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Full text of "Louisville weekly courier: 1867-12-04"

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VOL. 22. WHOLE NO 1,102 




4 » 1867 - NEW SERIES NO. 1. 

- - - , - — 



Railroad Convention. 

WMWfcSKll ■(MWIht.. • - »W. «. l!*1- 


A Majority for the Measure. 


Wr have IffflariffffttM InMU Wa biuptuu 
vrfncb orafliffi- BP is the b.-liel lhal Itt 

[Two Minority Reports. 

<" acu.llj jupebcfou*; Piotte*'**' JoLu,..t jr ui | AcfOUMt «># f Pro- . tb^aHeprd 

Tbnt soar of them are tu flavor of » it pta'^d with Jtfl I 

dwiH b} Ibr u«jvii'f report of the W»|OI >ly Report. reader. but 

J udrciary « oiumiUa-, bat rc*fi»t develop - . , ■ , 

9 * . I lie charir#? iuj*i#. and In wliioti tu# »nvp?*- rouct rueu. 

Ittent- fbou tbat lb# uH,v#a*#ut it *** 51,1 {prom Our Special Correspondent 1 fiffattoiiv ol tb* comm it It## bav# lx #n #S- Mill, miK 

b) iu&u> , (troiwUi i aui») Mil\ , *4 Uk (tMRKHu to, Ki., Nov. ' 21 *, ISfTT jh-o-imIU ilir##t#d, sr# usurpation of power nu *1 interwoven 

Uedtcei member. It must mi be sn,q«M.l Accrd....- to previous uotere, a terre raw *"*»«»■■ '*» in r ' 7 T,f’X,'rX . a,, ' ,rua 

1 ' a»i>, and veto power-, in to iicoga 

tOat tlo» opposition trwy from any Butte- course of people a»<-t in (hi* town, eon sist mg the corrupt ml trie react: in elections, and which lit 

of justice or propriety; H i*. on tin contrary, ol the citizens of Grcctt county, »nd dele- generally in the oonitnosion ol act- amount- the legal i 

Large and Enthusiastic* At* >>l MUMS (IE 11 , 1 . TILE ItErOKTS. 


j Krmn our ftp*ri*l Correspnndevit.l 
IdtUMIIK, Kv., NoV. -I,. lNf >7 
According to previous notice, a large coi 

majority. They conclude aa loliowa; 

A (rreat deal It! the matter contained in the 
volume ot testimony reported to the house is 
of no value whatever. Much of it is more 
heresay, opinion ot witnesses, and no little 
amount of it utterly irrelevant to the ease. 
Comparatively a small amount of it could lie 
used on a trial ol lie. ease helore the Simile. 
All of the testimony relating to the t .iliire 
to try, and adiniesion to bail ol Jell Davis, 
the assassination ol President l.ioeolo, t U«- 
diary of John Wilki-s Booth, Ids place ol 
burial, the piaetioe of pardon brokerage, nn.l 
the alleged eotrespoudcnce of the President 
will. -l<tt DaVIS. may be illtelf: tiug to lb' 
reader, hut it is noi ot the sliLblest import- 
ance so tar as a dcteiunmitiou ol this ease is 
cone. rued. 

Mill, much of Ibis irrelevant matter has 


Meeting ol Sovereigns l»v General Or- 
ders No. Mil The Ports Distribnited 


remark on the suggestion concerning the lutvlltj I insurrection at an end 

of Congress, with Southern members excluded? I htales rxc. pt Texas. I 

and the Play I" Kehearsal-Kbe oh buniocofi this tell, several or them having 
* h *L X'ot-The 1 onorah e Kell s , m(r ; l||an <>m . chalk ol 

Ji.ek Nigger Oelegn e. We i IliRKPr. a „,„ K A| the successful Is the enter- 
.Ve. Inenlents ol hi* prising farm of 4 . Mmrell * Co., who have 

Kindli v and Ki vhiii <•« fur - reduced their prices to those of the Louisville 

gni I in n«;air SHViniiiHh— T bt‘ 

-w ■■ ■ *.w m. 

[Reported lor the LnaisvIHc Conner.! Mr. Johnson. A. He alluded to tbut -ubjt-et frequently on hi# I District .Ind«e« la fcoidiog D4»Uiet Crnm, 

Glasuow, Nov. IW. ^ Wytlie Pregident JohnMMi roar ofit* flow Vo Ckkano and back, lot oumt. BM I Wltflac ikat it mu ay 4 iir to 4 o o •• nm m 

onrin,r, hunts v • rv go. „i Lieut. Oe^ Grant's Te.timony Before Z'; ’"LESmTSSh^ i 

the Judiciary Committee. 

His Conversations with the Frealdent 
on the Subject of Amnesty. 

say was up before Mr. Lincoln's death, and was able aeturaCT. fannot recollect what he said, ez- I 

continued aberwardT cept iu general terms, hui I read iiis speeches at time to time, or Inals were held under anlltarr 

A. I say I have given my opinion on particular til. line They were reported with eonsiderabie rommiaaioDa at different points wilhia njdr 
pa- sages of it. arenraev. I do not recollect having heard him aav catt. which iocludcd Virginia, aod I wished lo he 

A. tell us what son versul "ins you had with Ihe anrthmg private on tint! suliject specially;! assured the! the pn-ejuauuion re: ieved Ihe lulled 
President "II I lie subjeet a s terns you recoflect. never bear. I him allude lo the Raeentive Depart- atatea 1 Irruit Courts from ail liability to ialcr- 

I never heani him make fere ace na the part of the stlitery. I iuiaadad to 

Repeal ol the Cotton Tat— Crops— 
Sole of ihe Southern Cultivator- 
tt hitnet’s Cot l on Planter. 

IFrora Our Ow n Com-spoiidem.l 

At 1,1 Sr v, Ga., Nov. 24 , ltki 7 . 
t " Mr Edi/itr of the iMtieville Courier: 

dining the rut 
not altogether 

-ominission of acts ainonnt- 

In approaching a eon.-lnsi .n w do uot fail "uel.on ol color . v.-.-pt in so tar aa Ihe 
n rogm/.e two slaud points Iruui white race la concerned, meet in convention 
lich tins case can lw icvicwed— at Atlanta on Muudav, the 9 tli of Dtccurher. 
legal and the poll! leal. Viewing it 

Co the Editor ot the LouCnlle Courier: , 1 P a »» w eeks, which have beeu very 

T . , . r . hizv, has l***tru a cause for many to iudul^e in 

III.' rtpreaenlalives of the aover.-teuty ot speeulat.onv eoncerning the cause of the 
Ihe Umpire Plate of the South, without any haze, all ol them not ugieeiug that il is ludian 
li- tiuelion of color except in so tar as the hummer exactly, affirming that the wnodx 

n"rei." ha* been very dry and Mr. Lincoln's Plan of Recon- ::^ l E;^S^t: l S-^c; 

»r uufavoiahl* for wheat towing, St ruction Identical with ocolled having expressed any opinion abotn 

many larmer? bav ing sowed Urge crops, which . , , The oalv opinion I recollect having expres-ed os 

Is lo Liking remarkahly luxuriant. JOiinSOnS. that snhiect a' all. was to tbe Secretary ol War 

A. I bave -aid iinre or t wire, as lar as I can re incut »■ the fmvenuueni ; I never heard htui nuke Hi 

collect, tlut I disagrrs d with two clauses or the auv r.-mar k , looking to a coatroversy between I ,,i a ia hoidrng the cuorta if each relief could he 
proclamation. As lo the ptau of caiablishiug pro- the Kveriitive and r’..uercss I x-sured I called, the r efore, upon the Preesdent. 

visiooal governments mere, that was a .pn -tion Bv Mr. Marshall- I understand voa to aay that I and asked him to iaaae a abort proclamation to 
wtnen I know nothing about, and which I do not ’yon were very aanoo* at 'he cloae ol the war that I that effect I submitted 'o htma ffwaaai one,.iiawn 

ling the people down i her.- to accept offices, hui 

<i Were you present when ibis North < aroitna I tpai wa 

Thp North Pnrolnm Proelamntian I loin.d aiterward they were ready enough take | prm istnaiion wn- rend lo Cnbinct 

nunii oruOsi'al II ti s> Mmaslii Ik, iil.ii . m— Hr. of I mi Itjrilir I -ng to high ci lines anil luiMleineaiiors umlei I w the latter the ease l* a 1 BNM IU puirii.itici nl gem urdeis N.i. b. , isnnett j nf .. .... th 

puiciy prudea; ml if they thooght tbci *-» t» from tb< coun l- t., ' I tl.e Cons' itutiou. Tlocooimittce was charged Xlic Prisidcnt lias disjp(>ointed t lit- hopes from the headquarter* of Pope John the tned that th 

which have been on tire in various parts of the 
county being the cause, which is mote than 
prqbahle. The other day wt- met a person of 
long and sorrowful visage, who lugubriously 

ot impeachment were practicable. and would tie Adair, Cumberland and Vtoi.n»-. 
acquiesced in by the Northers people, they At halt-poet 10 o'clock a. m. 
would gladly avail thcmerlvrw ot M in order assembled in the M'-thodiet 
to obtain complete control ot the Govern- object ol the meeting was rxpla 

with the more general duly ot iuipiirv into and expectulious ot those who placed hi u in 
it'- olli -ial conduct »f the Prcnident of the power He has bettaved their coufadencc, and 

At halt-past 10 o'clock A. m. the delegate* I ll" offi' ial conduct of the President ot the fsm 

nembted is the Methodist < • ur.-h Tie ' 1 ' ! ’■ |- ;.t n« whet h- r in' ,om 

■ » — » ** |* trinity ot auv arte wiucb wore at*- 

i complete coot nil ot the Covers- obj«-ct of the meeting wa* explained by 8. if 
The temptatiou ol throwing out Woodring, Esq . who n»uimat<-d Colonel 8 
Johnson from the Execottrr choir, asd in- B Thomas, ol Iiardin, as chairman. Colonel 
stalling I ben-in a aanu thotoaghly ia accotd Thomas. u|M>n la-mg by tl.-neral 
with then views like W ade, is one to winch H fll sfl n, a d dre ss ed the C'liivnUon in s apoeeh I 
the Radical najunlv woald ssrHy yield il of great poorer, being Irequcntlv giveti d hy 
they «nr sot ddertod by a wall grounded tnir-lv ol a|q*laus< . 

hands with tlieir eueniics; he iu* 

First. The names of these representatives 
are given at length and iu detail, and in the 


“Improbable,” we replied. 

“Yes, sir, the North pole is undoubtedly 

1 ‘iepnreil Before T.ineoln 
I lentil. 

testimony or *c kktarik* tririe 

IIIS-IOMK Ititf. 1.1 VS. 


!b*m. A. 

Bytkf CkAimdu- thMi 

V£- U I uml#*r*Und ?on ror-**rily, tbt* only 0|>»n- «**»• t* 

ion yob and th** only advice that you only. 

£r*v»\ w*»re in reference to the mititArv »ide of the 
queetlon. ant] nrd in reference to the civil aide* A. 

A. I would utffi he cettBNi, hnt aid of the oomion 
the I th*- flrwt time I ti>-*rd it m ** in the pre# 
en* e of lh»* President and Ike Secretary of War 

Vi Did voa ****ent to tkiU pUo* 

A. I did not ti?*«*eiii frocu it. It wan a civil 

A. Nothing further th.-to that I was aaxioai* milter: imi. ^though I woe oaxioa* to tart 
that something rbonld be douc to re* tore nome comet hiug ih»De. I did uot inread to dictate a piaa 

sort of government. 

Ido not think I eip mio ad any opinion about lilt 

He expressed 1 gr«JWl rea*ii»ee« »o do rrarrtkiag 
4 ortk< Mroiiaa I that waa n~— tt‘T o facilitate my Wire to 
I hold the eonrt*. hat he mid that bis pterte- 
ot ih^ "Dinion I uixtxoa of April id was luiMusnt tor that 
vs ia the pres I purp ,we I r-nlled that I alao thon«ht m at hr, 

w.e I amJ . lK>otd m-w paohahty remained ol that opta- 

K.n, If ihe*e military eoomffiaahma had not been 
going ca, aod Ural what 1 deaired was A viaiple 
d.-'-laratroa, nun hi* aignawre. ooetruin* the 
proctamstioa diarlaeily oa them two potato, that 
the military rale was abrogated ia cPnl cases, ird 
-ur. edict iob restored 

itiacliy oa the* 
was aar n ga te d 

oredto '.be cot 

coarts of the Fatted 

signed or calculated to '»vi*rthrow, subvert or ilttiuu- which underlie hi* elevaiou In power, 
cnrrupi the Govern meat of the I'uilcd Btatiy, and, in our view of the case, deservie thi 

i 'roved l»is<- to the express and implicit -on- whole number of marly one hundred and afire, and it is ouly the interposition of the 

dll ion* which underlie hi* clcvaion to power, seventy name* there are not over u dozen who icebergs that keep* us Irom suffering from The Chief Justice Examined ia Relit. 

nr which, in contemplation ot the f’.iostiln- I censure and condemnation ol even wclldis I ,ri ^ >t hn miles away Irom the places 

lion, would const it me a high crime or mis- 
demeanor, requiring ihe interposition of the 
eoustltulionul powcrsjol the House. 

ll will K- oti-ei-ved that the great naiicnt 

(hwfiI citizen ol I lie Kc|»uIh»c. \N uiIp 
we acquit him of any impeachable 
crime-, we pionounee him guilty lit 
many wrong*. His contest with Congress 

intensu heat; before long the fire will reach 
the Canadas, cross the lakes and the river St. 

K* public While where they live. Il happen* to some men to | j.swrcnce, and then we will lie consumed 

appn-b' usiou that the attempt would prove 
fatal to tiwMi and Ihtar party. 

11m- effort* of the adrorati- of impeach 

point ol the aeeu<atiou standing out in the | I:IH delayed recoa.-trnction and inflicted vast 
foreground, and rha I busing tin- attention ol inj nr>- u I -in t hi- people ot the rebel. Slates; he 

After Col. Tlioiua* hat cooclnli'd In* o - I the eountry, i« usurpation of power, which I |, as |,| int | to the necessities of the times I (esque capers, sii I 

oxarkatlM* orguiozalvou ofttie nwo iilioii wa 
completed liy the a { 'l-iint nielli ol the follow 
iug naiu'-fl L'rat teuiaM a VI'-*- ptawidents, viz 

involve*. oi course, a violation ol laws 
In re it may Is- reinarkt-il, that, perhapi 

And I a ,„i | ( he demand* of a progre: 

I he “belter known tlum trusted,” hut these It was with difficulty that we restrained 

men find them-clvc* in the strange situation [ rom .'“"“‘"“ff in bia ‘ a "- »">' *"en he 
^ turned t»odly irom us, moTin^ t>lowlv away, 

ol urinjf neither Known nor trusted. we tjave vent to our retrained la lighter. 

»ama loyalists have eut such pro A rain Iw** lallen und lodun Hummer is 
>ers, so Ur outside *»f th«r i»ro uii cud. We wouder if the N. P. U still 

rin Al:il».im:i K.valisth Imv* 

ut sueh pro 

of the pro 

i\ itui;'raiit il#-|n*rture li«»m the 

Ku vc toped in the 

riviliza I 1 1 Tit iii iii**, ihat Ihe rulerEi do not intend to risk I atire? 

»t rrtfiH iUt loci, at H»e last mmikii *»l I Wm. K. tilover aad H»*nrv J. W* 4 toril, ol I *, || |»nu**ipleH of Ibe pov**rniii« nt, lias I i iiUC detected 

i ttial , am th<- nailer lorrrd to au 

m*e, notiiiuc hi*- a Mirth imi nuiuln i in IIh 

IsOiiiitvilie; Hon. Smiiiiu I llayrmfl, ol H n«lii»; I u-fn t »r« »ti >rht hone t«> th* iiiiNiit mlmiuis 

JudpeH.H. JtflllHMMi, fil l.i 

IfM-k, «»i <irH*n; T. II Frn/.ii 

W T. u bel MO 

Hu*un t-ould be iotluottl i«> v*Mr lor |tr«*lrt iitg Allen. «»f t imib Hiiiil, and J. U . i »u«ut, »•! 

articles agwmrt the Pm ident, and so it wt- Mowswe J W. L wa-. «t tircu, Iji . JJ ; 

.. * Utairui hi *4 LdMi iir; 4 iUic* I rttfi , *m 

i-r#L*retJ m a coatmiure. h bat ba- tronaw ^ a n ; aM ] Lean* Tactuui, *4 Haulm, a cr» 

IraliiMk, lkHkrr .limivc 
iulra**tioii** ol Hi«‘^lxtute 
wm* i.ftle* bipti |V»wm 

lie pi* ill adiuiuis- t he tut urc. luea|»jblt »il uf-jji'cciuliug the 

•ng itself lo S|« 'Ul graud changes which the |«*l s.A j.nrs have 

, oi in the profligate wntughL, he seek* to measure Ihugrral events 
oiiferrcd by l h-' I on whieh suriuiiuded him •>> t be- out rowed rules 

.mother i m pi on- pi ii |H-rforinauee. Atlanta,' 
Itier.-I.u. , where Ihe tudellr headeiiarlcra are 
establish d, li e Ii ell urderi d'to tic tlic place 


for some time past has been seen at various 
(inns in the eastern portion ol the county. 

I meeting, wl. I- a proper super lisioii can I about Slick Km-k. Many :u Ihe slorie* l.dd 
it- exeri i ,i J, ar.d tliii . e so airaneed as to de l eoncerning this .min al le iMirlsuieu and 

lion tiMthe Davis Trial, 

Anti the of < ourls in Ibf 
KfiM'i Slates. 

I From thf*Ofor 1 nn*ti Commercial. 1 

WuinoTos, Nov * 24 . 

Th<* l* 4 lo\. iup ii a verbatim rvport of (.eot rwl 
(iraul’s t*-*tihiooy before the Judiciary t umiuil 
icc. oa wbi* b tbcrc lias bceu mo murb Bp^culalioD 

A. 1 bave bad repeated con venation'* with the P nt it rh time bv invitation of either the oriiirn tboi hie proclomaiioa dociartng ibai 

I President, hut 1 can’t * per hr what those conver- Prwitk-m or fccr tm y ot War. 1 tMappooe I w«- t ^*, 1D#n fWtion ww at «n e»d. waa aod 

-atione were any more than I bave already done, tree to exoree* my view*. I r*upp*.Me the object noa think ♦« worth while to do any more 

V- Hid y*m recommend certain (Jenerak* of the via that I «houid eTpre^a my view;* if I could *n| That, however. Ia mere laferwice. I presented the 
Confederate army to the President lor pard<»n who L r et*t auy change. I do not think i wan **k**d my form ot a proclamation aod reqnca t ed him to teene 
fell within the exemption* view;*. I know that if 1 bad been inked the qnea- B mmilar owe, bwl it waa act tone. Thwt Iwali. 

the I ^ lfB opinaoa that hi« proclamation dwdartn« that 
vi- I the loan flection woe at an ewd. wna «w(Bc»eot. nod 

l>id y*m recommend certain tlenernk* of the wa* that I «hoi»id eipre-amy view# iff could *ug I That however, ia nacre infer* 
Confederate array to the President lor pnrd«»n who : f r«t any ehamre. I d<» not mink i we *-k**d my I form of n proclamation and r 

lell within the exemption* , view;*. I kn *w that if 1 bad been inked the 

A. Yw, »lr ; I recommended Gen. Iaon«r»trert. ti**n, I w»nM have accented to that or ai 
I think a year and a half aL r o ; and. although I awpthinic • Ive that woald have fivew atable 
| ran uot recollect the iuiun ol anybody else, I ermuenta to them. In reference to the opio 
think I recommended several oth^ni. eave the Pr**«i. lent on the amnentv prorlanu 

a -*i mi I ar oa#. hat it waa aot dawa. 

In reference to the opinion I 
ii the smnerttv proclamation. 

l»o yon recoil, rt rerotumeudim; J. G. French, I • think I b %v.* teetided pretty freelv I told the 

pir«*d btocr k»nf beet bj mo Mena# of aacb a 
cham« ter aa U> iasptre that coaid e nce d«t« 
tan tor the nakioc of convcm The r. ceal 

appointed aecrt'tari**#. 

On motiou, tbe loUowiinf uanic «1 ffcwfWwpcti 
wen* appoluted a c >uiuiili* e ou r«-H**luti«Hi>, 
vie: K. A. RobitiMkO. Juiiu*- D*»ru. mii«I J. M. 

eftccUoar aboa that with the most caalioar 6. MoCorkk, ol Louirviil* : Ju*lc< W H \M 

wiauaeemeot tbe Radi cab own hardly bop* trees, ot Hardin; Dr. Jewel H R«t*luiaBu, «*f 

Iu ....... ..... auv hold ano,. in. ' .. „,s Ur»e; 4 . 4 . Durham otGrseu; linn. T. I. 

********* *"•* " 0 *” •P*° roofl i|»..a,r nl A.tjir aiut Hi-riu:lll \ "■di-r.M 

ffiraor ut tbe Nortbvrti people. Tlair Cu'ut<cilsii<t. 
extrem. ax-a-arss. a off their const aul nols The follow 
t sons of ouostitutia— I provisions have bad 1U - v * 

Ihe (fled ol atonam r the pcqJe fur the per- f«oh 

Alexander, ol Adair; snd Uv-ruian \’<-cdcr, ol I u„. p«,.p 4 t- ol the loyal Mates of all < lia lu es 

I afjluUi « ou tne IVeRid. ut, or «v -veatuig Its. II which adjUSlrd public affairs lielorr the re 
I more manifestly in the systeniatiesltempt to ttelliisn, and its h gitmiate eo|is« qiu ui-.-s ih- 
seize 1 1 1 .* >ii its s.iv. l'-lguilv und disparage and b | r .,yed tliem aud i-staldislied others. 

: ii(«-rsede the go al e .mn-il to whii-li Ihat sov - Judge loin politically; eoud' iuu bun; hui 
ereigiitj- lias fw-, n rcierroee to Ihe (he day ot political inipwiiui' ut would Is- u 
one great purpose of rroonstrm-t ing, the sliat- sadonefor I In: country. Political unllunsr 
len d goveiviiii. ut- ol th.- rela-l States, in ae ;tn( | iueapacity must be tried at Ibe ballot 
eorilane'- with his own wishes, in the interest |, UXi Righ court Of impeachment, 

ol t lie great erioiiiials win* carried them into A contrary rule might Isuv to I'migres. 
tin- relellioii, aud in sueli a way as to deprive liul |jm,. (j| U< . for other busirn as .than tin 

pen*' -with Hu- . . if V ol aduionitory .-ffld other*. Among the mobl reliable is the lol 
remonsti alive ti legnnu* Irom seared Kadirals lowing; 

in Washington. 
The world will I 

.iijuuiei.its Hu's. " “ >' 1 in. sxories 11.10 it-e, on whit h there lias bc-su so intirli apeculat ion V/. Ho you rec. 

concerning thi* animal by sportsmen and in the newseajlits, aud which ha» beeu looked for of U. II. Stnartr 

other*. Among the most reliable is the lol with so much Interest. General Grant was exam- A Yea, sir. 

lowing; ioed July 18 , 1831 , aud testified as follows : id What pan 

Johns. M ink, a fox hunter of some hole, gen. oKanis TffsTtaoNT. aervire? 

John S. Mank, a fox hunter of pome note, 
states that while hunting with his pack ol 

. , , u . . ' , 11 stales mat Willie hunting with his pack ol | t, av e Been Ihe President very frequently in snirnou* part 

ei vain, numeral inn ol Blodgett A l o. aud In muds oue night, he caiue across this animal reference to the coudiUon of affairs in the rebel u Was he a -mduate of West Point* 

Kr.idlev and Bivaut Will lie astonished at tbe in a dark part ot the wood*, and although he Ntate*. When I was asked to he at a Cabinet A f think so; but nor a elae»-mate ol mine 

The lollowiug lists of delegates Were Iheu 

banded iu, viz 


it imleiniiity lur the past aud security lor the 
uture, t>y pardoning their officer* and r»>lor- 

I a eraduste of West Point ? President I disagreed with him ou Ihe* it was th. 

A. Yes, sir. exetudiue Brigadier Generals and as to the without a 

y. What pvrt did he take in the rebellion * fiXH.UUl ciau-e. I do not say anything a* to jnrisdtrtii 

A. He was* Brigadier General. the rest, whether it was l.e. lenient or too toe Flllei 

I tf. W as he a graduate of Weal Point? slrioi.-n* l an stale what I thought shoal trio ol VI 

I A. He was, aud a classmate of -line il. boi uot what 1 said. I know that Immediately District .1 

y. IS. you recollect recououeudiug the istrdon .Her i U* - I'm.- "1 i he reb* lllou there waa a veay order irw 

r li. H. Stuart? fine feeling manifested in the South, asd I wm the ia 

A. Yes, sir thought we onght to take advantage ol iias wot after It v 

V W hat pari did he take iu the Confederate as possible; hut I ant -are there baa been an eel |t | eon 

■Hire ? .lem rhaiige ihere I may have expressed toy about it a: 

A. He was a gentleman, and took no very eon views to the Pre-idem; I do not recollee t partle- we aft agr 

oritous part. iilarlv. I do not aunuose there were any eonrt hy a 

Was be a graduate of West Point’ persona engaged in ihat ' ooanliuioa who tbs Pint 

but making no provision for tbs allotment*, and 
il was the aphaisw of verso of the fudge* 'hat. 
without to make el torment a, we bud no 
jurisdiction to hold roorta n»nsN»* 1 mid lo 
ine I nited -States IH St riel Attorney tor th* Dl«- 

u stale what I thought about trict ol V irginta. that I should have touted the 
I said. I know that immediately District Jute ia holding the Circuit Const M the 
ei i he ret*. Iiiou there was a vevy order ffvat -neat toned hwd bsem lar n siL 1 -ltd act 
anifesteil in the South, asd I M the law ‘■s.-olwe the circnifs tor aontr time 


A. He was a gentleman, and took no very rc 

I coofanod with evary oa* at II* taSr i a 
ol it exesnt tbs judge than in Csittornin, aad 
all agreed tbs* any rndgmuml Itsfiasa I to aay 
it hy n JadffS ot th* tenorem* Coart. except to 
First and Second District*, which were sot 

demeanors aD' now dnuendilig our alleiitiou. 

iug their' lends, and I'ringing them hath to Ifo these, within Ihe uteau iug of the Const it ti- , lt 01 
their faesrius nun pentaut, with their hands lion, appear? Hist t lie* ease upon political (lP j 

oil be imtsl I choked off” .•luddeucd hv Seeing the auiuiul diaa linear in t“>in'- t 7>u uot see so miu u r. as..u u.r iiu- *»i nun wluiee hashand was <.u .mr side Thtow wtoi 

Tl„ whole programme K op^lie^^. disappear in ^ *T ,' n Z 

l oiiiiliatory, cvtusi-rvutivc, Mr. Mank, frightened to a degree hitusell, ward, however, laid him that I thought he was hi- wile aud hi- rhiM-cu w miuH lo 

xas asked to be at a Cabinet A | think so; but not a rhua-mate ol mine thought of « but was being doue at ihat time rhsnged. aai-ght be liaMr to he rearmed ow inter, 

anae some question waa np in y . \X »- there any special I irramsfaiuv ,n his as bring lo Iasi any longer than until Congress and tor tnwl rsroon hot tha coarts shonld ha ton 
iu the army, I was interested, case which you consideredr would meet, cod either ratify that or establish to he held hy the District Judges natd a now af- 

interviews with the President A. Yes, sir; I did that at the iostanee of Gen some other lorm ot government. I know it never lotmettt sbowM he authorise* by Congmss 

oceasionally recomnteuded a Hnnter aod as a special favor to him: and I did il r rs a ae d my mind that what was being done The act I rsfei to Is the act of July Jfi, Uffifi, ai- 
. i thought mysell at that time because it effected an inheritance. Smart's wire was snytbiDg mure than temporary. I under teriug seven of the t Lrraits. 

reason why, becanre a person W a.« a stanch, consistent I’nion woman throu-li- "land this to he the view of ibe President and of The President sent tor me to (ho Whits House 

isk ol u General, he should be ont the war, notwithstanding her husband wa* in everybody else I (I'd md know of any difference to Angnst. Into, sod ask' d me my visw as to thw 
nesty any more than he who the rebel army. I think -he never went South of opinion on the -nhj.-et. He was very anvioas tnal ol Davis A trial to Virgini. was .nggested. 
h that rank. I s|>oke on that she waa a* devoted to the l nion cause a- any win to have Congress tutitv bis view*. Mr. Lincoln, and also the possibility Of a trtol to Tennessee, 
so mnch reason tor tbe fitU.iam ntan whose husband was on our side. There w-a- prior to hi- i-ss— malion, had inaa-nrated a pul and something was said about a trtol bv military 
Ihe only two points that I re- con.i lerahle property In Maryland whirtfteod not lev intemded loro" or.- those government* i was commission, or in this city apon Indictment if 
okeu of at the time. latter- been ronfiac-Meii, which be inherits, and I tlion-ht present twice before his murder when a plan waa one shook! be fsnad by the Sapreae Court of the 
1 him that I thought he was t |,at hi- wile aud hi- children were entitled lo r,, *d The plan adopted Hy Mr. Johnson was sab- District 

n the f-hl.iat) clause than I was. that property; General Hunter thou hi so ;■*> atonftoter the plan which bad been inaugurated | mid U> him that tbe trial of Basis as to time, 
the proclamation was read in My recommendation was not out of any laror lo h » Mr. Lincoln as the basi* lor his lutnre artioa. manner and place waa. i 'bought, a Batter sl- 
ew* were not asked. I never General Stuart I don't know Ihat n was srAgos the same; I foe ibe cooatderaf ion of the Kx oral it. 

I the President that it would be y Were these cirrumstaucra presented lo the think the verv patter which I heard read twice. Deportment of the Government, about whieh I, 
;o issue a proclamation of gsn president ae a reason lor pardon? while Mr. Lincoln was President, was throne as the Bead of the 4 adieiaJ Department, did sot 

A. I <lo not know that they were or were not I which was carried right throtorh. wish to express aay opinion; that when I held 

;ive yonr opinion to the Piesi merely signed a rt commendation y. What paper wa* that? the coort I should fry anybody that canto he tore 

l unation interfered with the y Did that contain the -ut.-m. nt yon have A. The North Carolina proclamation me bet I did aot dasire to express aa opiaioo ia 

> yourself and General Lee? given? V You nnder-tnnd lhai Mr. Lincoln's plan was reference to persons to b* tried, or time or place 

quently had to intercede for A. 1 do not recollect whether it did oa not Ido tumporacy, lo he either confirmed or a new gar or mode of trial That waa about alt. 

other paroled officer*, ou the not know that I elated the circnmetanees to the eminent set up hy l oogre-s? 1 did on* think the WIV of Davis a matter tor 

trole. so long as they obeyed President A. Yes. And i nodersu**! Mr. lohnsoa's to he ms to theorize about. It wa* a qaaation at that 

iled State*, protected them y. Do yon reccllect signing tie rei omin-ndation *>»<»■ That was my opinion. I never heard tbe time whether Hr Dari# shoaid he tried hy a mil 
it the President at Ihat time 0 ( g 1 *. Kcu.n, a rebel Kn-adier General- President -*y the plan wo* to be temporary, hui ilarv or hy a civil ctMirt. 1 wonld not express an* 

le opposite ground, viz., that a. No, sir; don’t recollect there beiio» -neb a > "t* sati*l<*al everybody looked on it aa simply desire or wllliagness to have him tried in lb* 

e«i and punished He wanted gentleman in the rebel service. ~ temporary, i '" tigress met. district In wbleu I pmMe 

time would come that they tj. The report In the Hon*.- is that he waa par 14. Yon that ihe Pre«i.|enl « proclamation xrvouBT UBJtxnst srazit, 

I. I told him not ao loog a# doued •« the recommendation ol Uen. Grant and was a conll n n aftm t nf the pro|scl an h to ltt ld hy . 

saiidi omplicl with the slipn John Hancock Mr. Lincoln. I wish to inquire of voa whether who ww -warn and exntoinedon July A 18 ». . tes- 

qe ground Hook A. I do not recollect any -uch person as Juhn ?"• ever compared these to ascertain whether — a jtten * Imm tmmtfl r ot ter ;tto _ capture ni leffer 

*0 lUeist that that applied as Hancock, or the L-.-nil.-man name 1 they are Ihe same or not? sow Davis, the rresioeitt ana tne 1 nwan. mat ine 

tu.ei Kjtoou, Wmt Bethel. H b Johiisoti J r C'ix. Slates, is guilt} ol high crime* und mi*de- 

ptuni*' utiy brought forward ia that of Jefferson Ganawa}, Dr A B Shipp, «' L L'real, im-anor* requiring the iuterimstlion of the 

a.nipation by the l*ir Idi ut in setting aside John Brownfield, H L Spratl. J K Haves, A powers of <hc House: 

. Jeffers >u Miller, BydU' > L Johnson, Sain'! In that upon the final auir-mli-r of 

. - 8pnry I the rebel armies, und tbe overthrow of tile 

a: 1 acting by hi* own arbitrary fbom the oouktt of adaib. ni»tl Government, tbe said Andrew 

power in their place* other* H C Baker, G W Kell, A E Mercer, Dr S K Johnson, President ot the United Staten, ueg- 
w-hteh be dee, .rod government.. Horn *boret. A H Jndd, Geo \V PickcU, Join, P looted to convene th. Concrens ol tbc United 
. . . .. . . Hancock, Jo- (Jott.-y. Alfred Gilnu-r Mno H tit stow, t hat liy it- uni and audiortly legal and 

*• 1,0 denying that all Urn wa* Irrego jj ohoBrt H G Aikias, Be..j K Hunter, NY O lainatitulfonal meaauri s might have beeu 

Ink, for president Johnson had no coast it a- Miiro-llf Kselial IV lilt*, E P Morris, G UPag.. adopl.-dfor the to-Lcauization tor loyal and eon- 

t lonal nnthority for tuaking nay obatteen in liulpl-u* Todd, Peter M'-t'aflree, 4 P I hill" stiliitional guvenmi'-nt# in the States tlienre- 
tlto rtntiar fftate government, or .wvw - ney , Thos K Kravr. Than 1 Mnteln, •' A orrnfify to rebrtUow; totbat in bin (Mefanaatton 

tte govern lu. ut* or pres, litnag Matcher, J G Ingram, Janie* T Page. " Ibe people of North l arottaa ol the 

•Ay AlteimlK>u» Id Uieir eowtltMlioD^; l»ut „„„ day (4 M iv, 1 ^* 55 , hi* atwuuM'd 

l owevsws m MweU etoopped from dewonnolu; h , " ,M " ^ 

M. O. Alien, Herman Yeiakj. goveriiiiiciil ol North ( arnliua, and whether 

•neb . proceeding on bis (tort as uau.pat.on. „„„ TBE rxx >TT or MO nroe. a..} other Rovertotorait that might 1 m- set up 

for it bav been guilt} of Use same thing , „■ ill- rein was reputilieau iu hgm, aud that iu hut 

tn a tract. creator j , , , . otli.-. of President it an* Iii* duly and within 

^ _ ., And there was a large snd iwtMi iast >c [KtWer lo guarantee fo said js-ople a re- 

ow*sioe reeoDat root too Dccefi*ai tly delegation Irom Green count}, comprising puldicuu tonit ol goveniin-nt, eonlrary to tin* 

Involve* nfiurpwtson. bat there is thi- differ nearly every voter iu tbe county. Constitution, which proxldee tlmt the United 

cnee between tbe President's plan and that Tbt . ou Hesoiutious then re ^ate- shall guarantee to every State m this 

ol the coiifctiiuf ioml power *4 t hi* li* » u 
and wc n-cumiiMriid lln aUo|>ti*»n ol' the lol 

owioir rvnolnikm: 

an* in despair. N > legislature, no coiiv* n- 
tion, no plantin' asocial ion, no notlnnir. 

Oa\ie. the parole; but that matter wan uot convened Did you aiiru an application, or nuke a rv- 

rr. . , , ... . , upon, except In caao ol some of the leaden*. I roiumendalioti lor fei» partlonr 

I uere is an abundance ol quails and tquir- claimed that on the turrender of their armies and A. I do uoi think that the record will show that 
l»? in the cooufry, and Irom the well tilled srm«, they had done what they conld not all ot I recommended oia pardon, hat I aiu not Ktare. I 
tine bugs of our sportsmen as they return them have been compelled to do, a* a portion of know that he #ent hi?* appltc4tion through me, 
am their hunts we are under the impression theui c °ttl<l have escaped; but they surrendered with the request that I should seod it to rhe Krcs- 
at they are not only success! al in their in consideration or the fact that they were lo be idem wbh Mome indorsemeut a« to his srer.eral 
z a J gniov u,r tltemmffvM^ to elenip ' ffom ,r '“. , ag L ong ,B u lhtjr c . on f onn «* «> character, which was a. high, up to the breaking 
*,» 'jj* 1 ure cnjo>in^ Uiunsklvis— -oh. xo lhe obii^ationa they bad Ukeo, and they were oat of the war. as any man’s could be 
^it 4 * The coons and possums are nurturing entitled to that. Were you aninainted with kirn preiloni* lo 

ni^bt* Irom the attaeka ol youtblul white y. You looked on that in the nature of a parole, the breaking out oi the war? 

(tally tbe same, if not the very «an 

•ndatioo tor ht« pardon? ' •*«* 1 *K General Grant, bein* recaUed, said I the 

do uot think that the record wilt show that be had had a roaver*«l ion with th# President, in | dot 

4De*dy trtol. At that ume th# Diatrier rowrt ea« 
Jim* holdea In Nortolk, Jndfe I’nderwood H#ia« 

down there. Th# matter of proaecnMa* Jetfrreoo 
Davie waa placed ae onder my charge, more par- 

id that they could ouly be tried when they 
t»d that parole? 

fee; that a as tbe view I took of the matter. 
I’hat ite your view eilll? 
iet, sir; uuqu<*t 4 tioDahly. 

u > T „ ItHlo-r tl»«* him to tbe and wad** asfaiiHa upon und ailmlediu lonner Irlh rs itolioily Iiddwh any not ti^en a.i mauy hot^a tatteoeil aa is cuatom- 

g.iveri 7 ineiit ol Noetli flaroliiia, uni wliellicr U.'|*urf nrs* Iroiu tin- oust giwcni- thing ami noliody caret, to know. Tin- very ary. Doga art- readily wiling from IS lo 7 
, m otlM-r governnje..l M..I iiiiuht Is- ret up mint, ut flic lall.'-r- of tl.e Kopi.lillc, and I >c*t ol IIm-ii. a.e imal'ix-iitieK of Hie i.i.Mt roots gross, owing to quality, 
th'-rtin was re| tetri icau in fc<rto, atoff Utol in Isis ‘I-" standing « hero ... >-t ol hi- pally m.-dioeri' don ription, mid lliore who are bn .1 «,«« 

A. Ob, ye«, air; for tuauy years. I doi t tbiak I 
ret-om mended him, bur I may bave done -o. 

q Do you recollect P. D. Kmldy, -aid ro be a 
rebel Brigadier General? 

A. Ye*, sir. I do not recollect what my indortep. 

Balmnore to be uteed in uoae of a rtoi. Tbeir ear anieea the Jndae of the Suprene Conrt conld prn- 
vices were not needed. 1 sw*e he shoaid net be trted; that the Mee wne one 

over which ne shonld preside I bad a mat die- 
TCirrinoNT or sEf niTinr a'enrorn. lecltaatioa to bave Davts tried before l eder^cod- 

Tbe folUtwimr are addliiooal doibn oi evidence I woald aot consent to It at sll The Chief Jostles 

nth.-. «»l President it was bis dniy and witbrti pro!ea*.ed to afaiid when they ehn liti him known ire notorious without In imr tjnioua. 

lily rtower to guarantee t** said in*oplc st i*c* j toliib present exalted |»ot*Iiou, li** liua dared ro j Ol t he black mciulK^n*, Jack Hell, * or “Rdl'?* 

puldicaB lorm ol jjiivcniiir ut, couirary to tlic I ditter with the majority ot ( on^ros J •hick, u wcll-di^rr mul tduck^uiitli Irom 

CouatituiMW, w tiieti ,*r»>viiig that tlic United “P 00 - rvul und v,,al . questions. He I u-lethoi*c couulv, ia |H*rliapa tbe tuoat Dota- 

not been m* many hot?* tat toned a^ in luetoin- u,a yuu “ J,urr " ui " u lu *‘ 10 

try. Hojpi are readily adlin^ from <» lo 7 A | certainly. 

eent« grot**, owimr to quality. 4^. That wa?* your undcrstindio^ or tbe arrange 

rokN incut which you made with General Lee? 

q Did you understand that to apply to General ment was in RtMidy'- ras»*, hut I know ih»t if I 
se? baa it to do over aflnftn I wmild recommend Me par - 

A. tvrtainly. dou very quickly, and I pre-ume I did so. ii be 

4^. That wa?* your understindio' of tbe arrange- it* not paruoned yef, I would he very triad to aifn 

•1 t tejm*r«>*‘. that Hr ome bad to view speedy idi»p(cd. via : 

reconstruction and did mot propone tbe com- Bamtirid. That the people of Hardin. Larue 

Tbt Committee ou Kc*»olulious then re I S*:iUe- shall guarantee to every State iu this ,l;| s believed iu tbe continuing anff biuilin 
ported tbe lollowing.wfiicb were unanimously i' mJn a republican torm ol government: con- obligation* ot tbe C iiislit uli.n; tin 

pi<t< rroointfon of b olfo-.o main at ion*, rtowj-n <keir ' ' jyf - -p - . 

whilst UientWr ret a Wishes a present military sab ple**or. the manilesuuon* exoibtted 
, ...... _ . . in lavorof thr proposed Kiixabet blown snd 1*»- 

Urseu. Amur, and 1'umtvrtsnd conn.ij 

Irarv giro to n nrliticratc opiuiou of tbe Su- t* 16 . supprcs-ton ot 
Lnuc. ...x-ii.p Court, which dee-lares that Congress is against the Union wa* the 
'■•nb?*!i > vi-sted exclusively with tbe jiowi-r to oecide 'be luion, aud the Mate* 

and vital question*. lie Oglelhojie eouulv, is perhaps the most nuta- 
u the conliuuiug and binding foe. lie rau away Irom his own- 
>1 the C-ilistilutian; that era si veral times, swam the Missis- 
sion ot tbe rebellion sippi anil other large rtriuuie iu 
nion wa* tbe preservation ol lfi* fugitive excursion*, was once scut to 

A. That was my uuderstandiiig of an arrange- 14 Do 
has been moatly gathered, and it Ua* yielded nun I which I gave voluntarily. General Lee's rebel an 
mil' ll better tbau anticipated. Still tbe crop army waa tbe first to surrender, aud I believed you? 
lulls far below an average oue At tin- heap that with such terms all the rebel armies would A. No 
it i* selling tor ix'r lurrvel- delivered ill M surrender; and that we would thus avoid bnsb- already 
11 1* .citing iorfopir barrel, delivered fid au. whack j nu and a continual ou of the war in a way had reec 
death prom THE PALL OF A horse. ihat we would make very little progress wltli, h#v- General 

Not long since, a* Mr. Riebard M. Millin If""?? 

1 rccmumcn«Utiou i*»r him now 

14 Ho you ree dlect auy other nffieers of the I l-iurt ment. tie said 
•bet army who were reConnaeuded lor I'.miou by I te revenue sv-i-in in 

inrs* TNr following are sddtiionat point* 01 rvtdsnes I wonkl uoironssn* to tt M aff. Tascutof Jsattes 
, 1 belsre ihe Impeachment t'ominUts*: dsellnsdto *0 ibsf*. bsesoss tbn eonniry was no* 

. Mr. Hsgti Me 'alhjeh testified 1 hsl he ksd as- so qutel as be d esired, sad besssss toiDtsrv rnl* 

iih* pointed Mr. Flanagan navai officer of Fbttarietolisa prevailed there. _ . 

by order ol lb.- President, and itesertbed si fonr-th to long •• I was is office proposed a trial befers 
1 he manner «»i ttie appsutkin'-ul* in to* Tlessary Jndge I nderwuud, sort a* M r ite** y t *• 

,f ibe Ite|*»rtnienL He ssirt r# the estshiisbmeut of wosld uot go lb«"r*. the trtol <IM nos rums iu* 

... Ui"*"ii h aa. iu tended tor A uioesUon nos aoaal e sbont uyt »lf fry.” to 
the benefit of Ibe Wouth. sod ihoagbt that tbs Kentucky. That I opposed, ternnse it wonld tors 
original revenues were not as welt entleeted as to he a ease of constructive pssssnee la asntoenv. 

» if tbe general anuoiutess Tbe question wm* mooted as to Iryiag Wa Is 
retain ihcir original ofitcto. Fennaylvnnin, Indtansoe Ob to in co nneenon wttb 
r to hi. knowledge had he -lotto Morn* » * raid, tort I opposed bis being tried 
ivicted oirrime. in snr 8taU except nnere be bad been artaally 

ijc*(«>tiMii with a view to effecting a total newser- railroad, and Herein |Jc.iec ttn-irr- --tn-ctiv- 
e-bangr Hi tbe cbsni.q. r of tbe Non l horn gov- coomic* 10 ra.«- -u«h sum* a- rul.scr.pliuu* o. 

, , aaid couuli*-* in aid ol the < -mdrucliou ■*! raid 

• rouaeiit*. even in tbe mailer of tbe dominant raM ) 

race. M.-*n fo r* ot Ooarro*- who sappant 
tbe ra-eoti-tnieliaffi acts oannol vote frn ini- 
pej'-brnr-nt without rtnltifyinc: thetubt-lve*. 

Rerowslrnrtinn ia ■Ibarasippi, 

ffeao’md. That w«- indaar«a- aud reaffirm tlic r«-*o 
lution* adoi'lerial II'nI -'-Ii vib*-, rtth alf Gclohcr, 
lNIt?. a* expresaaive oi ibe seu: ilaaeut* ad Ual* lut-ei- 


hem tre-d. That K. A. Kohin-on. E*q , of Isnii*- 
ville, snd J ut! .-' T T. Ah-xaiadt Aaiaatr comity . 

whether the gova rntuei't of a State ir rcitub When that rebellion wa* pm down before the le 
1 lean or not; in that be did therefore recog- ,ue State* were all equally entitled tin- box. II* 
nine and treat a plan ot goirermneul *e-t tip •* repreumtalion in tbe Uongress ot 01 age, eantli 
in North Caioliiid, uuab-r aud in cam- *b < ’ Uuiled States. Planting hitnaell uriniy nothing of n 
lormitv to hi*’ own adviee and anil irimiovaldy upon tins position, lx- hu* in of I he most i 
direct :o», 1 icpubliean iu i.hiii, and entirely ••nrreil the Um e am) ilia- uaaligiiaut bain .1 aud Bradley is Hi 
d stored to it* lunrtioriH as a ttlate, notwitb opposition of all ttiosa- who elatiu, by virtue comes from 
Stai.doiu t O'lgr. s* i* Ibe branch ol tbe g..v- ol the alleged conquest of tbe teintory andlbi- agrarianism; 
ernlu'-nl in which, bv the Court ilut ion, such subjugaliaan ol tlic people ol tjo- lately re- .iIu 
IMJWCI Is lA. Iu-ivelv tested, aud Ih-IIioiis Stales, Ibe power and right lo dlcHive ol ei 
•Landing that Cotigre-a didr. to dictate to them thr constitution and the laws mdlcnijl |* 

Q You cou^idered that tbe like ternii* were to uie Ume tud a^ r iin in bi- behalf. He win <« 
vun by General Sherman to the armiea which ptCtataV aueaay leal be n boa Id )u? tru«l by a mill 
(/rendered to blm? ury rommlailon, on ncconut of toue meu who 

all tbe armlea that sarreti- 

utcixlly uneasy leal be aboald be tried by a mlli- ancBBTABT teEwano a Ulivovr. 

tarr commlailon, on Account of aome men who HecreUiy Sewnul, in bia inuiuM»y, denied 

ware executed io Norrb rir»»lina. I do m>t thto be had inuwr^l with tbe publrration oi Ha 
recollect of ever havintc talk -d to tbe Prenidfbt keT '* u> * *** h *‘ l . n * «»to»n or re- 

to ri- jin^uuiin , v ' ,, o, ' ot agi*. cnmimiy conMinefi ue ••don’t know ed on in haunches • tall mg backward and Q A 

tbe U oiled 8t *tcs. Plautiiio IiiiuhoII unnty nothing oi n.. sort, aod pronmu-n to Ik- one mphing its rider, Mr. McMillio, beneath its K 04 . 
and iniuiovabl} upon tin* pobition, li'- lia* in ol the moat mtelligeul members ol the body, weight, killing him instantly. W. Richard 0O ‘ l "- , I ! 

i-urred the hvi'ce and the lualigiiaid ball' 'laud Bradley I* the leader ol them tain He XeMlllin wa* a young man ol more 1 ban 1^1 

opposition of all those who claim, by v irijie cine - irom Ma-suchu*.-tta. H. “goes" for USHal promise, and i* mourned by a Urge or “te 
Of the alleged Conquest of (lie terrjtiiry and the agrarmii-in; arm. 11, murder rapiue, and a circle ol relatives aud friends. Mr. I 

subjugation ol Die people ol tjo- lately re- number ol other recoil -Iructivc uiea.iiri * ill- inqniri 

Ih-IIioiis State*, Ihe power Slid right to dietlive of enlarged loyalty, and pronuffive of asiotl 

dictate to them the constitution and the laws imllenial pj-aee, prosperity and huppinesa. AKKA.tN.lN, views 

in Judge Galon's place, and try m» in Bate Ten- 
nessee. That waa aaxionsiy eonaiffered, and, on 
a nsstennna of H ny toe President wito my- 

sell, wa beta concurred that it wonld not took 

The opinion is eootidecillv expeessa-d by I i ™„>. - r - «■»«,— ••• 

Gh •InrtfrOf) fhlito I ('lanoH, that uuk-^f tlic- ,dl- toptcpirei (barter Iw aw id nwd Udwcu- lorm; iii Glut, hy n |miI 4 ic pnicinnut ton nna 

j-iLtffifl Hrfinffi »n Iii fmn>. d li» flu rnn Mf nhftn flkUlUg tt tM Ufli lU T C. fltlDTVDO, Ih* did, in III** Y#M I***, ill \l|# , 

futoNtflto to lx rntad I y Ibe convention ^ «.ouvci»ti*»i» »•#** (ben «I»1y » UJn-ufrd illicit mimI ronvMi** in r«*rtnin «»th*-r Stalrn, 
ta • litierAl oo# M wilt b* noted down hy tin U y sd^rv. Rohiu-on and (*b»ver, of l.uiii# th* n in memt kIkIIhri, couventlou* of |ier- 
| M .»|4* wh#b it w nv(»iuifl#d for lb#ir mtiica- vilto, I>r. II. Rodman, ol Lam*; Judin- mum, ui«»sl ol nliom win* known trait on v 

I.SAI. Tlw* tetimll n»iorit% #tvftu Uw Ibr am Al* k#udei, ol Adair; 4 u*l^r Altou, *4 < Hm who liu«l I in *n alt. iu|.lt*. 

' ^ ^ tM-rtaud; ?#io. \\ ih »n, K>q , *4 IsiriH-; t »*l. «»v**rthr«*w th«* (t'»v iiiiihuI «»l tin- l it it •-«! 

JndLM- M u. A »«^.oi c^nih. naudrtfiUiity, ht . hi/r u< ^ t KOV# . rill4irW | legitimate go*- they shall live unitor and Ibe libertiea U»t y I Bryant, tin ex-U'a( 4 aiD U. H. A., the hiukcr 

to a lilwrJ oo** it wilt br noted down hy Ih* 
l»* .q 4 * when it w ratnuitlHl for (heir rntlica- 
(mmj TV tenwll majority fives lor Ih*- con 
veoYtoo i uru.D Lev strong ^rnmud tor tbe bop* 

I th«*u in r«*« **nt m-Ik llion, couveuUoi»« of |***r- 
l mhi.n, most ol whom w r«* kuowu truiion, 
who liu«l ln-t-ii in mi altt iu|*l to 

| «fiv**r llirow the Got* i imieul *4 (Id- l ml* »l 

.toll-ill he uenuitted to tujoy. j» »u inn 1 ir* t , lawyer, and | 4 j U nlit liropitft, 

Iii thin d i He reocf hetwet n CoDgr®®^ l*»r eduodlimi on a huge ncale, tlut ih, eiluca- 
iii«l the Hb>i<h ul, ai»*l the desire ot lion which will (*uum: a lnnr»- amount «»l 

meb for tlw* tdo| 4 .i*m ^ l»y the money to l>»- collected and Hiliuiuiah-rcd hy 
country of their re*»|»eetive veiw^ is, we gua- Ri vjnt mi the auuie |»I:iii us tint 
prut, to lie loiiod uot oulv tb# «-aus«: lor the manai^eil tlie «aviii|;ft iii8titutiot*H 
ll io \ e life** II t to illft]*eacll the Preshtout, hut ol The klM»wilig ones who ilcriu 


Latust Klrt-thin R«‘(iirNN M 

[From tbe Little Rock ronrerv itive.] 

General Grant— I have atated theae view* to tbe wa# to receive sooie aaenraoee tbat be would not Mr. Seward had #«'en no indication of a desire 
Pmttdvit ftequeolly, ao«l, an I have >*aid, lie dial- he taken and imi>ri#ourd lor tb« idt-oflcit alle/Ftl on tbe part <>l Hr. Jubusou lo preveat th** mil of 
t/rced with me in Ihcne views*. lie iusialed on it ai/aiovt l»im a* a commander in Non b l aroliui. ietf Ihvifl. Ou tbe < «>olrary, every Hm** tbe 
(bat the leader* nuu*t be puui abed, and wanted to He wauled lobe able to to work ihd mak- a q#e#ttoo hat b**-*r» rai^-'l tbe Prctetijeot alwayi 

cuu< aiioii ou a iius'c k .tie, iikii is, fuuca- [rroiu ibe Little KoCk < oaeerv.itive.j ibat the leader?* nim*t be pnu it* bed, and wanted to He wanted to be able to ^o to work aad make a <|ii? t*uo(i bad been rii-*.-f| the Prc?«iuent alwayte 

l ulneh will «• iu«u a huge umount ot Th** rfl-turnt? ao tar received iiulieale that know win u tl»«* lime would come lhal these per livio^. It i# likely I may have r»-romu»*-udtd Ihat i«|iprare«| to hfin\it»u* »hat Davite >*b«i«ild he tried 
l»#V to !>•• eoll«-et*-il hikI Hiiiniiiiht«reil hy the vote oft lie shiti-uill is*, verv In sons would be tried? I told him when tluyvio- he be given ari-uniiicrthit he would uot be ar- by « rivil inbunal, after it wa# dee uled that b# 

-ll t lie *:n lie plau u* that .... wind, fie n.mTl^liliea „Ton?.fialIo?^ "finS -tT* UX' ^ 'XL -* Tke 

ittur** uml eond'-Uf mil ion. Oul ol il ti 

The knowing ones who derive f ln-ir inspi 
ration tr«*ni Atlanla, t* (\ that tin* “INmiVcii- 

ih#t ito nay b*- tin*, ll i( #h< uld #o r#«utt di tima, aud A. I., Jewett, R-q , i4 Hardin 

Uml titsle si lento tnfi bare reasoo l« esn l*e Inst named gent Win uuml lfi. fol 

hiWiim r##olut»ou, wh:«h was ini.inue.u . 

gnotnlale »l*<M Um( m fire e*e»|H^ tbe -bnnx viz 

ot n*ootMtrif-tfOi> It is well known that a Br*oU< 4 . That wc. the del.- wh*# from tb -eit 

Hayden, ol Hai*liii; (\i| 4 aui Ik T Towles, I HUItf, niy#il fod ilinrh-d atieb eon\« n 
ol<«re«ii, aud el. I.elewcit, Rm , ot Hartiiu | lions to truiue eon si it u.* ion# tor ^urli Stater 

in fti:«t he hn* not only restored to c'miiiianth Th# mujoritv uM'oojfn-Mi fid *d the < "tmi 

iiroMU the etyl»itler»d toeliut*^ and vu 4 «*nt 1 n.m u ill he tliroinrfi" helore the first ot .luu 
haired ol th*- tVesideUf l»> Iiis l«»rniei lti*'U«L I | iitr y. Rut it tney do like the i 

. , j . : . ^ . U. Did y«»u consider that that applted to Jett 

vote hui* been cast, and III no instance have |>ayj s y 

w e heard Of the lull Ffgkteri d vote lieiuj; \. No, air; he did not lake auy parole. I W Wi 

polled. t^. Ih «t id n*>( — Wftklf 

A. No, fir. ll applied to no per#nn who wa# number 

The followitnr couutie.w are re^iorfed com 

’Ot ton and other 

tee bu\e eulel tuili 

uir>. Hut it they do like the Aiuh.uui pin**. It will bi* **e«u Glut there its a large 

lawgiver*, nhd vote thein-elvi-s ei -ht dollar ialliu^ off Iroui the registeied vole; 

he be given wurtncr that he would not be ar- by a civil tribunal, after it wj* decided that be 
rented and imprlxonad; do not think that I #i^ned anonld ie»t he tried hy i luihtary tribunal Tbe 
a re« oniuieodalion lor hi?* pardon You have no «|u*^*i ion v* Uj ibe audMMrity of tn- PreAnJeui i»» 
right lo a#k what my opiuiou D now. r«iabluti ^tale aoverument# It »d never been dla- 

q. Wna he laattive rebel otat-r? cnaaad, '•r. S«rwir«l reeling mat ibm> was n«» 

trial teboald r email in a -'onvietion, I woahl noi 
constitute a part of the cabinet, or b# aa adrt<N^( 

teidtii.t " 


Islersvtifif Sketck. 

A recent number of tbs Lebanon C'lanoa 

Brg< nntubei ot trfote voters in tbe Bute 

• dop'd, FIX. 

hrmteed. Tb«t « the frli'!St«l Ir.'ln Ib- . itv 
Ol Louisville, and lb.- enunma ol Adair, fterne, 
GBiuberlsod. Moiir.* and Iiardin. lender our *m 

abandon.-.! properl i I fist lia.l fie. n seized aud >1' el a re ut all tin.' sin ("ngiesa and out ol il, 
tiiken l*v Gw* u^euis ol the 'I rennirv, in cm I even nior** .*» I rougly tliao •- e\|*retf» d .n t.»eir 
lormity to law, t.nt fia* paid and directed tlic report, I tat sa* mu et-usure uml eoiu!' in nation. 

absented tbeuafilves Iran tbe polls and look no I cere thunk* to tbe cii ito-n* o< Ureeasburt! lor I lie 

. . , .. .. . I generoas bospilnlf > which *bcv nave extended I" 

a day and large mileage, i* it not reasonable 
to gup|ui-e that tln-y will eoutinue a l.uaines* 
H biefi « ill give them nioi>- puv Ilian nine- 
t'-ntfi* oi 1 belli ever made m tfirir lives Per- 
fiap* Hie managers will interfere ami *fim up 

For Againat Vote 
v’d, t'onv’n Regis’d 
. ,SK! lfiO I.OTte 

A. Yes, sir. Me was charged with exeeniings reason tbwl there should he any diaeu-siou 1 f. , 11 .,. ,no intereslimr sketch of the 

■mber of North I aroiiiB refogeea, who dure *h.u.t ,i. thr m 

esptnred, nnlv to those who were paroled. captured with a under Son. Wessels. ot 

U. Did the President iurislthfit Gen. Lee should North isrolma. These men had gone ibe re to 
be tried for treason? escape rebel conscription, or, it may be. had de 

A. He ciiutrnded loi It. serted Irom ibe rebel army aud were tried a* de 

port a tbe election, twit ftaere ora- at Ibe sunn 

titoc U (ride dlffervoro of opiDioO (Bong U* 0 W« eleeaui arte luxuri.tea m.noer in which 
_ , . , __ been euterUined by oui pfiaswnl boat-, 

ranllj opt acted to the rweouwtrucliou j.lan, ns Wou-rlIlc , nuu , n u other- 

u?. .lorm*.’ our »*t«y in tMetr uiidH, auti ilie v«t> I l i»ile*l SIjIi*#, whicii onU*r mid ruquin- |»jy 
-Bn.1 -nd li. curious manoer in which we have I ment n Ui I lie Treasiirt ot the Unili-d State- 

payment of the actual prxieroffs of sate* mad.* I Ini* opinion wa* not loruietl upou t < st i- fi ; ,j.* tbe managers will interfere ami *fint up 
tfi'-reof, and Ifii- tu violation of all lawsofttie mouv taken tudore tfi.-^ eomuiittee or upon n„. *|,o|', a- tliere ia a very urgi-nt neeeasify 
I'uited States, wlii. fi i uml requiri- pay- any tact* elicited hy its investigation luvas t( , | inrrv ifie work and get loyalist* lo Wa*li 
uretit n u> i to- Treasury ot tb*- I'uited State* a |H.litieal opinion growing uui .it a difT.reii. .- and a loyal Goyernmeuf estatdisfied. 

iugton ami a loyal Government estatdisfied. 

lo tbe msi efficient teue of scti.m to br pur 

heer eutertainnd by uni pleasant busts. Mess'* 
Woudring. Logan sud oUierr. 

On mot foil ol Geo. HoI*m*ii, tin convent ion 

sued to ffefrat tt. Some believed tbst Ibe best I 111. o resolved lo have its pee. .-dings putdisti 

of all moneys received Irom suefi sales, Jill "* views upon |"1 III leal Siil'i'ets. It was Bnl who knows? htgl 

provide lot I'.yul i-taiinaiits s slltBei.-ui sod the opinion with wliiefi the uiajoiity v.l the I mileage and nidfiing t. 

ear v r nirdi in the t oot* ol 4 .'Inline; and in committer entered upon the invest igalloii. t ,, ((ni . | 0 disnln-y such a 

uiauiteut vi.daliou, also, ol (he spiril and It was that w lifi-li inspired uml slii.iul tied all The coloied citizens i 

I.J.CV nos tu I Ike r.mvent,on od iu tire L"UirVilfi- |.»|“ < >■ 

p.diC» •*■ ro fioppo.i (O. conv.lit.on, And lb eu tbe convention fidjonni. d. 

•nd that ■ mai.witvof <*ms.*rvat ives rusu re 

, SOI TI. OF THE Roll., 

toeoled, and that Hiu* n libsvsl eonstitotioa ... . 

»*,U Isorund A m. me the*, mas tb. able T *"' PV'>I*”’”'<* will extend from 

••rwitd benec-aired. Amoni tiaew was iu* a i gjizalietbtowu lo t 'oluniliis, iii Adair e.tuuly. 

efff i or of tbe Olfirkto, Mr. Bsrttsdale. I HJt Girougfi tire eountiesol*- aud Green. It 
eg., and by far tbe great majority ol tie will be mco hy tb. resolution* that tic < »u .nd ..oiMSte-d tbe T f ll t i o n resolved to raise money enongli to 
wluu*. fteuigbt d.n. reufla. aM upp.isrs roe The . itir -ns along lfi. 

wwfnHkio. Bwt even anoof Uiif rlan Iber*- pfripcmnd route #re mJohn in iR id forauy, ‘ 

«ai. bo UruMMM (4 ictiOB. Sooir (4 (Uriu aud It M b**l»«*%«*d tt>Ml (Kill can l»«* rawed 

bcMeved that they could fieear. suffn .ent « ^ idtfo i-ounl.e. later, ,'ed. 

Ibe inod< ol rtMiotr lb*- u»t»n<> will, ol 
vlrrogttj U> d«tent tbe coBvraUon, and Ua #1 coarse, be by Ibe people voting 10 Isa ibeu» 


Tb«* railroad pftiiKM-d will from 

Eliulrlbtowu lo 4 o'uininx, in Admr roivniy, 
liirou^b tlie r«»iiiitM*to ol and C»ie**n. II 

il# inquiries snd * XJininal mmi#. Hui uolwilli 
tdnudinc Hm*m- |»n* exiKfimr o| 4 ubnib und 
|in*jinlim, lt»e minority **f !!»•• <*uvninilU*e 

IlK'ARia^ «H 1 1 |(* I JOMlUalkNI, wbcrtfin il I# de- '*# inquiries ami « Mill lliu 
< :*fed Inal no money shall Ih* drawn from Ilie slmiding I brat* pie exit* 
Tie# tarj * -nl in mtiv <|Ut iDt of appropna- prejmli****#, the mi no (it 
lions mad. I.y law l,»v. ttem e Mnpelled to 1 

, And lull I mt, in Ilia! tbe fuiid Ardr **v eom»id«*ra(i«MI uml tir*‘a! 
.Ltlnison, lYrsktoiit ol lb«- i i: i I «*«l«*#, an- I’mn, tlut 1 lie President 
ttifiii Hi*- ii#** ol the xr.iiy ol lln- ii'iilfld «»Heii#«- f«M* wlii«*h, under 
Male# for He di#j>**isi *n <»i a jM-aet iul und onfbt lo b«* imp«*aeli‘*«l, u 

mileatrt* ami mdlinit; !•» do, may tempi many 
it one to disobey such a l\i| order. 

The «*oloie<| eitixen* in ami near Savanuali 
who enjoy lln* advantage ol iinnaediale inler- 
cotirHe w il Ii Brndtoy, are said to be in lavor of 
a prompt n i/.iir** and appropriation ol the 

bav* l4?en e impeded lo lind, after the liiltohl pnqierty of I he planYers lor whom they have 
coonideralhm uml tireal prolraeb u« lilw ra- pretended 1<» work diirinix the y» ar lsi*7, and 
linu, that the Preraid« nl Lad umiiinilD d m» further said ihat lin y are armed and or 




Nt. 1 rami- 

. . . 







5 »? 




Hot Spring 






2 H 9 



Y niton 






Ii) Fort Smith tli# 


red vot# 

The vote caht was, 

15 ” tor a Conveul 

coHMMwta aMim. venernbto Wilinm B. HcKlroy, tbe old e ei 

^lr. K. K. K« 4 ! to#, i onimn*#maer nf Infernal and one of the moot respected citizen# of 

i vg-uW, leHiifted that ill** rt-muvAl* ia U»* later ^ . anil •_ IQ . - t ^ * 

il U^vetiurt IVpartim nl w**re not h**n**tt* ixl to ^fcrion connty, and m many res peeT# <v^e v f 

trin'd *1 And you rl timed to him (Lai Ibe parole verier#, and quite a ouiuher of tbetn eiecuie*!. t£^i^* l \>« ll |||# inrnmnenln^irer#*^- the 

| 05 » which Geu Leehad (pveu would l»u v totaled in Pickett * a- In command ui Ibe time. good m ^ thr 

#ucb a (rial? dt^nnn anad na to k.a iavtac auproved tk** ^ dmihl^ xJZ v^vta^rnTe. H 

’lilH A K ,di<i < inch'd on h that Gen. Lee would ty “|f niJ.^GrL?? .me of aurny million# o< dollar^. I be?*** . tiauce-* -«hI 

not have harrendered bi# array and inven uu all aud aerved m lue Held, ii# pien Grant i had nnnallv eD*' *nr ie**d de*hil**rii aad rectinerato «eai 
tbeir arms, if he sup|*>sed that alter the surrender nmhrarUut him ntucb in .the fi.- hi. hmbew.s 171 

K>- tie wa# going to be tried lor treason and banged. on Ibe Jarnea river wUeu McOellan waa in Cum , ” atiM laofiire wDoa be would remove, bat !? [1 

I thougtit we got a very good equivalent for tbe rnand 
1 545 live# of a few leader# in getting all tlieir arms, W 
und gelling tliemselve# under control, hound by A. 
i rok tbeir oat ba to obey ihe law#. Thai wa# the cou- c*tio« 
1, refB* #»deratiou which I m#i#ted we hadaecnred. it lo 

. 44 # Did the Prceideut argue that qae#tiou with bavin 

liOti your on lb 

A. There w a# not much argument about it; It mend 
' j was merely an «s#ertiou. aulv 

I aiKl II Aftor visit hffiii *»Y iiri‘ririfil vonr ntsitiovti ihe Of 

y Did yon ever advise tbe gardon of Lee? 

