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Full text of "Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1895-11-30"

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Over Thirty Years 
Without Sickness. 

Mr. H. Wkttstein, a well-known, 
©aterprifdnn; citiren of Byron, 111., 
writes: "Before 1 paid much atten- 
tion to regulating the bowels, I 
hardly knew a well day; but since I 
learned the evil re- 
sults of constipation, 
and the efficacy of 


Pills, I have not had 
one day's sickness 
1 for over thirty years 
' — not one attack 
that did not readily yield to this 
remedy. My wife had been, previ- 
ous to our marriage, an invalid for 
years. She had a prejudice against 
cathartics, but as soon as she begun 
te use Ayer's Pills her health was 


Dame Fortune', favors you will And 
Are very sel 



Unless Mark- 
we'll nee 

HT—Thf above forecasts are made for a 
period of ihirty-six hours. ending at * o'clock 

zv%wr ,onn 

Mrs Thomas J. Cbenowetb returned yester- 

r. and Mrs. Dan. Morgan of Columbus, C 
the guest* of his mother. Mrs H. C Mo 

Mr. Buckaer Wall, who li attending school 
at Danville, la visiting his parents, Hon. and 
and Mrs. 0. B. Wall 

A protracted meeting will begin at the 
M. £. Church Monday night 

Colonel Fred Hchatzmann has been con- 
fined to his home by illness for a few 

It is said that Mr. W B. Pueb at Vance 
burg will be Private Secretary to Hon. 

8am J. Pugh._ 

H. B. XJortbcolt, formerly of this city, 
killed and abipped East from Lancaster 

5 000 turkeys 

R. Lee Davl. of The Richmond Regis 
ler wedded Miss Joe Green of Richmond 
Thursday at Louisvi l le, 

The annual meeting of the National 
Fox Hunters' Association will be held 
Monday at O wlngsvlUe. 
There will be a meeting at the Court 
tonight to further the Inaugural 
irsion to Frankfort. 

Fresh Fish today at M artin Bros. 

Lamb's Wool Soles and Overgaiters. 

J. Hrnht Pbcob 

Cholera Is doing much damage among 
the hogs in B reathitt c ounty. 

Paris has shipped 6,000 turkeys to East- 
ern markets within t he last three weeks. 

T. H. Bradley of Scott county has sold 
400 walnut logs to be shipped to Ger 
many. _ 

Earn Lotion for 
s and lips-J5 cents a 


The Kentucky Horticultural Society 
Will meet this season at Shepherdsvllle 

The Cemetery Company of Mlllersburg 
has erected a new iron-arch gateway at 
the main ent rance, at a cost of 9400. 

To make the hair grow a natural aolor, pre- 

The case of the Commonwealth of Ken 
tucky vs. James Lee of Bracken, for car 
rying concealed a deadly weapon, bai 
been dismissed. 

Dr. J. J. Werner the Dentist will 
Stonewall House, Mayslick, December 
3d, 4th. 5lb. 6th, 7th. 8th and 9th. 1895. 
prepared" to practice dentistry in all its 

slwsys effective, and that they keep the are- 



It will be recalled that Tna Lbdokr has insisted all along that the Chief of Po- 
lice of Maysville was elected in 1898 for a term of four years; in spite of which 
there bas been a flow of chatter to the contrary 

We reproduce below one of the articles printed In The Lkimikr, and 
of it an opinion banded down by the Court of Appeals in a Louisville case, in which 
the tenure of office In cities of all classes is Hied by the highest Court in the state; 
and it will be interesting to notice how closely Thb Lbdokk and the Court of Ap 
peals follow the same line of reasoning— the Court's opinion being rendered nearly 
a month later than Tub Ledobrs: 

From The Publlo Ledger, September fltb . IHSS.l 

In the 

effort to make people believe there will be an 
election for Chief of Police. 

Suppose a city charter should say so, or that 
It be susceptible of that oonstructlonT 

Theoharterof the city of Maysvllle becaroS 
law June 28th, 1B93. 

And here Is an amendment to rt which be- 
came law nearly a year later. March 21th, 

[Court of Appeals of Kentucky. Oct. 2d. 18B6.] 

1 -Constitution. I bin. expressly roskes 
rears the term or mile... ,,t ,u> i,„i"ln 
lx,sr ts generally. In trie next clause the i..-.. 
tier or electing such boards In cities of the Brut 
and second class Is [.reset ll>ed. and la tho s 

coding clause ( .r I,, that "o r office 

nt towns or cities, it .| ,„ ,|„, v ,„ 

thereor. shall hold office for "four years i 
until t heir successor* shall be Qualified." Held, 
tnat the provision as to the terms or office of 
• other officers" was plainly exclusive of ti e 
provision as to the terms of city legislate 
boards, and waa not open to construction. 

^•h P o?d 


In* tb 
Ice for two y< 
oy shall hold, 
n, will not be i 

Oysters. do cen u a quart; Crackers free. 
Big reduction In canned goods. Forcash 
only. Johst Wbbblbh. 

Tha brick work of the new Christian 
at Vancaburg has been completed 
» roofing and carpenter work be 

P. Walker, Jr., Freight Traffic 
Manager of the C and U . will hereafter 
look after the Interests of the Big Four 

The Owlngsvllle Dancing- Club will en- 
tertain Thursday evening. December 6tb, 
in honor of the National Fox Hunters' 

To paw the time I 
slowly. I would like to coireapond with 
a f«W ladlas ever SO years old; object. 

Box 838, North 

We bas Just secured the agency for tbe 
greatest *as stove that has ever been 
made. Atmospheric burners are used in 
tbe beautifully encased radiators Ne 
chimneys are used aa no odor Is pi . 
ituood They are four times as powerful 
as otbar gas stoves. We guarantee tbem. 
If net •aitefectory after thirty days' trial 
It sake then out without a dollar of 
ixpMKWto the purchaser 
6 B Oi l 
P.S •— One OMt sb hour 

cine. Tbe best t amlly physic In oxlstenoe. 

Red Costello amused himself last night 
by shooting at Dan Manns while the lat- 
ter was In his own yard. He didn't hit 
him, but was promptly plsced under sr 
rest by Const able Dawson, 

Adolph Mechleid, a young man 19 years 
of age, tried tbe "Smart Aleck" route to 
eternity Thursday night at Stone City. 
He attempted to get on a moving train, 
and Dr. Owens of this city went up at 
midnight snd took his leg off near the hip 
Joint. He will recover . 

Times are growing better and as a con 
sequence people are buying more freely 

in last vear. Watches especially show 
increased demsnd. Perhaps you 
one for yourself. Maybe you'd like one 
for your sweetheart. We can show 
very elegant line and save you money. 

BALLEgo BR tbe Jeweller. 

foal! Coal ! 

Just received, a supply of Williams's 
Pomeroy Coal; 8 cents per bushel. 

William Davis. 

Mr. George Wormald, electrician for 
the Addyston Pipe snd Steel Company of 
Newport, was badly Injured at that plant 
Tuesday afternoon. While engaged in 
stringing wires and In climbing about tbe 
shafting his clothing caught in a revolv- 
ing pulley and he waa whirled through 
the air. When the machinery waa 
stopped and the shaft ceased to revolve. 
Mr. Wormald fell to the ground, a dis- 
tance of about twelve feet, receiving 
serious injuries He is a brother of Mi 
Jacob Wormald of this city. 

. Agent. 

St Y..un„ Mmt k wt Worn to Oumr* 
tgmtnm rBwJMawasv. 

Croup Is a terror to young mothers, 
and to post them concerning the cause- 
first symptoms and treatment-is the 
object of this item. The origin of croup 
Is a common cold. Children who are sub 
Ject to It take cold vary easily and croup 
is almost sure to follow. Tbe first symp- 
tom Is hoarseness; this is soon followed 
by a peculiar rough cough, which is easily 
recognised and will never be forgotten by 
one who has beard It. The time to act Is 
'hen the child first becomes hoarse. If 
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is freely 
given all tendency to croup will soon tils 
lar. Even after the oroupy cough 
Isve'opod It will prevent the attack 
re is uo dasger \m giving this remedy, 
it contains aotalng Injurious For 
by J. James Wood. Druggist. j 

d a. I 

U C 

Now, what "term" doea the Constitution 
prescribe for Chief of Polloe, who la one of 

•other" offloen 
IP tbe Instrument? 
Bead for yourself: 
8«0. ISO. The Mayor or chief executive 
Police Judges, members of legislative boardi 
or councils of towns and oltles shall be elected 
by tbe qualified voters thereof: Prouided), 
The Mayor or chief executive and Police 
' Iges of the towns of the fourth, fifth and 

lb olaaaes may be appointed or elected, as 

provided by law. The terms of offloe of May- 
ors or ohlef executives and Polloe Judges 
shall be four years, and until their successors 
shall be qualified; and of members of legisla- 
tive boards, two years. * " 
' - but ottar ojfil 

1 cted bytheiiuallfledvotorsthercln, 
id by tbe local authorities theteof, 


„L, I»K 



Action by Thomas L. MeDermntt against the 
City of Louisville. From a Judgment dismiss- 
ing the complaint rlalntllf appeals, and tbe 
lower Court Is sustained by the Court of Ap- 
peals, tbe opinion being delivered by Judge 
Haxelrtgg.aa follows: 

~ by tbe parties to this appeal that 

ent board of Aldermen snd the mem bora there- 
of In and for the city of Louisville hold their 
offices for four years or two years from the 
November election la MM, and whether tbe 
Statutes of Kentucky, known aa tbe "Act of 
July 1. 18*3," and embodied in section 2788 of 
the Kentucky Statutes, providing that mem- 
bers of tbe general council of cities or the first 
class shall hold their office for two years after 
the election are constitutional or unconstitu- 
tional undertbs provisions or tbe present Con- 
stltutlon of Kentucky, and especially of sec- 
tion 180 thereof." The Court below decided 
that the Aldermen held for two years only, 
that the statute In question whs constitutional, 
and therefore dismissed the appellant's peti- 
tion. So much of SSOtloe 180 of tho Constitu- 
te as bears on the question reads as foil 
•See. ISO. The Mayor or chief executive, Polloe 
Judges, members of legislative boards 
oounollsof towns and cities shall be elected by 
tbe qualified voters thereof; provided, the 
Mayor or ohlet executive and Police Judges 
of the towns of the fourth, fifth and slxih 
classes may be appointed or elected, as provi- 
ded by law. Tbe terms or office of Mayors or 
ohlef exeoutlves and Police Judgea shall be 
four tears, and until their successors sha 
qualified ; and of members of legislative 
boards, two years. When any city of the first 
second class Is divided Into wards or dis- 
tricts, members of legislative boards shall be 
ed at targe by the qualified votors of said 
city, but so selected that an equal proportion 
■ ereof shall reside in each of the said wards 
districts; but when In any olty of the first, 
oond or third class, there are two legislative 
hoards, tbe leaa numerous shall be selected 
from aud elected by the voters at large of said 
olty; but other officers of towns or oities shall 

Frank Owens Hardware Co. 

Our Stock ia the Largest PI | M Q I 
and Most Complete UUllO, 
Ever 8howit iii 
Onr City. 

Rev. W. N. Brincy. of the Bible Col- 
lege, Lexin*ton, son of Rev. J B Briney, 
bas accepted a call to preach at Mt. Car 




It Is Caused By a Poison Which Can 
Be Filtered Oat. 

The Kidneys Are Oar Natures' Filters, and 
Keep Oar Blood Pore— When They 
ire Sick We Get Khennatisn, 
Ete.-The Way to Cire 
Oar Kidneys. 

