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Full text of "Semi-weekly interior journal: 1884-06-03"

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STANFORD, KY.. TUKSf) \ V. JI NK 1^84. 







— ^ironoHs^ACAo.,— 

Oppotii* iIm Myn Hoom, STANFORD, K Y. Tb* •bjMtt of thb oalkd HMtiBf it to arga*, tok* into coMideMtioB tad pass your fote in favor of D. KL A88' following Notiona for thu geaoral nMtiog: — 

WfiniBAi, I baro bought a larga itook of Spriog Goodi, but b»Tt sot sold tbom out aa quickly ai I am goaoraltj doing, because the Spring forgot to make its appoaraooo thic year, and 
oj t» 1.1 . — . . .aadthatinowkrteioUthfalairwrtoekofClothiBg. DnrOooda. Boo&.8ho<a. Ae.. Ac. toaahorttlma I muat mmk» iu— ntriin fa fckwM 

WnrtnuB, It i« mjcMtom ntfor to emjatock over fifom 

fore be it 


H''*^vrii, And I hKvft rmi Ivo^i that from All daj 00, Of satll fbffthor mUoo b gifw, oftrj artido fa mj tHon will bo oltrod at an immmwa ndootioo aad many gooda BELOW 006T. Bat I will do atiU baltar aid — 

liberal off«r. to wit: It i« further rceolTed that «m 

Every Customer Purchasing to the Amount of 810 will Receive a Very Fine, Large Oil Painting; 

Elegantly Framed, good enough for the Finest Parlor, and tree of charge. 

rTb»w ar« no eommon ehromoi, but fint-claM Painting* ) Still better yot: And in order to give tboao aekanoo who may not need or not be able to boj 110 worth of gooda at OMOi I will gift tha ■aaoehaaoai^ i 
purcbaN to ea eountad till tka wbofa aawMt raaobaa tba avm of 110. I wast it diatiactlj undentood that aacb patntfag i * ' *^ 

giToa awaj i« worth oaarly tba aa^ount of yoar pufohaaa. 




The Frioes on all My GK>ods are away Below all Competition, and especially 

80 this season. 


First, to Hediice my Immense Stock, and secondly to show my Ap|)reciation in some way to the peo' 

pie lur tlieir kind patronage. 

SeuH buy 3 eeut& wftsth e£ Ctoodfi till you. have fixaaiiiLecl my Stack auid fieas ISsiemm 

Evors" Should Attend the Great XHass IHIeetins at 

7 i mj tt I i r^TP.TP. ; 



BILL ZADICK TO T< >MMV FIDDIJ-STICK, (.Itotb gentlemen of color.) between you and mo an I that lamp pnt y i: ler, it ■.) Hot wdith whiie t) hook ^ I a Roiu' dar-I muit be ono of the naas maoUog'. too. 
Tommy—"! nay, Hill, wliere y..u g(.ln'?" it, Tommy, an,l he-iule^ ihat he now g vin' every ore that huy# >.( hha »!0 ' Tommy-"All right, Bill, but I lay dar la 00 tMO a talking, dlt 

Bill— "I i« going' right dar to Mr. I). KIk*8 store." ' worth of goods, no matter if at one time or iu a djzen t;tue«, *o you buy the takea thacakoaoitaaoinh." 

Tommy— "Bill, wa— what * da matter dar, I teea so macy folks io d amount of 810, he is givin' you aud every . a doe, Urge oil painting, ele ! Bill— "Yoo ••• right, tha whola bakory you alight a«|j trf I till 


Blll.HWby, tb«y say it U naai nattia' to^." 
ToBony— 'lA what, did you My?" 
BUI— *'OBa*l TOO mdatHan! plais EagUih?— • maallag ol 
iyMiar-"WaU,Iiai. WhUbttaUahairt, BlUr 
. Bill— *^fU* thqr MJ Mr. KkM k « aalUit Ui fooda ao ohMp now that. 

dantly framed, for nothio' — mind you for oothio'. 

Tommy— "For the Lord'a uke, Bill, I must run home and toll that to 
Betsy, bhe is now saring up to buy a pictura for our parlor, bat aow aha 
git« it— an oil painting for aothia*. 

Bill— "Yai, dat'a ao. Yo« aM dar fa Jiaaj Brows oomiag' oat sow with 
aaa«iiitofalallMa«BMdtlH|ifitotiigaadarhia«ra. WaU,Toamj, 


hoMlbvarjrohaapMdla a 


1bMm7^"WaU, Bill, I'U aaa yoa lalar: goood ^ I ii foh* Um 
toUBafaf aUabovllkyMMMaathiiat D. KLAIT Hota^ 

Jn« 3. im 

NcARLv all tb« iMdiag rapnblicMt ar* 
i« ChictKo t hi* wwk to ukc a hud in run 
ninK • man fur the ilftuocrit* to hf»l in 
l<(«»Trmb«r. The nee mmius to t>e carrow 
•i *Nra to BtoiM Md Artbur, with tb« 
•MMMMmtwbat in ftfor of th« litltr, 
who bu worked the patronage of bia oAc* 
for all that it wgi. worth. The fellow* to 
be baa (ivtii p*p ^re lu<iy io ib«ir 
' of bit ohlM, knowiuK that upon 
hia ouoreM alone depend* tbeir Miration 
I going to work and makirg as boneel 
H* wine lir*t blood in the decision 
I MMioBal committee in fafor of tbe 
deltgatioB 'rom Viryiiia, all o( 
^wKoni are for bim.thoDgh ito decieion ia 
aoifioaJ. A (omDitice on endeDtiab fr 
vmble to Blaine niigbt rcftra* iht aat 
tor aad rMogaiae only tba atraight-oui re- 
ynMtan d«l«|atio«. A atroag paitiaaB 
'fie\ivK \» wpgin; in Chicago and well in 
(oracil panifH invert that it ir ao bitter thai 
Mlare one of them ia naminaied 00 tbeflrat 
•ramad ballot, nailber will ttcaitatba 
at«i<aatioB, but that a dark h«TN now 
bruwuiDK iieHicfully in ihe wro^!* will 't-p 
ap to tbe airiog and hate the blue ribbon 
ttod to him. The con? enlion mtcla at n Jtm 
to day, bat a Bominaiiaii evta under tba 
■«al favorabla cirenmalaacea in Mt ex> 
|irrtcd beiore to-mi tr<>w ai> (be wlicle <!at 
wUl be contamed in the prcliminar? wcrk 
■fiha bad/. Latss.— Yeatcida/'a paper* 
•ifaft that owiog to tiMchary in tba Ar 
thar camp, Mr. Blaine ha* the b ilge and 
Miat ualea* the tide wa<« turned d iriog th«- 
4my Artbur'a nama would not bo praaented 
to iba •osftBtioa. Ltt m pray that tha tide 
keep in the direction it i*runnint: The 
Kaoiurkv lie legation, wbicb wa* thought 
tobevolid for Aftktir, laraa oat toba 8 

T«l C>f iaftoa Cbma n iwaaafrt ia aurpri* 
ad that tba •'IiiTHitoa JoouAi., lha edit- 
orial management of which la in the main 
marked by *terling|ood aeaee, *hould op- 
poaa Federal aid to «chooIa" and » it* that 
•ha oenlraliaiaf iafluaMa of a law for that 
rarpo<e ie mara gabhla aad thai if it ia a 
acbcme to di*poee of the rvirpliiK in the 
t*ea«tirr it i§ the bent way of diiog »o. 
Tie Ci»vtcnu-'dth i* evidently for tbe Iravt* 
and fiabe^ ragatdiaa* of lha eanttitutioaalf 
ilj of tba law and wonld for tha toka of 
a dunbtfal tileooiiiK, arxixt the republi- 
eu« io their ef! irta to deTi^e plan* for a 
floatianation of an oneroaa war tarifl in 
timaa of peace. WbeoeochaMa aa Saaa- 
tor Bick, of thU State, Renator Cika, of 
Tex**, an<l Senntor Bayard, »f P<'Uware, as 
able and aa learned lawyare a< there are in 
the railed States gtra it aa their unbiaaed 
opinion that aueh a law would ba ia yio- 
lation of the conti ttitioa and make atrong 
appeal* again <t it* paaeage for that and 
Other reaaooa, we are fully coovioccd that 
it ooght not to paw. Shoald it do ao, bow- 
ever, thera woald ha a myriaJ of new ofB 
cea created aod an additional lea*c given 
tlie party in pawer to ontioiie no We 
comaaad the paraaal of 6«aator Coke'* 
ableargMMt iaopptoltlaato tba law to 
euptotaeated «oatotap«t«ry. 

TBB editor of tbe NicbolaaTille Jovmal- 
Couritr aaya hereafter be will not apologia* 
for anything, and he aajr* it in italics too. 
It'* a bad raaolee toQB| You will 

find that a good apokgy ia aaah boltar 
than a had thnokiag. 

LATEST news: 

C'Hicaao, June Ulaine'x frienda coo- 
tiaaa lo aiaiai aearythiag with their ueaal 
con6Jence, but tha raea ie act alway* to 
the Doi«y. Ha ha* bf no meana a dead cer- 
tainty. Arthur, f)laine, Edmund*, 8hcr 
man, L«gaa aad Uawley »ill ba put ia 
naaiiaatioa aad parkapa Qnehaai aad 

other* ___ 

WiiiHiNiiTOii, June U.— Mr. liiocock'* 
Bolioa to lake up tbe bill to repeal tbe 
tax on tobacco '%aa laM hf a atottoa ta 

;«iii )iirn, 07 lo 'M). 

Mr. Willi* anki'd for ao approprialioa of 

125,000 for tha Louiif Uie EzpoalUoa. 

Tha tSd of Jaat haa 
for tho ad[joiiraBoat of Coagi 

Thb greanbackera nominated Ben Batler 
far Preaideot aad be ie now the candidate 
at ivo ao>«alled partiee, tiM otaer beiag 
Mapoly. Geo A. W. W«>, «f 

ilppi, wa* Qiarle the caodidata for 
Vice Preeident and a rtring of rcaolution* 
mm loBg aa the mcirai law waa adopted. 
: othar thioga they demaad tbe anb 
of greoBbaoka for Vatioaal bank 
Bote*; denounce the laod grant* torailroada 
a»d demand that the necceaary ttepa be 
I to reetore aaid landa to tha people to 
thay baloog: demand that Coograaa 
ahall eorrtc! tba pooling, otock watering 
and di«criminalion in railroad rate* by the 
ooaat ruction of l^ational railroada aod de- 
«Mad a fofaraaaat poatol talegrapb »y*- 
lam, a graduated Ibcobm lax, aa amaliora 
tiua of tbe condition of labor, tbe abolitioo 
of tbe convict ayatem, the reduction of tite 
ha— of labor, and lawa for tba prevention 
•f iaiportcd panper labotaie. TItef want 
tbe Henat( riHl term i f ofBoa radocod, tbe 
abolition of tlie Committee •fatem io dm- 
gtmmt, the tarifl reviaed ao that the rev*, 
■wee alwll be raiaed oa the Iqzuriea inatead 
of ifaa Baoatoitiaa of life, a vote token on an 
amei'.iiiuent to the cuiftilulion in far.rr of 
•llowiag women to Tute mid altio bn the 
nubieci of tbe liquor triiffic. Of rourae all 
thia ia lera'a labor loat. Tba greenbackere 
afht to be waked up and iolormed ibat 
tbty have been dead a number of jeare. 

Ms. PuiL. TBoxrauM'a egcailent bill to 
radaca Ifaa internal rcvenoc end cuatom* 
(li-irii'tii litii< tjreo :t>i i'tr 1 by il.r ( >uiuiil 
Me M the Whole and will pa#e the iiuuaa 
aailly. By tbe bill the Custom Huuae 
diatrieia will be reduced from 141 t j Of and 
1,100 neeleae office-holdem ordered down 
aod out. (.>;the iIiKirii. :f< aa at prevent ccn 
aiiUilad, 64 coal uure tbaa they collect and 

SI af thea aam a dollar bna beao col- 
lected in ten yean. If Iba bill bccomei a 
law, wbicb we doubt, since a republican 
Ihaato haa to paaa upon it, a million and 
« kaif vUi ba eared in tba euatomi collect- 
ad far aaonm. At praecnt there are 84 
oallaclur" (1 iri'eioal, Mr TIk uij>- 
aaa'd bill redureit iht-m lo 4 !, kIIo** IjO 
•Iota keeper of a d.-:iliery that dee* not 
maab ten buabela per day aod reduce* to $2 
per day tbe pay of elore aecpare at dialil 
IsritH maahing IJ^ tlu^lIt'!>• ur lei>o. Over 
1^000 pap aackare and political bummera 
will go oat aad a aillioa doltara be vaved 
yearlT. Tbe country daaaoda that lha 
bill ahali become a law. 

■ trmrs. 

Mons or 

—Tha KaMlucky Slato Medieal Society 
moato la Bavlilf (iMMlMay. 

— Mr* (ten Roger FTanaoa ft**umed the 
otfire of Stale Librarian yeaierday. 

— It i* estimated the reduction in tbe 
public debt by May will laaeh $5,000,000. 

— Tbe waH'knowa oM Shakor, Raayoa, 
dir.] la't weak at Skakartova, agad eighty 


— (larSeld Meawrlal Hoapital wu dedi- 
rm'ed with iapoaiag ca w oaka at Waah* 


— Wm. H. Vanderbilt ba* tranalerred to 
W. K. Vaoderbilt i?.000,000 more I'nitad 
SUtee boada 

— Xellie Bdrden, a farmer bn«!oefa^man 
of Louifvillc, Ky., waa ahot and killed in 
Xurth Carolina. 

-Ferdinand Ward'a Mividaal liabUi- 
tiae foot up $659,000; kio aelnal aaota ara 
let* iban f3.y)0 

—Mr. John B.Uibaoa, one of tbe pro 
prietor* of the (iibaos loiaa, Chdaaali, 
died Soaday aight. 

— Jamee Taeker, coloiod, waa heagad at 
Pan*, Ark , for the niorder of AaVM Bak> 
er. Red Bench Mountain. 

—John B. CareoB haa haaa appolaiid 
CfnfTi] Manager of tbe X^OBiavtUa, Now 
Albany <^ Chicago Ra 

—Tbe etore of John Bleaeiager, at Bom- 
er*ei, wae broken into Thnradaf aight aad 
$600 to $800 worth of goode atolea. 

— Nine p«r«on* were killed and fifty 
irjijred by the caving in of Cooke'* tunnel, 
un the South Peantylvania railroad. 

— Dr.Thor. J. UrifBtb*, a wall known 
phy*!ciaB of LoaiaTille, died at ku home 
; eiu'id^y maraiag. Ha wm hara ia Walee 

—Pretty Mr*. Carrie Beet waa acquitted 

at Nirli MB«TiIle, of p'ji»oning her bo«b*nd. 
Men tbeerrd ard women fainted they were 
eo overcome with joy. 

—Judge K*!id'* will boiueatb* $1,{AjO to 
bi* flep *}n, Reid Ro^et*. Tba remainder 
ot ut* proparly,*amouBtiag to about $50,- 
000. ia left lo hie widow. 

— Tbe Governor pardoned H. T. I>uncan, 
of the Lasington iVw, who waa fined $200 them We have leaned by long axpari 
for libel, but be intend* lo leet the merila I enc* that there ia a eiiality in tha nation 

— Cleorge Ward Nicbol* haa 
(loinied receiver of the Cineinaati 
Jountal in place of Steele, removed. 

—Tha bankiag honaa of D. \V. Middle- 
ton A Co., Waahlagtoa, haa Joat goao nader 

on account of tha Wall <lrret flurry 

--The valuation of taxable property in 
Lexington i* aaccrtaincd to ba $7,>.«>(V'~- 
an iBCiaaaa of about 10 par oeat. in three 

—Ferdinand Ward "Tl..' reap. :,, 

eibility of iicaeral U»nl aad John I>. Fi*h 
latkairaiofQraat A Waid waalkotoao 
a«my own." 

