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Full text of "Louisville weekly courier: 1866-05-16"

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|Wl<Il>IKr.Y COUltUai. 


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EKKIA I'Ol KIEK. TRe KUt^oaiaRAliir *f tbr lUUicRl*. The MeaipkiK Prons and the Riots, lie. Sbonid such reprcsontations come from Romantic Personal History of a 
— ^ _ owK-sm.. - p e u„... i»reteiidL-d eve witnesses, they will lie will- «eautiful W omao. 

VEMttlMI MKKikli. - • Mil l«, IH« 

Tto KcRiTtlRRs Sl arRB tke Kcatncky 

m’hilc the irreat watm o* the honest end 
patriotic OM-llac Wh)gs are oo-opcratini; 
with the Deaaoctwey, and are amon( Uk 
beat aad traeat aapporten of oar princi- 
p)aa,ttac« is a aOMlI remaact who cannot 
iadaiae the word Deaaocracy. They forget 

The plan of reconstruction reported by « e contii 
the central Junto at Washington contem- phis papers 
piatas the exclusion from oAce of ail ofR- graceful riol 
^-eTs of the late Confederate OoTemment [From the 
atMfc e eertain rank, and the denial of the h°m 

rictit of suflyage to all who participated in snnd 

the rebellion. This is a rery fair Mmple of all who rart 
Radical statesmanship. The men who arc to 
e excluded from public nAce embrace the 

We continue our extracts from the Mem- 
phis papers in regard to the recent dis- 
graceful riots in that city. 

[Proa the UempbU .Aralancbc of Hay 4.] 
The bnminir of Uie churches and 

negro bchool-houses, on Wednesday night, 
was a scandal to our city, and a disgrace to 

pretended eye witnesses, they will lie will- 
fully and knowlnirly. We put this on rcc- i a Paris correspondent says that there is a_»» amafs ■“ a 

Old once for all, applicable to “all whom n„up „ -nn,ur.Hr.iiUtnrval>ont Mile Bonvet 

it may conceni.” If any proof were want- , ' . “Brine flowers, pale dowers o cr the graves to 

iiig of the correciness lif tills assertion, it the Empreae Eugenie s reader, who was to .bed, 

inay be found in the fact ‘‘‘‘J ‘he ‘atest he married in the chapel of the Tuileries on kSves hlfi Ae^whlle rose 

victim of tlKwe brutalith-s— the colored the 21st of April, to a country gentleman of bural; 

servant kilU>d at the llayoso House on panoctations. 

[For the Loalsvllle Coorler.] 

‘Bl'iiiir nowoinu* 

“Bring flowers, pale flowers o'er the graves to 


.a_ ¥ ■ -li .1 V. The Democratic State C'onyeatioR — 

7 llclesation not Reported-The 

xling the Presideut-RadicaN after Trimble Democracy, dte. 

For this In the n-oods was the violet nnrsed. 

The Louisville Couveation — Rnz- 
zling the Presideut-RadicaN after 
the Loaves and Fishes — (.raa*s 
Italian Opera — Rival Interests — 
The .Retropolitan Theaters— Roe« 
buck, a Mouthcra Novel — H all 
Street— Stocks and Cotton— Forger- 
ies — The Feniaus — Cholera, Ac. 

HJUon Jy/mueilte Courier: 

Everybody shout here is delighted with 
the artiun of the late Conyenthm. Many 
arc grumbling becansc of the omission In 

c exciiHKsi irua |n>Dur OIUCB cmoracw lui- _.trii,uiion has liecn tcrrilile and niiv fur- cr.iic army, i iicrv u< mii a n-imuiy .-..u- wiitcn 1 undcrsUnU sue wen uceerres, vu 
talent, gesius, energy, public spirit, and thcr ’iieiycciition of this unfortunate race f* her having by the merest accident attracted 

, ^ ^ ^ chiTftlry of ihat RCcUon. They were the woald be cruel, and no mao 

I Ml Mr CMy Mcc IndifMiitly 4eclare4 the r.d.cllion as jwtice will pursue them 

that U Um Wbt£ pnrtT should deccscriU .. * peopl , counsel moderation. The las 

^ , A« PA I a a. ^ ' New Vouk, May S. 186d. 

Only R wreffctb of flowers ! Oman s band i,,., r f ,n ra 
a*^ «a . , EtlUon LouUvilk Conner: 

[Spectsl CorrcapoBdencf of LoatoTtlle Conrifr.j report of the names of the Trimble 

New Yonit, May S, Vm. delc^ntion. Can’t tell whether the flmlt to 
EiiUor$ LouUHIk Courier: dele^lion, but the names 

of scuaibilitv and he was very Kt iurally known the notice of the empress when her majesty I no Flowers renreseotine in • LouiMvifU Conner: J 

further Wc ‘“r *’{?: I «;to«ni>nnlcd the .emperor to Bri“»ny In | ’.Istence^the ' York, and In do not appear in your liit. 

they were ol the people before the rebel- 

“ ^ lioRoocrml. To exclude them InrmoAce eiied ^r^ra?®^c U-lie^ 

mmpIsofMr.CUy. most^volei <S^t™eUw. ;»*•»: ‘Vl V- most brilliant officers in the French na^ 

the duty Of all good citizens t5 di^onto- , ‘t:. 

men who had neither the 

genius or foroe of character to enable them 

out tStiumed win«t thc^ The i “ Confederate, he was fired nimn i„ ,hc aflkir of Grand Port In the Bonr- 

uuir«fFL-B uircmu-uru iiic ui^ru. auc L-:iir>ri it I.ab rpt dtspoverrd ArimiMi lYtirhnrrn vaa 

^ ^ engages in tlietc scenes oughi to ! 

to reach the grades in the anay soorc which punished ’ 

those who did rise are to be excluded. . Of 
course, only st«ond and third rate men, and 


»*Ja CKsmpls of Mr. Clar'a most devoted ..j..,,,- ... ,,, , u,»,u««i¥P. of the law. The negro has sadly sulTered ^ « 7 i L-,.pnin(r «pvp™i ni«" 

. -p. ... . .... ofllHiag them with credit to Ihemselvea i.u p.«Miiinp nmt li u ■ dcr had in Ins personal keeping several pis- 

rsead, G ..era] Comla. who cordially anp- to the Government, and con- ^^e dnt7Sf all g^ cltiiSs "o di^ontc ' P“‘ »*« '>.v Confedemtes. who 

pom the trf •« I-rty. i«lge Dn- ^ the ~n« i^Jr iV^e' ll4r oTo[h^ ! ‘'l® '"mte hf4';:’fire*d" m” n 

^ Mr. Ctsy hUrneif worM do U be were ^ to enable them J^mi^ o'.ib7to I »>'“ I*" "®‘ di.cove‘rcd 

_ to much the gmdes in the aray aoor« which ^ whom^l.ut certainly not by any one in 

TWflc«riilo«warfiars of Kentucky Kadi u,osc who did rise are to be excluded. . Of * * * . * sympiithy with the (H.c.isioii iiiam uhich he 

^ SRd fc K-OMds of partW oa oar pteeent ^ ^ third rate men, and The Radicala have poisoned the inind of '' U w Int wc have asserted 

- incomiH^tK will, under this . th 

trolKM b yy amseofhonor or putnoUc bold office, ohI the Government w£i{^,±,‘:„TO v^^^^ r rt TJTi’ 

•sat hm beoa miarspessesited In onr col- ..eessaiily sufier thereby. No good ^i m® unprincipled iiieii j*. J^Vi^ess to pi^mpt y obey any 

P«T^ «“ he snbserved by such « [L^^e Uoub^i' ul^^n h“M\^h~“i^^^^ 
s^alSBi, Is aIioA the stlre captol ot ,rrsngement, nor Is any snch pre- not to bUme. ^ «lc»ervc8 our symi*thy. 

looted bU life at the risk of bis own. He ik 58. Her frraodlather, an old admb-al everythinfir but their fleeting extotence, the ererywhere throa?hoot the republic. Our delegation consisted of a number of 

was enirajrcii hi taking care of the hats and iben, and for upwards of half a century be- odmimtioii aud sympathy that cluster ^ r«; i * xr * u th^ l»Pdt nn/i mrt.t FMaUf.i.iA 

cancsofUieultendunfson the Benevolent fore Vinff In retirement and obsearity at thickly around the innVrmosL holiest i ^ ^ ^ the best and m<»t 

Partvfortbe benefit of inaiirted Confeder- Servan near 81. Male, was one of the ^ ^ i «aa* enunciation of the prinelp!ea of foond anywhere on the American continent, 

a4 diva dt.vva .xC Ilia tlTTllnwOir tnnr. _a a-_t.i.* .a AU« V..aaaK in CCSSCS 01 UCr iJCan. . ^ rvxA«v rvr n-nwxa-Rwv t^Awllt a 

dcr had in bis personal kecpinir several pis- the early part of the century. The rrench 
tols, put in biscliar^e by Confederate's, who gay that be' was the “terror'*' of the English 

^ * - JefltrsoQ by the Convention that aasem- P^'Op^rty* Intelligence and patriot- 

G^ 8 undertone of enconngement to ^ InsUnL The '™. who sre not wiping that their 

e children of men. As snch, we cull , . names shall be missing from U»e rvwpeeta- 

•ool of 88 wav there, and In the utterance ,.,e dignified company of delegnt4?s7oo 
ol thuae grand prtnclpltl of republicaoUin, liave reported in your issue of the :kl lust 

the children of men/* As such, we cull 
them. As such, we bear them to that gen- 

a vvuiwiAitttc, ..V wav- aa.wx. 1 D T DC siiair Ol itHiDa F oFL lu tuTj KRvui ’ * Vo., »• X. a*. gTauQ pHucipicB Ol repuoiicaoisin, nave reported in your issue of the :kl inst. 

ed, it has not yet Ii^n duicovered ^ bon waters, after Admiml D.ipc^o was tie slope in our slloDt Necropo is where the regenemtion of the The fofiowing /the lUt df naz?^ wSch 

II— but certainly not by any one in wounded, the command devolved up«in snnbeams soltly shimmer. As such we w- . .k ' . t . Vun will please add- 

ywith,lie.™oiiuia.uuhichhc Bimvet. His _^squ^ twino oui tribute to the gallant dead around . ^ ‘TT/ ^ «®"- G^rrhitt, .Senator elect; 

at uv oppowewta. The Louisville Jonmal 
first Insis t s fl that «mt movesaeut was hostile 

. . . , .1 .1.,. the negro — they have impressed him with 

out sud out iDcassp<lesta, wlU, under this belief that be is cqusb If not 8up»Tior, 
policy, bold office, and the Government to the white man, and the v ngeauce whieh 
itself, and the vital interests of the nstioa, has lieen threatened the negro, it visited at 

wUl neeeasaiily sufier therebv. No good «*{- unprinciiiled iiieii 

^ who have deluded him, and brou):Ut all 

purpose can be subserved by snch an these tr.mbles njwn bis head. The negro is 
amngemcat, nor Is anv such pre- not to blame. He deserves our svmiiathy. 

Ki.rt\;lv7.«KdU«hat we have averted ZJ wTli Hif‘se‘^.c"ifsald w^ ! *«ch simple uiomid-and with lifted hands 

le bebcfl^tiie is canal If not sutH-rior m-'y •«' found in the lai t that tlu n turned f„ur ttrst-cla-ss English frigates. Napoleon j look upwar.l to the groat White Throne. 

ithewhiteman, and the V ngeauce which ™‘‘-‘ “‘‘{'‘■7 ,’ ^ “'C so cold, the 

lA threffitAniAdt thi> nMrrn^ it vUiU tl Ut *^‘*^*“ partii li»atioii ill tbe»o disturb- ISH bc went on the rciiced Hit With ouly the | * 

Ltoould^hc uo^tL u^UiwIcd men ai'ci-s hold thcnisc-lvcs, as U well known mnk of t-aptain. to 1840, when France was i »‘eP »» tliat can pass tliu 

saved from the tyranny and misrule of the Mr. John, Roberta, F. M. Abbotk John 
Radical U'orpera. The proccediDgsofyour Morgan, .Mqjor W. D. Kay, A. K Bart- 
Conventlon will he of great value to the bounty .\tiomcy; R. B.-11, John B. 

^ Pierce, George ft . Lemon, County Repte- 

^ the«bv. NO good wr„,““\dTroug“ht all "‘r- 

ibaerved by snch an these Uoubles upon his h. -ad. The negro is ‘Jl. *» 

Is snv snch pre- not to blame. He deserves onr svm[)sthv. '"Bitarv nuthorif 

but maliirnant Dnring the Ute war. he was aii ami of V','*. • .^..V 

bnt the malignant “s . niaiiitaliiiug piibl 

, in readiness to prdmiitly obey any re- witiiiii an'^acc of going ’to war with Eng- | spot, these gruviA, unheeding ‘’Y- ^ *'“^’’''**^7’ !{*■**" ''! 

it ion that may be made uiHin them by land, Louis PbUippe thought of Capt Bou- ; gtep soRly, “for the ground whereon insmlmll(^^^^ 
military autlioriliiU of the United vel, sent for him to theY'uileries, asked , ‘ ... ,“V^“ 

?8 and the City Govciiiincnt, lo assist him to dinner and gave him simultaneously ‘*'®“ ‘loudest is holy ground. Speak The attempt of Uie Roilloals, involved in 

niaiiitaiiiiug public order. Coming a rear admiral's commission and the cross gently, for the spirits of the gallant dead V* 

Convention will he of great value to the 

cause, and have br-im welcomed by the De- ... • 

mocracy of this 8late os the prelude to K -M. Hitt, late U^ty Repre- 

riiiillar demonstrations elsewhere, that aill Pc*Jt, Uerk of the County, 

eiilniliuitc iu a thorough teorKani/atk.n and ‘'“““‘Y “>orough 

re hisiiiration of the Denioemtie parly. <!• m<M-ratic ttian thto; ready any moment 

^ The attempt of the Ratlioals, involved in ° *'‘*'“*, '^“**”«* ^ 

Senator TmmlmlPs aniendiiiciit to tiie warfare with radicalism, and 

Post office Approirtiatlon bill, to deprive You and the tomocracy gmerally 

tho Executive o/ the privilege of dn 1’^ ‘“e county of «» si 

tribnting the administrative iiatroiiaire. Is ”** o‘ ‘he too- 

a sad reflection upon the dUlntcrestediie-s Ii®’*®!)' *^.J!** 9®* 

of the Black Rcimbllc.ami. The BadU-uls * •elected by that 

arc not satisfied with a niono]>uly of central ' Private prefer encca are 

lej^ialutiOD, but ore 4lft4^rniliieU, aUo, to con- oor people in the ef- 

trol the purse-strings, and to secure the *® reunite the Deasoc- 

I hatred aad teveagcful leclings of the fanat 

strength to the cause which has liceii losL 
Ris kindness to the absent soldier's family 

it JoknsoB and that it was aulelv , . 77 ^ 7 ““ xmaneas to lue auscni soiuicr s 

. ' , . ' i leal Jacobins will be gratified, sod that, and has won the alTcetlon ol all, and 

an aRRsal to sssssAan lst i to organkae as a 
dI sti Rs t party. B s fh l s id by the Isngvs^ of 
the anil, hY the oonnly resolntioos and by 
the r si Bl n U sns of the Convention, it per- 
sists wMi nnblnshing andaefty in the 
saase ehaige. Chagrined at accing 

not the public good and the national wel 
tare, la the ruling purpose. 

fomn7 *® Iniian-. rislicd, and of a grand officer of the legion of honor. gigU out upon cacti breeze that comes float- to** E^txntfve’’ 07*^^ of' d/ “^•"'cfi/^joritv in th^w^n'ty 5f^‘ 

ro‘^"bl®m"^irirv^il' .ngthrougntheeityor thelovedandlosMud , t?,“bu?nT^radllnls^ra^^^^^^^^ 

3 we „rol.^ , ‘‘csin- pcacc, -luiet, »ud good Order, to the miral Bouvet returned to his marine villa, '-“•'mi;- .r.uu mg me aoininisiraiivc i«iiroiiaw is 

S^faS“™Hiy totarf tN-m Urn ‘ "d ‘'‘“^Y patiemt industry they may re- where, never bavin- been afloat since 1814, words graU- haishly upon the listening ear else who might have been select^ by*that 

'wlvt iu^mtornatton to Mvcramentoi: ' Corondof marinU® i ®' nol sattoflcd with a mono,K.l> of central 

Aicain, all men who participated in the tmt the man wbo, in retaliation, perwvufes wtut ajil>ordiiiat!on U) t»x>od ffovcniiuent is, age o His son, a Colonel of niarim*^ war-worn boldicis rest— rest In that dream- legislation, but ore deterntlm-ti a^Uo, to'^n- jV*l oor pe^c in ^e irreat ef- 

denied the right of suffrage, ftbo, weaak, serves mmiahinent. friend and i.rot.-ctor; and no one knows | Cant. Bouvet boarded. mom alone can break. No more radfc-alism tliat U threatening to SBbvm 

U to do the voting, or U any voUng to be .n - m ™„hu Rrii .*:« «h i this iMjttcr than the hundreds of respccta- , When the emperor and empress, in the bunilngs uow-no longer sIk^ the sound of of toe I^ident arc’ like manv,^ then overthrow toe Constitullo# of onr 

„ Rrom -he M.mphU Bulletin. 4fh.l He and orderly colored men a ho aie our- eoiimc of their progrcM thronuh Hrittany. Ra^^jIlncumisnU ftlhers,ai.dwithltthoULerUe.ofUieiwo- 

Itony ^be tlm unloitnnate evcuUol suing a life of orderly industry under tVielr stuid at Brest, lu lbo8, the two Mieseo swell ui.on the ear arid call toe pie. Negro equality at the ballot-box o?s^ 

daily obsorvalion, and who look to them Bouvet were amoug the bevy of young eager soldier to his posU-no more night i under the Dve«ent cially, b too revolting to be coosideied or 

for protection iu the midst of these dis- ladies dressed in virgin white, us nsutil on , uatehes ’neath the silent stars — no fond the ulariea snrf fees nr hnM.n. tolerated for a moment by the Drlnctolea of 

d e leRS f aa the oa mes of aonc* It ia well known that almost the — ir rom -ne «i-mpois ijuneiin, «n.| l,jp orderly colored men w bo ale pur- course of tbeir progr 

■fi UnkiR aea who were not to ■ r «■ .u c- Many ascribe the nulortonate evcuUol suing a life of orderly industry under tiielr staid at Brest, iu I 

■ >_ I* *w I 11 «oGrc body of the men of the South were the past few days to entbusiasts in African daily observation, and who look to them Bouvet w-ere amout: 

oy Its aOMe, tne Joumal In roonectod with the rcbrllkia in tome wny pul^ta. Miasionaries ot the extreme radl- 

fnriows laRgnage denonneed the use of tbea« q, 
■am st as a crtmlnal a tte mpt at deception, ^ 
Mid the Democrat with still greater reck- 
Isaanms and m s lt os intimated that some- 
thing had bean done which was no better 
than fsEgeiy. For all this thgre was n« 
Ib n nd s tton whatever — it vras a pure emana 
tton nl senrrUity— for wbich the Journal af ^ 
Vcrwaida m ad e a sort of crabbed apology. ^ 
showing that H hod oome araiar of josticc, 
bnt for vrhieb tbe Democrat hm sever apol- ^ 
ogloed or mode any retractioi:; sbowing ^ 
tbereby that H Is m malignant la Hs bostili- 
ty m any Northern RadicsL If tbe editor k 
of the Democrat dom not make some - 
s m e a dt or epology for his srairilouk para 
graph on thb subjecl we tball be f oily jnsU q, 
fiol In rt am tn g him with the other white n 
w a shsd t adioals. Indood be seems to bt 
openly tekl^ that pooitioa. I,, 

Ha donim belonging to the Kentncky 
Democracy. He claims to belong to tbe 
dam of war Democrats who are generally 

or other. Thera are some, perhaps, wbo ®( niisshtn^-n ^da, like that orders. 

IwettT cranium which rii«e8. a gorgeous Here 

can trnly aay that they did not do it voinn- temple of tboi 
tarily, bat a-bera ssch are found, they will ' Smith, ot Ha 
invariably be of the lowest and least intelli- *®']^ 

for protection iu Uie midst of tlicse dis- Udica dressed in virgin white, us nsi 
orders. ' such occasions, wbo were selected ti 

Here, where these facts and tmtiis arc ter flowers under the empreu' feet 

- Udica dressed in virgin white, us nsutil on , uatelics ’neath the silent stars — no fond j,.™ the ularies and fee« nf rtiiw hnidZn ‘“leratcd for a moment by 
r“/fl ' “raoms „ow-uo swen return to borne and eoMtUutra^^ s^^^ 

w aasw^ss asr^o, m p^ys^xaeum llCrV, WUCTC lUUBC mU Vt> UUU tlUtllD MU’ U;ril4»W<;rB UUUtTr UJV CUIfiraW IWJl, XlVl . a at s rvmflfffi 'PKafm U isimnm mn AW-a aHQ UW COml) 

‘ temple of tbou^t, from tbe ebouldcrs ot jiatCTit, it would be unuccc^r>‘ to pnmiul- majesty was ereatly struck by the jcrace * mother— uo privations oow, and ^ Uienitiesoft 

I ' Smith, of Hardeman, have exhausted the gate tlicm, and we give them promiiicnec aud beauty of Mile. Amelia Bouvet, and in- I no priaon-bam, thank God! to crash the "fi,. ® delegation c 

forcc of naval melody and bnmdram phil- only to cornn-t anv niisrepresentatlons of uuired who she was. When she was In- | i:„ht the lione toe lilfe fW.m ont brave rlT 771^x1 VOUr friend A 

.1- — Hid •*>“>«>uy in lecturing blacks upon dignity the evil-minded which may be made abroad 

gi-nt class of tbe popuUtlon-men who did ^^1 the aaaertion of socut and poTtical for mrty purpose#. 

not have courage onoagh in thdr aonlleaa rigtata. We would not otiject if blacks un- . - - 

d fees of Wffic-e holders I®® * «>»:i“tnt by the principles of 

imall portion of their “® ‘*®"®ISi Jefcrsoo 

many an oflhnsl that “!*** or by the decencies snd 
pay for tbe privilege of ®^ •*** “L****** *“ 

; instead of being^id, •» well ar 

fer by tbe bargain* ^®“^ “** . 

ire doliiflr their heat tn MLfc’OGEE. 

> e Be%-er saw in olheri. Their unwUe Yctchers cauM ne- Convention, but wc now proi>ose to devote the empress sent for Mademoiselle Bouvet : well"— aleep.amid the flowers of a forehrn announc^ in Ihe^eart^of^tbclume^hrea^ 
.veamotthera- i™ ind*™o?i^^^ some space to a more elabo/ate review of to the light of home-sleep In Td "metrlipolS C 

lo was willing what vv-., ac-comnlished. and to bespe-ak for ^ the infected* ships In onaraS thJ 

it was right, and wish and prav “teed to bonuiem ix 
f.w lu complete sneems. 11.01;. 

therefore, wbo can now say that they wore of that ill-feeling bet 
not in lavor of tbe rebellion and never gave ' l>een developed in vio 

it volantarv aid, countenance or support, ! 

’ exhanaUess theme ol 

iuordertoget . vote, were eow.«U m,d b^::‘i:rrnd nl^ophnift , StlulS';;!^! ‘.?.^o*;^.®7tor^^^/:^^ 

bypoerites darmg the war, and are knaves iodine, invoTvlng the ®' ' gers Ihowcdrhat tl^^ hand was at 

B3W, nnw.rtfav of exercising any poUtical Vh ‘‘ hlrling service 

.... fltwhllffpetustolbe Idcs tbst Atrican man- o r-nulanrc It there. .nv 

rights in a republican government 
We see, therefore, that the Kadicsls have 

a ui.jcci II iMacxs un- . - she said she would never lorgi-t ncr. Ana wnai uiey couia; ineir aeeas snail oe lor- " , .r-— „ ix>s.i. ivsvim 

bodiea to strike a manly blow for what aU derstood tbe sensible Tho Convontion. she I.m kept her word In right g^stvle. , g„uen only when the bending sky above ns ^UhteLr^ However a sell D.k> IS. 

^^red, or preumded to an- i like a scroll, be rouT, tojether; the Her Arrivn. M ^^^Tuca. .Monroe .ih. 

and holy cause, and were wdlmg that otbera lu absence to their own Anduct towards *“ * bourg two yeaw later, and iipon that event record la with God, and they all “sleep Interview with Her Haa^^ 

should do their fighting. We never saw to others Tbeir unwise Where caure ne- Convention, hut wc now proji^to de”oto ‘he empress sent for .Mademoiselle Bouvet ; wcll ’-eleep amid the flowers of a foreign innounw“^to'^he ^eSrt o^^^^ Tender and AITertlonate Meetiag- 

the South, dnring the long veareot there- Rroes to go arm in arm along the st recto, ,omc space to a more elaborate review of ‘® Tuileries aud created for her the I ® She Find* Mr. DavN in Bettor 

to Mlmit thst ire did not believe Uught by «irmoniz.jr. and inveterate ®“5 ,/c-ncrans sSp?xirt who found J Uuy Scotch wf^^ to dr^ vlaiU Foaraxs. .Monroe. Mar 3- ireiff ’ 

piieLc^^^n AlHran Not one of the “The day is done;” bnt the sun went down Uon of toe tcourm to an epidemic Mrs. .Telt Davis thrived ^e^^tos^moni- 

have Iregotten much ro'™'®, toe^C^^^^^ bi.sba.ld for Mile Bouvet At last ghe*^l«s I “ P"»on wall, within a stranger land; Iwimto child, a sprightly girt 

^ iu'l Chary-Wis, and its work is a! a hit upon a yjtong gentlemaii wltM20,(^ well-known band to brush the damp ^^robStoe W C f^^ wi^i^ tS “s thwart 

has”>t4m shining light that streamelh out over Uio no well- have tbe good effect of redec^g the com- mustache of a Rusaian grenadier four 

f discUMlon aii'ione naUoi’tidSy aTd The pn^ta^e ‘““'cr aud^Jth^r. Tbe Empres^offcTed '®' ®** '"®‘®®’ '‘*‘® K®““® ^® ®’*®®^ ^“® i “*® *“*' *®"« *»®*“ l^tra vtrn JT? f*'^ ppopoiGons and 

sts of this city. Suits ., j , llirouirli storms and ilon her voung favorite a marriage portion of I lo"S «“><1 weary hours away; no fond and ,, ,, basket of the latveat nittern, 

lU7S’b-vc^Vc“n ' ge« ^ov^ed rltot* to7:!;L WO,(5oO; but the bridc,^room,VSSd of bis eager ear bent to tbe taintest whisper from i totove commXSJi'^ht W^'^ntTS^ to’ tof Hy^r^Ho^erSf^t to 

Jea tbrtAtrii-an man- fh^Pclm, and that it was no hlrling servi^ n?a“A-^7sou“rws TcltoetTto mother's prayer to company had not arriveU^in time to whaii; anl^ithout stoppiig^ 

[uality of races must Srm’SyT^f out ! wHlt the spiri’t upward lo Its God. ill® traveling dre^a, or cren removiii|^ 

Uoetit uy oermoDiEc rs and mveieratc . j iri ncroii» suniiort Irom the honest and found a pretty Scotch wife for that ; flurii of an exultani manhood. 

^St^bv'^iil^tTJ'n.i^^^^ old fright, MaJ^ha/uanrobert), has ever “The da, is done;” but the st 

culcatcdby politiMf preachers in African „r,uii,.iions of tli« i.ronhefR of evil lia« enine since been on tbe lookout for an eligible L . 

h, or the proud “** infected ships to quarantine the 
. plagne has abatC'l, and there is no 

“■ reason to dread any immediate vlsita- 

sun went down tlon of tbe scouige in an epidemic 

““** ' oclfisbii. 38 or rottenneis in tlie corapositloi. 

f^toe^ the De^tic port, of the 

North w fiaaertera He has wo moreavoi- a, : . 

path, with Vallaadigbam, Bright, Pendle- 
tow, Hanwa. aad other wboie-soalod North 
ora DcRMcraU thaa he has with ft icklillc, 
Rowell, Beha, 8Mvcns<m, Davall, Merri- 
wether, the DeoaoeratK Contra! Committee 
aad the loot three Democratic Bute Con 
voattaoB of Keatackv. He obeys no orders 

tire officM wbo are incapable of adminiotcr atatea of vLt%umlwre of colorp.1 soWieix sure and bteadla«t, niid are like unto the specinc money value, 

iiiC them with neat and fidelity, sad the HiUre; they rame from all points on tire ‘’"ITa^d aUmtgh th^rato^^dr^^^^ -She ChTt^^^^ 

only class unworthy lo exercise sny civU Mwsuoi^ the floods camefaud the winds bk w and P®"# 

right whatever, to do the voting. A par- Ireat upon il, vet it loll not; lor it was lound- Boutet,willagainl>c 

.iini ./..hi. ...... »r K.. r...„s They i.inngvd about cabin dcore, udnnonanrek cries, not in thu hmiib 

allc to this state Of facto cannot be found crowded sidewalks, committed petty thefts, \\-H1 n; itoei'gncdlv th inkful to all who but us a lady of honor 
in the worlds history. The safety of a gov- filled the calaboose, loitered in sunuy plae-cs, ' 

. .• ^ *1,^ ..s.sis* K« K -A: :J contnhuted to the ftccompUsnineut ol this 

eniin.-iit, it has always been maintained, ?- work of wisdom and [Nitriotism, and prima Subduing n PrNom 

_ 0.1 s-stama~m waA ovm^smw CfaltPehCM OP hv d(*nf*MlA.LiOllA II fMkn 1kPl\ aYf* m VI Ik All W lafllk 111 milU |Klkl IVllrlUf MLIU |'lllllm ^ • VEId ufj V ■■■VlviVlUfo lOrlllS kOai uCVCf CODYO affOlll^^lOrtDS 101100 

wa. mainly to Uretotolllgcnce of Its rulers; ^peny. Oi' tato.’lmwever. bu?J?lan^ea had The Cleveland Herald givt-a an account of 1 to the same, same cause, do linger nesr 

e-ments of the Demo- ^jd although It is not slwsj-s true that to- l^n less freouent than during tlie winter; the execution of a murderer named Cooper, | 

conoucst and contenrwith hia owri necu- I 7” 7 7 . to hare commenced to night here, bnt tbe to toe dvgeia Hotel, adjaeant to tbe 

niaA- rJsou^ms Xettoed to receivc^t*^ml **‘® '‘P*’ “® » prayer to con-.panv had not arrived to time to make whaiL and without stopping to cbaiage 

Srma/.S7n3 Vt tbte ^ ont ^aft the spirit upward lo Its God. ““‘J? 

for diaiionds and elegant articles of a<ro.«- i But not foi^otton, not neglected, do the, **‘®? 

»ni,i Whi. li 08 t.r08<-nU not IrenrliiL- anv I i- >r. i u ,7 . .. . 7 Mr. Maretzek s company. It ia snrprising * message inside the fort annonocing her 

Cdfic mon^ raluc ranuot b7 refused I *‘®- ’^*'"*® **®P®**’ ®® ®“" J“>ona, arrival aud the penaiosioD from Fresi.lent 

‘lianov nair’ will’ nass the honcvmoon ' P^Yi*** during these past, long venre; and •mong the companies of opera artists to Johnson s»>e bore with her to visit her bus 

-It toe&’i NoS ' those wbo hsve loved and Iost;'thos; who to*e,‘*«re^ *,? boto?s"o)S^ ™.S^ran“i5 

their to PaVi. Mirf.mie Carette a..!. .. . u . .. i.. . dUpu ted that they are enemies to feeling, ^ th« hotel spread rapidly and a retinae of 

Bouvet w^lamdnt; iusUnld to the^ir ' ^^® ***®*'' **®“® however pleasant and amiable Ace to Ace. Mixious persona soon gaibered about to gvt 

cries not to th?iimublc canacitv of reader I circles; those whose fairest, fondest hopes Mr. Gran has a company ot young artists, a look at her. ftithadmirebleimperturb- 

Sun^s a L^y of S^^ withered upon cherished, new-made I’AV**®^ oV nr T m" 

^ j , if the, please young New York they will of temper — probably the resnlt, lo some ex- 

„ I grave#; those who long and mourn for the produce excellent pecuniary resnita. They tent, of past similar e.xperiencee ahe anb- 

Subduingn Prisoner by C hloroform. ' forms that never come again — forma fallen ' will coromeocc on Monday next, probably, mitted to the painful necesaity of beiag 

ana ammm wo movemewu oi ure iremo although it U not a!waj-a true that to- 

cratlc party, bwt does all he oan to make ^.iRi^gaor and honesty are- fonud together, 
the KontwAv Democraev snapec*ed and ^ j^ue that the lower wc descend to 
odiowa. He A playing tbe part of the the scale of inti-lligtmcc the more wc find 
gnenlllaand bnBhwbackertocoaipaii.v witb of crime. We suppose that one reason why 

been IcM frequent ’than duri'ng the o-lnter ®,* ^*‘® ‘’®®P!®,\® ®®"'®,1' ‘he execution of a murderer runted Cooper, | ’An.t thia ralm hHirhAH.v in ception of Wallack 

bm all wtoTiSto tion, and assumed the ns,K)nsihillty ol call- „t Ravenna, Ohio, on the 27th of April. "®’®' ®®‘®’ of anything except 

of facts, and wU.-n a popular citizen and ol m« them togel to r. It it waa aii assumption had made several deaperate attempts to ' ®'«'7 Pfaceful cemetery, on every sunny and censure. The 

fleer was alaln tlioae who had Ik-ch roblx'cl “ “***^'*j*h . a'' \ escape, a||^ when the sheriff came to snnckle WU, in every quiet vale, in every ebody the metropolis do 

or insulted proflu-d bv popular exeilemL-n( ‘h', this dictalorehip iii tbe bou^ him, he swore that no one should enter tbe grove, where’er they sleep a chain of ** Niblo’a, oi 

to pay debto of vengdiuce. ol c-xlrcincsl ueccNai >, and, like tliOM patri- cell, and that the irons should never go on i a **’ tn * Broadw-ay Theater, 

the RodtaaA and all other enemies of De 
omeracy. We hope be will continue ir 
that poslUoR. The party trill be less to 
jwfwd by his open opposition than by bit 
tren ch ei o as friewdsbip. 

Whan he dononne e a the Keutucky De- 

ihe Badicals sdo]itrd thA policy A because 

a pay debts of vengeance. 

It followed tliat many acts of violence 

to the same, same cause, do linger near The theaters on Broadway, with the ex- g*«!d at Time, Uiat old and stern teacher 
th,..n n/,. A„,r *K!. ccption of Wallack’s, are scarcely worthy of wisdom, and unerring reveAtor of the 

th n now. And this calm, bright day, to of anything except atereotyped paragrapha mutability of earthly dynasties and hopes, 
every peaceful cemetery, on every sunny and sensnre. The fashion* and cnlture of !»•• very sensibly changed her from the 
hill, in every quiet vale, in every shady the metropolis do not admire Miss Bate- haiigbtv and defiant woman ahe waa a year 
grove, where’er they sleep, a chain of ®*“ 7* %‘®’^ ®'‘ Menkra, at the «go. ^er Uw U more subdued, her man 
? „ _ , 7 * ... i Broadw-ay ThesUer, and Mr. and Mrs. B;i me V ners more quiet and reaerved, and she does 


CfiT'BvMaMly OalrClyde A a weoiaa: the IMS 

vsrse A "eeafirmaifoa soaoc as bely writ," 
IFroa ths C'lMtaiuMl Rnqnirer.] 

Y'ao, the werfia at As* are «pekcn— 

1 aave kild Uoi he was h^ 

Be may go with thoss wbo love him. 

It will aevnr t r og h le are. 

Thoogh 1 straoM Aag with wsakam. 

I am ftre— yns. Dree at Ast; 

Tet I soareUeiee may behanaled 
Ry the visfoas af foe post. 

Tor are heart ahaest relewted 
As I U.tened to Us prayer. 

So (an of hitter sagnAh 
And seeiaiax irlM despair. 

Be had aover i^adaaotW. 

He eoald aerer levs hat toe; 

All I only answered eoMly, 

B.-measber yea are Wee. 

Thrahetaraedawayln mfosee 
With a fevered, ihrohhii.g hrow 

And I beard him wildly mtirmor, 

Ulh A aothlag to im aow. 

1 cooM aot fornet my senow, 

Nor my deeiJy- wounded urtdr; 

I had MM him in the twHAht 
ftSih aaottMf by hie stda. 

Aad hte arm was eto ep e d areond her 
•4s toe whispend Aw to hiaa 

Tee, I tow rh«m from my wiadow, I 

Throaoh the twlUelit stay aad ffing 

I will never have a tuvrr 
If I eanacM think him trae; 

Aad. If lhare be soy fllrtiag. 

Let It be mias to Ak 

_ rX.\IRtXYDS. 

PLsasAirr Ridos. Oreea Town.bip 

Yestrrday the san was bright, 
Reamhig glory oa tbe wortat 
Teeterdav my heart was HRbt, 
la Iu deptbs s hope Impcarled, 

New the Awerlar elaodi All down, 
Dimattag NataacA purple crovra, 

Aad upon my eoal s tnai 
raUeth Hke a weigM af Aad. 

Yesterday rkh dAdeme 
OUtterfaa from the bore tiara bong, 
Aad apoa ifer aparfcllag atoms 
ttoy -toe m ei ij roMa eamE, 

Shse oa yoadall etnoat, 
Ttoaktog a'sr a vaalsbed dre am . 

Yesterday an echolire tide, 

Ftaosloa Warn tbe hag ago. 

Tbra^ the Miser oavrs M glide, 
Thrflitog all my behig m ! 

Now M sinks beaeaSirae wave, 

.And my hope has foaad Us mva: 

.\sd I *it sioae. sloar ! 

Teotar-eve tbe arena arose 
With a ho pe b ea m ew her b r ea a l, 

Aad my spirit rooad repose, 

Aad la oreama my Hm was Meet. 
Bat tbe moraing heoaght aw HA. 
Boond all round with ears sad strife: 
ho the shadows eoaw sad go, 

O hom s ef bites and ahades of wee. 

(For tho LoetsvUlo CeerStr.] 

.\H ihrnagh the dark sad dreary aigbt, 

A cold Arm haaate my aehiag sight, 

A figure eWthed to spectral white. 

Her voice eonwe to me oa tho hreoao, 
Thot, wsUiag tkroagh too eypeore Irooo, 
fleotos wU^pon flrora too Aroff soao. 

I hear It la tbs wtaUTo wlM moan 
At toidBlght whea Iboy eadly gnaw 
And spoak to sm la Avo's low tooa. 

It Amy own Aatlsabol— 

Bor votoa, oAo ■ I know lo*wnB. 

For OR Fvo owBod IE’s smrA epoR. 

No more o’er waten wlM toioam. 

She Heo beaeatb the soft son Aam, 

Far, Ar Wosa Avar, Meads sad hemo. 

“Oh, crael ooaaa. eedto toy roar.** 

Lai Fruai toe Ar-off dieuat abort 
foosto boek toaciy ef “Nevormora'' 



A Leenoa trows IlisSmry— TNw Mo>dw . 
M allwehiaaa— A Pewflw I'wwfilw Im 
‘•••era Theaseelrea— TISeir Atrwm> 
1^* for a Priwcm-.Aw AwrwaJ Im 
Ike Paapla— The (torasma Qw a a fl sam 
* Reform 

*^*'*'* Aapaleaw*a Pwft> 
A Rara^aa Cangvoea amfi tka 
Prwepert* af tte < awvaatsmm. 

c -irr s un aase i eef ms Xrw Tevo -Mhaar.j 

^ „ FioRRWcm, Aprtt Ifi, Ifififi. 

Old Neetor, the rhroairier of Rwi^A. tolfo 
im that about the year HR BmbMsSm «•■ 
rived hi arandioaria from Raosfo, ooltiM 
forth tkyU tht-ir paopto was* todralilaaato 
' peace, valkuit la war s rich 

eouatry, and rnUowrd with every qAdfoy ia 
SMka 'men happy bnt naa— «ksy dU asfl 
kaow how lo go^ra. Now, howlM hsMfi 
that tbe .Nnrtamaa were a klngto rsem 
each <yt them fit to ha a priass^ tWoy 
had cosna to ask seiwa of tho* lha fosor af 
goiwg to RnaoA sad hrensaiog tootr kimto- 
Tkerenpoo three brotbwra, Borik, l^nr 
Oleg, set OQt with the Kaboeeadore sad 
fonaded Ike dynasty whick, at leaat ia tka 
leasaA ttne, soU ralas tks sAgfigy arapAa 
of tka Nortk. dtsch A the legemdary aa- 
, eoaal of tb# moipA chroaieAs 
the origin of Rnsata. Wo earn scs s ve t y rsai 
it witiMrat a sasiU-, aad stUi, to oor aratfito- 
'>fAi-t UasoA tho old Agaad NBsato MsaiC 
Tbe MoMo-WsllackiaBa, or, aa uiay prefor 
to call UreiBselves, tks ftnssaaas, seoiealy 
^ir freed from the Tarkisb yakm sleat a 
priaea trader tka caailUioa tool ha ssoIm 
eruwm aad scepter m tooa m ffi# 
right time ahooid arrive for tka etoetloa of 
n foreign prtaeo. John ‘ilrisadif Cowan 
bad oascraplcs ia sensf trag tbacswwn hs 
trwsK hat of ro wras ha aovor haHavsd tfofl 
the right time had eorae lor hla shflualtaA, 
aad behaved quite ra ktofly aa say psfoas 
by tbe graos of Ood. Tba Ba y ds at lash 
rem in d e d kira rather rswahl y of Ho 
piod^ hy pauiac bias fini lalo primra 
aoduren out of the euantry. FreadfkwBhlra, 
the Bomsa nwHaaeBl at omraofihradfoa 
eruwB tw too CoauS wf Fhiadem, seadiaK 
I Bmbaaaadois to hira to the way oM Nsotor 
I talks of^ exptstolng that tke gam bar of tka 
inhabitants aaoant to shoot a,nfi,Mt tkafi 
! tkrlr eoaat/y is tka raaot fortila m loMipa, 

I bordrsod to the sea by tbs aoMsst itsar af 
tke coatiaeat, ftill of ttraber aad sstoeral 
ores in the asonataias; of p aa t aia-rawds, 
■esdows aad earnfirlds to tka pMram ttat 
' they are desesadaats af toe Ifnaosna aad 
I hoin of thoir ponrer; bat at tke aaons ItoM 
' feel tkeameWre irahaed wttk d Iks haowl- 
I edge sad refiarntoai af madera fsaaea, 
tboagh eanbie to govera tbeomatsea, aad 
I tLvrelbre they had set toelr mfods apoa a 
torciga priaoe, be he as powerAss aa tka 
I brother of the R tog ot tke BatgtooA Bat 
the Couat of FAaders lacks tke smtisprli- 
ing sfdrit of the Wseiaagiaa btwihmat ha 
. recoivee no iaspiretioa W<m the exarapA of 
I his hrother-to- Aw, tke Anstram MatMitoHmt, 

\ who orarrly gnopad the crows of MoaSe- 
' znina, aad tha aaower wsa a Meat fsfhoto 

i ^Not^ng^aated, tho Bimrassi stick ta 
' there original idea at a foreign pstaaa. rad 
' stoee tha oArt of the CbamlMn refooad lha 
IhroDO, they now snbrait the sisettoa of n 
I priaee to antrenal sudtome, aaktog tka poa- 
pA whstbor they wAh Prince CWtra af 
I Boheaaolleni to to their prioceT 1 aam Ira- 
! sRiaa how the BoamseAn paaoaats to tke 
I volley ef the Bereth aad Oiaato most ha 
tovrUdered; how they ask whe A P ito ta 
Chsriee of HoheaaollanF aad whothor ha 
wamts to ha IheA rtsAr* fitill thoy vota for 
' him wUboot say difficalty, sod it Is already 
eartoln that tto slccUoa will to aaonlmnas, 
bat R A eqnany eartaia that tha ttofraoB 
Loekload rrinoa, sow of tha late Promliir of 
Prasoia, aad brother of tks Ata (^nosR of 
POrtog^ will not aecopt the crown msAm 

tto protcettng powcan, .hes ti ts, Bnaalm 
Tnrkey, P i ra sf s, Bagtrad, Fnraeoamd Holy, 
skoald advAo hsm t<w Bat how 

t<A Bat 
Umt oader. 

A it pooaibie Umt i 
present eirenrastsarrs, I 
AastrU, BatoA nad Tarkn, 
The eActioa of tka Prica at I 

ol c-xlrcincsl uect^i y, and, tike those patri- cell, and that Ibc irons sbonid never go on • , , Broadw-sy Theater, and Mr. and Mrs. Barm- v ners more quiet and reserved, and she does 

otic Roiiiun citizens, they snrrcndered it biiii while he wes alive. He was perfectly ••**^®*'®* breathing flowers, with not one ft'iiUams only draw a credulons class to not •eek to shine as resplendently to Sash- HEXIC.AN CORRENPONDCNCE 

when tiu- necessity oftbe occasion hod [Mssed wild witj^excllertlcnt. IH« eyes glistened 'tal*. cHcii'Cles and unites our army the Winter Garden. The stock companies tog diamonds and costly Isccs. She has s .N.U.TIMEA. 

^ t— and wrong, nttcriy Indcfetisihle, have U-en wild witj^ exclU-fflcnt. Ill" eves glistened severed link, encircles and unites our army tbe ft inter bsrden. ihe stock companiee mg diamonds and costly laces. She has s 

e s^ ne wm conunne in they exi>ect to retain the control of perpetrated. Preachers of the Gosiicl which “»».v.wl'l'out other rcwwdtlmna cousck)^- through nit- barred door like those ot an to- of the dead— and these coronals of spring- of these houses ore wretched, nearly all the mtich older look— the look of a woman who 

oa. Thepnrty arlll be leas m the GoveratnenL, and they do not wish to be expurgates the writing aud philosophy of ",'•'“7 >'•« '*■‘■‘““'1' '« pnrpo^^; «'f furiated tiger. He raved and tore »round , fi,,,- uioBRomB tell thit th«v nrp nnt ft./wn* (food actors having deserted the city for more 1*«» long borne the burden of grief, and 
lA open oppooiUon than by his brought into ciitrast with the cultivation St Paul were not loigottcn Pioiis W t he Uoiiveiition i«Mcd no lormal vote of hi.s celllike a madman, cursing and swear- l®>e blossoms tell that they are not forgo.- profitable business elsewhere, fhe drepo- waged war with conflicting douhte and 

I friradshin , ,k. xh.i pounders of “Civil Riglits,” which became *,'®® *|*p r® *j® >'>K ‘1** ™o*t ‘‘'••plicmou? manner. Tte ‘®°- ^ womans form trends over each sition on tbe part of tbe press to save hopes. But a poor student of physiognomy 

/ t . n . . — - ~ • sheriir fonnd that it would be irapofstblc to simple mound; a woman's hand strews •''•“•K®™ Irem losses, serves to keep up to is ne who does not still read to that toee 

ttocwtal Bnrope, tmt for too Alaal phaoa sf 
Ihe toterminabia Bchlaswig HuA k- ta onea- 

rirarora friewdshlp geolui. and chir-sirv to the South. That 

kaa he doaowneos the Keutucky De- ;erm “chivstry of tbe South’ was much were not 

racy as being "hmrtly Ideradly koaisf," jeered st in days gone by, but its use will strOTtsd ' 

lime they do not adopt resoluUons to n„ joager excite a sneer even from tire lips 

pounders of “Civil Kiglits,” wbicli became 
nncivil wrongs, as imicUcsIIy illustrated, 
w-cre not neglected. Churebes were de- 

ter, ultliough we doulit not s profound grati 

fre not ncgtoclcd.' Churt-bes'w^ tode to them inspired the h^its of all the eonflne him without considerable assistance. i “love’s last gift” above each noble breast “»« theaters on Broadway some very inieri- and tire penetrating glance of those eyesa 

•oyerf wrougfullv and unw-isclv liv tire I therein assembled. But it U He, therefore, called in several prominent or kinds of histrionic exhibitions, while the power of will ind determination as strong ■' 

uMcned mob. Innocent and gnilt'v tire to the people ol tins ancient Com- men of the town to consult ns to the best ®®® • ''’Oman s sympathy, and s woman s best talent to the dramaticory A kept out ot and pcrtiiwcions as Ufe itself. -k 

div and the imriions. Christians' ’and tliat our gratitude is due, foa course to Ire pursued. Among them was ‘euro Itlol out the word ‘‘unknown” forever. New York. This seems scarcely possible. At half-post eight o'clock Ueatenant ~ 

fovor oraaneartmi, he but '.mitates the vitn of Uie m.ret bigoted and prejudiced. The thireJ ronOnrhypociit;^ they did not send servants and hirelings, Dr. D B. Jenntogs, who pn^poeed'tliat ohlo- 

of the Cta ri ntt«t i tioett^. Tbe met) of tbe South, whether ri^i or wroni^ to do tbe dirty work of radlctUtem — to ar sent tlicir own eons and came them- rofonu should be used to subdue the on- 

Deraasracy A prompted to oak what A tbe h, the rebellion, showed too propriety of iU , "Y whites against bAcks to deadly enmity uil,'ii^/l®cvds'““"hT^ were'^^^^^^ ♦ 1 1 ♦ ,i ♦ h * i 

U.1— 1 «- of an Mlitor who oner ' .. aLa /- a la < . “>•* l>»®re may be pretexts fo' desiiotic ®Vi v ^ . were choking an I It was at first objected to by some, but 

SoTa -MT*/ ■ . *® !r ^ ' ®*® ®P®® ®f b«tl>e-Bc’«». *priBst mea*nres-sll these hive been t-onlounded coTupUnS Utc fruit trees and vines winch Dr-. Keyes and Graham being consulted. It 

pledfM Uawelf t« dimw the sword lor tbe ovcrwbcliulnE odds, in defense of that then by an cxssiiemted ix>palace. i i**thcr» lud planted. \\ lien the harvest was decided tliat that was the oiilv means 

Sowtb to IHl, to opposKtoo to tke Foderol filing and now lost and proatratelcauoe. And yet It is true that tbe great mass ol | *1“®® ®®\"^ ?1 ?*’ •«'0"!P>‘*h>n? “le cikT. Two 

Ooveram^. who. evor ainro he rioAt- u-77 • i. /u i the negroes are innocent They hsve suffer- ~ ‘“'-fr f** n h“Dds and shall Ire 8atl^fle<l. |arg-a synnges were procured that would 

•d «h-nafj^ rh«hu " ““J* **® ®^ cd. to^tny tosUnees wrongfully. Blacks, They had Irecomc supine and had penniU^^^ each hold about one pound of the subtle 

oa that pledge, has exbansted the voosbu- chivolrv will never sirain be Questioned an- i.m. i„ th. .s«.- i..a .i..,.. i.I , others to irerform for them the most dell- fluid. iTie svriufre* were filled with the 

Irapertolist Occwpmtfow •* TlneotnU \*®”:7®****’i li 

P ira— Tke DM Npmnisk PAia af Anatito sml F rarato. to 
ermaaeat Defeases ta be .Vdopt- mark s psa purai 
ed— Cnaales aad t'ortiM to Figkt 

omrii’s poopnaal for to# radtoot loform ot 
toe Gsrmeg Confederatftm, widowed toto a 
gmt German, il wot Caropssn, mwddlc. 

gotliy and the impioos, Christians and 

pledgad htoraelf t« draw the sword for the ovcrwhelmtog odds, to defense of that then 
Sooth to IHfil, to oppooKtoo to tke Fodersl isiltog and now lost and prostrate 'caose. 


The Latest Paris 31 odes. 

