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Full text of "Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1909-07-23"

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■» ""W 'l l"- '! > IW » t 






:»AiL r pvSuo uumuM-m*. 


on aoPT—otm trntrr. 

^mewhere "betwMO tbe itm* Md 

Thtr* U a qaitt hoar, 
Wkn Lof* ImIm 4M».iito ^ar tjm 

rrom oat hto mij bovar; 
8oB««bM h« «tiU t« eoM to ye«, 

LoTO-tlnId uti lo?e-wtft — 

Bat it Bight butao thiagt t bit 
If yon woold advortiie! 

Hatt at uhotrd of prlcoo. New York Store. 

It ii reported by the (anMn th*t qwOl will 
<1w pleitffil tbb aeaaoB. 

P^W«ntcd A Rtinding desk in gond con- 
dition. Addrcs:.. with pri.-o, P i ) H N-). 'J^'S 



QMI today M Uf gwHwiot of 


aa W«et Front Street. 

To the 

If you are going to build 
or do aoy concrete work 
we cftD famish what yon 


Brick, Lime, Sand, Cement 
Gravel, Wall Plaster 
and Lath, Etc. 

You will need a supply of 
COAL for next Winter, 
which yon will always find 

a good supply of the best 
<|uality at our yards. 


'PHONE 142. 

Ueo'a II ShirU. 49c. New York Store. 

The MtMkeoter r«ir will be beM Septeaber 

2d. 8d ud 4th. 

^WTbe partn«rihip firm of Whittirgton & 
Co. bM ditsaked, Joteph W. O'Donnell retiriog, 
Edward H. WUttisgtoa coBUaalait at tba old 
itand, No. 218 Market atraet. OabtaSiato, 
as well a« b;. tbe firm are ta be aattM witb 
Edward H. WhittiogtoD. 

You'n EfUMtIr TMaa l^Mu* TImt Jbout 

That Caniagel 

But we don't blame you (or going alow in tba matter. 
Thara'a plenty o( time yet, bat when yon ARE going to 
bay wa want to aali yoa. We have a dandy line of 

Canopy and Extension Top 

Barouches and Suireys 

Eaay-ruDDtDK, weii-oiade and atyliah. Some aplendid 
Driving WaKons and Ranabouta on whieli we art going to 
make an awfully cloaa price. Oome to aee aa, and don't 
forget that 

With Every $1 Purchase |.Tm!5 icnE'S"; 


$100 Full Leather Top Buggy, 
SO RuttHbOttt. 

25 Set of HmtSS. , 
18 Saddle. 
10 Robe. 
5 Storm froMt 

All ol which are going to be given away Jannary lat, 1910. 
SoBMhody*! loiBf to ha laoky. Why not yoof 

Mike Brown 

The Square Deal Mane 


Tht iirlty Steitly Rt|Mti PriH- 

of the Equity SooMy 
Ftr Joint PotI 

At LeziogtoB, tbe Barley Tobacco Society at 
«a early boor thia moraiog rejected io their 
•aHielr tbe iiBaili af tba AMclaaa Beeiaty 
«( Eqaity with tbe aole exception of that pro- 
vUiag for the iaoorporation of tbe latter 
•aeiati'a aaaa is the pledge for pooliag the 
IMS arap aad la Iti Mafalafe. 

After beiog in eseoatlre iMaloD for more 
4baa u bow ooaaideriag the propoeitioa aab- 
■Maibf thelqehy laadaia, Piaaida^t UBaa 
aal bia Coamittee aaaanoal It Mr. CaatilU 
at 1 o'clock thia mortiag tbal Ibt prayatHlea 
had been declined. 

falleviag tbia aaaotaeaMet Mlaa Aliee 
Llayd iained a lengthy ttatemeot to tbe preaa 
WgaHlag tba attltada of the Barley Seaiaty 

on the prepaaitlaa aabaltted by Ibe Iqtilgr 


The propoeitioai rejected are: 

"1. Te elate la tbe eaatraat need la pooling 
tba 1909 crop that thu Burley Tobacco Society 
la a braaoh of the American Society of Eqnity. 

"8. Tbat the eollaotioa and diatribntioa of 
tba p r aeiaaa ef tbe aalt ef tbe ert» aballbe 

made by each Coanty Baard ef OmM •t tbe 

barley Tobacco Sociuty." 

Lewie Steam baa been appointed City Mar- 
abal at Oerauatewa. 

Rev. Dr. Ha«^ M. laaMar baa beea qaita III 
at bla bea t al CarHate f er aaveral d aya. 

Bat worth all it aoata. 

M. C. RpiffiLL Oo. 

/i^Self- Player Piaooa at Gerbrich'a. 

Govaraor Hukell of Oklahoaa baa paroled 
J. C Wllloaghby of Leiiagtoa, who to aervfag 
a alnety-nine.year term fnr killing Cbarlee 
Shaw, ao OkUboma City Negro, in IWV, be- 
came tba Negro did aal take oif hii hat while 
deliveriag bear euee iato aa Oklahoaa City 
aaloea wbare Willonghby waa teadlag bar. 


Mmi • OtmHii Ciri «ii TMt 

Tba Fair eeaaoa ia aeMy bare tad Ibe Ira 
eihlMtioa le elala ear aetlae aad palraeage 

ia the "Big Fair at Riplsy, Ohio." Aogaet Sd, 
4tb, 6th and 6lh— only (wo weeka off. 

The Ripley rair i« at atblbitioa wbiab ia 
almost a home affair aad ia enjoyed aad pa> 
troDized uaaally bytbeaaaada of Kealaek- 

Wbea a peraea geu tba babit of aHeadiag 

the Ripley Fair he can noTer ahake It off, hot 
keepa it op natU oaly aatare hareelf eada the 

happy revel. 

Tbia year the aMaageaHat baa btaa Si 

aaoag thea being the marvelooa "OifaMCt 
Faaily" of aerial gyaaaate, who will parfana 
daily ia Ibt araaa. Tbe abow of lae bocaaa 
froa Keatteky win be a apadal faalare la the 

prize rinK*. With good mnaie and a Floral 
Hall Uemieg with the prodaeU of the faraw 
gardea, boaa aad faetarlaa, II wffl be aa aihi* 

bition well worth attending and an oceaaloa al 
relezation which will do one good. 
Bnadreda will attend froa Mayeviile. 

^^Pare Paria Green for potato baga aad 
tobacco woraM at Sallie Wood'e Drngetore. 

The Cinciaaati Soatbara Railway la le btUd 

an (18.000 oflloe bnilding at Daavflle thto faB. 

ID. HEOHiisra-EP^ <sc oo. 

?. jsf: the C enter of Attraction 

Our handsome ClothlDg Cabinet and still more handsome contents are favorably commented on by our many 
visitors. During this month and early August there will be a great demand for Negligee Shirts, Light Weight Under- 
wear, Half Hose, etc. No bouse in MayBvIll* aa well equipped to oery* you in above-mentioned as cure. Noo« but 
high-class gooda and at moderate prioee. We are cloeing out the remainder of onr Light Weight Olothing at prices 
to barely cover coet. In many instances, where there are but one or two suits of a stvle, they are sold below cost. 

The beat Working Shoe in town. Every pair warranted. YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OPPRESS SHOES WE 
8BLL. Yon art waring them. 

THE "|— \ 


f^kM aaUrely aew liae of Barrettea, Bac 
Caaba aad Hair Oraaaaate. 

P. J. MPRPHY, tbe J eweler. 

Prof. Manler McNntt of Berlia, Bracken 
county, baa been elected Priaeipel ef tbe 
Graded School at Geraaatowo. 

Captain C C. Calboaa, fonaarly of Caataeky, 

and Claim Agent of thia State in Waabington, 

baa let tbe coatraet for a aodera flTO^tory 
office bnilding on New Tork aTeaaa ia Waab- 

ingtcs. Captaio Caihoiia bad made aome big 
feee proeecating clainu for varioaa Statea. 

^^Mo aaaaata 1 Marray A Tboaa a. 

Meaere. Robert "Heiaey" Reap and Leon 
"Happy" SqairM leave tbia aftaraooa for Cia> 
elaaati to attead tba boat racee to be held at 

that point. While in the (jueen City tbey will 
be quartered and bam atmng at tbe Sinton. 

WflBaa Cook, oaa ef IheeMaal taatea at 

tbe ConfederaU Hoae at Pawaa VaOey , dM 
Wedaaeday. after aa lllaaaa «f foor moatba. 
Mr. Cook waa bora la Harrlaoa eooaty Aagaat 
8tb, l8.^i. au ! » ;..^ » imitted te the laatAicI 
25th, 1903, from Cynihiaaa. 

Bargains in Wash Goods. 