—Ed. Sharp, to whom wMattribntad tbe 
diaaatrou* fire at sharp-burg, laat Wednea- 
da/, hae baaa aent to the laaaaa Aaylum at 

—t)n the night ( f tbe MHh eaow fall ia 
New York and M "ome pointe tbe ther- 
mometer ws« down ij 25° free'ing fruita 
aad Ticatabloa. Tba graga crop f aa fail/ 
halfdaatroyad. Thafiaaldid maah$aai> 
age in tbe New Ko«Und State* anJIn Mae- 
aachu'ellK riiine.i the iilrawl>err » irop 


—Through tbe biatoe oeeaaioaed by tha 
looj; vickneM of TLur correspondent. Hit*- 
tonville ba* almoet dropped out of curreal 
hbtory. While Rip Vaa Winkle alept tke 
world wagged on. So thia hiatorie Waat 
End, although there waeaooe to chronicle 
ili< and iloinge, ba* continued lo act 
aad do, aod aa ika laag dormant bialoriaa 
gradually ahakaa of hie alamhar, ha ia aa> 

toni»h*d to note the rhnntf*'* » few weeka 
apace bae produced. Hut tbe*e are paal. 
Tbe laeaing prceent and the prephetic 
fotara ara aow tha (raitfkl thamee of apec- 
ulatioa. Tba reveraee af eapitollate, tbe 
criminality of truated financial agent*, 
thecraabing fall of great moneyed inatitu- 
tiaae, the loee of coaMeaea ia the cuato- 
dian* of public funda and lha gloomy fore- 
bodinga of utter and rulBoo* panic ia all 
tbe mart* cf trade afford food for anxiona 
aolicilttde among all claaeee of aocialy. 
Again tha oonalre ie Jnal eBlariag iato the 
tbrof« of the great .;ti«(irenrial »pa»ni— 
the I'leaidential election— ar.l the public 
mind ia almoat crated over tbe <|ue*lioB 
what political faction ahali hold in ila hand 
tbe deetiar— the eery axialanea of oat- ia« 
atitiitiono during the next four year»? 
Removed, a* our feople are, from the 
great oaatraa of political macbinerv, free 
to a greet extent from tbe ambition* of po- 
litical parlieaae and the aspiration* of po- 
litical fchemara, our ^tiiet community will 
probably puiaue the even tenor of their 
way nnratfled by tba lempect that will 
•oon i^weep over the land with deeolatiag 
fury, voting intelligently when the lima 
for voiing corner, Bcctpting gracafull? tba 
deciaion of tbe ballot box, and rcaulved 
whatever be lha re«alt to make the moet of 
tbe "itualioo aii<! ii.i:if>illv tiif>rh:irge the 
bigberduiiei lo bouie and family and race 
which God and nature have laid npoa 

— D. C. Tkrhnaa, of Hirrodeburg, 
boiiuht of Geo. Kinder 2 iiuile r(dta for 
$170— from J. II. i'ruill one mule colt for 
|M50-frem Joa Napkr oaa aula colt 
for $'Ki-one from C. B Raid for $77 50 
and ^ from J. V.'. Powell at $80 V) John boHKbt of John Rotit one mule 
colt for IIH). W. F. Cariiaaler bought of 
4ylf la Qieaaa oaa aolo eolt for $76. 

Tbe firat oi the B A O. Red llook* fiirthe 
year ia out, and if it i* to be taken a* a fair 
iedlcation of what other editione ara to ba 
a inillioii won'i "iiitply tbe deiutnd. In 
the Red Book of tbe Republican Natioaal 
Ooaeealloa-that being ile title— aboBi 
everything i« given which can be conalder- 
ed of interect in ccnneotion xvith conven- 
tion niattcr*, and the clear and r-xceed- 
iitgly oonciee form muat commend it mo*t 
haartily. Tha compilation ie out i f tbe 
oaual order in piliii al tex* book*. There 
are very few tigurcf. oi d ilie aide note* la 
bold 4ype lead to ready rrfrrri.(e to an ex 
taaaift oombiBation of valuable data. It 
caBBol hut ba a eery dceirabia litlla book 
a* the rampaiKn progreaae*. nnii a two 
cent *t.imp incltx-ed lo C. K. Lurd, iialti- 
■ore, will av^fw a copy. 

I have received and am still receiv- 
ing New Goods tor Spring and Summer, 
comprising the best in the market, 
which will be gotten up in style and 
make second to none in city or coun- 
try. Give me a trial. H. C. Rupley 


HI *i I It ;.v- 

HNriiwnrp, llorH«* .SIi0f«, 
Iron. %hIIm, 

<tii<*«>iiM«Nr«', Bngfff Wlllpib 

A OOrreapnndrnt ark<u*wli*( at aliol;!! 

da if tha npakiiaao* ekuuld nominate j 
BlalBO aad tke daaoerala Bailer. "My | 
bradran," »aid a r ilured preacher, "dar ar'l 
two road* in di* wor!; '<ne lead* to perdi- 
tion <in' de oder to damnation." "In dat | 
caee," eaid oaa of hie bearer*, "dia niggab 
will take lo Je wooda."— [ Ro«Iob Herald. 

Oliver Chilled. Champion $ta«I and BrinUf CgMliaH Plowi, W*Hn Ml 
CmI Pumps, aii tho Calabrttad ■ajflald B!era»or. Tit Bggf- 

ingand On. taring will hava prompt attaatica. 


' II . N. nrHtntK u. 
I Jottf Hrlmht.Jr. 

A ladv living at M irniiton. .\rk , m tbe 
livelv widow of eleven hui-btad*. Tbe 
eligible bachelor* of thKt town Ihiak »eri- 

ooalr of fleaiag to tho North. 


Saw MillJ'or Sale! 

listvlfiy J«lttiiiin»4 I" ch«i.»e mt ».ii«iLf»a. I 
eaertoraal* inltaUIyi my flaw Mill, (ituated va 
Bruah lYrek, In < aaey muMj. Ky. The Enfltae 
iaaUtloDary: Boiler Mail; k;ii(<n« lOa.'o, CouB* 
ur Hkatt i* tael. rdglDf Saw aod *iiUt Mill at- 
larbed. Tbe |>r<t| >rt7 la wall-kawwa eai 

Im C aa< Hmmmlmc Of^r. 

Tliaber fI»»< 1 *><> aeraaalbl*. I wouM to •llllBg 
lo tirliance lor (Wed far ■ alork, tuck aa Multa, 

Huran, i *\\\*. A< 

Prr*>>i'a « i.hir,: t ..i^*^* la Ibe lumlwr huai- 
oeM «>!1 ftPJ a k-»o<l "l^nina I t applTinit In 

Mtvm i,o« 







Druggists and Bookieliei^, 

— riMSS — 

lincoln Co. Farm For Sale. 

t ua«r lor aal* trlTalely iiiT arm "ti wlmkl 
■ew r«*ta*. iviag ta* MIMlaburit bikr. tbr«« 
■nilM ftnai auM(a«ll|a. ceaiaietD( aUui aaa 
AfW«a*riaa4, kaawaM*aeaaeD( la* lMigia>n 
»Dd tmi brma In tba ceueir. LI- a well, rleaiy of 
water, loaltDeaMteaf rultlvatlea; lapr«vea*«aM 
<uad, all nermaMr autl ull<t1*(a, l«n larav t>«r«* 
WDrlBf la ftr<«-r*l» ontrr pirnlf <■! innl'et uB 

AlM it s.^ aT»i arvtutorii. aN' M I"' ar 
In Haall (rata and t>»l*n.r tn (ru> A :u> aiiuul 140 
Arr« «f Laat atwul A lalln trom H 

UualoUTlll* a Budtord.tii f I <kf ii .M Art., 
er. W. 

rlrared. talaaie In Umber. 


11. ill* on 
.^^ Art., 
taakr a i^imt 

Ba K< 


— AVD 

Dealer in F^iifiiil iii-e ! 

A Full aad c«iaplri«> Naaorlairui of Furallnre, raibrmrlac av* 

ilHlekoiae. Alao I.Vt actvaaf Bb* tlialxr a4>o n- I ^rvthlmc ffkmM tkei f 'kMaaMa e^ a^ -»« ' . , — 

inauma. floeiui ut ivcual iimi>w ob It. •'■T«mimB ima vBM|i«M la im« riBMN PmHar Nmnaa. Jtm 
n .^K^l'.'^^'^k"S'l7fJ^^'u *^ nui*- to mnk** jonr pnrrtiiiwrai no uialteir 

' ' tohatqnaallly «»rqiiHllij >«ii MMiH, Hw I « Mn ainl will dapllcmia 

ail) prIceHi >on < <tii ohiMiii rfarwhrrp, frrlglil bring a44ad. 
a riill aMtarlaaeul ol Codlaa. t'a*«>a. Whraada and Kabrw. rmhi 
Imc all thm Naw MylM, balk ckami^ mm4 ax^malva. Wnr« ra« 
appohlta SI. Aaapk Halel. blaafard, Hy. 

Ina una*, 
■buui i.aoo 

Ihr ro.d t 

iMd; "( iimlwr ai.'l me ni>«i u( It Tvrjr wall k»» 
led for (ultUallua Th.r ai'>Te eaned liartarf 
llaabMed Un ta nil II* .a I'mtrf .ntjr I alll » 
may or all tkaalwar lauM- ' n '*.M>Ratl« lerw.aa 
I aio ileterBiiB«a u>..i'. An? ' i.- witlilDg u<|>ur> 
ehaa* wo«14 4« Wrll (lie n,r a . all 

2«:-tr .f X OKI jr. Ku<ioBTiiv 

O.F. Poaodok 

Hn8T01IVZ;.LEv - 

FooRToara ago Oarflald'a eola waa 4,- 

44»,053 lo Hancock'a 4.442,0.15 a maj .rity 
of but 7,018. TLa natural ii craaaa of dta- 
utrn'i- riuikf tlitii hae been aulliticnt to 
ofcaaga the rmull many tiaaa o?er, boiidei 
••t a few itptiblictna hara aaoa tba error 

af lhair wav m. ] I'ed from the wrall: to 
CMBaiato tbe f dd of tba democracy. With 
SUdaa or any other man nearly co goud w« 
oaa aad will elect our mao in November, 
aa amttar vhoa tba rapobliean* noaiuata 
: ia Chicago. 

Oh aad afiar tha lOib iteuni, tboae wbv 
bava hccB aeenatomed lo while away their 
ilookiuK «t the cutfiffHiive [lii ".ireH jtid 
; the immoral atiitl diahed up by 
pahlloallon* a* lha iWiV« Uuutu 
ntiee SetM, Ac , will have to go ouuide u( 
Kentucky to continue that kind of mental 
pabulum, aeon that day it will he unhtw 
fU te tfaoee papera to circulate in mi* 

iCiocinnati Co^/mi'inU (/(cw^'s bead 
kilaval aa to Virgiaia wtien it layi : ' A* 
tkaMiaBoraaeonable hope that Virgioia 
oaa ba carried for the re{iiibli( An nominee 
for tbe Prcaidcncv, no matter wbo i* nomi- 
walad, tbe Chicago coanatioB ahoald aot 
allaa ilMlf to go in cieeae over the qnae- 
«taa of adaitting tba Mahoaa or Diawi- 
darf dfle»:aiioa«. Oaa i», pet hapa, aa good 
aatbe otb«'r." 

Oil.. A. ('. Talbott bua ret red from the 
i;<Mi^-!f";uiia' ■' >< ' »ing to lOONM glftB 
Ul«>ar i^afiVtJi« ieiter. 

of bix ^i'e in a higher couit, 

—There ate loO.OOO Knigbta of Honor 
aad tba Ordtr haa paid oot ia tha few year* 
of iuexittenca 111,210,845, aaarlyatbird 
of which waa paid laat rear. 

—Tbe Mt. Starling Sentind /)< mucrai, 
which tried tho cspafiaaat of being a 
daily, bae lucpendad after aa axieteflcc of 
145 day*. It denerved a helter fule 

—Je#. Taylor, a ccnvict in the .Moya- 
men*ing pricon, Pcnn«ylvania, killed a 
keeper neaied ponn. Tha blood*tbir»iy 
coBviet te kBO#B to hara atabbod MToataoa 

— >iIaarT %f ard Beaehar pot on robber 
ClothM tbe other Dixbt and immeracd *e< 
Teral voting men at I'Irniuulh c h irrh. He 
aaya that ba doaa uji LLiit^vc in n, Nut 
waol* to pleaae everybody «o far aa he 

— Joba Wolf, eon of tha circuit court 
cltrk of BeotI county, Ry., haa been aoa> 

tenced tij I'J ye^r* in the penitentiaiy for 
foricery on tbe Georgetown bank. Fifteen 
indictmeote lS»r aiailar oflaaaea ara pending 
again*! bim. 

—Tho*. J. WataoB, the Piltebiirg oil 
bri'iier, li' i wa- irrt-.'li- 1 Kir,;i !witL<"i) 
apiracy to defraod the Penn Bank, waa 
ukoB from Now York to Pittabnrg uodor 
arroat. He gave bail io the eoa of S55,' 
000 and wa* releaeed. 

—Tbe Court of locjuiry appointed to in- 
veetigale tba eoaduct of tha offioara of tba 
Fourth rrgimeBt during tha CiacinBati 
riot, haH re(>oried ^eriou* charge* of de*er> 
lion and drunkenne** againat the leading 
ufCcerii, and roooaaaada tba diabaading ol 
the regiaeat. 

— Beckr Joce*, tbe New York woman 
whoiainjail berauae ahe refused to lei'ii- 
fy in tbe Haueraley will caea ba* received 
from Ben Butler a lettor with a check aad 
Ru*«ell 8«ge ha* incloeed her « check for 
$500. B«aid** *be ba* received *everal of- 
frra of luurriige 

— I)r Cieor^e fJ. lavage, tbe well kBOwn 
bible ageni, waa Mvarely, and perhapa 
dangerously injured by an unr i!/ h 'l-e 
atCjfiagton. He wa* in the act ui' Ket 
tingina bugtry wLm the horm- l.:..klng 

throw hia under tbe front wheel*, and { atakee, and ae Joe ebetiaately refuaed to 

tiat will aorvive even a coriviili«i(in ao '.erri- 
bleaaa teaporary change of lulera, and 
biatory haa abawa that lha oeatral idea in 
all tbeee cunflicte i* not whether or how 
tbebe*t latere*!* of tbe wliole people aball 
be promoted, but whether and bow the in- 
cumbent* of well paid otlioce eball bold 
their poeition*, or olhere be permitted to 
take tht'ir turn in [ Imi derinif the imhlic 
eicbcquer. Ilecte, an a lieople, we will 
probablr weather the *torm without un> 
due aseiteaant or barraaaiag parturbatioo. 

—Tbe atcckbolder* of Ihe Stock Fair 
Aaeocialion, on .Sduaday ilfitcd <i .M. 
Oieena Prcaidant of tbe aaeoeiatioa. 
(leone will make aa aicollaat oflioar. 

Kiriiicrx »re Kettinga little uoeaay a* 
to the cold dry i^afor; but Tom P. Nail 
who i'* reKHrded ax aecC'nd onlv lo tbe 
ground-hog, |>redici* that the crop* thia 
eeaaoB will equal any during lha piut do* 
cade, except perhap*, that of yaar beforo 

— .\nionc the UKitter' of local and m 
nor importance we umy i."te on .Satur- 
day night tha amoliehou»> r .Mr. Pendle 
ton Jenkine wae plundered to tbe aaoonl 
of ten bama aad the eaaa anabar of aide* 
of auperinr bacoB. Ha haa BO claw aa to 

—Mia* llettie Ooode ahowed me at Mr*. 
Williama' Milliaan store, a aagaiSoaal 
apecimen of the eraiy quilt gaaus of bar 
own (tet It U reilly rich and beauti- 

ful and abow* what wondere the needle, 
when guided by ta<le and akill, can per- 
form. Tbe article will probably ba aent to 
—In tbe general iaproeaaenta tba 

churchee are taking a poeition. The Bap- 
tint Hnd Chridtian denotninationa have 
both acoured minialer* aetlled in thi* place. 
Tba Crietian aod Pre»byterian bou*ee aro 
h th iiiiderK' ing eztenaifa repair* and tho 
proai.cti-' that we will aoon begin aor 
prtH^ge a village of churchej. 