.1 by II 


appointed by 

General Assembly may, by a 
provide : hut uhan stSSted. by St 
«y, Mklr terms of sJSK ohall 
and until their suoeessors shall 
We doubt If any criticism or i 

lake the meantngof this section plainer than 
it is. Having, la the first sentenoe, indiosteo 
tbe electors who shall participate In the elec- 
tion of Mayors, clnof executives, Police 
Judges, and members of legislative boards of 
oltles and towns, the second senteaoe natu- 
rally undertook to fit tbe terms of those offl- 
and here we find no proviso. The terms 
of office of "Mayor or chief executives and 
Polloe Judges"— not of this or that 
of all classes "shall be four 
' suoeessors sh " 
it»rs of legisl 

plainer. 'Deslring^to ruTrher^reaor"bc"thi 
manner of electing members of legislative 
boards In cities of the first, second and third 
lasses, tha trainers of tbe section did so in 
appropriate language. They had now provided 
for the principal officers; but It waa evident 
that tbe municipalities would need other offl- 

such as Treasurer, Assessor. City Attor- 

. jte.: so they proceeded to say : "But other 
oAoers of town* and cities shall be sleeted by 
the uuallfiod voters thereln.or appointed by 

Though you may know what dii 
you have, perhaps you don't know what 
causes it. 

Rheumatism is s blood disesse. 

It gives you psin in your muscles, but 
this is caused by the poison in your 

To cure rheumatism you must purify 
your blood. 

People used to think because the mus 
cles were sore that they could cure rheu- 
matism by rubbing the muscles with linl- 
t, but all the liniment in the world 
will not cure rheumatism. 

NotLing will do it but filtering tbe 

When the kidneys are well they filter 
the blood and keep it pure and healthy. 
They filter out all the waste matter, the 
poison, the uric acid, and throw it out of 
the system. 

When they are sick lliey don't. 

When they are sick you get rheumatism 
or perhsps gout, smernia, pale, sallow 
complexion, headache, neuralgia, Bright's 
disesse. diabetes, pain in tbe back, sleep 
lesf ness and a long train of similar trou- 

When your kidneys are sick you should 
take Dr. Bobb's Hparagus Kidney Pills. 
They will cure your kidneys. When your 
kidneys are once well everything else will 
be well. 

Well kidneys purify our blood i 
ought lo be purified. They make it fresh 

Shot, Caps 

Braas and Japanned Oml 
Vaaes, Brace and Steel Ftre 
Seta, Coal Buckets and Hire 
Shovels, Ebony, Ivory and 
Pearl Handle Table Cutlery, 
Pocket Knives, Scissors and 
Razors.', v. \\ 


Good advice— Never leave home oa a 
Journey without a bottle of Chamberlain's 
Colic, Cholera and Diarrbraa Remedy. 
For sale by J. James Wood. Druggist. 

A petition is In circulation and has 
been Bigned by tbe leading citizens of 
Lexington SRklng Governor Bradley to 
appoint a wuuan physician at the Lex- 
ington Asylum. Similar petitions will 
be circulated in other Central Kentucky 

towns for signaturer^ 

Dr. Kyer Walter, who used be a re- 
spectable druggist at Aberdeen but ifJjBfc 
present operating a ' joint" at West I Dion, ' 
was fined |20 and $V) respectively for a 
pairof violations of tbe liquor law. This 
es Colonel Fletcher Day to remark 
that Dr. Fire Water might even up by 
prosecuting some of bis patrons for sell- 
ing their votes too cheaply at the late 

Ture blood makes a clear, rosy complet- 
ion, bright eyes, glossy hair, red lipa. 
clear brain, happy thoughts. 

The healthier you| kidneys the puter 
your blood. 

Asparagus is a plant which has s very 

-still of all 

the i 

authorities thereof, aa the General 

' law. provide; but 

' - Uiien ur city. 

may. by a general I 

vVtsn ejected ay the outers <</ » wm vr »< v . 

that under the approved rules 

uoo another clause should 

one soother by semi colon. 

upon which they all depend 

comes at the beginning of lb. 
olaussa should be separated 
comma; If it Is placed " " 
tenor, the comma 

wSeo •ls\5ed ,, by°t V h' 

• S« Of office shall be four years, and 

r suooasaors shall be oualtfied, ' is 

. _ to reach back la some mysterious 
bo7rt. a of " — nV ° ■ " " 

followed by a 
iverlug tnat tbe olause," but 
the voters of a town or 

Hre boards or councils of 
to wli : Treasurers. Assessors, City Attornsja, 
be elected by the qualified voters 

M i>i )>oiutod by tbe looal authorities; 
when tbev are elected hv tbe voters mot 
pointed by the local aiithorltieal their te 


successors shall be qualified. If tbe constitu- 
tion bas railed to provide that these beards 
shall be quan- 
ta* oourts to 
ol the fault If 

fault, tt la su gg e ste d, however, that 

kidneys. It is one'of the chief ingredi 
ents of Dr Hobb's Sparagus Kidney 

Dr. Hobb's Sparagus Kidney Pills are 
perfectly harmless, purely vegetable, 
pleasant to take, and will cure when 
other prescriptions or medicines have 

There is no reason why you should stsy 
sick. If you want to get well you can. 
All you have to do is cure your kidneys. 
This can be done with Dr ilobb's Spara 
gus Kidney Pills. 

A bos of Dr. Hobb's Sparagus Kidney 
Pills should be kept in tbe house, for you 
don't know how soon you may need 

A few doacs will relieve. Pain in the 
back, in tbe joints, in the muscles, wil 
all go after a few doses of Dr. Hobb's 
Hparsgus Kidney Pills. 

A few boxes will cure When your 
kidneys are well nothing will bring back 
yonr disease again but carelessness. 

Overwork, worry, excesses, overeating, 
will make your kidneys sick again, will 
bring back your rheumatism, gout, kid 
ney troubles, etc. 

But otherwise once gone they will stay 

*ay. Dr. Hobb's Sparagus Kidney 
Pills cure thoroughly. 

They renew your kidneys, your blood 
and your health. 

For aale by all druggists, or by mail, 
prepaid, for 60 cents a box. Valuable 
medical pamphlet sent free on request by 
Hobb's Medicine Co., Chicago or Ban 

r. c. r. 

Regular meeting* of Maysvllle Council 
lo. 88 this evening at 7 80. Hall. Cham 

ber of Commerce Building. ' 

J C. Rains, Secretary. 

J. P. Walla ce, 8. C. 

Hull of Honor. 

These are tbe pupils of the Male Depart - 

ent of tbe High School who sees red 
places on tbe roll of honor for November : 
Courtney Respess, Frank McNamara. 
John Honan. .Samuel Bierbower, Linden 
Woods. Dulin Moss. John Scott. Ernest 

ilea, Harry Pangburn. James Mills, 
Ethan Bradley. Leslie Usult 

When they put a man In Jail he cannot fol- 

what he wanta to— he is limited to a very fru- 
gal diet. Is It not equally true of a dyspeptic* 
For all of the real enjoyment he gets out of 
life he might aa well be lo Jail. Hen 
what be likes nor ei 
gets little sympathy. At fit 
heaviness In the 
windy belching* and b 
and biliousness and a foul ti 
in the morning. Chronic oonstlpattoo la aisj_ 
inevitable, and means that tbe body Is ttoaMjj 
poisonous. Impure matter that should be gsaV 
ten rid of. Tbe poison Is being reat^orbed 
into the blood and the whole body. 

Section 1. -Bt tt nrdatnsd kg Uu Board of 
Council of lh* Ci v of MayvilU. That tbe 
Hoard of Council shall at its regular meeting 
in December, IWi. and blcnnlnllr thereafter 
at its regular meeting in December, elect a 
Public Welti her. who sball hold bis office for 
the term of twu years, from the first Monday 
In January following bis election. 

Section S-The l'ol.lie WHtrher-eleet sball. 
before he enters upon the duilo* of bis office, 
take the oath prescribed by law and execute 
Maysvllle a bond, wuh approved 

i the 


le'Sty. - 
the Pul 

with the la»» hikI ordinances or tl 
Section it-It shall be tbeduty o 
Weigbe- to weigh c <al. hay. corn and any ar;t- 
-'-. ot food or produce, or . th. r commodity 
at Is sold by weight, when n quanted to do . 
by the seller or pun baser of such articles, 
_ d to measure uial and wood In boats at the 
river and to measure wood that Is sold on ike 
sted to do so by the seller 

of the aiti. 

Mte Weigher sball be al- 

« aa fees for hla 


la est x»*ou i 

load, and for mi___ 
al In a boat seventy-five cents for 

thousand bushels or leaa, and for 

measuring wood twenty-five cents per cord, 
said feea to ne paid by the persons who ess 

Eloy him and to be In full sooxpenaation for 
la services as Public Weigher. 
Heotton&.-ir tbe Pub tc Weigher shall — 
any higher charge for hla aervleas ti 
herein provided, he sball on oon' 
Hereof be fined not exceeding ten dolli 

Section d.— All ordinances relating to tbe 
City Weigher, the Weigher ar J " 
tbe Wood and 0" " " 

n ZZTrVXr 

d Coal Inspector, Snd a 

from and after 

t'ounoll November »tb, 1 


novae * 

C. K. llHOeas. City Clerk. 

rna ariiiarty dlisslassiT 
atth ilvUiooa mmouirti 

it and tbe petit lo 





Men's Merino Shirts and Drawers at 25c. and 50c.; Men's 
All-wool Shirte and Drawers at 75c. , 91 and 91 25. 

Ladies' Jersey -ribbed Vests and Pants, fleece- lined, at 18c., 
25c, 35c. and 50c. 

A BIG DRIVE. Twenty doaen Mod's Laundried Shirts at 
only 50c. 

^ZSTm^ Browning & Co. 

Highat of all in Leavening Power.— Lateat U. S. Got*. Report 


AB§ounm pure 



dmlt ixcarr bun day 



Advtrtuing raUu uniform and n 

SnbaertWa who full 
TB* Ledger reft-iilarly will' 
easier a hior by r*p.>rtlns; 
tk* tee* AT THB OFKICK. 


GBEAT HH. fill II 

The H K Bedford will leave for Pitts- 
burgh to enter her trade at that point. 

The Hudson has deferred her depar- 
ture to Pittsburgh to await developments 
and better water. 

The Little Sandy has been turned over 
to the underwriters, the is lying in bad 
shape opposite Warsaw. 

The Clark Brothers are negotiating for 
the ill-fated B 8. Rhea's machinery. 
They contemplate building a towboat for 

The Tacoma wa? let into the water yea- 
terday morning off the Ways. The Gel- 
denrod and W. W O'Neil were brought 
there, and are awaiting their turn to be 
hauled out. 

The total shipments of coal to date to 
Southern markets aggregates 11,000,000 
bushels There remain in the haroor at 
Pittsburgh about 19,000.000 bushels. The 
towboat Tornado, with ber tow, became 
unmanageable at Dead Man s Riffle and 
aaak five coalboata. This accident was 
rapidly followed by four others at the 
sam place, and in all about •.'75.000 buish- 
els went to the bottom 

At Pittsburgh the river is falling, else 
Where above this port the river is rising, 
with over a nine foot stage at Wheeling 
and Parkersburg. The stage of water 
at midnight was as follows : Oil City 3 2, 
falling; Pittsburgh S 8, railing: Davis 
Island Dam 7 8, stationary Wheeling- 
9.6. rising: Parkersburg 9 1, rising: 
Hinton 15, rising: Charleston 5, sta- 
tionary: Point Pleasant 8.1, rising; Cat 
letuburg 3 2, rising; Portsmouth 9.9, sta- 
tionary The outlook at present is very 
dtncournging for good boating water. 
The river at headwaters is slowly rece- 
ding, and it is doubtful if any more boats 
will be able to get out mi the ri>e 

Constable Dawson last night arrested a 
pair of toughs who were armed with bur 
glar tools. They were Walter Skinner 
and a chap Darned Setters from Cincin 

states, and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh 
Cure Is the only positive euro known to the 
medical fraternity. Catarrh being; a eonstltu- 

ment Hall's Catarrh Cur* Is taken inter- 
nallr.actlna' directly on the blood and mucous 
surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the 
foundation of ibe disease, and giving the pa- 
tient strength by building up the constitution 
and assisting nature Indolng Its work. The 
proprietor* have an much faith in its curative 
powers that they offer One Hundred txmars 
for any case that It falls to cure, fend fur list 

We would most sincerely tender our 
deepest gratitude and heartiest thanks to 
all the friends connected with the pre- 
sentation of the useful and handsome 
presents borne to the parsonage on 
Thanksgiving eve. We will pray that 
God s most bountiful blessings may ever 
attend you. 