I2ic and ir>c Cbeclc and Stripe Dimity and Nain- 
soolc 10c. 

r.'i" ;ui»l -.'»(■ Lnce Stripe Dimity T-'ii'. 
'J.')c])c)ttt'dDre83JSwi88 loc. .ioo for'J.jc. oOctor o.")c. 
25c Figured Madras l.'>c. S^c for 25c. 
l.'tc liidia Linon H'c. 
10c Look Cloth, l>olt of li? yard^. V»8c. 


In White Goods boaglit for this sale. mi < annot match 
these ((imlities at the price, we Inow for we searched tbe 
market before placing uiir order. 

Linenes at 1 ')e, l'.»c. 

50-iuch French liati.ste at .'('c, 7."c. 

4.'>-iDch French Lawo at i*.»c, yiic. 

Persian Lawn at 15c, ll>c, :25c. 

4<)-incb Lin^rie Cloth at 25c. 

Don't e.vpfM't the u^iial ijualities .sold at above 
prices but the most uuui^ual values it ba^ ever been your 
good fortune to secure. 


3UcStrij>ed Linens, all colors*, li»c. 

25c Solid'Color Linens 15c. 

.'.(•c Linens, pink, blue, li»c. 

40c Linens, pink, wbite, cream, i;reen, •Ji'tc. 

.')0c Linens, extra wide, pink, wistaria, y.')C, 

'>»)c liorderotl French Giogbam 25c. 

.*)0c Bordered Liucnt^ --'."ic. 

25c Gingham Tatletad I'»e. 

18c Striped Crepe 12ic, 



25c Voile Suitings 8;\C. C'ol ond plai h and checks, 
aUo large assortment of black-and-white patterns. 

39c Monotone SilltS 15c. Stripes with or without 
borders in a sheer fabric that closely resembles silk. 

18c Linene Suitings 10c. Cannot be distingoithed 
from Lioen. All colors, chiefly stripes. 

ISe Lawns lOe. lOe Lawns Sc. 


.^^Briog yoor watchpn and cloclis to lie- 
Carthey'f fnr repair. KT«rythini{ warranted 

Or. Lillian U. Soatb of Bowling Green ia 
among tboee appointed by tbe women pbyal- 
elau of the Uailed SUtea to edaoato tbe pub- 
lie ia tbe piefaatiea ef diaeaia. 

«toa«aM ■ riMM aa. 

Tbe funeral of John Piokrell, wkoae death 
near Aogoata waa noted yeaterday, occurred 
laat aftaraooa, the iateraeat being in tbe Heck 
C aaataty aeer Miaarra. 

ia making arrangenaenti for tbe 
graalaat Labor Day parade, September 6ib, in 
iUbiatory. ^ 

New wheat fl.)ur. '''be wfli koowD ' I!! lean 
Patent" at $6 '>i) c^h. Rain.-; Bkhs. 

It Pays to Sav9 
Blobe Stamps. 

1) Globe Stamp C0» 

Oartaall extraoU teeth witboat pala. 

Priaeatt Sana. SIM aa4|S.8S. NtvTork 


^i^Odda aad aada Moalla Uadarwearjiigbtly 
aoiladltoabaa4liaf.balf priee. MMtBaoa. 

Clark 4 Plaek ablpped tbrae bondred lamba 
to Jaraay City yaalerdar «««r tba L. aad N 
Maaoa eoaaty bu earlaialy faraiabed ilaqaota 

of cattle, aheep and lambe to laalara aarfceta 
thia aprioit and aummttr. 

itaa4r«a4e Staai 


But we are the WHOLE WIQOLE wbeo it cornea to FANCY 0R0CEBIE8. 
Take our 16c jar of HOQrEFOKT CHEESE and tboruugbly mix with one 
glaaa ol BAK-LE-DUE UUKKANia and apread lightly on OVAL WAFERS 
tMktt a tandwiob fli for tbt goda. 


iQueen Quality Oxfords| 
for Ladies 

Mii<i<isMiiiMiriin fi titrii 

The "Royals" 




Have come and lots of them have gone. NeyertbeleeB, we still have some of most of the style 
shown in our Second street window. 

98c and Up. 

We Are 




These reductions are GENUINE, as we mark all goods in plain flffures. New Belts, new Belt- 
ings, new Oombs, new Hair Rolls have been received this week. Our Mr. B. Merz, who is now 
in the East, is sending some more bargains which we will announce later. Ck»ne eariy aqd 

often to the Bee Hive, as we receive something different every day. 

We give Globe Stamps with all cash purchases. 




laiiM.n i'r.'iaiytl<«e-rii>Wi>niin>il>Miii vn 


> ^ 





til. w, cvmmAM, 



What a lot of Senatorial troul)le one Joskph 
Benson Fukakrr ii^ not bavio^. 

Hbrk is John D. Kockefbller's system for 
makio^ money: Kodace the price of coaloil 
15 cents on the bandred gallons and raise the 
price of gasoline 1 cent a gallon. Tbis is 
s:>()C^ net increase over a deireMer^ SimpU* 
fied, it means how not to reduce. 

Wb do not hear any more about the '*purifl* 
cAtion of the Ohio rirer." Doctor Probst of 
the Ohio State Board of Health should get 
hmy. la the good old summer time when the 
•Bndbars are glistening in the snn and the 
Ibeentifnl river is filled with the bodies of 
drewtttd persons and animals, and thousands 
of people are swimming and bathing in the 
slimy watm, it would seem an opportune 
time to attempt to do a little crystalizing. It^s 
a big job, but Dock Pkokst is a big man. 

GovBHNOR Harmon of Ohio hasn't lieen in 
office long, but just long enough to demonstrate 
that he is one of the most intense and hyi>o- 
critical Democratic partisans who has l>een on 
the job since Allen and Tburman and Camp- 
bbll's days. Under the cloak of a geueral 
good fellow and "liberal Democrat," the astute 
JvDsoN is so politically color blind that it's a 
shame to take the salary. Habmon is now 
indBstrionsly erecting a "Harmon machine,'* 
which he euphoniously calls "Democratic re- 
form.** When it is remembered that Habxom 
was elected by the beer manufacturers and the 
beer drinkers of Ohio, one marvels that the 
tenaperanee element can stomach the Cincinnati 
corporation lawyer, who is a known hireling of 
the railroads and all the allied graft interests. 

women follow the fashions and the 
men follow the women. What's^the Answer? 

Bt ratsing the priee of gBtolioe 1 cent a 
gallon by the Standard Oil Co., means a total 
p««tt of $5,700,000 to the Coittpany. C. D. 
Chambbblain, head of the independent inte^ 
ests, says that last year's consumption of gaso- 
line was about 18,000,000 barrels, of which 
the Standard Oil sold about 14,440,000 bar- 
rels. At 40 gallons to' the barrel, it made the 
Standard's scale about 576,000,000 gallons. 
As John D. RocKBrsLLBR now controls ab(jut 
one-fourth of Standard Oil, it means an addi- 
tion to his income of $1,440,000. 

Our Browing 

OrB National expenditures have increased 
and still are increasing at a terrific rate. Our 
appropriations of $1,044,000,000 for 1910 ex- 
ceed the appropriations 
of 1908 by over two hun- 
dred and forty-seven mil- 
lion dollars. Our annual 
naval appropriation bills 
have jumped from thirty- 
three million dollars in 1898 to one hundred 
and thirty-seven million dollars for 1910, ex- 
ceeding by twelve million dollars the combined 
naval appropriations of bSth France and Ger- 
many, and falling but eighteen million dollars 
under the British expenditures for a "two- 
power" Navy. 

We are reputed to be a peaceful Nation, and 
in proof of it people point to our diminutive 
Army and compare it with the vast European 
armies; but they overlook our army appropria- 
tion bills, which have climbed from twenty- 
three million dollars in 1898, the year we 
fought Spain, to one hundred and one million 
dollars for IWIO. 


"Bridget, wtta't that poiicemao making love to you 
in tba kitchen laat niRbt?" 
"He tbot he wat, mum." 


Hay harvest ii? about here, so why not 
make work a pleasure by buying a 

Johnston Mower and 
Hay Rake 

All anti-trust gooils anil warranted in every 
respect. For sale by 

Kirk& Kirk 

Also we are offering Bne bargains in the 
Vehicle line, as we have a large dis- 
play in strx'k and the season is pretty 
well advau ed. 

The Ryder 
Paint Store! 

Can fill all your want* in the 
Paint and WalUaper Line. E»- 
timatea cbeerfally furniahed and 
ft magnificent line of Wall- 

piipcrH in sfiick. I'lcture Fram- 
lu^ a ripecialty, mid tioe assort- 
ment ul Framec, Kooni Mould- 
ings, Kubber Koofiug, Carpet 
and Building Paper. 

