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VOLUME 13. .\U.MREU 52. 






T«wh Triflrs. 

Oar c i ibcd« in cut«iu MrUont of thii i/enntifu! 
Br« Ti ry much m th« ct^^ndition of tbt 

Oovrrninnif Aid to HailroadN. The Valley Farmer. [rromth»N«»fc*iiie B«BMr] i 

For srr.ral year* paat Congro.a baa been very have aome time neglecteU to notice noticT are in the 

laviab in granting 10 different railroad enterprisea moat excellent .Agricultural Journal. Ibe habit of confounding the Free Banka in tbia State | 

large brdicti of the public domain in order to December number ia now beLre ua, containing with Ibe Independent or Chartered Banka, and for 

• . . „ . ’ , . fo,. w.-™. . I.. lORT It the information of tb ? public we pnblisli below a , 

assiat m the conat ruction of tboac worka, and the proapectua for the new volume for 1867. It correct classification of all the Banka in Tennesaee. I 

the consequent development of the wealth and '* tilled, aa usual, with a great variety ofaubjecta The notea of those ^uks under the head of “Free I 

resources of the Union. We certainly have h.a.f prepared wi h smgular ability to jueei the exact “ epTr/ed" w^th'tlirs^e ^oS’tSE 

no objection to this wholesale sya'eni of dona* wants of the \> estem farmers. This periodical ^hich are beyond the reach of the Banker. There , 
tions, althoueli it has most geiiersllv cmire<l to established in Louisville twelve months ago, eannot, therefore, be any material loss to the note | 

the iinioeiisc pecuniary heiiefit of a few stock* and we arc pleased to learn ihit it has obtained Banks *nnder tfi^h^d^^ 

holders, the blessings resulting to the an extensive circulation, and subscribers for the Banks” are those which have been doing business 

masse, were so great and so widespread that they coming are already coming in in lyge niim- 

more th-^n counlMrbalance the evil of any mere bers. ouch a work has long been needed in our have commencc^lbiiHiuess during i be pant few years, 

personal hciictits ronl'erreJ midst. The subscription price is hut $100 aad aregeneraUy Banksof small capital, liis proper 

Kentucky .-ingularly enough has had no share a year, and to clubs less than this, bringing it commenced business 

in the liberal partition of the public lands, the within the reach of every fanner. in 1848. Its Stockholders are »«ilieidua//v liable 

[From the NsiJiVille Baaasr.] 

T(‘ntie<«<tce Banks. 

at vliv rk(« 0 nac«at>p«rliD«lor ( 

arW iBBrntM. ABd S ccBtt V i ar f«ir ’ Aacleac Marlatr 

taBmiM A tia^ af »N!'na'’3 wriUvr ^akes aboat a li' V ‘ a* u cs .. • 

in t*rtat PanikaT tm hadc A»vAft<'& ra all caacs ^ ^ waom Mr. 6. T. Coleridge, whilom i clergytD&n, 

K.t s i.rr^sewesj.^ , rhapsodical occonnt. For 

_ _ . , . I Dtoni Uiere is 

Ak ExTBAOKiKMaBr FaMIKB . — \ new bminc 
■ewas to overhmng unhappy Irelatid. Everybody Ba^u^ s^dr.ptoVrikk''*' 

racoUecU the ias' oim — tbe subscriptiona. the . They might as well be ou ‘-s painted ship, on a 
public laaeUnga, the ship loads of provisions i psinted oceau,” fur all tbe good that the bountiful 
xbat were aeot out. and the ship loads of cmi* ' *t*d inexhaustible supplies of aaler that bubble 
giants that wore oont bark in return. An im,ni- | ““P‘d currents thirty leet 

dent EJinburgh reviewer once defined «• Insh- ; 1^““’** •oilAB.niMXhtm.- 

1.1, to be -a Sii-foot maohme for turning pot.. ^ .. rviceable. Ml are *or, omta.- 

•noos ,nu human nature. So, perhaps, it was ^one of them will emit the . ighteM rill. Th.y do 
nomaietbanreaw, erlhell .urand ln* ^ot even trickle. Work the bandbs as long aa 
dioa moal we sent over had been woike . up into posaibls, and no sound comes from the empty foun- 
hniaan nature, that it should be returned to us j tain save a discordant ersak and groan. .411 tin. 
in its aanufiactured s'.atc. Butiliis is aside from ! is exceedingly disagrteaiile and inouvriiimt to 
the purpiwe of this present writing, which is to fomiliia. Many of them have to go five and six 
cal! the attention of the humane to tito new * ■Quw'es for water to use tor their ordinary cnlioary 
blight which throat, ns “the first fioweroflbe 1 driaking pnrp<.ses Vfe trust that the Pump 
SOS”— ws allude to the distress which i.-npends ! will find tims investigate this nui- 

over that ill-fated isUnd from the abort enm of! ,®“. •iccets.- 

l.-rwAM I #1. •. .1, I “f ‘*i*e lh;ug, inclines ns to be qnrr 

la wyora. which has thrown a gloom over it the u • l i . 

. ... nious .boat anoiber, and that is tbe condition of 

present aeasop. w e see by the Is > Du.iliu pa- 

p*rs that at the last term of the C >urt of Quoen'a ' Work iisase. 

Ranch there, only four applicants were called to 1 Johnsum visited this interesting city iiisti 

the bar* This scarcity must be the more alarm- ■■ tnrion a few days since, and yesterday, in the Police 
log from its being entirely unloeked for That, ^ Court, made a very hlartliag disclosure c:Lceming 
potatoes might rot and that corn cro s might fail | fbe condition of atfairs in that retre-at for the indis- 
eeerybody liiew; hut that lawyers shcpuld ever ' ^*'*®fderiy. He reports a very bad state 

•cae^ from off the earJi, wlio ever could haie P'w*'i^“g there— that the prison is in a 

dreamed' diwirdiriyand nncomfortable state, audthreat- 

i ens ihs euure City Council with indictment for 

Anwrat* Niceae S^aaLta. Officer Hligh allos mg so public a nuisance to exist in our mid^t. 
while descending from CamdUin day before yes in the generosity of bis heart. Judge Johnston dis- 
terday was advised of tbe presence ofa ne::ro I cbaiged seve:al inmates from tbe work bouse, be- 
man named Elijah .\nderson on iniarJ. ^ lie pro j eanse tbe accommodations were decidedly inimical 

younger sisters of the onfc.cracv having been « c <io no anon niai wc can exprrsi more 
the chief recipients of llic.-e bounties. This has ‘’y ‘’"Py 

been owing, perhaps, to the foot that wc have 

never solicited aid ^r such . niernriscs. W'e i .. , 

... - , ThsValI.ey Iaruer. — This sterling .\gncnl- 

are gladthcrefore tint the Iriends of the loixm- i . i 

• tural periodical enters upon a new volume with 

gton and Big Sandy Railroad are aim I bringing the new year. We are glad to see that it.s success 
this matter to the attention ot our Kepresenta* been commensurate with its merits. The 

lives and .“.enators in Congress. A public meet- Valley Farmer, under its present able and skillful 
ing wa. held in Ml. .Sterling last week, soliciting management, ba.. become tbe vade mecnm of the 
grants of lands for the impartant road running Western agricultuarLst, The singular energy, tact, 
through that place, and all other unfinished roads *“ lustry . intelligence and sagacity displayed in its 
in Kentucky conduct have place<l it in the very front rank of 

We think with our Mt. Sterling friends that agricultural journals. In one respect It 

^ 1 1- 1 X . F- U bevond all praise — we mean the admirable and 

the uonatioi: of public lands bv to Ken- - . ... t • u 

. * . e anfailin^jiii/etnent With which it nunHters to the 

tucky for purposes of internal improvement, current wants of tbe fanners of the West. It is 
s.ncc the policy, whether right or wrong, has thoroughly availahle. It contains no waste mat- 
been for many years acted upon by Congress, is ter. Everything in its columns have definite piir- 
H'lthing more than simple justice and equity — in ptise and answers it effectively. Its articles are 
fact, it is but the concession ofa riph ' — the short, clear and pointed, and. while uniformly con - 

Wc do no' know Miat wc can exprrsi more I for all of its circnlaiion, and are regarded as the 

wealthiest men in Lawrence county. 

Tbe Bank of Tennessee is owned entirely by the 

payment of a just due — the discharge of an im- ceived in the spirit of the most advanced agtical- 

phed obligation, aince Ken ucky treasure helped ^^*y practical as 

, . 1 Ai 1 1 J r L J the plainest firwiJe conversation. The \ alley Far* 

to buv It; and the blood of her sons was imured * j . a , 

: , ... ... , mer combine^ allthe simplicity and nnnnteness of a 

out freely, for the acqui.-tion of this pub ,c do- something of the freshness and novel. 

ccedad forthwith to arrest him. which he arcom- their health. We have long known that the main, as the history such sarguinary b.-ittles aa ty of a living teacher. It is popular lu the best 
piished alter a vr.-y eevere struggle Thenegro I ' *'"'e of the worst or- Tinpccxnoe and tho llaitcns — battles which have and highest sense. Its terms are as follows: One 

hnasted oi having done a great d.'o! ol work for j t‘* •own, aaJ we call upon shed imperishable renown upon our common dollar for a aingle copy, five dollars for six copies, 

•w. * _..j — «..;a _ ..ii I Tke ^isre Keepers counTV — sniineiV.Iv testily. And because, fur- eight dollars for ten copies, ten dollors for thirteen 

thermore. Congress, for years past, has in the copies, and fifteen dollars for twenty copies. Sub- 

most lavish and unsparing manner voteil away scription invariably in advance. Address H. I*, 

milliuns of acres of this same public domain to edito r and pnbl ishe r, Louisvi lle, Ky. 

the AIxilitiaiiiNts aud having been paid well in 
gold He resides in I^awrenceburg and has a 

Tke ^lare Keepers 

The prol'ession or aviHiatiun of a store keeper is 

w.l. w!io claims for her residence. Clcavcl. nd. one reqaires more thaa ordinary pat knee and 
On his per.on was found a quaiiiitv ol <' .nada Pen-everMce-act ivity and incrpy. We can im- 
and Detroit •n.mcv nothing more fatiguing or exhausting tlun to 

wait for boars upon fastiilious customers, and then 
Aiidereoo is charged with stealing Mr. Gilt- d..corer that no impri-ssion has been made, and 
tier s ncgTiies from Huniers Bottom, and was that they are aliout. to wander elsewhere. It is at 
taken lo Oairol county for trim. such a moment that the t' ct of a trne Xnan of busi- 

other States — of wU'ch we do not co.’uplain- 

aid them in their works ol internal improvement, to a clese the receipts ofhogs are increasing, and 
thus relieving the taxes of the jieople and build- th packing shows a considerable excess of the 

ken to Carrol county for tna:. such a moment that the t- ct of a true tnan of hnsi- ing up the Slate, while notan acre -vas appro- estimate made last^week. The increased prices 

A t HO 000 Conritimci Max Some time ^ ****‘®'**'''y -4bove priated to Kentucky, save ai d excepting small paid has had its Influence in bringing more hogi 

ago, the \ew Volk firm of Faweett, Isitam A. 
Co., extensive dealers in l.ides and leather, sent 
up to the tanner es in Greene county some $30.* 
•00 worth of hides to be tanned. Alter the_\ 
were tanned, a man aecuied them, and took them 

Bust not lo«e his temper. He must not utter a 
harsh word, or ever put on an unpieiisaiit look. — 
Another effort must be made, and yet another, and 
each with delicacy and judgtir.cnt, es. eeia'l} ifthe 
visitors be ladies, lor the chances are ten to one 
that they will be persuaded, a: last, by kin<inu>s, 

townships for the benefit ol a Deaf and Dumb to the slaughter. The prices range from 86 00 
institutiu:., on the borders of .\rkaiisas and to 86 50 net. ' 

>iuw what wr demand is a portion of the do- I evening, is subjoined: 

ing the following notice Irom the Ixiubville stale, which is liable for all the Bank’s indebted- 
Journal: | ness, iucludiug ciren ation. 

TheValI.ey Farmer. — This sterling .\gricnl. “OW Chartered Banks." 

tural periodical enters upon a new volume with Planters’ Bank ^ Tennessee, 

the new year. We are glad to see that it.s snccees Batik of Tennes-ee 

has been commensurate with its merits. The ‘Free Banks." 

V’ alley Farmer, under its present able and skillful Bank of Commerce, 

management, has become tbe vade mecnm of tbe Bank of Claibourne. 

Western aaricnltuarlst. The singular energy, tact, 5““!^ ^***''^*^*^,?' 

miustry. intelligence and sagacity dwplayed m its Middle Tenuessse. 

conduct have place<l it in the very front rank of Hauk of Nashville. 

.American agricultural journals. In one respect It Bank ot Paris. 

Ls beyond all praise — we mean the admirable and “J I'***^^**^' 

unruiling jiil/ement with which it ministers to the Bank of the Union. * 

current wants of tbe fanners of the West. It is Bucks Bank. 

Ihoroughly availahle. It contains no waste mat* City Bank, 

ter. Everything in its columns have definite pur- Commercial Bank of Tennessee. 

p.»se and answers it effectively. Its articles are Exchange Bank of Tennessee, 

short, clear and pointed, and. while uniformly con- Farmer’s Bank of Tennessee, 

ceived in the spirit of the most advanced agticul- Northern Bank of Teanestee. 

tural science, they are as familiar and practical as Tennessee. 

i • . .. „ T- Trader 8 B*nk* 

the plainest fireside conversation. The \ alley Far^ River Bank. 

raer combine, ail the simplicity and minuteness ot a Merchants’ Bank. 

manual with something of the freshness and novel- “.\ew Chartered Baak .* 

ty of a living teacher. It is popular lu the best Lawrenceburg Bank, [organized 18*8.] 

and highest sense. Its terms are as follows: One Agricultural Bank. 

dollar for a single copy, five dollars for six copies. Bank of Chattanooga. 

eight dollars for ten copies, ten dollors for thirteen Citisens’ Bank. 

copies, and fifteen dollars for twenty copies. Sub- Ocoee Bank. 

scription invariably in advance. Address H. P. 

n J ui- u T • >11 i- Bark of West Tcnneatee. 

Byram, editor and publisher, Louisville, Ky. Bank of East Tennessee, [failed.] 

„ » .u a Central Bank of Tennessee, [failed.] 

The Hoo Sl .roHTES.— A s the aeaaon draws Farmers’ and Merchants’ Bauk, [laded.] 

to a clear the receipts ofhogs are increasing, and Mechanics’ Bank [failed.] 

th packing shows a considerable excess of the Miners aud M.,uaUciurcrs’ Bank, [failed.] 

estimate made last week. The increased prices > IFramthePhi'adslpiuaPraatTlTAmiio.] 

paid has had its Influence in bringing more hogs bj“’h7 “ifo P*a?l?‘ i* *’the"uw 

to the slaughter. The prices range from 86 00 KiecUon. 

, Q- ,,,, , ' Humphrey Maisball, of Kentucky, and hia Abo- 

■ . litiou friends in Congres.«, agree wondcrfally in 

The result of the season's packing, up to last their assaults upon the Democratic party. Mar- 

out W >ot, aad offered them for sale. Sumeaun- I cjurtesy r.d unwavering attention. All this, we 

pirioDs were excited, the telegraph re|>orted the 
i Ttt . and officer Clinton. o< Albany, w is drs- 
patehed after the fugitive. He traoed him to 
Oewe^'o, Rochester, UuffiiJo, Toronto, Detroit, 
Chicago, Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and 
again to Chicago, where he effected his ar est. 
and also recovered about 830,000 r orth of tl,e 

“Ak OnKiow AS IS AK Opikiok.” — T he phil- 
ooophorM. E. Meriam, of Brooklyn, irtues a 
w-alher mai.iiiesto to the people at New York 
in which he oa\a with .11 tbe gravity of Jack 

know, is difficull, f.ut it is essentia I tosucoesa — 
Tbeie are som- jieranns who seem to delight in 
I'living aw.iy their cus'omer-. Thty say in •■ffeet , 
And ra'ber Imr-Jily too — “litre are oar gonl*. and 
tb-sc are tiur t< rms. If you like them, If 

not, go next door, for wc can do withon' y u. 

This may he intended as a paiticalar kind of inJev 
{wndence, and so inifotd it is Bat the world is a 
weak and foolish world, and it it mneh more ajd to 
be subdued by i-m ’ieK than frowns, by con;plim< iit 
and coartes}', tha t tiy boorishnesa and rudeness — 
It is bat fair to a id, that vbese bnll-Jog storkiepen, 
if we mar so describe them, are few an 1 far be- 
tween In LoniiTile. They arc not congenihl to the 

main, which the people of our Slate have thus 
been inntruinoiital in acquiring, to ena’ le us to 
go on with our great works of internal improve- 
ments — iTi|irovrment8, which are not merely 
local in their character, but, like the JA'xington 
and Big Sandy Railroad, of national inipirtancc 
— being the niott important line of travel and 
transport from the great West and Soul!. west lo 
the .'Vtlantic -eaboard — and which line has been 
not inaptly designated by the late chief iiiagis- 
Irite the Old Dominion, as “the great (fonti 
nental Highway.” 

Packers. Hogs Killed 

Hull, Hunt A Co 53.075 

Hamilton, Ricketts A Co. 46,725 
Atkinson, Thomas A Co. 30, 556 

Wm. Jarvis A Co 19,168 

A.S. While A Co 17,953 

Huffman, Hamilton A Co.10,958 

O Wiley A Co 16,760 

New Albany(est) 29,500 

sbail m .kca an acensuion and Oalcsba A. Grow, 
In Pen Black Republican, comes forward and offers 

himself as a witness to prove It. Of all Marshall’s 
1,100 experiments, however, the moat unworthy is the 
1 ,175 charge that the Democracy of Pennsylvania, in the 
1,000 late canvass, did not pnrsne a consi^ent coarse on 
none the Kansas issne; and in this, as we said yesterday, 
closed he imitates the example of Trambull and Hale in 
* tbe Senate, iu their attacks on Senator Bigb-r 

500 jfow there is no man in the Union who had a bet- 

ter opportnnity to satisfy himself as to tbe course 

— ~ of tbe Democratic party in the late canvass than 
3,775 this same Humphrey Marshall. If be read the 
31,596 papers with any degree of caie, he must have seen 

Bnnshv “The best plan ia for everybody to pre- .oil and the society. 

pare for a cotd winter, if the cold comes then it arrived at another turning p .iiit in the 

will be well with them; but if it sh.Mild prove annual cycle. To-day, the' 23od day of! i-ct niber. 
■uld,tben they will have the more abundant rea- i-tbe 

son to be additionally thankful ” We call that bbsriesi Day in the Hear, 

the largeM nuggut of aagwritT ever mined from Tlmh>ars b..iwecu sunrise aud sua.-et i. rag so 

tbe golden region, of ptilanthrophy and pLilo.. that they scarce ts,aal in number. 

iDOteC that )T'» lo make up « loufr, lazr and hoi n'tcr- 

* ^ - noon in Jane, llenceforth the sun U»nirtb n?* iii» 

I^A correepoiiaent ot the Boston Port sug- •J' *'’* ’•*« hoii»..n. gradually and scarcely per- 

, , f u« Cfptible at first, and the nights decrease tlii-ir sliai- 

I P ®-' darknr.sdo nut 

«yea globule of BelUDoona. taken every mom- hover for so long a period. Tnis is a Winter sols ire. 
ing by em:h and t very mem *r of a fomily- tnongh of astronomical importance, marking 
aduhe. children servants and all inmaics- will certain movements in the revolving eouise of the 
eerUinly prr-ent the spread of t'.iis dreadful dis- earth. it might pass by nnnotired save ly tbe sefon- 
eise in every bouseiiold that may ado; t it, s tific. did we uot ynuebsafe to it this iincanii'iUrifl,- 
eertsinly *s varcinsii nwiilpreven* the small- The stem old tyrant, uow.ruliag tlie iuver'e 1 rear, 
pox I'en cents will purchase a years supply of *'i!l however coutinue his rleutkss aa:d pitiless 
unv of our HomoBopsthists. A wet finger ap- •■way^mortbs tocome— to tbe anuoranre of ail 
plied to a globule., and placed upon the longue of tbe bitter biting U-en k icl.d air.and 

• child or an adult, is all that u necessary to while to the p.)..rly clad 

Total 229.684 3,775 ibis same Uumphiey Marshall. If be read the 

Same tim» last year .... 199,678 31,596 papers with any degree of caie, he must have sten 

By this exhibit it appears that the two seasons In no State, North or bouth, wee the great bsuts 

I A more thoroughly dUenased than In Pennsvlvania, 

'q"*! “P P"*'"‘ ~ and nowhere did the Democratic party occupy a 

nental Highway.” I,ast year the pack ng did not close untikthe first more decided and unequivocal positiou. It is true 

— - n,«rk in Ivniiarv now it will wind UD w ith the that there were Democrats who exp'esaed a wish 

IJ^Robert Burbank, the young Kentuckian, « J’ . l- ^ ti, that Kansis might be a free State, just as there 

whose death in Nicaragua was announced in the close of the present week. Atkinson, I homas were De-rocrats in other sections who expressed a 
^ , .If I.U., & Co. cxDCCt to close to-dav, and Hamilton, wish that Kansas might be a s'ave State; indeed. 

Courier yesterday, was the son of a wealthy ^ ® ^ southern iiiembuv 

citizen of Henderson. Robert was a spirited lad, Ricketts A. Co. x( cl . . <■ of Congress, while the Kansai bill was under dis- 

fui: of love for excitement and adventures, which, ^ ™®’’® enssion in the house, prophesied that Kan-as would 

. .... , . cltwincr for the season be a free State, but as to any proffer being inafie 

alas, led him to find a grave among s. rangers ^ , .i, . u n u . t. r- in auy authoritatiye manner, to conciliate fanaticism 

and far awav from kindr. d and friends. '' ® Icarn that Hull, Hunt o p by promising that Kansas should be a fr»e S'ate, 

Springfield, ILs., 40,000 hogs this season, also a we deny it, and call upon Mr. Marshall or any other 

The following gentlemen wer* on Thurs- |arg,. number at points in Indiana, and on Cum- man to produce any evidence to sustain such an 
day elected Direc’ors of the Covington Lex- b.-rland river, making in the aggregate, including Democratic party stord upon the great 

inirton R R: John T Ia*wis. John B. ' ’asev. C. packing hero, 200,000 hogs — a good num- principle o! tbe bill, and for doing so were a cased 

. . , by Mr Marshall’s present confederates, the Grows, 

tx«r rhnax KshiiMn f n f*nnl rftl . * i.i. n 

The following gentlemen were on Thurs- 
day c!ect«d Direc'orsof the Covington .•'lul Lex- 
ington R R; John T. Ia*wis, John B. '’asey. C. 
.A. Withers, n W Foley, John Mvekay of Coving- 
ton. A. Robbins, of Pendleton Co., L. l..cBha of 
H iirison Co., JohnCu''ning’aam of Bourbon Co., 
und E. Oldham of Fayette Co. 

her for one house to control. ■ tbe Hales, and the Duraozames, of being sold to 

■ the South, end of being committed to the extension 

SiiocKiNo Affair — Four Persona Burnt — giavery. Any public speaker who attemiitcd to 

b« done, to prevent the spread of this disease. 
The Neoko Stealiko PsEArH .—The tlia- 

and poorly housed, and jioorly fed, he will' proves 
positive and acknowledged caeroy. But tbaiiks to 
tbe spirit of benevolence, tbe sharpest of these 

tmcuislMd eolond divine Rev Wm. Anderson removed from the i'l provid- 

J . . . II. V ^ e hear daily of 

underwent an examination at Cairolllon No- o«.,4 Deeds— 

thing definiU was proven against him, relative following being a sample :-The Rev. J J.lfo- 
U his outruges ui that couiilv; but he was j^Titt, of the CityMia-ion. acknowledges Hie re- 
charged with offences in Henry and i'rimble nipt of the followmg doaat uns, ia tieba'f of th* 
ceenty, and accordingly awaits aeparate trials poor, and will 'ry to carry out the wU'iosortbe 
in the jurisdiction of tLoec counties. T I tore is donors, in distributing to the woi'lhy, wli'i whom 

no doubt about bis guilt; nor es.i iberr be about I he c mt-s in coutact daily 

hie ultimate puniahnieiil . 

FoeCuafu AMD RoreEVEsa or the Ssiii no- 
thing can be euperior to I be Amandine and Glyci- 
um CrMna. one as a prreau ion, tbe other as a 
cure Miis cream has none of the dii^agreeablc 
o^r of the e unman glycium, bat on llie ron- 
truiw, is decidodly pleasant to nae To be bad 
at 74 Fourth street. 

• _ - 

O^The once wealthy ciiy o. Ametenlam baa 
declared ifoc.f be krupt. The hurgon aster and 

From a member of St. P.iul's Episcopal 

Churcb, per. Rev. 11. M DeDnii-oD . $.5 00 

“ St. Paul's Epi-r»pal Cbarrh. jier sarm 20 00 

“ Mrs.J liugbrs. 1 iio 

“ Mr. E. Vernon ' 1 OO 

“ First Presbyterian Church (in part ) pi r 

Mr.Crawtord 10 oo 

“ Profeesor Williams, per Mr. Balkley 3 00 
Also, fitly Rctf garments from Mrs. A. 71. Sem- 
ple, and several parcela of second baud i liitbr g, 
lell at the store of Mr. I’ulkley, and m:<!iv other 
parcels from privat- families. 

Do yon for llcaitki! 

If afflicted with any form of dis.'ase, no mat- 

Prohalle Murder und KoWern.— Sometime show that the 0|n ration of the principle »s-. Ued 
. ... L , r in the Kansns-Nebraaka act would bring iieaie to 

Thursday night la it the dwelling of Mr. Joyce, jj„ji, igrnioriei, and if permitted to work without 
on the river bank, just below the mouth of Salt violent interposition on either hand, would rc.-iilt 

I . . , .riiK all favorably to the free States, was cuffed down as aii 

river, was ilestr jed by fir , _ Impos'er, and denounced in term- of peisonal abuse 

,ts contents and the inmates of the house, four Humphrey Marshall, as a Southern mau, ehould 
in number. They were Mr. jovee, his wife and ftel proud that the principles of the hederal Consii- 
, . ',-1. r' • .1- >• ~;i., tutlon were so efliciectiv defended in the la'c can- 

two daug.iteis. There were five in the tam y, j,, pj-nnsylvauia; be should have the Pisiiliiio- 

but the other one was awr y from home at the lo come forward and to avow that at no time had 
,■ - agreat issue been more boldly and more signally 

. Bvt; but lie preferred the other poshiou, and re- 
The half charred bones of the unfortunate in- joiceslu being able to do iniu.-tioe to the only na- 
mates of th- house were found in flic ruins of lionalpartyinexistfnce.hycariingrorwardtosnp- 

• II . port his iissaolts tbe very men wQom he knows to 

the fire by the neighbors the next morning. solemnly and cruelly committed against the 

Foul play was rumored to have been c imniitted, people of the South. 

the neighbors implicating a party of negroes.— vV'alxeb Desirixo European 8 cpfokt.—Ac- 
Mr. Joyce was known to have rcceivcifa consid- cording to the Ceuiral American account of ibe 
, . . . . ui >■ u - battle of Masssya and Grauada, when in Walker's 

are endeavoring to show Jesse D. Bright is er.iblc sum of money a short time sim e. and it j,ouse the native troops seiz:d the archives of the 

inelligible for re-ele lion lo the Uniti d Slat's was thought that robbery was the object of the jfovenmenf. Among the letters were two written 

Senate, having once challenged Joseph G. Mar- who committed murder to accomplish 

■ ” ■ ^ ■ theirpurposc, and then fired the house. If rob- j^eir moral support and the acknowledcmeut of 

bery was the object, they were disapfiointed, a.s the Walker government by England and France, as 

the money was not in the house at the ti.-nc.- t}*e only means of preveutiug the annexation of 

^ - . s . , . - . CcniWl America to the UniteU SiaUi. 

The an iir is inToWeo in much invsterv, f^hich 

stiould be fully investigated. ’ ‘ Scarlet Fever ix Boston -T he Boston papers 

• ^ «Kai a 1 naimptj ahrxw flii fklarminrr 

tTThe Nashville Union speaking of llie trans- 

actions of the Criininil Court in that ritv, savs: 

* n vei 

-A great many mi-dtmeanor- were dik|>o-ed of, 
and many indictments for betting ou elections rc- _ 
turned by the grand jury. in in 

Wc understand the Attorney General prevailed 
on the grand jury to exerrisg a liherd discretion 
in not preterring who ItuI ' 
liet Dot bine more than boo's and hats. Thanks to tiiae 
him and the grand inquisitors, for by ti is we es- 
caped. •* ‘ 

\ Felonious Joce.— The New Orlesns Cresi , 

t IIP 

cent says the Democracy have broken into the 
AVhite House with a Jimmy. 

iU*'rhe Black Republican papers of Indiana 
arc endeavoring to show that Jesse D. Bright is 

shall to fight a duel. 

Acciuentallv Dsownru. — Saturday evening 
an Irish de;k-hand, on the steamer Hi'Z'h Flyer, 
fell overboard, and was drowned. Hewss seen to 
fall aud ilie yawl was intantly manueil and sent to 
biiiuiilstancc. The IsmIv was recovered, but life. 

day uioruiug, and a verdict given iu accordance 
with the above. 

tbe town council have applied to the r. ing for .nveler-lc, or w hat duration, wc advise 

a re, Ml of thooe Uxee which A . aterdsm lias lo ^ Hurley’s Sarsai i.rilla.- 

pay to tbe government, in order that the amount 
■o received may be appropnated to municipal 
noeoosilies; bu’ aa this would be manifestly un- 

The re,Mitation o • this roedieinr has n< •. (“like 
others*') had its birt'.i in a single day, but one 
that has developed itself by degrees evi r since 

snould be fully investigated. Scarlet Fever in Boston -The Boston papers 

.. state that the oflicul reports show au alaranng 

huossUtance The fosly was recovered, but life. Lubiut.e. of Hotel KEFFEas.-ln a recent 

was extuict. though every ( Oort was made lO recus- case where the proprietors of the Aslor House, noun ou Monday returns of tbe death of sixteen 
siutchim. An inquest wa« held on the body yester ^ 52,000 chudren weie made. This U a larger uumber by 

daymorniuB, and a verdict given iu accordance ,n,nk at their hotel, the room be- 

mg broken open, f waa urged in defense that Boston Atlas: 

t'?”It IS said that during a storm 111 Troy. New he had not complied with the printed rules ol Hq the Municipal Court. John A. Frailer, who 
York, last week, a flock of wild ducks flying over the house, posted up in his room, and stating that was on trial for larceny of mtckerel, was dis barg- 

that city, becam" loaded with sleet, and severs, the proprietors were not accountable for money ed on the ground ofa fl.iw in the indilment, be 
, , ./ / " , ... - .... .1 was chirged with steaUng certain iarre/j of mtek- 

pf them lell lo the ground and were caught, unless it was placed in the safe provided by them. when the testimony showed they were Aa/f 

their wings being so frozen that they could not The Jury, however, under the direc ion of the barrels. Mr. Brewster couteuded tliat tbe term 
use them. f..nn.l=. ,T*npr«l verdict for tbe Dlaintiff. barrel WAS pr'.per, but Judge thought differ- 

juai to tbe oUiar cities of tl.. Nelher.ands induced lill now regarded the friend of suf- 
wb^ wowld have U> make ap ifofici. n*«. of h^^^nity. It. curative properties have 

Am..Td«n, it I. not that ’he V mg will , ho, .sand, and thou., and. of 

•r ran entertain ibis extrm>rd.nsry reque^- ^1^.^ 

Notlnng but r*,H.d..t,on «an rew ue the s.iy from ^ deadliort enemy of the human rare, “cor- 
i.a ,-coniar> diffieultie. I: lua mrt momy r.ption,” and in no i. stance where i crsever- 
enougb in lU coffer, to repair a bridge ^ 


Singular Jail. — It is said*hatthr Iviamath 
(Cal.) CO :nty j.iil consists of a live oak tree with 
a chain and siaple attached. It is weU ventila- 
ted, and affords a goo«l opportunity for the study 

Court, found a general verdict for the plaintiff, a7d%«e‘:i 

for the full amount. .. , „ . _ . w._ 

Atrocieus Mnrder in Wasblpgton Coaiitx. Mo. 

r Tl V Acorrespondent.apuarently engaged in the coH- 

Bankofthe State of Indiana, the New of the Iron Mountain IlAilroad, writes us 

York TriA » e of Wednesday has the f Hewing from tVashinpton county, the particularsof an out- 

relative to the new Bank: “.Most of the hranch- 

r'ge, amounting, according to tbe statement, to a 
cold-blooded and ferocious ranrdc . We are in- 

of astronomy and the barometer, « specially of the new Bank have got into the hands of formed that a night or two previous to Saturday, 
when blankets arc scarce. u.arties owriin" und controlling the blanches ofthe the 29th of November, a railroad forem in, describcu 

,, ,, , "1 . .1 ij u i. 1 LI as a “North of Ircliiid Orangeman,” end named 

It is a popular belief that man and the tobacco ®'‘^. arc absor^d . Kossacb came to the house of John Irish 

, . ... , ... quictlv I' to the new. It is to be hoped that the man, aud prodnciug a bottle of whiszy, engaged 

norm are the nnlv tun animals Lnnun u i I ^ _ r.. . i au.. .1.,... 

ITThe Elktm (Md.) Whig says: “An *ld 

gunner infonns us that ducks are scarcer now CTA Mrs Cooper, of Manchester, N. H., at- 
at tbe bead of the bay tha^ usual at thir s aaon tampted to conanit suicide last Monday morning 
•f Uic year Canvas backs and black hr ids are by swallowing a dose of bedbug jioisuit 
finer iban uaual, while I ad bead are poorer Ilia B .. ^ ^ T , 

^ C L j i IITDealhs in Boston for the week en. 

be has ever known them. Canvas backs readtlv . 

VI- I J „ cember 13lh, 77; under 6 years of ege 8 

bnng 83 60 a pair. Wild gaese are p eiity in > <r . . l *■ 

U’ fever carried off 14 chil .ren. 

Elk nvur 

ITDeaths in Bocton for the week ending De- 
cember 13lh, 77; under 6 years of epe 81 . Scar- 
!•’ fever carried off lichil .ren. 

worm are the only two uniuials known that will 
eat tobacco. Per contra, however, the editor of 

new Bank will be managed as su'essfuLy as 

the St. Ixluis Republican asserts 'that 'noth the ®‘‘^ ’'•‘0 is represented as a somewhat 

■ or than the State of Indiana. In 1834 — ’3 the loo-e character. , , j 

deer and the goat will eat it; and that tli« latter 
in particular is very fond of it — being in fact, 
when opportuniiy ofl'ers, an extensive i liewcr of 
the weed. 

, L ici oaixwio. _ Kussack, however, succumbed to the inttaeuce 

8,a e of Indiana boriowed 81.390,000 to pay for jjquor, and on recovering his senses, fouud that 

her stock in the State Bank. The result of this his watch aud twemy dollars were misiiiug. 

iiivestincnt is, that after tbe payment ol the above 
loan, principal and interest, there will be a clear 

On the Saturday following, Kussaek, with Jas- 
tiee Hayes aud a cooatable, accompaniedb v Mr. 
Woods. John Htaly and others, arrested Kelly, 

Mas Rosa L. — Mrs. R. L. llaylree, 
wife of tbe Kev. J. C. Bevlesc, died nl Ashland, 

The Cattle Makeet. — The sup|ilies of |iec\c-i 
to this market are improving in quality, ana pii- 
ces are much higher than heretofore. Wc hear 

Bboee In. — -\ >niall drove of young mulra net profit to the State of about 82,000,000, which, “dragpedhimoutofhisplace.audcntoffallcom- 
troited acroKS th.- new Imwlder road at the lower by the terms of the charter, goes to the school wo o? tfo« oriie^^^^ 

end of the .\ venue Natunley, and crui-hed it in fund of the State.” 
ju^t li-e ejp sliells. 

** *®*b ult., a(I«r a paii.fiil ill sales ot various small lota of fait c.vtile at 3i j T ’ i'hero :.n- lb rty six .-ipplicaiions fiir Bank I its readers to examine their cabbages well before 

DWM of • • afonOi^. cents gross, a lot of 30 head for packing at 83 90. 

M». Bayle.. waa bom in Charlertoa, S.C., and two or three .elected lot. of five .md fen 

J.ew»t. but eariy imprei-d 1 »4 gn-a. Chri-U...- time, are .Ir-win- 

4b Ch iatian view, und inatructiona. rtv.ivwJ ^ “ 

tbeir aebooia. and became a member .f the ■„ ^ 

rrt Prerfiytenu. Chu'eh in tb.a city, in 1840 Hardin, having eokl for the handsome price ..I 
idor the care of Rev Df. VA . L Breckinridge 

a4 Jwwli parents, but berunr early impreeeed ^ 

with Ch'iatian views and inatructiona. rccaivwd and exti 

in tbeir aebooia. and became a member -if the igt gf 

Firel Preebyteriui Cbu<eh in tbis city, in 1840 Hardin, havin 

under the care of Rev. Df. W. L. Breckinridge 

She lived eucreeeively in Louieville, New .Albany 

and Jeffereonv ille, Ind., and Covington. The JtaF“rhe Bui 

beet pirt nf her active life waa spent in Coving- damage da 


ton. but in all the different places where alie ^ cannot c 

eharttr-i before the Pennsylvania I.egii-lalure. — 
7 iir ap'jtegitc capital pro|Hised is 821.000 000 
="Tliere was quite a serious rencontre. Sat- 
iirJay nipbl.onthe corner of Fifth and Jcll'erson 
strci ls. One inso had nearly all of tlie hair 

lid of the State. ped the woman entitely naked. The watch was 

found on Kelly’.- premises, by one of hU cwn littla 
Table Delicacy. — A Honolulu paper cautions children, “in what she calls her play house.” 

1 readers to examine their cabbages well before Wood., who i« a railroad 

• 1 r ^1 * UapdercUief about Kelly s mouth, and 

The Buffalo Adrerttaa eiows its. account of 
tbe damage done in that city by Ibe givat b!ow, ci 

um. out in BU me o.neiwnv pmcc. wreru We cannot cbue our chapter ofaccideuts without 

livod, ber character was such as to aeqaire for .brief allusiontotUe utter foilurcof all w.i.<lt-liune 

her manv friends, and her pistv of such a to ac- atfUCturM duiing this blow. Umbrella.i went 
• wrunz hide out ID a most provoking maiin< r. and so 

complisfa much good.” did criu'diue. Some oi the ladies on the street, so 

i L. . far a- infoimaiion • xtends. Went uudike as 

WATia. BT Buiinu.-A aubterranem mar they a: c) but some uf them presented the 

baa been at ruck by he peraoDS engaged inboring ance of .n umbrella tuiiu’d wrong aide out, tci/A 
an artesian well at Henderson Kentucky, from hoo stout handles tnstsad of ths usual slander 
... , . , , . ■ . , sttek. 

which a jet of water is forced up tbrtMigh tbe 
bore aud thrown to the heighth of fif.y feet 
above tbe surface of 'be ground. 

I_rCarl Resch, tlie able editor of the L’ uisville 

cooking them, as centipedes of a large size are hinged him by the heels over a bridge near his 
Ircquently concealed amongst the leaves, and de- hou-e, “then drew hiu qp and otherwl-e abused 
u_. tu.. -a. sir him” until the anfortuoate uiilim pe-ished un- 

uerineoiuns. iiie wrner proceeoa. “i waa i»ei.<»u- 
iiiches in length. gorially speaking to Sqn re Hayes, and cAii’cd him 

. , , to Secure the murderer” — “he could not issue a 

Poverty. — The jiil Committee of the city of warraut to ippreheud this Woods and mioy others 

pulled out of h s head, was olhenvise bruised, j Newport, reported to Council Here, at their last coneerned in tbi.s direful outrage, until it would go 

and then lodged in jail. | iii?, that the Mayor had been obliged to dis- i„q„cst wasbeid, but tbe Justice pressed men 

charge the five prisorers confined in jail, lor the to 'uury the co-peb which was done with iudecent 
reason that there was no fuel to keep them warm, j baste, without rei igious rites. Xt. L ows Leader. 

and no money to buy fuel. j A Bachelor Jlbyman on a Breach of Pito- 

T--TL o. . ~.i ..L . _ uiae Case. — A Miss Ray, ot Lowell, has obtain- 

• .. - iUi The St. Louis De.Tiocrat says lliat the story l ■ 

and stables— his jri d'eau anj gardens— irrigates alliance between il c Benton men of .Mis- damages m a breach of promise case. 

his lueadoivs — and pour.- a stream of cold water gouri and the Know Nothings for the purpose of ’^^‘’Dambrt lga Chronicle explains that tbecom 

tbrough every room in his house. elec ing Benton and Kennelt U. S. Senators, is ’•‘‘.ch the damage wa- 

— -- — — 1 A r I I I au wl, resulted fr>m the inflaenceof'a rusty old 

1D”.\ clergyman ol the English Established e ou o w lo e c o *b.vch’ on the jury, who, totally ignorani. of con 

0'.\t an auction sale at the Fair of St. Paul’s i nubial felicity, possessed no more qualification 

and then lodged in jail. 

Irbiuition. — F. 1’. Blair liw. the most rlierish- 
iiio retreat in the vicinity of AVashingtoii. His 
spring is a curiosity. By means of a ahcc-t iron 
it •iriail-.threshej ind — supplies hisdiiry 

Ciiurch, over 60 years of age. has been tried. 

r sTThc passengers on the N*. A.&. S R. II. 
WediK'eday. werr shocked to find on the track, a 
short distance below Crawtordsville. the bieiy of 
a man « ouipletel* rut iu two. It was atee taiiieJ and seetencfd to three nionihs in the I Buffalo, a barrel of flour was sold for todecide a claim of that nature than an oppoa- 

House of Correction for immoral conduct in 
the street- of Iximlon at night. 

•873, fiO, ind then presented lo the Rector. Dr. aom or a kangarool”^ 

AmtH/eer, died of drofwy. on Thur^l.y, Irishman in Hie employ of the 

December 18 He was aged 38 year. anJ a man ^y the name of Finnell He iia.1 befn shot 

of fine talents ^ ^ l.iroogh the head, and his liody laid upon the 

U~ The Portland (Maine) Advrrt,^r, states track, and run over by the night train w ithout 
that there are in that siiy 6,000 believers in being seen. No elueSo the mystery of hL death 
opiritualism has bet n aaeertyed 

f3TA German, with whom Bayard Taylor Censcs of St. Louis — The Sheriff of Saint 
formed a friendsliip, has conveyed to him, as a Louis county is now engaged in taking the cen- 
free gift, an eofate near tbe Tburin^en forest; aua In noting Ibe fact that tbe Rajiublicin of 
it contains a hoautiful rrsidenee, huilt in 1760, j the I'lh inst says: 

hy oue of the ministers of Earnest 11. Lucky j Prom looklnr over the returns as far m> heard 
traveler* I from, the population of the city will be in the 

leltoii. Bleedino Kansas.- The St. Louis Democrat 

J®*Lookiiig over the returns ofthe Iowa elcc- TliTT’oTATOES.— Hei^^- Gruiley, of pub ishet a letter dated Lawrence, the 34lh ult., 

tion, wefind tirtl Fremont brat Buch.anan in Clinton. Oneida county, .V k'., raised a potatoe »igned by Col. J. A. Harvey and mnaty free 
Buchanan county,, while Buchanan beat 1- remont Western variety that weighed one pound •-Itlers. denouncing the Kansas Aid So- 

n I remont coim y, MTiafs in a name’ ounccs.and measured one fool fourinchcs in rpeeulating concern, orig.naling m 

lYTTheRev Air Dran^pastcr of the East circuinferciiee. Massachusetts, and warning all honest dona- 

r,..„ .i„ T-'” ““ 

seuTul {lersons in the baptistery of the a nut |,3j„|ling of Guano, in Montgoinerv Co., T _. 

St ract Church. -- » . Finances of Pennsylvania. — The receipts 

has been aseertyed 

Cbnscs of St. Locib — The Sheriff of Saint 
Louis county is now engaged in taking the cen- 
sus In noting Ibe fact that tbe Republicin of 

.Massachusetts, and warning all honest dona* 
tors lo be duped no longer for “Bleeding Kan- 

From looklnr over the returns ai far as heard 
from, the poptilsfiou of the city will be in the 
. Deigliborhoi'd "if one han tn-d and thirty -hor.-aiid. 
A SaD Cass — F ive daughters of Henry Ches- , 7T ; ^ : T , .. 

. _ u. IT •••. »• 1 Iv A t'lind handa»rca«t«t in H'lelii ster. N.A 

®* Darn*. Upper Canada, died :n No- j ,1, airi>eis of tli* city with a le.iuy 

veuaber tnat, within eigbl dava— «il of scarlet | and pale iinle daairliter, has falb-n heir ton iLiRe 
fever Tbt oldeot wm aged 15 year, and tbe estate in Wal**. - siimaied to fo worth a million of 
* ^ dollant. A pronuDf Dt firm id r. m 

young' at two years. now engaged io making out tlie iicceh-arv pajiers. 

CTTwentv-five hundred houseo are being The Hoc. Ceof — It U ge .erallv conceded that 

L..:i> X>.—1 i, |„ fri __ the liog crop fslls farshoitof an average, wbicli, 

kutK in Pans foribo working clnasos They are course, will have a tendency to cause pork to 
to be in growpa of fifty, each group forming a rule birti daring tbe en n iig year. In thi- rhy 
Moare, with an open space in tbe centet . Eaah about 30.000 bead bare b^n -lAnghtered— 20.(KJO 
, liv Simpson & (o., and lO.OOil by KawliiiuA to., 

hounr to accommodate six fauuliM, at a rent of r Lumber aa last year.— 

•bout f M eack. E)ach group is to have a pub- Seva AU/ann, (la.) Ladder. 

iic baka->hop an d bathing MUMiab mant UrUase l^so, a Kniw Nothing preacher 

ITThe population oi Iowa is about 608,* 00 auad the Cincinnati Enquir.*r for libel and ob- 

TwMty yoM« H<» •* damagas 

now engaged in making out tlie iiccen-arT pajiers. 
The Hoc. t’aoF. — It is ge .erallv conceded that 

rP* Hip’.ist c.hiirrh, has lu-cn rc’enlly cmi. 
stituted at Po -tlaiid Yesterday af’enioon three 
persona who have ri-ceiilly connected I liemselvfi 
with I hat bo dy, w eru baptised in the river at that 
|Kiint,hy Rev. .\iiilrew ISrtiadus. 

Srl^Dr.. J. S. Pierce, wh > was ho \\ hig c;in 
diilrte for Wongress iii the Sixth District, in 
1863, d r* lill Lancari’er on the 16:h inst. 

!HPW*e sec that Pro.'essor Harney, of Transyl- alighUng upon her head in the gutter. Her fore- 
van.a C niversity, has r. lurnrd to the city to _ 

• 6 . • Finances of Pennsylvania. — The receipts 

into the Stale Treasury of Pennsylvania, during 

lj”.4r. McCuiinel. of Sangamon couiitv, Illi- the year ending the 30tli ult., amounted to 86.- 
nois, has the largest flock of ahceji in the UniteJ 662,729, aud the expenditures to 86.377.142, 
States. It numbers twenty one thousand, all of leaving a balanae of 81,744,795. 

the choiccbt merinos. U^The Nashville Union, alluding lo thg re- 

IVoMAS Blown .Vw.ay. — T be PitUbnr" Gazette port that Mr. Buchanan and Mrs. Polk were to 
of Monday says' be married, ha.a very emphalicaJy, and duubt- 

The wind blew along the wharf on Sabliatb tie- less by authority 
jweneoHsIy. , .1 middle aged woman was blown « l • > ..orimr 

*|>end hi s two wi^ka Christ niaa vacation. 

Pa.-jeugers had to take hold of the wires to keep 
thrmselves from being tbrowu down. 

Our knowled.'e of tbe lady warran’a of in saying 
that thoii'>h Mr. Buchanan were ten limes President 
there would be no truth in tbe report. The editor 
was in WBut of a paragraph who a arted it. 

Willis au a Novelist. — N. P. Willis’ new 

U^Hs n. Gabriel Cann on has Ix'eii clioacii Lieu- ucinn vi muttnt, imu uuj vunig >o e 
tenant ffovemor ot Soutdi Crrolina. catastrophe that befel the lady in the 

it-p-r- i.r . '7., — r Gazette is not so inconsiderate as to say. New York Times denounces it aa intensely 

New ®^ , r;“.r l -nobbi.h; .nd the Bo.lon Traveler think, the 

New AlLany, and Mr Moexis, of Jeffersonville- ITT hr latest statement by U.e \V a.h.ngton that it is a sort of 

both members of the Ind’.ana Stale .Senate, to ex- letter writ<'ni is that Franklin Pierce intends to ... ll i l »> .. 

amine into tl*e affa.;™ of the Jeffersonville Peni- run for the Senate, in 1858, aa .ucce.sor , t*wk^“ aelI-^i!UiUd gegtle^ 

tentiary. John P. Hale. man” 

Whether crino/inr had uuytbing to do with the of “Paul Fane, or Parts ofa Life Else 

catastrophe that befel the lady in the case, the Untold,” is being excoruUd by the Presr The 

Kelley iu a drinking bout, with tbe desi.'n, as 
charged, of proceeding to impropriety towards 


Thursday's Proateiings. 

V7a«hin8ton, Dec. 18 — In the Senate on mo- 
tiou of Mr. Kish the Committee on Commerce were 
directed to inquire into tbe expecieney of .reeling 
a Custom House at Sag Harbor. 

