiiigsvillc, took i!!.iuei there 
Sunday and attended ^HHt* 

W. D. Daraell, of 

visited his mother, 

Darnell, Sunday. He ea 
new buggy, driving theol 
buggy horse he recently 

le^a his 

of Elder B. F. Parker, a'nd if "Clod- 
hopper" could have seen him whip- 
ping to get that horse jiast the 
many places where Bro. Parker had 
been stopping while preaching here, 
especially at H. M. Butcher's, it 
would aiake him laugh. 


Public Sale. — As administrator 
of J. W. Cook's esUte I will sell to 
the highest bidder on May 27th at 
Salt Lick and on May SSth at ' 
pia a good saw-mill, lot of ~ 
honaebold goods 
otiier tbiags. ~ 
OB 4am af Mia. 

•.T.ttaaw. AdaiV 

Tobacco Repobt. — Expbesslt 
roB Tax UrTi.oox bt J. S. Pulps A 
Co., Plastebb WabbrodsBv— Lou- 
isville, May 31st, 1898 Siaee our 

last report we have bade vary dull, 
irregular market. The total offer- 
lags at auetioa for tbe week amouot 
tal.U8hhia. Of Ihia ■■■hir 811 

report of the 
" at 

only nader- 
towB doiag businees 
kat his Diptoma for Bmbalm- 


Col. Samuel McKee, a( 
ville, is in a fair way to have Con 
grew appropriate him 11,718 for 
^paaeee iararred by bim ia tbe 
^aaMatforthesaatlMmthn dis 

heavHMhd sad tahaaaaa aaiuble 
for Maia hava appaaiad, Ja good 

condition, they Tini^M abaal the 
me prices they did laat aask. A 
larfs part of Uw offaciagi bava 
aa aompoae d of tobaeao oat of 
eoaditioa, aad tbeee wen irregular 
aad eome lower tbaa laat week. 

We <«Bnot see sny decided change 
in Old Burley. The grades selling 
between f9 and (13, when they 
were in dry, sweet order, brought 
about as much money as last week. 
The really common, funked smokera 
met with less competition aad We 
think sold some lower. 

The Dark tobacco market seems 
to us about the same, though some 
contend the common Dark lugs 
wera a few bida battar. Tha afar- 
ings weia aaaipaasd la^psly af Mds 

JudceJoba D. T< 

Osmond F. Byron went last Fri 
day to Vaneeburg on business. 

Ed Moxley, of Montgomery Co. 
visited Jamaa Roas Suadsy night. 

JohnsoB Bvarmaa, of Carlisle, 
was in town Thursday on business. 

Clark Patlaraaa baa Mma a po- 
sition wiAOMbaa MaalT •< Mt. 


Osear Brother and _Bay PatUr 
son attended a hopab 
Friday night. 

Mrs. Jessie Turney, of near Par 
i% baa baaa vliiti«g 
Mra. BhraO allsM. for < 

Capt. W. T. Havens and H. R. 
Prewitt, of Mt. Sterling, were here 
on business Wttuttttff af last 

Mn. Charles Leer and daughter, 

Miaa Canall, af Pari% an viaitiog 
Heary aad P s a raaa Bwfag, eaet of 


Miss Anna Wade has returned 
to her home near Mt. Sterling,aftei 
a visit to her sister, Mrs. Boberl 

Mr. aad Mra. W. C. Haifar. af 
Montgomery Co., wera gaeala af T. 
8. Sh rout aai hmO§ lafafof ami 

Sunday. \ 

Mrs. George Garner visited 
Salt Lick Suadaj. 

Several aaw aaaaa af aaasles the 
past waak, bat all ImprorlBg. 

Sam Shultz and wife visited the 
family of Jamss Clark Sunday. 

Mra. Chris O a t aa r baaabaadred 

and seveaty-ilve ebuiia aad forty- 
five young turkeys. 

Old Aunt Polly Lowry grows 
Steadily worse, and it is evident 
Ufa maak laager. 

al iiaai tbia aait araat la 
■bavat Wblla Oak Saa- 
day aai. aaaafdbig fo aaalaa. It 


Chris Garner, wife aitJ little 
daughter Lottie visited MrsNGar- 
ner's parents, Mr. and Mra.l ralix 
Warren, Saturday night. 

James Crayeraft, wife and little 
son Mat, of Preston, visited Mrs. 
Craycraft's parents, Mr. and Mrs. 
Rily Bailey, of Forge HiU, Soaday. 

The Knob Lick eorrsapaadeat 
eeems to think we hava a dawa- 
trodden raee of people among us. 
Now, I wish that gentleman would 
tell iwia tha. aaa 

Monday morning as I write these 
lines I look out at the window and 
see everything so fresh and green, 
the roses in bloom, and the sweet 
songs of birds come from every 
bush, It takes me baek untold cen- 


Tlie.iiiit iiiaiiiTfaeiiir( r Of HOME-MADE Baddlseaad UaracM id 
<>win».'><vili»'. Ky. WelrMl. Tlie otbefB ktf la HilWaH l» islllag y 4 
theirs is - jiNt us rmmL** iTdateaseMbii* timl 


Wliiidt M ttted nMre, ridee easier SM laMa 
amde. My Hand-taade Haraean Is t be aal 
i wni aave jro<i aaonay On Maehlae-i 

<5sitoaB8aaa tU 



Sealer It) Drugs, Groceries. Fruits, f life Csii^. 
Also Agents hrUM Umn tMMlKS ard Fine Vf 

Call at GMtr DraiSlMaBi Stl 

To the Ladies: 

We have Just received from the PortsnMMith, 
fectery Mopeiraaf 



Which need no introduction to the trade, as 
they have the reputatioa ef Mldni ' 
and swellest shoe that fl8HMS te i 

We have the 


in Blacic French Kid Shoe and Half 5hoe, 
alsoRaaaet. We give you a specfari hiv 

to come and see for yourself. The cuts 
show you th^ ^ f|2^^^^^i"iC 

V. BJowu^ield & Co., 



Mdldoon Monament 


raaaaam,SZ2 to:t2»< tireen St., 
I.(>L'18VIf.I.K, KV. 
WorkshopeAMtBdioa, Carrara, Italy. 

ft. imt, 

AfCvut for til'' 



You r patn>nage itadleiteil. 

(>. AddruMt: SleiMlune, 



Jas. e. Pepper Vbisky. 

Sold only bv 
Owingsvilie, Ky. 

Also a euniulete line uf MINERAL 

OsMMid F. Byron, 



Mioses Olga nnd Liaaie Moore, of 
Owingsvilie, speat Mii4V with 
Miss Elan £still. 

Ed Mozlar. at Stepstoae, visited 
his amria, Dr. Pfcillpp^ fiNi Fri- 
day aatil Saadajr. 

The next thought for diseussion 
before our society is "Resolved, 
That there is no future punish- 
ment." Affirmative, Reeves, Estill, 
Bobt. Williams; negatlMk Myers, 
Barber, W. Williams. 

Meesrs. Robt. and Willie Wil- 
liams, of Forge Hill, retura^ last 
weelc from Knoxviile, Tenn.TVhere 
they had been attending scVboI. 
The boys are both looking well and 
their conversation shows that they 
have been hoed, weeded and plow- 
ed by the KaociMa faasHr. On! 
Imjs, on ! 

Bjlhawajr, "Savth Bide," we 
forgot to msatiaa Miaawrlaal, but 
our girl Is a frsa-aBaar Deise t rat, 
a Damoe r at to tha acre. We don't 
kaaw what kiad at aloekings she 
waar% for she is too modeet to 
make a publie exhibition of them. 
While she is afraid of a mouse her 
mind is of such delicate mold that 
she instinctively shudders at the 
thought of adding to the terrors of 
a badly frightened mouse "by an 
exhibition of striped stockings and 
blatant demagogery." In fact her 
mind is not made up exactly as to 
the propriety of such a course to- 
ward either mice or men. Indeed, 
her mental attainments, as well as 
her maidenly inatincts, are of such 
lofty cast that it is doubtful that 
she has even considered the matter 
from either standpoint. Rut she 
kaows -Tha eharieat maid ia prod 
Iflalawiagh if dm 
beaa^ tatlM aaaa. 

/AplMMat 4ltwMl Uada <^ 
inseeta Bar latealed tha hoaoa of 

George HaUon and driven tbe fam- 
ily out.VEverything about the 
bouse isJUerally covered with the 
pests and it is impossible for any 
one to stay about the bouse. There 
are several species: some look like 
wood lice and others like sheep 
ticks, while others look like a 

Mrs. O. C. Harris and Miss Neva 

^M. 4* Doatoa, of Hillsboro, was 
ia this eommuaity Sundsy. 

R. A. Gilmore, W. B. McGregor, 

Donaldson returnsd from a week's^ C. T. Clark, Ben Hopper aad Ckaa. 
Visit with their oaMlB,Mfa.PMlaaj Grain, of Hillslmro, imlalaisd al 
kusUl, at Carlisia. 1 the Huff House ^ub4i^. 

I By 

eoneemlBK another "What Is ha 

worth?" or "What Is his worthT" tbe 
answer would invariably be given by 

naming; a certain amount of money 
ur that equivalent in material wealth 
he iniKht chanee to poHsesH. Tlius a 
contemptuous estimate is exjiressed 
by saying of one that he Ih not worth 
a groat, while the worldly every- 
where are ready to fall down and 
worship a man who is reputed to be 
rich. With them the more he has the 
(greater is his worth. In himself he 
may be mean, Ignorant, vicious, and 
of despicable character, but frold 
gilds all things, no matter how base. 

Ttie teadeney to give a fictitioas 
vaiaa ta tiM ladividBal oa aeaoaatof 
hie poeeceaioae ia notoneof tlMl^pil• 

est traits of human nature, although 
it is Well nijfh tmlTerpal. We are 
bound to recojfnlie in it th« sordid 
current of thouffht which atTects all 
peoples, an<l has left Its Impression 
In every national history, whether 
ancient or oiodern. But the itiilHense 
develepassa t of commerce and tbe 
common raee lor wealth hm latenai- 
fled It in our awu Ubm. Pav aaaald- 
er,asotald,tiMtt»ail kiaisH the 

-*"•* f TBt*S SWf Sll dSTSiJ uf 

fearlstbaaBMlaMda af aajoying 
happlaesa. All haatea la fteeome 
rich. FkaadMaMl adteatiirarB sprlnir 
up like maabrooms with eaeh suc- 
cessive day. Honest trading, w liieli 
Is a blessing to mankind, is pushed 
aside for reckless speeulation and 
gainblinf; of all degeriptiou, whereby 
the savings of Industry are swallowed 
up. A new and monstrous vampire 
has been developed In tliese latter 
days, the bogus company promoter, 
who swells and fattens by devouring 
the careless and the credulous. There 
is a feverish impatience of mere suf- 
ficiency, »r even of a 
tency. Nothing less tbaa 
satisfy, and in tbe farioaa assaanble 
for these tiM vletiaM at IMa mania 


by agaUaa taaaalala. Oaa ve b<v 



Tlie trath is men eeldom perceive 
wherein trae worth lies. As Juvenal, 
nearly eighteen centuries ago, said in 
his tenth Satire: "Among all the in- 
habltanta of the earth, from Cadiz to 
tbe Indies, how few are to t>« fouud 
capable of forming a sane judgment 
of what is truly good or truly evil? 
How few can penetrate that mist of 
error which circumserllws all our 
views The greater number tie the 
noose fur themselves by the treasures 
whieh their anxioBS cares and la- 
bours have amassed. They blindly 
toil to exceed other men In wealth aa 
much aa a whale exceeds the dol- 
their success ensures their 
What ia the object of 

WnS" in 
every teasplel BIsImb. Orsat coda, 
they aty, fMpljr aar aalaar ot all 
the eaasaadspaaMed ia Ikalaa'k pal 
BceMartMballMiiiiaal aad best 
fiUed. InfBtaaledl la paiaaa mixed 
in the simple earthea eapt Ko, the 
drugged bowl Is that which la adorned 
with gold and gems, and sparkles 
with tbe delicious wine of Setia.' 

The secular wise of all times have 
inveighed against the foIl3- of tliitik- 
ing too lightly of riclies, or of deem- 
ing that worth in any way depeti^s 
upon weiiltli. The same seiitimeii> 
abounds in Holy Writ. We are told 
in the Book of Proverbs. "I.alwur nu\ 
to be rich Better is thu poor that 
waiheth in talk upi lgatae«<6 tbaa lie 

Desiring to quit the Jew- 
elry trade anyone wishing 
to get into the business can 

buy me out at cost of stock 
and fixtures. 1 am the only 
Jeweler in town. 

5. D. THOnPSON. 

that i.s perverse in his ways, tliough 
he be rieh.'" David said :" I f riches 
Increase set not your heart upon 
them." Clirlst spoke of -'the deoeit- 
fulness of riches," and "How hardly 
shall they that have riches enter in- 
to tbe Kiacdom at tiod." Hedistin- 
~ waea '•the un- 
rl|MaaaiMMMa.*'«id -tk» true 
'Waa aala you 
thataaaiMil Vmyahaaa aaaaived 

We gatlMr fTaaa aR tlMae thai ma- 
terial rfrima alaas cmnataanfsr any 

worth thraagb their peseeeeioal that 
they are ofltlmea a hindranee or a 

snare; that they lead many to perdi- 
tion, and in fliost cases exercise an 
injurious and withering influenee oa 
character. Yet it cannot be denied 
that they are powerful for good as 
well as evil ; and that in the hands of 
the comparatively few wlio know- 
how to use them aright they may be 
made the means of unbounded use- 
fulneee: of mitigating misery and 
promoting knowledge and happiness, 
at rnenaiaj tbe weak and honouring 
tbe vrertliy. 

NrnsM isMsd rlsbm tbe bag- 
maannBiA aff alHmtt and 

poverty ia aaMialsd la dsatroy 
worth. Oimi lai liii aa M; "It is 
easy to be virtaami aa Isa Umasand 

a year," and most people think so, 
but we question whe t her It ia not 
easier to be virtnoos with a more 
moderate income. The wise man 
prayed "(iive me neither poverty nor 
riches." And it ia certain that in ev- 
ery condition offlHallMiMdlaalala 

is the safest. 

There is, however, ii glam.iur in 
wealth whieh dazsles and deceives 
the beholders. They see its pleasures, 
but know noth-ng of its pains. To be 
able to purchase whatever the eye 
desires, or to command any luxury 
that money will buy, appear* the 
iMii^et haama blias. But eould 
they leak beMad Mm scenes they 
tahsaaaya vrsalthy home 


israa: "Tar tke amre that a mail 

eon. tiM Bsere worth he ys." Ability 
is the test of worth, as utility is tlix 
test of virtue. He who c»u do notli- 
ing is Worth nothing; lie who ean lUt 
muoli sliall be uur lien>. And whether 
he slay monsters or dig sewers, 
whether he invent or consfrurt. 
whether he think or act, if hedoaugitt 
to purify liuman nature or to improve 
mankind ina'terlally, intelleetaally, 
or morally, we will deen bim worthy. 

1°lie proper perception and i 
tion of real worth is not a thiac of 


tracted _ 

The Bather af tiw "W( 
tiaas" says: "With 
of rich people, the 
of riches consists in the 

af Ifo- 

ler part 
parade of 

riches, which. In their eye, is never 
so complete as when they s p fsa r to 

possess those deeisire marks of op- 
ulence whieh nobody can possess but 
theniselves." If this be true tlien 
the ricliest man is no happier than 
the Lord Mayor in the show, who, 
notwithstanding the phiudits of a 
gaping multitude, may be more truly 


and dlisstm. If I 

had on either i 

elnnaf us beeaoae their eavwya 

him at one time holding the plou| i 
and iit another dining oil roast to - 
nips Ituiiie would i liave bei i 
destroyed. It t» not what a man Iii h 
but what he is a:id what he can • 
tlii-t must be til0' TnelMure of hut 
wortli. .And he who eultivar»« any 
kind of worth in liiinself prouiotiX.^ 
It in others not only ennobles himseH, 
but adds to the ctiuimon stuck aad 
becomes a public bene/aclor. 

The Bm|aslty of people are earelcaa 
of woetk aad prefer the pursuit at 
irawttb H sasi their « 

|l I ■ I 11 1 1 *9 

"Too bad for a blesalng, too good for 
a curse, 

I wish from my S4)ul thou wert belter 
or worse." 

There are otiiers, however, few 
thougli tliey be by coropari^in, w lio 
have clioseii the better part, anrt~ 
through gon<l and evil report have 
followed their high eaUlngs, of whom 
ofttimes the world was not worthy. 

hi poetry 



and at others kturney Ing through t)i«< 
humblest valleys of truth. TlieKo 
men lived not for theinaelve* akiiit , 
but gave their etiM^ai tm BMIBklHll. 
and left the woria Ike better fur 
their weriu Aad whalevet the mta»- 

ore of tb«4r worth or the decree a>r 
their success, or the station they ot - 
eupietl. Iiowevrr high or however 
low, w hi ther as sages or siuiple cit- 
izens, their lives alike tailgltt:— 
Who wit kedly ia wise, or BM*IIy 
U hut tbe a 

W ho iiobla t 

Or failiiig.smlleiiiaeBileoriBcliaiBB, 
Lake good Aureliaa. I ' ' 

Like Sorr 


& a BSTILU PaMlrtw 

I If !■■ ttm* 

Oka BVTw be M Miw: 
B» tKlna, 'til true, & wocMIr I 
•«t hM a world t* pl««a*. 

Elu'h tjM •cm* <lo1^ to sffk . 
To plc»ar thf«< t> nn Mir noric 
But • h»rrulMn tuk 

W* value thinsa M tb*>- appMr, 
N«r Must th* CMt Mr hIb 

Whlek IIM th* vMi t* I 
TIM mtM mms attain. 

I It >• raral bacttaa*: 
I •■• a«« u all: 

I^MUfh plllowM upon dnwn 

r fc atl fr coMMraiaf the 

M Jrt « t te« about mv houw I did not 
kcar half hrr norOs, but nrvrrthelMa 

thfre » ns on »li>inriit so fnrpig« to aqr 
thoii^litK in ihr fru M-ii)rn<f» I «a«g h t 
that 1 " 8H plail to <'s< B|>f lii-r. 

TTi* rveninff shndowa wrro M'ttlinjf 
ovfr thp vaJIry. ami the in<M>n was nn 
\nfc in Kplrndor. 
Lriaurrlji I Iramprd to nml fro. (jiv- 
■■dtta rh«d to the 
of ■wr- fa — d bap- 
fdMH to MrtMpotioM of ffOtllTO 
jojr is th# TCNMtswt poMi|Niiilooahlp of 
■ty BwwtliMirt. 

The ri|r«r fiiilnhfil. I rffiairrd to my 
mom, xvlih tlir iiitrntion of rpailiiif;'. 
t<tit tttr rxruinp was so lino ttiat 1 fttton 
oiM iIh- li^lit ancl •- il ilow n l'\ tlir 
window . 

Tlirn 1 ri'nii'inbri r<1 *nr^. . r.n rKitij^ 
from till* Kunir ihiiii iIm- • \rnin^' be- 
fore, a tall, while fi|»-i ti-i bail ftinfronl- 
*d m». Thia mroHcrtioo romini; to 
■M aoddealjr l» the wHrt of happy 

'I ' 

\ Mires 
OIll of 

0« ae«Mrf theoffM the Mm dM not 

appear tenable. For if the purpose waK 
to frifjhten iiie, a fiercer ami inoie l<-i 
rif^ini; drnionslralion woiibl be iinetl. 

WaK there onl\ ore \iii»'e wliit-li in 
S(>ine wa\' s»»itniU'«I I»m||i hi fin r(»oin :il'lj 
in 1 1ll* alt if, or \\ I'ri' I hrrr 
all o\ rr t lie phirr. ni. li ii 
the other? 

I liantenml <lo«n*lairs, 
rrarhcd mg Moai MMtWi 

While In MjT htd i um a. I had no mm\ 
of kwMrioir If the frolce i« the allle traa 
*«ni aooadiair. 

The reotaioder of the eveniair I iifent 

ir. nishini; from my mom to the attir 
auH bai'k afpiin, anil quietly Ktealin;.' 
• hroiii'li the vaeant roonif, in the hoju- 
l,n i: ir holfl of »>oine e\planation of 

siiMiipe \oife. I iliil lie,'ir il ii'raiii 
1 1 i 

but when I 



the • 

ill 1 1 

bill t lirr** w : 



roe>T(|ht. <%<^ !■ ■ p 1 irr - -" 

It — CHAPTES VIU.— CosTixrEO. 
' Whao «• a irti ad ait the 

the rest of th* way to har 

A thoofht ot tu rred to me after 1 had 
•aalated her to rentount. I laid my 
OB the bridle to reetnta 

■■Do you mind If I Ml 
ttoar- I Inquired 

•"Aaaurwily not." 

*niien tell ma, do you aee much of 
noraee Jaeliaaat ktMkiAlWte 

' -Tw. Xow. flMaa «o set he toa^ah 
•■d feel hoAT over It. But I have prim- 
had Mr. Jathaao that I wlU marry l^m 
If the rt)bberT eaa be traeed to jroi^lfad 
the atoien property, or a portlMoflt, 
be found In your poaaeailMk'* 

"T.ood heavena! Why 4M fW^lM 
him that promiaeT* 

"Well, he bothered roe no. lately, that 
I SMO him the promlae to fret rlH oi 
of the eompart U not lo 
— hjati again until you are 


%»mwUL h Mi iMMet heart 
koAoaaaat. Aad he oacd to aflrtn his 
hi .roar laMoeeDce until—" She 
hera, and aeemed relortant in 
I tvalted is aaziety. anil she 
•■ally went en— ''natil lately he. for 
aoma naaOB, hai ehanired hi* q^><'Ti 
At iaaat so he mi\-« v >' ' .i ntade me 
w>en ht luld me that he bad. 
t waa tg^eahlmthtpiamlaa*' 
•Vow la^g lillMyywilitniiJ 

1 4M Im ffea flsr oa^r h^ 
Herln* I waa tha vuilty pottyT* I 

"Oh. he mumbled 
diarowerles recently made 
throw new li^t on the eaar." 

Florenee iraaed eameatly tarto my 
fare, and she must hare notieed the 
troubled expression upon it For she 
laanad toward me and with great earn- 
"Nalaaa. oh. tdl 

toward tha eloacd wrla- 

dow oppnaile. 

I eould aee a faint iatage of myaelf 
•wayinir to and fro In luilaif «rltk the 
motion of the McMaf«lmir hi wMih 

I was aeatrtl. 

Dirertly underneath was the relbir, 
whof»e^oliil M alls. lb- f\ in^' im i*si i^'nt inn 
of the iiilri II. 1. li.iil v.. iii.j.r' till- old 
niinie Sarnli with iin imrea^' fear. 
Kven Sonntap. who. Irotn his v<K-ntion, 
was aeeustomed to liold himself well in 
hand i^oiMt MHrptlae. had eshlhitcd 
prolMad aMaarmeat whe o iafarmed 
of tha tint— taan. 

It waa Mtatlnir to have t1 
ronreminir the myalei li ■ wMlll 
to abound in the old 
rmw dinr np and play at et<naa-yav|paMa 

with the happ\ slate that the mrttlog 
wilh riomire bad imliiri'd. 

The imsKTirs bad sr-.iiM'il in 
till* da\ lime, had b*-eii w boll \ forpollen 
in riorriiii's Mxirtv. l.ui now ihal I 
was uffaiii uloue and the nifflit iHiiniiif; 
cm, the thniight of the e^llar rame hurit 
to ase tinfred with a ahadow of frar. 
Aad tha volets Ik* 
wkat waaH? 

AttmlkM feN • hofr that the vagwe 
m« oa i a> gHea by Itra. tojrder might 
hare somethinir of tenth Im H. Thoao- 
rs\elin|; of a chain f>f eeeota which 
seeme<I to liorder on the Mi|>emstiiral 
would l>e a new experienre i« me. and 
therefore furnish a diveraioa in the 
quiet. uiie>entful lifli Imiyaetad tolaod 

in Nelsons ille. 

