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Full text of "Daily Louisville Democrat: 1856-09-12"

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4U llL ilOCRAT, IN. York Advertisements. I liquoils. 



1 * ~c ol. ’T’ii'3 «cr«et t between Sferket j <md corrtev<md,*r ofiet. 86o ftrteAioay’ BETWEEN MAIN AND MARKET 

5* r eroou, East aid*, •* tl *•*» PrmMsa urea, .v™- York. LOUISVILLE KY 

t eVy a . Engraving and Printing. 

•«> r« •;«»*: per year. ?.*•«.»» q .wt«ny • F^OR CARDS OF EVERY V A- 

*■ r;e,r " ririwvwr . I ~r ' 

V^Uaucr , country eJ - - * 6t- for BE V I. t a-^ ' j KWeai }^ e- * WC ), 

T«RX« OF Aovetin.-iw. ! , _ ty *•* «• t/cXNBM. i I ,Q WHISKY IoBA cl A HOI / 

J>) • . V.I . 1 . 0 *. ■ l ' , - ’ 1 N > M.L. I..' Lr.. • *-v > \. I /.• :• . ''■$&&' ' 

d* do 7 At .,*-*• ■ P c** i,j n.M.i (co app it with P. I .A •, V -/•; 6Ln^\J5 OLD 1 . 

r, . . . . - . : 2 a . . • II ■ O. •;*»*.> end* dfcwca SE. 1 fe.ri eIJ ViS^corrcvslT?' cvr 1 ; 



st* 4 •* #'i«.r-x>u, Kant aide, 

•fly Docmt prr year, pav.tb:* q -vt^rly 

i#o d , I 4 a1v» ce 

Or Ten 'wW*i per w- k. p to lli« c*rr‘t 

» a.l! k fvmiir' . r . r *ul!; v e 3 i m. u r iTr/ 




1x1 c , 1 . u ■ 

Cr Tcu Oa** r<- w- k. p 10 U« carrier. 

* til > Dcciocrt, c ' v el i >«. v r }\r/ • 

T*KM* OF A0YC KTlslM*. 

»■ •;*».« o' It on. insertion 

In cacti *, j .nor. »’* in - *r ion 
P) .■ r IUv ,.I! , Wllhoa; kiierH'.ion • 

pt, j ?. do do 

1)1 three mj . ?, ue do ■ • 

I'jr s;«»rm . a h . alteration - - 

l>o tar.-ivo to a ha. • 1 do* 

R*.- . a V.! tit oil .q .ar«r f r lv ruot » - 
bo 00 ue!v« ^.oi.U.s - 

Oct- a 4 a t«re ki> n»r.-i hg, ns » *i. e » *«et 
Ik> U moMit*. r tie** twice a a« «*k 

Pr 12 n nt^». reu' wauit oi,ce h week 
Ra.*h'iuoal *ou *r • f >r twelve montiio - • 

" t 'A 

Wlfttij CSGKXchcx'i ' 


Add uodh j iver »t a pr .p r.i «de|ri:e. I>i»- : Principal 
p«. . j I e it' iai d *.! ertiai ... • :.i' a »t e«. 

A eer. • me -U r. i". tb d 1 t-r\a.», v.t. we.-klv, 
ceio.-a -• i>, t i-ae- kly, t>r uioi.'ti!}, re r w. ed #1 
per nic.rr tor the brat and £0 Cent, for is h auhse- 
«4r 1 .0 rrh n 

toif’i Voyage m‘ Lire. 



- g*T\ up*, from the ori«iriol.<, &t the 8I*INQI EK 
or Vou.ig— (JokwaJI O.AauorT, 

n i- of on ad.enC.tna b ru 
■clndir# t'.a. of kiiabflukrli 

> < * A«ltrrt ; 

'* strictly ; 

t m4 oetiatd- 



<if fire year*’ execution, iavolving on expense of 
I •*). »l*te*l»xk3. Ffter *'xdi. 

Three grxdea are j ul'Iialied: 1. Arti*H' proofs, *£•' the 


L under E. R:<» 
AT I cm K ft Y AT 

!▼ v.irc.ty. 

-et. r buttered proof a on India paper, <30. 3. f roofs i <tur {* 

To C. . . v - xa. thi* serief esrecraliy commerdi j a: iTi s rL ! J”_J 
it c.i’.a* e *. i t, l.eautu l, ;. d ina.ructive lermon fei iikw.m 

To T*a«3n«*» am* ^mihAkiu, is a grand mural Ts- ~ ‘ 

ao ., kuoooin*, aobeorirg,, purilj lsg> inaplr- HAMi 

• »^T Ly 

r o a!l lorai of tfce P* acti/ci-, *s the no*t exqaiii- T 

it «.t*» r>» aki inis c at T? h*i ever pr doe d. _ TH , C 

The at etilion of the '1 1 . a L K is parti cut .r'.y invited 7* A 1 1 i 8 

to UiL work, in vi- »• oi it n ed,aa!ed popularity anil V V IS b 

proepe t». 'I MRus noat Favor tal.k. go j, 

A t'a.'K eiTi'a of ih p •• S v.» . c .-r talnine a fall de- For sale low i 
aori.ti -u of be w.rkfV itb r un.erou!* textin-onials of 
t:,e • if,:. .it char ,t u r, irojj otir -..ost oiilitigui-hed Ak- 

■if-obD aok. ! 

UAk U.dlrOrT, I — I *•=’*' *»“■ ■" 


,„anM nr i » w the attention of pur -hasers of T. OTOK to 
1 ™ .ur Iar pi s’or't of tfnurbo", Sl'inor.vahela. Mye, arid 

*• nr th< ! HectiSed Whikky. which will lie found «f very super,. 

r STtfre* I or quality. Mid M B r 1 at low rates. 

r,#oo. o- rroois . brands of Heet'fleJ tvhisky are equal to 

anv sold in the United Mates, 
sel dkw in MONTGOMERY & BKOTnKR. 

Walcat Hill Female Institute. Tava~ 

UNDER THB 0 AW. OF Tint au g* 

If cy > «J* «J . K tillocL j D . 1 )» | t 

ri |^HK NEXT SESSION OF THIS ^ .tor* and 

2 Jnrtitution wii! cnnttrence on the third Monday 
of September, at-d wiD t rrai ate tbs last of June. au '- u 

tbums*. BtrHrr 

! For Board and Tuition, par session of tea «« w ,,„ p 

mouths *1'5 00 w ’ ut 


I Mcsic on the P ; auo tO** 1 WflEHM 

1 Use of liuirameuts *i b" ; 141111 

•'rawins; and tainting 8o to an,tJ 

■Vlolern l.i-. u igr'— French, Spanish, Italian, . , . , , . . 

and German, CAth IP O' |^LOUK, 

Vocal Mure 4 0° ■- in store a 

Pen iuan ship 5 W> I rt u3i 

£,rf“ No extra chxr*e for the Anc'.er.t Languages. 

t_*'~ u»i half to i s faid im advani. >. ■ AUOW? 


The location is one of !he m at desirable in the 1 js »» all str eet. 
Unton: seven miles ir.>ta Lexington, on the Richmond fcTf I 

i urni.ike, >'e> ond Ashland, in the heart ot' a rii h ard rt i ANIL 
highlv cu t rated c >ui.t*y. and remarkable ftr its ^Vl a,«ortc. 
heAithfulneae. The buildiues are spscifus, p!“*»ant . 

I imd conv-n’ent: the ground • are beautiful and highly j 

I mproved, lh re is on the plate a very valuable icrfi g liwu i 
rj tmi.inil voter, wh th hns been found to be hiihy ■ Jtuon j th in: , 1 'h of the pupii* a d ficttly. Ur 1 -0 b: la 1 

j ing located in ’.he cmitiy, tne are free frt m all | lUd b Is I 



prime T aguavra ftrffeeln it re and for sale by 
at: 3d BLaNGADNIkl, Mo« 3KF: to iiUKu«Y. 


prime Java Cr>8ee in itore and fur sale by 

auj) 1 1LANCAU.N Kb, 5t00KM at MUK K AY. 


^ store and for sale by 


au'.Q Corner Fifth and Market streets. 

tub nuiiY 

FRIDAY^ - - SEPTEMBER 12, I85fl~ 


” && && 
feaws of the Ini ted states. 


bbts Ferguson Sl Smith brand in stcre and for 

aril y [auSjJ h. F siKtf I IbON & aoft. 

iL_ [Public— No. 65 ] 

100 ’ AN ACTmakirg appropriations for De narsl seme* 
d for for hs Fear endi! g (be thixt.eth of June, eighteea 
ij, i hundred aud dlty -seven. 

_ lit it euactni by lie Nenote nnd Hnu‘t of R‘p- 

t| E H A !■ F fc i P.'X 1 RA l LulIR. 75 •« »e«tutit'<» of th * LHud ot< t*« »/ 

u., - . - i, rmtu.1 ^.wh 

— khu they are bertny a^pn pnatcii, to be pari ou 

I ^ALUUK. 15*.) BBL"S SlJ FEKP IN E .f any money in the treasury not ctherwuw up 
in store and for sale bv propriaLed, tor.thsiyear eaJins the thirtieth c f 

June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty* 

For bail Jin* nnd «• <n t k*U.n* sdrfeona honfe, 
aud for repairs of all k:r t,, stx-oen thomard 
seven hundred and flity d- .toru. 


For brink Suildiair, ms skinery. and fl e-u-es for 
wartn’tiiF aal sandUting h spiral, KrS iiga-.d 
^ra-ng ceme’ory, repairs of laboratory bailor gs, 
rrp'ir) of all k sds, twenty tkousobd si.t 
and fi ty dollar-'. 


For painting and renatr.og main bulld cg. gov* 
n- not 4 a. d surge< n’s n u.-es, ir a nuin| lor 
roniDtsesc nail, repairs ef m'uaces, grat *, lutni- 
turo, cLsnicg and wh.lena.-ciny. g ■. , water in, 
*<*d m ace.isnei us isjain, eight thousAnd ntne 


B rown sheetings, jaiies 

CROMEY, Agent for Wheeling Cotton Kills, No. 
13 W all street. ;e*u 

f America in I -.u-drtd deiLus. 
ins sums be, I 

'd *bay are hereby ajpr. priaud, to be paid out For reoairs of all kind), ».* ihou ani i i,w. 
any money in the treasury not otherwise »p I 

opriated, lor.thsdyear ending the thirtieth of 1 A *>LA. 

tne, one thoaeand eight hundred and fifty- Fir wail arounl hu . groan’, s'-a-i b.ilsr 
vet : lump, and reservoir, drawing sal fi iiog ponds, 

Ft r pny of oofnmig=ion, warrant, and pet f y iffi- ^ *»f g'aervl rep»ir4, oigatoeu taoumni fire 


f JL assorted sizea, in Aon and for sale by | For rroviaiosa for commission, warrant, and j and for the current ru> i rs at Us 'several Va^si 

( petty imjers and seamen, tLcludiDg enginee: sane mx -aaiaes. 

r.D SUGAR. roavsnocTa, ggw haupmiu. 

IvO b!L Bel imote A. Crukhed; hundred and forty thousand four hundrod and fifty r » v . , . , . , , 

luo b is Luvcnog’s Ciusbed wnu coarse l’ulver- , dollars. Fur ordnance U.. ng, she.l ho u,« for load'd 

jean eers, and seamen, including the eegioter corps ef 
~ ~~ ; ■■■■ the navy, three auilton four hundred and twmty- 

ltiD l j U 1 Lo,| nf > 0 thousand seven hundred and eighteen doii&rs. 

hundred uvUats. 


For the eonstraeti a and o *mp!sti >n of worl 

SHANGHAI WHISKY FORS\LE the distracting and contsminatiug influences of a tjwn 
1 ^ rmr>91 MADDUX A gillTII. •'«“». ^ lxsfRUCTi0 ^ 

■ R7H1SK V All the branch s o< cducati.- n, both solid and oroa- : 

U, A' mental, wnirh are taught in the best female schools. 

r “ 15 bV,s Rye Whisky ; mf.j le a'lUT-l .it ih.i luitiiution. thspnpils eon* 

60 • !>!* Bourbon do; nectea wi h it '.'in have advanisges equal to tho e en- 

F<'rs«leluwtocL'secon“ign!*)entby ... 

1>‘33 DUMKSN1L, BELL & CO. 


S 1 U b: L Bal ifflote A. Crui 

post-w orTa, ssw ixaupshms. 

Fur i rdn&cce hu,l irg, shelf house for loadrd 

joyed in the best e -st-.rn schioi-,, to become in eili- I In store and for sale by 

iiltd, lor sale by 



4) bbls No. 2 Mackerel; 

1J6 bulk No. 3 do; 

t3v)l.a.fLUs do, assorted numbers; 

For, repair, armament, and equipment SUfl ’’ * a * i * 3 >a he 1-, lar y th,u,aai 

of the navy, including the wear and tear or vessels j '“°‘* ar • 

I ia commission, fuel lor steamers, and purchase cl i l* . , ? 8 J 5W * .. 

hempfor the navy, two miiii.n seven hundred and j or repain of nil kinds one tao 
j ninety-nine thousand five hundred dollars. j N*w T U. 

For ordnacoa and ordnance stores and sxall 1 Far altering gunne-'s t., stovw He 

r PLACE, LOUIS- risis «nu best .-.ccrediteii J rno»e or art, e. g., Messrs. 

’ , j,', Ourard. duntingtor.. Church, « rorkty,Casi- 

“ ‘ ‘ I h-«r, and K n»et:; Professors >u rs-, W-.-ir, tirceue, 

l <u i it u it .i.'Yi i w I .*• < ■ oi » i ju ib'i n vu j tiitguci 

— * 7 ~ — _ , CuniBiin|rs. i..e. l)ri. AUxxnder, Hawks, Ikthnnr, 

TLA . x la, i bellows, i-cahury, Adam*, 'tyng, It. B. Smith, and] 

^ . .. lh u.\> 'onpelion. E 

V . rr :aser s.A fieeond. Louts- • >'< Tilh PKKbA of tins cm , and, also, of the highest 

*••**- “ • . huruprau autlnnity, 


... . i . . w ill b ■ sent on the receipt of two posttye stamps, or 

SCI Urmej A *iMtbM:, furnoh-- 1 to the Idule or to Agents at four dollars per 

f 1 - N ER \L COLLECTING ANJ) ibr Li grsvincr, boxed flat, to avoid Injury from roll- 
'• Bstai -».••.!••- irg are delivered t. kxp'css t the cost of one dollar, 

in A».M a 1 Blare. dtfsw-x * due* l* will, on tausltctory or er, le tent to one 

— ^ — | Jr u ,thout extra cl, urge ft r b 'x.t g hnd c Ttuce. 

V). s.i4»i'ncTL n.n.sairu Frames lui'niaht-d at the lowest price*, and boxed for 

liiKiftUi A: ^inilU, 1 For Pro'-rectu* of Enyravinp or Cireubr of the In- 

r-*.-s - , . . > i . v a v I t • r< -s iirr. A k. VOlAK, 

( N I \ ERA L COM >1 1 8*ION A.vl* auatt.v»jm Spingler Institute, New York. 

^ r rs’ar U: * N.-rc' anlt, also dealer* in Furetyn I 


7 ' 1 I flEaUflBCltBS. 1 t»*o FoRTk M*st r»i rrakas, 

4 J j Q 0 HNo.abS* Lenter s’.r.-et, New Yo k.wnert 

-a* it .art sr.'i «,ij» a — • • may be *ound a superior .-.ssortmtni o 

_ . —4 . . j j y» Piano F .ries. In plain and ort,*rie, tai cases, from 6 to 

bUTIIFRI nlcr &HU. ilrjlllu tylilbCr^ , c; of t,.c if*-* matenaU, end pronounced by 
5 . ...-jvuvnwa u.iXTSk-n DKl'iT) :»lii vuiti ,d ariat-e to be unsurpassed. Will be sol.. 

t.\T JOHNSTON 8 fAlklfke | oa the most reasoia'le terms, and ’rarranted to stand 

\rt. .*.» Third str« « t* i m any climate. Order* Jrvm the rountrn promptly al- 

i iruvTitv u\ inauekto.andeaeaP anoguaranteedtotrivefatisfsc- 
Ix i^A i u ji l.. iit -i -Si si. , Jor _ j, no: so, the B,aLO may be rtturueJ to us, we 

~ . ; retuc ',ng the mon. y ar.d freight. 

UOin'kltDl' t* At ti Gr^a: Exhibition at the Crystal Palace, New 

* b w. €«■ ^ * *' * ^ Y..rk, 1S53, a Prize .Medal wa* awarded to liAZt.kTOW & 

■ vTt‘t;.i\u *ND COMMIbbIGN' ] Jkoihxrs, fur the super. or quality of their Bian 

‘ ~ , -ww ' or>*. *- inch were tested in touch, tone- c./uahty, ana 

Tk/T '«<! A v I t / s JJC _a_ m , \ur*- titty ot tutu, and jlac.'l ia tlie hi. best g,ad< by 

,, he ; iowin* dirtiutrui-hsU ertittt* : "'illism Norris, 
IltliCS >(ttfl, l,blll*tt)lt', K < .i .<•*-.*• * - . ,inn»n on 1 iixiruni' ms; Juli en, >lux Aia- 

rw- K’> rxort for sale of KANAWHA ALUM retrek, W. M.Fry,R.8. Willis, T. EisfeMt.Z Meignen. 
ka f 1 iii tuvlioi Otric< [MriKhtt Jury oo Mini’ll lDiUttiifDii; 

f If. brnti*?. , flecnlaij on Mu*ic a 1 Instru- 

lilHKTrif*)*. PrOY!MO!lS,3IHt Jtecti jelodAwly 

UadfSui A 


K ^ F r- ar . M.-rcbantS, also dealer* in Foreign 
and Pov '•*: L jeors. 81 J’uiru street, jetweeu w-i 

;ir. t.L, 3; CO. gen!, rea: ed, and well-educated women. Able and 

■ — skillful usriKtu* ts have been *. cured f ,r every depart 

Tlllr-ICY A) r d) Kill S ( if it f<»P nient in the schiol. Tne studies are conduct'd by 

vl , T * 4 W »GAL?5 ULII CUR- u kns pf lecitattoMS from a Pi rt ,>riate Texi Bo ks and 

per « hi6ty ror sate by Lecture*. Minute examinations are constantly m ide, 

VtALLACC POPE s CO. acrompani ,d with additional exp 'nations and illu - 

- ■ - -* - — — ■ ■■ trnlaonr. and effort is made to tesch th jrouyh’y what- 

f IVES ever is taught, in a-d-tion to those who are study- 

„ ... „ . in* the re s utar branenes taught in the institution, 1 

as r«xes*) park ling Catawba; will receive a tla's of younr I plies wh.- havs com* 

5* ,. tio , r F., .. . . *>•? . . . pletej their acad-mical xtu lies, but who de ue to pur* 

xu H-casks old Madeira 1\ in e : for s\le by 3 u,< A course of rea l.ui in isfory and Polite Li era 

” ALLACL rOrk it UO. tcio. ’1 hey Will al to have an o;p>rtUj»ty of perfeo;- 

xml dollar l. 

130, shot beds. 

Nit. •>.> Third Stret t, 

■ t ys Ate LOCI 8 VILLK, KT. ; 

~Kc«rsIey Carter, 


TtiL jEi JEi. O XX jST , 

THiid Street, LouGville, Kentucliv. 
ry |t,.> tiAort for sale of KANAWHA ALUM 
FA .T.aoddrs er iu 

Groffriw. Provisions, am! 


Prompt atteclion paid to liliins Southern or- 

i*r* : atj4 l l L I 

RJcisry Weber, 


w • per Whisky for sate by 

jj 23 W ALLACE POPK & CO. 


50 boxes Sparkling Catawba; 

6o do Dry do; 

kO T-ca*ks old Madeirs ti me: for sale by 

I SOU i. BUN tvj Cui^PER \VHISKY~ 

M.9 3vo bb’s cf the finest make of lfacrbon Whisky, 
I year old; 

50 bb s pure l-.* tar-old Copper Whisky; 

Ic s'ore aud lor sale by J. MONKS, 

hu 33 No. 3tk> Main t beet. 


Lwl 1 jun heon 5- 1 per cent. A Proof; 

30 Lbis Proot i»uui; lor saie by 
ku2i_ J, MONK 9. 


*5 15 bbl* pure App’e Brandy ; 

6 do Peach do; for saie br 
anjj» J. MONKS- 


1° half-pipe3 Rocbel'e BranOias; 

0 our pipes Ej. Jaulin ao; forenl-by 
>tt 29 J. MONKS- 


VJT Holland Oin for sale by 
jutjis J. MONKS. 


» supsrorOld Bourbon Whisky, *> and 7 ytarsnld, 
d Uor* and for sxs b*‘ fauAJ J. MONKS. 


e i. Secret ary on MuAicAi Instru* SOLE AGGNT POR Alle course of s ud> is teat tanght iothf best Col 

s jcu,dk*iy SMITH'S CE LillfUATED 

he eye and ear. during PiUsbiir" XX and kenHctl's Ale. torical Mtadings, fejek--* -epiuk and llusiueis Form j, 

^ r:y late tour in Kurope, I obtained several new AYfl and in Modern Laimuages. , , 

It strum nts anJ Kemcdits of inealculame value in my Tne nineteenth senii-aunual session op^cs on the 

. ty. 1 here ts now r oihiugan-ian to tne facultv TJO'P’PT D tj OTTT?,7 c; ? Y , A^^TT , 'J," ; Jay , f - Scptem er), lS*o 

e!t?.:T !"mi*p’ re wnh whi-h l nin net familiar, J30A i. ljjui iJ BD,v/ Vv XJ uit/ui ..litite <1.« per half ycar.y session, pay»u,e in aa- 

c luumrti wi:h an extensive practice l<>r go a -«.* wv * r wt ' ^ , , - ... , 

\ 1 1 if ACL. The reconstruction and extension of th* balhUngs 

-10 U T ard 11 F Alt' NO in many cases hitherto deemed 
‘lojit *r-.s Calaraet positively cured by a rev, method, 

*,.hout ps:n; a so. fquinliog or Cross Kyesin a lev. 
second*. Amaurosis cured iu the majord. of cses. 

the cjuntry esu afford. I p e ge all my energi-s, h“hj, lot . . 

*bdities, and in- ans to the accomplishment of tui* ob- *'F JJ waoi 

ject. _____ — — — 


No pup 1 will h- a Imitte 1 fur a shorter period than a «ci) bags fair and prime Rio; 

4es*ior. uuless it be :c u alter of previous airat gement gt-0 pockets prime Java; tor sale by 

wi I, the Principal. It is s-j important lh*‘ all i upib a U Ji KaWSC f — 

enter at ihe b. Kinuirg of the 'urm, aud continue to tne 

clo r c, that no dedu.lion, except in cases of Sxrioui _ , , i. i l a V 

prctrsctvd sickueis, will be made lor such as are n> t E »v U It L t A is 

putict al and reeular in a;tei,o:tnce. or with draw be- a. wl hhds, prime article, for sa! 
tuie the examin uion, unless it he a ui i'ter ot previous au22 I 

at.deiktar.oing tt,e iinperintendent. __ 

V Kura. A ot 

ar.ffi d&wtocl Walnut Il il, near Lexington, Ky. Market Basket* at 

vr a 3 v a*a a C'AMILY HAMS. 7 

Acntucky Military Institute, 1. uamsiu** received and ru 

" H1BB1TT at St 


M-P Vi-itors appointed by the State, is under the su- ~ ' ' 

pennieudeucei f Ce I K. Y> . .MuUO AN, *. autir guished Ix'E^vV FLC 

*r:i uae of Weit Pi iut and a pra .ticai Lngincer, -r. tmr r i' a u id tunw vl 

♦idea by an able f amity. %WTE ARE NUV\ ->1 

Tire cmrss of » ud, is that taught in the best Col V ¥ ing,and ready to dcliv 
,egt*, with me addition of a nt re ex-ended c >u-»- in customers, » superior articia ot 
jlathcm .tics, >lechaoic*, and i iiacvican Knuimrkkinu e f K o promptly wnen uruered. J 
and Mima* Oeoh xy ; a su, in Lngiish Literature, lies* fhuiu. ana bhipstuU. 
toriciil iieudingH, Buck-* 1 -epiug ana Business Furnii, jyadJnj BKAWNER, 

ar d iu Modern Li Vanges 

Tne nineteenth stmi-aiinual session op- ns on the «. * « * \v* uni l * \ < 
second Monday in September (&k 8eptem : .er), 1S«>. L’, V> UrxLiEiAdvD i 

i *' M CURD It CO. .Sixth »t. . amn-, including incidcu. al txpenue*, two hundred , jkid*, powder t>.>at, ire.i^ioir,'aaJ repaii* U oil 

t vIfiAPid | ah iiidi FYTBI U II A I.. I twen'.y-Okio thousand dtilars. ; kinds, »tx'.oca tnou ani a- u»:i. 

, ''Aik'S. 14) ,UUu LA i K \ .'U j contineaat excetsse that may accrua s’or 

' ity Oerman Cigars just received •ron the custom i . ... f.-iv., _ WASBlbCTON. 

bouse, and will be sold at less than can be purcuakeei , J 11 twtag parpoaw , v.z. frugal and traaspor- ■ _ . . , . . . . , 

at auction, by j tation, printing and otatiunery, ad7«rtwirg in Po. bJiidtsgand c.. taple rgiroa shad tor ord- 

my^) JOHN B. MclLV « N & 8 QN. ntwspapor 1 . books, maps, models, and drawings, canca purposes, twenty- two ih„u»and uoilars. 

I YUR SALE 2 S.M* HUSH ELS 1 I urt ' a aee and repnir ot firo eegints and tnaeiiinery. yog Folk. 

' LfiiiLliJr bLMih ^ Far repair, of wail at 

»■» THP8T1N fc NLT. putcha*e and umtntenacce of hors,, ana ; ?UD , kldj an<t CT * D ,, nartiaory and losdv 

— ~ — — — oxen, and drawing teams, cart*, umber whreiv . 1 a _._ ... , , - e.o«, 

R USE BUD lUBACCU. l’-i-'J BXf) | ipd the pureba** and rtp-irs of wcrkinon’t toci*. * v Jl ' ** 

Jones’ Rose Bui Tobacojust received and for | i<>»tago A rublie. le tar , fua’, oil. and cxadlei • r : FBv? ACOLA. 

* [.eij NOvK.WtCKafcut) , * av , , ir _ 5 rt , j s , - . 

a ink s u F *Jiiii HAt’S kill riiv rwat repairs, two thoa**' 

ATiOittsh. 2uu BAGS R1U CUP- , . 

a^fee jr**l« y WALLACE POPE to CO. , ug thwd#I»vo»y of j run ieMaoel mores c foreign i ' 1 «* « »«s«r C ,.avy 

IcLk . . . »o« Qii iafi d — d tiett) tw 

C ^OFFEE. I«xpcac«t . . ' —J***®* im 4oA* 

> 800 bags fair and prime Rio; InoraUx,- and tffloo re .... 

*•0 pockets prune Java; tor sale by ;uei, ccnimi-'4i.n3, and pay of clerks to navy seeds r 38 F'- r:c ’ * r * Bi3: i * i r i*m:u j ^ re- 

fee for sale by 

w allack pope a CO. 

i iLg thodeiivckj of provi u ns>toeJ s’oresen foreign 
j stations, wnar’ege, dockage, and, traveling 
I exj-enres of tfSoers and otfctrs antier orders, fu 
ntral tx,entrs, stcra and efflee rent, stationery, 
fuel, ccnimi*4i:n3,acd pay of clerks to navy agents | 

aw4 aleteboaaaM 4 . » ■ f , 

* Market liaskeli at 1 iSd ve^eta iu diatref’*, bill* of health, J ^ ur Ai urve J «* 2i * ■ T< *- ' '■l 

ANPNRgQN'B. : q 3araii iiiie expenses of vesseLs u f the United ! rj ' ' '* r ' : That 

NAMIL Y H VMS 750 G ANV ABED StlU « aavy in fortiga port*, eight handr.d and ;t,t ; »t id when & a.f etd. *rd thw 
1 'll sms i ust rcc** ivei and for saie bv . fit :y pine th-.nstnd *even hundred an* a: ty 1 - “ V- r : I"' ! . ' .uGc’ttre 

fL Hams just receive J *ud fur sale by 

HiBBiXl Ql rtUN. 4'.*^ Market st , 
eed Between ^cundaud Xiard 


| iars: Provided, thus th 3 cxp-rnditar.vR under the Forevntinuiif the *?a*i u »*f tb^ ^er su cf 

j iortgoiDgcapproirriati sbaii bo po acccar.ted for 1 W1 *“ a * c * ctmatcairw, and t r detmjioic aU ta 


ing, and ready to deliver to our friends and ! 

as to shutv the disbursemems by each bateau, 
! aider each respective appropriation. 

expense* connected therewith, e.ghteec d.aiasd 

For mode’s, drawte^j, and copying, postage. 

1 ic n ueie'riiu st-ui-aiinu i vsau'u u|j li uu me _ r *. I .,1,1 , « » , 
sec-it"! Monday in Sei timber r *; h. Septem sr), iti«. G »> I J It Li £, fY IN > 

vinarne VI 2 per half yvar.y session, pay*wie in an- L w hhds fsir to choice for 

F. VOL KIN'S, corner Third and Jefferson sis., 

Jei3dtf Opposite P tt-otfice. 

Fkcu. Gocle. 

i*4*I N< >, 

-■ “»”»»» £’"* ’• 5. b. HO VLB Fkiu. Gotlx. 

vratiu it or.i, t leers, I litas or »l*t ry Eye, /K»w Yorx 1 m, .; tin> .i \ 

.T imuhly; also, Deafness Binging ;n the Ear, and xor * t -> (t-ineinnsti.) 

. *»:•■«•* es. b^ an enur* r. . w process. My “Treatise AjOVlO & GO.) 

EVK-!: w h^hmo^itrif Uk^exicUy Vt ^the 'nsi^ IMPORTERS OP FRENCH BRANDIES AND 

UI VU'lli Yil Till -Til , r.i rs. w ::.c_ move ana loot exactly 11 .e tne natural 

DIiUr.lMA't, l'S'j i 11- . y fl 8n( j are inserted without an operation, and ul 

Leeching. Mrs. Ilgams k’ssts will ; •- emo«:icS, tr.rvarieii by mail. Consultation* by letter 

C arter *V Jotielt, 


th - poi |« .c 01 tranesetibg a 1 orward; ■* and General 
., ar d have taken tiie honet for- 1 
a*i'} 1 > J . Bell, No. 2;', East eioe shirt, 

k* ». m Main and ti e River. 

* HAN K », lt.Hk, 

_ont.vait,Oet. l.I-W. W.u. JOi'ETT. I 

OF Cone t*ol N t'.H.C ;gis, Lotion d 

P.-tebcrc M*_afac:uree*oi'0»t' .' »ey** 


PAR.tlU -ES lii.oTIIER* 


( MIMIhIm ^prcliantsi. 


S cod »< ic i to the hocs*f* by 

101 M Mm^NIL. HULL 5K CO s tn^ Main gt. , 




■crnrt t'/rcic! a'teuhox. 

J r . IV.iOVi KLL, >1- D .Octriijt, Aurist',&:c., 
jel» J&wly Offices £>03 Broadway, Ji. Y. 


Bonded Warehouse, jYo. 4 Commercial street. 



The recon*lructlon and extension of the buildings 
will make room this'm f. r aad tional Mu lenu, 
who havet'ie past year men ntceisardy declined. 

Address the ,-upetir tendetn, et ‘"Mili ary Inktitute, 
Fraualin county, Ky.,”or lh* undera’^ae t. 


au!3 d Jt v3m President of the Board. 

Locust Grove School, 


S STILL commence its annu- 


-i boxes for sale at roan ufa'-turer*' trices by 
auJi llAWeON, O 1 X 1 D Ji TjDD, Agents. 

| her tofor 

I - & ui a 1 t is' a IT Y WTAHIH •> u n I coaemHQ-jin^ effi^er cf a&cb an l *uch clerk *' Ta * i “ 15a v z: 096 b* < r,f -:r, csj la- 


boxes for Mje » '■ Merits, i »>»• commanding off 

,u2i BA^ dON. UtAj D xt^DD^enU^ ^ ^ ^ 

J UUT u FriVIVI'li WURf’FSTKR- t-trday. ' B S' , anl K^onJ*, a- . upo.rt of :h-> N ;val A-a- 

ISl M A It ' V - ' r ‘ - 

shire, llarvev, lleadtrg, John nuil,aiid Beels.eag nalll'c, Li/aro. , . , , . , , 

Sauces toKm ^Btout Stolen and In »a Ales; p„ r cf the cffl . er . tMn^mmUsioned , ffi “ a4 . fi ? hua ' rti atd a*^-j U;a do Lxri and 
kreuch Br.ncy; London C rliai; Ota; kr.nch .«U4 , *orpayoi tueomwiw, ios^>afflun«SM un- 1 twentj-two ceuts. 

tard; India Cariie Powaes; a bite Pepper; lauc.v Choc- cer*, musietaa* ar.d pnva.e?, Cieriu, meesezger*’, F u r pr*-ptricg tha Atnori-an Aitnaatc 
oiates;«ardinw;OroundEi«; rnp.^a: sag ^-Farina; jtewarda, and sarwantt, for rafioas and cfetuioc : w -n*v-fi * thou ted seven t u ,i an 1 i,.,:,. 

al Session on MONDAY, the first day of Sep- dlv'. »tc 

rn " L ltf * Qd rej W * iCiU1 I 'T r **'***;*• mad additional rations fu? i two'dutiari and s>xty-fc>4* 

J.I. LANUAME. CO. | fivw pwan* aarrtow ot C&IWTS, for sndrawa elothing , F^r ,teaaer •iih*y-*'x •'-oawl 

«... andratt-bi, b -u . 

^ FKES1I TEAS. WE HAVE lor uarxptrei terrat of previous *erT>c», three efl . jls . 

V^8ja« received a large and fresh sssor meotef iinr.drcd and twenty- 1 row thousand two hua- l reoiur'iriipgbTiiasndrsiwiT i’ 'Tnirt- 
cn..i e B aok ood Oreen Tta., ore „ r ,j auJ thirty- .fir« dollar and ninoty-fuar ymd a - t - , ;, ;e * ha lroi u Iro 

or sale cheap for casn. T LANnAMtco ( c ,«u. . . . * .<,al doUart. 

. x .... . Vl k. ^ f « m ”*® M Etr V n ^ ° t 3 th : 7f ' coin »t;og eo 1 tie?.; at Key W«at, F.ori 

^ r ARCH ANDCANDLES. , f. ■ ry thousand ntno hu:,dr«i and thir y-four doi- i da, wen'e-fiv* m ,-.j nid>i<-*. 

^ 4t*J boxes Stare n. superior article; Ur- ahd seventy fire «' | „^ , r,*,. . i t - 

[nitoMa P n a dto‘r^lto t bJ C, ‘ Udk * i 1 f « tbotmad Vwo huadnd ; ,.f tho'.u'u'o. th.rty-ono th u a t hvo hnedrei 

rays BRADY k DA Vlill i.ndsix^.y four dollars. I ft l:an,appr.,priatau by ** Ae. in .Xit.g appropria- 

.emy at Anonooli-, Maryland, tbirty-sina tboa- 
raud fi/e bunorei and ninaty-fi/o dollar* and 
t wentj -two ceuta. 

For preptrieg tho American Nautical Almanac, 
twsn*j-fiv* thousand seven tu .dead and touty- 

— _1_ L_U L 3 lr l.;.gne and Neutral Sririts, and all kinds of Do- toralier, the charge ol Mr. Bax. ii. llaKstv. 

.. Ii't/'II. ,\I A V I I.’ r U V v »C vt- «a*st*c Li-tUuri. Also, dealer, in OU Bourbon. Rve, 'lav: K given genernl nxtisfsrU. n to the p*tr.uis ol 

.HIM IIU.U'IAIE. 1 It t. IN *_ »* cd Monong-ihela Whiskies. Na». 55, £7, and 59 SIX- the during th- p;i*i year, he hopes, by con- 

r- 1 He-utiful art of ercameeting the simpler. OND BTitEET, CINCINNATI, OHtO. my 8 tinned attention, to reta il the r confidence He would 

s '.—ilt rt *e'u’ e ’ v ,e tisi.t l , iiM«»Li:i:i. -- — , refer all wwhing to *en«l tu tan nth «ul to_M'. Wm. o. i 

’i tUeo> tluroet. ■ creatine an immense excitement. " _ . _ I " Ulitton. Coi. \*io. II. ttaviuson. Isaac Everett, and 

seven hundred and 

deatner, ei.. h*y-*'x thousand 
tv jLtcea dollar* .iid eighty- 

and be-utifnl srt of ernamerting the simpler, 
•i.a's ' t—cl to r*. ferat-ie the tixuil i’aisr** I'tiii.a, 
.if a ftfi* oj the eo.rt, is creating an ;cimetiseexcit-ment. 
np.die* and gtiith men sre ali*e fascinated with this 
ieUyhtfnl eccupa ion. A chaste and' elegant araanc- 
•er t f..r ehd ltcn and tchool*. eacouragili* a taste tor 
jr ice in design ted lskrin-cy in the arrengetncct o 
■o'ers Tiit whole art '-an tie perfectly acciuired in half 
an hour. Uo.-.k of iu struct !• n, sep. irate y, t). Moxe* 
c *mHin!i./ two Vases, Book, and every article re- 
j - aired. #v— sent by express. 

CONTENT, N KaRY K CO., Wholesale Store, 
jell! ustwiy - i;r ailnity. N. X. 




“ta sortnentef dry Pine Lumber, eomrr'siny clear, 
•er -nd and third rates, and eoir.nmn White antrYellow 

ihe p: irons generally during the past \e ir. 

Tfie Sefc-.ol is situated on t' e 11 r'ltown road, three 
and a holt m Ira fr >m tiouisvii.e, iu a ,Uasaut aai 
healthy neighborhood. 


Primary Department, inctuuing Rratiicg, Or- ! 
thor raphy. Aritlimetie. A-c.. p. r <juar er of ten 
W‘.f e, in advance 912 6 b 

F.oorftig, Sh.i.glrs, Cedar Posts, hctl Fencint j Fl : etier Branches, includ ng Mathematic* and 

oomplaring basin and railway at tbs -ivy ■ 
i* San Franc: -co, tesej hundred and fiva 


K»J boxes Starch, superior article; 

3oO package* slot Candles; 
Ic store and for sale by 



*» wk jKirtant I iscovery to the Economist— Something 
Kiitiref' New 1 !— Ju*t imi oried, “JOCTES'i INOLU 
<*r.' I’UEI’Al’.ATIUN, for iustant’? CLcawir-u K IT' 
ILUYK4 ghtest BMELL. Hub a small 

(•onion on the Olove, and the din iiktantlv disappeari*: 

ic ;iru4, cheap forcasa. Cal! on 


r.ct'ftw ri . W i.'itk.rliri.rn .nt IhmsMlitj 



*♦ stantly on bind the best quality- of Pittsbur. , Ky 
y’osl. at tbe lowest price. Otlice at the lower City Cos; —, aueier.1 and modern, per qua-ter of I 

tea advance 15 W) 

Board, tor hoy* .-uly, per quitter of ten .eeks, 

invariably ia advance 37 60 j 

1.7 Persons at a distance desiring to enter pupils ! 
win addre-s Ben. M. Uarney, box I'M, Louisville 
Ky. jyll dswlow 


PJ5 bales white, fine article; 

| For fuel, twenty thousand one baairsd and 
*.ighty dollars and six-y-’.wo cents. 

For military stores, repair* of arms, pay of ar 

e v»crn imot lately a’terword*. Ore hott'e i* | deal'.*. Water street, between '1 bird aid Fourth 

wa rranted to clean bfty pair of Olives. Price SOeects. 
Tty .t nelore buying. All th- sgeutsare j.res.nted wit* 
♦a open butt e to prove its operation. Agents are coin- 
i« money by hue unprecedented 'ieu-and. Murx 
■ unt.-i. C'LN l’KNT, SCARY t CO., 

jelodkly Wholesale Store, 5b2 Broad way, N. Y. 

Steam Sug&r-Ecfiiiing Comp’y. CHRISTADOKO’S HAIE-1/SE 


\\ in. Owburn, 

North aide J a tier • c.bkt. Third and Fourth cts., 



brought eut in the heir by Chri»tadoro’smateh|e»j 

dca 1 '.*. Water street, between Third aid Fourth. g.i a. _ _ ■ v a • 

jalkdinstf BuWSER At FULT8. ilOOl ilOllCC* 

700»000 FEET LUNBL'K. 2 ^ ^ ^ M’BUKNIE WILL RE- 

Jf HW'EON HAND A. HOITT 7ftft OfMT open his School f r a 11 mi ted numlnr of boyson 
1 , . , ■.. . . nn UONDAY, l*t o' Sep.embtr n xt at tt.e Cullrgitte 

a feet Dry P,-:e Le -''er. compr.Bing h fair proporti .r : school, ou Cheunut street, Lttu ten Second an » t hird 
>f clear, s-cond and third rate, and common, which i streets. aut" dlui 

am desirou; of sellingout in iare clots. at muchTeil need ; 

rice* for cash or good paper. I keep, also, all kindsof ! 1? 1*- • nnln.v 

Poplar LutL'b-r. I.aths, Shingles, &c. Those in wan tot | iyoOKKCcolUgi 

srge lots of Lumber (or sciali iot? for cash) will save & -r II L’ Il \ lU'DdlPKPn 

700,000 FEET LI HU HER. 

5 H A V E ON H A N 1) A BOUT 700,000 

oo do extra gray, mixed, and other colors (of more-, for amNiutretnentt, orimaaco »: r??, flig.-f. 
Lout* v me manuracturej drum-, life*, and muaioal instrument?, niuo ttuu- 

*_ ' sand dollars. 

rlNDOW oL\O.S For transportation of cffiiers and tr-jops, and 

W bexes sxlOsnd I'xlJ; expenses of recruiting, twelve thousand dcdlars. 

5b do 3x14 and fxl2, for sale by Fo/ the erection and completion cf marine bar- 

JAUL3 CKu.vtBY, 38 Wall it. j racks at 3rxklyn,New York, ninety-six thouaaad 

'hirtietb June, ei -hteon Hwi ItoI *ni ti ty oj,” 
approved third Mateo, eigh. wen oumirtd *t-i fifty- 
five “For eoatiogeacie* o; ;ae danaeC irpa” (here 
he al! wed arid p .id .any ex^eo4*s which nave bsen 
iacurred for the purp i« ef introdaeirf go* into 
'he quartet* and hospital headquarters, a&d for 
lighting the ?au.e. 

Approved August 16, ’Sod. 


I White Sand just received and for >ale by 
3 D. 8. MENE L»iCl Ic SON. 

Poplar LutnV-r. I.aths, 

i »rs c 1 ot s . at m u c Yred u eed 
r. I keep, also, all kindsof 
Sles.&c- Those in want o« 

| dollars. I [Priuc— 5s. 67 

For the erection and completion of marine 

i - , . |, . «s, .w y . . . » i j » al r to ref u«a e : fOTip^niai. 

ibarrackiat renaacoia^ r ioria^aixtj ;hoa^*iud dol- «/o»gi«;i. 

