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Full text of "Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1909-11-02"

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. III m^ m miw m 





To the Voters o! the 
City pf Maysville: 

Do you want NATURAL GAS at THIRTY CENTS a thpu- 
tand, or do you profor to pay ono dollar and fifty conta? 

Do you want the city government run In tha Inlaraat af 
the people or in the interest of a few individuals? 

Do you want a safe, sane and economical administration 
of the elty^a affaire? 

Look at the records of the City Council and aeo haw my 
opponent voted on these issues and how I voted. 

A vote for me means Progress, Improvement and Natu- 
ral 6aa. 




The mvl<tuvUi)(>j dttya arf riniir.thi- ninlilrMt n/' thr ijriir, \ 
n/' irii II i nil irlmlH.and nnkfil irDints, a ml mfii dmi'ti brown | 
II ml m ti r. 

Ileau'd in the hoHoivH of the grove the withered leavet 
th»yrt»»U«to th9 eddying guat and to th«rabbU'a trtad. 

Say, Uunteri, can't yoa jaat (airly FEBL that wind 
and ufl the rabbit Marrying OT«r the fleldtf It'i • little 
too early yet, bat now'* a Kood time to get yoar 

Gun and Shells, 
Hunting Coats and 

We have a swell and nobby line this year, oomplele lo 

Mr. Fiirmi^r, ii )w'h the tine to thiak aboot the win* 

ter'a wants. U'hiit Hbout u 

Good Lantern 

With plenty of globes and wicka handy? Need a good, 

Heavy Fur Robe? 

Did yon lee theOalioway Cow Far Bobei we have in Kockr 
Tbey are l<> M^ties. Oar line of Driving and Work 


Is more varied and complete thfa fall than aeual. II yoa 
need a pair, cume in, 

We'll tell you next week about what things of inter* 

Mike Brown 

The □ Deal Man. 

Vote for John Bradford for Chief 
Police of Mtytvilli next Tuotday. 

x^^'The sennstional new ciKar Power & 
UanltoD'i Uavtoa Smokers 60. vGasranteed 
Bavsea f iller. 

TbanksKiTiDK serviee will be held in the M. 
B. Ckaroh, 8oDtb,aod Rev. Roes Aroold. Putur 
«f tberifsl Baptist Olareh. wUldolim the 

rgrmer . . . 

If yrtu are goin^ to Imild 
or do aDy concrete work 
we can farnish what you 

Brick, Lime, Sand, Cement 
Gravel, Wall Plaster 
and Lath, Etc. 

You will need a supply of 
tM)AL for next Winter, 
wbiub you will always tind 
ft good supply of the best 
^nftlity at our yftrds. 


'PHONI 14S. 

P^VtU for Baker Woed for Jailer. 

^VOTE for C0LUN8, tkeUWYlB. for 


For Chlif of PoNoo Vtto For 

Harry A. Ort. 

Vote for Andrew JaiNMry for' Cir- 
cuit Court Clerk. 


faaey New Blc Beady Soruhum juHt received. 

Vote for '^todtfy" tamnry No- 
voBifcof 2d« 

Wanted -A copy of TrI LBMR of 

Toeiday, AubuH 3d. 190'.). 

^^Wnnieij: Firgt-cUtecook; xoud nBgei;| 
permiin>>nt homi*. Mn. 8. P. Browalag, ^6 I 

Vote for 
Thomas M. Russell 
for Mayor. 

In Nothing That is Manufactured Fram Taxtilaa Has There Been Such Improvements as In the Msnufaeturt of 

to-Wear Men's and Boys' Clothes 

And through our connertiona with the hf*t manufaoturers in the country we are at all times in positioa to secure fbe very latest atylee tb«t evolve 

from the lir.uii« o( the liinlu'Hf cll^n•^ de-iiinerw of wparitit' iippHrel. 

To fonvince ymi of thi", whether y<iii wish to Imy or not, <'oini' in and Irt us try on yon sijme of our newest arriviiU in Suits, Auto CoAtS, 
Cravenette C'oats mid Fiun v \ ( which ure now more popular than ever. 

Sec (>in IK w arrivaN in Sweater Coat!*, College Cordur>iv I'ants, Auto Capsiaud our Moose High-Top (jhoea, which are the very thing for 
-l/orMiiiiMi; !h.'\ are Kr'-:*t MdlerH. We warrant thetn at>Holiiti'ly waterproof. Price, I8.S0 and |10 a pair. 

The (ii'-t ( I , .",( I ) r i)di'rwf>:ii- in town. I,''t iii ^tiow it t > yon. 
1) Hi'l f'jrt;ct vm ir in ki'fi nn <,n> ['.i^'iiy .vlit-n iriiikf your p nrr haHe. 




C artaell aitraeta tettfc wltfcoe t pain. 

Dr. and Mrs. J. A Siooky of Lailagtoa 
have annuuii'Ml ili- eni;Bf{eDeot of their 
daoKhter, Liliie, t'> :>:r. Harold WilllamanD, 
foriaerljr of LesiaRtoD, oow nf Lonieiana The 
marriage will be eelebrated ia Daea0bar. 

For NoTtaber, Collector Saaiael 1. Boborts 
ha« made the fellowlag OMigamaata fa the la- 

ternal Reveooe service at thie polot — H. E. 
Pogae DiatillAfy Company: W. C. Slye, day; 
Oscar (irigiby, additional and bottling; P. D. 
Weill, Gaoger. Poyatx Brothers Conpaoy, 

H. G. Holiday, Storekeeper-Gaoser. J. H. 

Rinj. r^ & Company: J. S VVallingford, day; F. 
W. liartint;, additional and bottling; P. D. 
Welle, Ga nger. 

.s«-Waated— Beaekheade. OUeBivarLaa- 

her Co. 

If wa ever commit snioide, we ahall eere> 
fully avoid carbolic aci'i, a doeeof wWek heite 
worse than palling a tooth. 

CoDtinae to learo ae thoagb yoa ware to liv* 
forever; direct yoor life as if yea 
dia toowrrow.— Joba Piaka. 

Princella Cloth.^ 

A popular, pure wool, highly lustrous material 45 inches wide. A firnaly woven fabric, will not pull 
at the seams. New French tints in Olive, Cunard, Concord, Copenhagen, Navy, Stone, also Black. $I 
yard. A fabric particularly eftedive for the one piece dress now so popular. 


Finish and wearing 

Imported fabrics, 52 to 54 inches wide, in the season's most fashionable shades. 
quality are the highest standard. R are value s, a yard $1. 

Munsing and Forrest Mills 

No other brands of Underwear gain access here. The kind we sell must be all merit — that's why wc 
say Munsing and Forrest Mills because they're the best values to be had. Stout, tall, short or thin, we have 
the corredl size. 

Children's Plush Coats 

Jaunty, serviceable, warm. New and pleasing styles. White, seal, scarlet, taupe. Sizes 2, 3, 4 and 
5 years. Regular qualities specially priced at $1.98. 

Boy wanted to carry Ledgbi ia Foraat eve* 

noe roate Apply at offioe. 

The rain lut aight pot a damper on the 
parade aad tha lights weat ovt. 

Retail grocers uf Mayaville are paying the 

maricet price, 25 ceota per deeea for eggs aad 
20 oeaU for batter. 

Ura. J. C. Keansdy of tha Fleming pike re- 
ceived a bad fall last night at the etep'off at 
the head of the alley leading into Second etreet 
between Uurpby'a and Straiu' stores. AfUr 
receiving SMdieel attaatiea by Or. Shatidan, 
Mrs. Kennedy wu eoovayod to her home in 
Mr. T. If . Rossell'a antomobila. I'hia is cer- 
tainly a daogerona spot to the anwaiy, aad • 
dsmago suit will probably follow, 


Kentoclty Gr«anbrifr W'biaky, bottled ia 

bond: $1 par qnart. Donovan'h, 

Oppoaita L. aad N. Depot. 
■ e • 


Did you hear Riggi? Hear the Oriole Con- 
sort Compaay. Tberadari November 4tb, 8 
o'eloek. Beaaoa tiakela ea aele at WOiiaaM' 

Drogatore, Merz Bros, and by Committee, 
II 50 for aeaaon ticket. SiLgle admliaion 60 


Reaarvod aaets oa sale Teeeder, Novanbor 
2d.atWUIiaM'DragstotelOeeBtB. SSOkase 

dfe^B O^BO^V^e 

I .ffiV~U. 8. P.Sarsaparilla, thsgreattonicand .^^V ote for Wm. J. Kirwiu for C ity Clerk 
j blood parl flar. 50e. at Bailie & Wood's D regatore. | ^ l. Thoaiaa. a well kaewa tarfmae of Paris. 

Some ides of the fortuneH at 8taki> in tho : was iitabbed ia tke left hrfsst at Ihf SheepH- 
wool bnainese can be gathered from the fact | hend Bay traek, Mew York, Sunday by Cam! 
that the total wool product of the eoeatry laet Schilling, oae ef kkl Joekefe. Hia eeadttlon i<» 
year waa valaad at |78Ji63.165, I aorioas^ 


We aliee it or sell by the whole piece. Thie ia deiiciooe for 
Hupper and for lunches, and ia moie eooaonlwU Mkd leea tpoobl* 
tbao any meat vou c«d serve. 
A trial wul ahow yuo. 