Hale offered a resnlniioa directing tbe Commit- 
tee on Military Affkirs to inquire into tbe expe- 
diency ot di-continuin? farther appropriations for 
the Military Asylum in the District of Columbia; 
what is the annual expense and manner of sup- 
porting soldiers; then, whether a more complete 
mode may not be adopted at much less expense, by 
direct payment in money, by boarding them at 
private establishments, or by affording relief some 
other way. He had onderatood that th* Mi itary 
Asylum of this district supported seventy or eighty 
soldiers at a cost of about five hundred dollars 
each, giving them uulbing but pork and beans and 
the us lal army rations together with snrb vegeta- 
bles as were rai-ed on the place. 

The sohliers were likewise separated from their 
families, whereas a much smaller amount of money 
would ea^le better care to be taken of them at 
tbeir respUprc homes. 

Tbomp^L *f Ky., suggested an amendment, 
which lialewqcepted. e.xtrodiiig a similar enquiry 
to the Military .jisyium at Harrodsburg, Ky , anil 
report, if desirable to retain either, which; andfui^ 
tber, whether the Asylnn at Harrodsbnrg may not 
be beneficially removed to California. Resolutioa 

Pearce, from tbe Committee on tbe Library, 
reported a House resolalion, striking vut tbesectioa 
anthorixing tbe purchase of cop ea of Kate’s nar- 
rative; but reserving tbe following, which passed: 
That the Secretary of tbe Navy cause to b« struck 
and pres- nteu to Kane and hLs officers and men 
such appropriate medaU as, in the judgement of 
the Secretary, shall express tb' high estimationon 
which Congress bold tbeir respective merits and 

Stuart presented .memorial ot Edward K Collins 
and bis asaociates, contractors for carrying tbe 
mails between New York and Liv rpool, retting 
forth that the original contract will not enable them 
to keep up the line, in sncceasfnl comiietition with 
the British line, sn-taiued as it is by the increu.*e of 
government support. 

They express a disincHnation to surrender to 
England tbe rreat national ocean supremacy they 
now have and deserve, if it mast be surrendered, it 
shall b* done by hands other than tbeir own; and, inasmuch as they embarked in tbe euterpris* 
at the solicitation of our government, that Congress 
may pass a law to terminate their contract and dis- 
pose of tbeir ships, so that they may be relieved 
from the undertaking without loss. Referred to 
the Post Office Committee. 

President’s mess.igc under consideration. 

Jones, of Tennessee, thought the Presid nt’s con- 
derauation, or strictures, ou tbe Republicans were 
perfectly proper and eminently truthful. There 
was another question nf tar greater importance to 
him and the country tnao any which might be got 
up on quibbles regarding the message. Uwas, a.s 
to the power of Congress to carry slavery into the 
Territories or exclude it therefrom. Much has been 
said on both sides of that question, but alter all it 
was not a question for Congress or any other delib- 
erative body to decide. If was to be adjudicated 
bv the 9npreme Court of the United States, and be 
hoped in a few dajs tbeir decision would be given. 
While he s' onld deeply regret if that decision 
should be against the rights and interests of tbe 
Sonth, yet regarding tbe Cocstitut.oo as that high- 
er law which is aliove all law, he was ready to bow 
snbmiasively to the decision, be it what it might. 
If all wool i agree to submit to that deciaiou, this 
controversy was approaching its end, and every 
Ivver of bis country would rejoice to have a final 
setti meut of this agitating subject made at tbis 

He considered squatter sovereignty one of the 
greatest pol tical hnmbngs of tbe day. The origi- 
uatiou of that phrase has lieen attributed 'o the 
venetabie Senator from Michigan, but be believed 
that the terra was tirst u-e derisively by Calhoun, 
in order In show tbe daugerocs nature of the elfoits 
of .Abolitionists. He read several extraefs from 
speeches made at dift'erent times by prominent 
merjlieis ot the Republican party to demonstrate 
that they were laboring for tbe eventful extinguish- 
ment of slavery within the States. 

He conld not vouch for the of these ex- 
tracts, but if any of them did iojus’ioe to any Sen- 
ator, he should he glad to be corrected. 

He then reail an ext*act from a •pcecli of Mr. 
Seward which appeared in tbe Unfou. 

Seward inquired whether the speech was given 
in full. 

Mr. Jones replied, O-sl forbiil that the Uoioo 
should fill its Columns with speeches of that ehar- 
.ucter. Me remembered that the Sen iior iiom New 
York, Mr. Seward, had advertised in the Senate 
that bis speiches had been ptinte'l by Urdlield. in 
w. licit tile Se:iators could %id bis opinions bid 
do'.vn fully if they desired ta read them; but he 
(Mr. Jones) had no particular relish lor tnat kind 
of of literature, and did not like to purchase and 
carr.Y It home, so be preferred to depend upon 
newspaper extracts. 

Mr. .Seward said he did not intend to have Mr. 
Jones pure ' the books, but had referred to them 
as contained in the Coii-.-ressional Library. He 
bad suppl's'd one Si'uator wish a copy of hU works 
at his own expense and would give one to Mr. 
Junes, or any other Senator who would run the 
tisk of accepting and desired to rea<l it. 

Mr. .lones replied that he never ali <wej :iny man 
to outdo him in geuerosity and wonl'l cheerfully 
aaci-pt Mr. SL-ward’s offer wi hthe proviso that he 
sliou’d not ’lie required to carry the Iss'ks .^outh of 
Mason A Dixon's tine. (Ex.-essive Isu hter.) He 
would n a'! them in the Distri*t of Col im'ua, but 
was not sure, bat he uii >ht get into toe Peniten- 
tiary il he carried them home. (R raewed merri- 

Mr. Wade. It seems then, that yu have no 
freedom fii tbe Sonth. 

Mr. Jones. We have no such freedom as pemii's 
people to go there and incite insurrecrion among 
our slaves and cause them to murder our wires and 

Jones allndfil to H de who defended his hereto- 
fore cxpresa*d opinioos concerning a h: ;hrr law. 

The collogny between them was con Inetid with 
coD-iilcruble spirit aud afforded much omu-s mrnt 
lo all lis'ent rs. 

■M r. Wilson then obtained the floor and the Sen* 
ate adj jurned. 

AVash I NOTO N , D*C. 1 8. — House.— Ta ent y thous- 
and copies of tbe President’s message :iud accom- 
]iaiiying documents were ordered to b,- printed. — 
Thccoosideratioo of the Pre-iJenl’s m. ssjge Jwas 
resumed. Geo. (pitman believed every word of 
the President on the slavery question well timeil 
and true, aud developments in the Hou-e show that 
the objects of the Repnblica'i party a.<re such as 
the Executive had attributed to their !•■ idiug men; 
that organization had declared their I'.n poee to de- 
stroy that iustitutiou which Is inter’ll i.od with the 
Southeru States. S|>eaking on ths su’>>ject of tbe 
Central American question, he said he was opposed 
as an American to bowing aud yielding to Kogland 
or France. TbLs baa been the rock ou which we 
have split. 

We want no treaty with any foreign nation rela- 
tive to oar duty on ih'is eoatineut, aud shunld not 
the-efore call on any Enropean power to come 
•croi' the ocean to heln regulate our I’eii'ral Amer- 
ican affair-i. We should ourselves a’tcnd to this 
D.utter. lie beUevvd General Walker was an in- 
s'rument in the bands of Providence lO r.irry on 
.American ciriliaation, and it was tbe ’a*y of our 
goverumeut nut to throw obstacles in h-. wsj. 

Quitman concluded by minutelv <b fining bis 
views of the theory of our goverinr«;it, and its 
pract cal applicatiou to the questions oi* the day, 
taking strict State rights views of tbe enure sub- 

Branch defended tbe South from misr*pr*sentA- 
tious concert. ing its giowtb, profiperity aid social 
Condition, and concludeil that the issae nude up and 
decided in the late canvass was in favor of tbe peace 
and quiet of tbe South againil Concres-i >nal agita- 
tion of tbe slavery question. He den'cil imphati- 
caily th..t there waa any diffcreni'e of npiuion 
among any portion of tbe Democrats as :o tbe eon- 
t!ruc:ionof|'be Kansas-Nebraaka bill. Tiiey are all 
agreed. The people are left free to reyr. late their 
institutions in tbeir own way, subject eitly to the 
CauatituTion, bat be believed they could only legis- 
late on slavery in their sovereign capacity and con- 
stitu'ion making power. There was no -quatter 
suvereiguty in that bill, but he was wiu n? to 
abide by the decision of the coart as to tbe power 
of Territorial Legislntares upon that subject. 

Davidson enteied into an argument to :<he.w that 
Congress has not now and never had pjwer to leg- 
islate ou the vexed question of elavery iu tbe Ter- 
riMiri*«. PTD*-««inK hia ballvf that tba-bistory in 
me Presuleul's message, of the troubtes which ex- 
isted iu the country for tbe Inst year, i, there to 
tbe lette, . 

House then adjourneu. 

Friday’s Proceedings. 

Washi.noton. Dec. 19. — Senate — .Mr. Wilnon, 
having tbe floor, proceeded to apeak ou the politi- 
cal questions of tne day. H commenced by qno- 
tiug the remarks ot Daniel Webster in bis enlogy 
of the ordinance of 1787, to theeff.- 't .!u‘. tliomi 
who passed that measure were dewtv in ^ of more 
honor tiiaii Solon and Lycurgus and tht i*gls!ators 
of au'.tquiiy. That tribuie of justice t., tii* great 
W'l k of the ui 1 Co >fe leration brought upt.n him 
and hia secliou of the Union the charge ol making 
I an onset upon tbe South and iuter.’eri’i.; wit! her 
1 domestic insiiiuiious so as to endang-r t!,..* reiatiou 
which exists between the ma-ter and kis -iave — 
Gen. Uayne, his dis' ingui -lied oppon ut, who then 
fought the first great battle of iiulliQr:,titi!i under 
the lead of Calhonn, who then preeiiL d over the 
tbe Senate, brought tbrae accii-attoT- into the 
Senate and burled them against >Vtb-t-r an I the 
people of the North Webster met tb- e .rcasa- 
lions and unjust reproaches toward hi- section of 
tbe Union with a prompt and and empi :,'.ic denial 
in bis reply to Hayne. 

Tbe great expounder of tbe CqnsUtu < ui said it 
had been the policy of the South for mi: y j curs to 
represent the |ieople of tbe .North as >ii-posed to 
interfere with their internal aud exclosivc liomestk 
concerns and went on to deny the iiuth of the 

r-o he (Mr. AViloon), standing now as n lli-presen- 
tatlre of Maasachusetlii, ou the floor oi 'tie Senate 
I as Webster stood, then could say as be aoJ, that all 
ihese charge, are utterly groundU*.. > o attempt 
bo.s ever been made from tiictime when V. ssifingtou 
flrst took the oath of office to Inierfi aiththe 
cons itutioual tights of the people ef th-. Sou'harn 

AVilson commented on the language of th.- Presi- 
dents message as applied to the Repuhl rx i parlf 
— said the cuarge that they were engaei d in revo- 
iutiunary movements, which couM oul> to 
civil war, «as fu;,' of part ni.iligniir. There 
was no truth or justice in it. I’lerce c -me Into 
power almost unanimously, bn: would g-i out with 
the bitter hatred o’ tbouitaDds of men, who voted 
for him. Like one early Dutch Governor of New 
'jf oik, be came in with very little opposition, and 
wcuidgo oni without any .opposition at all. (laugh- 

Wilson expresaed his purpoaa that Pugh thouKb 
have made such an excuse for tbe Chief M igis- 
trate, aa to say that bis language hi not aoply to 
the Republican party, bat to abolitionista of t^ 
Garrison scbool. That would not do. Tbe Presi- 
dent intendeil to arraign those in Congress who 
dilfored from him. 

AViUon thenahawed in what respeot tbeR- publi- 
can party differed from tbe ultra aboliiionists. — 
The latter desire to effect the abohtVin of alavery tn 
the Soathern St ties by means of the GovernoMBt, 
but th* Republicans, while they wooUl gladly sqy 

.slavery aboliabed all over the world, do not elaia 
the power to interfero with the iiu’itaiioa in the 
Sonthem States. 

Wilaon sahl be had traveied more than thirty 
thousand miles, throDgboat the free Statce, daring 
tbe Ixte campaign, and had aever beard a man 
say a word agaiust ^ ivery ia the Sutaa aa it aow 

Tbe Bepablican party are a State right party aad 
bad laid down in tneir platform tbe doctrine that 
the rights of the Stetea shall be preserved — he al- 
luded to the fact that the Empire Clabof New York 
representing the Democracy of tbe FivePnla e.hed 
turned out la procession in honor of their victo^ ia 
Penntylvacia in October, and bore tiaosparencfea 
representing the trourgiog of three black mea aad 
headed “bleeding Kansas.” He thought that that 
was tbe depth of degradatfon bat it bad been ex- 
ceeded here iu the metropolis af tha natioa. Under 
the eye of the executive a procession had lately 
paraded throagb the stri-ets of Washington beaded 
by government officials, baaring a traaspareacy in- 
scribed “Sumaer and e.ansas. lat them bfecd." Ha 
stated that more money an <* clothing bad bcea con- 
tributed for Kaus^aioco the election than bafora, 
and if anything could be done lawfully to save Kan- 
sas to f eedum. it shonld be done ia spite of the ad- 
ministration to prevent it, or whatever tha iacomiag 
admiuistration might do. 

There were hundreds of thousands of men at tha 
South who syaapathiaeii with the Repablicaaa, but 
who had noopportnaity toexpresalheiraeBtiiiieBta 
at the ballot l^x; and in this eonnectioD he alladed 
to professor Hendrick, who was removed friwn t)w 
University of North Carolina because of kis devo- 
tion to freedom. 

Pugh enquired whet’ier persons in Mas 'xebasetta 
bad not h^n rginoved ft-om office on a count af 
their political opinions, and referred particniarly ta 
Loting, tbe United States Commiwionar in Ma«a- 
ehosetts, to excente the fogitive slave law, and 
ssked Wilson haw be justifled Maasachneattaf 

Wilson said that that waa not a parallel case. He 
said that he behaved that the fugitive clave law 
was uneoBstitatioDal, aakuiasB aad anchiiatiaii' — 
Hendrick performed a service to liberty, and wa* 
crushed by the South. Loring performed a aar- 
vlee for slavery, aad we crushed him . 

Wilson did not consider a vote for Bnebansa an 
tndorseraent of Ibe Ksns a hill, as great frauds 
were perpetrated in the Northcra dtates oathat 

The doetriae af Casa aa sqoatte? sovareigaty 
which is rcpndiaied by the Sauib. was praaabed at 
ths North and served to cheat and delnda the paa- 

Tbe Democratic monsters head ia in the Sonth, 
and tail in tbe Nor b, auJ iroi htelacn tail. — 
Northera Democracy aaonn’s to oothiag. Tb- 
Demoera'ic power is in tbe South. Tbaae in that 
section who say they want peace, can have it, but 
not while they ecek to extend a'avery over free 

The Repnhlieans will insist that Kansas shall ha 
admitted as a free State, but when it m asked 
whether they wi.I vote f r its admi-oiion as a slave 
State, they, in the lan?aage of Caleb Cashing, 
emphaticaDy answer, no. They stood where 
Washington. Jtff--rsoo, Ma>riaon and Henry stood. 
Thry will proh bit slavery in all the territories.bat 
do not claim, nor will they nanrp, the power by 
Con»re9-ional levi-lation oro'herwi-ie to diatnrb or 
interfore with Southern rights, they will leave 
the nutter when the C<>astLii tion left it. 

Crown obtained the fljor, when tha Sanata ad- 
journed to Monday. 

House. — O n motion, threa days from tha third 
Tuertlay in Jannary were set apart for tha consld- 
eratfoo of territorial bu ineas. 

7 he bill which pa ted tbe .Senate at tba last aea- 
sion, antbori.-ing the people of Kansas to form a 
constitntion and State government preparatory to 
admission into the Union on tqaal fooriag with tte 
original States, was referred to tne Commitua on 

ATarioos other Senate bills lying over from tha 
last lession were referred to the sppropriote com- 
mittees, including many rtlntive to harbois snd 

1 be Hense considered private biili till thair ad- 

Thursdat/'s Proceedings. 

Washington, _ec. 30.— Tbe Senate waa not ia 
sesslnn tn day, having yesterdar a^jo'arned till Mon- 
day next. 

House —Air. Granger maile an noeffective effort 
to initodace a resolution declaring Daniel Waldo 
Chaplain of the House for tbe Ses-aon. 

T'ue flousa then resumed coosideration of private 

Mr. Wheeler asked, but diJ not obtain, leave to 
report a bill prepsn^ at tba Post Office Depart- 
ment. and approved by the Poet Office Committee, 
taxing lottery circulars and all such class of mail 
matter, with letter postage. Adjourned. 

Blask AVarrier .trrIvcJ. 

Exw Yoix, Di.-c. 20. — Tbe ste.iraer Black War- 
rior has arrived with Uav.oa dates to tbe 13th iasi. 

The p-toen furniHh at imporiaat news. 

The nffi.-rr despatches to D-iraiuica with six tbou- 
aand stand of arms had returned to Havana. He 
reports having distribn'ed arms to volnnteera who 
have recently been oataralised aa Spanish snbjects 
by tbe Spanish Consul Geaeral of tbe Dominican 

B'lsine.sriis not verv active. Sugar aiicbanTed. 
Molasses 7^ to 8 rials; C'ayed Muscovado 8;^9t. 

Tbe United States Surveviag .Schooner — — - 
Commauder Raven, from Philadelphia, had pat 
into Havana leaking bod y. 

lewa Lcalslaiarc 

CmcAeo. Dcr. 20. — A resulntion wu introdneed 
into tbe loora Legis'atore. yes-erday, inatrncUag 
the Senaloni, and requesting tbe R presentntiresto 
vote for the sdrai*»ion of K irwas ss a frea State, 
and against the admission of tie aime as n slave 
State. A anhst itute WM offered by the Democrats 
for th* immediate repeal of the obnoxioos acts of 
Territoria' Lr'.;i<>lttiire, rreognudog tbe right of 
X insa- to be admitted *ith a Repnhlicoa form af 
Government, and r.xpres-ing a coofldeut hope that 
the pei'iile of Kansas wonld adopt a consiitarioa 
prohibiting slavery. An amendment was offered to 
the eff ct that the power of the people to estsbiisb 
slavery or polygamy, was not an esaential exercise 
of the right of self government. A vote waa not 

A meeting was hel>l at tbe new town of Orimdo- 
ra, Kansas, on the 8th, to consiJer mcasores for the 
couotnictiun of a Railroad from thence to Lawrence. 


Cincinnati, Dec. ’21.— At eleven o’clock last 
nig'it. a Ore broke oat in the Jewelry Stora of C. 

W. H. .Allen. Esiimatfl .Jamage to tba building 
and stock ten thousand dollnia 

Tbe weather is intensely eld to day. 

This raorniiig- Eoqnirer savs there were 9 fact 
water scant in the river last evening. 


New Yoax, Dec. 29— Tha More of Messrs. 
Hewett A Co., 49 8tnae .street, extensive floor deal- 
ers. was destroyed by flie last night. Lose 

’ A .Wcw Bill. 

Washinston, Dec. 19.— Mr. Kel-ey, a member 
of the House Mileage Comm.ttee is preparing a bill 
tn equal se mileage, which now ranges from saven- 
tceu dollars in Morylaod. to five iheosaad nine 
hundred and sixty doliars to delegates from Oregon 
and VFsabingtoii, a seasloit. He prnpoa*s thait the 
present ra es ba eoniinued up to 250 ar 500 milts, 
and alt above this reduced to 10 instead of 40 cents ^ 
per mile — lik wise a dcdocTion of 35 to 30 dollars i 
per day for valontary ab-encr froai C'ongreae. 

It is said that the Jomwttce ou terriiuries in the 
House will report agaiust the memorial of the la* 
habitants of Arrisonia asking the estahUakiiig af a 
territorial govermpent. 

•Mews iMas. 

New Tore. Dec. 19.— The conating room af 
Carr, Bennett h Co., Water Mreet. was robbed yes- 
terday of a trunk contaiuing $30,000 in biila re- 

John C. Stamford, aeis’aot postaiater at Florcnca, 
Oneida con ty, was arrested on 3«tardsy for 
robbiug tbe mail . Tbe arrest <«aa made by 'direc- 
tion of Mr. Holbrook of the Post office Departo 

A call has been ioeacU for a Nicoragu.ui sy rpathy 
meeting at tbe Tabernacle on Sa’nrday cveBing. — 
The name- of Gov. Price of New Jersey, ex-Gov. 
Smith of ATirgibis, Brown of M issuMppi, Jones of 
Tennessee, and Senators Cass, Douglas. Mason, etc., 
are annomced as speakers. 

Dr- Kaae Arrived. 

Nsw Toax, Dec. IS.— Dates from St. TbomMto 
I the 3d annonnee the arrival there of Dr. Kaae.— 
Hit health is greatly mpaired from a cold caught 
in England. He designs going to Havana. 

Cold Waa tber. 

Boston, Dec. 18 —Thermometer four de g -eee 
below aero. Sacksvillo 17 below. St. John 14 — 
Calais 17. Bangor 15. N*w Bedford 4. Pro- iaeo 
town 4. .Albany?. Brook'iue, Mus-i., 8. L*xing- 
lonl3. Highlind Light. Cape Ce<]. 7. New York 
13 above Paflodelphia 16 a^ve. SalcB, New 
Jersey, (2 above. 

Far Mlearaswa 

New Tori, Dec. 18. — There is aNicaragnaex- 
peditiooeompos*d of five huadre<l Irishmen, fletiag 
ont here to proceed via Ornoa Uondnras 

Mitchell A Co’s, aiiamautiiie candle factory, 
Fonrth street, bnrnt ibis morning. L ss $80,900. 
Insoraace $SO,OUO. 

xaie Saak, 

PiiLADaLFHi i, Dec. 19.— deseiviog ship Union 
anchored vff the Navy Y ird was cut futo by tha 
Boating ice, and sank. Crew aud store was trans- 
ferred lo the aloup*of-war Preble. 


Albany, D‘C. 19th — There was an excited d»> 
cu».i. n ia tbe Temperaace Convention this morn- 
ing over the aotiou to censure the Court af Ap- 
pe ils’ action on the liquor law. Tbe eaotion Baaily 
passed ia amodifled form. 

A resolution was adopted repa.’iatiag all party 

Mr. Delavaa tent a letter ta> the Coaveptfon. de- 
clmiDg a real minatioa for the PrtaideBcy; bat waa 
subai qaen'ly induced to accept 

Tl^ Oonventiou then nominated Mr. Delavaa for 
Presiiient of Ibe State Society, with a faUlialef 
other officers, and adjoa> ned sine die. 

Ne Insarrcciisa. 

®-^t-Tinoat, Doc 19. — The reported slave inaar- 
rection in Florida ia pooitiveij deated. 

The Jewish syaagogue ai'ji >bUe was dsstroyad 
by Are on the llih inst. 

A card 'rum A. H. Stephens is published ia the 
Auzusta Coastiinticnalbi, posting B. U Hill for 
coeardice ia decliniag a chal^enga. 

„ _ Suellss for Walker. 

New Yore, Dei. 19 — The D ily Times mya 
yarkioa msoitioBe of war. iacladisg most of tbo 
improved incendiary miaailes aeed at Bevastopol, 
have been aupphed Walktr Tceaaily from tbis 

llie Cratral Railroad freight depat at Utica waa 
barued oo Wednesday sight 

The RepnbUcaa banquet at tbe Academy af Ma- 
gic last night waa a briiUant affair. A aom- 
My. ineluding Mr. Fremont and fkmilj, (sovaraor 
Reeder and family, Oov. King, and other d%Bhari«s 
ware praacat 

laiaortiBt bait. 

Washinoton, Dee. 18 —Tha caaa ef Dra^ ee 
Saad’ord was resaased. Mr Johosos prssraasd 
precedeaU ia aapport af hia e:ews •• tha queaUem 
of eitiae-isbip of tbe aegro 
Mr Bl'ir said hk cotlesgua Mr. Caitia prapoaed 
to argae merely the eetuNitatiouality oi the Mneoail 

Mr. Bmir thea proceedad with hia argameat in 
sopport of the junsdiction of the coo rt, aad tha 
claim ef hia eliest to ' i'.ixaaship mainly on mma 
gronnda as addact d ia his reaaarks of Manday laat. 
He instated earioas snihonika lo sappor af hia 
prnpoaitioaa and defended at leagth tha eonatita- 
tioaaUiy of the Miasoaii comproaiise. 

Blair eoatiaoed. 

The Misaoori romornmbe wes a apctioa^l qaes’ 
tioD, «eh aa calls ap the paseioBsefall arctiansaad 
all coantriee. Under color of cnn-tiuiag a woid 
we are deciding apo* a re-otaiion <■( the paticy ef 
thieeoantrjf. NotxMly ever qaertloacd «»* *~eet iitt- 
tioaa ity uafUl wflthia a hrhf period. 

Ualboan m 1909, thouch hrticemg it a dangerona 
aaeaaarc did aut my it was aoconatitatioaal. That 
record eoatinoed on'ii 1847, when that diet iogaisjad 
man broached the idea that elavery auiy extead mtn 
tbe tcrriioriee. 

Tbe Coi^ is asm gpSzd upon to reetraia an iaeti- 
tntion, whicb, by aa act >'iKem,i«raneoas wita tha 
CoasUtation, ia deciared atterly violative ef tba 
iaatitutioDS apoa which tha RcpuMic ie foasdad; it 
Is BOW a-ked to ebaage a paiiey. and up»a the con- 
stroeiioa af a wonlln tbe CousiitaiiuB “teiritoty’* 
deckle whether tbut be a slave or a free eoetiaent. 

Chief Mars I all says “Oovernmeat baa 
general eovereigaty over tbU 'trritory”— b> fikuda 
oo tbe ether side can say. “Marshall waa aa inspired 
man bat in this laagnoge hi waa l.*-«***— tf-tratm 
not with Jndges words, hat with those wuuimueaeh 
them. ^ 

Judga Marshall says, “apon tho words rales mad 
regulaiioDs k (oaadwltha right to guetra the terri- 
torks,” docs not tbe laagoage warrant such a con- 
elusioa.’ If any maa can conceiva any other terri- 
tory sepersted from poiitkal govermente oeer it, 
hm ekuoo k ekarer thaa miaa. Marshall says, “iha 
power ofCoagrem k anlimited bikJ supreme, eabjcct 
only to certain iimitatiooa iapiNied by tlfo Ceostitn- 
tea. h k kaawa that there are no 'imitaiinan fer- 
biddiag slavery. 

Reverdy Joh a ae n sabmitted evidenM tMt Modi- 
aoa did aot b*lkve tbe restriettoa wes within tha 
traa ecopa of the Const: im ion. .Also a roagh draff 
of the veto mees u ge written by Mnarne, of thk very 
bin. saying that if it ba aot viuktlva « tbo Coonti- 
tation .t IS reuagaant ia piovlsioos to the genar- 
al sentimeDt of tba St a' cew 

(ieorge T. Curtis of B>ei«a mads i iwjwerfvl ar* 
gament ia favur of tb* eoaK>iui.O"ahiv of tha 
Mi-noari comproaike. He a.,td he w>u dcuaflua 
his remark-i to tbe3>Nl aecti.'u of tiieVn article af 
the constitutioD, which givea Corgre-s aaibonty ta 
mak%a!i needful rcgolatione for th* g>.vcrnmeBt of 
tbe temlorks. He f.aiiued that there existed fWI 
legislative pawer. The qu-atioa is emir-eutly hm* 
torkal aad wbea yoa have placed tha facts in tbeir 
historical relatioa you have g- as (hr towards act- 
tlirg the eoainvsrsey. The great nnoceapied 
kink within the hoa n darks of the oM Mates wera 
alm.'st theoaiy tabject of coa'eu’ion boi wcca thoaa 
Sta'es. No sioaer tia>l ATirginia made a easoioa of 
Iter 'and beyond tJnio, than th«; ques'ion arow wbaE 
disposition sboa:d be m.vie of ii’ By tne deed ef 
cession tbe United S:at<s were clothed with power 
U erect it lato Repablicon 8:a’-*a AT-:ea Jtii ream 
in 1794 moeed his rceo'niioa, it was aatler thn 
greatest powuble doubt whether Coogrees had tha 
power to pass it. Iu 1787 great inimigrition began 
to flow inia tha tarmory whka rendered Jefl^nan’e 
amasura aaiirtly iaadcxuaie aad tha ordiMnca of 
1797 waa eetabiisbeU. 

An act was pa^ byCongr*m in New York on 
the I3tb af Jaly, aad pob i-b*d verbatim in tha 
Philadelphia paptrvof the ZA-.u. wheieln tha Con- 
vention woe engaged in nanking provnious upon thn 

Among thh reaotntiona offered waa one by Id- 
mood Raudolph, that provision aagit to ba ■■a** 
for the admiamoB ot Siuttu. 

That lesoluiioa pasaad, and waa aeat to tha 
Committee oa Deuik. Afierwaita it bccMia 
Article :7ih. viz — Ne r 9tatr-, ;aw;ully comMitn'ed. 
shall be admitted with tbe eonsrut nf two-tbirds of 
tbe 8tstes. and, if within i .xr iimits nf a present 
3:a:e, by tb« consent el t h- Legisiotnre thereof. 

Madmon aaw insiantij that ibe ('• nvent oa bad 
done aothing to uruvide a power to Miperiutriid tho 
pubtk laoda. and aaovtd a proviso giving <?.ingrem 
the power to dispose of oaappropriaied lauds, to 
iuMitate temporary goverameets aad proviJe or 
new States therein, fhe 17ih artick was reached. 
Am-adments were pendiag laal! dirartio s. 

Morris rising — ant vediucclame os it now stands, 
riz: CoDgrea* shall have pow-r to dkpoea aad 
moke all iieedinl regnloiioas respecihig the lerri* 
torv or other piopeny hehiagiug lo the United, tad 
and nothiitg lU thk Coasutuiion stiaU ha >o eon- 
stinedasto prejudice aay claims of the Uar.rd 
States or of suy partkaUr -tiv.e. Consider ng tha 
reintioos of the Luiird States to Tirg aia. It woe to 
be eznsctcd that ihe eoaveaikia would cieaie sech 
a pawer flrel, bccAuse txcre most he an inteivai af 
lime befora Stoles eaa ba established; secondly, 
because it was necesss y to saparia end them, 
under the cession from Vi^nia; thirdly, lo eohjeet 
them to tbe control of tbe United Sisits, who Laid 
them in trust, aad nadir the deed ofce»ka. 

Regarding the word “lerritor i ’ if eewuraed ia 
“power to d'spme ol”it mcaiMliuJ — r>riathoao 
wonkCoagrees has all accec-rv power to dispnea 
of, bat ia tba ot.ier words “rul-s sa<l rega a . 'as.” 
y la hare a totally d ffereai power L*t aa sapp<aaa 
the worik oolv r^ftr t > mnuicipAlaoverLBiuuts — 
Congress m ikes a law ‘vhH'ii euaebody reekis. A 
w it of error Mbrough. oefor* thkeoari ai-d it m 
alleged tual CoagresM has aut the ncedtul power in 
passeoeb a law. Suppose the mma cam wi.h re- 
gard to lands. 

Tbe moment yoa nn ^ertake to raluce the wordn 
beiow their naioral import yoa bting befora tha 
eoart aa a Jodickl qa> stion wbai k purely a poltii- 
cal ooe. It the cIsm oaiy embraces s ttw e; eeifle 
objsc^ Mmebody moat miect the objcc's. AVhat 
coostitatee tbe diff'.-i'ciicef Both are « qn .IIv mat- 
ten of legsiatioD; both equ.illy iff.-ct'-d by be 
goarautees of pabik a>id private right; are ibey 
Bot both embraced In tbe propo-iriou.’ Are lb»y 
aeedfalT Al'. aodcnkbly r<;-t in ibe laugmut ef 
Ceogreae aa to tbe nrots-i y to wbi<-h tiiry refer — 
to tbe standard of wnat k acedta. — snd that stan- 
dard k fixed by tbe grant, in tba judgment af Con- 

Tbe eoana*l on the other aide allege that if gen 
era], tba legialation bccoaua perveteal frum tha 
very terms of tbe grant there is a iimk of pnwtr to 
territorial czjitcaee. The ward “iuitvet” kparn> 
lied brior* ns from the Mktonr Compromi-e. BaE 
there is nothing to prevent iishrirrg t-xpaa;*d, or 
nothing Can be eouend spo t tn* casracisr of 'ba 
iosti'ntioiis d:irisg ta*riloria! ex dence wh-ch inm> 
•ot bo ebaagrd iaiRSrdiatrly a|><>a that . itury 
becoming a .stale Cougrww has oowv; to dia- 
tat* the Coaslitati'-a of any Slat* 

Mr. CsrisconctniUd wi-h a irimuc to the laarn- 
ing ami justice ef the Con t. 

WasHivoToN, Dec. 19 — The argumeut ia thn 
case ot Dred Scott was oooeloded yeaterday. Tba 
eoart will take time for de.’iberatioa.aad a dMi'sion 
will aot be made for several weeks, aad vary prob- 
ably not till the cad of tio term 

Celd Weather 

Halifax, Dec. 19.— T e waibar thk maruing k 
clear. Tba thermometer L 9 dciireea above mra. 
.At St. Johaa it k below aero. At Ssasevilk 10 
degrees balow a. -to. At Wooilatoak, N. 3B* 
beiow aeto. 

Froaa Ba Uaaere. 

BAiTmot I. Die. 19 — tba thermometer et 7 
o’clock thw Moraiag aiood at 15, at aooa 2^* 
above aero. 

Death or a Spieitualiet. — .V few weeks sinea 
Mias Hattie .\. Eager deed in Bo um. It waa 
said that the predicted her death, iodicatiag .ha 
exact day. She woe a “medium,** and tha eir- 
cumstances attending her deeth excited much 
interest among the Spiriiualitu. At her faneral 
a medium, speaking in n state ef iraace, aad 
parporting to ha p o aiieei d by tha spirit ot thn 
decesacd, maJa several e loamanicai ions of a hap- 
py nature to her surviving friends. The Boston 
Journal contains the Mlowing dise'eeare ran- 
corning thieaffur, which throws q'tiie adiM rant 
light npon il, if true: 

We have testimony which evries eouvie ka that 
tha ant'ortunate giil, who, it m-ist ba evidea; from 
tbe starewent of tbe .^pirunoikt. was not i j bor 
right mind, hurrin! berself ticiure ber Maker by tba 
volantaryac Ol ber own band, or iu otucr words 
that she dkd the death of a vaiekla. W* hava 
good authority for sra'isg that npou a pMtm 'rtem 
examioa'ioo of lie iio-iy of tha .i'->-ea- d, <w*aty 
groina of antimooy were found in n*r sronMch. oua 
half of which woald nave been aoSewat to pr^ 
dace death. Toe circamstoaccs oiicc'ea with 
thk death oug It to have bi-ea lavesiigued at tba 
time by tha pr>per a'lihoriiies. a id it may net yeC 
betookta to establish this ftet whk:h we bava 
suted, by a ja<lic<al invest irj'i<-n. 

REHatEaBLa Nan-aRV. — rh« qurstka, *'Wbo '• 
Waller B. Dm ri’k thus oaswt.-. d, Lk's fiak- 

seat ktters appear la ibe Mpers. that siioald hava 
rase to buusr* in New '^rk. Bostoa, Bdlttiaoie, 
Ac. The Vew York .V-ies says that these >ms aia 

made ky Mr. Walter B. Dick, of Fudadciphia, a re- 
tired awrebant, who, lor tne mke af cc.apaika 
tak' sthc puhik-icd lie s ot letters in the eeverat 
cities, and, going over all the names. seuaraTps by 
hk extraordinary memory, the ietiers that he liiis- 
di^ted ia ta* diMireiit offl<-ca Mr. Dkk. it ia 
said, knows all the flima and •1ir*i'tuins i - other 
citi s. aa well aa i k own. Th a- iaCa ofdnikra 
have ibnebeen sent to their -•wu.-ie >ha' waaWrR* 
have gone to the “dead letter ’ office. If thk f icE 
» correctly stated, it le one of u.e meat rxiraordi - 
nary inaUnocs of g<ioil memory on record. 

Dxatm or VHi raLiBEATEB DbcTOB Pvear 

B>the arnvalnf tbe City »J BaUimort at PhiJa- 
dclpbk. we have iatcUigeace ul Ibe death of -ha 
celegrated Dr Pesey. the mnai faawaa Ueotogieal 
writer af ibe preer> t cvataiy. He waa tbeerigiaoicr 
of tbe .Aaglkon or Puseyite nat'y w tbe t'harcb ef 
EugiaUC, and. tkongti bk e:ir y .sawekte. Dr. New- 
man, and a east number of bui i-riphs, gona 
over to Papacy. Docer Pusey remained ia the En- 
glish Church. liisaiiitie uoie inM tweaiy eran 
sace hr first crt‘at9«l AQ rxei'-rMrat H tHa 
cal waild by the iiubltoiiua of the Oxford Troxts, 
in which his great learning and -abrte powers e’f 
reasoning were empkiyrd la tuatata a tbeorvef 
Ckareh worship baaed apou the ApoMoHeal ume- 
ceasiun. Bad attriba ing aa vffleacy to tne ritaal ef 
the (Th arch of Engiaad t qua! to that iaimrd by 
tiM Cbarch of Rume Oa account af ike pnklliia 
tmn of tbe Trot's, be was swp«t,ued ttnm ibe dn- 
ticeof a preacher tor 'aar yeaia Be waa a man af 
great Varelag aatl ai.qne»tioae«l pktv, and $1*4 
the 'iffica of Reams Proiemmr f Hebrew at Oxftkf.). 
aad waa Caaoaol Christ t 'barcb. He always pro- 
teiled >ga.ast hat a .am ba,ag m d to daugasta tha 
party ot wbkh be was tbe sekw-wk-tged heaA 

Great ara tha mvsterias of Oc an fbefonn 
jt Custj more aow to eeud aa ouDee of paper In Bn- 
ropa tbaa it does to arad a barroi af Qpaw. .A mw 
nay have a ttau room. eat. drtak. sJeep eudlMa$B 
all aver the ahip, aad yet a qakt mai! bag . thu 
hat stoad all the time ia a darf earacr, k Mnq$iffi 


^ M tkf royal »ud weD choiwn aeuon. Mo>t 

)1 SL'HJSC'Hll* riON! ^ « 0^ »li otkert, for tbe celebration of 

aiule f>»aT. - $f on Ue<!4 < ms Kites, 

Jjj.'J.V^'JJiVs •** ^*“' - 8 00 ^rt*riDes8 and cold without, and the hnlU of 

T#a Csaiss. - lo <» w -r? . , and love and joT and domiaik- felieitT that 

Twsatr-tws . - - SOtKi 1 L- 

Tbe Late Murder and Arson in 
the f'ounty. « 


The 9. A. & M. AAsociation 


On Monday morning we published in the 

lary of the Auociation in eonsideration for the 
I printing which the Journal waa to dagratuitoua- 

Medical Literature. UCt^ frMI PsfieM €•■■!?. 

At the laat annual aession of the Aneneaa * 

Medical Association, Prof. K. J. Breckinridge, (C*rre«p..»dsncsofMis Lueuyiiu ; 

ef this city, presented • report, according to pro» t^ortcca Csaotr— r*aea, Oos* aad Hoatiaa- Bin 
• , . . ri»c-»lac*e-rieasaM» Becalaas Aa AccA' 

»iout appointment, on the present condition of ^ d«a»-A VstsI latrMweOoo-Ta* Crsps, Be. 

the Medical Literature of thia country We j TtLyiyoyoN, DarieMco , Ky . Dec. 9, 1^. 
have been favored with a oepy of this document. | ifrrers. Editors: ifere I am in old Davieaa, among 
as cxtractad from the transactions of the As«oei' | mme of the moat stardy farmers in onr State. I 


'>er-lyCsarier. Siule Osar. * *t «0 

nis. Two topis, eoc rssr, - J tIO 

ae. rser « spies 6 «0 

K Ten rspiss. • lo OO 

De. TwsBty-tw# - »« t» 


ticulaWk'folWTlaves AR- ' puoiuneu in me by Mr.,0.bcme, one of th, pro. Medical Aaaociation. Prof R. J. Breckinridge, 

Ed';" i «olumn. of the Courier the official proce^ings p^etor. of the Journal, to Mr. G. E. H. Gray- .f this city. presented - reptm. according to ^ 

•f #f Thm~ fCxcitroieat in the I meeting of tke directors of the S. . ^ establisii by unioipeachahle testi- | ^i®us appoiatmenl, on the present condition of 

t suntry. i A M. Assiiciation held Saturday last. In those ii,- i . .v; . «/ i 

- DEt'EMBER 27 


KIP'l'KKN 1 H Yt.Alt OK THK 


Tke Lanrst. Best iuhI fbeapest Pa^ 
ii tke Best. 


lAheral Prouiiaia^ OCipred. 

la issning his presp«4as tiic PirTEKNTH yel 
mme at the WaasLV ' 'oi Biaa. the pnblisber frela 
that H ie only rsquishe that be shall offer the past 
•• a guarantee for tb< future. With increased mean.« 
aad enlarged tarilities at his command, and a priat- 
Ing estabtisbnettt second in all the steam and power 
appliances sad in improved and rxpeuaive machioe- 
sy, to no hoaa e in the M'rKt, be is detennined that 
the Cotsrur shall naaintain its reputation as a Piatr 
OLsas PABiLV rspaa, and a bold, independent, 
kanest sad relialde news and political Jonmal. 

Its Agrp'sltoral Department wIK meet wHh par- 
Gcnlar aitentkm, being ander the charge of H . P, 
Btssb, Gag . editor of the V'al/si, Farmer, and for 
many years the Agrtcnhural Editor of the Ijonis- 
yfOe Joo'nal, but who now writis azclusiveiy for 
tha Canrwr. 


Will oantinue ta be andar tha charge of the same 
aarps of reiiortcrs we have had for yaart, and for 

i=s4c;r. 1 < the WcU matad coaple wilhio tbaarcan- probalde murder of a family ot Joyce in the 
nm o! liame, is happily coutnuted aad sarrta to county, and the destruction of their property by 
u.gv* i i;istiii£ love for the peace end quietude of fire. We are now in full possession of the facts 
tbe fi iside, Appropea ie the sakjcct ia hand, and of the horrible affiir so far as ascertained from 
since Tuarriage feasts are heceming so common in one of the relatives ot the murdered family in 
the eiiy, a seriaua suggeau iualf to ns. as the im- ,bis city. The house was the property of Win. 
mediate eons, quence .1 the hard tima. from which ^bo was fortunately away 

V . siifferuig, and the fooBsh axtrava^ee in ^be muider lo attend 

^i». 1 we iiidelgc. Mott aR^oredly a reform m ,, , , , i aa i *u 

tKi rsMtrwMwd ta anttevi. r * *w a • wcUdinif. Hc Hau, howe^cr, icit a brother, 

tbi* n^pcct 10 iui much CBlled for MID that growing ^ 

vaoitr which leads the matron lo impor^rish her Joyce, age<l IV, at the house to take care 

liushiitid by eitravagaai displays of dress, or that ptoporty and the family during his ab- 

Cwwretsioii of Owe of Thewi- Exciteoiemt In the 1 a 

t'onntry. Nf. .\stix:iation held .Saturday last. In those 

111 the ffourier Monday we briefly alluded to ,„,,eedings we find the following resolution. The fact has been too evident for some time 
the probable murder of a family ot Joyce in the adopted by the directory: that a Know-Nothing clique lil^ deUrmined to 

county, and the destruction of their property by Rciofocd, That this Hoard, having seen Mr. «. -„v«rn the AssociatiL ^Ws A . 

fire We are now in full possession of the facts Mallory charged in the L misville Courier ol this ® r . , • ^ gretted to aee 

C .U I U1 a- e 1 date. Dec. 20. 1856. with having introduced politics tne evnlenae ol such feeling, and w» now repeat 

of the horrible afTur so far as a^erta.ned from contradict- that if it is permitted to continue to exist the 

enrol the relatives ot the murdered family in ine the charge, and assert that be never has, m any i au o • . ’ 

this city. The houm- was the property of Win. meeting of the Board, allnded to the subject of usefulness ol the Society will be gone, and it. 

9wav mignutcetit ru ns in two or three years will bs a 

ation and published in Philadelphia 

believe that it is known that this county stands b«- 

wilii rrcklesanw's aiid thirst after tplandid uatenta 
tioD which tempts the man iato ruin<>at specala 
tin;, , ' d often times into the abvss ef crime. Ifthi 

The house was what is denominated a double 

tin;, d often times into the abyss ef crime. Ifthe log house, consisting of two looms, divided by 
lavidiing of c<«tly gifts t« make up the magnificence an open passage. The house ia situated on the 

politics. magnificent ru ns in two or three years will ba a 

And in the Journal of yesterday morning we sad monument of the folly and madness of men 
find the following card from the same gentle- who should not be pannitted lo prostitute a so- 
mtn: ciety capable of accomplishing so much good to 

Louisvillb, Dec. 20. 1856. own selfish purimses. 

The undersigned, memlicrs of the directory of 

the Soiitb western Agrirnitnral and Mechanical Loi'ation of Laa«l«, Towa Sites 
.\saooiatiou, having seen in the Louisville Courier, dkc, ' * 

of this date, an article charging Mr. Mallory with , u i .. * 

having introduced politics into the board, beg " « navejust had the gratihcation of meeting 

the evidenae of such feeling, and w** now repeat To the non-professional reader, treatises upon j kind but few either in point of rich laads or heavy 
that if it is permitted to continue to exist, the ■nth subjects, do not commonly possess much : *’*■***' forests. The houses are generally hnilt ©f 
UBcfulneas of the Society will be gone, and its interest. But, in this carefully prepared | kee^ logs, and moutly well-amiiged iwide by tte 

magnificent ru n. or three year, will b, a of our young and talented townsman, the man of wh“rrhriJLrons“cWdren cannot b!“ir- 

sad monument of the lolly and madness of men no matter whit may be hia laates, will p^Med by any State In the Uoion ia healthy 

who should not be pannitted to prostitute a so- material to interest aod instruct him. It 'strsagth* and good manners — conunotlities that 

ciety capable of accomplishing so much good to •embraces a rapid kurvey of the field of Medical parents in a city very seldom give their offitpring. 
their own selfish puriioses. literature, and a resume of the leading recent Dogs — that is bounds — are quite common; becanse 

Location of Lam dV ^stiar «K P«kHcations, devoted to that all important sei- the fox kstUl extant, and be. like very 

sites, ^ proper tribute it paid to the great la- fond of chickens, either young or old, but prefers 

M'c have just had the gratification of meeting ‘J** autobiography ““ ““"y ““»»*- 

... ui iDaeMiii, , i„ ... . I man s horn before the flre-Eod has arisen from his 

of t i bride '■, or the more than regal en- 
t^r'„:::meDts that are now held to be part of the 
nu|>tid ceremony in high life — if the jewels, the 
-^ik«. ihc la< ee tliat dacoratc the attendant sylphs, 
imd the outlay apoa carpets and mirrors and statn- 
an t lat is liecomiug customary in withdrawing- 
‘ room and pnrkir on such eceasioas, came only from 

log nouse, consisMiig oi iwo loonis, U.V.UCU oy having introduced politics into ttie noarti, oeg j — *.»w.h;«ioii oi ineeimg , r, . ... , ” ^ man’s horn before the (Ire-god has arisen from his 

an open passage. The house ia situated on the «*ur esteemed friend Dr. George Stealey, former- “onmls 

f T dT iH irfi »■ a nn Hri nevcT luenlloued in any raamierataay ly civil enirineer oflhis citv whi«*h n v K latter notice concludes with the following i # *. i • ' 41 

of JeflTen^un and Bullitt counties, on Hn- m*itintr of the hoard politics or auv oolitical mat- J city, which position he » together for the day's sport. And sneh times they 

[.thedividinglinsof the counties, about ter. LaWreNCE YOUNG, filled with distinguished ability; and more ro- Ihough these last tracings of his too— racing and chasing during the whole 

I'Orders of JefTersun and Bullitt counties, on Bn* 
ur creek, the dividing line of the counties, about 
fifteen miles from the city, and not near Sait ?'bTeBAN W occupying a similar post in Memphis, 

river as was stnteil. The inmates of the house JNO. T. BATE, * which he resigned to engage in other pursuits 

were Mrs. Lvdia Joyce, hr r son Richard Joyce, THO. BOHANNON,' which promise to be more remunerative. j 

* y.iung man of 19, Mrs. Walsh, her daughter, f UGH BRESt’ •'‘®i‘'‘‘y '* * genHenian of hi^h character, 

a widow, and the latter's little daughter, a child K. L. HUFFJIAN, of hign scientifio attainments, is an educated and 

of three years The oldest son, M m. Joyce. TH(f Y BRf'vT practical geologist, surveyor and engineer. He 

the owner of the house, as before stated, was j experience as an explorer, and poeseses 

away from home. The house was burnt to the P. D. BARBOUR. every requisite qualifisatiun for the businc-w in 

ground laU> Thursday night, and the next mom- Now, wc would suggest to these gentlemen, which he is at present engaged. We learned, 
iiig an investigation led to the horrible belief tha*. that it should be beneath them to thus set up a during our conversation, that he has already ex- 
thc entire hous"hold had been murdered. The man of straw for the purpose of amusing them- aniined and selected one or more valuable mines 
charred remains of the two women were found selves by knocking it down, endeavoring that must be productive of great wealth, and offer 
near the fire place, while those of the young thereby to gull and hoodwink the public. They inducements to capitalists, which would more 
man were lying in the place supposed to have aliould be above such an exhibition of paltry spe- than realize their fondcs'. hopes and exceed their 
been occupied by the bed. cial pleading. We have not “charged Mr. Mallory highest calculations. He has also traversed a 

Mr. Wni. Joyce relumed to his home to find with having introduced politics ia their meet- large extent of country and selected town sites 

tii** pockets of the rich and those who could well * widow, and the latter s little daughter, a child 
'.•car tile ex|K!nse, and ifthe evi! etopped of three years. The oldest son, Mm. Joyce, 

M not be a wattcr of much eensequenee. 

the owner of the house, as before stated, was 

thr I lilies of tha millionaire lieramc in time the fol 
ill - I'f all classes The straggle for eqoality.’or et 
ieat - -ciaiiig tqnaUty, soon leads tbeec who ean ill 
sfiu: I Bseltee expeinlUaretoseek to rival those who 
sre t-ardeoed with inrome, and thus what is only a 
fit s^’i-ject forridirulr in the wliealtyfew b< comes a 
s lUK-e of nositive injury and depre.ssiiiii to the gnat 
in '.-s ul'aooittty. Another timely sakjeet, now that 
the cold is to.i bitter and 

SH.|ira>i»a «r Ka» ieatiea 

is * . i.Tprov*ment of theHhio, by which we could 
lit U::st render that stream available, daring the 

Erinnysof fashion knows no sneh limits, and I away from home. The house was burnt to the 

ground laU‘ Thursday night, and the next morn- 
ing an investigation led to the horrible belief tha*. 