Hill now I needed no sii. li diiersion 
to lead my t hon|rhts away from the rob- 
bery aod Ita hUghtiag effert upon my 
Hfe aad h aao r , I did aot regard that 
■•air a^y imam m Hwom (not bar- 
the deatra tar ctmalpa- 
tioa woaheoMTthaaceer. 

I was sure of FloaeaMl* !•*• and 
trust, but I rould not wiah her aw-eet 
«elf linlted forever to one over whoae 
life a eloi.'i of siispirion hiinp. llerlore 
"a« an inspirntion. an incentive: under 
iT« infliirnre I liopcii lo accomplish re- 
sultR which e\cn ihe ^a*st t^sonrces of 
the liank had fnilcd in. 

To devote all tny thought, all the 
eorrf^y I poKseKsetl, to thia ooe end waa 
MOW my purpose. That mall myste- 
riooa OMMa m*M Mtakw with tkrfr at- 
teodant Inftstlotta, tkteateMay to A- 
«ide the reaonrees of my mind and 
' ImmIt which I desired roneentrated to 
one end. tilled me with '?r,'^ienee 

1 b*' , . I•,llnl^ Ili.ll II." ... f 

.lacksoii seemed to feel that Florence 
would lie compelled to fulfill licr pmni- 
. ise. wei|rhe<l hen\ily upon nic W hy 
had .lockson change<l his opinion re- 
garding my innorenre? Wliat devrl- 
opmenta hod ariaen which would throw 
•ew Ugfct aa the eaae. and mafca aa ia- 

Jaot before retlriaglt occurred to me 
that the lighU of Mr. Morley'a houae 
might be aeen from the attie window. 
It aeemed aa though sleep would be 
sweeter after a (rllmpse of ihoae Ucht% 
some of which were castinff IbAHMB 
over Florence's loxcil form. 

I left my room and quietly ascended 
the ataira. Arrired at the attic, I 
groapad my aray to the amall window 
theoagh which I had gaaed that morn- 
ing. I stood for a iMr artautea COD- 
templating the lightaoC tkoMorley rea- 


WIm. 1 win DO* wnmg yon by the 
kaat doaht. But Jackaoa aeemed ao 
t eaid t nt. There la no way by wbirh 
a aaemtnir proof of the robbery rould 
ha ahowB against you. ia there?" 

"Good henTena, how couM there be ?" 
I earlaimed. "Oh. I aee It all." I went 
OB Mttrrly. "Jaekaon baa become 
waalthy, aa^l is trying to ingratiate 
himarif with your father tfnd nnder- 
aty repatallea with you and ae 

niv rooni, Ibon^'li I bad iinn.ciliatch 
hastened tlirrr. 

Finally I pa<e np the quest for the 
time. and. thoroiiirhly fatigued, an 
dreaaed and went to lied. 

My head hod hardly toorhed the pil 
low ts-hen Ihe report of a pistol rearhcd 
my ear. The aoniid was mniled, as 
thonifh roming from a distant a|Hirt 
nient, Indeol. It seemed toroinr from 
iiiiilementh, aa had the sounil of tin 
Klatiitninf; doof: but vet not dirci ilv Im- 
iieath: It wnnlil iind.inMiiIlx lia»c 
sounded mnrh pinlner hiiil the shoot- 
iiip taken place In the tralMHip cellar 
lielow my room. 

There w:is no aneweriuir shot, and no 
laore unarroun table noises, thouf.'h I 
hearkeaed iateatlj-. 

Alt thraagh tha night I lay ralnl.\ 
tvytaS ^ ihrf repatm, hat alrcfi tratiM 
aot eamt. I waa re a a li ed to leare nn 
atone unturnml to unratel the«ie mys- 
teries. For the events, trivial as they 
aeemed and aa they pmbablv wonM 
prove when explainetl. wer- ceriainli 
iiritatinp. ami Ihreateueij wholly toile 
siio\ ibc rrvi .-Hid peace f had esperted 
I.I 'hiij ill Nf Vorn illc 

It wa' C\t|vpei-:i1 T lia ' . bcsi . lev 1 

inp bnrilencd willi a load ol 4'iiilt wliii I 
ri|rht fully l<elnn)^l on othri oh uthlers. 
I should also be subjected to petty au 
iMiyaacea ahlch promisetl to mnke m.t 
atay ia XehMaville anything but peace 
fnl. Tfmt, f «raa aiy awa awster. I 
could leave ttte old hoane on the amr- 
row. But to be utterly nnited aad 
driven from the field by a few harmlei» 
though inexplicable hap|icninir wa^ 
rontmrj- to m.v nature. The... loo 
rioreni-e; how eould I leare the Jtlai-e. 
I. <w iliat I had faaad agr lovaabMinit 

When the first ros\ tints of dawn 
fhovveil in llie en«t. slumber closrd in\ 
weary eyes. 

.\a on the previous morning, Mrs. 
■By4ar «Ma compelled to 
hreakfeat. Oa the present 
•nnoanard tatkMT taaiUy tkattkc 
ing mtal kad heea aa lH t fer mm nn 

I could not resist the desire to ^ct^in 
in\esti^tions immediately, and fhrre 
fore after hsstilr dressing 1 walk»d oil 
around the house, keeping at aae!k dis- 
Mn<'e from it that aVMy IMt df tke 
riMif could be seen. 

ITicrc ^^a8 H line of wire Tr,:.,-iiiit: 
nlonp the side of the road, which, .-is I 
afterward as<-ertained, belonged to a 
telephone circuit embracing half a 
doaea towaa aad rillagea ia tka jM«- 
ity. Thia wire crpaacil tke roaf of tke 
houae. bat waa aot fhateaed to H laaay 
way. s« inging at least three feet clear 

of Ihe riiI)fe-|iole. Within n few inches 
of the wire was a seotion of li^rhtninf^ 
rod. The air was still, and the wire 
hung motionless. On the previouk 
nifrht a stronir breeze hod been b'ow- 
ing. n' I remembered froir ibe mourn- 
ful cadences il produced tip in Ibe 

Here was one niyster.v w hich could be 
very reasonably explained. Tke wind 
had awung the wire, eauaingit to atrfke 
against the perpeadienlar portion of 
the lightning rod, thereby causing the 
Of — tt> rthHiry laaa | kad 

wHkaa nagry flra. 

him? No, Indeed: I detest the 
warn. I hate hka." This ontbarst made 
■w happy, and 1 laughed merrily. 
It U not kind of you to compel me to 
per," si>a said. "But remem- 
BO^roraked roe to it. It ia not 
only for^yaeu^uSBe that I dislike him. 

H aaa«i to aa that he is the cause 
•( tka rka^ tkat haa eome over my 
that qnairei 

M f iikahly kostneaa ears. There 
tow BMB directing great en- 
who hare not timea of worry 
miri ety, who hare not Unanclal 
aod the fear of wreck to face," 
coaaolingly. "And as for the 
with Jae k aon, that wss prob- 
thaa a difference of opln- 

r " 



■ a*r t wonM aot marry Mr. 
even If I kad never aaet yon," 
aald. aitk a daaMed akake of 

It waa proved I robbed the 
I a^gcated. 
aat area then. Fd rather die " 
*t)k. aiy darling love!" I burst out, 
1 MMt he iiat ia your heart or noth- 

about tkat." witk tke traa 
"Ton arc Arst, dear 
Irat alwayt." 
apiiaa for the bridle, but, 
y Ina^, she gave her horse 

valley. Through emeks aad crevices 
it crept into the old attle with soft wail- 
ing and moaning. There waa homesick- 
ness in the mournful tones, and a sad- 
I ness. a* though the i|^ta of the de- 
|>arted were sighingtorsMlnni tooU 
familiar scenes. 

What was there about my old place 
that produred aurh a deprrsaing effect 
upon my apiritat 

The ka p nitat moments of life have a 
sligkl akaiow to them, aa though to 
wara tH (feat all Joy is fleeting. Per- 
hapa tt waa oa|y tkla ikadaar wkkk 
canaed tka ■■iftaikli of la- 

aeearlty. But there was a qtmlity, alao, 
which breathed of events to como of 
dire import. I seemed like the mariner 
on a darlv sea. conscious of breakers 
^hesd. sntl Knowing not which way to 
st»*er. Kven my dresms in the restless 
slumber of the past night seemed pre- 

That vagoe forebodings should come 
wheawylMfla— MMinllk tkoi^ta 
of tk» kMM< aaa «rl» kai givMi ae 

not Aaktotftka 

aeas of the attic deepened it. 

I waa about to retrace my steps to 
the stairway, when aounds reached my 
ear w hich caused me to pause and liaten 

a series of raps, alternating with n 
rasping noise, but so feeble and indis- 
tinct that I w as unable to form an opin- 
ion of the cause. .Ml I could determine 
w^aa that they aeemed to come from 

A laaM akingte or piece of timber. 
a daS. kcory 

raps I heard 

like that prodtMai ky Ika vMMMmi af 

a tuning fork. 

After lighting all the matrhes I had 
with me and r.sking as thorough an 
examinatioc of the roof as ihe brief 
flickering fights would allow . I groped 
toward t^e sislrs 

Probably half the distanre to the 
tandlas paaaad when upon my ear 
fell tka tatoa, tko aMWthly voloa, th^ 
weird tcMO «<mM*l M totkaM 

It rouM not poarfkly ka kcard ap In 
the attic, whca apaahtag la my eham- 

ber. So then it must have the faculty 
of being able to change from one apart- 
ment to another Just ss the whim seized 

Like the voice which had sounded 
downstairs, the tones were intermit- 
tent; in the present instance they al- 
laraatad with the rappings. 

After itondias awtiooleaa, with hear- 
that n» ■ 

fona rising and 
along the road, then 
and slowly 

Satisfied that the other myatrrious 
events would also give up their secrets 
upon investigation,. I went to break- 
fast. Mrs. Snyder was not nearly so 
ti.lkative as during former meoM. In 
deed, she appeared rather plum. The 
reason of the old w idow's taciturn Inan- 
ner was soon explained. 

After pouring my coffee, she wa'.cheil 
me la iilenee for some itme. But si- 
lence was not the widow's forte, aftd. aa 
I waa busy witk miy awa apaeaki 
she waa eompolM k 
-f aaaaa yaa toat 

"Indeed I do; tho pmt Mm Mike 
quantity I And rooai Im. Tm MV an 

excellent cook." 

The old woman's face MfckMi Mtoc- 
what under my praise. 

"Veil, bud you ton't come rite avay 
when id is retty," she continued, "and 
I toqgk* iMfka yw m» MM «• oMfe- 

"I beg your pardon, Mrs. Snyder. I 
did oversleep. I'll be more punctual 
in future." 

"So you schleepofarjoattolft Vkat 
forr* aka lavihrad. 

•Xlk. 1 waa ap latkOT Mto tko cren- 
ing before." I remarked. Indifferently, 
for I knew questions relating to the 
atiaw tkiM> 


"^^>ll remember our discovery of Ihr 
walied-up rellsr?" I continued. Mr 
Honntag's sngp-estion regarding the 
wiadom of secrecy coming to mind. 

She nodded, and [ 
ened expectantly. 

"It la adrhmkla to kMV (ka tonttor a 
secret." I contlaiMt. **Toa kato Mt 
mentioned it to anyoiw, kava yaaf* 

"Ach, no." 

"Then piMto 4o aol, fegtkajilliH." 
She protolaai oatofMaaM «rl(feiB7M> 


As Ihe cellar w-as the next mystery 1 
determined to turn my attention to, I 
went home immediately after t^nishinp 
my breakfast, harnessed the horse in 
the buggy. aaidtoaaaStoMWiaMak'h 

It I ka4 tko ■iiiiimify(ooMH 
not ka a JUkaH awttcr to •«* tko 
of miy ksdaaom 

fro as coKTiNiiaBi.1 

guiahed had no poastble reference '.o 

to follow m 
tribute the 
csusea, for 
ties who 

amy hav« 
aad hod Ukea 

voice aeemed 
Ding to Bt- 
rna total 
r in ths 
the par- 
Ur found 
r they 
my adraat. 


Geatlemea In f'onrt. 

At SB assise court the late Jnstice 
la engpged In paaaing sen- 
na a prl a oaer . when oaa of the 
of tko eoart saasyii kim hy 
B r osal ag tka gangway kMaatk kim 
with papers for raemhera of the bar. 
"Don't you know." cried the Judge, se- 
verely sddreming the offlcial culprit, 
"that you ought never to pass between 
two gentlemen when one of them Is 
addressing the other?" Having thus 
relieved his mind, Ihe judge proceeded 
to pass sentence of seven j-ears* penal 
servitude on the other genttemaa.— 
HotMskold Words. 

Aa Adranti^a. 
envy kto ki 

"But she freckieaaattoaaaaoMrilyt" 

replied Mamie. 

"Tknt^i JiMt it. She can go to tho sea^ 
shore far a few d«y« at tha end of 
the aeason an4 laafc mmiMg aa If sha 
had boen away all aaaiawii .'^WhJiIng- 
ton Star. 

. — Cvery man can tell ahoat some ex- 
parickce he had oa tkaltolm Wsihlng- 


Sympathy Irrilalingly aMi AtaktaartMy 

t oliiltlr l*e«|>le WlHi tt|M (t«BB4s Atlwh 
sHil Ittop ar ■ i' e < vf Tae« t i i ■! 
i fs »i|w r a«la a l r 

1 lir awkwani ahil irritalin^r iiiodc 
of tiyiiiv toil lu ort |H Ol I,- in trouble 
i!, lu-rc s t forth l.\ I'l. l aiiia/--. anil 
a licttcr way of iba mu' "illi broken 
heart!, is ret oiiniicinii-.i. Icsi, .lob 
xvi.. ••MiM-rablc coiuforlcrs arc yc 

Tlic man of I'x had a great many 
trials— tiic luu »f his family, the Iom. 
of Ills property, llic Ioks of his health; 

but the most c\as|icralinv' tbini.' that 
cuiiic ii|>on biui was tin- liinlali/.iij.' 
la U of Ihosc w ho oii^rht lo have sym- 
)allii/...l with Iniii .\iiil lo.-Uiiii: 
.ironn.l U|m>u tiicui, ami uciglliii); what 
tbi-y bad aaid, he Bttoia the Brords of 
inv tcxi. 

Why did IM let sia eoaw into tke 

ti'nrM? It is a qucxthm I often hcBr 

iliscusscd. but n. vcr satisfactorily an- 
' Wci','d li.Hi III id. - till* noriil fair and 
iH-aUlilul al tlic star! If our first | B- 
rciils bad not sinii.d in l-idcii liicy 
might have iroiic onl of llial jrarilcn 
nil. I f. .1111.1 "•(' nunidis. s all aroniitl liic 
curtli- Kuro|H', .Vsin. .Vfricu uiul North 
and Huath America— so amny ttuwer 
ganlcns t>r orchai«U of fruit, redfdeat 
II ml lu!.<-laaa, I auppuse that Whea 
liml I'ouretl out the liihon and the 
llntili Ud lie pourcl out at the s:\nw 
I inn- I 11.' IliiiUon ami Sn~<|Ucli:iiiiia; I iic 
whole earlli was very fair and iH-anti- 

flll t.. l....k III W In did It II. Il »lny 

so'.' liod had tlic power to keep back 
bin and «<h'. W hy did He not keep 
them back? Wliy not every cluud 
r.iseate. and every atep a Joy, and 
every sound mnstc, and all the ages a 
Ion-.- jnbiti'.' of !tinU>s<t men and sinless 
woiiien".* (i-'d can make a ruM* as easily 
as lie can iiiali.' a tliorn W by. then. 
Ilie iire.i.Miit lia lie.' . if tlnii'ii^? He can 
iiiaUe :a;r ripe fruit as well as 

trnai'i. .1 aii.l ^..ur fruit. \N liy so tiiueli. 
then, that is gnarled and sour? lie 
can nuke saea robaat ia health. Why. 
tlwn. are there so many inralida? Why 
not have fur onr ts-hole raoe perpetaal 
leisare iastca-i of this tag and t<Al and 
lassie for a livclihtNki? 

I W'ill tell you why timl lei sin come 
into the world when I on "be 

otiu r sule .li the river ..f death. 'riiat 

IS tile place wlicre sucii i|iicstloiis will 
he answered and such mysteries solv- 
ed. He who this side that river at- 
icinpta to a a swa r the qaaatioa oaly 
il.uauratea hia oira igaoraacc aad in- 
competency. AU I kiHnm is one great 
fact, and that la, thnt a herd of woes 
has come in upon lis. tramp] inj.^ down 
ev.-r\ tiling' fair an.i iM-ati t i f ul. .\ 
sword al the t'atc of K.lcn and a sword 
at ever\ >raic. 

More people under the ground than 
on it. The gravevardain vast majority. 
The aix tkimiand wintera hare made 
more sears tkaa tke six thoaaaad sam 
uK-rs eaa eoeer ap, TronUe kna taken 
the tender heart of this world in its 
two rouirh hands and pinched until 
the nations wail w ilti the a'_'onv. If 
al: llie of ::rave \ai.t^ tiiat 
have iieell raided w« 

you nii^'ht si. |> oil Ihem and nothing 

ii'i sijrii ,,f neaUnc^.. thai im n are 

ovcrcoi f their sorrow. lliaiil. IohI 

for the relief of tear-, liavc you iii'ver 
Iwn in trouiilc n hen you coul l uol 
w-ecp, and you nunid kaee given nny- 
thing for a rry? llBvhl dkl wtell whea 
he immrned for Al sMlom. Abraham 
did Hell n III n he liemoanrd Safah. 
t lirlst wept f. r l.arariis and Ibc last 
mail III. It I Want In see i-oiii.' anynliei'e 
Miiir Me when I have aii\ Uin.lof 
iriuible I- a worldly philo^onln-i . 

.\>.'ain. I remark that llios.' |i,'rs..n~ 
are ini-iMn|H'tciit for llie worl; of com- 
fori liearing who hare iilithing bul 
eaat to offer. 

Iiavc the idea that ytm mnst groaii 

ovcrthedistresKsdandaMieted. Thers 
are tiiiM s in grief when one chi-cr'nl 

face, ilaw iiing u|Hm a man's soul, is 
north Jl.msi to liim. |l.i m.i wliine 
over tlic altiii'liil Take the |iroinises 
of the i,.i-|i, l ami utter them in a 
manly imic. Ui uoi lie afraid losuii e 
>r yoB feci like it. Do not ilrlvc any 
more hrarsra thr«>ngli llial iisirsuul. 
Iki not tell him the troBble wan (ore- 

out of you V II shall U- s. uii I liin » 
t.i hew with and .iiiel li ■ n" |.i l.ii:! 1 
Willi. 1 1 . I.' .n't ;. M I i-.iei lliroU,'ll 
wiiicli 1 am puttin;; you. ' Ye>, my 

Christiaa frieads. we waat toore tooln 
la the chnreh of tMiaot more wed)r< s 
to split With. Wo hare emni'/h of 
these. .V«M mor.' h u joa with which to 
drill. \Vc have t(s> many iKircs. What 
He reiilly want is keen, sharp, 
w I'l i-ti'iiipcri'd aXi s ami if tliei-ii 
be Inn oilier wav of imiUiii!,' Iheiii 

than in Ihe liiil furliaee, and on tlio 
hard anvil, and umler Ihe heavy ham' 
iiicr, I do hot knMiv what it i.i. Rc- 
Therc hrv Ihoae «»ho ; hwmber that if tiod brings any kind of 
ehnatiorment upon yoo, it la only to 
make you uselnl. ■>■• not sit dow n liis- 
eoBraged and say: "I have no more 
reason !or Iiviiii.r 1 w isli I vM'rcilead." 
oil, ili. ie iiev. r was so much reason 
lor \ our 1 i VI iiir as now! I!\- lliis or- 
.leal you liave i.eell i-ouseerated a 

priest of the most liigh tioiL tio out 
and do yoar whoto wor k far tha M as- 
, ler. 

! Agnia, there ia comfort In tbi; 

iiniained) it will n<4 lie any ciHnfort ' thoagkt tkat all oar traablesare a i 

I in know that it «va.-< 
I com in;;. If Voii want 

for n I'l liLeli 1 ..lie ih 

iron. I><i I ol 1. n III 

MSMl iMMt years elation. Have yon ever thought of it 
to lind splints in thai conlieetion? The man who ha,-* 
11. .1 tal,.- I'ast iier. r been t hroii-.'li chsst s inent is i'," 
■III .1 1-5 l..i.l > notalil at.uil a thoil-atul liiillL'S in hi-* 
soil! lie ou<.riit to know. For iii-lam'e, 
here is a man niKi prides him-eif ..n 
his rherrfNincss of character. He 
haa BO patiraee witk aayhody wIm 
is dcpmuteil in spirlta (Ni, It l« 

poor OHBfoCUrs who hatto aevrr ! •'■"r '«»«■ '•• cheerful, with 

— • .1 1_ — SI — L t 1,1., giMI hous.-, his lill.'il war.irols-, 

jiiMice that wei._'lis onr (ti l. f Tli.'x 
Want to hear of IhmI's tend, r inerf \. 
In other worda, do not give lliein aqiiu- 
fortla when they need Taleriaa. 

Again I reawrki that those perstms 

had any troable thematleni. A lark 
spdr can not lecture on the nature of a 
oaowflake, and those pamplc who have 

always lived in the sumiin r of pros- 
ixrity can not talk to i ho^e ^^ll.l are 
fr<>a>n in disaster, lioil l,ee|is a'.'e.l 
people in the world, I think, for this 
very work of sympathy. I'hey have 
been thraagh all these trials* They 
know all thnt which irritates and all 
that which aootkca. If there are men 
ancl women here who have old people 
in the houae, or near at hand. that 
they can easily n ach ibciii, I congrat- 
ulate yon. Sime of us have ha.l Iria:s 
in lif*' ami a.t hon;.'li w .- have liad [iiaii\- 
friends arouibl about us. wo have 
wished that father ami mother Were 
Hti'l alive that we might go and tell 
theak IVrtiaps they eould not say 
much, bat it Wfiald have heea saeh n 
comfort to hav,- them around. Thesi! 
aijed ones who have Ih cu ail thmugh 
the trials of life know how to give 

eond. .lellee. 

< liei isli iliem; b t theiii lean on your 
arms, tin se a'..'e.l lu-ople. If wh.-ii \ on , 

speak to them, tliev can not hear just j is ontragt-oaa. He 

' ncan to do this to me." 
those i>f lu who havo 

' wtwt yon say the krat tiaw. whea yoa 
say It a seeoad time do ntrt say it 

sharply. If yon do you will be sorry 
for it on the day when yon take the 

last look and brush back th - silvery 
lo<*ks from the wrinkled brow just lie- 
fore tliey serciv the lid on. lUesscd Ik' 
(iod for the old peonl. : 1 bey lliav not 
liave much strength logo around, but 
ilicy are (.itjd's appointed ministers of 
comfort to a broken liearL 

People who have not had trial them- 
selves can aot give eomfort to others. 
They mar talk very lieautifully and 
they may give you a great deal of 
poetic sentiment, but while p.»elry is 
perfume that smells ~we. t. it iiuikcs 
a very piMir salvo. If you nave a ;rravo 

in H pathway, and somcliodv i ••-s 

put side by SLi4 e4Jgilll coveis li all ovei wltu flowers, it 
«nd nothing • 

clbu ^oing all around the world, and 
aroaad agaia. aad aroaad again. 

