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Full text of "The Kentucke gazette: 1788-04-19"

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StfiiMB. XXXIV.] *' THE Apbil 19, 1788; 

KEN T U C , K E C A 2 E J . 

SATURDAY, APRIL 15. 1788. 

y . 1 1 1 ! i ' , ! ..^..**^..*.-^......-..^.., — rrn-i-m v i rnr T i rrrrnri ii-i-mi-mn-iTn^Tnrcri-nii-ni^ 

LEXINGTON : Printed andScld by}o\rsand I'ir.ixiNC Bradford, at their Printing OrriCE m A/aif. Street, where fubfcriptions at 18/ff* ^>J.n Mvt 
ments, fcfr for this paper, are thankfully received, and Printing in its different branches done with Care and Expedition --Advertifmenis of nomore length 
treadth, art injerted for 3/ the fir fl time and zf. each time after and longer ones in proportion. 



■At their flare in Lexington on main flreet, three 
doors below theCourt houfe, where Mr. darke late- 
ly kept. 

Camhlet, Durants Moreens, ftalloons, 

Fuftians, Jeans, Corduroy*, Plain, half-thicks* 

Chintz, Callico, and ftampt MuQin, 

Silk, coiton, linnen and kenting IIar.d!:crche:fs, 

Black and white Gauze. 

Apron Lawn, (Iripcd and Irifh Linnen, 

Woiftcd, thread and cotton Stockings, 

Tcftamcnts, Spelling Books, Writing Paper 

Watt s Pfaims and Hymns. 

Large and fmall Looking GlafTes, 

An alToiiment of Queens tvate, 

Decanters and Cruets, 

Tin cups and Tea canifters, 

Table and Tea. fpoons, 

Cotton and Wool Cards, 

Curb and Snaffle Bridle bitts, ficcl Spurn, 

Whipi'aw fifes, table Hinges, tod. Nails, 

Sadler;- Tacks Buckles and Moires, 

Shoe and knee Buckles, Pen and Cutteau Knives, 

Jvoi y & horn Combs, mens & worries crooked ditto. 

Chocolate Mufcovado Sugar, 

Nutmegs, Cloves, Cinnamon and Ginger, 

InJigo, r ig blue, Copcras, Brimftone and Rofin, 

Diop-fhott and t good Aflcrtmcnt of Callings. 


Fifty thousand 

, C'lES of taluable land fituated on the 
following water-courles viz. twenty 
five TliouUnd acres on the waters of 
Cumberland river within the Bounds re 
ferved for the continental Ofhcers and 
foldiers of this ftate, and twenty five 
Tnouiand acres l>ing on the waters of 
duck, Elk and Tennefee rivers, and fe- 
deral other navigable water courfes falling 
into the Onio and Mitiilippi rivers. 

The fubferiber thinks it unneceffary 
with regard to its Situation, S01 , & timber, 
to be very particular in his dci'cription 
as lie iminagines the purchaler would pie- 
•vious to any contract be deiirous of tee- 
ing the land. Indnpiuable titles will 
be made the purcruders, and eight years 
credit will be given from the time of 
making the titles, no Intereft will be re- 
queued for the firft f.,u<- )ears. Any 
perlon inclinable to purchafe may know 
the lerms and be fhewn -he land by 
spdlying to ELIJAH ROBERTSON. 

Nafhviifr January, 2j, 1788 b2o 

CfRAYfD cr ftolen in January laft 
from Mofes Halls near Lexington, 
j} forrel horfe eight years old about fi /e 
et high, branded on the near (boulder 
tn us HL, has a blaze in his face which 
comes over his no'ftril, has three white 
feet, fhod before, paces and trots, he is 
fome what difruuit to bridle by reafon 
he will not fuffer his ears to be hand- 
led, has . never been docked, whofoever 
takes up laid horfe and will bring or 
fend him to- me in L ncoln county, about 
five miles from the Court honfe, (hall 
hare four Djllars reward. 