— CoMreULKX) TO Kevoke.— A game of 
card* waa ptayad ia a lot ia towa Saturday 
nixht between IVte Hii»ton and Joe Lea, 
both colore !, in which the latter wa* win- 
ner. Pete ii. i-ud on a ivtum of the 

. * - 

Oraogea, Lemooa and BaoaDaa. 

A Larf« Lai af Flaking Tarblr, 
ya l agi , Umea, d><b 

S.\.MPLi: liUUk<> UK WXLL P.VPi:i(. 


— — A-*M )i>b Tiia- 


aad I be Maeblmry iBanl Ulew. lur Liaroln «B4il*irBrd ConBiiaa 

V- 1,11. |.| >li. 1 

TrictioB 1 

■n<l>«\#| I Mill Mil R ( . I ' ■ ,, 
IMam wil l iVW'li fV—'*'--**'— ••-'•.rr 

' I'wna tiia.B. *^i.|>a% i < . , 

t 7 |lt...l .1 ,/,,( I..,!... 

; / tt'M'.t AjrilS Wiilfd. flOBmSO^i CO 

W^Bead What Some of Our Ben Fa-ii n.d C - .-.n* of Licroln and Otrrard Saji 

■• Wr, thr t*rai.'n< I . I lfrr« . ■ !. ■ . . .1 I , r. t . _ . 

LllCaaTgll i»Tl!lTMIIB)IT<k. 


•iu no SO 91 i> e: M 1- 1 «« i». 

LaycaaTER, ky. 

OSr* 0T*f Clllaou* Vatlooil Rabk. oac* be«r* 

fruiu a to 12 A. M. arid fP'tit 1 t.i > r. H. 

L. r. ir . I : I - u I : tKBTT 

Will til M» liarrard and Bdja:eliig coaett** 
■ad Court oi A iia**!*. OOc* lata* BoUaaea bieca. 
Meutb aide PeUtc liiaare. IM>iy 




W'. t»r«ik'n< I . ilrrr. ■ ■ I. ■ .. n »• l , rr . 1 

l(i'..|.... «.it, IK, I !■,►„, .tiio. . y,m H..ia.. iiirain .t.-f «.....| ii.r.iiil.- 
.r».l.i I. r ir» w ra .1 .|.,|f^, ,, l! •6f.i,« |„. u ..i.. ..,..1 

1 will. iwM n<ii»», fill 1 not , fk. k 111..,;.,, ., 

1., i .. II.,! •,, I, >|„, h iir> ol tbia k> ' I t !i . 

B.^»« J l.i,.u^r .iil.t avmilit liv W II TKA^l III 

"JSIif^l «»••"».». »1 U 4 III I. Iban .1 Ii' billet 

:tn<1 l.ri|;)ll* nr. 1 «fi glf#i ^rvwl 
• h\,) mt rtrr iiwl, 
.1 hiiir* III iii.ion will 
I'l l-rvrr ih^ii lu let 111* Ho. 
Kit I, III (bd ni priMa 

i • l..«i>a. a J. Ka> 

Uf'irr I 111 i.»ia,t riarwiirre 

• i)»ler.H 

• 1. 1 ■<-■ what Ihe Airiii*ni*By In r»i|ii i • <> 
A I II . K I liiu'ioil. ImliaD*. and wil^l bv-e <■•> W I 

tl. Ill t .( .1 I II l.i| . f wh««| H,,„|,r.l •.II, 111" B..1IHI.J I III fMnur anil iT u l...i..l'i. "ilS"' T" 

r.i 111 .ton, I h*»rt,i!.l iu..l,.nr.» I ►,;,i,rf ii,.u». • r lU.r puron.,:. . 1 , , i ,„ 

■ . i .•|.. Iilurrv 

•late nil bund a ajiii «t |.r,ul^.l matlef 
.. iiiiiiii ('.luotf , X*. 
'■ '^ IT. «. TMA YLOm. 


l.lliii.lri .Slilla. 

Iioiii I h*Tr tiilil luxliinr'y I »«!,.|ii| ii,>uk> ' 
l liai .«|»i I to liuv thai I wiil take irrn- 
n I 1 w. ! rnorjiihlii,: i< in |«itn • *i.: 
» hir>i Will ii» ■rnt iQ aojr ouoaildri - i ^ 



rta. A. 

Thr.-lier and Eai >.* |..i,U l.jr K..I Isaon 
I iK. ;i..iir Aueni. HV n<tt |.<iu|hl auij 




j0Moy «nd Opsn Spring Wagons, 
Vill«go Oftvtep dio. 

• BAVl 

Lately boon Making Exten- 
sive AilditioDff^ 

r - Tl . 

trampint upon bim, cot bia faea very ae- 

rerel^, than pti'i'i e ) upon hit body injur- 
ing bim al« I inierua'ly. 

aee it a fight reaalled ia wMcli Joo waa 
badly beaten and gave np the money. Fata 
wae uader arraet oo SoadaT evening. 


Aid now hate tba But Stock in Cat 
tral Kentncky. Th«y have Parlor 
aad Bed Room Seti, Carptt. 
Cane and Penitentiary 
Chairs, Marbla Top. 
Centre Stand ft Ex* 

taniion Tables, 
Woven Wine. Cot- 
tta Top and Hair Mat- 
treiies. Folding Bed Lenn- 
get. Bed* & Cots, V^aiarobei 
and Sofai, and Everything Else 
Kopt ia a f ir«t*ela«i Forniture Store 
Onmnlalad Sugar Price*. 

Tbo largeet stock avar io Stanfuril aod tho best to b« found io Uotral KtB- 
tucky, tnbraoiog about twaotf flva dillortot etylea trom.tba leading 
fccttirm io tbo Uoltod Sutoa. Peraooo oootemplatiog buying a Tebicle thb 
Spring ebould aoleet tbo eano or place tboir ordere at once; for at thia eeaaoa 
allmaoufocturwreoffint-olaee vebiclae are invariably over run wiib ordon 
and If tbo voblolo waotod io oot on bondi. it will require fron four to eight 
aoeke t) obtain it; four week* bring r«]uirod to lotke, fiolib and dry a firat* 
elaae job ready for ehipneot* under the noet favorable circutnetancpi.. 

All work Bold by me will be found to be such ai I represent th«.ra, unlew I 
have been deceived myielf, and io that event the ). jrchast r will U fuUy j,. 
•ieriiDifierl. Ch!! iiriii cxaiiiine luv f! , k nu'\ I will .|,, my Ixtet to pleaaa joa 
in efyie, ,,uality hilI |.ri(f. Y-:; rBn an gomi Tehicles from moand %\U 
rthB.oal.If i.riie- an yuu cHiioi.taio anywhere elee and get a guarantee on 
them, beeides that is worthless to you when buyiog away Iron boae. Jto» 

GEO, a, WEAREIVr, IVIIg,?, j^* 




SUnflml, K7., 

Junes, 1884 



IJ *<i r. H 

1 M P. M 

1 W A. H. 

3 M A.M. 

Ttit kl>OTF >■ I .•!< uldiHl oil •tan'Ui4 tlM. Volar 
tlui* l/.tbout iO niluutM fuiar 

LOC AL MOri Cii. 

Bvn PAimt Fmsv A MeAHtttr. 
l^x.>urnnatliMlMdt M MclUbfru 

Ml Alii>i t'" 

J"-. Iaa- II. .k ( liuitn Can. 
h McA'ixtvr »o!« axmti. 

C'UMk youraeoMatvllk FlMT A Mo- 
AlUif r cMh or aolr. 

(ioVA walfr with pivr* frolt fltvora at 
MeR«b*rt» A Puk|V 

Rra!«.) npw ai.x k of f Tcrr tbin«{ 111 ii * 
ifwrlr.T lirmi IVtinv .% Mc MioUr'x. 

Hoh.'t. nhi«f|i in<l iKiullrjr pow- 

der for *«lr l<y MrKoNrl* A Kl>Kg 

NBvtKt4M of rvmdy ■lial pdata for 
ipriiiff tnl* tl MeKobwu A 8ltg|V 

WAtai%CI«elwH4 Jnrtim nptind 
ftW wamatad bjr Ptaar A MoAllaUr. 

For 8a. k, a d«w ii|irighl,J. A C FiKbtr 

Ubo. A|<|>lr At iKTBRlnR JOTAWAt cf> 

S' rw anu full »«ocli of Fi^hinf Tackt* of 
*Trry raritiv Jait NMUad at McRobartt A 


ll<>»' Kdh !■ Hriut U 'i<r<I bv tha I'ftt 
brrrdrr* ihroa<hout ttir cotioltT ■^ aurt 
( tiriiaiiii ptt«Mtlv«. Ptaa/ A McAlialor 

— lliaa Tannir I.».wik, of Urkana, III., 
ia f iaiiiat Mr* I>a«>i« Uuddtnr. 

—\Lm Ukny Vxkm. af lH«fillr, i» 
*i«iliBf ktt l>rull.*r VndrrW F. Kfan< 

— 'Mwa Allic Hi uule, of lb« \V«it 
Kad. la vialtinc Miaa Mil* Vtadtmr. 

— Ml^• LrwA KivrHx Wiii.iAvaof llua- 

It liTiUr, !• TiiiiliiiK Miaa .\lirr H^tniton. 

— Kl.v J. A liiv.l.r. Altar a hiag illnaaa, 
•u b*r«;*«itrd»a, lookinf vtrj Iwbit. 

— Miw Kati WatTC it •^•'■•t ib« 

wrak with Mra Trurhaart at tha Collaga. 

— MiMtaSAi.i.iB AJii> BellkCiVik, wtra 
tba (uaata uf .Mm. Dr. Hafl«aa, fUlnrdaf 

— MiwB 8ALur AMD Mattii Dm"^. 
of (»arrard, art tMUag Mra W. M. Urk 

.Ml<k<E> /l A AM> JUHll. liAl'tiMMAN, 

of Bof to, aft vwitiag Mn. ■. H. Baugb 

—Ma. Jamb Dbnto* aad vito. of Horn 

araat, arr |ilaat» of Mr. And Mlt. T M. 

— Maa. IIartba McALwrBa aaddaacb- 
trra. Miaaw Jtaato aad Matlto, ara tbiiiBg 
rvlatitaa htra. 

— Mn. (iroana H. Bari-i baa (ote out 
fur a w«»fc or iwo ia lb« lalataM of fiovira 
boola aad abuM. 

— Ml^• Ki i/4 H AHU<», K>okin| unuaual- 
ij «tll, la u|> frum LouMTillr, on a visit to 
btr falbti's laaiilf. 

--MiKo Anxir I.At HA Ramkv rttorard 
TtalanUir r' 111 MMwat, whtr* ak* hta 
b««ll •llri..|iii,( (I'lawa 

— .Miaai.* AHi) .Mauuir McRuii 
INTR, of Iiaaaill*. hav* bata viailioi tSoir 
UBcla. Mr Jeba C. MeRohrrtr 

— Miaa l^oaiK Dryk, o( litiaii iiTillr, 
tjok Ihr K I . Sttiirlar, North Mid- 
dialuan, whara ah* wtnl to atlaad a bop. 

— Mi»« Lavna Kri.i.ra.of lfarrodab<ir(. 
t!.a ( rrtiT ai<tar of Mi (Irn. < '. Krilar, Jr , 
of Ihia > ilirr, I* Ti«iiinK Mra. i'l rtar Siaiti; 

— LiTri.r K ibart Hughaa, a | rintrr m 
tba ulbM of bii falbar, Fldiior M. I». 
Ilughaa, at Ltoctaitr, waa ia to aa« u« }**■ 

— Mk. \Valla<.c 1; Varxux ia back 
from Hadalia, Mo., oh a briaf viait to bia 

.''nri.'l- Ilr la t>ai{iiinillK lO b* Vtry aiUCb 
in ■ vf » ilh 'ha Wrat 

— 1 1. 1, "l" W V *uNiiN won tba cr»i» 
liuill luadr \>y Miaa L /li* (.iormlaj, of 
Crib Orehard, and ha earriaa biataalf wilh 
aiill eraatrr 'tijritT thin atar. 

— I»K. J UN .M I-ii.*.M> ta up from 
I. lui'vilU iiif a frw ilaya. Ha baa baaii 
K>rrn cbarga (.f lb* fr^r diaptoaarT of iL* 
rull«g* and will ratura to attvad tu it 

lurirK lh>- ririU .r. 

— .MKa^Kf. ii .M DlKDIlIT, W. ti i'rocior 

Bad K I!. WVai. of ih» «f«rfiTl, Lanc.aac 
Ai PinTilir .'. r,. ,u..v Co , wtra bar* yri 
tcrdaa, I'TinK lo fat tha I.inntln Telaphon* 
Co , to i(i«ii'i)iia «iih iiriilar tba 

nam* of tha Crntral Kvntuiky Talrphona 

Mi>-»< Man.n v I V 11 aad Fanni* 
\Ii K lunar, .M'- >.«lfui, Mlaaaa Suai* 
Yn4j(ar. N«nnie Wood, Matin- Harlan and 
.^Allie Yaaicer. of Danvill*, Miaaaa Judith 
and Molli* Kinrf. of Crab Orchard, aad 

SHAIFrn, (hp phdlOKriphpr, hiM ron- 
cliiiled to raniain with iia fur a liuia yn. • 

L<ip< uf framea at Khaflir'a gallery. 
Bring tha faaily alaeg aad tfoa't foigti 

tb* haliT. • 

HiiAKFER all! make aapecialtj of copy 

ing work bimI faaiilr gaoapa whil* b* rc- 

maina here. * 
■ • - 

ISniMi your old plrtiirca and have them 
aniargad while you can do ao at horn*. 
8hafl*r wartanta all hia work. * 

Si-ahkb, tba aiaa cbargad with killing 
drp.ity utrahal KillioB, and Oravca, an 
accca^ory, ware arrrainl hpJ at tbeir trial, 
Saturday, in Londoa, were bald in $.^00 
aacb lo aaawar bafbra lha CIrcait Court 
If arnie of the atatenatata art troa, Kiliion 
ianoi aa oitirb dcatrfiag of a^onpatby aa 

waa at liat allafad. 

— « - — 

A Tliriil.oi.M AI. aludn.t at ' i'corgatowti, 
who ia particularly f nd uf writing to 
yaaag ladiaa, has Jaat baaa nfnk ia by a 
vnunf naan hera, wbo baa bata aorrtapond- 
ln( Hitb hini oftr Ibe aignatar* of "Littie 
h. 'ami ha now frela, no ilouht, that he 
ought to bav* bata rtadiag hia bibi* ia- 
aiaad of ytaldiag lo tba Taaitiat of tba laab. 

Tin: laat Legialatu* pa aa a d bwa aaking 
it illegal to aall apiritBooa, fiaoaa or malt 
li'juora wltbia two nllaa of McKlaaey; 
withia the aame diatance of achool dialrict 
No 15; withia i\ milca of Moralaad, ia tbia 
eotiaiT. lu tba liat pubtiahad ia tha Loo- 

iarilt* TVinra tbtrc i' n « rfferrnra t'l ihr 
bill aaid lo lia«a been pawed in regard tu 
Crab Orebatd. 