R. J. ORM8BY, 





J. C. HULL. 


Now, wc would suggest to these gentlemen 

been occupied by the bed. 

Mr. Wni. Joyce reluraoil to his home to find 
it a mass of smouldering ruins, and with the as- 

kighest calculations. He has also traversed a 
large extent of country and selected town sites 

pen hardly bear the full impress of his bold and rtie biU and through the valley, as ia the 

vigoious mind they will be much road Their thorn wood field; retnrning at night with jaded 
discursiveness will be liked for ths interest of horses, covered with foam and perspiration, aad 
the digression; their eg tiem pardoned for its men and dogs in like condition, 
harmlessnpss, and its thoroughness, tkeir occa- But there is one very interesting item that I 

the greatness of bis wrongs.” that bt the une-end-or-the-hooiie fire-pl^s, each of 

The greater portion of the report is occupied which is large enough to swallow a pretty good 
vitk 9 „rik. 1 r . :■ I smed load of wood at a feed, sneh loads as yonr 

re lew of the question of an international good denizens are wont to use. And, .dm, theae koge 
opy rig .t. Dr . Breckinridge lakes strong and fires, composed of half seasoned beach, oak or 

daeided poeition against the policy and jnstice wlf 

. . i - . . of the good things of life. Why.sirs. it ia a hixary 

01 any sneh regnlatiori. In his opinion science to enjoy one of these old fmhiooed fires, sjch m letters should he unfettered, and every ad- Brand ma’s were used to *‘in days of aald laag 

vantage afforded for the free, unrestricted ciren- S’o't o^llf tho^“hto !Sd*w!j^lfa 

lation of the all emanatives of .'he human mind, smiles, but also of suuiething more substsntial hi 
The argument is well put, and the position ^ke shape of large, juicy apples, hlekory nuts, wal- 
i . nuta,etc. Now,ia it nut pleaaont to be near sue li 

»ngr,” or **witli having introduced politics in/o I that cannot fail to pay five times cent per cent. 1 ^i**'!J***^ * forcible and eloquent manner, a fire and listen to .stories of tte oMcn time, of 

sistence of the neighbors, ins’lituted a ‘vigorous ,hehoonir Mr M . is a I ttle too smart to ‘ke localities and we cheerfully | 

,i:,l .ndorse hi« Hi I ‘'terature Will be affected; but it will notdo’o k.ire.l sire. wh„ 

investigation of the preinisos. and the cause of I show liis tracks so plainly. We did charge, I endorse his anticipations. His experience as an 

. reliability acid aocaraay, maintaia the po«i- \ nuny months in whiefc h ia net subiect to lieing I Suspcion at once fasfoned upon 

however, that 

engineer, his thorough knowledge of the rcquirc- 

tioB X has long oaeupied 

As a Hcwsraoaa iho Courser has no rival' We 
wit! coatinae to proenre and publisb nevrsfrom all 
qaorters by tclagraph aad otbara iae, in udoomse of 
sis eom^etioh . Onr readers shall be fitlly posted in 
atl|that is transpiring in the bosy world around 

PoUttoafly, the Cow rtcr will oontinne to oppoee 
Know NotLingism, earnestly, aa long as that dan- 
gcrou, pmacriptive, and Anti-RepubBcaii orgaui- 
BatloD continues in existenco. 

No', thr least of the attractions of the Courier 
for ifi87, win be the pnblitation in its oolnmas of 
Written cxpresaly for ns by that taleated authoreaa, 
Mrs. Maar E ('■iLas, of Fayette county, Ken- 

fr. 7a u. If wo have saffered, not only inconvenieo- 
c - 1 .1 trade, list great lotoes, in the past, what may 

several of the neoroca in the vicinity, and on “ Mallory wa.s, if we were inforined correctly. Me menls of poeition, the facilities of connection 
several Ol ui« iicgroia iii iiir ti>.iiiiij, first nerson to introduee political feeling in the ... ....... , 

searckingthe premisesofMr. Pendleton, a watch, action of the directory . He permitted bis partizan wnu important trades, his tamiliarity with the 

we u A auflcipate for the future, nnlms a remedy be coat, pant., and other things, the Property of feelings to to ^ 

:-d. The National Government should render \Vm. Joyce, were found aeereted under the house, 
-lance, in a matter in which ao large a portion Bill, a slave of Mr. Pendleton, was then arres- 
•• jieople are concerned The travel between jpj confesed that he and three others raur 

wishes of the board, and to defend his conduct he lionoftitbs i 
felt called upon to denounce the Courier in the ’ 

most nnwurranted manner.” fidence and re 

-\nd this charge we are prepared to prove clear hia est;mates 

lion ot titbs, all ass"re us with the utmost con- 
fidence and reliance upon and in the sstety of 

jr t'laiandtheM’ertamountstohnndredsofthon- j plundered and then fired the I ly and unmistakably. So far as the Courier is 

1 , ' of individuals per osnam, whilo the merchan- , 

J 1. . . -1. . w liouss. At 

d sr that paaaes oetween the two sections, may be 

e : .at*d in value at many millions of dollars. — ment pre\ai 
rii -' in'erroume is only in its intaney, and this trade enfirced at 
i.iay 'be regarda<l as only having rommenesd. — action o 

J wfn’y or thirty years hence, and the inersnse will negroes imp 
1>c iM-yond all present calculation. Iti«, therefore, to make the 
f ir these consideraliona and with this prospect, that bloody deed 
)!K > -ares sliould be taken at onoe, for tbe improve- of Hiram 

Mr. Stealay pioposes the organization ofa com- 
pany with suitable capital, here or elsewhere, to 

tacky, author of **Os-wyn Dudly or tke Bandit of the Ohio It is well observed in the pre- 

luly,” “Lonise Elton," Ac. It is entitled 

And is a romoaoc of tdlrriag and Ihriiliag interest. 

-in; le recently adopted by the PiUsburg Board of 
trs'ie, “that tha object of securing tbe moat perma- 
nent and useful navigation of this river that may be 

We main incidents are fonndi d on the ntronioo< I romd practicable, is of g~catcr national importance. 

murder nf Bibb, at Lexington, in 1812, aad we fee 
nssared that all onr renders will ooDcai- in the opin- 
ion that Mrs. Cnii.cs has surpassno hereclf in this 
nffdrt Tho Noteufte will be oommeneed early in 
J-sunary,nnd will run tLrongfa ten or twelve of onr 
weekly iasa«s. As only 5,000 extra copies will be 
printed, subneribers who wi-h to procure tke ro- 

,iny othi-r similar w.ork, to which the Oovern- 
' bos yi t given its aid.” The members of Con- 

gn-ss from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia. Kentucky, etiong against them. An examination of the 
. I'xnn, Illinois, Tennessee, and all the neighboring negroes was about to be instituted by local mag- 
- lutes, cannot act in this matter too promptly or iatrales, but the feelings of the community were 
•illiberally. The wander indeed is, that a mans so highly excited tba* it was deferred, and we 
ui- iuvr.lving such vnst iatercstaj and in which ao foarneil that a strong force was bringing them 

house. At this revelation the greates*. excite- concerned, Mr. Mallory did, as one of the Coin- P^ny with suitable capital, here or elsewhere, to 
inent prevailed, and lynch, law was about to be mittce of the Board on printing, depart from the carry out his plans. He is nt visionary, hut a 
enfirced at once, but calmer judgment overruled custom which prevailed with all his predecessors practical man, cxper.enced and observant. We 
the action of the more hasty, and the three other on Committee, and permitted his miserable know no enterprise which promises lo be more 
negroes implicated were caught and tied to stakes political pn judires to control “the action of the proiluctive than that represented by him to us — 
to make thcmconfesa their paiticipation in the directory” in the publication of the List of Pre It will not require a capital of more than from 
bloody deed They were Jack and George, slaves miums. Although we had been repeatedly and *50,000 to .3100,600, and the profits cannot fail 
of Hiram and Lewis Samuels, aad a boy of heartily thanked by officers of the .Association to 'oe enormous. 

Samuel Brown's, a resident of Jefferson county, for the liberality we had exhibited in all of cur This is not a mere speculation. It is a reality, 
.and the nearest neighbor of the Joyce family. — transactions with the Association — aside from The facts adduced and explained by .Mr Stealey 
The otrers are residents of Bullitt county The our long continued and cheerfully rendered effortH l»ave no room for doubt. We know him to be a 
slave of Mr. Brown w.xs arrested late in the to build up ami strengthen the Society— yet Mr. closer observer, a man of unquestionable integri- 
evening. They all deny the murder, though siis- Mallory and his colleague never even called ujion ty, a gentleman in every sense, and entitled to 
picion. aside from the confession of Bill, is very us last season to ask our teims for printing, al- the fullest confidence. He left for Frankfort yes- 
stiong against them. An examination of the though every man, woman, and child in the city lerday to join his family, but will be again in the 
negroes was about to be instituted by local mag- knew that Ihc, on account 'of its far city during next week. 

istrales, but the feelings of the community were greater circulation, had claims on the Association Should he not awaken sufficient interest here 

Samuel Brown's, a resident of Jefferson county, 
.and the nearest neighbor of the Joyce family. — 

picion. aside from the confession of Bill, is very 

1 ne rrotessor may be correct so far as medical gnosis, nuDgoblius and spirits mre, or revolutiono- 

bo. .. -ill KiSsr-b^s.- 

extend his views to general literature. There he And wben one is alone, wilt not ^ thoogbts as 
will find himself not only in a minority of the •ume the shape of happy images and loving forms 
II - 1 .L - . that were oo -e of earth, all beantifol »ntle as 

intellectual men of this and otaer oountnes, but soininer’s okieo, and will feel a singaiar anxiety to 
in a position alike untenable and unoomfortaUe. vieitthefarofl’^denUuid.wberetbesesilver winged 

We have In this brochure, anol er and most ^5en 

, , , tUua wrapt up in thought so sweet, we are not dis- 

salistictory evidence of the maintsnanoe by our turbed by the storm cloud without, which sinks lo- 

medical men of the front rank in the profession *ardatheearthasii b«toB misehief;»orby thekem 
in America Louisville has already contributed Shrillfnl 

lart^ely to the ftorpsof srience, and the develope- for tbe cheerfbl blase of « bi^ fire, tli^ has 
ment of the mental wealth of the profession of t® P»y » short visit to the Eoetera Uenii- 

medicine. We are glad to see that the younger Jhe Good Book says that “a horse ia a vain thiog 
members, are detennined to ont vie if possible the fors^ety;" which I have proved to my satki ac^ 
well earned reputation of their seniors. It is Lg 

scarcely necessary to say in conclusion^that not town of Stevensport, at the mouth of rnnkinir 
the least merit, nor least attractive feature of this ^ feeling somewhat wearied with the long 

, , • ,v - . I bad come, I was off my Board and let loose 

ible report is the gracsfiilness. ease and correct- reins to my horse. Thus (mying no atUntion lo 
less of style that always characterises the tol- »be animal, bat was viewing the town from my 

entod author. elevation, when -uudenly a "big bog” jumps si> 

less of style that always characterises the tol- »be animal, bat was viewing the town from my 
entod author. elevation, when -uudenly a "big bog” jumps sp 

from a fence corner, and Mys, “boo* boo”^iDa 

>®-A man leaped, says the Boston Courier, tfrotoffo® manner. This was more than safficiei.i 
e ^ . fof “Charley,” and springing sidewise be wheelnJ 

from an express tram on the New York Central before I could gra p the bridle and nk^Uacks 

Kailroad, a few dajs since, as it was passirgthc rapidly up hill. In this quirk maiceuvre Host ■> 
of .,K-,d. Ho 

was burleil along, he 'Is over head, a distance of sition, yet it was in vain and soon I fell to tbe 
fifty-four feet upon the ground before recover- Pt«»“le<rih»hy both my feet fiew ont of Ihe 

.it .• stirrups, and my body waa free of those dangtrors 

mg possessicn of his natural locomotive powers. I h»d presence of mind aad hod m idea 

so highlv excited tba* it was deferred, and we I operand above every other paper in Louisville. — among our capitalists to carry out his plans, it I His face was scratched in doing the feat. He I t^tl might check him, ami therefore 1 held fast to 
* . . . I T,. ...... ... ,1.- • • . I .1-1:1...... I- II.. .1 -r Ithebndle. He dragged me about twentv oiena m 

frwm tke csmTueneemsnt, ohouM. in order to I ^ portion ot the piople of the United States 

•void difoppolntmi'iit, send in their name* and 
money ol oner. We cannot peomise to sujiply 
fewifc numbsn vrith the beginning of tke story after 
Jmnnary 18tk. 


1 Copy ot the W.-etly C^mrier one year G2 Ot 

f2 C jpiea “ *' *■ “ 3 00 

4 •• 5 OU 

10 * *• ** 10 00 

82 * •* ** •* “ ao 00 

1 Copy of tke Doily C/onrier one year 6 Ot 

5 Copies ** ** ** ** ... 25 00 

1 (fopy of tke Tri-Weekly Courier one year 4 00 

ai( concerned direi'tly or indirrctly, has been de- 
liT-dsok>Dg. TTie National liOgielatars has rs- 
'-i'-. ly assisieil various rai'rrads by large donations 
o' I 'jblic lands, the object being to facilitate the 
|i <r/(is<Rf of travel and transportation. A rimilar 
nu-'iv should inflnence them in relation to the im- 
•> . rmrnt of ti e Ohio river. We cannot conesive 

leameil that a strong force was bringing them They went to their party organ, and then em- >* the intention of Mr. Stealey to proceed to 
here to be lodged in the jail. ployed i< to contract for printing with .mother New York, where capital ean always be found. 

From the confessions of the slave of Mr. Pen- city paper, but all the while carefully avoided us. where investments are certain to realize profit- 
dleton, it appears that the negrwes hearing that We do not care to bring forward our own private able returns. The accumulation of wealth by 
Wm. Joyce was absent from home, had deter- matters, and will not allude lothis further unless the speculations he proposes is as sure as that 
mined to rob the;house, under the belief that he had comp*'l!ed in self-defence to exposetlie whole..rat- theoperalion will be nude. We wish bimheilth 
a large sum of money. They went lo the house I" thoroughly. .“^ufRce it to say that in our case and happiness, and the fruition of all hia hopes 
about midnight. broke ojien the door, and en- Mr. Mallory did mist palpably “introduce politi- ~ , 

countered Richard Jovee, the brother of William, c«l feeling in the action of t le d.rectory,” so far * Hocse.— \\ e understand that there is 

about midnight, broke ojien the door, and en- 

de berately wa ked to a stream of water near He dragged me abiwt twenty steps in 

this way, and ascertaining that he would not slack 
by. waa.ied hia face, and went about hu bust- hia pace. I loosed him, and away he ued leaving 
ness. «>• In the rood with my saddlebags, t^mng to 

my feet and followed, but the swift Iboted tbing 

Diunxcnxess in New Yoax. — We judge by soon distanced me. Fortunately a friend usd 

solitary *8)001100 to this movement. Let any I couiitero<l Richard Joyce, the brother of 'U'illiam 

Neal Hocse. — We understand that there is 

the folio ving statistics that the great city of New 
York must be generally in a tipsy condition. — 
It has been ascertained by investigation that 
there are in that place 15,0 0 dram shops and 

some of bis **boys,” (blocks, of eoar9>.) who were 
working near the rood, saw him and mode him 
cease bis wayward feet. I was not hurt, sad mount - 
in^im again disuppeared. 

11)0 folks down in these ports ore Hke Kentuck- 
ians every where, kind and sociable, aad tte “eel- 

400 000 drunkards, at the very least calculation, I ored population,” which Is namerou.4, is wall cared 

take up a mop. and look at the course of th« He was brained with a club in the presence of a* could do so as a iiiemb-'r of an important 0 be a •hange in the proprielership of this jnto,icating li’ Inftirlaud 

.audhewllla’OBceperecivewUtavasMract bis mother and sister. The aged mother seized committee of that directory; and subsequently Mr. M. M. Neal, the quors every day, being equal to 800,000, or 806 and ^n/o«r t^ unfo^^ 

of country it panrtrstet, and bow many Ststos, 

6 Copies *' ** ** “ . .30 00 towns and cities are immsdiatsly conesmed. All 

To avaQ of these terms, full clubs must be sent 1 lo -e should cooperate and act together. The ar« 
donetims. Additions con be made tecluba often tioa of Itie Board of Trade of Pittsburg should bo 

OT twelve at f1 00 foreorh sulweriber. re :>ouded to b 

Ko foper ewer *eiM un'rss the money le poid Philadelphia, N 
* 1* sdwsner. «wd Me paper alueays diseontinusd l/>’ii-ville. Cine 
Ot the expiration nj the lime paid for. foh force of pnl 

Our friends will oblige os by aidtng us In extend era* ion in aid ol 
ing and increasing our list of subscriber*. rnnimcrcial and 

Specimen copies seat when dmired btvc a deep htal 

LIBERAL PREMIUMS. . trive os we 

T# every person m-nding us a club of 5 sub- onr city, tbe fa< 
ocnbwrt, ws will send a copy of. tke ceiebratod m-y tl.> Hottest 
rnoi of Mot. Ward jrr the tnurier oj W. H. O. i-osilive and sti 
Mtr rfer, a book of 170 paget, ouauining the evi- i r.iMclies of tra 
dawse in ioil and tbe spreohos of the eonusel. in 

To every peroun sendiag aclub of 10 subscribers. Krick Makinc 
wt vrill send two rupio* of tbe M'ord Trial. '"'ch i-. -h mu 

And ts every porson s.iudlUK a slab of 22 tub *' ' b*? 
seribera, bcoplM of tbe M ord Trial will be tsnt. '*’* H *PP' 

Bemittances at our risk. k vo enabled t< 

All leUor* to b* oddrewted to tured dnriiig li 

W. X. HALDEMAX, millioB* brick, 
Oowrier Steam Printing Houoe, Nos. 81 and 58, s' :i"on, tbe mal 
Tkfrd strort, Mor Main, Louisville, Ky. ^ neyear previe 

In order to suit oil tke molki, two editiona of tbe there was 1 
M’sxa ,-T UovtiBS are printed — om cn Wednesday understand. 

re :>ouded to by the idmilar liodiea of Baltimore, 
Philadelphia, New York, New Orleans, Rt. l>onis, 
l/>'ii-vilie, Cincinnati and Wheeling, and tbua the 
fol! force of public opinion ahonid be called into op- 

.ipair of tongs to rush to the defence of her son, 
but on the instant was attacked by the negroes, 
one of whom knocked her senseless with a club. 
The daughter, Mrs. Welch, attempted to escape 
out of a window, but was caught by the feet, 
dragged back, and then beaten to death. The 
infuriated ruffians then sacked the house, took 

in alludingto the matter he referred toihe Courie landlord, w,;o has conducted it since the 

in a mariner so cross that it would have been and who has established himself as a 

disgraceful lo the meanest black-guard that in- ?‘‘ntlcman and caterer in the estimation of all 
habits the *‘Five I’oints.” 'isitedthe house, has told an intere.-t 

There are gentlemen in the Board of Directors '1 arlvton, an old citizen of Oldham 

clover landlord, wlio has conducted it since the barrel, per day; SOO.OOO barrel, in a year. This 
beginning, and who ha. e.tabli.hed himself as a 

gentleman and caterer in the estimation of all ^j^j^ty feet wide, and 52 deep, mjuil to 6,744,000 
who have visited the hou«-, has sold an intere.-t ^„bic feet, and could float four large ships in full 

of Hum.had wttDcssed'aseene that t<wk place recant . 
ly in the porlon 01' one of ourwaolthy citiMns, they 

quantity would make a reservoir OOO feet long. 

eighty feet wide, and 52 deep, squil to 6,744,000 those salt-like tears. The incident ia aa foQowx — 

for whom we entertain the highest regard — men u®**uty, will hereafter be a.*sociate<l in thi man- 
who are correct, conscientious and enfeavor ®fthe Neal House. He is a gentleman 

era* ion in aid of an enterprise, in wbick the entire the little girl of Mrs. Welch, threw it upon the 
rnninirreial and bubin«wt eonimuDitv may be said to bed, set fi'e to it and fled, the child boing act- 

bavc a deep stake. 

. trive as we may to bolster up tbs fortunes of 
,inr city, tbe facts as evidenced to us day by dsy, 
U:<-T tl.i not testify to actual decadence, manifest a 

ually burnt alive. The house ■ nd contents were hension, and without a full knowledge ol the fiicts 
destroyed, and the murderers thought their hor- before them. There arc others in the Board, 
rible crime would not be revealed, but the d is- and a majority, too, who are full-bloo<Ied, bitter, 
covsry of a portion of the property, and the rabid Know-Nothings, and it was only 

foithfully to discharge their duty. We know ‘he old scIkh)!, and will give additional pi.pu- le, and 42,000 convictions At the Court of llld^fn a 

they signed the card we copy under a inisappre- ®* this already popular house. Lvrry body Special .Sessions during the last year 6,U00cases niaiiDer,**Mr. B. let me iutns’oce yon 

hension. and without a full knowledge ol the focU “f were tried, of which there were 4,200 convictions. ^ 

,n. .v O.. UOIVCSM., .0 ucc-euce. a ^ property, and the rabid Know-Nothings, and it was only 

i.-osiiive Slid startling decline in many important . / , . . u u i. t. r w n . • -l ..i, - , r 

‘.r.iLches of trade and manafacturea. Fsrlnstance ‘heir number ha. brought ry for Mr. Malfory to raise the “hailing signal of 

Second and Jeflerson streets. 

Tub Ice Ceop. — T he beautiful iee from four 
to six inches Ihisk has been formed on pond.s 
and ereeks in this vicinity, and people in the 

cubic feet, and cauld float four large ships in full beiore t^ door of Mr. D ood roax 

..I I. 1-. . ••Kuio.ufk the bell. A colored Mrvont appeared and inviteil 

sad. .At 830 per barrel It amoun s to *3,000,000. me into the sittlag room, where was ay oang , 
Sixty thsusaad children never enter the school, and we were strangers to each o4ber. Thsaervan’ 

During the law year 60,000 arrest, have been 

, * , . . . embarrassment between the yoong lady and myself, 

rua le, and 42,000 cuiiviction^. Al the Court ol site moilestlj drew neer ami naid in a very graceful 
Special .Sessions during the last year 6,U00cases manner, "Mr. B. let me iutns’oce you to Mis* Si— . " 

J f L L.. . Asamatterofeoupseunpleasantlboushtsdepart- 

we re trisd, of which there were 4,200 convictions sociable onu fre- 

Not mure than 94 of tke subjects of these trials qnently indulged In Isugbler (after tbe servant bod 

were sober when arrested. Not more than 194 •hout the «<W Intrsluetion. 

. thscom crons of Daviess ore suite good amt 

who were habitually sober persons Paup r* porkers are quite numeiwus in cooMquence The 

cost the city *2,(K)0,000 a year. 

the awlul crime to light, and terrible will be the distress” for them to fly promptly to his aid.- generally filled *eir ise-houses »-The Fadure of Pierce Butier.of Philodel 

punishment. Tlie people arc aroOsed, and ver- Some of then have shown with what alacrity with heautilul and clear ice. In the city but phia, is likely to prove worse ihmt wo. anticipa- 

farmers in this precinct began this mornioc to kill 
these fat, saucy fellows, which ore a proviso against 
harl times. Yours truly, J. E. B. 

.ich I-. -H must be acknowledged, a very frir test I geauce dire will be visited on lb" heads of the I they resjiondeil to the call 

little has been house l yet, because of all the 

lie I>rogre*s in building and similar improve- I j„i,^uided wretches. The strong ami of the law I One of the Directors, we understand, signed carts beiin» occunied in haulino the coal 

if c It finni-fATM hv t.h# bMt ut.:4tict irji I « i i i i .. *ak. - i. _ i t _ i i I *.i_ . i! a* . . » . ■ • ■ ® • **» ^ 

•u Its. It appi-ars by the best statistics we have 
b v-n enabled to gather, that there were mannfac- 
tarfvl during lost vear in this city, only eighteen 
millions brick, and that now, at the close of tbe 
S' u<on, tbe makers have on hand a large mriilns. — 
1 neyear previous they made Jortyfour million, 
aad there was demand for them all. Next year, as 
we understand, it is contemplated to make only 

should deal with the guilty, and it is to be hoped I the card with a qualification and iioti', wliicli 

that it will prevail 

Wiu Joyce is wed known in this city as a 

was suppressed — or, lo say the least, nut 
published. That gentleman stated emphatically 

-Am Important Momement. — The meeting of 
citizens to answer the proposition, relative to the 

thrifty husbandman, who regularly sent the pro- | that politics irrrc introduced in the board, that I assembling of tha Agricultural Association I and were not negotiable at that The lar e real 

I l-.^O ^4' k.:., 4.1 *1.;.- su\*ur « nwiA I A J C.. 1 ^ I 1 I ^11 _** J_1 _ __ I ® 

••d the other on Saturday. Sabaeribert con order million, for the nse of masons in repair- 

OQf tlMt will suit th— J i**(T uBd pDtehiofi up old wdIIii, chiUDcjw, Ac- 

go JOB PRINTING look ri^ht for our progre»’ But thiflid 

Having M« of the moot rxtosaiTc Joh Offices in * j w j , 

a'ld thousands and millions of stockings will dangle 
thv Watt, aappbed with new Ij-pm -d Steam ,„d mantle shelfs, 

Fre^. we^ prepared f execOT* all kmd. of So we m.v as well fove 

Motik and Joh work with neotney ond dispatch, tbecustom H sppean, that St. Xich- 

at the very (^t St puses for cook s was venerated a. the prott'Ctor of virgios.- 

ConnOryNowspejOT. eopying the material per- Vnimron. ranta.stical cuttoms were observed in 
tion of th* above pro^iectu. will be entiGod to the „ France ia reference to 

Doiitr Courier one h s jiecnliar tuUJary patronage. Ia several con- 

il 1^ V nts it was customary, on the eve of St Nicholas. 

. V . ..i_ , - r. I f' I the virgin* of the convent to place each a •■ilk 

A naap of Nicaragua show* that that Roimb- ^ , ... ' , , , 

. ,, .. .. s! K'king at tbe door of the apartment of th< al*- 

u in the eztertl of ,u temtory qui e formid- , enclosed, recommencing 

able, amminung tn all to oomotbing like 60,000 ^.^jves to “tke great St. Xichola.s of h( r ch,ini- 

•quorc miloa, is 250 mile* in length, by ob^iut And the next day they were called together 

150 inbr. odth in the widwt part, and thia in- the Saint’s attention, who never failed 

cindo* both l.,akoc, bxt not any portion of tb* jq fill tb« stockings with sweetmeats and other 
Ntooquito Territory. The Iwel of Lake Xieora- f Kits of that kind, of which these credulous virgins 
gna above the Pacific (Jcoon is 128 feet, and that ncide a great feast. BarnoLy Googe mentions in 
•I Lake Managua above the Pocifio is 166 feet — r'.ivme similar practices on tke vigil of this festival. 
Txe population is «tt:matod at 268,000, and thus Samt NieaoUamoBev a*«d to (W* ts mariJcaa focretl.c. 
divided WSa.that be mar sull ant ku wonted libeialitw. 

The tU *htir ckil4r«n 00 ere <t> •• eauee U> 

Whites 1M.008 : IndioH 84,000 ,ai«. 

W egress ...19JW0 j Jlixod .. 135J100 .•.B'lwheaiWrsverrixioatnichtiBitnseteofilocpear*' 

The priacipol place* arc that Inhabited' cast. 

duct of his farm to this city for a market, and it wa-s a notorious fact, and his impression was the United States, was well attended. The re- 
had amesaed about one thousand dollars in cash, that Mr. .Mallory was the veiy first one to do it, port will be found elsewhere. We are glad to 
Hi* mother and Mr*. Welch, her daughter, were but that as he attended but few meetings .and hi.t say that there is every prospect of the next grand 
much esU'cmed by all who knew them, and leave political ^sentiments were well known, polities National Fair being held attbis city. TheCox- 
many sorrowing trionds to mourn their untimely were, of course, never broached in his presence, inittee should be encouraged in its labor* by the 

Bjt we have an abundance of testimony to generous support ofour friends. 

' he foregoing was prepartnl for the Courier jt,kk 1 much more than we have yet charged. ^ 

yesterday, but ow ing to the accident lo our gas We c.m prove that politics were intro luced on '' ■‘thbb.— T he thermometer Mjnnay 

it was not set up Grounds by Mr. Mallory-lhat he de- ® 

Since wnting the above, we learn that the pen- as a paragraph in our paper had it yestaruay.- 

ple of theneighlHirhood assembled and avowed „„j„the Association, and that so lar as he Yesterday morning some thermometer, in the 

• determination to hang the murderers on the , , , . , , , , . , , , 

, . , , , could make It so he obeyed Ins oaths and ’‘placed 

spot. They were then in custody of a party of K \ ' a " 

..... ........ from the Warsaw, Wymumg 

ted. h appear, he failed about .1 year ago and County, New Yorker, that Mr N. N. Olin. .f 
settled by giving his notes at twelve mon.hs. — . . . ... 

. • . c , . county, ha* bccu detected in lorg- 

Tkese note* are unpaid. For a few months past 

I , a-j -v- I '"ii ® great amount, ami hi* biuine** 

Ins notes have been offered in New York and 7 , c . 1 . , • 

,, eidabrishmenta have been elooed by hu creditor*. 

Philadelp .la at two and four percent per month »,.• . if . 

, . . 1.1 .... n,L r . This cao# 1* one of the moot starthng character; 

and Were nut negotiable at that. 1 he large real l , 

run,- ... .the accused having always had a reputation for 

csltleol Mr. Butler IS more nominal than real, ... . . ... 

, , , . . strict probity in his business reiatioa*, which the heavy incumbranees on it by way of have been quite exien.ive. It i. etti»ited thtt 

his intlf-hli-tnaatt to 201) nSIA 

Krafiacfcy Mafie Afrlraitaral 9«. 

ToCoi-vtt AasMVLTVBaL Smibtix* 

-Ii* »®*‘'.H «rfM»o Kentneky .8Uto Agw- 

Frankfort, em 

tne Id Wednesday la January next; at whisk tiaw 
a new *!*stion ef vffkers wib he held, sad it i* ds- 

Wors ttM time Cowmy Societisn sro risimiifi 
toswl to me. without delay, aahort kktovy et 
orgunaotM*. aad reperu of tWir Fairs fsv 
this year, so that they may be embraesd in tke m- 
port of tke State Seeietv »i4om- 

The Agricaltaral Boom in tbe Exeeilrre effke m 
Frankfort, w being fitted so Ikr tb* r*Mntio* a* 
bwoniett. geolmriett, ^TmiSnao^Il 

sneh CMtribntM^ 

soeh eontribatiomi wi^to'pr^aeriy'iiillld — i 
J^led to the mlividaal 

^1 the menhem who have not aaid, and aO elkm 
mtmVM, ore rtant*r 

w 0 S“iJ''''rf'pS* “ 

mi^be sent ts Them -aonnni Hepert 

Tk# first Fair ef Ik, Seeiety hee been held and 
mcomuM i eeei^ivomm\ trt 

^ P*rt»cn'»r. It m*j W la xh^ 
^ond Dittrxt, betwe«n tkn Kentneky and Otven 

wnTtt tM Third, which iMnsoOTb- 

wm sr Gmn and Big Barren Rivera Tkoee In- 
8ncietiee w ich wtak tks next 
^te Pair to bs held with them arervqnsstodto 
make up their eont ributione sad propnettieua ta 

^ .f®**^* ^’K‘*w' sad more Intttngbsw* fits. 

A n‘” • “•“* ®f scattering many Ibenmmd 

^llsrv in t^ ^ieulsr lecotioBs ia wbfeh it may 
be be.d, and all are rewnested to eoatrikuta to cm 
larxeafnad. the whX ef wkich^Tw Ata^ 
to^m, besides t: e anuool appropriatioa from tbe 

As the feir will ke located by tbe loteef tke 
■BOTtuig la Mwry. it will be importoat that aU 

the seetioae of the .^Uto should bo represented by 

AS large a aumocr ef voting msmbiTS ** nu wibls 
w. ^ 3COTT. Cot ••*€ 

tr.Mr Maguir*. proprietor of the Cork Ex- 
amiaer, and a SMmber of the British House of 
CoBUDons. thus writes frem R«n* coneemia^ 
the personal habits of Pope Pius I.X. 

He rises before • o'eloek. snJ eelebrate* mass 

with this set ef daily devotion, he olwaTS beam 
saotber ’~ass. He tbra gives oadieoce to bis 3eo- 
rstory .>f .•uote. oa matters ol public importance, 
and leyt to hm msjar dumo, oa the afikirs ef hM 
boi^J. He then'^ rm^ives’ 
dressed to hi^. which, as f skaJI kavermsaato 
show, ore of the meet varied character. Thma kn 
rarofully reads aad places ia the hands af hfe ar^ 
vwe seerviary, for further iaformatioB arte bask 
®?®.® •■«««•* might he. At 10 

o ciock. hia aediences, properly so called eammeaea 

ud gewrally Inal till 2, wbeo be dioie, wTfore 
being of the umplett kind. At 3 o'clock he frw- 
qOToGy drives oat. his e xcarslsa bmtiaw sucemilv 

tills. At ' o clock th* audiences are reaamed aad 
uMAlly last li I 9 OT 10 St night He thea rsmM hia 
^ce ju*t a* wy .irdiaary priest, sad retires to a 
bed as simple sad plain ns heluaga to tbe '‘imkirsi 
student in ..ame. Besides special oodiaacca that 
My happen at any asdment. each Jay in set apujt 
^ ^ pwtKulor kind, and Ufo tran.sartiua 

wilh*^t^ iii^i ** eoaa*ete.J •hher 

With the taternal ftJaioMtrstM the PmwI 
^es. or appertaining to those ao l*m g^ 

j; harrtmsss toward ^ 

boys ^ “softaess” towards the girts, ef“loiM 
growth” at leatt.-has lately beea^ladergoklJS? 

®“ «*'W be«ore,2edlUri 

w It iu ehanrtli ihi^ 

had t^ea a dislike to owe of tke hoys sad had dto 

*"***vd hka from tehool for on aedae eo^w hm 

“kiiaiag the girls." 

The rejeiader is. that tbe act wwdooe after school 
^urs.ia the hall, aad that th# master “needeaT 
have made *o much fksa akuai it. 'eausa ha «et tha 
^ *> jisttlie OTM tbiagh selr”* 

This completely turned the tables. The Com- 
aiacioDeracoQsidered that if It was right to dfemfot 
boy for k ming the girls iathc boll. It wm eunal- 
ly propel to dlsana tbe master for “trying” to kiM 
the girb on tke ttoirs. tbe assertiM thatito dM §m 

Allimi^ArirT*^ eomptteat UsUmoay - 

«D"The Cincinnati Coouaemal reports the fki- 
Inwing singular cose ofof suieide: 

Oa^turday afternoon, while the Fifth mmot 
lerry bout was taking atrip to Keataeky, the kea^ 
ami pOTsengers obo^ pereeiv d a mao wiilk from 
the w.ieclbcnsc af tbe steamer Tweed, tbra lariae 
a little 0^. the ferry Uabing, and Miberatoely 
threw hi^ft^ tb* stern into the river. ^ 
(^ap^ of tbe ferry boot shouted to the *«— *r oa 
.T^***** ^ "*** witnessed tbe •-iiwetiTina. 

^ *"• 

•way for tbrm tw loww tho bool ia Umo A tkMT 
put off from tbe shore, fo t too lotd to he bs of oav 
sereice. for before it reaehed him *•# sn*a ^ 

Hejid aw*, belong to tke boat, ami hfo bate 
aboard was entirely anknown to tke offieeraOT 
ctod^ ««» on but wo* ethenrise ds- 

„ New HTBAJiBR Jons t.AVLr. — Ofeataia Jaseob 

“'IT* ‘*** ^ Jek^&mR. sC 

b knUdlng at J. 8. BadoTs rord, sad wiM be ready 
for laoach!i^ next week the beat b dntaed hr 

cslste of Mr. Butler is more nominai than real. 

his indebtedness amounts to *60,000. 

inittee should be encouraged in its laher* by the 

The M'cathbs.— The thermometer Mjnnav 

h.AVY Borsl AB iss. _ Between Saturday York. 

nigl t and Monday, two extensive hur- ^ 

glaries were committed on tailoring establish- the tenant abdicated at theetHl 

ments in ,^t. lamis. .Mr. George W. West’s, in r . . i ■ .i. ^ r 

a >'■" of one quarter, tendering the proportion of rent 

lestnnt street, was robbed of about *1.800 t . • « i.- l .a i n i ^ i. 

. penid. which the landlord refused to 

3rth of Bilk, satin, velvet and woolen ^ooJs, . i i j • i . .t i 

... accept, and appealed m due time to the law. — 

a Mr. Matthew Legg’s. on Olive street, of t*. i i . a .k. . .i. i. 

..... , , . The detendant proved that the bouse was so la- 

out *1,000 worth of similar goods. Both ef- . . , _ . j . 

V lestrd with rats, mice and everv vonety • t 

blishnients were entered by means ef false n - .l . . ■ k J . li ,i l 

^ smaller vermia, that it was uninhabitable, if Lab- 

italion implies somfott. The jury awarded lo 

A Smaxb Tames. — A man named Wirsen, a the landlord only thereat of the quarter during 

thefrien«ls of Mr. Joyce, who s’arted with them 

V nt* it WES customary, on the eve of St Nicholas, to this city. On the road they were met by a 
f' I the virgin* of the eonvent to place each a ‘ilk deputation of citizens of Jefferson county, who, 
si -ioking at the door of the apartment of th<- al>- togetlvr with several from this city, finally pur- 
i c*. with a piece of paper enclosed, recommeniJing 

t'.v mselves to “the great St. Nicholxs of her chani Yhis was finally acceded to 

" And the next day they were called 

t'i witiHM the bDinUfl tUeniioo, wba never failed * i. j . i -au ui j r i 

. .... , J al. noon. A hand axe dyed with blood wa« found 

to fiD tb« fidockiuga with sweetmeat and other , ^ 

t. Kit. of that kind, of which these credulous virgins I"’**®”'®" «f I*'® n^groei. 

m:ide a great feast. BarnaLy Googe mentions in -ubsequent revelation it appears 

r’..yme ximilar practices on the vigil of this festival . that the negroes contemplated saving the life of 
f*»*»o.«dto»iv*t«iB.T<J*.3 «cr«ti,*. the child, but fear of discovery .nduced them 
whs.thst b* mar mil n*» ku wonted libemiiti*, sacrifice the little innocent, and it was rutli- 

The^uer. .11 <h..r ch.ldr.n «. *h. ere d. .. cure U. 

...Bi wU .her .rerr o*. .t n.fht m ..nrei... .leepe .re H apjiears that one at least, of this party is 

a very desperate fellow, having attacked the 

none but .Americans on guard.” 

The Journal of yesterday has taken up the 
cudgel in behalf of Mr. Mallory, but it has heen 
in the habit of lying so persistentiy and contin- 
uously and recklessly on all political matters. 

morning was 6 degree* ifooer zero and not Ae/cirs Chestnut street, was robbed of about *1,800 
as a paragraph in our paper had it yr.teroay — worth of silk, satin, velvet and woolen ^s, 
Yesterdiy morning some thermometers in the m,. Matthew Legg’s. on Olive street, of 

city indicated 1 degree below zero, while instrii- about *1,000 worth of similar goods. Both ef- 
inents in the country marked from 3 to 7 or 8 tablishnients were entered by msans ef false 
degrees below. I,ast night wos very cold, but it keys, 
had apparently moilerated some. . 

“.Maxib. ’ Really, our fair friend must ez» Swede, who hisreeently been exhibiting a num- 
cuse us. Her letter in reply to “Gertrude” and her of rattlesnakes in various p irts of California, 

rif ii. *■? frmfoe, with?|msity 

far the »»^b of 300 Ioot. drawing fighOol 1* 
or 18 inches. Capt. Bunco is one of onr meat am 
hntostrioim yonng rttmens, and we 
wmh him every m e e e s e with hia boit. iike M 
nom^ for John Gaolt. late nf tke Irmef Oieeer. 
G»fot A Co., m the foundry hnaisam. n Rfo kimo 
worker in iron and on stesmkenta. onr indnotrtoen 
good eitlMo. ami tha engineer af the old Bnitnan, 
Ue fastest bool of her day, when she mndn tho 
trip from New Ortenas to tkio cRy in le« than five 

Cs.v FAOKBRHAn— ACsaioesFAev — WseepF 
tko following from the New Orleans Ptenynae et 
the llth inaC 

We were ystterdoy trsdibly iaiormed, by a gn» 
^moa who reaidca aenr tke spo4. that ia 9epii 
Iw loRi, tbe well kaewa peeaa tree, andst wkmk 
tbe remela* of Gen. Pskonbam -veve bviad. a fow 
B^fs below thin slty, waa broken ot, thirty foe* 
above grenad, ky a of wind, and a ennaoa 

which the tenant endured the nuiaonce. 

ILCOn the llth inst., at Portsmouth .Navy- 

fired irom ths British lines daring tke katiji, wna 
fonod embedded Jaat wberetka trunk broke eft 
Thae it wan tknt tbe brave Briton slept nadsr oaa 
of bis own mieocla aa bis mooament* 

Niaoaba.— A eorreapondeat of tke N J.Bee 
sM writing from Nlngara FolM toys of tka Mia 
flood St that pines: 

Tbe vohune of water Idriven over tko FolMef 
Niagara was trnly appalling, carrying wltk it 
drift wood, logs and timber* from tke detnsed 
wharves and skoree above. Tbe Sospe^ea BrMaa 
was eoasidered ia great danger. The t^ 
were, for a tiato, dnerted. sad many m 
eye tremblingly awaited tbe deetrwetioa af tkfo 
magnificent stractare. Bka tke wiadn blew ia | 
vain; the hurneane ia all Ra terrible Airy iwept by 
leaving the airy edUke oaoenthad, tad oddlM 
saotber hsaral to tko trinmpkaat geaino of too ar- 

Beports sre howly coming ie ef dasMgsn doae 
la oU directions, bat the moat resawbaMo soeal 
tbua for, is tbe evertbrvw ef ike old Figlida 
whioh thoesands of ywor readers will niTnllsst * 
stood on tbs highest p^t of the battle grinad. at 
Lundy's Laae. 

TixLAaoBor <9 btti so Ow uv Rv-man.-^Tha 
Nord, of Brasaeli, eoataiaa the foUowmg fires Rs 
Moacow eorreapondeat: 

Tko labor of Ie tving Rnsoia is one woetky ef Mar- 
cnlsa. In order to oktnia a psMpert at 9t. Petoia. 
bugb I have been eompaled to andergo tke foOwv- 

I . To ke annoaaced three tRneo ia toe paMto 

'2. To obtain a oertiaeato of the oxeewUoa of this 

3. To carry this eertifleato to toe y-" r*- 

trote of tbe quarter, who fnrniekcd mo wRk a em- 
ood oertlflcate. 

4. •T> be^ myeetf to theknreaa ef Friaeo Oal- 
gorook). where tbe certificate woe eachaaged foe a 

^ 8** to tke hmreau ttaddrees, where ea- 

otber certificate waa gtvea me. 

8. To inn to tke Governor Goneroi, wkofianfobaa 
me with a paseport. 

7. To exhibit thin peeepert to tho steam peeket 
office before taking a passage I was paitleolarlf 
fortun.te, for th* accomplis B ment of th* okov* foe- 
Mlitics took an ooly three day*, many etbera havw 
been detained three week.s 

TaAOK i.'v .8 imoiru Binae. — The New Toek 
Tribune ssokes the fbUowiag eatiaral* of ton 
trade in ringing bird* in that cRy dnring the 
post year: 

lO.UUO canarin (short breed >. from *4 to *4 

a pair •fiS.OW 

GOO conarice (loag heed). *8 a paw 2,400 

MU goldfinch^ from #1 «ach ‘jOg 

30 MackbirdB,(rom *5 to *13 eaeh.. SOg 

30 nightiugtfes, from *10 to *33 3gg 

.300 linnets, at *1 jgg 

100 skyinriui, at *3 .. « 3gg 

400fani-y pigeons (imported) avenqpag 

*l‘.j a pofr 4^ ipg 

12 gold aa<] silver pbeoHoato, *30 a pair lOO 

Making over 12.000 Mnr pisn birds impoeted ~ 
and sold her* toe abont *30,180 

.Addod to the above tkesn are soU .Afric^ 
South .Am'-ricon aad other kirda, aa follows 

^ •«'» ia.5** 

M wed^ er birtfo ef Pandfoo. *• s pair 00* 
100 mocking birds, *13 each 1380 

3M , 'sea sparrows, |i Meash Tm 

JOO white sad r>d fix . *M . 

30 grokcUo. *3 enckT^. . 20g | 

a» onnnnriele, *3 a poi-. . . lOO * 

30 fire b-rj;. *3 sack Ijg * 

American birto, worth *7.380 ’ 

W# bavv M enumerated in tke nbwy* taWos the 
^ hir^ bMHgwbRdR. Bin* RoM^ TeOow- 
Blockbinfo, Cat-birdn, Wood 
R'b’Bw, 'W Rfi>ttnn, Bruw« Tkran^r«M<l a nJli' 
tud* • 1 other w.hl birds of whirb ibeesands sew 
}caih boogbt aad <»,*. m Ibb city or wat to Mo- 
rope. It cuj he safely retiniaud that *60.080 n 
1*4e a fxp«iided ia New York for song Mixfo. 

Ma^ Milesfue tametimeo qaafided to "laag” ev 
“e*tort,” but in Ck n Rsr eonaty , P%.. they weigh 
them' The aael* ef Mr. JasM* of tbia cRy, Mr. 
Oidson M'lcs, of West rbester. bae eight ikilW 
livtag, wbos* weigkto art respeetlvely 19 ^. asg, |90. 
-819. 190, 330. 190, 200 sad JiH ponato— th* wbeia 
fomily, iaclcdiag to* fotber t*bo fo new aanriy 
eighty years sM i weighing 3.U3 pewafo. W* weald 
nggsai aa aheratioa fo tb* lebeei booto fo tkal 
aaigkbo-beod. sa that tba "tnbfos'* beiWIee leaA a 
"eight fnrfong suka erne mile, etoe Mtlea one tonM- 
Nor are these weighty folks dsicleat ia netlvRjT 
toe eldeat o-)d hsaviest. a maa et 338 — wan 
oa tko fUamrr Henry I'.oy when toe' wan bant, 
aad. net beiag fonkned to have “km fot in ton in,'* 
waa to* Sral In got aakore. 

that the habit has Iiccuiue runfirmed, and the ’Ruralina” is pungent and spicy, but it seems »nd who fancied he had acquired a power over i .w . • • d i. i - i. 

. ... ... , . 'tv* yard, the new steam frigate Roanoke, lying there 

public never expect lo see it treat any subject o us that some portions might and would be them whieh would prevent them from b-tinz ', j ir ut , 

.... . J 1111 , 6 ' nearly ready for sea, broke away from the whai f, 

fairly and truthfully. We have svoided saying construed as personal, and would wound without was severely bitten by one of them upon the 11 <li n ai 

...... , I-- 1 n. ^ ^ r— . Becured by eeveii powerful cables. She was 

anything on the subject of these unfortunate aecomplis. ing any good purpose. Our corres finger, at Sacramento. He immediately drank rapidly away by the wind and i* w s 

difficulti-s as long as we could honorably remain pendent use* a noble pen, and were it not for four bottles of brandy, and went to bed in a 4ate fr*red she would drift to tea, those •« board 
silent. We have |terinitted the Journal's misrep- this objection we would publish her letter, al- of stupifleation. He is still in a critical condi- 11 , 1 • ■ 

resentations to pass unnoticed and uncontradic- though she does, to use a vulgar sxpreision, tion, his whole arm being ternhly inflamed He hundred yards. • tl 

ted. And our readeas will bear us witness that handle our particular friend* Gertrude and Ru- think* he wdl, recover, and eay* he i* satisfied .Z*******-** ,* 

' ^ renn« 3 fnrDBiD M to carry rwaj d flag •tan, site 

the snake did not intend to bite him. and if he ^ ^ 

doee recover he shall continne his experiment* eighteen feet water under her stem. She 

and exhibitions. M'hilo confined R> his bed, „,*• 

we have pursued a conci iatory course, have en- ralina without gloves, and rayther unmercifully 
deavored to harmonise matters, and have refrain- ^ 

ed from “speaking out” until we saw it was the 

PopaUtisD. 1 



30.008 1 

New Puebla, 







13,000 1 











1,400 I 

la this ronneetion, and as possessing interest. 

r.oih*. arpie*. sau and pearct tbrr briar, **<l otter I keeper of a trading boat at the river some time | inten'ioii of the Know Nothing clique to rule or 

th ns< besidrt, 

'.^cani.BAjsbMi. aad prlleoatt, wh’cb senmlr ttry 


Vad ia ll,e B'.niiBK foiUMl.lhcr nr, that (bii St. Nirbo- 
la< brousht; 

1 battcBdr'r miDdr* to wonhip umtre aad wicked thiniii 

■T< h riirht. ' with a gun. 