Tkeaa are faets. And now 1 kave to 

any that in a world like this the grand- 
est oreupation is that of giving con- 
dolenc.'. The holy science of impart- 
ing' comfort to the troubled we oiig-ht 
all o Us to stud\-. There arc many of 
yon whoconld look around upon some 
of your very best friends, \\ ho wish 
yuu well, and are very intelligent, and 
yet be nUa truthfully to say to tbem 
in your days of trouble: "MiaaraWe. 
comforters ye alL" 

I remark in the first place that very 
voluble people are incomoe*en< for the 
work of giving com '-.'t. - -^Ida l and 
Klit^haz had tilt' ^'i f I of ,tt\^.>:^-n 

t grave yat. Thooe who kava not 

had grief themselves know not the 

mystery of a broken heart. They know <■>' al>ovo 
not the meaning of childlessness, ami ' 
they bavtnu no one t.i put to In'd at 
nj^ht. or the standing' in a room \vhoro 
every innik ami picture an.l door 
are full of iiieinorics — the d.nir mat 
w here she sal, the eup out of wiiioli 

she draak — tka placa where aka stood 
at the door aad clapped her haada— 
the odd figarea tkat ska aer lkk la d -tka 
blocks aka kallt la to a koase. Ah! no. 
yon mast have trouble yourself before 
yon can comfort trouble in others. Itut 
come til ye who have Ih-cu Is'reft and 
ye who have been ciiinforted in ^-our 
sorrows, and stand around these af- 
Weted souls and say to them: "I had 

with their words 
Job's life out Al ••<'. for these voluble 
people that go amuug tlto honsea of the 
afflicted, aad talk, aad talk, aad talk, 
and talk. They re h ea r se Ikair owa sor- 
rows, and then they tell the poor suf- 
ferers that they feel badly now. bul 
they will feel worse after awhile. 
>iieil.'e' Ho y.iii e.\jH'.-t with a thin 
conrlplaster of words to heal :i wouuci 
deep a> the m.uI'.' Step very jrenllv 
around about a broken heart. Talk 
very aoftly aroaad those whom Uod 
has beiwft. Tkaa go your way. A 
firm grasp of the hand, a compasaion- 
ate look, just one word that means 
as miii'h as a w hole dictionary, and you 
have given, p*'rn;i'.is. all tho comfort 
that a soul nee. Is \ man has a terri- 
ble woun.l 111 his arm. The sur^rcon 
con^ and binds il up. "Now," he 
says, "carry that arm in a sling, and 
be very carefal of it. Let no one touch 
it." Bat tka aaigkkors kava kamilof 
the a celde a t. aad they eaam la, aad 
they say: "I/Ct us see it." And the 
banda<,'c is pulled off. and this one and 
that oiu' most feel it. and see lio\v much 
it is swollen, and there is irritation, 
and inflammation, and e.\as|H'ratii>n, 
w-here there ought lo l>e healing and 
cooling. The surgeon comes in and 
aays: "WkatdoaaaUtkiaamaa? Yoa 
have BO basiness to toaek tkoM haad> 
sgrs. That wound will nevar 
unless you let it alone" Mo 
are souls broken ilown in sorrow. 
What they most want is rest, or very 
• arefiil and ^:l'ntIe treatment; hut the 
iiei;.i-hbors have heard of the licrcave- 
mcnt. or of the loss, and they come in 
to sympatkiae. aad tkay aay: "Hkow 
us now tka maaad. Wkat were kla 
laKt worday Beheane now tke wkole 
scene. Hoar dU yon feel when yoa 
found you were an orphan?" Tearing 
olT the bauda;,'cs hero, and palling 
Ihera off there, leaving a ghastly 
w.iiiiid that Ihe balm of do.! s grace 
had already begun lo heal. Oh. let no 
loqaaeioBB people, «rith ever-rattling 
tongues, go Into tka koama of the dis- 

Again I remark: tkat all tkOM per- 
sons are incompetent to give any kind 

of e.iinfort w lio act mer^ aa teorldly 
philosophers. They come in and say: 
■ Why. this IS what you ought to have 
expected. The laws of nature must 
kava tkoir way:" and then they get elo- 
qaeat over aoosctklag tkey have seen 
in post-mortem eaaaitaatiaaa Xaw 
away with all hnaMW pkllmopky at 
such a time. What difference does it 
make to that father and mother what 
disease their son died of? He is dead, 
ami it makes no iliffercnee whether 
the trouble was in the epiga.stric or 
hypogaatrie r a g toa. If the pbiloso- 
Idier he of tka atoaal aekool, he will 
come aad aay: "Toa aagkktoooatrol 
.vonr feelinga. Yon maatiwteryaa 
Yon mnst cultivate a cooler tempera- 
ment Yen mnst have self-reliance, 
self-government, self-control" — an 
iceberg reproving a hyacinth for 
having a drop of dew in its 
eye. A violinist has his instrument, and 
he kweers his fingers serosa the strings, 
aaw aaakiag attaiaa of jftg, aad now 
atraiaaaf aadaaa. Ha oaa aat play 
all the tunes on one stringa. The hu- 
man soul is an instrumeot of a thou- 
sand strincs,, and all sorts of emotions 
were inatic lu i\ay on it. Now an an- 
them, now a dirge. It is no evidence 
of weakness w hen one is overcome of 
sorrow. Edmund Karke was found in a 
paatorefiald witk hia arms aeooad a 
saiii: "Why, the great laan hns lost 
his mlnii." >'o; the horM helongid to 
his son w-ho Lad taceatly 
ffrant kcart hcokaamir tka 

almost bothered | *hBt very sorrow myselL tiod com- 

forted me aad He «rUI 
aad that win go right to the apat. Ia 
other words, to comfort others we 
moat have faith in lio.i practical ex- 
perience and goiMl, sound common 

Hut there arc tlir.-c or four eonsi.ier- 
ationsttia*. I \vill briioj- lo those who 
are .sorrowful and distressed, and that 
we can alvraya bring to theas, knowing 
that they tsrill eflbet a care. Aad tke 
first aaaaUaeatloa is tkat QoA aeada 
our troaMto ia love. I after kear peo- 
ple in their tronblaa say: "Why, I 
wonder what liod haa against nscT" 
They seem to think trod has some 
gruilge iiirainst thein because trouble 
and misfortune have com.-, oh, no. 
Do you not remember that pas- 
sage of Scriptnre: "Whom the Lord 
lovath He ihastiBltkr A ehUd 
I imms ia witk a very had epiinter 
in its hand, and you try to extract it. 
It is a very painful operation. The 
child ilraws back from you. but you 
persist. You arc going to take that 
splinter out. so \ ou take that chiM 
with a ^'etitle but tirin grasp, for al- 
though there may be pain in it. the 
splinter mast e oms oat. Aad it is love 
that dleutea It aad awkea you per- 
atot My frieods, I really thiak that 
all oar a orrows in this world are only 
the haadof oar Father extractins some 
tkora. If all these - orron-s were sent 
bv enemies I would say. .\rm vour- 
si'lves against them; anii as in 
tropical climes when a tiger comes 
down from the mcmatains and carries 
a child from the village, the neighbora 
hMd togntker aad go iato tka foeost 
aaS kaat tke moaster, so I wonld kava 
yon, if I thought these misfortunes 
were sent by an enemy, go out and 
battle against them. Hut no. they 
come from a Father so kind, so hiving, 
.so gentle, that the i rophet speaking 
of his teniierni'ss and mercy, drops the 
idea of a father and says, "aa one 
whom his mother eonrfaatalki aa miU I 
comfort you." 

Again I remark there ia comfort in 
the thought that (!<h1 by all this pnv 
cess is going to make you us.'ful. l"»o 
you know that thiisc who aecomplish 
the most for ILhI and Heaven have 
all lieen under the harrow? Show 
ine a man that has doue anything for 
Christ in thia way, la a pahUa or 
private plaee, who kiw kad ao troable, 
aad wlmaa path has been smooth. 

I once went through an ax factory, 
and 1 saw them take the bars ..f ir.ui 
and thrust them into the terrible fur- 
naces. Then besweated w-orkmcn w-ith 
long tongs stirred the blaze. Then 
they hroa gh t oat a hnr of tama aad pot 
it in a anrnkiag maaklaa. aad then 
they put it betvrren Jawa that Mt it in 
twain. Tkea tkey pat It on na nnvil. 
and there were great hammers swung 
by machinery - each one half a ton 
in weight — that went thumpl thump! 
thump! If that iron coulii havesp<»ken 
il would have said: "Why all this 
beatingf Why mnst I he poa a dad aay 
more tkaa aay otker IrooT* Tke 
workman wonld have said: "We want 
to make axes oat of you— keen, sharp 
axes — axea with which to hew down 
the forest, and build the ship, and 
erect houses, and carry on a thousand 
enterprises of civilization. That is 
the reason we pound you." Now, God 
puts a soul into the furnaea of trial, 
and thoa it is brought ont aad ma 
throagh tka amahiag m as hia a. aad 
It coawa^dawn tm tka anvil aad apoa 
it, blow 'after' blow, blow after blow, 
w»Ul tlw aoal cries oat: "O, Lord, what 
aU tins meanr Uod says: "1 
itUag VWf «Mtal 

and Well struny instruments of mii^ie, 
an.l tap. "tried i-arlor. and plenty ..f 
uiiini'y ill the bank wHitinvr for som.- 
perniam nt investineni It is easy for 
hint to Ik- eliet>rful. I!ut supiMise hin 
furtane goea to pieees, and hia house 
goes down aader the akeriff'a ham- 
mer, aad the Iwnks will aot have 
anything to do with his paper. Sun 
pOM tkoa e people who were oni-e ele- 
gnntly entertained at his table cet so 
short-sighted that they can not reco;»- 
iii/,.' him llooii th.' street. How then? 
Is it so easy to b,- cheerful? It is ea,sy 
to be ebecrfal in the home, after the 
day's work is done, and the gas is 
turned oa. nad tho kaam la fall of 
rompiag little oacs. Mat sappaM tha 
piaao U shut lieeaUsc the fingers that 
pla.ved on it will no more touch Ihe 
keys, and Ihe childish voiii- that 
aski'd so many i(:iestiuns w. II a-k 
no more. Then is it so easy? 
W'lieii a man wakes up an.l tiiids that 
his rcMmrcos are ail g<me he liegins 
to reb.>l. and he anys: "tiod is hani: 
lad ao busi- 
My friends 

trouble known what a sin ui an.l r - 
liellious heart wc have, and how inu.-h 
ImmI ha- to put no with, and how- much 

we u I par. Ion. It is .mly in the light. 

of a Hamin.,' furnace that we can 
learn our ow-n w eakness aad aar ow n 
lack of moral r suir.-e. 


TiiK skeleton alons of an av 
w hale wciirhs -JS tonik 

Till: Kiver .lorflrtn 
est dcseciit in the shi 
almost any stream. 

A mmmm wW aa* to a yearaiaa tiim-s 

his own weight. k- -rM-aln** Mntt-. nn 
i>x six times anil a sheep six time-. 
.\ oKAMTK monunienl has lieen r ar- 
grave of Ed Sohieff Im, 
faaadar at Taaikiton ', 


TlIK present indication^ are tha' our 
millionaire class will soon be com- 
posed of lalkwFa att the palw aaftar. n.,' 


Taa foot of tke raiadaer is most 
peeallar la coastraetioa, heiag clov>.-n 
through the middle, and ca.-h half 

curving upward in front, 

Ir the armies of Kurope should m irch 
at a fuur-iuite an hour gait, liv,^ 

abreast. 15 iackcs apart, it wuaUl r.^ - 
<iuire Wiimgm far (kaa to paas a giv- 
en poinL 

A sot'THERN railwsy hss made a new 
departure by appointing ayoung wom- 
an aa ita akiaf traia diapatokar. she 
iaaaativo of Georgia, aad laaaU tobe 
but 30 years of age. 

A Manu-Ai. authority on the virtues 
of variims kinds of foods declares that 
the herring gives the muscles ela< 
licit}-, the ImmIv strength an.l brains 
vii^or, and is not Ilesh-foriiiin,-. 

Mosr of the higher animals as inon 
keys, elephantis, bears. In.rses and 
dogs — have a natural for fer- 
ateatad ll q aa r a aad saStr fram the 
ahaM of thaae Hqaora aa mea da 

WomkfoyelUts in SO IVU-rsburg 
are orda t ad hy the police to near 
bloomers or national dress, as the 
w ind blows ti>o eapri.-iotisiy in Russia's 
capital skirts to b,- w-.»rii w-ith de- 

Thk skill of a reindeer is so itn|H'r- 

vioas to eoM that sajnas clothed in 
such a dreas, witk tko a dd lt is a .t»< a 
blanket of tka aaam ■wtarial. may 
bear tke inteaaaat rigaca af aa Arctic 
wiatcr'a night. 

In Bast Indian sehooki mental arith> 
metic is a vastly more serious matter 
than it is in the schools of this coun- 
try, fateh »|Uestions arc numerou-. 
and pupils of 10 years are tau;.'lit to 
carry the multiplication tabic up to 4U 

bsie saoa Ito 1 

irun In 

Maf |7.-SaaikTS The <le- 
t stair. 

.1 » • '- 

I'ATBKa DoaasT, of Ckicago, the new 
ehaplaia of (ka lama, goea into the 
navy witk tka r ap atot loa of being the 
most popnlar priest in Chicago, lie is 
not yet 40, six feet tall, weighs over 
'jou ptinnds. aad is aa aatknaiaslie 
athlete an4akaa4pMM witk koxing 

Amkku ANs are prinlucing pap«'r ci- 
gars as an article of commerce, and, 
what is more, ara heiag h a ck ed up by 
eonnoiaaears of tke fragvaat weed. 
The eigars are prepaiad frmn shecu 
of paper which have been sonked in 
tobacco Juice, and then presoed and 
I cut into the requisite shape by means 
I of speciallj- constructed machinery. 
I Kxrt.RiMEKTS are being made in the 
lUissian army with tall otiM-rvation 
towers which may oc r, adiiy unjoinled 
and distributed among the men durin;; 
a inarch. In their diUiawith these, 
squads of iW men can erect eomplcto 
, struetarea ia M mtoataa When not 
' supplied witk tke pieoea already auule, 
they can, by chopping down a few 
trees and properly entting them, put 
np a tower of almost the same kind in 
half an hour. 

A St i:vKV of the powers of Knrope 
siiows that from the beginning of the 
century to the end of l!M» Turkey had 
eniicrienoed ST y aa r a Of vrar aad aa of 
peace; 8paia oaama aaat witk SI years 
of war aad ik of peaae: France w ith 
ST years of war and iPof peace: lins- 
sia, -4 years of w-ar and T'l of pea***'; 
Italy, years of w-ar and 7;i of i>eace; 
Kngland. 'il years of war and T'l of 
IH'ace; .-Xustria-llungary. 17 and T'.i; 
liermany (e.veiusive of frussia), 13 anu 
83; Sweden, 10 and W; l^Dr(agal. 19 and 
84, and Denawrk, t aad R. 

CjuBjo Bt Bvann, aaa ad tke Italian 
prime mlaiatar, kaa kaca wtaning 
lai^^ sums at Monte Carlo. He is an 
inveterate gambler, and his father han 
tried in vain to reform hiin. lie wan 
started on an I'xplorinu' trip to .-Vfriea, 
liut slipiK'd aw ay at .Viicn and returned 
to Monte Carlo with the money for tha 
expedition. He ivas then put np for 
Umai^i^tarof dap^Maa aad elected, 
hot immadlataly J nl a a d tka oppoaition. 
and made his father buy bis vote 
whenever it was needed. He is proba- 
bly the person tipoken of as sharing in 
the recent concession of coal lands 
madt by Qtina to ao English and Ital- 
iaa tjatUrtW. 

K.lll III w,- — - * . 

menl for the c'limirlttee ea aaaace was maiM 

\'y .Mr Alli-in M-i I me raaklna ssemb^r Ir 

the »lisem-e ,.t Mr M.irrlll ( VI I II WS-S ShIi- 

mstsil thui the bill iis It i-inne fro« 
Ihe hoii-e oi ri-prfwDtaiivps woul.l raise 
slxwt tMM.aiii iwi a vesr. As rrpone* 
from the seaate eoainlitee, Mr Albsoc 
nulastaa that It will raLs« tUL4»7.o«a. Ap- 
»aa<lsa Is a ismpimlatlna s( Um aaHiaat oi 
leveaaa lo to dortwd tg ttoaaoamaHM aa<lei 
Ihs x*r^n\ Un aaa aaim ma kM aa h «iu 

f>ii, 1 Ti l.f Mf AHisaa's slsliairs 

the hill was n. I, I. iN. Iiillnlsh*! >>««lne». siM 
It will l«- pn > • il '.. li .- ..-' . 1- p.™« 

IlorsK Th. h..-.-.' .M' '..1 o r...uf.l '" 

Br»t veto Iroaj frv'sl.leni .Ml Kiiilev ami I 't" 
ooaalBMasly M sastala the rzrvuilve Thi 
vets INs •( a Mil ronferriai upon the cfiurt " 
rIalBx iurlMlh^loa Is a prtvaM claims r»s. 
loBS sUBdIaa. The dsT aasgtlSB m««»kler i 
lion of hills under sa» p i u staB * tto rale. iii» 
measures ..( chief imp<.rlsae» betoir ont 
mtifvInK nil itKreemi'iii (.t the allotBieol »nf. 
u|ipnlnit lo setilemeni of ihe roaamaaehe. Kio- 
WB snd ApMhe lants la iHitohoma; soJ to rs- 
tslillsh SB sassy oOloa st Smttle, tWasb 
trasarauTOB, May m-i>BiuiT»'t 

bis pe us w ss ess mads to IBS 

la mnskUrlair Ihe war reVsaaL — ■- — — 
Jon^s f Ark I pr.'scnted In s irenrrsl stnlemenl 
the virwm (If the Jrmoiraiic memiicrsof th? 
linsiice (cinnilnre. lie mitliltaineU ihai thi 
lii«. Iilii~.«.sl h» Ihe pen.llnn lilll ouuhl lo l" 
le\if.l iitrfiii prnperijf ami not ujion con^unip- 
Ibat the potlry ol the repulillmn panv 
" " tmm M Impose las. » ui» >i 

Bfeha that oi the ilemo- 

(tatis patty am m tofase U sana pr<.p- 
sHj. lie hsBsisa mat maatoa mm «»uki 
raise tttsaaM* BoBM to smfiy saack-ni 

I'l I'l- riil-rwil liv this hill, sad that If Ihe n- 
li:i'n. nf ihe <lM>aM aaBOBsirate (hat 
Diiirr nicnr; mas iiisilad l SB SH' ss rould pro- 
vide il later lie opp4Hird tile proposition Ui 
Issue iKinils snd eerllHeates of Imlehtedness 
fsr in eKces.s of the requlresieaiN o( ihe war, 
smi hrkl thai Ibe espeaaea sboaM ba paid ii> 
the Kovrmmeat as ths war fraciesaes. 

Hoi-KS -Tha heea* toMa hrM asasiOBTiMv 
ii,.v Two tarsetaalMas •asaUaa MMT wets 
pa^seil, one llmillaic Ihe labor of p erso n s ea- 

ployisl upon fcH.vernnient wi.rks anil In ifoverii- 
meni s.rvu'1' i.. .li-'lit - U ,ii..l ihe..ili- 
er provldiiMC for the ei|iiipnient of u m.n-i.ari!- 
saii Ishse •saMlMMloo lo cuoalder letfisiativ*' 
problems idteetlae islxir. 

Wiisnist.Ton. Mar Ml -aaaa'ra— The fea- 
lure ur Wrdne-dav . <r rfsB at IBS ssaaic « a- 
the speech of Turpi* (dem.. lad.) vaoa the 
Wur ri'Venue mea-ur^s He stronirlT eontrndeil 
thsi s tn.nd is^u. ws- uriiieeessarv . that all 
Ihe fun. Is ri-i|ii:re.l for the pros. uf 
the »iir i«.til.l ^- realised ihroiuh ttie 
propoeetl hihir.lanre tat, by ihr t,iS <^ii 
mrporatioBs. ty the eolaaee of Ihe 
sliver selaslaise* saA ky Ito Issas of IcesI 
lender Betes. TtomtSmmmna a( sBtslalag 
mooey woaM ytsU to tto gUllS S iial darlaa 
the Best year, to ■alaiaiasa. fatty ■Mtmi.wa. 
an amewil la earess of the esMahitcd sow see- 
esssry for the conduct of the war The speech 
was chsraetTistlrsUy hesullful in illi'lion 
an.l cliisp • and forceful in res.soninic. 
sinal.irs <in tmlh sl.lrs of Ihe i-hal3lb.*r 
(ra\r It nn.Uvi.lcil ai|i'nt:on. fonsulerahle 
pr. irress was ma.le In thf reaUInx <.f the bllL 
which Included, naturmllv. the ronslderatloi; of 
^he smendamts proposed by the rooamlitee. 
Throosh tto laassaes It Mr. (ioraMa ideoi.. 
Md.) tto lavriasammi psaalty wss strlehcn 
out of some nf tto seetloa* relstinc to viola- 
tions or the stamp tax. After an extended tie- 
hste. part of which ocrurre.l in seerei 

leirlslallvp ptesnlon, the roiifcrence r^-port .ill 
the tiill -u ppn.llnir certain part- of the rxivi- 
Inil law retatinjf In the piir.-hasr ..f supplies by 
Ihe war departmeai was adopted. Tbc bill 
peralitlair oaten at tto reolar army Is ac- 
cept staff a ppolatmeata la ito l a laa M ti anny 
without loataa their taak or rises to tto i«ai^ 
lar service waa fassaA 

HorsB— The hoaae idjoaraal We<lBesdaT 
sfier s ses., laslinc only nn hour ami a half- 
An Inelfpi-t' f-tTort was made to pass s bill 
prnhlMiiiiL.' thp puhlli-ailon of information 
coni-prnlni: the ^l^'ntftrl of the rouotry's fortl- 
ttraili.n^. Without • - "nl '.r .lelialc the deS- 
tiency peoshiu mil was p.i-itcil. 

WAaamoToa. May ssMATa Whlla sev- 
eral lametaat para«raphi in the war leveave 
mrasofw wcm paiued mer TharsCar tar fn- 
lure eaastJseaUsa, sassHmt pssassm w » 
mailehy the ■,'sms mito emsHerBiloa of ths 
bill. Two-thirds ft Ibe measure has b.-n 
read, Ito eoaiBlltea smrn.lni. nis Ki-m nn v 
havlDff been airreeil lo. Mr. Mi l.aurin (.lem . 
S. C.I opened Ihe discuss:.. 1 ..f ' hi- |., 1 1 Thurs- 
day with s cirefiilly pr'-|i;ir<'. i -p- .-ih T.'U. hlnu 
all of Ita features. He rxprrs^ed the hope 
Ihst Ito bill woold yaaa m reported 
by tto Biajorlly •( Ito snaiwltw *a aaance. 
with tto eaceptlea of Ito stsaa lax. which to 
Ihoochl enile aaaceesaaty. Tto pmpoaltlon 
to y'.ase a staay tax apoa yrorrletary articles 
and imilBBiliJ articles new In sinek aroused a 
lively dlseasslna. It waa resarded aa retro- 
artlTe ledslatloa snd. as surh. was opposed by 
msoy senator^. The par.iirraph tiss not bsco 
dlapoaedof finally. 