G. W. CE15EL 

^i^Be raard B. Pollitt for City Cle rk. 

It ia aUted tkat L. V. Harkness. the Now 

Y'lrk millionaire turfman, ha« bouxhi tho TOO 
acTri farm of Mrg. (^laude (lartb in Scott 
County for a reported price of $125 ai 
The land adjoiaa Walnut Hall Farsk 


CiloAe Stamp Cow 


Do you realize what a big stock of Underwear we carry? As we buy 
exclusively from the manufacturers, we are able to give you a better gar- 
ment for the money than a regular retail storee 

25c to $1.50.1|ffg 

Beautiful Suits at $14.95. 

Veil tailored, satin lined, long Coats. Black, blue, green, graye A ^ 
$20 Suit for $14.95. 



tbkA iiiiiWiii i 

iiliiin li'liife 




A. F. rfltN.4W, JM4ior and «IWM)tr. 


f. M. ■eCwMMy Mttto Wtth ■ 
PiM AooMwit-PrMlpllittd 
PrM tbt Roof of thi 
Ckriitiaii Church 

r«r tk« pMl WMk Mr. P. M. MeCtfthty and 
Ml lMl|«i ksv* bMB Mmt4 te ptiittBK tb« 
•toa* eonlea aad tarrat work M Ik* Ckrii- 
tiam Ckarek te brt Third ttraal. 

miMk h a MeiH aad tefaraw aM 
«taB far thota yomg in je&rt and inppla ia 
Wmh, and the friend* of Mr. MoCarthey mar- 
Talad at hia undartaking a job ao fraosbt with 
f«fl, »ai nan a wH kiMlti far kia aafMf, 

owiag to his adfanced yeara. 

▲II vaat wall aad tba baiardoui work wa» 
•bwM aoaplatad. Taatardai aftaraooa. bow- 
«f«r. akait 4A) o'elaek, whUaha aad Mr. 
Thomu YarnslI were eaftaKed at work nu the 
ataap roof, tba ladder oa which Mr. Me- 
CuHkurwm warktef baeaaa looaaaad fran 
«k«*?illajr to which it «a« f aaUaad aad abot 
devB OTer the iteep iaeliaa roof like a caanoa 
kail, oarrriaji tha aafortnaata maa to hia 
iutk. llr.TaiMUaimdkiMaif ky eatekiH 
kiUaftMlharHrtaf a liMar tkit iMutoad 

Mr. MeCarthar fall ffomaidvay tha roof, aad 
tkaaaMratelMaa waaatlaaatSSfaat latka 

deaeent his body ii euppoeed to bar* atnak a 
faaea aad boanced to the ^rouod. 

aiaa w^*wmr*, 

Thf r«H'1>-ri of thli paper will b« pl«M«il to 
l«a*mth«tihvr« \t atleMt onedr^kdeddiirtse that 
aol«no« hat b««n abia to onxa la all itt and 
tbatl* Catarrh. Hall'l Catarro Cure ii tlip ua\y 
poaitlTeoure uuwkuown to the medical fraternity. 
Catarrh bfiUK a constitutional dlacaie. require! a 
coottitutional treatment. Hall't Catarrh Curelt 
lalcen Internally, actlnit directly upon the blood 
aDd mucous lurfaoei ot the tystem, thereby de- 
(trojrlnn the foundation of the diseate, and tcivlnii 
Mi« patient (trenirth by building up the conititu 
tion and aailatinK nature iu doitiK itn work. The 
proprtetort have io much faith In iit curative 
poweri that they offer On* Hundred Dollar* (or 
aayoaiethatitfaUatoaai*. laadfarlUtottaa- 

Addreit K .1. CHENBT * OO..ToMo,0. 

Sold by all UruKKlitt, 18o. 

Take Ball'! family Plllef or eontttpation. 

Dra. Sbaridaa aad Coo^ war* aoa* o* tha 
aeaa* aad taadarad all poaaiUa aid. bat itwaa 

nM« and died within a few mtealH 
hart— hia aack baiag brokaa. 

Biakbdr*M NMvalta «ka utolaktag 
aataMkkMBt of McIWaia 4 Hnmpkraya, wkara 

it was prepared for barial, tbenoe eoarajrad to 
tba booia of his brotbar, Mr. ti. A. MoCartk*y. 

The deceasad vu bora aaar Morpkyarllla ia 
1H40, aad waa te kia 68lk yaw. He was for 
maay yaan te tka qMMMriM kwiaaas, baiag 
Jaater 9*hmt te lha Ini •( 0. A. MoOwikaf 

& Bru. For yeara paal ktkad kaaa a contract! 
iag paiaUr. Hia «lf^«ko 9m Miaa Aaaa 
OalkoM, priaiiit hhi I* Ikafrm ttm ym 
ago. He learaa OM aot, Ckarlaa L MeCar 

they of Portiinouih, (V, and le lurTifed by two 
brothers and oae aister — U. A. MoCarthey of 
tkia eitr. Atentdar MoCwtkaf of Waaklag. 
too aad Mia. Jim MaataiN* ot J*kMoa's 


He was a mambar of tha Christiaa Chnrch 
aad alBo a aaakar of OaKalk Ladg* No. IS, 

1. 0. 0. r. 

He waa a Chriatiaa gaatlaaan, oprigbt and 
coaKioatlovs ia all kia daaliaga— a good citi- 
sea to a?ary aaaaa of tka word. 

H'.8 n»nt\B natore wse aptly llluetrated by 
this iacideat. happeaing a few boors before 
kia aatlaaly daatk: 

Some mischieToas buys had renoTed one of 
the large aliatt«r^ bt>looKiiiK t" the Chorcb, 
aad which be had painted. When he retained 
to work yaatarday Boraiag ka aali iiqiiry 
for the shatter, and a neighbor informed him 
that the boyi had thrown it into hi* yard, 
addiag.l "Cat they broke oat a nnmber of the 

"Pad," aK bx wan anirersslly called, stadiad 
a monaat and replied in gentle tone — 
"Well, aow, tktjf ought ntt to Act* done 


Kuneral tooMrrow aftOfBOon at 2 o'clock 
from the Chriatiaa Ckaroh, with serricee by 
UsT. Bogar L Clark. 

Intermeatin family lot ia MayariilaCaaatary. 

PieMe omit flowers. 


Mr. Lea Paraall oama op from Ctaeiaaati 
last night ia order to eieroia* his fraaebisa. 

He will retara to the eity tbia evening. 

%ntt%t Mtm% Fno Sample 

Ferjaby't His 

Ckaara*! Tkawatalaa 

OaUook for oottoa goods to 
waalaaa at* dateg watt. 

Some agltatioa aaoag railroad 
laatara Uaaa far aoi* waffaa. 



For Sale By All Qracen. 

For Purity, Streiiitth and Brit Reiulia uae 
BIPPBY'a Pur* Dream orT«rtnr liitk- 
Ins Powder. 

l^uarter piiunil ciiii lOceiita 
Kull pouii.l I'aii .:l,1ceiii» i 

. ■'£E£*2. A«»;»'»t»»7 •'»'•''•»'"■* I wimoe youf cake Ja»t right, 
lag Balisiaaa are ataadard 8tr*a«tb. Noae ' 

RIPPEV'S Cake Icing 

]- iiiailf lu four iliivora: 
Cliocolate, Ueuion, Vanilla, Cocoanut. 

Prloe IOC per box. 
Oo* tabletpoonf ul of water to four ot loing 

Trial else Mm par bottle. 

Krery artlele we make ha* oar guarantee !* made In four flaTors; 

aad Serial Ko. 310 on every box. bottle or ' Orange, Lemon, Strawberry aad Cboeolala, 
paekage, aad are made to oooform with all I A Be box makes a delioloo* Dessert tor tour 
lata and National Laws. to alx people. 

f3C Kmmt Second Street, 

Oar kaadsome fO-paga Booklet of Beolpea mailed tree oa reeelpt ot name and address 

on postal eard. 

wnUam Kippey, 


Blnat«>riiiff fall winda iadan with daat play aad bawoe wrtth dall* 
«Me altiii. Yon are Tery liable to b« tronbled witb obappad baada, 

Upa or fktoe BBleHH ->'iMi take noidp precaution. 


will prove the l>PHt Mnfcuuard you can aae. Il'a « dainty, cleiiKbt- 
rtilly perftained prt'pnraiion that la neither irreaay nor atloky. It 
will prevflsit ancl oui-<- ail rouKh and inflamed condltloaa or tbe 



Cor. Second and Sutton Streets, Mtysvllle, Ky. 

AathraoiU Biaara are workiag fall tlaaaad 
tha daauad to waU ap ta tkaai^ylr. 

■aak atatamat ahows kaaty taai tt oaak 
aad toll* dao r aaa* te aarylaa 

at :<.o()«.(VX) taaa aad 9l| irat 

1,200,000 toaa. 


Pennsylvania short of eara all over system, 
and id running freight traiaa oa Saaday to 

prevent eongeetion. 