Impobtant Decision. — Judge Hoffman in the 
l'«*atrucliV4* I Irt* in Xytompiftt. superior Court of New York, has had under 
We regret to learn that the beautiful brick consideration recently, a ease involving an agree- 
Di.tnsion ofour fellow citizen Sam 1 L. Nock. mei:l to sell five hundred barrels of mess perk, 
i Vaq., situated near Hobb ■ Depot, in Tywopit.' deliverable three month* after the contract, at a 
B'‘*d. twelve miles from the city on the loiuis- certain price to be paid on. delivery, where the 

last spring. He went to tbe boat, and under the ruin. AVe knew the w ish was general in the I y..,., i/umh.ucu,; nun 

pretence of buy ing some trifling article madeati commnnity that the S<iciety should be presennl nianuscript, with a large orchestral ac- 

atiaek upon the man, and knocked him down, - 1 , 1 r 1. 1 , . 1 comiianiment, which will be performed by Pla- 

, . ' . J f „ J e from destruction, aijil we felt it our duty to lay ^ 

hut was prevented from doing further mischief .... , , , ^ t® « unrivalled string band, 

by the wife of the man, who came to his relief l>eforp them the facts in order that those most 

0*0n Christmas morning at 10 o’clock, the expenmem. 

choir of St. Martin’s Church will sing one of ®*hihitions. While confined to hi. bed 
Biihler's celebrated masses (not published.) from *“■ * 7®""^ rattle. withbim all the time 

we enl^Mr the popu of Central Anrarica, j F|rr in Tyumpifri. 

vrfaUffi IS divided into five States, a. follow* \Ve regret' to learn that the beauUful brick 

_ , Miles. Population . oi-ngion of our fellow citizen Sam’l L. Nock. 

8ui Salvador. 9,700 396,000 * ’ Hobb s Depot, m Tywopit. 

Handaras, 39^500 357,800 B'-od, twelve miles from the city on the loiuis- 

SSTrIS;, ?3.2S! Frankfort Railroad, was totally de- 

itwiUthu. he «*ntJiat tke total square m’ne. fircalKmi4o’cfockyr.terdaymom- 

•f the five Sute. ..over 155.000, and the toul was the result of ac.ident, hav- 

popalatiot. eve- 2.000,000 The climate and m * fire place or chi m- 

OTenery arv otkI (o bs equal to th— of any por- ^ 

tion O* tkf world m-i'.n reHidence, and soon ebtained eiich head- 

wiy that all effort* to stay tit progress wore 

A New Wbimcle. — N' inaty-sii yojng ladies friiitiesa. A large quantity of the furni’ure 
wi Memphis Imve petitioned the Coaneil ef tha* I Bnd the clothing of the family was also de.s j 
city to cieoB out and pave a cerUtn street. It troyed. 

u needles* to say tliat tbe petition was giantod The eetir* leas will probably not fall short of 
atowce Now, here ie tke idea. Could notour ^,080 or *10,060 — of which only *2,000 was 

deeply interested might prepare in time to avert A “Small 
the impending danger. plication to I 

Almut a year ago, Mr. Mallury was anvion ; to fof ^ new bar 
be re-elected a Director of the Association. — QUO 000 \ 
.Many of his most intimate Iriends declined to 000 000 Tl 
support him for reasons well known to the pub- |jcan Bank ” 
lie, and which it is unnecessary for us to nien- 

A “Small Monster. ” — Notice is given of ap- 
plication to the next Pennsylvania I.«gislature 
for a new bank in Philadelphia, with a capital of 
*1,000,000, with power to increasi it to *10,. 
000,000. This bank is to be called the “Repub- 

M'inter Fashion rua Bonnet*. — Next lo 
the milliner’s stares the ladies will come lo the 
editors to get the fashions. We will give them 
what a Paris correspondent of the Philadelphia 
Gaxette says of the style of bonnets new worn 
in that city. The writer says that at the present 

can be got off. . 

BoirTbe Syroense Journof say* that Dr. Wal- 
ton, of Sjrrocuee, ha* just extracted a pin from 
the back of a Miae .M'Kay in that city. The 
pin was swallowed nir* yean rince, when aha 
was tbe age of five. Misa M said she hod ex- 
perienced considerable inconvenience from .t 
ever since It was token out below th* shoul- 

seller had no iwik in hi* possessim or under his ‘‘“n He felt he was in danger, and so i-ave the Decision in a » ill UASE.-ilie will of th. 
cot trol.?ndth# intention of the parties wssnot ‘-‘igns, grips and pass- words” to the editor of “ ® J 

ing. The fire was the result of aceident, hav- driver the article, hut to pay the difference the Jounial, who rushed to his rescue. It was 
mg originated in a .defect i\e fire place or chi m- hetwern the m.irket value at the period of the houeht necessary to play a deep and a de.spcrate 

*i, QUO, 000, with power to increasi it to #10,- '®®“*"‘> fi®"***“‘*’ Md inehe* to the righ. of th# spin*! 

000,000. This bank is to be called the “Repub- Prather*, are meet in a or, t — m eo ot er and one-fonrth of an inch below the 

_ I „ materials are of deeper shade* of color; but . , t-..i ■ ^ 

lican Bank. , . * , i cuticle, with a very little pain to the patient. 

— quite as small os those worn during the snmm< r. 

Decision IN A M'ill Case. — T he will of the Thev are invariably trimmed with feathers in- O’ The Norfolk New* say* Lola Montez earn# 
late .Anson G. Phelps, of New York, which in- stead of flowers which have been so much in re- passenger in tbe Tenneisee. They say that her 
volves about $2,000,000, ha- just been subject quest lately. Very pretty beaver bonnets are mind is impaired by Spiritualism. Sh* would 
to a judicial decision rendereil by Judge Clerfce,of lieing prepared for the colder weather; they are by the dying men and sny, "There, he ia goo.*. 

ney in a small frarn- building atUched to llie contract and of its rompietiun. Judg«> H. ye.s- g mic to s.ive iiiib. r irsi .an etiur,. was ina.le to 
m i.n re.'idencc, and eoon ebtained «ich head- t,.rJay derided that such an agreement in in the excite one jMirtion of the county against the 
wiy that all efforts to stay tit progress were nature ol a wager, and. then-fore, not mfotrm- -‘fo-’- b*i» tbiB wa« indianatitly rebuK"' 
friiitiees. A large quantity of the furni’ure bfr in a Court of Justice. Immediately a new tack was taken, and the Jour- 

g.inic to save him. First an effor„ was made lu '‘‘7 ‘fi® bequests to charitable uses I of an exqisite shide of drab trimmed with blue, I I •»'» the spirit leave him.” She was very kir.d. 

ble in a Court of Justice. Immediately a new tack wastaken, and the Jour- 

n^Mr Willie; in rielt.r to the Home Jo.r- nil in its issue of Jan’y 12th 1856, made the Ar,' 
nal.ulis the story of Bayard Taylor’s new home ‘® P®>“'« connection with the Asso 

"• •' cia'ion, and the tirel effort to inaroduce political ®" * poesioimy, anu 1. 100 ana in- trimmed 

Germany W’th a trerman gentle.iuin, who selection of its offieers. It then exeeution under judicial authority, the caps. 

and public institutions are decided valid, except violet, or crimson velvet on the sides, with the and brought two little orphan girl* from Ca li- 
the bequest of $100,000 to found a college , in ends brought across the curtain, which, as well fornia with her. She also found oa the fethmo* 

Liberia, conditional upon the ra- sing of another, as tbe bonnet, is bound with velvet. Inside a e a eick little bey, whom she took in charge 

JjdgeCIsrkeintimatae that it is doubtful wheth- placed bows mixed with blonds or velvet leaves walking herself and permittiag him loridein 

er this bequest can be sustained, as it is based with bows of black lace. When tbe bonnet is place. # 

on a mere possibility, and is too uncertain and in- trimmed with velvet, jet trimmings are placed in iiT*At s meeting oCth* eii r 1 

official* be ttirred up to devote oome little atten- 
tien to tke ttreets bv a strong petition from a 
ew hundred of young ladies’ To them tke of- 
ficials would have to eerrender at diseretien 

hod bven his travivag companion in the East, 
covered by insurance The morning wa* the j „„e of those iriAndship* of which 

nioel inch -lent and the rrddesl of th* season in.xph.aUe inter- 

.■lU'I the family thiu suddenly capo., —d ol „ recognition and trust They 

their romfert.ble home, suffered quite OTxereU ,ker in scenes lar r. mot. from both 

I • fore they were able to reach the, acquaintance, brief as it 

residence, of tVir neighbors, which were at hv bbu.ii.I areociation. «n,l 

fo# The New Volk Courier stales, on compe- 
tent snthority, tliat the Collins steamship Adn- 
nuc will be ready for sea at s perio 1 within thre4' ^ ‘ 

or four weeks of this time. Tlie delay has not Wire 

onsen f om any imperfortien of the machiBery as ^ 
Ofifinaliy censtrueted; but from a d.aagreemeni ai 

batwvifn the builders and Ike invent or of a “cut- j„,, ^ <.j 
•ff” The inventor estalilished in a court of law While 
Ike tact that hi* invention has been infringed 
apoo in ke construction of certain •tf the esn- ■. c„„„ 
BWiioBS Wltk the cylinders, and the builders ^ 

were placed under the necessity ef remeving ij,* bod 
tkoee parts or compensating the inventor They p ^ 
preferreti the former course, and have now tk* 1,^ 
work in progr— ^ 

Rics. — ^Tbere are 561 rir- plantations in Geor- j Tlw *'o 
Vortb ai> 4 Sovth Garulina, each raiiinff tin- A 

OOCtKwnd: and ever There are 10,746 tobacco ffoMi 
eetstee ••f 3.00ft pounds each end over in Ken- , 
tucky, Tennessee and V rginia There are 2 726 ' 

in Maryland ® 

;•» lo ? 

iRTEsxirrine r* rut MASsixn. — Divorce* are i ,ahan< 
greaily in vogue in M'estern Pcnnoylvania. — 

Abeui every man wh* ku a acolding wife, and | .llowii 
obent everv woman wboee hiisbend is an*- nge- in 

niol in temper, claims tbe nght of separation I mstantl 
and the privilege to marry again Judge Me- his foes 
Ciure., of t..e Conunon Pleas Court, in Pittsburg, 
in dismissing some applications for diTorre last f t' 1 
week, said that there were about tw* applies- vcrsalis 
iioos to him a week for divorces, and that in *5,0(K' 
moot of the eases the parties pay n* more regard ^ " 

te th* solemnity of tbe marriage eontrut than * ®®’ 
t* tb* p.torhnae ef an old wheclbsiTuw If men ry ®f 9 
married sharp-t<mgucd women they would have 1 

to pot with them as beet they could. He from th 
w«^ not divorce a man iM-rauee hie wife was Orleani 
a scold 6,433 b 

feeling in the selection of its offieers. It then 
8[N>ke 88 follows : 

Tbe election for officers and directors of this a.-' 
80<-iati')n takes place this niorniag. An effort, wc 

ohsM<xeof Miagnetic recognition and trust. They * *tarn, is beiuR made by certain parties to beat 
were toeether in *<-enes lar rt iiiot# from both f'lbaoli M'lllory and John T. Bate as officers for 
* , t • 1 ■ r - ensuing year, bccuiise thew; gentlemen have 

but defers a final decision on this point until an 
up|iortunity may be afforded to those who take 
an interest in this undertaking, to furnish all the 
inforuiation in relation to it of which they may 
be (> ssessrd 

minmea w.m v.,ve.,jev immumg. are piaccu in ^ a^eting of the cUiacns ef I.ouiev.lfo, 

the caps. _ .Merchant's Exchange on .Monday 

Immense ^kset. — O ne of tb* evidences of svcning Deosmber 88, ia pursuance of a call of 
the impruveiDcnts of the age is the great bakery the Southwestern Agricultural and Mechanical 

recent ly put in operation in the city of Brook 
lyn, N. Y. by Mr. Berdan. It is operated upon 

Assoeiation. his Honor John Barbee wu callcil 
to tbe c’.air, and J L. Nmyser appointed Secre- 

enc* thrown open U them 

M iTcHt BAFT. — The Sfote Journal says there 
i< a woman residing in Sacramento who pretend- 
to be able to attract persons to her by buni- 
in r a candle which hu liccn used at a wake.— 
While the taper i* burning she fixe* her 
iiiiod upon the person she •lesirer to see, and In 
i- coiiiiM-riiNl lo direct his step* toward herdwell- 
inz. She professe; also lo be able to discover 
ilie body of a drow ned person by the same meaiiF 
r.ikiiig one of the candles ahe seat# herself in .a 
boat and rows about, and tke moment tbe boat 
yssses over the l»ody, the candle cease* to burn 
Tlw woman claim* the correctness of her theorv 
in llw A'v' -ngesl u-rms 

was w'Ayetkni’ by nausual assneiations and deprecate the introdnetioii of pojitics into the 

bv a sympathy that ta-f In-en reciprocally cm- f an agricultural society. If party line;: 

uy a <•- . r J muxf be drawn, the present (fflcient President ol 

plete. They parted — each ao ;;el'mi to his ow n the assecialion will be badly beaien, and wesbould 
land, but without promise ofemrespondeuice^ and regret to see it. 

it wa* some time before Bayard heard from hb l>‘e hypocrisy of the vile paragraph. aii<I 

German frieed. Tne missive, when it came, was "®® fi®'* adroitly the editor endeavors to create 
startling^ however It wa* s ferma) eonveyaniN* ^fi® tmpres.-iioii that he “deprecates the introdiu'- 

^^^***^ ^oritlemen havo t _ . . _ thr .'iutomatic principle, converting flour in lo tary. 

dTpr^auThi' intUSfor'J.oiitil'? into “file Almost everybinly know. “Sugarstick,” brea.1 at the rate of 500 barrels of flour a day.- (hi motion of L wrenc# Young. Ew,., the fol. 

elections of uu agricultural society. If party liu*": anti w ill consequently read the following with About one hundred unbaked loaves per minute lowing preamble and resolutions were adopted- 
mu.t be drawn, the pres-nt , ffleient President ..f interest enter the oven at ..tie end and a. many more are ,, “»• 

. J®haB. SatherIsnd.ali..s ’’Sugarstick,” now ly- discharged thoroughly baked at the other. Nu.h 
Mark the hypocrisy of the vile paragraph, aii<I Ingif toe new jai|or!*Mr FrXr?ck° '*He^°My**he ‘fi®®**®"* economy at wh eh this gigantic 

ha<i nearalgift ia his head, and in con.HC*|uenre I •Hirblishiiient is carrietl on, that tho proprietor ii 

ef nut having medical attention, it nettled ble business 

in hi* left eye, entirely d:atroying the sight. He ^ 

visitors from all part* of tbe country, aad have tx- 
cited a moetspinted compel. Uob; and whereas, we 

rhile serving the I believe that the bolding ol tke annual ezhihitiou of 

to him ef am estate lo belong to him and to hii tion'of politics into tlic elections <if an agricul- makes other complaints, in regard to ^1 which we public with a superior article of bread, and giv- 
qei„_, free gift.' ana given irrevereibly, a. a tural society!” But the trick excited the Jumv, ing loavesone-third larger than are offered at the 

pledcc and token of friendship Thegroued* Nothings, and elected Mr .Mallory by one vote, ., ... , , V ordinary bakeries of the city. 

r a ... t w I he rr.inklin. Iml . Kpiiiihlii-an noli... m %r vr :• 

were complete, the house furnished and of course the editor chuckled and wa* *a- 

— — • tia£ed with the arhievment. 

Beea'-h ot I*bomise.-A breach of pronu.e 

case wss tried at the late Circuit in Coopers- over the file, of the 

town.N. T.. wherein Martha Jane Drake, of that al a meeting of the as.s.,- 

and of rourse the editor Chuckled and wa* sa- • *vepuo..can nonce* 

tiJEed with the arhievment. ‘fi® ‘fi®‘® ®f Mmlame Helen S.-ho, wh. 

But there 1. another matter wc shouU like to «“fi fi®‘ 7®*“* “K®’ 

see explained. In looking over the file, of the ’ ^fi“® murdered 

t#*The Franklin, Ind., Republican notice. Jhe editor of the N. Y Tribune think, that it 
the arrival there of Madame Helen Sa«ha, wh* the whole city of New York could be .applied wi h 

ibiic with a superior article of bread, and gi v- ** ‘.fi® ®f tb« Soathweet- 

. . .A eni Airtcultural and Mechasical A.saoei*tioB ia the 

mg loavesone-third larger than are offered at the (jg „f 1957 would redound greatly to the intermu 
ordinary bakeries of the city. of this eity and county, and would nieo promote 

Th. .dilo, Ih. .V Y. THb.„. Ibinh. lb.. ,I 

Otsego, was plaintiff, and M'm. 'Waterman de- j 
fendant In which the plaintiff recovered $2,0(H) 

eiation on the 12th of January last, a cominitteu 
was appointed, of which Mr. G. Mallory was 

me arnvai mere 01 iviauame neien rta«na, wh* the whulecityufNew Yorkcouldbesuppliedwi h Re*ofs<d, That w* cordiaily endorse tbe invita- 
with her husband some year* ago, moved to bread on that, or a similiar principle, and at the Uob about to be extended by the Board of Dlrec- 
Jackson, Miss where Mr. S«ha was murdered ,ame rate, it would in a raving $10,01)0 !;;,T“ 4 ^iS to 

for avowing his partiality for Fremont at the per dav, two-thirds of which would go directly Societv to hold Hsnext annual exhihitioa at tb* 
late Presidential election. • Fair Groundt near this city 

into the p.-H:ket. of the poor 

Alien rouetj quarrelled one day I Uie dress all made, and packed in trunk* I'r’ "’‘TV ■TV 7’' .1 

(fostlow follow.Ni un Hancock, threaten- I ^Vest. and that on the *fi*‘'*‘ ®* .’V “ u ‘ " 

!>Obh of Allen rouety quarrelled one day Iasi 
V cek (fostlow fnllow.Ni un Hancock, Ihreater- 
;i<r lo whip him, and the laltiw iijving a r:flc 111 
Vie hand, told him that if he did not gu hraktliet 
le would *Wo*l him. Costlow still |»ereisted -.1 

), ) 1 f I ®PP®‘ul®'^> ®* whieh .Mr. G. Mallory xva* The Kansas Legislature meets en the 

HoM.coK.- Mr. Hancock and Mr. Coale w, bl chairnimi to go to Frankfort and proc^ second Monday in January Dr R I,e.ter of 

- • — * ' the (.legislature then in session, a change in the Prairie City, formerly pt loiuisville is a member 

ResolvtJ. That, as tbe United dtotes Soeiety b 

everytliiiig i. peaceable in the Territory. 

same morning the ceremony wa* to have taken 
place the defendant was marri<'dto a Mist Anna 
V’.’i-rren, a near neighbor of the plaintiff, an 1 

I .Ifowing, and Hancock fired, the ball taking *1- W.) occupied the same t<>at in 

tect in Cottiow’e abd*;7ifn. killing him almost plaintiff was to have oecu- 

iu»tantlT H« An ftmi y to mourn p|^ niarting upon tlw ••id wegteru bridt! 

his loss ^ ^ tour. The plaintiff is described a* being young 

rT Tbe Rev E H Chapin, the U\«t(*d Uni- 7®«"« “"<1 handsome, and during the givipg of 
vcrealist divine, who now receives a **.0.7 ®f ‘h® <l®s‘i®®ny >» ’»•«• pr®»*« that there had been 

. u V, ~i >~-b witheut endowment, aad can onlv hold ita i xhib- 

.A heart rending oeeurrence k p Itfon* at sneh points as offer indvcemenls suffieient 

Stock|Hirt, f.'olumbia ronniy. New York, in to warrant its liberal tanff of premiams. L L 

w lich a child was killml while in the arm* of it. "nw’. ^ ” 

. , . r 4. .A. 1. Dulaoey, J. Miller, A.L. SlK>twe;), T H Hint, 

nuk her, and by her »i*trr Mr* Uickennan wa* pr^oo, Bliatui Ihiik'ia, J. J. Miley^of 

•S.IKK' from hi. congregation in Broadway, New a grea. chang. in her health and mental condi- , o,ocim„a proxies for lumself. The 

York, is said to have been invited to take charge timb. .ince the un o unate Icrimna ion of her * to obey the unanimously eipres«ed 

of . congregation in Chicago. Ill.noie, at . esl.- .ng.g®maoL and that she was given to frequent / ^ 

caiAiirai weeping and a aeaiw to be alone. ". •■• •»•»•• / 

ry of #16,Uu()^ ^ dental, but it look* a* if It was done purpos lj; 

Itr The largest cargo of cotton ever exported fS^The car* on the Galena and Chieago and from the manner in which proxies have been 
from the United Stales, was shipped from New Union Railroad have been lighted with gas, procured, as if the o nission was expressly in- 
(Jrlean* to Trieel (Austria.) It amoiintTd to which is carried in India rubber tubes under the tendeil to enure to Mr Mallory’s own benefit. 
5,433 bales, and valued at #3U),()00. car floor The proposition to make Mr Whiteley Seer*. 

5,433 bales, and valued at #3U),()00. 

vote of the stock holders by proxies Cot’NTCKrsiT Momet — The Shenfl of Bo. ' a wit 1 her child, a boy about two ^ oml ^ k Tbttcher, P^oeY Barbey. Jobe T 

procco. ,n peon .houM, mil .Mon,,, .„J,™..,, -.-n.lins IV -«•»'. «o«il- -“li .’rSI! !",!!: 

on,m,mer roui 1-“-* Y lion Ihemof, in confoimil, wnb Ihe law.X, I,,,, o pair ot ociMor, Th, |io*,r, weroMlg0|tml m Mid mkI,., ia hchl m Ihio Mcinilj, mid comiaiiiM 

Kd‘\r.7do :h,‘.dnTC.h,Vh.,“ ■»•»« •< Y'*- *»rT Y:*«» ” • 

. ^ . .L mould*. The whole amount wa* nearly .$50,- ht of rage, threw the sci**or* at Her iistor with Rraofsed, That the gentlemen wh* have been 

the amendment ma<le as they wer About $18,000 con.Utod of bill* on the great force, the point srtiking the child upon hi* named a* a committee for the eity b* reqaertedto 

do. We should infer that such was not the Georgetown, which institution breast, penetrating to ftte heart. The innocent 

ease, as Mr. M.uloiy HAS for mont 1* een >u*i „ever existed. The lest of the bills were mostly little one exclaimed, “Oh, mother' mother! ’ and gentlemen ramed as a committee’ for Jefl*r^ 

engaged in procunng proxies Jot lumself. the ,^rious New England bank* - immediately expired. fi* *? .T!* « *fi® P‘‘«* ®* 

failure to obey the unanimim* y eipres«e There were about thirty-one steel and copper UF* Mr ThVmas nV7ot worthy, of Salem, xvho ’ R'xW'red. Thtt tite rtt > rommittra he iHrMted to 
wishes of the assoeiation may have Imen ac«- , bank note., and some tL dieTfest wLkTto. ^ make applicttfon to the JsOTral CoTncR 

dental, but it look* a* if It was done purpos ly; ® . <■ . • ^ meu last weex, at t le age ol nint:y*eigu j Louisville for an apnroprlntiua to .. 

and from the n.annerin which proxies have been "» '"77^1 II («y‘fi® •'‘»'®*“ R®gi«t®r.) si» amount asthey may dwm exp«lient in the prJLis- 

, einresslv in- »nd whole dollar*, Spanish milled dollars, gold and had thirty-three children The old man^pro mlion tobsmode onrach e.>iditlo.* 

TL. M 1." ... .oMk. Mr Whiteley Secre- ‘fi® ®' '®‘“ ' • year, of age 5- L- S-t.E., SOTrttray. ‘ 

gentlemen lasrad as a committee for JefleisM 
county be requested to meet at the same nbctiM 
Satnnlnv, 28th 10*1^ tt II A. If . ^ 

Reseitei, That tbe eity committee be iHneted to 
moke applicttfon to th* General Connell ef theCHy 
of Louisyille for an npproprlntiua to sweh an 
amount asthey may deem expedient ia Ih* premfe- 


Moni»f't Pr»c$«itnc* 

I Wasiiiiotob, D«c. 22. — ^KI<ATE. — Tl>e (jciiftte 
took ■{> tbo bill proridinf for tkr condruolion of a 
Mratn tUrmu* Cutter for tbe port of New Yoik. — 1 

Notice ' eteutn fUrrutte Cutter fur tbe port of New Totk. — 

i i.^ »TW-M».iit<-«eti«ee2et the •tierMMt f'«i»«Jer»ble (lieeuMioa roeued. 
oi he urn* eerf fer The eerr lew rriee e( the Senate, alen^t and inUrertiUK debate took 

-eeteeete place on tbe Hooee Steam Rcreaue Cutter Bill, 

■eaeaerwaewic* ueuciTaa -Weaieaiwari (laU to pa^, after belnu amended by slrikinR out 

.r»re-..rfr.-ie..a4-.llhetha«a» •• much •>. ‘•hkall be aUtioned at the. 

• .ere fre»alie*'^te er the State aed the fren Mil... •*?!? ... , ,, 

e u..!,»,eeat«a,a«>»ac.rtaataww.iacal»o.e>»,aa Thw blU Wee re|tard( d by eereral Seuatort M ce- 
^Peeaae«*ma,the,r papereehaarad.aret«eae.«aC « » ant ral eye em, and 

.ae the l «eta«ee whore it le reaaiee.1 ai well he the *>'** eupported b>^ one M o and oppoetd by 

JLnter from Europe* 



rourl •rApprals. 

(SevttUeenth Dty.) 

Friday, Dec. m. 

C-onaiderable (lieeiuaioB rneued. ^ .f a. n. rv , 

In the Senate, alen^t and interestiuK debate took „ ,0 . l- , 

place on tbe Hooee Steam Rerenue Cutter Bill, . Haufax, Dec. ‘-3. The Kteamsbip Canailu ar- 
whieh paxtied, after beins amended by etrikinf; out nred b^ thw forenoon, with Liverpool datea to 

^ A iN A 1/ A . , CAWSRf DKCIBED. 

~ Passmore v McBra>i*rf2 caeea; judgment, Ander- 

Hai.ifax, Dec. 23.— Tbe steamabip Canada ar- son, first reversed aud second affirmed. 


Rlrerand Telearaaa . 

PlTTSSeiO, Dec. M. It. 

The nrer u etatiKnery. .Nuvieatiun sus^apeU. both rivrre 



I ^TAHC mafiAcemcat of thi» popaUr lii»ti!«tioo aoaimuoo 

I K With pleaburothatthe^hoTo rompl«ta«t arrmu^tmonU 
for tho Ihlrtl jaar. outbe c«teDiiifc lealo and] with 
nnnjr n«w feat . res. They are d'anfUieir ataiosttooa-' 
1 cotiraae \merieaa c^^us. The etteuaiTO eoUertioQ of 
I works ui art to he •hstribut«Hj thisTrarooiisiat* u/ heauto 

much ‘‘tokall be fttationed at Iho I was dispatched in consiqcence 

of the America'n having to return to port. 

The steamship Baltic, which sailed from Liver- 1 

AoiBviu wtfv roawul’u u> pf.'Tviai «a c'F'* , . / . — : ^ . i 

tabbehiuc at eamc utters as a general eys'em, and ins:., took the official annocnee- 

tbe bill wiu eumiaiied h*" cme ei ■ end oanneed bv ?****■ * the 1 race Congress was to reasBeinblc at 

e lu whwh It utebe Met 

-^^•hertSbers caa reeiit aspaatacr steeip* wbea eoa- 
. -at B»»»eeiat bew.they will have eediffirBUr le 
.4 ■eebhhS* fee tbe free’ iwhhl F«n* el % doUer .. 

r— fg f tbe Coarfter. 

the other acco^iogly. « 

Mr. Rusk's motion to refer so mnch of tbe Presi- 

Paris during the jireseul month. 

Also, that an unsncr.easiul attempt bad been made 

Taylor v Smith, Anderson; reversed 
Louisville v Lyons, Loaisvillc, reversed. 
Brewsr v Donnolly, Louisville; reversed 

(E%g!Ue*nth Day.) 

Satdbdat, Doc. ' 20. 

The nrer u ■tationery. .Nuvisatmn >as;.eapM. botli riVers woika 01 art lu be iliatribatiHj tTiiaTiiareu.iiiati uT beauh 
fruaeuover Wealherla^t u.*hl lo-ebscl., cold-four de- Dj. Mato.., 

dent's Metware as re!a<es to foreign alfairs to tbe I the King of Naples 

rtn tliAt •nthi/a/'f Iwblfiv nnsl/vw rcsnaiirWra- I I aCrt* 16 DOthlDCT udditiODAi tO Ft 

Committee on that subject, being under considrrn- 
tion, Mr. Brown replied te the speeches of Meaars. 
Wileuu und 8tawar«I, remarking that the bold and 
defiant air assnmed by tkem previoas to tbe l*rt->i- 

The captain and fifteen of the pR.sscBgers of the 
steamer Lyaunaise had reached Bordeaux iu safetv. 

to iKilitical affairs. 
The captain and 

The following are the rates of postage per I j^ntial election, had greatly changed s;ace tliai The steamship Amer;ca sailed from Live rjKxd o'n 
lesMr. o> the d.ffi.»w.i ^ .Kw I tiM. regular day, Saturday, the 6th in.«., but when 

gatffor, on tbe different odilion# of the I»uio- 
viUe Cottriar, to be paid in advance at tbe offioos 
where they are received 

Daily Courier 3Q ceota per quarter 

Tri-A’eekly Coutln IM •* 

WeeklyCowier “ 

Clear encountered a severe storm, by 

t had been made 

Gnest V Stigall, Lincoln; affirmed, 
report in relation Lyons v Field, Louisville; affirmed. 

Berger v Forsythe, Ixiulsville; affirmed, 
i.ssengers of tbe Wilkes y Wilkes, Louisville; reversed, 
deaux iu safetv. Harlan v Harlan, Boyle; reversed, 
m Live riKxd on Berger v Chsnault, .Madison — opi ion .slightly 
inst., hut when modified, and petition overruled. 

fr«es b« low zero 

i Whrklino* ])tc.t3. 

Tbe river IS entirely froz^ over nbove and below hwe 
as far as heard from. 

CIKMNKati, Dec 23. M. 
The river is falliwc Wralher very co!d. 

ClKCViNATl. Der.21, P. M- 

The riveJ is falhnff quite rapidly with 7 feet in the chan- 
nel to Lonisville; uaviiration about suspended Weather is 

inks, all in the hiffh*f«t style of art. niunbenok many 
hundreds. In connecti«»n With the Institution. themaa 
afert are pnblinhinf an 

which every subscriber i»re:v^s trstie They n's<» die- 
tnbute this tear a tine ^terl tnir avinc. entitled ''S atVE- 
DAT Night.** which anv so' scrihrr may takein place of 
• IS magazine. The macazints furEivhed are Larper’s. 
ilrahnm’s, Kn ck*:rhf>rE^r. Putnam*s. Godev* . Blark- 
woud*s. Soil! hern Literary Mcettenaer. V. St MacAiine, 
.Mrs. Stephen's New Mon'hlv. the British Quaiierlier. 
sod Littell’s Livina Ape ($6). with t«o memhwrsUipe 
No person is restricti d to a sink^e th*'re. Tho»e tahkaf 
live membernhips are entitled to sisenrmviuRsor an? five 
of the, and ets tickets m the aeneral disfnbn- 

*• Aaverti«>er*». 

AivertincnMBto u the MgEXLr Curaiaa arc no( 
aottettoi «r Aeaiiud. When w rwbliak them it *a 

. ... « They had vaantingly predicted what they won d f 'ear encountered a severe storm. I.v 

1 ance at the onmm eveat of anccees, but now they anxiously ^hiflincr decks were swept nnd otherwise much 

declaim again.t any connection or affil.atkm with “1’,^ returned to port for repmis. 

30 ceota Der Quarter <'*”'i»on extremiats, whose assistabce they had The B.'iltic sailed for New York on the Ithh insf. 

IgA •• •• eaugfat They intimated ikat wben the protier time -kH the Americas freights, newspapers, ic., were 

(S “ •• came, they intended ta make an oaset uiKMi the in- •».?* . . . 

atitation ef slavery in tbe Btataa. but now they ut» The Canada brought fae Americas mails and 

terly diaavow inch intentien. These gentleman, I 

■orem a toattcrof favor to Uia ao-ertiaer than a I groanda. 

be etrougly suspected, bad found tbemselvei avea 
a: tlie .North, in advance of public neut.Beat aad 
had lieon forced to fall back upon more tenatde 

liirh Wr decks were swept nnd otherwise so much 0”Quigley it Co. had killed 12,886 hog « up to yious, and at day ught the mercury in tnerm^e- 
iBiaged that she returned to port for repsiis. last night, with 4,000 in the pens. Uttele -oe ters in Mposed posit.ons fell to .lor 4 degrees above 

The Baltic sailed for New Ymk on the 1011. insf. Quigley bought in Tennessee 1,600 large hope. Dunng the dy it gradually moderaicd.tho 

rfil Eva^rS'ool'^’*’ •r‘^ D ".atThes from yesterday report in- 

The CanSrbroavht the America'- m^ii ond -Milchelville. By the time they were got tense cold wc.ither, heavy ice running, and naviga- 

’.augeM -America s mad. and to tbe pane, they cost about f 17,000. ,i„n suspended abeve that point. 

Th*. Amairio.* u 1^4 J.A, EvaMvtlle Journal. The Hleamer Cambridre, from Pt. Ijon’i^y tha 

erv crM niviniierHiiipa ami eouifcu to in vfiffruvitiRMor am? nvu 

' __ nt' thr marazlr.e*. mad ni tirket. IB th, sraeral ili.fnbn- 

■ * . 1 , . liOQ. whirli will tsk» p!ac« out. e :lttb iif .'.naarr.lsjT. 

Upper Rivbk Closbd BY IcK.— The rivtr during r L. DERBY, An r a. A., 

the past 24 hours has been falling with only 

about BIX feet water m the canal. The weather j. k. .MEEKER i. the H .a. r»-Ttorr«>t»rT for Loa..- 
Monday night was colder than it was the day pre- vine. Sab.«criptioa.- re«nvtd ,i histtudiooTtr Hr*«sa 
vious, and at day light the mercury in h"ii“.‘ A^'lunVuA ci,*; rf uVa 

tersm«xp<»sied positiona fell tod or i UeRrees above msv be obtained. invinciE l part eul»r». 

deck deedlmkwt 

left at Ijiverpool . 

The Canada brought tbe America's mail, and 



I rat Affiirz. and Ut LTITA I 0 1. AL.MANAC far 

The Americn U liadly injured, lest bulwark, Ac., 

““tI™ CaS‘?.a86cd the .Niagara on the 17th. PHBNORKtioN.— According to the clnnsdi at noon yesferda^. and it t^s thought sh bT Lui"". Tu?kir'*a*s'‘o«'""*’ 

The Xiaff ark wak i)E.<«8i‘i1 un the 15th off Ftib.tnpt N«w York paprra they liavc a small tiebt rope had been compelled to seek a harbok* irom the ice pnre $2 per dozen Ainzl« copies 23 Mntv 

ShTp N>r^orf3yver^ dancer at Nil, l.^s Gauien, four years old, about The Carrolhon packet Emma Dean and th 

wrected on the bth December, near Dnngeron, had nchtecri inches long. He has all the daring and Frankfurt packet, one yesterday morning, < PITKIN 

Alt Infant Phknombnon. — A ccording to the 

lion suspended abeve that point. 

The steamer C.imbridre, from St. lymis, tha 
left here late Sunday night, had not reached Cin 
cinnati at noon yesterday, and it was thought sh 

benett t» na, ae we bebeve we reap g,«zter ad- 

vaataae by nsiwy tbe apace generally 

te ether papers ta advert ie a me nu. fer «ot-iaiaiag 

Weiiug this exhibition in the S<-iiate, auot..ernr>t 
less lemsikable had licen made elnewhere. Polhi- 
sians of the ultra stamp bad been aumewbat chaitfs- 
ing their tone. It sevnis to b* tbe progranime of 

••tter for ow patrona. AUadvei%,n^ta I Black Republicans that tbe camps of the two 

wrected on the bth December, near Dnngeron, had eighteen inches long. He has all the daring and 
a full cargo of 200 paesengers. Three men di own- aj>iomb ut the old hands at the business, and 
V r> I r 1 rings dawn the house every night. The para* 

eharired 10 aenb- ncr line for tbe first aad w.^te 
par line far each aabwqaeat inaartiou, and c 4, 
fiacUoa sufir for leagih ar length of time. 

wings af that party ahcnld be within eight of eack 
othn (or tbe next lour years, and th<ir stanrtnrds 

^hip J. L. Warner from New Orleans for Liver- 
|)ool is ashore near Wexford. Crew saved. Cargo 
will be saved if weather tnodcrates. 

graph :s suggestive of the remark of Dickens in 
regard to Miss J. M. Davenport, the worthy and 

arrive at all yeaterdav. Soath-wes’ers Seed amt AzfienItarzIWar.kutue, 

The Madison, from’ Cincinnati, with a heavy car- d.nad awt _ iuM .iaair . t. L oaiCTiu a. k y 
go for New Orleans, after being aground 24 hours BYL.U. GREEN — — 

on Vevay bar, ipt oflr and arrived here Monday Splendid Farm at Public Auction 

• a B**® I will ..II a. Publu: Aae.ion ou TueaJz,. .Ae oetb D.- 

ebarped her crew, anil traiwfcrred her pahsenffcrs | r^taher. oan o'c'«)ck, f. m.,od ik« ptuiai*«s. zm •eras 
to the David White and L. Shotwell. drat rat« land, dmdfd into 6 amall r.inn., of fn m IS to 4t 

The Switierland, from Cincinnati for New Or- acres. «rh 10.011 ourenasers. Th« firm two dw-ii,o. 

.ut; ' . bouMK. Ktablea. out-liutia.aof rrerjr da-rnplion,.nd aaaaa- 

leans, the • a. Eaves for Green river, the Diarnond Derrr fsi bnc fpnnc»- Thar* are i acres e.earaj. 

for NdRhville, the Umpire for the ^ame point, the »nd a'^Uer ahl6^ caitiv.a.on. The nweii 

Henderson packet Rainbow the New Vork from ‘;,SS'"«e*'ThV.rd'^ 

St. Loa.8, the Tecumtieh for CincinBUtl, from New i>orMr.aaJD S T.iylor. Ksqs . and (>■ the Brownshoro 
Orlean««, are all laid up here awaiting a thaw and Turnpike. eicht mile- from tnecit? of Lauisvule 

the disappearance of the tee. The Superior, the J«n^nem,rdcA-h.i«ia»cc..o»ia».uwo^^^^^^ 
mail boat, had laid uu Monday and diacharged her c«ii »'a Mr. Hsrhoit, Coared Shroedcr. and r. C Ui<«, 

arul aee the plat beior« the day t»f «ai«. and attend aaa 
TtaitzUgkin tKo vitror VicarnSanAt Vftrv hpaw hut it huvaharcam for the tat# IS poaittVD. aa ilie owner laahoat 
The ice in the river nere is not very neav> , out it ,e»ovin:t to Musoan joh n hahbolt. Owner; 

IS sufficiently formidable to deter the boats from iv SHROkDiilK. Acca<; 

trvinfT tnnPDotratp it. There wa.s no ice nnninff io d27w4* (*. C. UKULN. Aoot.oaeer. 

other for the next tour years, and thfir tstanrlards Shin Sal’s Hookh for rbarli>sii>n nut imrk #a fifted actress aSpeakini; of Ine long training charged her crew, and transferred her passengers 

«> uearly alike that a«»Wier fighting lSk;! whb lo^ reaeived on IhV English stage, h? observed to the David White and A. L. Shot 

h!wctrthe c?i-'^e"ordI^^ . Thfrohas been u succession of iniveral galea in that she ha,lbeen“an infant phenomenon for the .h^’tiam^nd 

, — liable to tbecr.arge of desertion. The Senavorfro*. Jh*-te has been u succession o. iniveral g^^^^ 

a HMHWStlVte. I New York, (Mr. Seward), bad made bim u presvui the BriU.h thuunrl, r d numerous easualities. 

* u ^ , . I his speeches published by Redfield. Unlike his ^ deputanou fi.-m Lnerpaol to London waited 

TW Prswbyierian Herald *f Ust w.ek m no-’ fnend from leniesaee (Mr. Jones), b.n„HM>ttu take “i;®“ U»rd Clarendon to asc. rt^^^ 
tieing a piwponed dnnatton vuit to^ tbe Orplmns* {Them to ML«viM.ippi to exhibit to hb conatituent* ^^^ada. 

twug a pr-ps-eo .. P ow mnch tancm agiUust them, their ngbts and 

••y l-ir intereat,, bean comprised within t he limits „ Ki hard Culden Lad published another U tter on 

We tewn. wiU pleanare, that H ia propos'd by otx volume like that he held in his band. He read a . • . . 

the British rbunurl, a -d numerous rasnalities. 

A deputu^ioo fium Liverpool to London waited 

Rri' demonstration against New Granada 
Father Matthew died at Cork on the 9th. 

I..» it.:.-...,.,,......” leaus.iue » . A. ri«vi-Biur vneeu iiYci, luc .'iinuuuu 

last inirteen years. for Nashville, the Umpire for the same point, the 


Qcbstion.-As tbe ladies-unmarried ones espe- ^ T 

ciallv-are always thankful for advice, they will are aM '>P here awaiting a tl aw and 

u.,Aun n. fur J.iliu., .Kui. af fu fui. thc disapuearaiice of the tee. The Superior, the 

Kirhanl Culden Lad publi.shed another htter on I pardon us for calling their attention to the fol- I '**,*'•, 

Ue frianda of (his noble insUtutioa, to invite the I ext^- (rom them to abow that M 

blie to make a “Donation Vistt" to I Uev* , higher law than the conslitnfi'on, and I 

DdMVOMlSi public Ml IBA«C • IFOUMlOQ V 1611 lO iq ^ uifikurg law mii»u kuw wuPMkuiinu, uuu VI i» al l> oi. ' r *i n i r t:» 

the Luuiav.lU OrpbMi's Home, on the Tuesday af I had ^4 addnssing a Northern audimre, that ’ 'f 

ter Cbrwtmaa. (Decambat »oth.) There it no form tlaver.can and innst be abolished, and yon and I z m ^“*'.‘ 1'’® Cotninercial 

ot i.antan *o*>rfog and destitution which apjteals J canau.«,a,i 4^ u. Mr Brown Inrther read a let- AssociaiNin toiiclimg the cultiiatiou of cottuu on 
oostr— irty and 00 lenderiy to the deepest lee lings, ter froo Mr. Wilson to WcadeU Fhilliiw. to .how „ .. ,,, 

otonrhoart as that of orphaiiadc There is no I that the «p, was expressed that thev might co- .u it w Cardinal Morlots, 

uCber ou emphatically cummended to onr sympa- I operate If the emancipation of slave ry, and to wl ,Vh hnUi U coronation of 

had an interview with the Manchester Commercial sigh very soft, then opi u your eyes with a good 
Association touching the cultivation of cottuu on deal of womler, (of course you have been trying to 

lo;fo7drAeUons:whrch\^ ““J laid uu Monday ana discharged her 

1 he London Times in an editorial backs out of | them wh«n ^ed in what is generally con- but it 

1. Etyrcially rreommrndeJ to Blonds: Pause, 

sigh verv soft, then open your eyes with a good |i'ytuu to penct at^ ' i. had f,rmMl fmm the .hors 

-lok yrr’fovVr'-'rti^ river along the front of the 

maxe it on , tnii cant) .ook your lover in tne „.horf to the tnw Notnlsiat started 

sidered an embarrassing position; 

I. Esytctally rtcommtndtd 10 Blonds: Pause, 

ns**<U> ii» 4o 4m .Ma'anw 

Tsa 4s 4o So So So . fo - 

“"■“**“*'“* *'*’•' womh 

fcoSPt^r with 60M u4 Stloor MoatiM »o4 ■~nT« f inS 
L«wr Wzwhoo. raMnaswric* |.oa a. ksTIiZa 
* *“0 PiWV WatoKo. ail 1,0 


For any Fa«aon, aiui of permanent Value, is 

H ebsterN I nabrlilffi Diclltnary* 

Thors srs Thrss Hoifgr.4 «b4 PiA. 

..n, war«aaio4 aeoamu tuao- A .0 ^ 

msw.hualdfa.1 10 ims MlmiacUsa^V -1 1 Cof 
fSaas^. rhora^adorof yae ^e,.,,'ie*,^ 
tf*vorTal>is aad rsasposao, Gal4 w%m* m 4 Fsacita 

aad E>B«s»-riBC*. La4m^ m 4 


o( our huurt ms that of orphanage. Tberc is no that th*'«ps was expressed tbai 
ufher ou emphatically cummended to oar sympa- operate tr the emancipation c 
thiea by that Ood who calk himself the Father of break the ominionof tbe maste*. 

thetat^rtem It k the very tj^ of oar owa nr- Mr. WiUn explained that ho desirerd Mr. Phillips " « Vnv“mu,?n i - .1 « i 

phaued cooditioa as without in tbe world tocone oa qsplatlorm, and tLat it was not his im ^ any raaime disasters are reported m the Med- 
Beery orphan if a Lviax memento of on- l<i«t an< tention to goon M r. Pnillip.V ita^nean. 

wretchud osnditioii as siniMni, aadalso of the grace Mr Brown ^marked that be had beeRasjnred.on if 

that romuros a. u. oar Father in'beaven. No sea- good authorit). that Mr. Wilson had lecentlv is a ““U, 

stt cauhe more appropriate tor a sobstaatial man- hotel in Waahfigton. axpiessed tbe opinion that 1,* f t- Corn is dcchmng 

Hestatioa of pity and k1ndn?os for the orphan than 1 the alaves were iostified la rising and mnrdcriug “’“"j.v lu all the market, of F ranee and Spam. 

iraneaii. anabU to speak vour emotion; one hand prea^od r uu ;e*sa tuL wsamsa 

TbecomraeTulafairR of France are not regarded high upon yonr bosom, will express this iffectu- V ™ ^ Bhirp 

unfavorable, but much dis-satistaction is telt be- ally. quietly reposing on either shore. Ihw is a sore 

stt cauhe more appropriate tor a sobstaatial man- 1 hotel in Waahfigton. axpiesfcd tbe opinion that 
Hestatiou of pity and kiadn?m for the orphan than the alaves were iostified la rising and mnrdcriug 
tfta> whieh comNiemorates tbe coming of the Son tbeir mastr-rs. 

«M. .4 •hiooch w;...ia w.- orphans in it^nnive^ Mr. Wikoa denied that be ever ou any ncciisinn H-.vice'wfiulil urobahlv reaion<ri an.t <<ara Lm ' coma oe Kept in motion an mam ana inus prevcui 

are tiid- the children and the heirs of (fod. We lad such a tbonght or expressed snch an idea. nuajce utmid j robablv resign. Jlalaga and Sara- Oh.Winiam the ice from blocking un the landing 

eara.-sily hope that all who aoe invitation will Mr. Brown rejoined, that he bad -t in writing, *' The famous David^wW was the^only departure 

go with some i.ik.>a of lure for tee fatherless and firm a gentleraan of the highest respectabilitv, and PRc-sif—TheKimT Dresanied arponintini nrtb. *"v***»f ^®*^*“** yesterday. She started to New Orleans with one 

mvhr.em children at the Orphan a Home The wla would give him the names ot other T.itnc8S,-a , ook pretty .-J’AifoJfipA.a A a/.on of the bert trips of the season. She did not get off 

to* i.aian u located m the Preston street plank testrymg to the same thing. He would ii<it now ’'®™antc met on the Neui thatel question, to the — ; Momlaveveninff owing to the inability to shin her 

rood, lew than a utile beyond Kroadwav. rahaa qaeotion of veracity with Mr Wilson but F''®?* “> 'nTiting them to join in a collective The Albany Tran.senpt gives an account of the *, ^she was full of nassengers and took on 

.. , .. <■.. u ' II III. won! uir. hiin tk. i' ^'i I ' With u vipw to ficcure licr recugniacd operations of some ingenious villian in that city, stock, was full or pai^gers.anu toot on 

tt e hope ih« suggeaiiim of the Herald wdl be he i® U flllirg his pockets by pretending to sell, but l.«K) barrels of pork at New Albany. 

c&rrioJ out, and that our citizens may give good Tbtoeudinc motion was then agreed to and the obtain from militart, dcmonstratioim duiing the not actnally selling, counterfeit coin. It sec nts that Accident to the Jesse K. Bell.— Wc learn 
evtdetKc of thoir liberality on the occasion Hut olheTVrts of the President’s message w\re also of this quesdion, piomising at the same haying first baited with a eircular, he sends goorf that the propeller Jesse K. BelL with a cargo of 

. appsoriMielv refrrred " wv ai»u time to support her Views, com to the applicants at his shop, who having lumber for St. Louts, was aground m the MissNsip- 

ure would hint that prsoents m the shape of TTie «;uate then adioumed It.'.lv. — T ee attempted as.-aiiisinatiou of the King bought a small lot and found it to pass witboat pj, at Goose Island, some 30 miles above Cairo, 

money, provisions or clothes will be most valnau u„,,, ^ . of Naples wcurred at a review of the troops on ejection, send $50 or flOO for a larger supply, with a hole smashed in her bow. She had been in 

u . n.A .oo—o.iu. \V.k.a.k..Mt . IheHtlimst. accounts differ somewhat. One which he cooly pockets and shuts down the gate, collision with a snag, or some other boat, the par- 

. aad acce(«taMe e ha heard ol sob . kind Houiw ^k np and adopted a mulut ion offered by says while the troops were defiling a soldier rush- leaving his fellow knaves to whistle for their tmi- ticulars of which we did not leam. 
hearted people loading themselves with cskes, "’’• /'^Ainie, of Maine, on Monday last, calling ed from the ranks and struck tbe King on the Dft ney. . , u u • u- v u • v i 

T ..... on tbe Pt«i4ent tn communicate to the House the side He was arrested Allouiet A mnle, very mulish in his behavior, broke 

paid and liawiitio. incurred m siciLV.-An insurrection w^as suppressed and the 0*The Philadelphia Ledger, of Thursday, his ueck yesterday in tn insane effiirtfo 

inr lace with yonr hands. Ifjou can’t cry. drop \ r 

Advices from Madrid state that opin'on was yonr lace with your bands. If you can’t cry, drop 
strongly against the new law. The mini -.ter of your head on t^ inqnisitor’s shoulder and mnrmar. 

