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Full text of "Daily Louisville Democrat: 1856-07-11"

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19* "'*S 

4 £ \s 

*1 JK — 




I l)ULV DEMOCRAT, N. York Advertisements, 

fft'.XTED ilD rC 8 L* 8 Hlt> BT _ *" % " 


f tSee cn Talx d street, between Market Mntrtinmg and cvrrrroiwLng nff c *. fc>o Bmadm «r T 

aod J«rr*lBOU, East «id«. »«*' vufr. Arftse rnmklm etr.i t, Xe r York. 

TK ^ a Brady’s Gallery of Art, 

lh mnl »«rr«ir r»¥»*~'f mirtMlT ~ * #8 fO M*. BTlOAIlW O , NL VV t ORK, 


Falls CM*? Insurance Company, 


tag, corner of MaiuaadBuilitfistreets ictraoe 


n» 'At>ci. ,-fc.t per year , pa> i '« .usrteriy - 
Tm> do, utadvaroe- 

*f If - Otrt* i er nett, pjysblr W* the Carrier, 
i', *♦’!>- Des* • i • o'n • '• n, i*<aryear • 


tostr* of 10, one ic*?rti«n 
. ' Do each additional insertion - 

i ' Pc on t m«rrth, ration • 

Do two months, do do - 


ine.cornerof Maitland UuiUtutreets Untrnoo 
fren Bollitttereet. 

Chartered Capita], • - WW.OflO, 

Of whtah eiSC.OfC-iB paidln andsecured- 
Gon'irnpf to insure Xerchanuise, Stock, et.:., Again* 
lo«s Then carried on steam hoi't-, or 'ther raw renwlli 
Lj riT, , r,if-kc,»ea. canal, and railroad rout m, or on an? 
of the navigable waters of tbe conmerc’al world : also 



eeive I ly cxjir ss, a !sr*e a*»ortment of read?- 
ina :e l.inen -cl Musiiu Shins, of various sty!** and 

Liu* ii. 

fine andcroad j lait*. llyron sollars; 



do, ns 


l‘i' . 


<lo, standing 



■ do 

do, do 




do, Byron 




do, co 





L and Manufacturing lompaoy, having completed 



At Ringgold's. 


▼ w Freeman Hunt. 

The White Chief: by Cap*.. Reid. The White Lvly: 

ja ana Jinnu.iciuring 'jnir pany, iia-'ir.g comp. ciea ITcrne'il* 

It* plans ami arranfitia*afi-, will offer for sale, t o the * » Hunter’ r if* in *,» tt r. r. 

hi. iost hid. r, a number of oeoirnble LOTS for bu.i- | y," T-dl-r ° C S ’ K * 

nr'lHF MOST CFLKBKATF/I) EE- a.-ainstlors on Hulls of Steambonii'acd other rood yes 

At tabUsheent *f the kind in the United Ptattr, »*’?• *»•« '°« b » 0D B«Od»a*»:and Mer 

r»c os e mo.- th, without al: oration • •few 

Do two months, do do - * - J j# 

Do three months. do do - • * H 

I Dae »;«ar' ■ i. m* ..ha, without alirratica • . U w 1 

L Do twelve montha, do do • - 

I Ra<’ *11 it: ii*,aarefvr * month* - • - < 2J 

do nr • - «'"! lh» - • e w 

r square « v montht, renew. ble once a week l*>*v 
• are twelve acontha, renewable twice a 

... • «*•* 

^ n# aqaare twelve aorithg renewable onoe * ^ 

m '*1< na! gqc.refortwetve ni«ctb» * W W 

■VP.,t „r ,.r . ••.< at a pro or.'n »teprtee. Din- 
i . . »n<* i: eci« r - -ne ertr* rnewn. 

•IOC Ml tabUthuent of the kind in the United PUter, ' "IS urr 

where ihe *.'G;BOTVl‘K, introdu. ed in new T, rk hv ! ch-nd'reaknd property . nrRr r Presi.ieat 

a.. Vr. e r .dy, is executed in a sty e of cerfect-o . and 4u- T . ft- BbttUB,rr«ia»i. 

••J * rathbty uii«nrpas»ed in this* or in Vurcpc *• “• Danf.irtli, Hecrstary. 

? itf ! ‘•"Trail* «f nil the candidate* !• r l*Ka3Il , KNT and DIBKfOkS. 

* . H . ICE PUKhlDEIT .ire ou exhibit «n atthia*r«ileiy. Wm.®.8noddy. Ch*. t>. Arntstriug, 

‘ ~ phot (ratdiic < pie* of the wm. sr ,• y orby the dia- j Jatres Rrldireford, H. A, Onaiesnil, 

“ 5 V w cwdrl.un red, dupwUed at low price.- David K. Young. JohaA.nun.ov. 

- V , , . M . B. BKADV. ; i xIl in* 

" i* uc H \ZLKToN & HRcn H- Farmers’ and Mechanics’ 

-■ — I’lAhO Forte v*»rrxciCR*as, 

'«m ' .umfi.' rupV- a -rL-, .*of f j re aud Murine IiisuruH?c (. 0 . 

* P .tno Forte*. In pivin nr i ornam.-: tal ca-et.frna b to 

iO M 'Id octave*. tt,. be*t muUritU, and proii'Unced by did* r’ o i't 

M fi i»i:,»u. .V i ar :-v* to be ur«urp*«‘ed Wii b“»<dd J Y*« ■ lltaUlIt 

. Dia- or. the tacst reago a' le terr «, Mid warranted io ■ tnnd , cavit 1 1. 430n,0W 

Do, do do, no do; | ue»s purpnr**, tna h ne shops re*idoore», lie , la the j 

Taney Linen Shirt*, assorted style*; ' tiiriving aud admiral, y -1 -otted town of 

Do Muslin do, new do; P vniflRinW 

Linen and il i-lic Shirt*. Lawn bc-Eoms; aMrUttlUM, 

Iio do Night Shi.-N, assorted; County of Pulaski and 3t»teof Iiitools— cornmeneing | 

Colls?*, Byron , square androunO point;. u Tl. K.-iDAY', July 15'.h, 155»>, and continuing fr •»» 

Do, Funding, do do: da* today. 

Do, Hi roi, a S aeding Linens, fancy ; i The L.,iid» owned by this Company, under irdispu- 

Sir s *rom IS to 19 irch necks. Large and sioaU men ■ ta'o.e titles, and proposed to he ottered for sale, are 
ran a>ws> » hud a nice set or 5L.rts i.t a-j, south* beautifully located on the Ohio rivrr. six mile- above 
ccrarr Main and Third streets. I it* juncii n with the Mississippi, on a h : gh,Muff » auk. 

JegO ‘ A. D. MANBflELP. 


-W b lk bhirts 6nd Dr iTers, assorted sisae; 

Merino do do, do; 

Li* e-Thread do do, do. 

All kind, of 8uu:uter Lndcrwcair *t 

it* juncii n with the Mississippi, on a h ! gh, bluff ' auk. i 
exempt from ove'flow at the h sheet -tages o( water, 
mi', attlie s tnetitae below all oWrucl.on* to nariga- ■ 
ti <o, whether from ire in w.nter or drought in sum 

Dink-, and VJ iyh»w on the Do»; by P F rr-ster. f «i n 

Emma Bartlett, or Pr-iudice and Fanaticism. j ei he 

Wit and W adorn; hv Sydney Ao.i*h. ! in st 

Mr*. St*'" ge'a 3port'n* Tour: >y Frank Fores rr. I may 

Can. Walk* r’a ExpeiiUon to Nicaragua: hy Ifn. V. I 


The Attache, or ;ui Slick in England. 

The Newcouies; hy rtm. M. lhar'-iertv. P. 

For gale sy 3 . ItfSiiOOLD, I visit 

JylO W Fourth liree:, near M*io. »h t 


For Sal«. 

r W’’ H E U NDERS lit N ED, ASHI«N- 

M ee* o Johnso**, Marti a 4k Co. offer Gr »»!* »** 
| L-*a»e, Fixtures, fee , of thn N »T1 »*».»!, ilOrEL. 
j • txated on the coruer u f F -urth »n*l Main s're^i*. 

| This Hotel 1* u-w and c rapletely f-roi-fis i. «nd has 

I an excellent ran of cu*t>n , a- <1 o* r nine years’ 
lease unexpired T-rar wiii be very l>nl. 

Any one desirous of a*, ins into rhi* business can 
gtio anv Inf m*?,o*» they may wriah by spplicst on to 

I ei he* of Uie a b> rsrgned, who »i l take great sirumrr 
iu ihowin* the house ao.i si. in? an. in formation they 
may desire- «Fi»n«F. *. M OUT, 

JAMK* BttintiKFOHD. 

K J. oaii - *:y, 

A»,ine*» of Johnson, Martin 4k Co. 

P 3. The hoa r is no* open f r the rveertlon of 
visitor*. »o*l will re, o sin so, uj'ler tbe in *n**euient of 
! th- tru*‘er*, until soul. jvlud'wi 

New 3 *ok3 

mer, having abunfai.t wat;r at It* landing for l:.e t 1 REEN PE AH, PICKED I ROM 
largest at all tiires. .. . "W the Pair!, of InvUlbl; Oroen. Rsc,. IUusCrmlwd : 

F is now in direct coar.rc.ion, four tim-** . r ,.,, 
uaily, with th s »r.*at lUiuo.s Centrai Railroad, eight j L *Ge \V*nd#rer— a Tale of LI Vt T . issitudes: by the 
mi.L * vwe l * t< rmitui, and -b re all aa rhor „f ‘ Tn- W*»ebman. ' I r'c *1 

mVnsFIB 1.D'8 mi.' * aroye i * t, rmitui, ar.J , I ve all embankments aori.rof 

F,,' ^ ,...* re e* ’ rf. rr in ciiRiilt OrJtra fro »n tl u country promptly at- I 

Trek.'*. • guaranteed give sntial 

,*w , ’ ri-»rcV'-. *>r mor*l y. are char*, d Viper l n it !•■> :o, the Piano ;„ay te r*-turt el to us, we > Hon. The*. B 

- *«• * D ' < ' V ’•>> 1 try ,0 *^ Be8t , Crrstal Palace. New Maud 

y > «* r - rSle#f*nf yearly ndrrrt' ^ort ••?*nct)y *;oi* 1 \ ^*rk. 1H&3, m Pri^e MHiI wwawiedto IIazlaToS *2 K. Penn MidJ 
r* . tiff iq 4 M *. /?•.!►* w r.ct qualitv **f i !.• .r & i.i * * ! («#*.-. re c 

• h . o -» Vr -t g.. e ^r- A , i*> net 20&stdere^ rr 1 - -.Mwcn tt c t* htoi ID toiisa, tour, equality - , 

It* Wj tmmhtf’ty tmnr, mn <1 : laced iu tf c ^ ^ 

T '* * \ «i Orniuitoaa AdrprtlMDg. j i 

lit: , thi s* f..r the sarrr.Lr quality r,f th* ir i'lann | (Jeorgc llelmt 
b, r '•-,*, whicn wt e t* st< d In tousti, tone, equality ■ ar.ii ! * 

uuraf’r/’tu of tune, and : laced 10 the highest g* vie by , Janie.*, E. Nea 

I* .rsi VESS NOTICES, t 

j 'J e following ,.!>'•*, **ei. *i*d artietie: William Nom,, , 
•■'h-irtnan or, viuaieal 1 i.sirutnrnts; Jull , n, V»x Ma- I 
retrek, W. H. Fry, R Willis, T. Lis'eldt.Z. Meigrtn. I ' s Ci/iic. Dwight, Jury oa Musi -a! lristruiaen s; 

nit, ei ’ » uirac, L’ai^ht, jury on siusi ai lnsu-uiaen 
‘1* .r<e F. fcrigtow, Pecrvtary cn Masiral Iustru ; 
meets. jelddkwly 

^ . Us r L. ,'t tin . 


|(). fv COURT PLACE, LOU1S- 

p siite, Ky. I* 521 ^ 

WTLIJAM hate. 


WaSvTitroet. bt-taccB Firs; an i recce 1, Louis 
|g. Ky. 

Lfe'BfeMBSf THOIU HlUl*. 

McCVsrpy A- Ii*r»«B, 


• Rea F.state Agents _ 

fDHK E\E AND EAH. DURINc a T F iiy ^ r miaTi i 

^ ir.y 1 . 1 # in Ejrop^, I oH^ined several nev j > i *1 1 1 Jil ^ I tl 

I. - tr u . . ntf «Dd Kemfdie* of iacalcalatle value in my From the first da>* of August to the thirty 

<M‘ SMiihileipliiii. 

| CAPITAL #30*1,00.) 

DIBKCT ’113. 

lion.Tboa. B lorencc, Fd»arl It. lleltnbold, 
ThcmasManii 5cld, Isaac Leech, jr , 

E.PennMidJ n, George II. Armstrong. 

Oeorge Helm) , i'. Carrol BrewtUr, 

Janie.*, E. Nea Char'csDii gee. 

liiDMAS B. * LOHKNCE,Pre»idf*nt. 
Eowxro R. Hxlmbolii, Secretary. 


IU*n. Joseph K. Chandler, H< n. John Eob v in», jr., 
Hon. William II Witte. 


tl U UM 

15 > i.aiT* V 

Now Opeu'ng 1 


SU . 

cY^iiuuu.'. j 

Curn.r *l I 

1 sktO.NP J? nxi* a 'f* 

LIKE other 

j s'd trest e work, by me ms of a brnnrh rai ro»,l thr» • 
luilesioug, the prope-ty of this association; whileioi 
ta! nr*'. .* ineiits, jc*t p-rf, c ed. give us two mails 
(aril wsy daily over tntje roa.'.,. 

The ^.Uva- tageou* sen high location of t’>>* place, 
| its xoce.sihii ;. H all ** a id ,nwu. hy land or S: 
,iv»r,p irt it i sit as fe wed cro-» n« p'seefor'.he 
Urge number of rui'r ■ * pro, oair.g i 

pa * throagli this great .*:,■»■ jf the Mi J 
intersecting and ,:r, ■•**.*.! g . a n < l.or at tfeis e *m- 
a< n ,;-nter of Ihe Unt'.n. In addition * > th ■ .Uvan- 
t ct*ef t e:e •ev«*r»t extendr i rail- a<i'i*-. up- 
wa: ■ o' — venty iive,s p..ur 'he w.te a of more •bar* 
thirty tf.Liis.nd m ies of navi^i't n past th , r t. 
Jr<* ing iur ubi> r*' i frf, >f the urns', fort 'Inil, 

Emr *11, t.. tt, or Prejudite and Ysnaticism: by an James Guthrie si„l others. 
.American 1* y. 

8«;» i ,or tne Sort by the au'hor cf “Sa'ad for the BA i vlRlUK IJ 
Solitary” Prce«IJ5 Oh, Louisville C ban 

uni fcr j w.e hv «hnte Um aadr?*’ 

Owrn'N Hotel Far ««le. 

Marshals Sale. 

3. A. Atchiaop. Arm'r of } 

W K.ttwen decevel, . In Char, **rr. 
agvnst ( No. lt,9#i. 


■ th* Louisville Chancery Court, rendered *n tho 

of ■», * known W'.rld. and po .ring * I their a .-a th of U»-«* * *‘i. » Uther-arly or Ute ,n the wdi »'• 

,f lurt* i,v i;,e • i * ,*f tne ».*h:o and Missis,' i pi ti * r» * at - l ■ f *u *1 -avar* , ai d to sr'.ac* oi the g nuine 
i t the half of Xexisc, and thence throu.:,. u; the "K trrow p*; ’ t roe **waL-ft 1 d po-ls make up t:.e 
sloho ■ u.easure. Puce •!. 

oUoe*. F,*. We, h>*. 3i.< and Fancy Dver.hpsre- | i-or.coa. marb e.cuy, stone, »n . timber, unsui 
I his Dying Estib.'ishmenito Fifth street. between •'T »oy ^- r ^ ‘- T . n o iM„v quaLt ty 


Every pos*i’ •• fa-il : ty f« r one of the larre*l c; »io ii- 
f 'Cturing towi.* n thi w* ri 1 ,* lUHn u- i eiv a he. d: 
i-on.coal mail, e. clay.s'one, an . !iml*er, unsarca.- e J 
by ,ioy ih-.r a- ti* u e .htr n o ialu, .auaLt ly, «.r va- 

ir F Fr ee «l J,. mW ths Louisville Chancery Court, rendered hi th* 

etved and for a«.e y »h,.ve * tu*e. Ibe unArrMgn*#. . r *ne vt oa, *iU, ua 

HHA3 D- KIR W, Mos t NW-r ICKeD »T,lIw k*h <ln> of Ja y. i»d. about the hour 

I tii * A )•., mi thd :'rc jp | ti» the Ht|Hr i t 

JU3t itaACy ! hilUirs #1 public AQctioa. Ixm im *! e Into oi *mkl 

r l U!E FAVORITE DIHH OF THF | *™fK&S*\**v 

* sei*^' — 'iREKV I'F\a — picked frctu the patch Furniture an I Sixiare*, a*d id »' e ,^r*« ras'e 

[, % »;*■'. Fs ; T i. • , , .:* , d.j ; * pre- of **' * ’ ‘wen ii ad about 'hr Owen’s fi* t l.o cr*d • 

J iu full c a fl'le nr*, shit th* pnbli * .ipprtite Will its of 4. ", an I 1J months ,f sold t •*» I if » hi 

>■ .ip-„»*u *d or «n aitiela Kt r suited to *hc in ia a . u - 1 - . cw-' ! **ral jfiu- ■•v*-i 

briber -ar)) or Ute in the se 4 *., n , will a'- S^lar.'iu ,ler S Jt>, a rr- (lit of 4 in* *ha. *; *1 r.e* 

I I' *ii *1 ,*' , ai.,| to *• . !S ;< oi the g* auinr . r***l ■ - „, 4 m t r ui ,;i'.h, W * • at - »• *r . on c « ' u 

row f:»t ” T;j,;q ''SsleSlkii' (0,-1* make op i:,e t f land “ oo.nths, th • le.uet. Id e*tit*no1ia pr,ve- 

ure. 1‘iice SI. mauls on th** t »o ».,c«s of gr u id front! g ou *«reen 

sale by f- A. CRUMP, | street. 3ai<i iexw*h**ld e-t J • wi 1 h-s rll *U jeet to all 

*1 Fourth stree*, near Maiket j fh* term* an* I covenaa'* o' rho Ivares U.e.‘, the p jr* 

— -■ ■ - — chasers '» pw> reM I .1 , . . 

'ANDARD IMPERIAL UUARTO Thop.r •h.v-er , r purchase-* sill a so he required to 

.. , ... ,K.« *,. SiVr b.,nd with apw /Ve*i secu ,ty, beariLg inter* st 

.t. 1 seated in full c.afld cm o shit th- publi • .>pp>tite *,5 
n >t te jp-»ru--*l oy an sniclu b*t er suited to the 

F* r sale by 

j ) 9 

F A. f RUMP, 
•I Fourth r.ree*, near Market 

iK AND aKD imperial uuakto 

T;*tat pr* miums for five ctniiths 


special: :y. I h re u n w othinyknoantothefa uitj fieuenih, r Iftii* 

I in eitb r heroi-pt.**re wi.h srhiet 1 am n* t far.ii.iar, xiecem r, inao. 

wliic* , •*ninin-,| wch an ex*er.-ive for gy Amountrertlved In Marine premiums 

*• ri .n l!w city of New Yor-*, enable- me to rest, r*- n* y ire do 

■ bltillT ai d H K xltlNG in many case* hitherto dremcl 

h i ie*s C -tar act positively curet by a ret method. TjU! pr* miums for five eonths 

ui.hout pain; e. so. rnumlirg or Cross Evesinaicw Csoiul 

*e n is. Amaurosis cured in t' e majority of* 

Gr -r.uiations. I leers,* or t’pe* *, a.ri Wat ry Eye. ! 

.jiarishiy; » .-o, ,etir>es8, din.irg in the Ea r t uno INTE°rBD A3 FOLLOW?: 

m- i.arve-.hy an entir-ty u w rrr,, e*s. My “T'ea'is* : . , 

•1 t * K> e f ' (price S ce.ts). *1,0 ARTIFli IsL j P J B*'*s Allegheny county, PlUr'urg, as 

* i is, wbichm teaad look exactly ii e ti:e natural | Philadelphia 6’* 

. ,-ye and are inserted without a’i oporati-n, and all | .. r. , . 

i i el eoi-s, mraar.le.l bt mail. Cotutitat one try Utter 1 F.vlroad Bonds, cost 

receive . . w-o<i/ attention. j Lems on first mortgage of real estate 

,i*r \V 0« r.LI., M. D .Oculist, Anrist.&C.. , r,„ , ; - r v* CaUmteni 

; JelfdWwIy UKcesioj Hjoadway.N. Y. Do stocks, UoUa.«ral ... 


*laddui A Smith, 

«*ENF,RAL commission and 

L - # Pnnr.irdine M**rc v snl«, ai*o uea 
. Doinert.- L. yuor*. t” Third screet. 
f.he Hirer, L *u «vii)e, Ky. 

,'rs‘n Foreign 
.eieesn - '*n 


liPiiF iintcr I'.nd sti Gutter. 


| Xo. jj 1 ’hini btrtt t, 

, t f LOCI 8 YILLP. KT. j 

Ko HN fecsswm. • MSCn’O kOHtTSO*. 


I TSA - -t'Olt l A’I no, AM, 

H(c;, tn boat Ageuls, 


MERC XX Ek X3* GS? S3 . 

r. urtli "t.. Nt». Lou'*v llt‘, Ky. 

ty (cents for Eastern and Northern Trauwp«it»ti®n 

my IS* don. 


si an 1 bekutiful art of omameating the simt-l-st 
AND j Glass Y i rsel to rtsemble the MSMT 1‘xifrrxo China, 
vt a tithe at tie coet, is creating Vi immense. acit>*m, nt 
I ■ : ► . - n air alike fuacinated with this 

1 • . V : dci'.btfu, • ccupa i*>n. A chaste and ei cant amuse- 
* : m> 1,1 f jT chil :r.n aLd school ebcourag't'g e tar: ■ for 

gr* ' rtn ny in t ,* uniimwiit of 

1 coi'TS. Tt,.* «no!e an -an re perfectly a quired in L%,f 
m • ou-. is k of iustraeti n, sepanuely, •!. B* xes 
c nt.inir.g two Vas a, Book, snet evtiy article re- 
' duirt i, 45— sent L} express 
)« CONTENT, NEARY 4c CO , Wholesale (Store, 

• JelOcfcwly fiOJ Broad w.iy, Y. 

Do stocks, Collateral 

Cash in Bank and on hand 

Caj ita sui scribed, psy ment notystdas.. 


V} h s new-styie Spring and Summer Giods, f*,r 
.- £ lFa-, comprising Duc.'>r and Mu-aon l.t y 

•it h tbe g ntiy i; ;ng an t heavily tiuibere I land*iu the Sorrowing pp., reel fr *r»si- piece, cloth, 7«e. 

: ■ rear, we claim that it has n riv-1. and tnat -l,e I Our Horn t r # Lxir* Dut;e*._Jt>y s atid Sor- 

On*»t A.vt-i v t of tno or.ift*»io; has xra-1«? few pUres so rows, joo \ p. # fr».*ntisi c orh: s>*. 
abouDwing ia allih. rc lUiSates for r Inr^e su l poywtou* J> * Hi^hTUSi > ii fc HWOLD 

lothemechanic.lL: merchant, the professional m*c, HEX'lOX*^ l.lCl.Yl YYOKK 


ty*T’ is Company effect insurance onhoustipar* 
rtHnently.or foralimlted tune; also, on ir.eichan iisc. 

Hu. portant Discovery to the Kr n.imi't — S.-r-eihing furniture, mills, manufactories, and vessels in pert, 

1: ur* I* N< a ! i— Ju.t ;iui>„rlc 1, “J : lU \ KN ’8 IN"f'«, ag&tntt LOsb BY FIRE. 

,‘it-.« FRfil'AM ATIoN." or t»v cLCaKlfe* RI D “ . , " . , . , m . *:• 

GlOVKb wif out t ie s gl.tcr<’ >MKLL. Rub a small As Agent of the shove Solvent Company , I am pre- ( u c ;v*-c:rd 
l*>rti*,n cn fit Glove, ar.,1 the dirt irsinuilv disappears; ) par*;, I to i*sue policies up-n most fan rable t-rais on jruriiinthe 

?? ranted' to^l^ffftv pair o*!to“n' Price Cents' j CM K°« in CPUril ‘ ® f H*«^i*sicn to or from any point 
Yiy it r**?<ore l'L> iu*c- All the a«t*u«i are presetted k itb | of tnrop€ or America, Belli of steaislobti Rtvigatiiif 
tb of rti botricto i»roTt its • , pcr*ai'>ii. Aicenu nr* ;oi*. ti, tt Western wHtrrs, ami a)l descriptieLB of rroi»crty 
wfntfd 01 -^ tU ■o*S™T^BAWfcCo”" r * bmldings against Isas or damage by fire, in town 

jelOdAly Wholesale btoiv.oOJ Broaaway. N. Y'. j and country . 

Ffc>H tT NEW YORK. D \ I LY HUnTs , AHl ° 8 "* wiU " e adjU “ ;t4 ,,u ' , prompMy ,ulUeJ 

JS, iSS 1 &%!£?£&, “JS •& *..»*«• «' tt* 

le.tcrs post ^y. id) to U*)3F3 b. BKACH, | Ot’.ice, Main street, south side, front rocm over C. I • 

1856. Spring. 1856. 


JB. are imperative. We nuit either keepupwitii 
th--n or lag behind. A good .pri* g and sumru* i trade 
I is expected ou every side, aud we have provioed for a 

i Justou-V’ irag-,, ts* jot*, d y of June, wa* the E. ! Ja,t f e ^« Te ' 1 * lJ p ur M ° i l i r >: ?^v lOlTWH^ree* 

inn :s. T ■■ i \ i *m me - 1 tnree 

| throaghou. the Union, a cap*tal < f over kl tO'),WU in piano P-rV*R* Plano fours' I 

cash arid lands, no debts beyond its fixed i.icotre, and | lr IADO x OIXBB . riano lOllCs. I 

I .1 in'i' Kt.ortr and acov- a ; l lixlgH y, yf lucre than i*r [nw PkH'I'-t 

!, <> ',0tki, in citab, ian:l*, ra’trna-l, t ep-*l, hotel Ac. 

1 it M the aim of the B. *rd of D r-ct;*rs to make Emj>o- *%v- J AM OFFERING 


I AM OFFERING .MY h/tlV ?i“h7ruTn f . ;1 * * 

. i 1 w**er ttx'.ir-*. ", ■ r— •» alw> . g J t»:c* *: - le 

■ ith ierv ui.’iutiTi. ov*. 

I’ Mei-ina riles Jtij Is, BM F<*rin' rBaiion.eaU 
at M. Fil,i>*n r « sto'te-yair), on F ,ar.n sir.- . hetw^-n 
Green an,l Wifast lir* 

For Rea*, 


a Kr i k*ore and Wa«*-.p t-rl t; y to 

j > * <14* UOTT RH S DL > AS 

FOX »AiO. 

Newport Steam Saw-Mill, 

New Lfesgs'aiT- steam -aw-aii), in Jei.ey Citj 
adjoining Paducah, Ky. 


*cr-j. *uit «b!e f r a host » »rl, and fr ntr f "h* 
Te:.rie ,** I iver. It i* 13? ie-t ens- ** • (-tl of 

. * - - t.f < ii . .■ , 

I bis n, 11 for « re g.n at, i eta. .* :y is no: surpass* • 

ru.s. MtcHfR... 

«M. (.Harm. - — 

bun f*ff * -. New York. 

j tiling den* tes the e»r!y and complete su-eesi of the \ ve*y U-ge. tcge'htr vs it ii every arte’e be- 

undevuuting. I a&wil 110 "* r Foe ,se whole- 

Sor.o «* and churches, park * and pufcl.c;, have saie or retail -tl*- t r .— cy 

been amply p- vided for; and in th** arrar g m-nt of i 1». P. f 1 1 bl>? ?IS Miir str-e*. 

the rla: * of the Asxocia iou, tn ey • ha* r*«r: n *1 to all j Jetil l-etw-en 3. con , act Ihir 1. 

possR !•* itu.r<:vem"*.t» i: I ii >: > Ut tr • ' - #« , j — — 

so a* to unite l!i“ uhlc rum ditlee it, ** great a ,1-gr-e as p.?y SOolC3. 

! p ssibl**. All tl: • :ct* u.oin the ou’ *i le of me * luaree 

y.'i 4 'feet front l>* IA. fe-i deep; I u in the center ol T aMIF, E \ RN FST M W-A SKETCH 
*1 fit? ^ ,0 * ktt 4e * i ’» Wr * £|eJ a of th- Charter a d Labor* . f Adoniram Jad* 

Ti'ieV-n* itf pivmel.t and ccndiV.ons of s*.le have ! s •p;!? t ^ l H ,L ’ r ^ T r \ t r V ^ t f thVaVejt WeU.nVsfc 

he-., made very favorable, so a* to come Within the K^brerti^ “ ' 

in.-G.'. :^r**« .ti .,.*i , Wit a o*| W ,* I n of the R.v. Sydney Smith, wi.h 

lie Lurtctors :nti,e all to c. use and exarntn- for i i a k- p..., . 

themselves, teeiing assured that .one will so disup- '‘iog'iphicfel Memri. and .V,.es, hr Avert A Doye* 

f PH ( HER k HaU SER, 

Attorneys a I ^ a w. 1 


tLT or S xth and Juffersos strt«.u, Lou.svilie, Ky. 
tpS I ’m 


AKCH! T AND ii, 

Sr-*d Wuisutard ChfcMn*»t,Lcui*,vi’ile,Ky. j 


, % M 


io** *iOa ; d.ii r * rf r * ery detcniiuoii mlu otj *r ct j 

nbrn«*^s rufer itbcvr. JaM.- 'm 

Atchieoii & &mith, 

attorneys at law, 

Eo 3 Court Place, 


— - *'r — — - - is feinply tested -.reauy. »e navein.-a to surpass our- i y*r is urr now in iu,i ::ae or operation, w* n wuto ibt 

i,v me. se it is spring; and, ng iuily convinced f ocr | ahead of their means to supply, taw mills, machine 

Tiie , Htro-aae cf the nuidie is respectfully solicited, i iu:c-«,.*e - •'*• » *> f * ri - ie.-isiou of the : fading acd „ih r a*, ps a.e in cour-c of ere.'tion, an 1 eve.-y- 
lueiHtronage ci me puone is r special. y out. coc ,munity. LlCIiiLN, LiiiV, K.NTUAI. & co.. thing derates the e.rly tnd coaplde success of the 
0 n street, south Md-, front re m overt. I. | J eW * Corner >.( Fifth and Main streets. undertaking. 

A A. V. Dupont’s, Vtw,sn Fourth and Fifth, entrance — Sor.o :* and churches, parks and public *, have 

same asto Uarris Si Co.’s Daguerrian Gallery. The GrC't clothiug Hot,# of 

toya H. H TIMBHRLARE. Agent. Kjnn/\|TT L' I- 11 A VI»r\riT T U P*j*-t‘ le iti,Toveoi***.ts tn lav mg cut streets. lots, to , 



Monarch I ire Insurance Co. , | 7io. 497, Cor. of J Hhiii mid I’onrlh Ms., 


*_* / posited InNew York. . ... .. . . , i of Springand R bsumi C lothing fead OentfaMa’i 

¥ urn:sh;iig uuous. 


Y"U- is ve-y Iirg**. tege*htr with every xrue’e be- 
j-SXKlo-git.g to the Music trade. Fur .s-eihok- 
JJ 1 a sole cr retail at i,>* pr e-t*y 

D. F. f 41 L,I»S street. 

Je-t lets en dr, . *• *i I'hi r.i. 

N'.vv Books. 

| Lesser promptly •.dJuste.YandpfeiC.fflthoatrefereoes 

! to London. .... 

ppKVttiAT Iasuronoeagoinstloesby Fire onbuild njis and cot 

tukiWaO) £. 0 J. I teats. W. KIDDLE. Agent, 

■ •TVWV 1Y • Vl'VUi IDT \1 a v it i Officcsecondst iry NewcomhTebaildlng, northweatocr 
E J r .' iv. I ' ' " 1M ' Mt I , ,il A A I - -> -r ii;, n and ii ullil* street* K_tr»nc( on Mair 

>* ■ fa-tnrer vr.d Dealerla QOODY’EAR ’8 PATENT *t-, et. nr!3 

MKTAL1C RUBBER Gric<D.*=. h ;; . tvn.oved his busi 1 

nt.*» b< No- •' * Hr :,dnay, New Yor*-, where he will " rxitiuV !>*(• fi BktlFfl AfD f !gk. „ 

h-i.e iacr*.*:ised fad*. tie- for making and *r lli g »*very i r ****» • % Ilia i Jc . life <R .. v , 

variety ol cods i- hi, line. liuye.s wi!l nnd it tbeir y v,*iy> l? TflF NORTH HUM 

rn st .t„ give hi * x call before purchasing eb-srhwe I R * r p u -' ii,r ’ JXVai n OiLJ 

i)v -r i- •- i.*’:.' ui.-i,.i»,,l oi,*l .'heap Km ' ,-th * t *lsjn stree? . cstweer Third and Four.h.*. rr 

- a- known a* th.* **L* * n lion ti.xr the Tohac.-o 
Warehouses fh.t ecn.rr .« ten - .- a', auu itslceot*. a 
well odap e 1 for t who’-sale or retail I of any 
kind, it is W rth 1 • king xft,r, «* it w,U te nUk w 
and -n easy terms— thr owner d «i tag to #r w,.t>c 
itt-rtfipir- ln-iuu*,-iiik* v^ronei apjfedvwtf 

1,000 Building Lots 

FOIL 8J5.L3 

In Prair c City, Kansas, 

AT T3E LOvY r.41’£-4 0F FROM 


liue Mack, tlue, brown, and olive DrtSi and Frock xxrms *i»n COMiniosa cr Sal*.— 0-e fotrrth cs h iu 
,,u T4 hard; cue ba an re in thie* eijual annual instalments, 

bearing s.x per cent intere t p.rr.nnom, ir* m Cay of 
Black Do* skin Cas.iniere rants; superfine fancy C*'- *. K-. A certificate cf tun-! **e,exeeuu-*t on the d»y of 

irt , F»r* y jri, let. -f,. 


IR Re. ilrms, V\rwt, Mid unimproved Lands for 
al *. or xcha- ge f-r c'ty r r !'• tty 
T irr pxt the highest market pr.ces fer Lan a M- 

— - nvk4 otf 

Ifcnry WelH*r ? 



Eobineou’s Patent Gridiron ' 


S T 1 8 \ W ELL-K N ( )W N F A CT 

that n eet breihd is murh tn .- re pal stable. teod**r, i 
**.r*l lu a’' hful tl an wh* n frhd. All sliced ru-sts ought I 
i tohe* broil'd The new Gtidiron is ns orvenient »srhe | 
i*i!:i Par . and muc* mure erom mical. Having a ] 
1 , a** ward dn.ugKt, ,t takes nil the sraoke aid ga* up I 
: the chii-re* , c.,..k» (h~ me. t il.rugU ,c ts own jui -e* | 
w-ihout burr ,r.g it, saves all the fat, tedures meat hili* ! 
j Poll oi per cent., and can he useu over a wood or coal I 

ILestorecf D. 3. Benedict. 