Tlirl il.» ( ■iiiiril uifl i.iiil ir ,ir; iiiif 11-1 r 
agrrcil to a niimhar of Ka^oiinr laaj|>a, 
but whta tha Treaaurcr waa railed oa to 
atataiha arooQBt of faadaoobaadt it waa 
foaad that Ibey war* Waa tbea aBoagh fo 
pa? ' jrrent .la mri l" With a law forbid- 
diag taiaiioo to exceed 'ih oeata oa tba 
huadnd dallara worib of propaitf, tiM 

Treaanry will alwaya be empty. 

- ♦ — - 
Am old iBhabitaol writea tba CWirr 
Jgvmal that IM yeara ago lo tha eery day 
that it cam< ihia ^tar, a fru*t kiiird all lha 
apple* and p*acbea between Mayaeille and 
Leaiagtoa, Ky., aad that ba baa ae*B boib 
froai aad ica oa Juaa Olb, ia tbia Htau 
Mo it will he aeen thai it b aot worth while 
aarmt lhara navar waa aocb waatbar bafora. 
There baa alaays btaa worat if tb* alory 
of ibeaatliiaatad iahabitaat ia worthy of 

.Marriaue — la tba praaaaoa of agapiag 
cruwd Judge Brewa oallod tha daaliaiaa of 

Mr Joaeph Ilawkinaand Miaa Poria Mar 
tin at Ibe court honae, Saturday aftarooon. 
Mr. Ilawkioa, alao known aa Farmar, ia a 
wi.lnwrr with acfea childrea aad hiayoaag 
hnitr, wbo is only 17 rtara of aga, iea ai»> 
Irr to bia tirat wif«. In Ihia ronoartion 
Joi. t«in wiab*a ua to aay that the report 
that b* ran ofl with Mira Dccia ia falar, 
that wbdi aha did laaea however ha did all 
in hia power to make her retnre. Ha 
aaya ha would BOt ioava hia wilit fof BBV 
one OD earth. 

Our Lanraalrr raporter aent iia a letter 
for tbia iaaua by hand, but the Ibougbtlaaa 
fallow took it haah t« his laalaad of loav. 

lr» it here. 

• — — — 

Thr Lincola .Milla propertf, whieh roal 
over $25,000 aad whtofa waa appralaad at 

$l.',,(Kl(l, aol'l vaHlarday In lha Kirat Nation- 
al liank, tha principal creditor lur $1U,000. 

Tub May Peatleal givta by MhiMt Ma- 
ry K it .iiiil l-yilin I.-wi- in ihf woodland 
of Mr, <ipo. I' iirighl at the cloaa of their 
achool laat Friday, ia apoken of in high 
terma by thuaa who attended. W* regret 
that wa wtra naabto to accept tha kind in- 
Tilati(<n to ba preaent 

We a/* glad lo know that lb* aaaigo* 
mant of J. O, Dunn A Co., at Rfrhiuoud, 
w«a not I'n acroiint of emlMraa<aicrii of Ire 
tiriu, bill aiiiiplr lo i-loae out a bii>iiiit->i' in 
which the partners could not agree. Mr. 
Dunn atill ooaliauaa hi* larga iodittdaal 
acwing macbl aa irad a 

Sqikc DAMitu laila aatka Bootbara 

Miilual Inaurtnre C.i , baa piid Mra. (iray- 
heal in full the tl.OCKI polity held by bar 
huabanil. Tha only troiihle about the 
matter in the tirat place waa tb* r*fuaal of 
tba Bttaoding phyaiaiaa to gif a a c*rtiAeat* 
of death until hiafaa waa aaeund. 

The Cjunty Conr! yeaterday voted $500 
per mil* to the (.^arpanier'a Ulatiun and 
Murrland luiopike, length 3] mil** 
Maaara. J O. McAlistar Bad N. J. Con* 
■ad* abl* apaeabaa ia favor of tha aab- 
••ri|'tii>n Tha '•lockboldera in the road 
are rt >|uratrd to meet at Mortland .Station 
Friday. Jiiaa '> h. nt 'j to i> m 

Half <. y Bank Sti^ k - Hon Hairiaoo 
Bailey, a« azacutor of Judge Bail*/, aold 
yaetarday to Dr. 8 Q. Booker five alkaraa 
of Firat National of SUaford at A 
D Newlaad Irn abira* in aaae b:ink at 
I1J0..V); Wm. (jiarna lire al.iraa of I arm 
era National at $152: John M. Hail fiva 
aharaa at |161 60 aad M. C. Miltor tva 
•haraa at 916S 50 and Iva abaraa at tl54 

Ai'Mi-i-i V lo the CoDorrt to he given by 
the young lailie* of the Femato College to- 
niitht baa been redui-ed tu 2-^ cents. The 
pri'jranime r->naiatr of a number of 6ne vo- 
rtl anj inatriimental aelectioaa ar<l a I'la- 
tival of ihe.Staaooe, in wbicb ^he ju iiig 
ladiei will apiwar ia appropriate eoeluiDea 
The Commanrnntt'i K^a Wrdneeday 

l.i«ht ircluilf \ - li ilv...rT a-l irf - by MlM 

Vnnir Al< >ri> ea'iva by Miaaaa Belle Tyree, 
Jennie Crane, l^illie 8ImIIob aad Maiy 
<>ullyandtha valodictory by Miaa Ell*n 
Uilloii, the only full graduala. 

Jill ll\ir waa tried before Judye 
l?r jwii, S n;iril.iy, for the cnwanlly ' j mlj >urBad. 

uf ahootin,( a horar hrL fik:.i k.' ' IVler j 
Oill. Itaeeuialhai both men lUimtd a| 
pja'ure and that Hal* had altvmpled to 
'Irita ( iiU'a atock <a\'. hut b* ptavented 
Mhcreupon Hale lirnl >'n tha horai>, tiilniit , 
hia bide with abut, ibuunli cot avrioualj 
d:«iutgiog |him. Uadar tha law the, 1 
charge of injuring and Baimiag a horae ia , 
p iniahiMe with 11 fine of n' t !aa< than 
or mora than f I ut.iO, ur iuj| nr^jiiuirnt in ^ 
tb* county jail not liaa that one nor uiurei 
than 12 month* or twth, and llaie waa bald j 
to anawer undar hnnd nf f 100. He put up ; 

auio'int 1: ihetruatc* of tbe 

i'jry faiiii ami n .ram J. | 

I'lv.i ui'Tf mtirdera ara aiKlnl to Laurel 
< o'lnlr'a |{r oa irii liat. In a ftrnaral rows 
I'lllahurg, Saturday, a uian named Jamea 
Kilay abot aad iaaiaotly killed John Lloyd. 
IJIty aad hia parlaor, Jacbaoa, than beat 
two f.iht r man arfaraly with ( luha and made 
good lhair aarape .\ \ the aaiue place later 
in ihr ilav Neal Beaity, a nrgro txir, ahot 
and {irobably fatally wounded Uaorg* 
I>elpb, a ooal baak biae, who straek bia 
over tba baad^ 

la tbe CoDBir Ooart yeeiarday Ctork 
Blain* reported the aaaeeacr'a hooka as 
amiced, corrected and approatil toil ao 
order waa given on lb* aodiior for tb* 
paymant of tha work. A faithar aahaerip- 
tion of IS 000 to aid in boildiag « hridce 
over Dia Kiver, on tb* Stanford tvA \ 
Hreacharsvill* turapih* half to be paid out 
of tbia year'* levy aad half oot of 1886 
For tha Oarpaatet* §ution aad Moralaad 
turnpike (-ViO par uiilr waa voted Hheriff 
Maiafee gave hia rbri k f >r f '^S 9i) the 
aniouDt foiiad lo he iluf rhr county by 
Attoraey Carpaater. .Mr. Meoefeoraaowad 
hiehoadB**h*rifl with 8. P. Co win and 
Craig Lynn ua afciritira '"'•Ten count? 
h 'ml* of $6UU each having been paid they 
weredeetreyed ia the preaecrt of Ibe court. 
Cuiintiof; out ila raaourre* the cnunty'a 
ileht ia now oniT f7,iH>0 The poll tis was 
tiinl Kt (1 p-r I oil and thr properly lax I 
at::uoenuoa tba flOO. Meeare. £. \V. 
Brown, R. H. Bronaugh, D. R. Carpenter 
anl'i 1' I'rirfht v^r- si'(oirta<l a (■ 111- 
Bittre to I. ATP the houae, rect-nily b iri;«1 
at ihopoofboitae, robaill. Reeolutiotia or 
the dratb of Kquira Peyton were ordered 
to he apread upon tha recnrdaaad pabliabad 
in the Interior JorHNAL aal fl^K court 

KfMEMIiEH that by buying y ur roal 
now yon can aare 'lO per*c*at. Bright A 
Carran ageaia • 

An ••ladion of one Truatee in each dis- 
trict will occur next Saturday. While 
voiera vote only for wbila Troalan and 
colore*! only for one nf tbeir race. 

The frost of Friday moriiog doaa not 
ac*m to hav* ipjnr*d anvthing worth speak 

ing of. A very ffW of llif 'iT'lrter vage- 
tablea wereali^h'l? nip|'< <l ^< it no damage 
wbalavar Waa ilor>«- Ilia nhral 

Til ncN is rtni ha'icillT tbe phoica of 
the irople of thia county. There ara a 
few for MeDoaaid aad oa* for Raadnll 
but tba largo majirilr art for tha Bag* 
of Grammercy Park, firat laat aad all tha 

Mk W il. Mm. I, Ft! did no- preea the 
tl^lHi aiiprupriation for the Eipoaitiin dia- 
play, je«lerday, aa the juaticea thought 
they had no authority to lo make It. fio- 
aidra there waa aonaidorahto oppwi ti aa oa 
the outside. 

JirtiuE Ber fii'RKErr icl*pb*t*t "ti^at 
Hnnday work oa lb* laMrnaianta ia aot to 
much the of lhair fsilnr* '0 op<rata 
as the abaence of Monday'* atteation in 
thia offic*." Yon ara aaollMr, yaa oM 
C'.'ii»rer. you 


Tiieaialeraof the Christian Churrh will 
live an ire rream 'upper in lie Hall of 
Dr Owsley 'a huildiag aeit Wednaeday 
night. They will also have the aora anl»« 
attnlial nrraaaariaa r,f lift-, s!l of which 
hare been put down tu a low figure. 
Everybody who attends ihe rommencenatnt 
thnt night ahoald call around and patfen* 
ia* lb* ladiaa . Poora opaa at 6 r. H. 

The uacomfortabia eip*ritaea of tb* 

ptai few daya ah ' u'd ha i-i f'i ient to oon* 
vicce our ciiixine, the i.iarchn'i'a erpccially, 
of havingib* bnaine*'* prr lon cf Main atr<a'. 
apiinklod. Thoduet bu ba«o worst than 
«a afar taw it aad lb* daaaga doaa goods 
ia ovary hoUHc ID t(j«M Ii> tm timea greater 
than theauw it wa'...J Ua« Xl, keap tbe atri*' 
in oomfortable conditiun and for a ama 1 
raontbly tubacriplion by tb* Borobanta, 
holala aad othait> thia ciuld ha d oaa» 


— Richard, I wia f on of Divid and Mr*. 
Salli* Kcolt, died Hondav, agtd 10 aMatha 
It had always been weakly. 

-Mr J. H. Vagan, I:. Jiad on the 
25ib ult. at bia r*aidet.i.a ii. Indianapolis. 
H* bad qaita a aoabtr t f rtlaiiyea ia tbia 
county ao<l Boyto and waa widelv kaowo 
for hia many good traits of character. 

— Mra. Liuie I'heiigo, wife of <ieorge R 
Pberigo, died at lha bona of Mr. O- J. 
Newland, BatordaT, aflar a ahoti illaaaa of 
( iinKumplion, atred !)c :t 2C yaar*. Fhe 

VRW AirttTmnan. 

Ji ntjiK n. J. DUKUAM 

In a < Ml. It 

III >i.^; ' - r 

ii'a for »>.rcra»a in the ttb Olelviet 

•■ "ill iif lha i>ciuociacy. 


!• a Candl,l«i» for 1 oosraM la the Btehth DlatriaS. 
iu>ii>ett w tae will «i ilw DaMocttiy. "wiaa, 

nos. A. CJ. TALBOTT 

!• a* for Coogrtaa la tkli diattut>a>k- 
Jeettetheactlao of ili**5kl!L,Saey. '"•"""^••'^ 

B1Jl*rA£<0 HIJLU 



Baa Bioaad bia eaipaater abep ia lawn and la nnw 
raady at all tiaaa t* *> aaraenieriag, beuaa ).iiii<i- 


log, re|iarinr, Ar. (ialloefeT 

FmlMs Traction Sngini. 

Flaa Hun<lr«<l Oollaia la riold at lha CIscIbmU 
EiposltloD lo laSI, il>e hlnhaat award avrr ttvea 
lOaaEaglD*! lbabl||l)nta«Hnl M •haFnithern 
KapealUoo, Loulifiiir, Kf . II, i>...: '(.rii,«gMt 
TiartloB and K(*.l Knu.,. I iMIm diaiitne lo 
Ixiy Kiiiiinra !->|. iii., m; . MlUt will >£aM 
a idra». J. „ Hot h / #f , "liliJi, 

1 i""- Kaat Malo 81., Loulaville, Ky 


- 1 A M OKO, IT. 

W. p. WAL TON. . . fMprtotor. 

*!J.°"iI;f,''.;?""'- F'«k«">niMataaa«,of ftoag. 
Jamoaahla rafae t« (oa4 attraeiloS A'^TaSa 

for at'ii k , 
li-y '■11 1'ri f.tia 

Vov stale; 

vafyrl.hW.ito«. Oood l.u.Jdiuga. f.,.. i,,*, J.w 
r*r|iartl<iiUi«ji'j„h„ tv. 1^ 
!• IT. it. n Kir Km, 

Alllaace, l>ki* 

Sheriff's Sale t 

— or A 

Lar>;e and Valuable Stock of Dry QooJi, 
Olothinf, Boott, 8ho«', Hau, Capa, 
QwMrieg , Hgrt wMt, 4e. 

TIirK.«iDAV. JCXE Sill, 1884, 

At Ihf af<.ra.*r :ia» '.n Crab On li.rd whara Ihr 

c« rv 

35!7 - B "'archaodlaa. roDaiatii.|or hty tlrnrfi 
NoJIfcBf K.«d7 .Made t lothlui, K^,i, .nd ^b»• 

plaiiwita, A. wh„ hwu|,»i„ioD undar lb, at- 

iriTii',!,;" "'"^ " 

Thf ,i»r. handite triil btaold In flaa Iota, and 
not .J tha |..a, „ ,„iu,„. ,04 «HiilaU of 

ut Ttip .lrT|i(„ia. aoilooa. and akow 

2Dd 1 nr if-tii r ii,a<|,i clotbtaa 

M. Tbat-.,-. .. .i.ho^s. ^ 

4tb. Tba bula aL.l ca|ia 

■Mh. Tht irriK^i r^, ' 


t aa i&reeeiri of tbe heailaoaal aad atat aem. 
Stella* ""w 

•nnro aid iokmbb imumT 

I kav**ver wblch l ioalteyoaratiea. 
tiea. ■avinuhea usutual car* In ita lalrrtloD, 
lan aare that aa aaaailBallon will i rora mutual* 
I7 adraDlagaouv (Uaa sie acall. 

«r«A nmLLK hiuhxb, 

MHPtord, Jty. 

• iioae. 

> bardvira , and 

farinin,! liu- 

waa a uiemhcr of thr Eiptia'. Cbsrch and 
an txcellent, worthy :L:!Htirt:i woman In* 
duaUiona. capable aod re!f rfapaetiag, aha 
did her part well ard ber three liltia ehll- 
dr^n, nil lirls, will aadly ai« bar minia- 
taiiog car* and love- <b« Gad of Ibe 
fathtrlasa watch ovtr and protect thea. 
Tba funeral aervieee ware bald at tba Bap- 
tiat ch jrch Sunday sfternoon by Hav. J. 
M V,r .i >■. aftn whiJi the remaisa w«r« in 
lartad iu Buffali 'V!:ii-'ery. 