‘Oh, Wirnam'” 

4. Pot '‘ merry girls" and nice little girls it is 

energy At a very small expense one of the boats 
could be kept in motion all night and thus prevent 
the ice from blocking up the landing. 

The famous David White was the only departure 

Xn*rettv yesV ‘l^T Orlea;^ w^th one' 

ook yretif. - Pkiladslphia ^atlon She did not get off 

The Albany Transcript gives an account of the Monday evening, owing to the inability to ship her 

operations of some ingenious viliian in that city, 

Jk„ ki„ k„ =»ii k:,» hoard 1.000 barrels of pork at New Albany. 






Witt imcTUAttT COKI 

Liver lemplaiut, Uytpcpsia, Jauuiiicc, 

Chromic or A'erroM Drbthiifs Dueates of tho Ktdmo^. omd I 
. _ mil rfMra#Tff «n#Miy from « ttjorirrffrf Lurer ar 


as Coustipa- 
lioB, lowarti Hiiet 
FiIdtva or bJood to 
HeaJ. Aridity Ol tne St<>macb. 

Nau^«a, Hearlbarn, Di«pa«* :or S'imm, 

I Kulneskor wfistiaths^' «*aacli.sour Erne- 

I tatioos, Siokioa •>: s lOttrr.ntf st IKO Pit of tho 
I dfomacb. Swimiama of tb« liead. Harried mud 
I diJHeult Breathins,>')ttttoriQff at tbo Heart. Cbooluax 

t^irMse.aod all wHabaee WWoM 4im^ Zm 

oiffOly arotiAed with thm momoer im whioh^hST 
moarn ha* boom ceiiJacte4. •wai^Oaei- 

Wlh# MiM !•- 


f HISCUTTER. -'n mdr b.- Iiae ecqaired wna e 
world* wide rapaiAtion ikroaaJioat t%e WJeetermaad 
I Southern Statesiaat we mredeteraiaed to ^Daraaopoiae 
I ft keeping them up te their present kieh character end 
I >ttsdiar,«B«i, os %fuiraa»j to purchasers, we will. as 
I heteCef >re. werroi teverr werhiDe heviee < aihread apoa 
j It CO perform to thotr •eu^lociioe orr^faed taeieaey. 

Ott! laciliU"* for menaiactariac thM popiUir Cmtter 

DUitlEB DR( tiOWS. 


^ sold low for r'4«h, or eschojured for Pr ->^*** *^- wsil 
FOUOU.Y. For., 

hasa a rail lawediatelv mm Waa» he 

H»Kork>iHCUT.N.nM ' 

Also. 1..M4 ruaailt Cora 

■aks iorMb«rzM4a luw to 

031 41 >Zwuwt» J- A. W 


Ec . .’kudden Flushes of Hee 
Borninc id tbe A'lo^h. 
Coostunt Imagimiags 

hearted poople loading; tbemtrWes with cokea, 
canktea, and rach like, and declare that the (mor 

W. aavr rs li.r-x) r.'Lzil pric.zai 

Nu. t Calter.. . 

No. 2 Cn'ter. U 

N>* A. large and poteerfn!, for piiuing t'eraStalks, 

S aw, or Hay, for eithe ha ■«. nr power It 

, ij 'l i_ i* a- R™'>***' o in'»ney paid and limbilitia* inrmrod io Sicily. — A ninf-urrection waBsappmesedand tbe 0"The Philadelphia Ledger, c 

l^der.Bentirentia, taken prisone r The pulke of thus n.ti.e. the new one cent coin 
once at ibmr livna, at any rate Evary want and or uniiM Males, eitner under the de- Massana have seized a quantity of miwkefo landed . v .. 

. iFita>i'’B ®' nilitia in Kansas, or as posace Cf.mitat- for tbe insareents Cennt laivatelli nn eminent v> e were yesterday shown one or i 

eomfort of the IiUk anfortunatea are amply pro- ns bv the Cril antborities of the 'i'erritorv, since Liberal has nsswinHiwl at itavennn pieces antliorized by Congress at it> 

vUud :or, white thuy are bv no means strargrre 
uvea te each delicaciei aa tboM r<‘terred to But 
te lender such pruviaion ample, it ia noceasary 
the auppliea should be kept, and it is therefote 
why wc reaummend that aontributions ahuuld be 
made ia money, provisiona ar clothing — articlea 
which the managera always know how to use 
to the beat advantage. 

; eaff -I-..- . ■rr ■ . *»am«»mu.a ajmvu- « X|temnill » VJ tJlunibCI.?« litllUCU | 

ignatiunornilitiainKansas, orasposacecf.mitat- for thc insurgents. Count Lovatelli. ao eminent 
us by tne Cr,! anthontiesof the 'i'erritory, since Liberal, baa been ns.saasinated at Ravenna 
1 “ . ?* '‘establishment, and for witne-ses and Rrssi.i.— The text note addressed by Rns.sia lu 

tiie arteat. Utentioii. and trial of persona charged (Vtobor to the Allied I’ovvers, has been pnblisheil, 
ai»h treanon igainst thc Unitf d huitp^, or with accompaoied by a circular demanding tbe rc-a^'<em« 
Ibj’ VM . t ion o. t he 80^»lled laws uf the Territory . bling of Congress at Paris. It contnini an expose 
bather Wald. wwre-eleeW Chaplain. Sixteen of s:e».s taken by -he Rnssian Cabinet to insure 

VV e were yesterday shown one of the new cent WSF-Proiirhta to the South hnit an iinwanl trn- andiUrepatztionaii.n»leisunri»zll»abjrz»v»imil«rpi»- 

pieccs antliorized by Congress at its last .session, Jraf^r rf'ghjs t® the isontii naa an upwani ten paratioo. eiumt. Thetrstimonjm lt•taTo^zlveBbTth• 

unit whieli liaanot been ffiven to the nnhiic for dencv yestiTday, With engagements of ponnil mostprunimeatandwellkoiJwnPhi.iciza.amiiBdiTidazIa 
anu WUK I lias noi aetn given lo vne puoiic lor 3= pp„.g pgy |,jrrfcl, and i« all parts ol th« rouui ry 1. .mman>e,»iids cartful pern- 

want of the necessary appropriation to carry the Almana.-.puhluhad anaualiy by tHeproprsTur. 

.....Ii-.uu ....U U » — , 4 ■' »nu lur r.imnz arm Bl 

ticulars of which we did not kam. Sniru, .s aw.ur Hay, foraitha a»,., nrpuwar 

_ - .... A liberal discuant mada to daalara. Uidara 1 

IM-A male, very mulish in his behavior, broke The propnel.rt- meallmztUaaUabtioaaf tha public ic zueiul.dio. SIILLER. WINUATE u 

his*^k yesterday in rn insane effort to break a ,u« 

rope with which he was being led on board the which it larrcumniendcd. — 

D.iciil While Itunoiiaw aad uzinad artiele but osa that hasttaod X7 IkiT A 

Ddvia nniie. tua taatnf atan years' tnal hatura me Amarwui pauplw Z^s IVl Ak 1 J 1 Jt||J 

uthera voted fe Father Dorm. A Jesuit, of St. 
Louis, was Buppeted bv Messrs. .Marrisoii and Kel- 
ley. anp Antoinete Blacktord by M,e*rs. Jlott and 

Mr. (ffingmiD, tader a suspen^n of the rules, 
introduce a bib Wth an explanatory resolution. 

law into effect. It is a very pretty coin, and a 
great improvement on the present unwieldy and 
filthy copper cent. It is about the size of u quar- 

pork 75.i80 cents. 

Yorktown No. 2 Sold. — T he old Y’orktown No. 
2 was sold at Cincinnati, Monday, for $10,000 in 

the fulfilment of ArticUs 20 and 21 of the treaty. 

and defends the Rnssian poUcy with regard to tGe ®f German silver. The obver^ is a well executed 
Me of F-nients and Belgrade. of an eagle io &ighX, with the date nnder- 

ter eagle, but ranch thicker, and nearly of the color cash, to a Mobile company, who are to use her as a 
of German silver. The obverse is a well executed tow boat. 

Itu no IIBW and uzlnsd zrtiel* but os* that hzsttaod T\ X7 IWr A 

le teetof etea jreen* tnal before the Amenrta people^ J^m 

reputatio&ami seleis uarivalledbjreev similar pie* dD ow I I l VAi n i ^ la v 

iratioDt extant. ThetrstimonT m itslavorxiTenbT the I I w A l» IVi I ^ L W r\ I O H I « 

ost pronimeatand weUkoownPb>»iciajisaB«i iBdiTidealc ^ mc>..u.rmmu. •. * 

> %U parts ot the rouut rf iinineu>e.aiida eorefnl pent* WAI?I ■KTWBajf KLKWkNTiI akdTWBLFTII, 
il nfthe Almana«\pubiuhed toaoelif bf theproprieter* 1 6 bT*fttVfV ■ K* l^WT 

and to be bod f rali» of anv of hu Aaeuts*canuot butsatie- ■:? v eW ■ •« 

f* the DiQSt NkepticAl that tbis remedy is really dese*v.oa Vlf ILL attend to al) <>rd*rs in v.ll bmldmf MmmrniMt. 
the ^remt celebrity It hasabtiined. eV drAennf.aidroastructicaof macbiaery sotteble fer 

Prmoipal OArr and Manafoctory. No. 9C Arcli Street, Mills of all Kinds, end aleo fereisb m:iteri.i ef alikisda 
btlailelpbu. Fa stopes.boUiakCto’b, sfreen wiie.^a-ut milN.beltiaf.M. 

„ aunhoriring the PrcMent to confer the title of Lieut 

RoMiaff Hoesu. — T he PoUnt Of&ce Report General by brevet. Tbe object waa to pine. Gene- 

I-Ie of F^rjients and Belgrade. 

Persia. — The capture of Herat is not cunlirmed. 
.A statement that Russia had demanded permission 
to occupy the Territory of Mogau is confirmed. It 

Death, and the words “United btates of America 
above. The converse ia a finely executed wreath, 
representing all the principal staples of thc coau- 

opeoke of tea diflarcnt breeds of homes in Has- ** WahhiDglon was Persia on the first invitation of the Shah. 

•ia. Sotec oftham art hardv brted., whmk it S rf JforoTtm LyEST-PiRis-Tlmrsday's rfW.afr says that 

. . a. u jectoiatom^ Rovmnient, a lan;e dou ition of England in entcrin? the conference distinctly de- 

IS thmipht, might be lutradnced into the I nited mouey wo^d have b*^made at a complimwit lo dared that site will conform to the decision ot the 
aut«4. The bone in the nurtheriy provmee of "** J'^s'gn.-- majority. 

. . . . , ... • It ww well knoum tbathe Attorn*^ General and Forciun (ommerclal. 

Archaagei m deocnbnd as quite Hnull in •’se, the SecreUrv of War eMertained dilferent o'linions 

but very •tiuug. It u .atisfimi with very coarm the amount of th««x to which Scott Was en- Livzrpooi D.r it 

A- J • ... titled, and that sum adjEljredproiKr bv the Secre- ^ ^ . LiMRpoot.Der. ii. 

food, evon Wllb mOM, never tOEtiOf oata. which tarv of War wa« alloww ul nL Cr»tlou-SaW for ih« five dsys of the piesent were 

. ^ lart oi v>ar,was aiiowfi*. He did not howtver, si.ftwi hairs: i n the loth end iith. thr «•!.*. oamii 

was reported at St. Pplersburg that 50, fKK) Russian try-cotton, corn, tobacco, wheat, grapes, Ac., 
troops are ready to march upon the frontier of the words ’One Ceut In the center. The 

-*. . ........ A,.1w «vlx*Ay*4 4y\s* ntA Ha«ba tA tf VO if TlA rlTlfTieiY 

only objection we have to it is, it baa no rlugiig 

Urath of J. J. ('oddinKton, 

Kew York, Dec. 22. — J. Coldington, 
an old politician of this city and Postmaster under 
j General Jackson, died yeaterday. Aged 73. 

1 A Great Run. — W e were shown a circular 


Ti'Bsdat Eteniso. Dreember 2X I 
TOBACCO— Sales at tbe Warehouses ofU hlulsas fol- 
lows: 13 hhdtof new Tohaccii, lays, leaf, mizwl and all 
iDjurad bv ffost, I each at $4 93, C 93, 7 M, 7 00,7 M, 7 30, 

Kentucky Testimony. 

r. G. MKRSflOy, AfrokaM.nsyr: 
SiMPsosvii.LE.S>lisltrco., Kjr., March 30, 1S33.— "Th* 
German Hitteraziv* zenera. satisfactiua, a-J I h*r*wilh 
liami sou a certineata of .Mr. Murtuu Bcrklt)r, a r*q>*cta. 
bl« larm.r ol tui* ccuotv." 

SlursoN.viLLr., Ky., .March 3d, itui— Sir — “ I 
would ml. irm jri>n that I bar* hi^n afll ct.d fur .*T«ra 
rears with DvsrErsiA in a very aazrTThted lorai. fa 
wh.cb I Hued .Sar>a[>arilla, and ranons other reiamlir*. 

7 10,7 43, 7 73,7 73, 8 13,0 80, 9 40. and 1 each at • 00, 8 00, I without rbtainiuz any relief. From th* vanou* test. 

n OKAIV— Uala. of T M khl.’in lor. of try them. I now state with ptea.ur*. that 1 hrrD«h Bb «k. »ad will W* pi**** to **• our Irwad* aad cnattdu- •*— 1 r~Tiitrnd -.a— Jo ha K*u.. 

.. Vt rta- ui wn . « It ir?. thciru»«l«.a.ujo>-,o»l.*tMrhcartbihaalha„..„.*fai ted P«rch...r* of .coda ruatiaz th. ■*rh«. f>« .tl > l»>4.h„u. 

at S4 30. Wheat— Mill* off o ,1 10 year* past, and cbeerfullir rerommoud th* Bittats Ui all «.'Cki*larr* aad cuaipUic. and wTh hr • •.red al vcty abuv, laad is wall iwpr«v*d a««aMdl,M^ 

Urvnf War, was alloweu. He did not howrver, 
$o uot ripen in that region. underUke to aay that tin decision was wrong, or 

that the S«reUry was Yctuated by other than 

N. Y Porr OvricB . — A \*ce Snecnlaltom proper motives; it was a Here matter of coast rue- 

* tlOD 

Th« Brick Church property, near tke New York i„ r^piy u a qnmition by Mr. Carlisle, Mr. Cling- 
Pork, haa been purchased by th« United Statiw said that General Scut had received abtmt 

government for $450,000, The late proprietor* hjH pa.-s be 

• „ ... would receive about twenty tbonaand dollar* for 

.were Henry Keif. F P. bamea and E. B At ••- nine or ten years bock. The lU gives wfis' Vt' ash- 

ley, who were equal owners, aad gave for H, iogt<» would have received u»t'«rt^ Iqw of 1T96 — 

mn-tR. -i~w. n*75 OOO Tuwv *.k.ut nothing more, and tbe amouit Attorney General 

oon*e months since, $375,000. TUej asked Cntetegsayo he is entitled. 7 he bill paasci i. 

$000,000. Tke building to be erected will be of Humphrey Ma shall moved s siapension of thc 
grpnite, and have s height of three otoncs, and cst»bl^ing a unlfonn rule of 

• . . .. ... .. naturalizaUon to be mads tee Bpccal order for the 

eo arranged with track* that the rati cars can UihJannan. Negatived — S9airaiKtn2 

enter the interior, for the dischvr^ of the mails. 
If piesiMe, thc mails frtm Albaay, by tke Hud- 
eon River Railroed, as well as those from the 
East, will be delivered from cars at this point. — 

iogt4w would have received aai'er the Iqw of IT98— 
nothing more, and the amouit Attomev General 
Cushing Myo he is entitled . 7 fae bill paa^ i ' 

Humphrey Ma shall moved a siapension of thc 
rules, to enable a bill establishing a unlforni rnle of 
natnralizatisn to be mads the spccal order for the. 
14lh January . Negatived — 09 agaimt $2 . 


Tuesday's Proceedings. 

Washinoton, Dec. 23 . — Senatr — M r. Batter 
presented tbe joint resolntionsadopud by the TuCg- 
islaiureof Booth Carolina relative to the foiiifira- 

4i'’<!ir.rerr‘"th« yesterday, containing letters or extracts frem let 

‘pvrolat uu. Th* I ters from more than fifty country merchants and 
m rketrl»-..t film •Oil srarrallr unrliaxcnl. , , i-... . , , 

Bi>adstuff*—Arr rrilorled in adrcliRins teiuleurv, quota- | druggists of the biglMSt respectability, WllO Slate 

ProrisioDi — ,\requieiand uachaiicod. j that Porter’s Oriental Life Liniment seliS rapidiy 

LONDON MONEY MARKET. j and gives univcr al satisfaction to their rusto- 

Londok, Doc. 11. i men. 

I.ondon'moiirjr markp* IS active but lasier. Caiiiol* for I A nersen can indee of the popularit V of the 
ancuuutare quoted at 94. j F “ , . , 

fA.DDiTioNA.LBv THE CAKADA ] OfiBUfttl Liffc LiniiD6Dt io tois city tbe rctBi 

Liverpool. Dec. it. sales, which have averaged two hundred botth'bper 
“ J" w'^^VobIif?mr^'^V m.g ^ Proprietor has occupied the present 

ubbinrt i*ir 7, do uudd !• e 6 11-is. depot and ulc room on Thiid street. Everybody 

RrraJHafi* — Very dull and a derliBinq tendeacy: quota- ,, ,, , . i i-t.- ii 

tiou* nominal. Should Call and get a circnlar, which gives a fnl 

1 l»NDos, Thursdsr evrmDz. ! bistorv of its origin, nse and application, ftc. The ID Ibe mn-iejr market uiiimportaMi I'linrol* . .t j « t 

(ipeut'd a sliadt* lower; rloNM sienjy after uffiotal hourn.— j JlRXnCSOf oviT two tDOUSGliu pcrsODe C60 DC glVCn 
LuDKolt »to,Td 91494. Th* anuounrrmear iha' that the I il.i« linimenf with anpoeua Do 

bank rate* will rimain the tame prudueed nu i-haari. I whO have UbCtl lulS linimeni WllD SUCCfSS. lt€ 

I 10, R 20,0 93,8 30,9 00,9 30, 10 33 It 23,11 23,13 37. 

FLOUR AND OUAIN-Sales of 7 30 kbi* in lor* of 
100anJ230bblzat |3 3i«3 30. Wheat-Hi!ls off.r |l 10 
tor red and $1 13 for extra white. 

PROVISIONS— Sain of 9 300 tiercel of head and lut 
No. 1 Lard at 10c deliverable at New Orleaui beiwvea thin 
and the Ut of .tprll, at lellers option. 

malt in I'ararot your German Bitteis. Iwatinducvd t4 

(tone*, bolt inq e lu' h, irrean wii c. • u. ul mi It* . heltisf . ke. 
(7*A1I orderiproBS'lv at'eaded to. 

azrciA Yo 

B. F. Cawthon, Emi., Louiivill*, K> 

F. F Deatheraze. K-q . 

Meters. Lawtoa fc Pearcs 

Barbarouz a Ss-iw.len Ln«i*ville. Ky 
Glover, A ntlie k •uchsaa. 

Roach k Lone. 

Wm H Grander, E>q. 


W E have removid to tha new atore. No. 423 aouth t*d* 
.w *111 itr**L itoou • ifa'cr bell w Siith, is Reynold*’ 

• *(•*•« ™“»a« whoU iensth *r the *.«• 

4u *u 4- i’-7rte"T,;?^*,;;:rri3*‘3i 

th* :xeM from U* iimun uie, "Pfo-Hs *id* »f 

*15 GAlTH Kk 

stilk*. ^ Si;p C4RB 900A. 

ilemssu. S17<llmkw4 WILoqn. -.lAR filRD k SMITH. 


* *ri.o ord*,. ... 

jH7dlmi^ ^^ N.STAKBtjlp fa gMITH 

r.ioHTrh SAATPETUE^ “ ' 


E ight haai^4 b.z** K.ntiwkj. Mi>**un and Tm 

”ry hraadm is *i.r* aad i»r ^ ^ 

slT4lmaw 4 WILSON, aT AkklUD k^MITH. 

uAirtstl With that trrnble cltseaM '* 

Kespecttulit.yu*irB, MOKTON BFKELCY 
Til Dr. (\ aM - J-tckKun. 
iV. H. FIOG 4- CO. «oy; 

Lcvec. Kf., Auxns* J*18^~**Thc Bittern are all tke 

iieiib-'rhoodvand our peovle thiclc here i« 

ovoa^eiiioat 11 j-«,aim sTOKil Mies »l l,afuyra f^ALViSA. Ky.. Jttue *j. mi.— •• We rejoire to aforM yoa 

131-2C. MolusMs^mall sale of Ch^uadelet Srrap at that tbiK justly ceiebratril me> iciue kos fa !y maiutsiiet 
' 1-2 an Advance the exalte*! rf*MU*Atioa which has been tiven <T. end hsT 

in? teffteU itN Tirtu«8, we uahesicetmrtf mt t emiaeatlt 
WHISKY-Kaw, none m firit hands; we quote at 23 l-2r, deierreh it ** 

aoAdTaiK-e. JA.MKS WARI.^ 

COTTON-Sile iif 13 buletlow muldlinR at It t-2c. tles^o^yom GefaTu 

1 • ON— Sales of Browntpurt Iron No Iat03>. Iin>nmat nleaseil with them! 


Vavcbbubo. Ky. .Sept 10, 1133.— "I hav* nv-.| two hot 
ties uf vourCerai:in Bi'tersin my fam'ly. and am well 

j ters from more than fifty country merchants and OUOCEHIES— Susar- Salasuf lOhhd* New Orl*ant at rax* intluaheixub'.rhood.and our penpl* 

I druggists of the biglHSt respectability, who slate t0i41III-9c; 13 bbUretiurd sujar at 13 3-4c. Coff*e-SsIe« 

I that Porter’s Oriental Life Liniment sells rapidiy of osbar* Rio at ii i-i«ii 3-4, and amaii laiei •>( Laxu/ra S4LvisA.*K»..ioii* 2<i.tz3i.— ••‘w*re|oK- 

1 J • „ „i .hel* eimiu,. atl31-2c. Molastes— Small sale of Carouodalrt Srrop at that this juatly celebratrU me. icin* ha* fi 

and gives univer al satisfaction to their rusto- • the eiaite.1 r-pu-atiun which has been xn 

I mert * m?te9tedit*«Tirtu«8,we nahericetinrlf n 

, - WHISKY— Haw, ooae m fir<t litida; we quote at 23 l-2r, dt'^erreMt ** 

A penien can judge of the popularity of Ine anadTanre. ./af.VKs »V4 K/.v« 

Orisutal Life Liniment in this city by the rctai COTTON-Saleuf i3b«leslowmuldiinRat it t-2c. tIes^d'^voS?G■efn^:|■n’*B*^eV^^^ 

sales which have averaged two hundred botth'bpiT l-ON— Salesof BrownspurtlronNo I*tt3>. lininmat uleasril with them." 

d„.i.«ll»prop,M„b„ «,c,pl.dtL. p„«„. ■■■■?„’“„”— 

de,»t .bJ ulc room «n TUlid strul Ev.uWj SKEP-llc.r „1 .„, „ ,t ,i., 

Should call and get a circular* which givcaa Ini bushel _ j y/ B£RRY omui: 

: history of its origin, nse and application, Ac. Thc Umont iwn. Ky., July 2t, igjs 

^ ® , . . Telegrai^n .Vlarkete. rn iny cures jiertoreied br the use ot Dr. f 

j names of over two tboUBQno perS0Dc> can he given - manHitters.andbelieveittobeavMiaabls 

I who have used this liniment with success. Re- Cussiiwiati. Der. 23. At. ifA'rvoiuP^^^ Jn^i igsi-’ i b«iiei 

! member the place, 96 Third strott mar .he , oit ^ Flour njichuu,*^^^ ..lo. V,*^*,*^ ■*." =* “ * 

! office. n24 d&wtf sale»at23V. H..x* ir3 and lu xood demand a* SO ty«# They are 'ntirriy vrxotahle, free from : 

^•^•r*tlM Fana of whjcb Joba km 

4Md te****^. taTruii w 
•?**“*Y. Ry . eostoikiax shuot 43* metum. turn 
hbuve laad 1* well iwprnvmi r kJjll . 



ismw mimtM WHO (peail oaoreved Mcanfr wil bn 

ISr^kuui’iVsTd 5^.-'- “•* * 

._5.T^!L**te sell.*, the sasaetiae *a4 aleM. »iwe 

•rretary Gktene will at omce afivertisr lor pr.>- 4i®> ®f I*®rt Rr>yal harbor 
pssote for haiidikf House. — M r. L«tcher. from tbe miioritv of the 

*■ ('.4>mmittce on M’sysand Meano, repriA.d u vulisti- 

cr D T. Evoiia, on Ohio drover, was robbed the Uritf. 

.. „ ^ D 1 J U-* Tbe Speaker hud before the Homseth* report of 

•a tee BolUmore and Ohio Railroad, biKween the Soperiatendent of Coast Survey, (Ajw/ug the 
Baltimore and Camberiand, some dav* ago progress of that work dating the past year, 
reheved of tbs snog ’itUe sum of $3,700 ~ 


PreviMu te leaving Baltimore, he hadde|Mssited ^^icaoo Dec. 22. ^T 

$10,00$ in bonk, and put the $2,700 in his pock- ^^mnton. nine miles nor 
•I bosk The ttook was found in Cumberland, 
fatol minns the money Jannory 

A DiaAFFoiimir.irT. — The Hon. D. M. Currin, The Bar 

who has been on tha desaacratic electoral tick- Yore, Dec. 22.-7 

e* in Tennessee at every Presidential election ^’^"4 “^'th* 
aiDM 1$40, and was nover chosen until this year. Total lum. Four of tbe < 

foited, on oeroaat 4»f high water and hod roads, "’**® asslstoi 

. -V v u II _ * a. .1. ^ tempting te reach tbs she 

te reach Nsohvtlle until tbe day after the meet- j^d from the wreck in N« 

•f tea electoral coltege, thereby Itwing his condition. One man die( 
vote emiept through a .nbst.tnte 

Vessel tVrerkci). 1 office. d 24 a*wtf *ale»*t23V. H..x 

New Yore. DN-.23.--The steamer Knosv^ p WooT^^Hair RRsxoRATivE.-Haviag “ 

the bavannah line, was totally des’royed by |lirc at ,,nBi,rce«s'uIlv sundry hiirhlv recommeuded 

her wharf lar nieht Tlie lou ia nlmnt nm **^'^‘* unsuccess-uiiy suiiury niguiy retomnieuuea j,,, market* unc 

oK«..f°nlir «= r, J '* FiOO.OOO, . Mjjalr Tonics” on our own half denuded crown, we Whi*ky brisk at 2«c 

A. I. I. 1 had about lost all confidence in nostrums of that 

A telecraghic dispatch from Squad village statw ! ^ ^ ^ distinguished 

UiBtaUrge ocean steamer, the Lame of which u . " wp iina «pffri thPYP k«. nvi.i. 

igal$3C 5a,incluilinq freiabl. JESSE CsRAST 9rtti: 

LAUD OIL — Scarce and lelliUK al Me wboleeaie. Ibvme* Ky.. J'lm- IMl. — “We ikare lOcrF^dcd m lo 

«lVFn— I'loeer aiIt Dreal nmt Mii.n* e7 7Saa n^r irotlnciiiH' Toi;r H 'odniul Hilterv pbyncian> aad olber 
bPeibU— L lOTer auTuBceu aou veiling at 5i 7548 per purcU i*e them by the half dozeu and dojee *’ 

J.T 4 J Vg BERHr »nd: 

\T , UvloNTiWN.Ky., July 21, 18j2_*’#» h:.i* heard 

Telegrai^h .Markete. rn inr ciires jiertoreied be taeaseot Dr. •nJ'A Ger* 

— man Bittpr*. and believe it to be e VMinabie nie-'iriae.** 

Clxwnratt Dec 23 Al iSAAC MORTOS 90td\ 

, . . . ■ . I HAX rrozo. Ry., Jnlv l*,t8M-’ I h*li*v* yunrGerui** 

Flournnchunged; Males at $5 10 wh**$t la gove apmAn’i OiUers to be a valauble niedinne. It gn*cs4 rood Mlir 
; lull rater, t orn fitiu at 48o50c. Whuky unchanred: f^rtiuo ** 

deeat^lS^'- H»*«» ir3 and »u gi>od demaud a* $8 7y«6 They are ^ntu^lf vfgptable. free from all injnriues in 
L Pork— mess $18. Sutar nrm at W*kc. gredientb*alHa]rsitreQtitheaiBg,4ad aevcrproRrrutingtbe 

^^^J*******’ ^ ^Sold by DTOirgie*!« and 5torekeeoer% in evei» town am- 
Tbe markets uacUan^’ed for wheat, dour, and corn.— TiUare in tbe Utuied State* and by Sutchn> k Hughe« 
rhtftkjrbnsk ai;i8c. Loe.HvtUe, Ky *7^1 dJUwa wpy 

CkNorienATT. Dec. 22. M* 

Flour unchunged; Males at $5 10 Wh**$t la goue deman'1 
■t lull rater. Torn dim at 48a50c. Wlusky unchanred: 
sales at23Sc. H*>rair3 and lu gi>od demaud a* $0 7y«6 
15. Pork— mess $10. Sutar firm at 

POfcn -OFKICK BUlia)INOS, T»bm, o» s*A8 -0».-th.ia^ ,mh»s4. ih* hoUw. 

CORNER OF THIRD A.ND JEFFERBON RTRIET9. *“ ?»rm«ys .to teas iai*..*t fiu« tfa. 

J. J BOY o. Principal v:rml,r‘:f 

AT this .'rdiua-y sppbr alias is 
fvuM SIX to f*n w*«ks I'sa h-* acquires a 

thnrnaxh kaowledK* *f Aer,a*ls,cahranas 
Marcaatila, Fruf*s»UBal,3l*rhsair*l.Ca» 
puuBu ativoula'.iaa aad Stsambust AreouM*. Csaunvr- 
r a! Cal urilioB-;tb* >Bortrsi aad Bant appravtd bs- 
Ih.slssf CalcuLtIms Iat*r**t, Diseuuats, Equattoa. k* 

Th* StuilrBl has Ik* anvil*,* ft rsBaiainq la ih* 

.Vuliool lalil h*t*cls h:ais«li p«r rclly ei b,*i*bi U>t*k* 
ruarxcM' th* Bu ks of aay Mi rraaiii* Mou>**t hlsaai- 

Hour* or Tctrio.v— 9t* 13. a js..3Iu3, r. n .aiiil 7iu 
to, at Bisbt. • 

I uitiou F*«. full course. 911 •• 

Books, ae . 3 34 

991 34 

Good board r*a terirori’ - *d :a Ik* citv at In b $3 OS to 
93Mporw*rk. J J. BOYD. 



iMt ibd moat approved me- rr»e’nt^w ^ '!a 

*t. Diseeuats. Eqiuato*. k* jj ■ p.r«,.. ^ ***^"vd 

M. rraaiii* Homo •> cP-L„,...„.Sl, r,«oer,„^ v 

UU sale aad eaotge lOMo^e. 

>K>DrOR A iiP£ClME!f OF THE 


BALTIMoaa, Dt r. 23. 

New York, Dcr. 23 M. 

Flour D ar'Act s'eady; salas *f 7JO0 bbl*. Wncs* firm 

G£iNljS££ FARMSR, 

BUTAaLiaus* in I8$l 

ffR-TARB'^ aTTiV fifty CKNTii a YKAK, 



be Soeoker laid before the Homac- the “ u I i>oIitlciAD of thb State, whom we had ?cfii three but uemand limited— mica 7ooo bush. Corn decimmc— 


CteTTon — Thc iveeipts of cattaa at New Or- 
tenna at thr last dnlrw were increasing, as we 
■ec hy the Picayune that six boats arrived in 
•ne day with ovM 13,$$0 bales. Of those tha 
UiineT Natebot had 3.630 aad tbe Etelipoe 

^ A correspMutent 4if the New York Tri- 
->e atates that the Metrretery of •ncli State 

^AtiCAno, Dec 22.— The ladies’ *<>miiiary at 
^^moton, nine miles north- of this city, vs, des 
troyed by fire Katorday evening. 

The Iowa Legislatnre has adjourned to ti:i 5th of 

The Bark Tmaae 

Sew Yore, Dec. 22.— The veasel ashore at .<sonth 
Barnegat ia tbe Bark Taasio, of 8t. Job;), New- 
foundland, with a cargo of coffee and logwwii. 

Total low. Four of the crew aud two Kboienien, 
who went to tbeir aealstauce were drowned m at- 
tempting te reach tbs sbare. Thc paxsenporv lau- 
ded from tbe wreck in New York are in a d. --t'toee 
condition. One man died last night from hutger 
and exfiosare. tSeven cabin pareengria who ar- 
rived at Fqnam repot t that tbe Captain mter iiet- 
ting them ashore in the long b'lat retnmea to tko 
ship, where he foand the cabin in posseaaio.'i of the 
crew, who beat him so badly that it is doohtfa 
whether be antTives. 

nroiFnihr Mrsiinc. 

New Yore, Deo. 21. — The eyaiiatbv laeoiing o 
U,t night, in aid of Gon. Walker,' was well :i1iend- 

auoni twonunareii yaras irom tne shore, and pas- t we demanded the iwfj-et oflik iiaoiNNAT.. uee. .-x. r. .n. 

sengeis conld be seen on deck. I he wreckers bad ® ,o. ranee wli»n l.e reudllv -e .rnnled The flour mirkct i* unrludxed with a fair il*m»n.l from 

not town ahlefn hoard her Improved appearance, when lie readily aC. oiinttd therilyilealn*; **lc*of luo at 93 30. 1697 hW. have 

noi ueeu auie lo noaro »vr. ascribing It lo the vlrtuft of Prof. W ood’s tieeti ro'*,ved durmx th* part 9i hour*, wheat w in food 

Iftiir Ri'uioraiive We alinll trv timt next as oiir demiiad at fu'l rate*. Coraltriual 4ta39. Rarlrv i.i xeo.1 
Hair Kistorame. weanau uy iltai next . M our rfrmand at 1C» for fall, oat* are wanted at 49c <m arr val. ^ ^ 

Fire, advsituoag oolomns show It to be for sale in tovn. Wi.mkyraleaSOO bbU»t 23H: marliet firm wuh xoudoe- imported rothi«roun ty. 

8 t lyii 11 Dpt >7 — The eTlenaive eandle faeto- OttiHOa Pret Trader. mand at $6 73a6 83; holder* askinx hixher rales Frov.»- Bisthoff and Honoaise. 4<-ukl^ tnpplr 

1 nc extensive candle lacto- j p— .mla V»v all drweo-iut* iMik-oAn-tf iiin«;m«8*pork held at $17: hut without «!es at ever $lb the widths, from 24 loSOinrhe*. 

ry Ot Schaeffer A < O.. wa» destroyed by fire I a| For sals 0> all ornggisna. iNIKoawil l.-ard firmatlU^. sux*r firm at le^i for fair. Mola»- _ Al».>. 23 piece* semper idem*, ftiil bmled. 

night. liOSS probably $150,000. Insunmce IlOlU I m „ ZT r n ,u u » i »«*. sow, ranxe* from 70t79, the .atter in a reliiil way — ’ .i — • 

ascertained sv , lu uiiiuv.c ^ The Bony Finger of Death has set ita seal coffee unchan,ed. 


B OIL— k M.tKER, I* now prepared to maUDfactni* 
:-reryde*criptiuno; Steam Boilers. Tank*. Hank Vaullv 
Kc.,kt hlt.khop,rura*rof .Ninth aid Water street. Loan} 

N. B.— RvDikirtnxd-aelustil* th* shertre' antic*. 

Referto t towitt as.mnw*. Ianl9dkwly 


T HISdayiereived b Kipreis. IM pier. s lllack Silks, 
eo-nprivax averv frade aad width of the he.i inaks* 
imported 'o thi* roun ty. 



A rERT.tIN. eat*. aa>l -p«*dy car* tor ladiresAivn, 

L At HaaBtersoaMtaotaruy-two Royal Oetovo reav* 

Ci aad !• rapU** With prai Heal asa seteauts - 

Umu wkomt oo4 «ut gr y wiog 'toctimmm . ■ tO« U ott»4 Stot •• 
*5“ ^ r*«a*ar coaiiibatora mm ai fW 

%mm muat •ipwriaocej ororttroi fMm#iA '• ihm mmm^ 
^ ‘••»^hsao4 wua mraatiioi 

ascertained y w .upunuicc .lu,^ ^ The Bony Finger of Death has set its seal I coffee unchufeti 

upon many a fair forehead iu punishment for neg 

lect. Why will the young neglect the Cold and Cotton nmrkat f 
tee Cough; tliey arc as surely ilic pioneers of Cora* 

VA.HixcTON.D.-c.M.-The\\A*hingtor corre* K„n,ption as Day is the foreruuntr of Night. Do I!/***, fz'SiiTush 
spondent of the New York Herald says i.iat the not neglect the slighest Cough, it conies iu the Pork >teaiiy. Be 

dt-mond at IGt for TnU. Oita are wanted at 42c on arr ral. Jl ooTijriYng «irerT grade and width ef tbe be>i loakva 
WiiiFky Males 300 bbU At 23^; market firm wiih gotjdcie- imported jo thiM roun ty. , ^ 

mandat$&7^6 83; holders askine hurher rates Frov.s- HiMChofT and Honi.a:?e. druhle and tnppu ctum in aU 
ion»;m«Mporkheldat$l7; hut without sale- at orer $16 the width-, from 24 to 3ginr hen. ‘ . 

50. l*ard firm at 111%. Sugar Arm at 10% for fair. MoIom- Also. 2i oieces Semper Idems, ftiil botletl. - d ele:;aat i 
sen. bow, ranres from 70 t 72* the .atter in a retail way — Lujiie.ail widt e. 

f'utfee unchanged ^0pi«e»‘s BIsek Gross du Bhines. omengwh . ha:r some 

New York Dec 23, H M of the Chi-spest Silks ever t fferrd le this iiwrkM 

20 piece'!, 28 in full boile«l BUrk Silk*, ai 8 1 per yarj 

imnarttag a neeuav ttme toiae eiomoci. 

Tirrepered and sold by 

Corner of Fifth nod Market etreets. 


For sale by Ornggiets generally. 

Tne proprietor* la olTe ring the»e braced Bitterelo 
The puhlii*. does 40 with every a-euranee of snreeeecooi^ 
dent that it cannoi be snri oseed. Althooge but *ew months 




Cotton nmrkat firm with an advananx tendonev; lales and iii tki.'wid'h they ar* without a parallvl <to r.ert. k t E.YTStortk* aimt e*tobial«d waavlkrtnn*. i. t*. 

COba'e* Orlezn* middlinx* I3>„ up1aB.I*j2ii. Flour do.l DUHKKE. Hti ATH A CO . 1*7 Four.h rtrr.l. Iteaito^^ 

news iliat ordera had been issued to «lop tl-e Nict** n|)rirH»iiine of life, the buav sower of disease. Meet 
ate-imer Tennessee, created quite a stir \nih Mrs. Gardner's Balsam of Liverwort and 

. I*. With decliniDK tfodenev; Kal-t lO.FO bbis. Wh**attlrm, 

T. 110 n4ieg l2*M>Qbu3h. Corn declining with sales of bush, 
in the Park Nteoity. Beef firm, laid dull. Bscoq buovrmt.— 

uvkriticFtiTTtA Iif^ tho htiAiv 4 /YVPi* rtf diftpjt*\p \fi4pt ^ hi$ky firm. NVm Scott roptiiis Coffv*e ftleody, receipts ef 
sprin^lime oi iiie, me pusy ^wer oi aisease. ^ 34 , ow bars, the (ales of the week are ia.o«o 

It with Mrs. Gardner s Balsam of Liverwort and ,^4,1 The present stock is 7Muo bags. Rio9ai0H. .'YurMr 

llo rhuuud, aud all is well, it will depart iDHtanter. I quiet. Molasses dull. Freights firmer. 

General pitman, who had received a letter (;ive it no cordial greeting — it will hang around 
from New York on the subject, called on Si*cretary and finally alarm you of its danger when foiever 
Marcy lo-day to iwrn the truth of the ca.'^. Mr. This celebrated medicine is sold by 

New York Stock .Miirket* 

knew of noBUch orders, WctlL-t A Potter* 154 Waahingtou street, Bistou* 
nordtdhebelievethere wtmany. I General Agents. 

Possibly some general Instructiops might, liave ] Por sale wholesale and reUll by Bell, Talbott & 
gone ont, bnt of them he knea* ntUhing. j /-<„ .53 gouth side Market street, near Fouitb, 

Afterwards. Senator Jones, of Tenoessee, called 
on Secretary Davis, who denied any knoa’Icdge of 
[ aacb orders. 

Tbe Cabinet had quite a protracted 8e^rioD to 

ctk!t & Potter, 154 Washingtou street, Bystou, New York, n.e 23. M. 

•nertl Agents .Stuck* arc f''neruUrleweT amt Jull. Chiraxo anfl Ruck 

For sale wholesale and roUll by Bell, Talbott & 

Co., 453, south Bide Market street, near houitb, ygtii: H> 8G4; Virfmia Sixo*»4; Galena un.l Ohicaxu 
Louisville, Ky. decl9d(iAwl tlRS: En* 6«^, Cleveland and Tol.d* 73H. Sterliaq Ex- 

dec 19 dUAwI 

Great Care after tbe PhYalcian* had Failed. Niw Yore. Dec. 23, P. M. 

r, iq.-e Stock* firm but dull. 

RcssELVILLE, Ohio, Jan. 10, ldq)5. 

Dr. C. M. Jackson — Dear Nir; “We wonlJ in- , 

form Yon that we are out of Hosfland's German MAKRIEO. 

Hitto>r 0 whidi nippt with ptf-'idv Oti#* of our i® ikie e>tT, on December 32n, by the Kt. Hev. Al. J. 

Diners, wmeu meei wnn reaay saie. une oi our ^^14, ^ CH 4 aLE§ whittisoham to Mi$s Katz Doji- 
neighbors has been doctoring uir some lime, (we silly 

think about two years), with all the dwte^^ in the On the9th mst , by the Re Willi.m Holmaa..Mr. Few. 

ed, aotwithsL^iaf the rtomy weatltcr. General day, the subject before them, I understand wu* filli- 
ri busierism generally. They liave come toe, deter- 

Stock* firm but dull. 

Gre«B, Gen. Wheat, and Gen. Green, of Te:;aa. A 
letter was read front Orn. Qaiiman. The resola- 

txinzt ion that they have no right to prcveiit send- 
itg provisions and clothing to Walker, but .my- 
thing else a'hkb looks like fiilibnsteting, .-uch ns 

ieulUtralSocrety will be s«p$lie4lfrote Wash- tfons adoplrnl pledge maUnal aid anO e^i upon tbe thing else which looks like fiilibnsteting, -uch ox neighbors has been d^toring for some tim^ (w^ 
wiih . of G^erameat to send national y-rels to men and-arms th,y are bound to put a stop to. I think about two years), with all the dw^^^ 

With a bushel of Cbuiese sugar-cane Nicaragu to sasUin MiaisUr Wheeler. A cc.llec- unJorsiand that liiePrisidontiiiitlv annr.x i itoitl.o country, but all ot co avuil. He looked as much 

fordiatribatMD aat4»f tbe farmers w ho will 
foirly teat it.aiM) produce seed for the future use 
of the Stale. 

tioa amoanting to $1,300 was made. 

Orders have been rsc.ived fay the Government 
oAciaU te stop all the shipments of arras ar 4 pro- 
visioiM to Gen. Walker. The Ptesidsnl l.:ts situ 

. ,, : — — — — ^ issued orders (or tbe arrest of Cornelios Girrison, lect 

ErTbeLmtiHl Slates Mint offers tepurchare Cfaaries Morgan, and Gen. Walker, to answer for 

A cc.llec- unierstand that tiie Pn sident justly appreciates the ®‘ looked as much dal a C»imp, i J .\ij*. Mary E , .teond daughiir uf Mr 

national advantages arising frera the consamnintion ''k® » dead man going about, as anything wc can w^c Muorcail of omn«,n 

vernment of the great enterprise of connecting the continents compare him to Hus disease appeared to I* an ® 

ar 1 pro- otbmariac t(‘Iegmpb,and that he will shortly <»verttowlng ol the gall. With bard persuation we lkbcit E , daughter of Mrs. Hemet Moore, of suelby 
t tiHfl alto Fi(‘nd a K|>6ciAl ir.chHagc to CougrciH upon the subfo prevailed on him to try yonr_ Killers, with the cuunt/. 

the aid Mpanish and other silver coins and pay ths reizEre of the property of ths Accessory Tran- 
.. , ..w .L 1 . _ ; -t CompsEy, valued at $1,000,000. 

therefor in the new silver come of the latest u- Telgra>hU dispatches from ths caart rrpresent 
ane The old coin will be weighed, naelted and thc gals of Inst night a- being a most fean nl one. 

itroaise fo him if it did no good, we would charge ou the i«ii tart , hy -Re*. i)r. Hui.ev, HicHAan B. Al 
him notl#g for it, provided he took six bottles, EiANoeatoSuiAN HARr.dauvhteroi Arthur H. WaIisc* 
according to thc directiun, which he ba.s done, and Fsq 

is now entirely cured, and has become a will man. On the isth in«t.,hy the Rev. Wrr. iinimAii, .Mr. Johx 

assayed as usual, and paid for ounse for ounce. 
Thia, it is hoped, will drive every foreign coin 
04rt of 4tirculaUon. 

and it is feared that mouy dfsaslera have o carred 
to the shippiag hound ia 

The puMort ship New Ysrh, from Uvarpo .1, with 
390 passsii«srt ea heard, ie reported ashore at Bar. 
iiegat, diteteslsd 

As auktwwu ship is -vs reported asiorc snd her 

fTTbe (^tholic Bishop aud Prieete of New Aa aukttewu ship is —as reported asiorc snd hei 

Jersey have tlecided Urn. it ^1 he an .,ffen« ST.-grfo rLS\:U;.V:S: rS:ZlsTd 
for any nrembees of tbeir flocks te hold a wake aad forther par.iciilars are anxloi’.ly ox 

ever tbe body ef a ds e s a s ed friend, after tite dth pectH 

, , L . JSecand Dispatch . 

flay ef March next. r. ' . - 

Washington Iteuan is now entirely cured, and has become a will man. On the isth in«t.,hy the Rev. Wrr. llolman, .Mr. Johs 

Wa«sinoton, Dec. 23. — Tbe President has This case has created a great sale iu tnis neighbor- C. ksmp to Mi»* amasda C'.SASREv.buth of Fittsburxh 
bronght into market 1 ,500,000 acres of land lying hood.” Bespectfuily, EDWARDS A BROWN. ean»y vama. 
in thc Nurthiiait of Iowa, which baa canscJ an For sale by all druggists in the city. Seeadver- 

active demand for land warranU atari atftance of tisement. declS dliAwJ jJV‘NAP<.L*itoVBM>^UKo,;.f 

3 cfs. jter acre. — RAHBEROEB.uf the fuim«r place. 

The correspond* nt of tie Tribune says that Col. a PERruMEDljRKATH. — What lady orgentlcman On the i8th Rev. j. H. Haywood. Mr. H. A 

Spencer, the newiy appointed United _StatrsMar- „ ,iw.„„„„i.t. CosANx.of st. Lou:,.to w,,* a. L. Si.a.s.of thi* «ty. 

At the Smaroffue* Loumville, Ky., on WedneflUiv, the 10 cas«^e Biae Apple C 

17th in$t ,at fio’clock F. M * br the Her B. H. (ootthelt. 2 euNkn Uermaii Priu 

Mr Nap<'LKo:« B. (3osLiKO,of New YorkqtoMiffs Fb.\ncss ju»t rece.ved aad t'er sale Uy 

deo tdaw .. bet. Maikat %t (I J-*frt«ua. ' 


VE.\IT1Aa\ BLIAD .^AliLU. 
NeC I. Third aear Alai» 

g|7 d g w ^ 

C rHRANTS,tc-^ 

2 c Ai>ks uew Carrante; 

2 (Jo do, old erep; 

10 drums Sultana Raisins; 

2i ruses tAenoA ritron; 

20 boxes Layer Kaituot; 

1*8 do M-*K. do; 

20 half boxes do; 

AIwivs tor Side bv DOWNING RhO.p 

dec^daw oppo->iteth# N- ' Huoee. 

