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Full text of "The Kentucke gazette: 1787-10-13"

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Numb. X,) 

T It 8 

K E N T U C K E G A 

E T T E. 


Mr. PptNTRB, 

THIS wUlbethelbfl adJrefsWrh which T Mtmu 
bit the public in the tharacl kt which I have ajjh» 
wd inthej'e papers 1 did not affume it from t> love of 
change nor will I refign it frm a fear of perfeveritig, 
The tatfl exceptionable th'ng I have/en in the coniitiS of 
vty opponents, is an inclinationwhich they have betrayed 
■ todeny utthe freedom of the pre/ whichis dangerous td 
monebut ufur;*rs. and wh : ch ttfurpers alone w'llrefufe 
to mankind, I had dene with the dangerous task of re' 
mmtlrating ft intiftiy upon the conduct and principles 
tf the great; and my onh motive for entering upon it 
was that my countrymen fboutd ntl remain bl lid to their 

difitneuilhed merit. My intention tna tmmtdUatl%tt 

inter into the merits of the cau/e and cc tfine myftlf i* 
reafening alone. My adverj'aries fhewed fuch expertnefi 
in that art of cookery, which' d'ye u tdcrfta:d) ttnfijis i 1 
making a great meal out of a little meat; tint I w.ste- 
Jolved to fit before them n m*ee plentiful d <jb of f rah tAa- 
terials. The f.rft object s of my alteithn w-re to be the 
telebrated minutes of cor vent ion which the Kc >tvckean 
has exulted in, b.cnujtthey wire chiefly the children of 
his own brain. I had prepare:! matter Jiljfuicnt to fill 
ten columns of the public papers ; ana a< terdint to the 
Jbrfl J'pecimens of reply, Ifbauldhavt been amwerel in fiol 
Jf therefore 10 words of a Juppvjttion concerning canni- 
dates for offset produce 20 Hies of laboured reproof; wh t 
an ocean of Writing would have overwhelmed the pub- 
lic f Happily for its all, therefore tf the U'l ronven- 
Htntionmay have put antndto thee* ttovetjy The gen- 
tleman who tpptfed thejeparai tn did great juilice to tin 
tauj'e, anadt/erves our public aikitowedgements, vhatc- 
ver may have beet his private fentin'nts. 0 le of the 
fundamental pr'nc'pies of jociety it that the m-itrity 
Wi'.ift govern. For this rtajoli only. We who hire <.ur 
/ears ft ill remaining, for the cmijeque tea of the late mea' 
Jvre.t, mi l q::iet thojefeor- aS Will as we ate nine, a d 
y.ayf Goato avert the evi swhch we apprehend. The 
friends of a Jeparalion have two confidirations It M dtrtut 
their triumph, If the Amer'xan Congrej's fbail »«• 
fvfe tt admit as at aji,.arate jinte i;.to thr On jeiierai% 
%<e pall then change cur Jituatif: w'ih rejpett to the late 
que/lion and iheminor'tywillhe celled u 4 ttt to exert all 
their ftrength in oppofition to thnfe who are now the majo- 
rity. Or if upon the eftabl'.fbmev.l of the new Govern- 
ment, the inter efts of the pea, ttjififioi tjf equally guard* 
id by tht BUI of Rights, and duly provided for in thi 
€onilitut : ona d laws which tie It take place the d'jeon- 
tents which ought now tejubfidt bill Ogasu be revived and 
the fiteamsof peputtritymny e.terthe : r coutje. For my 
awn part when I feel my Jeff or my country opprtffed I 
mujl wd win complain ; when tbsje motives c toft to o;pe 
rate, my rcjettm; t falls and my tbnintt necellsriiy 
changes. Some may be provided with more i ftevibie' 
d'jpojitions, and be able topurjut one cturje of ailiot 
without regard to the circuit fta ces and interejh of o- 
thcrs; but evry man mujl follow and fttfport his owt 
principles. 1 have been dijplrtytd With en erprejjioil 
which has drop; td front the pen of a writer for the je;a- 
ration and hi; been twice mentioned by a y-ovecrtw. fpeA- 
«r tn convention who has been a Cluirtian leather 
« I.egiflator end a judge. They have publicly < ojftttt 
ed that inte ell governs all. This is too g*tji aii ex- 
frejfionfor aman of pure intentions. It JUggefts a<l 
idea that the agerte^meattH^jitJiip-fome acl V» wh'th 
•titers might attribute t« avarice. &> debauchi s might 
light their ajfauits UpsfQemdh-chaftitybyajjerting ;he 
mniverjal dominion of It. ft. It is pamrMcmn u ;a- 
lie for accurtef of pojularity to extol the power uf in- 
teieft. Jt might teadjomcbyftandcrs to, ay, ' tjtss.vtat 
mtay expeB that we flu: I r.?i ie.ig rati.: the h>vcoi*i bcr- 
ty, whichjome Jay we have and others that we have •!</»» 
Jf intcieft gove nsall we may as leo liiy fell out puvi* 
3eges to our ru.ers as tt.'.er people have dons. They 
have only to treat at an tleStien in fuch a manner as to e- 
wade a foolifb law and dijpenci a few cheap favours a- 
tnong their needy neighbors and pur rotes will berat the 
dijpofal of ow benefactors. When* few have Undtr-tki 
Jacted guidance o/inteicft trtmpUdon the rJghtsof the 
fetple : one great man will by thejame divine imj uife jup- 
ftcjs his competitors, and we Jball the 1 bask under the 
Junfl}ins«f monarchy; when the infidel mat laugh at re- 
iigion and in hit the poor without any danger to In p.o- 
« fuiarity; where fortune hunting is the duty of every 
man, and bribery the official employment of the rich; 
' ,mnd where knavery and prudence, power a' d virtue are 
I Jyntnimeus terms. Then the moft ohjlinate Republican 
j) tvill be reducedbythe fincerc piufcflions cf the peat, 
I mid the moft dangerous writer can bs flattered or bought 