MAY8VILLE, KY. : : : r : : 

Sanitary Dry Cleaning Co. 

Price-List tor Cleaning and Pressing: 


.....II 86 np 

I. ntr Genu. 1 ODap 

^'>iir* 10 ap 

.Ikcketi Nap 

WaUt* Sap 


Full UrattSulU „ M 

Suit* „.. I og 

Ovwooau..„ 1 00 

?!5l? fiwiey"'""!!!;;!!!"!! v: V "V S 

Ve«t w 

H»nt« 8ft 

Werk I'.lU 'l fi r anil ili l ivrrcU on thort notice. 


•mm ueoon iMite la 
•II, Md U tk« lavMPtt* 9»9W 
of til* pseyl*. 


The weatber— SboKtro; cuoler Fri- 
day; Saturday fair. 

■ •WMV 9t OlMiiaifiil* tut- < winll ffkat 

4'onlMlil nrrriir.>, 
»i mercury will iurt-ly (li'sir( > il - ihom of tincU 
Md oomplotely derangx tli« w)i"Ik tyitrtn tvhen 
•Btarlng It Ihrouiih th« laucotm tvirfnccs. Siii'h 
wtlolet ihould never iM uird rjoi-i i mi pn-icrlp 
ttoni from reputable phynU lmiA. itic dsinxKe 
ihey will do l» tenfold to I h« |{i>"il you ckm pojul 
hly d'Tlvi' from thi'iii. lUH'i Catarrti L ure, idku 
iifm liiri-rl by F. J. ChciifV (;o,, Toledo, ().,0(in 
iKliis no mercury, «nd Ij i»keii luli riiHllv. noting 
din»ctly upon the hlood hikI nni(*oui ii'-'»ce» of 
the lyiteui. In buyliic Unll'i CHlarrh Cure hr 
tan ycm get the ttentttne. 11 It taken Internally, 
and made |u Tulfdo, C, bf V./.OhaatT ' Co. 
Teitlmoiilalit free. 
Sold by UruKKlkta. Price 7&< per bottle. 
Take Uall'i Pamlly PllliforooBitlpaUoa. 

Tbio ia "friday, tbe 28d." 

" i » ■ ■ 

Staanton, Va., went dry yeaterday. 

The Obio continues falling at all 
pointa. _ 

LatODia has been annexed to Cov> 

A $60,000 baainess block burned at 
Owintdb. _____ 

Lexington io working for a new rail* 
road to Naobville. 

J. B. Haggin io to eatabliob an im- 
menoe dairy farm at Blmendorf. 


Lawn Mowers Now! 

Frank Owetis Hardware Co, 

The CiovernmeDt SDagboat E. A. 
WoodruQ ia working in tbe barlior at 

Spain ia all etirred op OTSr matioy 
of btr troops sad diaeatisfsction onr 

retolt ia Mo rocco. 

The SoatheAi Coast atorm killed 18, 
injoisd knodreda aad dasBsgsd prop 
arty ofsr a aalUion. 

Pfeoidsat Taft ia having an eaey 

time aetUiog tbe Tariff trouble and 
the conferees are getting together tor 

lower revision, 

A $10j()00,OOU life ineurance com 
pany is to be formed at Louisville to 
aboorb ths Oiliieoa' LifS Iniorance 
Company sad rsiaeim other com- 
paaiea. - 

In all 80,000,000 cubic yardo of ex- 
cavation taken out of the Panama 
Canal since the U. 8. took charge, 
leaving 100,000,000 yardo yet to be 

At Colorado Springo, the sehes of 
Mro. llargaret Howell Jelbrsoa Davis 

Hnycs, in a tiny metallic urn, were 
laid to rest in tbe little vaalt in Ever* 
green Cemet ery. 

Wboopiog couKb is epidemic in 
bracken county. Two children are 
dead at GenBaotowo from fbo effects 
of it— one a daaghter of Jameo Poe, 

aged twenty-one months, and the 
other the one-year-old oon ol Garrett 

William -11. Wyatt wao killed by 
Samuel Hedgeo near Preeton Station, 
Bath coaoty, beiag riddled with a 

shotgun. Wyatt was about 65 years 
old iinil leitvcR a family. It is said 
the trouble vin over the building ol a 
tobacco ba m. 

WA8HI.V0T0N, July :i!2d.— Ao tbe 
Tariff eitoatioa aCcnda today, Freei* 
dent Taft haa won eobotantial vic- 
tories in tbe matter of free raw mate- 
rials, but conceioions must yet be 
made. Some raw materials will go on 
tbe fiM Uil, othm will twelve • eiMll 
degree of protection. Tho real qaea- 
tion now pending is to what extent 
corresponding reductions in tbe fin- 
iohed prodorta of these raw materials 
•bould be made. It oaa be atated, 
however, that Precident Taft will have 
bis way and the revision downward 
will be strictly in accord with the 
partr promieeo. 


At the New York Store is Now 

in Full Swing. 

We ware rwabed all day Saturday with emgtr liayere. We ofta> 
you ailll batter tMurnain** l»t you anat ooms jroaiMlf and Inapeot 
tb«n. Re » e — bevt • Oao piwaent with a fa parohae*. 


1 ,000 yard* Rotid OMalitir Lawn*. 4o. 

a.OOO yarda extra heavy BPowa Cotton, yar^ wide, 5o a yard. 

nno y«r4i« White Ooodo. ia aeaa elMoka, So a yatd. 

ion psirn MiHvrk' Paaapa, tn paiMit leMher.aold fbr tLasi 

now <H>c. A HNtnpIp linr. 

l.nrlirN' PrliHTfiR DrrHxi'H, i w <> IhIn, 91. ON anil 92. OH. nU<< , 
up-to-(1at^ Ifootla. Did yriii evr lioni- th<^ like? Irfldlea' White 
LiMn HklMa, dac. ('<>ri<>(-lly iniidr. 


We oan't aet enanghi 91 Waiaca 40e. Waieta Mki. 

(ilnKham irpttiooat*. 4Mo. Mnalln Underwear leaa than the 

cidili. 84>e the nOc Coraot Cuvrra at 2Bo. Laoe trimmed Pettlooata 
70c Bii<I OHr. Nicp. ciNil DrrMsiiiK Hauka. 3l5o. liOnn Klmonaa, 49o. 

aPKOIAL— Rata trimmed vrithont eiia^ga if yon bay tbe ma- 
terlalofpt; " : 

New York Store. 

S. STRAUS, Proprietor. 

1869_1909 ^ One MUlion MTeet L.9g; e»peciaUw 
B A RN S \ '** ^ •rJar. Mm* 

P(^(^UIM(^^ Cedar, Cypress and Poplar ShittKlea. RwlMPOMt 

' ^ ' tho only f«-lt rt>of. Timet trlod and Are teated. 



J. C. EVERETT & CO., Agents. 

ICWon t Fall Tea 
In a Pinch. 

Midsummer Shoes ! 

Call in and let us show you our latest patterns 
and styliab, up-to-date Sboei, so easy and 
cool for the tired and aching feet these hot 
dayo. II you once try our line ol goods you 
will fed eo cool and reatfnl that yon will have . . 

no others. The style and finish of our Shoes 
are pleasing to the eye and graceful to tbe 
walk and add everythiag to the OMka-np of a 
wall'dreeeed pereon. 


It it aaid that^a erope of 19M will 
eiceed thooe of any year on record. 
Tbio meana good timee. 

There are 600 ioaaatea io the Batorm 

Bchool at Lexington, and Governor 
Willaon recommends extensive en- 


Ladise' Liawi Skirts, 4Ac. NovTorkBtora 

Dreekoaasoo io • eriae aad tho aothor of 

erimtaala. yctt^ 


Removed by Lydia E. Pink- 

South Bend. Ind. — "Lydla E. Pink- 
hain'H ^>Kftilllle Compound remoTed 
a cyst tumor of 
four years'growth, 
uliicli three of the 
Vicst plivHlcians de- 
i lau'd i had. Tliey 
buid tliat only an 
optriition could 
ht'li) me. lam very 
a frlend'o advice 
and took Lydia £. 
Plnkham'o Yege- 
table Compound, 
for it baa made me 
a atrong and well 
woman, and I ahaU recommand it aa 
M jUlve.-'-MM. Uax Jvt, 

6m 6{ the greateet trinmpbi of 
Lydla £. Pldiham'a Tegateble Com. 

tound Is tba conqtterhig of woman'e 
read enemy — tumor. If you have 
myateriouo pains, Inflammatton, ulcera- 
tion or displacement, oon'i vrait for 
time to confirm j6\it feara and go 
through the borrorsof a hospital opera- 
tion, but try Lydla B. Plukham'o vege- 
table Comuound at once. 

