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Full text of "Daily Louisville Democrat: 1856-11-05"

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TilK lillLV DEMOtRiT, N. York Advertisements. N. York Advertisements. 



t •It© Ob Third suMt, between Market 
and JeterbOQ, Baststde, 



i49trti»im£ «uf Ctrruftnatvg uJU«, *>»* Brenda m 
90Mt fiatt Frafikl%nttTt€tt ^€ie kork* 



aditrtifing and Correiponding Qfiet, 360 Broadwat 
gastiidspbflow J^*fikitiuttr€tit$J^eiC Yorka 


•tb Democrat perremTiP A7 Able i|i«rterl7 • • •• 

Uu do, la AdT.aee * *> 

^ Ten Centg vor week, p»y Able to the currier. 

^ul} Democrat, cooDtry edition, i*cr reitr - • 6W 


B( t^aorc of IQ Unee, one ineertion • $1 00 . || 

l>» e.eb Aodicio^ el intertioo - o v • a % 

Do one mjutli, ettliout elU'ration • * ! * 

Do twomoalhs, do <»o ‘ * .1 T„“ *,?* 

Do three mouth*, do do • - - 10 Ou 

One iquarr *U u.'-ii’.b3, wiinout .lUrtUca - - - IS U| ^ 

Do t«r.i»e do do • • ^ 00 ■?*!*’ 

JUch Additinn*) K^aere tor fut month* - - 7 ^ » ine 

Do -10 twelve montli* - - 1 U "0 no « 

One (gkere biz m jn L*, ren. w el.'.e once » week - »' ^ 

Du la mo alU. r-newehle twice » week - tufr . 

Do Id luonihj, renew Abie once » week - 8J w ' 

lAh AdditioUAlsquerefortWc ve liicaiL* - - 10 Ot. -nn in 

AddiUun* k.lrer.«inK At » iw porumau price. Uii- 

PRINCE tk CO.’o i Mir'i^aVaror 


Kev Wm.Thaichi 
THE OLIYY^ST E.'i- n«Dforonr,tV.S Y 

*T IS NOT A DYE! fi R A Y’ - 

* haired. Bald, or pertons afflicted with diaea'ea of 
ihe 11. ir or Sc«lp, re .d t\e fo‘lowin« apd judbe of 



Seventh Fill Sale of Dry G.xida at Auction, by 

I Catalpgno, OB three Monthe’ Credit. 


commencing at 9)4 o’clock, we will offer, at pah 
i lie auoiioD,by caialogue, oa a credit cf three montha: 



A Grand Maryland ^Lott^^ i so^?\ W^nte^^b a 

V ^ salSDT Iff .u t Aivfli 

Mrs. 8* A. iilibE>*’8 WOKLP’fl liAlR RK?TOKEK: VVeet, coHsiiiiing in part of *^**^ck, Hlue.fcrowu,Orc« 

Rev Wm. Thatcher years of aire), Pitcher, Che- French, KD^iisht and Anirnoan Broadclo^Si Bla-a 
nsDfoconnty.N. Y.: “>!y hair is now restored to Us and Vaucy Cawinieres, black. Blue, Ilford, taJei. 
n^ur%l color, and cearcs to Jail Rcr. M. futt-r, t:e l-mixed and Fancy Saimeis. AU, 
edtiuWloih-rt’eMagMine, -N. V.:“My h.iribcUsiiged Jeuna, all color*, HUck aod B;ue 

*♦- •.mtiirmi Kwfti. r. *nrt ffrr.winff on bald Hroi,”<tc- oirnKn. Mackioaw. hiiney * NeKfo, and Saddle Blac 






^ tery of Maryhnd Kztr'. Claia 0, to he drSNa 
iu Baltimcre, Ud , 8ATUHDAY, Nuv.:-8J, l&id. 

it. FRANCE oV f'O.. .na i livers. j 

Prizes amounting to *3Sa.SCU will be di.«*ribo?i*d ac- 

for sale by 

t iOFFEE. 

^ ISO bags Rio: 

15 bal-a Mocha: 

ItA) pockeu Java; for salo by 

rnuvnai l A BRO. 1 for Barley at K. NULL’S City Brew«^,8izth i('e*t,be 
CORN WALL at BRU. Water, Looiaville, Ky. jy» d*^ 


enced NUBSK. a sitaatioa in a family ; w.-uld 
; have noM'jrction to irae.l ana take charge of a ehUd 
A'lorcss R>* 1,67. Boat < IBci. noJ dS 


F HJ8. 1 C.\8E-~5tl DRUMS— -I aa^AMFD. I WISH TO COX- 

fr.ih Vies fur lale bv ‘ tract lor s-me iM) to l.iW Urrei* guod LIMB. 

n;v4 ‘ ^ FONDA !t MORRIS. | to be delieertd oy the a=th day ol Dtcembtr aeal, on 

— - — j Bty piantatica, 29 u.iea below New uriesna. OB the 

! lancy Alpac- I C'lrdirjc to the ioIIowId* splendid icheme: 3).WX) Num- 
cllow Flanuels, bers'.— l,llu Prises! Piizea payable in full withoni 

VI uu .-wr-i, j'wi, enmv ... - - - - . . o'coui'iia 

7 6<j ( f the iiiFtrUQient, while the accoropautment/is soi ^-t^rle.-ton, S. C.t “The 

lu OQ ud suMued. Hereafter, ali Mrlodeim* Bi'.ae >y ^ ale.l, and new hair t -i 
,0 (a >-i!l be turr.ished with this atia'.iimert, infiout tnra .,;,eeV,N. v.:“It 

8.” Rev. . compr.sir.g all the favoriie brands, Oitghans, Irib . 

hair has i Likens, Brown and BleachedTableclothi, Brown Siwet 

family, i ingt, bleached do, of all kind*, Tickinc*, Rob Buy | 
Tust’n, PUiils, Plaid Linseys, Cheek., Hickory Slripes, I aicti- 
ig obfl- cia Voailngs, Cokite.i Cam’.rics, S.lieiis, Black aau 
rn'riSkW. I i? . . W'.tt.., Ifa^son ^'rtavuta V*Yna'<*P. rUfACJ 

Uur inHtmmenU are ali Cuisbed in ! 
ii<i the woilmanihip i> of the very b 
■y Ir* and prioea are — 

IN rozTaBLr rasa : 

ton. S. C.t “The white hair is h.comiag obvi- cia Voailngs, Cokite.i C.m’Tics, S.lieias, Ulack aau 
nd new hair t Tmiaz,” RC. Kev. A. Friuk, Fancy Silks, Black Itanan Cravats Poneee, 

J^eeV.N. V :“It ha* producedagoodeffec’.on Red, Bandana Hinkerchtels, JaconeU, Crossbarrw 

, r, n.v hair, ard 1 can and have recomnienOert it ” Rev. 5iu»iins, Shawls, of all kiu..s, ThreaJa, Sewing aiik 

in Ko*-. wood Cases, JoV- h McKee. Paitor of D. R Church, N. \ , Trinim ngs. of every desrnwion. ^ 

best liuaUly. Tht r*c moientU it. Rev. 1). 'orris. Cross River, N. \., Terms— ♦loo and under,, without discount, ov J 
a s ^nd Mrs l^r. U. A Pratt. Ham -eu. N . Y lUiO, saUsIactory note at tliree m.)Dtha’<.redit, payaW* 

ivhtsw-,1 this list, but if the above fail to con- in bank, i r a), per cent, diatuuni IM c 

AdTCrtisemeutsiepai.lifhed at interval*, via: weekly. Four oiHave Melodi^r, from 0 to C M vinre, ^ f Whokwle Auctiane. 

aemi-weerly. Iri-weckly, or monthly, are ccargeJ $1 - uur ard a half octave, do do Clot e« in H e Lniiet! . .ales, » uoa, ana ^ ..t, . r a-.; 

n.ra.nxr.- fnr the that auJ 5U Cent, fvT ea h tubsc- Five octave Muiodeoo, do di i to P and r,lail d.pot. No. "?5 j I.lNl OF NAIjEn. 

do F to t'.... 

aemi-weetly. tri-we.-kly, or monthly, are ccargeJ •! -'uurard a half octave, do 

per square for the liist aud Ml cent, fur ea h tubsc- Five octave Muiodeoo, do 

rjuesi in«*rt: -n. l ive octave, double reed, do 

kiw^Tne pr.vilege of year'.y adverUser* is strictly piano cj 

Some dealer* try to fell a-ticles inste .d of this, on , 

* hied they mnk -• more profit; If so, write to depot for Bighth Sale. 
. —ni.- ier..rm«t:nn. ocIodsw*m OC3ld4i,W 

eon Ined tj their wc immediate -nd regular business, i i»., octave .Me’.odeon, extending from F to F •k‘0 c rcular and infi^a^n^ | 

aad tn* -u iiies* of ail advertisiug film IS D^consid- -jx o.-Uve Mclodeon . do do F lo F J-jO ...rj,.,.- /.iTiolPni U V ^ 

med a* that of lU individual member*. Fi'-ecclave, double reed, do do F to a la- ^lON 8UM P F ION CURED! ^E 

iirnluitoU' AtlvcrlislUC. ' rg*n Melodeon (fur churches). 5 octave*, S slop*, ^ ^ deceived hv base imUat'ons. HKQKMAN, 

... Sszmuittiu .lavas e-.e a... ^ ocuve, 4 sets of reels 3^ jLAltK & CU-’S OENT’INE COL-LIV ER OIL never i 



26th Not. 

(i. T. & CO.. Auctioneers. 

dedQCtiOD . 




1 prize Ilf 

4 ef *K)U approx. 

1 prze o' 

. H ,1100' 

4 of 



1 J r *e of 

. 25 cO-. 

4 of 



i prize of 

. 15,U0\>1 

4 of 

4 0 


1 prize of 

. 11,010' 

4 of 

3 0 


2 prii'* of 


8 of 



2 prizes cf 

. 2,60' 

8 of 



3 prizes of 

. 2 010| 

1 12if 


6 pr.zticf 

1 tD'l 

20 of 



5 1 rizcB of 


•30 of 



23 prizes ot 




1 l.liu Prizes 

l^ARDIXES. 20 C\SES ^UAR- i 

^ let and haU-caaa for sale »y * Any party wishitg to make «he contract will plaata 

ao4 FONDA k MORRIS, j •fite m me at New River Prstoffice, Pariah of aactu- 

ilXEAFPLE CHEESE. 2 .Y j a aTk 

cases Pineapple Cheese for sale by ! A %- AN FElL «Yl’ SHARES If R.\NK- 

4 ?O N DA ft MORRIS- j % ^ Rn g^TiSi laiUtulion diock* tb« 

REK\ APPLF.S •')0 BBLS JUSF ***i^aj ^ Newcomf* nailding- 


aI cases Pineapple Cheese for sale by 

A cases Pineapple Cheese for sale by . A A 

no4^^__“ FON^ W ▼ 


LW receiv.d and for sale by ... w , . 1. m 

no4 W. .ti H. HURKUARDT.417 Markets!. lim 

'll I N C E D M EAT. BEING ; 

DUO i A vM- aware of the increaslDK demand for my *u- 
. p-ri- r article of >linceJ Meat, I hate spared neither 
1 p.tinsiir expense In preparing an article for the com 
’.ovO ing season superior to anything ever offered in ihis 
' market. All who desire to bo supplied will please call \ 
I at A. JONDA’B Family Qrocery, ' 

Terry A; Cc*., 

eighth dale V.",g"k"K-A"-;-’V CrWhoIe ticket* *20: halves glO; quarters $3. jj, Mi fourth itseet. 

ou31d5iw (i. T. & CO., Auctioneers. AtraoxiMaTiON Prizss — The two preceding aud I — — 

— — — the two succeeding numbers to th'iredra -if g tie first I villlif* YI’K KN. 

toDtvp' a. rsTCB.. .a. TXtkV run.# gti pr:ze< wilt be entiile l to the approximation 'W ^ r luVyL Ik fVVkvrs .u ^r.i 

prize-. For example: if ticket So. II. :iO draw* the SA k CONSTANTISE’B Fairfield, 100 Iba 

^*>'Ch'^b , TtrrY A; C/Cks. luo.oW) prze, those tickets nuooered Il.24e, 11, .49, aech, of ihia weILknown brand in aloro ^d for sale 

wwv* *w va V } * J 1.. ll.-il, and 11,259, will each be entitled t «'<l>i,ar-d to by TH08. 

aMPUtlTERS AND WHOLESALE on aoeordiug to the above scheme. If ticket No. l 1 sell No 438 .‘larket at., bet. Beeund and Thirl, 
flu.. 1 .. e-,1 V IVv uociie. Nc. Ji-** »'ould lie drawn, the approi'.m iti 'ns would be 2, 3, | . 

„ If ticxet No. a or 29 9e?»h u!d be drawn.the approxi- SL received, prime Neshannoc, B'ue, and Piuk-eye 

^UCTIOS* SCALES, matloiis win be on the some principle Potatoes, and for sale by M.IUDCX 4t SillTH, 

. Flss or TH* I.OTi a* Y —In the above scheme there I ocil No 27 Third street, Louisville, Ky. 

bY THOi*. ANDLRibON A Lw. xrr Sj.wo tekets, namliere'.l from I to S<',i.'''2-, Tuero 1 ~ — — _ uuim 


V V Bank of Keniacxy; 

Bouthem Bank: 

Northern Bank 
Commercial Bank: 

Bank of Louisville; 

At the market price. HCrCUINQS tt CO.. 

se4 Comerof M., n nd Bollii t ttreeta- 


men wanted to attend NigI tBehool. Irqaireof 
a. sLACGUIRh. 
au93dtf Jefferson street, bet First a- d brook 

tlaiaatreet, net ween Fifi-h and SiTth- ai 

AUCITOJs £5 ales, 

bY IHOb. ANLKRirON * tO. 


received, prime -^eshannoc, Rue. and Piu^^ ^ BrSINhBB 3T A.N D, srith Dwelling attached, on 

oes» And for s\lc hT MAUDLX ft SMITH, * the nrrth’^eat corn' r of L*isbtb And Mkid rreris A 
j >>o Third street, LomiTiUe, Ky^ ; c vn be b*a if mppl:-: Aiion be nmue »oon oa ;h • 

EFINED SUGAR. I.dd.BBL ^ I ^*A^'^for sale or liarter, a number of Tobacco Prespa 

71L-IAM ri—- 
'.ND HIkvSf F»^- 

•n-i, ~etce?B first aud >es< 


rUOfl P.Jl.bMITB 


- t » NKRAL CO>I.YlL-3SlON A.ND 

F r^s-'d.iif 4lercha:it«, *eA*.erain Foreign 
mud l> ■ jfiwD* Jf* Xaird fifOclt b.';r oea 

tiivetr, ,u »vialfc,.Ky. ___ iY” 

A* A 

— w:urraated noi to sbririia acJ a tn»l will | 

U. Th 'mpo'n’g Livery Stable, ihobe aueudics ibe 
Fair mliT wibU to gtt agooU price for sloc^, wilirto wei: 

Fainter and Brand Outter, 

°(A :• JOUNsTJN ti PAlN'XEii’fi DKPOT), 

No. .'i5 Tli.iil Stieci. 


ir-ive r.i^w liii-y exc I heavy, eiamsy, ijldlin* ar^ r.isiiklik a I i ‘dH’f’DFT ( lU THK m’, r,,riri>nii Green *HeiaunePt the best stoc* ty All order? for li'kets or package* m any of the ' 

ices. Non receive, on hi'p.icsii J.. ,1.1s gr iROAl D jb.LL f9 SlLClkEl,OK 1 It r. to csil ou our iriend Green. Ueisone line sio^* Msi^Und Lotltiies will r-.ceive pr. nipt attention, and 

system <f m-asurir g. which never finis to fecure a Protector’s Dsuthtcr— a Chivalric Romance: by auc.iuneer. in me cuy. tte drawing mailed to all purchasersimme Lately after 

*L> Protector’s Dauchtcr-a Cliivalric Romance: by a“c. 
tilt an-.hor of “Claude Duvall,’’ “The Hebrew 
■< Kiden,’’i:c ,d£^. A I sle of unumal interest, com- 
D- uced in the Parlor Cikikel of November ?. To be 
tad finy of F. M ADDLN, lol 1 bird sUect, 

uo4 3 doors trom Post olface. B 

Jas. Joimbtone & lot, d, 

Coruer of Pine and 



N,. « ?n' mi" id.^T'^Kfo ”c»lioii'. 

# M V i'j EsTABLIfcliED A xUtheyriaci/eilctttcso/tAsic 

M A m.issit'D and Produca Houio at t’.e : b ve-mip- MERCANTILE 

ii D-d sla..a, a..d will piny tsy>ecial aUciuiou to tb- „.v-e-eo 

rectiving and fcrwarding oi * at mod^ r.te On theORIENTAL BANKa 
uBir.;e. Hnvirg for many years lieen in the Pi ur ^.«rs:eur■ GEO- PF"‘.V,’., .. u.j . . . . 

burtn^^ In Li.uisvilie, Ky.. ihey tlatler f ■ m*e:veB >.\K OF NP.R BGtlll IV.VLE3, AUE.raita. 
they wi ilgive uuiver-a s atis act i on. oc3l-tl^ HI1.LS F E.YCaA-.'iGE xKD CASiI CREDITS 

.wa.w t*a.. Kwawr Kbtd^bl* n Calif?ru a an i Austra’ia furn.s'- el <m application 

KV0ctfl 5 INlERli T ALLuWaD on current accounts anii 

POKWARDIKD AND COM511SSION o- ciul depo ts, subje t to ,rra nae.n^^2^:Ji^> 

■fi/f 23 O KC , FIRST PREMIUM 

Thirt! street, Loul^Villt•, Keiiiiicky. TS«(lal Pia»l«-For tCS. 

tS’-Bole agent for sale of KASAdHlA ALCM ■pt'TbffPX,- ' V A- Knvci 

FAnr.a'.ddc.leria rBIIs WixY & BC^a, 

<ari*i’crif**, Provksiosisjaiid Manufacitmiers, s4 

^ * J 1 jaaw.iii,.r street, near Proadway, New 

ALL IklMI.S OF PMODl tx.. 1 T Q ^ Yorx, invite i.ublic at'enlion to theP 

' .. .. -- J " *■ J • newly -improved Piano-Vortes, a 1th »ud 

Cif^Prompt attentiot. paid to fiain* Son.-..rn or- frame— pronounced superior t> any other 

ficrtu lasiruioenis now before the pubLc, by the most cum- 

tletrltlE At *^VteiVi^a/ Bon* were awarded tlree ^r*( Prize 

,\!edals within the Isst year, in compnition w.ihlhe 

lerfeclfit. Cfirt*ag/i’« only gcsaia* (riccpAsroowaxii , „n-hor of “Claude Dr 
/in.r-Dp,.f r sale everywhere, los PL LlO.v V thleS.^ Jc . A 1 ale of 

rTiiBET.N KW YOR K. . _ n-viik-d in the Parlor Casket 

f M ■% Lad idiiy of P'- MaDD. 

S>uiac:iti) ftli€*i*ma«i & Co., ^no4__ 


Corner of Pine and Narsau Street’, 

NEW Y' O R K , ty •-harlri, Burdett. • . w. 

TSSUF CIRCULAR NOTES AND ^ Learn-over one thousand 

Jl LKTTKRS OF CREDIT for traveler!, available in .ia,g.l4lfn Hepburn; by the author of 
all the principal ftttcso/t*sic«cf<f- Also, Draper s Physiology. 


r acts f’jr the People. 


• fullvinfoim the citizen* « f LouisvilU and the 
Gaiiing community that thci have opened an ALO 
T ION AND C"MMIB810N iiULSPi, on P.flh street, 
between Main and Marke , under Ike Merc lianls Ho 
tel, whe;e they iuieiiu to devote the.r whole time and 
ivcieulion to the Lusiu-u. i'l > y are prepared to store 

It m over. 

Address T. H. HCB-iAUt ii C^., 

No. 39 Fayette street, or Box No. 4U, Hvltinore. Mary- I 
lind. oc.f deeds weow ; 

lioyal liavam LollEry. i 


P Ing of the Royal Ilavana L itery, couducted 

j)f^r’»Pli>aioloKy. ^ GHISWOIsI). ner poasibitj for the iiutre:! 

M -I nureil that our eivenence la 

..ny ainoaot 01 goods consigned to liiem for s*iC’ by the 01 ar ish Oovernment, uad r the supervision m 
Their lernis shall le libtral.and ail business intrusted (,,e i.'aptain General of Cuos, will take p.ace at llA- 
loth-iii wiiibe ;romjiiy httemiea to in the best man- vaNA, on 

mod“r^*te On the ORIENTAL BANKCO ilPOUATiON, London. i*NK. BRY AN Afi YV 1 LCOX’S NE^^ 
ibcFi ur ^.«rsieurB GEO_-_ PPAl'-V^’.? . -B. York V,' riling Pluid- r. 


ner possible for the imere-il of owneis. 14 e Icel as- 
sured that our experience iu the business » arruuts uv 
in saying that we willne able to rtndir saiislaciiou to 
all wno may patron. Z m ut. j • , x 

We will «ive the beat of referee •*» when desired, and 
maze cash advanceslo any amount on goods consign- 

SUTLLK’iS SFE.\KER--SEC(JND yve will attend to oot-aoorsMes, in city or country, 
m edition— fresh and racy. Y^iiiar g|«Mh^ “'yVe^uv Re* all p^rfons having business in onrline to 

TUI'SDVY', NOV. ISlh, is.j«. 


it » edition— fresh and racy. Famiiiar g|.eech'S.and oni 
i i.ik‘guei— (ir4v«, llumoroun, Natioiial, and Aiuencan ” 

gut ^id o ut. Price 60 ^ « 

fl iOxNCliRTlN AS, FLU'i INaS AND 

Accorde .ns. A great variety of the above instru- t^d 
meals j usl rvceived aud lor sale at the -M usic Store of s 
CUARLr.n 4, IVLA I, L 

„..>i b7 Third etreet. -on 

give us a call, an.i learn our terms, £c. 

We will also attend l renting property, in city or 
country, aud in every branch of me business every 
effort on our part to render satisixciicu » id beforlti- 
coming. A share of pa ronage is respectiulu solici 

Sorieo Niiiiitro ,j 72 Oidiiiario. 

('apttui Pri*c 5 * 100 , 000 ! 

. 29 dSm . • 

tir Regular saies every Wed 
commencing at9>t o’clock a m 

; to render sausixcli-u v ni neioriu- , , .inn run , a n.:.... ..* s-s (SM 

:of P-onag,^'J 5 ^V-“‘-;^- W 

V. H. SMITH, Aucl’r. } . ‘X .. 

,1®* I “ ViW 1 ± Approxima’ionV, 7,a!^i 

U G R . 7-5 HHDS NEW f»R- 

K* leans Sugar fi'r sale by 


-1,-4 Third sireet , between .Main and W a ter ; 

iiBY’DRaULIC cement m.anu i 

in. factnred and McHARIvT, | 

(Formerly J.Hnlmefc Co.). 

»p3t Main stre et. between Eighth xn.l Ninth. 



• w ing FU'ur, an.l shill keep ccnitantly on hatd 
4 .uperlor article of Family Flour, and an extraarticle 
^ound purposely S: CO^ 


1 k ▼ I a'llen* Ooftts Ki«lt Mcro'c^s Aod CftH Boots? 

MiHSTb* do do do; 

i C U‘!renV do d:> do: 

i MeuN coiirst And fine B 'Ots, Brogans, «c. * 

Boys* do do do do; 

i Vouth*c do do do; 

■ 1 I stor* and for sale by JONE^ ft i^YOER, 
Butegssorsto B T.HAnddi* 
ccM No. 44s^ Markti etr «t. 


: l^^Salmon and Mackerel. in 

NENV' AND poPUJ.AR Samsiel Myiastii, 

a beauutui song and chorus; by 6. \ . g>oreXoa 600 J!ainnt,tO}jpo9:te Jfat%c*iQi Uotu 

le— ba’lad; by Ciisi. Iless. ceit v of consiKntuoiits ui ilerch.D-ii!!e urFtir- 

Four Appr ximations to he *li>i."00 o' i600 each; 4 
sK.v rsaasgif kvli VkSirr sk 44;iu to *x',*Xi : 4 of *400 to 732,00. ; 4 of *-00 to 1 L 

SlllSlSiei $lC,yt*J;4of sa.0to«5.IK0. ;» 

A0 CTIONEKB ANDCOMMISSIO.N mkrcuani, Vs'liole Tickftla, S20; Halves, $10; Qaar- | - 


llA YVorchester Sauces at 


B —upiedbe J. Bell.No. W, Last eu'e of Third, 
..-.ween Mam and the River. CARTER, 

..vuie.Oct. 1.1854. W. H. JOLKXT. 

1^‘Oc'HMgniaf zti of N A)U,GlMb, C otion YAms,^<j 

r’ irik Mad jt«.r*.cret solicited. •CP^ 

Fin*! F'iri*! Fire! 

A t the late 1 IRE ON THIRD 

- street I lost all my stock, together with my I'ook 3, 
and I ca acot'y re^iucsc all persons uho kriowth«iu- 
•e!Tcs indebted to me to come forward and settle by 
cash Of nf>te. and oblige their humble semvri! , 

\V C MOOR*. Four.hst ,»iet. .'lain anf Market, 
gul‘. d f next door to ihe Timer Office. 




jLd AND 


Phenlx Looking-Glass and Picture Frame Manufac- 
to-y. HoR.AOK V . BIGlLK, 

>'■>•. 3®‘, 390, and 392 Greenwich sireet, corner of 
Beach, N .-w York. sez2div wly 

— ' Morris. . 

Nicaraguan Nauonal Bong and Chorus; by Hernan- 

Lights' Home— ba’lad; by Clia*. Hess. 

Uueen Wsitziby Loui. YV agoaer. 
ljuai bteiAiuer; by A. J . Bn^ghs M.x*va/« 

Bad and Alone, Pt-nsire Tr»oug>ti;, Old Memonei, 
1 iexsant I’reams, Childhood a Dream, The Winning 
hmiie.vtiih variations; by Chas. bvera- 

ceipvot consiEniueuu oi 
aivure for auction sales. 

letd, $5. 

Prizes cashed at sight at i per cent, di.scount. 

Hills on a:l solvent Banks taken at par. 

A drawiiig wFl be forw-rdid a* soon as the result 
becomes known. 

• * communicatlnns aldressed to DON ROD.II- 
GCEZfcare of C.ty Post, Ch ir es-.on, d. C-), until Ibe 

O ' \KUM. luo BALES E xX T R A 

Oakum In stcre and for sale by 

; no! p. ». BkNKDICT 3t 90N. 

Sad and Alone, Pensive Xriouglts, C'ld Memories, , * \T U K L HVA'\N WlliLGIVE GCEZ (care of C.ty Post. Ch ir es.on, d. C.), until ll 
lltia^n^^’r-t*:.!;:; ^/p\rsonal attomt^^^^^ EstaU. IKh .Novemoer, wUl be aUeeded to. oc3) d3 twia.j^ 

Bmile. V. ilh variauoiis. by Siocks, lionds, Mortgagt s, Uousvhohl Furri-ure, and ryA’-Ta-W/i T riTiTi'C T5 T 

... V I P' I, A X T P I Y N U Merchandise generally , at hi* store, peiv.“.teresiaence*, ^vOYAL K A V Arf A LOTrEjCfc J 

KY Aj fj vY .r\ X 1 - ,, Q. Mcrciiautfl* ilerchacts J:.acuai*gc,aiid€lac* 

li^^ial'^FoKTEs AT LOYV PRICES.-Ju^^^^^^^^ w'herJ . • k , rn^HE NEXT ORDINARY DRAV 

n J H fT fjcelved, some Vtry elegant Kiano Foites, ng transacts n strictlv commission business, and .v. ooval Havana Lotterv. condu-t 

ll J » J Juf (he linestmauulatlures, for sale at ,^(,1 oCer UeRl istatc Stocks. Boner, aua every .de- '"f |te 

0. ». B».NKDIC T3z90N. 

«r 4 I T E SAND. 2"* BBLS 

i t White Sand In s’ere and for ^ 3^ 


unubuaLy low pr 

Eugra'Ying and Printing. 


I riety- . l/TfiTiTS' 

the finest mauulatlures, for sale at ,^(,1 offer UeRl Jistatc, Stocks. Boner, aua every de- “ 

Merchandise, at cither pnY ate or auction 

iwitween decond and Third. * rjinte-inlar »gmi-weekly SBueS every Monday and VANA, on 



JH- ing of the Royal Havana Lottery, conducted ! , ^ u xK-vH RHOOMS 
ov the Spanish Government, under the supervision J i^^rixrvrjiw 

at tain General ol Cuba, will take place at U.V- > 

Klvlcher A. IJcuuc lt*-. Ob-ffVHiofy. 


have this day made careful examination and 
adjavtment af the Trans:: Inrtruni-ut in the pcsscs- 
I si n of MeiiTS. Flet her fc B nii-u. o.' thl- cit>. ai J 
i that the same may be relied upou m obtain accurate 
, title. U- TM ITCUKI L. 

i Assistant Ciacinuaa UbMirvaitry. 

j Louisville, t’ctoler Afti, l*id. nolod 

! Maiftlial's Sale. 

j r. U. Crawford. .\dm'r.,2 

ag*.nvt / In Chancery— No. IC.diM. 

C. McNultj’* Heirs, > 


g^ihe Louisville Chancery Court, rendered in the 
! above cause, the undersigned, r oii- «>f us, will, ,m 
■ MoN M Y, the U<th day or N veinber. I'je, abonl the 
Dour of II o’clock a. is., sell '. > the highest bioder. a. 
public an t >>n. Iicfore lue conil-Louse >. ur. 'n the City 
-( Luuitviile U.e uuuivi '-x. tail of Ih- House and 
Lot. on the north Side of Wa. nut street, t-ei*een Sts 
enth aud K-ahiL. in the I'lly ' -.s u-' lion 
id in the l ira. II gt an.i exhi' ii ■, on ere ■ !:s of 4, ", 
an-' I'J oio' It s, I'jr tqu..l pal :s the purchase mnu'V- 
The purchaser will in: required to give hi ii'', * :Ui ap- 
p-oved security, bearing ir.tere?t from in- day u. *st-r 
till baid, and s LcU nfiiioe I as addili- n-u eiuii'.y. 

\* . I . D- H HiPPa, .M. L. G. C- 
ci31dts James G- UALhE.Dciuty. 

EGRi> Bool .S .\ND hR- (» AN.'S, 

xm The attention of farmer* and uth.rsi* al'eJtc 
our stock of coarse Boot* an'J Br- «ans 'or 3egroe!,.»o- 
ected ixpreisly Tor our Sales, HI i wh-eii «il'"Sosl 
lowf rcas.:. J. N h S » - N YDEK. 

ccAi t UCCessurs Ui D. i- Ka ndiail- 

! z he Wcik3 for tils November Election. 

i/^sHr Ai rtMliJN Ur IHr I IT- 

! M Uens of Luu sv:i e and suburb* is r-*peeifo!ly 
^nv I 1 li the lirge and ma.iiitti- ot ass. r’-ment sf 
I Fire Vv .,rgs> turthe Auveusber eiic-.uu, kept e iDjtar.t- 
I ly on hand b> the s-ii-criber, iun-..-..n* in p in rj— 
I i^y Rockets, p aia and white lire, .--uite.l vis- *: Bo- 
: mao fni.l.e*. tteiiaal L g .ts Flower P..r*, Serpent*, 
i Pin Y* heels Tnaiigtes. Ti angle Aheeis.Jzc- 

30 pieces /sserteJ numbers CcU n Dnck « | -n 

D. 8. BENE DIC T ft SON. 

0 M 8 . lOU D JZEN 

No. 30 mud St. 


arc respect 'nlly in-i fed to C4 1 and exsTine our COlF'S % OJClgC ©I IsliF. 

Pri^. H^nd now^VVhe U^"w M^ln^rt'ick’u CHILLUOUD- YOUTH - MANIlOOD-OLp^ AGE. 

ar« aud jj (-.j , 445 Main s'.. 

tSf re DCNNKLL ; 


Bead to DUN NELL ; short, everything iu tiie wav of Designing, En- 
graving- and Printing. St reasonable pricea, send or- 
der* to W.M. N. DUNS KLL, 195 Broad *sy. N. Y. 

t-tg * Specimens sent by mail (on application with P. 
0. stamp.) audo d&-wnm 


invoice ©f 7-ociave Piano-Fortes this 

tii 1 bird street. 


At Einggoid’e. 

NEW BUUK BY THE AUTHOR their inUrresta. 

cy Heaulur acmiweekly Bauefevery sMondayano 

Thiirsday. , . WLDXESDA^, OEC. lOlh, 1‘i.yb, 

iy*S5ptcial auction sales on any d.ay required. . . _ 

fiiv’.rable location of his place of busintrs* ^ B 

b:-:ngintnever> ceuD-of them-rcatulecouimunity, M 

arordsiosculiarlaciiitie* for the Jisijosalof allkindol ftp* ■ 

property auvanlagtously. - _ — _ -- 

Inaddiiion to which an expenence of over thirty SortOO Nunicro 57i OrdiUarit*. 

vear- devoted to mercantile pursuits in thisoity.suc- 

ettsfnily earned on. will give some assurance to mer- aaxx* axsxsx< 

oha.nt«, niatiulacinreri, and others enuusung him Witt f PfIXC* SI 00.000 

their busimias, that proper atuntion willbegiveiitc » a a w.w- c* ■ ,-rj.w 

1 I ^ extra Sliaktr Brooms In store and for «Ie by 
j nol D. a. BE.N EDICT 3t SON ■ 

U 'HEETINGS. 1<>»> B-'LF.S BAN- 

i * 5 oer -Miff Sheetings for sale by CURD Ik C 
, nol Agent* for .Mauufacturer*. 

i i,JULE~LpLV i’H r R. 2 U 0 SID K S 

I kV Sole Leather received ptr stea-ner Raven 4n'l 
^ S de by [OC39J TllU.STlN s K1.Y- 


Onmibus line. 


lice wf Oinn4ru**.3. in cunnei ti a w.ih i-. • 
Lc’Uiivi le Jtrd NiiihvU.'^ xi.Ai.rOdfcd* t** any pftn of ti.o 
cuy. N‘» T»‘ Kthfa iJLU U> Tuft CAftd* Ta*- 

cuy. >»> A i ‘ r 

tfttf «J CtU9^9T t. 

ry otb' •- u 

Daily OniLibus Line 

“ptfr"'TK"A'V'HKR.8MITHkC0 . 453 Main s'.. fe^'OUR 

— — — “ i[ gftiVingfcifrom the ori^iii.aUs at the oPlNOLKu 

' V \ !>** AAD I.NaTlTUTJK lor Young LefcOiei-GoftiiAii l>. Abbott, 


1 Gf five years’ execution, Inyo.ving an expense of 

-fX. of “The 'Aide. Wide World”— The Hill* of the 
a, laleuuo. by Miss Warner. . 

■•lagdHlen Il-pturr,; by ice author of “Zaidee- 
Househo'd M>slerits; by Lizzie Peliit. 

Sioai aud Palotlinei by titauUy. „ 

Forsxleby 8. RINGGOLD, 

utfi 8n Fourthstreei, near Mai n. 



*£i^Accou'niaaleflwiUbepromptlyrendtr€dand set i Priseof $lCii,000 3 Prixt^of. I 

th u without delay . 1 “ “ 50, (vo “ •* 

CirOonsignmentsrespecifu’lysoliciteU. 1 “ “ »,Ci» TO “ “ 

REFFJiLNi'FS. . n w n 1 “ oioOO 2U Appnximatione, 7 ,:.l- 

lu^^kv-VoThra^B^Bowle^^'^-eril^^^^ Poor Approximation* to the tlGJ.IXO of »oOO each; 4 

Tuc?erf Braynin i c"^*bLkeVs?Jo& of^AJJ) ■* “ 

Okeinnati-John C. Buckle* kCo.,Chenoweth & vYhole Tickets, $20; Halves, $10; Qoar- 

I ArvTF>:4» PAWeV l-TIflS it»,;.f,iis a silent, beautiful, at.d insiructive fermon 

laADlLiO xAliNk*X X u »w. -iOTxaCHXSJiabDSxMl.ixRixSjasagfaudmuralles- 

CRAIG & iyO. HAVE *ca,suoduing, sofoening, elevaGng, puritying.inspir 

-HB. just received the large«l and moat elegant as- n ovxRS of the BiamrCL, s the most exqul* 

sjrtuie-.i of lancy F U R*. lor u tie* and mis*e*. ever .t-i,xjej art this country ha* ever prduced. 
ezUib.t’cd in »h: A est— Cardinals, Cap », 'UnlilUs, Theatie stion of the TRADE it paiiicuUny invited 

Peler.ue*, V.c;'rine*. • uffltres. Cans. .Wnfls, *o 
made of one »no*t superior aufsian oabie. Royal Er 
mine Sl'ne Mar in, 8ibenan oquirr -1, Vre:,«ti Coney 
black ,nd natural Lynx. Canada Sable, Iilrt, Hud 

lo'.bitwui l-ic view of iti uccqualed popularity anC 
pi'.,ipe ts. TkKxs mokl FayOKxSLK. 

A i'Rosi scTCS of ‘Ml pp. 8 VO., containing a full de- 
icription of the work, with numeroui t -stiuionials ol 

won’s Ba* a b.*, blue Rus.iin Jonev, s.ivcr-gra> highest cliar-.ct-r, from our most didinguished AR- . elilTAlf 

Ri 'ger 4ic.. a 1 of which wi.l -e so d a* ch-ao or risTS aud best accredited JcwiEsor AKT.e. g-, .Messrs | » •7*'^ 

chesaper th*n tUe same can b* had in any northern ijrvant, Durand. Huntington. Church, tvopsey, Casi- * " New .«us 

efy The t'ade will be supplied on liberal lerois- <^9 and Kensett; Frofessor* .Morse, « eir, Greene, M .rehandixe of 

— Cumiaiugs, Aev Dr.- Alexander, Hawks, Bethune, bj [seioj 

•tOivK >E vY GOODS Al L. llowh, stabury, Adsms, lyug, u. B Bmith, aud 

JOHN H CA>.V0N'.S421 .^larketst- | ILAKIUJ 

R ich imf ss a. h m:k bonnets; Sfoun'd.'^Von 

Ool'd and while *traw Bonnet* every varito ; o'/jf friV/iflV J.V^ TnlTft'iAf 

Ihirnet- ap, and 'I'r-mm.iig Kibbens; inCt L Avr-it/.y A,t. JUL ihaal, 

ii u ece. black EngliJh Crxpe; Will be sent on the receipt of two postage stamps, or _ .t 

Z4 u -xen colored and bU-k fathers; furni*hea to the Trade or to .Agent* at four doliicrs per | gKl. JlSh 

38 do jetty Tre-f* «rd Trimming Rnshes; hundred. ...... taents j ui 

2-ai do Bonnet Rushes; The Engraving*, boxed avo.dinjury from oil- —ix 

AU of which we offer wnoleiale or re'a'.l at low prices, ing. are delivered to Express at the Cost of one dol ar, 

O,- JOHN H. Cannon. »iJ tivescU will, on satislactory sent to one 

address without extra charge lor boxing and c ertage. 