HocsB-The adjouraaKBt ot tto house to 
Moadsy postpoaed mitil aeat wesh aay poosl- 
ble roosMerattaa of Ito Hawaliaa lesatatlona. 
o 1 Ito Pt iB l a a al Ito dsy's 
(ioudsa vstsffBsd ImHaaly m 
K. nisdaloae. "Is tto death of this crsad 
old m,'in." the chaplain said. ' ("hjr hearts gi\ .lut 
In icra'.ilu.lp III Tht'c hw i:r»-ji 
eharuc'cr .is a wnler, .statrsmrin an.l 
I'hri^Iiai. ahi.h has l.ecn felt throughout 
the a.-rl.l. Mr.\pni'r irep., O.I called 
up the labor arbitration hill as sfisrtsil and 
poMCd by the aesale, Ms aspmiasd tbs 
ameadacBU ss tolas elilMr mtoHay or ua- 
necesaaty. a ylaa itoy had haaa aaaseved hy 
ihp frieato at Ito MB aalslto of aaacr<-s 
He moved to lu a iiai la Ito seaaie's amen,i- 
nicnts. .After debate, conflaed lo the projiosi- 
ti.>n lo send the hill to conference in which 
m.inv members participsied. a roll-call upon 
affreelnic to the -.enate s aBMOaaaaBh ttoreby 
edei-tinfE the bill s passsdo. 
suitlDjf In yeas ifif. aays 4 

w ASHiBcaw It-ai 
clusloa of FrMiy*s aaoslsa < 
n'sdiniof IBS*) 

completed. Abemssvsa-clitMMstlto 

nicuta proponed hv Ito aesata f omsiUw tovc 

t cen .iffreeit to Those remslnlnif are, quite 
ra'.iiraltv. the m.i,! important In ih«> hill and 
«hH itfimolfii a de,d of dl-eussion. The prin- 
cipal smendme Its ypt lu pai nu trpow 
are tllose relatlnn to the lasuue of iMmda aod 
certlttcstea ot indebtedoeiiH. 
tax, tto tax oa proprietary articles. Ito 
of greeabarks. the rolBaae of tto allvsrsala- 
Binrae*. Ito lasa* •( sUt 
heri i ssss Ibb. aad tto taa aelloB apoa asaw of tto swt adai ste will 
be dependent upon that on others. Mr .M.l- 
rich irep-, K. I,) Friilay offered as it siibstniitfl 
for Ihe parasraphs rrlatlnf to the coinage of 
Ihe seiimioraice. the Issue of silver rertillrstes 
and tbe 1-sue of leifal ten.ler notes, the 
bond provision prepareil liv the republican 
alBorlty of the commliur on llnanre. If tbe 
head provision should be accepted by the seo- 
aie. tto aawadaMBU sasrto to tto domacrata 

IB lira •( It v« aamm^to mtmrnd. Mr. 

Daalel (torn.. Va.) ds M vssed aa extended 
^peeek oppualas aa Issoe of bonds imd -.up- 
porilas tto substitute psraaraph^ pr..p,>-e.! ..y 
the deatocratic mslurliy of the ttaanoe com* 
llousB— Not la sesaloB. 

■11«a af rare la 1 


Tto ijaeation has bcca 
\<>T atote wlirttor ihetoiniMmaelVkBaA 

smi lierlBSW diahes upna tto hill of far* af 

the belter class of .VmerieaD restaurants is 
or IS not an im|ir.i*»Dirnt. .Many pretend 
Ihst before their nitrnduction our cooking 
was coarse, harlianc This la sa open iiuea- 
tioa, but no bill of fare presents sttrartiona 
tethr^wpgttf . tot I 

mn tocaradhy 

"Mr. n 

t'lnchmoM mm Ba 
Nrw Tobk. May Tlaalaaatl has 

been seleeted as the plana fcr kaUing 
the next annual meetiaf of tkaMktlooal 

Charities ami Correction cooeress, now 
in session here. The time tixe,i was 
May, the exact ilate beinjf left to the 
diserctiou of the executive i-omniitlee. 

t harsetl With Uoplnf the Water. 

I ol i Miii s. o.. May l!l .\ special dis- 
patch from Chickamau!;a I'arli says 
three men nrera MUjrht and arrested 
there ehanred with doping the wells 
and water troughs. TtaamMlaa are re- 
ported draiL Three paaaia at aaac nic 
were found on tha 

Tampa. Ma.. May 31.— A Spanish 
apy haa been eaptured by the men of 

the Ninth cavalry at Port Tampa. lie 
Is supposed to W the same man w ho 
uaa chased through Tampa after Ih*- 
injf discovered handling dynamite 
sticks near the army stores. He is 
handcnffeil and umler ^uard. 

Internal Kevoano Mceclpta. 

Warhinotos, May 31.— A report -just 
issued by tbe treaaury department 
showatha internal laiaaaa ratoipts 
dariaf April to hava kaam •U^m.Tia. 
1 with •U,3kMB 

WAaaixaroB. May -.■a— Gen. Lee eon- 
tinued his etmfcrence with lien. Cor- 
hin Thursday lie selected a.l his 
staff from rcfjular army men. except 
hi!> own son and young Sartoris, 
Urant's grandson. Re expeets to leavi 
for Florida early Friday. 

MlM WaiaMps N« 

H * t . ir > » , n. a, Utf m— A report 
Jnat reeaivad fkaai letawi Core, -west- 
era shore of this province, says nine 
warships were sighted off Indian 
island, near Cape l<a Sava. Tkanday 
morning, kMifif !• • WMlMi^ di- 

•'I never knew it." 
'•|)h, yen, he t.ilk« three Isnguac'* 
"What are ' he\ ■" 
"Horse, luiieDall snd golf."-< 
KvcBing News. 



-live IB* call. 

. ailed Cram O. It is a . — . ^ 

i...iiri<hinti f.i'id drink to take tto plaea 

. ..(fee s,,i,i 1,1 f(rneer« and liked Bp 

wh.i hav.' .|..d ,t. I.e. iliae when pi 

prej.are.l ;l '.i-tes like the (Sne«« coffee hal 
IS Iter (mm ..I it" in;uri.iUS propeVtitS. 

ilrainK .iid« .huesti..n m l Ktrenfthens Ito 
nerves. It i« n<ii a stimulant tot a.haaltk 
builder, aad rhildren. aa wckaai 
driak it with great benefit. 
MmkMceffec. l.- in.|?.V 

■ow They 
mid Mrs. Tiedw 

to her kaa- 

'ftarry,' -jt—--/ • - — .- — 

hand si the breakfast tih|e, "I am qsiteout 
of money, and I waat to apead tto day ohsp- 

ing. l^-t me have » ceaU. 
"Wtot do you want M) eeats foe. _ 

cats for I nr fare and MOHkil 
."—Harper's Bazar. S 

■toike Into T 

Allen's Foot Esae. a 

It cures painful. 


feet SD.I insiintiv t.ike* the stiDf out 

en. nervous, i 

corns and Imninns. It's the freatest comfort 
liseoverr of the age. Allea'sFoot-Fa»emakea 
li^hl m new shoes feel eas% It n a <-ertsiia 
cure Cor sweatina, eslloua and hot. tired, ach- 
ing feat rrs a In-top. HoMby all dni aa toto 
aad shoe stores, Sr. TrisI (larksae FIIEC. 
tddrem Allen S Olmated. I* Roy. N. T. 

Moat mea thiak 
well off if ttoy 
Waahiogtoa (la.) 

Kila stopped free and psrmanenllv cured. 
.No his alter lirat day siiee of '.*r- iy«»fe 

I ; rest 1 

irratiae. Bk. 

"His love for her increased after mar^ 
riaie " 'So itoy live toartiwr toppi jl.ehr' 

No, they dnat Boa J MIlk m ataK. 
oiarricd aaolker ama."— Tewa Teinra 

.<t loafer dnesnl 
jxcept those wha 
ila.) Democrat. 

For Whooping Co<wh. Pise'a CaW k « 

.fill reme«G — M. P. Dieter. C Ttoenp 

Ave. IIrooUyB.'N. Y.. Nov. H, M. 

This to 


It wUl 

Your Appetite. 
Purify and 
Vitalize Your Blood. Overcome Thai 
Tired Feeling. Get a bottle ol 
Hood's SarsaoarilU and begin to 
Uk9 It TODAY, and lealiie the great 
good It Is sure to Um yn^ 

Hood's Sarsaparilla 

highest order of 









r — iTaijIis laktol 

sto tos tiasa takiaaASCABSn I 
hsvs sll disappeared. I ~ ~ ' 

M-TO-IAC s^.f.To'lFkYISUS.IliSr *. 

7000 MCYOliS 


••enulMd mmw. 
ie^ilalLaaajfe fk 

. ^ BiCaLB 

I to aavwtlM UMm. Saiia far oaa Bfc 
Malsa. Laara Bow to tan a Btojili isSMSi 
•I- W. MBAB t'TC'I.B ro.. CBICB. 






SnHMOsT. Kjr.. M»<r 31.— BeliaUa 
trvm Mallir, a k>Mlet ia Kaott 
, Mtlk at krtv. aajra ttet in a 
titerp fcft^roB Jaaoa. 
T.'iii and \<iah t'ratl. I>r<»tln r», on «Bf 
KmU' hikI William anal "l(ii<i" .lioi lo' on 
«lw t>ili<T. Xoali »a» fiilii! V .slml thm- 
liliit s IlimiiL-li <ti<' alhioini II. hiii< 'Ikiii 
and Jb.miu U»ih rt-t-t'ivo*! M'riitiis flfsli 
WiMntlk. Tho ti^riit txviirrfil at a 
**blia4 tiger" krpt i>y the ( raft k. 

(W alMottef . 

It ia tmri^ Hi— irlit ttat Noah Craft 
vrtllaarviw thrdajr. Ttw Ja>ti<v Un s 
>>i aa>i placttl in tht- Knott 
Jail at Hinilman. Tlu- ( raft 
hoys arr «»11 l^no»n tliroiiL'lioii! l avt- 
rrii kinluii,v Mor.- tliaii '.o -hot.. 
Wort! tired in the battle, vft the JukUoe 


M.i.\ At Caoip 

iiioi'iuii^r six iiirn 

I >i:l>l Hi <t»llii . K> III n III. h tin.' Man »M-><i.>l M.i. • l«.i.l.'..i i n . I . I . n .■ tamp 
Wa* nswlly Ktiul ud (tlUrm Nfrl- j ( ulllrr, aiiil KrrruUliiK Again II*- 

I CAltl' CtH.i.iKK. l..»:XlSfir<i%. K.V.. May 
If »"a|»». Ki>rM>,v. t>f t'<>iu|«aii,\ K. 
Frankfort, anal t'a|rt. Ilanliu. t'limpani- 
IS. t'yntliiana. ran ImiM all llM-iraM-ii 

until Kri.tay. Ilio niustrr of tin- 511.1 
rfi.'iiiu'nt «ill Ih- •■oiii|>l<-t<Ml. It 
"Bn .\p,,|,il tli;it tlli->.' two 
4-oinpan'..- ^^olllli iiiii~tfi- in 'I'lilirH- 
ilay aloiii: nilli ili.' NVu|Mirl 
<'.<ra|iaay, l>ut nlu-n roll nas 
talketl Tharsday luurninir it wa^ 
foand that aImM tarratjr aaea frowtlK- 
I two mai(iaaics had akipprd oat. It 
• as tJn'n iicti'ssary to r«-fi^it Tlir 
(■om|>ani<-N w.-ro tilli-il up Tlinr»>lii^ 
afliTiiooii, ami I hiirMlsiv iii_-lit a n. H 
iiiu-ti-r roll w ;is Ill-Ill^' jMfji.ii 111 1 in- 
'.'11 I w lA lif tiK' lii>t r>').'iiiii'iil III iii.'Vi'. 
iMit \% iiiT. . .-v.-n MiinI.'i inj,' oftii rr Tiiil- 
lai'ii aloi's not l>uou. Ills Older', are lo 
I iBktnMt the war defartaMBt aa aooa 
aa he haa a rpiriaent maatered. 

fol. tiaithor anti other staff olHo-rs 
of II. <• s. ciiiiil ri'frliiieut will have their 
|>liv>ii'ai cvainiiialion Krid^. UaaL 
t ol Win, an. I A.ljt. WiUiSMCaUier 
iiav.' air. aii v i assi'il. 

K*> €».l.l t'rilftwa* 
1. 1 MM ION K\ . Ma\ r.' I h.' an- 
nua) '.T.iii.i ( III ami nil lit of Kriitnt-ixV 
ilil.i lillows «as lu'lil .n l.<'\inL'ti>ii 
Wetlaertlay. Tht-rr mere no outnar.i 
tieaiuastraliiMiK The follow in^ uAierrs 
weiv eleeteil f«ir the eaaainir jreat : 
.\mhroae lirnner. ixNtUrille. frraii.: 
patriareh: K. L. Willis. t'<.viiij'i..ii. 
(;raii<l liijli priest: I.. T. Ki.-i'. I,i-.\i i>: 
ton, jrraiiil Ni'nior " n; 1' 1! .Ian- 
uarv. Paris ^.'ran.i war-i.-n; K. 
(■■ Lliiutl. l^*\in^'ton. L':ai <i V, Mill': 
iKopse W. Marri^ I/ouismih.. ui..i 
trcaaurer; W. W. Morris, Loui&rille. 

i;iM« lodca- 

Mayarille wa* aeleete* aa tlw 
for lioldiafr the m-xt eneampaMrnt. 

•MS IWwrrlfra l*n*IMl. 
I.^XIM.ION. Kx . 

llra.ll.'V Wi'.lii. ~ila 

will. U-l-m^-fii to tile honivvilu- U-- 
>ri"ii v\. r.' |>ost<il liv I ol ( a'.ll. nian 
a- i:i s»'rl.'r^. l U y wi-n- .lam.*- iir.-.-n. 
Iraiieis K Nue. Koln-rl I'l (amp- 
bell. CoMpaay K, aM Jasra Via- 
s^<n, Chaa. F. Wikm, Lather F. Haaka. 
Company II. Ninth compan)-. of 
I'ar;... uas muMcred into the 9utl rv^- 
incut WcilneMlay moriiiu^. Newport 
an. I I'laiikfort report as Cyn- 
thiaiKl will MKin Ih* ri-a.iv. It is 1h'- 
. u- \ . il 1 liat I 111 Iiiil r.i - iiiii ii t \x 1 11 nil n <■ 
to I li i.-ka ma !i ;j-a a- .-'"'ii .1^ inu-.t.-rni 
in . « hit III' r 1 11 , ! 1: .1 I j .1- rill 

l.«lb«Mi (iuard*' Anion I-«Kl. 

liot-KiaavuXK. Ky., May St.— Tbera 
n aa a Maa aw -tiar of eiUs^M held at 
the conrthoaM Friday aftaraaaa ta 
lalce artioa upoa tha dreawHaaeai at- 
tending the withdrawal of Coaipan)' 
II. known aa tlic Iditham Mirht ^arda, 
Kes.>liit ions w.-r." passi'ii .■\.>n.-ratin)*' 
III*' Imivs from ail luanu- anil askin;; 
(iiiv. Ilraiilry l.> let ("oiiipany l> sek'.-t 
Its n oftii'.T-. If li.* (loi's luit llir 
Ivya «iil be neleooaeii home ait acting 
ia caad Cailh. Tiwai waa graateatha- 
aiaiB ami ckaeriay lor tke 

I'KANKPoMT. Ky., May 00. —The sh.'r- 
iff of OwMey county arrived lure 
Thursday in chari.'e of Kon Emma 
( haiiili. r, a littio l'.: y.'ar-.>lil pirl, who 
was Si'i.lonceii to th.' jH-nit.-nliary f(>r 
stealing'. She is un orphan, has l)B<l 
no one to care fur her aii.l probably .lid 
noi k aeai it waa wroair to ateaL HoaM 
of Fraakfort'a good wot a arho aaw 
her brought the matter to Oov. Brad- 
ley '■> notice, and he promptly paviaacd 
the bri;rht-eyed little thinjr. 

M Idowa* and Urphaa** Home. 

l.fMM.ioN. Ky.. May -0.- location 
for the KentneUy <Md Kellows' Wid- 
ow s" aiiit Orphans' loine has been be- 
leele.i t'V i he . I'lnmitU f aft. r examin- 
ing many bites. KoUrt McMiehaern 
property at the head of Sixth btreet. 
thia city, waa dioaen. Ithaa'ilrooma 
aad M acrea of tea hl«a faaaa. TIm 
eoamittce paU tmjmt, wUeh la aoa- 
bidcred cheap. 

C«l. CaalUBiaa aad Ot U— m IWatiaatiad. 

LasiMiwi, Ky., Ul— CoLCaatla- 
■aa aad other otie c r o «( the Loala- 

ville leirion arc diarrnntled at the 
method of examination and muaterinfr 

of the Keutueky troops. Col. Castle- 
man says that there is a t4'ndeney of 
army ol^i.'tTs in al; st.itcs to show uj' 
the mililia in a- liud a li;rht as pus- 
aible, in oraer to pave the way for a 
increase in tbe 

KMtadiy H*f«*« r«ir ili* t^avatr^, 

l.|..xiN«ix». Ky.. May - For the 
cavalry li.>rs, s li\ the liniiilr. ils ar.' 
Ih-iii/ imn-lias 'it ill K.-iitiicUx an.) 
lransi>i.rl«Hi t.i ( li; ttanis>;.'a an.l l am- 
pat, i'wo parties of l<n\ ers. hea.le.l by 
t'aptk. Arlkbirc aud larMiu. have bt-eii 
i« CaatnU KcalMriqr far a weak paat. 
mm4 their parrhaoti napreoeat aboat 
AM head of geldinir*. Ummimr Capt. 
t'araon aad l.ieat Maiit parehaaed aad 
braade.1 l«i:i heail. Th.-s,-. t. vet her 
with 00 liea.l piir.,.,! at I'aris sauir- 
»la\ wi:; U- sh p|Hil Moiiiiay to < iiat- . apt. .\eisiiir, ami party 
went l«> l..iuisville Sun. lay ni.iroin^, 
mmi M aa da y t'apl. CarBoa aad party 
will KO to DaaTille, mtieiv they w ill 
r oa ti aae to parcfcaa* iMiraes. 'capt 
Aelakire, alace April M. haa parchaar.l 
CM horses and 1 '.'i^i mnles 

Will Mm Uo I nitl Wrdnnday. 

Camt Cm jJRa, LKXikoTini, Ky., Ma\ 
W. — flaaa tor titr reaaoral of the tec- 
mmt KoatlMky reiriaarnt lua again 
Woa rhaaged. aad tlie troopa will atit 
kpfrtn their march to the front till 
^Vdnesiiay m.»rnin|'. The chan|.'e 
•ras effeeteil thruuirh the arti.m of ! 
Col ( aith. r an.l liis oflii er- lu t. .. - I 
grapiiiok' (...v liradl.-y r. .|n< stinir him 
to inform liie war .i. part nn n 1 that the 
ISecoad rouhl uoi tie put in trim i>e- 
fore Ta e aday evcaiag. aa tka aapp^ of 
awaat tha U * C R. B. yarda ia 
* 1 waa not bulii(-irnt to traiMport 

Ky.. May M.— .\ 
I family weae poinonrd Thurs.lay 
ky driakiuK milk that ha<l l>een stan.l- 
ing lerrral hours in a tin ean Kiifns 
Parish. a;:ed '^2. is 1\ inp at tfi.> pi'int 
r»f .leath Nettie. an.l Maude 
l*ariah, .\ablcy and N.irah Itrowii an.l 
tkair child are confined to their beds 
» aflMto aC the 
It ia «a« thoagkt that foal 
•rak alteninl--' 

^ A Mrrrhanl's Suirld^ 

OwMiaauBo. Ky., May -.11 -.lohn C. 
Haariit, a prooiiaeat nwrebant. die<l 
VwHa^ IrOM tka ogoola of a doae of 
apiaoi tahoa TkMaday aoraiag with 
aaicidal iatMlk Ha waa takea aaddea- 
ly ill, aappoaadiy with heart diaeaae, 
hut at hib death the pois m nas.lis- 
rover-.-.! IV-witl hail r.-oentiy 
his w il . S lid his kmaiaeaa and aMiat of 


rA«P CofJJK*. I..BXix<iToN. Ky., May 
S&. — The event of Saturday was the 

dramming out of on- of the iruanls- 
nien from Hopkinsrilie. Ky . Kii;,'ar 
I>avis. because of his r<-fii^al to sig-ii 
the muater ro.. Dum^v. h> ia'l. i.ioul 
hcfcire the whole company and* .«a be- 

a hlMiafter 

I oat 

a arrralllnc at HopkUUTlll*. 

llorkiNsvii I K. Ky . May -JS. — In re- 
••p. ns4' lu a tele^rram r. reive.l Sunday 
frrm Lieut. U. C. I'ayne at L<cxington, 
•aying freo tiaaopiiilaliiia aroald he 
faraiahad M MMaita iar tiao saw Ooai- 

Mmm llown and Killed Hj a Trmlii. 

l>aaLavviij.E, Ky., May '.;o - Uiehard 
, a wall kaoara faraer, was 
kilM by a Hoethem 
I Uaw 8at- 

flan SI HadlBMTUI*. 

aavii-ij^ Ky . May ii — Burij- 
laia aatared tbe rraidencr of I'rof. 

P Smith Sunday raorninp. secur- 
ing and a gnl6 wateli. (iuy Younp, 
acod acTca yeara, fell from a alable 
loftadiataaM •< M ioalk «M fa- 
tally In ji 

l>ro»n«d ta hiM riahlaa. 
I'Aliii AH. Ky . May 21. — AH>erl lieh- 
kiiph. a travrlinf; sair&man an.l mid of 
K. Aehkoph. of tbia city, wat drowned 
ffMdajr «*Ua ■■klag ia Om lake in 
llllauti oWmIM «M »<*«r« . M aart dia- 

•Sro^ofiSeSkia:'"**^ *** ^* 

Th. I o«ru Mar OMtla tli* Oiapwta. 

KKAXKPoar, Ky., May tl.— CoL John 
B. -ranlimia "|- OoUier a»daoT*ral 
kad a ooateroaeo witk 

Bradley Friday afternoon orer 
Aapatc aa to wbo shall contnd the 
of tbe IxHtiarille Legion now 
that Ae legion has entered Uncle 
barn's serTioe. No agreOMaat waa 
r. ached and letral proceedlapiM||r ko 
ixborud to in the end. 

t'alaaj abal H; ArcManl. 

lit NToH Ky . May ■-■0 - Hy tl.r n.-. 
dei.ia- .iisi harpe of a shul^'un. Mat ' 
hmitli. aped four years, was fata..y 


Latkaai lAgHt Uaaraa IMsbaad. 
LaxjKeTo!!, Ky.. May Mi — Tbe Hop- 
UaaTille etaapa^y. kaowa M the 

Hurt In a Kanawar. 

\Vi>. Ill sTUi, Ky . .May '.'ii. .I.Tmcs 
Irvin.-. Mr.-. Simon shearer and Mrs. 
IVira Th.iinas were thrown from a 
bugiry TburMlay afternoon by the 
liorae attached to tiM aahicle heeoaiing 
frighteaed at a'paaalag freight train. 
Mr. Irvine an.l Mrs. Shearer tvere bad 
ly bruised and cut about tbe face and 
Mrs. Thomas will probahljr die, her 
skull beinir crusheil. 

(iela M Life Hrnt^are. 

I'iki\iii >. Ky , May -0. Joseph 
Uranham. apc'l Hi. was piv.-n a life 
sentence th.- murder of .Nlrs Nancy 
Damron. a|<vd M, a widow, one month 
airo He narrowly 

HoranviiXB, Ky., May 9L— There 
waa eseiteaaeat hoM Friday otw aa«- 
oral alleged caaea of iMaWpin Two 

colored boys infeeted aoaiB here 
Thnraday nii^bt. and caaeeof small- 
pox well .levi lop« i|. were reported 

Knday, .\ i'. -t li-'iis." has Is-i'n estali- 
liahed and every precaution taken to 
a( tka 

of tha MeM- 
haaa ralai aod Imnbc. The aettoa 
H o* Capt Felaod bei«g 
hf tki 

Itow Kaataeky Pa 

WAOHiyoTii.s. .May 21. — Post offices 
have been establishe.l ao fol'.uws in 
Keataaky: Heilwood, Nelson county, 
ioba ft. Saiith; (iex. Uallatin coanty, 
Mylor, aad goiliidlU lOMBMlae 
IT. Jeremiah Badielll. 

Kmlaekr Tewa Uatlcd By Fir*. 