A. Yes. sir. General I tee lorwurded Bis .ppli 

Hie servio.-; that tew ot the inennihenis wets r. - (fie most remarks Me men in Kentarkv: 

OM.ved lor in. -a parity or dishonesty: lirat he hod „ „„ th- ,~ R 

do doubt these removal* esnsed s loss to the reve- h°? n , Feornnry, I • 

nue or msuy millions ot dollars. I'ttese . bangs* and in ouuequently In tbe ninety-second 
continually encouraged ilisiilter* and rectifierato year of bis age, though be still retains, in 
romhioe i..r ih.- purpose of Iraod. There ware extraordinary degree, the vigor of both 
men suit iu office Im wonld remove, hoi , aa Nnlv. which has i hameterined him 

ronfit na*. Me had expressed a desire to the Krc vU inn 4/ koto, 

retary U. have Ihe removal* made. The Pres i< lent un.ngooui iiiss. x mm. 

wot in tb«* haiiit of making ih# appomrracDti* Hm taltarr »#rv*i 4 ibrungh th# war ot to# 

Wuc <4 tb. MI.II)- nl lb. INliUfll oltotMM* for which, und**r onr Jjtw#, la# con or 
«»r tli' di#prr#i' >u oi ii |M-ar«*iul and ouelit to In* i!Bp#a*-li»*fl, uml u«*iM*fl* non**, as we 
iH##tnl 4 y ot <*iG/<-n« of Louiaiauu. aud iiwW, Hili^vtiuf tum io Ihe offiriul juribdir 
virtu.- ot a draoa 1 **!i u(ldi«-stM*d 1 «» a lion ol th** Cocnuult#** ol tin* House. lln* 

It! u gainst. ! 

it is furl Ik r said that they are'artned and or I’rsirie county lias given about seventy live 
gnnizrd iu order to more effectually carry out majority against a Convention, and elected | 
th'-ir |iiir|Mi#e. Mv information leads me to Gouservntlve delegates. 
iM'lieve Hint this isao, and that there ia graxl Crawlord eonuty ia reported 175 majority 
'ground lor apprehension ol disturbance abiong for Convention, and fonway JOI) 

<iifl«*r**ufl% and tb* v«*nti*»ii liadltd to rui#*- Roney <*noiigh l<* |.,mui nmwinlilj ot ciliKcui of Luuitiaiia, aud lu*int, •ul»j‘Tliii|f tiuu lo Ihe otiicial jurisdic |h»Ih*v*- that I Iii-* in so, and Hint there is ir«x»d 

* . . . . flO#ure it# j»«****ea#. Tls* cilif.'VW along Gn- liy \irtu«- of a di#pal*-!i arfdre#(M*d to a tlou o! th** 1 .oiniililtet* ol lln* lln* «,r*»und tor iippn-hension 4»l disturbance ttblODg 

t rrrti anioor («»•*• n-Mt* n#n n»ut# are zealoii* in ita adv<»< n y, , ttU w | |4 , WJS uo1 kll <»tX)(*er of Ih* aruiv, eeu#ure and eoud. iuuutioo ol lln- I reMdenl , |„. |„^ r0 es on Hie 0*r«c dme unless very sum 

» ot action. Sooie ot them aod It in believed Hurt fS# 0 ,ff 0 ff can be routed a pulrti.- »ud u..t..ti"Us traitor, t-v 1 1 •• iimj* .« it > "i mm .niv l will onr nrary-st.-ps are taken by tbe military for Convention. 

hey ronid fieear.- sufficient m cnefi ol U-c oounlie, mi. r- »*cd. and all with Ui.- mi. ul to deprive tbe loyal jurfodiction, not jurtifi.-d I.y tacts, uni..- One of ihe erst lliiug* that the Convention " bite county rep 

. „ ... . Tbe mode ot raiaing lb. money will, ol 0 .,| t . ,,, l ,uisi.,ua ol every lo comiug oue department of Hie t.oyernui.-iit W1 || do « ill fie fo lu-iitmii rongtess to reis al against a tou vent ion, 

at tbe conventioii, nod tbat coarse, be by tbe people voting io tax G.em IWW( . a state giv.iuuienl republican in loitn, toward tbe otficr.aud calculated to l.nni; re n„ ., „ii„ n I is, and r.-limd n fiat has already OnacbiU county ban 

it down, aad they made tbe selves and iseoe county bond*. It is tori her witta the iateut, lurtfier, to continue in prpacb upon the Committee, tbe lloure, and , M -,-u paid I.y Hum- who have already w.ld cot- R ' ” 

•r oltor portion #rff CQualh t»eltov«*d ikat tally $ 2 ( 00,000 can I#* rtiMd l»y plaerioKrtfl und *-mu'uiiH*nt person# who th** ual ion. |«»u. Ah *ln* urgrocs «»wn #« inm*h of lh«- 

. ,.„ra »,r rt. leu private antmcripUou in Hie counties to tie & engaged »n au attempt to overthrow the With fill due rropecl to the m-jj.mly ol ll..- BU d have fi ll praetfr .lly Hie ol 

eonio more soreiy ne nerroi- n y eo rt, , ro ,d. Its Government oi the United Stale*, expecting Committee we canuoi regard i lie cUaigc- uiad.- ,|,.. l; „ ,| ver y likely that'tfie reis-aling'act 

, to, unless tbe propo-iOon M lla short of fctt.OOO per mile. If tucro-eiol |b>e (o ,. onf l |j Sle su ,.|, pereous to him against the President as a serious atieuipt to W|M . Whatever Ihe motive which 

to of s majority of Ibe reg-is- tt-e road will be extended I o SjMirt a, T< un., m;lf, and secure thnr aid in support procure his impeachment without dwelling prompts tin; temoval of so infamously oppres- 

ras lost bi Uie tenua ol Ibe P?“' ,B '- r tbroogfi .me of tbe ro-hest coal re- o| Us afore-ud naro<nstitnttoaal designs; all upon tbeir utter failure to |>oint to the cm- Blvc a ta , it wj || | M , meritlinafile filesBitig 

1 e»O0' of the SontbaesL 0 I »|jieli omissions of duty, usurpations of mission ol a single act that 18 recognized fiy i i,p i,eo|.!e. Those who write to Wilson 

Timber, consist o.g ol oak, chestnut, walnut, power, violation* of bis oath of office, ol the the law* of our country aa a high crime or and Colfax profess to he confident that the 

Hemstead county gives a majority of '.“J 5 I arIU y 

(l After you had e\pre##e<l your opiniou about 
it, d»«l he eolacM# wiin you r 
A. No, #ir, not then: he afterward got to agree 
with me on mil subject. I never claimed that the 
parole gave tho#e prieorn r# any political right# 
whatever. I thought that that wa# a matter en- 
tirely with C’ongre?*#, over which 1 bad uo control; 
tbat «» imply a# General-In chief, « ouinandin^ the 

a mo#t UiMricti* whtn the olhcera had h##a 

have a ito*mJ effect; dou*K remember that I epfl>k< 

fcimidy a# General-io- -chief, «orauiandin^ the to ih# Hfot om i fc# anhyect. 

r. 1 bad aright lo #tipulate for tbe #urreoder To Mr. hldridge — 1 remem tier * 0 »tntr *r one 

*rm# which protect, d tbeir live#; that it* all I time to #ee tue President wita General Hi I Iyer, 

cuatatamt (Mat it coaid more rarely be detest- 
«d hy Mt voting, n, «hl#m the propotoitton 
received the votw of a majority of th# ngu* 

the road will be extended to Sparta. T« un., 

tered ..-era, it lost b, tbe tern., ol tb. ,bc r,,hPS, °°" " 

— tahWtai ML Timber, coobifilm« ot oak, cbertnut, walnut. 

find eiipaeod in au htlempt (<> overthrow the With nil due reaped totho maj uily o! th*: | 
bovermut ut ol the t diI.hJ 8t«tec, eiprrting Committee weeanuo* repaid the cliaige# made 
lhi« to conciliate such j»ei>ou# to hint auaiost th* President os arerioun attempt to 
aelf, and secure tbeir aid in bupi>ort procure hi# impeachment without dwelling 
of hta » lore-aid utio institutional design*; all upon their utter failure to point to tin- coin* 
ol which oioi#feion# of duty, usurpatioO" of tni##iou o! a HDiflc jet Hint is rpp'*i!liiZ(‘d by 
power, notations of hi# oath of office, oi the th«* taws of our couutry a# u high crime or 

**ouon i ami rciuuu w DOS atre.uiv wu«. ..... wt. H tj - w,ru,,,,u au ,h^.r .,*rnle w#?* keut 

u l.ji.l I.y lli.ise wfio fiuve already sold cot majonly. Hod. J. R. !■ ellowa is ilelcaled lor »“ ,h8,r plro w ** 

l*>u. As Hi.* u.-groes own s» uiiieh uf tbe delegate. r.ZeetmiionX'i tia >01 

crop, mid fi ne I, It pr»clit:.lly Ifie fifi-ssing <>l Monroe eoutily is reported f or Convention ;" Vu m an v iterllcnlir i 
tip* lax, it is very likely the ri-p-iirmi; act by 200 majority, and I/teird 8. i*hed? 

will 1 ll-. Whatever Ifie motive wliieli t’oor precincts iu Asfiley county give 1»7 for a. The conversations 

iinptg tlic remov'd »»f so iiitnuiously Convention, and 175 against iimuiruratfi.u of Mr. Joi 

e a lax, it will be an inestimable blessing Twelve townships in Snline county foot up time. He aeemnl to t 

ifie people. Tfinse who write to Wilaou 11 # for Convention find 168 ngninst rade” o. P ra^reirefi”; 

1 Collax profess to be confident that the 1 *» precincts In Woodruff county give 

ports a majoritv ol 'JOB claimed: The pirole gave them p.otecttou and bu. « was reW.veln fitorac •JF^n'orehihe S 3 wS and 

aud Randolph +1. exemption from panishmen' lor fill off-Dse# not iu wanted. * *» ,““ l k ^^nL.te^iteke! uatinTs to 

lagoue for Coveulion 160 vmlaitoB .or the jote* ot civilized warfare so long jJ,“|" e r 1 But I met kfllterr once *o» erivVd tbe ictter >b or fitioot tbn 1st 

Itefiyette . * Bak-r w lsexamined oa Fehrqarv 
fi, on Ibe r.inteoia of a letter written by Andrew 
Johnson, -om.- lime in the early part of laU. to * 
Mohihera mao, givine in tor tuat hhi aa to iroopa 
abont the capital and elsewhere, and adviee to 
Jeff. Davis. Baker testifies that he minks ho re 
reived Ihe letter on or shoot Ihe 1 st of November, 

subiect ot this uot He was Ml bis thirteenth 
year, rud settled with bin family, within a lew 
miles of Lebanon, when the urttoevsl forest 
waa rei uubrvhen, and while danger aad 
death larked in every silent grove aad •eclad- 
ed glen around him, and here onr venerable 
fellow cttlaen stepped npow tbe arena of Ban- 

Be settled upon and cienred tbe (arm on 
which he stiU resides, over eeveatv yean ago, 
and at ooce surrounded himeelt with not only 
tbe convenience* of Hfr, teat mao v of the evi- 
dences of an elegant and cultivated taste. 

or up lo any particular tide 


A. The conversations wt 
inauguration of Mr. Johns, 
lime. He seciped to be 
leaders to punfon them. 1 
leaders ol the rebellion u 
tbat treasou must be mr 

In tbia way It happened tbat the opponent* poplar, dtc , exists iu tbe ereatest abundance , aWf a ’ ud u, c Constitution of ^ the United misdemeanor. tax will be repealed right away, and they thirty-eight for Convention, and cigbty-one 'o*hing for thu 

the ontragcoo* Coogtcaefonal plan did not * u Uie line of (be profmacd road, | foageued the public revenues, disordered tbe Tbe President bad ihe sanction of bis cabinet ( |unk Ihat it w ill be paid back lo those who against. men he would lei 

Of the nnlraw.-onv Comrrraaional olan did not l" "I - u fossened tlie l.ulilK revenues, disordered tuc i ue rresmciu un. >o. .... ......n 

^ enongli to supply Looisvillc for twenty year-. by tbe said Andrew Johnson. *»r evniy act lor which be baa been arraigned, 

harinoniEv and art toneUter, and the resul* is Betw.-ew Greensburg and Elisabethtown ol tile United Sttates, bave yet they are recognized as special favorites nl 

tlietr detent. It is not too Inle to correct tbe there are- fwo exeelleut water privileges, lur „. tur i|.d He public prosperity, business tbe party of impeachment. Mr. Stanton gave 

error Let there- be a convention of all ntetdoe power sufficient lo drive auy amount fcnalKW n„. ,-ountrv. em-our his emphatic approval to the ucfslor which Ifie 

, 1_ ot Machinery, lion is also bund {n-n'mi dins' ion iu the people of tlic IVeaideot is artalgued.and ycl tbe ex Secretary 

bnuebee ol in* i tetro rvai ites, ano n-t some MUan uij,s.. and ouly awaits Mr aaraas ul sutes reernHg iu relieltioii, fostered Ifie ficu- is a favorite aud iKipular martyr, aud the whole 

pi Ml Of aefWM! be agreed <m The regial rat ion transportation to tM-.-otee mitiJ's ol w-attfi. limroits ol lioslility betwe-u different cU'Hj-s country is vexed with clamors lor Iiis reatora- 

I.--I and election remrus will be a guide hv #<#* Mw r, “ <l •* •‘xb li.led lo S>|«ula, . jiigetw, revived and kept alive Ifie spiril lion to power and place. The I’lesiduil Iu- 

. ^ - — - ■■ Tens , M woald t i riw n r to Iiau-aw vnfn.- to me n Ih-IIioii. nation, dm- used every .meins in fiis power to bung 

wlttcb n (ttttffi ffeffteMM cou be arrived nine | /0--v ||t r lurmsfiiug t et w.lli an exe.-ll. i.l „ p, ind.tiiti.Mis, obstruel.d .l.-flersou to a trial, find yd be 

have already sold their cotton. Bradley will 
“go” for its being remitted to the negroes. 

fin against. men he would let go, lor they were led into it by 

HI Kour towships in Izard county give thirty- the leaders. 

r „ one for Convention, and thirteen against. 14. Was that prior or subsequent to his procla- 

j'li We have returns from on|y two townships mation? 

in this county; Gray, eighteen lor Convention, A. It wss subseanent, I think, 
be eighteen agatoL kyou Meta, fort, -four for 

IS ( uuv^iilioD fi four agaiUEL (, H had gont* iu hi# proclamation? 

mv - > ( , . -- A. JaDt a# I #ai*l before, I ronid no! §## anj 

.Newfoundland l)og> ut llomt** rr«#on why Ibe tact of • volnnte«*r rising to fbe 

to# uim #iialJ come wbea H I* ##ie. mStmd him if that wa# the -iiraatar# oT Me Pr##t- 

14. You state that you differed with tbe Fn-st- , |( , D( He «td it was; that he ronid swear tn IL 
dent as to iwo points to this proclamation, but ftix,.- tben W , D . away, aod returned the letter to 

tbat his views were afterward ebenged mate lb e istelsr who had (lvrn it to him. The letter ,”T~Wre ~1 
When tne Fresldeut * mind uoderwent a change. daie<t at Nashville, and was addressed la Jet 1 J 

A. It would be very hard. 1 reckoa. la fix it; but fc „ on Mm | apparently in replv fa one 1,00 

it was aloug 10 the jummer of 1 NU, aot more is ... „ceivrd lrulB D,ria or Irom some one in aatbort- boat of our 
two or rare, mouth* alter the North l arufioa pro „ from the (bet that it start* om with aa ae- ment* to th 
rlamation of May (a. knowledgmeoi of aoorher letter, tt goes am lo H'-S whole 

To Mr. Woodbndge— When! said that thePresi make suggest ions a* to “"ine declared policy industry, tei 

■troy, of Lootevtlhc J. ». MeKIroy. M. Ik, of 
Lebanon: Horn. J. rroetor Knott, metober .f 
r .ogress from this dfntrici; the Into tetoenled 
bit Wm K. Gihton; and tbe ncroapilnbed 
with ot Hon. U. Rose, of ArkiMMi betedeo a 

two or rare.- moutba alter the- North Carolina pro 
rUiuation of May *»- 

To Mr. Woodbndge— When I Mid lhal the Presi 

ruts to Ibe society in which tboy lire, 
lira whole life ha* been distinguished for 

A correspondent of the London (Canada) I rank ol a general should exclude him nny more I deni's views underwent a change. I u.-aot that which had 

Aillioiigli Napoleon lias lix.-.l Hie affairs nl F re ePre>»ifiU»aliiugniicxcui»ltm through New '*•»« fra* 1 ^ “f w **“ 

gea linns a* 10 “.awe declared policy I ndnstry t elff pe ranee, morality and the striet- 
h.-eh adopted by the i ootederacr . is I rat pahelitoiitv in ail buaineto tranwtionte 

in a fiolid body against the coofititotioo and I »> T,r ) low rater, tt.ur treeing ii.iii ; *cr I dcUy^d aud p .stisnn-J Ifie peacelui aud I procasliualion, uu I i.rev.iilmg tli<-trial,Ti"l slnrt and all, iihI iii.'.I'-i'" cxtra-pacffic I Ktckman’s liarfoir. Tlic ruU?c ol chains «•' I "*cin.led 'irem' amuc-'ty 

make an active can tan- lor success, or not lo ^ Uu niooopol) ot her own coal dealer, 
vole fit alt. Each of Ibcsc (siticxe* bave Tbe torvgoiug lact« i derived iroui Gen. E. 
earnest advocates, font N *eetn« to nr tbat H Hofiaon. who i« intimately acquainted 

depraidenro tin Piftfiburg and the Ohio river, | fraternal r.-organixition ol the g* . vei li Ilielit ol I while the judges and pron-culing oflict-tB, I st 

tfie United Stales. 

there should be but Id He difficulty in coming 

fin an agreement and node ret anding. 

If (r really not a matter ot great cooae- 

wttb the country tfironzfi wtilcli this road will I 
ran, if constructed He is an rarn.el advn- I 
cate of tbe road, and bas iut.iru.ed Ittiii-. IT 1 
upon all mat ten liming a bearing upon Ifo I 

queues wbiefi pobev n adopted, il Uie Cou- su, ’- , ‘ < l - 
•nrvntivea can bring ont a majority the* can 

vote the coosfittitidx) down, nod K they can CEN. BRISBIN. 

by any mean* prevent a majority from voting, 

ttt tt tewnrod. Bn. il i* A jQJQy LETTER FROM HIM 

(hat (here mow! be camrerl of action and |»s 

led unanimity, ffffifl tbat nil must agree lo w T . T . 

.me pofo-v or the other. M U ow pom.* He Gives His Poor Km T< its. 

ot Ux Cupscrvaliee, vot. against the consti- 

t Muon aod (be other p.rtion do not vote at l-EXtnoroN, Kv., Nov. 2 T., Ih.;;. 

He Gives His “Foot Kin" Fits. I 




Minority Itrports. 

Messrs. Wilson and Woodbridgc finnd.-d in 
tfij-ir i <p< .ri , dfoseutlng Irom tbe conclu-iuos 

speccli, cotton is still dull aud declining; laiurd aroused all Hie dogs lu Ifie village, wfio 
having entire c.introl of 1 1..- mailer, have 1 ,; * 1 " *•' ls l'l'ic- lieri-, wfiicti laabout cuuie to tlic waterside aud bowled dismally, 
been deemed worifiy ot the must liouored lOj^c in greeufiac-Ls to Hn; poor plauler. lax- \y,. could make out some twenty of Hicm in 
plaudits. ts, couitufosious, Ireiglit., fiaggiug aud rope tlie moouligfit flitting about, now uniting in ' 

I Were ever inconsistencies more glaring and eat up the rest. 1 in- negroes cannot be per- a chorus ot yelps at our craft, now snarliug 

slterward saying lo Ihe President that I lb' ugh I 
tie was right In tbat particular and that I war 

Q Was thst said to yon In conversation? 

A. I have heard him say it a number of times 

plaudit*. vs, coiniui-sloiis, ireigin, oaggiug aud rope m,. ui'Miuligfit flittiug about, now uuitiug in tj. Wa* that said to von In conversation? era 't" 0 * 1 ;. 

Were ever inconsistencies more glaring and .at up lie rest, i i. negro. > cauuot lie per- a chorus of yelps a( our craft, now snarling A. I have heard him say It a uiimher of times; 6,4 *** L A g ,*?y .. .- A .oehaleiur I was wsitrtt upon'hy a nnmhrr ot laurel iw bis ripe..*. «r-.- ''S—-— — 

inexplieatifi* than these, and .-an We possibly stladed lo pick tliii ertipwfiil-t the good weatb- and lighting among themselves. Ou making he said it to me and he said It in my presence at '" 0 I sB^Uwuich t kepi copies and w?h ui. mber* of Cungres* two or thin* rime*. !i(mh, “the touffnl eitianffi. . 

Imi mistaken when (te firsert, that, however er lasts. I fiey bell, ve that tbeir share will tlieir ucqiuiutanee next day, we found them 'he time that del.-gjtious were coming up to him rn , , ta them. I rrcolle, i ibe North taroliua io grt the tetter Ii was too laae; I hart retmned Ha first Previdenlral vote was enfit for the 
honest may Ite tbe majority ol tbe committer, not pay tut-ir debts, , and they tltereiore will do»-ile enough, but very tar removed Irom the n .?* tvh.. , arsons do von reeofiect ■■ te-ine area proclamation, wmab was the first one giving a tt. Among ite*: who railed I can remember uiuatrioaA Jrffraaon, *r.d from bin earliest 

the verdict oi the country and not work - to help the while man. genuine breed. They were a gruff, scrubby, ^ nia tt he eSnrers atiou l meanwStS^B Ifieru State gore rnmem; ws. preaent wnen it was read. Hot. bkisa, Scn.ffi.-td aad \ aa Aenmm. thia waa 1D ,nfotod up to hia «»l vote, which waa given 

of posterity will be that the crime of It present issura in-ex are to heavy built, ill-aasorted pack but yet a fuir men* and it eras in the direction I wanted. I was in m Isfij. tor tbn Demoerulic ttehnt loot Aogont, he ban 

the President consists uot in violations l>e believed, tlu-re arc veiy few sample of tbe canine race now inhabiting A. I do not know them at all. 1 recollect tbat n,“S^^JrJ' er "“' :ul , '** re ' * nd 1 In reply io the qneation as to how he got the been a coostahl and unswerving Democrat. 

Had on ihe subiect oi amuesiy was when Ire- meniiooed to parties in Washington there was 
commended for pardon, as in the case ol French such a letter. I was wait'd upon hy a number of 
and other*, of all ol wuich I kept copies aod wi It members of Ongrese two or three time*. I ifitoh, 
lurnfoh them. 1 rrcolle.- 1 the North Carolina to get the letter It was too hue; I hart reuwnad 

I.* 1 do not know them at all. 1 recollect that ions to see a temporary government lucre, snd I la reply >n the .pieaDon as to how he got « 
one occasion be talked to a delegation from did nut want to me anarch*. letter, be would never leb aw. except that .1 h 

hmoml in that wi). i do not know ol any if. Did J'm give any opinion tn favor of that fom taken off of Andrew Jokasoa's tihfe 
ier. I never changed my views. If be was go- proclamation. — Nashville. The body and signature of the ttt 

A. I did uot give any opinioo against it. I was 
in lavor of civil government until roogres* conld 

Nashville. The 
I was w-re all in the 
conld name who gave 

an. tbeii strength will be divided and tbe 7 o fAfiffirtffnrof Uer Ixntiiuiltr Courier: 
ooimUInthM. will be adopted. Again, if the Yon have Item, in tbe bal.rt ol quoting Ir 
great body of tfo- Q— smut Iff, defer tnio. your paper Ir.Mn the Lsn-k Haven Democrat, 
not to vote in order to prevent * majority ol * little weekly eonutry jonnial, pulilh-txal in 
(be ngbtrrrd vote* from being east IVuuaylvunia, at <1 edit.-d by oue J -S' pfi 
io tbe rrteetfoo, every < ot w ervntivc who re- Furey. Thh man Furey ia a distant relative 
toaer io adopt tbe aaiur policy and vote* ol miue by marriage, and dors, a- be claims, 
ngaiont tbe eonsUUilio*. U really col log to 4 « know me well. U> is a low lellow, mid a- 

- i.w the. xereiae ol tfo- impeaching [lower of 

I ,it,.Tiw Kv N,„ -J-, |M-,T Ibi- Don**-.' Tlie vote stood yeas, flv.-; nava, 
‘ ’ . ' four, t.n tlie -I -t litis action ol Ifo* 

tor of the I eon er t!U Courier: ciininitiro was n vrsial, and a vote..! five lo 

vc been in tbe bal.rt ol quoting ir lour declared in lavor ol recommitting to tlie 

•rlrom tbe Lock llaven Democrat,, Hou**- an impeach ot the President. Fur- 

, , . I v eigbl hours have not vet elapsed since wc 

a-kly eonutry j-urnal, m ^ D.lonned ..I tbe . Imraelcr of tbe r.-|mrt 
.•nia, aid edi(**d l»v one #|iid( rcpicMnlii tliincftniipH ll(Y(udf o( Ibe 

ri.ittn.ui. Fum *# u diKUiil rfl laliv. OraiuK(«*. TU# r**« eiilu«-a of Uii# i v**n( 

tliirum 1onu «*l (In* luab’dicriotis oi fbonr alio 
kiuvt* aim* il at (In* NCCoiii|»litohi>i«‘li( nl a miml 
Nbifk**»l and <l:iii^i*rnus n*\«»lu(ioii raHii*r Ilian 
lo «*iH*ouiiler i Ut* re ( >roa(*b ol Iii** own c*oii* 
wieiic* and tin* c*urs»*« nl posterity liunimli 
i all time. 

er or ratliera ero|» planter, (for it w ill drop 
tun, wheat and peua, as well a> eotlou), I* >i 
vliieti In* lias prot iirid a patent, ami 
evci'iil of (lie inaeliiii*# are imw 
n Hiis Stale in the hands ol 

eotlou i, b.r are re 

patent, and a,. u Vted Ir. 

tbrtr wrterfififfirtkm focit iesand towns where P^r ^^“""Thai .«b- ticre - f'dTd h-us, crept iomc mhwraof ra^ mm on* tofero. — ^ 

#hi * p are mir* U. ihe tauiue uolilllty havt t J ou | v looked at the proclaumiou a# one u»i! pnifiul to tfive ray jiMliraieiii aa lo arbai it ul Ihe \\ ar lK*partin«rat . Hr Mm» .«•« * 

dtparlttl Iroiu (lie eouutry, a tew only t»eiDj£ w |,i r h Le was determined lo t##u«\ aud, a# I #iu»uld he. I wa# psrfatl? wiilio*; u» leap# It to 1 ber# w#r# two oi h«*rp#rara# wh* ' * thn* hmm ” 1 

prrtoi*rv»*d do^ lauciers. 1 will undertake thnncht, susceptible ol amendment or improve- the * ml department. I asked no pv*r#ou wtiaf I t#r wnh ro#, one ol wht.m, t .i*. W ** BU * - 1 • 

to say that more ol the spet-h*# may l»e fouud n».*i»t -bnultl do io n»y dune# — I wa# wiiliu* to tak.* all mttM . h) . ,pr ** “JJ V 1 ®* • 

,uu meet and ertahlUk a government feert*. I did uot No. • Myrtle _ #tre#t, Naakville, Mraw -J© .. . - ... 

want all rhoo# l«lt there, aod no lorm of civil nr ***& that he tiid do* take tke letter knn##ii; ttai How taw tK>w Hvlif h#T# wil or wi |> MB thw 
was vrumeot whatever. I wa# not io favor of anythin* Governor Brnwukm had euapl«#y#fli • coJore«( awo which hit low® imi howwrable career 

or opposed to auy thine particularly. I wa# #nn- ^ ll - 1 never dl#*k»#ed the met of having the witDoarad* He has men tta primitive for- 

* it K hivivt- ra 07 xL..rtv rats, rot fhrew.a I di ! Iftter r5C.*Ut l*> MlWII ol %H(I tO G#» "T " K j w I wanjanri/ .vimilk.^ 



*V to. t*. M * l.ttfiittfifr. 

■ RMS OF »OBfiCtt PTIO.V. 

To. mo rurnr.m mutt 1 J •• 

For mx aionlha. by mall — m WB 

► or three noalla, by mall Im 

F or o ae mooch, by mall ~ I « 

FM“P%rah*# ilvin In advaoco. ^ 

IF-To rtty mharrthtes. p~r weak. Mcern u po y aMhC 
Ue* carrtar. To Wew . iirah »t I o#o m o«t eooy 


the subject ot the right* at those paroled pnaoa- to kaow what use me eitcr won a ne in mm. lu _,j „„ lo the ume hn abandoned the arena 
er* The ouly col-res poudeuce ram 1 could bav e The first note I had the letter tn my possession, I I ,,, life what ia now the moat glorioua 

laurel of tee ripe old age— tbn repute' ion ot 
‘-(be modal .-itixen. * 

Hia fln( Fres.deniial vote wm met for the 

la reply to the qneation a* to how he got the a const ant and unswerving Democrat, 

letter, be wonl't never tell ue. except that >1 bad a „„ on< j(re original founders of tbe 
been taken off ol Andrew Johnson'* tatrte in ..hnreh ever muiiir.1 m 

oi Andrew Johnson a fa toe in , r „ „ , hnreh ever irnniir .1 in 

tea., and sq; nature of the tt.ter •"* .^/ JS hto for mX raST tedf . 
same handwriting. The man’* >h» county, ana ann wt inore- mas uu » 
it to me was John W Adams..*, century been an SC live and mfona member, 
i reel, Nashville, Tesarease . Be and ruling cider, in that ^denommslKKL 

no' rake the fitter himself: that || ow few now living have seen or will me tbn 

wore inloruifd <>l Ifo- character of tfo- report Large (otto.. I- rand, 

wliiefi rt- pi even Is eltanged att'tnde ot Hie Anotfier of tfo* tniuils lime recently 
t '• iiiniitt'-e. Ifie rt-ee. .toes* ill ttiis event fo.conte too ooinutoit, fijujiist eouie to ligfit. 
eoui.s-la a K'-ueral treatment ot some li-nturea v 

ol tfo eaw-to it is prt-senled I.y tin- majority. N,W ' ,,tk J,, " rn * 1 ' •••'""•'“e gives 

sin* i»fto. I l»:i\ •• #c* , u *me <*i 1l»**in at work, in Loudou, Ontario, tliau iu SM. Johu’s, New 
niitl as lar a-* I «*an ju«l^*- H i# ^rrat utqiimi- | oUIU ||mi4i. 

(ion tbr Hit* pluutor in (In**** tiuuh. ( )in* uml* * . - ■ ■ . 

au*l ou«* u«*kro **uii pi nit l«*u u* r**8 j cldjr uml 2 -ff"l>r. Sam. l in w makes elegant Catawba 
do iii*- vvf»ik *»( two mulch, two driver#, amt biumiy, lor wtiieb lie reiuses #8 |**r ^ailou. 

(o#ay tbat more ot tbe sp«** l*b may k>e foumi 1 ment 

111"-.- tlropping fiuutls. Tfie expeuse ol tlie He locks up two burn-ls ol this firuudy aud « enunentfi'anj' civil law there' I wanted to^see W m miUtary 

iiiuciom #, lorly «milurs, will I*** Ibe >rr**al barrel of very fiue wine, lie doe# UOt inspect tbat done, but I do not think i ever pref«*»de«l lo Hamilton iu 

itiawoaek l»tb«*ir Kile, for tliere are very his barrels for some seven mouths, when be dictate what oupbt to be done. w«*r# toy *41 

lew who will have lorty dollars to#peiulou finds two empty ami tbe other nearly so. Au VL Did you not advise? were pro viai* 

anvtbiui;. iu vest itutiou elicits tbe fact that a lalse key a. I do not think I ever did. I have pi veil mv 

H Did yon not give your opinion at all, tbat ihe re#p*»n#ibdit> . and did not waat to five my id reply ui 
amnesty ought lo l»e grauted lo tbo## people to view# a# to wliat tbe civil branch of tke tioveru- **Xi#teace 
auv extent? meui #boald do. jokaora e iU 

A. I know I wa# in favor ot some proclamation Sooie of tbo«e Governor* were mdiury odl- ri r*,! a “ vV 

oftbesort, and, perkap#, I may have said *o It ccra amt held rank iu toe army? t’oi M>, ^ or ^ 

wa^ ne#eaaarv to d«»#omething to e#iahtl#h »rov a. Tbat w a# doriLK Ike rebellion. Mr Johnson 

lake It. I oeverdi#* kH*#d tbe rociof kaving Ike * L tnuramf H# kaa M#a tb# prtaiitiv# for- 

iter except •” Vngress «od to 7 ttn “ „ netore the advance of civilian- 

;k«*n, ol Ik# W ir Departineot. V"” t 4 v. 4, .,-rv wa -» hint 

There were taro oibrr rr-on* who read tke tot- Hte. H# b#* **** 

r with roe. one of whom, C. tl. WaifeiBP, I noet te tb# rora. R# bra sera tb# drtithf 

Hk Adam-on tread aod appolUwaC y«»l of tba aavo«^ 

lo reply to a qaealioa of Mr. A-hley. oa !•* tke by lb# TrmmpkiWl march ot oroaper* 

to lb# I #p#ry tamily buhI bav** 

extent of bta vote to tb# tnotti, L of tb# rr- 
„ fQUfUwri** ptao. 

we Uiv# our# iu poor Joe. He is a miserable: 

coward, a bnontarf, aud nev* r wu known to 
ted Ui# truth wb#n a Ik* wonld fit A tow 

low fellow, and a^ wht* a h *4 h<*rwb# would have I won treated more 
it# Murk .sheep, mi Hi d«*l»lL 

Hr il • iiihUklilt 1 hr t«‘|#»rl ot tli# majority rt'folv#^ all pn»- 
Pwr wi* known to Miu»pti« 4 »s at*ttiual tin* I'riaidiiil, rl*m tin* 
w» jti It 1 fit A l< w d *oi airnin-l ail <IouI 4 k, Mild affittus lads us 

tb# la** t h a# follows: 

A Mr. Camp, with t- mio oth<*nr, ulfoii? 
**i(jlit mi months or two yars a^o, hin tl :i 
Wtti#boua»* iiumlirrrd ‘i*Ni ami ’JOS Franklin 
#tr*«*t. Fora time tliry tran.arbd a l«*yiti- 

W# are ptaa*#d Id ace that ui all of tb# I ato h*^ ^ loaf bi* Mtuation #t W.tabiuiftou. 1 #stttblislie*l by Hr i'*Miuiony. in rupl*ort <d 

m re.,1, -« 4 tar«« tb# f tmwTvatitra ar*>alrradv i and fU>kD“ boW or OtlM’l ITOt it lUlo Ins bflad I wbk’b Ui‘ r«* i# Uot tl p#iti**h* ol r\ UbMi**** b* - 
tMBCmmn miir* ar* already aod mm «- „ which wouhl b* ire* iv* d by uny cM.urt 

npeuing tbeir evs tn the .»,rort.»ro of the ^ , ud J,' , u ,fo- fond. 

aataoo lo which vc have referrrd, and that c j lir|ll ^ , ll# . #v#r muc? b* Imh^iii* its * *til*»r. Wc d»ss#nt from all tliis, ami Irom tli«* tom 
coaveotinra b«#« been tall**d to eCert a Re btamea me wroucly lor b* in- tb** emus# ol |# i and spirit ol tlic r« |»ort. Tli# < *m>I aud 
thorough orifumaaliou Tb# att« iupt dun In# dwelt# ru« »t Waabiiqrtow, lor #*» lar Iiom unliinscd jmljrniciit of tin tuturr, when tli# 
itoDfribii tail, bat il s> rnisttisl laitbta#*ii#ws I*> rver wudiititr #u*Ii a Ihiuc i was uiimoiis t*»r « \ritrm* lit iu t br midst *d which w«* livr shall 
Jl»# i*Hi« i|d## *4 #oratilMti*ma) lili#rt> uot Ui In# rct#«Gou. 1 know ra weR t* anybody have |*aiMS* *l away, will not tail lo di#c«»v#r 
y.v. «ff Jo** mufot b»v# brrad, and will ulway# do m> that the political b.ttrme-# ot the pr«*#**ut 

■ — ' attar# toward fcfd ii g biin. time lia# been, to a euwaidetabto di^r*’*’, 

|^yTi*c T*tiu<w#oi‘ Hous# ot IU’|»rea#t»tttti% r #» If I bad tin* little ra#4*al Iwiv i would lake a jriven lo tb# dm timrnl which wr decline 

stimonv. in FU;»t»ort «d mat** luisinras, taking 

whirli lb« re is md « |»arti«’l** ol evidence br- others, w**ll usiii*; tb** building for the 
lore us which would !»*• t ecr if rd by any court safe k##|»iwff of uierrbumiihe in wlii«h ihey 

uiHiur Miivtbmi;. 

lured u '| be fc»t#ulb*Tii i uilivator, III*: jrreal acrirul 
rsmkliii iu ra | moiiiloi «d 111# Stale, w.i- s«>ld last w«#i 
1 ^‘-di ;l | Atlirii' lo hr. .I*»n< -, l*i**l**s.s«»r *il t’brmii* 

au*» l*»r | rv UUt | A^rn ulluir ui Uie IJuivrrsitv ol Gcor 
|j >rl, * e uu NABOB. 

q. Did you not auvn*#? I were provifl 

A. Ido not think I ever did. I have piveu mv I af°® *^* 5 , 

ii. tirade I.y u iiagro- Heniy Buckner— and ..piuious, perhaps, as io wbai bus been dooe. I By Mr. 11 °"! teiia, (WinMn »>v Mr Johnson to the PoatetoMer sort find noteele** *MNM of the qnjel twi- 

lnr ...nutbs tfie D", tor's negro-ra have .lrsnk - 1 " nolUnuk I u.lvrod conrsc uri-clf, su, ^ »**■“« •« , !“* > »~' *' ‘ light upon the ctosiug l*l»h. of the fl.raera. 

i . i • , ^ .... .., K .. .. ... _ more i ban that I w at* very auxntui* to see som< nis soiawra. »" ,IM ‘ 10 luu,,r au * -.iBaiMHi m Ik** Fo-tidk* *- Depart m**ut, aud an- . . *^-4 *..,! o**iM*r* d Irien i tow him 

lo- till?- Irt mIiiil; \v iih 1 11 1 ■ 1 m 1 1 > : : • m r n, u ,« dou# lo realor# civil government in tl . »-•* -• 1 '• ' M k l n mm v 

oMly uny of tlieir neiffblHirs, who inuflit drop HlAtes< a. I have explained that I «ttd not. There was -.maiion in ibe Treasarv Department. I (8a- iowa to peueeHii ouinrwr 

m. Tb*’ l)o*’torba*l be#u brargiun of bow q Did yon ever give your opinion at all to the ^ difference of opinion 00 this pofot between 1^, r * belt* ye her « Mr-* rohki to h# a *tt#r#puta- J 

colitrulrd bis srrxallts were— not ou# bad President an to what sli«>uld be dooe? President J««bn#on amt rue; but then- was a# lo Me wman; or, iu other words. 1 woman 01 tke f rom Fldirev il El(tal*l »■*! Irflate* 

IHt Inin lor moutba. Hood watses, paid A I do not think I did. Alter mailer* were wh4 *,ber the parole gave them auy privilege* or toW „ r ^ .wt, -„?« ■ 

treatment uml i'utuwbu brandy k#p( tb* in in dmi#, I was willlu' ,lo eiprea# an opinion lor *»r riakte- *k » o 11 1 » rt . In replv to a qn#«tira whetkor Mrs. Pobk told w»i**ra.i «knw thAi rhe Yrlvrii^t ** 

line ,,, iris. I h; tefrifi^ A o. ,o„ ,.r «i «• «W-ta« rtM «rt. ~ 1 ^' b£t. Tb* .vvrage. I. F.ugl.J^U 

t "ti-i * id. o » i * - 1 - !h« lt»t .md dinlm 1'i.ixn vie# *»n ibe#«* qne#fi»»n#? \ lie claimed that the time wl coma wbra ^ — ■ > - - » . * 

tli* midst *4 which wc liv 

said they w**r** «|>r<u lit 1114. The tlrrlin* in 
cotton evidently uard lip t h**ir capital, all* r 
which lliev arc said lo Itav# had 1 (course In 
itotounii: several receipts l*»r ou# lot ol cot 1 
bm, aud «»h!;iiiii!i<r advance* troin ditfor«*nt 

i»iy U btekv and to a I 

i» Httxcii und t'iudr 

■ abar# toward feeding him. lime bat? been, to a con*i<l<*rauto decree, , „ He?’.,..# .’..‘it t.i id,', 

t.c T'im'iu» House ot Rc|ire*roilj|itra II 1 bud tfo- little raM-sl fieri I noufil tak. a given lo tire document which wc decline iiuuh u ny iug j i*i. “'"'M • 

b.. aJoi'tcff * j.itnt n ^'In'HKi rcquc*uug l I k- (tick sud li'-k fils Luck, t"H I » ill I" er firm to »jl" 'vc reported fiy tin- majority, !'' ,! V' olita'inci/ o'l""'-.-, r-,1 

.. _ . . - “ * -* — ol j (darn and and fi»» fcrvcd to fiiglit'i. its color fi.i\c i« n oi.uiiih o oi » v-i.'i 

Tcoocais-c fVtoffte-toWteu to vote for Tbad. mooe y t M br rtors <-vroy tew Ul'totl'-, Id Into and deepen it* roue, settle down upon tin- fion-c* liy Ibcscconfcicratcs. 

fftevcos' cifftiriffifl foil. Tbe resolution |,ant u.c up aud I will give Iii... .".lie cfiiingc rt'.l evKi'-U'-'- in tfo* case, tbat wliiefi will cs- 

wilL wr take il for rrent'-d, pans tfo fo-uate. ond Cy and gel fii.u s 'iii'-ll'ing I" d.i. hrbliah, " "* l 1 "- at lewrt.ilg ^ circ..... - Mccroe*. Colored Priiple, 111 . 

. . La Iu * ffuHW fffoi utt bo-, wldeliwus *taiier*, a M.l'-tanl tal crime, fiy making phi... 

Notlune i-t"" viudt'-liv. '" I.", ut. n r> tu ^ ||1|(> ,„ llr ,,| n„ tl . I . . . ■ \ n, .i.imcm'- wliiefi ■ > .1 ro< 1 1 u t • il; Mrt Ibe Tlic phraac “cobMwd I pic 

• JaeolHO at the hr.. widow srfeool (u * 1 ." MV* | teu .wsy Irom ftull Kim. I dul w.tii, in many ies|iro-la. dwarls info a political in tire .lacoliiii prt-ss, and I 

eatr; and vet (be TeuO'-toro- la-gislsture, io- *Imh.I lH.tagl olfo-rs, I'ut fo-iug todly w utnlit elites) . Ih nioeratic pre », fia> 1." 

l.iu.Hi- *. tt ia. tt wpn.K lo wfort Ifo- Itegw- «• hreour ol Ifo- late (uot ffid a* bc^lalro) |b >M ll( fo c . as w.-do. Iron, tbertqmri ..I ll.c *"! ^c »*'« rt! ’»i ii lican 
.... lo grt I«t" Vf ebifi flu*. He *iy- i Wa.a rrtui n.ittce Irtrtl. a* to tin- law of tlic ease aud g* >••»«, et< a wuin aii.iju 

trture* would beta (hr ICO MtecssfotoU the tU e If. lfol.H.te lai. nf etfoi tllTmtorlnri.Mo. drawn lrt«u (tt tacts dev. I *■*.«'• I.lond'. firuncltro. ct 

Iteocss- .rt mwMfMfiw Ite "Ml limit.. it'd, ffirertrb Of tor a* MM-h. I ttever was a lawyer at ..utal |,v lb. Us a due regard for tfo- “'a.lmcd |.-"pl.- rom.-| 

As lor tttevrufi' rooff.eaii.Mi MR, il will that l»»r aud never foacli". I at all. i do not ijrfv wJ.iel. im;s»-' d Imj ua lire bigl. and Iran •“ 

s.aar.-clv go .town. Ttte effect ot tbe rlrrtiou!- know Dr. Ffonis, wl.o be speaks <>l as m> M .-odcntlv important duty involved 111 all in- >1'«»> m H'cit vt'iij?- _ ' - “ 

bat been socti »• in a measure u» extract the friend, aud never heard ol film until I *aw Ids v ,-.i |. : o ion ..) tic cfiargcV pi etc. red against 'colored |M-oplc, Ilian wcwli 
tango from tfo- Badical serpent. I uhOic III vour paper. From ffo sc stat. m ilts ^ p r ,, i,t impels ns to present at * .og"' is a llegro. 

Oil linrrcta* I oImm-ii Koxcm hikI 

Ttt the t'tfUor of th< hHtitnriUe Conner: 
Several »f <»nr rilimi* have recently I 
empty wlataky ami coal <»il hirrcln a#la 
Icri'.'il rcvt-mic cllicci^ lor luilin^ lo can 
the ri (pnrvmciita of the law in rolatioi nuiMb#.r>* of empty cigar boxen 1 
Im * II ttcixcd :tn*l dcfrlroycd lor the #nm 

fiiuation in ibe Trcjoary Dcpartm* nt. I k- 
k**ri beli»*v# b#r r*>hk» to h# a *t1#r#puta- | 

Mr. Udndj^-He claiming that it *li«l not. 

In reply to a qo#*tiow whether Mr*. r*»bb told 
him < Baker) that the Preaident knew that an r waa 

nl l y tl>ff-ir I trtoff lliein — Uncle Tommy McGowan boards | 

‘I?* rei zed hy in lour lu#u and two women. Dr. Chew think* ot >om#thio^ being don# to restore civil rnl** then* 

to comply With tbat he would have mad# monev bv idling immediately, as a#ar id coakl be doue under the 
elation i hereto, hta brandy at $K a gallon— so do we.— f Lex circumstance*. 

r::XlL'X Reporter. « Dtd ,00 stiggcst anyth, ng? 

Bv Mr. Womlbrhljre— 

vice *4i the*# qn#t*tioua? A. II# claimed that th# time mu* t com# when 

A. I aay I waa in lavor, aud *»o esprenned myself, could b# tried and punished, and I claim in*? 

of Homethiag being don# to r eat ore civil rul# then* oqt t tie time would ®«K coroe, except by a vW« 

and yon that it dld ? Drinn^ monev lor pardowa, .dra. t okk u 4 d him 

A. H e claimed that tbe tun# muat^ com# when I ^ ^.^,^,*01 knew all ab«>*it il. She *lof#ff that 

woman g the rro ^ pAihsrww ia E a* land And IrelAAd. 

Wr* Pfddi t Tbe fffictol reports of tkto year’s crops Ia 
•" teat anr wa* *»<'»»* »•** Irehiod show that tbo product .* 
oUU mir Zm tar ttofow the avarage. Iff England tbo ag- 
NDe Staled that grvgate Jeflcieney is a boot twenty- live per 

tangfi tr. m tbe Radical serpent. 

^Ttu Lexington Stetesman, good on 
I horny when Cuff.* ia in question, M respon- 
sible tor the lollowing: — 

r. al evidenec in tfo-cnae, that winch will es- 
I u Irtish, iu view ol Hie attending ei.eiim- 
stances, a nrt crime, I.y making plain 
tfie elements wliiefi conai.tllle il; amt ll.c 
• ir-c, in mii.iy ic-pcc.s, <1 warts inti, a political cst. 

I l.s-a-ntin". as wc do. Iron, tfie report nl tin- 
rnu.mittee, troth as t.. the law of Ifie ease a uii 
tic .-i.nefnsiinis drawn Irom tin tacts devil- 
np.ll I.y Ibe kslimoiiy, a due n-garit lor lln- 
foidy wliict. iui;s.s'-il uu u.- the high anil tran- 
scrndcully i.u| duty involved tn an in- 
voatigatiiHi id the clu.rg.-s |Melc.rcd against 
the President impels us to present at 

Ao accident bapprued at one of tbe n.gro no principles find will w rite on any side, ll- i 
ebureh'* in this city, not l .ug aincr. ot ibis one ol tfiosc niany^vagal.nuils in oareountiy. 
Mod: 6»ni of the colored l.du-v in order to win. |rtek up a liviug Isoitest iy it they ran, but 

yon nwy knew bow much truth k contained length our virw> ot the subject wliiefi lias 
in bis articles. been ci.lnin tiled to us by a most solemn vote 

Furey is smart, and writes well, b-ingfiome o| Representatives, 

tfong of a poet too. but unfortunately J.a* ( ) , pl , m , clline dll1) . we feet tbnt tbe 

and tb«* Tb# | 4 irAM‘ “**t»l«»r#*l |4HH)I#,** alvvaj> n»#*l 
|m in tli** vl'jcobm |>r#t«, and too olli-n in t|i«- 
|b in tt r.Mii pr# h, Uj" ni»uu Muiu!i in it. \V# 
al ol lb# * r, ‘ “« *»l«»i***l it. tq.1. .’’ t 'iiiic'iibii, Mini 
. ... ,, - 1M » g«»liaA, #(* , a** well ms Aliicau. \Y«\ t m# 

Im d«*v» l- arr biiiuctl* s. #1# , *•(»• , «*l**. AH 

■ j or .j,,. “#*»l*»r»*l |(***qt|t‘,’' M»m#| liirbl, »to tb*- Sa\nu-, 
md Iran sown* dark, tli# H|ainisrd>, with Moorish 
in hi in- blood in tli**ir veins. N* crt.#s arc no nior# 
I airsitiM 4, #‘»Umd ik**i|»I#” than w# whit #m arc. 

'**nt at But, “a negro” is a u#^ro. and nothing but 
1 Inch lias a Beuro, and a m*#ro mail dill#r8 mor# from a 
• * 11 1 11 vot# whit# man, than a wbif# man Irom a whit# 
woman. The* negro lias not any hair • »t> hi* 

it |i;irii#?< in many « »*#* plead i^nonuic# ul lht* 
iv, a n 1 1 I have no doubt tnui ill# pica ia true in 
11-1 of tl#* cSM*to. I would, 1 h<* rotor#, n*Hp«rt ! 
Ily :ifrk >ou to puhliah tin- lollowiug provtaion?* 

1 In- iidt-in:il r#v#im# law Ittr general iulorma 
tu \«*i> n*?*p##l hilly, 

A-rtt-riwor I* 1 II Ii DiMiiicI, Ky. 

Sr# arl of Mirrh HII ,\u>t 1 *' it further 

\ ItiidiEMlI Yi#W of' 11 I*oli(ioal tj 1 uodcratand your position to be thin: tl 
Freirher* you did not atomm# lo oriainat# or 'uauuuraf# 1 

,, . 1 ... v .. policy, but that wh^-u auv queation cam# up, « 

\N # ar# glad that th# Hjum# ol K#|>rt sent a- your opinion wra s**k#d aa to what th# Pt#tid< 
lives is Ml ill to enjoy the iuvaluabh* M#rvi##s ol wa- ^oing to door had don#, you gave an oplni< 
K#v. Mr. Boynton um chaplain. It i-w that g* n- A.'l’hsi ir it exactly, and I prt-suin#*! tb# wh 
1l< in. in's habitual practice to thank the Al- ciommHl## oo Anderatood. I hav# always att# 

: fh#J ^..rva .TttMirZMran a TilSf »or tw.» unr h.u? -b# *»*ar#d for two ai#a in Rick emL % snd it is estimated that ii will b# se w s 

1 that ih# tini# a ,, uld o*»t * owns, » ic#j*t y a viola m a*twi dhi- /..i thr## ihtMi-and dollar*# that ah# , _ imnnrt nittiarh hro«.lat nib m t,-,-,* 

e tion of their parole i r 1*1 1 h** honght a pair of kid glovca for Colonel Hobcrt . ~ wn > 0 iraeive million Deuort It ■ 

on political privilcgw*. Dal that I Dad the right, aa . . , mok twu five hnmlr'-rt ilollar hill* m. i"*® (O lWW.Tn.nil.ioai pnopto. n Iff 

V4 Did yon suggest anything? militate cinmnndcr. t" arraugc terms at surreu- ^ tbv rim, to th'.u*b» tbnt tbn required impov.Mfon of gniff 

A No, sir. arr which would protect the lives ol .hose pr.sco- ^ j 2 JI J£ P * and flowr wU! br the vanac to * wan ,ff 

Bv Mr. Wmalbrldgr— 1 believe that il Is c "needed I.y everybody n i^s. -ben Ibe ffgure, were to tolfows; 

o l understand vonr position In he Ibis: tha. , (,. lt | Dad lhal righl. I know tnal Mr. Llacolu She wcol on lo st.te tha. the F-astdcnf. an awn ’ I "nt ■ 0(7 1 T 1 cl -Deni 

y,m did no. assume to originate or inaugurate any r>m< r d.-,ni al Ihe "no-. ar two ocraslna*. mode ndw toena, uttnx bar lo Wttent imp^'U, rut., wore* 

oolicy. but dial wh#n auv qA#stk»n cam# up. and n v Mr Bowl wed- H»iw recently ha# ih# Pm*i kto private hmnm al Ik# kirkw«»o 4 Ho««# wklls iour, 7 ,lfiV 5 C CWt^, IndiAA corn, li.sra, 

your opinion waa aHk«*d aa m what th# Pr#atd#ni j eo { r\ ^»rv»rit*d lo yt»u tb# opnm.ii that G#n. L##, to waa V ica Prwalval. Hh# «iav#d in kia room Jbdcvsi.; bArtoy, d.itM. (ss* cii: osto, * *-~.- 

A. Thai ii* It exactly, and I presumed tb# whole I ^ lr j^ *nd puniahed ? 

■ olb«ra who had ih** bciirdlDl ih# parole, should I »*ue nl^bl all uigtiL, aud on another oc« o*ion until I ^ cwt. 

i nun'M hahilual practice Ih llmik the Al commlll## **o uoderMlood. I hav# always alf»*nd- 
lighty pretly regularlv for whatever nuv #*i ■« mv own duii#>*, and tried not lo inierfer# 
ave f.cen done m Congress which ae 

A. N *4 aince about l wo year#. 

Have you al any lim# heani lb# President 

rk is Ik# morning. *b# afterward detailed TKl , " 

rrwiiMm -be bad with Rr. 4 «*a«>». Ia * 

b# -aid k# wom going lo mu**«#r <HU tto * quil# w 

hav** l»##i» don# iii I'ongres*!* which a** 
cord with hia own views ol polili*‘al ami parly 

uate uiattcri* periaiuiug to rb# army, but I never I of G— grias lr«>m ihe relwl Hiaies into 

was willing lo origiuai# uialtera pertamiug lo lb# I r j|h#r house? 

max# any remark in reference to lb# adnit?*ai«»o *4 Radical officer-, and among them Hr. Alan (on. 
■fr-tobren nf onanrenn ibe reteri urate* .nt.. TnT ,.„aT o, ran rarer xrenca. 

VI ll.. empi I.-S ..r d.fiws..H, or causes l» fie eini' propriety, and in Ibis way (lie members are c | v ll govemnient of tbe United Staten. When I ' a. I cannoi say, positively, what I have bearJ The Hon. rtalinm. P. < hase, who was , xamined (o 2*8 acre*; in hnrtey 30..11 a 
*" draw-n dtsiiiii-'i spirus iir «'"»•> arm i, sui. iir,q.erlv lKisted as to fii» opinion of tbeir acts, asked tny (.pinion about whal had been done. Dim sny on that subject. I hare heard him say as day tti, slated in reply to a question of Ihe t hair- aw acre*. e(c. .Nearly 

Us m l.ruTd. r.u.'I.VredT.'j As file efiapluiu bas no otfier uimle of making I was wilting to give it. I originated no plan, sue much, perhaps, m his published speeches last man, that be knew of no reason why the ttewnra- lt ~-reo.*e ifi obrerrabl* tn tbs 
"! 'I" i"'" a '" '"li"'" 1 I'? ^,,,-eefies in tbe House not fiein" a gesied no plan, for civil gi.verniuei.l I only gave „ um mer. as f ev. r heard him say at all auon Inal ment did nol bring on the Inal nf Jeff. Days. . W.le*. Thin lai 

law. nr in -irks intended 1 .1 or pnr| erring 10 l.e, or |HrtllKUI twain tut no. at, no. im in„ u k r- ’ mutrl they had d^,, oriel ..nwi I have heard him sav. and I think 1 have When the war was parttaMv cloand hv Ihe eamore Scotland and ■■■ “ 

*l**«*ign#cl to have Hi# effect of Midi mark**, imnu- 
•lim. lv up«m Midi ra**k, barrel, or |»a< kage lieiug 
empti#*l, U* #-fl‘ttce mill obliterale said marks or 
br.i nd.-. and any person who shall violate tbia 
provision, shall l»c liable to a penalty ol ten dol- 
I jre l«»r each ollom*#; and any suck cask, barrel, or 

!e nigh, all night, aud on another oceaaion nnt.l 7S# c wL— anbreg h total of TO. STS, Iff* cwt. 

I * o’eloek in the morning, the afterward dvtnited The decrraws ^ production iff ire 
a conversation she hid with hr. Johnson, In , . , M great an iff KnglUkl 

| Whieh he -aid he was goiag U. muster ont ton *»*• , ‘‘“"I ,i m 

adieal officers, aod among them Mr ittanluu. The tailing off iff tb# nnnafier of anrvs of 

wheat grown tn Ireland th« year, an eon*, 
riser. non t of thv rai«F icsrtc*. ^ Jvmr< » td.JKJ o re*; in sis 

The Hon. Italmon P. .'base, who was vamined qy it«! u-rra; in hnrtey 30.(1 1 acres; iff pota- 
lay -»I. stated in reply .0 a question of the t hair- . ' m quo acre*, ete. Nearly the saute ratio 
an. that be km w of no rrason why 'te irons- grouse is obaervable tn tbn returns Iroto 
smt did not hnng on Ue tiial nf Jeff. Da. is. Kale*. Thte err* ttfelssos 

hen Ibe war wa. uamallv closed hv tbe eamnrti Scotland and ™ deffcvency 

head — only wool; no brain, no li nl, nor 1 package, from whici t*ald m irks arc noi so effaced I — IN. Y. Tu nes* 

-lublishint ut of uuivcrsul negro butfrage. 

uiontti, uor chin, like a wtut. 

forte!!;, ™(and^v ^ mTred V*uy offirer'of tvf'A good thing is 'old ol u ebap who wa* s^gerifon. entirely to w.r and peace, 
t. rnal rev. mu* wh* rev#r found. arrolcd iu Fsriuville, V a., juat alter lb# close Bv Mr. Rktrtdge— 

Ami it i»* lurl her provide*! iu section T .2 ihat any oi the war. charged with mumult and buttery. lu cxpreasiug th# opinion tlia ^oro#thlDg 

r*"U tv Ik* shall sell, give away, or otherwise dte- \V 1 ,. U artaigned tbe prisou.r said; •‘Gentle- "houidbe tfciw. anrt rtonc ? uu “* k,; 1 

»SC ol. any #iuptv ci ur ln»\ t»r boxes w inch have ..iKrl.t t.i finv with me He suggestion *4 whsl ou^ht to to* done ? 

. u riaimld \viibtMi! llr-» detacin-'or destroyin'* Ul ' *»• > ou ^K 1 * 1 l*>u»alettfry with in*. 11# A n 0 , sir. I will stale here tbat, before Mr Ua- 
III, stamp-, or hull reffil any cigar Ixit. wilb.mT me a d— n rogue, and 1 d.du it touch co |„'e assa-sniation, the qnestion ahoot isaumg a 

governments established, and wanted to see it Vnite» 
(lone qnicklv. 1 did not pretend to say how tt limei 
Should he doue, or in what form. I coullued my By j 

iorlty, why would tney not by tbe Congreea of the I Supreme l oart. Tbe indiem 
I'uited Stales. I have beard him say ibat several I was found in a Circuit Court. * 

•pint ol ihe p iitirHii should be laid a*ldc, ami ^(jouldVr^. legs, nor led, uor In eta, uor >hiup, t*»n#iiur«. and may bo seiz#d 
that th# Interest* ol th# Republic, ra they arc fik# while meu’s — uml in other parte oi his int' mal revi mu* w m ^ rover lound, 

fiy auy officer of I 

be Iff tfo laabtoo. had fltted aaeerr, to tfo 
back* ol tbeir fiends, covered tfo-m witli tfieir 
pair, and witli Mndiy pin- and string, eu 

do not scruple to steal »fo-u they lime l.o 


If the Age, New*, or any .e*poctat>le lfi in bold last. But tbe ocratii |M|s-r m P.-misylv inis, <ay‘ inylblug 

I... .... , Aud if I* lurincr province iu setnon ..a mm any 

toeamrortby Ua < offrtttfflloa ffM law. .>i"U au ral— y, apt m lor mwapape. dtecumfoa, bt , who „. i; . otherwise dla 

sii. ill gni'ie U-. ilill'l- ill all respect * trolli il s lute ... in. imisc of, any empty ei.-ar Im. or lioxes wiifi-li have I 

DG-ss.-. Wilson and Wroulliridge tfien pro Tlius, tfie negro is a negro, and only u lie- i„-,n ei,iui|s-d, wiili."ii tlr.i defaeingor dert roving | 
lo ili-.i-u-.rt the const it tit question gio, admirable in li'ro spin-re ol lilt*, lor wliiefi stamp*, or shall reffil any cigar box. without 
with regard to irape.rfi.ncut, allowing, by God made bitt. to be tboe.wnt ol tin- white 6r*i 

1 1, expressing the opinion ilia' something 

rested no plan, for civil govenimem. . only gs\e summer, as I ever heard him say a, all upon Inal men. did nol hnng on the mal oi Jen. Davia. “ " , a --,! vv .le*. Tbte Inror leitelei.ev 
iny views on measures alter they had been oriel .object. I hare beard him say, and I think 1 have When the war wa* partially closed by the eaptore Seotlana ana rT 

naird. I simply expressed an anxiety Ihat aowte- heard him .ay twice m hia ape. ch's. that if ite- ol Jeff Itevis, and before ibai onselhe Matrwt iff Ite uffru'OlIffmi praoucra M Iff* Lffttoa 
thing should la- done to give aome sort of eootrol North earned the elec. loss by member* enoagh, end tircuit t'onrt, were held ia Vlrgiam by tbe Kiogdoai, mast neaapMted. ton COffaMeraffto 
down then-. There were no govenimem* there to k , 1V e them, with the Southern member*, a rna- District Jndge in Ihe absence of a justice of the extent, from the surplus of tbe cron* iff tbff 
'tiered ll resolution of Hunks lor when the war was over. I wauled to see some j or |ty, w hy would they uot h - the Congress ot the Supreme t ourt. The indictment against Davis imted Stales. Fortunately, tbe yield m tbi* 
governments established, and wanted to see it tnited Siate.. I bave beard him say that several was round in * Circuit Court, over which the Dls- - Ann trv to the urnent year baa been fullv 
done qu'cklv. I did not pretend to say how it llm „ , r |et Judge presided. Tbe t ircatt loart hart . |hu i JL, . rolli .broad t*nr gain 

should he done, or in w hat form. I couflned my By Mr Williams— Wh- n you say the North vou been regularly held by tbe same District Jadge equal lO'Ol* oeinunu iroui aoroau. trur gain 

»UiTC^®Hon» entirely to war and praco. mt-ao the Deuiocraitc party oi ibe North, or, in ever ffiace, aod he knew of no reaeoa why to ttoore Than equal u> \me iom ti iniwa 

Kv Mr KhlrUhre— other word* the party favoring bis poiicv ? Davm foakl aot he brought to tnal if ll wm im- Kingdom, and we tail ooteqaeally bars 

o in e\i»ret*-iua the opinion that tomething A I il the North carried enough member** leaded that b# -h«»a id be tried bv a cteil coAft o« eo.vuith to feed OUT needy CwtoBilMOA tfca otbra 
ahoiiUl b# done and dooe quickly, did vou oiakc a in lavor of the admieeiou of the South. I did o«rt ihe indictment which woe f*ronil of that Ume. Tke iH | € ^ Atlantic’, heaidea AD AhUAdatotte fef 

sugge-l II'U ol what ought to be done ? he*r blm s*v that he would recogaixe them as a fhlel Justfie staled that •te"**"" 1 borne rtoufifflff ptloff. 

A No, sir. I will state here that, before Mr Lin- congress. 1 merely heard blm ssk the .|ue-non lion on tost snhject .lure ,h « ' lln ' 

trict Judge presided. The 

mean the Democratic party o. ibe North, or, iu I ever since, and be knew o( do reason why 

other word* the party favoring bis poiicv ? 
A. I mesn If the North carried enough in 

Dana coakl not be brought to trial if It won in- Kingdom, aad we 
r inhere tended ihat he should be tried by a civil eonrt ow enough to feed OUT W 

why wouid they not be thefoogtess. 1 heaid him I ment, Tbe flrenit of which the Dlstrirt of Vir- 

preacber was very eloquent that nigbi, and to my di-ndvautage, and you tlnuh it wilt with regartl lo impeachment, sl.owing, ny God nniiie mu., in oi uu -i it.iai >n un »"i.< 
tfo- sinter* iu HBcstiOO tiecwine more tfisi. fo-lp yur effuse in Kent iicl;y . liy all inrun reference t>* legfil aurfortily fbfft an .tlipeatfo- man— lint "dmii- alnl ari-nrscd, » lien, o ■ n. tin 

ally everted aod began lo sttrtfit. oot t look iug copy it into ttt 
ut (hair “toffeer’' ttsde nstertstls. In ttt- you copy frou 
midst «rt tbeir jnmptng Ibe saucer- fell out above uii, do »< 
■art tbe cfiuicfi floor wm Strewn with tbe tonal -auction 

idea** thereof 

copy it Into ttt - 1 » »." ui i x. t>ul to. carv- nl wliat 
you copy from -uefi leltows as Fun-y, flint, 
above uii, do oot give bis assert ion- yxm. edi- 
forial saffcUon. Your*, truly, 


merit cauuot be supported I.y any set which I flout b. fie ride* over the w fiitc man 
falls pliorl ol an indictable crime or n.isdc- I ter. — (New fork K \ press, 
nieanor. Knglisli precedents »re relcricd to I 

.it I* fittli, nit) copious extracts arc made trout * Two liundred aud titty ot last year s ishicuo 

hull -tamp-, or -hall reffil any cigar fiox. without i, , ,7 . . . , ... , coin s a-sa*siii*ti'«i, qnesnon ammi issuing a i-„ ,.,. rh . id, --...lire., ... .1: ro him -Sort. y after to 

fr-t .1.1 " lie- or ilesiroviii" sueli stabii’ shall ..n biu.; fie called me a d— n rascal, and 1 dldu t proclamation ol some »"«. and establishing some s»v that in oue or two speeches. Do not rvcolleci (tola I* pnw. Wto filloll ed lo *.■ * 7 *^:- I 

-oiiviefioii Ol cither "dense, l„ to a pen's I G toefi, but then he railed u.c- u d-n Yankee, sort of civil govenatout there, was op; tod wtoi where „ . tmZT^lnelZmo whh ihe 

" one hundred dollars, or to impris-ronenl nol aud gmtlomeu, I coultlu’t stand that!'’ rame rafooM?c W "* “ IU,r “ r Joh '* * ,n kSSStSilStZeZlinT Pre^dl-'.t ?n rettonuen to the holding iff that | 

y Dul you give y *ar opinion ou tbat aft#r tt 

the testimony ot tfie committee in order to grauti to Liberia have died. 

#s**##(liij!» hisiy *la>i*,*»r ImiIIi. in iIk* cltecn'tiou of 
ili«- AMNirt, with Hi# c*M*t i* »»l Ih# trial; iiikI il ?*h!ill 
i»# la wml lor any n^ar in^|H-n«>r or r#v#uu# oftli #r 
| io tifblroy auy «*uiptv «i»»ar t»ox U|mhi which a 
cli'Mi #11111111 t*httll l»# loiind. 

A pbjsi<’i:io in North Stonio^ton att#n*to*l I w J;d*m#? 

By Mr Houtw#ll— Hive you h#nd bun mak# a to ha.t only on# or tw*» c«Averanii*»o* whk ika 
remark kiudml to that #l*#wk#r#* Pr#«i<l#nt in refer#***# to tto bolding of that 

A. Yet; 1 bav# heard him wa> tbat a«»flt# from court, and. alihouak the couveraaiiou- were aot 
bin a P tec has* in converaatloo. 1 cannot aay jaat ir#ah m bin r te oHs c ilas^ h# rouM very «a* 4 r fire 
I when ; tt waa probahlr about that *atn# tim# Ik# Kub^taor# ol them. Ou Ik# Hr#»>d#ul*» 

i tlnr1##u “bonilDti” diirim; oneuiontb recent- 
ly, ami tb# ceufcua t.ik#r ia (l#li^bt#«l. 

A. I waa preaent, I think, twice during Mr. Un 
colu’e adminiatrattoo, when a proclamation that 

#aa»ly fire 

Hav# you beard kirn, al toy tlm#, mak# any proclamation of April t, 1340 , declaring tku *ix dollar* a busdml. 

Tb# porutoiioD ot the Dialrfet of Lotnmbb 

to oxer vA.OOOu 

Detroit white flab tell there al foffr hfffl 

nCMTSDn ■tifcftl.Vk 

^ ^ ( oj r I K t* | ’**••*' A— Hmiroag* >n iHl NEGRO STATE CONVENTION. THE BURBRH)J5^^0REY OIFFI- 

Second Day's Proceeding 

V. Eli > to- D ife lltIMV • - Mr. 4. IMfl. laud | copulation w Irolend a I of »»• r slater i & ruHy. 

l Sutra in railroad Improvement. t orn pa re ' . (From the Pans Kentuckian, fintb.l 

ilHmTIM'*.-' iu tbi- respect with Obi". Fred DOUgllSS tu*? C-OIHlIlg MdU \^ e pripl elsewhere I lie account from tlic 

A limited Dumber of adrl i a ttau will I Illinois Indiana. Virgtuia, Georgia, Tcunra- — Cincinnati Gaxette (Radical) of tlie difficulty 

t* PMM m tfe. Wwmu Oorwra .1 .*•, HimtmipH. Wmm Mw m* TIC Minus MRM (TORS. \ 

flft«m rente per lira tor aacb ioerrii.m. lit inopthR unfavorable to us. Tin I | editor of the Qyntbiana News. 

I folios iue statistic* taken from Ibe r.-esu.- ol a nu I inn i n< c of I lie lliiri'lll IH-viri'd. W e arrived ill Covington on the evenin'; 

THf Mt KhLl CXM'RIK*. \ 1 ,np Ul train Saturday, Se.uie Uute after tb. JilUeullv 

i IMS' Mtuetmte tills IBCl | l I I Ann U..»e l.'i. 


Second Day’s Proceedings. 

Fred Dougliss the Coming Man 

The H Inch Caused the Pil* 

(From tbc Pans Kentuckian. fitithl 
We print elsewhere Ibe account from tlie 
Cincinnati User tie (Radical) of the difficulty 

I'o'tcf ol I.e^c.l:itlOii — Impeticbmeul I uunitnoigm 

liar In ' onjncs — 1 1 ic I'roba .tlilies „„ the Sorial Equality 

ol il« I’asmte — The Notorious Ash. rj ..... 

ley— lli bat of Unjor AtlnnH, of Hr-— , * .. , 

'I he frw \ssist:i..i snctiitiry of the We tod the foil, raring proceeding- of Ib- 
'I rcaslirt ('iitaueiai *laticis, &c. mongrel constitutional convention of Ala 



raa|| ruff grave s.aifli 

ia'oaar Re left tbeir .-.boat sty or seveu o'clock Oonk I have hear-) •er-tsl ms... sneih »f t* fftwoft Inc At Alt kArllAl, 

in I in morning. I had no anus, and did not to also. — 

">er« for the '.urpa ^ 1 « having anp/tlffirulty Bit Mr M. he. _ 

I b- rt » .s ires' - rift-m ut in car rone-bon,. cod if Were mass r ->>- 1 * armed i- they passed IalNCrS AT FRANKFORT 
1 n-rew. re mar . I moo men there. It was about Ibroagh in the -ally part ol Mil • * 

og-Bi when I ant there. A. The' reneruliy ha«t a doa'cr-harrelled shot — 

'.,rn ami «•» used. mu or some kind o' s g-lB. Many wi itrem had VI 7 1 f a vwJ r r'T rv a If o 

pretty hi., knives, and -ocoe el t Hem bad ynk. vv llyrila C lat > A A 

kfort. Kentucky, 1 have been ex- cor cutting con; they came irom Mount Sterling • 

r wi h Mr. (.rover I have always -utiui.t m. tun... . 

iwesenee m liemocrsi. nad men , • «*T'»”« T *«• Dtranst. (Uporml i oereap o adrae. of tba Lowfovtlfe Curator. ; 

rebels and Southern sympathizers, / B /»(«»« oaifuwM. Ftaaimar Mo* ht 1 M) 

■elf as bitterly opposed to ssrea- To Mr. knkead. 

> ibe right of any Stale lo secede. I live ai Owing-vlll... Kentucky. I was horn h. ra wiaoivrao. 