- LaTp ??* t# }> u fi# \ taiiftf /in, 

« rtf i • i* t f i rr rrrttiliti! * fi air- Lye, and th«*»e pn«da<*e<l hv avi*l»CE 

lAMl-'t Il.l.r , al ., -a «>f the burning fluids ordinarily sold as dxir-Dye*. 

tr k x'tt aV» lik'Vtd G P V X R ’■ Y-u see at once that the color is natural In ouecaae : 

rA.V) » A IJ ic? , unnatural in the other ; and the simple r »son is. I 

traw llatt; | that Uhrisianorr ’sis the o*<LT preparation wh>ch. by it I 

Clean* and Dr*-* Lad’es’I-traw Bonnets; nact Chemical couil inatior. operates on natural sod 

M at** F 'acit* and tlrowns for itoqnet*; i .u.uiuta’de I'riDcitl-s. Made sold, and spploed (in t-i 
And seeps * fhn.ce -•■ •■ ■tion ot I edies’S'aaw auu Fan- j , r V Me room*) at Christadoro’s .♦> Astor llous-, Broad- callingon me. 


t-fi.J (f I ^(f#«rilon 4hofc ?ri*itnr, atr^^t . 



E vokkeeping. 


-■S’srwrbegs le.irt to effer h'sservicestonier- 
wta >-'-t .b.i tk and t us.i.css n.-a xtiienhyin 

r* 4 ’WtgBn6.,'-i . r dug. k> epirg, cl't-ing, eidexim 
iu ng tq-iracuUi t-b .ok*; ai»o, iu writing Utters, lx<ih 
m English anili-'iiinn. 

lie is peimitted t.> refer to ar umb-rof ourmo tre- 

AOVE AND SPICED OYSTERS, !. For rri«ir S of bamck* and re.t of temporary 

^Salmon and Mackerel, men,, at , \ ‘ 

ror eoaur — — — 


r.ei-es, eigh' ftocT- nd d 11. ir*. 
.enci-s, rii: ?r : ght, ! err; age, cari- 

E HAVE NOW ON MINI) ill E cate, per die;n for a:tea<iic 

w following brands of Holland s Virginia To- court* of ir q tiry, for e r.*-* 

— 5 j age, and wharfate,ci>mpsaiiation to ja-Jges-odvo- <re »s snah be -;x t- u- 

f< r the patron fatre ext«pd»d t ^ k!r?i by hig frienfie I sp Ctabfe xnerchiin's •••» rrgaro to h •» cap bi i.y. 

rii hoVtfri. KiW v>l 

w*y, N< w York. Al-o, for s*ie > the prineiphl Drug 

md the public generally, respectfully i:.f rins then' 
'hat he h».» just opened a Com Yard and Office, on the 
■irnerof Fifth unit lireer. streets, where. by strict itten 
lien and punctuality , he still hopes to receive a Imerai 

A. hlliuKKUAM 2, 1’iacical book- e jier, 
autbdlm .so. «xe >lai i *trce-,t.e ir Sixth. 

A. ^ liickedantz’s 

Fin*' Fire*! Fire! 


ki-’s %:i ! P-rfu :* I ui w* 73 

New X « k Afcdi«— VV. 11. Cory fii Uo., \> erd, Clo»F* j ien-1 the b^tl quality of Virtiburx and Yougki ^TaC v PAinri?Di I \ f 1V|] | pil P 
S 1 C 0 . . . I JorI, warranted to be what it U represented. ! 1*11.1] \| F* nt I A Ij I ilM a I j Ml r*u 

I,- lisrille Ae.nt— Mrs. G.Ki-hclas, 86 Foarth street. <,-' P8 the best lMtsburg Aut Coal, delivered to an.* 1 ^ V/ *' J J1 wllLlxlU V L iJ lJ Ls .J 

Tm. »irew' I lrwt allniy »tock,t 
ar-4 In n-»tiy r qarw. all p-r 
aelve* laM H t'» mr to roue 
cash i> ■ - and oblige '1^ r bu 
W C MOGRA, Fowrtb . .bei 

anii.df nextdoo 

tork, together with my bo nks, 
lH p-r-o >* «ho kii''Wthem- 
ro \.r !• rwar I at.d settle by 
,e r btiui 1 <■ si rv&ii’, 

- ,beU >ini . •- f Market, 
at j.,..- o lh- T me- Office. 

ikl'3.1 ddtw lUm 

j • I’iS i* A * i A a\ i S, &-C . Css 


Lager Bier ! Ldger Bier ! bvj 


CHARLEb RESTAUR VNT.corner of Mein and I- j 
Fifth . n-pi‘. a fall -apply of the be- 1 La»cr It er evxr j ' 

•o:d .n ' ins • ar-et, ao i ,!ie utraer.- .ned » >1 keeo it ; 

c i'«'.’<titly f - sale II- hr.p s ,'is •! I friend- and th' BdUH 

5 u' l e will give him a call wh-n th-y *etl : B' r, 
nrrty - r -ul die! «,il »i* C ISUKFkR. * K / 

;L i . 


f. w of these d elicit ue soe nr B rds Just 
tecetvei l>y Aoari» % e t. vre«# at 
WALK KB’e, T trd «t. 


sh'h, direct from the ocean. A full and 
ct i.ktoxt kuppiy (jarirr the »e*«in a: 


FARM. — ltii ac-e* of Lun-f, lyine in 1'ni 'n coon- I 
tv. K; - ., on t'e ro .d frora >vi 1* ion the t'hio 
river) to I’rovi let, e, aud t*u uiihs fr-ra Ca-evviiie j 
i he iiopr v« ments consist <d e rood d ulde Lug House, ! 
5 rke-llous', ard a good tlr.ble and Ccrn-0ril>* I 
there are a-oct U' acres cleared and unde- culGva- | 
tior, at ab. u. -*ft?ea ».cres in r< d c over. 1 h- Farm 
i« well ft car i with h -r/t s. cows, h. gi, fcs. : as-', hay, 
corn, aid oat*, wliicl. wid he a.-d ! to the pur. barer if 
def.rel; als ir.v plows , ,V r. Or, tue pretii- 

v . ... „ , 1JU ar two u- ver.fa .;rg string*, one o; hard wat*r 

-g; .J’.ji cx i.nai t supply ^ irirg '.he a*.. >n a: ') the - ther of soft: h.-o.uco we !, for stock and 

( c5 iVaI.KI K>. Th ri ft. 1 ot’ier usee. The bs.l tne* is well timbtrei with hick ry, 

— — - ■ i oak. walnut, ash, and rugar. 

tooSUE r-SHKLL CRABS ARE Yuli To any one wi»h ng a g .ol hcatfcy location and • 

ii .1 . . pleasant n iglhtrtood, thu la an excellent opputiuni- 

r*e»i W ALit LK c, i hird st. i,. y,,t further particulars, appi? to m ■ on t'.e 
■■ premise*, or to 11. Isaac*, Fourth kt . Louisville, Ky. 

| iRYMTAI. PALACE, NORTHEAST 1 ■*» John ctant. 

Mcnerof JeEknoo and Fif; i • - -.he . i -y ■ *.>£wga ss w 

n ' l.Uuu isuildiu^ i^oIn 

•tort renew their acknowledgments to tfce public, and ! 7 . T T , ~ 

assure tb m that no pains orexpense will be sparedto t L/iv OAui i 

nxovi .upenorqwaiity , and seek at willbeapprovedof In Prairie City, Kansas, 

- ^TailyandregularlyxervedAo. AT TH1 " : LJW EA ™ 0K »° M 

v^oMin irw>ei^af6Cdoscn«f Wolfe’soelehnted TO $30 PER EOT! 

Bchiedwr-; bifcnnj ps. and a lot rf 'iavsss Cigars, f elf- hr If \1H IE (TI Y STTl T ATi-'i» l IV 
fer.t brand.-, ' * "i-ssoldBrandies.lS mes, A c .,cfva- yJJfVVIltir* I 1 , Bl 1 L A J t,U US 
rL>ua auHTUT brand*. ™ thoumte Fe KDad f •PTemy-flye miles wett 

The Uitliard Rooms, nsderthe.uperintendenceof our ol the Missouri river, has been laid off ny a lurgeasso- 
amiable and accomsDodating “I nch 1 George,” ore fur- i elation, principally ettttens of Louisville and its viciti- 
tithed withscpericrtables.andeveryimaginabl-coE- , ity.tu the center ol a larse p> rt ; on o: the must fertile 
•enience. , Land in Kansas Fr in the great natural advantages 

Tfc< best Brandies, Wines. ftc., can he obtained at lh of ia location, wtU the P nu Fe Hoad 775 miles in 
“Palace, ’’ready bottied, and trees pecialiy recommend length, running thr ugh it* eemer. conceding the 
•d for medioinalrurpoae* trade of a’niost all nations with that of Santa Fe, hew 

| eart of the city for nine cents per bushel; used by som. 

H the first families; none b<-;tcrf"r generating ateam. i 
A'so. officeou Markets;., between nixthand Seventh. I 
jaJifdtf K.F GKP.7.KK I 

. i 

EKIEJS, &c. 


i* fi Li, in store and for sale bv 
jy 17 A. BOHIE, No. Ot) Third st. i 

H avana sugar. 25 boxes 

I rime Havana Sugar in s*ore and for g iV bv 
j HitdU^ Bi.Ahi AG.MKL. MtXJhK A Ml KK« Y. 


• I i> *» numbers, f r sale by 

, qua) ULANCAGMhL, MO ORK St ML'RR * Y. 

• j ^TARCH. 125 BOXEiS - E O X ’ S 

| etareh 'or sale h w by 

• m30 r.I.ANC ’.UN ILL, MOORE & MURRAY. 

j | g» IO COFFEE. 500 II AG8 PRIME 

- Jwto' Eastern It o Coffee in store and for sale by 
•• uu30 KLa.NC AGMFL, .ntJUBE a; MURRAY. 

350 boxes Empre**’ rands; 

1*5 tegs extra Pancake brands; 

250 boxes B. H. do: 

X») do tlhss. L. Ilollanil’s b-aods; 

175 do 8 K. Garner do; 

135 do J. D. Tu. uer do; 



jCrkct st., bet. Sixih and Seven: h, .< uih side. I W kW«to« ! dollaii. | ak th«m« »fofeuai'i t »tm oupa' t; na4 at ia* b*- 

5 BOOKKEEPING BY DOUBLE EN- ! loo sa !Vs(5 niVach) «JK»Fl!fiTFiouf: , NAV’I^ARO ef the *W-J rei; -rr-. 

tf try, CommcrciU Calculations, and Penman.h p » i^’Jtorii^fcsw- For Ihe CoMtruetlOO and c-vnplotioD c. works, gres* saeh sena.or, tv ^caan: » tve, at d t-o.* 

taught. aaDdln *! ?° x 1 “f ? 1 and for tfce correal repfcira k; ilo iovoral cavy ; sHaII r?c :vo bis sura sei.n.i r *sion, 

r~r 1 • n . w I a.i dos^n » xTra 8^a»r-r Brooms; jbt&x, ?ii: «n i monthly dari-j^ a «w«i a : mpbiMAiioc %i 

cenooi lor vTiriS# 1 luugic^sfiiieTa^lrSIt; ^ PORTSMOUTH, szw iiampsiiikc. ad rsto of thru* ia u-iai-i \%a pvt Annum i 

O N THE FIRST DAY OF SEP- W v^^oetrr. Fsr ecmpletin* U«* -TJTI 

temtx r next, I exp-ct to open a School for Girls, to Fourth »tsest. number four, pitch bom*. r*oto for usachiai.M and .r*wt,aBd onbat .lay »acu .»■ . «l * 

on Fir»titr«cu between Wade at an'i Chastnat. aiti ouulvt x% v v it ■ -muhs ti!nt>-. r slip, foe w, e splotin< ’ iQ,J ^ %,k ** f n 4 -’ 

Tkrms—JM p-r session of twenty we-ks, pay aide ! Ill URAU LIG CEjIhA 1 MAMI- thn f xtnn-i'U o* ’ko «hip bouM number f^or. re- of Uumiu -^Ar..i d r t er# 

’'yFZ&ZrS?* be mode at Mono. & Gris- | factBred "“VraNCIS MellARRY, («irs of M kit.i*, .event,-, *h: thou-nml two ‘J 14 " b vw 

»old’i CJyT] NOBLE m iLBR. (formerly J. Hulire * Co.), hundred do'.laif. t a ‘ r t ? ct * d :, . . . .. . . , , 

! OpRi Main street, between F.'gblh •n'’ N. nth. mmm . * 1 -. - t t tr 

MR* A A Ii MilS. NOliU’8 ’ :i»t« piu .«u»p re, wh* u th«f» 

i _ . 'ii n i « . DOTAL CHINA, BENGAL, AND 1 m n.wnilnndti 

Louisville remale O^llllRUry* Tk-Worchesttr Sauces at _ „ lQ battory, md crditnc* q »a, f pxvijsr. p wha. f, , c ,n feiveb.c 'iw Pc. . *.*• l'i. . s a *, 

m n. .u • . , ,. . . j K i-v i \ * au9 ANDRR8QK 8 . gas pipe* aal barkers f-.r ^ ard ani iiffljert qoar- receive the ccmpenoa .oa rosale-i by law 

(On Gathrie (tw ;t!., , , OvCmFSI K’liRH’E 1 -* 

HTHE SCHOLASTIC YEAR COM- LV/rVah-lV h ’ ^’1 '' oA»D»C •*;.• r.b r,vo- f..rro ewt.k. t 

JB. itcDCts or. the first Monday in 8ert^n*i r, autl u» j j IHEChinG for b«0€k abop» 0 • iMMBttfeWtl - re^GuUlivBt, 

: divided into two tessi.-iij of twenty weeks e^h. % r AlL8. 54 KEUS ASSORTED JEg;n<3 (deficiency;, C( *bear wharf ea- pawiaMe at ih«v.»es ■%..<! ia tl. r* ovc p- 

y ?SnM«M ■ ........ .f?f. *..... $50 UO *■ w fz ■» Daily, Brown fc Co’* best Pittsburg, sups | (?«tiO for feun carrtsge shop, steam pump . ,ie>l tof»jni$t«flto$ ny>nhM of teprwtn- 

N'‘<1- rior braud.inst.rgsnu fir sale by in|< ships, ar.d lor repair .uodred ' u , T . j. 

Ifif* A limited number of pupils will be received Into ** 1J ANPKww m lhawaw m. tv- 1B j tweniy-oae thousaad tarae hundred and fitly ^ gc « ^ ,- url her mortal. That this 


Adm’ulstrator’s Notico. I Koa*t d sn«i Ground R : o and Java Ccffee (war 

ract**d pare), put up and fnr sale hr ^ a p or buitdir? Md oomp!etin*r stor^h^afe, build- .itied fco recwifo diuareoco o ;y between >k«r 

A LI* THOSE INDEBTED TO THE j e , ir! . : reii»^ ooai hou.-e, ex:ec : ax quay *erdi<*m c mpene .ti n airs ,sy rrc ive-J andcr th« 

.ate, per die;n for a:tea<iicg e >a't*-m!irtial aud 
court* of irq tiry, fur e m*a:it lab r;hou*er«nt in 
lieu of qc&r’er.*, ) uriai of deceased mi-ice.-, print- 
ing, stationery, p- ata'39, apprehension of desert- 
t is, uti, caudles, g;ts, forage, straw, furniture, be! 

Z?(f tf - acted by *S n*ir« and Ho»n re of Rep 
rr.eCKtntivri of i ha C n.’at Suttee oj America 
Cvo-jrese <r-< toJ-’-'l, T til the cou.i/eo*aiiun uf 
owe a oscvt-T, r« k .re».. ita’.tfs, aid ieio^v.o in Con- 
gress snail be six tu u-aod 'i',;i*n 'or e«cb Lon- 
gres^. and tu lowitvas &,,*» t .-ovtjal bv law fer Wi> 

grtr<w aad in a*»w p;ovti»i bv law f,rtwo 

wring,] nl/, to b j 'o<ii iu ic saner foltowio^, u - 
wit: on uio nrs: day ot sorb r ^ula sosmod e*ea 
wnab r, repressntauve, and acit ^ute ba.l rroeivw 
at* for one • e-s, .a, aai va toe a * day of 

* vtks, jpades, shovel*, k xr- . pick*. Carpenter’* tools, e , 0J ^ , u ^ tberea.’ ter dun 4 g.h *e- 1 p,er;«B- 
keepot a hnrss for the m mun^r, pev of luttrou, ^ en3A t„, n the rat* of thiue tn 0 u-ucd ivl an 
washerwtuatn, and p.rter at tbe ho*pitkl head- annum during the eiaunusnceot such *•*- 
quarters, »E't for the kuildta^ of tw-> cisterns at and at the end of *ujh 5«s.-,« r» heshaii receive 

headquarters, thirty-two thousand five hundred 
1 doliats. 


the residue of hts salary due to h>m at suon tu*, 
at the rate aforesaid, still aap»< 1; and at ths bo- 
ginLinif ot the second regular ***.-b‘U ot the Con- 

For the cocstruotion end completion cf works, gres* each senator, represents ive,nxd dt>*ate 
and for the current repairs at the several navy snail rtc tve his *u'-a .-ei ^ni ..•<-*ior. 

yards, vir: 


For ccmpletir; Isanchiog way* to ship house 

number four, pitch bouse, tools for machinists and h 

smiths, titnb-.r slip, dredg ; n», fence?, completing; -i v», and\ti s„,u ‘to t 

the extenriou of the ship noute ticiaber f .or, re- batooce ot tao six :a -uand 

snd m nthiy dutiu< *u h a ctmp«nsa.'0(< a; 
no rate ot thro* ta- u- <ai do.Ui* p*r annum tin 
'he tourth day of Marcn ttraisiOBg the 0*n- 
*rs*«, and on that day «aco s«>-, rejr-Sin'a- 
tivs, and drlegtto shall <*e entitled to reci i*e any 
balnoce of ;ao six :a *sar..i ddantot t&er«w>- 


n 75 pkgs OoHen 8irup, from the Man land Ke- 
lt eery ; 

135 bbi* Crushed and Powdered Sagars: 

For«a<s!-y [jylFJ] CURD k 00 

I -a v -r a L - . u 1 1 vr lm dtru c. 'eain?t the sa il estate, will please call ftrih*! h a I 

; A 1 It A r A .VI I Li r LOUR. Oi* the office of K A Login, on Man street, over the 

-J sacks superior Family Flour, put up in sacks of store of Ucgan 5t Kscoi , and settle the tsme. 

35 to* each, and warranted suuerior to any offered in _ , . ...... 

U U market, jast received aod f r sa'eby an23 d'.f Admimstra or _‘;f J. R. >5 a,ker. 

s,. 3 A Bn. YoNDA, Sa Fourth st. LW Anseger copy ’".ill torid.’ 

ri(7EEEE. 200 BAGS t^RIMECOE- 4 ^*17 ' 

fee jost received and for sal? by ww-^WCaJfj RL T F J 


tosiUGAR AND MOLASSES. • Dealers in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, No. 4J8 

K? «>j hhds Clarified and Brown Sugar; GaH-treet.betw^n Fifth an.l-Tvtb. auHdikwt 

^ Barley QQd Wheat. 

SSS»S53.";?SiK a " ,r7d0! S WILL GIVE THE HIGHEST 

1UI J, bbl* do do; M PRICE for good Barley and Wheat when the tnar- 

Porsa’elowby GALLAGHER & CO., ketopens. riy3di»w*in] Jo. .MKTOALKli 

au7 Bmi.h it Rawlan-j’s Block. Main st. 


tho fx—nnou o» ’.no imp d».u.« nt-iaoer 1 .ar, re- -- ------- — ~ - .— 

pairs of all kind.?, .eventy-ight thoa?nnd two :*re paid m the swi maath.jr in?:atmeuU ** ab v* 

hundred doilair. 1 air t ? ct *®l . , ... , . Tk ., , hj> 

BOSTON S»C. 2. A*fi Be .1 furarr ewtcieu. That the 

_ .. , * . Prerident ot the Senate pro l« mo re, wh- u there 

For wall and fillm* around machine shop. , <W1 ^ no Vi . 8 p ras ij«.c, v r tac F -e« P,e^ dent 
battery, and crdianco i »*y, poBtagypito^ wharf, |baU hkve hec 'ne Pre.-rdeH of tae Uuiced State*, 
gas pipes »nl barn6r3r,r \ ard aal ota iers q tar- rec-tTe the ecmpenaation .losided by law 

— I thu family >• boarder* 

Administrator's No tics. 


l estate of J. R Walker and tboie having claims 





I the great F ^ta Fe Road, seventy-five miles west *>■> hhds Clarified and Brown Sujtar; 

ol the MUs -Bri river, h ia been laid off i.y a Urge asso- «e hhds common do do; 

elation, princpalijr citir.ens of Louisville a.nd its viei-,- 2 G obis Sirup Mjiasses; 

ity.inth? eei,;-.rof alvrve t~ rt ; on olthemo.t fertile *>J0 b'4# Oar.odelet iteline-y do; 

Land in Kansas Fr- iu the great natn:ul advantages liki bhl Golden Sirup, 

of i s locatiun, w tli the 8 nia F'e Road 775 miles in I 1UI > r bhls do do; 

length, running tUr ugh its center. conr,e:ting the Por sa’e low by GALLAGHER Si CO., 

trade of a'tuost all nations with that of Santa Fe, Few au7 gtni.h A Rvwlan 1’* Block. Main st. 

Mexico. CaVorni?. T.xas, ar d Utah, to.rther 1 

| three hai roads which l,nve alrea y l^en surveyed, £ fORN. 2, IKK) SACKS IN STORE 

I connecting »t 1 ' is point— the most important of which W y L_ 

! is the great Parific : Railroad^ stretching from the Allan- „»* DUME8NIL. BF.LL & CO. 




Hardware and Cutlery. 


A/wand doily receiving the most complete as- )b 
■’Jt’M ~ ortment of Hardware and Cutlery, to Decs 

.Jewels may be had at 

■ WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ' tic to the Pacifi' - Ocean. The numerous ft untains of I 

Baltimore Oveter Deoot’ ‘ " r ' f ' j y ALT. kki bags Liverpool 

• picturit-que appears ,e of tlve surrocndiLg country 5^ Salt ic store and for sale by 

— — with high rolling prairies, I'.iersiH-rred with groves ol aulvt D. 8. BENEDICT t SON. 

Sf C T g? PC.I r C Y L D CF? dtflrrent kinds ol titile-r. and the liberal principle* upon 

■ w • 6 nO« S Ct ■ wnCS.i Which thi* city has beeu tocnaeJ, it is destin'd to be 

come one of the largest and uibt important commercial 

No. «8 THIRD STREET, inland cities iu the West. 

nniinciTf k r>o, t ex e„„„ D Omtatos— ». K Ue 1 ronrmous. President; J. A. Isert, 

OPPOSITE APOLLO ROOlaS. Aioe President; P. Doing. n, tveeteiary; M. Thomas, 

L> P ( ' p I V IV I' Financial Secretary; A. Brim alder, Treasurer; *V. K. 

/O ** “* U “* I * 1 i> It liutchmgs, Au iitor. 

f matter Wxpress, daily, the be»t 7'tRas — tja* hail ca*h and the balance in six months 

^ OY0TLK8 ever sent to thia^J-df.# 1 without interest. 

71 Third street. 




woasdtft** B.QCINTERO, Agent. 



JL Chewing Tobacco !q store and for sale by 



J sorted, fer sale by 

Royal Havana Letterv. 

T he next ordinary draw- 

ing of the Koyal tlavana Lotterv, conducted 
by the Spanish Government, under the supervision ot 
the Captain General of Cuba, will take place at UA- 
VANA, on 

WEDNESDAY', SEPT. ITth, 1856. 

'•Yl ln l dAiIy receiviEgtbe most complete as- | , h , - gUt ; 9 f or gommowUct’d here, 1 

».o rtment of Hardware and Cutlery, to be act ’ , . . . v -_* 

found in the 5Vest, consisting in part of tbs- J repairs of all kinds, f,.ur hundred and twei 

following articles: i thousand four ata twentj-two do 

3.UUU gross TahleCntlery; For dtficiency for cadtin?? for engine hoc 

% fi r^feu-h!;? 5 i thousand four hundred aud m:,-ix dolU 

1 0 do* tmes'k Shovels and Spades; dity-cight dollars. 

LM^nwIltt Strews; ! philidilphia. 

2» d z Coffee Mil's; 1 p or gteatn house and stoTos, dredging oh 

^ fcmV *andVi n 8*trais: i of bui , ld ‘ : 

300 d' z Curry Combs; : tirg guard hvasns, nuildiag ana ci 

10 MCI _ ltl1 . office.?, and repairs of ail kinds, six 

Country mercaants will find It t« their Interest to thousand five hundred arid , wenfy dui.arj. 
give us a call, as we are selling at low figures for cash w aaiilSOTOS. 

or ccod pApcr • __ _ . , . 

se5 ORM8BY, BLAIR 4t CO. For completing extension of boiler sho] 

«&H, launching ways in ship houses D ana E. 1 u* now iu l .xce, and iaa cumpensauvn provtdsd 
dredging ch innels, repair* of cob wharf, dry d>.ck, J this act. 

paving and digging, permanent fixtures forhea’- | Sbj. d. And 6 e it furt’ »r en ’ctcd , Thm* in the 
ing saw mil', improvement of new purchase f< r | eyeut of the death 01 ar y senator, rep. t«-jaiaiive, 

site of marine bar.-ackr, and pi ing for the I or delegate prior to the coutinetrct a*vi.l of the 

necessary filling low place?, completing water j fir,- S es-i n of the Congrrs?, he s- ail be neither 

pipes, lightning conductors, extending aewers, en’itlrd to mdesge r e mpensatios, and in the 

j ".r mpDting s'eamir.g house and machinery, com- event of death alter thee'. ! any §*s- 
| plettng oakum picking machine and en.ine for ,jnn, his repres«£.tati7»w shall be ti i'l-d tore- 
; the same, stable for oomma&dart’* hone, and for -eive so m ica of his compmsition computed at 
repairs of all kind*, four hundred and twen y-ote ihe rate of three thousand do lor* per annua* as 
J thousand four hnnlred ard twentj-two dol'er*. ,he may net have received, and any ’mueege that 
For dtficiency for costing? for engine house, one may have actually accrued and be das ud n- 
j thousand focr hundred aud sixty-six dollars and paid. 

i fifty-eight dollars. Sxc. 6. And be it farther enacted. That if 

PHILADELPHIA. any books shail horeolUr be ordered U> and re- 

For steam houie and stoves, dredging channel?, ««‘»ed by m-mb:rs of ‘Joogres* by a res iu.ioo of 
I - “"fc cither or bom houses of Congress, the pr»c» pud 

4 XES. 

100 doz Leverett’* Axe?; 

100 doz Lippiuc 'It’s Axes; 

50 Uoz Bln jget.’s d ?; for sa'e low by 
se5 ORM8BY , U La I K U CO. 


Apply to R-'ix-rt Storey, Real Estate Agent, corner of 
Fifth and Jefferson streets, where the Flap r.f the city, 
fee., may be seen. se3 dlminsKt 

Land for Sale. 


.’-f&df dred seres of good MEADOW LAND, within 
s*“t one mile of the Louisville and Naabrille rail- 
. JL, road, near Bhepherdsville, ' 1 1, -s*- who *i:h to 
. buy will cell and see me. WM R. THOMFHOV, 
jegUotf Agent for C. Clay K alfus. 

For Sale. 



*4^ " MT banks’ 8c*le*7i.a to 3,000 0>a fer sale at msnufac- 

in store and for sale by 
aulu T). S. 


Sorteo Numero 5GH Ordinario. 

IT banks’ 8 c«lei 7ufl to 3,000 Rsfcrtale at msnnfac- 
ta l3* PnCe * bJ ORMSBY, BLAI R fe CO. 

repairs of deck, basin, and railway, building and either or both hoo*ee of Con<r«*, the pr*c* pud tire guard btusttf, building and comp'et- far the same »ha,l be deducted irom thee u p o^- 
ing office?, and repairs of ad kind?, sixty-four tion hertin^ef re proyiJei for su.h sos'-.' er ef 
thousand tire hundred and twenty dollar*. member*: Provided, havener. That tom thal. not 

extend to book? ordered to be printed by toe pub- 

Aam, oto. . lie printer during the Congress for wojofe the said 

For compietirg extension of boiler shop, com- m inber shall have been elected, 
pleticg conversion of old ordnance to mtchine Sac. 6. *l»d be it farther enact r-i. That it 
-hop, timber shed, pavements, drains, and gutter?, ,^*11 be the duty of the Sergeant-at-Arms of the 
grading, and filling, dredging, extension of iron H use and Secretary of the Jtonate respect ively, 
foundry, mvchinery, and tools, and for repair* of te deduct from the m -nthly poym nu of members 
all kind*, two hundred and twenty-one thousand ^ herein provided for, the amount of his com- 
and eighty-eight dollars. pensntion ter each lay that sneh member *hn.l 

For completing repairs of brass foundry, de- 39 absent from the Hou>e or SeeaU re? pec iveiy, 
stroyed by tire, five tnousand five hundred nnd ualees such recresen’ative, sennt r, or delegate 
fifty dollars. ; shall assign as ihe reason for inch ah'enee the 

Norfolk. sickness of himself or of seme member of his 


The (Jldeel Stand in LcaioriUe - r * L ««•' ly'nsnear Hobbs’s Depot, on the Loeir- 

jne twaeei .wana tw oosin-iu*. vUleand Frankfort Railroad. For porticularsapplj tc 

M RS. NICHOLAS INVITES THE nock, wicks fcco.. ? to 

attention of her custGesevs and others tn her ! ,e * O.M BXCK WITn.onthepremlses 

newly inveutxl VENTILATING DIAMOND W1G8 LT — 

Als<"', aspl*-pd»d assortment of Ladies’ Wigs. Half Win, For HGDt. 

Braids, and Cerls, always se hand and made to order ^ » L’ I V D UPriovn STflDV 

at the ah ortoat notice. MK8. G. NICHOLAS, A r I N C* Bfc,LUI'ID-l5 I UK I 

86 Ptiarth*treet. between Main and Market. fe-.; Room for rent, on Fourth »treet. opposite Na- 
Aseot Irak | A.tional Hotel. App'y to 8. RINGGOLD, 



will hereafter ( until farther notice) be oi- patch' j ^IGN, HOUSE AND FANCY PAIN 
by as p. n Train of Jeffersonville Re ad. 1’acksjtei ^ ter. Imitator ?f all kinds of Wood and Marble, 
received uni II 1 r. n. Mixed Paints, Glass. Putty , fee . .for aale. 

61 »* tern Kx pres* d!«potchet st fomerly. by « s. * Terms made to suit customer*, both as to rates and 
Tre n rsekage* received unU* 7 p ■ of previous tic es of payment. 

evening. ADAM4 feAFRKSB COMPANY. K3T'No.3ia Green strest, first deer east of Fourth, 

fi. A. ions. Agent. eaU dim Louisville. fsSldinstf 

For Rent. 


Room for rent, on Fourth »treet. opposite Na- 
tional Hotel. Apply to 8 . RINGGOLD, 
bti Fourth itreet, near Main. 

•folm II. Howe, 


ter. Imitator ef all kinds of Wood and Marble. 
Mixed Points, Olas*. Putty , fee . .for aale. 

Terms made to suit customers, both as to rates and 
ti ers of payment. 

tyNo.ala Green street, first deer east of Fourth. 
Louisville. fsSldinstf 

R osin and soap. 

130 bbls Nos. 1 and 3 Rosin : 

6 C boxes No. 1 8 oap; fer sale by 
au7 Q ALL AQtTHR fe QQ, 


Oakum in store and for sale by 
aUi» D. 8 . bkNEDICT fe »ON. 


S loObag? prime Eastern Coffee just received by 
steamer Nat. Holmes, and for sa'e by 
Jy® J'H OBTTN fe RLT. 


*. m Nails and Brads in store and for sale by 
ao* CURT) fe 00. 


100 bbls Pblla. nnd 8 t. Louis Refined Sugars ; 

1 case fresh C tron ; 

3 casks Currants; 

75 dts Andrews’ celebrated Yeast Powder; 

60 dos floe Catawba Brandy; 

10 cites Sardines; 

S ca e* Prune*, in glass; 

26 boxes Macaroni: 

Just received and for «*le by 
se* W fell BL’RRKil A R DT. 4 17 Market to. 


lvM and half bbls No. 8 Mackerel in store and for 
•ole by lasts] H1BB1TT fe fioN . 

CnnitRl Prize $100,000!! WJODGEK8 Ac WASfENHOLMF.S For grading and draining, iron railway and cars family. 

yapilRl . 5 K CUTLBRY -The finest assortment at Pocket Jrdgicg , continuing quay wall, timl urb n ling and snc. 7. And U it j«" » r 

} Pr “«?. f ‘ LUoS C0t ^ t0 ^ f0undlnlhec oaM8VY BLAIR fcCO f li P atsaw mill, masting shears, engines, tools, acts op parts of nr. 6 tfeCttof*. 

\ “ «s! 7U “ « : /. J+ ORM8BT. BLAIR fcCQ _ ^ Rghtme T iimp i e rtn c and sxtendisg nnntto the iweeimeneof tluss 

•• 7 St sausage meat cutters. 3uo ? a » miii.and & repair* or mi iiada. tw* h aa - 

6,u0U ' f « ’ Meat Cutters, asserted sites, for sale by tired , a d «ix thousand fire hundred dollar!. 

approximations to the $100,0. Oof 6800 each, 4 OKMSBY. BLAiR fe CO. rsv?icoLi 

riLr m ete d . That nil 
ousisUnt with or repug- 
thl*nct,bo, ami theasmn 

Hour Approximations to the *100,0.0 of SbUOeach; 4 
or »400 toYJO.OOO, 4 of *4o« to MO.QOU; 4 of Amo tc; 4 ef AJOO to *5,000. 

Whole Tickets, $20; Halves, $10; Quar- 
ter a, $5. 

Prizes cashed at sight at 5 per cent, discount. 

Bills on all solvent Banks takes at par. 

A drawing will be forwarded a* soot as the result be 

C °t 3 »- tiommnnications addressed to DON RODRI- 
OIaZ (rare of City Post, Charleston, 8 . p ; ), until the 
17th of Bept. , will be attended to. seSdfeewsht 



E nameled mantle g rate s, French China House. 

tleUratM e'namr W and fi^is-'i^fi” removal of sunken cais.-on, completing ex tec sion >*o. 431 Market Street, between Fourth and Fifth, 

and* ornamented to order with all « hu toteto i mpyeyu of gr^ite wharf, dredging and piers in front of COUNTRY MERCHANTS**! 

haem, m«t shear? kitchen to ordinary quarters. W , t „ cf - r . vMtiug the d*y w InvitJU 

of ou? bStinet. Ior sale by repairs of dock. ba*in. and railway, computing Wf te ea I aa.l at* ae uur be?* ful woex .f W 

mi 33 WALLAC*. LITHQOW fe CO. wharves. Dlint shop, lightning ooudeotor ?, and French. Kn«ii*iu *R !ret.MonaChi:-aeye. to-wstiog 

7 wuarvCT, y a h.Tn i.,i and .^,.. 1 , of Dmins, Breakf***. t ea, an 1 T 01 et » a*e. of every 

■ Ml Al\ IRON MANTLES AND for rupaus of all kind*, one hunlril end seventy e^^j-jmse, v fis'l and e<**p'-*e aseotimect •* _G»o*e- 
■ ^ "Vvl i „ h .„* i;„* seven thousand nioo nnadred and thirty-foor eare.Taoie i.’u’bry.douT v-.iate : a.;v rwara; Bn aa- 

■ GBATK8 — We have on hand every kind and * " 4 . , W*r-. .n ' a ton »», riment 

style of plain Mantlet and Grate*, whichwearesell'n* iollnn. /.m ; toilet W *re. lor »ele by the set or in im. • 

a*D- to tne provision* of ttu* net, he, ana im 
are hereby, repealed. 

Approved Aug. Id, 1?58. 

French China House, 

irrhasers. For 

No. 80 Third Strcxt, “Stales* “o’ur^cS^ ^t^h^^anOeseiifbe found For the ooRstrurtion and comp’etion ot works ui nla 

F A U M ,1L^ CER ^ and dealer S=“KSB!&— -“.“r -ff — ZldCXVJlLXiU 

oor stock now on hand, which, for cheapnem, dur»- hundred and twenty-two thou -and dollar*, 
bility, and elaborate Amah in the vanou* »ty le» of , HOSPITALS, 

marble, cannot be surpassed by any house lu the Cut- nwsriraLo. 

t»d 8 t*te^° our prices for th«*e Mantles will be foand For th* OoOit portion and camp etton 0 1 

L/L* 'UR. 


rwrweao iKcrnuiBillT 



■ut aide, between Market and Jefferson streets. 

t It ‘dedU of Public Meetings, Masonic, Odd Fel'.o- s', j 
Firemen's, kc., arc charged flfiy cents per squari of 
ten line# agate rt>« erst insertion, and iweutj-Lve ! 
«em» eacb subsc-wen' insertion. 

Advertisement# of Situations Wanted, Religious, 
Charitable, Marriage and Obituary Notice*, of five 
M-r* or lett, art charged twenty -fire cents each in- 

ejf Advertisement* nublithed in the morning rarer 
Are rmerteft in the evening edition »t half price. 

ty all TaaMsicnT ADvanTisaasKTS rivtti i lit 


For Prewiftent, 



For Vice President, 



Electoral Ticket. 

For the Sint' a l large BON’ ELIJAH RISE, 

F*rt t Dietrtct — R. D.GHOLSOV. 

SSTThog* who have not an orpertnnity of VfoilNter Dflllftlist |*» tfOII ! 

I reading N< rib' rn Abolition pikers, which incline — — 

pretty much all that now advocate the »lecin.ti of 
Eremcnt, have but little i lea of the end aimed at 
bv the Bla:k Republican party. The platform 1# 
very moderate ia its tear, at, l Lardlj indiou’.g 
the spirit oi the party thatmide it. They Intend 
tc put an end to plavery, or dies dre the Uni.o ; 
tbe latter is the most fea«;ble, and likely to te 
accomplished. Some do n"t hesitate to svuw the 
const qnenees that tho spirit and tone of ti e whole 
Qr.Tcioent lends to. There is to-day no: re hof til iy 



AT MOZvKr h aLL 


'I he Spc t hi s. iVc. 

It is our pleas jra t > record a new era in the 
history of the Louisribo Democracy. The scouts 


It it true, as you have so beautifully said, that r - . T~~ _ 

. . , ' . / , t, 10(1 .uefliCiaes. 

ordinary (« •asti.ns do not draw yuur sex trohi the 

en iuamir t‘ of home end the charms of the eocial '* ettlmAted that Area s .hvrrt PseToatL and . 

circle Yet all along in the history of the world C*thrrtic Pills hire done m<.re to promote the pub- 



j. ii. COLSTON & to., 

between the Abolition or Black Republican party of last night are an that there i. an 
and the South, than between any t wo different r a- ^wakenirg »o the iuipertauca of the present carn- 
tions. A dissolution of the U tion is an end nut easily P a, * D ' We have rarely witnessed a more pleas- 

attained by any oo«l, daliberatfact. A peaceable iD G a6d ia 'P°> iD * dwuuDi * r » tl '-« ,han tha ««’ 
aenaratWin. kosirw it ...» h» in ,h«. rv cists which acoompuiiod the banner presentation 

j separation, however it may bu presented in theory, 
j will not work in practice. Ii' It bad to be done by 

at MoSirtUall Toe la.-ne«a of the hour, ano 


Turd “ JOHN A. FINN. 

fourth “ T1MGLE0N CRAVENS. 

fifth « B r RI AH MAGOFFIN. 

Sexth - B F RICE. 

Sreenth u WSl. D REED. 

Btgkth “ R. W. WOOLLEY. 

St»th “ K H. STaNTON. 


FRIDAY. - - ?*EkTK MBIiK 12. I Soft. 

Specttti lo Hu»iiiers .Rcb, 

A- »n alvertisiug paper, the Democrat is uni- 
•erssliy regarded as the established medium ot 
bu-ice#? communication between the buyer and 
seller; its largely increasing circulation, both at 
bom , and abroad, ..ffo-s a favorable opportun.ty 
for a juaicious disse _inati« n if mercantile int.I- 
Ig.ncs. It is alsoa favorite family journal, hencr 
retail dealer#, as well a* more extensive trade*, 
people, tuerhau'es and eitizens will find its col- 
umns esseotia! to prosperous business 

It stands at the head of one of the great parties 
at the country, reaching thousand- that no other 
me iiutn does reach. Now that the “Fall Cam- 
jvtlro” i« drawing ap n us, we hops they will not 
fail to learn the facilities our paper effirds them, 
bat at onoe avail themselves of its advantage?, 
which surpass anything in it* former bis’ory. 

[ Having exhausted the artillery of slander 
upon persons and things poiitioai, the editor ot 
the organ ba? entered upon his last scene of ope- 
rations. He begin# now to bear rum- rs.. ard to 
datail inventions, in order to stimulate therufiims 
vf bit party. A Democrat, he ha* beard, informed 
a Know Nothing that Kentucky was to be carried 
by an importation ©f votes. He has, moreover, 
tl »r proof that money is here from the United 
Btates Treasury, to bet cn elections. The reader. 
cf the J.-umal reeogniis the old familiar slanders 
to be found in that paper just before an election 
He has a private conversation on the street, too, 
that be details. This remarkable intelligent Do 
mocrat supposed that if Buchanan w >uld with 
draw, Fillmore would be elected : but that if Fill 
lno-e should withdraw, Buohanes could not be 
Wc have no idea that any intelligent Dcmocra 
ever made ru<*h a remark; but if he did. he showed 
a most remarkable ignorance cf j olitics, as the 
editor of the organ very well knows. 

Such report? mirk the last scecos of tLe can 
Tass, and are notMng new : but. only a new cditioi 
of old stories, that have been repeated atevetj 
important election. They are revamped and ad 
justed, somewhat intensified, to suit tha genius cl 
the new party. A? the editor has begun Mtly, h> 
mast ha vo on baud a coRsideiable -took of iuvee 
ti>us; indeed, his files forthelus' qua*tcr of a cep 
turv, furni-h a tnag&tineupon which to draw; an 
we presume the editor ha* them before him, and 
draw j to tuit hi'tseif. It requites bat little cried 
nslity cow to fill his sheet ; and as it seems th«- 
idle remarks oa the street are regularly rep-red 
and considered fit objects to be used in tb« 
columns of the J urnal, the crignai stock can b; 
Ml fiid, varied, and somewhat increased. 

We have now g .Id from the United State 
Treasury supplied to bet cn elections. Presently 
some of it, for the Treasury is full, can be used t< 
buy up votes, and import some of the thousand* 
to carry Kentu<ky. 