Something can and must be don* 
for the puny, crying haby, tor the 
child that refuses to cat and is rest- 
less in its sleep. And since the basia 
of all health is the proper working 
of the digestive organ*, look first to 
the condMMI ol tkt MOOMCh Mid 

A elUld abotiM haw* two tun and fr** 
nowamanta of tha bowela a day. Thia 

amptylnir of the bowels Is very Important, 
aa with It romPB a cloar head, a llght- 
nesa of step. Rood nppetlte and sound 
aieep. But It Is rqually important to 
know what to Klve tha child In the 
ameqtancy of constipation and Indtges- 
tloa. Ottbartlea ara too atrong and aalU 
and other purcatirea are not only too 
etronr. but the child refuses thorn be- 
cause of their bad taste. Have you ever 
tried Dr. Caldwell's Syrup PepainT It la 
a liquid tonle that fannUa* taava been 
using for a quarter of a century. It la 
mild, pleaaant-tastlnir and promptly ef- 
fectlve. It la Rood for you as well as 
the child, but there la nothing better to 
be tound for — 

—you will 
Uke it 

..Is? 51.5!^ J' »«* y*^ 

It Dr. CaldweQ would Ilka to aend you 
a aampte bottle free of charirp. In this 
, . , : y°u '■^n try It before buying'. Lator. i 
The eleotioB today in Lonisville and Leaing- < when ronvinred of Its merits, you can 
^ . . . 1 y"""" druBRint at nrty centa and i 

tea kordar* ioa tba aarioaa aad mayba tbe one dollar a bottle, just aa thousands of 
. »!. n Ul- I J other famlllee are doing. The family of 
tragic. At LoQisville, the Repablicsos, led Mr. D. W. Bpangler of Btrattonvllle, Pa. 
, .. ^ ■ ^ i . u .u u » » an that of Mr. A, F. Johnson oi 

by Mayor Gnnstead, seem to have tbe beet of ; Wnlnut Orove, Tenn.. started with It In i 

the Democrat, as steered by Mayoralty Can- t^W'^^^xrn^t*}!^' & 

didM*H*.d. Tk* .*rr.pltoa *a bMk ridaa ^"^^"iSin'^on.W.SoS 

has resolved iUelf into a contest of wh*ianinK, ""^ 'jl'lif;''""?- "'"'"I'' * 

" ! free snmiile of flils remedv. 

money and whiaky aad illegal vote*. At Lex- 1 . Caldwell personally will be pleased 
' i ~r> »(, modical advice you may 

iagtoo, tk* D*«o«ratio gaog of Caarlkooae da*>re 'or yourself or family pertaining to 
" _ I the atomach, liver or bowela abaolulely 

and City Hail grafters, led b)|liUy Klair, !< free of charge. Explain your eaae in a 
' » letter and he will reply to you in deUIL 

simply playing the limit of bkckjuclc pnlitio?, F^r the free sample simply send your 

nnme and address on a postal card or 
with every city official, incloding the police ' 

aod Urtnaa, as kto willing tools. 

Surprising Conditions'— A City 
Where Brey-Htlreil People 
RMtenle Uie Oeier Theory 

WalaaiB that a carload of the i^Han Hair 
B aaterar aad Tonic was booght by one firm of 
ratail draggtote ia Omaka Rlqr. Iridaatlylka 
gray kaada aad those people posaeaaiag thia 
straggly hair living in Omaha City are com- 
meocing to realize that the advaotaKo of pr*- 
serviag a yontbf al appaaraae* is not to be light ly 
diaragardad. Dr. Ostoria theory iMy k* wr**t, 
but nt>rertheless,maoy men have failed to aaeore 
poHitionii tbat otherwise they might baveseenred 
but for the gray bairs that announced the ap- 
proach of loaa of energy and yoath. Who 
makaa tba beat 'iatpraaaioa oa tba anpioyer 
seeking help - the man with gray hair, or the 
maa with a youthful head of hair^ Tbe use 
of Q-Ban Hair Raatorer can make some people 
look aa if twaaty yaara bad baaa rollad back 
for tham. 

Wi> puVili^h below a testimooial, that came 
unsuliciiud; the writer testifies to tbe fact that 
a two-weeks' eoara* raitorad tka few gray haira 
ka kad to the original color. If Q-Ban Hair Ra- 
storsr does not do thssams for yon after ostng 
six bottle^ yaur money will be reftioded by tbe 
drnggi^t of whom yoo bay tba preparation. 
Wa claim for tba Hair Toaie that it will kaap 
year scalp in n healtky condition and will in- 
eresse th" I iicth of tk* hair at laaat three 
inehex per year aotil tk* Italit «f growtk 
has been reached. 

"J. Jaa. Wood dc Sob roeomBODd and sell 
the.^e preparationn. If yoa are gray haired or 
your hair is cummencin); to fade yoa can have 
tha first full size 50o bottle by sending 12c in 
postage to tha Heaaig-ElUa Drag Co., Mam- 
phia, Teaaesaee." 

No Charge! 

AdvertltenunU umUr 
Ihf hmdiHpt e/ "Help 

ii'iii/.vi," "mutuioiu 

WiitUeil," "tiiMt" and "n>und," unit not titttMng 
llirie hurt in UngUt, an FltKtS Io all. 

.vIUmwI pay. 

// annven fall Io rome lk» firM Ume, ire InvlU at 

rihiny repetition* ns are nrrftmryto irmri- trhtit you 
I'tirrtiff fnr, H> iitllf rfiiem In that thry 

Iff tvjt imjtntinu "Ii /'V uMiinf our /m cutumHt, 
»i»-.i,lvrrUtm Ml ••T /• rqpy. wAIcA can a* 

I'/t at lite <tfic» or unt by mutl. 

TKX PfUL/r I.I I'l.i n, 

Ko. iO JCatt ThirU Slrett, 

Adrerlttrmmli uniUr thii Vadlnp. not exrrfMnt 
tve Itnei, 10 antt eaeh intertion, or M cmtt a vieeM 

r.\NTKI>- llOV -.\ b(iy»i the Wi stHrii l iuon 
I'.-li'iiriiph olllcc. .Vpi'ly .t cjin;*. Kvisu- 
■ir : . - I ' , Ii. iiiil 1 w 

WANTKU— KOOMS— Two living room», tor 
motbei aad soa. Inquire at WilUsni 
orugstera. ooS* iw 

For Rent 

Adi'^r'tttmetUt tiu't^r thif hrailitig , not rrrredinf 
i\V4 liuei, 10 rrnit ear^ iiufrtian. or to cenU a vtetk 

I/ol! KKNT-KtAT— Of three rooms oa Seeond 
ll»or Hill liouie. Apply to Mrs. R, B. 


ocas I w 


.4 It 'rtit wm mu iiiiasr IMi «si > iiif isw lia tree 
7 sMMt/wniiiiit Me espr 

-I iitvertUerti 


I >Ti ihH Mas'jn und L.ewlii c r Mi. ( iinin'l 
' I liurHiuy. . brown rnv i lnjit. wiili 

f iiir m It K.-liirn II ti. Uil» ollii-.f .mil r.'- 

Insr lUlf'f licWi'i. rl.nni rii..rH.|iiy luu'ii' 
J I'iii.l'T ; ■ T'-i irii .•■.■« |::l>i' hpr.iinl 
-irt-l. _ II"! \\\ 

10ST— OOLli UK A I ■Y\ riN-.Siiucl»> iii. ri 
J llig bntwiM'n W»ll and Sullon. Kiiiili-r |<l>-nni' 
n liirn to Mri, CIIAKLK.S HLAMJ. Weil StcoikI 
■.ircHt. oc28 I w 

L06T-B0UMU f LP-Ulaek. Ratnra to R. M 
WAUUMOirOBO. Oanaei strsai. aad r. 
'.ivarevraid, oaMlw < 

For Jak. 

A ^ ' ii4t'\fntt unrtrr fit* Vn/fnn/ 'x^^etitn^ 

-C — la cood eoadllloa. Be* Dr. UKUWNlNli, 
TMaiaaailBHiaafatfc . aeliw 

A4ter tlu mmm u n t$T IhU AMMMTf taMrM Jtet; 

IjlOUirD^lfOirBT-IasmaUsaok. UallatTi 
•£ l ^aera<fceea><pfww y iaiari f . aaMlw 

otherwiae. For either requeat the dootor'a 
For Bala by X JkU. WOOD A 80V, Draggliti, 

Pick "Baddy" January for a wiaaar. 

Hoorv for Mr. 8e>a*d4*! Ha^a all right! 

Tuesday, tba 2d, will be like Friday, tbe 
IStk, to tk* aiaa raaa. 

Haary C. Gaat, Praaideat of tba Bank of 
HoyklaavUI*. diwi aaddaaly. 

SoBokody'a goioK to get all tkat'a eoming 
to 'aa. "aad a little bit more." 

At LawfaBa*kafg. Claad Bakar «f Danville 
waa faMtkaUf UUad ky a go atkara paaaaager 


September figaree of Internal commerce 
show iocreaaed indostrial aativily, •ap*cially 

in coal and iron trades. 