N ~uf^ixr 

lUoO pounds Soft-shelled Almoadt 
do Puper do d«»; 

^ do Haid do do, 

i 6c0 do Brazil Nats; 

I 6M <*o Filberts; 

j do KnxU h Waloats; 

19 bbls Texut Pecans; lu stors an <«r rale 
deqjtlliw DOWNIN G a B WQ 

( "“'tU \TdHOPS, kc— 

Y 1,900 pounds assorted Gum Drops, 
ioo do fancy French raB>!^ ; 

1,000 do huisr 1 aud k roatf, 

100 do Fiff Paste; 

ItO do Cream Dates. 

The above have just been r«c«'ived a»4 sr< el. fr 
and we will sell thim lo«$ todealers. Gl^e l. aettli. 

DOWNI.SG k j;.iO * 
eurntr Second and Jefiersou s', reels 
dee5daw oppo^tt* the N es* H« ise. 


i roses Prune- m Riass, 

I do Dried Gififer; 

.** du Preserved Giuzor; 

I9d drums new Fizs; 

10 cases Pine Apple Cheese; 
i cuNks German Prunee, 

sl9 Caazbdlyisawtf A. STEWART, Propnetor* 


SILVKKWABE. No, 4*3 Mils rt.**!, b*tw*qa 
FourthanU Filth. Lu*i>viil*. Ky. 


eoa*taatly k**,asiR4riuiulA**onaMat oa .haaal. 

roc*w«qta**a.qsahty sa4 *qa*uiy *Y toM, Mw«r 
of raloiotas uoth as4 tuo*. Jalicaaif *0 
■*ch*ai«to, renvelMu vf te*h kuA 
•frromt SarohitUr, 


Pisa* Hall?r1k7tH Faurth rtra*« m*ur Ta* 
4llJiawly ^ .mmmM.imo. 

Haviux SDlabli.hiHl *» OBSERVATORY aa4furi*aa-| . „ _ 

editwiMi th* D*c*.aary Artruauniiral lartrua*al» to I I.WW .KCKErt L-X^D VOK MA l.K. 
t«kinxilailyohqervat'..u»of th*h*»wnlyboili**, toobtota I IN U*iu* «««■•. ix. 

sccsfAl* luu*. srtmm* ralruatiax ih«ir Watch** to our I li 

CAi* may rely upon havtBxi*** r*xu;»t*<1 with ttoxr*au I .. _*'*’*.(‘^*/.^****“: *• 3*»tU*a*aa' 

**:a:c*ty FLETCHER h BENNCTT. ^ 

9k, V;«U»tu«e*»at^Itv.. rear tto OhM jt* 

5^* riv*Tb*«to**.a» f*nu*a*oa ' 
a th* Slat*, th* ,rowth o4 tiorttor h*tre htach wol- 
■oA, .uq-jr-lr**, ha*hb*>rjt, hox *l4*r, to. Tto imrerev - 


I hereby eertifyUut I have this t ay mode acareful ei- Thera ora twelve feet el iranere.and two voi^iT^riL 

nnunation aad edjofltBent of the TraoMl Ia*>ir’ memtia ef eoai— oue ef thoa the rarae oe the Muiic»rd -» i-Jv. 

puflseseioD ol Messia. Fb trher k Beaee^. of thwcity, liew verae — tM>w msueeoealki opera* loe. We hove ebingB. 



r^ttfllc* currrr Mom ouU Bullitt sti*ct*. *rc*to 

•tory N*weumh'* Builil ma. •u'rasMO* Mo.a «t I 
'I'HIS Cumpuy eostiua** to noho Inoraac* *xii/ei | aivr* 

1 th* (Mrti* *1 aavicatam <>■ Ship*. Stoomhowt* .to ~ 

iretoeioraiue the preswM, we dees further 4e«isne9flea 

Address to Ra eizh, Uoion rouaiy, Cy.« 

Bh2l iMkwtt T- nwi JOHN WEIGKE. 

vifatKNi on Ships* SUnabuete hi« JOH^ IE IV'TW M: d'A 

oi^inst LoeebvVira on Vessel. end ikl ■ 19 « CO.e 


rRABlE,PT*»i4*sK XYtot. bstwMu EsurUi uu4 rifllt. 

A PbkfumldBrkath. — W hat lady orgentlcman 

Second Dispotek. 


in a few days. He It: t not yet been confirmed, end breath when hy using the 0/ a rkousai.a 

1 lure is some talk tUrow'ng him over, on the Pioiccrs" ua a dentriiice would not only render it 

1 lure is some talk tUrow'ng him over, on the 

gruiind that he i.^ not pro-slavery 1 iiouqli. sweet butleavc the teeth white as alabaster.' Many 

i lutelligeiicc W.IS receiv4-d by the last steamer i„ 1,. „ .1 • , .1 • w 1 1 -u 

111 ;t at UieKiir legation they are giving as- »>ad, and tbe 

■ance that tliuticli Kiiglond bad heretofore re- subject is so delicate their friends will never men 
a < to take part in a new European Congro.-<s. or tioa it. Tour a single drop of thc “BaIm”on your 
di- ti-sor revi- the terms of a former one, this tooth-brush and wash the teeth night and inoi ning. 
rpuM* iia;4 Um nnTODsj(icre<l .Tml Khe will Ih* re- . aa a i -Yot ^ ^ 

I '4 iiti-tl nocordiiiply. Au intimation wan ucent- finy cent bottle will Iasi a year. 

oonve;o;l! » oao of the imba«aiea herr ilmt if A UsAUiircL Compllxio.v n*ay e'ASily be ac- 

17 AJ tbe iMt a«Uw from Memphia— 17 inat., tber particklatv from the wreck at ihirDo^t.' The 

9P.M — Itis hardiv possible to ofatsls anv for- ' T"'''*''" teat tliutich KiiglxiM bad heretofore re- 
ler particulars from the wreck st Rarrem t ' Th*. I ’*ke part ni a new Eiirop_ean 

weiKtly 1.5 TO barrels of coal in the market, 
orhsch waa seluaf at $1 60 par barrel 

ETAl Dubuque, Iowa, it is statM, anow has 
fsUrn te an unuaiul depth — in many places 
flhfted for miles to thc depth of f tu iteen or (if- 
foet. The Etreams are frost n over hard and 

jiarket ship New York 4 ashore at a point thirty 
inika distant fiom the tehsgraph atalion .tnJIhe 
r4>ada ar* impsasable. 

an unuEtzai depth— -in mauv places WisBixsTOit, Dt:c. 31.— Mr Rumnsr is expesteil 
•I . .c J -.a -X X- to arrive hers to-morrow or mxt day. Thi rooms 
^ tetlp* depth of ftu Iteen or nf- fn^nierly cccapied by him bare been cagrgeil for 

The EtreaEM are frost n over hard and him, with directions thstthey be got ready for bit 
d the team, pare ov« them with a. much 

to 500 mcmbeni of tbe Fhiladclphia Ksystone ritili 
J as thttuflh the ice was franitE rork h«re been engiaged for five days on tb« oscurioii of 

— - the inauguration of Presi leaf Rncbanan 

till -( iiti d ncrordiiigly . Alt intimation was iicent- ■' "*“t ooitie win last u year. 

iy eonve; ed t ) one of the emba-wiea hero iliiit if -V Btao rircL Compllxio.m oiay easily be sc 

<.iir tlovernmcnt would 1 xptess the desire, England quired by u.singthc "Balm oj a Thousand Flow 

BzHBSROES.uf tbe fuiiuBr place. dec3ofcw DOW NING a B RO 

On the I8th mst.,br Rev. J. H. Haywonl. Mr. H. A *1 » I'rriAV ITit trUL' DI'UI IF" 

CojtzNT.of at. Louia, to vlii* A. L. tbi* city. C.AL 1 lUil Iv lIlCj TlDlilv* 

In the Firit Cumberload Hretbyterion Church, Novem- mjaVINO a Jeep interest id tbe wcllare o! the ealiTe 
her 30th, 1836, by the Hev. Je»*. And.r*oii, x ev A. M. XX cuuuuuaity. we take the pre.ent oapa.lun ty of eai- 
Newm*N,oI Miss Js.vnu: K. F RRLCR.oI thi* tiumni^ tbe:u la^warehow ttieyaredrccivcU in lacir pur- 
Gity rUoieuf G'KhIs. Nut aday pas.e* but wh • t w a:'* tol4 

On the 27th of November, at the residence of The.xlore by erere* ‘ f eurtomer* that they can buy all k:> .1* nf Dry 
Oeniiiii**, Ksq . eatarocl.Iud.. by Rev T. S. Millirvn, .Mi. GimkJ* and Carpot. rheaper uf ui than fr. ci t lUie who 
JOIL Yager to Mis* IiEBBCCA Clore, both of Oldham advertise to' tell off at emtur otherwise.” 
eouaty.Ky. We have the larqest as.nrtmeat of the abov. Go- 4* la 

n. fk.oTi), h.tha n*. Ilaerv nnaioin Mr How- the We*' , amt Died qe ourae Ive* to tell I hem r :.r .ner all 

ar^NulTrr. mTora. dau^hUr ■‘"7 •’> «e.«hhor, uoJ.r an . 

of J. F. Griffin, of ihiiicity. SilksanU Dress flood* of *V' ry varuty; 

At Charleston, In liana, en th* 31*t m«t., by the Rev.R. l. ii;i-e. .:mtir.>'der.e*. Man';ker.-hiql», Coll .- , 

llainn.u**. He A f.rm.ely *|- Moeylre.l. to Miee AlHtliid* of Jac.i.iet..Swm .Muilir.»,*nd t.*D.lfT»; 

S iM.oBly daaibler ut Mr. and Mr*. H*t«r D. Talbnrt, of Cloth*. Cassimei**, % ertifta*. FianaeU. ai_. 
Louisville Ky. Husierv, Glove* n<l UnUciwear. lu allvra.i t 

would immedutcly fill th^Rcant mission rr*.’’ Ii will remove f-i«, and /rrrl/i:* J 

Rise Ip. lews Lanils Ironi the skin, leaving it of a soft aud roseatte hue. in thiseitr,onthe23iiii 

Wamiixoton. Dec. 23 — Tbe financial circular a towtl. pour on two ortLiee drop.«,aud wash 
of Sweeney, Itiltenhonne, Faut & Co. says that, the face night aud morning. i, ■ i i, tiVtsVj^RrE'GRAY to'c; 

the I’eenident biiving brought into mat ket I,5(K),000 Sh.avino Made r.Asv. tVetjourshaving-hriish and »li'iu««ippi Railroad. 

Rise Ip l*wa Lanils. 

the reenident bnving brought into mat ket 1,5(K),U00 

I acria of land l)iiir north of Iowa, lies given rise to either warm or cold water, pour ou two or 
®‘ 1 eu active denttiiiil for land wariauts. The circnlar drops ol “Balm of a Thousand Flowers,” rn 

■7Tbe Maysville and I/evington RailroEd Cof 
w 4irfaiiisati<iii) met in New York <m Tburs- 
K and elected Jsfan Ross, of the firm of Btto- 
, Koes &Co , President , and Blakely Wilson, 
-if Cnnamann di Co., Setn^Kaiy. 

CrThe New Otiesns Delta says, “The assas- 
•matiou of Eitiasn* hu now boEome •*> common 
Ifant report -rs fer tbe daily pspers searcel y deem 
bem Ytorth an item ” 

eta lot of {round in ftt. Louis, en Main st., 
faetweeti Locuet aud Vine, was aeld on Monday 
t suction for $1,715 per fool 

Barks Asfasre. 

Boston, Dec. 22. — Biuk Zoloff, from Cayenne 
went ashore yesterday, near Salem. 

f uottrt an adraure of 3 cts per acre. Warrant* of lieard well and it tvill make a beautiful suit lather 
120 arris are selling at 02c and those of IC'J and luneh facilitating the operation of shaving. I’rice 

Ittenus. In thiseitr.ontheJSilmst.. CheiTopher Pleacelrt, 
ud wash K*q , in the 71*’. year ot hi* ace. 

Ill I.awrvncaburr. Iiid ,on Ybur*day evemn:, D- e. 18th, 
1 . 1 . Mu>* Fasnie Gray to C*pt. Jsssr Mojrk, 01 the Ohu 

Ig-lirilOO and 3li'*i*sippi Railroad. 

or three in Mctiuna'.d eouDtr. Mo., oath* 13th of 0*tnber,Ui** 
rnb the Mary JasI .VlATriELD.ayedlSyeais and 19d*]S. 
ft lather to ,>lontKO;nery eoanty. Mu., ou .Nov. 3<1, Mr* MaRY 

lOOBcres are selling at 96c. 

7'lii.s morning the cnid is more intense than haa 
been experienced this season. The thertnoiiieler 

only Fifty Cents. Fctridge A Co.,l’roprietors. 

For sale hy J. 8. Morris A 8ous, K. A. liobinson 
A Co., Bell, Talbott A Co.,Loui8vilIe,Ky., Scribner 

IQ lYiomt^inerj rwuniy, .ftu.. uu axut. 

Ass White, wije of .Morxaa B- WUite, lad paushter of ^pHC unUersicned, behevmi^ ke cua offer q ia«ual in* 
the iete kein5mi Marmaduktf. of Kj. k doremeutA to buyere of KCADY-MADP t.'l.oTH* 

. w, . ,r *W *tot * 4 . . ING AND PIECKGOODS.whokaveaotyeimaetheir 

InMt, Sterlinir* Ky., on the liUi mst .of lyp..oid f^er, g#.iectioiif tur the Kail season, take* this meti* hi uf calU 

[r*. Lizzie 4*****V®*'*\'^1** Apperwn. Csq , iny yuuf ixttentioa to the pr**fent c< molete ar>! rxrelleet 

J I the second of Mr. J. S. CbenuwetU* uf ihi sssurtment ot his stork, wUirh he behevee Of .at this 

fy* mumrnt* un'Orpassed in the We*. era eoun k those 

L m! 4‘$* »*:mbrrderiee. H AQ’lkrrrhif I*. Culi , 
AilKiiids of JacAiiict:<.Swi«fl .Ma-tlir.Sjetiti 4*eekitr»; 
Cloths. Caosimeies, Veatiivt*. KiaaoeU, *u*i 
Hosierv, tolove* n<l UeUttwear. im al1/ni<i s 
Prtuts. cottons, Linen Goods and Tickmc 
Carpets of every de<cr.ptioa; 

Witu.ltQfs. GtveiJ’. tad Fra* 
cures; OiUClo(h« from 3 feet to 21 i(tt4ftide;st 
mmnafortnrers* prices 

ULHKKEy HEATH k CO . int Fouith U , 
deriyiAw bet. Morkei sed Jefferson. 


r|*HE nmlrrsizned, belicvinq k* c:ia uffer u iu«i:al lu- 

lli*ir Cargo*, : al«u agaiart Lu**by Fir* ua TrsaqlaaoB 
S:*anibual*,baiUiK aad is port, aad Hqa*p«aadCoat«a'4 
JA.S TRABVE,PT*«i4*at. 

Arean HiTR.'Seerrtary. 


Wai. Gar; Wa. Gama. 

3m- E. lirtad. Too. W AaE*r**a. 

Ja* S. Lithfow Wb. Hugb**, 

Ja*. B. Wildar, Lawrauc* RishaiUasa 

Bh3di»awly^ _ ^ _ 


|j IMri-u** blaochc.l t .ttou, a»* jrtad Uraadi: 

23 d» do Diithng, 

2 do .klati: do. 

3E do t.9,18. ll.aad 19-4bUaca«d tfa**tiag. 
Junt r*r*ived aad fur ,*i* by 
d«el6 dk w J A M Ed LOW a CJ..4I8 M aia ,R*mI 
^HOETHRE.tD— TMIb* la.t r*c .ivad aad lor *alo by 

dveltdkw tl* M«.a atioot 

F ancy prints— 

Z3d caaotPriat*. a**art#d braaJ*. 

19 4o do, aoidaoiori, 

1 do du, olack aad «hr», 

BvsMvad and for*a *by JA.MBai LUW a CO.. 
daeidd'W 418 .Maia«B*at. 

O Hess' bV fT4> .N S— ■ ~ 

2*8 gr»*« V*lv* B'ii loa*. aavortad awlor*. 

,'M du Ula** oo, do 4o; 

MS do Gilt do. <l.> da; 

Jn>i r*c*ivod aad for talo by 
dw ISJaw JA.A'FS LOW a CO . 418 Maiartreoi. 


'iE8 fTO*« ISN't white; 

3W du do a**ovtod ; ! ..'a, 

Jnrtmeivvd aadforsalabY JAS. LOW kCO., 
dorltdfcw 418 Maiuvtraqt. 

W » ».AYt ou hato atoat BM.88E wreak af tea aad 
Bodiaaqaauiv Sold atoB.vor Wa4cto*.tto anae*- 
pal pa« ml waicb ara mada to are oaiar at tto lawretorek 
Pnre*. aad will bo MMd a* tow rettoyoaa ** aaiatoaad 

aart waaywb*** all* Bayar* wil. ted it tolkiar advaa- 
taireto fiv. a. a oall J4>H.N K TT9 a CU . 

dacE wtf .Mato alr rei, bat *aretii aaS Fifth. 

R I V B B S I D E M B d ^bTeY. 

NKAK louisvills, kt 


T HBatocrkoffPTuilTrreoiattos* NuavriM are *•*« 
■aeb *zt*ad*4 mac* taat •pnaa. aad tboo* . 

OI plaatiaE this fall . aa bo faraiabed 'oira* wiik itnano- 
‘••'’•etiure lurproRarT 
tioa of tbo *<h 1. plaatiao,reqaia 9 . he . bv *44r*re totto 
ruaocribar Ibroagh t toVifairv.T* PooioBcr^ * 
Ovdar* fiirlrMaaboaMbu lorwardod a«*u*BasD*aMblo 
to lasnra bnes vmnetien. ’ 

«Y^«f • 
rvBukablv 8*0. aad eabr**wo thirty ai iho aret favreito 
kiad*. i»l3'vlQ OR1I9BT HITB 





That you nay r«alix* Ike advaat*** . f ib* abev* **al*. Matrimony Maifo Easy; at. How te W in \ I EIEI 
■•a'.rallat Om volaa* of M8 pare*. 39ato. Pnaa $ 1 . Fvntod va 

thairert papa* aad iliuatra:*4 la th* 8a**a ttvl* u* art 

*****”"’ in a .sbeUered position. The wind is I A Devol, New Albany, and all Druggists 

yt«erd.y . PaRsengers sat ed 

fafalp ftaw York Aaharr. | 

New Tore, Dee. ‘22. — Ths |>asasngers on boaid 
tbe psektt ship Kew York. Rsbore at Baniegst, 

Run Into. 

Cape Islaxp, Dec. 23 — The pchooner Julia 
Frances. Capt. Weeks, from Bt-aufoit, North Caro- 
lina, hound tu New York, loaded with navnl stores 

ttovq all b4^en ^ely landed oo the beach. 7'lieship i was run into on Sunday night at 12 o’clock, and 
lies bead on tbe beach full of water and the s.a ] sunk in about lOn’rautcs. The crew took lo the 
making a breach oyer her. We have no farther { vawl boats and reached the light ship onPive- 
partk-nUrs from tbe other wreck. ' fathom Bank. The idiot Iteat Whilden hruagh* 

apl deodmAeAwly fa 

The ifrriit Ruiaiuii Remedy. 


J®-" Every mother should have a box in th 
house handy in case ofaccidei.tsto the children.’’ 
RediUns's Klissir. Salve. 

It is a Boston remedy of lli.rty years standinf 
and is ecommended by phy.*iciaus. It is a sui. 

Mr*. Lizzie C. AppKajo.sf wii* of W W Apprr*.m. C*q . 
ant the *ecuu(l dauqli'.er uf Mr. J. S. CbenuweCb, uf thi 



r te THERE a l*rz* Mock aft 

mfev k* fvnm mmtmW te 


It Machos kn w to aato lad too .>r 

Cu the I7lhuf Dereinber, 1836, Mr. Maxwell Hcstos, I whuknow how t.i di*crimii ate bvtwecs th- worthieva I "akazte” canet. uthera with toe*. I C' 

nuiy b* l..iiad ir 
aaioeti.'B. saii« 
tl*ai*a'« wqor 

of pneumoiua.ageil 68 years. 

At hi* renidence. in Philadelphia, ua the tveniag of the 

tra-h with which the marhrt n*eu to b* fl ..mIvJ, and 
thuruughly made. neatly and amaothly fioishe.1 larment*. 

baekfo' EtmialurM. idkers taatooleil aad sat with dia. 
lat.ud*, itevariuns .ither style* wnrthr uf attaatioa; alt 
uf wiuch fl- warraato t, aad olferad oa 'air tora*. 

To tkoae I'Wkmz fur Chnalaa*. Now Year, aad Br*dai 
preaeat*. I would call attaatiuaiu ms * uf 

ai..*t of which lamaaufacturrd toto special urdor. aad 
at* of th* varv la!**t itytao. aoch a»— 

Fitckar*. (Ub'*l*,<'ap*. 4'**ter*. 

Spoua yu**,.<lalt-C*fl*r*. 

3‘iA. Fie. Cake aail Fruit Kaivr.; 

Fork* and Spoua* uf very dvM-r.pti*B. 

Otk*r* Bay pr*f» r i<« a prawat a k*i.u-. la* i>i*co *f 

8th of December, t's36, al an advanced age, JoH.s BELRu**, **lj <>“*• *“ 

teiitiiin tuall .be necessary minutis »r Iha tnuu.ihecoa- 
, " u , iumercanbe funush-d with»ri*»T-*ATE.BAUABL* aad 

la till* city, on the 9th i"*t^ William Thomas, eldest tasty garment, at low- r prices than interior .i ii. ;•» are 
aoaof DaaieliDd Cnthann* Batmaa, m the 6th year uf ,cllingfur. 

bi**f*. Cull and examine, nr seml yonr order*, and ' nwillflad 

I variun* <>ther *ty Ir* wnrthr uf atteatio**; all 
I- warrant* t, aad offered on 'air torm*. 

; .uetten fo r *1,715 per fotft 2L-n.'::choooer Emily John- i 

— , . 1^4... ve— son, from Belli moie, Ririred yeRlcrdaj in a leukv 

Kuw Yore 1teu*.-A letter from Nf w Toik B,,, expirieuced rery we.thar, 

firss tbe foll4>wiufr items ef uewp hftd her EspUin was forctil to throw tAuilH ird 

Tbe Pfp4to»a, trfao uppetr tojbe flourishingly fash more than 3,000 bushels of wbest Vo RTuid foaiider- 

Muuble, held E ffiuBd RiuEtenr efasrity ettneert at ing. 

the church corner of Fifth Aveaue Eud 35th street , Ths stesaier Bornasia, which Isft HsmLurg on 

fathom Bank. The pilot lioat Whilden hroaght »«*<! speedy cure for Burns, Piles 
Iheni here from the lighl ship. The schoouer’was ®""’ “"1^ 

run into by a steamer, which iiroceedeil on her ^«ver isoros, Ul .ru, Itch, Scald Head. Nettle Kael 
eonrpc, pruhalily not knowing what damage had hy nurses 

been dime to the ichooner. ^ hitlows, 8ti^,Fes ers Flea Bifo^ 

Frozen I.imhs. Salt Hhruni, Bcnrvv, Sore ant 

The tVsalher. 

Cracked Lips, Sore Nose, Warts and Kle.<h Wounds, 
it is a most valnahle remedy and eure, which can 

In New Orleini.on Simdav.lhe 13d tnst., at half pa»t It ‘“i"" , 
o'elistk, A M.. M ART Kllbh. youagert child of William Term*-* moat n»creu 
H. uud Kllan Palmcr.sgid 10 munth*. -j 

On the loth mil., It tbe rMulsnc* of Dr. Martin, jast o73 ’ 

above New M'idrid. Mo., of mflammstion ef tU* bowel* ^ g — A splendid sti 

Mr. Miller FrRUUSor, *n old citizen of Luoisvill*, *.*d at very uiudera.e rale* 
46 year*. 

At his residenre, m J*ff*r*untown. Kv , on Setnrdav, THE ISOl’T 
Dec. 28th, ul Typhoid Fever, JoSBPH P. Ftsk, in the 44tk ..,,d cnvi-v riK- p i 
ye»r *f hi* *ee. I F " r.o I. for,.'. 

Call and exemlne. or *eBil your order*, and ' nwillflad 
till* assertion fully carried oiit. 

Te rms— 6 moat hscredil to r*spon>ihl* morrhsat * . 


No. 78. William street. New Y'tR, 
o23 No. Ill Main .trret, L^nisvill*. 

N B — .K splendid stukof PIECE GOODb tu bo sold 


It t**ehoo iKvw to mako tov*. 

It toae^ ovory ey* to term a konnly of ita mrnn. 

loactootiMilha aiad oi w;m toaoloci to raato* homo 

Dgltro* atoire to tfaa tovar wfao hu baaa anon tiuly at- 
reptad ^i*rmaet*« alYarward thrsiaqh tto lalorlsr- 
•06# fn#Ma. 

It givre a wtoitp for quiaqaiito krea 
RgivuayuaiaatiwetioaetohoaaiifYiao tbo poreaa. 
How to hare a ha a di n re* fare aud hauJa 
How loremovaua aaiifiecftHa 

iPTiva*. .tdvtretolirenadlto. 

•Im* aad Oonttomoa. 

of *ay Baqk .alto UaiUd Stataa ar Caaad^M- 

JEWELBV I AHthat *a aa e **»a r y for ■ aa to do i» to wtWa a lartor la 

I so.eall ahieh I am addiBfff I ^ wo»»* aa pa**iblo. lutooto* OH« DOLLAR, aad 

19 n«>w rsttdy forinspsctioii tnti*« tra«l«. 

tkechvrcb corner of Fiftb Aresue ud JMh nrm. 
Et wfaieb extracts from hslf • do*eu operas were 
■na| r to exceUeut style, we believe. One of tbe 
pa^ publisbeE the numes of the slnirers, and 

the 1st inst. . Arrived hers tnis morning. On the 
19tb iust. she ran into the ssboontr Indnstry, from 
BsUimore, fur Halifax Tbs schooner wai sank, 

Baltimorb, Dee. 23. — Weather inlcnsidy cold be testified to bv thoii-ands who have used it in the 
this morning with snow Jailing. Tbe thermometer city of Boston and vicinity for thc last thirty years, 
at 9 o'clock stood ot 14 ® and at 1 1 o'clock at 18 ° Iu nu instunce will this Faive do an iiijtir.v, or in 
above zero. terferewith a physician’s preseription.o. It is made 

Holloway’s Pills 

Why are you sick? These celebrated PiUf> arc tbe best 

la rezaril toqaaotity vre aever had os lart*' aa asoort 
merit, and 09 ti» auality oar G«>otN never were maweapas 
weilqDor as perfect, ti’*r 09 testr os i» »ur pre«»*i,t >*tiiclr . 

We hove always oimetl at perfectuMi as far;t tUiuoahle 
in the produrtioo nf ttur stork frem »ea»<Mi Neosua 

ecery few day*, direct frera the nanefertur«ts*oi latees | ywf ^he aorae w,ththe e. ee— <y gi 

stales sod BoNt deN.rable petteras, oi wsieh foi cob I f llOFlC3ii>ft RON 

jodie h««t hy roltiBk * 0(1 ezomimiat lor soorself at ray i FwhliAher Ama 

store. 71 Third street, hetweeu Market o»d Moia. 

: ^eezndkw WM KENDRICK. 

criticM tReir performanesN freely; another hat bar crew were saved and Uken on Ijoard ihc 

anHCEU agalBEt •®<'h pabliestifaii, and uidnlrcs in steamer 
w remarks relfltive te what the “man of the 

l U eraess” would my te such goifags on In a Bap- 
tist ebdrefa 

W* have two more snicides to record. Wm. 
LitUe t04»k araraic it coBsequenoe 4»f ilepressloo, 
aad waat of empfoysreat Jane Tooney, alias Sef- 
oBly IB yean old, took laadanam at 101 Mer- 
er atract She was aa nntortanaU coartiean, aad 
the act la amomeatof desperaiioa, te 
of whieh Ehe irmi Euliject. Both tbe above were 
iweEfaf New Ttwk. 

Nalfaaa Bsags, Jr.. 4>f tbe Arm of Bangs, Broth- 
I fl CE-.aadEsoa of Rev. Dr Kstban Bang*, 
•cd aa Tacaday, of erysipelas He wee 43 yearv 

fgrThe Jonrasl of Commerce rays 

Last flandto, qre believe, was tbe first raiay San- 
y (tai KewTork) aiaoe tbe ‘iOUi of April— a period 
33 cooaecative weeks. 

Rnpreme Coart. j 

Boston, Dec. 23. — The Supreme Couit hat 

f lared a temporary injunction upon the .\pplcton 
nsnrance Company of this city, on the application 

SoBthera Mall Items. 

Philadelphia, Dac. 2h — The Fruidentitl K’.ec- 
ton of Alabama, after casting the vote of tliat 
State unanimous'y, rcEOBiEisaded Wm L. Y.m< y 
for a post in tbe Cabinet of t'lS Prasident cli :'t. 

The Iieg'Slature af Soatli I'arulinE adjooiucd ou 

insurance Company of this city, on the application others who have used it themselves uudreroinmcnd 
of the Board of Insurance Commissioners it l« others. Redding's Ru.s.sia Salveis put in larg 

tin boxes, stamped on the cover with a picture i 

The Savannah. * horse and a disabled soldier, which picture is ah 

New . Al'.-TheSavaiiii.'ihw.ts oi eof VrI'i’JHV 

thrSuv-nah line ol Kteamshiii.sownnl hySaniiitl L. ,, . jP r>u iJii TuU 

Witchcll. She is said to have liccn the fastest ves- . Jfofofls®® ^ t Tit hott A t o.,1. 4 

terferewith a physician’s prcs< ription.«. It i.i made ""'Oy “>' p<>»*re“:fl fur the temuial of di.- 1 v'f«nou 

Irum the purest materials, front a recipe brought *»»r;t“*r'eillcurcLivertump.*int*And Dv»p«p«i»iii* 1 tu **«ur* onr customer, that Ihr 

from Russia— of articles growing in that country— “• »"n>e<i>»triy hj » <cw pioNEKR CLOTHING KSTABLISil \l FXT 

aud the proprietors have letters from a" classes, of <hi* wonderful medicine. will agambrertbe ralm over allit«c»mpeti:<r, **ev*r 

Clergymen, physicians, sc.3 captains, nnrses,and »t th. mAunfai ton**. No. 8^ Sd.mriTh;.7"UTllhS .^r'.ure. 

s« l nf htr .size running out of New York. She was 

Thc President has reaocnizEd Leopold Schmidt by Wm. H. Wchh, at a ewt of about S2(X).000, 

as Ceosul fro* Hadm at sad Riohard Mulloney ““<1 «**' ®“'y *’^® ®''^ 

at (kinsol from Badea 4 l Kmr Tork “ ‘®fo* '®“ There is only about t^l00,d00 imrared 

Ths Aaserlra- BMW 

Hai.ifai, Dec. 22, 10 A.S.— Vhe missing iteam- 
ship Ameries bfls not yet be«n telegraphed below. 

No New* oTthe llaltic. 

New York, Dec. 23, P. M. — There is no news of 
the Baltic or lierniann. We had about three inch- 
es of suow on the ground this morning and it has 

^il!e; ScnhncrA Devol, New .tlbany. 

Ay Cost — Thirty thousand dollars’ worth 
Fanev and Staple Dry'.Goods«t cost. Miller 
Tabb, comer of Fourth and Market streets, aie 

Tork, aad No. 344 Strand, London; and ky si) d rare 191**1 
Ific. bl^c., and $l per box. d/T wl 

l^ ATE \M) (0\FIDEM1U 


J\ lished tor the curv uf ^yph 1 ltB, ScmmalWcokiip^fl and 
sbe Infirmitu‘S of Youth mod Hstanty, by Dr A *fOS k 
SON, BuU'aiu, N Y Offieucoriier uf 5Iaia aad ^uay bte- 
(up stairs.) 

An mstniment for to* ' ’ FN'TION. 

pruperljr kauno *' - car* of Genital Debilit,, or nor* 

he. SeaiiD il Weikn***, Narvuu* D*bility 


will again bear th* palm over all it* cunpeti: >r > a**v*r 
heretofore, but we I- ok furward to tin* luul uiurerou 
fidently lh:ia ever— the intnoaic value ut our - ^ , leave* 
nut me ,had w uf a iloobt oo onr mind. 

Onr price* are as low aad onrieria* ascunven cu a* onr 
Eastern Hunse enn i ffer them. 

We shall he glad nt all lime* III show onr >t .unoi- 
rhants. and would advise them to cvimiRr u>.i .luoa K' 
fur* buying o:*ewhere. 




Hr-*ent extrusive iiupru»vai*a|, t* > 

wi;icun*:i!iTib|y Jhi *^'jjU_»a*** c 

•** onr e»t .h -.iiBieni 

rrtiiinul go,~.'!.iiiuve ». 

lofwenth 41. .V r ).. 

rne< Filth anu SI i ii «ireet*. 

kngliwh.nwihm \n» • -wricln^^ 






\V \Tt llYIAKEI. s Yl (TI RIALS. 
M kSl'K A4 Tt KERS of wILVfcRWARE. 

Cull *nd exam. ne „ - - 

jqSJaw 8(7 Mam *tre oX. 

wmre toe anm* w.tatto Pwrt-.ffi •. rerexv ato Seat*. *•« 

ditsettu PKOriC9Bi>B RriNDOVTr 

FafalmAer uad hrelMe. 

N^ H isth *x . Now TuiRCMt 
lJEE.(t*at*wsBle*l RoBERTOK 4BliT. 

Whutewilo Agent, .No M N^eannsirro*. 
**•*»*»■ Nto T»?^ 


rpH^ stoorwgBod .H. ■'„n>eBS>. •» R re w a t naff toe 
w aMY yre" |Ert px ol ToAd't Tofaecre Warw- 

haaoo.wiUreBovo. Ut o. JnMary. ■**<<• *te sa- 

pom e re hnJAinc'.jtr>wnnB:t«o fairkeU T ti hne r i Wn vh reee, 
corarf .1* KigA.a Orel Mata rtrreu, ,at pr***wt«o«wf*o4bv 
Jootah E Hvs*a) I hare takas into ei qs f tiiii h iR Mr. 
rHAS. H ttABPER 6>r tto pwrpao* tT - Tinrixag tto 
TOBACCO brein,* aa k*i*tofor- 
W* autoat ransigaswat* frure falnit(*r* aaS flkistornsff 
tto W'*torwStato* who rear reek thi* nmrkal. ato *•> 
pociollv fiOBi ito fnraqr RatraaiM H. Erstere. 

atnet tt h i B t iu B will b* qirew to tto iBto* H «U tefaasre 
rvaMgred to re, ato *>d*r« la ragnrE to *amo mammstmr 
•faor^. M BUDOER. 


Oirefrt BUI* Laahag aad CaerrmpamUmem to Bt to g re 

AHnipeE. Luresnlle. Ky. 

:Haip*E. LuresvUle. Ky. 

Coarhps, Rorkaways, and Buffxlr*. |^V^^uV.:.V*Va:-.;: ” *^‘,l Vm",reJ. I!l^\rTf:r,^.'S“n!riS“4;:r*7uSirS 

■ V V'l'dk'VB' ,#*Jaw •Oo [T**- Hand will k* i—ore it to 'to faiokott II * « re (fat f o*** ) . 

■ • r . B sxiNr:,, rk^VIN KD d ALTPETBE— 1 8E8 *•> ui<i» roi ■•diall wtore I cog itore«ft«r ho fe B B fl wOk, *bAo< reyToto 

-re-re L.’. CARHIAOKDEALER.No.WSMainttraot. K nl. bv B. A. ROBINSON M CO.. W*r*kuore bouksao rety (• aoeorewr t. ' 

Lniiikville. Kr .heg* leav*toinlorn his cno- T,Jkunw to* Mats •ireoR. aMdlbwS 

...I ,k. fk.i hi, s'l .u-v- (ir O*r»now _ 

• fortouE MOW Eturai eeutmenegd l*t( erening jugt commenced railing briskly again 
•ad still coDtinocE. ' 

,, , PHILABF.LfHIA, Dec. 23.— A series of most dc- selves of the onuortunitv of l.i.viu,, „.-„.l “rumrntevrry«tdi.cuT«r«dfurthecnroofS«minnTw;;k- 

Halifax, Dec. 22, 2 P.M.— Up ts this hour we stnictive firsn occurred during the night Fan- . o ”PP®”“"'‘y ®' fotying goods at »<•••.« nnvdi.r,M of th* genital orgaii* arming from th* '**rr«.ric* “lirosrfaToJrfo ^ ®f «he mcmlKtrs of this firm w,M h.4'‘ 


St. Lo* I*, IN?c . 22.— Tbcooap candle farlory phia waV'wLsumluL wkh^^ horscH sud 50 omni* I their gooila I ‘’ ur?' AMOS k ^).N have nmdo arruurment* whereby I ^*’P' ' 

M Rig^ B liOTering was iinrmsl ou Friday night hu.--e» Wilson's planing mill iu Southwark was fur (he best and neatest goods give a?i^”Vu?i'he*^otlir''"*''^ *'*** secrecy amt dispatch to . *'**■ 

also diffitroyed v thsm an larly gall, A^Jres* Dr Am** lkiiuD,curB*r of Maia and Uuay *t* P 

Dentrartive rim. 

PHiLABF.LfHiA, Dec. 23. — A wrlcs of most dc* 

Oileriag their large and “Hf^ctivc etceV Jjj p wUoaremsinoersof the Boyal Colle*»**of sVreere*, 

anii St.-ioli Drv Oaoils u* • . ^ do*. V'^foMei of oneof the most eiainent Cufleg"*m the 

ana Sl.ipli 17ry uoaus a* cost. Me would sav Umti-d state*, take pleasure in aanonaciag that thej have 
to all those in loan* uf r i i • ^ inTcineu a must immirtaat mrtrnnieiii for th* cur* of the 

to an III rse IQ want ol good nnd desirable iroodn »bovedi*«*»ot. It h*n been subjected to a test by the muct 

to eivothis house an carl., ,.,11 „ 1 1 , t;""”’;)' ihytician; in London, Han*. Philadolphia aad 

gi iniB nousc an early call, and avail them* New Verk; it ha* b*ca diclurad t* b* the ualy uMfol IB- 

ur. AMOSfe SO.Narethe only Phyrtcua* inthoStata I hi* STOCK OF 

ho are meinDem of klidh Rova .1 f'ffkiitotoii x.r vizr*grere>*w * I CARRI AOE.*4 i» now verjr larqe ooti roraplels* censist- 

Loiiiitvine. Ky.. bet 

A RaMTiHRMT— T he Ladih — Ms? tbeir Tlrtne w *^**'’**f x t# this hoar we stnictive liras occurred ihiring the night. Fan- 

tbJ " their Ekhte. whfle t^Am.nca rtone. brosh factory, in the Sixteenth Ward, was 

rtrument ever yet dmeuverud fur the enro of Seminal Weak- I ,t ‘••'"'h" 

ne*.,oranvdi*ea»eof thesenital organs arising from tho I *lV^k^Ikui. -.rk 
soliUiy habit* *f self-uidnigencewhi h destroy both body I k ; 

fultE sre Still EOialler than their boBnvto. 

•re A lean tban tblrty-nine candidates for 
MtetCE Saaoter fo MickifBa, is plactof UcB 

Another Fire. 

of Uiffgs « liSvering waa linrm:d oi 
LttEB $luo,(iuu lBEur*ace |«u,ovo 

CARRI AGE.4 1 * now very large aad ranplele, consirt- 
iat in part of— 

Cuarhes; Slute-ecat Baggie*. 

Calashes, Sbi'tiag Top d*; 

Hockaways; Top do; 

SkeletoB Rockawaya; No Top do: 

Rockswat Raigiet; Bngfw* - 
Also, Etprest. Bnsines* and Spnar-WaguBs.ef **«ry 
description and style. 

All of the aboy* work was staanfactared ezpraaaly tor 


’TcVdTw— R A. BOBINEON B CO. f. w'*2i^^,! t't.'T^^vi.a'S! 

/^IGAB9-3SS.IIE8 Cigars. *o«pr'*^ a Uu* y*rtciy A 
^ iraiK>rf • 1 and domerara. f ^re..toMxN.wr 


Ann iy|L— M*ls Lerd OU lor «nie bv 
U tore 4b* " “ B A BOBINBON b TO 

r of CsBbik Oe 

rvant,. OW.T 

1^^ NegTo tSonaad B>s*«. fey tto rea* ramr. rafe 
I iwsoTC OBdottor* hmviwq NofTucsfo'brre 
woum to toll to fiyo mo a e»U, •• t wa aorkto anfo 
I ■* good beaus *b 4 Iho )>i '0 eecuywdi TeittoBMsFW- 
able. BOBTiTOBBY Hoot B rfo»»,ABra b 

duett djb*9 tote us s. SOM 

T* Vervtote!* »«errff’»». - 

I\ Brv^BRD^LBRGY»l.vN r**tremlto btoHfa m» 
lew to- v.’cr .nuav <.■ I * ut great BOtooBo ittem 
iBo i» awi.u'!* tu Bate hBu«n lb* ■ »« ■» eg area . Wire 

•oil I fePB) the pr*tcti*»i“» Btaore ttoBov JOM N 

M U.b3BTALL.!«o. »FstloB»;io*t,Brtohlv«,N 
o>i dtoabwlre ft 

au'l miBd, unfittiog mta for m.irriage, be. 

Pereon* wiHbing the above use ful last rnmeat will obmeiTO 
that the price with the acc mpoaviag direct, on*. *e«uTeif 
p:.ckcd snd *eiit by etpresa i« ten dnilars, 
l>r. AMOS k SO.N have ixmdo arroncement* whereby 
liacksgescan be tnrwardrd with secrecy and dispatch tu 
ant part of the world 

AdJres* Dr Am** b doa, coraar of Main and Uuay *t* 
BuffiUo. N Y. dcXIdkwIv 

hioa, nnd ond«r hi* peraunnl ■nperinlondence, and tor rwYANNBKfl’ OH 4S bbls Tawaer*' Oil fi>r *01* br 

ftntkb, rtylaior dnrability.notiafcriort* nny sold But or £ dcrSdbw R A. BOBINSOw b CO. 

F*r th* oharawtsr •# his w*rk b* would r* tor to hi* i^CP G ' 
funner costumer* and the m*rsb**l*ot LonisyiT*. .Ston fur sal# by R A RDE* nr li * 

l.iini-yitle. Ky., D«cembe r • 

I ^UR auy thing nice in tke Confectionary and Frn I liu 
' CiUun DOWNING b BBO.. 

,*#rmer SwcoDd nad J*ff*r*on*l*. 


doridbw wtao'Stoowd *rel JsterwB* s. 


n* B>rt' ' MM Of MCs! hM B—l. 

Tb* E-«ht. 

L>in a bi rd r* arminc M i>> bMM, 

Fr«M — flir i 

M- ratma iiBti. lUMMt, 

ABd *M b 1> ;«1>« ■ B( b.-'MMi 

Vo bs M not 

Tb«r« M BB BtBT ol I roan* m the itf— 
H«( mmn Mvpirac atat 
<M ’iOfO >' bo'MrbM'iBf 
tiitma* faaa a£if— 

M> l"v.' au> knap witkm lUMit. 
TbBBicb- wart 4Brb and il araaa b«et 
Tsba BlraO. 

Tba mo'iii Bf failb iB ciau-H baa aat* 

Ni> bape ala! beaaia ab'iva— 

TV* bai^> aaai «tudf M f^ircvt, 
l.carB aa ta luaa— 

Mr iKva aar krrpw^ib a ita Mst, 

T»' naiad fur a aiaMleBa joat 

Tbara tat A raat. 

Tbf- airht bb«b bt *«b. baa a<na. 

Tia B'^'i-eoa n (f 
Ma f. f . h Ilia raaa 
K • oaaVdt'irPl — 

‘il wbd not Mr. Morton, but a beautifulor yentl«- ! pcnetralr in*o the mj ste;ieg lying beyond it, but, 
maiithB;i I everabtr. ‘Oli he ha'1 aneba lorety ^ never had found courace to do ao tahen the 
fp"'' and yet he muat be xick — he looked a’ J workmen were there. Non, however, all wat 
pr’o,’ ■ i still — save an occasional rhirp from some dis- j 

1 vVot Mr Mortont’ said Mari n, -hring them 1 tant nightbird, or when a breexe stirred the ever 
to me, they are very beautiful and so frai.’rbnt," kanguig boughs ol the trees constituting agrove 
she added, bending over them, ‘is the geDtlrman I into which the gate opened, and amongst which 

Agrirultnral DeparlnifBt. 

C'ookinE Food for llogn. 

the late John J. Skinner, om of the moat able and AlldtilM' LtMf f fr9 

peraevering writers of the age, upon all subjects 

enibracsdwithinthetiJeofthe work. We are glad j fi.'«r-s»pBaa**Bco af th* 

PewM Valley. 

Eiperiment of H^^CIbt. of Bsarbon to learn that the change has, if possible, ,, rewe« •» .•■■■•.rs. • 

Buuiy, even fallen intoabler bands. We have frequent- kc — Quite a Dtfference sf Optnisn— A Wa» in 

The advanUges of sooking food for hogs and P..Qc«..., Ac ^ 

other farm animalB havt nevar yet been duly ap . . i Pswc* \ allet, Dec. 13, 1866. 

predated by fanners; although nutner- ^ A N if ’’ T"?.! ‘ 

oui eiperimenls have been made (usually upon j ‘ ^ha* bwjme associated with apologias for this, my first appearance before the 

a small a^ale. it is trua.t that have rone far to ^ excellent paper, and for this 

here now!’ 

“Oh, no. Miss, he went away very quickly 
This is how it was,' Jenny continued, talking 

wended a smoothly roiled path— the moonlight 
flickered through t'le bra .ches ol the trees like 
a ,joldeii shower while the sUr* twinkled and 

ly taken occasion to call at‘e. (ion to the work, 
and we do bo now with the greatest pleasure. 

fi.’ar'Mpandosce af th* Tj^iustiIIb raarWr.') 
.tlarie” Hauled tivar ihe Caals— Aualbar View 
• r Pewes Its InhabitBMiB. Mauuers. • usIbib., 
kc —Quite a Differeuce aV Opiulau— A blau in 
Peltlcobt.. kc. 

I’swex Vallkt, Dec. 13, 1866. 

v^rv fast. ‘I was just coining in w ith a bundle, danced with delight as Marion pushisig open the small scale, it is true,) that have gone far lo 
a..d I saw a gentleman at tlic gate, and 1 looked gat. passed into the demonstrate its importance 

at him — and bo itK>ked at and aava bo, aro oiuoTjjed upon smooth lawn which y^rauuall^ i ruirui? 

you one of tlte servant, here— and sav> i yes. uarenJed towards the house; something crossed In the October number of the Valley Farmer, 
sir, 1 be, and then he handed me them posies her path, she star* ed, far she thought it was a we published an article upon this subject, in 

The Aews froB ^icararwi. 

Arrival of thp Strainer Tpiinew- 


WnUtr’s ( rlUcnl randUiBu 
The New York Herald *f MoBJsy aieagthv 

since Prof. J. A Nash has become associated with apologif s for this, my first appearance before the 

Afesars. Editors: Without making a bout of I nport of tlelate »t>riag cvenU iaNicaracua. from L^. 

tally, as nne of the best, most scientific and prac 
tical writers in the United States- 

my maiden effort in the scribbling lint, I will pro- 
ceed to say in reply to “Mai ie,” that surely the 

Which we make the foduwiag extra. L->. Th. Ut raid 


SlalemeatBr Dr. Darl«h<BB. 

fsved dran dM hanhmrya There 

m tu aoigs* th«i3. M I . \ '. »*(* lIA 

iBu-iCianB ■* ta« 1. ■ .u* ^ in Sw tbcba 
were tba his-*.; t,;n hew i MJa»w— o, rN.p# 
toriji -. BUBiber. • ,~k- rritt. CfJ TV.>*pBB«, . 