I uol rlaiui to be a Mute light- Vermont. I aaaa urntner in law of Mr. V. mac's. The requests of (be N itional and State la 

hat he would never consent to see we were intimate .Inline I he war. I bare never .h„. .to. ,s_ a.. . 

rated, as b w yued II to be a unit, know u bi.n to l-e guilt nt any act or UtaohcUieore oai day be ohwerved an a doy of 

theory of polities of the people ..I 'o tbr la v »r i i.-latiMi ol the i onstpatioo. Mr. "Tbnnknarfnw'. «sJ ... ... .. .. 

f Urate* to Ih* prffrrAblt* to that o' Yr»ar>ff iu«I I l»*ii b> in« in Juu«*, MM. jdu west to k . BU * W " wami 

!:»(•*-. hut Ik* ws-* tinallrrably op- \nmont: «Jid dot rrturn riUt*w iSid ,.r i lih ol v *^]f Tf^Orully cixspLKi wtfh m 

spamlioa. This be eipressed on tb iobcr. !-*>■• I o. \cr ki.,« Mr lo. n; to do any <b» eiry— so tar is outvrirJ 

I nave always beard him say thai thing In aid ol the re belle n Mr Inunz'swtt*'- s- s-a— . . „ pearnnees enu 

Id uo' jro >.ul ol tbe I’nloo: be was ooly brother was in the rebel iny iu , he came ° e •* *• iwdKufiow. \ 1 1 bustueys baa 

home on one oTrasio: a let -eot lor Mr V.Himr been 'impended. Services Were helrt .. ... 

i'n| In Ibr fiMuinilii^ llitl bf hsd lu |{u aih! h«* bin, bill Mr \ oiimr r» t<> «|u . , #rw ™ 

imrv i.iflpr wii»ii*F>M whn«»* Iwli- « : I h«* ir>l hint r» pr«>nt hr<l tor thai. I Win ^uimr wHl lltrailrd. TW tiM-bORond 

in ’hi- h.iiti. rn-nil e-HW-l; lull tin* oo • *wR to Ynml aipI iiwiu^i Nr. y immi/a m tiirkrt irumcncd a# ju* 

l.l-d i ha: ii was unurc —.-ary i..r with me; he sain I Bad been swum dasTo.M^r ,urk< » -B'^Beusned at dw r , and so luras 

ih-m. l.ef .re a> iBe provn-i niarsh.o'sat Sn op*. Wr eoolu lodge, with great ret* 

burg. We w. re tmu it we .lid not Mb. Barry ,oe seems 

MATTKM OF J P KTOrr. take the onth which sharp preae ihed we nouM .. ’ . "* '® 

Con* i rrsa oe Cttmoe I bn sent to I'sn.p I use... I .to t o; know that he ne JO,H,t B,,u •* ■*» Ol IbuuksgivW 

LorisTlLU. Kt., Oct. *5, IMi, * 'Used IO lak any untB; » it., not reo.4l.ct pn» :.nd to feel thnt. ».d withstanding tbe 

, ' ’ . ” neularty nbat the nutb wa-, evcepl that it •• . ..swaim tue tuuu. 

•corn awl c/fjwvJ. very ob tuiotn* to « hn mrrrr upopatbixeM ^ailDk'N Of moBrniBf tiki sppnrbeifioB, W hicb 

wi>h the Boat h. One clause was ihat wr had do cmnorre to oppevaB I ha stunts of i be 

s your rank in the t ailed Stales Inith in tbe SuutBern armies, and » .mid disc. nr ,, , . ” ■*P**>pfe, 

ace all Southern svnlimeuf. W e answered the - Te * *“** we have abundant cause to be thank- 
It Cobinel. so nmons Mr. Voo-g was there on two ocru- tnl that it iu “ts well with ■„ •• . a 

ether yon hiv.- ever heard Mr •»<*-. I A. not think he look ihe oath. W hen . . ■ . *'t" “* ’ And 

1 h rev. re mar y I nu.u men there. It was about 
nine o’ lock a’ mgbt when I rot there. 

F. V H'ljor tworm anil «.ssi#«l. 

To M. Firofei: 

I li%»- iu Kiunkiori. Kentockj. 1 hAY^ Wnei- 

Owr Redneed Term*. 

N BK Nil 1# rom.ATIi»K Mlll> B i 

induced terms at wbvcb we prop* bareBliai 
to »orni«b (be Wuwwi l Cocutxu bo *iugk> 

smbnerUmrs nod <4u4e ttMaolderiuff aiae *f 
pufset. quant <t. i «f mnltei published, yuluc Bl 
■rt espoudeuce, nud rvpeurc of Ulegrm^d.i. 

r*rr. tbe Cocam k beyond all qtwdK* 'b- 
heupeat pwpar printed lu tbe Sootbwewt Wo 
aUould bayc, to properly am«aio us, n >'» 


. V\*A 





1, Tfl .451 


. SS.-v« 

!.»*(. 4** 

t. ii*. 

\ irriuia 

. ht.SS? 






t *•« 

Truuoffi*. t 

V. AH 


. 47,l5r. 



Mi f* ffiour. 

.. «r».s&** 

1,1 ^*.01* 

*•( * 


50. JK 

aid. an 


| kc -alack; 

.. r*AM 



1.KVIMUTOX. KT . Nov. «. 

TVi Ik. t'l/Hor of thr ImtrinU 'i ffmirkr : 

The great Colored convention a-semblcd in iu- 
lormal session at Ladies' Mall. Iasi rvenioc at • 
o'cioek. to best addresses irom several persons, a- 
previoualy aniiouneed. The ball »as filled lo its 

through in >be -atly pari ol IHUI » 

A. Th'. eeryemliy hud u douiee-tmrreiled shot 
gnu or some kind o' a gun. Man; »i them bad 
pretty hig knives, and el them bad books 
lor rutting roc*, they came tom Mount 
rrsTinosT roa ocraasB. 

J. W Fam. t sworn oad scoarsusd. 

To Mr. K.nkead. 

I live at Owti.g-.vlUe, Kentucky. 1 was born If. 
Vermont. I am ■ brotaer in-law of Mr V ouae's. 

friend of Buit.ridtrr'r was engaged by him m I |>»- sent cbiir-^.s nuMin-t tin- Ex* ciitiyc loand.-vl 
can vernal ion ualil Colonel Burbridec cam.- 1 on Irutb. tl.-- law, :ui 1 .. it applie.lion of tin- 

Rntls tben retiring 

.utmost ea partly. Tbe crowd wfttiin toe wall- :i|-okt- to Morey in relalioit to lb.- arli**l-- t tui- or I 
rtimb.-r.-d ***v»-ral liuiHlrt d iM-rtMtii**, and I HltM'li a|»|u*an’il hi I 1 **| 1 ' 

tli^n I law, or iliui lie.viouM l*. «•!» 

TIm-m- Iakiiio inusl Ih* iJiftrl ilVHtti lo «yi*rf BumlM r N>vi*ial Ure* «n*r« ri*il4^* all 

enterpi .sing K. utuckinu. Tu. re is uo C .kkI ^ whom wees wetoanmd had iav ited t.wwanl to 
I . . .. promiD«*nt iK*tl)‘ the Rp--akt*i> i*tRU« 1 . 

Drived in tbc toufbweat We •*» *‘* uuW < •? 

| tiunc. Our Stdr is rich iu agricultural, u. . 1 . | 
properly auBtain oa, u I c«nl, and matiutaeluriug r»wouree». They 

r number several wb.le tares were viribl-. all ' of Ibe » vntbiauu News, and .le !“• ' J" 

.. .. . . ii.-une. .1 the winds DeniiK-raltr Iriternitv lull '" 1 '".-it don* l ■-< 

whom were welr.Miuul and lavited t.wwanl ... || lt , riylg of Bmlun, aayiugtlial be intended ami l.rtm-dit lot II. a 

-omin.-nt amts uenr tb sp.-akei s stand | 0 p,,i a rt-.|i to Mieti stand- rous abuse ol I molts.' at 

Pr.-sideui Butter presided. Tue pr-u-ident in- (; rn Hurlir dge H- J then demanded the author I I bf majority, wide 
.Kineeb delegate .tones. w*bo pr-veect.-d to deliver ol thr art tele in tbe News, and Morey promised I bitter p.ti* e ;i I - 111:1 

i i due lo Hi.- high eliurac 

i ti lie l er ill (V have I tlle 

... 1 lie. jtldeen. But It ha- 
ftie mountain bn- latuir* d, 
t a inoii • ip, I a y.-i v lutl- 

llii- Plate. 

Mr Keller said it the motion jnd made by 
him prevailed (to rcler tbe bill of rights to IN THE M A 

Ibe Committee tin the i oust inn iou), it would tksti*. 

lie cut olf. 

Maj.Bf tuple tben proceeded to Ili-. iiss the l ot 

■notion lo eoninut, and at tlie same time to J. u Rnoll‘h at 
. olf. rtbe loll.. W ill-; *s Hu aineiidliieiit lo see. 1 To Mr. .■scbohel.i 
| of tbe bill til rights; I liv. iu Ow.-nl 



Connin t a or KuamoHs. 
l orisviiLE. K;., Oct. js, 1st.. 

•/. II Knptlrh 

I live lu Omtoa. Kentucky. I kaowaolhiag IN i ll K Mxinit OF J. P. KNOTT. 

personally ab..ot the into a sleambual is. c. ee., 

som^ ibmaoce ^ w^ ! 

it bv lu*ar**’iy I -a* Mr. Too <*Ulxtou. (he |»tl«>t T F ft r*i error* a*'1 txamintd. 

of Um* bon I, hoi a f»*w day* an t rund lie had :i |* v \^ r Sn»Aelrl: 

bole shot ' th ough his hit and be told me it was \ ( vyhat was your rank in Ihe Tailed Btal 

done on l he accent ol tbe Kentucky river: tbit hr anilf « 

**■" ' h .™ ‘r’’* “I 1 ?"- A. Lientenanl Colonel. 

Tue boat was the Itove.N.r the Bine iVir.g. I h. q Htu.e whether y..n hive ever heard » 

l.eve, plvir-g^heiwes-i. l-msyllu- :.i«l Cnm.llim, Knelt say aoylbing ilum- hi. having rai. 

1 SJIl t .w. rebel froop- in MUi*«>uri piior lu hi- otiuiutr 

I her%* were no go\ riini< ui uinf on hut u i T - 

iruUwvfl dt leeite .loo 
i er%tt* nrr addren^. v 

•• r nn|*o i il of 1 lie 
f tli* Prisidenl, aud 

“lv|uulify oi civil r»elil« \s not invaded by I \» -riM.iiany about the llrm« ini 

iioptioii ol such ivusoo ibk* regulation- 

Be HbKttpffon Mrt. WW »of omr fr»e«4«* I qh^ reunite U» be developed. Radroadr ure no eulogy u| on 
ttiaap ipterrMi d ta the ciwiition o» I anphiv iu«i ruanenta in brineini: »*ut these ^ Ind cUibksI tbc n* 

at [tomovwwtir doctrine take mmo .. remmoc*. lull,* mre ot raitroad pro- 

^ _ *rem we mu*' in 'torn'* m«*«pun koet» pure 

■ ia ortl iBff n> .‘ImIr* IvH ■*. . coroior m»u. hdt 

^ 1 with surrounding Slates it w< would romp<4e )|i|t pfn)t . k BH | y 

^ with them In coat of production, in wealth He impressed 

WMMm and population Allot these que-tions an- ,.( Ur aiiun. He i 

Irras, wbtek was chieiy devoted to to give the author next day. Mon y visited which tcpr. -et.l sipirly Hist balls i MdsTud nluira . o ' nn I . I i e ' ” II ' ! Ilei' - n !•'. 

«, Fr.deri.k Ifongia-s.wboio be Cincinnati that evening, and returned to public man was never but, d belore iu I In- ™* 0 \; n ^ «» 

. | , Ci. yiiigti.ii tue next morning, in time to ar- country, have aitmt-lly failed to sustain Uu-ir i,i;, 1 .i'„,i setwrateiu-eoiu-,-ntalive man ol t be eoloivd reBJI< . wwu . (.usiueaa beloretile - P u trail, acen-ilion- They bay,- traveled over the ,u ™' a i t '‘ ,ns ^ ,uba ^ loBr 

. , , range aome Inis mesa l>elor<- tin- ” p u Irani, aceu-iiuei- u.n uavi- tiav.ieti over I tie . 

| ’a.-,- in tbe t mted fMaies-ibe kn.c It.- rimmed A , 1lU g on tbe a.lvK-eof bis pro- land lor witness.*., ami lougbt ibeui Ir.uu e°u ulrv s ' long a 
that Fred was the Kun-ka. tae excelsior, the (ur ed a pMol liotii Hie elt rk ol tbe Plant. P-’ all quarters, liitrlt and low places, palaces and ' " 

cumiDc manubat be is tbe original 4ae«4.s; tbe man Hotel, where l,e stopped in Covington, purlieu-; and not a single all* gilion lias li. en j '•" l ] 

that struck Billy Patterson, eic. Shortly alter h. letuined from Cincinnati, sustained. Such will be the judgment of ..i*’**’ “V 

T%e I and Allot, 

Hr toy before our reader- this rooming all j n< „ v cev largely depend.- 
Vto taatunoov itka b cAvry Ito oleetfou com- » , od cost of Iranaporu'ior 

■ttorc to Ibe Ch eat of Messrs. Grover and _ od acres of land are i 
*wci nvgether with copiomVvt ract - Iron. I ou , gt, tf tor waul ol railr 
that frivm fu tbe earn of John D- TnDU ^ I ran ettiroa'e tbe value - 

We will hereafter make curb ckbrv extract- I uov lyiug dormant f.g tbc same reason'' It 
tram Ibe printed testirooev us we think wm I v(c4o|J adJ gq,, to j (yyi niles of railroads lo 
prow tut cresting to tbe public Our k*4 I ibo*. we oow have who r in estunaie toe in- 

w Iiu S.irruunuiu-. roaira ■ w. wou.u nwgi. I that struck Billy Patterson, elr. I Shortly aller be i.-lll.ued from tirieinuali, sustained. Mien will lie Ibe jm 

with them in cost of production, in wealth I He faaan-aeed n|K>a uis bearers Hie ueeesaily t.f I about l‘i o’clock. Col. Burbridge eauie down the country on reading tlie te-ti 

lucre very largely dependent U|wmi tbe la., I.ty np on ibe pl.ttorm oi umv-.-al justi.e to den. meet the O-mocratir and of article- of .m, nt I.gaips? «b» limt born f"-e and eqroU,” Ac. Tbr-r arn- 

1 — — * and cost of transportation • at m.-n alike, and the pat;; adopt rag tbat pie, ( '.msmaltv. rildo's, who bad written against officer to the nation! I i- buluilia'iug, it ia w '..I- ti-i tier-on, who was the own r 
n. Orofer and inud acn** of land aro dob lyini; vaatc in torm »• bt^ iwnty, lor it »om«** to him. he bein’ and th»- (ipucral a.s liar-, *cooun- dipirracelul, and 1 r muot l»<‘ii<*vc l lint the* I i> at rlamtion claimed the bt 

'extracts tn.m | , or „ u , a( „ lll ,^ d lat .n„ ,e f * \\ bo , moantaia and the party repte-enting Mn- drrjv, dte Morey ItlfHdld *Kl Bur reckl. a. U.tli, al- ot Hot.-a, nuUn.en aa V^ll w*rMal!Il lifc KU W 

n Yfiniu' I , . himim-d li ;b» Ib-miK'nitic miri v m ill mdout i k«it I l»r»dt:*» wa* IIk* lur, Um( IIk* D. mo t In \ ur<\ u ill -n>|.uu t be rciNirl. iith- vd.) AD . U w 

Hid D. Tobii|£. I ^ the valof of o«r mineral land- 1 _ . J* f JV, M \ W* «•* su|»eii.»r lo tbe Ukmi |wrt> Hall t^a >lrai*hl way and u ul* U In (•n indlvadauil lM-cRibe Mantfrrt»u 

nii.M ptindy . ^ I I'wtiortn. be !• a INiiHirrat. li lie Krpnbhcan* I ... \ ... ... ^ tin* cominuDiti . it laki>a mrai witii 

('Hell ion shall lx* 
aentiimtit ol the while 

rxp'unatkm (»l hi* pro|Hiairu>n t Major 

all f»ccj-n»n- I nuw atm i>!> beur l him «i> that thin.* in aid of tb* rrtv#!li< n. Mr i r.» 
Kt'irncky t»h< ald bo* fo bit ol tbe be wan oaty brnfber wi« in tie n hr! «pfncr 

ut loraliiy. b u m * oo ooo oorjoion ffioal oM tmj 

Mi ((rmrr sLilctl lo lb«* ootuniilfce Hull b»* had to go and him, bin Mr Y oiim? r*-f 
is jaltrudu m onion 1 per m H>ow» obaoe l**la- a : I beard him reproached lor ibat. | 

nioiiy m * mi I ci (m* lo TV* Min’ ' Imt tb^ oo a vmli to Wrm«a*it and ififilvN Mr. 1 

• itinmiltc • d « Llrid that it wa* unurc — .-.iry tor • ilb Me; be old I bad been bp-iniiiii i| i 
bbo lo exMOiw « r » • 

turkey vtstfia 

we could 

ieh. Beery 

thank -giving 

at.out l-» o'clock. Col. Burbridge caine down I tbe eonntry oil r. tiling tlie testimony: nud Vs'- "JC*** If; t seelion ol tbe Bill ol I it wa* supposed there were, it seems mat James 

e-ad precisely the tunic us the [>c 

fdatlorm. be is a Dr utnerat; it tin' Republicans 
adopt it, Ik* Ip a Rc|>ut»licAD. &c When a ron- i 
vmttoB of colored p» opic iucd« tbc reticle leiee 
tbc bool t ( jmI ior.*f»<harv r<M>olation« will be 

dn*le, die Morey it*epc»ndi‘d Owl Bur reckicte Uidit jN t 
bridge wae tin* liar; Hut IIk* Df mo llK a van\ will >n>l 
rratn* <*d'ttn> were ms superior to tbe ibeir part> will 
Burl»rid.rps ad d^tlrmro were to rohi*rrs and the devil 
murderer*.. I’|»*ru (hi- Burn Ids • hIiu* k M.res ll ii.uc!|. S**ln r 

with hi? cun* ; the latter retreaiinu tiom tbc othci* **1 t hot t- 
blows totlie door of tbe liolel, end* av* »riu -4 »-fr. mill V, l»ul (litt 

tneky ssuderi wi'l unf be surprta. d to lean, C*n«e in uur popoUtion ill th<‘ n« \t ten j*wd. t*ui io ihie instance *>urb will nm hn the I in the uieMUtim to draw his pi*tol, and w& . I l*»wu v It 

that abaoiut'ly noth mg aBccUug tbe right Bf Vrart v 

any aac rM Bur rosuatwiv IB take hi* wat ui g a ,-h an improvement would pn> 
f oubeaas ■»» proved belore the cotnniitte. mote every imet.-si in the Btaie We 
If la tqtottsi tram k asMactas that ail tin would be uo lougcr drained ol our 
Igafuri ' fciWMBUlita, witb tbe ex, * p | C ^ | 0 0 (bcr Btstes to provide 

turn <*• Jntof Vouoa. will b. aduaitted, but •obh- arti. los of prime nt ee- - ly w hich can 
that b*a oat utti Ba ctrea it Nam. Me^W. ^ H procured in otir State Our ag 

11 is difficult fo eouoe**e bow any more v r ricullural. mineral and mauula. luring pr.*.luc- 
toe ootrvjr could b« perpetrated tbat. tbe lib (i|mp W ould Ih- rapidly increase.!, and Un 
atbufinu of McKee lor louuc Tb. l-.ttei ^ Intel im nm*/rm» kM tl*» s«m l.l 

»•» bat; aud baafl.' .laeled bj »n *>vet ^ p^MIr tmpinytnrnt f<- all nor rmUnm.l 

whelming majorat of thr qualifiad noli r- Our cities and I owns toj.d grew in 

of <he NluUi Disiriet. aud, cv *o* 1 *’ wealth and population, and tbc great enbanc.- 
•toalt fbdt f cugito. ^ baa • **•*' ° oaeut ia tbe value oi property would inert-a*. 

*" babiud tb* rfWal atrffiauee o a , ,|w Bialr revenue, a»d reduce our Bute taxea. 
•ft aifevnpr* to ideuti fy biro *** *_ Moose 11 u *‘‘ kagtotofrr will prepare a JuMriaua 

"*** . syauro of 8 iate aid earetnlly guarded, tb*- 

wltro*^ It h true, atate that they Wirial wj(| -0 . bllc- ind((rw jt MKt Auj£llst . 

Mm a toattoem srropatbfaw. to* * w fbdr ^ ^ £x0<1 and limit* d to f 10.000 per 

l«#f*rd. but io thi* instance Buck will nm h< tb« in tin* u** dUtini lu draw hi? piatol, and wa * |h»u, lilamc, of Maine, Tome 
e^ae toi Ibf* colored Mr** io| r rc®»"Dilul alt*’lil| , t nif d*- su, wheu Bo'In’1(I){(* ■*Ih*I Y *i • , un*l o» I ilTy* • *|il.tli\ cuiin rv 

n*s * * ^ | | * a* . li i ii i , I h«* i »i H I rj ssl n*i ttir<Yns > li his riiTlil arm sible w ill ll*;lik hitu-i l\ a .iinsl iU iinssn^i ! hi- .-p ik- r w tri uj' .ian l'Nl inn- n i . ... . » if* » , . , . “* . ' 

* _ * . . ami ciilcrim: lii' sid*u Mon-y h arm w.i**, «#l A? a ti t H* *»m i»< c io il.i* .urn 

Hecrviarv JRNMffi, ol l-nukUak. wran nexi i 'r-- ( »urM*, |*aral> . ■ (*«* kIi •• ud In piatnl incut \ York, oftenrd Um 

dared. He i«* iMMibletad very buMsttl mku. I | t .|| the u oftnd M I*we given you your 

lie rcajn.cDcrd by idjiui; lliffil be was happy to I t|t>*c,” -aid Burbiid:'** exult maly. 

know that Keutacky was the Staleof all others I D- Butts then came up, and taking 

M... - - . » is 1 Til, . : roesseat-rr iiiounirn uis norse ana IrTI tne purr. » I never diil 

lisgrtieclnl, and 1 eiunot believe tliatlhc • ' .!? 1 kn-.w Mr fir .vor verv well. I have not known y ri .l »„u ever have am 

reck lean BiUn ai' ol I iic- Hott'O, as 1 l ! Cl .' Certani natural rights, the flrsi of bim lo commit aujr act in opposition loibc gov- hini on that snbiect * * 

Ii. \ aiv. will -iislain the icp.ul liib- v.lo whB'J* w> * **•}«< •» to lile. And yet when ernm. nt. I r. collect bis making a speech m y | ,,,-ver .lid 

ib.-ir part* will go slraigbtnay and quick lo »|»' ll «' "• »“ .udlvidfial la-eame dangerou. lo Owenton in Maren, InH. and that speech, as I un- o Uo j.m know of Us dntog 

Ibe. lei il' * Hie eommnnitt, it was taken away Wltbout detslfasl I. encoarw.-^ si-ressi..,, or r, I. Ilion. I in lurtheram,- Ol tb rebellion 

B -leue'l. Bi-lienef, BilHer. I.ojun itn-l a few ^'^"b ot^'v ^ ^ ^ t 

i*l li* I .s of III. I soil --I til ii, will lavi.r il . ’ ty. Not iety owed eerlain question be would certainly go South e «. 

str.mgly, l.ul Bn. 4 'nin. oinaio, Wil.suu, of “"d •<» Bit duly wag sell mat Mr. Ureola had his apcdugi-ts. ami I seemed In. ver lei-l »nv eonver»ali..s 

l-.wa, Bl;. Maiue, I’ot.o .ov, ol N- w presenafio". When any natural right lie- >« to oas- oi them. I aa.b-rsto.Ml, mnatgooui ib • .elerenee tl hnT eM-HroTTu i 

V . 1 - , and "ill. rs.. |.ida tsms rv.dhf and k.-ii ' : 'bb- diugerotis to tlie eimillry, sm-lely had whole at the war, Mj. i.n-ver .s »v paihie- febellion. I bate beard him s 

Kiltie xs ■ : I light bills lira on.-l its i<i-. a -,- a ngli lo lake d awav. I.ilmrly was one of *' 1 ' 1 "to N<. >« b. . |>e <ti • o-.i lake up arms. „<n. r lor the Stalest lbs he-- 

As n ii I n • -..c. net io tie in', nli Hie inaiienalile right* mentioned in the Ihe- J.j!*' *'* r rullv.aad ihai when ibe i.o 

eu. k. - to n?; rr " u ‘ ^ tb * 1 Xisrv ss 

r.-soltii oh dt lilting "Itigli erinits and nii.-de ,. M in > "• »' r> in-iny owners ol (lava-, up to a certain |*.int, were wiih the' 1 

ui snois.' a> usd iu ibe lourtli section »l Ibe Wfua' to call Hu- altentiou ol the eon IteuMicratir party, or the sects. ion parly, or the o Have v-n an. reeollecfi. 

. . ." ne . 01,1 me it wss \y| lrl | » a * your rank in Ihe I uile.1 Stales laiin in tae sontBern armies, and ..mid disronr . . r 

nt ol the Kemnrk; liter: that be sr ,„v* see all Southern svnlimeul. W e answered thr vet tUat we have stmo-lan 

^j’- am ! *** 'ton diyd upon. a. LieutenanM'olonel. su.nrooas Mr. Yuan, was mere on two orra- ful tbat A u “is welt with 

Dove, nr the Btae I hr - vj Ktaie whether yon h ive ever heard Mr sion.-. I -In not b.nk he look Ihe oalh. \Vh,m , . . 

reeii Louisville nud CarroMion. Knoll say aov thing alxtu. his luiviiig raised he answer, d the summon- (r»t ne was r qniiedio w "*u we *eud wv 

. , . rebel troops in Missouri puor to hi- routing to aepear there the I aba w lag Friday al two o'rlork. (“*«• »• Ibe rrceut uaal. 

government aims on honr.t, f.iit Kentnrky. We mad.- our ppcaraat- evKi.y at iw„ oVtorb. us freighted wilbswah a c 

rx e» « i 1 tore were. II MM tOM Mnrs \ No, -ir ; I never h.-ard him say an; thiog There were sv-r. I persona toere who t.od aa thai sin* — sucb JM ilMnilua 

fk » i«y sen t a lett er to-mr iowa rcqacHngCap'. ,hon* it. fir wbarp w»* »•»». had there was a,kod> hi Ms *-.* ,t.-l " — VI . WM> 

we Holman to arrest the k- murk y riv.-r boat, a- sne y Did rtm ever h*ar him say anvtkiag aboal pisce. There srrr aaroe I .don u».n -her. -a . add , J. , n-'mre. 

Ibe yto tO "* up with gonrameht urro*. Ilolmtn , ,-ing the dau.n.-j Ya/.k -es oat of ihe c-wl- r.a they thought we l*d no tanker has.aew. there. ™ * r *tou at a 

. d.-ctin- d to have anything to do with it. Then ihe ir> and we r-taraed home, .harp had charged men mare, when we institute 
•let messenger mourned Ids horse and left the place. A | never did iu mv present- tw- ntv d»l'irs o r taking the oa:h of our lodividtrol avlve*. i 

- I know Xt. (.rover very well. I have not known y Did voa ever have any eoevanation with aud be rem irked >- h -kohewouta »*ry tor short of datr we 

“,T *f l opposnion to ihe gov hint on that snbiect f to- more reasons hie to in-, aud charge tern. Ida most abundant case a .,1 

dleet his making a sp-ceb in A. I never did. aot know whsthvr he -aid H would he ten dot Ian Bod lb iqksgmmr^to.MU 

■o. lN j l * **f ,'nm, * ""i V lb. >. m know of hi« doing any art at any liaae or ire dollare. , ”** “ 

his baring raised he an-w-r. u the -anm-.n- «rs. ue was - ,, n iie,i to when we send aaeinorv hwck along Ibe 

IOI to hi- romiuglo si-p. ar 'her i I k- .olios iup Friday at two o'clock, aialea ol tbe reveal pwai. aud she relutw* ft* 
We made ot.r pp.-araoc ■ stvij u iwo o'.-lorh. us Irvigbted with sucb a caiaJawue at 

ird him say an; thiog Th-re were scv.ral persona there who t.ddaa tbdt xins — sucb .in rghioition -r i-*.o_ _ . 

Sharp wss swav. aud then, v« - bod, ia hi. high places " »d ■- » 

m say anything about P>»*'e. There wer »a- 1 loo m o shea »h . add .o rauks ,-l - ■ * U ut ?- toaeewdlagr.i h rough 
Ik -re sat of ihe c-hil n. they thought w« t«d no inrther hwstoeda .her*. „ ‘ 01 * awd Mill 

and wr rvfar»**d t>oia. Mba/p hod edarnd men w “**0 •« iD>litut« | rlfni fuaiouliuD 

il inf pr^enc • lw. nfy doIi :lr » o r (Hof The j*;Il onr l»4l*Ti<lMDl DvlTct, tad rrmt tmbrr bow 

drhj»:i r » ’'r taking kWxh, onr lodividiil idYfi^ isd rri mttmhrr bow 
'hut itl took n he won hi rtty tor abort of duty we bare lived, we have 
iu*. aud charge less. 1 do moat stuaudaut cause , wot lo -.>a>r .. , , 
aid il would he leu doilan Bod tb iDksgiving. ' hut to — - - .. u . •... 

ll 'iiiwfll, St*b**n«-f«, Bul|**r, I.ojuii uii»l a f*»w 
olbiiA of tint hull ol hi it, will lavor il 
l*ul Kin .'iiiii. oi \V’ilaou« ol 

A I do uo' . 


To Mr I'psoii: 

ili*l u«»i know him duriiif iln* rr 

or ir<* doll sm 

To Mr. McKcc: 

I i«*ium*<I «* talc** tin* oath tk-raii'e there D«**r 
iiouM* (DiBtra in »l whi«-t) I eonnt not -wmr r* > cod 
ri*i*n»i*m*l'. I s«»i|ibt*ru ijuptifeiiFr. I 

f.od tb.oksgiv.Dg, tMt to wonder at H * lor- 
hearenee. ia that we have not been utterly 
cut off and brought to eoofusioo with the 
n il ions which forget God. ” 

mrwui- to go ... wurr sm-s ... p.”' ->* gnaw that Kentucky was the 8 ul- ol all olberr U- t. etive Bulls tbeu came up, and tukin 
■aro* artb los of prune ro eev«;ly which cao n t. rr r.dcw-d men could assemble to d.-liberaa- his p‘slot Irom biro, placed biro under am 1 
be aa readily procure d in our Btate Our ag upon uuliera pertaiuiue to itaeir own imm.-dtaic ^ ^d^^ea*»pc <|u*-nt 1 y held (u tia.i il 

rifultural, miueraland iujDuia.turingprrt.luc wrifor* aud interest ii. »a> proud to know that Tol’k!.!., rt KicUat.lpon, who prosecute 

'ion* would In* rapidly in<'fY»A^I , and /A. bi« color could uol degrade him dual iu pro|j©r- (\,| Burli'idc^, rpvicw«*d in McattiiDi? Icifn 

fS> m/'J <i*«i hwnl ih rttit 0* * UouaMb. cf»ndnion and Ptilu« of tbc color***! the Bnrbtidfic n*i«n of termr. and il»**-Wf< 

-res-kt — hIjm., , r, r #, ,ff ,n „, 7 r-rf man had k ha uc«d. ao 0 D<ht in the rrntmdrijwr Khc that uh* nail who had spoken or writtfi 

gtm m ^ u^mrd b.m. He, m vrry Ml*- wHmR tt- M rec* ivrd thrW Mote, that ever 

mhrrtu. Oor c*itk*« and towiie ioj.d er**w in . . Democrat or (.’onservatiY’e. and every hono 

m anoir, :i- 
>e<**md article 
Tht-* rc*-olu'i >u 

«i in ib* lourtli section «>! the 
'J ll; lcltial Cou>titutioti. 
i* fio'i'ijcj t«»i;i\v color «»i 

up to a errtain, wen* with the 
Democratic poiiy, *»r the aecesaion parly, or the 

I n» ver ha>l any roDvt*r*afi*>i» with Mr. Knott in think Ylr *dT* n**| to Lit n»v <»aih :«» su|» ▼•MMh 

ie.Vrt* »**t» l» hn* r ai.dBcl in Mi«M*ari *iarimr 'In* poet the r*»Y.*rwuia Hi o« »hr I iin -tlsu^. How. <•*»«» H Pm dtHoi h - :«**u«linir a ■ 

r*-h« llion. I have heard him t*ay that he wmt l n* By Mr ScoirUJ. Jnya io thu by way ,»| r.^t . r -ro,*<w 

r.db r 1 -rth.- Stalest tbe h-.-iwuiag of lb. dt« Would . 1 1 - for for Ihe cunmiit. e lu inter ( ion. K. ulwrkiaas .rr ever Vs. lT . 

rally, and Ihai when Ihe is.m«vM M.-asuan Ih.i whew Mr Y wen. Venwor. « ihwt *” r ’eadyto grorf 

wen i away a- emu lo Keulucky Thai is iu, re- ardri *d his motive in gulag waa to avoid thr ... .. L swerving ItoUMu raf. 

.-..Her. i-.n, but I aro not p-miUve that that was ibe trouble of that oath* 7 . . 7 , t"""- '"'"ngniahcd jurisi .rot 

v- uHou to the fact, rirul the framers ot r.-iu-l party — Ibutenaa seem a. lu- sy . 1 . -MV III--U 
Hut doeUDreot, in statiag tbe iialurtli "e w.-mogelber iu the Legi-latu..- in Istti-ta 

ZLZ* tolheir oJn irom.^me ^brito. w.^sutorqu, ptly held lo tail in Jto.le -Idap^l hy . 

wetfar. awd ioleresr lie •>- proud io know that rol. Robert RicUaidpon, who proaecnle.1 It h tant ,'.p mi. ' I-- "' v iV t i*.‘./i ' ii ['''‘'ill'.'ei Inincl. lac wa., ul-o u natural right. Tbe, ui l wMoVmlr'n. » 

to i# color con Id not deride ti * m Jupi In propor f\d. BnrLrid|EC, rc\icw*d in scattiiop Icifos .lohn?oti ha? * »mnnl| I no j»**( for ubi*b n* J not °. n *^ ** ot welan* it, but did not MHiuder- Into the conduct oi mihiary ..filter- In ih 

row . _d.Fe.AJ rof it ..if t.*r suilrimnl u»an h:ui t bai*i?« d. ao ought in tin* »*auic derive the that w In n all w ho hud fepoken or w ritten 

1 * , ^ . law* »M*(banp‘d toward him II. . in Yrn indU- Will* R, hsd rec ivcd their doae, that ev.Ty 

toAvrofs. Our ,-itics and I owns xoad grew in miu , eoroterond tbc gas., Demoorat or CoDservative and every honovt 

wealth and population, an I the great enhance- , dopUd . mreung lao-iv be W n,rk county. M «“.» eonId?u°rbridg' 

oaest in the value ol propcrl . would inert as. H( . d* n iande*l that the rjtoied people be in- Dope lo fill'd apologists o< de'en-ers. 

'be ft ate revenue, and reduce our tstat*' taxes veeL-d with Ihe same privileges aud rights, which When we arrived in Covington Saturday 
If the Lagiaiafure will prepare a judicious are secured io all other citizens; to this cod they evening we found Morev suffering greatly 
- vst, in of Slate aid carelnllv guarded, Ibe must do their duly in ibe present, leaviug results Irom hi* wounds, Imt when we lett him yos- 

4 w..«i *.»,.-«»* ;- — » «- -v-.are.-wv i^r^SA*Sj|»SJj; 

r. »h«. «« v h— .s - . „ 

tbrogto a*d the C^re federate caroe. It M m 

rerorokatoe, with ro rorserapo ^ „ 

Ares a pro aaewf.w as MaKee el- ^ 

eetJMs bur. self lo tbe «»«" to 

to*, good sgalns. biro (to charge of toviwg im , 

been a retoi. tto. Judgr Toun* rironld coro* ^ 

Off I*, well We Have aero mat McKee was 
wot too goad to roaploy against him tbe bor»s 
affidavit Bf a deceived negro, rod tbat Ids " 
toast iroportawt white wHnea* h ol aucb B® ' 

torionely had repwtatiow for wrowrby that hi- ° 
.rorgBbor.- eefwae to botove bito am amtk A it 
wot wawAevtai tbro tbat. though resort •**;*" 
tog to sweb age w ews. be to to '****' ***“ * f 
completely failed to Bake out anything Tto-Bnat 
gieto* IT, altar all tbat has occurred a* to give 
t oogrea* should exclude Judge Young and ought to c 
«wat in ti< place tbh- infamou- fellow M< Kee, ui.ail s -,1 
the people of tbe Ninth District would wot be Brotlb, Au. 
rouch to htoroe should they refuse forever to ifying 
to. to permit owe to live amour tbe« who ■^an.'ed 
tea so disgraced bttoMdf aud outrag'd tb. m. 5 J Hlm „. nl 
There tot aaroe of the Radical leaders tu j^utbej 
< ougtrss that would coroe out ot in invest, rwdempn.m 

prcpttnl I h«* l»A|H* that tbc wound** Mil 
bet I and leave do pirnumnl iujurj. 

Ntalmicnt. I A. Yw, H*: it would he fair tw ta k* that oalh '«*c »ujpl«hetl xrmnhrmmm *« ihoir b«»p«tahu* 

il. Have Yon any rvcolh-crioa of harine flaw) I ro«-i*lcrDlion: 'Dcy Drcre Ycry.lioDhl.fomc U'e»Hho. Tb*«. fico H. PciMHeton w<- J«» 
Lh:it y«*ti h id Heard bim make any «Dch aiffi'etatui* tlm*** lwf«r. ml hclicY*- lh**re d any luau who L.uu > 

A - rit To T ^I' , K^ato^!^“' , ** un * lsa«toer place ia Ibe a.ttoiiation .no eu^Mracw 

Hive ID M*)-Vi;ie, Kv. | < at a randidate (Or '** ,h * KM **Bjbv— aud be merits all 

IN THE MATTER OF JOHN D TOTNO. roaure-s in ibe last ebr ton In ihai -Jisirir* I ^ I* - • However, it ta no part 

Tt-TisosT ros nnirunos. was nominsf- d h; ih • Vonservanve ruio.i men nnr PurfKiae to write an eu foe lain uuou 

- . i male Ih rmnws W; was adv.-ms bras— Be a. *-da none. Imt we will toka 

Lxxixot"" I b«»a to Mr McKee and Mr Yoaaa I made dili arraatoo to whether it ho 

.. - - * ’ K ’ irilrtl1 **> j *-nt iaqotrv rosecrriMB wheiber Mr. Y.-aou ha<l too early to agitate ril 

JJ.n Mdhr ttejrnami .ramln-ti. ever doue snytMLg lo aid Ibe rebellion, with * or not tbi* he is tom?* ana. Ii **'* ,lom 

by Mr. McKse; ot asm* thro tort aro. use k m M, owlv JZL {£ 

I y Where .fo yon resid • hop. tor toda* elerted was r„ prove that Mr Jto - ^_lbe failed Stale*; 

-m| - ■ ■ ■ - - Youna had given direct aid and eom'ort to (be rc- *•>** •« pradfc' rhnt lor him will he net. aa n 

roil, to purchase tbe iron and be secured by a ^ , ... 

1 advucatiug tb. claim ol tbe colored mau to the 

drat mortgage uu tbc road. No company , tJ1IK j Ac 

ought to receive aid until at least thirty ntil.w The convention reassembled at tbc Second 
of tbc road are grad'-d and prepared for tbc i \a-ired Methodist ehurrh si # o'rlork a. ■„ Fres- 
iron rails— tbc Stale i-a-tiitig Iter h inds lor id. nl Roller in tbc cuair. 

tbc same, batong thin, years to run. Kali called, and our bandred and eighteen del 

and tbc railroad company conlricling to joy gates responded to their names. Minutes ol pre- 

ttoe Interval as it hecoroes .lac and to pay tbc ceding sesai >n re id and adopted, 

hnndk at maturity The State will tbu« be < oluael Yaucy. of Ohio, and F. Smith, of Frank 

..ply -reared. W.e will lend he. credit r0 °"' V ' '"”'»**■ "‘* nor * r ’ «"embers 

* TI»c Busin.*' - Commiifec not lH*me ready to re- 

.. , , . J ** 1 nr«k«i Ibe liapc tbtt tbc wound* *ill ?oon tativo til' K *t» lucky, muJc hi* ai lidcu eiTurt , *i l ‘ , tb **#**e ol Provost aud a.*** 

| cud#. Ac. He cioM*d by refernne in very c*>«i Bt-al and leave no iKrnunt tH iujurj. Tbc in tjM* UouftC to-daj ou Ui«? ailmistlou o! aMr. The Fr* sideMl decided tbat Semple wrat> in . gvt IL 

pliqgt mar , aims to tb- Louisville < ocuru in hall, it is llioiighl, merely passed tin oogli tlie (ioflatlav. lie spoke Irrh fly and lo tbe point, der ' f, »* n *«* (pP* alerl rroui tbc decision of I ** ror, ‘ 0,m/ 

advucatiug the claim ol tbe colored man to tbe fl.-ali of tbe arm, and inti cted only a tlcsli and without the sliirtitest embarrassment the chair, and the conv.utlon sustained the ‘ ^ . 

wimrws mad. *c. wound in tbc side. B Ah Hu- nurtcr wlncl, l,e dclri. red and the l-o>?' Of order, and lurtber discus, ion on tbe I ihet^.'.to^SXb^ior 

wound in tbc side. 

lua.'er ubu-b 1 ^...“. t.d ^d l?e ^1 ^ I 

tbe inlentd as »l '»**<•* fw**f due nud lo |«v 'ke c<*diup *c*i*i »n n- id and adopted. Tbc Sttoc will thus be ritoaual Vaucy, of Ohio, and F. Mroitb, of Frank- 

M p.v wrerosd. She ..ft ouly towd be criit "VTS w ' rr “ i- ' ,,aonnry , m '" hw , 
auipi* u j The Bus me- - ( onimi'iec uol Is-ing ready lo re- 

to the compan; . port. It was an Doored that so; on.- desiring to 

Tbc extc-tit of aid should lw limited say lo -peak might make tbe interim available Several 
#K),UUO,t)(IU, and lie granted ta» -U' h r.ord as spec*-bes,\;baraclcnzed b, an enthusiastic earnest- 
-bnll be flrst prepared to receive it. neaa, il uol eloquence, were made. All desired 

Tb*- financial eondirion of the State i« sucb 'hat boW ground abcmld be taken, and following 

ia< m nnner in rne cuatr. soual Irietidf lielore the war, and tbat ftuec they 

Boll called, and one bandred and eighteen del |, a d frequently met ou friendly terms. Nor 
gates responded to their names. Minnies ot pre- bad be at any time joined in tbe niim'roiis 
ceding sesai m retd and adopted attacks u non bim for bis connection with tbe 

t'olonrl Yancv, ot Ohio, and F. Smith, of Frank- odious “Hog and oilier orders of the fo-ne- 

•to oa..t r . were made honorary members r *' *’ .“V" *"*£1 1 ‘. e “' , 1 r ' 

, , Ag« nl at Nt-w Orl**uu 8 , then- mislit 1>«* 

The Bunnef c *>mmi*iec uol l>* ine ready to re P ^ f enuatiu? cireunD lance* in the eas* , 

prut. It wap anooucjid that ao> *«*• deaf ring tn nor had tic any idea that th* Colonel wus 
ppeak mikLt make the interim available Several amhitlonii to a^ume uud cliauipUiii the caufce 

■ miu m iui run:. u mu t a*. ihv ii lit il. mum di.u Mil 4 . .... , n , , , “'.Mile !ime«H me C-ia.II-nill UI Ol Ihe rVOtfjl 

Morcj any* ho wa* loth to belief* that Col. m lttm r *#r ils d»*hvt*ry *rivt s & Dio u promise 1 * l|,,-te ” ° n 1 he whole ma'ter ol c .,mp Dick K ibiupou, u«*ar ihx- K* nioci-> rv r, w- 

I Biirhndtre iutemlcd to attaek him aa he did: lorthe v 'iiuif Keu'uekian B\ the way, be tue n-soiution aud ;iiiiemlmcnt was hurried had an «*nriuizaiiou In tke gtmu; known ib 

that (bey bad Im*cii warm politienl and |e*r- i.* th >oim*; si n- -m .1 **r ol (lie Hmist . * h> hciujf referred lo Ihe j Keutue^Mal. (luard. I wop a m. mbt-rofil. 

d*nt. The t \:im ioo 1*. Marshall ami 
Eldiidi**' was very M-vere, ajd Ashley was 
«lad to^etout »>! tlRirc lutele^. Hispoliti 


I lie grioUd t*i Mi«-h r.ffiid a»* ppeecb«*to/«-haractcrutcd by an enthusiastic earnest- of the Gcuerul. 2 lad tOyCtout o' their (JutcLe*. HiSf*oliti 

*nared to receive it. ucao, il uol eloqaeDCCy were made. All deaired subjoin Irom the New? the article cal niec is ion. Exit At h Sty. 

* . , . . . . .Kto« ixThW ix , ftroVrom * 0 * 8111*1 Gefl. Burov idire, which provoked t be Next lo lli*' politicsl ulluxs ot the country, 

eondiiiou of lb* btate tv such 'hat bold eround should he taken, and follow, ng *, ark UI s.n Morev. wbicl. wr don In not will the consid.-rarion of financial nutter, cv 

Ibe eonveutirtii r.--mii,.l ll.e r insi.l, -ration . ,nnman ^? xt 
of th«- re|K>rt of the Committee on Ed oca- t«, be iu a tr«*»t stole 

however, ainl w.*s #lO|.pet|. Th«* di« 

Win* r*od ui the Aw«.,ci 

liijr^t. Th«- peuplc *1 I (,n - n Lot cam me l»uij*UrF 

Bv Mr. McKee: ot mmtog tkst (act aeoiost km. Mj owlv lor fh J 

Where do too mid ! bone (or beio 4 elected was to prove that Mr ^ 

A. In Carlisle, Keuta* ky. I lived in 0«iu£»- }™f nj b * d iI,v, ' n %>da * d coin’ort to tbe re- W * P ft * >cr rt ** hK him will he CDat, at a 
vibe in l-stii, wheu tbf reb lhon broke odl UUi« *o, *o a* to draw off irom mm oil of tbe Mil, the vole of KeniDck j ia tbe Dewsoerwiie 

O. Wait was Mr. Yoon*' * coarse? orlxmal l mow men who bad, sioc** mil, betooveil National ( oormtiow wb«a It akal! arft to 

l nU:r kh,mt ° bCi re,K, He W - 1 • 

* l !>;> ,'U know of any acls of his la opposition p.-cstonbuig, ami along tue wbol* looking very well. Adm.cug .«n -com in 
to ibclawsoi tae I uile.1 States' route. irom Radical-. Irom mao W** hlto v»* !--•« of that vigor ol uuutiood 

A I do not. He was. rebel. Toaf is all 1 know who proposed lo vote lor me. which ho* so long -Isxingui-bcl hits* 

Shout IL Iron* Soulliem sympathiser-, -ram rebel snidlcr- Fa ill R Ahipumil too » ,to aitiiasln. 

Ilv Mr McKee: who bad been at Fresfi-ahrogal in* hm, Y-aw -hiy— bta lac. relunl 

n Uni yarn vv. r h-arMr. Y< ung talk id rear- xr >a 'here, an-l wh > w.-ai <>tf the rebel army "**• mirolwwe, aa bto 

M ei-ie to Iher MIu.n * { I m-ob* - i igi n' inquiry wiih a ,i-w oi usiag tue ■ . . ■ vbaVgeu wilb nature*! lltuugbl 

a* I A. Yes. I bear 1 him say somelbvng one day | act* against 4r. Y -siugaod 'or myself. IV re cfasasg oeanty rtf concept ion. 

"' ; al nut Dii'rh Yankees aud -our kraut. salt was inai 1 c.-ald - main no >■••o<nrotbm m 

A | By Mr Wcofiel.1: that di ecnoc vrhica I. a- a genik-iuan, couivl ■* Sklf.xTofi Ullupn, 

il It- I you ever hear him -ay anything mdi- a-mitrol Mr. Yon ig. I was min- el -d to -ag from Fleming, has arrived at the cam ■ 

Oliag his posi-ioa f everywhere, all thwaagx th- canvass, that so iar logatrd hiwreelr tor thr arsabm at iCT'..Ti 

a. I Heard him -av our day Ihat there was no aa nay evtdene ■ had be, n riven lo uie. I knew at u - -» u„ „ , „ -p ^ ■•*•■* 

< ouait'u'ion; lie- t'oustitniioa was broken, uo act which would ju*Hfy ihe eyrlnaion -,f Mr. . , * ac«»v«, em. ieoi gen 

Thai is Ike oaly llimg I recollect. I b -ar.l -lo-h Young Irom his -rat. Mr. Young's .avsitinu, so I 1 *'™* ®, aad I will onquroliuoaMy make a must 

Ewiav laikiug a* him one day and saying that he Iar a- I learned il Irom himself sod at hero, wa- e ■ u I h-gmla-* ir. 

- oul-t lak.- hrs iKwinr'-l -on- info ihe rebel army, sab-lanttally this: Onnngthe -uiiutorv -tops ar » ‘ LITg” itih wrovaa , 

hut conld not go him.-elt. That was on the street llm Southern States ia tbe rebellion, Mr. Youtat , ewaa . 

in Omogsvllle was oppose 1 in ii, no thinking ihai they k*l La- 1 evening, about 9 o'cioek. an tw* of 

By Mr. McKee: sufficient cause on the gionnd *4 Mr Lincoln'- the wwr-cs it the Feeble miuded last it ate 

Al Tiler, i- something in yjur attilavi* iboilt clecliou to g" nl<> re he lion Ue hart, iiowey- r.heen Were pa-Slhg BP >r<-m the citv near rlro sm. 

Mi. Young an I two others leaving Oariug ville iai»ed •- »(«lnouo Hivte rtgsi, .-4o n hern Demo- trauce to Ihe grounds ol »■— xll.,.-’ - 

( 4 . Titer, is something in your afli-lavi* about 
1 . Y’oung an-t Iwo others leaving Oariug vilbr 

to be iu.x great -isle or excitement and gather *. 1 
together nod went to the luck lo capture the boat 

attack upon Morey, which we donlit not will Hie cousiderdiiou of tinancial raatlera cx- 
t»e read willi great interest: cites the iu"-t interest, hence Hie coni|K»st- 

A Tthznt IIrocoht to Oaittr -it is not an lion of the Wavs and M< ails (JonirotUce is 

at, to give her credit abroad. Her l>onds the general drift of the remarks of the chair made t>p read wit h great interest: cites the most it 

TI.. evil. lilxv-tsW yesterday, iusist- d upon petitioning ih- la-ei-la- A Tvhant ItBouoiiT to (iairir It is rot an tiouol Hit- Wavs 
ourbl lo cororosnd i«r. Ih I L tore of Kentscky for bill and perfect rqaality be- agreeable bnaureae to remind or call to the at important With 

nicail reivhlli made by C'.dodH l». Howard . I a-ntion of our readers a name made infnin-.ns by • , 

„ Ir ■ arts and deeds that have appalled tbe very fiends In at ron .1 an. 1 

Smith. Auddorol lire Slut,, » highly ..ret A series n( resolutions were read ao-l alien'd of perdition One will -han their own thonrlil- rcncy, rnd " is pi 

IfviDg by the delegate from Franklin, w nich *ee,e re- when tbev dwell nnwrilliogly upon scenes of blood the Other CXlreiue 

R; ro order of tbe COU....S, oners of the Sink- lerred to tbe Business i'„m»i.tec. and raptne. which thgyjBve rero Or benrd retot^l eoofl'iCt n 'h tlw* 

— to -m-e* uarr). nm i mfi» * mil 1 1 . * hi»ufi*>o( , Io times jjoif djt; botwucn th»* name oi tiiffiB* un*! prol»al»!v *>I If 

img rwmA CM* Mo^h Ifcn lj»..aiiia# ouo Oo mrA on ammdmtogmtr from each counly wa# »bor of much of tb* troal*!** aud §r»dn*«# winch ln 

. lo^iutr ana wem io »nt* iucr l»» caisiiire iDe boat, pj* Youn^ wa# 

Mr. Speed off** red the follow inaf tahstiliate AgenikMUi told oieihat he waa th-* adjataut *»f BvMr Kink ad 

tor M'ction 5, which waylaid on Ibe table; I commiail, and Mr. Grovrr brLudu-r ir* ru ral Bui yua **vi. . 

yeas 58, mya *J7. ! CMniMiag; tbat th«*y wetii to ib** lock: thaf ike a^ain»i iho law.* ol ib* laud? 

I** all l.* the duly of th* LgLIftlurrlrt ,,p thatwnin? aa mp*rt«rl, I did not. 

h # i. | >n< * t * 1 ® 1 Mr - '•D»v#vaod ibe day w**n» awsiy. Th** q Did yoa evre h**ar hiui 

• i * n l ii uffjlr 4een>ed *° ^ tw*laR iu tbe denial) ins and break tbe law? 

A . home men w**iit oat with hoodie'*. I ran not 
•ay Ymo 1 .’ waa with ibrin. 

ike Hcffiir of Kentucky. b»*orintftt pirf cea». inleD-it, . # ‘ 7 

“e^to. noa.l. issa^d tor milnar, purposes, are requested ;o answer the cal. ot his Cottutv as It 
Mar ndcviufl with oerru*nl u.ien **■ to «iaiv o! appt ared ou tb«* roll, aud eacU wmm mIIowitI three 

affr i-ablo buMuejffi io remind or call to the * i m|) 0 r t«nl «t!i . x beii. k «: it head, it will rrov i<|i. lor th* ^abHih.uen' of tvh^Sn in ' “l d 
'«*nt!on of our reader# a nsme made infrmi'.n- by , !ro „.. , r l',a* CODlr « ll **i **f the rur- ^ u*. 1 » ’ • i nf of m hooK iu u ffji r neeioed io t 

an# uod d**k«d»* that have appalled tbe very ftetid- ‘ " . ' . ' , , . , * 1 * 1 e “/ »’a»*h town' hip in I bifl Slate w at which all cbil- nnite tare ral in (be ead. Jim wav tin. iiiki 

of perdition One will «han their own thoucht# rency, «nd •» » piohslt.* \ .w n * may zo t.) ,| r ..n of the Sttiie h* l ween the a^es o( five and %lbo'taldkewaaadifitaur.aadMr.<iruvvrbnint- 
wb**ut bev d well unwilliD^ly upon scene# utbioofi the othe r vrJ rem FI vi ' y - •tl c. rlitJDly twen'f yeais tuay attend frfw ot ebarvv; pro- d»er*euend. I uiideratood, or coi.»ec ( that be 
and rapine, wbieb they have aeeu or beard related conflict with tlKVC of b e i.iry MeCullocb, vidrd se|mratr ncbo«»b alwdl be esUbliahed for waajokwd. 1 Hare n» kaowledaa whatever o, 
in time# hy: but when the name of tliei.n> and proLtildv tfl rn’fldent. wuo is bvhered wintc and coKircd chil.l ren Mr. Drover having any connection with »tie ma 

ihor o( much or tbe trouble aud endne## wuich to ,rtvi*e*-e eontr-u-lion i .J n.i . . t 4 . iter. I r.iuemrur tt.ui Mr. Urover a#-i-r.d in* ,o 

has visited this people, which has twrered inasy , *;. „„ ( | W . )V some net ol all- . ,0 . Pl ‘l" . ,h, <,r , ,e, ““' s,r,, ‘ ,n . gel a i-os.liuu in .be Keficnl ,rmv at Fexuk or. 

of our old ptc) h> ad<*d tiro# down to the ^ra^t: , . , " . . ..l ....... winch IDllkiH QOilMiDctioDiB tothr M.*!iuhin, Mr. (Lover woa r> ^.itded a# be in./ i ** f*,n.|».i by 

a iatb< r lionising dx-a-u-aiow sprang up f’oou wu.i Ibe s-mUi: "ui I <l» not l.i...v* in.iT ne 
.nil uu-n ill this coDventlrtn were always I »uy part In aiding Hi-- S-vuih 1 Heard Mr. i.r.e 

isi-ea a- -■ < am.'iin siv.e rigsis .-to-iiBatB Demo- irauee to l he vcvumlx rv* ,i„ ~ 

era.- H. ktotovri in .Be corofiMH.mml rtgto to *— ■**■— *#■» He aid nor to ib-vn IBM I Be ' '' “ “*■ “* »o*a» tbe; 

Federal fiovernmvn: Bad »ny pow,r lo prevent ' ram ww tetl — won, oy bin (or her) -t inge 
yMr. Kiaksad: I taat aece—ion He b It. ved tna; it was But a movement- «u*l anpronnee, attracted rbeir 

A) Bid yon ever know Mr. Young to duanything rvvulutlonarv, ha; a -ousii nt oroal. IrgniaeL He special altenlK-n. Itoptrim wswtdaBiwsd 
>ainst the law.- ol the land’ | also D- Ml mat a State hid tke ri -fit n<>» to torwle. and a I raid of reoogn ,( > u u wait a laena wn. 

Feroftag roe deeishm of Ibnt qnswbm fey Kew oo n „et rvv hood, drawn '-l.relx oyrTit* Ucr 

General Assembly - — 

Irovine nironol of debt proper — 

There was in the Treasury on ihe iwli 

xnd Indus, S..1 irnestion- all i bis uocallcJ I- T trouble, we do nol ben-ute tint 

nod Indu trial avocation. . wc want to, but because the tyrant* aud murder- i;,, u 

' . a.,- . Cliairman of tbi Business rommittee reporled en- have forced themselves into public notice. «• 

. 1.6».P. » „ declaration of aentimento, in the form of ream _ Among Ibis number ol Individuals whom we , 

mmnnnn* toi I . _ . „ J . tlS VC in Oil T Bl\ D J S CJ C. OU r i adi TS WI II CX CO - V « » u ; * 

•ffk.'dw.fe-nt no lulions, aud aftersome debate as to wheilier the- f I>r meutioumg that ol tniumous fame — Stephen of H 

Should b • received as a whole, or l>y sm-tions the G. Burbridge the man who contrary to all null- man 

'*1 MB T*t SI latter plan wa- adopted. tor y as w ell ns etvlt law. murdered sojnanv Keu : end. 

( ai e r tiirkian-, has biinseli come togriel. The hand of jy-sol 

7 otrirtober. 1«7. the amount of #1.MB.7*I St >««cr plan wa- adopted 
Tne (Mate owns stocks in bank-. Ac . Much debate wa- en 

amountin’ to ^ pohlicatiBU ofeaeb sect 

public aiiBO ofeaeb section 

The < onvenlii>n rea-«i mhleo at two o rl 

Me.. lOtb October. 1NK7 * 

la addition to the above the Stale 
owns Slock iu internal improve - 
men's, tb- preaeo' value ot which is 
not known, amevnnting In 'fee agere- 

V. -Ort -X..-TU 

niwii into t fetor antecedents feltogetber dll Amoum of dew Novemb rf*.1S(“ ... ••*•-*“•'- **’ conn tv were progressing in tfeeir s«;aL religions 
p , . ¥ or this amount Uere i- belc bv me ,, . . 

frrewtle frowi tke Kentucky members Lugati. grord oi K.mca:ioii wuica « ill not and lodii-mal avocations. 

tmr iron * — would aooo bkVC fixed upon bim be redeemed ur.less oede'i-d by tbe gjjjg. t|j Cliairman of tbc Business rommittee reporled 

tocyood qwee'tou eoroplieit; la tlrot twbfe'- G*»*eral AoaetoWR - I a declaration of aentimenu. in the form of nao- 

DOW aflects to cooalder a ertor. Irovine amount of d*-bt prop«-r **.u5ii,»ji (« lutions. audaftersume debate as to whet her thr - 

And rot' With Other rampant Jacob* There was i. .Be Trrasar, on .to tut/ -Boutob • received ... whole, or by se,-l ions, , he 

, would fiOt take ioug to ot October. 1«*7, the amount oF fl.f.lti.Tffl St lari, r plan wa- adopted. 

rw mwu w " Tu** tHate nwo* ttoekv in bank- £•* . Much delta ie wm couaeqaeady bad tb** 

prove tfcfm lo fclvc bfea dltw wd oMt- aoKaiotiur to ...... jf priMcMiii ofnd uetioa 

i M (kn. tbourlit Aanani loaned rev can** proper -lai.zSB* 51 ’ _ 

ipokw wc»MO«lia a^ (oar aa uie% ukimtui | Tue ( oaveutian rrtf«cmhlf(i a' tano rl*N*a. 

there wa* ac danger in Utr character, or up Making amount of cash. hank slock, A resolution was presented for adoption, 

to the tune w h eu they wave influenced by - lOtb October. 1 s*. . • -troog'; roodemnatory of Malcom Avers aud Ben 

selfish and oordid interest to ebang- . I, addition to the above the (Mate Tibba, of Danville, who lately repudiated the ac- 

„ .. . Tsxsixwr Hi ore owns stock ia iournal improv- lioo of Ibe Central Committee tn subscribing 

rime tbeir name- to tbe caU fo, this Convemion. aad 

wS the rebelliow be- ff «» „ HOW AK1( ~ 

cause they ore »ow Radicals. Kill it dare R* caro-ffi lo any great extent bwHfl rail- Brigidier Bombjste- Brisbin was present and 
.flee this to re jro* Ton fl* roads hi t bis ' 8 * ate for the want ot capital, delive-ed an addiess. the character of which can 

Tbe Wall want OewrorstK Caaveuliot . Oar coubty slid mortgage bond- will not easily be imagined. The afternoon was conuuied 

A abort time since we published a letter command the mean-abroad; hence tbcadvsn- in onus dering tbe resolution-, 
from u>r Ontrst Committee of tbe First t am ugc ol obtaining lit* ioan *«r the credit of the The ronvetilion rea-scmbled at 7 o'clock p w 

reroMMM' l list* id of ludton- recommindi.g mat' a* her bonds can b* readily used in tb* Tbe colored brettoro s, em more given to w.ndy 

tg-ois-'Ue ro . -.liable plare lor bolding tbe p. re b to ot .ton a. .bout par tn any market. XrefeTra'e i *' ' 

^ N.ttooal r»ero,K-raUe Convention Tb- In addition t« aiding tin- railroads il would „ ^.^h,"^ m-roTre.i’^- 

tuwnong we give tbe reply d Ho. .R «. be proper to give a ,ea-.-oable amonnt or aid D< ^ |L „ „ 8B ., W) . U aerrofiaoee with 

Harrtugt-ca, oi the KMeeutlve Corou-rtt,- ia u> hcporUttt railroad iMidg.s across navigable , |(p previously adopted, but which wa- 

wbieb, tt will be oeeu, betakes strong grouwd streams so* pended by tbe rale, one member from each 

in lavor at tbe p ropoxil ion He full v eoto- Among a number of otiicr projected rail- ronaty was allowed three minntes to state tbe 
n y— b, the opinion U‘*» the Com- roods in whK'li tin* city and other parts of general, social, religion- suit political adysnee- 
veation should bold Ha row- ion ,Ur State are deeply ini.-rested are Ute Elis- ««®> «< the freedmen in the. r respective counties 
some point ro tbe Wed. bMb.awa.od Pnflffiroh. the KHrohdUoffiM, ^ toata ° i ,hclr " » ou th.- roll, and cocU wa. allowed three ” hZnrl, and bronght many .foir dtar-Hty. ; '"d «o vesterilay It |- rp new 

tniiiote* to Mile how iLo folort**! |» op It* of hi# moth. n» to pri 1 f we ,»ajr wh* n w** natuo the uu»r- Ic’ly hi r*c** •cnuinjf it rule-, nml \otiDC that 

m of 6rhi Noveaah r«, 1 *M'* _ K-’®.* *» I ooautv ware pro/rc-ulD/ ia ikeir aoeial* relicitiaa I t******* tuilIvSlaaia wko wer* tt*c calttjr aa’l.or- of I it woui*i not apj»ro(»ri.*it»* money ft. carry oat U lu>ut u wur of mct>. 

*4 Di«l yoa eve* hear hi ia odvioe My ok« to fo**ky. ke waa It* proMOMc an *n-*. 1 ui l m- Til *L ^ 1 V..* *.HJ. 1* 1 I y 

-eik the lnw> tralify in nrder that ho rttla i, ol K n.ncliy might ” , 7 ! TT. ° ** » *"*- 

he rnaamitted laepusil 

■ag onto the -wiica 

ti Did you ever hear him express any opinion migni uik XV -wo K«a» ay took her posrtiou ’bet met With an "obstruct ion ' which threw 

Iveree to tne government' in the Congressional ele tiou -v h ic a took place la bght upon the mtsaioo, if not identity of lb« 

A. O-ilv Ihai the Constitution was broken. Jane. Ml. and in tbs elect low ot member- of tfie strange individual. Just inside the rata wa. 

v Mr M.Kee: I, Mr. rec»aa.a«l thro . burolto. I root rtri » IJ2 

tf Y ou m U.ioned -rtuetbiog in your a«d.*vit i-oai-ion a* twiog ,»etide<-ly foe ife - too ,.|,ed j vouod nioc. iid .4 evla-ajl ./— 11 

>*•11 ( rebels li«»l«l(a<; csa« u*'-« ai Mr. . t H.* t»« ld| Diaf. Hirkt »« . . ’ . . paaw*«tt r fll rvitHkllT pro- 

i' 11 treaty tw - a "n l .riled Slate* and the , la; , -played out," which ta a favorite expreto °' J* 
ttce U-rnsh ’-.ycnimentior cert an. islsnls in tb- sijll ol - llie IIR . lnl , er froill Dallas, late ot Iowa. | ^LTtow^er 
tiom we ^ c ' 1 . ,^‘lf ‘ *' TIuu C nas Uol lung to q ooi1 saul further Hint he saw whl'C and , ... 

tco-e Df* (1 J wiili tli- jmwi rib** abeurdiiy bluck children playinic loeether alinoM daily iir ^Uciu- 

fbephen <>• tbe thing is uppaiem Rah! -, the t han j n ,| ie g ni .|- ot Montgomery. Yet when | live in 
all nuli- man id Hit* I "tn tui lice ou goii igti Relations, ( | lt .y ar e nil,, wed to go to sehoo) together positively of .Mr 

auy part In .inline lli- S iui h I Heard Mr. '-ro- 1 tnl- a caucus i;.er>- ai 
\c*i*h si O.vento.* m Mini,. I vtfl. Th*- /i-i j mx»»Hti per-^im* th»*re. 

ol it iuf lUai ii K 'liiucky *.»*, uol lH*uiai i K\ Mr. kiuk. j.l, 

sell would pack up ua i so S,u.b. li ucvardui 1 o. (Miu.-a.-a of Owir 

(mi**? ' ■ I ;^"'Vwlh,'rn Sl«e* luleht hsve 'hii- I h » '“‘“to'e nslurar The ours*-* wen- 

A. I im-ant in friwit of bis hoo-e. Tto-re -eenief into tne reheliion, K- n'urkv , a-i derided tor t fee ' '* eouf x, startled, and nastily -unamooed tb*s 
to I •- a caucus Here all tbe i im--. 1 nave cnwmud l oion, anil uo - il;/ i, -h tn. JHaxe.wiitua* being -ap-wintewden* "I ibe ins. Halloa. Rev. Wnx. 
six', v-n per-cbs there. guilty «. Irea-wu, conl l tak - aeonuary pu-ition. Mil). AWwll, who ou * xamiuiag Uw bundle 

A. IV IJninttin sworn and 

To Mr. Si>ifieki: 

I live in la>ui-ville, K. ntneky. I k ,ow nolbing j By Ken- 

w> (hr a* I know. ,o tor as I have I found it lo vontaiu a bouncing doc-looking' 

•lieve. mrarLiti.v an-, ou a t ivtiiu-u lx l.l , ““ t "“si"«. 

Much debate wa- eonseqnenity had upon tbe ,h>- Creator ha- be,-., laid niton him. and hi- got 
ihliratioa of rack a«*rtiao mim* ut can't pro(e**t him. II** i« in 'hetianda c 

endimvcrcil to *1 n>ud*Io 
resolution, lun in \ im. 

. they ure :ill«»w<il l*» £fo (*» school (o^etuer jioairively of Mr (Jrov. f*!* rt>nn**r»ion wiih rue 
!;• 1*1 Irom pu^inj I4I * 1 | || 4< » r p u .j S | U m uii«!e jIhmiI it. The i*« ntlr tlriuir taloa Hieainhojt on ih*' Kentnrky river m 

tu: n Irom l*eiry Mlfl daily in thh convention ,N *d. I wa* at that lime in romnuiiMt of i» rnm 

hi:* (tod now TbiP brute, while lym; upon In- 
Mfk b**d, hae h*'eu ervin^ piteoofllj lormer jr, hut 

A resolution wa« presented for adopiiou, the traitor abould not lor jet that hl« CoJ ha** eald 
etmojr'y road em oat <*ri of Malcom Avers aud Ben tuat we ehonld (»bow mercy to tbe mercifnl Dorn 

T.Kixm ,.fna, -in mnk. i — . . . . not the pho»*t o' Waller Ferguson haunt Barbmi^ r 

Tibba, of Dauuile, who iat.-ly repadiated the ac- 0an & , orff etthe api*eali* the ladiee of 
tioa of the Central Committee fa «ub9cribinj h- xtnsloD made to btm in behalf of tbie youth. 

men*v.Ui* preaeu* Vila** ot wu tea tbeir nanu-e to the call for tbi« Cot:ventini> ami nod how ho uparoed th« m trom hie presenn*. and 

net kooffiD. amoantlnpln theo^ere- * doomed i tm to an iniatrous death? < 'id be have 

pate to.. • ^wA.sroaf 4 ^ ari< * r * ™ l * lnf>,int of dit-orderly debate, at- forpo'ten eo early how b** a**Bt youn_ *)am -cn 

l» MOM AKD t^MITH, Anduor. loot ai,,j R.*e*M», of tbi* coaufy, to e'eraitT for uo *vh* r 

K> CDLOt to grext extent buitd rail- Brigadier Bomh-stc- Brisbin was present and «»“ 
roodi ft* tbi* * Stoic for the want ol capivu. delivered an addieee. ibe eharact r of whicti ran And many « .there we could meutior. If be ha-, 
ftar coil ut V itijd Oioripific l»OU*l« will not eariH b«- imariued. The alteruoon a .*?* cou- uuied let him bear fared that 'he people have not til led 

__ . w their place# yet, and that their nomea are desolate 

command the ro ,> . , 'ii* abroad; hmew tb<- a-1» an- I *n cous fit-ring u«- rrsoiutinus. land <in-ary .o-day on aer-mu' ol tb, tr fekarw fee , 

Ann. aw ,.t.i sii iii- tb< nun "f tbe credit "f tbe The c onvention r<-a--einhl.-d at 7 o'clock r w. and that tbeir m morv 1- fresh nud green lu Uie 

O. I'Uu-iis af OwiBg-Tille? 1 heani >ad believe, invariably 10,1 ou an cxvaatoas iw-alihv boo ,„l, . o. h.,., 77 ' ,i 7 . 