into filenrl !" If this maxim were e'nee efiablifbtd, eve- 
ry idea of virtue and patr:t,l : Jm would be dejlroyed;, and 
the criminal llciie thief would bt placed on 1 he fame foot ■ 
tngwUhthi judge Wh condemns him to the gallow*.--- 
I am particularly furry that I ha's eff ended a pencil who 
tits i-ipnved mi White gravity jta father, andwhe may 
ju i.y be coil c o us of In i ^ own capacity for foine branch 
of public buhYefs 1 make nt diiibt of his being defit- 
ous of doing liimfclf* as well as 4ts country an eireiitial 
fervke in foine ofSCC td the' 06ft of his abilities. / 
havtttbmuthfitnji to Juppofc that he will becondemn* 
cd for tvei to ete nnl ii'cncc With fuch qualifications 
f. J f peaking iihe ltptffiffld if. However his dilemna 
fa a candidate has reduced me to very dijogreable cir- 
cumftancet. For ihe Conve-tien have deprived me of all 
/:>, e f >um the Government af Virginia: dndit Is imp offl- 
ine, he fay.', to hapt from the government of Ktntnck; 
b-cattje it is not in e 'Heme. Being therefore without 
Mop! I a it of all ne tth ' mat mifefibli) tet [cheerfully 
Jtibjcr'ibe lot his c<Tcnl:i\ truth, that whoever calls in out- . 
fiie-n h'sabUitiet to prevent hi$ countrymen I'rcm be- 
ing m dei is an i'lfcller of the pub! c prints; Titus t 
hope I have tbptnfed the tefentment of a new coiner, 
who could not have time td advance into the thickefl of the 
Bm e!-' fiiit I fbnild mve beet obliged to turn a mart 
partictilat attention ta antiber quarter The Rentu<kdar} 
whi rejolved to font my e nln chmenls by a coup dc vr.r. n. 
tie has been long aimingloijftri all the glory ofthejepa- 
ralion to h'mjelf, and neihiiig could be done without him. 
He mud be'the OUthof of every motion: he mujljpeai 
two WOVds to every other UtaMJr one : he milfl draw up ( very 
tefoivt and frame every nddrejs; he mujl /bare in every 
quarrel and have a ha, din quelling every malezontcr.t\ 
He has been jo atl've in tmt political contention that I 
quejlien if he wiil be alle to jurvivt it. His jatrittie 
heat 1 will but ,1 with joy, and he will defend to the grave, 
covered with hoi;ot>rabic fears. S nee he is ptjfeffedof 
this wond rful talh.l to utrivt d'gnily from djgraee WW 
from ptejr t jtiffcHngs to draw the hopes of future re- 
wards. I fka.l tijethe jufl invitation which he has giv- 
en me. to offer rh» m.te to enlarge hisfiockofmer.t. As 
lie began his a tack with infinitely tejs ercuw.jpeciio'i 
than Hannibal. I could have maintained my grou -d 
withuut the abilities of Tab, us. But this plaguy Convert- 
titHhotlpOilei all. However, before I at this tll- 
cmquering Hero, Under who)' *hjec foid aiuhoiity / 
fh.iit fttfiyieldtlp the ghoft ; I rnvfifirft party the bhws 
Whkh he has aimed at my life, He has jaid that ' only 
a lew m.nionscf a bartictiiar call continue their attach 
tDent to mo ' As I never was and never will be attached 
to any men from interefted Uotivts it is impoffb e that 
\ a y jbould jeem attach.d io me for anyjuihrenjons. t 
have, th tx God, forv.e friends ir. K nttuke as Wtllas 
eijewherc. 'f hey are indeed of s pn tlculai cell becauji 
I have nothing to recommend iityjelf to the good, 
but a conjlanl defire to Jupjcrtthe reputation of an ho- 
nefl inffenjwe man. Since inch friends are jo rarely 
U be fou-d I iai affure his ttonoui that I would not 
exchange tik ejleemof ore of them for the hope ofalltht 
$Hftultucl which the new Government could give me. 1 1- 
atci I ca....ot jee Why he fboutd be jo angry with thofl 
few m niobs.unlijibehasawifb tojee wea forlorn ho|> 
lei's wretch upo 1 whom he could like a favage conquer* 
er wretk his ver.gence w 'th mt the remonjlrances of pity. 
I have dared to av w a a 1 new openly aVOW that I was 
a,ig :er. a pro.noter, and had fome hand in the framing of 
the petition tfjeventy l ibaoitants the continu- 
a tee of the for. ner Convention. My reajons for juth 
condtt 1 this htart-f fare king politician has nii u.aderjtood. 
tf that Convention bad been continued under in aQ of Ay 
Jcmbiy, i- wcuid Lave been a dangerous precedent ot 
lyiaiiny and opprcllion. It would have been metamor- 
phojed 'from a r:pubiita'ior poj-u'.ar Afembly into a num- 
ber of inftruments u der the authority of a few. They 
would not then have been immediately accountable to the 
people, but to the Affemb y from whom they received 
their power. Bnt the Ajembly Were better skilled inre- 
pubiican principles thai to jet Jttch a dangerous exam- 
ple. 'The I .dividual who he fays will chajlife me as i 
dejerve, oncet)id ftirhonoijr, that what hejcidwssntt 
diWdys law H*r gofpel j and it [amort ified him that he i- 
ntagmts everybody mujl be frightened at his vuune. / 
ddviji his honour to leave every man to referit his own 
wrongs and to.rewembct that two to and is foul play. Ma- 
ny a great man's cenfeienct befid-s the Kentuckean s 
may check his rejentmer.t when he is told that he hath 
reaped whe.ehe bam not Ibwn and gathered where 
be hath not (hewed / have obferved that power is a 
mors uncertain tldi & in e popular Jlatt than riches winch 