B LUNDE LAOLS. Frames furnished at the lowest prices, aud boxed for 

l.sno yards while Blonde Lace; *V*or" Prospectus of Engravings or CDculsr of the la- do biaek do do; stltu-don, address Rev. A R. WOLFE, 

l,(MI doxen joined Blondes, for vJailliDgs; at au5d(vw-im Bpingler Institute, New Yerk. 

1 :mflr.»._^IEgT*ed in manunicturiu* Pisno Forte* 
7 J 7 [l tor the last twentv J ear*, J leelionfidect 

J u M J «th*i, from my long experience, I can 
pifasc all who ma} favor me with their .-atruiisge. My 
Pianos are ruauulacture i from ihe best maiena a, wiih 
IU I Iron Frame and Grand Action. They are war- 
ranted equal to ‘iny in the United States. I'.epairing 
■1< ne at short notice, by experteneeil worauseu. Deal- 
eii schools, and semioari-s supplie _ai usual di-count 
i; . e tact ry , on Filth *G. et.or at N. C. 4; D Morse’s, 
F'- urlbs'reei, und.r Xaiion al Hotel. seuOdiy 

d VuiT^i^ ^OLI NS, STRINGS, 

* ff New Music, and a kpleouid stock of Musical 
M .rchahdixe of every description for sale at low prices 
h) (seFoj CH AS. J . KeN X, 87 Third St- 

New Orleans— Cebb, Martin t Co; J. P.Whitcey Si 

Mobile— Jlilton Boul’-emet, Esq. 

Boston— Chenery & Co. 

Baltimore — Shaw t F'rick. 

Philadelphia— Caruih Terry J: Dew. 

New Yore— Winslow, Lanier At Co., Jonathan Moot 
k Co. dnni 

teia, $5. 

CP* .All the prizes above stated are drawn at every 


The manner of ilrawicg is as follows : All the num- 
bers are put in a wh-el or glo'e in presence of the »u- 

HSAVANA SUGAR. 2u~ ^luxEs I ‘*"*^,"5“.,'!;*."^"^;;";?.';;^ 

JlJfl. Havana .-agar for sale by wr-uoiv ! f ||3HE sL I*-”'' K I Bt. R HA- K- T.AH 

ocl BLANCAGNIKL. MOORE i MURRAY. , ^ ij^hed *n Omribu* L>n* betw en Jeffrrsoptown 

- . - j,j,| i^u ii . 1 — leaving Jcffer*ot.t, wn rv-rv n.' inizg 

»,'W\ ru -Vf’TS \ I. AR’iF ASSORT- 1 *•. < o’ca^ irg L<.u.»*i:y at '“.n * » K - 
^ *Vt KRvinNV 1 qiHftrtll l. uTe Lii- 1. A B*ror. * .tap e, n Jelltr- 

*Cj raent at r*o91 * N T K R90N 8 _ _,,‘«j;!^.beluw Third, at 4 o’cl- , . r. «. 

* — w.v, V r ^ i*iT ui • ^klau ‘»iH bv UU ^ '■’fAriC >J uiuct; ^ oa 

1A’]\EGAR. 7!?BBLSPl^ fSBLRG [hirds;r--et. were Uoie* e*n leave the r name*. ar 1 
# Vinegar Ballou’s celehrated brand, put up ex the Umnibu* *ii wis^ ft* ^ 

^ U SON. J"t?eV.;n‘'^“l4s‘t?t^e‘l»V ."table the-.r nu‘r*e* 


EVoy rmrl9J MADDC.X & SMITH. 

w t!’ me free of ch.rse- 
tir Pars rirnt t axTi. 
IJoutn-ilcupy ] 


Se9 dlf 

riios. ro.vvj'.Li,, 

rr* T .ri a- *wia < V .XTYTTuaii *\ tom House Building, publicly. Two h T*, r<,' over ^ u, . qo »uvibl. aiOORE Si MURRAY. «ou .1 1 

h UCTION AND ( ’O.Tl.ulSS lOA twelieyrarsof Sgr, tromlbeOrpha'i Aaylam.drawine , act ’ fruna* 

593 Market street, between Fir* nun b r* and 'he priz- a. One of the boys a.-aw*oi,e , ^ ,^1;,.^ -Ki f' \ Fa TC S f'. 1 . E A H charge 

^^nmok .ou'h s dT Cash a-lvanc^d 01. cofi-igi; nuiuber, and at the -ame tine thee, Iher d-aws out one . | 1 Lb \ R S 1 UPi'5. dTJ G.Vu. iV-t v-mexA* 

St, . Brook. sou.h side. t,ain a ivancr. 01 co prizes, and whatever pnie , sides for sale by *, who 

I comes our, is placed to the credit of th »t number, and 1 Cf'RNW.ALL Ik pRO- 

they coctiuue until the whol: Lumber of prize* are 1 - - — Wt*i 



* Y Family Grocer, , T-our an-l Tea ?t,>re. No. 4** 
Market »tr-et, between 5econdar.1l Third have m *- re 
a 1-rve an 1 -e tci .Rck of 
wou.lsolic.t -he a tentiun of -h-ir 
frituas. Good* deliVere.: in ad par.* el ihe ci'.y 


;J O AJl & i-* U JMi> hi t v . 


iaL sortmentof dry Pint Lumber, oomprtsiug clear, 
second and third rater., aud common M hite and kellow 

a - , „ third rates, aud common White and t enow mailed to purchaser* ci ui 

•< c ,in sreat var.ety. A finer assortment cannot I'looring, Shingles, Cedar Posts, and Fencing mail ste*merlrom Havana 

be found. F'or*aleby _ . . . sruda.rhean forcash. Gallon Purchesrr* will pie 

,.e2> C 4AS J. KENT, bT Third St. ts'M. W.nULINGB, plain, and g ve th-ir Posiol 

The prize* are payable without clifcount on presen'a- : IfAXTK.A E LOU R. *•» BBLS . 
t'onof the ticket it the Roy. I Treasury in rravana, 1 ii_i hsff-y’s double extra F'iaur, equal to ht. Lou:* 
as soon a* the result lecomt* known, and are paidin , just re.eived and for sale by . a,,v 

8pa' ish Doubloon*. U. FERQU80N te S'»N. 

Theaubscrtb rs wiH cash all p'izes at 5 percent, dis- 1 oclO Corner Fifth aud Market * tn-ets 

count, charging for the ti»g, 4ic., etlendingcollecti-'n. —— — - 71,,,^ u'-v 

The list of drawn numbers eoU prz •* will be ■ a JJsT RECEIYLD, 25 BBLS bA- 
mailed to purchaser* cf Uckttson the arrival of the , J r,.n-«ries. in store and forsaleby 

sides for file by onoNW ALL to BRO TO MT CUSTOMERS. 



I haffey’s double exua F'.aur.eqnal to et- Lou:* | i wascumpeded ‘o »e«k anutherlcea- 

re.eived and for sale by __„„T-a.T« »r RON lion. 1 tr.t tefore b-g leave to inf. r.; ir j Inmds and 

H. FERQU80N 8: a'*N. 7„rtnn-r» *hai 1 am n’ w re* tj to serve t ;er«- 

)8 Corner Fifth aud ^r ket»tn ets _ ®J“^[^y‘*uew loealn «u. :mi 1 * Builuing. No. 


2jo do Bonnet Kushe»; 

Y 5 . RUMS and brass INSTRU- 

C P uents ju»l received at the Music Store of 
sci» ^ Ctl.A S. J. KE.NT,',7 Third *t. 



I.snu yards while Blonde Lace; 

1 , 10 ; do biaek do do; 

l,U«9 doxen joined Blo_ades_./orQailhD^;_^»t ”iu5d)v' ' Splngler Institute, New Verk. 

JO BN lie CAN^oN o* — . — . I 


E^RENCli E LOW LRS. A LARGE Pi*xo forte MxNtJFaciPRXRs, 

■ stock of all the latest designs at ^ If ia II f] No. Center street. New York, where 

ocF JOHN H CANnOS’ 8, 421 Market it. i* ■ V U Pmavbefound a superior assortmentof 

Piano Fortes, in pfuin and ornamental cases, from 6 to 

WM. OSBORW, 7 MocUve*,of the 5 <*t ataforiuhi, and pronounced I y 

RivirnPK »VD rnkioiSR OF sislinguisted ar'iste* to be unsurpasseii Wlllbesold 

BLKAC0EB AND FSBeBBSOF OL the most reasonaMe terms, and warranted to stanu 

KtfiW Huts aud Uonucts of Every De- in any cilmate. Ordert from tk$ eouiurf promptly at- 
* timutlfo. and each Piano guiranteed to give *atisfac 

eAri|M.iMu, tion. If not so, the Piano m^ be returned to ns, we 

MANTFaCMTRBII OF reiundlug the money and freight. .,o, ^ 

_ „ , „ ^ tj,- Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace, New 

BONNET FUAMES AND CKOWNri. York, 1833, a Priie Medal was awarded to Hazlatons 
IITJ'I* or/'in wn filTli VAI T BtoTHXRS, for the superior quality of their Piano 

JUSI K bUr. 1 V LJU la r rVljLi gurtea, widen were tested in toitcA, tong, *«aaitty,aa^ 

/J^^ttnek of Bonnet*, Ribbons, Flowers. Ac. The durability^ faag, and placed in the h^hest grade by 
SSIGk ladies are i nvited to call and examine for them- the following disUaeonibrd orttrt** .• WiUiant Norns, 
aelves. Chairman on Musical Instruments; Julhen, nlaz Ma- j 

North aide Jefferson street, he* ween Third and reizek, B’. H. Fry, R. b. Willia, T. Eisfeldt.Z. Meignea, 
r.t^h. Lcuisville, Ky . seSfi Emelins Girac, Dwight, Jury on Musical Instrumen-.*; 

— George I. BristoW, becretary on Musical Insim- 

itev. A R. WOLFE, 




QvHfr* N . W.oornerOreen an.f -Taravbsiist* 



a. stantly on hand the^best quality of 

F Square Piano-Fortes, from the manu- 5^*1, at the lowest price. OmceaU^-^wer^^^^ 

1 (^13 factory of Uailett Si fiumston, Boston. V)’,VoEli « FULT8. 

J a m - A complete assortment of the above cel- JalJnins ti 

el rated instrumeLta on hand, and for sale at price* pK*.'*- L.LYIUER. 

th it esnnot fail to suit purchaser*. Every Piano i* 7*J0,000 » A Xa * 

fully warranted. Please call and examinemy stock. ^ FI-VVE ON HAN D ABOUT 700, <KKl 
CUAd°*J^“KE^^^ 8. feet Dry Pice Lu i*)er.comprising afairproportion 

Vefodtf 67 Third St. of sleai.sewud and thmd rate, and common, whic^ 

im deslMUsof selling ontic muchredu^ 
*• price* for cash or good paper. I 

llV.TtriTS> \ A7 7 l_» fpplar Lumber, Laths, Bhingles.&c. Thosein want of 

1.^ U £a.y\ XIa* l^rgelolsof Lumber (or smalllotsforcash) will sav* 

— g'QjtjjQORy , 

I ranklin Insurance Company, sedatf .legerson. above prestorstrea 


Purch*srr* will pleise write their signatures I ^ 
plain, and g ve th-ir Fosiofflce, couutv, and State. ocl: 

dills on all solvent b inks taken at par. ! 

C'^THriler* for tic'fet* or shares in the abjve Scheme ' ■ '» i 
addressed to J. Ci-co 5i Co , Charleston, 8. C , will be < | f 

promptly sttindeu to. _ . „ „ i 

ociVdkwlm J. CI3COACG.,Cliarle*toa,8. C. I 

tra fine Cranberries. In »fore and 
M 607 Market street, above Brock 


130 bWs No*. I and 2 Rosin; 

5. boxes No. 1 Soap; ^ 

By the Eirporiuai Real EaUtn i 

Ccinptfiy,»i i . .^1 


Or Mound City, Pula‘>ki County, 111., 
Coumiencing Weinesdny, Nov. 19, ISito. - 


ft and Manufacturing Company will hold a second \ 
sale of lots at Emiurium. fuiaskl county, Illinois, | 
Semmencing on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 19. 1816. and 
coiitinuirg from day to dayton which occasion there 
will be offeied a number o' lots of van«us grades and 


I*. J forsaleby CORNWALL i BRO- 


F L.YSI EB UK rAftio; 

White Sand; 

While FalU Lime; 

500 kegs assorted N'uU: for sale W 

• F R AN C I S Me H ARRY^ M 8*° f‘;t 
jp^ Between Eighth and Ninth 


iiiT*,dec’y. J A8*TRABC J5>Prei*t* 


Hon and punctuality .he still hoP** 


those m»ch-inquired-for and desiraliie Traveling ai 
or School Bonnets just received at 'uai 

or^nooi U. CANSON’g, 421 Market *t. ft : 

m-;nts. jeludiiwly 


Wiliiain Gay, 

J ames K. Breed, 
Jame* b. Litheow, 
James B. Wilder, 
mrs diuw 

William Garvin, 

John W. Anderson, 
William Hughes, 
Lawrence Richardtc n . 

of public patronage. He g 
the bestquaUty of Pittsburg 

He keeps ronttantl; 

y on vliaceut; having unlimited command of m*terialstor I 
ue' J every branch of manufactures, and a constantly in- i 

-^rrStSdto be whatitisr“preae ifealso ^Jing demand springing up in every direction 

kpepVt^bwl Coal.deUvered to ainy wround it for maiittlactured articles of every desenp- 

f 100 dosen Brooms: 

60 hhds prime New Orleans sugar, 

60 bblscrcushrd and powdered Jo; 

15>i bags Coffee; . 

3uO kegs Nails, assorted sues; 
luO bi'is superfine Flour; 

500 •■blsSalt; 

luO boxes V a. and Ky. Tobacco, 
lOi* dozen Buckets; 

60 nests Tubs: 

$U bales Cotton Batting; 

100,0O'i Cigars, various brands; 

60 boxes 8osp; 

60 boxes Candles; 

40 bblsPlantaUoD ^olaasea:^for^»aleb^ 

fall and winter wear.wdl be cmv.e.e in a 
day*. I shall still eedeavoT lo merit :he p^u »»ke in 
my new locat'on heie:of< resu «ene,on->y 
the c-usen* of LouirViile anosurr undi.' 4 “'•'[Z* 

sel7 dJm ^ ^ 

Burhaiian ami HlliuDre Mfdai:*. 


ft just iSJne-i the above-named Meaa.*,t*ke* th s 
method of into^^ming Pfhtica p^rfies aa ‘ ^ F*'** 
.feoerally that he can furnish any qn inli.y, by me 

do*en,hanured,orihon»ALd. . »«.* o 

tSr 8olt by F. Madden. C Higan k Co., and O 
1 tird str eet- 



.llaiiHlacturers of Pure Uidi-r > ine?ar 


Ww of dealcf* to our stock of Vineazr now in 
store and ready for sale. We have a large stock now 
on hand and expect to keep It up. an« will guarav. * 
it equal in quality t> any Cincinnati ar Pit.* urg Yin- 
tgar, and wiU tell to the trade al Cincinnati 
without the addition of freight*. Dealers sre 
follv solicited to eplland examine rnr stoeg. sex 


®^oapfor ale by CORNWALL A BEQ. 


selft JOHK li. CANNON’Sf 421 Market st. m my late tour inSurope, I obtained serersl new 

_ ■ ■ IniirumeDts and Remedies of incaicaiaule value in my 

M \7 UIT^I VL'alM ttlfiiyid A fASH specialuy. There is now rolhingknown tothe faculty 
y BUSINESS BEINO \ GABM hemispbere with which I am not familiar, 

one, I will *e'l for a verv *msU profit. which, combined with an extensive practice for 21' 

J AME8 B. WOOD. 461 Market street, vear* in the city of New York, enables me to restore 

teffi three doors above Fonrih, south side. 'SIGHT and HE.lRlNG ip many cases hitbertodeemed 

Gommercia Insurance Co* 


It U a so connected by railway with the north, east 

and west, and with the south and west by river, having 
an open and constant cutlet for all manner ol produc- t ® 
tion, and is upon the great highway of the commerce *5^4 
ofthe west and south. ,„,a **6»i 



Which, combined With an extftngive practice for ft' *ftCHOitiZBO Capital e-i. . noi?VfflT\T GTOPK 

years in the city of New York, enablei me to retiore pi.ib in amd &kccred IdO,000 llftRAND *8 rKcJlUJM qow or wiu os in acuve vpcraiiou a 

ho^lM****CataAct^poritfvriy”c^r^b^a^ew°^^ fS^HiS COMPANY IS COMPLETE- MILL is now admiUeiHo 1 ^ the ^ ‘‘xh^e^^tiale of lots by this compsny took place In 

Ari^n^^*n\S..%^nrt 1 fl[*“su'r; 

QranulaUon*,Clcer*,Film*or8pec*,and Wat-ry Eye, property against fire and on Merchandise on the pr»mium. At a recent trial with the estimation in which the idace is held, 

invariably; ^»o. Deafness, Singing in the E^, and and Inland routes; also, on Steamboat Fair Gro^ds of the Soutr.westeni Since the first »» «• »“ 

Discharges, by an entirely new process. My “Treatise or Vessel Hull*. M-rhanical association. It again h^s been laid out into lots embraeltg local on* pwu 

on the Eye'' (price 60 cenU), also ARTIFICIAL ®‘ ****'' DIRECTORS. . TtrtiJnd^^ow li^ly gdf pted for homes for mechanics and laboring 

EVES, which move and look exactly lUe the natural Thos.Qnigley, Jacob Keller, ‘‘’Sk.^*‘*’iri?,mWne*three°P'inciple#— that of cutting men*, being more remote from the center of bu*ineM,ta^ 

ej e, and are inserted witbont an operation, and all Thomas II. Hunt, Edwin Mortis, Tv?*!.!^'iVi° «te^l blade^w^ih of crushing and j„ the immediate neighborhood of tte maimfMtnnM 

ifcmedles, forwarded by mall. CamsulUUioaj by UtUr inomaaaa “jj. X. Gardner. and stronger, and less liable district, where the ground be bad at low rates, m 

wcrtF* mt^eial attratiok- THOb!j. MARTIN , President. of rewS, tb^ null before Sim. toie fine busine-s and J^! 

JAB. W. POWELL, M.D., Oculist, Anrist, Ac., p. B. Atwoob, Becretary. '’'‘‘•.rS *u?s more easily adjnwrt. being set coarse of whlchwiUbe so.d to the highest bidder, without re- 

JelOdkwly Offices 802 Broadway, N.t. ^^(»ffi,C^orfhw"s^rne ‘Lejpnblic. Itmmofo^ „ 

hostlirs. jy9dinsly <>' ®°« uieJfoi cutting and grinT No by-bidding will be allowed: every lot offered, on 

1 * ^Tvvn m zj n WT m «7 steeU. npstairirt ii ^i ^Id It incite usee loicu a which a bd is made, will be sold; the Board of Diw- 



Dreis HaU, which is *0 much admired. I 
'•hxv# just finished a full supply for to-”' ~ 
day’saaie*. JAMES B. WOOD, 4*1 Harketst.. 
e 27 three doors above Fourth, south s ide. 

mihTtHOSE whom IT MAY CON- 

ft oem, I am selling the finest quality and most 
faj^onUiie style of Dress »*«* fo^yMES B. WOOD. 


ft ly organized and ready to engage in a genert 


Green Tea*.-We have on hand » 

fresh assortment of very choice Black Md 

lor i'sffsf;y.“*oi'7‘- 

received and 7'?I “ fJ?! 


k SON. 499 Market ft. 


HaU, Cloth and Plush Caps, for Men »nd B^s 

£$C'/7j JAMKO B« w UUI/e 


mere Hats made to order. 


Discharges, by an entirely new process. My “Treatise I 
on the Kye^' (price 60 cents), also AKTIFICIaL 
EYES, which move and look exactly line the natnral | 

ty e, and are inserted witbont an operation, and all 
BUmedies, forwarded by mail. Camsaltatioat by UtUr 
rocriva »McUl atUntioa- „ . . . I 

JAB. W. POWELL, M.D., Oculist, Anrist, Ac., 

JelO dkwly Offices 602 Broadway, N. Y. 

XI. i*.,v/caii*v,AHri*i,«i.c.| 
0ffices602 Broadway, N.Y. 



ft and beautiful art of omamenting the simplest 

A "Many «nd valuable improvement* are going up, such J.f.LANHAM ACU-, 

A t^l llSIlCl • asSaw Milis, Mach;ne Shop ^d Founder, Man^ne clte^ tor cain Tea*. Ao.. Third street. 

RAND’S are now or WiU b* in active operation within a very 5(H> DOZEN 


Jya streceivedjnKor^ Ueby^ ^^ 49» Ma rket .» 

R ope. 2k> coils m a \ i ll 

Rope for sal* b y tnol l CU RD A CO. 

in store , WaU street. 

H ominy, id bbls extra boxes 

fine Hominy 417 Mi^ket *t. 1. ^ factmed Tobacco in store and qq 

■CRANBERRIES. JUST KECEIV- Dalley’5 Magical Pain EatUacloi. 

ft eharacterirtica nf DALLET*3 MAGICAL PAIN 

M EHAFFEY’S KXTRA PAMILV *-XTRactob^w^j.j^^^ ^ 

Floor, also sack Plojjji j» ““f* v«trei*t ^ soon a* applied 10 any external iBjnrj . to CMsck lu- 
oc26 HIBBITT A pON, 49» Market st. ^^^f„^7",tanily, and rapidly to reduce iL Tlu* 


60V bags Rio Orffee: 

60 mau old Java Coffee; 

300 pieces choice hand-loom Bagging, 
lOU ciRg choice band-made Rope; 

60 hale* choice Twine; 

'io pkgs U. P.,OoioDg, and Souchong Teas, 

20 basket* Champagne Wine; . 

100 bale* Jean* and Linaey, various brands. 


r Washboards fcr sal* by 

r sal* by cURD ■ CO. 


I in (tore and for »aJo by 


HaU, Cloth and Plush Caps, fofi Hen and B^* Vessel to resemble the Fwasr P*intbb Chims, 

[se27j JAMKB M. w wt;. ^,iit/te*7t**e**t,lscreatinganlinmen*eexcitement. 

■ , __ . sroi* * a.-r» n a aai Ladies and gentlemen are alike fascinated vrith this 


' mint for children and schools, encouraging a taste for I the store of D 8. ^nedict. 

grace in design and harmony in the arrsngemeDt of 
colors. The whole art can be perfecUy acquired iB half 


HiT 8 ASDC 4 ^ il'L i'* '“"’cOXTBlfTl’SiABTft CO.,WholM.leBtor., 

H.WES, CR-ViG & CO. ARE jelOdAwly 502 Broadway, N.V. 

WIKtirepared to meet any demand for HATS, CAPS, ' ^ ~~ 

'"ind fancy FCRg, and at prices equally a* 

- —7 — fu -j- , rt rutabagas; and wiin a which abd ismane, wiii oe ........ 

, , .11 I jT lb* ‘“'’J'*’*,L?^i*’w:iientMd grind corn with tors reserving to themselves the privilege of duconUn- 

Louisville lusurance tonipany. Kdon^ uingttesj^o^ opinion, the 

; a^FFICE on THE NORTH SIDE **T*^ehealth**o?^i* spot is equal to any spot on ths 

: O of Myinstr^C^^n Third and Fourth, ovei Ke”*i.e"n ’use- 

5 ?52.^l“nVt^7:p aud\l^^^^ andbus- 

Chi^^ (Japital.... ,xe. can ‘em up and nave itgriM^^ In * word.ln iufaciUtiesfor aUmtehanical andbus- 

Paid In andSacured .•.• • IW.W Mr*. Hswkin* andjhalner. o^ne i„^ onersUons. we may safely challenge any other 

This Oomow being now orgsmiz^. M strwt. ne.r Pwton . hw SSJurin the great valley ql the 

^Ind FANCY FURS, and at price* equally a* 

i0W as'he same esD be had in any eastern citg. 

Their Slock is nDasaslly large andbeautifully varied 

examining theD goods before purchasing. 
r7i doseo Saxony Wool Hats; 

260 do assorted soft Far HaU; 

Vresh from their factory, Just added to tbair a**^ 
Bcnt. ^ 

Hat« and Caps. 

» gentlemen O Yoft 

LonisTilte and strangers from all paitsSS 
of the enuBtry wuwng to buy cheap 
Bate and Caps.sri'l do weif by caDlnc at 

MILLER’S cheap Hat and Cap Store 
auSVuOm Ml Market St., bet. First and Beeoi 

K id glove cleaner ! an im- 

nortant Discovery to the Eoonomist— Something 
KnUrvlr New ! ! — Just imported, “JOUVEN*8 INODO- 
ROUS PREPARATION,’’ for instantly CLsaniie KID 
GLOVES, witbont the slightest SMELL. Rnb a small 
portion on the Glove, and the dirtinstantlT disappears; 
wn be worn immediately afterwards. One bottle is 
warranted to clean fifty pair of Glove*. Price 60 cent*. 
Tev it before bus ing. All the agents are presented with 

riJice on Hulls of Steamboats, on Cargoes by same, ty 
V :s#els at sea, and by the usual modes of inland Iran* 
p'irtaUon, and also on Buildings, ete., against loss oi 
d>mageby fire. D 8. BENEDICT, President. 

Wk. Pratubu, Secretary. 


BenJ.J. Adams, ^ A. Gordon, 

FalU City losunincc Compaiy, 

Interest per annum, troip nay Ol saie. a eeruncaio ui 

purchase, executed on the day of sale, enfitUng the 

Qalorit TTpilit &■ Ornainpnlal Tr66S paym^tVf*the*pu^ase mone^ Any purchaser (rf la •*‘**®* ‘•^q^LL^OHER A CO 

Select l^ruit urnamenui ireeb. fotUo^shaue^^^^^^^^^ upoo^sot Main*^^iiSV.*GauHou 

« WE HAVE ON HAND AMA {he same after the style of modem wchUecture. not — — 

choice and large collection of Fruit Trees.” SUNDRIES. 

^ liaSf" 

X.o' bronghtsntln Uie hateby Ohristadoro’smatchless 
ri vitaliaing Hair-Dye, and those jsroduesd hv apptiea- 
tion of the burning fluids ordinarily sold as Hair- Dyes. 
Yoa see at once that the oolor is nataral in one case, 
and nnnatural is the other ; and the simple roasoii is, 
that Christadoro’si* the OHLT preparation whteh,i7tts 
exactobeaieal comUnatlon, operates on natural and 
immutable prindplea. Mude.sold, andimpned rinten 
ptlvate rooms) at Chrie(«doro‘s,6 Astor Hobs*, Broad- 
way, New York. Also, Mr sale by the priaoipal Drag- 

ehandite,and property . ^ ,p„rtd«it 

J. L. Dmnforth, Baerotary . 


Wm.l.Snoddy, Chs.Q. Armatrong, 

JamofBridgeroTff, H. A.DumesnU, 

David R.Fouug. Jahu A. Doslop. 





ToiA AgusHe-W.M.Lerym wo., wara,uioM |4 ^ DomuMlo PieklM oi 

• f vpitkitreM. h^Mid te .ale 00 ., Thkd M. 

R OBEKi uonniv, nrxviivw ikn- 

noved from hit old stand, on Market street, to 



TXTRA flour. 160 BBLS VA 

By order of the of 

J. Obuwolb. Secretary. oeJO deodA wt* 


4 MarketBaakeUat ANDERSONt. 

R efined sugars. :iho bbls 

(Pushed and Powdered *■*»«/ or»jJJL£t . w 

Vinegar I Vlnecai 1 1 

ft BoiiFWftllftec 

aortaaent M Foreign and DoaMtle Pieklw oo j delivered we of ebggtate (he 

1 aod te sale cheapTor cash ^ I a*eiy am*— 

6 jT».liAllHAirAOO„Thlrdit. * 


..... — , ifft Third eAeetJjOUjg^SjiSiv 

■ thel JCirieuakeaudiwhitaWl*jatPiourin More and Ibr CKMr Flue gar. Dealaran*»iedAt (HaoluaaH mmm. 
JM ' 5m ^ lo«“J P.FRRMU80N A BOM. ' Vlaega* wa*ran»*d. ^ . J 

■y., maaatactiarffs of 
■ddkk OiaotaSMMfv^ 

. IlilliV BKSOtMT, 




BmI lid*, V>«twMn Marliet *nd Jefferson «tr««U. 

VV.o?nu“ir“ »r* J‘h«ie5*4“y*^.“«‘.Vr .<j«err*oi I tous pronouLccth judgment: 
lioe* *»«te »*•» *r»; intertlon, end :«enty-n»e I men who Totej for < 

eantt eecfc««bee<'"*n'tneertior 

BPBtimcDto of Dtnck Repnb'lcan DU 

IUt. Johi: L«mb, o! Mount Virnon, Oaio,tba; 
Meketh to convert Mlterors ia tna C>i::ii.nati 
platform : 

“ A.o> lavn wbo wi'l sUcl upon tbe ClneiMitti 
pliUorui, till laoe ui<d heart are ai black u kell 
and eamnation." 

The Rer. Black Rspublican in Danrille, Ohio, 


Kkw Youi, SoT.4. Boutom, 

Tho elMliiM prllj in thii dry and Br< oklyn The Toting to-day ha* been aciiTe. The billot 
were cronded at an early hour this morning, by atnoonttood: Fremont, S COO; Bacbaaan, i 400 5 8CHUOL !S UMDhR THE 

erneat bat orderly miMoecfrotere. TheFiUmore Pilim-re, 1.600. Mr. Burlirgame la getiiag a 
men are dUtributing the Baohaaaa ei.«toral laongTote. ???. 

ticket with their own State tioket. New You, Njt. 6th, l,r. m. 

New Yo»r.Nov. 5— l.a. M. Boston eity— Fremont hai 2100 plurality. The 

James Buchanan will 

ef iitoatiooi Wented. tellfiona. anrely go 10 helit” 

h irit able. Marri aye and Obltoar> Notice#. ef llT* , 

Inei orleta,areeher«fdtwenty-fiTt 

eertioB. ...... . hi 

r^adeertliementrpubliihedinthemorrltipepe rj-ion 
rs ntenedlBtheeeenlnaedition at half price. uuiuu. 

r^ALL raaaaiaai AoraaTisaiiBaTt raraaLa la 
aOTaMcc. „ 

Rev. T. Rom thus carcastly hopeth: 

<1 hare great hopes of the overthrow of tbe 

I *^N E W YORK. 

j Kkw You, SoT.4. 

I Tbv eluelion polls in tkii dry and Br< oklyn 

ticket with their own State ticket. 

Louisvilla AtC^neum. 

rf^ins 8CHUOL !8 UiNDhR THE 

M- care ef Mr A. eli.tUQHTBS. lie bai rec'nily 

New Yobr,Nov. 5— 1,A. M. Boston oity— rremont nai ziow plurality, tne 

«A0keU'a Harbor— Fremont, 133 ; BuiiiAua*, country towns generally come in with republican 


The red hearts were thrown about the city 

Rev. Mr. Brewer thus tonebeth the doctrine of 
“peace on eartS:'* 

“I am in favor of going to Kansss, and using 
/ire-arm* to ki.l the ratcall.” 

Rev. Mr. Lovejoy tbu^expresseth his wish to go 

yesterday profusely. We bad been assured that as a missionary to Kansas: 
these sigue of a secret organisstion had beet “I am williog Wg> to Kapaa- either a|^ cap- 
abandoned ; or that the party that used then „ 

formerly was open as other parties are ; but these Laadon thus exhorteth: 

•iguals of dUtrcsi scattered about diacredit all 1 Let the con* itution of the Coited States be! 

■ nch pretenses. Sensible and pstriotio men ought trampled under foot, and trust to God for a better 
to aee that all such cx,>edients are as unprofitable ‘^ne! ' 

in tbe long run as they are unworthy of freemen. 
They remind ns only of tbe dark and bloody days 
of revolution, and ill comport with the epen manly 
action of freemen who are expressing their pre- 
fereuoes fur a pnblio servaoE Such expediecB 
disgust men of sober sense who properly appre- 
eiste our iusututioni. Tney have repelled met 
from a par y that usse them, and will beocm* 
mire and mireolious the longer they are ns :d. 

Rev. Mr. Tibbeti that prayeth: | 

‘‘That Gud will tarn President Pierce from tbe 
error of his wsys; b.l,if he cannot do that, that | 
ue will take him out ot the world I" 

Rev. George W. Julian thus aivisetb: j 

^SMaBstrig^ FH 

Hail to the Union! 



THA HOaOaaD aao TllfXRaBLI ^ 


A!SD THR saaODTaairr or c 

&&iEiicy SEnociKYri 





^ a... H..,, W„d .... gilECI^LNKlUGE, 

“Any man that votes for Buchanan is guilty of ' ^ 

We understand that the white heart with r ommitiinga hein ms crime in the sight of Gjd; 
b’.aek crtsi on it was also employed, which giver « h® draws bis hand away from the ballot- 

. ... , . b X, it Will turn red with blood." 

BotiM to cems armed. AU was peace and tjuiet- j 01 1. t> ui . #» .v 

. , . ■ ■ , I, J J d A Rsvcrjod black Republican at Oswego thus 

ners.aod puh.i: t pinion i judly demanded peace , , ^ . 

, -v u reniereth dcotiion: I 

and, of ooarte, suca a signal, with SQoh a mean r.wj j . .v 

’ ’ . . A man oannot be a Christian, rnd vote the 

ins, ought to subject the persons guilty of lU dis D^njocratic ticket.” 

tribation to the execration and eoom of all g Jamss thus expouudeth on the virtues 

respectable men. ,f '‘FmAinQU] salpnre:" 

We do not impale inch deed] to tbe Americai ‘‘Tnere have bean plenty of meetings and repo- 
party in mass; for they would not be guilty o' lotions in favor of freedom. The best way wonld 
sack aa outrage, but tha fact shows the restle:> ■»« to ram toe resolutioni down with powder and 
and lawless mawial that had to be oonlrolled *a I upon the top of it. _ , 

, . . . . 1 k.. . i» tssTereuj uia:a nsuuoiicaa ruus 

and It ebuWi what penis any eommnnily has t “ 

. , .. . thus ex.oresscth hts disregard of bloodihe 

meal in tolerating sash expedients in politicar ' ° 

„ , „• ‘-I pray daily that this acenrsed Uniui 

action. Human nature IS not quite saintly enongn ,. ^ . , . . . . . 

• ’ , iis8olved,oven if bljod have to bo SLi.t. 

to bs trns‘.«d with sash vicious sxpodlenu sane . . .u v . 

....... Aro not these beautifu expressions to 

tiouei. Tesy are too liaole to be abused by me: . . / 

J . . oy ministers of the getpil of the meek 1 

Who love riot and disorder, ani feast on the mis- 

ch ef they work to Kciot^ — . , • . he eaj ing of Christ when hecast out th 

It ii to.> law now for effect. Thsi^oryu told r .u * i ii\§ u 

^ , ^bAOKcra from tbd temple: hoaso 

but it i. time for men to reflect seriously on the ^ ^ 

past We have bad new elemeat. ,n Amenc.i ^ i 

politics, vielons we have insis.< t ey {jcANDaLors — Elder Swan, of New London, ' Hay's Springs, 

were, and tbe pnblie will DO donbt conclnde that ,, ... . 

Cjnn.,in one of his political leotnre.4 a 

they are not only vicionr, but exceedingly nn> ■ , ,.r . . . u 

* ' ' ’ “ icos sail: “I want ono mire telegraph wi 

profitable^ ««nt it to lead slraiirht to hell, and I 

Democratic ticket.” ’ Bcats the Greasy Tennessean 

Rsv. H. James thus exponudeth on the virtnes TTnmft j 

)f ‘‘villainouj salpjire:” * 

“Tnere have bean plenty of meetings and rcPO- IT I? V T TT r» L' V 

lutious in favor of freedom. Tha best way would JiJfirt X U UiVl. 

^•l^Don thVtoD*?ii''^ puNder and 1 qj. loCISVILLE AND JEFFERSON 

A It ..1. I COUNTY. 

>a'l upon the top of it. 

A Rtvarend B>a;k Republican at Ponghkoepsle 
thns cXroresseth bis disregard of bloodshed: 

103 ; Fillm re, 3'i. ( 

Oswego County — The town of Riehlacd gives 
Fremont 520; Butbanao,193; Fillmore, 82. ■ 

Volney Count} — Fremont, 164; Buchanan, 335; 
Fillmore, 136. < 

i Oswigt City — Bnohanan, 963; Fremont, 935; 
Fillmore, 330, 

Onadegu Crnnty — Fteuont, 053; Bacnanu, 
219; Fillmore, 90. 

Van Boren County, Seeond District— Fremont, 
205; Fillmore, 57; Baohaneo, 20. ^ 

Ontario County — In five towns, Fillmore, 739; ' ' 
Fremont, 1519; Buchanan, 428. I 

Seneca County — Fremont, 651; Buohantn, 236;' 
F I'more, 310. j 

Phelps County— Fremont, 419; Bueomaii, 863; | 
Fillmore, 267. j 

Caega County— Anbnra City gives Fremont | 
857; Buchanan, 222; Fillmore, 537. | 

Fsrrysburg— Frtmoot, 233 ; Buohanan, 400; ' 
Fillmote, 38. ; 

Glean— Fremont, 210 ; Buchanan, 50; Fill- ' 
more, 44. | 

Portville— Fremont 1S9, Buchanan 65, Fill- 1 

mire 0. j 

Bucktooeh— Fremont 51; Buchanan 13, Fill- 
more 90. j 

Allegheny— Fremont 154, Buchanan 53; Fill- ' 
more 77. j 

Wcbtfiald — Fremont 858; Bashaimn 145; Fill- ; 
more 94. 

Portland — Fillmore 177, Fremont 165;Baohan- 
an 10. 

Pooafret— Fremont 572; Fillmore 497; Buchan- , 
an 351. 

Lillie Valley— Fremont 111; Fillmore 63; Bu- 
ohanan 15. 


.... . . * and Wra. 1 .SlAnehttr 

Msssarhufctu gives Fremont e large plnnuUy t At>oui arty aouduL 

and possibly a majcri‘y over all. 

A ocitrot Languages. tiy Prot. ^ebenek* 

Eicnch Languaae, bv Pr»i UailBen. i 

German Kid Music, ry Prof Knoefcl. I 

PenmaiiShlp, I'y Vrof McManus. 

Uachema irt and Cuglisb Braachas, A. Blaughter 
and Mrs. i .Slanghtir. 