On. Pry, s:,d a •tpisberof other CreTu, Wrr* 
the HiAi.d, Btii tb-ere Wn* no r/Bu/aed ic“='=t-^ 
f.<ii;e ‘‘he -AC. ii'!,-— tb- fibseqiten: imSTUig d 
the <i-k w.Hii.ft...), 9T. .1 Only miRTrabie Naa- 
ho's -.o si~: Iff them. i-: ; rovisioia „cfc 

hut MiABta''!- k i*hi “hr Droi^tsBii^ 

BO-< bitryiuj of 5^E, w*’.r"-ri and ch.idr*a 'b a com* 

**k V ^ ^uBut aigfet attack* «aA 

1 posies her path, she .tar‘«l,f.r she thought it was a we published an article upon this subject, in li.hedm .iithly, in pamphlet form of 362 nage. each pk’seyes. Just think, to se. in print sue* 
lo Mist snake, but looking diwu smiled at beholding .^hiah we hare the result of the valuable and ’ count of dear d liehifal Pewee' Punly t 

1 I took nothing worse than an old toai who hopped .. . . . . c n . i. , t» number containing a great van tv of interest- co“n» nruy v 

1 1 took noinmg intsrestmg investigations of Dutrochet, Dumas . , , . of charitv was not exerciw-d in mskiau such 

„ _ have aUo received the foilBwing statemeat l’b"hahie B’-»aere« or raptivKy 

“The Plow, the Loi^m'aVdthr Anvil" i- pub- | | ‘ ^ t 

— imi HAVA he, will you srive to Mi«< snaWc, hut looking u>wu smiled at benoiiUDg we ha?e the result of the saluablc and , * • • . * 

Marion’ V«, 1 will, sir, said I, and then I took nothing worse than an old toai who hopped :_„,tig.tion. of Dutrochet Dumas . containing a great van ty of interest- 

them, and he went aw ay! And waat wouldn't : nto the path directly lieforc her— and remained , » * i ■ *. k *». . i ‘"H “n*! ***«*“• *"“***>■, ''a'uaWe to all classes of 

I do for such an iiligent kind spoken gentleman there apparently lost In admiration at sight of aspai , going s ow e mys erious an ^ bu-iness men, to whom we moat heartilv re* 

—i. wasn’t for his money I did it,’ she added, her. And very lovely she ooked as she stood bcaulif 1 operations of nature in the formation 

tii' iiing over souib pieces of silver in her band, in the uioonligh . There was none ol that wild pj the various grains and roots which enter into «o 

bu« for his pleasant For, I .vonder who he gaycly in her appearance so noti eable the f,wul nf m.n ,nd hp,.t ,nd . f th* nce«..;iv terms, ouc copy one year, ?3 00; two copies | 
w.ys!’ nrevious summer — for her lace now wore a sub- 

of charity was not exercised in making such swe< p- 
iog declarations. Where has ‘“Marie” been sojonrn- 
ingT Not certainly witliin our gctsl king’s realm-, 
viz ; Pewee. tVe are loath lo believe heraa "oat- 

tan ac- I was a volunteer aurctnn in Walker’a army, for 
the gift five weeks previous to leaving for borne. The Orat 

h swei p- after I was in the army was lietweeu 

one buiiUred ol Walkei':* '.toops, under lien. Hoiii'- 
by, and MVeii hnndre*! Cnota Rieaus, on the :ransit 
route, between Virsia Bov and Man J.iaa JcI Ln.^. 
It ended in the (lartial defeat of rhe > *ia Bic.>r. ; 

My 'ov- ».ll 'll* w.tb r 5 ’» : 
iM •oii'aOe.Bai i* *•»•* B*i 

CPraa the B 'Siau Oliv. Braaah ] 





‘Not at home. aHaway for the aummer, a<r,* 
Was iho answ t to tlie inquiries of a gcntlimian, 
who had beewimpatientlv waiting some fifteen 
minates for the hall door of Mr. Leslie’s man- 
BMSi ta he opent*d, one warm ‘-ay ^ aunimer, 
aaoae three months after the events narrited in 
the proceeding coa'Aer. 

•Can yon tell me where the family are spend* 
ing the aummer'' 

‘Dnneo— I am the new man,' and wi h fh'« 
pi.-ce of intelligence the doors was slammed to- 
gother, and the g n'.leman tumad away with a 
^laappoiBted air. 

• • * * • • • 

Oa th? puxxa of one «i the largest hole'* 
•f a lashumablc watering place, were gathere ’ 
aevera! groups of Inli a and gentlemen, *’;u 
idly promenading up and dowu, gayly chatting, 
and these, for the moat p r; el Jerly la*lies, wer< 
cont nt t i occupy some of llie varioos arm-chair* 
aeaUerod a!*oai — where h«v poured f»rth g»»' 
sip and consplaiats on the intensity of the heat, 
plying their tans vigorously ai the while. 

'•Hava you seen the new nrr;v*is’’ said ono o 
Ihsm to a por iy dame kesMe her. 

•What, t e Fi was the reply. 

“No, Lis on, or s >mt --'jch name, but here they 
foeae now ' ,\nd a gen '.eroan with a lady on 
•ai^ ana. of fifty, and a pr lud smile was on hi- 
Upas he noticed the aluuring glances cast u 
the younger and foirrr lady by his side; for. 
althougii the other was evidently more desirous 
af attracting attentions from the stat»'Iy ruanne 
in which she tossed her head and nodded her 
ptames No one appeared to be overawed by 
her magnificient presence, while her daughti-r 
aaemeJ all u'jconaeious of the admirdt'on she 
was exciting— though, as she passed nl.ang, peo- 
ple ceased talking that they nai^ht gaze upon her 
beanty. And who would have mcognited in 
this b.iglr creature, the pale inanimate Marion 
Lee'ie of the previous winter 

‘ That will do— you may go now,' said her dued — almost sad look, though il w as too 
mi.yiress. As Manon examined the lilies she quit to be called mu unhappv expression 

gaycly in tier api^arance so nou eauie me ,he f«o,l of man and beast, and . f the nrceatily r/ — ^-e*, y.* 

previous summer — lor her lace now wore a sub- , . i. i . . • i t }'«at, or one copy two years, $5 00; three 

. Ill, ,k „ o. i/.n iT^n of their being submitted to a certain degrrs of . ’ 

dued — almost sad look, though tl w as too Iran- , , , copies one year, *6 00. It is published in 

quit to be called Mi unhappv expression. But heat before their entirs constituents could be rr- j ^ P. Parish 

sider,” who does not know what reallv are thw ^V-'® ‘’w 

’ a 1 11 Y ceeofU iufcoWuliT lui »r .oDJ. W»llri r 

manDertr cuMoms, Ac . of oar pleowui valley. I two Ulk«1 :inrl lo-Ten or ei-ht woari.leil; ih»i ofOj.* 

rern I Death «r a KentHeklaa ia Mlca- 
rn- ragaa. 

|»^i« , Dr. Derichson. !a»e a wirgrc.; r. VV *iker * . 

• ®y •«**»"»« nicaife* the rbiN.wing -nljr^-h: 
•at * the de th of a Kei>tncki*n. which wo | — hi i j 
iho* s>Da5«eu.».iB!y, .» - .leMpp '{131 ii any mii3 

saw beneath one of them, a slip of paper. Slie very lovt Iv — lar lovelier I ha.i ever liefore she was duced to that oondition most available for diges- 
drew it out and reail these words; ‘Al'ow a in her dreta of pile, while muslin — with a spray assinnilalion. In that article we allud- 

long-forgotlen friend to place this offering at of Ubur lam blowoms in her dark hair— droop- experiment in feeding hogs, then in 

V'lar feet, where once he la d his heart— do nut ing down upon her fau neck— while one hand H pi-v F.n nt Rnnrimn 

siKmthem. lor these lilies are a fit emblem of held the flowers she had been gathering. Ihe progress by Samuel H. Clay, Esq , of Bom^n 
what was so fair and fleeting: but, believe me. other daintily lifted her dress fiom the ground county, Ky , and promised to give our readers 

mubt tell her that we do not claim for it the name enemy aiiut have been very B'leti p reate.'. Uona- f irier.da of th# 'iaTortanstB yemsr' 

of ‘•modem Utopia,” although Ii'caesert iltobc by then retreited to >irgiiiBay; leaving his forc’- ^ ma'" 

county, Ky., and promised to give our readers 

Demand for Short Horn Cattle. 

From various causes an unusual number of 
Durham CattU have been sold the past season. 

a most delightful place. If she is renlly a Pewin- pr.^ee-leu witb baat. to Lra^ 

, ” .. . , . , . steambuol Virg n, for reiarurccneBt* 

gian, and her vision is not too obscured, the may 
see any pleasaat day some one of ber nei^hbois 

From various causes an unusual number 0/ ** “7 "''"““VI: 

iiuuiucr Of I (Jon, not her ‘siinday go-to-meetuigs, but a nice 

chiiiix dress and green snnbonuet. and th n start 

there, ae proceeded with baste to tjraoaUa, by ibe 
steambiMt Virg n, for leinrurccmeBt*. Walker 
> iiDseU came n.iwn wiih two hundred rifoim a, 
who cuBstitated the BM>-t tlficicnt part of hi.* ir* 
my. With these he taarcbed i at .-ud mat the ('.**. 

! Drive 'tBcweBtar a Ysaa# EviilacliiaB. 

Dr. Dm* vni, lau a iurgrjfc la Wa k* i‘* -*». 
rttnr. . . ,y • rma ea sre. Mr vavv 

I .;ra - .-ry ; .t to b* ahlof luni.: th* dviae re- 

these flowers are not mote filled with fragrance I displaying at the same lime a most fairy-like I the result as soon as the facts could be ascer- 

'ha-i is my b«art with sympathy for you — and 
prayers for your happiness Pardon me for re- 
calling the now perhaps odious name of Percy 

“Odi >us name! Oh! Percy, Percy, my best. 
!■ .■»v?d — howi.lyyou read ray heart!' .Marion 
■ r;ed, bursting into an agony of tears. 

foot. Now had all this lieen done for effect be- ; , Clay has since very kindly furnish* V , . " * “"m- I quiCRiy and piuasanTiy. All too si^n come 

fore at rowd it would have been different, but , , bar of sales of stock belonging to the estates of I hour I" bid adieu. I will havetbe charl'y to 

considerinL' Ihera were no eyes watching her, “* » •tatenient in full of the number and persons, and to person, who have re- ' ‘ 

save those of an insensible toad- and perhajis weight of the hogs, the quartily of gram they j^jn, Kentucky to more western Stales, 

yoitr* and inii e reader, il was all very charming, consumed, the form in which il was fed to them ^^ye been thrown into market and have ' een 

diiu fnrm* nf treatment. .u* .1; , 

Besides the regular annual sales of the most ^y with a niig’n^r. Or perhaps 

... • rr . two or three Will go together, and then time passes 

prominent breeders in Kentucky, quite a num- quickly and pluasantly. All too soon comes t'lc 

oa us wiin a siaieniBni in luii 01 tnn numoer nno j,(.ea,ed persons, and to person, who have re- 
weight Of the hogs, the quartity of gram they Kentucky to more western Stales, 

quickly and pluasantly. All too soon comes ;'ic 
hour to bid adieu. I will have the churl'y tothiak 
that this same light hks blinded “Marit’’ to the 
real hospitality, kinduesB and good feeling prerail- 
ing among our di-nizens. If ''barmiiig laiftes and 
gallant and intelligeut gentiemeB make gotal so- 

next day after the oatiie in>oi thence tc Viririu 
n.i>; iIuiingttaB succeeiling Digb( he left for t3.;>o- 

bat dea< 
tried t/xiv. 
wan'v ®e 1 

‘‘9^ Was in aw n,,t baulk' Ha 

bixive !M th<- ai.'Jrrss of i,is 'pa»*»«j ,1^4 

and the gain of each animal under th. differ.-t ^iTr^ei^d 

None, ftavc lh»* starn know how ne&r her I she wa« ahoui to n*turn to thf coUairr when a 

forms of treatment. jj, ggg jbe dii'“osition on the part of our Western 

Mr. Clay’s experiment was commenced on the farmers to improve the character of their stock. 
I6lh day of July, with six barrows, each abo'..t Thausand. of dollara may thus be added annual- 

i' ilow waa placed the basket of lilies that might, 
or » liy sh • slept with her hand clasping a sliji 
ol paper inoiatenrd with tears. 


“Go ng at six hundred, am I offered sevem'' 
Going at seven hu >dred dollars, grand piano- 
i *rie — whv genlletnen it is a burniug shame: 
ri,:ht’ Going at nine — nine — nine — pone at 
!• nc hundred dollras — what naine^ Hermon" 
'.';! ves. Now. gentlemen, what do you bid for 
•‘lis un^nific;-nt harp— cost thousands; five 
:i indre*! — *ix — seven — and fiftv and fiftv — gone 

strain of music fell up<->n her ear, and she ap- 
proached the house. The sound rentainly came 

correspondtnt wil’ condescenil 10 enter any one 
of our humble domicils, we will convince her tjiat 
the “gne-t of oue is the gu* st of all,” and that Ken- 

emeB make gotni so- ,,i riflemen, leaviug a bai “alioa of iufoii- '' v ’ • but sm to* 

L No. 1. If your fair ,ry. „jer Col. Jacques. W> bold Vwgin ^y ami 

1(1 10 any one priftec' the Iraasil route. A few bodni after aiTiV- that ti 

1,1 convince her „ Virgin Bay. Walker mareb d from “ ti'o* ac. m.y raacb bt* paraats. ( 

'•TV ‘’■'.‘V ''T '”,. — T ’ ."i” 1 with iHwen hundred men. where lie at- i ..^r ii a 1 

tucky friendship and h'...pi‘ahiy have no', departed tagged two tboosand GmarmaJaas aad Cuata Ricons ^ T*BArio^ ® ^ 

from our midst. « b« cotcrl's a„d - xc,u- «Keeeded. afier two dwM’ flgbling, in Dkia;: I AN Avar « 

siveness, moBt assuredly I have not «ome wltl^ ^1, main plan*. He m*d * A.N AL'V NlS V >K AN AI.otjfKSi^ 

their previucts or eren hei^d tell »»f them, ihe stveral uns-jccesafnl attBU ta t« take that k.if.- _ '-eq'ieuUy auBervn asan cxanunniiaa a 
“ same people do inha it the “Kime hoikses, (with an,jb.g himAif unable lo. be -etremed to Gnm.. ,/ I ' «“ituJe bo* 

i*erhmosi>i*e oriwo exc*'Piioni‘,j bare tbenam** lia- k .irin.g igfo*t . j # la I MtAconnktJc « 

ascendin" a bank sh peejied csuliously in at an up, were as follows: 
open window — she saw a Urge and elegant v fur- No. 1 , 

ii.she.l apartiDunt, and at the opposite side from “ 2, 

tiie window — a piano ' ith a gentleman before it “ 3, 

the only occupant ofthe room. J J* 

As he sat she could not distinctly see his fare, „ “■ 

bu from his Ibrrion moustache and whiskers ’ 

tne main plan*. He m.d.* ‘ , JlX ‘^‘* ' ** ANAI.<>«JlKaJ3 

attBU u to take that, b ,* -.1 *i»erTo awn cxanMnniiaa a 

MO, be retreated to Grau.i-d '_«nitud? bo*wtea sobiaMA 

•J65 pounds. 






of animals that at full maturity are mere dwarls bi's, and as fsr u* I ean discover, are a.s s-wiable as 
• . J . . .... circumstances will permit, tfor gath'riugs tcall 

m size and weight compared with those of the them “parti a” if it piease you better) cannot b* 
improved class, while at the same time the meat surpass*d in true enjoyin* ut, and our fair si*tera 'jf 

is inferior in qualitv. 

surpa^.i lu vrue cujoyu. ui, auu uur i-ir *i*.rni ^ Two-thlrds of tct tOWU WAB destreyed aext *7 ~ 
the cny uot only co. c de tbi* igit dearlv love to On tt« iwcood day.or thedW, the rest of tb »‘*w 

^ ^ ^ ’ at lend thefe merry-making*. Xoneof ns haTe >ei 

>ot vithtt^nding the larfc nuTi'iar of improved been favored with any “ o-Mhi.’nable cdlis,” and i: 

nt ■•van hundred andfifty to — who^ Mr Hermon she judged he must be no other than .Mr. Hermnn 
a.'ain’ .A!i! vrs,' and soon from article to article himselt, returned from his tiavels •’broad. He 
w aat was once the luxurious home of Montague played on softly for afew moments, then the full, 
;.rklie But one short month had passed since rich tones of his voice fell upon her »ar. Why 
is decease — ^and tht iiuctioneer's red flag hung did the cold sweep over Marion’s face, and 
; .om the eoiraiice, and the loud tones ot his voice whydidslieso start and tremble' W .is it be- 
lOeJ from room to r>K>m — and a mixed crowd cause that voice was so like one that had often 
■ • loweJ it. ,Murh totlie surprise ofthe world oined with her own in sing’ng that same song 
•*s affairs were iiscov. red to be in a most cm- years before! She remained spell-bound to the 
.iiTa-sed state, owing to imprudent speculations spirt. The coin “i'lusncss ofthe awkardness of 
*nd invest ruts — and had it no' been lor the her situ ition flashed across .Marion's mind — 

she judged he inu-rbe no other than Mr. Hermon These all fed for twelve days alike, on 
himselt, returned from his tiavels '■broad. He cooked meal, reduced to a thin slop, ss that they 
played on softly for afew mo-nents. then the full, could eas ly drink it; and also on dry corn at 
rich tones of his voice fell upon her -ar. Why of twelve days they 

did the cold sweep over Marion’s face, and • u i i .l r 

why did she so start and tremble' W a. it be- following m- 

cause that voice wai so like one that had often crease: 

oined with her own in sing’ng that same song No. 1 •294 ponnds. Gain 39 pounds. 

Tears before! She remained spell-bound to the “ 2 318 " *“ 33 “ 

spirt. The ci«n “i'lasncss ofthe awkardness of “ ^ “ || ^ " 

her situktion flashed across .Marion's mind — ‘‘ * “I® ,. 

atienainese merry-maamg. .-sone or ns nave >e destroyed .xcept tbe main plasAand <*bnre i 

been favored with any “ ash! .nabie eAlls, and :. aPoaied on the roaJ wibB Lakaaf Nkarw> « On 7'*. 
any such arc in couteinpiation. we hope to make u,,. ^ ^ embarked his sick an.Woanilr.1 

oon^lT.s so agre^ble V-at the afore mentioneil nj^n, amounting to about two handra-Md flf. j . 
“fashiouables ’ will he perwade*! to lay off thvir women and children, and sdt tbtm t . 

Mnneti and sfoy to tea. and next time they come Ome epe Maud, which issiioated a ahzt duiAac* 
di-termine lo hring their “knitting’ along with from Virgin Bay. 

them and make a whole day or evening of Ou the foortn day, November •ac, tfo runniniier . ^ 

cattle that have been sold the past season in ““7 couteinpiation. we hope lo make 

k'. k J ■ .. .. onrselvts so agreeable t'^at the afore mentioneil 

Kentucky, good prices generally have been real “rasbiouables" will be persuade*! to lay off thvir 
ized bonnets and sfoy to tea, an ~ 

Ti,,f,.iio„.,3.„ ,h. >» “t'iS 

mats, with the price at which they were sold at Come, Miss “Marie,"’ own 
th»— “onsoeiaWe," have “aped 

destroyed next A7 — ^ An aavfo. 

d, the rest of ib»‘*w! -« tk‘^ *atere.rf. and kcwaaa 

do planaand <»btire i ^ 00 ^ ,0 j dwu«i. ^ occurs 

akaefNkara^ v On 7 . ; '“ihAh a»* 

his sick an.»oamlr.l ■* 

two handraAod fl(i> . f«» tasiance. '.aai aa aaa:-. 

ren. and xdt tbtm t . Vtweca aur eoontry sMtapitt " ind^Sih 

nated a ahzt dial aac- I!' ® “7 powu. a radical v ^ lW a dv aa 

all properly which Air*. Les ie possessed — I from his manner she was sure he must be the 

is family would have been loft penniless. Mrs. 
I ,e-!i*’'« iiiorlificalion and grief w ere so intense 

o'ivncr of the es'ablishnicnt — and if he found her 
tliere what^woiiUi be think oflier prowling about 

1 ' all tile tru tide of arranging for a change of I a stranger’s liuust* in *.his ni.aiiner. The only I were put in a pen 

No. 1 "294 ponnds. Gain 39 pounds 

“ 2 318 “• •“ 33 “ 

“ 3 290 “ “50 

•‘ 4 276 “ “ 36 

“ 5 290 “ " 25 

“ 6 29-2 “ “ 37 “ 

The hogs were then separated. Nos. 1 and 2 
•ere put in a pen to themselves and fed on 


bBlongingto the estate of Capt. Benj. VVarfleld, 
daeeased, near Lexington, Ky. Tha sale !ook 
place on the 27th of November. 

Theie were fourteen cows sold for $3,263 — 
averaging $233 33, as follows; 

some ofthe Pewingiaus have naid you spin Ilk* „„„ inmdred citiacD'*. wex altackvd an*! 

com. Bnt I wi!l not, be personal, and only hoping *urroaiided by' two thBusaud flve noa.fred of ; h * 
t' at the glamour may be .emoved et^ von write combined Central Amarwaus. coisisiing ef t 0*1. 
again, ami that you may be mo . ed to do jus tie.’ to Ricans, Giis temolau-i. .-^an Salv 'soriaas. and *o»e 

onr pvBcrrul aud bai p valley, allow me tu -ob- 
scribe mysrli oaeof the happiest dwellers therein. 


P. S. — Since the above was pt nnvd I have heard Brigadier Geavral Henniageea. the commaadr < f 
it intimated that “Mxrie” ia a msaculine, who for artillery. N'utbiag his been heard fr<>a them i ;eo 

m wulwvB anu cniiurcD, ana tu*™ * > tW»*» L. • — — ir— . .swu 

Ome epe Island, which issiioated a shzt diolaac* ®*“7 pomu, a r a di c al im l a Jj as wi" 

from VifCT® B4 j »**•** pro • •* 

them and make a whole day or evening of it.— Ou the foortn day, November -24 tfo nmainder , branch of pt»T*icald» velap^ai ft ea* 

Come.MiM “Marie,’ own up that you have b-.u of the army, which eonsbted of h^thy mm aa.l ‘T ~ *^'“7 tBooqmr. In erary hraaas 

“onsoBiaWe,” have “aped ciiy fikshions. and f at numbered abont three hundred md fifty, w • • Pf>7«je^ «h-ea*n. »he PiiNaod 0(nim.nt of “ 
some ofthe Pewingiaus have paid you ap in like i„u,dred citiaens, wex altackvd an*! L'*'* 7r’’»r<« tBeaciuw fo* a ear*. 

* “ ” surrounded by' two thBusoud flve nui'lred of ;h-i itu a popclatioa la'arioc to Great Britfoa.wa 

combined Central Amariraiw, coisist ing ef t'o-i> J.’*'® '•**• “f t«le«rapb and railroad tbad 

Ricans, Uiistemolans, .“tan Salv leoriaas. and some 5' , ■* i ’ * -Vusifia e-> mb »w d . Prom bli 

Iwemy Anisricaus who de*er« i from Walker — •*fos"i»omeut la Ixiadoa. Prof. HoBoway 

The Am -ncao forces thoa hedged are the */i/evr rescues and restored to health more patiaatn 
Walker's army. They anosr the eoiamau* ■ f * Phy*K;laiiBof rh« WBrid. 

boiled corn thirty days The uorn consumed I Scott county, Ky. I'rice $400. 

- si'lenre devolved uj:oii Marion who “amidsi thing lo be don" was to attempt a hasty flight, boiled corn thirty days. The corn consumed 
le agitated billows of life ever maintained a .\Ir. Hermon, for be it was— crossed the apart- y^as 390 pounds or 6 bushels and 54 pounds, 
-•.vadtAst heart.’ .She had consulted with some ment ami o|v*ning a divir, went out. ^ when drv. Under this treatment No. 1 gained 

-‘i her friends — who concurred in her opinion, “Now, tuought Marion, ‘1 can escape. out ', i., « • i j ti . 

'lal a situation somewhere in the suberbs of the at that moment an outer door near where she 50 pounds; No. 2 gained 52 pounds. The two to 
.''y was best suited for them. Ii a few dsvs she stood opened and the gentleman slepjieJ upon gether gained 102 pounds. ^ 

receiBed a letter iDfonning her of a !urnisheil the stone pave.i.ei t of the steps leading Nos. 3 and 4 were put together in a pen and 

Cherry 2d — 8 years old — bought by J. Stone, I the none.' donned petticoats in order to vent hi< I they w*re surruDiideil; ibejr aia entirely ot j 

spite against ^ome of our belles, who probably lild 

Adrienn — 5 tvars old — B. ^Warfield, FsytUe I not appreciate bis merits as highly as be est .niared 

cuniity, Ky. — f J70 

fr'iui WoJiar and his ^uainiiig forces. Tk.v 
hemmed in, in every dirccii'.a. by snpcrtr , 

them himaelf 1 shouMn't wonder if such was the I constantly increasing forces. Seven can 

— 3 years old — E. N. Warfield, Cooper ca., I fact, as i:i tbisfast age it ‘■e ms as If sume men try J all of Walker's artillery, except one bowia*i 

stood opened and tbe gentleman siepjieJ upon I gether gained 1U2 pounds. 

receieed a letter infonniiig her of a lurnisheil the stone pave.i.ei t of the steps leading 
.■••tiage — located at VVocsIsidc, sometnelve m !os down to the avenue. There waa no alternative, 
triMu the citv, and own?'] by a gentleman about she must conceal herself in the room he had 
1 1 go abroad lor an indefinite period — who would just lef , i-he was about to step within the win* 
b." glad to rent It if it suited them.’ The letter dow, when he turned himself that way and tbe 
was in an unknown baud and signed; “M. Her- full light ofthe moon shone upon him — an i 

Nos. 3 and 4 were put together in a pen and 
fed the sama length of time on boiled meal, re- 
duced to (bin slop. The meal consumed, when 
dry, weighed 270 pounds, equal to 4 bushels aud 
46 pounds. No. 3 gained 30 pounds, and No. 

Mo.— $150. 

Barah — 7 years old'— J. M. Stone, Soottco.,Kv — 

D ich<*ssee— 4 years old— J. M. Stone— $400. 

Miss MeCaw— 3 years old— J. Curd, Fayette eo.. 
Ky.— $310. 

to sec how me in they can be. 

Letter from Kuralinu. 

with them, and at !«■> stone halt of bis amsiniti 
none of which d»< ■ he at present appear '* be 
to -ave. .V St rail.' ht road leads fruin Oan^la 
Like N’icara:4Ba, from which it is aotfrdi-:s' 
and a wharf tod old fon were sitos^ on < 
shore ol the lake at lb: end of said ro^ At . 

'*iic iininediatelv wrote Mr. Herman, informing I tallen had not the clasp of a strong arm prr- 

i:u of their acceptance of hia offe' — also, their 

Oh! how the stars twinkled and 

ieiermination to take immediate jiossession, and I danced now 

:!i a tew days after the auction they found them 
-•’veii in ’heir new abode. 

‘Marion, .Marion,’ called Mrs. I.ieslie from the 
door of the cotfogr, ‘you are st.iving out too long 

Nos. 5 and 6 were fed on dry com for the 
same jieriod, and consumed 405 pounds, equal 
to 7 bushels and 13 pounds. No. 5 gained 10 
pounds, and No. 6 gained 32 ppu ds. or both 

“] am sure we shall be very hap'*y here, dear in the dimp.’ Bui there was no res|Rinse. An together gained 42 pounds. 
muUDi, notwithsianJing our ntisfortunes,’ said hour passed and stiil she came not, and Mrs, We illustrate the whole in tabular form as 

Marion, a' she arrang'd the small but neat 
drawing-room of AVoodside cottage. , 

A groan was the only reply. 

■.Sec.’ she continued without heeding the in- 

Leslie, now really alaraied, roie from her chair fojfow 

aud throwing .1 shawl over her shoulders went 

into the garden to seek her. But she was not Xo<. 
there. She went lo the gate and called again — 

erruption, ‘here is a nice, large e sv chair f<ir I but again theie was no reply. She passed 

r- ' - 1 X* 1 ' ^ U r ail «Ma UI«A.|»V 4 TM H«MU lEIIU .' 4 . JaxTA- aubast^isa vs sasv ssswss ossvs*^ IIU. ^ OV |ytJUIIUay ailU AMU. 

•«'.nere -an iM* ..V mon.’ Th'S was just what .Marion desired— hydly conscious of what she di^J. Marion bound- 4 gained 50 pouiids-both together gained 80 

looking impatiently Irom g^p to group, lie ^nd she womlereil what kind friend il was who ed down tic bank and was flying across the * 1 * s e 

oaid lie W'luU meet ui here u i thus spired her the pain of advertising, lawn, when her foot slipped and she would hare P°*t*t s. 

Attbis mooBeni stall -entleman, with a bank- >iie iiniaodiatelv wrote Mr. Hermon, informing tallen had not the clasp of a strong arm pre- Nos. 5 and 6 were fed on dry com for the 
ooiae, but not pleasi -g face, approached. .i;u of their acceptance of his offe' — also, their venteii. Oh! how the stars twinkled and same jieriod, and consumed 405 pounds, equal 

‘You are sj pertectly wadiant, my ch^imng jeiermination lo take immediate jKXssession, and danced now. lo 7 bushels and 13 pounds. No. 5 gained 10 

ewaat ire ibis evening, *e drawled, quite wu n a few days after the auction they found them. ‘Marion, .Marion,’ called Mrs. I.ieslie from the 1 'v; , <; .»* Kmk 

•Mough to be heard by many of the surrounding ..!ves in ’heir new abode. door of the cotUgr, ‘you are sUying out too long pounds, and No. 6 gained 32 ppu ds. or both 

crowd, ‘That waally my eye# are so daasled 1 ,j sure we shall be very hap'*y here, dear in the dimp.’ Bui there was no res|>onse. An together gained 42 pounds, 

can lardlv saa at all.’ muUDi, notwithsianJing our ntisfortunes,’ said hour passed and stiil she came not, and Mrs, We illustrate the whole in tabular form as 

‘How many times, Mr Morton, must I l»eg of ■•.lanon. ■' she arrang'd the small but neat Leslie, now ivallv alamied, ro;e from her chair follows- 

you fo demftfromaldiT^ing^^m irawing-room of M’oodside cottage. , aud throwing .1 shawl over her shoulders went ba-'.coa- c.i riF^F'cliror 

way^ Bald Manoa in reply, wniie a real loow o A groan was the only reply. into the garden to seek her. But she was not No«. suiard AOdayt. tba. Corn bathrl, pork p 

bistres# pas .ed across her face -.See,’ she continued without heeding the in- there. She went lo the gate and called again — poum 

‘H«! ha’ Marion is poei ively displeam^ at ^erruption, ‘here is a nice, large e sv chair for but again theie was no reply. She passed 1 » I ««2 I M R>s«-»o« j -Scents i^rnt 

I luinks’ l»a|fhing^y, •aid Mr. -.-ou, wbal a darll?%g li^ilc work-table— and a ihrouj'h it into ihr grove, aed when ihe came in in 4 k 46 tbs I to lbs. | ic tbs6L— too l28<?sots i cent 

be. ‘Bat come, Morton, l«t us g^nfo the baU- full q, books, my favorite authors, slg’nt of .Mr. Hermon’s house, she forgot for a r tufti) 42 tbi. I 4 tt*»e-t»o la* cents iTtL* 

faou i — the dancing has commenced — here, lake • moment who she was seeking — as for the first drr corn | | I Imnl- 

yaur da^er, as you ^ ^r • regarded then ai! wibgre.t time she obtained a go^ view ol it. ‘Just mv At the end of 30 days the hogs were changed 

anth mock gall' ntry , and Manon eoldiy taking ,(^rn. idea of whatnAoMsc should bei she murmured. 1 e 1 <■ n . . 

his snn — they passiwl into the hall. One after “Come lo the window, mamma, and see whit At thisiuomrnt there wss alight step near her * ** ® 

anotlier loUBwed, until but a few remained . Loan- -4 garden and what lovely flow ers, srd and turning she lieheld Marion. Numbers 6 and 6 that had been fed on dry 

my against one of the pi lars in a remote pan a pond too— what a charming little plai'c ‘I am surprised at you.’ she said in a severe corn were changed and fiid on cooked meal for 

af the gallery stood a gentleman qnifoalono, an J ‘indeid. I am— stiying out so long in this 35 thpy consumed in that time 234 pounds 

app.rently a strai^r am^ong« the moving “I declare Marion,’ said her mother, ‘I should night-air Besides, being so very gypsyish and of me'al or 4 bushels and 10 nounds 
ebrong ao lately gathered there H* remaine*! think vou had lived all your lite in an almshouse improoer — what, if you had met S'>ine onr 1 x- t* • 1 1 x* » • 1 01 

•0 quiet and so perfoctly naUionl^ that from your expresaiont of delight, for my |rtiTt I The roses were no longer in Marion’s hand. No. 5 gained 40 pounds and No. 6 gained 34 

a group of geutlemen emerged from the ball- :iin quiu disgusted with the w hole thing — it ■ but glanced ujion her cheeks, and she replied not pounds — the two together gained 74 pounds, 
room aart t ated hi naelf near him be started at ^ mere hovel in comparision to the splendid resi- a word. Number 3 an.l 4 that had been fed on cooked 

^ oouBd Of their vome. a. if an mfder had ^ ,, , ^mk of your ‘Mr. Hermon is below ^d wishes to see 

utung him, poor papa and our losses — I wonder at vou, I vou, ma am. said lindiret, the next mortiiiio 

Ky.— $310. tCo!T*ip»t»a»nreof theL'a.!iT;llB CouTirri s.iore ol the lake at lbs end of said roA At 

Brai^Iet— 3 years old — J. Smith, Fayette co.‘ Trouble Amans the Pewinatam-AIarls Caleb- lime *be Central Americaoii attack# Giaiia 
$175. lug Jessie Agaiu-D#feiice af Pewee. it* .liau- V.'alkcr WUs ia a ateamboat on th#*ke, ai.'l 

Rnlb— 4 year»ol(l-*-J. Wai80D,Fayetteco.,Ky.— n«r*. Cu.ieni*, tc. oi»u. '“ailed policem«D, were on the ^arf, h .- 

t. ... ... Tswre Vallrt.Dcc. 16. 1856. bi eii left to guide *owe things pfoed iher* 

CAroIIoe 4lh— 10 vtAr*oI<J— P, H. Thontsoo. F.iv- %r *» f# t • . “ ahipmeiit. 

ette co.. Kv. — Sloo Mr. Halilemiin: 1 dont wish to be thought fe* ^ f"..n*r«i . 

CaroIIiie 4tli— lOyeartold— P. H.Thom.son,F.iy- 
ette co., Ky. — $100. 

Mary Clay 4ih— 10 year* oL’— W. Warfield, Fay- 
ette co.,Ky. — 8100. 

Tswre Vallrt.Dcc. 16,1856. h« an left to guide «oue things piped the r* 1. 

Mr. Haldeman: 1 dont wish to thought fe. ’‘“iPhTcentral American. atiaekeOG aaadi . 
roeinus. nor to say anythinsr which does not bear jutvaneiuir between the lake and *a* city, ther* • 
the B'aoip of verity upon it; but wbat in the'.d enttinf off the retreat of tba de'dsgd ao'l iir***'i 

Kitty Mown--5 years old— E. N. Waifiel l, j joe, anybody mean by abiisi ig Pewee' I did not j ‘“ff ftom soccoring or eo»»onicalinjr • 

Kv._ ""“k "■* “ *™"'' : 

$17i. any one to come even to onr deUdhini! little vall*y first attack. Five hundred m«i advoiiced up'. 

'i'nlin — 3 years old — 3. T. Hays, Fayette eo., to have a joust wi;h us, its devoted iuhabitant-, for 'hem and weie drive back, Inw atier time, wr' 

we have auanimouily concluded that ".Marie’’ is an terrible lisss. I was on ihesteuihoat with V\ ... <. 
Lady t airy— Imported in 1853— Dr. B. J. Brec’l- , , e*.,,!..,. .. ** x' k. 1 k-.n . a . ; ‘*'e r:me, and conld see it *4, tbough we 1. 1. 

ridge— $455. “outside hariarian. Nooiiewhohadbeenad. i l- „„t c„mmuiiicaie with or aid foiu. For two da' 

hcipkr*. aen of Pewee would tnriagiiDst it in that manner. . id tlieiw 29 men bold out tirir own against -u. 

There were twelve heif.ra ,u.M fn* «•> . Now I appeal to “Marie,” 1 don’t mean as I .said he- di-api rate wlds, and would uo have yielded tbei. 

fore, to scold, and will try to -roar mo as soft a* my had not been a treiw amimk' them • • 

them from tbe lake. Tbe 29 w.iceniea on t. 
wharf weretbns,of couise, cu. w'and snflitre*l t 

'. on, and what a darling li‘tle work-table — and a 
•iook-caa« full ot book^, my favorite authors, 
too!’ * 

H ‘r mother regarded tho n al! wi'b gre-it 

“Come lo the window, mamma, and see 
1 pretty garden and what lovely flowers, ard 
fieri' is a pond too— what a charming little plai’C 
it it!’ 

“I declare Marion,’ said ber mother, ‘I should 
think you had lived all your lite in an almshouse 
Irom your exprcMiiont of delight, for my |>nrt I 

through it into the grove, aed when she came in 
sight of .Mr. Hermon’slioufcr, she forgot for a 
moment wh<» she was seeking — as for the first 
time she obtained a good view ol il. ‘Just my 
idea of what n house should bei’ she murmured. 

At this moment there wss a light step near her 
and turning shelieheld Marion. 

ba*fl coo- 

(zsm in 
iO dajs. 

It>* ol'Po'kto 
1 ba. Corn 



co*t of 
pork p 
poua t 

C he 24 Ihs 

l«2 Ibi. 

14 tbsU— IM 

.'6 ceDti 

1 cent 

t)*d ro II. 


4 fe 46 tbi 

*• Ibi. 

16 tt»61— 146 

26 rents 

1 cent 

b'd meil 


6 Bilks 

7 k U R>i 

42 tbf. 


28 cents 

4 ets 

drr corn 



Ky — $155. : ’ r 

Lady Fairy— Imported in 1853— Dr. B. J. Brcc’i- 
inriJge — $455. 


There were twelve heiftrs *oId for $-2,6jf— avi r- 

terrible loos. I was on the Qeutb oat with VV.,;';, 
at the rune, and con!*! see it at. though w* ci i. I 
n'lt C'lmmuuicate with or aid fom. For two da; * 
' id tlieae 29 men bold out tkir own against -ut 1 
desperate odds, and Would uo have yielded tbeii ,f 
tbc;e had not been n Irmipr amout; them. •’ 1 

(>ir c iicsMirec and oar faaM cover ovory sen. Bk 
tfiiU are m iu» reaeboud nioprai-o iuou iholoszuo 
of avery ug'i.ju on ih« gfoba. 

Tie elastic efiarector of our motiintiotto eouhHB 
as U> acc'iiwaaolaM 'lur i(*owtli to tho aoofreloM 
which a 0 iruaiftMiiy lu raserv- for us. Tboatnetiy! ..r.aoip'es up., . vkieh H oUoway * ReW* 
die* i . npouad'id, aiuoW ta# u to itr .apte w 

■nir.ov," 'I! eevery v.»rl.'ly of.lis«ise;thcy .leafo e 
th oiAi. .'.atious of ailmot: by eradieatiag 
cuiL-e. • 

a. u* * «ni,'fity dntiuv ia store for tho Unit«« 
they will aboorb eveutuallv overy weakur 
^veni 'leal ty the r..r.;e of tbe .Irmooratie idea, 
rboideuof Prof. HoJ.iw.ij’* L'm<aersmi ftsmidiss 
It one es*;utm’ly .l-:u.x'ralic; it, does not Balk 
b«0.tb to wealth but g!v*s t a free boou to at! wh» 
w.H sssotfBUy Afc 
•orb all i^er!"r scboofoof praet co aud be regaidlZ 
aaiversally, 'a- ii already wby tbawiaejaa tbe lOx 
prente and <>ety reiweiiy. 

Our country 1* tMcix giuea to aaaexattou, but 
ow s ver power it may oMuire cxc'asiTsiy tor 
the hrnePt of ibo anoexsd Prof iiotiuway has 
•xtendid bt UMdianoi 'fomioion orer the lam 
quartm of the eartii — he ba.« peootraied excu 'to 
reaiij'est bacB’s of the barburiAa; aady. t h* cacrln . 
bleMiagsin ht* band lad the uoly hurdOM to ia* I 
i»oo*» are f h joe of toppiatao awl h altb. 

Wteuu.deurr. oot tbe res* .ricA W- *iailituda 
thtwe »ppur*a:!y di*con3e«ted lobjeets laio mduito * 
detad; bat uiongh boa a*’rea*ly beta luid to ana* ' 

Maria lloiit— 13 months old — B. Warfield — $3ii.i. dove;” bnt I just wi»h lo ask her as a Pewinifwn il 
Mi^Cl^ton— 15 moDtbs old — J.M. Stone — $’23'). ahe thinks it will add ranch to the hospitality and 

th* second day, one— a C’nto. I lUit.k— deserted | ‘he r*aJor,aa.l a very little ttotokk 

At the end of 30 days t he hoga were changed 
.and fed as follows: 

Nunabers 6 and 6 that had been fed on dry 

Mary Dewscso— 1‘2 montbs old— B. Warfield— 

Charity— 12 months old— B. Warfield— $2C:. 

sociable vL'iting in Pewee for an “out.iJer,” wlii. h 

I take it for granted she is, to cast »ucb severe re- I ^^oace take tba plAca. 

and went over to tbe ea<xy, infuraiioK them r 
the number and aonditiou / th* 28, and *b>Msii. ; 
bow that an eneritetic and rt>ntiiiBad isaunlt wouM 

‘I am surprised at you.’ she said in a severe corn were changed and fed on cooked meal for 
lone, ‘indeed. I am stiying out so long in this gg days, they consumed in that time 234 pounds 
night-air Besides being w very gypsy, sh and 4 

improoer — what, if you had met some onr! x- * • 1 1 x- 

White Beauty- 16 months old— W. Warfield— flections on oar maoneis and costoms’ it is fe!i,,ws*weretaklu sad t«y oifo of themes* 
Aim* 11 .n/.,.<ko ij w 1.- > .... cnouch to m-ake all tbe IVwees that ever were cred, except five, wboibaw thcniMives ioio t 

Mellwa 5th— 4 month* oM si 7^* hatched distjuxU-d with mankind. fokr and auenipicd to sfbn to Goaerel Walker va 

1 I speak of"M.irie” as shk. bit we are prevy Iheboat. lour of them v.xe shot or drowned. . 

improoer — wriai, 11 you naa inei tome om : 
Tlie roses were no longer in .Marion’s hand. 

No. 5 gained 40 pounds and No. 6 gained 34 

-Alma— 11 months old— W. Warfield— $150. 
Melissa 5tb— 4 montbs old— 3. J. 3avers, Fsvet'.e 
co., Ky.— $380. 

Cherry 9ih— 6 months old— C. Coleman, Mi'* 
Houri — $425. 

Lidy Fairy No. 2—5 months old— W Wiudlcld — 

:im quiu disfusUd with the whole thing — it ■ but glauced ujMin her cheeks, and she replied not pounds — the two together gained 74 pounds. 

1 mere hovel in comparision to the splendid resi- a word. Number 3 and 4 that had been fed on cooked 

'ieiice we have b It, and when I think of your 
poor papa and our losses — I wonder at you, I 

‘By Jove' Marion Lesdie ia a aplendid girl [,e i,ve you have no heart, no sensibility ^ a!',’ 
omphalically exclauned one, throwing himaeil aaj the poor lady burst into a violent fit of weep- 

len I think of your ‘Mr. Hermon is below mid wishes to 70 ^aeal were feU the same length of them on dry 
I wonder at vou, I vou, ma am. said Bridget, the next monimir 

o sensibility il a! .’ 'looking in to Mrs. Leslie’s room.’ com. thcf consumed 364 pounds, or 6i bushels. 

down in a chair. *k ea, but bow abe can be so 
in love with that a(>o«ary Morton is more than 
I can underatand,’ aaid another. The a’.ranger 
dixw nearer Her tatbnr is a shy old fox,’ said 
a third “How aoT’ asked tlte first who bad 

anil the poor lady burst into a violent ht ol weep- 
ing, ‘the only tiling thkt reconciles me to this 
!ial,‘she sobbed torth at length, ‘is the thought 

Ah. he his returned at last then!’ she replied, | No. 3 gained 34 pounds. No. 4 gained 10 pounds 

“tell him I will be down directly.’ 

Her richest silk was brought out for theoccas- 

of the fine estiblishmont yon will have in the ion, and she descended tbe stairs in rustling 
spring— when you are married. Oh, it is such dignity, saying to Marion ."s she did so, ‘I told 

•poton T I A k: y‘>ur poor papa died, and I don’t see why you 

‘W hy don’t you know how I.wshe, aM h.s need pul it off till spring, now — you might just 
toohing wife too, have stroked and petted, and os well have spared me this mortification — but 
oarooood Motion until they hive him engage* have no feeling at all— none at all ' 

to tbM.' daughter — and I shouldn t wmider if the Marion remained pale and silent beneath this 

daughter had oeconded theireniirts, she has some r^pr-iof— but, at length she said, calmly reprets- 
•f her father’s alyneoa. I reckon. tear# as she spoke; 

‘1 thtMight her loaing all heibeauty, last winter will talk of my n 

1 beard she was in a decline, but now ttore is a jf you please, mamma 

prospect ol bera.i soon becoming tbe mistrees of exact, but. you know 

Alfr^ Mofton’a fine eatahliahmont, ahe is im- (-ounirv. and lam sure this 

a pity you cau Id not have been married befare you Mn*. Hermon would not call upon IM.’ trial. The foUo' 

vour poor papa died, and I don’t see why you Morioii’a only rc,dy was a quiet smile. In a the a cond tr'al: 

need put it off till spring, now — you might just few moments, Mrs. Leslie returned greatly ex- 1 bii’iconTi d 

os well have spared me this mirtification — but cited. Nu*. I lume*!. I 2< 

no, von have no feeling at all— none at all ' ‘Mr. Hermon ia decidedly the moat delightful ' — 

Marion remained pale and silent beneath this g*ntleman lever saw,’ she said, “his manners ^ | >d me** | 

repMof — but, at length she said, calmly repre**- .ire extremely elegant, and he was so very po- 1 L 4 1 s fca* tba 1 ^ 

sing her tears as she spoke: liteV 

•kl'e will talk of my maniage some other ‘Did you inquire for his briilet’ said \iaiion. It will be seen 
time, if you please, mamma. I did not mean to with a faint look of mischief in her eyes. hois were 

i>e loo exact, but. you know I always loved tlie *Oh. yes, and he did not deny he wa* married, q,. i 

— the two together gained 44 pounds. 

Numbers 1 and 2 were continued on the boiled 
corn with abcut the same results as on the first 
trial. The following table shows the result of 

Eight buUssold for $l,587-avaraaiiir each $190, waie «>‘<e sjl^ble of -o- 

as follows: jectioa to auythia< exct pt leaving iL We will not 

Young Chilton— ImporteL— bought by Dr. It J ‘*‘'1**« ^ ^ou a ealiro du-M and son boiin.t 
Breckinridge, Ur. R. Dillon and W A B Warflel.l— ■'“®« that seems tob the slriug on which she m< -t 
$Gf,0. particnlarly harps; but whether in that dre^s or 

Exile— 2 vears old— Dr. R. J. Breckinridge and »nj other, she will tia.f our doom ready t'O ope-i, 

ttr t a* WB.XSV.X o /X.IW */sns*taAsa tre ««Tlr « re r 1 renw h a nrlu tra OM V* 21 to s* I. 

sure that gome mule animal bs'i taken shelter and* r only «cceed d in rsaoixg the vtcaaboat. » 
a feminine noiadegiterre to .ay what he was afr.*id Central Americans ihn; d* s’ roye*l a*>t only i|.-- 
to litter in propria persona. If “Marie" is a hniy, fort, but 'he whar', aw biiagos, and ev*»ytliii.'_- 
let her come and try us again, and see if she will that would forilitaie fPc cmbarkaiioB of trbo;.- 
ii'tl b ' cuDviiiced that Pewee’s hoHpit. lily is ondi- or diiembarkatiuu, ‘T the landing of hoots 1 
minished. Let !:cr stN'Dd one of onr delishif.l vessels ^ 

parties and see If -he will wake one sj liable of *'i>- There were oaniioi!* — ' be one a Iw*- • 

jectioa to anything except leaving it. We will n<«t jmnnder and tto ot h s i a aioc puiiuder BtMb t>*>' . 
oblige b T to don a calico dreu and son boiimt unfit fur s*.rv|p«, kjd hoe* oorrfed down lo 1 - 

since that seems tob the string on whiebshe nn -t wharf foi- the Hfoffx® shipping to the L’ni'i 1 
particnlarly harpi; but whether in that dre*s or ■■•tatts aid gpltog ibore for old bras* to obtn "i 

W. Warfield— $300. 

St. Albans — 14 months old — W. Jones — $29 
Fayette— 5 months old— G. W. HUI, Henry c >., 
Ky— $90. 

-Boston — 6 montbs old — 3. II. Shonse, Woodfo.d 
CD., Ky. — $80. 

our tongaes to talk, and oar hAoits to give a wel- 
come to any one who appr»kichts them in a frieml- 

siikill- r g«m»whh (he prao ti d*. They weies.- I 
to be worth $330 sptreo- The Cxnira* Ameiic:' * 
t' - k thaot p s:«s, moutotd them and fired thri». 

ly manner.even one who has expressed such opin- I usiDgaix p-iuid ^I'a, ag-.i'*' aikrr's .*> . 

ions as “Marie” has. This, if she U a lad> ; and if 
a gentleman, vre will try lo lls'en to whatfv.;r re- ■ 
marks he may have to malte witheomplaceney. ,j:'.il 

1 b'l’scon- 1 
. 1 sumed. 1 

Osin tn 1 

26 days 

1 lbs of Pork to j 
1 bo t oro. 

1 Corn pr 

Cfllt of 
pork 0 

1 4 A 1« tbs 

1 74 bs.J 

IT lbs 72-IMi 

1 2toeuts 

1 crat 
i mti.a 

i 6 fc 26 tbs 

1 drjr corn 

1 44 lbs. 1 

6 lbs *7— IM 1 

1 26 cents 

4 cm 
1 mill. 

Fancy Boy— 4 months old-G. Smith. Fayitte smile m swwtly asit he had really said somethin ; 

Stt5. ^ worth hranni?. If we do not nticcced, ud I 

ileraid— 2 months old— J. Curd, Fayette o.. poliieueM not qnite equal to the effort, it a ; , 
- ' not be our fau't. 