U-Uartwreu Capitol, .... SUiO.CKr; 

Pa i In smd secured, .... Iwjd 

This Company being nowtrgkElted, trill make icsu 
tare* on ’t-ji’.s of Ft tambootM, on t’orgoeo be same. by 

v-iSLU«tseu,and ty tlicosua) modes ofih.and tranf 
partaUou; and vloo on Building; . .t *., ognir*. lo«» o> 
{image by lire. D. 3. BENEDICT, President, 

i Wa. PkxVKtl, Secretary. 


Ben j.J. Adam «, A. A .Gordon, 

Tb-itnaf K. Wilson, W tllisro T. Bartl-Ti 

T). ft.ltenodlrt . Irlldlf 

a of th- Character a d Labor* < f A, It.iraa .lud- ! T n ’Prair'fx n»t*T Tf-»r.a-»u 

sen. first miSli.-nary t*> Dura 1. by Mrs. I* C- Coran: * u AA*»14-L> Yglfcy, Xk U.Ot3, 

The Bt 't»s and Terri.orie* cf the Great West in D'sb, I invrirrjnD 

with maps, t;.; by Jacob Ferris. AT T3I LOW R4U4 0I FROM 

wit » I W ,- : n of the K* v. Sydney Smith, wi.h e, g rw-gw w- — ,, i, ■ garw* 

Hlog'Sphieal item.l, and Notes; hy Evert A Duye- M w I. 4» m L l\ I. a* A 

Fo* m*: by Richard Chencvix French. pk .URlK L^l \ , 8111’ ATFD OX 

Margaret Marti- oil, «.f bur ny Side; b 7 Mrs. Oly- ] JL th *re»t r* n*a )e Rea.t, sr*. t-4vs mdea want 

pliant, author of “Zvide-?. ’ sMbs U is# >uri river, b-tt. et, Li<i<ff y»,.rg*»s.o- 

The F t: a< of tl • I unity. In a saries of lec’.aras; . . , c t e. - . . 

bysamuel D.casou, X. D- „ .. : it\ . in ;ii* teuter«>f «i r.s v> it ti of the ■ t fe t;« 

The lUrstrotad Mkuner* B'oi— a Manugl of Good Loi.d in Ka.»»i Fr* m .h- .r. . r • . . v .** • 

Linen, and Lir, =n Besom Shirts, from the largest to the shall be reloaseo fr.m the ii t*.*r-*« up u to* \ uic'^.»e 
»iu idlest sixes ] more of sail lot, ant ’*e emii.ed i<> an »•: lit. t-al 

,'MniuiiiiPTa ivtin.iirrso »bilen*»r.t of ten p-.r cent, on the princip i! 'hereof: or, 

L.vDLKSDLRTS A 2 ' 0 Dlt.VW 4.US. i, , U1 t U p,, a j u mo manner -f r-sx.e, wiri in n-h.eei, 

EilV, Merino, Catheter , Lisle Thread, Cottou and I,in- months from •.* . of t al . hen su.*L purchas r shall fie 
ei, Undo: shirts and Draweis. r*. e ,**d from all interest api u the pereoass money 

GLOYES. tb*rtfor 

. i to.- lurthtr infera tion. mars p an», Ac., apply to 

K,d, Silk, and !,i-.«i l read «*loves; etock Cravats: t ), 3 . rc taiv, a: Hound City . Pu. oak. eouiuy, Dli**oi«, 
To.*. Pocket ii ,t*. Ikerditefs dospcrulets; Umbrellas, | or tJ if,,- Coi*.p'.nr » Enoch Office, No.oT Third 
at.ii Carpet Bug., tor jals^iow at | 4 > r . ^{. Cincinnati * 

Franklin Insurance Company, — 


Tits: pocket II .ndkerchiefs- Sesperulets; CmbreBaa 

at.ii Carpet Bug., for jal ; u,w at 

my! d«.f 8 PROC-UA 1 JIANDEY ILLE’S. 

A F U L L ASSOR j MKNT OF i Cl of £. u. E. & M. Cc— EaporluD, Pattski j 

css Hats, of the nu*?t qnalitv and latest fash- coaut >'. IBuiuis- r>T a onTiio J 

1 , tor to day’s sale* *.t Four Dollars BGARD OF DlRLcTOBa. 

• as. u WO.jD # 4»I Mbrnetitreet. jj. u. ijicuSv?* Co^iDktoiiy K.y.; M. M. Rawlinifs, 

Thrvc doors Irohi Fourlh,f*ou:h liile. 31 , uu d c ik> , J.h.; •> W Ovcbr^p, LexinirtdP* Ky.; 
— — - ■ — — - John i’&ry«D» Liberty* IdcI-; Dkr.iei After, I*a ( a 0 li 

SOFT OR BUSINF.SS HATS, ^S’li-uiiB-. k; “ ile> BHro,tcwa *i^d ; a t ^*r U - 

in Mar'. . l*r*;wa, r.laret, pe.ul, and white, for ■ 

man and boy*, atexcs.ej.ngl> low pri-e- ; Baxit:V and Wheat. 



1 ST RECEIVED. ANOIHKRI ■ PHICE for gno*i Bariev aud Wheat when the tuar- 
mlv nf Htrax (la ,1s of ev»rv descrintian. for ketopens. [jyJdAw.mJ J J. fe.tiCA .Fii. 

By order of the Board of Direct* rs : 

11 HAXNKR, President. 

] J. Griswold, S-cretsry. 

'T ce for the round )' inches diameter.... 




S* by 

1 4 iachtj 





1 - inch** 




b l*V 

U* iT.rht j« 


d • 



Jt itch* s 

rfePFiri 1 ’ PilRNFR OF XI \1\ T AND g-ACnss flats, of »h* fin-t qnalitv and latest 

£1. r 'LLUm.YLH yJi M V A ^^ion.tortodjv’ssale* atrou-R DOLhx- s 

w ** B.iUitt streets, second Story, Newcomb’s Building* I -as. r WO- D.4»l Market atrw 

„ ,, . , This O’impaiiv continucsto make Insurance asr.iust 
•i (d , tl * perils of naogntirn on ships, steamboats, and their 
* cargoes; al.<o, ivai^ft „si bv t reon vessels andstciu, 
Z 1* i bo.its ( .'Ui'eiiii*' and in iMiriJ, std houiesand contents 
1 ASRxHxM Dns.B c’y • J4 S.THaBU’>’,, Pres't. 
Y'‘\ DlRSCTohe. 

,np William Gay, William Garvin. 

. . ' J - me* K. Breed, John W . Anderson, 

I James 3- Lithsow, William Hughes, 

, *» I James R. Wilder, Lawrence llicliardsoa. 

lor ‘l mritd&wdm 

We will send by express. ^»ret>.*id, one or mere of 
T V,- ti uiTll ' these si»es to any port of tbe United Bt te*, east of thr , 

■t F j * NCi, H'lKr.l'i AG, ii- Vis«i*sippi (or not tar west of it), on receipt of the 

> l>ra» ine, and Leeching. Mrs- ilcbRT W ssra wiU price. 

5 e at sl! t :n s rea- v t ft .i: cn ladies. ap 2 r,llr Mon ey pay be sent by tna.',“registeted’ > a* ncrnsK. | 

- - I tjy- Agents wanted n 

. _ .. | in t*>eUn,ou. Circnlrtrs with fuii description sci.t or. 

C Ttrter X | appli otion. Addres* 


f JhliK. WARDING AND GENERAL apjbd&wllia W Duane »t,-;et, New York. 

Ct i w e- e*j Merchant*. Loulsvi le, Ky. We, tbe I 

i tv. ? r CKaisiADor.o’s h ie-dye 

2 s.Wh 2 d r ; » still t riumphant i 

Mtween Ms o s t d U I v«. CaRTFB> ef 1 O N T R \ 8 T T H F. TINT 8 

r r. i-v le.Oct. I. lh*S. Yt . H. J OUKTT. brought cut in the h*ir by Christad-ro’smatnhless 

■ijs. r* WO, D.4i! )! a rae'. street. 
Three doors from Fourth, south side. 

man and bcj», atcaciej.nglv low pr;-'", 



ui**o* 4 *«ox*v v ^ " *** Dissolution. 


t O N T U \ S T THF TINTS! *> TRlOUisth sdav dissolve I hy crtusl consent, 
J hr*. ugh; utin l . sirbyChr 1 stad->m»ma *.hless W.O Caruth etiring. Tie business a ill be seille-l by 


supply of F'ra.v Gn tl* of er»ry dcscripti-'n. for , ketopen 
men, boy , Misses, cbildreu, and infants, at prices 
i h h'ch ca;*not fail to p’exte. ’feUOWD 

bilk aud Beaver Hats made to order. g-* 

j A3- J. WOUD, 451 Market street, 
mylO T!i:cedoorsat<ve Fourth, south side, i 

...j. *. raic m.. 

fieri PHILS, 

c^nts. [je XJ M : >RT S 4. UKlbWOtD. 

NEW MU81C, .1 U 8 T 

PYBLlffllED - 

C - ;* Tl.- N -tiotia! r-ertoenti ■ C over. Mo: 

V .. > -wlcpixa. N .t.onil I*-aicerolic Couvsn 
v i n Mar h. 

Bosv Folia. Union Polka, 

sioral BlrttT* w ,,.|ue* 

htai Spangled B win***— 3»-g and Quiirtetts- 
I’m T nine and o ly Thine— over th .* lett. 

Bright f nr of the Morn— beautiful Song. 

lsrk Cavatina; y ilatton. 

Matnuiotiy *’ ika. 

Rai ubow Polonaise; ly K W (i. 

Piano Manufoctur-r*. 
Ely Warero-.m — Ug Fourth -t jeS 

ParlorG rautl audSqnnre P.anr* Fortes. 


*J ; t4s;S;^L’.*.; tne-i*. of the above io«truinents now on 
i i f>\ 5 h baud and for sale at low price* by 
' * w * - C J. Kt *T, Xo.t>7Th rd ut. 

N. B. Second hand Pianos taken in exchange for 
D *. *r . ap14 

Fine Vlcllna, Guitais, Ac. 


KMtt % large lot of Violins* of safari of 


of i 9 lrcviur. ,w rfi l L- r r»i.i 

,er at'* r . l oh ii*. u f . . 


, >;emi€o v t* i . f.X k** 

' rhre-j Vnl ro Ll- wh*» h j »«« « 
con’ ci t:s.< mI t f »* ii »'»!— U*< u 

j ii Uie ft*.. I !•» * JUkvft a vi 

I :ir to ir* Di* 

ptt :« wver (roii xi- 


i d « r. colzjc l#g ^ i; • 

:»•»: of i. re, > c 

ti rt8): V w.l 

• . • 

•r tkiy *rt<o*. o' *nn 

• - * a rK10u,tu whun ill tnone > 8 matt t>c pmii 

pvZ r# * w . „ . \ cpiki* t or >.f ^nrtiir^: Lai’’s<»r Id trri> m* J ^ >«•». j who RilipA> Aiiindti^dneatof firm. 

. — • You ee* v oacc ihxt :* t color it natural Id on . - ” • J • ; A J L 

HI 12 FSiX’II . IR'IiDOCK A CO,. ai ther, fend tbe simple r is, ,*?• 

.ni .VLSKilL, Jfil'KDOlk Ar CO., 



Cotiktniftsion Hfrchants. 


L> ^ot,sl«i*uienu t** the ahove houses by 
• d 2i DUMtsNlL, BELL te CO ,R>‘ Main *t. 

that Chi is a.-ioru’s is tfie **kly pr-paidion winch, hy it* 
exact ch-mlcal co ubinatiot, op iate- on natural and | 
immu'mole t nneipies Mad* -sold, and applied (in ten 

r r VKte ronrat) »• Chri'tafloro’s.b A«tor Hnos , Broad- f'rrrrarti'if.rchin 

way, New York. Also, for sale !*j tbe principal Drug C/Opat bnerEUip. 

sit* and Perfumers il^ucUouttne (muntrv. (s H H. MOSS AND H. C. TRIGG 

n ^ ork Amenta— W. il. Cory & Co.i VVard, Close K S m ^ .. . 

ikJL# have this d«jr firicei ft copartnership ander 
L uitville Aeent— Mrs. O. Nicholas, Fourth street. ! tl.e style of MOPS te TBHJ’J, and will cjninuethe 
ap* dtewltlni , wbole.-'iie Hardware Business attheo'drtandufLa- 

_ ' ’ ru.ii, M, as te Tfigi, 4 rd north side of Main s'r-et, op- 

- - ; j . , lintel. 

Hide, Oil, and Leather Store. I jyFdfetewl li. o . trigg 

jf § KIRKPATRICK &c SONS, 21 Ccpartrier&tiip. 

■ J'W South Third st. fitwetn Markctand Chestnut p; TtlYF. 'PHIS In T riKFX MR 


Louisville, July 1st, ltit— jy9 dfite * 1 


koS MAIN S1KKI-.T, t bouth Third »t., between Market and Chestnut 

. /- r v t c p- ii » v r u’ v n *3 v streets, Philadelphia, Lav- forsait^. i.ish UtJet.dry 
AGENTS F K NEW Y U ii K I k r - gneT: , a it e i p att ,» Kips, T4Vr*’0il, Tanner*’ 

- . r. i and Curriort Tools, at the lowest jmces and upon the 

Steam Suffa .1 -Kenning’ comp y. ' ne«t t*rm«. 

w ° ox An kind, of Deatherm thorough wanted. for which 

®y* Its hieherf market cricc will be e> ven inoash.crtaken 

. 1 Nt tice. 

nOBERT U 8 HER, HAVING RF- ' . ri ... 

!’ ! movtd from Ids old stand, on Mar'-et street, to : JOSEPil filtlr Fill!, 

’ ; ‘.he upp-r part of Ma u street, opposite Mr. Maxc>’a ! UtroitTife o* 

t.lloor house, >s now ready with his u-ual supplv of . . 

I si*ioed I'.uunds if t <eef, B of in bbls and liaB-hi, s, tarn- 6 rtv**" *knH J* l^niTliy Tfli'Vtl ’ 1 

1 ny Mess Bee', sugor-rur-d line l Be < Ox T**f guts. * U 0-^.1 Law -tUv • T. lwL'UtC AiiLttJ 
i and ail oil er things In hi* tine prep reJ by him. vu-vrO! v-i * i.r 4ViY UFTAT1. 

1 < rlers direct- to Mrs- r*. Shotweilte 3on, Wallace W.lUIafcSAIaL AJhi) lvblAlL, 

■ Pope te Cn.. or through the po-t office, will be immedi- ?i't\ Streti.nenr Mein. Louisville, te’f 

ately attended to and delivered free of charge in the J _ „ „ . .... 

t icj;/ _j« 5 _ ^ ■in iinn leave to 

n , . , ^HfijHBS33Kriuf'>rDmerchfenfs,gunstaithv,and 

1 /aSa Advances e-.r.ers,that helms now on ban , 

, .... and l* constantly re-eiving. direct 

\I)E ON CONSIGNMENTS TO* fro.Cithe manufacturers In Bog-, Murdock te Co., *3 Water street. New ; !.-nd, Knallsil doable and single dhnt-Guns.of allou.l 
DU ME? ML, BULL te CO., 1 itiet. vises, and prices; UcvDlvers and P.sto.a of a.l 
Main street. ; kind*: Rifle Barrels, Gun Loc- s.Double Tr.ggers, and 

Ctowdv* ‘terry X f’o., ■ -*the v.*r,* i* rS e i«t «f Violin., of sap**t 

tone anl finish: G *'.irs. Hut-*. Flutinaa, Aeeor-h 
> MPORTER 8 AND WHOLES ALE *> .. String*, new Music, and Mus eai Merchandi* 
* D-ulers in Staple aud Fancy Dry Good*. No. 43t m*y Be* “tidat -1 ■ Music 3t*.r- o» g7Tj)i r «t 
*: ain stroet. between Fifth and feixth aafdtewt A *_ 

Cash advances 


lli Murdock te Co., *3 Water street. New 



John 68 . II owe 

a All kinds of Deathenn theroufh wanted. for which 

| the higher', market price willbegivecinuaih.ortaket 

_ __ . , , tr -xcnannefor aides. 

TO® Fekt ! Tee Very Betitl! Leathei -tored free of eharge and *ol(l on corn mil* 

M any persons who have 

. tr.i the -riel- f r -ale by other*, sr.d beet ffX\TRA FLOUR A IT ^\R- 
ili-ai r 'ioleU .t. , exp, »n,mi. '»»»<! *t .dlyas L V . ^ 1 ’ . , , 

Irted th-t J Cn.indon,'.- iUteUior Lu/uid Uau-Dvt re.s Mehaffey s extra, ju«t reee.vel o -d fnr sale 

w arToub the be-t p p., atio: lor . ng i e hair, by fj afl I H. rKR Gl>G> te tiOS 

out that t'et ,tx which'* r- been so rre:'J> lauded 
oesr no comp ris* what* verto his. 

t r ia id -r.)’* Lx rlsior Li iU:d Hair-Dye will inva- , 
_ h \ i.erf ra what it j,o*'*i-es * hich no oUier D) e» 

.... .B.C. HORD J.r.wc; Lilt 


C0ilffi!nie2* ft* JOBE PH *F.RNE intapartnerskio. Thestyleof fc^IGN, HOUSE AND FANCY PAIN* 
sandupootbe the firm UJuUN KICTS te Cv. muviirT- ter. Imitator rf all kind* of Wood and Marble. 

_jyj J mil KtTTg. ; Mixed Pa.nts. Gla*s. Putty, tec .fersaie. 

nted. for which ! Terms made to suit customers, both as to rates ano 

c cash. cr rater L^OpfirUiersillp. { ti;>.e» of payment. 

~ VT |- tt » v v iwki ici t TPD WITH I Cf*fls.ifa Green street, first door east of Fourth. 
atpunlt- Y*TE HAY E AB8ULIA I ED YM 1 H Louisvii;** fe^dinstf 

^Bfiv Vw u* u : RauglAan, our | - 

k vi Tvr- ! To Builders. 


• u * “ B •’ Loaiar'il-. June 2\ l*5fe. jyl -v U vit»* prrpo nls tn A ef with Shingles or Metal, 

— -- -- — — ' the isige bufi iur men‘Iy burned at the Hirrodsbnri 

•’ Dissolution of Copartnership. | 

f rft ord undtr the 3 } e ot PRATI! 'dR, SM1T if te LO. 

P It v T n K ‘t i SMITH, 

Louisville, June 8 11 , i*6R. jy 1 

— every '.rticle suitable for gunsmiths, sportrug Apparo- 
i tua. s ; ‘.ch s* Game 3 a*s. 3 hot Belts. s.aslc»,l.** anttii, 
' Rods, and Hunting Knives: a!*o, a large stock of R.* 

t I ff*sol my o**n manufacture and warranted; Fishing 
I- | r*-k> and ) i-hins Apparatus of every lescnnoon; all 
9 * *»* i* >• I wit 1, ell *' eastern priees serial - I » 

to LOST, 

l. jfsYTHE 10 TH OF JUNE, F.1THFR 

[_ w V in Loui«viile or between the city and M -Daniel’s 

— I Toll gate, on Uie Oakland Plankroad, ope BOX GtH)l»8- 

I m irke^S L. Mcrtr*!., Erl&fiethtoun. Kr ; : weight vi 

G ilOC EK l E>, &C. 

^Ol).\ A>H. 75 CASKS SODA 

A*b, **> p-r cent., for soaptrak-r*’ n»e, f *r sale by 


VR 1*00 i og* 11 io Coffee; 

leu hog* L.-.guayra and Java Coffee; 
so » hd* Rcflee'l and C.antied ®uew: 
t*>* bbis Pun*. Crushed acd Pulverised ?agar; 
l. ; . ! S 'Morhoil.e Molasses; 

If*) rfils Go| « n sirup; 

*'• hlf-'bl* do d >• 

>0 liyls Nos l and 3 Mackerel; 
io hlt-bbU No :t do; in »t **e and for sVe by 
jy S G A L L 4 BUB li k Cifi, M sin s t. _ 


50' pieces hand-loom B-gging; 

100 rt* iI. machine ai d fi u on Bope; 

35 bundle* Jean* and Linsey ; 

I tic *• Ira raon • t -.enu r a. i ur.t :n» 

pu e wver gu.-aiug froia *-*!ie>;h it-sariuer— U 
heUlhlulJi . uf th liia.t* — ll « Ml* , r .i. . st 
i I : re* ,tio Mpe.ra ,* o* th- -ur. u *.. g c>*u r 
e. h hi*!, r - Iiug ye iit h, i tersu r:e«l *it groves * 

| diff.rvct kti il* . fa. l> r. and :h- i::>.r*l priueipi-.-. up. 

which this city Iu* be n fuiiu .e , it I* Uesbn d to b 
I com* on-oftti- I j*»-«’. an.i iu xt n.p rt nt otua«rc:al 
iniaotl ci' e* iu trie W e-; 

I |feiu;t>s--i. fi, President; Cl.a* Cain, Vi 
I Prts.den ; .4 Slaughter, Steve ary; h. Kn-ef.l. J* 

I sistent de reUry; a. lirisvak-er. Trca.u .r; J. . 

I • rt. %*i *or- 

1 saws-* h. ha.f e «h an ' ths hu. xncu ia v x m >n' ut 

, Bclgftnces: ’’ t’l.BMONS % C*'SIDAY. 

J . «; v Frth >t.- *. 

i A ppiy to R- hert Storey . Keai . »e*i«. •-•* ra- r of 

V fl‘i aL'd . eu ' Sua Stf.. vher* U. e Map ^l ’? s c’ty 
t sc., may be sees. jy.fkloi 

land for Sale. 


«lrtu imi of go<> \ MK %DO^ L AND, wrh « 
mite of the V «*u.$y ile urul Nwt .viilf r* 
wiA * r o«<i * Le r « le* Ih 3 •* .»■ »i u 10 

bnj ftafl cftli lad Kt Hi<*. ^ M 8. TllUJlfilOl* 

JecD*itf igsri for C. lUy K » iu§. 

Fo' Heat. 


street, near Main. )*>1 d f 

Flouring Mill for Sale. 


. m. rac'ty t) uu«e shout Jfty ba*rel* flour per dsy 



3b boles Coed e Wick; for sale *»y 


pound*; said to* wa* *ec ivedof J. B. V. ilder te Bro. 
Any t-trs. n fi* di* g sai l box wiil be hanJsomelv re- 
e*rd.d on returning it to J. IS. Wilder te **ro.,at the 


-V ffl vite* prrpo nls tn R of with Shingles or Metal, ... gour-mi'e House. 

tli- isige bud in* ret en’ly burned at the ll.irrodsbi'ra L |«i*5tewtf J 9 SMALLWOOD. 

t'nitary Asyl .m— the **rrk to b; comrlel-d hetcre fall. *e . «*“_ 

Hid must be sddreixed to him, ai Hatrodsbur*, where ft, nf\r\ v 1 * tvr a T> Th 

tlie W'irk required to he dorr can tie ex -mined. The }j>tjUU JR Xj YV iA CkXJ. 

■' »c tvpwned ow tlw> Wfh of July . JdWdflv RUN A WAT FROM THE 8 UB- 

it'O half chests Gunpowder Tea; 

1T5 b'ses do do; 

3t c.a !di-s co do; 

I J' half-chests Oolong do: 

38 do PouchoDg do; fnr *»I- cheap by 

I m. pac'ty to m.ise shout if ly ba.**r.|* flour pn dsy 
; ; .j*tel in a Due wheat i.- .h- rh^uil, l* cSered fur 
I r tcriu te 

my? HI* * K- te ko w, H wgl,t. 

For Beat. 


JJU Bo ta f r rest * n Frurth «tr rt, opp-sitv N* 

1 Jffa^kticaai Uoie.. App) to S. klNfi.iOUi, 

| j*T «» Fourth sircet, near .M i*.n 

FOR bA(;C. 


, Dt 4 Y and llaRNEfl 

anJ a tawhoru* CAh 

and will take hull the value of the f ray ia Cray we. 
jri J.» «N K Mel fi V > I N te * J> 

For dale. 


acr •*. lymi aeixr U..hbs's Depot, oa tn* Lot •• 

nil- and Kr.xnafort Railroad. For oa.-ticular »t .*ij .1 
MoCR.WlCK? h CO..« r to 
*-•/!« C M BJEUSWITH cathrereu: »*• 

_ •(? w” ^ YRCY* 1 « vears ^ iffi'towr color: neV.r «* » v*-» hhii* waits reanev canny »■*»; 

► N OF jDi 6 feetliigb : weighs &l: shrewd siwfseasib e; stunt 1 3 '* J V i V-c t'^ug m * n-1 D ‘ Cru, ‘‘ ed 42(1 

and sthktic. When la«b«^ Dorn h^was^min* for York a.'.d Baltimore do do; 

'jW«mY^^.¥41S8?vA*5SS; le. 1 •» ' A-blflW BCCBxa.H a CO. 

- # masonic kegIlia AND 1'U K hS island salt, im 

,-ui _ 7 . . a tacks for sale by 

North 6id«.Taffergco,b«‘ Third and Fount stJ., 

iiOUlclY’ILLE, KY., 


Straw Hats; 

.jo. ractured and sold by 

Francis McnARRY, 
(Foraerly J. Ilulo.e te Co.), 
ipJa Main stree'. between Eighth and Ninth 


J 1150 bars Rio Coffee; 

8 K> bogs L-gusyra do, A T(o. 1 article; 

1S5B J V. W. SMITH, 

- e8 °— — ' v - w -— — Koval Havana Lottery. 


IRYHE NOMINAL PAR TNERSH1P | m jng of the Poyal Havana Littery, cjndueled i 

■L existing between the undersigned, under the oy the 8pan ; sli Government, under th- supervision •< 
style of FELIX WOOD 1: HOM, Paper Ilargers.wus the Cartain General of Cuha,«i!l tike place at 1IA- 
dssolved on the 1st of January. Either party will use VASA, on 

the name of the late firm iu eeUlements. TUESDAY’, JULY 224, 1S30. 

Clear* ^ 4 Lftdi^c’ttraw Ponoetf; < op* f* . T , 

Mite* feotces and Crowns lor Bonne's; I fending from «eam*rs Woodside, Knox, and Jacob g 

itend keeps a choice selection of Ladies’?. raw and Fan* j Poe. and for sale to the trade by r-rTtm a rn 

i/Bon^Vts. French Flower*. Ribbon*, tee. spl ^ CCRP fc CO. 

« 1 QQ B H WA HD f IME. 75 BBLS LIME JU 8 T RE- 

“WARD. celved pcrTeVgrarhSo. 3 and for salehy 

RAN AWAY FROM THE 8UB- j johS >1. AMDKKFON,*oThfrd st. 

'k £h»R sale. 1U0 BBLS INDIANA 

l*n pounds, from I tofi.fee>;ig.. ; hat sscar over his | M_^Flonrby r ,.. |v , nT 

Qte LLaUUBE te C*>-_ 1 G 14 Ut fcsH 1 L>, (V C. 

Til H i BBLS NOS 1 AND 8, ~ 

to ,ood erdr, for sals cheap by «N Yl EN T GROATS. JIAI RE 

GaLLAGHER Y CO. I M ceiveJ. s supply Of R* h i>* o’. Vi »rt Or. its 
^ i for making pure Gruel. >’.rsalebv 

t FINED SUGARS. ]<& LAMHaM * CO , 5 * r.nird*t..east»ids 

Ika hhils white refined Candy ?ugar; j - . 

obi * ft Lou - C * 1 . 1 D. U- Crushed and g lHl>IGK l L \S. A >1 PPL1 ON 

F w 'ere ! > n .r . 

f.-<) v bl* New York and Baltimore do do; 

IjO Mils dt- James Refinery dodo; 



, Jewel* may be had at 

tacks for sale by 

WM. KKNTiRIf R’3. 

71 Third street. 



/ hand of very choice Block and Green Tea*, tm 
sale c exp tor cash by 

j e ft I. * in.iM te CO . * -a«ts TV - '■ «j 

B uckets. 

10 m doten faa '7 Bucket.*; 
ai do brose-bvaud Cedar do: fonale by 
«n4 TT kd te CO. 

the name of the Ute firm in settlement^. p 

LoutlTille, March 30, 1876. WM- f. WOOD. 

* j, i« .ltew 71 Thint street. 




IU Loui* C Crushed acd Powdered »r, recsi^eJ i 1 
tr steamer- Jacob Traberand M-ln *tte, an 1 for sals 



«re| -*s: St in very black. I wdl< gi 7 e ’ the above reward 
f^feeP t O.I of the Etott -* r n{S&oM OLfiD AM 

Selling off at Cost ! 

PoBi lively no Humbug! 

*10,000 Worth Of Watches, Clocks, 
Jeweliy, Ac , Ac. 



ill health, has determined to retire^ from buri- 


* fB»>) boxes No. 1 and Family Heap; 

9j 0 boxes German do: for sals fi* 

my 17 CORNW ALL te BBO. 

taowirrme, Marcus, .0-0. f X THE 

New Paper Hanginga Store. 

11TH. F. WOOD, PAPER HANGER Sorteo Nnmero 5CG OrdfHrio. ^lyeflSL^nfS^ ... 

w W and dealer is Fteneh and American Paper — ~ — ; ~ i*.-d. at Mr. Ptri* g’s hch *ol Rooms, on Walnut street. 

Hangings, Third street, near Main, opposite Courier Unnif^l PFIZC SuOaOOO I. between Second and Third. 

.... — I Prixe of. 4*<u,0iX) I 15 Piizesof 41, 00b HOURBt - _ 

** llllliiu UII- 1 UUUUI. m+onis. aoo BBLS SELECTED 
X T H E UNDERSIGNED IU K oten , fjrsoapmakers’use, for*alehy 

,*ri^^ 3 BBwonlJ resp-ctfolly inform hi* friend* myl7 CORNWALL te BRO. 

MflyTid the public in general *l»»t h- wui — — “ 

A* '^k‘«t-ach the ai* of tUritin*. for 'wo con f * [’ >, \ \ B AGS. 4' » B ALES GUN 

tn ny Bags for .ale by 

ny Bags for sale by 




l. m 75 obis and hag* 5oft sheil Almonds; 

13 bbls Brasil Nut*. 

100 bags Peanut*; ia store and lor »»> hy 
Je34 Wnifi 

0 ~\STER!», «V:C. 

40 cases fr-s** Cov* ; 

M *lo Sardines; in store ard for sole hy 
jefit FONDA te MOKRI4. 

Copartnership Notice I } „ „•••■ jg’JjJS * •< ♦‘I... ...... 4 "’ for femiie*, from 

npHF. UNDERSIGNED HAS THIS I i s.w« 1*1 “ “ * . »« tkrms. 

1 day associated with him in business JOHN T. 10 ., “ *. *••.. i l . A ^l o' 1^- VijO 1 r’arh 4 Fo r first month, including JO 1^* 

l o J MURRAY nrwler the stvle -f Four Approximations to ths *rt>.0 o— »4 *j 0 each, 4 )or second month, Ir.rlndmg 40 

> BLANCAGNI KL.MOGR I te kL RRAY.ihm trill i of MW to •JD.MO, 4 of #JCU to Blb WO; 4 of »-<* to & Payable in a<h 

; tinue the Whol rale tJroeen and Coromirsion Business *, am TT-.t-.oa as. nnar. g^T A full class is ss’ic-ted. an 

at the old stand, Nc. J3 Thiro street, between Mam and WTlOlO Tickets, Sp 10. H 3 lvea, yuar »rti*fattion proposed by 

j,3U NOCK. WICK- te CO. 


A Cider Vinegar in store *ml for sale by 
;e*l NOCK, WICKS te CO 

* 1 ANILL V CORDAGE. 150 COILS blanca* nikl.mourk it Ml’ERAY.whowiiicon* I jf m» 

1? 1 Rope, assorted sizes, in store and for sole bv tinue the W hoi -sale <»o~t 7 j ’ Wh C 

i » MOCK, WICKb te QO. $ t^^Mjtand, Ho. * WtlC 

ot 440U to gjo.ixw, 4 of JJD to fiiti.WO; - of *-*W to 

Water streeU. X. ULANCAUNJ 

Locisvill*. March 10,lP5h. 



ten*. $2 50. 

Trizes ca«hed at sigh- at ? per cent, discount. 
Bills on all solvent Bar.ks taken at nsr. 

sou For males, f-om J® *9 * • JJ a ,, 

4M‘ For female*, from 3 to s r - *• ~ 

30« TKRM9 : _“Z” 

For first month, including JO lesson* *4 <» B xIU 

!’ 4 For second month. IncImHng 40 lessons.^. 7 00 M, » I' 

Ilf Payable in *Jv»ace.wt£4 » ,Ci 

ey k foil riass is solicited, and untiring energy with ,a . :< J’ T 
enure sati^fa-tion proposed by -i — 

je£3 dim W. A.MYhRff. 


Starch for sale by 


-A l ard * U for sale by 

*y 17 CORN F I LI te BRO- 




Pcrter, ia pi 


Cnckers, tec., a full assortment in store and for 

Bills on all solvent Bank* taken at nsr. 

A drawirg will be for warded a« soon as the result be- 
comes known. . 

Fonrtli of July 

Fire Works! 

0,1 4»4Margetstreet. on e do or above Fifth. JJOKN. 2,(KH) SACKS IN STORE 

Heater Coolers and Filterers. ny» M ‘ Jf>r '^ — pumb»hil,b«ll r co. 


•P sor mei t "f the above, of all styles and patterns S wff! 

FrifTl*' y shou d hsve one of these usefaf articles A C./cuVm’ 

dal* tbe warm wither. Ca'^and g case* Nutmegs ; in store and f or sale w 

JuU*" J«» HOOK, WIOKBte OO. 

Copartnership Notice. 1 KE, Main >tr^Ft» have in store s me 'oetatiful Bloom* 

H AVING ASSOCIATED YVITH na t af„rladi : . ami misses, which they sr- of- 

M. Unlden ,in the business hitherto conducted frnng at era*, to dose them ont- Jy»_ 

SV MM ? R H -' T ». FO “ ME N A . NP 

■•viKESf^ - • w r«*ass:-Am , 8Mr 

I The trading community i* most respectfully invited at 
to investigate the present stock, and to bestow on the j; 
i new firm the patronage so liberally extended to the | 

! formerone. * 

455 .Main street. 

Bcantiful Glussware, 


nonVam ba'oors. or lor pr Me.fil te LE. 2-> CASKS EDINBURGI 

Tr wider*. Ife-Lat .of Boh<mia» •*' ntgunh Wm ^4 Als. in i»Lt bottles, for sale by 

^UF» W^WALl te BRO. 

I CM« AOUDCP, ID rore J ^ n«« CriT paironi^c BO cawuucw tu tat . „, r , .v M 1ILI fe ITTILlTf 

je30 R OCK, WIO KI. te co. f 0rin ° r Tne. STRESS HATS, OF BEAUTIFUL 

nnnua n.-i, sa a T «? R P s'yler, extra qua’ity and finish, of oar own man 

^NDMSH. W DRUMS i OK bALt . ^ <",^4^ i tf T ^»c 0 . 

mjri* DCMIBNIL. BKLLfcCO. ^ F pletely assorted by late importations in Watches ODIMfl OTVI V IHfAlI HRaVER 

Dsbes, Balve,*.' Oob.*Aro» l * r lL P ! rr ‘'T7 < 

&» q alfrh*^rffv£? 4 cuntan’i 

tiUJIOH CHINA HOC8*,4JI Market street. 

* htewsw, Fourth and Fifth. 