The British g-dd story tray come in presently, 
to vary the tune a little. Intelligent Democrat 
as*y, a'ter taking something at Walker’s, revea 
very startling operation?, that nny be duly chron- 
icled in the organ, as to (he quantities of golt 9 
poured in from foreign countries to help the freig’ 
party. It i? not time yet ; but after awhile th 
editor will bars reliable infe-mation about multi- 
tude# of bloody IrS«h. He will report mtre Irirb- 
m?n seen ab at the corner*, and dodging in scere 
places. Some of them may be seen having a gun. 
or miking par ha-os of fire-arm*, with handful- 
of gold. Very reliable witnesses may bs referred 
to to Fubstautiate all these very alarming thing? 
Then there wilt be secret, dark, and mysteriou- 
operations hinted at, frauds unparalleled, house 
filled with arm*, the Pope secretly drilling hi* 
forces, bloody “furriners” meditating vengeance 
raging like savage beastf, the rights of innocon' 
American eitiaen? in danger — a St. Bartholomew t 
dav contemplated here in Louisville. All thes* 
tilings that have be'*n cocu often in the column* 
of the Journal, and no where else, are com'np 
again. Liok out for the sayings of very intelli- 
gent Democrats, and heaps of gold, stupendous 
fraud*, fearful threats, imminent perils, the out- 
givings ef dark and damning deods, all here it 
this city. Tue history of this country does not 
present such an example of rasoaiity and wicked 
ness as is to bs found in Loaisvilic, according t< 
the Journal ; and it is always so. Jnst now tb* 
United States Treasury is robbed to bet on elec 
tions, by one of the oldest and most distinguish*** 
of our citizens. Think of that ; Jninet Guthrie 
whom you all know, has trampled his oath unde* 
foot, put his L«ni into the Treasury, in violatior 
of the law and the constitution, feloniously 
taken out fi re thousand dollars, to be used 
here in this devoted city to corrupt the peopi* 
and serve ambitious purposes. Who but a mat 
from Louisville eouli be guilty of such a deep and 
damning crime? Already have men become so 
b jld in iniquity as to avow, according to the Jour- 
nal, tbeir determination to import thousands oi 
illegal voters into this State. Toe deed is not 
only to be done, but it is boosted of in advance, 
and the truthful (?)bi*U>rian of tbe morals of Ihit 
city iniorms tbe world of it. Aocording to t&L- 
valuable authority, there is not a city in the 
Union so depraved as Louisville ; there is no one 
where snob crimes are meditated and committed ; 
ao one where such unscrupulous mean? for sinis- 
ter end? are resorted to. No wondsr the reputa 
tion of this city is bad, and growing wone daily 
W hat other city can b ait cf a man, who, in vio- 
lation of a sacred trust, feloniously robs the 
Treasury to bet on elections? Where else do 
men boast of their purpose to import illegal votes? 
Where else are foreigners raging like wild beast*? 
W here else do they make arsenals of their Louses, 
bide behind fences and shoot down innocent 
Aiaerieaa citiaens? Where else do tbe “ poten- 
tates” of the Pope get up 8t Bartholomew's days 
and oompel innocent Americans to get up mobs, 
slaughter, and burn, and reb, to protect them- 
selves ? Where are those gentlemen so jealous of 
tbe honor of Liuitville, of her interest and pros 
parity, that they ore not aroused at the picture 
drawn of Louisville ? How do they expect to gel 
along in pesos and prosperity, if their editor's ac 
count of Louisville, that they read daily In hi* 
•beet, are true sod believed ? What do they sup 
pose these stories, daily repeated, multiplied and 
exaggerated until November, will lead to? Oo« 
would think that Louisville bad saff >red enough 
from such slanders ; but they answer a party 
purpose, and no uett^ what beoo os of the city. 

gy After tbe information that thousands o 
illegal votes are to be impor ed into Keotueky, th* 
editor of the Journal says; *8ag-Nicht man 
agers will endeavor, peacea b ly if they can, for 
eioiy if they most, to get the votes of these men 
either here or somewhere else. We goes* it had 
better be somewhere etae." 

This is notiec to the vigilance committee to have 
the bullies ready ; there ia work to do. The Isv- 
abMiug people of this city understand this story, 
its objdbts, design, sad the threat. We guess the 
game of 'M had better be tried elsewhere next 

premeditation, the Union would last forever. A ,ho 0ur P McluJe ^ n6p0i ' 

faction, however, m# accompli^ .be end, a,d 1 of Rn ai ^ J8;o de* r.p.iua. Tuo mo 

the masse, may be led into it by the deed, of a ‘ JanU ««e cheering to .he heart o the pau.ot, 
few. This Northern Republican pnrty understand * nd E Edification to the real friends of our 
this, and they bare aeted a coidingiy. Kacsa? cit T* 

lie. next to Missouri, and it is natural that it? At an ear, 7 hyUr in th ® evenir5 *’ the lldie * 
first population should be drawn from that State, composing the Ladies’ Democrat Association 
The question whether it should bo a free or a * e,e uct in r*«e lion at tbe or-rncr of Eleventh 
slave State, would have coun tip in spite of Con- Market by a largo concourse of citii ms, who 
gres*. No act of that body could have prevented wcoried th»ui to Mtzart Hill The pr< cession 
it. Tbe people, when they come to form a Btnte wcs h '* ded b F a bRnd ° r “■«'’* and iliumi * 
constitution, have the iustt*r in their own hands nated by transparencies and banners, bearing np- 
Tfce organisation cf this Territory it was difficult propriato and patriotic mottoes. On the route, 
t> manage. The trouble that might arise wss not lhl, y vero by enihuriasuo cnee s, ut 0 

unforeseen, no matter w hat tenon Cocgrer, m ght their appreaoh to the hall wa, iudeed a 
lace. Faction, have exhausted tbeir i rtillery of march. Their curracce into tko hall wai theec- 
in-jndaeity on this subject : but the act will abide cation of intense butpleasmg *x -iteme&t ;ard os 
the test ot talent and cf time. It was eonstitu- theft 1 d < f light Iroiu the chas-deliors was tarowti 
ttonal, in strict accordancs with the first lesson? up ,n the beautilul and buau?ifully-unfcrmod la- 
in th* theory and practice of our government. It ! dies, as they mat chad in phalanx to the front ol 
was in strict accordance with the precedent es- ! the hall, the tffsot was thri ling, and one wild ant) 
tabliskel in 1850, by tha wisest men of the nati *p, ! prok-ugod burs'. of applause greeted the apptar- 
aai ra'ifiod by the people. A? far a# tb fries. ds unse of the patriotic fair. Tho band then stri.c* 
of this m-asure are concarne i , they have carried up Hill Coiumbi?, and onciuded with the stir 
out its ol jects aad purposes. The worst enemies ring notes o. Yauhea Do die. 
of the measure cannot assail it, theory. They being restored, Col. Thomns M. Hick 
denounce the bill, to be sure ; but in tbo fine stepped ferward and stated the olj -cl <A the con 
breath oomnlaia that it, provisoes ure not tb- vocation. Wnea ho had o.ncluacd, Xlks 1F /- 
s*rved. Their whole complaint is, that tha people A »«*on, a talenad youcg lady of the Eighth Ward 
of the Territory arc not allured to frame their appreaehed the shaft, which b.we a beautiful 
own inftitu’ions. But here lot us see tbe design b .uncr, and addre a sei th# Atjo^iauo u as follow : 
oul purpose of this Ab-liticn ps*ty. They as- Hr. Preiidrnt nod Gentlemen of t\r Young 
same that tha Territorial legislature was clcctc-i Dtmoemtxe Anoctation: 

by Missourian?, and that tho laws are therefore *’ iac3 ordinary poi ticai cx'ilement, tfc- 

, . , . , pr-mpnpe? alike of duty and i&oliojtkn, rcstr.i 

r ,»d. If so, there was a remedy, not in the rejec- £ ^ jlD ac Jortioipariou in tho wordy 

tion of all law, not ia anaroby ; bu; in a resort to of jajlitics. Tho quiat fireside of hum?, s.u> 

the courts. Ba‘, unfortunately, thoy knew that im circle of cii .sod friouJs, is in- >re congenial t' 

no impartial tribuna! would su.tain their position. our V ian *• '*** hurr ^- 4 ” d . w j ld 

.... ... o.vcment uf the gavarreJ marsesol a political moo - 

the wronp, complaiael of could ea ily bo reme- ID £ 

lied, if the poop.le of tho Territory desired it. Hut there aro times aui occasions wheu siloace 

h ) sublimc-t i ir-a'ive? of sacred history. She pro potion cf from con*umptive ciaease to _ j , 

i, o un -jled with i '*iy of t!-e m '■** *hii ling li- this coantry. fhe Pill- ..r* as good as the Paet'ral, 

gecds of the ausient R publics. The mothers O' and «*ill cure mere complaints. TATLOItS’ TRIMHINfH, 

• nr own revolutioi . > wh.m y h Ii ;ve ullukd rre Ev-rybody netdi more or leie purging. Pnr--ethc ENGLISH, FRENCH, G ; - . .AN, 

r-mombered ui.h sff ctionatc reveraccc by every blood from Its impuriti** Par?e tbe bowels, liver, and | AND AilFRICAN FANCY AND VARIETY 
friond of freedom, and tbo just historian will not the whole visceral «yat»m fiom obstruct out. Purge j ‘ GOOD' * 

fail t« make immortal the memory of those beruio out the di*ei—» which fa*tei on (he body, to work its w * ’* 

wi men wi.oshsrrd the first dangers of the m-ro’i dec\y. But frr d’ae ise*, we th^ull die onlv of old 1 * 0, M".;u &trne‘, hetween I .t- lad r*;x r. 

iif empire into the deep 'orerts, and u^ou the vir- age. Take anti ’ote, esrty sn 1 ihru-t it from the #ys- j LOUISfU,LE , n T. 

gin Soil of our own much It veil K?ntm ky. t?m. be.'o-e it is yc: t *o strong to yield. |IVF. MUST RESPECTFULLY 

It i? on'y great epochs tbatcall v- tE'n A. er’r Pill* do thrust -ut dbene, not only whle It 1? w w call tho attention of - ur (Mends and eoun »j 
• r, ' : •; ‘ ! “ r ~ w ■ weak, bat when it ha t.ken a strong hold. Read th* V!T:; 

V 13 W ^* D ., ur .*' m h' ire,:8 ,0 ‘ a tphSi-cJ astounding siatrirerit, of those who have ' ern currd ui irkrt. we are a' ie t <.der »tva-.tsV. < r M to be -or 
.rsaved that she tl.uintn*** the pathway with .,er b them from dreadful 3 rofu’a, Dropey, Ulcers, Skin *’’**T. J J7 V> Job-ing h ute E- . «r 
brghi., or o urecrateg tne cau,e with her Rhe i,m.tlsa. Neu.algia. D,.pe P Ma. Inter- 

pr JX Cr8 - EC(1 11 , „ nal Pains, Bilioui Complaints, Hrarumrn. Ucadarhe. J*». h. uusax. JU. s. l»l<rt. hi.»t w.wutoj 

This Uno nrd'cary or\8\3. The p-oudlcBt non- ^ _ . . . . . . vnuim. h A 

am-:i». cf human is bcir .... - , l0 ci ®“»’ 83 d m ' oy l l" b «; *"*"*«» -4 HI BEK. i> \ RKET k 0 .. 

The proudest fabric of human w .a . turn. Aments, g. ; -h ss limp.?, cu the Pace. W onus. Vr- IMPORTS git. t k ai xra tn 

ling into ruin*. The sa-r-d tempi * of . ur frre- vo “* Irr.tabdky. Los. of Apretits, IrrexalariUee. Die IMPORT KK3 AN I* UE A I.ER3 IN 

lorn is availed, a.n t the destreying army, power- ‘i 0 **** ln tbe Head, Co'd*, Pavers, Dyseat re, and, ^ ^ g 

Ml SC KLJ^A N K(.*USj 

F<ui and Winter Goods, 
IMS. 1 



- «F.'a i ar,d and Is e a-lantly roc “IT 

» t 

W jes, ande ge&tr»( aasoi tm n of tvwry ait. ;e to 

MUUatry Lias. 

Prtr--is:rg of a:*::-: t Manu'vct ir- r'. Ij 
*'-p We-I to offer c .da >. as favora-w *> r . . sal 
u 'I*** Kav .-.f We : re- ie- t T i- ,u inJ 

t* i f my stock nef r* as,, . . an h we# ] 

ird-rs p oupt;> ? .ed J' it .. .aj»N<>vJ 

•e I te u) darket-’.. Let. Fonrth ir.d Fit# 

LOCIsriU.E, KT. V Ji j lr rtrt * -• »Vo«k • s 

E M o.s T KE8FECTFUL1 Y ! 

call the atteation of . ur 'riends and cons ry j Pr.po^3l9 f Of t Cn ©-. ';ig tQ4 Quli^ 

tboliticuiets in the Territory < rgacitci ail their 1 
fcrcc# to res »t tho execution cf tfceee laws. They 
l oclared their purpose to do it to a bloody i»»ue. 

t hey g-t up a coDS’.ituticn of their own, acd de- gloomy night watebe? of the revolution, 
oeuded sdmis‘ion into the Uai .u under it. Tuty 1° tuno^ gone by, w hen t .o f^,o of bdnk? ana 
... I •_ v i . tariff* fcutff Ottlv Oil the iSSUO, when the Spoils r*’ 

»er*ia*laifl d in this po?itton by ta» ir whole party J .. a __ * .1 v 

v J . . ln:e were the only guord. cr, of the suc'OJsful 

North. Men RBii moiiey were supp icd to resist the ptrty; and the'r lrs, the only interest imporilki 
laws of the Territory to a bl*x>dy issue. A com- by defeat, we coeli witch unmoved the “bead.' 

uiandcr of tbeir forcee was } rovid- d, and the Terri- carrb, ‘ t tbc and stntle at tho eagarocs 

if thoso engaged in it — colU lent that the succest 
t ry was invaded by this ermed baud of traitors. . r defeat of cither p<mj c-.uid not th. 
Oivil war now rages in the Territory, supported vitality of cur repuhiittin institutions, or we&fea 

nd encouraged by tho whcle B aok Republican 
^rcss. Tbe men engaged ia thee forays, to inukt 

the bonds of union whies constitute u, a nation. 

Hut tho?e titn<“< are gone by. No hank, no tor 
iff, on s*steia ot iaterral imp- vej*en( agitates th 

ass? their partiaairs glorying in this arrn-d icaist- 
i *noa to the law?. The entire c- n lect of tbe Re- 

I publican party show tha: peace and order in 
Kan*asare not deritabie to them. Th.y ri jecieo 
ercry pr..po?i!iou lor peso a ; and ercry dt.-turb 
I sace gratifi-!.] teem. Tuey publish every d.lail 

is ‘lie t*e«: electioneering c -cuuiuats. 1; u indis- j ic' - ‘R»-e that K-n’nek; ’# rights shall he r< spool 

peussbls to keep up- tbe excitoiaeut. If they would 
live peace, and allow the penple to rectify their 
laws to suit tht msclves, tLo lower Lou.-e of Cou- 

•res? could have secured it j but they rij*cte*i — t r ey are keeping the political faith one' 

„ ... _ . ' . , . . Jelivor«d to the buried pitrioM of a past eg •. 

.very u ean. of tae tor:. The whole party ia now w# S6Dd thei|l a , Ule ^ gwetina 1 ^ 

ejoicing in tho condition of K -m«a« ; for upon it 

And ?hall wo of Kentucky staud hy with folds? 

Jud outrage aftc another «Ui enlist eommunitie?, 
tad finally State?, in the contest. 1. presents ‘.he 
•*cry opportunity the Abolitionist? waut to dh- 
>oiva tho Ui.iun, in the only way it is over likely 
m be effected; by a bloody Rod tragical revo- 

K-'ntucky Dotnocr-ii* b;tvo co host cf fanatic i 
Abolitionists to cue unter; ao i»h r im ;e i? tend 
i!.td 'In a. A p >r;MU of our f»ilow-ci(iz*os bar 
occoae so much al»im d about the Pn.e th*' 

■ heir eyes I ave be-mui * eluted to nil other dang -rs. 
their ear* duif to all warning*. 1 hey see in ib< 
ir off mirage of tho -a*t the nhadew of a veuer 

| tettied. It wili not be the i..iere«t of tho ruling 
juwer to settle them ; except by expelling all inco 
•r< m *lave States from the Territory, and prohib- 

Tliis is the party, young Democrat* of Kentucky 
wi'h which you hare toe -Dion I. 

We will not permit ourfulvc- to doubt he resul 
of such a contest A party banded togethur by 

ding ilaveiy in every foot of it. Indttd, I ^ of an infirm < ligeatlt men beyond tbe Allan 
9 . _ J . , , , "C, can n,ver*Uni before the terned hosu of tht 

-eo that the Gjvcmur of Wisconsin ha? la.ely ^ Kentucky Democracv. 

aid, in his message to the Legislature, that noth- If it will be any oou»olatioa to their feir? 

og cs-n give peace to the country but the pr hih- 

we willeive theta th* assurance that abentfct 

io it wholher there be peace or not. 

i-bat at Uenryville, Democrat* have held no meet- 
ing* oat of doors this season. There is here a 

Amid the most deafening and lung-continued 
applause she retired, and, on tho part of the As- 

crowd of prowlers and ruffians to disturb and break I ?a *e Caldwell, E?q , received the hand- 

ap every meeting, is evident, nothing 8om , pr * S€Dt in the following happy manner, ns 
-hurt of violence will .top. No people ever showed noarly M our nporUr oould hia Wofdj . 
more forbearance than thoee at the meeting at 0u behm|f of lbe yoQag meQ ., Democratic As- 
Henryviile; but forbearance did no good. No sociation of Louisviile city aad Jefferson county 
.ying can help the case, when thousands, including — I aco« pt the beautiful banner you offer us, a* 

persons of alt parties, witnessed the outrages, and B ^ hanan voted *® ?, uo ° r , ,b * 

* ° cst stars that adorn it, “cheerfully, gUjlv, aiuri 

know the party that cummittei them. ousty.” 

_ . . . . We know that it is no merit of ours, individu- 

CiTTlMraov«M«NTS.— Au improvomen.or the Blly or as ao association, that has oallai from yov 
present season, which is highly creditable to the fair hands this baod.-ome tribute. We receive it 
enterprising proprietor, is r*pidly approaching as a token of your high appreciation of tho great 
* r ’ r ' r and j as: cause in wcioh we have embarked. We 

eumpletion on the south side ot Market street, recc j, e j t m a pledge that as we mareh on in that 
between Brook and Floyd. We refer to the cause you will cheer us with your smiles, sod 
hotel ana livery stable built for the Rev. 8. B. whether victorious or rar qui bed that your heart, 
„ will beat ia unison and sympathy with ours in 

Howard, of tho Cumberland Fresbyterian Mm- deTotion t0 the 8nb ii m ? truths of Democratic 

istry, a gentleman of enterprise as well as Chris- constitutional union and freedom, 
tian piety. The hotel building is admirably ar- We do not fail to observe, we will never c?ase <o 

ranged for tbe country custom of that locality, remember, that this bsnr.erof peerless beau'y bears 

t. c . up >n iG bright folds >he entire sisterhood of free. 

having capacity fer the entertamment of a bun- J rerei<D aa * d <qa al States. A-.d f .revcr pal?™ 

dred and fifty to two hundred transient persons, the v»od»i band that would tear uu« of those 
and an indefinite number of boarders. The neigh- bright stars from the brilliant gaDxy that cano- 

borhood in which th— improvement, are ioeated ' w.° f.lrge^fhe matehlem grace and elo- 

is very jadieiousiy selected, and they oannot fail q 3 e DC « witlx which yen have complimented and 

te prove a highly remunerative investment. cheered us. Y onr words have sank deep into our 

v m. , . nal Pain*, Biliout Complaints, Hraruiurn. Ueatarhe. 

This 1 * no ord cary crisis. The p-oudejt mou- “ . 7 . . . 

■ate- id. of fcumsngrV.nessi.boir.;: - duel <*•«»■ »nd maay Urn dan. -ron. .but aU*l Uhr.aten. g 

rhe proud eat fabric of r nman « I im- •k-iment., nmph mttm on the Face, Worms. Vr 

ling into ruins. The sm-r.-d tempi* o- .urfrre- vous Irritability, Low of Appetite, IrrexuleriOea, cs, 
lorn is a*-ai!ed, «.n t the doatreying army, power- Mn-s# In the Head, Colds, Fever*, Dyeeat re, and, 
u! in numb* '* -t n <1 rcoklcts m design, are. already ndeed, everv variety of c mpialnt* for w tut. a Tur- 
timud-r'iig at tbe very doors of tbo citadel. Thii xat've Remedy it required. 

ivinnot be treated as the idle p-ating of the pin ; c- These are no random statements, bu* are aothectlca- 
tn -ker, or tbe de-qondir g t««il of tb* croaker. It is tel by Four owa neigbb r- and your own physician* 
i livi: g, real, tangible, and g'Up*Ddou* fast. The Try them one?, and you wir. never tie without them, 
wisest aad brsto nil par't*? are poinrirg to, and Pr ce 15 cent* per b -x— five boxes for #1. 
warning ui of, tbe impending danger. StT* Prepared hy Ur. J. U. ak'KK, Pia -.’-ical and 

lithe Ui >..,< 1*11 in Lo-'.r- 
:* ? tiany. wi ?! P.-aitr* 
seta dAcwifr. 

Wf-«8t. and brat o all par't*.? are pointing to, and Pr ce 15 cent* per b -X— five boxes for #1. 

warning uj of, the impending daaser. 3*T Prepared ny Ur. J. U. ak'Kh, Piaitical and 

You have likfiDud ittoautorm cloud — peal after Analytical Chemist, Lowell. *rd sold oy J. C. 

peaidow* aire «iy h*ar of it* approaching att.1 Oo .Cineinnat . l. the Dt a.Hitl* lo Lo- .s- 

r thunders. The lurii lightning p.ay- rill* ,Paklkns* k fitf*!, | ?- 


oarch to tbe h 'rrid c mumiDAtton Tae Union nf 

ba Stare? is its ewtra vio itn, and alike frnt'lts* Siiitl*’ baisau I'llln. 

are all tbe appeals cf reason and the deraaid* ol T ^,. „ , .. . . . .. 

_ r .. . . THIS purely vo**' al»;e Rr.'iruY rombin s In |t?e ! 

lustice. l-.e r-acrod m*-mirie, of tne, tne .. . _ . . , . , _ 

, , * , , I b“ pri>verti<.-s of an £ n'.irep ic, s add Cot* artlc, •.•’d 

ondest ho, es of tho In* urn, are alike disregarded. . . . , 

. - , ° . n Tome, it qu ck v r. m tl* from t e blood and 

a v*tn dot? point to consecrate.! fi-.ld*, where .. „ , , 

•urcommoa Mb?™ fell ard dt*d togc-hei-wher. olhcr , ' ,l, ° v f l3e bo! , ,r# ot u .n-althy 

their blond mingled in enriching the same soil er *« dw •»« '»•<***’ 

whilst their orifeht spirits winged together their «nkiukat ‘heroet of th* malaty. Al hrukh prov-d 
say to heaven. In vain (jowo-x in: to the tomb? *' ,pn ' ,ca may b- .*i-r atalltia-t »i h i-v-fect 
r Washington, "rd M*ri*.n, an i Franklin— all ii »* fa *F. »? it coctatn* do r 'W‘rfat drsa-ic druf to e«- 

Sdatl.'’ bki-apd'illa, 

THIS purely vw^s. able REtfFDY rombin # In i'?e’fj 
b- properties of an £ ntieep ic, a mild Cat* artlc, ?.nd I 
a Tonic, it qivck'v r. m r t i from t e blood and I 
other tl ill* «.f the bo! tie imparitic* of u ,hr;»:thy . 
•ecretious which engender sad ferd gfsease, tha* > 
(tnkiDv at 'he root of the malaiy. AMirurfh proved 
*t rfdca 'Icui. it may b- t»’irn at all tin-* »i h i*r-fect ' 
safety, a* it contain* do p iwcrfat drss'ic drug to <ie- 

j»». h. fcr*»n. m, *. barkit. Hint w.waltox 




Glass, aud Queeasware. 






liou»e FiiriiiNhing Ctods. 



l.orisv ILLK, KtVnckY. 

au* (I:)p ins 

tht jn*rsol r lv-*i iui- h-s •- u.J 

Mexico. I 

y—;i»r*s I>»?«xt»**t, 

,f or *•..>. _ i 4. .»-d I 

P R up us i k is met; 

ED al this offle*- until th* ttr-« j 

'or**epenir e i . . note ** 

•t< a.r | 

U . « . 

> !ii the M * issioei fiver in*o t e *<u ( c. f Stesir' j 

; r ' j 

;n:M of sth of July, la.d, t rew iU.. *td aud t 
3 man I d -lUr*. 

. - • ' i 

(hej Ici’Ut - j 

r ugh j: * - -' ' ' 1 

. i j . I 

•’or i arj '■*" ,*b‘ ; v-l * •- d *mi 


m&cfi nr oOictrv;r. l> th re . i | 

V • th j* *r- a* r t| r-!<- ' *• - Tl »• - 

.f .ui- . r ’»■(■. b *t - i ur " . ■ .■ •. | 

*u : a 

•p r in-;.* aft rti:e aui . in: ‘ . • > I 

r »cv i :• .1. i< *• »• ; 1 - - . | 

#iuit.t : rtrl'-m r r ot*r i g •• J 

ra* h caved o * a i" .hi . p .* k. -* 

went? f >t ihteuah u: a wuu-d di.-d «* .. », ai . 
| m dmd fc.t. 

Tbe tu“*ii?bv wi.-h it may b* prop, ** 1 to ao* 

I a* the cbaDDc s.araatbe * aic i ,u l; ; * , alfir 

teytf . 


vain. J attics ii ttri-ken ir./tn her Beat, raastu is bPitate the system, or miLerai poison to ruin tbe con 
letbrone.i, ard wil-J and rampant fanatioU m »' tu-ina. 


veep? a destructive t:;u:J>. 

Already w > have tbe pcrtentlofi reru'ta from 

t iT frepa-el and toll by A. B Ik P. BAND.', 10. 
Vu ton street. New York- Price kl pe- b-mie, or six 


I'Ws, fiom Ve*uv nt.and from M line. Tbo hntrt hdtle* for io B 11 also by J. B. iVILlk.'it v i,KO., 
f the piVtot fink* wttnin b'm a*. th-» a*.- bcuisvile. Ky. 8>ld al*o by Druggist, geurraliyt j 

Q 'unc'anrnt. Bn", lo — G .el save 'he mark- -the** selSdlkwj _ 

»*e in our rnids who smile a: th ee results. llrt'i, u, a , 

•• A man n av smile and sncilo'D, nod bo a vil _ * * ** 

air. still.” .It D tbe emile -f th.> miaesb, . bil.t T "* CTni *’ of ,k * schoou are constrained I 

ie plarge the d *gger to jour hoart Ay-’, there tl - ) Uo.loway * Fills bar.i?h disetue from the 


tre those amongst us who exult ia tbs?** re ui*#. slun -* cb * bve“, and bowe * w thiut leuucmg ihe 
I'ne rnineva <xull* #* he #t-es the parido current k reng'Uof the patiert. Thi* is the greatest medical 
>f life fi,g lrn.q his heart, whtl«t bis tuur.lcro ( triumph of t'ie nineteenth 

ao impartial tribunal would sustain their posiOou. our «*“ T 1 hurr ^ J * 3 ! i . w | li 

, . , „ ... ettcmeiit (if the i,»'.arrt)J ma-sea el a political in';e- 

iha wrosfs cotnp'.ataei of could ca ily bo reme- , D ^ 

lied, if the people of tho Territory desired it. Hut there arc times* and occasions wIipu siloace 
Coogres.?, to secure the objects of the original bill, iIJ d spaiby cetse u> be vir.uits; whou farb-aranc 
.... . , ... r _ .. to oi u*s#e i# equivalent te ocmpiicity in wro,; 

,ud give the actual resident* of the Territory tae bohesta of duty, aui the in.tiuc 

power to eleot (heir own legislature , passed a b 1! live iinpulse? of our a terr, imp;l u* *o »p at 
nest guarded and stringent, requiring a registry out b ddly our political sentitnenti*, and take oa 
*1 the votes beforehand, aci providing for tw.ace I * n ‘-noruakt he*iio our fathers and brother 
.... , uDd unite our vmcos au ■< <Uiris wuh tuair* t; 

tud order at tbe polls. No one ques'ionol tae H vort tho threatened ov;l from ur cummoa coun- 
lustice ot it# provisions, and its adaptation to the iry. 

objects in view ; bat under the fiim=y p-ettx: that " c Uflievc !! ,r such a time r,ni sach art oc 
. . .. . . . caeioD, te presejited to ue id tbe impending politi 

the Pres-dent might u Pr wot the mwnnarioDen to c<4 , CoI , Ue ^. Had t0 belisvinfc rtB nei^ V p> 

•egieier the vote,, and that Uo was fricTidly to the onr cor viction# of duty in tbu* opcoly err.y- 
^euth, they opposed it, and vote! against it. The it>g otitselves befide you upon tho political bat- 

bill also d ciared null the laws cotnplair.ed of, bu* *i» 6 j. . of the iiy. 

We nave no v..te to offer you; wo 6eeu no po 
that didn’t satisfy them. In the mesa time, the |j t i C a! adviocemcat; wo .spire u..t tolesd orcout - 

liw y? r . rural but d *;ui before h»m, ?r*? tb^ I ^ $olJ »tth9 ouDQfictotieii No. iO Mai4e& Lise* . 
jrant Nero revel*-’ whilit the 8cven-hilled City N * w York, ana No. *t4 StraoJ, London, aad by ai; 
was in fitmes. •IrUeSist#* at 25 cenU, 6i>a ccdU. and one dollar per 

f he man who exalte at these result? on laver?’.- b;x. *e? ot?l 

? il i* a trait, ror a maniae. Heshouli be ’- 

id in your state assylam, cr cl-e he deserve U X?”™* CELEBKATBD BALM OF ZA.NTHO- 
oe hanged a? Llg-taa Juias or Aim! 1 over de- * iA ' or «»h Indian Remedy, beieg prepared w about 
- ■rvid opium, is the safest as well as the surest cure for 

But! turn from this sad pio'ur? to contempt - I^mrrhea, Dustier*, choura, griping pain in the buw 
he brighter hopca thatc.iecr »ad ealivta the t-i »* » cd uethimK. Freparcd only by II. 3. 

scene. ' Humphrey, Og tcuthurg. N. Y., to whom all orders 

m „ . .... should be adurested. 

Tits furious monster of Northern fans lainn, y BHe gfnuint unUts tht ^ on tMh ta , Uned 
-t is true, ha* swept before it the most popu ous ol inlhe han .,. wrjtiug of „ n . d Humphrey.” 
r*6 chrisuAQ onarobei, and all tbu political par . . .. ^ 

f-s of ibecouatrv lit - reeds before the hnneaue CW*ra.s slway. P re.ede.iby Di wrueaor UyseoUry: 
5 ave only tha: Gmrtoos old Dcmooratio P^r:y ot U.erefore, tf the above remedy is at hand to be taken Id 
uhieh wo are humbly c.etthrr.?. *easor„ no one need stand in the least fear of that 

That tiaa-houorod, patriotic and Constitution 'readful scourge. 

viog party roar# its pr^ui crest iatiie thicke-t Try it and iscoRrincrdthatatUst a medicine is fount 

. i i de* lliest of (he strife. • which trove? itself both safe end sure. 

T. o Democratic pvrty atir.d* f rlh the old oak Uf no traveler A? »o im pru ientastogo Bouthor West 
of a hundred yearr,“«h..?e giant amn may ooo- without it, for many hour* of piin nay be saved, and 
{••nd with the whirl-wiud uud battlo vri'.h the a!*o much expense, and. most vtiuaMe of all, man) 
itorm.” precious live*, if this melicineis at hand. 

Look St the strife a it BOW r.*g.T# in tbe North. R. \. R.jbia*on A Co., Be.l, ft Co., at«l Ray- 

el; «e a*k but t. fijier’* place beside y-.u in tic 
»trifc, that we may wuh our feeble voi.-e% cheer 
and Fi'#‘aic y*-u, even a? our u...tlier:i cheered aco 
su'taiuel year father* ihr.u^h tie long sue' 

Tit* cynic* of the medical school* srs constrained J U -i 

o admit that Holloway ’s Fiils banish di*e3is from the y . . 

itomach, live', and bowels, w thiut leuucing Ihe iGM oLk.01 Urall 1 KtO, 

, rer.g’U of the psti'Lt- Thi* is the greatest raedicsl rVPT 1C1I I; . PVi II t \ yi 
.riumph of the nineteenth century. £*Dl vT 1*1?- 11, i AuR 

TV Sold a*, the manufactoike. No. to Maiden I.ine, GERMAN HOSIERY. 

Vew York, and >o. M4 Strand, London, aad by al> 3 

“ s Gioaks oi Talmas. 

tyrne celebrated balm of zantbo- \ *»1 

KK A, or Kn“t Indian lte:aedy,bei-'g without AVIA ^ k ' 

opium, is the safest a* well as the surest cure for ndU 

Dmrrht*, Dustier*, Choiera, griping pain in the bow- ^Y/T 3* Y "V TET* *-? 

eis, and children ttrtktue. Freparcd ..uly by U. S. Ivj, J mJ -r. J ulu JLr^ -* - *i.,. 

Humphrey, Og tcuthurg. N. Y., to whom all order* - , - — - 

should be adurested- 

\nnr grnume unless the label on each bottle is signed ^ 

in the hand-writing of “II. d Humphrey.” T / \ "V ^ 

Cholera is always preceded by Disrriicaor Dysentery: MM [ ^ IJ 

therefore, if the above remedy is at Land to be taken io * 

season, no one need stand in the least fear of that ETC., ETC., 

‘readfnl scourge. # 

Try tt and he cmpinced that atlas’, aiuedicineisfonnl Northwest cor. Main & Fifth Sts.. 

which prove* itself both safe *nd sure. 

Let no traveler be so impru lentas to go South or WeS! ( L ‘ olnlt*'?), 

:he fi-? p:: 
olesiu a- 

i a. s - « aee-mp 


L'j-L at the strifes- it n-.w rui 

r# in the North. 

is it that ho# girded on tho fuii arm r ol u-ond & Patten, sge L t» for Louisville. Price do am; 

liitical and every where np-.n ev«T) 
Grid and Mump io ev-ry ata'.a and a noty bU't 
wosbip and neuilet he* unfurl'd the fi?c of tn« 
’oi(-;itutiqn and the Union to the l aitle and th* 
nre-s ? You hava anticipated me; it ia ttt 
i ’em icratic party. 

I i those v.: »l#qt!ons which I have cientloD- 

5o cent*. jy us d& w^m 

Hair Dye. 

It make? no difference how gray or rod •ir rt-»'y tht 
hair or whisker* may be. nor how much they ms> 
hive b»ea injured by bad I>yts, BATCHELOR # Hal# 
*)vs ?- ill make them a beautiful and lively black ot 

■i, but two par'les appear s-i. The on' (u»"'hic, drown tv thoutthe least injury, - -,d wd! n- verf^dem 

*ar on pro-slavery eet'lemants wherever found, public ntnd now, A more learfu! is-ua *.bsoro- 
I if e lauded as heroes. Tuo people of then if’h- *il thought# »tid cl;*itn j all consideration 

‘ taring Sca’o of Missouri, of coarse, rise in arm# to . ' ,,h . e ru ’ wni h h “ s “«" e T' T ^ 

•ler# in thedts’anc * ># up-in ns The little elou t 
I -eeist iti# invasion. All *>vtr the Nurth tho tnort 00 than a hand, that bn? hung thruftt'nifq 

! cflauiusatvry pppoals aro made, to rou*e to mid- on the distant her t n.uow loom# up in tho he.v 

mder the black d<L of di union, with fiftee: 
4 'a en like the lost pleiad fallen from 'heir piano-. 
Tile other under tho #•: p -a ».r d thirty-one star* 
jf our glorious or.? .rn. -.•jcne w\s that aitornu 
Hlack tispubiicaa nirty , -‘i ' c-tbvr t‘-.e jtreat na 
tonal Dem-x'ra' c party led on in the conil -t ky 
Buohsnati and lUt-eKiuridge. 

It tbtre i -a- tiisr party ia this conu?t, i' 
‘‘•<rc -j Pav ■ : - ir t* nt? u-al ur n it 
l : *ur:. rlr.i; r~. It there is another i*arty wi:! 
• umer.csl flrv: / h t ; that #ectiou,tha> paiiy aoc 
.a oobor-s •; . ^ t-.?:tle under the fl ig of Fre- 
.'■>!('. nr.. i ! 

And f u'L are tee « 
ih iato w.lii in 


lioulsvillo; ILy. 


* w cal’ tbe afet'ion of onr fr en ;s. and m th 
pecia'iy tho reentry ■ -_rc K ant?, to u* lar^eanu - 
i ,s**r'«f l #ti>ck of FAI L GOriDB. 11 »vifjg const »i 
? *'Uy«r in the F -■*( attenoins s'l aa.tiun » .If , we c , •* 
). t m m!i i ti - 1 ix ••site isu* tu *-.? t . t* . mark - 1 f .'.••'*■ 
(ui? • h a c*lt (*s isstt'e a, ,b if pairs rim. O-.* 
•hown wi ii ir-a pleasure, t’ ar. rucitii br*. • 
uurcha* tig 'Ntwherc. a ■avi.,» nf liiou percent 
will lie <i cn most of tae good*. 
tel JA w nsSmStosl'm 



- estate of R. Flvshbarier, w.'t cP ■?»> 



>ia £x It; 

H YS r; 

[ en#, until it# rhadow is epun more then half our 


Th* fierce hnwis of fanaticism, and the answer- 
'Ug shout# of dcSanco from our D m >cr itio breth 
■en of the N.*r h, «re borne to *mr ea-g up in ev* r 
orrf««. F otn the cn»’ a. nine! fi :ll if l'ipp--o*n''. 
consecrated by Kentucky bl d, wo have but ju 
neard the tbtinder t n # o!' an uncounted a<>» 

(.urn ru ty. VV AKRAN TED. Mtdo hhJ ioIJ, or !»»• | , of R. 71f*h > 'iK‘a r, *!-*??•? fie mi 1 ! »• 
iiiied (in nine privg'.e room?) at B.vTClIELvR'S W,# et'l aod *-ttie tu -ir see un - s. a - J aii th > * h» 
rvrt.ry. « Krtri vay. New York. None fvnum? I e^Ka*2id aworo t^‘1. c ,VlV“ • 
except W*. A. B*tch«lor it tn tbe!a*el A li-.R-t l'LL, ?>i • ir ?:r?inr, 

car Sold hy RAYMOND fc PAIIBN, T4 Fonrt! | »*' ‘ * s * -Market t ■ be‘. Tc. au.l ?th.nor: ■ 

street, L-misville. Ky. suildiwln l<ri,tlri> 

Are You Getting aeid ? OOOKS OF SUBSCRIPTION TC 

L’Otoc wiahyourhAirtobesartMlrtlkyl K'th j p ' \ - • 
rBy fiiJill vour cbiltlreu navf Hood btAtli of uftir j ^rpi'CiUr* ki.d clui au«?«l upen unt i the iu 
Cte Boolx’8 CsLtti Also ilvstato* FLPin. Saaaid i Nor 4 .y , »tihe M.rthi Kx Ium? 

tLe color be anpleas^g. Bogie’s Electric Hair- Dye w:l ..g 1 *”* ^'HttAN r.* ° g, C ha 

magictlly change it to a Mack or brown of the most | Turk's Island Salt 

natural detcritUon. For the complexion. Bogle’* rj a BAGS TURK’S 181 

Bala of Cytberis is unrivaled. These articles an Ssatinatcro »n.l for bj 

♦ arrant? d the best ia the wtral. . I da.OSIJ t st'V'i 

Bo’d by the rrupriet «r, W. BtiQLE I ** |C *** Oalt Hou se 

?gentt throughout the world. jy&'dly Gun Belt In;! GulA 2d tint 

cyi’lLSd . J *xt* AXSXTLt ct-asD ia a f*w day* ■ RUST KECFIVFD, \T TH": 

<ithouttlie use of Dr U RBaN Of of he OoUet Fland— J#, 1 Oi 'ret o' a l 
Ls..ld-aa-toia- ifaoa IU rut.ic xre informed tt a. >, . JTcTrTy 

till uto cJs to all cal’.t appertain ink to hi* profession ele of Uutt ?-. tr ha '*«?■*» r. f-r *• -ami- .• 
iisolhceis on the we*-, tide of Third street. betweei j h>uae. Call soon, »• there is a gyr-t *•■.01 .nd I 
*am and tht rlvrr. mylkdt, , Gutta-Percha and Onm-Eixrt.c D 

Tweaty-Five Cema! J22 . ty t teU Mt 

As TiMcs are dull and little ts «t*»inv, I will make yov ^ Cold. 

piny will b~ opene . on TLKADAY. t\o VU* day 
?ept-mb,r, ai d coot aued open unt-l the eurc-vii 

From 'be g'o, n pruirir# of tho B e*t to tl * 
nieak ni ls if N'-w Lvi<i »n ’, our hritli ea of tip 
? r;h are in ibe fi.-ld. They bavc buckled 01 
heir wn Io ttriaor — they »rj fighting the go c 

And gu'-L 1 . e ■■ r. tvo a _ e ked to join a* J 
iffi'iato w.ta in »b s r -nto.-t. Desert fho trieo 
>ud Ihi'btul Northern Demuoru-j l If 1 w r,> 1 
liter uuti us <*t ieiV^nt prayer, it rhoui'i bo — “G 
less aud prosper tbo North rn Detn cr.»oy I 
Ws, »v a arc exiled 'ipctt to desert th»*. s*.ned hoc 
. true aid t i d Iriend?, nut turn ib«.m over t 
be t«nd< ruorc:ea of t tir reins le s cneua- 3 , 
j .111 a p'tity now in actual, ao'ivr, open xllixt.C’ 
gain *, e'.e-y . nr..*i,l(i we '-nen-h a .d tv rj r’.„! 
.0 a 1.1 d r.r — p*; iy held together Ljr oi 
- uuiii 'O tie, sftTe mu aoauid and paltry bit iinag* 
,b *ut Sam ana tha P. ,>*. 

Why. luck at th ta. They hold a Cauventici, 
n lb55. a-d f.dop'-d » pUtlorj) contniiiio^ th 

lalebrated 12 h plank; and then they t.*ld cs tha 1 \ D gaerre«‘y P - for twsntv riva ca.w 

eats all toeir h 'pes. N rth aad SjUth will be- Arms while robot* ficht t ur buttles end dtf-sid 
Dice excited by tha progress of thU civU war. ^”ighu? It wa, nut wont tobuio; ii mustuo’ 

era be 8*1 I OW. 

, . . .. | , ., ble ruin, nitd while their fancy i* ba y in peopliri 

Already a largo number of tbe people of the u with .*^, wterH lind ho. g ,i*iio# dire,” toey so, 

Nurthern State.; have gone the whole lentrth cf not lbe utalanche that is toppling above tneii 
aostility to the Sjuth. It is with there a national bsa is. 

tnJ nuc,mprcmi#irg prejudice, and if they #u«- 1 ,Jlr ‘ f f,at them .he dangew of disunion, and 

, . . r , . . „ , ... . they stretch a ropo aero?# the Ohio, and tu* Ken 

•eed in tno election c- Iretnont, it wi.l not be meky to tt Cincinnati n«vor , as though tho il mgr* 

iong untii the fl*or of Cjngro#* of the United was that ?he would dritt off wiih tho next rise oi 

•*L*us wil! ba filled with represenlativo# from two " , | ltcr i a - d tber*, under the shadow of ;hat fiac 

. . , miraculous rope, they inurrv fifteen S utfct-rn girl? 