tr'aVe 10 tbeniletyeS vipgs and aw. y I Isheflfon 
recommend it to his honour to ■confide* that the weak 
tb,n,s of tl is world sre oidar.ed to cfahfouijd 'lie 
things wliVh ate mighty. As this pafjoge of Jtripi 
tare is difficult to be underfiooi, I advice hishonot i 
torcfletr upbnttiarly ir ihe mornivg when themindir 
J'erene end undifturbedby the caics of this f 01 id and 
the dBceitfulhefs of riches, left in his comment he fy vli 
wafle more ink' in cOTreSting one paragraph than isj'uf- 
f.iient to write ten ! The betterto avoid this ir.converi- . 
er.n I weuld tornefily recommend :s his honour thi 
following medicine which 1 have experienced to be ef- 
fectual in mlyiwn caj'e. Take of true Chriflion meek- 
ne;s carefr.liy\f!>ed from dull bnfenfibitity me 
grain : of complajance without any mixture ofaffeBatit 
on, afcifple; of charity j'epalatc'd from all party attache fix grains: cf public jpirit eqfyto be known f r tiit 
office huntings It drachm: tf plain good fenfe' without 
any pedantry sa ounce. Digeft them half an ftntir twr 
a very gentle fire, in three pints if hmtfly : jtrd after 
ftratning the liquor, ttritka glbjs of it going iobed. Tbif 
hever fa : '.s to flill tM pcffttns, prtvei'.t the.-loji of i dee's,. 
v::d promotta clear efs of Opprebenjion: But 1 dm ten* 
ftile that many patients y fj\r the 'r diordi ts to gn w f.'/>* 
on l);cm, not knowing the danger they ore in. Lejlth:} 
mtiy be the rnje cf this im; liiizen I flmll with the 
great eft p hit.r.tjt of jj eech afjtire hm tf the jympttmi 
of hisdijotderi ad j he is not t'«firf/j demented, orbit 
ideas have Sett h ID hew' 11 take the dcj'e UWever difa- ' 
gree -ble. He has preftnied us with no left then ten :n<J'- 
r-frejentntions in his f.rft performance. At this J cti 
the iivre furprijed, as injome if tie cafes his honour 
ought to have been a good judge. His kjs clremcrAs 
br ante in thefe caj'esisa jreof ihat much politiml learn* 
ir.g hath made hm mad. His Hiijrtprejenpotibns inai 
I e found in thoje (affeges, where he ajjerts, that Iff 
Proteus 1 obtained leave to read bis written dedamatiov.S 
intheftrft Convention;' that ' lie ffcmdtd by 
an indiviuu I;' that 1 he '::is a candidate for the third 
ro venlion in tjn'coln County; that the people left hirib 
out through dijgufl at bis \ronenefs to feditioni that he 
thought hiflljetf Ihthled to the preference by his genu's 
and education, that he was again lrghly chogrii,cd; tbaf 
he ojpired to jut h'Melf at the head of the oHofttion j 
th.the reprejetteti that all tlie advocates for 'a jepcratiort 
Were men of Ariflbctnticat pr ir.cij les ; that neither ctt* 
ther nor promoter of the pet ; t:'or dared publicly to avovi 
it ; »//at it was introduced to favour the dijeharge cf a 
Votly of UngenetbUs refteUicns £?r. / humbly b'j-eth 
bis honour ro atteid to his evidence in /upper t of thefe 
c<,erft'—s. But if he is utterly at it lojs for proof I jvb* 
mil ilie following Syllogijm, which is io be printed in cat 
pitnls, left it fbould lain his eyes if he reeds it in hit 