, _ ,.*tely assorted ny iave importations in wateneg - DD . Mn o-nviL' DU A It HFaVKU 

and all kinds of Jewelry. We can offer superior ad- feisPRING STYLE DRAB nr,AVr.K 

2i) CASKS EDINBURGH T%rtage*to buyers, both in regard of oheapuestand am l p ear i Cassimers Hals, of suierior quality, 

• • tfselection. . _ inst received fro n our fac'ory and for s*le by 

choice of selection. ..... . lust received fro u our factory and for Sale by 

I Our Watches have acquired a reputation throughout J iyO PRATUKB, SMITH te CO. 

, the Western country, fend we are determined to meet -ii — ~~ 

Wood’s Wall Paper Depot, 

Thiro aTr.*iT, x*ar Main, 



patrons and the public genera ly that, by com- I 
ten'ng the sale of Wail Pape- with cur more important I 
basinets of PAVk K HAN(jEKI*,w* are ena ded to com- 
plete work in our line at M*w*arioCaxs than others, 
and also with more svtisf*clion , 

Stock of Pap-r ut «IW i« rR«SH, and as e targe fnr 

.ny Korku* asm the lHstr,U w>f f woop> 

i -7 Late Felix Wood te Son. 

i~* W.teH.BCRKHARDT.417 Warketst_ ' 


Shoulders on consignment and for tale by 
I a’ * fi' VCR P df . te 0<>. , 

H \Y. 1,100 BALKS H V Y, A NO.! 

1, sow in store and for tale to customer* at P* 

| eeuU ^ hUa ' irr ' t T n BUCK^;* U -«.J tercet. 
my 30 B**iow tbe Malt House, i 


I IyJL T wine .— 

I •‘hi bales No. 1 Batting; 

Mhsl-s*o.i do, 

50 bags Twine; 

30 bags Candle Wick; in su-r* and for sale by 
Je?fl NOCK, WICKb ft CO. 


300 boxes Window Qlssa. 

SO bbls Tar. 

SO dozen hexes Can Oysters. 

1800 Cans Fresh Beaches, for sale l"w fey 
, may 34 THURTTN ft *LJ 

! rfY AR. | 

* JL too bbls Wilmington, large bbts; 

Sfi Porter, in pint and quart bottles, fo, solo by 
myl7 CoitN W all te a >Q. 


lN 36 boxes Boston Brand, extra fine. 

74 do Bro-nffeck. re; 

30 do Br'jwn’a do; 

85 do Hare’s. do; 

In More and for sale by 

»v* B RtPT ft luf 


/ fee for sale low to close by 

apJ» W t IJ, 4CB PO F1 ft CO 


3 fine •~".»ret Just reee>v»*i an t for sal-* at 

LAN II AM ft C0.'9.' < : Third sc *fe«s)d*, 

my 1 ^ CniDti Pomlflc- aitcy 


reiyed, a small lot of Ace Stitv u Cb-ree. V 
sale by L4NH * M a CO., 

! Jet te Third > tree;. -;un «Mw- 


| ill aaeorted site* and qualities, rec. IvsJ and lb 
“ le z* T W. ft U. IT KKr! %PDT. 417 W*rtet *». 


Racon Shoulders 

ays D 


Tt icon Shoulders! at received and for sale low 

» BCMftSNIL. BXLL ft t o.. sib Main te. 

kTAILS. 1,500 KEGS ASSORTED * T ^7, 

^ N ails and Brads In More and for ssJe bg ^ ^ [ soifirii 

* competition. te^ORN, RYE, AND OATS BOUGHT, wmrOOL. 

requeteacallandanlnrestlgatlon ofonrstock to ■ . . . ’ .. . ’ . , . . _ mm 

ince purchaeersofthetruth ofonr assertions. and the highest price paid by arinvysR 

l ^ BTBINAD te LIOHTSN. ay» R. BLCKNBR. je» 


sash for Wool by 

JAMK 8 CBOJtBT.36 Wall te. 

Fir sale iow to cl««e con^maent by 
my* DrVESNtL.BBLL ft CO .AgenU. 


w w shelled andpacked in fine skipping order fnr 

sale by (mrO HBHRY U08KJN8, No.Siesswdsb. 


Bait j net received and for •air by 
ap» P 8 BBfe IDIOT ft flO B 


»tl Mils rectified Whisky ; 

*> bfiisecvner do; 

M bbleold Joorbon. satra for sale by 
feiiS JAMB* K1NNI01 

«le fee 



pmn« «ji ivsf csxjfbci av 



Kjiit side, between M**-ket and JeEertez stive 

lis'-tnents of Public Keelings. Masonic, Odd Fellowi’, 
i emtn’s, «c., are charged fifty cents per square of 
ten lire* ag?te »►* fir?t insertion, and twenty-five 
c -at* each •uhsrnnent insertion. 

Adiertisecieuts of biloations Wanted. Religions, 
Charitable. Marriage, a: d Obituary Notices, of Ore 
tines or lesc. are charged twenty-cvt cent* each in- 

XJT td?ertis.*mertsrablished in the morning paper 
are* r sorted in the ei eniug e«Wor. at half price. 

ty-Au Trxksisw Advimisemssis i* ay a hi s is 
• PVaRCI. 

For Piriideiit, 



For Vice PreMdcnt? 



Flcctor«l Ticket. 

For lie .‘State erf large — ftON ELIJAH HISE, 


rim l/inirurl -K. D.GIIOLSON. 

The Fditorof the Journal ou the Pro- 

acriptlou of Catholics-. 

Tie Editor vj tbe Journal cn f^e u Infamy” and 

Letter from Southern Kentucky. 

Calhoix, Ky., July 4'h, 1856. 
M. -rs. Editor : 7.’c H.rcvuitodbj the Know 
•'.ti.j c.>n<l.jat« f..r CnniuiooiseAitL'c, Attorney. 

D ;;? r *Z °l rom r K”U»u S CEMiJsts for Commonwealth Attorney. 

» • ** o 'it™ la 1 1 uesday, 1 n in*t. 

* W r M Tb,8M tbe first infliction we have had, in 

" It Democracy rf New Ham jwh ire, gen erally rec^tr* «.»? . 1 iy kt #1 * . i » 

ciioj a the moM thoroughly Ifrfuocratie Stiat ia the *^ 1 $ l lnw, that tbo K.i 2 ow-N(KliiD £3 i&tei.ded to 
rtiion,h 4 Te never perunVed Komau Catruiics to be u^.kc a to c*rry Keatcc^y for F*!imore; 

c’tg ble t? office in ttn.t fltate. on the contrary, they U!l! i jf « 0 u-^ht i uuco lram the effort made, ana 
have v <cd with - strvrdiaary unanimity th .t Lathe- , . __ . . f. •*,, , . . * , 

lies shall b* ineligible to any otSce a hit eve?; and yet language used by J r. lla-oi, wo arc to have a css- 
ther new ask that one of their cen shall t« supported j-erute s'tukgle, and, peril*,?, a rc-cnacUuor.t of 
dency of'tLe'uniteil&ates” 1 *** u * llo “ ,for tht; lre6l ‘ thu bloody tr t£*dies tfc»t havo heretofore been 
LouuailU Journal, June 16th, lrioJ. witnessed in tl .3 State. 

Tbe Cincinnati Enquirer thought it would bo . Hcltc give? a rehajk of the political hero- 
... . ... , , s.t; pi cached in Uf: runuter ? canvass, hirst he 

absurd to vote against Franklin F, tree because he ** J np the foreigner, «*d den- unc a him 
lived in a Siam that didn't permit Citb-dies to 

-ill tb* venom that hi* iuiagina’iun e?n invent; then 

. 5 ! econd “ GEORGE W. WILLIAM;?. 

Third « JOHN A. FINN". 



Sixth * B. F. RICE. 

Sr reali « \VM. I». RKK[>. 

e.ghth - R. w. WOOLLEY. 

S,uth - R H. RTaNTON. 


~ FRIDAY, - Jl’LY 11. 1S56. 

The Sccrccy. 

The Know-Nothing organs, when their consli.u- 
li-jj and ritual? are cxpjsei, keep a profound 
eil“nce. The deepuud damnirg depravity of ruch 
an organiration, its profane oaths-, its tigrish obli- 
gations, its proecriptive creed, its design as shown 
In itg very structure, to carry out its purposes by 
violence aud revolution, shock the moral sense of 
all patriotic men. The guilty parties seek shelter 
in siienee and secrecy. Such ere the terrors of the 
con’pirs'y, its members ii*.rc not avow nor dissv-.w 
the guilt which the expt^ure lix*s upon them. 
Here is a wh- le party anwringtc ru-o t- is country 
thvt .vaunot ackuowiedga their own documents, ran- 
aot defend, and dare not repudiate them. Tiity 
stand oath -bound *ga : .n«t the rest cf .iicir coun- 
trymen , with af^rce cd their owu to carry cut 1 
taoir purposes ia d-fitoea of law: at-d when 
charged, and their guilt exposed, they have no 
refuge but silence. Tue head of the order, Millard 
Fi lcaore, who is, more than all others, bc-ur.d bj 
the constitution, the ritual, onthr,and obligation?, 
of tbs order, is traveling about cmu.irg the public 
wi-’j c-thcr subjects, wiiheut a word of explana- 
tion of his guil*y connec icn with this secret oath- 
bound brotherhood. Ho is very Icquaoicu* on 
o:he- subject* : but ke d >e*n’t tell the world what 
he La? ?w rn before Aiinighty God, in secret, to do. 
He is t ilcut as to his beir-g the bead of a vast mob 
desno-.’sm, with power, if juee--f= c c!, tc rev !u- 
tiatiixa this gov ram nt when tbe signal is g.veg 
ani accomplish auv purpose tbe Gr^nu Council, in 
ge.-ret, may dec r ie. He iLcsn't tell the reft cf 
mar.kini, whilst V.e affects *0 dcp*ocs‘e the slavery 
igitau -a, that his crirr, cf which be is tbe h ad- 
ta« gotten up a more violent ptli-iesd end ar-cial 
feud than even the slavery question can furnish. 
He not disca'S the awful oaths he hi; w rr. 
he sign?, grips, and password?, th?t connect him 
with a vast secret irretporsihlo crganizilion. He 
doesn't lot them know, that at the secret signal of 
dif treat, he if b.-unl tarun, ani ru.o prrpwtd. If 
PrctMest, he is bound by the dr.-re?* of a sefc* 
irresponsible council, by the us-et terrible orths- 
aui ob’ gation*. Hi nstumt btfiia :ts public? 

0 be a freem.*D, when he aar. repudiate his 0 -1 i 
gati a?, cr comply, in all tbUig?, with Ihe i.nicrs 
in council, or bring tho loal . taiuof perjury on hi* 
ju!. The thoughllcM may laugh at the solemn 
-hi gatiecs voluntarily asicrcel, b*: if Fillmore it 
an hen*? 1 man he cannot disregard them. If he 
can appeal u Almighty Goi in making a ple’gc, 
and mike light of it afterward, he is not fi- to be 
Fr^sident of the Un'-/J State?. Usnted i...t talk 
f the rUvctj question ; it is not in his ritual : it 
is c«*t in fcis seertt oh! igo '-.ione; and ho is not new, ae 
he was once, by & dispensation of IVtj ,r iJence, Pre- 
sident. Then, under tbe instruction and lead of 
such men as Clay and Webster, ba acquired the 
r;«p:ctabili*y that constitutes hi* capital now. He 
was then a Vhig : but his tew party rose on the 
ruins of the old p.-uos, and declares itself cot re- 
ap nsibie for the broken pledge? aad violated pro- 
mises of the old parti?*. Nor can Mr. Fillmore 
Uim *hs credit ,f what was done by these parties, 
in vsssing ;be c m-— mi?e measures. They hare 
th? credit if :b* great measure? of Mr. Filmr re’s 
aiainistraties. He has deserted hi* old p*rty, 
owing to the ex-gency of the times. What made 
the exigency ? It was not the question* he now 
talk- ab.ut to amuse the puhiic. It w&- tbe 
».a-.ger of f rt igr, influence, and the aggre- tions c-f 
Cttkolbin*. The exigency called Mr. Fi.lmoro 
into a secret conspiracy, starting a violent aud pen. 
tilent agitation that has sown its bitter seed?, and 
produced it* poisonous fruit* in both eccli-nsof 
the Union. It has crenel distrust and uivisior 
in the cuuncils cl the country, and icflimei the 
ar-gry rass-oa* or men, instead of allaying thorn. 
It wa? not enough that the lavory question wa- 
rrising a st -rm of agitation, another subject o! 
angry mitrenrtr must be added. It wa* not 
offered to the country by a l>. Id and in-nly avowal 
of the dtbign* and purposes of its authors, but con 
corted iu sec re - , anl fortiEcd by the most fearful 
oaths, ani constructed with a machinery to effect 
iUpa'pore? by force, if resistance cotrifl not other- 
wise Ue overcome. Upon tbe secret signal of actual 
datgsr, the brethren must fly to the rescue : Mr 
Fili n re is obliged to obsy tbe signal : he must 
c .-n?ea! Use call and come prepxhed. 

T:.i? i* the position of Millard Fillmore. He 
s'and? at the head of a vast oath bound *ociety ; 
they have offered hi* name to the country, and 
they ask the cfcuntry to tru*t him and them 
Tncy wiii not trust the public with their move 
ments. They have pronounced it unfit to be 
trusted. They have sworn terrible oath* agaiusi 
ih They cannot acknowledge the truth ef the 
expotare of their order, and they dare not defenc 
themselve', or deny the expose of them : yet the 
rurid is invited to tru.-t tb< iu and their canai late. 
We atk tbe pubiie to read again the Constitution 
anl ritual, nncer which Mr. Fillmore presents 
himself for their confidence ; ponder well the sub- 
ject. Con-ider these oath* he has t risen. Remem- 
ber, he is not a freeman, and cannot be without a 

The Abolition organs of the North a*e now 
much exercised about thelato Kansas bill that has 
pused the Senate. They have two notion* about 
t a the time. They say it is a breaking out 
of the pro slavery men of the Senate, who have be 
come a'armoi at tbe aigosof the tirnee. They arc- 
very ccriain and very jubilant over this notion of 
theirs. Alter deiighuag themselves over thi* 
coaceil, they turn ab out, and with great earnest • 
cess and solemn physiognomy, inform the rest of 
mankind that the bill is designed, and admirab y 
adapted, to make Kansas a slave State. It is not 
to be tolerated : as it is tho latest, Rnd, if snece*s- 
ful, tae m >st effective movement yet made in be 
bali of slavery in Kansas. 

jjr The Know Nothings seem to forget the:: 

V ice President, the H ?n. And rm Jack ton Bond 
ton. They exercise themselves about the bargain 
tnd tait chargr, in which they falsely strive to 

implieate Busuanan ; but they forget that their 
ehtseu candidate for Viee Fres.dent believed all 
tbe ebarge* against Mr CUy religiously, and 
more too. They would, perhaps, shelter them 
M ires Iiehind that utxiiting doctrine, that they, 
being a new party, are not responsible, jmrsonnlly, 
for tbe sins of the past. L> me' son need* such a 
doe trine to *»vo kirn; for Henry Clny had no 
mjre violent opponent than be. 

yr It ilnild be b>roe in mind that snti-De- 
a sc ratio Free id on l* don’t live to perlera tre 
duties of their office. Should Fillmore be elected 
it is not likely thnt he woali long survive it. 
Then A J. Daeemon will b* Fraidcat ; tbe mac 
irhc said niimore’s admiaistra'.ieu wn< one “long, 
and, anil, tedium* failure and blunder.** ' 

hold effiro. The editor of tho Journal replies he r. for* to the opinions ot Wusbington, Jefferson, 
. Jnckt m, and others cf the Democratie fathers, to 

“ ‘ ' prove that :oreiitn influ no« is the bane of free 

g->od^^f r \h^ ,l ^flri)?*cwse!it*tlMii*ih^ C N*w l S^.nmmt, and will, it permitted to continue 
shirt* D^ujocrmcy* who recent > voted, by aoover^he’in* thwr EdvftDCCS umoeg us, Dually result in tbe *ub- 
i g n'ajoritv, m favor of Catholic disability to hold ver*ion of our rights na-t pr^rilegea M 

be arc- r.ic i to rodk- ?.*te not dmrracid by $uch abvm t- leaves u* to infer tha- it is the emigration of tor- 
so' bii-otr,,.— Louisville Journal, J une loth. eigner? to this country, end their be-oming after 

lu tie Journal of the 15th June, the editor un- »\»rl* na urslin-d ana er-joyi.-g ihe lights of eiii- 

der akes to prove that it was the Hem.erats, and ^ ow * ,' s well known tac: ihat all t.ic 

, , * Presidents, leaving out tba Adamses, have effared 

not the wing--, o. New lit upshire t-at voted n 0 oppositicn to tho na’ur&iicatinn of foreigner»; 
againnsixikiug out the proscriptive clause of the but, on the contrary, have offered all the facilities 
Constitution. He gives the vote* of a number of authorised by the law to such a* have chosen to 
t -wn? to n»i re it • m,lke lai * country tbeir home. 

' V- > ■ j think, pirhans, that Gen Jackson, in his veto 

Th- v-tefor Guv-rri'-r ou the nm? day [says the ‘.u. T'ni-et S ros It^i k s ke of fi>r- 

Journ-lJ • ar- a>. -u: b».0W*.,et or , f «uch a lir*; a ? ts " a <? l ' u ‘ oe L a }\ oi o.aui* AJ^l-K, apoK« ot l. r 
Ti- e in liie n:r n^* - Ucuiocrntic 5 *t • t e in th« * l^flu^QC ihiA'l in t&auonly re.orrci to stocks 
Union, U-k than lv ,000 could 1 * found to cast their vrtes »vrrici iu tbit Oack by fcctujl ioroignerH — persuns 
^ then living out of the country and owing allegi- 
A . # anco to utter power a — and perhaps had in view, 

' at the time, tho control that might be exercised 

1 he edit rs of the j im“e are -uri-r se-l that we should ov - ( r , cr jaoney uiittera b j torciguer* in the ovont 
attempt to excite prtrjuiicu ii*aicst Grueml Iher-ebe- ' Jo 

cause he lives in a etute lu t i-roscrihes all Roman ,J - a W?r. 

Catholics fr mi thee Uur neigh' or* h vecertainiya Mr. Kcim krows, and «ivcry plowboy kn’.WA 
?£t ^tfwL^^n^r^r^^J; also, that uo democratic . fia* ever propos- 
H u,iK)0 voter , and which, u|>oq th- direct 'lue^tioi. ' l d ^ *y rnitriOiioDj otiicr l»iMi eucc w cor Ei.urai* 
whuher U -uiau Catholirs shall lie perm.’.'e-J lo h Id f- j.-.ati'ju law* require. 

H u,oo0 voter , and which, u|>«iq th- direct 'iue^tioi. j *Y*y rrstrioiiODj otucr 1 *jf?d eucc w cor Ei-ursi* 
whtiher U <uia-i i atholirs shall lie perni.-.'e-l to li Id (- inati j.l Saw* require. 

flee r no'., ei vea oil iv uiuc ill 'USA'.ii atul ('(I'lTf-tos-ii ,^,11 -. 1 ■ l 1 , , mla r -?n tho 11 : war ? o f 

the athnnaUv-, •* a mtecrthU atodr of mast tnjomous . llolr P 011 ^ bu 1 D f® n ' n,a -t?° * n ® l >0 “ r ’ 0 

Incetrv, an 1 should noi be allowed the honor, amid the G-vuiutnent by »!l legal mean*— by ucquinng 
rr ny direct an ; incidenul a .1 vantages, of giring a u »r territory, cuoouragicg i.o emigration of for- 
PresideittotheCnitcdntates. ^ # # t-ign?rs who might, by thoir wealth or intalleolunl 

Wt- are not atone in thinking ttiat New flamvehire, qual.fiontioilS, *dd to onr commetca or Tib.iou*- 
diseraai f>t hrr reltfioue tret, s- ou'.l n - 1 have the ' character. Ai d ho well kr-it?* that ( ur Jaws tiro 

honor of the Presidency .—Joaraa/, June I6th,l?.i. ] sufliotcuily strit gent in rejiari to tno atvaiument 

Again : of citize?iship by lorcigncrs. 

Ye*, Mr. Vierce’s nomim.tion is a conoj-liment to -tew Mr. Llelin thosgllt that he o'seri it to tho ‘‘Aincr- 
Hami shire, and hisel.-ctiou would b? a still grestsr icau 1 ' party to t*y tomothisg in their behtlf — and 
c-.Uiphcent »-i tha etile IPt ti-iuk, however, that v, r a.- , , ...f-l-nlar 1I„ ■>-.* Ur'-.finn; 

N w llanip-hire isjutt about t.e last State in the iSii- n Mr * ' lU “° r * ,n e „ * >, v,- 

that xli uld h-- h tr. ret aith compliincut?. Sh- i? the wore m.ldu f- r small iuou. .if. r ihiuoru Wit* to > 
only 8tate in the l'ni--n that 1 1 crat-*, erwou d f--r a big a roan lot a 1 l.tif -nu — that bo tux>d over tbo 
moment t icrale, au r di"U? and inf.-ua- asrehgir us te-t, wl , l ln 1 n-t s ,uth ?le (h, n e?-er‘e. 

denviug toall Kooi.ri Cat' o ic citizens the right to hold wuolo Lnio.i, m . aunChuO.2. n« lli ns. cr.e . 
Office Hrr Constitution t* at 1 rnr nth the Juiuiamr nlal “t tat the Au-ctiCUU purtj I-irUl Wtra Ui ire nit 
pnnriplct of religious Mmy audrcfubhranisn tionai, and sc-nnder ou tho slavery qussti n, thin 

_ * . * , .*.*.,* * . the lleuiocratie party. What mu*t be the ignvr- 

8he has shown T erse f to be without one particle of srirh fact? «*-.r 

' fcenuin-- I* m- cr-cy, , r one claim to the respect of the “ t ‘ cc 'r 1 dis-oii 0 ..j ot a politician, lac - s ?? !ir 
j r*-vt of tin 1’ c on. Aud now the p -opl- of the United icg uiui in tht: tace, to I0U8 sued bold as L-r.lCJliS. 

I .States ?r» invoked to complun.- t -.he uniformly Ik-uio- L»oe* ho not know uf the aflliiatioa of tre Norm 

tiroes ?4id t*i cheap, but wv think this would be a oti up >u tho people ui iuii» aistiict tad vitapere - 
dent one.— Journal, June 14. leoif. tic-n* and falsehoods of tho Louisrillu Jenna), 

Tbo editor K.-:ed on tuts subject till July 22 J, aud other kinured prints, stooped in crime to so 
when he roe j a piece from a correspondent of the drp-h that tte honest of ail pariios are 

. ,, . ... ,, ....... dropping them u* blighting to ?go morals ot mo 

American Celt, and hi? zwl bec.tme stirred within c v f and to the youth of tho land ? 

him. Fierce a? lie bad been before, be grew fiercer I repeat, it cf-mes with tad grace from a min liv- 
when be had roidbow ki* Catholic iriend wat ef ii-g :a a outi-ern Ktitude, to indor.-o the fcut. ia- 
fendui. Thn nocraepondent was for runiahing the i u* pr -ductiou* of northern inna te* and ibeir 

Mate and every man in it, for this anti-Catbo!ic Mr. lleim prepored to ctnvinco tho most doabt- 
ciic*oin be-r Conrtitution : icg son^of tho South, that the K.niBas-Nebrstka 

It is h high ho-or [stysthe LouisvilU Journatj, % aci was aa out-and-out Acolition mtd«ure ; that 
fre it --il vs ut ipe, t-i .1 flute to furni?h the incumbent of I .,1 j,,t' cr soro'Cigniv, he said, wa 3 Abolition to all 
the executive cha-'r -T the eation, and we do net think : * y_. .u,,,, y n th : « hn » > , 

III f h I r.tlii- i livieae. th h s-lvunt-ive. *11 -u..l :if - j intents a„ j p rp--*e5. 1 •-, tnO Jg tU S 00 too 

gre it sdvsiitege, to a f :ate to furnish the incumbent of 
the ixecutive chs'r - f the na'ion, and we do not think 
tilth- c r.tlii- privilege, this advantage, ?beu.d be ac- 
corded to a State bust enough and hiceted enough to tale 
rate a religions te~t 1 n Hu \l»: rtecnXk Crntu ry . There 

corded t-s a S'ate bust enough and bigoted enough to loir case, be is yitidicgto Mr. hiFmurc a hearty sup- 
rau a religions te-t in thr .Yiuetrrnth Century. There who fienad tho bil '16 elgiruz u^ Utah r.rd 

may t-e • ortby men in uch a Mate, l,ot we wool ! oot . . ’ , . , 5 . «. _ i„ ,v, 

ar tifythe -;ate, I'd flatter ' er priiie, and miu-ler to v LW MtXlCO, Colnlll,il g iu latte, nut oniy the 
lierinterest, t-y selecting a President from : er popuis- fame principles ot tqu-itter s- vcruignty, but the 
tior, as'o-g a? w.rtt.y mi n <-r a u rtliy man can be exact w..: ding of the Kansas-Nobruka act. 

found in Cf:*!-.* less shanufullg intoUram.. 

Hure tfic editor of ttio Journal -junto* in full 

Dos* not Mr. Holm know thoas fac * l If nc-t, 
be is VB*‘.ly ignorant; if he does, he is a m n- 

whai the aforesaid c-rrespondeat says, who nd- firous knave ! But lunhe-r : It he thought this 

drosses himself oaiefly to Catholics, and then tho ■« *«fw»tiw«, ho, v a tru* patriot, shouia nut in- 

tn dace an eiemect in tae I^rtsuicnaal contest m 
•ditor calls lustily upon rcotostants : i- tr..- • ».h by r. 

It is not [sty* lie] .1 m uter for the consideration of tion : s:s, uec.iu -e they say '.hat tLe pet-p'o of the 

erritories 1 power to make Izn f.r 

!• us a*sue rctimf the infaiuius test in her Constitution, iheir-solvos, but t'uligro.-S laurt doit. 

Tne «dit : • th J g mw ion t ..40 80 sny* Mr. Helm; nad in thn next b w at h gny*r 

... ,u„ , “Mr. BuehanKn is an Abolitionist. Tha Now York 

tae ir .niny ct-'p. tbs Dorn -racy 01 the .•>tate, and T . u „ _• 

• 1 J Titr.e? s'tys Buciiuneu 13 to re-anac. tho pnoci- 

up n Fierco, be.tu-o ho had not done enough tu j i e? played iff <-n tho North by Fieioo." 
rotn- vo it. He say* Fierce must boai Li.- share of Iu t word, if Mr. H . im is an expi.ncnt of Lis j ar- 

the “difgrace” ani “*h :m that resU uo-,n the priooiplc* hero, there i? no necussity inr • 

. . . ,* Fillmore* running— rremont will Btiswer <*'.1 

ri'.ate. He qjute, -he spccc* of I icrco p Ur j) g c?; and I w-iuii aeggast that they, ua the 

i,«t the test, and say 

North Americans bare done, nfiilialo wi.h tbo Ke- 

if t'.iat is all that (Jen Pierce could say or do toward publicans of tho North, ana save tbo Dotr.oom'ic 
- : -ingStw l-i-.i.rihtre • f a disgrace t\nt fuses hrr p ,ir'y tho trou?'© of whipp'ug tteia separately; 
robf regirtu a uuhscern kg rvrrp liberal minded m,m in j t , ,r # 1| n-enrad the? ih« i-i-r,- most Vi.rthci . 
n. lb. ud Slat,. < and in tiu world, w« ask if be is fit to l0 V ‘ . well as.-tuwa wa. ins ex-. vin.*i .'swiiiui j 
b- Presiueut ! punctples oould not »o nny more odious to Houth- 

The following is b'.* rorly to the editor of the fr, ‘ pa!?'-**, than tho doctrines preached by the 
r, , . _ ,, dark-lantern tiibo of offtoe-seekers that uro tjw :e.i. d. over-running tho oountry, and trying to trample 

••Th-re’s nu reasaa why we should sav much in re- . *. <lt n ur lib»rtios ’ 

pJy to the Pres yt-rian Sera d of Thursday. The rev- „ I.V-' i-, , , , 

trr^n ' editor attyri ttUfil we have >u«ld nly »c*ju reJ e Mr. lleiDi g?Y{) tuO Ua.Dob.F a find £&i<l 
great ef -r . ur R • .an Catlcdic fd .'-cii zet-s and glyricd in the fact thnt he had taken the o?th r.jt 
i . " .-J - x', 7 for man bokUn ^ aUegUm *. *0 the Pop* 

t! 1 -ling ie«r, s one ul tue rever- r. gentlinaii’s fig- Firi-rinsfi. he h-Ul l ergot ton tuht ms'.*? 
urcs of -ee--- •• •? 1 a- e ea pressed --ur disspjirot-a- ri. lits v urn held by a superior tcmi- ral i> wer,u.mi 

ti m of f* Cat' c dtsriihties in S*» llau i>;hire, » did not darn to cv»rc ! -e a rVi* c ••un.i 

and, if th'.s .1 * ,i»yrcl«Uon u -tistr* him. be Oitt HOI atm IO exorcise a r-gU-, CCiiltfl ... 

aid i..v to do ad th tctr-:heil-lint him r If. We to freemen, without tno m-nd.’.too: c ncurrt co 
have expres.eJ -.o p»culi .r love for Catholic*, l uf we of that powor: that uuy acti.-a t-oliricplly t..?t h:s 
c™ev reh “ ott5 Ube,ty ' * nd lUe “ > ^ ae0t or ;eiiiu» might invent hid to u adergo the ordeal of 

*• Td- ed tor i.r the iiersl ! ssys he hones we sh* 1 ?n- a political inquisition, mire odious to tuen of j.- p- 
■i av-.rto r »t-u :t Citni-iic* mi t ,es idjcct f teigi-.u, -r rtfleciijn than tin power eceletiatrieal that has 

th^PrttTd^^ «« been ever i,ed by the Pope of Rom. Mac 
u Loxd we Inst bt* ievc t • invt b"?n recreiiiit in id».* ' tho ooniaioucemeat of tha Tiinetoeoti century. 
c:tu?c r f re iviou. lii-erty . If a man thill* » carol | 1 r „ w a«k the lawyer* of tt.i* judicial district 

tV'.nc-d. 11 V *cTi ;V ilv lVtcrioN* the 1 '* li ‘ e > ittend to sit eilentby by, an-i let this po- 

ttu?-' . I P I IO.V t*F CATHOLIC* PRO >1 OEFIC L, j liti'al firebrand throw out Lis troth ell otrr the 

m is 1-1 h’e caroSiiic* 'l uVi!’ lnt ‘ y^p In* nof c hi ® ? Wwt>t “ ma 

INJUSTICE TO THE : : a , it 4 au tharge.blc * Se lhe svuui^aad follow ttm up, ami tninf toy 
>. it h as Attempt 10 proscrit-: Pr.-t- Jiants »Iia 11 t- a can- ci.r.t-st the ?ta iuii to which he aspire;? H id v u 
-j.d r we s,;.n op, — m! h- n at. i re mi- id t - pru-t- ,, , t rii ti ier ), e honorably be aten tor <-fii?e thaa t-i 

ADisolhi? ofl-. . ses .ig .i st th at. and unlouiuedty in , r . . , J . 

».itlian atLetup; to pruscri--: Proteftauts ,li ,11 1 - a can- contest the rta ion to which he asp-ire;? Hid y u 

d. d e we sij ill op,-— e h- » ati 1 re-ni-ci t - pm— t- ,, , t rather be honorably beaten tor ofii-e thaa to 

auts ot 111 ? ofl; : i-es .<g -Inst th ill. and uniountedlv in , r . . - , J . 

that case we -hall li-»\ e t .e v-r> wa-m co-oper it 11 . -f finer Such .tra-les against your pirTyu>g;>UL.lti- 
•-ur rt ver nd n- i.-hdor i-f the tlrral-1 Our n.-tgi-bnr swertC? I ajip-al to every Democratic lawyer in 

— - . . c r. ,'tri cal editc* address a r, jr de- t - e di*-ri(-l ti. ,tu-Iv thh 10 ? it,- well mill • - if 

n -nn-i .i.iu 01 CUris.ii' s a, las?. 18 Til K ItE ANY 1 a *' ' nc ' ^ » lUll y ‘ n, » mausx wen. aiia *0 .11 

i.'iPK'ipKir. ; v IN catholic- V i oKfH- some one ennnot bo found that will Uofenii the 

e. K i r.i v\ j l \ M r. 1 OK a MAN WHO II Ad principles ot bis parly, rather than see this n:-ui 

MAH? II I M 8 KL f RESPt N 61 BLE FOR THEIR EX- taantin^v walk into rffi-a inainuatinir all ih. 

CLU 8 0X PliJMOPPIC f Wi-u-diiiere lie any ini- '“""W l * ,IK into tni.e, a. I C,o 

pro r et\ in a-si .g ]‘r -’.e-tui.i? wh.i -r ilup wuuM whi.e that 1 /otnccra.s ar* ulraid to contest tho 

vote ten a man gui.t> of coun euane ng ttuir go iiical pr-ii.t. 

OPW sr.uu ana cegred tin-: ? Is luete a Protestin'. Where re vou A R I h-iv-r,’ A *« vc.-i u. 

p»p j - tu the count v that woul 1 n t iav ke Prot- m « *> n r re you, a. t». j ujsoij. a- 8 you ..Sc 

1 - 1 * 1 * -*K a lANDlp VTK n favor ot t e EXcLl - | *»• *ow tha; was w i-hed, returned to your wall.- w- 

■?IO.N OF pKc*rtcTANT8 FRO.u OPFiCE 1 * iug in tho mire again? ’ Coma out ami let ns have 

“ Hi? charge • van it us wi* that we were catering to d' ,ur s'rcn th in this race,- and lot it not be siiu 
tiie rsiigi'-us preju tice, ot ihcCatt--- ics, whin eew-re '.hat our pirly cou.dmak* ho show hi re. V » 0 arr 
o;.i> suggc.-tiug m n m to witnh M their votes frim a yot a strong people, »nd would delight to huno: 
eiinli :• te who might have given them freedom and ' .. H I 

ouu 1 righ s iu hi* own St tte, l-u had 11 -t done it. Let 1 y ou * n •**.«?• 

toe pu'n decide wnetii- r a t j a deuoulau- 
t -in - f Chr stia ? to » thnoll their votes fron. a man 

rCcrrespondei'.ce Louisville Democrat.! 

uargeable w in eir r - Itf -jl l-pre-i ,, 1 . catering to t The (■iuriOU? F ulirih Ht Center Ct'IlreP. 
r, tigtous : reju ier- . Ia Jf .» • ? J* i.NG B..T ArvL _ , ^ 

LI > l U I S PREJUDI I. on IHE i ti. F ?l 1 N DaXVIIXB. July 5, 1856 

T"l>E-li.E i<> \ INDI JATL Tilt IK UWX POL IT- r mT .. c . v ._^. .. 