— «s -o n> 

QTRAYED frttH ihi fubferiber afout ChriJImafs 
k3 la.1,- a black mare, with a fmall blaze down her 
face, five years old. fifteen hands high, a natural trot, 
tcr. food before, i fmrl tail ALSO a bay Jlud colt- 
two years old in Ju .e next, a large htid, fmall white 
on his nofe, light mad' and l-vng tail llliocver fecures 
faid creatures Jo thot t get them a*a'n, (hall receive 
the above reward, or two dollan for eit her. 
Lexington, April 1, 1788 JOHN PARKER. 


hereby given, that a company will 
meet at the Crab-orchard on Sunday 
the 41(1. day of may to go through the 
wildernefs, and to fct out on the 5 h. at 
which time moft of the D legates to the 
ftate convcmion, will go 


\ L-Wcrtul nigh blooded horfe, will 
ftand this feal'on "at the fuotenbers 
houte in L xmgton, his price thirty fhil- 
lings calti, or 200I& of merchantal L to- 
bac»», 01 r,ocib f pork, to be delivered 
in L K iig mi, on or before the *»m. day 
ot OC <>ber next. 

REDBIRD was got by Fearnought an 
i::;poiieo norfe, his dam wasa Janus, cal- 
led slow and fure, his grand dam was 
creeping I>>e, lb well known on the 
continent tur her fwiftnets .1" \ big 1 - blond. 


I have for falc at my Tioufc a large quantity of 
dry garnered h\t, which I will fell fot 
caih, at two Dollars pr. buftiell. 

Lincoln April 8 1788. 3337 

CTRAYFD from Col Rob CI T i ■'■ 
. < >■ u the firft of december 1 f 
red roan mare with foal, about fix ; eVi 
fourteen hands high, a fmall white fp 
her lace, brande on the near flu- 1 
and burro Ic'FC, fome faddle ma '<■ 
natural trotter, had a bell on, who 
tak-s up faid mare and brings her 
Gil. Todds (ball receivp .three d! 
reward. 3335 JOHN FILSC : 

CTiayed tioin the lubknber 

*5 the month of October laft, a c: - 
colour'd mare and niare-eolt, both I . 
white main and tail, the mare is tin 
years old, about fourteen hands I ig: : 
branbed on the near fhoulder T H, 1 
mare bed on a fmall bell, is fuppokc 
be with toal Whoever takes up laid r 
and colt* and brings them to B 
c un-houic,fhali have t ' <* abov. e - 

TVTHEREAS there area number of JudL-rr- 
W obtained in the late Supreme Com-, 
the bene'lt of Mr. Browns Clients: this is tin 
fore to give notice that Mr William MfDo: 
or the fubferiber will iffue Executions upi n 
rcquefl of thofaperfons tor whom the jtidgeirtc 
were obtained. HARRY INN L,. 

March 29 33 

CTOLEN from the fubferiber living ncr ' 
O ington. a blue Jacket, about half wo ::, 
the back of alighter blue, with fhallow poc 1 
a fct of filver buttons marked IB in a c ;-' 
Any perfon having bought faid Jacket, ai 
turning it to me in Lexington, fhall have;; 
talue of it, as I wm to bring villian^ 10 I 


\V7HEREAS Dtniel Henrv of F 
more, did in October 178$ at the i 
of Ohio, obtain a bond from me fr>r 
conveyance of a certain tradt of Li 
in Penl'vlvania ; This is to forewarn 
perions from taking an alignment > 1 
bond, the fame camion I have giv ;-. 
the Maryland G^Ue-, for 1 am e. 
mined not to comply therewith ; r. 
have in my poffelfion a bond ol hn 
conveyance ' of a tracTt of land in ' 
land of equal value, which land 1 a:: - 
vinced he has loft, and confequen:.y 
conveyance to me impollihlc-. 