About fifty >ouDg ladlea and lentlemcn are attend- , 
Ing^aN.ghtCUa-es. } 

Cjr Terms per q inrter, full coarse, 433; parUat | 

L0 1 TEHIb> 

Swan & To/s LMUrrlcs. 

'actuobized by tub f tat* Cl a; 

uKained tbe services of arerret emioent Teachers, , s skSa 

and prumi^eatbe public that this Bohuol aball not be: ^ wB If ... 4f 19 Ij 

as celled by any Heboul in the west. The oourse of ^ ^ ^ 

TO BE H. 4 i> FOR $10 

Picnch Langusae, by Pr»i UailBen. i ^ 

German Kid Music, ry Prof Knoefcl. 1 , a,.,. a , 

PenmaiiBhlp, by Vrof McManus. Ssidtlslaril Sfiliiltir. Ar*- . 

^aOiema ira and Cugliah Braachss, A. Blaughter j DtliUli « 

Msssa'/husetu gives Fremont n large plnralicy I *Abou*firiy^‘^ouagradlea and gentlemen are attend- , LOTTERYl 

Ing^eNightCUa-rs. } — 

Cir Terms per <1 inrter, fall coarse, 430; parUat I , 1^., I 

n.rdrerii tlcfiCrd GiVernor. WKellrgemK fr,r I course, per month. A3 M. i a.-in»ew» 

^ , , “ i further earucularr, inquire at the Behool | rmtO BE DRAWN IN TH F (IT V l) 

0 nSTfCC is probably defeated. j Boom*, on Jelferiun street, between Y,r»l and Brno a, ' ■ ,, *, vr « tut* 

o-niirw >• F J lionthaide nrfi dtdelhe i ■ Montgomery, Alab«w a. le pabnr, a Til C . 

- — ~ — ~ ; ~ r I — — IDaT.Msv. it. Iseb.cDtlePUnof eualrNuattcra. 

LOU IrilAN A. I JOS H.coLSTOa w. H. SMiraaa raaax UKSPaA. , 

NxwOBLhAKd.Nov 5,1 a.ii. i 1 II i’lil ^TnV X ( ft I _"aMDltl.l‘WA^.Man,s^_ 

The parish of New OrleAcs gives Fillmore 3,437. 1 Hs LULiljlU.1 U» lUs^ 8» two I M iK fe, I ^ o ^ L i '! 

The parish of Jrffarson give Fillmore 590 maj >r- j I'il^ORTBKS AND WUOLB3ALB DB ALBBS IN j PrlMR Amcui.ifng 10 $2Cc,000, 
Ity.biith are large gains. The retnrni from ihe f ancy Rcd Staple Dry QOOds, ' accurviuis u- the fot.jwisg a 

connuy parishes show largo Dr mocratio gains. I CLOlH-S ^iPrtaeef... ..4»'004 S Pr ies ef. 4' •' 

— I OkSrUMEREa, ii « st.txu *. • 


Maniamt Nov 4. ENGLItsH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ;i •< V.!!.'.”.".'!!! I" “to no •• i* 

Madisom, NOV. 4. and AMERICAN Fancy AND VARIETY ii •' »,•«»> 1.4 - 

Fremont 1007; Biebanan 885; Fillmore 132. GOODS, ' IPrtietof 

T/.s’wKBi* iKWep-nn To Miin Street, between Fifth and Sixth, i APPROXIMATION TTvlZES. 

bfliLBT Township, Jefferson Co. LOUtsyiLLH, ky. 4 priseoiana-approi gtoesc, '' ptaeare.. 41 ■> 

Fremont 225, Buchanan 53; FiUmora 47. %%'' E MOST K tSPRCTFULLY ; 4 » ^ *.* •/. j 

.. „ ..T . I w W callthe Sttenlioii of car frlands and eoun rs ! s •« ia<o •• li'-.sA m '* 

Oirdceris tlcctid Ojvernor. Bnrlitgama for 1 ®®“^'.t>«r month, 43 M. o 

^ B _ tjr sur further oerticularr, inquire at the Pehoel | 

0 nSTtaS is probably defeated. I Room«.on Jelfcriun street, betwetn YiVtl and Brnoa, ■ 

" = 1 i onth aide oc« dtdelhe i 

LOU 181AN a. I JOS H.coLSToa w. H. sMiraaa raAaxLKSPai 

Nxw OauiAKd, Nov. 5, 1 A. u. j | || f jll VT||V .V,' ( ft 

The parish of New OrleAcs gives Fillmore 3,437. 1 Hs LULiljlU.1 U» lUsj 

The parish of Jefferson give Fillmore 590 maj -r- j IMPORTBES AND WUOLB3ALB DB ALBBS IN 


J. II. CULSrO.N k 10., 

; connuy parishes show largo Democratic gains. 


< Madison, Nov. 4. 

I Fremont 1007; B lebanan 885; Fillmore 132. 

! Shilbt Township, Jefferson Co. 

^ I Fremont 225, Buchanan 53; Fillmora 47. 
j NkW Yob* Nov. 5ib, 1, p.k. 

▼ w callthe attenttOD of oar fntodt and eoon ry 
merchaoit g«oeral1> to our varied %o«l wellaMortcd 

St. -ooeph county, Ind., S.-nth Brandith, gives 

Rennblican majority of about 350. 1 paw-d by any jobaiug h >uje Eart or West. 

...... ™ 1 aulidlmiir. 


Fillm’o. Frem’k 

First Ward, ; 

: 351 



^ecKnd Ward, ; 




Ttiri Ward, : 



Fiiorth Ward, : 




Fifth Ward, : 

: 2S3 



.''ixih Ward, : 



■4evetilh Ward, 

: 170 


Riifhth Ward, : 



, i'orUand, : : 

t 115 







■ Two-Mile Hmse, 



' Hay’s ^<priog8, : 

: 101 


! Gilmen’?, : : 



I Tbe Llbwing i* the vote of Floydshnrg, 


mere 27. ity. 

New Albion — Fremont 210; Bnohanan 39; Fill- Kenosha 00., Keno 
mere 27. jotiiy. 

Henrvtr, Focond distiict— Fremont 113; Fill- Two town? 203 Fr* 
j mt re 108s Buchanan 31. Milwankie — 3 ren 

j Toe returns from 11 warog in New York city. Republican gain 200 
j oimplete, foot up Buohanan 20 926,Fiiimore8,663; 

1 Fremon- 7,575, shewing a Dumocratio gain ever JVl 1 

I last year of about 5,500; Ameiican gain of 400, Calhoun C 'unty— 

j and Rspnbiican gain of 5 000. majority. 

I . Dnnkirk— Buchanan 2S3; Fremont 171; Fill- MISS 

I The Demccratio majority in Fort Wayne City ' 

' la 940. and in the enunty probub y 1 800. 



New Uelbaks, Nov. 4. 

j Tbe partial retnrss from Georgia show that tbe 
I Democrats have gained, and probably oarrsed tbe 
J State by 15,000. 

! A L A B A M X . 

Nxw Orleans, Nov. 5. 

In Mobile, Fillmore has 1559 nisjurity. State 1 
largely Damocratio. 


Milwankie City — RepnbUcan msjority 836; 

' Demreratic gain 730. 

Racine 00. ai.d two town? — Fremont 950 msjot- 

Kenosha 00., Kenosha city — Fremoct 150 ma- 

Two town? 203 Fremont majority. 

Milwankie — 3 town:; — Fremont 401 majorlt}; 



in ihe IKke'S. ere pl.ccd id out akeri T'.r bni 

P.\YI.\0 THE H1GHF8T - pritrs *r riacrd m anotb. r ■ Lrd A • ar in i> >' 

> a r. . D x ¥-»r> u _ ; 'r m ihe I ou.b¥r eh— I, *• d Kl lb- Ma.r lie r a i . 

nc# for 8 BCOND-D AND PLENITCRS, ■ orKwr from tie oth- r wl.« ti. Tb. iie i r»e n 

.4 : olarrd eKe-u-t Ihe 1 UD;> rr d- »»Ti llUutr. iiv 

"R*D FRONT. I repeated onlil ail the piitrs K'r >ir»er u: 

SOI Market street, between Second and ! Approaimatiou e-iu. ».-I he t». pi-.r ainr aBd 

I two aeectcdicg raKbrrr le thi rc C- i»ir> it* trtt 
exchanged fir old. eeiidlns , uriea will 'oe mtu e«i to U eo.o a| pivX.b.uML pr 

■ ; accurdina to the »cb r e 

I ■ aa <1 ax r, a-i av axaxi^xn ' In f r erinaliekra. inclo-e iNe orreto a 'x 

mil i( i Ii liiiiw 

ilDLiiuLll DiiUi3.5 , 


« Jk IkT e-i wy : pl -iP. ai J giae he:r Pu*p It e,e- OMJ . ai d t u e. 

X axN W X : or Ktaiemoar bal carry yi.aei;: Oraar.aPJy 

’.le in lui. wiibc-et J. doitn n 

B' .7 Wh D Qf All pr tt» ol SI u»» ai <* andrr. paid la t edi_ 

■ ' hi ■■ 11 B* I rlier the araaics—ouei priica ti he urua. ua 

^rm. cash price for 8BCOND-DAND rCENlTCRB, 
at the 


Nos. SOX and SOI Market street, between Second and 

N. B New exchanged fir old. eeiidlns 

Prtte ef aS'.OIM S Fr ies ef. 

•• A;,e«.ti A ■' 

•• kU.i'4 E. •• 

•• l-,*- Ii “ 

M Ill MIU lio »• 

•• 4,iiai 1.4 •• 

i Frliet of 3.IM 

approximation TTvlZEa. 

4 priseol 44?' approx gtb4SD. >’ prae are 
4 “ EL *• »I :■ 

4 “ 3E4 “ ki'-lau •• 

4 II EM •• li “ 

4 « I7S “ I' 

4 “ l;« •• SueO “ 

a •• #1 •• X.- •* 

4B " “ 

80 •• Si “ M4 •• 

IDO •• 3 - 4-: •• 

SCO •• E» •• E 4 « 

|.hr*Tbe following Extra was distribnted all 
through Jeffsrsonviile, on Saturday. To wba 
da pera-.e leng'hs of mendacity will not the*? 
tr4asjnable factious go T 

Kepubrenn Fxtr<t. 

lerraasaaviLLB, Indian*. )* r m . N.<ve3ibei It', 18S! \ 
We have tun r csiret priratr iQt^ll ernre fron 
Cio'lnnat', s a’.ioe ’hat Toa Corwin ia here, apeak- 
Ge ii f.vir 'll Pre-noa: ‘I'-a oi hew 

J r* - y . h *• *'• a l*k n he fi Id for P K E W* I S' T. 

A s >' -ikl m-«» n ji-r baa neen aent ir*.m Ne* York 
to I “ <1 in* *i.d I Itnait >0 CO eey the int. Iliemce to 
the Pi n-ori pany ihtt N '• Y’ork <• sif- f .r PILL 
Mirk anilh.t n t..i< cor.t nre cy, iLee ihauld b< 
M't •ee <11 c k‘. their votes to ai to deieat BacOaoaii U, 
ladi ink »nu il inois 

w Kouneta Riyoor and J. M Botts have 
ea?h written a letter, advising the people of Pecn- 
gylrania to vote the Uoiou ticket; that is the 
eomm >0 ticket for Fremont and Fillmoro. Thir 

«ant it to lead straight to bell, and I want to ham county, at the closing of tbe polls : Buchanan 
-eud the first diepatch on it, and tell Jnias lacariot \ 91, Fillmore 23. 

ui move one aide to make room for Franklin ! LlXlKGTON, Nov. 4. 

to move one side to make room for Franklin 1 ojaxiMiTON, hot. *. « 

Pierce” 1 The K. N. majority in Fajette county will not 18. 

I exoeed three hanlrod. The retnrn? from Josia- Perry, Lake co— Fremont 20; Buohanan 81, Fill- 
Proclum -111011 liy the tluvernor. i • • j- . u . . . .u . 

,, mine indicate about a tie vote in the county, more nothing. 

LxecltiVk Office, rHasxFOHT. ». .. „ . . x, r, . r. . ,, ..... , I 

In puriuance ot an etiaolunel cu.ium, it is ! Kaow-Nothingi will carrv the city. The Mentor— Fremont 251; Bachanan 61; Fillmore 4. 

teemed appropnaui t.i set apart a d ly in each year, : Dem vtrals wilt carry Breckinridge's precinct. Troy— Buchanan 2233, Fillmora I67fl; Fremont 
«ben ihe pe -p;#, liyiog aiiio tUoir daily av joa- 1 WoodfoeJ oonnty will not give over two hundred e547. 
lens, may a^teuible logether to p--eseai to Him p- v _ _ v .v: 1 . . >• 

Jho rale? on high the off.riog e grateful heart-, | ^ now-.Nothing I0MO8 Ala 

or iog? which have been bestowed upon ihem j LiXiKOTON Ncv. 4 Fremc 

in K.utdl. HI profusion. . „ i This city wont for the Koow-.Nothings by 29 

Toe prrsjui IS a of the year naturally, . . „ , v. . . 1.5*7 

oisooiaied with a ilema ani seriou? tu.ouiht. Tna .majority. Fayette oonnty K. N. by SQO. Large ^ 

jbo rate? on high the uif.riag e grateful heart-, i ^ 

or ing? which have been bestowed upon ihem | 

10 b.>ui.dtiiis profusion. ; Xhis citv i 

Toe prrsjui is a aaas.m of tbe year naturally ! . . 

oisooiaied with a ilema ani seriou? tu.oufht. Tna | ms j only, i 
UD has wiibirawa bisfurvant heU, and ihe earth K. N. loBi. 

? now sheiding her orowo of gl ry. Tne winls | 

ire scattering ihefa'liug leaver, an 1 iho language Fillmoro's 

.f na'ure uiiogles its Vuice wi-hthatof rtvola- c.. t. ,1.,, 

-ion, and Bumm .III us to prostra’e oursilves ia ad 

■raiion, and, with ejntriia and gratetui neart-, to Nothing loss. 

Fremon. 7,575, shewing a Domocratio gain over MICHIGAN. j 

last year of about 5,600; Ameiican gain of 400, Calhoun C >unty-EI-vea towns give 800 Rsp I 

and Rspnbiican gain of 5 000. tnijority. I 

, Dankirk- Buchanan 233; Fremont 171; Fill- MISSI 8 ISIPPI. j 

.. • NkwOblian 8 ,Njv. 5,1 A M. ; 

Fredonia-Fremonl 401; Fillmora 885; Bnckan- Demoorati. 

1 Ini ! 

Ger-cvi. — Fremont 305; Bachanan 48; Fillmora ■ — l 

18. VERMONT. i 

Perry, Lake co— Fremont 20; Buchanan 81, Fill- Vermont gives Fremont a large msjorlty. i 

more nothing. ; TT ~ ! 

Mentor — Fremont 251; Bachanan 51; Fillmore 4. ' M A II Y Is A N G. j 

Troy— Buchanan 2233, Fillmora I67fl; Fremont j Baltimore, Nov. 4 1 

e547. 1 CoDtiderabls rioting has occurred at the po'L f 

Alaany City— Bachanan 432, Fillmora 2736' i in various Ward.-,during which p’stols were free!} I 
Fremont 2035. 1 used. Several persons have been shot, and me I 

Richestar — Frem't 2811; Baob'n 2326; Fill're | man is reported faieilv wounded. | 



fill lillfifil, 



Cloaks & Talmas 



laeicg— ntiei u 

ObAfOoW, Nov. 4. 

Livingston county — Frem’t 885; FiH'ra 875; 
Hach’n 573. 

Fillmoro’s majority in this county will not bo j Niagara county- 2 towns, Frem’t 1302; Fill’re 
far from throe hundred and seventy -five. Enow- 1 S30; Bush’n 644. 

“'‘“’''-^.. 1 “'..., NOTIONS. 

CoDtiderablB rioting has occurred at the po'b r £ fC., E TO., 

in various Ward.-,duriug which p’kto!. were Deel} I ^ 

used. Several peuens have been shot, and tne i / iT|J QT a I ij -i\ 

man is reported faieilv wounded. I ( ^ ‘ ^ , -i -ww- 

1 ^ XjO'U.ijs^lllo, 

EIrctioa New? from Piivale S.>arcc6 i % 7 p; >1 O H T R K.SP KC 1’ FL' LLN 

We are inform'd that private dispatches fiom vw oallths atteatioc of ourfren -s, and morve?. 

.w n> .. ........./.-.a f.e Lew namioretir ,?tcial'y tbe counlry merchants, to our large and »e. 

the East give assoraaces of be*vy u«mi.crAiic of / a LL GOoDc. Utvlag consi.niL 

'eturo bumble thanks for a 1 tne goodness and LxxiKOTOK, Nov. 4 

n^rcyof G>d. and lookiog beyond the boundary Fayette county has gone three hundred and 
If time to seik amid the dem Ution of decay “those 5^^, Fillmore. Demooratio gain, 274. 

^reea p%dture« no i taoii« 8tUl w&tord where to the * ^ . 

... ^ — a*.— - Jesft&miQ ooaaty, 60 for Fiiiaiore. Demucrath j 

is pretty well for Sju'.hera men. It is well th* '®‘“« thanks for a 1 tne goodness and 

** r J n^rcy of G id, and lookiDg beyond the boundary 

eaevafs ia over, anl the hope of spoils at an end . ,f 11^,4 to seik amid the desi 1 ition of dec*y “those 
for time and good chances wonld have tak-eu the 'reen pastures ao 1 those still waters" where to the 
leaders of factions in the South over to Fremont, 1'“*'® in heiri there is aa eternal spring. 

During tbe past year w# have been especially 
bo-y ana breeches. favo-ed. la every part of our .State tbe voice ol 

,, . , f ;oy and glkdues? bas been beard. Weare in the 

Tne org in oal ed loui y pon g , .pjojmentof unparalleled pro.-perity. Tbe form 
under the name of Western Lights, to oome out ,i g.,veroment under which we live secures to u? 

During tbe past year we have been especially gain. 

Do..y ana oreecnes. favo-ed. la every part of our .State tbe voice ol rf oY..;,,;, 

,, . , ,, , . . ;oy and glkdues? bas been beard. Weare in the 

4^ Tne organ called loudly upon foreigners, u^p^^^ileled pro.-perity. Tbe form ««««<*. 

under the name of Western Lights, to oome out ,f g.,veroment under which we live secures to u? Fcott 0 
Aud vole for Fill core. Such, after all, are th* life, liberty, ani pro'perity, au l ihe right of wor- majority 

Americans that are tj rule America! Men who, •’<^«rding to the di>^^^^^ 

lua. • a , , j W e iivc I u B Uod of ffeedoui atid urt „ . 

by their own vote*, proclaim themselves unfit tc .ubjeet to no oppressive exactions. We have a very cl 

Harrison county, 126 for Bue'eanan. In- 

ir'eott oonnty, 425 fer Buchanan. laereased 

Americans that are to rule America 1 Men who, 
by their own vote*, proclaim themselves unfit tc 
vote 1 We fully i a lore# their proelemaiion. 

Republiceo scriobiers are already begin- 
ning to surmise a'vout Bachanau’seabibet. They 
always count ebiekets before they arq^atebed. 

51r. iluctaAaau?E ChtiritiCR. 

The Na'.iooal luielligcnoer, iu tbe following re- j 
ma’ki, furnishes only aldiiional evidence of the' 
eoartems spirit towarls opponents for 

whieh it has been so long disnfl|^bt; 1: 
“Wefiadio one of onr contempora*'es the men- 
tion of an eetof manifijenee onthe part of Mr. Bu 

LixtKoroN, Nov. 4. 

Very close in this city, with Democrallo gain,?. „ *"*“* 

Good news from all quarters. Frem t 26 dI; Buoh n 1633; Fill're 1338. 

, Hrg'rsville.-Freiuuiit 275, Buchanan 26. 

**®^**'*’*®'^*^'’ Bi}oga CO., Auburn City.— Fremont 851, Bu- 
All tho precincts but one are heard from, -and Fillmore 537. Eight town, including 

sir. an American majority of 255, which is a loss BucLanan 

su-i. H K» ’ ’ i gains in Western Pennsylvania. 

u ”* ** * . !?•„. • 1 1 is also said that the Know Nothings of Now 

Monroe county— 3 towns, Frem’t 961; Fill’re ■ 

873- Buoh’n 295 ' Fillmore to a great extent, and vo- 

J “ n “ ■ , 1 ted for Bachanan. Buohanan has most probably 

'■ ’ i >• “ “*'• ‘'‘' 

'iff ' * - I ,'«r, destniffed tbe ballot b XU in Km. cl 

Jkff rsen county— Frem t 211; Bach a 151; . , v .a. 

p , ' ' . the wards Ol Nsw York oity. 

* ' 1 Wo have repjrt.* of fearful riots in Baliimore 

Watertown — Frem’t 243; Fill’re 195; Buch'n | 

! Let those Lat gh who Win. 

Brooklyn, complete except one ward, shows 
Rep gam ICOO, 4m gain 2000, Dem gain 1500. , . . , , _ 

mOtustrinlbe Kmst aUeodiD* xii aucili-n »a!e*, we cat 
ffenacbintluceaiei ts t» buy era lu thi mxrkei faaoi 
sRUiw ibae?ll3Stoinsu''eb*th- Ir patron axe Go ali 
huwo with areai plea.,Dre. Cune, examine bafor. 
ur<;has'D( elocwberr. .a lavio* of letoUa pereem 
.-illbc ('jxraotc'doD cioatof the Hood*. 

— I Ivwina^lr- oatdo. 

LHas. aoevN o.h MarorHxa i>x.?at uaai 

RuliVN tV 10.. 

Lithu;;:i*aphei'», Jkc., 

Southeast coruer Thud abd .Market Streets, 

ferule soil and a salubrious climate. Tbe sum- H®ws from all quarters. 

uor’» sun ha? ripsnetl for us the fruit? of the earth. Vroaxu. »ar» V .. a 1 

'ljdha.crjwneuaeyo*rwithhisbju3tifulg«>l- ^ . v BasaiLLis.iav., Nov. a. 

.e*?, and, nolwitb'tanding a long contiaued ““ ^-‘® precincts but one are heard from, and 
Irouih, our land is fitlej wiin pieDte(>u*3es8. give an Americau majority of 251 

F,.r these ani all other bles.?iugs of Divine j 

t’roviieaosicis bscjmiogaChri-tiao pjop'.e, with Knw 1 

united voiev*, to bow bsfjre the tbrooo of Mercy » xRsaiLLXs, n.T., .vov. ». 

in pious ibsnkfuloes?, with bands ap.ifcad in The resuit of the elecotion here is: Fillmore, 
praise and heart* fuM of g'atitude, anl, thr.ngb 324; Buehanan, 134. K. N.loss. 
he merits of the Divme R -deiueer, to invoke thrir i .. 

jontinuance. I 

Wherefjre, T,C. S. Mirebeal, do hereby set i ^2 o’clock yesterday, tbe vt 
•pirt and ann-'iut Thur.dii^ tke Tietniieth dny nf I lows : 

.Vorve.ber, 1856, to be i.tMervxd as a day of thank.- v.— Pa?*!* Pillmn.a’d m li 

loklyn, complete exsept one ward, shows .u.n, ap -Samtu ^PS, \ IKVVS, 11 U S I N F, S ^ 

rain ICOO 4m irain ’OOO Dem vain 1500 1 ‘ CHs. Circuit?, Labels. Show Car-.. Ac.exe 

I , 4m gam -000, Dem gam 1500. j fool bad on thi? particular occasion, but indeed wt cut-in "/st-rate style *n,i at m..deratr irice*. 

ratga cuunty— 10 towns and 2 districts,! ... ti^A frs*;, of Wiae.Spirlt.Cla r. an.l ethe. 

. sax. a. wa . a - -a • 0 1 QC 1 U 1 1 . Is • N» U M • » T • * O h fl H SaiMiOff 

‘ iL ‘ The result foots np gloriously, and we mus' 

Hisbt Cocntt, Ky. 

At 12 o’clock yesterday, tbe vote stood as fcl- 

Uugh — we can’t avoid it — ba 1 ha ! ! ball! 
j An intense American or-ator wh> told of ihi 
I triumphs that Dillmcro and Fonelson w..nlc 
j achieve on tbe 4 h of Novomber, exhorted ihi 

! t.relhren !a?t night about the wee hour, anl in 
formed them that they must pi:k thai' fliau ano 

! ri-y airairi ! 

chanau wbi:n it gives u? pleasure to record for 'he giving en 1 prayer, and do beichy re?. minend an l 
iaf jrmatiou of our rsaisrs — not that tb .-s? wuo request toe people ot Kentucky to observe tbe 

Are acquaiutei Woh bis private and persoual vir- -ame Asuueb. 

tu«? Can staui iu n*e<l o’ aoy surh uttestAtion to . Ia testianny whore-if, I have here- 

hi? oenavoleaue, but simply a? aa act of justice to g* uato set my hand and c*u«ed tbe seal of 
one from wh >19 puliiiaal upiui <ns, however honest- ( I theCommubweaUh to bealfixej this 3l?t 

ly eaterikicei, wa are cjinpullsi to dissent.” day of Oitober, 1855, and in tne 65;h 

Tae lalelligiucer then gives place to tbe follow- yoRVof thoC mmonweaUh. ..noont-.Tx 
, x urr- r Bf the G ivernor, 0 S MOREHEAD. 

log statement.which appeared an the Union n few Brows. Secretary of State. 

day* agr: j 

“la the fall of 1549 James Bujhanan made a As IsTSRKsriNs -At the Democrat- 

diUkti mof fo^r tkau-and dollar, 'for the relief ie mev.iogat Wes: Gaeiter Pu , a few d*ys kinoe, 

of poor aa I lad g.nt female* ia tbe city cf Lan incident tccurred which left a Usiirg impree ' 

Ic Wi* inilo ia tbe oertift*aie3 of tb« up*>n ell wbo witnfSiftd it. lotbeorowd Waia ! 

•LancMier *ix p»r-ceot I jan ’ The debt of thv •* a>»u «h-j wore a Fillmore badge, and who, lor a j 

New Castle, Fillmore’s mijoiity 80 
HendersooTiUe, Buobauau’s maj irity 25 
Ridge, “ “ 22 

Lockport, “ ** 100 

Piirt Royal, " •* 110 

Pleasnreville, * “SO 

Our oorrespondect add*, at 3 o’clock, r. m.. that 
ButhaLan’s majoiity will reach 300 in the county 
< and perhaps more. 


, ClNCI.VKATI, Nov. 4. 

i The election passed off qnietly. The retnrns 

city (says the Dstrnit Free Prew) i? perfectly safe time, persistently followed James B. Clay, indicate a Democratio success by a slightly In- 

anl gut, ail the intere*t always paid prump ly as-ended the pUUorm while UUy was speak- croaxod majority over the State election. Cov- 

Tae sit pe'-ceut. interest on the donation thus mg, and, despite tbe remmatranoes of those pies- , . s' n • r 

p-od uce* #21) per aunom, to bs applied to the ent, crowded his way up to within a few foot ol ">gton, Kentucay, givM Fillmoro a majority of 

Ooada CO.— Fremont 2013, Buebanan 1417, Fill' . , .. ... „„ . ■ ,v «. nint. 

^ * * I formed tbvm thaw thej muse Li:s thei' fiioti auo 

more 686 . Five tuwa F rtmo&c S22o | . , 

Couocrd. — Fremont 187, Buchanan 47, Fill- j 

Willonghby.- Fraaoont351,Back. 88,FilI6. j ftf* LdVaiiaUgh S Pilc ^ulVT. 

Eri. City, — Buck 489, Fromoat 132,. I WN HR OLD M A Y I N ( * , THAT 

Columbus £ivo? Bock 148. ■ “there is notMn* new un-ter the »uo.” mut now 

.. - . inameu-uie lo-e I s orce. :ix Dr. cavanauEh h *, b> 

Buffalo.— B ucr 4tl7, Fre 2897, Fill 2657. I a series of suc.«'S ul exp r>ni-nt-. a 'com,'li-be1 - 

* ¥■>.. r<i. I lui>. s 1 X t for xml mu3:i d;s re I Feme y in perlect 

\*.6e*f iiiid.— All wards in buC ono. Frc. i mu* | ii g * cme or tii»t tfr i‘ It HDitoying pjii iu i d 

257 aslr. of S'? <x-ii*« f4ta:.»)pe:inn I -oiuet uie? t t«f ilteise— he Vi es. We have Jw.i' 

jority JSJ, gnu ot s- race BtaieeifCxion. w-te oul-U m r g>rd to ihe eibcicy cf int 

Cuyabogl,— Four towns in Fro UiSjoiity 53. . •>e:n>>s Vile I'a’vr, which jre 'r .m aeo;! meoof uc- 
r o J J » . b e leput III.! anl huh stan'S-ne. wLo have 

g'.nx 41, Buck 281. ! >abmiit d it to u e :e-i ol *ri •I.— <». L*iii- Ut'o’il. 

Puinam-Fremont, 170; Bach 181; Fillmore j 

N. Y. City-21 ward 475; Bach 593. j D*- T- U. U aVA>AL01I^_Vio,r e c^r.^ 

OueidaCo — Buchanan 226 majority. i 

Glaverscck — Fremont, 2S5; Fillmoro, 123; Bu- LftgCr S66F S&lOOIl, 

chanan, 377. j SALOON, OX THR WEST 

New York City — Tenth Wsrd — Bnotnnan, • xiie of Ttiri rreet. between Market and J#'- 

„ , .... , _ , ! >r o", I* I ow rera-n-tb.d aa? wil be nieoeil • r 

1649; Fremont, 871; Fiilmare. 996. Fifth Ward,; rilt'R?DA Y. ciovnn'ieriUh My f.-i-pd? amt cn-tom 

School Nobice. 


vS • NOLLY will open a Mxthen xl-ra ind Class 
•al Scliooi. bo .'M.i'i aY, Sea*»ii.'er I5ih, oi> V r? 
,'reri, bclwrrn irfirrsor snd Uretn ; ai-o, x Nisi. 
?eh»ol. In which penickUr aiito: t n will he pant t 
1 oun* men xml youths wisbiox tofurwardtheasclve- 
ti • II- rUt-irs 

tjT Tcrma moderx'e- Pivase apply xtioon ax pc, 
ible. xswewixhtotrrmrevii xrcixstis. SrMiliii 


Worchester Sauces at 

*uS> aNDRR80N*». 

biriy '♦xy*. 

t3T AiicoaiaaolcatioDsettleiiy to: fidem.xl. 
Vine ticket- cxxbcil or is-.'-ca lO k' 
-itlier cfirc. 

I iJrdcrsfbrticketxcac he x«i5.--r?t •It.tli'rie 

S. SR Ah « Cl. . X.... »,6 
’ cel6 dA-'iniLctd Or e elA aN, o.r?> . 

I (3|V AS ihr xb Veit net -.a '-odd ac .| evraco- 
’ ic; eh'',"* bii Ce lifleale I'-. . k s I - C’.f L- * 

: •>»» A a dk t.O L. • I .. t : t. : 

j .ACTUORlZkD iik THK ETark uV OEvIKisIa 

' 3280 PRlZE>— LuV. K>i 71x1/4. #40 

. ioai TUAN bhE raizx to a a.-.v las Ticx- 

I Prizes Ousriuicro! 


Ls* t tr r 4 . 

j til 2 1. 

I To bs drawn lathe LTt? Auxr.ta. 'le-'r-, 
pnMie, on FRIDaI , N ven.'-tr 5- 
00 the pluu .ii slave Mn.bei>. 

Pnrch ixers lo 'uylrxten whej, tteke's s/e . i 
«ia t«*l a piue of kaJkiv* aniS ^u-eFters «a gn , 

SAMrKLSWAN % C* . MuD'ixe-M, 

:O,0oOTlCik&Td 3 PH2 

, Prizes Amounting to $204 Ov 
AlA'lLL HP. IMMHIHl i : l‘ i 

I ¥w e- niina to the fn Ir wr a nri. ra’ s ff- 
' I pnxe oi S 0..*k , I piii of . 91 

I ' 1 p-lxe *1 li* ■ • • 1 Ik 1 1 X . 1 

1 prise f r,.?* I • 5'i i a j... . 

I prix* of J.' - 1 i 0 if.x s of 

1 pi.x; bf .. 1 1 k 1 

APFOXIMt lOV r-i; /.E-i. 

S prliea of SIjo Approi’x te S -■,! 1 . (rxeire 
j 4 pr-Tr* of l-S Apir x’e 10 I '.i- ' iri re 
I 4 pntei ol h*' .app- ,'k . a !t I r 

{ Sprxrsrf *3 Aa'. r. s'n ;o S ' ' • ni i • - 

} 4 pr les I.? a.' appn x'rlo I..- H ?- . 

I 40 pri'S of 4? kipi..*', le . • ,..i- « 

j 3.((M prixrs i.f 4u are 

prtex.xDi.iiBlii - :o 

Pai< a or Ticxarx— Auiirt, SIO ; haives, A? 
eri.e* iO. 

namherk. eorTe-pori".'- . » h h ’*» » 
*;c-e ? are p ac J Ir. awt,..| Tl.e fir. ..I ; - » 

. lice'l i. .iDoiher wh ei .a nuxb »i- • at ’h-.eie int. 
rum the I 111- r wtie-l The ir « r w; ; j: 
1,1*1. tl Ihe l umiar . r-W" f is . ; :*i us. i r p 
uctr a 1 1> e p> ' re ■ r.i- n i' i 

.vrruoaiEsr.Mi I'xiu s— Hi :«■ |r ..-. - 

he I*, rii- 1 .1 il.b* i-n.iff r? : ■’ ■ . » . ■ 

b ir xee w Ii le eu ill. U tu i:.. is -j pr. xij. c ;. 
c I . O e *‘■1 rn.i 

i.isxi pr x-‘ ' I S • »i . il- .*• Ifn. : ■ J ’ v t.' -■ 
f ihr iiu- r- r I..I- .II-*- » I.- -S,'-' ii.'- 'ii- 
,.|-,il III- D mb- r I r-.* i.e II Sr .. irx t.. 
i> l.ih r. i.t Ihr t.cs-'s *! r 1" S', •! . 

wi!l b-.- ebt ImI t' SI - 1 '• Il . u 4 b - . !• 1 - * l 

hen ail Ih- I cki L- » her- Ih. LUILi?rr - . J , li J » 
■III le.1 1" * U *i"i S' on 'o ■* 

U'llrrs f.t ucsetsur ccii.fiouiei :ai 'e idl 

,;Ler to 

A. 8W.aN s •• 

dfcwip.he'd) .>r .? »'? .N ' 

4 w Oakum in store and for ta’e by 
not D R. BKNRDICT Si 6<>N 

» B HITE 4 \ X 1 ) . HHl..' 

V w Wtilt. Saod in s'u-e an.l for sale by 

not D. R RKNK.nCT * SON. 

P'.Hucm #24) par annum, to b» applied to the ®“^f ceuwaoa nia way up to witnin a lew te.t ol ' n ' ‘ . 

purevasa eu t distribution of fuel to tne poor aud him, gasiog ail the while ^with an air ol them st 28. Newport, 4 majority for Fillmore, 
rndigiot females. It is a pe'pstual tra?t, and a earnest attention upon bis couptonaDoa After ZxNXSViLLi, O. 

per.« u\t tuud tha*. will furnish inm? thirty or for Ulay left 'he stand, be still follcwtdbim.des Bachanan has 107 wisi.iriiv haims 

ty p ,or fu with tael enough to prevint snf- Pi‘® ob-tacle*. apparently determined, at all b®‘“K 

feriag fron tue want of it er.ry winter for all h?t*fds, to remain in his immediate vicinity 
timstjoone. Tee above is only one of the many Tnese movements became s.o marked, that some 
•vileacs? of Mr. Hu shaaan’s judicious ani warm- persons who had real Mr. Clay’s speeoh iu Pbila 
haarcei gsosrosity.” ieipbia, in which he allaiei totoejbreat made 

ZaNxsviLLB,0., Nov. 4. 
Bachanan has 107 msjority, being 57 of a gain 
over the State election. 

Tolxdo, Ohio. 

Bnohanan’s msjority in tbe County ia 700 which 

Buchanan, 1531; Fremont, 762; Fillmore, 782. j 
First Ward, Buobanau, 1,070; Fillmore, 301; Fre- ! 
mont, 193. Sixth Ward, Buohanan, 2.355; Fill- I 
more, 229; Fremont, 294. Tbirtwouth Ward, | 
Buchanan, 1,913, F.llmora, 1,080; Fremont, 59l 
Florida— 71 majority for Fremont. 

Sebeoectady City — Buch’u 200; FiU’re 234; 
Frern’t 656. 

. , . *,1. i, 1 J -.w 1 against hi? life, incase he spoke 10 Penssylvania »* a gain of 100. Newark Bnohanan has 160 ma- 

lt i? such avA a* toe a3}ve,ooap]el with along, f„r Bjohanan, began to su'peot that the Fillmore jorlty. Clermcnt county, Ohio township, Fre- 
g ori)a?,aai niapittel public career, that have man was animated by semo evil de-igo, and he mont 255; Buohanan 178 - Fillmore 53 
won for Mr. Biohanan the prond title of “Penn- wa? cl >sely watched. Atlsngth, he eoibraced an ’ 

•it'.Kt well ws th) public weaeially 1 will plea‘e take 
Q, tVe. [nra d'] P. .NOLL. 

Coal I Coalt Coal! 

C n\xxel co\l for s ale, five 

> cm's 1e?a than ,‘*iit*har* Coa!; k'so. a wood ar- 
'.«f|e of VI l'Cd'iCil'4 CUVL for axle a; the nsaal 

market rate*, at the office of k,, 

DoSdl) Wek t tide Wall itre*t, near .viaio. 

father PREShRVATI VE. A 

A tmall let of Blacking for the preservation o» 

R|T Vt.HXON i:ulTo.N 1»UCK 

ivl go pircee x?s<rted numbers Cots n Du?k U 
•tore and for sale ty 

not D a. VKNKDlfT A -O N 

>.KER HROOM?8. D’** D )ZE> 

extra 8hak r Br cm? in stor* and fr r arole by 
Dol D. 3. BK S Kt>mT A bON 


“ by fmri!>) MADDCX A B. MIT H. 

f iufkp:e 

xnn b;g I Raote-a Bio Coffee; 

60 bags Lajoa'ra do; 
to pockcc* Java da; 

( a Btore and for axle by _ 


t iLP:\R.’in>K'«. 2S(J.\»KS CLEAR 

eulet for tale by . 

eulet for tale by 



THE rmiffiff. \M» ri > :; 

H r.NDRM s OF ui id rn iZF 

will certify tuthe truth l.f ih- *K..e. M 
e-:r?te to pr ■: r ut. r- il *r. ue lli- " b t ' > i 
oalai'k no Quid ne . r .?) a I. ic, '.r I' 
leiet r uu* drue- . hot la ini.rii, ' 

Oailion Aparl 'r' ' a e • B- . ^ ■ I 

ever, it Ii a aoieru r Tor ie rn ... i 

roducc1l'> r* le-le.l aliaiks oi a.u- P . 