Ooverwment, aad who, ever since be vioAt- ft'harcver may be said of their loyalty, their 
ed that ptodge, has exbansted the vbosha- chivnliy will never again be questioned nn- 
*••3 ®f optthets in abasing those who y| events ol the last lour .years ore for- 
tmTsly dM what hs pablAly pledged him gotten. 

oelf to do. H it A the abject of Ure RsdicaA to keep 

Tha Uwth A, tiiA cry of aecessiouAm olive the cxaapcraUoos and enmiUes ot the 
frora tka Jooraal and Desaocrat A the poor war; to cultivate aad stimnAte a spirit of 
— oat awd shsbMest sort of hypocritical htmn opposition in tbe minds of the SoaUiern 
hog Th^ know that the Democratic peopA tow ards the Government; to plant 
pae^ of Kentweky arabrsoes a tom num- the seeds of undying hate which may per- 
her who ore tor lass obnoxlotif to tbe charge - Asps culosinate to another straggle for re- 
at oneeastowAra than they are themselves — lease from an unendurabA and arduons 

long residc-nts to the citv, lisd no shsrv in lo iH.-norm .or .uem lue mos. aeii 

the violence done or cotoemplatcd. They «*'® “ ’'®'‘ “* “;®*‘ imiHirtaut offices o I cit 
sre not of those whose- names so olU-Ii ‘liciraff'nts were Ir.-quently thi 

Ol tbeir om'D iiaDds and snail be satisfied, large svrinerM were procured that would I 

They had become supine, aud had pennitted each hold about one pound of the subtle 

others to irerform for them the most deli- fluid. The syringes were filled with the Writing of the fashions, the Paris e 
cate M w-cU 118 most im]M)rtaiit offices ol cit- chloroforni, a bed quilt procured to place pondent of tbe New York Journal of 
iz.nfchip,aiid thciragonts were Irequently the over the -paling of the cell door, and, after merce says, under date of April 17 : 
most et-lfish and corrupt, ^d luivc brought everytliing was preiwrcd, the contents of “The liounet A the great diffienU' 

New York. ThA seems scarcely possible. At balf-post eigbt o'clock LAnAnont 
I bnt it A true. The thesArs are sold to Fessenden, Fifth United Btates Artillery, 
I those wbo will bid highest lor them, and i w-jited upon her to escort her inside tbe 
‘ persons of real talent will not stoop to pur- tort. Her child aecomimnied them. Bbe 
' chase engagements which tbeir own merits wras taken to General Miles’ headquarters, 
should ensure tbem. The managers make wbo received her with every politeness and 
exorbitant demands upon those wbo wAh consideration duo her posuion. Under 
j to be considered stars, and when the laige other eircumstanees site might bare striven 
' expenses are guaranteed to them out comes more se<loloiisly, perhaps, to evoke tbe 
I the name of some fifth-iate Btarasthe cyno- most favorable Impression poMibA npon 

o 1. 1 . grwee Ihe records of Justices’ and Ki-cordcrs' "'“• l’r®lw''C‘l;.“»e contents of “Tb 

It it A the abject of Ure RsdicaA to keep ■ courts. 'The exasperated crowd w hich had ®P one of the syringes were discharged in the article 

olive the cxaapcraUoos and enmiUes ot the wrought all UiA miachicl mode no dAtine- of “*"7 ''** ?*;I®'^i*’®.*i* ® •ot‘ luckily struck Cooper lull In the so littl 

war. to cultivate aad StimnAte a spirit of tion^ A srek, ragged cx -Confederate sol- 7* ''J®*®'!®*^. ^.® ®’'® f“ce. He waa somcwliat taken ohaok by this pie art 

’ , .u 1 A r JM. dicr was mercilemlv maltreated bv those •'“™‘^®®*"®* j**® i-eople lo beware novel procedure, and told them to come on their 1 

opposition to tbe minds of the SonUiern knight, mAtlw^I^^ ' whom Uiey put tbeir trust for tbe toturc, with toelr docton.’ stuff, tore toev would ; found 

peopA tow ards the Governmeot; to plant block who accompanied hA m-isicr '“** ®®®" “lood spilt nprni the never subdue him to that manner. A second tion li 

theoeed. of undying hate which may per- . w"i ' hLwe^^fdX^'’"" '*'''^” 

tops Choate to onotbsw strafe for re- i *h«‘ “ctornal vigilance which A the price of In little less than four minutes from the I 

ft'rlltog of the fashions, the Paris corres- mctropolA ThA system drives Ure custodian of her biuband, bnt her great importonce ol Ure occniretioa ol Tla- uutolk-iiv sogvrA i-cept tbe y - 

indent of the New York Journal of Com- *way the best swtety from the theaters, and anxiety was to proceed ut once to her bus- «,tolpam by tbe ImperalAto,^ the com- ^ Ore ktogs a^l princes, nwdsr tke danMa 
erce says, under date of 17 : I they ‘<> '‘epend uiren strangers and band s p^e of confinenient and see him pioteTwlohitkin of order Mrere, otasrves; pressara of Prossiou motottasttow aisfi rsvo- 

“The irennet A the great difficulty; the f®®® ®,“® fh® wanted to s.-e bow he had ^rne hre ^ thA ocenpatiow we rapeal ItoioDary *«i‘alion. yfoid evorTwhow to Iks 

tide styled by that name A so eccentric, ; l*dy a ‘0*‘ ‘®“ tbonsand dollars m imurisonment, whether he was sAk or welt, y^y, ^ oftearaidof /itaeoaro wAhes the people' TbeH‘to*><ra be«toa 

“The liounet A the great difficulty; the “*®*'‘ f*®« Receutiy, In one case, a She wanted to see bow li 

tide styled by that name A so eccentric - Ady’s manager loat ten tbonsand dollars in imurAonment, whether he 
I little adapted for its use. that nuiet neo^ ' whatappeared to bealucrative engagement, and learn all about him. 

™i.oD as strong torraaco’e Vtolovy PruseA s As t mov e; the ; warn tke Ge^ 

dock LAute^t arti 

1h*T IwSe tb; ■rrac4l-Dc«rl.ra.flk^E,plora« 

«• b^quartert, puaiiiliBirMl of tke Zoo- pwoct, jkvflM out tho BOf iwmrot i- 

ry m1iU* 04M anU ovo* Cooioiote^ kv ^aooleoB Tke comity uf tbe ^'athcrbuul, it la of 

Kwition. UndtT •7v* ' »f .^•^•eoo— roe y ^ m 

light have striven Belgra. PM—era. 

’’ '® fJi®®® 'Ynx Cnrx, Apni LI, |x|M. atiisntry. are wiser Uioa tbe wreeacias to 

" upon TbeSocAdod, of tbe 8th UisL, aili^Dg to Vienaa. Tire fiwutbeni G i rrain oopraa of 

nd, tMit her grat 45, importance ol Ore occnpaUoa ol Tla- pubik-ity eagerly v-cept tbe Pmastsa oHkr, 

. once to her bus- eotalpani by tbe ImperalAts, and the com- and tbe k'ra-2s anil princca, onAsr tke fionbla 
®® iJ'a >i!r® pk-te restoration of order there, ohoerves; ptvsenra ef Prossioa motottaeZiaa aofi ran^ 

“In regard to thA ocenpatioR we repeal IntioDary ogUoliian, yieltl everywhazo to tke 
was sMk or well, what we have soofteaaeid of /itaeoaro and w Abes of the people. Tbeegitolioa b sg in e 
Btre wu not kmg State of Toluca, that It sbonid be made . to organise, and .Vostrio, too, will, witMn 

eoi. RflW OASREV t/B • V1ERR.RR. AUHk flV iBRnVUSU WH • AU URKlUIMV. MR\fl .RlR^foea 

an apirearance. There was no kept m anxrety. Mr. ^visbi^ been sp- permanent to expect an, good from B-tlre tbe next few weeks, be 
hut so much was sacrificed fur pnzed of her coming, ft ithm fifteen min- |a/ltq entV tn t of tlir li essnl emt fewnot he • — ••onv/x-ai 

succesa elsewhere. 

The Uterary world A now somcwliot on fort she was with him to Carroll HoU. tlona h« 
(b ari rive to know wbo A tbe author of Lieutcujut Fessenden still bore her cum- ‘ 
Roebuck, a novoL It A pnblAhed by M. I ponv. She bos rematoed with Mr. lAvA jeiManl 
Doolady of tbA city, but no one has been all day, and took ber dinner wttb him. An gnee mr 

-. ... .. , ... y— — .— ■». ._ . V — ... — unieece m tbe cunvocation of the Gerraon 

Irom the time of her odmAsioa secured in any other way. If the open- ' KurtlnmenL The Hunicnriana cannot Ail to 

n^. ?7l!: • euaended to that qnarter, tbe dA- take aavaatox<- of that nnexp^ted Of y a v 

Minotlthsi aad 

I Can ty, <iwd wMV« 

all day, and took her dinner wtUi him. An 

itopec, Chhipaa and Tabasco will sioas Irom .tostria tor which tfonv te oa h s fo 
ore aJbere to the Imperial Govern- I84W, and.^ve s ra l i r e d srith todosnohA 
For some months port we have no paneverafiM aver since the fidaf day of Tit 

of osesafoanAra than they are themselves— lease from so unendarabA and Tnrav^A pmetra^^'t'he'^ri liberty,’’ then they will have come up ont lime of the first injection of the chlorofonn, i w^^ral bonnets worn”bV women of Jrahiem : ••>'® ®“‘ ‘**® the writer officer has tre<-na;onataatlj to tbe sanre room. some months *p£t we bore no 

rasR wAs Mv«r thnatcsied to draw h sword thraldom; and wbich will put that people in nateW nnoccutiied. It was uropuscd at <'f “‘"Y ‘•'•““'“‘Jon*. the raging man was quiet, and sank down , at the opening of tbe spring races. There •??*•“• *® ‘*® * V'**'®*-*”' »®«®® “ Their meeting was a tender and affecting one, news frora Ctonna. Tha dc«>d4c wUI doubt- 

. A . . ......... /, . u . ^ ' inr ItHVinfF miAftOd llironfrh 1 hlA nf nn dlsm wAvriveidln 'FIva silvAS"t*r . Jior.y a -.^1-- *_ ^ A. . ww • . ItoM an ITltosvInito /1na4ns» thra Intn tofi/xsrenv nra ton nnnh to nkAA*ifhf» mna* votofinotollw Kra to/Vmm ^ _ 

less be sotlering aa moeh so those of To- 

peneveraUce ever stoee me waf nay o( vv 
AgooL Tbe ra-eahtbUskoMnfl of tko- Awa af 
18M 10 now otov a q a e s t hra Of woeho, stoB 
DsRk aad Euifol will not foil to strihe tks 

Mstnsl the Fofieral GovoiBineoU Ad wbo a frame of mind which wUl prompt them one time to desUoy a printing roisbUsh- , on the floor, perfectly helpless. The sheriff i arc different styles now worn, the Palmela, Aid m -^reinm during the Ate stormy pe as such a meeting rntretnaturallv be after !«• be satferiV ^ moehiJuiose of To- IHm lenow otov a qarsttoai of woekn. stod 

Z^bv fofoe nfofesrians. aeduc-iH men . to .1 „v cinedtrat to ob >»Y m edUor , '**® ®^,^'7‘'l; , and hA aisAtanto took him out into tbe tbe Louis XV. the fanebon and the Marie ri«>d. OUcounc a work written as “ Roe- such a protracted ^paration, and perticn- bosco under thS yoke of tbe roformAU. ’ ' Ds«k sad Etofol will not foil to strihe tha 

^ ««i to enrt(± st sny expidient to ob happened in the vicinity. But worst, corrider of the jail, where the mangles ; Antoinette or Lmlrelle. The latter style J*. with grrat power, precreion and larly under the circum suces sttendtog The Era lelA os that MaximllAn hes iron an lung as A A hot. .Nspoicon's 

frora thsdr ollcgAiiee and then Bbaaed them tain reliei; they are pursolng Uic proper roost unfortunsle of all incidents of f ®‘7^!*®“ ‘7,V’’®7V ™,®' were placM on bis legs and arms. In about | has tbe sides rounded Hke a hat, with the ; *?'.!*"? 7 »eparation. And we leU tbe curtoln drop formed a pAn to adopt the ancient Bneo of nollev uncertain bnt ahv^ Oom- 

for fislUraing sorb odrioe. Tbe Northern oonrsc and will doubtioes realise their most these nnfortnnstc riots, was the burning of "“/'P ^ *®*’ “ ®J]®*®“ *■ '? flrt»-cn minutes be revived, but the dwd narrow curtain forming two plaits ou each , “*®Y were over their talks ol the ^ist, their lealiza- defrnae or the Sponionia, wbeinhy Mexico, gerotre’, ibmiteae hotb Asstf and 

g- wmrw waH If ika cvmfpil toraairmiM ffiTifitf^Wkffiti/kiRffi Hfif If tKd»4r Thiiri nctffo Ebodeb ftod iM^rro chu^cllc^. Not “®*^**i^ people to uniljj t>CEce, and was done and he waa unable lo do farther i aide of the neck. The one 1 copy is of fine to separate from the L nion, i^annot tlona of the present and hopes for ihe future. puebU, Oriaebu, Cordobe V ctu Cma Ho dtwe Bi»i dwluie fot 

peopie ktoow v ary weB U ret If ^ Cxmfed rangnine^t^ ®"‘ ^ ‘•**^* • o^y must MempbA sXrsbrosd^ot only «>“®ord, and unto Him sbaU we render barm. As soon as he became able to speak ! worked straw, with a wreath of spring «•» ><> arrest toe attention of Soul hern She cimfessw finding Mr Davis In better I^SuW Ire^fled The oU^rk* to oVl^tf tto-^ 

•racy kud bu0u MOOMtlul, tke Joumul End pope really U what 1^7 It her political condition rendered more in* *ii» and move, lie raised liU manacled hands, fiowere iiassin^ round the front; and above J®**^*- book was published on the health than she expet ted, bUhttill averv of tboac cities atlll remam, therefore they but rerer^iwr ;be interiwta of ^iMea. M 

Deaocfot would have keen oonteodinic for and oeoient tbe Govemment; to make it tufferable; not onlv may militarv supplant u i*?f ConlMcrale soldiers whose cliums and said, with a wicked oath, “Gentlemen, < the curtain, about an inch and a half around i oflast month, and two la^c editions that he is much feebler than when brought onlwroqalre complvtioD. in the same way trnt his cootia, Prtnee .Haaoleon^ to flor- 
the koDOT of k et ng tke *wp*M*> or^an of <mee more rreal. nrosperoas and bappv civ'll law, Wit all loaves sustained damaire “^“1 presjwd by many friends, and in yun have showed a cood deal of wit, but j the cdt;e, there are ipiuze lappets that float, ^cn exhausted already. It U certain here. Shew every way utioi&ed with the the oUl forte ia Kiu Frio, Combrea aad coca to atop tbe ai u uliiiliiiaa Hu i riuasu 

to^taivTThom thev •ntibousc* destroyed, m Mt be paW wl*J«e P«wer it Ay o have sown discord you ares set of cowa As.” TliA took place i aud a beiolton (or fcrarknd oTflowers) that ‘hat ‘Roebuck ” chroniclra faitofolly the t«Mtmcnt be recciv*. and aeknowl- Tlerra tallente would beraAed. TbA vast iISaIi sllXre; hclnaeavora to reconcila 

“ Kentucky, to wnom iiiey Urey sre on toe wrong track. , for bv cornoratc sntlioiille*. Tai-nsvers exhibited a magnanim- on ftednesday. He was Uuug on the fob uasse* under the cbln and laatens the Lam- cond'tfon of society st the outbreak ol toe edges that evervthing, saving his reatora- line would reonire tmt Ibw troonre Bach and liolv. but he dnra not aoranfo- 

nrsoM have keen as polite sad obedient ss 
Urey wnrs to Bnrnsidc and Barbrldge. 

We have no plesonre in sllnding to toent 
hot when tke KenUreky Deraocracy 
A foleely aossIAd as a ooceoafon party, we 
mnrt admire tke Impndeooe of such an at- 
tack frnra BBsa who art tkemsclves bnt 

urey sre on ure wrong iracK. by corporate sntboritlcs. Tox-paVera 

Tire IneviUble tendency of tlieir present foot all bills toemred by this folly and mad- 
poHcyis to oUeoatetire affections of that ness. TbA may signify notbing,' since there 

p. ople from toe Government, and to make ’^®« !*®, ®‘"*®».,®f J’*®^:*® ‘‘^®J1 k*'’ 

■ ' . ” . participate to all tbU moboorscy. Neither 

worthy ol men 
the front of toe 

lowing Friday. 

. ThA may stgnifj*nothtog,*stooe there T t f®? , 7®®\ ® T 

! two cAssis 5f liople that laHcd to •®'; ‘''®‘r ^Uucal ngbts. As in the conflict 

icipste to all thU moboorscy. Neither l>pur of danger they Imd shown the The Viraint. 

WITH k Footpao in the Mines. 

passes under tbe chin and fastens tbe Lam- vuimiiii.u oi Boticijr luu uuiurcaa ui luo lua, c.c. u.. .cu,.- ime would require bnt Ibw troops. Each 

balle on toe head, replacing strings. Tlie novel is a matter-of-fact ofliiir, Hon to Hbe^, 1^ b^n done for him that provAlMiS and ammunition for two 

Palmela A of pale blue eraire, edged with a ®’’®7*“ oou'd be. To Dr. C^irer, bA m^k*l at- yeaim. with a few men, oader the Bpnnish 

narrow blue fringe, each strand of which opinions embodied will be recognized toudant and adviser, she A speci^ly thank- dominion, to secure tbe tranquility of the 

... aU_fvM.Mai.r.M4 AWa GfimkAa, m*%<t rwl«v..m fi Ka nssnsin A I sfl/nef ^wra.ltl rsr IrraArv . ' " 

tocni regard It with suspicion and dAtrust, £x.p,,7rs. nor ex-soldiera, nor officers par- clmrat^ristic* of tbe soldier so in time of 

and to look upon It as Ureir enemv; to for- ^ tJcliitid to tbese indefensible infractioii of P®-=*®® ‘®®>* .unmistakable evidence of ...tb, lias tbe following; 
. .. . .... . _ .L_. .. . i.w .n/i nni.r On u ti.i. _.ii po*sc«iug the \ irtuc of thc good citlzen. Last Fridav afternoon 

cv bad shown the highest The '’irgln A (Nevada) Enterprise of March terminates with a s’ilver bead; silver stars throngbont the Southern Statts. fol and gives toe nnqn^fl^ cretHl of kre^ country, 

tbe soldier, so in time of irginia ^.v^auaiounrpruR,, u* fronnet, and at toe top there A ft aft street has been somewhat dull for a mg him as well and cheerful ss he A. It A The 1 

snrrouud tbe bonnet, and at U 
a circle of .split featbers, with 

hod provAioiiS and ammnalUon for two mAe his freedom of aeUon, and A jnst as 
yeais, with a fow men, nnder the Spnniah likely to decArs for Pnimis as te AaotrA. 
dominion, to seenre the tranquinty of the Both ttiuao Goveraase^iU sre otekl of hA 
country. duplicity, and srill prubahlv a^onra ffielr 

The French steamer, I ara toM, takes husHA meeting; bnt Ure reform of the Fed- 

We hoMeve, however, thot the odHor of m«od of s great sad powerfril ally, 
tke MayovlUe ksfic don not beloag to tots Perhaps tbe RsdicaA hsve never conoid 

1 a large silver ! <^“Y or two post, but toe specnAtors in not known yet whether she will stay at Dr. .^roit two millioM of doftors. ‘eral Coostltiitim of Oirany nwet SRf 

have a trim- ' »ot long remain quiet, ^mce Cooper s during ber aojoura here or at tbe From Tolnco. ws Aora tost tho tohnlii- tooser he mUnaraod. aad Hses a AadA to 

of toe bonnet ®ou«Y’!““®/®'r Hygeu Hotel. I t A ^to not known yet tonU of tbe town of Rnayahnaleo bad toAribre^ 

signed the act of adhesion to tbe psesent fi-derallon A fouiKted npoa tte groat foiro- 

lack tulle, gold i ®“*‘ ‘‘‘“u* P®'’ and tbe how long she will remain here. 

to moni^l elections ail n“u*->‘'P wAJorn worthy of all praise, dc8i>crate-looktog villain stepped out 
beeholderTor nav rent' to ““** *“®'> »bould commend Iteclf to aft the road in front of him and very bla 

cAoi of pontAsl taracosu, and wc wonA «rod thA view of the 

, bnt it would be 

franchAe, at least to municipal elections, ail 
citizens wbo arc freeholders or pay rent to 
Ure amount ol |5(X1. 

iu‘o 1 the sliver .imameuA. The Fanebou A 1. P®^ ®®“‘- Notwilhstandi: 

fgf ' best commercial paper A discounted at Mrs. DavA left .Montreal on .Monday at fjovern 

folly oak Um to withdraw hA nqiast ,eM for tbem to do it before they proceed 
that tke Dcosocracy ore endeavoring too for to tire woik of exasperation. A 

future convciitious of the people— on ex- asked him what time it was. The miner i foundation of maline crape A covered with ' jobbers in domestics have been severely 

ample rare in anv age of the world, and drew his waU-h, when Hie footpad drew a , wreaths of Alpine v'lolete- another of bine touched by the Ailing of cotton in Liver- 

rarcst of all in these latter times, when cor- knife and invited him to pass it over, to- j crape and wreaths of corn-fiowere or for- P®®* fr®® nineteen to fourteen pence, yet 

ruptinns arc fcsienng in all departments ot getUer with whatever money and other val- iret-uie-nots. A benoiton of flowers A in- ‘b« blow seems to have been ward- 

__ _ three p. w. 

vcrt blandly j ma.l7ciiUrcly "of flowers. * Onehavingtlie f®® Ac‘‘bat importers of cotton Abrics and to get here 
The miner i foundation of maline crape is covered with I jobbers in domestics have been severely 

She has traveled night and day The Terro Carril, of Ja 

peon ti caries of IHKs and xU the great ptres- 
reporA that era tost "i-raed thoos Asaties hove tha right 

to otgisaisF a party baaed opon the soimoai- 
ttos of the Ate straiBgA. Onr pAtform and 
onr aonfitfote are s refotation of tke charge. 
Me pnraerihe no cAss. In our ranks Fed 

(FToo the Memphis Argu«.] , rarest of all in these latter times, when cor- knife and invited him to pass it over, to- 

It A to be hoped that UiA whole affair, ruptions ore feslering in all departments of getber with whatever money and other val- 
nd particularly tbese inexcusable acU of Government, when crime itself A no dA- uables he might liapiicn to have about liim. 

the blow seems to have been ward- 
ed off. Tbe prices of cotton goods 
are rapidly Ailing, sod, with toe immenbe 
stock of American and other deocriptions 
of raw cotton in Liverpool, there ran be 
nothin^ess anticipated than a further de- 
cline. TbA subject has not received tbe at- 

peopAgrotmddownby oppression, derided, ineeDdiorii-m, will be thorougbly invcstl- qualillcatiun for office, and when bribery ThA onr 
oulroged and trampled under foot, wHh •nd toat whoever was engaged in and sycophancy are the only avenues to and prod 

wborano arts of roneilAtion are used, and pofttical p.cferment., , exciting 

' DOttfes mtj be broagral to 

I might liapiicn to have about liim. %riably added above the strings, for the ®R’- Tb® prices of cott( 
brave miner seriously objected to, | Fanebon bonnet has strings. i '“'® ™pidly Ailing, and, with toe 

ueing a plstoi, a very lively and | “Extremes meet, so I will add n word of »‘®®>‘ ®‘ American and other de 

injj; Bcutnc ensued^ Iwth clobiug iD | advicctupon the casing of pretty feet. The 
•stly in a stru^lc for toe mastery, ^ stockings should be of color^ silk of the 
b resulted in the wiry muscles of tbe ! softest hues. esnecAItv nearlv srrav an d 

3Var in the Interior— Emigration to 

Canales and Cfortina were likely t<> have a to taka port is that ssost iraportaat efiORBa 
fight Canales was said to have p o ao f s s f d wra^'h w I® transform Central Bu rap a . 
Ms o s e if of obont MOO,OW> between C Nm a r go^ . .. 

ragaorer. when a AvorabA opportunity occur- vicinuy oi i^ug moo,; uui some oi iu^ rasnsmp, wurvny o. lue oi»i ^ 

jAwnal biul n*nuwr>f . . „ . ....... «cA of deliberate arson were perpetrated better days ol the republic. It comhices 

_ . . . . . ®®d, to attempt, at leaat, to throw ^^r the riot bad subsided and in pAces thc truth out of e^ry political school, and 

ft *ft* onlv party reauy based upon Ure am- gg yoke of the oppressor. ThU Act ‘ remote from the scene of violence — tlic occupies Hie jiropcr medium Iretween the 

ranrittss of the Ate strnggA— M ires no gkonld to boras to mind The Sontbeni “•c«‘ ®‘ war,” as il was communlv called, ultri Carolina doctrine of secession and toe 

- i-g.fiiM Kim >■ otKiJ rttiawi who ■ . . • . I One thing oo^t to be remembered by tbe FederalAt doctrine of centralization, os ad- 

. I»«»PI® ^re now to a condition to spprecAte '^^ jbe city treasuij will vocated by the modem followera%f the 

voinas wrpeBoe mna normony oi vne eioic be won by a coneilAtory policy, and bsve to suffer in consequence of tbese burn- ' Hartford convent ionists. Its indorsement 

•konid fiftoourage thA psotileat attempt to y,,y oUseked to tke Government • logs, to, st least, the extent of replscing, of I’rcs Ident Jolinson is sufficient, though 

revive for pnejafitees smfl passions of the ___ «rm1v than thev ever were before 1 precisely as it waa, every church, school and not syeoptiantlc; and A a.« Ar removed from 

houses msy to brought to justice. It A Tbe work of tbe liaods of tliis Uon ven- eame^Hy in a struggle’ for toe mastery, ^ 'gtockin<ra should be of colored silk of the notbingless anticipated than a further de- Cxpx Towx, Uafx of Giw ^f*, i j-g^ part'reoArs obont tire victory of in mfit, must tok( 

against wbom only tto pracuces or despotic criminal enough that such outrages should tlou in iu cniincAUon of principle is a which resulted in the wiry muscles of the ! sgllest hues, especAIly nearly gray and ®R“®- T1>A subject has not received toe at- .Hsren i-i, im. v Coraramidant Garranon, on tto MAt nik, ta taonw as yet scare 

be committed in toe bight and in the mirvel of calm, moderate, and wise states- hard-fisted miner bringing him out con- azure blue The boots are of black satin or ‘®“‘*®*‘ ‘l«»‘ 1‘ nieriU, bnt it A certain toat The war in the interior between toe CosihiarAcbl; MeatAm raUred to the rancA snch z remeity. I 

vAinlty of raging mob,; but some of these msnship, worthy ol the best men in toe queror, and toe footjnd iKiiug floored by sev- gf black kid ornamented with mother of c®“®“ “nd cotton fabrics will rapidlv. Orange River Free State (a Dutch RepabHe) eriaa of AAaoa; to slept alone ia a house and peaeefol ooli 

acU of deliberate arson were perpetrated better days of the republic. It comhices eral well-directed blows from pistol and ; „earl buckles and have gilt heels- nearlgrav ' P®^**®!* ®®‘ suddenly, decline atift and the Bosuto Chief, Moshesh, A still cor- there, and locked hft room. LAnt Men- diAeiiUAai, wtueh 

Kmvl oval trlvxyl .soi.l tvs vsld/sram ' *llA fFraiUl /itti t\f M^ha-X’ mrthgx.kl ovtrl aJ-S rm... - t .4 t.a.1 .« t m VX<1 fivx < ..... . . ^ *.f O J OMAssa Sn r«m4AA .•0>raas AKa aavv A wwawI _r .. a .. _ V..* Ifiwmre •Mmv.v.Ara T* •_ s__ La ^ .R^.A WA._ R... a _ 

wwra ^ wuuui uuij uic pTHcwcT* VI uispwu cniDmai e&oluni toat 0 UCD outfa^ci »Qould uou ID lu enunmuon oi principle is • which resulted in the wiry muscles of the ! joilest hueSs e&peciaMy nearly srray and has not received the at- 

oral amfi CAnfedorste soMAn are working outoorily are todnlged, have never Ailed, to committed to Ihe bight and in the mirvel of calm, moderate, and wise states- hard-fisted miner bringing him out eon- o 2 nrc bine. The boots are of bltCK salin or ‘®®‘^®® tliat it merits, bnt it A certain toat 

hfi n s e if of sbont MOO,OW> between Csra a r go, .t Longress migbt ssttA aD thosa qasn- 
MAr und Qoerrar. ttaao— I assaa tto Bnsssn, VsnetAa, lA blsn 

Gen. Hindman, of Ar kans a s , baa oOcrod wig- Holsts ra, BnsaAn and Gannan qpres 
to form a company to sapriy as nreav eoL tion*— but ore .tnstria and Prarala yet 
onlats as may bt reqoirM to establisb a reody lu snbmtt tbvlr vital inlvrests to foa 
whole line of eotonree from Monterey to devMon of a Congr s se ? Ttorn A nn fionM 
Cordoba. thns sooner or Ater toot Congress, reiwted 

A few part'wuArs obont the victory of in Idfit, asuet take plooe, bat tbe motooo 

Coraosandont Corranen, os tto lOst aik, ta ;>a yet scarcely deaiMfate an ongh for 

Coeihinriocbl; MentAm retired to the rancA snch z remedy. Bn gtiin il wlshaa a sp ss^ 

the I'uited Ntales-CeAbration ol ‘® fo™« * company to lapply annanv eoL Uons— but ora 
Washington^ Birth.daT. ®"ftft ■• ““Y •*’ required to estabiwb a reody lu snbmtt 

ISpecial Corrmpoadene. Smr York Trtbmre.) ®* «®*«^ *®- Monterey to t^Mon of 0 Co 

niton of all tho p sn dtnR 
oontoin the seeds of bnff 

....... : . T WLII-Utz VVtW LMVW 0 savrsaa , llOri UUCKIVIIIUIU IJHVe KIU UCVIBI pearl KTUV ' 1"»7 r'” ...y-—.-.... , ........... ww... .re .-re..- ..rere JiUNfi HR* I wnon. neovraw. .nw/ra tiniBfirMfiifokM^ ooammeam ranvnnora^ n^re re re-rereore rere II IS! I 

cd imu in puces thc truth out of cT^ry p«ilitica1 school, and . hsL The conquering miner disdained to , popUn with silver boels are also the voicne* price, even before the new Ameii> ried on in a most desultoij manner. It doca, hi parMtt, dewmiid c d htai %o emnen- g Ooaen wm, and Napoldos deiim to 

of violence— the occupies the proper medium Iretween the massacre hA prostrate foe, bnt, to retalia- i they arc fastened with silver buttons and ®®“ ®''®P ®®*“®» Britain, during consists chiefly in cattle-Hfttog raids on dsr, Uiere was no tight in the bsnsa The strengthen hA somewhat vhnRy posflilon by 

:ommonlv called, nltri Carolina doctrine of secession and toe tig,, fgr a small knife-wound to bA thigh, | gtitclied to an ornamental style with cherry ‘‘i® >®‘® •‘imuUted producUou both sides, tbe grand ari^ of tto Dnteh only reply to iiuuA was to fire a pAtoL Tbe snch a meetAg of tke Bai s p ira poweng 

nembered by tbe FederalAt doctrine of centralization, os ad- he took the knife which bo bad captured gug |t toe top fastening; there are cherry ' “>>'®®S‘>®®‘ “>® world, and now toe result Boers, which nnmbere 1,200, not daring to Imperiali^ then made a boA to t^ roof; hsl "tii nA. \ns1rT — * Rn ssia object ae 

the jot to too only rational way for noelicntJM 

Tke Dead Ferry— May 30. 
lann nevor pHed hA vocation over tto 

more firmly than they ever were before. i 
Treated with dignified and gvneroos for- g|^y AIM 
bcarance, and equal jnsticc, they would not > suppress. 
AU to sec that their intereats Ay to close ol- ' ]L * 
llanoe with, and supi»ort of, the Govern- ' 
menu Tiicir confidence once re-eotablUhed ,.roat nil 

S ri-cAclT as II waa, every enuren, scnool ana iioi sycopiiantic; ana is a." tar removed irora 
R'elling bonse burned Uy a mob which Uic ' the udnistions of radicalism prior to, as of 
city Ailed, as to duty bound, to couUoI and . its denunciations subsequent to, bis veto of ' 
suppress. its revolutionary schenu’S, and will have a 

******** far Iiigher value in his eves than if it had 

3'cgetable Vengeance 
Sensation Story.] 


the heel.” 

A Paris correspondent of the Fhiladel- ^ 
phis North American writes ; I 

“Dresses are made very lung for evening ^ 

uoers, wmen numoers i,;xw, noi uanng lo imperiariots then made a ooie a me root, bat ITuiWle. Rostna aoe 

ge qnaDlities of cotton that glut come to cloee quarters with tire enemy, and aad threw some eombustibA staff A tto vet to tire only rational i 

ipean market. the Basutoe^ a Kaffir tribe, acting on tto rooeo. They fired ten thoA tofoea they Burope. Aastrlo, howc 

forgeries have been dAeovered in defensive. The latter are short of ntoal- xUAd Mendcs. Three of the Juarftto were and may to tto first to 

Heavy forgeries have been dAeovered in defensive. The latter are short of ntoal- xUAd Mendcs. Three of the Juarftto were 
'Wall street. They wore perpetrated by tions of war and tbe former only get tbeir noreimed by Carraiico, and one tbonsand 
John Rum, broker, and amount, aa Ar as supplies through thA enlony, by ^rmAeion dollars exacted from toe som of Maadex. 

^urope. Aaetrlo, howerez, begfns • 
and may to tto first lo^>poae foo Cora 
grass, weU swam foot a U te m ss Fbriteracat 
meoangwhiA Asad PraasAoia at railMri 

The MemphA Post in Its reports of the eonsumed reams of )>a|>cr in plenary 
riot here has proved recreant to thc first bations. U|Hin wliatevcr subject it to 

IIP had done the dec^d' Blit little did hc ' toilettes, the trains differing irom those of , me reman war seems to nave ciosea up them, and who thongn ne declares nii 
gu" s ttol tto intelllgcnt ^tnto 1 the carl’y part of the winterly being more | ta*!®"®”'!! ^I'‘i,®“l7 .5“.“ 

John Rom, broker, and amount, aa Ar as supplies through thA colony, by permAsion dollsrs exacted from toe soire of Maadex. fTtr-r"*-”* '•* »>»— «* ..a.... 

ascerUined, to $400,000. He bas escaped, of tto (ioveraor, wbo has threatened to stop This was going on of Ceslhinrkrehl, zad I ssigbt toeomefongeroratotto raoMrcMeol 
T^e Fenian war seems to have closed up them, and who, thongh bejlecAres blaMeif cannot ray If at that moment Corraaco was principle, ^b A tto stole ot Barayw. 

Iteve aware what bod been done to the kther. 

|1**ray *■ tallying the souA of toe g„g;4 never again to alioken; there would 

denortad to Pinto’s darker dominiona, wlUi ^ more danger of retollloo. bocause 
half foa oodnetire osoi and dnwiining oc- exciting cause of hosUHty to 

great principles 
tnutwortoy ja 

tnutwortoy jonmaftsni— fairness, truth, meed of praAc to tl 
and candor. It seems to have preiisrcil its , pure, and on the oH 
sccoontz solely for Northern political eon- eomlcnination on tbt 
sumption. Il lias neither stated the origin eloquent indignation 

ru.i, »uu .uv tlic Com wss cut aftcr t liiis bcl IU vlug coufl- But m the street, ana lor moraing dress, 

•omlcmnation on the vile and corrujit with ® ^ » ,hey are still used, thongh smaller in shape | 

iloqncnt indignation. aenct, tut siory got winu, auu i y huti... wfig 

half foe eadnetive osoi and dnnaming oc- exdting cause of hosUlltv be so.ei, lur ivuruicn. pouiicai eon eonoeninaiion on luc >.ic auu eorruj.t wiiu J toe cucniii- they ore still used, though smaller in shape I 

.. .. . ■ ... , , Rrest excit mg cause oi nosuiiiy oc , gumption. Il lias neither stated the origin eloquent indignation. r*"®®’ . ®‘®1^ ^ „r und oiiitc flat at tbe hina Thc ladies who 

ttrtty otomr luiyman of tke Jonnwl, who j^gg„ j^g ge<.tioij* have been removed ' of tto difficulties truthfully, nor given toe Take UiA Convention all in all — as well I’®*' • mosf tlAtre»ed ®f . wear*nonc in the evening' and have dresses 

pdkers up tke rtetiras of hA dehisive ^id caniiot be rc-estoldAhcd. nod lnstea.1 of d®‘»‘'« ‘»‘''!y- ** , ‘^®®® 7^® .<'®“>1'®*<^ “i «" (/<«» W/o pw 1" runVre. and gored without one pleat ’in front, with the 

•onklfetira os osr own soU. is ttic mi4t1 of _ cn r i mm rmst nraFira nrx fv#* feirfsafni ’ ^L i l lln g of • ncjTTO BB ft cold'liloodcd, ttffWtU Jrotn U — ftft well wliat It didy fts whftt . ^ ... .1 * fvV « izi> txazua tiid /‘ame ’ lonif 6b«)ri) train ftt th6 iMck. look very uiucb 

syRisMy 00 o ra own •W L m m having a G^rerameut made op of discord- deliberate murder, when tlic tnilli A, that it omitted to do-ln every aspect of Hie sub- ‘»>i®? betorea justice of ‘h« |b®®“® 

oB foe uotile ptfocipAs that kentrak Ana gut and op|iosing elements, one section of nearly alt oftbese homicides were committed jeci — itSikingerB, lU temptations, and its 1°'’®** ^^® for as that A the newest mode it A thought 

AhurU, sred A a fi s them on tto gloomy which was ready st any moment to wake : either in self-defense, or the parties were proviM atlihs, and wc challenge a compari- imtato was, of course, priucip. charniing! ft'ith thA style, ’a short waret, 

skoFSs Of BAck BepubUcon ckoos. from the slnmtoring ashra of unforgotton P® were occi- son of the work of ite liands and its compo- ‘b® P';«®®“i'o^^^^ , „ wretched ' very much deeolUttr, and a mere pufltag of 

^ . . ... I .a— .1. L , dental — that is caused by random shots, as sition, with anv assembly of men, ancient uouiu st Know, on i gigovcs are necessarv accomnsmi- 

Tto IxratevUA Jowual, with an adroit- hate tto flames of revoluHon, or to join to ^ usually or very often thc cose iu all mobs or modern, which ever Mt on God’s green «« *'l?^ ,„rn menU ’ ^ occompmi 

•cos foot Harvey Btrcfa or Jokn Mnigon alliance «'ito a fore'ign foe, we should have or riots. earth, to deliberate for Hie wcllare of those ‘“*7 Vi* ® ®***®®i^ re w e-ee- , “Short dresses arc snoken of as likely to 

ooold ROt have exoelAd, sdapU itself to one which from ito strength would be re- : ******** whom they were dclcg-atcd to repre^nt ^P‘" „,g^g execution to adopted for this ^mme 

fired. All we learn now A that the brother- any arms, except what were smusrgled to ^ company bas been started st Cordova 
hood A to await tbe visit, fixed for the 10th Iwfore toe war commenced. Tbe ffiiancos with a capital of two telllioas, fiitr tto pur- 
inst., 01 Head Center Stephens, “tbe great of tto Boers ore to a bad way, and pooe of importing eoolA Ataoren. Two or 
escaped,” wbo will arrive. Heaven and toe thirty tbonsand pounds sterling of “blue threo -kip« ora expected hero shortly, 
waves being willing, to tbb city. backs” have been Asoetl without much im- The uras from Micboocan A AvorsWo to 

_ proving them. Their commanders ora At- (be ImpcrialAta Geu. Mendog boo sont • 

tered by a council of war colled the Kry» convoy from Mexico, kioacd with asUttery 
The Contederate Dead. composed of seven brave men and six- sqnipmento and ammnnitioii, whAb to mot 

teen cowards, wbAh .■ convened on every gg u,o way. He retarnod from tto capital 
The Richmond Times makes toe follow- petty occasion where life may to loot ard on thc 2d. He A to avtirpote tire frw ^r- 
ing singular appeal in toLaif of toe Con- no vattA taken, and Its veto upon tto com- rilAs still oxAttag to Im State, sltbo^lh 

imm the ainniiv-rinv naiii-a /if nnSnnroifnn rosAHug Awfut srrest; Of tbcy wcrc occi- son of the Work of its liauds and its compo- the prMccuuoii. , ' very much de^Uttr and a mere nufltag of ^“® ‘>®“®* ®‘ “• soldiers, should also tlonefl 

. .f dentei-lbat A caused by random sboU, as sition, with anv assembly of men, ancknt ftould’s know ol. nit for ^ nwe^y accoXLb ‘®K®“M:r and honor in wme sporo- they ( 

hate tto flames of revoluHon, or to join to ^ usually or very often thc cose iu all mobs or modern, which ever Mt on God’s green «« *'lf^ I**?, t Jrn menU ’ ^ occompmi heroes, how nuely 

alliance* ito a foreign foe, we should have orriots.^ , .... *.? 7®'‘“™ np'Tn*’e\\dencc’^a^i^^^ ‘‘Short dresses arc spokem of as ftkely to 

tered by a conneft of war called the Kry» convoy from Mexico, kreoed with atiittery to ito cm* 
raad, composed of seven brave men and six- sqnipmento aad aauannition, whAb to mat ot t s b s rre . 
teen cowards, whAh is convened on every gu tbs way. He retarned from tto eapitai Tto com A 
low- petty occasion where life may to loot ora cm the 3d. He A to evtirpote Ure Ikw ^r- *‘C"- 
Ion- no cattA token, and its veto upon tbe com- rilAs still oxAttag to IM State, slthoogh .Tire c om a 
manders A absolate. Thc Boers have Ate- |Re pocificatkm wra conaifiered a* fowsass • 

‘log iy driven ont tbe French misaionaiAs sta- roated. Tbe above eonvoy was socorted to toffietsd Ar 
•Ao tloned 'm that part of Bosutolaad, wbAb the coanteT-gnatrilA of Coasmaiidants Vil- Aw. t'orate 
pro- they (tbe Boers) have overrun, aad will to lafaerte and Mendooo, bMkiss tto cavalry Tto casa. 

foe ssAMoMte of tke Atitadc to wkAk K A gtstAss ta oonflAt, and strong from the de ' And there A another tact, ol which the 

vouo. U.1 .f.11 

0 f the people by prctc«dlnf lo drfend ttocir cxJiftaftllcftt retoufccs. ! tbe slirtiost trace of whtt ouj* Radical ina 

whom tUey wcrc delegated to represent. 

P. Q. 

SDoken of as likelv to gr-oteiui ii wonia ne to onr leeungs. ad act 

I up in eviaence Hsuiijai u..u. i Kg iJontid for this mmmer meanwhile ' ®>‘® ®®^*' ‘**® Government with The American Coirenl here has UXen broken 

fV-uted, ol course--the mode P si>rin>' materAA arc ’still made to more glory than did thc victoriei of its vast down tbe names of two hundred respeetabA rteato. 

I decspltotion,lno;derto8everthccafrot-ed ^ in spring mat^^ would bring tears roechauAs and sgricalturAto whTtteslre 

arterj-.^[N. O. Ptcayune. , ®P. ^‘Sa"S to Z" t®, ‘"® ®y®*,“i'S"i*Jf‘?he ^"***^ ^ ‘ 

. . , J .K. I Into a nettlcoat The stvle A nrettv for a widows and orphans of the South, and it are able to pay their own passogo. He will firmed. 

“ Beauty uuadoraed, A “d®™®*! walkinS^costuine and tbe^mater?als coming would be felt and deeply apprecuited by hand over the lAt to some merchant to Ay xto 

most” is thc, present motto of tbe ballet <? ,k 1^ j ^-,.ig_/ our whole people. The grandeur and mag- oo one or two ships for New York when U gold “i 

girAof ParU. Wv tove, it appeara re- ®“‘ ‘17^ So 1 

duced their costumes to so very 7 gt^pcs ’*,0 exhUdted in world to rssonnd with applause, and no na- European labor her 

dimensions that even all tolerant Paris can ^,K„g,g Lt^e and half-fittin"- ‘ion would ever better deserve praise and grt 1,000 ablc-bod 

liear it ua longer, and the authorities bm t , . .P j-g_gy matcrAA are still worn' 1?’®'7 ‘®f *® aetton. American army dui 

been compelled to interfere and requert ^ iacksts lor the house are very Hef®i ‘Ben, A a way to let thc hearts of them a free jiossage. 

tliose too natural ladies to use a little no®®® , . j,gj(-gi 'lirettv trimmed with Clunv ^®*'‘’* •®‘‘ South lieat once more in unison. The Aroent-ins in 
/If /iroRsninkera’ art for Hie future. The ancilul and pretty, tnmmia witn Lluny , , . (SnV«niin«»L Mhnw Ltllit itft Wmmliincrtrzn'm Kirth<i 

likely to bear something from tbe French 
Empecor on tbe subject 

oenUraenta. B leads tbem on by one adroit 
kaeapktoa sdAr another, nntU it tends tbem, 
Iffoey are willAg to follow, ta the midst 
oftkelr poUtical enesuiea. 

Bow Umt and kow vigoroaoiy ha* tto 
ionrnnl wnired wymo tto Abolrtiontets and 
raged tte randcra to dssperatc rerotnUon 
frir tkair nqgro priviAgra ta tke Territo- 
lies, in order io win tbeir oonfidenoe os a 
I hnmptnn. but only to betray them, first 
into tto snpport o( Mr. Linoota ta tto de- 
•metton of oAvery, and, finally, into tbe 
upf irr* of tire Oonstitotional Amendment, 

Tke Dt-mocrary nnd the Journal. 

. tised, aud I bat is, that there bss not been 
I Hie slightest trace of wliat onr Radical ma- 
I I'lgners so flipisuiHy style tbe “rebel ele- 
j emont,” ta tbese nubappy dAturbauces, 
I from beginning lo i-nd. Thoy were the 

JEFFEltSO.N flltfl'IT C'OI RT. 


and inCintry of Moravatto, under Cosn- 
iiiaadaat Gonzolex Aft tto gnerrilte bands 

The American ConanI here bos taken broken up had concerted to rennfte ta Tn- 
>wn the names of two hundred respectabA rtrato. At Ast dotes tkoy nomtorad few 

Ttorc is bnt liUA if any differenoc in the I oot|K>ariugof a chronic antinuHiy cberislied 
strA of conimi-nt Indulged by thc Louis- by the negitxs, and fostered by their evil 


Tti.- Court met st 9 a. n. yesterday, imrsnant j dimensions that even all tolerant 


(.RsFonto RxtevaSfr nr tto Loste m te C sMter.) 

mto nowon SLAon s»ti ran, ransto 
Tto soort sret at A a. a. vsaMtaay, yaraasna 

la Ito cm* of tto Coitsd toatra vs. MO eadfitoa 
sf nksrre. It woo sM ter trAlsa Iks MIb Asa 
Tto cam of Ito Catted autos vs. tas t rail of 

cteara. Coattoaed. 

Tire COM of tto Lotted fiteM vs. tfebaaossf 
cIbwSs l/'ftwilnwMl. 

Tto cam of tto rotted ScatM vs. W. C. lossaa, 
tadteted nr lilsttis ml tho tau r a il i i u maa 
tew. CoaSteasd. Pins test admi tte d to toC 
Tto casa of tbs railsd fitsS M vs. sdR. Re. 
Maoj^ag te WOsoa sod Usnartansaa. C«a- 

Tto Coitsd itestm vs. tIUk ke., ot M. MtosC 

Tto t'aitsd fo tlM vs. .Usnra FMfMLtedAtad 
nr nsspiag tevsra alttemt Hssaas. >tea_ass 

Tbe death of Rondo hod aot been cost- foUtj. ^ iksjnry wm ite ran sv wmsw Ttoy 
-mod. rstoracd a vssdlct o< fenadsns 

gold ‘‘pteMTs’’ hto airiv^ tel in exeolM I Tto drfsadrat Usd a mAsa ftera tto 

would be felt and deeply apprecuited by hand over tto list to some merchant to lay xto exploring eolnnra destined fer the wmmaa^mi 
our whole people. The ^ndenr and mag- gg gge gr two ships for New York when it ^4 “ntosers” hod arrived, all ta eieaUent I , 
nanimity of such a deed would cause the {« filled up. So great te the redundiuicy of grdar aad dteeipUire. Ikey bud a raoeliag, , pmAdviit sad wi 
world to rssonnd with applause, and no ns- European labor hern that he conM easily which M. Dnmooy was elected Director, Tto fuitowteg 
tion would ever better deserve praise und 1,000 able-bodied men to join tto gg behalf of tire foreigners, and Senor In treb o< May, •• 
glory tor snch an aettan. American army during tbe war by giving ,..- 1 ptui g* betolf ef tto Mexicana and M *• Gray, in tl 


gsrs smTxed ter tiAi am ths 

both ore furiow un account of what they call 
our impudtnoc for presuming to at- 
temid to utvoutec a |>srty here, and both 

[From tbe Memt-bis .\p|ieal. Slh-I 

I nomas, -.'im; .vic.vaniHra. -3Wi: la.vrT «/orm;iu , V 1 .1 i>..u ..n7l 

(;ica-e.|, Sl-t; Susan lArr, -21st; Ikllc Kmilh, iug iuto Private swicly, both in laris anu 
-2:>1; Mary ruleman and -lames Lord, ttepar.iliou 1 licrc. “Maiilina, said a little l>oy to I.S(iy 
ord.-red. iMith ca“vs, *lsi; Robert Klshcr, (m. c.i, j \y . the oHicr day, “ how A it that In thc 

the generti totorsM of tto coapany_Al^ irw"on*foy*TltbTT'ifoid ntatsa voTIpto B 

The Aroent- ins in Cape Town celebrated gvsking Ure necesaory arrangement and dte- SJJJL 
I'ashington’s birthday hy a pnblA dinner. I tf]t,gt!on of tbeirarnis and implementa they Mtrsv* L. I 
hich was aUt-nded bv represr-ntetives of ' .taKed for their dsotinatAn on the Sd Insl ' -pto foiiowi 

Rssd; r>irad toatra vo. R. T. Jonas; Fatted 

end ktes the hood tiiof sosete ber. 

temid to otvsutec s |«rty here, and both \Vc expect notblnc else but that the Ate *** " '"• ^"“1"'”“ evening ladies always conic to see you - jh® same M the rt-st ot the drew. 

p., <»r WC-. TM <»., j !ii,r s a ■ Ki ,vai'rd'tJr.i.S'«ri 

b.twcen them A, that the Journal sppHcs ' made, by the uiiserapulous and lying rc- Elizatoih Itamn c.v. c.i. -r.ib; Kicliard Massey, ’*7‘ ‘‘,™"’®,y7'L ^ o t n i have more to tdl yon about them and 

1 !Tf* Wtora Sl*clr l • eh.enield ol cxhibiUon, the races of I 

Vtm tba taoM LUOI aoBote ner. the Uemorntic party of Kentucky, and South, the occaiiou of sAndi rous accu."a- 1“® Smith was rc-sabinltud. | k Fm of ilic 4fli inst I ®“‘‘ . 

in Rill: and other niaferAA and for neflivc u™vc ciiuurcu niicr iiicy an. ucuu. ercu Bar, .VC., .V. 1 lie non. D. rr 
dross the iacket or paletot ’a almost alwavs ‘bough it eonsidered Hiem In error white York btate, now Judge of tbe 
nr liv tag; that after death it no longer regard gg the Slave Trade, oceupie 

BocAdod states Umt Napoleon hod wtal on tto wbM May; t-Awd StamaNwA 
ngle, of.New eoasoiuted tto paniakment to which ths M. .kithar. ‘ Auto JiutM ^ "iJASsnr, 
Mixed Court roalinh-d ZonavM bod been sentenced for l oi ted^ea w. F RfouU; I afesd tosM vw F. 

living; that after death it no longer regard- gg the Slave Trade, occupied the choir, their military serlltiou at Martintanei Those 
ed them os cuemles and “rcAda,” but as lyitb ft'. L. Avery, Arldirstor of tbe same sentenced to diisth bod boon ankjected to 

shaft F»Adins and BayarcA of noble valor. Pcacc Court, and ft' alle'r Graham, .\merican Con- ten years 
their ‘*®®® mdfl® with tbe living, why not »ui, as Viej Ciuiriuan. Il bas been pro- those sen 

Tto JonrnnI has so often pAyed the part ,g |„^g affection for the Hon s^inst “reliels” and “reliel svm|iaHil- 

offoedatreydnckUistB Ano wonder that ocmocracy of tto Northern States; while ” Lamentable ss these disgraceful 
tea Tt. atokota at ^nl Imva falAd, and the . « ..... a «k k. i I ®®®mieuce# sre, in the iiiscnssle dcstruc- 

tte arts okonld at MK nave «bu i proeses denounce the whole l t<gg of churches and school-houses of Hie 

Kentncky iregisteUirc okonld tore tiealoa p„ny jg ij,g ume strata. The fact A, that , poor blsv-ks— edifices wliich Hie city will 

tion sgsiiist “reliels” and “reliei svm|iaHii- i <" 'b® ®f t'mitb. ‘be ricoguizancc 

.r* ■“'®*®' J%™®®'‘'“> ■ ''rh -’raVs of Je-isc Morris w,8dbmAs.-d, and 
iwurreut^ sre, in the iiiscnsale destruc- the chain was delivorod to Mollie Tsylnr. 
tion of churches and scliool-liouscs of llic 'I'lie ca.-c of .Juhii lArrv and Ed. Fearcc wore 

I^^?‘Thc Atlanta New Era of thc 4tU inst. 

toll »/... .iv/...t th/>fn and tlisir mauc wiiu lue iitiiig, •• u. no. sgi mj V 1C3 Liiairiiian. II DUS Dcm pro- those sentenced to 

chief field OlcxhibiUon the races of Long- ^^®‘ ‘*®’^,** *, And if the bones of I tiion nonm-cd the most pleasant reunion IA* has figement are onl 

>' ®*“‘®ft*®“i ‘“® *^®®® zai g ^ohiicrs are to be collected, why not n nilcr ever happened here. ,tro,t oM-tbkd «»f 

®““‘"‘*- . . Hie same sad office to those who fell by their No American ships-of-war have arrived Brnrardinv tto Bi 

1 to death bad boon anhiectad to ,^#1 .m tto Ifib or N 
hard tabor on pobllc works, and - w. Cractot; roiasd 

I «n ladtctaMBte or* 

, Jock V s t rarta s r . 

sentenced to different 

faiisdUatMVL John u. J«aj«i'*Atol 

ever happened here. 