Government exports declare that proeperity 
ia bare. For September geaeral boainata and 
railway trafla *io*ad*d aaa* amtk laatyear. 

U. K. UcClure & Sons, one of the oldest dry 
id k aa ia aaa.koaaa* ia Praakfort, filed a 
petition in bankruptcy, K'ving tha liabilities as 
1120.000, witb asaaU aboat tha 

The Collector and Treasurer, Jimmy Fitz- 
gerald, has no opposition snd is enjoying ao 
immunity picnic today all by hia lonesome. He 
ia tka oaly aaa wko oaa langk before and 

The aoldiers have the sitaation at Jackaon 
well in hand and tbe HargiKen and tbe Calls- 
bans are afraid to make a boatile move. Tbe 
Cyatkiaaa Coapaay kaa joiaad tka Laiiogton 

A larg* kara kaloafiag io E. W. MoCormack 

and T. W. Oglesby, near HempriJjje, was 
destroyed by fire, together with eight mules, 
30 toaa of kay aad a lot of grain. Loaa |8,000, 
witk ao laaaraace. 

OfBcata to k* ekoaaa ia Kaataeky today: 
Oo* Railroad Commisaioaar, 39 Cironlt Jndgee, 

32 Commonwealth's Attorney!, 20 State Sena- 
tors, 100 Representatives, coaaty olBciaU in 
Iht aoaaUaa. maiaipal •floara ia «ll cities 
aad towaa. _ 

Uayaville waa captured yesterday aad last 

nii;ht liy the big army of booze fighters, mar- 
ubaled by lieoeral John Uarieyouro. Today, 
howavar, "tk* killed and tka woaadad aad the 
miaaiag" will aitain fall in line, and every son 
of a gna will contest aKain fur the drinks until 
the Istt li^ht gotit out tiinii;ht on "Market, 

4 Qood 
Investment I 

For every laOy or miaa now woald b*" a warm, atyllah Wrap. 
We hav«t many kinda, and prlo«a witbin the reach of all. A Kr««t 
atoch fbr children and mlaeea. Prioea atart at 08o fbr a Olotb Coat 
on aptoOS.eit. A irreat linn of ail-wnol cloth, tn My OolOT Mid 
alaet cheap at fPt take yonr oholoe at t8.75 . 


We bn* ditwot Pnm th» tutkm aatf ftir appt «Mh. flee the 
Ooata vre offcr a* |0.00| oempftre the OoMa echar aaeraa aall at >n; 
we believe onro at* tha baa*. Omr M M and 10.00 OoMaM* worth 


Many people are anrprlacd at tbe aize of our ahoe atook. We 
aell many and oan aave yoa monay. Ladlea* line oall and box calf 
Bboea, and •1.40. 

A fiyrr In rhiidrrn'e Hhooe— ■olM leather DoaiTola, ilaa e-12. 

P. 8.— HnHi Caih'iM N. n< . (;ood Ontlnita, Oo. 

New York Store. 

S. STRAUS, Proprietor. 

Fair aad ««olar today and tonorroir. 

Jackson, Mms., Noraakar lat.— Prastdaat 
Taft, thraa-riag eireas, gala day at tbe State 

Fair, balloon ascension and thrilling parchute 
leap, gave Jaokson today a share of bono s 
nniqa* aad aaparalUM la tk* kkrtary «f tke 
old oMy. 

Tk* ooataat today ia tka oity of Maysvilla 

centers around the three cornered littbt for 
Mayor between J^Wesley Lee, Thomas U. Rus- 
sell aad Q**it* W. Cr*w*ll. Baah daalara* k* 
ia goiat to wia, and there you are. Thf: PrB- 
uc LnOM aaya. "Sick 'am. Tiga!" and Wad- 
nesday it will toll yoa all aboet it. 

Sunday was probably tbe greatest bnsineaa 
day tka a aad 0. am kad. Tk* f r*igkt tr*f- 
f\c waa aiayly aaomooa and almoat awamped 

the trsinmen. There were eight sections of 
Treigbt.71 Sunday night. All tha telegraph 
office* kara fall triek* aiaayl Bpriacdala aad 

Quincy. It is said that the C. and 0. is to be 
double tracltad "at oaea" batweaa Aahlaad and 


Last night tba raia »poilad what would have 
been a lifaly aeeaa ki tk* l0**l HMmI 

np. Tbe day wa« cheerful, bot wiady, and tba 
rain pot a damper on tbe out-door featnres of 
tbe rooad-op of a very notable campaign. 
The eoMaat for Mayer k*lw**B U* aad Baa* 

sell was getting too hot to keep, and it's a 
good thing for somebody that tojay will end 
the cootrovaray. 

Doit finet "BoMy^ jMHMry No-- 

/VVOTB for, COLLINS. tha LAWYER, for 

J^'Look pleasant. Vote fur Je«*e Calvert 
for MagistraU ia Fonrth. Fifth and Sixth Warda. 



The Ohio ballot to k* ?*tod thiK fall will be 
tha smallest ia aiaa aiaoa tba introdoctioa of 
tka Aattraliaa ballot ayataa a aeore af yaaia 

ago. ^ 


Dr. a. 0. LaaahMdt Pnwnd tha Cai 

and Cure nf Filea. 

Dr. J. S. Leonhardt, (hit (■••lehrated special- 
ist of Lincoln, Neb , prored, after yeare of 
8tady, that the cau<e of plleit is internal — bad 

circalstion. Then he pi^rferted liem-Roi'i, an 
internal remeily, ami in l.tXH) iliiTerent r»«e» 
it cored 9St. Hy Pr. 1,« mhanil'fl ur irtr. IJem- 
Roid is iiolrl undHr liti inm clit<1 KU»r;intee. 
If it fails the nionuT ix pni i bKi<k 

$1 at J. James Wood \' ,-<iin'it, Maysville, Ky,. 
or mailed by Dr. Leonhanlt Co., Statioa B». 
Buffalo, N. Y. Write for booklet. 

M. F. CouuliUn. T. A Hii;i;[iii. C. A, Slitt.-ry. 



MAYSVILLK, hV KIni- l.ivirv in •■.inn-.- 
tinn. 'Hhoiieai. 


Until the show is half over. The 
nmn wh(» does niisHew a j^reat deal. 
So does the luau wlio waits to select 
h\ii apparel until the season is half 
gone. It'.s to your advantage to see 
oar line of fall samples. You'll 
find the bandHomest assortment that 
yuu have ever seen in Maysvillo 
and al prioee 

$20 and Up $20 



1 . 

We Certainly 
Do Pressing and RepairinQ. 


102 West 

Stop! Look! Read! Listen! 

Ii it's HARDWARB you want or SEASONABLE OOODB, wo have them. Itome 
Uotod bolow are only a tnr of ttao nuMiy compAoto lines we carry : 

Munttna Coatit, Cap» and JMIa, 

Bangle nnd Double Shotgun*, 

HuMkltto iiloveii arut ^nt, 

I titt i iiriMi- Mrat Ch Cfp trt, 

Hutcher hnlveu, 

Mn#I# »n4 IMrnU* BU Amt, 

at&vm JHpe, JU«tM mmA Dampmrt, 

iMntemM and Olobee, 

H'eatker .Strtpm, . 

.Sniokt leim and lUtirk I'oieder Shellit, 
Alt hlnthi «/ imiet, 
Unterpriee iMrd VreHHt-n, 
Fm»d attmperH, 
SemtdinglFantt, any utte, 
Aixe HantUem, 
Veal Buckets, 

Fraak Owens Hardware Co. 


Phone 30. 

147 West Second Street. 

liariMle* HMMteff. 
aOM, WblM Hall. 




ONE ooFT-on omm. 


'Tor ovrr ntnr if%T% I «u(rrrn<l with rbrMI* •(■■ 
ptlpMInn Hriil dtirinif thin tifiin 1 )iu<l to tAll«_ 

injecilon of warm wntt-r niw-n rvrrv V4 bonrw bfffora 
* «oald iiftv« ftn ftciloi) on lur how nln. Iliiuptty 1 
iM Ofticftrxv*, »nil tottay 1 am a w^'li man. 
rlat ilt« ulna jaari bafor* I iiKrd Cancari-U I 
— " «B«M MiMrj wUta tnlartikl pllai. Tbaokt 

« — a ■ J wilh In — — _ i_ 

i» IM \ ■« NmItsb M lb ■» th la morn Inc. f i 
•M «MMr* in babklf of tnffarlni hanuUT.'* 
n. r. Plahar. ESmOM, t 


PloMul. PolMA>l<, P(iMB*,TMliAaad. Do flood, 

8>W (■ balk. Tb)i vnnnlno tahlok atonpoil OOOL 
■MoalMd to eun ur yuur nonaf bask. 
._.t tirM«g Kwiwdy Co.. Chlc«ie or N.Y. (03 


Mr. UilUr, C. tod U. leal* iatpaetor, «m io 
Uw flKf ywtwday . _____ 

Mn. U. Archdeacon of Wait TkM ■tlMl 
hm Ntmad (rwn CiaeisMtL 

Ur. John L. Cms of St Looia ix in the city 
on • tjgit to hit muy relativea and frieods. 