**«a. R- .d the frillowii * italii i . r a. - |. 
-leotmcrcuautof lii'iar.a; 

CHaRiasTut* a. I...*., I'tC. >,l- 
•leesrs. ?CTrLi»v« at L i'r.H>a, I , ui \ ,4y . 
iwtuls: I r ave -.Id, .Icriux lI-- t -era b,:v 
ved -aen or three : un."><l I- It > - I ’ i.. i • ■ 
eve' llugh-s* Ti 1 ic. T' . - lu.'a. n* 
ul.hC SeLliIB' Dl >1 e*ks lonu ) |> >li|r- ^•r 
oho the '.prriloE •- ot a.' » b*- Bav- u»r., it »lr< 
h*l I • orxlrler It ote of the very le-i r>n-t.t- 
orlbe preverliuii aii<l cure t.1 l,vrr 
oa ea tr con e unJ< r Bi v . h-erTai’. a I I a \ r i. 
ancyln recon, irenci:g it lueve.y j, t.. 
■achxTonic. llopiEg that > < u ic«y 
rooiacc your valuable u.-d e i < i.> , it.1 ; 

1 rea-.r ? eei- x ; 

w M \ / 

I^Prepsred Ly Sute'lffe A Ilual «*. v .. . t . 
na’a. and for talc bv all tbe <1.-Utie»'* :,r '< -1 ' ? 

n the city and c untrv )v 1? . . ■ . .a •- ■ 

Rjllerdem — Frtm’i 223; Filire 216; Baoh’n S7, iea'h'r,saidtobsnsjp.:ribr art'ci'.received and for 
Glenville, Third Dislriot-Frem’t 103; Flil’re 

wan for Mr. Biohenan the proud title of “Penn- 
sylvanin’s fwvoritd son.” With equal truth xnd 
furoe the Alehami Stnie Sen’ioel remark?: 

opportani'y of cinfrunting Mr. Clay, face to face, 
when bis reel oljsit was ma le clearly apparent 

Fprinopiild, Ohio. 

The city and three townships vote for Fremont 

ree the Alabama a*m?o Ssen’inel remark?: .aid be “I love your father ; I would have , , ‘ „ V T.7 “ 

“Penn«ylvauia ha? bran trying for fifteen or leid down my life in his service; I honored his BaonananoOo; rillmore 100. 

tweuty years to hon r James Bacaaosa with the |adgment,aad in all political affairs, followed hU 
Praaiieaoy. She desired it, becanxe of all tbe lead while bo lived. lam a Fillmore man; but I 

PiTTSBDEO, Nov. 4. 

public m«i in tha United States she deemed him cannot resist tbe impnlse to ask yon bonesily what * y noreasod vote was polled in the ernes Buohanan, 97. 

among the worthies'; aud those who think that yon think my true duty is in this campaign, and boronghs. T wenty three distiets in Alleghe- Monr e Uoi 
■he wil! n w throw him off when she ba? the op- to follow yoor advice ” Mr. Clay replied : “It is ny county give a Republican increase cf 566. 4 382- Fiilmon 

11; B'ach’u 46. 

Third Dis’riet — Fremont, 85; Fillmore, 68 I 
Boebauan, 214. | 

Livingsten Oonnty — Seven town? give Fremont : 
1,346; Fillmore, 900; Buchanan, 767. 

Orleans Cuunty — Fremont, 240; Fillmore, 6 ; 

I .nXTRa PLOUR. 7.5 BHLrS Mt 

-2 baffey’s double cxira F'.nur, equal to 8t Loui 

CUUKllUK it MlLLlJ, 

celO Corner Fifth aud Warketstrects 

IMruRT*?? AM> JOREI-' I V 

^UL).\. 'li'Hi KtliS SUFtRC.XRB I?^®lllff*V CadlOkl 

Boda, “Friar's Goose” bran.t. kuperur aril'le A nBBBV y m3 m. w S3 . 

met received o riieam-r !i?m V Hibbard a df.rsai? O'li. IVI I -i * • 

V fuexS) A .NDItKW RCCHaN ANaC». OllKS, KiUDill^Si. UllllinHI"'. 

d 1 EMJIXE WORCEShTKRSH 1 R Y VELVET?*, V*I11TE <;t 01>a. i ;>,■ 

I.W Sauce.— A lupp'y of ix’ge and imoii-tisc bottle, Fmbrcldeiisv, Clcsks Ikleticcn, 
uft receive' direct fro^a ILe importert had tor 

'Srl^“'*“‘*'*“‘rT.LANIlAMAro..Tblr?W BoUllfIS, twOLi 

~rrrmj 7^ UHDS XFW or bOSlERY.A.NDNOri.*.N.S 

tv .A R . 7-7 MtiUS r* Vv UK So. 411 Main streai, eeuot,.; u... r ai>. v» a.*. 


■ facinred and sold ^ I oer stock -nd pru-re. M?iy if . ar g-.. d»},. 

Fall Go-d.i. 

B * < ? r? I a, r? A, I * So'la, “ Friar s Goose " bran.i, tuperK r erii'ie 

I 31 It V/ luit recei red p r •teeni'^ s^vni P • filibbird a d f* - r • aib 

6^ p'e^ei B*KAlcg; Yy ftwriil aND RK^ RCCH\NA> * Cu . 

IS) bale*? Twme; in store and for sa'e by j ^ EMJIXE WORCEShThRSH 1 R F 

GaLL AGIlWI t w rO^ S^uce.-^A supp'y of l*',e and .moll-mx. bottle, 

fNOFFER. 2, "DO B\GS RIU DOF- X^'i*iiVrl':SUV~’ 

Vy fa. In .tore and for sale hv J V LaMIAM A TO.. Thir? it 

pKtnaity of erowning him with tbe honor she oas scarcely neessssry to repeat my opini ms. Bat if 
eo I lar ? lugit U pUra uom him, little appreciete yon loved my fanner, and cherish the principles he 
tbe affietiun that the old Keystone hears tjward* adhered to, your duty clearly is to vote tha Dem- 
her favorite 8.00. Kentneky loved bar Cl4y,Sonth uoratio State e .d National tioket*.” Tears trick- 
Gar liea her Cxlhone, Masiochnsetts her Web- led down tbe cheeks of the anxious inquirer, as he 
■ter, anl well may Panusylvania ohensh in her replied: “I «1M.” 
heart of hearts the name anl fame of James Bu- ; " 

ehanan.” Moorish Jl'sticx. — D aring my absenoe, two 

Fprinofiild, 0., Nov. 4. 

Monr e Guanty — Fremcni, 7,237; Buchanas, 
4,382; Fillmore, 2,843. 

O.jondago County — Fremont, 8,573; Baohaaaa 

Clark eonnty gfves a Repnblican majority of ^,®27; Fillmoro 153. 

Life of Frrmoat. 

Moorish Jl'sticx. — D aring my absenoe, two | 
daring ori-nee have been rommitt<rd. A sheriff | 
stole one of the Sultan's hnrsea from the midst ot 

100. Montgrmery county, city of Daytun, Fre- 
mcntl423, Buchanan 1391, Fillmore 1000. The 
Republican loss on the State ticket is 63. 

Cincinnati, Njv. 5th, 1, a. m. 
The returns from all tbe wards in the city and 

ojBPiLBoraJM Acratsric swbcbs foe thi ic. t. i ,3*** s-ven townthlps give Buohanan U 213. Fremont 231. 

ikAiir KKT4 I Ha then |»ut m the plea of bis birth. ® 

,,,, _ , rik 1 . jv - r *k ! “Then,” SAid the SulUn, “cutoff his right hand, 7,754, Fillmore 4,849. The democrats will gain Lnerango 

..“n™ Uha'les bD, and,hMnng of the j j,, disabled from disgracing hit blood from 500 to 1000 in the eonntv. Culnmbuf— 

Jkffenon County- Fremont’s majority 2.625. 
Ojwego County — Fremont’s msjority 61. 
Soribatown— Fremont’s mejori y 170. 
Hannibal— Fre monts majority 678. 

Oueida County — Bachanan, 846; Fremont, 650 


Holloway 'a Pills. 

Tbxt never fail. Other remedies may relieve pain, 
butfrae Pills expel disease. They cleaDte tbe blood, 
remove obsiiuct'ont from the bowel*, invijorate the 
digextloD, calm the ncivts, and rcLOvate the conxti- 

vy Sold at the maourartories. No. HI Maiden Lane, 
New York, and No. 944 Strand, London, and by ail 

^ U Ci A R . 7.5 HriD8 NEW OR- 

^ lean* Suearforialeby _ 

oc4 Third s'reet. between Main and Water. 

edandkoldb^^^^OiB McnARRY. 

(Former.y J. Ilalmc A C? .), 
Main «trra*. between Rixltb »nd N n»h 


log Flour, and ihall keep e inttantly on ha~r 

I purchKrrd • t 'he !»' eiit «ucii I •al.- .r Se \e 
enr of Ihe Arn., at p Ir- a srealit b- i w f • -r s 
! early in the tea*<> . iLu >. aU ii- t-., • a- r <• -- 
' lhctr>,*e.t iucb pricea -eiorc ? e w-’t-.i-n. 

MlSdeMA F,ae:mi C kLTL bLR A ViILLB 


that he may be disabb 
in this way in fatare.” 

• O' , . J * ’ , ’ that he may be disabled from disgracing hit blood from 500 to 1000 in the county, 

war with BiiUid, imnediAioly takas tu arm* ; way in future." Tnere is no execn'.loner; ‘ 

**«'*** 10 Aa r/. at « . V V ^ the batchers ar« bauod to p»rform this doty. Toe Nkw Yobk, Not. 6tb, 1, a. m. 

kn .11; 1.U in..,* a U.ji>ai>,kiu..| pablio .uMioo, 1-. CTi.r o.miD.oo.. i/ j U». Fra.oBf. 
. n ..I .1 k L . “Who will eat i ff a head (or a hand) for a dollar? ; ®s*j®'ilj Is 609. Ho will probably have 760 ma- 

— oned-jllar offered;’’ and thus they ran up and ’ jo:i y in the connty. 

hand, L754, Fillmore 4,849. The democrats will gain 
blood I from 500 to 1000 in the eonnty. 

.“xdo Yobb, Nov. 6th, 1, a. M. 

being j DaiawAre Cjnnty— 9 townships give Fremont 

lag I 

1811— lonqiorj hi* annt in a grand batUa. 

1816- DiAouvers the souroe of L nnrsa’i lager ^he*bid^VtwCth^i‘*dX^fI” ^ Connty-Xenia, Fremont 818. Bachanan 

k'a'v e> 1 UI a _t - j arrived at two doubloons (£7 10s.). a tall black i”*’ Vremont's majority is 475. He 

1817— Krplorra his granlrnnhars jam andpra- (tapped for ward and said, “Tnat’a my prioe.” ! will prtbably be about 1,600 ahead in the whole 

kVio"**?!. * a-. !• Ik A tub of tar was brought, the black hacked off : county. 

!?*?'”3*^*."** ^'**.,®®?'**..*^**** the hand in a hurry, aid, on dipping the stamp j . *i. , m ... n I 141, Fill 37. jour head to be cool, comfortable, and fre* from dan- _ 

1843- Climbs the Rooky MounUins. into the tar,it pnved to be eold. Ue had how- I Ashlabnla Township — Framont 294; Bnohanan i drnff? Mother*. are your children to have luxurlmt 

~?5'**’5*^** , MO ®^» *>'’®“** before the ampatation, and | 69. VIRGIN 1 A. heals of hair) Then use BOGLB’i HYPBKtON ^ 

1841— Ferfurm* Gihello to Bsntonw Bra- they ran to the neighboriog blacksmith’s shop for : Grafton township— Framont 129- Bachanan 7A * y LU ID, which never /a*u In He unerring .ffect*. , 

.r.i t- k V : V D era embers, which th'y threw into the tar, and, Bet- I t.*,,.- t »lr. ui ’o .. MTHMUNO, NoV., 4th. prtces9>centk,»0ceLt*.»eeiite.aiidtl»0p*rbol- - 

ting it on fire.the stump was then plunged in, and ^ co— Framont 141, Bnonanan 64; .lotion nagsed off quietly. Bnehnnsn’s tie Bogie’s Bam or CTTHaaia rand* nnrlvaled , ^ 

Ur, aed Bennett; Lire Oak Grarga top siek to ^ (oorehed and bnrnt. The sheriff was then let | Fillmoro 6. pnssea oa quieuy. ouenanaa ^ h.anufiiii«tha . - 

I will {.rtbnbly be about 1,500 ahead in the whole 
off . county. 

Cnerango — Fre 469, Btt'k 143. Fill 10. 
Culambnr — Fre 292, Back 34.F.I1 9. 

Oxford— Fre 423, Btok 181, Pill 116. 

Addison oo— Fre 304, Buck 72, Fill 25. 

Otsego CO — Fre 158, Back 756, Fi'l 433. 
Montgomery oo— Fre 679, Back 360, F 1! 375. 
Herkimer co — Frc 420, Fill 327, Back 2'i7. 
Sellbburj — Fre 857, Buck 76, Fill 5. 

Madison co— Fre 793, Burk 301, Fill 115. 
Vernon— Fra 402, Back 173, Fill 103. 

RikbmoC'd eo., complete — Back gains 045,' Fin 

i -IruMisU, at as eenU.«ai4 cents, and one dollar per asuperiorarticle of ramlly Floar.and an exua aruck GreAtPst Carv I» Ih*- H orlil for P 

BOX. ^dsAwi P»»>P *®'y ATnRRAon » co PROP. CHA$. Ee QRATa’-S 


Colodiotf pel. Daguerreotype*, and all other Olat* ^ **®'^*‘*’»®'* ®*^^^’*** 1-4 THk* laVl \ 

Pi:tur«*e will now bts m%de »nd foM for flflF ctit3 tn4 d*> do; H I S OIIj I?i THK ON 1 \ t BOBduBRQ’d well known Oa'Iery, No- Men’s en'ras and line Boots, Brogan*, Ac.' ■ realty in the worl I r«r ih-* cure o' B eera 

upwaias, Kk B.vk’ du do do do; O <at, D afi c«* Pan* >o U.e a R.-ff «r 

»3l, Maia *tree:,b?tveei 2J aulSJ *tr=et* until L-e- Yuati.’s do d« do; Valirii. tun of i*e tlvar , P> *i t e ir av. Tou.l 

ceraber Is'.. Lerxeiixe Pic nre<, tn e'ega, t case* or Iq core and for sole by JONB4 A • NYDER. Head* he.iravos in tu* Pt eia.!i. • ruiu * 

frame., me now sold cheaper than at any other time 

C4II ipon tndialiify yonr»*iT«i. i - — TTm — # hw mi i a. RlioLm,N»ttr*^|i .d »« im > 

DoSd&We * UBj. F. BOlSBlEOpAitlit. AiNli SrICrsli iilOiCsKo, «r« <Mr« or y untul. it th? oniy rwr n 

'** • ^ • Mit$'t* do do do* 

DOW be m%de hod fokl for Afty ctiti ind C’ilrco'i do do do; 

iORdiiBRQ’d well knuwn Oa'Iery, No- Men’s en'rae and line Boots, Brogan*. Ac.' 

e:.brtveea aj anl 3J street, unlit Le- d";’ 

Lerxeiixe Pic nrer, in e'ega. t case* or Iq core and for sole by JONB4 A • NYDER. 
low sold cheaper than at any other time [ 8eeee*...r,^io D J- K.nd 

AXIJ SPICED UkSlEKS. «r« or if ‘tntul. it th? on<y t-v» r %* 


MfBnxLiNO, Nov., 4 th. 

i-y Aax TOO s*lo ) Is your hair tarning 
gray ? Do you wish to eulUeate good whisker* and 
mont' ach«sT-y our hair to be soft, silky, a ed slots} ?— 
your head to be cool, comfortab'.e, and fre* from dan- 
druff? Mother*. are your children to havelaxuriint 
l^cats of hair? Then use BGGLB’d HYPBKtON 
PLOID, which eseer foiU in it* unerring iffecis- 
Pricet 3) cents, tO cect*. cent*, and tl tO per bot- 


/ galmoD and Mackerel, to cans, at _ 

«a0 ANDKRi 

P ineapple cheese. 

eve* Pineapple Chars* fov^le by 



T his oil the oxi \ m 

remedy in ihe wori I fnr ih-> cure o' K earn .1’ 
O 'at, D.afic** Pa-n* >o U.e a..,., R.-,-.*-. er 9 
Pal(rilk lun of l*e Uvsr . P. ai t e iir av. fou.k 
tlc^a he, iravoe in (i.a Pt aia.-!.. • ruiu *r 
qaii.i* or reel. Bore Eye*. V : -s. *• s B - 

•nrr* or ikaru*, t.ff «sk inih* kwi. I ,T ic-r r 
Rhsam, N.ur.'gi ,a •* Hi*.a.a,«r ki > <4 .««>-- 



• receievd sad for rale hy „ a-.*. 

no4 *r.wrl.HllKltaAKI>T.*l?M%rkrt*t. 

'If I X C E U .M E A T . BEING 

ivM. aware of tbe incr^aaior demand for ny ••- 

fore to* pee i« that Uo it w tt per', e ly i • 

"B. lot) B'Oatev ha. hee a?ed ap tri.a*. oAP- 
oune o to se t e brs, rroiv y rv-r xi- 
« Oilaruen ihetya sa WHhvk* t <«i'v <?( per- v 
lebie rr-' n. out * -r *.isiMrw d.nsvr uf ai p y 
[a. it aatwa.oly or inwardi} ; I* a* - cr s'V- a a p iv.* 

earr. IB moat e wee. (rum ,rn i» iw. o(> m Lut -•• 

The best p y»iatos<-t- nt K'lrjp h.«s siscev 
ihatall Iirgaaie Dvr?Krvw>* tin t -« a: Inai .}?-e- 
the effect of SB ah t-ac.i->e ef (he r 
PIriid in ib-orwan "la a>ed— * saldfel apiHe-.i.e 
I this Oil pntsla ImmsdiKie k n«<n« th« b«rv- Ba d 
ha -•** IS 4* eooe a. e mpl-ahed. k<, - 
vomiti f, Mi-t-n> g. » ret 

' .u *0- In the other ease, the culprit, a man from the 

ISul — ^els ontonaa expedition to explore the ; had killed a lad who was plowing, ai.d 

^m.e^ tl .rawm m* • la m IhAmjt wh/ m Ijw# waf •ai^.VkhM I . . ' ^ . sm. . 

Wu'M B -n*# at the head of a lot of nigger*. 
1857— Nut beiog hoard of afterward*, tab 

carried off bis oattle. The Saltan said t-j the 
mother of tha lad: “Exense his life, and take one j 

nrip tuns raised tj eeni ont Koaeoa exploring hnndrad dullars." She said: -I wont the life of 
ezuodition- kin. «ha took tha life of me eon.” The Saltan 

,,*11, 1 I Fillmore 2 

19 JO - FuenJ remain? found in Pennsylvenla ,ia,e* repeated his qiestlon.donbling bu of- 

Avsaue-ieppemd to bathe mortal relies of Fra- She said; “I ask wuat the law gives ma, and T 

m mi, Bjoeeit, Greeley, ani Remind — part ol that law you are the SulUn to oxsoate." The 
at^beu* fur 1854 fonnlstioking in. Bsymund's ^nlprit was led ont to rxraaiion; the head, aa we 

Wettfield.lst distriot— Framont 343; Boohnn- 
an 145; Fillmore 90. j 

Sandusky City— Framont 598; Bnehanan 550. 1 
Medina township— Fremont 187; finohnnnn 73; j 

rneNrs in RBvgNcn Ccrrnn Bbbviob. 
Seilen, Third LienUnant, ordered to 

wo: vra- She said: “I aak wuat the law gives ma, and TENNESSFK roruano rreinua » 

— that law you are tbe SulUn to exeeute.” The * Eiepnblican g^n over 200 »i 

.symund s eniprit was led ont to exMotion; the bead, aa we Nashvillb, Nov., 4’Ji. Maine has gone ftr Frem 

I retnrnod. was on the markeLgau, and th# dog. The vote in the city U Fillmora 1,695 ; Bnohan- itp over Seotomb er eleotlon 

fftlTriTff ' theeafrask Morrocco. an 1.126. FUlmore gain, in the oity 6 with an ^ — 

rdered to A SrincL ant to PATKiuTian.— William Long ineraased vote of 1,092. The Demooratio gain in P E N N S Y L 

Now York, Nov. 5, 2 a M. yog w*i 
Portland— Fremont 2317, Bnok 1636, Fill 188. lestimony 
Eiepabliean g^n over 200 »inoo Ojt. Messrs 

Maine has gone ftr Fremont by n Inrgo mayor- ‘ 

Roman Eye Balsam, 
yog weak and InflAmei eyes. Bead th* following 

V V 

ELUUR .*>0 BAGS M’KEN- f^Noee-nme- B ectxic oU’',e;d hy peOlara U I 

'•r JaffireuB Davis at Port Towaaand i ** “®® * trumpowr lad who wont to the the oonnty as far as heard from is 120. 

.er Joairson UAVU,ntrort AOVOMno, | Cfigjgggt tbeageof thirteen. He wesfrigblened 

nt tbe whistling of tha cannon balls on the banks 


Lononster — Bachanan gains 618 over Ootol 

* BiNOHAiitTOx, January 7th, 18W. 

Messrs. A. B. k D. Baane-JentUmen ; Tour Ro- 
man Bye Ba'sam. which 1 was recommended to ns* 
for my daughter’* eyes, ha* acted on them like a 
Charm. Her eyvs, a hich had for aeveral mont;.a been 
very mach awollcn and Inflsmed, after a Urn week*’ 


rece'ecd. rrlm* N*?h*nnra, Mw, and F^^ey* 

Potatoes, and for «%le Ny 
o?»t No m 

I Territory. ‘ at tbe whistling of tha cannon ball* on the banks Nabhvilli, Nov. 6 — 1,A. k. election. Wheatland DUte lot gives 4 maj. fo 

Vinran, Third Lle«tennnt, ordered to | of the Alma for the space of half aa hoar, but The Demooratie gain in Memphis is 63; in Shel- t ■ 

w W..L.M«.,.U8 ki "ulLu,Clly,l,»D»l»bbbim b»j«u,. 

.TbWU.bU^’i'b^^^^ CONNECTICDT. 

t«r Leirls Gees, nt Ne*r OrienM, Ln. I *1*^ ^® recover^. Ha loand^ hi* All the towns In Hertford eouty ezoopt Bor- NFW TTAlfPSHIRE* 

M e rerj mnwi »WUU«i saaea*— 

nae of the Balsam, were per ecUy cured and well aa | M 
Uotoner „ i*. em.nv. i 

R efined sug 

Baltimore eed Pbit>^ 
dered ®«vara received per 

election. Wheatland Distoiet give* 4 maj. fo < ^yr^pgreggodauklby A. B. A D.8ANDB.Oi«g- and reraalebT 

,Va««ralli^.andWnkV. pUR SALE. ON MONDAY, TH 

vKleby M.auDCX A SMITH, «. let day ef Draember Cl ce’t Caar', T wr| s 

Na STTh'rd aewet. Loaiav-lie. Kv. (hr tala, v baMie ana- iea, in (■ •,.(•« in* .-aa t ’ #« 

„ ~ >« the «ltv of UtouwaoB Ki., h Iw*«b tba les 

-150 B R Ii S M end In’e’ork. <"V PoxN rATli'N, roaXKia'i * c: 
I f-i. ...... aeraeof lan<?. kO a re# ef t* tre t >r r*,-*?l . 

w liiLiMfd '■•"'••‘I ■'•h a « od Irera. Mb s«ro. •< ihe *>-*v* 
®T iteamrr Baa*, r. ttianen ,l. (J.k,*,: axgcg g*., g. „ 

t. W..I..M«b,,« 8 - b, l»l,»f„Mb«,dfn».. 

nnder n bnih, half dead from axhanstioo; ho wns 
, Third Liontonnnt, ordered to ' wrapped in a horae rag and earriod to tbe eamp, 
ter Leirte Gees, nt No«r OrienM; Ln. 1 »*»«• ,'R*T*w7 sound^ hi* 

\ tiUBMi at tf*Ukl*T4,at laktnBftun. and darine 

ar to Bmohb J® | the higheet praise for his intrapldlty.’ He *»>«“» “• ®f CsnnoeUont gave Fre- 

• •‘*®® !•* »Bt® • “ght, get ride throng h n storm of shot to carry pro- mont n plnrality of 4600. Framonts plnrallty in 

I fer Fremont, tall eomebody whet vistons to men In the trench ee, and when ha oonld State nbont 8000. 

Is, end the next wort yon irill find be epered be attended tbe siek with eH the enre of 

■rrr**.*’ vtftllra*-<.2L"arS.“;2S7i eh O D U island. 

__i. V _ . -_x eia»p«,theyouBgest, but not the tahgCfnUnnt hero Rhode IdAkd hns flTM • Urge mAjotlty Cgg 

Abont half the State of Genneetient gave Fre- 

Demoeratio gain 61. -■ — — 

■ Are You Oettlng Beld ? 

NEW HAMPSHIRE, im voe wish your halrUbesoftandsUkyl MeU 

STB. shall year ehildron have good hsads ef hair? 
Ngw ToKX, Nov. 6th, 1, P. M. g,, BoeLt’s CaLsexATan UTPeaios Piou. Sbonld 

Thirty tosris ahow repnblicsui gains. In thir- iheeolorbe nnplensing. Bogle’s Blsctric Hair-Dye wtl 

teen large towns of the interior, the ropnblioao magically ebaogcK to e Mack or brown ef the moat 

•xin ee eomimrad with laat veaPs vote is 6384. dssoription. for th# eomplsxion. Bogle’s 

gala, eg eomperoa wtlh laat years vote euse, Cytherta is enrivaled. Thass arttelss are 

gisu. too f ultoa street. New York. Bold also by J . B. ®®** 

WILDBB A BBO.,Lonl*viUe,By. Boldaleohy Drag- ^QAP. 250 
gUrts generally. o<Sl dtkwl J^focealahy 

“ ' ■ * niiF§ 

Are You Oettlng Beld ? 

DO voewlBhyonrhalrUbeioftaadsilkyl Moth 
ers, shall year ehildren have good hsads of hair? 'y, jg'j 

Oss Boslb’b CaLBBXATsn UTPeaios Piou. Sbonld IW pockcu J 

bunwww ni-onxMAW a c*> ue*aa4 I re rewarbaMy *e I. ei d is ee? v o't-?-l 
ANDREW BCOHAWAN ■ CO. „ ,,y in ib|. r-g •" e» eceMr. . Tb*«xt.4 

DxavC'a hl(k 1 QfYAP *«»*lhnt. e»d, ib-saahoet the pvr»ett »e rail 
25U bUACjo rbU. 1 tyUAr ever bnewi.), leste ha* **rn aw smp'v saH 

. •( It (hr everv parpoee. Tbw DwrHns **- xss f J 

CORNWALL k BBO. taine bU roem*. end. wuh v ry limvex-e-ic msm 
■■ - — ■ ■■ ■ — r,n<?ci*S eem'eiiaM* Ser a taul a ef 

P Theee ar- two seed e-^rn-.* <v a * ee 

eagre e>»h'B*, be»ld«* « ' .‘i- a* h te’ 

tbw shodwd tebacce bervv S K vt'y cravvre »e 
Moeha: woe? toe*ca.if dvvrrd This S.r,u l-e- t w-.i-* seal 

kets Java: far sara v momt* ef Hei>d#veoe.aad wlihie I mi.*? ef T*w * •Lxx'•^^B 


lio begs Rie: 

II bxl-e Moeha: . ^ 

IW pockcu Java: fer sal* ^ 

ra ra, x..w .or. xnw... m a , decorated with the winl with fonr « XX 

iTMlom, free-eeil,Croe-BpMeh nad Fit- theyoniigeeL hat not the ImeCghUast hero Rhode Ufiad hne gl' 

That ii the sray te do Ik 



Dem km 85, K H vain 682. 

Raw Hampehire hne gone for Fremont by 6,008 

I Q S . I CASE--. 50 DRUMS— 

^ »®l®by MOkmiB. 

^ isrbwwva •• isw.s wav-irg 

row PA » mu»»iv. ^ tbe Ohio rlvev, with a toou vevl to eoia jl-*** 
raoiTWa Aay aaaohowialivsuraamieeth* p vmi-eeprr*' 
-— OU ilKli-SS-— - :e the day ef eve win ipviy to 'he ax 

•arraated the beet in the wortd. 
g^Boldhy tha pfe p r i e t er, W.IOHLB. 
^eetethaagbeot the world. )yl041y 

I the da* er ea.a win ipvw to 'be 

■XXX m a de kaewa an the <*xt >-f xaU 

P. S. 1 h?N ere three eppia t rchorUs 

XTRA CANVASED hams. 5^32 the' Land e'tee^ ^irn-wd rta ba i 

liUU !!!ni(l|l!nT. 


NuVtMliER 6. 

WoBTH A D«*m D*a© Makt Tha« 5 -W* »r* ui»d*r aUgitl&m »c I OF XH>^ ?flA?.KKT. 

Afirr the •UoKiuz afffAy i.i4t eTsainr, In Thitd mity tSiera of tltcllon In oarcl'.y >i*isrrtajf whs ^ 

■ lt,»M i<p>t:w 1 ihar our dUtiDguUbi^ fi-1- aiJed ui io prccaring the i»‘un.». W e wc niii i 
1 jtr-«itic)n, Ben Cat edmj, S«q., I m 4 Men ahotAnd a’perial oMigA'iuca t« Mr. CUrkand Dr,(.t 
iaitaat'; killed. Many of nia frienda eall .d io ibe Firat V'mJ, to Dr. Ceans and Mr. Dloaiddie 

hta'e alhia resiJacce, to oOLdole with hit fami j of the .'^eooed, to Mr. Somnera, <.f Um Third, ano 

narlaf'a Sa-aaparilla oom-nandi the lAP««t ,1,, i»gt and offiao* of roapeot tobia l> Mr. VAcaro, of the Fifth Vt'ar.1. 

ca:e, and it the beat preparation before the pnblio. . i 

WbeopurchaMogtiock be rnreand take no other. A gentloman who w?J ha<eclog to Uwaawrliuur Fillusoro Jti<Tid# held Ihrli 

ae'20dkw3(a oommanioatethepalnfol intell g«nc#tohlataani.y i _r . ,n# « .. .-.k*- 

(fMaiuie iu .Uedtciue. 


orr.cao,nMk^„o^ U Graiid Marjlai d Loitery, 

KK3— tn c'<cic(|acDrc «f ilie l;iter< at taksn | FOR yoVUJfDfR, 15.Vt, 

C.N TilK »lAV.k.N'\ ri..A.X. 


oommanioat. the painful intell g«nca to hit family eleotioo-tbcy haven’t ary thina 

■ > ,.r • • ' t, ftel lo ir oTer lo the returr.a. 

A. CheHii iNewaiiHper. hnrrirdlj if heeoclidireet himto Mr. CaatedayV 

The Dally Democrat cona ten eonta per week. „g.d,nce, that Mr. C-iaaeday bad been ihot. !?T‘ Brnry, tny lore, 1 wiah >ou would dror 
payable to the carrieraj arid it u.trredketl«net to apnriw hi# family of »ba: b..k atd talk with me-l frel ko dull *' / 

InaPi parts of the city, Portland, Shlpptcgpwt, The genUoman interrogated lnform:d M?oep."“^“:a’i"? WeU dfn’t talkUoar7y^^mi^^^ 

et:ir«r<cnriile,tnd Sew Albany,prouiptly, by faith* the qiea.ioter that he not only knew where Mr. wake it." 

RBMAKK3— tn c'<ciceQeDrc «f llie luter<at takon 
■ n ibe Preaifeatial elec'ion, no Proaae'iona t'x.k place 
ruith rreordirg. We hare to na‘l*e tut the followir g; 

FlOUB— rtlrea ULchan.;rd M ila hold It at a«7.. 
taiet u 1 « lb a cou irr un'li at *5c0, and ItObbia 
lonntry mira*atri In small iota at aS7a 
Q'tU KhlK*— N th • g iloiie. 
t EAl — dai'toi >.U 0 Ciiliar <10 etTKo. 

8U'*’T— aMea of 2&J b.i«a ai (3. 


I i HAND COXMttl |0\TKD I.OT- 

tary of Marriacd E«'r» Plata S, to be drawn 

tbe qiee.iorer that he not only knew where Mr. ... 

fal earriera. Erery Demoerat ehonld aubteribe. c», retided, but, as he was Mr. Caraeday » _ . "1 ! ~ . , T"" , . 

Whowulga wi.hout the news, when it can U nimwlf, ba would conmanlo ate the partlcnUrj of ool gr, rt pli^*tndigoan*tly, 

icrrei cbeoif nt their cwn doorc, bright aod eerlj InleUl^ecoe in pw(»oxj! Mf. C*.wd«y ©n* ao go-id io e ecioLCO tbet compeU e meo to leki 

la ta6m.tuiaf,aiaochbaparateT Orders left at joyed the ir.mewhat aerious report, and eeemod to offhisbfc-r 

the oarriere, will receive prompt 3, Uawnaely thankful that he waa alire. fjrWhat is the d.ff .renre oetween filliug a 

>aa.ention , — ^ jAtoher with w iter anl throwing a woman over- 

Oeui.rcrat fwb Ulfice. AWobtut Bksificiabt.— B y the card of oiti- :,„ard? One ia ‘•water in the pitohar,” and the 

Oar faoilitie. far the crecution of job rrintlDf So «other colami. it will be seen that a other “pi tch her io the w«rer.’» 

are now equal to the wants of the ouaineaa met i mptim- nUry bantfit has been tendered to, an-l f4|e"nr. J>Du<i>n oo«i>sre<i plsiot.ff and de- 

of the ;«a.nn..i 7, haring ;tn exoeUsnt rariety ‘scoptei by, Mr. Jjteph Brown, the best fanoj fendant In an action at law to two men ducking 

•f coat duplay type, and ta'.nt competent to iu »«>'* d*’!neator of negro chsra'fr In this heir head* iu a bucket, end daring each other t. 

•so. Oar prio'a are exceedingly lihrlul. If th. --try. Mr. Brown ha* designated M .art Hall -emaic iQ.c-st u nderwater. 
public dofeire to tare any w .rk iu this line of out ever.irg as the time best 'j^Msn re^arJ* as au eternity— fl-st the pre*- 

ta^icoM they *Voul4 n< t l*:i to tlve ua a call **** oonrenlenee for the reoepticn of the ert tour, then his youth, then his life, then ho 

' ^ ‘ *ompliment. ccniury, »hea the duration of the earth, then that 

_ ‘ . ..... of heaven, and. fl ally, tiuio. 

Mr. Brown has high claim* aptn onr amuse- 

nent-ioving eil'isna Ha has no rival in hii lint A ffArpr !iBPLy.—I)iQ lincy being aaksU why 
•ifcharacteri in America ; he la attached tooneo< '*»ere were mire w..ui»n toan inon, replied, ‘-It ii 
. . • . 1- j inoonfirmity with the ArrAngemenra of nature ; 

oe best eomptniet tracelinz, aid prssrsaea pleat- , ^ .w .u ,» ’ 

US. , ... We alwAta so« m ire of heeven than rarth. 

ug social qialitiea. Now that the intense ri- ' 

I'tement cjos^quent to politics has mea-rurably A Rbal Co.vaCMVK.— Toe I’etersbutg ( Virgin- I 

wW tsry of H«r>’Uctl Ex*r' ru*» 6, ^e d/awD 
u,_raTL ^ _ InBaUtmcre, Mti ,HAfCliUAY, NoT.i»ael»:d. 

TELEGRAPH MARKETS. U. FKA.Nt r. Sc rO„ J»Itip;a--ers. . ^ r-. - 

Priara smoaDting to »3aSK,e will he dlsfributc.l ae- ^v'o*tt‘f Nulestad urged the cabinett of bx Pe 

New Yorb, NoyeTbert— p. w. cordh a tc the lollowing eplecdid schem* ; 3 i.iuu Num- • r.-t n'g, » and llerliD, to ecneluae in favo* 
Cotfen— The ic»rket U firm; sn’iui of ft 0 b»l a— Or i’riaea! Pn*e» psyabie in full wuhout of the integrity tf the kingdom of the Sieilie. 

etn* oih*<ll ng 12Me- ufUnu do wxc. lloldtrs are eeduation, *n<1 a treaty > calaMcas U that guatantyirg lh> 

cw drinandlric »n aiTRcr,. nf Xo. aciiiNa. i ArP»o*tw*TlOw eRi2t* o » = 

Plnur I* -t edt ! tales 2 liO I birfs. 


1 rr'ieoi 

1 IT *- of 

1 I r ze of 

1 pi- xe rf 

I pr te of 

II I lit s of 

a piiiei ,.f 

3 prite* of 

6 pr lex of 

tlMhi— Wheal hm * drelinic. tcnitency; it'es of 
59.il0i)hu. C rn Isnulct: Xil*x.f 8 lOOhu. 

IVoTi. lore- Pork iidull. Beeliid.-m. Ltrd dell. , . 

Whixey— 9te»«ly. I pr ze of 

Oil'— til' mzrcel it without Important chsngetnd . i! ,.,iz „ o 
aotliioK doins. Rpiizci,. 

t itter nod oh»e'eunnh«nsed. 3 prizes o 

G.-<rere* — C<iff*e quiet. Hu gar firm- Spezeto 

Kreigh §— Are firm 6 ,,r zrso 

(Khera-ticics »re unehRiayd. 2)' pr.zexo 

Ht- ckx nee flrcier OotoberlHn-t 17; Michlcsn Prn'h- 

'•rnSiX; New Yo«k CerirmSi Readin. 74; triefiSX: I, I lU Prizes 
<*l::reiaad and rolcdo 68X; Cliveland and Pi.tibi.rz : 

CiRCfaesTi, Noreinliert— V. a. ' OF’Whol 
Tl-or— Coctiruc* doll Th“ .n.-mer’t newt is con ! 
d'lere.l fav-vahle; ISir.b.'g s.ld a S6 5-i. ' 


.Sico.cau 4 f>( Rpi.rox 

*1 U.M0 

. ft, ‘DO 4 of rO 



. t’t Itoi 4 ( f :0) 


2a tu. 

. 15, Mr: 4 of 4’0 

d > 

1- siA-V 

. ll.U'O' 4'f 8 0 


II. ur 

. i.Mit't “of lOJ 


4 M.0 

2,40’ i 8 of 1 u 


2 S't 

. 2 0 0i 12 f fO 



. 1 ..0 1 2.) of <iu 

. 1,M.0 | 2j of fill 


1 wt* 

. toUiSUJof xl> 






li ^ ' s’ AWDaIMON a CO. 