A. Yes, and •>» me a igbborhood. I do not ■ by ai- adviev xad laffn -ncedi l all fe- cmlfi "iitvr a °^* ■ . _ nours efid. (fee wrap- 

kn ew what -bey were ulkiag about Tbay w-re Keucaeky aad token trer v*Mitiaa>iup,xvcut mao ("r"?. 0 '’ 0 " . **v* .. of a eharacTer catca- 
iner" in claylight a., i In tbe -yeBiDg- irom going Into the Southern am,, lie held i bat l ‘led (o ereale toe cars that ll came from tils 

ly Mr. Kerr: be was all .be mor bound to do rfei- beeanas Be its-Je >t poverty — wbeth r this aac a rase 

y. XV ere .bey t here at nansual boars* was »e. only ridge aula <wan ->fi»e-r ->f <ke to fieeeiye or a fro- 1, of cowrse eannot be 

A. No, air Yaere was a bench outside (he State- cinder im.h lo -nppori the . ou-iitBtioa af knoww. The little cfnini woa taken into 

iouse and tueii com.- mere aud talk, silling tue I mlcd HI and oi K-ucurks. ameh hers ,x., n * thr niir- i rtm *- - _ 

-ii th-- bcni h and on tbe feu*e and -taudiag rogn.aed io ha a ficai* in iou I a—, aad owlfev k. i, s j.tod '’orrmtoa 

round all g.'ince (hereto. by hi* good wifr. where i! aUll reniuifiK Cfere- 

,j. XV. re tney then- at unusual hours? 

I .4. J. Ln morn cun! . 
To Mr. Klnkrad: 

I live la Owing-vllle | lived there during .fee I nrtmlum. 

lu.iy placed within tbc wrappings ot the i*. 
f.cwt, w*s tbe following oo*e, wbieb wa givu 

rroable*. I know Mr V oau; H - was ragrodod 

a- a;m;>a.hiziag wiiu rcbedioa. ba> as a neighbor 

P-euae give Ibto to Mr Norton for biro 
take It and have it rai-v » ibe tear m tbe 

and dr**ary to-day on account of tb* ir ab*cnc . 

and that (heir m morv 1 - fret*b nud jrret n in the I 

Tb#' Culnrid urt tlir. il ► «'u. muiwwii t • * . ** bftrt # ot the actpte Mr KuiMll be made a t t o rlv, I r in diK lnm* ol 

Tweoomreq a reta ra*. *wfe.row« c* ; Bnrbridg- fcs exited n p*.a Brisbin to h.-l,. him. „ ;lk . ,, u , „ u , nll *,j. 4 l a.Jo.ig ll.idlcul-, a-si... 

epv'etn mmkiu. and hurk-eouudir£ d rlartfion , to deieui him Mimin-( hit* badactn. lhe«ba*loWF , tr , .. a d\*i* ited n the \Y*si 

than to •uady adherence to tbe hnniurr* .h.iot»' o' bi^ victim?* have been lollowing him around. . ' .. ■ 11 c 1 

iJiv rm if ..x*« .roe* Ka, . Rri* l*in t« a « Mark oe Bnrbn*i|?e. aud the attempt "> ^ ,W ‘ H r ‘l - * 

Ln*- cor. fieutmn. if indeed then* be .ay real bun ^ blcb !h# . l0tuier'P lo eave h I s companion * 

dcr# before that socu-t body. In aerordano* w ith irom hit own had act**, rcmindi* na ol the rte%il M T ?/l ^ T 2 * HP THP 1 r fS i Q I A T ll U f 

the resolution previously adopted, but which ws- rebuking sin Tbe.r history is wriiten In Mood "" ' J , 1 f , 7, y, 

. . .. _ . . , t 1 ie» are violent men, and we have never known I. ;priar Session of 1-67- o. 

autprufied , J ,llc ra ' r - < * 1< ‘ member Inun each m!IL y 0 j ihat character who died any other tti.m list or skhatoics. 

county was allowed three minutes to state the a violent death. Joseph M. Alexander, Fleiningsborr, Fleming. 

a'.x leslored. nml seel iou a Lon-ViLLK. Kx„ Ifc-l is... , Bf XI r Kli k-ad: I ■•"- 

t!Ugr->.’S veil ihg agaiu-t it, Farid R Hagyard .worn and rami . J if Have veil a»y reason to suppose that Mr. To Mr M. K 

ntoJ to going to Hie sain-- T" Mr. Grover: Yoc.n-' would luo esi >ou ia auy way? 1 voted hi 

vli.teg — jeas 51; nays :!5. I ftve in Louisville, Keoiu- ky. I have In m A No. sir ! fo moeiatjc I 

esion the cl mil tcnnrt acqaalalafi with Mr. Grover sine,- ls4l.and i. .vc •* Umre there hero any threata against y*ni for vote,, (nc Mr 

i n-l"i.le,l been perootiaily Ultimate with aim I wss col. . coining lien . _*»•• r 

1 nuopieo. ouel of ibe filth Kentucky cavalrt IU Ihe F. ,ier I A. No. sir. I have no? beanl any. To Mr. Kids 

tlL.-UM-rrow.fel 10 A M. army. I dm and always ‘nave bed a pefsis^n* l.*xoiUToa, K v . Wedncafiav, Ort. 1*. W»7. I live in 

IL KOLA LIT V DEBATE. Lni-n man. i » as a m -tuber oi in-- Legisiainre Ur.-ry H Hwang. Warn and .jammed. -ts-u’ •’» ?; 

, , ,, in lHIM, Preaidem ol th-- Board ol Iuicn,..l Im To Mr McKee- . Know xr 

lilt- by Kcetler. id the couve proveuwuta in 1831, and surveo lour year , wa- re- I -iv.- in o > m.-sviile, K -utii. ky 1 am aequain.- 

eruoon, to incorporate tu tlie clecii-d, »nd sernu uatil 1 * 0 . | made up my ed with Mr Young. I do u<u know anything cd mm- Ii a- 

provision that e. minion car regim. nt io twit, and rituru.-d In F rauklor. iu I abou' his di-lovalty. I believe be was a 

li*r l>* -lUtriTli. 

oniiirj hwj « c» run t* h***h «*u ni- ace**#- Order was fiuailv uMitoU'd, ami **«*c|i«>u 5 Lori'ViiLr. hi., (i«i. I'..,. 

•on Ip li . t u i • ... (iijTini). vna adopted, tbe ?mt;r«ux vuliu*; at(jiD<( il. David R Hag(ja/d Attorn and * rami* */ 

ly and iti'e.-ri'y S 1 - pr.ei-eL, what i tie. ded ;ls (| lCT are iippotod to going lo Hie sain - To Mr. Grover: 

'"rr, V a . : 1 sebrtoi will* tbe white* — yeas 51; nays 85. I live in Louisville, Keoiu- ky. I have 

Ml. ll "te tin- n te rno-.n Ic i ween Hitler At the .light tosaioo tfec cdu, -it ioual report acqualnlefi with Mr. Grover sine- Frit. sad 

and Bin I lie, on the llnance qm-stiou, pioves was amended fend adopted becu personally Ultimate with aim l wss 

oneln-iv ij uo measure III I imt elianu-ler eat. Xdi.mmed mill 1.1 lucrrow ut 10 x w uuel of .fee fiuu Keaiucky cavalry iu lb* Federal 

M-niaJentr't ol party, l-.r ll.e dislrme ot A.ljonnietn.utll L. in, rrow, at HIA x. army. I du. a ml always nave be-. »p.rsi,icw. 

Sake., wlm l- radical auong IJadicals. assini- TB* feOCIAl, r-M IMF MMMHL I'm -o nun. 1 was urn r ... in.- I 

ro , , .. iu If* 111, rreflidcn' oi lb-* IP .aril ol Ioicil.sI lui 

Tne tnoll-'U made by Kcetler, in the rODV-d:- pjoveuicuta tn lbal, and -erven lour year a a- re- 

ticiu Haiurday ulteruoon, to meorporale iu the elected, aud serves! unlit 1*0. I made' up my 

I nc- did us service In iae way -u protecting as. I I,,„| u i_„ — - - .. .. ” ^ 

do not think he ev r tail d io use Bis ibfeucade. P . T*T® r ’ '■ * 8 * nolo 

when- an optun uaiiy i-reaeaiv-i itsaif, tot oar * 5 * * > ***ap Iroro what -ppeara to have Mrs 
. H... protection. He aav-r r a-i- i—l i.iui li spccwNv ;* -'“" ''J acUowi book, coalrooiog Ike follow 
* i ebnoxiotts to ife l iciuu a m;u. I was a Lilian ing alisafe-i-: 

aad. knowing ot ao cat tea having aay claim (.moshurg and r, nne-see, the Lexington 
gm- could famish the accessary acs-oromo and Big Bandy, and tbc branrb iron. London 

The delegates confined tbeir remarks, ss s 
general thing. to a review of tbeir 
several individual efiorts in the good rause. tbeir 
own mcii.s, sacrifice, Jr. The reports taken as a 

Things in Kt. Louis -Foxhioniv— Per- 
sonal l-o-Hip — A Dark Picture — 
Death of a l b. Id, Ac., Ac. 

Kt. Louis, Nov. 22, 18t>7. 

roMTOCTOt LootriM, me*, ,0 (^.bcrlaod Q^». COOOCCiing us with tbe wbote clear.; demouslrato Ih.. , fee • cnl.cxl cuss', (S^i.Horrespoudeno; o. ffia LrottoffifeO^.i 
rotolmth. prcereoce sfeouM be rvcj. u- U , Virgiui. roads and the roos. direct rout, to is „ridiag along on the highway to . civ i TvVilow ft— «tm Hmrm awd irtt-T 
former, Irouauro Keotuek; baa, far her De tfec great Atlantic acaport at Nortoik, \a. I.aatioa with railway rapidiiy. It is clearly dc- I testiyities re' use to tve ushered in. ‘ 1 wait 
roocracy. become tlie object ot pcraccutior gnu aid mill inevitably and speedily secure monstrmted that of all Adam's children he more I lor Iro-ts and -uows -slcigli rides and glowing 

by the Eodirtl Ooogrero The holding ot tbr rompletiofi of these important road 

tbc Cooveution bare, Mr. Harrington do — 

qoen'-iy argues, woald at twice evroce an ap- FROM OLDHAM COUNTY. 

preciotroc ot Kentucky's political stand, and 

a ctoodenaat ton of CaMgrreatoofel oppres Narrow Fro-apr Irom °* j* 

On thf pari of thr Democracy of Kentucky «rolient and Timely Kwggr« 
we return oar graidui nckaowledgmesi-c to Dr. Well*. Ac., Ac. 
oar Indiana beet ferae mrttonr move to this loStoMf., Kt , Nov. 

nutter. It W certainly but just that the next 7Y> rt- FHHnr of Ho Ijiairrill Oonr wr: 
rowroou of oor National convention shou d be Oa la-t Thursday night three t 
held in some western city, among which none ** r VUliaro Leet. of this vmiaily, 
oflen stronger imtneeroeuU than LoolariHe, ^"ta'fecra. viV*’ 
aod Keotookiaac would feel the selection ol Mr. Leet bud one of his upper re 

tbe completion of these important road-. pertertly tallies tbe ohiecl and end of bis creaiion 

— He is a perfect model of everything goo.! and per 

FROM OLDHAM COUNTY. I fret, ord D a modern ♦ xampt. *»i ih«* lra<b of tbe 

_ — boat it ud* 1 , 44 blr»‘*a**d arr (key who aaffer ^.eropi u- 

Narrow F*eape Irom Death of Three tiou lor e*ke.' Ae. 

1 hi'dreu Danger ot • stag Horning The revolution* are verltoseand high -minding. 
Chareonl .a fi'lrow Room-— Some Kx- and cc.nuin a vast amount of words to convey a 

cel lent and Timely Nagged. on* foa general ideas. 

** r * Well*- Ac., A ^e. ^ They may be redaced suh-tau.ially to the fol 

l.*GR-*os. Kt., Nov. 55, 1S»,. Jowing, after the subl.artioa of the • wherefores 

tires,” soys tbe spirit of gxvetv, '‘and then 
m're la Knjntrllr ” Yet it DeBur’s, Bosith still 
serves the daintiest dish'-- to intel lertnal epi- 
curcs, the ptieeof seats te mg ‘‘raised” in jir >- 
portion to tb< exccllenee of the fea-t. 

on Monday next, anew place ot amusement 
will he o.iencd -or rather an old place re- 
modeled iml transformed the Olympic. The 
enterUmments will he of a varied nature to 
suit all »t.d varying tastes. Pantomime, 
lullet, spicy little comedies, ci we/rct/hy, gym 
ns-ties, etc- , will tie with each other in be- 
witching us all. 1 he building itself is -aid to 

Ou Ife-t Thursday night three children ol lot. To petition the Legislature of Kentucky for he admirably arranged, perfeel Tentilstiou 
Mr William Leet, of this vicinity, came nigh the full enjoyment uf every right secured to other and comfortable seats, which add so niurd to 

toeing tbeir lives, under tbe following eir- citizens: and 

earn -ranees, rie : fid. And strangely in conflict 

a ptoev wWfeiw the border- of tbeir (Stole I plaxterrsl 

Mr I-eet had one of his upper mom* irewlv ’ 

iUe^Tawe- k prevfous to tbe o,-e,,rv.-oeh — T?"" ««"<*a'er opou 

aa ao alight 

re err'd lo: and intending some ofbb rlnlUrcn 
CO occupy rt oo the night ale-vc named, be 

right of sufiY-g-’ 

one is cve-uing enjoyment. 

■ first .o The store* and millinery establishments 
are da-y’ine with winter novelties. Tice 
”' f ' brightest, roost gorgeous dies patterns uilo.ii 

tbe windows, and the little bonnets are a* I XX ui J. V> orl binge on. 


r. -uiar Session of lu67-*0. 


Jo**i*|»h W Alexaou*r, Flxunicir^burr, Firming 
S. K. Alison, lfopkioivllle, rhris*li*u. 

K T f aker Alextudria. < ami>tv ll. 

Kuh«‘ri i> .>d, London, Liurrl. 

A R. brndl«*y, Midii*nnville t Hopkinn. 

.lobn H. Bruner, llardinpUan?, R.'trkin idjre. 
Tho. I*, i nnhvt ll. B ittvville, UreatkiK. 

Jofcn D. (’arli-le, (’*»vin|j't»n, Kenton. 

.lo«*. II rbsitdlrr, CnmpDrl'^villc, Tuvlor. 
John B. < hrko, Anrii-i (, Bracken. 

Lyi(l«*(oti Cook**, Loutftviil* , -lefrmHi. 

A. D. L'iDiouu, McUin. 

Wm. A. Ihidley, Isexiu^toa, Fa\* tu*. 

A 11 F»* M, 8bt*pb**rd^vMlf, Bullet. 

•I o*. I* (jnrdoer, Silyer«>vill«*. Majoffiu. 

Evan M. (Lirrlotf, Bedford. Trimble. 

W. r lliilbt'r'a Yaue* bnrtr, Lewin. . 

(i. A. (’ Holt. Murr.iv. Calloway. 

0. P. lolkii-ou, Rudj V.Ue, l»u icr. 

^ m. «!obu^»n. B*rd»town. Nelaoo. 

P. II. i.mhea (Ha-cow, fUrrca. 

Henry c. |,i |y, Irvine, EnUII. 

W D l.iudhiV, rMntnn, lli**km’».r. 

D \ . I.'C.I**, Munche- **r. ("ay. 

1. T. Marliu, * yii'iii. na. Uairhou. 

John W F Pjrk r. So i n*i (. Pulanki. 

W II R*yn , B-iivltnjii r. u, Warr d, 

I. A. fdffijj, Morcanflfl'I. l T »>inn, 

FhIHp Swf^erf, Kranktorf, Pr-takLii. 

Ilairi-ou Thami ron, Wine* f t r, dark. 

0. -*< ar Turner, Il amlvil’e, Krtll:tr«i. 

A. (’. YallatMlifU'kaiu. iT.mknn, Siiupeou. 

'V . L Yua'ic * J , Smilhliel l, Homy. 

B«hi .1 Webb, IsOuUvillc, Jt'fK*r*on . 

B< -yd Wiitrbi Bter, IxoaUviUc, .1* rt^n» *u. 

1. (' \N ivi'r* y, Columbia, Adnlr. 

(’. T. Won hi on,\»:i.». Boyle. 

riers shall make no ilDtinetiou iu to color, .1 ««*» y«»» very irfijn.-uii* 

opeued up a debate In whlcli tbe m.ijorily ol you «lvr utterouco '«» -» di^ioyii -mini ni 
tlie eonv. nl uni planted tlieinselves lully upon 2 “^ r 7 unng i"n 'v^ulard'tc^ 

■ef«*r ht-ani *yu>j»a»h»«**r ll«* wan at Pre«ton«bun: wlK-aiUrre 
I **i»i km«*Dt I \fe»*re h pure i •»( nuu ike re cultecled to bx* or:»aii- 

n auy way? I 1 H»r HfCkMa*; toictl (hr <’«m*.‘rr>ii|f 

{ tK-uiucrulic t*rk**( ill- !.«*.•. i^liiurt* in .»ti 
tbr« ala a^iiHi*l >*»u f-ir *<»!••»( F*»r Mr \ o*»mr (**r »' •** • f*m. 

.V- /* Ht /d *trtirit amd t xr.. **ti. 
teard any. To Mr. KmKrad : 

*diw i»duv, Orl. 16, |,nk 7. I IW« «u Owitcavilk. I have rr- tdrtt tbtr 

- I j — » *(*»ia? »ra yearn. I am « k«nr ky 

1 know Mr. Yuan* wry well I never koew bim 
•utii. kv 1 a in iron vni- lo ***•»* •" ol «'*e lloo. Ro d*«p«.rt 

.K. U.U kuiw anything «* " « 4 J ^ * "«■ " ' » * »'o- ,>aaa. 

>(>*•««> h*s w .q ra Si.ui ifea-rn -* 1 * 41 «PPoln»* 4 d fo nil ii v w^»f>ry OD lk^ eirrau 

^eiroa*^ wIhw itrw I 1 known * ’ 1 tkm* 

• . 4*1 ito.t oil Ui h* or »roii- ' w,,l# mr»U* ;fer.»«*-etir,a ol I mou men. 

(he phi 1 1 or m ol social iqu.lily »u tbe railroad mMtie Grurertbat ne 

ia**d into tbe Con lederal** i*eiwe. They wmeaot i (beir p «*per(> |e»ni*'o»jriy. 

orzuni 2 **d at tu«* timo. I hav.* do koow lr<L;e of To Mr. MrK •: 

.... r . Vx'gxf’jig rom . >“»** •CTJUBi vr. i.ruTw iBai ueauu (liril.yal. | Mr. Younir bsvmi: rn-en a cau*lidale for ffiu ofticc iu Tbe perwua I refer to ae Mr. Y. an^ ■* fHeadu : — T Z **”. -f--'-’ ■««*• 

c*r§, Mk;c CORCbei, chuicbep, hot Is, re*Ua- voted lor Mr. (»rovrr, and I could ool uave be* u ikatovwm: Inlioo. I do not ku«»w that he uad a were men whom I hive «eea aronuii u»wa viola:- JD4 ^ hr^some to bar otf-*pnaw 

ram-*. fli*-a < t> and win ri ve' po »ple assemble indu«» 4 «i to vote for Inm ii I ka I ii. i I!, showed me a fan ouumHb* ia Uw luglfc* law. He w .uM iot rr. do wick tkaoi tod Bat we wooklbke to kwo< 

iu public We (five the debate u& taken by m moment io be disloyal io ihe (voverujarn', or to porcii i>r ib>* bomk* wtitTr ne w»* ai«< 1 ifk- qui**t them. 1 kava acted wiik id. IViuoc rulic dtmik that wmri .4 ^ - J - J “ A y a t w tfan. L 

our rep*»rter, and ('iiaranlee its ucciinicy: have ever bceu. * d me fo lake c«r»* oi it. lie «aid, “T brr»* i* a good party since tlw war. wAum wm* df 

Mr. McLeod ( black ne^ro) said “be hoped tlie Jam r* T. Hrandrtt rtrorn and ^xarnimd. ^ uu; ofit ’’ ***** spoke to (ac Ab**ut Cum ta isn, ‘ >wao. Orl. St TMNT .. _ 

Convention would jfife this matter their beat To Mr. drover -y** " * r “ y Jmm* Tart • md w. *, I ^ 

t onaiderution Bopihmw on** of tbee'Otle- I live id Loaievill* 4 , K -ntarky. I wa* in the le« io Mr Kinkeid? . * ' freooorrr of tke < o ro m o awrolth, wko koa bko 

« oiiskk r-iiioii. *• '•11 , » u,,t isuiurt- in I^hi I formed Mr. drover's a,ni,jn,i. I vtu a son ol Joshua Kwn jr I and my two To Mr. ( arhfle, aitomrv tor Ur . Ynan*r ,nnyh.,o » i#i. « 4 ->k ,» tta-kiL.-,- hsTl 

men wunied a colored man in the same ear alir - ln js^i I weui to Fuaklcri lu Wvun iub. r hru»h-'» wen in tlw * cuiteUei ite m WH. Mr. I live ia Mount Kt rag. Moat-roarry ennulv. w j., ,' 4 -e ^ 

with him, tbe conductor would nol allow it. assistant adjutant general ol Hie Stair bv Yuanghad noihing to do with inducing me lo Keulucky. Ib"* liv.-d liter . nv 'ife. I nu ruraeu. ami Wc J« ted see that be was a 

He thought this ought lo be changed.’' ap(Miintiiicut from Gcucral Boyle. I aiu a son >>f j">n Ib.- c onlederate army. I ai ihe m>w 51 ye ns old. I knn* Jam •* ii ||. . ,r iron ' h *' l ‘ a ' 1 " «• moraliaocl by the atmo-pbufe 

Mr Jim Green (black negro) bald hu lunl Guvernor Hramleite. I wis It- utenanf colon- 1 -d tl,!M Mr ' "uug w i- at Fresionsbarg ihai c .uol,; have known bun many years He is a which* man ia coafn-lh-,hd» breathe lu that 

ilouc j great deal ol traveling, and he left in- the Twelfth Kentucky cavalry, aud was brevet, d Jd- «hj" t was lu gel hi* bruiber in-law to c<> htackamlth. I cm v ry w- ;l acqn nninl with kca cily ul publico! p'llrtofty. H>- M as large »* 

ter,- ted in this question. Il was a comm n ct lou,:l My rrUUous wilfe Mr. Grover have bee* h "" r ' yeoeraJ reautaiiou lor irnih aad verochy !i ^is lile V% bat repuri he boa to make si Ihe 

.... - | # . ... , of a most t‘(iflfldt > niial aiul social cb-iracur l ti«« T<» Mr ScoAdd: bad. I hair lirard il «»itt*a carravovd. I bod a “Mituation** w»* caiiuot fvll uol ffeffivtuir 

1 liiiiif *‘*r « • • • I » » r • * . I pf.'pl* «» “ I'M ' u, ‘ * D*»I rt*-.f.l * I (hai I l»»\« x x. . I|. .rti I,, i r .»* ika tom far throa or tear week-, i» <wrc*»an*v -uwhwhHut waa a witamw yh kw ika ikMin of kmiMa 4 m £ 

*m«.kint car with druukjrdD ““dJi^ rAi/e dl- )uyai pmUmeui. I Mvf alwjys naur^i b.m to tad Ik u, wi * n I *•- romlifr noaw. I irave k lo ***** f M '"**• <* +*1** p c Ai 4 

,tti » He thought they ought to t»e allowed lake evpectal poiui* to deny that liv wa- a f*cr*- n . oiisin *>. bum in Uw urmy. nud I tbiak k« fonI wUmrnrm* thai bis cb.uac'rr wm btd *» uod tka» ^ A - 

roaoatiioutf decent white people.** sioniei, arxiiiug Ihai ikrre were n*» con-ilind. n il 11 I tiiFrwir..* w. ai ba**k 10 iu* - ariuy, aad -tm 1 hrwt.a duor he bcIWawd uu«k*r *m'i» I «*•*•'*( 

Major simple Skid, “be ihoii/ht the Con- Tronn I- for evasion, and an «tr enijrf lo -«r«*«jri hi 1 »-n* i r n.Dr lue /un tua « dmie rifle I nol belwve him aul**r <>a(«i I vrvd with Jkr NEW ORI 1A1U 

vent con llfed better meet this question fairly, was morally wrong. AI lib- same Mi. i , h ,- , uo. kn.. A shv Mr. Yuaughrougfel il lhc.e He l '''on P«'y dar.n- c ' • war. 1 -leu F-r Mr Me ** W WMUffiAH*. 

He asked was it nnreaxonable, coofeidering 1 fee other *|*Mfe hi oppuaiimw to tor war. never ui- « hat Uearoa .rf it. f acycr • '*»•“• . _ 

history ol Ibis ... unity, and tbe altitude in " R.Atnnrt rooaru «-/ , t!^M? Ken- £7Lr imJt'TZ ^ Mmmrr kt rival of 

"Just like aa early rose. 

Tre -ran aa intool fehum; 

Bui drain, urritaps. brfore it blow-c, 

W ill lay it ia ifea tomfe. 

Tb.-» Ir* s- dunk A death. 

Though wr are raaug aad gay. 
for God who ga?« -or life arol g-ilii 
i au lake mem bora away.” 

Now. for the w- IUrr of the little ” Alrxaa- 
der” we kivr oo .'oaerr* — for Hug , n x«a,ir- 
aoce lhal he will he iMOperty rarrd lor; row 
do wr care particularly lo farm owl the iHoro- 
tity of l be mother, who, to hub; her shame, 
or by reason of the blight of poverty, waa 
induced toaliflr th, apbesviuga .4 maternal 
love, ami beeome to bar offspring fomrr • 

( ■mun, <>wio. Ort. si. tst7. 
■hums Tort y morn ms J wm- nr I. 

To Mr. Carlisle, attorney tor Mr. Ynaag: 


Treasurer of Ihe 1 r un mouwc-altfe. wfen turn been 
.pr lull life a tow week- in Warhiagtos. few ra- 

il itli him, tbe conductor - 
li - t bought this ought lo 

were in in e c oulrdeivtr arm,. Mr. I lire la Mourn At mg. Mnutgo-ncrv eonutv. ", Wr ^ 

I nothing lo do wuh inducing are to Kruiucky. I have liv.-d Hicr - ul inv Hfr. lam runwo, ami we rto row see that be waa a 
Hilnitule army. 1 aodrri*t*xvi at ike im>w >4 yen * ol*l. I know •Inm- 4 * Kill, of tial "** (l<-isOrjli2e<l by (k** atmoopbafe 

kca I wa- romiuj? noav. I L'a ve il lu 
in:ne in «he »rmy. aud I 'Wink be *o»«l 

wbieb I bo tvi.i races utood to each other, llial To Mr. Grover: 

(he sicamhoal captain t»!ionld hav** tbe power * ’*'** LouiMvillr. Keularkv. 1 wm » m^mbt-r 
io say to the colored people, 'you shall not .^Xre uJl^T q m,uArd'n t Ti»r. 

sionirl, arvliiug Ihai lb, re were no roti-tiinlu-n <1 ll I ailerwar-l- went back lo the army, and stai I ** *** '—'K-vrol nodrr oa'h I woe Id 

c^ouo I- lor -cra-ino, aod an attrniid to sc-cic td n r- ndcr. Thr gun waa s Minic rifec I »o« believe him under oatu. I ic-nl urth Uic M R W fitllAll 

was morally wrong. Al lire saoMItam herxp,- ■* no no' know why Mr. Youug brought il Ihccr Hr l nfou puny th.- war. I »..irci cor Mr Me " unaaaax 

cd other views tu opposil ion to lor war. never inquiied ol uo- what Lerao-e >4 il. T ro-yer 1 bdlan. ** 

M’ It. tflnnry neon, un.l t Jam nej. ll ''' 5 h" 1 ' G Hialr wferthrrtti. r - in ?sn --r to I ulna Removal fey Lea. Jlwwcr— ferrivnl at 

To XI. Grovrr- To Mr. Ken: mm in your r -untv. simply nreausr -key are Maaroeh •* 

, , 1 .fo not know whether Mr Young knew i was l ai. n turn’ naacoca. 

IV It. Kinney sworn w I . 

I-iM him. 

T" Mr. Ken: 

1 do not know whether Mr fe ouag knew I was 

going into ;Be rebel army. 

1., Mg McKee: 

A. There are qade a number of Fatou aaen 
living ia luy orlgai-orhood, | live near the Tick 

-Hal the same table with while meu and mix {r^ver xxJ ^w,re rere dK' U 'i ic' (dales wcr. scarce Ihr-c al Ihe fiitto. Th rewere town preetaer. oi which Mr llari-y speaks io bis lieutenant of 

i,.. u-iih 1 I.. 0 . un con -xco- ’ ll l. l , 1 lie. ii r.- w ** T r '..."5 ,-ry i t> . I uo, iced uis no* I b re ol auy consequence. lestmiouy. I have met him ruling stone iu that ■ -- 

U|i Wilfe I lit nt as jrtil please. t bad lu- u r. - course - daring the session- cind «M -ay t, ai ,h.r- To Mr. Cuaft: a. igfel«rfe.»d. 1 do not coa.iderTtoro.rom. tor —?***?■£ 

Naw Owi bass, Nov. 2B -General Mower 
this sftcrnoow issued an order removing a 
lieutenant of poller. In Ibe ground list, cl 

ccnlly Ueci'l, d iu some Of the States that Ibis lug loal time I uevrr heart him giv- utterauce to li wa- na«i-r*lnol tor w 
was a juatitiable exetcise ol authority. Alte r a dislo; al aeaUmeul. It was understood Ihuc he were Ih- re in cacni — Ihat I 
having inserted in tbe ( ’on-til ut iou various was a syuipaihiz.-r wiih the Krtuib, aim wa a--il go into ihe fh-uiheru army. 

It was timjc-rslool lor what purpose the men ! ac.y pindeol l -iou man to live there. I have a ^T^**** Ihi* eveuiaw. No 

en- th- re in catiij —that they were preparing fo sou living in Ih-- uecghhorliood vac was ia Aa public racefdlow, the tfrtopa ha, lug been dio- 

proviffions which were intended to secure to }° |4t 1 •'"•F* <feniwl c. 

in ntces civil rights, he thought the que-.i..n ^ 

Si. To demand of rongre-s.- ihe continuance of b-aulifiil as a hunch ol uuirnnn flowers or a 

o ( that ufilaltcrioff fidelity to principle pul untiled rhurroal inlu an iron Itoiler, and I the Freedmeu s Bureau. eln-ter of dewy g-apes. Furs, white as snow- | 

Ure, ranec-d aa woserurculowa Jacobin rn.ior sri il into th- room, so a* la d'V out the I To nirhi the Ooureufion r.-iansrl into its flakes w ith dots id jet and rich gold' 11-1. row n 

itv to clour the doorvof ( oaerrse aeaiw-l oar Jamoixfis. a lew hours Irnior. bed iimr. Tire L brook r . JOdlllou of ,, M .„ u Xlifiard ffiraawg gest the «-oaafog w inler, as they f-pread 

if y w noae rue flfwrf of < ***** » owr doiM .ind vnodoa <v« rc close*!, and (be roam I ,, . . . . , , b tbemaelvrs iu (be broaJlwiudowsoC llie *b*>pn. 

legaily eou-titsled Re pi esettlaLtc*. Ken- was left thus until S o’clock st night, wbrvi I fla'd*- of this city, is making whit sonre p.,.pie -j U( . exquisite btonn- iioots with lire very 

fuckv bar never rew-ed lo brfaitbfnl (o lire (he children Went up to l red The; werr I * sensible fpi-c-h He i- rvidcnll; 'dnin-> his "Bismarck” lint aie irresistible; as they 

n:*^*unr, GreeiiUp. I ol wltut suid li^hls were ou^lil to Im? K it to I ^ t | Utiotinl n^rhi ol imt i*i*ion. 

tucks has never rea-ed lo be (ait Ufa! lo tire the rbtldreu Went up to bed. They were 
. . to .. aoTsi rooKfeertiveiv oevetileen, lhirt**-n and 

< -vuatUutirtD aad the cv. mnrrenl of Ure Nothing was heard Irom tb.m 

fathers, awd tie moment the bayonet cca-s-d lor aa hour and a liail. when tire young, M wue 
feo make eleetion- a farce afee declare d id heard to scream ont in event 
(Laodfr (oofr lor Dpnoerari Wbat < ould alartu, aud to talk inrobrn ot If of 
fie more biting IWaa lhal tfie feral N snows «,in. -ne shoot to catch bim The mother 

( awvewtiofi alter the reotoralioa of the |>xrix cmmedfetelv ru-bed ap Blairs to ro-e wbal was 
to power should rake place In thr Mate tbe trowtde. and she foond her three cbildrt n 

where Ute brat Democratic victory ro 

beard to sc ream out m gveu^ L The fe» wr tn Itulw- French Official Re-, 

alarm, aud lo Uik ineohercutlf of p 0r , of fhe HhIIIc ol Menlunu. 

■otne "De about to catch buu Ihe mother .. „ „ 

yti'mc-distelv ru-bed up OUirs to ace wbal was itrom the Moo.lear November lu.| 

the trouble, and she found her thru ebildrc n " ‘ |>nbli-h Hie following lelegraphie tli- 
IjiOff prnetrjte, perfectly relaxed, wild and Patehe- Irom General Failty: 

lUto-usiblc. aud to al' appearance, lib-less. 
I be alarm waa immediately given to the rot 

- . ...... . . theuiaeiV'S iu the broadlwiudows of Ibe shops, p. 

Daria, of thm cvly, ia makiae what nemre people TU( , exqll ;.i„. bronr.,- hoots with lire v.-rv 
rail a sensible spec, h lie i- evidently doing his ••Bismarck” lint are irresistible ; as they ] 
level beri.” It is thought that tire foment inn coqtretishlv stand “toes turned out,” iu tbe 
» ill adjourn to-night ace <!■ show ease ut the French thnhiin-. 

Th*- charitable element ol fa-hionahle 1 

The « ur in Italy-Freneb OHicihI Re- society, which go gr. ally delights in a hit of 
port of the BHltte of feleiiMnu. s.-audal is now enjoying a delectable treat. A 
I From the Monin-ur November lu 1 fortnight si Dei- tbe I'rcUy Wile Ol a brilliant 

... 1 -e V . e r. ■' etimiujl lawyer of this city obtained a di • 

wc pnhli-h the follow ing lelegraphie il tr-- voice, her liege lord offering no defense, i. 1 -t 
patehe- Irom tseneral Failty: week aecotnpani>-d Ity a dark-eyed, stylish ' 

Roma, Novemiter If— 10 *. m. ariaehc of the postofflec w Mudamc attended | or nxrna«!:.\TA*iVcs. 

Peter \ l>. ll. Mor-aelt rid, I’uton. 

J. J. A limn;, LouUviilc, -leff.-non. 

G. XV. Audcrsos, Louisville, Jell, rson. 

J. K. I'al y, Harlan fourt -nnu-re, lldr'.a 

the courts." 

Mr. Gregory (mulatto negto) asked “ho 

II. O. SoUtA iworn an l .xamln it 
To Mr. Grove,: 

go into .lie Southern army. 

LXxtxoT -a, K T . Thnrx-tay. Oct. 17, t*7. 
miK thx '.a.l m sworn and eraoiintd. 

To McKee. 

I live in Nloucr, l lack county. Kentucky. I for- 

I'niop arm; ouder rmau. end an acive fen missel before hia arrival. He lea the hunt ii 
ioa mau. TB, re are guerilla- ta tne iietghhorbnad, ciliaeu'* Jrexs 
bat I don't know to what party taev belong, or 

ever did belong They arc- equally daicgrroa* to Den. fl vucor-k fe— antes CttBMtd- 
Ishiw men aad MCrastuwisis las v loci ioa ha- X c I too o* tfie- ( aavMhaa 

twe a Mr. McKee ana Mr Young was psrwgHy x „ i q..„ m — - - , 

irwt* iod without inr rnjpMOf). A( leo»i I Dover IW IWJANI, W. W — im loilownkf i 

ji«‘(u«?ved v qn 4 - u <uI> 1 «‘, aud to *1 ippemkee. liidess. Komr, No'.rmLrr 10 a. m attache of the postofflee,. Madame attended 

" Hm; alarm Wdik> ima^nlutdj ifiveo to th«* rcsl Th«‘ infumruon lud iU qu irters at Moutt* tbe theater, to lor^et io the ulorioiif ideal 

Kegroea amd Politic*. .»fthc lan»i|f, aud the chiloren mere carried Rotoudo (iar.bildi bad or^aniz-d hid bundh world, where Kd*iu Booth atamN n* u>Iu*r, 

in f i io kav* hem Mde to down Mairs and placed hi the opcu air. Fric- and per!*o*.ially superintended their coocen- the Norrowe ol real lile. On retum'ioir houie 

nrwntitiif nfo. F.-riiniHni tlw tloos to the >uf 1 uce and ciua|ii*ni* to tbe cx- tratiou. It waa time to act and to strike a the lady and her attendant were auddeiilv cou* 

pu " p R,v trcmitie* wer* diluD iilIj applied for srre- 1 viferoM blow. I diicctcd ii|»oii Monte R t«»n- fronted by the quondam err/ 4 *# whose 

***U*B*A UziafUmtUmeof bwt minu'es b* lore any sign* ot kwimatiow do * Pontifical column three thousand itmi N •nu tn w ol WM kot^ad fiery. Ttie’n port 

Itoitk tbe Sprcrke?* owd re«olu(iaoa piaiwl> w**re |». 4 ie* 4 |»tibl*'; floj'ly, how«*\er, each *»ne aitd * Krei ch eoliimn of t wo Iliou^amJ ue n(fiv«- ol * pistol, ao aiiHWeliu^ sliol, and tbti*po<»r, I 
*'d#w thr iMnti of the evil (*wchiur% (It# ue to ■»* eveo after (tapy had ic- ItattalionM i The Poulilical column solicited ill- luted hu^luiid tell, bulbed iu blood, lie 

re. * Caiwed (heir muMnlar stienjfh, they *ere the hou«#i «H Qiakiuir the piioci|ril at'ack: (he wav Immediately carried to Ihe home of his 

irrow hivr lud of ktr froai white Radical# irra'tooaMor two **r ' hrec bouc. Kirtdi eolnmn, lorminc Ike reserve, Blip- former wile, where lie i? tenderly uiirs«*d. 

Tke hoidiwe of * poiitirffil eooreiitiou iu K* n 1 bI« (bem wil morning, and touud the\ ported the at'ack bj a moxemeut tnruinv Hope* are entertaiued of hi* recovery. Much 
iwcky wtK*re tbef prttkrrnrr ft ** wore** each brew suflerinj; incat paiu in tb* upon tho t wo fl jnks. The allied troops, at art svmi*athy in Iclt for all parties, opinions vary- 

’ stomach, headache, aud \oiiiiiiUK ing on the T»d ol Novetul»«r, at 5 io th* moro- tut. of eowrse, ns fo the merits of th«* ruse, 

ever have toy political rtfhts, wot a |*becau*ca pr«#*lucn»e the above alirminc imr, lound theuiaelvca at 1 o'clock in the Ah! me, bow lightly Wc deal with the heart - 

very unwtoe proc*edw|t Ok tke pan tui imly 4lBffcrtU »>m plums, are piatu |*«et*( ne.- of th* • u«*ui>'s advauee jkuMs A agonies of others. 

•(tke Itnrdmrm n isndior to cfcauje tbe woo^h to (bore who are acquainted with severe field followed under ike wad- ot Met;- Tbe oil v markets are | ui 1 e uttraetiv*- at pre*»- 
t mttu mm. -^Yk/vix.iaro ii ixm- cbe*iir*l *ud |ib>*K>»« w »Csk J aeK*uc* •; aud fe*c(i 1 1 1 ,a u « i r* Fiur an.i well eutnuched viiluife. eut. Delicious veui ou, rabldta, quail* un«l 

amoi) aei, iomu will wuicd id* unmes bav# t!>pw * bofr ike n*ce-rtty o' all per<*oti« jus; All did their *ln'y bravely. After four hours’ tuikeyo, (hat herald tliank'gmug dxv, are 

laeieioioo regarded them; hot when the mem ufleieDtly m^trucied in the**- Lraucties oi ulgtit approaching, the Pontifical teuiptinirly displayed, while cauliflower, huge ; 

hern of ike in rillwl oouveuiJoD lo tkeir a*(irat fcieoee to be able to avoid anch dan I troofif (the ceutcr column), supported hv the sweet pot;i'oe^ uml all nunner oi choice ve*f- 
•needier and re^du'iovi# Indulce in tl e «u n .- tolite Tbe room to which wastbeabuve wiojia (French troops), made an attack ou e tables can l>c bom:ht hi component purte ul 

1 _ * rewsior occBfrci.ce, K a(#out If# le«*t sqQtit , ] M«*nlaii^ N i^ hi coming on pre vented tln*m a luxurious Oiuncr, an*! to pvtize tbit Du al 

*^wts*l Ken tacky DciuocrwU pecaliar to Aiffid * led in liigbf, givinc I.HdO I Irom completint: their Biu-cewi Th*‘ two (of w kick De Quincey so ch:inni.j>ly t f»| «|n* m. 

Tbe bo 4 < 1 »*£ o( a pohtjrffil ( Oiive,if ioi tu K< ii 1 saw them nu' momim^ and louud th* \ ported the at'ack hy u tnoxement tnruinK 
tuckv where Ibev ndtkeeDow k*ve *or c*a k*d each bees suflehu” pc*t paiu iu tb* u|»on tho two fljnk*. The allied Ironist art 

’ Mokiucb. hewdacbe, aud vomillnit. ing on the T»d of November, at 5 in th* morn- 

ever have toy politic*! rtfkts, waa • '|*becau*r* pro*lucine the above aljrminc luund theuiaelvea at 1 o’clock in the 

very unwiae prorwediait ** the pan cud imly danirerous »>ut|Mou> 8 , are plan# premnee of tbe eocuit’s advauee tKuits. A 
•like frtTcdmrm • isodior to ek** 2 « the • n**u ^rtr to lbo*>c who an acquaiDted with severe fieht followed under ibe wails ot Mci;- 

Wimaiu -■ ^ 4 4 -■ obe«iie*l and pbystoUwKMl aeiewce; aud aacb ima, a atromr an.i well eatreoehed viihoo*. 

kmfli) aei* IMU wim Wfiicn ike whites kav* ^ bofr |br n*ce-*ity o» all per-on* bcM^ All did their *ln»y bravely. After four hours’ 

tw'iclotorv regarded (ben*, but w ben the men# u (ficiently iif^tmcied in Urea*- branches oi ti«litlnir, night apprt#u* liiug. the Poutifiral 

bem of ike in rillad ouoveaiion In tkeir a’aral M ieoce to be able to avoid anch dau trooi>f (tbe center columu), supported bv the 
ffiTkd rpsniniffe,.. . mXmmua tolite Tbe room in which Was the above wings (French troops), made an attack on 

apcnmri awe veaoto uoiw tada ge in the «|*m ,| Mrwlt j DP ocr umi.c* , i^a(w>ut l. r » leet s^mr* . M**ntan^ Ni^ht coiLing on prevented them 
a^aioat Ken lock y Democrats pecnliar to (Ud AO< i «i».Fn( w led in Light, giving l.HOO I Horn com pl.t ing their auc* ews Th«* two 
ical pwHUciawa, and demand tor tkems* lves cable leet ol air in it. I' b> mr very eloa**, is I columns apr*** *1 to renew the attack on (he 
tb* right of sirtffare th* place cUtum 4 ! v* n id 100 rwM m rve ® omt I*' 1 ™ 1 ' to * l in li,r ***** in ^ dav * 

~ ^ ^ J r- WI*'* I «.a-ia# roitfex thr ■ HiHtxB -.»id Hrxrxro o'oa^i « lh»llh o' Ho.I.rciL- „ #1 < ... 

tb* right of rirffrare tb<‘\ place (Lemuel v* «, id too f mall tor even #♦*# peranu lo sb-ep in tor h How ing day. offer f pi« udid. deep tinted autumn flower 

. - *. . . o*n n*gt»», with the wnidoa ;md door cjoaed On the 4th a» daybreak, a tl ur ol trace wus and fruits for the V it»le. To me, then is n 

a poffiitior, ot aolagouifttu u> ike anpenor an C l( ^ adull ciuaunK U u < ubu i*** t *»l I displaced; the gwrriM>Q ol M«*nlana It# lay plea sau ter inoruiug walk tLau thmutrh th 

donainaot race tbat if aa<ao»ed generally by .Hire air, l»f respiration iu u minute, tbealim** I down ibeiranus an*l retire. Our tiooi* iimnc- cool. Ires b. u ll oidcrcil murk* K Aud sm-h 

tke bwi wi will rerliiair retail disastrouai« room would !»♦* exhaust e*l ol pare air Ml three I dlalely mar<bed upon M>*nt' Kot.». d*», wbieb •* pfomena*!** \* quite appettoing. I adv.s** 

to them boarw Thia m»#ch we oltci a« n turn iu re - 1 Uw y lound • vacuaied. l*he positftoot ottosm dyapeplu** to try tho tonic. 

/ard to tbc prop* r ventilation of sleep- I by lb<* enemy were very strong. Our lo-ne« 8.»»*w’s racdcn, which cveryh*xly know> ai 
Tie* people of Keotwriy do not iotond to mg aparttn nu. But, in addition lo lire I were limited to two m* n killed, two officer* one ol tbe “inMitutiouB” ol St. Louis, has 

have uegTx» vwan or awgru poHticraas ia tkeir above loioortant tact relative to tke VfcStila- I nnd thirt v-aix men wounded. Tnose ol th* donu< d rather a aomtwr attiic, browu, with 

R I!<*«uchair.p, If »wf fvil|(‘.llHi:( , o*'k 
Bo k ert Bit-L Whiiic> Lourt-tmaae, Wbiil. f. 
John U\ Blue. N'ailoo, t ri : i lieu. 

II G. noun. . Elk-ion, T.Kld. 

O. r. p .cli-.T:!;. ion, L irbvi and Pi\e % 

J. \V. lioxar-b, Lt'chfl dd.Oravann. 

Jepse O. Britfii’.Car; ll:*.u, (^mV/and Trimble 
It J. Brown**, Sprincfieltf, Wnubloglon. » 

J*»lm A. Br *nk?*, IHx*»n, Weh-ler. 

A I'. Kni.rh, Louisville, JcU.-isou. 

VV. \\ . Bu-b, Fraukliu, Simpson. 

Pat ('a;ii|j on, L*»ui vill**, •!* d -r.-on. 

Janes E. rantrill, (Georgetown, Sco". 

George ,v*. l av wood, FI* inlngabnrg. FIcmirg. 

A T. Oh*-nault. kicJunouJ, hladisou. 

Wm. Hark, Mnyfl Id, Graves. 

T T. ' ogar. Pekin, Jessamine. 

J. N. iVukw right, vViuckew'vr. C.'ark at»«l M«*n? 

Thoiua-* II rorlwt t, Blandville, U.il1;iid. 

Robert T. I>.i v i-».**, I*, mrbw. 

John licaf*»n, Jarksoo, Hti nth.-tt, Wolfe i. « I 

F. I . Doddr, Murray, t alio way. 

M.A. Iiowndig IsOui s v ( 1 , J*it *rs«*n. 
t#.*»ri*»* W. l>;y. I..h -iff, Cxi-^y and L.l a» 4 ll. 
TboniA 4 * K.idt's M ntUi lii#, Vv «yue. 

J. II. Hi- tliam, rjU. ;t-bnr_ 4 . Howl ard (VirU r. 
George ft. i*(-'an';i!*. A 1 x.indrin, (*imt)H« II. 
Jo.-hn; II. Fitch, riark«burv, lacwis. 

M T. Fliypin, Tomok-iii \ill*-. Monroe, 
liar: Gi^' Ui. V er* oil |et», Wu «!nml. 
li. T. Giue-*, IL u;!*ti-o?i. It* i)d«*r-*»i». 

Norviu ( JreLiJ, LtiUi'Vill*', .!* (T.-i -**u. 

VV.O. Halt, Ma«li?onv!ile, llcpkii.p. 

Geufg** Ham^eton. Owin_- v 1 1 1 •, Balb. 

>1 O ‘ lf«v. Grtetivide, Mtili'eahurr 
A. J. IL*id. Bxouevii!*’. t’lav nu i Oedy. 

Jaa:<*» 3‘. lliu<fi.Liu, (.r.i*l, viile. Adair. 

S. M. Hobbr , Ail. VVnsbiiiLtou, Dali!? am! 

Livingston nn*f Mar- 

folio mau .U-.U be (Gr««or,) waa.” ^ , r „ . , 

Mr. Corrowaj, (liiulattonsirro) laid “at pre- j“ ,b cr oaUd aud alici np^i m' 
s- llt lire Crtlo.ej luaui-ould not scud In* wile , beIV wc* a large’ nomb r of men iiieie, l.„i 
I Irom on * 4 part ol the Stalk to ‘.mother, be* *usc | did not see Mr. Grover at ill. Wc ioquir«*ct in 

(Iriiun (Mr. You(w> Ibe person pt-arhed in nnirt. 
old vfeiri Mr. You Ur ? lick* 4 !. I voted foi 

baa aheivier bu.ll. portlier »*n. danger (*• l in*.u ni 

i tbc un u fefetoo cauried me • f were r co- 

ral veara igu ii warn Uw-'^i 
v«*te*l Ike l liuu * *#mpo 
Yteidf. If (here is any 'Wm\ d 
kalj ra et y ronrty I do o r 

would Ih.* placed in a smoking car. uud line cause oi the excitement in! loaud tkai the ! \\ ho wrote the llr-t affi Jav»t tbat yon i 

exposed to the insults ol lom and okarrac whole tbini; was a mi-aporehensiou. f and r- thia nun i»*r f 
K'Jiitr turn, lit* did uol see low any friend of *to°dtbat Prov rr wa»^ there. ^ Tne crowd W(*s raptan: 

tbr colored nian eould TO*e arjimt breaking i, in ,- J V J * 11 ,nu 

ilowu this monopoly.” 

Mr. Griffin, ("incarnale fiend”) mid “he 

iCJiust breaking w.T ljinjr 0 

I saw no one in command oi lh«* rrow I. I do not 
•ml”) -aid “he -upicoselb, re was .niyo.Hly in romnutxl. It had 

was sorry line question had conic- up. Lilt be i Ui- app -ann-rr "C a gathe ring of :-«--rpl,- wiihmii 

slionld meet tlie issue fairly and vole for tire 
jironorpif anirnclroriit.” 

organiz-alion. Ii war jn-c a ma.-- of ,-Ti-iic-ri p.-o- 
plr. We were tolil ibai in.- be at had be.-n lie.-, I 

:iroi>o<Pcl allic ncimc lil. ■■■ ■■ . k , ' “ — ....... A i n n,ni . 

' dr. Rapier, (mulaflo mgroj'aid lire “.nan- -mo b, D«».. Bujug Ir.wjhe.dd ro» itore. y. Yoa after, 

ner in wtaieii colored gernkmen and colond „„| r firing ou a rieamboat in.i u War lhal 
ladies were treated was pn=t bis eonipn ben- | 1,,-ard oi. I hav- bad many private- cmv. r- i ; Y\-» sir 

-ion Hr wanted tbe gentleman from Mont- tioas with Mr. Grov, r in leterenre fo the r b-l u Didiccnn 

gccinerv to understand ibat he did tot consider lioo. and he baa always renimded for nc-ninlny. ‘ | irrkon I 

him-clf honored by Miring '»■•»•««* ^ t' b 1 u^° ‘ i'i '“.'i i ri , "'.“V-cT, SATot'idS 

| Icin, I»**c.iii-** l»«* wjis a w hit* man simply, but j^ lblXl ..| with Hi* Souit*, but hr war *» 4 | M >. <• u> u \ wll 

« »li ly bccuus* Ol III 4 intelligence, lie (Rapier) mccssiou, Oppos**d lo ILrutlug, and deetr.'ii- ihat do* n ' 

A. I a plain McK*w. ^ with — . 

IJ Do you know what was in that affidavit • lu D| „ Dn aa r<t iiTa iiri f 

A. I c m uol tell uow. them. There was a till 

4 ). Uidyou know al the linw? Judge, hat tbe irla 1 was pal eg tilt the grand jury 

A. I uuy have known, bin I did rod uuder.lirol. ' . .. n-uhia-wis d-me ah.vat ir Mr 

i, \ oa heard ,h. .ffidn t. rero! ,a.- Gore ,-s, ™ li was ,n JJ!re I hare «?ra 

gued II ? , • , m.,j seen him riding oal WHB Liiion -oldlera. aad Be 

A. I d- ny heariog if rend. woshl roue buck wiih I 

l). Yoa afterwards and.- another affidavit ? krnw a „ w i b . 

il Was lhal st-coad affidavit read over fo you? fomni iwSto** ** ' U 
A Yea, air. Trlr IVm' 

H Old X"|| naderstoad ii? , v . M 

A I c.-rkon I did. Th. first affiidavit was never jB , h .. maU er 

i ol k'Mcw il, a»le-s a uim has fee, n V. ry offi, i, -n 

dorm.- tbe war. 

To Mr. McKee: 

I Heard ttoll's r Banner kea of bsl wiarer la 
coaaedioa wnh nog -leal cog. Ue hod some togs 

A' tfia al like t aevealtoa. 

a«w OMfiAWfe, Noe. a* - Tbe follow mg a 

Gen. Maacorh's order am takiwg — ■qq.iir 
H’u'aa Firm fliimi? Danm. 

Naw, Mo,. 7. * 

Special Onto No. fO. 

I la ireordeftee with groeril orders Nov 
11 , lre»d.|aarter- oi the array. Adjmtxni- 
Gcacral'a Bee, WaaiuaglOft, l». C.. A-igiwt 
27. 1157, Major Gene ral W. s. Baoeoek 

hereby -rasnnres eomrauad of the Fcftfi 
Military fterrhi aad uf the depart m. at 
c ciupuaed <>t Ibe Male* H Lcifi-UW aad 

2. The general omni.c ixting is gralilie,! to 
1,-irn that peare and quiet reigns m taw .ic- 
i-art dm ol. It wilt feu feta purpose to pre-rerue 
tbi* condition of lulogA Aj a a. aos to Ifera 
great end be legardfe ibe niaiBteaaaee al ihe 

, jr*‘itrililix tu ay rr* o4l«mk#®. 
in** >*#ur s'.it**iu* , uf ami I wr*4*> 

in ais poaavssion, «u-l a uua ctaimed iml look civil j«ib*»nt»r> an4 tke faitk'ni xscuRiou of 

them. There WAS a lilile trial before a PotL-e the lews a* tit* muel rAciem under eyiatiog 
Judge, huf ?k<* (r*a» wjs pnt "If till fbc £rand jury eiicuoMt idcyo, bn( if la mfk m m a Mp to ia 

Jfra fey forre* lo orar thro, 

sera Him rulinir « nr wun In ioa coutitwa, aad **•* deaf my (kc oppaattftun fo Ikr lawful aa- 

wonkl ron* buck wiikkurava. I oo aoi prt tead tuOfilJ. 

rokrofev r»**w m * -#h tb*nt. 1 do lmh know i*»»t But tke loaurrac t iooiuy k#rcs ka* Dira 
tkrre ever wa« au iudictmcui acnwsi n m w ovt ilbrowa aud pracr e»tablial>«|. Tke civil 
O? Jiiihoriue* arc ready rad wiltfog to prelona 

I rrawhiroi* bril vs Ha l orofcr n«.b. if hews. ,bc,r *?***!" “2 *°*” T •* umM 
iwierewied ia Ihe maUer It I had a rare ia . oert wa *' ! L* M ad IB* Ife* ciUli adraioaiiralioft js- 
vin! hr were a witurss agxiast Sir. I .iHkuib ou -mire its itoloraJ aro! ngfelfal doraiaioro. 
peach hi* Iraiinxw.y Solemnly HBpreraed with these views, the 

I; and elastically discourses,) tbc markets | S *£?', , r 11 
offer f pi. udid. deep tinted autumn fl«ftcra L> 3 } ‘ 

and fruits for the t itile. To me. there- is no . v ' „ ,, , 

plea-auter uioruiug walk than tbicutrb Hie 1 p a Jjn, ' 

rnid-t, and those negro*, who have sense 

.Move imoortant fact i els live to the vctilila- I and thirty-six men wounded. Tlmse ol tbc donned rather a Bomber attiie, brown, with 
rion, tbe oxygen «>f tbe air in tbe I Pontifical army are heavier. It t-a* had liuts of subdued gold. Bit tbe exotica m 
above room must have Ireen uearlv all eon twenl) killed and one hundred aud twenty the ir hoi -house beauty gay ly tlannt their liril- 

to auderataod their own and their j -uuied by tue combustion ot tbc rhurroal tu three wounded. Ou tbe side of Ibe Qaribal- I llaut b'oouis aud defy tbe frosty winds. 

lane’s tftterrat vrift dlMsoerags to tbe fieri of | the hoo boiler trelorc ihe cldidrcii came into dian*, rox bundnd dead remained upon 

their abithy all qaasi-polHIcal ritheriag. and 

coo veal loos is im raean' uar. in order to 

N Ot course everybody wbo has a bit of soul, 

it, excepting wbal was admitted wben tro-y I the tl dot battle; the w ctln L et aie in i rjpor- is ciicuaiited at the advent of Dickens, and i-- 
eritnred tbe door. This condition ot the at tiou The prisoners brouglii to Koine iimount w illing to forget ceruin “American notes” 
raospbere , ol itoclf, was exirvm- ly daugrrous I to one tbonsaod eight liundrcd, and arV' ll that so sharply wounded us long ago. For 

■Ip the evil tn the bad, we arc vest td oar I to 'be lives of the enthlren; ui isct, rendering hundred hive been sent across Ibe fiontiei 

wliat would we not forgive to tbe wizard who 

friends tbeoqghoot tfie State tfie propirty ol ] 
relating to countenance an; negroes eon 
ceroed in snub proceedings Cod, r no cir 
< una-tonerx should a Kentuckian five cm 
pfoyraesit to the would-be negro polifle'ian 

s fatal result imminent within a verv short Rcim is comp et>-l> reieoaod; the head ot provokes our smiles and te ar*, at hi* own 
space ot time. But. in .ddit-op to this Hu insurrection is c-iushed. D.seoura -enic m will! Why shouldn't he come- West? Surelv 

danger, there was, mi re than likely, I prevails among tbe <■ jnlcalJiaus, aud th- y cry our heart- and hnios can lli.ill at his pathos 

a large amount of oa rt. 01.10 need gar I out. “Ir- aeon " On the contrary, then- ir or revel in his exquisite hitnini, though wc 

exisltug tn this, which bed j jo) throughout Rone ; all auxiety has dts ip are- not deniz -u« ot B »-lon and New Yoik 

been evolved Ucm tb. combustion of the , pcared. It my letter is dull, (and 1 hope to disarm 

ebaieoal, which gas is well kuowu ta h.- it- Oa Novemb.-r « the R mun pvpuUtioo tux hy)rererilieal fn. nds t.y eoufeseiug Ih cl / 

respirable. Both these eondiliens exoe mg ] gave a tr utupha! r.f-ptian to tbe irO"|. know it is!) nuy I uot even here iu a Irivol 

H. c IVn^aoii, Br*»w*»--»or*, OMham. I* 14 ' 

'(' L. *l» ffr-ou. L»U!'V»t:p. JeJeritod. — *-on 

A. M. J<>ue\l >iui nion, VHcallc. i-Mi 

F.Jurtis* , R-i-»elUiJl. , t |. c 

A Hr- fit Kuudali. WUI tnfiown, Uriint ai«d inj| . 

J \V. Keudall, West Liberty, Mot jan, Muirnfilu, a * a 
Rowan ^ I* 41 ® 

Dernp«oy Ivior, Burboartville, Know and »Iofh flnn 
H**H. to : 

(aabri**l Lickey, Ktarfuitl. Lincoln. jj»ji 

J. Fry Isawiebcc, Middletown, JcfTeraon. ~\j 

J. W. leather*, C’oviiunon, Kenlou. ... 

Chari*** It. I* ■•, I’aluteu'b, Pcudu t*»n. 

4. I). Allard, O Menton, Owen. or ‘ 1 

W. J- Ln«k. Luicaaicr, Garr rd ?u«* 

llcrtah Majioffiu, Htirod^hnrsr, M rr*»r. ami 

5. I M. Misi'fer. Frankfort, Franklin the 

A J. Mark ley, Biookr viile. Brack j*. \| 

M ll. Martin, ( vnihiaos. iiarridok. . 

| 11. C. Al trtin. Mil for (viile. Hart. . 

I AUxtnd**r M P** rUUi-Lur:*, rtoyil aial n "ic 

ka I dim , i with lords iu England in hi* lile men ofeoftM nraraia at lumi.- aad k.s a qairt. I c \ | n ,»*, M There wa* no prreow I . the . 'V“ -. 

lime. Out of rci«|>ect for Ihc-tr oust Uu- und.rec.c.el that IC) be III- ree-nton all it,.- (in,,-. „„ |, uv ,„ U r-elf. Ttw-re wa* a .-.|ar»d aun y.« 

e -s the delcgalti ought to rote forth, amend- Daria* JJ* , ®*' Mr. Jar.*, wao ran I ttrere w a,-u I wa* gulag tu, aad 1 1 , ad him I wanted | have nev rvo*ed lor xav u . i ,,,,,,, m 

tn -nt” agala.1 Mr. mad.- tire ot Mr. Gr..„ , . i Mr Mch. elc. wn-e a tatter lo, ate. I did a. I ra. S, ' r J'L 

Or 1.IT.M i white! -aid he rewrrtted thai v .lev cm lavor oi Ihe rxpalatow "f two nrem'rer* ol uuv ttiu.- to U. M. Kc a'-uc ao, caret, le'Ur. I fjs?' , * "*! ” aVui.',f! T 

-iu. San* 11(1 (u'lll*-), ni-n .1 'jeiffii ure on accouut ol Ui!*l*»/aiit .ml ! n .-t n r ire.,ii in \ir u.-K.-w'a o|M,vp K,.t liri . Thi* a rcori. i v*»i<u n*r w* i* n*au. I '•*-•*( (*»r ( 

9iuh a flrcLrjnd bad been thrown nn*ec*H*rily ngoke of tbc tkiag to induce men not ?** vo’i- f.r ' rauhicci of die clectioa ernw up. Ic»ni* 4 backwn- Bert i«k(oo.t-s mi 1 ^ 4 ; a Mr. M« Ke -. 

...rite R..I he hoped the, would v Crt.l.u ' 7l^h.TUu ,y reACi ToM.srocGto.g..: 

me. f the Mne like men who knew what Wa* as he ccld, rad ibal he had no apology to id ike niter *ar-c*. Xir McKee -aid to tue a* I wa* pa**- • '“ 1 o v' 

liflU and dir. .1 I" d" H. While they were fort'. ■ when vc have tiro. ,, L r t °, ■ ' ”l '-^y ra wS 

proleetin" Ihe rights Ol one section of the Jauw 1 Fincan neon and ramln. J. I old * vrtulJ «* ,o On mj way ymtm fen , 1 ^ fe , ,,, -lonag Ihe war. 

they ougbl not lo neglect To Mr. Grover: wa- *i dl wlm,- there, and «Otd, Wlili.. feqy* ro Mr fkrlislr 

Ibe ^lights of and Iter section. Did no, tbc . » 1 wZ ^ ™ wtrem I voire, ialffiffi. wv* 

il If Be w.-re .1 -li*iD'eiv*ie,l wiioe*-. would yww G- aero# jwiMcciwoBs Ihai Ifeegre-jf priaeipfoa ofi 
•ireve hioiuiakT .roOrt __ Amurw-zu UtM-itty Mill an lire h*w*al oars of 

o'Mr <l 'Mdie.' h,,,k 1 Ih, SC people and eyer should he. The right 

| live iu Owc-nton. Keotaekv I have heeo in I you time to com 

"d ! ha I neve r icceii is Nr. McK-V* efifoe before The !«_, rat Cwe-ics* in led a«ain.t Mr M, Ke 

l-r oi-bjert of the cos-tiou caine op. Icaaiebackon V./i' -iUfoT 

»'■ otn. rUav. p -rbap* ihe s, conn or ib'M ev.-msg o Youoe OidT.oi live in onr cod,,»t *au I 

ke after vaM*. Xir McKee said to me ae i wa* Base «*', J W* toZre loo kr n T: .iTZ TcZZa 

tag. -,V tilt* em... ro, e when , .re have (tra.^ £1 ra^^TStafi 

I .si<( I wcul.i fflo •«» Om iflfejr wmy t K*rfc IK* , 1 ^ ^ B to*n rinraro. ika Wlfcr 

wa- anil aitnu^ IU**re, and **id, % *M‘j|||a, luv« P_ nn g- . 
in TO* lim^ to cose lo ui> tiffit-c' now?'' I -a»d ▼«•*», m^T'* a . 

to allow local 10 UU ?o. lie am»wiu wu tke citft**** 'Hren county, and of tn * 4 Slate at A I 
agaiu't tbc* proposk* loo. lara«*, to puranc the plan of n**urraliiy Ikn had Youug 

Mr Morgan said. “Ihe question had been (n-en broached aud wimaevorat***! l»y a u*inb r of ^ A 

<1 And I d.*-cr»bt*d tbc general onilincool Mr. 

I k*Yc b*'Yc r v«#ted (or ikt h*t * Tnion, ex* ^ ^ ^ knfirwa corpwa, Ik** Ilk-rtf 

[|#. Mr. Young, wh*nn hi- *>i>;*«ireat i*pi»k« ul "I 1^ P rrM * 'rt c*lo*i ol ap**t«\ Ikr uwiural 
rebrl. I w»t.ii fur M* IrlAau. I v*>;. d fmr Col. r»u**»sa of i#r»io*» fl#4 rufkia uf ^#i«>|#t riy BiUfet 

trt lor ( oo'_rr**«ri in I,t4 a*-raini*t Mr. M* Me*. br pr«*rrfe«L 

u Mr akv'Uhfeiawr: br ,.^ luui.curiour, Wkile fkr? arr * Meutial 

^ *mog did ..01 ilvr in otir roNiity, and I jto | hfOfprfiiy aud bu lip iprau * 1 # tkr iwfatie 
ir«r b« ard *!.•« name apwkr* ui ll *.• b.c.*ru« a V° r ^ "T * 7 * 

ItoHiktft fur I owiff“»d I do ifeOfl kt'ccft wffi watt* r ^ •H«»**r**l l^*(ti'rVMtlfl (O 

tie k* waa in nag (hr war *u4 urdwr. Crtkbra ami co*- 

o Mr. Parliale. ai (tied Ul thr Ji*fr»ct ma*t hr rrlrrrrd to Ik* 

< o ft*H H»*it. C*»r whom I voted in 1 * 06 . w ta an l oowtHiif loo, hk) )ud_n»- nl ol tbc n*«*l*r 
k 1 S, * ,c, ' * r0| y- rVuM aotkontlra, awl tkr*r (vKmim la mil b* 

cjl, T,ft.7» fact -h.r, after Mr Yawn wa* *V ,fcei f . **"'“*, J~*****bto. 

•Uliaeiled, be wj* .*pc>k- c, ot By oil opooeed to Sh-'Uidt be to bd v lotalious 'll t x tot tug lawa 

in a* a refit? laws which are ao* luuucr.d into 

A. By all who were of the Kod eal party. by tbe magistrate*, or sbouln * tailnre off 

V- And also by the « 'onoervativre? idminBlrav ww of ja-ttca by the conrta ho 

A ftonre did, aud sou e dm uot c-empfou-ed of toe caoca will be reported to 

-these headquarters, when sucb orders will bn 

a T * a a oe a made « may be dremed ncceseery. 

ALA KAMA- Whtie the Geeerai thee indicatoe Ufe pnr- 

p»ee to rreovet the rftfeU of the people, he 
be Kerowxfrnrt'ow foaveattoe ll wiehe* all to understand that armed iu-ur 

„ s M**/***B .... Ml ALABAMA. 

already I, -gjllv decided in the North. A eol- urlinciuns in ihe wtale. In order to avoid takiug a Youug, apdjrna sold ttolmmd? m ae lo rrsuect the ruki, m tfi n 

oMtn o»^t* . o he eon ten. with getting mrarn^ ^ « *-d tto, wre^U^ Heconx-ruefo. * ,to, „ ^ 

the- Slime volue for hD money aan White man, } eod ||f |ur ,i,.*. That wi- mr .Lime. H.ll sworn wd .ramin-d. f.raats IMvoreex A Hill ia Prrrrat reel tons or forcible resiatonec to rv 

and ought not lo set k to lorce nimsell tutu and j hilu ve that Mr. lirover iolloAcii To Mr. Mt-Ko*: the Mwrrmge of V» bites uud Negroe*. he snppietsed by the array, 

the same ear with white people. lhl . sain- course. I know Hut in all oar I live in Mount Sterling. I tired in Owiagsvilte _ Ry comiuaud rti Mkjur Gewcysi W 

Mr Kmgbani lulmitiat. d in a few remarks c o-.yer-a-ion chat was the po*ui..u tw to l-«l. acd 1. 1, tfeare ia January. ISfid. I Knew ' cook. iV G MITt H 

ol -,n extremely rainolme uud lirvlevaa! look rooswntly. He took tbe giouad Ihai ao State Mr Y .-uog; lr..iu hi* general ...nre-r-aiion lot- “<*- — *• hy fretieral P , el ortn thit the vld efi 

ehA.acirr ll-.vnress.d his snrrriae “that nod a nghi fo *eeefl.-. Mv r. rd'e.'i on is tbat hi- way* '"<>k him io fi- a r. rrel ia principle: fee wa* ( onvenrcMi having provided xmae 

1 . “ro....:t„,7«, I, :.l ool hceu uofik-d w.lbccut speech at that meellnc wa* eygctly in tlie same in «av.vro( tae ftouih ssmiag it* tadependsoce. I a* required by » -.ngre-s-on el enactment lor The roBveuI ion to-day passed ra 

Iiu- umniilm nl ba p» line. I reeoll.-rt tbe eir otnstab-e of th-- sleau- beard him -peak "I it Ire-inenliv, ou the street .a the lery aud issesure n, ot sucb tax,* on prop- inviting General Hancock and Gov 

lilseas-lon mart tceic.g fir.-l iui line Kentnrky ,it. r L.rg. He was ..uce missing out am ibe «,ry , n the State is -tre- nerei*arv f..r imV— to reotx to- ha* -re-.iwu 

Mr DmtlfeU moved to postpone the qt.e* nulllb , r , eilizea* w.-n. to the rl*« oa that ,w L*-‘U, a„d wh a he came hack 1 Bade, -Pro) from ,f 1 lu , y n , rora of to^t ’ravT-atol h. m«dh- be Itowlfibro?’ 

i ...I, 1 , 1 , 1 . | Mouduv. an be eaw tbat Itta-c ol cj,iud. I dul not go. Kverv perrem wa-exclt.d bim oue day iu c„Mvrr*aiH>o Ihat he >f . xpewse* I the t . nv, ntioo hy mode by General Mower, and in Bv- 

Ihe same ear w ith white people. 