No American ships-of-war have arrived 

aboat one-thkd 
Kegording tte 

inW to to toprteoned fiw ' ?. Tho sM 9. i 

of tto lirao. TsFhw: tatted »HbM vl rrraaiaram ' 

Belgian prisonem eoptnrud ' u?^2^^'Au^MMre^ oriaiM fife* 

Bombnrdnieiit ol Valparaiso. iu “’n V.°"'?k“®”‘ here since the dejarture of the llartlord sirf by tbe JuarsU. tto Era of tto Sth givea so | totelra itotteh or May-LataM feoM 

^ while they are collecting the remains ot achusett shout two montbs ago. .\duU- account. ftTien It wm found that tb^ tn- ^ n. Robott Moora; fated -zioiao^vo. John .0. 

AVilliam i Tl’urlow Weed prlnte the following ta the j,,gj, g^„ men, castaway the bones of ours ral Bell and UaptAns Townsend and »chn t« efib^ their Msape they weremt i lAJ^. 

Hs anggosUons With cotilctept. Il,g jggnizl must atmse ns or say noUiiiig. 

U wonld to strange if anybody of much ^ gorruluus old tedy, it talks more for 

tntoUiBenee or pArtotfeta should to willing ^ braring itself talk than 

to enitet wKk the Jonrnol again ta one of |t expects to aceom- 

Us old e n te r priuM — drumming up recniita j,y vocal cxcn-lsM. It A 

ta Kentncky to oM tke NorUreru Jacobins, pgiiiic-olly bankrupt For the first time in 
TV fer i TMn never eonfesscs tke destins- career if finds itself without a par 

ttan of his cruft until it strfkM the opposite it is now flllbm>tcring around to 

hate. Hr pro sstess s delightful voyage to g^ ggl between tbe Democracy 

poor btev-ks — edifices which Hie city will di-niAfKl 
have to replace or juv lor— and in the bru- 'I*'''' 

Tile cate of B.vniey Munn was also ditmisHcd. 
iu Ihe cft'‘C of Ueoiyr \V. Fu*tz, Hh<» wa« 

Tennessee, ftml who ; New York Times : i if *>y mlftUkc they hare enthercd them up ? feim were very wcil plciwea with tbeir rc- ,puth of lb« tStT Mmer* ^ **,ii?*j*4 

'i;‘®‘ *“ p**® VHTn»’‘!>f‘^^'TOt int were right for Commodore Rogers to The most callous and vindictive would not ccption, being continually feud during eeived «,(»0 from Ure Empress, and W S^tepJ^Tfenter^fJSted 

n^n^ lTu New wifttagly do so. their stay. The officers uamed with ^ fro. t^ptotai Aitivten Ttoy snared to "SJ 

owmzed ta Ntw ur.^iis. l m y i ^ orotection of neutrals at Vat- The foregoing suggestion A in harmony ,ga the American Consul were invited to ifig night ia a eaaos sciom Ure river at the vTAUsa; ( oitsd ^taara re. Thia nss 

<" ‘*'*®,'’ \®“fSwen vlasn^Jer^ouIidc^d a paraAo^^^^^ dine with the Governor. The Dnteh eitl- m«rey“ Ike curranirtbey were, however. KSTrAn* ^ re. dnstra^ RWk 

“&ot ' ‘iwgi”. “ "sriSe i;. s. SK f *sr".s;rs ss is;, nriTi: ^ ■;7‘7‘ 

i,mvcve*r^w c believe wL subseoueut I “dcar^old Hartford,” we opine that there not te perpetuate hosHlity, but to aftayj^ nigh a failure in thA viemlly this year. The wan afterwards exchaagsd. CAPITAL. ^ . I*? ! 

liowcvir, web , q -would have been “filing on both fte Abored to aeeure more in places of Ic^ excessive bard fieczes test winter, nnaecom — _ . . - ' ‘ L- Ik towte; 

hdrawn_^ I U.les,” as Sickles used to «y ta UA show '• ra M Whrt Msy-r,ited tiuM 

their stay. The officers named with others fyora Captota Altivtan They auiapod to 

, ij I I . 11 Ul doslrucHon of the lives ol iiegrm-s will, „k “ j '' ' .k^’ Y*!*’ i''*^ i T«i~ t^riR. ! mln^^ The foregoing suggestion Is in harmony and thc -Vmerican Consul were invited to the night ia a eaaos sciom Ure river at tire 

a garrulous old tedy, it talks more for nothing to do w ith Hie origin of ttie TVY'iI^ BTsnd Tsreeny, tae del, -miaul , ,,i flu colleagues ta the Confetlirate l^A . . >, „g.Pj K...g Kg.g far wrong to ' with the foilowmg remarks of the CUicugo dige with the Governor. The Dutch eitl- mercy of Ike currant- thev were however, 

lake of bMring Iteelf talk than | ^nblc-^ hich we riqicat, had 1ls miun.- impriUimenu ' The mon^y urti^ed to to^delW- i It would ""iVf L vg k. * , .k., gf .k. u.-g-, zens also i^vc teem a dinner and tto^ denounced to tto •»<• 

OBV good it expects to aceom- ; in tec l»ad conduct of the vicious i-ortion endioXal. A-lizcr. i J’ ’ I’own in lainisiana 1 have been a Mrain uptm Interaationsl Uw, It to b® toped ““» "nc.ot '®*®“» were picnics, balA, .t.-., Ac., till they left, ecronimo. When A tod boen dsteeralaad 

it expects tc 
vocal excn-lsM. 

of a negro regiineut which Imd been dA- lu 
charged and w-as about to tic jioid oil— tbcy rL.vr. 

poftHc-oHy hankrapL For the first time to ,carcelv U-m Umcntahle ta the usi- «'«ach,i,. ni for wiia. ssc^ issii, d. | hut was detained at New Orlcaw constructions If Admiral ble unity. This A all tliat needs te to 

^ A A .ir — . .... a.'iii ii» fna/le nf llicin bv tlic '*• **• ItnUcmncyer was discLaraed from the ' u-ciicral order of Shcndaii, prohibiting cmi- i liable in inur consiruciion. . zi ^ In flirlitine the South we foii'dit 

, policy of restoration. 

V abodas of tto btert, but after paddling ^ 11^ Kadicals AI tto materAI for poliU- l To mitigate, aa far as a candid and truth 

npanddowa tbe ■treus to never fails to , gruanUsUon A used up. The Jonraal ful stateinent of facts may do so, thc |ier 

..1. .K- . , ®" organixaMon “ i | nlclons effects of any 'such perversion ol 

ft*d oraeng tbe ioips of darkness. i. therefore, in s dusiierate fix, sftd don t I tot,, nccavion la sav that th(«< 

. „„ ..,v- u.illiilrawn wou 

James Junes (alias fklwards) was next i — 7 i aide: 

or “ 50 uiHler false ; .^-riie Paris correspondence of the bBls 

pretenses irem I bnrles Ilrowu, of t aiuplH-ll . .. n-.o..,.,,../, t,'..,. o,,.. it-o of (he i tion 

vQiovsi. Ei-tizer. I iiiav bore successfully down in Louisiana. i have been a «<-, 

Iu Hie ea.«e ciflliu'h Me< ord and ft m. llulmes, I i . j f, ,, i..„* I imt one in re,< 

mr.-ed with grand lareeuy, cs-c eontiuucd, ami ^ The Judge started to Mexico in January I.AU \ ^ 

turhmeiii for witaes3c-< issued. but was detained at New Orleans by the , ®‘ ,®,'^ *1®'®™,®" 

1 rel"^ To whiTto^^^^ the futere will Itara fro^he Ate war A 

rameiits would have been char ‘tot thw nattan A possessed of impn-gna- 

Thr te brat Crop. 

C^niNo Hoax. -By a tetter secetyedfrura Ite 

land oraeng tb* iasps of dorkneso. tberefdrc, in a dcai>**«te fix, and don’t ^g t^te occasion to say that these X'”'-'' ***6 jilayid a confidence 

TV attooM* of tto ferryraan of tto ^ow to get out. The old coon to ] occurttmee. hsve no poftilcsl slgnifit-ancc /ilwraSSM,’'".; meXrn 

JonmA to Febrnory teat to draw ops crowd ,^8 w and will hsve te climb dovrn. whatever, ta s sccHoiial point «if view row ed ti,e money from Brown to p 

iroM FMl/f/wi wu. '1 , They were of that character precisely which : u-iic- d lo lour years' linprisoumeiit 

^ tr^rankfort, was ^ pgnucsl oAvatlon A to j^^g„ )ls(», under like circum- i Iu tlio ease of Sauiuel Ri-tiul 

a AgnA feilore Not a single poMcngrrap join a healthy and flourishing organization ataiu-es ta any NorHicm city, aud which : zauce forfeited, set. tu. awarded an 
pooFOd. Tire nertstteraptte raises crowd , ifi* the Democracy, and give ft an bouest firand Jury returned 

fer foe TfoofMsywM another teilurc. „„gort His nroenccU sre so miserably dto- stixicltles, m several NorUu-ra clHcs, with sfpiiiist tl,e lollowlng is-rsoas: Ian 
Kow wc atoll one whA sort nf a eomnonv ^ T Va , kw - i/. less of aggravsHon te ire pleaded in their mar. msuslancbl. ri^Ellen Harris, 

^ coura^n? UmiI we do not do0?*ir of hto do* extenuation. Tbe? arc lameiiUble, nio«t ; larceny ; \N iltiain Henry McLean, 

cou^ SutJ^Xel Nc-W Orleans Vicayune ai»e.iks of the i tion wc heard between Admiral Karrairc 

Tliey^had play.d a couficlcnee jrame ou* Mm’. , French Emperor's heir; “He speaks at- , and the RMStan Admml, "*J® 

pr ii-uiUHi Uuit he owed a bill lo Wood^ ' reatlv EntflUh, Oermun and !• rcucU: he l« i here with hU fleet in l»w>. Admiral t am 

*>id\Nardfth a nicnhnnt of laouinvillc, and l>or. thorouirhly drilled aa a soldier; hc la well 1 was complaining of the Amenran om 
rowed tue niuiicy from Brown to pay It. Hen* trilnecflii the L^mnaslum; he rides, fcncca. I cers who did not capture a Confederat 

^lu lilo 1 sw ims and rows weft; he A making gooti j steamer in a neutral port. “ft'hv% wool 

lu tho rase of _ Samuel Rciiulx, recognl- . J. x..’,! ^,1 v,„i h-,vo /Inn/, itv” ,wLed tee Russlai 

,Vc taler so much from a converso* • vain If all the hatred and recrimination and tj,g gjost severe season on wheat that we Cofonel T. D. ***j7jf*j* 

heard between Admiral Farr.igut mutosl misunderstanding of the war ora h.vvc had for many years. Hopes were en- on foo Rk> Gran^ wa learn Irat to wlH to 

■rtierofore, the s<mner we ^apl (laiselvea Riinug, that the germ vras not killed, and 
to a subatantial unity of feeling, the a<mn- x,-ggij til'.er sufficientlv lo cover ftre 

Mrs who did not rapture a Confederate er fitoll we have ^nred the nwin obj^ l,ut notice many fields Amoot bore, tered ont on “TivL? , 

.inomuf- In • nnnii^i nort “ft'hv. would of the couIcBt OU te* part of te* Noith. To luid have not. to thA aate. seen s siDFlc (New Albany CoramoreiA. 

raoi to gafoecad fer tire fifith by Ure nsoal 
fiatar pretraara Ttore mv to some spec 
mtara on fote oeoaoion, bnt if any body to 
rangbt and rairted off they will not hnac 
ranch gronnd for thc exenoe A deeeption. 
Hf who to coagM by the confidence game a 
ramrad Md foird time daaarvM to sufier. 

tag this yet, though we prcsnme be will lamentable 
wsH nnUl after the SHh of Msy Cooven- ‘""® 

Hon te see if jicrcliancc Hull may m»t turn ^g^^gg gg^i 
out something worthy of attenUun. After gggUiorn ( 
that be will bi- prostrate. Ure taints 

Confederate *r goucc many fieMs Amost bare, 

ft'hv, would of tto coulcst on the part of the North. To agfi have not, to thA Lte, seen s single 
the Russian. attAn this end, we must as spncdily u piece of wheat that would make fifteen 
in. “But,” poMlble drop the nain^e of -traitor. fte gushels to tto acre, even where it was pro- 
imeut would must recognize t<> the full the gal Ian tiv and teeU-d from tto north winds. Many, very 
/. it w/i„iH ’’ : purity of those who fought. The had men h..i.u »iii «/,» ~r,i,.,.« tiu< «eed nut 

less of wggR 

and the good men embalmed ta tto memory 

nigh a bdlure in this vicinity this year. The wan afterwards exchanged. CAPITAL. ^ **!?*■*!?” 

excessive hard fieczes test winter, unaccom — . _ . . ' T*'.. •/T 5T*rr ® »»»•**• zwww; 

pai.icd, as they were, by snow, made it by C>nrao Hoax.— Bya te^MncAreU IT» ^ Wh A Vv-rwlted fiteM 

far thc most severe se«3on on wheat that we Cokmel T D. IhommejTmitoO meOr* 

have heU for many years. Hopes were en* on Ibe Rk> Grn»^ •• •* , .Ms?— CsHsd^lsiss 

Urtained by .ome, in tto early port of home about tha W Of J®**- “® "f'® ; »*. James RryweMa: Palled mates **. T. T 

spring, that the germ vras not killed, and Brownsville if*"* ' “Yhytee foywold* Catted 9MM va. Jotesa fipoa- 

teat it would lifter sufficiently to cover ftre bte command, whle^ui pro bably to moo- i row 

laud, l.ut we noUcc many fields Amost bare, tered oat oa theto •"‘;^** LontevUle. 1 SjU ^ •' ^ 

and have not, to thA date, seen s single (New Albany CoramoreioL H i, i ery iteoaeiani ito* fot totenoiraBteilM 

piece of wheat that would make fifteen bundrod fireaiUes eraigtoto to s pxr^x ra ihe'itevs flxsd ter tto uWmihste 

bushels to tto acre, even where It was pro- g woeUv. — I BoAon POA casea, ate* tto toads will to teiteltsd. 

fame of our citv; but thej itre Incidents of! i'igamy. 

fliat tellible buoun nature from whose cx- 7 h ■ graii-l Jury ha« aiijoni-m-d nntll the IMh 

towards thc |Kisse6sioii of talents.” 

teeted from tto north winds. Many, very 
many, fields will not replace the seed put 
upon them. Our beat lamA, with a tevoro- 
ble season, will average from twenty to 

Konsaa woeUy. — (BoAon POA. 

It te te be hoped they find Ure climate ra- tto f Atsd Utan-ii v*. ■ . a in r 1 

nbrkKia. ' tooroteset ter^ wfo. ^ 

Tto laitsd Utaws ra. Wm. K Bted. Ito ssm- 

There la owe greA and an e o t aaao o dtetOVy, te sA tee »a Mra at 

excellence in Mr. ftaxa's poeraa, naraAv rsboO asatss va, IMstr-sa* totea A ao*- 

tbA while Ure icenerA run of Vetiss tek I ^ IMA Matea 4 stosra tetesA 

“broken Kngikh,” scnoiorly teote te | rating ars sot tee the test of May. 
never offended.— (Boston Poet Tto erart oreete afiada A M otatsfo a. n. 

The graod jury is Mill I 
^s r Atsd ntsara »». • 

Tlic Russian AdmlrA laughingly inquired. ®n™7',®“ twenty five’ bushcA per acre. 

‘fttorrdid yoT s udy yX TnK PW 6f the nat^km, The uncafted-ior 

aw?” “At Valparaiso, in ISM,” replied “•’‘KdAv of the R»dl«A 

AproiMM of wheal — we bare beard It an^ ^ 

grated, by one of our most experienced t^ while the genj^ run <rf tet 
farmers, that thc brat prevenUve agwhret “broken Ki^h 
freezes A to put tto wheat ta with single never offended.— (aoston Poet 

Oomoemtf, md Mek the Stffinn aborea of I or lie can't onderfiand i^at he doea read, 
JraoMn fortwaaa. The fifith AMay In Lon- | or he don't toUere there te a bell. Tin-re 
^rtile te foe atartfng point of foe Dtot Far | ia eortainly aomethtag wrong over on Green 

_ ..... o/.t tom ‘i»‘ telllble numzn nature rom wiiusc ex- — •— , p- Presentation.- T he two comiia- i law?” “At Valparaiso, in ISM,” replied aiiuui»s.«Kx,.ui g^ted, by one of our most expeneireeu 

f After cesaes neither the dweller# lu I'oril't:™ ®v . ments a^-sln,-t John Edwards and J .iiu-s Jones ! nies A and li, of the Keutucky Military In- Admiral Farragut, “wh«fre s BritAh force, in “i’ tenners, that thc brat preyenUye agwl^ 

1 of atUnUun. After (jggUioni clime# are exempt. ftecxiK-ct were disuiisn-d. i gtitute, had, ou Saturday last, a IriA drill violation of neutralitv laws, captured the ®‘* freezes A to put tto wheat in with »m^ 

u.., o. .1.1 1.- i.i»ii«te. tec taints of Boston, wlm wltni-ssed tlic ] t iisrliiUe Meelintock, w. c., conrraling the f ^ j|,g i,g„or „f carrying tlie flag of that ' United States frigate Essex; and the Britbh Lrant and L^, Stoniisa and Johnston, piows.slwsys plowing east and west, irav- 

e who la enagM by tha eonfldenoe game a ‘ borning of the convent st ChAlcstown, and | birth of a child. Contmued until to-morro-w. i iugt\,gf,g„ jlie tacHcwns were unable to ' coniniaudcr was >ight, for we ha<l nearly Sheridan and Stuart will to ji^ded as jg gmall ridges. The aonthern 

rarad Md third time daoarvm to sufier. :?> The Journal says that the pUtforro ' tto driving forth of a ' - I decide, und it was determined h\ lot. Com , destroyed British commerce in the Pacific foe exiareure ®«,,“>< y 7‘,' 

i.te tto r II itegii skout and blow bA adonted livJLe 1st AMsv Convention does ' "'ll®*® “®e® *®™ P'®‘Y Ciilncsc manuracturers of spurious gold inuy “B” drew (he prize, 'llie evening | Ocean, and if hc let us escaM ao should wheat from the fi€«w, 

LA foe luiijraan onom anu mow nis anopieo ny jne isl ot May Lainveniion aoei , . gj^jy tg comprehend UiA, aud vm- ^ i i , u n, _ » .7 u i ■ idimi il tiv «n Piiti rtainiiient and dance at- i h i«« tinUhed what was left.’' “There ore will come when, it there be any ift-feeling gn (i,e nortbem side to to killed, thA <m 

irn, oad paddle away wtthAI foe naboppy n<* indorae Ure policy A reconetruotion. d,gate Memphis accordingly; nor shall wc "® “ n n’nt.h,J^”Th 1 i teuJtVlfy lovely ’and , uJer^ncies,” said tho Admiral, “when ! in regiud to Stonewall Jac^n, it will to t;,* routhern will tiller sufficientlv to cover 

Srate A depsoted potitictona wbo die to ' Eittortbe editor ires not read Uic ptetform, excuse PUitedel|ihla, which afort-tiinc in- have been c • P hi I'l *’*’’■ beautiful daughters. — [Frankfort Yeoiiiau. officers must act under a higher law.” ’ *"i ***®ki*u*^»**^ .In® tto tend, fte think it worth try l^. 

BtFgtan aborea A I or lie can't understand vfoat to read 1 dulgcd licraelf ta negro nioliblngs and Imm- nei.t i«r of the spurluit. gold, « hkl. is an ex- , 7 . | T. ft’. | »i>^ not give birth to this illustrious siro-c tto above was wrltleo we letan that 

raraesney, OteOaoeain^y^ ao^M wriwra I xraaiueuora iw, ^ 

. « - Mifik. 0^ Wmw Inn f fmi. fvw wnm t IhfikUANrra tKoirtfe W m Krall *rikjvn> ^ . _«.w ..... • w ... . . . t'.J? \fu«4avr .IfkAfztilz \V T.lrwlod^v tllP If 

.. , L The aonthern piT A Long Island cow has prodneed 

exiKJsure of thooe ridgi a will protect tbe four cAvm at a birth. Bka daaervM a pee In foa irara edia t* vAIAty (t Ifo A PT *•**» 

wheat from the freeaes, and, even Alowi^ mium— (Bootoa Foot. ,, t,!. cow^, fosse m tenj an* >«"■■• *®* 

all the northern side to to kill^, thA <» Two i* foe avarag# boranhoute. ten, rad ihunreM Athste M a**^****^ 

tto southern will tiller aufflciently to cover , ^ 7, iK- y 

tto tend, ft e think it worth trying. t4T Michael Bteter, of Ottawa, whn wra - ra* to a hasteoa 

Since tto above was writlen we learn that committed for trtel A tire aanxn ftrr Til drad and arvra vmto . 

large fielda of wheA are otTected with * ain- teosnUnF lo dratm* M life ta a dr A teA- avarfo.Teata. WhA rasA »nm^ ao 

gnter and unusual disease, turning yellow ^ orav. hm bean aoiteanead to aovra £to' num orabmAoraeeea^prafted— Iferaanm 
I A bottom, and nearly all the htedM laving iraprteonraeaL — TTortrato Globa. r,rolii * 

there will to a total tellnre.— [CterUrille | — yodm-not fag AteapUag a w t ri fia , but— tewf.wu*aaM iiiihaaifef foateraM^rajra 
i (Teoa.) UbroBicte. ^ I for feUlRt la tovte tkaSfoA JfiRdaara. 

Two ia the avoraga beroahoota. 

unriichteona than herself. ' It i,. according to the exldcuce of Mr Kirkland. I 'Ju?* feH^'eitiren^ T*’ V’ LlndA-v* tW " e have received from D. P. Fanlds 

_ Whoever •h*H ®«®nect “retoA ’ with - y„yg,„„g„t.n.lytle.lchemU., worih about . ^l^Hft., .„rar and chorua. bv W. E. 

Ik to tke POMK « Wf r?r I » CW\»I»I 7 •winrkKiing wrvnicuvrr UB H bOfVer totii conneci rrwci^ liio Govemment tM ytlCtl CbemUl, woriD »Doat V , ,r’,» , T," ai’ .n/l rhnm« hv W E " ucu vuioniuu » •uumiCM « -••• m mntviu, foim mu buv ifrmtt. 

- “ "zz i s- - ^ ”ri ^ ^ ’■ rbfi.'ss’™T 'n«u- 

tod on for gtootay aba wn from wbtak 
mtmtm taAmt,^mf»jt0tmAKk. 

' *" * * tnreted with the management ol tneir own 

tkey ao tA lta g what food proper reraedle* might aflaiia. or aaaert Uut the negro race is 

feree, tf oppUed ta tiin«. not we nnw tkeir protection, wUl tlmply 

fUb, or perch.— [Franklbrt Yeoman. 

Ue wUl be, donbtlCN. 

ten. targe fielda of wheA are atfected with a sin- 

gnter and unusual disease, turning yeltow 
When Colorado A admitted li will a bottom, and nearly all the htedM kaving 
e tee thirty-seventh State of tbe Union, jellow spots upon them. It te apprehended. 


WnKBMf IMKIM;, • • IM« 

Tke jMrMJ • MpH'Mt. 

I Take Dowa Tkoae NaaMal I 
I We eontinae to bear of (rentleaMB wbote 
I naiDM an- appended to tbe Joanal'a call 

The Keatarky HaabwhackerK. 
What in Um> nanu- of common tense do 
the Kentnckr buahwbai-kers mean, or ex- 

l•lr tlle»•lh «f May Cemventtoa, vb<. not , pcet to accomplish y \Vlientii. mij;hty luwts 

! only did not sign their aames or autboriae 

TV 4^ paaMd when 

tv Jonnial can to V pot there, bat who do not with ^ marsVled for c- nflict throu>rtiout ttic 

— ' „ , , anr anch ■ ^ VS. .lames H. llullutns. llic tacts, as tney , . * ^ •” ' — 

dictate tV policy oi Kaatacky. Its acep- ^ ^ ^ onuoa called, and who are In > nation, what can a little squad ot deserters, I appear iu tlic evidence, are substantially as ' spectacles to make everything teem 

tai Va dapaimd It oan v loader monld •“« election of Judge DnvalL We atraggieri, bummers, and siwll-hunters cx- , follows: York Fivemaii, father of the ; greater which Is seen through it) resolves 

of the Slate aa potter *a clay, and la I ycalcrday of the names of Messrs 

voioeef reaaaaand which ! Stamp, 8. J. Ashbrook, C. B. 

^mi«o«t M otaar ui>on tV air we ■ William Winaion, d Harrison 

An Important Derision bylbe Freed- , (For the Loaitnite I'oniler.l MfPORTkTT CIIl'RCH CONVFV 

l>a-Hses j,, corn^pondent profi- TIO.TS IN 8T. LOVI.S. ' 

(Kioiii the Nashville fnion and .\moncan. IJth.] I *''*^’*^ There is a beantiful * . 

An imp.irUut div ision has Just been ; in the heavens, to Uic vulgar eye a sin- ^Tesbyler iaii 

nude by .liidgc Lawrence, of the Freed- | gie star, which under the glass (for iove, Unndred Deleea"tps 

appear iu tlic evidence, are substantially as ' spcetaclcs to make everything seem auens. 

follows: York Fivemaii, father of the > greater which Is seen throuicb it) resolves (From the 8t. Louis KepubUcan, loth.] 


of BUck Radicalism and White IK-mooracy I maile by .liidp; Lawrence, of the Freed- | gie star, which under the glass (for iove, 
-aiM ti... Court, in the case of Ella Stevenson . SlkVR Air Pililin rtvrlnnv U lxast*asi> tlian m rtmaw 

luon R L-ouri, lo uic case oi iLiia Bievenson oi. i- i ^*4 s- «t I 

vs. .lames B HuHums. The facts, as they ' **^*1”*^?' • P*" 

St3t6iii6iit of John 0 Mnhony. I VHLlNiiTON 

.1 **iiroat .Mistaken Move of .Mine'* 

nmr ham IV awpplioationa of tV potIUcal | infonn tV editor of tV ; Radicals ? Such a party can list e no purchased his 

pect to accomplish by drumming up aguer- l’'*'“*‘*|' *'’* *“’*’**? /**^ ™*''y acttlcrs oT , itself into two stars, each forever revolving . the KepubUcan have 

, . I the State. nen well up In years he mar- i ... , . “ heretofore bad only partial information re- 

rilU party in Kentucky, which professes to ^id a slave woman, the property of Call | neither detracting from, garding the early meeting, in their midst, of o’mahosi ’3 i>ErESSE or the cxmpo bel- 

he independent alike of the Democracy and j McNeil. Soon after marriage. Freeman i each adding to, the combined radiance; the General Assembliea of liotb the Old and LO riEiXE. 

TV noa-bcorted Democracy ^’e^» »Vt anch ia tV tact Me it does all the harm it 

sideration for 
made his will, 

— « • . V - - . - - _ ... . j .jiL-r- • ’ ; mane nis win, w uien wus leeorueu lu ae- ^ „ 

bar* it by tv throat, aad it seas that lU I . _ . ** k**® - I to the National Democracy, and thus I eordanee with the requirements of law. in ! Pirila, en t'eriU, V HoUfcT atnour! 

wife, paying a valuable con- | whose inutnal attraction the jealousy of School Presbyterian ChnrMiea of the ITE.vrxjr.vBTEBS Feniai* BsoTBEguoon, 1 

■ her. In the year 1831 he : ^ ' United States. As the day lor their sit- No. WEast Setestebuth Stmf.t. ?- 

.which was recorded in ,c- | ^®'”*‘** P®" ting is very near at hand, we deem New York Mayaf 

gtaty boa departed. NotwithotaMlingall its 
■olaian warwtaga to tV peopV tVt 
tV lal of May Gonveatioa woald he 
aa aas a mh M (f a of icbela, and lu 
aa ohtpW a d amd repcatad miarepreaen- 
tatiooB acaOerad broadcast to alarm 
tv timid aad restrain tV oantions, 
and thv oaaae tV Cooraalioa ta be a Cail- 
UR, aaar which R ooald exnM and laagh, 
tv Coamtioa aras a grand socceas. an im- 
paahig deaaoaatratioa of tV talaoU and 

linaallits ®® doubt there are many more. We 
mnslranfeasoBrastooUhBienttVtUie Jonr- 
^ j. . nai aboold retort to such disreputable prae 
Ueea ta botster np iU tatltaig canae. W'hat 
. could be more abockingto Caimesa and eor- 

make our infor- 

Vlpt the Radicals and covets their favor, | which he beqneathed to his wife three sev- I Poor Etoile! She is learning the old sto- mallon a little more iwccise. This we do ; Brothrr^l; 

\ To the OJIern anti Mtmbcn of the Fenian 

BY 9.VN3 sold. 



The winds were keenly and shrilly blot 

wickedness. \» e can tee no object in view | i>equeal king to ber freedom, whleli he had ®®'"' three thousand years ticipate in the proceedings and debates, and i *l®®‘^> ^ ®**^®.*^ circle of this organixa- ! ter-time of manr Tears ago, and Uw mow ihrfii »hi— with io* im wiwia^ Vr aaiwaeausy daahi 

bnt to keep np an office hunting clique, re- not up to this time been able Ui secure, ago. Let her console herself with tbe phi- because the two assemblies have never met **®“ “ »u<-einct sUtciucnt of the recent pn^d npon the steos. and bunked against joatUlul Uce? bi t m> Saww Vpieaa^? I *Thr 7 ^iya?g .v_ i 

wacking efforts may inflict on the country (^ting her tree ]<apcn, and giving a bond ^ upon T etode dttane, j, interest to the pub- ' In 9®^ niidst. was totally deserted; and lu mantle Uf p»- Yv light from the l^na ranuJ t mbnwU iflidad oaa* 

T? tmmmgim Mttwt* nahaa thV V wan bV a ^Ml 

Ubonaght tVt tntv.’' and eonid nM ^ to aatiiie to htr 

I .*2? ’i *“*• ‘‘••■•'cplrtr I Vnd, V wonM gmadi Ms tealhielcely to- 

* . I gctVr, and oak OI Mto dsMaolly: -If I am 

mAmaiaaB aa it [ pour, am I not a iBaaT and one, too, wb.» la 

‘"f ’ l^ell Mood V I espalV of toving all that m guodT^ troe, 

*!•* grtee oi ftwm aod ' aod pore sod baaalifal? TVo, why any i 

leatara fimu IV war ag. Inxanant bail, not W Amy Arltngtan, and win Sto 

j blam my hie, rather than waN, amd wnlah, 
. - ^ raby weahh • • • 1 aoa weop, when adothcr bann my tnm«M 

• • * (rernm wfib aertar aa a cap whb whM." | away'” 

AadbaiVdlBbaaaiyasIbasUr-drtppeddew. , a.,ii w- i,-j 

That tV rich ledams of a rase kwV thraagfe.” ! bm to ITIX. *ZSaw Mm to 

so tv tiny BtUa foot, tbot mooao-liV bod | way V ww bwtrar^ StoUv^b b^ 
crept out from tv folds ^ tL *«« SSe affbetlort will, aoo^ 

^ and. flmcinated, eafaf under bla ^mr. vtmr iu anVemaa. A smBa. a 

••And (toa is tv ‘little giiT I ma lo teo e b f <jf tV tbommnd 
Ob: my human heart; I miut keep gaoid I oV tV toro^ X SJ* 
above thy every throb and 'unpolse Vt tbon too. ia a fbrTsal, 1 Mnnar which 

dSdMblfVt tbotnmm Rum m.wl t UTkam ^00, f — 1»1 --a .a 

that Rome weHk* slttce, when omr meetini: 
was held to appoint delegates to the 8Ute 
Convention, IV Jonmal discovered In Ute 
list of delegates tV n am ee of aeverml gen- 

bnt to keep np an office-hunting clique, re- 
gardleaa of tbe misforUinea of their bush- 

. ! rect dealing than tbisT It will be renaembered ■ _ . . wile's emanciiiation according to law, » , - . j 

aenttarod broadcast to alarm «,o,e*week# since, when ov meetlnc '■ ®®®'“ “‘*y ®“ country j^^ing her tree impcrs, and giving a bond ! “P®® ^ dttane, 

admit even iai>m«nU(y donb i 
port of tv iwetoicat. 

If soceesslnl. 

Tbe Lonisviltc Jonmal and its clique have 

any previous year. Tbe 
lore, will have a double in 

taking her tree iiapcrs, and giving a bond . , , lore, will have a double interest to the pub- ' . 9“' 1 was totally deserted; and lu mantle UI p» Tv tight from the iAmnmm.njj VmhmnAto 

in a thousand dollars that she should never deserves to wander henceforth in outer Uc at large, v well as tbe powett'ul religious So far as lies in my [tower at present, T ■ j._ ,tn-lphed ovpr thp Liwn and awav iroui her r IninVr and ^iiwingiix/rma Vr *Tf ^o tbs •'flndy, ' 

l^'oine a oli.i^ upon the public. A man ; darkness. Puhl wVta sweet dose U phi- »-ci. who ire immedialefy represented , I'lace the (.rineipal lacts of the « 5 ae 1 . T“ ? k !I!i !v ^ *- ?* 

! heeneoVemnedhy the people of Kentucky. ! {jX gKMlTuiirm q^tioS nr‘‘.' 

IvnHyoftVStote. D«fro*od *V hope , ^ 

of ftndlng something to tV arttoa ol tV j ^ 

Convsntton at which it oonld carp, and out ^ never consnUed, becanae tVv i . -r- 1 1 vii v. « 

of whirti H eonki mannibrtare poUtieal cap a««jnwi Rnt thl. *® together a Vnd of adventurers I anxious to pnreha^ Ella, bnt her owner, 

Ra. for V Oonwtto. of t V May. j ^ « ^ 3 ^*^ ’^a vVJierfnt‘ ^ tV peopi^ We discarded from^lr ^ rs^that 

It MW Iowan lu Vnghty ersatand proposm 1 tor. TV vmea appended to t Vt cdil pv- c®“®«*ence. Hence the miscellaneous party , ^ ,1, 

n eoaMtioo of iv-tog Md bob UU to beat I | now orgaaiaing— tbe tmthwhae-km of Km- \ *honId liavc the refusal. Before tliedesIreB 

JnVe Dwvail It whtoea most nheomlv ' 1 a ,, ^ **** , : (nc 4 w— a part? not national but local— Ken- purchase was effected Bnel died, bnt on his 

unoge unvBii. 11 wnmen most jMcuwiy ibemselvea, and conaenaMtly tV ate of ’ ' ■ , . I Hmih.iavl had cTnrcsiied the wish that Elia 

over tv prospect tVtV will Valeetod, and I tncky for IU field of | ,,e sold to her parenU. Subsequent 

p ret ends to think tVt H woald i deception practiced upon the public and , •* proscription and ''*r , to the decease of Mr. Buel, almost lusuper- 

, , , , , I MUmItT If V aboald he . , .11 -j i I upon the Democracr IU chief business. I able* obstacles to emancipation were raised 

.Ad V ' •**“« bushwVckein of Kentnekv remind by tlic laws, as the “ irrepressible conflict” 

It aee« tV hand writing on tV wall, and be Therefore we say take down those ^ r t -1. 41 had fired the public mind of the whole 

bevm that unlem aomething dnsperato it 1 names ! 1 us ol the Maroons of Jamaica. Like the ' c„m,try^ and tlic privileges of the free ne- 

dane tV Democracy wtU earrj the State. 1 — , {Maroons they will tally forth from their 1 ^r>>re greatly restru'ted. Y'ork Freeman had 

We toll tv Journal now tVi tVt R a fore- ' ^ ogrtsni. hldlng-placea to make war upon the wliite ‘ the means to buy his daughter, but could 

MveoMhmion. TV reauH V oppreVnV ObsUnaev and stupidtty. eapecUlly will- j party or the Democracy, and like the 

4i.__.. it k.d ...tK4,.A_d..4.i. condemned by the Legislature and dis- | aent on hU bond. Tbe same yev he 
tlemen who, it said, hod not autbortoed aach ^ organisation but the Kadi- pnreliascd his wife’s sister, Man', for whom 

use of their names, and rolled np iU : , / he gave 8500 

* . . I cals, vd even dirtrvteJ by tlicm. I 

The prospect of political plunder is, how- 

It apjiears from the evidence that from 

kvw very well tVt to anrh cases tbose ap- , . . * ,- j’.- tlila pt-rlod, and several succeeding years, 

p«i,u,d » 4,« co«.,ut, b4 c« U-, I .r.r 

wrong to tv Individula wboae names are 
to used. Therefore we say take down those 

UId Fogrtsni. 

upon tbe Democracy iU chief business. 

able' obstai'les to emancipation were raised 

The bushwhackers of Kentuckv remind by tlie laws as lh<; “ irrepressible conflict , 
. .. „ , , -1 . 41 „ had fired the public mind of the whole ' 

I M ol the Maroons of Jamaica. Like tV p„u„try, and tlic privileges of the free ne- 
I Maroons they will aally forth from their 1 (greatly nttru'ted. Y’ork Freeman had 
hiding-places to make war npon the wliite ‘ the means to buy his daughter, but could 
■party or the Democracy, and like the “°‘ <‘9. ®^ ‘^c 8 Ute re- 

. quired all negroes that were emancipated to 

k m oomto as tV deerwea of fate. But of i sfupidHy, look much alike totV pnblir, j Maroow they will prolong their predatory ; gg,,, Liberia, or some other jilacc out- 

oonne tV Jonrnal win not ecaae iu desper \ «*pocially w tVy are displayed by Ken- j warfare. when t'lcy are routed on the open Bide of the State. The plaiiiUff was taken 
ate afforta nntll all hope ia gone Its plan Old Fogiea, wV are going into tV | field by retiring to the coverts of invcessl ; by 'the‘^vme“olTam^^ tfib 

la'Mw a coalitioa. It dom not aecm to be Boshwbacker party. TV yenerahle Mr. ble defiles and thickets. Tlie Kentucky , fmj,. [I,g defendant. From the evidence 

turns, the defendant. From the evidence 

parttmlar ta r^aid to tV [lartta* to H, aod Haycraft, of Hardin county, anDonnors to busbwVckershavetheirtnatvcasiblestning- u appears that Freeman furnished the mon- 
win aeoent all romers from tV intensest !•>« Jonmal the iraportvt fact that be is holds to a labyrinth of old i>olitical prejn- 1 ey to purchase his daughter, but that he 
RadimuT tVae who call tbcmaelvea Old- "‘‘ll*" • Democrat nor a Rtelical. bnt a . dices, in which their partisans are bid away I “s 

Itor Domocrato. and wftl not retect tbe as- 

flktanrr of tbe abovd and p. reecoted TV old genUeman proVbly reads vety few defeat them in argument and chase them wm not an iinvual occurrence at that time 
iwVla, attatost whom formontV tt has V»-n P*P®~ »nd ha» not yet found out tVt tb. J i„,o tVlr hiding pUces, but the man who . “““ 

taMnattog V anatVmaa. M e dip IV l’*«y K®*®* ‘•F ®'' ^'®‘®® ' bides bimself in a jungle of i>rcjudiccs is as xiic plaintiff in this case was brouglit 

beyond the reach of day-light. 

the poreUase was made. He, however, took 
a biU of sale ot tier in his own name, which 

into tVlr hiding pUces, but the man who . «« i‘ »•» necessary for some white man to 
, 4, . A » s- • • have the uominHl Ulic. 

foUowtog extreet Itoni V leadii.g article V "»" • ‘‘ 

. lie does not know that by assnmlng such a 

inaccessible as a fox in bis hole. 

Tlic plaintiff in this case was brouglit 
home and deemed free by her i>arents and 


TVre are some lbie<- or four Union ran 

name he is MenUiythg bimsetf with tV from tV bnshwhackers, but wc shall have 

tVe do not apprehend anv serious damage ‘ neighbors, not suspecting any violation of 
>ra tv hnsl.wba<-Ucra. but w.- shall have confidepcc. For ten years she 

wa- regarded and acknowledged as tree; 

iHfialaa rnf- m Mr. BoUtog, Mr Vaton, party that wears tV name, and that the ob- to bear with them as the piople ol a new living and doing as she pleased with- 
ntc.— new to tV fi eto. Me tappose there j«ci of tV Jonmal Is to bring all tVt it can gfi^e have to endure the inroads of wolves out the restrictions of any one save her (o- 

** *? -f infiuenee into that poaitiOB— a poaition of ,nd foxc# until the arm of civiliiation has *'®''‘- ,, ,x t v ^ 

‘wR iVRka. wedon lanppoaeniaaogniat . •iii, »k- - n-ai/-!. ti.. 1 ,.4 4 4.. ^ , o x. .1.. . ■ During this time it appears that Freeman 

aatoononaany onenftVai towtahtVaac- “nuon.T with tV Radicals to beat the ^ mVlued tbe forest 80 when polltloal civ- ^ , difficulty about selling some 

Moa of tv reaction caadh to t c to prelefenoe Democrata. I'.a oorrespondeat from Maya- | iUaation has cleared away the thick jungle liquor, when he left home for fear of being 
to a Unton oandidato. Me don i snppoM ,-iHr tV proapoct for onion with the 1 and foreat of radicalism and federalism, and arrested, and went to a Mr. Smith wick’s, a 
anv one ot tVni » wriUlnf: to aaaisl to KMAi- i>, j, ,4 noV» and tlm ■ 1.4 i 44. v v4 4- 4- .< .w _4 I brother-in-law of the defendant, and while 

IM tv oM nacearion eleiuenU of this Sute 4. 1 4 sunlight of patriotUin, the party I he made a “deed ot gift” of all his 

iBto powr. We 4os't Auppoac Miy omt ot ■ tobe played all otctIdc State, of bushwhackers will be cxtinctf and their ' property In Davidsoii county, that the law 

ihei wnata, ar that the of auy one All who prefer Radicalism to Democracy remnants will proliably craicrate to mi^Tht sclri', to defendant, rcsening a use 

wUlgowith tv Journal to thte f«ion | Bmwnlow’s loyal paradise in East Tenues- , 

“Qnaot’ e belli glovaneaxa, 
fbe ei ftigge Intiarla! 
t'hi vuoi eeser lieto sia: 

Di dunum non e’e cerb'zza.”] 

Je T’ Aime Tonjoars. 

It is the witching liour of night. 

When memor; with jiotent might 
Brings back, in all their bright array. 

Sweet thongbts of joys long parsed awsy. 
And brighte.t mid«t that shining host, 
or hopes now dead and plcasares lost. 

Are thoughts ol days I passed with thee. 
When thou wert all the world to me. 

Oft I bethink me of a story. 

Not of saint's or warrior's glory. 

But just a legend, sweetly told, 
or lovers In the days of old. 

M ho when they wished their troth to plig'ut. 
Went forth npon a starry night, 

.\nd hothuiion one single star, 

Tliat sparkled iu the sky afar, 

M'ould bend a steadfast, earnest gaze. 

Till there above that starwonid blaze. 

Till not a light in Heaven above 
M'ould shine— but that lone star of love. 
And then>, Vppath that mystic charm, 
AVhere tlioiiglit ol woe rould not al.irm. 
Vows of trntb and love were spoken. 

That could ne'er on eartli be broken. 

The stars look calmly on me now, 

Bnt broken Vtliy lover vow; 

And nought of joy is left to me. 

But the lalse tale I learned from thee. 

But oh, if |>cace aronnd thee shine, 
tv bile only memory is mine, 

1 still can bear my lonely pvrt— 

I still can smile with broken heart. 

“Mai-ls Dbix,” April 90, IStid. ETOILE. 

s.cis wno are immeuiaieiy represented and p ““““ l'■>ov-•u^u liiem ui me caae - ..... j -msturo of rrnow down to tk. a<w4r .A. 

eoni erocd. Mirny siiecUtora will also V 1 organization, and give the rea Ihrongh the av nne down lo tV high mud. V? i^L^rVu^ 

in attendance from ueighboring States, to ' *®®'^ which led lo the movement, and then { immarred in its level expanse. In tV »o w.. ^ 4^ 

which end numerous applications Vve al- ' “»ow the Brotherhood To judge impartially : world’s des.-itod round no foot Cill or traek J^nge focc Vfore Vr, sV eieiaim^ ox- 
rettdy been made for rooms at tlic boteU To ss to tlio sound policy of tbe moTement - i** ii*u » s»;fiA.aiiv 

make provision forthe comiiiUaionora prop- ; and as to the motives of the pirties nwrked the place as inhabited; memi-todeed- 

er, of whom not less than sl.\ hundred are ' '*'**? arc responsible lor either its inception I yt'L within these doors, all was luxury, 'r. • “»« “os uiew— iwcco— 

ex(>ect, and many churchmen from abroad, ' ®'^*;** j light and comfort. M'ealtb and taste had -‘ggcime iBe, rathor for ay oVnptMM to 

did not mean — Indeed — 

makes quite a demand upon public and pri- 1 montiis previous to Ibis movement. lavish with tVir golden amd 

vate hospitality; but intffisnipeet, as hire- communications were constantly pouring I '•*7“ 

tofore, 8L Louis is weighed and not found ] circles in nearly every section . deHcaU* tracing, through the lofty 

••KxenBe me, ntVr, for ay aVnptMM to tide. In aa 

broad baads ot Hgbt om 4mbtwia’s bowed 
bead, tbeir s fowt ioa waa IrbNjil 
Anxioas sad .ntaat aV band aVvo b« 
task; Raymond NeweU eloae lieaide Vr. 

ore* Vrntog with IV d«!«p p aaa io a ' Vt 
•tied Mb heart, aad emonaaed tbr very 
thnil aod blood of bis Hfo oitb V tom- 

wlth their golden smiles, and thus diaturbing yon frura pleasant atam- 
nng, throogfa the lofty elegant her. It was wrong, Vwever. for yon to go 

nacnarded moment, sV raiaad 
Vr stoaee to bis fiwe and mid: 

“.Mr. NewaR, plsaas tie, toU im if ” 

, u>ior«, ou 1^1118 18 weiRoea ana uut tound , **’ vuc-ivs iu cterv Mwtiuu I — — — eT — • — w oramK m.r ; T4rA — aJ - ^ * — zT 

wanting, and there will l>e ample accommo- 9^ >-“;®®i efJinplaining of delay in the apartments, where soft, easy ehaira, and anfcr »«■ ! a»nB^lter^h!^-7ll 

; dation for all who may come. The railroad ' inaugural on o. ai tiv-e war operations, and Hehiy toned drapery. an<l voivcly cnrpela imonweBet 
and steam Val lines Vve tendered tV Com- asset iugtVt, if such oiierations were not : . .... . ~ 

mVioners ol Vth Assemblies Vll-farc speedily in gnn, it would V impossible to 'stole ail no.S«s ftroni tV feet, wooeii tremw^with 

tickeU, and the hotels Vve liVrally second- nieni Vrs together much longer, { the Inxurions to linger. Indeed, every ele- 

ed the efforts of citizens to entertain the “ they tlircatened cither to forsake the or- : gance whi.'b eonid be purchased or im- _ 

*’riie strangere are f om ^rt“to 1 surrounded the inmates of tV stone, and ^ 

nt fortnc Uberatiuu of Ireland, but realij “Hall,” who consisted of three mcmliera ***. **‘ 

State n the L nlon, and represent the high- for the subimration of ranad.v .,^.1 in nniJt ™,ie i h.,n..4f ik- .n,nu» ^.iai '®*. ‘ 9’ 

any wrapping oboat yon. Ton snMer Ana ' apon Vr cbevk; 
IV impi^enee even now. See! yoa are ^pue drauk to tV 

tbe im pfodenee even aow. 
trembhng with tV cold. C 
by tv fire until the chill 1 

^ninrtiou^bVre to rivTthe r sn^ ' ami W tV yoamr-girl toward, to. btortb- erm. tboagb m Mr. 

IM)rt to anotV^ aA^oitotio^ purirting “«’®®^ surrounded the inmatee of tV stone, and majVVr ttt down to toe 1^ V foH Vw naelem at 

be fortnc UVratfon of Ireland, but really “Hall,” wV o^nsistod of three memliers *a*i chair V hod ^cupi^ and tVn tow mhI wonto now b 
for the subjugation of Canada, and in oppo- only (beyond tV anxiltarv of servants), T**’. ^ ^_ ****** .T . 

eat culture and refinement of the commn- ! servanisk „d, smiling in ber face, mkV m ptaebUy Ve, V n^ 

ilUics from whence they come. VUiUnii: c. E 1 R ^ Slepbcu*s col. Ari'm^n, hu wife an(! child — m If, tea minatce M6i«« Im KmI not hm&m form mmS^Sr^ her eloar lo Mr 

‘a® Indications of thb spirit of impatience I * bright-eyeil, red-Upped girl of probobly toOl speeehl^ with ajjmimiom^mea « sbe. Ute a twwer Hmi drinks to innR iV . 

S '» <v» •'x™ » «» w 4.U ’S. ~ 2s? T 

even now. nee! yoa are ^pue drauk ia tV pleadiag. T<4keb-sa miHK 
the cold- Come! aU down ot bis soni, aad tben tank overpowered 
tv chin wean offT’ aad wito aadeaiabie ermactonaaem ot Mb Iom. 
11 pat out hia hand qoletly Blessed reality! 3V kvw sV wm kiliiTtd, 
ng girl towarda toa keaitb- even tkoagb m oorde betmved tom, Md 
t Vr sit down to toe Iarg« V foit Vw lae ltw a aa attempt at riariaT 
kd veupied, and tVn tow mant wonto anw bat Baadlag Wa band 
rards it V, too, aat down, that V aigV aaa toa bVaVs atsal omr Vr 
her faea, aekV aa ptoebUy ace. V pa^ bla arm aboat Vr gtaretnl 
lea before, V bad not boaa form and drew ber elaae to bla Van, and 

raff Imrrrm •foClMCU tlUpiySSIU I V iV» ri'Blttl W|i 00111 im- ^ la*'*l • 

* Ixmmm n II *1 4 4U A uv PCrtlHog thc cxistcncf of thc FcnUn orffwi- A,_n ^ ^ tiwoW 

We may here explain that tbe Assemblies izsiion A session ol the Pantrai Pnn^ in.iin— “Inderd! Weft, now that we are not one stronre fim 

constitute the highest form of government IJ^s summo^ to ibis cmereenr? to lovlinete. ^ aMtoer. tell ma wVt ia « k^t“ 

known to their respective church organi- to determine on th? ^onr{j. to ' C'>*- Arlington and his wife were loitering | yoar namaL” Usmefodv 

zalions; Presbyteries and Svnods Ving „n„ued under tIie*” exl«Un» ™ **‘® **“'*«■' '^®'» earneetly aVnt -Ambroaia- Ambrosia Arltogtoa.” , 

forms of lesser degree, and comi<artog ‘ During the season, which “dvoncemenf of tVirtrms- '‘.Ymbrosia Arlincton,” V toamily re- Wtiy wi^ 

somewVt os counties and Slates do to tlie ,i,c KthVf M^bsf at ^ into 1 "P®“ ‘ P®®**'*- ®ft®r Vr“ Bering voice, “It ia a ,v.“fv hnnl 

Federal authority. Each Synod is entitled av.rvauma 

to V tvnnHi4>n»4>,l I44. .4 COhll'OSea Of t tlC C. C. and thC chicfs Of bu- Itoht in h«r rxr e, arming ran Ki>v 

yoar tmiim 

“Ambrosia— Ambrosia Arlta|rtoa 
“.Ymbrosia ArliMton,” V area 
peated, after Vr nitering voice. 

toa t rem b Ka g HMto haV aiafo toto hfo 
MsreaotoM itrwaR, firm ahap. and bar vaaca wbfoaamd 
ill ma wbat ia so low that on^ a lovar’a ear coaid «~ iTb 
Us mefody, “Baymoad, I do lova yon. ' 

Why go oa to UR ad voieeisaa raaCare • 
e dreamily re- Wtiy write at joje toaS suamar ar Ver 
voice, “it la a sv-.-ry baman Vart moat foel, ar bas fait T 

. . , .... 4. .... .w _ I brotUcr-to-law of the defendant, and while 

let in tv sunlight of patriotUm, the party I ^,,0^0 he made a “deed ol gift” of all his 
of bnsbwVckcrs will be extinct, and tbeir ■ property in Davidson county, tVt the law 


I to be represented by at least one minister i-,.ou< an exucilitiuu t.i ramtm R4.11 . uvr "i iixe 11, anu your nama, r 

and one elder, and the larger Presbyteries pro^l^ert bv ^ Itoran*KUIiln^n^w?mto ! *" her step— and said cheeix |t u even prettier tVn roiv, 

by more, in the proportion of one minister JdvSd by Mr P L ^ton^l’ 1 •«“> '“j! ^^7 yonng girt rUed her eve. to hU 

and one elder for every four min- t J, redre^Sited bv tlieTiLJ? o? tV.c ’ ^ ™ *® Pn>ctieit>H mond smiled, and aakV after 

isu-ra Vlonging to the presbytery. The mewSre t^V n.-^tral t.^^ritol^ P*“®: 

rule ofrepresentation and indeed the whole siike bv Greiil Brirato and*^tv I ’*** ‘'™* iH'etVr 1 aia w right or ''.\mbroela, Vw old are yon? 
form of goverumentiathe«imctoVtba,. sLtc^.'ZbS ' 

had been established by eitlier. It was ' !in_„ 

THE OLD SCHOOL GENEB vL ASSEMBLY. proposcd that the men engaged in its oc- ' either 
The place of meeting will lie Dr. NichoH's eu|NiUoii proceed to Ea.-<tport, .Me., witbont 1 4,/.- 

Church, comer of Fifth and M’ahint streets, arms, and to rivilian attire, so as to com- ■ k„» 1 , 
and the time Thiirsdsy, 17th tost. Rev. J. mit no overt act in violation of the laws of i 

i~* 1 rsmram IX T\ sw., 4 - - mUolC. 

light in ber eye, cunninc on her cheek. 

utifol name.” TV twlilrtl stole ta «a toam sMtiac to- 

I like It, and your nam^ too! I Uunk gaUier-tMr bawfo rt mp ad. th^eyea 

.n/xmmttiw. Kre m .♦» 1 ♦ * ti ' j ' tho»4* biirodnuD luuftieml sc^et; iMTeT kiM>w- 

Int-T, 1' ling all IV time wlietVr lain w right oc 

1^ IiJio^L? wn,ng!” And with tV mov pwfoetly 

?V‘iT4.1^ i I ?!• I 1 atandon to the world sV knelt 

had been established by eillier. It was . hv them and nleoed a hand nnnn 

ASSEMBLY. proposcd that the men engaged in its oc- • Vr their eheirs 
cDr. NichoH’s cii()aUoii proceed to Ka.stport, .Me., without 1 * ‘*t’crtalnl» von are wel 
Y ahint streets, arms, and to civilian attire, so as to com- ■ but I am aoirv feu weary 1 

ity In Her step— and said chror |t u even prettier than roiv,” aad tV drtaktar ta tV — *— » torv fola ta 
bow comtortableand coey! May young girl nVd hW eves to his fiice. Bay- iwveillng ta toe refofoent radtaMa V 

“ ■“‘•®*’* oekMwfcdgH aV reclpcKrated iRbcuoa. 

limm musiealscalea, never ^w- p,us«; “.W mw, my own, I win go to yonr 

time whetVr 1 am wnght oc “.\oibroela, Vw old are yoaf’ graVtatVr eooftas mv • 

And with tV most perleetly “j flneen lost May, tV eighth day.” nts maettou lo eor Iw^” 

tandon to the wocld she knelt “U was a Meaaed eighth Vy. that give NeweuTiX kiaaad k?ta IV sv!C^ 
them, and placed a band npon meb a aweet girl to Iv world,” V said, the eTentag. 

tieir ebairs. then addad, as V noticed Vr poinfnl flas.\ “Nov Ibivmowd. I alnd wlHi *<iu met 

•ji yi>“ “re Welcome, my child; *• At least yonr grandparents seem aad let m woR a lintowhifo tafiasw wa 

Icome, my child; 

neen lost way, me etgnin day. nts rnactHm lo oor taow,” mM Raewtemd 
I Messed eighth Vy. that gave Newell, mV kiaoad bar ta IV sviLw o4 
et girl to tv worid,” V said, the eventaf. 