X " tin. rismeceliiB ti lO •‘cictk a. w , win to ' 

.. V • <nr Aertiew acrm>,a I t »f •• tenabtalrr 

•NBW I OKK, N'.V. B. .j coi In p*n a(— prU* »«»; Alp**:ae; 

Tkfi atesm'r Viyc. pjpfj fire d lyt uur new W-rrtas, fanrj Veiy i»; pta aid imr.fl Sw-.x 
f'cm thn onniiwin.' Motli t; JtccB»’?; ne.db woiki d 0*|i.t trd C»t- 

i.emiae oonnw.n- ,r»; »mT id-r.d .-k r. Ku Ui »*,. « 'z.ird a.4 

The Pans Lonicie.’.ce was tore-aatmb.e on the dton Htocirg-; aterm uiox*>; H il tnu Wtiiae 

l^.h (laif-Uoxt; biscR atd ectexed riultx, 9 .im ra. ieaaa; 

P»P^« State that th. a““aiiui 

King of >tt its tad urged the cabinett of bt. Pc n <dx. lie 

• r.iln'g, Vienna and Berlin, to conclude In favo- C^Termteath. T. AND1B80S k CO., 

’ the integrity of tt.e kingd' m of the Sicilie. aactioz.»«r^ 

s«1 a treaty i Balagcu* U ihat guatantyirg Ihi jjY c. a;. SEfcIt EM. 

Uornan empire. ..... ,. , , Noraerv tf 0*tia mental. Scale, and Evergrawii 

The Utea*. a iviees state that preyaiaticM fert ' . . v biV.‘ i',a „ 

e-cent Ufon N*,le* were redcubl.d. V p .Vi; ^ 

Ni modification of the m-nistry had taket ® ■ ^*r, » tr ax rv d v i v r* 

lac-. |k\ WKIi.NbsDW >H>RNINO. 

I ra stesmthip C.^nada from Boston eerlved a* N ivemyr *‘-h« ti ’••’ewek, will te re’ll, xttto 
re.po..I cn the 10 h. It ia reported that Lor wV'Ni,*.er‘,‘’;tV.’‘o;‘r 

tlnrrston ia p*-parillg a new refutm bill. rtiomp oi>.rt'?.k'. ira oi ■ roil ai d OraaB.CLUlT,«e^ 

L rd John Kai:ell bat ihteatened a similar ^ .le- la iro.kM,.. 

t'.iwu Aipic h'oek., 3 xu« 3 le-r-eiw; la.ilOraotea 
. 'ezch fcH'i >ouo. apple Ir c»; t.»# tor-no; •e'* 

tnd a treaty > calagcas U that guatantyirg Ihi 
Uuoann empire. 

The latest a iviees state that preyaiaticna fer t 

ty Whole t'ckrft fJO: )i* T * tlO: qnsrt-rs »7. 

■ii'*ere'l (Rv.-ii«h|e; I8i i-hig » ilii a- So 5-i. ' .,.‘1 ‘ 

O H-ri— Theml'l*r, ire hn «linr h,clt for lower price, j "f Pf *r w'*' 
f -r wni-at. »n*l d i,’t off*r over *I 14 f^r red. Cjrn aad j P, * •» '"^***'” 
rye in g>od deui.n<l at full r.t t ii -ki K ff'. i . 

1 the tan xuCreeiJii'g I uuiberx to tho-e dra*i' a tl e fim 
I gzi przr. will be eniiile 1 to the >8C .piooxln-a'ioD 
! prz* . For ex .nip e: if ticket No. H.siC 'triw, the 
»IM),0.0 pr ze, Ihoxe tickets numhe'c l il, 4», 

England and France have .atpeeded d'plcmatir ?t ckt; l iW mb i« Pn it. leaiSeM *eih>,h: 
ntirvinrae with Napfea. NohuttilUies 1: are ye ^'*iu i*’lTk ?k'^ nu 

ai'PHoxiisaiiom FHiZli— Th» two irtcirdjnt ! oC'Urrta. .i-nfiic ©r U v. H Ar'-ogv*;**; iJ.iQid Rw*# si* ck«; 

IX tan suCieeUir.g I uinberx to thi-e dra-i' a tt e fim I A ’-iriible ac'i.l'nt ooonrred in Lnsdon wbi1« I .-0 a aothax i r..*, Jtc ,ae 

■i Prir* will be enuilei to the >8C xpiooxin-a'ion ,v» t. _ Si-uueop the famon. It.rj lat ore at h 1 In e la-iiu- 1 c •! he dea h rf Mr A. Thrmpxoa 
r z* . For e : if ticket No. H..M .triw, the P”,** “ tr e tmior lart. eri the aiove t.l« will re » aiUie. t> 

...AO ., ... C-, wax |ria hing at i.oaeert 11 II, a ftlao tlarn it —the paiiuerah p. 

I he E .eutioa in Louisville. 

The elo-ticm pa*eod olfyererdiy without any 
eeriont d-ffi cl y at tbe polls. Thera weraNufee 
li'tle kaxA-d was at eime uf the preeicc'j, but a 
many of tse Oarman ciiiz -ni had actei upon th* 
Aiviee given them by teme of tbeir "pariioalai 
Know N thing f.iecJs," leit the city 8om< 
days b-.f^re the elec .ion — of oourte, they did no 
T.'te. Many o'.hara who remained ia the cits 
kept their houxet, and wjnli not qo to the piillr 
Wbiio there was noc.pen hostility aud dirett per 

A ffAPPY Kbply.—DiQ lincy being RiksU why 
■ here were ui>rM wom-n toan toon, replied, ‘‘It ir 
inoonfirmity with the ArrAQgrmaura of nature; 
Wo alwata so- m ire of heeven than earth. ’’ 

n by *00.0 of their "panioaUi *e have an oppyrtooity to relax Into *0 I itelligencer tays there is a man iu ibKt ciU 

» Ult ..ilo rraokes. chew*, and drink* to the fuilawici 

‘ ^ he pleasant mood, through the medium of the mq,; 241 gall.iei brandy drunii, one mile and acv- 

Bc.lon of eourtr. thev did no s’ightirgalei. Lit’a giro ‘•Jj*" i, bum'cr to- en eighth* of tobacco chewed, and tbreo and a cal' 

r<-for— ^ale^fn-dxyof SOfobi'it mxr e' rercral’y ■ * T* e'nu from 1 to 3i 00 ' c'rrc p-pding with the j at C.ttt-uttai pie. The lu'cia erial crifia retolt o*^Iu'*xrih "r- ^'r*^ibe'a’’v* I* t»"r* ** ****** ^** 
ut.cha gen .sUfMlirgi art q'i~>el M ll>ii.ll3Jc I num eri on the tic-et*. orioiwi on * pirve • int o' ,d .be riintalla'ion of ihn . Id m uifiry. l»a»s -*-J) -n uc tr. c.x,h:oxtr *30. t.x moutba 

iv, I..,. ..«.U -1,. Fr..,l.c.»«.,.al i. tu'mit, , 

Cere— SlixedW •. Tbe xm-innU .-f ’ll- ilitTrreet -‘Jt ful- cr xe'. x miUr- I mrre fuV rahl a.-reet. * 


Horiuble Deatj— I t wx« mentioned in th* 

Beco'.iun of ihefurdgiera at (be Firotacd Second I from Ortgoa tiat Cxpt. Bswmsn, of the 

ward prec net*, *t II there wxa a *pe:ics of ilia 
geaccsi o. c'.Qwl inxugutaUd kir the porpote o 

Vinth Ufgim-nt United State* Army, stationed in 
t.ha y.akiaa Valley, recently liecame iusare, and'hrad'p'edcilii-naanditauccecdec •i*«a,.ed from his friomle who wore aooompinjinE blesied 
qaite edeet .ally. F r in'ieuce, in the F<rxt war ‘il'J to the Dalles, and h * dead body was 

m<loa ct cigzrs rm >Ked in one ye.,r. 

f-STL ■tile acts of kin lue-r, ge.’ille wordi, lov- 
'n - smile.* — they strew the pata uf life with flaw 
. rr,fbey tnake the sun rhino bright-r ar.d th> 
s.r..en earth greener, iir.d lie who bade u* love 
• D.i an.ifbei lorka wiih fhv< r up< 'i the gen'h 
-xn-i kind hearted, and he prononnead the lueik 

»r VI lops— Firk clostd <1 

b-t* IX eu 1 

tVhiski — 8a’e« nt 33o. 
Freight* rr- inactive. 
Kxbbai ge on Lond. n 9};. 

Firk clostd dnll. B.veon close! du!l 

Tlie ansunti .-f 'll- iMTere-t -‘J’ fnl- pr xe'. x miUr- 
!y pnntrtl nd tnc rc «d are p'ace.l in »•. ah-tl 
A'ler reri.lving th- whec’s a number ix drawn roio 

Ferria j'liicita the mediation of France ia hei 

A'ler reriilving th- whec’s a number ix drxwn roio ;; ; ...i, K 

tie wlirtl of nan.Uf.tnd it the same Hn-e »jr ze it uloiOuillee with bogUnd. 

(ira'rn in.'’’ tbe other whe-.l. by bovx wh • arel.l nrt- p-,, .n-, . v _ qi 

llo deO. T’le nemt -r an 1 the rr ie ri'Hirn r.i’t ere . , . / ' , 

npriitd wild • xirb t> d in the ,u lence a ml reai-.t# e.l Jirttirgi .o.o oeng het-1 wC all loop -ri'tl head 
r> the i)nmi!ii» the prizs leia* p a.Hinsi I q -a-tert tbi* evinin^ which aro fu;i r-f f.artiainr 

Foreign >2iiiket. 

I.lTSKPOOtiOct 31. jr tite I, an I, af erer m 
Cntton— The cir-ular of UThardr n. ?i>enc & Cn tifiei o its c rtecinw ». 
.|iinte« the ,a ex of ri tt'n ^atu•d,J■ as 5 ‘I'O ftl ••, of 

wli C"' specu ztmi lot k S.i'iO Th-'ad < icts ri-ci-i ed n kST All orderx f ir tl k 
h- i9 il. tau'el an niva- cs ol 3K.l on alq Hitii, m .rj Uni Lt.Uei'et wil 
ith acf've areciiU-ive denian.l. TletdeXu .Woi.- in» ,iri.w.n4 m* W tn a 
•U> f..ited updM).iO b.l-t. iriiOt of *heh tr et.k.n f, ‘ 

" ai-ecnialion The ti ex of today fTueMla.) aie a-J rexx 

tne nnm'^i-r drawn tin operali .n is r p-*ied unijl 
at the iriz-i ar- drain ■ ui- The dra-irg l* then 
ir i.te I, an 1, af er c' mpatitOQ, the U.HimisXion.r c r- 

tjS^ All orders fir tl k eta or pirkag'x in any o' the 
MirjUn-1 LiiUei'et wil' r.reivr pri-nii-f -ittentioii, an.l 

i-ii Fciifi.>i»ati-.u pbbU.-h t an rx-r* cbsrgicg : 
VT ,ri'mi.tnr F.-omonf-r* with fi I 
hriba Wra .\I'M .lien, a Dem .craf, to p^ rcctrati 
U'is it the citotion til ifv.ri iw Mr M'Muliei 
gave infcm.iion to Wm K Roiii, the District 

aSTE.V.M ?-' Yi sX 

z\ll Aboard ! 

me ilrakWiu^ to all s ur^h iAcca muediiie’; ftfier } doto-itir.^ f4^0 - '.hd tu*ic^rc 

—V vrzri u thurcnghly Democratic ae tbe Fonrih tnbseqaently fcuoi. A letter : 

Ward WX4 Whig, under the oil organia rtion tl ^he wild b-aati had e*ten almost the entire 
, . ... I . .■ r» .1 1t‘hfrr.m hi* bones, leavioc enough 

par-roi-weC id a m j irity tgzln«i.:e Dcmxratlc ^ , 

por y of one c-aoured and Linety-fbur votes. lA ho rfc, de<<teas i wa* regarded at an e( 
om.fuT a mf mect.buiieve tbat the untrammclleo x'el.'ent offl '«r and a go.od eitlxin. 1 
sc'u*'a.<'Lt of the people was rx proved through th> 
b*.!io; bix in tbat w.rJT We kaow tbs ward to 
b.- D Si ii-ra'ia by three to ose agaicst it. Aoc 
;ur, nader Know Vo»hI«g rule, the r.-»a!t figare* 

Bp in ihe First ward, Fi’.'morc MS; Bncbanan 8Sl 
I i< true ibat the vote of the cUy ii lirgi — 
fi,S!J a d the sitj .rliy for the Kaow-Notb- 
Ina pa'ty ia aomeihirg ista rbas it was in ISiS 
•ti l, We Lave heard of the mo*t damning frauds 
vrh'-h will readily aeconut for the large vote given 
We ahall, for the present, pass tnii,coDt«D< 
ratler to be awisdled out of the true asntimrnti 
of osr people, than to a«e the city huroinj up 
ani wemea aal children r at ted on eleriioa dxy_ 

The b >dy cf the Know Nothing party weredit 
py«ed fi>r ,.iaes and quiet, bat tbe rounisra wen 
raxrsn' f.i' m ichief, and w..ulJ, with a littU 
m ire wh'iky, *r.d cy less attentive officer thar 
Mr Ki k, a rick, barecca-reJ again the teenc* 
of the 6 h of Aogust, 1&5S. 

OiKiD TxMPkB. — Surely tho cation which in- 
tented “ouiNiri,’’ was cvpable of coccsivins 
•g led temper;’’ it ia to toe moral what ooui’'ort if 

- •i-ccnialion The ti ex of In rtay fiueMlv) aie a-J rexx T. II. IlCBBARtl * CG , 

'5.i 0abai-ii. of wh ch r.OJO were rakeu by rpn uliTts xc. 39 Wijotte etreet.or Box No. xO. lUlt.mon’. M-iry- 
nd at t' e c os- the Dia-ket w-x quVe eal-s for three oe-deudsweew 

Uysi.f lii. Wbol.-z.oi wtuchSi.loJbAlitwe etaktuou * oc. ueoa weew 

xp-cu'at on. , 

small bu pilcex firm Manchestir repre.senl butUest iiUltn V. 

• u-is It the eltotion til m-.rnw Mr M'Muliei liaTf \ Is i A IT 

give infcm.iion to Wm B the Disrric< Ox Dvr ' 1 

.V't n -y, and doro-iiKg #450 .ha re HoUS© PUTDishiDg GOOdS. 

ceivoJ Dtia of t o aci-m-e.. .ae beeuarrc*t«deB<: **“■* ■w-wx'w*' v»z -vwwsawy 

hold to ball iu to answer the charge o. JARFETI^(t, RC<J.'>, FM'Ok ANDTA 

:o-.Biir*cy. Ua tbe citier side The. 
i- r, (l)-ni. ) deputy clerk of the quarter tearicLt, 
tt * '.eiu tic.d to bail i-D charg -a ui ix-ui: g iialu- 

T II E R E T O 11 T . 

BY 0 P U0RBI8. 

Old Birch who tanghr a vilUcc school, 

Widded a maid of homespun hahlt; 

Ua was as stubborn «s a mnl*. 

And she wts i Uyful a« a rabbit; 

Poor Kate b id s-arce be".-'mc a wife. 

Before her husbacd s.inght to mike her 
Pink of enutitry pr.lisbed life. 

And prim and formal asaQ-iaker. 

One dty tbe tat-or went abr.'ad. 

And simple Kitiy aadlv mi*aed him; 

When he returned, liehiad her lord 
Hbe fl\ly stole, and fosdly kitted him! 

Tbe husbAnd’a anger rose — and red 
And xrhite hisfsce al'errate grew! 

“L*«* freed 'tn tna’auj!'’ - Kate sighed and raid, 
“On pbar! I riDs’T k-ow ’twas yocI'’ 

Shootiso Affray. — A n affray oc-urred lo 
Thir'i tire'd, between Market end Jeff-. raon. last 

I.a .>E*BCi or ^p.K^^e Urdeb DtFFicPLTisa abn-tirgof agen- 

Maa- g-u';-.u-n wh, wer, not am-rxel of the 

.1.^ M _ - 1 .r>od«hoaie of Messrs. Miiler i Tabb. We are 

uen ia complete. 

Okb cftuk Hovd —Ju)ther—“ Where have yon 
l«*t), UnariejT ’ 
h- y — “lo ihe g(»den, ma." 

Mother— “No, y u have been switnralrr; yon ; 
1 now 1 have CAution-^d you about going to tbt 
ertek I will have to correct yen. Look at your i 
► air, hew w«t it ia ’’ [ 

B-iy— “Oh, DO, ma, tbat is not water, it 1» | 
tw at.” 

M th'r—*'Ab, Charley, I have caught you fib | 
h'ng, your shirt is wrung side out " | 

B y. inump'ian'lv— “Oh. I did that just now, ■ 

MS, c/feibt»y Oi'er Die fence!’ 

l‘ri.\i»ioiii.— Ftr» and b-e-' i-re v.r. null, luconix 
6U4(Jy. l.idtkoull. ikliow has aUv.nod II. 


(’oBs-iiz for mon*y closed al91£92, for ac oual at 


Hrlcher A; iteii'i-. it’i Ob-ei \ iiuny. 


TIESOAY, NOV. ISth, I8.>0. 

ii ItL sa& 41 

SuTli;» Niimi-ru itZ2 OiBiiiurlo. 

j h * (LO FUUnfjTu heftdq WT'a-* * ^ ^ bfo di^'*aA 

' 1' g the > m ricRLS i . m vutieg toe L-oi.,n ticket. 

f : - ill. eat hii ibrr iceetirg Keane'h Uaymor ao. 

1 ho«s are pi’ i.<lipg f..r a c tubiiiA’.i.m c a the 
V j .'1 ti k- 1 as Ibe inly meuioj to pic vent Buchan- 
' *a’a vole of -ho Sta'e. 

I LartK.- The lepiorCs about the witbdrawali- 

. at> d tu bo false. Such am .ve is not eotertaiteo 

BLE OiLCLOiri.-f, *’l UfAl.N tiOUDS 
A.ND t’LKlAiN rlXU’KE.S, 

Of the mi I Vlo4teru Improxeineni. 

U ’E INVl I I. i HE SPhCl.\L .W- 

lentiuQ of xteambr-ot r aorr- acd L»at<k<-rF- 
-:>* to our iionien-e st ck of i»c at>-.v« in - Ux, a'ich 
tt krev c- ostariiy in sun- v— tl e .arsr.i ».»i.nitirni 
lud mux'. .xlrD.iVt: Tor.ct) uf an; li'.--xe • ut el N- w 
V. r(, au.l gicig-: our--lxra to :vll . yihina is - or 
<t« rk au v*.r cent, less luau anjr vlUer auexx in lh‘a 

I carpf.t:.ngs. 

Rcarth Velvet ;Tap«Mry an.l HrD-ieis.of a'1 gra-lt* 

I at.t.r d- ely. of i*-'u(cL an.l K:.a--'t.i 'z-pijs. sii quali- 
I Ur*. Cot'.uu Ctuun and Ucsjv toarflu.a, v«r> cticai. 
f I'Kr klN GOO; 

Lace Curtainx. ef ail q'j.t:itie*. 8atin, W: i 
j OuUoo liamocxx— s-.ld at jCi-Lcrs’ i ru:ex in Atw k^rg. 

! LiNLN tiOOli.^. 

A1argeaxsortm-o. of rvrry vanety ef those gsedt 
! i- v"'f<d ev I u scivrs, and s..ld Je par cenu bc.uo any 

■ have ih’s dsv made ca-eful ex-iminatii'n and Oilllltckl §1 00,000 I i ® mmiife* ^(tid bey deny tha-. a sirgl. , Aiargea-sortm-o. of rvery vanety efthoscgscdt 

a.ljui tu rut of .1 e Trzniit I u-tium-nt in the p» l>t* • r ' > • i. . cctuf Ii*.- wittdruwn. ! i- v<>- UU Ov i u scivrs, and s..ld io cenu bc.uw any 

SI n m We.xn i rr w lirnnvtt. oi llii- nt», d } I’rizc uf Sl^CUO | 3 l.»zo*of •J9H i y..j Cotumit'ce has not bc-n In se'sioa t<v-dij ) uUttr dealers in ci,:. nty. 

ihai the azuie may b, r.iieu uikiu I > oUain accurate * .J . * s . • . . . ..i <. uil til'.nfITO WTTf M.-a 

II. TWlTcBbi b, I “ •,w.iU" 1 70 “ -KTt I ' t?{pt l.jr the t urpore ol Is.-uirg 'ickr's by which ^t- 'gt- * • o .xe. i i i Aon 

A'liis'act Ciacinuu I tb.eivatiry. I ‘ lOooji-U " . ^*1 i inty are rtKlved to stabd trem flrat to UxC. Ofallkicdi. All k'T.dx of Dry 0«edskrptef nstan'..y 

Louitv.lle. Octoter iJi ., ts u. lioitd l “ o.MAi | a .Approiima Ions, .,3 o ' an hand at the ii.arat c-xa zrtc«», ay at ea* yrrr* ta.i 

— ..- r F>:“T.Aprr;x!mat'or,» lo Nbo YoaX N- V. 4 P J| fe> M.r;--!""l*Ji-**r;^‘D. 

Marshal’s Sale. 

of *410 lu i'y .'Ki . 4 i.r S4UU to $3i,uo ; -* if tu 
I lU.vou; 4 of fi cto (5, 0-0 

J3J’“Tt.ij joung woman wai right in spotlirp ; T. 11. Crajfont Adu.V.,2 | WBole Tickets S20; TTalves. $1(J; Q jai 

8 marriiRii ceremor j: C. McNuUj ’* Hrir*. J ter*, $5. 

! tia marrMRu cere m or j: 

I A young mar, in buxicesi in LTvrrpool, I»-i hi* 

I I |tti<hiDg hrido ru the altar in t-eOldCuaroh of 

F# •iaU‘ cxi-nt lo wiio’i rhs ‘.Ity-ir’s proc1»mation, 
in teg .rd to the eloeirg c f coffee bouses yeste-dav, 
would be carried, rusbel incsutiaeotly from door 

tVased to learn from the attendieg surgeon, that ’ w . . 

. ex-* <i'd.a'.siicaaia)Jieat,inj>**,,w\xtuoztlikolyt- 

Mr. 8. was not sertru'ly wcnnded,tbe shot takirg pjt his threats into ixccation," slid bade him 

effect in the flesh near the ktee joint. Weoonid tiio'.se ati-ither maio. 

fitt town; and when the queatico was aikcd i ‘'*"ve cause, ii e uu.uisiai.eJ, or one if us, will, oi. 

■ c - :i. .k J 1 1 I. t. . V .... 4 .. I >.ON u.A ' , the t'KIi us> ui N -ve oilier, fw , aijout the 

Vt lit tb--n li>vo and cherub, A ,beaa. wereda -,oi;r of I o’tiur.ic * m , sell tu ibe Ui>h;ii >-i<i<ier. si 
i I'ustomarViand audej, “M'bco she net'led, he’d I ;.-ubi.e aui-t ou, la-tore the cjurt-i.uus- -i ur.'nth-. rii,\ 
b irg her.” Tho girl immediitelv etepped th* i / L.-uuviile ine uu 'ivi-'.-. i ait of th- House and 

...a ..kl* :r 1, . 1 1 L.01. o , 11 e nurili tide ol M s.i.ui Mrett, bei-een hn- 

c.erpjrcsn, and atked if it was t.)o Iwte to re.r c- euih ai.d Kialui.. in the nt> < t Luui>\*s lue tu n 
Un being 'old that ii xcxg not, she turned up"i. e.i lo i:.e un.i tx d' ii.-, on ce uit of 4 e, 
'.irhttr.and quietly walked cut of the churel- *ro 1.1 u.o ibs tor eq«»l pans t.f tl e ; urciisse n."n y. 

. ,! . ... . _ij 1. . V k. J ! The purchaser will la; requiied lo mve b lU', aith an- 

iiyiiigtba', A n:au who cen.d say whxjbe had j p uveu sccun.y, Itaring mlere.t irom the day ol *_ie 
1 lid, a', iiicti \ lament, io j is*., w\x tuozl likely t- 1 nil paid, auU alien r.-ta-ned us aiMii - n.l -i-uriiy . 

to doarderirg the day and iMt night, ia z-arch ‘a the flesh near the ktee joint. Weoould oio'.ae at i-.tfaermate. _ 

of apirii*. Lirge number, of parser, who have J*"™ psrt:cu«.ra of the "ff-y. The of- .^ovometita of Ocean Steamers. 7% ‘it:‘17enUo77/'f?rm^r 

bie . avustomed time out of m'nd, to indulge '*^‘*'*" "‘J* ^ 1 

...... ... ... . " in*d tu!^ m^mrr. sail. .rcic-a lAi^rtSsJy 2oruurs«lsy 

tj*irdrt(*king(rKAniTilie«yp:^ricaUr!jODeIfCticD ^ niips. L«*Tt. for. p«ts. f r J 

d -T, rfitVtei the horroriof iLteor*© ‘irjDCi'^/’&nd geutUmea — Jre ka^w ihey were Ni*v fi * 

ir.» .rdiv and < utWAfdiy CQ8if;;d tbe fftrf.A (a.nd tb«- ^eotlemcn by tbe clothti« they wore — were buiiU Qu ike- Ciiy.. .N«w Vo k... . IIavr a a: Mob le. Nov 7 c lie oiki f.>r ihd No 

, . , , . . . a. . . ..... , X . , All itiiic Ne-r Yo* k .. • i.»\eri)ool Nov ^ .... , ,aa,x t » 

M yor; tbat Ofox^a tbroi to a pericd of toUl ab- id ridmg t rooga tho cry ytstcrdiy par- T m -t-ht Yurk....Ou8*’ w _ ..'■ov ► A I 1 LA I luT 

• ;i=»oeo. We opine tbe ormand lur the Hjb.m- cDiig out whisky to cohort* ta keep them N't'I Y.K<;...V,iVe^"^ ir^.t 

f A IltClgrjK (JT Prizes ca.hel ■ t x>ht xt 6 p.-r cent, d-xcount. 

•the Louisville Chancery Court, rendered tu tht Hi-is cii a’l so'yei t Hink 1 1 .'.tt . at i-xr 

lied, or one if u., will, ui. A nr-wi. * wil te forwird d bs looa *i the result 

N -veoilier, l'»o>, miwuI the become* kuos n 

11 to ihe hi.hril i-i.lder, ul . , ' ou.u-uiiicali-ns al.l'essed to f»)N F0I»T!I- 
jurt-i.uuii<-‘i ur.inth- cii\ F.Z(r.reof C-iy Poxt.Clii'e. or ,-.*J-IiUit*ithe of th-; Hju.e anil I8ih Novemoer, siii be aite d.-l n. u;3) .luw.u.-li I 
r.inui .treit, bei-i-en hr\. 

V d-‘-.r“‘L'n‘ i%riiV!.f‘4 "e, uo Y al Ii av a n a lot rE.aY. 

uiiedio mvc blti.". iathup. 'HtHE .NEXT ORPIN \HV DR W'- 

lU-rv^i Irouj ilje a»y ut s,.it || Koyal li<iVuD» Lou-rT. C'T'loctfd 

i(***ga*Ii . Il py th»* ftpauisb Goyrroment, und*r ihr iuporviNioo o- 

u s I i, V VT’ tbe CaiUib Ueoeral ol Cuna, «iU lAite p.ACe it llA* 

— i. -—1 L>tri U a> . V A A , on 

and hU^liANS. WxIPMSJF VV, 1>FC. li> h, IS.aB. 
merx end others i. .1 ed t> .-—a. , _,■■ r— i _ . - r i * 

^QS3,000 ! 

J- .NtS -u fNVUEK, - ' 

ttccxaufat-. l > 1 . K..iiii«|.. .Surteti Nunif'r** .>7 3 Oniinario. 

u!n'.“ -|‘ H Ku‘n ; p MIMM* 00!! 

W. j U MlliFI' ;, .M.L.C.C. 

ce31 d's JaME.SO b ' l.a.L, L'ei-uty. 

■=a’ EORU boors AND bU^JliA^S. 

aw The af.ectlon of farmers end others i. .1 ed t> I 
our t'uck nt cuiir^e Do tx HLd Br. gi>n - or i - gro«.-,*e 
re-led < AgrcSily lur uur X..1- 1, .i .t xo.d • 
lu. f rcisa. J- .NtS -. fNVUEK, 

1 e3.| t uccex.ur. 1-. U i . K..ii.l«|.. I 

Wo have reporis of airiuaa not* rn a numbotof 
t’i9 du*n-towii Ward*, atfi in 'ne ortwoeftbe, 
B;, tu ' n dietrict*. Too pzrti*. iucel.i-i-.n arc the j 
'■•irtiJa of >ie*iir*. WocJar.d Libby, the oppe.irtg 
' --lu'-crHt’.* cardida'es fur M.y r. S^v-rel per- > 
■on* beea ir-jurei by p;* ul hot* 1 1 nuine 

0 ibo il'.tn^'S the puliiog pincc* have been de- 
- r -yed W airusta havebvua iseuxi for lae arrest 
#; tuu rii.gleavlcr.«. 

Nfw Yorb, .Nov. 4. 

The Timr.*’ apccial Karsx* o- rroepundeac rtar«« 

; the free S'-ito C.>nvenlii-n insr at il p 
-pring-', cn the 2S h ct Ojtuber, a:d i -.tLinf - ■ 

I' jv. 1. eder !.r a delegate ti C -r.gre:*. reso- 
.u.i-, a cuacerning Giv. Geary w». p..:tpjLta. 

PlTT?Brifl, N .V. 4. 

The river is 23 inohos by toe met*! toark acd 
* ationery. Tuu weather is liiuip. 

MCFBEC, Nov. 3. 

Tin a’eauier Cunadiin, fru'ui L.verpoui, with 

1 etc*, arrived. 


The river kaa risen 2 fret 3 inches sicce in d- 
8>b*. The ue.'hrr i» cuol. I 

Uivana to X O 

tiemxii ’.f I -"*0 labita will learn to fortify them- 

Ftirea sgair it a recurrence cf Mka disibiiitiea, by | the Mayor’s request to keep the coffee bc'j-eiclo'ed 

hourc keepers in tbe city, | |* ini 

*a. J. B. Ili'obeM A| TnKxTFB — We were t-lcised to *ooa v-ry fair ! H,n 

»...* ... . 

. N - . Y’lirlt. 

... t.tverrcol 

S’ i» 12 

I, li'.burg ... 

.. . Nc Y rk.. 


.N jV l.i 

I'JU in 

. . .N w > ora , 

, . . ll.»vr» via H’inton 

X V * .- 


...Nciv Yura.. 

...ran Juan, Nic... 

.Nov 24 






P iiiu. rg.... 

. • • • G o vr . . < 

,. .. Nev York 

...Mul 1' 

It iiixar ju .. 

... •' iiai’e rh'S.... 


► It 11 


... N -w Yt.rk ...... 

. . O •! 23 

V 'na-la .... 

. .. . ) iver;iO tl. xion \ 1 1 Halifax U ’■ 2 

H,1 i- .. .. 

... . I.i vrrpool 

N * V. r.4 

. M. t L';* 

K rnp ' 

.... lelV^rD'fO'. 

. . . N w V rt 

. Xiiv I 


...5uui ktupl iiNtrw Voi;^ 

,.NoV t 

“Go IP, 

TUOl! H*t.l> 

dr. it)’’ — iu Hruf. 


frr a • dry d.v " 

Fivk Rti.kc Boat — J. B IliobeM A .. - 

3... 1. tesFur ; ul t- daj. witb a 5 -r’y fitted «ulience at the Tceaur Uv. r.igbL and (he piece- 1 //I); ■;V;o\\\'»uu7^.mpV’n Sc« ^ t 

gtor the view ,f tjntr.'.c.n tbeicasT were well perf.-rm*d. Iu ‘'New York” we we e i _ _ . . ^ 

tt»3 •i.-i Wee’ ru and S u'.iiern w.'.era. They e-pocially plrasrd with Hall’s J.-,e, ted tbe per' 1 , **'^*“ iu Frof. VVoed * 

• , ’ lure. .Nu. lU 'l-rkat Ltreei, ani g't u bottle cl 

hsviavrry c mplata and dirers £:d tt*.clr, and plavid by liHlo Mtas Stanley; zbe played it very | j. > celubrate.1 KcaiorAtive, waicii will maki 
a"- oievor aui leliable gaLi.cmcu wherewithal to prettily and decervet much credit. Tbe bill for ! tl.e i’B|.ilUry ru’iatance vegetate on tbe aumoiiti- 
d*aV to-night IneludM that new pie-re cf L’bd*, the | ^ 

We orrti'.al M- John B Hitobell, especially, 
to th : Sjtffierce of our reader*, a* we have bad a 
bui,cic< c- djcciioa with him, acd h-iow him wcl; 
and p ri 'Dally. G*ol luck to tbe anl pro- 

£!*!Ma re.ura is ihe vsy of trade. , _ i r . v,«i. _ v. 

taeiix of I uu.rviile acu .-'aburbs is retp-ctfully 

. ky Kuikeix. p ain aud a hi-e lirt-, .ii-.itcJ tii s: ho 
lutii C.i'l't*. Iitru«,i Lg .* Fu's, n«rt'Ci.u, 
t'lU W hii'li i r-ai.glrs, Ti.a gl-. tec- 

A. oublh, Cui.Ie..u u.r, r I u t -icr, kc , 
ocki dtso .1 u. au 1 -t. 

Omnibus i ioe. 


V w Uau uf Umuii use tn u. m e '.lu^ wiib tin 
LuUisvi le Ai.d N*->l.vil.«: hki‘r<.*d,lo any i.*rt uf ti.t 
'ity . .'•1* f>' KLTi* B >I.L) u.N AUJt C.^Ua. Tin- 
tar It;)$r as, m/ur. 

r-f/- llltf.e J.I Ili.Tel *11:^ dtf 

Daily Omnibus Lino 

GzOROR ^tlLLl’S .. 
J 11. UaRUZY . . 

Man aver. 

i*ta.e .ilasAger 

I Prise of SbO.OOUl 3 Prise. of *2.on» I 

I •• “ 50,idi-I 3 “ •• l,'«)i V t ‘ '■ 4 • 

I «• <• ai .ii»i I 70 " “ a* I * ' ■ 

) •• *• 10,0'. 149 ’• ’• Jill i ■ — 

I “ ’* o.uOu I JO Arpr'iximstions, 7,3 'j! , LOUISVILLE THEATER. 

Four Aorroximations to the lIuO.iF 0 of e*liKi each; 4 _ 

i^r.T*T.oio UH!*’ “ G«*“« Man.rer. 

•lUCOC. 4 «( ♦*.’0to*3.»0e. J G. UaRCZV hta e .ilauAger 

i^fhole Tickets, 520; Halves, $10, Quar 

teru, S5. I i V k % I M., vN H).\F,S 

CyAH the pr'sea abjv, *.a!-.’d ire drawn at every ‘ - • .*T, N.'.v.mrer *’h, will I*- pert.'rrr*' (*or t’e 
.lr...ln< fi-.Ciimei l.'iu.xville) tt.e ctw aoi d.cyily ibt.rr!t- 

P.e m-.eiiei- of ilravlrg la ax follows A'ltbe rum <.t,u. I r»ma »l. 1.-.1 
ber« are O'. I in n wh e' or glo' e m p /* -ore of t'e -u- I l \ i» . tii o <* r. » « pr • 

t or tie- of lUv-iO , ,n Ito. pub ic.'w.. ,1 xvxh f..rr th- I l.M/x, Til ^ C (i.(K . IKL . 

;i*>i.frtra«inr,m-lihep. irr-inioo’.hrr,!-'b;!'t'. i.ll -f, Moi. ardthe CORZi’iaATOas, 
i *»i ich «r* locked with tl r. c .liile'eti' k- J a,bv the ih-re I Mr Cnan'ran 

; 'rra-ureri cf the ca.e • f O e K.iy al l.o I • y Th i i.Vh^’c jirOiVl!!!;;! i.a Allertiue 

(I kN ’i Mi.s i V K % I M., VN H).\F,S 

- • .*T, N.'.T.mier *’h, will I*- pert.'rrr*' (*nr t’e 

•■rra-U'eri cf the ca.e 'f f'.e Koyal l.o I-; y. Th- i 
■Ir -wing t lie* p ece iii'ho lorze v urt the i'u - 
tnni ll'.use BliI-iiik- pibliil. Tno b y x, r>.l nt-r 
ta*l> e > etr* of g- . frrm the 'irpbm a -y lum . draw t!:t 

CrzaJ Overture .... 

By the Ore-extra 

F’tir .'Utmphi'. *’ U New Of It ana. 


W r. \ irULJdi.Tirhrn. max. 
W -ll leave .. .move . Il t\ '’r.f’ay, 4*1. tki.a. ir«. 
Furfreiznior paxs*B< apply o i..a.d-r’o 

1 . a >KH'UHt.4D. 

rao* raiAO. 

w - ^ T jc - ,- .'i- '-VC’*' ^ m* r 

, TT* F.aN.NV ni' I.ITT, Pur. .n>,aMX 
W II Icavv .3 above uu 1 ! Uf'day I wh .V V., auriM 
arrival I' e c:.r«. 

Fur rreighi or pasA.'ige api ly OP b«,rii nr t-> 

I'. hFXKl'I. f j; »0N. 


„ ^^“T^l^toThe tuo ai- ii ■■ ; itt*r 

anaKuavaBMOH J ('■ cW.tN JoDr>,max, 

W :i leave a* above CO Thct- ;ay , W; ii i, _i 3 r. k. 
Furlreinhlui paaAAgeaipii <-> -'-f- t -r- 


_ xi'T'^ a, i iit ipiendi t iiah •- ” .. . leaiiiar 

- EKi. Wun.iBAS 

Will 1- ive i- %"ova on Th'« .1 .y. ilii in t , .i 4 ? W. 
rur.'reighlor passage tppiy ui r l- 

> .■*. Li. ;>M. • ah. 

N ■ . 4 >1 II vi.'tez- 


., - w'T"'" J. Tho ttUr I e. tf-- •fonrrf- 

L.\ OBxN £, to i .r c ' ,a. 
\1 ill le*. e .» above op r I ura ; .y , o.u ipat., a. a. 
roifreiaui UI .aasaj ,.l. O a 

I - MtbjRlih.xl). 

'Jb Raui-L*a r. X MviL ra IXT Lixa IfiS 

iIel«V’.ii .iiiav I If > bit ‘j* ri'.h'o. 

’ • 

»A : f fir^ p « - ill r# a 

•? irti.<iwrf'4 rl .i* i*ct«*'v: I. u v li * •?y>B 

.f - \ xi««ilfU> I c it * m«r» 

> 0> ► Lk. L \ N D o-ni , u a^. 