For thirty yeara Lvdia E. Plnkham'o 
Vegetable Compound, made from roots 
andherbs. hasbeenthestaudard remedy 
for fumale Ills, and such nnqiiAHt inn- 
able testimony ao tbe atx)Te proves the 
value of tbia famous remedy, and 
abould gtre oonfldence and hope to 
avery aick woman. 

If yoa would Ukeapeclal adTlre 
about your caae vrrit^ u confiden- 
tial letter to Hra. Piukh&m, at 
Lynn. Maaa. Her adTtoa la iraeb 
Md mhrmrn ttalyfal. 

Tho Kaotncky St4t« Teosli TojroaoieDt wilt 
bsgla oB tka BsUll Spriags eoorlo Jaly aSth. 

Miss Cartmeirs School I 

MUt Cartmell will op«n bar school fur Girl, 
itnd Itoyi kt tb« CoiiTsnt. Kait Third ttraet, TiMS 
rtny, SepUabar 7Ul, 1M0 and will tearh frnm Orst 
grtde to Blgh aoheol. Fur pHrticulars i«« or 
writ. MlSSCAKTMRIil,, 

JyO MMlSn At so Wait Krmit .Strf.t. 



Court Street Phone 47e 


226 Sutton St. '£i::^'a,Td^. 


8<"ll You 

. f. POWER C 




Of kDy other home In MayaTtli". 
Ooma and lee atook. 


niMEm MlttCTOH . 

1 7 K . .t g«con J at., M AraVILLK, KY 


CAMP mmmOi 

Jaly AM to Amg. M, tf#«. 

Tht> U«v. J. A., A. M., will prrooh ra 
tlie nrtt .Sunday and III* Rfv. 1>. J. Mavaety, U. 
D., of ('Inclnnatl, Uhio, oo tbe awionU Suodajr. 

Spaelal tarrloai will Iw bald ever; afurnooB for 
jrouDg iMtopla. ChlMrau'i Servloai will b* la 
sharca ol An. Jdo. H»uu ot Waal OoTlagioa. J. 
H. Blolianboa Kill bava obarga of tbailaalBf, 
witb MlM CroM of LatoDia aa orianUt. 

All th« karvloaa will ba In cbargaof tha B«t. G. 
w HiLitng set] .!. M. Ackiu&fi, MiltiUio Uiniatar* 
of Aililaud and CuTlngtuu DlitrloU aaiUtlng. 

lluUi will tM 111 c;harK<! of llarlwur McQlll; 
Onfaotluaary llliiu ii and I'tKld: Stable !• W. 
Date; Ungiaiti', W II. MorrUi W, U. Ueodrlckaon 
•■!!! fr,'.\TJ: t'u.i ,jtMuiiu». 

Ilankt will meat murulag aad avaulof tra|aa 
at Majtavlllt). Vaft loaae triPtOoand. Adaiaa- 
■ OmiistaUlbalOiwli ' 

Ion to tha I 

sis fat a«i 

aod Haadiyst. ■* aliaffs awM aa; oibMwiy 
Horaaa aad vablolaa fiaa at aO tli»af. Tot par 
Ueulart Maaaralng tooma aad eotUgaa apply ta 
I. U. CAM!. MayavlUe, Ky. 



Mr. Earl Applff at* bu rttmad to Poiti- 
■ontb, afur • fi»it her« tod at AbardM*. 

MIm Lid* Ook* Wuoda «u t gsut lha paal 
•Mk of Mrt.'WUIi«B MeKallBp of AifMU. 

- MAYSVILLE, KY., FRIDAY, .nJIiY28, 1909. 

oim oorr-cn cmst. 

Mr*. Purrletto Walton and little aon art) via- 
iliDg bar fflotbar, t1r«. 8. D. Kigdon of (Jar- 

« ■ 

Un. C. D. Ptebatt of Laiiofioa U • fiMt 
ftt tha homa of hu fatter, Mr. IvM Llofd, 
Dear GerniaBto¥». 

Mrs. Susan Kilpatrick of Want Saodud atraat 
bu ba«ntbagoeittUt«Mk«f lln.l>r.B 0 i| 

log of GarmantowD. 

Jadgt Oaorga W. Djra of Sardte will iaavd 
today far Sagglaa Caapcrviada to ramaio 
dariaf tka tai 4a|a'^aattef . 

Un. Joho D. Mwa aad daagbtar, Miaa Jalii, 
laavajoaorrair aa aa aita^M riait «iib 
talatlTaa at Labaaoa aad ladiaaayalia, lad. 

Mra. Bardia Laeai and Mra. Pickett of tha 
: eoaatjr vara to tawa iboppiog xeaterday. 

I UIm Uayaa Lvtla ratarsad bone to Bracken 
waaty today, aflar m i Hn Mlatlfaa bar*. 

MlM Praaeaa L Swaa of Daatllto ia tba 
gaaat of Mra. Lavry Orr of laat Tkird atraat. 

Mr C. T Raff ani dHughter, Almeida, are 
▼i«itipg friaadi ia HilIat>oro, Wyoaiiag aad 
Owtogavilto. as-s— - 

Milt Helen flo»* Raadelph of Bfaratagkaa, 

Ala. who hsA hpcn the gaaat of MlH Ida 

Biggera, hia returnod home. 

Mra. John Carpenter and daagbtar*, Uiaaei 
Aaaa and Nannie, of Germantowo, are vinit- 
tog ratatifaa aad f riaada at Ba? aaawood, W. Va. 

Mr. and Mra. E. T. Kirk of Weat Third 
atreet *ere in Angaitajreeterday in attandaoca 
open the faneral of Mr. DafU Cnakaagh, 

Qoele of Un. Kirk. ^ ^ 

Ceaaeilaaa A. Clooaey, Harry Oveaa aad 
Praak Barkley will laava tkia ataaiat to tka 

Utter't speedy motor tuat to take in tht< re- 
gatta raeea, which twglQ at Ciocionati to- 
■arrov. ^ 

Miaa Diaabatk Adaauoa, who reeeatly grad- 
uated with high honura at Wellealey College, 
UaaaachaaetU, bu ratorned boa*, afur a viait 
with College chaaa to Boatoi aad athar yotola 

in the East. 

Ur. and Ura. W. 0. Fraaaa, who hafo bean 
ependlBg eoiM aaoatta with Mr. aad Mn. 

Hirana Earoshaw at Memphis, Teno., retarned 
to borer Monday. They were acoorapaaiad 
bona hf their gmdaaa, WiBtoa tnm 

MiM Baaa CaUiakef Okarlaaloo, W. Va.. 
afUr a rliit of Mfaral waaka witk Angaata 
friends, is now on a short visit to her aanta, 
* ■ the Uiaeee Trasel, aad other relatiTu. Fron 
horo aha vUi |0 to Otoaaa (% aad otbar yatou 
to nitooia far •> oitaaiad fkM. 



Red hot bargataa Wow York Btaio alwaya. 




Ur. aad Un. P. H. King left for Cbieago 
yaatardar aoniag to TiaM Mra. Itog'b alatar, 
Ura. Doaovaa, «ko kao koaa vary lU. 

Contractor Jameb Irulaad of this citf has 
been invited to pat in a bid for coaorete, ma- 
ioary aid otoaTBtioa work oa tho Um of the 
C. aad 0. Mar CaMa Oraak. W. Va. 

Mr. Foster Lytle, who has been rooKhing it 
on a Western claim for the past three months, 
has arrived home,very mach improved in health. 
He broi«kt with kia the akiaa of thirtoea rat- 
tieiaakaa u tropUaa ol kb WOd Waat aspari- 
eosej , 



XatiotMl Xeoffwe. 
Breeklya-St. Lonis, rain. 
Pituburgb 9, Boaton 0. 
Mew York i, CblcsKO 3. 
PhUadalphU-ClDOlnnatI, wet. 

AtMtican LMgut. 
Cleveland 0. Ntw Tork 1. 

('hlca(E0 4. PhlladelpUat. 
St. Louis s. WKihingtoa 1. 
Detroit «, iioiton 0. 

AmtrUan Attociation 
St. Titui 4. IiulUnapolli 0. 
Tolcilo 11. MiDoeapolls 0. 
ColuiiibukKaniai City wet. 
LouiiTille ;). Mllnaukee 4. 


New Plot 
and yoar 
to aee 



a e 

Follow tk« 

5 Cents Pays the Bill. 


How. Lott. ptt. 

Piitabufgh ..••..MM...M, 

. tt 















St. XX)tllB ■ a— aoa»»«eeeeeeee— n 

. n 



BfOC^ljf D ..••»•••••••**••■••••••• 

. » 



iMtOB wo e e a ***Me»e****M*t>* 

. M 



.ilDMHeo* I* 




. 48 






. .19 





. M 



^RfMlllSftMi a*« eweewa • eeOM • e«M 




AmtriMM A$»ocUUl4m. 