, as V noticed Vr painfnl floa.\ -Nny, IfoywKmd, I phad wRh you, ae< 

yonr grandparenta seem aad .’ Let m watt a Imle whRa tafofo wa 

so quickly of yonr think so, and no diouht I will too, wVn I breV too hallowed 

auu luc Iiuie J iiiirsuHv, iiin insi. iiev. d. iiiii nw oven act in violation Ot toe laws Of , r V T V , L V4V, x , . 

C. Lowiy, D. D., of .New York, who was the American republic, while munitions of a 

Moderator of the last General Assembly, war, arms and other supplies were to V * 1 wP® 

win open with a,sem.on.. senUo the same place by", different route. to. TT"! 

“Do yow fear a raftaml, .Ambrosia *" and 
V drew up hfo promt, tt. V form, m If ta 

“Nay. Raymond, Vt I w.mld mtVr ravdi 

ay more aeooasion rule in K-m- 

tliat when Freeman dto that he gave ycrVl ImportaUt C'Orrf SDOUdeDCe 
restnetions with regard to the diejiosition of * • 

tnekv Iftoese Untaooondldateasad tVir wotement, i»d those who are not willing to { see. where they will be entirely at home. | restrictions with regard to the disjiosition of 
fheods are not srUltag to V made use oMo V foaed wlU coaae oat of tV Bushwhacker Kentucky to no State for poliUcai bush- ! the piatoUira money, and said Uiat it was 

pwty- Hr. H. wiU probably go jnstaa tar wVckeia. TV hearts of toe people are H>e ’‘f* 

mtVJuiimalmavlmd him. nnlem te>me L. *^4. 4k J,.4r4„.kki.k TV .1 1 defendant Vd ^31b in sp^le 

alMdfomsrRh aach •therbetore tV meeting •• tV Journal may lead him, nnleaa some m tmo to Jeffersonian Democracy now as 
•r toe >eopte’a Um<m CoavenUon of tV kind friend reads toe papers to bhn aad ex- I tVy were to 17«8, when they were led in 
Mth hm ta a f . ta or ^^to at J***®* poBc.i Bushwhackers. . that taith by Nicholas and Breckinridge, 

09MIU0® \mxe frt>n the first Bovemeat to or- j afterwards by Clay. Federal patron- 

liwat may V prmeatod ta tVlr ooauuou 

M'c Vve fhMU tv first movement to or- 

Thfo h a vmy atimight-out pfoposhiou • BatbarVeker party denonneed it | age may VveoormiRed a few, party preju- 

tumed over to him for safe keeping by the 
wife of the deceased. 

Some twelve months after the death of the 
[ilaintiff ’a father, ber mother died, who made 
a noncupative will of her effects, with cer- 

tMfon General Sherman 
and Brigham Yonn?. 


St. Lopis, April 10, I860. 

The number of Commissioners will equal, Ui>on gaining possession of the island, it turn4.-d to to rown^ilr vM- snoke ^dfavr ^ ® . - ^’. 4 ””.4"? naymowd. Vt I w.mid mtVv ravai 

,if it does not exceed, three hundred, and was repri-seut<-4 that an armed force could . iter moral’s 7 *^ •*®"® “F Vppmem for a ttUto while.'’ 

will embrace such eminent gentlemen as V organized there, either for the immedi- 1 ha™ not formtt«?^ia is tto7^7 “^fn^k i Urai»foe» tweat to yoa, ma 

Dr. Vandvke. of BrooUvn- Dr in ate inv»»i,.n 44f Tr..i,nrf ns o., J I have not forgotten tbiB to the day your “Why? lamsurpr aed! I would inugiae Viler’ aod V drew to. enow. irt.i^ kt. 

..... 4 4.......,, ouvu CII41U,^U|. ccuiiciuuu iu! 14V UI ^aui.v-u kue ITT, riiuLT lUF IIIC immeui' 4,0.* Tint fnivntten this la thi. 

®*^ Brooklyn; Dr. Broadm in, ate invasion of Ireland of for manning pri- „ew tStor to I tra 

of Phitodelphto; Dr. Smith, of Baltimore vateera to prey upon the British eomi*ree, voiStatc^t in tV 

and Dr. Wilaon, Rev. Stuart Robinson and and thus commence hostilities. It was also ^®®*^ intcreai in tv 

F.T.nnv Wikiriitte kf iT4k,4.,kt-. tk,.,.iki« ik4i4,t44.i kk „„A r knowledge. 

Why? I am sorpr:s^! I would iasagiae viler’ aV V drew toe 
1 you enjoyed music. Too arc a song- Vai4 

Ex-Gov. Wickllffe, of Kentucky. 

The session will V one of the most ira- 

raleere to prey upon the British rom^ree' I tutor to expected. I trust V wiH that you enjoyed music. Tow arc a song- 

.:1 iTu 4 eJ"j.srtouS3“ inrs i " ‘■si?",'!::'' .'•■>!; •ts:' .4. 7 

proinfses made to as from many qaar- »»•▼« not toirf mA ku mtnvh wmti** ^ ^ *“***01^1 

you, ma 

(Irl to hfo 

for an wlto tV VaUville Demo- •* “ •«<’»®P< <® *® “HHnoe with the j dk* may Vve misled others, and emigrants ' i,eing lield by the defendant, to tlie plain- 

aMt m 4 Ra aawdUate There to wo “sub- and give toetn all tV aid potaible. | from otVr States may have brought in Uitt' and her grandmother. After her death 

lain sums of money which she specified as To Briyham Youny: 

t«ing lield by the defendant, to tlie plain- 8iit: A telegram comes to me from re- 

imrtant and Interesting tVt has ever been lers, proved with apparent likelihood that, “N.-eli—isTit th.tit t'nl ArU 
held, the time Ving fully occupied in lis- were the first blow struck from this, or Vew^ii to hU 

tening to and deciding various appeals indeed, any other (arlnt, it would V | , ,er^i« TOfttoU KotieTOn M 
from the action of the Synod, and in the sustained and followed np by the , I ^ .n! 

discuwion of certain exciting questions that friends of Ireland and the enemies 

have Ven, for some time, of aVorbing in- of Great Britain Ihroiigboiit tV United ' oSv-forV writes a sta^rlv 
terest to lioth inintoters !ind coniitiiinl4ml« jttefn.- Ih-.t nriv.tekk. .k?,te k- P“y— tor be_ writes a SIDgUlarly 


Hx.saiqcB tm ummm. 

“Yes, Raymond iNewell to bis name, and when we practise togetVr over toa roagh 

pUees, and will learn, too, I am veiy aura. 
You must sever allow yooraelf to boeome 

singularly beanttfol 

or tv Democrat would Vve to concede 
muBh to get togetoer ou a oommoo ptat- 
foi^ TRk to tv suhataaee of tot Jour 
aal’s aigumeBt. They were brothora ta 

.-.44..— joMaal ■■▼body uow too dull to peroeive | radical and rcvointlonary 

k Ik tbe Ihct? nnlitical disorder, bnt 

principles of 

The Louisville Demoemt aud 
Right ot Revolutiou. 

Ambrosia looked thonghtfully in tV fire “Ofa 
witbont speaking, desiring that her grand- can’t 1 
parents should eontinae tVir conversation much, 
about a perso.4age who would soon oecapy >‘\VI 

jhdge of Ton must sever allow yooraelf to bo e om e 
ebirogrw- disconrnged. A firm resolve to succeed, 
beauttful aecompitohm much tadeod— almost cvery- 
>ly.” thing, ' said Raymoud. 
n tv fire “Ofa! grindma talka just tVt aray, but 1 
ler grand- can’t learn even wVn I want to ever so 

duri^ tv war ; tlpT both cous'.der agattut t V point we made upon it last j ta their political career 

toe luonaataed Demm*ucy lad by Judge Friday, and opens V defesM with tV fol- ' , 

Durell - tv aame pmty they opposed dur- fowtag paragraph; 

political disorder, bnt the mass of ; be was the proper owner of all the property (urthcr danger from this class. By Gen- ing resolutions which were adoiJtcd at the waters. OtVr eventualities were brought can’t hwni even wVn 1 want to evr 

j native Kentucktona will stand by tV prin-x and effects of York Freeman, at tbe same (lies, I understand American citizens not of Geoeral Assembly in Pittsburg; forwanl, which it were unwise to tei«r to '®"®"S'. 

I riplea of constitutional Demoeraev, and the ti'Sfredudng tv defendant to yonr religions belief. I am bound to ^ive , * J. I !*"" *®d « ?wh an S^t^iJo.i in .ir .om-ho- .h« 

L ,4. , , . . , I She was held in slavery until the late rev- protection to all citizens, regardless of re- “It is hereby ordained that all onr Pres- b-tve since ascertained its eorrectneas. tVt 4*kk . I don t kimw, air, aomaVw wVu 

tse I men h have been firm and incorruptible , olution, when she became free and Inatitu- liglons I'aitli, and ahall do ao. These mur- byteriesexamine every minister applying Campo_BcIIe _could_ V taken withii the 

last I ta their pohUcal career ted suit in tbe Freedmen’s Court forthe derers must be punished, and if your people for admission, from any Presbytery or other s|>ace of one day after the arrival of onr Mt ot ^o^ta ^ a^^r. with tV 

fol- : moneys deposited by her parents in the resort to measures of intimidation, thSse Eccleslaatlcal body in the Southern Sutos, Irieiids in Eastifort. for hSf^ V^wVa^tV d^* ^ Si TT’ 

Kigfet V KrvoiutioH. i cipies OI constitutional uemocraev, ana tne .t«ui rcnniuus ucuci. i am uouuu lo give .. . unukiukric, m wm ouuwn, ana i .nch an imnortanl oosilio.! in Vr borne 

rk__7 4 4 A r^A XA xr k k k 41 1 4-1 1 ' She was held in Blavery until the late rev- protection to all citizens, regardless ot re- “It is hereby ordained that all onr Pres- Ksve since ascertained its correctness tVt i 41I w . . — _ . 

TV Democrat attempts to defend itself < men who have been firm and incorrupUhlc .elution, when she became free and Institu- Uglons faith, and shall do so. These mur- byteriesexamine every minister applying Campo Belle could be taken within the i®iL .*!7. *^7ri!!7.*..i.i down to pr 

.As tv gtad days ot fotu aud trust spud 
on, Raymoud Newell aud .Ambroaia Atli» 
ton were happy as a poet's dreamttm. No 
cloud of doubt rose to mar tV clear aky of 
tVir lovtug. Buapie lo u te e aa t d to Vve 
eompMely vimtoVd Bom tV tVfogbto ot 
C'oL Arilagtou aad bto wite. lataruatud 
with tv parfoet succem ot Raymoud New- 
eil’a tutU^ of tbeir gramdehiM, Ary vowed 

tv war, and why should thev not be 

bru t ba n now. 

TV Lontoville Courier has found tVt tV 
Democrat has been verv Inoonatotent ta ad- 

TV Joumal koowa very 

_ ,k- mitting tv right of revolution, m declared . atartling 

wen laai UK declaratloo of iudepeVeoee, and ■ XHP 

cr and OtVr mattersol lamilytateresi, eon- shine; in IV winter, with tV auow- aad 
tinning for half on hour, wVn tV door* iVn 1 want to stop; aod when I know It 

laws of the aame. 

- — - ' lu UK oecaanmo. <m luorpeDoeaoB, sou ■ XHC nCRCI fAVVCYXIAV i “*«; »4444ic. to avenge any wrongs you may coinmii ,44^ 4eu4.i4iuu kuu 1^1 

Democrat to atroog-headed, and tied to ebowtag tVt this declaration must be ap- j info ULdLL ( D.AI L.A I IV.ti ,Tndgc Lawrence held, in his decision, against any of our citizens, even in that re- has been waged aininst the Unit ot i 

BoHIk. tVt it will not give him up. (dioablr to tV boathem States united In a i • (bat the laws of Congress, establishing the mote region. I will soon hove regular “fid if it be lonnd by hia own eonfesa 

.re.-— 4.4k4hu- camfoderation. M'e are taconofotent, inas- i ' Freedmen’s Court, gave it jurisdiction over troops in Utah, and on the road leading from snffleleut testimony lliat he hai 

w ^upt ^wm , xwereiorc. - ™“®** “*'*''***'■ Htot Ol putting down ] i';._ »_l-_ -# 14 i ^. _ p.,— ,11 cases between white and colored per- tVre, when I ho()e we sVU receive reports w conOTrned, that he be r^uired t 

That tv Jontuai wtll go over to tV Deino- rebellion by force. This only shows 1 '“W luiril 01 ll Uy It uruiorruur Fiiprr. «.bere the latter are not allowed by on which to base accurate opinions; and I fesa and forsake his sin in this reftird 

mmoA mM*Y«uM4 ftf r Rgkilt >t he iXkRti It the I.jbtiiARrilte< lifTrter Hire fh^ M A^itaa-bti ! *»..» e*.r oUee. Q4««^ 4^ oe,^ 4 tt\e eeme.t 4 Ka 4 44 RPml Tfbii inttfioaore tint nc a t.)ire?»t 1 hC Sll&ll l>6 rocclvcd. 

you may commit tenancing the rebellion and the war which Uunchim? of prirateers. It waa, also, the the riJrWM 

Jndge Lawrence held, in his decision, against any of our citizens, even in tVt re- has been waged againsl the Unitffl States; all but unanimous opinion of those present tv T.*/# w^"t tato toTi^ woriA 

that th£ laws of Congrete, establishing th^ mote regfon. I will soon hove regular and if it be Foundry hia own confession or that no movement should V maje until v “d s^ KnlSii I ^ ^f^ 

Freedmen’s Court, gave it jurisdiction over troops in Utah, and on the road leading from snffleleut teatlmony lliat he has been after the arrival of Janies Stephens, then 1 tk tory of Kug^, 1 a«^ toll mtaa^ aud — * 

all eS^be^vn white tVrT when I ho(K we sVU receive reporta so concerned, that he V required to con- and still daily expected on th'me shores. 7 fh ^ ^1 “/ S^rmSid/tereTt^” sJ^^ 

where the totter are not allowed hv On Which to baai accurate oolnions: ^d I feaa and forsake hU sin in thU reftrd VIore General M illlm, U. HalDin. who Vd re- 7 "®?^“ but I t-in read M_o^_aud_ Byrou, aud Vre 

Thank yon, John; go open tV front moad. 

>r, and when tbe carriage airiveneoDdoct “Just tbe mme way. 

‘Why no»r’ •’it tuUlage of tbeir gTaadchild, Aey vowed 

'I don't know, sir, aoiaaVw wbeu I sR *!• Ao^ umar leave tVam MM attar 
wn to practice, my btaurt rocs way off- -'■F ~ tuisVd toe coune toa wm pur- 
t ot doors — in tV snmmer, with tV tau- ““‘fig, thv V sbonid re ma i n with tVm m 
ine; in IV winter, with tV utow; aad • ^?*F*“*?* ■“'* f *®^ 
in 1 wsal to stop; aad wbeu I kuow It ,, smile a« tbaae ptaMamt 

mid be wbal caIIs mi *oadMlott ui&M latlinii Md cqmwIow 

duty.’ I -owl learn, even thoogb I try fif ^ ^ P**v- 

r so hard.” iiege of elalmhig fV title throngb Amv’s 

•How to it with vour books?” mked Ray- ^meto mMH <me dny'ta 

)ud. eouaeleioa with tVn iVy m tlouad that 

‘Just the mme way. Wbeu Erandm;t ^“F wo«ld »«*m to forget them wVa tV 

TVttV JoutualwfllgooveriotVDelBo this rebellion by foree. Thto only shows 
riutand support Mr. fiolling — tbe man It tVl tV LoutovUle Courier, like tV Madison 
opposed eU year* ego, if tV Democrat aud Courier, only takm a parttoau view of the 
Mr. Bolltag wUI give it a reaaonaMe pie- “■•»•>«!»■ 


text, by going into tV SOtfa of May Om- TV Democrat entirdy evades tV point _ 

rrulinu. twged against IL M’s made no toaue i 

But what dom t V Jooraal ««— ■ by ta- with tt ta regard to the right of revolntioii. I This shows the i 
vtttag eouserrstlve meu to support such a That to simply a question of force which j Democrat’s itisrepn 
uurnmp nrn itoing Radical as Mr. every one admits; but we urged tVt if the , tacky Democracy is 
gp, gf tl,, rery worst ot tV ciss»; Democrat believed this doctrine there was ! Hk country. The I) 
aud wbat dam U mean by assertiiig that no possible jvtification for ita course du- remember tbe D 
there to no “substauUal dlffetcncc" which rtag tVwsr. when it was denouncing reVU “ItF “nd opposition, 
would prevmt Mr. Bolling s fheuds, or IV and rebd sympaUitaere; catling for tV con «-Tbe L^TTville 

It iff Treasonable Throughout 

we nri^ec it. ne wmae no tmae i qI* prescribi^d that “Imprisonment” 

with H in reg:ard to therigfat of rerolatioD. I This shows the impression which the ' was a disability to sne; that tbe law did cot 
That is ainiplj a question of force which Democrat’s misrt'prcscnlation of the Ken- , rccoOTisc such cases, and that the statute 
CTOO ooe admits; b.i we nrg:ed Umt If the , Demoomoy te producing tbroujfhout S-Tr? te i^ 

Democrat bcllcvod this doctrine there was country. The Ifeinocracy will not tail nieanin? of the proviso in the statute,” 

dullv PTnAd^td^l on thmmm «Kom.xm wuriw wL-iKAFUfc bUR! .-KUiurAFtoin, UtreT TemeTBOV % WOlU 1IMI 1 

Wi mm flushed (ace and beshtnl manners hid- but I can read Moore and Byroo, aad hs^ ^ ^ 

Tived from Ire Vd’ nuSft f^ihW den in shadow, occupied IVVckground of learm>d many of tVlr pieem by rote. Is K>owed, ^ kto eye fiaata^ Too la tely 
Tivia irom ireia id, most forcibly tfic piefare. iku nwwrt Gieiwiie. »» u >. iexm « . ouquer toa forin* imautoa wMeb bid 

o did Messrs. 
Downiug, and 
ty. A resoln- 
ily passed be- 

thto qnrer* Grandma saya tt to, very.” mvinulmputoa wm bid >mu 

Kaymond Newell toughed ourrigV “No, .*?**.. •▼•Vag' d 

yoa don’t, dear, Mtnral chikL Hume to dry Cofo^l Arltag*» aad hia .*rfo 


Great Salt Lake City, ) 
April 11, 18*j«. f 
ifaj. Gen. IF. T. Sherman, St. Louie, Mo.; 
8 ib: A’our telegram of yesterday ia at 

to remember tbe Demo'.ret’a present eu- , etc., and that it was im(x>ssible forthe baud, and contents duly considered. The Pittsbure General Araeuibly has not l^r 
mlty and opposition. i plsiutiff to sne until relvscd from the im- reports tliat liave reached you are not reli- because it was re Vlled againsl 

Tnteeal ttuelf from euDDOrtiue him? M'e flscation and seizure of tVlr property aod o .k , , .... — — - ^ - 

******* __ t_ inikrtoknBWiei mf tvir nrxmnm. ,n/i 4ii4.ii- pcopl* of the South hsd a Clear right to that the defendant should pay damages to 

regard tost v an exeecdlngiy boU ^ taprtoonmeut of tVir pmons, and I Vir independent Govern- the plaintiff and her sons foV bolding them 

AS-- A kk^^^Wl4e If toff « Hjb rWHAdAf*!! tifbll RWl A TRlIr fhnW RRVR th(«T r r i r too FhfWA. sUreS fore refo 1.1 fore ret. 

tv wont iinasftiiT diracUou. U, u tV peraocuUon generally. He now says they 

Itv and ODDOsitidn plaintiff to sne until relvscd from the im- reports tliat liave reached you are not reli- f®'®’*^ ^ ’ Dccause ii was re vilea against consent, orderc' 

^ ' prisonmeiit of slavery. Hence, he decided able, satisfactory evidence of wbieh I will ^“ods ot the border Stales, and by duty, and throw 

a-a-n.. Tk„ic4-iii. n...,.k....4i 41. .ki... ii..4 H**® action brought by tbe plaintiffwos telegraph you as soon as the testimony of 5?'"® *®“Huieiita in the induced to const 

f^Tiie Loui.vllle Democrat thinks that barred bv the statute, and adjudged reliable gentlemen, not Mormons, cau be Nortbera State*, the feouthcru States proper and to sign an ai 
c people of the South had a clear right to that tbe defendant should pay damages to had, say within twenty-four hours. not acting, os they have been nureprcseiited to commeucc iL 

tempt to set no an independent Govern- I tbe plaintiff and her sons for bolding them , B. YOUNG. ’® .^®®*"“k fo*" several years The conipan 

and if it V found that beholds either of Next day, unfortunately, by the errone- until it lanscd Vfor> the oneu door 
these doctrines, that he be not received sius statements made to ino of the neutrall- where bright welcome awaited tbe^ranger’ 
without renouncing and forsaking theae ty of the place to V captured, and under who%i^g out with agi” yrtltatelyi^^ 
e«fe«- the pressure of impatient memVra ol the and mounted the ttiirM of stena 

This and sImiUr political action by the New York circlc-a, the fighting material of TV servanbln waiting tainted him with 
Pittabura General Arseuibly baa not been whic h Vd been, without my knowledge or » ,k, !nS adra^iS^ to a .Cr n^u 

Un.VrTER II. yon don’t, dear, aatnral child. HnuMtodry 

THE AB5IV.VL. “fid tlrcaomc. M'e won’t reed him.” 

D -.1 4k 1 4k 44.. .4 1“ "> »® you>ou’t 

Rapidly the carriage neared tV “Hall, n^ik, *e practise Scairn’ eitVr, wiB yon ?*’ 

proved loo aoreij Umt V bad beea eloaaly 
otaarved, toKl bfo paaaloto for Amy wm ftiL 

iot altogetVr. Wt will sl^ glad, gay omi ^PMb lay apau to kirn aow. Ha 

a, and play briglit polkas and cbewftil trutbaad “foca tha 

tea. Oh! we will Wu very that, aad •‘®™' or act ta aaeh a muttacr aa to reftite 
V it all too. ” )L!®. ■»•“«■■»»▼ batrayal ot bfo paatom. 

“.Not altogetVr. 
songs, and play br 
waltzes. Oh! we 
enjoy It all too.” 

Ej'-t,;; K?r4.“S5J^,5:s£rs: 

totiLnj of ®0'"® «f conseix stive seutiuie^^ indiied to conaenl to a audden moven.enC ^ the jr^^ and langh«^rrily. ."j® 

ions, cau V Arlington stuped forward aad held afrafo U wiU V to toTeJn^. will ®* ««* 

ment but tVt the Governiuent of the ’® <8,000; that he ahonld nay Vek 

inufMi mtautomM- tbe eleellon of Judge were guilty of no crime and sbonid not be „ ,4.1, o. . , 4 , ■ ,4 Hie received from the piaintiU’s 

iooeo^ mmm^. yc V mv wa Bnt If IVv were **•*“ ** *® «"Other. with luteresL <514 44; he 

Dnvall would be tV trtampb , . . ***!! ^ k 4k vkZ- 4 preTcnt them from doing it if it eonid. It ahonld i«y for stock taken, M&5; for iurni- 

itoa, tv clectMU of Mr. Seatoo would be guilty of no crime, why was toe Democrat | maintains that as tlieir ri riit to re- ■ ®*' H‘® $J00; making an 

tv Uta-Mtaf redioMittfoa^Jo.^ tt> fi«^^ th^r punl^ment during^ , ^ 

Great Salt Lake Citt, I 
April I’J, 18G6 ) 

Orneral IF. T. Sherman; 

in General Assemhlius for several years The comparatively small expense at ^rrasoed saving eovdiallv “Mcleonio to 
past. In the coming Assembly a pruuosi- which it was insisted the thing could bo ArIVrton ll«ll*m» frine.1^’’’ 

past, in toe coming Asaemlily a pruuosi- wlucn it was insisted the thing could bo 
lion will be introduced to rescind this Pitta- done was also a great incitement to meat 
bnrg action, aud tbercon will arise much the time. 1. moreover, felt somewhat im- 

- — r--. ... — “No, sir, for if yon are interested ta .. . t. 

Arlington Hall, my frieml.” teaching nto, I know I sVIl tear*,” mtd sV “fT?*®** <■* *«• baeuly Ac eoioa- 

Tben turning to bis wife V introdueisd raised Vr bouest eyeo to bfo own. ml-Iiks omiMtioa w Vh w«nM impada tha 

her — “Mrs. Arlinirton. Mr. .Newell — and ••ThAnk too. mv oupIL” auceeae or hfo auapected anfo: 

.%itera (Saw moments CoL .Vrlbtetou spoke 
^ out ta a stateiv. msaoured tone, whl^ made 

1 possibly 
siuiilar sii 

excited debate. 

.,.ti..k4 k, 4K-4 ,,u- he^— “Mrs. Arlington. Mr. .Newell— and ‘-Tiunk vou. mv dodIL 

to hn^.- ’n *>e added, looking around for Am- Thus qnrel'*^ ami 

may real ama md that tV people of Kea- 

taeity would Infinitely peeler the eiectkm |^“ TV Mil of Mr. Trumbull to pro- , If it was right, as the Democrat argued January, Isis, was t 
ot even eu boumt Coufpidmte wiwi haft re- Uie rrasldeui from making removals during Ae war, to kill them for what they 1 Itom tlie fact that It 

Mwed hfo aUegiauoe, lata d^n IVarn^ wiAout Ae consent of Ae Senate fo were attempting, we do not see why it i» 
and was Alfilllug all Ae obHgaUous ,noAer of Ae incomprehensible fanUsiea . not quite as proi>er to punU’u them now. j Ae dte™*le^l. 

good Mttaimship which V had aosumed, and aaoAcr attempt to TV Democrat’s arguments don’t run to- '?'<i»'«»ornfeirtp”w« 

than Ac etae tio a of one who fa raoogmaed pfcaiqre tV character of Ae Government, i «;Aer ‘*®"> "® 

_ 4.-4 4. . ^ r,.kAot,4 H4ll„k,4 41.. 

war? That is IV qmatiun. Answer Aat 

as a R ad ic al TV Ooufedetate* luada a V- ,^4 direct it from tV origlnsl Aeory ot its i | ‘^'.'9 

roic eOarl to cotabifob an independent gov- The President fa required to I Journal talka about Ac 

but they never sunght to subvert to see tV iawa executed, yet ' CorBiBB's perambulations tlirough the ' TI 

ige Ae character of this. TVy ,, j»opo,efi to deprive him of Ae power Confederacy. The Jonrnal is forgetting mig 

...4^ 4 1» m u- ui wi m r^ m^ 4 Ka MIAalt - a. a .a a*. .4 _ a> a * . . a . hlRtrirV Thfi 1Vbff*VlPtB Waff ngbi 1 X«1 1x1 iff liEwl fa'A ^ 

volt was clear and undeniable, It Is not law- I , j * au , j r report 

dk.t _E_foA A . A ff A I The court also adjudired that the deed of , from this olaco 

fill or right now to punish them for treason. I made by Fork F reeroan on the 0th of . of etatln;; la 
If it waa rurht, as the Domoerat arj^ed January, 1H^, was void and of no cfTecU : As nl^h as w< 

during Ae war, to kill them for what they i Itom Hif tVt It was procured through I telegrams sent 
— A«> .444.4.44.41... ... A. ..4 ... 14 I. i fraud. It was also deemed void fur want of have not bcei 

were attempting, we do not see why it ia ^.onMderation which was necessary to make ^ves us some i 

not quite aa proi>cr to punU'u them now. ; the deed legal. “Kelationehip by eontan- . have Ven no si 

TV Democrat’s arguments don’t run to- 'P<i»'tt«ornff;iitp” washeldtoVlaconsidera- to in your dispi 

„tVr **®®> "®‘ pretended by the de- filer shot a geni 

iiegrams sent irom nere to inc East wuicn joined I 
ive not been reliable. Your tel^ram of loyal 
ives us some idea of their purport. There the ocli 
ive been no such assassinations as alluded alavery, 

ton exclaimed in a surprised voice, 
was nut aware the bad left Ac room, 
mart excuse Ais timidity in your 

aueeean of bfo roapected suit: 

“It fo VI Ae couimou daerea af life, my 
door sir. tbol sa wa grow oM wo aa« «et 
aaie'a from tV world. Thuagh A^ lovaa 
iia, tv ttate fo aot foe Artant, wham ta tha 
•oalight ol a luore porthcl joy, sb« win foe- 
get Aat age cteepe atowly ou aad ahedowa 
tall- TV auiHhtae ot HA beoma inlifoutj 

•tvr **®"> "®‘ pretended t>F the de- dier shot a gentlemap named Mayfield, and 

I fendaiit Hallums tliat he was in any manner a Mr. Brossficid came home and seduced a 

fcif TV Journal talks about Ac telstcd to Ac plaiutltra father, York Free- ] Mormon’s wife, aud was shot ou the street 
■ ,14- 41 I man. by some unknown person; lint neither 1 nor 

nave ven no such assassinations as alluded ?‘»*"r-4 "o.are iniurnica yoar record is not cetded anything ori rinallT deinand«.i h» luu mu.. ua<tu«> ummo; m your 
to in your dispatch. On March 37tb a sol- fo'r. “"d wedreltnesendiusyouacoiamlsslon. Mr. Killian. ^ demanded ly pupiL .Mr. Newell. SV fo extremely 

Y’oura, tnilv, 

Cor. Secretary, tee. 

“Oht wVl will graadorami say wbeu , 

sV knows wbat I’ve done? talked to you 
so long wVn I was too ahy to V politely ™‘*“ ?•”•' 
introdneed. Oh! I’m to sorry,” and tV O'er V 

NoUiing, indeed, tVt Imd been originally 

required was neglected, even thoogb the “ . - . • . . Ton need nut V. Let Ae 

Ae tatro du ctiou 

for Vri” 

Raymond aot looktag tateuUy at the dfoe 
maud patterns ta tV carpal, eoauttag them 
over anfi backward ■utaff, but V uVur «*• 
presse«A V sligMaal jalaiim, foab V UdRha 

. 1 a degrre vfotala bfo praafos to Am- 
brnafo. Strictly V Impoaed tha aouaueu of 

The court further held that damages [ the commnnity at large know any more 
ight be assessed for tbe use of the plain- about it than an inhabitant of St. Louis. 

Of. piece with this letteTw^AcTi*^^^ cx|>ense far e.xcilklS ;bar" wonM have ’[v ^®ntlem.^'^ 

off of the Synod of Missouri from the Mi^ consented to incur, had the expedition not ‘ iaLfoT aware tea 

aioulund,which led tothe establfo^^^^ If then, the Pfonnanee 

wore bmtTta. and they aorepted the reenlt 4. nooiolv wRh the obi taa Lions of hfo oath, history. TYic Cockier waa not published '"®'^ ****? ’’▼•fity y®“re- hut ciGzens who are not of our faith do not j mission question, therefore, will be debated 

watT „ .re 4 o«“P'y «e ooiigmuons oi nis mul z k^.i.^iu. k. r.^.rei required nothing more than the immediate suffer from intimidation here. In no other | and decided according to the Radical ^ 

os Vuu rahfo men. But tV Radicals are if, |n Ae vacation of Congress, V should \ Ae wacnaUon of Nashrtlle by General possession of the land and the payment of commnnity could men pnraue the course Conservative ^fo ot^ a maioritv of th^ 
-1 «- — nireik _Aafffic exT .^.reaoforetre dWred re ^..rerebkrere ^ AVre ..reRkitre ' Aloert Sldncv Johoson. Th6 Joumal’s ttic dsnisifcs aw&fded. . m»nv Hfr ho*Ma wifii/bait ovtxs»winnrain«. «ka y-tre t_.t J 

now a^ved ta iWvIlfoh work of over- m<*rtaln Aat a number of Ae pubV Sidney Johnson. The Joumat’s Ac damages awarded. 

Arowtag repnbUoan institatloua, whl<* ollioeis were eorrnpL, or were not exe- ®®fiFfi“iofi in regard lo the present condi- i - 

tbe Ca ii K4r™*— mmrte inti — liciH to as sa ll . rnttag tV laws, under Ae operation of; *^®® ®*^ political affaire of Ken- Snieide — Death of J. T, llnya, from 

Md cotabifob a asutral despotism upon its this law V would not V at liVrty , Ififhy fo, no doubt, the cause of its beail- j 
miM. Aud tv Journal Vs Ae audacity to (o remove tlTcm until V had consulted i ’*®™*®®* ®®®®®re^®d Hie pasL Couldutthc' 


Sunday morning la<>t, about daylight, J. 

many do here witliout experiencing the Commissioner), 
vengeance of a vigilance committee. The 

outrageous slanders they have circnlated Cicers or dr. robt. j. breckin 

against ns would lisvc provoked such an ridge. 

outbreak elsewhere. Tb’is well-known divine, our readers arc 

There arc a lew speculators here who aware, has been an exceedingly ardent snp- 

aiou fund, H^hich led to the establfohment aturted already. If then tlie ""k^’ ,f!lfi*:i'lV4fi‘f **f iJT 

by the Synod of a fund of its own. This of the requirements ou headqilarlera couM Wii^I caUun I Vve Vd in talktaii CTfcstra madly ^ 

mission question, therefore, will be deVted Vve insuied auccess, victory waa certain. ?"“• P®^: i*’!' TbStaVe^*— iL it i. ff^ 

aud decided according to the Radical or But, from Ae start, trei-ou or;iolly **S' >® «*»‘F -W g.«<f uighL^ remember ^ 

Conservative basis of a maioritv of the threatened to defeat ihc attempt. Though our a^na ta iiKerew w y K i r. , ta tV naorntaig, • FW 

te^recrund were* iudiVpeniiMelo 

Wghiy ptobuMe eacut Aat your 

tlie aims ol the expedition, together with 
its destination, were next morning laid t>ore 

“Thu is luxurious alter my travel and IV little desk, aad was soon bnail 

and rfoing V opened Ac door for tV blnafr- <“*tahtar fo approaefriug wooMabeoaT 
log girl to poM out, aad Ibea eluslOR it wiA f“®® ““F •V Vifiwfo Ihffb unoceu.'' 

a pinaed smile. V once mote tooght oot *** !Sf“ *“* "’’F “•mpoaedly. 

"king, mydmr ‘ 

“ Tbot is jVt tv Rung, 

4 — gf tuu Miwa to tv people o with the ScMie which mtaht V six or I JooTfi“l flavor ns with some porliculars X’ ® ^rpej®* J,**? 1 *re anxious to make it anpiar that Ameri- porter of tlie radical phase of all Uie ques 

praaout owe Ol uus eiiwa VO pcop » ^’® I .k_„, u, i ,,4„ Kentucky Cavalry, returned from Cairo on can citizens’ lives arc in danger through re- tiona at issue. Some raoiitbs ago his view- 

ReffVeky as Off* npon whom they can unite eight montiis after tV dfocovery of tVir ■®®®*^ *“ ®'^"®Hon of Lonlatllle and trip the Silver Moon, (where he had gone a day Ihrioos fauaticlam, hoping thereby to have were signally defeated* in the Synoil o 

to put doarn tbr DemoeraUe party. This crimiaality or worAlessneos. 
fompfo foct fo Rs own moat da wnin g com- surdity and coutredictoty cb 

•ithttary- bill fo exhibited ta tV tact Aat an excep- 

Braa«4 tion fo made ta tV cane of members of Ae 

crimiaality or worAlessneas But Ae ab- ^ Indiana under tbe apprehension of a visit or two before,) and took a room at the Con- ' troops sei 

surditv and coutradictorv chancier of Ae ®f J®**® Morgan or General Bragg to A'is tincntal Hotel. Up to 1 o'clock, yesterday, ^cts. G 
suraiiy ana coutreoicwKy cnoracier oi me , ® he had not made bis appearance, and liU < Mormons 

bill fo exhibited ta tV tact that an excep- | ; room-door remaining locked on the inside rarely iu 

)arc weartaera,” «»id Raymoml Newall, apr^ ^ for tern uiem hm H^fio^ ay« firei 

ante Ac NewZrkm^ ^ '“‘T toperi®* white h.mds out,’ ai if to ^Ul ufrVoluolLe^^ »>omg»u to tV o. ,fi, ho. V« bataSvA ’ 

lucs- When the tint detachment ol men ar ‘V joyous warmth and comfort a W Next morning Ambrosia was tatrodiieed “ 91^ and Raymond NewML w^ wiA 
ews ' rivOT at it wiL fo^ml tVt thefr *’‘®*’ “fid '•-’■i“»£’«P®««®BF back -amid IV to Mr Newell iS tV breMi last room, by Vr a t mifobma i.t. sprang from bla dVir ami 

M Iri^ lLd^l‘^?t roll cushion, of Aegrrat.^ chair to wUch stately gnmdfolVr. Her MuMi mnlVtava.^ 

F4, mxMmeU 44d rere. bre, <,r Cbbre rto« 0« rreret e peeltM Orlo... 

■tael quality aad unlimited quantity roe to remove. He could aot remove a poetr , u’clvk p. m. 

Loufovtllc Journal i 

I witbont a rival ta master, but Ae highest oAcen of tV Gov- 

( Correrpoodcacr Natclu-z Courier.) 

rid. It has tV moot aalimited coo- ernment are at bit mercy. TV majority of 
' ta tv guiiibility of ita readers, and Ae Senate did not seem ta tV mood to oc- ! 

during the whole lime, the snapicions of the in any of the new States or Territories, 
propnetora were aroused.and they concluded ' B. YOUNG. 

iTclOck p**M*^^*^’ ’^**'*^*' ***** “bout 2 ^ citizens OF UTAH TO GEN. SHEKMAJi. 

On entering the room the body of Hays : G^ral Shernuin; 

was found lying on the bed in the cold cm- ' _ ®'®’„ ^^® fifidcrslOTcd, residents 

ing smile seemed simpia diAdenea to I 
hut each I>OFe a ae|«rate sad double m 

reafBimaUon of the Pittsburg resolutions waters. Land and luval forces of the 
and their strict enforcement in future, he United States appeare«t also, with prompli- 
is coming to St. Louis to see wVt he cun tude, on Ac scene, and seized s schooner 
areomplish iu tliat way. He has, therefore, laden witli supplies for Ae expedition. 

,4.41 "B- FOU "re*! *rel it part'icuforly ao. af- ing to Raymond Newell, for V had tVugbt r**“*.*‘?*' 
. «n4i^.!!.’4ii«!4 ter yonr cold ride from NewmaAet. I Vve or bat Htllc ebe but tbeir ioterview, aad 
lure... n?®4kh ®*'*=® regretted Ae great ineonvenience of tV tieeptag face at Ac window. BoA pro- , 

with 1444444,4^1® bcing SO dulaut from tV railroad, teased s vivid faecinatfoa to bim tirrauis of *!**" * ^ 

“Don’t V so sarpriard. It fo tno. " 

“I was much awprfoad,'’ repttrd tV 
mag man more qnleUy, aa eostaomag 
maelf V resnmad Ma mi mfitaiRj lam 

Tbov who vl«tt ol dcsA, in full dress— black coat and 

P®"**' ’’'*** t>® * Bible in the | M 

a poRtieal ptattorm and mVepreaent ita Noble, of Ae PVueob Eereld, b K “B tV cSii^^aicca to all the worid ! h“‘\ ®®"h? nr®* i 

tlMt snM will rmd Us nr a., g^ . . j i Mff ^ <»uriu , dctennlnallon to destroy his life. I 

a 4^/ w *'^‘“* “*" *^ *‘^‘”“* ****‘^ I ■I^^ifr^f^.,1,4. 4404 1.4 4 4h I 1 I The deceased was married in this City on 

abort pongrepV and flail to road Ae plot- expense, mod fo venUlottag V record of i ,^'lf ’ ®^ *;•“ <be let Inst., and in the letter, (which was ^ 

fsns. ItwUlpVdishaayaortof niVcpre imm.- „nioraeic«ly. The ftirAer Noble ^ri^^fVwo “a«.*^fe?a^^^^ addressed io no one in particular) be exon- 

•mitatiaii ef a nelgfaborlng javuvel, or of m record Ac more fnriona V ^ man fo ao nniiopuiar here, t Vt, dipttc aU I a^fi*®f reniv**^*** *^*“* **** trouble 

po^ittool party, ia Ac ronfideiice Aat it ha. mid we vary muA frar Aat if tome I H»« the theater has iwived, it has I ^eld an inquest on the I 

Ot dfoooveniig tv VoepaoB. ^ ^ neighbor ta fighting humor, refused to extend to the other theaters of ^ PrUm* ®.m74n<4 f i... .4>u.r.i uri.i-h ' 

Wc really fad, ^ ** ^ ‘*"*' TV Herald aeem. to Vve no for Ae exchanged, | wer^fouSd fo Ae rJ!im!^^^^ hlnded 

*F wttrtb wROe lo (allow up tV mforepre- Democrat’s desire to forget and Vve everw | ® hfihf-v wcre*^tmm^ " **^ ****^°* 1 **‘® foI'o’vBig, which were, evidently, Ac 

reretestaw. IV JounoL oiiMe those wV ....... ^ ^ 1 ss if Aty were stnmgera. ImH.p wrot?- I 

little affair that came off b. tween two fair "j' "T' , tVt we fully believe that citizens of everV aceurea an , lor me (irompi return ot the men. This 

two ounc(k“f AeSile TVre w^re also ' cl.^, who simply attend to Acir legit? “®? “ a„S*‘“JS;.aUim ■ “No MiS^n.e; A 

■ever ba a Ra t es to omert whatever suits it ta oept this new feature of rafiicolfani and gave *^T® *’'1 * ■ room’wer found two empty phials labeled ' leleffrain 

uh^tag a. oppomret, e^ tVogb Hootm R Ac cold aVu^ : ^*."0^0*0: ! 1“^ ^bTr^" *^^nT*li*l^^ ' 0^-7^ 

a poRAffl !!! John C. Noble, of AePVotffh Eereld. is lug | “‘w. 

tbe hall bi'inif so dutant from tbe rjilroed, Aeitsed a TiviU liMcmatioB to him hcirem of ^ fonftble tbot tbit ted boo oo^ 

but it being a family estate, we don't care t Vir s aimfo . TM* joyona ancoofined llle *2?* mentiooed to yon before 

to pass it into other bando; Aerefore we that rippled over tV quiet Vmo laada, aaid **•<• ▼•▼ ’ Ket I remember. Col. .Yiltfiglun. 

suhiiiit to m-iny annoyances which we piajred with tV aanVame of hoppMem and *fa** ld R VF’ Kta fawo Maonbfi 

could not otherwise willingly endure.” I eonteatusent, was someAing which bod 
“Did you find it very coid during yonr 1 never Meaevd hfo world-wearied vfoion bo- Well, I don’t know. I Aonght Aat m 

drive, Mr. Newell?” asked .Mrs. .\rifn)rion. | fore. No wonder it cVnned hlao. mneb w -\my hod M'Oetatod wlA yon, aim 

“\Ve have been completely hound in doors Their school dotlen were rannedtately !?*<***. ■••tloneR tV tae« to von. 

since tbe last snow.’’ entered npon, sad wlA a seat aad mrnrit ~«r ndtaial Umtdlly finnvrolad SMfr oiiafa 

in tV port of boA tutor oafi pnpU •-■■••4 •▼«■ h» • friend, aenr on yon arc, I 
ighted Colobel Arlington aad bfo ptro***- 

No, Madame; the carrion which your 

po.*itioal party, ta Ac ronfidenec Ant it has ^ _ _,aeh ffmr Aat if some I H>e puflflng Ae theater has received, it has 

'-re- u „ade« wV will Vve no opportuuity iw4ia ^ -iii k—i, vi- t«u.4.. P“‘^ expenses. Mr. Eddy’s mauage- 

.r ooe don t Vld him V will break Ae traces ^ economicat for he has 

•t afooeveamg xae ocoepaaa. neighbor ta fighting humor, refused to extend to the other theaters of 

r mn- aelf-eoiamand. “May I ssk tV mmm 

eVd htaroAed. Uoi ArH^taffr Ami 

V looked ap wlA a firmly Ataprroned 
raouA, not a qohrer breaktag Hs eiiae'l* d 
rt-ufi onUbM, or that of tV moldtd ebin ; bsN 

iintT arrrrt cups, 01 ■ govianes^ depend apoa tt, my dear jrr VZTTT T'^k’~* " " a^res ns 

rolls and ffuldsn nuul^oiq” said ColooelArliAirtoBtobte witon tol. .AntoqluB s memat, nKle bim teei 

re.. . * m .w_ sE.A. ^ ^ Hi iMfra>»llf AimMsataiCiamRraKIra b.^ ^ ?. 

eiondad eyn soV a itagn a« mgreR fas 

.•4&_4..— k.._re > , . 

ae two filled np Ae | “n«l »**• replied: 

converMtlon, wh'eb 1 “• think so Ion — tor ber omMifana fo ex- 

dc quickly post to ' M> “Ppafiv ’▼•IL The only kar ta om- 
weariaoaae msnithr { gaging tutort for girfo, fo that tVfo yonAlbl 

strangely naeomfortaMn, ao V ohMrvtid It, 

VtAetnaolnttoateatasoebitaanRimta Me 
bad of ita pertaclaR tavniMHa WM nnfi tv fom 

Vtermiaed aad tatoaoe, aad V qaictly re- 

ereitatfama af tV JoaraoL otiioe those w V 

body else forget Hs performances during | Bat to return to my story. A night or two 

■•«»*» Vt tv Jonnol emmot V ^ ^ eipooec V malignity at Aat , “(to, Mrs. DeVr invited Muide. Zavistowaki 4k‘.Tb'.““i,'"‘ ‘‘ * '“fe®- M»“y 

.. . 4 4 4! .4441 tlurre* »fo4 ’ ——m J 4., ~4m4. *44 1,4.4 ,.444-.f4> Kr.u \t'l.«„4l... (I44. J.T. H. 

M. G. Lewis, ex-AsaisUint Adjutant Gcner- body embraces tbe following Synods, the 
si U. 8. V.; Stebbins «k Co., merchants. names of which gcneralljr inilicate, more or 
GENERAL 8UERMXN TO nBiGHA.M TOUNO. icss definite Iv, Acfr locality ; 

for an opiiortuDitT taficiev may wreath Ae eommon-placa wi A ?**'*k.5L'‘® '®®*’®<* af A. window Jo' 
nz Dloce” ta valiL « h“lo of romance it takea vrare some **“.4*^**F aveaoo, whero V sow two fi« 

laachad by oar eorrectioas; and those who .. 4i„ Ber iirivatc box. M'licn Ac first i ' I'". ' Jsngnam luami; 

hefnacoEmtoatVcaonrocsoftoformation, . . u aia “®* ®*^ *'Be ptay was nearly over, that lady | tVt lam d«^Uy ■ Sir- Y our dispotch is received, and I a 

. -4— ,,..4 ,be PoBited bV out pereouslly, aa it did accordingly went lo Mrs. DeBar’a Vx, at | u^uT<- V bm siy “ th^*^ ^ T H “®®B gratified at ita aubstimce aud spirit, 

magi have fiMMl om loag sfowe tvt iiK <, Acre, for FVeraipereecnUon. 5Ve notice tV door of which she waited, expccUng to ! . t . . I M'.T. SHERMAN 

Aat tv Democrat baa not yet paid any at- | ^j®‘®®^ ‘® * “o®*®®* By Mrs. De^. ^r. j .he^iarcup OM (fod^ mv " Major General com’dg Dep’L 

atetememtaoftV Jonmal agttact a potiti 
(ffl ofpoaca! ora, nine tfoare ta tea, Aor 
ooghly onreltable. 

Brigham Yuuaa; 

Sir- Y our dispatch is received, and I am 

Albany, Utica, Onondaga, Geneva, Bus- k commensurate with their Bis eyes, it vemed to Vr tVt he was sensiuie to i>e 

queVnna, Geneasee, New York, New Jer- ^®^ conscious of her retreat, and she would child as sV fo, 

tev, Pennsylvania. Western Pennsylvania, The whole matter it now nnder eonui.i... iBrthcr Vek to avoid hU gaze, when poroessed foro 

Mfc;higan.6hio, Western Ri^erye, Cincin- L,.^„Bc w^ leveled %a^l« sly Ber f. 

,‘B« onr men. It was tbe plan, or raAer tV I? 'IS® “hiding place” ta vaim 

' ®’ Vndling of Ac plan that was defective NeweU s face was just oppomte ’‘^“‘"•^tVolodtapeL Tat, I am 

, , The mOT of ihe rau^k’an “file viJ^re eo^ ‘Be window, and once or, wLn V of 4^r. “V fo fare tam^t 


“Henrlqne De Lorwte, vc'ioff of one of Mo 

raised his ey’eo, it vemed to Vr that he was sensible to V so foolish. I would trust ber, graateos houoso of n o tattayi M b'nmMi, on«l 
conscious of her retreat, and she would child as tbe fo, any wVre, confident Ant aV by the Holy FaRb, yonder V — metT’ and 

4 41 4 w II < 44 _i4 k 4*^^ III kre ®d<*y P“a®fog, stopped and asked her who 

fataUoD to Noble • attacks, bnt we wUl bet | wiwFwVt she wanted, as strangers I 
a big apple or a jng of buttermUk tVt | hod no right Acre. She offered ber expla- j 

Major General com’dg Dep’t 

of tv ahnractertattc specimens of makes tt ma Rs head out of its shell i notion, to whlchlhe replied, “that Mrs. Dc 

tfor awdoetty nf Ac Jonmal wm exliibtted, 
nn Wodnnaday, ta Ae following senteuoes: 
“Aceording to tV Conrtaf*a idea, eoch 
Man os Goo. R. MeCkUaa, Stnihen A. 
D.Tgiis. Horatio frevmonr, Joho Van Bu- 
reffLcwfo Oms, g. 6. Con. Dan. VoriMos, 

we* He i. .4rii4i... tre... ht,,^ .rei 4k«. *•▼ B*d DO right to Invifas tuy one. 

•ABttag heavy blows aod tVy remark was overheard by tliat la 

*'I have drank the draught. I now lie down to 
re*t in dcstb. J. T. HAYS.’’ 