>l'i KR’OK 

Th‘ b .2 • ifeflt**!;; m*l i * il •' l' f ’ite* 
itotiU mo*t r f< f»i e, AM - J r» ? g : ; f r ’ e 

iij; «iii l it. c a' <» ’ y 9C Cf* « 

CuD.lUk'uAiDJa.11 f^jr iliCtrar »pOlC .io?: r’ froaiLt 

C B.k.-a-AM. 

rv ■» nr v*:pi- j « .y.'.-x. 

kc,',L L.Alv I .1' n r r 

r. H. 'IaIIj s,i,.’to;\f; I NW, 

CONNECriNQ AT fix ’INStTi tviru EVRLT 

FOR 1 i .N t I > N V T I . 

i£^, .ht-'ranzht -'c\irer<— aaiiw'-.miS 

CK . .N k Tb.yle, m ..trr, 

e •. “1.1 :xUD, •* .C-, n-.a-.rr, 

t* -'.X I’l . E Fu I r. u i-'er. 

One ■' tb .-rxBill- V- i . V- -ia *T 

Ullu'cluczA VjtI'- s‘- .-r p .'•»*- y to 

\V S U.aK EP. -,enl. 

xj^ OStc; — Ma.i Lice tv,..r-d.»t, lo.*. cf 'r-i*d 
«tr e'.. c 7 -I’f 

J V .... t-^^For «xio in LiuixviUe by aJl tho draggisti . 

I-^A iec .0 1 h-n epidemic ix rag’cg in Grand Jtca, attbe corner ol Market and Bhel by street*, 1 deodAweow Imo I 

R.vtr, Micbig.i:. During the past veek the shorai l»«t evening. The *bol took effect in Mr. L.’a , ^ j 

h'-ve h-aa Lteraly strewed with tho dead and face, tod will not prove aerioua. 2Ir. L ha<i given ! A I'SKFrut:* Oukath.--''^ hat lady or gentle | 

dying £.h-aoms of them of almost fabulous size, qo one aav' ffincc, and the shoitioc wai a dirtet j would remain under thecurre oi a disagree 
A fewmonib-Fiace every living, cre-ring thin? by tcnltof la wlea* rowdyism. No arrest was made I'*'*® when, by using the “ of v 

myri-id*. wax deal upon tbe banks of the ' F'ioi5/r» ’as aieatifrice would not onD 

O anl R vsr. LtirJa of *normou* * ai and dis ! AsOcrjiAOa— A piny uf Aruonoaus (?), five ,,aaor it jvreot, but leave the teeth white aaaJa- 
C-zx-ing .p-aranco were piled in heaps where i a.t*-ked a single Ocrmin yerterday • u..8ter T hlauy persons do sot know their brcati 
ties were tarown by the edJviug current. Rate, j »“ -Icffcnjn street, near Shelby, Afier u bad.aad the subject is ao delicate their friend: 

•atke- and every species of ^limy, scaly inoasteri ’ *»**^*‘‘S **'* P'-' Oormaa pretty a juudiy one M nevrr mention it. I'our a single drop of ihi 
snare J ac mmon fate. j * p.xtol at him, the ball penetra- | “;iilin"oa yyar tooth-brush and wish thetoeti 

. jtirga tree a few feet disUnt, barely nii-aicg a ^a^rtiag. A flfty cotilboltU wililast s 

There w r. a parole of Kaiw Njthing | i^dy who wo* near her gito. No arre.’tj ware • j -ar. 
toub i.T* reud. ’ring '.be d*y biie'ius with their dig- ' ^2xde ^ BBACftFrLCdJfPLEiiOKmi.yeaailybeac- 

gu Urganddr'inken ahautx from one cud of the | ' \ using the “ «/ o TkoueanC 

oi’t ♦. I’le olhe- -alter ’*▼ Thev ins’iia'ed ihi« ' MoRE FlBES IS Tdi WoOPS — The Evaniville j ^ It Will remove fan, piKi/Jc*, anu 

ouj N.i tia otae. /a^waridij. iaeyias uauta tois • .... ...... it€cklf fruia the akir. lcaTio;i it of a sofi and 

A hlilc Will he iFTi af trunk aiijia<ie!i ? oof M s’offioi . Uh Dru* < (*t n I — 

rhirdmr el wrere laUeaciii leave their u.-.iaeiJ, kij«i i‘ Th «u»wcr b‘rs w|M c*sh aM p»i*M V fi p -c^n' «Ui ; A!:!nDy 

h** Ucuiliu V .1 cai for thriAj ii: «l> pa- ! ol i* r cii> i cou* ti c'.arKinif for the risV » &''.» •Uenrttr. af 'o. { C.e(*p aira (with roag) Mr* Bcrnari 

ritJ.T.K Jv*CerfcOc:owL, and •ishir g it , ii*t of ilriwn rur^ ri an.l p' a a will h- • * — — - — 

«be the On* r I ua t*> the city icaa atahxe their terser ■ purch i«vr< < f lictt ta on the arrival of the j Cy* Ry exrr'*»!i J»*a«re, i he favorite GL ANCK 

. TV f niivnnivnv ! ir.»il •'■"•n-er tr inlUvaiii I 

ty Far. riKT* ckhts. D. L.QUEQOOllk. t-vT" Purch »-r. will pi-sre wr’e their sizratnrrs 
[.lou'biilo py J xe. Uil I pla>n, *n ' g ve ih-ir I'o* office, ci u t’ , and state. j 

■ ■ • — — ~ — • I tiT'*i’.ris on »ll solveul b i.ks t <(• n *' par 

HIHIUTT Jk SON, ; ur> 'rjeri fir lioie x • r xh-re< in tho ..hive Scheme 

xd.l'ex'C 1 1.. .1 Ci-c.- 3; Co , 1 h -.rieslou, s C , will be 

\mrHOLfS\LK ANH KETAII | iroirr.f»> «it tdt.uo 

FaTrLy Grocer^i Flo*rr anfl T»a ?tc»re, No. I oci.7 tlatwloa J. CISCO it CG.,Charle»i>o, 8 C. 
dark't ilreei.bttwteii deuouu.nd Tl.tiU bnve in st ir 

i l.rze »Q*l X** eel »tc cx ot ir.iterie,. tu ul.ich lb-> ] ■ - - _ — sul cit ilie u'lebtion of ib*ir vit. .n't cuuuiri ; RF!r'ri’';n R AT E OT* LOTS 

li.nd*. Oooaxd livcre.ilnatlp.rixuf iheti'.jlreeo | atitoV/.-U OzAL-L. AjJAO. 

- I 3y the Empuriusn Reil E»t .te .MAHUiactuiiag 

TO MY CUSIOMBRS. | Cum put y, at 


4 !•’« '"T fVe Mnnvwi t' Iv t’uluuLi Fountr 111 

jr fil hou.e and a »re»i.r pvt uf u.y stuck .. : .^OUfin 1- i U'U"l.i « ouoiy, ill. 

' l-uriied, I wax con. pelted 10 seek anolh'rlocA- j (Jotemcn-inr We Ine.-day, Nov. 19, ISjli. 

rion. I therefore b-a leave to iuferu ir > Irier.d* and I •». w , i-c-v- . 


N blV k'UKK i- a ir.'ptrati'n. 

PRK'txoe (D*i4«io* —'’rivatell -xe* XV: I>rexx Circle I.EGL’L.VII LuC "-Vi .Lfcl .kN 
a !■’ Par ,U“l’e 7-> cen:*’. <*e*-i'' ’ T’»r 3> -ent-; ehi'-lren , x> » r- 1 xw » 

•i-id-, r IJ V e ir- tn 0re*-C'rcl-5i) cen:*;0 .1'rrv Ji een'.x: . * .\x- lx r. I ! 

Ooi ■■’ee Gal -ry 35 cent.; Co’or d B xesau cents. ,— »• f A- -J.,» ■ . - TV 

r.'y I'uura at 7 o’c oca. CurtA'Q r.xex atTS ' . 

p- •kvre-iu’ly. 1 1 awmBi ’^OttCRO’T vaxer’ 

Jj^Kix «:li<’e open -t illy from lO o’clock a. M to t r. t-i a •• • « » »• I t’ e a'love r n 
M.AudtromJr a *<> S r a. . n»v aatu.n. and »i.l aiaa. ie*i 

W. C. XaOlPBOUR,Trea.orer. , ib'> u»eont in . xe .- n. 

-Vi .Lfcl an > N A iiViLL. 

. r DT WOSD, W. R. 

I 3y the Empurium Retl Kat .te .MsnuiactaiiDg j 
Cud. put y, at 


; Or Mounn V. ly, Puiu-Ui County, HI. 
i (-'otDmrn-in^ Welne.-.lay, Nov. 19, ISjli, 

Lot isviLLR, Kt., Xov«3iher3> l8Ce. ' 
Toteph Be"«e*. Fjq j 

I'xaa 9ia: tVe f-e urd*r*'*ne e’tifenx of T o-i*- I 
vil e. b 111. • e i oux of ,how n* uur pnreeixiion rf ' 

, ^ iMV''. w. rv. 

.S3rcsaiMSw’’OLICio>T Vax'er-ilt >m aceroa 
L'l a >■ .u , 1. i t’ r a'love r..i'. npov tbr PB- ir 4 • f 
> nxv gatiuD. and a,.! aiaxa ie*u ar un-day ir.px 
llb"u»!-ont lb; xe .• n. 

Fort eight .r .. .A.e (’'»Vir« xpltad <1 aecccao- 
-luiuLx). a(p y cn bo.ra er l" _ 

I. * M Oinv 4 r.'T 

poA'ii'n, M xi diJ X - L H \l. B * k T. 

1 Wi,f 4flTn t v.,v,||^. 

• a ^viT*"*«fcThe fipe 'lexir r 
' ' — ! vrxDT.!‘ 1?XZ 0-vee. »R» 

• u a* a p-r . r uer and a g-nti-man. w..q d rexp-ct- ; v, at ive on XVe • rs lar, 5 u r .i .at 4e. I 

fill e le. < r to you a c mpliia Lt«*T im fi . lolw;* . , , j g .1 or pasx.ige xfP'J uuero.. i. 

ell a' *u -Il i;ue a*>d p'xee a, w->u d • ex' »u t yo-r I’on • • a v a leo ^ I’..\?i;x5l- 

Kor PHilno'h wi'il C-xi o. 

■ Bterixa eA.ixaaexa xai'xzt. 

a-tr— ^ t a« .^-•n"’•■' -'.el,-' 

' I r -firr V K eTRVKX-cx, «a 

j Will Ir-itr «* a.**oye on Th.* .Ixy. 4 ■- Inst., al 4 v a. 

Knrfre.a’.r or p usage hxv iig ur.xucpaiscd accvs 
I modaiiuuA}, apply ub buarc or • ^ WA.'IIAJI 

' - aiP'^lal L« X, l -I - e. -T.- 

I \ K FTEtE>'>0X. «-ii«r,i 

'Will »ave as aboye on T ;.. .1 y I irs* -• 4 v w. 
i Forfre.gbl or passage sppi) ono. •roorlu 

X. 9. L 'No, *fent. 

_ ....... , The more you give 

,x.dF“ Tcere wa* cunaidtrable “toisd and con - 1 Tnc more you live. 

•onlufion” in front of the Journal cffice, until I 

about 10}i^ o’clock, when acme dispatch, cr aoma- | ® L've hath inns wex'th npheapei; 

Ulng ol«;, mov«i tff the crowd like a flick i ?b?bod/ wb'h* auTtto m^ 
bmukoird*, to s-ek rom« more genial quarters. I K pent up jn , se^fi.h rind; 

Mf O M 1 N Y . IM BBL!^ FXrKA 

-M.B fine Uominy lust re-eived a-d for x«l - by 
0>ai W. a II. BCKKHARnT,4l7 Market St. 

I «R\MtEKIiIF.'i JU.'ST IthCElV. 

w y *0 X anpo'y o* extra fine C-anhe-riei 
oc31 MT ft II. tfUKuU AULT, 417 Market St. 

\A UI. R. Burton, the comedian fird Give luve, give tear*, x.r,d give thyself. I I*;H A I* I’ EY ^ EX I HA hAYllljN ,q hand and expe^tto keep it up, and win guaran'ev 

srauarwr ar.d a «nn nf Mr W R Rl-ka lhastaire O.wa eiv* Fn el v iva wivinw. ' • FluUr, alio SX-« Flo":*, In Store and for sale b} It equal in quality t > ony Cinciuuatit r l*itt«. nrg Vio 

Stzuajer, ana a son ot me. w. It. BiARo, lueaiagc U^ve, give, te alwaya ^ving, , HIRMITT to eON, 499 Markeiat. -gar, and willxeli to the trade »t Cmc nnatt prices 

Si tiR'-er at tie Bi worv Tneater. had a fraCAS and xA no gives not is not living. — without the addition of freights. l)e..e-s are rexpec- 

n . .. lA J ■ u. The more we give fc^UiNDRIESS fully solicited to rail and exanine cunt >-k. nW 

• fix’*: tu a B.-jAdway omu'.bui 00 M mlay night, tw-, Jw- r. .!•» — — 

* . The were we live. fO hhdx Centiifagal Sagxr; _ ,, , 

tbe causa b-ing, ai uioal, “lovely womtou. a bhdx NewOrirans do; DftUfcy n Magical Pain £ztf actor. 

„ r— n r — . , Covi.NoroK AND Newport —T ho moA reliable ‘m m\?x old J.lfa Coffee; fghHE GREAT .AND PRINCIPAL 

MaKRUD.— fte .New kora papers chronicle the ■ Cioclnnnti bring ux die Intalli- ®ALLKVfl MAQICALPAIN 

nODCialA in tbat eitv. on the bOtfi of October, of J. i _ , - oa - liai c-'|Ix cho re ^od-made Rope, EXTRAcToK consist . 

Bupviau IU u ,, uv<i gincethat CuTiDg'en givcl a mijerlty of 33 for 6f. -alrsi-hoicr Twme; lai. of its never-foiling and unique properly, at 

A. D’AoraLehe*, Erq , and Mi-a Georgia, eldest ,, ,, ®’ P-- Oolong, acd SonohongTeas: ,o„n asapp.ird loacy etUrual ii.ju*j,To tHxcx is- 

' ^ . , . . ^ u I tillmore, and Newport a majority of 10. These .0 o-sk/t. Champ igoe Wine; ruaHuaxiuis lonautiy audrsp.dly lorecuielt. Ibi, 

oaughitr of our du;io«:aiihtid friead Dr. W . Bo- v , ^ wratiftiM Democratie Bit*n , V"' KInt-F, various branda; 'caiure cuna;itaicx its greaipjwmoa irviR'e ihe pxjr. 

a,... I rJSUiH anow a graoiyiwr i/9ioooraiic ga.n. In store and lor Sale low by of burns ai d scalds, aud • l u’her painiul d.*es ex. Id 

Aeubame r ' 1 OALLAQIIER ft OU.. ,o Increlihly shun a space of time, and at will ap;v ai 

^ ~ 1 , „ AcCIDInT ON TBE LaFoYRTTg AND ImdianaP- I ocll Main rtreet, aboTa Qalt House. 1 'rom ibe frw leslimonial* hereunto aunexed. Kvrrj 

Ajr M.dom I tf Nitoeo, widow ot the late Kua- mu , „ O , # — . ! j te ligent mind it lully aware mat, in al. ra<eat.l e.- 

.„ .0, tl. pu.«,.,., b, .b. P,r.i., I .,4 M1...P01U “ 5S5 ft.'tfll... '■.r.'Katao'.S.VrrJrrt .b. pot,., 

for L.Vv.rpvoL She is on her way to Si. Petera- ^ ’ MO kega assorted Naila; for sale by I that mat' luik in the a>.i« wili, applieo 

. • day evening, that onme near oeensioning n groat fBANCIB McHAKRV, Mamet., ’ ■ ’ 

barg. “ I Between Kiahthand Ninth 

Hamilton Cocnty, Oaio -We ha-e a raliable tii, train rea^hei Lebanon tbe en- ' ^UN DRIES. 

ttn'.«U4cntfrom Cincinnati that theBuebannn ma- , glue strnik a tre* that had heeu barning near tho ; |"0 dozen Brooms: 

Jority in Hamilton conn y. Including CineinnaU, in*4*ha3^( ^ Klcroisii* d \nd 

^ ... . , . . thrown off intj tbe ditch anl hau it not been for I5C baasr«iree; 

wiu not be less than d.OOV noeonpling of the loo. motive from the tender, kegs Nai's, assorted siaea; 

the entire train must have been thrown doxm the 

T^ASKfiOiTiNO. — As will be seen by Oxv. More- •lubmkm'vnt, omasioning a fearful amount of bu- too boxes Va and Ky. Tobaeeei 

pruoiamation, Thursday, the 20:hof No- «*b suffi-ring. lOo dwn Buckets;, ha. been fizsd upon ax nday of Thank*- ‘j?,* ‘»>e care passed « iX’coUoi Batting; 

' • Wt Ij on wlihont injury. The engineer and fireman IM.OO'i Cigars, ysr-ous orands: 

givl. g and pmise in this ritate. were boih bnrt, bat neither, we believe, serioualy. *® boxes Boxp: 

«n,» Yoc Hbab Antthino D»OP’--It wna M Sbipi.nuUoS*Molasies: for..!ebv 

HID low nnan anttbino unor. it wna oonsternatiou nt tbe time was terrible, a lady be- oc6 THL8TIN ft ILY. 

Frewxout faliitig from the Keyatoneof tbe Ateb. e;.ming panie-atroek, re-hed upon the platform ' f ' — 

Taevaioe of Peansilvanla had shaken him down, and jumped into a ditch, a diatauoe of over fifteen x.wm LHUIEE ULAOK AND 
Tnevoito Oi lenn , aoia nau suaaen aim uown, Oreen Team-We have on hxnd a large .rd 

and h’S fDl ended him. ,ki. m.. k. .^.,.14^-* „s ,kl — .. w XKI fre-h assxrtaent of very choic* Black and 

together this may be cenaidered one of tbe Boat ftmMBOreen Teas. For sale, whoieaxie and retaU. 

_ _ . miraenlona e»eapes on record. cheap for eaih. J. T. LaNUAM ft on , 

AWhopmb— T oe Uar. ford (Goan.) Coumnt s*-» Importers of Teas. ke.. Third street. 

gays there is a baby Ib tut city, only five months Dbms WsKii-bioiN Now.-Onr climate U K,aj «4»,vifa w,u» ntx-Yirix: 

•Id, and weighing one hundred nod fifty-aix ohaugeable. Pleasant and oharmiog weather soon e DOZEN 

. pesaea into raw and oold-Uklcg days, which, an- *“*'“'* *”**jAiVaVRXMEY Wall xfw*t 

l«.a provided against, are moat diaaatrons tq the JAUKS uRlMEY, Wall street. 

MT" The telegraph performa alowly. bnt the hi alth of the people. Butthe woeo*n— thexonng ^(JNDRIeS. (.^liSsvine f.Mdinxtf 

av ,i_Kf twti Ruovhanaf, ia to. ladiee— are the moft exposed. Pride makes them M« drums floe Fmvma riga; — — , , , 

Democracy are all right, and Buchanan la, be- jhe moat inaenaible and foolish being* which oUim *0 bh'i smi y Almonds; Vinegar I Vinegar ! I 

yend tho show of n donbt, ou next Preeideat. anything of waron and prndencc. They dress to >• mVADDUX & SMITH, NO. 21 

- ~~Z m UTT I T ke sick, and half of them ara, beoanae they do- Aieo.Oandies of ali kinds and dese>iptlens: also, a if B. Thir'i street, Lcuisellte, Ky., msr«r*etur«rs e 

We tuank tno oOsera of tbe steamer daoMS gptga thick and srarm elothing. Away with snob lArgea'vd^Uaaxortedatock of Toyaand Perfnm,ry; rMerVin' gar. Dealers supplied at O.aeiDnatipr'cea 

Montgomery fer fileg of UU New Orleans papeeg, nunamu^ men and women, aM p^paw for the Yjo-ga* warrant* A ^ 

forwarded from Oelro. oktogerf aeagon. Better be healthy, ^tifnl, fce,ao..aUof -Ucheanto^^ M»0PR. 2<Kl COILS MANILLA 

- -— ftod robatt, tb»B fasbioDAbU, thin-tbo«dp and A. BORIE‘8. Ko.WTWrdat. 

«r TA* mtoey-eiMgerg of Paris hny« bees amneed drem gwGy, with a genteel oongh and 

.•ni C N< ble. 
F. B. .1 K UAld, 
J hn Ka ne, 

A. Ra«aun, 

F M d« r., 

1*. i>- Kirk, 

Olirtr Luexs 
Joun U. UaiB-y. 

r ixiKt'’*t Hi.ii *» • g u. 
,Tae tpizLuid a’f ■! > t 

I OV v, S-rd*r*. ma 

Will leave a.* above or T' UrS ’tj . Uti ii.-l. at 3 f U 

Forlreigtil or passage at'pl} ur k*. a,.* -,t. 


E. ,.-,4,.. ..4 ya i-.hvk*'ky.s kxikx k 

ajer, and a son of Mr. W, R. BUke, the aUgc G^ve, giee, be al waya ipving; | •'‘““ri »’»3 if , 

Who gives not ia not living. 
The more we give 
The irere we live. 


F." fO hhdx Centrifugal Sugsr; 
a lihds New Orleans do; 

4oO bass Kin C> ffre 
M mats old Java Coffee; 

SOO pieces choire hand-lo 'm Baggtngi 
liHl c-.ils cho cc band-made Rope; 

6f. ’ ales i-holce Twine; 

8uu pkgs O. P.. OobiDg, aid Bonohong Teas, 

'.0 uisketi Champ igoe Wine; 
lOU bales Jesus xti'l Lins.-y, various brands; 

In store and lor a-lc tow by 


ocll Main itreet, above Qalt House- 

ssorted Nxila; for sale by 
BetWRen Kiahthand NlDth 

to bMicrcush.d and powdereu do; 

ISO liaas ruffee; 

8 o 0 kegs Nai't, assirted siaea; 
luo b' IS xuperflac Flour; 
too Ibis S-U; 

luO boxes Va and Ky. Tobaeeei 
lOii dozen Backets : 

40 n««ts Tub,; 

fiu hales Cotton Batting; 

100 , 00 ') Cigars, vxr'ous urandsi 
40 boxes Boxp; 
to b'xe* Candles; 

40 Dbla Plantation Molasses: forealeby 

fu'.lr solicited to call and examine cur iti-k. *,114 

Dallfcy’n Magical Pain Extractor. 

i te ligent mind is iu!ly aware ihbt. In al. ra<es <-1 1>- 
'ernal iiijuryiihe psin Is prudneed b) iLflAmn-Ktiop «< 
Ibe injured par.*; ai d. tti*ic(ort, if you icn.(,vcUi- 
cauie. the erect niu»t cease. 

Dunrrarj, is A4ii.i.»fi, engraver, men ami .’oi staiitr uilil f' rail mam er ol pruiuc- I * uu.. »■ apovnea, loaiua, _ * 

**-X*'K^ '*1-'--.^*- tion.ardUup^^ f"b.J K uid. G,D- Kir'k! ! VoV v. Sx-d***. ma 

Uarketst MLADDDX & SBdlTQ ^ .Many 'r.d v.laat'lelroproTements are go ng Up, such | i ' JoiVu“lto*i.w Will leave a- above or T' nrs’ty. Uti ii.l. at 3 r * 

-Marketst. a-,. o v m u . u r, c t u w pn s»aw M.l'x. "•) thip and Fouii ie,v, il,rine A. Rasr.un. Joun U. Uain-y. Fortreigtil or pasaage a; plj ur t-a.- r t. 

. , 27 TtilKU SlKLhT, aod Ship V.rl, a c . kc. .!l if w' io1 ti.her I 9 MOoKI.B (Tl. 

ECr-IV- Haoufaclurerb tol Pure Gia* r Vinegar, -re now or aiu bj in ac ive Utenliun within a very lori'viLki, Kv .NovemterS, 1836. ■ ■ - . - 

Marketst. 4 V K CALL THE ATTENTION ^’ie'iTiTtsxl. of Wshy ih scimpiny lovk plae in Mrsty.Jnt,^ For^iri. Mtckmaii enC Mer. jriiiw. 

Tv of de&l**s lo oar stock of Vintritr now Ir July ia'r,nn*l contirup i l»oaa\ •, wht*r overon**hon- iiuNTtKnMN: i r^cciTedyoar»ery fclai ah'I fl^Uerini ^** ^"*.' t ^ 

' 4 \1 1 1 \ reiiily for »\lo. Wc a »lock now .Ired thou«-nd Joll ?• k *i i nf le, ipi ue ii g KOfce « compH'u^'DiAry b-nedi to hr ■ ... * .KNiwm •nai mil »«!• n m i It.- 

A -M 1 L I jQ han*t and cipoHU keep it up, and will guanin ^ lo#* p»)iu)Hiioi In whicriUie P^cc **f^*^* |* ►Urn nt tucii lime nnd p’are mm w»ll b**-t »a i iu> e* »• I J '*J ‘5/T? m*' m* * laif iuit9aO« 

for tele b> It equal in quality t > *Aoy CiiiCiuDHii I r nrg Vio Since he first sa.e an a i p 1 me I rar.nox but feel h ghiy fl • irre^i »h»» ; •’•y* '*" *“*^- f a. e*z 

.Harkeist. -gHr, and will seU to th** ir4de &i Cmc no&ti prices hssUeu laid uut Jntou>ueni*r *ii g locat ons pec u umeniRced Mndoess of my ^ri-td-*. Ida anMiai kortreig!iii»r pass ige apply onboard nr tn 

For t'atro Mtckmtsii Srt«-2»iMSe 

Haaufacturerh ol Pure Cidfr Vinogar. now or aiu bi in ac ive openliau aiihia a very j Lon-TiLti. KY.gNovemterS. 1936. ' " ~ 

4VK call the ATTENTIO.N ^’ie'iTiTtsxHof W.hylh sc.nipiny lovk pla-e In Mrttrt Joht^riee. Get D. For^iri. Mtckmail etlC Mrr. jrl.19 

• w of deal*' s to onr stock of Vinecar now Ir- July la-r.m.l continue i twoiiav •, when overon*hn’i- OzsTtzMXN: i received your very kiri4 an<I fisUerins “-*’^*5^^^' ^*** “* ^** ^Vi i 

•tore ■xnd ready for ..vie. We have a l*r,(e stock now ,lred thou,-nd doll 'J[“ *"T il'h i , r,» te, lei ue ii-g to we a couipliment-ry b-neflt to be ; ,ka.- «i„l .it .ni- n » i It-? fit^ 

JO hand and expejtu keep it up, and willguaran ^ tne e* imaiioi in whicnilie F','®'’ '* •’’J !' -rik. *l»rn at sucii lime and p'ace as w.ll be-t »u in»> e- ■- I J”* luits, 

jt equal in quality t > *ny Ciuciuuati I r i*itt«" nrg Vio Bince he first sa.e an a i iii-.nai p r Ion of ihepixre I ^ I but fxel h ghiy fl i teped ai »h'» j ‘"y' »t '• v . 

'gar, and will sell lo th** trade at C:nc nnatl prices hss iwen laid out Into ict* ero'-r 'ii g local ons per u | u.e,j,»c'ed Virdness ot my 'ri-td*. I do nn f- Il at { Fot.reight.»r passage apply 

without the addition of freight*. are respec-- br’yad j led fir horn* sfoi mechanica , lau rr-g , !-• decline lecapting this token of yorr r-«*rl« i -* w 

fudr solicited to eall and examine cur it >-k. nW ‘“'t’' a'.V, I fvxpect'ali/ name WKIiNKaUAY ..r~kltlo fine atuuUier 

iatheiocniedixte nei.hb.rhor.l of the kVkMNQ rear ai the tiaie. and Koiut U. la- ire “ rrnk Mi U maat 

_ .. . -Ii. .herelhecrouiid ran be bad ar low rat *, aa I . • , w -i «r . .1.1 .....1. -n., _ . 1 I U k. wi is, mast 

c- Basham. 

ia the imnieditte neiehb.rhord of the inarufnrtur.iig 
-lix r-ct, where the ground ran be bad ar low rat s, aa | 
,1-0 tom* fine but u« s and manufa tur n* Mat da all , 

p acr, w'-ere I h >p’ to meet aJ. of my •d-l nend-, an<l 
as many new unea a* ran make i c .n veoieni lo be 

lOoti as applied 10 acy ezlerual injury, to chxck la- uiogthe xale, if, Inlb-ir opiui]. , Ihe iuteiea * uf the 

ruaNua-Mu* lokUutly audrip.dlyjoreoui elt. Ibi, cjmpiry rrqoire it . ,w deuisn, eVd ixherJ 

'ealure cuntoitule* n* great p-jwerioa IrTia'e ihe pair. Thehea'ilt of th'* rp^t is tqual lo any spot on the. [ 

'ealure cuntoitule* II* great p-jwerioa irTia'e me pair. Thehea’ll. or th*« tp^t is tquai to any spot on me 
of burns ai d scalds, aud il u'ber painiuldixes ex. in . hio r ver The dim te l< mild a -<l g-ni I. being 
• o incredibly shrrl a space of time, and a* will ap;v ai equally removed fruiu the aitheringbla^t•ul the tor h, 
from the few lealimonials hereunto aunexed. Every ai d the n't'" tioe ' eats of th- sontri. 

M»*ir». J< ho Birbee, Qeo. D. Preuti e. W •» Hal- 
:ui*n, cud 'Xhers nv4 J 

„ ■ I he fire ateuiuer 

=4itoiBSK rVDV, Ml U. master. 

Will e-v a* atiove rn Wrdn'sday.a h lost., at 4 v. 
For'rciglit or p-issage apply oiibwaid ur te 

_ wlT"“jaVhe fine -lemuei 

rr-’X. Mi la -sax. 
nilll'avea- above on Wrdnesilay, itb inxt..at4r a. 
For f-eigtit ir passage apply on board "i to 

1. .*. MOi>hliEAD. 

equally removed fruiu the withering Ua^t•ul the tor h, ey| /o| 7AOT HAI_L ' P'*' avvr-uaburo -tiifl EvrzusvillCa 

aidtLeuio'tioe'estsof th-sontn. in to to. j -*— ,. l,rd.d .te-ifT 

lo awo d.iiiil*’*c.hti<-f.T Jltm-cbanicilanlbua- I I, ft3T NIOBT ' * BOCK C TV. B"uee, luaaL 

in... operati 'PS. we may Tk #' , ' WiuV.Te « .hove o, wX^.,.^b 3^ 

%\tMsoV^7.-i‘^V;ur heax^^^ Coiuplinienlray Broefil! . ^ r s“ i'iwiuBAD. 

%Vi,Ms'o/^‘*L^71uVibar hcashmhan-nthebilance I COlUUllflltDlriy BrQtfil!, 

31. Its puriflcailve properties nentralise the poiroi in ..nrer equal at nuvl ins:almrDt»b*ar ng >ix per cent. r * 

that may lurk in the »> -l«ni. at.d will, whe n applieo int,.rest per vim-m fro v d-v of ralj. A certifleat* of 0ITK.S BT TBI ClTlXSNa OF LOClfiTILLB TO 
to the sure*, draw lapioly ali impnre matter to the ..ureba-e, executed on Ihe dav of sale, entittin* 'he | 1 

surfa e and e ect it: htice Ibe are i dircl .rgeit pro- ourcha erto a werrantee de-d upon tf e fu I and finxl 1 T,-^1P ■DpfXTfTBT 

unceafrom soria Derationed by burr.*, aid when ap- p,vnient of the purchase moi ey. Any purchaser of [ *g t/x* APAtov. vw aw p 

plierl to old and inveterate sire., .ail rutum, or other loi. who shall erect or causr to be erected upen anv , e-e,. 1.- naierwr nf thF Vfforld- 

cut«aeou*dl-ea.e». |.,t puichs. d, a .ub.tsniai fr-oie houee. a d fluieh | InffX nami*lon J 1g l.torcwr OI me »v Olia* 

Eachooxof obniini D*UAt’»PiiNBxTE*CTO«ha( th-xxme after the xiy e of mode-n mchileiture. n.t ON WEDNESDAY SVBNINO, NOY.Itm. 

up« n It a ateel plate Engraved Label, with the xigna ic.g ihsn two atorie* high, and p,in ihe aame ueetly, so—,,. e« b. h * .* tb> 

lurex of 0. V. CLICKENEH to CO.,Propretor*.arc ora b.-1ck. xiore.O' mrrble boo»e,of likextyle. wiihin Cy^Cxrdi of ^m n on W r»*^j 

HKNRY DAl.LKV. Manufacturer. All others Mt itont*'. from daie of xa'e, such purch*«e:r .lall pr.ucipal hotels, made at'ir a, and at iho door. ino4 dl 

couiitcrleit. Price JiS cent* lei imx. rcl-ofed f-om tfie interext upon the pnrehare money 

All eriert ■fa<*uld be addre—cuto C VoCllckeOfi «f j4|]d lot* »n*l he euti led to gn iftdditir»n4i »b«te»cnl , • n i* *. i • 

ft Co., rl Barclay xtreet. New York. .we,,- f ten per rent, on ihs prii cipai ihere 'ftor. If bo lt . DailClDff Had CiliBtlieillCS. 

BnM hv All drnftfiitA throuAboot the UDitfcl Hn/\n in th# mAno^r ftforesftid. withiu e^gh^ern month** 1 O 

rsr Hold bv all drnggitU throagbOQt the UDiUd nnon in the mann^^r aforet aid. withiu e*gh»ern month** I O i 

tales belli dftwSmii. irom dxy of xale, then ;uch p«^li ...i .Hall to rel-ateJ -»■ O W ASTELL. FROM HER .M.A- 1 

allrtrrwxtuioD the purchase mocer ibe-.for. mm iv. »» r- uzj, r lavr.i. i. i- 1% 

•M ntewM*. - Qeiito g. r farther II f« roitil' n« ni4r«s p*%ni etc * ap ly to ivBL Je^^y v Theaters LondoDs and many years 

Tt66Si Pl-WltBi Rnd FIOWCIB fOI Bale, Mnu»'dCiiy PjI skicouniv.ll Io*m«; Temrher rI WillU*e. reMpectfaUy iof jr»i the rlilaena 

- 1,1 wiTSfYItf L'lflPlti'T FIAF nr to II. K. Lindsey Covington, K».;o K Nouive ft ; of l,ouia*iile th ,t hi i Academy i* opwn lor the swaaon 

E. WILHUN , r EUKIS 1 , HAr QV?^W^Tblrd.t ,Cincirnaii;J. w Tochran ft To , a' OJd Fellows* lUn, lofferioa streiri, for iho tulUonol | 

Tu* jmuplo a ’»• r.'-. 

ft<SliSaL> R'^rK f ITT. Bunco, m* 

Mill leave a. above on MTewpesdsy. -'th ibsi., at 3 r ■ 
Furfrcight or passa.* apply aatoarw ort<- 
C .B*S11AM 

^F*»r TeutoFawev Rivei. 

- . « ir‘ *m Tke rp>»ad-.i »'»• owe 
olKeilBK rriATTamKOA C-p*. frriw*. 
Will 1e«ve»s stove on M edat'da'' ,iib irM.,stS*. IL 
Fur fro sbtor paimgc spuy ua ao-ni or a 

1.3. -Mm RUBaD 

choice black AND 

fireen Teas.— We have on hand a largo ard 
■ XKI fre-h axxvrtment of very choic* Black and 
(fiMMBOreen Teu. For sal^ wholesale and retail, 
cheap for otsh. J. T. LaNUAM ft OU , 

*e» ImpKirter* of Teas, fte., Third street. 


w V in atore and for *sl»by 

O «30 JAMES '.RIMEY, Wall street. 

jSSfremoyed htiOardrztothe Junction ofthe Flat ( -.’ircton, Kv . M. Mundav. g> S Fonrih st., Ph'ia. I the abyye elegant and poitu accompUshazecia. | 

^^ALlek and Preston street plank road, atoulont rt',i,h a: M. VT W.imore, Nasbviie. Tenn ; W. II. i anrua for TfiTiow 

and if. ‘ r- ^ _ 

a large ard Bj crd.r of the Board of Director*. Pre.Jdent. !n 1«%-U Ci*i*^’T:d^*7nTVhS“ toy j toxve. •• *. ' 

•Black and -fNcw.i b- xrteaded _*e j. Q,,,woi.n. Secretary. “ oril^odto*;?; j eyeninn, from »to lO. Friyw^ Forfreighi o, paaengrappl, to boarri.j,.^^^^ 

1 I kiv in.' fa~Vi’V A Bin Schooia aal famil’ea atunded any dlUance within 

4 L AROE LOT Ot L ANCY AND tw^v miieeof l. ui.viiis BBLS KX FRA FLOUR, FAlR- 

Markst Baskets at tST For terms, apply t> Mr. W A8TELL, on Third | -|ma a . . , . . ’ 

au9 * AWD E RSONH. street, next Joorto Kresbyter au Church. *e*#dinslm j ~f 

For n •wilBcgrFFa. 

. ■ wfT^^m Tlze light dr'wpb' ae»torree tsche* 
iwCuidWC H BKIPUB4.Coems mi 

'ill 1-ave-s above on Thar<dsy.ftn >r*t. aigpn. 
For freighter paasagt apply on bean: <'Vte 

. wiP— *^ Tbo mee'xifiein' •leainwr 
AutoSne W A KaTB’. Bated, matt*. 

John 11 . Bowe, ■ 


^ ter, Imitator cf ail kinds of Wood and Marble. 
Mixed Paints, Glass- Putty, fte. .for sale. 
Termsmadeto salt enstomers.botb a* to rateaaaf 
tiioei of payment. . . _ 

MrNn.SIS Green Street. Erst doereast of FoartI, 
(Jligtsvine f.«4fnstf 

Vinegar I Vinegar 1 1 

M addux & smith, no. 27 

Thtr'i street. Lcttisvllle. Ky., maruf'Ctur'rs el 


For terms* hpply t> Mr* W ASTBLL* oa Third ! a im. 9 ^» ami* i 

street, nextJoort'Y Kreehyter-enOharch. •e*Qdin«imj ***^ ^**’** ***^ **“ ItOAl* 

^oli^leather. 200 SIDES! no Wm. DrY 8d»l», no 
^tol.Leath.rj^eiy*dp«rMea^^^^^^ PRACTICAL WATCH-MAKER. 

f xrwv o - 1 a u a at H* Fo»fU Street between Market and Jeffergr,* 

Hope for sale by 

fTRD ft CO. 