Ali. good jubOES or sight and wkoKO will it/ 

I Am A GOOD JUDGE OF RIGHT and wrcnc. 

Therefore I have said the truth, the wirot.i 


^■"ffr affording J'o judicious a J'pecimen 0/ his abiii* 
ties in relating ihe hiftofy of bthtiri J intended toirve 
petitu ;:ed his honour to give us an acccunt of himfi tar 
in reply to twenty queftienswheh I was going lb ask for 
fear of mifrepicfetuation'. But J ft.mll conclude this 
a 'drejs 11 hi th may be as irkjm to him e. me, by the fr.l- 
lowingflory and advice ' A certain man had two jont 
and he /.id to the firft, Jon go and vert to day in my vine*, 
yard : and he f aid I willnot.-but cfterwards hereper.trav 
and went. He tame tolhe lecond jon a d /aid HU r. ije, 
an:l he jsid, I go Sir, I tit vent rot'. I leave the lorc.u* 
fton to his honou: and b-jecch him to'remember the/* 
wtrds. Judge not that thou be not judged ! As I ex- 
pe% no merry frommy enemies I fhaftprepare n\/tlfjor 
the moft tormenting execution; ami only upon this 
priviledge of a dying man in deflating with my leteft' 
breath that I am ft ill 

A riRClKiAN. 