The steamer Silver Moon, npon which 

w n,,.;h«;4A h. ^ I,'; "“F* returned Sunday moriiing, remained 

■ *Bc wfoiif s Aoit time, and was playing 

“calliope,” which ihe first nSte" 

S. G.A?fat*DL’lV otdk- 

taeon, DeamSiehmoml and a A omuV oAct *!“*•* •• for so V should V indorsed Bnt 

nr TV Joumal eomplalas Aot we do ^ h >^dv was ihcn 

* T ff _a wr joio«l. Of rttlier rcioloroed, by Miss Hen- 1 Thf» #i 

not tadome Ae President for enough. We . rietta Irvin, who is said to exert IV power I 

fitetfatantafoed IKAnocrata ta tV loyal tttateii. 

wnra and dcoortera from Ac Dem- humbuiw. We Vve indoned Andrew | te“the ton«e”i^fllii^V MdaTf^M^. 'u 7 - ' ®f ®»Bi«®»- The dcceawd had I through England to Scotland fo fuU of deep I I"*; Bimcvolence, who j ^■VThetheV‘this"‘S'*mUtakcn i 

*''%"Sd^ nf tv Oonrter evidently >»<*■*« fortber and longer Aon ever Ae , «®^B® two Aniens had a regular l Si%\e“Mob“e aud“oK“^^^ j From Liverpool to York, and f For^me MiisioL, Rev. H. Kendall, D. I ml' cu^sJ^nt ^c^.I«es*;inder 

tMnV tVt no true Demae ra t coa V a Jonmal bos, and we ore now ’HBing to ta- i ?!^®“®^^‘^Be® and IV^ city for the purpose of marrying, I tBcnce to New Castle-on-Tyne, the air fo j D. du’ring the port^^rveara v^u slv 

^am -rai. and Union m«i . Demo- ^ more ^ htt poIiUc.1 condnet tVn i ^^000. Henrietta rai\rei,ff,%*Ae 'Lit r8^‘inltHPad“Hc^^ **^*^^ | lor PaSval*io’u®Ucv’' joV I “ ‘ 

Tt krere 4W eiK toffwotaw 1. of . *«v d»« A do. 1^ « COO indorse auee of Ae gallant Eddy, with flying eol- AsL-j Paducah Herald, 8th. | industry and enterprise ‘ic“h Erwtfou ^ l“ to V I ’^Bethcr private m the ranks or in 

The broro •< **ie (eragotag fo of a very ijj, polKloai action tor loagyeara before Ae ®™; Hk discomfited and defeated Mrs. De- | pervades everything. It fo here we see the reorcsented bv Ae Treasurer J iv Bene- .P®*"*®"- .TBc l^on I Vve 

««« at meridian, .mss. ! secret of England’s greatness, nermann- di| Esq. ’’ ‘ ^ i novel** 

Am emit, a Wli ^ respectable and respected I Froedmen’s Bnrean-Court House 1 '■“^‘“■’*"5 ‘®‘>“*‘'7. Ber commercial energy, this L7 fo*l^f of Ac I 

•Btt* now «no it, and at tbr os V probably desires. Wy, stood liking on in terror and amaze- 1 Bnriiefi. i more thanj her fleets and armies, command subiecta of which "this bodv will have tiV' “1 Vt pa'ient dim and iioirdcr sh 

joineo. Of rauicr reiniorecn, uy miss lien- i Tlie deceased won t went v ela-l.t irear. /4f 
itettaiivin, whofo raid to exert tV power I ' formLy llL in Hot^ conntyJ 
^ a Orcc over the 8ti^I>tihje heart of Ed- ^ jje fgf g long time on duty 

' eounecU-d with the Provost Marshal's o?- > 

this cry is one 


Trip from Liverpool to Edinbnrgh- 
The Necret 01 Kngland’a Great 
ness— Scotch Tanning, &C4 

(Corrmpoiidencc of the Loaiavllle Coarler.l 

Edinbi rgh, April 25, I860. 
Editor! Louitville Courier ; 

uTa Adfo^aT’wavVh: intaofo.’ bS rh''®a"c^n'rtion‘t‘^^^^^^^ 

Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Missomi, , 1 ! V? ^ 

Tennessee, and Alta California, which Sy- ! 

nods embrace over one hundred Preshyte- | made bv m^if ^1” 

his glance woald V leveled carelessly 
again. Thus confident that her position 

foreoigbt and omdeneu cnoi^ eatehtag b^ hot tVoia a table nsor ittm, V 
' OM aay and every danger.’’^ h a s te ned out nf tbe reoM, Meo n tp — taj by 
sat looking very thonrttfhl ^ wMb, In moot tV tong en^nstaff and bn- 

in 1161 rem 

report will V placed VfoA: you Vfor^ onknown, sV Veame so much at | ***“ 

v davs. There Vve been some irrave tVt Rradually the hum of voice* lulled Vr B*g Mn. Aldington, raid: 

Over two hundred Commissioners have 
sent iu tbeir names, and have been assigned 
to the hospitality of resident families. 
Nearly every mail brings additional names. 
We understand that the roll will be publish- 
ed as soon os completed. 

The stated Clerk of this Ixtdy fo Rev. E. 
F. Hatfield, D. D., of New York; ita jier- 

i.4ul many uavs. lucre vve been some grave ;r7i» - -Ti — 44 1 ••*4.44. .h,i 

Bj A" mistakes made by myself and others con- A sleep and forgetfulness. 

. 1 necled with this aliitir, and inneb dfocon- 01 **?* * * ®*® drew on apace 

B*'^® j tent and bickering has thcncc arisen. Colincl Arlington rc^ exprcMiog as he 

: The latter will, I trust, V oblfocrated by •“PP'f.Bipn tVt bis guest would 

ilies- I jjjg arrival of James Stephens, who fo ex- A retire to hfo own room, for 

loved gnest 

R oyraond went op lohlsi 

like to retire” to bfo own room, for 
John” just entered then with Ae cVm- 

pected here early next week. To him, to k_ 1° jusj e^reu men wi.n tne cnam- 
the Directory, as to a convention of Ac ¥. Ber lamps, all ^mmedand bnrn iig; bnt he 

sleep and foigetfulness. “H fo best to guard a^nta evorr danger by a ‘ j t«ii4n s donbta and 

As the evening’s close drew on apace ' *• tie poatabilRfoa tbol Bkit wn tmoy oot tatrndo upon bfo artmer 

Ais young Newell may forainote, and bn- uow, but tauta follow Coio^ Ariiff^ 
come fascinated by Amy. I nerer tbongbt aod view bfogrectiiur ufEravtaireDn 1 osma 
mfot^oreyo. preranted Me UoT^y “ I5l 

'The maied Cler^ of tiii. body is Rev. E. I « rrne"'t'^ V"* ! 

iitttflAM n n nf Kttur v.xib . vara-. I abandon for a while 

wa» interrupted by tha cxchimatlon 

kl ta •* I 4 r n door. with A»beoate 1— gawii^Y ^ thWi 

**\\ e have deatinod Amj for Heariaae <!• *rm j 

Txxrmdi 8Ks» IrnngMWff I* ...ks*. . _ . 

” Indeed t am not at all aoxioos Ibr sleep; 

3nne. She knows 11,* replied bin wite« — « — » — ■ ^ 

u'5i*’*«i^.”**'**”*^ *" ’▼‘-’ foO M e yon hack lo As for webavn 

sbonid te indorsed Bnt ' ' ^ouoecUd with the ProvSst MaraUarror- ! Louiteifft Courier; | manent Clerk, Revi J. GlentwortU Butler, I laL*" an.Urefoml^ to detata you from your slumb ra'^ Maki , Uonriaua 

of the Journal's choicest ' mUbe *® Bnown to ] To Ae observant traveler the journev D. D., of Philadelphia; and the Secretaries Fenian cainaaign. ^ ^ me a memVr ol your fainlly at onee ” . •Pf®‘Vi!?i 

. . ... , Wfilcfi all UK blood of all tbe Howards flew , „r „„r 4.i4i4/.n. xiw. lo.i .k . „ . .. . • foi- Deiurtmcnts of K. ni-vol.4n44n u,i.44 S‘n9“rv‘-iii:m campaign. _ 4..,-i..» 45, u— .4t«- “I thlnl 

lookins- to Ire B“‘ P«F> »"■» '*® ®®‘ **'®w your hospitality ’• NeverAeksa. my wiU wrRe for miaMd you radly, ’ amt the polltie Cotonel 

I to corns on ta As 
I vacation here.” 

“^Tw'tdLr nf UK Conrler evidently >»<*■*« fortber and longer than ever Ai 
tMnkf Uwt no trne Dem ue rat can he a Jonmal hot, and wc ore now willing to in 

1. The deceased had i through England to Scotland fo fuU of deep “* I^l«fA?enta of Benevolence, who 

igaged as a mail agent ! 1 4 ^ t - . 4 expected to l>e here, are 

io Railroad, and came I From Liverpool to York, and? For Home Mfosions, Rev. H. Kendall, D. 

1st InsL— I Paducah Herald, 8th. 


the bnlsy hum of industry and enterprise 

dark with tlie smoke of the factory, and J®’’ S*^®?***®,®’ I "*® prompt to my dufy as a Fenian 

the bnlsy hum of industry and enterprise ^“chnre^ Er^Uon ^nd^ .^s lo V ! .tT‘|*resirion"‘“^e Vve **Sl 

pennies cverythmg. It is here we see the wp^Ved by Ae Treasurer, J. W. Bene- ,eacuU me, and’^honld twch^Il true FV 
secret of England 9 greatness. Fler tnunu- “ 5?* *4V4 ni 40* < ^ ^ | nians, that wc never should forget the 

factiirinir indnstrv. hop enmm,. 44.1.1 ^ understood Aat the management of I revolutionarv maxim. ^ 

Whether this great mistakkn move of' ^Ben turning to Mre Arilngttm: ' If not 
mine pardoned or not, in consideration oi Pv®““™PAoos |b me to prefer the r^uesi, 
uiy constant snccesses under seven-st trials, '"*T ^ pertniMi^ to remta just here to 
during the jiast eight years, you sVIl ever k** *'*’^i*?”*i *r***i5? A-'ilght, j 

1.144 nrnmnt t44 iiiir H.,4. .. . p and whcii 1 Vv6 finished twill 

“Nv half w gtad m I om M «M bsM, my 

‘T Aink t Vt a go <fo iden I intended peo- Jenr Colanel,” be ronRsd wRfr a joyi 
poaing it tome lime since, bnt emlucd k> do to bfo manly vote*. ^ 

4 .... _ “I n d e ed. I waa •• anztau a to son 

“TVt a drcHlcd and we need bare no 

Ibat 1 did not iralfa* Me 

fliid me prompt to my duty as a Fenian, 
whether private in tbe ranks or in an offi- 
cial i<osilion. The lesson I have learned 
teaches me, and sbonid teach all true F'e- 

. 1 ““ — — • — — t I414444B44IJ uiwrcT. — “J , -i44u« i44UKiug UU IU 1 crroF ana amaze- 

e( AeffgM, Itat fov Ae Mota port drivefoen , indorse hfo record ta Ae days of I Mr. DeBar being out of town, this 

H • sbolkrw »ow of irapndrert obrardity. , NoAlngistn, vrhlcb Ae Journal can I *“ < owtrdly. 

room alone if designated.” M™- 

“Certainly, it you prefer to do so,” Mre. “■’I • 
.Yrlingtou replied. “Ton will flud the first re**^- 
room upon your right Vnd side m you go 
up stairs prepared for yonr reception.” 

“Thank yon.” 

go to my I pirioti t Vt augbt will gn wrong, ’ and poHtie frora ’NewMnrkei’ btra. ondwbm I 
Mrs. .Yrlington reoniued ber efoebet-work, U ImnoMiMe to oM^ a raodn af ox 
to," M« Uk Lionel took up bis book again lo snee,TbMk on irataMM^i^ n 

Dow Ae writer of tV above quotatioo ^ 4^ tt** mdorra bfo support of 
n p poer tbot anybody will believe Ae jot,n C. Breckinridge for Presidmt, which 

th^“buridTn'g^occuplerbVt^^ band in hand with these come p^rce" cirtu’. I “'K®®* P^®*®°‘> or’uiauy*cougrcga You may poraib^ find someA’ing euitatae ' 

Bureau, at Meridian, Miss., aud after ran- 1 „4t„„ .1. k V . tions in the West and South. There are ; ‘^B®. ™®'®“®®^«“^.«P®®Ad to Vve b^^^ .mid her de.icule f. mmino assortmen:, 

sacking it couipletciv. set it on fire and 1 Ae inarch of mtcl- not many questions on which there fo any siiuultancous with the lauuchinj' of the though I doubt iL” .Vnd t’oiouct Arling- B®'^?^'^'^By, itentally, andphystony. 

i.iint.-H 14 4.4 <1,4. iriviii'iwl tVi. )ii,.i4i n/4 f„4. . foct stildes OU to grcatucss. serious disagreement of ouiuion among the irfoh ironclad, owned by the Irish Repu'olic, ton and bfo wife, bowing nleaunt "41-4444,1 ^“® ’’•••'■• niore quiet and aeoate ta bci 

Cau blast an empire like a rock.” 


LOVES nxcaioN. 

The days glided by frdl fronght wttb I 

It unpaeoiDie to umom a Moda of eonvew- 
aneo, I look op my fotaffeM, fotflmm 
R ta Mj poeket. 1 oitaifi" ^ 

“Too anta V voey wooey. Comoro, wd 
I will bovo wine and rnffubMinii taiiirabi 
ttoMedtatoly,” said Mn. Arltafftoa, m a 
•kndeof V i gi niry oaxtoty paoned over bei’* 

1 ar The Sallie-Bustcrs arc tn inni to pro- ®“ckiiig it completely, set it on fire am] 
; dure Ae impressiou tVt Ac army” officers Burned it to tbe ground. We have no fur 

-*r«rrtnr frrii .k 4 . . j 4 uucc Uie imprcssiou Uial Ibc armv ofl'wiirB oiirueu ii lo lue gruuou. iveuuvi 

CoeJMJmh woold ^**®''*^ , . _ . H*e Journal cannot do, and upon many , are wlA them; but it fo no go. A few dfo- i Hier particulars, except that Gen. V 

the OtnooncF tke oondMate o* me uemo- ^ otber points upon which the Journal would | cooy-uled men, who were* always more pol- ^ “I’dcred a thorough investigation 
entte party for PresideuI — a oran widely touch him wlA u forty -foot pole. WVt ' i**®*?® 1?®!° *9j**‘*'r, have lent Acir names 1 mutter. — (Nashville Union. 

deno— eed as a Copperhead? Or Aat we uonranv then fbr the Journal, which wra „ n u ,i . 

. - _4 — 44 — . . 4 4 , L.. tat eit*euing modesty to attach tbeir titles Civii Rights.— On Monday nigl 

ooffM epeoL. ta eneb Icnu# « gemieraen denouncing Andrew Johnson wbile we were , to their mmies, in hopes of deceiving siui I Caucasian of the female persuasl 

‘-1 will send you writing msteriufo; or, no! I love's nxiraioN. skude of laaglnaey MXioty pmSTm 

there is .Vmbrosia’s desk by the window. . ^ ... , . . -..k foeo. ^ ' 

■'ou may poraibly find someAtag enitable ^ “.No. not veer ttrad. To oonita 

lect strides on to greatness. 

serious disagreement of opinion among the •rfoh ironclad, owned by the Irish Repu'olic, ton and hfo wife, bowing pleasant “good 
members, and it is hoped that they will flud '® ‘Be American waters. In this there nighu,” went out and left him alone wlA 

Wood has i While my progress through the night fo I “*®®Bcra, and it is hoped that they will find in tms inere nights,” went oul 

u of the I lit up on cither side by the red glare of the 1 practicable to give tlieir eneigy, while J considerable de- his busy tbouabta. 

I ever-heirted ftimace, I can see the flow of ’▼'^B ns, largely to efforts to promote the l»j. con’tqut nt upon red tape tormaii- Drawing his ch 

Me aveuM; when Au ilgbl of her wteeotne 
taee eRbctualiy dfoeipolM weaitarae,” saff 
lie gaaed warmly on Mr girt heolffa tame 

r names I matter. — (Nashville Union. i ever-heirted ftimoce, I can see the flow of ’▼''^B 

and have I Hie fiery liquid metal into ita sandy lair, and '®*‘‘' 

icir titles Civii Rights. — On Monday night, a gay I again the descent of the ponderous steam JB 

ilitf siui- I Caucasian of Ibe female persuasion was Uammer on the pliant Iron ]>a86in^ through 

ell Democrats homot, end who wera sapporting him, to whine about our not ta- ! lfi*t^*- The rank and file are with us and I found by our jioliceBuugly couched between ' ^Be 

Invitai to stmi* Ae Deraoeretic Conreo- 
tfam of Mi^ liitT The people know very 
wen Aot Ae OofRiiv never deeis !■ eucb 

dorttag him far rnough. 
|9~Tbc Journal don 

lay, consujufni upon rej tape tormali- Drawing his chair rioeer to the fire, he 
lies, and Ans one of tbe principal requisites leaned hfo brow upon hi* hand and was im 
lor the succ^lul carping out of the plan mediately lost in deep study, not only of 
was not available in tunc. Ijjg ,,agt ijfi. tut mostly tVt wbtcb Ae ftiturc 

IMotic or taMaoita expriminni But they 
■or ta Ae edRorial eolnmns of tke Jonraal 
nspreetaona of ImberUipr wktch have no re- 
ffeemiag quolRy bnt tlieir molioe and lin- 

But they Ainkt him a daageroi 

i DutsU; aod so art* most of the otB ts’o huck negroes, in a honsc near Dccfttur ■ sppnonci*s and evidences of thriving in- those who are most distinguJsUeu for 

: cere who were not iKdiiiciaus U fore they * «tn et The guy and festive demoiselle hails dustry. I know that wc too have all this talents and leanjing, and for inUaence and j 

t Ilk# Jiui*» ntfivffiii ’ soldiers. e advise and counsel the ' Irom CincInnalL and luxuriates under the natural wealth, that needs but the touch of position iu the church and the general | 

“re* mUitary Hot their late profession is not need- euphonious pseudo nym of “Mattie Bike” mind and enterprise to call it forth to cover religious councils of the nation, 

rons man, because, i ed at present, ncitVr to muzzle the press nor It is supijosable that she is an agent of the °ur great and glorious land with busy an EXCfVlON TO the iron .fountain. 

as it says, he was a seoemioufoL Doe* Ae M arrest conventions; not to imprison citl- ' Radical i>artv, si-nt down to give us a prac towns and arailing fields. And wbile Eng 
Jonnol believe tVt tbe Judge fo DOW Dlot- «>*. nor to <*o “F «thcr dirty work w hich Ucol lesson ‘in “Civil Rights" and ‘^Mfo- | land looks back and prides herself on iiei 

“ warn M miiE'li in v/MrikM • ff*w R'sxffisa u.i-z-s ▼Tk... • M.cwra«>..*lsvn.M i...s sk... t:^.. a • s o^ot nf (rlr\i>« AnkDrif’il nnn a 

lost could be no “task,” for her progress 
would be a source of pleasure to him. 

lae eauose am mi mu tueaeo ot mm owu 
room, and muttered angrily, “I bnve buun 
a pretty toot in Aa* gWn hnnd* M unme 
bur MM boMR Bm ru nn nwuy. rn in. 

sign Biy poeitioB No; aku abaU not kn^ 
that I foA. I will breve it uaL” 

ffaeertera from Demoency ta Ae ^-neral 
mUmatinu of Ae perty. Wright, of A- 
Rtano, Brot^ nf Obio, and Diefcinson. of 

concoct doubts of practical probability.— Imrder at Berwick and enter 
[Atlanta New Era. The railroad now ruiia through 

, . — once known a* the “dehataffie 

r.iv-Tiie faille. 44f I :.n4i.4„ wBlch might tell, 

(.,—■-.4 aooUlv but A^ molioe and tan- ' **“* °® H*t he fo not si^re ta hfo cebel armice ore dis pi-rscd, aiid It gives (duin ' ing the object ot her niisai’on, were hard ’▼iA a confident hope to a far more glo 

^ ' profeesioos of devoUon to Ae Union and peo|>le on uncomfortable sensation to be , fiiougli lo send her lo tbe “lock up ” to future. 

P*" ®* * ® - ' the CoDStiAtion, or Aat he fo foithieoa to constantly reminded by such high-sounding ' brood over theoretical niiscegeiiatloii’ and As we leave F^ngland behind wc cros 

We houe opoken of a omuB clai# ®f whet . w- wu .a *Bat Ae otRo-rs were not abolished concoct doubts of practical probabilitv.— Imrder at Berwick and enter Scot 

bsTi hnrn ralfoll "trnr TIimiii lati.” fo IiiIiie tt»e plallonu npoo.wDicn ne look nis stanu Ac armies they commanded, lathe [Atlanta New Era. The railroad now ruiia through wbat 

. 4. u tRw m-nml ’▼Ben he opcepted Ae nomiiiatioD of tbe Sallie-Buster to be a qua*i military Oouven- ' . ■ — once known a* the “dehatable gnm 

ffrarairn irom u .-y o’ i Goovcution onAhe 1st of May? If it does lion? We call ujion Ae author of the ad roy-Tii. i.iIIihi ..r i «• i s every acre ot which might tell, con 

mUnmUo. of Ae perty. Wright, of A | drera and getter-up of the Sallic-Buster, of wnny a hold foray ami fieri 

Rtam,Bro^ofObio, and Diefcinson. of ^ T , ’▼hoever he is, to expfain-is the SOA Con fo consla of Ltl. ’^Bere many a “kilted re 

tfe^TurR*^Lv favLble ooectaieti* of *®®*' * P*'^'® P®*®* “ *Bfa? The Journal vention to be another Camji Dick Robinson ,nra «, a ofo gave up lifo turbulent life in defense oi 

»u.t eertaimy b* ham rumor *arumenUl or CampJoeHoU? Is ita object jH«c.-able ?„?•’ or Saftle he had stolen from his we.1 
Afo< wbfofr Beast BoUev bat often _w_ u ‘ Let him (whoeicr /le fo) be F^errth in^ neighbor of the south, 

bocn meattoaed as Ae worst example. ! -f”* . I candid, and |t ell an luixioua coraniuully shoulders doine awav with tiirbt^!.''* would clicei your heart, had j 

TZZ <4 .4. 4o.„-; .44, 1 I S; "fir T 

®g' In other cities in wliich general assem- 
her I blics have heretofore met, it lias lieen cus- 
ard I tomary on some favorable day during the 
®ifa session, to conduct the members tosueli ob- 

tUcy desired to witm-ss. ' stre 

1 mediately itetta*dcep.tudi^not on 

h“i\ 4*4'' m ^i““‘*4 W vaJte Ae *Be eekose amid Ao tilenos ot hfo owa 

held out to him— a pleasant, happy home, room, aad mattered anavilv. “I have bauu 

with kind and bo.pllibletriend.'^S his i^ r^^rLTkrSS 

irons and one “litUe girl” to teach. Thfo thn*Li herSluhonra Bas FU no nway. m ra. 

IMaviug Curds lor Kisses. : rour^of" /{Lure w,rT!f5TI?£I ^ ^ 

^The Chii^o Ruimblican of Tucsilay, tells ; Then, n^ UkrS^*^cnt t'o ^SJ^rSrtlr "IfS Ui " Tftio dfoopra 

• old sbe was, and whether she was prvttj nrmim Jimn wm hmSrhm 

and dull, or homely and intenigeiiL .\t Lif..i-it...,t tiiuiditv fover, woiehta*^ MMatty.^Ahe nn* an* 

, any rate, her grand parenta were devoted to hhn *^’u.iU fa VLh unaatadfhl of Uk coabnet betwe« n hkffand 

I her. for tbe glow which lit their Cicea when *®*®'’ ^omtmllke Ae whfoperad^ 

I even casually mentioning her name eon ^ ber heart: “If 1 hod amen mM Ray IiteMd 

. Tinced him of thfo beyond doubt Here Itay^oU'teweL hod Used for tweak*- ’■ — ‘ — ■ pi ‘ 

: »olvedt®make Aeb^ofeve^th^^^ .Vml^ 

the following: old she was, and whether sbe wra^tty vLelt 

Louis Feme and his wife appeared before and dull, or homely and intenigeiit .Vt k., 7 V s . . . . 

J^ticc Sturtcvaiit, y^terday morning, any rate, her grand ^renta were devoted to h?‘ 

charged with conduct to the prejudice of her, for the glow which lit their Cicea when 
good order. Louis keeiis a saloon on Canal even easnally mentioning her name eon- »:,k 4K4.i!1*i?*.lw4!!!! 

stri'et, near iMoiiroc. He lias a young wife, vinced him of thfo beyond doubt Here- 

before thoM wboee h>ve-aiem'>rfos sleep 
with their buried youth! 

Uayraood Newell hod Used for tweafcy- 
eigbt ycort, and kept hi. heart wholly frwe 

~fIrtirUre lavLhIe epectaKos’ of •*®*' * P“'{'* 

thfo ohatM whtah Beott Bouev hs. often *1*^ ™ 

. ~ , __ _ . . , when it moke* uefa as Air against a gentle 

the Iron Mountain. Doubtless that orsome that unhappy moment, it eime to po^“ ’hi ^rre^Z'm 

equally agreeable excursion, will be defi the liiisimnd liad won the game. and. with * ffart- 1 ,4~l .s, *??: 

Spring, clad ia tuasbine tad venlnra, 
came skii>ping over Ae hilb and valleya, 
making Ae woods aeho wiA joy ae ska 
sang in bird-Uke roica of ber bappines*. 
The flowers sprang np from Aeir enrtk- 

cy when they looked npon Revlqae Dn 
Lorme he waa so aplenMM tamdaome* 
Six teat in bight, hfo fr>cM wns molded to 
matchlras grace and symmetry in tta pro- 
portiono, and hfo carriage wm trnN mMol 
H fo fiKa wan awni ta contoar. and' ot Wmb 

uuqnertioned attainments. It mrot Be tin- : Ge^l Crittendjm to inMie ste u ^.ui, (.oops and skirts, and dt 

dentood by all readers of the Journal that : oH>" *;“**““ hkcaise. | pre,geg the lady in qosntity nlmut '200 tier 

wbeu that paper coll, a man a teeeaslonfot F«®Bf®rt Commona ealA. , ^,y x-mtume, and will prU 

htahe fo doing aaerrieeto tbe H mem., that be fo a Democrat, aod that, ta 
moktaw'.uil ‘Be Jonmal’a opinion, fo now, and always 

masterly sytem of Scot 
by the way, I think th 
world. The regularity 
and the rich crambly 


C 'rita ta maktag sUtl atore complcwons ..... 

fart Aat Ae Jonrnot fo ntteriy nnrelis i Bos been, Ae “sum of all villataiiea." 

Mr frw any eonwet poluieal taformatioii, ~ 

■nd akM to orbieve oil Ha portfoan pnrpoacs : Anonag Richmond ! — It will be seen 

by mfolrait tag Rs reader s. | j. ^ Waohlnglon coun- 

KofftffckyHAte AgrirnItwrniKoaietT. ' ‘F. fooHDoiiaoed Aisuorning ** a candi- 


We publish the following list of names of a Birth. — A n estoci 
CoDiederatc Kentuckians who have found writ:w ns from Owingsville that a 
Acir last n'sUng-place in the ccinctcrie* of that county (Batli) recently gave 

ablv bc iK-ttcr liked when cilstom matesTt ®'‘ *'’« . ^® 

Ittshlonahle '▼Bich fo liarrowed fine as a garden i horse 

““ patch, the ncatnesa ol the ncwly trimraed i Turk* 

.VR Birth.— A n esteemed Iriend ^ ‘'j, ? i? ‘“'’r ‘ '®‘'' B ^^® «n<»t piteously for J 

»m Owingsville that a woman of j ^ j^ept, and the seeinlnu fitness of everything ( declaring that he had taken horses M 
(Bath) recently gave birth to a / economise a quantity j the war but was not a common thief. 

that were marked out te violate hina m bar 
eyes; Ae door. Mae Ay bieraed her, and 
toe tunbeaim dooced in her wok*. Bean. 
liftiL joyous spring! coquette and rirddi— 

by mfolruit teg Ra reader a. | j. ^ Wrahhigton coun- 

KefftffckyHAte AgrirnItwrniKoeietr. i ‘F. fooHDoiiaoed Afouarning os a candi- 
i F wturlij dale for Jndrr af Ae Covt Of Appeal* lu 

■taie AsffIcffRffral S4»clely wlU be held ta the Ae Third Dfotrtct There ore now shout a 

candidate* for Aat office, and *1) 
room of Ar Itearo wf Trade, for 0 m> pnr „r,w_ „ 

•our of |i I nil tar (rom Ae acTeral locarM "▼ rate men. 

Ctetfaw IH Ar (Rate propofoDout for holding ' r,„ „ 4- 11 n i « 

ibt cMiih awawfaJ 8tate Fair. "■** M Ge». H. B. Ltok. — T he Pa- 

All oaxion* te encunrage a^ promote Ae dneoh Herald aanDpnoes Ae retnrn of Ae 
•dvabeenKol of agricnlUrr. Ae meehonic gallant Gen. Lvou to hfo hone in Eddvs- 

■rto, fc*d bottieultore. on conUaHv invited g a ^ 

mxiomomf. le J BKADFf'lU) vuie, Ry. ne nos been for tome time put 1 

PVte't Kv. State Agr'l Socleiy. ! '• ‘Be rervtre of Mexico. We wel 

fipenthrotMIboteAeBtetepteMccopy. icomehimbackAkfohoMendfriead*. ‘ 

rin’. ““** '"®**‘B8 nervously twitched. Ion. 

W hen they came bcCMi- the .fustice, how 
ome *'^®’’> '®''®. Bfa IJinp and furled hfo 

U.C eur—uis, >uu ueueiu— .z—oniMa ,irxxny a* ta Ae 0*7* Of moffy joort ran, m 

fo’t I tbe story which I am telling. 

. 1 With the flight of time hod grown 

CU.VPTER UI. I deepened tA hree of Inymofod ^fswell and 

I .Ambrosia Arlington, y*l a* word hnd 
TUI iNTRODi'CTioN. | broken tbe charm of Aeir voteelcw dovo- 

Y'es, Ambrosia Arlington, and sbe looked timi; and hupefhlly, becnase confidenliy, 
ao bexuUtnl, wonder 'ifo ttat he eonid re they watched aad smiled Off A« wanteg 


Jobo Meekr, eo. — , 9th Kv.. Juir SS, 1^G4. 

J. M. Wilkenou, co. A, 41b Ky., August S. 

jsmcfi Collier, co. K. 5lh Ky., Angnst fiv, 1 V>4. 
W H. Hayden, co. U.. S(h Kv., »’>. 1364. 
O. r. Ab*440. CO. Ii, Mb Kv.. Oct. 1. isd. 

M. Beese. co. U, Mb Ky., Oct 10, l.N>4. 
“Soldier*, rest! thy warfare'* o'er. 

Dream of fighting fleldr no more— 

Sleep tbe *leep that knows no breaking, | 
Morn of toil, nor nirfat of waking.” I 

0 Dfacon (0a.( C’itlsen. 

niacbine or engine at e-ach end of the field, | near Flat Rock last year, with Jamfoon and 
»a»-Pre4fe .4.1.. Aexxeix,., lx. ' of plows worRlng bacfc and I Siiiitli, who were convicted of the killing of 

f^nr w44,^W.?/’v,aS 4^ I 4 i '’®*’'®®® •*>"" * •on>e I the Federal spy. Dr. JcffHc, but proving a 

^^ tHe oZrni?u, Jinfa fh i. , ^ ^ ®^ our newly cleared fields in Tennessee or harmlera character was re’leasetr-j Paris 

hre the other night, while she was dancing, Kentucky would damp lliem. So here I’ve Kentuckian, l«h. 

from the cliandi^ler overhead. I got to the end of a letter and never a word 

Bad CoMPANT. — Converse not with a liar, j about “auld Rekie” yet. Well, I will put | 

a swebrer, nor a man of obscene or wanton { off that until my next and I may then have t-W* The Jewiah women were once 
language, for either he will corrupt you, or i aomethiog to say about the uiodeni Atbena. pnniabed for adoring a faite ml/. | 

at least it will hazard your reputation to be Till Aen, good bv. Let the women of this country take wam- 

of Ac like making. TRAVELER. ng.— [AtUnU Ntw Era. ' 

■ fiKc- Vhe liitin ..i7h^^ wfi ' ***» “>• l™pul« that rose ta hfo hurt to hours and Ay.”of A«ir V>vtag.~U . 
ncTiiid si-ffied^ «'▼ Brad WiA .ta wciUh of Ihora ta tte qtate of raramS^ aI 

It »» ® OU , i aian t mcau to , b*ck apoa tbe win- i w» recnlkd tbe tanndeoiue teee of ber 1 

' ber teiDobkCie. ' Hie U|ie were ftyL eecbeA 

om Aeir enrtk- *******; hfo teuth white. And ev« a* 
light and loveli. Bfo prugfo recnlor anfftroiV- 

•fhralhofotep* ■» S 

dote hhM as hie ^ 

•rased her, and Bfo brow totly, wttb w ^fi twaie gtd M- 
frwok*. iran By frairofhl, taxurfoiit 

to and rrfidira *** B*,.*< •hma-hwod IkIt; hfo fofoA w«n 
■ta aad bofo rra d . ^Bfo sm iW foadnatteg. and mP 

ly yoora ran, m ,^**®**®!“ <• •*■< tmd spmkfoa skoitt hkm 
^ ' lAeanabrama. 

hod grown rad ,Cfot on*> .Artingta«, too, took ta Mi Am 
itad Newoll and , ■** ••■Bid OMtefftcdly, as A 

no word hod . U*** 

votealew dmo- »_^®-*** Bojra* forrera BaymiMd, aaz 
mo confidonUr ®** B« frm^ fbr .\mv wA 

Off ■»* Bo blind tehrate«sratelSlha-teM’* 

How Mtrta be 

Mr dkpAoT 

do ll ” ° ' sunny hair was leaned bark npon the win- ] sm recalled Um tanndaeota foe* of bar lover ' Ambrooia’a hsort had alnad 

They were flnccl HP. inrh Hn i4>iil 1* an4l dow frame; freab and fair her aweet young Henrique De Lorme, and Ae fond boom of •• •*• '‘•-■likiii. rad 

AeV iwrte.1 she Lonfa i ^ ’"*• optumod to the Ay; A. long, an alliance tretttfred by the two Iteiuira •Be*. WSShitesred 

vo/won^ reffixe mv k(-4sra atrah) will TOl^ lanbra drooped sleepily over the ' she would dfomira Ae thonght sad amJto ■pfaRaai, if foo* pkfffonkftra^ 

love?” And rrepi^^^ j H . 

I Bbell tinted ebeeks; tbe scarlet, temptingly tutor, who rat beside her bnrfod ta dera 
I passionate month was half-parted, Aowiigt study, or with qu'Kkly glidta^ pern. 

iMill ska talked ra wiA 
EoewK. white her grandliai uul 

I passionate month was nou parted, siiowiigt study, or with quKkly gliding pern. tonne, wMto her It 

prize of beauty, to the bandsuinest I an even row of sinoU, white teeth; the little ' If evirr, tatbetwA^t bonnofMemlra- - ■■■• rartaiffd, rtefod aad fl 
y in the ball, in Newbiuyport, wa* given hands were lisUeasly clasped on her fon^ ' llmh, Ae moMoeT-wavra wonU arara aad •ifofoen m hfo own roara. 

by tome glass-blowers to a negro. 

Ad Ae bockgronad of Ate love^ pioinrq > dash rooad Raymood 2(qwqll, — ‘•(“g kfofi ' 


Sm iAL l)lsrAT( Hl> 

L 0 ll!illLLr( 0 (KICK. 

Mf r — c«*— — Tli» AricM« Man- 
MM*tv— Tml Jrfl. Tto 

Par4*««i Fmir»U— 


Two Monnipr* Borop4— Re4 Rir«*r ; 
C'ro|n> ■ Toilorr — C’rrvoimpt> — 1 


IKVMtei Dli«U4-k to Ike LoateTiUc Coarter.l 
New OBLBkjn. lUj It. 
Lo«t aieM ahoat It o'clock the Maria Dea- 
a! :f, Irioc at the Alftiera wharf tor repair#, wa# i 
fonad la •#>«>«. Abe boraod to the water'# 


• his |>artv, wheti Antlionv hail hla, when 


dty of \ti diMotatlon c^c to tbe common* ! apeecbe* in the Globo, which, at request, 
monwcaltb of ancient Rome, when Ciraar had , kid over. 



Mr. GRIMES calWd np the joint resolu- 
tion to ear^ into immediate effect the bill 
to provide lor the iH'tter onninization of tbe 

First Session. 

W.viHiSGTOJi. May 10. 

weaiin had none. | to provide tor the iH'tter onmnization ol tbe 

Ho spoke to-day for the jiurty which waa ; Va\ De|iartmcnt of the Navy, wbicb pro- 
for the Comnionweulth, for the speedy res- vides as follows: That for the pur|>ose of 
toration to their Conslltutionul relations of | carrying out the provisions of an act to tm>- 
thc late insnircctronary States under each ^ vide for tbe better orgnoiaation of the Pay 


COMMERCIAL. I staonlden, at ISHAUke. aad ajm poaad# dear | 

- - — . — ^ I at isvwltr. A tale #C M ttcfcr# MacnoUa | 

Orrn « or Tua I.otnsTiu.a ('otTaisn, » | »“«ar-e«red haaw at MSe. A sale yf at er<ay at 

Satubdst Kvawias, May Ik, UsM. f ^ hnadrcl aad Ihres hhl* aiea# pork at |M «. sad 

The market, which had been excited and ani- . ***le of IMAM pooad# balk m ea t s, clear dd#s^ 
mated, wa# less active to-day, with a downward “ •“* • “•* * had# baeoo, rlbh#d mdM^ 

tendeucT In New York for both breadstalT# aad ** “'‘*: ■*“ **• •«»»»•. 

provision#. Holder, here, however, were qnite ' ^ 

s.^ r.,. <K. I..... K_. 1 . » f 00*. a •ai# of MO bbh at IMSO, aad IM Ibr Jaly de- 

WaoHiSGTOJi. May 10. ]M-rpetnal guarantees, ' as would guard the ! Department of the Navy, with the least de- 

SiHATE.— The House bill to autlionxe the future of the Keiiiihlic against the sad ct- | lay possible, the President of the United 

U«lsv«e, Kj.y Vokraary 1st, 1M«. 

rowad la tames. Pta Imrwod Vice Admiral of the Navy to api»olnt a see lamities that had in these late years befallen , States is hereby authorized to waive the ex 

e<^fe,got loose from her Cssteotag#. and BoMed pjj- qj lieutenant, , it, I ainination of such officers in tbe Pay De- 

dou-a the riv-ar— (octaaauly without eollldlag was passed. -^s Ig the third section, he believed it I part ment of the Nsvy as arc oil duty abroad 

provisions. Hdd^ here, however, were quite ' . mT. d « hh“u W 

BIS I.\C03(SLSTE.NriES A.\D B.IRB.ARIT1ES. for the UUer. bat were quiet for the lo^^ wlM mie. of 

sad round lots of flour, though still well tua- ] pound* .houWer., loose, st m<c. SMM pooaM < 

tained, were feebly maintahied. In pork there : rfdc# at ISlfc, ISAM ploe«* Fedee •adarearod I 

were no transactions, but bacon was fully up to I ** nHe.SHpl*cca pUla sagar.«BTod at niic. 

e aaaare.1 aad three hhl* aieat pork St MS M. sad -Eim 'K7S AW*r 

ale of IMAM poaad# balk mwts. clear ddee V-CiA JRCL X/ 1 Bm 

l*Ve.aBd smtoofMkhdi baeea.rlbhed mdee: XT’ A TnkT ~w W'rrr-N.-w w-. I 

W»<e. The day prevlooe mem pork waa active. JV A 11 IM lAf O T . n 

*1* aelee of SAts bbte, la varioas Me, all at |M par ^ 

Whelaaale Deaton aad Maaafhetaren of 

wilh say ot h er cnift. . . „ „ 

XMc ftoeMMoommaakwtedtotkeB.J. Adaam. of War for infomiation as to the intention though he agreed with Mr. Banks that the i qoired by law; urovided, such examinationa 

Ivlag sli m rrfdT The cshla ws« bumefL ffie Of tbe (Jovemmcnl with regard to Got em- people had authcrity to disfranchise the as are practicable shal'. be held after the re- 

„ r_j Vo freiefat oa etthcr meat wotlcB St Harper’s FeiTy, was adopt- enemies of tlie Govcmmenl, but he snb- I turn of Uie officers to the United States; and 

nsisBoe wa. mvea. . o ireigoi oa nwev ^ mitted whether, U that section were to be | no officer found to be disqualifled shall r«^ 

stMiDcr. . Ilic hill to authorize the coinage of five insisted on, it would not be belter to incor- | ceive the promotion contemplated in the act 

Thomas Parker, Master of the Maria Dcnaiag, was puraed. porate it in one of Hie pending bills iustead herein rcfeired to. 

atc at edtotheB. J. Adaam. 

»• pwaaed. to the tniru aeclion, uc oeiicvea ii . pHnmeni oi me wavy as arc on duly aoroaa : ^ i win, th. ■ ManoUa ina#. m ■■ 

The resolution calling upon the ^ret^ gave no strength to the auicndmenU al- »nd can not at present be examined as re- , The llurder Of !Uaj. Gen. Orte^B. | •: st#sx’#atMe. Lard Sna. wtuiT’mia of ii uoroao 

rr: REIDI R.IDE [L 0 TUI.\t, 

1iic.lAM. . ^ 

llMaaMi Blspassh to the Lewisville Courier.: 

W aamMtvm. May It-r. a. 
IWe haa hoea a gewraal coafeosme# lo^> o 

j St»«x’« U Me. Lard Sna, with a aate of 1. Uereoo 

I at^; a lale of IM ko«i a» BJtc. sod MkcfsatMe. 

ft earner. 

Thooms Parker, Master of the Maria Dcnaiag, 
wa# asisop ia hie hortb when the Are broke oot ; 

enemies oi me ttovcmiiieni, imi ue bu«- i .uiuui uic umcers tome uniiea states; aiiu 

mitted whether, U that section were to be ' no officer found to be disqualifled shall re- Official CorreSDOndence 
insisted on, it would not be belter to incor- | ceive the promotion contemplated in the act , r • 

porate it in one of Hie pending bills iustead herein referred to. I 

A bill to impose a twcnly per cent, ad of 

1 at the llenoastractioa iV 

it in the Constitution. 

Sec. 2. And be it further Jietdlvtd, That 

The nver, under the Inflaeace of the dry . WHISKT-Prlce. of raw d^llaed ear^^^ta the 
weather that prevailed throughout tbe month, week to pj -a, wiih hot tew mM*. a lot of M bbla 
until this week, ha. tsllen to a pretty low .tage, u>.day stHc. Slock# Ught. 
and freights, though scarce, have an npward | Wool— F air demaad, tboagh yrlee# rale low, 
tendency. We have bad three day. of light | ^Ithwalv. «o desim m tU s Mc for OBwashed. Md 

Bnvo MMovad to thrfr New Morokooas. 


A Mw doe r o holow Sovwnite, 

Whanihaywnhehaony to s#o MMr fWials and 

s ori o iae ts aad Ms trade f orally, 
tayiac cxelorively Ibr Cash, aad ■anoMatarlrar 

1(^1 made his way tbrrwgh the flanses. bni died thl. fWorvm duty on cattle imported into this Mu. SI EVENS, ol Pa., suggested that , the Secretary of the Navy be, and he is I WASnisorox, May IS. The last in. !*••"*• •**®*hf^ **®t v“®**Eh to make 

a rise In the ; ***' fo' ‘“l* WMhed, eonmoa la tetr fleraa, ***» ®®*ds t'**»do*»hia aador th# •nnariataod- 

■wMrive to Ike Bowes t tohe|inr#oii l on MeOoW- 
MMnUanol AaMteteenc wWeh c o m b s op in tbe 
•wwwte Monday. IMe iwsah seems to hr that a 
4M(«Minai oMorl will be Bade to .trike •-at the 
thliRssetlsn. wtekhdUfrsarhlaes all rehei# from 

hi. iujurios. Several others were country was inssed, with the amendment they woiild have tlie bill vetoed 

badly borat. 

The flrr pr.>habl) wa. the reowll of an sod 

The Red Sivrg rowntry I# in danger of hclag gf cholera were then taken ui) and dis 
overflowed. Tbe crop# Irowi Sbreveport dow n eggaed. 

exempting for Un days cattle already owned aIr. HINGHAM, replied that he was not •*•><>«'■ the existing laws and regnlations, ' ijpj^gen 500 and fiOO pages. I KssI, have been materially enhanced on all da#s- ■ ' - — I ~ T-*^ ’*'* *' - I 1— g B-s 3 

by American citixens, and nowin BriUsh Icartul of any veto from Ihc other end of volunteer ofteers In the Navy, as the exlg It appears from this mass^ correspond- | ea of freight., toclnding tobacco, eottoo, and l^owisville Tobacco .Market. 

-- Floirmriuil Cora liiis. 

. . WASnisOTOX, May la-Thc last in ' . J .T: i wUlechoic.^^ wowldcommaod fc a.r “~*Wowe of lhoir«.f»vo Mam fceUiasaMh^ 

hereby antbonzed to retain or to ap|ioint , gtallinent of doenmenU relative to Mexico j Bver. Bailroad freights, both to and from the higher — ■•-tut a rM i M ihoWsst. 

under Hie eTlsilni. l.w. md ..•ml.tinn# ' . - IT 1 1 i.ii. .n .a.... ’ • “r «y ww. 

makes between 500 and 000 
It appears from this mass 

bMspMM k is prapooed to iasona >r.oru«»eo. loe craps iram oora,e,«, - 

flisTl bl oB ofltesss of Mo rrtwl 

MBi kwM ovwr boMlag an oAoe Tboiw are U" hope, of ro|«iriwg the levoes. 

aa«or this OeveraMowt. b this Nine parishes are ex|«Aod to be .abmerged. 

ti w« aaeossarity go to tbe Bowse for River ow a .load, aad seven lacho. below high 

•oaewiWMce It win. It te wuw believed, com- Bw.ine« oo the ‘"IT" u"^a 

Moad a twobteds volo b that body, fhere D.-partod-ro«lnenUl, Mag^ia ^ 
bos bwaa a vaot wmowm wf caacaMag today oa ^ f<» ^ “<* 

laaed. * What was to be gained by retaining the ' Mb. GRIMES otlered an amendment 

Tbe morning hour expired pending the Sd soctionr It laid been aaid that it was which waa adopted: That hereafter naval 

l.oaiHVille Tobacco Market. s large aad varied atwch. adapSod iw tba SfrMg aad 

• Trte market has beea very rteady iM Me wrak. Sa mm ar trade, and win sell tbsir aoodi m low as 

though for teveral day. eoesmon light hsfs were <bsy caa hs had la aav sf Ms Emutw markcM. 

drooping. They have itaee advaaesd, aad nils ' 

|[SI[iill fOIIIDfRf. 

E#«tat>ll*«he«l In 1 frflSwtS, 

MAX V r Acn; 


BwUk Povtabb aad BSallwaan*# 

a*»TFx ’•#■■# MW so 




disenasion, and tbe p>wt office appropri.e 
lion bill was taken np. 

Mr. NY E, of Nevada, continued hi. re 

iiieai>able of execution, and It was Ida own constructors shall lie staff officers of the , t|,e french to conceal It. More^er U tbe month, ha* a#.nmcd a firmer tone, with an 

opinion that an amendment to the Conati- navy, 

— , „ — „ . .. . ... . J t; I .. , . . ; waa premeditated and executed by orders increased inquiry in this market Ibr that South- 

Mr. NYE, of Nevada, continued hi. re- tuuoii whieh was not to In- executed ought 1 1 he resolution, as amended, waa pasaeff ■ ,rom Mexico, or hycommand of the French ' era .taole. The InauguratloTi of anction aales 

marks commenced vasierdav, against the not to luj put into the Constitution. 1 Monday next was, on motion, set a|iart Generul-ln-Cliief of the invading armv or ' v . vi . # Kn..M 

Preaident’a policy anil In l.vor jTlhe ,.uu- , Mr STEVENS, of Peuu.yUwnia, closed for the consideration of blH» and rc^rts , by “h^French ^ent in tSat cl?y. I foyo»ble l«ll.«»ce 

Mhment of traitor* the debate. lie said he waa very glad to fioni the Committee on Invalid Pensions, i .h„v trvin l.v the resiHuwibifilv of ihM, I while, at the same time. It Invites aad makes 

Oovsnm eowdwrb. tbeflelsgate laf oagr#-. «•-. OM» I>ISP kTt II 

tewm Aitawaa. floss wot take the dowhtfkl view I ai.AA#.wi# .wixai. 

Wf tbw maaswere aflory attributed b J. Boss j xhw Kuv>s-TMFlre Prrsoaa Barned 

_'hiw Fire*— Twelre PrrtiMfi Bvraed b? DiiliUry 
Wtmmm. Qower Ooo4»te mj% thmi U to Vp for l'oo« ' mirfial? 

•mMidiBOiT mMot fw laiia— to pttber two j U^mpt of C'oart* Me. NYE replied that he would han^ he 

tfc— ood wmmmm 9m » t wo ch ie uo i oapodhfoo , irpeciat PiiMicli f the LooIrtUW Comricr | eaooirh to make tri2as<»D odiouaq to make 

■ba be was twpraueubd M Port Owudwta, I K«w OniRaira. May lA "" 

aadMMiaBapMBC ^ IwbM^ The farite There were three Are alarm, last alght. At 1* Mr. NYE replied live or six. He would Co 

qaasMow is numefl alMr the fleieewte. The j o'clock, oa New Levee .trect, up town, an old got j,ave kept “Davla” so long. Would cn 
M ar DspwitaaMi kawc raaasa to tear that It Is | brick huUdiug, where early la the evcaiac there have Ah^ him in a hollow square of the | 
bae. had been a tandanen, burned dovrn. Four negro grand Union armies when they were mus- b** 

Aadre Caflarwend. ef the C. 8. Divtiic; Conn vtowmtu owe w Wie woiaac. and one wegro ; tered out here. Now be supposed he aiv 
Mr Me r ailaw fltatrict wf Vbgbia.«rrivwd here boy were fawwd hwiwed lodaotli. Tbe iiroprtetar "^'i?*** J** -.i .1 w H» 

foml#ri-«. Rw*»or my. twelve p«rso« ^ reapoiiaibie lor the delay in the trial. ! 
agabmAwfl. Davis far traasow at Nerfolk ow baraefl to death. It I# mppoMd to be the work j, kdmitn-d that a court martial was he 
Thanflay. Tbe bdlcxamot is jast abont lbs | of an iooeodiyv. not a proper tribnual, and the .Judge of the on 

Hme as Ms aar p rrv isasl j Maad b that Court. ' At lbs saao^ lima a Arc broke out on Roral pro|«er court bad rctuaed so far to try liira. Hu 

Mbment of tniito'ra. *he debate. lie aaid he waa very glad to uom the Committee ot 

Mr. DOOLITTLE, of Wisconsin, spoke see the siruat unanimity among the friends i Mb. MORGAN, of Nt 
in reply against the exercise of a spin! of of the Union iu Hie House upon all the a nieinorial from the clt 
narclenting vengeance towards the South- provisions of the proi>oscd amendment ex- asking C'ongras to inau 
ern people. He aaked Nye how many cept the section, hut he was grieved to ^ remains of Union aoldh 
be would liave tried, ‘and whcHie'r see an.v division among them on vital the liattlefleld of Shiloh, 
by military commlation or court- i>rt>[) 06 ition of the whole amendment with- Mr. CHANDLER, ol 1 

from the Committee on Invalid PenaTona. i thev'tiyTo'^l^^the responalbi^tv'^Mffi^^ I while, at the same time. It Invites aad make. "*** * ^ 1 AhW st |M M. | tesrisaa thars a asoiMs ss hlahly 1 

Mb. MORGAN, of New York, presented 1 conduct ^ I compctiiion, which 1. ot course b«neflcial to the * l*bd at tsz. 1 hbd at |», l hbd at m, aadY hhd at 1 thsold aad wcH-kaowa 

a memorial from the ritizens of New York i jje ajjg the aasaaalna have not had pUnier. Among the sales thl. week was a lot pw m» ponn«b. Tiorr.iBLE mjfow.tKT balsam. 

asking CouH^s to ipaure the burial of the the niunlincsa to aasume the reaponslbUlty, , forwarded from Huntsville to try the market, I '• fo^***^.**®*®! Are hoxeaof Me ' SabT F. WHIMm, ItCoUeeaar ef the Fort af 

1 ? still exposed on | but have tried to conceal It or Impose the | tbe owner having alway. lieretofore .ent hi# , *""“•* **“ ■•'•‘^••F-'Ti-vsnaNiMsT.a.w.lfcFwli— 

I upon a traitor. I cott<rto'the^#^l>^T« New Ortwin.. Tbe I 'TII^^^^xTsTI^x .4 siK 1 ho. at ami h.# 

A commuoication dated Febmarv 20tb \ ^ a. j oox « i oo* A4fias. laox at lifts itox aoaxT jaata.^ b« ava lazattiM mmim. 

anamitted to Mr. Seward. adds tTthe^: A 1 box « «ii per m pomMa. •oMi.Lomaritl.h, 

Mr. chandler, ol Michigan, called up 

out il; il amounted to nothing without it; the joiut resolution to prevent the Intro- , transmitted to Mr. Seward, adds to t4 doc- 
he would not give Uie snap of ms linger dueHon of cholera into the United States. 1 uments, in order to keep Ac United Stole# 
whether the joint resolution were passed or ' The question was upon the amendraenf (j„vemmcnt informed of tbe conduct of the tm la twenty MofloMry !»*■##. of 
HIM . atvay. ea haaS, m tRas waaa^ra- 

I WT* ** ®S* '• Mraa la law Aw 

Flaosfaa MM u4 fluMsa alal^Ki 
saa sh a ritn. forn ihul al 11 # — 

Tbe above may ba coaridrred a# samplca af what 
Kentncky In general, and Ballard eoanty la par 

ttarfar bfliaaatomtber tvro < U>mpt of Conrt. Mr. NYE replied that he would hang he would not give Uie snap of nis linger ducHon of cholera into the United States. | uments, in order to keep Ac United State# I The above may ba eooMkred m eamplea af what 

■ Mr a If Thai in aiiiailliliia ! iranriai iriiiatrli 1 - •hT ti-ra vrTinTCirariTr 1 enough to make treason odious, to make j I’i resolution Ncre passed or The question wm upon the amendraenf Government informed of tbe conduct of the I Keniacky in general, and Ballard comity taper 

■m^ad at Pan OMMn. ^ Krw Owirxw*. Mav IE. ffood that assertion of the Pri-sident. not; if it laded there would be power left ol Mr. Edmonds, of Vei-mont, changing Uie | invaders of Mexico. I - The attendance on Change was large and ae- lleolar, win do at the fair whra laeompctltloa with 

bbahtote l^efarTte ' Thera thrae flra a^^n^^^shr Arn ' DOOUTTLE osked how many. fmoiig the friends of Iho Uni^ in the next ' the cstohlUhment of , ye gay,, I now call your atlenlion to tbe live, bat tbe feeling for flour waa leaa bnoTani, »n tbe world, on the mm mm 

T Tbe «Drf_te I were thiv* Are At W ,vould Cong.-.-s to cany the measures of HicGov- I ineonaUtcncy of Maximilian In treating the I midprovl.lou d«^r. were at a aland, thoogh Tbemlea.t the.mriio. warehomw. were 

efl alMr Me fleiegnte. The jO cluck, on New Levee .trwLnp town, an old jjgpl “iMvla” so long. Would ernment. r . . . .u rt”** Treaeury from direction to authoriza- 1 National forces as belligercnta, after having ,, „,hin<r nf #■> advanre on nreviona "■•y*khd«. an low grade., rangtag from w M to 

hnwe raaaan to fanr Mat it U { brick baUdtog, where early la the evcaiag there have bmiff him in a hollow square of the [Here en«ncd a scene of eonlusion in the tion and providing Uicy may do so instead once denied them lliat right. 6 iirm al nomething of an advance on ^vious ^ ^ ^ fnm we Ml hhda 

had been a iandanen, honed dovrn. Fonr negro grand Union armies when they were mus- fr®'!. membera crowding ' of tlmt th^s^L . i, ,, , I The French agent ot Maximillian, ' '»*es. There were no tote# excepting a lot of so The foUowtag la the eisiMflea. 