. SI 




. Bl 












i . :.m|.. 

1 1 


TAN and 



WaMaaaUlBflolaortlMH la oar flrat Badaotion Sale. 
Wo Qoeto iMvo aoaao Wm tNuvalna: Meii'a Tail Oxforils, iiuw 

Go to the New Tatk Btora aala. 

▲'•yadioate of Carliale people may probably 
ba orgaalud with the view of eoaaolidatiag 
tbo three weekly aowipapen of Cariialo. The 
Democrat, The Meroory aad Tbe Advocate 
Rep6rt has it that a atoek oompany nuy be 
iooorporatad for tkat parpou if a iaal for 
eoaaolldatioa oaa ba Rit throigk. 


Mr. Edward H. Uau, aged 33, and Miss 
Mary U. Neal, aged 19, were married Wednee- 
day to Ctoelaaati, Bar. Wflaaa aSatottog. 

The bride is tka da^tar of Mr. aad Mn. 

Wat Neal of the Germantown pike. 
Tbe groom is a telegrapher in tbe employ of 

tba C. aad 0. Bailway. 

»— ♦ — « 

Our golorea Cii iieiSo 

A picnic will be given by the Snndsy-scboo! 
of tha Plyaoatk Baptiat Charah Satarday. Joly 
24tk, apoB tko kni of the watar>workB, bo> 
twoOD the hoars of 9 a. m. and 5 p. m. Chii- 
droB of tbe other deoominations are welcome. 
Bring lancbu if yon have them; if aot,eoBa 
aid partaka af oara, Mothon alao eoaa. 

W. B. HuMPRBBT, Soperiataadaat. 

• — m 


lodKy'aQwoutUonaBy B.L. Manoboo- 
•Mr« Keyatooe OoaiaMe«lal Oo> 

Piloesoi /•otedatto'elockthlaaoraUt— 

Herii, V ^ Itc 

Tjrlcey», V * l»c 

Batter. perk _-......_10e 

K(CS,perdoi«D . „,.. I9e 

Spr,Dg«ra IT 

Strange Idiosyncrasies and Opin- 
ions of Some Gray-Haired Peopie 
and Those Affected With Scalp and 
HilrTrtMMt. ' 

New York City eenda oat aoro aaleamen, 
twice ofor, ia all probability, tbaa any other 
city io tha world. At aa anaaal banqnet given 
by a big Arm to its salfrtpien there were pres- 
ent aome two bandred gray-haired and bald> 
beaded ealeemoB. It wu a aobjoot al aMimfal 
discassion among them that the Ura waa aoai* 
mencing to prefer youniter mea. Oaa old 
patriarch, gmwD gray in the service, remarked 
to eeveral getbered arooad hia: "Hera I am 
doiag M good if lot battar werk thaa I aver 
did ia ay life; yat, beeaoee I am oommenclog 
to ahow my age, am alatad for tbe 'bu been' 
division. I wish I knew of something tbat 
woald tara ay kair to tha color of that of a 
laatyaaaoftUr^." "Why doat yoi aao Q- 
Ban Hair Restorer?'' aoggested one of bis aadi- 
eaee. "My friend," answered the uid fellow, 
"I once visited the plant of a big pateat aedi> 
eiaa flra. Oa ay way throagh oaa room, I 
ukad oaa of tho oaployara what tkoy pot np 
there. 'Hair Restorer,' I was told. Well, 1 
want to say that among the employes working 
ia that rooa I never io my life saw together 
ao aaay gray-hairad aad baldheaded people." 
"All right," repHad tba othor, "I have a good 
bead of fine brown hair, haven't I?" Well, my 
hair three aootba ago, before I came with this 
Brai, waa a laa old. iroa gray. I oaed Q<Ban 
Hair Butorar, yoa aee tha ruolt, aad the own- 
an of Q-Baa Hair Reatorer agreed to refoad 
aM ay money if it didn't do a floe old iron gray. 
My wife tued Q-Bao Bair Tonic and it bu 
eloarad bar aealp, atoppiag bor hair froa fall- 
ing out, and Fll bet ita increued tbe length 
six incbu." "Wboro can you get it?" "Ob, 
at any dragitore, aad tha dnggiit wiU back up 
tka goaraatM." 

J. Ju. Wood & Son recommend and sell 
these preparations. If you are gray haired or 
yoar hair ooaaaaoiag to fade yoa caa have 
tha Irat hetth of (^Baa Bakr Baatorar free. 
Siaply call and uk for it. 

For aale at all draggiata. 




Tiic rropwill not lie large, aiut p('rHr)D8 who want tliem sbouldlplAca 
their orderti aa early aa poaaible in order to be certain to get them. The|qual« 
ity ao far ia Tery fine and will give natistaetion. 

Aa tbe aeaaon advancea other Fruits will be coming, aucb aa cultiTatod 
Blackbarriea, Ploma, Peacbea, Applee, Ac, and you can always/ in laason 
find tba beat al my honHp, I bave a very lar^e Riipply of 

MaMM FfiiM iara 

star Tin Cans I 

VVliirh will l.c Bold at rNUSUAI.I.Y LOW FKirEH. Voi:etal.leH:.,f all kinds 
are'now coniinu tjn< , huiI in a very ebort time Hootbern vegetables will be a 
(hiDR of the pant iui thiN x> HPon, My bona* will atUll tfuMs bt baadqvartert 

lor the bent in the niarltet. 

Special Cut Prices on Canned Goods Continue. 
The Best Coffees, the Finest Teas, Perfection 
Rour ind the Genuine Star Brand Red Canvass 
Meats sad Rneet Lard. ::::::::: 

Fifteen Day Seashore Excursions 



Old Point Comfort, 
July 27 and August 2 

Atlantic City, 
::::::: August 


19, $16 



W. W. WIKOFF, Agent. 


$1 Walata 49o. New Tork Store. 

See aala of Goorgo PoUitt^ aa flrat page. 

Cool Droaalag Saeka. 86«. Mow York Store. 

Colooel Wyatt laako of Carlisle, Special 
Revenae Agent tinder Cullector Roberts, ia 
aetiag aa Depaty Collector at Mayaville dariag 
the abaaaoo of Dopoty 0. c. Boppar, wko is 
oajoylag aa oatlag at Fraaek LIek Spriagr. 

Tan Ltaeo, lOc New York Store. 

Mr. aad Mra. A. B. Aaoa of FloatagsburK 

aoooaace tha eagagenifnt of their daoKhtwr, 
Sophia Tilaaa, to Frednrick J. Hu-okcn of 
Peoria, III. Tbe weddioK will take place the 
latter part of Aagaet. Tbe bride-elect ia 
proaiaaat la aoelal oirelaa ia Flaaiag coaaty 
and io this elty, aad la vary popalar aad 

Bee our windows for these and OtMav bargalaa, or. iMttWP atlll. «oai 

we will be pleased tu show them. 

BARKLCV'S Shoe Store 

For Cbe next month we will offer 
some great hurgtini in 


Rockers — 0«k, Leether and Heed Kockeis from 
$2.50 to $00. 

Bedroom Suites, and up. 
Stands and Table, $1.75 and ap. 
Also, Davenports, Saniury Ooncbes, Iron Beds, 
Springs and Mattresses at tbe very lowest price. Give 
us a call before baying elsewhere. 

Brisbois & Diener 

EMerly People 
Helped Free 

The last years of life are the sweet* 
est, and yet the most difficult to pro- 
long. It is then that the greatest care 
is exercised in maintaining bodily 
health. But the chief care slioiild al- 
ways be with regard to the food you 
eat and whether you are digesting it 
properly. You should not allow your- 
self to become constipated. 