-action# at war, not on moasure#, but in all the t0 sixteen N< rthernonea, and.l. !th*> Union is sate 
-lensects of antagonism between natiecs. Iu the and they can once more turn their b&ttorie* up oi 
U9an time, the Kantas d'fficoliies will Lot be tb " vP®* 

6 6 * / r terrible Pops, th # nightmare of their dream?, 

ition of slavery in all the territories; tha: is, he does c <m« to invade cur country, they may .sta, 
aspect# to make peace by raaposing the a>?st of- quietly in their lodge.?, and tho w man of the lane 

tensive conditions upon the South bv the power of tbe “- 

......... , As I navo said before, wo canca#; no vote in th< 

aumoore. T-*o s. tempt to do this has been tae r 0D te#t; nor conid our mother’s in the revoiutior 
mly «varce of danger io the Union, and he exp cts go forth to tha actual coi.fiict and •h.are tha dun- 
to make peace by aecc-mplisbing it. Ho speak* iters acd toils of the tented fidd with your ia 
the contimeat of hi# party ; only they intend to '^ h* old hnt mr „,4 Knl ,,. e • 

They could but mould the buliats and weave th* 
banners for tho-e who b*erd ibeir bosom to the 
*(or ja. Ia emal&tion of their example, end in the 

A do. her de pera » 1 '»dy io fat! confilencu that you tti.l not prove unworthv 

which two Americans are s* id to have brea killed ard <» ulntt *Ki< a . . ... 

woothr* mor.Ally wuunde.*, was perpetrtted at (he . 100 tra8C > we eoinatt this fig to .our aesp- 

Sav-Aicht meetii.g *t Henry s vine etierday. Tie tBg- 

prrpotr.tior* *.t toe#e outrage* *i.ould ns prompt y T’ho star# are all thero. See that they fall noi 
Sf“ueh“rim” 0 10 0thrM trom • leptlK ‘ 0Q from their pU-es. You witl teach your adversa- 
Tha meeting at Henryvilie, oh Wedacadty, wa- iD 

inttrrupUd during the whole day, on the bar- Loved and beiutiful iHg of my country! thou 
becue grounds, by a gang of lawlci# fellows who hast been tho c.vnosuro o: many a dying eye up 

were organixod together for the purpose of oon- on raaT3 7 ft w fU t ught ficlj; thou hast waved 
- ... ,-e .* j- . .- over many a blood-stained dock, ar.d shroudad thi 

tasmg tho meeting; frequently duturbmg the bero rietor when the fight wtt won. Around thet 
iadie# and little children thers, and sometimes in- stout hearts have gathered in tbe d«k hour of » 

errupting the speaking with their boisterous lost battle, and nerved anew hy i'?e crowding mean 
uutf ?#, in the midst of a quiet, peaceable a.di- * ries ' hy " UrT y c cal,td "P? 
eace — cursing thed— d Sag Niohie, and swearing The Victory ^“pe'laa ^ccMTo^clafm!” 01 ^' 

key would kill any d — d fellow who would hurrah Wo give thee now into toe keeping of bands 

for Buchanen. There is not a respectable member W, U never surrender tsiee to Iceman upon 

of th. Know-Nothing p«j, who was pro ent, that ^ fn^Wh^ewnTc^tbe^d^ a^^ 
will not testify to the oxtrageous conduct of these T*?ko it, t rother?; it is a sister’s gift. Bear it 
ruffians at the meeting. without fear, and keep it without reproach, re- 

Wo have seen specimens of th* conduct here, cm ' ®® n,berin g « Tfc f *Ld always, thai though mor- 
,, ’ tals cannot command succeas. Democrats can al- 

#11 occasions, unUi to avoid just such scenes as wa j g deserve it 

t gii-d pla: rtu ws# t3e saf- ty of tr.o L uiou, an 
oe 12 n plank wus tbo pa.tHcci of nil politic^ 
-ar; au 1 wbca th y adopted ihe s?id 12. a pU: k. 
he Northern drlegatrs retired »ad split up n i 
Vri t then iboy held another IV it ventton m lbo'i 
.nd abolDt e i 'be 12 a plank; <nd then thoBumo- 
rn doi -gates retire* and split up n '.hentw plui- 
roi. Acd thun iho*o i» ii -* Southern d*log tt 
v of back and n .oitnated Ft ;m re; a_d then th 
Sortheri d-.legat-s re>ir<d .ud wv«b*d men 
tan is of kirn. Acd tout, divided aui oi' meed, 
hey coin- before the country, part tor Filimnr* 
?od part (and mujh the ia-gor part) >n ail the 
North cr'ii#:' tl under the piratical banner ol Fro- 
* intanud.# union. 

They told us that tho right of suffrage, in th* 
iandi of naturauznd foreigners, Wli# danxerou* 
ind now they exhort same foreigurrs t< 
■and themsclvo# together in secret socieue#, uc 
l-r tie cupbouc tu tit'e* of “Wustfra Light#,’ 
tc , to act iu aid and auxiliary to Kiow-Noib 
uigi#ui; Rnl the German boys who wiUrai’Qi 
Fi'linore bsnnnr sre c ie-?*d ard flittered, ano 
•ff«red trout scat' ia the high p aecs of rt.ira. 

Toey commenced wi.h tbo aruWil that 'hey 
■ose oa t v e corrup-ions of tbe two old pnrtie- 
nat the Whig, e# well as tbe Democratic p*rtj 
ivd grown corrupt, Aj. Aid now they mako i. 
oi:e cs e.ppoal to Did L : e Wnig-, a# sneh, fur aid 
uey *xiort :hta, for G^d's sixc, to have an Oio 
Line Whig Oonvcn* ion at Bxl itn tc, in tbognoa 
id-tashioned w-.y, and ind' rsc our di?itra>'*<' 
•au#e and help our sinking lortunes. The vaunt: d 
'i#at, riarn, rep too cry of the drowning 
aettr — “Help uk, Lass us, cr I sink l” 

Hut I cannot t nl'irga up .a tbe absarditiss, 1 - 
•tonststencies, and wrote? of this mip^uidtd party. 
1'bero is uuoath of it to occupy an entire evening 
Lit mssiy, mv hearers, tun; tho bone of the 
■ouuiry is in l uu’tei South and thxaliisncc of th 
Northern Diuij-jriej. Taisitno time for d tuts - 
ic strife, tba: common em-my north of the Ohio, 
•»od i.tro'chiag a-vav to tuo fannest N rlh west 
and further to tne remotest. Northeast, is ro hem*' 
ndc.nqut-r d. Can wa not Pike example by oh* 
?ta»ll Grjcisn State#, who, when a -ojiann ene- 
my appear*!, forgot tbeir Leal doairsric otrifo? 
a^d (Ij it to tbe r rois and their *tu dard?, win!# 
bat one heart bent along ihu whole luii, and that » 
Grrcitin fce.rt. 

We a^k no wrong of the North, wo aik nocou- 
oessioas, we a-k no triumph. Wa ask batevon- 
T-aaded 0>:<&'it.u ton»i justice. Toe Deaiooracy 
there s ty we shall have it. riaall we desert them 
<ni tcuiely sufcait to wrong? By ail that is sa 

In coDclusicn, Young Lai'e', whtt shall I prom- 
ise you in return f >r y our brilltsu' gift and you* 

ixce ted), ant take Likenesses for Lockets and Breast 
pins »t on* DOtut. 

UP flail at R tkSB’iM’.o’ft >1 immcth Gallery, Mail 
;treet,betW'-en Sec"«(t and Third. JySS , 

Sh -rt atttl sue*t — N«*. 1. 

Lav In ynur coal before it reaches twenty-five cent- ( 
? butbei. 

Be polite— swear uo more oaths than you can find in } 
your dictionary. 

Never touch a brick ?love against al vly ’s face. 

If you’ve *ot a five dollar hill »nd your ne:*hbot | 
>nly ha? a one, don’t stick your nose up #t him— your I 
bank mivht ireak. 

Re sensible before you’re imt-t. 

Dou’t let your ambition get ahead of ycur jndriaert i 
Remember, the old Ben Franklin was always hr akin* | 
neesus- she had too much *te»tn power for ) er hull. 

Don’t dress iu p'nk. blue, or wnjte to have yo»r pic * 
•ire tiiten, and then tell the artist you thought I * 
wouldn't take w.U. 

II AltBIS’d Gnliery is on Main street .between Fourt) 
aad Fi th. 

A nrd I* a? mo* a? a wink to a blind hor«e. mil | 

Turk's IslauJ Balt 

{ PCA* , ' riJRK’8 18L \> 

Salt in sir r-- and for **le y 


I tele d< Galt Hon-- Bloc e . 

Guxi BeLtln;! Gut_i 2d tlog! 


of he Ool.ien rian-i— SO, 1 0) 'ret o' ad tis > 

■ aih>'e B-ltr g; a tali *.** rux'ri of flu Fst^ r. 

| a J Hose, for a! kill's o m c i -ry a s , a m-w . 

1 clc of Outca- r'er ha ecru •« r, f-r »• -atnU- ilcrx* r-r 
! hsuse. Cali soon, a* there is a g*c,t ?e.n .nd for them 
'd B AN CII AUD * 

Gutta-Percha and tlnm-Eia.-vc D*t> >t, 

' seio up ; ie Hait Ii a- 

A Card, 

ft J \ D Y YI E ABL \ MU ‘VUJZ. B F I Nfi 

; a* fi unavoidably obtig'-d t- cive uo h-riaie-tio 
i lcp»rt tin f r Fo and will-emi n n iM- city -.n l o- 
! inuet'g v< i-.*. ruction in VO.AL MCoiC ur.-l • 
the FIANO-FOilTK she bn t te.t a rouei. n 
, •- J stree'. west tile, N >. t-ri thirl !i«s e to th <> 

. Va n it, where e?riy «ppl cation i* s.iLcited tell doi 



m?rk*t price in ca«h for t*h ; 'eor R .1 t*U-*at ? 
h* Br ia ' «oy >ii I?. C' rn-r of re:.t>- and Br..f«vy, 
I arar th" L u sville and Nasoni - ratlr .u! «!• o t. 
telldioawo Bk'. W. CaWTJlOS. 

PAY UP ! PaY UP ! 

No Pu.? 

jp n is a a 

Tree*, Piauts. 

. JF- 

The ApDfw i .1 of Fa.!. 

'.T thetaathv i’ve eb .e;i U " F 
Yhenl ech dW'3d."' ?>t u .wi 
itrt i :?* d _ ,r; . ,’«r tLe earth ai 

\.f .c. ag alike «v- ry iLiar o Us it 
41-eaIy it ai» 5 >* • \i r I- 

Whde tae 'e,u -.,v? ? ui -r -re ! 
V id the rich a . ••- g of tn.- a 

Kre 'oof , wit b" g irn.-red tlluiir 

and th# wav (U*‘ hVt ?o i - 
He— e\o >a e-a o’er -hr h.I!» n 

Will h ivettarit ih-ir tS;.!t l the. 
By .nrsin.-tive tnuwle g- the, go. 

•^bc'l *tev* In the erore. rr% th« p 
We >i->ar the . . 

t''it»viniil''f T’lCl'.b ••ar-r 

A I.L CITY A CCUIT. N US DUE TU ; who eio, ,n, ,n ..V , - • ‘ ,. 

( im the l?tc firm 

I I'Ut .Bto tbe h:ui Mtitr ■ - i 

I ' (V? f' ril "D FRA. r-l t£| fcCO ; ,, 

\ P i 1! \ N 1 \ \Y ■ r ' 

B \ » TIN tv, AU. 

75 bales Nj 1 ‘tatt ng, Mvvsviile Factory; 

JOO do So 1 X d... (- o do; 

60 hart Handle * iek, do d ; 

JO do ri. t»' n Twi- e, do do; 

2V d? Carp?' Chain, do do; 

Received and for sol- by 

seli N'tl'K. WfCK^ A P0„ all Mtlmt. 

|| T ASHBUAKI'8, A:U. 

W W 75 dr. ten p»ten' Zinc 1V;t*hb.>ard*: 

SO do |i tinted ;*, 

3) do im cv it >; 

'•5 do do half do; 

40 nests (3 and e) Tut *; 
in stk'e and for sals hy 


U AVAN\ CIGARS. 0 Oj r? Cigars; 

»'.(»•> Mayfijwerdo; 

13,000 Swan do; received and for sale by 
set) nock, wick a a ct> 


Wheat, and 4i* 8>? »a>'li, foi *aie by 
*e!2 HUBITT & ^ON, 48fl Market *t. 

/1UUNTRY H \MS. ItttF C O U i\ - 

A-f try-cured Ha vs for sale by 
telJ niBBITT fe SON. 




to hi? frienl? and patrons, and the public gen 


I ST real* —The sans rit— r? wotld beg re*p *t*u '> 

J > enM public a-’en 'en t > th -ir nea ana very ■ 

.to. k f P.per r*a a n.j. It r -rs i; , ol the la: ? 
j i?sa :*.b'»!i iD't "«n and I- re g 
I The »t>U- wil. be f (UD ' a l lh.1 S U ’,|U*?' I 
( fu 1 , coir.pri'iiig *v-ry d-scr yfo- and i|U ity.fri'tut 
I t e 1'W- st pric-'t to lie "i ,t costly tnanu at,u d. 

I I'er-on* W' bine th ir house* I.?pernl may ■ n*- 
I tently re y uo-in th r or*b—o»<l a* i t :e - -wt :f-- 
bt'Cftl manner, and with pun-'uar } and eric . .- 
I sell KYI <TS a MOvTON 

l.l.tatt o.#. DOW** 


W Goods. — B” recent arriva s on- stock o? Fa'c ^ 

»-.i?t «pi Dry <1 odsisaowc m^let'. a id we oasr to fi 

•'ari-Uotoaieestberi hes and rest as# » t*id *-oe < * war - ■ 
ti this market aad a- '>u.- buv er is s ill in the - a-t-rt. | ?"*; 
naraets, we wi 1 e dally recri.ui. whatever aovc.i-.s itrnt 
wpi-e ir in the east. i 1 , n 

sell M ARK t DOWNS. 471 Main s' -l-py 

f t UI.'?? It* Ru Iim 
Jab «*»T th dr isiS ui. 

UTSO F : V.r et , r 
ia>l VjurOi um v.lie. 

1 1 ILu I i.EY I 0 1, ih — aNi)I lit. k A khfi 
OF GaRvc.iS. 

81 i te Al N n a 1 1 , 

N n. 4.'t) M»io ?**«:•:. ne r N*,' .al Ii..; - 


i IN.?"# an-vher Ur.- „-ri-v c.i , -t, » , v .i 

sell M ARK fi DOWNS. 471 Main *- 

CASH! CA3H ! CfiFHl 
fifi.^11 \ RTON & BENNETT ARh 

i W w paying the h'ghest cash pr ce tor SKCOSh- 
AN OF' KNlTCHK, at the “ Ked »r«>nt, ’ N 8 a . 
m l 5IH Market street, between Second and Third 
N. B New exchanged f r old. Mtid us 

Calf. Kip and Pat«nh Le ither. 


lot of French and PhridCphia Calf- «k in*. Pat 
eat Le th.*r, *c., irom the most re’erra'—l tnaanfac- 
turer*. Forsaieby D- MAKSHacL, 

sell) '3 Main «tr*et. one d'>oe «-k nf Third. 


I French Kid and Morocco; 

Phila- do • o; 

Fr -neb Lining and Tapping Skins; 

Phla. do 4 o do; 

.-fi ISO of * 0 '. he (ar,- ,r 

arp**t§ ; CrorVy i j 

tir nt u a *aper- d'.ii >; I 

• , nee .tyl».; T„pcs r- . lag- 
J-pyrtot j. .ed to and e >aii: « 
•h.uj do; • H,3 4 and 4 4 p: f 
W e invite those in w .»• i < 
tn * ra -m n- .-or g 'saailiu. 
.heir 'inalily and -h-m o- * 

Rlsil 1L}> a. 

" r'NTI, i - N U 


’•'.I i « ,-cnn rv » - , t , r ' 

Hat* and Capa, will do w * al r g ,« 

Ml LL K la 3 J.*,,. » : at an i - is fikgp*, I 

auJJ l;ta 5Ai >tar-,r-. -r , et r rs itihs t i| 

Bindings, fi.'.; for sale by 

i u. Marshall, Ma.a it- 

a ire brilliant w risef encouragement, and ycur ern.Uy.that he »as re urned to the cin »niresuia»u 
vet more briliiaU sttiio*? hsi^son*o*inrt.ucionunontnrGulTAR- 

iih,..„»™.i..,..,. j vy t si denoe — north side of J fferson 

luat B ir.n. . .‘•asll b-o pra orvr.i as h me- tween First and Second, one door below Stevers’ !»»- 
mentn. It ?b*ll xuiia us inoar lawful and prase loo t. ie:*d* 


He o|/-ek Bole- Lea’her. Shoe Thread of all kinds, 
wi'h » general ass rtmem of tfh e Futdinga; for sale by 
sell) d# u. MAR.-(ilALL, >i-;a a . 

110 Win. Drtsdalf, lio 

practical watch-maker, 

mentn. It *!iaU guide us in oar lawful and peace loo •. sr'Xd* nninTtmt w iTnci atar 

ful march of political coiteft It shall cheer us in a 7 IKAL1ILAL vT .A 1 L Il-AIAft 

adversity aad bo borne in (riuiipb iu the hoar of A-'illk 1*1CM at t*A 13 II 1**111 1, 110 Fourth Street, bat »*• - .arket ar.,1 J 

vi «cu. . v a*. . wgus /■ — \ o* . H K SUBSCRIBER DEV 

It shall bs borne by Democratic hands, iu the ( ft J ^ fi hi? personal aOmtion to the adjusting 

Democratic cause, and in November next, when th vj* . i^AUSHi 'Wh^-SBjr cometer, Liu pie x. Patent Lever. Pctached Li 

thriilina sna<,nrM*wnt i* kinn ixn,.n ii,(u •rvC-'i -*BgW. ■'•'raR' pine, acd Feitical Watches. AU work d-n 

** u u . t. ^ nOIVFR OP FI PTFT A\0 \f ifV ^fitfiblishin^nt ii id ft lorfciiiilile 

lings wing* la*l Uj^hfiOAD fir.d Breckinridge arf MP ru A.>U MAIN SlKthul. and va'notrd. Ciocfti ftod Timepieces r«p 

cl #0 ted Presideotaad Vic# Pres.dentof theUnited Iff H V VE ON H \ND SOME OF THF «»£ 

■Staten, it shall have the Ur#: plate in the tr:uu fi finest t YSTEtS t at are brought to thitmarket. j jq >Y .?! 1)KY> D Al.£*S 

phant pa^oant that celebrate# the preservation ol and from thi* t me henceforth during ths entire Oyste. „ 

uaCcnnitKinnvid th s Union season l wil rtce v- ail , bv tae fastest 1 ne*. re. t. OSE-PRICE WATCH JiJSI ELRY i 

tae Oonstiuuon and the D nion. BheR outers, selected from the Bert beds with eir. fir ~ .. 

After Mr. Caldwell had concluded. T. Ware me ex pres, iy . My Restaurant is at all time* supplied t OT L ISO ’• 

with ail descriptions of Wil 1 Game that our • estera No. 110 FOURTH BTREF.T, 

Gibson, E?q , was unanimously called cut, and pr"|'i''S afford, which I am well prepared to serve up n»iivM i tf^rk.-t 1 r^ri r *. 

. ’ in the Kestaurant or ic private apartments in tha most lietwee.l -Urttki l auu JfH rs« 

uaado a graceful and pleasing rpsech. desirable «yle and at shert notice jj OEFF,R MV PRESENT 91 

Taken altogether, the demonstration at tho hall l. klkfkb. of Wtfafiwaad Jo -wiry at •realty retaes 

and the accompanying display in tbe street, wa* School NOUCO. ‘ ^Je^iVwr^gVJ'"! neatly repaired. 

>ne of the most gratifying andimpa’iwg spec’acles « Q. ALEX ANDER AND 8 CON- 

ithas ever been our fortune to witness. There ill* hollv *iu an-n * Mgw»trti ,»# > J. D. MUffff, 

(VM’ili'N. THE OH. vft-|,r 

I rity which ijr K-.r Lnstral- Hair IW-" rativ W 

States, and tbe great wwawalthat 1 h | 

nave prompred »>me myrn c.pied |- . ; 0 . : u. I 
article ia the same n tar, an., n ev- -• >atwar<i .ppr 
IBCV perfect.*} similar l'h< la-ei . . y e rl k n Iwi'O 
*t- ,f rny own. rhe -nh- r w -a 1 *• . , 

* wch hweeweas. but • 

S D ®er» apao their waaed, »e the wbolr «r v i*. .- f the ar ■ - 
inds 'J i •»* - vc. Bo car-fu! look Ho 

, the came of Jutes Hauel he on th- iakel. 

1 11 id j 

__I_ fl^WONDKRf l 1 ! ' J I unv%i*'i 

lark, loveiy. and heaatiful ha>r ia produce l by ;he u 
I IU ‘ of that P' puUr pr* p:.r avion, kaown as dales Uaa- 1 
Uu Luj:p 4I« R» fioru ?«. 

k> • Noone wili use any ether u»ins Ib 

desirable style and at shert notice 
sel# lH\9 C. KCBFBR. 

and the accompanying di#pl*y in the street, was ScllOOl NObiCO. 

•ne of the most gratifying and imposiw, spec-acles «- Q ALFX ^ NDfiR ANJ) g CQ ^f. 
it has ever been our fortune to witness. There j Tl • woLLY win open a Mathewat eai and Ciassi 
was no needless display-no artiflrial rr unnatural jeffXso^ind Gre« ; irio. Ts*”, 

diversion ; but there was an honest depth of feel School, in which panicoiar at'ent on will b- paid t. 
mgevinoed which is unmidlskible evidence of a ln > °h-‘ t nL l> .ic» 1 * u ' tb * wsbi-g ll) forward ttea*,i..., 
gratifying change in the public sentiment in our fcfwrSTT cia*£. M '^1 iSff? 

llOFsr-h .'tract, W ar: ta. .i J-tr - 


hi? personal attention to the adjust ng '-f Chro- has never 'ai'- l te givesatisfactioa. r r sal* *h 1 
nnmeter, i'up.ex. Pa'-.nt Lever, .'rtwchcl L- r . , ■ ■ . 

pine, acd Veit'cal Watches, al » it i re -is. ry t. ^ 

establishment is ftnished in a workwanldcc Banter ??arkrt • 

ami warranted. Ciocas and Timepieces rep .ir>-d and -I 

fiiw sr\ & ji-ar as 

110 >V.n l»K\> l» vl.FAM no CEIVKD ap 



Between Jlaikcl and Jell r#on. V ■ Urge ai ns r 3 ourse». a *f w>ii p.prj 

I g v • a wra n q \f «f Dfl C**! L 1 fiL’ fp LA T* , w * if ftBQ ir8 'ft 7 »’ T 1 • i tt.fl III ffdYPI Vil^ ! !■ 

UF FER MV P it r.S f. 1? I STlH^K latest designs wh,ch ;h; Ka»terj mar .■ -t stforis. W| 
of Watches and Jewelry at greatly reduced pr.ces. b»ve no o,g*<«-i to f . c - , on ? ■ p ji .c. ».i ,»ur s'.. I 
t-» •»»ke rooai frr my faU supplr- * **}*,* rece?v»d*aae i»s* Apti . mu three to j-i 

t3f Jewelry strongly aad neatly repaired. »( i* dating tre past wk.U nf Aogus*. •*>] 

i\o llumbugr. 

Iron Pomp? 

U.T.Z IV E manufacture, and'-. 

11112* • W W have always on hand. Iron Force and lift , 

11 tiDfl v “amp*, of the most approved kinds, both for ci wet ns -- 
11 ° * IBP' and well# of any depth. We warrant onr Pumps tt 

gperificewr offered perform well, and will refund the mcney if they fail te I ffi 

D ir. cavanauoH’s “pile ; n TOi. or a n “ d« 

ft 3ALYB”is the flr?t and on'y speeifleewr offereil I perform well, and wil 
to the public for the I'ilis in all their forms and stages; I <*ve satisfaction. 

----- s aiouwM naan* e. a. resTOj 


GENERAL ENGRAVER AND PRINTER, New and Dewtrable Dry Ooo.'s fit I 
No. 63 Fomtli Street, ROHiNdON. MARTIN A Cu. >, *6 p. ur th J 


Ware Manufacturer. L' mings aud K igiojs; Jae. net,, «l 

Hairing ju*t reiurn d from New York. twinging with ! Apphcat n Se at’ I .»■«-*. I ? -« es wper an l h i 

■ne ill ths rew »tyl-e of Wedding. Viriting. and kuri- | F * >»• Isdir* h-m H.I.- I aod col HaoC I 

Ca-ds. Seals, • c., I am prep-red to engrave them I h*«fs. piaia aa l e<a^ro'.t c #*i noeo Collars. pi<| 
at he shortest notice. Al«o Door Floiee aad L iter- blac, aad dart Frenc Mer.noes; e»o e- eol .re *1 
lag >f a» y ami done at less prides than heretofore. I *.y.«e • f F each '(enuore Faac; Dr ?s and P>J 
t I dJw I tnk»— a tWw haocaama pa lt er aa thi# Jay rsesiv fi 


Ware Manufacturer. 

1 s»yl»e • f F each Meriooea. Fancy Dress and P 
9 *h* — a f ew haa- #iae p*-?eraa (his day recei* 

curing ail cos-s hy external application on y. Besides, 
it is an American remedy, with merits equal to its pa- 
temiijf , and doe* not need the '‘foreign a o or orna- 

w BAKriAROrnc fi SNnWPKN. 


Try it. those who bav-. need ofit, and If not superior E HAVE A LARUE ASSORT' 

to a'l other* ever advertised to cu ne all disease*, and w ▼ meet of very handsome Boiling Pattern* »u. . 
the Pilee into the h.rgain, be so g. od as not to flay any sole foe yards, cemeteries. «nd wai -t »• 
more; it will onjy be * w ite of time ai d mone» , aiio coll the stteation of those in want of Kai’-ng (nr a"sy o 
g>odend. But if jus’ »hat the pr 'pri-t'r »a> sit i», tec the above namd purposes. We are prepared to ant 
ommtnd itlo your nerih'Kr, not for ary- enrnt.'flut k»». a-.iat short notice and cn the most reasonable term* 


k* the highest cash price for NZGKOKP. at ear Ms L, n e 
no Depot, on First street, te tween Market oar 
fco Jefferson. We else keeo>e«roe*f'. r ss *- 

f. AHXIIKltt »N 
ap 8dl •*' i UTikflM 

Piatr, Figured, and Umber De Ul*« , r. t very chol 
Mv Ire and qual.fcev In tact, a per, excellent MtpJ 
or ail kiortsef <«. .iaf r *r > i -Or- t aad co-nine .# 
#■ ne The ladies are i-, i-‘i. . .imu.sci* 



ment of very handsome Railing Pattern*, swa |fi EF1 NED 8UOARS AND SIRUP, 
title for yards, cemeteries, «nd balconies, to which a. AV 4-K> * bl * rit Lotus Co-ne l>nsh*d gaear; 
eall'he sttentiop of thoee in want of Kailing for key -i wo do ,i » 

Da T. U. uAVaN AD JH, 

St. L uii, Mo. 

LINDRNBGROCK fc CO , Wholesale AgenU, Louis- 
ville. Ky ; also, by druggists and dealers generally. 
au4 mfieto 

Orders from s lists ice, with tatisfaetory reference* 
will receive prompt attention . 

+iO’bliSt Loaig Co-rse nvushad fingsr; 
IW de do d? Fowd’d do; 

M) do St L"u:*Doa l- Refined do; 

Wi d? New York de do; 

10 da Ral'imooe do do; 

fci do White Oandy ? ug #5 

40 do Bai tmorr :ud Leu t.aaaSelden I 


Detlrr in liaiiijr (Ttoctiie*, 

no. 43$ market street. 

^AKBARo'rx k tvivnix todo Wh!;7SLdy>5 vt 2 AM IN W EEKLY RFCUPTO 

BAKBABOrr fi BNOWD By, tt do Baiinor- udUut.aaaSehlenlntp; ft tho very beet brands of ttmCj Flour, in ? efi. m 

aoridfiw Corner Washington an d Floy dstiMts. 1 eeM ^ ^ *** > * i *l°i«n^aw — Orfreia— fig lew tt* egafi. fidwt —c e de d 

DL'CHAN Afi h GO. 


It _ t y i || || »■» <| (i is | To* Thsatfh —Mr*. W. M. War! came among Police Court. NOTICES. I Jii 

!• il » li l l» MMH il 1 I i u’ entirely unheralded, and 7 *t stop l-cI at once <rTn „- | ^ ->i n, 

- , _ - _ . , f . . j MON*. OEO. W. JOHNSTON, JUDGE. j Q^Tfro hundred boxes OfrmftD Soups, Mftnaffri* yi fly 

*lth tb* pnsitioa Ol & ! *.\ >n.e, aui dmnf- : turc i, VirtflnUp >!i*t-uuri, un ! tLeotucKT T^'b cco, Im- Bc9 /v* x * ^ ^ ^ V v . 

tKlU Al , • - .’‘L eii ir, l»t* udljaojsbeha* nmio-uioed that p eili.n.stjd w# THPRaDAT, .-cpt. 11. j .;“^ J 0 5'Vu%?t < :i l |^' ’ ' L^H.'VHre* tfeg l B ot HIXi Hilly 

m : ‘ r r j : oe at it. Her rcr>r-***nt:itien3 have been full P-ter 8in'‘.b, a ©jrmnn, who had n t lived in rv fe Cv. have s lyie sMe ^f the above g->->ds this (ft l lMr^'.jiSr 7 fi ^'4 S 

K< tot iuU> r« I Of life and a^farfin* proving L'r an *c- 1 ■^ ,la Ltiwuio suncioatly 1 ’-•• become rooust •:.- j d*F> at .« o'clock. *t Auctfau Rooms. 

ball* v D ia : At e^.-t only fW CIKTI pel i F & #d to <mr iAsa«<eri aod whiM ?, fr^frultcd a ftilo# , E^lfftov of our r*%dtr§ wi*h to supply the jselTes 

ywfc. »^ahU to t ho carnm, and deliver. f rare ebU>Ua> ani xitau man t s. To-night !ier:K , n * : . . r «■ ClTWaJo 

1 .? i>»* v. u. ta« *1 3 . \%Do *• ff° witnooi the , hii bean eet apart »or her benefit. on which cc^a- wbrrcupon he fell i^tw the*hanJ« of Officer K;t- nK, r nin^ t at iuo'ci c , It has been aeoertaiaed I a r 

tcM^auitfim beh^ateocheap araleT s !oa we Lope ani ex neoi to find a crowded house ; cliff*. Few, it seenaf, had heretotore o ntiaed M«i.i street. H it lUrj rooms are that no instruction* were recettly lent to Calif r- 

.. .V, . ur, irrs wi *“'^*''* h * : Lu . we e! , 0 hope thatell those will »Uv awr.y, *»U iu.Ubxti.-u* te Ujer heers b*t owing to xn.x- ni* by the Secretary of tbe N.vy .ukstantlaliy 

1 tc i ■ ■•-'•ui. ' ■ >- 1 the paper w .1. be pcowptiy 1 . •* cerr of cons'iinf.-tiun ever the manufacture, the wld 11 h o'cl.ct p'tcMj. different from tho*e previou^y traaTtcitted. They 

~ — - ^hoTisit the theater mb hoc or apparent nr- 1 supply of lager has been measurably re iucfd,a»d g^coaotry and city buyers of Dry Ooods and Qro- »re ad Iressed to Comaodora Mcrvine or the so- 

. . t've tb%r »•> h«ir theta '-Ires t*ik or to cat. nnt«. ai*i.ya(»«riu»Bbas baanforoad Into tne«ueu''"a fe *ii »-« t>v »4wrtis«m'n: uc >er nuci-ijn sstM nior c.ffiecr <n tbo station, advi.«itj{ t*® that tb» 

ilCiHOCratlC liaiiias ! «_ vr.- l .ilUoMrto nWiasM r MarrUlies ofa lopdcg temperance or V» i notsky. Potcr th.u Mr aamu l 11 » man continue, the lyse auction ;,»** . 0 d Korsramant of the United Stages must 

— -A J , u n i .w wss placed under the gu«- tisnsnip of our be on farce 1 are public prt party protected from 

Spank tut hi l,n ff ran?e. | in Guy M.nnertn*. and as Mrs. Oskley lathe I itoetuak'ng f.iend Ada 'nr. rao will doubili E 3 ro- j ‘J^ono^elock! ^ Jiu. Teas,° Groceriss, LiquM’V. | violence. 

Our dia r.Jt ei iter. Col. vfm i> Reed win ' Jaa'cus Wife. If any of our friend# wish seats .train hint somewhat, w»d Peter’s friends may in- . Tobsca*, itc. He is required to have two or moro national 

Bde rojc tbo Hem ccaoy t .| uidbam cuatv, at La j let them apply -arly. a i&ace that his morals will undergo a ^ __ r _ ^__ r - _ _ vessels at rian Francisro, aDd reta:n tfcem there 

K'«- oonV it,r is**;, t.«if c Cue Cur; day = sal -uary change. | rUdi Vt livl U 15 V 1 uLb. at.til this insurrectionary movement shall ccsse, 

F ... uaouate. Let tt.e iK-c- cru u u out in i FT We are reques'el by members of the Le*«* Uaupin was arraigned on a peace war . the present object bein-r to protect the pjb.ic 

t <ii « — .-a * . .. ,. . .v.^u. rant by Geo. Ooeteriob. It appears that t ho wo- Lowurinis, Beptsmhw u. property and . fivirs of the Federal G^vernin-nt, 

t.oi . Tf g a a..d b *. t ah. a .-na^i.. JB. young aw s Democratic _Club to return thanks ^ c f . lt i,- r party bad involved tbe husbands in ARRIVAL-*. h- u d they he iat.rrwpud in the discharge oi 

' icmocrttttc Ji.itt - m SsWlltli*. tote tf3-ers of the p':i-e who kindly as#tsted *.jnArrel, and it wa# Uev.i 1 ei in court that each J Ba.kcrs llet’e. Cline. Csrrolttou. thsir resp oriye duties, and nothing more, it is 

.... . , . , " .. , at the door of Mesart Hall last night, to keep .«a afraid cf the other, aid that both were atniid j c.«u.u u .t, Usyle, emci-m ti. iscartaincd thet instruction* were likewise sent 

IteUemcratto. S.l ’Uo UmUic'.O :ba*eo«u- j hoMbaek the i- met sc ,n».sof of j«*»- Their rcc guisu ces were taken that | DF.PARrURES. ny the War Drpartment to Gen. Wool for aiimi 

tj,^' .. r. .it . 1 1 t-.j a. 1/ bn jr #•.. '..-houre, ' ...... ifte/ w.uld ha mutually peaceable toward each Racksye Belle, Cline, Carrotltoa. »r purp »«. la fact, Oumutodc-re Mervine and 

on > • ueku U jj. ,ut tt ree « citc» F. M . per ple until the pr jeee-ion of ladiescould be au- ot, and the costs of tbs suit were divided fair* | treason*, Dayle.CiuelauaU. General Wool are merely cautioned to exercise 

fr .be | -r, - - 1 t a ratis ciub iy tieiwcen them I ___ « «« u . n immn extraordinary precaution atd a wise diasretion. 

Jv t.eHewi-t-ratsof the aw- : — Another penoo warrant mod out by one QuH y, XiiilsEGEAJ? K MA 6 .bt.ETS. P rtlahd Soot 10 

trict sttould be yi -- ut. f ^Ourotty preserved a gay arpearacce las. ... , a4l KI1 **.*_,.; .nd.viiual was ^lism.^d. j — ^ We hare returns frum ^h foot up 

r "= night. The street# were musical with the note# »irs. John Martin cooplamed that Airs. ) Pu<LsD«i.rnu, 8 ept.U-k. Rg follows on rote for Governor- Uamlin (Rrpub 

* ■ • ' ' * CoCBr. lae t»o grea. . nlirtUl Rt ,j brass bmtds-tk. result of the *nd Mrs., cc-upaor# or the wme house, I _ FlourffiQatet, withr nt demand for ear^rt. ard we 5B.755; Wells ( Democrat ),36/J 11; IWn 

e^- --'ot li igition are di; h rcty and igccrAuce. ! , nt v a «i„ a incited by the Demccra'.ie presenta- I S’* « •* ■** * r’euperttne brs-ntf ; the <lenm-i 1 contin- I ( kig), 5.2uU. 

j . u - „ , „ ., tbat toey h*-l oaontn the babu oi taking bar rain I ues aB( || | an g tr , ce j4 : lisp on t> tre*s s-ies. flMUMMU. fisst 10. 

1 , 4 » «a wao aanu.e iu t.aia t ion mcetirg at Mr.sar* Htd. water, and she was alraid they would take her 'lne.iewtid for the «* retsif tr 4 de is s atiai L«turs r rcm L$T#n>ool state that tbe Csm^ria 

arw l -eagbhepM of i l-uotiaagaiB, Taaaoa.i . 1 that females should U : e Sjre Sour and cer-iBMalis _ **! ■ 1 > 1 !. Mnl 

■ " k. . r- ... . , * e - ineo-uitv. mrprmu».irjii. .! k>r (1 r ». lt!|I)U s .. c * „ i, n , t. tntheM t* W. would ta«e tbo place of tho Arabia on Saar- 

or it 1 a -ti'--.-’* 01 re >• tr .r Opp' ’*fl on. Oar City tr la* f-il'-ntro men -f d-e^iaaa meat ©n , a, water (and |ariieu‘arly ruin 1 water) a cause i* rn I n — fr»*re n ra her r ore _wb.-at ,-ff rin* T.nd the day, ha 30. b, and that the Art hi » wo Id bo dis- 

•• , b »e.vr, *s e paj aitar irs i'u’io :, ar i de- -be sacond of Oct-.ber, to fit up an alcctcr&l ticket j t disturb,: ce litigation Wuhan admoni ^»md o« Tnuxsday, tbo 4 b, as au exUa .Utam- 

r • 1 • . tLd dofauia * freuiac!*Sae In t v at The Froa Prerssay# !a#o»<e conn- u°tt the parties were « • j *ylv mU r.d «t *> c3ivl 64. at d 6 j • i.u whi *» a. «t. er. 

, . , ... : r ,, r* Joumed. f By- scarce st.d •>' el %.7u , t-e nei»r Lure. New YokX. Sept. 11. 

Police Court. 


F Ml 1>A it. 

Hon. CEO. W. JoassTOS, JUDOB. j tgr^Two hundred boxes (irnusn Boars, Manufae- 

i tore i, Virelnis, Mireouri, an > Reatucry T’>b cco, Im- 

Tnnu-nar Sent 11 iort-i Civ irs, Mack ere, Liquors, and Qlas', at 
IHURSUAT, 05, I suction. Bu» ere w,tl recollect thit M-s»rj A. O. Men- 

Peter am'th a German, who had not livoil iti rv A Co. hare a litrje a^le of the above g > -ds this (ktl 
' I day) mormeg, at to o cluck, tt Auction K urns. 

W Asm.NUTow, riept. 11. 

It has been ascertained from a reliable source 


Ubokob .Mr Lies Manager- 

J.G. pA.Niar Blase Manager. 

■ , „ . , 

I tT V\f h night of Mrj. W. M. Ward, the eminent 
Tragic Acuva- 



La ee and Attractive Aucfios Sale. 

Foreign and Domeslic 


the United States must OCT MANNSRINQ. or Ths Qirssfs PmoensrT. 
pn party protected from ^a.^.M. wild 

| iul^e a ienco that hib mjralj will undergo fr j 
I ■&] ttHr^ rUauge. 

■< etl K m i.-ttiiiio. :j ? • • a er * of th * wh « kini, y tW! •tad ^i|n%rrel, and it vu duVvl-i-c i in court that eacL ! 

t. 11 ..... r < 1 1 , ", , „ , at th door rf Mmsrt Hall !a;t i.’ght. to keep : * --j utrod of the other, c d that both worn atrnid j 

* - '**■'■* ' *1*° J*al ’.!» Hiatric!,0 hau:ec>nn*| . . . f I of juati'-e. Their rcc guisw oea vero taken that ! 

r.wiun,-:-ia B.-u:i-»*at L herty school -house, order and held back the nw-s of Anxious “ J* w ^ ^ BUtuR .f y p^^bla toward each 

b ri'-orany, a - j 20 . u ia« , ..t tt - oe oe ek r. x . , people until the proee#«:on of lalies could do mi- 0 tL-r,atd the costs of the suit wore divided fair- 

J r - ; - ,l: “ c,u .b : mined. If t. : . wean tstm 

It ■ e. -ir-l.'u t -et tli the Hem '': s' s of tte ji#- ' Another penoo warrant sued out by one Quil y, | 

tr mould be pr - ;.t. f«V Our 0117 preserved a gay aj-pearacce last RI1 \ aing . u „r . individual, was dismissed, j 

— — r night. The streets were musical with tho note# Hr#. John Martin cot»pl a i ue< i that .Mrs. Hamlin 


Louiiviuv, Beptamhar 11. 

Puaseta Bal’e, Cline. CYrrolitou. 

C.-MUiw-H, ilayie, CiDCinn ti. 


Itoekaje Ratle, Cline, Carrollton. 

Cremona, Dsyle, Cincinnati. 


rtiiLanciPHU, Bept. 11— is. 

ues »m ill, and the<e i# do disp si Ion ti ; re -s sites. I FhilaDRI TUI a, Sept. 10. 

Trie Oemai d for tho supply o' retail trade is s all at I, otters from LiverrwM stafo ihnUni.V-ria 

*7 a; 8 61 , ai in quality, bye tl"ur ann cor-i menl is J®.- r£ ™ LtTerpooi tiaia that me uatna | sjoumiw cUiG MOViuT '• T JHT • ffEM- I 

bieidy withou saies.i b-n ft.ingheM tS'SO. would ta-ie the place of tbo Arabia on Saar- GtfM-t.NCt; - - 1 n ^ 1 | 

Hr.nn—Tti»re n ns her i-we wheat . II rin* i.nd the day, he 30. b, aid that tho Ar-tbi 1 wo .Id be dis- I bfcri ura. UC/o 

\ m r* X , r n »ndlvn e, .!. ; P»teheil ou Tbut*day, the 4 h, as an extra steam- E HF.\LF,’S (iR \ ND ILLUM- 

Ha is required to fcavs two or moro national Grand Orertare by the Oroheawa 

vessels at dun Francisco, and retain there there ■■ - ■ 

until this insurrectionary movement shall cesse, To ooneiude with Colemsr.’a s p' > *n!Ld Comedy. la oae 
tbe present object beinr to protect the pubnc .Vei ITrVu-i sc 

property and c fil -ors of th a Federal Government, I JfiALOLB \>Ira. _ 

h u d they he interrupted in the di#eharge ot S?] iwfijT T lianvy 

their rrsp- orive duties, and nothing more, it is ‘ "" 1 

si-ertaincd thst instructions were likewise sent jy Mr. COt.LIMB.t 0 celafcrated Irish Comedian 
ny the War Department to Gen. Wool fer a sisni- and Vocalist, is engaged and will shrrtly appear. 

»r purpose. In fact, Commodore Mervine end _ “ “ ~~ , 

il.nkr.l iV. I Prices or Admission — • rival. • B ixei #y. Press Cire’e 
t» 8 n .ral Vt c.ol are merely cautioned to exercise i> ar ,urt;c"5cen'.«; Securl Tier 35 cent*; rail-teen 
extraordinary precaution and a wise discretion. uc<i r ia - ears to Drei»C>ci- 3J - .i>ry as seats; 

Piwti »si» Hunt lrt Ctj^eo Gahery^ cents; Cu or d»oxea 80 cents. 

„ r wraauw, oep». *w. s y Dunrs open at 1 o c.oca. Curtain r *«• at 
0 hwe returns from *14 towns which foul up oV • rk pre 'i*--<y. 
at foil ,ws.on rote for Governor: Hamlin (Rspub- CTB '* offi-eoycii d».ly f rem 1# o’clock a. ■ to 1 r 

lie an ), 59,765; Well# ( Democrat), 36,911; Fatten * J ‘ yv V. T* -CM?BOCR,Tr*s*urer. 