Hn. WalUr 8mkUt udpntty UtU« dM«b- 
wt. Pklllto Uirtol. art vMtlai raltUfM in 
If ftSClMMMr* sM^^B 

Mr. Md Mn. JoMpk ItaMy. who hart baaa 
Tifitiaii hit partau, Mr. aid Mn. M. J. Eiuay 
of Poraat avaaoa, hafa rataraad to Uair koaa 
a-. CooTtno, bd. ♦ 

Mr*. C. F. BahotK* of Kaotaa City, liatar of 
MM»n. Ckarlai, Aito. aod David Calboia, waa 
eillad bara oa aeeotiat ft tho daath e( bar 

brutbar in-lair, Mr. P. M MoCartkaf. 

Vote for everybody's frititft An- 


Attonoy T. B. Baalo* of Baatiagtoa, W. 
Va., waa la tka oHy taday reiM to Olaai** 

Mr. T. C. Calv-rl of West Third »treet left 
this BorniDg for Kanias City 00 a vitit with 
Ma krotkar. 

Mr. aad Mn. Baaaa Myall and aoa, William, 
biTe rstnraad froai a aoatk'a viait witb bia 
pareau, Mr. aad Mn. William Myall, in Ed- 
Boad, Okla. 




OoH Compl»te ChaDge of 
Ccminz Thurnday, Soi. 4lb. 
"What Drink Did." 
Don't niaa tbia pictara. 

Cooncii met in ragalar aaaaioo iaat oigbt, 
Mayor Stallovp in tka ekair. 
Thofapart of tka PoUeoiidio waa aa fol 

Plnei paid I M W 

W nrkPd om M ixt 

WorkiDK out e M 

Total. ......•.....•••••.••.M. M...ill8 10 

Tka raport of tka OUiaM aad Aeeonti 

Committaa wu at foUowa: 

Alma and Almihonao I tlO tt 

Internal ImproTemeDla i.MO 41 

Uai and eleotrlcHy 077 H) 

UoardintcandgaaidlagprUonwa. 134 20 

Total ILWI 10 

Tb« followioK parmita wera graatad: 

Jaana 1. fkr^^, baikUig addtMoa to rat- 

idence io Waat Saeoad atraat, Pint Ward. 
8. M. King, oaa-atory frame baildiag, eoraar 

Wood atraat aad Foraat avaaoe, Siitb Ward. 
Qaori* Ckaakan, oaalkoaao oa praalaaa. 

Second ulriet. Sixth Ward. 

Henry Meyen, itabie oa WUHaaa itreat, 
8iith Ward. 

Aftar approTiag aad allowing tba elalaa ami 

accoonti, it wan nio»p4 and carried that Coon- 
cii adjooro to meet Wedneiday oinht. 

Owiag to It bolag tka aigkt bafon elMtioa, 
In wbicb all wera mora or leaa intt-reatpd, the 
procaadioKS were ia tha natara of a abort 
boriut Mnn currifd. 


And yon will M* th» very latMt orMttions in foot- 
wear. Inside our store, in latest tall attire, is a full 
aasortmeat of tha most popular and attractive 
■1^08 that will bo worn this fall and winter. 
There is variety enougli here fbrthe meet faitidiow 
to eelect from. 

BERKLEY'S Shoe Store 


Aycr's S;irsapariliu is a tonic. It does 
not atimulate. It does not tnake you 
fool better one day, then as bad as ever 
the next. There it not • drop of alcohol 
Sariapa- in It. Yoti havo tiM MoMf, evtii gain 
A strong that cone* from • siroag loak. Aak 

your doctor all about Auer 's 
rilla. Entirely fret from alcohol. 


In th»t w« handle onlj the b«at SboM tiiot MW wXll gm»n 

F>m\r, IncluclliiK ahlnjr Ipattii^ni, to irfVO ••UiAMIiail. HOMMt yOl 
utply aafe In baylnK 8hoeii here. 


Window Glass! 

Now is the time to put it in. We have a 
large stock at reasonable prices. Call 
before purchasing. ::::::::::::: 


Wf ewfcer Jmiary Iw Mev ewfcer. 

Tkare ware Ive aMMaia Iaat slgkt to tka 
Okriatlaa Ckwok. 

^VOTR for COLLINS, tko LAWTIB, for 


Woodford eoonty baa proTlded free dipping 
taaka for abaap, to aid in oradieatiDg acabbiea. 

JO Hl T. tMtI T, 

Aaka yoor Madly aoppart for Cklaf of Police 

tomorrow and promiaea, if electad, to aarva bia 
eity f aitbfnily aad witb tba oaa parpoaa of do- 

ioK hi* datr. Aa a mambar of tba City Cooncii 

Juho T. Short had been faithful and priif;re«eive 
aod the police aervice will be carefully oun- 
ducted onder bia control. Vote fur Short. 

Lovel's Special 

To the People of May avllle end Vicinitjr: . Tm fill Olid wloter (r«d4 
will opes ap io • low dtja. I om prtporod for it wi||h 

Th0 Largest, Qetnett and Moit Attraetiva 
Staek of Sooda in My Una 

Ever cflered to the people (if thia flection of the Htatc My store haa bad a 
(general and complete overhauling hikI i* tmt now r<iirpiiBaed, if equaled, by 
any atore in Kentucky, My IwrKP purrhHHfH htp corning in every dny and are 
(iirrrf from the largest and noted |>rodijr(Mi' ami packers of pure foods iti 
the country; and every arfii le 1 hbII k^ich witb the j^uarantee of the ranker to 
conform to all the re<juirements ol the tare Food, both of State and Na~ 
tion. During the season from time to time this space will contaio aome un- 
usually attractive apeciala, and it will pay all to watch it cloaely. I eitcad » 
apeciai and cordial in? itation to all to T|«it my atore. I want yoor trade, aad 
it aqoait daaliog, flood treatment aad reasonable prices will gat it I am aarfr 
olaraaaooablepartof itaiiy way. I want to tbank all tor paat fafovo»aa<k 
asanrt tham that I tnlly appreriste what they have done tor me. 


The Leading Gr oc er 
Wholesale ^ Retail. 



WANTED— 200 Country Cured Hams, tl Wll|ll T«l 
to Sixteen Pounde Each. 


When You Use An Inferior Flour. 
1" No One Questions the Superiority of 

Get a 
#. C. Everett & Co. 

Town Talk 

To the Voters of the City 
of Maysville: 

I am in no combinations and 
will not enter any. Reports have 
been circulated by my opponents. 

I also want it known that I am 
and always have been for Natural 
Oas, and invite inspection of the 
city records as to my stand on 

Thos. M. Russell. 

Young and Middle-Aged Men Who 
Are Particular About 
Looking Dressy 

And that inclades nearly all meu in days, 
will he gla<i to <ee our ru^w clotln-^i f^i' fall. Some 
of the new fasbiousi t'ui" youug meu are exception* 
ally good. The cut aod fioisb are exeeemop^Iy 
nniart, and can jinnnise any of \ "u something 
out of the ordinaiy. For all ages and tastes we 
have the right clothes — fancy weaveei, &8 well as 
the plain blacks and bloes, high colors and rich 
patterns. Remember our 

Shoe Department 

For men. The Itest ever offered in this city, the. 

Crossette, the Stetson. 


The (;oo(i ( lothes Man. 

N. E. Corner Market anil 
Second Stratto. 

Vote f or W B. Tnlly for aiaaibsr of tbe 
Board of Bdaeatioo fron tbe Sixth Ward. 

^VOTB for COLLINS, tbe LAWYB3. for , 

Vole for J. L. Danltoa for member of thi- 
Hoard of lidaoatioa froa tka Piftb Ward. 

Mr. VVilliHiii Tbrrtlknld, aKed 57 yearti, the 
•ell known lie muorHlir P' llticiun, died Huddenly 
.'undsy morning at hm u ^nn' in t ovin^tun He 
le.'ivea a widow and four children, and his re- 
mains will be interred at Palaoatk tkto BM>ra> 
iBg. [leceii.'x* I waa a brotbar o( Hr. Jamsa E. 
Ibrellmld of ihiH city. 



MMterH ul' Kuruiture, it Is our llxrd |iulic>' to MBPiut>le the new- 
eat and moat dealMblo borne fkrnttMre wilder one roAr. In tbIa way 
oar patrona oan vtow an alnoat nnlimlted varltey of all tbat la brnt In 
tbe whole fleid and aaoarw tbavefiron oonplete aeleotlona. Too'li be 
deliitht«d witb the nnwipHtniiaaa of tbe aaaortment. tbe iMawty oi the 
atylea and paitwrna, bat yow cannot beain to appreciate owr Hamitwre 
trom tho adwovtiaaoMaia. eaa (bo stock fbr jrof reelf. 


940 Quartered Oak Bufn>ta. leaded itlium, 4S>iaeh 
leica andol*.w feet, b«vel plate mirmr, ouly aiM*. 

04.50 guartered Oak Olalaw Ohalsa. Ml 
leatber aeata. uollab Aniab, at aa>S8. 