No doubt you havo tried aalta and 
eatlMurtto pllla, purgathra toblata, ato..aad 
havo aaoM to tha eonolualon that they are 
vlolfat in action and do but temporary 
Kood; Liatoa, then, to the voice nt ex- 
perieaoo with reitard to a wonderful and 
mild laxative. Dr. Caldwcll a Synip Ffy- 
, sin. It la not new, only we art ttyttg 
I lu And new friend* for It. 0 

A. A. Felts, of Johnston City, HI., aut- 
I fared from atomach trouble for alz yeara 
I and found his cure In Dr. Caldwell's 
Syrup Pepsin. lUa wifi- uses It too with 
success. We oould name hundreds of 
others. Bomo beard of it ftrat through 
nelihbora or friends: others throufh tno 
doctor's offer to send any sufferer from a 
stomach, llvt-r or bowel coinpluiiu a free 
I sample bottle fur trial, without charge. 
' It you will send your name und address 
i he will send you a trial bottle direct to 
your home. If It proves Itself as he 
clalma thoa oontlnuo the treatment by 
buying a (0-cent or ft bottle of your 
druraist, aa all of them nell It. Old people, 
like chllilr>-n. shouKl \'>ok fiT purity. uiiJ 
' it la well to tneiition that the purity of 
this remedy is vouched for with the tJ. 8. 
'covemment. Also, though a free bottle 
la sent to prove its merits, reaulta aro 
always auamnteed from the regular 
bottiea bought of drugftsta, who will re- 

If there la anythlnc about 
your ailment that you don't 
understand, or If yoa waat 
any madloal advioab writ* 
to tha dootor, and ba wUl 
answer you fully. Thora la 
no charge for thte aervlco. 
The uddrees Is Dr. W. B. 
CaKlwell. BDT CaldweU Udg.) 

MollilcaltO. lU. 


Oaga aarka 7.1 aad falliag. 

If aNy eiM mt mnn Hum /br My reaaei* Am 
WHF e««ise to MMe*" <» Miir Mwy «« Myllktaf 

ffaMMSMT <o s y aii wa l S r(gM tiU'mm* Mp 

<Im»1 «Make ysNT "kMhe" Sso I— f M'e t*e 

UU hUU, WU be b I ibid tale i*« 

When v\ll lome people learo that the tele- 
phoae ia tka Neptooe Uall is coaaected with 
tha Art aiaia. aad tkat it (b ta ba laad ta ease 
n/ jirs «rfy,aa4 tbat It baa aot iaatalM for tbo 

I oDTenienre nf pMserihy whn mit^bt want t(i 
carry od a cooreraalion over liie telepbuae 

Seeerai tiaee vltbia tba put *eek lome 
one, eitberlbruogh igoorance ur iorsnartDosf, 
bu tried to use the lelephoao, oaly to aroaae 
tba aalgbbsabaai by tha Ira alara, aal ta aaa 
iDataocr, aot loog «inc«, from the same eaose, 
oae loyal Aremaa dreasad biaaalf at midDight 
aad raabod do«a to tba Ball to flgbt a probe* 
bla Sto la aaM gart af tha eilr. 

Tba uae of tbe telephone for other than 
wbat it ia iataadad— to looaU a fira aad gire 
tboalara-^has baeoaaaoawwhat at aaalaaaoa 
ia tba as l g b bar b ae d . aad straaaois efforts 
sboaM ba abSa ta atap It. A Nnoaaoa. 

R. B. LO YEL, 

The Leading Grocer 
Wholesale H Retail 


Co Put tbe 
?ini$bing touches 

on tbti iiieate-^t <eH?(»ir> business in the 
liistoiy (if our lum-e. we !tre outtiin; all our 
t\v()-|)ii(M! -uit-i and light weights one half, 
or .'>0c ou the tlollar. 


Keiueiiiher. we f\ie the |)eople wlio sell the 
<£ood ones — the Hart, Schaffner t^'^Marx, 
tlie Kderheitiier, Stine iV: Co. makep. 
C'oiiit! (|uick if you want tirst choice. Thej 
won't last. 


Th.Go«lCI«h..MM U-^^, 


Mr. Joseph Eastoo, who bas bsea ia Porto 
Kieo for several years, will arrive shortly oa a 

rigit tn bia father, Mr. r;er)rKe Enton of West 
Poorth street. Mrit. l-^astun b»« b'en in the 
States for several weeks rieiting relatirea Id 

Ohio,aad«UI aeeoapaay bar bosbaad to tbis Hlgh-ClaSS LIVERY, SALE aiMl 

city oa bis Tfait. FEED STABLE. 

•n M. 

l>«H:ton .V iirn.. 



Good feoat-K, good water, plenty of thade. An 
atteodant alMK)* in rbsree. Salt twloc a week. 
Koriy Ore mlouteadrlvp to puture. No cliari!>' 
If cuitomerla sot aaii>ii''<i 

101 Market street, tl, 10, U Weit Front atreei 

Ladies' and Gentlemen's 


A si'i ( 1 \ I rv . / ; I 


Sueeetiora te Dlokaoo K Myall. 


liniii (i>>imrtniKiiis RnmpiHte In erery detail, 
sirici ii.thijiilI aitiMition will tie glvea to all 
butloei. enirubieo tu uur care. 

Saddle aad barnasa boreea (or aale at alt I laMt. 

Calla promptly anawered day er alvht. 

PHOirS 14. 

110 and 112 HEST THIkD STREET. 


Shipment* made dally to Featoa'i, th> hoiur 
of Kaulileu Dry Cieanlag. CUMlaaatl. Ohio. 

UaaU'Sulu vi.'to 

(Inaludta email repalia) 

Oaata* Pantalwoa „ -^Oc 

Oenu' Faaey Veat. soc 

i.H<ii»a' auite ft.oo 

Ln<lle»' Plain Hkirt 

ladles' Hllk WuUt, I'litlii 7.%c 
Ijulteit' Hllk \V«l>l, Kniity fl.UO 

Ladles' Mel Wnlitt, I'lalD lAo 

On all ladlei' work one week time required. All 
houtabold goodi atUlaotaaatl prlaae. Tkta work 
I ■oaraalaa to be ae aoe ae audera aaehlnary 
* II. 


Pennsylvaola Lines 



Niagara Falls 

AUGUST 18th. 

$10 From Maysvllle 

Got PMtloulam fioua C. db O. A||^at. 


When you can boy yoarself— 

A hoBO for $ 800 

Aboaofor 860 

A booM for 450 

A booM for 500 

A boBO for 600 

A boaa for 750 

A boao for 860 

A boas for 1.060 

K hoae for 1,200 

A home for l.SOO 

A home for 1,600 

A home fur 2,000 

A home for 2,800 

A heme for 2^800 

A home for 3,600 

.\ home for 4,000 

A home for 5,600 

A hoao for 6,600 

A home for ISjOOO 

I sell hnmee. 


H/layavlUe, Ky, 

Don't let the bargaiu couoter man, 
the traveling humbug, who aUja one 
WMk only, tbe m»o wbo luMWa ail 
timdM and all protMaiona or Mm mati 
wbo only flta glaaaea whan he baa 
nothing elae to do, talk you into bay- 
ing a pair of glasses (or your child. 

Get them (or yourself if you want 
to. The K)88 (if yiiiir eyt sight might 
help yon to realize that there ia aome' 
thing in properly nade and aolenlU 
ficalTy adjuatad claaeeo. Taka jroiir 
child to a raoojaned apeelanat 




. » 










Buy Our 

mOOSSuitsior $17.50 
mM SiiNt lor 116.60 
$20.00 Suits for $t5.00 
418.00 SuHt for $12.50 
-S16.06 liilo for 610.60 
(612.50 Suits for $8.75 


■kfimri moMiT iuthin. 



Mn. IMU Hill. t|«d sbMl 7t, dM Tim. 
lail al Imt haw mm Saha. 

Uro. 11. F. NitJen uf Ijko i>trt<»l, mIi'i h»g 
Tory sick for the poat two weoks, id coa- 

EronleiB »m tbe lirst to disfcnoeo and ope- 
rmU for tn>wdieitit in Fabrntry, IH&i, isyx 
Dr. W. H. Tailbw. 

Tb« thrM-yoM-cld too of Mr. oad Urt. 
Ymk CItypool, who dfod Wodoooday ot tboir 
\om* i* Wall siroot, was baried this moroiog. 

Bcv. B. 0. Wuaagat from AogaiU will 

proaeh at tko GariMa Latkaraa Cknek aozt 

•SoDday at 10:30 a. ■. la tka BafUak I 

All eordlaUy ioviUd. 

- ♦• « — 

There was a special sessioo of Coancil last 
night, Mayor StaUcup presidiog and all mem- 

Tko parport of the moetiog waa to act oa 
aatton parUiaiac to sidewalks and hear re- 
port* of eouittaa ia regard to same. 

Tka Pafiaf Coraltlaa. hariaf laapaetad 

the (-(impleteJ w<irk in Plam street and Foarth 
«tr««t But of Plom to the city limits, together 
<iHlkM* vork ia Sacoad atraat, Fiftk Ward, 
laeaaMBdod that samo b* aeeaptod, aad it 
Vaa to ordered. 