( Whig),5,2u0. = 

is # it ^^‘DKiTuia.sepi. 10 . MOZART HALL, 


FARD 1 CoTpii mg the most Lxui »,ve 4 ^ 6.-«nl As- 
sor i mac t of 


triim Jbi'bLTtl 1 - Fo * F ® U aid WlD ” Ti. di*. cf 

BRITISH, FRE.'I 'H, GAtfJf ! .V, oK/^AVD 

I PROPBtCT. - . t w m 

. w m w.n American ^iaQuIacture, 

*• W ’ *■ w * rt at acctios. 

Orohsswa | kN WEDNESDAY, THlRSD\y, 

. , sn<ISKI0A>, .-‘cpt I' th I'.th, and lith, com- 

fi ,d tnaaif tv * cr«s» fi it; the ■ tias Fi’lmore will beat Fremant, in that State 

■c iaw. ijcitter tbr>.u<» aio’ivas of gain : „ U ^ . .. 7. ... , 

, * , Grand RarrtK.— One of the most beap.*i.Gl 

n-ilerariwns '.-f igi. .rar.e<, bu^ u uU , , _ . , ... , , 

1 t-arfr! . ;• :! :• we have eve: s cr, will be m- 
* the parties 1 - ... - , .. s , 

r fl •* f -r in n few davr-st the *' i 3 «< ri, oppoiste tae 

. . n :u,.y .-wire ot :r.e c n ,;'q isncrs at 

in n few dsyr'vt the *• P#- rl/’opporite tbe 

trcgalaritisj, a— i 

:te the judg , 

j rh«-atre. 

fOorrcspondenco of the LouiSTiile Democritd 

l.c.ter lro:u Wasitiu»g:lon G’ouulv. 

5! ix vine, 8 <-pt. 5d, 18^5. 

1 Messrs. Eoivoas: To-day, ■I’ oul i o’clock r .v , the 
. . >ai ■ General J. M. Mar at af 

I ri .n-i .1 fio 1 . ;«» i 4 Us'ltr=, w .u.ii a 1 tli- in- 
I«nse!> Auitric m at d Union StTin* parly upon the 

Tho dm FuMoo, from Havre and Sou'h- 1 - . ,v. ? rt and 1 - tt bear I •» to 

*1 . , • bn tartlicg j F«r F«bSatpb» 4 T.— The invmtigvtion of the “»f«^ Cera at * nt>3cGrwhll 

in ?er. - A - cnlar r u:,\ of characters ura Ubargen 1 ird D an far the part he The tall, gaam-l niiny gentleman got up sad com- ( tr at 

. , ... V TT r . 3 ikiic=:dLy » 4 .i! fihe W4S an 1 ome here w nisxj— onto and c.ty at 

d» y in r iusr < ■' aw pre^cu**. alJ, mibm^b 1 a tee Gi«ur>ances Ili*DrynlXe, lnd , t , via « lCA e ih** k c*ircr of iL^t v»*r.y ih' I New Oklbani, dept. 11. 

Vatrs is n --?ir y nflitigsuts a. each d uiml I i-n : e-4aT, has bc^n &et fur Saturday nex-, ?’V*^ 4 *' ilul * l,t:ea iie " I ’ ea npjB ^ Bi l ’ y j Cotton— Sales of cot. on to-day ofl,t» 0 v Mark' 

• r * F j i iCA: ut7U4r*g*>rfu»;s. v v t . j I if s'rafl/ 

■to anm torrfd- ttJatbr ^nviHe. • .. iti. «u«M at « «. ] 

♦ * _ ir . . j rcfm?d h’msc.i ; • all unb ..t • minor. t % g#*vira. n- 

sylv-ioiA r^d m $i ;3frl 54* and 6/> l>u whr-a.*»6\ or. — r .crv I History c 

Itr-iCNrcr fi.d c l a; 7o , t e mar*~i teeiu# L-jre. KkW York, Srpt. 11. a TIC* V 

C m if m tbCLi b e *\ cind • rf, :i, d not in ch offrnnic; rru. l- u 4 j. ..*k ' 

prices Crnj; p *.L« i ,-j.O La y -oJ toittb-rn yellow ?*t * ® •• ans.f rn xod, fi i 8 ju h- 1 ToFe^*r w ?, .H th*? Fn 

r-7c t vis klfcd; s y*9 qfAfij' ttt at for now nnipion, hn# mwl 8 ^* brings L udoa anr. » jo l v FRANK LI: 

!K iv-rnrc, a "802 4Co fo®« U oes’.erj and Fenr. Havre d^^.ea to Ibo 2/lb. tho day of her tai.icc. t »*>n wi*h w .i *h »*’l I 

an l ^o^i 0 o/d i r in e R BJ ‘ r “* t U wiUw ‘ tt * lavofUat chan * e the steamer Trx--, from New Orlea s, beg at- ** bit ^ «*•* 

I Groceries are unebasged- lived. 

j Whisky— Advanced, trni beU at 33^34u in bbls. K»W Yonx, Sept 11. ! Executed by the gr.-a 

, BaLTino»B, Sept. 11— x. The steamer Empire, fr.iu N. w Oritans and ' 

Flour— Market steady. ' i - W^Exn m'-on eve ■ 

Orain— Wheat is #ti-,Jy. Corn nt ?\a>£la f.r white »# »tg •* « ’ Ue- w. | a nd B stuwi.iy aftsme 

and vello. at bi^s'iv.' I lTTSai RG , Sept. 11, M. CF" tickets S# cents 

ica-ed Fistory of tt* American 


ei r JOH' 1 FRANKLIN in th- Vriaid /. .tr; in c -nc- 
tio-i wi h w’ii''h will b exri.baed, at each JtahibiM'.'.i, 
the fiiege and Rc mbardmenl of 


Kxecuied by the fivat American Ar iai, G«0 liitov. 
It s* .f rom f rawins* taken «n tk ;s; tb» ileevjdor rs. 
I,y"Kxh'hi ,i or eve y ni*h‘ «i s o’clock— Wednetday 

tiler* ie n scar ty of liti£«r.t« ai each d urnal 1 r.n W-. lne-dav, has be^n set for 3atu 
a.i-mg o -is iu. , ue s^r.>;tle numb r of «!•- at Jcffer orville. 

lie I.-.. . u :.j. t . pt ,i at tb- cj» 3 * obsarver . ... " 7Z , 

. _ At Wi RK Again — W orkmen %r. ea 

mivttPii' *0 irvotrut are the ohen-** Cvm i , . ,, 

, * 1 ’ ’ o* too completion the immense to 

m r 

new Cathe ’-a', on r.ih #treet. 

it i' ti e ... tty Li ■ '» iieuia.i.v, or at f 

rc#pv.-Uh,o t; 3 vri • ol Itiii; trite #'6 Uhiakel fur [Prom the Was’ in »rt on Union-l 

sni v. of*-.sei n Jua^s J.unst.ia’. Ce-irt, nro 1 c- Bj tht Prttident vf the Lnitcd Stalet oj 
Buie#. In nioe m-; out of ten or ■ -srive in - 1 A PiOCluniHtion. 

du -.o ini q* ri# the ac.'.uating ca-io ot their ' WnwaKAS. iadieat-ons exist that pn 
. _ I fluidity and tbeanpremany of law in th* 

■ - A I J ' 1 - nlm * ! «f Kaasas aaw andangered by tk* raprabaoaibto 

tcii«i«Bc#, u.fl j a. c-n-fu- »;•; r. in ,_d use cl j f , r r.ort. .io- of persr u#, bith within 
to v inn... :-*e t ia • -.r. j, u exist in ' er out tbe is jf, who irop- •* to dire.-t ar 
„ii , ,v,_ I its political «citar.isv 4 ;>a by r rce. It j 

Li * • J J • I ' j % -A Ll«'I l4iC .l 1 ^ t*J*»V^ i , * i , l.V 

• that c^mbira'i n# have r.c*n formed thr 
w ,«•; p.. v i :tr lor vae CjUtiuuine* a t-ur pros- J , 1#: the ex '-cut ton <( t v # terri- -ial lews, 

•at i'oiioi' Court. J in iffe -t, #ubvnrt by vi- ience all rre#ent 

- — — — — . _ j : : oaal and legal authority: It also appei 

C-ecriag X swai'actury. porroos residing witboat tbo territory, br 

L>uUvi’.le is favored with a largo nu-nber o' h Her?, rocti-mplate trirrd int*rvc=ti 
„ , •, *iTiir# -her« «t; It eleo sipesring that c 

C • «■: i : . u u i>; .sitortes,* . i y. which, sojfar i iubahitaDt? of remote StnW, are 
as ve » :)•>•?, ihc ^ j c ”f n ’hiB.u-b;;. il of th« , r>t»e^, nr m«n, and pr.«viding art 

_ F.ivcr 
XB chstuwl. 

At 'Y tk kaant.— Workman nra aagHpi ■»- the law bow existed, a foreigner coold vote in tbe I om^ 1 arttriware nnohanxed , • ♦ # i <- inc. - > .n . r. .- 

I -nw, »*um G,- f rf, f thdi i Si «t* of iLiooit a’ter »t reni voce of r.x mcntDf vuottr vucxtfs ort uncDADgea. Salutes wore fire 1 tLu mjrni' nooa and cven- 

l * r * u Be ihon WBBfnc64 up *n tne KAni vs«Netr4#ktbiI! j Cincinnati, 8*p‘. 11 m. i by the Rerabiir *oj, »c*i nseirit d mass oaeet- 

new.- ' ' • ' • '.n.iv UlOeUabsr. WbUawheatdl j,** i, being hold ..»-n ; ghl ie cchfcmto tee yictory 

Wa ., i -« thr aq'astter sovere gu.y fc» uro ju said h il- ivhi-ky-slicht'y alvs-ct- 1 ; sales at 27c. to Maine. 

[lrou*t..p a. mKton l isioa.J i it hariDif ere*' ei * gre n deal of agitation in tho c un- Provision# — ii.e id a ract for provisions remain ua* 

Bi tKt rntidtnt vf the UmtfJ of Anttriea trj *a Uc »ia»« r > qire^ ; c-aBd woundupb? abasias chmgvd. N«J» YORK, Sep* lltb. 

i ,5 Piocl.m-tion. Tb.E ?P l,.Cit 7 r,«N..O r l«c i .^ H.,.,- 

.... . . , , . peso aaglH hi« letfen toy tbo LoviifTiUe Jon nal. He r:iuv v*> u 11— a •• »ilh aMi to tofl:l ttiaimrad. A late hnr- 

WHK*X4H. m;n?av».ns ox t that pts.f’C trm- It tao hoar.-, and closed without producing any y.^nr— Firm- 7 Wlisbl* frAtith^m a-*Kg a 7 m r cane has caused dTRtruCai' n to crop 

piMii, and tbesupremt v of l*w m the territory exvtement , „ f ,. ,v.. afd JSra ,oM * BottU, ‘ rn * 7 **’ thraugboat tbo Island. At Ssqua I.a Grande. six 

Nov Yo:iC, Sept 11. Execu ; .eti ty the great Aineric*o ArlistpGtO lilt* ?, &n*sh and Ore* L^us H 

-AMM Vfmmir .1 fr i \ W OrlkA c aw] t f ' tH-i i . ‘t *0% U » - . . J ,y., 

16 *' 4aaieT f*f T. ir f* ,r ,!1 w uru *“ 8 :V“Kx!rhi"<.r eve v ni,h' u. * oVlock-Wednmday ,V' J e ' ' : r v - : 

Wans, is Mgr.als 1 be->w. 1 a nd S utm-d.ty sftcmi.ons at 3 o’clo.k. C*moricll nu.crcl.-ft 

riTT 8 *VRG,SepL 11,11. I MT^ickets 85 cents. AI .ll, 

River fhirl a- ini')-** h mart »rd P ta{ Ttoc extensioo ceL-LrkT which ?h*.f gem ^f artist' c - 

* W Ti» l i e “ 1 . ** . J ™arK,and ata M c^ Jsn. eh»g«c i j;re l,»=bcln*ik>iao#tsnbH«a«. 'B- ^ P* ' ?rey acd whi.e heavy Machinvw -t sr..-ts, . J 

flua. HfiuicrtlW fc i r m I i?rc«t:ug. ain ji r.g. a^diJf'ru t e ever eih .t d.i- s / 

CINCINNATI, Sdpt 11 , M !*u*b:e^t auarmi.i-c t«j the ^a v 4 c of »t« %a»p-Aw;DM * 1, Its,# bT iuc ei; 

R ver Stationary *4 h ,r.-. vs water in th* I L**'J ■» C- t vHt d. Axem. ' * ' ‘'.VT'ro ?' Z !,?*-' ; r ‘ : , v 

Atncl. Wca'hsre >.r and [la*«tnt. V A A >I It t atl* fi A- t 0. ? 3* Cl- • iu«, *e . th* **iai • A .**'«.*, ni* 

meaciLia ca h iui at s>* » ei c«, »U 1 i.« soot, »V 
.n:ui:i koua-, >" .0* H. a str*M. •• ih- ■%] 
tiuaal But*!, in- (ud‘>winw n w.'rWr., s n t. 1 * 

ioi»4-. cor*isii>* I vcc: from th. n^l^ if »_,d 
itapoilrr-, oot-iatiaa -I 

K Iiil-klu* Vr-cctl Bro.ic' VCi. 

Fancy *a * pin iAi.awai; 

A »ck and fancy Mists; 

F-u y and piti Vest p*.-; 
fine P -»a nsaud h-as, MoNilrs; 

#111’' a&dori-wB Fees t’.uk , } 

N |,grtit«), clouded Wtv’.u.>»; 

Causmsaod t-*d ,iu«. 1 U 14 Fusfli 
C'r.tKh. e -giut i - i.ii-il -nil ralo-.* , Vriv»t*; 
UuaiUvcrciMts, Cudcrwcas, BUspaiKieta .a, *;y ; 
hi.cis Aipwas; 
f (U- 8 u and p aio C «i->»-x»: 
f u.-uilure Ut i, t hiuia rri-u; 

ITiiot*. all 5*rt- ti s <ui r#u.«teu Aches; 

If >u 7 Cl »< L n iis*> 

Klun »ad Bgureii Ve siaat: * 

P» r-iau I* l *;i'uscK Aurcist: 

I i 4 Cu.ii an i nc isti ii > 8 BfWic- ; also, 

11 1 >-; t ry Gt.otl-. 

St**: no and < »nm r*- Anished Ahirta: 
y> < r d • ann pink « u tun ao; 

Ca-l.m-rr »iu U riu • drawer*: 

H irtfiuiib every sty I. 

Knit W’uuieo Ato -cit:**; 

J*- rmo UnUh do; 

Las' saere do; 

W nit- Luton 4 c; 

Mnitt o; 

W'i>.’ien ni lied ki Hoq; 

M -rinu and Cas'-mere Hu*., 

Mtri io 6n>»h and Urev l.-ui* H -s-: 

B ys’ fancy Hiu, mi iu f ud knit O ores. 

L.Yj e ’ M-r.u« Ve»--; 

CamoricU adsercbi-fs 

Ttd p» r ?rey sed while heavy Machi:. tw B' enacts, a. I 

Cincinnati, 8 ept. lUii. 
Saiut’?g wore fire! thu mjrai' g, nooa and evec- 
irg by th* R-pubiiv -os. and asidrit’d mass ui»et- 


rap; men that ever lived. Poor you;i* msa : he h«<l I tantchanxe. 
pcyu auel.i hi* leesi n hy tho Louisville Jou nal. lie I 

Jaw Vosx.Sept. 11 — a 

lion. BerUh Magoffia, the elector for tbi# di-trict, 
wl,.i ns* a wh>* lieeu ta.ttitul an t true t.> the ivau- 

Flour— Firm: 7 503 i,b!s #o’d; Southern •* £>A %1 M, 
arii tilra at 17 • >\e,^ 15. 

N xm York, Sept 1 1 tb . I 
Tbe Esipiro City from NewOrieBajand Havsn- 
cu sri’.h dmat to the 6 n hasarrirad. A late bur- I 
r ran* has caused imm-ense dcstrue.i'in to crops ; 
tbrougbout tbe Island. At Ssqea La Grands, su 

Gm.r.— ‘.Vr e a hrn,; *<)0i 0 bn sold. Corn advanced;! Vmericau and one Eyclish res'cl we.-* driver: 

;ai i pio ’i 

Ai l o' Inck •• ** fliy. to inf4‘» o? Inf irt» . t«ai. 
cv. i* io« of Gonpowdo'. *1, y u ■ Hyion. 
Old Hre-n, 0»l r * S ucam*. and Vottcltoax. .a 
u u l •'e.ntiy ot p cafe*. 

177^" fh s sa-i- ,ffe s t.r* induca^ a to couairy 
B<h’k*#Lt an I o ty trade. 

K*r* r - JO’ d. are n iwrevty f t * a :> S. a. 

tar Terms caei SiSll.. msi.1. 

889 **^ Am u t *n#-sw 


At dales room . Sod Main "rest, op; 


i yt \y 

O- * National Hotel. I 

IIV man, I 
\ l 'Peer. I 

f u- : nr* all 

I fae fel> aodar <> 1.4 »• horses’ face* il- next showed ^ exchange 'lull. 

ju: d nipoof the pa»*engf rs wero hurt. Thscn- 1 head of whom '.re the cMeoratcd 
uiue and b*s2' , X , i oar were deust'li.-h-d. I CG r.V'il 

r>:6i. ;m;:; u.o r, ugh vml-Woik the United S-#.t t #. do Uru* tbi# uty proclsmatiou ^e VfaVer> P qu«Sl ? “ , and . « pretty nmr*h tn ,*** a , «« JJJ- M ""a' ‘ W w” k V T*” 

•mithr, the UJy-mnksr. room, Oi* u. mating room j to command aU rt r*-n« eng«’ ? ei in unlawful com hoJelL^udsal fa dumb .vtoSfeSt! ' hiwn. Some escaped tarough a hack window 0 ‘ 

uni:,-.;: -r J m f nUse t «to,he.;;«r«helt fc r binatione.^-tti ire cex^tStcd am! rityofthe to Lin-Very- 7faw 1 for U« tons. | 

f.rr • h \”.i-:k*ai msv t-e 1 hand for rc sir. ’ ' J , K “ sv <r <f ** t L * te * 

« . I ... * «:*«»* to tnc.r wpective ‘ ft* Kl .ow.Sahi.=«uwih r cn ale* 

for - • '1 vehicles as inaj he on hand for repair. 
tS ► t tee fistfi cariiage* in tnocity art. . 10 m ] 
tb. . Lib. ishmeot, and iie#*rs. li J< Bro. are al- 
wt; t re» iy to t.ielr I. ieiidf i:i me public : 

f! '«.iv with » jjt i_g aaiuti-iseh ae, oar- ! 
ri.» es, o. ache, r k ray#, l> ^{r'cs i.*., Jtj. ! 
When you in leva giro them r. call. 

*«• r-tirVVv-i ’j to their r s >-. active j ' 

h ud f • wu d all t r*Dim tr-at «iny at- 0 f wh m h>4 .a her^a frond^ffertnt parisoi the c ua* 

i.tdV. ii.sBiTf" 1 ! i-, FvAi J Territ r\ . ur ft£?zre?- 1 ty. il : tague yne toroa : astenion : thit _ ag ilin ■ * 


rc.are mi- j <-«|d*d U.r-nrrrctkn in «nid Territory, or a«r«- W- Uo tf RANTED TO PURCHASE— A Franklin Insurance ComDAnv 

Ue public ' \ e « tr u t ’ a Jbe ***?'*»} 1 * r - r a *■' erd Here tbeUinn-n »oved no <no '•> V liorsh >nd LOT, conUicine three or four £ falLKUI1 AUfcU * %t - AC<S vOUipall.. 
u .. ... j • T, 'f by the CP-; 1. }Bi®tit of t h '* I'Kkl umi ‘ ta. bli’ »r,d he < •> t .joed uis lutic wit;icinn< till h^clo'ird, Jo roo*- s and Ki.ei.en, hetweeo C*i.*er aril Ek venth at-d I OF LOUISVILLE, ST . 

Market aud Broadway. Two third* cr :• r e fourths! 

r ni; vi.., o fag u- su-n a., ar- • .j so \,y of any available forc-.-e of the United keep t 
rieges, c- .wh-.", r - k v *y#, b ^gics A.-., An. ! States, to the end of at.vurifat immunity trom vio- 
When you u-e in icsru g;v. tLcun a call. i tar ® ^ i> r *-ec;ion t" the p-r-^u#, property, . d 

| and civ 5 ’, riuh*# <-f ail peaceful ani Uw abiding io- Hiley, 

iiorticuaur <1 society. I hab'toir-f of tbo Territory. ,Te iik 

, i . - . . I If, in auy p*»t of the Union, the fury of faction . ;j 

k 'ibUi I a 1 X 1 '.'C vi if *A lug g - 10^4 FK .elr X I* # a * . j # • . u 

, ,, J ur fgn%i»Ci- ia ( >*sflgnied i&t>» c*>9:v,y;»iM cf U)d griA 

1 i is i. K*i 4 *A.Cia ua SaiuriU/, | ^riB?ip!e*c*t f y which, u&d«*r th* mHm ^ m 

fce r *. €■-■*. l*;t? UvrdiA* Yotag in the ii rg«iiu‘!cn, »*e iaedasrcrrl in the wHej 

p n»ir. Orntbf ill;* exhibited a var,oty oi pea in 1 structure of our institution?, i» to bring on the 

. i country the dire calamity of an art urr.reont oi 

for a aims, i ce t.o»LA a. cioi ifctt U wm j „ £ thut Territory, it #h-.ll in? U ryon lawless 
tbe G Adinaabla. The grciwih and Haver j videneo cd the- ne hide and cocservattvo fo:ce on I 
was tan. Ou m..uvn, ti.a foil— gpntlemti I tbeotlmr, wi Ini bf legal u k r t] of tho gen- ^ 
• j 5 . . . • •.! cril ?«r&tLfRt. I Ljsk 

ircrv n ».etsa frb tits tor* veil J l jo ^JCDMiiJ . . * 4 » r „ ^ t rifr 

. r#?*: « • i z ii*. n.t’ <>. R 11 *' ,'IT ? ft Till fi! 1 * 1 lrtl 

N .<-i « 4 vij‘ 0 ry i but 1 i €f*-r 84W e ratu toea* t f priev an t imiil bon, diiil U'dDce in s^ I F IC u 

►e*l up .Y* 4 •sir -in 4 - i-i by our pnir . n: V ijp-lUQ ou Ad ,rt-s ! ’.* i I, ‘U, .'e, stuiing cXaCI U Cftboo, I **, f r> 

il*y, noiwah t*n*iug «he *«’t the - cv , 'V in. l.>wtsi pn.-e, ti c iiHiH TWaComi!tn‘ 

kci p thru j cl. iia. l*u p i-e t -y wi-itcfi r*j’i:c.n< 
•.a I via . i i l vi; ory;i»ut 1 , ev- r stw a rim m *>al- 
lv ut.0’1 up a* " irai By our phlr .-lie M .jO-fUn cn 
■ha: il»y. u w.ili tin ’mu tue a,' ihr ■ 55 "in- «•- 
Kiley, I.sq., o rpric.ficl.l, 1\> ., ii.'e Mr ill 
*.* r - .1. . 1 11. y ou: *crai'< < f uld fioca;. on;* aci 
eii!i« J -Uyp’.'j* h.y hit aaaut a mcai-bat «U o' 
. M 1 p rs ard .rapi to leiOct from, which 

sa^ua.ei to uothia* ct las’.. 


tw Leader of the Coinet Band, Msshas Lrvwis. 


It the most perfec - ev.-r exhibited, und contains the 
lar, »l -nd m at compreh-ntive c .* -t •»-. of Animal* 
fr. oi f.urrp- *■”», Africa. inJ ln-ncs, ever com- 
pr-» d ia utf Zeolof icol I-.»t.:u:e. 
lauslltie y after the Aren c r-rformaccet, 


Will ester the ctfe* of hi*Tr.i- r! .S-lrea'*, c-»n»i*t r>t 

'g?0-MO»ROW MORNINfi, 8 .* Tb 

-N L' '. A V. S r m 

5 .1 

J it ni* i,ia i r»»ideacr, -n the West * lie cf Fi urh »! -et» 
i •rtwe*a V ili’Ut aril t he-tnui, :.•* -o'-r- UuuoIiaI 
rrf et-.e- nri-ti: 4 m pair of Fru-t- «, a plj, l-gramj 
l a. 1 rt*ir c-rpet-i kcr-aak ih fa. #»e".btr>, i» va-a, 

ha.»i and R... k r*. 'on.ot.ay ,h-p * ’rd-toids 

To-iet Pa-euik, Wardr h«t. inc’ cJ » *.-i,».*r . 1 *, 

I e - ferB J* u.ii '4ttM ij, r*.,-er -•4^.l| Tab. p, 
IWork-i., s. Din --a rtTe- r 1 
w»re.C*ok Stove md K ti her. l t w -j e «- y 

other article n-eemaij to L e complete Fu n.iure of a 
I private r-*«l ace. 

tW The Fur; iture is all of the be»t quVirv and ia 
excellent c >■ ilion. Ul iau.!* »rc t g,n..4. y .lv,i*| 
to attend tb,a 1:1 e. 

tar Terms u ash. C- C. SPE>C SR, 

reladi Alcuoaeev. 


Clare; asd Port Wire fin bottles), a a j 
Sscoti-iiasl Furaimre, Jewelry, Jig, 

AT ACCTltya. 


trmberlAh, -t ID o clock, I w.ll »eil. at my Sue- 

t wo R hum, Su »W Market stre- *. sh e.- ■ 
Brook. *u umlartl -f pare t laret -nd 
a lut • f new and see-nd-ha ,t *u,u ; 14 . - , c 

t W ia-sjl 

* I- » oil 

Wo* li :c. Ol motion, th* following gontlerntn I 1 J «S»» nnumnij ot mo gen- 

. , . 1 era! y< vomit etit. 

wcr. p ’.;’.7 at uci. a-.i-i to r.-ioii J lie ricnt.iai . . . r . • . J 

... ■ , i .. . bo ' ' . :-. j ;r r usd of I * 

BMiisg .f llii "liLWirtii Pi in.i.gKii .'-ocie'.y,’ ; iistant States, to eb-tein frcai ULaail or icd in- I 
vx: A.Po.«r ( E :iohbe,J.H. Walker.. . D. ! t» r me- idling intro l«ai c nctrr# oi tfco territof}. 

Gmiogtcr, ri. ri. O -ar, ani O.-oinby H.te. Tne : •dm-awkiny them tun*. Hs > :g nic la -• is to be ^ 

: cx- uted with impartial ju u-e; that all indintf- I , 
n.t- . ,* i^.rn *dj uracd tt oice» ca .tnturiay, CA j ^ t e f jiiegai intcnorctce wiil itcur cot- I ^ 
6 e^*L lJ-o, at I d u’cio*k, A. M. J -iign panwament, atd thut any eriieavor t< j 

I, Woomcnr Fiaxx, Secretary. ' inteivcne by org^niie-i force wiil be firmly witk- 
_ ] Stood. 

.. .... I invuke all gooi citizens to promote c*der by 1 

^ 1 “ - *■ K • • rendering obedience to tbe law; to seek remedj 

nero tar, prooakS/, very few of our readers, who f .r tempora-'y <-viis by p;ac-tul tnoau#: to ditc< un I e , 

Bettic , ik Artie Uegmn#. 

NTEAMi5i?A l » 

Ail Aboard 2 


w&T . AN ; E 13 H A N K STOCKS. 

w w Back of Kentucky; 
h'guirern Banli; 

N rth-i a Uiuk , 

Coiumerc’al UHiik: 

Raux of LoUisviiie; 

At the market price. lllTCniNHa A 00., 

| M Corner of Main ud Buliiit streets. 


* w OAttDCNKR ard FARMKR, or seueral man 
f r any fa-m i.r • udees* Cun f v- good city r. frr-l 
cnc»-s Aii irtts “ K. P.,” a- this . nice »<3 itf 

I ThisCodpany continues to v_ ike loturance akimd 
I th . parils of navisatinn on ships, steauibo -.ts, and then 
| Carso?*; also, u uoi'. loss by arc on vessels and steam- 
I boc.l» (hu laia# and in pon), hr. j»c**i>rt c nter.ts. 

AskAHaas Uit*,S<c’> . J AS*. TKABUK. Fre*t. 

Wiliism Gay, William Garvin, 

James il. Breed, John W. Anderson, 

Jnvje* ». LUhxiiW, W.llirjn Hu*he», 

James B. Oi.der, LawrecceKicharlson, 

mrS iik» 


ri 5 A 


find B’o*as < 3 Fnrniahing Goods, 


Of the mo»t IrSodcrn l*r provemwit, 


V t tendon of stearabrat owner* aud housekeep- 
ers to our iu.inru-e ol tr. .■ above souls, w- ’.cl 

% oAunRN n'ft and FAiiMKR oJcceVai mJn Commercial XiiSurctiiCiC Co. 

any fa'iU’Ctctudnes* Can y- v- good rtfrr- I LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY, JUL\ 3n. 

► s Ad irtts “ H. P.,” a f this . nice »«3dif . _ ...... 

| Acthomzid OimiL l-w 1 .v* 1 

ft r ANTED. TWENTY YOUNG ^uV7^t?AKY iM rnMPi vtf 

v men w fraud to attend NicMficho^l. Irqoircof I 1* CO. 1 I LKll#- 

t% . z L, \UUUTb‘ , ly organised and readr to cLgig? in a seccral 

Jt-ffe son street, bet Unit a - d ttroox- I IiiiurdDCts Dasiaeaft. and will Uaue PoiifiM to cover 

— | Property agsunat tire and on Merchandise on the 

C.r A \T f 4 = 1 H \ Jl Is K Y 1 H \ R- I ocean*, river . :ind iaiaui scutes; also, oa cuac*boa; 

r W LEY ! !— The hishest market price will b- nuld ut Ve »» fcl Uu “»- di^KCTOKB. 

CarUy at p. NiiLL’3 Cry Biywery , Sixth vt»**t, It- Tho* Quisle*, Jvcob Kdler. 

en Main and Water, Loussville, Ky. JyJBdnw Thomas li. Hunt. Edwin M^rns, 

■ — ■ — ■■■ — — * — >. a. Gardner. 

, TllOa. J. MARTIN , President. 

A : iVj l) fr j P. B. Atwood, Secretary. 

~ ' cy- ( ‘Hire — Northwest corner of Fourth and Main 

r l> ut n o u ti . a* n »» « if , i. Streets, up *:air*. . . JySd:n»ly 

■ ’ » very. 

TW 1 h »e in want of *a h ar iries, and w *h at to 
ecoi " should attend itu* saie. >r oargains will 
d<.ub le*v r» hail 

I hose havivk iiOJ ihi- s to »*U W< uid do well to lend 
• r . . . , *u dal it may 

t* re perly ,.rr*n*- J f r hi- *a:^ 
ti?" j A,e pesiti • ; . 1 *T. »< - ■' 
ad » . Vjd 3I.L, Auct.ooeer. 

f < r BarWy at P. N •ILL'S Cry lire we-^ , Sixth 4!>ee;,lie- 
•.wem Main sn 1 W»irr, Louisville, Ky. jyJS dm w 

i F U 1 3 f\ A M b’ a'h | 


»/. r ’”” -W7 1 I. w h- I wi, w sr iss s*mi (, w an ■ ■■ 

Breed, J .liu W . Anderson, . ... ; | t* r* perly arr*n»- d f - t” »'•'■ 

'■Vi.der, Lawrence Kichar Ison. j t. Vuw r;.l. Anct.o a**>. 

w>4 3Y C. C aPILClR 

ercial Insar..u:.c Co. lovisvilli f*\. 

KENTUCKY, JULY 3i», 1^*6. - — — — “ iur; i « sm, tn-;r ring*, G' itoidinv Mat- 

» ,»...•■■ ! Fall llrctiiiB, lri*»0, ***.*< 

:oM°MNTi8'cOMPLETE-| W I ' h COM Mi SCB OX Tilts- ' •' - 

y io i :.*ia#e ia a secrral I ™ — DAk . a rpte 

Sine**, and will Lsu- pouei** to cover FIRril' DA Y, i L ESDaY, meut of 1. , i and v i * Re "s • :t. • , Cka r*i 

,ust Ore and on Merchandise on the I _ , ...... ,, . , ire****; worksfa d*. fi .s R 1.., t u’tl 

and InUni routos; sls*,un itonmboat 9w*vy*tak*fT uaDied tree year o.d.wi.ohest*. ? , lU h , 4 v ; .. >• .. .. ^ . . c- ad 

Is. I *t»ieatrar.c-.»-0 forfeit- The tropr.ttor *id ad I Si o i furj ,. e , |RMb . 5 . ;r • ; - \er. ; , , : r esJ 


lisUv, Jacob Keller. j The stme csy , pu se iiv-p m.*e heat., lurtt ■ *t in , a s . one ibl blur, an 1 n! * ot ••, «• el 

U Hu o t -. _ . Edwin Morris, S'e- QPrnvn „, r u -r;.erar,.v one Mantle C ioc*. with an* »- ;’i»;.. ».> v ••J^'elocW 

>, a. Oarlner. .■ j.'. 1 . 1 . 1,1 u.O. .'.'V.i - 

TIIOS. J. M ALT1N , President. Pnr«» idvi. < wo a ' • h’ a*s. 'it* Baser A Uigff'i Patent r w-.nx ' o.'h'Di , t set' efl 

on, h’cre'.ary. . ' .. ' - ■ • - ■ ' < 

Northwest comer of Fourth and Main lalKD DAi, TilLlvSDAl, 1 Q m— o iware and d. as- ware 

,r *’ Jy>d nslv | gfiejmke tw ttrw for *l4,t*e alle hnti. *M '’** positive. Iwu , 

; s:i. , ip Ti. " .. 1.1 ii.v r » t. '.it. in , ."' n »*r. 

irw W-- w u an p* * a ■# xr 4 • 

• r*l 

. : ^ a— «.«»#, By <y>-o:i*rst!ig to uph-lJ iboL.j.stv <' L;4I, couJn Cha.n aud ilemp Carietins, very cheap. 

•“ ' - • f ih* Con- j CURrAlNGOOUS. 

frwui. They uwy, cjS-t tr, 5:^.1 y thiscur.esi* j *ti*utioti. # i Lace Curtains, of alt qualities; Shtin. Vfcrsted,ard 

ly t . .. ,t (uik tif.iUt, u Dr. B.a.e’a tircu- Iatestim ny whereof, I hava hereunto sat my , Conon*— *• id at i^avra’ prices in New York. 

ixici paaornun cl u.c Regions wiu ba 

cpt_ta at L *ar. Ha i hex Mo day night, a ter 
(knot sueeesafnl cutter in Fnilxdc! i .dia j-i 
the At. au tic ciuns, ever a L.tTod by n:,y wtrk ol 
nr. in liiit country. 

. p" >W L 1 o lien ;:>«>ro ,# a a.x-g'e ir.ii- 1 
tfaduai wc.*k cl u ;o to Him tno silly saury yCl 
lor; a ky tho iaosiuvi.le J juruAl, that mou-iy h ,# 
L**u (a warded by pat> i: . ifi >*l# at it dshingt. n 

; ho * filled to tbc.*s praee^'#. 

and, and cacsod th* soul of the United State, to | LINEN GOODS. 


_ * , . i-rpoKcii bv ou-srive,.. and sddJ* percent, below any 

Done at tb* city of H ashing'on, th* eleventh i c uier dealers in tide city. 

day of F«hraarv, iuthoyi ar of our I.crd j J'UriQClTO NETTING^ 

( t oe« thoussod eight huedruiand fittj Of all kirds AU kinds cf Dry constants 

«•» ot !L' C tl lh ‘ 011 

Luitrd StfrtCf n lV’ Y | y-‘ j' j j » # g JyJll dll hsbc bet. M:irK*rt*D«> Jt:ifcr»«>D* 

! Falls Cl f y Insurance Company, 


u.® ing.norne.-or 'lainardBaiUttulree’.v Katranc 
’rom Bullitt street^ _ 

r. ct John’s Oi-ilcgy , aud every vther Book us*d in 0hS of e whloh P #i 5 «Wis»aidinandsecu! : ed. 
cbe c.ty or eoun ry ktrk Moc^rt RniMin* C ootiaue»tfri anw Uercliaiuli»e, Stock* acyfrgfrlc* 

ktfll i-klKct D. KIHK, aloiftrt lia luiag. l^*a frh-jxs carried oa et^^-n^oati.or otner goci 7ea**or % 

river,Uke,!ieft,cJAn»J,J4ndr%ilroai? routes, or oc a~j 

2Jt>W Book.3. of iheaftrigjitie WTitert of the coiMoerc*al world; ftlao 

uiD *1 Io# on Hull! of dlfrfrBftbofrt r friui other i?ou res 

wtt ETRIBUTION, A TALE OF PAS- ”^.o,«a”n»t loss by Arc on Buildir.- -and Ms* 

3.1, sinn; by Fmcia D. E- N . Hontliworth- *1 i5. ihandise and property. arRi i Pre, ient 

The Life »cd J-u . ie cervicee of Mulard Filim-re;by . , _ , . a , it. Bl-ituK, 1 re*, en . 

W L. Barre. of Kentucky. »l. Danforth, Beeretary . 

Life an ! Public cervices of lion. James Buchanan. 

Puce Jacenn. Wm . B . .*noddy , Cha. Q. Armstrong, 

History of the War in tbe P»-ninsuli and In the James Brid/efi-rd. H. A. Oumesnn, 

•>ou h of France, from A. D IS)7 to A. D. Iblt; ry Ma- Divid &. Vour g, J*hn A . I'unlop. 

j..r .eu> r>.i sir W. It. It. Napier, K. C. B , in five veils. tal# • 

r’lice SO 

t or sale by ^ „ 00fth Farmers’ and Mechanics 

riiiTAits! guitakh! the p| re and Marine Insurance C®* 

*fr r f »’ ftlock of Gui frrftin thi^ci'y mtr b‘* r oani I . 

a. th« Music is tore of LliA- I.KKNi, Ol 4* Il I I«k tit* 1 k) ll I H s 

ar 1 N E VIOLINS, BuWri, AN1» dirsctobs. 

BTUIN'78. A complct* arji'rtir.ent oi t l, « above flon.Thos. B lortnce, Edward R. Helmbold, 

just received by CHA tf7 ThinfstKOt. Thoma* Hand field, Isaac Leech, jr , 

- 6 1 1 — y- U.Penn Middl n, Oeorse H. ArmsUou*. 

'^T'IOLONCEIjLOS, B O VV 8 , AND vieor*e ntlmboid, E. Carrol brewstcr, 

v STRINGS, just received from the Ejst at the j ame sB. Seall, CharlenDingee. 

ilj i 1 • ■ • k ’ lexis* 

W. L. Maher, Se re's v t*f rits e. raou catxo 

fiifta ty the f^,uuvi le Journal, that in^u-iy b,e [ 1 I UKK stB.T TRIP. 

he u i r*a i.-i b j pubiis < ifi -on *t t* uahmgt.u W« gtva |l%oc . .oir •4i-o:i*l c tans ti ( li . e t InevBv* 

t- c ... . uct.uciij eiec.iiu. V> l v r . 9 fallowing adv«rti**mnoU V. in i*-** - ..s il-ovr on ^"icrday, 13th inst. at# r. w. 

doxo 1 I- t tncto v»ercs«mo kL.vieb enough to j “Al-.dy a d her daughter, wishing to virit the ] * of freight 01 p*s»hk. a ppl^ ^ r J5c B TT . 

- , - »,. any fadvehood at-5 Ca! Bwtfc fi* 1 hat i-t ''rui.c,' ir- t BO Ul rp.ox < aiuJ. 

«« , r., ..t i- ,v.» . b , . ,• winters uC tb* North, disir* n neaJthful loenuct n , , r-^^The fin* *i d »pl‘* did pfevtrser 

uxoy it “- ‘ 31 rce„._g r *“ rVt " r 0 , T - acre ;h*y eai- Cr.d gu d f a.roimge. fox i it Cruet- : irtiav FANNY BCL11TT, Hunliam, mas. 

mot . . riu b *4 :i. . a :c«r, fr.'ji i , n o nr.'v -il musi . il awing, penman- Will leave as above on Tuesday, Mtfiiaat ttoResM- 

“ ' . jT-_ _ .V ... j-. ot the cars. Pas. enters leaving on y, li.h 

at*. -gj». irc#p<niiC’3t, ab i:s ir. ih*: region, h,, .up, ern ' li’-ry, loatntt »ni, A... 1 fii.-i:co. h rgl> ; n Cairo In L me Lr the cars. F-r further 

U* ts., -e <4 Judge Wl:. R Meter in. W* h.v.. 1 ***° ai ‘ j th& En » ,5 * tt brJOC,,U t UUa> iui0r,uk kn *»»'** 10 E . s . BKN EDICT te SON. 

nod ubi he is a worthy ouiloagn* of the E4iUr c, , r i nto nn*'.i a address ‘Olivia 0. kwor.d.' ■ 1B ' M 0()R -- A ~— 

kuc Joutial , New Lisbon, C*»lumhiaua oonntf,Ohii«, statii g | «r or ciMClwnutt. 

n „ _ ~ ‘ .. . every particular in tall. The b ghoet tcst’BB ri- I Besular Mornirg-t.isc Pickets. 

• utiCCi kiMfstTCsus— ntoslUspcciiliL - ij Cii be produced a# to tb"ir c .irer'rr a- d *t>i|. I ^ -vT" 1 Bo n«w, ligbt-draugtt, and fa:-t- 

teua.o to Ut* adroru in’n.s o; M-.r-rs ifuNtlnaa ] niw. OLIVIA OAK WOOD.** runnirg Steamtrs— 

A Co. ln.-y are are ng tie Isrgcsc and Loaf ‘ . I Sa&TSJSsV 

A 1'rarruyn i>hxato. — V Lat la.iv or ; ml* ST LOLIS, Uiiir-tn.m #ter. 

a .:-eturer*.l -haco m this . ana Louti . . Ore of t! ese boat# leave the maii-b'at wharf every 

_ . a:M v.cH r mus coder tc# of s n, min* at I* o'clock 

Sweepstake 'or three year old, two mile hevti. *IW) 
entrasc;, fit) f .rf-it. Tts proprietor will aid 119) I 
two ur more ,t -.rt 

second race, same day; perse • lOU. mile heats. 