CTSAYED from the head of Clarks 
*^ run, Lincoln county about the firft 
of February laft, a cht fnut torrel horle 
fourteen hands and a half high, blaze 
face and fome iaddle Ipois^ one hind 
foot white, had on when he went away 
a large finging beil, the collar of which 
was vvraped twice round his neck. The 
taker up of faid horfe fhall be intitled 
to a liberal reward, on bringing or fend- 
ing him to the fubferiber h ing near 
the K 10b Lick ' ft 
April, 7(/j 1788 MiaULIi RANDOLPH. 


A tract of land containing '400 acres 
on the waters of the nyrth fork of 
Lickmg, lying on the road from Lime- 
ftone to the lower biue licks ; being 
Mays fettlemem and preemption and in- 
cudes Mays lick, good bonds on perfdns 
in tins dillnct or on perfons in the .Eafttrn 
part of Virginia will be received' in pay- 
ment, and t will warrant r'-ie title, . 
If bao ^ ^ARRY JNNES 

STrayed away from this place. '.< 
time in January laft. a dark br.\ . 
about fourteen hands high, feven o: ■ 
years did, branded on the near but 
I B. whoever takes up faid horl. , 
f- cures him to that I get him, fhail 
TWO DOLLARS reward. . 
Lexingto.i, April 15. HENRY MARSHA! 


for falc at Robert Bans Sttrc in Lev: 

ADECEN r rerpeRforthepatienceof thepublic, 
•rill iadilte metobeasconci.e ispoffiblemmy 
"©Ircrvat'.ons on a few of the many things advaficed 
b my enemies. Nor tho.ild t chin . rhefc .ietetfary, 
had tnotcal edtipon (hem to bring forth their char- 
ge- I'hc p dfurion Oi ab.ile within whi^h thefe 
fe'W a.e involved as it cannot affect me, fo is it, 
beneach my notice. 

Their writer iiat.cs, as a Criminal charge, thatl 
bad not long acted as a deputy m the Survey6,s 
Office, befoie I diftinguluied myfeif by demand, 
ing the memorable double fee; And did I in that 
capacity a'ter being counselled demand the advan- 
ced fee according to law ? It was a crying fin in 
me no doubt. And what mull prove the charge 
of A-varice beyond a poflibiliy of contradiction, is, 
that I became a common fufferer, was obliged to 
pay the advanced fee, and could not poffibly de- 
rive any benfit from it, my Salary being fixed, 
find by no means depending upon the fees in Of- 
fice. As to my conduct to the people both then, 
and ever lince, they are the heft judges, I wall 
them to review it, and to think, fpe&k, and act 
for themfelves. 

The next capital charge it appears is, that I did 
Tiotanfweraqueftion at a particular time, and that 
1 aftd wards give an explication by private leiter. 

This le ter has been publifhed at my re^ue!*-, 
to which I refer he reader, it mieht have been 
obferved, that independanr of every other cucum- 
fiance, 1 had a right to have purchafed the lin 
try in queftion, it 1 had chol'en to do fo Th N 
writers attempts to fix the falfhood, it muft be 
convened are rathei unfoitunate when his very 
groundwork is an abfolute faifhood. i have no 
where faid as he afferts, that the land inqtiefhon 
was the property of Wilkinfonand Turpin. The 
property 1 prefume is Calmes's. In the letter 
aludcd to after appealing to Mai. Crittenden's 
knowledge, who was undoubtedly better acquaint- 
ed with all the circumftames refered to than my 
felf; 1 obferved that, they we e an pojfeffion of 
the land ; 1 immagine they will not deny living on 
it. Coturafted with the:e fa£t> how truly amiable 
muft the ch.i acter of this more than candid ,cha- 
titajle and humane writer appear. 