E L. and R. C. 

dollars In circu 

Counterfeit silver 

lation among the people of 
neighboring towns. Look out 
Richmond Pantograph. 

Send 'em this way if you want to get 
rid of tbem. We haven 
dollar for so long that we couldn't tell the 
difference, and would be dead t 
take 'em. 


The Pastor's Union of the city of Mayi 
ville will assemble in the study of Ret 
J. S. Hays, D D., at Hayswood next Mor 
day afternoon at 8 o'clock. 

The Y. M. 0. A. will hold the regular 
lunday afternoon Gospel Meeting at 8 
o'clock In the Hall in Cox Building. 
The subject will be "David Anointed 

Owing to tbe dedication of Kobinson 
Chapel tomorrow there will be no morn- 
ing service at Mitchell's Chapel. Preach 
ing at 7 p. m.. however. 

Central Presbyterian Church— Services 
tomorrow, morning and evening. Preach- 
ing at 10UO a. m. At 7 p. m. the annual 
meeting of the Mason County Bible Soci- 
ety. Special address by Rev. E. L Shep- 

•d. All invited and made welcome. 

There will be the following services ai 
tbe First Baptist Church tomorrow: Sun 
day-school at 9:15 a. m ; preaching at 
1U:H0 a m. and 7 p m by the new Pas 
Rev. I. P. Trotter; Young People's 
Meeting at 6 p m. Cordial invitation ex 
tended to all. 

At the Church of the Nativity tomorrow, 
first Sunday in Advent, services will be: 
Sunday school at 1:30 a.m., litany, ser- 
mon and holy communion at 10:30 a. m ; 
ivening prayer at 4 instead of 7 o'clock. 
The offering in the morning will be for 
the Mason County Bible Society. 

The following services will be held at 
tbe Methodist Episcopal Church. Third 
street, opposite Courthouse: Sunday 
school at 915 a. m ; preaching at 10 30 
; class meeting at 3 p. m.; Epworth 
;ue at 6 p. m ; preaching at 7 p m 
All are invited. Strangers will find a 
homelike welcome. E L 

Services are held in Sedden M E. 
Church on Forest avenue as follows: 
Preaching every second and fourth Sun- 
lay at 10 a. tn and 7:30 p. in ; Sunday- 
school every Sunday at 9:30 a. m | Class 
Meeting every first and third Sunday at 
1030 a. m Epworth League services 
every Friday and every other Sunday 

rening. A welcome to all. 

Church of the Disciples— Sunday school 
at9 :«)a. m ; preaching at 10 45 a. m antl 
7p.m.; V. P. 8. C.E. at8:15p. m. Praytr 
meeting Thursday at 7:30 p. m , Junior 
Endeavor at close of Sunday-school 
Morning theme of sermoD. "The Great 
Affirmation of Religion. " Nightsubject: 
The Crime AgainBt the Minority." Be 
lief in immaculate sovereigns and in in 
fallible books will not cure the world of 

Services in the Fir 
Church tomorrow morning at the usual 
hours, conducted by tbe Pastor. No 
services at night. 

Church Sabbath school at 9 30 a. in.: 
Mission Sabbath school at the German 
Church at 2:30 p m ; WcstminsterSociety 
of Christian Endeavor at 615 p. m. Tbe 
public is cordially invited to attend all 
:bese services. 

^bonablkDHY goods, 


Housekeeping Goods Generally Always on Hand 



"Bread is the Staff of Iiife," uJSS 

Ballard's Obelisk a 

The Purest, Strongest and Best. 

*m ^ "^ZZz:^*"* - ■* Mob Batters Down the Fayette- 

u^nZTv^. I ville, Tenn., Jail Doors. 

f WHiTKsnuno, kjr.Nov. SO-Revenui 

officers captured alx mora prisoner* en t wo W.« rr0PS Convicted of Race 

R aged in distilling "mountain dew" X ™ f| .h rln/t^n.. V.,J 
near her*, and landed them in jai j Hanged in the Courthouse Yard, 
with the reaL The officers ara now 
out in the country atill on the hunt 
and it is thought another haul will b« 
made. Aa soon aa they are through 
collecting the violatera they will b« 
marched off to Preston burg, Ky., 

they will be tried in tha United Nashvhx*. Tann., Nov. 
States court at that place. Robertson and Ozlaa McGaha, Negroes, 

who were Friday morning 
r Ky Nov 30.— Estelle to twenty -one ytnra each for rap* in 
the lft-year-old daughter of Robert «!• circuit court, at Lewisburg were 
Parker, a farmer near Stanhope whils tak « n trom th « J ail at Fayette ville 
ber parenta were abaant at a neigh Friday night by a mob of 300 ma« a, 
bor a, attempted to bridl. a wild coll h »"* ed «» the court h _ ou » e , 

The Negroea reached Fayettevllle 
from Lewisburg at 2 o'clock Friday af- 
ternoon, in charge of Sheriff Menefee, 
of Marshall county, and four deputies 
The whole party waa locked in the 
haggage car, and the sheriff waa en- 
deavoring to (ret to the branch prison 
at Tracy City with hie prisoners. 

When the truin came to a atop at 
Fayetteville, a mob of over two hun- 
dred men acting on a message from 
parties at Lewiaburg. demanded the 
prisoners. Sheriff Menefee refuse! 
and then the crowd threatened to put 
dynamite under the car. The sheriff 
would not budge, llowevcr, when the 
engineer started to couple up the train 
for the purpose of pulling out, a stal- 
wart fellow drew a bead on him with 
a double-barreled shotgun. 

Then Col. T. N. Holman and W. B. 
Lamb addressed the mob and urged 
them to let the train and its cargo pro- 
ceed. The leaders declined, km 
considerable parley, agreed to let the 
train go if the car with the officers and 
Negroes was aide-tracked. This waa 
Bmilly agreed to. 
Sheriff Menefee and Sheriff Sher- 

which had been presented to her b.t 
her father. In the effort her righi 
ankle waa caught in the leather atrap, 
and the animal, becoming frightened, 
ran away, throwing the girl down and 
dragging her body over the fields. She 

died later. 

Now Kentucky P< 
Washington, Nov. SO. — Fourth-claa* 
postmisters for Kentucky were 
missioned Friday aa follows: Cherry, 
Calloway county, H. P. Hicks; Oartrell, 
Carter county, M. I). Wnrnock: Hallam, 
Owen county, C. N. Arnold; Harrison 
ville, Shelby county, \V. R. Easier: 
Kagland, McCracken county, J. R. 

Abe Paid Tsm Cnd»r I'roiMt. 
Richmond, Ky., Nov. 30.- Mrs. Marj 
J. Craig, daughter of Gen. Cassiua M. 
Clar, paid her county and stnte taxei 
under proteat Friday, atating that sh« 
did so because of not having represen 
tation. She is a sister of Miss Laura 
Clay, president of the Equal Rights as- 
sociation, and an ardent equal righti 

l.eilnrton l>ro (( l»ts Uneasy. 

LaXUSTOa, Ky., Nov. 30 — An 
tigation conducted by the State 
maceutical association discloses that 
but thirteen of the thirty druggists in 
Lexington have complied with the 
law. which requirea thnt druggists 
shall make a specified registration each 
year on or before the l*t of Feb 
Insurance Afrit t lu Irmiblr 

Loi isvii.i.k, Ky., Nov. 30. — SI 
T. Shoppard. a well known age 
the Bankers' Life Insurance C 

by Mr. 


El lei 

llti) i 

e No< 

lege that 
been bothering them. 

Clinton Connty-s Candidal 

Albany, Ky., Nov. 30. -Clinton 
county, for the first time in her history 
probably, puts out a candidate for a 
piece of the state pie. Dr. J. A. Sloan 
wants to be first aasistant physician of 
one of the insane asylums, and he is 
backed by the entire republican party 
In Clinton county. 
jBTMtlfstlas: tha Louisville lost Office, 
I i - v 1 1 i k. Ky., Nov. 30 —An ex- 
amination of the Louisville post offloe 
"«gun. The letter carriers 
months have been watched 
by secret service men and are being 
tried on chnrgea of lost time. The oc 
casions are specified; also the number 
of minutes loat. 

Dork ahootlne; In Hons I ounljr. 
Hakuoi, Ky., Nov. 30 — Thr 
greatest flight of wild dtu-ks knnwt 
for years is now delighting sportamai 
in this vicinity, the creek*, rivers, lakt 
ponds affording Mcellent shoot- 
ing. Large bugs are being made by 
:ven those who are not experts with 

he gun. 

Judfe Uolt for thr Senate. 
Frankfort, Ky.. Nov. JO.— Judge VV. 
H. Holt is otlicinlly announced as can- 
for United States senator. 
Judge Holt has been mentioned as can- 
didate for appellate court. The dis- 

able battle took place at Hazel Green, 
Wolfe county, between John Williams 
and David Rose, two prominent and 
wealthy stock traders. Williams was 
killed and Rose is ru adyinir condition. 
They fell out during a settlement 


mil) I 

Milburn, of Pottavllle, while 
ttopped to load one barrel of 
and while ramming it the oth 
waa discharged, killing him i 
The load of ehot tore off the e 

of his head ; 

Right L*f Cot Off bT a Tr»ln. 
Covington, Ky., Nov. :io. — Adolph 
lacklight, aged IQ, fell under the 
wheels while stealing a ride on a C. «fc 
O. train near Vnnceburg, K.v., and had 
his right leg cut off. Friday he was 
brought to his home on Lewis street, 
this city. 

Lkbano.n, Ky., Nov. 30.-I,ebanon 
aa badly Beared by the discovery that 
a farmer had Bold grocers the meat 
of a hog that had been bitten by a 
mad dog. The meat was gathered 
up before any had been sold to con- 

A llviieni for Uaorx* Clark. 

Lexinotok, Ky., Nov. 30. —A move- 
ment ia on foot to give a benefit here 
Boon at tbe opera bouse to Lewis 
Oeorge Clark, the original of Mrs. 
Stowo's Oeorge Uarria In "I'nde Tom's 


Hto I r ( i Woo* Isstttnd. 

( v n Tin an a, Ky., Nov. 30 - James 
Rankin bad hia laft foot ahattarod 
Friday morning by a ball discharged 
from a revolver, whleh fell frc 
pocket while he waa dressing 
nrUk Btsss rsystarar Asslf 

Louisville, Ky.. Nov. 30.- 
Niat, o 

Oates, colored, ahot aod killed his ' 
Friday morning because, ha thought 
her an true 

the U 

of Lll 

. tin 

nd thei 

i hollo- 

i the result tha 
leputies format 
larched the pria 
onera off to jail, sheriff Menefee also 
wired Gov. Turney for troopa 

Friday night about dark 200 armed 
men rode into town from Marshall 
county, and after a conference with 
the mob of 100 in Fayetteville. stormed 
the jail. They battered down four 
doors and took the Negroes out with 
the above results. Not a shot was 
fired and few loud words were spoken. 
Robertson and McGaha were taken to 
Lewisburg Friday morning from 
the Davidson county jail. They ar- 
rived there at 1:10 o'clock, at once sub- 
mitted their casca, were sentenced and 
started to prison. The courtroom was 
crowded with armed men, not a few 
having Winchester rifles. 

The mob would have gotten the Ne- 
groes there, but knew that Sheriff 
Menefee and his deputies were deter- 
mined to prevent such action. As aoon 
aa the prisoners left the leadera began 
sending mesaagea to friends at Fay- 
etteville to atop the train and hold the 
Negroea until they could get there. 