Purs* MOO. ?h-ee x&i'e heats. In all cates, two or , 
more ir u-it s;»r. to in»k» » ace. s-.8 uld 

ty~t> moorat cory and charge Corn r. 


kt movrd ^rota hi§ tld stazi, on §trc^*« to 


1 V t- N 1 Raman and Palm 1! i lyM 
Imp r ri Ligarr, g i h.anu.-. tx xe. hun 
ftw ,;ci Yu. .•■.•< : Gr *, L • u s*aj 


Cur«d Hnuui at Auction. 


ft- DVY, s: l') o'clock, we wnl v Auctirn, V 
cl se sev*ral cot.*igu xeds, * ■ hi X s '• - » ’.>r »a“„as 

li e upper part of Main street, ”ppo*iie Mr. Max i j 0 t i s v 

lailuw roust, is . 10 w r* 4 .iy »ttli b.» o.ual supply of ] boxes Kit’*’ No » i, ' *.-c ; lu i> x -s V . . . 
luiccd Bounds cf Heef, H ef in *>M» and'-birs, ram- imi.ur e*t Ca*nis • d brands ); -0 4 * liisiov 

ily >le»* Brs?\ su*ar-cure i Dee' B- ToD*ue», der Tea; Skb » Nos I ». ' > Macs*:*,: - slid '» N* L 

v PT RINGS, just received from the E*st a: the j ame# g. NeaU, 
Music Store of CliAS J KENT, _ 

67 Tkir I meet. 

m.tiofaeiurers ,f loLacio in this c.'j, and Louis 
trt.i* wee* ntiwtlj las muaieip*! point in la* »al- 
'.9}t oi tue Omo J s-.ippi iq me lobaoco 
hale. Taj/ no: oo-y k»*p ta*ir own Lrisi?, bat 
othere, whisn have besoms celcbrsud. Dsulers 
in wi. at of rupplie* canuvt di> better than gi 0 g-i.Uouieu 41 S.L and a trial. Their ta torj 
uni *»rth .u«* ie on Tr.ird (MR, ho.-uon Ksid 
ha i the ri 

■"•tr Ci"Cl"ti'- < <’ 

Regular ilorning-t.isc Psckets. 

j un arm, ii^bt flrnught, and fast- 

V" ritvr runnirg hteamtrs — 

CREMONA, Poyle, mavter. £ 

ST LOUIS, Hildreth, master. 

Ore of t! ese buat# leave the mail-boat wharf every ot 
m rnir.g nt 10 o’clock- 
Fur freight or passage apply on board orto 
1^*10 ft . c. ilAKi tit. 


At Pinggoid’a. 


KM< Passion; by Mrs. * outhwevtb. Price 41 £5 
i ne D • ry Chaii , a Family l h ocie;e; by the author 
t *• The Heir of R dcl"’e,” ••llear.icsfe , r aic. *1 60 . 

THOMAS B rLOUENCE, President. 

Edwxru R. UsutaoLD, Secretory. 

lion. Joseph R- Chacdie*. Hca-John Robbins, jr., 
Hun. William II Witte. 

•bis brcflb, wher, Ly tutin? tho “ B,iim 0 / c j lorlnughtoT passage appiyon ^"“ ARpnL 
| f l "iwr* fcf s 'I ' I'tifnct if Mi ). m . col} 1 Key ular a venins-Line P ,ckrt 

rattdor it *weot but, leaveth* teeth white as ala- . FT* !*'!».. ) be fine l'xht-dratiyiu #taamer 

... . .. | r m itimift, 8- P HfB«ARl>,Or«p*, mas 

. L-wiict 1 ..any ;-«>n«t,L* do not tacit t..- ir oreaiL fvYIUeareacabove on This day, lith in: ,it3r.». 

i ie bad, ani tho subject if ao delicate their friend* j for freight or passage apply on f' K ‘;; KAD 

will never mention it. Pour t single «lr*.p of the | - ■ ■ — - - ■— 1 — 

j - Balm’’ on your tooth-brush and wsb theteetl I For IWueaL «tod Cui.O. 

Llibta&d aorning. A fifty cent bottle will last# j ‘ hc ?c 1 rocr HTY, Vi’L, m*s. 

fj^r. tVih^v^a^bove no This day, Uthinst.. at 9 a. M. 

. * „ ... I For freight or passige apply onboaro »ru- 

A Bkaltivcl CoifPi.rx ion may ea#:lv to ac 1. 6. MmiKHE ai>. 

t<a> rassion; ny sirs, o’unw, rn. rncen u .. ,, . . ... . , in 

•Ihe D- #y Chairi, a Family Ch oniele; by the author 8TA1 fc.tth.' 1 Gf Ul . • 

: *• The Heir of K <lcl'"e,” "Uear.acaee. r aic. *1 60. p ronl tUe first day of August to the thirty -first day of 
Irving’s LiT- of W sshmg'oa . r . -ti,. 

ihe oakeu Head, an 1 ■ the.- Tales. Price 7ee. Tecembtr, lN-o. 

\ B-vij ’» Second JOarney Bouad the Y«"ur;d; by Ida Amount received in Marine premiums 0'S,‘~i- 31 | 

- s»,i«S to 

1- - ;rr -~ UJ ^fc. The splendid ligh* -draught stcmrei 

T ll*iiltfii3r RESCUE, Hugh* r. mar. 

WiB K*»e a* aove on This da>,lJth inst., at 4 r.M. 
Vorfreightor vassag c aypi} <>u ouare ui tu 

- cC^jaThe line ligitt-cltu k-oi steamer 

L,.-~ Mutaia. Aioaauuur und CwntioiD will o;;t-a year. ; 'Vih eav- a* above r-n This day. laamst.. stls.a. 

J „ ., , I Forfrelgmor passtgeappiy onbqaro <>n.. 

a M^tt t Biit.caI and C.assickl school on Monday! A Bkaltivcl Complexion may ca#:ly Lo kc 1-8. MOUKHEAlt. 

th«.UAiMi. Mr. A. has lung been known as a qaired by u-ing the “ B >l,n 0 / a Tuovtand For Cairo ~ 

•acu^s ul and pa u.-r teacher. S v tn-; ia.t thro: t ‘otter*." It will rcaiuv* fan, pitnpiet, anC al P”*. The fit* ^a---r.grr .* 

years he has been Pr.uo.pai cf Jefferson Famwa frcckl ..from th. akin, it of # soft and *?S^ 0 n Thu U ^ 
Acr.jt J). in ftiaiwL Ci^dCit/ h3 ^iro6Dtir4 11 U 1 f hue. ^ t at & towclfpvur on tfto ortarwi ritit will lake paattogen forihe F*u Uui 

aajUod, o.- S to pairona and pa,>iis. a, ws h the face night and moral) g. * For freight or passage apply on board or tc 

Itioiuisi and luliv womnaMt to fill the emssical ^OArtm Made Es.8r.-Wet your shaving- 1 . 8 . MouullEAP 

.. ...... 1 bru.h m e:tfc«r warn or cold water, pour on two _ 3 " 

department. Y-nwg men and youths should avail or lhree , lrop , of ^u, of * fhousaiid Flowers," * or Memphis. 

thetnaeiv** of their aighl achooi. Men advertia- ; rub the beard wall, and it will nake a beautiful aaocLaR r a c X t T . 

men t in another colum. a *f t lather, much facilitating the operation of - wiTT^a -Tho fine .it*»tner 

ehaving. Frio* only Fifty Cents. ^EiCUE, Bugher, master, 

Warxa mlo.ns.— U uwvillo is c-risilered tbe KET RIDGE A C0.,Prop’r«. X. Y. "if ji'frlibt or pMsa^eappfy^^ar^or “ ^ 

rniiag market in the We*t far this vinous ascu- Agent* — R. A. Robinson A Co , and Bell, Talbot A ^ 0 -_ Ba8HAM. 

leni*. Third and Siaiket is tbe headquarters for Go., J. ri. Morris & ri >u, Louisville, Ky.; rictib- _ _ jr-~ M *~«a The splendid liah’-driu^h. etcmrei 

aht r »«J* B r ’ll, - ,ri r , r „i„ ,, I ne' A D*v.,l, N jw AI b&uy, Indiana. 1 in TihsiSm RESTCE, Bughtr, mas. 

kUatr sale to th.: v..y , and tusy ar* nut only ex- f Jr-dAw owlv Wih 1- *»t ** aore on This day.lJth ms:., at 4 r.M. 

•essivrif bought tb r*, but th*y are con,aa«*d in] : Xorfreigtoor passage a ppl> »a ^VoorusaD. 

ituru.'--* qaanll »s on Uat bjur e, acd the W*xt Misbt IUppek — It may la the bridge „ jV nm» 

rinds and refuser p-ictiuns a-o aiiowod to cuinhor scr-.ts t&* Ohio af Louisvill-. will bcbailt without •£jmStRBKt CUBA, Mills, master, 

the stdewaik;, wm-'h arc a fataliiy to ladies whit'. ; a;j y m ,r * talk on the snbjeot; or it may bai pen Forfrdght or passage, having superior accummuda 
good* and a terr -r even to th* sumst-footed. railroads will become a# plen'y in Kentucky u ' ,n *’ * pply pv * rd or to j g jjoorheaD. 

• as Border Ruffian* in Kaaxa#. But it will never |p— ,■ ■ — =r — t ~ — - — 

Goal. — T h* stock of coal in tbe market is be- happen that so msny well-known men of veracity '.’ q ,. ^ ‘ e ° V!iUier cUBA, MliD, mas. 

Ug rapid. y reduced. An extensiv* dealer in- fre-tn all portions of the country, as there tbr.t ^^r^hVo^^aKeVppIyVn boa^'l lo ‘ 4 '' “• 

formed us yesterday that there wainct more than have certified to the great benefits derived from . C. Basham. 

one hundred thousand bushots cf all kinds on the use of Porter’s Oriental Life Liniment, should * - ciUIZjaThe splendid ;iuht oraugn atcaaei 
band We quote a sale of l/>00 bushels good be so unanimous in tbrir approbation of any med- WiinYTy^T^bov.’ on Ssturuay/lkh iost,^ at i p.i. * 
Pittoburgh by Oimsteed A Go , at 24 oents. The icine, nuiers it was troly a va'.uablo and safe retn- ¥<Mr ,rr| k |llor P»** a * e oppiy ou D ”* r y °Jj l ^ 8UAM 
•am* e^al is worth 25 cents by the cart-load. c g y> j^aoh has the Oriental Life Liniment proven ~ t ■:■■_■ ' ■ ■ ■ 

To is A e learn f; m . he Dan ville Tri- l) b *’ H ^ dred * * nd »»«Ttdr*ds have tried it with ic |; >b “ r f aud Vazo ° Hlver - 

bene that, at the rcoent term of th* Gxrrard Cir- tJ, « “«• h *W7 And if any cno doobts K STaWB^HaVdon mas 

«uit Court, John U-cmt y was convicted cf the ^ eltoacy of Um°ri«Ul LifhLiniuumtin emtog tom . at 4 ;. u. ’ 

murder of .Stephen S pratt, at the August election ^®D,bruu. s, sprains, old cores, tetter, rheumatism, y R A gn Aat . 

of UU, aai *. ntenewi to be hung on the 2L#t of I 4o ' tfae * * hou,d V^hote a twenty-five cent hot- !_I S—5W 

N vember ncx* I He and use it according to dirMtiocs, and thvy tf 1 H E A P PLAYING CARDS. &H 

will b* convince!. re- Aw ^ grosschrsp b^'in.ture sndfor sal e 

! t* fjynj A. MOiilk, fro. W ! ft.rft tt. 

it Hill be ftcftc Ircui ifrfr fr^TeriiBfrTMQt of ——————— — — — — ■ - _ 

Pfeifier. rrice ii afe. w ^ Dm Fir** do 

ihc Life of ihr Right llonorahx - Ji'ho PI. i? pot Cur- 

* l * 5 ' Total rr.mium. for five month, 

t or sue by B. RINGOOLD, Caoitol 

»ert 66 Fourih street, near Main. 

^g^ce^ £^oL •« f «SS? S 

room, N... WI' >t ».n str-et, a fiae ajsor.aient Philadelphia b 

of Drums of evtry de-cripiion at low pric-s. RaiDoad Bond»,co»t 

st J Importer and Dea'eV'i Mus c Uood#. Loans on first mortgage of real estate.... 

,, , V T — . 1 , li . . n Do stocks, Coli arml 

<, a i I N L ViOLlNb AND Oashin Bank andon hand 

GU1TAR3. A beaut. f-if 1st of the above C4PilaJ iU b, c hbed. pay went notyetdue. 

■.«- A '.-. V a fi-r aeia ei. ear, wh drsalts and Tr. ail, b> ' 

y A ■>T D. P. FAULDB, Premium notes, not maturea 

No 53!t ’ a;n s.reet, Dae frotu agents (secured by bonds) 

; J«! between a, con 1 and 'Dri, Kipeaie . an 1 commiasiuns 


! finest steel fr-g.r.t-ry valve ever brought to rotal amount of losses ncuned.but 

- I iU^eldl F l ** ‘ UftVe v-..-— a %d «r « M G I I G o - *!■ » 

. SOi’,-00 00 cash only. A ^fl Mwx^t street Musi n«, Buawla, 

^ J g'./i JiftfK IwirtO-* Traiiu-Dg-*. ul Ci 

18)8.16113 gy 8 0ft Hat* of every dewrip ion at cash pro- »■ T imv—etoo on 
* I _ ___ " |MQ, i^LLisracCorv 

Full Style cf Diesa iiat9. m v 

•73 721 66 ~ the 3UB8CK.IB5* R INTRO- 

33,-0000 GH duces the 'at! stjle ef Drea Hatstc-dav. Pur- L 

56 S«0 (it -hasers will p’.e »e sivr me a call an 1 exam ae p oir ,>, 

J *, for ti emselves- Py s* domg'hey wjll save 2, p-r cent. ,■ Sm i e 

ao.'Wieo JAMVS B.aoou.tei 'l^Hir..t, 5,X(.b 8al* 

IW»8dii| au23 J d oors above • our h »>uth»i'a. 3eveeth3ate 

67.700 Ot! I . _ _ . Kiadtb 3ale 

60,367 il Daily Omcibus laino ; » >>4 *js — 

18,353 6 i ; Between Jr Her worn town A L.»ui*ville. T 

,a ii|>HBSU HriC R 1 8 E R H A S K ST A B- w \ ' T 1 (. 

(+..-,15113 ft Usliel an Onrir us L-n* betw-*n J-ff-W'Dtow- TC . Vs ,oa'l 

1 »n.l I.«ui4V» i — h-avina JefOT«jnl«wn rvr» morning i » • 

Bonds of Allegheny county. Pi tub erg, and 


Railroad Bonds, cost 

Loans on first mortgage of real estate 

Do stocks, Collateral 

Cash in Ban k and on hand 

and ail otter things in bi» r.e prep -red t»y him I anil Sue, I" >» bhl» 'I noiis** a Hh.-fcy: i ►> 

i Tder* d.rc.te‘1 to 'lrsars. sin, . well 4i Son. Wallace jh-uihon lq: 3 » casa-* ' r -;.. l» U I a , a * Mu*j 

Poor W. Co-. Jf through tt.e r-o>t otbee. >*i.l *>e immrdi- , ;-t W ne; 5o 0, *- , UaisiLSi * x-j ; , si •! S- i-.aj 
a ely altenfle.l to ai d d livered free of charge in the Turn ers; ito bund i " .; •* »' «i - .-. »i»h s 

au-. Jt-5 ! gen l va-iet> of <K ,«r «T- ie unit tiro ery aue. Al 

tor sc dudi »,f xh.»:i it m»v m care. 8 tirmekm 

Farmers' and Mochamcs’ ScioiO Koliill^T Mill! 'V 4j 

1 ; acd all. te I Ul ii|> :■ uiKC Ml •• wi’h pnviieae. 

p. EOGiiaa, Agent, 

NO. 64 COLUMBIA al'K£LT, I gy aower, tteoi^y u co . 

Ci Beta watt, Ohio. j Tiiri ^ 0x>ds %t Aactt<lBt J 

L LL 8lZES OF— Catw'ogu-*, ou three 'don ilia’ Credit. 

Flat Bar Ir-u; . B.'ijr Plates; v WEDNESDAY. SEPT I7l 

Hound sad Square Iron; Itoilrr Heads; Eft** ” f U " r ' . , * * ’ * . * ’ 1 *1 

DandyTire; Sheet I tea; " * commenaig *t JS o clock, we wit ouer. it puH 

Itcrxe Shoo (scrap); f re Bed; I lie auc ion. b» eaialugue, uu a eieud vf th re ■' biM 

Biddle-Treei Ni ls; 1 *dpa»age»and:nt» of goiaign and IH.oie -i:c, » «pM 

Doom; Bpikeefship); and F* Dry ti- »j». roiupri-ing one n he •evtafl 

Orals ind Half-Ovalj; Plow Slolee; ; ennaeii-v of toll aud W.n e. Ooode tver -'Be ed .olij 

Baud ins; P’owWmgs; W»4t, »on**s ing in part of Black. *lue. fcr-w.., M***| 

Lishtnir.g- Rod Iron; Chain.: French. EngUen. and am ri^ u dt a- ekths ; KUrl 

Nail R'-d*, Coarooai: Cuan Cah'es; ard eancy l msimer- s, Hi- eg. fe.ue, Dal. id t adsu 

Nail Rod*. Norweg an; Boiler Rivet*; St# '-m x-d »nd Faery tsinra x.i *'j*l lv ran 

S ylf , ..I i.l.oir Fiatra; CedStocR Je.ts. ml Ccioi*. B1 ek and It ue P Jo'- ol B*a»W 

Pig Iro i, cold and hot biaet- Oioth-*. S i a i»». W f»u *y . Negro, and 3 .to * el-m 

111 sixes of B >.;ed an i Cb Tccai Iron made to order- seta. D- L iie'»t' « i.m<Te »,»..«% a< ! 'v-fj t.H 
l o-ders proicpUy atten.'ed to. c-m. tobu ( ■ lo ha, W h e, bed ut.i le l»* Flamelj 

\[J oar meant* :arc» warranted. am#* C *nl n «lo, L <>a». .a. kua sh ani uierca tn d 

- compr s.og all ih> ! vo- »c bwi. i. •* ugh* Inw 

unvtor Li- euk mown acd B eachcd 1 abler o b«. tr-.ei, Sbe-i 

”v +1 * tt. Bleachfd Jo, of -U kiu I ci’ii. Bob Meg 

i LL THOSE WHO ARE INDEBT- n.*l* p *"* Uutno.chm-k . 11 r* ,.r .*»,««. \**m 

I A '* . _ lf , _ ^ s. ci« Colo e i L, « .iciAft* pi» * »M 

3. %#b to th^uc4er«ign^ ! will cfrli ani ^..acyfrUfti* CrAYtS l* . . rmkH 

\ hive dan! BJ IwU •*“ ®° r Koj-K liajkfiftCft li ioKs-ich «♦», J»cx i trl*. C’ »cL»»r«3 

sho&ij. J ^ 3 ftLr .Musi Dft,*uawUv of fr»l k»r> •* 1 bor a. a, 

»» 3fl _ . . .** Mftrl [ » l > tf i frCe Triui&ip|4x ul ev^qr <i • rip uak 

ty* ? oft of CTcrr rle»crifr 10a cp^h pre-ft. rms — -sivo ftnaactl<r» c ri.., • -U-t itaconsi; ff| 

“ m A flu)# sftusrmccory &ou nnlwt m il/mJ L pi|it<4 

1*. ROGiiaa, Agent, 

NO. 64 COLOMBIA aTKili-T, 
Cinciunsll, Ohio. 

A ll sizes of— 

Flat Bar Irvn; . B.dl- r Plates; 

Hound end Square Iron; Itoilur Heads; 

Dandy Tire; Sheet Ire a; 

lioroe Shoe (scrap); F re Bed; 

Paddle-Tree; »»')•; # . . . . 

noop«> ap-.keefehip); 

Ovals and Half-Ovals; Plow Ssales; 

Band Iron; P v -»* W mgs ; 

Lightning-Rod Iron; Chain.: 

Nail Koda, Charcoal; Ci.aia Cables; 

Nail Rf K; Boiler RiVeU; 

Rai^L.ud Chair Plates; C»*l Ste^l; 

Pig fro i, cold and hot blast 
All sixes of B ...ed am Cfi Tccailron made to orurr- 
All o-’irrs promptly attended U>. 
tOT All oar manufa turca warTioted. 



. Vf. to th? under* ign* l will please cali and settle. 

m bank, or *N P«r c«k.t. d.«. nr «•» ■» 

ajOM D * - I ftrvsV % 

A auric 


fcar.h Sale. • 

r fin Sale 

Sixth 3*)* ....— ..... 

Seventh Sale 

Xiaiitb Sale 

l«c Cell 

5>b del 

»h jo 

to h >«.*! 

J>in Je 

O. T. a 01., a act’ purer*. J 

L. S. MUOUHEAD this eiiv. for s*1-i low, sh ib-eoie and retail bj 

T ■ J%;p7 D. P. FAULD3.5;& Muin Street, 

, r j between Becon - ' and Tnird. 

lCI,Ti k Stic ua A: Brother^ 

" „ . No. iti MAtittET ST., PHILADELPHIA, 

JUK, Bugher, master, .. . , 

iJtti inst . at ; r. m. Imporler!-, -DHH»if*ivt»irt-ris, and >V hole* 
i board or to kaie Dealers in 

o#« dAS 11 A 31 • 



lJ»h ms:., al4 r.M. to? irade.societie.jandiailitarybraesbands.forVio- 
<ui>uan:uHt tins and Strings, i.uiift s, Fl.nes. Clarionets, B«. 

:. 8. MOORHEAD. viol#, Ace rdet'tis, Ac., A j.. also, drsss and werman- 

s,lver I: s run.ent’, witn pucip and r >ta ry valves, oi 

tin wot steamer the latest improvan *nU, in »rts r single. Any -’M- rs 

CL BA, Mills, master, entrusted to them, *r communications asurg fur 
LJ , i3ih inst. at 4 r. m c-ricts. *11* h ave immediate qtt-ii' i ni. a uiki dim 

and Louisvi'i — leaving JeOr».>nl..wn morning 

at 7 u’c uc<, and re ,c*iing Louis, i ie at • , a U. He- 

notyetmU—d. * -.unJefte- ^HllHSPi ki>UI<tH, 

Marine;.'” *,«*> SO A >Ute he Iclt at Fran* Miul tea’s book e'ore, on AUCTION EBK AN D COMMISSION MBBCHAN Tl 

Third s'r-et. w er* 'a J iee c«n leave their D.nw.sod „ . _ . ar_. • , *. J 

54 ,iOK ho th- Omnibm e it cal for them m any p»-t of me city. Sore Ho. 5#B Jfoaw *t.,oimo»%t* Sot%r n ai r/ofel 

„ . onhnaiHMV. Person# riding into JeUe-sontown, and wishing t’ Lonite* U, E>J, A 

jSSUm mmOm rn m “K — mri— l ~ 

sr..’.*r.ri c ”~ *--“nsa ss 

||{HiD9t IdOfiD Dl Fitts. - ■ " - m 

As Agent of ihe above Solvent Company, lam pre OmnibuS 1 iUG- 51^ 

pared to issue policies upm moot favorable terms on »• W1IKFI1 Will HUN\ ^toek. 

cargoes in coarse of n to or from any pore «T M M W A L K PR W | L L Kl.> A Hereh 
■T Europe or Adnerica, hull, of «emstt« .uvigaUng J u J Ti >"a“ ,l°i a^vU^^ roV'to^’ P^f 

THUS. PUB ti.1., 


M-rcboct, No 6i*S Market street, b 
3rook. south side. Cash advanced 


et. between fn 

red on cons>a|fl 

tW f*» rsrvv uvrt 

[Jou»nal c py 1 


lei* dtf 

Omnibus 1 iae. 

,-eipt of eoHnUnn or u of jierohaniu* or Ftt 
ni.ure for auc hob «»i*s. I 


^ has attention So tale* of Real S stall 

U r*, \, VV A 1 KFR Will HUN \ Stock*. Bonda. M. r',sg-s, Hunash W 
' '<• tl W.ALRMI ” IL L "_L.v MerchanJ *e senefatl> , at hie store, nr vate rvsiden** 
line of Omnihus-e. in case ti n wrth the stsrea •, Mercbanta, Merchants' Esc gauge, and el* 

.q.t’ rs the Western water*, and ail descriptions of property Clty No Tf 4ICT9 8 
-« fur a Q d buddings against loss or damage by fire, in town i 

8 JLD UN TUX CAK3- Th.t 
b*Hotel. onH dtf 


C. BA 8 UAM. 

14 H E TONGUE OF FIKE: l»R, ty Alilosse* will be adjusted and promptly se.tled 

iKi h E j unuuHi ur r uh, nr 

JL The True Power of Christianity; by Wm. Arthur. I by me 


p i»e 7b ct'Dti. 

Victoria: or, The World Orercome; by Caroline 
Che 8 et>r« Price SI 2a. 

The Life of Jaiats Bucharffcn; by Horton. Price tl. 
The Oid Viear*g“;by Mrs Hub>a<h. PriceSis5 
Tbe Last of the Fortstvrs: or, Humors ou the Border; 

lie Transacts a strictly commission how ness, aai 
will offer Kea) Estate. Stocks, Kent)-., ana every iM 

senpttouof Merchandise, at miher private or s ac ltm 

ty Regular semi- weekly sale* every Monday am 

T hurs day.. . _ , 

ty Special an.-; i>n sales oa any day toquircd- 
tyibe favors’ !o locat. on sf his ptaoc -l 'usig 

The splendid Iglii ilraugtil steaine) I oy luhn E on Cooke PriOe*ii|.r 

'^od 8stwl^'lkk iu??iVs B ' Mountoiorcr, Scout, and Pi iu<s*r— Chief of tu* Crow LouUTille Insnrssiicc Co., 

Will Lave as above on Bstur toy, 13th inst, at 4 r.M. 

For freighlor passage apply on Doard orto 

Fur Vicitabarg aud Yazoo Hivcr. 

«a The light-d rough' steamer 
-ebAti^ihftBa J. JACOB*, Hay dor, mas. 

Will i «».• a, above on This day, ISth inst , at 4 r. u. 
For passage only apply on board or to 


Udians. illustrated- Price *1 25. 

The Life of lien. Daniel Morgan. Price $1 35. 
History of Immigration to the United ktates. Price 

$1 .AJ. 

Harper’s Story Book, vol 7. Priceai 
Ma tins of Cro Martin ; by Lever Price 80 cents. 


The patronage of the public 1 * respectfully solicited. £&■ ty lb* favorol.le loca-.o# of his place •! msineS 

Office. Main street, south side, front room over 0. 1. . a • _ ^ Mm ia the v#r; cents* of the ’mercant’ ie ’>mm« tg 

k?V DsU'^a Fourth and FiP.h, entrance <> 111 11 1 t> !1 » LlftC. ^ "" 

same asto Harris i Co.’s Daguervan Gallery u . .... » i iv^ , »|r | ’ IMtll A \ T> la u*3itioB to which on #*m-)enc* of ovwr thirt 

m „i H. if TIMBBBLAKK, Agent. | HAVE A LINB VJV yoggaio^ituito msreaukste purwu M 

w * 1 — — 3. n*w Omnibuses running from the Loul-v-ll an ' corr d wtlt siv* tom* osowraaew io msl 

_ . I ■» 4 > 4 « f 1 ,, Fra- Hfrt and Looiavilla >a I ba-divili* rai'rom. de- -hact-, mauuiactor.r*. and others en:ia»; og ‘im wif 

tgOHiSYIllC xfisll FafiMTl A©», po „ , a rrying pst'engers and bag. age from ike depots Uwfr bu^uses. that proper attoatovu w*IH>e givwal 

O -, ,, t / ' T.' rv V TH to VilRTtt at OF to aM mart* ot »a# «il|. »#* uw ssraa.. P asse ago sor*- their ialeresu. ... , ^ ^ , I 

FF ICE UN I Hr. TSUitlH oll»r .,,i iug b»l.w Fourthstxeet can wave 'heir orders mth* ty account sales willb* promptly rvaderedaad ■■ 

I of Main street, between Third and fourth ove Baching- Hotel, and those above F> urth ean_lesv- tl e.i «i ihoat dr ay. 

thestore of D. 8 . Benedict. th m a: th- hoal House, c ruer Second *od Jrff-rson gy ^ou*ignn.e .Ure*p#eifu ly solicited. 

Chart-red Capital, - - • • asOu.OW street*. I- *- W . RLFKKKX F ri. 

riTs^romoanv^rDiruoworganlked.wlllmake inoa M ‘* * toelertlle— Virgil McRniaM, Prseigoat Bank % 

ftNOFFF.E. 1 U 0 BAGS PRIME RIO a ^ co^Btk«?jo^IM^ , . 

— rinrt- id II allft of Sterna b*?frtft f qo Carfoeft bT tftise.b^ ^shi 

DENTON’S GliEAT WORK. f^JS&Twdby IMU mode. illiMM fJOF I 

B ENTON’S THIRTY YEARS tastoMugiyJ alax 

View of the United 8 UL* Senateianow complete. w». PaxTBaa.Secrets'T 

POND* a MORRIS. I *Uaeinnati— John 0. Buckle# k. Co., Ch-uoweU I 

Persons wishing to have the 3d or 3J volumns, will be 

C l H E A P PLAYING C A R D8 . 6« • supplied by the agent, by leaving their 1 1 arnes at 

* gross cheap playing Cards.ln store sad for sale from 1 ‘poit office. 

A. BOHiX, ho. 50 third St. 

Mr. Hevuid, tb* well kr-ewn and popular Guitar- 
1 st, that h« h-a rat ui utA to LouLvU.e, and is pva- 
purod to d<v* icearce to ail deairiug bis *«r. 

▼;<■»# As a su eoest a taxoher, Mr. Rar> Id has do 



B ycun sides, so casks 

dear Bacon Bides for ea’e hy 


paid ia eaah for Wool by 

j*« JAMBS CMM1Y.M Wall Bt. 

E xtracts, a lar«je ashurt- 

J meat at ra«»] AN DE FtfiON’g. 


Orleans Sugar for sa'e by 


I auW Third street, between Main sad Water. 


t sides for is.e by 


Jt a R C H . 60 BUXES FUX’S 

^ Starch for sale by _ 



in.i i. Adam A. A uiordon. 

Tbomae ■■ WU«re^ JflMam T.Barttoyr^ 


^uiir ,a> * CORNWALL b BRO. 


I aJi 04pf0r kI,by CORNWALL b BRO. 



Maibstrebt. a«v. Firm a»»8iXTH,L*risvrtaa,B» 


1 is respectfully Invited to omrresular Auction 
4%1-s, on every TUESDAY end THUReDek dann* 
Ae fail, commencing oa each day at *• * c i oek *• " • 

when we will sell a senaral assortment of Dry Mood* 

'tw ioFoo * ' p* * is) tlroobomom t tor each day’i 
1 ‘^spl iAw‘ ; T. ANP1RB0R R 00 , Auot’ri. 

New Ortoaxa— Ccbh. Martin R Co; J. r WLtsw 

' MoMle— MiRon BoalhoaeA.laq. 

Boston— Chen-ry A Co. 

Baltimore— 8baw « Fnek. 

Ph 4 la.i**ph*m— Cerw* h Tarry A Drw. 

Sew York— W.nsiow, Leaiev A Cw . Jowatban 

L HUUImY I I LE ri|> \M-PuWfl 

Chair Maxufactory.— WBom u ms aad MB 
Office, Ns. 4s Wall street, Lou sriile. Ky 

jam Tamm dBvMBT.AMd 


® ® HIB GOOLD, To all i hit have Vehlclea 

C CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, AND! abl ® Invent! un -Chance 

^ Dealer ta Perfumery aud Fancy Goods, No- 67 I* i JQ 

Toallthit hnve Vehlclea— An Invalu- 
able Invention -Chance for a Specu- 

V anti street, an i«r ba.ioosl liotcl 


Watches. I It IS ! SHIRTS'! JUST RE- 1 

HE SPECIAL ATTENTION OP '^c.lvel.uJ.rgeinvolS orreYlv-m.deL‘ne“nd ! 
those who »re ia want of fine TIME-PIKCES 'lu»iu Shirts. ein’r-.cing all Ye latest improvement*: 
rite 1 to an examination <f our larg-: assortment, k" doxen fine Idneu St r s, trued and hue 




I Hotel. #elO r 1 1 u L’ r vnPDtfP VL’TI * n v no r i is invite i to ru rxAmiDHtion rf our larg^t assortment, doitn fine Mneu »fc’r<8, trjsd acd line 1 1 

| IflHEKMbWLH ARE 1 K L- of the b-»t English aDd 8wits rntnufacture. For sale ■ 5° d0 do Nuslin do, d> do; 

[! \\ SH \ \ i \l» piu>*d to ftell the right of “Garrott*s Patent 0:1 bl low price*— a.l warr»n e 4. 30 do do do do, no c JUrs; 

,, . S»" ket, with AxleOeanrr "for the Sut**cf Kentucky, srlUavw JOHN KITTS & CO. Main st. *}° do do dr, torn eollt'i; 

it A-® 10 *?*’ I or any p«rl of the Praia, on trim- to< that aldalwisi. — -1 ;’6 do do do d'*> tt-tndirg rt.«; 


Soap, fre-h Pocatuma. German Cologre. "Id cra-ry’n 
Brandy, ixtra Lenon Snap, barber*' tsoap, Lubin's ■ insure a 
Kiuwia el gant Tooth nu-lin, new Hair*. hun of a 
Jbo.r.Gre.s*. stuu uu, ehaiug Cream, limu'i 1 ax.ethor 

* Wt,e | At*! ni i tim* at t 

*« ,u fa B RINGGOLD’-. 17 Fourth «t. I c**lotht 

. " | twice ib. 

Di«peiisary on Third 

insure a for une. Th VcoDtriv uce is inserted in the Silverware. 

hUT of « wheel, enah mg a P’ r»,n t ' cha: and oil the i . 1*0/11? A\|) HV11TT1P1I1 

ax. e thoroughly, ai d in »i. i crdi'ly abort *pac*of A LAKu r, A I’lM' r, A lj I J f I L 
htae. hi. t\ mi iwhi removing rk* trkrcl. W th it. an axle xaL stock of SILY’Eit >VA HE altraj s on hand and 

carnal heroine ilirtp. an 1 1 r,mc. oil *- labor, more tlun . tor 9 lie at the to treat cash rrire • 

twice ihe co t < I the fi c»el w,il be saved ev -ry j ear. I seiOettw JOIN K iT r S & CO., Main s’. 

It is adapted to every t ind of vine! 1 j u 4 ', besides be- — 

ing i.mi le, • tteeliv- , la-tu.e, and thtap- We ohallenee | . SLverwarO. 

any rn- to fit * any individual who h, a the Socket | __ 

thhti.disr f , » MY STOCK OF SILVER IS 

1 1 ! AS*); id * rights f r c- are toirg off fa«t, at I Si'S *___- T .. . . fm&jri.ijr lr- tu t75 to $ > 0 i a l* In \r>i^r h nils. I KR\»w» i eVery * lrtlC ^ 1D 

■ he right l»r Kentucky v, uld pay. through judici- us 1 the Silver 1 ne tha . car. be dea<re,], or that is t.ww 

ageLCica. (r.m*.. w to *11 its I . ! . B u »«> ■“«*»» ‘-** 0 ", Pit hen., Uobiet*. Tun- 

r ut by e. untie,, u,e P urcl.a>er iron u, c ul l rex’ ze a . V art«T ^d°8Boon»" ’ fwV a a'c’ *“ J Cake Knive5 ’ 

Ciea. profit ot hr. — eg oar lor the mult M-vle. j ' l ) , Ji . u » vi^S’l Ln l n f J a , H „ 

A, «'{. e d*w"m 1 ‘ Jtri ^ ned M tl, n L ‘ n fn*!, m Son’.l^y * an f.c iSbte C.t^ J “ & ° d * Cr * 
J M Hrp* mery. Ala. n^mArkv wm . K v:\DKUlK.7l Thirdatreet. 

do fancy L'neu Shirts, byron collirg; 
do do <» I'gharu do. do; 
do H .>•»’ .-h r.i fine an i broad plaits; 
Lyri) and &.anding Collar.: 

.0 do oo fancy: 

Anderson, McLane & Co.. 


w W a full and complete asvnrtm-r.t of SILK 

T H > R t \ j> 1 1 0 

.New Arransren:ents. 



do .'o do oo fancy: 

Hires Iron. 13 to ti*- ->ch retk«. !'• r sal . low at 52 ol M*ij un i Third itie.ts. 

0L1S, P. A C. KAILKO*!..-'. 

- ** ‘ w * - ,|H< — £5 ayy> qrf . Ciejlr profit of f#« loLtflour it.ct tor thP flltk 

Electro-Chemical Baths, A «uVddVwii m Jtritt ‘ ntrJ M Hrn> 


A Lewd. Iodine, or <dher metallic Mibstausei irotg No.7v Fourth ;treet,be*weon Main and .ti&rket 
tte gy eieuj , c to now be bad at l>r. K. Ca.pari's Hydro- , _ _ 

pa he b,t ibiighmet.l, ou Second atreei, between W al- (k**l thi sitiosh hotsl), 

gut and Cnealnut itreeui. The elbctency of th-et LOCI8VILLK, KY.,*«» no» been ful;> ested oy a number of chem- Wg AVHVirTHUVUd a vn IiFAI 
isu a ,d p<i>* ci*ns in France as well aa ii several of ! |ll AAUf AU I I.KNi” A.alr 1 * E n Li- 
•ur wr.e ewstern cities, and the fact b*s been fui y us- -LsR ers in a'lkirds of Martresse*, BeddiDg, Tarpau- 

ta ..i-ii- j, t at. by their app.ication, aietaUic sub- I lirs, Flagg. Window fhadts. Curtain Gocdg, and, ran oe reflUoveo from the system- i Fornisbing Materials. 

T ,e -Chtuiica! bwth has aUo t roved very ef We warrant our work as r»rvegentedj and effer It at 

Watches, Jewelry, Silver and Plated 
Wares, at 

WM. KENI)RICli.’8, 71 Thi&d Street. 


-r, > “riV T ^ry which I am making 


d-A 3'jir.g, assor'.fcd sizes, at 
seti MA N3FIKLI)’a. 

Camprcmiie of 1856 

A Fair ProitosUioai. 


2 L. DKl’P .N, AT THE MAM- 

. T n AnpKmviicopppiuTnp Special Notice ! Jeffersonville, l at «m»i* ianapJ 
JE ARE NOW IN RECEIPT OF ; T0 j ©LIS, p. jt (;. KAILK04 . 

t iNCY, a DoJt*dTio, and TAETbrT^oooug^fj \gw \ ijrL aiif] H tsiftfl PtlSSPn^Prs’ H 1 WIN G BEEN APPOINTED] 

w at 52s, 1 h cb we invi e the .atrenr.oa of ail merrhwnis vuitirg IDIIV UllUU -tiMI 1 U. ■ LJI^CI U freshtsr-rt fir the »*»>»• r-. -I,. •• ar- now) 

• ourmvk-l. Vt e a'so guarantee ti (ell th * sa o* on os - *■ - ■ ...n , uentrho ^ 

1KLI ** ' r ‘ r ; 1 sag at. j . U... I or | K \ V 1 N . I ll r i >! I. *'V I* ■, V...W . l-‘. I. .*> I, .-aad,^ 

_| Wes,... -I. >r rid:., I A x„. ■ t u, . . or «*. t. s, g . car , v • 't • I 

■ v ■ a \ „ ,1 I#ltKtV-FuL'k UuL tta by purruvii .g t-uset, over , 

Sew Fall (foods 



New York and Erie Railroad? 
Passengers leaving Cin-innati * :'X a a, Saturday, 

J Ij. Irr.i 1 N, A I I HE A1A.U- uudcrso'dl.y m b u»e lu the ci.v. 

• MOTH C I.OTli IN 'i MBPOT, rortleast corner JauonetanaSwiSi Fd-ingl nd I: serUngi 

hc.eut in the treatment of 1’antlysis, Uout, bheuiua- low price, Petronacesoluited. 
tt-oi. fbjsi nate tstuieuai bruptiona, u J several orOdlvkvUiB 

Other vimuar diseases. — — 

e, rwons who are de«irous to use tbev; Baths will! gg per Se^g a 

p.r,-t «vj.ij to I>*. K. CASl'AHI, Second «., »6l»r » awv. 

mylttaaaU l>etween Walnut a .4 Chestnut. G I? i T I A TV 

we wHrianiourworx a, r-rvegemea.. ana cner ti si i iAv- i everv week. 

Pafrohvae solicited. l>. a. d. SK, Wh, In addition to a large stock of Hold 

. mrtPdly kvin , JRMy-arfQ* am) Shver Watches, of the most » P 

, _. "roved makes and styles of casiog, J 

51 £ nj . r LDuD i have recently received a small lot made and eased tc 

c „. 1 special order, all of which are war^ante t to give snis 

VBN1TIAN BLIND I faction, andareofferedonreasonal'leterms. 

ANSI SHOW CASE MAKEBv - ™% 0L a a». s.lve, 

— atciies ! 

8£ft. FLOOD, 




AufUti JO, 1856. 


W w Joint r< solution of Concress has li-c at a law : 

t» Hies, at **f F urth au< Mallet sr.etH, ha, <-n hand an entire 

TVCT/’k’>a u I fre,h slue t of Mti-'s *ud boys’ Cm h ng of his own 

IJlUCh.,3,71 I hi RD STREET. , manaiacture -qu i to -.ny west of them ue.t»in,. 

\7V u'i’i ,[ 'it io v/vtt.’ Algo, a -uu.rur sto k ol CL th and r'^o- m-n s; 
ni tR/IV *— lvlJW | Silk, a .d S - V tt cgsu.l Jurnivhiug o di 
▼ery compl-te, to which I am making I aiai>’t<l 'o the ir sett am coheir, .easuu. Ail o. 
additions of the latest styles almost wbi h t.e propose- t. ,■ II iic ub e wh n t ■ .tway. 
every week. j Keep cool, and call toon an t leave your idea. »o6 

H a \ E JU«T RECEIVED A v°> do SSSSKJ T m\ Z] 

la'ge assortment tf Fail Oood,, which they have b> do Toledo . t, do, 

touglit tr.-m t:.e largost in per ing houaei in the Last bo do Indian rp sll.lo r yi, Fri« yi, 

ern etie-, an 1 “re tuuseouently enabl :d and win tell uo do L.-uiys.iae » *, do, 

then, a- v,ry reduc <1 pr:cc.-, and arcdeleiimuoi to ee I l*o do St boots l*:du * M, d ., 

under>o'd by m I. use In the ci y. I Wilt connect at Dunkirk with 8: . r.a. iliriDnv.i It- 

Jaconet anubwiss F.d.'ings -nd Insertings, , pres, Tr»m,on NKw 1 i),,a AMiki I r. K A 1 h. ML). I 

l»o co Collar, and siteves: j au t run thiough lo 2>«» York c tv n« x d *y . 8 or y, 

l>o do fce.t.; j 2 :ta r. m . at h or, ViCiv-KLu TlilH. m th.s 

Ltutn Setts: I Train than via Albany . 

Lmi roidered and plain Linen Collars; , va»* n*«-rs gums k„t, connecting at Cleveland -r 'b 1 

l>o hemstiehec and fonereJ UandaercLi,’!; J •' <, *• Irma, arr.Tein .\e* Yor* c usy ty.uwui. 