Lot-uviuJL. Ky.. May M.— The bnai- 

Tka floUowiag baiU- 

merehandiae, W.WO. Baker * 

blait (6.000; MolUc Siasonion, R,MOi 
Others were (iiamgiil n,OM. Tliere 

Wh7 Mm AtteaaoMd 

l.oi isvii.i.K. Ky., May 19.— Mra. Flora 

Krem.T. of this city, committed suicide 
ty taking' .'arbolic acid her 
husband, who is a trr.M-er. refused t<: 
a clerk she did not like. 


MiMl Reiarn the t«au». 
KKANKroiir. Kv . May The 
Frankfort men rejected by tbe muster- 
tag aAaer at Lesiagto* btoaght kome 
with tkaaa tkair gaaa aad twiforms. 
Cap*. Kataiijf arrived here aad ordered 
rottwaed to tlie armory, 
wiU be 

*.lm. rerwea'a WUrt Tha^M tm Ham 
l.rli Kanilas* Ue 4'alu Itrstlaa- 

llnM KaK ItMWa. 

W \siiiM,io\. May •.:s- TIm" raei' f.'r 
III.' I'liil I I'lunes is am. It wilt be tln' 
iiio'.t tlii'i liii\^ s.-a .-has,* of 1110.1. -rii 
lull.'-. '1 hi- I'liiti'il st ill--. i\ill .iis- 
pateli its transports (or Ih. rcli.-f of 
IK-wey fr.uii San I'ranciM-o across lli.- 
placul raeiHe, T.ii.'iO miles. Spain will 
<ead ita fleet, which liaa for ita ot>Ji-et 
the rerorninering of tlie islanda, fnmi 
l:ar.'eloiia. throii);h the Mealita-rranean. 
tiK' l-tliiiiusof Miez anal the Ka-« sea. 

r-'s. th- XraUiaii sea. aloiiir th.» 
son I a. Ill I- \ t ri- tn i I y ■ 1 lie l;a\ H*'li- 
L''al. ar.iiiiul Ih.- |K-iiiiisiila an.l 
up tiie ) hina s,..i t.i \lanila, a total dis- 
tance of s.iNNi mih-s. 

Tlw difference in distaaee the ritral 
flavth have to pi is l<at three or funr 

A iial agaia the aal- 
> how aafoHaaate 

'.'Wa-v was Halt seat 

ami th.' I ity of 
I'V th.- iiav\ lie- 

ilays by sea Iravt-! 
minis! rnti.iii i < a I , 
that the i.'li.-r t.i 
I w o w . .-KN a*,'*. 

I h.- I itv ol l',-l< 
.s\ il 1 .1 \ w n- 1 irili- 
l artmcilt ami III.- war .icparliiieiil to 
.-raiwal am all Hteam an.l make th.- U-st 
posailde tiaw ia rt^aehini; th<-ir ilesii- 

i. atiaNL Tbe failed Mates haa the 
adraatage. Transports taking IriMtps 
to llew..y will maintain a i,'r.'at.T ,'ate 
of apea-.l than the vcsn^-U Ni»ain is 
..■ll.iiti^ fi-iim l!ari-.-Ioiia. '111.' .-.Miv,-- 
(ii.-ii.-cs of ail a.'.-iili-nt hoiM'\. r. a-n 
route mi^'hl Ik- ai( lh<- most scri.iu- 

W A4liiMiTaiji, .May 'Jl. The .Spanish 
a|<e Vet«ie aqaadroa baa been aleti- 
iiitely and aiflleially located at Kaatiairo 
l).->iiba. Kr. .\ilm. Maaipaon, with 
.1 iiovMrfiil H;;iitiiii.' (qaadmn will 
>iioii clos,- 111 on ihi' cii.-inv .»ii til.' 
s'-iiiii. .-i'liiiiii/ frmii Ki'v Wi'-t t.\ \.ay 
of till \\im|i\.iril Pas-a/i' .-a-t..f I ill. a 
1 I Mil III. '.li II-,. s,.|,;,.^ with 111 - tUiii-/ 
-.(, is sailing' ar.iiin.l the islaii.l 
i>( Cai», tienuaiag them in oa tbe weal. 
I hna located, aati lieiag aarroaaaled 
I'V two potrerfal AHerieaa Beeta, there 

ii. iav wms no poaaible help for tite 

s-.^ani-li VI ssels. 

ba-c 1 c tiu y laontr reavi ved s catdagraaa 
from Br. Adai U^' j;,',,.. *anounelng 
tUf.. Ms M-'-'-i's sa.ii mt m m the Cape 
Verde Heel at >aotffff fS^^Jf^ Tbs 
■MaaagatMftjaa^'t^.b a eubid aMtioa 
in Uie Ifeat ladiea, aad iitdicated that 
the Aawriaaa eoaiBaader waa elaae on 
the heels of the Spaaiarda. 

S.'cretary l^oiiir imine.liata'ly sum- 
mon. -<i the memlH'rs of the stratcL'ie 
iK.aril. an.l a^' and iiiiporlaut m.-.-t- 
11^' ivas li.'lil, Itt'lievin^r il to Ih' .-er- 
laiii that .\ilm. Ccrvcra woiiM make a 
draperali- effort to slip into Havana. >n 
the west, it took but a few moments 
for the board to da e ida oa a plan. 
Know-injr Rr. Adak tiaaipaoa eoald be 
de|M-n.led u|Kin ta) pra-vent .\ilin. Cer- 
vcra sailini; n.irlli, or.lers were 
piii-kh ili^patcli.'.i to I 'oiiiino.l.ire 
*i-ii"i-\. al K- \ Wi'^t, to put to M'a. 
1 III' instrn.-uon^ to the I'l'iiiiiianiii'r of 
til.- Ill ilii.' s.piailron t.isail ar-iiliid 

Cuba l.i the west an.l to tin.l Cervera'> 
fleet aad eaptare or destroy it. 

Cooiamlaca tieklay waa iaatraeted to 
nse hia atoMat cadeaaora to ptrevent 
the Spaaiak fleet froai eateriag the 
harlmr of CieefBepos or Ilavann. Kr. 
Adm. Sampaoa and Comm.Mlore Sa'liley 
were informed as to .-acli otli.'r'Miiovc- 
tnents. It is . \i.. <'icii that .\ilni. Samp- 
son w.ll .'I'm.- up vaith Ailm. Cervcra 
Hrst. II.'. it is eala-ulateal will apin ar 
off Santiu;.'o Sunday evening. If the 
Hpaaiah fleet ia aUU ia tke kaidor 
Adoi. KaaipaaB will Uoekade the fwt 
and commence Immbardment in order 
to brin); out the fleet If the fleet has 
left the harlior it will, it is thoncht. 
proeccil west for l ien fii.'v'os 1 oinino. 
.lore >.'hl.-\- sholll.l r.'a.-h tlu-r.- in tim.' 
to int.-r.'- pt it. 

lir. A.lm. Sampsou has sc.mts out 
w ateUag far the fleet, and if it leaves 
the harbor of Haatiago before ho ar- 
ri*ei tk^ will ha akle to iaforai the 
admiral the direetioa it ia headiajr. 
Sha>iil-1 it sail w-est Adm. Sumpsaiii 
will follow in its wake. It is impos- 
sible with a. 'curacy to state what 
ships Hr. .Viiiti Sampson an.l Coiumhi- 
d.»re Si hlcy have in tli.'ir rcsi-.'i-iivi' The battle ship Oreijon 
and the punboat Marietta are now 
with Br. Adak Maaipana'a Baa*. The 
craiaer BaBklo ia tkoagkt to kaiw ar- 
rived at Key West for repairs. 

St. l*IKaaK. Martinique. May 2a.— 
Notice that the CajH- V.-rde fleet, com- 
manded by .•\ilm. Ccrv. ra. re- 
main here for c.ial was rc.'cived Sun- 
day by th.' Spanish .-onsiil. 'I'his re- 
port, coupled avith the statement that 
Hpaaiah traaaporta ladea with coal are 
oa their way to Fort de Fraaoe, txM^a- 
sioaed aiaek cxeilMaaat. It ia bow 
believed that Oer«etm*a wavhipa may 
appear in these waters at any hour. Ai- 
th<iu;.'h it is lielieved in many quarters 
that till' tic.'t under Aiini. Cerv.'ra will 
rclnrn to lii.'.si' ^^aters. tlicy will not 
ba' alloweil to coal insidi- the harbor. 

Cadiz. May St.— It is atated here 
very pajaitivcly tluit the Felayo, Carlos 
v., tfcaM 0t tka IraaMtlaatIa oMaaierT 
and two torpedo boata are aboat to 
sail for the I'hilippines. 

The IVlayo is well armed, armored 
and manii.'il. The Carlos V. is well 
armored aii-l tnanni-d. and has ^^.mmI 
puns, lilt li.r heavy on.-s farward will 
not swinr o\ainff t.i li.'fi-i'ts in tlu- 
raa.'hin. ry an.l can only be lire.l »ii- 
reclly alu a.l. 

l-alally lujured ll.r Llchtnlac. 
.Mai'.iov. (I , May i! - IHirmtr a thuu- 
dersl.iriu at Martel, this c.iuiity, Mrs. 
lieorj^ Chur.'hiU. an ajri-d lady, was 
struck by lightning and fatally in- 
land akUe aitliag kf 
atova waa deoMillakad. 


Firal Battalion of the 137th 
iMiry Arritiad in Camp 

rhe Wawla aif t'Ma|rteltaa ihe Thlid Armj 
Vmrpm «'» aaaan Haaalay -itrm. t'aw 
amiar iMl g nsd las ilw 

Cllll-K «\MI OA NaTIONAI. I'ARK, *'>:\ . 

Mav -■: I lii^ liu% iH'.-n a .iiii. t .lay at 
C.iiiip ThoiiiHs. riii- s.'.'oiiil Nebraska 
r.- 1 iii. iit wliii-h r.-a.'hc.l ( lial t aH".>;.'a 
satiinlay afti-riiooii. arriv. d Siimlnv 
iiioriiiii),' an.l were;ne.l to the 
•■amp gruand aeleeted fur the First di- 
visioa of the Third eurpa and tlie ma-n 
hatNr beea btuy grttiag lato their teats 
dariag the day. (Hily two battaliams 
arriveal dnrin^r the day. The .Se.'oml 
Imttnlion of the S'l-on.l .V.'hrasUa. 
which hail U'ctiii.. s-parat.-.l from the 
r.- 1.' 1111.- lit at .St Loins, r.-acli.-il ii. r.' at 
So'.-l.i. k. Th.-y i-aiiii- iii .^^limlay ov.-r 
th.' I in.-innati South. -rii. The U'iat.'il 
battalum aa as a-»>d by Maj. W. 
I . Maee. 

I he First battalioa of the ISTth Ib> 
.liana infantry arrived ia Chattanoo^ra 
at I) o'cl.M'k aeeorat>aniefl by the reiri- 
m.'nlal band .>f 'M pie.'.'s. Tli.' bat- 
ta.i.Mi spent tlia* (lav on l.ool.out moiiii- 
taiii an.l r.-aeluMl the park at .'i:aO 
■ i.-loa'k. slcepiu).' under the stars iin 
l.y ttle Mill duriug the nii^ht. As a re- 
sult of tlie few arrivaia tke railroaal 
yards which liave beea eaonaoaaly 
a-a>ngrsted with loade.l an.l empty a-ars 
f.-r nearly a wa-ek, an opimrtunity to 
rlear oflT the tracks and siiiiiii.'s to 
make r<M>m fair the traxips that wi.l Ik- 
ir\n to arriva- at a liva'ly ral.' 
inorninp was^'iveii. 

Twi nty-five a-ars of provisions ar- 
rivc.i Sunday aad ivere atored ia the 
lar».'i' warehoaaea aow eoaipleted oa 
the park irrounds near tlie liepot of the 
railroaal company. Fifty-one of the 
lat.'st an I most improve)! ambulanei's, 
hiiili with a s;H'eial vieav ta> ailaptubil- 
ity ill a hot climate, arrived from 
South lla-ml. Iml.. Sniiilay and w ill Ik< 
distributed to the I' irst corps. 

The park farw f( anan un.ler the 
dlraatloa o( Oaa. Bt^too waa at work 
all day proparla|t lor tte. eagiaa aad 
paaiXK lu tos aaat la pIpGw waiM Bwml 
the Chiekamauga aritrar !• the 
varia>as. camps. It has beea dafln- 
ita'ly .lecide.l t.» a-reet improv- 
ised water works, and a inn- 
tract has Wt u let an.l all the material 
onlertni. the lirst eoiisignmrnt of piiH- 
arriving Sunday. There is no scarcity of 
water aoar, bat it ia fcaiad aooM of the 
w-ella are froai "wet areather'* apringa, 
an.l that later they will dry np and 
(he pipin^r of water from the eriM-k 
an.l Crawtish Spriii}:s is a pircautiou- 
ary measura-. I.i-n. .1. .S. C. Hates, re- 
c.-ntly onii-rcil to Moliile. left Sunday 
ni^-lit at S:.IO ocux-k I > take OOMMaad 
.if a hriv' at that point. 

The work of completing the Thir.1 
army a'orps wav begun Sunday, lien, 
l-ewis H. Carpenter, who arritred Sun- 
<iay an.l reporte.l to (ien. Uramke. haa 
l«'i'n assi^-ned t.) the First division of 
till' 'I'iiiril .'orps. The orf^anlntion ao 
far Bs tH'rf.'cU'd is as follows: 

Kirst 1 'a.le. ( ol. Trcl I), t.ranl 
eouiman.linir, 14th New York; [<teut 
Ca>L 11. L, Kline. Second brigade, Cul. 
Hardin, 3nd New York, awmmandiag; 
Jnd Mow Yarii, Uaat. CoL I^ajrd; Sad 
Nebraaka, CoL BlUa. Tbe flrst tvgi- 
incnt to arrive Snnday night will com- 
plel.' the brijraala*. 

The l-'oiirtli <»liio regiment, un.ler 
Col Ciiit. has In-cn assiijiied to 
^uard duty in ( iiattan.Hi^a b\- or.i.T 
oj (ten. Hi'ook.'. ma.le ii.'.'.'-sary by the 
>;i.sorderly couduet o{ many of the 
. oung soldiera, wha- ka«« beea gailty 
of many lapaea of dIaeipUae, ia a aaai- 
lia-r of ruses to violence aad lagflltlai; 
ladies in the street. CoL OoitwU be- 
gin his duties Monday. 

The four memba-rs of the Kirst Mis- 
souri repimenl injiir.'.l in Saturday'- 
accu'.i-nt. and who were sent to .st. 
Vincents iulir;inary, uru ib^i^jj^^well 
and will ha oat Ih a fcW daya. /"^J" 

Ufa. K » -nwaiii ^liimi 

sta|w Tbl- 
assi ga a d ta 

arrived Sunday and reported to tien. 
Ilrooke. tien. Williston stat"S that he 
fouiiil his bri(rade aliout complete and 
e<|uipped with the very impa<rlant ex- 
ceptions that they have neither field 
^iins, horses nor ammunition. A 
part of these e<|uipments arrived 
her* oa Satnrday aad tien. 
Willtatoa hopes to get all aeeded sup- 
plies by the middle of the weelc. tien. 
Ilreckinridge and staff did not visit 
the park Sumlay for inspection. They 
will inspect the Second and Third di- 
visions .Nlonday an.l hope to complete 
their insieclimi of all .>r^,'ani7.ations 
pa-rfected up to Wednesday evening, 
when they go to Taaipa. Tha report 
that LieaL Col. Joho Jaeob Aator waa 
injarad ia tka raUiaad aeeUteat Satar- 
liay ia a b M la ta ly Mao. Aator «raa 

Itrand llfllrers Inatslleal. 
WABrnNtiKi-N C. 11.. (>., May '.i;!. — Sat- 
arday morning the sixty-sixth annual 
aeaaion of the Urand Lodge 1. O. U. F. 
of Ohio, araa eloiod aftar a aMat de- 
iightfal «aok. Tka iaatatlatioa of the 
officers at tegtaad lo4f« took place 
Fri.iay allWMML Tke aezt meeting 
of the fiaM Mga wItt he held at 

FKAnvoar, Ky. . May 19.— The com- 
miaaioaa tor the officers to be appoint- 
ed for Kentucky troops have arrived 
al the j.'overnor'8 ofli.-e. (.ov, Brad- 
ley says ha will issue no ooaunis 
sions. howeaatt aaMl tha aiMIOM arr 



FnAJiKruBT, Kr.. Mi^ Uw— tiov.Brad 
Iar haa Mpltei WUUaMTatt, wha 
waa to kaaa keea kaagai at Mayfleld 

May 30. Tbe reapite ia for M daya. Il 
il claimed that aew evideaee ia ki< 
favor kaa baaa diaaaaa r ad ateMkk 


First UvfMl of Ih* Scasoti. 

Ria-HMOND. Ky . May IS — Central 
UDiven>itv tiasi-hall team met its first 
defeat of the season here Wednesday 
aftern.ion a.t tbe Iwada ct Mw Lexing- 
too Athl tic 
txortp tui. 

aallwaf Trmm akaanar te Lsks Bsaneli. 

Skattlk. Wash.. May 2a- Contracts 
have been let for the eonstru.-tion of a 
railroa.l from Skaguar to Lake \Wu 
nett, via the White l^s. It ia aaid 
that «Mk wUl hafia at oaaa 

Oaa 9mj Klllad. 

RAVKNgwaxin. W. Va,, May ^s— lly 
the blow in^r out of tbe ejrliader heaal 
of an eniriue at KuftingtlMalat aaBMal 
W inalow w-aa killed. 

KwMoa, iaMaia^ Mgy Ml— One of 
the aooata atta^ad (a AAa. Baaapaon'.- 
H -et haa captaaod a H pa ai ah gaaboat. 
This news waa kraagkt liere Friday by 

the steamer America. Her captain re- 
ports that while off Capa' Maysi Thura- 
dav he sighted eitlier tbe St. Uouia or 
the St. IM Mwi^ a Bpaaii 


It is announi'.'.l in lliienos .\yres that 
the Spaniarils of Argentina have telc- 
eraphed aaothcr millioa francs to 
Madrid aa a war a a ba er ipttoa aad that 

Tka •r»t<«laM kaMla akip Ktayo^ 

Carlos v., Alfonso XIII., Vittoria and 

Giralda. the auxiliary cruisers Rapido, 
Alfonso \II . linenos Ayres and An- 
tonio I, i.p. :iii,i thre<; torpedo boats, 
now al 1 aili/ are r. ady for sea. Thej 
are expected to sail for the Philippine: 
ticfont the end of Uua month with 11, 

raead Dead la a t'aasl. 

Di KIANCK.O., May -i."!. -The .b ad bo<ly 
of Fr.-d Ik-atrick was found in the 
canal tkrae Milaa aoatk e< tkia aity 
Sun. lay afternooo. A ballet hole in 
his ri;.'ht temple and the finding of a 
pistol has led many to t>elieve that he 
was foully alcalt with, avhile others 
think he a*cmniitte<l suiciile. He had 
be.'n in a .lesjHindent since the 
tU'ath of his child, al-otit six weeks 
Ago. lie left bis home Wednesday 
night, aad kia w k aia ak o a ta waa an 
koowa aatU tke bodj; waa foaad. De 
ceaaed waa ki|^ly eoaaeeted here, aad 
waa the aon olaa-Major J. F. Oeat 
gick.aad I t aa oa a widata aad tkwa 

It Is said nij.':i NetlicrMiI. i. n.iiiem- 
plaling a Shak. spcarcan reviaal, with 
gorgcoua accaie c^aipaaeala. 

The Boatoaiaaa gave the two Ihou- 
saad fl>« kaadrcdtk perfonaaaae ot 
■*liobia Hood' ia New York tka atkcr 

Tbe aew f>prra«Coaih)ap. wbieb the 

French govrrnnirnt is building on the 
riaa^e llaiielalieu. Taris, is nraring com- 
pletion, but will profaahly ao( beopcaed 
until next wiatcr. It wlB coat aboat 


Henry fllxey, who only three or four 
months apo iiiinoiiiicc.l liiinsclf as the 
sm-i-i-ssor of I'lof. Il.-rmaiin, liasf^taen 
tip ni.i^ic anil will app. ar in the annual 
siiiiini. r riii. w al tli.- Casino^ wfcMl ia 
to.iii to be liroiiii^-lti aiiit. 

(Icfirj^ia r.iisby, who appianii with 
the Fraavla-y coiii|Kiny last season, was 
married in liochcster, N. Y.. to .Mr. 
Waller II. Sandt. of New York ci)^, a 
ineniln-r of tha New York produce ex- 
change. Ska wtU rctiro fraai tke stage. 

A aotaWe eoMpaay ia to ke tonaed 
la New York to be kaoara aa tke Colaai- 
bua Theater Stoek eompaay. It will 
include among othem Frank Murdaont, 
Williiiiii Se\ iiioiir, Kdpar 1.. Davenixirt, 
I, ester Waiku'k. .Ir.. .\im-li-i liiiipliam, 
I'na .Miell. Marion Abb.dt, Marie lliiig- 
hain, an.l Smlie Iraiii^'. 

M. Coipiclin, the French nctor, now 
iiiipersoiiatiiiK Cyrano with such sue- 
ci'ss. Is ni<'iitii-iiied lor iiolilical prcfer- 
iiu'iit. Hi... popiilnrily i , so L-r.-at in his 
luitiae town. ItoiilofrnfMirM.-r, that it 
is il t.> elect him to the cliamlier 
of deputies to represent that ..nisiit- 

Natlioodwln h.'.s rngageilCly ile Fit. h 
to writ* a aew play for him, the sub- 
ject of wbieb baa not aa yet been de- 
cided. Mr. Ooodwia alao aarfa a ptapo- 
aitiaa la Mr. FNdi for tkepaiakMoof 
a haa latM iatateat ki Mafy aew play 
whiek ke riMll wrHa dattaf tka aest 
Ave yeara. 

.Mr. W. S. Gllberi, wbo broaght oalt 
against the Kra, owing to the publica- 
tion iu that paper of an artiale taxing 
Mr. Gilbert w ith ")mmpoiiity. envy and 
Ingratitude,' ii,.^ I.e. r, nrable to 
any satisNirtion from the jurymen to 
whom he •.uhniif t^d hia wronga. fmair- 
ine a librettist bringing suit In America 
been nse of epitheta ao aiild aa tkowt 


Mra. Oertrado Atktrt— . Ik* aaociiet, 
Is a great-gtaa d aloea al BMjaadn 


.Mr. Kipling's rext volnnie of ^hort 
stories will include "Tlic Ship That 
Foiiinl Herself,"' "Bread Ipon the 
Water, " "A llriishwood Boy," "The 
Toniii of Ills .\ nceatai%***jMI**aadaov- 

eral ot her stairieii. 

The Bibllollie.|iie.Nationnle i.f I'liris 
haa acquired tbe most valuable . oll.c 
tion of Mexican anti(|nities in existence 
—that collected by SIguor Uoluriui, a 
aeaatar of Mitea, wka vioHad Mcako 

Mr. BMaoy CaMa ia aaw de«otiac 
hia Itiaara ta tka aa M ^ l ttloa ot hU 
biograpky of K. Is 8t«*«Maa. Mr.Cal- 
via parpoaM Iwtpiaf tka kiofrapky 
and lettera d i a t laii it tk o flrat volaaM 
contAloing tka Hfa aad Mm otker two 
:he lettera. 

While at Vienna Inst winter Slark 
Twain recelv.'il n iiiarke.l copy of a .New 
York pajier (jiving statistics showing 
the Increase of crime in Connecticut in 
the Insi seven years. He clipped the 
article ami returned if<-wil!i tliiisco: 
ment on the ma ' k- in : '"This is just the 
time that I b.-cn absent from the 

Klijah r. Urov n, l>etter known os 
"the Knni'a Horn Man," by reason of 
his having been tiie founder and editor 
of that paper, and whose puiatcd My- 
ingsand witty poragrapha have bcca ao 
-widely qnoted, haa reeeatly a evered his 
tbhacefioa with H. He ia prepaHng 
aame of hia wrilinga f or pakUoatlea in 
.hook form, and will d a aa t a a part of 
his time to lecturing. 