«L Jl T,, 1 "">""'»'•» Voi-d aiib 

-n "« >"**n»t trom day of »lr 

< rai. f>r I r.i lu r*f»"ni deal ring toparchae*. 

' ■ • ■ • J. .V. mrnxmrmm •• t. c. 




' Maa aawtBrere ef 

•nd Do«r FrHiiif M. Moi«|. 
Inga, feicroll Haw 

lam MMkm WM, 
FlMrlBg, CeillBKaWMitk- 
•r^rdlBSf Draaaed LaMlier 

•^Aad Mh*r— 

Building Mat orlal 

Alau licalers [q— . 

Call OD ua or «nt4 lor i>riLP« We kaay a laratt 
itork and 'lo our l«ai In plaaN yvu la yrtna 

and qotiitT ul malarial. 

Hanallla gy. 

MMU, vm 

H EL /G 10 us. 
M. Briica will preach at 



.MlM Stella Mai 


FuB the firat time in years we are ecn 
t ied lo chronit'l* that a CiimmeBc*BeBl 

*«iinilay )'<■"•>' I w iihi'il the iiatial writing 
(if tba prftl.v Ka^iuecta that are alwaya 
hroufht out on that day. liriKht, clear and 
pleaaaot it waa a lovely Hand^y for tb* uc- 
caaion and people for miles around embrac 
ad Ihe opportunity to nitrii'l arul lit>»r the 
RfV. P. T. Hale, < f Panvilla, pienih a cap 

tbagnealaof Miaaaa lihuda aod Kalhlacn 
. HBil«>[rjQrier Joamal. 

I' liK aaler, i jmi ,,,riuon M the yuiing ladiea of Stanford 

Fana vegetahle* at .s. S. Myera. * 


CAaasD gooda vary low at T. R. Wal' 
ton'a. * 

Kemnle luliege. Tbe Opera llooaa wat 

li'led froiu alage lo gallery and a handvnir* 
•r, better dreseed rrnwd ia aaldi-m act-ii. 

.IcnucM J IH ruam apske here yeater- 
day lo a vary large aad aiuntirt* audiancv. 
ilr begua by replying to Guv. McCreary a 
argumeat that Madieoa hadn't had a Con- 
tcraaaman for ii5 yeaia. That thera wir.' 1 t'l- 
rr < ."jntiea that had never had a C'uogrt-<«- 
ninn and be lieliavad that Lincoln c( 'uity 
WH' rciiilrd lu it Ihia lima and be bad told 
thennly aapitant from Lincoln that if he 
wjuld umkethe .'ik* h* (Judge I> 1 would 
not mn linv. .M. bad accused him t f aU 
waya r.i; for office, but tba Qoverour 
had made two rarea to hia nne. It had 
baeii ark">i<l ihii hi( luaf Ihe (iovrrnor had 
tuiiifv). « 1- ' 1. in-r- II tn ii. luinHle He 
didn't I'.avf tu mativy, hjtbebad never 
bveii defeated yet. H* believed in lb* 
atriit I n-ir ii i'lr. of the c-snatitution, the 
only preaervii'iiTi < 1 '•'.ste right-. There 
are noiaplied pDwrra xranteJ hr rooatitu- 
tion, aavar during hi* term of offio*, had he 
voted lo give railroads the public lands, ei- 
crpt the right-cf way, snd oevtr votad for 
a aubaidy, longrraa haa no right to lend 
the public money. He voted against lend* 
ing money to the Philadelphia Cegtennial, 
(jr whiih I r w.ia rritiriaed, bj; if he had 
I'!-, ii ir; • Tiiirtf-ia wo'.ild have T..1*-.) aKainm 


Xcnia achaal'hoatt atxt 8«aday at 

V M 

— Pr r.-r jamin Biswortb Bfflith, pr*aid> 
IPC hiahop of the I'fofeetant Epiaoo|Bl 
r).i:rih, ia lirad, aged ^0 yeara. tfa Waa 
M . ne lime K tperlatfadtat of laatroatUp 
in tUhi Kiatt. 

—During Iht present renlnry 150,0M,> 
OOOoopieaof Ibe have beta printtd 

in 226 diflbreal languagar W« bav* aow 
."i.TM miaion atal'ons i' haatben landa, 
with r»606 erdained m'^iifnariea. Thia 
ia a tenfold incraaae in eightv ytaia. 

— Thirty-two ytara ago -ha ><(ate P«ptift 
.\aaociati(n heW lis Ua' meetinu among 
the people of Ulwgow Alicoat an avuaga 

I liftlimt paaecd aoay before it net with ua 
I again. Only a few of the miniatera who 
attended that aaaociatim ware wiih ua laat 
week. Eldera \V. \V tiardnar and H. L 
Halm ar* the only crta »i>u mw snggeel 
themaelves. The rat have pII, «iib a few 
etceptiona, joined lie sreat anient loejority 
beyond the rivrr II >« tiinii'- < f will b* 
bar* when the Sia i- V. >iiii>t .\r*3cisl!on 
again aaaata in (^l«a<< < r me*. 

Dili RIU IR 

Druga. Bookg, StatioaM^ 

raysyeiaaa' prea.iii.ti,.,.. j,, unuiy.'eoa 


Largest Stock of Watchea* 

riaeka, Jawalfy A Mlraniwa 

vrr hrought tft »hl> marVpt 
■M-L<i»eat. Walrhaa, t'I'ji ka and Jawalry 
paired oa ibort botlca and. WarraDtad 

Pr1(<>a Lower ttaa 
ralrr it 

BRIGHT k mm 



tdM. STOCK t¥u cno^ 

— .\. T. Nuniellet 

J. M. Had- 

Tbb only genuine "Uceeell Carpet .Swt-i-ii 
tr" at Bngbt A Carraa'a. * 

Iht. (inaat and beat rhewing and amok- 
ing lobaici a in .""itanlord ran be found at i lie elonaenlly apoi:e of ih* ^reat good that 

The Itachtra and scholars reached tbeir 1 lendipg money to the New Orleace K.\po- 

plaeta on lha alaga about 11 aad ahorlly silion. Unaltorably oppoaad la Fedaral 

aftarwarda a hpmn sung by the achoid r.i 1 '.<< | ul ! . m hool'. it ia but a dodga of 

opeaed the aervices. Rev. Mr. Poliitt, c f i|je irict i:< mala lo keep up the high tariff 

Maysville, led in prayer and then sftrr an- tkx; wanird 1 11 kept cn whiaky and manu- 

olbar by mn Mr, Halt aanounctd that ha laciured tobacco till public debt ia paid aad 

had selected Mark 14:t a* tha haaia of hia than If prBelieabIa raise tba banntr of fraa 

reiiiarka: ''She halh done what ahe could." trsiif; *hh SKainat a binkriipt law of anv 

dan ^tOO sheep at at f each. 

—J. M. Hail aold 10 Tom Wood - 89 
wetbtra, ahaarad, at 3 tMala, and a cow for 


— Hulchioga A KrsnasDld lo Wm. Mora* 
land fur J. I» Embrv :<1 heid pound 
slop cattle at$5 .i5 

— U. A. Swinabtod haa juit retnintd fron 
Tennetaao whtr* ba booght a ear-load of 
feeding cattle at abo :t " cent* per pound. 

— H. ti. iVDninilan i'.iugh'. of Jno. Oen- 
trv, of Rockcaatle, (i '.' year-old horse mulea 
At StiO, tad aold 60 laaaba lo San Oaena 
at 5} ornta, 15th Jaaa dtilftry. 

— .\ ahorlage if a finjie crop i» excu-e 
anougb for tht average farmer to ref u«« to 
pay aaytblag when it comet due. Such 
an attltad* toward creditora in any othar 



8. §. Myera'. ^ 

I'iK.*-- -ivlhea. aii.ith*, liayfiTka, 
dlee (train Cradlea, at W. II. 

To-NluDT at the < iprra llouae the annu- 
al coaoert and lo wuirow night the regular 
ooaacneement etercia*a aad another aes- 
aion of tht- -Mani rcl Female Oallagn will 

ba niiiuliarol »ilh llir paat. 

— ♦ - - 
.\i rri'. our (oro)* were printed, washed 
Hod |>irllr dialrihiited laat Friday, it waa 
f lur.d that our edition waa abort ahuut 
100, ao wabad lo tnhatilnia othar aatler 
and put the pfii>»r lo praaa at ''^ This 
will aeeo'int for tbe luuinual make up of 
(oma of ih^apers »tBt out. 

eould b* accomplished in the world by true 
womaa and of tba indotnct of tvil a htarl- 
l«e womaa of faahion aad frivol It? attrl- 
ed. Woman's aphere waa not at ihe li»l Id- 
box, the lawyer's desk nor the prtacher'a 
atand, bat her'e waa a nobler and hit;her 
miaioa. Sbt could by a holy, cbriatian 
life do more for the improvemtnt and ad- 
VBBOcmentof tbe world than ly ai v of 
tb*ie. 1 1 waa in tht powtr of every wo- 
man to do aomatbing to that end and he 
hopad that of taob of tho« bt addreaaad 
It might be finally 'aid, ' She halh done 
what she i-ould." The addreaa taattd ntar- 
ly BB boar aad wh« listtne.1 to with cloaeet 
atiaatioa by the HOO people who «at or 
Blood within tb* ajund of bit Toiea. 

ki<ii', the in«)!vtni lawa of the didcrent ' line of bnainra would be denounced in 
Nia'ea are auffii-ient; favored the bill intro- ' tbe moel emphatic terma. Now that a 

large nunber of iba faraen of tb* North- 
irttt ara ia iadapeodaat cireaBstaneit, 

wniild it not be we'l for ibta to apply tba 

duc*d bv McPbereoa to allow tba baaka to 
iaue dollar for dollar inatead of OOe to lha 

diillar «i <l in favi r < f iniiiniteii (iiinage of 
ailver and the jfe ef ailver cerliticalee to i rdinsry r.iles of hoeineM lo their vocatioa? 
Uka tha place of the $200,000,000 of bonds - ; Norlhweeiern Lumberman, 
that mature in live year*; favorad a tBriff. —Yeeterday waa about an avaraga coBrt 
for revenue on Ij; the M»rrlsjn bill waa a j day both In aalea of atock and in other 
step in the J.fiiA .iireiiior ; the ( hiciio ' traciiacliona. Tbe ai;i tlcneern repi rl from 
convention «hould pat such a plank in ttsj .'oO to oOO vommon catlU on tb* market 
platforn. H* diacuatd tba tariff at toaa Capt. H. T. Buab aaya that beat told at 
length and very ably; btliavad ibe "Old I 4 to 5 ctott and Inferior at 3 to 4 oaati. 
Tickei " «ai lid .weep the country like wild ' Trade waa livelier and qilekar than for 
fir* and thought it would be nominated. eeveraUnurta. Ni» aalea or horaea. Capt. 
Taoapeach waa well received aod a*v*r»l of j Jake Iliggina sold a lot t.f milk cows at 
tb* audfaaaa compliataltd lha Judg* on | ti'i to $55; 14 yearling" at and oaa pair 
ita balag tba beat of bit lift. 1 •ul"^ ^1 *•**»•«'. WOO. 


Farming^ Implem'nts^ Bug- 
gies, Wagons^ 


Mili'lu'll, Orchard ( ily and Wiu- 
chester Waj^ons, 31eFarlaud 
and Ua 80 Buggies an^ 


Soiith-liciid iiiid Ilaiiiillon Plows Sol© 
Agents for Fiirst & Bradlej's Sulky 
and Turning Plows, 

Riding and Walking CultlvatoMip 
Sole Agents for Evans Cora 
Planter and Thomu 

AlMi Agent* for Walter A. Wood HarvosUag 


ax^Xj at bud rook 


Th« dowofall of Ortal & Wanl, of New 
York. ffCAlU to ton* oM eUiirna of vigo> 
fltuford. Jtf.. . • • - June 3. 1884 ra»morl« Iht eolltp^ .f Or.m A 

Citniilroptc raiup nfler the f«iliirf in ftrm- 

Urut, after tbrawioR up hi* cuiuiui«»ioD 
ia lk« •rmy, «kiU aarTing !■ Onfoa. caiaa 

on to fit Loni<, and tbart «M M iiadar- 
■'andiDK between hi* father and hit wtfc'it 
father Chat he waa to pet ii|> i>» i ritriuer 
Dent a«r<td to furaith the f«rm and (old 
Mr.OrtilwMie alock it. Liter on 
Captain (irani found bimiwlf aetlled ia a 
log houae on the Cira?oi« road. Theatoek, 


Bimtut . WLi emmrr. 

—Mr. J. \V. YerVfK, n>fc\»\ i'lHge, on 
Mnwlar lUorniDg (ircided liie forcibU d«- 
Uimt MM •( Robert Woodan. J. S. Moort 
ia favor of Iko dtfendaBt. 

-Jno. P. Warrwi aoH FrM«r »0 J.C, 

Johaiton 1 J 2 jtt 

r-nKl h«'if#ri« "l 


I d«Ur wld to "PappT " Urar 1^ 7Mr- 

-A roun« r .!or«i »MWn J'^j^j | eo.atatlo, of a lot of potato... r«me .lon« 

cane to to»a and entered a complaint (or ,^ _ 

eriainti ti^*»u'.i i-giinU Jamf-! Pelman 

Tkt MM i> Mt for trial to dnj. • 

—Mia* Saltio Banford, OM of tkORradn- 
gUioi Ct.^l well Col t»fe, thin year, MtM- 
MiMd her enter graduatee, thoe* of Boll 
imiiiarr and a few other friMdf, Friday 
■lilit fna 8 to 11 o'elook. 
-A'T**» gl*M kf Ito Mi« of tko 

Bk»dJ Preebyteriao church at the reai- 
dooM of Mr. and Mre. J. J. Craig Friday 
atMitfe WM «nU atiandad. Toe proece<la 
amounted to $Vi and ua for tko btnolt of 

the church. 

— Mr. Kl Corriij 111, oi KitiMix Ciiy, the 
•VMTOfFrMlaadaod Modae'y, was here 

SaaJay ImMh * 0^*1* °' 

ld«inilt«o Heady. The filly ie oat of Ceti. 
ni by T»o Broek- He left Monday mom- 
log for Lalonia. 

—Mr. A. P. Bruco, of tka fitm of Brntii 
A Hirlan, iaoMflnrd to hie rooai at tko 
I' lGijiH lloii** wi'.a rheiimr.i-i.i <'.«jit. 
L U UiUtoo, fjr lae pae: tir« year* a 
oitiim of Jeff iron ojuaty, Colorado, ar* 
riteJ Uinday and wai warmly welcomed 
ky many old friond*. Capl. RiUtoa waa 
for a number Jof yoara the head of the 
firlaiwy dapirtaeat of !C«atra Cjllaga aad 
fcrattMaditMoT tka Kaalaekf IMmm. 

— Aj Miw Maggie Kowland and two 
Otkar y.i'in{ UJiee were taking a homo- 
back rile Satarday evaalat,*|MiM Row- 
laad'a korea taraad tka eacaor of Main 
aad fwutk atiaat laa Mddaaly ikiowiag 

her with itii^h fiolencs 10 the groiinil a« to 
caamapootatora t) fear ahe night bo aori- 
onely i^juiod. Such waa not tko oaae 
howtffor aad after a fav ■ioataa aho and 
kar eoapanioa* reoamed their ride. 