__ . , f , . , , , J, T. BEIKLR, ~ h^vE ON HAND A CHOICE 

wv jo.ntr,» UCOL of congress has b- C - me • law: BUILDER AND ERECTOR OF i stock of Watches, of v rious styles, and pricts 

JuI v T tikLO LLI10> external:.* lie time fer the — - » . . T ^ to «nit &11. 

cr«c.i i* * i lexxs «J \> e i th- ir chtiu.s. I A ] I 1 TP ]\ I \ 1 2 Iy i ^ CHAINS 

v tl l mi ci id U cmc nf litprt ttt tattws qj H.I m im • i 

(4* yi«tr«ci ir t(/«ura.< aj«(M^f</, limit on a iptp\'Ti tip phtnuidt c A complete as*or^ment of Ch&?n9, for ladies and 

evO) t<* tfi€ pr»»\ i i .ut or ibciu.iui M-ctiofi . f . m , rV-nr V. 11 I t ' en 1 * uld c^ll »h3 ^specixl fitter. tioD of 

i r a t . f tot k Kitrumr y, 5m, ; i* for the A LL OKI) Kit** LK FT \T THE purchasers tu my stock o* W i»nd C h *irs. 


ciiwci Wctir.iCS, Oi IQC DIOSL Up fjn m t !?• 

***'“ proved makes and styles of casiug, J ! j lip Niilllh \ I (* 1 411)4.11 S " 

: recently received a small lot made ai.d eased tc I x-ilC CUlll.I » IClvllUlte • 

Ial order, all of which are warractet to give satis- \ 

on, ajnd are offered on reasonableterms. j OUR STOCK OF 

FINE GOLD AND SILVER Fall and WlIltCT Clothing 

Watches! |S NOW READY FOR 1N&PEC- 

H . vc , , , &t ,r » vr rv . ntimnp » tion by the trade. In regard to quantity, we never 
* \ E ON 11 \.\l) A CHOICE ibid as large an adorns nt; and n to quality , ot r 
stock of Watches, of v rious styies, and pric s F°c d » “ v«r were mv.',e up ai veil, nor ts n rt-ct an i 
oil tasty, as is c ur vre-tnt s o :k. 

0> i'la.u b!» 'k S iki, of all qualities; 
r< ‘ black h ite ed .' iiks; 

fancy lire-, Suks, of all descriptions; 

Rich French 1> L tiuej, 

Lapin’s b intatiuet; 

at .-. iu r. M , 

Pass n::ers taking Steam-n *etween C cvslond a" ! 

A Vi ry large it ak of French, English, r.nd Arnerlcon I ’ ulslo, in the even ng, Connect neat or r „* *,.1. tne i 
Prints; bleached unl brown ahirt:ugi and » • NtVV York a> U hJtlfc, UAiLKoAU, »:iu a. a., an 
ri h nineus; brrdeye Linens. Lin-ii I layers; bra,h; I rea hNew York C ty asm- day. 

by the - , «s, » hieh are th» shortest, 

. • ■ ■ ha.ingtw. ie > cinsds t' ~.. - ny nihcr r . .r<.J 
to Pittsburg, Fr. ladripnta. Ha t ro'Te CTev.ia 1 d, 1st 
Kira, bofi-c, b..»t - , >ol y.s Y t*, cum i-ci'tr i 
'>vcl«il w th th- Pe.<nwivar.,ai n.uat Ksi iimm I 

- .*• m I 

York ' e> Irti » A ban . N w Y rk ,nd So.t* u . oriionl 
fur forwardi'.g piomia'y scsnde ■« 

YfUi* .“.Lb A »>' BEVT-'l» v , 
PreigM Agents Jeff. U k 1. a. I X P. V C K r* 

3lv. j4, A ail ,*.r«e 

Certified by 

S )l LL >.U.iT, Cent. 'eeisht agt JeO-rw > R. 

K d Si kN r. K, Oo-eriu Fr »;.t Ag ■ J kl-s.i 
FAC- Halt o a is. j> 

1 11 L XiUKrESl ,M> .niM’ L 
Htl T ROC t - I me t , ST 

.v *>< mroy, 

; j r m c k :r . 

A g . x l atrwst. 

rt JeO-ri > R. X. 

» . V . . Ll 

.1 I 

- I 

t »HT 


blaclt and fancy Co.-siu.cie-. Satinets, kc- I -ii . i.nroe iv 

HAL* k K1 t-KE, N s. tty .uarkrt street, ol-v hULny IN AUVANcE Of THE A.. r.A - t 
seldbw otic doir «.ow Fcur.h, souihaiue. ROUTE! 

BRUIT nriTMrvr aw This I the only route faring Win* OAC ard 

LKr-Ai LA-iTF.MEJ, T AT wide HALe/O.h CAfcs, also, sJtbKINil CAKH. f ., 


msDeu by < Hi r re u cj. 

LARCih AUhI\ AL Ob F ALL AND W INTER .'haiAuctifr » j DuakirktoN Y . city 2*4 ni'es «iY':t ,> r» ’ 
GOODS ! Bed fro lesi chiiog**» th^n by a!' j*ay ; 

W E ARK NOW OPENING THE do thud b^icTy!*'’ 

w w ir.cst splendid Micrtni.Dt of elegant Pa)! do > FaU to V \ . e y u un>- "- r r. 

Goods be »on..d .n ;h. etty. goedsnaxe teei. r» an , d ooe l *‘* cl,t: r ih * u ,,y A ;,r * uv * 

•fouprl 1 it ths Caust uiipr-. untr <1 Lw, vi.i . i assepgen» ne*; eca.SiALj auv. guf . l.uc 

• e sod cor iiigiy lua* : so p^uerne o' U .cy l ? 5 ^ 4 l iT f bP 2 rl1 . 2 ‘SSfLVS £1^ 1 ****' ^ ji “ e 

S lk •* wbicii wiil o sold -tst, luiy any DiUi t si k K A 1 L KOADt utM. ^ 1 >ul 

ia tins Liar .get * SI oO i» r \ aro ; nen Hack hroi- ah' I 5l £XlJ ' iUl -*o> f or >iag -or* 1> ,j.s. 

’* BUin * CHAINS i 1 We have always ;?mcd at j> rfeetion, ss far as attiin W E ARF ‘ NOW OPENING THE the p •ouct- n n *>vr f.tiu s aro:i t w w mrst splendid nos- rtro nt of elegar.t Sal! ' 

A enrap'ete assortment of Chains, for lad’fg and ' ,e,s iu. With t'us p*iri os- in Vi, » . ive have c< n;ni- Good- 1" be ion..d ,n :h. cuy . h, s*- goods have lee-, 
rn lvmeu. I w uld call 'h: ^special utter, tion of i-re - neither tr ubu mr vxp nse, auu we f ave now the ] uougl t it the most unprecedented low mces, and wr:i I 

'A ,1 l "! ^. C "-’ * rc,< l» ■ t,on . Residence on ki.Mli rtreeL So 5-, t ext to’ 

*7.t f rihe dlv.'bl- i'u e v,«‘ri aJ f Chapin’s, wher- autographs or the grea'cst scientific 

tie Tr!a f -i v *. thi f.V vi!,' n ,‘, V r W Plrr ' ,,f h v present day .an fe seen rnsrekardstbepion. 

« T L ,, ' C E 1 U '' Price f cen-. r ,r foot, compl-te. For larg- build ngi, 

w oa" seoUon of said act alibervl deduction wi l b“ r -oe. jy3<i«w?ni 

w *u.u t« u. ii- pro rctcy ijq m.y i*©nU. c«*rtiDcaU;, or -■ . — ** 

eviamce o' del-tot »a.u otote, wnici sh.-u.d tx , . K I . , _ , i. ... „ 

aa a the Irea-ury l>ep.irtuicn tnirty d.,- s eceumg “slilfllYa % W <11 ♦ IlGtl^t ■ 

tiic l.-h day o. J-ue, lv«,Uir liurtt of a, id notice; ai.d | it® I _ JUBH ______ 

asit u reyre-chl » t y ihe Sa.d Sccr.tary i-i the Tre isU- | ,r- r , vr i I haw some beautiful ety leg of Jewelry. 

ry- mat ol aatJ bouue, certihc tew, a:.d e.nleuces of W li S'I'llk F \ auJI JaMEH I. LKM'’N. | 

aeot, wir. h b»ve l*-rn retugn i d by the s talc ot I «x ** • **• tJAV/IYlaO, — 

us, the same, egualto t'-e ,uui ot lnr,e hunured and I g. -m, IMPllllTL'U * VIA ■** 1 r. TkissR vxifrit. ] 

Cflry-nhe thooa.nd via l.our,d ; nil ninety -three ^SS $L 1 *** 1 ** 1 r - Ttvls. r w wr - a a , 

d tot. mul »t,\u cents Were not pceseotcJ tu U, •'tMi-x V 4*»ler>n COACH AND!* ADDLK k ?*»-.. 1.' • R f Ihf 1 A tl. « 

Tre r,-iry I).; .r me t yri-e to ti.e » id 13t , .f June’, r !7,™J l * KIlWAI1E k LKATrfBR XIAN- m 1 ) K A 1 F If S IV FT\f 

theref .re to o.J--r lo do tuliju. Ice ton e older* oi,»ii : CrACTURt.-, embracing tfrirting, llwrne,«, Rand.! f " . , Y 1 ’ r __ V.- ‘ •' _ r 

d t>» the ?*-cr .ary ol me i .e^.ury ., lieicOv au „ r zed Hose. U» r k a- d fair Hri Me t.eulhrr; Hog and Calf' ^PATCHES. JEWELRY ,&c., F U“lh St., | 

top,) to he bo Jer, of a y of .lie want) <.d,, ceriiu- boating, Paddle Ha« utifl Oollgr l either. tfi pJiy _ undtrtne iva.i nal Hotel, L.-uisville. Ken i 

c,te„ ' r c ridehc.-* ol detg, not pr.cehleil bet re U.e IdlL _ Also, whol sale r anufaclur-r of bi<1dl»s, Varness. 1 - ta,k,. : u* dtf 

da of J une iiut. w no u.,y y>r sent an-i pro e the sjiu- ' '*' rr nk *> v”ent rtretc' e 1 Lea- her belting, F re Engine ' __ B ! 

at th, ir- asury-li putu-enL between thf i.iih day of aid* 8le toboii iiose, warranted of ,.r ,- rod .;uality a d »■ If* 1 k’lll* I* A: Ifif’lt ISi- 1 ( . 

Jui.i a* a drt-el.t day - f J r ua.y next, ..nd eie- »* •> h.w rrces UJ car. be n.vj* tin the es t m ci'iel. _ ... , , ... . ... . 5 . rg ! 

ca btai.s and me 1 r u aid nil. : || I I . r. h I .\ r I N i', WnTt • I • • 

btit-.t i.Xtf their gee raio »l.,re of tLe raid seven tyg-ddltry War h-u»i-.43j M^in »t jyl dit^tf U.P JKWKLKY, *rd 8I1.VF.KWAR K. No. ial Main ! 
mn io-i sgven nun.irel and nf.y it ousanu d liar,; and ‘ , _ j street, between F urtl. and f fth, ouisville, Ky. 

after pay uie t tbe-eof, .he»au s<c etary of the liei»u ■; Iron PUTOpH. ( K3 TABLiSll K l» ’felt).) 

ty it ,uih r.z ,j and reiiutreo to ..istr.bute tnd pay th aur r M A Mil F \ CTlI H P A VII ' Lj«r Particular * tention p 111 to cie&Diny* repairiuy, 1 
rtf ii toil v seven «Aiil>i*ns seven huudieJ aud j mm u r v t u r*, an i regu Ming Chr nom^t.r. Duplex, Levtr. tad Le ! 

li iv ii««»ufaai4 u l ir»i Uitii r uii'bitif in tlr? f . * " ri%vc a wbj*p on nurd, Iron Force mid Lift pine M stchts This beir g « very iiu ports nt branch o* 

pre ra C H funs vii the tail Loltht. hIau may i ave I rupir". of the moft approval kinds, both forcist**rns our ba*iide>«. t he utmost r»re wililt k»vcu to it by &kiil ! 
prcT atiic r ciAiuif, *• <iex<cuir«i il.e irc»|xrrvic«st.»cL | ac<5 An > neptn. We warrant our Fours to fu) atsd ex|*er^nced » «ri* ta. 

wr )< wre -he ltd y of J *lu try ucXi. | perfonn well, and will refund the money if they fail to We have ju,«t received a ch ice stock of Gold a”d ' 

Approved I August tfc.h l-». i give satisfaction. 8i ver Hatches, of the most cel-lvft-d London, Liver- I 

AufsC u kfteoc ftven CB the holders of bonds, certifi- nnlH.i&w BA RHAROUX FN WIlKN. n*n I. an \ G**» »VA n-.ukpn ill *f urh ifFY Rf vurrurif fry I 

e*aCb. and c Vide *cr* uf dtU o: tue iau repuEl C ot Xcx 77717^ . a * m . » T 

wtoick weit uot r*rv»enira at this dep*rtiAieiit on or vAoi 1 ICOiN KAIlJ.vL. 

belorv t iv 13t id ,y ol Juuc ta,L that the a, me will be Sit- ' m m - j,- II AYV A T tUl'L' uaPt'T 

Ikd Wo l the pro rata »m uulth reon w ill he yai t to -he 1 *-• HA I 1 . A LAKIiL ASSual ■ 

lawful IkI l.r, the eo , if pr< sen ted the nrst o»> ‘ w w ment of very hucdsome Kailir.g Patterns, suit- 

«' January lcx , .coamp ,nte I with the nece-sury ,vi- i able for balconies, to which «rc 

de .c- o: tuc: genu n-iinr. with a»»,|» to l i- i :a!l the attention ol those tc want of Killing f «*r at y cf 
Coiled rut ,, rt-uui ed to g.velhisd p rtineot the out the at-.-ve nam-d yurpos-.s W p are preygred to tutit 

Main street, five doors a^ove fieri. 

just received at 


satisfaction to desire our • u-tomera .hit toe 


Will ag :iiD b a t the pa'm over all it, comyi tilors, *; 
ever h re of. re, I ut wre look f.irwa.-d to this resu., mire 
confi entiy than i vtr Ihe h.tnr.»c value ot oui 
s.o.-g )e -vr, not tne ahadO"* of id .u t iu i ur mu '. 

Our pricts ar- ,.s low aud our terms i « Convenient 
as a;. K istern house can l ifer 'hia. <-) e sli ill be 



Dailimore u 'whi 

B eing the uni y eul ie by| 

which thronaiv to 

tr '•■* and l.ei' her, in r< ugh. bought a? d sol ’ 
tTw r- ddltry VV nr li<>usr.43.i M -in »t jyl d&'ci 

C <l 1 1 > a a rt Ml'n MOSAIC AXH »» etsiern Louse can offer t torn. “V e he 

“ G, L/iA.UP.LS, _»I i.oAll,, A:'" ; k t ail tim s t" Mow vur st"ck to crer, hshts, and 

V oth-r sty les ' t Jewelry, in sets and sirgle pieces ] woulludvis; them to ex^Buue it Lefoie Ltu.ugeUe- 

rter y-.yuie t the -cot, .hesa u o<c etary of Ihe iieosa- IlOD PllIDpH. 

f r ‘* ■' kdiuireoto istr.buteaud yay th t ^ F VI A X II F \ C T 1 ) H F A V‘11 

es «l e o, I e mid seven iiiil.r>Da Kiel bundled and, mm' - v L 1 ll It r», AAJ) 

t. t idusaoA d 1 at.-, tnei, r<ma>ning iu th.- treasury , ! — — have a'wgys on hard, Iron Force and Lift 

ro r* a a . , ug- all the tail holder, who may l avt I Fnmr*,of the most approved kinds, both for cisterns 

: w BsRWARorX fc FX 'WHEN. 


Bi Ver Watches, of the c.ost cel-brs t-*d Londou, Liver- I 
p-rcl, an i Ge' evg makers, all rf which we w;irrani to 
keep correct time, and offer at the lowest prices. 

Uur stock of Jewelry is very large and ricn, consist- 
ing of Idsmond Crosse-, Cluster Fins, Kar Hines and 


Recert ex'en ive imrrovcincr.ts in onr eitab ish 
raer.t » ill considerabU faeil t,,e he select. on ot g.iods 
to tuy,,g. 

autSilJtmf North*- si u-ru-r k iftiiand ‘ mint's. 

Gentlemen's Furnishing Gccds. 


Merino Shirts and Drawers; 

Wool-n d» do; 

Che k and II ck^ry 8- irt*; Fivncel Frawcrs; 
Wl it a ;i i .-.1 red Llneii-horom ct-irtr; 

B_nc< kiU Cra- ats; crrin* M css and X es; 
Wvi-.Vn • omf r.ers i n ' raifii 
Ac r, an I )ren. h suspenders; 

On hand and Uered f-rgrlec e,vb 

LlciirtV. LOEWK'TIIAL fi C0-, 

I au23 Aorh-est corner Fifth and Main »is. 


Carpet * f r s ile chea p at 

LUl B.d, L iMfr,.\TIIAl t CO ’3, 
j auiij Northw est c< r er Main a' d Fiillr sts. 

Ihe Greit Clotiiing House of 

• so a er ripoDjiiirfiy low : palieriiB of id .cy 1 Ti,n '• r 1 

Jsilk-* whicli wiil u sola ;.t si, lu'ly tijuih) any ttilk* I .* u L»\l fc lhAlLKOAU, ny 1 >ul . 

id Utis L>ar«art * il gO p r >aro; ncu r lack Bro< *d< ^»rk, » uu*alo, or Nuttf ora > biii. 

unusual y low; a t^rg- In-? ol superb s>i a of I U '%TO 0 .'Fy ueU ' y lre AT-eAl jZmnd wiucaABVBb^rj 

1 'li Winter Ail* », 3* ii c«jn VreLcn *• c *i j ' t ' Hul ft, rmch a*c t r sa,c ia th • p'arri- 

«l * yar-J i e 4 ual to any a dd in this city at hi J>; extra I w e * lerli aSfSi, „ c . 

•I iditty liiu e.1 Nier noea, cen :» ft y»ra ‘Leap* rth*xj l ^ w B- r. BXlTf*, OcnT w^SmCTU Af**nt 

lb? sane qa *rtf s«lU f.r otj >xain sti*et; ail “• VgOTT-it, A^eut at Louis *il e. ! 

braDvia of a. tncan Pr.nifi cf the Lest qualities, void I • ■ — • ! 

consantly at >u cent, ay*rd. with etegy riUuuv ! t-QUiaville and Fpankf^rt aud hn v-n r. 

mestio Goods to be f >und iu .h - cuy . r , . . -- ,, . , ° 

l)UKdEK, likAiil «l co.t ml Fourth Freet* I t-»U SUu i rdUkfOIt IfbilfOdUi 

AJP which ihrorktih ticket* 


cur be procored, to wh h i 

it is the 3: 
sp-. ct the. 

ore t noh ed to reu^h : 


^777 n . ■; - -- .. .. 

w w d z-n aj;r:td Woolen -.cmforts just lecriv- BTuCIi AN J Aii.ICLEB FuR EXtiiBiiiON 
ed and for sale by At Ihe LciiMtea ; 4 Far is 

seS d v -r .1 1 .. E3 LOW ft CO.. 4! S' Vvin al. 



*-J Kngiish Ytenuoc.y just received and for sale by | me an u ,i t'rin tr hs a-.l i L,.,::. 
seSdltw JAMLe LOW * CiA., -US kais al. .t the : ' *te Fair to he del i at Pari , K. ., in th 

— f Bet ' ■ mb r , r ami ere hei • - ■ - ■ 

1 11 \ /'V p 1/ | v p j ic I’avJL'w to Button an 1 F an a fort an 1 Lou..v.Ue ar 

rill.N IS. 10 E -V S Ct ft fortKu.roud, wi I transport all s.c., sc, eg ami 
fancy Fr,nt<, new, jus; received and fo: up nt - t.rtlawing e-.-n lit : 

s»:e by i he regu. ,r Ure ia he 

velilkv JAM Hi LOW & CO., 418 *.iaiB *t- the »h pm-nt ta,e* i . L you pr.-i.-nt . 

— Ageetiu Lexinet-.f., w.thin e n ■ w-e< an-ri 

i)8 IJSl.IN DE LA1NES. .a,i»B «: the LxhrbUion.of « ce.lir.. ^ 

ifi 10J cases Muslin D. Laines, new styles: tn ltv,* 

J ust received and for aale by ‘ 1 ° l u ( *’ r J ' %r ^“2 ,V ‘ * 1 

se- d*w .1 AM ).a I.OW * CO.. 41” Main St- | ^ h^ v w f ,n bt f * U * 

ton and Frankfoit BbiliOcda. 

i oktbee^glof a ticket 1 



At the Lt'Xmsion iti-il I* »ris Ftai'w. rnent* «• :er- ; :» tr 


lac regu .ar an ual Faiia ta he held m Lcsiogt n a- d . ' '• 1 ' K.:.r 

t the Mate Fair lobe del i at Pari , Ky., iu th mo.- t, i oohee Hue ot travel in 
. Keptctiiber proximo, ore hei • ■ ; 

Leiihgto’i an 1 f .male rt au 1 Lou., v. lie ar I In. »• v , , , 

; fort Ku.road, wi I transport all t.e., st^cg ah<i art.ct, I rA " ’ , t *,*. 

■ . , ■ 

y route ty ' 

3 ITT A, 

Nt .Y YORK, 

t o»)y, ihu» eaab'ing 

:v»'.pr • •' informal an. 

a *• 7 J, 1 tli VF A T tUi'F Y aencT mg of "i«mond Uros,e-, Cluster I’ti.s, Kar Kti:?s and i 0 - 

%w *- 11/1 v G x L Art' i r> A(3!5Ulll ■ Finger, Ilotenl ne an'l Go!(l r t.-'c .'lo.’aic, OnOAUI p t ii i k T lkld\TlI r id 

w V ment of very handsome Kaitir.g Fatterns. suit- Cameo S. u, rich s is of fruit e! Gold and Coral, brace- N I Kill .f. rV ill A I MV l I I , I , r. 

abi. foryardt. cemeteries, end balconies, to which we let-. Ear-Bogs, Fins, Cfa.n*. Beals, Lockets. Sc., tc '’ A ,, 1 ^ T 1 

irallthe attention ot thoseic wantof Kai’.icg W »iy of w!iich we are ronstantlv making a'ditiens ot every- | No. 487. Cor. Ol .'ram :iud r otll ill Jst,« 

•-fce»f' named purpoOM. W e are prepared to putif thing new and r tshion i! le. 

iagUSEIN J»E LAINES. .*U,n o: the Exhibiiioa.of .vceititcm* . : - 

W? cates Mubin D. Lii’nes, new styles: I \?*«l , V, V, * “ 

lost receded and furTa^bV ’ •; ,u ' L " : y ' V 

**** * J AMK.7 ,.O W A C0..41H Main it- “ 'Ibfme t ' ° " ' 


U , f TPaqaa,* 

‘ * 

-•our’h Street, betueon Market and .leffersoE. to such »toea or urt.ete» tor «xhi -*i»»a. trom . 

DAI '.Y 7T?T 

t . Aw, on ti,, 

Oo j oftuanb nu-, cer aflcia, and t.ije.c s of deU ) ip if short notice and on the most reasonable terms, t Our stock of Silverware is very large and comple’e 
a: o »it r«.“.»e» tut t LuiLd ct.te* ana <exa», m | Ird'.rs from a tistance, with satisfactory references, conristi. it of Bfrns, For**, Tea Sets, 1’itchtrs, ',ob- 

ALU will reir ayt’B U l t L mut'd Dt t< A HlKl * CXI Ui, III | 

a-cordsur witii <i e i rov^.oo, ut the act of Congiess 
of a: .i t enruary. I -at . 

2tr:s ueyortiucLt wll cot requi“e evidence of genu- 
Ineuc . to I. K pr fctnted With lac certificates irtUeu lo 
the aU 1 tor and cooip tru ler of Texas ui ilcr the Was of 
tag Mat . Rut it p >-.StS»et no m.ahiof ver fv ing lire 
cert lie , te», t*> u . and peounss ry note* issued iiy toe 
rvpu icul Lm and wot |gv,epie i to, nor audited . y, 
the “it ers ot tne S.nte. 1’he necessary aod pr. per 
pr.-.i . t the g. nu'i.euess of the la ter is the eeit.ficaie 
ot i e co^p^r of the 8 ate ot Texas, who h*r tlrr r t- 
fi. ial charge of the archives relating to the dent 
Ot the la.e r public ot Texas. 

Tne ..t aud releases may t_* executed, 
aid art. no. letted in t*e presence o' the Atsi.-t- ; 
ant S.creltry ol ihe Treasury, .r the vlnef clerk | 
t'j re ,1, iu trie p esecce of a notary pub.ic, snd 
be » iti e-re 1 by tus Assistant becietar) , tr chiel 
clerk and ucta y.-mi.a b: oer lhed by the notary 
unoer In* n. ta.ia kea!; bu when the hol ers t i-l 
first mace the s-sranaient and execute the rdea-es I 
cut f tire cit* of YV astiingp.p, it may 0 - done In the j 
prc-euc-oi an attain. .nt l.ersurer, or collect r or sur- 
veyor ot tlie ca-toms, ia the presence of a uottry t ut- I 
lie and ie w.tces-e ; by the coll ctor or surre< ur u d 
t! e notary pu nc. end be Cor ihed t. th-* rotary under 
hi' o, t.nai .ear; and it te no eollecL.rcr survey or | 
o: ihe . u .1 ins the place a her. tie pa-t> resides, t v e 
a»»i*Bln- .t an i r. leases may i»e executed before anv 
COU ; o! record, in Ihe iresence of the j juge a d cieia 
lb re 1, a- d b_- »itr.e »e.j by them. ; nd certitied by the 
cl rk u-;d r 1, s s :ol of office: am if the bo.dcr , e o..t 
of th I'nitel »: 4te», the assignment aud releases may- 
be ex cut U before any United Mate. c>u>ul, and l>- 
»1 nested a>d certified by t. iu ' nder his consular se<i. J 
A. i .run? executing -uch acsigLmentr an 1 rtlsswr | 
must abo declare, under oalh, before tt.e nutary, chrk. 

vili receive prompt attention. 

Hydraulic Foundry, 

■ .r iliT QemcrWaningtr.ran i Fi,.-. d atreet* . 


N'* Hutting (would, 

Manufacturer and Wholesale and Kctr.i! Dealer in 



A lso— dealer in patent! 

. RIGHTS. Orders left at No. b3 Third street, op- ! 
csite Wa ger’* City, or sent through the i 
Fo*' Office, will meet with pr mpt a'tenin.n. 

*pl*f dfc wirr. 

ytaTUkvv hunt j . j. cruris. 

HUNT & CURTitf, 


No. 81 Third street, next door to Democrat OlSoe, 1 


--n rvTt H UNT Ac GURTIN H \ VE 

le-s, and Cu;*: lhut.r. De,s-ri, Fish, Pie, and Case 
K' lVes, warranted pure Si. ver. S"d at Hi • lawes; 
prices. FLETcUKB &. BfNNET, 

j> Ilf 4HJ M ain st reet, b -l. Fourth and Filth- 


j. j. dii^niRni «*, 

W A 1 CHMAKEk >\ L L R Y, 

Nj. 62F Main st.,south side, 21 door u.b vc Third. 


! JBl ' S ‘tore from Third tc the above location, wh-re 
wI31 f intend t '• keen * full ess 'r: ne t of nne 
rJ -.xY?l Hoi t *nd Silver Watcheg, of the best Auieri- 
.frjgg can. Bngl’sh, and S *is> make*: Jewelry of 
iH t>, *‘ fate<t tivles, f..r loth gen’lemer. »ni 
:|L— ladies; Fan y Go- •; Mu«ie Rox-s, of .Idler 



A of Spring an<l Buaimer Clothing and Qeutlemen't 
1 VuruishiDg Coous. 


j Fine black, blue- brown, and olive Dress and Frock 
I Coats. 


| lllack Doeskin C»*simere L’ant*; *uper6r.e fancy Cv- 
sim-re P.mis, everv style aud quality; xiusiner- 
Coats, F anti, and Y'cs*s. 


, Fine black Engli*h Bilk Y e.ts; fancy Silk. Satin, an-.! 
Marseilles Veits: Wedding and Party Tests; Liner 
Coats, Pants, and V eu;i, iarse variety. 


Linen, and Linen 3osom Shirts, from the largest to the 
i smallest Mizes. 



*•* FRB3B— 

Bicb Strip'd Bilks; rich PIai-1 do; 

Lo bc-iped Sdk». f.r evening dresses; 

Do whit.- Moire Antique Silvs; 

Do black do do oo; 

Plain black do; 

K tobroidenes, , ! ir.e stock; 

4o unzea w .. :e a:i i col r*u Kid Gloves; 

A n, a super stock of VYbiteGovU*; 

A lame lo- ol li sitry; 

Eng ish and French Chintzes; 

Vnd many ether goods lo« ni to mention, t' | 
ih cli I invite an ex it. ma i m ir- ur customers and 
he tuolic generally, assun. g them that thee good* I 
wiil hs sold at tne lowest marke, price. 
zjo r. F . XC it-Ms t, lid Fourth st. 

cause arising. 

Th Lump v* ies nr- disposed to ofer eve v fr i itv 
for ia? r Iran sp nation githou* chi'g-, )«-. -..j , 
xsauuie th ruk* ot accr iert should any *. tu.-. 

It i* th it several dvys’ no ice .l.oaf l b, 
given at the station wh-.a it is imaileu t , a-, a j ah p- 
u» ’nt. saM’L g l ^ . 

aul 4 dtcc l Sap't Lou. A T. and Lex *. > . K ll 


WortBein. Eastern, auJ We.:' ern 


a:e untiu*t 
y to Nc v i or«, ' 


E. g’. sh M 

lowest ia,ei by 

Merinos itcs.veJ this cay and for sale at ! 

■*.t ti.zes: Opera Ula-scg; Bpecta les; C. ck. Bilk, Merino, Ca.hciere, Li*i,_- Thread, Cotton and Lin- 

ol at o airiiti ns, i:c.,eic. 

I shall devote my ,erfon:r! attention to the repairirg 
of Watches. A c n iuu-uire of the former confidence 
and p tirockg'. ii resp.-ctiully r diciled. 

Rcmoied on ll.-iiii >ircd! 

cn. L'nderbUir.s and Drawets. 


K'd, Sf'it, and Lisle T ren.1 Gloves; Block Cravats: 
Ties. Pocket llvniik'rcbiets' 3 -i spenders; Umbrellas, 
and Car; ct ll^gs, f r saie low at 
niyitltf 3PKO0 t.K i. .MANDEVILLE'S. 

■ XtL\INEH. t5 Gz’xSE?? ELEGANT | . . , ^7 , , , .. . 

j O Stiiesru t received by American Kx^esa.whl.l nd«nap«l^, Utojette, Ght.^ De rc , Ga e 

[ AC *lill ICt. VKbuUi. ilT iUC«< I XWOCxC i JlftDU) DUrllD^.'jQ^ ClQt-intiiktl, hJTC' 4 

jeliirsGiniilv Railroad. 

3!iorteat, Quickest, and Moat Direct ' ‘. 

Routs to 

ndionapolig, Lafayette, Clti.-a^ . Detroit, Gaiera r ; 

-. t'* ^ v f g a large and fine assortment of SOI.ID 
C ~ SOl.K- LEATHER TftrXKS. l.a-lle*’ 
■•>***- Drr** and Travclirg Truiiis. R r.nei 


t of solid I W niches* Jewflrj, < liorks, and Y^a'cl. 

ICS, Ladle*’ Materials. 

or consul ns ' ne c,-c may he. that they ^re ^iht^rell' | Roses, VoUaeg, Carta-t li igs. X c., which they are pre- ' ,y 2* HE UN DERSIGNED II A V* I N (i 
owner, uT the c rtilcatek or «-th<*r evidences cf debt, ur ' b a red t r seil at the lox-est terms Ur cash. H i <i st recei ved a very large stick nf WATCHED 

th*i tne uae have been ass gntd to tt.em, bvi.ajuir, fur I C'> merchants wiil p nd it lo be to their interest JKWELKV, OLJCKB, aud YVATCli MATEttlALB 
eolbctiou; and tlie not.ry, citvg, <r const! must iu- to Xive this house a call before making the ir purefi.ise* | direr from the manufactories, woui t iniorm tlieircus-' 
eiu ir th - fact -4 that decloral.ot. in their ce,lrfi cate ofac- «*ewr-ere. seldtkplt) ’ to:ner* an<l the pyblic at large that they offer the great- 

kt,o*h.-ilgnient. , ev in luceco-nts to de i'ers in the %bovc-ai r.nor-e ' 

Iia,s«uedtor collecti'n, or in Jl-dge, the came rf • a.a.viiugs.^es. Ailthey wish is to xive them a eaii and ex- 

,h! la '* .'.I'-’f. , , b -Id Uary interest in l’KEMiUM SADDLE, HARNESS, AND TRUNK i u-nine their g«rods aud'pri..--s 'er re imrrhasir.g e:, e - 

the v aioi uiu*. be *aataU 10 tbe adidsv t, and a reeaoe , M WQ'Vt TOKY ! Wheie. , MENDEL A. STKIN’aI., 1 


i us 1 RES. 5 GASEcJ BLAGK. OK- 

A leans and pur* Mohair Luitr-s, all grades aud 
prices, tor sa.e lo w oy 

,el B AM D E RGEll Bit iTHERj. 

C tLOAhS AND TALMAS. 1,51*' 

^ Cloth. Satin, Silk, and Velvet Clo.ks, Taiuios. 
tnd Mantillas, en:.r--iy new styles, inst rtceiveu uj 
American Ext ress (4* hoari lr <ua New YoriJ, wi.ict. 

liufful-i. New York. Boaton, k iitsb-rg, Uait- 
rnore, YVoghington, I'hilaJeifhi.t, Terre H.taie 
Vineennes, Evansville, Cairo, rirringheiti, Bt 
Louis, Ac. 


road is laid w;to heavy T rail and Well ballasted 
and is well stocked with superior Locomotives ant 
Jars, and has every facility lormakirg quick ti a* a-r 
lure connections. It is the shortest route bv J* rri.-. 
oelween Louisville and Chicago, and is the only h . i 

h «*.n Bv 
id. -opic* 

. g iloLseq 

— ' (li tuchard’s 

i|, vA, N'.-w Opening 
*•' " 3E.A IV it Ky YB 

»-il guarantee *.’ percent loser loan any house m ron.l route fr-n Louisville to st. Lou.».ati fr.-,., ; i 

.ii- ctli b ii.ficui.rn - d tary mt-re t iu i’RL.MILM SADDLE, HARNESS, AND TRUNK 

t , tbe l ., :uu 8 ateV x,!d ,^V«e*to T* Xu. muVtw uS!f I « A N U FAC TU rt Y, 

A ‘- Wl Second serf Third. 

ai if p } mert i, requested 'US’fW WE HAVE NOW E9 l 

Oiu or ai< re bu i t.-a c* rt ficate* or one rt more evi- 

ffeoee* ..f the ar.nt ruf“.\ be iuciuiel wfU-'VA on , 1 a * 'rtment of jfSjijA 

in .‘iCBiue sM-gniuen'.re e*» b, a d athdnv.t „f own- *■“"'- > * rt lfi i'ti fiape.txiningtollien’i* - VM 
errti-, i each eer'ifi. otci* coireeuy dt-,jrue4 by aum- . ... pait.if -ad- l/T. 

Ur. d,e b mount, ai.d i .me ol niigmal p.J. e. It ■ / ^‘ r ' Ul 11 ch*»i,.-i to tne 

•I. unl a t • appear wh-th-r the . ertltlcat. S w.reGsued •ii'?* n *Y » e * of * T - rtX *r Yde. r»ug.-g in pr re from 
b the at* ih I-...I th- stale of Texas, on accouut'" }?, V. a\ f: °L *T J'Wf A" U: 'V'v ‘ r 

t. e ori t ot ihe r public, tr acre issued b> tbe ret uuilc I i l . “ t ,-. '‘JLL. u ol c .! ‘V *? *‘“ n o S . H '‘. 5 . ' 

OE.Y tV it B'V YB 

Corner ol 

SSnO.'.o i; 8XIM fTS. 

j.e city, tor sale by 



. sv.lle'o the East. 

Two Trains da.iy (Sundays excepted! tu Indiana 

One Train daily (Sundays rxcentedlto Cinriuh,;i 
F’lKBT TRAIN.— Indiana pops Express leaves ,e. 

i ^MBUOlDEKlErL T HE O.:? Trail daily (Sundays exceptedlto Ci 

-A eheip s', ai.d i wgest assortment of C o :rs . F’iKfil TKA1N.— iodvxnapoi-s Express !•• 
3 e ves, C li-uns. tt.-s, .tatiuj, Fi-iunci g. Skilto, band- '^raouvi.ieatiilJ., *• w • and arnvea at In i. . 
xrrvh.efs, to and lus-rtiou. tu ■« found th thi- -I^- p :» ■ •*’ a dire"* connection wi: . t. 

-. nr«.e:,!«.Ttal* lowt-y . ".'rand Indiauatajli, 1. r . ... >r L ifaye:*. 

»e. fiAM3KRGER BR ITIIKUd. - >etro it, * c. it h it ei. - rre », aut ..nil 

- I it .; Iron. t for Terre liaute, 't. L >uis. x,-.; wit 

Upstairs at Gowdy, Te-iry ft uo.’a tore, 
Main stre-t, 1*1 Fifth and Sixth. 

‘■ji'ItT-tk 03 hstid a large a«s , jrtnent of 
qtaTi sp Iw nti b » pe:t .ining lo lli- -,*>si- 
' rf ., . o -ist • gin pait.,1 Sad* 

Id t > S3 U, a variety of 

Trucks and l > ise.; m e, <f 

•t>- 1-spr-i-g , : ■ le-it* .1 It *r 
■ '-b >x Tiun's a ,d Va- 

The uibBUM iii lo the t ni ed Stale, unrlt made in i brllg * e *» Garry Combs, Wh ,| s. - purr, 4 c. *** 

comm n t rnitne re e« * »h._ uid te urawn accord- u. m w- w-w* ^ , s g ■' a p 

totbctormssmyoinea — a »:.d i •» , » , fi 1 * . 9 >1 1 I II. 

g * S sfi £ A U 2 2*^ » 5 vs *i x- % r O HUBMUG, LIKE OTHEB 

*■ .r-r . . 8. * ff a. ■ ^ places, ffr. Weihe, Si'k sad Fancy Dyer, has re 

WHOiiti ii xgD atTxjLuxxt*:t»ig novel his Dying K itablishme-itto Fifth strevt, he tweet 

’TTo+nti/io Tunvo'er. — kv. - s. M.ritei and .etr.-rs.m, where he is now prepared 4g*ii 

>7 iltClldiij stfiNCCtrYj 6tC«. ObU*, to do ii'l kinds of rt ilk and Fancy Dying. 

'BklDlTT rifUHBTFaa I, J.,.-,. Theladie* aud gentlemen of Louisviileardncinity 

\ TjIuCMC 1 r,iti5 I KUjI (vr,- are respectfully iryited to cali at my new sroreif '.hj. 

it Jr neva, Main street, three -doorsabovt *">*hto have tiieir Dre-sts, Shaw s, Capes, Bonneta, ?• 
.• acob’s iloild;tig*,beg leave to call public attention tc Pants, Veat*. A-c-, dye i .nd finished iz. a sap« 

comm n t rn- ; tne re e .s s slieuld be urawn accord’Ug 
to tbe lormt subjoin ea — a and *». 

Becretsry of the TreasU/y. 

their unrivaled assortment of Watches and Jeweirv. 

_ aBwrwvB* I Jaat received and opened, direct from Geneva, when- 

•P • * , fi% . ,> (| ft i 11 a , the whole *t«ck wasst l-c -..d by one of the firm. 

^unr-nm . , - v- . . _ ... ,, J • Fine Kegtilaiors, for hotel*. '.an sing houses, otic: 

UNDLKTzVKER &. COt ^ IN -MAKER, ' »'• r.oderate trices. 

’ ! w -itch <ti!-.«ses, Mster.aiaand i soisfor Watchmakers 

Corner Sev« n'h aud Market Streets, 1 at New York p.nce*. 

Form A. | Corner Sev» n'h and >Iniket Streets, 

Knew all p»r?ons by these presents that LOUIBVILI K, KY. 

n tk r .f »*• d, Aisti her»*t') Hit t nit tl of , t i* \ir w ai , imj d ucdit/'T 

Am. nc* frr-.u a I lur.h* r 'ixbi.ity or d .,m for th ■ i».y- 1 .,1 i I , 1 It I r L I • 

B.e.1 it i.iucate «>r evidence of de' t. number — , I -r i , ^®® i ^^fn!!y inf-irms b « lie d* uni th' j u 1 " ic gen 
thesymoi* -• i-j-ua byior lute r.-tuvic ot T. \a- (• r erully that h- lia> d<*s ive 1 partnership wuh (n* iat' 

l DoisforWatahaakers 

W atebes directly -impt>r::il froK ourownmanufactory 
lr Geneva, wholesale and retail, at New York prtet-s. ! 

Vatcfi cleaning and tepairingdone withncatnesi.i-n'' ! 

Theiaiesttly'osan i rattbrn* .'f Jewelry, A;.,rece!ve. I 

ty th-- aut- :it e» f it.e biiitsf Tcsm, u tl*e ci-r p»rtt er. w . Wyatt, and t at he c .rr * s • n th.- 1 u . • • s< 53^'VtV r.v1te:Sela, , iei.t J eal’a" 

m. } l,t). XI. 4 r «K ill:. b> the Lmted 6 aaviii sec.-rd- | alone, .tth-ohl staid . corner <-f e,«u Ii a-d »l rket ae'vrg N t-oubi**'. show root'*' 

anc » u the p* U-I, r s of .ii act o; •'oigrcbs. •nlitieu »tr e s, w. tc h- »il, be l ,cn i at ail I ui , (dvy - r ranted or no sale. 

,i " 1 ! * ,c: ° 4 r> ' * k * *• in ■ P«> r e-.t < f ,Uf-i crec. or, o* n g‘ t) irs > to attend t > any b isthesj in It., U. ptrl- _ 

Thclaiestiiy'osan 5 ra'-lvrn* .-f Jewelry, A;. ,rece!ve. 
e very week. 

i3?"W.--nvite:he'adie!it ) cal’ tad ex amine for: hen- 
selves N trouble ♦-> show goods. Alloar gcnls war- 
ranted or no sale. febffo dtf 

f T x s as a-e compr, bende.l in th- j tn nt.witht e utuio^t jun. t j nl ty. 

set ol t!o < , re»< or ce.<euiber nine. . igh.-eu bun Ireu 
•nd fi*- y ” oppr ved :l«_- g»tfi day ,.f F. i iusry, IsiS, .ui 
an act --f the Male ot 1-x,,, approved the 1st of Fehiu 
a r> . tab 

As ailness my baud and seal. 

N. R. Iliti t me M-. us s and good Il'.cks, with 
careful drive:*, always >n hand. *s B dti 


w i te and color, always on hand and made to or- 

tor a H • 1 Ocr« 

— —I SSsSssaars, , a?"* -- ‘ 

h s tt l-H-eo, abd It b> reli-a-es. the M te of Texas 014 Blind, repaired. 

Irm»iiuaherli<b,.it>..rcl l» l.r the payment o' cer- au'2 hKN.Fiai 'D. "bird rtreet- near Main, 

ticc »t. . r - . idetice of «teb , numl e , lor i he sum of i - — • 

* • *-uediy tt.e 1 t republic ol lex,, (or Iv the 1 , . I I'*, ITI I, and i it) Upliolslerers. 

Ih: rovi.imsot ar. « t <,l Cot-gre*,, ‘An act tv t iltg'? Of till I J I .“C r I It t IO II 

pi. v d f r h- pxymei t ol sudi cr-di urs cf the laie 

repo p c f i - x «• a.-c co | -rehendv J in th- n; ! SPRING AND OTHF.R KINDS OF MAT- 
C rurewiors p-.tmtwr nine, eighteen hundred and fit Tl,F<vF^ 

ty, a. p o.e t e ff-.h day of February, lsj«, and an ! I “ £l ' r " » 

?Le ' U * C * ■* te uI Texas, approved tne lit of i'thru»rj , M*M Ig THl ecST.KxXKER BT 

As witness my h cd and seal. WiikiClM A ,t| ArCt*ll 

Th* foltawirg is* liat of toe audited certificates still ■ s ' t -rvc-. between Market and Je!ldr«on. 

r.“-“h!£,.. .... T HE WNhERStON-KD, HAVIN-G 

» 167 s Xiuxers of Austir ^ ent-red into coparire s’ ip un Ur the a v ove f rm, 
IF li -km. -i .'an field College are -n >w prep *r. d t-> execute all order* ^appertaining to 


WilLitk* A llarcrllni, 

Third Street, between Market and Jeflar^on. 