If you have found your place, your oc- 
cupation has the eonacat al oaaty fB» 
ulty of y nr being. 

Be wa re of a "talent wMek yaa oaaaal 
hope to practice ia per f aa t ia a . * * Katare 
haica all ketafcod aad kiW Balokri 
work, aad will ptaaaaaM bar aarae 
apoa it. 

■H^loac apptieatloa, iategrity, attea- 

tlon to details, discreet advertialng,** 

are given as the four steps to success 
by John Wanamaker, whose motto is, 
••bo the next thing." 

"No man is fit to win," says Bulwrr, 
'who has not sat down alone to think; 
and who has not come forth with pur- 
pose in his eye, writh white cheeks, set 
lips, and clenched palms, able to say: 
"I am resolved to d.i." " 

If possible, cluiose that occupation 
which focuses the l.-ir^-rst nnionnt of 
your experience and tastes. Von will 
then not only have n congenial loca- 
tion, but will utilise largely your skill 
and biisineaa kaawlidg^ wkiak iayaar 
true capital. 

Shun liquors. 
Oaro to go forward. 
Ha««r ha diaeoarafad. 

A rakii, 

WawaiDS, May "-M. —The navy de- 
partment posted the following' bulletin 
at 11 o'el.K'k Sunday morning: "No 
truth in the published statement con- 
cerning an engageaient off St. Nich- 
olas Hole, Ilayti, in which I'J Spanish 
ships were sunk."" 

lleinolUhed Bj an ExplaMloa. 
I!kd Kkv, Ky. , May '23.— During the 
absence of the family early Sunday 
morning the inside of the resilience .i( 
Marion Ellis was completely demol- 
ished by aa aaplMiaa af a a taira l gaa, 
entaUiair a Ibm al aaMoal kaadred 

H a tr i a w MnraTva.. IU9 n.— If tka 
first>«iaaa battle akipa Kearaarge aad 

Kentua-ky are not in flghting trim by 
November 1, it will not be the fault of 
the Newport News .Shipbuilding and 
Dry KiK'k C.i. Uotli of these ships 
destini'd to be qaeena ot world'a 
navies are no 

Van I., lirake l>a>ad. 

Cui.CMBi s, 0.,May "J3. — Van L. Drake, 
who was aatil reeeatly chief olerk in 
the ofllee of the atata priater, died 
baaday alter Maoral 
with aplaal meniagttia. 

KurKlsry Wy Whatlesale. 
MiAMisBi i;<.. <> . May '.iX— The resi- 
dences of .Mari< .\pplc, William Ander- 
son, Jacob Johnson, Ueorga liinckle, 
A. BL W^HMr, BoajoMia inoraakall, 
Fraak Tlfla. J. W. Kekaa aad William 
Hoier, all located in the northeastern 
part of totva, were entered by burg- 
lars, and t aoaa y , Jowcliy and other 
articles of valaa 

».— TkakorM 

«BB>r ■« 

CouTMBoa, a. May 
iMiard ezpecta to go toflaoiaaati Mon- 
day or Taeaday to bay k^caM fM tbe 
First Ohio eavalnt. 

■ loU 1 

Ba pallia to tMr/k o d y. 
KMploy jaar tiaM awB. 
Bo proMpt la avarytklas. 
Fty yaar dckta promptly. 
** — r all t raak lii patiently. 

TNK murnxn. 

CUKimA'n, May S& 



Select buu 
UiKls CoDimoB... 

Mixcii packers 

I.i^'hl shipiM-rs 

SllKKP 111..... 

I.A.MHs sin-iii;: 

KLIICK W inlerfsmilv 

UKAI.s Wii.-ai-Na 2red.... 

No. :l ri'il 

Corn - Nil. -i mixed..... .M. 

Outs Nil. i 


RAY— Prine toeholoe 

PBOVSIONS— Mesa pork...- 

I/aral Prime stsam 

Bl'TTKIi ( lioice rtalry 

1*1 mil- III I ti.'u-p i-r»'»mery 

AI'Pl.KS I'l-r hill 



FLOUH - WlBler aateau 

UKAIN 'Wbaai-OtaSiad.... 

CORN- No. S , 

OATK-Ko. t 

4 10 

« 111 

:i .v> 

3 IMl 


3 :» 

6 W 

II s 

«t -I in 

ii( I <■> 

fit « li 
1(1, 3 «0 
ltd toll 
l.r, -I IW 
lit 3 7S 
<<> « l!> 
U & ^ 
<A I »• 


(lit M> 

Ml-: 374 

H « »i 

(,t II 
(,1 1" 
(i( I in 

O M 


I li 


FLOUR- WtaMrvaaaa. on 


OORN-Nai. tmlaad 

BYK - 

OATS-Mlsed - 

POMt-thjW^Mesa II » 


FI-OfR Ksmlly k» 

UKAIN Whral-No.* 

Souiliern Wlieat I M 

Curu - Mlxeal • 

Outs No Ssrblle. 

• tM 

a I •! 

'it 1 -W 



Kve-No. t 




I 1ST 


GRAIN Wh>at No 3 

C.irD No. :f mlxeal 

Osib- No. i mixeai 


FLOUR Winter psieol i 75 01 4 

GRAIN Whrst-Ma tiad »l 

l .iin MixB«.„.„ „. .. SMa 

Oiit.> M ixed.... ....•«•...... O 

FOUK-Mess..... .............. •U 

l ia RII h % mm^^...^,M'— #* 



The Dealer In Curia Svlve ^pnliI (hr 
Heal Eslate liM'a Proa« 

Keal rebate ile.ilers oftea console them 
Krivi's ibiiinK tlicM- dull liays by teminis- 
. eiii-es of the iwriaids of iaaetivily which 
li.i .c K' lie liefar*. A wcll-kaawa Washing- 
ti n street ilealer while ia a rrminisceot 
ni.Hial told the folloninii; 

'"The iieritKi of ina.iivity thrmiKh whirh 
ive sre iimv p.i»inK ri-iiiiiuU mr nuineuhiit 
of the days i f 1H7:I « li. n a dealer aaln. made 
a sale Im-k.-d upmi ;is a inarva-l. I had 
iny idli.-i' Il ilial tune nn the seeund Hoor 
nl tlus buililing. On the nuin llaior were 

I >i fi. es .if Keerc, rierrc ft Cn. I was ia 

I lie habit »f slupping in each moraiaiiaad 
^reeling Cad. rierrc. and n«iully ibe greet- 
in,! hersme a imarninK vi<it. (Ine day 
I was l oniplainiiig l.itlrrlv of the 
dilllii.s. "I 111.- iii.irk.-l. 111. I 111.- iiif.incl re 
ni.irk.-il: 'I ti ll \iiii that yni) iinaa il iiv not 
Ki'Itilitf ilimn on ilie ftr.iuiiil fl—ir ,\ow ave 
get a nr. It d. al of drop 111 ti.iile, to to Kpeak, 

that Mcu r iteis i.i i.m 1 ms.- nf ilii.«taii» ' 

••.lu»t .1^ III- 1...* . liiMiin till, rt-ni.irk Itie 
doair 0|ienril iiul iii vti'ii|iad a with a 
valise. 'There, what did I tell you,' ihe 
. n'onrl. 'Here s a aiaa who probably aa anis 
to buy a lot and whn never would . limb uii 
In you." I av.i« dillv impre.siH) with tlie Iriilh 
of the t.i,ili'iiii-iit ilirn. and we Uilh beraine 
silent as tlie m-iMonier avanceii. As he 
• aiiie up I I ii~ III iioiaril sBdsaMbdaadlkni 
blandly in.piiiiil 'Can't I OaB ikktf ofyoa 
«onia^ corn Mlae to dav*' 

"The colonel was alin-'iit ox m onic. hut he 
man.iga'd to expreis « dn hK-iI nrsative and 
the visitor lelRaleal. W ben he bad climr.t 
the doer h t hiad hiai I Imrat oat laufihing I 
and esriaiaed: 'CSahiari. if that'i the kin.l 
of drop-ia traile yea act down here I n-ani 
i.on* of it. Now. that ana woald n.-irr 
tronhlc me heranie he could es«i1y nee tlial 
UU «liii ... iilil fri i|iii-nllv elimh the 
>t.iiii. nf Ihij tiiiil.liin: loiilil not posaibly 
have oirns.' I i.ent iipataira to my^odice, 
viny the colonel speechlcaa.'' 


cu be drhrea ia or drma oat. Dr. Ajer's SuiapariUa 

dii^eape cover it but don't euro it. I>r. .Vyer'a Sarsaparilla 
cures all disi'X'Sfs originating in impure blood by purifying 
the blood itself. Foul blood makes a foul body. Make the 
blood pure and the bo^T «>U be Moad. Thnmgh the blood 
Dr. .\ jer'a &uru|iarillB am wemmm, tcttar, b«ii^ erap t iia^ 

- Pt Ayer's SarMparilla was rari 
phyiai.'ian a* a bl<Ki<l parifier. Wkea I 
rnini;K or boils all over ay body, hat oae 
rnnsiiler l>r. Ayer's Sarnaarilla the 
made." Bu.NNU CBMlb maaoa. 

Il , 


From the Mali, Mtlford. Ind. 
Mi.u Kninia KvIhiU, a prepossessing school 
girl of Milfurd, lad., is of aaaire tlua asaal 
inlcUigracc, aad ia ■■hiliaM to riH ia the 

literary world. 

" In ilie fall .if IW6." >ai.l Mrs Rvlwlt. 
"Kiiini.i ".1-* t.ik.-ii ill. >he was \ ( <iu- 
dent .iii'l her ivorl; to tall on her. 
Sh.' icii'iv «i ik. p.iU' anil n.'rvou'.. ami .-iiii 
plained of p.iiii-. in h.-r bar k, a-hest a id liilili!.. 
.\ ifiv wt-eks p.issa'd and nhe grev- worw. 
The do.-tor sai.l she w-aa a victim of ner 
vuus prustratwu, and should have lieen 
taken frtaa schaoi weeks earlier. 8hc grada- 
sllr crew won^ bar acrvea ware ao tcaa* 
ttiat the least aaiao irritated her aad Ae had 
aad a eoatiaaal 
Tha aimapMaa 
>^t. Vitus' dance. 

"A year 
psKsrd. and. 
under a 
e h a n K e of 

£hyHit-id n 8 , 
miua b c - 
came some- 
what better 
bet saKin wa« 
as bad i • 
ever ll^n e 
day I r*<d ot 
n ease simi- 
lar »• k -ja 
viiieh waa 
flT HaiiU i ure.1 bv Dr. 

Williams" innk Pills for Pa c People and I 
dreialrd to try them. 

"Rmma had no faith ia proprietary medi 
. inr«. but trie,l the nfll". and after tak 
iiii: 1 i|ii7.en doses, nhe liegan to improve. It 
aa.i'. about the (ii-t of .\pril when »he brfaa 
and bv the middle of Mav. after taking 
about eight lioxeK, «he wa« entirely cured. 

"While ill, "he lost twrnlyeiiiht pounds, 
bat bow weigh, more th in evrr before. Her 
acTVCaarc stroiiu ind >lie i" m prrfe. t health 
We an all .-onlid.iit tint l)r Williams' 
Hak Pills for I' l l' r.-.iple I nreil her, and I 
e ha er f nlly rea-nniini nd Ihem in all similar 
ra«es. MIIS K. A. RYBOLT." 

Snharrilieal and nworn to hefbto Mt, tkIa 
thini dav of September, 1887. 

f'AI.KIt BAKKR, Notsrv Publie. 
"Dr. Willi.ims" Pink Pills for Pale People 
will rure all diKeanen arising from » poor and 
walerv rondition nf the blood, will buil.l up 
a run .loa n sy»tem and are a speeifie for 
paralysis, locaiaiotor ataxia aad otiicr dia- 
eases king resardid M kManUa. 

LeeCare af a Novelist. 

A well known noveli-t il'livereii a leature 
re.Vntly m which he r.-.ul .«eleelion!i !rom 
li'- i.n n work. III.! rcimlation and the so- 
<-i.-ty eiiK.iiceil liiin nrought together ao 
.ludien. e .-oniiHiseal ul tke best people of the 
neighborhood. After the lactarea whea 
people met, it waa the ptafor tbiag for aac 
to ask tbe other: 

"Were yoa at tbe loctaNr Aad tbe 
answer in everv Mse : 

•'Oh, yes' I wa* there, but T didn't hear 
a woril f>id yon hear the lerlurc?" 

"Well, no! I wa> there, but I couldn't 
heat, cither," 

\ friend who met ili. noich-t .i friv day* 
after hii. vi.-it to the suburban town a.sked 
him w kind of audience he had, and how 
he like.1 the town. 

"It's a tine place," was the fcpiy, "aad I 
ha.l the most atttatiae ladiiaii that I haTf 
ever spoken to. Bo aae aarfo a 
MiMt rtM V MiM ahoM a 




He waa aa q aesl i ea a blr aa orator. Bat 
he was ont eontent with that gift. He <ie- 

sired to deliver ^pe... Ii.". whiin s-ould read 
well m limit. .\s .1 It ..lilt , Ills periods were 
imlish.-d till tlii'a li>~i I'.rK' Tlicv would! 
n.ive ni.ulc nii'ti- ni an un pi c-.i. .ii if he had ■ 
lettafi-w j.iggi'l i.ilgi-s,iti tli,-ni 111. -iieeches " 
wereaafaokNl lor their si.|miiiiii i|u.ilities as 
they waae iar their inmia. nlatr syntax, but 
hia wilh WMa rontideut a.lniirer of his pow. 
era aa a speaker. Witboat taking the 
trouble to lofona hatsrif very thoroughly 
on the topia'v he disrussed, she sri-epteoi^ii'a 
nli-crvationn with implicit fsilh ftid ort- 
biiiiiiil.-il applaUM*. .•she had gone to bear 
li.iii i.lilri'^. Ihe lecisialOre. Altec it was 
SI '1 'o' 11 III irked*. » 

"Tim -i..'.-.-h 
it wouiil ' 

'Jit was a ii-cry nice a p tee h . indeed," she 
aB»we,,j .-HMnaiBvly. "1 (ajoyrd 


very maeh * 

wtn'^^.v.. •fteenoon. 


"John, what makes you stay downtown aa 
late Bights?" la^aifod aa angry wiia of hai 
kasha ad. 

"They're Ulkia' arar dowatewa aad aapi 

that I tell my ezperieacea ia tlM hat WM 
aa sett of pointers." 
"Bat in your sleep you say 'I'mia.' WbM 

do«^ that mean?" 

"W hy. you know, if they'd ask aw if I'd 
go to war again of eetiraa I'd 
wouldn't I. darling?~ 

"Yes, dear, sod ihM 
"'li's up to yoa.' " 

"That's whea I'm loiag down the line 
asking quealiams of my eompaay." 

""Hut what do yoa OMaa wbaa yoa mfi 
'It's open?' " 
"I)o I say it load?" 
"Yes, a little bit exelaoiatory.'* 
"Weil, that's when the eaMHMdiBMB 


'".\nd if ran keep talkiag 
id wbitesT what'I thai?' 

•■ rhere wasn't much enth 
'"I was iWjr rnthnsiastie. " 
" I was referring to my fellow 
"Yoa coaMa't tcU whether thqr Mud |> 

OP Mot ** 

"At all eveatt, they were aat aanMofl 

their feet." 
"Oh. voii mustn't he the leaat llit WaO^ 

ricd almui fhev couldn't lie. They 
ti.oU sp' ptcrmiiiins. I noticed that 
before luti i:ol Ii.ill lhionj(h nearly all of 
them bad their tcet on ibeu dcaka. — Waah- , 

bieso yea. that*, the colors of the 

I, a .. '• .w to «ar. will you, I i. - " 
ly i^ana.{ dnaaaos it, then 
iliun sppaartd 4e |a ' 


■aaovto^ ^ 

T aippose yoa eajoy a 0mt ^ 

poker with an ci|K-rt player? _tjjf f 
Wolf— I cnjov playing with a man wafw t 
eoaaidtia kiaweU aa espert.— Uoeloa TfaV*""^^ ' 

B A 

I.ake Crystal, .Minn., .luly 31st, 1897. 
April .=ith, Idtt!, my little boy, just fonr 
tears old, wss terribly scalded by falling 
liaekw-ard inui a pall full of Iwiliag water. 
He fell into it in lurh a manner that he re 
niained doubled up until his mother, who 
was in the next room, <-ouM come to hia res 
lie. In t.'.iriiig his clothing trom hini, the 
i.kin .111.1 llrsh .ante otf in strips, and the 
niiitliir's hands avere ba'lly burned. The 
>kiii I anie oil his bixiy from alwve tbe laidalle 
nf the hack to below the calves of his Itgi. 
1'lie burn w a* deep and tbe rase de s pe ra te. 
For two months he was nader the rare of oar 
family phyaiciaa. We thn leek Mas to St. 
Paul and artingunder his ahrira called in one 
of the leading surgeons of the city, who took 
the case in cn.irge. Other physi.-ians were 
.ailed 111 .onsultation; sixty pieces of skin 
VI ere araftcd at -inc time, yet notwithstsnd 
iiiK all the skill of the doctors snd the most 
iiiir.'niitting i-sre, two months afterwards all 
hope ha.l lieen given up. For months he 
h.iil lam on pillows wiin his face down and 
snffered temnly. He had ao appetite and 
aethi a g oa kia olaaiack. 
ware iadaleat aad far two 

raa* TXwM to Celorado. 

A aew tlmmgh Sleeping ( ar line lietween 
St. Loaia aad t"»la>rado Springs will he estah- 
Haked over the W'ahash Ro^ Islead Hhart 
Liae, May Uth. IM. The tiaw will he the 
fastest made with Ihmogh servia-r helwcca 
tha-se two points bjr auiny hours. .\ihroo^k 
Sleeper will leaa-e St. I>iuis on W il> i.h train 
No :t. at 1 "JO ,1. Ill . .irriving at t olorado 
>prin,£- the iH-vf MUM n .114 .it II llO, avit !i .1 ill 
ri 1 1 ( onnci 1 1. m i - -r IVm cr, arriving at 1 1 ..'W 
.1 111. This IS the fastest regular through 
St I \ II c a'vcr ot.ililisheil between St. l.oili« 
and t'olora.ln. Keturning, the Sleeper will 
leave Colorado Springs at 2.15 p. m., and ar- 
rive at St. \jm\% the next evening at 6.U. 

Patrons of this line w ill aa-oid the only un- 
pleasant feature heretofore attendant nn ("ol 
orado travel, iii.isiiiiich .is the trip throuah 
Mi^si.iiri'- fcr'tlc li*-)iU will p. .w (m- Iiv d.i V 
llicht . an.l the iiinT 1 1 u t i \ »■ Ii-tI imi ot 
w-ill be IrrtVcr*C't dilnnic the iitKht. with the 
mountain si cnei y to Krcet the tourists in the 

The ^st lime of this line will aalarally 
enmmend the Wabash Koate ta iaiaadhig 

Colorado tourists. 

^hrtieabn) will he ^id|r haaiihiil oa ap- 

&k CRANE, a. r. AT A.. ■ 

.feweler lexe 
those diamond 
They're w.irth 

His Wile— The cook saw them, dear, 
her dav out, >uu know, and iMid she'd leave 
if I dioa't let 'ner wear Umbi this aftenaaa. 



The aores . 

months had laia perlcetly d urm a a t. liy 
attention avas thca called to Allea'sUleeriBe 

S.ilve, and in desperation, ready to try any- 
thinit that promised help, "e commenred lt« 
111..'. Uc^iills were apparent at once It at 
once aroused the sore? to action snd stimu 
lated a healthy discharge. We kept the 
Iwy'a strength up with a preparation of 
tiecTa hieoa aad wine, snd in about two 
~ a he waa wail on the rosd to recovery, 
^ ^ I were mIo to remove him back to our 
hoBW. Thirtaea aaatha faaai the tiaie he 
waa injond he waa pa 'fcHl y leatored. It 
has been over fonr ycers dnee the rare was 
effected and the boy is perfectly well and 
remarkalilv stronji and active. I believe 
that .Mlen^s I'lierine Salv.' "ive.! his life, as 
when we commence.l its ii<,' all hopes had 
been given up, and blood poi-.i-n n* was ex 
pe<-te,T to set in any moment It was four 
months after he w-as biirned before we be- 
gan to use the Salve. Signed, 11 E WOODS, 
Traveling Agent for C. Gotzian 4 Co.. 
Wholesale Bnotf A Bhaoi. 8t, Panl, Minn. 
Sworn to hdere aM tUa Hat day of July, 

(SIpMd.) W. P. CORR. 
.lustiee of the Peace. 

Sold bv all Pruggists. Price, 25.'. snd ."iOe. 
iier bottle. 

Prepared bv .1. P. AU.F.X Medicine Co., 
St Paul. Minn 

n.-erine Salve is a sure cure for sll kind* 
of ulcers and sores. Alao heat nrcparation 
for Boih. Chthaactaa^ WgyMlJ wk M n i, 
I'.uraa, Cata aad beA 
keep it ia the ' 

"What da jtaa iad the 
lusian aaMiag yoar palieata, 
"That we physiraBs care aathiaB MMt 

having our bills paid."— Detroit fW ftem. 

TBe Plsaeer Llaslled 

b the aame of the oaly perfca-t train ia the 
watM^ BOW rmaiag every nigbi between 
ehicMB. St. Paul and MiBaeapoiis via the 
Chieaaa, Milwaukee ft St. Paal Raihsay— 
the pioatrr road of the West ia adoptiagall 
improved farilitii-s for the safely aM eaj 
ment of pasM-nKcrs. .-Vn illii-lratcd 
let. showing vifias of bciiitifiil seeatt, . . _ 
the route of the Pioneer l.iniitrd. will be 
■ent free to anv (»erson uiion re.-eipt of twta 
cent p<i*tage vtanip .Vd.lrc^s, (leu II lleaf- 
ford, Cia'ii.'i..i r.i-.-'iic' r \,:.-Tit. ( liii.nfo, fU. 

Had Oatarowa the HaMt. 

She — l>o you believe micrub 
from kissing? 

He— I really have ao way of k 
know, I'm married.— Y'oaMM I 

Their Permanent Aliode.— "Where are 
tho»e |>oliti< aI rogues w e bear so much aboat, 
papa'r ' " Ihey are always ia the — 
party, my son."- Detroit Wtm 

the caMbiaatiaa,1 
care aad skill with wh 
hy sdentiOe 
the CAuroB.iiA Fio Stbvp 
Co. only, and we wiah to iinpra^ npam 
ail the iinpa>rtan.'e .>f piirrli.i.sing the 
true and orii;inal remealy. As the 
genuine Syrup of Fi|rs is mannfaa^tarad 
by the rAioroaata li'Mi Stbop Ca 
oaly. a kaM 
aMk* aaa la aa 
larikMlMaMaaaCoetarad kyotkerfar- 
tlM. IbaMvh slaadkB)r of the Cai,^ 
gaiMA Fin rtrut r ('.> vrith the aMdi- 
«al fOof.'-.ii>n. Biki til.- r^aiixfaetiaa 
which Ul.- genaiaa Syrup if I- i^s haa 
i;ivi-n to diilliaiaa oC fisaailic^ makes 
tbe name (If tkaCaMsaay a gaaranty 
of the eBeelleB0» I 
tar ia adeaara o< all 1 

iar tkeai, aad it dore aot gripe 9m- 
aaaaeate. Ia order to get iU beaedei^ 



Tom— Some men Mia | 

Yea; for n 

others ^1 

exaawie, the brewtr."— V» ia 


PeniBeoa caaael Carea 

by kiral apuliratiaM. m they caaaot 

Ihe diseased portioa of the ear. There is 
oaly oae aray to care deafaaa'. aad that ia 

by constitutional remedies. Dcafacaa n 

.-aused by an iiirianie.1 « oiidition of the mu- 
cous lining of til.' Ku-iiii liian Tul>e. When 
this lulia- gets iiitlaineil .a'ni have a rnniblini! 
Miunil or ini|>erle.t hearing, an.l when it i-. 
entirely .iosc.l deafnes.'. is the result, and 
ur.lesK the intlamniatioii can U' t.ikcn out 
and this tulie restored to its 1 on 
ditiam, hearing will be deslroved foieu r; 
nine eases of of ten arr a-aused by la'arrh, 
which ia nothiag hot an inflamed condition 
of the niiu-nus sarfaees. 