— Hon. A. O. TalbDit iafjrmetl your 
coiraapoadnot Monday morning that owing 
to tht ill baslth of hl« daugh'er, Mr*. 
Cecil, who in abaent from home and whom 
ha aipecu to viait freqiiantly dnriag ibo 
aummer, that he hii determinril to witk* 
dMT froM tka ooatoet (or tka demoetatie 
iijlluHlOM for Cjagfaaa la Ikie diatrict. 
Ia witb^lriiwing he renirai* l.'n i..:inkii to 
frieudii ibrjiighout ibe dietrict for their 
eordial p!eil(;e«of nappart. 

- Jaa. Crawford, who waa aMt to tko 
Aif iMk laa 4ayi ago mm koaa Tkanday 
Mjitg the Anchorage auiborltie* i>niil tiu 
atlMtinn to bia caM and had in fact donv 
■oikiaf maco ko bad bMn thoro oicept to 
ton kim iato a big ooalMure with a lut of 
loaitico. Whoa Jim raturaad ho obtained 
a aiaall aum of money with which ko 
komkt a piatol and bagan practicing at a 
tafftt- Ha waa arraalad aad put ia {all 
natil the atrium officials i«eoJ for bim. 

— Tbo graraa o( the Federal and Coafad 
orattteiialkaaMiotary wara dacoratad 

by Major Bobart Anderaon, Poat No. IS O. 
A . B , Friday orening. Then waa m opoa> 
incadiroaabf dpt. 8 M. B^one, uf Som- 
ar^aneiaMl tiMa>ag "My CouoUy '>ia 
oflkM.'^M mIJmm kf Col. B. L. 
K wall, of Laurel; then maaic and an ad- 
dres:! by Col. Simuel K Hpeocer, of (Irefae- 
karg. The grarea were than decsrated, al- 
tar wkiak ikaro wm aora aaeie aad tka 
konadiatloa by fUv. H. J. Barry. 

-The clanH of of Cantre College 

have biad upon June iiiih for a reuatoa of 
thadaM Tri« pi^ce of ttoatlag will bo 
Oiiobar a Hotel and the programDO a grand 
kaaqnit, toaetn, matic, &c. A reoeptloa 
OOmpliiUriitiry to MiM Hj!I, of FraDkfort, 
waa given by Mr«. J.>S. Van Winkle and 
Mtei Bottio DilloB at tkeir homo on Har* 
rodiburg aTeniie Friday oreaing. Ladira 
only ware invited. At night there waa a 
contiaualion of tboaamo affair which waa 
larg^ attaadod by bith ladiet and gMtla- 
mea—Mootly youm peoplo. 

— Col. and Mre. Jainw A Fisher cele- 
bratad tbeir golden wedding at their fcome 
oa ilfoad«ay Thur-xliy erenicg. Ther 
wan Marriad May 29ik, 1834, tka earamo- 
ay bolag porformed by tka lata PrtaUent 

latar ia tka aeaaou. Tkoy wore unloaded, 
left 0* tko loTo*, and fhwa. Tkia wm Iko 

otert in life Orant gii'. «<" n farmer 

Lef* to bia own deveiopoje nt of nicrieoltn* 
ral laetea, ha look to hauling in wood aad 
oalliag it. It waa wbM the formiag aipcri- 
■Mt bad proved a failnro and Oraat kad 
been refuard the appointment of eureeyor, 
for which be mado application to the coun- 
ty conrt, tkat ka mirod to tka oily aad 
went lata Ito Ml MiMa m4 krakange 


The firm wa« Grant A BoggfL The 
junior partner waa a re'atlee of (iov, 
Bogga aad alao eoanecte<l with the I>ent 
family. Tka? opMad aa o(Bm oa Pine 
atreat, joat above Second, and Mmo prop 
arty wm put into their hand*. C«pt. 
Fraak MoFartakaa and other old real ee- 
Uta SM raMaikor Iko irm froa attampte 
at traaaaetloH with them, and from tka 
utter lack of idee* on bi.eineM mattare 
which (irant ehowed. 

Phil Fentuaoa, who waa then pubUebiag 
a paper, ttlla of K«ti>g to a#a Grant akoat 
the purcha'inK i f .1 j )1) otSce wh'i'h hed 
baen put in the (irm* handa to nell. Ha 
found the aenior partner not at the offica, 
kit aftar a aaarek, aad whoa ka did ao it 
waa witk ao Mtlofietion. Altkongb tkay 
had the property and it wu for «ale, 
Grant wae unable to preeent the terma or 
the condition of tbo atuS, ao iLat the (wiat- 
ar could form any cooclnaioa ae to wkat 
bo waa trying to bar or wkat ka waa ex- 
pected to pay for it 

In abort the aenior partner waa without 
bueineae aenao. In a few (eoka the real 
eetete and brokerage Brm of Oram A fiogga 
waa claeaed with tbo paat aad Ibo aaaior 
wont to Galena to join bia fatktr ia tka 
tannery.— [Glole. Pemocrat . 

Tbaihimo Tomato Viro.— The fo'l.W 
ing plan baa been recommended and ex 
traaivaly triad: Set in vran rowa^kfi* 
foetapMt. AaMoaM laiga aBoaib, llll 

well, and rliee lo eich plant drive a f rk.d 
atirk, leaving about three fttt above 
ground. On the t 'tii' tie loni{ ]' 'Ita titin* 
ly. Totheao train Iko viaaa^ tyiag wiik 
otringa, and nip off tka okaata diat grew' 

t )(> far ab ire them Br thi« n;p«i ■• e»»r» 
frait will bo fine, free from mad, even 
wkaa kMvy raina fall, aa4 tka viaM keep 
in beariag till late ia the aalnma, Tl a 
planta ara more prolific, aad bat llltlo 
fruit ia loel, aa it ia often the caae when the 
viaM Mil oa tka gtoaad. Ia om of aarly 
ttma JaaMt abaala af aavipapM kaag 
ovar tke Iralliaca will prulaal tka 
toco till all are gathered. 

aaa a. avBom. r. w. aaavra, 

nuKDErr « dbown, 

ia4.|fr MT. TBmMOir, KY. 


▲irrOUNKVilA.T I^A.W, 
Will pracUoalD the CeurU arBorleeBd a^Jolaiag 
couatim aad in th* Court of Araaala. 

A .tuAi.i. I, ... JMOT.VE.— Mt. Henrv 
Cane, of O.I Ciiy, he* ,\»< rnuiplvle'l 
tboamallaal lt>comolira ever made, it be- 
lag bnl eight iaekca long and weighing but 
a I'lunl a-i I a hull Th-ee w "r^ har*- 
been devoted to ita conatruct'on. Thfre 
are 985 acrtiwa in the engine. Tn^ aieatii 
gaaga ia bat oaa fourtk of aa inch ia di- 
aMiM, tka ckMk vAIvm In tha pomp are 

one eiiteenth »l «iiiii«li in .liiaieier, tbo 
headlight f only ln'il au lodi 111 width, 
aeven eightha of an inch high and three 
oightba of an inch long Tka ira ia kin- 
diad by uaicg a gill af tlcokal, which 
roM tka aagiaa for katf m kaar. 

Tka moet de'inictive Area on resord io MU 11 CI EtiN I> 

. . . , , . i . ■ MTANF(IRI). KY. 

the hi«t:<ry of the wi ilJ r< . jrreil 111 I>. 1 , OBc*— iv>utk aid* Mala Mtraet, two 4aora abavt 

l>ureMtr«aa oxMe 9m MmtBlMawd whea ro> 

DB. w. B. rmmr, 


on.* hoor 

J. B. FIIH. 
Attorney At Li»w. 

And MaalerCaoiialaatoDeranckeaalle Circuit Cour, 
Will prM'ili-* 10 (h.< K.> k. UII-. Coiirta. C'«li*c- 
tlana a apactallf. >>!■<-« la Ccur'-boua*. (114| 

I.BK r. HurrKAii. 

I TJ 11 O £: O N f> R N T 1 

atChieaao. lo*. SI '"J ChiO O.'"', and at I'HriH 
looa $200,000,000. The loaa at .Moecow 
18IS waa f 100,000.000 Tbv Baaten fire in 
1872 C'>ai >,"<^), .'.n.i »hat ia kaowa 

aa the iireal l.'>ndon tire of 1660 co»t $53, 
(i53..V)0. The loeeoa at Uakylon, Nineveh 
Carthage, Ac , can oaly be coojeriurod. 

Qamkling daea aot i^y. Tha two . moot 
importNt oloaaato af-gMUlag aw aeaaa. 

drcliam and diipliritv Uamblera are ei- 
ther r-iai'tU .T limplelna*. In gaiubliog 
no one win' ricepi the prime pf darkncea 
MoBoy chaogea handa, and tbo man aho 
alwaja wine at gambling will laally win a 
nocktie and a freo axit Cmi tbia World.— 
[Rev. T Parry. 

The oelebraud race korao "Oath." fall 
and broke bia neck while running oa tka 
tiaak at Waakiagtoa. Now if tka wiokrat> 
ad Ifctof tka aame tlth oould ko iadaotd 
to Bialie a r iiii ! inr oti a -lippery trtrk 
with the aame goo'i I rttne. k great niany 
laSdoU waoM auivo migbty hard to l>ctieve 
that pravore aracftimwaMWtrad.->[V'aaca- 
burg Cooriar. 

A rniiiroriaMe, •.nt-tlnrr d««lliii,( .('. Rirkni m 
iinctioii, with aN.!!! in i" rv oi ir.".ii'l I ..r i,-iti., | 

call iin ur a>ltlr..a« 

->i-ir jxo. M 

VUII.IPO, .'i.hlur,! 

A. OnMid ComMmiU^ii 


— Aad the LMUvllle— 

Weeklj Conrler- Joamal 

Oaa year Ihr Mir M-twe aiyaea Ur little 
~ wa taaa the priee ar aae. 

Hj paTln,( >i# |i you ivll] r^f-ir* ftt nn« year 
your hiMue t^per >ilh iba 1 „uriH-Juurnal, ttee 
rp|>reaMi,atlr« anwapaper of lha a«utk, demorrat- 
Ir aail fur a larllT for rcTeaue Milf , and tlia baat, 
briabiaal aad al>leat (knlly waakly In tb« l'Bitr.< 
Niatea. Tkoea wha daaira lo etaniae a aaaiple 
oot>y ufth* Courier- Journal can do -1 it Ihia oftrw. 

umca OTtr Roht.A. Lyile'a 

ftaa a toll A. ■.aB4 I tear. M. Aaaaihetu«al 



I will daMvar lee le veauiar cuaioaMtaovoty mafa* 
lag at 


Arrouiilidu* at tbr r 
a ruatoHMf ticlla. 

<■ iithorwkee 

M. jc. mAmmow. 



Thii noilre r>'r«warD( hnalen, takavweo anJ 
Iraiiipa not to trHapaaaim i>ur laaiila without par. 
■laaton. aa all au. k acta ara liable lo be prococutod 
leiha full »&l«nio< lb' law. 

maatord. Ef Mar< h iTib, Itai 
D. Mdllilfiek. 
H. T. Haafe, 
r. KaM. 
■IglHaa lelly. 
B.7t.aj F.tioTtr. 
U . L. Carter 
T. I Hill, 
r. VMito\ , 

J. A H irri- 
P. W. CBrlar, 
M. Carter, 
T.J. roater. 
T. M. Wbll*. 
¥. K. Maeruia. 
M. T. BMaaaiU 
A. 0. Mewlaad. 

Some oaa wka tka MmM* IVaaaw^ m 
wkat aoMiioa tko axi<r«Moa, "By tb« 
Blareal," waa uacd by Goaoral Jaekacn 
It ia anawered that thia waa the General'e 
(kvorite oath, and that ka need it on every 
iapatMt oaMalaa. wkM twMflav aoMMd 
ka to noeeeaerr, dari«| tko whata active 
part of bia life. 

ir your Ihra, n>\ k and bar da ara aunburoad or 
lcfl>m».i. i.xhi. theai wltb pBptllaa 8kia Curei 
It '« < .;. i.iimII'j3 loattntlr. ^tale 

at McRulirrii- ..^i.t{.'!, 

I have reeelvtd a IWIi UaeoC every Tarleij ol 

Mllllotry, and Inrlte an In.perll'.n <.r tlir unie 
MiM Cynihia Car- tl mh • • r>i.. t n • „ !. •. 
iiie«. will aaatit i. < . : 1 t . 

TvrT low. MMI*. M. I. I tUt.KH. 
iiiAX M> Kinaey, Kf. 

• li.a.t W M 
A M < arpeal 
C. Blakop. 
U<l Mutihla. 
K D Bkodaa. 
W I . MrCotmaca, 
M H LytU. 
J. W. WM'berford, 
Wai. Kurioii, 
.1 « Mi.ri 'ir, 
.1. M Hill 
J li. MrAllater. 
J. D. Joaea, 
J. Q Maateaaary 
ilra.J. J.TeharIf, 
■.J. Daiai. 

Faela treat aailelr lt>r lha paipla nf aianferd and 
LliH'.ila rauntj and promlaaa lu Jn tliv fatr ihloo 
r.<r Ihriii ir tli'7 will iDKiiro with kl ui In f llhrr 

The UiB.lun A l«Braahlr* lafiirnn<« Co, of 
Li'erpnul. wlioa* aaaota ara t./,M},auo, ur 
The llnyal, ol UvarM0l,aaaaU rM.WMTI, or 
Tbe Laocaaaire. ef Maaekeeiar, aaaaia ever f«,- 

R'« prvmitt (a ff al iaaaaa/raaa tt^a^/aarinMii 
•ni wlU aaCatk l*e aaaal^gKI*) 4»t* Mmu. 
WHM la Mm ae eon M Mm at Uaaaalar,! K r 

if jou haeaa cold la your bead, been lo a d.-afi 
aad have the reiult of your luprudeaco aDa^j ion 
yearea«lbrl,laeufllatewi(ba few arpiicati.^naof 
fapUlaa Oiterrh Cure an4 yea will b» r* iierni at 
oaoa. Ko» eala tiy MrRobert* A -.lang. 


BKriiM « V VI N 

iJI>. U. Bnlduiii A C o., 

U>ula*IUe, K/;, Claclonatl, O., aod lo tlaaapolla, 
lDd.,deolenfaate<awar 4 ikma'. Uacker Brua ', 
Ualnea-. J.AC, rtaebar, Voae A Boat*. Baldwla A 
('•I 'a Coilaa*, I'prlahi an I ti<)uaf« Piano Forlaai 
al*o ilie Calay, shonlnfer and Haallloo OrfaBa 
loatruuiaoia iHld ai prtr..t aod lerma to aull p .r- 

We have 0 Ter lj?.tr i of a.j' b ui trvfluua C(ir»a ef 
CbogbalDchlldi, ar.l ..lull, a, Pai.llloi. .Cough i 'J^-^'J^'' ^Uf/SL.T 
Cure praduoa Vuu about J l>a»« a l«lt lp lo y^r | a""——* »— - _l {_ 

boiiaa II. Livuf neel. Kur aal' " >' • A 

I hi.!..; • 

H.rb. BVMIAT** MMinc. 
Tka flrMt Eafllah Remedy, 

.iir.. •.. for Weak Ma«in. 
' I . T ^wer, Noreoua 
).. • ~.iuln'l WraliiiM.. 