M entered into caporire - b* ip un krthe«vove frm, 

are n,w prep.r.d to execute all order- appertaining to 

, M>rket and .etf.rt.ti, where he i3 now prepared ixaij 
! to de a’l kinds of Tiik a-id Fancy Dying, 
i The ladies aud gentlemen of Louisville 8" dneinity I 
I are respectfully irvited to call at my new store if th. 1 . 

' wish to have their*,3hawis,Cape*, Bonnets,?. I 
i Coats, Facts, Vests. ti-„ dye-i and fini«!.edih asapi - 
ri»rst> 1: and cian-. -r. Crape Shawis. Kid Gloves. an. 

; ip-nilemea's Apparel cleaned and neatly ! 

I P.E. AH verk sent to -r.y store wUlbedonelatbt 
! timeorciuise,:, and : > I beshortest notice. 

«\ 1 - K l H t; , F i fth s treet . 

tlSllv Hespsr i!.,Vrt <r :t Jsffiei"',. 

Thomas £L Oliver, 



I val his new-s:vlc spring and .^u-nirer Goods, (or 
cor-pr’«ing l»-itr. r and Massot" l-nn 
- Clott*, a'l colors: bi .ey an I £iu.o:,i's bi c- 
' Mugtia Cloths, ex'ra fin-, for Coring mil 

| C- ats; Drap e’Rte: fancy an-t b; ■ k tjossimer- r, i 
«reat v "rieiy ; Party and VY-dJing Vestings; d tricille. | 
and Dnll’ngs. 

Fi’ e French Cloths and Oassimer**. new stylo, nl | 
c-l. rs for ttus'ne** •suits, which still he made up t j 
order as cheaply as they c-.n be purchased of acj 
cl- li," ng eitaniish-nent iu this city. 

tart* No. 47t» »l«in street, between Fourth and Fifth I 
fo-oiisvillr. Ky. ap'J4 

h G UHIfiR Y. 1,U0U DOZEN LA- 

■1 dies’, Me Misses,’ and Chi ^r.-n’j ass rleo 
Hu .Ion 11 =e, all prices aud qualities, ia store am. 
ttr .ale cce -.p l-y 



N t-adies’ and Ms--’* as. or e 1 Woolen, f ilk, and 

I lianapolisacd dellefontairie and tuc inuian . C< nt.- 
Kaiiroads f.-r V» heeling, Fittshurg, 'hi.nmurj. V. ... 
it-gton, Fhriudciphra, Cleveland, fiuJa.o, New Yor: 
Boston, Ac. TRAIN — Cincinnati Express leaves Jj 
fer*. uv lie at Z.3t r. w- and arriv.s in Cinr-.nn .-. 

r.OiliftYiPf 91L 

It A \ E li 

r PAsSEN', 


k IDrJ 

k 1 BAYBEaQSK DIOTIi CBS. f*Ti* uv lie it i-3t v m. mlaI arrives in u n 

“Lj'jp m , co ii *ji t.% ihe utx: in uj wi h il-. Ilx 

i LUV fc S z\ND MIT TH. 500 DOZ. p : fr ,u c Y l u ' ‘ \ ' 4 - ' : 

«T 1 - a , _ l v I . . t . ««an- • 1 'V* .. I . „ ©MW _ _ J ill I HD 1 K.l i.ft *1#C4* t*3 Jt’‘ *f3u - il.»V tl a . |I< F, J|. 

. v'esaud r 

*i B\y . \ik v t \ - 

11LK8. 80 PIECES 94, 20, 98, Stl, 

nt d 33- nehbeot mxke black 3iiks for sale xt East- ! it tilroad lor tt.e E .st 

:rn paces ty 


'V o T 1 ON S. A t Ui.L AtvS 'KT- 1 

x.M mail of Sciss rs. Knives, Jet Goods, Nee lies, . 
combs, thread, 4.C.. :or ,1- bv 


IBBONS. l,'i(it> F(H LATES1 

leg and all widihs ia store and 'or sale be 
to A HBF K’.B 4 BK'J'f . 1 E Kg. 

K rt . 2 (J \SES BLACK KE- 

IVi J .a-. Ti ghman 
1#J Mathias ..larg 
| C han Karl* 

*»* U Bl - eau 
S4« .- £ Wale 
Nit Peter* IK Booth 
«"6 Lo t II u -tel 

4o I to K u; »■ - y 
427 J Parser for Klitab’th 
Ftrkfr, rx’x 
4“ Beredut B..y ey 
44s Uj Jer Beason 
4ii H m LU in 

46' John ** King 

kS T to W eh", 

6iv a S Tha mend 

I'Ui Harriet Georg* 

ieti Miss to *- 1 . 4* eft 

Being pr«ct ! cal mechanics, and having f:-r many ' »rd also to u.e its n ,me n l O j < f debt*. 

wiliest T.ler, ,J?r of ,V , u ^ C4I ’ i ‘ ci ' y l , iu C,J ’ « “-f the selves ] William Tel Ure ve,-. . and John Li.xeischvab & Co. 
lsdij W H kelly thiU l,le > c '* c ' fender ev ry >ait>fact.on UDder their the Brewery on Jackson ttreet. 

l*d“ 3-rmnel Vt ildey 
IS.9 George Sutherland 
I8i| J p iitniing* 

Ibti} J C Kccle* 

1*44 Edmund Ballinger 
If 2 J to Logon 
Jyet C P Green 
f*;6 Dxvid Ayres 
ltb.< Ttotna* F J.imes 
1878 .) tochiediemanld 
■ «M) J F Jewett 

that they can rend-r ev ry >aii.-"fact.on under thiir I the Brewery on Jackson ttreet. 

new firm, a« well in the mechanical exe'uti' n of trier | Thankful for past .a tors ne-towed on the firm afore- 
worx as in i eqaali'v an.l price o' tt.e materials used »*iJ. t cr l ope the same ill re c ir icd over to Lhe 
They solicit a share of pufifie p troutee new firms. GF.KHAK't 11. OTT 


jylSdtf to NlKL MAIICELLU3. ' ' 

< *avi> | c^af. urttf o fancy an t n; , k cas-r tr.-r"*, t 

_s\)l | i I* .. I “'f'-^'if.'fiety 5 Party and Wedding Vestings;. UxxstiUet 

IT, " " ! Fine French Cloths and tlas-lmer**. new style,*! 

UlSAOlUtiOll CI copartnership. : t'l-n tor Uas'nuss 'Uits, which will be made up t 

. , 1 1 i ’ DU.TVPUOI11D order as cheacly is they c-.n be purchased of acj 

.Mle, T \l» I NERSHIP HERETO- c MUn gestsmish-nent in this city. 

r * fore e*isti"gFe'ween Cl! *3. i’ VHioUM « v -,r>d ! . rs '* N ’ ■‘/J' 1 '‘“i 3 “krtet, ijeiween Fourth and F fth 
K. C t»l K'tTHER tradi: gu. tier the firm of 11,.* R («ni«viUe.Ky. apJ4 

.M IV V toTHOT IKK, !ias this lay I. i disso ved y “ 1 1 1 ■ . " 1 1 “ '■ 

mutuvl consent, Char. I’. Moormjn reltling trom the ' 

Tim iiu.inrsj of the hr u w’ l N* c""-n tinned F.v It - ^ ^ ^ S J.i a *N.- 1 .» -ViN J V i's r i vT* • 
O. 3 CRoTIlhiK, J. K 11 AY n K8, and J . JuBOHt? ! 

under the firm of uU'dX.UAY Ec k CO . Hfi RMITT\NCEft TO ENGL\ND, 

Louisvnle, Augu*t31,lBd^ e t ai6 UAi * NE3 & C0 ' «' lit E GA ND, SCOTLAND, AND WALF.S-W.’ 

furnish t'emaii i thi s upon the bank of Livrrpo du. 
_ T „ a :ms ' f one po ini -nd uo. Ti.eiebi'ls ca , lie "-«sie«: 

IV O I 1 (' P . ia aiy pet I K if-tiud, Ireland, Scotland, or Wa es 

_ __ UL* IC U1N <13 m CO-, Newcomb’s building, 

|N RETIRING FROM THE L \TE 8e> corn- r of Main :» i t Ku'litt rtr-ets. 

N. firm of Al OKM tN & STB )T* E .. I take ere it JTY Vi 'll \ \ id k! • it i" t\'|) TMIF 

l.|«-a*u e In reci iamoidir^ u ltt ne<r tlrm, OivK.V, ! Eq - v -'^ • * ! < I • rt l jAxYlf 1 I -tx I . 
H AV .i K ' Fi UO.. t-> . ur o>d f -iend t an < c j»u irer j , p a Exchange „n N'” York, Biston. Philadelphia, 

ask fort', cia * rontinuanceol the lu.ralpTtionageex- B» • more. Fi’.'s'u-g, Cincinnati. ?t Leu: X.wOr 
teniie I to tfie laic fir^>. I lea s. Mobi’e. an i Charleston, to. C-, for s .le in sums 

F«lid6 CnAS. P. MOORMAN. to suit pare ba, ry 

ver ll C rCtl IVG3 ir CO . Newcomb's Vail 'ing. 

Dissolution of Copartnership. Notice 


a^o’v» i f r,° i IV. 0 - ^ CU. !.as I cen t his day f W • tice th.?t he ha« resumed his f-^ rm-r occupation, 

t ilen to rnlb Sfil l -*t?n”i < | , * nt ' “** Mfii- J andin connection with C'.N Warren, will continue the 

Lrd -,i?oto r, ln F* m the ru ,:e ol the firm, I J-y k.n* and r.vct inge business a: No. m Mail, 

ard *l»oU ^u^e i.« a .Be:n h quid at on »f .Kb's. j « rtf - t ,afew d )ors west of the bank of L juisvdie, un 

'".II. UUO, wl c "try on u.e same lust ess in the h-rtheuameof 
Wiliam fel Breaerv. an 1 John Li x^.sch *afi A. Co. mrl' CURTIS fc WAKBEN. 

^ILKrt. 2C BLACK Rh 

ceived and f or sale low by 
aulf datw J. H. COLSTON fc CO. 


-M. fc) cases fancy; 

6 do bl .ck and white; 

& d y p aiti black ; 

5 do blue a’ d orange; 

6 do blue n 1 win t; 

6 do > uroitur^; rece.ved and forsale low by 
aula diiw j. n. COLdTON at C . 

4 A iiNGrtAMS. 

vft 5 cases fancy che 

I EXCHANGE, f* Iti HI' AND TIME -,r.x.| lU 

A Exchange on New York, Buston. Philade’phi"*, ‘ 

ba t more, Fi'.'s' urg, Cincinnati. ?t Leu .; New Or- ™- x» bales red; 

5 cases fancy check a- d plaid; 

2 d-i black and » hite; 
t do piain black; 

! to domestic; received and for sale lrw Fy 
aula d •: w J H. COLSTON t l CO- 


A ceived and for sale low by 

aula d-. w J li- COLtoTON £ CO. 

| T'aiefroiu Lo isvnle via Jeffersoaviile Railroaoto— 

Itidionapcl-.s.-O* -.uurs; 

I Cincinnati, 5>% hours; 

Lafayette, 7 hours; 

Terre Haute, 1 hoars: 

Chicago, la hoars; 

Bam: Louis, 17 hoars; 

C lev- land, 14 hours; 

Buffalo, Jl>j h urs; 

New Y or., i<-.H hours; 

Bust .-a, 4b ,S it- urs; 

Pittsburg, 1 y r% hours; 

Ptilo-leiphia, Sofi hour* 

Wheeiitig, l-ij* hoars. 

Baltimore, n hoars; 
Vtlkllftot.Mh rears. 

B vet * re checked through from Jefferson v.lie to It 
Jianapoiis and Cincinnati. 

FREIGHTS. — By xrec.ntarrqnge-:rntwiththe v* S 
I. R. R. Co. .the Jeffert" m 

I own Locr.motives, tar*, and Cab'tncora, through :• 
Indianapolis, ov-r ti.e M. Si 1. K. R. fr -in r .. -. 
wi ich gr-atly facilitate* the trans pcrlotio* of fre i -- -» 
Tbe attention of BTch:i"‘3 ship! : < fre g! 7 7. «rti 

snd East is called to this route, and the advantage} : 

For through tickets an 1 information in regard tt 
'reights, "*pp y at the ."thee, iaa Mx:n xtree". L uxvtr. 
Ky., E. O. K ORTON, Ticket Agent; or.attfie toep<xic 
Jeffersonville * l * «•**: w. *. ,• » 

S. At. LKMONT. Master of Transport-, lic.a. ja’-g 1 

Owica LeciaVi.r-a xso kxsavtus K. It Co..i 
Louisville- Ky., Feb. a,l*w>. j 

eaves fi*r 

i- wed fof 
> per mil* 

lu do wlite; 

» do yebow; 

3 no reJ twilled; 

3 do blue; 

3 do plaid; rec.ived and frr ss'e low by 
aat5 dfcw J. H. CQLgToN fc CO. 


f-5 glita'es 4 4 brown; 

6 do 5-4 do; 

3 ewes 1" -4 do; 

3 4 > at 4 bleached; 
ttcceiv- d and for sale lew oy 

_H.<1 5 .I u J II COLSTON CO. 


Little Aiiami k 

I* A I I* 

64* 'ihouia- t* Marshall In** F Eo ms 
•a? to-vul 8 Kxu'man lrt*9 I’a-tib* Lee 
b4J George W F .rker 1#JI F W Grossmeyer 
fri4 A. Alcto.ven ir,4 Gilbert J' lmson 

i'J Wo Flower Sg 

•>) . . a W ca*i!iera 

*>■-* KtRter. lu w 
IM I W Ci*lSiCFi 
tid J A tfimpfoD 1* U H m Co. h • *ii 

•is tom H toe c.ier «<<2 Francis Moore, jr 

•77 H .1 to i lixio* *71 Aocrewtoa'ey 

J* * Felix fiiedtr i~J Isaac etewart 

j,p| Robert Dal* 0 W Vickery 

774 Wm Jorei iw-8< „ ... „ 

778 to m to l’ 4 “ij Vaul Bremc nj 

7to3 toyerl’e rt tKtii,. 

BU i»»xt l Hill I6ii > Hand G Barnet 

HG Lerrr < rxu Frown ait^J u „ .. . 

•7* a - hn to' h w r p j“‘ McMaster 

b79 Jam s Vc U s er iHjij... 

• 4 Dye Fe-rl 186- ( F B Gent:y 

H» Us y tTu He Jenberg kl ♦. > _ ... . 

«30 J Eli ■ bfc J B W 

Falls City Terra Cotia Works. 

miiu* il uu .St* x-iirmiJCH.'iip I ton street p ! a k rood, making it a delighttal drive from 

P B A N v O N r BMib rlR.U Ol 1 HULL. HUNT A' I thecii y- lie will spare no pales IO all who may 

: FIFTH STREET, BET. GREEN AND WALNUT colse^thi^dVd^TVed-^ r ^oZ%%T^U. 

-...v,-,.U°.“rn V u l ;. , 'i K i^ i (.onixvilte Exchange. 

-»kANUFAOTURkROFCXPtTALS ben. j .dims, THPalTH-if bihkb u , vtvr 

ill and Bases, for Columns; Truss"-]*, Brackets, J- V- U^i I,, » H r. 8U IJSGKI DE.K, ‘I A V IMt 

Window Cap., Ki richmcDtifor Cornice-. Gothic Urns- ' r r* to. 8- HUNT- leased the house on the nrthwest corner o. 

merits. Chimney Tops, Flower i ots, Vase*, &c. As- _ LQUi ril,e. A a gur, 3<, lrr6. sel dhwt f ; -i .Jeflo*so-i in:! Fmyd s Ti e's, will coati-.ue it as 

■ Sortment to be seen at the to rks. JOkbPli ll ii.tinv , ^ ~ n htuse of pubi c enterta.nmcut, under the name o 

ii .n PLAIN AND OliNAMKVTU pr A gTPn Ju - 5ilu MADDUX. LUC7S HADDOX the Louisvil.e Exchange. 

... ’ r n- * -L P..A^TEB. CopartnerSuiD Notice It hag an ample balou-, and will at oil times be sup 

All orders for Piaster i,g or Stucco for interior deco- yw tt a A* i • i., ... . .. phed with the b- t of Liquors nn I Lsgrr Beer. 

; Ta'ion promptly attended to. B x 1 \ V i, i HIS DA V ASSuCIATKD The house will be opened for the accosarnodation of 

rlasieri or, s for *me at the lowest cash price. ■ with mein the Carriage YJanuf during Pusiress the tublic on Saiuriay evening, sugus'. 3d, at 7 o'clk. 
apa atf i my hrolher, Louis Dad iox The tusiuess will ht-rea*^- A Lunch will be prepared fur the occasion. 

mwiiii ■■ I.L.J. ter be conduced under tne firm, name, and style of iY a > 'lu L. BBRQMAM. 

Fall lor 1 s*10. JeaeVion! d ‘•* aa ®- ru ri arn li'C UnT!?| 

rglHK 8UI.ACRIBER, AT HIS- 1 ^ i*™*- >l * LllAlvLLO HU ILL. 

■ wall paper i> Ki’Or. Thi rdstr-et. reir Main. ; Copartnership. PORTLAND, KY. 

to i,U E^per.'of ^fiVu'ieY^^The^^iddU'^onj^ar • nearly UNDERSIGNED HAVE M THE UNDERSIGNED, LES- 

a) orw porter**, wn-i will be sold and hung, iu superior associated WM. L. 8HALI. CROSS ij.. see of thisnewly -erected and admirably-adapfet 

s yie. ai the lowe. t p-lces. W.* . to <.*gD. JItJ a in the manufacture of Flour, in this .-it. . Hotel, takes pleasure in announcing to tbe pub 1 

Faie- Li.nger a il dealer in French and American ?ju n * lne nV?».i*!? IN c, ifi7l uc ied iu the name lie generally, aud especially to passengero arriving r t 
loner Hangings. or UKA t , DR AT 11 hit AGE ,& .CO departing at the Portland wharf, that this house is now i 

Wr »o oli stock— all new and fresh goods. .. 1Kl! URaY & DEATUERAGE. completely iurnished and ready foriheaccommoiation 

f Bulletin uory.) au28 August bth, lf5b. aub utf of guests. 

t * m, , hTtPUEN KJ.L1X. 

LfmsviUe, Ky., Sept. 8, leo*. St? c€ 

LF Co’irier copy . 

-al solution of Partnership 

™ CO.. Pork Packer*, cf this city, is, by mutual ! ^lulSdl 
consent, this day dus ived— to S Br.iadaa* retiring. ■ ulg 1 
The business wul ie CMi'inned by the uuatra.xned, a „ 

under the same firm as h.tneno. 8 | Eal 

J. c. li'i i,, 'V<* 

Loui «rii;e. A u gust 37, 1156. *~ U Ii'l j c »tf - ’ -i !fel 


Copartnership Notice , I L h ’*„ 

g H W E I Hici DA Y ASSOCIATED p xSshSl 

I M. with mein the fg rr i Me xj ano f cturing Pu*-ress, tuh,i 
| my hrother, Louis Dad tox The Lusiuess will hrteaf- A . L “?S h 
| ler w CDDilu^ted un Her tne firm, n-»me. hi id style of jy^l utl 
1 J. HAtolMX te BllO. at the old s.aadon Th ri ttreet, 
betaeen Market and Jefferson. W - | ’ 

; i>uA) Jk» f J. HADDOX. ••* 

S30 J an s 

to- J Mr* joary Helr lle 
13IU Ao-oll OrSBtOB 
1013 a 11 F tbe* 

W> J*j-<s N iJrgxn 
1U4 Thomas fiisui.y 
1‘44 ttmnLGrvtD 
1647 Jet** Daniel 
104“ j B Daniel 

jisti Chad s decent 


lUxs to itlis Millie :n 
lute J u Miluc ,n 
1064 John Davis 
|to« » u. Barton 
407* W A Locahari 
IH K M .rt n 
ms Jsmet Killun 
Htto C H i aykr 
iStl Young* Cniemaa 
Id: 14 .-ur. kcNuu 

toot ( Louisiana Davis 
4303 K Frost 

Thomas Beed 
IHI6 Jlani.on C Bryant 
Y330 J S Metoonald 
S?34J Arthur Gamer 
ae.l J F Matt, he t 
Y7!G Andrews a Grover 
rt O Merr U 
334!" W Pinkney 
S*l J D Gidd.ngs 
8451 J.r «totd,jr 
83,* A P Kdgerton 
2"Y» Thorax* YVatn , 'T, jr 
83-3 George h eis.are 
*364 Francis Briehta 
8t'3 KHxsbeth Carter 
*4X4 W e Dsvts 
83*7 Joseph Tomlinson 
83»I BceeJ fi Turner 

JEFFEKoON COUNTY, KY. ^ pd> assortea , received and 'ersa’e low by 

, , THE UNDERSIGNED, H\V. wMawir j u. cglsto.V fi co. 

f. *> ing fitt-.l up this place in gxo-1 s:y.'e, would V ! a*|,A VU'l'TS 
-Liio.i-ieaie'1 tn receive. he viJits of the puolic They K , . , Qri 1 ,7 ' 
are situated seven milei f roui Lou svi.l*-, on f e I'res- l < u ba cs Hor'e Blarkets, assorted; 

B lankets. 

10 ba es Hor-"e Blarkets, assorted; 

JO do Negro do do, 

6 d > Bed do d-i; 

6 do Coach do do; 

.Received and for sale low by 

aula (lsv J. H. COLSTON * CO. 


6 cases blxck; 

3 do fancy; received aud for sale low by 
d&w J. U. CoLSTjN S CO. 


KJ one Train daily will be run itithr Lnu!:vil'e an. inr - -. . 

Nashville Railroad. The Train will leave the Derct * J OGmiTtei A- 

Lcu.sviile at I o’clock r. n., and r«:araiig r Vr 

Shepberdsvuie at 3 r.w. ** M 

Lx'" A Stage Line connects with the above .it Cirpen I""* * — -we- - , 

^er’» Depot, for ll.rd ttwo, everv Turin . Thur - ' 

"lay, and sxtotd.iy ; .:*> at Bol.Lvg kt-rq D e p t, for T , , ,,, — T*" 

fcl ax's*, htown.'.rxjson Spiings, .U.aino.b Cave, nt... 1 itlir, : i ■'.!>>> v 

Nr- llaxwa, daily. Llilit x'illilli ft 0 

f-6 dtr J. F. 0 AM3LB Sup't 

I NEW ALBAN Y«9kS AL E.U it Al LRU A I) Ik . i 2 J 



next, i3tn instant, Trains will run oa ihe New Lake ^h-->“e 1 cp- t 

I Albany and Salem Railroad as follows: w :b : 

Kxprex* Trains will leave New Albany dailv, (Sun tour rt. *»,1 Ki .,<>. 
dsys excepted), at 9. x. M., connecting at Greencastir BY A.\Y OTUL.t Ii 
I with Trains West forTerre Uau:-.-. Vince: nes, and 8: via < -at. dusky,*: I il-"- 

1 Louis, and arriving at Michigan Ci:y at 4:l-s, x. at,-. Toledo logo a-.*,. - . 

Chicago at 7:3U, a. k., m.x r.g close connectijr.s w.t. .rum Chi t»l C :y to c 
i Trains' hence for Milwaukie. Rock Island, and Galena. Ti’S LITTLK v 

ll. G1 Ll, 




Y 1». 


V LTTTf.® Ml 

cc ulattbu^ cV Xeiia 

Ia H o a u* 



tourikirs. and Ru ‘ ij>. 

BY A. \Y OTllL.t liul 
via : Jepen 

» from Cincicaaf 
a- carj -nse tba 
I • nnlv mntw 
>a* Id CteftUa<ig 

nd f i%ies«fn *f> 
r m • hicsgn xad 
dusky , and ferry 

'.rum CTd C'ty to Gievelan '. 

and a: Michigan City with Trains fca*:, on Micl—-. , . THItLITrLK .l.i'l | ,UA ".itLriMS, 

CenUsl Hoad, for Dr roit, Niagara Fails, New York. ' T. 15 ’-' * r "• ,| * m nection to aadfirtM 

B st u, fie ClMCiJfA in ... rn r<m ko. 

Ripre- 1 * Trains Snath will leave Michigan City v J-Vf >iri! r. 4 lr-’ ih iV'-i-. -.nwiiicn .t*. 

11:15, r. a-, and arrive at New Alb.ny next lay olU: Pf- * *t ee . b. .. • r r r- -t .-n trains Goa la- 

p. in time to pat passengers into Louisville txmi • di.nap‘..isar k -i iv ,> t e : . . E,.t. 
afternoon. TUB LITTLR Ml \MI, YiA COLUMBUS, 

Freight Trains will leave Sew Albany as usual at THi - n v . Y 

X. «. every day, Sunday excepted. : ^lyVrt / 1 \ ‘?r sTi rr vZli'-'l '•' DCianx * 

jalJdtf J. B. ANDBRSON, SupA. >r UEr.I.I.'i ■! or $Tl 6F„* 4 tL A. 


Sew Albany and Salem K R. Co S.Wt.Vh' i\.e T&irsiSt 

: rj _~ lU V! ,J r .*• s^e “f car*. Th.x is a xiwot comfort 

LOUisi LLLE TO CHICAGO »7. ! BKIJYH THE Sli iRTF.s r RurT* from Ctnciaaotf 

1 tillHf I aS». 1 ObII.*ra dil'i Jfiit SDttd i| m t n ’.i ns.i 

fTftRAINS LEAVE NEW ALBAM , c. ..n.- o,. r .n 

1. daily (Sun days excepted) at 3:30 s. m .runniu. JL ‘ ' ,, * 
directly through to Chicago, connecting there w. th a * , re.-tHiv -n .?•“.« '» » Tl ? "tor *-• ana 4» 
tninsforthe west and Northwest.lsaving there*.* ‘Sn i, 7 o^ r . ‘ .* *". ‘ b ' K * **•?•* 

evening. »rii I'.niaine, gagwat.aamttmfiy.oad tessjla* a Gfi* 

This Train eonnects at Oreencsstle with Traiaso u ‘ uo y d. n BMrn1 , -r r r. c- t.- 
Terre Haute and Richmond Railroad for oT. Lf>CI3 i^-KULwi'. HlStlj 

making the 3HORTRST, QUICRKST, and C« PAP T 1 A 

Kb T ronteto that point. Connect* also at Mich-.a. WilclILLIXQ 
City with Trains cf Michigan Central Raiirom-i for^ De on-rcDtosz- 

trcit, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and mi Kistcrnciti.-". *11 fi , . ^ 

Tickets for all the principal points Bast *n ' ^ et DU X KIRK, 

mav be had at the office of the Loutsvillennd Portion Hr, rt rn j 

Railroad Company. 568 Main street. ° *" 1 e r \ •** _ 

Passengersby leaviBg’heirnajcestherewnibeualiec X ‘AUAJiA FALLS, 

fori* any part of the city without e*tr* charge- T o ell the Bsst-en cities. 

JOHN B. ANDfcKSOX, Superintendent. LV Tort* da.iy kosura Trains, at 4 a. lc x ■ 
N.8T*vtss.'4eneralTicket Agent. iat ar d-i r.a. * *• 

C L V 

I« the ca!v rente Wit>" r-i- \t 
CIAClJYJf l Tl *W rn T.xr 

ivssens. rs '*■ 


y * ca?es black Dies 

Fall Jmi |> i»iic« lor 18e5«. 

■ ■ suJb d-feYtf J. TlADnOT 


R WALL PAPER DKPOr. Third str ct.resr Main, LeOpaitnerslllp. 

is in dai.y receipt of large ata.tions to his » ock of TW^HE UNDERSIGN t D HAVP' 
w att f - per, of at classes. These xudit.ons ar- nearly i I .. . . 1 . U n A ' E 

al tuw paruma, and will be sold and haDg, in superior . this _day atsocinted YVM. L. SHALf.CROSS 
s yie. at the lowest p-icei YF. w t'oto 2T !t “ ,he “ «n the manuticture of Flour, in this »-it« . 

g cases black Dieskin; 

8 do fancy , received and for sale low by 
aul5 dfiw J. H. COLSTON fi CO. 


R- 5 cases fancy; 

3 do all wool; received and for sale low by 
aul5 dfiw J. H. COLSTON fi CO. 

— — ■ ■ JL daily (Sundays excepted) at 3.30 x. ji .ruenio. 

fii \TI\RTS A'i^flHTB’D ■ directly through to Chicago.eonnectiag here . 

\ , 7‘ . V A V >r * s AS5Utt 1 I truinsfortka Westand Northwest.Isaviag there*.* 

received and for tale low br o*-wu- 

^ received and for «ale low bv 
auto dsxw j. H. COLSTON & CO- 

tjrt N o oil xu-cx— all new and fresh goods, 
f Bu<ie'dn oo.y 1 

August 6th, H56. 


aub utf 

L ~ ; — Every item of furniture, bedding, and. Indeed, the 

EDWARD STOKES, I Copartnership Notice. ^^“pwtth article, expr.ssiy 

IT'S Ad.** I SLSAVING ASSOCIATED WITH . 8itui,ted **» the st- Charles is, immediately at the 

T* 0» *L i £Of I I ,, . . vV 1 s rl Ian nng of the principal shippitig point for D.ulsviile, 

_ . \ zr ■ ^ u , s ‘. ne 5* ^‘therto conductetl where nearly all of her stranger gue«ts first r.rrive and 

Cor. V| a 1 II and Fidit atl front whence they ilepart f'.r ih>- West and Scuh, tt.i:: 

vvtr. itiaiH ***** fro® this <i*y altered to BTEINAU fi house affords a convenience and comfort to tne tray- 

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY "Vi ... .. „ eler heretofore not experienced at this point. 

.ifnnnTW t. .vnnr... n ... *. § , ..I 1 •hallhe.the earnest endeavor of the prorrietorof 


3 bx.V. JlxeT nt„,K. . . P«tenfer.^7leavin, 

1448 J^hn W Clou 1 p*r SfcibS Wm Kim ro 
au’yJ H Raymond 84W H Ii Hxynie 
JS 8 J RDePnntois 04ul K to Milbu-k 

1*8 C P Green it-i Catherine Allen 

127* G to Sinks and J B 2 k'o Henry Kring 
Kh*w 84)3 J a Lawrence 

1897 JonnKet’rck 8 ub 
138“ Sam act Hidden 8431 ACtlorton 
lkto Ji ba Jonntoa 8438 Bliphalet Kssten 

lto .1 rtusan Masaiex 8443 Lemuel B Dickenson 

1*63 Th-vmas 11 ForrMter 84>C w m ll Ttioaiisou 
13«» B R Warner* 34»8 Z Wm Eddy 


a dlery, HardwarCiHumew Mountings, Tranks, and i formerone. 

Gooch Trimmings. . 

I om now receivingmy fallstock, which will be the 1 x.«T«ittau.. Mi 

Tl , t a •_ a „ tier iicinuiurT nui c* I'cncm cu iu iuip HUiui. 

m J ,tr 6, s V«ctful lly invited It shall be the earnest endeavor of the proprietor of 

1 /’.'“ t0 he* t 5 w . on the this establishment- to command a liberal share of public- 

e pa tr° n ** e *° uherally extended to the patronage, because he intends to deserve it. The 

house, with its extensive grounds, cool, shady groves. 

3 bales black French Cloths; 

8 do colored do do; 

I do blacx do Dorsain Cassimere; 
3 cases fancy do; 

10 do .^sotted Satinets; 

1 do a> -wo. 1 Tweed; 

5 do Union do; 

10 pieces black Satin Vesting; 

50 lincy Silk do; 


Freight Trains will leave New Albany as usual at 
a. a. every day, Sunday excepted. 
jalJdtf J. B. AXDEKSOX, SupT. 

New Albany and Salem R R. C* 



JI doily (Sundays excepted) at 3:30 a. t* ,ruonin. 


This Train oonnects at Greencastle with Trainso 
Terre Haute and Ki. t.mond Railroad for dT-L!>U’? 
roaki'-g the SHORTEST, QUICKEST, and CHEAP 
KsTroateto that point. Connect* also at Michigan 

/ - ■ * V y ^ •wr.i a nry- KBTroateto thBt point. Connect* also at Mich .i 

. forte! received from manufacturer and forsale City Trains cf Michigan CenGal Kailrr-*i forte 
loifby faulsdfiwl J.H. COLSTON it LG. ; trclt, 3uffalo, Niagara Falls, and ml Eastern citiv* 

— — - - | Tickets for all the principal points East an--* t*es 

rf'lLOfHS fiASMMKBRfl V PS T. mav be h»d at the office of the L- iisvUieund Portion 

Railroad Company , »3 Main street. 

Passengers by leaving ’heir nam es there will becaiieC 
forin any part of the city without extra charge 

JOHN B. ANDERSON, superintendent. 
N . Stxvxxs. General Ticket Agent. jal 

and general conveniences, is unsurpassed as a tran- Just received and for sale cheap h y 

handsomest and best selected stock of goods in my line irn 

that has ever before been imported in this market. I 
wovldinviu my old customers, aedthetrade generally, v V B iet ( 

to Set" .“priceVt ha’t “an?M7airt^ C .«urf mV the'^J Je Tl‘7' We offer superior'id: ticTfmm hi s K.n g cod n ec't io n‘ w ft h Uo'teTs'in UniSvirS,' 

lr°^that P co C mV. h to t h^m Vrklt.* UjMA litiSS ^of&crtTo'".’ *"**”*”* •* «baapne M and is engaged, and will ..gist in the general management 

* M.MChtek. sient house. It gbaU be kept as a fi’st-class Hotel— 

STOCK IS MOST COM- ,ackin S no oae °I ft® essentials of sach an establish- ; 

*1^7. a **orted by late importations In Watches Mr. J. W'. Re-lding, well known to the traveling pub- j 

Ust b K Warner* 
144) W.t lam Frets 
1434 GW tosb -me 

8471 J g tierruD 
847 « a B Hemphill 

1434 John A Rutherford 8477 Aorou Hongh’on 
148! C rnelius V annoy 8478 Heirs of John Jones 

1*37 C- rnelins Vannoy 
1448 Joseph Mates 
1«7< Ann B Reese 
1*H La mbs- d Mims 
list J C Moore 
It'S John James 
UN K U Douglas 
W7s K M Fish 
167] to m Kerr 
IS* James A Moody 
l**l P Bictfurd 
lets John Lamar 
HU John Cam-roa 
1-783 John D l ay lor 
lexi l«vi Mercer 
le<Y K-f M rcer 
W4B tosca Bngledow 

84-* “ Joel Hill 

8484 “ Warren A burn 

848j * John L Monks 

848) •« P, ter Aldrich 

mi M A Dooly 
850 j Geo C tray, cashier 
84UI FKennettfito 
8.ih3 John W Si hrimpf 
k»<4 W o Blair 
Sill M K > 

8 48 lleury B Bro fit 
SS8I4 Ga*»nel Trumwelt 
m* H fi Morcan 
EtjP Purbar m. Beau 
EfcJ4 Bar oh Itkau 

the f oilowi ng> rt ic lee ; 
Bridle Leathert; 

■ arness Leathers ; 

Hog fikiua; 

Caff do; 

Goat do; 



* Coach Laces; 
Coach Lamps; 
Robber Oil Clotht; 
Axles and Bands; 
Trunk Boards : 

Mai. Iron, fic. 


Morocco 8 kink; 
Patent de; 




Biding Whip#; 
Buggy do; 

Wagon do; 

■liptic 8prings; 
Harness Moantinge; 
Trunk Trimmings; 

C onr Wxi.oIS. , ., . of the house. The patronage of the public isrcepeci- 

HtDWatcheshaveacquireda reputation thronghoat fully solicited 
the Western country, and we aredetermined to meet jeli W. W. OWEN, Proprietor. 

every competition. 

Werequest a call and an investigation ofonrstcck to 
convince purchasers ofthe truth ofour assertions. 
oc3l 8TB1NAC fi LICHTKN. 



• NEI’T, having associited themselves together, 
will continue the Furnituie and House Furnishing 
business. YY’e keeper nstartly on hand a good : ssort- 
m*-nt of new and seeord-hand Furniture, which we 

jel8 W. W. OWEN, Proprietor. 


jji \ ar» invited to examine our stock of Hat«,Erv>. 

Caps on-l Furs. An eximioa ion only is 
necessary to convince them that it is to their iuterett to 
buy here and ‘-nowhere rl-e ” 


se6 455 Main street. 

T. fi R. fiLEVIN fi CATN. 
se6 south side Main st., bet. Filth and Sixth. 

D ress goods, etc. 

50 cases assorted Prints: 

4 (O DeBege; 

3 do tatcy thsLsines; 

4 do English Merino; 

8 do rich wool Plaid; 

4 do black l.u-irn 
10 pieces black French Merino; 

JO do do U m.axine; 

35 do blackSila; 

150 long Shawls; 

80 doxen Stays: 

Received and for sale ch’ap by 
•e* T. fi R. 8LEVIH fi CAIN. 


x. v - . Tx ■ ^ir^riaftCi,-xJr7.^^ w * Ti,le P*1 introduced by us. »* usual, oat- 

A'*® e .°? stantly ° n hand a general assortmeit * R 1 ’Y* t vie9 °- h ers, and is to be ha-1 nn>y at 45j Main st. 

cfriaddiM, Bridles, Harnesg, and Trnnkx. o» f d ' h d Farn,t,lre ’ P It AT 11 K K, fiYfITil fi CO. 

j£*~-~m.m~m.un art m Boob- AND CH.L.,MBNW I.AT8 


L Pcsey Mill Flonrjust received and for sate by 
an 22 MADDUX fc SMITH. 

*vid«t»s of other classes of the 
*y « f ljt Bepnnii# of Texas cannot he speeiBed by 

Uts dtporUBaat. ,t 4 aU iol 

R efined sugar. 

J00 bbls New York Stands 

J00 bbls New York Standard Crashed; 

85 bbls extra Granulated : for sale by 




PARI inform their friends that the residence of 
Dr. Van Buren Is removed to Fifth street, between 
Green and Walnut, two doors north of the Cathedral, 
and thru the office of the firm will hereafter be kept in 
the basement of Dr. Van Buren’s residence. 

iv ress HATS, the Louis. Hughes & Hutchison, to 

C«ucce«or. toNewUnd. Hughe. fiCo . ) . 

"• PHATii k tt, sstith fi co. \1 » ° L L ? *> EATERS IN » 

1 ® * JtttJ and Staple Dry Goods und VarieWea, Qitnun". ijcertsito MiddMcarn »• esc's. 

cHn-DHUN'-t HATs ^wtKraipfcKiaiBjaarse 

1 ^neisartgiutjm, w^^^s^sat^ Miaiss: 4E5JS.7a»^^ , 5yr«:7 1 .T: 

J. 1 !?* ^ * A . 1 5 r c: * r *[***' FEtobor*. Steabewvillo. 

LOUISVILLE AND LEXINGTON, g.’ei ekmi f rter ££%£*!*£!!%?£ 

Covington .nd Lexington 


w^at 8Kt *Nu T J . - IY-t -. vetei'.l. H : shore, and VYssA 

R M I I O A A rv C , |ig Rxpe S'. ,t r-«.. at "o o . k • ■ 

A I L !\ KA A U C* . Via t. cvetnnd, fill, I || »| . ing, Vr allth* 

SHIPPERS WILL PLEASE TAKE c-^m' t** 9 * ** “* * Ciaub ^**« 

notice thatthe above Roods are prepared to give THlK to TB a IN— Accommodation foaves Cincinnati 

through receipt* to Covington for Freights- The rater fc JJbo’ciot ic r. ». f.-r ?:r W..mir gtoa.u-relo> 

are very reasonable. ville, ar.,1 Lancaster Chil'.eot-e and H Uaboroaslu 

|;w r ror any information in regard to some, pleas* t* fkis train to ops at oil potnts betweu CiocinnaL and 
cadatDepot. SAMX GILL, ficrirgSe d- 

)s3 ri fane rin tended L. fi 8. R. R. P« L Rl'U TRAIN— Cleveland and PRtsburg Nixht 

- ■ - — — Express, leave- Cine.oa.ti fc d .. ch-ek r. m. . via 

TT l i „« n«iv,,’Vr,a T Lin Clere'ir.d a* I Pittaburg. Vr fc) the >astern cittern. 

&&WR1H8 UmXUDOS LlHO This train stop* a. at) p- nubatween Cincinnati »-d 


LEAVES MIDDLE Ijf" tor.# train os daadey at fiit a'Mock 

Leave* Loaisville fc 4 ociook, and arrives a: Middk* . 

tow* at« o’clock r.u. Faie •» low a* fir »»»y otheg Route. 

FmOTeocen will be cmlle<i tm who thtu axmeN » w . m -nn-iirnc , Tnv „. 

Whiw's stable, on Third street, opposite the po** p®e* . . . 

to sam*. pleas* te Ibis Gain fcop* at ail points botweaa Cincinnati and 
8AMX GILL, Scnnaffe d. 

*t fc. fi f. R. fi. ?• L RtH TRAIN — Cleveland and PRtsbum Nisht 

R osin. 200 bbls nos. 1 and 2 

In good order, for sole cheap by 


Wend* and parehasersnf goods ristticr this market. 

P aper, large aSxSort ment 

ail kinds Printing, Book, and * 'rapping Pape 
kept constantly on hand and for sale bj r 
j*» JAMES CROMJ |X. *8 Wail at. 

— - - J. R. fi W. T. HAWKINS, 

ty We will also take charge of and deliver sma 
package* fc the end of aad anywhere along th* liar, a 
accommodating term*- wN dt* 

Pt-LRfU TRAIN— Cleveland and PRtsburg Nisht 
Express, leave- Ctneisuata fc 4 c cli-ek r. a. . ri* 
Clere* ind a*- 1 Pitlsbary. for all the * asters cities. 
This train stops a. ail potato balweea Cmcinnatiand 

LlT On* train on da ad ay at LM o'clock 

Trains ras by Colaatha* tim» s * v s n uiu at** 

than Ciaeinnati du>«. 

Faie •» low as fir finy othpg Route. 

Ar.l a".inf-*mu c n, r' - a y at th* ffew, N*. 9 

r'* r "“ Id" ' »* of Via* • reetg 

, No- 1 77 fi-hon 1- u*s U. i.p* »ni the ..Jd ofie*. 
yatteast corner Br x'a-j xad Fr-nt street, opi. site 
Apem-er House. or attb* Raatcn, (L.UJ* Miami) IfcysL 
l.rfrinltl -V W ^ 

QTOfistklMlhua 4 . .r.u. "W 

V . W . T S.'. L g , ; -» Agent. 


OoRsfor pas seni 
and every train 

N ARD OIL. W BBLS LARD OIL ats>v«oiuoe*, • Jcsuior 

M A for sale by eity, withoat foil 

^>at fciu* prsncM Ho:ei*. for eaefi 
, *> ‘*ftv , a# Itroctioa* fc either of th 

" i Wl porta I 


■ • »• EC GO LEA. Coodufcww 

ktt-.e K