Koman Otialra tVom $8.50 to §11. 

llockrra. In all Hnlabea, ttom 91M 90 
IttMdteni ever shown In MamvlllO. ~ 

Three-piece Parfav taaa, baaMMMly talabad and apfce 

$17.50 to fdO. 

> Into owr atoaa and aUow aa to sbawjron owr aowa 

to ywffobaao atw aa ' 

of I 

eta* 11 





Dr. Lewis P. Prsstoa of Uamiltoa, Obio, who 
waa bom aesr LsTaaaa. Obio. aad waa a aos of 

thr I'lie (.'nptdin Peter Preaton, tba noted flat- 
ixi^iiiiiin of early days, and who made twenty 
iri(id from Cincinasti to New Orleans, in charge 
of llatboata, was ia UaTsvUla yaatarday, bavian 
u fancy borsa to dispoaa of. 

A hold-up and robbery ia auid to have occar- 
red Iaat night in Weat Second street, oppoaite 
Uav. C&atbam'a retidence, wbo, it ia aald, wit- 
asfsed tbe highwayman act from bis window. 
The vii'tim wan io a bu^'^y and wa^t atopped 
h/ the footpada, wbo, after beating bim, made 
him band ovar his mooey before permitting 
him to paaa on. Tba Btattar will reoelfs at- 
tention today. 

liuveriiiir Wiilaon retorueJ from New Orhaoa 
III Frankfurt Monday and Acting (iovernor Cox 
cama booia to Mayavilla Mr. Cos dselaraa 
there ia a obaotic eoaditioa of politieal affaln 
among the Kreathui c xinty fpu>li!<la and the 
aendiog of the Stale liaard there waa im- 
perative. Judge D. B. Kedwine, tbe natorioni 
i>o«bal basoboaa of Mwio Hall faaw. is at 
the bead of tba Dawoeratie laai la Bfsathitt 
•ud all know that what Kedwias WOal^ aot at 
tempt to do iao't worth noting. 

masoN eoHNty €oHrt 

Patilok VBevk waa m ai r alsd w 84 asras 
of land, falaod at H^liOb aaaa baiag aa error 
by Aasaaaor. 

OaawtioaofBwaa llaeHek Mwasardarad 

Gtsss, drceaaed, sad qaaliAed as aaek, witb W. 
D. Coobraa aaraty oa boa4 i 

l^Grapbnphoasa at Gerbrlcb's. 

I —————— — 

S^Mnnumentv ' viurrav & Thomaa. 

That every railroad in Kentui.-ky will show 
an enormous increase in revenue* fir the yesr 
■ IttOil was a statomept ifanad by a member of 

I I ha Keatneky Railroad Commiasioo, now eompil- 

iiii; a r>-|i 'Ft for I'.e patt 12 monthn. It ia 
stated tbat trrroeudi>ui> gain* have been made 
is all 8Uta liaas. 

Take L.WATIVK HROMU Quinine Table't. 

l)riii;i{liii» ^•fulld money l( It tail>U>cure. K. \\ . 
UKUV ulitnature it 011 eaob tibX. Sftv. 
• ^ 

HiBN scHio i aiai't M tmf iall. 

Saturday afteroouo tka yoaag ladiaa of tha 
High School played their Hpfnini; i;;ime of 
baaliet ball. The game wa.s marked by the 
quiek passu aad Rood team work of tbe girl* 
Because of tko aplsndid cu'ifdin); of Min^ 
.Vatbalie Wood tba Wbttes were able tu acore 
only once during tba flrtt balf, alBs Hiss 
/•eicart's goal tbrowiag was a etalS'oaoQ* 
feature of the game. Uias Xwei^'irl threw 
nine field guaU for tba Blues during the tirat 
balf. Miaa Colllaa aeored oae Held tbtow f|r the 
Whites, making tbe aoero 18 to 2 at tbe Md of 
the first h»lf. 

After a rest uf ten minutes tba yonng ladles 
ware agaia on tbe 8oor. Tbe Bloea asbstltatwl 
Mias Frances Hedgaa aa forward Is plaee of 
Mias Anna Hay Campbell. 

Pr«B tka list tko leat kalf was exciting. 
MlMOwaaassswdttoSist goal f or tko Wbitea. 

The floe team work of Mian iiM<-nii and Mias 
Parker won tba last balf for tha Whites If 
a kai Bol bssa fsr tks laterfsresee of MIm 
Orowell tkey weaU prekably bavs iMde avaa a 
batter score. The gsme ended witk a a«ire of 
a to 15 in faror of Ua Bloae. 
BkNs: Goals. >bsBedkssl.MiH2«siBart 
Pools. Mias Wood 4. Wm lay S, Mias 
Crowsll 1. 

Whites: Goals. Uisi Collins 2 aad 1 free 
gaal, Mis* Dickson 1, Miaa Owsm 4; Poals, Miu 
Parker 1. Miaa RaiMi I. M««« Owest 2. 

Abnaa A Maasinon bought of Earl Fargaaon 

of Bourbon about 4<l.D00 poQi^d* of tobaceo 

at fifteen Cenli". 

Th- Ladies' .Md .*'oneiy ./ ihe Third Street 
M. K. I 'hurch meeti* Wednenday afteroooa at 
tbs home of Mr<-. H t in .^'ixlh street at 2:30 

MIm I*lm .A Ifjyer, JiugMer ..' Mr. and 
Mrii. W. I*. 'lV.,^Hr ..f r<>lle»bir >. ai>d Mr. 
Lather (^ Guducy of < 'iocinnati were married 1 
Saturday ev,.|iinK st tbe home uf tbe bride, tbe I 
tbe Kev. M. A Walling' ord uf thi* city officiat- 


The funeril of the late J'>hn Msri^hall Kaioa | 
will taki' place loni irro*', Wednefday.iconiiag, 
at 10 o'clock. a( t»i late home io West Third 
street. Kev P W. Harrop. hi* belored Pastor 
of the Thir l ,>Jtrie; M. K 1 hurrh, will have 
charge of the nerviceii. The interment will j 
take place in tbe Kiina lot is tbe Uayevillel 

Pmident Taft d opinion that tba Obio Bivar 
projaet shosld be eowplated before tko IHaata. 

sippi iaprovement is taken op will prove ^ 
slrang support to those wbo bsve beeaadrecat- 
ing the nine-foot cbanaal. aad, no doobt, will 
h iv- trr^tt weight witb tbeBivers aod Barbcra 
tummittee io allotting appropriationa ia tbe 


Of BenMeiao la la Qlvlac I( a 
•a«h Trial. 

There la only me test by which to 
Judge ttu- (•ni< iency of any article 
anfl th:.t l.s l,y lis .ihllity t.> do that 
which It ;< li:uin!i.l tu il". Many hair 
vliTi'r.M m o !■ 'k nl'i> ami Fmell nice, 
but the i".:!!t is— .l i they eradicate Dan*. 
Urufr si'<i> f.ilhng hair? 

No. they do not, but Herp'.olda doee., 
because It gues to the root of the evlt 
and kills the germ th.-it attacks tha 
papilla from whence tho hair gets Ita 

I.olt'^rs 'r vii I'Tntiiin nl Jirnple evwry« 
wIl.To II.- .l..,ly 1 rnymu Newbro'a 
Herplclde atnnda the "test of use." 

It Is a (1«-M«rMru: (irexstnar, olesr. pure 
and fr«-.> fr. r greitse. 

Sell! hv I I .J : ;sr»ista. SenJ lOc. In 
stamps for < imi.;«- to The Herplclde Co., 
Detroit. Mich. 

tl ll>>ttiH. (guaranteed. 

.1 .I.^MKS WOOD .V SON. Special A genu. 


ni PI C Saturday, ilth 
Uill.i/0 November U 



Here's An Air 

About oar clotfa«a that itamps 
tb«aa as emphatically metropolitao. 

Lapels precii'ely the right 
tiepth; bitck axactly the riitht lullneaa; 
«b^al(ler8 the proper elope to a hair'a 
brladtb; good form Id rrer/ currt. 

W«'T« uolM doMBk ot Uilor> 
tied men. Let ae eai th« atriog Ihkt 
biadfl you. 

Ssntiment keeps ' the tailor 
Olamp and pro!<peri)ii8. He's cuiniog 
yoar prejmfiro into monkjr. Art you 
wiHing; that he HboiiKIT 

UKra-Smart Suits, $10 to $25. 
IMftrihSMrt Shirts, $1 to $1.90. 
UMri-SMrt Halt, IStt I4J0 

Your legs will exclaim "Much 
oblifceal" i( you soothe them with the 
silky embrace ot "Brighton" Flat 
CUmp Q«rt«n. Flat as a (iu«rter— a 
sr a pair. 


MTtVllll't rillMMT IIITIIIH. 



Farmeri are throagk tovlDK wheat. 

Mr. Williaa U. Valeatiae is bnildiog a new 

A fMBlly raiakm at Mrs. Aaaa Day's last 

Mr. H. P. Day »m in oar town ysstsrday on 


Tke organ for tba Cbarob here wss rsoeirsd 

Mr. G. 3. Daris hu aboat emapiated his 

Mr. WflHaai M. Darts porobasod of his 

brother the floe marn, Oray Engh. 