Robertson was charged with attempt- 
ed aaaault upon a Miss Stewart. He 
only miased lynching a few weeks ago 
by the officers who arrested him near 
Bell Buckle, being warned not to bring 
Lewiaburg. McGaha waa 
charged with assaulting a 13-year-old 
white girl. 

Adjt. Gen. Sykes had two companies 
and a battery ready to leave on a 
special Friday nig^ht. when a mesaage 
came from Fayetteville that it was too 

There is one true specific for diseases 
arising from a debilitated nervous systi 
and that is the Paine'a Celery Compound 
so generally prescribed by physicians. It 
is probably the most remarkable remedy 
that the scientific research of this country 
has produced. Professor Edward E 
*. Phelps, M.I)., LL D , 

ft&fttj of Dartmouth Col 
lege, first prescribed 
what is now known 
the world over as 
Paine's Celery Com- 
pound, a positive 
cure for dyspepsia, 
biliousness, liver 
complaint, neuralgia, 
rheumatism and kid 
ey troubles For the latter Paine's Cel 
ry Compound has succeeded again and 
■tin where everything else has failed. 
Washington correspondents have re 
cntly given it a great deal of attention 
since the most wonderful cure effected in 
he case of Commodore Howell. 
The medical journals of the country 
have given' more space in the last few 
tbe many remarkable cases where 
of Paine's Celery Compound has 
made people well than to any other I n • 


d«y_t arltslv's Raport Will Mbow a I>a- 

■eH of Ova* 

Washington, Nov. 30.— The last 
cabinet meeting before congress meets 
held Friday and all the members, 
ipt Secretary Morton were present 
Tha president's message and part of 
Secretary Carlisle's report were sub- 
mitted. The preaident will not send 
hia message to congress until Tuesday, 
and Secretary Carlisle's will go in 
Wednesday, or at least that ia the plan 

The secretary will report a deficit in 
the treasury for the fiscal year up to 
" lay (five months) of a Httle over 
116,000,000. He will not be able to re- 
port a surplus of receipts for this 
month, as he hoped, for the rece-ipts 
have fallen off so that there will be a 
amall deficit 

Dumas' Eonaral WU1 ba PrUata. 

Paris, Nov. 30.— It wae announced 
Friday night that the funeral of M. 

las will be private and that his 
family will meet all the expenses. 
This will be in accordance with the 
wishes of the deceased, who desired 
that his funeral should be a quiet one. 
with no military honora, and with no 
speeches at the grave. 

ll«av» Failure In Taxa*. 

Dallas, Tex., Nov. 30.— News 
reached here Friday that the big gro- 
cery firm of A. ft Schludert 4 Co., do- 
ing business at Jefferaon and Green- 
ville, Tex., failed at fl o'clock Friday 
ning. The liabilitioa are estimated 
to be at least 1100,000. Their credit- 
ors are scattered all over the country. 

Havaxa. Nov. a Madrid dis- 
patch aays that La Epoca, the minis- 
terial organ, dinies that any pour par- 
lors looking to peace in Cuba have 
been ineited. It la said that the ru- 
mors aneut peace were purposely put 
in circulation by revolutionary agents 
in Cuba. 

Galveaton, Tex., Nov. 30.— Capt 
Mnmford. of the Britlah steamer Hawk- 
eye, jnat arrived from Bio iJaneiro 
states that while in that oitv there 
were 160 deatha a day from kinallpox 
and that the inhabitants were panie 

ilia Kalian Drlaklaf M.a»ll T 

I >oii don, Nov. SO.— The Constanti- 
nople correspondent, of the Chrontele 
telegraphs that be learns from the 

Claee that the saltan baa been drink- 
j heavily for day a 


Most Remarkable Rem 

edy in the Wdrld. 

Nervous Strength. 

Cares Effected by Paine's Cel 
ery Com pound. 

What Scientific Rrsearoh Has Ao 

Provad by Success Where All 
Else Has Failed. 

Mr John rNyns of Lexington. Chief 
Trainer and General Manager of Abdallah 
Park, near Oynlblaoa, was wurderoaily 
awAulted Thursday night, and but for 
two big mastiff dogt of the Park, would 
probably have been killed. 

<*lM-/iiu// of the.. 

Candy Season. 

M AK.HHM Al.LOWH, Use. par pannrl. The 
Onest grade made for fliir- cannv trade. 

Flna HaiKl-macI), VHKA MM, only Me, 
per poan.l. 

All (trades »»f MIX CANDY, tram 7 '4 to 
«Bc. par poand. 

Mendiiuarters for 




ikjysxers, crackers*.... 

Bulk .nd Can. FRESH FISH. 

Special prices In "clionl and Bunday-sekuo, 



The Champion Iron Co., 
K 11 tun. 0. 

Iron fencing of Any I Cresting aad 

•tae or Style, Vaast, 
Vases and Sottoss for Iron Columns. 



Ladles' Vests at 17, 26. 43, W and 9» eents. 

usual. a>. 35, 50 and 75 cents and II. , 
All-wool Flannel at 19 cents, worth 25 cents 
Blankets at 50 cents, 91. SI 50. 92 up to 97 50 

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Stamped Linens. 

Heauiirul Table Covets. ll» cents eaeb. 

Bee our Bilk Linens; ihey are beauties for 
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Low prices on Carpels, Kujts, Laee Curtains, 

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Haa led all WORM Remedies. 





Manufacturing Company, 


I . .. 

end of street railway 


Fall Trade, 

A supply of oure White Lead, Linseed 
Oil. Lamps. Lamp Chimneys. Sploea, 
Teas, ttoaps. Perfumes. Toilet Aiticlee, 
etc. The public incited to call. Pure 
goods and reasonable prices guaranteed. 

J. Jas. Wood, 

A Thanksgiving 
Greeting! 888 

And as a special offering we shall again 
surrender from Saturday next the purchase 
money on every Fiftieth Pair of Boots and 
Shoes sold at our store.* This special offer- 
ing holds good until December 1st. Now is 
the chance of a lifetime. Oome everyone 
and try to be the lucky one. We are abreast 
of the times. In prices and styles we defy 
competition. We are manufacturers, and 
carry no shelf- worn goods. In connection 
with the above special offering we have also 
cut the prices on all our fall and winter 
stocif . A word to the wise is sufficient, and 
this is your time to save money. Buy of 
first hands. Yours always ready to serve, 



HIT IMF niQAQTTTP! cotton ixnution. 

Oyer One Hundred Tons of Rock 
Fall Into a Pit. 

Not L«ss Than Eleven Miners Dead 
and Nine Seriously Injured. 

YfhltM Krtrnlnr th» 
ot Honk Omar*. an 

Illltd- Pitiful Mi 

Ar« Brought 


Bmwsttb, N. Y., Nov. SO. — Nineteen 
yearn ag-o fifty tons of rook fell into 
the open pit at the Tilley Foster mine, 
killing- tlx miner* and maiming three 
other* for life. From that time until 
Friday the walls, which rise 
four hundred feet above the working 
level of the pit, have undergone daily 
inspection. If this inspection revealed 
any erevice or other sign of dangei 
work below was rbantloneri until the 
threatening overhang had been dis- 
lodged. This extreme caution has pre- 
vented many aocidents. 

Friday afternoon about thirty men 
were at work on the 400-foot level 
breaking ore and loading the cars sent 
down by the cable. 

About 8:30 o'clock the entire north 
we*t wall, apparently containing 
one hundred ton* of rock, fell into the 
pit, killing not less than eleven men 
and Inflicting serious injuries upon 
nine other*. Wm. Aspell and " 
others ran and escaped. Five I tali am 
also got out alive. Aspell and his com 
panlona, a* *oon as the bowlders stop- 
ped rolling down the slope, saw Pet- 
rirh II. Murtha struggling to get up 
He was pinned fast by a rock. They 
assisted him up and he was hoisted to 
the surface, where he died soon after. 

Just aa the rescuing car started ot 
the return trip more rock fell and it ii 
> reported that one of the three Italian! 
mentioned above was killed. The see 
and downward trip brought Fat H. 
Kelly and .lames McGinn. They or 
ganlsed the miners left In the pit. ae 
«nred tools and betran to take out t hi 
bodies. Hocks were thrown off th< 
bodies of Michael Gannon, Thoa. Den- 
nis, John Fa,'iiu, an Austrian known 
••No. 334, an.i two Italians, No*. 310 
and 304. All were dead and horribly 

Mark Crltchley, who seemed to be 
suffering- from a fracture of the spine, 
probably fatally hurt, was taken eut. 
m was also Patrick Hums, who 

man Lynch i 

the nurture I 
view of Con 
Then under' 
the relatives 

ilent Toi 

i and Fo re- 

submitted them V 
Penny and a jury, 
ired for them ar 



rapidly, and the 
falling of rocks continued to threaten 
the rescuing party, when Mr. Tomki 
ordered all hands to the surface. The 
work of takinif out the bodies waa re- 
sumed atdavlight Saturday morula; 
It is believed that siirht boJie* remai 
in the pit. 

A great crowd flocked to the scene 
the disaster. Flrat came the relatives 
of those who lived in the hamlet, and 
-then followed hundreds from Ureweter 
and Carmel. 

the car raised body after bod) 
-to the surface the wails and moioio 
the bereaved ones brought tear* to tn< 
eye* of the strong-hearted men of th< 
rescuing party, and touched with sor- 
row the hearts of on-lookers. The 
nine is owned by the Lackawanna 
Iron and Coal Co. of K w York and 
Socanton, Pa. 

o, w. 



Washington, Nov. 30. Rigid eeon- 
of the public expenditures will b« 
the republican programme for next 
winter. Mr. Reed has expressed this 
necessity upon a number uf the older 
members whom he honors with his 
confidence This does not mean that 
a "eheese paring" policy will 
adopted, ' but that not a d< 
will he expended unnecessarily. 
18 understood that the river and bar 
bor committee will be so constituted 
aa to reduce those appropriations t< 
the lowest point consistent with the 
needs oi the government. Mr. Ueeti 
maintains a studied silence upon this 
and all other matters connected with 
the committees but the belief that the 
chairmanship will be R-iven to 
Henderson la so well grounded as 
be practically conceded by all of th* 


Atlanta, Oa„ Nov. 30 — A special 
the Constitution from Montezuma sa 
Tony Sutton, a Negro, was shot tc 
death by a mob. Sutton killed VV. T. 
Saugster in Donley oounty. He war 
«aptnred and while on the way to jail 
Mutton was taken from the ofiicers, 
carried into the woods and shot. 8ut 
tan aaid that he killed gangster for re 

Badly Injured. 

Sajt Francisco, Nov. 30.— The steam 
er Gaelic, which arrived Friday, bring* 
the news that the United States gun 
boat Concord ran ashore on Gctober* 3] 
while coming down the river from Foe 
Chow. It is reported that she is sc 
badly injured that a complete over 
hauling is necessary before she will be 
able to ma ke any speed. 

a uf Wars sad Means Committee. 
Chicago, Nov. 30.— A Washington 
1 *av«: A prominent New York 
I who had a long talk with Con 
\ Thursday night, said 
ning: "I am certain that 
Zeroo Payne will be made chairman oi 
the ways and means committee, and 
that Dingley will head the c ominiiu-t 
on banking and currency 

started a plan, to 

south for a southern exposition In Chi- 

lt Is proposed to have a cotton expo- 
sition in Chicago.whose purposes shall 


1. To make new customers for pres- 
ent products. 

2. To open direct lines of distribu- 
tion Let wren produoer and consumer. 

3. To bring to the knowledge of the 
capitalists in a most forcible and con- 
vincing way the great opportunity for 
profit which southern cottou mills af- 

And finally: 

4. To show to the great west that 
Chicago is the natural and logical dis- 
tributing center for worth 
of cotton goods yearly, which the south 
must and will naturally and logically 
make; and to offer to Chicago the great 
prlxe of an immense trade in exchange 
for Chicago's mighty assistance in 
building up the south. 