Mr Bingham luliniuattd in a few remarks I co-.yrr-a-ion 

Gran la tiivarars-A Bui lo Preveul reclioo* -r lorcible resiatanec torVc laws aill 
the fiamatr of fefe biles and .Ncxroex. besnppie-aed fey (fee array. 

urgently needed hr Ha sately. i guarantee 
tic -cent in ol the P. nl ill' ll Ktaie* again*! 
the in-iire, -m bands. Onr Cbasscpnt gun* 

l^« fell swab took tor support to “Cnion respirable. Until coudilions exie- mg gave a tr uiupbal re-e -ptiou to Hie , 

l-ciqrnea," and to Lfeat Jacnfeio Congress to at once in tbe aim, -sphere ot lire room — iLe j Your Ex, --lieucy will receive shortly a mor 

_ . . . _ . . , 7 _ .. exboDliooot OXXE-I 1 , an ag<-nl -o inciteiceii delaled te|coil Our pn n-uee *| K',,me w:c 

wuirt they iiwpnd«w*lv appeal agam-' the mtblc |. ‘pr-torv | r- -x, and the urgenli, need. .1 Kr.laaatety. i . 

“retro. DenMverar v ol Kentucky.” oewai ol Ibe bl *-d; and tbc i*rg amount ol tie seewiltj ot lit- Pt-nlifle-,1 Kialc 

~ — - 1 1 — ■— » carlfeoiiu and g.i> in »' ti ' ha. mqj* jtiurw Ui«* in**urrou( (»an*i>. Onr 

The Y irwraiH < oaventloa. pfecn . so irr»jiirai I ■ ami |miV<»<iii.- to tbe have don-’ wonders. 

A M-cUenourg correspondent of tbe Kwh- Mood. and tfi roog b tl to Ibe Oram mod uervou- 5r » Our iroop- have occupied 
•n.tod VVuie uioderwie Ire ro,U,e.„ Ore ayOfecm. the e. mrs ol t be Bbox. flangv-KKI- I The rv voluti.mary b a mi* |,».| , vac 
mono mum. II'IIIUU- nvpaniicav. thus apparent Ant llcousc- - tr Our Hoops have I«CU recc-vel I,; ti 

oke'cLex two of Ibe d --legate* Irom MerkleD cum-taueeoMbi it rond-lton being d< te< t,-d l>v wllb tranlie acclamations. All it 
tin (-fifetN'i, negro, and Dodge, whin tbe enc* of tbe younge-t child, before the were completely d.-e crated wit'-i flag 

Vt -I*. m wa* * .Id iron Liaetitui w vital *-»rk trod b -ru quit. vxttug..i*b.-d. I , T . , 

re-oo o' ,dB, crime . In bt* spceelX b> bos *••*« lies providewtUi latervewiioa indeed I-tT Tb ( l.,tk ecnntv Dem-x< r. 
ala*, a old 'ferixa; oet ' hat tt tbe; could unee *' Y ou d,xm Ibe almvc- uarralixe I our r. cent noliceol Him ilarru-oti 

ge: ure power tlrey count bare whatever el*, wot t fa; ot beiug giv<-u to Ibe publk , lor Ifee -on. and sav«: 

. IC v W.uie-t Kioce Ut* election, be Im* ex- ftUuitc good, you are *t liberty (o do so.aDd I Ur are gratified at reading the ; 

5 r u Our truop- have occupied Viterbo. 
Tin rvvulnli-<n*ry hands had cvacual.-d it 

symptoms ate apparent Ant tbc n e e cir Our troops have tn-en receive J h; th, |»opl. 
cnm-taueeoMbur eond.tion being diteeti-d l>v I with tranlie neelamations. All lire booses 

tbe CTH-, of tbe y-iungc-t child, betore tbe | were erttlipleb-ly d'T irated with fl ig- 
vital - lark bad been quit.- extltigufibed, I T . T ~ 7 ,7 

foots lilke » provid'-utial iDterveu. iou indtvd • < *“*’ ' wnmy Democrat copiet 

It you should deem Ibe above narrative I our r, cent notice of Hou. Harrison Thomp 

know ft U!) may I uot even here, in it irivol I J k 
ou- • pi-tl.-, tell why 1 am m U o ui mood lot ft** 1 - 
writing raeilx ! •• ” 

La-t night, in a datkened, q.iiet room, I *st j A ' 
Icy Hn be daidc ol one djingenild and watelievl xim 
I h- la l cored breathing ol anolher, a bub) ln„.i 
brother, whose lu-b-rl,-.-* eye and wavering •- s 
pulse sadc.V told lb,- little lile was slowlv -|- w 
ebbing away. Poor heart -atriekeu moth, r and '! , A 
tut her, praying nniid-l soli- ami hitter .- 1 \)-" N 

te ns, ior re-igt»tion to God’s » ill. it was | 
one of those pn lutes, lirapii iu mouriitug, ft -lien -.* I.. McM • ,s -ven.hiir.r. I 
.1 K x,. lair, M ■ V.-iiton. Li 

J. \} M« F* r. fi, l)i ivill , ft .vl* . 
W K - ! * J \:. Il«*.*r V. li ll .ill, (Cl 
4 \ -at* t; *i*\ II n-vi'l**, CM 

Marlin % !ill**r, Burk-vill*’. (’Ju t* 

.1. W* ri' V M*> 
.1 A. Mtt' 4 **', 

Joli i v. . II; t 

XV N. Ufficu**, 
luomi-oo S 

Htrkin hi. t 
»t-. ly, XX Ui 

ol an ex I rente! y rumbling and itrvlevau! look coo 
ehaiuetrr. He expressed his snrpri*.' “ bad arn 
Ihe amendment hail no* been paased w ilboul ,* 

disc os-ion ” , - host bei 

Mr. Dusiait inoy.d tn postpone tbe ques nBm hen 
lion 1111111 Mondax, us lie saw tbat in-r-i ol c-aeioo. 

Ibe delegate- bad lx it Hit ir seals. Tbe uto about it 

wa- agreed to aud Hie question post be-tron 

and cui 

polled -ato« , h c HI td tl 

A Funny Story. j !!! !•'.!.’ 

ao: look constantly. He took tbe gcouno that u„ stale Mr. Y-ong; ir- tu bis general conver-ation bad a right t > secede. Mv r- c-.I . -l ou is tbat hi - ways cook bim to fi- a rebel ta t-rinnple: bv 

out speeeb at that meeting was c-v. cilv In die same id lavorol the gainin ' it* iodepeadei. 
hue. I recollect tbe cir il.n-lai.o- of the st.-atu- heard him -geak of it lrec|nently, on ihe-tr 
lx>ai treireg fire-l into oo tae Kentucky river. Large Owing-vill.. Ur was i.ute missing oat a 
ice nauibers oi citizens wroi to tbe river oa thai nc town, and when became back I uaderstood 
ol rasioo. I did not go. Evert perocut wa-exrit.d him oue day lu roiDcrsaltoo that 

at" about it xtany iu. n w l.l there wbora I knew to hail been at He stated 

>st be strong t'nioo nn u. drawn l her-- c-y excfteiiieift w .s a pretty good fi-dy of mru 
and curiosity more than bjr anything- els.-. I and that lie- v were telling pretty 

should have gone there inv-ell if I had had a horse, drill*.!, and Ibe t’u.on men bad b. tier 

The people WHO went were gene. ally unarmed out. as they would cume down no them some du I 
Tbe conclusion o: tb.- whole niatt--r was. ihai a like a house i.n fire, or something of tfesi kiud. 

1 til. and I- It there in daonary. IWi. I Knew fecVTIbiatlT, No*. N. ! -c ft* * ai order* 
r. Young; Ir.-tu bis general conversation I al ~*. I'V General rope, set* form that , fee 

cys cook him robe a rebel in principle; be was reconstruction I’onvennon buying provided 
lavorol the South gaming it* ladepx a fi ra re. I ax required by Fongre-»-on »l enactment for! 

Bv cumoMUMi of Mapw Gefi grai W 8. Haro- 
cock: W a MITt HEI. I.. 

AIM dr ( amp. 

The -inveulioa to-fi; paurfi reooiwlforea 

Tb- Montgomery Mfeillell* n fuuny s!orx very clever obi geolieuuiu, who is In the fiibit -,i Thai was in the lull ur winter at lffiil. I *sw a 

. tl.,- i,. r.. ..1 t’oriuth . nd S. eoud XI ,ua.-*a- dm. king-, and who w.c* .lunik ac ebr im.- w.ih two l> i-k I --c prcviscoi.s leave hi* house ooe morning 

o, li e hero , dJLormi li ana re .. re uos x of|||WO , h , rm , k , ,, do, k a- hem*. If. fir. d afi-n' dayHght; a bl*. k mao hroag-b. it ut ac5 

wlni-li we do not recollect tt i lit) lire . tu m(0 „ reg-alar packet ruining up to.- nvrr. Mv nr. put it iu a cart and it was driven away toward 

va— i -i- . . I Idiaf move onr vert souk *a we gaz.- ou it. A . 

The nark eruntv Dem-xerat oopiew h auHlul <*>v, wb. se -itiiny hie ol tour tears 

[ auatli) oi (iciu^ £(v*-n lo ibe* public, tor H><* I 
I i>u >1 m po,»fi, y,#u arc at liberty to du ^o; and | 

cacea iw t *u*ierr,d irom tb- ballot to toe upon J fee g found that It no less Ibe duty ol , 0|ll( , r dav He i* every 

c-rt-idge "ox, and m (twcdM with that re- 'be phystemu to w*.b b. I. low m n agows ol t ,i m N , m .n e 

mark, -aid; 1 yoa Mice fbe D.g ora ( lent, be raw**, o dto.cve aud d.-a'b fbau to u*>.-l ' uh ' (i wo * |d /lvf mor , dig,.,(v 

-> w i ky un; would do anything lequmd of 
them " 

Drip came fr rm Mew York about twelve 
mv la qv. lex vi ng ins inmiiy Nbiod He A MomxIiosiI). I urafeBer. 

ri b “s t*> fi a minis cr ll- c uir as a dl« Mr. Kbebmaw, Kt . Nov. 2h. lr«7 * 

li.iro «■ wfe.akj lor Morris, who w.. emmet n tkl FMtU)r „ ^ Lmiitilu li)uri , T . New fe ork . 

7m. of to ^ ow 1 •Hrawran. y srerdav r.'ber , novel sigh, The Mew Tork Tribune’s figure- of Ure vot, 

liuiuff at 'be same hou*. aud en't I* *#■• • *••* elflfet lega iftlM flereloped, lift Ibzf Stale are a« li»!low« : 

at the -ora* table wit'j XVateon In t "° cris of Mr, (Hur in nutnb r.) one eye i-css-oo, aaxox. lSdJ-yran. or ararc 

Ibe c.ovwro lets specchra Were ol the most IB Gtuated b< twetft .be . 1*0 .ud no . 

rcofiian cmnu'i'r. dettoonrinr tb« vbii* ncD bf*d of Berk. L pou di*****ttw) of I be mb« — — __ 

rile a* ieowtidri-l. end lierx and ufterlv un " ,oudJ *® eoutain Iwo beerla, Iwo If- p. cn.) is. 7 ste item. j 4 -,* 

• .criby of the eonfidetree of the Begmra liver*, two sets ol lungs, and «o intestines Tout rote 71-.-H Total v-d-- mjn 

.a sis. virvisL ... . _, Tbio eaM e*n Ire seen if Jo*. Reooa's, ot Felling off in total yol,- fl TffT. 

is we f*fww vaftmutll'iwi Green count y. Yours, tic. K< puldiean lot front lroW. 42,238; Demo 

(foftvc ft. 1 1 F. A. A. L. T , of Gr -en Co., Ky. I enttie gain (torn IdGti, 20.422. 

.u (fee cure of disease win u « is contracted. 

Very truly y-iw, N B. WELLK 

t -e mber day He I* every lire'i what that 
(riper says ot him. N could ti, seleeted 
who would give more dignity io Hie Speaker- 
ship ol tbe Senate (ban Col. TTHditpson He 
is one ol (fee fetll-iUMle men oi the country, 
1 fosse seed ol Hue aeo-e and much suavity o 

New fe'ork. 

The New York Tribune',- figure.- of Hie vot< 

tS66— nos 
F nloa-Kc P.. 
Hoffman. I en 

Felting off in total vote 2! 7*17 

omp- had Lle-sed and 1-rigbtcucd a happy home, a ' 
tiir little batiy, clinging to its mother's 
bosom, but sutelv, -lowly dying. 
p no This morniug, just as Aurora came softly up \ 
rifr Ure ea.-t ;-ra sky, little “Mamie" closed but -I 
'!“! eyes ID death, and a light wenlout Iro-n loud 1 
ceuai parenl*’ honie uud item ts. He lie* in his coffin, 

J It an,i 1,1 *' •" steel, and is be uot an augc! v 

He The waxen lutids clasp autumn blossom* a* I 
'"'O’c pure and wliiie; the resile re little li-ci arc 
"J ° quiet now; tbe brown eyca will sparkle no l 

mote on earth, Imt in Heaven an ungel all 1 

b-au ilul. awaits tlie sorrowing mot tier 
Oue coffin, nnd bow sonu may the haby . 
xote form, win re lile so latoily tlimh-, exchange 

tbe cracti* w fft ie now ii lie«, lor tbe I is! qnr i 
r, row bed ! Go I b.- pitiful lo the* b recvtsl -ul- 

bier.-' '-Tueie i« no hope," tlie doctor- grave- I 
1 ' Ivsfiy, and soon lire liltlabioi bus will me t al ; 

4-,*st *he got,-* ol paradise, i uni sure all niotbcix 

•a.jiti will forgive me for rloailic my ephemeral let - 

ter wiili so pa'li.-tie a tragedy, a»d next | 1% 
leino Week I shall wiite for gayer tildes. in 

IMiRA. Hi 

II I-. I'ag-y. ' 
< i . I- r 

J . N. Pa. lps, 

ill print lM'lor--. 

ll will lie tetuembPreil after Ihe Gen 
*-i I I,a,l fiui-lted up la-e and Jackson, be wa 

into a reg-uiar pae-kei eotuing up in • nve-; XI, m. pm it iu a. art an-l it Wi* driven away toward 
derstandlsg Irom Mr. Iluro* tnmscll w i-. Dial lie Hoyd'*, wle-re Ib -re were some lfil rebel* a*~ 
waa rannlwg an independent affair „i hi- ewr ac »- mhl-,l. I saw a ivvl man/ other* putting* pco- 
bis ow n laudcoe. and lhal wben i hotl reln*-dlo , i-i.m- ia Ihe c an: Mr. Joan Miller wa* afong 

him om- day iu r«uver*uiion lhal he meni of lire exp, trees of Ibe I nvention by made by Geoeral Mower, and ia Bvov of thw 

lud been at Prestoabacg. H.- *taied there ,he Slate Trersur r, «pi ro;-riation- tor the ilfoilltoa at tbe rottoa lax. Jctdge Tail! 

w*s a pretty good fi-dr ol meu tfi-o-, pav of officer *, and if), n, and boy* will be ferro out being preaewt, Mr. iagrofttm, oot- 

aud that He v were : cuing pretty wet sauetioiietk ored, waa ar-LsdaUed temporary ofitnata 

Criltol, acccl Ik.n the I a. on uien bad I* tier look Tbe Owivenlion granted divore.-* from I he . 

..'they would com, drov.oft .ae-ri-rodra honds of matmuonv to dav, jii.I dfemisard _ ** ’ * 

like a bouse car fire, or •oute-ibiug of that kind ( . . . ’ , ” onawnun 

Thai vraa m Hie loll or winter uf issi. I UW a !*"* T ' f h gainy. Tbe niai-ritv ol R.urlllOND- 

ba-k i -I proviviou* leave hi* nou*e ooe morning >h« Committee o» I r.iiM>t|i»e report- 

ab.-ii, daylight: » blaek torn hiongBr it . nt acu <-d back the additions' sec-* ivwi of tbe Iran flnawreftlt I r rested tor laceadiary 

p-ic it iu a cart aad it wa* .biven away toward ebise artieb- empowering Hie tr-vl lfogi-ta IfoftgftfiRp Tfee Miltlary Rail || ia> 


Hoyd's, where tb re were some 1*1 rebel* as- lure to dmfrawebi*.- rebel* who have rod 
aemhl-ifi. I *aw a go al man, other* pu, tin* pro- a bled lire rieoi*.| rm- 1 IOO law* of f'oogre-- 

vi-ioa* in the can; Mr. Joun Miller wa* along _ .. . , ,, , _ ' "*"* » 

Will, ni ft Ih.- I thii-k bat I am mo ooT W breh WSS talced until l»-m«rroW. 

Hiram S. Howell, Hi Lee. I 
XV 11. Lead, Hodg-.-Uville. I 
lobn M. H - I . -a .,1 .wi 

11 t Reg r*. 

John It. Iiu- I II, G. • .lift. I 
l ulvpc S : ' - 1 r-. I'I'GVl I .-_ ■ 
F<*nt*tn MIth-,* adtx. Trfir^. 
Kfdiori s;isna*Mu*, • ovin.* <» 
A. I» Suiiili, •! t:cIm*. Ilfnn 
It (i. 8 nillt, burr 

Kir' ard M. S, :*r. *.ii,.. I.i-I* 
It. \V Si ujf, Fiiiii'intn Kim 
v -I 

l>r;\i.l T n . Blt#i>iui! I \ 

\ i. 

IL 4 . Turn r. 4* »if. o . \;, 
J ini"* XX hirr t \(* r % 

IL K. VX liii.-. I*oui-vii; i. 
J • in* ** A. x\ iIt«u. laii i IIol' • 

I :il»umluDf aniiF. Hi* loaded his oinulc train A. I did no.; ami iLt* uu u* icuor m hi- 
1 w i i li eoaiuiKiry *(ort*a 9 which cost fh«* Go?- wa- d;recfly i«» th«* rt-Tt-r-e. 

I r.nuent RMJCi 4MtO. IK* w* ut U|*i#u his t-xpe- Ii he bad (akeu aurh apo-ition a tha 

! rl'ii.ttt, he reiuriut'; muJi- few re|»»rt He re- yo “ YshonlV b?v.: been very apt h, 

|K#rit*U (bill he h.ul lust all hi^ horses, that In arif j j, | ^ hevn in lhec«*nri-ruflNn al t*e 

I., id lo-t all his ihat he lifld expend would have cert ainl jr bard il. 

. <1 nil hi ammunition; (hut he hud euteu up \n*| romhutfd i»Y 

Indian. Thon a* A. Irtla *d ttrcr i ami trainiMd 

Bill, says Ih* 4 Mail, there was a ridrr for T ® Jf r ^7’ .. . . .. . 

Overh.1,1 Express f omp.i.T, whose -oul ^Vln Mareh, i'dil He tol.i „ ■ p.-o . I. 

Wtt- a'*o fired with ardur.'ind nhen h* W e.irtfDeief th^i ..n— ,on M aw roil 

A. I did no»; aud the wt\ le l**uor of hi- ^p«'fe*rh j 
wa- directly i«» ih** r«??i*r-e. 

g. Ii lit* bad !»urb a|>o-ition a that would I w:i- H ir.y McKuid* 4 

I do n*»r know wbethrr He rrhel* *.-nt nwr to 
'own and fiftn— rtrd Munakiua. I ttnok th«* cart 

you have known l.l 

A. I t*honl I Inv * h**fii von* a ;#» to beirvf it: 
and it I hid bvrn in the coon -rtN>m .-*( (tu* il:m* | 
wo'iid have ceriainlr h aid il. 

sp«*«T»i in March. 1*4*1. He told *i» • pi-o .1. m.,i h- 
we.ii'd pwc. «»ld thsi # 4 'Ci»R-ion uanmII wr»»:i«r. 

r»*ft »llect who tne black u»j»h waa who waa driv- 
inn. J* 

il You rtate in ihe affidavit wbk** you made all i 
ibal Ihe cart was Mr. Toutt'l tart. UU4 | 

A I miv have i»»ar**fi «*o; f do oor know whe'Hcr 
it waa hi-* or McK»ooesi>. hat I tb.m -hr It w-m 
M cKinney'**. I do nol kuow lor rtrrnai-t**re» f 1 
nu i*rr which proviAiom* were -em o#, that 

f*e oul? uc« of aid ib> rrh* IUo.i ibut | know ol A 
.Mr. \ «iuii' r oi'Hit. i it tin.* I was .a I oioit man lUb 

♦*d hack th** addili* »u*' «e. *M»n*>r tho Iran- fVnooienll (rrfdrd tor Im r r md mtf 
diataHIrlr nunow riusr Hie i»**vt TW Miliinr? Roil ||. M 

lure tu dialnuiebi** rehrM who liar*- i»..i Oul. 

(.Wed Ibe rieoiaHinicl ion law* of ( o*«r»*'S K»* hnond, Va » -Hov. J 8 — J. \% Hum»- 

which wm tatee.l until t.eroorrnw. . uti, ditor of tha New >*nou, who was at 

Aft ordiun. - w vs report* . I -lec l iring v.»bl rested oa Wsfenfi; by Ifea civil officer*, haa 
all marriage* between white- awi ftetdpen- bees toirod hy ffee military "nm wioa-r to 
pie, and requiring- Ihe l.- risiaiwre lo prevent appear M I hortea ffty lowafey l oan wixfeia 
tueb marri-rg - under e > tain tv .Hies Ex- f. u Jays after Ihe adjourarueoi of tfee rveos- 
■ treme Rvdieah oppo-.d it A colored dele -trueiioa .-oft veal loo, rtf whreB fee • j vm 
v i,e sai.l it wa* eontra'V to ihe civil right* her, *od answer lire in. It. ‘meal prroliftg 
••il*. The ordinane-- w a* lal.led ualil lo- igamat him for taceadiftiy languuwa iaa Pft? 

.tiorrnw,, . Ilr -peeeh. Tie Curamtosiuser stated that 

An ordinance was passed de 'taring v»Hd General Schoflrid d’riiked to inlrrfora in 
all special set* of public officers in fbre 9(*ie -ach matters, bat did to that (fie oeerord 

uuder miltlaiy authority dur ng the exwt 
eace of Ibe preoeni provisional governm. of, 

nnght attend to kitdftfieft id tfee roaveftltoft. 
The bail was fixed st FA Ml Huuk-dM 

3 d • *n < a n ( » bi* rt*iH>rtt*d fbat I and 'hat it wan ihe duty oi K rutu:kv t«» inaini.un I B> Hr. McKcut 

.* the same hud bee a n due coarse ot lhgl mdv-traero le a prrlexi to 

"*■„ , .. . . prevea, his sifllat ift Ifte eonvealloft. la 

A Bureau of Kralgrariom has been eatsfi volunteered to appear ia conrt wllkuwiofi 
li-hed hy the I >nvcofiou. pul- low before tire military took Ifer mailer 

— "• — 1 • ' • ia hao.l- 

tbe G.-neral was mistaken -lor lie himself bad nentrall'y and tooe. uoy the ground wtieh - to. 
Vi, led Ibal ope linli.ui Tire w*r between Legishrlnre was assuming, ll b.- hulso-ithat 
Gnit express rider aud tbe valiant Griii-ral Keolueky should join the s-ru'h re f'c I'f.clerae. I 

„ v „ I l llrn , hunters in tin- would have heard Ir, aad It would ha, • lmi-re-*ed 

. tiled ' . xvurin IIDIH noun liuniera to IU. me | never heird -cnee that he tod .cceup, 

, i , . 1 1 v ' nc'ighliorlirtcid e-jnie to liearol ti, and brought po*tlion. I wa* a' Burns' lundiiigou the os-ra-ton 

,.,l jj 1 Ibe . ittfesl to an umlroely end Ity declaring ol the- gathcriue (here in Aagu-i. Isfil I er-t 

llial they kuext tlie ludiitu lit Ice still alive! Mr Grover'* telliDi- tbe |*-nple there that he k.nt 

l(. I'p n. th-- 'ime that General Nrl-ns 

I wj* * 1'aiou man i.-om llsbed hy Ihe r.inveotioD. 

at Ge neral Nri-na ea- |-*f' lt just takes lom bom- to g i to l onl-v-Ilc 

.eg-i-luture wa* assuming. Ii h. h:> I s u-t that eaceped at Yluulicfc Spring, in ishl, was any f.wca aad return, an J that,, Witfeoa; stopping 

.entuek; should join Ibe Sccifth rn t'< nfeilerar- I used by either side to compel people to Iced to ft shopi iug It will fi- a great il uage for 

on 1.1 have heanl It, and II would have im, -re— .-d trc-io? n,.- Ireiter win-,, the ear- on 1 1,. J.-th ■*,! -in 

le. I never beard smee that be did neeup* Ibal A. I do not think there was any e.snptilaioa tn _i_ ak r H - , , - , i 

n-ilion I was at llurns Ijnriiiiguu the c-ra-lon (eedihem: I never heard nt it. w fiak pusieng, . Ir ur » it -u, e, oy* r h 

To Mi. Kinkead: lltriigu tut" I iu a. nt - to Hllaeu or 

I nave uo doubt that I m.-DHoaedat the time un mien. — ■ (New Albany Comtu- rciuL 

and return, auj that, too, w.tbou: -topping ^yf'Tfer rolalc ol tfe>- iat* Mr. Jaurra Wood, 
to (» shop, iug It will fi- a great el aage for oi FMUburg, Px, is i-stimalmi *1 MtkiMW.UW, 
Ih,: twite, when the ear- on lire Jetf. n ad will jurf is left ia hia will exetorivefy to bin widow 
wb »k pusaeng, r* fr- ur 8 .He -trret oyir ife and chtklrew- oou thud ia duvfiad to hia 
irriige into ar dl • iu lift, ,-u or Iweaty wife, aud tfea reiftatqder, ia uqwvl ports, to h>> 

SATURDAY HQgniMf; . MOV. 30 , *’«tfr *t Mr. k. a. At<*»i>d-i. 

Our FniiVfnri JU^itAf 4 lirlat n the in 
THE NEWS. I trllicrnrr- 04 l be 4km li of Rolx rt Aitchr-tnn 

AWander, of Woodiord --ounty. Mr AW 

in Re. la Stm Yo«fc yaateia,,. under wan a native of \V . dl-ird, Imf in 
n New Tar* yre'avBay at 1SS. | tavi'ed rstotra in Great Britatu, Iruoi wliicb 
l»» received a very large annual income, .nd 

advaaead to l»s. aad ctaaad at l»\alMv 

Taavnavaa Ja.refa Lforarv Association at fre-m this rircumstani-’ be war aomctini' f I 

Oalveataa. Taaae 

Anemaa rtrfc roam* RagUak woraan baa raa 
a* with bee tattar'. fa-now, 

Tan aaaca treat are la btooai ia tbe vlelalty of 

Ki kwaa« Tecaa 

tf^raoM uuliuin-d meant, be de “rvaucr of Thanksgiving, which include, a I mem. but without naming the lime il .ball ^3^1 '«^omw ‘ *H c T to 'are x?«u“°»o“ ertU^ii*"^ '' hi ' b » r '' oi.irtlr ,..e,l br <nir pork packer*. while aoraaua ,.ocz stocr tamd-h. r. vtaana*. ruor. "*« 1 - “iVoo Je . R ‘ ' ‘ ‘ v r h l»cbe. at 

kl a W | | | % a *’|'4 h\ la I *■ etreli.iua a- eoulli ui mir bib <'-,i,li-li'i»«',* 

1 1 * In tbe honesty and |>atrintifni of the masses 

of the American people and espressos a tirni 

iffairs at the National Capital. 

[Special Telegraphic < orrrepondence of the On tbe question of Cnanee. be approves t be 
Louisville Courier.) policy ol McCulloch, which is to continue tlM 

tiianksgivikg. gradual contraction of. legal tender., to In 1 

Washington, Nov. 28. — The general ole lollowed by the resumption of specie pay 

I Hi’ LOUIS f deraaeiliBK atllallj,'< rib al* at ttjfie, I r% • _ | . 

tsses a ' clear sides at lBtfie; *ur a reared hams at Matte. mV'Vat fiifi^A *a» ‘its », a'at' fiUtolftit'.V fifattw IllV0r l fl 1.6 1 ilC]6nC6< 

firm Indian A tlitirs.. Northern Indinn- on I'orndull at 78c. Hay dull at $33. Cotton has is SD.S at *12 «»Br>.5»t Ul®ll M.aalJKWrt 7S.A J 

" I the WnrPnth..Timy Attach forl ^ Uw ^ kew d^imMM^maata.ra.tJ.5 .t - 

\ it Sutler Train*. Two Men Killed . r..... v., u (Special Di- patch lo tbe Loufayilto Courier ) if • ■ 


,i si »;,s ii p-tn, i at 

■ cut-nouBS COI.HY AiTiioir.n. i and one Wonndetl. toil, fair »n-n .tore. a.i.....i...u.<.ii. The pneearansadaa Callows :« bMa ammiw 

On the questiou of finance, be approves the 8 t. Loris, Nov. 3° —A North Platte dis- 4 . ' »6«V », slu*** 2a J «,*md 

policy ol McCulloch, which if to eonlmuetbe J t^.V^c* liundn-d ol* hi/people'liave b-en here monetart. laittM. _ 

receipts for tbe week 5,000 hales. Sugar firmer: 

since Saturday waiting for the commissioners. . There is still a tightness in the money market. 
\ half doyen Ofc.illwas are here with Hlot; Hanks are discounting all their available means. 

Louisville Live Stock Market. 

SATruoAT. Nov. W. 

(Special Dispatch to tbe Louisville Conrier.l I 
PlTTSBCBO. Dec. 1. ! 

Weather cold and freezing bard. No prospect 
of water at present. Ice Ibrmiag in the Alle- I 
gheny. Reports from bead-waters say it is cold 
and freezing, with a dull prospect of resuming 



Vised his attention to .nterprtora »«n«‘n-ioo of business in all department*, take place. 

to tbe vlrint.y ot eomlueim lo the public talerewt. In the mi creates a dearth of new.. Many members ot | 
provement ot the stock of the com.try bis ‘ letl yesterday, and will not return 

i — of services bav. been invaluable, and bis name bclore Monday. 

tan hfrwrnr a household word %»h-t-\.r “*** * * , '" l “ 

Moodesl tam and import i*d eallle arc Thom- maatatag aay tbe extra M Siion is an 

priced. **" r r,i,or '- 

An nnobtrusivc and high toned gem Iritmn THE ‘'“TVon TAX. 

Mr. Abxandcr non tta calccm of all with Th ' r ' ■»* »-»«™tiere tint the cotton tax 

whom be came in contact: and r ' l“‘» 1, d *•'•» l *“» <' * <««seen»inK 

who never saw liim will inourn the doslli of vd,rs - 

otc so distinguished lor gener- wily and pub against mri'Ai burnt. 

lie spirit. Though cut <>H in the meridian ol ll ‘ u - Sutler is -aid to be against impeach- 

i la won 1 1 W I laast. now commandant of 
rortrem Mnuree. amredbl tbnt place yesteiday. 

Gat Patton, of Alabama started far Wool, 
locum yeatreffay from Moulgumeo 
fir vw It a. n veaterday. two tecta* ot aoow 
bad inllen si il ree n c atl r . lad 
ER^Wanomosm »*iw«n died retard.*. 

IT u reported tbni «kB(0 cigar, seised an tb* 
p — r — i — i\dnmbts was tb* enure lot. 

ta lor- Monday. 


Those reinaiuiug say the extra session is an 
idler failure. 

Catti.ii — T hr rsttle market at the beginning of the 
wo k was v. tv brisk, on so nant ol Ihc light .apply 
on the market, bul toward the clo-e cl the week the 

take nlaee I * 'v , . , m I Ilf balance i. taken liy tobacco anil cotton liny- Catti.*— The cmtle market at the beginning of the 

take place. | unities and rclurii to Ins cainn on Willow _ . . „ . ' is <.» brisk on srmnnt ot ih.- iiaht .nnnly 

BEI OVSTRI OTION. I Vick. In R speech tu-iiby Sisdlcd Tail swill c^ sod none left lor tbe manufsclurers, who arc „„ ,|j,. w:ak £ , tot toward the clo-e ol tli* week the 

. I |, i I is ii ii w I II in ir to L'O lo Wii.lnngloll Until lorccd to borrow from brokers St advanced rates supplv increased, anil the market closed dull »i ik.i»Xc 
On reconst rucl ion the message dolcinl ill " * ‘T.i .i v ,.l .. a ... l.Li . .„ , . . lor uood heavy shipping; 5s(w6c for best qualiiy 

I |»r;««*r in ni.Ml** Willi lu** Nfulln in IikIciiic- atHl MdiRimiit. hence r.nuM*ville nniinifHeturen* rtn- huteh<'m* nIiiIT: for f tlr; 1 Sk*4c for coinuiOB; 

p«rt the |K>1icy of rector itiiiii. IOC jnueMcul I a t rent y He is wi’liofflo gulo PbiL not compete with tho*u» of other rill***— a matter f«r Mtftor u<l rooib. ’ 

The Allegheny Valley Railroad N in fine w >rk* 
log order to Oil City. This road will *«*in mak«* 

The rrovdfi (but hive daily throwz*><|oar ■Eor-». owiM lot 
a Lor ebaue • lo bay tro:a oar ireiae u d o a a 

On rccotiefruciiou the iui-6.-*:»g. 

workiug ol the art* of CvOBhicas, « \li iiited 
iu tbe South* in Stalest, is* |m»w erf nil > dcliut* 
a ted. 

Kemiey next spring anil sign a treaty With of fact which we are very reluctant to divulge. 

’ ''(Ichcnil* Vlumcy alid Saulmru and Indian N * w Y «rk and other Eastern* .lead,; 
agent Hcauvaia and lack Howland arrived noctaUf* ir prices since nor Iasi report 
to night al Cheyenne. Spoiled Tall lias cold lias .lightly declined closing in S 
since expressed hi. w illiugnees lo visit, last evening «l lrtx. 

\\ ihliiugioii il allowed lo lake five wivis Lovcnimcnt slocks and bonds are dull i 


There are a-emance* llisl the col ion Ux TVuiisenge makes no relet.n 
will Im* r« |i^atl«d witb but l*‘W di6««*Dting jx i* l.iu* nt lirot*. 


lias {if *& ban aliuhtly declined closing in New York | 
visit. I»et evening at in. 

live# iioveriiinent Ntnckfi and hondt are dull and uom- i 


nlong. bcniTiil llarnry un<l( olon«ll ;ip|*an ; na | Tranmction^ are light and Urce margins 1 
r» hi uned over to satiMy Uie elaiiior »»l tbe Iu- are „ Ut j^ 

FiiiFHiN kF.i.ationr. r , m t in*. tl over to satisfy tbe elmuor of tbe lu- 

Tb«- question of the elaiiu* against England diuuft lor gootb. 

A mwm IttMA' pwper la lo be RhArtcd iu New L 

lathe Demooretie imreem P-re u> iu knowiPE th.l that Ule . t. not in vain 

Tb. It . tot Kara (Lt.» Lodger nay. fbar some 
two bandred Uevmsn samiliea are shawl U> seal* 

la that panah 

Hr laou has over forty breweries which, da 
nag ibe Inst mnsn mowtbs. mswRisctwred tTl.- 

lbt barrel, wf bdtr. 

bis lile, his friends have the roumdaliou ol 

knowing tbit that Ule was uol in vaih. THE BF ** T * champion, 

— — — Butler prides himself on being the cbntu- 

Tbe Hetb ri Lwuatie Asylum. pion in the ass.i nils on those who advocate 

15 u Hun, r is - iid lo lie -icaiusl iuuieacli- I K srened at lenglii and a firm lone iudie Hcil Tlie northern Indians nre slid belligerent. * 8n ‘ h ‘ >nd9 * ri ’ ,n h *‘ u * r demand; 

' in tbe nuiller Our hireigu relation.- iu nil On Ibe tith iuslunl a sutler’s train, escorted the low prices are iuduring many to purchase. 
olln r respects arc uuuuuuccd to be health; by Lieutenant Shir’ey and lorty soldiers, was Louisville Jt Nashville Railroad slock is a little 

• or guod heavy sMppiug; SHWfc f r lie.t quality eonneeflons that will (urnish another ronle to 1 A l £ I -4 4mmm ^Wa w f V f Y 1 A 

hiitiie rs’ -luff: I S'*'"' for filr ; 1ty»lc for c-.mmoa; miudidl, \ * 1 1 I ' ^ ► c I ' V A - X c J K / • 

IHmSSc for mierlor and rouah. ' " ' “ — 

II, ms The market >s very linn, and prices steadily (Special f>i. patch to The Iann-ville Courier. 1 . . • _ _ ^ 

‘ »«v. The f<d lowing i. >>ur por, it,. Hosiery, N otions, cfco., 

Miser There arc bin u-w ogerlnv. ana nor little Steamer Julia, from New Orleans lo St. Louie: T . ___ . __ . -- earn T r-vaT T-T-t TrtiT-in 

h ** ,y L MeO.ll, from Rt Lzmln to New Or.em£ Poe, AT LESS TH A.N AUCTION PRICES. 

t Sali-»tu* wma -T attle. :»t; hogs, 3 Blitbeep, Boy. from At. lamia to Memphis: Northern AU Boesn. o. nine n. enoeniETon. bama. from Tewne-^ River to SL LowL: W.,,- M> Will. All V||\|>lT Wf * 1*7 • wCff lk« k»lt»C« *f 

bin, from < incinnj»n to N«»w Orlaauw; H. A 

;VV‘’ ^^!!05asas 

nL^sV .■iV-cH.c, Will, ^‘oisfew chom.T/bui,h rah; Argons, it, from Men, bis ,o Lou.svill ; fe„ H»-rery. very rlre.ipS .MM* P« i» Umlrea’ i«wd Miwre-’ Kugl.ab Hire aery. aim. 

simi.BY noesn, o. birch, procbirtor. 

ne<see. from ( siro io Memphis; Cnmherland. from 


attacked on Peniaii creek, twenty miles above lower, and if money rontiinies to be scarce a still <*f small 

l’liil. Kearney, hv Red Cloud hand. Lieu- further decline may he anticipated. Min.e— The 

n,a,. -The mark, t Is active, notwltlv-tanding the Cairo to Kvnnsville. Hiver stationary Ther- 
eoniinued warm, wet weather, .with an upward ten. motaeter 17 si rfaylisht. 4g at noon, and H nt dark; 
rteni-y. Packers are . aying from fo 9n to t . JO, with r ; lr , p„,i,„ ,, MM i 
■ ir lots exira. initened. lo hnleher., al cu,Jr> • l0a DUSI “css good. 

The tt eat. rn Lwuatie Asylum. pion in the assa ulls on I hose who advoca 
Tbe repairs and extension to this hniidipe paving bonds in gold, 
bav mg been completed, the laborious and in rakioai. carer* 

detatigablr Sup -not end int, Ur. J unes Rut- There are ruiuois of a Radical euncus to be 
man,aiiDoonee-. h; sdveriisem ni, that there held tor the purpose ot uniting tbe part; , 

Is now room lor Ally five addilioual patients, a line of policy, hut tbe dissensions are 
It bat tor months been crowded to its utmost great that not even king caucus run save it. 

A joint resolution will no doulil he intro- 
duced al an early day aulhoriz ng the Secreta- 
ry ol War to strip one Henry W. Barry of 
his brevet of Mai >r (IcueruL 
He is accused of oldaining the same ti|.on 

» ran oil six C arrecled bv Morton, tinli A- 1 Mankers. km-«irre FoR ilia yy ««a -Cattle. *«; hogo.-J.MS. the Allegheny river, and tinles. the weather mod- 

good s. They no. i:>0 *nr maim »rn««i. -neep, . n.isi, b,i. i. crates that stream will soon ftvexe up. 

le Crows were having. Selling, oarlasu stock taid— j. h. CABtieoa eo.. pime'ns- twenty inches nl Hlass Uouse. 

(here held tor tlie purpose ol uniting the parly on letters purporting to be from flenerals K. B 

r , , ,, ,. . 11 1 VI S. of Ohio, Thomas. Palmer, Hatfield 

CHS. a line of policy, hut tin- dissensions are so o, bPWt aud most ot lh,-se othe rs declare 

t«‘uaul S. HaM.-bof Uirmiirh I In* toot, ami two 

i lieu win k i - 1 « 1. Th«* luiliuurt run ofl ^ix t’#rmiwl bv MaitMi 
way mw und IJd.OOO uoi th ol They Bo. 1 Kl wn» i 

iiuuiIk it'd ibr«w bundred. Mooie Cruwi were ^ 

.. lining them. . . Slher’doiu 

Al noon on II e 14th instant lonrleeti Indi- silver Hs audit* 

alls, led by Big Bear’s sous, eatne within two Silver dimes and halt 'dimes 

miles ol Fort Laramie, and ran oil seventy oovbk.nm 

ill ml ol horses and mules. The herders fol- Klve twenties, f-i;j 

Pirrasrao. Dee. 1. 7 e a. 

Pin’d and « beg. Sitka xt 73 c ulw. worth *1 »<>s5.00« B»ira Lad'Ca* aud Mibvs* 
llo-iery. very rkesyt hal pit i» l^die*’ nud Muse-' Rugliab Hsaiery, aome- 
lirtiig rxiru, tor 73 c.-mI*. iormei price • 33. 

olt pmrs Bed Hl inkeia at ball price 200 voids Muckabrack. tor Toweliug. ut 33 
cent* a y arn; 3;» dozen Towil-. naif 33 ee ts eveb, loruser pnee 40 aud SOc; 
.'•O dozen I toy lie. and Napkin* only V 55, fordet price 13 3o. 

Kl. AMAKM »l nil kinds and colors, »erp cheap. 

Weather cold and disagreeable Ice farming on (.’LOTIlM and f %sn|>| IRKS. JK \N» sad TV* KEDfi, al ball price. 

prtfatataMtatataepM irew«d.far,he|«^’ «“<> - f 

arreoi wf person* gnllty or tac«wdtarism 
EmanlltU-Bi Fields sad i’karles Wricbt 
were aresMad rbarre* wHk obtaUHwc cheeks Imp 
the New York Exchange Bank 

A sow Pi karsr thieves has recent ly keep dis- 
snversdtP Jackson eoeniy. Missouri, epihraring 
shop, ppr hundred area. Plve or MX ol them 
haw beer arrestee ppd opr *hpt. 

Tat Adscsta apd Port Royal Railroad romps 
ny. S l'.. is laity orcawrapo Mors than ape-half 
o' Ike grading is c o mpl et ed, pad MU hand, will hr 
set PI rvprk taupadiately 

A orcr teiegeapk compppy have >pat com me seed 
opmlioos in New York, with idhces at ccavcpl- 

part pf the cMp Ot a m s d e r a te coat. 

Ir as elorttor diflewky ta California, recently 

thrir names were u«cd wiihoif authority, and , mv ,. a them' lorty live miles, accompiuicil by ••••"• 

otlieis say they d'> not know Barry. Ex- L'apt. Well’s company of the 2d cavalry, but Severn liirttes .T."]'.!’.™ 

capacny, and wc doubt no! the additional * oov. flamiers otneis say imy m. noi know uarry. r.x- c , , Well’s compji 

quarters will noon be filled Tiicte is no in- Il lias transpired that Gov. Flanders of Cougresaman Randall, ol Kentucky, procured t |„.y W cre not ovc 

Mitiiliuu of U.e kind in all the land conducted '■ouismna was prompted to petition govern dwuMUtT^idct^ tr'ul.s « ere found 

.. . . „ _ . .... , a lucil to tirnt tti< arliitrary trtkw of Utneral on uun. i in rt* are u«h unit him v cvmtncc* throo*;!, with *pcni>. 

with mare efllci.mcy or that ha- shown miter M „ w ,. r , w |„, t.vihcwav, tbrealcacd lod.cap- l-roving Barry to have sw in, II. , l mcrchanla jrt . oll „ K war . |rfl ,u. 

ce-ults from its m.Klc ol treating Ibe unfix itatcthat inrtivnlaaL and tradcwinco in Lonisvillc and other cities, « ail lug lor tlu sold 

Cattle -T h* C Atk m irW- t dnrin* ih«* week bM 
h« t>it/l>rlKk. aud lb » NUpplj nut eqoAl to the demand 
rrice*4 rMQKt* from 3 to 5^0 for in* heitt qnalilj, Itlr 

Sheep — N one oo hand. 


CiNCiRRATI, Nov. ay -It i .lined steadily here 
yesterday till two o’clock c. R.. when tic- wind 
rhangr'd irom i ortbea-t lo norinwesl, bringing a 
few flukes of snow, aud turning Ireezing cold. 
This morning the thermometer is Id degrees 
above zero. 

The river has risen 1 inch. Now t feet S inches 

t ome ope, come alt, and get g rent bargain* al 


a frTtU. 


rluulcd. Twenty-seven Ten-iorues tin 

in tlie trail, some run concur so imxrkst >,»rrs. 

with more efficiency nr flint has kIiow n ticttcr R,, w ,. r w |,o |,v I lu- 
re- nils from It* m. Hie ol Irt Al iur 1 Ii- im f,* itaictliat individual 
tunnies placed there, tbau Ibe Western La KIM I>t . m 1 , '» 

antic Asylum, at Hopkinsville. Private advices li 

— 1 — ■ — the 21-1, ayi R vas 

lusporlppi IMsrwer) ol Nall. and hlai-k vomit bat 

CUBRiJiRoao, Ky., Nov. 2K, l%7. a - 

Jbtte K4dn. c n. UmccU. fhwrer. M.WWU, Trimble, 

There i» great exi ilcmcul arar Crotfrafaero, Kentucky ddegatioi 
Jaares Mizirr having, when boring lor oil at a«.,x< Ti- 

the dcplli ol 212 Icct, struck a stream ol salt 

water, which lip- proved to tic one of ibi 's-for- 1 I he Senate w 
wrongest -alt water si scams in tbe United ac'ion ol tlie pr-ssu 
But--. Il very Ireqiicntiy liows Utpcotwid merit ol Ohio, win 
cntblc bight, and lorms sail on the rock, as it Governor ol Idaho. 


proving Harry to have swindle, I merchants 

*Bd tradesmen ill l.oiiis villi ami , niter cities, — — ilin lor ill - st-hlir-rs to come ttii where l ontponnd Interest, Anz., is-t. .......... 

| and use affidavit cirntg.-w biiit « ill. attempt ..^ccd to tbcoy him In lo a trap. SSpUSSd iSfaret’ tZ" 'Sfa 

tiulragc the p- rmni -d :t girl in In- iMvanlmg r _ t m^ponnli luh-rel. vi.V: ldS:""""" 

uw* lit*re ^nni‘ iiaonlliii ago. * 1 <'i»iuiHiuutl lntpr**^t. aue.* itkft 

tliron^li with spmo. Tli ret* hundred Indian" rotnponnd lot(tM(,Jnne, imm 
. irt- on the war j.ath. uml it i« supposed urt* compound lut^rt^t. July. iw.i. 

Beef Cattle -Tbe market b*« been Arm the pw-t in Ibe cbaooel. W ••Ether clear. Tnermometer H» aer ks*er«uM aa«l Weie 

1*!J4 week. EEd cmttle h*Te been in deiiiand, tlie mipply decrees. Very cold 1 e»C ni^ht, with » »troD<r .jale _ 

b« in* Abort. We quote th- bent uhlppmft Rt of wind, tod the thermometer down to I.«* dejr V\ v,i N TH— r»w J et EE d 

hint tier Find 4m*5c iu< «liuut w . ke. ^ ^ ^ how they i hr <l.hou^ut »od lbe*1 for ImaIp. WIU 

ii*i HtMin Tlie mark* t eonftnn« u firm. All the bom PlTT^IUto, Nor. SO, 1 P. — Tbo river Et PW8- Ineitleu** anil "k^t^hr* of Life In the PotMeiwy 

Private a lviet lr« ni Hnt«»u Ktuifo, , of Imiiim* 
tb* 2Ut, "« \ d.*Mtlie I min Ydloi lever II 4* wart ap|H»int4-d Bureau airenl at (hkkI- 
Mud lalaek %4>«*it bad 4Mvurred. man, MUt., t»nt Gen. Howard, a^rertaluiiitf 

bis cluirarter, (Ihtait^ed liim. 'I his is tbe 
&BKIVAIA wairCol. Barry whoflitumlal Padueili, Ky., 

Mmn. Trimble, Berk and Knott, ol llte where lie extorted irold from a bankin': eon 

eat i« pfaiionarv. with 1) in.-bes in tbe cbanoel. 

Iia- 4 been sold at $2 Ifrm* per hundred »b*; niedlmu I It ramed steadily lor *24 noiir* up to o' !o» k last I > I* 
rhSTn- s. lotht uom p> to frt .5. I uit;bt, when it ruined to snow, and il has beeo I ^ 

KiMiliii ki delegation, ariived to day. 


U lt»n t!»p S natr w bieb tail from n want of 
ae«i«»n ot tlie |»r* session, is (iildb, lor- 
tncrly <»l Ohio, wbo i stroii|fly backed lor 

•*»ws ol Then 9 are ureat |»re|turatit»ns beiu^ 
made for tbe inaoulaetare of salt at tbif piucr-, 


rein at tlie ii.rttuiirw ol a |»r4h*l it tile. 


Jno I). Y«un?, A. Grover, ami S.nn. 
M » Kte, of Kenltirkv, have arnvul. 


Most of tbe Kentucky CUS4-8 will Ih* rt*- 

RICHMOND. I Compound Interest..' Oet.V ISfo. IKfS 

' Eonna. 

Colored Citizen* Seeking Aid from (hr City for *lr't HnnVnent W City lor urbT purfmam m 

White Niggers. Witnesses in the Z - wI.p'm* M - * * zTrVt 3? 

linvis Trial Keronslruction f iiit. - -• j,-rvliie"K.Vt. so Ky R*»te haatfamldjim 
veil! ion — ( ’hesH |M*ak«* uml Ohio Hull* Ky.Sinie Msm-wi 'Ji MaterworksboafiC .. si 
ri i Ml i hlreet lUtlway (4*ityi TiO htiurt ILyII way (cit*n> ill 

roMM * •• “ (Con.) no Canal bonilrt f1«»nir» ... jrt 

I’tli llMoND, Va , Nov. 350*t evening a Canal b«»n*ls (Shftrij... HB # .IpE. IL K. »M>U4ls — t5H 
meeting ol c.lore.l Republicans was held ut % KiiLR-al Y'/w •L.w K.'luu^nmui. 1 Ts 
Capitol Park, at winch resolutions were #Tor 



U m~r % NTKD "ITU ATION-Art boa— sfwner.Ec. 1*1-VALP;BLK KIT K FA K »—>k l 

For lnfn nintion apply al Dr POlICH. •W cor r^gwgmwmt rm IkCEiM to— iy , 

U r a a*wa fit — 4ii - v th ir r uiFfinv jfa trata »n 1 , Maillol, frtd M haw bffiifrn i *<tfaf4 tor Ox ref 

how Ih-jr ' hr d,fou|M and IHe*i for ImiIi. Wttll 5?! ^SimSSSS^m! ^twonSor* amISkctrbw ->7 LM- In III* Confr-tcfwcv. JS.Z , _ 

' • 1 .nt, s t t nn>n, mo. no*,w« |V(>||ory a rrtb bolt! «N ra IV* 

tlM TO % ROITH. 

\\»Nr*ll yi.FxTs-Un.* .nd i* nl*. krn*|h laaong sore ot M«rk la a«a wnrereoM .tahtaSl 

'» ..III th* lul-si state, t.. in-rmlace tha orit neath for 5* mul*-. sn-l a n. T-riailln* w«iU>i*nj>| 
(iann-nc m ■»->•- -«i- s..|„._. w i.-hine. prtc* only water. Ttw aott h aUuvfaL of thartehal? *v ajM 

*|S S|||.I loans *l5u -s-wing m.ehia* in th* worlj oah lP»zhaanMfa*. sixt w aaterptestel tor ih* jffi 

night, when 1: luruvfi to snow, anti ii has ih-. ii 
- nowing sine* then, »nd still i-nu,iuucs. There is 
now lour inches ou the ground. Thermometer 27 

degree*. _ I ( .. i«. ne i’T^i'iii" .; -'. u vr ai-hT"*.' prire "onli water Th* *od h ailartel. A the ^ cho^ 

Thz River was (ailing slowly yesterday, with f* spafa toop. «fa s-wtog at.chth* th- world y* 1 ln*Than* t' hi*.*mi -s ftwl 

tinlv •» (.•**, in inr lir*w iartt.*r In ih.. i >n th** I I ui »• h n« m * ihf* ld<i •' Uck *t.t< h.iDri,!^ at tfc>n of QQfl. tooaceo, P'lMra C r ** a > Vf * 1 

.SL 1 rwL-“ ° h s^ I t». "ftt. V ti »i Aibinv. to tffi- th4 stroavrMt. >»oal ffwtt _WitE E>»od cuU»vauow^h r ytotd Me 

resolutions were 

|Hirted to moipm'. Mnabera 

adopted, drel..rhi’ Hut in view nl the cJiorlH >rt|t— tart National bk. second..-* 

w ho arc I of the C onservatives lo intimidate lire* colotfd 

•v* hretfaw namnd fapatpa ware killed pud their Twlcd ^•iinm’^Tfie N> * r ° rK <i,olM '’ ” ,,rou K'‘« '►‘‘•■•re tbe 

. . , T ^_ Ka .be ! MOfe * •® cc «^ ,u ttoI » wooo^ti _conntr>. 1 In ol n„. s,*n:it# to answer lor printing ccrtEin 

***** ‘ tuni*a> are Ix-in* erected cod (be po atEtementrt alfroat (Ih* affairs ol the Iretf-ury 

It ih ci|Wt'-d wlier l>nubar, editor of tbe I ctmlefliidC willii4»t be disported olAouiorrow'. I voters, lion John M Botts, Gov. Pier]»out, I Rank of Ky HB^ Rank of LoaMvilk>...l04 


Krauklin Stcirna, and others, l>e requested to ■ ^ .o* , . K -v, ■ -»• — —--r rrr _ ir: — r 7 -vr' 

n og. t I Citizen* «bauk 124 People •* bank 1QT» I bn^h. part 1Mb an 1 remainder on private terms, lie- 

rail i\ Slate ( on \ tilt IOO of white Republicans I Conimrrrial bunk yii Fall* City T«*b. bank.. I rv.pU «orx 8l.2rA buali; about lc lower, ty.OUU bu«b al 

Merchant-’* bauk....^...1; > r> Northern bank l’/« 

naihgir* ip, and all iuoviue iionyec lm*lv a* w«- could 

Trs Iottu R.kW - Klk ) G vs«Ur bs* In ks po* ehp«1. . V AMD B. 

■rwotpp a stiver cpp. ma4*pu**d to have heesi *tnle» fire H l isiutss Y Negro Nets the Jail 

A Radical on the com in it tec on eledioofl I to assist and direct tbe colored people in ear 

1 uriou- developments will be I about all tlie evidence against Trimbl 

dtnac tk* war. eiAimI “Bclk* I. Mon ii.” IV 
pniwwlf will »w aarrawdered *m pn>of of owber- 

Twi AcaeaKa »T.w n W r ortiof> Ooor*wt W wj . af 
(tar a «bon unaioa watrrdiy. adjoarard eeIM to 
bay without tEEMoriinv any boaipeta* The «oo 
vvotioai bos drawn f from tbe hute Treoaa 

o« fin* nud l.sraycs. 

Ou Tuesday amniiug ol Iasi w«*«-k, jiisi Ik- 
for. dayhr. ak, th* Lswicihh- roiiuly tail was 

made. Il is all. gc.t that this is instigated by loyalty was that lie hauled Gov Stevrn-on 
I s- is. >11- whti are iuterealed in stipprutsing his about iu his buggy iu his district during Ihc 
|,j|„-r. late canvass. The prool against Ute halautv 

ri.H inii e i.i smi u of tbe members Was equally Irivofuus. 


ri.W ARIl E. I'l MHK. 

YVasiiinuton, Nov. 2*J — Edward E. Dun 

AN INI y Mill S I IK. 

dfacover d to be on htv, and upon • xiniinitlg i„ r< arre-t was ordered by the Neuate, 

into tlie cause ol it, it was found t a m gr.. „ u . 

who had Ins'll confined there in liinl hpryicd 
bis way all' Hire nigh a door ill the second 

ticn BartirMge declared to a metnltcr of 
Congress to-day that lie had never had any 
petsoit -hot m Kentucky, excepting on the 

_ , walls ol the building were ol stone, aud as 

AT i*h*BLRRvnn. R C.. »wUt«J. th< f's ia.'i toe wood was all nek Ibe fire was Pot 11 very 

h -ek prrtvtd wttfc UO •igfwat* ppder th* apoptre* lively ope, and was confined io the jail alone, 
o. ,b- Htalr IpsatigretMO Board They were (Catlicu-i.urc Tri'iutic. 

slory, and eaep|MNl, leaving Ibe tire- to spread I mation respect ing Ute Treasury matters which 
over tlie whole budding l-oriunatcly the I M r-i , 

pprared Indore the Retrenchment Commit- petson shot in' Kentucky, e> 
.-•-to day and J is.-'iiscd the source ot inlor- sell tenet* ol a military call t. 
nation resuect in.* Ute Treasury Iii’iltt-rs w hicli GEN. ItRlsniN 

rying th. elcct'OD tor the raiifirettion of the ^".''ins^ idiank.'. » 

( ons! 11 ut 1 >n. Ihc two colored delegates Kann.-iV bank 114 Security 

irom t liis: city to Ihc convention were present I.. t N. j:. R.. w L-* t-'.'n 

111-1 joined III the request. Addresses were |j»iT«*’k!«ck' cTtrPWss 

made urging the necessity of having the aid ’• These nre seven per rent hond* a 
ot III. wliile Kejiiti.llcans in thr coming elec- »okt with ike accrued interest added 
, ion. 

I'lie following witnesses were examined on KfYlfW of (hi* TI a r k f* ( . 

(he Davis inilieliueut: 

iiener.ll, .Secn larv Keddon, General ,, i 7o.'V ’. iSaI’o " nTstnn* 

» Bisav— Utuct anil anebanyeed. The river al Cincinnati, despite the ruins, has — 

tin. IN — Wiieni — receipts l.iAtflfa': market very not risen inv the Msi r \nder...-. th.. ... , . i . | s;»itri.»„* unl worthless. 

.lull Ana noiulu»lh 1 vy.t •iueiI Mlr« white W«bn *} -^21* l * 

El $2 9U6A2 NM, Rje (rm, li,3O0bEA C«u»4h ta btinil which left t ox t port .a u.cixy uighr, report in/ it 
at fl 61. Barli'j kcetco butt Arm M»lt quiet. l.rtOU lAlItn^. 

bnkh, part l.Mb «n i remainder on pnv»t® Me- Ttk Major Ander»on hud been detained on 

ce pu «om 81^*5 b4isb; About lc lower; t9,uuu bu<*h mi her npwrxrd tnp by breakiuj % ndder, bat b it 

S3 for mixed Western in »t4»re; 9S«4i for d-j rinctnnE'.i Selurdar ni/hr, Arrivint: ben* earlv v» a- uoateiec w trrunien 

sfloiti; (I 30 tor new tW. a ul 01 .5 for u*w ve.l- fs*rdAv I ftrraoon Aod Alter reOcivinL' 4Gnii* iiki ' be £r#*Ele«t tnvenfic 

low.l-n.ey K*,el,.l. oAts I07..'ds bu.h: ore nert firmer {* I™* J ' ' . 7^ ' '.^..V^i ^.n*« i P' r ' ‘ 1 -»« "”® 

amt rlote i dull; Sk.uuu blub At AtkoWSc lor Writ nawE ol cortou lor tn« ex?u, reiuru« d U> ( 1n4.1nE.1t 1 vLs. n |, *M r c'M "• M T* 

W L. 4K.R.I5 M | 4 m Afloat. .EMetenlnjf. toed u fact uren** we»iH 1 

.ILL.. V ( ID I (iutM krieh— Kiee <1 nil ut 8Vj?9^r for ('ErollOE. Tof Tbe oftlrert of the Major Anderwon report no H<*e 

151 City Pea*, fa. K 5» I fur lie. SugErquet; :wo hlui> cubu ui li v«U <c; fiu perrepiible lo tbe Keutin ky river. The *u«kien 

►even per »*4»nt boiifte Alid Ere }reuer»lly ■ rM,xcw HAVAnA «t MoIa*mc a dull, quiet End un- free zing weather ban frozen up a 11 the outlet' I «« wy.r >np fir in .1 

A4‘crueti mierertt Added V rliunged. _ , . M creek- and tributarifF I rotomo cloEcly printed 

JZZEZZ*" “ ’-* e ^ rn,d ' ‘" d *■ »' The •re,!o'^Tolt f 'e,, were n-i.r-rahie 

('<>al Quiet xod noehEUZrd. SEturdEV, Ibe rim bEv lag Miru»ti to "E«»w Eiid ie *. I r># . ni %n< | ^vum ed h 

I Fkir«»i*eue— Q uiet Et ti^c for crude and Ike lor 
reined hooded. 

Coal Quiet xod unchanged. 

periect «aii*«r»cnon. For fircu'wrs %u<l term* to 
Edtlre-e* s M Tollw And Co.. Franklin, Kv., 
in aoufAet ureiV u/entHfor tbe SsnUli. ae4 w3w* 

it OTKI) rn- For wimiihN Bible D’ett^»n- 

' ' nip i*tr A uM TOlMW Of OT<*r I^E 4otMi I riiyil aTM M Oa inllKflUil A 

colvno ci'wlj i»ri*ited piro. This diet ion wry rm I ^ A)Mlb/rlib cweieidiee Ff uro of UHj 

-x-ai a rarr - fa<«tiwpw«-’ 

■halby firm at Prtvst* 

Lbathks— S nls iu b«-tt«r request; l7<<,3Se far Hoenos and tbe river had risen bul a lew inehcs. 
iNotr.— IM ir lauisti-in-. -r- me wn < -i.'-al* prl *t*s Avres Uybl weizbis. The alm-.spbere waa benvy last eveniti 

antes, ot's-rwis*- uan-.i. 1-. an-na j-msii ,>r.l*ra ic Wom.-ln go..a demand and unchanged; fiBMIfi lbs wind from Ibe soatheasl ; the wealbei 

Opt* PS- death occurred duriag the psMUN 
A wuPTPt aud .-ot e. wnd rttiaan of fttptoe. U.. 
Mr A. «s MrDooaM, pas shot ta Kvsri Hadn.« 
ls» arid by a oorrn pipa named Joehoao Ii I* 
paid thine-et) hachohot htssod hfa nod*. e*th« at 
which would hare |ww*ad fatal 
Tub kibsi.d* in th* rwgyou hack of Bandstwro. 
Arhonsp*. are *pp>t mg greet apon huntiug brer, 
at which dlbrea or twraty tare taoa killed o«i 
Mod pad Stock .reek* wWhm a week Tbe Urrest 

18 0 8 . 


e Largest, Cheapest and Best 
Newspaper in the State. 

Paper for ibe Men haul! 

K Paper for ibe farmer! 

A Paper for the Ladle*! 

A Paper for ibe Trader! 
Paper for ibe Pamii) Circle! 
A Paptr Tor Even bod)! 


st Circulation in SUte 

n taming oar prospectus lor INiiK, w-birli 
(ins Use twenty li'lh year of (lit- pro|.ri- 
r*s connection willt the C<« icier, it K 
ly oeceasary to aay that we oflier it* p»sl 
s gua-apU-c for its lulurc course. Ilic 

were printed in the New York Globe. 


Tlie dewoiirmctit was startling to the Kadi- 
cals. lie slated that iniich of hi« information 
was ds-rived fr-wn Secretary McCulloch him 
sell. Wli.-n he vti controller of the eorren- 

i« here assisting Burliridgc to secure flic p<isi- 
tion of Sergeant at Anus of llte Scuafc. Sen- 
ator Davis ol Kentucky will vote agiin-t Hut- 

i.s. 11c siati-.i mat mm n oi uis tutortnat ion | ocbenck a fatrus of sfiks anii tN'FoRyiKRs. 
las derived fr.»m Secretary McCulloch him The Snu-lny Herald, referring do the recent 
• II. When he was controller of the earren- 1 dismissal trout the War Depart mint of one 

, u* u~s.. ou w,re 0 „.- i 

i.nn aud. |.artm nt w im iuveded with dan- uud iolorim i, eevf Iiv |'»mourt*d tb«* di^harei* ni re" f r *' 8 'J” J?. 
L'»*rou" aud corruidiiic Ic*ndi*nrieA. * RUiiiIht of cli*rk^. wIm lo tlii" d:iy Un4»w . a. ''' ' 1 ‘ ‘ 

.* . .. *. , . uol the rva»on (berelor. • J° ,,rn «» ,|1 

ihiDiHii ha\t« (lif Necif i iiy twee uotififd m*ouMi r ii4*t ion c«»i 

aj *4 _ ... , . In additNMi to tjikmtr c.ir4» 4>f (In* alluiiN of .i.,.. \i<»nv dtlnr 

Ss-creUry 4 h.-e he would lender his resigns- |1|( . j( MVi8l . he * rt , amuses his leisure „Ji„, “J, 

lioti it he allMupled lo throw on him the bofi.s with patronizing spies and informers iu Radical members. 

r- si snisitnl it v ol the tnauagetnenf of said Govern mcnl offices iu \\ushington. T - 

printing hni.atL These views of McCulloch A riguteoi s pecisi-iN. 

remained onetaoged. Dun bar aayn, until alter A Virxgiaia court l..s refused the application °“ T * 

he lieeuBK' I lie bead of Ute depart MM-oI. and ot a'irr ol the Convention to practice .. . 

... . . ' . , . , nnless otlierwise iiatin. In Ufiiiij small .wlers in wool— In go..a demand ana 

Week Itam, lion. ..obn l.ctchcr, ticorge y\ . , ty «.r .■*»,* I V troUs on mlvnuLS ot three silts at sw...»Jt« { e for douiesite fleece. ..... |.„- Ml , IIV igrnH-wsrr 

M, milord, George 15. Baldwin, ex speaker nwcenL isobuinnd.l - ‘ri^toTitta? ?4 taltfaf. tta Indication* favoring .....w or ram. 

Confederate Congress, nml Gen. T. 8. 11 ay- AfPLKs-tlr-en-lair supply, with -al*. of chide.. JSiJrmtAs nrtme ami *'iv SOufiTlor prttnn The Dnyigatioa of the lower Ohio ooati tines 
rnonil. **-'•' «*k«' qualities range from $t d lo retire ^jlnna?" at .*.y n.ucb r^tricted. and all tbe pretaU ar. . It 

The commissioners of West Virginia to- *■ ^ .. . „ *42 50. Re:i quiet; J5U bbls at for new plain of ttieir regular time Tn.- Rose llite, Itom 

| ,,r„,.a u.rrcement relstive tn tlie BATTINtl-ynlet; wn quote small sales of No. t at mess $IS MssJi lor nsw extra nmsti Uu tierce, prime Henderson, doe Saturday, did not get in until 

night Signet an agreement refill IVI to the Jt(i»ae. pork at $« 5o. Beef ham* steady: 3un bbls at ve ,re r ,i,, mornin - Mnndsy «be rein rum! with 

con-1 reset Ion ol the (lieapcake and Ohio bit<KWHEAT-W, quote it.le.le bbtsat fill M. in «g"»? ” . ■*.% the mail .bottl ao£. 

ri, TK° jd . ol m-t-t i. . ., . SaSSwV C| “ “ ' M °“*^ “ d 1“ P,PCr ,mKf & boxes ret^Cum .’H-rlLed re, t.t Ue'!« shore ' J 

I h(* "ill! Ol SlPinhjrk <Y ( 1>. nGrainst f URon ‘ w ribbed, for .lanuAry, on priv»t»* t<rm». City IatJ dull 

st Co., of Now York, lor 125,000 ilauiltP^, BAGGING AND ROPF Thf mirkef n inrr*»ly uom an a firo4>plng; JfSO bbls at H Vta*“ 1 1 1 % ■ ■ 

f,.r 4 Iohiiv ilinn im on mtErhmciil corn- V* 1 ' ^ n »Ede H<>«K^bretM*4*d Uom firmer a 

i t i "» •■I’ ,n "Hi'iiiM Ui, ioiii , oom §. lax hAPEinE. aw to weight, Ac., Hr tteb -S teady At EMk t4 

nicnrt'rt iHTr (•!) MoihImv nrvt. and India At .'WJfr*. Heuip mpe quiet, at tk-ttr for 4 brehb - lo oioArrati* d«*uiE0 

r I in* United S':i|is (innit ( onrt will :ul bEod-madc, and !*|fMlOc fiw machlM* . W4; qoote iron Fheiuute -T o Liverpool arc* 

leinADd and onrhEDKctl; 9 

I TU** al!u*H4pbert* tasu heavy la«*t evt*ui»?, and the 
wind from l be aouf In-art 1 ; ibe weal her nxNlvril- 

imr. aod the inercurv in the thfrtnoiuHcr ulowiy 

• »f ’ix* utM. for purl fDlfrrs apply to , or A«trtrcm, NA 
TION AI. PI'HLiSlU CO.. CtacinEEtl, Ohio. 


Ajjcnis Wanted ! 



ol M. Do**. * 

( •■■•■vealtb •( Kolickj, 1 

BAGGING AN D ROPF The market | H merely uom- I ant j droopfng; 4M bbU at li VolS^e. 
(El, Et I8&20r. lor band-made hemp baxEiDK; (K>wer I - -DreMietl Iioe*» rtrmer at i* 

Inal, at IfW-Nk* tor band made hemp baKKlnK; power 
loom Mo. Flax baeginf. an to weight, Ac.,t3Pi*Hr, 
anil India at J4f«-!6c. Hemp rope quiet, at 8v-De for 
hand made, and kiwlOc lor machlm*. We qoote iron 

joiim Monday until tin* a'joumim*Bl of tbe *. .. .. ,. w .... . 

ret’onsl i ti-i ion vent, on which meets Tue.- EtT'^’ Wllh " Sht 

Hr ttee— S teady At IOmASc lor State. 