The puo.ic inuft know too that I wrote a let- 
ter u the Slate^ Attorney, and th?.t 1 olfeied a- 
bu e to Mr. Tuipin. Hon fome people counter- 
aft their own defigns, by making the man they 
Willi "o ruin, of fuch immence Confequence even 
his private letters are dragged before the public. 
Mr. Attorney I fuppofe is the fuperior whom I 
have treated with haughty ain, and Mr. Turpin 
the poor and unfortunate, whom I h3ve i ca ed 
with violence. Have they complained toy u Mr 
writer as the Knight Errant of al I diftrcieJ '.voi- 
thies ? They lhouid undo.ibredly have done it to 
me as the proper perfon to redre's their glievan 
ces. ' If 1 co.ild te.iliy think the public inter cileJ 
In thefe things, I would demand a publicstion of 
that and another letter to the States Attorney. I 
faij in efFet, that Mi. Turpin was a pmpaga'er 
of [caudal ; if he w.fhcs me to fupport it, ai his 
h rticuUr equeft I will do fo. In this maw er the 
JrVnic mjy reft ajjured the prejent conteft origina- 
ted ; and .s if tins' Mr. writer which sou have 
kept, iuch a fuis andadoabout? Ridiculous.' 

My fnends ob.'c ve ti-.e c is much pains taken 
io mar e ihe pcop.e r>e( eve, that f have treated 
Mr. Harris ungeneroi fly. I would a Ik how ho 
lhouid be treated? As the agg-rcnor, he took 
care to time his publications in fueh manner, as 
to prevent my replying btforc court, at which 
time he was bound to Ins good behaviour. He 
ftill lends his name to vent cveiy fpecics of atuife; 
and complains that his hands are-tied What docs 
he want! To fhew the ahfurdity ot this aitil cc, 
it is only neclTary to obferve, that he claims the 
merit of thefe pieces, if he is the > eal Author, 
he is certainly under great oblisations to- me; for 
convert n; him in the couife of a week from a 
naieri fine Ge.tleman to a wifter of Tales, and 
by the next qualifying him to write Criticifms, 
ani H iJ.y. Le' anv one compare "Thofewho 
kno v me, know that I am no writer" with his 
late productions, ;md they will be trade fenfible 
of this; or will conclude that he is not the Au- 
thor, as he pretends. And now Mr. real Author 
a few words with you ; a feci promising great things, 
and torturing your brain over lit le ones; what 
hive >'ou produced but contradictions, absurdities, 
bomuaft and falfhood P Had you have mixed 
lefs of the foul corruprion of your heart with the 
[ftventtoh of your head; you might have entitied 
you- felf to forne credit as a writer of Romance. 
If you are that reil friend to mankind that you 
woald be thought ; you will fign your owrfname' 
to vour next piece, that we may know, and loot 
. vp to you. as the true pattern of all perfection, 
an te.'»ht e*™»?le.foT imitation, But if as If rfpeft 

fs but tittle hope of moving you on this principle. 
And now to conclude if you dare renounce the 
Charade, of Lurking Airaitin, own your pieces, 
and fubmir your conduct t£> a.f?ir difcuflion wc 
fhall fee your name to your next piece. I will 
then lumim you with a few facts to defcant upon. 
If you will not do this, you may write as long 
as you can find a man of your patty fo bale, as 
to lend his name ; and it is probable that filerxe 
will be the part of H, MARSHALL. 

Mr. Bradford. 

r l"HE Fieedom of theprefs is one of thegrea- 
i tell Bulwarks of Libeuy, and can never be 