■old M Lomavltle by 

test dAwSm 

kdwabp wn.rHt«. 

sorry if the third section were struck to adopt anJ enforce a ayatein of 1 p„„rormitv’to his decree thnuo-i. ihev'he- I ... 

t, to-eause Hien, before any portion of , quarantine, &c. ' t™Klzed foreS^ now^^otU^ ' “> H*** ^rd ot Trade from 

e amendment could lie pnt into opera- | The morning hour expired pending the ; foniial exchange of prisoners wi^ General quoted cotton firmer staGcformld 

Jnflge rnfla r wand hn» bean In onoMUtation «1M , street, origtoati ^ ia the Mird etory nf Maniu'v 
Me AaatoSani Attorney O ane r al to-day, relative ' idm^ographic gallery and sprvading to the next 
ha Dnal>* Mini at WrkMnnil la Jane. Every ' hotter. Tbs third storiee of both hooee# were 
prapasaMaa M hotag Bane ior Me event al that destroyed aad the sceond stories badly damaged. 

of an inoeodiarv. not a proper tribunal, and tbe .Judge of the ont, becBUse then, ^lore anv portion of , <inaranHne, <xc. .... ■ long to organized forces, now negotiates a 

Aiiheeam^ lime a Are broke out oti Roval pro|<er court bad refused so far to trv him. Hie amendment could lie pnt into opera- I The morning hour expired pending the formal exchange of prisoners witn General 
atracLorigtoating In the Mini etory of Marv to-v Aa lor tbe trial of Lee, It was known H.m, the oHier side of the llousc would be | di^iission on this anbj^^^ Rivas, whom he calls “ General.” and llat- 

idto^xrrm^tecalll^andsprrading to tbe neit wltoJ (Ji'h- Grants idea of such a thing is flHe«1 wity yelling secessionists and ap- The Post Office Appropriation bill was, with courteonslananagc for his human 
knmie Tha ihini .toriM of hiifh hnoKM mere #o long OS Loe obevs Hie tcrms of the sur- proved copperheads. i token np, the pending queslion btiiig on ' Uv and kindness to French prisoners. 

^ Give us therefore, he continued, the third Trumhull’s ameudmeul iu regard to the %„"g,y the Wst.thisslgnlUes an actnowl- 

naflersMod Mat Chief Jaaliee j At 4 oVIock a fire broke out asato on Boyal the 

Mr. DOOLITTLE said the charge that section or give us nothing. Do not mock ' appointing power. 

« President or his snnportcn were in *18 by thti pretense of an amendment whieh Mr. HOWARD, of Micliig 

The di.patebes to the Board of Trade from 

New Y’ork quoted cotton firmer at 3Bc for mid- j 

dllng; and the dry goodi market quiet and nu- I Mraotactarioc wn'i^'ra 

changed. Urocerlea were dnll and nnebanged : i 

mess pork doll and declined to $.T0MN@Sn 'ifl ; | 

lard Me; whisky held at $E ESQE FI; flour doll 1 Lonisville Live 

Light. Heavy. 

ttiM E'B »4 Mil SM 
IMiaSN SMtaiM 
a asm a a asamaa 
M aau a u aati a 

«» .1 . i ‘l*e righto of belllgercnto. To ■ and declining; wheat dnll. and core advancing. 

T.?. .1.! o*' tliettepnhlioan army, the evl- ; _h. Cincinnati dl.natch anoted mess Dork 

Louisville Live Ntock .Markets. 


I ro« JrDtiBoproi^TVp ap'pBAL^ ■ 

to ■*» # p «— ee CotoMl w. r. 

*• ^nrSl^^?^****** ^ Aa^M I 



a ! T"®? *F • f» fr w« <M Dr. 

S| 1 Cowdea, yho Sad beeu eaiad of V aMliimaat 
I rUy - ? • •Mrtarfy iflteted.speak* ar 

Reeli; aad a m impartaase to Me aMteWde 
I WAauawTua. laa., Fekraary a. aa. 

' Mb. MaITIx— D**b * 11 : I rraelved your Mar 
I ^ atom- day. aaklaa the paiicaar. •} Dr. Cow- 


»1. *3fl Mfl S3* W. Wram ««,. 

cmcnou Ti. a 

j*R « h ui«. Tla .a 
>#miaal waaka 

'■^ma. Lom of 

v#na tar; Audi 
y-art. Uamaar 
inaluro OM A*. 

ri» .*pram5SSrti^ 

aakasm. !*Mba taa 

W o€ MM..I 7 . CaS- 

•toda. rare <a Mu 

.A '-are. i h maar nf Vlatoa, Fve- 

cJ SSSr 'y WeMWvra. 

^ Diaeoa BTcsMiaa,Faie CuuM 
J r'-wK'. hirauiv-. • -imiiiiiii 

r .ikm.aadoa diarwa tZTaS 

CTiei-oUee Kometly ; 

•xaaantiag Oal. PanMlag. Uuw aay affidavit 
ar Ilf * 87 * oaaM laievr Ool Paaldiag «aa- 
ant he ansa. naHl Me repart of Ska ooaMiltoe ia 

, . te legraphic msrtrisin r tae eMct of Mehcl- , House in opposition to the measure. He Do they not deserve hiimilintion ? Do they signs and purposes, in its enormous ‘ 

heweot wmki <Mme^i rf*^ J , Wished that the colored race in the ^uth- not d^'ivc degrodation » If they don’t, dangera. In Its injustics and cruelty, in its 

York, M IV IS. — Tne ateamen CJity ppj gtgtca were allowed to occupy the who does? What animal or felon inontrosltiea, sir, I do not doubt that an 5' 
of Paris and Germaalataxr^ved. Tlreir . i„ i,!, own ‘state; deserve# It more? They have not yet con- lioneat, loyal and gallant people, who have , ° 

It is scarcely necessary for me to assure 

spring wheat. No. 1, at $1 W; No. S at fll 10; 

IVe Piva i fle a t has paifleaed Me rebel Oeaetal dates are Liverpool and Sonthampton 2d, as*^ waa 

on that the Government of the United 4l®N)c; oat. 90@33c; and barley $1 05 

itoUs deeply regrets the untimely fate ®i 10- 

Me Mirteeath cx«p- ‘■H7 Government should int^ere wilh the mal- 
a M s lin a. Also A. R. Pennsylvania, neither was be willing 

willing that the cenera'l fessed their sins, why should they be for- done so ranch to preserve the Government, » Q'C** ot er 
d interfere wilh the mat- given? lie who administers justice and to inaintoin its dignity and it* honor, oau^ m 

. K- — npvrr f.iririve. until the ainnpr pun. will ffive a lastinfr and pudiiraiile rehiikp. to Stllulions lu frl' 

which has overtaken those brave champions 
of the cause oi liberty and republican in- 

Money rules easy al 9 per ceat. 

. J .r- w . .1 _r e- H*« BriUah Ministry reesivl tbe close vote 

r, afAIrViM* aaflC. M. Jaspto,af kM- on the reform Mil as equivalent to a defeat. 

It sbonld interfere with it Houth. lease* hi. sins ana 1 

The injustice and enormities of Uie third biotstool of power. 

mercy never forgives until the sinner con- will give a lasting and endurable rebuke to* hU sins and humbles himself at the tbe ixilicy so confidently asserted. Secre- 

Mexico, and fully deprecates , Gold waa weak this morning, bat rallied a i rattle 

smooth, well-tencd, sad tyentc ft>r UghL 
SHKEP— Have been In good demaad atSMSNe for 
choice sad extra; SHSMHc for tair aad aiilam 
Lamb* are aot a* forward aa a»aal at this iiasoa; 
thoaa oSered tell at from 4MS 3 per head. 


Doctor caa ha e aa salte d at LauikviiMu ay. 
fMtee, corser S seaad aad MaM. Addrera. Foat- 


jy^jfoWyMa a iaate filiocaaa 

Mu^tomaarraa MlST^mmSaSiS 


Gladstone annonneed In the Hoom ^ mscHon had been so thoroughly exposed by "‘e snocLU not foboive ant more than already. Hear him: "Tlie States are then 

nmmnciffi that thn fnnE*k4ME> Kill wi*hnM twi .. .. ^ K . ##<# fl—.i*. t.# oa..aa 

tarhi J a’ V ” tZ rc tf me iniwnice ADQ cDornmies oi uie uiira 

Nte. tomtaato f Mr (Moe Mill oMtln- Commou?Uu“X”^nJlc^ll wo'Sd ^ ^t^^Jron*®to?R3K« 

BoataavmyflaastMiageoadMaa. Th. reMni P"^. bm that the bUl for to^iatri^- . it nnneecsiJLTto say anything 

orMeaaaattTMFaaer seems to have given a ^ ‘boat it further than to expreas his belief 

MMiEaWc tai^cCNv to the IcreatiTe ftosltiei of l!?}^ tnq^l be consulered to- Intention wa* to prevent the poss!* 

PhtoMs hM UsMfl aewnl hanflrad appliMtloM mVSow^l!!;^"t “ire^nd sS 

the practice of a system of warfare so little liiue this alteraoon. New York qnoU tion. were 

tbe gentlemen on the Republicwn side that he. just as truly In the exercises of their State 

be deemed it nnneecsrary to say anything If thev are to come back let them come convcntlona and powers and frieulties u 
abont it farther than to expreas bis belief and ask forgiveness, and let us consider the State of New Yore is at Allmny to-day. 

..... .. .. . ... ■ ,1 . ... fhA lj„ViP.ll Punan.ii,AvknA aP .kla. 

as follows: 10:50 a. r.. IfiBk; iiiiS A. a., IfiSH; 


O. Bnm FreFTtetoe. 

Loviarnjja. May IE, ISiR 
The reeetpts and utea for all kiad* ot Uvb stock 

that the intention was to prevent the poasi- whom we aiiall lorgive and whonn we shall " nat is me u^cai eonaeqiience ot thia. Kg»™„p„ 
bUity of any Southern State voting for Hie exclude. That is my purpose. All I regret , *l*-'ven rel>el States are at present u 

smflMg May MM Mots win be fosaed IX new 

n# KraaiBg Daaaocratic paper h«rc aasaru 
today Mat SecteMcy BMnton I* aa nadewt snp- 
pottor ot Ms Pr.Md rat's poUey ot lotaastine 

Md foTth^w!^ wimauf Hu^atju to the exclusion of the Southern States till cessionisto sing to me tlicir halcyon songs J? ®*'*' 

aad nw the week ^bont the prnteetion of an evasive move- Presidential clccUon. of i>eacc and good will until they can stop l-Hiled Sto^, ai 

Tini.ij. r .■iiMiL.uijm ji. L ILJ.J Iirriijid ^ Tbc PTMidenl’s pl^ OH tho coutrarv w#B iup‘cars to the shrieks and groans of the rf'spr^nted in the House of Congress Mis 
htm!^ ' plain and simple, just and ellectual, and, as victims at Memphis, a scene more horrible Hork; if CongrcM waiitonto 

I t^ Tfrn« ^ hellevod, acceptable to tbe vast iiiajorily i„ its utnHiiUes Tthoiigh not t . the same ex- f^Lv refuse to allow them the same privi- 

t «il? of ifoople Norm and South. The iasuc lie- lenl) than (he terrible tragedy of Jamaica, leges of replantation by 

Upj Sewurd'Kays that U*Ls nearly executed “ follow*: 10 :*) a. m., HBJi; a, m., MSH; — 

already. Hear him: "The States are then ^ be<r to state that tlw aubject ^11 welve ujjn 4 . 1:J0 r. 1*9: 4 f. 1». SHELBT Hur.S». 

just as truly in the exercises of their State Jil^V'overamem '^***'^ ^ ^ entitled from at X to ! per ceaL under ®' V 

conventions and powers and fUenlties as this Got trnment. otrvi-iDrv ' New York rate#, and oflt-red at the New York LociBvnXB, May IE, ISIR 

tbe state of New York Is at Allmny to day.” , W.H.SEVtARD. ' ^ The receipt* ami «lea for an klad* o4 Uva stock 

What U the logical consequence of this? T**" following correspondence took place prices. Silver comes to slowly, and te pnrcbaecd . ^ were good, raid frtolY at folr 

If the eleven rclml Stoles arc at present as between Gen. v\ eilzel and Gen. Mejte. ^ at 8 and 11 per cent under gold. I prices, and the pen* empty, 

legitimately ami as Con*titutionally in the Hbaih}Dabters Distbict of the 1 ' Go»eromenl aecuritlea were quoted in New : BEEF CATTU£-The best qnaUty of beef eottia 

exercise of their proper fuuctious, tnd arc Kio Grande, Brownsville, Texas, > York this morning a. follow.; Flve-twentie., [ broogbt 9 T afoi SR medlam to good X Xfoi: com- j 
a. loyal and olH>dient to the laws of the , January 2, ISfitt. ) km to 109:^; Ten-fortle., X to X«i; Scven-thlr- mon iBiW, groa* weight. 

United Sto^, are m much entitled to be Gf.nebau ! Uea, lOEV to 10*M. In our market the demand HOOS-Heavy and welPtetted hots hroogkt, on I 

respre^nted in the House of Congress m is i uiiderstond that you have token seven- 1 «>- s«TeB-thlrtlea wm sreatcr than the anDoir "* "“rket. X. and the llghier mdes from X Mfo j 

New Hork; if CongrcM wantonly and wick- teen prisonera from the Liberal forces and 9M,mto,naiHy. 

odiy refuse to allow them the same prlvl- that you intend to execute them. have been sold toiler. sHE£r--nt market barely snppUed wtM thfo 

leges of rcprt^'utation by New In tbe name of the entire civilized world stlblM to lOlX, bolder, asking New York rates, important Uad of nmai, Md soto, m fo«t •# they 1 

« fniffi's WiEkiix. IriifiK tid 

i. tlial this te not suffieientiv atrin^ent legitimately ami aa Conatitutionally in the Hbaih}Dabters District of the 1 

Ut not mt”e fric" ae- '^"Ecise of their proper functions, "and are Rio Grande, Brownsville Texas, 

ressi'inUts sing to me tlicir halcyon songs J? olK'dient to the laws of the January 2, 18811. ) 

of iieacc and good w ill until they can stop United Sto^, are m much entitled to be Gf.nebau 

lup cars to the shrieks and groans of the rf'spr^nted in the House of Congr^ m is I uiiderstond that you have token seven 

legitimately ami as CouRtitutionally in tbe 
exercise of their proper fuuctious, tnd are 
as loyal and olH'dient to the laws of the 

Gf.nebau i Ues, lOEh' to lOEjfi. In onr market the demand nous— Heavy and wen-iatted ho 

I understand that you have token seven- 1 Seven-thlrtlea WM gre«er than the anpply, "* 
teen pnsoners from the Liberal forces aud k__j. k... .«ia #M, astoqnalHy. 

that f^oii intend to execute them. ^ SHEEF-Th. market hMcly anp 

In the name of the entire civilized world •• fo lOlX. holder, asking New York rates, important Uad of awat. #ad soM, 
T protest againat such a horrible act of bar- But few tnuMctiona In Southern money were 1 jmne la. at 94 MM9I9, grain welgbc. 

niK P ATCH. conHnnea warlike. branch of the Govt mment by eonscr- 

. — ulir tra Y»Hve men of the country under the b-atl 

Militair Hf*. — latomal Rewace b®‘«'jGo®e between Austria nod Italy arc | 

Reoel pta. 8TKOUSE. of Pennsylvania, followed 

(■paefol to fo WM to «•» Louisville Oowriar.] on the same side. He dcclarcd Out the 

a Asanunxm. Max 11 Ec^ted aa vigoroiialy preparing for war , j-„„,i,uHoo was never inlendtsd to lie 


(■partil IhMtlnh to Me Loolsvine Oowriar.] 
WasaotoToai, Max li. 

Ia wbafltemer to Me otflrc of Me ftecretary of 
Wat, ■sweet Briewfltor GeBoral M'm. P. Biebard.. 
Oatamal ot Me »M Ohio Vdonteers, is hooor- 

oMy Maaterafl wwt wf Mr ewrrlee- 

su weqaes mode up, and the appeal must be made to shall be repreaented herc, 1 hoiic you will logical rcsult Jbe assertion of the biiity. I believe It will stomp the power made to-day, and quotations arc unchanged. Kaenrrs. 

ihepeoplc. He believed that nothing could not admit those who have caused the slaugb- bccretary of Stijte, that they are perftctly which you represent with lintamy forever KxcUange wm iu better request, and wt* I f»to* 

avert the speedy )Kies4»sion ol Hie legiala- ter ol niillions of our countrymen, while rehabnitatcd and in p^ession of Stole To execute tbe Mexicans for fighting in their quoted at 1-X preminm buying, 1-10 preminm ’ 

wm-like. live branch of the Govt mmcnt by eonacr- t'li-ir clothis arc still wet with blood Wait right# m mem wre of this Lnion as is the . own country and for the freedom of their geiiin» I 

nd Tt#iv vutive men of the country under the li-a»l ail they are dilfcrentiy clad. 1 do not w.vut “tote of New York. . , „ . own country against a foreign power is a m, I Awiati. fob Foax Baton and Flovb at 

^ Andrew Johnson. to fit side by side witii men whose gar- hif, I would not impute to the Secretory measure which, at this age, will meet with ’ “’** tor la.-We learn from the «. Louis Damocrai 

I Nr. 8TKOUSE, of Pennsylvania, followed luciits simll of the blood of my kindreS. of Stale any unlawful or wicked invention, universal exicraUon. Burlnx flelling aAinniA* tuAt tiu, lAiiAsto.r ■Bh.»#AAAa 

iSfl woribfom <Sm 
to mowey— M ahme of 


j? ^ V sraarg y jmto. 4 nd frra 

UM mrsicm M^mxSr mjS^XoSS^ 

.. X-> RK#Ci.EIWaIk«e M„XT 


attle Ml T'lns Machine, ya timm M MM. and n~aitiuiii4 

on - r. M , i cwane w Mr«»newKM«IXc.haa 

iMcp fog First Fremlnm at ■ fovra State Fairs, mid ib hmn- 

; A-.1 — . — .^A- 

Awiah. FOB Foax. Baton ani> Fioea at St. rSly'iira iSrSt’^^JSS 

on Uic *aoie side, lie dccltrcd tlut tbe 
Confttitution was never intcTidod U> l>e 

iCllU»MlKUUi viiv m«<ua ui uijr miiiurvu. -..s-n#... uuikcisai CAtcrvuuu. I 

tichtkmen, forget the *< enes that look ‘ * eannot read the language i cannot permit this to be (Ibnc under the i 

The Italian P.srlUmcnt promptly voted ^ j Congresa 


for the ddenac of Uic country. 1 BANKS, of MMsael 

the next speaker. He regarded I bte as tbe legislation; they seem to have forgottei 
»n<lin#iA#in k ifnrraj ntjA te quoatlon that could IN' priwcntcd I thc scenes enacted here six years ago, be 

Loci*.— W e )e*re from the 8i. Lo«h I>*Biomt at d*r. A* * Trutihr* i*cft>* It to Yrri*ii^ 

*Vl'» ^'- 3 * Saturday that the folknrtag rabaiatraeS award# ' SSmSit £JI?'by efoaa. 
”• J 2 * ^ A -era made at that aotei. ZSJKS.'Stttt’iSr utosr 

■rdteMCtoBarMcWarDepwrtaMDt.rom|»uT to Conenx or the country. He believed 

4J. M ■a ttn flwn C. 8. I., on dwty at Newport ^ ^ the organigaHon of governments in 

BmtoMr E>, havehwaowtflmwdtoiMwMMe ont Uteinsunrent States courd tmlylie safelv 

the scenes enacted here six years 
fore Southern uit tubers Icit the Ha 
Hie armies of Catoiiue; aud wlicn. 

irs ago be- ' ?ress< *'Rb a full quota of Representatives 
Hall to join and Senators. If they arc constltationElly 
icn, L-ncour- . entitled to this representation, and aa ranrh 

- Major General Commanding. 

Kiiiperial Army of Mexieo, DirMon of 
Vrjia, Hradqnnrter* Matamorao, January ; 

fMtMMt IR the mHItory fllvioton w4 Me Moats 

The MtorwRl tevenne rseaipte tor Me wwek chd- 
Ing toflay ssese tour milUowa rod a hairfloDwr. . 


AppoinUicnta— A HcInArnMn In I'irc 
Arts — Kinking nf thc Krhooner 
X lag. «4 the Winfl — Tcrribirl on* 
•ngmtinn in Oshkosh, X ia. — Onr 
Hprcanl CaNmnacrcinl KnniMniy# 
il piTtol MspateS to thr LoMsrllle Cowrler. 

CwiCASO. May IE. 

A talagrwni has hwan racalvwd bare stalioc Mat 

Thc Itaiuii Government bM called out 
l.Mt.OOO men. 

aged liy their allies, they came over here in '** New York, it is wholly unconstitu- -jd, 1H86 . — General: I acknowledge the 

made by effecting a chaiigc in the IimIs of one ycliing body, Itecause a speech for jional to kcM them onL According to the rece4>t of your communleation this 

nVa Aurr.,A#ww./i»wS ut vkA 'TCw.te pollUcal socicty in the Southern States, fr-eedom was made on this side;— when thc 

te3rJi.^^n hrnT^!^.t ^1 tt^ ^ -oemlea of the connlrr In a ruffian Craig, of North Carolina, drew a 

condiUon to nsnew war. Therefore no pistol, and the assassin Barksdale, of Mis- 
ol7« iMuSu pro,Kfoition met bte entire approval which irssip .i, drew a bowi-knife. 

rm .nit cjceodlngty blsc and , radical change in thc bwsU Mb. THAYER, of Pennsylvania, reminded 

ComponiidIntcreat,Jnne,18IM. Ill 

Compound Interest, .Inly, 18S4 114t( 

Componad Interc.t. Aag., tSB4 IM 

Coroponnd Interest, Oca., 1S6L IQS 

Compuitnd Interest, Dec., 1144 1(8 

Compound Interest, May. tSSS IflSH 

Compownd interest, Anx., ISM 104 

were made at that poiat. machina 

General T. J. Halnea. CMef Cnnwnlarary. ynsfos D tsavM 
day made tbe awards under prowotel* opened by w s a hea i 
him on Wedni-#dae, of Ml bMa mess pork at m in Msnket. 
IsabbleprlaiemeM porkat «a 3; 9RUM IbsbMon Ittsaoif 

•Ides at SIS M; SOiuw the do do si fU 3 per MS ot order 
tbs; t3M9Ibs bacon .idea St ttke per M; « bMa .p plleag 
single extra door st 9U M; 3t bbla aonMe extra do Hardwai 
atfU SO, and 1 JM nek. doable extra si gS SR vhfo- ■] 

"■ iiu •• iravy, easier sou qnKaar Mon sa* eMer 
macbhxt in Uie worid. It doss not wear Uwum^h. 
blsa*«sa«Basrthnworhtobailana by bStTk 
wsehea sU kleds of (bbries. IVoM afor^VSZrtoa 
htonltri-. H wsaOea flannels wtibont ibrlnklSlIlm 
Il laaa atmnle aad .nbeualku lba> Is saaOteiZi 
of order. Clrealars sad Ir.ffinoeislB — 

toll ra l l ea. Fjw a>fo ba r. j 

'srdware sad Cqtlerr.No. B 

reiaikma show no im of jiollticnl society in thcsc SRitca; but 
■ LI “R^ln^Un^hiw tolk tff’imffi “®* Honac to adopt hi. o| 

•bKW‘';jj;a^‘'‘i^*!l.lPiri« H* bad no doubt tlinl the Govemmen 

?#.^’a^ ^ i the United State* had full uuthorilv to 

fi-CMloiD wa* nmefe on Uii* side: — when the *d<ia of the ftecreUry of Stale, the conduct find myself under the noceMltT of repelilne ‘ Compouad intemt. Anr^ tm loj 

ruffian Craig, of North Carolina, drew a ®* Congrcja on this subject is usurpatory, energetically the participation which you i coSKund InterSi.’ !fr?f.'i»?'.‘.‘.‘.‘.‘^ IS 

iiistol, and thc assassin Barksdale, of Mis- rcvolutionai?, andalmc»t trcMonabfe. propose to take in tbe internal concerns of ; Two year i oer rent, notes. dne‘.‘.‘...' ua 

sissipid, drew a bowio-knife. Sir, there is but one step more, alter such this eoontry. The business to which tbe ' 

Mb. "THAYER, of Pennsylvania, reminded a declaration, that te an advising of tbe em- protest in your note refers, has now been , 

of jioliticEl foriety in these Stotea; but he Mr. Steven, that thc third section did not ployroent of inllltory force to canw out hia brought before the Completed Tribunal, 

did not expect the House to adopt hi. ojiin- afi'ect the eligibilty of Hioac iicraons as Rep- pnrj'Oae. 

ions, nor would he insist on any one theory rcsentotives, but' merely excluded Ihein I" conclusion, Mr. HOWARD, referring ceedings 
of hit own. . Irom \oHng, and be asked biiii if he thought to the oonditiou of (he South, argued that 

He bad no doubt tliat tbe Government of he could buiid a iieniteutiary big enough the spirit of the rebellion still exlrted there, 
tbe United Btatee had full authority to ex- to hold eight iniiJions of people. and that under a President like Buchanan, 

tend tlic elective franchire to the ‘coiorod Me. STEVEN'S — Yes sin that pciiitcn- it would break out again, 
neoiile of the South, but he did not think f ierv whii-h 'la cuardeA bv liavuuets down He intended to resist tlrt ETCCIltlve in- 

that .Ynstria and Italy should aimulUnc disarm. 

and no one has a right to suspend the pro- 

RfTlfw of tbe .HarkPt# 

[NoTS.-Onr qnotatloBa arc the wholesalr prices, 
lain, otherwise slated. In flUInz Mnall orders to 



Cincinnati. Mey 19— F. w. 

Flocb— D oll aad prices aucaMoL Na aooarato 
qnoteUou ran be alTea. 

GkaI.n— W heat dall-. haym sskfog a redoetloa of 
WfolK* per bushel; pnoes are Brrely aoialnat, I qn> 
straily at SHk-.Ric fur No. 1. OsU firm at 
No. 1. Kye MfoRle sod .teadir. 

WuiSKT— Dull at '3c la tKiiM.aadJ( Vdaty paid. 

Fanrisioxs— .Mesa pork dull at Bl. Balk aiesu 
la setlTs deoiuili selrs ot MRSW lee et He, Me aad 

I Soitliera Ficific Bailroal,a>te JV^OING.. 



ntmshfl> M«»k thiti 11 vxM m* of tbc Soutb, but hc did Dot think timrv which U guarded by bayonet* down mtcnaeu to resist tire ^xcciiUve m- 

TJjt G»e power, 'the public opinion of lielow. And il Uiey uiidcrtulc to come tcnlionaol which hi spoke, while he had a 

anT^rineiet m th- country WM such at thU momeat M to hack, we will ehoot them. The jKJnitcn- sent In the body. II Congreas was to be cx- 

4Micam>. May IE. ' ,hg aggreraive, abd to inatet on piwce. 

A tel ■gram hae beea raceteeS here eta ttag Mat ' The kteol por Cilv of P^rte, by telegraph ®^r* ,, - r , e 

T I a^d Co^^Uto^n lUN^^rictton tTw” ire tl^^ ‘^Afier some further remarks 

laeMroftotoroalBesamfoofMtofltotrkktothe , a^K T^l^lli^wr^ . ^ matter in deferonce to public opinion. strain, Mr. fitovt-ns withdrew 

ptMs Rf Gopiva Rchneifler, aad Mat dodge | lUliM " deemed the provision in regard rocomiuit, aud moved Hie j 

8ea»ea ta* b«n naMl Bated by Me P raelde n t tor Geu^ ^ re preaentation equiUhic, be did not tion. 

tfottaaSMBfCMriMBsatMteettr AR^Uimi iron -clad hM received ordera think it important Tn hte ju^ent it waa 

At Otoe o'dtoak yeolMflay toranooB Matthew j to jrat to BCR Hot desUnaliOB te believed ^v* i 

Lowtr alBle a g«B worth a^oBly dve ^U«; at | ‘® * re the ^ ^^heri people 

tan be was arTwiad: at, half past un hc was ox- { . governed bv force. Their philoa^v waF 

Mree he wa. SMUnoed to aa iaipritammeut of ; anaies^inst Italy ro’3?'fl'Ie 

tiar>’ of hell b tUo peniU-utiary they deserve point ot the buyonct, as re- under protection Iron 

I J oommended by uuwpi^ht* in the iiitcixat por Uit* same reasoi 

After some further remarks In Hie same of the Picsident, he tor ouc would rmist it. to remind you, as on 
strain, Mr. fitevens witlidrew liis motion to lioasung of peculiar conra^e, he; Mr. cember, I shall retun 
rucomiuit, aud moved tlic pret ions q ues- Howard, would aaiji ‘Come on . I Mk no communications of 

and twenty-six mules and robbed thirteen their rates, with more laqolry amoog dealen, sad pood (li-maed at 3 ' and plain bawatMfoBe. 

iiersoD*. It would be very strange, General, we quote a sate of hand-toom bagiriog at »kc. and 

If In Hie middle of the nineteenth Gentry the soa pieces choice heavy power-loom al SOe. Hope NEW OULE.VN'3 M.VRKET, 

bandits and fighting robbers are to travel m steady aad choice machlae-made hemp rope Arm, ___ le mir d«eAa.^!rii.’?m *\# 

under protection Irora thc eWIlized world wuhMfos or tjiso eeiis, mi for shipJmt. at uc. *”* *** 

*i**^*^ pruienuin ironi ldc riviiiz^a ^‘jria with m 1«* of M** roHr, tor whipmmnio *( 15c, Unn r*celpu, i** \rmtm. 

For toe same reason I find myself obliged uiooih generally held at MMfotSHe. AtaleloJay l’'-»»-« »• 

remind yon, m on thc ‘2Ut of iMt De- ^olle at 3Me. Flax aod lalertor rope M» pJ’.'S^N^^F.a.-.ler al l« 

mlier, I shall return wUbont answer all ,.w, v.w vk’-v 

NEW UULE.VN3 MARKET. 'TV'R are forBtly «wrd to -isnafsitBitog toe 

New OBLaA.,*. May U. J^wlMmaSS" aad^ iT^IUw* 

Cotton— I n folr donisibli sole* M helei low aM- J* »BF q*aBt»ty. hariO R slw^ a 

coodMuckoA U*a4i 

favors. ” 

haa mpMwed nrdm think it Important In hte judimacnt it WM Mr. Garfield, of Ohio, inquired whether, ' a J”'**. 

of no consequence whether toe late rebel in case the previous question was not re- member of this liody or the other boefy will 
States had fllty or filXv-olgUt Reid^ihi corded, it would be in order for him to move be the signal for such an uprising among 
' . n^ti tor the »« ^ The Boiithem people to amend by striking out the third section, Northern loyal niswes as sha teacb- 

^rian Gov^^ent to the lim/pniBsian p>Tcrned by force. Their pbilos^y waff and offering tbc auieujnient suggested by whoever be may a hoover shall put hlm- 

l^tWh Hie Their procUcewa# force, -fradition Mr. -\IcKe^ pi eventing those who had vof - 1 « he h«md of such a movemeut-Uiat 

Austrian Government to the last Prussian 
dispatch, received on the 20(h, states that 
Austria will wUIidraw to the mtcrior the 

governed by force. Their philosophy wsff and offering tbc auiciqjnient suggested by whoever be may pc, whoever shall put him- 
foroe. TbeirpracUce wa# force. 'Tradition .Mr., pi eventing those wli'o bad vof - 1 * he h«md of siicb a movement — that 

was force. Whether few or many, they untarity taken p^ In tbe rebellion from the people of the United 8ut<« have ^ , . „ . 

would have power whenever nwtored. bolding office nuder the United States Gov- 1 foiMotten that they arc still a free Mople; , lea. eUlj advocate of Maximilian 

While therefore he agreed cheerfully to ernment. ““f ‘hey are repre#^emed and intend forever oral W but snbs^^^^^ deserted 

the proposition, both in purpooe and iihraM.- The Speaker replied that thc motion and to be represented by a free AraentaD Con- hto imperial hignness. h^ his bosineas 

o communications of the character and 
couched in the language of tbe one now be- 
® fore me. 

fr : Accept, General, iny consideration. 

ST i [Signetl] TUOS. MEJIA, 

“ I Gen. Comd’g on Rio Grande. 

: .Santa Anna, 

it Gen. Santa Anna was, m te known, a pro- 
;; ; tes.'^edly strong advocate of Maximilian sev- 

oC 1.0SI coll* St 31<e. Flax sod lalertor roae Mfl 


COTTON— The market has aasnmed s flrmer teoe, 
with sale. St the snttlon warrhoose Friday of 94 
bales as follows; S bee* Kentoeky at SgfoMlfo; 9 

Stsclino— E a-.ler ml 140. 

Excii vN<ix-Ou New York H Kemiom. 

Tbe oib> r market* are oaelteM. 


». A A Tosx. May IL 

Twfo nMfl Ponr-Unne L«T«r Pnwer« 

nafl Threshers, vith Wro^ht»irnn r-b.wn ndariMtaiir 
C'ylinflen, Complete. SS^ ro> 

1 or XtlXAsL 


I ^ oemaMBicaMsB beswie a Ibe <taekhoidaF# 
Sarto aaslaa here eotoM, IS has bosoBw ssretoory 
to opea eotomaalratloa *m let ‘beia^mw iff# ron- 

fttiOB ** t** CoMBMST ffii IMb tiMB. AA B 
ro*ve»tloo Ol a«urUb jltlm «( LumuTli"sVre 
re Ms I'M 4ay as ViareO, ISSI, R v« ftoatrsil 
a tobaeFfonoa of 9> per tOoro lEo .U he imalr M 
racE #«eehbolder oa >>» » nn. SeT of toerra ^»!d Sy 
EEb of toe -‘ratoead rerA' for OPEIch aaEreBMmn- 
•hoek #EoaM i we.d. TbI. aetlDa wea -t iirirj 
to rare a .affli. ' t fnmd to seEBM Mt^fo tore e.lsR 
hto hgaEiel the vompuy. vad <aoo ;C froni Mto sad 
exeeatloa. rbe'wwrhrraEtoeu’itMraIhraRiM.ead 
All eomiBaaleatiaa heiaa oos OR, aeoffimem etorens 
wtoaol ruaed,eoaeeqtm*ty. eathoM e< ilipteto 
bar, MM. too road wee antd. lEo tasMaiae srese- 
aod, profcred the rood to Moos who had antdtoiM 
ytoMfo to psod >bER a aew Cotopin woP than 
orzaatoed. the Beard of Direetots ed wEMR ■Haod a 
rseoEMtoa aEowm e eR a aortfo ol deri wbe hr*. to nE 
for wEleE a Tatoabte ceostdrraitua had hare g tere 
toe CampaaT. toegl d be retootofod to the aew ow 
sMilhrilea apoa the wHowier eandMaas. to-wre 
Tkhl oare |»F"to toe loaa ofSc orr ouwe redto 
s eeoto a sh paeaed al I n ree Wl i eoAeoBre. Cere 

torerare iBre 

payimr toe ! oaa _5 Yih per ouua redto 
paaaed al I n toee m a eoAetolre. MhFiE 

^rea ^C jren 

One anfl Twowhnrae Eafllea 

Powers ante Threaherw. 

S *t SieftH aiMl Sic. A R*le of 6 haXet *t ftc. tad i 

of ^airll 19l*, ftM, <*1 T 11 * 1 * 111*1 rtiTr**i1on nf 

tteKi***.) Til* fte §**fd m iStv* wm 

r«o**d *« Om wend Mpr tftg e€ 

U 3mw OH**a*. •• ft* M Wehwamjo atm a* 

DaU,b**TjA*»i3iM#j|c 1 ..a ** 3am OrlM Mi. — ft* >1 taaet re h waan . atm *» 

trii4tete. n 90an forextra rooBdlMfop CircRinr-anw .Villa, with 34-inch a . mai ttog b eta to LoatoFitforEy, oa Me Md da» of 
9.3 a for tradTtraod.. lEe market efow Sn Ws, for Rnllronfl C,e. "TTJS;. mree, nhweay atra. to M 

i COTTON T.CRN8— D**Maede *ad w* q*ot« tn w^hiskt— D oll; Wwtere, !* loft, fS ftftS 7t: r*« r'ixMhMiB* mree* 0 ^ * pm-# i "• fbnrvH aad e*ftfix vfft ft* a fc *^ 

: Me for NO" AO; imall tole* In broken lots at Ic ad- lower-, old wmter red. 9R R^aalet. ContetoM- or withont Rnwo. ; tto ^ iren iw a d aere resoeat . f 8m Isi ii reotopay 

thrae yoan ia Me peniSreUary al JoHot. 

At Mrae p'daek Mi* toontiag llie ocL o one r 
X'iiw* of Me WMfl. CRpt. ino. M Oray. from 
Brio, wiM 840 tons •foaal re boaifl. wiiito Eret- 
Ing treo'Mi* harbor, olx toUea BurMoaol of Me 
fhiiiKb ■flkthrea*. tree rea down aafl sank h# 

The Jtumimm troop* on the frontier are sum 
to hoar n A mm tad to AwAriam trr H Iwy.' 

An naauUieaticated rumorta Vienni sayi 
that Anstria intends a propooal for tbe En 
ropren Co ngre ss. 

komon of a Mimstcrial crisis te still 
current ic VieaiML The Mintetbr for For 

thr kofk Breiy P. BoMwIa. wEtM struck Mr ciga Albin te said to bave returned a ver- 
oehnaaer otoMsUp*. croohiag hi her dRse .o hoi evaoive answer to tbe Pruaaian aiim 
haflN Mat she woat deora ia tee Btaotes. Thr Mtoo* *<> dtearm. , . . 

frontier are mid ■ seem to meet the question auiondiiiciit would bo in order, if tbe nre- 

bn ltoruf I “ approved (iroposiUous lo die- vioo. question slioiild not be scconaed. 

irtaVTomt savs fr"»“C*t‘s<‘ enemies of the country. He Houi>- divided, and llio Speaker counted 

^^ 1 f. .u, £ _ I tboogiit it right in principle aud necessary (lie ayes 90, nays oO. Tbe Democrats sl- 

' I at this time. He did not core much wbeUi- most all votiug aye, in order to prevent 

I erteis te still ^ the extension of the francliise to ue- any aiucndmcnt ol the joiut resolution, 

.inutkrr^r Vnr I !?«>«• WM couplcd wUh U; although The vote being takcu the result wm ayes 
^Anre^ETM- fo»<wof it Hc hud no dib s4. nays Ttl. 


gres. [Applaiue In the gallertes.j i» lu me Dniieu oi.vieo at inis time dm not , co»l I4c,reuu salestk 

Mr. cowan, of Pennsylvania, followed yet trauspired in WMhington. M. Rowero pomeroy to boats, lie. 
Mr. Howard and dcicndcd President John- uas received no communication concerning | ^ouutky Fl’diDUC 
son and hi# Doliev. ■ •‘’■m- Tliere is no rcMon to lielieve that te i *, _ ki.i i. 

in thc gallcric#.] 

te ill the U nited States at this time hM not \ qq,i Hc, retail sale. ilc. deUxered, or X per load; 

le tor No. nmsll talcs In broken tots at Ic od- lowsr-. old wmter rod. 9R eolet. Corolrm^^ 
uioe. tlTc and *mrcely M> firm-,b4aSse for BBaoaad, aad 

mil Wa nn»tA Pitt.hnrw A#nAi Al taaia. nnt >Rtoj»Me ("T soabd iBl xoit Wratara. Oats doll; 4M 
(XJ.VL— We quote FltUburg, afloat, at M03, nut ais toracw mixrd Wostara. aadWHSMIe tor oW. 
osl lie, retail sale. lie, deUxered, or X per loud; Frxolsi' a— Qairt ud Arm; cr^ a>j^m49c; ra- 

flaed. Is bond, 44M I3e. 

son and hi# policy. 

At tbc conclusion of Mr. Cowan’s speech, has come to this country in an official obar- 
thc question was taken upon tbc following actec 

groes WM coupled wilh it; although I'hc vote being takcu' i be result wm ayes sinendment : That no Mrson cxercteing or 

be wss in teTorof it Hc hud no oil s4. navs ?J. perfonning or nndci^liing to exercise or 

cnlty in regard to Hie suppoaed ITui'c ia evidently an error. — Eds. Cou- ' perform any duties <rf anv office which by 
nnfg imeas of disfranchising disloyal men rier. I , law are required to be filled by (he advice 

who had cane within thc terms of tbe "ruc DemocraUc members generally car- ! and consent of tbe Senate, shall liefore 

asev taatofltonly took to th* yastl. aafl woat re 
boasflMsaaiA. arMeE kreagkt Moto iew pur*. 
The hoM mat ateaeat oainJarad. 

A Berlin tciCgram of tbe first says it te ' ^ 
bebevofl tbat tbe Prnawan annauients will *** 
be shortly increased. “ 

at 97AI F bblA lo IbU. ApXe*. drlsd, lltolSe. * ®J5!T 

■[idpr””” ” I R foi new. Beeswax. veUow.Sh^aSc. F a. Brooms, Saly. 'taller.' aad boycn’*opUoR st*iii SSaHiL ' .. . - ■ -jwt .Vzoat '>f lha f nro asay to rasriT’ ,8 i a7 sire 

Sbaker, X 95; Louisville make. No. 1 . XW: Berf»teadr. BoefbaiiM firm al Ihi ISr. Cst meals Kcvolviag Horae IlnT-Raker. I Work wi n V Imaid ^ a M moaay a pJd 

I common. X doz. Broom com, ».4V.I* F gJX 5 rL* 7 .ii 2 ??“.T. 2 d "• — — to«*-ra v«T term-y 3 ; 5 :».*!riS.' 

LJ I /"N u VA/ A V D^DDCTDX/ tongor choice. Butter Adr.JOaSJc.: do..cbotce tea and heavy si Mtat.*c. , __ _ oalfo hwhore paid ireroaototomato also h»seai,» 

nlLinWAY rYODDC.KY. ec.;N.TorklXt45cFa. Be*ns.9l30ei-.3*basb. BctTBn-DxratEMtee foroaio red liteise tor farnairf, awl Wajftel .H»- I 

I Cheese. W. R. and fnclory, new HdlSi. Ham- CHikss-Qat. t at llhaanr. I tf Halft fff tkC BfHt QulttyS^/ #09 410 aha. Fraat R F. k K ija. 

bnr*, »S«91c. F a, In lots; N. Y. dsUy. rifoBJic- Mo» xx-gulot at 4rX percent for call lores. Sler I '*C | — 

Nfw Vonn \f.r IR -AnrvIhoP d.rinw ' »a.E*x».lRXSc FdosJorfrcMomiked. FeatherR ^ Whrc 

Keatnrky IlnrTeaicn, • roabinefl 
Reaper aaflJiower 

Kentncky t iteer Rill. 
RevolTing Horae Ilay-Rakrr. 

lb* oMor todt. whlcE mas* ha paid m (aa Ep Mq.:#* 
■toy ot Jaas. laSR sad aoHre >s h w ahy plssateias 
all drItoqaMfo after toaS daia wta Ea foesuto ret 
ogfrwm aay roreretlea wNh lEc rnwpsaj raaEi 
Ms toata tow. of TsaM ao BBOtaad Cm prey Mate 
wsaa «tork eortlflealra of tea. thaa PM* nerdtosaoC 
par xatoi. ssawqasally Bh dock ot iMa Oarearep 
will he r-lmaed lo coatorm tn Mot tow. 

H. BarkaardS, of LnafosWi . Ky . to ttoe aoMas# 

We also maaa foc tara xesy laraoly 

aosneaty proclamation, for be held tbat in ried out thcii iHilicy, which was to prevent ronfinnalion receive auy compensation v iw>i her darinw ' ia’Eai. iRilSc *dozJor’fre»aD*ckei Feather*. ®*l'L**^ '^**‘**‘ *^'%«' rivre stefo •• ••Rrc.'W I 

iFAKNE>VORTa,oi™.oU,,»Ud'<4>»lK#»tb, ,»lgn.,.o„, . i I __ __ 

Cheese, W. It. snd fsclory, new II 415::. Uam- 
bnre, »H021C. «> to, In lote; N. Y. dsUy. 'Mdaxc- 


Chxzss— Q ttt. t at lOiaXr. 

MoNXT-gwetat IrXpereealforcall looas. foer- 

Frant R F. K. K . Ok 

ae hoM mas altoate aalRjared. | Tbe nmly, dated the SWb, has been sent 

The WtaerX Mr Wiod wm awaed by Chris- 1 to thc PVassisn Embassador X Vimno, 

teed ChfOR of Erie: waith $Mjn, and insarad XXing that Prntoia will not agree to the 
tor$lM99 artllteX. The oaal wo. ooosigitod I Vieons Csbinct’s proposals in referesice to 
to Drew BogtaX this cHy. aad was saiaed x 1 IUUmm . D Uys s;^ stress on coodi- 
■Rdtetaad^ trearad mfltooaer te.toul i 1!*“ 

Be did not agree with tiic gentleman to 

Mk. FARNEWORTH.ol Iliinois, wanted ' ed by the death resignation, or e.xpirstion . 
know wlicthorat this stage of the mcas- I of term, during the recess of the Senate and , Mr- 


, CMbier of E. S. Hig- 

baylag st X 40 per bnsheL GliueqE, baylnx at 
3a3c. V a for new and old. Onionw In lols to 

FnnitjiiTa— To Uverpool dXI. r-r-IrrlNan inj ntanrtatnhltohnii nt in Ihg TTi it lu ' 


MONEY M.VPJIICTS. rRESOtoaoaobo foaad ktoawlmra. for Ms ooom RRMdan » » 

Waw Toas Waa « rfa*^ aaojly ot moeXasn aad oMEcr aittoln ‘ 

The Commerelnlto JtfoW Sa^‘ Me -■ I J-fo Ajres to fofo ctfo. V yea 

>£•*•»*: I HAI.l-»Mfoon.R A-Mil.i. am i SALT,esU a* 

The Moek market thorn# decldadly moco aeUxUy, j . .... _ wttesmm ^ 

1th ao Inrreaovd Ermnra. Id prtvoa taia moralas. myadeW*.<totemA#Sa"**"***’ | Til** 8f 

tr^'diko,TMr.llkrfeld)k.te tCeimprae: rrerrmoHon te-ikloTumitTCk itirrnstruc- i 8“>c« adjournment. ’ carpet dealen, doing business I dealer., none. Fotatoe*,ia tots, ranpe from x 3 review or JHE^kw^ stock and 

Virens Cstoet’s propoa^Jn reference to oo^i,-,ty of enforcing the disfranchisement, tioks. was iu order, but the Speaker in- I The vote was as follows ; Yeas, 16; nays, *" fo 

vecial stress on coodi- 
Proaste and ItXy, and 

Uoability of enforcing the disfranchisement, tiuns, was iu order, but the Speaker ln -1 ^bev 

nor did be apprehend tbe rejection of the funujd him it was not. i 



Forty-tbird street, between Seveoth and 

A ifticftl ftoai Oikkoik. WI«eon*tBa aaj* xhai , u>4 Pnfttd* W, bowerer, expected, as Ai 

PLfts.«w«uif !■— M d. T*e * e e*oe rr ftatoui i mmoowrer tA Anstxi*'** nm- ^ •meodmeiitA Tbe Hoiwc t 

above | fL— i Tliod fiir, mnd do farther, there were the rcnolutlon. 

'^imraodiau; rapture betware Aretria , Tbc name of 

Tbe House tben voted on tbc passage of 

So the antendment va* dimgrted to, snd the i Eighth Avenue, with a (urpet-bag contain- 
II then iMssed. fog 916,4(X), which hc bad just taken from 

8 a for onpealed. and Si*3e. V a for peeled. 

C.YNDLESAND SOAP— We qaote sales of star fr^^wlazT 
caodle*. U(bt weight, at H4UTi,e; U os. at ISfoUMci The stoel 

The name of Mr. Ray;iiond was called and , The ^nate then went into executiTC ses- ^ ‘^® i *” 

uid two more ooald give the nninber re- be voicd avc. The Kepublican meinberb soon after adjourned. 

ttttft eftr hM Mia h**a dBMOiaiid by Ui* will dwtunit her propoaaft to tfte federal 

re — a a^s^^ re .a s4kre* Kaafl relkiM earwaiinh^# g.te4tldBMl 1 menu fXC UVIICVCU IsUmi ICnUCMCV *UU AT" 

« ^T^tb. XreT^m‘ i!"bb^ ‘^be V?^ B^ of ^^? firat atatre 

€«t IB ttc mmt aC m. L. BaraiUCe n nn 4 rr*iRHn«g lirtwnrn tK^ PmMUn f !rIw ^ rOQUidlte nUmbcr of TOUf. If tbe 

Most side « rrety stiret, h si iron HlfE sad official Vienna Gaactte pnbltebes a 

AlgSMBT, macc la flatoss. TW flra tare ersissd ' notice Mat an increaaod numbrc of army 

'..reiwirete In CAds.e .1 ' (inteite to odopt thc Conatitutional amend- ' clanpcd their hands and laughed triumpb- 
. ‘ inenL He believed that Tennessee aud Ar- antlv. 

Tlic Speaker directed thc clerk to call his 
naiu'. as a member of thc llouse, and thc 
name of Schuyler Colfax being called, be 

Fsrt s i fsst. and iis t ri y il XI Me hanCaec sargaow te reqnred. 

el aad tbc special revovs of Italy eontlnne. : L V, , -v 

The offieW Vienna Gaactte rebitebes a ' *** Republican or Democratic re ponded. 

Mice Mat an increaaod numbrc of armv ' S****®! “ would not be defeated by any of Tiie Speaker in announcing the vote said, 
u Aiw,wMwii ^ ■ the insurgent Btate.. two-tUlrds voting in the uinruiaUvc, I dc- 


Judge Uu erwood’# Charge. 

himds em^oyed in the fo^terv i Oerounioap. old. MtelDfc; mottlad, lie; yellow :V— 

He was brutally assaulted and knocked Sods loh, is deg, *Hci esniHo soda, UMc. stneks heforc aay actlxe upward moxe m ret to 

w^mlSe^Vterv Slned“bv one COOFERAGE-D.ll. Wttb Wfo Of acw floor har- Mock. , KIT, a «tto weak re 

WM immediately ^inen oy t wo otners, one inlot*, st tSfoSOe. • dcogerlng. ofiha Oeraiaa baaker% who oppoar 

of whom sprang from a butcher S cart and tobsvrsUnalarzesiaoaBtratanwdtroaiEaroae; 

dealt a nowerful blow on thc head of Mr. CKMENT-We qootc hydraolk to lou X X tete Ms*# of i#X sod Ah, sold at MI ; of isrl st 

Higgins with a heavy weapon. Thc rob- i per hhl. ' ‘^yTTirr'iiT ^drewt’ 

bers then seized the boy, jumped in the ] DRY (ioODS— The market to more lettled, elos- i p.., tait oa ordlaar] 

Tbr Mock m*rk*t ftow* d*ckl*dly mora Rcttaity, 
with *0 twcrcM i -d Irmaci* ft frfc«* thto BK»ral^. 