The exhibition designers' say should 
be as practical and business in iti 
nature as expedient; with enouph oi 
the picturesque element to make it at- 
tractive to the public. 

It should be devised to appeal to 
three great classes, the general public, 
the merchant and the inventor. 

An enormous outlay is not contemp- 
lated. A very moderate sum of rrijney 
would servo every practical business 
purpose, and with judiciouH manure 
ment, it is declared the earnings could 


Thousand of Armenians Killed 

and i.ur.drtus Wounded. 

The American Theological Seminary 
Was P undered, 

f the Stadnnta shot. One Fa- 

ti S...k. ltr\»r. 



of the Trade of I 

New York, Nov. 30. — L'rudstreet's 
Saturday morning says: 

The volume of general trade show* 
a falling off compared with the pre- 
ceding week, largely owing to the in- 
tervention of the Thanksgiving holi- 

Navigation has practically closed or, 
the great lakes, the caual, and at Mon- 
treal. Western jobbers report acti 
noticeable in clothing, woolen goods, 
rubbers, shoes and holiday specialties, 
with some increased demand for ooal 
and light hardware. 

General trade remains unchanged 
the south with mercantile collections 
in some instances improving, the ten- 
dency of cotton to move slowly, ami 
the movement of merchandise smaller 
than in October. 

The most striking industrial feature 
is the continued reaction in prices of 
iron and steel, llessemer pig being off 
8Sc, and steel billets fractionally low- 
er, with reaction in prices for wire, 
sheet* and other forma. 

D-y goods are quieter with the 
tinued unseasonable mild weather 
the Brrival of tne holiday trade. The 
atrcngth of cotton tn.iintuins the price 
of cotton goods. Higher prices for 
wool at London tend to revive interest 
here, and agents for dress woolens re- 
port new orders for spring deli' 
ery. Some New Fnylund woole 
mills have contracted for abut 
all they care to sell at present. Exrori 
of wheat (flour included as wheat) 
from both coasts of the United H 
and Montreal amount to 1,480.001 
bushels, as compared with 1,010.001 
bushels lust week. •.'.007.000 bushi-U 

■)«.tro«e<l by th. Hamtdlcn < avalrv 

LOTOO*, Nov. «a— The correspond- 
ent of the United Press In Constanti- 
nople telegraphs that a second massa- 
cre has occurred at Marash, and that 
the houses there have been pillaged. 

Thousands were killed and many 
hundreds wounded. The American 
Theological seminary was plundered 
and two of the students shot, one be- 
ing fatally wounded. The hotels and 
boarding-houses were also plundered. 

The Christiana at Marash and in that 


e desti- 

■M the < lay »r faa. 

London. Nov. 30. —The Times Mtti 
day morning publishes a dispatch fr< 
.lulfa. dated November I'S, saying ti 
the Armenian villages between IVr 
and Van. probably u> the number 
40, have been destroyed by the ll.t 
Idkjsj calvary. All the reports sa.v Uiat 
the number of persons killed was 
large. The refugees are most ly g4tinc 
to the city of Van. There will prab 
ably be a massacre in Van soon. Can- 
non are trained on the houses of the 
Armenians and the trees along the 
streetB have been felled to give free 
range to British fire. 

Reports say that Hamidien eaval 
are rtfiding the entire province of Van 
and committing horrible atrocities 
Many women have been carried to tht 
mountains. Van is the only place thai 
has been untouched by the Kurds. wh< 
are selling large numbers of sheen am: 
cattle. The whole population of tht 
village of JUrtalen. numberiug ten. 
hundred, have been killed. 

Armed bands of Armenians are en- 
tering Van from Seria. One band 
fought the Humidlen cavalry for 
days mar Seria. Manv are reported 
to have been killed. 


Th* < aptMln sad First Officer of a Norwr 
flan Vessel tadtr At****, 

Wii.MiNorox, Del., Nov. 30 — War- 
rants sworu Friday by the Spanish 
consul, Jose Congosta, were served late 
Friday afternoon by Deputy United 
States Marshal Hughes on Frederick 
Svanoe. captain, and Kangnan Christ- 
ensen, first officer, of the Norwegian 
steamer Leon. 

The two officers, accompanied by 
Superintendent llenson, of the ship 
building firm, were taken to the fed- 
eral building, where they were ar 
raigned before United States Commis- 
sioner Smith, charged wn.ii violating 
the neutrality laws under section 3280, 
federsl statutes. They pleaded no, 
guilty and Capt Bensdn went their 
security for their appearance 

tinue, with the purpose of wiping out 
the Armenians. 

Despite the assurance given to Sii 
Philip Currie, the British ambassador, 
by Tewfik Pasha, the Turkish ministei 
of -foreign affairs, that each power 
would be permitted to send an add! 
tional guard ship to the Bosporus, the 
sultan has not yet granted the requi- 
site permits for their entrance through 
the Dardanelles. 

It is thought, however, that the sul- 
tan will yield to the demands of the 
powers in view of the unanimous press- 
ure they are bringing upon him. 

Mu.viCH, Nov. 30 — The correspond- 
ent of the Neue Nachrichten at 
Constantinople telegraphs, a report 
of an Interview had by him with 
llalil Rifal Pasha, the Turkish 
grand vizier, in which that official 
declares that if the United fleets of 
the powers shall make a demonstra- 
tion at Constantinople the porte will 
inform the powers that the Turkish 
government renounces all responsibi" 
ity for the consequences, especially as 
regards the matter of protection to 



Indications That It will He the ( est 
and Klebest Field In the World. 

Salt Lakh, Utah, Nov. 30. — Uecent 
discoveries of vast gold fields h:ive 
been made at Mercnr, about sixty-five 
miles south of Salt Lake City, which 
give every indication of making 
that place not only the largest ami 
richest raining camp in America, buj 
in the world. For about two years 
only one property hud been opetated- 
the Mercur Gold Miuing and Milling 

Within a very short period a district 
of 7 miles by 3 miles has been almost 
entirely taken up and fullv- a thousand 
miners and prospectors arc at w 
Three new mills have been startei 
and are now operating even t 
profitably then the original one. . 
discoveries are being made daily 
there is great excitement. The extent 
of the suri.tce in which the ore is found 
appears to be practically unlimited 
and the stock of numerous companii 
which have been recently incorporated 
are eagerly souirht for. 


the ooi.n MONTI imr»AT. 
Washington, Nov. 30. The treas- 
ury stated gold reserve with all with- 
drawals op to Friday out, is JXl.OS.i,- 


Washington, Nov. 30. - Contracts for 
the construction of thu two gunboats 
awarded to the Union iron works, of 
San Francisco, were signed at the navy 
department Friday, W. M. Scott repre- 
senting the company. 

Nkw Yokk, Nov. 30.— Congressman 
Milliken, of Maine, passed through 
here on his way to Washington, 
regard to what the 54th congress 
would do in way of legislation he said: 
'The most important matter that the 
new congress will have to attend to is 
in relation to the treasury's deficit. 
Whatever is done by way of meeting 
the now existing and continuing de- 
pletion of the gold reserve will be on 
the line of an increase in the tariff 
duties, more particularly those on wool 
and woolen manufactures, agricultural 
products, lumber, ete. 

New York ll.„,.„ ,,l 

Albany. N. Y . Nov. 30 -Uov. Mor- 
ton has been notified that New York 
state has been awarded at the Atlanta 
exposition a diploma of honor or gold 
"al for the erection of a building 
upon the exposition grounds, and for 
most efficiently promoting tho objects 
of the exposition. New York state has 
also won twenty-four grand prizes or 
gold medals, fifty-two diplomas of 
honor or silver medals, sixty-three 
brec/.e medals and twenty-seven hon- 
orable mentions. 

Crowded Oul of lares. 

New York, Nov. 30.— A special to 
the Uerald, from Yokohamo, says: A 
private dispatch received from Seoul, 
Corea, says that theTai Won Kun has 
practically given up his attempt to play 
the usurper. Oen. Cho, ministerof war, 
has been dismissed. Japan is losing 
ground in Corea and Russia's influence 
is growing. 

Impartial K»»ll.h StecT 2UIU- 

New York, Nov. 30.— Uriswold and 
Uillett, of this city, agents for Charles 
Cammel A Co., of Sheffield, Kng., have 
10,000 tons' of steel rails of Kn 
make in this market for use on 
lineman road. This is the flrst 
of ■nflish rails under the Wilson 


Gathered Froa* All Farts ef I 
by T.l. t, 

Adviees»from Yokohama 

the Olvmpia arrived there < 

Of No-' 

One of the bod 

of the Valksgan 
New York, has 1 
of Philip Callahi 
Princes Fcrdi 
iser, have ofl 
ie Spanish gt 
illery b 

i II . - 


ich of the army i 



Samuel 8. Brown, the millionaire 
coal merchant and proprietor of tno 
Monongehala house, Pittsburgh, and 
prominent as a turfman, has applied 
for a divorce from his wife. 

Dr. Forster. editor of the Journal of 
Ethical Culture, has been sentenced to 
three months' imprisonment in a fort- 
ress, having been convicted of lese 
majeste for articles printed in that pa- 

sequent pyeu 

les C. tarpon 
e years has 1 

who for the last tl 
stationed in the Oi 
Francisco Friday morning i 
Gaelic, lie returns upon ordei 
Washington to be soon retired. 

A dispatch from Athens to the Co- 
logne Gazette says that great acti' 
is being observed in fitting out Or 
ironclads for sea service, and that 
Greek government is arranging v 
the national bank for u loan of MO 
francs to be expended for that pur- 

^Secretary Carlisle Kridav detached 
Capt. Michael A. Healy from the com- 
mand of the revenue cutter i ear i 
placed him on waiting order . Oj 
Mealy is said to be in poor health i 
unless his condition improves it 
not probable he will again be assigi 
to active dnty. 

The state department has advi 
by cable from Minister Terrell t 
the mission school Of science at Mar 
was burned on the lDth instant, bui 
that the missionaries arc safe, 
also telegraphs that the Aintab i 
lege is protected. Both of th e se 
American institutions 

A report is current at Colon 
that the newly arrived laborei 
engaged to work upon the Pa 
ama canal at tulebra, have I 
come riotoos. claiming that they ouir 
to receive 01.40 per day. One hundn 
soldiers wore ordered to Culebra 
quell the disturbance and preserve 
peace. Many arrests are said to have 


Kor Indiana— Kalr; colder; northerly » 


Cincinnati. Nov 

rtora-Sprlnc patent *<V1*3.70: sprlnr 
fan.v «U0 ISO: spring familr. ttb\ -JCii 
Winter potent. J3.30 3(W lam-y. elOttM 
launlv. U0«M» extm ,KO |S40 

WHtAT-Stlw: No. I red. track. «'>c; d 
afcOlM, track. t»t,e. 