4 hrkhb— Id miMterAti* demand al 114a Lie. 

K KAitt tiTrt -To Liverpool arequiel and uucbaoFD«L 

Latest— 3 P. M. 

ClXk ll’Kurt. 

A ’•■ait HrtRWnfi. 

Tbe lollowlng incident is said lo have occurred 
recently in Southern Italy: A band ot brigands 

day. Many delegates have arrtvctl and a 
caucus is to lie held Monday night by the 

printing hm-au. 7’hcac views of McCulloch 
remained unchanged, Dunbar Bays, until alter 
he became the head of the depart nn ut. and 

Convention ItcIcHted— Vitluitlilc l)is. 
cover y. 

Charleston, Nov. 29. — Further election 

ol enlilvaieil Al »'.* super lilil. —Ki/>r«-trregnlar anti unsettled, medium and high bavin* dineovered that a body of regular troops 

oi’.. grades dull and declining; low grades rather more ..... 

tXHINTUY PKODUCK -We quote In lots as follows: steady Were rapidly advancing upon them up a mono- 

Daizn Aeei.xs-New, buying at v.,.5),e per p-iiui-l. I. a. IK- Wheat very dull and nominally lower; ..... , . fram wb , rb imoossihle 

HatwwAX— Ycltowatta*!C|ierpouiidinlota. Broors— mi vers And sellers B-s:>e apart. The decline in gold •»'“ a- UI-, Irom wnicn escape was impossible. 
Best Shaker f l id periNizeu; second aud ibir-l ,nd unfavorable accounts uom Llverpmal bos mate- their chief promptly ordered them to bind hint 
role fd Oil and f - J5. Hboom Corn — -Noun riaily checked export aomand. Kye steady st fl Tot* , . , .. . , „ . , .. 

mil at f8h-H23 per ton. us to quality. , « mr Western. Oats dull nt 7»i In store and 7rH« and bis lieutenant, and move boldly to meet the 
By TTVR-Cmimion to choice Western JW.^Bc. Sew so,, .float tor Western. Corn dull and lower at ft f-'X tr-xios. with tbe story that thev were villagers 
York Ooshi-U Ak-stic. UtiAxs-fS U0i»3 .a per bushel tor » In store and fl 34<s-l MK afloit fur mixed IVeat- p - ’ smvuia. o 

prime, toos-i’er dozem 24 -2ic lor fresh packed. e n. and .*1 3d afloa'lor good and mixed Western wbo had captured two brigands, whom they were 

. I’aovtstoa*— fork dfi% and he.Ty .t fj «tM t*M mo- clmlm th , url „ 1M thelr 

U>! Illation, he anys. was the Pomeroy Chase I °“ Senator W it-on to consult with liim -in t lie 

-'•unmitt- e, a political riug into which Duu 
liar was initiated and Iront whom he pro- 

affairs ol their Sialc. 11c advised them to | r 
adopt the old Viiginia Constilution, amending sa j,i 

Imin- nse dcposils ol valuable phos|iliate, nnlheh. 
id to be superiftT t.i Pi ruvian guano nd of 

sales of Ilaw-‘-vtlle at retail at f8 per jr- 


Niw Yovz. Not. 30-p. w. march, bow thoroaghly they bail been -mtwitte-l 
ta^KJ^ta^&S^y By the way, . va.t amouut of entertaining read- 


isilitcly that they reported to Ihc Senate a 7!^*" Virginia Radicals were disgusted with 
- - — - - 1 «\ ilsou s sensible counsel. 

■ esoluitoB reli< ring Dnubar Iront arresi, uud 
it was passed forthwith. Tue developments 
were unexpected but rich. 


lias not lost its interest as discu-sion on the 
-ubjoet continues, liut no doubt is entertain- 
ed of its utter failure. A Senator said to-day 
the proper cout *e would be to table it hut 
he apprehended the Democrats would at- 
t« -mpt to force debate lo I ho roughly vcu'ilate 
its AlKituinible b-alur-’S. They have not yet 

I tuny lus been formed, 1-acki-d by Northern 
capitalistf, to utilize these deposits, which 
consist ot animal remains, forming a thick 
stlb-sliii'utii for inanv miles. 

uis PH A Mil'IHIT’ s'ln-aiiii'tini tor many nines. 

t'ln Affars at the State Capital. CoHimcrCidl f/l3.ttGrS 

Madias frt AC* mom canuies, taiiow, MfJ ivc. >oap, (Jo.*« in lower. <*t>€*uloa at i-*X, aeclluiug to l.,4tf 

pure (H riiiEfi in ooc pouml ami three qnitrter pouud am! cosing at Itt. 

bErt.Be. Rosin soap. #\c. Palm somp, Siic. Kxporta of specie Uvdav |Sr>!/t9*>. 

COOPKRAGK— Prtc** are Irregular, especially fo Gove in men! .tor t » a" ic I • »' 'Ig m t d ed eh an g f 
country mad*. Tb* fallowing ar* the rates -I lb* Contsins i>r^. irthtet fc doy.totkfatas do XM. It*-, 
-liv cooper- i--r r-.un.i lote Iron hr op Hourhoa bids s- 1 

f? GO; wood hoop ( IS l-oopl blab win-' bill* ft W); oil 10.^th,lCS; ItSIOs, 1"-.- laj', , ,-SOs, ue, 

bbls fj 50; pork bbls fl 7>l; lard tierces fl 90: ham waaaLY bask staterzst. 

ing abonr brigands may bo found in n most inter- IT i- anthe-ille-llr stated th . on - fifth ot Ih* Irbabt- 

Y MARKET. m Frank Te-o. * toms ol thi- country and nsrop* die ut com-s-np- 

v — esticg narmire jaat commeicea iu rranab-s- , jf) 

■nr tor rail loan* iw’s Chlmoey Corner (No. 1491. entitled “Pierce ind is rntnr- I*-- on-ier i-xmI; 'her* la no Us* are 

S.- _ . . „ noon w -e > exisi- a grratsr -liver-ity of ^Ptoioa, amt 

i 7U ***** Advent* r« Atnonif the BriqEEdE, m W NFN !ii*more» n.^eufy biflTdillEMl- 

e * '*** which the author detail* hi-4 personal exiK*rianre* «*al s*kill and remediAi •»* a ie^. 

k* o re. Not. 36— p. * 
i per cent for call loai 

None of th«; prciolncii 

while on an attempted pedestrian journey from . 

Naples lo Rome. Ever/ copy of No. IX! of the whole 4\«irin. tr • ■* ». ’u 4 w **^ \ *»s»dm3 JJp 

Chimney Corner is accompanied by a largo gift r " oT t -e ' ! oe'er° ri fatSly !**n 

while on an att. mpi. d pede«triaD journey from j?”* (Illnii 
I Naples io Kooie. Ever/ copy of Nyj. 121! of the whole *vMrm. tr * * 

tisreea 91 B>; haewn nmis quewosware nerr»*H 1 

fl. flour bb Id Mo; hal* whlukv kbn», iron hoop, fl 'Jq; I . Bank st alt mi.ul quite favoraole. 
iitkir u histu v nhk. wood ho jo. fl VO- it-n :zallon wlii>AV I l-osim 

(Spectti Dispatch to the Ixnusv.lli- Courier. 1 
FKANKFOItT, Nov. UO, lt»i7. 

A pre'iminary caucus "I th- Democratic 

in couc*rt dctcninucd ou that aclioii tln-ugli I j-arlv ol the two Houses was held ttlis t-vel) 

ms lie the w tell O. tndividu in fog in the hall of I he H-.-unc. 

irittMNl’s REPORT TO RE AhOPTEI*. 4’fiflt. 4. \\ . l.C.llhcl - W3S CJlIcd to Ihc 

Thad, Steven* -nc- r- ut the minority re- CttRir Rntl 4. \V. Tate appointed Secretary. 
|s,rl and Chairman Wilson, but the decided Ou a call ol the roll sixty fiv-- iin mbei-an- 
I protwWIities are t list the ic|s-rt will he sw- red to tlteir names « 

adouted. Wilson to day said the majority ‘ ^ 

,c|H>rt would Ik: beaten by a large vole. Pos- ° n m,, " on of H, "‘" or Carltsle it was re 
il»l\ (tit qtnstioii mill not lie considered solved 1 bat (lie member* ol tbe Senate and 


Office of thf. louistit.t.r f’oiTRir.R, t ror n< ! 

srvuAY KVEN.RO. Dec. 1. Min. f 

The bvsiaesa of the meek makes bul a rbort COTTON YARNS—' ^ 

nummary a? la i a.** actual trade aud transact ions V00 ysros, per do Sen. 1 
, • J I.N4tlfi<*, aud No. iU» at 1 

;ir»* coueerned in any and all department •*, I he coRNMKAL— Receli 

l»ork pa« kiuj; si*emmi ii pro^rcsfrlBg rapidly, the of bolted, Bioae, 

half whtsky nnls, wood ho jp, f 1 VO; t.*n gallon wMaay \ *®J*»; • • • • ■ ; — — iazh’uO 

ke?4 fl 13; live vallon whisky kegs El (tf. l^SBrt. decrease flJ.iS'iS 

Country made cooperair** a* ll»* at low»*r aoee w.... ....^ 

rates, aay 30c for flour hbls, and ft list 23 lor Viti’SS 

porkhbla. Coo|K*r« «rulT rather araree; btaves At flti HUJlSUl ’"lo’nu 

pt*r M . and hoop pole* at f 16 per M 

COTTON YARNS— We quote in loU m rollow**; No 
V00 \ arui.. per do/eu. It(«l8e, aa to quality; No. G0*l al 
13utl«c, aud No. <un at per doxeu. 

Clreulatioa decrease... 


DepoKitA. increase 

as to quality; Mo. fifli al tf** D ,irr4. ! Ii pboi as, and Calisaya, known as Caa well. M .ck 4 

p»*r dozm. Lexal tenders, tnereaat^ c^w’s Ferro Phosphors tru K'nir of CalUaya Bark 

‘Jfc uu"!* n kilu *" lU!r - M,il "** The Irou restores color to the blootl, tbe Plio- 

, y j • - - - — — -i . J.c t’ORJfMKAL— Receipt ■* light with fair demand : a Slock, quiet, but steady all day. Pacific Matt was . .... ... u-i the Pl.o- 

l»ork pa« king si-shoii is pro^rertNln^ rapidly, tbe *. H 1»* of bolted, loose, at %**wl 00. We quote kiln again the great feature. The Iron restores color to the uiood, tne nw 

lull dc'nils of which are enumerated under tbe -fried nounnaL a' f4 fauS »perbbl,aa fane. ,*'• ‘ ‘k 010 ?... , l ^‘L” r t. phoru* renew* waste of the nerve tissue, and the 

t bimney corner ta accomponieu oy a targu gin I m p .V, rain . t ,* -.ope, remedy, ir 

plate on a separate sheet (twenty-eight inches by I -r.l*r -hat rh y -cay . ay al. b* I tursd 

■tohesbi*. Th 

KEY. K. A. WIL'O^i’rt 

LOCALNOTICKS* rerarRimwrete.m.- 

The best aud original tonic of Iron, Pboe- „ ... n .... 

pboias, and Calioaya, known as i'aswell. M ck A I 4ISIB).lfrlt I'ihllU, BrGBCBIilS, 

4 oil r|iH. ( *M-i,ai 4 all Tkr*al 

twenty two) called “The Monkey's Grip.” 



On a call ol the roil sixty fiv- in- nifrers an- 
swered to tlietr nautcR. * 

On motion of i-tenutor C'Jrli-lc il was re 

T Wednesday, as the reports uow iu the Gov- 

will continue to be the organ of th-' crumeut print iug office utav not be ready. 

>ie, guarding faithfully their interest*; imprisjKMENt or gen. stone. 

taSevtag that the |n rpetuity of out free A ffiemlK r of the Military Committee ol 

I Ibi* lioiib** of Rcpr<iH‘iitEtivt*g me^t mi Moti- 
| day luoruiiiy: uext ut ten ami a hall o’clock .to 
uoiuiuaU* caoilhljtca (or the VErii»us o(Uc4.*n 

ii«-:idin<; of Ihe M ho*f slsufrliter.” There Is an t?vi- pressed, n 
deaf flrmiicss f«»r poik and lar.1, predlFited pro- 
-pi*rtiv«1y upon Ihc lacl Hint lb** inroniiit? crop is itisi»o*ii*d 1 
liotb short hi nuaihcri* an^liuht in weight. Tbe wli iniruw 
ivmtie yield of laid Ik very light, mid prices are aerstlre, 
advancim; despite I he report e«l sales at low HflVr* jci 
flgures. Which wore not lor prime lard. I* He »o-cli 

: .Tbi* sudden change of Ihe weather Irom warm % ^VyJthi 
and pU'SHaiil, l4» Hie exireme ci»ld of winter, bis cf cotton 

COTTON— The H Hrket continue* dull, hu-I de- We«trrB Uuion Telegraph, Parlflc Wall, . , k ^, #Kfll | 

pressed, owing to the unfavorable repoits fioia tbe l»S<*l3l: Ailuniie Ma'l, 1JS«4|12?; New \ ork f entr-il, C alleaya gives a natural hetlthliil foue to ts* dt- 
IfndinsVor d, though tne rereipLi couiinue utHple by i^tyjP^Sa* MLr 1 l^^u gestive or^an-*, fh. rvby curing dyspepsia in if- By 

railroad. H'-bb-ra are anxious to realize, but are lu- lug. .^Michigan Leutrmi^ 110; Michi tEa fl omth. . f ...» «...i we 

anti I.Hfr? trrrliGis. 

« «. ua fa* tfiorRsnfi*’* r -*•(. and w-tbln two mifM 

at Towle* Landtag, -a Um> < >hlo r **r. 

The a- ove thrni ronta'ns ki --re-. oa-J Has bi infix 
v dad nto throe tr et*. m follow : 

No. I, aa which th*dw*l mg I* -!’n*«-d..- u' athh 
ttfi icres, of wnicn ta arres ar* wood "Od. 

No. J cotilabi* Mfi .re, at which tfi aeia* hr* wood* 

No. 1 dntaias .TS ter**, ol wh-rh 4 sere, u* voofii 

t 8cn.lct. preparing art sOlut ton -iirccting lo U ’ ll **' bou *’ s - or lo ,ake « Kh "»« a depresFiog Influence upon the whole com- 

Ijtueto-dav vnnirg onarrM nun. i oiraon, ei; r.oge mo, aw 

. ..x. .-/xt.txL- , a., *. rvre I i ■...*.*! ro.imv tv. Elduradij, 140; Qpartx Hdl. 110; DavtdKoo, ft; I’uilcd 

DRY GOODS — The market ha» conumued rather Ih- slat*** Peirolemni fcf 
an l ve thin week, with a sllgtit iP-eline on wme brands suh-trsasory reeel'pls. fll^II^M payments, flfl 
cf cotton aud fancy good*, aud an increased denian-l (KW c7 ,.. halaace, fii3.u33.KO. 

• aod tbe pref-ervatioo of tbe Con- I an inquiry into ibe cuuve lor tbe subpensiou I other action as tbe meeting mty determine; I monity. The river up to this evening has not HK()WN aheetino 

lion depend on (be triumph of the Na- 
il Uemocrtcy. It will bend til 11* energies 

and protracted imprisonment •! Gen. 8tone. tbe Seoul ors to meet in the Senste Chain t>4*r, risen flny, but the cold weather of last night and 
“ - “Tr 'r.l ** In their U.ll. I to lay hat* checked all tbe water courses, and tl e 

Iqipirfobni rflt- IiTr *« r -otuc ,i™rct and The following reroiu'iofi was adopt oil: river is artnally receding. Tli* il,r.Ts the rc- 

r .u'anlli MHim Tt... oll .l.a ta .. . „,.,r,t,- ’-ttmptl.v.. «f fiBViehUaU to *U..lh.T tlte* »n-i 

upprevsiGti *' lit* bauds ol route sicret and 
securing tbe success of tbat party io CJW , r dly enemy. 

Tbe followin ' rerolu'ion war adopted: 
Jb*eln il. That ail who inU-nd to co operate 


Great West rn.... 

I.turel Bill 

Standard Kast*n... 
IVpp-rell K flue F 

approach) of Presidential eb-ction. Wc 
for this remsminf ss a white gov4>ntmetit 


. «).;.« z,gYX'a,r«..» Exptvrts ot domestic produce lor the qusr- 
lUincasa wlttle gOtantfiMrt ^ SepUlGlKr :’*)'!, were. il. Value, 

We intend thul lit- Cot hir n ¥SLJ,UW»,0(W , an iuereise ot $12,0(10,000 over 
,... ..-..ja o .... last y car. 

muiutdin the t-plendid pr--li” 


We have a eorpe of correspofrdiiils h»ih at 
>me and abroad uoeqtuled by auy new»- 
— r iu the West. 


in good la it D wit It tbe Democratic party and change oflhe weather. The niaimloctunug and 

-upport tbe nominees ot tbe party, .nre iu mechanical I uteresU, as well ss the commetebU 

vit4*d to attend the imiditig and partkipaU* in ar.d all material iut< ri‘sts of thi* common iiv, bit 
its proi’eedinps. «utlcrmg and retarded by the long continued 

The best of tr* ling pr(‘Vaib*d. It would | ow Mage of the river, which 

only Ik- a random guess to give an opinn*) as check** ►applies, paitirularly the supply 

rbt* >lock» art- ample, »u»l wc 


Paper 13 S 

Ifl.S Colored W 

13 HPtHiL cotton. 

14 Coe'*** V doa *! 10 

4 larkc’w do $1 10 

13 sraiPEs. 

13S Sim Hugs 18w-*S 

_ By ih** o** of whk-h !*•» wes rtsiorcd lo h a) a '.B a fkw 

™ * , , 3 , j ... . . I week*. After baviua uffer >1 nrTfral VC* «WtDE«s 

varums forms, waketu'ness, geuorj! debility, and I Vrrr i, ia , a( r. , t ,n ami Gi it tree! m«?Evr. cy> romp- | WO zooi irE. 1 oroharK. * »j a pos 

A .., fawaatrov «ar hfivluild «fl« ufafaeliiVMl rvzilvr ». I M»D. • I- D'»W been IU USD OVCr Ik‘ 0 y« E S • I b b-B»OSt No. 1 AE IBIA' MEg GpCEg AU*1 W rtll *| SlOci lCU t W+lerZ 

■frETMtl «occ*srt. ^ _a _o_ . nw • Tory pifrrt Oi UfrEEhov- ih*arrtStad land walerea- 

Hite rewtodv *s prcpar-nl ir »m th** on^tn d r •« lor. )*u «ir U AtmadE cc, %ad i* verr evify dpaiM# 
••hem rally pur. . by »lic ita v. kl> * A l> A. WlL ON. » or ooefc. Eofstcs Eumer^o*. ' 3 

iti'i -oiitli -ft ou'l -licet, H i.liE.n-bar^. KtBk« coon- Any ,««> w u<y « gIicm io csmaitEe ihc «bov« will ap- 
ly. New T rt. ply to WIDR1W niLDBKRa.N0. or IBs EBdsrMnw- 

A pamtphJrt roDialn ar f be or 5 n»' pres* rtpiioo, .^, t tlwolrof Br oi h r»»M. 

Wltr. Pill *m1 e*plir » dire. Hors f r prsvarm’bm asd nu fj w * R. 

use. lo^ctbcr will! a s..O'i hteto y of l- r* *. safe 
in it, 1,) -iu.*, r*Tp.-riccc • file* c t e, c a > 0 ya net! < Ir* •• 

dfi press 100 of spirits. Manufactured only b> 
CAR WILL, HAZARD A it).. New York. Sold 
by all druggists, not! dluwSaily Jfcuolil wcowly 

Jaanlper Tar **«ap 

Is a certain cure for chapped hand j and all 

s Lii. iiAUm - • . fiis.Ufa* .W3. | ronghucss or irritation 04 the skin, bcceiua, Wtvi.f.f 'a oiiancd lr - 

linportjs for the wceE-Dry goods, I.SMSI; general ^ .. . * ofrlir •» 01 nr Wii»on, am i-wto, or by c»T Eg «*• or 

errbaQdHc.ll.fiOO.UUO. Ringworm, Salt Rheum. Pimples, and all other 

PHILADELPHIA MARKKT . cutaneous afTcc’ions, making tbe skin solt and . H , ngiur K ,-or rtaqrn ittnd meeneb 

merrbandlNc, 00 .uuo. Ringworm, Salt Rheum. Pimples, and 

PHILADELPHIA MARKKT. cutaneous aflt'cGons, making tbe skin 

o ty PtHt -APELF EiA. NoT. %-P. ■* smooth* Manufactured by CASW ELL, B 

PKTEOLgrM— Tbe aDDounccmcbt of the talliiicot a 
New York petroleum Era caused much excitement a CO., New lork. Sold by all druggists, 
here, ami distrua' in tbe ability of a few hoiiae*. milfidFAMAweowlT 


YW . - MW • — — I M»HS | PFI.MKK.ror. Chesrajt and IDcenth 

smooth. Manufactured by f’ASW ELL, HAZARD I A MrAFKK, eor. Eighth ar.*$ J* Jcraou, 



its proi-eedings. -Iitleriin; and retarded by the long continued \v« a m^nt i^.V.*.*! .* .* * 

Tbe best of lecllng peers lied. It would low Mage of the river, which Ltnisdale...... 18 Ac 

Hobs 1 m 

CMily l>e a nindooi gues- t*> i:ive an as th.-ck- Mipplies, patticularly the supply tickinoh. Fr 

to tbe ifruaprotsof Ut* candi-lat** for IU* va- of *o:,l. In* rivor in -I Pm-hun; beinir tbe AmwgagACA.. 4» f i 

rioos Dositiour main, anil w* mlirbt odd. Ihe only *o nrroB of snp- i on, i i'n*'i'" tiN til 

I Atest filv. I'onl by the ronveyaue* or railroails may do jujJ'ty'f jo fita Hi 

FkankfoRT, Dee. U-TtaVV ta a foeltag Ibis "* nt -»«Ken*y. or ereat -can ii, and very n »j;,»N ,.n.uL* - . M_» 

. high prices, as at present, hut railroads can never AmrMiceae'fli Ie’"’ is 

evening agaliKBl caucus boiniiifliionp, anti it is 1 . . .. , . Am^cag nut* ■ • • 

, . . . compi le with the river in transporting coal cheap, r w 1 llep si lesias. »». 

po-sihlc that it may be del ermine*! 111 th«* . . , r , . . standard io 

^ , As a groat commercial tiKi manoracturiDg city, we ... nlTP T i.* n.ArkPi u «tn 

meeting io (lie morn iug to go into t »« l,< ' deem it u duty, as well as a cardinal principle ol at the Ute decline, with sales 

lion upon the sweepstake plan. Nothing trade, lo have more than oue source of supply, aod ISiSerflillf to pr si3*00 

Tbe Senate lo-day froos ul tw d the previ- to Ihe |»ri»spe4*ls of tli*- c.»n«litlate> lor the v 
<tus »eti«»n in reterr»ce to mimituiUoM. riomn |Kisitioup. 
tlrrricy was conKmied as mi muter to Austria latest. 

w,'l,o,,t 'I'-- ." *uu V;.t* f in; ii'-iifl'-aliGi, FkankfoRT, I*" 1. .- a Im-lilifi II.U 

ofl iidon, ol Nrli^ki, having siilirtided. . 

■TIU.WXIX RRJRCTRD. ev*nii, K agniusl 1-MHun uomiiiaUanP, nml if is 

a,*... i . .. * .. _ ... . ponSihle that it iiiay be delcrmiuetl in the 

Stillwell, ot Iudiaua, was i ejected min- * * 

ialer to Veuegusla. meeting io the mormug to go into tin- eloc- 

BTARTON WEB TB TO BE REINSTATED. ^ on UpOD the fWCe|iStBke pbu. Notllll 


N.Y. Mills 27!,' Standard 1?S 

WEBmsutta Merrtmac. .G lStal'* 

l.ou*dale 18 London Mini ruing 1 *S 

Hope 13i< Richmond RH 

tiok! no*. Freemen 11 

Ani'Mk4 Ag A< - A.. 40 DOMESTIC 44IN441IAUS. 

(lo A 28 Lancaster IJ!»iiiJi 

ioncHiogat -lined's -fiS Glasgow liSW'Al 

do 4 4 ex.. Si*, PKLAINKH. 

JSANH, ky.. P tp. * 2S#fHi| Hamilton Irt-t -ll 

Hhow N PKH.LH. Manchester itoewl 

Standtrd 1»H Pacillc l.«-tiJ 

AimjsEeag flue.... H cobskt jeans. hilkhias. Standard l"H 

Standard 16 

Crude 15v,c; J.UUli bbb* reflned In b*»ud held .it £lc. 
Flocb — Heavy and decllnfd ?5c; super $i 25. 

(iuAi.N Whi at flt iuer; prime red at %i 30 vo2 3U: 
white $-' 60. ( oiu quiet; yellow $1 IU and n< w f 1 3M. 
| oats lower at iOwitc. 


very duil al «0(* 72c. 


That HI rimed Baby. 

Get a vial of Dr. Seahrook’s Infant Soothing 
Sirup for It, just to see It crow It's crying for it 
now. Ont? bottle will give your baby rest and yon 
a quiet conscience. For sale hy all druggist*. 

4 ftfrillta it nil Sever 

R. A ROBINSON A CO . 1 N ft Mini ire. t. 
uol - w* Druae -la, 

> wi’H) i’i Kentucky. >a the rwoat beaarUEl nth* 
leading u> **»• itv. three miles luiaat. House large. 

.hi bo t w ui aa eye to coraior aoU EeaUh; bath- 
room. w Ut *v>t %ad co*d w »ter, aitached fo each 
«<tf ■ ik Dsi><in tonr>,e or treble, -'lace coutalw* 
ihS aciee, j 1 ?i»lf laaprBSed: frt le \ed flower* of «N 
kie:i. w on be exchanged for a cPy horn*#. Allen 
f • of nr»- aera ettbog here la c»Ued. BOWLK- a 
3 »• T . TS Mtalfi wreo* oe7 ’1 Awf 


he wan1f> to be iL-itiatated in I seems settled with auy degree of certainty as I nioic than one outlet. Tlie fact that l*ouUvillucan 

lots, at prices ranging from t< 75 for 

►urporflnc to f 13 00 for fancy. We quote flue 

Paov i siosh— Better feeling; «ales of Welters bulk cured f«»r one dollar iu rreeobsrks We see i hat 
siiuiildcrs at Sc, and aAerwaid offered at y 4 r. # ill a 

HAN FRAKHSCO MARKET. ' be ‘ rUJ ‘ r » D,V MCh h0,tl,r IO C,,r ' HI I 

Sam Feancieto. Not. 30. Hreeiaally one case, that is. If they always aek for || L H 

Flora — Quiet, at $7 S (Ikv l»r. Hurlev -* Ague Tonic. For sale by all «lrug 

ti a 4 in - - Wheat fltrm, al U Bi! 65. . . 

Money— L egal tenuera iiH> giaiF. I\KSII 

ST. Lot 1.8 MARKET. The Papular Idea I ) nn 

I .. , # . At. Low it, Nov. oft— p. a. is that Dr. Hurley's popular worm candy is the VIV**** 

Tobacco— U uiet and unchanged. J r J 'lays, 

Ctrl' toe — D ull, aud nothing doing. safest, most pluasant and efllcieat vermifage of the 

11«’ P— Dull; |7rS) druurd. . . _ ule h, nil drna-ri,,. 

(■real Imlucenients 

T4» BI 1 


h nmwi of r* Inrinz my lorif- mart. I tall fall 

n,« rui-re »-*ari,u*at of uKAi’Y vtAbncUv 
TH'Nll .in-1 ri UNHHfNG (i(M>DS. tor ta« next fa 

*a — Du I, , amt nonfi nal 1 y anrb»n B r.l; .-.p.rfln* ««•- ^or tale by all drn^isfa. 

Oar dally letter by telegraph fisun s spftiil I order that Ik* can resign iu a de<*etit way. I to the prospects of any mill lor sny thing 

at Washingion will l»c an at- 


active aud permanent ItMfurr. um 

aw sai 

Owr s|tei*uil eorw*|ioodeu4 fi- liy ti h gr.ijdi ib, 

ata fidfata. * renmf 

Wr wilt civc (nil and arforaf'- report, of tl,* story. 


roccedmgs in Congri^s and iu our State L<‘£- die wj 

Hinghsm, Garth-Id and Spaulding, ol Ohio, who has no oppo.-it ion 
aw said to he sgainst »m|»eaetitiient . k . Alexander ot 

aw said to tie again*! impeacumrai. K A Alexander, ol Winidfonl eon n I y, tbe 

muh. 1MH 5 c««Ri» # eeh'hrstetl importer and raiser 4»l flm* spick, 

scornfully dvnies flietrulliol Dctoiiw Bski-r’s Jj<sl ftt hl8 residence Ibis evalng af sown 

Wc wifi civc full and accurate report, of flic -•"ry. f-ii- dt-nfas .file w«* ever al ll»c Kirk 
* 1 »„oil H -iisv Wifli Ifrcsufent 4 oIiusod, or that 

xMNwdmcs in Conprcs* anJ iu our Slate Gog- ,4ie was acquaiulcii wllh iiiui until alter bc 

was PrcKi'icnl. Accord ins: lo lier story sbe 
“ ,oro ' was introduced to biut by Senator Wade ami 

Our nova, miaccilaamu., and literary de- Cbaodler. She lurtber says that Baker’s 

to the prospii-ts of any ui in lor anything, pnicnre coal from other sources will tend to slim- „nd fancy 
save Dr. Hawkins for Clerk of Ihc Semite, Iilaie dealers of the PitUbnrc article to keep wot lots we qo 
who has uoo|-|>o-ilion. u *‘>y rousUnt bat ample supplies in the market. 

„ . . .... »r i it. but eWo to equalise prices at more uniform rat «*h. wheat fro 

K A. Alexander, ol Woodford county, the ^ . • . ' . . . . lotiarefo 

. Thomerrliants and producer* alike are deeply 

celebrated taporterzad rat-.r ..1 «... •stock. jn „. re .„,a i„ ,i„. .. sc is.. Uw. aud !-”rn»,n 

died at hi* re- i-lenee tl,i> ev nilijr at M'Veo fo,. ,nrkin:f« of the law in relation to whisky ."JtiLO-nTro 
o’cloi k, alter a protracfod and |-a,..t»l ,11- „ avi . n very *.-,lous tax upon dealer*. 

Ufrl. . . ... for (Ell. I 

The rt>ht* in ol inspection or gauging U one of the nanr ..| 

Hour S650XI 00: -up* rflne S< WfrSSO: extra 00» u r Lora-Dull, ana nominally unrnsngcti; »apcmuc 
« so- extrE fan liy $10 00r*l0 73; A No. 1 $11 00§|tt on. $• i.VwT; double extra $0 5Q>* 10: tretile extra $11(4 
Aud lnncy brand, at *12 50w!:s U0. Rye Hour tn -.unll 1 IHU-. choice »o fancy fit-’ :ou,ll Hi. . . 

lots w«- quote at fi- 5U lor No. 1. and fir ,5 for No. 2. TlHAisi — Wheat null, and favor, buyers; fi'J -V« 2 SO 

Regardless of Cost. 

Th»» ii* e r ue opp r trinity t»i pnrrlMfir so overeos* 
or a sail at ol.D KKICKB. My o|«! c nlornrw aa**! ike 
public are invited to giv« m< aa early call. 

rMimn i.iwD mt il 

for fall. Rye ranees 

40 for wprlne. au 
from $1 30 to $1 60. 

bsoyij: nu ,\i’Y. 

aball mail, tain their excellence 

Marnier* hove ruined her. Tu*t her husband, pirtir DPT IV FI-'S Till’ STITF 1111 ITI l 

and 1 who fa wet. contribute* nolhfo K to her sup- f 11,111 aL 1 H l r ' t ' 1 * 1 L 1 

Jirrire.a II* vw arvivta al wan more rim 
4ny Bontar I rote MirStatnod and will rewfatn 
•rrml day*. 

AV f iare wv—fi Indiana, ytalredav. Urn J. fr. 
farter, a reared ohfa BtarrHd lady, was invfafifd 
by a Mtn. He ha* wot taew eapturod 
tun of rtaareers has been ratabi-ahe-! br- 
twnre, Norfolk. V»*r»wfa. ata Uvnrpoot. which fa 
dotara are hesinere. Gee of the *hip» lilt Kor- 
lofi am tfatomfav witn a fail frelfihi 
A uojob la tta rwtted Mote* orav tarin* ihe 

We will pive *|Hcial attention to all mat- 
f> cah'nlated In |»ruoi«8e (Im* gr«*talh arm 
ro^jieritj ol our State Eiid « • oim 

|.urt, aud that ah«* ia de|>cndent on a relative 
a iid is without money or employment. She 
intends to nuke affidavit that Baker’* story i* 


4 *4»| Kiddle, Kvk«'rV counsel, 8»y? be will re- 


ISperial Dispatch to the I*ou iiville Courier. 1 
Buelbyvillb, Nov. 2S. 
Captain Bln«* Kenuett,ol the State militia. 

111. |» KnoguH, n i iic GROCERIES— Market quiet, with oo material luinai L*; hog*, $,im> head. 

npUiiied ol and not the tax— tb4» sales. We note the receipt of a lot of choice Louisaom Weather clear. »ml moderated somewhat, but still 
j .1 new Hug tr in blidrt, witn a sale ot 20 hhds at 15c. freezing *harply.i 

direct tax. It appears, however, according to the We quo * e ,» 1o ©offee, common, talr to choice CHICAGO M VPKKT 

(iovc*n)m«*nt gauge thitt the trader is compellt*d to ttflnc 1 1 l»t», and anall »e 1 m »t an advance. Itaw ,l * v . „ 

sugar Now Orlcaus new crop, choice, Chicago. Nov. 30— t. m. 

hay a very grievous tax ou “outa, when there j^.. ’porto Kko. 1S)4$«14 Hc. oilier qualities FLoua-Qulet and uucbaogcd; $8 GOfelj for spring 
aw uo outH In fact, or not rto great eh the gauger ® r hS^iniou r amfJo^i n-nu^' extrs411 - — - - * — — 

’ asas-r:- ^ ^ make -good dlgeMton wait on 

appetite aud health on both." I'or ask every where 
•nirtwhat. but still Ruddle A Co., proprietors aoflfl wtf 

Wholesale Confectionery ! ; Haiioth Gill Ealemrise ! 


an- uo ouis in mci, oy not Rreai u -up siu;-er h» r d,iVn-l»rii in bbl. lu lol-.l : . vii; (i-'.*n., ,u , r-r.-, ' (Vs - in- W heat quirt and rtsady, ,t ,1 Sltel k!s tor SI’EIRIM] SOAP, 

estimates. A uniform gauge is demanded. A white, as lo quality, 15V4l6Y'\»nd yellow refihe,ll3«* No. 1. and *1 «.U 7ifoijto 2; cio^n* qmet at IT2H T l,i. h*.t of ail lOn.l v toan. now *,lav„r»b »kno -n 

special ineefing of the member, of tb- Board of tt'i. ZSZX o^Tte rta 

Trad" nud merchant* fiemnlly "• railed at 12V «««*,». ‘" d fr-on tta -hard tahtetare ta prev trtfi-. . ap..o 

oclofi k on i ha nge Monday. P | IiVny Ulfl" TTr mnl-1 ^a~%Tl kuuui»*i at *.%• 1 *•* «or Wo. i.BBd ft hl«%1 W for No. 2. Bar 1*7 quie . an«*ntirt ly D**qf principle. Clo lies need a» boihnv. 

'i iik II.H) s r.At 41RTRR. Ac — FtJM. Keport.- wSSKLVflSrJEL ******* And Awic higher; $t 4E41 M lor Ko; 2; $1 d tor re I uo rubbing <»n a waabboard. Ooe pound will go aa tar 

to »»**»•( thi i* ha t get*, but* t bus fo tbiHigbt I nu t with the Row.^y patly to day, two tilth 

Oar oooMDercinl d< > paf1fD«*ttt will Iw* lull ttoe, ... 


ui, r-wmwiKint .11 flic t«na«ctiu..s ,. (>lon(| R „ l. Win**, appro., tmrot b»* 

’ note In our own nurk<‘t, and tfligniiliic lam aynulled io coDS'^umcc ol Gcteril M<-- [Special Dispatch to the Louisville Courier. 1 

. .. . , , . Bride* not \ai-ating. He is to receive uu ap Lebanon, Kt., Nov. 2S4. — The State militia 

port. Of all the important market* in the |K);utlll ,. nt tfo. Po*totace Department . „ D(1 ,. r Cpuj,, Blm . K fo n( ., were , m ,, iuca ded 

mnfn. Wasbinoton, Nov. SO. npar MtUedgevillc yesterday by the anti 

The South will always find ta the Cot’KiEfi t. i.s tMitl W tbe financial sittaticn. Lynch party under Smith Kow.-ey. A tight 
i earnest delender ol its ri«lit-, bouor aud Robert 4. Wslker, lu i letter addretaed to cusued, in which Rowsey was killed. His 
_ the o -untry, lakes is.uc with McCulloch asto brother and a man named Wilson were 

" ,,l “ tin’ projier financial polirj of the eouutiy. would d. None of the militia wrre killed 

RKDtTCKl > TERMS. I As the points ia Walker’s letter have already or wounded. 

blind lo assist In-- escape lnrni jus 

A anzer kltttnr match far two ' how** net <1. filar. 

• rifle cam- ofi al Cofafannipaw New Jersey, on 
MoAday; two yoanfi tau-her* killinvaoi! Are*, in;- 
noe tamlreO and twealy-five -h«y ia lour hrmrs 
nod thirty -'tare mioate*. fa-aUhr their i p fi fa s hi 
by •iwosheej, " 

la, PueiMST i message, which it In type, 
woe aeain the Nfaed ot a tabu,- ' ooonidcraiioii 
Hatortay. AM th. ■Maii- rt ol Ihe enbHi-c were 
pevweBI iwlsfilsrbe. Grant. 

Tn towssat Ynokre, fatafifa fo tta Ihta- in eue somuw-vi. 
sipm Yfabs* Tr.haporfotioh Company, boom) _ _ 

troteM, trim, forte, ttefaretewifo. owr farepe. Jgf; ^AILY COURIER. 

ig eh rrbaaiiisi to low. rank ai Plamb hnut 

The how nod two o' ihe fop. are a fatal wrath Far ^ lrar ^ rate*, 1 13 M 

Taz carnal eommfaaiohen at Albaafi. N. T . tar -I, fimh-.h) null «- Me 

have foe lfahta Deeemher lor cfaeinv the ParThree »l am k*. by mail .... * 3-', 

carets, fifo etad wewfoer. rely It- d ec r ee s above ter Ore Heath. h> jaail I 34 

raro. tafaffia* nfabt, wilt prohablv ctore them in pay ABLE ALWAYS IN ADVANI C aa] 

Trad.', and merebanf* generally is railed al 12'- raiue iron, «Se to |i J.i I--'' rallou. a* toouality ami new ; c fating al <Xs43Kc tor No. J. sn-t efit for 
... . ... nntkace. We -,u.jte rlie.iR, ut lO-ellc. ifiifi. Se loser; ciosma al jJYc. Rye aleody, at fi 

o-l- kon fiance Monday. £„nn T BAoLwe q„ol* yrefoe, tl .-ta J i 3i UrT j ^TTSrig, 

I hz II-mi M-A'UZTZA, Ac -Fill.!. Report.— in small loU, rr.vwrd assJtc. ieeie.l "WU-t 1 »r i. I' oi- 

b«c oork iioekert were at full w*»rk slaiifibicrine HAY -We quote baled tin- -'by. at ihe whar’. at pr.-visions— Artlv-* and firm; me, pevk, fi 

, , , 3Uoerl.Mi.B(.debo,ee, liom.' ore, al »-tsl. OQ new. noil Sl» lorjol.l. „ar.l *ie*.iy, al IIS 

iljy, the < ulti weatber hciUa, uvurjule lor kill p»*r ion. Gri*cn niesiN active si 1$ VolOlkC for karnA, ee«1 

i ' hogi*. Tbfri receipts ctmlium* fair, and prices ,iM >K s-Qm. i, w iih » lair ilcinantl :it ** *I0r for given r »%c tor rtbouldt-r*; buiksboulcforn 7H^ loos^ 
I h.-cs are li x-dal i, to 7 So, uro--. peu weitfhts. ^ih^iiSitafa" “iJ^Ortoredh ^f'fa IZl taL£d^c.Y 

b- .fathers arc ibeonlytaycrs. and they. a- buy- ' ,7,^W, quo«e « n ioN s' OU--. aufi .ale. tagg? * Uve ho«, relive .1 yesterday 

uo rubbing «*n a wsnhboEra. One ponn«l will go »* tar 


We aak tbe |farticular atl-ulion »»f our 
friends lo Ibe reduced rzten at w hich wc offer 
tta Wzbki.y ( otaiiit to piuitle Milan tils r* 
and dab*. At present prioee, and consul, -r 
inj Ibe quantify aud value of Ihc matter wc 
j-rint, it is uuqucstioualdy the cb- ap- t pa(ier 
in the floutbv-vL 

Is*-- 1, i -ii!- lisle -1 in thet ol ititK wconiil them. * 

. ■ « .. ST. LOUIS. 

rpsi, -nation KEQi'ENTED, Or^Hiii/ed Hnnil ii fi' Robbers mill fi'ut* 

Tliere are rumors to-uiebt I list the Presi t h roil I s, 

deal requests the leMgnatkM of Commis (Bpecial Dispatch to tta tamisville Conrier.l 

nioii-r llollius of the luteruul Revenue De- ^ T - Loi is, Nov. .10. Southwest Mi-souri 

t-arttueiit. papers ray ilia t in lln- cuunli'S ol Oregon, 

rkjji fj-t op a negro orptCER declined. Shannon, Reynold*, Carter and Ripley, a band 
An officer of * nejrro regiment, tliruuuli ol cutthroats has been orKC.uized, h.ivintf 
some II iends, made epplical ion to the War r< ”- ul,,r meetinc* to divide the spoils They 

Iront here and killed Smith Row. ary au.l cap ' pork paekrra were at full work slanehterine HAY -We quo 
,, . . , to day, tbe cold weather beius livoralde lor kill- fV" 

lured four ol bis ,ii*-ii. They an- liepe tie ’• , . per ion. 

in 2 bogs. The receipts continue fair, and prices It IDKS— Quiet, 

* *“*' ot bog* are 0 zod at 6?fic lo 7 Jf e, *p®»s, pen weights. fiuu-i 

(Special Dispalcl, to the Louisville Courier. | The packer* ar.- the only buyers, and th-yare buy- nOTQ ttc hi 

Lebanon, Ky., Nov. 2U. — The Stale unlit in Ingn.-arly ail the nog* received, lliougli a good of cbol'-e at 70c. 

fitoder Captain Blue Kinnet were ambuscaded many lots are being put up on drover*’ account. LUMBER ani 

near M.lledgevillc yesterday by tbe anti The market tor the product, though qaiet has as foro, 11 demand, 
■ » . ,, ... a *• i . mori* ftrmnffe, taithan upward t«*nd<‘ncv ... .. 

Luirli part? under fetnitU Kowrcy. A tight ru pibb lumber, cii 

a « ..... .» especially lor prime lard, lor which 12* 4 c was re- dots and 2 tuc 

ensued, m winch Rowsey was killed. IDs ^ Tl „. IIUmhor of hogs klll-d Snarduycveu 

brother and a mau named Wilson were lnp ^ 8 , m w |, h . bout 114«lii pens. Third rats.... 

would *-d. None ot the militia were killed | U u r ,.[,ort of the nctual number of hogs i fi- 1V1 fi)° k 'l I J i 1 J ir 

or wounded. killed iik to Saturday evening, and the total re- Poplar — 

^ b b m - - r «j4>niiL r , rl»*ar a 

err Tome eeipls are as lollow ►: Third rate... 


le. ta Third Street, thou laifr West Side, 

MM htlll-K. HlWiflf, 

a?! nioDari—. For* ixe Frail . Nta » 8«r<laBEs,1'ov0 
EE4l spice*! G y strrm nn4 I obiter*. ( in«ri Fntts, 

near Milleiigxvillt- ?cst«rilay l»y tin- 

1 70c. Cattlz— B e, f cattle quiet, at fifi J0(a7 for first ______ __ _____ 

U MIlKfi ANI>SHINllLKS-Tbe.O|>|,lte.ars ample 5ip bbla farar SI. me bashefr wheat EEEOEE OF TOwTHa 

for all demands. We quote sales from yards as lot- Snfoels corn.77 WU^ bushel* wn "• A OKNTLKMAN wbo suSerct for years from nerv 

IoW ' 4: SuirxKNr»-3MI bh s flour. 2.000 bushflu wheat, oas debility, prematore d«eay. ee< 1 Ell Ihe ffrc U <t 

r ttiK 2 fi , taS r .‘ ! ncb : rr S SS ^fgAS^SSASSS&VSt ™ t *u. ***** -•». ^ *oa. of .. 

Sfi-t-ohd rmr, 1 Inch W 00 CINCINNATI MAUKET haniEiiily,sen<l fret to all who need it, the receipi and 

lu aud 2 Inch * •“ * “ -**- - 1 * * 

Third rate 

Common pirn- lumber 

Ci84.innati.Not, 30— r. w. 
Flop b— F irm; family $!0fel0 50. 

Grain Whoa? in h.-lter demi -d. with olw of I 3 

IIOUS Kil l. Ft). IN PENf . 

PodIet * ao.^3 1 OO babsels at $2 IO Ibr No. 1 red wli ter, sod $,» 33 for No. . .^a 

Faring. clear and secooo rale, per M ;o oo.w'.:» no !!: m.ilera from the intenor wer« boring Lora be- 

Third rate .. ~ . rsi O) | • tianz* d. new ear fiSc.aad old N«». 1 OOtfofcr . ) »at-< In nay! wty 

Common 4$ IM I light sunplv. and flrmer; No. 1 6j4«fl& ; eloping at at 


N. B — Toy* if% nnoMAlty low prices at wboleaElo 
r.itlv do!.» •!« ‘»U1iiiAW*ow2 

oos debility, premature lee ay, and all the MferU it 

youthful ludiscratlon. will, for the *ahe_of raS.rln* . nc UcniCB 

hamantty.aend fret to all who need it, the receipt and | UK. GKAYtft fftlMlfel/lfe®* 
direction* for makinz the simple remedy by which be 
»,u cared, ^afferers wishing t«» proflt by the adver- 
ti«cr*» experience ran do *o by addresMng. in perieet 
con fl deuce, JOHN B. OGDFN, 

my 1 wly No. 42 Cedar street. New York. 

la ¥ala*M« Prizes ! 

«m Mm *f WA.BBB ta krranbreki, 

•m Mm ti SIB MB ta 6r«MbBfik«. 
tfire Mm (T ti.BBB ta GiMbMh*. 

IB rrforwwf tl.M« rorklsUimtafa, 

IB Priareof AWfi terefe fo Vrrcbwihq 

Ranging rroto fa up ta «2UK> each, 
fi K A W 1 1, Y l IMKHiitS, 

With foci H < ir**» «a < atlrer moaot-d Mwresa, 

Organi'/fd Itnixl «l Knbbcrs nml 4 ut- Marlin* Non 

1 1, routs. Tlu.tais fib I’o 

Owaley A t •». . . . 

(S|MN ial Dispatch tn the Mmi-ville Cotirii r. I iMincnn K. A i’o*. 
Kt. Loi is, N«v. — Sonlhwcst Missouri Fred. L-’ib 

I A I • » 

(itpers eay that in tb*- couun« 8 ol On^gou, || n g hr „ |j A: < <». 
Sliauuoti, H4*ynolila, Cart4*r aiui Hipley, u Land Hamilton A Bro 


Hrinlm k flooriDir 

"ttiliig and w« utbfi-i i».,«rdur. . third rat 

rough, per M 

Third rale, ilreMnl, per M 

| aide rale. By c unchanged . Larle? io good demand, 
I it i $1 ttn-'t &»tor tall, ami $1 H0i#l 41) for sprlue. 

IxrrroE -Very dull, and prcim nominal; Ur for in d 

• inrri * iusp* nivwmc. • te»t »«■ . 

1 *"»' IK im-b poplar, p* r M • *» W ils*y-fn<JiaugB.t a^d dull. , _ , , . 

s ’din ....vw. Av»a rtiAti . ti » l- >. tew.* I*e« » v t»loN s - M esH | ork very fluu, at $20 for old, 

•Ml’ . 1 '.' <, . N an,> . n a, *' 1 ’’,7 Th -' ’! ' “, T - ,« h ami fiTJ iTJ M> f-T ecs; (hr latter rat* lh« one a-ked 

OS- 'Vta"»lu«re»Md. aud the iiarkel '* » 1 ’ • d »„ „ lr ’,-w at ll, doss. Grron meals held at IS. »S« 
“• ' i-ia Iron, We continue to quote ,-l . A i tfi* close, with g-„d d- mun-l. and ull olf-'rrd 

ol hot ida.1 at fiXO 00 l-e, 

Elt H alu At Elmira. Now York, wraBestrovcB 
by Bre re Fifouy nicbt. Tta fosser pretire of foe 
ta'Mtre sra* oen pita by re ezprara cwtepos. 
which sra* baffle Ira i f’fi law from tbuty to 
forty tbawMB* dottors, folly Ireurefi 
Twu Tswvzsu Ttraos rays tire, fartizel. w 

D- |Mir’nieiit, yesterday, for 1 rans'er-n- c to u 
resiui- ut ol white troop-. Genera) Grant de- 
clined to grout the leqoesi, and said that i-lli 
< er* of white troop* preferred not to oo n- 
■nand ni gne' , and - liauging offi-'er* of lu gro 
troo|M- ti lid'll to demoralize them. 


Colonel Win 4. Heady, of Kentucky, i« an 
applicant lor minister to Mexico, trod is 

— — ra»_ twt n applicant lor inutisier to iriao, nuu is eouaiuer* iu- , 

of foe 'Ugg WEEKLY COURIER. *" ,,k . d,,E ^verol infln'ntui |«nonsrofthe They n-ecuUy 

position. raercliaut num 

have their passwords, grips, Ac. This Ik, ml 
bus aid' is aud al-'ltor- in Texas, Dent und 
Pbelioi, and even in Rolla, Irontou and 
St. Louis, and tliere is a regular chain from 
North Missouri and Northern lliinoi 
tbr-mgli ibe count ie* Above iii.-iilioncd, into 
Aikausas uml Tex, in, and when they arrive 
within the boundary of these comities they 
consider* themselves sale Irom all barm. 

12.75:1 and cold l-la-t al *«i DU. Sales of Idd nails at “ ‘ft’ , n a’|^T to, 

fo -Ns*. ,n loU -I 11*1 k- v, and . ..rn-.p-ndlug » •* '® r , ’ ,a ’ 
iiitrtw lor oflier nlxcrt. tint! email nhI*** frt (6®. .. nr«l«rM w**r«* **-nt fron 

t.uoic p,g iron. COI4 U**i. »i $*♦ -• P^ton. hoi bW ilea^from 

Mkrt.31 per ton. and mill Iron $4iMlfl per loi 
Wf quote I >ar iron :»t 4\^.«lic, .hoop iroi i 

6 -.*5. sb4«‘t iron aiUs nSS^. lo,Aa "fl* 1 

very firm, with :» I 0 ||$ W»‘ MOtc smill sule? lard oil at fal 10, to 

taken at *>*. nn>) 12 c. I.ard One; but qub t. 

Et l.*c lor old, and 12c V, lor new. Hacou unchanged; 
ii< > ut* but rthouldiTrt in the marker, which etc held at 
He. Ordera were - i r from here t-r lav wit drawing 
bio* -n In New orleaL**fr*>n» the market, beenuae of the 
low pr)o«*« relEllvety. 

Bi tter- Scarce and tlrm, at .SAtftlOc lor fre*h in 
small parcel*. 

Eons H >vc advanced to W. and the «ui»ply D light 
skei> -CUfiver-eet) m»rc nte:i«ly. liinotbv very Juil. 

«o|re of || 4 ,irt- lot in the evenin': at $* :W gro**, quality. Ac. IJoRCed oil, ai ibe mill. $1 OR-gI uf», bv at $J r». Hex ;elG at $2. 

MIICOI UflMMCi 1411 meek uiu u. ft. , tl,« qilElilitf. Hale* Ol CUEl Oil Et SR • '..C. CiBOfi ’EEIEE D.lll, b") unchanged. 

jK*ti weigbtF. liut lW4»»f the packer < were nlmiiftfe- oFKAL-Scarcc. wnh win to lot, ah follow-*: Oil -i.inmed oil $1 «l itt. P**tr» 

Oil i.lnseed oil $i -«i u2. peirolcum dull at 14« 


-tRfb r«py, mix i 


TIh* JVnatc’i .lu.lii i irv Coniniittec luve un 
ti iw dor foimHrriilon tbe cam- ol Thomaci, hrim 

loercli tiit iimiumI Gco. W.T1i<»iii|iS 4H), of thirty- 
one hui.dn d dollarn, w liilt* on bis way tt» St. 
Louis. J wo of tin* u.iiii:, (u*or^*. Crawlitrd 

da V,\c. Petroleum dull and price* lower, pKOVISloNS AND LA HD— The market ta In' y 
ring at 21 v c far reflned in b-,n-l. l.lus,-d oil al 

SUKKP — Very Uu 1, Et •-'Tom. 

Goij> -13h buying. 
hxeRANuE Firm, Et par bnyti 

23 I lor elect from Maryland, wbo Ui'bargtul with I aud A. Cook, have l»«*en killed. 

, Alter UM FrHtffrri reprewf 1» that We tea made 
tattofoeMwy prorraw Thr party were e* raged oe 
for ■uric Bhaal* tael week. aud ere ebael fo 

dull „ fl Sagnr and coffee 'lull but unchanged. *JU 30, with nuoewln iqfirktt. We quote new u,M»,.t not e-|U I to the demand 

. . lii Ml in ereen meats we I, ear ol no transaction-. Moskv- The market i 

1'iour marker steady with a lair <l4*mund anil Buikpue.iU uave fluctuated, a with sale tbrievenlnt; of crui. 

Geoetal Mi-Brid--, ol Ohio, mho was ju ap 

An exira copy I* fill-iw iNl Hie Hut, npenl plleant l-»fa |ar^il i-M, iu 1 lie army, was rejected I 

TrtU ATI. awta iw w rittat of for New Vert, I tor evi-rv rln<> of ten al f I 
Three writer foal Ore rtope red 4 t. Brown 1 
bare a Brail of a roeai, ration reedy “eoi and i 
Artea. ' wbleh will br ubrait-ed to for Guovre- I I'C “foments always I* 
Ua* ataa rerty Bay. and foal Hr fatal aaforeebip I vauee. 

wfifl nearer lu sdoptrae bv a refooent aafanly, I . 

for evrrv claf- of ten at BI 7T> each, snn lor 
every club ol Iwenly al BI .Vl each. 

MT l*»ynien!s always to In- made in ad- 

,y fin- mililary board. 


Tlie sta'emeiif ol puldie del, t for lln- month iniptfifiN io inquire into the cause of tl 
■ if Novi-ulmr will show a nliglit ilier- use uf recent diaonter on the iljiniltou uml |)uyto 
j-| lt Railroad, '.returned a v'-rdiet Iasi nigld, wine 

IIH I-iiuik. ucu. . . I., . 

CINCINN ATI. . M.ire* ..." bun vd Wh-ii dull and , -rices no, uiu 

# illy 1u2e lower, t’oru dull and prices have de- s mml«iErR al 12c, aod clear nl 

CaMfia «f tAm f .o rBr tartff Pfiawaflci l»,s- emand aud price* 

|M-iis;ii > Gruaiii/i d I'iiIiIic Meel« ire tiiL'tii^r, cIofIuk al 81c. Mess pork Arm a 1 1114c n.-w lard ihhebt It 'kb«r. 

>»!• a*j h 7Q. iJird firm Et 13Vc for prime. KAOS-Weqnotc good cotioi 

OwciM^T^ Nov. 30.-TI,e coroner’s jury quoted dour a shade m-x-.l a. i-s 4,. .u-l wool. u a, 

Klieled lo inquire mlo the cause of til- , , , , * „ ... „ KTRAW-saleaof prime iu bs 

nt d master on Ibr llainilton uml Dayton inu r; family brand* nl Bill Ball) 74. u no ner ion delivered, 
road, 'relurncd a verdict lint ni-ilif. Hloei, Briu.r and mice, are biglier; N-*s. 1 aud 2 red SALT— W« quote: Ohio BaaDLZT. aged rlebty-ore, a jeweler 

to Hor-iocd Care., wre murdered re ttarraalac ^ dr *"‘' ,cd wL, n ,1 - M c, " uo ' ^ procured, 
of for BR* all-mo. by aa BaS'*b thief named by mail at our risk. 

fata Break, art a refinreff mn aaraad Alexander (>ar fr ^|. everywhere are r- qu-aU .i lo act 
Hrery They afire rahtad for afore Back were 

t^*M-Jo,-y may be sent in Poatofli-a- Orders attended the Catholic orphans' fair»t Rich- 

m jud Thursday evi ning. an-l was formally 

at fkeroon davis negleef ol duly on th- pari of <a-,-lainem- 

■Ifrtided the Catholic orphans’ fair at Rich- ployea of tlie comp mv owning said road and 
inoiid Thursday eveniug. an-l wus formally of the Atlantic and 4. r at Western Lailroa.l 
prcM-nted witli a splemlid inusieal l-ox. In Coni|mny. 

Railroad, '.returned a y-rdict Inst uial-l, winel, finn-’ran-l mice, are higher; Nos. 1 and 2 red 
wa*. thut the collision resulted Iron, gross held a I #2 :i», fJ IM2 4",. buyers -iiI-t 3c less. 

- ply Ur. Davis said; ”1 tliauk you and the I The organirttiou of tin- lloini">|u,tl,ie M- d 

I'orn quiet at 7:*', 7-i'* for new ear; old nominal 
tilts quiet at CfiaMr. Hye dull ll fl IJial f->. 
Itjr'.<> ipiiet at fl Mat *U lor No. 1; choice exira 
at ft 65. Hogs — reeulpls 3,1011 bead, market 

Wearer tta prdealrtor He walked from Port 
toad. Mala*, fo Chicago to iwraty-flrc day*, mak 
tor oa average ol fiftj -two mile, per da.. Weston 
mad* a vpeerb at the Opera House and is rnapine 
quite a ep.t at dotare He propose. , teerariuir 
Mur through thr nmwuj 

Twu rrrru ia Miosiralppl on thr Crexcolton 
qnealion fa so closr fosl a lew buadrad rotor will 
decade M. A. for n-ilitary bare tbe mawavemen- 
oi the matter It b pretty eertalu they wUI mak- 
moreatvm carry. 

As an extra indueivnent we irins-' to 

Th MaRiok iH.r j Hta- learoa. an pood author 

fay. foul use Mtfdterna. a wepro I],.., „ ,h » «< •*' •«« — ta era b rr. n 

foat dtotrirt. ha# wrtrten a teMer to ibr m'litary «ived daring the lu->utb of Ih-er nilM-i lor one 

Owr friend* everywhere are r- qu-«t.'-l to act 
as Agent' in getting up Onto. Pnotranalers 
are also authorized to act lor u*. 

All let fore may be simply addressed 

. W. N. lULllKMAX, 

Iaouisville. Kv. 


As an extra indue. vnent we |>ro|«>-< to 

ladies and geiilleinan lor your kindness, and I iesl Dis|a usury, iu this city, was per It (ll d I firmer at 

s, and fo.aitc net. t - 

will plac- Ibis with the gold beaded i-aue pre- last night, and a board ol lweiily trustees 
s nied io n-- by the Catholic ladies ol Nor- elected, 

folk, who held a lair for a charitable purpose At a public meeting held in Third street 
last spring. Y’our kindness will not be fur- last nigbt tbe Government wus called upon to 
gotten. interfere, so as to change the course of the 

The Catholics It* ve*! way* been ray 'riends British government toward Irish prisoners 
and I cannot torget the circumstance that tbe a ho are American citizens. 

Uo - Kalb, r, tin Head --I your < l-un I- * M » 

ibe first sovereign who sent his blessing iu CUBA. 

my misfortune. May God bless you all. " 

THE PRESIDENT' 8 MESSAGE Order by the Spanish Government— 

was read in Cabinet session lo-d.v Ad- Th , e C uUVIcU-Stauta An- 

\edoe 4»opics will probibh fie ecu t to news- MH * 

1 j«f*4-ra to morrow. Havana, No?. —Tin* Spaniel flov«*ni 

afrt lirWl biifhpr nl 91% nml 12\4C, will) I c „ n iM.Hml p«*r |M>uua liklmr rnlei. 

elrtirtl. Inivrr** ai Sc Iwe Mm* pwk-oM Irin at $2i»: Wtll<KY-Wf quote raw. fr#** Rt$M3ijd,ud 

, !' ,er,ini -' J"*W in Third Street ,jj. but held 50. hign.-r. Lard “"SJreTJ ?& Tr'" 

last night the Government was culled upo., I" fl , c f ., r ,fi d and new. Bacon iu light fif b-wid h fit ISafil 4« for pul one year old. -n-l 

interfere, aa to i buup* the rnurHi- of tin* . « fi ;sv { ^5 |ur over two vein* 

' hOppIr t»d flrmer at hat quotation 

U4*w qub*t «t », 11 audl'Jc for rtUouldcra, rtlilc# aud Lem! Worlui, In tfc*EEtty. ar«* follqwi*, with a .1 
. ** tei.i*.- hfli'i’P 1 count lo large deal md an advance ol H cp'4 1 

ear sous, paikej. all .mail order. : 

Mlbnrii fa* . drrtarto* to ratatarer. ttal foree* ye , r> „ p.y Ja|| 

fit may rerm rtoti*m fo say M, Ufa word fa la* 

win- foe negruc to Marios Dlrireci, • ad that ta * t ' v nc “** Iwf'*’ 

will ffte brtere Ur will pay for taste fox." in D-ra int-er without < ti 

year, ar paid up to 4»nn:iry Id, 1-Wfi, Unis 
giving tkrm all the papeis the* fo*y,*Met*r 

>u Oeccml«r wiflioul (barge. 


Wamhnotow, Dec. 1. — Tb** PrcHident’a | 
nifo»*vav r w ill I*** « «»in num kvt 1 4*il In Con'iiM 1 ) 
i Taral-iy. II conifiEtiilEtes tin* country tbit 
tli** |fafi»|-b* liavi* clt in <>i)rt( rated tb«*ir u Ibi I it > 
ainl iiil« iiti«ni to |*roti*rt tli* tiowrimu nt :in«l 
• it at Pilfer diiiii^ifttis and hail iii'-ii to ^ur|» 
or destroy it. Tbe Prcddt u( refere lo (b** 

Order by (he Npaui»li (aoveriimeiit — 
li.* SiintiH^i ( Minclfl Mflflll An- 
iih’m Fortnue* 

Havana, Nov. ‘-*9 — Tin* Spun Mi govern- 
ineiil l»u- ordertil tliat all and dims to 
widows aud oiffibEii*- of dm'Rscil military and 
idvil otti. is Ir’ piitl ilium diah*l>. 

Thr cuRvk'b irom HautUifii liut arc to Im* 

«M*nt to Ki*iiiaii4to l*4i, are all ol tin* lower 


Saiit j Amin. iM-fon bis $eii(enee pm 
noillii'eit ill Mevif'ii, III ule a l.i-l will alid U*s- 
lEmeut, deebiriti!' bis prif|»ert> .iinoiiiiii d to 
, in wliH’li is iiM'ludcil tlie \ i I lo b* 

t»w lie ou M. Tboliias. 

clear sides. pteke J. 

1 Tbe C'hicairo dispatch quoted wb.-at doll uud 
I prices ji shade lower, closiug st $1 72^ lor No. 2 
spring. Corn has declined to 8 7c. Oats have de- 

Louisville Tobacco Market. 

The market is nnchEnic'-d, wiih very meafi 

r quote old ineria pork at Rx« banoE - Firm, at par bnylng. Thr supply Is 
iet. We quote ueqr meffsnt not e»|« I lo ihe demand. 

•* hear of uo transaction-*. Money The market reniRias close Et IB*!? per 

l, a with sale tUi«**Y«‘nlot: of crut. 

45CE8ks EHlo|low*rshoiilder»y , , , <' 9\*‘, and clear *|de* Jl t Mi’Hls MAKKF.T. 

al l?\(acl$e. B:ieon is carer, wllh Mxbt sales of Meephih, Noy.HO. 

su«"il«fers at I3r. aod clear ribbed -IJ^ ml J»Se; no r<rrTOH -Thril anil heart; m .Mltns if* 

clear sltrt on ike mark* l-;rU I- Jni.rr, Krux -Coru, whole r*nac,-Ai.'..»l. U*t*72c. 

01 o d jirime, ip lierrea, at IZ'-jfacrcY*- Ui lilt* .. 4 >4 , -b 

l:l4jc N*-w lard itsheld h Kb« f. • Fu»UE— Superfine $7ad4. 

Ka\GS- We qnote good cotlon r»E*. In lots, |t l)£C ProvisMNs fork $21 Mi. 4.22. SfiORlders 1ftq1.*S r B 
iuixi <1 at .V4(-, EEd woob u ut M3He. aides I6e. Lard 13 14<*. 

STKAW— Sales of prime iu bales, ou wbart, Et $1 kn NKW ollt.KANS MAHKkT. 

New Orleans, Soy 30 -r. d. 

M»io river, Kanawha IsEooeri es - Sugar uoiet; good fair ll<6e; p.ime 
, ami If irtlord 4-1tv. In I8c; molmosen dull; LodlfltEEa c jniREOd 15 ^33r; choice 
ti, or :U *<•) per bid ol -ISO 8c: < ubn 3$C, 

.• nail per litfil «»f •jsu.miuihIh, Ki.orB- Ddll-.^nperflne nominal y $8 73, treble extra 
f 1 l 31; choice $1i - 14 39. 

Grain— C orn quiet and firm, at $1 0?*«1 10. Gats 
round lUa »t V^lXC; Itenerant 8 c. 

l>avi»ioNH-Pork dull; a-kini; $23. Baron very 
and supplies light, and auir;s«OEldef4lbdllHc^lb !»H6frl4Hc^C»eEr sides l$H 

r>r unwartlietl. and :b4tfo lUr for _ . . . . .... _ , 

. orlwtril in shlppiua ar-lrr. r-revow-rali -firamfi; mnuntug. I' v- Sale f.luq 

l-t.lirr rale* 1 ha -“ ; r.critit- 4.4l:i t-ttl-'-; pxport- S.S4-, Bale*. 

Ulrtfaf fair*. Exi’hanoB— itlerUag 14-AalE; New Yark right % 

»w. fr*. atfill'. »J 
Mean, cupiH-r Dgik, uufl u-'LU-l*. 

* far new. Old ropper I’lTTSI'.UKO OIL MARKKT. 

.,f. a otd° ne y ““ r ° ’ Pirwai re. Nor. SS— r. a. 

( rude ' tl— Market wa« dull on Saturday; *ale • spot 
fit rmi™ of the Kentucky at ic; refined in tn»nd quirt, aud prices deelminu. sale* 
are as rollqws, wllh a db* wta idaid whtlo. spot. ilsc. 

Jan advaqcoul H vyiu >» NEW CATTLE MARKET 

— New *oe%. Noy. »-p. m. 

kte rare re xf « .I. re# KisccIpU for the weck-5^40 beeves, sheep aud 

liacco flark^t. lambs, •tolbg^. 

. . Ca i lb— T he market for beef rattle to-day opened 

Saline- Went Vlrfinli, anil II irtlord idtv. In l$c; molasses doll; Louii 

round lots, at 5«c per bfiih, or at $2 per bbl of *8U 8c: < u»»a Sic, 
immiikIw fiairv Kail aud table nail per bid of'JHO pounds, ruir*- Gull^nperllnt 
$. i jfaaS 30 per bbi. $(•» * •*. choir* $li -14 M. 

\v ll I'l l- LKAD. A*-. Tkc rat»*»* oi the Kentucky 

ItecclpU for the weck-3,340 beeves, du.'tq sheep aud 
lamb)*, ‘3,161 bo^*. 

C a i le — 1 he market for beef rattle to-day opened 
steady. w| b asopp'r of atp^ut l.HflO head 4 demand 

aud dull. Kye minimally an- I reipt-. ami ad fool condlllooed lugs and leaf com- 1 t ,| er artlve. main y f r belter grades, which 

. ,, a- T» r raitefrte.,. I maud toll rates. 1 he ssles at ih.* auction war* 

channe l, BarU > quit t at $1 4*al 4.». ProvisfoiiR qimqiyitetl ts only $1 hbds, wi'h il rej -ettoui. 

tirmersud price* tcudiuir ujiward. Mess pork at 
A * i tireeu at H . il l^e; fdi'iulderi* at t»* 4 c, 

Irom th - blt»ck. kiid • 'yc in Hall, dry. I.ard Arm at 
KV Ifn^- active ami hu h rr. at rtV*atfi? 4 c. Ite- 

fi'ciptrt lit»l npolied. 

The Now Orlean** dispnirli i|nsted floqr dud and 
pifii- rt nominal at i*-- r»H for -nperflue. Me-t 
i?» S4-I11U4 in the jobblnp war at $*2» 3tH$2 t&. 
I Uni liriocr and. held higher; prime al 12\al2 **c hi 
I I inv 4, uud lUc in ke^s. Dacou dull; ucw sboul- 

FMtet iHii^ed us follow*: I liltd.i nl $IJe«Kl 73; 2 at 
ti.< (c 411 -(ll Tv. I at S O-, 10 73; 6 a< $'• it IU; ti al 
$a lUiart -0 IR at NTt 8 ai $*Wa$ *», nod 14 at ».rt.fa I 

WomlaV. N' V ‘HI. 

;• I l*ricea r »n.'ed a- follow* : i hhu at $r< 5, i nt $t .**•, r 

I Sat lit.* 11 r»U,8Et $••» r»alU3. -* it $U 4Ut’iU W3, .'at ’ ri4 | 

^ sfc„ ; 75, Mat W. ‘♦si $3 25-5 i al $4 .Ikrt ,1!. 

d I I 55, ami 4 l»h*ls al f '■ Uo. Tlie latter were trn-hv colll 

1 I'EltPA Y, NOV. 27. 

romiu.indetl previous pric*-*. 1h«*i« were sereral 
(•mall lot* »*f verv e«Mnna<»n cartle w* *l«1 . amt M)"»fShU 
|ow< r; ex»i:i lt»S il»c; prime ir»^|6c; flm qutlily 
lltou ir»' 4 r: fair to rood n^qli^r, oidinaiy 11 -illSc; 
inlei ler Hfaipir. 