,.. 1., , , .,1 I... . • ! .... 
l'u«.'r<l III** ' •■ *. ■ r^ana 
and alt diar«a«a lhai billow •* a aw- 
fm ^wearw ul yeulhr.ll Impruitaoea ot 
■talurad J»*n, am h Trmtm Marh. 
aa I'nleeraal t.aaaltu4o. Pala la U* 
bora. DIaiaaoa of Vlatub. Proiua 
l irvOM A(o,aadataar olVaedia- 
i«aoa that load to iaaaalte or Coo- 11^^ 
auuipUon. la ail rtaaaof Koiuiln " 
Wrakoeaa the apaciar arta Ilka • 
rbann, raalorlDf laaaer fadlna i:^. 
or. (Itlna to tba eye a Lrlilui i 
and ap«rkllD( lpt«'ii T. I'l thnheek 
ittrt mj i.i..aaui uf bf>:'.). AftarTak ag. 

aWMiitray • ^p*- i»<- la a.l.| <,j .11 l>iu< %t 
It par par ka«*. or i.i pa. ka«ra for gS Alao by 


Through Trunk Line 

WItkovt ChiRgnnilwitli Spnl Uirlfaiil 


rany 'avii III n.i 


Wtlhsal cktata la 

Naah.i... M.|b|)hla. 

. .oilauatcry. >a>>anab. 
Jaokaaaania, MabiTa. aaj Maw uriaaaa 


I "I ,'4 - t ar . V, a ! ■ ■ ' anj' 


rro« I,.i«ia. 10 |., ^ , .rtwliboalcbaaao. 


reeeivo aaoclal low raiea 

aaocial low ralea 
■aa Aaaaia ef ikucti 
Be., ar WHie 

•oay for ralaa, rootaa 
C. P. ATr7r(, 0. p. 4 t. A. 

A PRI2E • '*•♦• Pe*'«fO and rerelaa 
. •'•**lr»a. aeoally boa of eaada, whlrb 

I' »• 

I an 

*«, a. 


aaada, whlrb 

•">• ijiMrf rl(ht 

■! !• wiirld {.'ortaoaa 
■ ;. . T a.,1,. At iioro od- 

tba aae 


roB TMa 


And all Bilioua Complaints 

Hal,- t. 

it pal 


^>al^v fra«, oi< rm- r:f>t w: |>r,( 

ull parllciilara |>ti|*i. ablrh wit: ha 

aalle<l fraa to wry appll. ai,t AddraM a.; ruia- 

lauuti a1 l.ilia tu I tl,- • 'i, Ui . . 'ur-l«, 

.«f MN 1 1 .nr.nn i .«r et>.. 

KanawCtlr. Mo 
K.I.I in .'>lai>lurd by I'tnoy AMiAl.atrr at. I a 

I>ru((iaia eeoevwb^. _ 

■ I HI a PaVM A Oa, WkoieaaU Atanu, 


I »r' 


Aa OwntvATiov Cab.— Tha Ck wBp Mk o 

anil Ohio li&a t<een making; eslen»ive prep 
araiioaa lo care for ila imaBoneo aunaer 
traval; aad la oidM tkBt lawiBta May vmI* 
iM lo tba falllMt MtMt tbo majeetic bMO- 
ty of the ecoaery Ib the canyone of New 
river, the pictureequeneaof tko Greoobriar, 
aad tka g raadaor af tka tmm§» of tka 
AllofkeaiM. aa okaervatioa oar kM koM 

conatructed, which will Hffor<l an unnh- 
atrucled view of the glorioue ecenery for 
which the route ia famoaa. The car will 
ba atuched to tha Waakiagtoa Eipreea 
atXBMwbarUl8alkrMklMl,aad ina lo 
to Clifton Forgo, where dinner ia teken. 
Tha a|ip(iiutturu!i< of the car are coaiplete 
ia avtry rcepect, and it ia veritably an oh 
aervaticB car." It will ga into Una Juaa 
1 6.- [Courier Jouraal. 

Tka "Bridge of Sigha" wm tbo naaae 

popularly uiv^n t > a corere I wn v fn ni the 
Djgt'/- I'alaie to tlji- pritoii 111 \ iniie, the 
priaiooera paeaed u?er i<> death Ryron 
■paBha of it ia Childe Uar.^M ' I atood in 
Venice OB Ibe Briilge of .< {>iUc« atd 
a pri<on on each hand," and llood adopttd 
t)0 aigufficant title fur hi^ poem. 

Prom Nertwiaa.t hraal* *d.1 WIooO |iiai-»r«, 
Brsla aL I Ur mr% Afffclluiu.Woaia Laiua, 
Mwa-ewwa BwMllty, BmOww ••arw CwaaU- 
awatoaoan.l W«aknaaaof HielHiBBByo.Blaa. 
WOW A VftBsry etowaMMaa roirLlru(iciai lor 
Or. caw mm, inr. Moovrr*'* 
aeauMBOwaia iPteme no. 11, 


A BLOOU. BRAinT^BsfE^b^rir. 

If paaelMMBaBldaaa aa* baapUaah hlio aaardarU 
Mrpaa. fiTaer boitte. t i aaa.Maof aaa irM 

MlbaaraalMl Madlnal iJlaaumr; erf in Kta-ai aaa. 
For paiBphl** anih fall Mrttealat*. aMrm. 
OMAB. W. koOTT fiTo., Kanaaa City, Ma. 
r«a Dr. aCOXTMlSrMM fLLLa. 


\m, H. BUB HMPK , • Propr 

'This Old and Well - Known 
Hotel 8UU MatnUlni iti 
mgh B«patotioo, 


Ita Fropriator is DBtBraiaBd that 
it ShBll b« Saeond to no Coaatrr 
loUl ii th* State ia its Far*, 
▲ppoiatHenta, or Att«B- 
UOB to Comfort tf 
thoir OnMtB. 


Tbo airo of tratlera. roadalera, an<l m ire f.nry 
and arai-> laaa l-^aalarn buraea Iban auy ■.ilirr «la:- 
■I In KrIilU' kT. will lulkr lhl> >4'a>..n ,,r |a«| 
I r lui .< a aral III llanliii.t. Ijr,. I : > ..I. i ir Kn..' 
]:i.;A.'.andai!lt.#|.'tl.>ltl. !* a.t.<- 
«. I aatraiualy low pri.r. 1 |. 1 - • ■ f 

If 'ire. rartlr.g a li h 1 :.r i,. ■ , r . 
Biiranoo. lie la aa airallaai braxlrr aad a aur* 
laal aattar- Urate hiralabed at M pat aMoib. 
Duocarauboa to prevent aeetdoau ar OMapaa, 
bat wlllaot Iw reapoaaiblralHiuM a«y (Mur 

Iiaaraimna I' - Nutiby u a >»t 
blaik, with Mtall aiai aad iw« • kli* rert. I« hauda 
I lark blah, Ana mana and lall a<i-l i>->ay laa, 
liaaiii I I.I I bra.l ao4 ii^ k . ''laLriii *h >.'.!.-. r,atB 
aii'l loin -la la. I fai.lll^aa In ay..niiaifT -and will 
giiarautrv I Iter*- >lo*ao't . I . ■ a.., ii.>n tKia»aowd of i 
a l,«Uar dlapuallloa, aod ll.-ar all lira baalaMOl 

'\no.^o\ iioiiTi!:a*' 

Lonisville, New Albany A 
Chiogo lUilway. 

— THs oxif uas Aujiirniu-. 

PullnMi PiltfA Gtont 

AM' * •• ;i> TKtlN. 


Hrarfatllitl. a.-l«aaaa«eafa irua ih- K.,ut 


lar«-i'iMa*llf, ( riinfiiMKiiii,., I^raialt* 
Bad rhli i;-.. with.-ul rkaacr. 

-TIMk lABLK . 



- . . , „. 

I III a Ul 1 lit |, a, 

^ a la 1 oa p ai 

a II a n. 4 li . la 

"Waai aMirai 

iWHiiloo. ana I' ••• i aliiiw haalaMOl 1 ~\" r.' f '""?: •■.'/ «»aa ibaaoaol 

lavai table laipattt to bia praaeay. Aa aa eeld«M« Sf^vif^V a'T w " >eva 

Leo. Lavieeina 

Are Uroao.-aa«la 

" Crawbrdaallia 

•• lafay,.-. 
" ••blfa«.i 

Tba Til Mt t. 

that bo will peadaca very faat baitra 1 
larealiilte farl that 

rj2 ZW' TR32 

th,-!! I un "iboiit li.t • f a'lii orli -yd 11. an 
' .!;rty »r.| | 1 wj'f ly. •vf belt »rid ' 
erery other bultun burit ofl. I 

Tha organ of tLv b itt.e.ur^ J to 

Gnil out why a wuiuaii will i>|ei.(l risweeka 
putting acallopa on her drrHM tKat liobixly 
John C. Yourif, ct tbia plac, a««i«ta!<i by out lj«r«eU win eser gti ,. ^Iimp.,: 1, a, il 

Rev Dr Jo-ej-'h Bj.lijck, the preitact cbn, - ' 

lain of tha U i<. Hentie. Owio^ t) racen 
fBally kfilictioM tbe Miebralioa waa at- 
leaded only by near relativee, AmoiiK 
:hem were .Mr ami Mr* Ireorxe I'.-iif.'. 
tit. Lioui»; Mr. Jerrv Fteher of tbe aeoie 
aity; Mr. and Mra. Waa. Ball aad iuU(y, 
of Sielli;vllle, tD-l Miaa Matlie Fii-her. 
Tiie preeiFcte were many and valuable and 
laseltieiv^y ft<m kindreii. 


tho Li 




Willi l:i>.iir.||al 

1... k 




irtcb lliu aiOOO. r.<,nilal« 

anl VfaCfiof UTH I ' .iH.. 

. f ) I e J ) ■'. Nil'. 

t.'|i»lj.\\ .«. I Ai.].. I.I. ' III.'*' 
trniHlli, ,'i.. .. Ill* 11-1- :j uiarVc-.l 
e aiiJ» 

■awaae will be eonveraA le aod rroot 1 bo Be 
Tree of ebarta. Baeelal aeeaaBedatI >Ba 
U Ceataierrlal Teavelora. Tho Kar will 
alwafa nat*>«d wtth the eholeooi 
braa Ja ef Lleaera aad Claara. 


I Hoiitlttriiil rt-aiilu. HtMiea. 

iiiuai-it-i and ii<^r%'aa le.'a-ln* I'fw f.ircv. CaUvoua 
tii« lulnd and auppllva Hraln I'narr. 

~ ~ aulTrrliia trou all wmpli'r.n 

necullnrtoUivIrs .\ Mil! 

nf kit *orT 

apaadloat r.illa haaa u'llhla* bul a Mir Wai:i«4«dain | 
toraraaaaod Ibaai la a .( ,iarll la i.nKluaita 
proof Ibat Ike anaed ciuea ir.>iii lha <irr (4vui*i<f , 
tha luldiat klaaiad inai«a in Ik* land barapnsaliK.- < 
ad taat rolla l<y Urn Mr Al.t lolmaun aoya "I ! 
have kaodlod MMreot Nul>l>y • • ibau aay maa, 
aod ibey aro all laal " Mr Wm. Uid l aaya -ao 
boiler raadaiera lira," Mr. rardooi haaoao wltb 
llitle hondllai tkat la Ifottlac bia alio la : M. 
and aaya "ao lirltar rloaa of h.iraea ran Im (jub.I ' 
Mr K. It. Nitnaa aaya no raa.l la loo lusf tor aay 
of ikani.aa.l rv^ry aoa a •^iirr ' H'arran Buaaara 
flol't., ii,a<lc i r»r,.r.| ol ; an l « «a » .;.| lo W 1*. 
fair, 'ria*aload, iibio, lor ••.eaa. If aaraaaaij 
cvuld cite nuBibara nf teoliBoaiali frma tho brol 
bono mea of oar rruatry roiaia*Bdln( Mobby lo 
lb« laeoiablo looaidorailon uf all lerara uf (ao.1 
boraoe. but will lot tbe abora auat-e. Kaaaaloa 
Iba boroe, aad If you ara dlapoaod lo fir* bloi yaur 
palroaoa* I oi l aaaraola* talua ra, tlraal r,>r your 
moaey. Itehby la by liarrard t'blaf, ha by Mra- 
bflno rhief, hf l.y .Mriiil>rln.. Painiaalfr. ha by 
Maiulirin.i, Ik ) > Imi .M.urn.{«r <iarrard( h i>la 
ilaiu, l>i.llia Imiuu, r I "I. a. 4 liui l.y Araiu*. 
i|. I dam by UanbtotoalaB. (. a, c- daia by 0I'>- 
uiedo. Nobby 'a Baaa a I b oeeuahbrad mare ionaar- 
ly ewaod bj U, P, BaMaeaa. of Uarvard couai/ . 

m.m. c««N-. 


LmtiutUK Ky 


"dMae-Oimaa Rome.** 

Shortest & (juiikeiit Kuute 


Coatrtl Kantacky to All P«iat« 
■ortb. Eait.Writ & SoaUvMl. 

»cb«4iila la Iffaci May II iMi. 



ffo. • "KWTTi 
Hally Uily 
^ Hub tl Baa. 

Abdullah 31easseimrr! 

Uf C01llOa>uii.' JuJ a»,ic.jy 

eare. M el<re« a ■ |. .ir and h«alib> i-uui;ilaaluii. 
Tbo air.iiff .1 - 

. - -. . iiiii.ii,) lo tl..» talue of O.T. 

H/»«Tan'< liov •) . la •: ii f.r ni. i'l at!' :. :.l 
eouiiluru lilnvliat,- oiii) rtH.lcJ lo Ibopotiiiur 
oftbc orlnliial. li'Joii i-.>r'','atl> ilaalru ti<-altli 
not esperlaiviil-«vi tba OHiiiiaai. AjroBaar 


of atrkaaa aod na'foi lai.Raallt>a,li«a.^ 

at e 


On. HARTu'a iNON ton s 19 jom Aaui av 1 
lyauanMvaAaiB Oa*uwaavea»wiiBM 

Tba eoMMaed ela lll M, haa raeaveead freai diaiaai* 
per and will ba peraaltlad to aarve autaa 

j AI 9M to Inrar* • Llvlas C*ll. 

Marra paature<l at 12 j.^r monib. Inr fjrlher 
partlcuiare, (all 'in i . > ir. • 

A. if. il.lf f./f Iff «.%, 
2«4*ir Maalord. a,/. 



.\ wholf 'i - '-hiii^ will. , ..t ft I, e 
—in tbe luaoe, a horae ie a «up«rior an:- 
Mbltalke mdlo.-4kaeage and well pro- 
pwtioaed womea Bra nada from the 
up. We might avente Biamarck'a 
, to tba American hon by refiii«inu lo 
It aorflMB Millet. Parenta ahoald 
■aver fanako tkaif ckUdrM. The worM 
ihey aro the more lk«7 riMvM ■tiab-to 
Ibam. -L( ilaay>w Tiawe. 

Wooldh't OB KincD.— One day iMt 
wtelt a youoK man who reaidee in the coun- 
ty iavilad a yooag lody of Bardatowo to 
iBka a koggy ride with him. When teveral 
milaa from towa be attempted to kiaa her, 
aad aba rfMnted by alapping him oa tba 
aide ui tlio f.tce. The blow knocked off 
bUkataadit fell to the groaad. WkM 
koBligktod lo gatit ke wkippad ap tka 
korM aad drove koaie witkout bim. Ha 
aneaked tkrough tbe wooda to town aad 
about 12 o'clock that night recovered bia 
bona, flalftodlaktaiiko wroBf |iri;- 

Miniatera, Ltwyora, Teaohera and othera 

wlijie &tL'Uf<Ati ,n ,i;f.i* 'I.ei.i i.i.t lif'.t- 1 1- 
erciae, ahould Cirier'a Little Liver 
Pilla for torpid livar bnd billiooaaaM. One 

ia a dnae. * 
Bueklon a Arnica Sal»» 

Till- l.m ^iilvi> in t'le w irkl fur <.\>li. Brulaaa, 
.Hori », f|. ir-, .-..It Kiie .III, I I'V.i - T.lter, 
' !, I Ila rl- I ' : : -klO 

KnipUon.! aii l | oiltlvHly i urea I'l e , . i n j ly re- 
quireil. la la KHtrantaMl to kIt« perfvat aaliafii - 
tion or aeaey rolunded. Prke2icautt per box. 