Ic * L tyL ALII Y ? Messrs. EDITORS: Never uni tho It .entry socie- 

“Wet vve not c-te-ed to religi u? pr*judices. Tne tits of Center College win more renown tban on 
unf- uuded accu*atio' deserved rel.u te, aiid we have r|, c 4:b of July, 1856. Everything oon?rired t« 

a-Ain- 1.1 Aided , 1 . — Lennart lie Journal, Oct J Hh, 1-oJ. , / . s .. “ 

make the exerotec* in*eiise.y intero*ting. The 

. The coLie:t for Vice Fresident, in thia 1 d ii y ^ a8 plaa-ant- the ar-illery ccuipat y paraded 
..... inn , - - , . . in giutcriag uniforai—the old and young crowd - beiween J. C. Breckmridga aud A. J ed the village, and dispelling for a time their 
D.ntlsja. What Kentuckian, of any party, would j customed teeling.?. iningled in tho general pa’ri- 
prefer the latter to toe former? In tho event of °ric enthusiasm of the day. The baud, diseours- 

the death of th. President, the V-ce i're.-ident 1 l ^***^l 

spin.-Svirnng 6 t- — aud ever and anon tee loud- 
latti :ue place; anu who would preier A. J. Donel- . mouthed oanuon aroused orcry heart with nation - 
*--n to J. C. Br^ckinr.dge ? Wo allow that Fill- 1 &l pride, and announced the proud occasion wbrib 
in ire and Douclson arc suited to the positions they artemblcd » ccuimjnwcalth of patriot*. Tns 
v v a spoakors, cheered by the music, caught the spirit 

now occupy; they are Know-Nothing candidates 0 the, and delivered speeches fuJJ tf 

for the offices they aspire to. That, fcowev or, is 1 animated patriotism. Their speeches were wor- 
a* high a? they ought ever to get. Shall A. J. | thy tho dignity of the occasion. Them effort* 

Dono.coa be President of the U cited State* ? j ^ V ?^f^ d ±^ r U x P -’ n hsads and 

. .core txpenenced minds. 1 ou will, pardon us 

Haven t tho Uid-Line Y\ higt *:>me faint rtcoilec- ; fer a cursory vi» w of their respective sioe bes. 
tion of one John Tyler ? ! Mr. I) tvid Gillespie, of Danville, Ky., reprrsetit- 

j ed the Chamberlain Society with;. “Ith of July 

I2T" The carping? at Bu: anaa that abound in t "peeva.” It wit* very appropriate; and cmbal 
the Know-Nothing pre;s, are not worth answering ished with that lively imagery ot expression eh-tr- 
- , 1 acten?tic of it* author. Mostbeautiiuliy ho de- 

m vretnaaonce. They can affect only blockhead*. 1 1 llict<d the rapid of hil country, and 

There are men of sea?e enough, to elect BuchaDan. touched with prophetic skill her probable destiny, 
without the ignorant chuckleheads who c. uld be Mr. OiHespie’e voice i* loud and sonorous as Lis 

influenced by such frivolou? and contemptible * ei .j >d f * td ? 1 . 

Mr. ilham Crow, of Kentucky, next spoke in 

eauci ns. \Y ten you near a man peddling out behalf of the Atheism Society. Mr. C. net-ds 

such slang as Ten-Cent Jimmy, Old Federalist, cr [ nu eulogy. Hissubjeot was significant: and we 

moulhiDg over the bargain and sale story, jus: 1 are s ®>' it d:d not suffer fur lack of at- I 

.... ... | tention. Mr. Crow will doubtless make an cf- 

wnte him down a poor ass, and let him go. There I fw;tivtJ spoftker> aa ci | 

are plenty of men to vote for Buchanan of more ' Mr. Jonn rioott, of Frankfort, Ky., r!o?eJ the 
sense. j forenoon exercises with au oration in behalf of tho 

_ ~ “ ' __ 1 ~ [ C. P. L. Socie’y. We are proud to announce the 

Le »«*r from NI>. Iluchanan. suocet* of 51r. Scott. If he wa? particularly 

The following letter from Mr. Buchanan was re- happy in tho selection of a sahjec .he was nole?* 
ceived by tbe Invitation Committee of the Tam- s,) m execution. ‘ Emon,” was his subject, 

— r »«•«?, -u « .w «■-»«» » *. 

4tb iust.: . . students. 

W hbatl anb, Pa., J uly 2. Mr. Charles Hardin, of Columbia Ky., spoke In 
GEKTLkMEN: 1 have been bt-norefi by ihe re- behalf o; the D. L. Society. Wo have never wit 
ceipt c-i.your invitation, in bobalf tf the Tamma- nessed nor knew a more triumphant effort. It 
ty Society, to attend the celeb ratio* of the ap- wa* indeed a ina-,Ler- stroke, and w rthy a Hardin 
proaehing anniversary of c ur National Independ- for it* author. For profundity of thought, beau’y 
euce at Tammany Hall. W ould that it were ia tny of arrangement, elegance of diction, emphasis and 

country are everywhere rallying to defend the His early talent and rapid advancement afford 
Caustitu tion and the Unu-u against tho sec ional prognostics of his future elevation, in whatever 
party who would outlaw fifteen of our sister States profession he may cist his portion. May hi* *uo- 
from the confederacy, it mast cheer tbe heart of cees inlife bo as brilliant a* in college, is the warm 
every patriot to know that the Democracy of tbe ) wish of numerous friends. 

Umpire State, in solid and united column, are! Mr. John Tate, of Bloomfield, Ky., spoke in be- 
rurimig 10 the rescue. Acting upon your motto, half of the A. L Society. Mr. Tate’s subject was 
that “Fast grievances are to bo buritd in exer- one of interest, and his spceoh elicited iho ad 
tion* for »be future,” they must prove invincible, miration of all who heard him. Although the 
Most gladly would I be with you on this auspi- expectancies of his friends were very high, we are 
clous day, and sincerely do I regret that (his is im- happy to learn they are fully realized. Nelscn 
possible. will never blush for a Tate. 

With sentiments of high respctU, I remain jours Mr. rtpe-.d Goodloe, of Lexington, Ky., closed 
truly. JAB. BUCHANAN. the exerci*' ? of tbe day by ao oration in behalf of 

clous day, and sincerely do I regret that fhis is im- happy to learn they are fully realized. Nelscn 
possible. will never blush for e. Tate. 

With sentiments of high respect, T remain jours Mr. 8p?:d Goodloe, of Lexington, Ky., closed 
truly. JAB. BUCHANAN. the exerew ? of tbe day by ao oration in behalf of 

To Henry C. Murphy, and others, Com., etc. the Deinologin Society. Mr. Goodloe handled 

“American literature” with familiarity, and met 

For our denunciation of such execrable with signal success, as wa* announoed hy the at 
doctrines, the editor calls cur paper “a nigger tention and plaudit* ot hi? auditors. He is quite 
worshipping sheet.”— J/ounl Sterling Whig. a fascinating speaker. We hope his speeches will 

We do not hesitate to ssy that the man who de- tell with equal effect upon the yeoman as upon the 
noBuce* the Nebraska bill, because it permits the j student. A STUDENT. 

paople of the territory, rathrir tban the Wilmot I — 

proviso men, the now Micsouri Compromise men, j fc# Wm. B. A. Baker, Esq., who was appoint- 
the Abolitionists and black Republicans of the ed Know-Nothing Elector for this county, declines 
North, to regulate tbe question of slavery in the that honor, SDd will vote for Buchanan and Dreck- 
tirriL-ry, is not only “a nigger worshipper,” but if iaridge. This account* for his not having been 
he had a chance aud was not afraid of the peni- < invited to speak at the Know-Nothing barbecue 
en isry, would be a nigger stealer. I at Maysliok on Saturday last. 

MoysvilU Expense. I Maysville Express. 

Appoiuiments lry the Centra! Com- 

At a Mating of the Hint# Central ’’ocrcittee 
of" tbe De. . ra':c party. Lt! 1 Frankfort oa 
I hursviay, .1 1 July, 0.1 Join W. Stevcns-.n, of 
K ^ntoo, waj appointed Dcmocrxiit; Elector fi r the 
State at I urge, in place •>* Iba. J.-hn C. Btcckic- 
ridge, v- Si— a as resign'-d in cons; queries of his nom- 
inal a-n kr the V^c > I’re-i tency. 

Ac the Mme meetir^.Ge ^/i VY. Williams, E*,q , 
of iiaaoocl;, wa-’ r; pointed Elector f..r the Soecna 
C'-Dgrcs ’oo-il DUuict, vice John P. D«vtr«.ux, 
E q , rcsigm.d. 

Also, .l.imc? G. Loa;b, E q., r.f H:nry, w.-.? »p- 
pomted A.-?;.- ‘-at Elec -r f -r iho Sa?'--uth C-mg 
ro 5 District, vice Eiijih F. N'utta l, E?q., 
nomir ite-i t> 1 ie Dem -crauo party aa a candidate 
for ludg-: ia ihu judicial A eiriot.' 

The above appointmeuts, we are assured, will 
give ?atisfaet:en to the Dsm-ieratic u.riy of 
tae S •»«*.«. W fleo I'-ieckioridge wa* nomifliit-' : as 
\ ice Fiieiacnt, iic-i bo-'-re the crow-1 had lei t Cin- 
cianari, it wa* a o -1 among tho delegates an i 
other prouiauat Keotucky Democrats ia A-.tcnd- 
anee, ihxtit »cool<t florc(" ".taei»dcdtoth 9 Ci.iiir»l 
Ci'inuiiiteo to spp int Col. 5?Uven.ion to fill his 
poit as Elector. i’ie Cummiitcu delayed s . ’.ioa 
until they c.uld tbiain a nirther txprmion c-f 
(-pinii a srrm the party; i»t-irg i'ally a that 

tny c -uld m-ako no be.'.er e-r mora w r.t-y appoi ?t- 
meii% have pxocordingly tendered tho p- st 'to Col. 
Htevons r, fully Bisure-I thathe will doti; wa le 
du-«. me ciuva s. Of tbi? wo have no d ub‘. 
Ia iauikctaal strength, aud a* .1 politic .1 ‘peaker. 
fie bat very :c» cqa-Js in hi* own party, auuto- 
in the tar.Rs if the I'pp.sition in Kentu-ky. !ti- 
talent ard expcricuica* a p liticiau, and c.s great 
weiget of ch*rootor os a man, re no or him an ad- 
mirable sufis'itute fer J ihu U. Breeiiiuridge, aa-i 
whtrerer he speaks iu the present canva.-? will 
gain him tbo .-ar ot all paTt.e;, and wiii curry ou- 
viction with h .« argumeat. Our word :cr i:, slor^; 
b ? path, till* -um urr&nd fail, new friend* ot B.i 
c'uanaa xni Brt-ckir.ridga mty Lu cou:.',ei oy 
scores, lie ,e too w-.Il known to dcmind 

GocrgeW. Williams, Ecq , of Hatvuviilv, ap- 
pointed tuecier iu the *acc-T)i di«tri:t, i* tu'.iy 
equni to tbe t . si: he bai uodertakva. He * -ij y-' 
a high reputmi jU as a political dehau-r, on: ti; 
appuintmeat, f as advised by tho leading Dtxo- 
crau of that s cticn. Ik* has o e pied -1 will 
deVito his rime ur.d energiac tu tne jromotiou ol 
;ho sucoesB ef damocTucy, Il.s yrooocr-i.-or, 
Mr. Dt'ver«.ux. w*.a torcc-i to rerige ty pro trac.c-! 
sickness in hn. icmJy, wh’ch will prcvco-: 1 :ui 
, from leaving him.) tcis summer. In tend-ria 
h's rMignnti- to tbe Ci.:uiui;i-o La writ?.?, *•! am 
greatly pntout at thi>, tu I ! ar d much ui htxr: 
the cause ia which iie-tro eegagei.” 

The appointment of ilr. L a:h to SUCC .--1 :;e 
Hen. E. F. Nurull, whom tbe Domucracy in.cnd 
to iLJlre Circa, . Ju-igeol this Dktricl, wiiirec n- 
I mcudcd to iho f. uimittco by resolutions of the 
j Dcinctracy 01 Iknry county, and will be accept- 
able to all cr-Ticot oed. Wa bavo known Mr. 
Leach ior saver ri yearn, and can hear teatim-.ny 
| that he is nu ardent Democrat, and 1 doiMU'o'i 
j talent and exp. rienca. — Frankfort Ye: matt. 

I Correspondence of the touisvitl* Democrat.] 
Two 1 ! i ti ti o O. at->i- Be - tr ysil. — 

White Kn!? m the Vocative. 

Newcastle, Ky., July 9, 1S56. 

Mcsms. Editors: Thuru is an article in the 
Journal of, written, d- ubtle*:-, iar . 1 - 
pliacce with a mutual under? :or. ding ail acroc- 
ujcni btstweeu Cii. Wniti y, of ito Journal, an. 
Mr. \\ OiUkcr, c-f .''hcibyvillo, Kuow-N >thing ora- 
tors, aiier thsir extraordinary l il .rts a? this p’-.-e 
and at E jiiuenue, to ploy tho gain-: of “ Ycu tickle 
moand I’ll licklo >i u.” 

C..1. Whitcly t u imrforuiod hi? part in the 
Journal of yesterday, anl vs are looking f ,r the 
SheltyvEIt Nows returning t -eoomjilimeot to 
Ccloatl iTom Waiter— both of wbom o-tught anici 
lr* . th aad ol oir forcible sad l - 
queue aobr-tcr, Warner Bashaw, who handl-'i the 1 
kii-gloved gentry .rithuut Four fsilo..j I 
they wore .&kcu all alack; iiule uiJ thoy thiut oi • 
falling iuto su-:h hiir.jj. Their littli Fourth .( 
July oratio-u w.-ro ♦. :ru into laitors nni c.. ,-t I i 
chuff b:-'. ro indignant wiuds, and, Fka try, 
tho li.'lechi .k? d . JgeJ »nd &u.'»ei their d uii u- 
tivc beads i.r iho ci owd, wjen the proud eagle of 
Democracy inaio hk fell s-viw-ps a ttieiu, be ring 
eff both tho tia:. -am ui Hholby and tho tepkaot ot 
tho Journal in hi* strung an-i fcar!:»s uuuas. I- 

I w -p amu.'-iag to nu n.r .r* pr-:sen? to heir :hum 
:qceak whoa h ? la.-i ni* c! .*•* up >n them — rb 
were hardly a*. gpril f-,r Bvintw. ,~ 
i p sours -f your big gun?, gcnUvmen, n o are lire-*, 
or lioarir.g na-> ?r Nothing squibs. The *a j : r- 
tiolo says Uut thn oai parry nre on the ra re 
bare; welly what ■ they iis about? Tfc ir 
order nil over tie iu* try ij fas: orumoiing t 
;iece*, aad you mi; ot old Henry dow- k. v 
least 300 msjonty ur the Democratic aooj'.cee*. 

A Swiss xtomHuct'. 

The &azttte de Lausanne icri* tho following 
strange gtcry: ^ 

“t riiice C , one ti o principal boyr.rd.? o* 

Moldavia, ind jt i t guiiJ, Imperial r>k-v ; r. 

h.i v- 

young wo in in of Fribarg. As shu was a v-i 
] handsome girl, the F.ince uftcr a while I-^ m 
-mi'.ien wi ii her, and not nly p-ai i her atemf : 
j bat give her a number of pr^ont?. A- 1 , hi vi w, 
i lio vr.i* mirried, ifie y(.-u r i' Wuuau c tai-itr-id r 
i uprudent to remain »n ihe hu ..-», #au It 
I Moldavia. But abrem-a only in-rreaced tho p.s- 
sion of the Prince, nad he .’olloWed licr to -Switz sr- 
lard. Ther?, as a i-m f . f bis affection, bo pla ». 

9 <curitits to n largo am :uat in ch« hand? r.f t 
banker at B*rno, ar-1 < 1 ' ■) ."! ’ait : • ey th- ul-i c>. 
given to tas yuu-ir worn m at & future pori:-d. — 
II**, it appoir?, f-.rtnoii tu-ierigacf marrying 
and to"k measures for fcstiu:; his existing u. r- 
risge di*s< Thero me-n-uie? necessitated h ; 

presence in Moldavia, but ue contrived, nevett’.e 
j I era, to jar frequent visi.j to S?i J r rian J. A 
i I'-r-gth the young a. ui.d, ftirieg her re uia-i i. 

would be compromised by bis attention*, coc- 
! suited som? clergymen, ar-i they told hir tba 
! her marriage with hiu w-.old be impossible, for 
1 various reasons, and especially on acccutit i t the 
I diffireace of religion ; *o she de or mined o:i a: 

! ryieg ? young m-u w.uo L d f?il-.a in lovo w:th 
aer. Wnea the mirri*;s wa* eel bntcJ, she iu 
j F-iruiod tho Prince of if, aud of her motive f r m-.r- 
ry ng. Toe Prison was greatly cx-.?p- rated, an i 
an angry c> rr-i*;o: dunce ensued, iie at length 
arrived at Fribarg, to a ear-ain, a? he diJ, ii • 
the marriage re&ity ha-i buse celebrated, ho enter 
mining doubts about it. When i-arisliad th-: 
the young w- rniu w-i? irr v-.eah'y lo t lo hi , he 
brought an acti->n ag;.:n*t h- r oef. re the tribunal 
o; Friburg, to ob’uin tbe restoration of the dcu. 

| tiuiis wMrh ho hod m l -d« her, atu un‘i g to oe- 
twrenJ00,000 and 400,000 francs, on tbo gr un . 
that they Lai bac-a cjt,f<rr-.d un the crmditi- n oi' u 
future marriage, wh.cfc cor iuijQ ra<? had not i ai- 
filiod. The yiar.g woman, onhtr pe-rt, ccatcn .:o 
tha the gift* hid boen made wi iioat ai.-y con- 
| diriou* at a.i ; and tba', besides, *l:e had not u:nr- 
■ ri<=d until *he hid src-minci ta .t a ruvrizge 
! between her and the Prince was im .Snble. — 
Eventually the tribunal diemiseed the octi- n. 
To iccreace tbe r nanatic interest of the affair, it 
is ctitu-i that, after the commencement cf the 
ruit, tho Prince succeeded iu <>b aining a divcrc 
fromhi* w:f*, and it i? a-i-ie-.l tha*. he ha* just 
married •» voun:»la:ly cfl! -It-'uiii.” 

FOViiTil A.N>* vi.. 




Mechanics’ Institute, 


Cominenciug the 30ih September? 18-nJ. 

AND DIPLOMAS w»ll be awarded tor su- h 
articles a* iho Judge* shall decide to !>** of su- 
perior merit, ani SPECIAL PREMIUMS for 
tho mc-st meriiorlou* article* offered ia the 

If E C H \ N 1 C S , M \i\ II PACT U- 

i-Tl. HER*. MKF.'JilANT? AND AUX15T8 from 
everj part of the Union nre invitel to contribute to 
this Exhibition such nr isx-s as they iks're to bring be- 
fore the people liar Exhibition Hail is uipiy large, 
ani is provided wi.h p- wer and shafting so Hist 

Machinery can ba tihibi-ed in mut.oo, and every l»- 
ciliiy wiiibe afforded lor the advantageous display of 
all articles offered. 

Th* Exhibition Hail wi line ready for the reception of 
goods on Tuesday, iiei t. 13tb, and op i ed for ihs ad- 
mission of visitor? on Tuesday, Sept. 16th, at 7 e. >i 
No article deposited atier Toe-day, S -pt.oi '.h, c u be 
entered for competition or prcjn'um.bu will be receiv- 
ed f r exhibition only — ex. pt such a* the Committee 
shall be satisfied we.-e di.- patched ir -m a dls ance In 
time to h%ve reached the kxhihili 'n Hall b' that day, 
but faded 10 arrive from unavoidable detention Ar- 
ticles de-igned for exhibition only wid be admitted free 
of charge. 

Opportunity will be • ffered to Depositors, on the las: 
night of the Exhibi ion, of disposing of their articles 
at auc’ion or otherwise. 

Articles sent from a distance must ba rareful’y 
pa-kedaad directed ‘-Kentucky Mechanics’ Institute, 
care of Carter*; Jfuett, Louisville, K- 
Persons applying lor space, or desiring farther infor- 
mation, will address D. lUcPilKhSON, 

jy 11 d 6 dla? « »tse30 8 ec’y Rxi ibition Committee- 

Locust Grove School, 


W W al Session on MONDAY, tbe first day of Sep- 
tember. under the charge of Air. Bs*. M. Hirmv. 
Having given general saiisfactim to the patrons of 
the School during the pa?t year, he hopes, by con- 
tinued attention, to reta-n the r confidence lie would 
refer all wishing to sand to the School to Mr. Wm. 0 
Clifton, Col. Wm. II. Davidson. Isaac Everett, aad 
the natrons generally during the past year. 

The School is situated on tbe B rlstown road, three 
and a half m lea from Louisville, in a pleasant anl 
healthy neighborhood. 


Primary Department, including Reading, Or- 
thography, Arithmetic, Ac., (quarterly in ad- 
vance) $13 60 

H<gher Branches, including Mathematics and 
Languages, ancient and modern, (quarterly in 

advance) Is 00 

Board per quarter, for box* only, (invariably in 

advance) J...JS 17 50 

ty P. rsons at a distance desiring to enter pupils 
will address Ben. M. Harney, Box 191, Louisville, 
Ky- ‘ 

8. GnrfiHd. K?q. t j AUGUST ELECTION. 

A*ri*ian: Democratic Elector lor tuo Sufi at Q Sy »> are auil.qrlze.1 to anaowuce u«^THOm*9 

.ouiontav . i nsui- 

Iona; tun?? ar.J p.arnf, and aflorc.- skis fkllcw- Ch^ MceP r o? th* Louiavfl*. Chancery Court. li« } ( 

:i’ *.ZiZ3 up n ibe pili.ical Lnei :f the day f 1 TOFTJHAKLWS J. OUnx »• a eau*lMste f?rr*-i **1^ I I j -. ri A fj A T) } 

... J eleeffcu :-»the Chan-ery Court Clerkship, myl-idti 1 * -*■* -t»ai*l -aJ U l 

- rJst ww, 1 riday, July lltk. ty .JOHN W. CLAYTOf, s* ., of UOMo*--,.?a i I.Mt|Prk 

b-prragtb. 1, Matonlay, Jet? ISUl canJi.lme for tbecSoe of Cou.mM:we;kh *r. rc--y in ' waswata s .» • ) 

Lobaocn, Monday, July 14‘h. tfirsdiafrict. jel')jA*>if I ? — —— 

I’a-.-'i.bbl-.svill?, i aes lay, July 13th. ty"WM. O. PRICE, Jr., Is scan Mdatef.r Ccsum->w- I 1 " • ^ 

' : . . 1 - lo.'. : 

. jtua. .a, Taarsdav, July LU». ty W« ar- i«vior 4 -ed b tnnewnr* PATR.CS C I ’ .... * ~ ’ 

H_?g?v:i.c, Fruay, July 18 h. M AJOR. of Pranktin eounty, a eanjidatef-.r Ccts j ' ’ ' “**•'* 

A oaiiy, .■'aturday, Joly 19?h. UM‘nweaUU’»AMoraey4z.the Plgkkh Ju- 11 ,- «i Dlarnez. I . «v, yi -*■ »v ,• ", 

Monticello, Mordav, July 21*t. ttib- sair.-r .Ura.:-,-- -,o C . ’ ~ ‘*w:> | __ * C ’ ^ 

* ' Wednesday, July 234* , v7i?fT7i Pr res Amoumin s to 910400 

Barboarsvillo, Thursday, July ffatri. Ltl.VL IN O 1 RFiN. ,1,'ai'lJ.L IMSIrI,! * *. - J 

■ sbekefter? Friday. Jalv Uch. Vh ... - - "t * K *''- - - *> *, 

L .nft on. 2i'h. l^OUCd. fcv-: r> »\Ler u<h*i > 4 t*w % m** 

o • ^ ertU’E, July 2vh. ?erioat wiatunir to go to ShopherJivil e by tu? 1 iri« D 

p:?.e r , i; 3i.,y,J„-y2V : h. LouisviH? and Nashville Railroeff, wll* please leave i ’ ' * 

te N te. > „nrgvg iH.TkL. ««mtr I :::::: :::x .^S 

i fin vine, Fnmday, Jnly Silk. - 

Grab Orchard, Friday, August lat. Are You Getting Bald? 

Jj'idc&al* r, Saturiiiv. 

9 j* % ‘ DO YOU Vifth roir hair snR. ii!kw. sml trlnadv 1 


, Uf Hv-rj o.ier :.ckel sure ti. ei 

I 30/ 'H* n-.b-r* 

1 praeof »Misui ^ 

1 ! p-iSeof. lo JMO *, ... 

I to s— of is 

t priae f Lt»o ,s ... 

vrao Uruiixrd, Friday, August 1st. Are You Getting Raid ? i u YrV£ ol . .l...: a-. 

irsocaater, naturaav. Amnis? ’’d t hi t. i . ...1 * 

.. , ,. * % *“• Do vou wish your ha r soft. K'.ky, aad glnesy J tu, p n ..* of! 

ii.-ir of spaiiinj at each pla-:ol o’-.'krk, t. '’-..furs, shsii yi.ur thUra have good head* ofl 

DllB'Ctatil papers pleoon copy. hair! L‘»e Boolx’s Hvreaioa Plcii?. Is year hair * p-/.* of ' Ai r *.‘J* b’a»-' pr-b-^. • m 

gray or of an unequal color ? Use Bov lx'* Eubc-rk- 1 8 , *f y -# *■*«•' l rli ' 

QTWotre ^raiilicd to find that tho tahnted H?*a-Dv«. Have you tan or frerltiw >n year com- 
Democrat, J. W. Suvon*n, ha* accepted tho ap- Cwioeuys.iiMCrniisu. The,- ar? I of ^ n . ' r • . 

m ntnio,,? . f .* a. . . , - , wairar.led the heat ia the market, aw the monoo re- '" ~ 

pc.nUBent bf fcl rotor for Co State at largo, is plow funded. , yLM prize*, snumati-gro “ 

ot the Hon. J. C B'eckisr dgo. Ho will addrt. ty Proprietor-- w. HiKtLR, Bostna. and sol? | *■’•? »*•*'■> P'’-t ? n -r- let nt. rd h- 
±t people at the fo Jawing times and plaoct: draggisto e verywher e. *y»d-a» '^‘jlidnua j; * 

At I-tbiptn, - . July l«t?h. MMMM aBMCTAL MpoovSBW vw IU MMPu?>r-1-.?n- * 

; _* 1 - n.yor’» Cathartic Pills. -J * / 

“ Lmcaster, - . _ «< 2t:i Th*t don’t Asfpoesn plaints, hut theyrar* them. | Poa- i«ers,inK«) n« an eqw.i qair.i ■* 4 

* One box has cored Dyspepsia. 1 ****** d 

Grniiil iiiJiy of the »’e?»uir. Three boar* have cared the wor*' on** ef Sconfaia. ! ,:h ‘ ’* c ’ '* “ * 

pointment c-f Klrotorfcr t! sriute large, iu pi *c< 
ot the H.'in. J. G Brechin? d;o. Ho will addrt. 
.he people at the fuJowing rimez acd pDc*..*: 

At Ltbsr-iu, - . Joi, 18,^. 

“ Danvillo, - . _ <• 2I-*. 

“ ritaoford, - - ** 

“Lancaster, - . - “ 211. 

taT Proprietor- W. BOOLE, Boston, aud sol* 
druggists everywhere. my At 

s?> lr-aw. * : 

r UA' ’ u s er s, in lej an eqn^l -,u ir.i ■ 

Grtuid. £i<riiy of the Venptc. Three boxe* have cored the wt-r?' i 

ILcrjwill lies mei'icg of the people friendly r wo boxes have cared Krjsipela*. 

. . i , n , - , Onjboxaiw-iyscJrcsiii.iJaa.-dic. 

S.VRemeaiVr theti 

■> the election of liat-hanan an l Brecklaridg-, at - T * , J . 

, ,, _ *• ’ Three boxes are sure to c catise tte system from i ‘ r ’ urawing; ether 

Mie t»r,T3 near Jeffcnoatown, on Saturdij, tb.- Boils-ofte-.iteesthaioned.;** i-. 

Jo.h of July, wfit-rii a frro dinner will ho given Twobcxeehavoc -mpleu-ly jarudthe wer?: of l’:t -? j .->i ’zenia,:, 

to ali who MD7. A uutaber of distinguished "otbelegz. i * i'Bra wDciJii-wii 

o-v-..:- flatalHooea seldom fail to cart th* Piles. raJrTei ai W * 

2d.h ot July, wiicro a frro dinner wiii bo given Two box-share completely sarad the wc; : of r «. r- 
to ali wao c mn. xV nutnbor of distin /ui.-heu ,,n tbeleg3- 

-peakers will adireoc tho meeting. The UJus »:iIom fxj tin Pilrs. 

. ...... Hu* 'kiito cur-.-e th: Headache ar.sirg fr'ui a foa 

are invited to attend. 

Lev* Th-i old fricn-J? of (l i ?ij? >1. Clay, thiei 
who voted fer l.iai a: g veru r a lew >c..r: <o, 
ire now for Fillmore. Oio cf then rao,'.rkea a 
fe v dt?i egn, tnat ha wcui l v te kr Fillm re, b-:- 
:vcjc i* w uld be tqvivelen to a v>tc i . rr-?- 
uiont. 1. hi? ram© is arked we cin giva !?. 

Jf.ti/sville Ex j rest. 

l’iia same remark was ma le ia our prc ecc ; n 
few d.-y3 a;-o by cno of tbe shrewdost if *oai 
party. “It kis r,..iua is askc i wc eaa give it.” 

One dose cur -s th: U-Mdache aviOirg fr _ a a 


Strong doses, cftwn repeate-J, vxpel * ery Wo no 
the holy. They she u'd !>c given to children, vh 
always more cries? rdSictei with thi - sc .urge. 

A? a cectle Physic, they have no e ,aal- 
Oneh.>x core? D*-rar. rem-at :f tic Liver. 

Half a box cares s co'd. 

T.icy Purify ti— B!o-> l,u d thus strike ?t th* f 
lation of every 

A* a Dinner Pill, ther. is not t! if eqnai in thsw 

S£T A dosen cr more o# 1 tha mog‘. infelligdat, Lo 
’'nan^riTial and rc r-ectol ci :mi of tbii plan? r.?: 
-vfi.i havo never acted r;-.h tb: I Hr moon* • bef r-, y e 
■p*n!y av-.w tbeir d jierminatioB. in v : ew : f th h;„ 
T.-^eviity of d* :e;»:iug tho Hlv'ir R:pub:i.;*a osu 
diJ'itaior th- Preside icy, ef voting for Bu aa’iai 
and B.-eekinridgo. Wa counted six ia cbo gr ut 4 
up*,p. tbe straetf «i few days ago. 

Mat/nriUe Express. 

They Purify Ui« B!o-»I,a d tho* strike »t the 1b. a-. 1 
dation of evrty disease. L-*ui»si-I 

A* a Dtaaer Pfll.tbsveie not their equal in tHewrrM. i 5 • '*' s 
Thsy are pnrvly vegetable, anl ean do no harm, bn- | ", \\ V- •• b 
•io aecouipiish »q anaccountabie ijicuntof good. ; Pu-tru o 
aST’tVeysr. .Jsy PrJ.C.AfXK, rracttcal Chrn ?t. * u - 

Lowell, Mass., ml sold by J C. Ajev & Oo.,Cl» r i . j 

nsti -’•••the otu *«;• ts Loi-?-v 'i- ,:-:r;n«»{i Ik vol. | 

Mess * *>aey, au ! a D« .l?r n V • •_ . * 

Jy t Jw»idlr she or? M.,r.;x •<*:— 


lurkish Planet 

; * ■ nut 



;<s S> » NUKHTK' ’ 


\ R H A P t 

V 4 »{ H A r‘ 4 ft ¥ fl f A 

Aivr» VF«f*ii:oLA, 

Eertlw corawf Sevefxlw. Dyspepsia, Chronic Shew- 

8TEAMBDA 1 GOODS!! aa''f 31oo-' Ispurtiez generally . 

ililf* ate -STllllil Miut-tcrown. jgv»«sies •'».. Ky., Aug.l », ’- 

v, sou >« , _ ... .. ^ „ , Dr.T xfuax-V — Dear Sir: In thi rammer tf IVj i 

L ' :J ' lad a yoaag slack h i;-. ab:3ttwoyear»oW,sevcsv M 

\\V RFSPECTPPLLV INVITf /aictmi with ?a eruptive disease oft-isae kind, ii 
* “ . the attention of iti.-amhostra-'n onrkrg. vl.:k' c>ly, aad more esp«<*i.-;i n Ms head, u-- • 

. ' ' •' 

•> and 8-1 Linra Sheetings; f, *>, and -4 Gonna do; shildr-.-a gi-outihe sane efthranm- 

Pillow- ate C otto ; pi:io»-casv Liueo; P*-we!r. Nat- wl- 4h^ inue kin J of ervptior.! I.ritsuT 
kui*, T.ole Vsinen^; vrh t»» and ^ol»r* ! Cun'i M *- 

v*riilf;Cirp?t ng, of f-very frrvle fr? ta the o».*.Hr • s* r * 1 ' • i ?; I wa^rec fn.a* - 

5t-p!y ro er e dna ani riuh Koval Velvet. /our “Dr- ia«i V 

CiRm CoviRS.-Htayy B*:irD » k; lu>.t Jo lo: \o .hu** r , 

t B. Pilot Dark; No. Sao^lBo. niSS,. ’ Ml 

• The iQdur.:ue''.ts »« '.re now nffer:ng inth s» gooJ?. ffveorsixb-'.tles, entirely cured hln-. 

1 1 price? ar J quality, cau caly be competed witii o. Ii^.pc-tiiiiiy you.-*. *ii»v - 

I houre* ia the cistern cities. Oall and see us * j .. “ “ - - 

HITE S BMALL ,i?* M ijr,s*r>:t. LornviiLt.tT , Marti 

| :yll A few door* tast oi tue N ational itotel. Dr Vxvohxj*— D ear 8?r: i ‘-sre used •*! 

First CIsj?8 Cabinet- W 

. >..o , ii !o»*uir Lit.? ; r<-wpi*, .vi;> *¥’.• n ihei.uje k*r. .1 of en;pt:or. i,ar.«i IS ,;^r •; 

l«5 Mid eoHn Cfl 

t**ri i)s?; C-iri»et*ng, of f-very yrvlf. fr>Q the cK- »f . ?• 4 1 : 1 ’ *• * j m •’-■ -- s iy# I wasrec r :* !-» ft 

a-r!y : o » e une «u l rirh Kivil VeWev mr“lr Bi* ?<ir*?irj S.-hrMt AfiJU %z%d ^ i- 

Carfkt Covins.— ILayy B-:*rD tk;lu*ht do Jo: No .m.kf v . . .. ‘ 

i B.Eilot Dock; It lofki Bo.ndoV'?. vfcMhlamtew . i the ace of 

The inducement* re now offering it- th se good,. Iveots; xb*’t:!et, entirely cured him. 

!' a: I quality , cau only be competed iritli b. R-*yc -tiu'.iy you.-*. aLLEV jgiwy. . 

hours* in :he cistern cities. Call and s-e us 

HITE fz .SMALL ,‘s* M 4 in**r--t. Lornvn.Li.fcT., Marcl 31,1 i. 

:yll A few doors tast o: tae National itotel. Dr V ?r«n».?-T*»r Sir: » have used “Dr. 1? • 

C J , , . , , . „ “ T ‘ ' , I r ~TZZ ~7“ rsefUn—4 W ss atee i * 1 

iH YMBR '.V v?j SGH YM. lfy Y'lr 

huf, pkk. bias, and gr? *n CAmfcray G.ngha- *•<*& w >s i-*.l teut-nevof-b Mo .d to • e - 

received this day a: If r-: - .- . ' , 

jyl' .1 AM Rd LOW & CO..*l? n 'ke great t cssare ;c reeommeadir.a dan.;; 

-r,, ~ ~ 

rile Fiauiltioth Keopeified. hank.a^dJsp’essaattatr. a 

41 1>! ‘ J • I 

. speetfal y announce to h:» fr.eads and th-* pub- . 