SHkIP AND I.ANBa- -l)enr -rt4%-d bv*,the font DUcd 
heavy arriva « aud uu overstocked markei; today 
fheru weie luMv R, r *0 head *»n t*ale; trade flow; srv 

Till lots Were i|h)ii»|rt.vd of; pr,».ttf »h«ajt !Je Iqwpr 
han last Monday; extras 3»<c; prime V: lufrrtor to 
'•million 3 , l '’*4c. F.xtra lamb-i «i' 4 c, medium to good 

Iiehpay. Nov. s». ,.»«(•, and inferior !V.s s » t iC; many lots chauxed hand* 

j'aloe-4 rnnw d bdlowa; 1 hltd al 00; I at $iU 30; at $1 30m i "S» eai-h. 

Infili , at #r IH); 1 at fl 4 al $ 13-13 i Hwim— U q iwu iJ. aotw 1 ih»taad 1 aE ihe ni >d*r» 4 e 

*1 • ill) « ll *itV I tit 15 3 at $I(M 0 73 , 1 ai $Hi«t!i 00 : r reel pis k dehiand mod-rate at lor heavy 

5 at $k Wi Hint $} UU-.c^i ». i|a» »Y 3 at f. 30 prime; 6 ';.<*t>kc for fdr to fitod; 6 \i-<$b«; for com- 
(.5fa-,4*lfiOa-«4», Hi'l istfiSSUfaikS. ' - tair - 1 “to 

14 n lo rou rb, todlcatlDE a decline ot ^c. 

torri’i r rAinifU rat attevpteh wiRiuit ok 

\M-EK1.I IQlKlhK. maasa*. 

tMbc*: *o'*™"**™**^ **w«ra H*r Remarkable Career. 

Tbtrd — 4 fourth, North side. 

TUESDAY milll. - I OY M 

• TBK xKDk. 

xm OC V«r tod Meant a oppo-rei ta ,bc <''*» 

nail IS. indtrrbf *<u 4n» •to f ' l »f4»ra 

A scrana mnmai rwtafday ntomnaon th *' 
Vbe Mmwptottaa Bo.rO to Tv" resm,l fo*- 

kn atrahsbed. 

Hon Ketben RniWtianan. c* -CbnucclUw 

_ _ [Special Telegraph,,- ( orre'-poodencc ot the Louis 

!{«>■*■ It •,«*«> in vilie Courier J 


A lew dart ago we save the p.rticalars ol tie Washington, Nov. 25. — Tlicrc was an im- 
«fejfiktn£ aatUittot and attempted murder ot a loetise crowd at tbc lion*,- ol Ueprescntstives 
. eli know r. courtesan earned Ami Brown, who (o-dav, in expectation of the impeachment 
I keeps a bouae of 111 -fame on Marshall atreet. be- Tbf.'rcat naileries were Oiled to 

the rebellion rave reported that it <c rcepa STATE I’OWEX H0\. wa» adopted, exempting l)om tbe provision* pens,- without lurllier Older- trim the Honao. ui gl, he valid, until lie last Jay of that sea- The Testimony oi Secre 

iU ; n « re t .V', iH?S* ol tbc wool tarilf. act ol March 2d, articles ac Adopted. »»..? 

.nmuu i.ted hv I 'on tnillv imported, 2d. Sd and 4* It of March, and Just Ik fore adjournment, Mr. K lscv in m r i, RIM ELI modiOd tbe resolution ac- Tha Work ot Hreeonstrnr tion Xaiti. I 

ST tS A f PP JTi. l-i™ ..... . . 1 antborUinc the P.-oetarj oflbeTnasuaj to trotloced a bill .leclaring tbe . tfect of the c> r ,| lD .i. ated b Bir. Lincoln. 

Ibexa," therefore on. y receive per A. S 111 a 1 1 A. 1 1 e EE (I n U C* C . refund overpaid duties. impediment by the Howe of Represent*- Mk VilERM AN did not aee any objeet — - 

nTTT^t?^ ^T"r«t: overflowinc. Senators and distinguishto 

terrible wouml- lufffoted I, be, ctod-blnto - .traneers crowded tbe M**e*.ndlbc ha 
t4 Imr. Jooboa Drake. who I* mill b rt o w, omd the Reprmut «tWw hill picfrtit 
* lan;**. He ha« been «t»ro at tbe bead of fd a HHftr 0f PI(*H<W«t. 

nri&inir.Tfli — - • LEXINGTON. j 40th congress-first session. 

»* A^lll.lU 1 Tbe commissioners appointed to adjust the I SFNYTF. Wisnivumv a«, os 

o[ loyal Seminole Indians .u.tsined * I M r MORGANoffercd a resolution, 'which 

Itiairs at the National Capital, *«*«• 

r elmms ami find that the losses exceeded tbe tnilly imported, 2d. Sd and 4>h ol' March, and 

fifty tbooaaud dollar* appropriated by t on- authorizing the Secretary of Ibe Treasmy to 

Special Telegraphic Correspondetice ol the Louie- trresa. They will therefore only receive per ^ in tl 1 1 Alt (* It < i rt n . i ,efnnd overpaid duties. 

rdle Courier/) centage on losses. Mr EDMUNDS offen d resolutions th it 

FxriTtw EXT in the hoi se * democratic CACCT8 all moneys received by auy officer or employe 

ir, „ | nutun Not 25 —There was an irn- wlU be * fc * d ' y *' T * mt uut ludUlialitMl ill UlPt lark E«UlJ ! * IheGoyeramcnt, or any U, pprtment lU 

amhinutov >o\ ~o. I ben au llu POSTAL arrangement*. I ot, Irom «ales from captured orabjndonrd 

ioco*e crowd at tbe Houtu of Representative* u .a UIUJ ^ L .** tk. p n . llliatt *. , KfSOIOtlOlS property iu the la«e lusumctioDanr diatriett, 

><•*,. i. .^srs^m'522 : jpsss 

re|>ort. The i:r»*«t were tiled to Hit* maite to Great Britain, lor tbe yearly, received tln n on Laid over nnl * r 

overflowing. Scntior* and distinenish.xl fro* the Htmbanr North Gertian Lloyds Full and Complete Equality Before ,| i re<l to lie pnu^,. 

straueers en.wded the lotd.ies and Ibe ball “A. * .“'V.! the Law Demanded. Mk BIMNER nlleird a resolution irrunt 

Oth CONGRESS— FIRST SESSION Mr. SPALDINfi offered a resolution <li iilent one half an hour within which be could 

* rt i'*iii£ that no committee “hull lx* autboiized take a<)Y.m1ua* <*l their uhAence to make an 

BKNATK. WASHINGTON, Nov. 25. hereafter to a» ud lor |iert<Hif nod paprr«, to appointment * blob, is tbe next (.'ourtw* 

Mk MORGAN offered a resolution, which ex.imine witness^*?*, or travel at the public ex- ini^bt not set until mid : ummer or aiinunn. 



The Testimony ol Secretary Stanton- Rfady f*r lh* Lffflslalirf . 

Mk EDMUNDS offered resolutions tb it lives ol Ibe present Vice or any I could he named by passim* the resolution. 

all moneys received by auy officer or employe civil officer ol the United Slates. Read I The Senator’s purjiose would be attained 

I udiu lial ion at lllP (lurk (ounl' of Ibe Government, or any department tnere- twice and relcrred to the Judiciary Commit- without takiu:: that comae. 

* ot, Irom sales from caplured or abandoned tee. Mi: FESSENDEN thought there was no 

IvfSOHItionS pro(e rtv in tbe la'e iiisurn etionary districts. Subsequently Mr. Blain moved to lay i n sr ,»i danger to he apprehended from a hiatus 

shall be immediately paid into tbe Treasury, tbe t ,ble the motion to reconsider the vole 7>l hall an hour, hut -digested an adjourn- 
togelher wiih anv inlcr*>st which may have referring: -o the vote could not be brought ,„unt might he had 5 minutes before li 

TTnll mid PnmTilnte 'Pnnolitw Rnfnro ' ,K>, ' n received tliereon. Laid over, and or l>aek l.y a motion to reconsider the relerr ng im-r should be «oiue slight intermission. 

i Special to the Ciaeimmii Cummmi.l,| 

Mr FESSENDEN thought there was no Washingtow. Nov. 'AS —The tollowing is 
treat danger to be apprehended from a hiatus tbe teal iuiooy of Secretary Stanton on the 
■i hall an bout, but -uggested an adjourn- subject of reconstruction: 

moot might he had 5 minutes before 111 I had several very eatue t eonver-ationa I tat On all 

Frankfort News and Gossip. 

1 Special Cur, eapoodance of the Loatsvllla Conrtar ] 
KEAanroBT, Nov. X. 1847. 

This is tbe Week of preparation at tbe capt- 

von ean see little elec thee 

strangers crowded the lobbies and Ibe ball wnts |M . r onnee or almnt fi cents |«r single 
below, and Hit I o-jtr.-sent stives' hall pri sent rate lor letters, and tl cents per pound for 
ed a scene ol excitement. printiuf matter, Ac. Tbe regular davs ol sail 

Mm. PIKE offered a resolution, declaring I , n ,i certainly no 

Mk SI MISER offered a resolution grant- that in tbe judgment ot tbe House it is un 
iugthcuse of the Senate cbuniher tumor necessary to proceed turtlnr at present with 

there should tH- -oiue slight intermission, with Mr Lincoln uj>on >be subjeer. -soil »d- peeniratioo Ttr Libnrha a , _ „ , 

.ml certainly no barm could be done in five vised I but any ellb,l to reorgai.ue tb. gov- ' *"””*"** 

,u in , it. - emaa-wt sbowhl b»- nnder Ibe fnhr .1 author- the hall and chamber for th* reeenrioo of tha 


M stew Work, !• vary tow. and to nwt ext«u»U te I mmtr , ail — * the boody d.-,-d » , are told 

Tna nm bn ween Cotlyer and kelly comes oS Drake it be 
toalav nt aavbrank on the V irginia ebore. skirl, under 
mile, down Ibe Pw'oma. Ootlve, sra- arretoed act was 
in Ball. mate veatortay *<>d held In fi*.nan bail to tbe mom 
keen the peace in Maryland Bailwargtvee vated 10 

Two i.vmnn occurred on tbe Hadron Hiver «‘« 1 »’» h 
Atoilrna* Taerdav blckt. one ,o a belch, train 
and Ibe ofhrr With the ltn»<anatl ntpraaa, whW fcu,m “ l '' 
mai Mis ran It wm U« u*ck. ^‘ 1u ^y wv«tAi ol , r,fn '' M " 
them nod throw, nr the loromolfvr Iron. lb. •< were th 
track So peraous were hurl. Tb r roa<) Vs no.. « ben I 
all right 

^.w head islawd and M aeveeal pomt. how the REPoRi w »s rk eived. and ''fiWuJday.' * “m* it 

ame* he committed the boody deed M e are told Whet. Bout well arose to present Ibe report less tlun the amount of sea 
that ,be woman. Ann Brews, decline* proreentine u | tbe majority eommitt.-e, lavoring mn>earb- postage, und secures a net postal n v 
Drake tfbe is arrested, and will not testify against .11. nee and ’ nl "* lo ,bl depaitment from lb. 

Drake ifhe is arrested, and w, It not testify against |b ,, lv was „ |., VU |h|. ss silence, aud 

•itwi under any etrenmstaoc... t-I.ev .a* tha. the w|i ,, n ^ r> ., rlj . d ,. onc | udllltr „>o 

low evening to Rev. Newman Hall, which 

(Special Dispatch to the Louisville c mrier I I was opposed by Mr. Trumbull and others Adopted. 

I.evin«ton, Kv Nov I as establishing a I ... I preeedt nt, and was re- Mr \\ ASHBURNE, of Wisconsin, offer. 

, , *’ ’ , ", . ' I jeeted l.y a vote ol 37 against 10. tbe picseul final 

I lie t olored Mate < .nvi utiou wbieb Ire A lesolntion by Mr. Sumner was adopt'd rial condition of Hie n.untry, any lunlu 
t» en attracting no little attention Irom Un- I requesting the Piesidrut to eommuuieate purchases ol I. rritory are iu.xpe.ii. nl, an 
prists and people o! the Slate, met in this I * n -7 official mini in . I'mn in his ptisse'sinn in lhat the House will hold itsell under >u obi 
. ' I legard to the .rial Ions ol the Untied Slates Ration to yote money to t..r any sm 

lo-aay. ^ I (iovetnm. nl with North Uermatiy. pHttotes, taksr there :s gre.trr m Cte.-ii 

It via- evpi . tr. I that besides tbe d.ieg lie- I Mr vIORKll.L, ol Maine, oltVred a r. so lor tbe same th.n uow exists 
a vetv large number ol the Am. eitir. n- i in non Intruding the Uoaiinittee on Mill- He explained tha tie .if. I not inien.l ,. 

act was eamnnt'e.1 in the impulse ot 
the moment and while be wras aegrs 
vated to mad kcm by jenloasy. it.sti 

rnent, there was a ,.ie.„„.s» rerviee. H is aniieipaled 

wti.-n tbe elerk reach, d the eoneliidiug r«*»o- , |, a , arrangements will be made tor addi 
lution autliotiring iuipeaebineut t l.ej. was tionxl w.'.'kl v mail l.y the Uunard line, uisk- 

vated to msduess by jealousy, ft.sli a|>|»la«#e and biaiies, wbM-h called lorUi a 
gated hvbemeir. »mke. however, to a baldened reprimand Irora tin- spe.'kcr Till- point s ill 
man. and one callable of steep mg his bauds iu the several rcpoiD Were tuily aulieipat. d l.y 
hunt at. btiuul lie to yet young, aud his raieer ol dis|Kiteb to you Ins, uiglit. 


touammiu New York yrwtovday at 13»'„ 
advanced to l«l. and rloord at lWh • 
t'ovvuK ootmwrns to daeltae in New York 

.•time ba« only comm. 'lie ,d. It would be well tl T|1E 1bso rbixu Qi'FgTI. 

it were tbns early nipped in tbe bud is now what wilt tbe House do 

W hen Pope last cek.ury wrote. "The ivoimr ^ for action Wednesday ol 
•titd* of nackiiMi if man. Ih* told t truth »uirb » , , , ,, . 

Aa mtcmimblL' MMc vill itrl 

■ fciiiirrt r~i — w-.*>ww-mtY mal 

kind ...s much of a ,««,.• n. ever. The phase* ‘ d» l-» the prcv.oua q„ 

o. Hie around a* coktmually mak. one refiart on the final result count he loretol 
wbat strange mortals we are and thongb tbe race beeu possible to have pressed tbe 

ing lour per week. , . . 

^ 1 a verv large nuuiborot the 


,, of Alrieaii proclivities wa. 

Mr. PI, tint, writes from Mexico that the 
letter wbieli l 'apt., of tbe Taeouy, ad- ami tbiit Hie city would bo 
dressed to tbe President, requesting the de ing »Arl. the new-made It 
Uvenr ol .Maximilian's remains to Admiral bl|) ,| 1 expectations Itave bee 
Tege, bolt, wa- never received bv tbe Pres- , , , , 

■ ■ . ’ * The crowd brought toge 

ashi i v's tfstihont. wlieieJlp- convention is in 

to-dav. ^ | Government with North tirrnuny. 

it wa- ev peeled that besides tbe delegates yj B vIOKKIl.L, of Maine, offer* 
u yerv large nunibor ol tbe Am. rican eiliE.T.- lotion in. tniriiug the Committee 
, .:. . ..... , . . . I tafy Atljirs to inquire into the c 

of Alllean proclivilie* wwuld lie attracted. ,, r |U ,. llBll , t .,|i„ l . 'reduction ot lb. 

and that the city woulj be tilled to overflow loiees ol the United Siaies. Adopted, 
ing wAtli the new-made Irecdmen, l.ul all 'notion. Mi. Wilson's resol, i. ion re- 

, _ , , . .. . , , turn, eg Hie II,. inks ot Uongress to 

sti. l, expectations have been disappomted. 8 „. k | is aild P op," was r 

The crowd brought toirvthcr In the main t lit- Comm it tec on Military Affaire, 
whet rJhc convention i< iu will i.o! t hi motion ol Mr. Kdiiiuuds, the 

. , .... .. . Am* Wilft <lir« fifd tn firrr»at l 

I'll, I, ling and equipping slops ol war. 1 bun wict 
Adopt, d. I next m nth, 

Mr \V \BIIBURNE, of Wiacon-in, offer <1 I .„ r !, r< J .,,n,ii 
a resolution ileclarkuE that tbe preseul fiujn- I ur . lu.ul.l 
cial condition of the country, I , V1 , 
purchases ot t. rritory are in. xpe.i,. nt, ami I , , 1 , Uni >uu s 
llcat tbe House will bold itsell under > u . ml I , , 

Ration to vole money to for i.tiy an. b I | . ... , , 

ptircliase.-, BDless there ,s ere. ler ... c . iiy 1 and tl.rj 
iur tbc same tb.n uow cxbts I .i.j t*.t i.. tie* 

He ixplaiucl Iba. ne .lid not intend •b oi- dr-tp.yrd 

niit nir*. v*mm< nt aIiouM !*• under lb«* IVdrnl unhor '"•* ,m * cbtwhrrfw Um rfornnoo o # tbe 

Mk. Till M HI 1.1. said it wa immaterial iiy tolely. in.l ,o treat t),e rebel organization* Legishuur. , to near at bind: hotel proper 

to bilii wbetiu-r they adjouined to-day or "»d g..veriimen:s os null android. On tbe I— —a x~-m— a 

next m nth, tut be protested against any day preceding bis d.alb a coaverx.iM.a kw.k . . 

lo torn wbetiu-r they a.ljoumeil to-day or xnd governmea.a an nun non voio. tm the tors and hoarding boose keeurrs are nr-omr ..., 

next tn nth, t ut be protested against any day prec ding bn d.aln a e.mve,^tN.n loob . , 

-noli reasoning a hid been advane.-d Con place but w. cn turn, Ife Atluruev ••encralanit "'* r ro,, '» . I » dcra, Ae , htr the satafectory 

gr -s lioul.l pursue ibe even leuor ol its myseH, U|h.ii the -ul.pct at the EmwMivd ttomaasblmii .*f their g neats; the Pnhiie 

way. Wbcu 1 le y but a P res III .‘ill ol t lie mansion An lo.ur or two ,fte. wir.1. Printer ia preparing the "r wley” and ' ‘toils 
I nle.l >r:.i . 1 1.. •- l.'.i'l.l b.ui s- -u U. and . in. nt n.e in.. I.lle ..I ike 

I ...d not. . nib. pale .-om.ter.lble tb.t,g Hteincn, Mr, A*,.J of . w irenh tr* to be ,w 

i t Hi in tikp lilt r MptqiitiKPf Ml bwowi tbe War »«< i«d tu« >ot-> fV nt*.-#* o«. WrvBffav 

I .»lld UiPj dM»U ii>IO tlhlfown duty H* CUl»Tfr®*»ll**ll. .\h* l I ba*l !• pw.llr i HIV l*-J M -o. .H After 1*5 N Mt fh^ Mrdkd.i • 

tU i».. i •. li. »f Ilf- yl . t» t«» lx »iii 

|or dr-1 r fi ll t)\ a It W UAkiAUlrw llUl**. ’ 

t tin* inan-»on An w*ar ur w • aPnftni, Pnukr ii ibr “min 1 m«] “foil*” 

t»u U, w«»d ahoat H»* nit. Idle *d ike „ . , 

iltrinoon, Mr Lined.. . „n-, °* ”*‘ r »«'»•♦' m jw-y-e-f to be .n 

town the War Dcj-jiGm* •»» imi tUe *»alh»«l of> fhr oA«to oc M<'.nd-iv BMt, 

H* CG*»V«*f*wt»..M. Afln I had rrpvMfrd lid irj M -O, »n »lf*»r M M M tl»d* orremtiv 

tjurrd Ihr r**l»r| l.,y l.htrM . . 

Wb»t to a s m , wr the rebel m.. bore. res t . bsw u “ J***” rj " 

l.r. Alters to H,qu:e into Hie expediency Dsolntw* to ApO>) to U.ini-... i ui !■ ||kry dki be done willi reierenre lo any imrlMipdion vtolnr. m IU lk.iara, - 

ol III. ii.K.K .|.»I. ted... Ikon Ol Ibe inJ.larv ui. aot hv di g,,. ........ t.. I ». u.i.aik j'.d I , .. r ..... , . n. . aud with no paftlnbi id* **••.- • -stdus.. »l my desk, *7 t , Tr ' ■ ^ W 

'•*' 1 "" l 'HI. d M i;. -. Adopted. til tin world Hilt lie II. .us. ,v ...I I " >1 i , . „ i,.,t ..... ini-lil -iip|K.-. . oi D" V . a , ,,-er i.i.l a i. . ' ■■ ,t .... ’ * . '**'**’ 

On tnolion. Mi. Wilson's resolu.ion re- shier Itself bound to pay for uny tvrrilory. I w ii it other iwr on mi-Ut da. to ttonerai Weitrel, and bund- . I it to roe. ,L. J . p-«pacmy nm quills. 

Me MNKK made lunh.rr Tbe.e, aaid he. I think that wiM suit ton • SSL V 

IB, tales middiiw uptands were auto at If «* Hi aud dee|Mva;ely wicked. " aud be w ho 

i ml mill , sera society as dev, -loped tn our City t'onrt. mu-t 

THE AltaoRBiKG QC EdTIOX liv. rv Of 'Maximilian s remains to Admiral b „,.|, cxpi el:, lions liavr I, ecu disappointed, 

is now wbat will tbc House do when th> y **' niv.r reix ived l.y tbe Prt Tlio crowd brought together i„ the room 

come up for aetiou Wednesday ol next week. ashi.ft'u tfstimonv. wIhu^JIh convention is in session will i.ot 

An interminable debate will certainly tumor Repusmlativ. Ashley was bclorc tbc Ju- exccejjwo bimdie.l peitons. The affair is 
unlcs cut off l.y tbe previous question, l»ut dietary I orouiitt . < oil hat unlay, and test .lied 1 hii.u very- quietly conducted .Mill seem tout 
tbe final result canuot he lor. told. Had it ^“"umt V,' e biTore Ib^mu.atee ,ra ‘-' l,ut liMlc ( ‘ vnl "« Up* 

bteu possitde to have pressed tbe tueasure to 3 || ,| lt . Pv idrnct- wlitrb he considered legal or people. In the streets no unusual of 

to erowlng older, and i«-rh.ii>* wiser, it is evident I * vote to-day it would have been carried, l.ut solid on tli, quest iou ol impeachment. negroes is to lie noticed, and tbc occasional 

when tbe testimony has been read and Con- . , * 1 '' ‘.^i , 's tT- r'*f l w d I » .rrD^.V^ 'w D .V.* " Vi!! •>abt ot a dirk tailed r ul au.l well 1, rushed 

flip itPi-<to tlif iif'onlf 1 Liv 1 1 ii it, t u i Die.? with I OUO\( r ailiSN iFiirii.iin, wlult Iu* 

^ a ! tn_ x„ m ?fi y. n lailer wa* in jj«l in U ashinutun uude-r con |4ug thr ouljr IIiIimc lo n mind the olwcrfcr 

iiirnirg the tlutuk* »»f Congress lo General* He moved to auspend the ruU». Iheiulo? 
Bheridau. BickliR and Pope vra>» referred t»» were suspend, d b> a Note of *.e; t<» hi. and »!** 
the Cmnnnttee on Military Attain*. resolution was Introduced anti adopted. 

port of' Hie residnlkin. ' fold him no, it did Dot go quite tor enough; £ toU^iMto^eManTI^wlI^^" 

Mu. HUM DULL said, if the Senator fivn tha, tbc members of the rebel L-e»tofarv **■ ^ 

On motion ol Mr. Kdniumls, the S«*rgftnt* I Mk BrTLKU oil -r«-d a resolution p cilintr | M.i>> iclm-tdts ci»o»e to govern li» action n I vovlil pfotwldy 

grows no beiler. Tbou«»nds of years ajo when tbe tcstiiuonv lias lieen read and Con- H>‘ admitbd having bad numerous confer- 
mid -Tkt bnmnn heart ladeceittel above gress, tbe press and tbe people knowhow enecs with l onover alia* Durbani, while the 
"'ami f-r 'T wieked." ami be wbo weak, bow puerile is tbe .1 id. ... . on wbieb •*'««»•* »® J-*' 1 M asbimDoo u"d. r con 

I"" s '."ins. - as I". ■> .. .on, .Kiuj'i, ... I HR. ini Viol l.L, sain, 1. l lie s-.ii'Jior n •• n ... nia . )n «1we im >,r,,k.n in, . .. ■ - 

.. _ ion will i.ot I On motion of Mr. s. tb, Sergeant Mr 111 II.EU , .. .vnhl p*oh i ' BdWi a!: 'h-t I _ ^ ----- mtoxika na ibn 

K, \,blev was iHloit llie Ju- live.. 7lwo bliudied 1 1 -on S j. „lit i . I ?* ' ,m ' w:l * directed to arres! Edward T that, by tin act ot F. I.r.ui, v ,, IH.. .-, cuk- > . .r t.e me in regard to wl-al H.-ncral Wwdret on-gi.t to h- dtr.eiedm . ^ ^ '™ a ™ 

K,u . . .".I, and bring him before ibe bar of tbe per cent ot tbe ciu rt tv-mn ot tbe Uintw ■ ;l .>i,er ,i| arlmeot ol IbeHoven.m ntomigbt probilut their u,l. mg. H. look up , . 

>e, in I..JI Senaie to answer lor coutempt ol Congress in Blatisi w»a set aiwrt aa a siukiua luud. amt I u 0 . ,„i K li, no so. i.ut In- iTrumi.u l) ahowld b» p»n agwiu au.l maiie th-.t addition * fT ,, iT V*!, , 1 L v’ 7“® 

n tb" colon, I refusing to eoii.mnnii ate certain tacts within directing lb Becretary ol tbe Treasury to I TUU . on Ibm <| 0 ealtou with re lere nee to bto to b» telegram. »od-igned it. tie banded d ... i '} , , . 1 ” 

il rnimls r ol l,U Fnow bulge. R.-lerre.l lo Iht Committee inform flic House llieainoaul ol such sinking I ,| UlV . , uu bl.. r ol luia bod/, without un- 1C uie: I md that I D, ought it was exaetly M , oeeuie ii mr i naa «*- 

on Retrenchment. turni, .v • Revolution adopted I dtrukind to anlletnale the u tmga ,.l illeg.U Dgbt. It wa» tnoeeiu-u iwmudmiely to (tom. w_ ^ - - .. .. 

lie iR'cusiomil Adjourn. ,|. Mr plKFi luliodiic.-.l . I., II declaring SI I ,,, , t( . .,,. w i, v :1 „„ |,. r .rtim ut ol the (iov- Wiiirel, and was Hie fatal oci Ib-u was rv.-T h ‘ ~T , * ivaaon ot preparation, 

»< II brushed Louis, Mi- sour i, a port ol entry. Kt Icrrexl I .mim ui, Buffi -.cut unto Ibe day is ibe evil pelf xmed by Mr. a. m-obi m the War De- ■m. . — 

^ Team is a relmton* revival going on amour 
tbr Mechodtsto. oi AOaata. "a. 

’ . . . rh . ir that tlie |M>liti.-al b.lh c 

aeqai.-w iu the iratb ol Ibe verw.-. aad «<rb tor , 

Ibe deprwvlly wbieb pbilaulbropisf* aeptore. ve, 

thi^Vliiirirt > ai- h.H-t tl thcvwlllbo victiou for perjury. That thew ronferencf*» tlmt t4n> IkkIv m* now quietly working out th*‘ 

that tbe pohiieal * mid a, rive ai -mb were lor tbe porpien of otoalning some let- oj - . dtallort , M 

nvBA^xmvnaA to to- * Au. Brow ... Bom wb.t we 

.•onelnsioi s. 


t. r- wbieb Conover asserted were iu exist.-nr 


Tbe -:all. lies were rrowded The priH-eed- 
ings w.-r. i. p.-iied with pnyet by Rev. New- 

impiieaiing President Jobusoti in tlie guill.v Kepubitc, and that b, tli. qni. I an? of peace Mr. INGERSOLL introduced a I, ill to pro- 
know ledg.- ol the conspiracy to assassiuate the State ol Kentucky is being sloyyty rccon- 1 o' 1 "' ** ,e * or, * ,er redociio" of the currency. 

to tbc Uommittee ou Commerce. 

HOUSE U vsniNGTON, Nor Cfi. 

A resolution was offered l.v Mr. Blaine direct 
ing Crneral Grant to communicate to lln- 
House all cot iv-pond.-nce add re- sal by bin. 

•ppototod UI ,to ^.etoto. to «ov Flanders ^ ^ ^ ^ mn . rk , Wr of 

Two anoiraiEWT ettisena to Kaabvttle. Mr. Jobr Previous to live war sbe resided in 

hirkman aat. John B Jobnaoo. wave li.rowm (Turn ^, r i...i„ .mi trs, distingntobed taerwel. as * 
• bwggy tost ftondti aad aertoatoy ialorsd. flrsi-etoss kvreite by kill, ae a min i.amed Failer 

Aoaw Borer bat wri'tow a |ky entittod Ibe son Bbe was cleared before tbe courts. andBl- 
— While CYook," which to abortly to be pradoeed ,er a dashing of profligacy, came lo Ibis 
la NaabnUe, city about Mar years ago. Ann is said lo have 

Mk awn Mas W. H «XUp are to opea Hera a, ,to, Dm. a bea.Hfal toil de.pemt. wo 
Tiksst... H.ois.ob ahool me lsl of Ito man » bea exclled by jealousy her heart was 

The inconsistencies ol the majority to»th Ph-sident Lin-olu bui Hist he cooldg.t no Mrncted. and her people molded lo the new "" 0,1 "ay* aud to tUr Fr.sid.-nl en ito stH.j.'.i otYl..' reumval Ijj 1 } 

to law and Its » 0 [.lianecs, is rxpoked a, u-h letter, and that all of Conover* state 11 .oV* I of Secretary Stanton and li.-n.-ial Sli.-.i.lao, I 1 


il was not hi* purpose n >r bo province, nor 
vra- .1 consistent with bis -rnse of public 
du.y lo make an attack upon nor drleud Ibr 
President, nor would lie l«c placed in a p*-Hi 
turn ol so iloiug He -Ii mid vole on tlie rrt 

| partnicnr. 

“Borne of tbe otln r rrh-l Btates, after the 
-nr, end. r of ,be - ot U.r rebel govern- 


Haifa score of gemlemea rrprrt to preaide 
r>ver the Arnntr at It* appro -evai.-w. 

iu. nl, called D.g i «-r their L.-gMlalam, aud, and Alua.-t su sqnal aamhrr . ntertam the 
,-ill.rr pursuant lo iintru Don* bom tlie Woe same da lna t v i Iream regonl.Bg ibr gavel ,.f 
Dr jortmciit, or pursuing on tbeir own mis IM Home. Aatill larger number rjprfta 

>liiti..n willioii. rel.-rence lo :lu- President ol I lion tbe t»ln-y llms uulieaird l.y Uie ..riler ot l the subordinate | s Millions 

Nashville, and firs, distinguished ber».'l, as a -<qwra'e n'js.rt ol Mar. -hail and Eidruige; tiie committee, 
flrwi-etos* toreite by kill. Be a min i.amed Fatter- Iasi named denounce* tbe impeachment prop- uenicALS III 

Mk awn Mu W. II «NGp nee to epee 
Barkens' Tkealei. Hontoon, about Ike tsl of (to 

Tom Hocerow Texas. Trau-eript- to tbe Imb. 
on Don ores Ibai there to no yellow (ever, aad ad 
vise* ahare, tees u> retain to tbeir boaaes 

in C hairman VYiison’* miuoi ny report which uu-r.l- were so vague and unreliable that he order ol thing*. 

i* said to be masterly written, nud in the (Ashley) would not present thru, lie lore the AgreatdealofdissjtUl.ielioiiauJiudig.u- 
eep* rate report nt Marshall and Eldndge; tbe committee. lion was excited in all parties, und among 

last named denounce* tbe impeachment pnrip- radicals disgisteI. wtTn THE I vipeachment. ., laok B11 . w . o,, ..... . , 

.wit ion ot tbc first and tbe eon sure ol Wit ... v „ „ ^ ,, •>> ?*»“! looluhabd 

-..u - repoil Jf a liitme M-queiicc to im U ASUlkGToN, Nov. So rapid has Ik. i. very wicked resolutions pa - d lalely at a 
|M aebm. lit. the development of |a.pulur sentiment against m ,., t|?,g in Clarke county . iu vvliu It tbe D, m- 

high crimes and MisbFMFVSoRS nFFiNF.ii. impeac liti.cait llial b. ven.1 Senator* to day ex ucmtic party and people of Kentucky geu- 
Mr. Kelsey introduced a joint resolution pressed themselves freely as fdeUng morally eral'y were denouucid us trailors, aud a 

The tiPKAKEK present, d tlie credentials 
of J. b. Gollailay. P, pres, nlalive from Ibe 
Third Dial riel ol Keuteeky, iu place ot Jlijr. 


Mi: DAN i.S, , liuinoau , I tb «- 1 i.u.mitt.-c 
ou Elccliou, stated that tb . e wgs pending 
lK.-l.tie that .■ou.mitlee the a|. plication ol Mr. 
Blakely, v, bo ids seat agaiDSl lli-e, 

I of Secretary St.inloti au.l Hen. -rat Sl,.-.i«lan, 
i also any COf 1 r> j ..Wldem-e or order in lii- 
otbe-e sh'Wing Hie cotaliliun of til*' 
Filth .Military DU, riel prior to 
tlie passage ol the mifi'ary r. .ou-lrneiioii 
t.ill, amt auy r.eoinim-udaiion- lie ui-.y have 
I made thereon, and wbat si<-|», if aov, weir 

I taken by the civil autt.oiities to ancli r.-eou.- 
lucndatmn*: al-o. all eorre»|M.ndenee in r. i.-r 

iiited States, and Iu* governed in 

action l.y wbat a- tux.1 lo bou pro.irr lor tin- noandanta pr. dol.ile.l tin: a*« mMing .»♦ lb. 

eonveiiirnce ol 1 ongi.-ss aud lor the lu-at iu bndbr*.’ 

t. r. -Is of the people at large. M Did any of the Cabinet rtpreas a dam 

The r. solution wa* adopted. aa to the authority of Ibn Pi '• Mval to to 

the Senate | went into executive ses- mrnsnrvw lor the organization oi the ret 
siou, aud alter a I. w m.uutrs a.ljouraed. Stoles on Ibe plan during Ibe v*< 

the President to tieneial VV. iix.-t, the rona- elniw— “three lull nines"— npsrl lo un-npy 

niin-tnr*- | ~ •*- -“~r “ the dMl.wgwtobed yumdum to “page’' l» .but 

budlev” •h.m.waMe l»toy." Frank tort rope, to a 

q Did any to the Cabinet rqimw a ilonht ptoiupl an.1 litM*ral appropr.aiion to renovate 
as to the authority of the president to take 'be SMMe-bouar Henry Morton oytoii.. 
iDea-i're* h.r the . . urn »| the rebel in-ike ire* and “sweep »p” i«r the Cooper 
Stoles tbe plsu*ed during Ibe vsea- heads ai tb* some pr'.-e M ,f 1 *,, were 
lion to Congress, and agreed ou m the plan “trotoy lod." The “Third parly” rxpotoi?) 

•>*'<■ er. " v-H l XOTos , Nov. '27, fir. I ... Ibe lain. .lion in the c-j-e ol t° '•'* ineoroorated into tbe great ftem.>eraey, 

and if Hull elain: were I , ' 1 '' ‘•Z:"- "’"~i •••■• ■; i Mr j( HEN, K, introduced a bill making North Carol, na? np» Ibr pta» °f«w. Jacob. Everybody 

would not have bet it aur . .eaney ram tie I r'* 1 ' ^ < 1,flk '"| ,,e8 in Bnllmiore tou, June I r „ wg , on , lb ^ W ijows and bcira to officei* A I» may na proper to add, inreg.rdto ypetto to find tb e Intea l news m tbc louia 

cessity tor a new .-lee-ton iberetore h, To ed I ' U V aud , ,, *t fr nt tb- army ami navy, and csialdtobing a life tbe btslory to Ibm subject, that on .be day The snhaertber nfawto-nn we »baU dm »- 

ti.e r.ed.uli I Is ol Gollailay he referred to Ibe I ,r “ >r - ’? ‘V^V 00 ’ ,h ' ’ pt l‘i ld insntaue. Referred to tbe Naval Comtuil succeeding the date ot tbe ten gram to Gen. Innate ju*t now wbat we do ■'rprrt, bar we arc 

Committee m 1 l-e , ,.d in Vim •" G-n.-ral- ol irroy lo Mexi ol Wcitxel. and o Ac hM day to Mr Lincoiat “«• witkonf expowurman. Whether we, ami 

hkr.vtorauolnenip.ion.andw'ocbe.oibat mat, <l-flu-''e ,erUin ,l1 ^ »‘ ,uK1 u,vir «*** on great many windy threat* evaporated, and i.T'i. ' ,,r W .* ,'V S’r°! ,; *V ert, V ,e "'“'T' 1 ! prior to l-viG, an l ,u icferene -.- to th. p,.,,M,-ed o“ IrrJ'iV.wlTN 

wbo tell a vtrftm to her terrible wratl, amtantober hill |MWvidmg for -aspcasioa l,lch ‘’“‘r* «o decide , be is-uea. Senator Au finally Congress was loritcd to confer I he Cmumiliee' onVli t lian-') and ' 'i'nVbe 'm -an -I OMI, ‘' ' 'ratool ..ur army in Mexico , laf * 

Afur ovin uc «' iW» city, fbf look oi»»iin* i^ndioz trial w«* reicm*d. thatl, Radical, wbo was in the House wh«-u right of snllV^zi*, aud il wia t'i.)U£h« tUut tiiM hu In* doI sworn Id. AIUt < oi»suJ.tuIiI* I * \» P p \R\^\VORT ri mi^.riaul ihit the .Mk SHANKS iutriKiiir.-d a 

manaamed Charles t» illiams. aad eonrewuai.d mew ard smbbfd. the reports were ml. milled, deelar, d he was t|u* convent ion wouM reiterate the resolti- debate IJm motion was agreed to. resnlulion a. «u> call lor the correspondence tn meng .be CommiMee on 

Mr ?CHEN» K, introduced a bill making I North Carvd.mi? 

I upon Un- plan to Gov Jacob. 

*T , _ - ’ all bcrn*e.-„nn* upon him . but learninE «ne day ^.retor,- (reward wa* snuldxd by the thoroughly di-gns-cd it tbe rxbil.Utou the ,| MS and mas oth-rs ol n similar tone, Im! 

Tv ffinara" ago* ° r J that be had been oeen on the street withano cer ,; ou „. d.Urii.a ll.ey wouldnol vote mom-.v* Republican |M*rty wa- making of itself. Con *„,.), prediction will kcarc. |y Im- Iur lie out. 

^ woman. Aon armed hereto, with a Uree kmie to bay any more IcffHdEy, wbteb rel. ra totbc gre.-sm .n Poland, formerly Senator Irom Ver Tbe -rencral seutim nl of the . ..nT. nttou 

and rid oat in mirrh of bin Hhi’ Bfl M illitm* alleged ixir> iui^e ollhe Haiiish V\ est Indio , . J, 4 ... 101 general fuunuKiu oi uu » «»n\ t iinou j 

taUnre to Arthur keary. la Kevr <m ike strew, and rilled him to her. Without Island. mont, openly expressed biseontem|>t ol the cond. mu* the Clark county resolution*, and 

write* that be tot ymreknsed the iron tor a tkinv 

r..., odp.ol o ..... . i resolution a:xt» call lor tlw correspondence tn _. , , h 

r it SPEAKER announced tbc Commit | r , ,.. renci . lo Urn . siekh -. Mr. it ..... con |' * r "J’s 

V. U xv # l S r,,clh , C J** r ?S as . ,o,,0 iT* : rented lo ibe uiotlificaliou aud tbe resolution ' ,w , ''’ r , ' ™ 

<>h t. h rtlou * — 11 earn a. Daw. -a, Scofield, Up - * .s adopted aim anior*. a 

-on , f iicllebjpge,, MeClurg, Cook, Poland, On motion oi Mr. W .sbbutnr. of Indiana, , ' 

Cliandl, ratnl Kerr. , I Uw Coiuiaiftt „a JhliGty ABkin wa. ,*■ 

M '!? ’I"' 1 Messrs. Scbtnek, sed - slrucled to iuquiie into the practicability to p .},. rr ,.,| t,, c 0 ! 

.lmumaii paying tbe army one.: a week, ins lead ot w AYN 

Tort an acid to be wholly xrttbou; 

uttering a word, tbe luiuriatea woman grasped 
atm by tbe collar and omvsnol cutting Aim. 

Ik H AKTronn. Oaaoecticut, Monday, at tbe town Ektomguiv to— ™ 

otoctiow. toe .Ore Demdcmtoc tidker wa. toecied neemeb. • bo were close at baud, could arrest bar 
be. majority aeemcluc Marty tot) W.Utom. -rvivcd h.s injuriev. b«, wm killed 

__ .. we believe, about tyro veire ago. 

TwakoEiaEAAA pam-rv atUI moimn ton«»t< BB dre»,.nd tb.: Aun's late dilfirulty witk 

oceaatanat caaea of jrallow tevar iu that Male. n , skf ^ llf origin m her wesriac a brooch run 
though tbe dtaenae bar tort the entdemie form. , likeness ol W tlliam*. wbieb sbe eber 

Rrr Joans* Tnar of Bariiagton. Vl . Pro isbes a* one of ber most (irerinw* roDeenirr 
l essor ot the Dnlverwtly of Vermont, died ywotot - Aboot two years ago she Ml otr with anotbei .. 
day nMwning. aced about 7*. her “frteode." named Kean, alia* King, wbo k- p 

Tna BOiESB at I.u»l • coUoa press, at Ravao- a -sporting saloon'' on tbr corner ol Hancock »n« 
nab. Ga , exploded yswtrvdav. killing two negmee uxrstoail atree r. Mil bou i any blusH-ring or err- 
and sortoaaty mynrtoe tbe swgtaewr The batld ,-mooj , Ann loaded a pistol, repaired to the -a loon 
far to * complete wreck. and shot Kean dead behind bis counter For ibis 

from Wadwalto* Island, mmc she was tned ia this etly. and sen, cured to 

cowtractiox OF crRKFxrT opposed. thine, and VVasbbume and logereoll, of Xlli- iooks upon Ult . m a , | 0 .vlrab and w ioked. Tbe 

I B Ur. hchenck Ctuirman oi the Committee noto, and mauy other bitter Radical- are ol p riDripal ot ,ject of this convention thus fur 

onaaing bis throat irom ear to ear beiore two po I ^^on'rrene^^He is°a prtorc' ,be s,me 0 P‘ nk - n Impeachment l* dead. arem* to be wot, fined to the single point ol 

.Mr SHANKS introduced a resolution dl life, 'here wa* a Cabinet meet tng, at wbieb bow mat/ to berg ab afl i emlize tbe pleasing 

eeling ibe Comm I* tee on Military Affairs to General Grant, and all the members -eus.tion of seeing oav 

it quire info tbe expediency to piovUling by to tbe Cahiat t rxerpf Mr. Sew art, -‘Fimjewl kope* dacay 

law lor turn, Aung arl.oeial Itmhs to aoidtera were present, ■•eneral Grant at 'hat tune rema.aa to he«eeo, and may be d 

tteetuea. wbo were c lore ai n.Da. c>.u,a mrrer m. i llonig , su j wl || alB1 a , |,igj,est 
WiUtoma survived bis injuries, but was killed. I ,| U i lr « especial I V on w K'l ana other articles 

ol Western production. 


The engineer ap|>oinfed to fix the point on 
ibe Union P->. it.- milroid. which should be 

thf. inimitable hotts petitioning 'be Lrgula'urc l.r Kentucky to IW.jir Jtuilnatl— Messrs. Price, Htgbv, Con 

is here seeking aid lor Virginia Radicals. He confer it) on tbe neg o the rigid >.t testilyiiig nelly aud Clark, ol Kau-as, Mallory, Ailisu 
wauls the thirty-five consei valives iu the in court* aud silling ou juries, aud iu fad | apk _ W °*^’ ^' u,rjn ' Uaynard, Brooks and Nit. 
eonv.nttou turned out through an act of Con lull and complete equality beiore the law, and A ttpropriaUo »*— Stevens E B. Washburn.- 

B,Hki»n mu! fWewep-M.^r* Pomerfiy. | ,. v , r y Iwo montle, as now provided t.y law. 
HoOjM-r. Buckland. Lvueb and Uubltard, ol | Ou motion of Mr. Elliol, ol Ih, ( omni.ttic 
" K? ’ /■ ,burn Randall and Barnes, i 011 Fn cdin. ii's Alfaiis, it was directed ».. re- 

nirijh-luitlroatl ^ Messrs. I lice , Higlty, f on- | , rt whether there were any rtakon* why the 

wants the thirty-five eoosci valives iu th. 
<onv. ntu.u turned out through sd act of Cnu 

gres* de -taring that they are office, a within I I tbiuk.w uen the resolutions are reported.thcv 

isbes a* one of her most precious souvenirs. eon-idered the eavt.-rn base of the Uorky tbe meaning of the reconstruction bill, and will bp touud to d- mand nn. qtiivoe ,l!y and 

Aboot two years axosheirli ou- with anoibet ol mountains, to tbe west ofwbicb tbe Govern a- such, that these conservatives eanaoi take boldly these things, white Congress, the iin- 

b er “Wteada -uamtoK Sd ofTte^'ad, baT ^^t° the oalb of office. Gen. Schofield bad pre- peacbment of the recreant President, so 

• -ft H»* lists it on Rian Hill Kidirp. Y* r » viou^it dindud Itu v w«*re uot comiX'licd to nlled: and tlu* putTruL'p uupstinn will ho 

1 1 •' , : r . ‘ *“ *■ .-v. 1 p**n wn* im r m« n* were anv nas.m> wn> me 

nelly and CDtk’ ol Kau-as. Mallory, All, o n. , heedmen’a Bureau should tw e .utinued tn 
iriiswold, IsU^aii, M \ n irtl , Brook? and Nth* I yond the time now limit' d by law. 

... Q . n ... I A resolution lor tin* upifointme i*t of i com- I 

.l/y'rqp, ioDon.t— Stevens, E B . \\ ashhurne. mlttot . iu isr-erlaiu means of obtaining -uf- 
Spiiu.diug, Bl.ijr, If an, Buti.-r, Kelsey, Pint- tier, at supply ol pnreairinlh. House to R. p 

aau sailors. Adotoed. mwde a (apart oi Uto MafiHm to ,b«- ,-wam- * -urmeqarni dmiHer 

Mr MALLORY introduced a bill to e»- try aa be it to be. Hid at it woaid Pay tbc time we Icavetbesr saeealafiwmal- 
tabiisb UBiiorui time lor boldine elections for be on tbe surrender to Jobnaou’s army, tem, and turn our oftentiou to one more orac- 
R.-pr, senlatives and D»-l« gates in C >ngrrsa wbieb was regarded as absolutely certain. iicjl ire wit ^ 

Keterred to Cominiller od Elections. rbe .ddrel or reeonuHuclion was talked to rn vitlin 

.Mr MAYNARD asked leave to offer a at considerable length. Shortly previous lo tbe condition or wbieb to amatter to much 
repoluii' u in rrfcrencv lo compt'lliDir ujtionsl *hut tiiiK? I bad mvsrli, w»ih 4 vi**w of pul- , Uor *. miport »nce fo ibr -onimaBitY m larirr 
l ank - 10 redeem currency in coin. Mr ffp.hl- ling • pmeicai torm the means ood lo members of tbe aonrouebiug oessiou 
ng ..t'jeefed and the House at lour o’clock ad- °f overcoming *!u, seeiuej to he a tbe f.euerai Asru.Ni ib lorticular ibaa 
jou'ued till Saturday. diffleulty in the mind of Mr. Lineoln would or-ear to one at “first blnsb."’ Tbe 

a -uhseqm-ut chapter. 

fa'ovtbr irate we lea va t base -pecutotiv* m.t- 


hp“, and NicljohoQ. 

Cltiintx— B 11 Waslihntor, of Mflhpii 

riseniutiveSq uflVrcd by Mr. Rroaiwell, wu? 
rrtem-d to the Coaimittuu oil t'uhiu* 

be re esUbltobud, ami governments reorgan- u| every member to the Legislature 

TlfTAT (IT TT’T’P DAVIS «■ d in th- r> b. I Sales trader ibe federal au- of Rr-nim-ky. How * b il asked - The river 

llUAIi UF Jtlt. DAVIS, tbonly, with., ul any u..-.-a*My wl.jfever lor i, “down; *>nol » “out ” and eonre..uenllv 

tbe luierv. niton to rebel oeruuizate.i.a or -h, d (L a . B YzZ 

.• v .w rebel aid. In tbe eourse or that eousultatrun during , be winter veuaon, even to a orator 

.f » rei™ Mr Ltnerdn a!tnJ«d i..lhe |.a|e- n we,., mlo ol ,be Legadarnto; and d eoto eoto Si centa 

1 ..E. 1“**“ “to brougbl M mto, and asked »- ,o ^ r r >tt -ke| ,o* .i Joes now ,. oue ioiUr per toy 

the Legislature, f ™ the oath of office Gen. Schofield bad pre- p,*cbmcnt ot the recreant President, so 

. f r, " < ■ W-cItwr nl a og. He fixes it ou Biara Hill Ridge, 'Jjf. vioualv d. eid«-d they were uot compelled to called: and tbe suffrage question will lie 

■*, * T M»mbtol atom »■ ~ mii.K wm, o. Omaha. Tie- ere., of said b,.l- subscribe iu the oath. Your corre- .Rowed tn ,est quietly in .he background 

•04 «cn«M» an>«nar tb* •n*tB**r 1 «nm ,-dou), Ann loaded a pi«tol. repaired to uie foiooo. 342 above Ibo lrvfl of tbc sea. . 4 , . . . .. .... . . 

Ine Is a complete wreck and shot Kean dead behind bis counter. Kortbis BILL* introduced. spoudent inquired bow these thirty- untouched. 

Lamb xmotot tram Wadwallos Istoud. crime sbe was Into Iu ihi* city, ami sentenced ,o A variety or bill' were introduced to Con av *‘ < ‘ onld seriously affect tbe action of It may Ik- well to mention, however, that 

Bobu. Uaruttou. state that tbe statement to toe ,nc penitentiary lor two year*, but was afterward ^re-o to-day, financial and otherwise, among I he convention. The 'Radicals having so tbe Clark county delegation, which delcgu- 

rtet to mucb unaggsrnled No parson wus aeri parduned iheui oue Icgal.zidg eight hours’ labor in tbe large a majniily, sir. replied Mr. Bolts, ti»n was appoint, d at the same meeting at 

oaalv ban la addition to the aboredesperat-- ocis in a-bieb f.overnrocnl workshop, , KaJahlisUing lln , hogP white scoundrels will aim to make the wbieb tbe above referred to resolutions wire 

Weexoa areivsd a, Laporte. Indiana. - tortor teured. are ure fuiurmed ib.t Auu ba. .^^i’oito^MexS?^ ^ eonstilution they adopt so odious ,bat tbe adopted, was odni.ttcd wilbont a rebuke. 

faatoktototodfiMddfk. ■* been the beroioe ot many ligktev tragedies ami ^togiortnr R tou-als ibctusevles won’t vote tor its ratifi- The fVMta met Ibe Beedrt Mdtb- 

Tbo commit an nDix»unc -d to-dty by cation, and tbc Democrat* an now orjraniz- odist Church, (colored, j on l pj** 1 street, at 
Collar, an pali«fjclorj , ticpiinjc Schenk, mg in tbc State to dcleat it ^ li«*n submit ted. 12 '/clock. 

cbuai'tl*. Ware, <»! New York, Iloliuau, Hard- I iujp - 

iug, Cobb, Mercer, btok.-a, aud Hubbard, ol - lh ,. SPEAKER presented a u.emoiial <>l 
nr lir.n..: d em.o. the Alabama cone- ., Doll pray, ug the repeal 

•raves tots moraine, and expsers to arrire Ir dramas, wbieb writi. n. lo.m a 
Chicago a! • o'clock Tborsday morning. volume of romance iu ie.1 life. Those win know 

IT is probable tbs* IL*. Y'oiaey E Howard. *« best give ber credit lor some excellent tnto» 
formeriv msmbsr of Cosgrere from Mis-.ra.pp- ofehametre She ba. merer turn known to Hrai 
am) Tcxna. wit, be rfactod faM bUles Rena, or to. value of a p,n. or mil a la, school, boiwiffi- 

ealled: anil the suffrage question will be 'nnneet .ul. the AI 

f oiiwurr, -\T ashburne, of Illinois, Elliol', t ks 
allowed to lest quietly in Ibe background Dix..n, O'Neill, Egg lest on, aumpbrey. Saw- n,. ( ," r , 
untouched. yer, Robinson, of New York, and AilelL ' A ' rP ' 

It mav be well to mention, however, that ''»Wie /.Wa-Juliaii, Dreggo Hlo-breem r, |l>kilie 
... ... Donnelly, Eekley, Anderson, D. It. Ashley, 

the Clark county delegation, which delcgu- and Talu.r. a ll " 

lion wu« appoint, d ut the same meeting at /Wn/Irr« nud — Fames worth, of M |, a t,-, 

wbieb tbe above referred to resolutions were J b -» *’• K l.iwrenee, R. \\. Clark, j|„ 

. . , , . , , , Lincoln, Lynch, Hill, t ox, Johnson, Dislric, „ . 

the luierv. Dtion of ru‘«l organizations or 
rebel aid. In tbe course to that cousultatiuB 

uilSS’ra u- 1 ’ anWloM of u,a„ui.,e lu ,„.g Old uiecb.mi i in- 

MeLulluu h Koonht, M oor.*, VV m/AY illiam-. | rreg |s except distilled spnir-, malt liquors 
Halsey and \ an Horn, ol New \ orle and ,„i,aeeo K- ferred to IL. Cm. .uillee on 

ku. u n 10 steal chairman of tbe Mays aud Means He said their teasons for this course are that 

, V'.i—i.h Committee, which is regarded as a _ ..... , 

. 0 , 1 . boiyrUb- v unfortunate selection for that a, l office* m the State are still in the r hand* 

Raxdall > elevator* and Norelty Mills at Os 
w n gn. New Yak, were deMropad by dm Moodav 

Henry King, of Lexington, chairman of the 
Colored State Executive Com mil tee, called 

Judkianj -Wilson, of Iowa, Routwell, 
T nomas, Williams, ot Penn.. Woodbri.lge, 
Lawrence, Cliureki l, Alar.-hui and Fldiidge. 

Tb-- SPEAKER d a niemofial P.n buoud. Vv, Nov. 3k Mr. I.iucdn al'uded to lire paper; went into fh e ■ . , .. 

the Alabama eouv U, I..II praying tile repe l Ju.lge I toerwood received a felntraat b.s ru<Hn aud bruugb, it u.ia, and asked mo to u. r t.u-bel , „ .. mT.gju, —T... 

o, the eotl,.i, lj\ fi-*ni I .. I- ..I >■ t. X ba-e, laying tn w.-utd rerlailitv read it, wlweb I d»l. and eifi anral my I- Mo- .» iJj | i„ to, ,aov J AwH nl 

Referred lo tin Ways and M ao* Control' ler. Im pre . nl at Davto’ IrmL , n regar I to it TL.-re urn .mr point “,. x «‘mn.i - — a- ' . 

A resolution wa* off red try Mr. Mnug.r A Itu witnesse-. Gen. Lee and «o u . Urn. whM . fc | ta d lett open; that wow, **io rlm ..rhaaw. h.r. a.. . T^2 

j.kiug the Sreretury ol the Treasury l..r in- Porter oi Graut’a staff, ex G..v Letcher, and who ah.rnld eoo-tilut tue e« iulbr —T_ 

lonuationa- to the attached to Gen. Francis H. Smith, of Lexington, are respective Stiles. Tirol I snpjmwd to I-. . ..TT TT y _. It ■ " - . ■ 

slilla— whether be had a.l.q.ted any and nitb .1 «. b. re. I pon the announcement to the be tbe only im|a,rtaul |H>mt upou wlurb » “i»e ” .out e .me mi homd -• 

wbat result. Resolution adopted. adjournment ol the court tbe crowd, eonaii,- differeuee ol .pimoo could an*e : - .-o- . if i r .2h. 

Mk. KKLI.M offered » r**M>lntHH» lor Ifc*' I ing rbifiy of bbuk^ «|iiietly d1<per*ed. Tbe tbe tdiick* id havr tulfitite to Ik SUtd, wwh tike wmi HaODH iWv (Finn 
repeal of tbc tax ..ii cniion *ud on iiw per unto, out of which ibe jury far the tirol toto or wutober it should I. onlinrd, i.x ibe pur t ur„ b,«ra-i — -La b „ - 

duetions of manulaelm iug aud mechanic .1 in- be drawu. D one-third colored men. |a»e to reorganiz-itiou, to rlMtoe wbo bad ex ouah duwn tbs coal un the Ant rise 

tercsts, except distilled Spilit-, mult liquor- Judge l nd.-rwoiHl i est.rday granted Ibe errtoed it under rbe former Fiale laws. 1 " 

and tolmeco K. ferred to the Connnillee on prayer of Gen. Iuihojen, and a mandamus to | elt | blank upon **r* — *~j t*_ It fr- riaif ™ uoounnoan. 

Ways and Means e uipei Gen. Schofield to permit him to vote rrP d. There wa-, at that time, nothing de- An.! while upon tbc vtohyeet to tbe weather 

0.1 motion OI Mr. Schcotk a r -oiutiou It i- returnable the ot IKcember. elded all, ut i'. on I n-, "MUIOUS*u-il It we will remark that a fneud show, d us. a fe w 

nlfhC Tbr sekonuer r'aqumxe wa* badly burro womva ia police r.rrler. 

The dame* aprrad to a lsmher pfte. demroytuy ^ ^ ^ u 

about TtoetoK, fora. Lara partly 1 Beared 

Is na coosUtalMunl eouveulron M Alban r N 
T . on Monday a resolution wa* Introduced, bo' 

. vrry uniortnnate wieetion tor mat ” ‘ . . - - , 

etaeding ber tow and evil *«ro>ri*tla a«, tbe word rm[ '’ K)Ilsll>lf port lo, for which he :a unfitted and ,b 'f P ri " r ,be government as it is. with , hc . meeting tn order, and by right ol btepoai 

of Ado Brown c ,u atony, be raffed m-on, and uo h bv te mper»ment aud rancorous porli- j** 1 !? n ° J r | , re^rnr r*r ^ Hon as chairman of the State Executive Coin 

bumtii heine b 4 f> py« b«eii robbed in h r U<>ut“ pau»uiiJ. Gnifif Jd, etiairmao ol tin 4 Cotumit Cff®*truclioxi uw® bolt a declared. C oner* p . . .. . 

eiiEerb, he, or order ber raur-tiuE Socb i* tbe " on Military Adairs, is only ler> ..hjee- must act promptly, and before tbe eoi.veu mitten, assumed that ol president or the eon 

rara. is myfiee cirele*. ItoMlJe. ^ ^Vlt KaMnteM^ ‘ ***** 

UWT. BRatwr tv, nr nun rdeutoeeeon H. ho^L. J. huson oueld «- l"»« « d ‘ d «P “•»« * b « nlijeel of t h. 


bbe «S* Mid lo b- very biud-ome. and wa. I Mr Mallory. «-8e«ttry of the life Con 

tiou aa cliairmio of the Stale Rxecotivc Coin- 
mittco, oshuiueil t but of |jffc?i(leiit of the c*on- 

He proceeded q# Mate the oliiecl ol the 

warnlv aiiarti.*d to Drake bat miny are inclined !*al^ 4,rn, r - 4 *. howameal lhaf ^onjrroas had been bullied by tbe Presi 

toSSSSSSiraS!. - - <*» 

to have been impeached a year ago, but added meeting in a few words, at, d c.-ueiuded l.y 
that Congress Usd been bullied by tbe Presi- reading the put.lisbed call. 

. ... , _ . . . . . . . . _ _ . . , i i.olliine e.iu ri-pair tbe disaster, to tbe Kadi- 

pr.‘vid,nc lor Uie I my purpose, rhe wouM have done the worn for I navy, fne report wa. sent lo Attorney I , bu , n.lrui^sion of I he Soul hem noon to act n. Secretary 

H.-my Scroggins, of L viuglou, was called 

removal of toe eoavcotloy. (ram Albany to New him better tnau h- did il for ber. Rue will prob- G.-ueiai tltaoberry, and be w ,ll ultimately b<‘ s»at«, uuder control nt the loyal sentiment. 
\ ork ' iiy arrev toe hrer o' Jauoary ably make ap w Ufa J.wti and In doe s^sso# par r. lew-od. WARRANT FOR PFRjrRT AOXINST BAKER, 

a .... .. r-i ■ m m. ... — . — %a . - , bim bark wixk e-rmnoaod ialeresf. Tbe lorego- LOCISIAKA OFFICERS TO BC REINSTATED. 

A rrwr at Plymouth. MxMArfcsaeu*. or Monday, mm mn - .ui c n ..,...uu u ... • _ . , , „ . A warrant was sworn ou, to-day agaiu 

dee, roved h.rne.' huitdinc. *od puninlly 4e- nqtora * lew of the nr»»i uo-nble ineldents is 'be There '* n<> douM that General Hancock Detective Baker for swearing falsely befo 

Yort, city alter the firvr of January 
A MBS at Pit month. Monday 
devi roved Barnes' kaildiBC. sad partially Or 
alroyvy rhr adjoining bou are . Rev -ml ashing rev 
rel. were alas danugnd Lore ohoal fitd.iaa- 
portly Insured. 


Tbe next thing in aider wus (lie appoint- 
ment of a cjiiimittcc on credentials. Thc 

_ . _ , , u A warrant was sworn ou, to day against committee was appointed by tbe ch nr, and 

There I* no doutit that General Hancock IVtreliv. K.k.-r for -u-.-arimr falselv before . . 

... ra„i.i. in i ueiccuye DlKcr mr sweanog luisriv uetorr rom> .., .. ii rlirT Mcroirg ms. B. F. But er. 

I. ifl n, n iriniin and Vantrnmp. 

Ayricutturul — Messrs. Trobridgc, Lawrence, 
| ol Pa., Kos-, Newcomb, Welker, ol Ohio, 
| LaugbrUlge. Ketclien jii. 1 Johnson. 

tbe 1 r.-as urer of the Stale in which the haul. 

I are i-.cated. Adopt, d. 

I Mr JULIAN otl r.-J a r-'-olutio in* , .rt 

It i* returnable tbe »tb ol December. elded stunt if, and u<> opiuioos expiesrad. it wo will re ma rk thwt a fo un d tosoed uu. a few 

Richmond, Nov. 26l— J aOffe Ohm did not wai only a .d,j d^n- m be- 

arrive bf i«* this uioruintf. The court room 1 *u» rtqurslcil bv tbe other member* oi MM how ►ycyp Um vcaikrr will hm Mwtr«l 
de use fy crowded und in the park outbid*- llw* Cibiwi, jud l»y Mr lo hj?e • f he mi'i'ile ai>4 tetu r port of the wioter 

w.i^ u detucUiucut of cavalry. The grind copy printed for each hi- ra^r lor »ahne«|tieo( k^>k#4 with both our rye*, hat for tbc 

jui v WH3 bioughl iu and all Ibe coun »*| of Mr. ca-iidernlioi. My object t«r simply In coofff toe o<*iuiag bat the 

OdVis wvre ntctenl t tcrpl Jiiuic' T, fiimly, ol braf lo the itkftltoa of the President And “hoot. ’ Oar fneod •«* *1 i>oee that tr 

S w Y<»«k, and Win fk R.-cd, of Philadelphia*. rtMncl. In • prm rieal Ion*, wbuf I th»agl« km > w to -*r«od th- horn*," hod 

.ludg** f*'(l*i woffol f.Mik liiii licit u|»on tin* n*i«l»l fir :» (KH^ihlc im mum of nitpioi»it)Oi) luinliY Yoli«P»*reil lo lalrrorei to w ill 

lu nch : f rtisi one, uud (he grand jurors wiihoaf reb**l ini« r\en( ion. Mr. Liuctihi jn ^ *oyiotc*. !•* tt tell a* «m niM 

vert “worn. seemed to he l»h.»rl»e nmler the M,.|.rc^,an *»*^her in the »*!• *od early winter, bat 

In I»im chary** lo the jury. Judge t'nder that there mrl Im* xmoc Muil ing |H>»nl in fit* *■ Kcbniwry we m*y look 

woim) nurcMed Iht absence of Chief Justice 'ri*®oizaf»oD, aud lhat it could oqJj hi* J 1 * for Old Boreou iw all h» fury, w e 

( ’ ii j:.**, mid raiitioiD d the jury that no party through the agency ol the it-htl *» ioo ‘oonldn t ieeit, ^i»t iDMorwcU w It % 

I pi »d ice “Lou 1 J influence their then diet U j^. Wwt Which I ffld rWl *A all 441 o> ▼cry haody IWww to how# ia the fcoir* 
dwIiocratioiiM. ilic ctT.*u^eM conu«c ted with wc riwarj. That ni^lit Hr. Lmcolu *m mm- Nouifhia few WWi lowwa M ww Ihni evew- 
tbc rehclliou, lie dialed, should have their dered. Ml ff* JThu» much by way ot preface. * More 

ot thf# omoriunate R>»man. who aurm I will reinstate officUla iu LooisiaDa removed I Judiciary Committee, hut tbe bird Jjad 

| MY, been a mIaidiiu' Idfbi iu aocidy, if rhe bad 
rot been pollaud by tbe fell 4<*«»royer, m«n. 
Her epirmpn sboaid read: ‘‘Here lie^ Am* Brown. 

T * r ntr **r“ ,K U ** W r r **' °T iP :' Wbe Wiih all ia Ui- world bo, her word of tbe po-i master at tbucinuati Mat a portion 

m rbe lark of a reqolMlr wmjnrily of rngiatored 0 * tbr mails ou Ibe tiain wbieb collided at 

bj Mower, and that < ■rant will concur. flown. Mrs. Lucy Cobb Is tbe main inatru- 

m ails stolen. incut in procuring tbt warrant. Steps will 

Tbe Past office Department ia ad vine. I by be token to »eenre and puniab tbe scoundrel. 


rarer, ibr e-wure, wilt br defraud In ttoo.h “ d 

rarohu* OEWC role* are reqoired u> tnaorr Un . looking into the rnbbety. 

run v«o,. oc and omly to.twi prrwoua are Known tn )u (Wr takolily written report ol the railroad . 

ore voted lo , were y diatoici* out to thirty In the ..gratmlmrr nul.liabto ve-lcrda, Tb« rndden change ol Cbureblll ou t be im 

.... cmivmtion a, GreenstMirg, pni.i.«i.eo yr icraa, _ mckan|t report, excites mneh eommesl, as 

. morniug. we umtitod lo lueniion iba, the dele (j( . was i.nheno regarded strongly against U. 

It l* reported thro an eleriiau rlm look place enter were haodrnmelv enu-rtair ed by tbe citt PUBLISH, R AKKENTED 

mwdny ragb, ul fOnekreWe. wo WaSrallaa Islon.l aeos of thro ptoe- Thor.- the various ^ . . ’ , . 

,.ri-onal.urg Addenda 

la our hastily written report ol the railroad 

qj the mulls ou the Main wmeu oonioea a. An official letter from New Orleans says 
Lock land was stolen. Special Agent P.nni* t here w.^ -re fill y-lour deaths Irom cholera in 

names of nilieers under the permanent organ- I ^rk.-n. 

voted in tweoi) diatreeto owt tolhirtj il. the I „ t.reetisborg, pul,li«faed ye-lerd., 

K wwdoy wrgiK ul bwtwWr. wo tAwdomtl— I « l o u r I aeos of rhat |dae- Thor.- Moppmeal tbe vartoue 

Sootti Oaroltua. and a number to AVbite* aud bofile lound ilieir bill* all paid when about b. 

Wdflhr are raid M be hatred. No aathoruy for ,bc leave. 

tafoerealKMi has bora reori-rwd. trot a detachment It wa* oo> good n.rlune, with several other 
to WWT* wore sow UMb* Istoud Monday reorviuc Louisville cosae*. whose names we mall 
■ U* A u unb- OCTOOOI of ttieir families. to stop 

lb reeeuac* tor Abe porpore to t.kme s,’e,» to »“* Job “ » oudru «, ol lbr iintm 

eneoorag* German immisrauoti tn that section ol ri¥ ® Hotel. To him and bis excellent lady 
oouol ry, free ueero tobur bavroe buno kmooby “Are," to No t. are under many obligations lor 
experience to be almas, entirely an* vailabl. aa* courteous attention ► and aa exceedingly pleasant 

New Orleans lor tbe week ending the tot Ii 


There i* a scramble for the mission to Equ.i- 
dor. Among tbe applicants are K. VV S(s‘n 
cer, editor ot tbe Uineiuusti Times, F^x-Gov- 
• rnor Ford, ol Ohio, aud Prof. Allen, oi the 
ram- (Hate. 

Tna Srw ore pare Fleoywur to tbs Mth give* 
Ibe first day .- procsodlmti to tbe Coast llauaua; 
t'wvia hw No boainess Are* tiwu s o rted beyaud 
(be stoe t to o to otocerv sod tbr calliM to Ibr roll 
to drt aa a lcs There were thirty wuqoeutionabiy 
coMrad aarabrev present, aad many or here coo 
slderably Unrvd m complexion 
Bioart -rtva lutm, were present at the era 
vratroo yesterday la New Urtsuue Jodge Tala' 
torn wre efacmd perreanoni president. Wm. 

oio w, FIBL1SHER AKKESTEii, cer, editor ol the l ineinuati Times, Fix Gov- 

ares to tha, ploee Thrro.- r,up««ne a. *hev«r.'H,r „ UBlMr wbM xltl . 1Sena( , oldl . riH | , r . eruor Ford, ol Oloo, and Prut. Allen, of the 

hot. I* lound their bills all paid when about K, ^ 1)U , ljH)lM . r o| Globe, New York, MW »»■»«• 

**•**■• w Uicb recently gave an extraordinary ex|«ooe the kkntockt members. 

Il wre oor good loriune. with several other Treaaurj Depart.!., ot uiaMers. Tb* Election f oremitlce will report Mon 

Umisvtlle russes. wh.we names we om.i arTKBRr or », mner voted rows. dav in tutor ot the Kentucky delegate* t.k 

on acroont ot tbeir tom, be*, to stop Sumner attempted to day lo convert the ing seats, with tbe exception ol Mr. Young, 

with Mr. Johu AAoodrmg. ot the Geern g,. D> i e « tiumlK-r into a lecture ns, m tor tbe nominations gone CM>EK. 

rtv. Hotel. To hi. and bi. exeelteut tody Rex. Anolilion-it Newman Hall: Even AH nominations before tbe Senate will fall, 

Wo t, mr* m rnd m maor obli^noDi* lor Kin»«»o C aioeroii could not go it aud it was a * there will t»* do buftloeM ol tbit cburactvr 

courteous •iu*DtK»LF and mo vxcr«*diiu;'y pleaMu: volc*d dowu. i*onsidered durioic tbe reuiaiodvr ol tbe se>- 

titBF while ot the Grwn ri»rr Hoi«l Mr. Bl WH,IH,F - sion. Tii«y will therefore be sent In a^iin. 