Yor the PRESS 
And will be publillied, in convenient time 

A L Ivl A N A Q 

TOR £?«8j 9 



rrhis teimt to let you not that T w.w nw.Rrus gha 
S tofee-jourleiturin the news, for I hopt that 
ttiflur Catimi'cus would tell us all client Summenecun- 
dum^but Ifindehe dont think worth white to trubbli 
h'mfeifforfuchfoksaswe. Well nothanke, to him, I 
lti\e got my tunfttyJoWlsfide-, -for tether day J met our 
little pallet fl\fbonat the Noggin Weavers, and as hejeemd 
defpretty in love with his dnur I hated to mtrupi him, 
tut as I noe he is counted a gnat jenu and a mitygood 
file. Jo I made bo'.de to ox him, and he fed you was fool- 
ifiio write to Cathriiitisforlieis tooproudto take nolis 
of any bodie but Cunnels and Genrali or fumjuch great 
men; but in fed he would fend me a Book, and that he 
would might to explnne the fiibjtck if he was not too in- 
gagd fludyingfum things to cut the come of our upfiart 
jentr'e ami Ja've the onefi peple of&mtuk from rune. I 
could not be ea'ie before I red his book all oyer, an there is 
fa many hie ftone words thatjme a fraid I dant under/land 
tltefiory rite ; ft I fbvit offer to prent a\y thing about it, 
onlylhefefew lines gathered out of the beck itjef. Sim- 
mo locudom is tkemoflf.Mime of the four worfiip- 
ed with the mtfl profound adoration by the Si.vnefe, wdto, 
like all the other eaflem Indians, are much additicd to 
fuptrjlition. -About i^ooyears ago, they believe, t'mt 
hedefcendedtoth; kingdom of Siam to deliver tie people 
from inevitable definition: toe feci this, he took afli ide 
ever a Sea of more than a thoufand miles in width, 
and, by his almighty flrength, pew a moft tremendous 
monfter, which tthcrwife, inefew days would have de- 
voured aii the inhabitants of that kingdom; and having 
m:ide this unparalled d'fplay of his benevolence and pow- 
er, he efcended to the Nirupan or Sovereign degree of fe- 
licity, where he has attained the Super Superlative em- 
fire of the univerfe. I fend you this, beca'e I can not 
befo chnrlifbto keep any think I noe tomyfelf, and hop 
it will lie a great fattisfacttmntoyov. and many more of 
Miliar Bractfords Superjcribers. This from yourntiU 
-.. „ -,■ ■ ., i':r.e * 

Mr. Printer. 
T HAVE ever conceived aprint ; n£ P r efs free, and 
_I uniofluei ced, J lent you a piece and requefted 
you to pubUfli it as loon as convenient. Ji has not 
3'Ct appeared in your papers, and as I am cct.i.n fe- 
veralVic cs oflefs importance, that you havereceiv- 
fj;-.ce mine have been publifhed, 1 do net conceive 
1 merit fuch treatment, and therefore hope you will 
publifli it in your next, 1 am Sir, &c. 

Gentlemen who, through the medium of tills 
pre,'-, wifli to publifli any thing pc: fonal, m»ft either 
let their n;;mesto the; ieccor indemnify the Printer, 
jotherwiie they will be rejected. Nor wjll iiuoiati- 
ons from any libel or indecent manufevipt (not beiore 
publ:l>.cd) beinferted but upon the lame terms. 

BOSTON, July 3- 
Tn the Houfeof Reprefentatives, June ajfo 
ORDERED thatMr. Jones, Mr. Read, Mr. Man- 
ptng of Saleili, l> Kilham, and Mr. Davis of Ply- 
mouth, with fuch as the honourable fenate may join 
be a committee to wait on hi? excellency the gover- 
nor with the following addrefs. 
■■ Sent up for concurrence, 

J. WARREN, fpeaker, 
IN SENATE, June 28, 1787- and concurred, 
And Charles Turner, Ebcnezer Bridge, Thompfon 
J. Skinnei, and Benjamin Auftin, junr. cfquircs, are 

S. ADAMS, Prefidcnt. 
Mty it pleafe your excellency, 

TfOUR excellency's ^ncirage of the 2 1 IT inft. con- 
taining an offer of three hunde ed pounds, to be dc-n 
dueled from your falaiy, as a governor for the picfeirt 
year, has been attended to, and coniideied by the two 1 
branches of the legiflatu/e, n?>: only as a proof of 
your excellency's gcnciofity, but as a mark of your 
attention to the peculiar fituation of the peop'.c, and 
the embarraiTed (late of our public afFahs. 