reftrgined but by Delpotic Governments 1 

can lay as Elihu laid, I am full of matter the fpi 
fit within rue conftraineth me,lehold my is as 
new vine wkm ha'h no vent, it is ready to burji 
like new bottle,, I <iriU J;<tak that I maybe rejrcfb- 
ed, I will 0, 'en r.iy lips and anjwer, let me not accept 
a,.y it. us ,-erjo i neither lit mi give flattering ti- 
tles unU man, for I khow no,? not to give flattering 
tities, inj'odai-ig ny miter wouid .■oan'tanemfway.- 
Win is the ui'e of the Law? To iecure the pie- 
pert ol what We en,oy, and the ob efts ol it,con- 
cet.i Perfons, thc.rEftates, Crrmes, Mifdemanors; 
Cou.ts of Juftiie &c. That all power of Repeal 
ingo. Sufpending Laws.'oi the Kxccutibn of Laws', 
hy any A .thonty, without conlent of theRepre 
fentativesof the poop e, is injurious to their rights, 
and blight not to be exercjfed .- if fo is not the 
good people of Kentucke Difliicl, impofed Gn by 
fome of our principal men te img thepeoplei that 
Certificate's iil'ufd for the tw6 expeditions kgainft 
the Shaw*ne and waubalh InJ-ans, will not an- 
Ivvei cettain taxe-- in this Diltiict. and will not 
receive certificates, but rn ft have Gold or Silver. 
What ;ays the Law? ' And be it further enacted 
that the Ccrt/iicatcuhiis iiTued; A.di be 
ble in difcbirgC of axv of the faxes which may 
heteafior become d b in the # faiJ Diftrict. I lm 
in duty bound to cry aloud ag;:,nft fuch injuftice 
fo is evetjf Mag. ft, ate who is the good peoples 
Truftees and Servants, and »n oath to do them what lays the Scripture concerning Ma- 
gnates 2 Said 3 4 . The God of Israel faid, 
the rock of fjrael j'pnke to mi ; he that ruleth over 
me.i muft be jvft, ruling in the fear of God. Pfal. 
63- 3 +• Defe.d ike poor and fatheriefs: dojuftice 
io the afflided an needy, deliver the poor and needy 
rid them out of the hand of the w.ckcd.. Rom. 13 
3 4 for ra.fh- are not a terror to good works, but 
to the evil : wilt thou not be afraid of the power, 
do that is good and thou fbatt havj praije 
of the jame. for he is the mi ijler 0; God to thee for 
good, but if l.hon do that which is evil, be afiaid 
for Ik beareth not the jword in vain, for lie is the 
minifter of God. a revenger to execute wrath upon 
him that Voth evil I be.eech every Magiftrate 
of. this Diitnct, to proclaim againft their ClerKs 
when they refufc to receive Certificates for the 
Co-veyance of Land &c. It is an admiration to 
trie How they 'can go fo contrary to the letter of 
tl'elaw in refilling o certificates. Follow not a 
niaiiiiude to uoevii, neither iiiall thou fpek in a 
cauie to.ieci.ixaiieiuuny to Wrest judgmtkiC 
1 am yours'j 6.C. J. SINCERE. 

To Agricola. 

V/'OU have taken the liberty to animadvert up- 
I on the publication of the intended Setr.ina. 
ry, propofing a .few Clly and fin pertinent quclH. 
Ons, which i fnall take no notice of: Your ofh\ 
cious pen-f rmance Reflects no reputation, indica" 
ting a Spirit of altercation, which in every atti* 
tude 1 View with Contempt As yoiPhave been 
fo perfonal with me. yonvvi'l pleafe to leave your 
proper name with the Printer and oblige 



M O G U L 

WflLL ftand the eniuin'g feafon at my 
VV . >uie, and will cover mares at for- 
ty ihillings the feafon, payable in cattle, 
fheep, or tobacco, on or before the firlt 
dav of November next. 

M igul is a fine norfe fifieen hands 
hign, and was got by the noted im port- 
ed horfe Lath, hiFdam Poll Haxen, who 
was alfodafri of Bummer, and was got 
bv lolly R'jg'-r out of th-- imported mare; 
Mary Gray. *ffl tlORAXlO 

Mr. Printer. 