*J.' lie th'.the has ntaiuved to the “M imut- th.”*t * nr ' , T - 

the eotn-r of r.urth ;?n.d '-iaAet sfar’r, <»!• -, F.f sate '.y every Drnvstst i". :'u-j eity. A.i' ! - 
te wi'1 k« '.• ai sr.-e and safi-cf n»?n-tci<*nt of Ct.OTHS •»„-*, z. T«n.. »„i n v.-_ . > u i. .- . 
CASSt. ERES AXD FF.ST/StJS (every va? rorterfe Turner, Esiin«nce,Il 7 ., J. It 
-a sape-i; »!s-,an wait st "’i. «*f ■- ».’■/. :rt;J. B. Morton, Levlnatc::, Jly.: W. L.kiemw:. 
(\»ol)S ' LurlllJia a “ a Oontivmtn’n PERNItHlN i leffer?: nvIlV. lad.; L. HoglanJ and TT. J. C?.!> 
Ttinkfnl for the custia ext-nded to him at Li? -'or- ’ ; 'P’ L wdrviile. R,.;l«yet St ' ! srgr? 1 '? - ’ »:n n 

taer -fai d.l.e will spare ac- vilar; to make the -lata- r r>d.; aa? W. P. Hay wood tc Co., Le».,n rt, Kj 
mot-- tbe place wh-:re everybedy on get an outfi: it Th-n.,,. i- Hr,;ik ir, 

I Cu*r.ff of Si ** •? i 


0, Til, ORDERS 

i .-te sore i, d..:d 



»aiH i 9 HI \_\ Or’ A K'( ' \i; 

.1 latest »t> le and at a in r > e- i»e prie 
N- B. II • would also juforai the pub’ic tha be i »* 
rr -: ured the »-rv ce* of Mr. Ku*th, veil known 
Cutter iu this city f •? many ye »rs, who 11 dtrrs ; .ai-eri 
a at he can pleare the most fastidious in fit as wel; vs 

Hands wanted. None but good ores r.eed *p- 

I’p):’: j. H dLf 

\o rice ro uoxtuactokm. 


T'crWel r.y Capt. E Lie -chart, 8 ap-r.nt‘' 3 <! nt 
o: tbe L-iiiaville and pnwtmad Canal, until noon c 
th D'Di -lay of Jaly, is'ri at the fh,— of tie- Com- 
pany, i --hiu^-n--*' ?t. to cx---u; • tti v f--’liwi .g w..-« : 
To * ':st oil in I rein -vc t-e p jei’ln, S ire f 

•he ?i-le Of tie Canal— the w 

• p • je :*ina S.ier f 
: t j u .- given out ia , 

To take clown and rebuild a portion of the Locx T h-*»Krie book, written in p. .in but 1 tt 

Wails. Hivis ail the s?ce* 7 advice for a 1 

i-» e ?? Te port * r>n LH® Si-vp-vy. ch-*r, and highly succes.ifu! aELY-T 

riTw the 1 ! se 'unty re-juu-- 1. ... * . , , 

Pers>-» wi-hi ur to *x »m tie :*.e w -r’t be'' remoait- wwhoat cru :gi:g of my -ml. . 1 1 - 
ting prop sil*. are revived, f -r more parti ;u -?r ex- mende l to t e itUicte v to he t is 1 fam 

/ ' : 

Jy lld d JAMEB MARSHALL, E^wsh. It il.’i c : • . * r . ■■ 

Throop 3c Bro., Shelbyviile,Ky. 

hFIriai.' • seatas lireot^ 1 to any »-*:* is h 
jjrtrj *:il u'.toolt.e.ors** :;.Me*foif j. 

) aif ii aseodSiwcow 


jcst FPIUSISD thk yigr-ri srtruis rntcEoy: 

r-ia? omt: 

Cna 5 impl! -n a?d Scrofu’v, 

.1 r 

B Y J . J . FORSTER, M. D., 

Showing NATTRE'S TRUE ANTIDjTE for tries,, 
frightful scourges of the huiu..n race. 

This htrie hook, written in p. tin bad tciMslanrer.f 
give* ;U1 tho ceceai.iry aivice for a new, racioua' 
ca**p, and highly sweesafu! SSLF-TB’JJIT'IS'T 
without trussing of any kind, and i* strongly pteoa.- 
mende l lo tie itflicte ! ,to he t-i* I families, Re., as ;i 
most valuable gui-ie in Itarof need. 

It also c-mi ti ? in! - jt. g iaform uioa for t 1 ■■•■c *' 
aided writ Dsxrssss, Hcrrcas. Boon-v Psioxvirix-. 


U*T KEfEIVs- <> 

sir of . . flot f. i 1J ,r . .... 

MJ flCK 

Jif erica V.*%t 


A R E No 

’ : ,1 pro'ap'.’ 

MfiRXF.T tilHKIK’ 
l 4 v KR! HSI i* : 

t’LOJR £? { 1 ** 

mi )] “'•I > M *' \ * I \ » f. 1 • • • Ui I 

4 r 4*i eags(»iUA’ . •*»; > 

1 J * - . , - * ' ’ 


HT>I ore than I )copie*av , * !o, w , 

Jl U NOCK. XI 1C Kb i CO. *d- With lie !**; few weeks. ; 

Z try. 

2JFOLL V.X I » •*? 1 * ii. 1 OL ACC J. ,o Price lu cents. To b* had of B .‘Okie tiers ge.i-ra.!y. 
l sale by T ° biCC ° n ° W liCdlD * 

Trees. Pi-seta, .zziu F 

Lwa F A!! Son. 



£9 Iiuodixen B 

— I Je3 dAwt.vcn* 

BRIDyiMAW it CD.. 
15^ Grand it'eet. New bora. 

:".*J d zl-u Brcoms, various qualitits: 

ST^"i’ILH4 rgR'Sxyaxii.T crt«o in a few day? 

d , Wi«p Broom-*: in *:cre ati 1 for ja!<* he without the use of the knife -rlig it irr.ty Dr. V . 

iiii-c *n>u. • en ... • .. 1 

jyll _ .NOCK. tbICKa it CO. 

1 ^ ' P • 

10J boxes Rosin Soap; 

4’ do Herman <io; 

W d 1 Paiiu 1 I 0 ; 

id do ri'aucy B r Soap: in store and for site by 
Jyll _ NOOK, WICK - at co . 

VAILS. 81 D Kk(iS NAILS, A 8 - 

? w sorted 9 7 .es, just received and for sal- by 
j> H Ml K . \V1C K fl A C ) 

ji jiKlEi) PEAUHP 8 . 75 BUSHELS 

d W dried Peache.jiist received aiul for sale ty 
iyll -Nut K, WlCKfl U C0-, all Main st. 

& 1 ROCK HI r S. 

AK I0<> h v d? f » r and priui- - Sugar; 

1^5 bhls l'iartatioa Molasses; 
ri->J bag; t’off 
aO b'l? refined flugar; 

5 u hait b!s 0 ilden 8irup: 
loO pkgsTe greeu andbiaek; 

75 tuxes Candles; 
loo do floap; 
so do starch; 

7i pkgg S. (!. H,.Ja; 
ft)n do fl F lueigo; 

-tt) »egs Neil?: 

ICO,! Co (' g.:r?, v.ri-ustrinda; 
i«i dosen Core Oytters; 

Q. ( . (irahty , 



' lli* old customers and the pubi s are iafumedt hath? ; A t' T O R N F Y > J, \ \\ 

I dill attends to all r *Ut appe-tainmi to his profes3V??> Ccai-- * .-, T fr, ■' . , 

! HisoSSce i? on the we?t aide of Third Mrert.latsco t r- .. w-i! * ■ - I 

i Main and the river. tnyliidtl j at? iVan-l*? : .<'"idn*V* 1 *' * e ‘- i "" on rf f ’4 

ROEN BERG’S ‘ ““ " ’ *~‘* i '* 

Mammath Pagoerrean Galleiv ~~ , r - 

j If en Maicstreet. So. 551. between fleco:.d tn.! Ch-r.’. ?■' jixll.C f C i f , A' S iff.ili 5 C. 

vt 9 r*t*.tbev»Oswti-r>e y** •-«- »iw? * ? t-» i» j. lei- LQTIsriLLK. Kh'N ITKY IL'LY Ip *- 

I APTWRR89 ^ fiFVTif* * 

Cp-TURRis raide.; C-rilodiotv j ? f r aywung !'rU-ud ,, r L , 

| of ours la?t week— so Eke lung, that when ]*• hand* it ,e-viv > 1 1 - < * y ^ 4 '■ ' 

1 to his sweetheart it jn?t put il’s arms rgh' round her J ■ ' '* , ' ' r -fPL 

neck. Oid Uachel *r B..b. d'wnintric auxeneighh 1 - 4 ' * e . rid , u ... -c ^ * 

i hood, wa* going toharshlstikes.bat when h» (ie»r-l E; p :y ■ - fire s? : or ... 

; ihi? he grader backed out. He knew hU’c would *:»rt I ^ r j JT'. ? " * J tn ‘ 3 i r *’ : “*®* >u fl" ar 

I aad ruu straight down t> the Widow Jouea’s aud he’d I DIRE TUR^. 

never »ee it anymore. J Thir. Uuig’e?, Janr?- 5 - 1 L- 

Harris’* Gallery Is on Main street, between Yourtli j YhoranoH iiunt- JVJ'XIO .Vi ttis, 

and Fihh, but you who have 9we«’ hearts keep el- sr o» 1 * *n' ", . . .... 

him. jel7 P n. t two 'p. f k 

Commercial I surant 


AflMPnitD CarfT*fw 

P.ll Im anj SKlb'iiKiF 

fJlAH s CO.14PA.NY i^C>»> 

D’HK *UK^ . 

luiFmitv ot* l.i>nbTi!lr.i 

kedhjal dkpak- <ti»Nr. 

P. B. .t rwo'p. « r 

£V«*:!re — N rt_w- 

trrrt*. ups:«ir*. 

/% arrival. 



LCNflPOED P YANDKLL. M. D , Professor of 
P!:>'?i ‘I ey a- -I Pa h- |!c ti A; ■- ... 

rf' A L E A ft SIJ))- s 20(IK> CLEAN ! LK A Ifl^KO’.-Ki; 4 ', M.^D . roe r of Theorv at ! 

Bides just received and for sale by ; Pra-^>- o? ' e-iiun = 

iyll T11U3TIN ft ELY. t BKNJAMIN P.. PALMER. M. D , Profe*?;r of Ee- 1 


riilKLr.YVILi.K. ff:\ L 'rv. 

■■ - - — — * * %nd !*’jvicai \ n a* my. ’ll * ** 

STATEMCM OF THE J. LaWhLNvK tf lirti, M. l>., rra!t»ur of Medi 3 thill 

Bank, of Keatackv aiu) Braurlie^, , ’ : r ^ ro ' Z: ^ 

' '• JOAHT? B EI 1>T, M •>.. Pr f : *. r of turo,ry. can - ; n 

FIRST .11 l.l, l'fifl, AROB. »■ COOK, M l> . ••on.trator of A ■. my. I Cw; 

‘ The fee tnr ai.'mis»!in to the L rture* of each ro'e* i eerned 

i-.j sor is *14 (91 ii l ill). pa}»~le ; nv*riaLiy iu a*l*an :e • 

utfl.-L tuts and Li!r?r: fe-* to.. Ca.r, ii. Gra-li. ,• 

Note? Dtsciunted td 54?,!3i „J 

Bill* of Exchange 3,37.',Si| ot ti-’krt to i.e ta* n a: leas* on e bel r< grod-iat 03 . | 

45,915, 7t J BE Rooms ope-, from l?t O-tr-b r. 


T h e FN.srivu 

thfa lnslii uti'.n w.v) iw* 

« th?§ lastii ati -a w\ 
<!»▼ In Bf .V* 


M ashing. Faei. and L .- 
trorj £s. in special j 
S' ns to ewjfDrm to the 

, * 0 3 the first X 

•r.e^’or Burl. T . t 

• ♦•‘If r the session 

.eui> ti'lw j- 

war. « \fc, 

Presiue-tof JItetby Cc 

8usp»nded Debt in Suit 

Bonds of the City of Louisville, 

•5 Ir cent 

Stock and Bonis of other Cor- 

p orations, Me 

Real Estate for Debt 

Due from Banks, etc-, other 

than East ere 6dV-73 77 

As eta roreived from S.-huyl- 
kill Bank, etc., eniinaied at.. 000, Ooo 04 
A-u’t realized and 

paid out 4tC7,000 t« 

On hind lfl.OW M ti5,bS9 m 17!J10 Ofl 

Real E; ate for Bank's Houses lot iu flfl 

Cash— G old acd SiWtr :*£i,H41 A3 

Note* of othe. Banks *71,6** 10 

On cep sit in B nk, iu Phila., 

New York, and Baltimore.... 1.196J07 £3 

1 3=0.431 *?. 


Capital ritock 4 

SrgfLrs— 0 mting-n? Fund of 
J P cent , re?ervd by charter 474,000 (O 
Fund to cover losses on Bank- 
ing Houses 40,670 £4 

Fund to cover losses by Bad 

Debts oS/SJ 31 

Fund for xtra dividends, fiom 

flehuj ikill Bank As?eU I93.0C0 CO 

Pr .fit and Loss Balance, after 
deducting present dividend.. 334.X16 58 

A prel minary Co-. r?e of Lectures w U b- del v- red. , S 4 »F|/a/kl fnr llirla 

without aidiUoual charge, during the awuth of Ocmi- JVaW1 VTinto. 

Ciinical instruction is riven twice a week at Ihe Lou- I THK V 1 K^T D \\ OP 

>t?rine Il-wpiral— an 1 -titulion* an ^- ^tea slvr next. 1 e\ 
aaiple fi-bt fer the study of MeUicioe and nurgsgy .1 I onFirs* strwrt. Iwtwrei, v. a.r, ,j- ^ ■ , 

the bed-side. Ticket 45 — to rie taken once owfor? gral j Tsai? *— S -* j^r , • ...,u of Istst* wvk, 
uati n. - quarte-ly in a-iv*o e. P* 

A ^liniiu? has been establi«he4 in einnectinn wlM | Appiicaii n may be c-a.'^ ,1 , 

the Univeoity, at which eases areexam-ned, prascribo'l 1 woll s {iyll ,{ T , . , 

far, ai d L Cta red upon in pres* ew 01 the class I “ * * 

L?"Gocd ooardiog can re procured t *3 a week. 9' tie's, 

Jy8djfcw4 Psau of th# Faculty. 1 R S. V * J| HURKN A\ f) f 4* 

n,.J Pt>rk a Dt?a<*« far Bale. ' '* n u? t -Vi, ' T 

U riSHINfJ TO REDUCE out P&** t '3* y 

\ uAine-M. we offer for **ie the foilowlny UevcriK ' 

t^Gocd ocirdios caa ^ procartd t 4 tee’i. 

B R. PAL^URsM. D . _ _ 

jj^<ii4tw4 Bw of Ibe fKfllty. J 1^ H S. \ 

Valuable .Mili^v Tobacco S*rmim ? ry, , *p. y^V J. 

ticle of ffeu»; wp;ib e 01 bow making So ftour 

Due to Commissioner? of the 
Sinking Funs, Stale of Ky.. 

Divideuds uncalled for 

Dividend No. 37, July, 1»56, 5 p 


Due to Depositors 

Due to Banks 


Due to Treasurer of Kentucky 

Bang or KsirrrcKV, ) 
Louisville, 7tfi Jniy, leifl. v 

jyll dl 

fall, accessible to an abundance 

.. J:’-'/? ! . Om Port-nouse and fixture?, capabie of slaughter- 1 jy* 

I? i», '^••Bhover-hstol water;* good tme n ' 

a*- *- 


C .nnLMju innunttiii'/in a , , „ viH#«w of woodbuiy. n-w the moss riu.inera point.#! . xssm va, ra Wu nn h sS. 

lODH&H. 10 DRUMS t OR SAf.F theemnty. W - Will sr'.l allcrany of the above ««»b- V1R FSH r **V a I u . .... ,, 

J low by lishmentson accommo'* sting terms. w g 1 . r \. * » » A * - , J l Jy T R E- 

my9 DITMF.8NIL. BELL h CO. ^olars #pply to the undersiriH on the prem se*. . *Viv'd 50 pa knx * of ?nwr„ , ,, . 

jy»dl*w4 UIN13 4k C \A>CN- * w.of «h- fln»W qwaTit e? w »■ on « ^ ho,«5 

ALE. 20 CASKS EDINBURGH laU. ..i i W- ' 

jyll d&wicw 


800 bo* 

AIT«* »*■ cuy v? a- new. wiuiy. na. en’ni n a . a . 

..a A Gal •^^flourishing p’#e», situated on the Illinois and ’ . 

— — 1- Michisan Canal. Three railroads run through the — ^ \ND LI A" . . * 

S2? ^°T«# No. 1 and Family Soap; 

»u boxes German do: forsale 


- ■ ■ ■» -’1111114.1 v Ali at- auiYM lautvmuB iuu tiiv B F ^iV'i ^ > | r u R t 

t0 Aiso for sale, a small TRACT OF LAND near Jo iett. t» mb b#K# whB«,E## # r* . o ,v^ (ol 

Wi?) exchange sail Lots and Land for two petty iu fi-n- i4 d* * r VL’J!LiIv tare) ■ fees » <-▼ 

leby tacky. Awpur I# n wlLi.8, l Lia*?vi le V#xL\ u I/a\I *4- 

A BRO- j,/dUw4Wiw« MLUletown, Jefferpo# oo-, Ry. » my3 RRADk * lass# 


Waihisoto.v, July 10. 

In the Herbert case which w»3 formally opened 
this mornimr. the testimony for tfca prosecution 
closed on adj mrnioont. The '•ourt, th. ugh conn 
set for the prisoner, un*ucccs*iul!y iL-isted that it 
was too date of ihe govern 3i?nt to have present 
all who witnessed the killing of Keating. The 
evidasei vaa substantially th? rame ac that elici- 
ted lef"ro the examining jus'.ifo- 

Tho friends of the d'.cjast't have employed a 
lawyer to assist. 

Tee District Attorney and prisoner occupies a 
seat in tfco do k, and are occasionally ebccrod by 
the eonrerratiou of distinguished friends. A 
dcn>a crowd was present throughout the pr >eeed- 

Tho President appointed Thomas E. MiUer, of 
Ohio, con u! for derdeax, and Daac W. B-y- 
dut h, consul for ri:ra*sicople. 

The Court of Clai as adjourned to-day in- 

Net- York, Jaly id. 

At tho Republican ratifien.i.niu Williamsburg 
yesterday, a letter wo.* real fr.m Jamas Miurvo 
Douiontio Member of Cor g.ess from tho fi a 
district fully sympathising with tho object* o» :be 

Detroit, J aly 9. 

Tho Republican State Convention b^ld at Mar- 
shnll yesterday r?-n .minuted Kinsley S Brigham 
for Governor, and all tho presrnt S ate ofa;e:s. 

Presidential electors wereai-o nominated. 

Arxiarr, July 10. 

The banking houso of L. O. B rry A Co. wr.* 
robbed list nigot of $9,009. As yet, mere is no 
traoonf ti« Tib bars. 

Mr. Orr— If the gentlcmm is not, his public 
position has been much misunderstood throughout 
the cuntry. It is part of a system to itflsun 
the public mini, and if tho gcntlem-a frcmPenn- 
sylvai ia did not vote for the proposition, he ca?> 
a v»!e the effect of v-bi-h was t) irjarc the party 
to which thege::t!ema'i ; :efc;*€S to belong. 

Mr. LP ko n Je. ir»d to reply, lot objection 
from various quarters w a- mide. 

.Mr. Orr quoted the tiitiui ny of Dr. B yis Iff 
show the physical cor.ditir.j, of Mr. Suutnor h id 
hetn rti rejr rsented for politie-.l effect, and con- 
clude*! by a r -'ring 'he que?'i'on -,f privile ges. 

A ijournrd. 

yesteuday’ 9 ratczEiiiNos. 

Tfc- Senate innfe ?indry amen i moats to the 
Indian Appn p:ia:ion bill. The bill ptnel. 

Mr. Mas* r, from t!*e C> mmitteo on Furt ign Re- 
lations, reported a bill to amend tho act of last 
-mm .’i to remodel too Dipl: mstic and Consular 
*y*tem, which v. .r ma.dn tho special order for 
Monday n f i:. The ’ principle r-.«rge* propoeec 
ve ai-klng the salary nf tlio Minis er U> France 
the same us England f I7,50o0: raising he Aus- 

la'' full lui ■:s , -:-n to £12 ilbll; the esiary oi the 
Minister to the Saodirieh I-dauds gft.OOO. 

The Mini -rer; to Franco and Krjul are each 
allowed a clerk at a salary of t 1,50m. 

1 *o bill tor.meud the act to promote tfliricrijy 
in ;fce navy was call od. Severni amendments 
wero mn:>, among which bib cr*o strikieg oat the 
section f.»r Review G. si i Admiral. 


ffocst — The House took up tho bills and reso- 
lution n k r.g Us S<le‘t Co . u uw be appoint* 
o-i to lii-i lire Lit-: t do subject in' .ho alleged iraads 
n coot- .etieg I r the public buildings. 

Mr. E*li«>U rcmsrreithit tho rasclutton charg- 
ed thj < "leers of tho nry wrih improper oon- 
*lcct. tin was auihc -i-'J to „.i ihit Secretary 
Guthrie will not c.rir.k fi. n sa inre*t;g*tfoi,, 
which doubt!»j= w u!i tura iMtalar.ier ani p..;u- 
ic*i falsehood. 

M''. Hal! re "ltel sh ire wm no iaeinuatinn in :i:o 
reS'.tu i i at* u ' 21'. Ciiihcie. The pxeatr *lo 
there •• <m ■ i »n r ffi Itrir reflecting cu certain 
of’ • rr. uii.i tho is I j basis of the r.rorosed irjury. 

Af • r • its th* rmlttioa pass i. 

Me. .3. 11 til Kt, Rurnrtt, 1C; ^,aai Cai- 

A SplesdiI) Flag. — W e were shown yester- 
day by our f i lend John P. Fulwilcr, of the Post 
OEco,a magnificent tlig. gotten up in this City for 
the gallant little band ai Democrats and Old Line 
Whigs at Stephenspcrt in Hnctingham county. — 
It istwtaty-eijht by ten feet, in diujengicnF, and 
bears up< n its folds the Daa.cs of those pure and 
ic-orrnptiUe patriots and state-men, Buchanan 
sni Breckinridge. Our gains will be largo in 
firrlinni^f. The Old Line T'bigs are all right. 
Keep the ball in twossna 


C i C 8PENCER 8 FA. 8 LFAV K To 


merous tr.rnds aid f r,i.<utr» tot .Heir kind iMtu' 
•cnee extenrted Is rim the [^at »e<< »>jd iwp*ctfu ,y 
r ileitdst heis.gsin at lia ptV Mly t> •'.lend to 
th vdeiwsaJ* »« I coosifiiweat*. »;th ImnawSts 
and rrr.crl i*v — *i:.cer*l/ :h ir.kf ul let Ih- ». ry 
k r’i lalfODwr fc^n.'or- >• I pm k:m, be 

V'jer. by »u1ct nltei.Uon t« Si jiiKta as) tie i.tenw.s 
of e> i -ikr.rrs, to mvr.t c »T ttae sane. 

Urnca or Daily LonsviLi a DmotUT.) 

TuiasoAV, July W, Pad- > 
TOBACCO — Bales af warehouse* of S3 hh*l». vis:— 

3 at *5 U ■& S 75. 13 at f- * 7, l«i at 7 u»S *. lO st S i*<? 9, » 
iinpaa y.-, thh>fs ttDe sanu'acturi'E leaf at la si, 

10 45. 1 i at . 

MM % v-Bs'es of *0 hV'S S. O. do st !»’« ■*• V ‘is. 
OljWIH— mUh of ha$* Ri. at ll>» •« till. 

_ M‘>LASSK?— Safes of — bhis p'.act.»tioa *< ’a«aesat 

iales of 50 Vila do *t Vs; snisll sale* tf new 


■ AVck of C*i.i bust 


Honolulu M . IlncLrii dje lasl.Nigbb 

It w. amso .. od in the . -b'.ic prints yesterday 
VR«rn ng th*t the H in J no. C. Breckinridge was in 
taecitj Iharirrtoe il-y many citiirns called upon 


,-ued by the Young Elen’s DemoorwHc 
Tis*<5ia*U>p, cail ng a meeting at their “FLad- 
qtarters,’’ on Fifth, between Market ar.i Jtffcr- 

I strec ... F.uiy ia the evening the people be- 
ta colleet, ee l the Hull, in a few minutes, was 

I .. to wvoifijwing. 

Mr. Jow>* a B. Xiakaid *»' called upon, and de- 
wed an «:x>*<ient and well timed speech. He 
sfreqMn'Jy intarruptod with ou' burst* of ap - 
m«, w^ioti betokoned well the patriotic spirit 
van g the imhled k «. 

■ the imfliuhk of Mr. Riakaii’s speeuh, the 
k W ; Preeten was called for, who responded 
Kctm.oh el great power an! iiapa^iosat# clo- 


l.e »r nor fora glurioas in the ezmieg 

L ally and mrolytluMd throughout, 

k the t.f .’.tBtwg to the ending, i 

triumphant a-gnment ir 


t one hi-ji, acd crasiic* to the fiactirn* ; 
low aspiring to tu*< l’rei’ienrv on the ether 
the coEciu«ion of Mr Preston's e peeah it aa- 
mre 1 that r band ha i been pr.-rmrei, acd 
’mad after tho ad. 


Washington, July 9. 

Senate. — M r. J', Irotn iheCoimnittce cn 
Printing, reported in favor of a motion to f.rit t 
tweetv thous*nd extra copies of t’ne Keftsis bill as 
p»>**d by the Senate, but adversely! to ue in.. '.‘o n 
to print tho amendment proposed, and tho year 
and nays therofor. 

Mr. Trumbull thought if tbs Senate were go- 
ing to ser.d tbi3 firth as. a? e!rc ioneerir.g d(.?u- 
ai.-nt, action t»k?n cn tho various nmendmeute 
ought to bo with i’, S3 as to preheat u fail rivw of 

the case. 

M-. Weller wi-hedthe report ei.Dcurred in. The 
positions held by a majority of tho Senile had 
boea very much tnisrsprosenl' d, and they desired 
that the piibiio e icn'.d bo sot right. 

Mr. Wil-.on was willin' tr> rend to the country 
ar many copies of the b 11 as the m».j rity tesind 
3s regarded the bill a* intended t-> c rry on fb<> 
work which b rier ruiTian* from Mi&ouri e*,u»- 
uietced in M;rcb, 1851. Tho pe*>plo ro ciider- 
?th.r.d it; eni why was not tuia oil! brought in at 
the early ptjt of the aea-ioti, bolora Kr.uras *sn - 
co:; quoted? tsinc-o that time Kansas hi a b:en 
f-vi -e cr thrice invaded, brutes bumtil, c tic? 

k^d, and i me Free Sta'n in- ti murdered, wl,i’ . 
ot**or3 were driven t it* of the Terri: ry, and to -? 

u their way thither worecrx<st«d, di-aruied, rad 
soot back to th ‘-ir homes in the fnen cf f»c a prr»- 
dai'»l ty the Rinses inr:3ti;j* c uiiaittce 
Tno prepoait'cn non b-ought forward tu«cs po*i- 
ti.ics precis* : - c uitrary to those liisnrl rix 
months ago- •• >Mirg out the sppnara^es of fair- 
ni ss und jus , but “koepin r tno word of prom- 
iee t? ttie enr. .d breaking it to the h^pc.'’ 

Mr. Wad* k ground eialUr to that of Wil- 
’>.i:,ir.dwM willing to scatter the bill bro, ,r :*t 
cv.i tbo oounlrjr, for it fbowed tbut ti.e dccirino 
*.!' co elar aoverei.'uty was rt tiounred an ! entire 
It given op by the Democratic party. Tno bill 
• virtually aimUte-i that the rerritori* 1 lc ( i. 
kt-»n was a frauJ, for it lcgiaiited right over 
th -ir hood.-, and Anuuiiad mtcy rf it* a-os. 

>lr. Dough** v.ajic.ved tho Senate b*ll, mi 
*r-i 1 1’ at t ie Republicans »i'..l not v;i*it pevee til! 
iffir ihe fclartion, f .r il was all gome. .’i for p •■!.'. - 
a * tffoch Their capita', f. r tho oouiicg Prc.-i- 
a i.tiij olccticn was blood, and aa an.'f! fr u m 
h iicuc iild not frame a bill r > sotiie the Karra: 
•aid saltier with which the Black Republicans 
w^alJ be si irli-td pre virus to th? Presidential 
elo -lion. [Ap'.lauso in thu gallery 1 

Tho chair called tar bouse to or ver. The Vii 
piLsented was fair, just :,ui equitohle. Tnej 
o.iuVd not deny it ani jet they w* r: n *t v.ti-fi i | 
with it. Hath ught it h. Htla remarkable that 
tfce ilof-ublicai.s, ccTitending that nine tea'.' 
of ihn bon* fide inbabilant* were fr*s State o.eii 
up to tho h *ir when * mbs pr:sin‘ol kis prep - 
fiiior, si.oalii su idanly turn tight a'o u- a. id cry 
vnat a;l fn-c S'.ttio min hod been driven out o‘ 
tbo Terri tery. 

Hale oppwted tbo bill drawing a vivid picture 
of burnitgd veriti:'*, mourniiii; wid. ir.*, and 1 eep- 
i:*g orpaiua in K»n»cs. nittPaing -1 d vus-v 
tioaar.d suiF«ri'.g there to tbo rt-noval of tne old 
UndiUArk by tae repeal of tho Idirsjur. re.itrio- 

do at **> i'i 

■ Isi'at* at «>r. 

HORN 31 A t I. — salct ICO iiu eora tica! at t'Oc, to a 

tVU EAT— Bats* of 8*1 t.a new do At * ■ 10. 

BitiHHNii — Bateanf lEupicCtfSbassiOE at l7?*c.i-' : do 

do at ITHist 1 c. 

KuPi — Caie* of to ceils hand rop# at Wic; ISOeoiU 
at U'e. 

.1 KAN M AND LINdEYd— Sales of 13 bale* Jeana and 
Lia-i-; * a‘ 2w*$139c 

I R'»N— Set. * of 50 toa* No. 1 Brown sport r»ia iron at 

$33 P ton, * me vth*. 

l u!tN — 8 iv< f t *«t. 1 eom at «>%&>- 
W il i .- K Y — - il.- of I3IV4) raw do at '^3,0 
MANIFAC i LRKD TUB VCC*A—S . visa of JaO box** 
K o Jo at 1? o. 3 i.v. 

RTrv— 8 »i<*« of Stcs do at »c. 

_ VKOVIStONt* — A i of -C nxfj pork otflt SO; 
n ) caavasjmd ham* » i .e;3 , Jvtce at p. n. t. 


Large sale of Groceries, Liquors, *i;»-»wjre, 
double and siugle crown Wrapping Pap»-, 
W« 3 tem Ksaerve Chec*e,tnd bijnitod Ciguri, 


» DAT, at W o'clock. w« wHl arli. at A>v-i. a 
K.ikd*. to "to*? several c> f c l. et. t»— x- - . Ktcei 

xiiif uprr Carbb N’Ja. $*> t (4 *c* t 1 -H.; Uur pow- 
r T- .. *W Irtindivs double an J atr*lf . - * 

Y ip t ri HO twaei M.irel L .uer,. »o Obi. Bou-Kr, 
B (a i oil arid-); U L If- * »* "o,.y. r e„t l i 
do ( jupe');7 i)ur-eo»i»» C -an-e Brneilv ; 11 .- . • 

d>U iltMkaiVM Valil»k Ae. UrsakaMp*- Mu a- 
i-‘t 3u; j cuii tin l rt Juke; 3 0 ■ axe* ^» rted 

At h eir past Id oV‘«ek,ft r a-coar.t rf Vt. J«>hu D* r 
*-T. Tur Cu’.t n, ltd.. 39 kvr* W*«t“»e H<*-rr . 
Cb— »e t-eaiih: trv h>m and cot eat eol f- r. Alw. »• 1 tw 
ilrfi t), 29 ,111 iAptr.el Cij rauro v* * "1 trar.d*. 
Zj*~ lersn .oaa. S. G UXA.tY s Co.. 

jTW km tsaaaa 

i-F" Tbo remaica of D. D. rip ear, a mumber of 
th* L u.. ovule box, were f. Unwed to the grave last 
evening by a large uamber nf cur eiri* ns. The 
dei-uneed vru a gemltui n cf talents, atd wo re- 
gtw! that we were not furnished' with tbo testi- 
monial to his men. 'ey by the bar at its tarei.rig 
hs.d yealerday. Mr. S. died on Tuesday mcrc- 
ictr at 7 o'clock, afte- an illness of x ae tea days. 
He leaves an 5nte-e:iicg family and many Irieudt* 
t? mourn bis loss. 

10~ After the speaking at the G.dt House Isf*. 
n ; ghf, lAs bar.J, accompanied by feveral hundred 
»: the staunch Democracy, proceeded to all the 
printing offices exen>*. the Journal, and g»r e them 
, delightful rtrorsdrs. 

j The spirit tutDifested by the large gathering 
| -how h wc arneat and devoted thoy are to the gren 
I principlei of the De.nvcratia party, and how zeal- 
ous in the cause th:y advocate. 

HT A rugulor ‘ s. t-to" occurred between two 
individuals of juvenile appeoraors up toa u jee- 
urday evening, in which a Couple of prob scires 
were Considerably mutilated, nud sundry ribs were 
aruudly piaaK’rd. The cau*e of this hostile 
dctu m-tratioa i.: said to Lai o been a utisunier- 
• tanding ; the proclivities of a ccrtiii; 
yi uug fema'e’f afTections toward* one of the party. 

Wes-elbA* J. D. li*Tum, the tniepep.d- 
euti v !w N. ) candid xta for Julge ia tbo Harivds 
burg Dirtrirr, ie fi.ii making spceehea &ud 
the »aj p-irt of llrmowata cpior the ground of old 
party association*. We imagin', howevo*, thit he 
wtll o*. g t the vote of a tirgle Dem'xrat in the 
D'ir'ri't. Ilia p' c rent pod tiou utterly precludes 
u-rh a contingency. 

II. NY Sr„NE. — Thie. g r.tkniJn ii daily skia- 
nit-g Li: Bio !o:» compouior for Cu&monwcalthV 
A • rii-y, K. L. Van Vir.ile, E in the Pulsrlti 
Di-irict. Van i; a sprightly little failiw, bat ha« 

ii\ Mlil LI. UYHA.V 

Oae Thomaaid V* luxe? New end Valuable 8';-,^- 
Jaii Cbss el, Pis-ti al, Hisu raeal, Bi..-.ihi- 
cal, A !^'ico!'14 ^ '» , , Oi ’,ao*l Sa-ecl'vue Vj ii -.- 1 , 
>ia» Li't.-iry Editno , tivi Ir an 'hr Fublnu- 
ers. at Auetk. o. 


Utij at o'i-jfv< a, win he 9oM,ai th- Aa 

Ko< n>». N". tui Main jtp-t. epp».r:t. IN« Bali on a 1 . 