Coai«-**le»: Mixed e»r. track. S»c; No. 
while, track. SOr while ear. track. 2Sc: No. 
vi-1 <>w esr. track 3 k: -.implc yellow, track. Sic. 

nill OlSMl No. 3 white, track. IWei ssm- 
pls mixed, track, SO'ic No. I mixed, track, 

CAT-nLS-Pslr to »ooil uhlppern. »S.Ty,t4 !S">; 
choice butchers. sS.H»tt4 IV medium " 
■I*, tU» a 1o. common. ■ » »00 

VSAL CALVSS-r'Blr lo«oodlkffet, «S.T3 lOtty 
etira. 17 SU. common to Unrr M so<»o W 

Mocs— Select shippers Kf.S3uS.Ao. butchers. 
|3.«».tae»: packer*. 4» *i. 3 ss food light. *a!W 
no. common and rou^h. (auois 40 

Snxse asd LAMHti--sh«p- Extras WO^ 
» VI. good to choice ttr uu t 75. common 
•>.- . • • Lambs - Extra. Hut) , 
choice. sj.MiIs.D0; common to (sir K Ni 

Wool. -Unwashed: Klne merino. | 
Save; quarter blood clothing, laaitc i 
d.-lulne and clothing. 14 Ito: coarse. 
(Hum combine, Ito. Washed: Fine I 
X to XX. per lb. ISSI4.-. medium cl 
16c: delaine fleece. IS line: long combl 
l»c. Quarter blood and low. 13a 14c. 

t HH'AOO. Ni 

t'slla on Msy whest opooed at 81c. 
ei'.c, last price *iaeit.c Puts opened i 
SOU at IBM*, last price rtO'.o asked 
Calls on May corn opene.l at >S4i»r. sold at 
V lam price SN^a^c I'uts opened st :w,c, 
lold at ■OJIO'il, last prle* -f ,c bill 

Ntw York Nov CD. 
Whsat-No. 8 red Iscmber. eiStiMH' 

mas-No. « December. J4Vc January. »V 
Sl'.c: No. I. ttfcnSTc 

Osis-No t. dull, steady. December Nej 

HtWIl «» Nov » 
WIH |»Q 2 red cash and December, 

COKM— No S yellow ca«h.U»c. No I mixed, 
* OATS-NothlOf doing 

PiTTSin a.iH. Nov H 

Catti.i— Prime. good. »4.i«'«< II 
good butchers. *SHlHt4i«i fresh cows an. 
springers. MM0Oi40 00 feeders, ttSOalM 
heifer.. XIV 

Hoos-Pritae light ami medium grade-. U Ti 
«aTi hesryhogs. IStto^aro. common to tali 
Yorkers. «.*>«»..'. 

SB«»r-Extra». icnv.^.ii) good, II*>3'-'«c 
fair. tl Mkjsr SO. lambs KIMhisOi vcsl cslyes 
tltV) u 7 00. heavy and thin calves. fciOUuaOU. 

llALTiaoas. Nov. XV 

Wheat — No. 3 re<l spot. November and rir. 
camber, «..-,. ateamor No. 2 red. it , J 

Cons-Mixed spot and Norcn ber, S4)«a 

steamer mixed, It^OSSc 

Oat*-No. i white western. JSHfASSc No I 
mixed do. nttCtSc. 
KTE-Na I. t>tl44e western. 483«Te 

BcrrsLo. Nov. ra 
CSTTLB— Quiet: stocherssnd feedsre. K 708 
140. oboloa (coders. K W.»-t ••> extra, IT JO 
Hoos- Yorkers, mixed and mediums UTOt 
heavy. WW; pigs, 

asd Lambs I Ioo4 to prime I nibs, 
I Do » in extra. M . 4 light to (air tl. S 3T»; 
mixed ibmp l^BiiiM comm 
0>iU -I f • ; 

State National Banl Agents Wanted 


Every where (or Marlon Hsrisnd's 



take Christmas orders.^ ( Be 

We Sell 


WHITE, JUUli a 00. 

at Ho 4S W.SccoDd Street. 

Dr. .1. H. SAMUEL, 


Out Cvpress Pat- 
t4?rn mm\ Porcelain 
Dinner J lVa Sets, 
for which we arc Who K ee ps 
sole agents, are ele- T | )is BREAD? 
gant and tasty, be 
sides very cheap. 


What ^ 


. the best lln sd Id 


"TRAXEL, ,) 


Next Duor to State National I 

Henry Ort 


For the Next 10 Days! 





Tkote fls.00 Brtroom S* 
ami Solid Oak Suit* at $t$M ami 
imMtm $V>.00 and f 20.00. 

Parlor Suit*, Upholtttred in Silk 
Tapettry, Cru»h I'lush and BrocaltUr, 
at 41C00, #JMt\ 1 10.00 a\ 
dueed from tM.OO, $2X00 a 
Why not take one 0/ th 
at $t.7S or #/7.5 which w« have r«iut«,i 
from 1*.M> and home on trial a* 

it will oott you nothing f 

Call and See for Yourself. 




k "JS-..|MAV87ILLK,KY. 

Price: tl OO.-Sol.l by all druKjfista or 
ent prepaid on receipt of price. 
194 Randolph St., Chicago, lite. 

_ % 

The Moat 
Yield to its 





Prtt,lt<%- l„k .jmticU>ui4y 


Lai SH /i<((. 1/. 1, 

blood roisor 


ublo or letter 
iption. to the 

Mwtsrea— Frank w. Hit won 
•franHs-B. Q.Orlgaby. 
jurwwdois-C. C. Degmau. 

Vatilm-chTi'-* wWier. 

— "Ire. Jennie iUew.ri 
lelly * Porwortby 
— ^rTullj. 

_ 7"il*E?''nt«.r. 
f. Moore. 

lb TbOtDM. 

tare the in 

w-itlaf by paying their suhsc 
wot at their niece 

Mr. Johnson WatU, aged 88, father 01 
Ilev T. W. Watts, formerly of this city 
died recently at his home in Clark county 

There are twenty-one appearances on 
the docket for Robertson December 
of Circuit Court, six equity and fifteen 

Mr. John M. Van Meter of Bath county 
has been appointed to dll the vacancy on 
the State Board of Equalization caused 
by the election of Squire' Pbelp* of 
Fayette to the Legislature^ 

J. J Osborne, formerly County Attor 
ney of Robertson, now a resident of 
Cyntbiana, has formed a partnership 
with Mack Swinford. Hepresentative 
•lect of Harrison county, in the practice 

of Uw- ... 

The Manchester Stove Foundry was 
closed by the Sheriff on an attachment in 
faTor of the Farmers' Bank for $3,000. 
The real estate was appraised at 13.300, 
and stockholders voted an assessment of 
25 per cent, to pay the claim. 

The wife of Mr Leonard Wells of East 
Unmrleld. Mass . had been suffering from 
neuralgia for two days, not being able to 
sleep or hardly keep still, when Mr £1 ol- 
den, the merchant there, sent her f bottle 
of ChaniDerlain '• Fain Balm, and asked 
that she give it a thorough trial, 
meeting Mr. Wells tbe next day lie was 
told that she was all right, the p>tin had 
left her within two hours, and that the 
■gtia nf Pain Balm wis worth |5 if it 
[Mfild not be had for leaf. For sale at 50 
ypRts per bottle by .1 James Wood, 


I Is absolutely reliable, easily adjusted and 

.u.„-« of <fc» QlSj 
ised^hy'said e(» 


• • >«wr»!»c . loan-as to the CHy of M^rtlla, 


rutac rtaMitlee Ant violation Thereof. 

Ike Board of 
. That ■!> it- 
nse tax Is Im 

ixplre on the thirty- 
the year In which 
name are lulled. 

Section 8. —On any lloenae, for which an an- 
nual lloense lax la Imposed, which may lie is- 

• ued after the first day of January In 

»car. there Khali be collected a license lax 
portioned to the time said license has to . 
counting rrom the first day or the month In 
which saaie I- issued In tin' close ol the thirty 
fir«t day of December follow las'. 

Beetlon 8.- Lleenaes granted by tbe oily shall 
HO« confer any authority u> engage In the 1 — *- 
ness, or sell the article named In the Ue 
on Sunday, or any other day r.irblddeu bj 

Section 4,- All license* la aald city Shi 
ls-usd by tbe Mayor. The applicant ror any 
llceuse.esoepi what In known as a dog lloenae, 
shall pay to the Mayor a fee of fifty oents 
Issuing same, and a further fee of fifty oe 
for taking bond of tbe licensee, when a bond 
la required by law. These free shall be In ed- 
dlliou to the license tax required on mr" " 

Section S -Before the Mayor shall lssu< 

license, oiher than dog license, the appl 

shall produce and file with him a cert'fleaie 
from theCllyi'lork to the effect that Said S1>- 
plloant has j to eai and filed with the said 
Clerk a rec\ from the Tlty Treasurer show- 
It, ir that the applicant hat paid Into t eC'liy 
Treasury ' he •iinounl of tar on license m|M>Ii»''I 
for; and provide.) further, that the Mar- 
shall not issue any license the granting 

I the Hoard of 0 

ami m 


upon which putrefaction depends. We guar- 
anty e "The Ladies' Safe Absorber." It will be 
sent securely sealed In plain wrapper, upon 
receipt of the price, SO cents, or three for 81. 


Sect loo 1 — B< if ..rtj tinrd liu . . 
CbaMafa/lhsl ft* of Uayrn ill; That no person 

shan be entitled to 

Mavavllle who ahull n 

t gain 

pin alleys and 'shooting galleries, ho, I tor the 
retailing nf spirit u. us ci nous ,,r malt liquors - 
that Is to aay in inantlttca ot lesa than five 
gallons— 111 the city or Mayavllle, shall bo 
granted only by the Hoard ot Council, n t Its 
dts. reti >n. 

Section T.-No barroom license, merchants' 
reisll liquor license, no,- licence to keepers of 
billiard, pool or pigeon-hole tables, icnpln 
alli<>soraho ding-gallcrlcs. shall be grsntatile, 
except on ^a written application ^jo youncll. 

of'his place ot business and containing a re- 
such license, signed by a majority of the 
whole number nl housekeepers residing, store- 
keepers and others doing buslnoss and owners 
of vacant tenements and other buildings and 
unimproved lots on both sides of the street on 
the square and opposite square where appli- 
oant seeks license. The Trustees or other 

f>n>pcr Ulcers ot churches, wins. Is noil oilier 
nstitutlons within the limits aforesaid may 
sign or refuse to sign suoh recommendation, 
and shall be counted accordingly. 

Seotlon s -Any license named In the forego- 
ing section which shall have been duly 
granted, and for which the lloenae tax has 
been paid, msy, by consent of Council, be 
transferred for the unexpired term to a per- 
son or place otber thaa named In the license, 
provided that no such transier shall be made 
exoept on a petition to tbe Board of Council 
complying with all the requirements for the 
original granting of sticb license. If the 
Council grant tho transfer, the Mayor shall 
orirtnal license accordingly 

of fifty cent, 
the transfer ..- , 
than named In the original license, then the 
transferee shall execute a bond similar to 
that required of the original licensee before 
such transfer Is made. 

Seotlon ».-lle it further ordained. That li- 
censes be required or auctioneers, and that a 
license tax be Imposed on auctioneers and 
auction sales ss follows: 

For auctioneers, per year, five dollars. ... 85 00 
On auction sale, the license tax shall be a 
peroent. of tbegrosa amount of aales as lol- 

d Jewelry, five per 

On wstches i 

On drygoods, two per cent . . . 
On groceries, one and a hall 

other personally, illvc s 
exempted,) one percent. 
On real estate, one-half of one per 

Anv person who shall sell, or attempt 
any property, real or personal, at pulil.^ 
tlo i In the city oi Maisnilo without tlrat hav- 
ing Obtalneil Hit llllcl lotleer s license Iron, the 

city, shall be fined not less ttisn five nor more 
than fifty dollars tor each offense. Nothing 

per ei 

auctioneer making such 
sales, and by him be collected from the owner 
of the property sold at auction, or person ror 
whom tbe sale Is made. And all auction- 
eers licensed by tbe city shall Ite liable to the 
"ty ror the license tax on all auction hnIi-s 
aile ">y them, whether such tax lie collected 
r them or not. Every licensed auc loneor 
isll make a written report to Council at tlie 
rst meeting night In the months or April, 
ilv. on,, :„. r an( j January of auction 
■4a by htm during the preceding qa 

•■■a* therefor. Any 

" nvedTiCstr 
^..-ant for a dog II- shall par to the Mayor an annual lloeas- 
fee of one dollar Tor eaob dog to be ilocuaed, 

and the Mayor sua live, to him a metal 

check, numbered, with the words "Taxnald. 
MaysTlllo, Ky.." and the year of Its Issuance 
stamped or Impressed upon It. Said check 

irely attached to a collar of soma 

«rlal. to be provided by the 

or keeper and worn by the dog 

while running at large In said city. The Mayor 
shall also deliver to said applicant a oertlfir— 
dated and numbered to correspond with 

— ..i correspond with the 
check, giving the name and residence of the 


of the dog so licensed. A copy of said certifi- 
cate nhall be kept by the Mayor That out of 
everv dollar received for dog licenses the 
Manor shall retain twenty five (&) oents for bis 
services, and shall pay tbe remainder Into the 
Clty^Treasury and make due 

th f4eo^^l? f --^^ orda 

year, thirty doll 
On each fire Insurance agent or solicitor, 
for each company represented, per 

year, thirty dollars 80 00 

On each agent or person soliciting plate 
glass Insurance, for each company rep- 
resented, per year, twenty dollars SO 00 

On each agent or person soliciting acci- 
dent Insurance (covering tmdiu inj u - 
rles.) for each company 1 1 presented. 

per \ ear. twenty dollars ... WOO 

On each agent for or persons soliciting 
- -nd or tornado Insurance per t ear, In 
1 of all companies reprrsenied. ten 

liars 10 00 

iy person who sball. In said city, writ 
policies ot Insurance or solicit Insurance or I 
any manner act as an event for the writing t 
placing of Insurance without first obtaining 
license under this seotlon so authorising, shall 
t,e fined not lesa than ten nor more than thirty 
dollars lor each offense; provided, That no li- 
ise shall be required of representatives of 
y secret or fraternal society, lodge 
which Is under the superv ' 

supreme body, and Set - 

■ough the lodge system exclusively, and 
js no commissions nor employs any 

r councils. 