E xtra flour. uii» bbls va- 

rious brands white Wheat viour fa More and Jer 
iale be . forWl H.FBKHrNON ft PON ) 


oel ^'^YaNcVonVeL, MOORE ft MURRAT. j 


i »,»t at faaSl aWDBBSOWtt 


vinegar Balloa** nelebrated brand, put up ax 


rer Mill Shcetlnga for gale br CURD ft 0*»., 
nnl Agents for Man ufarterert- 

^ARDINES. » ( 

^ let and balf-caiit for sale t 

bTV^brcDRnftOft. .^MAHE subscriber DEVOTE 

Agenlafor Manufaeterers- I E btep.ree n al atteatioB tetbe edJesXirg of Cbi 

TTI — ~ ' nometer, Deptex F»»va»*e, f)etaelied Lever 1 

20 CASES (4U.\R-lpipe. aad beftiea' Walebee. All wetk A.** «t mi 
. ulat* I wxXabliubmeM ia firiabed la a ooehmanNhe * ew, 

#OMDA ft MORRIS. and wa.;«Bted. Citob*aadt.meTieee*^ ae 


ooto-mptlv. Itok. 'Then dr^x marmi •Begin STARCH. 60 BOXES FOX’S WA8HRO^RDS. 100 D O Z E N "•'io*aV^*5^l7v AIM ft SON 

'fwbiddeetoaEpoaeiaUeirvladoirathepreiainB p.t away yonr wafar noderatandiDgi and *Ureb ferial* by V^ Waahboarda ftr sals by _ I ■»* JOHN B. mcii.vai 

-Uey offer on eilwar. matnier trappings, and kotake yanraolees »«> *“■ CORNWALL ft BRO. CITKn ft 0f>. 

thiak, warm, gaaoibla, and pretaetiag elotftiog, 

•aeb aa ee>nd*mindad bob end. wwasn ought to 

rimn ft oo. 


ISl bbtf No*. I and • Roeiat 
M bexesNa. 1 Boap; (nr B*la >7 _ 

eaLl.x4«VNR ft 0«. 


fotsalaby ^ 

I Taken Up, 


i vx,a POINTER pt.rT.wttft a e-i!iae ww, b^vr 

I JjJStoiag the aama bf 0. C Mar.'aH a P T 
•wBiTcap kavw< ha same by axillae aa tbas-b- 
atn’f**athaftdftr*aawajr,aaepiayiae 'bar ret 
aafidi* iOON EkAl 


DKUt; tiTOKE. 


DKUt; tiTOKE. Steam Chair Factory* 


Lam bd 111 & lliddeiif 



HAir-Dye, Lobin’* Kztncti, el«*Ant TooUi Pow- OI EVCl*y (irFAClC 311Cl SiylCj 

4cr> fin* Hair B utbri, Cold CrcAin, Amond>De> ChW' 
cii«l T<x>th Pu'^, elecaut Up IsAire, Quick YcAit, Dia- 
•eeti&ir IcAtramcoU. Ponciae buap> Aic.i*c.,At 
K. 8. iklNQtiOLl>’8> •' i ourth ctreet, 
•«10 anoer NaIiODaI Uotei. 



DIN ft lilDDEN, I would begleareto call the 
Attention of dealer* t" my stock of Chairs now in store. 
contisUDg of over 3 OUO dosea of eve^ variety, made 
under the rersonal tuperintendenceofthe proprietors, 




tion to hi* stock of WATCIIPS, JKW- 

if? w .,1 WARS, which he ha* selected with 
great care from the manufacturer* 
JBSf « and importers. They are the very 
latest .tyle*. 

ey Call and examine, at No. 71 Third street, be- 
tween Main and Ma rket . Lou is ville, Ry. ocl> u* w 


The South VictorioUB! 


Fall and Winter Clothing 


tioD by the trade. In regard to quantity, we never 


New OoodB by Express. 

D URKEE, heath CO. RE- 

ceivedon Saturday an immense line of desira- 
ble goods, containing many novelties much sought 
after auii haru to be obtained anywhere else than at 

I ^'dk^ss" trimmings— N ew and beautiful styles of 
Drts, ■ rimmings. 




■ AR8 van BUREN and CAS- ! all of which are warranted to l>eol good workmanship, I watch E8. of most approved makes, and a varie 

^vr^5ure”n^T*“removc^^ lo**Vif^^ ^s^^^'betwMU i * wmind it to‘’‘ttVir'^intere*t to examine my ficHon** ^so^ very complete^tor ment if laui( 

oJ;eVL.dTiSnu\rfr Y<^,r‘*"north^^ | 2rnufacl1i«r““‘''''“’ ‘“oofs'dft-"'" * w‘m.’ Kb.^N*bVlCR>S 7*1 Third at 

and that the oflicj. of the firm wUl hewatber be kept in , “pnoi^a price Utt will be mailed when deaired. Ad- °° 

teebaaemenlol Dr. Van Dureu’a reaidenc c j dre". Igbllll KlttS Ac€0.. 

, W. , rrnodt'ftwa Louisville. Ky. awavaama -- * * ^ 5 

EleCirO'ChemiCal Baths* l tyNashvUle W ig. Memphis sage and Enquirer, JEWELERS, 

Aisava.i,av vaawaaaaa/saa I T icx.burg Whig. Paducah American, 8t. Louis iremo ...ut,-. * rs t 1 

■ lOR F'XTRA(^T1\G MF.RCITRY crai, Litt e Kock Democrat. Kvansvi.le Journal, and ^IGN Or iHE GULDEN EAGLJ 

r . . ... * ^ * « Yaroo City W hig, copy 3 time* each— send paper con M betwe-n Poutth and fifth. 

.¥■ i «xi« >cg advertUement to J. Cmmey, and charge Dem- ^,o‘» an li’cA uEOS- 0i the ticbeat and lati 

M. tion by the trade. In regard to quantity, we never buN NET RIBBON8— A large aasortment of Bonnet r\ i , , llx!. I., 

I bad as large an aaaortm nt ; and aa to qnahty , our narrow eaiin, ana Tall, ta RiUiona, of ail widths K^lnmorg jn|Q U QjO LUUirUdllSi 

goods n.ver were made up a* well, nor SIP-, rfect and 1 4„,lc..i,.ra. . , , xr».*»a*aaw* « »u.a 

tasty, a* is our pre.ent stock. , , .. . i BCULE LACE^We have a new atylo of silver THK UNLY ROUTE BY 

We have always aimed at perfection, aafar as attain- I Bugle Laces, the firat of the season, with black Bugle IMP. LsrtljX ivvru a x-j is a 

I able, in the pruducticn of our stock from season tc I Lar-s, al widths. JB.F which through lickeu to 

! season. With this purpose in view, we have contid- uKoCIIK aCAKPB— One case of elegant Broshe Wa-HIINGTON Cli'Y 

ere'* neither tr.*ubie nor expense, and we have how the Bcarts, ot ail coiura- 

I aatisfactiou to assure our i ustomerstbat tbe DURKeK, UaATU ft CO , 107 koaith street, be ptocarad, to which point, as well aa to 


•rlnstore. irXi’TY a t s QITP I We nave aiwayusuncn ai ikticcvivu* . jjugie ud 

etT.xuade TUfeT REC/EIV ED| A LARGJi ! nBlcyin ihe pruducticn of our »i.ock leason tc LarT^Bial mdiha. 

roprietor*. ftP ply of Gold snd Silver English and Swiss ! ,eason. W ith this purpose in view, we have contwL . BBoCIIK aCAKPS— One 

. watches, of most approved makes, and a varie'y ere* neither trouble nor expense, arid we have now the Scaris.oi colors. 

1 of styles of casing— all wuranted to perlorni to satis- i satisfaction to assure our i ustomerstbat tbe DLltKkK, UaATU ft CO , 107 Fourth • 

f faction. Also.a very complete assorment of lauiea PIONEER CLOTHING EsTAliLISH.'IENT n od dft w between .Market a id Jegerso^ 

Will again bear the palm over all its competitors, as 
ever hereiofi re , but we look forward to this remit more 
coD&uently than ever The intrinsic valoj of our 
stuck leave* not the shadow of a doubt in e ur mind . 

Our prices are as low and our terms ss co ivenient 
at an> eastern house can offer them. W e sh.ill be glad 

IL^ANCV PRIN I'8. :200 CAWEJS itistheSHORTEST.MOaTDIRECT, kndmavery re- witn Covington ana Uxi.^*!-. R.iir-. d hr 

M? finev Prints, assjrtcd brands, on band and for spect the most reliab.e route. It la tne ooty route b> gaii^a-.h, Covinatcn,an.i M-.,iVi. at i *iib 

i..i„ a^chvuTChaaeraoI through tlcaetato for Sbinckeai r. -Mount euru-*. ow .,e 

sale by 
oc3l dJSiw 

JAMES LOW ft C0..41SMain it. 

thcaystem-ean uow be had at Dr. B. Caspari's Hydro- , gor^t. 

patbic Establishment, on Second street, between Wal- ; 

aai and Chestnut streets. The efficiency of these { 

Baths ha* now been fnl^ tested oy a number of cbem- i 
lata and physicians in France as well aa in several of i 
oar large eaKern cities, and the fact baa been fully cs- ! 
tabhsbed, that, by their application, r talUc sub- , a ly 
•tancea can be removed from the system. I jUl 

Tn# Electro-Chemical Bath oai also pr red very ef - 1 ' 

Beient In the treatment of Paralyait, G it, Kbeuma- ! SeS 
tiam. Obstinate Cutaneous Krupliona, and several I — — 
ether similar diseases. I 

Persona who are deairoas to use these Baths will 
please apply to Da. E. CASPAEI, Becond at., MM 
ayldaswtf betkeen Walnut aud Chestnut 




! se21d*w B4 Third street. 

S IGN OF THE GOLDEN EAGLE, at all times to show our stock to mer-.Lsaia, and 

CORAL AND CAMEOd-Oi the richest and latest , ex*eniive Improvements In our establish- — 

K^iVc**T“tumly“ n hand meat wUi conaiderabL UcU.t.vte the selection of good. 

L^RPOyL.and GBNAVA to buys... LIGHTEN, LOKWENTUAL ft 00., CfJ 

ry FersoDS viaiiiug the city are boUcUed to call 
aud examine style# and trices. oelU d&w 

Fletcher Bennett, 

D ealers in fine watches, 

JEWELRY, and SILVERWARE. No. -163 Main 



between Feurthand Pifih» I ouisviUet Ky* 

am7E HAVE A LARGE ASSORT- (established luis.) 

FM mentofveryhand.omeR.iIingPatt€rn^.ult 

able for yards, cemeteries, and balconies, to which we anj reguating imooitaut branch of 

0*7 F. M a^n’u f u r e, AND ,A»aBS I. UEMON. Tremendous Gains ! 

Wv have always on hand. Iron Force and Lift s.^.p’AT.L'R IN FINE W ATCJHES. ^Ci^HE LAST RETURNS SHOW A 

perform wtU, andwUlrefund the money if they fall to street, between Beconu and Xhixd-.ign of the Uuden rouiseutheone-priceLLOTUlNU^^^ 

*‘no *|Jdft‘r^‘‘“- BARBAROUX ft SNOWDEN. Markth.««.,‘^a"bd’.UO a chance for tho.e in 

3 rrrr-—i^rrr.'TT:7 .“— a nfvv lotof wa-ichks just •. 


SACoa owaa J. k. matnbs k. o. tTROTBkk. willreceivepromptatlentloE. 


l>»vi;,.’k, tlAlivg:.n A Hydraulic Foundry , 

( COMMISSION MERCHANTS,! nolkdftw corner \Va.hingtonandFloyd*treeu. 

dealer, in Foreign and Domestic Liquors, Tobac- ' ~ ^ 

CO, Cigars, Boat and Btr Stores, Preserved Fruits, | ITOD rtlDipn, 

Pieklea. eaucea. fco , No. 3d4 Main street, between « « r p MANUFACTURE. AND 
beven-.h and Eighth, LouiivUle.Ky. oc3l 

W W have always on hand. Iron Force and Lifl 

1 1 ^ 4k HKI.S PURE OLD HOUR- I E““>P»>oHhe most approved kinds, both for ciaterni 
i 1 uv-'tJ I jjjy depth. We warrant our Pumps U 

i perform WtU, andwUlrefund the money if they falltc 
oc3l UWlisNt liAlNKe & C;U« | fiiAtiatRCt-ion . 

.g.>o,. ,oi.o I saddlery _Warelioii»c. 

W. K. Jihrader, i W', H. STOKES, 



hardware ft LEATUEK. MAN- V Tfi® 

^tThlRkv Brandv. AVineS. &C.. I CFAOTCREs, embracing Skirting, Uarners, Band 
W niblLy, XJrauuy , ** xuco, w,v., | Leather; Hog and Cal 

P'7 Uarkst STktkT, Abovk Bkook, MOkTM SIDS, j Seating, Saddle Bag and Collar Leather. 
seAidftwly LOCISVILLE. KY. I Also, wholesale manufacturer of Saddles, alviiesi 

the above named purpose*. We are prepared to put it , oorbusinew, tne 

up at short notice and on the most reasonab.e terms. i '^liahed an OUbERVATORY, and fur 

from a distance, with satisfactory re.erences, j* ^jjh jhe necessary *sikOhOuic*L isstrd- 

autSd&wtf No rthwest corner Fifth and Main m. 


Heavy Silk, ribbed and plain; 

Heavy Cotton, do do; 

Snaker Flannel ShirU and Drawers: 

Canton do do do. 

Cashmere do un> 

Mtnno do do; 

Lamb’s wool do do; 

Uouuiry Funnel Drawers, nne;_ 

Sire* from 8b to 60 inches. For tale at o 2 s Main street. 


9 et*, assorted, on band and f r sale by 

oc3i dftw JA.MKb LuW ft CU.. S 18 Main St. 

LEACH ED C O T T ON. 'J 5 0 

CA$e8 blexchtd Cottoo oa Uftud and for said by 
oc3l d^w J AMftifi Low ^ UKiagiit jiikAiA *8. 



O N AND after Monday, uct1| 

Iftb.leie, trains will run aaIoIIwws. ■ 

FIRST TRAIn- L eaves Loni.viut at* .clock a. ■ 
’ stopping at all regular stations aou U minutes I 
' breakfast at Lagrange, and arriv-i. at Lex.i-AtoEat ■ 
o’clock A ■.;cuuneiting at t i; 1 - ;t: fee I 

Newcastle; at Frankfcit a.ih s:a*c « toi ia.rt i itburg, 1 
baivisa, Haroini viBc, L*:.v,i.-.. .i; t. 'i..* all 
Payne's wiih *t*ges for Uccrgctoa n. ai d 'lLeiir.>too I 
eiin CoviDglou and Lrxi. *>' . Riiir-. d 1< r Pars. I 
kaimou'.b, Cuvinatcn, ann M at i aiih stageb I 

fur SbincLesl-r. .Muuot euru-*, Ow. bicA- | 

m-md, Irwin, Nicholasviiie, L'.nvi :> Lai i;..-ttr, Ciab 
Urchard, bianford, Lunuon, ha; . ana sA 

pninia aouih. Ketumicg, Uii. ;r...n , * - < s i.rx.tgua 
at A o’clock r. u.,su.pi mg at j... r> .-o-u .>a:.i na. «na 
arrirea at Louiaviilr a. * :io - -u • k r- ■ ; e< 
by st ge at Payne's fur Gru *«t<>wn, and at Rmistnca 
for Newca»tle «rui She ivvin--. 

SKOuNL train Let . Lt ..ST' i a: i u c c cE 

ehichnurchaaeraof through tickets to fur SVmcLeai-r, .Muuni eitin...*, *ow. bic^ i 

vfm' ViijW m'lnd, Irwin, Nicholaaviiie, L-.n»i:- Lais;.. -ter, ti*b 

■^1-" tiJAiv Orchard, bianford, Lunuon, ha; ana aJ I 

are eaabled to reach the citieaof ptiniawn^. Returning, ,u i.rx.tgu* 

atdo’clockr.ii.,stupimg at o...r.,-o.i7 .ia:.ina.«R«* 
BALTlMUUit, .rrirea at Lo'jiaviilr a. * ;iu - -I: • * r- ■ ; c<iintr..Dg 

PHiLAULLFUIA, by st ge at Payne's fur Gru g.tnwn, and at Rmistnca 

...I Ml. tc VilRk’ for Newca»tle «rui She i V VIII-. 

ana .TEW hUKA, erOoNl TRAIN L-t . Lt i a; i > c ccE 

atthe costof atlcketto New Yorkonly, thusenabllng r. a., stop ping dt’ and fcn.l.aa.aiii.s.ha- 
business mea and travelersfor pieasuteorinformat.on, grange, and ai atationa eaa. bi i-a. range, .no .ri.T»a 
to Til l four of me principal cities in tbe Union fur naaa at Lexington a b;oO ^ 'ch ci r. a - onne* ii.g .t i ml* 

t .AX’l'tiN. L'l AXVIi'i I'AbiL'a, COST THAU Can Bu arroRucD BY AST oTHiu BOUTS. ncEceby slaae fur shtib 

A '-'•‘■T r IJ.T.'TITI C.IJ. .JO Vj.ACJr.i- Jj, ^ jjiihin to ihe»e great advant.'.ges.lhe inudci- turning, th'iuaiu ieaTt* nexir.*. n ai*s.' .-ii a. 

'' brows and bleached Cant'. n Flannels on hand ments offered to trarelera in the promit aud efficient sioppina -0 minutes fur iir..*:..-- f na kl- n.and 
and for sale by _ management of trains on this route must not be iosi u ail stations east ai Lagran* . . tnd .-a -J. t an*t 

sight of; added to which the gratdenr of the scenery tlutbs’ statiuns on.j ,i Lig.-ir*- ,rr;-.;na ai 

ncEce by slaue fur bhtibyTiiie and Ntwoi-le. 
turning, th'Straiu leayt* nexit.*. n aisi.' --u i 

JAMES LOW ft CO.. 418 Main st. 

Lale Arrivals. 

R AU 6c RlEKln, NO. 443, dOUTH 

side of Market street, one do-sr below Founh 
ha>e received, wittiiu me last few days, l, addi- 
tions to their tail and winter stu.k ot DRY UUUDb, 

iicaiitiesj to be met within uaversing t'.e Raltimore LcoisvUlr itll; 

lltV/lAlftieSj ftU UC *aH,AA ILI W^Y'-aWgaiR • a»*aaw*aA*»eoA, _ _ 

and Ohio Kaiiroad. tre inch a# tut slordcd by m Jellerscniiiu *i d >tw An'mi.y railrcaca 

other line of travel in the world. with Indiacap-ii*. Terre liaui . Vinjeinrs, LvaiiS 

•i» i 3 f o - 1 rv ^ T / T* o A r T® m vide, ChiCiMC, St. Louis. Jedrr. u v .ly , Rec auk 

lafiAAi UAIGz riuAideO. litglon.Rcck Isucd. G-.leni; I utuqde, aou all l..a 

PASSENUERa GOING LAST from Lo.i.svrlle.may prin- .iai towns M -.n; and a. u V 
proceed by the U. S. ;aail steamers to C.n'jiunaG, and TUIKD 'TRAIN (Acctiii.Buuat.. n)— Ltav** Iiu;.- 
tuere take theiaiiruad lueuuueot aich IMS hue, or may vi;ie at 3:to o’clock r. .>t., su i;-.r.. -to: * -.nd 

leave Louisville ny tbe JeUenunviile Kai.roau direct arriving a: Lag'sngr at S.*j . .-.cL r. a. * 

arnving in time to cunnect wiiheiiner the 0 A. a., lu A eaves Lagrange at 7;ji . ! ,c ^ a. a., i iing at .ds 

a., jrb I", a. train of me Little JUiami Rai.road io»- Co,- stations. and .rrives at i. i3:t •- ' o - .. --X a- ^ 

au.bas,conn«ctiijginere wiiu tneCentra. t.'Ui.- R.».iroau Freight tr Ain s l-av; L.'U. , . xi'^.ion al8-W 

through Newar* iud Aancsvillefor Lei Air.on the Gluo, o’clock a. a daily , S--:. :a; * ;t . p: j. 
four miles from Vi heeling ifrum this place the cuunecGon Fare is about 4 ernt* p-r a.i e. .. i a discoaat oc 

with me Bailidiore and OUio iLuiruad is made direct nearly ka per Ct nl is a,,baid lur ’.i ki'i. 

. ar i-iiTLi u’ 1 1 1 . I “*6 Season, to Hfiicn iney wuuiu lespecituiiy *»k lilt 

LOVES. r UR, hUOrV, 1\1 if | attention cf the ladies and ihuse lu want of Dry 
Dogskin, Cslf, Berlin, Cloth, bilk and Cassi’ j Uuods. Give mem a o til and examine their stuck be 

wMch is noW as complete as in me cuinnieuccmeut ui mere l-tke the railroad to connect * ith this hue, or may 
the season, to which they weu'.d lespecttully ask the leave Louisville ny the Jeflersonviile KaiLoau direct 
sLienliun cf the ladies and ihose lu want of Dry amving lU time to connect with either me a a . st., iu a 

MBKTs for taking daily observations ol the heav.uiy Dogskin, Cslf, Berlin, Llolh, silk atd uassi 

bodies, to obtain aceuraU time, persons inuustiug their mere, lined and uiiliued. for winier wear; Fur, buck 
W atche* to cur csre may rely upon having them regu Kid, and Cloth Gauntltu; for Sale 

lamd with the greatest nicay.^^^j.^ ft BENNETT. 

jambs I. LEMON, 

tore purchasing elsewhere. They are Sutished iha.*,conn«cliugmere wim tneCen^.^ CUi.- Ra.iroau 
they are oueriug goods fiom lu to la per Cent, chsapci through Newar* tud Aancsvillefor nel A^.on the uluo, 
man any house in the city . four miles from VS heeling ;f rum .his place the counecGon 

DitEsbUcoDa — oi every description. 
CcUAixa— V tlvetand Cloth, of the latest patterns 

with me Bailidiore and CUio itaiircad is made direct 
By the Axpresa Train ol tuis route me time from Lit. - 

cccAixo — v iivctauu ciiotu.oi tue latest patierus. i — ^ — r —— r---.-— j . .7 ,c.Vi7.. 

bli A 'A Lb — Broche, Cashmere, aud long and square 1 cinnati to Balt. more is but igiys hours, and to VT ashiua 

AACAAAwaacAwca. Bay Slate. ! 

[JL* 1 AQT HLTIIUN.S HHOW' A BLANKETb— Alarge assonmen'.. 

tlE LASl KM UHrxrj CJliy TV .a DyiiEoIic-b-A large ..s.oftmeLt of every deacrip- 

gaid of 30 per cent to all th- se who have paL Uun. Also, lauics’ Lnaerwear. 

Id meone-priceCLOTUl.NO EbTABLI.-llM E.NT KAC ft RIEKK, 

L. UErPaN, noitheasl corner of rourth and oc37dftw Marketstreet, one doer below So jilb. 

$#ad(llery WarfhouRC. 

w. h.Itokes, 


XKik dealerinCUACH ANDSADDLBi.y 

hardware ft LEATUER .MAN- V ifT 

, .Vi'u V , u.,rvv-,a as Cloth nd Beaver Uvercoats and Ksg ans; Cloth 

JAME S I. L EMON S. Xffess, Frock, and Business Costs; Psuis, >e*ts. 

^ UsjlRES. .5UA.'SE.'i BLACK OK- 

M-A leans and pure Mohair Lustres, all grades and 
pnc-ca, tor sale lo w by 

EVV and BEAUTIFUL STVLEd prK-i A.torsa.elow oy BROTUEUS^ 

Seating, Saddle Bag and Collar Leather. 

Also, wholesale manufacturer of Saddles, slaniesi 


i. wl of Jewelry at [oc3S] JAMES 1. LlMON ’ S. 

j New Jewelry. 


large assortment of diamond-set, enameied, aud 
plain cased LADIES’ MAXCtlEr; also, CllRUNuM- 
Ei ERS and LK t ERS, direct from the niauuiactdrer; 


Trunks, patent stretched Leather Belting, Fire Engine MUSIC BOXES, from the smallest to the largest size, 
and Ste -mboat Hose, warranted of as good quality and | which I oiler at the lowest piices Fiease cal at 
at as low pnees as can be bought in the east rn cities. > J. J. illHSCilbLUL S, 

t7* Hides and Leather, in rough, bought and sold. I N*. 623 Main street, one d -or irom ihitd. 

Cy*Saddlery Warehouse, 436 Main st Jyldftwtf n. B. I'ersonal aud par.iculat atienlion paid to the 
— repairing of fine Matches. oclu 

geuiiemau, whether he is uruot. ^ ^ DEPPEN 
nol Corner of Fourth aud aiaraet s treets. 


Sigu ol* the tiJoltleii in aud. 


another large lot of BOVS’ and YOUTHS’ CLOTH- 

iEL.\lNEti. G GAEr.S> ELEGaNI 

ctylesjustreceivedby AmericanExpretS, which pi 
we will sell wilhtiul adv..uce. 0< 


ton IS but 37>s hours. 

t tf- Baggage Checked through from Cincinna:i to 

Baltimore and Wt-Ahingt- n City. 

t-y- PiiHseiigers should be pailicular and in'quire'tr 
tickets ViaCOLLMULb aud MHeaLINO, as uooAci 
route CxaiiCggT mrudgn or VTathffisloc 
City to New York, their lepreseLlaliouSlo the con-dary 

i~iS~ t'jire as loxo as b>j uny othtr route. 

i'OR TilUOUGU liCixETS — Apuiy on board th-. 
U S. mail steamers, whicn leave Lodisville every -lay 
it 13 o’c.ock, or at the office cf the Jetlersuuvi.ic Rail 
road, by way ot the Jedersouviii*., Ohio and Mississi* - 

Freight trains l-av; L.'U. , . xni.ton atsOW 

o’clock a. M., daily, S'-t.'ta; I ;t. p: j. 

Fare I* about 4 ernta p-r a.i e. ... ; a discoaat of 
nearly 3a per ct nt is a,,bwid lur ti k!-i. 

larFor any farl’ier -nfors. .‘.t .... ai- »* it • 

Depot, somer of Brook 40 -i*--r>r?- L-* oik- 

vitle. - A Ki. u 1 l.L 

■e'JS Mapl. Lea. ft F. Si a Lex- A s. R. 'R 

■SEH .VLUAN\ .VrNALt >1 k.YlLiiO.AD 

I ' .' 3s 

I GH.VN.iEG; -. v.vl.- * ^ 


next, I3tn instac*. arai-s w.i. run a the !•[ 

! A'uany and .laiem r.iti.rr;. - 

! Express Trair-s .-r iv . - uy.iiuB 


ill 41 rkll I Ol DilUl at as low prices as can nenougntin me east rn cities. i 

IV/aUlkUA » jJikv/ A xxAdii* and Leather, in rough, bought and sold. 

SECOND STREETt Cfr'Saddlery Warehouse, 436 Main *t Jyldftwtf | 

BETWEEN MAIN AND MARKET j_ oxwitt miles. ! 

LOUISVILLE, KY. I Dewitt & Miles, j 



No. 661 Main Street, betwkxnScconu AND Thirii, 


^ '• W W stock a* much as possible before winter, we | 

^ \ ; will tell a* very low prices. Purchasers can make it I 

I to their intere tt-j give us a call. Large stock of Sad- 
1 die*, Uarn esi, Trunks, ftc , on hand. 


It i Fourth street, 'oettveea UaiD and Market, 



^ . - if J. er in all kinds of Mattreiset, Bedding, Tarpau- 

: lint. Flags, Window Shades, Curtain Goods, and 
i Furnishing Materials. 

..S' -rkc/,ei-L’iTi i TK'l/T'rL* I ^ warrant my work at represented, and offer it at 
REjSPECT. i ULL 1 IN VI 1 r. I low price*. Patronage solicited. J.A.D. 

attention of purchaser* of LIQUOR to ' xnrlSdly Merinusieceivedthisi. ay and ter sale at 
lowest rates by 

set _ _ BA.MBEKGERV. RuTtl ERS. 

ia iLOArvS A N D TAL.UaS. l,50f 

REMOVAL. Mxcaine BelUag, oieam rwCKiug, ma 

i HAVE REMOVED MY STOCK . . 1 ^ r;i w 

-I- of \T&tcheSi Jewelry^ % to No. 4^ Miiia btrect) imVHE SUPEUIOKITY UF THESE 

over the tiore of Mvuigumery ft Co., where 1 wili, a* ^ trticies, uiahufucturcJ of V ulcanizej Rubber, ia 
usual, keep a large stock ol Matches, Jewelry, and establisheu. Every Beit will ue WarrahUd superior ti 

lt>G Yarthisand guardiaus m..y rest assured they — _ 

can and one ot the laigesi and most complete assort- ^lEiOARS AND TAL.MAS. 1,51 

nicnts in this city. ^ Qoldeu Hand, Cloth. Satin, Silk, and Velvet Cloaks, Taimas, | -it lO o’clock, "ciog T W i.NT i-FuL U-; •'* 

. Corner aecoud acii Msiu Its. and Mauiiiias, ehi.rciy new styles, just received Ly vxsex, and in Fniimitiphi.t auJ i.e* York siaiak. 

jjc-J American Express (4b hours irom New Vors), which j hol'RSLV xov kstk, or x.vY ornKR Roi ik^ ... w 

MaChlna Ueltlac. Oteam P.ckiug, tad we willguaranieeao percent, lowennan any house ... . .. . . 

zsaxLuiuw uesM tj, the City , tor Sale by . . , 

Lngiae Kobo. »et BAMiiER GERBRU'Xl l EEa 


X. trticies, uiauufiictured of V ulcanizej Rubber, is ^j|_ dies’, .Me ’s. Misses,’ anu Chiioren’s asser; 

ur at the Eastern (Little Miami) i.’cpui, Aust iruLi 

xy Passehg-rs leaving Ljuisville ty taenia v. Ji 
traiu Jedersobvil.e Raii.oaa o.. eart-RDsY, a.riv e it 
Baiunitre and tY asniug . n ail> on Mo.aoai 

BaM iiER GEEBRU'Xl l EEa. 


JULlLo MiuNL'iAU* Hi ouo'iliiiil Vi^^*** iUc ctcdiu FaCkiiijj ij» I 

made lu evco VAfiel> , aud wairaulcd lo s.ana oe* 

B ax . « - ax a mwixr t-roea of heat. The liese never need- oihng, a_d ii- 
if C well y a warianieu vo stand auy lequired pressure, logvthei | 
*^ with ail varieties of Rubber adapted pur- i 

M fli I K R V 1 hUlO DOZEN LA- -n the aa*t. m -u Munuag. . 

■ n VJ n 1 El U 1 . l,v.» G iJVjgi^i.Y xiix Whselihg, or Beuwood.luur mii.s oe.ow M bee 

■ ■- dies’, -Me ’*, Misses,’ and Chiioren’s iug.ti,,. pas.-engertakes the superior .i.i .1 tne ..alt 
'.voulen Hose, all prices aud qualities, in store and more anuchio iu.ei;roa'l, whicn leave ...ree times dail; 

Cat 1 D O’klasU CJ.e aMVaLsIa^c* e t hv p kf 

Ucuioir a'lU tor Ucact# v.a 11 aibL Ls.vii} and i are 

M>.N< iFiuau, a# Uo uUicr rviule Cau cLcc^ t<ua«-ik* 
uir*iUgu or put AaOu*««iUcou ^^ 

,Q itic in Citatts ’>ii ^loLua^. 

At Whselin^i or j^cxiwoOUyluur uc.uw vVUce; 

U ston* A.C 

juisville *y thet;X5 V. Jl Kxpre.** Train* 3-uth wiliU .. -. , t i-itF j 

o.. rariKD.Y, a.Tive le ll:l», r. •*., and am ve at .,e w Ailsny r. ;t ai4 
itv oi 4 blosoAi mok.hjno I *•! ia tiina ;o pa; j :at‘ L-.u:i . 

fc-l’oL E U’» !•'» »i>- •iWrnocii- 

. iiiU Vorx ruiKK.*^ Ifrcighi Trxia# arill Icfcve New A- ai aeumlal 
rtiKR RociB. j A. ■*. every day , Baaday cXk:''i?v' . • 

.Sew aViuati) 

.- ■: lit ii 1 

ft. t^v ' 

f ScoPfCT*' 



W V tti« RtteDtioD of purcbaiers of L1QU0K to 
oar lar^ ttocit of Boarbuoi MoDOngabela» Kyei and 
K«rtiflcd Wliitky# which will be found «f very Buperiw 
or auality. and will be ctftred at low rates. 

Our brande . f Kecuaed H hisBy are equal to 
any iold lU Uie Csued Biatea. «,,svsi4 11 *^ 1 . 

■el'^A^W'^n EiUN l OOMBRY fc BKOTllKB* 


41 ) bokes Old Port Vi iue; 

Su d-y Cl .ret: 

•u do Ma.ieira; 

60 do Old Bourbon, very fine; 
R^^vadandforsaleby ^^CR. W1CK8 ft CO. 

W citCllCN J C W cil’ Y a war?anieu vo staiid 

- , with all varieties ol 1 

^'INlii GOLD AND BILV LK poiea. 

Watches; Guard and Vest Chains; seta of Coral, u,{^er*‘^i‘"“^my"hou'se 
Cameo, Painted, aud Piain Jewelry; Bracelets, Pius, omerwisuatmy house 
Kings, Sleeve aud Besom Buttons, bilver and Plated 

YV are, just received aud for sale low by — 

J. R. EbTERLL, 67 kourth street, •-.nur-Ial Nc 

seSddtf between Ma iu and Market opecieU avt 

Simon Steinau, B ceived anothei 

Uu’s Pearl Ivory To 

IMPORTKll AND WH0LE6ALB DEALEB Ih inand IS Very great 

WatcDes, Jewelry, Notions, aud H atch siteihe uait H_ou^ 

lor sale cheap by 


D MITT6. 50U DOZ. 

Liru-ctitiusi prices, ftc., can be obtaine 1 by mail oi i-uckskiu uloves aud Mitts tur sale by at mV house. GEO. BLANcHAt D. sei BA.VlBEKt.ER 

bigu of the uulden Hand. 

opposite Gait House. 


If Ladies’ and .Men’s assorted Woolen, bilk, an. 
ckskiu uloves aud Mitts tur sale by 
a UA.viBEKt.bR BKOTllERd. 

more and chio iu.tilroa'1. whicn leave ...ree timcsdaiiy 
—at 7:3ua. M., 4;dur. M., audio r. M.— lor Uailit.ore. 
'A ashiagtou, I’hiladelphia au-1 New York, closu 
and sure oonnecuoas to ail points, E-*t and ouu.n 
kor s.sfely, speed, regulanty, oeaa:y u( the country 
ana geue.aicuiulurl, ini* road is second to none lu Ui-. 
Union. , , 

FUEIGUTS- With the largest equip—entof any ra.,- 
ruaJ in the Lu.ted d'.aies, ihc Cumpmy is prepar--d lu 

LOL;SWLLk I > i >« A 
/1«KAIN8 Lt AVK NfW 

M. daily (3-uu lay. ;:xc.,*i- i) a: - ' !i 
lirectlj thrr ug- to Chimn .c ■ 
trainsfortbe Iwestaud N -'rtuieSk.’e.iv^ 

This Train connec’.n a- >r.-t. - i 

\) sil. 

I H.av- 

bpecial HoUce to tEe Ladied. 

B lanchard has just ke- 

ceived another assortment of Dr. O. P.Thrua- 
lia’» Peiiri Ivory Tooili i’owdtr. Caii 60 on» a# iheue 
mand i# very ureal. Bi«u oi ihe Uoidca lAoiii, oppo* 

ruad in the L UaUd Hic Ccu*p zuy i# prepared lo - kichn 

p 4ll •>kl ;>*S 1 J«R;ii*iiineuaei)u*inci»j»iu;heUaiispvrt'iUouoifrc ^a’.t I , 

oiD, » I vfhich are tarried wuh care and dispaboli* Bii - I i?5t rfiit.-to that r ^ r 

; and :i^-inchbcst make black fiUk# for sale at Last- 1 ^low asihobe of any ot .er tlr»t class line. The roa*. | * imhTrainH if^^i 

I erii prices Ly ... . s.gxa-u •• i.u ' . - - - 

W) do Mift.ieira* ; tbe cheapest »nd mo&t duraole article for interment in 

do Old Buurbon» very fine; i use. ocltidlmins 

eoeivod and for sale by i 

i 11 A H OG a N Y SHOW CASES, 

ITft V V Wt-HSKY liO RBLS PURE- I -i"R window Blinds of all colors, and Blind Trim- 

J-C : u 1 I. mings for sale; old Blinds repaired at 

aa ly Rye Whisky, one year old, for sm; by " BEN FLOOD’S, 

ocl J. MUa Kp. I 64 Third street. bet. Main and Market. 

EN^ ENGLAND RUM. MxTHiwHrNT j r. ccrtir. 

4 puncheons, 6U assorted, above proof; i EJiiminr* 0 IK6*in lYI 

1 do oldSt.Cx.Rum: HUIMT Ob CUffTIlM, 

ln_e t..r.aidforea l^y [ori] | ^^hqlE^ALE AXD RETAIL TR USE MAS- 

H olland GIN. 3 pipes pure! ufacturers, 

Holland Gin, Pine Apple brand, in store and for Third Street, next door to Democrat OSioe, 


13 bbU Peach Brandy; a large and fine assortment of SOL/D 



... I 1 IV 1 , 1 , ss I -R- justreceived a very large stock of WaTCHKS, 

Undertaker and lollin*x\laker, 


SlU.K AliFNT FUR THE articles. aU be wishes is to give him a caU and ei- 
rvuijii, 1 r ativ x nxi wj, ugods and prices i-efore purchasiug else 

AIR-TIGHT TERRA COTTA COFFI'I- amine nis goous anu pr dlMO.-V STEINaU, 

1 st sndmostduraole article for iDtermeut in Upstairs at Gowdy, Terry ft Co.’s store, 

oclti dlmins ,^13 Main street, bet. Filth and Sixth. 

t. Ytisaa. 1 

F. Yeiscr & Fo., ! 


< i. -~i.H awxTr!HKa. JEWELRY, ftc., Fourth st., 
under the National Hotel, Louisville, Keu 
tucky. uuti-iiif 

Micliot Brotlicr, 


Watchesy Jewelry, etc., etc., 


■ W neva. Main street, three doors above Founh, in 


Bl 13 bblt Peach Brandy; 

10 do Apple do; in store and for tule by 
ocl J. 610SK8. 

Geutlemeu’s Fuxulshxug Goods. 

A LARGE assortment UF— 

Merino ShirU and Drawers; 

Wooica do do, 

Che -kandHiokory Shirts; klanr.el Drawers, 
While and uoloreu r.ineu-bosom Ehins; 

Black Bilk Cravats; eiiing Blocks and lies; 
Woolen uomfuneis nua Euarls; 

American and ircucu Suspeuuert; 

On hand anu oUu-reu for sale nhesp Og 

HJCUTLN, LUL W H 7, iUAL ft L0>, 
auss Norihaest corner FiUh and Main su. 


Carpet Bags f r Sale cheap at 

Norihwcdi coroer Main apt! Kiub sis. 

Ihe Great ClotEing House of 


No. 4S1y Cor. oi'Jlaiu auG Fourlli Sis. 


L arge and elegant stock 

of Spring and Bummer Clothing and Geaiieuien’s j 
k urnlslung U-uods. 