%a. SI TiiR* sTiEirr, 


who appear /< H. C04:nRAN HAW TIIIW DAT IV rnm* re Meal re Bouar. has win ore. tore to 
parehosed Hie mterast of Mile* Grerewood I ate UbM of weMteor. bM sr reliffi wee or dry, 
” to tto aim of Fyae, Hacktw « Ca. The homaom , Thosa who aara soRored worn -are morere laasag 

m jWarday; -wfllhc eoattaaeda* hentoSbre, wttboat ehaage of I hattre to tha NortEweaS sad Sooia, will haaeRt 

above Me MoiM suev frere WaaEfagMa streol 

la a eircnlar diapatcb to tbe Italian de 

the insurgent Btate.. two-tUlrds voting in the uftTruiativc, I dc- 

it WM not true Hiat nine-tenths or anv Clare thc joint resolution ]iaescd. 

1 nf fo which was the third accomplice, and | log ilrai, with a 

ilJdief'nd fni “"fo® ‘•‘cir booty. Alter hte re- partmepu, Oio 

Norlolk, which has indicted Jeff, ^vig lor Higgins was able to give such hare sUzhtlT ' 

DKY GOODS— The nsrket )* more •e(Ued, do** | e<’ 0 (« b*t oa ofdlaorf c*U Mcvii&t* 

IK flrm. with a hetter feeliiig prevailtog to all de- rate to 3 per cert; on prime paper rate* xa^ fromi 
irtmenU, thoogh the lesdlog itaadari artlclw **'^'“* Voaaer., of H to ■ dsyo, would 

rule, Ky, May 9. 1 

It Mre sroosofl Wat-Uretoa and borood tlw ' partasonts, lien. La Mora outea at tbe mo- such large proportion of the Bouthern The aniioanecment was ereetod with con- I trci^n, te largel> „ description of the villians as to lead to 

_Viic MaM betware Pom aad Waakiawtan ' utoot wban the dteanuaraent of Anstria pie were encmiw to the Government. T^c siderablc jubilation In thcTiall. Thc House , ful iniluence ol slavery on Virgiula, and the hope of their speedy arrest. 

wtoota BiM Mwore roffy m waoatBctre . prasala wm expected. Itolv saw common people of the South would nlH- then pioccedcd to otlier buaiuoss. demoralization consequent upon rebellion. | ^ 

auwMsaad Jaffiware araaac, iadodiag Hash- i i V- ...m. n>At«iw he fmmd wflinnir the tnw-si and iw«i , On motionof Mr. tVosUburue, of III , tbe i He calls attention Xso to the disloyal- 

bare sUzhilj declined this weak. The ilocks Foreign Exchange noi 
are ample and Tailed, Wa qoole stsadsrd baokei* slrrlljig. 

prime'^uken^sp^tljig. sad'lSI^^fer ^raacs, tong PEOFXaZrs rouNDxaiT, 

■sons' new Ma M . Abaal Mtetj bMUta-s wrer 
4*s«Bpad.aE af srMeb wars aeeapled. aad ar 

YVr p rsfla cf aarkK* ate aaaotl te d aad goaer- 
aly lasrer, Wbret ha* dodiaed Ns9c pwbnshoL 
aad N«. I apriag teresd doU at $1 tax «: No. t 
spriOKsaidat oa^ of bare fli Wal U. ctoolar 
X X Mai It-dor Iota oa aosM aide aaaaoK ia Me 

1 herself direcUy menaced hr Anstria : matelx be found tefcong tbc truest and best On motionof Mr. WusUburne, of 111 , the | He calls attention Xso to tbe dUloyal 
to Past-offiae nnd ' ,rlKi Incresoed her armamente and gave friend's of thc Gover^eut. , evcnlnu sessions were dispensed with until , prospect of the State, and adds while 

t) bMUta-s wore ' th,B aa overtly hostile character to wards ! He thought that Switzerland, the wisest turtber orders. The reason for tlie motion J concurring with the Lieutenant-General 
aeeapied. — d „ p, tberefore becaine essential to the j government of earth, had given a good les- he stated to be, that thc liusiocss of the ■ and thc distingnished and accomplished 

•acurlty of tbe kingdom that tioth Ian J and son on tbe tulijecL That Government had House was much in advance of the Senate, lawyer who commands thc department ot 
atoited aad sreer- *re loreea be lncrea*«d without delay. ; encountered, in 1H48. dlfflcultief- similar to and that thc reporlcrs were wearied out , Virginia in thc prospects of abiding by 


be stated to be, that thc liusincss of the ' and the distingnished and accomplished 

^ on tbe tuliject That Government had House was much in advance of the Senate, lawyer who commands thc department ot ^ New York, May 13.— One death from **^*^^^****' ” 

__ encountered, in 1H4«. dlfflcultief- similar to and that thc reporlcrs were wearied out , Virginia in thc prospects of abiding by cholera at quarantine yesterday. No new “ira. *0«w prim*. itaadarR Mefrin^. 

In tokato the miUtary moamresfor'tbe da- ! tboae which thto Government hM ju#t en- with their constant lalior. I mllibiiw power during the supremacy of eases. l^UfoiSc-.^iMlre ^oro^.iic inic^ B.,iie; 

fonae ofUto- kinrdom tbe Governarent baa i conntcrod. Switzeriaiid had suppressed a The Speaker presented a communication maitlaf law, and recognizing a distinction iKs^^^^reM^re^^Hre^^reaaare Wsni#ulto,l3^giMha^ w;ori«mes, ac; 

rebellion and organized governinenls in from the Sderetary of the Interior in reidy - between liberty and lleenliousness; after i Jeans, standard, tefolfc; Keaiaeky joano, foteHc; 

ly arrest. i^U^. or domesHra, a®, hi ><>«• w by keYIEW UF THE NEW YORK MARKKTR 

*• ^ M lb. Wa.l«ra Frra,.] 

'ORK ikeetlng. New York mllto, atlJXc; I-omi<iaia,*lc; ‘ Nsw Yoao. May O-F. a. 

* Hope, 49c; Ucktogs, A. C. A.. 45c; A. 3le; D. Gold has krpt iteady st U9. 

AA. nti-mr AA to Arista airiAre Tke moncy market w.-M Tcry CBsy to-dajT. otod Mc 

;ra. Coaneatoga, Ifratec. a* .o vidtk. etripra. .gulags were Urge at Iw3 per ceat re call. 

' _One death from tfoMBc; ekccks, aa lo weight, tta.MwlSc; oottoc- The brrad«tnff mariiat vs. heavy again lo-flay. 
yesterday. No new «i«. pfotta- 

UteUfotec; London moarntag. lic; Dachew B.. He; ,orret ihto evr-dag wrra zeaeraBv IlmItaR 
Wsnisulto, 13 c; gtogbani*,»c;drlalae#, 15c; cornel There ha. been a rteady iBTOMmeat demaad foi 

rV^E, H U kETT * CO., 

Comer ol Rnin imM Watexel Mincta, 
Wbo l renle Dealen aad Maaa toctre er* ot 

StiTves, Grates, and Castings, 


aaly aclefl in aoewdaoce vrith tbc state ot rebellion and organized governments in from the Sderetary of tbe Interior in reply - between liberty and lieenliousuess; after 
thing, created by AnstriR | caotona, m Mr. Lincoln had undertaken lo to thc lioose resolution of the 4th of May, mature deliberation we doubt thc poi- 

A Mex-max-ican ofltear arrived X Vienna ! uigoniae in the Southern States. It I<ad in rcg;ird to certain wagon roads iu Terri- icy of suppression by thc courts of pa^rs 

NorMarasSoM oicaator Na. 1 iterinc ••U M on s special misaion as bearer of ietten maiulained tbe ]>ower In tbc hands of Its lories. 

ffimi flKred Ma. f spriag at ftsre fllflMlM. 

Care prttoi asv Mete tower, wlM sale* of N«. 1 
at area dBfoaHtoc; N«. t at Xj.attjfic. 
aafl raXMsfl X 4to4Sc. ftosiag qolet at OUjfiXlc 
fexNa I. Oate opreefl Inner and closefl quiet 

XffiffiDscflw tea. 1; sato* wrec arefle at a raage 

from Maximil'ian — purjiorl unknown. 

NnvnI ReadFEvons. 

1 Washington, May 14 — First Lientensnt 

friends and disfranchised its enemie.#, until Also, a communication from the Secreta- 

Icy of suppression by thc courts of pa^rs ' 
treaaunable in any way. Even in this ; 
State there has licen much complaint 


jy Summer goods at Roger's House Fnroi.b- 

jmms. sundsrd. tefotec; Kentoeky jreoR tefoMc; MARBLSIZSD ISOS MASTKI^PlMCMht 

brown drill*, fftndnrd, 97c; twilled sile*lM, ftc; knroM th«* next *nlT*L Tb*r« w*** good baft- 

cambrics. Mper. tee; eotovrd. rie; spookeotlca. ■«* oone .to-dvy, ^ the cluotag rases wars Ms a-a ..i,.remre w. in re#. — w 

cambries, paper, tee; eoloved, rie; spooVcottea, rare war. M. 

Coates’ or Clarkb, 91 !• P*r dozen. , There woe move aaimaUoo aad arttvlta to tha rall- 

HAY— .kctlxe demand for shipment, with talc, way mwk*« toward lb* ctaoa ot M* day Uma fox 

Kfo^tbTW^K rare war. re. wHm-room, Na. U7 Mala toraoRba 

There wa* move eaimaUoo aad arttvlty to tha rail- Tbirfl aafl Foa,lb, aearly eppre^ Netloqat 

after some tiine It permitted ita recreant ry of thc Navy, In reply to IIousc rcsolu- made by our fellow-citizens of Norlolk of ing Emporium, Nu. 77, east side Fourth street, this week of 304 tooR deUvered re the river beioa 

sons lo teanme their political rights. From tion of tbe 7th of May, in regard to clerks, i tlie tardiness of onr criminal prosecutions. ; near Main, 
that policy Swltzirland wm m sound and and whether any of them served in the We think it better, in imitation of the : 

•‘ootoamo pres. ^ ,, aAwiar. , 

There wre s general upward movemeat to pstere a. s. sn i.ivs*. i 

BSUe a Government as any on the continent rebel army, Ac. Imid on the table. 

of Europe. 

great and good martyred Lincoln and in ^ tjF'Belrigentors, ice cheats, water coolers, per too; IM tons, from rtore. st 914, sad sboot MS 

Suliscquently Mr. Washburn, of Illinois, ' imitation of tbe great Ruleroftbe universe, ! water flltcrers. Ice-cream freeaers, porcelain- bales, delivered at depot, at X Wper toa. 

Tbe de^t ^ the Si^ikcr's gavel here moved on similar grouuds t hat when the whose judgiiicnU and retributions j^c slow j baby buggies, and a (Ull line of house FLOCR AND ORAIN-The market to s Utile ^ork Dry Good. Fxchaag.' retoow 

sraounc^ the tennlnstion <ff the lialf liour lio^c adjourned lo-^Y it adjourn to meet but sure, tmit we should approach this great 1 i-i.—ubliia eoods All in want will Dlea#e call easer, wUb .ale. of in bbls ezlra, for iblpmeai. s4 ■ tbe market to rteady io-<iayiiaSrqaltt flrm, wUh a 

allowed to each member for dmeussion. on M-Jiiday next. The motion wm agreed quesHou of thc punisliiiieiit of tbc authors , N«nt win piease can _ ^ ^ ^ I -„ud trad* done dnnnz the week. Balmorai .WT9^ 

Thc debate wm couUnued liy Mr. Eekicy, to, wAb a sort of half understanding tliat of Hie terrible rebellion with all tiossible ' ““<1 examine, at No. 77, cMt side Fourtli street, » ^ ^ k 

of Ohio, and Mr. Beaman, of Uiobfosn. m tbe v.icntion would extend lo Tu.-.#dav !Hnlll„.rA>i..„ .liA/.r:mlo..«t.„. mrltdlAwl . Eitaenle, Ifl; GUbetl’s. IR Uwj^ itaOR 

lOffi D B«M 3 «— -^«sl r ffi\ VV W»II1UK«R/SR, «Aare toSflreKAgVkR INF RUVffiW W UflflruiUK; 

- ^ to CUir*^ aud establish a msiiue ruedv* The debate mss cotiU 

Wi^*ftd at Jio. tel •€. rrurwMO* 4 mU rrodcETouf for the Wertem Sutc*. He of Ohio, aod Mr. Beam 
aod bat UKic arerr Maa Boateaal: areso potk le will extend to tbe ahle-hodied wen of the sapiurt of thc measure, aud Mr. 
htefl a( ifll M, wHffioal bayon. Inifl te easier West an cxr- llent opportunity of entering orVermoDt. aFaiust iL 
aafl aoateaai ol AM Rjfic. Bwete, piektofl haou the regular army. BE.VM.AN, wh 

notol at ITfoalflc Mk roaou ate qotol. Lake The folorado Ncaatora. resolution, exjire 

M^Ms Msafly aafl flni al fliflc tor eura y> Tlie Senators elect from Colorado cm- would be aiueuded liy ; 

Tbc debate wm continued liy Mr. Eekicy, to, wAb a sort of half understanding tliat of tlie terrible rebellion with all jiossible ' undexamli 
of Ohio, and Mr. Beaman, of Michigan, in thc v.;catiun would extend to Tuesday. | deliberation, discrimination, caution and | near Main, 
support of thc measure, aud Mr. Rogers, ' AGo a coraiuunieatiou from the Seeretary clemeucy, so that no nuiieccssary blood I 
ofVermout, aFaiust iL of the- interior in reply to the IIousc reso i may be added to the torrents that have al- 1 I^Kve 

th* ftils. *t $1) ft p*r ton; * 1 * 0 , m 1*8 of 1ft toRS« *t ui^ *ilY*&c* w** nost n)*rk*4 U**clftKp 
tbe whsrt sll prime bard-prearod tlmotby, st 9U .Micbiisn Soatbera, aiul Fittsbarg. 
per ton; 1» tons, from store, st 914. sad sboot MS , Frtroleiim sad mlala« urbaaaaR 
bales, delivered st depot, at X » per toa. YORK DKY G0008 MAKKR. 

FLOCR AND GRAIN— The market Is s HtUe New Tork Dry Good. FxchaaaaTobba^^vtore 
easer, with tale, of 101 bbls extra, for lElpmeal. st | market to rteady to-day aao^qalto flim, wUh a 
X Ws9 OR sale, of MiperflBe at X Mfo9 OR sales of i Sr"5^So[7 X. 

naacos at watban 

Mb. BE.VM.AN, while supiKirtin'*- tlic .^* ‘‘*1’®“'“*“''®* o”" our devoted State, 

joint resolution, expressed a hoi*e that it [of Ifrutou ^rvice, whicli a^is referred to This court entirely agrees with the Presi- 

wonld be aiueujed l»v striking ont tbe Uiird Affairs; 

•oflbto. Tbe floor ^refosi satos flail witbro pliatieally dcuv tbe imputation thrown seeHoii, to which be ^d serioiu objections, 
ffitoaotaa tctoflaney iipoa them ana other menibera of Coagreos Mb. RCKiERS congratulated hii 

“ ■ ' ■ ^ to the effect that there was • political bar- be wa« fortified in the positiofn 1 

w,,— --VI B V# i*fo atrreement to sccswe voles for the qqo who hold Hie reins of pow 

ARMisIlALC# I jiEMaf)- of Ui« bill for tbc admtesioii of the President ial Chair. He dociared 

stilt#'. Tb«-y farther aay that tboir call • eitizee of a Soutbern State, 

BrMfF Over Htnae River- C'incianati u|>oa tbe Preiddent, to which allnsion bM vote to give thc colored people r 
nmfl Cbnttaaaaga Rnilroad — A btma wade by oome of the aewpapen, wm except the rieht of intermarnage 
Cknrch vithnwl Stnvea— f'rwp. Ja .#lmiily to priweat aueh lacto and documtTiU. wbitea and the right lo vote at 
North fteimtwinnafl Aiabnnia— What m sliow llie populat ion, autistaiiHal wealUi iioz. 

S** ****?#-^ ***' bmnll.poi ta ^md pcnwmw 11 ^^^^ Mb FARNSWORTH, of Illinoi 

Hnataville. had no relereiice lo |«litieR next speaker. He expressed hu 

IflpiBls l DtreotaE re me Loofovinc Osoner.. H|»rech by hw. lo yotc for the joint resolntion m 

Tills court entirely agrees w^ith tbe Presi- . where a dirordered coudilion of the stomach, 
dent in his often rcj>eated declaration that > liver snd bowels, te combined wilh great debU- 


Also, an address of the colored citircus of treason te thc greatest of crimes and ought j,v nervous weakness, and intense melancholy, 
t bic-xgo to Congress, winch, on motion of to be signally punished; and thi’t it te cow- ' .J ’ . j . 1. 1 ™ _ 

Mr. Ross, of HI., was referred to thc rmn- anilv to nnnlAli AnhorninA#.. ■ there can be no doubt but It Is sure psnaceR 

lumroiaiu. ^ uv*auaw. » ly, la lou, st 911 SSfolSM ss to repolsUon Of brand.. , French woven B. 1! 

|?^“Kvery day alTords new proofs Of the pecn- Daring the week there has been n iteady demaad , |pj5^”akirta--Br 
liar.-ffecta of Roback's Stomach Bitters in cases (kTestspacntottvel with heavy Mles,tocto<Unz some ^ Bradley 

where a disordered condition of the stonuch. >«« « ‘ 

... ... A jaawm TMtewUy of M bbU extra *t ft; ft *t ft ft; --w iRiv.Vliftftc. 

liver snd bowels, is combined wilh great <tebU- at 9» Ifl: » bbte at 99 3S(#> 3; Si bbls sxtrn Unen*Thwi.-l 

F rench woven B. UfoU; gold. U 39»U 4R 
Skirts — I W L -taadard droro skin. f1 9Ki9 W. 

(EUS; Myepi J 

hgrerc Mb. BOfJERS congratnUted himself tliat „ motion oi to be signally punished; and that it te cow ^ but It te 

il bar- he wa# fortified in the position he took by Mr. Ross, of III., was referred to tbc Com- ardly to pnnisb subordinate and coni para- i , 

or ike one who held Hie reins of power in the i , - , . ^ insigfleant traitors, and allow tbe, 

of the PrcsideBtial Chair. He declared ii be were'* Mb UAULINO, of New York, introduced principals to escape. We also concur iu the 

A „ . All,;,.# « kKi. X K« I .1 si'i m- « kki. Frtots-.Mlen me; Amincaa ue; .xmosaeag 
lamlly al 9H«12; » bbla A No. 1 at 9U Sfl; 3 kbit ; (- 040.^0 tSc, Dwnnells Me; Freenrea Be-. Oar 
at 919 3R and IBS bbls cbolee st 9U#E1S S. A ssle of Co. tsvte; Merrtmae D ISc; do W Ue: FasM 
19 ton. Short, a 9104171 Wh^ i#^. wilh a sate 

of :«s bnrtieto new red at 91 4R aad 1*0 baoheb old ,<-001 eoWoo-Clark's * eord ME: Coal's NS; 

Linen Threads— Bnrbow'l standard. 33a. 

FriBis- .Vilen Me; Am. rlcaa 17e; .Vmookeag 31(e; 
oeboro tie; Dnnnells Me; Freentaa Ur; Garner fl 
0 . tsike; Merrimae D ISc; do W Ue: FasMe Me; 
Ichmond 17c; Spragne's frock Me; do foacy ISei 

mUY BIUaSSbllTIll 

Irai k Briffi rmdery k litfeiie 9wf, 

Cwr. Etgbtli aafl Wa9er ma.# 
ot thfl Fbopniz Xrfk*." 

^EENBY DBIT.sato AareR 
Ko. a TMtd torero. LumtovtB*. ffv. 

N. B,— Before p w e r EiMag. #.* toot the borrsfo are 
'<rvodr4 laaBawba rials t'o. Nooe ottoor. are 
lEa g re ai i u Kaeawba. agM ilffiflos 

TO CON»i;.«PTlTBffi. 

*|#HK BR. BDWaW a WHjMUFB Frreaxsfl 

1 FnaestpSlM for re* swrr •( 

Ca foam reptfltoM, Aatkasa# Brwwckitlan 
t'afoSka# CoMb# misfl all Tkraml 
Rfo4l Lmb bffkctiafoB, 

Ore aow baa* m res wvre log yareg wtoEtEg bmTO 
marhod sorerro. 

The M i nu fly. proasird oaflsr ifo. wmaato psfo 


JOHN X. KKLMKK E -li -re' -| 
flo o rewrro serasv Cbestaat safl n h to u JV sSro o re 

MB EoaSE Eocaafl.*,. Wimanabarr. W. T. 

w o 0 

T wa iRBarro hvlaw IE« LoofovtBs fotry laaa^. 
fn'sn-OM WOR K UONK. 

W* maaaActore a sorerfov fOOIMv of Moaare Koa 

tarkv JvniB, foor Midtra leaf; Tidied ciotE or ,-aa- 

reirosipiJ^wE MqBai^ larliii wre wM 
Inseymtorg*. hoary htea E l ta mw .«xto.aB wool 

.;pKyan.*e. W* anrci re Eova lEs fcore roatto 
\Y'K bava rebtalt oar Fnaaday l afl M s r h mo ^ 

PEop. sad haviBg been taw aafl proew rad ^ !g ^ remoire w 
most Improvod Toros, w. are are s r i p ared re btre for iCS. cStaiJ^ m iCSrollre g*1g 

I mreolE^ 

rilcaaskoBt BMfl ritRllMarr EMciaeo. 

wriMoR flir iRmr cre n miii m KiatwiE 
Btrow dsmilM Mhare their wrel sMEsr 
aa;M or viebaagad. ere ssofl their wool I 

Nmrtk ftererwiamafl Aiakarea— kai 
Ofo« Bm* Im Rforev— KreMlIoPwx ti 

(apaetal Dto g.t c b ta lEc Loa tor Uto Coarwr. , 
Kasavnoji. May IR 

.^imiily to preoeal such locto amf document whites and the right lo vote at 
M snow llie populaCon, autistaiiHal wealUi Ikix. 

, amm nia.iwmary mmgimww. ta rag ro vi riiyre ^ ere ssafl lEefr w ool ^ n ^rro 

iijxssLsr'iuaKr s«aT,^'SaS3^'^“a 

uiitm reu 14IU r.g... lu vuu. .1 luv vre..u. Sciiatc aiiiciidiucul to tlie llouse 

’ amendment, imposing n duly on live ani- 

Mb. FARNSYVORTH, of lilinote, was the mate, was taken upaiid concurred iu. 

:xt apeakcr. He cxprcssi-d hte intention On motion of .Mb. BAN KS, of Msssachu- 

culiar to It alone. Its reputation te so ^ AsideofSdlflB basHeto prime delivered oa the red i«*imnss.blescb«I-.vnenmT 

ikrst tbat it Ukes the lead of other oils, potnto below, at TSc, sack* Inclndod. W. , ac: .VnlEonv »; Batro iX ffir; ito M ini » 
and te universally prescribed by physicians. #, ovaue for mixad and white, with ■ E.*'"??* 

H|»cech fcr w lar. to vote for tbe joint resolntion M reported, setts, the 8: iiatc smendiucnt lo thc House 

rienrv A. Wise delivered a lecture last with the rxccpUon of thc tliird section, joint resoliillou relative lo the attempted 
river, night st Hic Orphan A#ylnm al Alexandria. Thc incMuac wm not all be wtelieil nor all o.Asas:.Iiiatloii of the KtniKTor ol Rtis-siu was 

fltaimjsfl dariag Ik* rebeUtoo, te aireast oore. 

It is rei>or*.ed llial hc spoke of the war as the country expected, but it was not be- taken uj> and concurred in. 

for Uavoi ta about two .Imply ■ conflict of ooverclgna, saying be coming a legislator to oiqiosc some good 
WM oot resiKinsible for hte flct M sn indlvld liecause he could not have all the g'lod he 
. . . uol in obeying thc voice of hi# State. He > wished. 

B. OawsUflEflaa bteitorteyol hm! „redc not-oufessioii# and Ukeo no test Instead of thc third s«ction, he wa# in telegrrplilc lines, and s.cure to tbc Guyern 
I ta tta noo g* rreta to Ciaeiana'.i nnl (here was no ]<owcr to make him favor of having an article In the Con?Uln mfi.d of the s:iine l<»r iiwtal and 

uu iiiuiioii ui .viu. o.x.>iv3, Ol MMsaenu- YV VSIIINGTON ' Kemeniber lo asK tor "Hazara iv lmwcii 

Its, the Pfiiatc amcndiueut lo the House 1 ‘ * 1 Cod Liver Oil.” 

iiil resoliillou relative lo the attempted j f'nbinct .Meeting CASWELL, MACK A CO., N. York, 

toS:.Iiiatioii of the F^niKTor ol Rtis-siu it os . Sole Manufacturers. 

ken uj> and concurred in. M asiiisgton. May I'T.— The Cabinet For sale by all druggists. 

» 1 „ uDtiMTv /2 or W..A, X'..,i, mecHng of to-doy was an Tinusnally short I fc2s deowSniAwlamly 

' J . oV * 1 ’• York intro- one. Ail the iiicmlK-rs were present, ex- : "■ ■ ■— ^mimaroa^|Mjrea 

iced a bill to aid in tlic roustruction of cepliiig Attomey-Gcneral Speed. Rut little ! 

legrrplilc lines, and si-cure to the Goyern- liusiuess could bave liceii dune. ' FTTIFSRAXi IffOTXCB, 

aiTd is universally prescribed quota In bulk st OkBM tor mUto mid whita. with 

Remeijilier to ask for Hazard A CMwell s „j„ u,e latter *i sac, inciadinz Mck#. OstatTc, ynto Ttsc: JV"***fo 

Cod Liver Oil.” ._k_ia .oh ..i.. m m hoAiu-iA .oeoiid rste.#t shiroiB«*ad^tmg.hrawa-\4lBroie_iaB;Amoq. 

diieed a liill to aid in tlic roustruction of 

ao Baloiflay. H« te s en saipa ato fl ky W 
OwtaEflsIfl aafl BaEs st CSat ere. They go 

ky WIBtota take one He wm no traitor, nor were those Hon lorever dtequalitying all the leading military pur|Mi^*; wliieh was r. iid twice , Tariff, 

reygoMfo I who fought for thc South; nor bsd be taken rebel* from bolding any office under the ami relerrml to the I ostonice Coiiiiiiiltec. Tlic Comnilttee on Wn 


The Rev. S. X. Hall will preach the f^ersl ror 

In balk, with sale* ol SM bosliel.. recond rale, at 
30e. sacks liieindiid. A sale of IJM bnsbels al 9Sc. 

UBUC'ERIE.#— The market to rteady. with 
fair sales, sod we qnota l,k> eoflee 
In lou as follow.: Ordinary nHfoHc; folr 1F« 
asc; good fair tlX«71Se: zood 3 mHSc; prime Kh 
to'MHe; choloe«q«»!7He; Laznsyrs »i10c; Java li 
mWc for prime. We quota reflnod hard sazar at MH 


N# W. Cwraer Ntalk mmA Sihb Bto.# 


'T'BK redsrrtgaad haitom r i t re lly potchasad refl 

■ aawly O n taMiafl tha aSow lloul,araBww ready 

SheattosaadShfrtmc.hrowa— .Vlhuttcise; Amom 'T'BK redsrrtgaad haitom r i t re lly potchasadatofl 
kragllr; do B ISe: Applitoa A He AttaaBe A ■ aawly O n ■■»■» tha ahow Wotoljrmaww ready 
II qr: .vagosiatle: Bangor 19e Cahabc Me: How- lor th* eatartsInmsaS ot g a ro li. Mag locMefl 
srd ft ISe-. Jamra Vex Laaonia B 71c: Maaearhosells witata oae *qa-iro ot an the tnhasrs wasabaasaa. It 
1 #c. Nartiaa extra Me: Naomkaag A Me: Newark prosoala areotor foclBamta IM pforoor Itoa aay 
71c; SaliuuB F'aUs 3c; do C 49c; tinparlor tXL IflSR othar hooae la toe city, tbe Bor beaoataaUy tom 

pried vlth to* r E ntorro Wlaoro I Iqgara aafl 


Lreanvoot. Wav F ! toH 3*W?M B. W. HON ALD. 

MitBrtreeREea rFoaTtE. Lero geU to. Ky. wS 

A'ef.AW ft •Mot 

mon of Cant. JoitM KtaTTHea Pwith. I.ste of tbe I mlS\c;raaned cofloe A 15S4S3lfc; BU'tfoUHC, ex- 1 prereed. 


LmarooL, May 1. 

There 1 * a severe poale oa 'Choag* m Loodoa sM 
an*. Fuad, aad secnritlea are dl maSertally flr- 


i an oath of allegiance, for he was no foreign Uniled Stales Government (bus niakin 

Tenn bM ' w <® naturaUzed At tbe conclusion of treason odions and traltore infaiiions 
thelec 1 un.SmatorS*utebun,ofI>clavrare, nAvra „f Mmssaeliiisett#. d( 

•ev Mr fliwea, of Wiaikestor, Tenn., bM ' 
Orel to Gov. Browniow dsiai* tor two stuvue : 

aaflfl dtto ire. taitre froa thr M. E. (toarcE in 
that town. Tke Osvs f Bsr rs f Mrs fl Ike ire tier < 
to IflBartastaBOtar Vresral Dooatdaaa, wbo r* 
tnroefl lEr answer : ”It appears tbol Ibe < karcb I 
a* aa avgoBisanre wqp ra b ei: tberrforr, tbr 
ctoioi esEEol be sBSsrtatoefl by tbte teoparl- : 
■re t.** TVr Wlaobsa t sr people ore wroth 
tkesoBl oofl oaooofllBitl) poS uot. 

Tbe krrean in I'ppsr Ooegto red North Ato- 
karoaare p to wlE fl op Ikair out too erupt and 
p liB li Eg core inatood. More thaa otta-loartE 
of tke osap caaaot be ootaMofl ea IB Ibeae see- 
fltooa. Bs f so U vc ooafl aod n etaMvs latae ore 

They bare to Msoh. Oa.. t cEtokre with a 
floBbto kaafl. two book* eiM foor eyw 

Diicn Ciatew ••uvt-niiiK.-ui, iiius iiinKiiig ,, «if'HI'SCK otiLiiiicd Icuvc to have ‘'"ifllK "Ot**foo O" Hie new tariff laws, 

TMon odions and traitora iofaiiiuns. i.n^.n.d^ii 1 relbrred to the Cominhtc^- of i;s?£cru"en''nra.r{he hiH^n^iltv **'’" . 

Mb. DAVIS, of MassacliiiseUa, dixlared Hie Whole an aiiieiidiiiciit which he jwo reveuue , 

at, with thc exception of the third sec- |m»cd to Oiler to rlicTax hill on thc sulijcct . Jef!. Davis I 

»n of the reaoluHon, be gave thc iiicasuro of eigare. it proixjses on cigioi itliw, or i , r’i.i,.f r .i i 

A«v aiinrnvnl : hut even If he rniild sniall cilfars. uol valued at oviT fight dol- ■*'“.*.* _Ghn.f Justice ChaA will 

ntade a speech te opptwl^n to ffiose n hoin with thc exception of the third sec 

lie characterized a* redicat. "“'* - i . ' 

i'iiVS and Mc'iiis are' Ceufederate snnr.OD the foorth Sanday Id May, al tra C lIMMUc; C HbfollVc: yellow U’«01lc; Forto Sales Monday, Tneoday, and Wartnasday. 

.the new tariff tews, ' o'!r.'»"d‘.T:«^ lUTOraw.zotF. to ehoiee. W:4«.4i#e;C.b. pri 

Hon of the resolution, be gave tbc iiicasuro of eigare. it proiKjses on cigioritlea, or 
hi* hearty spprovui ; but even if he could small cigars, not valued at over eight dol- 

llarmonixiBg tke f a< 
New Yomjl May IS.— Head 
phetM w#s occupied yesterday 


>*b(>Uioo: Hbtortc. PRtiiotic. Po- 
IlmnorouM rd<I Tragical. Ppic** 
nlh over SOO floe portrmlU Md 
VZ9. ThlP work, for Kcnftl bo- 
i, FtRiiflD* lolertMM *nd *tiractlTf 

eholce Itf Ke. Jobbing loft *ad to tbe count rf trsdr nr* quoted at About IM. 

w . -A re.flt.Arerem.sre BMro. mroshtaare /tevtosre Th« MtutchrateT mRrkct w*R TefT dtiH ywftnftj, 
ere »l»tr*cUoD over lbc»«rat#*». fOce rmnxe* from braiuf* uftMxttoftlly »w«yeni>4. fruM gift 

m DiMocRim mwt 

purjiose of ensiding Slcjiheiis to give sudi 

te* EMflr K* appcaiBiiee la fo fo* friendfl and admircre. 

vole# had been cast bv men who were not Uic Committee ou Invalid Pensioners lo iu- 
eaHHed to vote? Tliere wm no tribunal as quiir into the cxjiediency ol amending the 

Hi f rt Be rrsstiat Boite a panic aamiv the 

H olf Tone aafl Red llanfl. 

yet to determine that fact. 

Cbauoellor Kent detected tliat omission, 

VVaswinotow Msv IX —Tlie WMhington f.:iiauceiior ivcni ucieciea uiai oiniss.on, 
Wolf -rine^ Rea H.ndCirele oftke tnd bad seen iu it i«ssil,ility of great dan- 


A r**> «3»d ki* Moarcy— Rolling Mill 

Sax rEAXCtaOO, May 11.— Robe J TIfla 
ay, kaUeo, paid flvdkafoired dnftaro la gold 

jicnsion law, so as to place dcjicndcDt Thu indications an- uniiiisUkahle that the I 
futlicir, on the same footing us dcjiendcnt joiut resolution whicli pushed the House | 
iiioHiere. yesterday will lie iiiodified in thc Semite by 

Mr. HENDERSON, of Oregon, Intro- I striking out the third section entirely, or 

■ . . . Snd Ull# tbe best chance lo make money ever yet 

KPCOnstmctlon, offered. Send tor ctrrnl rs and see onr terms. Ad- 

. ; dres# NATIONAL FI BLII5HISG Co.. 148 West 

The indications are unillteUkable that the ' Fourth »treet, Cincinnati, O. mvIdAwlm* 

IroD I* rather dull, with s sale of UN ton* kotdilast diorlrih; boi ter yen dull; lard very dBlI, goo<l 
stSS7 '49«VSSDertoo. NaiU, la lota, are * mile lower. .Vareriesa nommolly tan te : pTOroteiam dun, with 
todwe 4o^1W. in lou of M. kogto at 97 JJH«4 E^'^ri ^ 

7 40; sad other idses st eorreApondlnx rate*. ■ iZimioa— Wheat flrm sad leadlBg apwsrl; for flat 

1 ORVNGK8-A talcal 90«5 5S perboi. Lemona »'•« held f« foil r^. Sugar qi*t bat flrm. Tbe 
cFu.t.vwre— ^ fxpreroioa In the Loodoa aod Faria vxetereta to 

93 Xkflid 49 P*ir box. ntiabatad. French dates foil aa additional k pev 

FOT.VTUKB— Stocks abondant. and demaad Hm- , cent . oa the '4A hot closing flrmer nnder a nuaor 
Itad to rt»H. tate. of Norther, rt 94 «fo1 »; raaa.1 

loU offered at 91 3. Ftexland toHlay advaocedlls rate of latarartl^ 

HIDES AND TALLOW— We qaote neea hide*, per cenL w » r- 
from botchet*. rt TfoTHCi rolled. IfliBlte, the Inner i«jw2RS:the1lit^t^^ 
fordry-.llIntntHXfoiac. -ffillow greart-, itoiflSHe, wRh sale# to-day qfSjS bale*. Tbe market to 
and rendered UfoUHc. 

ta 4B<ekiy M toy elEsr of n tea* Bsala aad sriMio. 

lata It* nanlUfos. 

n^s^by BENHT DBWT. 

flofo ABMt k* K rei w bs Soto crm.rey. 

« TblrYtorro^ 

m\m oil mr 

BT riAYlHU AMR TrilNtt TflMTR 



from botchet*. st TfoTHc; rolled. iPhlSe, the toner i«j« **T.*A*1 K 7UnmAA.r « 

fordry-.llIntntHXfoiac. -ffillow gresrt-, itoidSHe, w>U ufr V lo-^y J 3j5 bale*. Tbe market to 

and rendered UMUtoc. ' erotev. wilh n de«11 Ag tawdeney. owire to the ad- 2^ QRgwl^amfatohla ^ iM . totoda. 

anarinaerra flM9kfl.^4^ i ▼*»*« ft bffi*k rate aBMi bffi* rIr^t ■ Oft*, *r >ft. 

LKATHBK-Wequoto hemlock ■ok', ISftlloi o*k l»rov*4oo* doU. »md * '* — rTnr^ TniiTirfT k***TS. 3*^ xwkaa m gftcl* tlMi*ii. a mmjM a 

!90le, H»»akc;h*nic**,4M«o; kip ihft*, ftcfttl; *p- d«ce ttradj mad *aciuuiscd. Aftffin**^ iftft 

p^rlraiher.kftklSperdoii'A. , . ^ 

lead and 8H0T-^ are .retained. Ue CJJJL TT 


Tone *110 K«i M*no cime in i»c - mr, llCsA^ur-u^UA>, oi uregon, imro- ' siriKin^ uui uic loiru seciion enureiy, or book ai;k\t<i to skil “THE LOHT --- 

(u^lf oBlhCtK-C^ioJof wanting the vote CACSB..-N.W in prero, complete to one vol.m, ‘Te^In^SHOT^ 


WteaqohMvvr * Baber, nod Steto« 

S^Ss^ rcin^huu StU biiraaviM Cfl.’} 

1 — y*d*r *if 4 » w«M A*«ft* I* 1 

AM »’ I I K M 

OB covenmATZs ltx 

8ax rBAXCtaOO, May 11— BohC JTIfln ^rvland Tbev forcibly doctore ««<• »**«" **'*•"»' ‘ribunal te decide 

By. kBtUBVpBy flrckBiEired doitoro in roid ,v^ing*t^*R.»l^i whether tliat tliat el**t oral vote should lie 

totfcefifrtBkBircBfBOitoOBtteBreBalro. " cBUDted .w rejiTted. This w-as an addi- 

•f tke flial ypoarcy egf Edwin Foircro. mSuaVSy^iirSo^tekl^ ficl^ ojierating on liU mind against 

Tka c«tti£^ of iBcorporaUBB of the the adopHon ohiie thTrd aection. 

raetfe BolliEg Mill CoropEny wan fitofl rcs- rf ^Wl^ ^ flolicitea BINGHAM, of Ohio, n«xt addresecd 

"—NOW In press, complete to one voinme lejlD AND 8HOT-Prlce* are sretatoed. tte 
(80 royal octavo paxes, by Edwsrd A. Pol fp^nerstSc to pig, and 9 h« in bar. Patent shot, 

Isrd.ol VlrylnlE. '-This Is thc only work of the kind ,, Bnekahot |S. 

thatlsropy-iiRbtedby tbeantbor.sndthsthss the lIME— S ale* in lofoof lIPbbi* *4 91 3tal M. 

snthenlirity and dlxnlty ol a stsndard snd ofllcl* oiLB— Uaseed o4l mslntainddln Iota, with s^ st 


w jIGAIXfo flBof 1tev s*ybss Hu B«»sw 
BA CwMB. D foSiS I I m re eonh hew. Per 
Prwg saJOsweery siesta, red fo Mta ro 

W.vsniNOTON, May 11. 

tesflay. Tke MMopoBy will rwa tke toill for 
grcsfltiBff aafl rcoDBiaettuiBg rsUniBd iran. 
eoofieT, Bfod otkor nuB Bls. Iu eapttol fo ome 
ibOIm doMars. 

Board itaf-ka—e nmneg* bei^ iwfosefl a* 
EMi ki rflBflEi* ktfl ttonoEd tke iraifoi ofoail 
«n Lo BflPBBce tea flotUEs e asoatk, amd 


A Qh arrrl Ml F'ortresa MoMroe. 

tbe adopHon of Hie third tecHon. Senate — .Mr. GRIMK.-t, of Iowa, pre- ’ bus been appointed Receiver 'of Pi|;>lic 

Mr. BINGHAM, of Ohio, n«xt addresecd sented a joint n-soiuHou of thc Iowa Ltgis Moqeys of tV U. 8. Depository at Santa 

tha lioBSd, taking Uio ground that all tbe lalure for Hie ostaliltehiiicnt of a National Fe, vice John Greiver, late of Columbus, 
mcMurcd re|>ortcd by tbe Reconstruotioii Iliirenn of Eduo-itiun. ^rdcred to lie on Uhio. 

Committee should Ik- considered m uu the table #v-rt./xvv rov New Coinage 

entered. On motion of Mr. ANTHONY , of R. I., 

Ttie itorty of tbe Kepnhilc to day, he it wm resolved tliat when the Senate ad- i To get up the new five cent piece which 

Tlie President has appointed Col. IValtcr Fonthern Hl-tory of the w*r-*n other* being mere ,, (b^,i p ,,non. Lard oO. No. l.attl », qnd 
B. Scales Collector of Customs for Chicago, romptlstlons from hastily writleo newipeper edl- ,1 «. Ooal qU SEtoffi* Boaxtoe 

Col. Jm. C. Collins, fonncrly of Ohio, torlals-Tanipcd np by trashy pnbllsbmto order to 
W been appointed Receiver 'of PjOilIc ' palm off upon the public volumlnona worU nt an KAOS-Ste«ly demand tor good eoMon at SfoSe; 
Moqeys of the U. 8. Dcp^itory at Santa immense prqjlt. woolen 1 to 9 cento per Donnd. 

V/VI. VOO. b.4. svFiSkavbij \/g v/uiAyy ^ bVI 9»9^~T nilip«.*U Up DJ IrRMIJ pUVIlFUWS ■ Sha ws rew-e 

has been appointed Receiver nf Pi|;>lic palm off upon the public volnmlnoos works at aa 
Moqeys of the U. 8. Depository at Santa immense prqflt. 

Fe, Vive John Greiver, late of Columbqs, , None hm men of the best abilitlr# employed, with 

> whom liberal ieruis will be made. 

. Call OD or addr«*ft 

New Coinage oko. n. fehsKaNDEN a co.. 

PublUber«, 46 Main ttireel, corner Sccood. 

To up the new five cent piece which *p'Swi Loal»vU1e, Rj. 

Fowtvw Mokeoc, May 11 —A *erioii* Mtd. w*s not • Democratc party, not** Re- joum to day it ndjonm to meet on Monday Is soon to be issued it will cost alKJut ^iOO, wri 

__ frawM occo i Tod •Aeroooo *t p*bllc*n p*rtT, bat • p*rt? for tbc Union next. 000. There wiU bt* when the coina^ is ii'AXTFD-\gfnte— Tod»t »rt*l*rT wliho*i PRt>>lsi . » .1 

tketo bOBirtv kofl kote teersEOEfl En tktrty UampiM. bt-twocB T Ltitker, tbe Deputy and the CoosiituHon. He trusted aftertbe Mr. CONNE88, of Cal., offered a resoln- completed, ♦^,.‘>00,000 in tbte money in cir- >> nl-.t -o'liineon TOmmhwloB.or from 940to»lBi flrmer toKtoy, wa 

^mBeto. Skip owBopa otofl fiiMffifBiSi nre rikeriff, and a m< lekoEt doiitff irutlnvni in vote was taken to-dav. it would not lie re- tion instrncting Hie Coiiiuiittec on Printing culation, that oeing the amount of postal P" *“'* »x«“s. “»*' «“• rally were asking 

tesw tBflWHBt M tkifl MFC B^UM tke part Ikol town. Tke totter waa MMbnA in four ^Kirddfl by htotenaus ‘that the sad hour bad to rc|>orl iipoirthe expe-diency of providing currency of three and five cents that tbe | yd a hiiith. to ih* evening of 

orisie-Tanipca up oy irasny puniwnr™ u. «... ... aBta40e. f Ume E BtJ 

>alni off upon the public volnmlnoos worU at an UAGS-Steady demand tor good oMIon st SfoSe; frfouc: »••• h«: 
mroenac prqflt. woolen 1 to 9 cento per poand. 

v^Tur,:rt;r"n'.i"w*llVSl fish «r-.r. with rote. 5jh£*J^ 

Call OD or «ddr«-ft of No. 1, ft b*U bbft, *l |10 ft. **d I* kltft *t ft lb; 'SSaBiSmw 

GKO. n. FE8SKNDRN A CO., N*. L ft kUtt. ft tl; No. A ft kltft *2 ft. Wkito 

PubUsber«, 46 Main corner bvccofM). dkreto •• wi ■brow kki n, . ,■ . . .llL Vi 

*p3 wi Loul*vU1e, Ry. k»k ft ft P«r bW. Herrft*, uDoked. ftftSOc p*r bo» XttOrCll 

S«rdloe«, ft qoarier boxes, per lOt, ftS ft 

a ww-roso ta. 1 ..fore. PROVISIONS .VN D LARI.-Tb* roDTltel, Uo**k 

\\ A NTEO-AGKSTE— To pay »rt*l*rT WllhOWl rrotWrem x<.ll Wrel^lmw. M-mrer 

FT flrfft i>oiUi)K on eommliMiio*, of from ftO to ftft firmer to-day , w** rntber d*U, **d Voklerv E**c- 

— ;oR sAL^ :” ~ i\siRi>fE cMpm. 

— . — I IM.1IB UPFICBi 

LNIK riALB-< IKCCLAR-SAW MILte-Otoe ro : . re i_ # c • , 

Lwjssi'ai[".sr^“:“s:3vs't^ «mis 

tow. Atoo.uar eevpadtemd nprtaEI •mgiaa eore- , ni’IB-glt * w ae-w 

pleie. 71, iBch cylinder, st a barcaUL Aarfy fotik- LUl 18YI1.1.X;, Kl. 

with to H VlI, MOvUSETMILlSk — 

mys dZawEwt to ... yereJn, frffe.K>nrilin»d. CapiUI, J«», », »MM; .. . -ffiM 1,M« M 

Merchants' Exchange, >r*M oomfeny inLL aaCB FOUCIB* OH 

Corner Fifth nod MarkTO rtroet, '^SmnSS'nL^wS^ 

LouihYiLL,. WF. 

I T WtM mate TKN FOCNDM off roiiMtai tesfl 

9aafl. ev » GAUteflWnfjte vary test 9rfl Essw 
te oEaal BA Crete, Dtoorofore re eoeE kero. For 
aeiSsa Drag saJOsweery siesta, sod fo MTO M 

-Eflitefo W.LriON, n gaAflC^^ 



NffiffiTM rilM foF 

tbe sad hour had to rei>ort iipoir the expediency 

cootc to Um giflflt Bepohlic, wbkb in the flg-iioflt tbe suppreieion or alteration of * coin to fntendNl to eupersede. 

flprlDgfleld, nuaois. 

to the evenlag of 43 1 
flrmer and smitatacd. 

wre rettorr dnU. aad bolder* gcae- taiDU.viCLg.toF. ^ ^ KB. LfaB-rMNTO wYnTagBOMT^ Rtero ”>w are now *■ j wtag * 

ngflilfo for meropork. wtlhatee .H„. fo 4 . NH'IIOLH, PrMprtetlCsB. tow re foa rf 

Oflribbtoalin. Bacon WM also |. kolYIaK daywt tranrteat >sasflsFi toJww eg _ # U FAXwJljfflfc — nr 4rotore,*aywBlte#n»flroasB 

ilatECd, Witt tale* of UAH Fvoafli XV the most ttisral term*. Bigtdiflwte Wwtr. Lbewkb, ■i sr irorv. fou dflwSro sgddIwMtero 


^ 1^ 1,^ beea mon' at ■ )om bow to moke an attack 

riwiacbtek ▼»• r«cM*w. 

I Jowrnal Arctaima Tobe- onaUc (Joocaatkm aaacubled, they were aafarated a BK'vrmcai luokinir to the roacae ol j 

—tty In fcror ftf tb* unioc of all {MirttM niarepreaentiag ita aUna and objecta, and Kentacky t'oofedcratc dead, in tieoi^ria and | PsrtiCUlsrS Of tho AffSIfa 
gO to E.ant»cky «|ma a ronraioa no d^bt were in bopea It would commit etoewhere, from the oblivion to which they arc I 

tbaa the editon of (be Journal and Demo 
craL Fur weeka baCorc tbe great Demo 

[For the Loelaytlle Coaitar ] 

Totbe People of Kentucky. 

Tb« aadorolgaed, once citUena of Kentucky, 
bat BOW recMeula of AUauta, ticorgia, beia»r I 
prampted by a feeline ooiamun to humanity In 
erary cia of enlightened civUiuliuo, have ia- 

THI' AFFAIR AT FRAAkFORT. i>eath ot count (inrowaki. 

'▼« take from the Chicago Republican 

the following notice of one of the moat re- 

A BAD NEGRO HUNC.I markable men of the age. 

i Count Adam deGurowaki died, of inflam’ 

I mation of the bowels, in Washington, on 
ParFioi.lare nf FHo AfifsaSr frid'y evening last, after an illness ot a 

XXXIXth CONGRESS. never really be ; The fliat section. Imposing a tax of Are - mimion of naw flutaa into tba Cafam. This 

J longed to the Republican (larty, and whom cents perpunnd on cotton, being under eon- | was read twiee, and referred to the Jndl- 

, the Kepublican (larty bnd been eom|<elled sideratipn, and the question being on Mr. , ciary Committee. 

First Ssssion. UMlragaUmgwilliit. F^ynch’s, ot Me., amendment, excepting’ Mr. CTI.I.OM, ol 111, iatrodneed a biH 

Mn. HOWK, of Wisconsin, replied to tbe mu) pounds in the hands of purchas<-nt from to regnlate pnx-eedings before justices of 

remarks of Mr. Doolittle in reUtliuu to the taxation, it was rejecte«l. the peace This was read twice, and refer 

W AsniNOTOS, May 8. presenting bv him of the resolutions ul tbe .Ma. I'l’SON, of Mkh., moved to rednee r-d to tbe Comniilire on Dntrict sf t«- 

Sknatc.— Mr. SUMNER, ot Muss., from Wisconsin Legislature. The resolutions the tax to three cents. lumhia. 

ciary Committee. 

Mr. CTI.I.OM, oi 111., Introduced a biH 

Mk. HOWE, of Wisconsin, replied to tbe tk’io pounds in the hands of purchss<-nt from to regulate pnx-eedings before justices of 
reuiaika of Mr. Doolittle in reUtliuu to the taxation, it was rejecteil. the peace This was read twice, and refer 

was read twice, and refer- 

presenting bv him of the resolutions ol the .Mb. I'l’SON, of Mkh., moved to reduce p-d to tbe Comniitire on Dntrict af t«- 
Wisconsin Legislature. The resolutions the tax to three cents. lumhin. 

ptoOmm in bah-f «f »ke matomtkm policy aonm ertctons blunder. In all this they 

r-- - ' “ - ..... "w humble besd-bosnU, and the levelmg 

nf IhrnMam JabMom tt dadarm (feat this : were grtex onaly diaappoinud. The people ^ 

Is ttc eialy hope fcr (be mlvatiott of tbe met in overwbaimiiig force, and onr con ^ 

•amatrj bwm Ifec abominatlans af Ba d leal temporaries piainly see the handwriting on consonant with tbe bigbest dicutey of an 
iwfe. Day afeM- day. In ootnmn after column tbr wall. More than eighty conntka were cB]i,^toned ChrUtUn spirit, to rescue the re- 

OxHu the humble bead-boards, and the leveling . IIETEBMINATION OF THE PEOPLE. 10, 181)5. He studied at Berlin and other ' tbe 

bis father’s estates near Kalisch, September ^ relative to the attempted assassination ol j against them. 

R, ot Muss., from 1 Wisconsin Legislature. fhe resolutions tbe tax to three cents. lumhia. 

fortnfglit. A member of one of the oldeyt ' the Committee on Foreign Relations, re- j were sent to him and be presented them. Mb. 8TEVEN8, of Pcnnsylvatil*. opjiose l Tub 8PE.AKER presented a leltsr bom 
noble tamilies of Poland, he was bom on ported tbe House joint resolution He did not express any opinion for or the aniendiiienL ami fiivorei' the tax ot 8 the .\ttomey GenanU, trawouttli^ s list of 


Tb« fepMfob Admiaaiva Tagaiab 

Nrw Tore. May t.- \ fettarm tb# Aaaa- 
lafe Admiral Naaes, oM Valpav^oi, to Uto 
ifeMRmb Mtaiider hi Waabmatoa, glaaa a 
dillcreat aeralua gf tba — g~‘-Tl im pra- 
eediae tbe bomtmrdmeat. It «toim itot 
MiuMer Kilpatrick ami C m. BadRisa nae- 

per cent. Were it not for tbe CouetituUun 

at their aaooled grave# with tbe common earth, i 
With these ma» in view, and with a acSse of ^ 

(Correspondence of the Lonlsvlllr Conrier.] 
E'bakrfokt, May 8, 18C6. 