Section b* - Be It further ordslned. That Il- 
euses be req ilred and a license tax Imptr -' 
on exhibitions, plays, concerts, lectures, ... 
0U8OS. menageries, merry-go-mumls and other 
entertainments or amusements where com 
sensation Is charged to witness or partlclpatt 
herein, and when exhibited, given uroperatet 
.n the olty of Mayavllle, < )r within one-bal 
in lent the limits thereof, a* toll.ovs: 

menageries, or both oom- 


,flf?y Jot- 
On other exhibitions undei canvas, per 
dav. one or more exhibitions, fifteen 


On concerts, operas, lectures, plays or 

is charged, not given 

tho city, as follows : 

For each lecture, three dollars 

1' or op, i ns, concerts, plays, dramstlonr 
musical recitations, minstrel or other 

mission fee of twenty-five cents or 
more is charge I, per day. one or more 

exhibitions, ten dollars 10 00 

or same, where a neneral admission 
fee of less thsn twentv-five cents Is 
charged, per dav. one or more exhlbl- 
tlona, five dollars 

On opera-house, public halls or other 
public places of amusement paying 
an annual license tax for sll exhibi- 
tions anu entertainments therein. In 
lieu ol the special license t«\ above 
provided for the amount of said an 
nual license tax shall be one hundred 


>ri public da nee Im uses, where admis- 
sion Is charged or pay requited for 
the privilege of dancing, the annual 
license tax shall be twenty dollars. .. 31 00 

On dances, where adrniss s charged 

dsy. ti 

he same time file witn sal 
e from the City Clerk sho 
I to the City Treasurer tl 

wtal m notice 
by a pot-oe i 
thereof be returned 
sball report same to 
it sball be made a matter of 
le person so notified c 
>e In said olty so as to 

i notice shall be served upon such p 
pot-oe officer of tbe city, and a oopy 

'iimsd by him to the Mayor, who 

isse to the Hoard of Council, and 

I, after 
a public 

is to provide means to enable any pawner 
_ -Jwve the city, they shall have the right to 
charge tbe city with the sum needed, not to 
exceed five dollars to any — 

lounoll November Joth, 1*4*. 

C t. Baoeaa, City Clerk 

Dr. W. 8. YAZELL, 

Physician and 

(*to>« a.a 

.urs I'JtoSp.e 
( 8to 10 p. a 


4 noRXKr* » i i. a sr. 
ooorr STHBKT 

MAt.tV 11. LK, XT 

re! "«BaV 

ii ring tbe preceding quarter. 
Any licensed auctioneer who 
like reports im'i uncll as ator 
fined not exoeeding ten do lars f 

granted an suctloneer's license by the Hoard 
ot Council shall. I, . fore Mich license Is issued 
to him by tbe Mayor, execute before the Mayor 
a bond to the cliyof Marsville in the penal 
sum of one thousand dollars, with one Of more 
food and aufltelent sureties, residents or - 
ate, conditioned that said auct loin ei will 
to the City Treasury i be license tax roqtil 
• the laws and ordinances of the oily or 
iction sales made by bltn within th 
ontbs after making such sales, and fort 
ndltloned thai he will faithfully com 
tb all the laws and ordinances ot the i 
Istlug to auctioneers, and that bewlll pa 
oh and every person sny and all da 
„js which such per-on may sustain by re a 
of any deceit or rratid practiced by blm as 

'oneer, or any neglect or failure to 

any money which may come Into 
> by reason of sales made by hi m as a 

alleys and shooting galleries in tbe c 
MaysTllle, and that a license tax there.,,. 
I in posed as follows : 

For one billiard taale, per year, tw,nty- 
flve dollars. ft! 

For eaob additional table, per year, 
twenty dollars H 

P °/„ ?.™ P0 °' Ub,e ' P ° r „ 



For one pigeon-bole tsble, per year, 

twenty-five dollars 

For each additional table, per year, 

ten dollars 10 00. 

r»r eaob bowl 

teupln alley, per year, fifty dol- 


F ?.rT h 

For each shooting gallery, per year, 

hundred dollars. loo 00 

Any person who shall keep or run la the 
city of Maysvllle any billiard, pool or pigeon- 
la charged a 

rectly or Indirectly for playing thereon, and 
any person who shall, for otfmpensetloo. keep 
or conduct any shooting gallery, bowling 
alley or tenpln alley without first obtaining 
a lloenae so aut horning, shall be fined not lege 
thaa ten nor more thai fifty dollars. 
Seotlon 13. -Mo Ueanse shall bo granted for 

or malt liquors arc sold. 

Aeetion it.— All licensed rooms, or places 
where billiard, pool or pigeon hole tables, 
bowling or tenpln alleys or shooting galleries 
are kept, shall be eloaed «, it . clock midnight 
- u - -ipeaed until 1 o'clock - - 


Her or shooting gallery ft) 

■ Jg charged, tor each rink. 
Same! per weekVten dollars . '. 10 ! 

Sllllic. per mouth, tw enty , tonus SO I 

Any person who shall give, hold or oondin 
any exhibition, entertainment or atnuseroen 
or do any act within the limbs aforesaid f< 
w'llch a license la required t.y this seotlc 

without II rat obtaining a I nse so autborl 

Ing, shall he fl.ied not less iloin five nor uioi 
tliau titty dollars. 

Section IS.-Ile It further ordained. That 1 

liquors In the cit'y or" Mai s\ il V'shah 'be 1 '? 
quired, and a license tax t hereon be Imposed 

On wholesale dealers, in any or all ot 
such liquors, not to sell 111 quantities of 
less than five gallons, per year, fifty 

Koreoudiletllig ur carrying on mi agency 

for the wholesaling of any or all of said 
liquors, not t,, sell In uuantiiie. ol less 
than five galloos, per year, fifty dol- 

required of 
Hut this ex- 
i conducting 

>• Inch Iti.-v ics. he hcen-cl i . 
tle ir respective places of bus 
censed without being rvqulred i 
license or to pay the license is 
wholesale dealers as aforesaid 
eruption shall not apply to p. rs< 
oi . arrying on an agency for tl 
of any of said liquors. 
Bor barroom lloense.wblch shall author- 
ise tbe sale of spirituous, vinous and 
mall liquors, all or any. In any quan- 
tity, to be drank on tbe premises whore 
sold or elsewhere, there shall be Im- 
posed an annual license tax of three 

hundred dollars kit 

[gists' liquor license, which 
— bona fide 

. 1 ... tor. en- 

1 In food faith In the drug busl- 
to retail at his drugstore splrllu- 
- " uors In quantities 
" <r medloal pur- 
draek on tbs 
sell in 
only on 

or druggists' liquor I 
sball only be granted li 


Ibe premises where sold, the 

A^J!o"n.' , *fo 
ihafl be made to 

carrying on a 
otber thaa tbe r 
vinous or mal" 
plaoe of buslo 

tbsn a quart, t 

Any person _, 
tbe olty of Mayavllle so authorising, sell 

hundted and 

i mm 

oeuaa from 

barter any spirituous, 
at retail therein. In quantities of lest than 
five gallons, sball be fined opt less than tmatity 
nor more than one hundred dollars MP each 
offense. And any person licensed by said city 
for the rstalbof ofany suoh liquor, who shall 
sell or barter tbe same exeept In pursuance of 
his license and In oouforuitty to the privileges 
thereby granted, shall be toed not — 

has obtained from tbe Boa d 

Coenell nf tbe olty of Mayavllle a II- 

ise to sell at retail thereunder SawOC, 
w wa. the said A B. and 0. D , bis surety, 

d ourselves unto the olty of dayavllla fn 

of the olty 
the selling of splrltous. vinous and 
quora therein, or shall sell or five any 

quor to a minor or Inebriate, In violation of 
the ordinances of said dty or the laws of Ken 
lucky, or sball suffer any unlawiul gaming on 
the premises where licensed to sell, or wil- 
fully suffor or permit anv riotous or disorderly 
behavior on aald premises, then this bond 
shsll at Onoe become enforceable, but otber 

liy of Maysville. 

2 horse wagon, 

Seotlon 23 — O n each license to si 
ous, vinous or malt liquors at retail 
of Maysvllle. granted under the lawi 

0 ^en. h oet?^e. ,h A^. 8h - ,lh 
this license, ar 

law'and" subject" to "tho power" g U ... . 
Board of Council, undor the oharter of fourth 
class cities, to suspend or rovoke same." 

Section '4 -He It further ordained, That .. 
censes be required of peddlers In the olty of 
Maysvllle, and a license mx thereon be It 

On Itinerant persons who take up a tem- 
porary residence In said city under col- 
or of bona fide merchants to dispose of 
their foods, wares and merchandise, 
whether selling same at auct Ion or oth- 
erwise, per day, five dollars ... 15 CO 

For eaob person peddling goods, wares or 
merchandise, (other than gasoline and 
Illuminating oils.) from 1-hurse wagon, 

per day, four dollars... 

For same, peddling from a 2 

per day, five dollars 

"or each Itinerant fool peddler, carrying 
a stock less thsn twenty-five dollars In 

value, per day, two dollars 

For ssme. carrying a stock of value of 
twenty-five dollars or more, per dsy, 

three dol lars 

Any person falling to take out license ai 
quired by the provisions of this section s _ 
no fined not less than five nor more than Olty 
dollars, provided that no lloenae shall be re- 
quired of farmers, gardeners or dairymen 

selling, by themselves or r • 

if their farms, g ardens o 
loense be required of persons selling bonks, 

lewspspeis. pamphlets or perl 

rom persons selling by sample. 
Section 25.— The Mayor shall not Issue any 
jieddlers' lloense exoept to a citizen of tbe 
United Statos. nor unless be be satisfied that 
tho applicant Is a person of good moral char- 
acter, nor for the sale of any article Injurious 
to the public health or morals. 

Seotlon 3d. -He It further ordained. That It 
shsll be unlawful for any person who by the 
statute law of Kentucky Is declared to be a 
pawnbroker to engage In or do any business 
-1 suoh in the city of M aysvillo without first ob- 
Inlnr a lloense from said olty so suthoriilng, 
_Jd any person so offending shall be fined 
less thsn twenty nor more tbaa one bund 

Seotlon 2T.— The annual license tax on s — 
pawnbrokers shall beone hundred dollars. and 
license to pawnbrokers shsll only be granted 
by the Hoard of Council at Its discretion, and 
sball not be Issued until applicant, in addltia 

» pavtaf the license tax, has executed ar 

ounoll approved the b ind required by Clia 

Br HB, Kentucky Statutes. 
Section 2.s -He It further ordained, That 

hall be unlawful for any person to ko o fc. 