7K’ O T 1 O N S. A FULL ASS <R F- 

ment of Scisic-rs, Rnives, Jet Good., .YeeDei, 

Combs, Thread, SIC., lur sale by 



A cheapest, and largest assortment of Oohars, 
BieeVes, Chemisettes, Bands, klouncu.g. Skirts, Hand- 
j aerchiets, Edgings, aud Insertions lo i>e tound in Ihu 
n.arxet,.or sale low by ^^.^b^hoER BROTUEHB. 


asIBBoNS. l,tiUD PC::^ LATES'I | 

sly ies aud all widths in store and for sale by 
fgl UA.VlBaRUaK BKO’iiik.ltS. 

B. S. MARK '• G.F. DOWNS. 


Just received, by Adams axpiess, another lot ot 


WM. a. WOODbIDK, Master of IransportaiiOh- 
B xumore and Omo Raiu-uad . 
JOUN al. BHA.VI'. 
0 c 8 dtf Oenerai Western a 


TO AND PROM Cincinnati, 

Louisville and Lexiugcoa and Lexiug- 

B. s. MARK G.F. DOWNS. tou and Covingtua Railroads. 

Just received, by Adams axpiess, another lot ot JL iransporting wii.’i dispatch Freights to and frun. 
those beautiful nhawis, Bcarfs, aud Cioass, togethci Louistiiie anJCovinatiu at inuderale rates, k- rin- 
with a lull slock ol B.aple and Dom-slic Oood* of ti^ j (.irmation as to s >m. , please rail at Freuni Oit -•« o' 

best brands. 
I Cu3j 

MARK ft DOWNS, 471 Main st. 


1 case heavy Bay State Gentlemen’s Shawls 
1 do 6-1, 7-4, and 6-4 Bay Elate pia.d do; 
3 do long do do do; 

Received this day and for sale cheap by 
I ocob T. ft K. bLaV INftCAl 

LuUisv.ile and krau-ioil Kailruad D -pot, l•.rIler Jef 
lerson and Broox streets _ p.VVu’L GILL, 

■e JO dtf auyt Liu. ft F. and Lex. ft k. R H- 

Omca LoruvinLK ..wn NxshtiuVx r. i..Co..i 

Loui*vilJ«,Ky-,s'eb.6, lofti. ) 


i- 3 hales 3 4 Rob Roys; 
I ba e 6-4 do; 

\SVLE- LHATHEK THUATKS, Ladies’ i Jacob’s Buildings, beg leave to j- gjaca, blue, brown, and olive Drea* an 1 k'roca | Received mis day and lo’r *ale cheap by 

• Dress aud Traveling Trunks, Bonnet I their unrivaled assortment of Watches and Jewelry, '‘“swasai X * k. BlLV IN ft CAIN. 


mJ one Train daily will be run on the LouisriUjanc 
Nashville Railroad. Tne Train will leave the Uei-ot a: 
y»l Louisville at 1 o’clock r. M., and returning .eav 

, /.hi.... hw dnephe.-dsville al3 r.M. 

N. 3T*VBS3.'len»rt.'Tl''k - 1 v.' 

1856 3umm»r ▲fru..g^nso_tt. 
C0MM£K"I.\G J/' ' 

i Little Miuiui iV ! uiu uliii.; I 

K A 1 L L 17 .1 

EXGLl SiVEL V A.V . A ... 

O N ANDAt i ’ K 1 ii L t ] 

LITTLK MlAii. % : \ : t-e ■ , . 

ittut 0.\Lr UlHKCe H n rt. . r 1 . 
and Cleveland, lae omy r o;. . < 

Lake .-bore Ley -t at C.e i ; t • 

I wiin uiiif-jriu .,au-e from t n.-i-. ,;i to 

1 iy.iDSirk.acd Uu_xU>. 

ar jf-vr other rol fe c - .,* .-.i 

I vin ?ai-dusYy,a- d dei-rc I i 

i rcledntogo Eait.brt'i-- rtaugr I-. -.1 ,iu .« 
i ;rum 'vM Ohio Liiy to Lu. , i. 
j TH5 LITTLK MlA.Ml, Y lA ’ 

; I* the only ‘-oute wii'n re'.i.ih; • ... ... 
Ciyci.V.YjiTI Mid PITFS,:. 

RY jyy OTHER RuLih. . 

I pen-l 7.1 Be!l--lo:iii!: • r i rr 
j dianapoh* an . Fort Way. 0 


^ks.,. ooits i hi ihjAsEO Boxes, \ alisei, Carpet Bigs, &c., which lliey we pre- j Just received *ntl oyeiied, direct from OeneTfc, Where 
HlrKi. JoU BBLS OLli OOP- I pared tr sell at the lowest terms fur cash. ihe whole stock was selected by one of the firm. 

per Whisky for sale by 

W allace POPE ft CO. 

W w 60 boxes 

I pared tr sell at the lowest terms fur cash. ihe whole stock was selected by one of the firm. r....;-.,... Oun<.- *n„prflnefknc\ Cas- M’>UbTI\'S. 1 CASE ENGLISl 

Country merchants will find it to be to their interest fine Regulators, for hotels, banking houses, or any Black DoMkin Cassimere Pm-s, sup ran a > j 1 , 1 .;. and fonaiechtaol 

j to give this house a call before making their purchase* i other offices, at moderate price*. , , , Simere Fanis, style and quality, B *n R. I *»»G an received this day and 0 

ielsewhere. seJdtaplu . Watch ulasees, Materialsand 'X'oolsfor Watchmaker* . Coats, Fant*,and \ ests. ' JL°i i ft tLKJ^N ft L aia. 

t^A Stage Line connect* with the above at Carpen ' TU J L.TTL r' JJ I \V 7 » 

1-1- ter’* Depot, for BardsUiwn, every Tues.ay, T'liH* , y//>; o.YLY R" i't, =. 

jj Jay, and Saturday; also at RuLHg ».,rk l^P'-t, lor - or b7.-.. Ry.-. y, 

1 <1 V ml.' u' V I* I I 1-1 Jay, and Saturday; also at Kuhing 1 

X EAor, El XY Av Li 1 o gi,inl.-,ntown,urkyionBpnUkS, M im 

Ne- Uavsn, daily, 

J. F.GAMBLK.Saa i 

8. S. Botli.. 
(Naa York.) 


Boyle & Co., 

Fkin. Oorna. 


W 6b boxes Hparkliug Catawba; .1. V. \v. «nmi, 

5S R^askiiold M*deira*wine; for sale by UNDERTAlftER COFe IN -MAKER, 

WALLACK POPE ft C0 _^ Corner Seventh aud .Yliirkei Street*, 

“!niinn^) L0UI8V1LLK, KY. 

?ovle & Co i J.V.W. 8MITH RESPECT- 

i\jy k%e ax. ' ^^H^^fnlly Inform* hi* friends and the public gen- 

Ol F'iENCH BRANDIES AND I era;iy that he has dissolved partnership with hi* tate 
WIVE^ partter, W . W yatt, and u at ne carries on the business 

’ hlone, at the old stand, corner of .-eventh and .Market 

rsLenss, JFe. 4 Comingmal strrst- ttr>e s, where he will be found at all limes (day or 

i.^uui YiL« alY'iYimi , night) I ea-ly to attend to liny business in his depart- 

lEitaS AJr ALiv-/vAtHJLi, vvAy- the utmost pun. -tualily. 

Neutral Epirits, and ail kinds of Do- N. B. Handsome Hearses and good Hacks, with 
Also, dealers in Old Bourbon, Kye, careful drivers, always on hand. auifti dtf 

WatchesdlrccGy importcUfrowonrowninanufacicry figg black Kngllsh Bilk \ e*is; fancy Silk, Satin, ami oao. w. sjta 

In Geneva, wholesale and retail, at New York prices. _ Maiseilie* Vests; Wedding aud Party VeBts;Llnc: Velvet, Brussel*, i apestry,laree-j,.y, anu xwo-i-'J 

Wawhcleaniugaudrepairingdonewithneatnesiann (jg„is, Pauls, and V esis, largo vati-.iy. , (jarFCtiDg, Plnor Oilciothr, Cut lain and 

^ TSelaieitityie* and patterii*of Jewelry, ko.,teoeiTe<» ,u , , , 1 Linen Good*. 

erery week* . , - Linen, and Linca Bosom Shirts, from the Ixigt^st to th Ar 

I^WeinTitechelfrdlestoofthftadexftmlneforthem' smalie&isiies. illtc A' 

•elves. No tronble to show goods. Ailour UNDKllSUIETS AND DKAWEHB. No. Alain strict, near National IloUl, 

rantedornot ate. 8illi, Merino, Cashmere, Lisle Thread, Cotton and Lin- 0 , -r * v K ON H\ND AND EOii 

CarF<>tiUj{, Plnor Uilcioth;, Cut lain and 
Linen Good*. 

liUe A 9»uiaii, 

No. 43 a Jlain street, near National Uoul, 

i\ew Arraiis«ui‘!Ri'^’ 


. TllK LITT'-K MI.;'. , . 

fS THE 0.VLT ROL TE to a:. - '. 
I . fci .i..e. a .X L - . , 

1 pruis.with 'Xtcfia;.. . '-f . .rs. i. 

1 10 ladies and azud ■ 1 

at.lA'n THE SlioKTk. i H- . 
I to the Last, a unifcrai 1 
: d- nnect.'-ti* «re r.--. 

I by Ayr OTHER Ii'<. It. ■ 

, gerbU^sperJ IS rvi' . 

Bended fTereienee, JFe.4 Commere*al etreet. { ttr>e s, where he will be found 

I118TILLER8 OF ALCOHOL, CO- , ment! with The utmost puctuali 
MW logne- and Neutral Epirits, and all kinds of Do- N. B. Handsome Hearses an 
Brat’c Liquor*. Also, dealer* in Old Bourbon, Kye, careful drivers, always on hand 
and Monongahela Wliiskie*. No*. 66, 67, and 63 ELC- 1 

i Sieambost aad City Uphtlslerer*. | 

Bocrb«,D county Whisky, one year old, now in I r tugs ol l&ll iJesCnjUlons, | between Market and J« 

•toreandfo saleb> [ocl] J. MONKH. apnivri a vn nTMP'R 1. 

COPAK TISlixiigiU ii^^. 


Copartnerabip Notice, 

f HAVE TH18 da y aBBuCIATLD 

Kid, Silk, and Lisle Thread 
Ties; Pocket ilanukticnici* 
and Carpet Bags, tor sale lo' 
myldti BFROU n I 

With me in th* Carriage .Manufacturing Business, m 
brother, Louis DadJox The business will hereaf- -i-V p 
>e conducted under tne firm, name, and style of moved 

* O H U Bil U G, L i K E OTHEi. 

■ place*. Pr. Weihe, Bilk and Fancy Dyer, ha* re 
ved hiS Dying Kstablishmenl lo Fifth street, bjttweei. 

atthe old st&ml on Xhird fttieet, Marxetand JeUerson, wuere ue is now prepared Jfai 

i i » AVlhG ilEUElVKU t-ROM THl. ; 

re respectfully in vited W HonnLs^^o'i i MX East a large and splendid asiortment of Fall pL j Jthditi and Ba.limore. at Dunkirk with the N'e. 

lUTK ft BMALL,433Maln»tre<t, 
gc24 A few doors east o . tne .N atioaaiHote l. 

lx. »lLlIiilAiUx\.\i\s 

No. 47 A iiarket Street, bet. Third aad Fourth 

Toledo, Detroit and Chicigo, ni 


by the above mentioned tuaJs, ahich are the shortest, 
ouicxest, and ctnap--»t route lo the N'.r.htrom L-jui* 

ville. having two le s changes than any other raurosu fg tbe iasteTn 

to Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Clevt.aod, nun j Three da; i> 

St Charles, 



UaDE i* TB* BIST itxKKtB BY ! f fe 1 H E FIkSi OE HULL, HUNT At rior*tyTo‘»mlmanM^^ 

Wilkiciii A illarcellus. 1 Co., Pork Packers, of this city, is, by mutual 'Yearing Apparel c eanei 

.aiHE undersigned, having I 

M. entered into copartnership uu'ier the above hrm, J. U. UClL* laloi* v 

Ui-ibolutloo of Partaeraiilp. 

wish to nave their Dresses, Ehaw^^^^^^^ I vV*iulVDuV oLVDsVbegs leave to Inlorm bi- ^'“;;~n^“si;irKa"rro .draudV. Budalo w^ the >e. 

Coats, Pants, \ ests, customers and the public generally that he is now pre J Central to Albanj , New York ana rio.lou. Order- 

«’ Xni^rpl cleaned and neatlv pared 10 oiler his Slock at such price* w will ecat u all (g, (gt*grding piomplly atiende i to. ^ _ 

g Apparel cleanea ana n . g, to parch u»e at lower rate* th in M’dOWKLL ft K*)BL11T30N, 

Philadelphti aud Ba.limore, at 

corner of fifth and main streets. 

H. entered into copartoersbip umlerthe above firm, 
are now prepared to execute all orders appertaining to 
and ever> thing connectea with the Upholstery basi- 

Fifth street, 
and Jeffers- >D . 

ness In all it* various branches. They have now in 
store a fine assortment of bPKING 4ND OTHER 

Louisville, August 33, 1836. 


W. 8. XiUN'T. 

J USr RECEI VED, I)I RECT l" ROM MATTkESSKS, and aie prepared to mi order* at short I Dissolution. 

QCaTl! ‘ ! “bunting for flags, of every color, which they | H E FIRM OF DICKINSON 6l 


85IPK. j practical mechanics, and having for many ! leres'tin said fi'rm to John A Dickinson. All pers-jus vju^li^'ciothsT'extraflne, for'Hpring and Summer 

All of wh'eh will be served uo in a'atvle calenlaled i Tears coudac.ed the Upholstery business in their inal- j indebted to the late hrm are requested to make pay- coats; Drap d’Kte; fancy and black Cassimeres, in 
lump- the most faitWi^^^^ ^ ^ cateuiatea capacity ii. this city, they flatter the selves ' mentt, J« hn A. Dicxiuson, who is authoriaed to use ^eat variety; Party and Wedding Yesting*. Marseilles 

I are prepared to make up into Flag* of any device at 
short notice. 

I Being practical mechanics, and having for many 

■■■ ENYDEr is ihi* day dissolved bymutualcon- 
aeut, John BnyOer h ivii g disposed of nis ent-re in- 

I'homas M. Oliver, 



ra his new-style Spring and Summer Goods, for 
''»!• 1S5<), comprising Dumor and Masson fancy 
liJLCloth*, all color. ; Bioiey and Bimoni s blscV 

renUcm.n’i WeitiD, ippi.ei clesn®) ,nJ actlj J; lp.,r(.te. i .. 

anj color, super pi am, figuied, and s'.riped ihiLames. 
satin-faced. hgoie-J, spot ed,and plain Merinoes, r,c; 
Gala and .'Jerim Plaids Freuen and LngUsb onintst* 
and americuu Prints; Ua*sui.ere* and satinets; p.aid, 
figured, and plain*. ail co.oi*. Also, scxil 
aodenawls; Lm -roideries of evtry description; new 
Paieni Shirts, Quilud shirts, am lloop*; Hosiery; 
Kid and other Gloves, best masts. 1 a;*o invite ai- 

lentiou to my assertment o( Cloaks. 

L. SILBLRMANN, 473 Market street, 
cell dly between Thi rd and Fourth. 

Freight Agenu Jell. B. ft I. 

3 .*M^L^E dU^T, Qenl. freight agt. Jeffersonvilte K- H 

K. at^KNOKcl, Ueuerai Js’rcigbt Ajji., B 4i 1. au^l l 
V te C. liAtiroitU. 

A Card— FreishtM. 

iEd 6 r. *. 

FlK.-‘T'''R-tIN— clevt. ' 
snd W nevL' g Li.;.Mijti.a i \ . . 

-1 1 'clock a. 3t. ! r a,, •-.•'.I L.i-.- :: 
Cleveiani; ; ; r.xcnel". ; W ... 

castrr, itai.ri,'. ; 
train stops bet., ten Cib eir ..4 
land. Morrow, Xtf ia, ; : L- 

bkO’iND THtlN-Vlul ; 
ing Express Jiali, ie- V >-. ...-.ti 
vis Cievelax.'!, IiU.' lk. 1 
Lastern cities. Th.s ir s.u su ; , 
Ci'-eiimati ami Coiun,- ,is. 

TUii’.u IKklN— Auci IU-.4 '4 
a:3-XiUb’cloca r. a. ivi r;-r. .g - 
ville, aeJ Lancaster Ol.. nu" 
this train steps xl s.l p. n'.s b 

F'.LKl'H TRAi*' — t'levelan- 


A HOAD is prepared ti. triusport all descripuunsot (ji,.,ciaa.l an! Pit-..bur» Du 4 . t 

Freightio all points. North, La^t, and «y esi. I This train stops at all p' be, 1 1 

to temp' the most faiUdioas. 
Call and see for yourselves. 

I that they can render evtry satisfaction under their j the name 01 the firm in liquidation 


^aaas -s" •• • „,,.a „ HT'wPBn new firm, as well in the mechanical execution of their 1 

4^1 AB^C. KL gPlt^ „ in tftg nuality and price of the material* used 1 

XX n aq They solicit a snare of public patronage. 

•• 1 11C*811*0 HUGH WILKINS. 



X and publie generally are respectfully informed Itailsi l.ltV IPrFfl (lOttS W OrkS, 

that the anJerslgied ha* this day opened a BAH- ^ YJVlXa f* UI ILSi 

ROOM under the Commercial Hotel, on Fifth street, 

between MOn and Market, where he will always be PBAM'''ON 

beppy to meet all who may be pleased to favor him 77.-, , 7,-, »- 7 • • irr-,™ 

with their patronage. Uis Bar wilt at all time* be FIFTH STREET, ULl. GREEN AND WALNUT 
•locked witn the finest and choicest Liquors, Wines, > ar.. 

Tobacco, and Cigars (oc31dUl J.U. TACARU. .V’ „ , 


Walker 8 Restaurant Hotel. *nd Base*, for column* ; TrusseU, Brackets, 

Window Caps, Knnehmentsfor Cornices, Gothic Urua- 
ments. Chimney Tops, Flower Pots, Vases, fto. As- 
sortment to be seen at the Works. 


( All orders for Plastering or Stucco for interior deco- 

.h. i......„i,ph«. 

dtf I 

saefi as Sbeil Oysters, Venison. Prairie Grouse, Woud- 
oocks. Blue-wing Duoks, Quails, Snipes, Game Fish, 
ftc , ftc ; also. Can Oysters, put up expressly fur 
family Us*. Call and sec. 

OC36 JOHN CAWKIN ft CO-.TbDdst. 

Joli- SNYDER. 
Louisville, Sept. 11, 1366~sel7 d3m 

Copai tner aLip. 

rWYHE undersigned HAVE 

A this day associated WM. L. SHALLCROS8 
with them In tbe mauufacturs of Flour, in this city. 
Tbe business in future will be conducted in the name 

August 6tb, 1866. au8 atf 

great variety; Party and iveaaing v*siiuB*.j.w**ei-<;. 

*^1^French Cloth* and Cassimeres, new style, all 
color* for Busmes* Suits, which will be made up t- 
order as cheaply as they c-m be purchased of any 
clothing establishment m this city. I offere 

ISr N0.47S .Main sUeet, between Fourth and Finn, 

southwest C'R. Eighth and market STS., ^a^nng“. “ fai.!j “ne.lnd 

xnn rocB imobj xsovb sevbnth, kobth sibs, ,, circulated for the purpose of doing ih.s route an in- 

H AVING returned from J“^VhLier&“itfcr^^^ 

the eastern cities, has been enabl'd, by set lom- tinic ibe amount now oflenig, and are matin, 


y V' C"lU!llt.U*. 

and gjg- ygg train on San.. ay at . o’. • t 

t )“• Columtus. 

Trains run by Colambat time— se 7. ^ a.'-.-xt'ra 
four than Ciueinnat' time. 

tare a** io-.v its o> .ti^v oii.or Yxoiito 

FOR rUROU.iK x’iCKhrt. 


id advantages, to select one of the best and hand rangement* lor a large increase upon our present oasi- - . - 

tome.t stock* of Fancy and STAPLE DRY G .Opc FoR rUROUGK x’iCKhrt . 

ever Iroughttothi* market, comt-asing in pert-silks Tne route* to the hast are all free pom ^yobs^ And all information, please at ply at the ci" > 

Cashmere*, rrench and Mennoes, fl*nn*>>»i tion. and good* wiU be deuveied SMne! U^se. seeVod d^^^ \ - 

DeLaicess V^lv^ts* uoUars* FlouDCiug* Jaconet and - promptly as hereiotore. Inttcif all Romas wiftL Rsmioab Rnt’ i r *» 

^ihrMa’.lin%.*HV.iery, Dress Trimm 

M ra wW'h he wouhf ^ CR^ hK^u^. JeO Spencer House ; or at the Easterr. ( L;-.:: ■ L.smi 1 D«; 

* Money Purse*. Reticules, French Corsets, with a great 

' 11 ki variety of other desirable goods, to which he woul.i 

Walker’s Eestaarant Hotel. 

BU 11 .DKKS. Lauisviile and Nashville Uailr jad. 

Ej, ss.r.'‘.‘r ',".te'K.v.Sr,';5 — MixaEjwgHAfiiWi 

Copartnerahlp Notice. i^ttiiatOimie^Scieyi 

H aving associated with knuto;Nriu.‘*Mortl?r 

M. Lichten ,in the business hitherto oonducted tion 01 materials for builders, wid be sola low hy 
..plf.nnHerthe stvleof A. Kteinan.tha fint, will. oel3 liRUtfBY, BLAIR ft LU- 

merit the tame conn.ience 1 
generously awarded to Lim 

dor KL.« A rtx\IS KEK8. 


C. S. illaUby^i^ YlEALi HOUSE, 

WHOLESALE Curaer of Jefferson and Second Btroets, 

OYSTER the’^uTsckIber AN. 

noQQce* that this Hotel is now completed nnd 

R wn m /*\ O T Fn "D XT I .KsA ready for the reception of guests. The building 

X> Mr W O X X Vx XX X • and appurtenance* being entirely new, and the loca- 

tion pleasant and admirable, tbe proprietor solicits a 
NO. 63 THIRD ST., BET. MAIM AND MARKET, share of the public patronage. The convenience* and 
Eeeci ving Dally, par Adams Express, improvement* of the first cm** hotels wili^ met with. 




From all fhe most celebrated Fishing Points on the furnish Demand Bill* upon th# Bank of Liverpool in 

C. IS. illalCby^i^ 




Eeeeiving Dally, per Adams Express, 



by myself, under the style of A. Steinau, the firm will, 
from this day forward, be altered to STEINAU ft 

The trading community 1* most respectfully invited 
toinvesGgatetbe present stock, and to bestow on the 
new firm the patronage so liberally extended lo the 



pletely assorted by late importations in Watches 
and all kind* of JewelG. We can otter superior ad- 
vantages to buyers, both in regard of cheapness and 
choice of selection. 

Our Watches have acquireda reputation throughout 
the Western country, and we are determined to meet 
every competition. 

We request a call and aninvestigation ofonrstock to 
eenvinoe purchasers oftbe truth of our assertions. 
0c81 8TE1NAU ft LICHTEN. 

gg|3 llrtlieoi, PLl«U>OI.V/^- 

yRVfi Bf^BLAlRftCO. 


Y ^^for gale at 606 Main t«eL BLAIR ft CO. 

1 would call particular attention to my new itore» ^ K V r W A TRAITh WILL BL 

E ast f ront street. 

tSirOflleehonrsfrcm 4 *. m. :i: r . a. 

P. W. 8TRa uiiiH Ger -rai Agee. 

aalisforpasaengvrsat all the prnnpa’ aote.s, t. r .-- 

A v* L' V I' 14 a THAI 'a WILL BE and every '.rain- By leaving iirecf..- as *i e'f t-r -f 
N EaI K.A lK,Al.h tt- •* aboveolficea.winean'jT i*»s- I'ttr, -* 

run during the exhibition of the 3ou.h«ii Agn- Qty, without fail ^ e 

1 0 ll undersold by any dealer in the city. . . 

' ,M L. fl.ALK, corner Eighth aud Market streets, 

M Hssortmentof fine 

veUa^^^on|sfor^alel^^^ se'gJdj'm ‘ aad north side .Market, above Seventh. 

J^EATING RIFLES MiUet & Simmons, 


Vc^rargaieavu-o-at oHMSBT, BLAIR ft CO. po^BION AND DOMESTIC DRY 

iVORY CUTLERY. A LARGE bet. sixth and Seventh, 


tne 14th insl. This Train will »» Uson * oreex, on 
the Lebanon Branch, at 7>g o c.ocg a. M. Returning, 
leave Louisville at 4 o clock ^• n- 

JAd. r. GAMBLE. 8up’t. 

KiioRTille and KeiilucLy 

- it E * T ’a 

Northftrn, Baatero, and W*ner^ 


'NaMELED mantle grates. 

Loaisville, Ky. 



■ Proposal* will be receive-J at the office of the i 




E nameled aiAmi^E. tx 

We have in store twenty different 

t querns o'f WE RESPECTFULLY C A L L c°XhIiyVNo%%’^^^^^^ 

ai^oussty'les, ȴ the attention of eur friend*, and more Mpe- g( the first division, 

test improve- cially country merchant* and cUy to the base of the Cumberls 


f - *• ^ I -.- -.-e* «•- I ROUtO to 

for tbe Uradiuc and ila 



the following choice brands of Tobacco, 
which we offer low to the trade : 

ai.4 u eaii. and we will please you in this branch .--.-..monts with imnorters and 

o( thirty luilei 

Uimberlknd1i^an‘tmn“ *^“iSt*anS G-Lon*iH>lig. L^ajati.. Chii^-o, Dat.^i i, U.i 

Ruck Island,, cinoisuan, Ci*,'a> 

This division covers a large amount of very heavy 

Give ui a esU, and we will please you in this branch Ug,inr ample arrangement! with importer* and It will include a tunnel of l.usu feet in length, 

of our businesa. For sale by , r-tjQo™ ^ (jq, manufacturer*, wo feel assured we can offer induce- ^ ,guguhic yards of moaonry of all kinda, and neariy 

my 33 WALL ACE, LlTm^_vi^K_L0 — ments to buyers in this market which we think cannot jjgg^oug enb,c yard* of eailh and rock excavation. 

; m 77. . .a- -avsTk-'ri L'la a TQ n fail in aecuring their patronage. . n a. The Company have good stock sttbsenpuona, and 

P lain iron mantles and Wg t^^* pleasure at atlUroes in *howicg our Good*. , f^im the State of Tennessee, amounUng lo 
GRATES —We have on hand every kind and and would ask a careful esamination of ourst^k MU gsyo.oOu, applicable lo the conatracuon of this 

0<i€#i5P6Aktf Bay* 

V eenvne. McLAUGULIN, 

•olS Agent for C. 8. Maltby. 

C 1 RY8 TAL PALACE, northeast 

/ oornerof Jefferson and Fifthstreots. Forthaverv 
beral patronage hitherto extended to them, the propn 
•tort renew thetr acknowledgments to the pabllc, and 

tarns of one pound and up. Tbesebills can be cashed 
in any part or England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales. 
UDTCHINGS ft CO., Newcomb’s building, 

■e4 corner of Main and Bullitt streets. 

E xchange, sight and time 

Exchange on New York, Boston, Philadelphia, 

Extra Pancake 


-136 kegs; 



ISU boxes: 

Wade ft Bro. 




Lunn ft Bro. 




S. R. Garner 




O . G. Holland 




J. D Turn-f 




stvle ^ Plain ManUes and Grates, which we are selling pnee* before purchasing elsewhere 
siyieoi he satUfactory to purch^r*. For 

Buffalo, New York, bostvo, Fittiburg, h 
more, Washingtcc, Fhiiadelphia, Uaot 
Vincennes, EvonsvUla, ';iurr , .'ipnniCslJ, S 
Louis, Ac. 


SL road is laid with heavy I rail aad well y gil r-K^' 

The country through which the Ro^ paw* is rich [ is well stocked with supe-icr L.^oc-motiv 



Builders and all other* in want of Mantle- Uobinson, Martin & Co.’s Fall Good.#. 
,1 u..n*rtfnllT reouested to call and examine tt . vr a lie aTfYU K* OVIT 

..*. z. hartim o. a. PRiTToa productive, and abundantly a^e to lurnish tM , (jgig, has every facility tormaxirg qaki^fe 

on ffinnuTn QTRFFT necessary supplies to cont^lor*. f be w- rx wui oe , eg^pection*. It is tbe shortest route 

»6 FOURTH aiKtLl. divided into secUons h. light Louisville indChicaga, and i- -ft-?Sn!y 

divided into section* of about one mile each. 

uiTiuCTi lo.u — :-r — ; ii.x. between Louisville Mid Chicags. and it - jc-r.n;' 

'The Company claim the nght of raservitg the ngnt fg^d route from Louisville to at. Louis, and frt' 

section* at this lime, unless included in thes^ne ci^- ievilletothe East- 

beral patronage hitherto extended to them, the propn 

•tor* renew thetr acknowledgments to the public, and I OML61UVIC* AALMarUtK* X/*aAV*AAa«»w*a mw« •ovaagms AVW.W va- 
aMBfe tbeatbM no p&ins orexpcnaewili hk •p&redto le&cs« Mobile«and CharlestODi 8* C*ifor sxiciDsams 

orooore all article* in the line of theirbnsiness, of the to suit pur cha sers . 

mo^uperior quality, andsnch as willbeapprovedof se4 HUTCHINGS ft CO., Newcomb sbnildlng. 
b* the best eonnoisseur* . 

A fine Lunch wUlbedailyandregmlarlyB*rved,rroB NOUCe. 

by the besteonnoiseear*. 

A fine Lunch will be dailyandregmlarlyserved/roB 
I'JM o’clock a. ■* tiU 13 a • 

We orejastin reoelptof^OdoeenofWolfe’scelebroted 

Various Brand* Virginia Tobacco.- 

Washington Monument Brand — 36 boxes; 
Wxnly do 35 do; 

Blackhawk do 3. do; 

Pioneer do 40 do; 

Bonthem Belle do 76 do; 

Zacx Taylor do 25 do; 

Barksdale do St do; 

Holt _ do 30 do. 

oc33 ^ N0CK,WI0KSft00..611MaiDSt. 

Pieces are respectfully requested to c^landei 
^l^rtock now on hand, which, for cheapness 
bility, and elaborate finish in the various st' 
]7.nnotbe surpassed by any house in tl 
ted State*. Our price* for 

S^^reilV^ibliYhKsS’in w^ ^Tpricef ^ “fiffi*' willbe reqni^ to give sec^ity . or tatisfac- 1 -* makfi/a 

FbhAMn. Forsnleby . w«,,v^r^ww, _ wwpm articletst very low figures . i:aj..^# *vii«Dceof Uwr nbilityFforthedae perfcrakxnee ; ineiiKnxMlix fn* i 

OnoTrnin daily (pundnyi •xctnted)tc 
F1R8T TRAlN.^lndiaoapohs Ixrrv j cavtt J 
fertonvilUat9:16.g x. and arriTts at IciDxBxpwtsL 


„ . arejuatin reoelptof*OdoeenofWolfe’i 
•otiedam Schnapps, and a lot of Havana CL 
Isiwntbraads, besIdesoldBrandies, Wines,] 

I’seelehroted W P. CURTIS WOULD GIVE NO- 'l^OBACCO, &C. 

Jigarsofdif- ••• tie* that be has resumed his former occupation, 176 boxes Mo. and Ky. Tobacco; 

iftc.,ofva. pgAin connection with C.N. Warren, willcontinnethe 13® do V a. Tobmicq, various b 

rione superior brand*. , .. , . . Banking and Exchimge bnsines* at No. 4S6 Mi 

TheBiEardKooms.undorthesup^ntenden^eofour ,trget,afew doorswestof the Bank of l^aiBviUe,i 
asslable and aeoommodaUng “Uncle George, w fur- wthenameof 

■ixhedwtthsaperlortablee.andeveryimaginableeon- 0UBTI8 ft WARREN 

The best Brundte* , Wln**,fta. ,eun be obtsMnedattb 
** Palao*,’’ready botUed, and areeepeeiaUy recommend 
•dfora*dleln.lpnrp«.e..^^^^ ^ H^MBKIOHT. 


Baltimore Osrster Depot! 



▼’ll ’ n n 4-1 n V VT w WT 4-, 



'per Bnrese, dolly, the beet 
OTBTIrB ever gent to this 

J OTBTIrB ever lent to this 

aoK^fix 8.QUIHTBBO,A«eat. 

Wood’* Wall Paper Depot, 

TkM StcMt, BMt Mala, opfXMlto Goorior OAo*. 




xeeofthienewly-ermff^andadmirably-i^ SUPERIOR VIRGINIA TOBACCO. 


-ol^tyltiSSsM^ beady ft DAVIE8. 

*YAi5r*item of farniture, bedding, and. Indeed, the W^XTR A FINE VIRGINIA TOBAC- 
bmUdlngthrouxhout, l* np with arUclesezpreiely JCi co.-80boxe* McOorkle ft Jones’s extra Gold-Leaf 

"aunjed as the Bt. Obarie* U, immediately at the andforeoleby DAVIK8. 

landing of the principal shipping point for LouisvlUe, **** " ^ * ** 

where nearly aU of her etrongtt gneete firat arrive and -H-gvoti::* ArvoYTiTittV a a r'*g'*s'Y Qft 

from whence they depart for the West and Booth, this R3INE VIRGINIA TOBACCU. o5 
boose afford* a eonvenienee and Mmforttotlietrav- R* boxes James 0. Miller’s fine Oronooo in etore 

130 do Va. Tobacco, various brands; 

60 do Bohn’s Bnnff; for sole bv 
oc6 CURD ft OO. 

M edium tobaccos. 

86 boxes James Wilson’s brand; 

76 do John Jones do; 

37 do John Hall do; 

80 do Pionew do; 

In store and for sale by 

se36 BRADY ft DAVIB8. 

Cor. main and Fifth «ts., 



^•rv Hardware, Harne**MonnUnff,Trnnk**nd ihiJ 

**'S*3ri4-«rr.V A beautiful assortment of thet 

Ooach niT fsHstoek, which will be th* we are prepared to offer low. 

I kn»“®*'*®.®l”*“i“Ai.,tftoekofgood*lnmvllna ^ __ , 

47-< • _ .a ■ a .n. ■ ■ E 

pllte and’flgS^ DeLaines; extr^ 2"*h‘MSrt^ 

TYiain. striceds fiffort^fi* hud satin*f%ced French 
noes\ eWg^t striped, plain, and Moire SUks; JCmbror 
de^rof every dVeenVion and stylo; super aU-wooJ 
Union Flaids.for children. 


1, 6. 10, and 13-4 bleacheii and brown Sheeting*; 

Pillow Oottone and Shirtings, of super brand*; 

Plaid Cotton*, for eervants; . 

Crash, Toweling*, Diaper*, Tickrags, Check*, 

Flannels, DeLalnes, Calicoes, Drillings. 

CL0AK8.8CARF8. AND SHAWLS. ewwmemeeaw — — - 


Sg|6 STnoIU Chief Eng Knox, and Ky^ E._ | 

Louisville and Frankfort! 

ads for Wheeling, Piueburg 

iDfton. Philadelphia, Clevelaaa, Faffalo, >*it Yurt 
Boston, ke. 

SECOND TRAIN — Cinciucati Expre-s ieav'* Jef 
fereonviUc at 3;3«i p. n. and m craoeeat- as 
S-JOP. a.,eonnectiBg the next m<-rnins wiin the Ex 
pres* Trains from Cincinnati N- rthand East. 

THIRD train.- L eaves Jegrr*onviiicaZ3:38, f.*.* 
and arrive* at iDdianapehs at 7;ie p. making a <M 
reel eonneeUoa the same eveninx with the Lafaynte 


landing of the principal shipping point for Louisville, 
wberenearly aU of her strongn g^sU firrt urive and v 

from whence they depart for the West and Sooth, tblx R3INE V. 
bouse afford* a eonvenienee and comfort to the trav- M. boxes Joi 
elerherrtofoM not experienced at this prtnt. and for sole by 

It shall be tbe earnest endeavor of tbe proprietor of ,ggg 

fhi. eeteblishmentto command a liberal shore of public 

boxes James 0. Miller’s fine Oronooo in store 
or •&!• by 

5 ^ BRADY ft DAVIK8. 

patronage, beeanoc he intends to deserve it. The 
hooee, with Ite extensive grounds, cool, shady grevee, 
and xcneral eonvenienoes, Is uDsarpassad as a tran- 
sient Mose. It shall be kept as a fiist-eloe* Hotel— 
l e/grtw y no ooe ef tbe ooeentiols of each on eetob U sb- 


Dealer ia Family Groceries, 



L the very beat hronda of TamUy Flonr.G seoks and 

warn 40 # 4 b Rnllillfi’ Will i m^HE DIRECTORS OF THE LEX- 

I^ClOlO MVOEMMllg a Ington and Frankfort and the LouisviUe and 

Frankfort Railroads, having (by authority of an act 

P. ROGERS, Agent. 



Flmt Bat Iron* Boiler Plgtci; 

Round and Square Iron ; BoUer Hea^; 

Dandy Tire; 

Horee Shoe (eerup) ; Jiiw Bed , 

Saddle-Tree; NaiU; 

HooDc: Spikeefthip): 

Ovaleand Half-Ovals; Plow SJatex; 

Band Iron ; Plow Wing* ; 

Lightning-Rod Iron ; Chains; 

sfil Rods, Charcoal; Obmn O^le#; 

Hail Bods, Norweglsn ; BoUm Rlvete; 

RoHroad Chair Plate*; Oaet Steel; 

Pig Iron, eold and hot Most. 

AUeixee of Boiled and Ch.reeallron madete ardor. 
All order* promptly attended to. 
arAlloarmannfacterecwarraated. ap0 

‘All oar mannfacterec warranted. 

Frankfort Railroads, having (by authority of an act 
of the Legislature, aathoiiuDX the union of the ru^ 
Bing of said roadsl agreed upon a plan fur tiie same, 
which, for the provisions of aaid must l o sanc- 
tioned bv a majority cf tbe stockboldeis of each Com- 
p2£?li?oJ* Ug^nto effect, the rtorkhuMer* oft^ 
Loafsville and Frankfort Ratlroad Comply are h«e- 
notVird that there will be a special called meeting 
of them held at tte Depot of said Company , in Lceie- 
vuirton MONDAY, thelTth day of Novemner next, to 
dwide whether they wiU *anc«on ^ arranxement 
Stockholder* witting to examine^ eo^act willbe 
rappUed with copie* of th* tame ^ app^i^ in per 
tonfor by letter, to the underaign^. A penMal aad 
genial itendonee Is desired. The mm^ng beidn* at 
fo’elock a. K.. and wUl 

oeI6 dtd ROW ’D P. HOBB r, Prenl. 

Change ef Time! 

LoolKTlUe and NafiLvUle RaUToad