Feraalehy reuoy a McAiiatar. 

Ktnr iitt Vp. 
If yea aie n AtlH with low aad dapraiaad apt r- 
ita,loaiorappeUte, geaefal AeMlity, diaorilatad 
bleed, weak eeaatltatiM, hiafaehab ar any dia- 
eeaaotaUllo«e aataie, by all maaaa procure a 
bottia of EMtric Blttaea. Yen will be eurprlaed 
te aae tha ra|M ImpravaMMt that will Miew; 
70U win i,e iiu^|.;id with new llfc; atiaatib aad 
>«ti'ity will ratwa, pala aad atlwy wlU aeaia, 
and li.ii,,f„rih you will rejoice la tbo pralaa of 
UaauU aitiera. SaM at M ceala a battle by Pea- 
nr A MeA Ueter. 

d Htm tiHOreiy. 
Ur. Wak. T b aaiai. of Mewlon, l.>wa, uya, "My 
haa been eerloualy air«riad with a . oii<l, f.,r tw«n- 
If ^va yaaia, aad thIa Hprlac nwrp tbau eror be- 
fore, abtbaduaod aiaay romeillea with. ,1,1 r«. 
Ual. aad teim uraaA la ur Dr. Stng'a Mt« i>ia- 
cevery, Aid aa, with maatiratlfyiag raauiia i n, 
flrat battle rallvod kar vary nuah aad tba a«rouj 
bottia haa abaalntely cured bar. sbo baa uut h»i 
aogoodkaallh *v thirty yeare." Trial bottiaa 
free at ftaBf A MsAUalar'a Vnt Ctaca. Uraa 


■lek naadaehc n- ^ r . - - r.-\ • • •• 
deattoabUiuoj m.,: o.' i,. e, n aj iiu- 

■ja ea a lBinaaa. Drowaio^a, Oiatruaa after oatlM, 
Ka%iha8Me,Ac. WbiW theirMMMaSt' 
aaieaeeaaaa haa beea ahowa la carog 


Ileadaehe.y i Cart '•r aLitUeLlferP.Uaar- 1-1 ,i»;;y 
Taluatile In* -lu.tip iilon, curln* and i>r«v. utm* 
ttila ajmoyloif ccjTii;)li,;nt, wliiiothi y alao rornicl 
alldla irdi ra of th.) atcmarli, atliii.i'ii.' tha liv.» 
aaaK-Kulii'L. i!i J Ij.iw !•. Ev. nlf tij. yoalycurail 


Aakathey wonld b"i.:mr,H..prlc<'ioea to thoeewba 
eaflkr from tlna ili ,tri:i>a,ii|| complaiQt; out fortu- 
rslaly tht ir K'.'K'^aoailu.'a Dot riid bi-r,', and tb'}a4 
w'l 1 ■ .ii.u try I ill- 111 w !l I!n.| Hi,-»,; ii 1 1 jjii.a v 
able la aoiaauy waya that ibi'y will not Dv wilLat 
lado wUhwultUm. Uut after all ticaJ 



K»l aialil.iii. r.,al»l 1^'.. I,r. I 
Ii.iliii. .■•li>iil..r.|, Kr . airnl l.r M. ^ . 
aira nf Maud .Maa*rni(i.r, record i lO, MarrpI, Vyr •, record, i 'i*. liua, ft-yaarMM, rar-ird T.toK. 
mill I ..Il ..11 h.avi irark; Ah-I At.lalliS. t-rm'. 
old. II lal .' J I' , Mui;^ a Hiawarl, : : . ii :..y|. 
old anil oihrr |ir.iinla<0(( uoea. 

Mral dam .>.iiaii. hy lienllaal, ri>i <ir.| '.' '."tH^ ml 
Ibr air.' u( v.. II Ainliii, J 1''.^, tol.l tii 1 1,111:111, ,l<irr 
Klllaiinlor »I0.(|. h .\iin.-iir, J iV T. A . ^« 
Voiin)< M,.|iiln( I, ; .'1 Muii.,11, VI >« ri.. 

■2 ili',. l aiaiul, 2.;'>>. i^raod HeatlBel 'j tt^: Heotl. 
nel II lull briiiher 1 1 Voliialeav, Ibe aire uf >*t. Jii- 
llaa. i |iH:«lloalar,2 17; Alley. } I*; ■odln*.a> 
IV'«; DrUarS I*',; Hunter, 2 :i>>4, Aaiy, 2 30>« 
nnifa amre iiinra In Iba 'i :I>| rUaa 

-4 1 .111.1 .1.1111. Klllr Kn.T , 1,,, ,,1: 1,1 l,..rtl. 

Leo. UaelBftoa 
" Palaaoutb.. 

" Cyntblaoa 
Arr r.-r a. 


MOpH ]oopa 

*tlfm » i\ , m 1 la pa 

:» 1 ' |. Ul 11 P , « u, 

" «' |. m ' I , I.. •, ,- J, ni 

II 1.^ |. II. 1,J . < |, u, ,, i/„ 

Ii M p m n at p ■ 

. t .t p u I, JO p ■ 

41 p lu ; 1; |, lu 7 ~ 
1 1 |i 111 : '., |. 1., 

l.fa. Wlocbaalor II Su p m » ,, :■> „ n, 

" Muaaird JuBc, '. 

Ltc Lei C AO My 

Arr Wloihealar. 

r»e Par a~~ 

Arr Willi lieaier. 



I r. 

ila i;..r I J, 1. 
" Lancaaiar . . 
*' klcbniuod. . 
" Wlocbaatrr 
Arr. I.»a I' .t 11 Ki 
L». 1.. . . . 
Arr HarM 



!> v: I 111 

- ^: I III 

No. I, .So II 
llally Ually 
Ea B'.n tl h„u. 

I,»a t»'iii<hraipr 

Arr I'arta. 

I.v l-al|. 

A'l- <>:'li;«ij 

■■ r , , 1,1 ..: 1 11 

i' .) .1 i.. . 

» ««l a 11, 

II OA a H ( o< • n 

I.' 10 a IB' T oe a la 

' p 111 ar« a lu 

'i j. n, r u ni 

I t P n S 10 a ni 

. I III. 

7 .'II a m 

t lit a in 

^ I . a ui 

'•I I' ■ ,1 u 

p 111 .1 t a, 

la thakaM of aoBMay Uvea that hero ia where «« 
■»ke ear gieak beaat. Our pUla care It whii* 

Caiter'a Ltttlo Linir PUla aro Tery amajl and 

Tery rai y to tak<v One or two piJIa Biako a di>a<^ 

f tb'-ir K>mla a 
u vialaai eScav 
b/ draaaleta cvury wUlivi, ur acC. hf oia 

Th -y ar.". al'irtly etV'taWo 
purgT, buttyrtb' ir K>mla action |.leaaa 

do not fT i»! or 
n (ileaaa all who 
■aoihem. In viala ai es cavta: dTo fur AI. ltoi4 


Tl, - :1 iM' atnllloii will atand i',i. 1 1.'- i,t •)> 
at my aiaUra 111 .Millwlgtrill.' ji (lo In laaar.- a 
Cell till weaalae tlaie. Lleo rtlalEe<l for aea-vm 
money. Uaiua ofwlnuen lire Rjdcrli k liliii ii 
11 1 riKbl luahiiv'.nv Lay, wlili l,,iii k i,, un.l 1 ill, 
vmra ...I, ;i.-..l I 11 I'- ir;,i, in .■.■I 
liuir Ii,. It by luip. Uuckdeo, lie l.> Uav .Mi.l- 
ll^ out 111 Mary t rain. Bmkdon waa's<it by 
Ur.l ('lifJrn, wmurr ul ibe great HI. I.«d|rr.1takaa 
tba I)oii(a»l<r .^It^kea, IHii), and aa a If-year-uld 
wou tka Woodcote HIakea. Iliv rbaini.xnc Htakra 
and tka T wo-Tear-uM .siakf«.. out ol l onae^jiipoce 
by Bay lllddloloo. Uoderlek'a lat daiu, Mary 
Craig, by KatabtarSi liaorge; M 4a« Haault by 
Mulatto; Mdam Problem by Kuclld; 4lh dam I'a- 
rauaaaaa by CarTaDtoa: .Mh .lam Marianne l.y .Sor- 
cerer: 61b dam Tbomann., hy Tliniiili> , Till .Uui 
Violet (itoldeolock'a daui l.y .•Ihirh Dih .l uuify 
, I'yiihoii, IMb dam gulck'a ('harl..>ti" l.y III ini, ii.ili 
' 'turn l.y ("rab; lllhilaiu l y liyi 1 - l-n. . I.'ili 
I .jam l,y llelball a I'aataway; I3 li .Ui.i l>y Wliynol; 
I Mtb ilain Koyal mare. Mary (.'ralii'a dral dam waa 
• lirlaiiiii.a |,v Ko li'rlck I>hu; id. Imp, Vaoeleltu 
by ibaCuluoal la England; (d Voralla by Black- 
lack; 4tb by Phanloiu; StbOeartoa, Cth Waloui; 
7tb Ruler; Klh i'lrnrantbu by Matban: Utb I'ropb- 
eteaa l.y ReKulii.; loth .leiiny Mplnnt-r by I'orluei, 
Utli I , ,ryli.,iiii,| i.Mli - .|,ho.,i»i.,<, .Uui ly (In- 
mon'i Hay barb; Utb .iam li'Arcy'a l.taeatout 
Arabian, Ulb WblU 8Ulat; Ittb KlU Moolague 

At tha aama place we will ttaii.l our Boa Jack, 


A t g(i to I ua .ra « 11 V ui| colt 1 11 weaalng lima' 
MiiBay due aama aa borao. Veuog liuwoian li 6 
v«araold, 1) banda higb and waa bred by (leurga 
waablDfloa, of Boyle oouaty. Ha waa aired by 
llarlay'a Compromlaa. ho by TIppacanoo, ha by 
Henry I'lay'a Warrior. Youiu Bowmaa'a dam 
waa liy Andy Biae; g. dam by Pioaaar; g. g 
.... » c g«dem by a Maltna j« 


I t 01,1 Wagaar] 

ilier, i>', by Ab. 
!.< ii . tboalreef Uublaialtb Maid, 2 14; Koaallod, 
I . .1 Tbafa<]ale,f »K!AI»aat, Abdallah Pilot 

I ,V . .»!•, l.y Itc'l Jarkel, '.Ire ..f th.. la'. I 
l..'i.iiii ky VMIke«.i 21 and tba vriindaiii . ; 
I : 17'., and lte<l Wllkea.alre 1,1 I'hit Tboinp on, .,. 

1 y.iiriild rm jrd, 2 21) byl 'iiuai: l,y Shi.rm»n 
,<aii, lite aire ul Varmoat BUi k Uaalr. the >i , 

I;, linii Alli n :in.l III II. <- .ilbertiiiii- I: ! ' 
Pl'ailiiiii ««« sired hy ;i half hri.ihi r 1 I .1. .. . 
f*ii.iiiii.i aii l AI 1 i».ler'» Al.'ljiia'. ..r, : .,i . 
llr.ilTk'a HniiiM.-liiulaii, lb.' Kran.L.r,. ufMaiiil 
: 1< ';,; .I<r-eve-aee, K-,',; M. .|..;,ni. 'i lUi, 
.^1 . iiiiil la III. alie ur liexier, J IT', Nniie, 2|l; 
. Liiiiie tllrl, i iO; <!i. iri{» Wllk."., . : ,1, 1 iblrty 
.libera, wltb reC'lda of i SU and U llei Meaaoogor 
Chler waa alre.l l.y AMallah Pll*. aire ' |1i k ird, 

2 11*'.^; Ue.1 Jim, ;>-yaar.«ld record, 2 vh, ui dam la 
alaler-ln-l.l.e.l 10 Oen. (ieorxa II. Thuiiimi, aire of 
Hi itlt'a Tbiiiiiaa, '.' '.'1. by Maiulirino Maaarn,|er,ilrH 
nri.«-wmaki, i 2>'« .V'l'iiud dam by Maiubiluu 
t hirl, aire ol Lady Thorn. 1 IS',; Wuidrird Mam- 
brltto, I 21}^; Maubrlao Patcbou and otbata. 

Third dam by Imp. Mapuleon and EeKllab Hun- 
ter, Ac. Breodera will obN-rre that Abdiillah Mea- 
aanaor la aoarly full brotbar to Maud lleiaoaaar, 
2 M, that aold for ll.noo and ra-aotd fi>r f^.OOO laat 
fall; they hare aauia aire and graodam: bia dam la 
I. 'I ler l,re<l than .Maii.l'a dam. He laa a ir, futl 
getter aii.l a b.'i.e l.r ti !i.> alyie an.l 1 arriaKe. He 
will luMiIri tbe »e;,a..ii i,i isn itt I'ttailea DuDa'i 
'." . iiill.'a Iriiiii NI ini ir.l .III K ,ah H ranch pike, at 

ado ru laai MM a civiay V4»i.t. 

Ala., will aland a 

«OOI> Hn^K af ACK 

97TUINNrRr. .1 M Hall a<ya hi- bought 
aomo mulaa la Ibe aolibborbuod where be made a 
acaaen aad Ibey ware geod onaa aod bo baa tba 
repuialleaaf balac a aaed breeder. 

— "'••AflKlfr. 


I.»e CoTliigtoa... 
" Lexitirfinn 

■ r . . ■ 

.til li'i ,1 .irg 

• I ..r;i.lo 

'' .lilinaoii ... 
Mav.v: . 

' ■">' I' w 

» .11. p m 

I 11. . r I 
♦ <»' ; m . S i •. 
11 .. III 1 1' p III 

■ - " ■ " I 1.1 ■•j^i_^'.'_iLiJ!' 

I»ally , Ually 
Ea. Bun. lEi. B^ 

■ I 3 M p w 

• I n; t r.o |i II, 

•< I.'i :i HI .'. ;iii u „| 

1 «'» s 11 .^ i: 1, lu 

f UO a II, U 0: p Ui 

1 10 a 

I I a lu 


I\ |. m 

i. Dally Dally' 
k.s. bun. Kl. Hun 

t i'> a m i.> Ul 01 
• no a m li 44 p B 
' -M a u I :HpZ 

■ 41 a n! i 47 am 

11 a m 3 icp lu 

; !> 10 a m < 00 p w 

111 -lO a III S lU ;> Ul 

By Maaaaogar Cblal; dam bv Alealda, (aire by By 
laa, jUH; Balgma, S Ml Flwey .Ua; - " 

«ia Tm II 


iigma, I Ml raac 

ney Uay, 2 w, Ac- 

L'a Mayan!, e 

" Johnaon ... 
" <'arlla!e 

" .M I , li.rM.., r,( 

Arr I'iri. 
" l.etiiiKt<>u 

" ' ivtnuton 

FalinoutU Accommodatlon-~Mo. io, .Inly |,,„„ 
CoTlDgloii eMp. m ; arrlre Kaliiiouil T 3 . 
No, », dally, leaea Falmnul h, 6 00 . i„ ' . 
torlBKi.,nila m. No .bl, .^ui.,|,y only, l^vj ilii? 

nV^? V V ■ Kalm'ou.lMO 40 

N>i ni s,,i„Uv „„ Ir, ;,„„ Falmoutli 1, 
arrlfe ( „.ii,K!on 4 p. m. Udnmoo aad pirlaJ 
Nil -i, d.i.T .n.epUjuoday, lea'a ParlaH 20 a 
ni.; atrlTi Lealogtoa « l» am. Me. M Luw .J" 

t'naWf.'nl-'*^"'^ ^'lS: 

day cnly leaee Mayi.llla 1 m »■ J.i„' Tlf! 
lealon 4 1.1 p m, ' """e Lea- 

Note to paaaengari kouth of Wliirbmler -Train 
No. 1 run* aolid ria UklnnUin Train iI„ o 

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