The patriotifm and benevolence of your excellen- 
cy have teen fo often experienced in your various 
ftations we are convince i of the fiuccrity of the fen- 
timentexprelTedin your meffagc, hat it always gives 
you the highcit pleafure, whan confident with the 
public good, to meet the wiflic?- of the people 

The embai raffed fituation of this ftate pleads in be- 
half of oui conftituents to accept your generous and 
UntQliciteJ favour, though, at the fame time, we 

would not wifh to have It operr.tcas a precedent to At a meeting of the Commiffionera for ap- 
influcnceany focceObr in ofltce, to iclinquifh any part portioning the lands granted to the Illinois 

regimen; £p£ at Louifjrille the fifth of Sep- 
tember, one thouland feven hundred and 

of his yearly Talary. 
" The coiiftltutiortality of the qucftion relative to 
the governors falary, being undetermined, vc iTiall, 
at prefent, wave our fentimenis on this fubjeft, as 
this decifion, without doubt, will claim the atten- 
tion of the legillatuie when they fliall think ex- 

N E W Y O R .K, July J, 
Wedncfday laft, being the anniverfary of Ameri- 
can independence, the Chamber of Commerce, tope- 1 
thcr with a number of other gentlemen, who joined 

them on theoccaiion, dined at the merchants C-fleo M ond;iy m October nexf^and the other the 
houic; whenthel'»io".v.r", -nvioi .:toa(tswcrcorank, T . • .- . An. e r% l c n • ~ t. ■ «. 
and the day fpent with a cheerful and an agrccabie thl jV firfi of December following, being the 

hty feven 

T) Eli Ived, that two meetings of the board 
be heldttt this place for the purpofes of 
receiving and determining on fach claims aa 
have not yet been given in, agieeable to the 
dirtclionsof an act of laft. feiiion of afiembly. 
The firft of feid meetings to be the fecond 


1. Perpetual independecy, unanimity andprofperi- 
ty to the United (l ues of America. 

2. The Grand Convention at Philadelphia: May 
a folid and happy .•eminent crown thei: labours. 

3. Thehon. the Congrefs. 

4. The State of New York. 

5. His Excellency General WaAington. 

6. His Excellency the Governor and Lcgifiature of 
the State of New York. 

laft day fixed by law for receiving claims : 
and that a copy of this refohuion be adver- 
t led in the Kcinucke gazette for three weck» 


Sept. 25, 1787. 
X~OTlCEis hereby, given, that Stephen Ormfb/ 
7. May the memory of thofe heroes, who fought ^ ElV). will, in my abfence attend the Rules, brine 
and died In the cau.e of Freedom, be ever held facred 1 ^ aai « ivc neceflary information to fuch of my Cli- 

by the Ions of Columbia. 

8. Profpciity andhappinefs to all the friends and 
allies cf Ameru a. 

9. I.aftmg pe -ce and reciprocal commerce with all 

10. The fair daughters of Columbia May their 

virtue an/1 beauty never be bellowed but on me- 
rit and truth. 

11. May thefonsof America ever continue at much 
diftinguifbed for liberality jo peace, as they were for 
courage and intiepidity in war. 

12. May agriculture, commerce, mamifafiares, in- 
duftrity and ('legality daily increafein America. 

13. Our fellow citizens, and ail others who cele- 
brate this joyful day. 

We are informed, by a gcntlcroanof Bolton, who 
left lakeChamplain the r8th inftant, that the Britifh 
has fined out the fhip Maria, of 20 guns, in Older to 
cruife onthc ial.e ; that fhe was three miles from the 
line, within our teritories when he came from thence, 
that fhe had taken one vefleL faid to bcontheimug- 
gling bufincfj. belong, ng to the United States, and 
that the Britifh weicalfo fitting out a gun boat, w hich 
was to accompany the Mari;, in cruiHng on the lake. 
This (hip, it is faid, was taken flow us during the laft 