Misa Aaaa Lsa Daris is soffsriog with a 
f elaa ea Me f orsiagar e( ker rigkt kaad. 

Mr. Elmer Davi« bought uf Mr. Bean, the 
(rotting woodar "Nettie," ai fancy flgares. 

A posae of enaod moa paased tkroogh oar 
towa last night sopposed to be "oight riders." 

Mra. Martha Daris will risit bar coosin, 
Mie. Miaerra Sweat, at Corsdale Satorday aad 


Mr. William Wbaley of Maysrills wasealling 
oa his boat girl Saaday. Wkea H la goiag to 

be, old boy? 

Miss Tiliie llorgao has retorned borne, af tor 
« woek'a fiait to her aaat, Mra. L B. Fialda of 


Rer. J. \V. FuDttir of Dear MaDcbe«ter, 0., 
began a seriMo of moetiegs at the Chrlstlau 
Charoh here Friday ereninK. 

Charles Gilford of Sardis, after a week's 
fUH with hia sister, Mrs. B. T. Boalden, re- 
taiaed to hia home Wednesday. 

Ahont twenty yonng ladies and Ksatlemen 
Tsry agreeably iiurpri.^fil Mi..4s !>Da Ma>< Cor- 
yell, Friday sraniog. Uosic, both iostruoien- 
tai aad roeal, aad gaaMa srere the featere of 
the pveoiae. 

Mr*. Anna Day eolebraled tbe GUib anoirer- 
aary of bar birth Soaday, Ootober 24tb. with a 
diaiag, ail of her ehildrea and grandobiidren 
baiag preaont. Corars ware Isid for thirty- 
two. The talili" fairiy ({roaoed with every 
dalieacy of tbe seuon. A large buuqoet oi 
white ckrysaatbeaiaau was the table deeora- 

«*Mieter VoUr" is a big man today. 

« Meaeaiaa, 10 eeat cigar for 5e 

Remember January in November. 

New York breed aiakece fona a |10/)00,000 


Mayarllle bad all the aatoral gee— the po- 
RKcal kiad— laat eight that ahe waatwi. 

Uait»d States Aray officers will compete in 
tbe riding coateete at the New York Beree 
Shew froBi Nereeiber 8th to 18tk. 

Book-r T. WanhioKton want< the liftieth 
•aairer^ary of tbe freedom of tbe Nagroea 
eetebrated la great atyU la 1918 aad is al- 
ready pattiBff a meee oa f oet f or the eele- 


Dr. CkK>k1>lMov«redlhiKorlb^i^ 

The Best Line of Groceries! 
Ever Brought to This City. 

Big Sandy Soi-j^hiiin uu tap. A full linu uf new Cereals, 
California Dtied Fruits, \ew Pickles. Canned Goods of all 
kinds, fancy eatio^ Apples, Orange.s aiitl LcMiions, .luinbo 
Hfiiiana'*. reltM v, CiMnluMTios. Caiilitlowor, li^dt' nii<l ^H^ad Let- 
tuce, .lust icciMvcd, a big shipment o( that otOtihiHt^'d 

#^rKaravan Coffee'f^ 

The best Coffee for tbe money ever brought to your city. 

20b, 2Se» aoe aiNI 8Be Ptr PmmL 

J. C. Cablish ^ Bro., 



Aftri the rotes are alt coaated. 
After the boya get their doach, 
After the thing has ail happeaed, 

.After thf li(;ht.< art- all low — 

Thon (MdiM^ th" man with the "blow," 
The man wU.*! » cincb m th« "know," 
The fellow wbn knew all aboat it— 
For he'a "Mr. I.Told-Yoa-So." 

— A. F r. 

The eleetioB ia paeaing olf ia a qaiat and 
orderly meaner. Leat aight's long Hal of 

itruukx nrx n!> ']\v.-'f .i-i lambs this morning, but 
later io the day they'll begin to tank op some 
more. The watber is ideal for tbe election, 
dry and cool, and every one happy and going 
to wie. 

Mr and Mrs. William J Kehoe of Weahing- 

too Ciiy. hroth^tr ani KiHter-in lsw of Hon. 
James N. Kehoe of this city, bare iasaed inri> 
tationa for the weddiaff reeeptioa of their 
daoshter, Clara Barton, and Mr. Howard Mont- 
gomery Etchison, Tburoday, Xorember 4tb, at 
RauscherV Miss Kehnx i^ one of the moat 
ebanniog giria of the younger sat of the Capitol 
City, with the beauty and graee oeoally attrib* 
ated to the girle from thk Blatgreee State. 

Stiiiii|)r4l pipcCH «r All kinds Rahy 
Biba, B*l>y Cuais, Coll«r<4, DreaaeMand 
Cape; aleo, dreaaaa eta aapall and braid- 
ed In neweet dea l fa. A tmll Hup ot 
Silk Sontaobe A«M OMVtad. Km- 
broidery materiala arall kiBda. 


Court Sinet Phonm476 




1 T Baeb aeewad at., lgATCTIU.M, KV 

The evenings are now g et- 
ting longer and cooler and 

Oace Barfca 7 8 aad falling. 

I people arc bc ^n iiiini.; to leave 
the porch earlier and seek a 


Wblob la Better— Try an Bxperiment 
or Profit i>y tt >ia>hviiif CItiaon'a 

.'^llIIlething new ir" »'X[n'nniii'iit. 
Must hn pnivwj ti) li- tt!> repreri-nteij. 
The Hlatetneiil uf a marufacturer ia nut coo- 
riociog proof of m»r]e 

But the etidiirpcrn -til nf frinn'!* is. 
Now »U[>[|'i.'I'il: y >u n*<l » h*i baeh. 
A Laini', v^iMR ' r .\chifi,; onn. 
Would you exp-riirfnt nn it' 
You will r.'U l i]( many lo cal.. J i-uri'i(, 
Kn.iiir.'w.l liy .^trant'iTs from far-nway placi-fl. 
Ii'k (litft-ri^nl when tii" i-n lorrtemenl cumea 
from heme. 

K»rty til \iT '\-y I'ical te.-<timi)ny. 
Hnme emlorHement ix the proof that backa 
every box uf bonn'a Kidoey Fills. 
Read this case: 

J. M. Lloyd, farm r, K. F. D. No. 6, Maya- 
ville, Ky., sayn: 

"1 am only too pleased to tell of my ex- 
perience with Uoan's Kidnejr Hil.ii and hope 
that it will bathe meanaof be. ping aome other 
aeSeren froa hidney trouble in finding relief. 
Aboat Ore >eare ago ny kidneys suddenly be- 
eame dieordered aad for seraral moatha I wee 
bothered by eoastaat. dall paias eoroee my 
loiaa. Whea I atooped or liftad, sharp twinges 
shot throogh ny body aad eaoMd tbe most in- 
tense saSeriag. I at leagth beard of Doan'a 
Kidney Pills, prooorsd a box st J. J. Wood t 
8oa'a Orogstore and begaa eaiag thea. They 
effoHed a complete care, ead aiaea thea I 
have aet hed baehaoha or aay other eyaptoa 
of hidaef treaWe." 

For aale by all iealerg Price ')» ODte 
raalar>IDIbar8 Co.,B«ffalo. Naw Yorh, aole 
egaala for the Oaited Stabsa. 

Remembarlbe aaae— Deaa'e— aad take aa 

oth«r . 

book to pass awiy the time in 

a more congenial place. Noth« 
ing adds more to the pleasure 

of reading than a good light. 
Electric light is by all means 

the best, and since the inven- 

tion of the new TUNGSTEN 

LAMP it is within the reach 

of all. See us it once ind let 

us tell you all about it. 



The ooal enpply In Mayerllle le rnn- 
nlns low and the pronpenta for more 
by rlrer are not encnuraslnc. Yon 
will ninkc no nlatake bjr pwolnii four 
ordor with M Wbllo IM ^ t loaa Me 


'PHONB aoo. 

Make Your Home Attractive for 

the Winter. 

You will tiod a great stock o( Buga, Mattiogs, Curtnin Ooods and 
Curtains here, and tbe price i« very low, 

19c buya 25c quality Jap Mattiitgi aee tbem. $3 buya Room>aiie 


19,60 baya large Bruaaela Ruga, everywhtra 118.60. 98o baja pnHHf 
Swiss and Lace Ourtaina; both o( them bargaioa. 

Swi^HPH, Nets, Mis!<ioD Nets, Oolorad and WhiU Nata iMi in piim 

thim yon Imvc ever known tliem. 

Many cxrlucive novpltier in Curtain Goods and Curtains. 

Thi< DrvKonda Department ia Ailed with newest New York Goods and 
yon will iind that it will pay fou to fit tb* Hotflich babit ot calliBf Mon 

buying eNewlicre. 

Standard Fashioas, Pony Hfockingi, C. fi. tfii American Lady Ow* 
eats, and doroaia akirts not aold alaewbere. 


en r. 