Br sale or In store In the city or Maysvllle 
petroleum, earth or rock oil. or any oil or like 

volatility. In quantities ex, Img five barrels 

or two hundred and fifty gallons, without a 
license so authorizing. Any person ■<) offend 
mg sball. on conviction thereof, be fined — 
has Iban ton nor more than fifty dollars 
each offense. That the license tax required or 
persons who keep or Here petroleum and 


led i 

in ph. 

provided wt._ _ 

— Bptacle below the surface nf I 
r such other reoep ac!e above i 
may be deemed sate and approt 
nm ttee on Fire Department of 1 
Council. The outer wall of all such 
„ ... je of stone, brick and mortar or In 
especial y adapt dj for the purpose, snd ... 
c in-tructed as to pi event the overflow of such 
substances beyond Hie pionnsea where kept 

-* " lo a !„,„-,., .,- budding It should 

ed as a dwelling nor be within 
• '- qilng. unless separated 

a wall of hrlck oi 

herefrom h< 
"Norsn.lfs 1 ! 

npuonot his premises to be u-ed for keep- 
ig and stori 'g such oil, accompanied bv a 
-— bf the Committee on I'.re 

constructed and arranged 

r for tbe safe ket 

state „ 

bo kept or stored in such storehouse or reeep- 

freof BOll 

tirty gallons, In any pine. ..the 
. house or iceeptaclc named li 
r In greater quantity than pot 
ise, shall upon convict lot 
it exceeding titty dollar 

Seotlon at —lie It further ordained, That II 
oense sball be required for the business or 
selling gasoline, ooaloil or otber Illuminating 
nils from a tank wagon or other vehicle so run 
In the olty of Maysvllle, and whether suoh 
elllng beat wholesale or retail, to merchants 
r consumers, the lloense tax on such business 
hall be fixed as follows: 
or the privilege of selling from a one 
horse tank wagon or other vehicle eo 
run In said business, per year, fifty 

dollars • 

For selling from a two-horee tank wafou 
— other vehicle so used, wagons of 

greater site In 
ty-flve dollars 
Any person violating this section by fslilnir 

Section M 

It further ordained. That 
J '-r all vehicles plyi 
as oarrlers of pi 


Ude ail 

ido from tbetu or other compensation, run 
id vehicles to deliver the foods purchased 
any part of olty. The annual lloense tat 
suobi I censes spall be as follows i 

For each carriage, cart, hack or hackney 
00Mb. per year, three dolls • ....IS 00 

For each dray or cart, three dol lata. 3 08 

hauling aay load 
exoept that not i> 
may I* oharged 

ukunehoid effects. 

Bach applicant for lloense under tbls section 
..jail execute before tbe Mayor a bond to the 
city of Maysvllle. with approved surety, lo 
the son of one hundred dollars, conditioned 
that the licensee will pay all damages " 
may arise 

i^mWrnSt, TOM 

baggage or other articles that may be dellv 
ered on said wharf boat for storage or shall bo 
landed at night and notlmmedla ely removed. 
And tbe said keepers or their agents shall 

freely permit all 

wharfkoat to and 
water craft which may 
and reoelv 

other waterTt 

for every offense, 
lieuever freight, baggage 
lauded from boats In the 
immediately removed, or when 
such artistes are left upon said wharfboat. 
under the care of the keeper, for storage or 
for delivery to the boats, merchants or otber 
persons, the following (and so higher) rates 
shall be charged: For ihs care, ouatodn snd 
storage of drygoods, hsrdware, quoensware in 
casks and general merchandise, ror any period 
not more than twenty-four hours, st the rate 
of thirty-five cents per ton. and for any period 
longer, twenty cents for each twenty-four 
hours. For groceries, vis., sugar by hogshead, 
10 oents ror twenty-four hours; molasses h «' 
the barrel, 1 o «nts for twenty-four hours: < 
fee by the sack, in quantities of more than 
sacks, 1', cents per sack, and ted a*"k« • 
under, 2 cents ner saok; flour by tbe 

m amendatory inert 
and this ordinance la 


What the Great Steel Highways 
Offer to Traveler.. 

ier sacs; nour oy i 
ler ten barrels. 3 ___ 
whisky by the barrel, 3 oents; clover i 

->6ds generally by the barrel, . „ 

"lit barrels of dry freight, Includ- 
:ents each m quantities of more 

Powdor shall 

stored on sny 

from steamboats In 

the night, and then shall be removed at day- 
light; when so received In kegs In qusntltles 
over ten kegs tbe rate of charge shall bo 3 
cents per keg. and for ten kegs or less, 5 oentr 
"-- -in, a cents per ton of 2,000 pounds 
rates and Ironware. 30 cents per ton 

— ._ casks, 6 oents 

10 cents per 

6 oents per cask; when loose, 
il hemp In bales. 30 cents per 
inds: when loose 40 oents per 

i, Intrusted .. . 

. cuts each ; all baggage 
owner or bis agent, and 

queenaware In orates, at the rate of 80 cents 
per ton: tar In kefa. one-balf cent per keg; 
wheelbarrows, 2 oents each; smsll packages. 

the care of the keeper, 5 
■ " — }m panted by tbe 
delivered to the 
-opt on said boat 
longer than three houre, shall not be oharged, 
K — baggage Intrusted to his care shall pay 10 
la ror eaob piece. All otber articles not 

mersted above shall be oharged at rates 

corresponding with the articles to which they 
are analogous. Tbe foregoing rates, except 
the first enumerated, shall be charged for the 
first twenty-four hours and half aald rates for 
each subsequent twenty-four hours. Mer- 
chandise aaa other articles landed on Saturday 
night, and detained over Sunday for want of 
fac Miles of removal, shall not be charged for 
more than one day If taken away on Monday. 

Section 115 -It shall betbedutyot the keep- 
ers of wharfbnats to keep posted up at some 
conspicuous plaoe on each wharfboat a print- 
ed copy of the rates of charges specified In tho 

ilng section for tbe storage or freights; 

the keeper of a wharfboat shall at any 
emand and collect a higher sum than 
rlxed In the foregoing seotlon, or snail 
refuse to deliver any freight, baggaae or other 
ole until a higher sum Is paid, or sball de 
id and receive any sum not allowed, under 
pretext of charge for the reception ,. r de 
ry of freight, bsggage or other articles, he 

1 bo fined not leaa tban twenty nor more 

than fifty dollars. 
Seotlon 3H.— Any person keeping a whsrf boat 
t sn< of ihe river grades or landings of the 
Ity, without first obtaining a license from the 
Itjy, shall be fl.ied not exceedlug one hundred 

Section :n -He It further ordslned, That II- 
_rnses shall be further required In the olty of 
Maysvllle, and tbe liuonse tax thereon be im- 
posed as follows: 

On astrologers, neemmancers. clalrvny. 
"nts and lortune tellers, per day, five 

illara i SHOO 

posters, per year, fir- J 

.use-. public. 


c-onduot, per year, 

ten dollar.. 10 00 

lowie-knives, slungshots. brass knucks 
and dirk knives, all or any. to sell, per 

year, arty dollar* 50 00 

Irokers, mot to procure or plaoe Insur- 
ano for compensation.! per year, ten 

dollars .'. 10 00 

Cigarettes, to sell, per year, twenty dol- ^ ^ 

"latlng-houses, and bouses furnishing 
lunches tor eoniiiensat Ion. to conduct. 

per year, ten dollars 10 00 

Fish mongers, per year, five dollars .... 6 00 
Hotels, to conduct, per year, ten dollars 10 00 

Junkshops, per year, ten dollars 10 00 

Laundries, (steam,) lo conduct, per year, 

twenty dollars SO 00 

Agon's or same, for each laundry repre- 
sented, per year, twenty dollars 80 00 

Livery stables, to keep, per year, twenty- 
fire dollars 25 00 

Lunohes or refreshments, to sell ou the ' 
or highways of tbe city, per 

year, five dollar 

conduct, per year, ten 

for breeding purposes, 

Srsssl Rmtfm to Atlanta. 

To bonaflde students and teachers of schools, 
colleges and universities, traveling In parties 
of twenty-five or more, tbe Kentucky Midland 
will sell tickets to Atlanta and return at SS SO 
per capita from Frankfort and S3 40 from 
Parte. C. D. Beroaw. 0. P. A. 


nth. 1806. and to points In Alabama, Ken- ' 
tuoky, Louisiana. Mississippi. North Carolina 
and Tennessee on December lOtb-Uth, 1886, at 

ne fare for the round trip, plus Si. Forpar- 

oulars see C. and O. agent*. 

Cotton 9tat n ana 

*f International M 

Atlanta, ««*., 

following rat 

Ten-day tickets on sale Tuesday and Thurs- 
day of each week. Ill 40; twenty-day tickets 
ale dally. Sit TO; tickets food returning 
up to January 7tb, 18SS, an 40. Tlokets will be 
sold September 18th t< 

i»snp Honxnaeekerm' Kjncurmtoni to 

November 13th, 27th ai 
ran Mountain Boute will have on sale round- 
trip exourslon tlokets from St. Louis to points 
■kanaaa, Texas and to Lake Charles, La., 
at rate of one fare, plus 82, for the round trip, 
final limit for return pssaagu D 
Stopovers will be allowed at pleasure oi 
trip for Inspection of lands. P 

or ino rcuua inp, 
pj December 31... 
pleasure on going 
For map*. time- 

To Mr •/ Hlmtofioal We.rir.. 

A select party for a grand tour of all 
oxlon. "The I s wo or the New World." will 
leave Clneinnsll Tuesday nioml g, January 
train of Puli- 
ng and Diding 
Cars will be used throng bout the entire trip of 
Special Innovations, suoh a* 

tluf i 

■ tor I 

morning newspaper printed on board the 
, etc Everything Dial-class. An op- 
portunity seldom offered to visit Mexico 
under suoh favorable auspices. Tbe oust of 
otfre trip from Cincinnati Mil 85; fapm 
St. Louis S208 Mi. For descriptive pamphleta. 
map folders. Itinerary 'and full particulars, 
ids N. K. Warwlok, Agent Iron Mountain 
9,817 Vine street. Cincinnati, O 

T hanksgiving 

J- TO im UIMT 

overnmeuU per year, thirty dollars 
ay person who aball engage In or do 

any artlo'le 

required by tbls 

from tbe oil; 

1 by tbls aeotlou, without a lloenae 
te olty so authorizing, shsll be fined 
tban five nor more than fifty dollars. 
Section BO -Be It further ordained. That 
cense sball bo required of and a lloense ta_ 
Imposed upon the proprietor or keeper of 
platform scales, used for weighing stock, 
rraln, ooal or other commodities In tbe city of 
4aysvlllo as follows: 

For keeping scales located upon private 
property where weighing is done for 
compensation or reward, per year, ten 

Millars S10 00 

For keeping sosles located upon any 
street or other publlo plaoe of tbe olty. 
whether ror compensation or reward 
or not, per year, twenty-five do lars. to 00 
Any person convicted of keeping anv suoh 
»les in the city or MaMvllie without a d- 
euse shsll be fined not less thsn ten dollars 
onr more tban thirty dollars. 
That it snail be unlawful for any person 
root platform scale, upon any street, slley 
iher publlo place In the olty of Maysvll 
-ithout a permit granted by tne Board of 
Council and Issued by the Mayor. Tbe appil- 
aant for „och i>ermlt abaU designate the plaoe 
where be proposes to erect suu'n eoales, — 
the erection of same shall be uqder Ibe st 
vision of the Committee on Internal Ira pi 
menis or said Hoard of Council. The a 
(ball be erected is suoh a manner sud at 
a place as will leas' Interfere with the oc_. - 
nlence of the publlo. Bald permit aball be 


rde^or, ttkS* the prowrletor or keeper will re- 

same upon suob order, and that in tbe 

of Ihe removal of euoh scales, either by 
of ihe Board of Counoll or by tbe pro- 
— ' ntarlly 

. — I »■ 

keeper ahall replace tbe street 

iSar- — 


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