Hotel, the mc*t vaIuaNV to' —.t-cr. '>: new o*ni :• 
d»nl wnrtt fT«i.f»iri| ia th;* ru.7.X«u: I to Libr^rv 
Ail ether styles, ia tie hejt manarr. and enp-rtAy 
il!u«r*t»J Aracrx them are Shu^rpeare. By ) on, 
3*«tt' Moore. Bur:.*, Ki *t-r*. * r5» rth- M i; 
Camphe.1 Cokqri >ge, 8 v »ihy, Tape, Keatw iraiey, 
l » don Cook. Tl'.' t, C< wp r. TV ci s<«a. Hem .n*. 
B .neT' fl. T upver, 3* n nron. flo I.uiitli, Mor'- 
grmery, C !1 *>*, Gray. Be tte. ViulaaD, Bo.»er, 
.» rasoa'e Krelish Bt.-tlewarv, Dic'i iars f Aitiao t 
Aeiene-’, C< Africa't.r.' ( %rni it lira, Vrutoar, 

>ni" ri'nn Foultry B ti . Xmily Rbeyeli.p-di;*. L«- 
U»nry. MatvrU Hi*tfrv. Uri»er* .t I. wait of L tore* 
t r> kirny t‘ * W- rtJ, irui! *» I. f * ami **- 

1*1 a. Carlv k ' • j , a - a r » ■: o . 

wacaulajo* ar(l'kr-i, 1‘nfrrJ’* a.n.I'Wni. GiMmfis* 
► Rtatniy o J'j-.n. Murray’* H <,ory of ’.h* 

ro.tcJBtat.* M< era Br:i.*h as* yi*>. Ac., ate., Ac. 


Souvenir Ga' : r-y, ijnYr"'. r.iih su -rt> iilisstr^t < 33, 
the Dia ’B.-jusri'. .'o. B>«ir of !»• mi 'ir. ,!»»•: . Jo, 
M orroKa <“*, \i .i«en Grt do, F.iep-aa-s of krierd^htp, 
V! r » Leairnn. Y'-a-e Lady 's O' : d„ Ymm)I ui > 
i 'je-riiA, »iu>;l iwcr »* , & 

: CT* terms cash. flAJil'CL BTEiS, 

jjb <t3 Auetioiio-r. 



LortsviiLS, July I. 

-JonirsoN, maktin &, co, 

J T icken*, du 
J Me Kail, d . 

O H BeckwtU. co 
J W Mi.rrltt, IV! 

W Q Martin, Mo 
It.) Carrier, N Y 
(1 K im'ial , K; 
tv .1 Mra» ner. In 1 
J It etkrl*"ry . uh'o 
A Mnnri-ion, do 
T S 1C;- 
•i o *:■ wen, *1 > 

Vv If IV Alt *, Cl) 

‘•V W llaxney, Ky 
h n*ri;ey,*t'> 

R C i.l Jon* *, do 
W * Martiu, do 

J invjbe.du 

J Rax es, III 
'V li*>ie.- .V Y 
tv Hunley, tt *s 
J w KaffTenu 
J Colem *n, i . 

J Jr r-n Ky 
H i* Triplett, do 
A L Pyu oeis. ,|.. 

HiV *’t tx. *l.;i 
tl A til l. . . do 
VV Hichar : *.ii A f, <1? 

R chair, fa 


tY C D.awers, co 
J '1 Mulliken. tml 
T Halens & f. Ky 
Il Ter an, S Y 
H H .*ir.i h & 1. do 
S ]| fkiurnej , Jlisj 
.1 .t-ii-:*, co 
.1 H WnJk-r. do 
J M * eliiT, iln 
T.l I’h l.j; .*,ii I 
A E tt lid er, Ky 
KJ Xlliott, .! > 
t. H V.,-*tr, do 
tV Tur er- Li; N U 
v - .1 cteven?, iu l 
.1 < ‘ H ilso... stiver 

Lart — Niuninol, an.l held a * 

Oroeeries— There .* mr. ’wat 
rr* stre ly . 8 *le*ofA>ihV 

u^iltiJac. >ff e — Cahiaofitti 
• Iraie — Unchanged. 

<'ii— There is no efta: 

!t*w Yoha, July 10 — * . 

B*or\ r; Ctt'na — i:Cl-v»la..d a . IT.: 7*',: 

K- .e *» .i!i n ,.ud *lti*cni<fi lit: Mich'gan f il 

: ’ . ■ 

- ' - : - • ' ■ 

S;; N. Y* r< L'enrra' *7 ; «: l -tin . Iv.-.i \ t,>:<t (' let; 
Lea'Unk ?S>,' Tira'ini-vr * ?32* ; &**o*iri •>’ i» ‘, Clc* • 
lan.i f. •.* C.ei' i. Co uin'.u*. and Ci- ■ 

china lc't: DeiiWirc and Hud. n Can il 1.7; Irui, 
o'* *3\; Teua. Cuai Co. 1 l >x ; I Lin i* Crrit-il *'* S.Jy. 
Kt >ur- t . - 1 

S. ii:h* rn. *ad $7 ioo * ?5 t vr extr s i - ... ii. 

When — lnesslu; 35 uoc i.usu-ls sold. 

Bro visions — The ni' ket tor t in pork is a 'vance : 
30) hols *e|:!. D- f Crin.lXO bbis 4..! J . L .r.i Kriu . .'.<J 
hi ’is sold. 

Groce.-i-*— The nirltt for xrscerie* is trithout . B.por 

t»: • » 3 - 

tv: i*kv— Market for whisky advanced, with ivies ef 

»f 35') libl* at As). 

Other art: uMiiid c ..-canxed. 

Baltimok*, July la— a. 
F’.iur— Th- market tor flour is sthtnly. 
tVh-.»t— 1 j-»hu soil 

('em— Tn- market far xeil corn : s better; white 6>3i J; 


1 r . -e .«• sn <* ii 


HRT-. r Mb') hal gt‘.’’ r: 1. it tune— 
.ng’. : !5i i-:r’ — from tho band, an' 

1 he -r f •: •’*• chivri ig he w iatroiicrd trlho 
#ncrec>:e xu’ionec whra r npietely filled nrid 
hlookadol ti.e v -.-pts, by J. C. tlull, E>q . of cur 
city. Mr. Orcekiurilge, in a -hart, appropriate 
•.rd deque at spexh, a?!iaaw!elgei the fconvr 
‘“nJerud bix, and gave w brief exporitkn of tbr 
position of that .* a loading parties now before 
ie oun'rv. H - s :.o:?h was marked tbruugh. u 
■that L'rh, mv.tly, eonrtooai character whic' 

* ende\' i b.ajcsp" ia.’yio thepeorlaof Kec- 
ky, tniii out disdneti-n of party, ul to tho 
l-xim-y evoryebe^. When Mr B. hii on 

I -_ , i ' ■ 1 ir---. Mr. »‘r-.-t r. w * v.> •; >r u ; 1 

r *• ,, . . • • .’• *- ' 


1 * •• . ' oir.-: 

re-ient ;• ' r-letr y dt»rrrb:! the a*o*.i«s that 

in the market and nut Ii. lie 

: i r* • ••ri ol * uo tioiSkii 
on riumuor was i. 

idenjratku cf tho 

.or. l.o casteor 

<j w'Ksunon, K *- 
1 ! erl -in.’ r, iti> 
tv Kaituac. do 

DrT i.n t. do 

vt .1 sj,..r, Ul i 
tt •• ‘'I IKh, lud 
tv J N Y 

L •* Klimt, In t 
A I’ blur ouii, I’hio 
.1 C liu'ehvus. f.D 
B T Tiiorni sun, Ky 
N C tVrivtii, In) 

J VV Armstrong, city 


J Liver*. K f 
It Mc.y.e, 111 
'1 -u it'i. 
J C L • Ky 

Vt n- uii • n.d.i 

J 0 T'u'-y, do 



•i»y. July It. allc o'clock, will >c t- Id, >t An 
Room *. No. 5.M '. .: i s re a s *. i ; j o> sr; • ' 
part os folio*'*: .M h-gany arm till sewing i iur 

iiecktry, xi !**, hijl.-;- *1 Bsiittoa*:.*. sill) ciDkc 

tester*, pU.n hiRi. tm !••».•• * it- 
st -su*. Louagea, * «n- 1 Bureaus. cue o* , t* a»i i« 
tv. rdiehe*. Ladies’ 7 net r . • ■;, H.*.bei',i iP.r 
Ln y U rAStsn i*. Fuaf rr 15 - I' , EeuiN P -, a .1 
•r •••«.. s r W.ta a II )•-. . t 

A. >. a lot of fanry r -.*e* t’b ;. war-. *n 
Toy cupa,.'lt:i> • u,s id Kaacti,, Col V, 

Ciroff)*, lDk»tacd. I Ri\ .t'.,s>.er» -cn , 
AJ.-i*, a j. v-i> t dec ■ e * nrr- . K.fle *c.l eiiui-oun . 

_A; Id o'clock, Hi iy as* ilneat nf p. >tu ,. d a 
W atciie*, »e.* . guard. A-ii f. . in’C* ,-r ,;pir*. 
ri-ej, t il Tt:ii.' j, I'-B<i!s m ; Pen t? d 
■ - 

Many .‘esira: ie. useful, and rrr a*-.*et »l *.jt 
a*- lobe foun 1 in lb;* su e, a ! of acd-li wi t h* j 
r *elT s-iH. Tens* cash, 
jy w d< U. C. 3PKNCKR, Aa.l.ooe. 

t-ar Tbo MecC’ci o: South vro*tem Jct-Llucky 
bad a g’. jrious celebration a: LoJ^ctown, o*j tbo 
2t.hult. TiMo trutu iuimanso croud present, 
am! everything pae*eJ iff pleas nt-y. 

1> C vVattlDfely, d . 
4 1. Gay, .. 

B Bnho a, led 
>1 'i'e!ni »rley, do 
J tV i'r . T ? 1 1 ■ . Ky 

4 Foster ft '.di 
Jt H It iJ: •; . <|» 

■ ' mu, >' O 
L 1> (ire.r, Alo 
G tv i l •. Rr 
M j J mk i i w.r.s 

i,i>i !u ir; Docci 
Mist >' i'oy'.ir c, i 
Sti*s (I it .rr.s. do 
M i . ra*, du 
4 ileflphid, 1 o a* a 
K Fin -icon, do 
J 0 l alley, If* 

J G irnc'l, Pitt* 

E II Ti idman, l£y 

‘ '! -J. 


Cclarei— an i! lerly T.-or-a* pre** r* J. 

K. J. BKEciKI > BIW1E, 

: d3 Ch tr u‘.< * el. St**: and^ecood *..t 

w?“ The lb d. Beverly L. Clarke is doinq ga’.- 
Iunt service in t.unlf of toe Dcui cralic 
la Fou'iera Keatcc!:-. 

Fesscnlon argned tb= t thederign t.f th? repeal 
of iba M ir--- uri Compromise v-a; to make Kacsua 
a slave State. 

fiN’to?! denied that tho tn“»*‘.:ro in'rodnoed by 
hi.a ted any other object than appuarod on i'i 
fx ' >. 1*. was to prjteo? th-s inhaoittiui* of K»r - is 
a*. I rcs'or-s peaoo. Thcr- wus n design to mahe 
it a slave Stale unless the inhabitant* should ed 

Mr. Crittenden vin iicat: d his o.iur'a on tho 

Kansas bill. 

During tho debate Mr. Ui^Ior, in ron!y to oi!a- 
?ions on Mr. riae'7aT»r.’j *.* it c.U or.noJ xv,u.- 
nieittat he had said if he b'«ii n sir p of Dt-Ui - 
cratic blood ia bisveiashe vt lUidlei i‘ our. Ii 
biulunia aad tri.d tho experiment ho went! 
have Libil to death, for ho was u Dotnocrat ad 

Mr. B'gler insisted that Mr. Wi:*ua misrepre- 
s-.r,ta.l ih« b i:t, ssi bi'.qwbioh ivaTrctile-l no oonc'u- 
i 1 t ihnt it cntailod maki.-.g ivAU*.ia a ulavc-hdi- 
iog Sta'C. 

•Ir. Wilson der-ied Lo hnJ over minvpreeectcd 
the bill. The adoption of that biii would cl «e 
ihu tpic-.urn rnd make Kar.sss n rlave-holding 
S'-ite. He had never after i a jentiment calcu- 
lated to excite malice ir*. Ka-.-^r. Free fc>t . - on - 
have nothin* to giiu by violence. da- 
eire pcivc*, ei er, xrc’Jri'y r.n.l prctec'ioa ia rhair 
. It I? i t true that th« Emigrant Aid 80- 
v lasted thij »- . V :i . w-.« a r* 

lawful craan./.vioa, end bad spent $100,000 iD 
cr'.'jtiug hvliit a:;:l savr-iaUls in Kane'.s. He ha'i 
h-'ard so much rL ;. ut cb iv-ilrv that with Limit 
w *• acoihrr t.nue for seonEdrelbta. 

Afer furtuer debar j, ihe moti'u t-* *'’nt ~: m 
adopted, ‘.ril las ricnato aej jumed a*. 9 o’clock. 

IToyss — Ctcaphcil ch'.ic i u'0 t to rioort of i<re 
Select CotmnL'-t'i reia.ivo to Brooks' seiau' 1 on 
>u une.-, rbi'h ccrclu-l r. !th res , u , i‘'.n. to expel 
Brooks, k;.J exprsa‘icg <ii*c.pprjbuh*a at ihaccn- 
ductof Eiomn ison and Keitt. 

•Job:*, of (}* , cooved a luustituto, deciaring th*- 
House bed t»o jar;j.Jictios 0T«r the subject, and, 

rcforo.djeuel i: improper to expros arty opia- 
iou thereon. 

Oampbell,of Oiilo,$aid the reoefu ‘ior.? trerc pre- 
dicated on coxp'.aint to ‘.he ll.-.u- o by tbe ricriwte, 
eLargtng that lb - privilt gis of the Scn&’e h»d 
l'Avn violated b; h mciaber of t: is holy ia b : e vs- 
Faait on ihapcr*jr. of u Senator from Muuuchn- 
*-tte. Tne testimony on .he subject i$ fall. Thr 
‘sets, rj i's'.sii in tho report of t^.e rr«jo*ity of tho 
« '•«. suiitte , ar- not con-rover'i'd by the minority ; 
that violcn'''' «*«* coin lii.ied is ast&hlishod bavond 
a doubt. Ho claimed that tho fi .uae Lk* full 
p 'W«r t j proteot its parity acd dignity, ps rcoom- 
mooded by tho mej irityof thu Cot.; nitto*. 

Mr. Cli-.gfsan ri'.i this csstter h^d produced 
great cxcit. UiCLt in the cnuntry. Hi Lud no: 
t ?-n here many ytar?, and had si.en much stroniir 
cs.*es th&;. ibis nf f r .ts when the Huase wir in 
• . . - - It! 

tre», rrmarkiug tLat the Honse did ant take- no- 
U n i n any of them. Hia oljec wes to thow the 
o'.arrer cs n'.rr under oonsideration was roujht to 
b* magnified with a view 'o nakc palitieri! capi- 
tf.i fur a certain party. Ynickicg their sand*, of 
life aK< running low, th-y want to get up a gr.ot 
rx itca-ti’. Thsro wa* nothing to jn**iry it. — 
lie thought iho oi tne minority o. th i 
c<’Ui-aUtco { .ok the proper grour l, and contended 
no breach ef jjrivile.^p lnl bcea crmut’ltel ly 
Brooks Worn ho to F;*eait of Sumner’a speech ri 
il? character d uorved he w u’.l h.>ve to »■} -pt » 
e lltc inD of coarse nr d offe sivo es. ressio.:*. — 
Men of cenrage tre rarely abusive, bat ibo«*> wbo 



k » ,r^ tho bai uc? uf the 'ear Kcr a well- 
r. -, c -.l.lrut* h.»r. l.gooj » .* * will K- alv-n 
ily, for in'ti ulars, to L-ffice .Iti7dtf 

ly!?~ Too Democrat* of Franklin county have 
•rganisrla Dom icr-\* 5 .c association. 

f forth*. Louisville Dt u.iicrt.t-J 
l>«'**1li of t>. \). Spear, JK-q. 

A; a mueting cf the member* of tne Louisville 
Btr, held in the Chancery Court morn, oa lOib 
lay of July, 16J5, on the occasion of the d'-a h 
D. D. Spear, L q, U'jO of their number, Hob. 
Sherr. J d Williams was called to iha Chair, acid 
A 'ex.; a I or Caueday appointed Secretary, 

Caleb v ’, Logan, Jos. \.IS. Faroi?*, John Rab- 
e.*ts and Wa. F. L> *onc; Esqs., wer thon appriut- 
e-1 a committee to drafi rt- 5 oiu.i n* expressire of 
the* of thia lacttir.i;: wbo reported the 
foi.ow.rg pr*.* table aai resolutions, which were 
unanimously adopted: 

WncRXiB, It has pleased the Almighty tore- 
move lr tn **ut midrt I). D. Spear, Erq ,f-.r aenny 
year* » mub-r of the Lonisville Bar. T!*erefore 
■ I. That the members i.f the Bar ron- 
del* sincerely with the widow aad children of the 
iccca*e<] in their eore bcrcavetcent. 

/finc’r-if, Ttat the legal profession h?s 1 .ft in 
the d'j vtcd ;ta able and indefatigablo member, ihe 
or atnunity an orderly and intelligent citizen, and 
h s tamiif a kind onu d?vc-:ci head. 

Re*- J rod, Ttat - i honor of the ipialiHss of ihe 
d oe.-i'- i. tL? members of tho Bar wear /or thirty 
de}* it« usual badge cf maargit g. 

fine’*- i. T hat a copy o! tht-e r*so'u' be 
tran e cii;;ed to kt* /otuily; lh»i tbo editor* of the 
several ncwfpf.por? to this city bo requested to 
pcbli'h tb.m, aud that the various Courts holder. 
,n th - city be rec ■:<:■* ted to sp'ir.d them on iL* ir 
rt - ;d«. ' SHERftOD WILLIAMS, Prsc':. 
Alexandvr CaSiXDAY, .Setietary 



jw gt-ick at market price: 

3>) *h'.re* JeJcrsonviile Rii*. m! Stoct: at mar 
■ v*. k r ■■?. HI Tc'ItlNUS m C»>. 

Ihu O': sat Rubai am I*t:a«ry. — I'm.. ISono 
ruBitco. — “Every uicthcr xhcu. 1 have alexin 
U.o h- u* : handy in ciej of nceidcats to tit cl»il- 

IIsj>t>iv.j’s Rr3sHA Salve.— I t is a Ilosion 
ruiaedy of thirty years’ rtunding.and is rtcotn- 
tcer.ded by physician*. Ic ir *. sure ar-t rp'.cJy 
c*ire for H ires, Pile?, Holla, Corns, Ftb'T*, 
Vairi, and Oil ri.ires of arory kind: for Fcrer 
Sore), U leers, Itoi>, IScaid Herd, Nettlo liojh, 
B-i.i n*, Sora Ni; plc ■ / recot-ioanded by nurses 
Whitlows, Stic.*,!' :&t sr., Flea Bite?, Spider Stint's, 
Frozen Lixb?, Salt Uhanir, trerrry, ricro and 
C 'ached Lij.L.SoroNcs:, Warts and Fiesh Wounds 
it is t» most valuable remo !y uud core, which can 
h f * testified to by ti*ou« who havo u:cd it in 
the city of Boston and vicinity for the last thirty 
year:. In no instance will thi t Hairt dc an injury, 
or interfere with a physician’s prescriptions. It 
‘.s a;?da frt.ia tho p-rvs; mnterii:!*, frtru r. rccipo 
ji'ciiKhtu. m Russia — of ar icl*t “ro'-iag i- tlu.. 
couutry — ar 1 the propriotora c,.veleiters from s’! 
ji .joe?, cler— icac.j'hysicit: «,rraeaptains,nursec, 
and others Trbo h*vo usfd it themselves, ar.d rec- 
mmendit tooth 

*to, r* valuable an) .i-.i'V' 1 
h»* la:-ly h«-i* . 'T-rs t st ill 
-■ *c i.f ’ h »:i« 

Tl*c huusc ;< *n'»u*3iia;'r 
».;*i s>* mSsilcd tfc»> ua 
. «alde-t i.t.r.fu aol 
i* ihirtj- ive ?«••’ fr»r.t ?•< 
3 -foot a'lry. aart 
Vr a:i 1 e\ --cr-*nj. Tne 

k ;.-ha, , And * t r..- irv 

small tot! 

Wo 1»a''s beard cl* scute premia^ by the police- 
'.i u i. > v *ir du'y in keeping order on public 
Ooca^iutiS si .n liar t . l*,t night. Wni *o wore ikuc 
gentry ? W are tcey in the cr^wi T Perhaps thry 

were the r*iib!o rousfrj ? Sara mas; be jubilant, 
ette'j up’ct of d ccncy aad gcod ord- i; and as 


Ki; to Li* music. 


. 4g b e— perpetrated upon a K-. w-N sUe| er 


v w and aoo?h'’»r *lina. l’aaoexar-. Georgia, Ala- 
bama, and lllii o'.i Bank Notes at ! w rate*, 
o il HUTCniNOfi A CO. 

C. C- 3PK3tCI.K, 

Wtlb'u Horae Auction 


Loniaville Ky. 


revp-rt'uliy icfoxTo* b'* 'rieo.'* 

- q ’ and 'be fiut ;.- »t-n' y l.'iat l.e. . -. 
* ;II ev*rt?riu» :h* husises* <4 h * fath-r. ’ * 'I 

bs arc more asere: 
.1 oath.', aai con*:- 
nu tb> c induct oi 

to Uwbuliui si ra-f.t Ac- t.Lbu r. «' ri • 

*•> loua lAUiwi.d opau Ms * ?r -.5 a II 

e^&T* He^ul^r o( 11- riM oth r ?*' 

far ns w*s nuiirs-ary t>> iegisUtire purpi>»->4- — b - 
this, they wi a a heir ham- 1 

ales: const u:c'*, »>■ n.*r>pn»:We Lt lib' Is they | 
m— lit u’.t.-r, With regart to E!mun : .* >u ail ; 
. .whom . . • i 

f c-ed tocc. ;rc -tfc*v w?rt ^ciisy of no disorder- 
ly be'r.avi r within the I 'oVinci: tbs H .ns? t;i 

punish; ntilher was prini. q- l ncr vcce*ory h- the 
* »a!t, but because they • ■ a no t> prevent 
tho perpetration of tho «o‘, or inform 'Jr. Sumner 
’/ ufs danger, tne ce ray t’.'.cir neglect is 
reprehensible, thus in tiic ri. pr . poring to ponSIi 
t - m»n .7 :o receiving u coo dearial ccm:- uiica- 
tioo, fells t be com e a public iofoemm. 

Mr, Feuniug con remarked if M.-. O.Tye* ! erday 
iEsinaated what *.u D:t broad ily &4>?rt(d, that 
me ooj -qX wa*t t'»*r,*ke po:'.:i?»l was ut- 
t .rly unfounded: ia fact, so laros do w s ei.ncarn- 
. j . sad t'acrt-foio he p-:-. * it a flat denial. He ar 
»;ued in support of ths i.rineiplos advanced by ;'uc 
report of the V • , . ■ . Impatc 1 to Mr. 

B: *liiti** parpese, but i;i the eyu of j 
thsliv the west n :.*:d wc.* u mur'eruu* ' nc, , 
ant wirided inn murderous tcRoner. 

Mr. Foster -‘a l he !i*d - > personal ecquiictsnco 
»i-u cithor or Be'. k* f and Louce h: cjuI 4 
argue ciic subject dirpa*siona'.e)y. He confer -Ld 
i v s a* cltar t j h. u -.a scan iu Hcvvan. 'ihe 
HoU'e unier the Cons.itati >a he i no jari'dijtion 

lirti premise*. Il: .'.);..icmsd the iLilioiatory 
srpcv’.-i r-* r:td to ia ^e. 


Buffalo. July 10' 

Tlie K j .'.‘ a* coN-eaticn met tc3:erdoy, tx-Gov- 
crc.: r li edcr praxiiing i’co ohjeot of u > iusct- 
ing eing to secure uaityAnd tfii:i* (faction 
tbr ughont the country ia boh vie cf froeduiu and 
Ks«:u». A eomtnitteoou rcs: latiors w».i appoin- 
ted. Motto! '' a: eoLJUiao i in iiiirov- 

s?j on the wi'oi'gs cf Kv: ;».*. 

A committee of thiiveea were appointed to l e- 
p:>rt a plan to aid Kuosar.. 

A Drier was rejd fn>m Ganeral Line recom- 
tae. ding rmtCv by which to march troops through 
Ijwa into Kansas. Refer* ?d to a committss. 


This n’OTiiinz resoluticr.s were adopted to Ap- 
r' >iat a Na ioo'J Kansas L’.imm:tt?*, culling upon 
; I - 

ihe country to orgr.n ; zo r>*ociationr for monthly 
ic jih ibutions of m -aty hr the rc'iof of K:»tsia, 
wbi U should Dot "a’ 1 ( of $190,000 cvch 
| m nth. Reef miuerdiDg c*cigrunts to take the 
route through Ijwa. Urging Congre.-* ti estab 
I i.ali • a-17 K.aii route? fr:m Tc p* ka to l^wa City 
; ana Duriingt-. n. 

! Gerriit Smith iatrodu?c-i a ras'd utiou to seed 
I men *> Kai’.as tor.ff .rd that .ratcctioa to 

ewgraats whioh the got m ; aeeos* 

| tug tho * J rioistrutiou wit 1 ’ bring iustigaurs aod 
uph'ddersGf the outr*>ges fr. that Torrit iry. 

I CKtii.r r««o!uti<in*, l*;s< u: ra, offered by Reeder 
! and others, were a-loptcd. 

M-. R.;???- spoko wAriflv in of tho a- 1 - 
ini sioa of Ka. sis ur.&or the To?ek» Gosstilution 
n. d denounced tbo Senate bill, iio n-.rde a l"ug 
| *,> i»‘h iu '.ho KTca i of Ki iisaa. And her rirh: to 
I ha aimittod into tho Union uadcr the Kp-.-h i 
j ijvusutut'on, ut tlie close of which ho speke of 
i GarriK Smtca’a re*yiut o 33 a bri. g too ni:r».j 

Mr. b.airb defended them as only rec •■•uitnciid- 
iot: t : seed nn araie.i f ree into Kansas lo r.-i«t 
tie p uied force alro dy there. He believed tho 
ti'im for rcei'taoca had already arrive*!. Ho Lad 
u.revly given all tho mensy ha could spire for 
tKok*, prjvisiccs and agrioit u^al'cts lor 
Kansas, and he felt ho w»j now ca-ied upon to 
! sontribulo tueaus to arm men to send oat to fight, 
j lio c;.nli»:ued at seme length in tbo same strain, 

[ acd was replied to Ly G vector ltaedrr, who w.ia 
I ia favor oi watting a while longer, net because 

*' >r Cairo :i«tl .U- mj»hi>. 

„ _a., r ri ,rt '*' a The .*• t-’'>.!i.l s-cari’cr DO 

viola *’.*ta*K4> ROFK.KTSoN. Leak?, tc 
le*r? i aU.veoc 1'his'lay. ItlhiDst.. at lJit 
Torfreight or pRsiase apply na board ertt. 

j>s * . •: \-l 

•iaiii-i 'o in auj part of *he « 
*h’e K ru,#. 

Ml. »i. IVATT5. Aaetloaeei 

ig s Russia Salve is 
io iarge tin bexss, stnicpod oa tho cover with 
•mro of a horso as. I a di-sblod sol iicr, which 
ureisa'-io eDgraved on tie wrapper. Price, 
oats a box. REDDING & CO., Prop’r*. 
cent* — R. A. R'b'Eson & Co., r.nd Dell, Tel* 
Co., L • a-- .illc, Ky.; Scribner A Devol, N*w 
A*»y, 1 ;idiaiM. ni.l liovwi.kraaowly 

P t fiance lor Iiis Fcrtuaeu. 

*osecu trean aa elver tiee m ent in asoth- 



M., ivo.lflj-:* vi 

7 cspitiiiiets in the principal cities o’ 

’ t. ■ s * . . *. , t . «•.»: :U K.-:- Lavt in- 

r • i iTgey in it They rrc g-ing to work ia 
«Ar<ic*r, and ni .*j than three months there will 
be upwards of t-90 bnsiuess hiu*«s in proce:s of 
con ructi -n. 

The sale on thu 17.h will be very largely at - 
tended. Bidders wo uadertfan J will be present 
Inin e : ;ht or tea dff rent ;t*;es. The escito- 
taeut cve?ywhare ii imaersr, and our friends 
thotild pitch in. 

Fad Acciuxkt.— A loiter from Clark o.unly, 
Mo., rdvGi t u* . f a *sd rcciacut which took piece 
near Williamsburg, in that ooutity, a few day- 
ago. I* ij-'u'cdthat Mr. Bate* wishing to havo 
kis wei! or ristern cleaned c ut, sent his son down 
for that inrpsec. Tie * u hr.i hardly nocked 
tie b'.tv'-n? before ho called out that ho c iulJ 
scarcely bres the end then the iAtber went down 
to rescue the ■- :n, aud both perished t'.geibcr in 
tiie a line impure aiar*? Hr. Ba;c* wai lr ui 
1' -no c~ or.*y, Ky , a u.r.3 of rcsp«ctabi;i*y. ar.d 
Baves a wife sr. i several clll j. o.. to'rii. I li *. — 
T r-r a.- IJ* -* < *st n one a a’ K'm u; an tL. I £•- -:;ion 
of the c 'Urity. — St. Lout* ilrp. 7'K 

F»»r .Ti iinfl City mid f's rit. 

The fine »:cta,.-r CUBA, Mi'.! 
K w aai if- iciiwr ;na -ter. will i -avc :*» a’-ov; on fiaturd 
Iri; last., it la o’clock, *t. 

Korfrcijjiit or i>a*sacc aptly or bosrd Art<* 


“jh The fl .? steac-r CUBA. Mil*, 

**J»i •. * », is abeve nAatnedevi 

ui Id o'clock, m. 

ft *ri ..ppiy onboarderto 


iiifik of Lwisviile nail Br.nicht 

JULY t. 18*0. 

j l.ur.i.-r ra-h. o\«r Sii, laie- 1 
with appro V I »- -ur y . )•<* al.'e 
OLIVIA G. VV A » T 8 A r 
C. t. ct'a-NCKK. Aac i ■ 

For Cairo 

E ” a The fme steaiccr PELICAN, 
Vs’, m:,?t.r, will leave ai above on 
lllh in*t., at 3 o’clock,*, jt. 
ihior poisage app’y on board or 



Note* IVsonuated 

buspciidt.i Debt in Suit 

billsot Ksehang-'in iturir? Ea* J 

p* I* de flout'; 9> 

Do d o do West 31: 

BY C. C. Sl’KV LH. 
h-.u-c'v id and K ' • ?a - > i i ■* . 

and Bcohs, at a Prints Residei e?, at Auetk' 


■ iJ. si 13 o’cl- ck. will »S 1. .' h r * !• IOC 
Mr*, t’us'a. cu 3i*7h *:r- o‘. > - wr w- »rd A « 
(opposite J'.jsun oiresU.thetu i-j tweoc h vl«l t ’1 -< 
su lisGLX ia pi'l of b • *;■•: I. «r . • 

8 f. , U-rtre Tat In, Mi- -*• : CN*i'». To rr t> :u . 
nmblc-tow utim-rbock J i e‘* -i *ot bock. lKu,< 
A L*ce » U'l"'»t uri : I*hr .'t *.:< w 

Core if* Acs e's; t • oU «— I *t.»- 

IT. * : • :■ " • * ' 1 o »r > d : 

, ■ 

Mar Uarp-.i*. 1 !or, 
with water tl> v< 
with s *re it var rt 
aco Be ’dir g. A »r 
ori* H ■ .k* » ' 1 r ob 

tir-i,-:.*; -.t? 

I , p-remptory, a* 
ii.a Monday tor V 

tithl t-> 

t> i' -ruts cosh. 

IsF* Tue Kanw-Nothicg tru.-t .* of the pub! : c 
schoils in L.'ai»v;lle ha»t> r v l Mr. W. VV. 
Uvrnty frtua the poritisn o F:ia' tl of the Male 
H'j’h Scboo 1 , the c’aties of which h * has dt'chsrg- 
t>i viih very greet ability. M'. Uantdy’s crime 
oonri- * in bei:.^ soa - l the cui’.or of the L:uts- 
ville Democrat. — .V. A. L, -.yer. 

hevtii.g. INTERCHANGE 

r. a ill leave a* above on 
o’clock, m .. rositivriy. 
ply on 1 ••ard or 


Due from Bank* 

Cost* on Su 's t*nrl Protest A.: 
K rud »n I c: r-r fit ?k.. . 

I: *1 r>td J Ba- kir-K UoUie*.. 

11- 1 Es*af- for D-ot. 

Ca*H os Uano— N o'es of K - 

tac ,y Banks 

Notes of other Basic? 

Gold ami 8 Ivor I 

|V*The Bj k Blocks r.avtr’ised by Messrs. B. 


,*he Merchants’ Esrbeage, yesterdsy. They 
Lroog t the fotlowicg price*: 

Per Phare. 

ar.i fhtre* Ii.-ulsviUe Gas Coutraty sold for — S 1 -* CO 

Par value fU (1) 

67 Share* bank of Ken ucky *old for Ill 60 

Par val ue lub 'O 

lj fih»r » > o-thera Hank «*f K tt tucky *o!d for HO f 1 

Par value 1UC (* 

6l-t Shares Louis ri’le Cavinc* ios'.itauoa for I IB c 0 
Par voice IWl (S 

Tne rule was male f„? cash. Thi -e Laving Clocks 
lo dispose ou will finl Mr. Henry always ready to 
knack them ff tv fiohighesi ti.iier and at the 
kigiu: market price*. 

Fur Tesnvsse'j JCtver. 

- - ai ,J ^^*a . The fine *f oaru-r RAVEN. 

... KOk- ■ 

6 . ... . I. t II?: , at to'cl i.r. t. F- mC y 

. li *f. 

Korfreioht or passage apply or board oria 
jy- 1.8. M'K RHEAD. 

MODFSTV*^>*7'tA KDINAKY — “If VCU Vlrh a 

ct:*f Ml. Is • ' ad:c : ni.»'or the Coasti. .ttian 
uni lo^a impax ial.v, and in c.exy p.-rf cf the 
Union, giving to every Statu, and every Territory, 
*nd evtry cilitec bi 3 jnrt due, without feer or 
favor, tifsc you xsv -A*: ycir vo--*s tor me.” 

t iVmort t HochetUr Sjtetch. 

able tr Diiu a ''oviit t Ran 
b’% aod tt ictwu* .r. . t«*e*-i 
her ir? c.e*, me otPri B- 
t*r a ‘d- I, a tot of Miser:*.*: 

t'«d t-* fhis it'e. whi-h a 
Pa- V wit' tea** on the ( • oi 

. • cial j 


Auction*- 1 


C?p:tal fit^ck 

surplus Fund. i 

Tront and Loss Account — 1 

Dividend Unclaimed 

Pne to Bark? 

Die Ire -surer of Kentucky fer 
State* Tax 

Circ jletioa 

Due to Depositors 


For Looi**viilr M aut>«*u, C urro’trn. 
r -,x.fT , T*m The f'r.a te.imcr E’*!MA 1 LAN, 
_ L. L, -- lift i ■ (3. CI : ae, mas^fr, wi!! leave Loni*- 

vi'. le e«-r> f ucoday, llursj y, and s»;-r:.ay at 1 
o’clock, *. j*. 