We n-ill give One Hundred t>ollars for aay 
case .11 IVafness Unii^.-al by eatarfk^"' 
cannot b,- , iircd I y llall's t"atarrh 
Send I'll- I n rul.ii s. tree 

F. .1 I hciiev ft Cl, 
Sold bv Druggists, 7Sc. ^ 
llall's V.iiiiily I'lila are »he beat 

• Matfcar'b 

(MVNatly faoM a Motker'a neglect to 
properly iaatract ker daafhter I 

TraditioB aaya "woMaa Bust snlTer," 
and yonn; woiaea ara ao tanght. 
There is a little truth and a (rrcat al 
of exaggerat^un in tlii-4. If a young 
woman suffers aevcrely ahe accda 
treatment and hav MattWtlMaMaM 
that she gets it. 

Many mothers hesitate to take their 
daughtera to a physician for eg a aiia ar 
tion; but ao MotkM aaod k ia i t at a ta 
writa freaty aboat 

A L L E. N S 

ulcerine: salv 

Istaaonir *ur« ^dre to itM wi->r!4 for CSi-Mle 
«*rs, asa . Cle^rv, a«r«riil«M ri««r^ \ ^ 
MM tlwrs, aaaama, Fevar Bsris. aaai 
II saver fails. Uraws oat aU aalsB 

asvss SIMMS sad MBsrla 
Bssi sialvs tar A.a««Mas«k 


Or. Oosa fTM J 
ca.. as. rmmt, mi 



Tha fbllowlnirletter from Hiss Marik 
F. Joansos. Centralia, l*a . show s avhat 
neglect will do, and tells huw Mrs. 
rinkham helped her: 

"My health became so poor that I 
had to leave .soh.Hil. I wa.s tired all the 
time, and had dreadful pains in my 
side and back. I waa troubled 
with irregularity of 
very weak, aad loat a 
mj frieada 


IIK.^IKIM, TO Ul Y ANVrillS.) 

Ai*vv;uTisKii I.N rr-a ruLi Mjia 
aaot'iaP iNaunr iroa aatriaa 

A posiTivi TABK 

aaaagSOLUTE |JlrE 

f.U. I 


40Ta • • CmriDii ati. o 


Brvi io 1 IM avoria. AsaMMa sr Bo^iaa 

Ro»»l go«-i..i, t-r-Teniing critellr la* salwala 
(':r,'i>:ar fr.-,. n. r. KK-E. Fwemlse*— . cs. 



PagilisU aad faahica 


IloUowad «M advfa* 
«oa gave, and naed Lydia B. PinkhaM'a 
Vegetable Componnd and Liver Pilla aa 
yoa directed, and am now as well as I 
ever waa. I have gained flesh and hare 

agoodcolor. 1 ■ ■ aiM i f I gU to o ai adal 

Uwingsville Outlook. 



rm. 91 vcM m mnmei. 

— Olii) in I ii.s.ii!< ni iriiiiii*. 

<1.- , 11.. I 1 

.. M-r. tl Ml w.inls. iiift rl' il 

cb«rg«<tl f<>r rmeb aitdi 

Vanf f tmiemtm will pleawp ri' 

1 Tlif \.iv_v l)i-|iarluniil licwrii 
.from tin- *lr.-;;iiii, |iriil.:il>lv in \Vi-».| 
llliliilll Wiitrrr-. .'ihcl <iiyr i>' f^iifi-. 

<;>'ii. MiTiin'-* fiTi-i- to i><-«Mi|»y 
. Mic niili|i|iini < t«ill t-.m^iil of Tt tKK) 
! rrguUr* aiiU it.OUU viilimU eni. 
I KuipaMi'a baailMirda«-Nt of ii«n 
I Jua«. INiria Bleu, kiiird eight anl- 
Iiliern. wotindrd thirty -four and 4U- 

mi.lllit. il t«ii i-alltl.'Il. 

■ Till- iii\ !i.-i.iii I'f t lit mi oarly 

j.l;it<- 1- .Ij;.!!:! >:I1<1 t" iltrulr.l oil 

! riif Hriii"li •'ii'uniiT Klwick \v;i< 
tHkinji i>n II PHrud i«f siili>liiir nt 

m. ...JK-r io aUar. .ail Ihoir iU«a ••"•'•v-. Spain, f-r B:.l,i,„..r.- 

'the pt-oplr l»>arn''<i <>f it thi-y trni 

f • iliHi ili<>7 will iMch aaoii Mam 
tiny Till* iuNar !■ 
|i»rtaut lu M. 

Th« Owincsvill« Outiook and 
either of the followinc will be 
sent forOMlMrfsrtlMWfco 

Outlook and Twico-a-Week 

Courler-Jout tial. $1 .50. 

Outlook .md Wfckiy Cincin- 
nati Commercial Tribune. 
91 -40. 

Outlooicand LouisvilleWeek- 
"ly Dispatch. $1 60. 

OuUookand Louisvill* Daily 

to MKtb the captain and dr<>v<> 
•Mp awajr half l«*adiHl. Smuo 
prdo-hMts rlwaed her after 
I<-ft piirC Greet ■rUale mmy 
•«n SpHin r«r aelMariiea fer 


Tlu' M. \\ iiiini-fprs iit Mndriil :in' 
iiii-k ii.iiiii il l u r. Ill'' "( i I 1 11 m>-l;i .1 
tial 4 'iiliiiict ' 

SI xi> ^^ . M \ v 'J Ji>. 

A<-ltiig Mil till- lit'iiff ilintCcrverii 
i« Ktill at Saniiago, S4-hli-y ix ex 
liM'led l» reanh thi* t-vt'iiini;. 
having left Kej West TliurwUy. 
8aai|tti4»n left Key \\'t*t Kridajr for 
Saatia|;ti and i« to reach then- 
Mondajr afteraoea. A aalt«4 at 
tai-k will be ■■de.Onrera'aeqnad 
ron i« bt-lieTed to be in need of 
niiK-li ri'iHiirs and siipplifo nnd will 
c'iiii«ii|ii«-iiily l»' Itotiicil up in the 

' Till' liiir 111'. 'lit. T M iiilrry will u<> 
f roiu ( '.il 1 l.'ii; I.I 1.1 1 1 info I.-. Drwcy ■ 

: It i<i u iii:itcli fur till- i-neniy'8 lii-^it 

Spain's Europeaa syaipathisers 

•re gleefnl about Cenrera'a outwit 


'I'liK -rn-iit lialtlpsliip Oregon 

iii:iit<' II (liin;;i-riMis nnti under the 
riri-iiiiii-l.iiii'i's a notalilt' trip 
San ^^.■lln•i^(•^> aroiinil Ciipe 
Io the Wist Ihilli'i'. It ponfoimds 
s-.iiiii « lli..«n- ri ilii--i of tlio iiinil- 
i in lialtlc-liip'-i si.iworlliy i|iiiili- 
ti. -i. Still. l!n ii. is nniliii.s: in tlu' 
iiiMlli r t.. |' tliii liatiiin 
>li .iilil luiiUI 111./ Ni.- ii :iii;^:i t anal. 
TIk' (' iii.'il .>ii;;lil I.I lie liiilll. Iiilt il 
iiujilit t" il..iu- liv II i-i>i|i.>r.ili"ii 
uilliiiiil ..III I ; . .\ .rn nun Is Milisiily. 
Its viiliir ill « ar « ..iilil ill priuldn tin- 
ntmij;tli (if till- navy o|>|i.isini; mirs. 
Willi a wi ili. i ii.ivy it Would Ix- H 
In l|i t" II- , Willi .1 •itroiigiT oni* it 
would be m dif>advauta}{e and a 
weafcaoM to a*. 

A fallin;; l.iittl.- Iiatrli i-amc neor | ting our Str it. ^'v Hoiiid. 


killing ••Ki^^litiii;; It.'V Kvaiis, Cap- ] 
tain of llif lvitlli-lli|i I.iwri. Hi' 
was hadly liriiiTil on lli<- rijjlit 
»liouldi'r ami arm TIm^ aoi-iili-nl 
wa- caiist-d >iy the ha««vr of a towcil 
■ 1 1 : 1 . k no«-king It dawn a IWWiiwnjr 
ontu Kvaaa. 

Sjriveatar tmrell, th<- New York 
WatM CMiMpeadent who baa been 
activa ia Cahaa af aim aeariy avw 
aia— the iaaB m rt iua begaa, waa 
barf«4 rraa fartlw aaacas to var- 
»hipa and aatml atotleaa beeaaae 
he stowed htmaeir away on a thip 
in disobcdi' lo'i' "f onli-rii. 

FKtliAY, MAT 2()TII. 

Or rera's squadron is reported 
through Spanish source?, and 
•eeniingly cwrrolmrated. to liave 
reached the well (ortiied harbor of 
Santiago, on thcwstlMastern coast 
of Cahn. The eacfliy says two of our 
lied wpT wanridpa act* there and thry cut 

It is reported at Key West that their laflkjr Uko a «b — nHth a tin 
a bit? criniier of ilie enemy captured «■•■•••'*•*■"• Th*jr aiedri to. 
It;., hitle ex lixht-hoUM- lender Samiison and Schley have united 
Manjtr.ive »liil< she was grapplinp I thi ir si|nHilr<«n« at Key West, Flor- 
!or an oei an cahli- to cut it and ida. If they li.^ve time they will 
WM*i taken into Saiitia|i<> liarhor. i clean t hf hot tonis of t lieir i^hips to 
She Carried lliirt'-en men under ; make eroaler speed. 
Lieut, fouiniaiidtr Wni. Kverett 
and was nrni)>d with two rapid fir- 
ing 6 p<»und< rs.ihou;:li s|ie cMptiired 
the big Panama arm. il u iih two 14- 
poundeia. The Government will 
not saf 
« A 

MoM> \T, M.W "J. 111. 

iia \ .il liiiiit . likr 

Latest, Tuesday, Hay 24. 

TWre ia aothiag late from the 
I aftor Ccfvara unless the 
■t kaowa it, aadJt won't 
jrritor aaya official 

hare aa4 to the 
PhllippiaM, leaviag aalj one 

gnardship at Cadii;. 

Tlie inva-i..!! of Ciilia « iili To, 
is di'terniined upon this Urek. 

The Ailrainistration weeps be- 
cause Dewey was oot sooner rein- 

TIm g iciad Ky. szpeetcd to go to 
Ohiekaaaaga Wwlata day . 

AaKKiCAV institutions, political 

aiipirations and sinte policies can 

the Ttieafue 

Mao ting const 

inniionea tbeahipa. 
at the eae«y ba 

bifi n s. rve leet 
Spain, today probab 

▼fc. I T)< niv 
•raVes ( adiz. 

Iv fori ittnr 'hi I'hiil|u<in<'* or thi« .,, . 

•1 » 1 .1 .■ Ti a . 1 will not nece 
ude of tlie Ailanllp. The first elaKS| 

battlesliip Pelavo and (ireatest ar- 
mored cruiser Carlos V. head the 
§eet of fifteen ship* and several 
torpedo boats The enemv lets it 
he known the exp< dilinn is 
ho and (or Manila, whirb sake* it 


Havtians report heavy cannona- 
ding last Thursday, Friday and 
Saturday in the Windward Paaaage 
between C'uba and Hayti. 

' Wiip owo c rs of the Pacific want 
•ucb high prioes for their ships as 
transports to th« Philippine* that 

expected to hn 

this week. 

War's Daily Progress. 

vcaasMAT, HAT 18tb. 
A rrvort, which th« Mavy De- 

yarf a a t thiakt aet improbable, 
teamm hj way of 8an Domingo that 

'• squadron went froai Cu 
San Juan, Porto Bieo, 
I* phatif ai, aa< vhero 

The Paymaster (;i' t slmiates 
that It will eoat >:!u.ii(io.(M)i) to 
■ntlnf fit tba army u( iOO,(KM> for 

The ■•«• af «adi MMwaMagday 
largely eontradtoto wfcat waa Mp- 

posed to be new aad MB tfM fre- 


The Charleston, wliieh startoJ «o 
join Dewey's s.jiiaiir..iv. i.nd to pu» 
back at S.<'» Kianeiwo for two 
y^^^JJS. -eayfTTuWlng to hercondensors leak- 

The report is now that Cuba will 
not be invaded until the <iuietus Is 
put on Cervera. Oh. ao, tha war 
wQy ha avar More 
blackberry tiac 

Mataal cxplaaatiaa* dtadoae that 
oOMally everything is lovely be- 
tween the United States and France. 
.I..\irn!ili>t H.iliiiieau, of Paris, ex- 
plains tliai tin animosity to this 
nation in Fniiice comes from the 
conimon pioplf wIm have invested 
their small saving!- liirj^cly in Span- 
ish bonds nnU are ti rrifipd at the 
prospect of loss to them so soon af- 
ter the bursting; of the Panama 
bubble when they lost so heavily. 
That is the reasoa alao for 


A laaaaae aT the Cakaa war k 
iIm aartivfi eagiifHMB* af Mica 
Bvaafsllae OmiSUj Ctoaeree, tkm 
young Cahaa girl t ieeaid froa 

prison by Carl Decker, to aa ex- 
banker of Havana, Carloc Carbonel, 
who helped reeeue her. Carbonel 

has been nominated u Lieutenant 
on Gen. Fitzhugh Lee's stittl' by 
President McKinley. 

Nine supposed Spanish warships 
are reported off Cape La Have, Nova 

has aeaaiad of France a coaling 
station near Si. Pierre, Miqaelon 
colony, off the awMh aSMt a( Hew 

A MovKMRwr suggested by the 
Cincinnati Coraacflvkil Tribune, 
approved by Senator Foraker, to 
return to the South the battle iegs 

captured during the dvfl War 

rill- hunt, like a sea re 1, for I deRuite form by the introduc- 
a ne.ille in a hayst .ek. still goes t'"n of ConKressman Bromwell, of 
on il. Weet ladian waters. I Cincinnati, of a resolution la tMe 

. t I • 1 Mouse providing for the return ol 

The caeay is breathing out „ ^,..j..^„, 

'l^^^t 'T' "'-riti^«Hnd requesting the States 

Madrid aad talks of eeadlag his , r^,, „,^^^ ,,y 

them. The return would be ii graee 
fill act. There has never been nuii-h 
room for doubt in the past tweiity- 
fivj years not only that the I'liion 
was rcetured in fact and spirit but 
that the Soatk waa at heart gM it 
was so. 

Kk< ii-k for putting a Spanish 
Flyinn S.piiidron into a state of in 
nocuous dcMietudi ; Locate your 
Spnnish Flying Squadron by means 
of ji Hoard of Naval Stratcfiy. send 
, n squ;ulr..ii to tell it that it's no 
never meet the approbation of men „ ,„ aodgiiiK "round over the 
of the ftiiinp of I'rinee Otto von ... 
Bismarck, the niost eminent modern 
German statesman, whose deliglit 
to bend tlif km c to a war loril in 
Bj irit if not in lact was derived 
tliroufrh many ^;i ni rations of ances- 
tors w ho ill the remote past were 
doubtless the riiHianlv va>sal« of 
rultlanly banms living and pro- 
viding for their foIkiMers by pred- 
atory warfare on everybody weaker 
in power than they. Aside from 
statecraft basnd on the most ef- 
ficiently organized military power 
Bismarck is purhaps as much of an 
anaohroLlsM ia the last decade of 
the Kinetacailii aeatury aa the aUte 
«t Syaaleh aifHhatlea Itoelf . The 
idea of huaaa ffgkto to Mm la the 
right of each beiadltafy ralar to be 
a despot at will to all k»«ar la tank 
thaa be; ea«h priaee, priaaailag, 
count aad no-neeouat, aad each 
other member of the order of nobil- 
ity, to imitate his sovereign in iin- 
positinn on those b. 1 .» hiiu : and 
so on until the comniiin p. ■..pie are 
reached, when they have a i-.m of 
e4{ualily of rights among eaeh oth- 
er, but none us against even the 
common soldier wenriiifj a uniform. 
Con-e<|uently ISismarek hates this 
nati .11 and allVctS to despise it. 


1'. II. Stephens, of Stepatoae,was 

here Sunday. 

Will McCall aad wife Halted at 

Sherburae Sunday. 

Mrs. I.igc Doiiald-i.n ..f Menifee 
county, is visiting relatives here. 

Mrs. Viola Staton and Mrs. R. T. 
.Myers visited la OvIagtvUla Sat- 

Filler Kendall pr. .icln d t.. .i 1 irt:e 
congregation at Kendall's Springs 

Utile Oscar Gilbert, of Fhit 
< 'reek, is visiting his grandpareate. 

D. S. Nixon iiih) wife. 

Mrs A. W. Walden niitl Miss 
Bmily Hrolher. of ()» in^sville. were 
the guests of Mrs. Press liarnes 
Pnd«y aad Satorday. 

Joseph WHHams la very Hek. 
Dr. Brewalag w caavaleaeeBl. 

Corn is coming ap hettor tluHi It 

has tor years. 

Wnt Lawson, of Flmlagahaffg. 

was here last week. 

t;. W. Perry s..ld 
one s'.iekliii'r mule 

to ,Tii Whalcy 
for f.lO. 

Cranaa Citv. 

^ Bora. May 19th, to Wm. KstiU 
and wife, a daughter. 

Mi^H .lu'ia Walt. Ml is visiting rel- 
atives near Poplar Plains. 

Children's day win he observed 

at Kden's Chapel May 2!»th. 

Willie Anderson returned to hi 
home in Hath county, after a week's 
visit to his grandparents. i 

Died, May Igth, Uttle chIM iff 
Wealay Batill aad wife, aged about 
lit months. Interment at Kairview. 

Dr. Myera,deBliatof Sharpabur^ 
wav here eceeral daya leet week. 

Charles I),iy sold to T.,I. Dailgh- 
erty 6 shouts at |:i.50 per cwt. ; av- 
erage weight, 133 pounds. 

broad seas and its conduct in that 
respect is detrimental to the hon- 
orable repute of chivalrous Span- 
ish courage; that it must stand up 
with knightly gallantry and be shot 
plumb full of holes. Than when it 
says "That's right" and lines up 
for battle Juat up aad alap the dob- 
bin to it. Thai waaM aaaa aai 
this cruel war. 

Or the aizgreateat powers of Ku- 
rope Fraaee aad Aaatrla-Hungary 
are the oaly oaea thai sell the Uni- 
ted Stotea acre thaa they buy of 
us. They are the two aations most 
pronounced in sympathy for Spain. 
They can't do very well without 
what lliey buy of us, while we can 
do without readily what we buy of 
them. A substantial lessening of 
our imports from those nations de- 
signedly done mi^ht put a new face 
on matters 

A. L. F.den, wife and son .Iiistin 
attended the birthday dinner of 
the f.iriiier - father near FknBtoai'a 
Landing last week. 

Messrs. Craig and .laekson, of 

Bath county, spent part of .Sunday 
with (ieorge Colliver en routs to 
Fleuiingshurg Court Monday. 

Messrs. Kd Moxicy, of Montgom- 
ery county ; W. O. Phillipa,of Bath; 
Martin Harrison and BoM. Pltek, 
of y!ein<n^kiiv«r. ware Bualal call- 
ers at Grange City SaUifUay and 
Suaday, reepectively. 

Our town was c.veitcd somewhat 
Thursday morning when it became 
kaowa that Wai. E. Parker stabbed 
aad killed hie father-ia-law, Bd. E. 
Bushy. IlaceuN that Mr. Baaby 
aad PariMr have baea at aato for 
aoaie tiae, dae to faailly t rea h le a , 
and laat Tharaday asoraiag at 8 
o'clock Mr. Rushy went down to 
the postoffice to get his pension. 
There he came upon Parker In the 
otflce. It is claimed that he said 
something to him and attempted to 
X strike hiiu, when I'arker cut him in 
the face and then stabbed hlin in 
the right side, the knife ranging to 
the left, eiittinz one rib partly in 
two and the knife entering and sev- 
ering a vital part of the heart. 
Busby went out the front door of 
the olllce and gave down at the 
corner of the house and died in 
twenty minutes. Dr. O'Brien was 
the first person to get to him. 
There were but three witaesses to 
the tragedy : the poetaaater, his 
depaty aad a aaall hoy. Ed Busby 
waa a good dtlaaa aad leavea a 
wifb aad aavaral ekOdrta. Bla age 
waa about 73. latotaaat la aar 
Friday. TUalatiwliat 
killed ia tkialawa. 

Mlaa DaBy Kaata hi 
eovetwl fiaa aa attack af aalatlal 
fever aad kaa gaae for a vMl to 
Wilmora. She wilt he geae far 
some time. We will ha gfaA to 
have her home sooB. 

Clarence Clayton, the handsome 
young b<>au of Farmers, was calling 
in Yale- Siind.'iy: ejnie up on ills 
new wheel which lie had just pur- 
chased froas Cbleaga. Mr. Claytoe, 
how ahoat yaw latara haaa aa 
year new ahtielf 

Chester Pierce, of Salt I.iek. the 
liustUii;{ clerk of Whitconil) h 
Uto' , '- line toour town last Snipl iy 
night on the return of our exeiir 
sion train of this place, but not in 
time to see his best — — until Mon- 
day. He also went on to his 
parents, a long distance from Yale. 

~ OB making his return to his 
home in Salt Lick stopped olf at 
Yale to bid one of the fair sex a 
aweet faiewell, as be ie tbiaUag of 
gsiag to war — nit. 

Navlor's Branch. 
Gaoiae Geodfaatar loal hy death 



overnment is offlcislly in- 
ed that tile Pi layo and Km- 
perador Carlos V., the enemy's two 

Somehow a certain percentage of 
the Kentucky volunteers seem to 
have enlisted under the notion that 
soldiering was a sort of protracted 
picnic, with just enough daager at 
long intervals to give roaaaaa and 
rariely to it. There haa eeais a rude 
awakeaiag, evaa at the aamp la the 
goo4.al8ed aad wall-provided city 
at Lesiagtoa, aa larely grounds 
aad ia the pleaaaat aoath of May. 
The Irat deaht of the picalc Idea 
caaM by reaaoa of the fare provid- 
ed. Ill-cooked biead, fat bacon, 
beans, onions and coffee, ni)t appe- 
tizinply prepared nor attractively 
served, were no sort of an outdoor 
banqui-t to young men accustomed 
to good fare regularly at home. If 
siddiering was the romance that 

It would lie best to not count 
those l'hlli|ipiiie chickens before 
they are hatched. Admiral Deviey 
simply has a hen on there. A Span- 
ish armor-clad squadtaa aay yet 
break up the nest. 

It perhaps wouldn't be entirely 
>afe for a landlubber to suggest to 
Admiral Saaaaoa thai a Washing 
loa Board af Maval Btratagy was 
Juat what It la erarked ap to be. 

TuK Preach are already begla- 

ning to feel the effeeta of taelr 

press' and people's animosity to 
this country In the loss of business 
in various lines. 

Weat End. 

Mra. Lawia Adaaa la aa better. 

Uncle Reuben Copher, who hos 
been quite sick, is out again. 

Willie C^aon ") Young haa Join 
ed his company at I<exington. 