We »re kutfaorlxed to announce \v. M. DAt'Cili- 
KRTY a oandldate for re-r|eotlon to tbe onii'i- of 
Ulty Assessor at the NoTrraliereleetloa, ISO*. 

Wr nrt> antlinrlziMl to Announee MARTIN O. 
IIIRRI.KV »■ aciindldiiti- for City AMeilor Kt the 
.Novi'inticr i.|i'ctinti. 19(111. 

We are authorized to aonounov U. J. HAUCKE 
aoaadldatalor eleetloa to tbaoOoa of Otty Aa- 
tessor at the Mevsnber eleottoe, IMM. 

(ITT 1 I.KKK. 

We ara aatborized to auoounoe WILiLiAM J. 
KBRWIM asaoaadldote for the ofloa ol OUy 

ClKrk at the NoToaiberoleelloB, IM». 

Wi' nr.- it(ilhr>rl;<>(t to nnnouaeo BOBIRT 

i'( >r I' »<( Ik (vtnitiii:(ic frir III" ndloa of Otty Olorlc 

at the November elFotloo, ItMM. 

Wo are autkorlxed to anoounea BKKMARD B. 
POLtlTTa* a oandldate (ort;ity Clerk at the No- 

vi'mlifr cipctlon, 1909 

Wc (IP' aiitliiiri/i'd touiiiiiniiicc IIRI CK SNAIT 
ai a oandid^tte (or Ciiy Kiink at lbs Movember 
eleoUoa, 19«. V. , 


w " 'tri' auilioru.'d lo aaaounoe JOHN 
slIoKT US a 'Miiidldin- for tlhlcf of I'ollrpof the 
Cityof Miiysvillx lit tli« Nove ml., r ciioi inn, I90l». 

Wc lire auiliorl/.cd to anauunce HARRY A. 
OUT an H (;andid(i>H for rs-alaetlo« totbaofloeof 
( 'hi<'f of r.iiicH of (he City or Marsvllls at tha'Mo- 

vcmlicr clcciion, 19(19. 

We »ri' Hi'i^nri.'fd to ii.Ui.iuiir.- JOHN IIK.\D 
FORl> at a caodtdatp fori^hicf of Police of the 
Ctiyot MayaTlUs at th*- ••ii»>iiii|t Mo*saibor eleo- 
ttoe. ~ 

Sole Agent 

8(irnalR 8klrta, T|_ Th* U M 

Anarl^^!8y Ooraeta. | ftC UlS 4s 

For Hia 
Own Protection 

Every painter abould get hia sappHaa 
hcj-e. Then there is no danger of 

peeling or cracking pHiiitB with con- 
Hpiitient Ii)8n of triide. We curry every- 
fhinn in I'ltinters' .Supplies from ro©f 
|)Hint to whitewash for the cellar walls. 
All Boris ot brushes, too, of the kind 
tliiit influre good, quick, clean wotk. 



We are authorised to annouooe 'rHOM.V^ M. 
BUBSRLL as a eaadidate lor Mayor of the Uliy 
of MaysTllle at the Meromber aleetlon, IMM. 

W» are authnrUcd to anndiiiicc J. WBSLEY 
I.KK a» » i-Hiiiltil:iti' for Mityor nf tbo City of 
MayivUle at the November electlou, IMS. 

We are authorized to aanoaaea Q. W. CROW- 
ELL at a oandid.te (or Mayor of the Cit 
MaysvUla at tbe entutnK NoTembsr alaotloB, ' 

Uty of 



We are anthotlssd to aaooonce JOHN L. 
WHITAKBaasaeaadUiata forre eleotioo to the 
fiflinx of Pellee Judge of the City of Maviviiie it 
tbe MoTsmlNr election, IMW. 

We are authorised to aanouBoe JOHN T. 
SMITH as a candidate for the oOoa of Pulloe 
Jndfoof theclty of Maysvllle ot tbe Morember 
elaetlon, I9ue. ' 


Wo are authorized to anuounce JAMF^S W. 
KIT/OEBALDasaeandidate for re-election tothe 
oOoe of Ooliaetor ana Treaiursr ot the Ulty ot 
Maysvllla at the Moveatber election, isoai 



Wn are authorized lo announoe Dr ,1 H, SAM- 
I'KI. iiH tt i'iiiidl'1«tM f ir CouuiMl from th.- S.^.' nul 
Wiird :ii till' Ni.v. iiiliiTi'li'ClloD, 19 8. 

We are authorUi'd to aODOuaos ANDREW 
CLOONEY ai a candidaia for re-elreiloB aa 
Connoiiman from the Second Ward at tbe llovea. 
brr elaetlon, ISue. 


We are anthiirUcd to ann.Mi CIIAUI.KS II. 

PBARCK at a oauaidat.* for ( '<Hiiii;iliuaa lto\u !be 
Tblnl Ward. Ulty of .Mttytvilie. at ibe tforantber 
eleotlen, IMS. 


We are autborUed to annuuDCe W.T. CUM- 
MINS at acandldatH for CouncU from the Fourth 
Ward at the Nov«inl»-r elcciion. nm. 

We are Mthorlzed to auoounce PATRICK 
OAMTLEY aa a oaadldata for OoanoUman fiem 
tbe Fonrtb Wtrd at the November aloetloa, 1MB. 

W>' lire niiiliori/.'d m llnnnlll^e O. F. BBBBZB 
Hk u ''HudiiUf' f'T c iiiH'ii from the FoartB Wain 

at the Novciulwr I'll . Hull. UKM 


ma ■AQieTRATR. 

W'' tire Hiiitivirjzed to tinnotin(*e 'Squlr'' .lOHN 
W. llo\' KK I.S nil itid.'pf ndont (Tuodidiile for re- 
election (or Ma«Utraie in the tiecou i Uintriot o( 
Mason oouaiy at the Koeember alaotloa. 


We ar« authorized to aunoneee JACOB 

WAI.KKK as a - f'.r Conatalile In the 

Kifil' 11,- rii-' -r Vii- ill It..' November 


For CouneUmm, NvMimbvr MlttHm, 190$ 
Kirit Ward - 


SseoBd Ward- 

Third Ward— 


KK.\NK DKVlil. 
FoiiTlh Ward— 

A H. THOMPapil. 

nfih Ward— 


Slilb Ward— 





Capital a e\ $100,000 

Surplus and Profits $30,000 

DMlgnatod Depository tor tbe U. S. Treasury, 8tat« of 
Kentucky and Mason Oounty. 


Conservative. CourteouSa Safea 

Crutches and Trusses^ 

We have added to oor atock o( Trjuases sons new makes of the 
very latest patterns. 

Alio, we carry in stock Cratches, and we sell tbem as cheap as 
the Cincinnati houses. 

Please give ue a call when you need anything in oar line. 




For Laundry Use. 

U a very hlith arradx of lllulnir and Bprrlall; 

firpparvd wiili the utiuuit oare. Uiv>>( clotb«» a 
irlKht, fresli thade, witli a l)«autifiil luitre. It 
dt>ct lo BO way atteak tbe oiotbea, as tbese cheap, 
lafarlor grades do. Maajr ot the flaeal ianndriea 
throoithoutlheeoiiniry use thli Rlutna dally with 
pxrfetM am Uf an mil. Vdii will like it. 

Oiii't.'ri wni [Hiwdcr. pill lull) » <|iiartof clf»r 
fr4'<th wiitiT, will inakv you a. iiiiiot) excellent 
llluiiit:. in li'iiiiil fiiriii. as you pay S(i rantt fur. 
ar.d of li iiiui-'li lieltiT <|iitUly. Vou can make 
halt a piDt of emellent Hlua IdIc by dlsiolTlBic 
the powAar la kaU plat ot water. Pieparaa by 


Druggist, Maysville, Ky. 



4. nUl Ma«l*Ml Bask MM 
Ibeaa lOaeeVo.lH. 
Pioiiea f ■aatdeaeoVo. ttr. 


Chesapeake & Ohio 1^. 

Schedule subject le change without notice 

I P Bl I 

10:47 p B t 


'I'o Waiblnetoii, New York. 
Richmond. Old I'oloi, Nortolk. 
a-Mam'. WMk I1«v> To 11 In ton. KuBI Oaly 

e.wam^weck "ay-to HunUngton Boaaaia. 
5:18 p Week Day ■— Local le anatlaaloa. 
0:37 ami |wii-_Biprtai toOlBolBBail.Iaaiaa- 
3:17 pm r apolli,Chloago, St. Lou U. Waal. 

b:ISa Bl I Weak Daya— 
0:00 a mi Weak Days— Locali to QlDeiBBatl. 


•:f II III 



. tlO IBa m 

•1 :» p m 

•Dully ;Kirepi Saodar 

Halone & tiallensteii 


Caa* Aniwerad I'roiupt Ijr, Oay or Ni^kl.'^..^ 

140-142 West Second St.. Niy>^ Ky. 
'Vlaaly B^vlplletl 

Li?ery aid Feed StdbleSa 



W. HaMeans' Solid Sole Leather Platform 




Assistant Superintendent for the Purchase 
of Boots and Shoes for This District I 


i«li»irrtiiaiiiii I in i i^MM^^ 

iriiMgiiiii iliiritirlii