O'Lookos and Mr. MeMalligan desire to be re- It is not unlikely that Burbridge w.ll get the retrenchment committee 

tint while St the Green river Hotel Mr 
O'Lookus and Mr. MeMnlligan desire to be re- 

■ tbe nl*ce of Sergeant at -Anns in tbe ^cuate. ■ 
reembered. and desire ua lo aay they will return ■ « n ^ pewrcutl0n aod poverty create* 1 say they cannot conclude tbe investigation ol 

Ftos t/vraula u-Ftl/kl lk<i* hfidlilt tll.Ll-fi 111 I r . . a .a -a 1 _ I tl .* i at ... I TrcaAlirf lllltl.-rto lielfirf M'trfll 


All nomination* before Ibe Senate will fall, ****** 
as there will be no business ol that character Vice 
considered during tbe remainder ol tbe ses- ul here 
sion. Tb«y will then-lore be sent in again. Seer 


izatiou. \\ b.-ii Ibis committee bud retired 
tbe calling of tbe count its was proceeded 
with a. id showed tbe fact that greatly more 
than a majority of tbc- eounfien of the Slate 
wen- represented. Counties are not allowed 
to be represented or vole by proxy. 

Tbe committee reported tbe b.llnwiue j-er 
son° as tbe permanent of officers of Jefferson 
county: President, B. n. F. Butler. 

It may lie well to slate I bat Ibis Ben Butler 
is not by auy means to lie coufounded with 
Ibe Massachusetts patriot, the cockeye. 

Vice Presidents — H.-nry King and three 

laud. Banks, t.uvilly, Blair, Shanks, Adam-, |lort a , aiding for tbe withdrawing 

Ark- n. _ . the circulation ol Ibe Nitionai hank . 

A -not Affiir * — Pike, K* llj. Twkbfll, 8f^w- 
art, Stark wcalfli'r, Frr-y, SiiriH, of Hr w 
Hampfiliir^, Archer, Hayirlit. 

Vr - * j*r • n .. 4 . .. Mr >PALr)lNil ohicctr j to the resolution 

h"rr‘!/‘< .tjf-nr'— li n.ks, Or h 1 nllu.n, fieing urondBlory, but snhsequeBtly w:tbdr. w 
\\, oi Wisconsin McCarthy. Blair, -' 

Mv«*r*. Kolun* »n, of New York, Mortrun. 
AWirfi iin‘1 I’tnnfs- M'S-rri. Cook, Cornell, 

to Tih Id . t 11 -ahl Yioiaiion oi the revenue Ihwa siioukl J'hi cm ii' r 11 . -i .n m ivm- i min«, p>riu nl»ni or 4 ill gI.qi: m ttimUr -r, 

|K»rt a filll |*rov uluur f,*r the w»lu«lf.iw»iij «•» | lt -xi claim their I lint ion, am) they NhouiU the pruK'i^ul puiaf ol a|.>cb. ?i.jti b hhc ** to Kv, which re*»altrd u» »he w«»uw«linE of Mr 
tfce circnUtioo --I I he \.n i.ti 1,1 ^ i ' 

rency, ami fo supply Ibe *&u*e wuu gfot n- #»n«ai*cd in buck vio'ntioo*, il any «ucli should ibiuh Ih^re wms 1 itilkwfert of opinion in Ibe c * unty, ih* iktith of bn Amchlrr Bvlii**. 

1 »Jk 4 Uiten Mff aaU the m t'ahiart e^od the s-u- . Tbec««-ej which 1^1 u> the iiileulij were 

Mr SPAI.niNi. ol»|ccti d tn the re.'oliitK'n ran^t meat pmpo>«*d >»y the i»overroent, Tbe Pre»id»*nt Tiprct^ed h* vfew« ee*y not mco ,»ic-oio«*. «i, becan^ of in* r* ' pee* »bk* 
heini; mandatory, bul snhaequ( oily ffillMir* w w.»* airr* e-able 10 the ri<Drt, and rirlicuhifly cltarlj ml dhtitdl). Icipri'Mwl lujdiref, ^undmic of Mr. W 4 family; but a* iin y h»vr 
the obje ct K ra . i;>-l » n ■•ffe knows ekrwhr, w** wh 

Mk BOSS mny»*d tli* • *1 the trial. It w<-a * be »r views. The (thfruoii of the PlriiMiB! re^WMi fewt kmirer holding ibem I hr ruaik 

liut the House r» tiix^d to m <*ond if, there only a’-o«lu»* toihe dri**n*e tlmt two juiife> tt.’ionld to ibrowiui; th** Irani Uih«j open to tbecoiortd cm ol* tbc IK ntocmi. 

Mni; IVijfirnnritcrotft.. Mt on bn en^e, is ofder lhaf au appeal might people appeared lobe ft*td, and 1 thlwk At. Wui4m And *Mr. Campbrll nu»rr»rd 

Mr BOSS moved tl»«* jwevM»uH question, 

rrawMi lor kmirer holding them ir«*m the read- 
cm ol* tha Ih mocmt. 

At. Worden aud * Mr Campbell uianried 

bW>'( hunt ’-■W •iir-i. — M.s<rs. Flliott, Trim- 
ble, Loan, Pain.-, Morrill, Baker, Adams and 

J/i/eiir/'-— Messrs. Anderson, Plant?, Van 
Armen, Bourn, Getb. 

yeas 10 

Mb. RANDALL inive.l that another wo-d 
be (Ubslitiited lor instructed. 

Mi:. BOSS consented. After debate Ibe 
moi ion was adopted. 

On luotiou tbe C.inimittee on Rules weie 

ise every member of tbe Lahiaet osseutedlo Ibe si, |, r* Too or three yean ago the f.uner 
ea, rir.l i.|> l.y Ilic deleudant to a higher court, arrangc-aieut as il wa sucifled iu Ibe pror- was .-taefed t ireuit Clerk a ...I tbe totter 
Tbr Judge i lieu agreed to flx Ibe -5th day iBMtoftoB relative l» N wth Ciruiiua. Sheriff W..r«.e*’s eldest .t-.ugbter, Bertie, 

nl March as I be .lay lor the IrmL Allv r that 1 do uol rm.. i..l»i t In t Ibe sitb sw. given ei,.piaeu,‘ to ,u her to* be.* udto-e *s 

An appiicalioD was made by Mr. O'Couuei Jeet was ever discus ed m IbeCalunek. n>pyiesf: au.1 thus CaiMpbcIl, ber ao.Tr, was 

Ibat tiie buff bondol Duvia be extended until In regard lu Booth's inter,.,, ur, Mr Ntan irequeiuly Ibi-.wu iu her v arie t y. In due 
ibe time fixed lor Ibe trial lo proceed. Um dir, cled il lo Is made under D-ek and time au intimacy prune up between tbe two 
Agreed lo f.y Judee Underwood. And it was key lo any glotificaliou by tbe -iso- which resulted ia lbs girPs seduciiuu Al- 
lurtb.-r agreed that it Chief Justice I base loyal over hi- grave, and stales tbat al tbe i-rward Lamptwll aad VAordeo lormed s co- 
i oitld no l be present to preside over the proper lime be auppo-.d il would be giveu pariaersbio ib Ibe oieu- boo! dr business, and 
court that tbc hou.l of Mr. Davis be extruded to bis me rebtUous ex,' l iug be I Seen tbe two lamb 

to tbe term tollowing. " • * • " * " lira *• eared entirely fneodly au. 1 barutouiou*. 

The orlcr i.,r tbe .xiension of leave of ab FROM PENDLETON COUNTY. Bettie VTordra buoniej ia ibe lamily to her 

seu. nl Davis, an I fixing tbeJUtbot Marcl. uncle Jnriog the wioier. aad, re the criminal 

next as tbc dav lor bis trial, was then eulered .. ... . _ „„ miaroacy wo* kepi up. Mr*. Campbell 

by order of Judge Underwood. Mr. Uavw "-'f A-.oetuuro- AH V .vyrer - 1-ft ^me sppamrd tod. Verv uaturuliy the 
did not appear id .-ourt. n..r did the wdness.-. . ■ . ,l . V ** . "V^ L — "F - dog*»sl* quirt to Ibr :amdy was destroyed, 

I.,r Ibe Government. H„re witnessre who i iZmm - a.-TT- “ * and , toneOrtl and be. wile reps rated. He 

. im mlo court -Rx Secretary Seddon. E\ i.'ierury ».v« cure, «r., . soimjUI a Mvoice, and was denied. Fiaally be 

Governor I.etch. r and Gen. Weekh.iu were > ALMoiTH. Kl , Nov. N| '<iX left the couafrv, and local. cl in Bloomington, 

i.e.d in reeogniz ine.s lo a pr ear in March. Tn tht FtiUor of th' /kwiiti lomrier: id Ibi* State, keeping up. however, a regular 

> ,or !y slur n.s.n Mr. Kr»it«, lortbe Gov As your »o.a» appears a mone uo ovr.-sp.rodeueewdliaiaB.eoe. la one to hw 
eruroent, said Ibe intention to Hie (.over a- . , . ... ... — letters be prop.*, d re Ibe youog woumu into 

tbe towels, which they hastily packed Ui tbeir 
truoks. by tbe neat 

Dr While, Geu. Spencer, Geo Hobson, Messrs. 
Wondrlog And oUtere excited ,l.reusetxes to mike 
tbr slay ot tbe delegates |dcssaid. and we know 
I (bat they « Qf ree ded 

ympathy. Chandler and Wade aud that I Trcarury uutlera beiore March. 

lacliou back bun. 

lu view ot tbe events which wcubl proba- 
bly ari-e liom tbc prcacntalion of tbe .ui 
|M-acbmcut cane, it was thought lu-st for Mr. 

To Dr. C. D. Moore the party that wa* In No i I i.olladav, ol Kentucky, to apply lor admis 

desire to r. tarn thanks. As a physician Hr. 
Moore is ooequated. He is certainly not a bo- 

Yetoquere yooloredi permanent secretary, and a meopalbiri. lor be sent bis utedioine in quart hot 

•ogre osrraure-to arms tobr presld eu l made a ,j„ 

bmtoaddrewa auwrei. upon ibe only to me con We hope ere long make auothar excursion to I — . oo'rojo'cc.l in let'e 

xtoitioo fa rmmttc • ben Male coast, lulron. Greeuaborg *o eefebra.e tbe opening of lb.- tall REACTION on IMPEACHMENT. ™ Iroi ,/lhiug 

TWa tia w wa to Hforld* Is oxer, aad ft is re- rand to that place, and tbat we shall he preceded Washington, D. C., Nox. 20.— Tbe im- demo. 

Mtedtfato tbecativsmtiab bos born eareito but by by , be iron horse, wbo will give his customary peacbment fumabea a topic ot discussion to _ _ . , 

very emit' malortix— probabir ato more tbat. auort to let the good people to Green county know ,nc aimost enlire exclusion ol all other*; l.ut uixt'wcck 1 "' ^ ' 

b Y be vote polled was but ifuia more tbaa half olour Arrival it will goon run its course, for in truth a re -»■ 

Mbs namber o: .boss reriamrnd The white, • - .ctk* i. fierceptible to day. It ha. AO eba no. « tll H 

r IlTU.t!!!* ,h"Z t^"'Wbo«. tbc god. wish fo drsuoy anlnw drix.n through by action of caucus. d iur 

SafitoL* " “ they first make mad.’’ Tbc Radical pally bj Md there it xrtll probably toiL Several R<- Fn. 

7 . ... dA extreme measure', tending a* those nie.' ^l.lieam, declare- that they cannot defend tbc plau| „ 

siou to-day. Dawes, . I, airmail ot ibe Flection not intiod 
Committee admitted tin re wa* uolhing 
against him, but wanta-d bis ease refered. There- w 
O. course uo Democrat eau get bis seal pend- ^ ^ 

ing tbe issue ol impeachment. Democrat 


The statement in a Western paper Hut j 
Gov. Kminlette visited Grant with a view of 
drawing bis political opiuiouB ia false. '*> b 
lette, witli oilier prominent |M-r*ons, |ui«l tins 
him a formal visit, but political matters were .. 

Ha waut.-.l the ion to act nml con 

Invalid }' nitinnr -P- rtum, Vanamm, B> u 

informal meetinii. JmiM thcr proceeding.* with firiuneas, a yam.n, Ham, non, Muun, Miller, PatUley. lne .g* Coaital'.tee ou Wqy. bud Mrtua, to iu 

•IWre was iw informal meet lag of the mein wd#.' *T duty au.l wilb candor and dt-lihera- Buir quire iuto The rxpedieucy of .-haDgiug th, 

I-Ta d ( on.r/ ro d th . ffien Nation , I “ He relcrred to the -I, If- rence between IM.natUn. ... Uv- M.s'rs, Baker, Corry, ,' aW , air ,. 3l tl jr,.outraci,on ..« Th, or 
befi (4 Louimum ina nhiuent isjiiouji .luimn, BouUell, WiisoD, ol IVuu.-\lvauiu; r .. M/ b. . „r fl . 1 |,ip; ll(r h... ,.» v ,, n ,i w.,int 

Dt-mocraUc i omu.iUre fn m-ht, und - plan tli^ condHUm of lb.* colored people ol tbe Cornell, WruvHIv, Bairn**, uod 8toue. J " ^ JLi - V i .••ji.n Ji in.; 

introduced in rattreuee to the campaign next UuU.xl Stales aa it was ten years ago and uJ r«imnjc, WYajhU. and Jf..««re*- Messi* rcG«ci?^.^!lX fb.Ta/^TtoTon u„. 

dT tbr Bomber to those reglAierto The white* 
almost aolvasmllv abouiwto (ram vollog It to 
•oac tbat a awjortfp to for eoavcaitoa wilt hr 

introduced iu ielcrem-e lo tbc campaign next United Sialcs as it was ten i.-ars ago and as 

year, l.ut uolhiug defiuile wax done. .. , 

’ i, now appears. He also iclcrrcd to , l.eir 

demi.m rath ca, CCS. present promising pn. pcc's, tin- glorioustu- 

Tbc Democratic caucus will not be held until , , .... , ... 

next week * uru ° P cr * ev '* t'berty even now awaiting them 

— ra« -ra- ■ re- in Ibe immediate future, &c. 

“ .. . , , ,, ... _ quire into The expediency of changing Hie 

Education am/ ftoW-Mes'r*. Baker, t’oryy, , rreil i,,!. ( JI „ la ci„,n ..I Tb, ear 

.Iutt-.IL. Bout well, Union, ol Pennsylvania; v , r ,., )U ci U g the lax on d»li»l.-.l spirit' 

< ornell, (.ravel) v, Barnes and Stone. aBl , reporting a more . cnomica! .... . ... 

I . . \Unjl, U and .i/o,om.,- Mcshis fc . c „ u| , ll; refilling .be lax on cotloi, und 
Kell,, oi lad , smith, Ferris, Ft ill, Corri, and ud.,pl iug u scale of r. -venue, wine, would 
,V;' vicld only sufficient with the surplus in tbc 

/tifruto— Messrs. Jenteks, My. is, ( handler, Treosurv to pay tbc ex|~ use* ol im- Govern 

^'n'le n . x. x* luent, tbe interest un Ibe public debt, die 

BuiUiittn ami Vramm-Messr* Vj»i tx.^ 

I ho House r. Iuse.| to^i-pemi the mi. m rcrojhiz iiiclS Iy> ap ffir in M»r. b. 

Mr KAK KU offered R TTmtlltioB luMrnct w, t»»r* ly »lier n*n»n Mr. EvmP, forib**iK>v 
e Ibe loiumiliev un \N ty> aud Mt aa», l»i lu crumuBt, mu! fb»* iiiieDti«>n «*i ibe 4»over> 
lire iiiftj flit* expediency «»l I'uiii-iuii I!.'* m. hi tn try iLc c.irie ol Mr. Dmh smi- 
w* f»» arrest tut* eouiiacliun ol ♦!**.* i*ur djy tliif It rui. 

To fhe Fditor of fh fsxujnUe rnmritr: • keepint op, how***r % a r< 40*1 

As vour gtosl P 1 ,-cr appear, among a* ovrcpjradener wdl.1 !■ — « ^ k- 
J r 1 . 1 letters be proi>w. d fo lire youug woorou ibwl 

dally with no word liom tins sect, on, y,m will ,| ir shoo'd accompauj ber totber to Lincin 

day tlii-o term. pardon ua tor desiring room in yuw« . 

Pie con bile rat ion in fixing tlie day was Ibe lo our greet iuga, Ac. lo Ibe vicb.rmns 

I in* * when JuJ^ts C>a>r* could att-n*l brrr, . . . . . 

and lb. Govern uieu I prop.ra .1 to name a dai Dero.d-roey Ibrougbout our g.MMi t ..roiuou 
alter tbc .djourii u. ut oi U*c Supreme l our i wealth or “auy o, her man.'' 

lor Ibis trial, wb- u be could sit with Judge 

Mr. Kvarts , u.’gcsted tbat the fourth 

Pendleton eoouty, aa you are aware, 
tost election nailed Ibe Democratic It.g 

oluian, tmti, w lien be neat wen, ou alter goods, 

. to numt sad elope with her now 

tout eity. Tbto toller (el, hiro Ibe bauds to Mr. 
-■union- Mforetra, au.l be pre.uipll) apiwised Mr. Uarop- 
bell of bl* villainy sad warned b.m aot lo 
. um again cross bio path. About tbw tiro* tbe 
* . g ,1 wrote a letter to Campbell informing tom 

« ,#hrr to her purpoue to marry, Ora asrarew* him 

t'fll KT UK API-KAI 

„ ,* , .... . , , Horn, ol New York; Moore, ol New Yoik, 

H.- urged the policy ot petitioning the lcgig- aD j Nnholson. 

* rBJTtK lr ' Mcm; di. ^A ppeal •ugtsstrUie *res do to destroy tbr p. see of tlie country, 
dralr«atatolfioooi«*MaMdos a paniaf remto. h#(1 mrned against it BMltitudcs oftlmsc wbo 
tov lbs evil* under which the ffoatfa ii now labor- . , . , , 

mr. Me aranes mm M fbi. psiw-y uattl receally fibre M tlroir acslou' . rapport. 
vitlBftketkf ket pa&Fflt tkrnt ibr ifit crofj bum would think it^ l**ad«T*, ot c uf*h a fun^, 

hr * abac use. and will (tan* nw U.e price, sod M they were tine, would inaugural, a policy 
tha, in addition 10 ibis the people will be com- wbirU by being more moderate and le-o. rero- 
pslled to tarn tbeir attmitau lo other craps Isr lalioDary, would give tbe a ebance ol 
mro to onto to idsn. larg.- erapr mt cm ton. retrieving its standing wMb ib.‘ Northern 

laa bnumAt G sws ra i Causri t al Fort Wiyns pcoj.!. ; but. no tar Irom doing Ibis, they arc 
fad. bold s sra rt o o Monday uigb, to finish im apparently trout on impeaching the Prexidcnt, 

portsa, bureaes, sa baud aud adjnurasd yevierday are'brme'O foolish and known to Iro so uu 

IKrporled lor the Louisville Coorirr. | 

Fha vKrokT. Kt , Nov. *5, lm,7. 
iar.,j> OK. IDKIi. 

Plant vs. Ilavls. 4c , Garrard, reversed as to 

ares do lo destroy Tbc peace of tlie country, I report sioee reading tbe testimony I Ilavis: afihiard aa fo Teeter. 

now made public. 

By Wednesday week tbepre-'S of tin- coun- 
try will be beard, and, it i* believed, will 
ion judgm-ut agaiest tbc measure w.tb such 

wbiea by bciog more mojerale and le-s rivo- onanimilv , lia ; impeacbtn<nt will not find * 
Int iausry , would give loe a cbsuce ol „ lulrd 1rt elan 1 s|iOB*on for lb. 

rrtrK'Tiuf iu bltudiDi' wiih ihf N«»rtb<*ru . . . . 

foal alwirtiou of Radieat partir msbip. 

iroiud. - bul. so tar Irom dome tins, they are 

* 1 ' . ’ , 'l , PENSION BESOI.I TION N.lT TO BE RE 

apparently trout ou impeaching tbe President. ported. 

a trbnM 'o foolish and known to lie so un ype rc'olntion for so-p< i.sion w ill certain It 

Hocars, At , vs. Sale, Ac , Woodford; HlUrmed. 
Pilcher va. Lee et ax., Louisville Chancery; re 

Hodges vs. Wallace. I nine, revereed. 

Arnold's ( xcentor vs. Mitchell. Bullitt; affirmed 
Powell vs. Davis. I'nfon: atbimcd 
UtTmt v*. Kcnuey, Scot'; affirm ed. 


laturc for tbc lull enjoyment of all the privi- 
leges sceured lo other citizen'. 

A Committee on General Buxines,, wliicb 
means, when translated, a U.mmittce ou 

}tt ri.ttif and t'njl tt ixttnl Batinr** — Roland. 
Wil'di, of Iowa; Pomeroy, Wind., in, and 

Mr. BOUTWELLut 2;tO o'clock present- 
ed tbe majority report ul the Judiciary Corn 

Adopted. Wednesday in March be fixed a* Ibe day lor m ost bead by electing the whole Democratic that sbe loved him more devotedly ibaa iba 

Mr. FARNSWORTH ottered a resolution , be trial to proceed. llc krt and with such men a* Pro'eeuttng "*• her laua-tud braburaL or aver could. 

directing the , oi.iimtl..- ..u it-.-oi, m. Mr o', r said the personal ronveui Ihin ...„ r ,„i_ l r ,.u..t Shortly alt, rwards Campbell rat fo 

to in«)iiin* into lln rx|>**il.< u< y oi Uikiox :i cnci- ol Mr. Davis would luxe iron, promoted A,,0 ™' J , 1 * e ’ , J, Mr Worden met him, aud rsquraied 

Res >1 ui inns, consisting oi s.-vsii liiein'.ers, niiti.-c, ircommendiug Ibe im peach meat ol 

, i Pnsideul Jolinsun. It is signed by Messrs. 

a Pl*° l 1 • Boul wt II, 1 Lom.t-, Wtllnm-, Lavreife uud 

A Committee on F ina, ice, eonsli tinp of live Cliurenill. Alter the elerk iiad read the in ,- 

member*, also ap|>ointe«l. 

John (i. Fee, a li/.zl«‘d*oui ALoliiiouisi 
, and dilapidated philanthropist, a white man 

Al *!* Ftryt I m*f a Um of the « raw^t Jmrokum ^ ^ l# , |M>rl ^a lty Juddciary Comiuiiit c 

Iaw, M . Hsdeva v*. Ben. P. Wallace etal. Prom Madison county, and two or three 

lb* Union Cutuit < ouri. Reversed or«-d Pomp. ) Saows, did son,. . I.^ueuo.- 

rCVKRS. CUIEE JDrTIC*. allcrD.aoD. 

This sail was brought Appellaut ,«iust An- \Vi,u ft j' Da via, ol Lexington, said tn 

l„ TI.-«- '. In ,-nfoice ifac culler non of $£!., Kl. tie 

Laifo-rro cougragaiimi to Piuvbargb, Pa . It.ey 
will ms mi re neat foot. Am easouitvr comm a 
ire to boros misstara was appotnlcd and I v 
Kn rara', U. D . ro Bsanavirautq. ia tbe apea- to 

laingrc' men tavored it last session. 

j iritv report for lull an hour iu lurth.-r read- ) ’ r( 
ing was ,li«|R-iued with. adjoin 

On motion ol Mr. Bit glum :in,l on the stale- Js ., ei .,| 
me, it Unit the reading of all report* would ~Mr 
occupy two boars, Ilic sum long up of Ibe 
majority re|*.rl, edited t>> Boot well, was t hen J, rr ,.,| 
read, it declared ttut in accordance wnt. ^ K 
tiro tc'tiin“UV then- will, submiiicd, m.l view ., tl „i 
of tiro law presented, tbe cmuiuilt. e is ol tin- , 0 , u loll that Ail.lrcw Jotmaou, Presi. I. ‘lit ol . v . * 

census in the Soutli. rn Adopted. if the trial bud tairen place in May Ij*T, aud 

Mk BROOM \\ F.1-.L, ol Illinois, ,, tiered a j, won). I lie very eonveniei,, to Mr. Davis to 
resolution t sufficient greuntiaeks ne at |,avc the trial proceed. His counsel would, 
limes aupplu d for tiro tlie wants or toe pouple however, agree to Ibe pr..p.>sition of Mr 
to tbe exclusion of all oilier pap. r currency. Fvarts. They thought the pie sene* of t’hlel 
The House rclused to »nd the pievious Justice Chase would fo- tW‘nclh‘ial, not 
quc'ti ,o. and Mr. Farnsworth ri-ing lode- j lone to M»e interest ol the accused bnt lo 
Dale, it went over. tbc interest ot all. 

A concnrrenl resolution of tb‘- Senile lor -r.u‘ ,K* in.iri.-t t onrt on 

adjoiirnnient to morrow till Monday wa' 
agreed to. 

Mr MILI.KK introduced a t.ill granting 
irons IOU' to soldiers ol the war of Is* I i; re 

if Ibe trial bad I a Iren place in Mat last, aud and Representative Lee and oilier*, w,- d.*ih, j,, interview. Carn gdeH a agrity re lured, itod 
it would Iro very eonveniei, , ,o Mr. tiara t.» uot it willfoug wwvs tbne, lo the universal df. ibto be budant hfiiotk " bm i brntol s ad 

have the Inal pro,-, ed. Hi* counsel woaid, ralUaclion of our people. wa .‘ 

howev'-r, agree to the pr.tisisidon ,»f .Mr. . , , „ k - , ... w , . _ _-i, emfwranoisvawv, ws iras, uu^w >■ a 

Kvarts. They thought the presence ofCbicl A refcreao e fo tbr fo*»ra y_to Rewlro ky will ^..ociug mroiuaw. troapbeM reiretosd * row 

Justice ciuise would Iro 1 ru.ncfi.-rol, not '■*»■ I** ry .* dr ."' 'h* */*^ *”* pm-ra, drew tn* to fol rad foed. Vuw Wov 

nh-neto f iro interest ot tiro accused hot ,o wro ou.-e ib* ibesier ,i » -bn^ deo nrou '».redlo ,W .pot, as bere.toor. 

tbc interest ol all Tragedies were enacted with Tbe old pioneers , ut ,d. wired ber fatbrFs pistol, aad drew ,1 

The mandamus to tbe District t oait on Botore. Kcwtow. Ckrobc. Morrau>nrt tottrTO ra «o C.mpbclk wbo i.rwcd wid fied. The girl 

G, u. Scofield lo show reason wby I 
to allow Gen. labodea to register 
is mad, re-luruablu Mou.laV next. 

whv lie refused ,Ur *' Tbe aaie aim and k- eu crack of their pursuad and dra-Uari.-a ibe content* of one 
r isier an, I v..ic ride* bare *en* manv a red •Iff to tb • “hunt o| her ptarol iu tbs direction to the ra- 

t * iaifround” ol l»i>* in»u» tbM *>unlv. BM, »Mit wit bout rflii l jmpbrit 

Mk BiNiaiAM 

liia^ l.-** * ’oiui 
tn iuqiiir** mf.» lli* 

ll r».l a i 

tee on Wd\ :.n. l M* i 
X|M*«lH*i»«*y «»l* provuli 


LLAKiuiun, ilrfHibilMi bv I Ik* dU war lion*.', -Hi mo* K«*u 

lion. Geo. II. IVudletou Now. unfed »ou recorded m WlA “ 

VVr are iudel.trd lo Mr C A WaadriakM. jh ot three limes of bn pursuer, ibe Iblai sbof 
the courtauas and ueullenmaly Ctera to th* neiDW a .ed SA A -lisituee to iweniv v»rd* or 
Pradlrtoii Circuit Court for Ibr following lm „ e F ru u> Ibe - &->-•» to Ibe s.nroda 
»le|aa-i, ...u l*y I he - Id wot l.orse, Siiifoa Beu r a, , tlu girl died Ibe urx, eveurog. 

tou, recorded in INIj. in reuiaa. lo sunro I t he leilrr troro Ibe youog w.-arou, auuobuc- 
lauds iu JUpuie ,n ibu vicinity. l\e gite a I IUK tlcr jetermiirotiou fo marry wa* found on 

Fven Boat well D again'! a proposition so 
revolutionary and daueerona to tbr peace of 
tbe couutry. The committee will not setious- 

Uro Council ia Ibe prosncatloa to Mro Impottoto ^nOernsn to start for Washington about tiro 

llkb ol De.-Cfob. r. His health Has Irocn stuiut 

lion. Judk h f'Ulbr e tbe couutry. Tbe committee w ill t 

W'e understand that it is tbc purpose of IbD |y consider tbc resolution. 
-nHemsn to atari for Washington about tbe kn.«n’.< kfsom tionm 

Tr Pacific Hotel, corner to I-'ourtb and Deli 

wore tsreros, aad a row to two Mary auwro baud 
lira, to Kansas City, Mo., were burned last aigrt 
V«T hubs lUfUiture m tbs bocsl wa* saves All 
tbs guests escaped, but maay lost tbeir bbegace 
Aa old man named Wralhretoy. liom Crown 
Point. Indians, while attempting to descend room 
the third Olotgr by a . let- aad broke a 

lOib oi December. His health has Irocn a, .out Kelsey's other resolution defining high 
tbr asm.* lor som- months, and lie is able to Crimea and tnisdcmcanore wrill meet with a 

' beet cattle, and other supplies lor the army w hile 

KeWy's other rc-solulion defining Imcii pro«mniii{;a war iln* Udvormut-ni n( iht- 

crimes and misdemeanors will meet with u in i ted Stales. Tbat the hogs purchased or ap 
• nndar la'e. The committee will not eonde- ,«-llant were lor llivt purpose, as he well knew at 

| lake bis daily nd<; bul important business C( . ( . od (Q no||oe jL Had ,,,s resolutions 'heDme o! delivery, 
ber, , 1 U prevent bis leaving. aril, r dcfiutd Lv statute law wlrol .act* in tbefu 

H»an Ibe time indicated. tun' should lie eoasidered iiigti crimes and There arc two propositions oi law involved: 

misdt menu ore, it would have tec. ived re 

"Is tb<- men- sale of goods, knowing that 

u*. roan namea T-eaincrny. irom tTO«I, IoOyatty. 'pcCtIUI C-.UI- 

Puiat. luditua. While attempting to descend room . _ . T . „ „ ...„ ro ,, .. „ law wbat acn 

tb. Hurd so* ro . rot- and brok- . ./“ l0 * ur Teoues'Cc lovalwtr. or regarded, 

“ “ wnror ptro-. roi- am, orok. a “I'utot.ts's, elected lo ( ongre-f, even under _ 

M*. sad robres rse injured himself The bo.ol Br-,wni--w> owu eye, in fca'l Tciiueskce. is a '' 

was ownes by Mr. Holt, sad was valaed at fill.,- “go! Binw-r 1, was sbown. 1 bure-fo), iu the n.e President 

(SIO. Tbc Ikraitarc belomred to Mr. Noland, th- House, liom tbe records. Hint this Butler was 
isndlato. sud wm um iorarad Total loss about * roemOer, firet, to tbe ececdmg Teawsror ooi.D , 

in, Leciaiatun-, ever voting to w<edt ; and lb. n, Secretary 

*|ieotlul C)U‘i«luralioii; but lo del4*rmiu(* by tbc buyer will make uu illegal a ac ol iruiu, eufli 
law u but acis M)n*sdv commit I «bou)d be ci«ui,uf imeff, lodeprlvc the veixljr ol the rubi 
m> (pgitdfii, It »Uock^d even tbc couinnt- lo neeivv tb« prtref 

let wi.ieU li*«d :h.eurd|Miti utlv to Biker, ibe 2. “Ii the knowledge ol t lie literal dcalgn aball 
dcti-ctivr, while h. told hia lying laic about have that effect, ia It compolcot to prove that the 

general repulaiion in lh»- neighborhood ol ill.- 
,u ri io n . vendor was that the uurchasere were buying lor 

OOI.D ., tuni.EKS I-BE. kMATEI). such tll.vAl purpos.- uud is such prooi i comp- 

At fi- vcu o clod, the eouvution udiourned 
until nine o'clock 4 -M to-morrow, at which 
hour all the committee' w.-r.- iiistrudcd to 

Tbc convention lo moirntv jflcmoan will 
adjourn over until Friday, to -give tiro drl. 
gates the opiortamty m enjoying Thanks- 
giving dav, and when n-aaremltlcd it is exp. . t- 
cd wilt couliuue the rest o, tue ivu k. 

Letter from General T. Ewing, Jr. 

Washington Not. lti, 1 M. 7 . 

Dear Colonel— I have your l.-flerof fh< 
10 th iust , advising m.- ..I tbe formation 

join in one miuoiily report, and Mca-rs. F'.l 
-Iriilgc and Marshall join ill .mother. 

Mk HODTWRLL moved a |s.stp menront 
of lln- iu.pcadm.cnl report until Wcdm-s.lay 

’'jrVnSiN of Iowa pr. senled a minor "" "'ITV, ‘^T ol itU I ,;,i«*nd^^l^we 
dv re port dcclariug Pk shIciii John-on was quire- lolu thc ex.-cdieniy ol re-din mg I.- on. v express tiro n I i inewia to th-- [k-iBfo-n- 

. 1 .. • .iouu on wa. „„ Ilia, y i-'tal.lish u..-„t t„ tt„- low. si po . K ' , , lh ^, . 

not guill.v ., high Crimea or misdemeanors. uulubl . f eoMrtriii will, public saieiy! 'f Kl ,,1,uk -»' “ " e “T ,bJ ' *" 19 lb “ r 

Tbr whoh subject was postponed uni, l Ma. MEYERS otfe. . I a r.soluHoo, .lit. -c d‘"i • al o. 

IVei inesday ol next week. ing Hi, ColiiuiiHcc on W ays au.l Mali- to in- * ' 

Bilia were introduced and referred, lore-- quire Into i Iro expediency ol taxing dDf.ll.d The lleddington Murder <’»«• in 
due- and reorganize the miliiary peace e«tab- jpirila on lin- capacity of tbc distill.ri- and me I 'nmiuMi ( wart— Conclusion ol 

iialnn. ul of tin- I ml. -d . tales; tn auKii.l tin- r ,.,luciug the br.-s.-nl rale ..I lav. A-lopi. d Ibr Trinl. 

.I.-- ii .1 ciirr- ocv a.l; loan.. » draw l-a.k-n Mk |'i|.k oil. red a ic-.Iiiii.-ii .lir-i- n 4 -| |, r \\ p , II. d-llnztoo 

.rlid.s u-.-l in tbc couslrii.-lioii ol ,es-d-; s,.,.,,.,.,, ,,, u ,7 , . . ,, ’ , ' o' , , 

<■> allied tiro national currency ‘‘ c- d . ' l , ' , l ‘' ,, 1 e " 1 *‘ lUlb ;' V ‘ 

•cl. pi. dgiug the tail I. ol Ih- Uiiil.-d Stales to ’ !" * 7 . " . . “J r ' *'■"« ludl «• J n ] 

i r > •••■*«■- Sa » b Y»r M k' I 'k'iggN 4 " ll-M .1 are so! ul . > 1 , Uu 

ml tufoVhaocmor, “in "c l.m"""'? 1 ' • b d* , ur “ Tin- I ,a ^i.^TnureUmbr- 

, ch- ct.iisl ii ul Iou* t.. m,olkc.x|,oi ling, bill sc h r , .ujhoutlhc entire pr.^rdlm:'. Tiro 

' ... ‘"..I . ! O over -.11 im-.-l.l or uuap; roprintt .1 pul. I . was coo h-d Juh sia-eialor*. 

Ibe expt'dieuey ol uiodilving existing laws to I hist uiglil, in Ibe tayellc Dcmocralie Clab, i U mbi», wbieh staods ,.n the bank o( nro Dbh. po,- 

as to iiu|H.s<: tin- lax ou .iistillciics iccOHliua I a „d adopted - rivet, lha, he kaows the 'lid sirewm eser •tt>'e: that 

U, ll.eir til iniiiaeliiring i ,,|KicHy Adopted /Wwi/ . II, a, He ... II Pviidldou. of Ohio. ^lro.tT.^rTbw to^t Mh^'-»‘es 

I U 1 , 0 \, r ' '"ueiso l. Umtrnron. - w the .n-iice of this el«b lor Ibe uext Pres.- ihsi n.-'«i (Ml from Krysa.'- -W...s.n ia Wie fall ul ''*' n 

III.- Military , oramilfre was tn-tiii. -. d H. m j, ttl ol tiro I ,i,|.-.| Stales, and we Irolieve we Ibe rear list ou mo cprdiiiuw again', the 

quire into the expreMrncy ■ ol red u. eg h. 0 n,v ex,roes. fbe se,„',m*uto to the Da«ro»- Nhuwrow trth . to . ludfuaa^ ander the 'Vm 

unlit .m y t'-tuMi-lum III I* • Hit* low * 1 iisMlili - k uhen MB ait ihiii m Ibeit commwI lw- '/rid. VIM rerd 

uuiul>cr coaawtenl with puhlie salel V. ^ reidezvou»e<l »l Bryaot a station and prarradod >, , 

Secretary M.-Cuilo, h Iron doue a e . MK , tcut^vtrt.-ure max the cot, Iiy knowledge uMue , h y many ..four cinrade,,,, Kan 

-s-coud. a m-ml.- rot lbc-‘.>ti-c. sh"Con vent ion, thing, lie cbeckmaied the gold gamblers Allet reviewing the sufborities, referring !<• 
tAlaJ Tribune nays that Ibe alt* rwards M'liug ill Nashville, and m M-an j yesterday who iutd bought largely lor a rise Story's 1 oufl.ct ot Laws, sectiuu £5; llilliar.l on 

( foe Aliefctem disposition to 

doauythfafflu the slightest degree approaching Kn.neaVa'iid ,o | There b no doubt of tbc repeal ol tiro lax. ur n..moril. But to make the ruubact void, 

connsrraiMra On the coutrarv they ore driving " w. ha „.. ebararter ot change or financia,. pouci. "it u. to U a part of th arrangement, and th 

(he machine at the high! to Ms spsvd aud threaten Dw-sc Rebel Radicals, such as Bull r if, io bis The character ol Ibe financial proposition* ii'. 'iihiijal “a t ****** “ ' * " t ' Mt *" a ' com > " ' 

fo break everything w pisees. offer 10 take the iron clad oalb, viz . that Iro introduced iu Congress to day, especially ad --iiu.u.u rei-utsliuu it, ibe ncighhurl.uod. 

; had never cvci rouuteujuccd re-ix Hi. »n, when tkoac looking to a withdrawal 01 tb< national oi what the Intention of Wallace and cm 

THURSDAY MORNING - VflV <>8 be was proved lo be a Hie and soul ol p, m lank currency and taxing United Sla'ee plover was, lu purchasing the hogs, was not 

' * ' 'tn, Tennessee la-giilatnre. — IN. Y'. F.xpu-ss. t.uuds, d, muli-tralc cl.-arlv a change o| I'.licv. compete ,, 1 even , a fix a knowledge of the tact on 

TW* rkcout ttmi Boo. Reveidr John»uu find . * It w*' remarked as significant tbaf the Wes' apj«-tlanL IParmre v*. t*-w,s, Ae., t Bush. 

ptojc blind ,» norm- Tw, Docrou. and T«r I'Ukirs -Tl.. raerobera voted t.«.tfor, >rr,a,K<t,v. ..I Judgment rev. -rsed. 

excOement in regard to Ibe cuiRure ol live rt Fuaskcrt. Nov. *C. is,i7. 

A Mnran merchant named A. Yaecaro. waa oegro- * lor dinner aaou has snuicw ^hat _sul", de,l. 1 .... IK . T rcATHre nivTAimns deiideo. 

kiU«t a (m 4ivt ftare bf tallist mu l dceocim- A !• » <l*y# flwt tte Dill ol llte t-irally il ’ f'il<lw« ll ▼». raidvrHl, IxNiisville Cluuoctj: 

tmm Tbr i*i: hr***- fclfiM>ck UK ll€fflc«l CoUc«Tq l«**r»»ff ll»*l in r\- It i* uu4. r-tood that the chuinnau ol the rev «*rp«d. 

t-iii viiboui any r« coDiuitiidJliou Uit 

be piOT<*d la Ul ltl« and «on1 «*| i*, in tank currency an«t taiiue I’nitcd pk»T« r wif, lu pure ba i*iuu r tbc henrs. 

‘tin Tenaeppec I>*t:ifi|atnrc. — IN. Y. F-i|»rcM». tKiud**, d« n»oii'tralecl**jrlv a change of iMilicy. compel **ui rvee to fix a knowledge of t 
It wra remarked a* aiffdlficaut that the' Wes, ' 1 B 

TWE Docroun and tue Diutrr -Tiro „ B raeratrora voted t.«.-UHr, Judi - ,n ‘ 

excUcuicnt in regard lu l lie captor* ol live 
A. Vacrar.. wi» iMnmp « lorduM'dioo bus biNiicwliat pul»^rlc*l. 

* mKmr * WVro-MuruiffNiuiHiu B mr mt R1PORT AfiiAlKRT FIKTHER CONTRA* *TION. 

taiti fleeprie A I* w day* aitice Uie Pv-ai» ol tlie Faculty al CiMwi 

ibe Medical College, l« .irluir lhat id Uic et- It is und* r-tood tliat the chuinnau ol tbe averted. 

vn.-t reviewing it,.- authnrttics, relerriuc to -us, aud a.skrng mi , op, loon ol ll.c no-v. m.-ni. 
i»r>*B « ffufl.ct ot 1/jWr. pecium Hilliard • m * earuei*i|% ai'hiolK* in Uv-oinl witli lln 
lea. S7C; AruiHiroue vu. Jober. 11; Winai. SM; purl ol iu> K iiimih uml army lrid; 

uilifld Vtt.Tate, . liul., liW; ttodceon v§.T»*in- and Mill l*» fin il t- with tin in in ^u|•|Klr| 

•,. r » T?»rY«*ph, IHI ; Hater va Karl, 3; Hra> (Ma^* », iuir tiem rat il lull! lor Prttddeut. |hil I u.m 
*; lM.di.hre vs luater, IS Mass., to; riUlllips vs first t„ know whether b<- approves ..I II,.- 
rtik*'r, NuVcuiUv i N,i. Auuriciiu Ltv tGriclrr, i..r ir i,..!,. i 

. and Kii-el Curie, 4 Dana, 3M. I *• b , r 11 " l ‘* du< *, ? "• 

Ji, d — IpI. Tb«t u couirmi'C 1 ^ uot v*»l«l iMN-iBfe Sii|i|H#it liltil. 1 (({'•It'd Hi* in a** UIIM'IiipN 

.rt* in KHu-Hiin; immoral or ill ijiRl hi ii- rur- «u - ; i»i irol ol rev nt!**, mrdtrteled pin I ill 
(Hiding 4 «*r conitfCiimi!, a«-d jr.l il ii> Lqiixiljf lliropy U!iJ lu-l ot ;* »w*-r. 1 would a - scon 

c. riaiit ibal a ci»n«n*cl I <• void W ien it i* illegal e\|4vl a Imu-** to s' irnl on tlu .rjlir ul .• 

nr !(., moral. But to make th.- contract yoi-l, | lVmK yolealu,, a* a Slat.-, wbvic unit- s ami 

■%^galat " cun, dot. W||||M ar< . ,, ro -crilKd, slid Hie blacks tied. 

Sd. “v imimuu reputatlou io ibr npighhorliood, lolers. hneh a l*overnnn - nt can not l*iu*' have 
wbat the ifin nHoii oi Wallace aud lii»* eiu tin* heartfelt ayiupath) ol any hinr** Ibody ol 
op r waf, lu purt'aat*in^ ibe henrs*. wat» not white men any where, lilood is tlneker than 
uu pet en i run lo fix a knowledge of ibe ia. t on W; ,|, K% and Nurtheru wIiHah w ill s\ ui|*:iihixe 
u *'*' ^ 1 Burtb '*•«»> Soalhero White* ill tbeir atmjole lo 

“ " 1 : hake off the incnbns of negro rule. !l there 

r kan k p. - kt, Nov. so. Is,... wcr-- Du prejudice ol race to affect their action, 
CAUSES DEI i DEL. 11 ,,. Northern people would still re-IUsc lo re- 

Cahlw< II vs. Caldwell, &c„ IxHiisvillc Chancciy: produce iu Un Stales ol the Union I Is. vt i or 

lumbia. which stands .io rfae Task of rrro Dhh. pos ket, bus .uiiucetl ruaay |wrams to tbiuk 
river, lhat Iro known rlro 'aid sircara eser sfocs; lh „, |„. k.lbsl Ibe runs, woman, sto hreuusd 
trial be has Irrqarntly rrus-sd said stress. auc . lbt(M uhi bra owu life 'U dung, r. Out prr 
'J'ro cut I hr col sumuralfou to tor pre. posed 
Ibe year I7'i "n au cip'dnluu aralwl Ihr marriage. Hus trial for The -boori ng to Mr. 
Shawn** irihc to Imliaas andev the »Vo.dcn wa*. ue »re mfortMed, eura-luded tre»- 
cumruaod of General rs-orga It Clnrhs. whn rerd-ay Th* c» e acalost him Kro I he ki' 
mdezvoase.1 at Bryaot's sutiou and precraded ,h« young w--ii,au ia sato to be uow in 
ou UK- marcb an" ramrod the tral Digut, m to 

ibiaks, be,w«rn Lee's Lick and wha, was called > _ Q f Bland viile are great ty ear .l, .i 

I>r. W. P. t. ii. d.lingtoo. 

ikinks. he, wren Iroe - ,.cn and wna. was cwroo ^ peol-le of Maudville are crwl'y eBeffittt 
1 1 ,-d.l , ii g toll H order fawr in ^nhae rock.- up the h»e oi maroh 'and that over the mutter, puhlie vent, «*rul ruuniug 
f r.llllHMI I — I ot, cl, I',.. n of Kn, -hi encamped near wbar Lewis Stevins now sir .ngly ag.iust V'.mpheH. 

Trinl. lives. aa*l on th** morning following looke ap th* Mr. Worden » affrav haired enppie, aifout 

„ r ) V p , IfoUlrotAa liaato urarah and eroasedito Hwafh Park ... Lick ,r.r»„i ,g. . Mr I sisplwM » a toon. 4 <2 

li ii the uicjiung ,,l III-- words l.igli crimi" 
and misdciutauiors in srcliou I 
article '2 ol II, e cui.slil ut iou; lo 

rriN-ul II, e lax on rollon; uiilliorizi'.g 

|Myiii**iit ol bounties t<» |h rsons ri jeuif-d a-* 
voliiulct-r*, wlio w**ic iiiniit (iiit< ly ulu rwurd 
tlrall***! uinl li' ht t*» xivicr; lor tepeil ol 
m U- mu I ri* venue iujjd »>rd l»y I lie * x 

i liua tuM rt on Cotlou and jiriKluctious i»l 
in. ctunicil and niamiiuctnrin^ industry, ex 

Dud. lo I Iro Males in w hroh Hroy arc silUatci; 

l “ ,r T,“.r,r J .o^ "a adopt'd. 

tr relay in llro 4 'riniii, tl Court, having trorupied 
a week. ilM-lud mg Hie time spent io iiii,-an- 
i-lling a jury. The l ilrxcile.l much uit. r- 
cs, Ihroughr'ut the entire pr.-erediiigs. Tiro 
court-rooni was rrow l.-.l with s|n-clalor». 

rampuronl was exteudrd on Both -hies of sard 
wafer course. 

On (-lion hy Mr. Munalj-.y, age»« k>» ''fcwke. 
Mo, go. AC -Bail y.H, aa, .rouuuaud in Ibal 

Yesterday the remaining wilursses lor Ibe I arm, and if vo.. had what was it? 

opted. I dele, ice wet.- exauiiucd, w Iron a recess wan 

Mb \V ASIIBl KNF, rd \\ i-- -on- -in, - 11 -I I taken, ami ■ lecling of relief was caper. cored 
ics-’lut -o:, tl.r. '-l ii.g the S.ere lary ol II,.- I |, v lawyers ni.l sjh clafors lhat tbu lorg ex 
-rusu* « lo lurnhb ii.loim .tii.u .i' fo Ib* I aioiualfoo wan at an eud. 

Answer— I nad the c-.mman.t ..f a company. 

The Keren t Death of lira. Waller II. 

(From Ihr RTOkmeud I H npnleh. Mo*, tl I 
Wc not foe w.rtt regret lhat a leh-rrem Irora 

ii..oe for the r. covey t •iii.-Jcrilc I At a quarter past 1 2 o ckrok the verjicl was 

Mm-siioaby s*ara-M«w msnv iraap* .N. vou lYahie-ua aswimm thedr-jlh ha Vera t'rua 
ink marched iiuu, B* y it.-’.- calks. „n lhat ax- , ,, mm ■ dicer to Ihw laie i -nle-lernle army. 

•dn .on? Gem ral aicveu* waa a imltvs of New T»fk, 

Answer- 1 v^,K l.ul all hus -) wpulbros were w„h ibe A. -oil*.- IK 

VJu.-s- i»*u « ar tne cone. r. a rrum nor a ^ . W - — 

d. s of me k -a.ocky river, aad what cmanel* cause, aud wuru rwe -are war nrous aur nr 

!ls. iro.Hupt'T retorued um - ru ra m iou iu the re* 

.Answer— They war. an.1 t’-dnacl hakav Ira- alar army to ihr Untied toalrs. Aaeep4.BR a 
commanded ihe men rum the s»u,b side, and cu uMUU(UAdi in Ibe soMinrer corpa to the . om- 
-tonel liaoiel I'raoue thane isou, ib-^north aide trtlc rain army he quickly gained dtetinclioa 

* _ . j hy .be of bi* peculiar taleuta. 

^r:Mm'Lfo°k"J-^ra^.ra‘ » <•"*« deratoe foug.h to riave h. had 

arallnTrof with the -Au.rh ebrace to lha defonae of K.cbmuml, "ut 

erfed condition ol tbc negro mind 'ui ll.c cily. Committee on Ways and M -an' will report 
A Mb Holden W biubt wbo livss ip Bsyos something might Iro done l« jcopardlec Ibe against further couIracUou, which w ill be iu 

Black. iraulsmuA , was robbed oue night Met we. k 
•* fii'.tou D wa- taker. I run, under hr# bed a 
M r A HoaUMm. to the name aetahborhaud. was 

raMrodof fiwn 

_ _ Walrall n. Yfiev, Ylyetle; lAmti 

melhiiig ni.glil be done lo jeopardize Ibe sgsiusi further coulracliou, which w ill Iro m ( i , v m < .-lun.h.i- o Grey, Hickman; reversed. |,VlIcTsVncc tiiV flV.o.i* 

dy ol lb' col Cgc buildings, called on Geo. direct eoufiwf with Me .allocb’a views. T'hinr iV-* r -T ro^1* * iU> ^ imatoMur to al.. Uwtsville To |lul|Ub lhe bon, hern whiles 

own, suirorinU-nd.-Dt ol I Ik- Freed an-n > committe to report in favor of oof. .Ian, .--el al. v«. Black, Pulaski: affirmed. , reason, lin Northern |ror-ple might 

Mail Domingo, or any other Gov. run, cut and 
civilization which the negro race bos islal, 

aid ii, gold lo Iro so paid, and all uot socon „ 10 li >„ ol Mr JUDD tbc sja-t r.-r irv ..f 

B.own, superfotcnd.-ul ol tbe Freed jn-us 
Bure -so. and bad an interview with biin. 
That officer, knowing that tiro rumors wire 


Dr Blakcv, who claims a scat in Congress, 

bancery: reversed. " To punish Ihe Son, hern whites for their 1,111 

James eral. v« Black, Pulaski; Affirmed. In. Northern |ror-p!c inighl |K»t.ihlv, 'y"''' 

Grigsby et ur. vs. Breckinridge, Mcrcer.n-verocd; for a time, lie willing to alllu-l tie |! I w-jili Hon. 

traded l» he paid in lawlul money ol the the Treasury wa directed lo re,K>rt tile otnu I .Vlnsicnl 

United Mtat.-s, and lo fix the value of Icgul hcrol secret .special t r IU- li r) age" 1 - dill -ai 11 1 (,l I 

lender notes, uud provide for their rx-d' Uip since (lie 1 si <>l June, lEMMs. I * l.iGrane. a 

• o,.i.raa and Kuliev Ml, Ball (more Tuas.Mv pn .ch- rs io the cMf swd Humiicul, lo his 
evening, with a crowd of backers iM friend for otti<>. aud tiro Dan had au infer, row with 
soraepnial M, Qrinwara, where the Asbr wn fo Hti n. on ,l«- subject, lhe rc-ull ol which sns 
take pisor surlv vesuwday Ibal enct, ol I b. u. promised to use bis influ- 

- , . . * . . euce to dl-ahu a- tiro unnds to those wl... were 

Obb TBufoAKD Slab: hundred bales to rmtfon. vo fnoruat as to troth •vc tiro rumors. Tbc 
middling upland*, were anid la New Yurk yasU r prorairo h «■ > ecn complied will,, nud lb> < x 
day al Mfo aad KVr. cju-mcul has subsided. Quite a goodlv nun. writs. ,u the Pro. van, ,s.. o- *•" FT “ '.'if r* if 

utterly ridiculous, calh-d ad to uro u.-gio vacant 'by Um death of Judff- Hi*.-, oi 

,, in the c.iy.ud 'f R.-uiucky. »n', Iroh.rc tbe o..„„.„Hcc ,„ a 

4k V Ml 1ft* Md n\c. 

KitiBODT writ*** io the Piraroor tftkt tbe Im 
fftorr mew OdpROfi mt* fa p«4 • bftd eoftdt 
tbftt if Ib* nw w*r+ lu no* ibr rn» won Id i>r 

r.iini'liiiir p«!iullt*a^ >pe€t*li ul Uu lifiurd* 
It iijrii., aud succeed** <1 iu di^KUbtiug « \**ry 
ui« inU r i»f tb** <Miiuiuit(e«‘ who at leid imu* 
v d' M*d hiA (iaim natmtole. Tht-y will ic- 
port iu ffttor of Ciolladiy. 


Tbeli report when sohmitted will 

•dmit K<f k, Knoll, (liom and J<>n«»s, and 

Judue William- difti’Dtllu;. 

IVmll vi* !t.ibkiu, y«t)fi(Tttou; reverpod. 
j Lorbery v«*. Locftrry etftl., IsouIpvIIIc Chkncrry; 
r« -vended. 

MhL'.w.ur v«. Fr-relt, Miniteorncry: revvTw d. 

JitfcihODvilli- Railroad C'om|iaijy vh. I’lt-vclaud, I Ih** 

>ueh tfiOV» ruiii< ill*; but sdi inUres»t lorl»id- 
II. It were like ibe Cabled w.*r ultht* b«ll> 
und th--* in* njlM-rh The North ul ready irroan^ 
under (lit* piiiii-hun ut uou Ih-iii*;,-d un 

Thi* bill, ini rod need by Mr. Rrootnall, re- 
|Uiret> the Recretcrv ul fhe Trej-uty •*» r» - 

i in all lf!iul-t**uder notes pn^eiilcd at the I b*»inl- iu *'»iri« nry 

I 'l’hr Iftunfte w* ui iilu a covniuiitee on the 
u hoi* , and Mr. Ui iiut* mail * in hoiirS ^|H‘« eli I 
aiiuin-t tlie |>ro|NMilioii to j«ay l mud 

.tln^mil ;tnd UraniHtir* 

£ kitiniBtr *JU«I Rr tjimli will *»|ten Tike*! 
n« m i>|ie»k IIoum* in New Yurk during ChruU- 

ina* week. 

2 l ien n » li i« 1 iviiit atriee ul Ihe Par* i n 

LoaUvillft < ’liMh« » ry: i fflrmcil 

W bite vi*. Hen (uu. (ji*** iini»: flirm, d 

Culbt'rDoD. Ac., v«., rikun*, Urenap; reversed. 

•lit Ii; and lliiint, Im -m|i -, pay Iur t li*- 
Tlie Ofi i'lutioVerniiMMits, wh* ii Itirim J, 

Trett>ury l«r retie inptioii iu diiiih nut |«> 
than ten dollars at tne rales ul 14u jht een 
ilutlnu tlie lir>! inuntli niter tin* pa-sa*:** 

Ikbk of Kentiiuky. vp. Kjitfluiuan. I.iucoln; re drawp. When recmi!*lriM*ted, 
-pon-i' to petition iur r«*li, arinir fil«*d. thu.-e ^tuto w.ll he like u niatia/ 

totaBCli'lfMfli — iR'ehuiuud Exau»ii»‘*r * admit Berk, Kbott, (• lover and June*, and Hi ked* vs, (’litterdou, Jeffer»oo; re-anniment while earth* Iiy guarded uul-ide. but, win n 

nUimarely Tnmblc aud Brown. The case of urto-rt.) - left unguarelcd, ,, chan. - s,wrk w,it nl..w ,i 

Mro Va.sra raa-r'w lii.ti.i siii IMirifrti.v YwUlu; t* in?ulv»*d iu doubt. M e K ee l« (aktr \!». Hnwar Ileiid.*rm>ij; ii».. 4 n»vil 

"Irihngro,, pairorsay- “ A lady tnokH* vigorous effort., lo oust bin,, and (| M«^bv and w.r.- vs. Braudts s ..Iminisiratur, Kulcrtanilng tlroro views, I would not sup 

must be piopp<d up with Nortlierti bayonet tin act, HHIfi durititf the M «*uml inuntli. bit* 1 , 

aud the North U)ii»t |>a> lor I be hayou* l>,aud, dinmtr tin- thud mouth, mid mi ou, deelimu^ 

however euplly, they eau never palely be Willi- ij ci’utp t*e*r 100 |H“r m* -nt li. 

drawp. When reemM rinded, raeh oue ol The objeet is t*> li x the value and provide 

those Slat*** will be like a manuz ne -allieeii e t*»r llw* ultiuiale redemptiou ul par. 

while cant ally guarded outside, but, when Mr, klvcrs declared Ibat the industrial in- 

i R | M,< IlllTi.jJi re-pln-d, taking lb 

I. | giratmL Before be cfoclmlrd tiro comiutiiic I j.rop ; ,i,i S a *-R,Mtua.'' in th" “Birfo r to 
,| | r,,-,- ainl llro House ailj iunn j. I -^.,,, 1 ,.^ l,r,»ugtil lo llro treasury u, oue 

— night. ra. 

SFNAIL. ^ - ,\ rcniltam-c of D VI was recently 

.Mr. ( UNKl.ING picscu'-'J lu, moruil -< »i lu Y'iclor Hugo as ba per ceulagu to Ito 

; troona na» a en.lalrroe ol the Pa re I* „„ -) al ,,rJay night i*»i, we bud tb.- piea,- 
sl ' ,' 111 1 '• ,l« Die-luuu. wlio woglia .40 Dlr ^f Hifmlug to the able- ilehufaitw. Judge 

p,,u:„is. In-lsiwl li,.. Kolrorts aud llirloaur. M*»s. 

this de-pooenf sailhr not. SIMON' KENTON. ver-itfoual power* aud social dlApoeitisra rea- 
\ filer., rv lye, um lias lately Troeu organised Jvred him s most ram-able corapaaion and an 
iu Ibis village . tolu ere d D> C. A. Wan.lefobr, exceedingly ffopu’ar man with array officer-., 
president; fi. 'V. Jameson, vice president; He w-i* a Thoroughly educated aad areora- 
Ju'i. Marvin, secretary; A J. Hall, t re-usurer; pHNbcd soldier, and rare ol Ibe be*, engineer 

and on SatnrJay night Mat. w. had tb.- toeos- | officer* ,n tbe Confederafe service. General 
nre of IDteuing to the abb- debutant*. Judge I Lee's apprer>4ti»u to bin abililie* waaevm. ed 

from t lie* l’ ii iuu Iscu^u*' C lul>, a>kiii ’4 Cun 
! gre^ft lo prt v» in lUi* iuut***MUi; »»ui ol 1 1 > 

kl puffii I toft. 

Tbt* jru uuu uts, l»o4U in th** tittrm itivo jvuI 

*Cl»Jrh» KtM'le hw vrilbi a new play, I werr 

able and lore i hie. 

1 . atott Jon*. Itoaffffiffto>.-Ml kdlradrai ifia.- ft iff . I . , I II U C I \ tt ' I • « I ■ ' I I >« ' •- I ‘ • t il* • 1 1 1 I , l 

1 ^ MPomoormt. m Aeeted Mky?M of of Mr* . Piiu.wr by b< r flirt bu f.i.n l bu tr 
rwiimort New Rknipttbir* bjrfffli M/orf i|. !• B ^(ter from flu* lailtr, *iiri*«*tio <v h**i 

• tftfftl vote of k Qb* ibe lirfnt erer cmM tUrtr lobf p*f|i»ri (l jo hmiiu be* duties a L r «»v 
IV dt| cotkcil u iboroorbiy Ippablidii iu Wsdiintlon tbi? inkier. lira. 

Time* mu thftf M. rum hit Summ r'f vWl to F.oropr* v ..^ fur thi pnrpmu 

ra/T? Tf T^aT 7 ! T* T- *-• I **** of atix»udiny WfMW « smt* r who waaljniff v* .i 

•ft** Dttllftd Iron Works, bom Imwrmtod o n«»w in i-. tk. mwIi nl Fnnr . Tlw* olib rr . 

•*» lo the ciu Id I M»*> * ucCi ' d 

of Mr*. RiiUafifr t*v h« r flirt husband Im tr I KiMriuuOisu bii k on uiuvt. n* »n»t: « '» r, 

to-ived a letter from tbc latt. r, dir. ctii,.' I„ , R |diot |g baTl . weakened on Grant stu,-. bis 
tube prepa re * Jo Dwurar ber dime. a t, t„re tbc Impeachment C ommit ‘ n.Vc.uf , 

crocs*- iu V\s»»bincto«i tbi? * mb r. " n . (H< ^ ^ 4 n||pd. A |»roium<-ul K-dirttl i^ul «n.»uf.i 

SuamcCf v» it to K ft rope fur the porpoftc | t *» dflV that Le wuuld m ver support 

ofatieudin? ii|ioba sinter wuu vetj , ft |Q#n ^ bo pr<*veuted Johnson IroM I. nn inr FhiRiin 

ill iu tiro cou.b to France. Tiro to.j.ct . r| . ||r| Argus ray*: 


H'Ujfirtffii v?v MHlur, (tairuid. (M-litioo- Ittr tr 
fcfiriaervmiiM *’ 

II a«fii|»t • .u va. H Ul: fin* »if, Clark; rtibmior 

El»*n*of rulori v*». CoiuruuuuealtL li, mr, 

We Pone Mr Praeoek aad all other foiuib 
ebaafop * ray Brake a tartaae. 

* Fomu. Bad seal < nugreaema, 
be Mil awakes iWfoeouaiM t 

wil, overcorat foe ISTJSSST^ ^ * A^V 

tea, ba. fo™ ab- WM aee.Mbp.oied by Min. Hooper. I.-r chase T.k N rising. r’^nVion 1^' Mo*r!ua^ a "1l'fo, e Vla r tc' , 'm \h! 

urt all other fount, hnwbbnd’a mother, bnd tbat ber husband and ('base stor k i« ri-,ng. Ad, ices from Ala , j if wc tnJvTe allowed tbc Dbraoc- ,r, 

ncrself will occupy «b. bouae in Wash.ngton aay UbaaeV friend* have c .nlrol ol ,be J. Kiuroala oFs l.7w,-r tviro „f i 

fbw wiMl.-G msk.-s any to ber denial to tbc puli .cal arachivery m Ibal h:*tc which , |iaa iu Florid a. i'll.- 1, s, ,,i 


CTMftf stork In ri^imr. Advices from Ala- 

hmwdf ft ill orrupy tbt bou^- io W wli -nirtun I |. ,nu k«\ C’bafte*^ frirndi 1 have r *ntrol <»t ihr 

pun auy « ;in«lidair !*>r tlu* Presidency wbo iu I 
tit > i rx Hit- rrcoo^t rur turn m*asuits, even ill 
they were lawful; si ill lr«f, ib I r u»-idrr Ihcm 
wholly iinron>titn*iun:il, and full of dint;* r 
a* pr* rcilrnta. 

I write yun thin expiU itlv, l***raup*- I vslne 
your irootl opinion, amt want you to kn>»w i 
how 1 think, and le» I and mean to art uu the* | 
Ftnpendoiift quest i*»ns whi«*h lie aiound and 
in lore ni. Yours, faithfully, 

THOMAS KWINti, 1* n. 

A Yui no laAhi Stahved t*» Death Wr 

i •d # "D h (stlm.itfd that iu New York lift* 
»f thousand pftwplc patron* the Arst 

I iiBMftrD^nb, surha.i Ihr o(>en, and twotmn 

and u gradual rxtinouisl.m. ut ol its prin lo oouliriii.dion by the S natr . l* m ~U h estimated t 

v*ip“® Mk. WILSON fugitfsied th** prnpri* ur of ib*Mi-m*1 j»eo|*le pain 

1 or |hj1ii*v iif t *>U!? m* * I- to ii‘du4‘*‘ t«\a- matter would hr ^rrn In vi**w ot tli> ^kin- I amu^i' m»nh, suehft» I hi 
lion wherever il in»i»eril th*- t MMenrr ut il»r j,, r , t*od l»b**l> on the country whi. lt hid | drr.t thousand the other 
filrvrlopm»*nt ut any industry ul the people. ,.,|, 9 natetl Irom that department dnriB <r th** • . The n-eoir effect 
k.^lfiltm: ro pn-vent I Art he r cou tract ion | | Jf . t | r w niontbs. H»* *wr»**l to the I'oimiuttfe u.' auip r 

id i*nrren«*v and uirtlu-r conversion ol cur- An iIip .I niru iflrv 1 ro-;.. 1 

renev into iK'uiis. the interest and principal Mr. Hnroner. the Prc-i-h-m hnaki," on tne -'fo.r-/ 

„f w Uicb are payable , a gold. was asked to communicate any addition.,! 1 , , .. .. , 

Tbc lloii-c proceeded to the consideration, i-orrcspondcnc,- relative to th,- removal of I i n-- -r sinro t 

of w bicb arc payable in gold. 

Tbc House proceeded to the consideration. 

ro- rb<- scenic effect in Olive Logan's pin, 
ul — Snrl" arc quite peculiar, including , 
view wifh appropriate sound of breaker. 

breaking on tne -bore. 

Ihe Spring fled (Mas*, R, publican 
-ays “Mix. Lineoln nus no, yet done ber 
u, si dtsgrw- iul act. !«lro b»» no* under are 

i rua noire swL Lulibc utuatto the aptwaafeUB 
ul .Max, aw, Iran, alter l be Jew, b to tb- Itayeiuf, 
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try to drl', ver lectures and sell tickets 'or it. W|tk nM n, t „ VTt i partners, one to tae 

. . ... . _ . -a * . i i * . » a a» - r . . . . » „ L» mi luttiuif lulu i in' fi air iii rioiaud. iiitifti «fi i a HR am mi • i oiAut! ler..* ■ n - ,. « i a?a pri 'ilcc eU iAUc^l hm, of a moluiion utfered Mr. Motley, life Minister to Vienna. 

truth of th* unp « a?»nt n jH.r ft |»u i iw lt d re mdou *t«*tJI\ ck'*! its \o e or u i i i n ‘ * * tbeni, lr«»m all wc ran barn, in uot entitled I learn *»u ifood aiitli«»rity tbut m \*»ung lady by Mr. K 'berUoti, ol N. Y., in reference to Mk tiRlMKSInlnKliiced a join! resolution 

ppokeft of •• the Pftceftftftor of Doo»ttl> Th?* ke 
Aofththfte the P»«fte who pi ojt* «o bloody ft pan 
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" ~~ " w ■ »- n I |^r Jodcc Alexander Walker, of the New I rolouel Meft>ni»re, ol N#*w Yi»rk whisky Elder tirant, in Kochester, l» is bt*en I lather, at the time, waft ii|*<u nu* <jt uin *»cu, 

T»*BWftmkp. in .bootiftc ftod ham' 1 Orteftfts Tim***, author of a t *lBiteol4*rhmn,| notoriety, »* working with ('«»uAn*F«nieu for F»hoftinirthe public how the ftpirilujlistn arc I and her two stout and able hiother* rcln^eil 
Iff l Mornt cWtftftftc aad howorohie prlftooero of I i* now in the market with a war book Iron* I the inA’^f tiealioo of traudh and promiM** rare laying plat)' to coalrol tbe political and rclig- J to work lor the bread thut wtiuld have Hitved 
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to the n*s|Ket of a *imon pun* nig.” living in t. uiuIh-i laud l‘ity, Stewart county, the treatment ol nulnnilizrd American citi- that the President ol the Henate amt 8i*» -»ker 

— ■ died ol Btarvution a shut t time since. Her r.i-iio in (ireut Britain, and calling lor the uu- of the House adjourn their nwp« ctive imu^es 

Elder tirant, in Kochmter, has l»4*cn lather, at the time, wus ii|K'ii his death 1 h*J, peachmcDt ol Minister Adams without day. on Monday next, at ft o'clock. 

f i u no looser sing luteoffa to follow Ihe rx- 
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bo The tiorv *cem* t*>o -itaurd to brHave. even eMemiwe Uclotifta m the M>»thw«^t. Indeed, 

i l oocrmin? Mr* I.io4*,»ln, but we have it *r.»m t Kfi»re are more of bto ililr ol ptowa told than 
«u h a aouree ihfti we ewnuoc doubt its truth.” |flt | of the Ohio. Mr. B. la a 

: sell mode mow — a mechftft" of the Am older 

Mk. KOBINffON addreabed the Hiuise in I Mk. Si MNKK -iur*:tftied that it , 
an hour speech, when the resolution was re l might be made l'i o'clock ol that day. I 
ferred to the Foreign Committee. Would they not, he a<ked, leave to tue Prea- 

b kept a profound secret. 

— [Natimal AgncaitariftC.