TiM apportiuomeot of said work as aab- 
■Mad by tba City EDgioatr wu raeoirad, aad 
oa oiotiOB, it was rrdi-re j tb^tt tbe same be 
ylaeed in the baada of tbe Tr«a«arer for col- 

Tka gradoa as aatablbbad by tba City Eagi- 
near were adopted, and it was ordered that 
tba Sidawalk Ordlaaoce be pablishad io legal 
fora aad that bida for th* ooaitrootioD of 
mM iHa>alki ka opaaad oa Haaday. Aigiat 

We are going to sell you 

Glass Fruit Jars 

at Low Prices 

M we have bought tbem to we can sell cheap. Also 
Star TIN CANS and JELLY GLASSES. 20c to 30c 
the dozen. Get our price .before buying, we will 
aave you money. 

We have for sale some good country shoulders at 
I2i cents per lb. Buy one today. 

J. Co Cablish 4 Bro., 


New Ootch Collars. 10c. New York Store. 

Haaoaiaa, 10 oaat eigar for 60. 

There's one thing that Rockefeller better 
not attempt, aa he Talueo his health, and that's 

to count op his money. 

Roosoralt migkt astamiDate the lioaa In 
Afrina afUr tba ssaaaar of St. Patrtek kaaiak> 
ing tbe inakea from Iralaad. 

Mr. l^eorge K. Haghes of Newport, and 
brother, Rev. Byrd Haghes of Sardis, left Wed- 
aaoday for Uiaaoori to riait rolatiToa. Tkoy 
will kafa to rido 80 ailaa ia a »agoa to roaek 

their destination from the railroad station. A 
sister, whom they have not seen io tbe past 25 
years, will be visited. 



Otlta«M TaMliy 

fbr tiM 


'SUktodeonTentloii nf Llmestoao bodge No. M. 
•K. of P. ,thl»»»»nii>>r i«(7:S0. 

W. A. Mmaiica C. 0. 
Mornaa Am, K. of R. aad S. 

DAcaanBa or BiaiBAB< 
VagalaraeatlBflof Vrteadship labakah Lodge 
•«hts ofOBlag at T :M at DeKalb Lodge Hall. 

Wa. borrta traoaxsBM. M. 0. 
Jlia. Banta Laasaa. Saeretarv. 

A tntkfal atatcnaat of a MayaTfllo eit<iaa, 

given in hia own words, should convince the 
moot skeptical about tbe merits of Dosd's Kid 
aay Pilh. If yoa saffer from backache, ner- 
voaanaao, alaoplaaaaaaa. oriaary diaordara or 
any form of kidney Ills, tka enra ia at band. 

T > J . .. . 

. 1 t i I . . - . 

Mrs. John X. Wulliogford, 108 Commerce 
straet. Mayavilla, Ky., says: 

"Doaa'a Kidaay Piila bava baoa oaad ia my 
family vitb moat boaafleial reaalta aad it girea 
ma pleuore to corroborate the testimonial we 
garo io their favor some years aga. Doao's 
Kidaay Pills afforded me great raliaf from kid* 
aay disorder' hqo I have no baaitalioa ia agaia 
reeommeodlnz them." 

For sale by all dealers. Price 50 eaats 
Fostor-Milbarn Co., Buffalo, Na» Tarkt Bah 
affaaU for the Uaitad Stataa. 

Bamambartka aama— Doaa'a — aad taka ao 






Irfidlea' coat anita and di 
atamped and brmMad Im 
itriKlnal dealirna. 


No Charge! 

M'nnlril," "fHlunllnni 

Wtlnffil." " /.nnf" iiti'l •■ A''.t(ri-/." MM. J tl'>f ^rrrrrttnff 
Ittrrr linn in Irniith , dr . / I: h:t: ■ill. 

■VN* SlMnlM n o Ad.'rrtlarnaenta lit>ert4Hl 
wllkMt 9mj. 

1/ nniweri /nil Io mmr lfi» frti lime, trt ini tt* oi 
aidny mprtUtotu nj are nrrrMntr)/ to treurt u^Hnt you 
OdtwrflM /or, n> u<i»h niifrrtttrn In ftrl lhat thry 
mt» not imfioHng on ui by tiling our frt* ro/umnt. 

W^A * i mf la n t MI-ht tti<;,{,h r<ipy.vhi:h <-i" be 
kUtttkHthtvrttnl liv .;nil. 



Jamas Houl. Call al oaoa. Jytl Iw 

WAMTBD-BOARDBBS-Day, weak or ataal 
Table sapplled wlik the best tbe raaniai 

sapplled wlik tka best tke market 

affordt SiTvlce listter than the baat. Spaolai 
•tteiiiliin iilvn tn dinner sarvloe tor ladlea aad 

vlaliiirn (rntii thi- r-niintrv. Give no a call. Wo 

will pl.'ns.- \<'u m:(s THOHAS RYAN, Market 
itri-«'i. Jul? 

AUF.N I'.s-Srs monthly ••■lllnu STAKi'kk licat- 
rr: work. Willi one hand : IlKlitiiiii); b^-ller; 
■ample free. K. THOMAS CO., Desk m, Oay- 
toB, Ohio. Jalitt 

WAKTBD-WaiTBWA§H{llO-- boaie clean- 
tag. HAiaV BAimnsonve Alloy. 


f ANTKI) .lobasflremaa. FOBTBR WIIITR, 

Wi'doiiln, Ky. _ JylSSt 

^ANTKD- A slont. yoiiiiir rii«n In drive rtr 
V V llTory nagon itnd dii spneral work al>nut > 
grooery. Muit be lioned, ui llle, acoomiiiotlatlna 
and uililnii lo work, rrefer a youni niuo with 
some eiperlenoe, SUady •mployment will \k 
given. Apply at oaoe. R. B. LOVBL. , 81 

For RmU. 


Aiino'incrriifnts for ctty offlct$, $S; COtnUg 9fi 



We %f aiilhorlied to anncuncf \V. M. U.M'UM 
KRTY » P»ii<Urt»le for rv-elpplion 1.1 itn' ollli-.. <.| 
C'liy A»««'»»iir ikt the Xovemlicr eli'etion. 1900. 

Wa am authorized to anDOunoo MARTIN G 
BIBBbBY aa aoaadlteto torOity Aaaosaet at tko 
Novambar alaeiloa, iNl, 

We are authorized to announce C. J. HACOKE 
a candidate for eirotlon lo tbo office of City As- 
aaaaor at tbo Movonbor elootloa, IWW. 


Jra are authorised to anaounco WILLIAM J. 
BWIM aaaoaadklaM tot tba ofltoo of City 
Clark at tbe Vetembar alaetloa. I9gr 

We are authflrized to announce HABObD H. 
('OLI.INS aa a candidate for llic- ofltoa a( Olty 

<'lerk al Iho Novemtjer Hleclion, IW(W 

Wi- art- aulhdri/Hd li> annoiino>' KOIIKItT 
Tol l" as a candldiili- for Ihe ollloc of (Jily L l>Tk 
at llie NovciiiImt elHclion, ifi*. 

We are aulbori/.ed 10 announce b. U. I'DL- 

UTT aa a oaadldate for i iiy Clark at the No- 
vember aleottoa, 1909. 

CBiEr or roLu i. 
Wa are autlicrized to announce JOHN 
SHORT aaaeaadidau tor Oktot ot foiiaeot tbe 
City ot Mayaollle at tba Movambar ewetloa, 1MB, 

\\f iiri' iiiithorir.nd to annoucct^ HARRY A. 
ORT a. a I'limlidiin- for ri' election lo the ollire of 
Chiff (if I'olice of the City uf .May»vllle at the No 
vemli'-r eleoiion, IWW. 

We are authorized to announce JOHN URAD 
FOROaaaoaadldata torCklef ot Police ot tbe 
City of Mayavlllo at tbe enoulng Movembar alec 



'We are authon/.-d u, ..imoiince THOMAS U. 
Rl'SSRLL ai u 1 .nidid.ii" for Mayor ot the City 

of Mnynville at the November election, IMO. 

We are authorized to announce i. WKSLEY 
LEK as a candidate for Mayor ot the City of 
Mayavlila at tbe Moveniliat eleotlou, IMS. 

We iir* ii'i'hrrl.'"d to annnunce O. W. CHoW 
FLI. 88 a cxiidlil If for Mayor of itie ( ity of 
Maytvllle at the eniulnx Nuveinher election, 1009. 

poiicB tvomt, 

w .■ nr. juihr,ri/i'd to aoaoapcc .lOIIX I,, 
U lin'AK I:k as a candidate torra^olecilou to the 
otilce of rollce .fudge of the City ot Hayivllle al 
the Movomberoleotlon, IMS. 

Life and Light 

with the same letter. 

they are synonomous. 

Dead and Daric 

with the same letter. 
In a commercial way they 
stand for the fame thing. 