"Knob Liek," you are a being 
after ray own heart and voice — my 
sentiments exactly on the war ques- 

A. W. Warser ia aawiag the jmrn- 
teiial toeaaa tw a l a araraalp which 
he •saaeto topiaaaal to Uncle Sam 

provided Elder Blerlaa is engineer. 

f)n last Friday night the young 
folks were given a delightful social 
at Mrs. Albert Karriek's. "South 
Side" was there, and to aay that be 
enjoyed hlBMcIf la patttag H vwry 

Holy Snooser! just think, Mr. 
Editor, the old girl at South Side 
says she is a eood cook and wants 
to marry. Wonder if she can chop 
stove wood and run a mill? If she 
can I will accept, but yoii can't 
please the women, especially the 

Saone Gaodpaatoi 



Bromley filled bis regular 

Mrs. Joba Feadblaa, a( Camar- 
go, visited relativea h*re the past 

Mrs. John Wright, of aear this 
place, la aaiy hm aail aalaapaated 

to live. 

Mrs. Clay .Tarvis, of Sharpaburg. 
visited her father H. D. Caae aad 

family over Sund.ty. 

Miss Iva McCarty, of near Side- 
view, vMlad bet uaele G. W. Young 
aad faaitf ever Saaday. 

Horton Young, accompanied by 
his uncle Wood Young, took in \ Sgan Shraul sold his ii 
Dew^ day at Lezlngtoa Saturday. jletaeaMW Bml al 4|a per 
Mr. aad Mra. JaaMa QMk(batt^w " m 

a val< 

Charle' ( 'oyle and wife visited 
Mrs. Coyle's parents Sunday. 

Saa Latbraa, of Upper FHakly 
Ask. baugbia aril af Jallbwai 

for fie. 

Serernl nf the boys attended 
church at White Oak Sunday an(^ 
report a large 

visited hie aether, Mra. Laara 

Kash, Siind.iy. 

Owing to the rain there was a 
very small attendance at 8aa4ay- 
school Sunday aftoraooa. 

What baa gat the aatter with 
Uaele Saa? Of lato he eeeaa to 
have forgotten his huaineae since 
oae of hie gallant bobs covered 
himsei.' with glory at Manila and 
"tore up smash" with those "ornary 
cusses" over there. But probably 
Uncle Sam was so tickled over his 
success that he forgot there were 
any more Spaniards. He careful, 
Sammy, me boy, and keep your 
eyes peeled, for "them Spaniardu" 
are sneaking devils and they will 
slip on you if they can. Go after 
that deet, doa't atop uatil jroa find 
it, and thaa ahav yaar ali Mae 

South Side. 

Sltaage, aa*t M, Ibal 

t'ozey doesB't call eat I 
■a advance npon Havana? 

Till -...-Ml at Bert Karriek's waa 
well attended and enjoyed bj 
Mueie hf B l a b w B a 

Elders liong and 
Just closed » very su 

ing at UfpaaialiUaatBBB 


Mn. Ida .Liekf«>n, of »alt 
after a p i eaa aat viait to her 
Mra. ila O we i^ i ilai a it aaaM 


•Iliii Iliirossett's house took fire 
1 hiirsd.iy, but by the lielp of hie 
good nuiglibtirs the dames were ex- 

Bltar BlevkM priasbi d Ila Imk- 
erala ef BIkaaa Fb el pa aad 

children ut Jackson's sehool- 
Sunday to a large congregatioa. 

When a w.iiuan has had such a 
disapptiintment that she won't do 
anything but cry and chew eandy 
aha ia aaid to ha eatiag bar bearl 

The Frenchbiirg foot ball teaa 
was too many for the little Slate 

boys Saturday and put them to 
sleep tu the tune of 6 to tbeir get 




^ 4 


Green Sexton killed three dogs 
at one shot while they were devour- 
ing one of his sheep. If Ge 
CO knew this we f^irh 
reaoM hj* uaaaa 1mm C 

beet ships, are on their w ay to tills j object to the hardships of the camp 

of the Ailantie. 
Tie Spanish Government denies 
that Cervera is at Ssn Juan, which 
^lakca to be fartial fiaaf that he 

at St. 
af twea- 

ff-arvra veaaela aorth of Tortola 
going westward. 

. Blanco is burning a signal light 
at Morro, Havana, as if expecting 
Cervera. He now has the coast 
•trung with signal telegraph wire'', 
sbllag Ilia to BMaa troops at any 
wbaaaabMiMMgaagf ba ai> 

their fancy pictured it var vauld 

It It reported that Spain j be a constant thing. 

The great 11,525-ton battleship 
Alabama was launched May ISth 
at Cramps' ship-yard, Philadelphia. 
The ceremony was private for fear 
of damage by Spanish emissaries, 
Senator Morgan's daughter. Miss 
Mary £. Morgan, broke a bottle of 
native Alalaaa wine aa the haw 
aad aaU: *1 acaaa thaa arith aag 
noUaa, brave abip^ aad alwialaa thee 
with a proud aaaa , Alahaai 
Right neatly aaid. Tba aaaaa were 
pxcellaal. The great ball was so 
eager for In eleaeat that It broke 
through the Baal harriera without 
waiting for them to be aawed and 
took the plunge gracefully. Her 
yard number is 290, which by a re 
markable coincidence is the same 
as that of the famous Confederate 
cruiser Alabaaa al a BriMab yard. 

Bevaral of the r eer u l ta at Lex- 
ington have deserted before being 
mustered in, due principally to dis- 
satisfaction over the failure of 
company officers to pass the exam- 
ination or to their removal. Some 

Oar leaders have ahoat aoaeli 

hy tba Cu- 
t peaettoally 

Gaa. Merritt waaie oae third of 
his troops that be will command at 
the Philippines to be regulars. He 
rlnime he was misquoted in un in- 
terview which aaid he would de- 
to go ualHsMa vdAto aaaa 
acceded to. 

Gen. Againaldo and his rebel 
cabinet left Hong ICong fur the 
Fhilippines to lead aa army against 
•a aabait to 

will send 
ata aat to prey on 
and aay alee 

aarque to private 

The slowness in aaetering in 
titc volunteer array haa a general 
aieeaan^^ing effect. 

■eet of the large BMrcbant skips 
by this euuBlry are British 
, aailk^ aader the Speaish 
lag far trade advaatagea.aad tbeir 
—B a i a i gpart their aaie a a t , beeaua 
aff iBe eardtal ffsdlag betwaea Un- 
ala Sam end John Bull. 


The wherenltouts of 
e^aadroB ia atill uak 


in the way of food and quarters. 
The company from Hopkinsville, 
two cavalry troops trnm upper 
Licking river, and some of the Lou- 
isville companies are more or less 
demoralized from these causes. Col. 
Castleman.of the Louisville Legion 
( First Regiment ), is disgusted be- 
cause ao auny of his fine eoldiers 
were rejected for what are alleged 
to be trivial reasons. There are 
likely, too, to be some eoart aartial 
trials for insubordinatloa aad ether 
offenaee. Gov. Bradliif a^fa un- 
muetered desertere aaa be pun- 


Cara na 'a 

IMfc fiaa San 
Dawey at 

Maaiia. Inking bia a lead at aa- 

The daily rations to the troops 
at Lexington in ounces are about 
7 of bacon, fresh beef 9, dried beans 
2, potatoes LI, onions 3, coffee 1^, 
sugar H, some salt, pepper and 
vinegar, soap 2-5, candle (one) 2oc. 
The aahle cutting fight at Cien- 

GovernaMBt censorship af preee 
dispatchea is getting w a tr ia l that 
no newe of iapertaat aray and 
Bavy aoveaeau can get to the 


The eB<tmy reporto fraa Madrid 
that Cervera's squadrea baa left 

Santiago de Cuba. Our aide re- 
ceived an official report that it had 
arrived there, and doubts that it 
has left. Sampson's sijuadron is 
coaling at Key West ; Schle3-'8 ie 
blockading Havana. Sampson 
didn't have enough ammunition 
after bombardiag San Juan to 
make a meeting with Cervera ad- 
visnble, though nt one time they 
were liltely aot far apart. 

Our vaaasla off Havana have re- 
caally aaaa— la r ad three old dere- 
Ualbalkaaelaaaathy the eaeay 



phtdiag as it went datra. Ia aaall 

' craf tlMtw the Spaaiah are adepts. 

It's a stroke of luck on our part 
that our first modern war ia with a 
nation as weak and unprotected as 
Spain is. With our unpreparedy' 
eondition and clumsy, tardy meth 
ods of militoiy organisation, what 
a woful plight we should now be in 
if this war was with a Inl-elais 
European power! Great Blltoin, 
France, Russia and Garaaay would 
now be running rough aladaa a us 
Evea Italy aoali haaa aar aaa 
eoaat aitlaa aace pilaaaf raiaa with 
her atroager aavy. The opportu- 
nity tn Coagrese to get a rudi- 
a e a l a i y adaaatloa ob bow to pro- 
vide for the aatioaal defeaee Is in- 
valuable. Will Congress profit by 
it? Rather will it not prefer to de- 
vote its chief energies to how to get 
re-elected, to the neglect of the vi- 
tal interests of the nation? 


If reports are correct the exami- 
nations and mustering of recruits 
at l..exington are conducted with 
such unreasoning red tape exac- 
tions that discouragement to the 
patriotic and military enthusiasm 
of the volunteers necessarily fol- 
lowa. Such strictness may be law, 
but Mr. Bumble's opinion that the 
law is liable to be an ass is not far 

Taa g rea te st British stotesman 
of his age, too fond ot the rigblaa 
be conceived it to pursue Mwaape- 
dieat, a laoa i aa ebaraalar, yat a 
gentle eae withal, aa aaaem- 
piiahcd aabalar, WiHiaa l(wart 
Gladetoae'a death ia aaaraed la 
Aaetlea aa thai af tba graadaet 
exempUr af • heroia aaioa of 
goodaea^Mi gi ia l Bii ia a pablic 
aAn. \ 

Fishing seems to be the order of 
day now, as all the farmers are 

done planting corn. 

Mrs. Dodswnrth returned to Cin- 
cinnati Friday, after a week's visit 
to her sister, Mrs. Wm. U. Scott. 

Prof. Oscar Robertson closed his 
school here on last t'riday. He has 
been very successful as a teacher, 
highly respected and beloved by 
his pupils and patrons. We predict 
far bia a bright fMarfc 

Our church waa repiaaaatad at 

the quarterly eoafbiaaaa af tfw M. 

JB. Chureh, South, al Sharpsburg 
OB Saturday by Wa. B. Peters, Sr., 
Charles Wilson, Thoaaa Daugher- 

ty and wife, D. S. Trumbo and 
Jack Ring. 

Mrs. D. 8. Trumbo and Miu 
Maggie Cannon spent Saturday, 
Sunday and Monday with their 
brothers-in-law and uncles John B. 
Donaldson and Jno. A^TrUBboaad 
attended the "Bonnel 

ing at White Oak. 

Flat CreeK. 

Several farmers are done setting 

L«vi irratmw laf k laal vaak to 


Born, to Ed Glovw 
vMay 17tb, a girh 

Born, to Finly 
May 18th, a boy. 

Y'our scribe attended church 
Kendall's Spring Sunday. 

Mra. 8. A^OwghM^^Priekly 

Baat Pora «f Plat 

The wrath af CM aaal ba 


Wool la worth (or rather celling 

18 cents ut Sherburne. 

G. W. Risner sold to Wra. Stew- 
art aavea aaall shoats for |I6. 

1 aai aany to hear that efaleken 
hawlta are takiag weaea'e hate for 


A liar might happen to speak the 
truth once in twelve aMalll^ bat 
he ia not believed. 

ia f eraad me that a Mr. 

GOlaapia, af Meaifec county, fell 
over a high cliff or precipice about 
100 feet and escaped unhurt. 

6. W. Risner has been suffering 
intense pain of the head caused by 
a dead tooth, but since the dentist 
extracted the tooth and knifed an 
abaeeaa ia the roof ef hi* aaath he 
ia gettiag al aa g writ 

I noticed in an eastern paper 
that a woman had written that the 
way to a man's heart was through 
bis stomach. I want South Side 
to tell mc what course would a man 
have to pursue to get to a woman's 



W. D. Darnell visited on White 
Oak Saturday night and Sunaay. 

f Will Mark and wife went to Lex- 
ington Saturday to see the soldiers. 

' W. B. Power and wife visited on 
Prickly AA SateMday alflhi aad 


Lee Steele bought af WiU Tapp 
Shaadaf yaadii^Maanal •M.e2 
per bead. 

Elder B. F. Parker sold to W. D. 
Darnell last week a li-year-old 
horse for $W. 

Joha Wade, a very popular youag 
gentleaan of Mon^omery Co., was 
in our midst Sunday. 

K. L. Steele, wife and son John 
William visited in Montgoatofy Co. 
Saturday and Sunday. 

Maate aad beet Uliie 
IhrMM^ here Saaday aa 

their way to WhiM Oak. 

Miss Mary Burbridge, of Ow- 
ingsviile, waa a gueet of Mia Eva 

John Steele atteaded aharah at 
White Oak Suaday. Joba Mya that 
he is not as acooaaadatiag aa his 

brothtr George. 

W. C. Harper aad vifa 

White Oak Sunday. 

Miss Craycraft, of Nicholas Co., 
is a gueet at S. P. Steele's. 

Gaatfa Drake aad wiSe,of Mteh- 
alaa Cob, aM aiiiliag al lb P. 


H. M. Turley and wife and Thos. 

Turley and family are visiting in 

We are glad to aato that H. L. 
Maxey was able to sit up a little 
last Sunday. 

Miss V'cnnetta Catoidy ia very 
little better than she iMWbeea for 
the past few weeks. 

Mrs. Wm. Alexander, who haa 

had a severe sick spell, is able to 
be up about the house again. 

Mrs. K. P. Evans, who has bee 
at the bedside of her brother IL L. 
Maxey, la la raei to ParaMta Sat 

urday. ^ 

Mrs. H. S. Bittinger and Miss 
Mildred Garrett spent Sunday with 
their aunt, Mrs. Martin Junes, near 

MiM iEtna Cassity returned to 
lier beae in Clark Co. last Sunday, 
after ipaadiBg fear aeeka with 
relativee bera. 

R. H. Lane went to Mt. Sterling' 
Saturday to attend the bedside of 
his father, James Lane, who is 
very low with Bright's disease. 

Mra. T b ea aa Ca aai j y, wha has 
been spendlag her tiaa with her 
parenu. Walker Caaridy aad wlte, 

at Preston, is visiting at Mrs. El- 
len Cassidy's at the present. She 
expected to join her husband in Il- 
linois shortly, the latter having 
left in the early aprlag to aeek a 
' location. 


kaawaaaoCaalaJiaP* aad "Aant 
Naaey" la thia acetioa) veta up 

from Salt Liek Sunday biddlag a 

farewell to their many friends at 
this place. They expect to start in 
a few days for Nebraska to make 
their home. W'c could not help 
shedding tears when we clasped 
hands for perhaps, as Uncle .lira 
-aid "The l ist time forever," Kv- 
eryone rej^n t~ vi ry much to 
them from our midst, hut may our 
love and best wishes attend them. 

Upper Prickly Aah. 

.fohn Moore sold a muhr aall la 

J. M. Richnrt for 145. 

^. Sam Lathram sold a cow and calf 
y [\o Chas. Spencer for $50. 

laha to 

ra. S, A. Daiigherty is visiting 

Moore's Ferry. 

Wm. Ingrnm and wife visited re- 
lations at Olympia Sunday. 

Mrs. JaBeNcwBMB haa raturued, 
after a week*a ae j aara la Plaaing 


There is a very large crop of wa- 
termelons p l ea te d ia thia vlaiaily 

this year. 

W. A. Baty is the champion fish- 
eraaa. He caught a eatlab last 
week that 

her daughter. Mrs. W. U. Darnell, 
on Flat Creek. 

We bare a patriotic citixen, dead 
to aarry, who has not got nerve 

enough to milk a cow unless her 
hind legs are tied over tier horae. 

What da ja 


ThrM aew 

look bete, Mr. HdMar, 
to set *ea Bp. Wo 

anything but 

I- '«n.'. 

Several dogs in this vicinity have 
been recently bitten by mad dogs 
and their owners refuse to kill 
Ibea. We tbink socb prrsoaa 
be aaat where thay 

It being the last day of ^hool at 
Fretichburg Thur94lay the Bryan- 
McKinley Literary Society gave 
one of the best entertainmenta of 
the lieason. MmIO bP 
orchesi ra. 

Piof. KiahedTa 
closed leet 
! large crowd 

Clay D. Taehett, af Owiagaville, | received the 
visited Ue pareata, P. P. fWkc 

Wm. Ceyla 

kett I 

and wife, Sunday 

Miss Kra Hamilton is visiting 
her aunt, Mrs. Klla IlaaHlaaw In 
Montgomery county. 

Mte. 6. Jebaaea , af Owiagaville, 
visited friends in thia aaaaaally 
for aeveral days past. 

Sam Lathr.'im and Thomas Bvet>. 
aaa each scdd a mule colt to the 

Gay Shrout, of Montgomery Co 

There is a 4ada ia these parts — 
I will not call his name in The 

Outlook — he has hoodwinked you 
and advertised and blowed himself 
up free in your columns for three 
months — who called on his girl 
three times in one week and spent 
two .and a half daya aad oae alght 

C. J. flaaiTa great-great-grand- 
father fooghlla the Bevolutionary 
War under Oaarga Washington. 
His great-uncle De Witt Clinton 
Glover gave b)i young life in the 
war with Mexico. His great-uncle 
Peter G. Flood was in the Second 
Ky. in ' Iti and '7 under Gen. Zack 
Taylor. His uncle Lieutenant W, 
L. Flood was in the Civil War over 
4 years in the Second Ky. M. I. in 
Um Southern Army, aod now C. J. 
ffM la ia lh« Baani My. T. L 


The farmers are rejoicing over 
the b^a^raias we liave had the 

Mr. and Mra. Fraak HeMara are 

rejoicing over the arrival of a fine 

girl at their home. 

Miss Myrtle DickerwB, of Salt 
Lick, was up calling aa Iter aialar« 

Mrs. M. P. Morns. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander are both 
quite ill at their home ia Ihiapkwe, 

we are sorry to say. 

Miss Kate Bates, a charming 
yo>aa^^la^_ofBiveriidab ia viiiting 

Edward Caldwell has beautified 
his home with a new coat of white 
wash, third white house of Yale. 

Miss Dolly Kaiitz was accompan- 
ied as far as Salt Lick by her moth- 
er, Mra. Joba JUuti, aad Mra. 

Miss .lalah Cassity, the charming 
little belle of Yale, visited friends 
at Riverside last Sai 
ing home Tuesday 

Girls, it looks as if some of you 
would try to hook oa the baok- 
keeper of the Sterling Lumber Co. 

You ought not to be modest. 

Two of our handsome young gen- 
tlemen of Riverside were calling on 

improveamit. Huatev Oylb mm4 

(Jrant Triplett judges. 

The aKgravaling little house-lly 
has made its appearance and will 
now be bumming alMxit your aeaa 
and silting down in the honey aa^ 
caBee withaat braebi^tjit^ 

Wedoa'tlblBk it right far aa 
editor to ask his delinquent sab- 

scril)^? to pay, btii he should insist 
upon them occasionally sendiTg 
him a lock of ih> ir hair so that ho 
was a guest of his grandmother, ,uighL know they were still living- 
M rs. Nancy Shrout, Sunday. , ^ af tba baya 

R. L. Stone, of near Carlisle, wr fL^tt^ wm mi* ahaal paapaaa to y> 
a guest at Mrs. Frances Hamilton's ' ' ~ " 

from Saturday ui>til Monday. 

W. B. Powers and wife, of Flat 

Creek, visited the former's parents, 
C. G. Goodpaster and wife, Suiulay. 

I. M. Shrout sold two calves and 
a yoke of work oxea to Jeff Daw- 
son at $16 and $18 far the aaives 

and 192 50 for the oxen. 

Miss .Mullie Markland and broth 
er Duke left Sunday afternoon to 
be at the bedside of their sister, 
Mrs. RullieOaw, aha la 4i^r- 
ously iU. 

Knob Uek. 

Fine growing weather. 

' People are aot doae plaaliag 


week. ''^i'' 

Bill Hunt has a little bay very 
poorly. The other sick are better. 

Henry L. Purvis is putting up a 
corn aW aa Mm lMa«IJ.M. Col- 

John Yarbrough has completed 

bia trat baaeh of aen^jteigi There 

Capt. Pitman and John Colliver 
went to Lexington Sund.iy to see 
the soldier boys before they left for 
the front. Capt. has a son in the 
2d Ky. They report a nice time 
and a Urge crowd of people. 

have a aril afaa a haifer 


daughter. Witberow vafaaed his 
daughter taking her fraoB Iwae, as 
~ to diapoM af hm to 
ao beaelt to hereelf. 

My opinion is the middle of the 
road is the only national highway 
for the People's party to march on 
to be true to the first principles 
that organiztd this grand liberty- 
loving aray of the people, aad it 
aost ever march upon the highway 
to get to the capital cf ear eaaali j 
to carry out our saviag 
of trae political eooaoaqr^ Ma 
ef oar repabUe eaa b seeaa a 
friead to hiawlf aalB he first re- 
deeaa bte aavaialga Ubarty by as- 
serting bis indepaadaaaa from old 
party slavery fortbeaalwef aaving 
hiaeouBtry, his wife aad little 
once froa the grasp of mammon 
that is dragging bia down deeper 
in the slough of despond. But. 
sad to say in this day of enlight- 
enment, there are men so wrapped 
up in their shells of old party love 


it wBI ha'aaaw af 

and CMit Toaa^ trleka 

out, boys ; we are dangerous. 

Prof, Kimbrell tells us that one 
of his pupils got p<iisoned on poke 
greens. We don't c^re to tell wb" 
the party was. Ben, be cari'fni. 
Clear Creek water and sail Is »» 
good. If you have no meat some 
of us spicy widows might send you 
a '*Jowl." Aaytbing to save life. 

Ilia aad to 
af fkaa 

~ af 

Chanh M^awaJa^hnr at 
JaaaaHMS>«Bi>lMvaa a wifa 

and five childrea, wliirbavsih^ayai- 

pathy of the community ia 
sad afViction. 

A 6-year-old youth of this place 
was being caressed by a young lady 
recently when she mode the re- 
ronrX that be was getting to be too 
big a boy for hertokia. The youth 
quickly replied "I'll bet yoe have 
kissed lots of higgK boys thaa 
me." As her baM fallow waa 

staadii^^aha iiMi iiii iBilias 


Some of our ywav ladlaa aaa 
getting axious, faaclag thawarwHI 
create a scarcity of yonagM^ bah 

we would whisper to our pretty 
girl readers that the cruel war will 
leave enough men at home to escort 

them to picnics and pursue to the 
death any rude, unfeeling bugs 
that may gel betw>>en themselvea 
and the back wall of tbeir gowaa. 
There are paa{ 


dancing puM% 


pumps and 

of all the paapa we ever pu 
was the donhle-aetioa puap 
oa PnC 

night. ] 





C. * a. SAILWA 

Trains tor LonlaTllla, 
nnatl. Washington. TXi 
aad BoMara C'Ukia. 


the charming girls of Cedar Grove. ! that they would rather turn their 

' wife and little ones out on the 
highway than tu not be subservient 
to the dictates of party. 


Several of aar foike ef Tale bad 

a lae trip to Lezlagton last Sun- 
day : Meedaaee Caaity, Mr. Ever 

ett (^audill ond Williai 
and wverul others. 


N-w Torfe 


The harp is aany people's fhvorite 
instrument. HARPER la everyoae's 
favorite whisky. Sold by Yavaa * 

(>u ilipiville, Ky. 

I.oulsTUIe E«i 
I.rxlastoii Al 
UMtimllto UaltaB 


uiK ear 

Agent c. A 1 1. Ballwair, Prwtoa nialtsB 

U. >V. R.kKItBV, C. B. aVAS, 

i> I* ». *»it. o, r. 

2"^" Ml!