Capt. Leech, of the brig Fanny, belongin g to Bever- 
ly, took up in aboat, four white men and four negroes, 
belonging to a (hip owned in Liverpool, from the coaft 
of Africa, with 500 flaves on board, bound to Jamai- 
ca, which overfet in a fudden f^uall off Hifpaniola; 
the captain, crew and all perifhed but the above. 
Capt. Leech landed them at Cape Francois. The a- 
bovr- information is given by Capt. Sage, of the bri, 

cuts as may apply to him in Danville, 


Lincoln, Sept. 15. 
I wifh to fettle and clear my adminin ration 
on account of the Eitatc of doctor Hugh 
SI itll, 1 do hereby requ lt the bond credit- 
tors of the faid decedent, if any, to make their 
claims in. mediately known *o 

ANN SHIELL, Eecutrix. 

Bourbon, Sept. 26". 
The fubferiber beggs lea\e Co inluim tho 
public, that he hns erecled 


d;ls mill, where hides ot all kinds, except 
buffalo, will be taken on the (hares or other- 
wile, and tanning and currying performed in 
all iheir branches. Hi alfo flatters himfelf, 
that from long experience in that bufinels, he 
will be able to give general fatisfaction to 
thole who are pleated to favour him with 
their cuftom JOSEPH ROBINSON. 

Fayette, September 5, 1787. 

ALL perfons who have plaits and certificates in' tho 
furveyors ofrice of Fayette, are defircd to apply 
per Tonally, or by their agents for them. All thofe 
who fail 10 apply as above, may expect I fhall take 

Hope, who arrived at New-London the 36th ult. lu^th.e mod fpecdy methods of rccoveiing my fees on 

y foch iurveys. Thofe who have open accounts 

2i days from Portrait-Prince. 



E R N 


defircd to fettle, and difcharge them or clofcthera 
by giving fome fpeciaJty for payment to their Hum* 
ble fei vant. 

larc furycyor of Fayette. 

Lincoln, Aug. 15, 1787. 

^TRA\bL) away from Cane run about rpHE fubferii-cr begs leave to inform the Pub!!* 
*J fouT miles from Lexington, fbme time lalt 1 thatheisnowengagedineieaingaPapfrM7/ori 
fpr ng, the following horfes to wit, a forrel 
horle eight >ears old, fourteen hands and a 
half high, with a frr.'all crooked b!aze-m hs 

face and one hind foot white; branded on 
the near fhoulder and buttock nearly thus So 

One bay horfe about the fame height of 
the former, five years old, with a fmall ftar 
and two white branded on the near but' 
tock with the fame brand with the former. 

Alfo, a black mare near fifteen hands high 
fix years old, with a fmall ftar and one hind 
foot white branded on the near buttock with 
the fame brand of the two former ; whoe- 
ver takes up laid horfes and delivers them to 
the printer hereof ihall receive theabove re- 
uard, or five dollars each. They are i up- 
poled to have made up Licking. 

a branch cf Dicks river near his grift-mill, and and ex' 
pects to have it fully compleated by the firft of Novem- 
bernext. He flatters htinfclf that in the execution of 
an undertaking which proifiifes fuch advantages to this 
Diftrict, he will meet with thegrcatert encouragement 
from every good citizen, who wiflies to fee Arts, and 
manufactures fiourifh in Kentucke. But asa paper manu- 
factory cannot be carried on without rags, he therefore 
molt cwineitly recommends il to all perfons to be paiti- 
cular in laving aii chcir olcHfrren and cotton. Propel 1 
perfons will be appointed in different parts of the coun- 
try to rccievc rags, for which he will give a higher 
price in cafli than is gi\ en for that aiticle in Maryland, 
orPenfylvania, JACOB MYERS. 


Subpoenas. Rcplevi bonds, £fc- May be had by the 
Quire or Single at this Office. 

L^XrNr.TON : Privted and Sold ly JortN and Tm..nv<c Bradford, at their PrrirrrRo Office the' corner of Main and Cro r s Streets, where fulfcript ions (at 18/. 
per. Aim.) AJvertifeme'ts, &e. for this paper, are thir.kfuliy received, and Printing in its diferent branches done with Care and Expedition -Adv«ifeme«s of ti* 
h:re length thaiibrejdth, art injerttd for the firjl. time and if. cadi time after aid longer ones in proportion. ,