It will be seen that during the 12 days, when 
the hogs were first put up and ah fed together 

Dudley— 4 months old — B. Watfield— $4U. 

iHorijian Horses. 

A premium essay on the origin, history and 
characterist'Cs of this remarkable American br-'t'd 

wi.ieh B f rqteiitiy ioorttr.per-d to keep a mile t.d “ “ “ 7 " 

A Uo'f fru« t.e shore, tliou.: 1 the gun* are anyth rg 
eto but iKirAto; tot V/.iAcr feats stray shots. ^ , 

On tbg 2fib of D;o« abtr. the day G. aeral II 1 - 
anag«>*S<'d bis three bun re<l and flfiy men a . ■ e 
•urruosHbdst OroiAda by the Aili*d troope. ‘I* 
form r d*iirevx<l the buildings aroond tbe ic .n r**T7*“ 
..I*. —,1 f— kt ih.i. .i.T— k„ir .-II-,. . brother*, it 

I hope “Marie” will find all ber discordant Mej pLu, smJ fought then way down half a mile 1 • 1 J ‘7** 

swept away, for we would n*.t have sentimen s stone snuxhln the direc-Jo. of tbo Uk. mnl ab .t 

h..w*T*r unn.ouded, that were unfavorable to Pc- four hnusied yar'.s from it. There .bey fmrric.i.I. d ^ beftoatide 

wee, that most delighlfnl of little neighborhood*, to them«rlws and forti^d tbe church, and were *; H 

find their way to “the pubhc ear. When any oue holding out when I left They foal been figh" 2 i w pfrmhfr 

provioc ausaaingly,’ said another of thv group, ^ dreary 

•hot letuugobock to lb? dances. gl.iomy since de.r papa left us. But we have 

The fltr4n£er foUowed them m««iani^lly. eeen all yet,* anu drawing hrr mother'* hantl , 
Loa^ window* openodtrooith€ :alJ to the ^nn, *he led her into an adjoiniii:: 

ujid partly concealing himself in Ito drapery nt .oom, French windows shaded 
«M of thoa he loiAed in oa the ^y roses and honey suckle vines, opene 

Morton was bending fondly over Manon in th«' terrace — rural low seals wc 

dixy 'nazes of the w.Jia, a glow was on her aome pictures decorated the v know I always loved t!,e ‘7 on cooked meal, that No. 5 gained twenty-five ®»»««c‘eri.t:cs of this remarkable American br-.-d i„». We will not ‘a^le city f-ri. ion* 

country-, and I am sure this cotUgc IS much bv I- but smd ‘hie wile hid not yet armed -but ho of horses, tracing the pedigree from the original hear malice to “Marie” for her unjusu 

ter for us than that great dreary house— so hoped to have the pleasure of introducing aer lo pounds, which on the first trial efter they wi le j , . , , . 1 * we mu.*t beg her to be certain sh# boi 

me very soon. 

Manon bent low over her work. 

‘And wlial do 

separated and fail thirty days on dry corn, con- 
sumed 202)^ pounds, and gained but ten pounds. 

Justin .Morgan, through the most noted progeny 
down to the present time. With numerous por* 

French windows shaded by rlimbini; I her muilier, ‘he 

roses and honey suckle vines, openenod on .0 :i pleasure be would b-> hippy to hUow us hn 
green terrace — rural low seals were scattcirt-d place to-morrow, and falso wishes us to see soiui 
aliout, some pictures decorated tbe walls- — in one curiosities which he brought from Europe. W ba 

you think, Marion,’ continued ,k .00 . k v 1 traits To which are aildaJ h!ni« for hreMllno Blank and Mrs. Mr. .Alpha and Mr. Unicv t, emuy, loey mouiitut .ne Domredesi 

said if it would .rive ns anv H"*. ‘"‘'‘“““"g corn at 28 cents per busVel, to which are addsJ hints for breeding. 4^, .„;re, and cant think where" V a- Ui.Mearacuan tia^ to General W a ker 

k —xe.e.* .1 IA ...sfi. ...J . ass 1 1 ! Dreakint? and ireD^ra! ufia anH Tn‘mnffom$»nt Af re.x*rereasv.t mns'k Do4;d t!t: .»7>i o lev'ieri'V nustt Ii 2 t$ 

tonebes our hospi’ali'y he touches tbe Under, *t eubt dif *. surroomled by two thousand five b 1 
point. We will not “ape city f'.*liion*" so *ar as to ^“<1 of ili- enemy, which number wss roBsts, 
tiesr malice to “Marie” for her unjust remark-; l>’it incri’awdby reinfoiwmenls. The sixth day oi 
we mu.*t beg her to be certain she bos soma ea'',e siege the alliis made a grand assault, wbieii I*- 
for it before she uses her peu azoia in the same two The Anirncans appeared to fight -a 

manner. We arc sure that no prot,>tvj>os of Mrs. ;;reaia«<ivity and coorag,-, and, alter repoLsinr 
Blank and Mrs. Mr. Alpha and' Mr. Oniegi, emuy, iheymouiiU-i the borricadcs oad w»o 
A* e,tn to* fniiiid 'lere. Slid eaii*t think where “'la- tbi- .N iCaraj,nan Iia2 to General \ta ker. It is * 

will enable fom to follow ap the train af maiHtntinm ' 
we have tiaried Tne promlaot <fom ay that wn 
can woth the Coiled «rta as *, that they may omn- 
laio in the body j^itic. ibe woodorworkiogOBe- 
folosiio of theo. R. [onivaraal remeulrojintbo bndr 
pbysica! Let anr *tate«Mn look to it and *«« ibal' 
w#ar*not'ic'«rlppod’— .V.F.Nor. PoheeQwxeUe. ' 

EoifoexxliMK lifmrtlfi mi ^ 


tFrum tbs CuMsaat Coonerewl. Das .? j 

ExamlaaU» or PUuber aod A L Xteveaaww* 
s. 4 barge ^ mbey« log sowrlT Ons HaedreA ^ 
JksnsAsrt Usilars tbsrth of Prsoornr--Cnrssv 'iL . 
See V ia ort. ’ ' W, . 

After testing Ibo ffifoaey -f several writ* m 
HoAius C0T9HS. FGtcber and A. L. Stephens wei* 
lioaJy returu(Mi to tba cuotmly .ha > ity Manto’ 
and taken before Judge Prad* : .'.oterdsy morains 

when the long pendie* “g til ia^ksis cam? „ff T5 

charge agaiiist tbo pmyfoe was tor grand Isiiiiiir. 
tbe dcfendiinu having, according to 'botretiai^ 
for tile proarcutioD. unlawfully d'l-iKiaeJ' af o VMfi 
amoui i of bideo beb*n«i!i. t., Me*ars. Fawcett. T 

Isliau A (. o., of ,\ew York, wiiboiit iim rri rj 

or know;r.l,*e of tho uw-iers. \ M?gr phie dm- 
pateh reetlveif yraterdsy iri'*raing fioni Montrsafo 
t’ana,la. *t at effbat there ' ere some t.fiOA shipped 
to that city, file plea e‘ ap for ‘be 'ie'ensa WM 
that, in eoamrt|oenee if the ‘“<iutrect eateted into 
between Mrsnrs. Fnweatt * Go. and the Stap^^n* 
brother*, it was 1 p.irtaei*ii>p tmamctmn, sf 
therefore there e<>a!d be uo proeeealioa. ^ 

Tbe facts <rt tbe case will be ftos£ dcTelope<r la 
the following teotiarony. 

That of oUcer Key, wbo arrested the partie* waa 
that Fletcher Stepiiec* at fiiat -tated bfesamoto 
be Stafcnl, bat 'Uifowquent.'y ackBow t-dgsd tbsu bQ 
was the person alinded *« imth* warras'. he void 

moreover, that the leather hcloac, J to MmaoUf 

brother, aadtbat they came to t bio easy for 

;;rtai activity and courage, and, alter repoUinr • e “f ^P«?>n2 of it. that they ,;amo 1 — 

eu*uT, they mouiitut the tmiTiczdcs oad w»a d ®“7 ■ * ”•* ^* Fa* 

tb.'.Ni(arai.'aan tla" to General \Va ker. It is • 1. f*lt. and lo pteveat soy diUcuUv with him; 

e R-oiihl'ha h'niiv to sliow US Ills bring! thc m?st st 10 cents and one mill per ^fxaking and general use and m-inagement of rie” was brought up to meet sneh ridkuToas p> r- potd tli^ lev'senty must have beri' ' 

Jlo^c to-mor;:.: an^^ pound, and when change 1 again on the second horses, with practical diroetion. for training hem souagvs who j assc.l 

* » • _i t. I Us r • * • a ■ . . , « . . ffiT mvKihttren re* A k— rb n T : _ J ^ AIj IbJl A « . 1 _ ^ . • 

check — round Hiid round they whirled, cMt after I ^ ^ ^ music *tand|^nd upon it some lo<*<c j a pity you arr cnga*i«'d lO'morrow.’ 

oeU dropped off u itil Uicv were aliaoot the only 
ones upon the fl,>or. Hound and round the; 
flew. ‘Morion, Marion,’ called her m<ilber as 
one floated by, but she heeded not— tho bccti'- 

sh'-elo of music and a vase ot floweri 

Tlip next afternoon. Mrs. I/CbIV had very near- 

trial, to boiled meal, consumed but 117 pounds 
in twenty-six days, and gained forty pounds. 

by sto.*d A n.agniliccnt harp. With a cry I ]y rxhausii d herself, and quite her vocabulary j per bushel reduces 

of deligbt, Marion sprang forward — 

of such ailjcclivcs — as elegant— splendid — sui'i- j gain to ore cent and four mills per pound. 

•pot upon her cheek grew deeper, id last^sh* I where did it conic from, who could hs-e 

•Ob' msniina!’*shc cri^, ‘here if my own d*. IT I erb— exquisite — beautiful — lively — charming — | No. 4, in the first twelve days, fed on the 

Muxk exhausted upon a seat near a window . ‘Ah' 
Ifoat was delighifui" she onsd, and tbe next mo 
Meat fsioled. 

‘Thio IS realty dread f*:l — will any one bring 
iKNne water,’ said Morton, looking helplcs*! , 
round— «nd endeavori' gt>D draw cm his glove. 
But the stranger bad lifted her f«tly throu ra 
the uriudow, and was already bathing her deal!; 
like face, and chaffing her little cold ban 
After a lew moments she revived — and be with- 
drew to bis retired corner of the gallery As 

sent it here'' and her tears fell fast upon it. 

‘Nousenoc, child!’ aaid "Ir*. Leslie, ‘of roar*e 
it cannot be your harp. I am sure youis was 
very much more elegant.’ 

all of w bicli had been elicited by the various cooked meal made a gain of thirty-six pounds, 
beauties of .Mr. Hermon s residence. . , , 

•Here, in this conscnalory.’ he said, as Mrs. ‘^rcc pounds n day; and when separated and 
Leslie was about scaling herself, Dying his haii'i conti'‘ued thirty days on cooked meal, consumsd 
upon tl*c handle of a door near her, ‘I have the but 135 pounds, and gained fifty pounds, wh’ch 

for exhibiton at Aricultural fairs, by D. C. Linds- 
ley, Middloburg, Vt. 

Perhaps this breed of horses is the most re- 
markable of any that has been roared in the 
United States. They are particularly no'ed lur 
their symmetry and beauty of form, strength 

I see from your colarans that “Gertrude” expn 
ses our •eutiment'v with the greatest accaracT.bnt I 

gr>u:. The e-Xaci eoaUiti hi of the Anericaas < .i ■- 
nm be to'd; they niust be KofToruig to some *xt it i 
frna cboloru. ' 

Ihe atmosphere is fearfaily eoaUmiaated; ' le 
ilt-aJ bodies can be smelled on board of Walki ; s 

‘hut iftbvy w*r* taker* hufors the Mayor here, t ^ 
would cause hia irreat la Chicago; ihev alao isiisJ 
ted to lk« oOerr that 'he firs of Fawcett, 

A Co., waa itJehted to tbeiu. 

Mr. dumael 1 hum. ouu of tb« pustuon, sta* _ 
that they were dealers in hides a*d leui her in ih> 

shall send this that yon may see how unanimous V. l'h“ 001™"^^ e t j of .Sew f«k; th. Stei^ hrothere 

thrir commander. General Uenuiagson, wh<> .i i* i . town of Lifo 

or three pounds n day; and when separated and endurance as roadsters, and taking the c o- 

contii'ued thirty days on cooked meal, consumed dc»c«ndants of the original Justin Morgan, 

but 135 uounds. and trained fiftv iiounds. wh'ch *^*7 constitute tho most valuable raee of hors>“s 

.Mario'i passed ber hand over the strings, ‘no, I most precious, the mttst beautiful of aiij thing I brings the oost of the meat to one cent and ihice I country 

’“*• thrir commander. General Uenuiagson, wh« is 

(From the Lsx.urronObssrver a id Keportsr) Cvusid. red tbe ablest mibtary officer in Ceucal 

Proposal fox a Mzthodist Collkor m he> li^uperfor to G^^ 

* u u' licnmugsen ’.s perfectly cool under every circu'ii- 

KkjiTcckt.— A t the last session of the Ken* nkonce — in the hottest fight and in the most e* n* 
tucky Conference of the Methodist E. Church cal couditiou. He U occosoiaaily slow, oa: .1- 
,. •! . . . 1 . . k • wa.'4»ure; tieuce it is suppoeed be will ultima’ 

South, a commit lee was appointed to take into in lavinii the ia*ur^maniti..n anJ .. J- 

coiisideration, during the year, the practicabilitr h rr. But he is lu a deaperai* strait. If he -< c- 

no. these are the very same sweet tones.’ 

At this moment a servant passed through tli'j 

hall. C-ome here, Bridget,’ said Marion, ‘aii'i I seen!’ she said. 

have yet shown you.’ 

‘What, is there still soaietbing further to be 

mills per pound; but whan changed to dry corn 
on' the sacend trial, consumed 162 pounds in 

t *11 me wacn this harp was sent liere,’ 

•Share, Miss.’ replied the girl, it came with 

1 have reserved the rarest and best for the I twenty six days, and gained but teu pounds, 

now in this country. consideration, during the year, the practicability h ry. But he ia lu a deaerate strait. If he ■< e- “V ^ 

The workcontain. over three hundred pages of establishing a College within tt. bounds a.J pi^omai. pej o 

executed ia the publishers best stjle, and the under the control said Conference. The Ci/ia- mc do meaii* of inbaikiugihe srtdkrr^ •rai*) d ® m f 

portraits which are .'iven of some of the m ,at m““’0 consi ts of the following gentlemen boats c.uld be brousht to the shore, the Amen-.i.s '''' 

last,’ Was his reply, oiiening the door she 

Manoa openei her eyes she gave one eager I it^^av bet .re vecanie.’ 

the rest of tbe new furniture, himselt sent Ik :c I beheld Maiion! Mrs. Leslie sunk back in her 

look around, but msating nothing save .Morton -' 
proffered arm— she took it. Languidly r'joe, anJ 
went into tto hotel. At last 1 he dancers were 
weirie l — tW gay music ceased, the lights were 
extinguisbei and all wassilen . The stranger 
frond himself alone upon the long nUery — be 
looked pxG end ngitht^ as be walked back an 1 
forth, tark and forth, to and fro — be paced; t‘ '• 
■soon ruoe and watie^i, and oiill he walked, the 
fnendiv stars hid ttiemseivks oebind fast gather- 
ing olouds, great drops <•' ram I'll, slowly st 
fin’ then Uiicker, faster until all the fl'todgati - 
ef Hsoven seemed opened, still he paced to and 
fro, anmind UI 01 the a-.'irm — A.tsb<a i>l 
lighUiiiig worked ihemselveo a . like forked 
onakeo amongot Ihe rraaoeo . hi. ck clouds 
above hiai — and then left him in still deep*r 

‘M'ho. Mr. flernion’’ 

“Yes, Miss.’ 

‘When shall we ser this Mr. Herraont’ asked 
.Mrs Leslie. 

chair in amazement. 

‘Forgive this deception, dear mamma,’ said 
Marion, coming forward, ‘but the engagemuit 
whicli I had for to-day was this one ’ 

which again increases the cost of the pork 
gained to nine cents a id ono mill per pound. 

In coi^Iution Mr. Clay states: “1 now give 

1 _W„* • ,• I t u 

my mode of preparing the food. I have tvre 
large 60 gallon ke. les, fixed upon small fur- 

eu pounds, which are given of some of the in >at 

f the pork c®l"^7ated of this breed of horses are moat a I* 
• pound. mirably engraved. M’e commend them lo all 
‘ 1 now give lo»er» of the horse, and to farmsrs and brekiiers 
1 have two ‘“general. Price $100. 
small fur- ^*** Gom. — A few loose chapters on 

C IJ « .*ew lova; tuo rooimns Imrtkera we 
•“arrying on a tannery In tte town of Lihoity 
that State. In the ssoath nt Jolv. M65, they 
poacd entering ssio an arrM«sm«at wifih'i 
fim to be suppled with hslea for 'anaiop, sn^ 
so agreemvat waa finally.coneltulrd. wher» 
Htepneno brothen were to have row hsfiaa si 
lo them, which they were to ivtnru to Fnwcot 
Co., properly tanned. rc«civing tie cents pcv| 
for th* taaniiig, when th.- leather sold for 
amoant ooer and above tho coat of the hito um 
proportionate per ceatia* which Fnwevtz 4 
chaeged upon tfo ir nnichaaoa, anti if tbe . ' 

.old for over or under the extra eeatfi,' 

‘I’m s irc I can’t say, mam, he •• going abroad I look of wonder 

Her mother’s only reply was a still greater | daces — Mott's Agricultural furnaeeo— that when | *port>*ig. amoi.g which will be found some sn* 

to stay until his high juse is finished.* 

•VVuat houar’’ 

‘The vreat house on ‘he bill, mam, ye can s"e 
it from tlie window,’ but — shure now if I waa.i't 
forgc-ttiiig entirely the lether he leit for ve — 

‘1 loohaveyour pardon to eravp fer a long 
series of deceptions,' said her host, taking Mari- 
on’s band as she spoke, ‘this is the lady whom I 
have soon to introduce lo you as my bride, f-ir 
I her promise some years ago, and it h:is 

full hold -ut a small armful of woml. 1 put 50 ecdotes and incidents by John J. H'oper of Henry K. Lind.*ay, of Coviui;toa. 

pounds of meal to a ketlla and then fill it with Montgomery, AUbarai. To the sp< rtsman this W '‘r* Din^^r £v ‘^^THaVti- f.' 

water; when cooked this makes 405 pounds of l‘“lc work affords some excellent instruction as *|||*_Qioer,Ilev. j. S. Hayle?s, itev B T Croat !i| 

G. W. Craddock, of Frankfort. 

David Thornton, of Ventailles. 

Moreau Browu, of Nirhulasville. 

Alexander Liudsay, of Mt. Sterling. 

Dr. Mo*es Adamsou, of .May.ivi.le. 

M’illiam Wiusfow, of Carrollton. 

Fielding Neal, of Shelbyville. 

Wm. K. Du ic in, ot Wincheiter. 

Traf. Jarats B. Dodo, of Lexington. 

Henry K. Lind-*ay, of Covioi;tua. 

Rev. r. N. Ralston, Rev. D. Mtevensou, W'V J. 

slop. I find that my cows and horses are very 
fond of it and improved finely on it I am of 

well as amusement. Price 50 cents. 

Rev. J. G. BruCi“, and Rev. IVm. M. Grubbs, of the 

when !.e wint,’ and *be handed aletter to Mrs. been lalcU renewed, we onlj wait for your con- ■ i 1! 1 .. ur ir 11 the uublishers C M Saxton A Pn lAO Fnlinn' 

Lts'ie. who . ive it lo Marion-saying sent, 'shich I feel will not be withheld-although op*n.on t would be better to cook food for all 5»«ton & Co. 140 Fu ton 

‘it inn«t be tliat^e i* some old Iriend of y«*’^r I 1 am noionjer Mr. Hermon— tut Percy How* I kind* ot *tock.” 

The price of either ofthe above works sent to CouferenM. 

,V u /I .. a. . „ . A meeting of this committee was fold III this (ity 

le publishers, C. M. Saxton <Sc Co., 140 Fulton qjj (be 19th alt., and organize'! by the election of 
street New Yook, or to A. Gunter, 99 ThirJ-st. D. Thornton, E*q., as Chairman, and Rcv. D Bti.-* | 

father's, foul do read the letter and see what be 
sa\s for himself.’ 

It pro'ed to be merely a business letter, ‘i.i- 

Mr. Clay did not take into the account the '"'•H ‘n*ure copies in return by mail ruiolutiots were adopted daring dred cieo— with thooe * 

u irecof postage he hai eight Imndred 

are no means of ABbai king the artillery or wn il upoa io< ir puenaaoa, awl ir tfo 

boats could be brought to the shore, the Ameri.*i.s •7^'"' '"'der the extra f^vt e . 

coulil not embark their artillery first, sa noth. eg RT'*** *f *!* boeqpolfo ffivWto. 

would be left to defand themselv.. a. nor could . . y 7L7 >»‘dre 

fi*''.efflbaikt^msel4es.asaolbing would be 0.1 *o po» ‘ tw-k 

de:c.d tb*u artiUorj with, which, by aUmev.i. foBtbrw properly . moMka 

should b* prevented ipamfaTing into tbe haii'is of *** mwle^awcett A Co. beaitl 

iheenemy ^tepbeBs were erntrerTaiised, aod they w 

Gmeral Walker leaves Grenada snd sUusis 

duirn to his headquarters at Virgin bay, alao *.t ‘b*y kml aa aavaoee. uadot 

everyday. After remaiatog t’o«re an hour or t ■ o, roeelv J from ten to 

be returns to watch iW « «ralioas at GnAnaiia - “0 ‘^7 

At tbe time 1 left, Waikar ha l four hundred men at u*'* >“■»* turo 1 

Virgin Bay, incladiug one hundred rccreiis wL. h hey again fort '*horv fonds, wtonsaaixns 

hud just arrived fion; California. We met .-•1:1- C?***.. 

forremeut* from tbe 'tales oo the Son Jaao Ri't r; **'’• fl ty ceni* upon fUfk hide af Uwb m th 
tbe N-w Yorkers at Castiiio Bap ds. and th -* 

fr ra New Urieans about twenty miles below. It ‘••‘^••ter^ FTweher ^lepboes ia a r.idroo*- 
waa stated liter J w«rs three kaudred and fiftv *• * i,i^7k ,*|*I*™*^, *** ^ ‘ 'll 

cruiU in aa Walker will have, if bis recruits arrive. ^ 

without counting the laoa U Granada, eight i.; u- ^ '* * ' 

dred cien— with those jt Gromsda. a thousand, ii ^ Ik* ***^?*?^' 

he hai eight Hundred men becan take poaesG 'n 

of R;v.ia,and make that his bend qonrtsr*. aa 1 if p ^*ir ***^ **** »!!»** 

be -^eii five hundred r*<ruits a totutfi. aay succ td * J; of. \ftertH 

iu mamlaiuiug kis posilk.n. ?** **^“’, -‘»l-■••t* (T Jr« 

Walker appears to be in good spirita, or. rat'.*r by V*# Sti ; li*w‘ Ci^n, 8^ 

you caitnut tcii anytbisg ahent him; for he . I- ^’’^'**’,,.^^***** a^ t.iis and m 

ways as cold as ic«. But tbe low ufbM'h T- '’“f*. ytefet Ihe nng^ of Rm k Stofcf 
<st frieu')*; but fioni what 1 have seen af I'liii 1 J"'* the orwwrdieg 'look.* ■» ' 

do::’' think be really iii.i goo.1 .pKits. lIis offi*. n ^f"7‘, '* •»» 

areenthu-siaaiic— at Irssi some of tfom are. ili* nnot', artoftt" 

One week from that i ay the marr.age cere- quantity of wood consumed, as that was chips P®*‘*gc 

mony was quietly perfurujed at VN oodsnle ert- 

walked, and not until the storm had passed away, 
nnd the sun had ariwn bright and dear, did he 
end hts weary wnaderiags 

'W.wM' '■ 'A-ttoprt wcawa’strw*:, 
Wr.GIbscLQtovrs ■# alatl'' 

He Buttered ao hr left the gallery. 

The next morniiig a gentleman equipped for 
treveiing, nlood UfKin the steps ot the hote' 
Jaat as bo «M about to descend, a party nu 
botwebock. ladies and gentlemen rode up. lii 
onem.HGited on a spirited, block rer'i;’- 
nixod the belle of the jirevious evening. Her 
borae seerB'-d exceeding rewive and un- 
Banagoble, and making a sudden plunge would 
bave thrown h a rider oS, bad not the t rave 'rr 
aorang d->wn tlie steps and srited the bridle 
Tbeir eyes met— Manon did not ery out, or faint, 
although her face cbaBilod to marble whitenesa 
She tried to speak but the words died upon her 
ale iipc. Mr Morton rode up beside h'T and 
e stranger hAodoJ the reins to a groom— 
prs'ig into a car.iag* waiting for him— tlx 
fftfuF waa claaad and wilbotU one backward 
giamee, he was driven rapidly away. 


.tove h,.-ano men .en nim in .'in oeep*r “ .'-lb. “\hat and trash picked up on the farm, 

gloom, while ^a. upon peal ol dealennig tliuii- p, ,)one tor their comfort, lo please wriu- his grel- after being fairly esfobiished in the new With an aparStiis arranged upon a large scale, 
'1 I ^*k**A *** .!^r*^** atciit whom they had alreadv seen — and giving house — she one evening asked her husband, as somelhing as we [ roposed in our October 

liisfolJress— .he iwrte also expressed regret at they stood by an open window lifok ng out uj on the oookiiig we believe could bo done 

be necessity which coinixlled .Mr. Herma n to ihe handsome ground, and talking over p isl - 11 1 .1. . r 1 1 ■ 

leave for Europe wuhuui the pleasure of a ,„ r- erents, why. he had built .0 costly t residence. n>“ch more economically, both a. to fuel and la* 
Honal interview with Mrs. aud Miss Leslie,’ and ‘Whether lor yurselfor lor you,’ ho replied, bor 

Uiis was all. .^c should have been quite as happy in the e jl- The expcrimsnt showsthe advantages of cook* 

‘Hermon' Hermon! Hermon,’ mused Mari. .11, lage— although so lovely a bird cannot have too conclusively than 

‘I wonder w bo he can be!’ haiid-oiiie caer. But. it was to carry out a pet ” . j - .1 . l 

Iiaiiuom* oagt. .aa, ... wc had anticipated, or la the articles we b; ve 

idea ol mi"?, and t ' show your incredulous » , . , 

CHAPI ERIX. mamma .ind the world— that, although a man frequently written on the eubject, even claimed 

irecoi postage the icasiou. 

Resolved, That we, deeply imprfi*e«l with the 
TllC Ainericiin Poulterers Com- iniporUmceofedacationtoibeCoinm'mw.'alth.a'id 

noeiinss Heuloiing the poriiiou of our Church in relaiion . r---- -. 

panleil. thireto. do determine to eitablUh a Male Co:;, s'e M afoer .pp.w fo in spiriU^ 

A practical treatise on Ihq breeding, rearing such point as ihall seem moit eUgible you cannot tell anytbisq ahent him; for he * .1 

and general managemant ol various speci.s of _ ret^fr^uX' b“ liom wbtu 1^^^ 

domestic poultry. Illustrated with portraits of ^i,hin ^uids ofthe Conferee do:;’' think be really iii.i good -pKiU Uisoflh.r 

fotwU, mostly taken from life; poultiy -house*, that w** w>11 locate a College, at some eligible point, ‘reenthuivuaiic ai mac oC tbt v srt. ili 

coops, nests, feeding*hoppers, dec , dee. A new at which the ciliZ*ns of the vicinity will secure to ,(*”*' fri’Bdy**^'c/*OBe'l 

... . . • . tl.« r«iil*r*nce tweatv thousand dollaii or mo- ■, as "--""“s. ‘'wouy .'Ca some 1 ... 

‘I wonder w ho he can be!’ 


The experiment shews the advantages ol co.*k- coops, nests, fseding*hoppers, dee , dec. A new 
ing food for hogs, even more conclusively than edition, enlarged and improved, by C. N. Bem- 
wc had anticipated, or ia the articles we hr ve ent. With 1‘20 illustrations on wood and stone, 
frequently written on the eubject, even claimed This work is just issued from the press of 

he hai eight bnndrtd aca becan take poaeaG 'S 
of R;v.ia,and make that his head aoartsr*. as l if 
be -^ei 1 five hundred r*< mils a Boatfi, stay sacc t d 
iu maintsiuiug kis posilk.n. 

Walker appears to bo in good spirits, or, rat'ier 
you cannot t«Ii anytbisq ahent him; for he :* . I* 
ways as cold as ic«. sol teebuz tbe low ufbM-h -r- 
<st frieu')*; but tiom wbat 1 have seen bf l-ici 1 

.Autumn, winter .ind spring had passed, and I have felt the sti.igol poverty, yet by ene.'gy 

suinoTier had come 

, J . 1 t.’ r. V- n iteCoiilerencetwenty thousand dollaii or mo", OS 

edition, enlarged and improved, by C. N. Bern- , bonus, and that t « larg. d ainnuot so socnr. .l, 
ent. With 1‘20 illustrations on wood and stone, other advantaj;es h*iug > qual, would be entilltd lo 

This work is just issued from the press of '‘’t ’‘ a7!°?' ^ .... „„„ 

.. On motion. It was resolvid that when lue com- 
Messrs. Harper & Brothers, New York, and is mjttec adjourn, it shall adjourn to m»et at ibi* 

n:rhtiDc ><pints* borne mrauitBdly *.cd i*cae i «; 4 - 
ti!e to him; bat they al fl.’ht well, for they ki w 
It 11 a mittrr of iif* said death with tbtm to “::o 
eeed Waat of health is the greatest drawback to 
tb* r > fticieocy. 

I‘2,au0 kklss hove boon ireesil W<-t. A 
of the fire there wezo slxrot 21.COO hah-s 
to Fawcett k Co Btsi=:= i wt . u tbe 
were in tb«ir (Irbi eoweiicht or tw*lve 


Upon nelosc ex sisinsli— ihg ww 
hides in *raw naie w*ie wnitb abestt $4 

Summer! s'"! perseverance, he may rise sujierior to cir* I 'phe gain of the hogs fed on cooked meal, is u idoubtedly the beet work on poultry that has I place, at 9 o’clock, A. M., on the third Weunes-lay 

.All caia-ouls agatoit Wa’ker, and every p< w- I 1 . ! Z H V 

r in C' litral America is (onaTly brstile to bhn. It I actursd the hide 

vihiotis of green fields, flowery dells and wo.jded cuiiistances. and by conlinuing steadily in the I thre - times as great as the gain of th -se been written. The author has made poii'trv a 

. Mi_ J-- ..... 1 ._ii ... 1 .1^ . way of his duly win for himself a jHisiiion, al . r j 

hills dues that word call up! June, tbe m'>st 
'H.autiful ot all months had made Wo-^olsiJc vi rv 
pleasant to look upon. There was as yet ro 
change in tlie occupants ot 11 e cottage. Maii' n, 
was Marion Leslie still, for .Mrs. Leslie’s pri-le 
had been tillfurther wounded when the visit* ot 
.Alfred Morton were suddenly di;a:ontinued, and 
tbe rumor reached her that be was entirely c<>- 
voted to a bollet-dmcer. She believed it was -s 
Marion aaid: ‘ lie was not willing to arer|rt 
a |H>rtion.eis bride;’ but, the s'ars knew oett t 
than that tor pei-ping into the window of 1 .>t 
ro im one evening, in their o d aaucy way, they 

in July, 1857. 

The folios ing porsons were appointed a eomni't- 

«r in C' litral America is tqnatly brstile to bha. It 
he rules In N'karscus be wi i not only bave to c a- 
qner it, but all ol tbe t'eu’rai .Amerioan Mau* — 

have not recovered from the attack — but are 
twinkling still! 

Thb Projbctkd iNitiRRRCTio!*. — Tbe roDtciii- 

Whether the slop fed in this instance was rs- ,|,an eleven vears ago, I cfore the chicken- the bounds of the ConforcDce, an«J to repiirt 

duced to that consistence calculated to give the ^ania becQine epidemic, and cr.nsequently must ^ommitXtr at lU next meeting in July, 

mos’ favorable results is still a matter for fur* not be claMed with those works that have been The chairman ofthe committee of twenty, the 

*Ub .h. ... .. sa .h. .p«»„ i. h™ ,S: JS 

fancy fowls, but it is one of the most practical i,„iue of the committee, with any inJiviilual-- or 

‘Died very suddenly of apoplexy— st liis rcsi* hunJreib tim* or so, and saw her start ol sur- 
fioww in ■ — — otrool, Mont . .-ue Leslie, £*q.. I'rise, as a brfere undine. >vered envelope met l.:-r 
00 long known aa one of 04. ’ weattbi< st and eve, bearing a more recent date than any si e 

rom oneeveninc^m^^ plated negro iu*urrect ion, which appears to have ther experiment. Somewhat less water might written with the view to aid the speculation in 

«i* her reading Lr wime old letter., for t!,e “n kJSucK^^^^ t;ui'ks.‘ » greater gain; for it will be seen fancy fowls, but it is one ofthe most practical 

hundrelb tim* or so, and saw her start ol sur- see, reaching as :ar us Gallatin, is pretty well that the hogs that were fed on the boiled com, xa uc to the people of every rural neighbjrhood. 
I'riee, as a befere undisc >vered envelope met I.; r 'quas'.cd. th* icadm*, includmg ^me white nirn aUhoiigh they eat more pounds, it .vas less ex- There are lew who are aware ofthe immense 

as well as uegioe?, have been am sted and seven Iv 1 j - u -r .k .k 1. i 1 1 .k — 

puni.-htU, and several hung. One negro, at on* of paniled m boiling than tbe cocked meal, and the ,alue of the poultry and eggs that are consumed of the lOthgivessime intereitinx partieolk 

the Iron Works iu Tennessee, said be knew all hogs gained considerably more in the same time annually, in the United States. In 1840, the of the burning of the Ei>L*copal Cathedral in tiiui 
ve7anlThC\\"dbn^^^ than there fed on the meal, though they eat more census 'return, placed the value of poultry ,n city: 

rt Chiving 750 lasbt B Will bid on. corn. this country at $13,000,000. Since that period When the cocfla^rratioa w ja tkt it* height, 

communities iuterestsd in the proceidiucs. 

Thb Grzxt Firr at Month ral — The Mim'rea 

Boot valued citizens Ttie nuptials of hi» 
daughter so selebrateJ in ouz fashionable circle*, 
irero to hsv^ taken plaoe on the day slBost at 
the very hour — in which this afflictive oven' 

bad supposed she possessed 

True, true to me still! she cried joyful!%% 
pressing the letter to ber li(*s. But when s'.e 
ItMind il was ciuply ber tscr expressed U> h 
wonder and vonstematiun. She examined it 

Such was a portion of a notice which met toe I csrefully and diaoovrred that the edge of the 

to gu'afd It. It was r> pored that two tb»c«ie«l 
I 'o,ta Rirani were an their way troa t’oota Rk a >o 
join Hivos against Waik*r. Walk.r's t'shtts b..dy 
eiiard 'leiericd him abont two werfoi before 'iur 
lul'ing. There ars only ooe or two Cubans kit ui 
hia service bow. 

The Central Americans arc lighting mock v-re 
.k-;>erately than they di<l at flr»t. There ore a gr-;it 
iiki'.y deserters among ' hem, who do ni more itjTV 
>' -i' all the uai iv*i pul together. These desert ;s 
drilled and dieripliited the Ccstrxl Amorkm.-. 

then sbev were Msuliy worth about $4 s 
Tbo 690 BMfoa in thm cii v ware tsor% r i r . * - n s 
The witness rtcogn zed them os heina t 
brsiMl with somo which tot hscu forwsriBd . 
firm in B*w York. 

Michael Walsh desienstod iho pecaJiar' r- , 
bWe* from tho v rfoti* .rts of S-nth Assi 
of which ’;nahl he leenon Skd tv the dro m 
reeogn’zed tbe h:dei here a* hsving been 
iruB the tiruBooo river. Tho witnoB, w' 
had mooh experience in the hn.iiBnw, sniii 
seow.nod hhU that weighed 100pv«n<ta. after 
gone ‘.hrosgh the proem af Unninv woM 
en ased 00 ponnfio in weight, wherocr: s gxoeo 
"h' (lined from a .*lnnghter-isuuse would 

Til* closed the tewimomy. ;ho dofcudfiafii 
ea'.li ‘g nny vr iocrees. when the Court was 
ed by '!w a< 'o n*y on the pnrtof'bo pxinnr 
.a<l i.y Mr Pnrh and Judge Mimt **f itodifr 
III two hroir* after which. Jrv.%s ^udsn Arift. 

iflUU VUfo. IDJiltoM ilir V CHhX 94 H. U v . _ -V-. «»I a, 4 . r* k . 

■1 •rii tWm nn iu caraias: br rV-.!.! swI'LL. J 

.i,o,ter* Th* . O 'ht like maihiu-n. for they know 'he ettoodg ofthe rffie***, »nld ho is 

ore of I’rrcs Howland — for ho bus now been 
iMg eii«a|^ iw the city to drop tbo title ol 
otranger— ssbe was glancing over a news|«pcr 

paper had been scorohsd. 3be c mpired il 
with Mr. Morton’s letter of the preceed n; 
■» inter eontsining a renewal of his prop * »'*, 

veal anything and ke did die under the lash,afier 
recriviiig 750 lashts well Gid on. 

The excitement is dying out at the Imn Worka, 
where it waa greatest, and the general epi'iirn i* 

liiai.UHter* Th*> n.;hl like madmen, for they know ^ rsidhs is 

IL. . 'rilibeexecQl'dir taken. . ‘Tt k ‘ ' ^7 ri^ 

a: th* -om^ 'ibo in eooseq irne* of ,a nndaaw- 

'tsrrth'e .Snirerins* »s«l Psobshls .nassacre sf .ug with >he nrowcuu-3 A L ““ — harm ir- 
th«<l \tsBB4rda.4>..*teFe charged from ^ «! r. 

Before carrying oni this fieml'.h prtjiel ofhsrn- ^ ,»,„(( nsi- •..fofe ho drelaion. Mr ^de 

m.edlw.nx '-* VlmlVi.wKsBrl BOMVsB V ffiotal KxbBIBK VABsao* wa ... \ ^ 

iatbe resdmg-rooB of s feahionoblc club-house and found it luu-t have arrived about the siicc 
he waoia tbe habit of visiting He was nst be- lime. She comprehended all now and burying 
tore aware of tho Leiiic'c return to tb< riiy, her face in her hands wept long and b tterly. .'it 
^mA hio first impnUe was to Icava tbe bua.ling lost she grew calmer, but f.-r hours remsiii '•! 

usd sralk burr toly slorif tbo stieel in tbe (li- 
rertiou of tbrir reside ncr But wben be emme in 
flight of Xhe house, and saw the closet bli”ds, 
•od tbe dose drwpod in block — *nd wben st that 
Bismi Ilf a carrifigr drove up. from which a tail 
(rutiMua ohgbted— and paocod into the house, 
with the sir ol a famdisr visitor, and in whom s* 
the (M*tigfal shone tuB spou him— Percy re. 

g&zing out upon the quiet aky iu deep nieiii- have bei n adopted by the eitizena of our town to more than 60 buaheU in 100 bushel* of corn, — farm stock, that is so generally neglected. Wo 

ration. Than taking pen, ink, and paper fr.. n f"*'!-' - Now .ve believe, that with ,i projierly construct- .ommeiid the Poulterers Companion to all lovers 

Ji^r writifiir^ip*k wFot* ffl IfiBir Ictt^rto All susniciou ®dq cviiimcc will i>c tnorou?iii\ in* , . 1*^/1 la, r at. c c . . 

Morton He never visited Woodrfoc again '1 l.e ve»‘lg»‘ed. A large and tfficirnt police has been »team vat, 100 bu.hela of corn in the form of <,f ^;hickona and egge. It i» ornamental in itself, 
large and elegant house on the hill was eoi., •fP"*"*®'! protect the town from this time till meal, can bo cooked at a coat not eiceoding the ,j,e portraits arr not only beautifully ezecu- 
pleted. and Mr. Hermon’. arrival wm d,i.!y was in t we learn that con- » ted, but true to life. It i. for sale al the book 

anticipated The te ant* of VA o«Kl«ide we'c , ,j, ruble . X'-lUmeat eiiitv in 1 hia county in the all that may be pained » y this «y*‘em °f i ,(ore of Messrs. Morton A Griswold, Main at. 

qnite aniiou* to make the arquaintanw of tne n,.igbho.h.>ol of Volney .ud G irdon.sviile. A feeding. If a hog fed on cooked meal can be i K v 

unknown UndiorJ. Mr»«. l.*e*Uc had »lre»tly of uezme* have been urteotiwa on ffluapi- , * ■ i su .• .u # I iv^ . — , a 

made «D quite » littlr liistorT of conjectures ciou. two wero brougUt to town on Monday to gam uO pounds in the same time that # x . K«iMz-n th* 

. ... .1 IT tk.( l.•k..t ....n, *kn».t ( VL-ninc and lodeed iu lail . — Russellville iKu.1 another hoe — eoual iiialIrcsDec a — will ?ain 10 I ^ happy i e 

The clock was put op in IS20 at a coat of X'3'.iO t . oe to it.i fu'.lest oxtent U tiU 
The library of the church was saved, as was ai*o lbe l*U»J is inhatutnl priuc'i 
the inagnificctit point-ng— a copy of Leoardo Je When the ick and troaBJed w. 

^ *ii***v*^k?ai*^'*^^ toll os loth# prfiouer, while the Depn^x Si- 
.('Ally by BsiaBs.-- as stoutly expres**.! hhi 'OieBtsis ot Baii&-? 
■ are loadeu theie, all arrest. Aboot this : .lu* Mscbotl I'rsxsm *»!• 

i’i Ijkit Supi»«r- whikh w .n over the altar . - the Indiaiia fied, -avs a faw, who wer- rvained m I tj,e mtlee aud iaforrerd ' he ooflltaiM a ‘to 

Shortly after vjro o’c'tck the woodwork of the 

rkera were so provimons, bo beds. Bwi bo I „ri#oo*r was yet <o ewfo^ 

steel'll' becan to awing, and in afew moment* it I Bediciues ptov.dcUfortbem. Several "ft he pa; wats 

The night was clear and hricht." hough rather 

Tbe ' i*ger purl of 

The firemen ha>l a har>l on..- oi' it, miay of I r;,^ .kA aud wn<ia<ir'I iay < ii the b«" h night 

zed foa rwal, A!?f*4 Mortim. bis courage unknown landiorJ. Mrs. I>-»iie had j namocr of negroes have been ariew,.i on 

unknown landlorJ. mrs. i.a-siic nao sireanv nunioer oi negroes oave oeen arirw,.i on susm- , . - ro , - .l . 

made quile a little lii.tory of conjectures ciou. a id two were brought to town on Monday 'n 'hat 

about him, to the effect that he had gone abroad evening and lodged lu ^xil.— Russellville (Ky.) another hog— equal in all respec a — will gain 10 

ffOf iirrt lilt ri‘ n, ai™* mmod. bis oourm^r unKiiown lanuiwra. mii*. u.*x^bizz. ■*•%• «xr 

faued bun, and be turned and malkod away, made op quile a little history of conjectures ciou. a'ld twi 
oflsolvtn for iha bstorotb time tbflt to would about him, to the effect that he had gone abroad »“<> 

forget, aa to kfldbeafl forgotten. But tto aeit tube married, and the new house waa intended Meratil, ntn. 

pn-tty trmagal^; duel, ibepany tosat sto_ 
4 A a* n:ng on, ‘.he areuttiaar- 
%a'A y 1-y . ippa:- n'l ■ y yiflg ' bt eoi.ns-ikir. 
'ekfr.'i o: . ''i.-: ., •..••mu lit* ;r. • •-'1 

a propori' n‘u.r‘-'‘T:0 *4V* r..l I® ' 

Bflraiag as Marion sat weeping in the quiei for a wedding present to bis bride— and she 
and aoliUide of her own zpartaient — Jenny woddereJ if they should be on visiting terms 
entered with evM sparVIiBg afld cheeks rosier witk her, if Mrs. Hemion would condes^nd to 
zb .n ever, be;.rinf m her band a baafiet of pure, visit their ,mean little but, as she still designated 
white lilfoo — eaeb one resting on abed ol gxorn their pleasant home 1 be grounds of Mr. Her* 

pound* when fed on dry com, bringing it to the Baltimore crockery merchantt, wh# have invit- 

for a”wedding prerent to bis bride-and she qwl -A fight between tna'utity of 200 or 300 jiound. in the sametimo ^ Ph'Jzdelphians iathtsarae lin* oltrade to 

woBdereJ if they should be on visiting term. ^ in thS’oiSLuth ‘hat one fed on dry oorii can be made t. weigh come on and “take something ’ off oBheir crock- 

:“J urbr.r,!i .00 p„„ ..oiom. .h. h »'• -p' 

MAritMio invoUuiUrJjp *diu ibcj cMiie frcNn ibc 

“»PP'"« crChUI. .nd fe,.r tecomingfre,u.«t. «d » 1», /,.J dr(., AgruiUl.,., C,*|. O'""'' He wcm.d Ih. .hole <b. », .nd •*« Wo.theKbe re.I .ereWeeblJld 

F.„-.Agu.Toni... Qoi.i„.s.b«i.o»,i..hel*e„, .,d ..... '■'•■■‘i* ih.i.,.uod.„ ,,,, .1. .i.> ..a .... .. jr,,aa!,“¥h'ot who oBoapad a tto hoata laf* ^ tto & b axl.. that 

^_y0UB»> ^ ,Stohad o&onod wished to foot remedy. ^ journal, was esUblishod about ten year, ago by I ‘no expenses their way penuiie*. ouwejow *. 

^ ri^hmr*jL^eIIlHtfo™u^^^ Tribune of Saturday: 100 pounds— thus avoiding tho riek, trouble and ery— that is, partake of a compUmeM^^^ 

iilidis each one resting on abed ol gxorn their pleasant home 1 be grounds of Mr. Her* A large bnrned owl was captured in Springfield expense of more than half the lifetime ofthe ^ 

“Oh, Jewnv, how IwAuiiful!’ excIsinM-d mon'e huure extended down to tbe garden of the this ir-orning, whiU flith'ing with a chicken co< k — animal — then certainly every tamicr should O’Juo Andrews, of Petersburg, Va., made a 
|k^i^urdj, “did they come from the .hawthorn sTd adopt the .y.tem of cooking without delay. -w-ager of “25 cent* that he would eai twopound. 

One pleasant evening Marion was wandering TigLU. He is a p, toner at Mr. Ludgate’s ehop. Loo^ Anv,i.-D#eo- of beef, half a shoa’, ind one pound of tallow 

in tto garden, stopping ocossionslly CTChiila and fever are becoming frequent. 

\04i Bs> pisoe them on thstable there.’ 

vHifeflj ajtf otUaed wuhed to * remedy. 

them b* Ht ff in thdrcl flie UaXl Ail of them • -wIiXu'm! a^los^ Tujrf i o: * -flu :r4 . .-it 

Ihe church wiiibuiU abont hirty ytars a^o, ami the butN, or takm into tfee ' ur* >» *.ifle riiiAf#— ^ a promi-ii !■ 

cost i:-35.00O. It was a bes'iiifnl l-uildiBg; but the co: v*rt. d lato a ho*j-;t.,k-ezeep -".nio twenty who of Nmto. Oar-fov .n^.whicb'ill>1s^^^«M* • 

los.1 of the organ, which was admitted on all hanos lay o"i ist’uO ra>o Two Hi4 on the steamer > nd partfox ' • 

;hanlR, who base invit- I to have been the fine*t on the continent, can;; .*. **v*raIofitlto^ch. Tbe villuge wjs ftihd witit — 

thb same lin* ol trade to I rwilly be repl iced. The origin wf tto Bre w, so f.u th" »i"k and woun'led, the women and Ato'drea.- Eltototblw* $Mol>ton«r7 »•?'- 

ek- nk ■ k I as we can learn, a mystery. An tffert was by t’".- l'„j*iii .Bdan: of the fn"„wing- 

— •.:iee, wtosrrirev;iMS4d«y,toscp.'..'Ti»e’h«h*allhy ' ' 

A Mr Keonold, a German teacher of music and the »itki There were about sixiv men abl* to Bloomtngfofl, m thft cosinty, a frs? 

sman of family, at Hudson. New A'ork, ard Mi«i "oear arms. Tto CBtirx wnrk i,f feodiag, land.Dg, "**■ Howkiae was *b4»i by JoSa 
Finuey, A pupil ol hi«, IamI \Ncdur^jy truho^' qfitrt^riBg* bui^ii^ the dtsd. Ac., waa pAr^dj^cJ '#tniiJAUAAii*l, Ar* da4 

“FoMe»l their IrnU like the -iraba, mime tw hre iiLiin, a«f»a^ who]p CApiAOi BaM* A^»^^ng Affr»y occurred At 

And silt nllT stole away win w.u C‘»nsple*in«w fer ils iktifity aoiI bomMi ity. Fork* a fcw 

The Eltototblws $Mol**S’‘s*^ 


At Blnointngton, hi thft cownty, a (rtf 
Be*, ttswkiae was *boi by JoSa 
■S 'eufo'ji. wo*ndrrsUB<l. are not 
A sb<>o<!ng affrav occurred sx 'CsflaBOT^ 
on tto RoTing Fork, a few ds]* Iff 
tirulsr* 11 US' n'rd to as, pirtokr •■■■ 
of tbe tndri'oui as of tto tzaglo. No 

Tnoro Was * omb sIoob st 
mtL, that Ufliod hr ttooo toaxs