I UR jrontitts, hav; long been harrsffed, hy 0 

V / cruel, and uurtUati;g foe; and tamely jubmit-4 | 
ted toby our Commanding Offiiers. who have itfuU 
ly in their power, to prevent aimjfl every at} of vi- 
olence, committed by the enemy : and is it not a«. 
fufferable, that a hundfull of Indians, Jhouldbe per- • 
muted without oppofition, to butcher a id plu ider t 
our wtrthj Citizens, and j'carce the jmatleft -.oiict v 
taken of it, by the' officers. Was I to judge an Of- 
fiicer, on trial, for fujfering murder to be commit- 
ted by his neghcl of duty, I would punijb hint at 
Jevere, as :ho he had done it with his own hand: 
This has certainly been the cafe, w : th a County Liew 
tenant in this dijfritl, who prized his popularity 
more than the public gopa. However, the Elections 
being over, and the Governors orders ariving, fat 
carrying on Ofenjiive, as well as Defenfive mea- 
Jures; the excuje of not having power to procure 
provijions, wilt no longer anjwer his purpoje, and I 
hope pmethtng decifive vein -hmly be done for th» 
good of the dijtriH at large. 


LONDON, Oflf. 2^. 
Letters from Frarce, by Mondays mail, advife» 
that rheir High Migbtineffes have formally noti- 
fied, by their Am'jafiador at Pari/, to the Frencb 
court, the following refolutlOQS: "That the trou- 
bles between that province and the Prince Stadt- 
holdc:, having been happily terminated, and his 
Serene Highnefs re eftabliflied in all his, dignitiea 
that therefore, the faisfaflion deTaiided relative 
tci'the uhpeH'ed journey of the Princefs of Orange, 
would a To be immediately arranged with the 
King of rVi'ilia ; that consequently there being 
no more enemies in the country, the refolution ot 
the.iothof September (to demand fucconrs from 
France cea 'ed to have its effeft ; thar rheir No» 
blc ar.d G eat MightinifTes thought they ought 
to give notice of this, as foon as podiblc, to his 
Moll Chriftian Majefty, not doubting rhat he 
would take fuch intend in this happy te eftab"ili- 
ment of the tranquility of the country, which he 
had ever flie"ed in driving to flifle difcoid and 
promote the rrofperity of the nation; to whicli 
end the afteflion of his Maiefty would always be 
accept able to them ."A decifive blow this to the 4 
infidious intrigues of a French Court, ahda to aldi- 
foluiio'i of ihe unnatural treaty lately foimedbe* 
tween France and the Dutch, 

— yt*^— 

N . W- Y O R K, Jan. 14. 
A Bofton papei of the 71I1 inft. ( January )fay9; 
Satuiday 'aft was biought to this town, under ef» 
cort, the fa.nous Capt Luke Day, a principal in. 
furgeni duiihg the late commotions in this Com« 
jponwealth and for whom a reward of one hun- 
died pounds was offered for appiehending him by 
Government.- -He was taken by furprife at anina 
in Weilmoieland, in Hainpfhire State, about fun. 
let, on the rirft inftant by Major Luther Ernes. 
Lieutenant IfaacGriirell, and Mr. Elijah Dunbarr. 
He had not cio ; CJ Conneclicut ferry above tea 
minutes before he was a prifou«Sr. Hi* teat of 
reiuence was In Veimont ftate. 

'"pHK public arc cautioned againft counteifeie 
I dollars, now in ci)culat:on, dated 1786; they 
are well cxeeutdd, and may deceive even swo.k. 
man, if not clofe examined. They may be known 
from the true by the following marks: On the 
head fide, the nofe and mouth are larger than the 
true, the S in Caiolus is fmailcr, and not well cut; 
• he II larger, and the L deeper inproportion thaa 
the other letteis : The figures 86 of the date, not 
fo ful I as the others, andareveiy rough cut: On 
the .-vcife, the crown is larger, and not fo full 
and dup as thet ue : The head of the pillars are 
larger and bolder than on the true ones: The 
metal appears very well until rubbed, when it has 
a coppcr 'caft .* The weig it is the fame as the true 

On clofing the election of Fayette county, lad 
Saturday for Delegates to the Convention, which 
is to form a Conftitution for the Government of 
the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the following 
was the ftate of the noils. . 

CALEB WALLACE, efqr. <5ij 
Col T MARSHALL, 49$ 
JOHN ALLEN, efqr. 41?