Forf. 'eight *r passage apply on bo ard or to 

1<*’,9-K -‘2 

3,77k 50 

:«J^77 10 

5 , K 0 OC 
931, »t 00 
1*2.3 4 KI 

izr a man n it moo J .Ln W. Coffee, postmaster 
at Fairway, Green county, is charged with r .h- 
bing the mail. Mr. Broivtj, special L.ail rgent, Lsd 
a writ issued f-.r his arrest, bat the officer to whom 
it wa* dircc'ed not having *i» en u ;tt to keep the 
metier to himself, Coffee got wind of what was go- 
rg os and fled to part* unknown. — X. A. Ledger. 

Pcr-mpt. ry Sale of Til <*« I'fts’on i*> -; r. 7 . 3 ^ 
Street Buildiitg I-*ts at Awti n. 


■ iKh. at* o’, will be s-.'d, on :hr p; mi* 
coai-iienricir wi'b th- first nos*,d L: f. thre* neatt’l 
ard well l-*ea'el Bui-L: 4 L'.t , *i’ v* e I aa follwwa: • 
kl. No. 25, en tha e*st * ’e - f Pr- v-'-n *(ra-t- 1 *>tw- 
Umpion in* Prrck iuri*f ce, I'-Vetfr-.u: by ! 7?-, ,K 
t** an alley. 1'!*’, ire! a uih » f*it *r r*u lr 
Nos. 36 anil ok, ~t f -e : fro u l -**- v ly 04**3 deep *■* 
MV-. on the *- uih ;ice -i Lamitcu st.««t, b»tw- 
Hanco ck and Cl*y 

ty fh.* p:. ;• r:v i* unmi tskaKy d C; it ’e 1 
nr; tb • • *rv res-rve whatever. C»u»l 

in* nd speculators a.ll cotsu’t 'h: ir iutere-u ly 
tecdirxth'a sale. 

7 isii — One-;Mrd each. balance u s ard 14 moot 
wuh in’erest asd lien 

jy9 da C. C- SFENCEK. Auctioneer 

For t)wt'n«hnro and f'vau-v tile. 


q-T* 'x The hue and regular p— seagmr 

• - -rMlwr"''- ’ DIAMOND Holeroft, mu: er, 
will leave os aLove op Friday, llrii iasL., a: 3 o’clock 
r *. 

f.-rfr*ightur pass;\ge apply n h* ard srto 
jjl) i. fi. XOOKUBtr.or 


Profit and Loss, as above •l.-0,&4b **4 

L-«s 5 per ctnt. dividend on Cap- 
ital..^! St.uW CO 

Present Surplus ♦ 6J 

A. TURCaiON. Cashier. 

jelO dlsi wl 

Asotreb Dkclk>*ion.— J ohn Hkilett E.-q , 
thefiiliu re Elector for the Zanesville District, 
bra sent in bis decleuicn to the National Cour - 
cil,er.d avows his determination to rapport the 
Fieruont tend Dayton ticket. — Cin. Co • . 

ioocand that the man Crockett, who made a 
Knivt N 'lfcmg rp vch in the rounhou-c yard 
nigotr &L*rc l«it, wis trca.el rather rtabbily by 
bis owr_ paity. He was not w .ited upon to the 
place of peaki;.g ; Le wa- not c c ir’ed uyon the 
aUtni ; he was not ia'.ro.iac‘'i to the nudience. 
A i.'.rgc poriiou o* tfce crowd hr. Jn’t heard wbo the 
^rc'or war, and the remainder thought they had 
been impc.*c4 upc.n before, Crcckett spoke h*'f an 
hot)'. We dua’t* -*p,.o?cCracke« will ereak to a 
JUvrieville Knuw-Nothitig au-iieace agsin scou. 

.irir 1, l c i<’ 

A Preparatory College 

( per.ed in Sc-.t’ coun’y. Ky., in the first we»k cf 
Peptembcr n-xt. This irutiiution i* on thi frai.ifoit 
and Georgetown turnpike, only four hoars fr 'm Louis 
villa. It will be under the oirectior cf the uniler- 
skiie.i, a«.-is‘.ed tiy rompewat teachers. H r t-iras 
aoi .0 I -t tr inf rmotion. app y to Webb, G;ll k Lev- 
ering, £21 Main strect.south side. 


BGhopof CoviDittcn. 

I*Dli'*ti Court 

■OK. 0. w. JoHKfiTON, JCDuB. 

Trcrspat, July 10. 

Coro’th by ilary Grur keimnyer vs Cfca«. Grunk- 
elmeyti, psace warrant. Bail in 5*300 for three 
m nths. W irk-hr.use, 

John Woleh, drunk and abusing fcis family. 
D*il in$2il>fl for three months. W. rk-housc 
Fat rick Hardy, drunx and fiirorderly conduct. 

Lc-lie lieckwi’.b, dis rdcrly conduct. Bail in 
$3 >0 tor six months. Work-uouse. 

Com’th vs Andrew Kliugely, iisaj.'itment. Jodg- 

mvrr. cos ■' 'sect hqu ficed $80. 

George Ii • in* ju, drunk a id disorderly cocduot 
O *n r*coxt. rsuce in 1 100 L.r three mouths. 


jy 3* 

Ninth st. Tobacco Warehouse, 

Corn or of Main rtud Ninth *treet*, 


ft ly proprittor of Tcdd’n Warehouse, and 1 j 
Tobacco Inspector in 'bis city , wou'd Inform the Plaa- 
ters ?ad bhipv'er* of Tobacco that heri now erecting, 
on tile corner rf Main anil Ninth streets, a large^K. re- 
proof Warehouse, and will have the »aae conirleied, reodv f..r the reception aud sols of X vhaoc'-, by the 
first of Jaou.jy. He will advance all charges a-d 

V,rchari4:fS xcae-atij , at ;.is r.i r-.p.-'vaier s.aeDoe., : 
suires ot MerchanU. Merchants’ Exchange, an J else- I 

W Kj C trvnsacM t strictly corntnisiien Lo3ices?. and j 
w.'!‘j‘'-r B. al Estate, Stoi fc*. Bond*, tn*t every de- ' 
script ion of 'derchan ::e, it cither priva-e or auction J 

5 ti*. 

tj r H(ruI»l semi-weekly sales every Monday and 
T hursd ay. _ . . 

t dr"?* ecial au " *n sa'es on any day rwquin l. 
t-i “Ihe favorable location of bis place >f business I 
b-ir.gin tha verv centrj of the mercanti’eeoramar ity, pe'u'nar faeiiitie* fur the disposal of oil Kind of | 
properly adVA.itagevutly. 

In addition »o which in experience of over thirty 
y-ar .<lev:te<t to mere * a t.Ie pursuits in thia riiy, sue- J 
0 , -f aliy cairi-d on, will give some avanraoeeto mer 
charts, manufacturers, and other* ruliaums tun with 
their bu*. :;•••*, that proper attention will be given to 
their i-terejls. 

C-sriAcroant sales will be promptly rendered and »ec- 

tl «t wi thout delay. 

l^*Cc neignme ;.u r- speetfully solicited. 

an ordinary 0.130 of Gssault and battery. 

Mr. Brocks violated the spirit of that Cnc.-ti- 
lution ho had sworn to support; tha. Cons’.ituti -r. 
which prelects a Senator in the freedom of gpceoii 
and drWtfl — tl.o Senator being beaten aod l»f; 
(Lipping in blood, ff*r having doa >uu:cd tyranny 
and slavery, which tnak-s racrcbendl e of mor- 
tality, ho was felled aud tntide to Lloed. A blud- 
fpra wig n«ea, the weapon of barbarous age*: tho 
irstrunmit wss ia per r e:t keepieg w : th the act. 

Mr. Brock* expro^seil his gmtiflrauon that 
Bingham had disclaimed perfODal ut kind ne**, and 
a ked him whether ho understood him as <*>yi&g 
tb&t he (Brcoke) was guilty oi moral turpituio nr 

Bingham— Tha*. eoaridorati jn never entered in- 
to my mind. 

Brooks replied that it was altcgriber satisfac- 

Com’th vs Jena D wyer,iu4irimtat. 
at defendant’s coats. 


ty Groceries, Liquors, Glassware, Cigars, Klcur, 
fi.xia, Ohio Cheese. w;ta a variety of other Groceries, at 
Auction Buyers wilt rccolle-tthat *»es*rs fi- O. lierry 
* * [ tbssl ve at Anciion Ho m*. tUl 

(Friday) nioming, at lO o’clock. Look out for bargains, 
aj every article offered will bw positively aold for what 
it will bring. 

tf'V( invite the attention of our readers to Mr. C. 
C. Bpenccr’s sale of Watches, Jewcry, Furniture, 
China, Fla-ed Ware, thi* (Friday) morning, at 10 o’clk, 
a - his Auction Rooms, No, 640 M iin street. A Chest of 
Carpenters Tool* acd sundry other desirable aiiicles. 
are inc>uled in the aa e; alto, Double-barrel Kllles and 
Shut Gun*. 


r est market price for Wh»it Corn, in'* Rye, 

delivered a' our mill, oi Sheiby *trt«, oetwesn Jo. er- 

*7y?^3m r '* n ‘ BRAWSKR. fiCHWlXG St CO. 
[Frankfort Yeoman, S :elby New*, a-d Bareistown 

Too', er, Bratnic & Co. . Bankers; Joan Barbee, Bsq. 
M tvor. 

CiuoinuaU— John C. Buckles St Co., Chenoweth it 

I.ewCrLans— Cobb, Martin St Co; J. P. Whitney k 

Mobile — Milton Bouilsaet, Esq. 

Boston — Chenrry st Co. 

BalPmur. — 8Uiw & Frick. 

Philadelphia— Carmh- Terry ft Dew. 

New Yor*.— Wicsiuw. Lanier ft Co , Jonathan Moore 
ft Co. Jell <Wm 

Gaze leeop* advertisement to aaooatol 

an d rharge Democrat. 1 

» HOS. I'Gd ELI, 


Mer7hant.No 8P1 Market street, between Fill 

’ Cash tivtsstil oa eousla 

c6Q?e ho thought it hotter to watt until aj ea-.-c- , 
jive blow could be struck. 

If it had fallen to him to use the power of the 
G .vtrnmect, bo would not havo waited, hot the 
o^presersof Kansas would h*vcloag ere thi* boon 
converted into heap* of dead men on the field* of 
Missouri. Ho wag therefore willing to wait until 
th-y had p-wer. He would have thus asked, but 
did not wish to giro the South notice of their in- 
tention by unrobing armed in the Territory. Hs 
would have been an eretuy to have first gave no- 
tice to the blow. The free Scale party lake the 
ground that they will exhaust ail peaceful reme- 
dies. Thai beingdono, they will resist to dea h. 

Garret Smith lUggestod that if this chain of 
reasoning be cor ret, the Convention should set 
with closed door*, as tho South could not but 
know that s nicthiug was to bo dona, whoa reso- 
lutions pss.-cd for raising |100,0i)0 per month. 



W. »r.*tor of the Estate of Frxr.eis Quinn, being about 
to call on the Louisville and Fr*nkfort Railroad Cc.. 
to jrsue new certiiicate of the c apitsl stock of said 
Comp-ny, iu lieu of eert'ficale No. i,fvil. lor l. shires 
d»t-d August lotb, ISJ4, which certificate ha* been loit 
or destroyed, nails on all persons toshow cause why 
said new certificate shall not be issued «*pw«d. 
tayfiS dlawfi tY. P. BKNKDICT- 

and Broox.oouth aide. 


Orr said Bingham, after indulging in a beauti- 1 
futparaxysm a*serto»i that Sumner was stricken ] 
down in consequence of pleading, set up in behalf 
of the injured poople of Kansas It wait tltempt- 
el to bind u co auch an iinpre.-sion in tha public 
mind, hwihit wa-7 not true in point of f»c’. Sum- 
ner was punished for librl on South Carolina, and 
slacder on Butler, the ancient relative of Brooks, 
who so in r ormed Sumner. Franklin wa* right 
when he said Ireodom of speech was freedom of 
no more against a Senator 

" ( ‘ ' ‘ ’ d- 

der* agaimd private individuals are often punish- 
ed by blows, there being no rciB'dy at law. It 
was not true that was struck down with 
b bludgeon. The testimony showed it was an or- 
dinary walking cane, snd witne^ testify ii g that it 
w as one inch thick above, and five-eightbs of an 
ioch below. ' 

Fair play is a jewel. The design cf the nns- 
repreaentation is to operate on the Presidential 
election. YFho evor heard before of a personal 

LonsTikue, July 10. 

Meres Mr.LeI|ftn,’fiummons, Cincinnati. 

Kicma Dean, Cline, Carrollton. 

Clara Dean, Reel, Pittsburg. 

VV. 1. Juacl&r, fit. Louis, 
fihenar.go, Cincinnati . 

Vio’.et, VV bee ling. 

P.Uca,,, Cairo. 


Emma Dean, Cline, Carrollton. 

M s e* McLelioo. Summons, Cincinnati. 

\V. I. M aclav, Cincinnati, 
fihenanga, St. Lour, 
i’rirat iionua. Cairo, 

Violet, Nashvihe. 


Commisdioner’s .\oticc 

V. M. Porter’s admiDi*tfat.:rs. pi’tffs. 

Y . M Porter’s he n and crea tor*, def ^ \s, 

B y an order of the butler 

I Circuit Court, mad* in this cause at its May 
t-rai, IV*;, I waa appoiut-d Commissioner to an lit and 
settle the claim* against the ertate of Y. M Porter, 4e 
cease<i, and ro rake proof . report, fte. I ther fore noli- 
fy oil creditors of said decedent to produce ant fl * 
their claim* and evidence* of debt, vrep-riy autben'i- 
rated, before in-, at the law offie* of Hay k Clark, in 
the town of Ky., between the Ah day of 
July, IXs6, snd the 1st day of October next tfteieaficr 

L. xiugtnn car.*, it oca taut in his *’-tenti.M»e to this j 
efice. Hi always loaves Cincinnati pep-r* upr . 
cur table in a vrmee of the mai„ 

Drown kd. — A colored men was drowned at j 
the ferry lending ye et ccday He had [ 
driven bis horee into the river for the purpose of 
washing him off, and get beyond his depth. We 
did not learn the name of his owner. 

fST L. S. Trimble, Etq., is flayirg the Rin- 1 
dots alive in the first congressional district. He I 
is a oat. dilate fur Commonwealth’s Attorney, and ; 
will and ought to beat his competitor cute: sight. 

IHT Adams’; ExpawW C mpwoy again place* 
a* und or eUigaiinns for file* of late paper* from 
aU section* of the country. 

rjj* 51^ scholar? of the l*ouirviIle Male High 
.. are r>.q vetted to meet *t the College Bail- 
* r g thu ». , iT)) ^ y^iday, July 11th, ut 2 o’clock. ’ apJg 

In Equity. 

dr. J. a. McClelland, 



r^tVdK&K. ff ngr.n Jefferson street, south side, be- 

Franklia wa* right 

cudgel. Thi* was _ „ — 

thaa agairif* a newspaper editor, foul si an 

ed by blows, there being no remedy at law^ I 

u„ ... ' ' “ 

e bludgeon. 

Itwcen Fourth and Fifth street*. Lou;* 

3 -i>eriainingtotheDentalArtperform«d 
reful and thorough manner. 

Adjourned till afternoon. 

Baltiuoks, July 10. 

The State Convention of Old-Line Vt higj as- 
sembled this me ruing, and was temporarily or- 
ganized by calling Judge Weisol of Washing’on 
county, to the Chair. Hon. Alexander Kxndall 
wa* afterwards choson permanent President. 

A committee on resolutions waa appointed and 
will report on tho re easembliugof the Convention 
this a-’icru'.'io. 

Adj turned. 

CmcufWATX, July i0. 

The river ia iaUtog, with about 0 feet water ia 
tbe channel. 


MY F.. H. McCORD, 


every deportment, and l? s»w open for the re- 

Itlnn of hoarder* and traveler*. »pl »»f 

B acon and l.akd 

ZaC Mftcklin’* fiuxar cured Hams; 

300 Ore«on Shorps-oured do; 

Ho plain do; 

90 uo fts Clear Sides: lObbls Lard; 

Al*°, Country Lard, in jars, fer families; 
jlnajoreandforeate by B iTT PON, 4» Market st. 

g *1 l7fcrii V 1 N EG A U. 5o B B L S 

Yi.f ho, ~ Ci4er Tta it f ar ^ *. 

Jefferson Female Academy, 



I Alexander's Interest in thi* fiehool, the sixth 
rmi-e»ni*l rnnon w.U open on the first MONPAT ia 
eptember next. Applicaibin for board in the family of 
if Principal thonkf be tmrlp oaW Jsjim <H- 
myhJIfcwtd G. W. BRUAH. Pftn«inal 

Cvn**anJneni*reapeetf , «”v solicited. 

JOB T. fiCRiOh. Aa,-iioneeT. , 

Mo. *> V-iwrth wreet. Ky, 

O. H. fitrettou, 

J-o «arrent, 

J-'l.a D. Pope*'. 

MirahaU >M-t«rt* V 
Will Watbina* 

James C-fiine 
Vo»*r<i. PVather ft »mt 
ftCe-t J. M Martin. 

AY. 1,100 BALES HAY, A NO. 

1 , now in store and for sale to customers at 6 « 
per hundred round* er » 14 per ton. 
per in. u urea i- R mJL’KNKK. fiecond street. 

30 B» !oe the G aR Ho use. 


^tacks for sale by URL ft OO. 

John Barbee, 

T. H. Crawtcrd. 
t- D Stand; ford, 
Alex. Duvall, 

J. C Bloacagniel, 
fically ft “ 

J. !L fie" 



. factored and sold by 

(formerly J. Unime ft Co.), 
M^n street, between Fix tub and Mirth. 


Bax* for tale by fmy»] R. BUCK-MU. 






<» fit v sou {Spring. 

1 ,'EK.I.IMJ OUATKKUI. Til ui'H 

• old friend, who h«ve patronized onr Watering 
H»ee. *nd desirous of addng to oar I'M cf vis tors, we 
would *orroune-rt>t ' o‘l c generally that weh-ive 
el' thing* reedy for t:.t ir reception and tccomm. da- 

All who have visited Orsyson will readily tell their 
Trie: (1« that Grayson w»t«r* are not . nlv pi asat.t, 
hut conducive to h slth whenever <!• bil ly i-nAnils. 

■ the trial, and yo j will be convinced that Gray son 
w ter* are wor-h or.nk g. 

Our t - will h~ supt I with the verv be*: that can 
be irocurod, »r,d our I ar furn'shed with the purest 
liquors, whi-s, kc., an agreeable young man bt- 
Inn the counter, with a good supply of ice, also good 

And onr stable well pr' sided wi h provender and 
carefu’ other* 

Messrs Carter it Thomas put their stage line rn 
from K’'w>«tU«vn to Grayson Spring*, on the 15.h, 

a* * regular conveyance. 

T^r- will ais- be » c ir.necttng line' etween Grayson 1 
►;r.ngs end Mammoth Cave durirg the sumuer 
tall. 1 

’i error as hereufore. 

i. F. 8 TMB. 


Kockawv'n, and e«. No. d99 Main r.rert, 
<ihove First, L«tina .'ilL , Ky., «roald inform the* taat fen 
,^ c lias ii* luptri- r light 

, so I i 1 N o Buggies ir.'Cj the following manufacturers: 
Mess.* Brewster A ho..*, New York. 

'fin. I'u.tUp. Philadelphia. 

G. A U. Cook, 

John Kitts & t o.. 


“ elry, rware, fcc , i 




/ Dealer in Fancy Goods and Perfumery, No. t>7 
Fourth street. j* ip 

to THE Fas 
• SV lJ.Lt. 

1TK P.-ur-hand Market street, received this morn 

by AdAms & Co.’s Express— 

Hoop Skirts; 
llelting. in a’l colors; 

Mosquito N- tv; 

Black net niit., an excellent assortment; 
Embroidered S«iss 'luslin, 

Dj Muslin Basques; 

Planl and striped Naitisoog Muslins; 

Harsad e , frr unking Basques; 

W hite Orsrsnrii- Mtmin; 

D» Brilli.ntin^; 

Dj Da - Ian. for making Skirts; 

Do Cotton llose. a 1 trr-stoi-as 
Lucie*’ and Mis*- s Lis’e Thread Ilose; 

Plain Naiusook and Mull Muslins; 

White Silk and Cotton I llu ion. 

We are offering great srgains in fa-cv Silks, O r g 
die. Muslin Kobas, .rented Organdie a",! Jaconet A 
tins, Lace MantiUas, fee .Sc MILLER & TABB, 
JylD Coruerof Fonriha-id Market street 


e have in stoke and are 

J , , constart’y adding t->ourlnr.-e a soriment of 
latches ana Silverw re which we niter at the owest 
ish pnci s. . tr.nge * vi = i mg the ci'y are invited to 
tauiine our r-t jck • . f -r na .. g the r purchases. 

JJ H Ji MIX KITTS a CO . Main street. 


AND 1 

Baltimore and Ohio Railro 


d-d which through tickets to 


can be procured, to which point, as well as t» 


it i* the SUORTSST, MOST DIR8CT, and in eve 
spect the 'Dost reliab e route. It is the o^ty ton 
which pure has^rsot through tieietsto 


are enabled to rea^h ’he cities of 



at the cost nf a ticket to New York only, thus ec 
*w» nett ra**?! an»i Invclers for pit > <k5ur«or liforra 
io vis i foil ol the principal Ca. ■ i ri in • l’n *» . f*» 

COST THAI Cam Be 0»F< K'lCi) »Y A«i OIIIaR KOI 

In a Mili n to l.e*e greet, the ii 
uirut, ollere i to travelers in lli pton tt and 
aatiag mei t of trains •> i this roa;. m :»l n ; t- 
tight .. ; ad-.ej to <Ci.b he gra_ ear of the 
oi ioc l*e met w tii in nivanins - - . j,|* 
and kibu P.ailroHd. are sue as are ..ff- raed I 
other line of tr»v vl in the world. 


PAS9RKUKRW GOING KAjT from Lonl«vil!, 
proceed by t r ie U. ihaiI »vti citdC hcu.ih 
ther . l »e tlit 'Utird ul tu«’oiiaec. with ; in line, c* i y ;be Jt;iirr out He Uai /oa4 
nrrivirg in time t cji*q c a uii # ti er l ie »> a m 
N.« or6r m trKinoflh a. : i- Hi»mi IU • - I 
uicboH, coftii elm ' t hr*r~ * i • ' » *• L'-Mr i •» . 
chfo'l>li .NcWule i*iti Z viir-v l «- lor U. a l Air, do Ult 
four railed fr ui Wueci tiftfr-jialhi' \ . • :a 

wiiliihe UutiaAu.f ani O.tio »*A.r .it 

At V\Lc. iiL^, »r ItcItlTl.Oj, l ».f CAii.N . . \ 


^ fumcrv Bilrn of a Th-'a<ancl Flowers, nai.-Dye, 
B ill's Sar.-uparilU, Fancy Soaps, Host tt r s Bitt rs, 
Creole Bitters, 8 .hielam > 'hrsnt s, iic.. at 
Jy 'll RTNGGOLD’S, ’7 Fourth sf. 

Ne- Haven 




»•?! d*w rtt Third wtrcpt. 

| ki:ci- i v Ki;, by express, 

„ n, ‘ eleg*' t as. oHinent of Plated Ca-t rs, \V at-h 
Baskets, Ac. 

L 9 JOHN KITT8 * CO., lliin *t-eet. 

1'k.K, O-olA 


did KSiortinerit of '’oral, Cameo, Pe*rl« F’ri h 
and Felagreu Jeaelry, to xv’iicb vre call tb*e attentiOD u 
the ladieB. 

b* JOHN « ITTg h CO , Main street. 

ft. BiCCS & CO., 




1 ii**.' .i i i* 4!‘ii dUT lisfi) IV 


■■ e tahli: -U % 't»ge Ac » rare ion 





Watches, Jewelry, and Silver- 


nrat opeosiTv Bass or iti.srrcKY. 


Whoiesaie and Retail. 


Finisher . *-d msonracturer* of nil kinds of 
M o • k \ o til FIFTH 8TKKET, between Msin 
arkel. Louisville. Ky. apli.jatw3m 


new styles, for sale hy 

JAMES LOW A CO ,41SMainst. 

Owrn‘« Hotel. 


that this well and favorably know n Hotel is clos- 
ed on account of the de .th of its late pr .prictot, this 
Is to iufoim - ur friend* and the publie in genera’ that 
*ueh i* not th« case, but the busi .es* will be rondui ted 
»y the family. Th-nkful f..r the very lit-era 1 i -itror. 
at- heretofore extended, we hope, by *tr;U attention, 
tod* want* of our gu-sts, to merit a of 
(Vsui,*. fanieilKwJ M K.OWKN t ,j»). 


assorted, on hand and for m 1« by 

isw^ JAMES LOW at CO., 41? Main St. 

.1. T. DIR KER, 


iHwIlT.YI Y(» RODS, 



m. Topi Office ( *^21 ) will r**c**lve prompt Attec* 
u. Residence on KieMh s-trect, No 5*. next to 
xut prAi liv of Hie grtrh'enX ' 

n of h* v»ref*»T,t d<ty . >*u »*e seen aFrecnnls the p'an. 

i* ren k p*rfovt, ^ompl.te For i:trK- I aJd ugi, 
her.Al H du tior wi lbe i jy3 dL. *»3ai 


fancy Cassimeres, assort el * ! vies, on hand and 
ale by 

•Haw JAX1R8 LOW h OO. ,4|k Main *t. 

Beacioveil on Bitia .Alml! 


WaicLew, Jevi iry, Clocks, aatl W atcL 


-X Jqst received a ver* large st ck of tv ATC11K9, 
JKWELUx, CLJO'aS, an l W'. TCH M Abd, 
d'.ec. fr intlien.ii. uf.i oticr.woull inio'ui their cus- 
tomer* an i ti-* p iniic at iirge thu; the> oficr lli- * rn- 
est inducements to deader.* m the a'xivc-m. uttoned 
urtit'e* All they wish is ;o yive liitui * <- ill and ex- 
amine their goods and pric-s ef re purthaauig else- 
where. 'ihVDKL « ST F. 1 N a L , 

Upstair* at Govr Jr.Teny h Co-'.- t ire, 
mys Main street, bet Fifth and Sixth. 

laid m\rskilles. 2 cases 

on hand and for sale by 

dfew J A M t: 8 LOW & ro.,41* Main «t 


L or. hkLd and for alehv 
Jj i v I AMES LOW Ac CO. ,418 Main st. 

C;’’ *eeof thi* newly -erected in- 1 aduiirab y-adapt” 1 
JKvi Hotel take* pleasure in announcing to the pub- 
lie generally. and especia.iy t-i pise-ugerr arriving <r 
departing at the Cortland wharf, that thi- house i* new 
•oasp et ly un.ished and reidy f r i;;e accomiao-atiou 
•f garat*. 

K.erv tem of furniture, bedding, vrd, indeed, the 
bud i ngitimugh.-ui, i* titt- J up » ilh article* txpr **l> 
manufactured tor the house 

8 tuvt-d as tit* s:. Charles is, immed'atrly at the 
Ian <iwg o the pn-ic : pai shippi -g point f or L Uisviile. 
wher- nearly all of h-r * rang r «ue--s ti-si arrive and 
frooi wben--ethe> dipart f r the West and bou 
h; u», aflorda a -onv -nirnce and cm b-rt to the trav- 
el*' herr oforc not ex pen -.Deed at th,» point. 

It shall he the earnes’ endeavor of the proprietor of 
thi* e»t»olis''ro«i,t to command a liberal share of (ub ic 
patronage. b*c ute he intend* to neserve it T^e 
nouae, with it* expensive ge. urde. eool shady gr«ve», 
and general conveuienc.*, is unsurpassed a* a tran- 
sient house. It s ad *e kept as a b *t -class Hotel — 
lacking no on* of the es-eutials of such nesisb irh- 
Bt n*. 

Mr J. W\ Redding, well known to the traveling rub 
Ii*. Iron: his 1 ng connection with Hotels i.i Louis vil e. 
Iser cased, and will <aaisl in .he general m.inag- inen' 
of the oouse. The patronage of the public t r.. peel - 
full, rolicited. 

jel^ W W. OWEN, Prorrittor. 

Saddlery W an tioii^e 

James l ow at oo.,-ii8 Main *• 

3 cu»es twilled Silesia; 
2 do plai- do; 


Kfr?* <« alerintMAril AND* ADDLW :> 2*^,- 
1 IaCTUVE*. eailw icing Si- rtinu, Hurnc-s, llvud. 
Jio.e, bl» K a d ’ ir Bii Lr. lh--r; Uog and Calf 
Sealing, Saddle Bag and Collar l.evtlier. 

Alro, a hoi sale lim ufactur r of Saddles, Harness, 
Tr n- s, rvicnt*iretc v c I l.eaiher Belting, F re 
and Ste t. ho -it II- re, warranted of as good quality a il 
at a; loa- pr.ces a« can be bouy* t in the ea.t rn cities. 
t if’ Hi - e*and Lev her, in r< ugh. bought a- d sold. 
IF peddlery " ar house. 43o M-*in st iyl dAwtf 

JA.MK8 LO W & CO., 418 Main st. 

ijampion’s Tincture. 


Acase rts^inbliDg tircchitis for stv^r .1 ycara. 
JOBNAtt 1 ) 4*ou*hi X daruiR the o gLt and i* v 
.lid cats, p uned me vtry lasueii *Utr hcju>hui a ’ 

^ v^riouii rfiDPdies,but obtaired norebef. Or.e 
n ii !ii r«?c i. tu+'iiHtd Dr. Huiup oD| ai U the 

o. Ins uitrdiciae cllectckl * cure, f do u*‘ 
m> iuii»T do hoi pair Lie, *ii.l l feei wed. 1 
m ny owru experience ot thu beuen -ini tco- ti 
e-redy, recou.iDend it t all ku .u jt- a!.i;ct-d iu 

lwrl .. ta .. * H. HOlsakAC. 

ivi le, M«y 13, 

,b vc medicine, *hic*h lias cu r e«1 mori* cbrctr...: 
a th*»r> h !>• other r edi me knowo t t tli— pabuc. 
Lad ol Oad ChiBpiii*#, coni-ir of K glRb k*ad >1 r- 
tt-*. LouUvdI-, aiid at v\ ui I>.ui ».*’*, Uo J j%jia 
< iu^v ol Male iiree; on Ai^ia, Nea A.l» uy . 


vets.— 1 evse black; 

1 do brown 
jy9d»w JAMli 

n hand and for sale by 
Mil m U ... ji - »■ ain 

Iron Purape. 

\\ E 31 A X U FACTUR E, AND 

„• ™ have a way, on hand, Iron Force and Lift 
Pump*, of the n o«t ai provel kinds, b th forctst»n.s 
and well* of any depth Me warrant our 1' to 
l— rform well, snuwil) refund themunev if they failto 
give Satisfaction. 

nolf.ln, W T « iK” AKOT'X ft PN'VAVDEN. 

" next 
•a..v an 


* * .lay reciivi-d a 'ar.qe ass- rtment of Gold Pe: 
Var.ous sues and sup ri r Unis-,. At- our Pen 
maue to or ter, n ud bear our o» i name, c- .r lust 
maj re.y upon trem a* supeiior to a;,y in ih^ ^i . 
H • have I- a large sss. rttnent ol k ilt's Palei 
lique Gold l’eus and K ipp'a Patent Cc-entitiL- . 
Gold Pets Ail Pen-sold > us ir warrant, d. 
iiGh FLkiGHKh « 0BNNE 

Bedfon! *>|i i hiux* 



M the receptior of visitors. Theprirriet rs solicit 
a con'inuwnc of thr p.trot.age hefet tore ext n led lo 
Mmu Sa4 pMft thmurivsi tw rn*n :o iaii«;, r-- 
*«■ u .e •>>' of II- p.i-arai.t and coc f rt hie The 
e iv 'i»» nr^ lituated h-li a tuile * uth of Ledford, 15 
mil*- Iron the L->Ui*v|:|e and Frankfort railroad, and 
1* mdes from Mali* n. Ind Persons g’i g bv rail - 
lea*, and gettir g ofl at Jeri-ho, »in h d Mr. John 
J v'den r a y at ai! t.mes to convey th*m to the 
c pi ng*. in comfortable convey, an I with o:S- 
pa'Ch. Con-evance will e run' ing dating the f g- 
*on front tne t iwit.g* to Madiai.n, I nd. Mr J.C. Latte, 
at He-l'orl. will always be ready t* convey 

to and from the .'■pring* eitht-r ’«> Aladis n or Jtriclto. 
pans ur ad-KDiKu: 

per day |l 26 

rer w«- k 7 ou 

Fer m> n h 34 <0 

Children and servant*, per week 9 0# 

K«ep:ng h oret, per week 3 50 

jcHi let* PAkRRK h FINF. 



mentr.f very handsome Bailing Pattern*, suit 
able for rar**, cemeteries, tnd b&lcor ies. to which we 
call the attention of those in want of Hailing tor auy of 
the above nam-d purpose*. We are prepared to potit 
up at short notice and on the most r-asonahle terms. 
'•rdTi front a litdatice, with satisfactory reference*, 
villreceive prompt attention . 

M>i*»j>4*ii*ary oh Third -St. 


SJ' invites his friends and the pu; 1c, who ui-»y e i- 
w , tol a pLy-ician, to him a e ill llu uilicc . 
on i ne west side of Thirtt stre- 1, between Main and th- 
river. De will keep on Lai d a «apj,y ci s for tne accommodation of tiio»e »imm 

^ILVir RV\ ARE. 

^5? £ Ivor Cod e au-l Tea Sets; 

bpoon* sml Forks; 

. Pitchers, Gohltts, and Laps; 

Batter, U-.-.-iert. Fi-it, »u ; P e Knives; 

A large wad general aisertnte tori li.iu-l wtid '..rsa’.e' 
«hy 3 FLLTGUJbK St tti.NNKlf 

lUCdi de Cl 

•tree-* t f B vi.i 

a IS-, i r 

Y- rk an l t>cs 
vinnah, »tc 
cfwliic.’i may : 
in the A rst. 



-M. Eyed Needles.— Just re :eive ', a fres'i supply < 
John Einsltsn's Paten: Needlis, the heat in us.-, an 
warranted by J.r». KrTEKLE, 

c.y' hi Fourth street. 



® er. Third street. between Market and Jefferson, 
ha* on hao J, of his n-ri, roanufecture, a full and 
tsa Kmc f it kawaya, Sulkies. Phcstons, 
c Buggies, ?hiftlng-too Buggies, 8 lide-seat Buggies, 
a of which are warranted ol the best and timet durable 
w rkmanehip, combined wit I style .tv etc-, and elegance. 
H vi'et t!. -attention of histriend* sne the public. 
ar$3 dfewtf J. HADDOX 

Cou.iuued Sale of Dry Goods at Cost 
and Reduced Prices. 

66. 6G 


WitlcikPh aut! Jettelr>, 

At New YorkPilceu, 

At No. 06 Tairdstraet, between M&ir an-i Market. 


*» Watchci.vker aiid Jeweler, wuuhi respec.fu'lv 
announce to the public that he lias just recciv d nl- 
reel froK, the best a lautact^rers • i Geneva (SwlLs . . 
land) ,iid, a L.t ol sp: id.d M* aud J sr- 
elry of the latest styles, »un whica tie is enabled t;> s-il 
at price that will .ecarutor :iut the pattouave of th 
puLhc at l >rge. 

La-iit-s'rioh and t. -autlfulOold ii'atches ,gvri:iea j • 
diatnanu. an.i of diiTereut sites and prices. 