You never saw a lot of people walking up and 
down the dark .street.s of a dead town looking at 
goods ia a dark abow window. :::::: 

A6r^y'tstrirrat under tkU h*aMnc. 'o ' 'r rnUnt 
1v« liiiri, 10 fenU eocA (nosrHon, or Sb rnut >i lueek 

ITIUR RENT— FLAT— Otthiaa rooms, centrallv 
X; located, nn Seeoad atraet. Apply to th> 
MtssaaUElSKR Jyasit 

For Jak. 

1m lintt, to re:itt earh luier^ion. or SO cents a Uresk 

yiOK .SAI.K -i)I,l> IU (.<.Y .\Slt IIARNKS.S. 
J? I'aii !)<• si'Mi lit Parker's Malili-. S .-V. I'OkV 
KI.L lyU'.u 

FOR SALK— FARM- -a« acre*: home and lot; 
S iprlug 0 lives If thii farm li not soul hy 
October Ut IwUI oflfer it at puhllc sale. (iRORGF: 
W. COllH. R. K. I>. No. 8. )yl2 Iw 

M &" s ?( i5rs wtiS /CrwiiS Mo esMf 

rrois l>oTn-», A. O. T. 'tW on back. Leave at 
thlt iiltlR.'._ )yt 3 Iw I K LINEN COAT— Between An 
J dri-K i;iooiiey'» and West Third itreet. 
I>I<'H^>> Teturii to Lediier otBoe tor Miss Ar aa Red. 

iiiond, We.t Third street. Jy2l Iw 

IOST — Ilrown Silk I'mt.relia vsiih wooden 
J handle. ITaken from reild.iice of .1 U. 
Elifin Thuriday evening. .Inly l.S hy nii-':i-.>.. 
I'l eafe return to thlt ollloe and obllite. 

LOST— Silver Pin for watob, ooalalnlng ladj 's 
taoe Please roinro to this offloo Ju 17 

LOST-Oa Mlaenra or Oermanlown pike, bo- 
tvroea Tuokakoa aad C. L. Moran's resldeaoo. 
a blue Paaama ooat. Please leave at Robert 
Lloyd's iiroetry la Moraaabarc. )at7 

LOST-.sPEl'TAl'I.ES-C.oM rim between lUnk 
mreei ;itirJ Mr*. liOiile .lanuiirv ft r'*"id*'iti--' in 
Welt Front stn'et. Iteturii to Ltuii'T oilici., 

IOST— Wiii iliB peraon »no took lil»c}< um 
J brella with tour screws In handle froin 
Sebwaris's m»at market laat Tueoday 
pleaso return to Mra. M. B. CHRISTIAN, \2» 
Waat Front street and raeetve reward. ]y U Iw 


0 a a a At 



ItlBBON UEMNANT 8A liK-Nerer rqnaled barffalna. BIblKMiC M lOC*, 
IBo, lOo and asc, worth inanv ofthem doable. 

8%o buya pretty Waabable Lawna, worth So and flo. , 

••esnt Table ha* btM addtd to mmA oontatna areat bargalM. 

10*oent Table baa narer been aqnalad; Suitinsa bare bean aMltf. 

lOo bnya wide, bandaome Bmbroldery, worth muon naora. 

I.>arKeBt atook ofNoveltlea. OloTee, Hair OrnamenM, BIObOMi MM, Ool« 
Imn, Ac, In thfl city. Alwajra the lateat at Ho^Hlch'a. 

800 buya lovely wide Neta for walata and yokea, worth ap to TBo, 

Mo buya Paraaola and rinhrellao, worth up to $1.75. 


5o baya White Plaid Onoda, worth lOc. 

7c bnya I^adlea' Snranier Vrnta, the lOo kind. 

lOc bnya Dutch Collara, citra flnr. 

lOu buya Beauty Pine. Comba and other noTeltiea. worth up to aso. 

ROBERT L. HOmiCH, "'A^'ikt« 


Sole Agent 

Boroaia Sklrta. DS-< J 

American YaSr' OorMta. I llfi |j|0 4d 
Standard Pattern*. ■ ■^•|| 


And notea the new Wallpaper we have 
aapplled jom bar adaairatton will be 
alncei*. (or tta* paper will oertainljr 
be both prcttj and nirtmmmon. Why 
not make yoar aeleotlon now. befbre 
the moat exclnaive paiterna have been 
taken? Home nf (he prcttleat are 
bound to so flrat uu awount of their 

••vfffiBiii^y I 





rapital $100,000 

Surplus and Proffls ..... $30,000 

DMignated Depository tor tbe U. S. Treasury, State of 
Kenttwky and Maaoo Gkraaty. 


Conservative. Courteous. Safe. 

IOST— will the party tkattook Jamea Ami 
i <'o\\»T% froBi a seat In Park last SaturUty 
nixiit, pivaii- return aamo to tbe owner aa thev 
are known ; JyMTw 

LOST— V>1BKKLL*-'<lil( nmhr^lU. R»i>irn 
toRe». K. W. lIARROIMbS Went S.Ton(1 
»ir«-et. ])U Iw 

LOST-UAY HOBSE— Blind In .left eve, ko.mI 
saddle horse, waa 4aataoaa aoar Marphys 
viiiH Notify Bar. r. T. MotVTYBB, riaannto 




yoa do, don't overlook ue. We 
handle the beet river coal on the mar- 
ket, and the pricee are attractive. 


>nomm te*. 

In (iTUU'erin0 advrrft$einenf9 appwring tKt 
rtlumtn a/ this *}*iper, nr- wheit bu^/Oi' -"toilt frnm a 
mtrthont U'hot* mty eitlannful npi ,tr» in iMt pap€r. 
mr rtadrri are r,;.r.M((v rriiwiUd fo Hale that Iht^ 
SOI* M« aivrtitemrnt in Taa PraLio Lanaam. 
ntiwUI cost you noMiaf, and M irfff t r f rotalilli 
' '*a»4MM««d»srMsor<MdMe JNMer. 

Talcum Powder 


Are all tbe rage now. Twenty*one diflerrnt kindi to 

select from 10 cents to 25 cents; all RuarBiitefd. When 
it comes to rerfunics see our linf ; all tbe latect. Tbik 
space is too small to even name them. 









A. 0. S. 

All our Talcum Is made ot the lame 
t^r^fuily Atsleoletl liif{r*'dl**utt. The 
oiii) Jilferenot! b«tweBo Prinofiia and 
\ »nui Talcumt II the perfume and 
>iyl<- of paokacos. The PUREST and 
tlDeit l>oll«d talcum ia used and only 
pure and hoallaf medlelaal acaata era 
added. Ooatalas ao grit aer aay vog. 
otable matter. Smootb, Boothlaf, 
RaaUaCi iwoet and Pragraat, 

10c and 25c. 


OruQiItt, Maytvillo, Ky. 


•■lie 4. rint 

Baia^ BmlMlB* 


Chesapeake & Ohio i^. 

I o' 

Vee WstahlngtoD and Mew Tarll. 
*I:M p. na., *10:4» p. aa. 

lehaaoBd, Old Polat aa4 1 
ni9» p. aa.,ne:a»p. aa. 

Iiaealfevnatea, • 
t*tM a. aa. 

t aaa l tor ■aattogiear 
*eiMa.aB., t*il« p. m, 

ClaelBaaH. IsHllSkaap«lla, St. I, 

a. m., *titV p. a. 

Cheat tar maelaaall 
f ilB a. aa.. ♦•Tooa. aa.. 04Ht p. m. 


t*:1lam tS:llpm 

•8:Wam e/cUam 

tl:l5pm tlO:l*am « 

•8:Mpm eiiMpm \ 

oOaUy IBieayttaadaT ) 


Tbe Stan at kew Marakall Field 
amaaaed hia rroatfi 

a law words. He 



Our Tables and Baskets are Staoked 

1 Lot Children's 74c Shoes and Oxfords, o . o . . This Sale, 39c 

1 Lot Children's 99c and $1.24 Shoes and Oxfords, . . This Sale, 49c 

1 Lot Misses' 11.24 and If .49 Shoes ami Oxfords, . . This Sale, 99c 

1 Lot Ladies' $1e49 and $1.99 Shoes and Slippers, . e This Sale, 99c 

1 Lot Ladles' |1e99 and 12.49 ShoM and Slippers, e . This Sale |1e49 

With BargainSe 

1 Lot Ladies' $3 and $3.50 Shoes and Slippers, . 

1 Lot Ladies' 99c and $1.25 White Canvass Oxfords, 

1 Lot Men's $1.50 and $1o75 Shoes and Oxfords^ e 

1 Lot Men's $2 Shoes and Oxfords, o I I 7 T 

1 Lot Men's $2o50 and $3 Shoes and OXFORDS, . 

This Sale, $1.99 
. This Sale, 69c 
This Sale, $1.25 
This Sale, $1o49 
This Sale, $1.99