Also, a fine assortment ol G .Id and .silver Fob ,Ve?r. 
and Neew Cham*, V.alch Keys, Locaets, li;-m ■■ 
Pin* and Ki-gs, tugethcr with a large variety t.ftia 
Jewelry of evert dearrii tt. n 

J.J. 11 1 KSCHDU II L, IVatchro-ik- r, 

, s*' No.b< fliir.l *t .. between Main an i Market. 



• tire lh»t he hat resume. I hi* f'rm. r occrpation, 
i.r • uwIthC.X V*ms.« 1 c • ■ i . : .- t> r 

Backing and Exchange husme-s at No. 4:*i Main 
street, a few door* west of the Bank of Louisville, un- 
der the name of 


w y co t and redu '* » prices, their very d-siral 
stock of seasonable roods, c .naistti g ,n part of — 
Plain, striped, and plaid Jaconets; 

D do, d.< Nviuv-x.k,; 

Hair-cord and tlain £wi»* Musli s; 

E i tvohitred and dotted awiss Dresses; 

Mu!’ Muslins and Vic -ria Lawns, 

Crgand e a' d Jacoret Jlutii *; 

E v. ry desirable mak ■ of Ph-.rting Cottens; 

Bh rtinv and Pillow Linens; 

Bird eve and Diapers; 

Towehng' , N .spams, :»n i ai le Linens; 

A I lend tl. yu iti ; 'Ivr«eill»8 Jo; 

Bilk. Ootti , an ' Lisle-Thread Hosiery; 

(Toths, Ca*sinjfcrt». and Vestinss; 

Together Wi.t. many o' her kinds of g ods in seaso' 
*V e as the particular at ention rf the irode. 


J** 1 lk> Fourth street. 


V ftuttiiiff Isoiiid, 

Manufacturer and Wholesale »nd Retail Dealer in 


— lubb'.t dry and sweet Moantaia Mv’.ags Wir 

p casks bare Pott Vt ine, for liquor nierchacts 
ar sale by 



4 L80 — DEALER IN P 5 T E N T 

RIGHT.-. Order* left gtNo 1 3 Third stre- 1. op 
'•tit. *»,k' i'i ( u> Evoha: ge. ..r M-t. through the 
P-.g Oftce. will meet with pr mpt altatiti-m. 

xpl w d& vvtini 

ALT LKlUiiti FUR IN V A LIiJ.*r 

4d cask* do .1. t Brywtt Stout, Te. bentbrand; 
lj do XXA E *at liidi* A.e, it, pti a^d i.s; 
vie by 



ner of Main and Bullitt streets 
liter',! sllowed upon dep .••it* >f Keutucky money 
ur currency , to be withdrar-n at Pleasure. 

Dr.maud ai d Time Bills on all the ptiacipieoitie, in 
the United *Ha'.**,in sumstc suit purer. a-ers.forsaie at 
da»orable rates. 

C t ok > o'.e.S'ock.snd Buitlonr-usicesswAnsscted on 
lavorable term* . 

Collection* made upon all point. 

Remittance* f K it rope and <»rea’ Brfttam 
B erting*. Demand Btllsforsuieio sum* ofone pound 
un-d up. 

All v.nlsof Yonsrrs, Ras’.ern.aoutaern, and IV«- 
t* r c Bunk Notes purchased at low rate,. 

La .d Warrant*.— 1'hchigheV mar'.etsricetpatd for 

LAndWarraot* iv|g 



lie v» i(l & llilc'js’ 


Ao. 551 J/'its S' -eel, he! -een Seeaml nnS T'. ird. 



to get a fine Trunk cheap. je3J 

from tid Ohio Ct!y to Cleveland. 

lathe on hr route with r L-hv co .nect.oa to a 
II Y A>\ Y OTIIFU HOI TF, t .. ;., -urg pa-s ■: , 
pen I tt bed- fonvaine or « o-. Uai-jj .t 
dianapoii* an F.-rt Wayne to *o Ev,t. 


IS THE OX I.r R'" TE and fr uC. ;ma 
l. IlFFLIXO or S I FI BF.YI :L‘ F 


IS TIIF OXLY HOCTF to ui.d fr- u C,.». 1. t. 

tliihol aV Bi'otSirr* 

WHPLSi4 t* aMS tmitDIUUIl, 

Watches, Jewelry, etc., etc.. 


® P neva. Main street, three doors above Fourth. r> 
Jacob’, Buildings, b«« leave tr call public atuntiop - 
their unrivaled is*, tment of H atche* %rd Jev |rr, 
Jusf rect-iv .- ! and evened, direct from Genet a, wher-. 
the whole stock was select td '-y one of the *rxa. 

Fine Hi gulntora, fo' hotel*,. -acking hc-uata, otsny 
other oif-ts, ut ctr :-rA‘e rru-s 

Watch Gle.we*. Msi- ri».!sar> Tool, for Watc vra tkei 
at New York prices. 

Watchesdiret-fiy lair de,! frou- ourowi aannfictorv 
in < 3 ei£ ra. wh- le. I *; • ail. at New o.rvpnui 

■,Vs’ h .. • iriny d icw ill t e ttt 


T v ei«t-5r atyiaaah ' r*‘.‘.cv-.s ,f w , ixrclry,*r.,rec3iT'i . 
jveiy tre, v . 

Pw Y,-’nvitethei* *'»*■ n callaaJ examine forrhei. • 
velvet *-F a trouble to ahoT goods. A1 !:-im g-:ud> ■*.,-• 
r»nte J or no S3le fchirr 4t* 

rff dOKDI A LS. 

iu i : aake's French Anisette Cordial: 

3) iv > French Curdivis, assorted, for sale bv 
jy - i.L-v.Vc.Ui.M i. L, .'lOOK.. X lii l Hr 4 Y- 


eJp-revp:e.4*,at. other invoice of Hoop Skirts— 
Colored K.rev s; 

Col r j d .luconas; 

or sale low by MARK it DOWNS. 

-*T1 Ma n street. 



Whit • Illusions; 

Nainsook Mu.l ns; 

India dr.; 

Paris do. 

1 MAKE 8; DOWNS, 4T1 Main st. 


1 a qr-p.tes old C' gnac 
* uo imitation U 


liy fmrlH MADDUX H SMITH. 




Dress QoccU £mbrc.tdetles, Rt, 


» 'ull st'-ck of seasonable Dre** Goods, of th 
est st . les, and a large sto-k of Lmhroideries an-* 
es. Also, just received, Wha eooue an i Ca«;m 

■1 MARK 8t TOWNS, 471 Main s‘. 

fiOLii ACrLN T TO 


Pittsburg XX and KeimeU’s allt 



A S3 ALE. 

F. VOLKINy, c-.rne.- Th.rl at ' Jeikrs'in st- , 
JelJ^tf Oppuite P t 


At .rihcaoi m-.rurr of fifth, and il i.n 


mea g--nt-ra!,y are reepec fuilv inU-rmel that 
th- > <■»!. fa- tun, ehed with Hot l>lsg**.— .-ouii ri- -t.g 
*eer. tUUcae g or r he rfu on -«t •» tu -tu' nt'i notice, a’ 
th' vt*oye r r . tra |y -located edabhshirept. 

*y A tin» LUN il tl set at li' a . X. 



Li vises. Water 'Moaetf, It t and cold Shower Baths, 

nd ITaUihiug work, of all kin -s Gas I'ii-es t ut ut>, 
■1 iix ur- * f a I I— 'cm lion*, such as Ch » tulievt, 
r ck'.ts, r ancy -hades. Gl hr ,4ic Hyeriiulic Ksms, 
it u.d *• rue ''umps, aid ev- ry thii g ar-rtair.iug 1 1 
»e • ranches done ip t c be:t manu* r and at tie • 
■t rate* A e -Is-, lurn'sh ev, ry description of t calk*, 
le I'uutpa, an-J eoda Fountains j 4 d tu 

P UINT8, &<;. 

35 eases new style fancy Prints; 

3 Jo do do Lawns; 

I do do do Urilliatites; 

3 do D- Bag;; 

J u,t reeeivtd and for tale cheap bv 


Jacob SxiT‘f .7. N. D. Smith. 

Lumber! Shingles! Lumbt-r! 


w w and cen-ral assortaieut of FINS kN'U POP- 
LiH I.UMBKR; a!*.-, \ So 1 article ef PIN1 
SHIVULK8. tVe w ul l tspe- ially cal! the attention 
of fr ruiers, and all « th - s :u want of F ticii.g, t - our 
GANG ‘,(iAilli£, as-or;t“ ! or the purpose. 

Ef Orde s ir ui the loauirv w !«,- t, t-,1 pr inptly'. 

J.-C »B 8M!T’» .•« CO , 

jy* dim Cornfrof Clay and Main 'trait*. 

.ing Catawba. 

-■rsa’ 8parkliii<r Catuwru Wine, pin:* 

“rus’ itill *o, pints aad quart*; 

:le, for sal. hv 

NO li, WlrKS & CO., til Main s 

t iOT JONADEM, &(J. 

I 10 ca«es assorted Cot'oua les; 

5 do heavy Twills: 

5 bales power-loom B*ripes; 

6 do heavy O.nahurgs; 

Received and for sate cheap hy 
*“->* T. it It. SLKTIN k CAIN 

cortji.-rof Jeherson and Fifthstreet*. F rtheverv 
■veral patronag hitherto extended to them, the propr; 
etc-r* renew their aCKt.owh-dgtnect* to tl.-.- public, md 
•stare them that n" pain* or *xp. :.t,e will ,-e -pareoto 
procure a" .rticie: iitlbe line of their bnsineda.of fhe 
m.s »u,a-i> , andsuch a* rllihe approved of 
by the best coiDcis*ecrs. 

-, A ^r 1 *; Uncci will be daily an drecular.y served ,frsc 
clo, V « x. ull la v 

We arejnsun receipt ofFbdosen of Wolfe sce|eb rk ted 
bchtedatj Fchnapps and a tot of flsvan* Cigar* of dtp 
ferent hr at .is, be«, des old Bran die*. W ints. fcc.,of va 
rioui sui'en- r '--runJ*. 

The B.IiurJ Koomk.aodertnetaper.n'.cndinceof our 
•msf.hli and accrn,niod;,ting “Uncle Gei.r<t-.”are fur- 

i 1-jJtJ '1 r« - , X, • ta, and L n<i • , . 

8rlt ND Tit • IN— v. , vel-i '.it- a eg. .r. Ml; 
t i* Express M\ . i- .w» latiattUo'l •;* » 

vi i C.iveUn ', Pi-t.burg, o .J V»L«i ins, f, r ai 
. Ssit.-iu c l ev. TtUtraturv p, a: a.', .o.nij et- 
! Li' cincati and Colum -us. 

ratKD IKU.N— A t tuoodatiot.lsavesCinc >1 
a: VM o'clock r.x. for Mr - girll, VV i mi. gion.t 
vide, *1,1 Lancaster. Chibic . e a..-l tl H,'-.r i 

■ 1 tra : u stops all p<^:at* between Ci .citn iti 
8,rincSe d 

F "Util TRAIN— Cleveland .m i IV.t 'urg X 
. Express, leave* Cinriun.iti at »> V!„ k r g , 

I • i r, for - 

I fhi. train stops a ail points t tTteu Cn.c an-:: 

! c iu ut .*. 

£.#r“ One train on Sunu ty at i:3t) o’clock ?. » 
Co. am. us. 

■ Train, run by Columbus time— seven taiou'rs fi 
I than Ctncin n»t timu. 

fiue a-* low n* hy *ny o< ter itout 

for CiiKocGD rrSuiT* 

And a’linformat on, phase apply u toe eRces.N 
'•urnet House, .*c- ..d <1- r west f Vi U . , 
No. 4 77 G b-,-11 ’Vu,t Build;: .• in ! tl.- , ij • : 
southeast corner Broadway ia F: ,n: .-.-«et. 
dpeneer U . asvio r x: the Raster., t Littiv tt'a , ^ 

S*st Front street- 

tsr i*tfice hour* from i a. X. until 9,-4 v. ■ 

P. W . 3 Tit ADiiR Gsieral A< *n 

Callsfnr passer gen at dtlhe pr.ncipal Uouls.forr 
and every train. By leaving directions at e ’’ e* .? 
•bOTeofflce*. willesllf- t ,* 

city, without fail. 

toy iu U. B. KUGGLR8, ConJttc.oi 

C liA RET AND U in 

li evsk, Bordeaux r .*r*t 
W u ks Haul nautern; 

M >4 do do; 

IPO , »s»s Claret, 

6b ctse- llaut 8 utern; 

In store and for sale 1 why fat 



sortmentof dry Fine Lumber, com priain* cletir 
second and third rat*-*, and comntoii White urol Yell- >. 
Fine Flooring, 'hinglea. Cedar Foste, ond Ft, in* 

Hoards, cheap forcauh. Cali ou 


noSDvw X w .>nrn*rd'*Ai g„,J r -u,"'l^'-i -t* 


w-* 2 cases neat .tyle French Ginpham; 

3 do do bcotch ao; 

3 do Lancaster do; 

Just received atid tor sale cheap bv 

T. k. R. SUE YIN & CAIN 


in hv casks Sherry ; 
kb j» do do; 

casks Madeira Wine; for sale by 


To be To ii it (I in tikis Citv, 

• j 


Northeast corner Seventh and Market. 


XV E. returned fr m the E-st with the most beautiful 
v*sortniiDt of Foreign ara Domctic Dry Goods to be 

foUDt) in thi* city , c-*i sibling ir part of— 

Bleached and brown Cottons; 

Heavy Cotton Drillings: 

Cottonvles; pi id Cottons dtc. 

Also, the most beautiful as-uirun-int of— 

Flaid and stride J 8ilks; 

li'.-auiifui French Coilars, Sleeves, kc.; 

Thread Lace of every Variety , ate , ffcc. 

Call and see atthe northeast corner of Seventh and 
Market streets aDlSodm 

COAf,? C'»AL!! COAL!!! 


stantly on hand the b.-s: quality of Pittsbur* 
Coal, atthe lowest price- Olhee at the lower City Coa 
Beales. W ater street, between lh i-lan,l Fourth, 
jalkdiustf HilWSEH a. FLLT3. 

>rt wine. 

5 L pir-s superior oM Port; 
k”' M casa* l'ort W 'te; 
io X do do Juice; for sale by 

L.qnsviile Jtiiniilaciftrcs. 

700,000 FEET aUlMlit-K. 


feet Dry Fir.eLu ,'>er. comprising a fail prop rt;"’ 
of clear, second and third r ite, nr. J common, which 1 
ia desirous of veiling "ut in largt lots, at muc i-ract ; 
price, for cash or good paper. I keep, also, all kind* , f 
Fopiai Lumber, Laths, i?!iirigleh,xc. i'hosuin w n ,ot 
large lot* of Lunibei (or stnai' 1 lot* forcash) Will eave 
handsoiuepcr cent, by cal. in, or, i r. 


•ekdtr - efff raon .n 1 "’ v, Frctotiatr-et . 

J. Jl r »SK3 

till AN 1H EH. 

-® lib X ca«ks fine E. J. Brandy; 

6 f j pipes Se gnette, old; 

5 7r do ; eir 'sin; 
p l a d o Otari; 

. * >* d* sup rior ol i Chatnpain-? Brxn-’v 
r sale by [mygoj J. MiNKs 

. es r II l It !» SI KELT, 



dally, the lestSA ! 4* 
f 0\STF%6 ever sent to this^^^Jgp 

fi » s. GUINTERO. Agent 


— •nnounc* thv the-, ai* now tumirig 
1 lout an average ot m*m futno Fortes 
* Ittr tuck! They are prepared t > Slippy 
ods for every d~*ci ipti'-t. ot ii strum-nt. from 
e*t tr. the to-l e.rgantly *nd ext rnsively fin- 
-t — « - ' o may li : ve heretofore doubt' d the 

'Pete with any oth r ritv in 

uld do wtll *0 t»ke a walk hrougr. 
U' ery facility will be given to 
examine our op-ra- 
warr voted equal to 


ltd i,bls Old Bourbon Whisky, 
li A) bbls Old Rye do; 

100 bria Mon.) gxhe't lo. extra; 

nttaiit y ou hand and for sale by 

. i , -f v ii ii-n firv 

iehed. m „ .... 

am'.i'.j of Louisville to coin 

L.a-,afMctrr<.-s. " * 

our fact ry bu ll,! g. 

ur r er'ha ts and l urines* tu*-n t examine ot 
tions Kvery Piano madeby u* is warranted 
the best made in the United states, and we are 
to se l at prices which defy ompetit on. 

t.*r 6 actory, corner of slain and F >urt“entb 
Sites Room* on Fourth street, between siar 
Jetf-rson. PBTRKS, CKAGG 4c 

ap&iwiekd Manufacturrrs and “usicD 

Hughes & Hutchison, 

(Successors to Newl&nd, Hughes & Co.), 


.y y,. .Yxncy and Staple Dry Goods aod Vari-tie*. 
No. 43S Mato street, southri le, between Fifth and Sixtu. 

Having purchased the entire interest ot J W New- 
Jand in thelue Urm.we will continue the business at 
the old stand and respectfully solicit a csll front their 
* r * cn jJ 8 purcUaaeraof Roods visiting this market. 



Lumber V;ird. Planiiis Mill, sail 

JOlffER Y, 

Comer Washington and Brook ts., Louisville, ITv. 


w w ducedrates Lumlterof any kind, eiHer : n the 
rough or manufactured into Flooring, Sheivi, Has 1 , 
Casings. Moulding, Door and Window Frann-s, 8a.-. ; . 
Door*. Blinds, .Vc , Ac., as well as everything - : 
neededin theerection of any kind of abuilaicir. A'sj, 
Packing Box's of every des riptior,. «>rd, rs fr m 
ahrovl promptly it'.ecdej o, r.nd shipment, m 'dr t ith- 
outdelay f. any quatter Fricclisi* will befurmsh-d 
upon ... plicatir n Xlthe* (h 

no7 BUNN tr l.ACY. 

^ uDl* Net York D. K. crushed £ug*u > ; 

Itw do do do Caane puiv'd Gngsr; 

led do do do polrersed do; 


■tyF jjUME8XIL.BF.LL A CO-. KM Main • 


bbls Orange Urore Whisk v fv r sale hv 
2U JO, IN U. Me I I.VAl.N k SON. 

Orrica LonsviiLa aks .Imsssu, k. ft 
L"uisviil«,liy ., Feb. a, I 

8. 8. Boms Frsd. Gouls. 

(NewYora.) (Cincinnati. ) 

Boyle & Co., 



Bended Warehouse* -Vo. 4 Commercial ,t treet. 


r legne and Nentral Spirits, and all Hinds of D >- 
mert e. Liquor*. Aisa, dealer-- in OU 'fonrb- n, Rte, 
Mono tie i^el* W'hiski- s X «. 66, "7, ani ji* ; 1. 1 


f«.r sale by frayU R. BUCKNER. 


J one Train daily Till be rai 
Nashville Radr" an. The Ir»:n 
Lou.svule at 3>* o’clock r. x. 
Shegherdaville .-it t>, e.x. 

or A* till ecc 
this road, and will take paase: 
place within the city limit*. Tl 
line is at Owen’s Hotel, c jru*r -j 
streets, and by leaving notice t 
prt mp:ly called for a: any hons< 

Trunk iVlanulactory, 



^xt k \ flour, so barrels 

-J Frankbn Mil s. just In an J for sal« by 

e37 H. FttRGU 8u!4 A ?0Jf. 


J* bt.lf >«vy Beans; 

7> bushels Dried reaches, halves and qurs; 

6u do do Apple*; in stote and for sale by 
. liIBBITT St SON, 4i* Marketst , 

-• Between kectidand Third- 

No. 81 Third strec, next d-etr to Democrat Office, 


'I . H I N T HAS A 

^ large and flr.e assortment of SOLID 

*r ■; i X \ SfiLF-LFjt TIIF.R THINKS, La.lie*’ 
•■to*;-! ^ . Press and I ravelirg Trunss, Bonnet 

Boxes, \ alike*. Carpet B-gs. 4:c , which he is pre- 
pared t" se.l at th lure.t tern * f. r ca-h .> merrhan'* will find it to be to their interest 
to give this house a call before making ihvirpur bases 
elsewhere. aplOdly 

ON D 8 nth KT, 01 N ( : IN N AT I, OHIO. 


J P'PV pale Otard Dupuy Cognac Brandy; 

1 >*-p:p>e J imaica Runt; 

1 S-pipe Uol antl G a ; 

articles for medicL ai purposes— for sale t* suit 


M Lumher Yard (the oldest in the rity ), on Wash- 
ington s’rett, between Hancock and Clttv, north »; <e, 
a large and superior sto-k of White Pine board- , Pine 
Shingles, C-dar F-. ts, Sic , and al. of Lumber 
suitable for bulldiiig. 

We have also in operation a Planing Machine, and 
are always ready to furaLL Flooring -nd Dressed bum - 
ber u f all k nds. 

Lj*f" Orders from the country wit I b* promptly attend- 
ed to, andthe Lumber shipp daithout delay. 

aoivdtf W as hi rgtori s t.,b- 1. Hancock **4 C ay. 

T ^EA8. 

9) half^hests Green and Black; * 
lot* t and 3-fi. easd.e*. 

These Tr as are fr lh sal select grades for onr fam; 
y trade Receive,! and for sale oy 
!■*! HTBBITT&80N. 

A R P E N r B. RS' 

/ large assortmeut of Planes, 
everythingin the line, for sale low b 
uii37 - — “ 



7 v merit of Tub*. Buckets, Chorus, Biwl*, Cocoa 
Dirper*, Bra she*,, Mop*, liraom*. Kssk'ts, 
Clothes’ I in*. Vat*, Twin *, ii -iter Rope, Bed herds, 
ke .,kc.,iD store and for sale by 


French Brandy for saie by th>- bottle cr gs'doc by 


No. TV Fourth street, botween Main and Market 

(mil THE HiTlottiL hotel), 



o-v-N- er*in allk-rdsof Mattresses. Bedding, Tarpaa- 
lics. Flog*, Window bliadvs, Curtain Goods, and 
Fnmishit g Materials. 

We wart ant our work a* represented, and offer it at 
low prices Patronage solicited fmrlVdiy] D. k S. 

M. fine Ivory C utiery of -very description for sale by 

B^\ ameled mantle grates 

B-i We have in store twenty different pattern* of 
Mantle t, rates, enim, l^d and finished in various st- !es, 
and ornam-nted to order witli all th? latest improve 
ments. w,tb pure or German silver. AI! tosies suited. 
Give us a c li, and we will please you in this branch 
of our bus’ness. For sole by 

_?>**_ WALLACK , L1TIIG0W St CO. 


-N-, GRATES —We have on hand every kind and 
style of plain Mantles and Grates, which we are selling 
at prices that will be satisfactory to purchaser*. For 
sale by (my3..j WALLACK, L1TUGOW Sc CO. 

uiiuufcii reveipi.* VU'luSL.i lor rrug.i*. lav rat. e a.t.n _ , . _ 

or*- very reasonable. And all pa, .snf the R -.xt, by R.i 

tS^bu rany information in regard to same, please to oarowr. Xrecia M 

caJatlteput. 3AM L (DLL. **?'*"? v ■ y. Pa » 

JoJ Baperntend*, t |. *g K R. b^o.^se of al’ *.t,.i» ,i re,|n 

— — _L L^KXPjlBdiS LRAVK8 A' 

To Brewers. ""J*" * 

B rewers, distillers, and 

others using Hops are nformed that I have nr a 
ou band 10,t4M pounds for sale a: the lowest cash pric*. 

They are from Otsego County, hew V.,ra. ani knows 
as'hemost superior Hop* in the Un- ted *ta*es. 

Matt. Cream Beer. A le.aad P rrter for sale at a ! ' .iei* 

-OS low virri'tl rv 


1 from 5 to 7 years old, frr sale in quantiti s to suit 



for the patronage extended to hint by his friends 
and the public generally, respectfully inferms th- m 
that he has just opened a Coal Yard and Office, on the 
coruerof Fifth and Green streets, where, bv strict Aten 
lion and punctuality, he stiD hopes icrec’etvea libera! 
share of pubbe patronage. He keep* constantly on 
hand the bestquaUly of Pittsburg auu Youghi -ghecy 
CoAl, warrantcilto ne what it is rep. eiented. Uealro 
keeps the best P.ttsburg Nut Coal. delivered to at y 
part of the city for nine cents per bushel; used by some 
of the first families; none belter for qriierating steam. 
A'40.ofli c eonMam t st.,be t weer'rixtband i-ey-nth 


N_N lib package* Writ, wore Byrap; 

136 obL Phil de pbt* Crukhtd and Powered 8u- 
grrsj m sture and fer sale by 



^ f Charles Ueidaick brand) for sale by 


Loui*« ille atari I- ra»LT«»rt 



hale CHEST f.R* EN 

and Black Teas; in store and fur sale by 

1 L \ K E T . 5<» BOXES, VERY 

J choice, for sale by 

Mammoth furniture 



HU coil Manilla Rope: 

SO do do Bed Ccnl and Halter Rope; 

Ml bales Oakum ; for sole by 
CURD * Co 

' OUISVD LK STE \ >l-P< ' H K K 

-A Chair M\ouf; 



d KN AN D A FT E R MON I »A \ , A PR ? 

w” 7th, l*v. traits w.liruL a* fallow* 

FIRST TRaI*— oea.e. L..uiMt, e xt »•-. * 
•toviing at «'i regular «*. - . an t i* a!unks f 

breastost at L igr - ge, and V- res ,, i„. ' r 

O’clock * m. Vtara.og. 

o’clock o l..sfe . gins «t »U r>-. .i*r Ma-if! t*. 
tlv-a »t L- m*»i,.. %c7:ut . clock s x •‘♦Ooo.aod a 
Pa»*en* r* by t>-»- trun con'ir t u 

vllle. Usr r.rr* ttr*, HviMsUig. and* Ik 

. ur. . 

and all p- int* wn th; i , ra. road 'or Pm. . * * J 
Owwfear. Ml,,, : e. >r 9 *'tr J 

'4RC0ND TRAIN Lrsve* | ouisv tr at 3 ’i>o’. ' 
st..p*tag at .dtuitb’a Cation. U,nr„ 
s.ot vnseas* ZT Loa-arge, , u q arvivisTt L^?t; « 4 
..’clock F. S Rei in ina. 

T. m i * U '^ ri “* * a*.t.ute. f.-r kSsiSfli?' 
st *1. ona east *f Lagr^T!: . 

SsrtthA station on • ,W»S4 »f L »gr«r^r r .!a ,* •* 

Lentseilir at !• OKt o'aicc* a. a. ,!a c. uuTT!^*! 

j%Dfm5taa a f j>a. »n ^ t 0T U „ 

Terse Haute. Vi ^^yhy.U.Ckteaps 

tru. Roc* tsiaad.Ga.cns, Du! kquc.Jn ilSl th? ort2 

ct pal 'owns in the north w« t *** lae vni 

- 41 tK» a*m. s*M 


xrt'RBt fr«yn9 W+dv t«*u ? v : ▲ *-li *vicmb 

»* «*« ••WoeF a- -.. fmly^un^ 

Ya»c by ftsat and second train*, oboat « ^„ u „ 
» diacocnt of tteariy J» sect, la ;i.,»e*il5 

Far* on acmaaoiltung train, sheut l -• enta ------ 

* l w^V r * ^ '••fcwcd for i .carts 

.^Fteisap hsrth-r ini* rasa**, atewne c - a 

Droo*,rara»r »f Brack and J.fh-r* * rvesa-L *. M 



40 cases Brsocy ; 

40 do Claret Wine; in store and for sale bi 

Chair anti Bedding Depot, 

Nos 63 and 65 Third et., 


-- --- -‘ctory. — W ir. roc.a s and Bu*lu,*s 

Otfire, No- W Wall s.rect, L. u 3vi!ir, Ky. 
jeJU JAMK8 CROMBY, Agent. 

b. F lKKZKK 


60 boxes 8xlo and 1 ’ <1*2; 

60 do 9*14 and !>xl3; for sal by 

JAdfcS C&D.UKY, 33 Wall st. 


3 <J pockag-s M tckerel, assorted numbers, 
lllO boxes Herring; 

IU casks Codfish; for sale by 

CURri k CO. 


| 1Y» arrived with W.OOJ bushels Coal, from roj mine 
! »' Pittsburg, which I am anitots to sell it aholesale 



ways on hand , wholesale and retail, as low ai 
they can be bougi tin the city. f e g] 

(^7|are daily receivu g a large and complete fx 
\fl /au nruneut of Hardware and Cutlery, di-i*ia 
rect _ front monufoctureni.t' which we cail^^ 
theattenln a of mer hanta,who will find it to their in 
terest to give u s a cal I . 

3.U00 gross Table Cutlery; 

J,0iiO grossGimhlet Screws; 
bun doz Pocket Cul'ery ; 

MO do* Lock*and Hinges; 

2"o doz Scythe* and Buathes; 

MW keg* Nails, best brands; 

dosOoUins’s and Lippincott’s Axes; 

31*0 Kt&uroRil V\ h p tU>Rrrow« , 

loo dox Ames’s Shovtl* and SpaJes; 

Mill and Crosscut 9aws, Grindstones. Files, Rasps An- 
vils, Bellows, Vices. Horse h ails. Scissors, Shears, and 
a variety of goods, which we wilt Veil low for cash oi 
go -d paper. f mr37J OKM88Y, BLAIR & «JO 

b\ chests super Gunpowder; 

35 do Oolong: 

10 do Youn* Hyson; 

10 do Imptnai. in st re and for sale by 


and retail.” Purchaser, are respectfully' i iiVited'io 
call at my old stand, on Th.rd street, near Main. 


B rown sh eetingw. ,i a m k a 

CROJfEY, Agent for Wlte.-Hcg Cotton Xinla- No. 
38 Wall street. jej) 

EM NED .'jIIGAK. 15 HHD8 8T. 

’ Ci ir extra c. per 'wag. is and ior sale bj 
[ A. KAWAOh t <X). 

No. 445 , 


16*1 bb!s assorted Nos Crushed; 

75 do do do Powdered; 

10 bbls Loaf; in stote and for s de by 



ell kinds Printing, Book, and Wrapping Paper 


I ff casks, in quarts; 

M de, in pints, in store and for sa’ 

Cor. Jlaiii anri Fiftti t(i., 



lierv, Hardware, Harness Mountings, Trunks, and 

loach Trimming*. 

I am now reoetving my fall stock, which will be th< 
tondsomest and beat selected stock of goods in my line 
.hat ha* ever before beeD imported in this market. I 
world tnriu nty old customers, andthe trade generally . 

..II .-t ...min. mr .1-.', 1 - ... .. .. J 1 

kept constSLtly on ha.-.o ar 'cr » e bv 
je* JAMK9 C RDM KY. 39 Wall st. 

r ’•HEESE. 

^ IJ{ boxes fresh Pineapple: 

10 do Knglish Dairy : for sale by 
•P 29 WALLACE PtiPB fc CO 


Watches, Jewelry, Silver aud Plated 
H are*, at 

WM. KENDRICK’S, Il Tmr.® Stuxst. 

. s >IY STO< K 18 NOW 

_ Tery complete, to which I am makln » 

add’tions of the latest styles almost 
’’f-* i ’j . every week. 

•:k . ' ’ In adiliuwolo a Urge stock of Gold 

uH Si'Ver Watcher, af tne most at- 
*Wba< 5* v ' proved makes aad Kylea of earing. I 
have recently received a small lot made and rased to 
special order, al! of which are warrant* t to wiv* satis 
faction, andareoffeiedonreasiffiaMetem*. 
ap38 mkekrn 


i 3i sock* extra a ti lt Wheat Flour; 
iOu bushel Corn M-a! ; 

J ust recei veC and for •• le by 
j> 10 liIBBITT te BON, 4°» Market *t. 

Scioto Kolling- Min 


M. and Black Tea jnst received from New York, 
which ir.ll be sold very low to close out the lot, in order 
to make room for another importation. These Teas are 
very fine, and we ask the attention of retailers to an 
•lamination of our stock. 

my* Main street, below Seventh. 


" 13 casks Cietf Bides; 

10U loxe* Box'* Starch; 

Hu bale* 6 Si bushel Gunny Bags; 

S« bids No*. I and 3 Rotea; 

B# box** Nos. l*nd 3 German Boap; 
ldu bbls Nos ) and 1 Lard vil; fer sale low 

P. ROGERS, Agent, 


Ciuciiinaii, Ohio. 

A ll sizes of— 

Plat Bar Iron; Boiler Plates; 

Round and Square Iron; Boiler Heads; 

Dandy Tire; Sheet Iron; 

Horae Shoe (scrap); Fire Bed; 
Saddle-Tree; Nails; 

Hoops; bpike* (shin): 

Ovals aud Half-Ovals; Plow ^lawit; 

Baud Inn; P'ow Wings; 

- Ligbtnine-Rod Iron ; Chain*; 

Nail Rods, Charcoal; Chain Cah'ei; 

Nxil Rods, Norwegian; Boiler Rivets: 
Railroad Chair Plates; Ca t Steel ; 

Pig Iron, cold and hot blast. 

All sises of Botted and Ch <rcoal Iron made to order 
A ll ord ers promptly attended to. raer 

tST " Ail our manufacture* van-anted. osM 

WVVIU tuvtaa *44/ v »e»v x— v • raai -4 a u w vs WSMC. g E U T TFV1IT , 

io call examine my ■toe*, which I %m 'leUrmmfd 
to sell at prices that cannot fail to secure me the besi 
fat* '.bat comes to the market. My stock embracer 
the folio wingarticles : 

S addle Trees; Skirting; 

ridte Leathers; Morocco Skins; 

Harness Leathers; Patent do; 

Hog Skins; Ktirrups; 

Calf do; BitU; 

Goat do; Rncktea; 

Threads; Ptuahe*; 

Tacks; Riding Whips; 

Ooach Laces; Buggy do; 

Ooach Lmtjs; Wagon do; 

Rubber O’l Cloths} EMptic Brrirfs; 

Axl"* and Bands, Harness Mo untlnn; 

Trank Boards; Trunk Trimmings: 

Mai. Iren, ke. 

Also , see pe constantly on band a general axsortman 
,f Saddles, Bridle*. Harnes*. and Trunk* 

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kA Hams for sale by 



White Band; 

White Path Lime: 

SOU keg t assorted N ails; for aa’e 
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The Ohieft Stand »* Louisville. 

( CIGARS. 141*, 000 EXTRA <*UAL- 

A ity German Cigars juit rereived t rom the custom 
bouse and will be aold at loss than can be purchased 
at auction , by 

myan ,IOIIS B. MclLV son. 



now very large. I *»'▼• n*ariy every arti-sle :a 
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u*e, such as Ousters, Pitchers, fiybrt*, Tam- 
olers. Cups, -poou V asr-s; Pie 1 ', Pie, and Cake knives: 

every variety cl Spoons, Fisks, Ac. 

I have also always on hen I • stock of Jec. Ro-lgurs 

kSon’*ivory-h4kn<iie Table Cutlery. 

apiS mkekw WM. Tkirdstrout. 

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. Attention of her customer* and others to h« 
Also, a splendid assortment of Ladies’ Wig,. Half wVj. 
Braids, and Carls, always an hand and tnadetoom££ 
atthe shortest notire. kina <1 tut'“,TT.. l ?P Mer 

| #00 boxes perior article; 

•OF pe-kaces etar Candles; 

In store and for sala by 
my« BRADY A 


these choice llama in (tore and for sale 
ABM. FuNDA, 9# Fou 

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atthe shortest notice. MRS. (J. NI(ThoLab 

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