Gennan UniversiUes, and tarly embraced 1 emperor op rcssia. Hie aiucndineut i 

cxiremc demacratic opinions. In the Pol- with an additional section as an amend- o’clock adjourned. 

The Seuale, pending the consideration of al prohibition he would be iu Ibvor o( 

ish revolution of 1831 he bore a prominent j meat, requesting the President to forward 
part, In consequence of which liis estates | , copy of tbe resolution to the Emperor of 
were confiscated, and himself, In his ab- I Bussia. 

Hie aincndmeut of .Mr. Trumbull, ai 5 exmrt tax of 10 per cent. Mr. THOM.VR, of Marvhitid, pre 

o’clock adjourned. Mr. HOOPER, of MassachnsctU, moved petitition of eitixeas of Halttmore. 

. . - tab •nhSAVk#! Km ■wtrltarstsssr tKss KaV tA 'i d^ssmlfe am *Kra ^ -■ — 

bia clerks, aecompanied with the Hooss 
resolution of May 7 

Mr. THOM.VR, of Marvhitid, presewled a 

It wiem this poUcy, a*d o*e who rtads the repraaeated, and hot owe feeUng teemed to arains, as well as the memories, of these RtUor* TArnttiHlle Ckmrifr: ! fence, sentenced ’to death. After spending The resolution as amended bv the Com- 1 *^*“" ^* i Mw HOOPER’S amendment 

papm UM iioiife^ Ilf 111 It that H Is ROt ea- animate all hearts, and that fecUng was to homored dead from the andistineuirhahle | Y’esterdaj morning a gentleman residing several years in Southern Europe, during mittee, was passed. ^ - co.nstitutiosal amf.xdmest Mb. BOUT WELL, of Massa 

to OR to naiU tbe oou- ore fhe CowsUIbUod sMi the Unloo sneb uioch of time, we have oiganixad, in this in this city. Major A. J. Harrington, late of which he was intimate with Lafayette, and Mg. ’cHANDLER, of Michigan from the ' repo^od by the Committee on Reconatrac- von-d the retluction toScento. 

try to BRppo t t of the objects which It pro- 

1 fence, sentenced fo death. After spending The resolution, as amended by the Com- 
residing several years in Southern Europe, during mittee, was pnssed. 

Ing the President to forward ! HorsE -After the reading of the Journal ^ **** o( ghws woio, anying 

isscd. ^ ro-NSTlTUTlosAL AMF.XDMEST Mb. BOUT WELL, of Massachusetts, fe The House, at half post four, took a rocoto 

The House, at half-past fonr, took a i 

MlaMer Kilpatrick ami C m Badg^ 
pooed a t ea at l oo of fenatilltiaR aito paam- 

fnl aettlomeat, to be eigRoUaed by rveipfo- 
eal aalntaa of tbe ChileaR aad !tp«Rlto flags. 

At tbe maao moaaeat, bo aam I rajoeM 
tbaa arrangeoMiit, acksow lodging, bamovor, 
tba ^M>d iMemtioRB that hod sR|gA*fod it, 
aad etatiag that tbe itotrastina of my 
GoveramaTt were that, M^^toZl^wy 
dilBmlUea I might have to ooereomo, aod 
abooM we go to toe bottom of tbo PbcMc. 

.4,^ msAe H A platform ®itv, ea sssociaiitm, the object of which l» U. 8. Volunteer service employed a politicians and ■ Committee on Commerce, repo’ricd back ! Hon, until tlie Tax bill sliall be disposed of. 

ee onr patriot alree made it. A piauoim their “rvice, empioyca a ti,,nkcrs of the time, he was pardoned the House joint rcsolutioi to^vent the I He said it would be a national calamity to 

was nnanimously adopted, baawl on the i u i * ' ati mf ' shout sixteen years old, named by the Emperor Nicholas, in consideration tw'PBfbTvrr/ -rTrh ^ have the tax bill delayed. 

CoasUtufloB itself, and it wlU reoelveUK ^ rac 1 to Mrs. of a book he had written in defense of the introdcction of cholera Mr. STEVENS, of Pennsylvania, hoped 

Tbare la br amoRRt of impRdaRt doRbie C«>®»utm^ iWocraUc Welch to work in his trarden The iren op'nlon that Russia was the natural head of into the ports of the United Sutes, with an that no such di.sposition Would be made of 

daal^ to tbe JoRimaTs eoRrac to tbis mat i»qtolld«8l approvaJ oi we uraiocrauc to provide each one with an eppropri- ' • i ^ j , the Sclavonic race, and that any further re- j amendment as a substitute, viz: The it. He bad no idea tliat the discussion of 

la, „|gag ^ perlbeUy amaEing.aRd almfist in phiiJ •’n** North and South. Democrats ^ head-etone, vrith a monumeat in the midst j *'”“*** interesting little dangli- gistancc to iler in Poland was folly. _ He re- | Senate ^ixsolution introduced by Mr. Ram- , the Conslitutional Amendment wonid oc- 

Tlie sulijeet was discuseed by other speak- 
ers at length. 

* ***^11^’*’*' when the coRsideratiOR , i bq,, attempt to have IK>m Cbila that mt- 

of the fax bill was rMumed. | istoelioR whM wwt flae to wt moved. 

Mb. RATMO.NDc .ntlnuo ~ ^ 

iTc the lax blU delayed. | v o aniendmeni 

SIr. STEVKNcJ, of Pennsylvania, hoped so the tax remaiikk at 5 cenia. 

mmt erei V wfaerf aiwrore it DemocraU CTery- ] thereof ia common to their mcmorie«i. We aiv ter, between six and seven years old, upon mained in Russia for several years, boldini; si^y» of Minnesota. 

V*' ^ a a. 1 * ' . ..... d1. A IT tnWXAW. x F i AA UmOndAfl hv 

cnAMa. 4t tteaauietlMc tkat H povrs oat eTrrywofnMf j 

m of In ’■^berc wftl maintain IL Tbe rmolnUoni 

torarto SRRtoROf tbe whole people. K 1. dodge .to imne; Ib^ ara full, explidt a.>d 
toboctog iHt as terd to distract sod divide colnpt«hcllBiT^ and withont any shadow o( 

to bring tbem euMorfog. or eqaivocatton. Keitber tb« 

limnlbn hTT— oonmat deolR- ia to koop JoRnml or Democrat wUi dare to aaaet 
Tbi* Is Dtooifest frx>m iu them They rest upon the eternal princl 

where will maintain IL Tbe resolntions .Mured that this movement. on i«ir part, will re- ' whom the negro attempted to commit a 
4odge no iaaae: (bey are full, explicit and oeive tbe cordial on-oi>eration of a brave and rape. Her screams brought her mother into 

that no snch deposition Would be made of Washixutox, May 9. 

it. He had no idea tlmt the discussion of a,*.-- xr» r'nvwnTE'D 
the Conslitutional .Amendment would oc- 

cupy two or three days, and it was not tbe ‘“Hoduetd a bill to regulate tbe 

l.» Q . . .1 Mb. RATMO.NDcntlnued. Thataiaend- nevertbetoao, 

Ma. L i*SON 8 amendment was rejected; ments. If adopted by Con:;ma, weiw tm be reroiirilletioa. 

I the tax rcnuuiM at 5 cents. submitted to all the SUKsa sJTectod by tbnm aelt ibe la 

Washixutox, May 9. North and 8uath, he wm qiute wiiUng to not leauiriMt 

h* a atnrore 
a, I woold lafeo 
immense reanom 

North and 8uath, he was qiute wiiung to not requiring any other mAmfocUaa Item 
take aeUon npuo them here. With ene that coRtained in tbe arrangement ■ 

in tbe arrangement pnpnonil 

of tbe whole people, H to Rooge no mane; iney ate lul^expIB:l^ aini oeiTe ue conuai on-oi>eraiian oi a nrs.e rape, ncr screams uruugiii nermoincr inio warmth Of temper and exprcsi 

ted to distract and divide comprchcnalTe, and wttbont any shadow of geaeitms people. TbeKuteihat sbrlnea amongst , the garden, and the negro attempted to his position in Rnsslii having 
toinw tbem eubterfogv or eqaivocatton. KeUber tbe Ita boHeet memories the names of Kenton, i gj. escape', but was captured and eralile, he returned to Gemiai 

f ..nlat dcairc to to kaep Journal or Democrat wUI dare to atetl RheThy, Scott. McKee, and a host in jail. Last night, between nine 1“- 

confidential relations toward tbe Emperor, As amended by the Committee the sub- purpose of tbe comnuttee to have the other ' TtAxsFOBTATios or xitro-qltceiunc, 

and making many enemies by his unreserved stitutc reads as follows: | two measures acted on until it was seen which was referrerl to the Committee on 

warmth of tem^r and expression. Finally, A joint resolution providing general i wbnt disposition would be made of the Coir- . Commerce. 

become infol- j quarantine regulations to prevent the intro- stituUonal Amendment. 

exception the prupoeitiuim were sneb aa be by England and Franco and accepted by 
approved. Tbe unt raaaecrted prtoeiptaa Spain, to which I 'woold only add tbs ranltl- 
of the Civil RigMs bill which be hnd ap- tntto« of Covodorgn, wHb Na Am, asum, 
proved heartily, and bad also been beflare and ctew, in ratnrn for tbe na^ra and 
tbe House for Its acHon, bnt to a form to nrlsooera I had to ay power. ■nbnoitamR- 

Gemiany in 1844, and ; duction and spread of Asiatic cholera. 

orameice tbe House for Its acHon, bnt to a form to nrlaooera I hod to ay po' 

.Mr. GRIMES, of low^ from tbe Naval which be eonM not then aopport R— • W be wm toformed by 

Mr. LE BLUND, of Ohio, called for tbe ' Committee, reuurted, with an amendment, |-,,rg| which recogniato by tmpbeatioR tbe 

ly be wm toformed by tbo feamttoaa mi 

Cngitob Admurato tbnt they could not ro- 

Oiamar abnnt lie flfltb of May CoRveatton. P*" "• wbm», jwvk^ iboogh no leea iI1o«trions son* to be forgutlcn 

^ ,R,t bnt an <Bbrt to divide tbe H** peopl* of Kentucky will stand by tbe»c later one» are now bocuine th< 

^4 array tbeni In acreral partlea them. property of all the Rontbern State*. Tbeli 

am^ mOtar* Gmi H possibly be con- nominee of tbe CoRventioo, Judge grave* arc daily «-atered hy the tcan 

ptm of truth, Jnstiec and tbe Conntttntton. 

of other* araonc tbe briphtc*t on the .^11 of , ^ 

ImBorulitv, will not permit tho®e hap1e»^ - i ♦ a r 

(Jartield's motion, a biU to provide for the belter onrouiatiou rich! of a dttSto diafta^be a^ortio* of m%tm pwrivi apnutora, a^ 

he waft for a time employed as a lecturer | »eHtatit*es of the Unitetl Statre of America in j siwing he wiinled to aee who were in favor of the 

property of all the Houthem 8tatc«. Their And hunc him. 

se hanleftft ® upon the Roman law in the law school ot j «aari/i6/«/, That It shall be tbe duty 

g * 1*605 — between three and four hundred — Harvard University, but his incompatible of the Secretary of War, with the co*opcra- 

v’"^" .V I went to the iail took the negro bov ont '•imposition resulted in his leaving that i Uon of the Secrets^ of the Navy and the 
bocouiMhe M> ja», TOOK tm negro boy out Ue was for several years SecreUiy of the freasnry, wUo^e concur- 

IKc nominee of the CoRventioo, Jodg* |^ve« arc daily a-atered hy Ike tear* 

of giviug the negro the preference over tbe 
lmix>rtunt iuteretts of the country. 

A vote was taken and resulted as follows: 
Yeas, 51; nays, 8J. The motion was lost. 

of the pav department of tbs navy. , 

Mr. MORRILL, of Maine, from tbe Com- 
mittce of tbe District of CoinmbU, r«- woi 

its eiUxena on account of nee or color. In eorapellod to dppoao bim with force. My 
iis present form, bowever, be conld and aniwer was, tte m to lbs qumtioa 
woi^ tupport it. He mid tbe the 3d wc- > ot right the doctoton kctcRged to tor 

eorapellod to ( 

mittee ot the District or C’o.nmbU, re- would support it. He mid the the 3d see- j ol right the doctoton belonged' to toy 
portetl t bill repealing the city charters of tion neemt^ (o hare been put la eapedalH 9o?anuaeat, hat UmS. sa m eAeer, I 
\\ssbinxfon and Gcor^town, sdci provi' prevent the sdoptioa of ihe siaeB#* . shoaW obey aij order, tad Ibal wbMeves 

aay otber way? fto deleemiaed AJ\ia Duvall, la a ^Ueroan who Is uni- of straairer ejes; and Htrtnjrrr hotn* arc he confessed bU »uilt 

a Ks.mra. Kt..^ msov. e* os,yvA«a* -y , ra ua/Ox; WllUUr- 1 *>• , Ua T is, CW. X IIC 1U«»I Kflfl WS9 lUfok. «9B8UinKTUa OOU U, «U«B LflKVRI* f*> nrPMfl»nt thA ftflnntlOn Of 

d bung him. a writer I’orthe New York Tribune, but that rent wtion shall be directed by the com- 1 Mb. W.A8HBURNE, of lillnois, offered a ' ding for their government by commission- msnu He eonld mv 

Jnst before be was Isnnobed into eternity connection, too, was broken off. In 1861, Mr. mander-in-ehief of the army and navy, to resolution, which was adopted, directing era. ted that to have toeu 

^ward gave him a plsce in the llltrary of tlie adopt an efficient and uniform system of ! the Committee on Bonking to examine into ' Mr. GRIMES, of Iowa, introduced a 

snapec- mq|bt bo tbo aHerosUvo amwAod hy tbo 

tbo real naval forem then to tba boy, however lo- 

wm the foninal to have a party of its own. vcraally rnpected, esteemed and beloved ptaatiag shore them the flower* of an- | \Ve want your readers to distinctly un- niissed from 
a— AiL^ tm t It ssius t Pomemed of the »ost commanding talenU. dying love. Most gladly would tbe people of i . remained ii 

tor tbe 71b of May. U ealled a aeoood one be ywtte all the rimpHclty and tog«^^ U^e confusion,’’ and every thing was 

to, the flfltfe, to vrbleb It wUl probably also nem of a child. He was an ornament both b.„<j ^ done ‘‘O^ently and .n onier ’ Itwa... ,„od, and writing <K-c.slon.lly. 

U> ttnr bar and tlie beseb; la joatly re^rded ^ aflictioB resta heavily cn ihcm. Radiy arc ' uprising of the citiEeus. who are deter- Dunn» this period he has published three 
ir W Ktoto. tw MiKLrjtTitT aa one of tba pareat tad abtoat jurists of Impovertsbcd by tbe war. The widt.w mod mined to put a fttopfo eueh V»e Freed- volumi's of a diary, in which the events of 

totbeJomtoU’.|RX>fo..Aldetor«to..1teU>e ^ thrir h«d*. I ».«.’* wUh7dml‘raffiX“.H 

State DoiKtrtment, but be was ultima 

tely dis- quarantine ^gainst the iniroduction into tlie ' ^11 the lacts and cireuinatanccs connected olntion iustructing tbe Finance Coimnittse 
Q he has country of Asiatic cholera tbrongli the ports , with the recent failure of , to rciK>rt upon the expediency of providing mwit so 


rs, and especially upon in countries having direct communication of M'asliington and other banks; and report peposit govek.njient f 

1 writing occasionally, with us. ; to the House the auiount of Government , except in United States ao 

I he has published three 3. Thst he shall also enforce the cslab- dejM*Ucd in such banks and by where such exist, and in the I 

, in which the events of llshment of sanitary cordons to prevent their failure, and also Treasurv in \VashiogUjn,wbicb 

oiution instructing tbe , inance coimniiiee be its effect, and tbat every amn 

to rc]K>rt npon tbe expediency of providing moat soe tbat the adoption of tfeo antond- j toigfet bo, no anrtbly ronoMeratlOR vfeORld 
by law that no public officer aboil ment by the 8oatbern Statso Was mada a detato ma feom foartioiitBg my dtoy. Mo 

PErosiT eovER.NRENT FVNP8, conditioa of Uteir pooptr, beinx aUowod to I lo p ivo eR to ate Ifent MM Bodgoi* and 

United States aofrTreaapri<-a, «>•*» ■ — * 

exist, and in the United lutes ** ^ 

WoshiogU^iLwhichwasadopted. he seted on by the 9Ute Lectures or s ^Ctoloan propoasl Uo adds, bowovor. 

UMoght that worm tneUat I might M to cohm to tRch aa «x- 
id tbat every ama treasity, bowever flarmhtofela tbooe forces 

peofleof tMBtee tosntogVe party. If woold •**« prira»e,to apoUomaad witbont reproach, 
.evor Mve eated Kter of theoe Coaven >-• *Bll^tod to 

aacb mea, and she will do it row. In boa- 

ttoaa, tod patrtottoaUv joiaed to tbe 1st of ^ 7’ 

May move.oM.wWcb woold to tte escRt 

bsvc ROBomplisbod tbe object In view. Tto Tbr people^ hto jodldid district wonid 
JoRiRSI bad U to iU power to do tbto thing 

nose who arc now blindly following iu thousands to tto 

toad worm jaM. blindly Mve toUowod It 

tots tM DemociMic Coovoteon. ate tbe totorveatioR of Mj 

pcRpIs of the State, wttfe tbe exoeptloa of Hunk God we Mve no Bnrbrk 
tM^tepoftte ■ who are foUovrmg *«. "»*« *• ““c* 

MefortRR«oftMLoRiaTilleDete»cratand mo« begin to breathe tbe pure and refrmh 
Mr. BoW^ woRld Mve bean together. mg air of Uberty, and claim tbe right to 

and private.toapottes and vrithont reproach. Tbefr owa d<wd lie acgtectod ever.rwbere. 1 nmfrary nofu-ifAjfandin^. 

ixeataeky b. always dWIghted to honor Hence. Kentncklan* I welookioyon— yon, who. We are glad to announce that the little justice t<^ard prominent individuals 
aocb men, and the will do it now. In boo- *boogh *oooiged by the dreodfal ravage* of war, ■ gjj.j gugrained no luqinry. 

. . , J.. ^11 WwwM- tf yet eacaped its ralamltlea — to aid n* in this no- j 

i!Lnb. of hi. indiHaTdtotrlct wonid 1 ^ “f ' -MR. AND MRS. JEFF. D.WLS. 

The people of Us jodicUl dlstnct woolo ^ to complete the tofok ss it sboaM bedone. 

in Aognat. 1864, Mve re-elected hhn by s | fgj) ,[,g| yo„ .g-ju Qeel the demand. In no , Mrs. Davis the finest of Dr. Cooper — 

majority of thonsands to tbe Snpreme aimiUr in*unce ha* Kentacky ever been i Tbe Condition.* of her Visit to Mr. 

the war h-ave been’eommented upon, often the spread of said disease from mfccteU ] ’“Hhvr IcgDlatiou isneceasiiry In lels- 
with admirable discrimination, often with districts adjacent to or within the limits of theNauonal Banks to protect the 

surprising cn-dullty, often with much in- the United 8tatcs. puldic and the Government; wlih power to 

slice toward prominent individuals. 3. That the said Secretaries arc hereby | persons and papers, and to 

Count Guro.'.-ski was a man of extra- authorized to use tbe means at their com- i me w^dcr oath. 


majority of thonsands to the Sapretne similar insunce ha* Kentacky ever been 
Btwe b , but wars not allowod to vote tor appsaled to in vain. VYs feel that 

him bv tbe tatervcRtioR of Myoneta, bnt te rescue her frilen son* from 

tbaak 'Ood we Mve no Bnrbridge now to "'crtaklng them. 

ordiiiitry learning, csiKcialiv In the history mand to cany out tbe foregoing pronsions. ■ The Hoi^ then proceeded to the consid- 
of Continental Europe. With a mind of .4. That it shall be the duty of tbe Secre- i of the social order, Ming the joint 

moderate philosophic acumen, and with a tary of State to open correspondence with ■’cported by the Reconstruction 

total Inability to appreciate the finer dis- foreign powers, whose proximity to ns will | tton^lltM, propi^ing an ameudmeni to 
Unctions of transcendental thought or the endanger the introducUon of the Asiatic ' j?~““*HtuUon of the United States. The 

Tn asarv in ashiogton, which was adopted. 

The Honse resolution, ^pointing a Com 
missioncr to select a site for 

NEW lOBK pooT-orricis, 
was paseed. 

A bill to incorporate the 


I>nvi.— Khp P^onnw. to Rcm'nin Charms of creative imagination, his intelll- cholera into tbis country throngb their opc»cd hy .T*^?** ®‘ 

With her Ilnsbai^ matil^he is Re- untiring, his jrasslon for knowl- portoor territory, soliciting their co-opera- Pc'>n*yHan^ m support of the joint reso- 

with her Ilnsband until he In Re- 
lieved by Government or lieath — 
Her Upiniou on tbe Nnbjcct of Mr. 
Davis Parole, X-c. 

edge eager and omulvorous, his enthusiasm tion with this Government in snch effort* I 

be bill to prevent the 

tbe obUviou BOW rapidly overtaking them.. Unr ttninloii on the Knliiori of Mr for social justice deep and ardent. He was to prevent the Introduction and spnmd ol , me i>ropositton 

They were the pride of her heart, and tMtre..- Davto Tarole Ac ^ most sincere if Radicals, and the sali dUeasc. Provided, this niolutlon 

or her nurse will not be withheld itum *Dcb IV V u la o * m j democratic opinions of bis tmybood were shall continue In force from Its passage un- i*?' be 

area of her parve w II not be withheld itom *nch (j, Fortre** Monroe Correspondence.) cherished with equal warmth in his latest til the second Monday of December \ D •“ present state of pubUc opin- 

aesase. To a* thU is s ssd thoogb pleasing Fortress Monroe, May 4, I860. age. His views upon all subjects were al- 1866, and no longer. ^ot only Congu-ss but the several 

task. We enter apon U a* a labor of love, be- ■ Mrs. ,Teff. Davis lias taken up ber quarters wavs declared without regard to conse- The morning hour expired, and the pcud- Stotes "’cre to l>c consulted. 

■I I -all «l.a Ul,„ I_„l .1.?..., I.._. - . * ...i. ...i, — . i. V.r ! . ’ V RTEVENS FI.IES Ill.a imu-T4IIWIl WITE 


was taken np. ed. either in tbe Senate or Uonse, aad, 

.Mb. CHANDLER, speaking in favor of with hb ronoent, they oever abonM 
the resolution, said he dW not pretend to he until iRcqnsIlty of lepsoeeRtstiOR 

be acted on by the atate LewWatnras or s tho C b ilaae proposal Uo -a*-, bowovor. 
Convention, w membera of wbicb worM it was soRfldeRtfy expMted that tba forees 
he elected by dieloyal ae well ao loyal of iRgbuid sRd tbo United States woRld 
voters, and who sompooed tte sneb LorIs- opposo tbe boosbordmciit. 

Istnre* wonid disnnncbte its own m em — ■ - - - - - 

the cokkal frauds. 

a single one of the ainendmeata. Their peo- 

pie wonid be fooliah if they did, aad, wWt- ^ 

;S'iSS."R,'af‘iJ*S.‘ 5 alS 7 J 3 TrUlof l*ham Henderson 

the people of tbe dontb by say snch pro- 


Mb. BOUTM’ELL accepted it an a tact X W K L F* X II I> A V . 

that tboae States were not to-day represent- 

ed, either in the Senate or Uonse, nad. 

‘Kera WM ROtbte tfee cell of tbe 8tote pienee. Next Angnat we Urvtag we will receive yonr highoet eanction. inside tlie fort. She remained there lust 

OteiRl CoREaaitMe for tbe let of May CoR- 
vanfooR, which BbERlJ Mve repeUed tbe 
jRRrttot or aRy orc iRRlly aRxioRa for bar 

srUI abow tbat wc ore freenseR ORoe more. 

With the object in view accomplivbed, not only night, having previously sent for her bag 

uences, whether the frown of power or the ing suliatitute went over, 
auger of starvation were tbe certain pnn- Mr. FE88ENDKN, of 

the present state of public opin- th® resolution, ssid he did not pretend to be unlit tncqia 
only CouKicss but the several know a- much about cholera aa other S*-na- was sdjusted. 
itcs were to lie consulted. tor* "ho lud spoken yesterday. He bad slatcumt made 

8TEVEN8 FLIES UI3 iiOB-TAiLEi> KITE. °"lj hiui the (lisease twice in his life, coin in hia last 

Nashvillb, May 9. — Trial of lahnm Ren- 
derioR— twolfth day— Cotooel Coyl. eoanael 

pr Tbe Badicale are now enjoying tbe yoa who were ever tbeir *teadra*t iriend* at 
sweet InxnriM of gratcftil malice and re- I borne, bnt yonr efaildren, in common with Ibe 

who survived them as comrades in the Held, ibige and man servant Dr. Cooper, Post Ishiricnt. After his quarrel at Cambridge ComuiUteeou Appropriations 

n, and, hy virtue of such position the had di-inivcd him of the (ilace of lecturer ut 

tN, ®f Maine, from the ,, ^ A Convention of the best medical men in practical relations in tbe UnioR, 

the world bad been endravoring to.dejcr- could ni.t«t Into site re^ioo. 

was sdjuated. He also accepted tbo for a e rnae J , asade of tbo Coort a dramnd 
statement made by Prsaidant Lia- for tba roeonts of tbe cane of Henry Brn- 
eoln in bia last public addreoa said tMt aer, to tbo Made of Captain ▼orta. Jadn 
tbuac Atates were not of tbeir proper Advocate of tbo Coort. 


ly otaonc ‘Be fktoRds of tbe Union nod tbe men of tbe i children 

tho On— tftRtloR. On Use eoRUnry, It was 
onUaeaflly ooRcillntory aad pnttiottc. It 
tovttad all rORnsrvnttvv rm, opposed to 
radtoaltoRi ORd tfee dsstrRctive aefeemes ot 
tfee ptoote Oeagmoa, to unite with tbe De- 
taOMRcy RR the 1st of May. Tbe Jonmal 
aayv tte It bee ro bostility to tbe name of 
DstaormL and tte tbe party it proposes to 
nrysntor or tbe SOtta of May will aympatfetor 
aad art xrttfe tbr Dstaoer a Uc party of tbe 
Noftfema Btotoa If It oorM act with tbe 
DotaOciRcy of tbe Noithara States. U eoald 
srttfe the same coaitoteacy act srttb the De- 
naoetacy of Bsatneky, who profcaa Identi- 
oal dortitoea. aad are iabertog for similar 

w_. -ktia-. 1- —Ilk ikr. m®di®*' attendant of Mr. Davis, has given the law school, he went and hired himself , , , , ... i , 

her apartiuenU in the house occupied by as a laborer to a gardener, and was found in ^ rri“*«d. 

•a of the bomb, will consccraie the »pol hi|i,g4.if anj lamily. Hint nlan« in- BiYiHfi frlnnila whn wi>rf> not 1 *hc joint rCSUlUtioU to 

fttioiuhi tbe Inioaq ud tbej Acewed tUled tbrnt tbe prodiKtioB ot 

rbf tlif> IfbV'kl l•rkll1rl Kjs <it/4iif»<ral it\ m*»9 WUnU U*BU OWU CUUCUVUnu;; W * evUlU iisri »ct Into sneb reMioao unless hy told roeord a Mtoriai aad anrrssorj for bto 

®/ ‘**0 toyal ^itw could be luiluccd to rat- niine the nature of the cholera, bnt if they consent of thoee who repreoenled loyal defoaae. 

tius“"ile7e!^lcTniX'^en *1^^ bad heard the detail In tha Senate yestcr- ciUzens of the country. Inr^renec to (be The Judge Advocate rapllod to dstaU. 

o;ri. ‘••y they >>»^e ^rnci about Mr. third soetton of the propoaod ataendment claiming font M ca, aid not M predmra^ 

Cowan. He (Cowan)had solemly deetored bc^ frrariy cosifesaed that _.ta_ a^on M to. no. legal, right to pmKmTte 

Sooth warred against tbeir bigotry and fa- 
naticism «»«d kept them in anbordi Jatc posl- 
ttons where they belonged by showing tbeir 

that place by some friends, who were not 

,- I os sacred to tbe memory of those CaHeu one*. The Doctor, It will be rememliored, is not willing he slionlci suffer from the necessity 


ciUzeiis of the eonntry. In r e fere nce to (be 
third sortto. of the propoood ataendment 

The Judge Advocate replied to detail, 
claiming that M CA^aid not bo prednccd. in 

from tte disease that it, w« not conU- not n^.^, •»<‘hb own vtew. wonid k^wing for wte parpota ton anen-d 

. , who throngb yoor exertion^ more raved the ^“’y ®*’Mr. Davis, but ot attempting work for which he was so from internal t« was received from the •)« «>uu<cd on the question of ralifleation. hut was an epidemic that was more have Md him in an oppeaite ditnetton. wishes A 

,. ' threatened forgetfalDc** of Ihe grave, and Ihe ^1* ** ® qualifled. In this respect his courage House, taken np on motion of Mr. Cowan, JJ was absurd to supi>ose tliat any more greatest physician in the world He sbonld have preferTed to tociaito those Conaar: 

.VO-..-, -kira Ik. -nriB -nnifi bean on n* table. AlUiouch entertaining no shadow wss worthv of all admiration. As a writer, of Pennavlvania. and nn«.e.i than three-fourths ol the States which pti> ^ Ai4..wk. Br tk. ntw .wi 

tton* where they bdORged by sbowlog in«r ^ table. Although ^tertainlng no shadow wss worthy of all admiration. As a wriU-r, of Pen’nsvlvania, and passed, 

iaoopaefty to nile. Circumstances Mve .Ignallze thetr deed* In a f ^1“’ ** 1",'* Gnrowski was remarkable for affluence and The nnfinlshea business of 

aptness of historical illustiation, and fur a which was tbe 

iaoopaefty to rale. Utrcnmstances nave .ignallze their deed* in a t . cli.'. ^1“’ ** i". remarkable for affluence and The nnfinlshea business of veaterday, 

I It ta tbeir nower to tvraaniae over k..~«.in» i-miinde «r South- ®*^ “‘® rebellion, he natoruUy tA:ls aptness of historical illustiation, and for a which was the 

!!i 7 « ®f adeepprofcssionsllnu-restinhlm: and, in certain mnsculinc force, direclncra, and zeal. overr .npnnnn,. . 

the mea who knew aad exposed Uielr heart* and the glory of Soutbi-rn arm*. ; ti,e dfkhargc ol hU professional duly, has He published much in English, French, and Poev-OFFICE appropriation bill, 

iBeaoncss and IncompeteRcy, and they are with a power more potent than that of tbe mo«t ' been unfaltering, zealous and taitUful; and Gennan, though he was not a master of taken up, pending wbicb was a motion 
DOW rioting with fiendish glee over tbe hn- . iogicat traiK, the •ubj««lad<trc*»o*lt»ell to eve- ' to his admirable skill and watchful <M>re either, and his writings always required to on Trutubnll 8(ol Illinois) amendment rela- 
miliation of men whose shoes thev were I rv citizeo of tbe State, it appeal* directly to there can be no doubt that Mr. Davis is ini- be coirecled to make them snltable for the tive to appointments to office, tlie vote 

than turcc-iourths ot tuc states whicn pci> 
vpstcrftflv ' posed tlic umendment were reqafred to 
make valid. Believing that this was the 
I best profXMitiuu that could be made eflec- 
I tual, he (Stevens) accepted it. 


.\fter the discassion by Messrs. Morrill, 

t* Sumner, Edmond* and others, this joint were not prepared to lonn 

t could be made effec- r^.g^jution was laid over UII to-morrow ernirr the foVw of »be eooi 

He sboald have preferred to tociado tbose CoRRsrl for tba nce R s s d rcnliod (bak bn 
who were fMcnda of tbe Govenuneat rather wm entitkd to imd rocjrtia, altete It m 
than exclude iu enemies, but as membera a prtoeiple of tow tMt tbo erodit of a wR- 

rere not prepared to lonn aa Men in gov- nem may be impeacbod M 
rning the force of «be eooatry, be mw no hm made statetantfl ont of 

proof tMt bo 
eoQit eentiniy 

oi men wnoK uiry ^ heart. It measurably Indebted for what of health and press. HU “Russia As It Is,” and "Amer- “ijon which was yeste^ay reconsidered, 

worthy to nirtie. aad demonstrating -hmaimi with the voi<** of the dead fro him. Holding such ica and Europe,” are hU best books in The amendment being open to amei 

I all donbt tMt the opinions theoe ‘ '' ••U®" t® Mr. Davis fhmishes all tie ex- English, and w^i long be vainable. Wher- 

. . . . ao hnndreil battle Held*. Ulve a* inc n<»arai i , „ ^ ii_ i. Mk MOHUTl.T. nf Xfuln- .tr 

beyond all donbt tMt the opinions these „ hatti. Seid* tiivs n» the ncNxlfal English, and will long be vainable. Wher- it, It provides that no peraoo appointed w 

men entertained and expreneed concerning ut n •k,ntM>«vi«pmt«l in anch manners* *** of hU recelv- ever be was itersonally known, his power- Mb. MORRILL, of Malne,moved to strike ,-u ,li„k*e„„g .-’(i**-- civil office by the Fresldent and confirmed 

"•^•^‘‘•^hs'AiKmdcdln.achmauiKtra. DavUssaguestinhU As ful indivlduamy will be rcmemteedT and ont the last clause, requiring ‘h® case auU by the Sena^ aball be reraovabie by the 

them were entiixly correct. Nothing conld | .jn^ldt pOgTim* from afar, bt coming time, to ; for Mrs. Davfa, she may congratulate herself tbongh he was wont to alienate from him cause of removal to be »i. - u... LoDDcrbeaUs. had uostitoned. nerhans for J. ... 

more trinmphanUy vtadicatc the contempt , worship aa at a McocaBbrine, the place so sacred tMt she has taileu into such hospitable and tbose who desired to scive him, there was ate at its ne.xt session 


Reicrring to other constitutional amend- appointments and removals 

ments passed in the House (his session and , _ ' 

which tailed in the 8*natc, he said it was fr”m j^-c. The bill 
slaughU-red by a peiirilc and peilantic criii- PfJ"‘®<*- 
cism: he said that its death, produced bv . P“?} ‘ ,?® 

Mr. HENDERSON, of Mo., Introduced a safety for the present except ia some aoct tointtaMRy or trtoL Irrmifl flninr iliii. 
II to regulate ol an excluaiun of its cnriaiea. It to bo- by rtatament of Ho«e, ea former nrlol, to 

lieved that the government baa the conoti- accoont for a large pectioo of mA«ey da- 

frnm office. The bill was ordered to be ehiaa to every loyal citizen of ttos country, 

It provides that no person appointed to evening BEsairm. 

tutiooal puwer to extend the alcctlve frnn- poaitsd by Horo with flax. The moord of 
ehUo to every loyal citizen of the country. ;hc fonasr trtol to Ihe bost cvutoRsa of wte 
— be mid. 

sam. and U ahaU be expended in *nch mannera* ^ finnilv. As ful individuality will be rcmeinltered; and on* ‘be last clause, requiring the case auU 

win elicit pilgrim* from afar, in coming time, to for Mrs. DavU, she may congratnlate herself tbongh he was wont to alienate from him cause of removal to be reported to tb c 8en- 

rut w received ftXMn Southern men than toefr , to the memorr of the loved and lo*t. 

i preoeat exhibUiuR of malirnitT and uU | We appeal to Kentncklan*. without regard to 
But tM Journal soys the Democratic rnle. Their governing characteristics are j P«ty, ae« orerosd. Whatever view a portion 

^ ar a -R A A- a _ . ... .1 vtafov krtvfo nf thi> in vhlf^h 

I conftidente band*. 

yet a fund of stranw, engjaginj? tenderneftft nUWJVKD, oi Micui^n, called for 

in his rouifh, oom^tive nature. Wc are the yeas and nuvs on liU inolion on the 

Copi>crheadft« hud i>ostt>oncd, perhaps for 2Z ' » 

ages, the salvation of the colored race; '•“**•• *••* 

but it. would not do for those ®7'Y**,r?2* . 

■ After farther denberattnn it wm deefrtod 

The House then rmnmed the coasUeraUon that a cortlfted aoff af the ovidenen of 

of the tux bill, eommencing at the 7th i 

le same is consented to tlon, which rrfrra to the regnluUoon amea- 
provide* tbat m«ml<«n ring and eoiU-ctlng tho tax ou eotton. 

CONDITIONS OF MBS. DAVis’ xfrsiT. happy to l^licve that the last days of this amendment of Mr. Moriil, which was agreed 

Mr. HOW ARD, of Michigan, called for ^b<> liad for* thirty ^re fou-'ht foe hearts ol the U’abinet may at any time be reroovo<l Several amendments were mode, and to^ there 
e veasand navs on liis motion on the wno iiau tor vniriy veare lou-oi me ocasu ti,. nf .....j .k- i u.. . . 

Boro oould be farnfehecL 
Mr. J. It. M a dto oR wm reialtod h? do- 
feasc. In answer to the qnm ri an, mid Ite 
there were fonrteen maieo a<idod to the lot 

" rnle. Their govemlng charactertotica are i p— i As stated in ray letter of yesterday, Mrs. remwkahle man were not without the con- U) ; yeas 21 , nays 16. ' modern ^taniounts. xieaven loroia mat 

littleuem of aooU bigo'ry to opinion, xrant i entertained of fo ® ^ Davis oldained pc-rmlsaion to vUit her hns- golatlons of a friendship as devoted as it HENDERSON, of Missouri, asked 

’ .- — J...-. • I they Wi. 1* now nombered with the tblnga , bend direct from President Johnson. But tro, Hiaintpn-atpd an t.hat the cln«f- of lii* Mr. Trumhull to introduce his amend- l>® re?r®^^L din CoU-ress until the moun- 

pnrtjr «f KcRtaoky to made np almost ea- 
Ifen l t af rrt R F R ad reheto. Tliis to not true. 
The amtol feradtal of Oooflhderate aoldien 
tern Kentacky who oRtHrad tfee war, and 
■tc ROW to the State, court it m te bat an 

be frightened at the fangs of ’’J ‘5® witbont tbe Mnsent of stead of the impriaDDment prescribed ft>r ©f two hantfred and seventy five, which 

louDts! Heaven forbid that the S< tee. It foe fixed term of wy offi the crime of Mijury in relatloo to tbe tox, were taken from the pasture of PhUUpn on 
Staten, or any of them, shall cer expirm dnnng the recem of the Senato. it was um<mded so as to read: 8MU M the Ttfe of Am^ Dte 

of brains to comprehend the true principles ' 
of governmcRU aad they richly di-oerve 
tMt in every boaest Mod sbonld be placed 

^ of tbe pest. Their galUoUy will be written foe permission was given under certain re- tempest-tossed life was anything but utter- ment. 

they richly deserve ^ fritare psge of Kentncky't renown, ' strictlons, thonrt with a liberality of indul- ly lonely and desolate. Mr. TRUMBULL, in reply, sn-tgested “™ 

tad sboald be placed ,,4 tbs Uorel* woo by th<an as Imperisluble as ^“<5® ‘k*‘ greafly suritrises very many here. that the provisions of the resolution slioulil f ^ ‘ 

ments of freedom are built full 

toeoasidambte ctoment ia tfee party. And >*re tosh the raseaU aoksd Uirongb the worid.' 

If they did, tte worm not hen valid objee- ' 

tton ton nnioR with thorn npon sound prin *■ Strike,— W i 

her osrn mooDtsio peak*. Her boo* who fell on 
the oppooing side of tbe euntest, will receive tbi- 

tiw. tktno Dsvii <)l>tam^ pc-milsaion to vte her hM- solations of a friendship as devoted as it , V, . , asked be rcxrescnU-d in Co’n»ress iintil the ’moun- Ih® President may appoint a succossor who sabject to the panisbment prescribod by 

tiw thl^ , from Prwident Johnson But was disinterested, so that the close of hU Mr. Trumhull to introduce his amend shall bold office until foe end of foe next existing sUtntex. To article 8th, relsting 

- - - foe permission was riven under certain re- tempest-tossed life was anything but utter- “>®n‘- 'v^-uom are ouiii tun nign aua ie^jon ol the Senote, unless to the same matter, no URuortunt omete 

8trictlons, thonrt with s liberality of indnl- (y lonely and desolate. .k^Tk The Southern States had been absent for »ooner suspended. Officers wh.Re appoint- menu wore made. 

Knee that greaQy sunmses vei7 many here. that the provisions ol the resolution sliou d ! | “® meat have been conferred by the President Section 9 contains a large anmber of psr- 

Lv%'Slfe'nl®oU^ntate^^ .k n fT, . ah.s, He bU Vuld ?vcTm w\s^ sgraph. mncndln* to detail steioRs of tho 

any innue^ or contnbnte any aid to foe [Prom the Oriental (London) Circnlar, April A] n® sam no 3ucn DUi i»uia ever t« passccL . ..J _„„i 1 not atmroaeh ““J time by same. existing rsveune act 

^ India, perhaps, m®re than any other part U “.®'®'‘.,®P5'‘* '■‘'®®'7® * “*'''®'^7 l the full memure oMte^ u^^^^ T®« PrY^ident is sufoorized Icmporsrny ’ Mn. STEW'.ART enlltd atU-ntlon to the 

-We : ^®_- ®f the w^m, is’attcd to .upi 

^ SraE On* Steikk. We , cem^teriec are bdn^ iortituted at convenient Induljfcncc granted ber admits teje with an abuudant, good and cheap without a two 

IcM two-thirds ; and it wus very ptoin that man^^™ foe'^ Ute^reMi*'8tstra wm *® »“»P®‘>‘* during foe recess, and by the immeutc power reposed in assessors by the 

J thirds vote it could never , ^ homestead on foe land where »dvicc of the Attorney General, any inrom- act to impose flnM simI penoHIcs for sifeged 

The President is authorized temporarily 

tte pnnisbiDent prescribed by e. 8. ftrowntng wm swosn CfeeRiRlbm 
ntes. To article 8th, retatinc fo Amrte. I8fl«, was tato te mate for ae- 
inatter, no unportont amend- cwod; t~*k n tot of malm or Iho jtb of 

, Aagnot fMNS Pfeilllpo’ pnsEam, lad drove 

NMitains a large anmber of par- thsu to (he Government corral to Nash- 
ndtng to detail seettoas of tho villo; moles ridden hy hnaito were atwms 

I”"® „ tarned to with Ihe othera WHaose ate 

1 ART enllcd attention to the kelpad to drive another lot to fan oorrnis 

OR the 9foh of kn anst; ate dnovo n tot 

,,rior to the 4th of AugnM to the corrato. 

.4 tong exsmlnaUaR oi the witnem by tho 
cnnrt then foilowod, with the view of test- 
ing tM memory of the witness; m evidence 
given OR eoiae points wm enast m to liiao 
sad pisec, while or otherail wm vagne. Xo 
new tievelopaMrata were mode. 

At S p. M. the court adjuonted. 

River flee fret on the ohonlo aad faUing. 

LOl l.Hl.t^A .AND T» 4.<t. 

teldiers* liens*-— Kboridaafa Testi- 
mony — Texas Cmp*. 

New OnUANS, Msv 9.— Tbs Lonfetoan 

ate (tevo s tot 

tte they shonid trail along | sgemeat of actlvn, totellignat, and denorv- ^ nroncr sieti* are answer to a question how long she eastern empire ; and here we must, in ®®** ‘®® Senate and since its Imt a^ouru- urovides that until the 4th of Jnlv and no salary allowctl. About ao hoar wm consnmed to tbe 

tog gnnUenaeii, with K. L Huffman, of this o**®^ "ifh oor*- I P‘®P"®®'* ‘® “"ike her visit, Mrs. Davis said jnstice, remark Dial this result is in ment. , . , , 18B) all Demons wbo^trolunturilv adhered to -No person rejei ted by tbe Senate ibsll proposUioainrefeinocetopoblishtogno- 

cltv. St the bend, m Presideot of the com- ' T“ ‘‘®P'“‘*®«>'y. “• intend to remain until a great measure, if not altogether, A protracted diwnss on Umk place on the i^nn-ection giving aid and com- M s-jiin appoinletl by the President during tices by msoasora, 

-IH.- -11 .u -t-A— c— k i ladl®* of that State, fainon* In all the nobler St- Mr. Davis Is ordered sway for trial, or be attributable to fhe persistent exertions »^vc, in which Trunibull, buinner, Stew- aball be Gvclinled Iroiu the right to recess, nor shall tbe President appoint any On one of the divisions a quorum did not 
^®*‘ * •'*"***‘*®*' ®P™**®**®*’ 1 tribute* of their OCX, we u<»ld spi>esl in the Is released from prison or dies.” And she the Cotton Supply As--ocl;ttion of Msnehes- art, of Nevada, W ilson, til Mas*., and Doo- fo person to fill a vacancy luti-pening during vole, and there cunoequently had to bo u 

oRly ntorty miles above Nashville oe the ©f ibefr own devoted hearts. Like is a woman of that decision and spirit that , ter have put forth to overcome tbe preiu- little, of W isconsln, iwrticliwtciL electors for President and Vice President of re®«®« hy death, expiration of term or other all of the House, 10* members, fifteen 

line of the CnmbertsDd river, the best oil «.n«nr nid Sr«iai th* ucHfirUl >hrlne ihev she will do what she says, unless some In- 1 dices and natural conservatism of the native In the course ol tb<! <lls<:u88ion Mr. Doolit- . s,ot.Ht causes not de(H-ndun( ou tbe will or setioo more than a quorum, anawerod to tMir 

qotaUy to Ms Foar, eoRfessing their ttos, sc- Mg genUetneo. wMh K. L Huffman, of this a^ CraiLd 'to Im ' P*‘®P"®?* *® ««‘‘‘'® •>«'■ Davfr said jnstice, 

It-ir Ar.nnr!Z citv. st thc beud, m PrasMent of ttac com- ' tbe money can and will be raised. To Ibe ...npliatically, “I intend to remain until a grea 

kRowtodgtag their desperate wickedness, u o • ■ ‘•'U®* that State, famoa* hi all the nobler at- Mr. Davis is ordered away for trial, or he atf ribuh 

SRd vottogm the Jouraai tells them. P*®y- ^“® well r sltustedoti bprtag crccE, ^ tiibute# of their acx, we would ap(>eal in the is released from prison or di « 

Tfee JoaifeRrs ptoa for nnittof oil the men ntorty miles above Nashville oa thc laafjimqce of tbeir own devoted hearts. Like : is a woman of that decision 

to the «*■*» to a stoclc grand omaiaatioa line of the CnmhertsDd river, thc best oil many of old. first at tbe sacrillcUl shrine, thev sh® "»» do what she says, unless some In j dices and natural conservatism of the native 1 ‘“® ‘“<3 -"f- 

. *** . .* r«ri<» in tlm rawmitrv ’ wUl ai« ^^t the setmlchrtw of ihclr be^ ■ tcrmcdiate Interdiction occurs to prevent mind, and to stimnlats lK)th foe large and tie raid foe Pr<*id<nl had not removed Irom 

of eoone IbvoIvw thc tooocporaUoo ol the repo» “ oof^ftrj. T**' , *** ® ** «« '"®” “®'^ jt. st,e evidently has no such fi-ars, and it small proprietors to the cultivation of foe o*®® <«'• oninion s sake; he had been an 

Dotaocratlcporty with Its odious rtbelele- ‘P*'* ““f** believed she knows too 

rate SRd all Into ita new portv Indeed ApfeeRl to KeRtackians. he that has hot litUe according to his mean*, ©f ber sojourn, to allow hers 

.1.- ,, n«l„t fnr tfJ, ^'® »»k tM sttcBUon of ORT rcsders to "•‘k l^® assurance tMt bi* mite, to Ihe All-»ee- any such ipprebeusioDS. 

SRd tstachtogrtoquentw to cotaC. It Id J. B. Barrick. It Is naturallor wt^n to 

oSj^wa tbrm t^i thfa the imtb of dntr- “f Keotncklana, DOW located at Atlan- J - rawant. t t Rmtth ti/. nirtL-nUri.- u-i.nn ik-ii . 

About ao hoar was consumed to tbe 

.No person rejm-teil hy tbe Senate ibull propositiou in reference to publiahing no- Soldiers* Hosae ofcno We«l»esdBT. It boo 
. a-rain appointeil by tbe Preaident daring tices by aa^oaeori, aecoastaodat'ioao tor two btaMlted. wMefe to 

cess, nor shall tbe President appoint any On one of tbe divisions a quorum did not the ssilsaatod oossber of arippird sofeitora 
Congress and for P®™®“ t® ••*• ■ vacancy liai-pening during vote, and there cunaequeutly had to bo a of tbe 8tate. 

Vi<N: President of ®®®®®* Py death, expiration of Ivnu or other call of the House, 104 members, dftceu Private cfrclcw are aevwo on flhtaliliR's 

foe United Siatt-s. 

caosce not de(H-ndun( on tbe will or setioo more than a qnorum, anawerod to tMir report to tM Rernrtst ruction ComtaiUoo, 

1-4 fci™ ,k.> k. ™..-k ...A S'*® ®vidently has no such f<-ars, and it ; small f 

dte te him that ha* i^ch give f^y. snd , believed she knows too well the tenure cotton 
he that ha* bnt little according to hi* means, | ©y ber sojonrn, to allow herself to entertain with t 

small propnetors to the ®“l‘lvatlon of foe C’hiel Mt^irtrate to thU ®* ^>®d faith in reference to that Urge . ®f Pennsylvuna, t|^e in 

c»t on plant, wherever it conid be grown cUss of ^ieople in the South who come with- ®^. ‘fl® ^ 

with succ^s. It has now been demon- r«K®t. in the forms of the amnesty proclamation "®“W “7 .*° J®®' 

strnt^ satlrtactorily that the Undownera W’E ^ke7 if lU colb^^ wonbl ®f President Johnson, and wVre thereby re- *“<• hundred, or five Ihont^d it you 

of India will, as elsewhere, give up the cul- mb. nU>\L asken it tils colleague would all their civil rights He asked tbem, ol leaders, with Jett Davis at 

We ask tbe attention of onr readers to *»»urance tMt bl* mite, in Ihe All-aee- any such apprebeusions. 

aRd tour h tog eloquence to co«e. It in- 
oURcta tfeeni tte this to the path of dutv; 
tte the resen t at tbe Govorament. the pre- 

gifts are great. 
John M. Johnson. 
J. F. Edward*, 

tn, GeorgU. That IU anggeatlons will p q 

oerratton of tfee ConaUtotioo. and tbe aalva- •“*** “ rexponae from h. Marahall, 

tton of tfee eonntty, depend upon their so 

dotog. Tfeaa K wonM appear that tbore to 

tbe people of Kentacky, we will not per- | Geo. R. Hnnt, 
mit onraclvoa to douhL Tbe ladles, who , C. C. Chinn, 

realty no osRtotatoatton to aasoctation with «« ever foreanort to every noble nndertak- 
tfeve ■«(, and that they are not political **‘‘® to hand at 

topon wbeoi R to tbe dnty of all good and ftft®®- 

patrintto aaea to avoid and denownre. It t37~Tbe JonrnaJ denies tbat we represent 
to Ftoipiy a gas at ion of rank to tbe new tbe trae Democracy of Kentucky. Does 

R. O. Martin. 

F. K. Robin*on. 
Atlanta, Ga., May ' 

J. R. Barrick. 

T. T. Smith, 

J.T. Jenkins. 

W. T. Newman, 

R. Irwin, 

A. F. DortieU, 
(1iarl(» lierbBt, 
John W. Hancock. 


It is natural lor women to be enthnslas- 

of foe Preaident. nimea. aad My tba charge of quarretoomaneas 

Mr. COWAN, of Pennsylvania, spoke to Tbe consideration of tbe bill was re- among tbe mselveo r ridiCRioas. Nortbera 
defense of ibe President, lor whom be sumed. Tbo puru^rapb anteniUog oeetion capital to tovited and aot taonfeieiL 
would say to the Senate, get your tribunala, -J 2 of the extoung act regulates the lolariea Texas advices represent tbe cotton crop 
and five hundred, or five thousand. Il you ami fees of aaseasora. lar^o. 

want tbem, of leaders, with Jett Davb at Thu gave rtoe to s variety of propositions, — - - 

tbe bead, are ready for yon. hat 00 important changes were ORde.1 

Mr. DOOLITTLE, of Wto<N>iiein, in a At 10 o'clock the ConuDittec, after Mv- .MEXICO. 

01 inaia w^in, as eiscwnere, give up lue cut- gtored to all their civil rights. He aiked Tk k a ’ ®* '®“>e”r 

lure of their accustomed croM where they ®“ extract explauation on that 5?'' ^ V 

find it profitable to do so, and if only the '®®™ • noint DOOLITTLE, of Ui 

foi^ ot the soil arc seconded l.y the use of Mr. ^LI^LE mid he had n® ®^fi- STEVENS admitted the pardon ex- fP®*®** 

niodi-rn airricultural. clt-ansinir. and nress- uence in me newspapers, ne aiu not reau . .. Pn-auh-nt to Ibe I nion nart* 

capital to tovited and not taonfeied. 

Texas advices represent tbe cotton crop 

Wto<N>iiein, in a 

tic, pvticaUrly when ^ir strongest niodi-rn agricultural, cleansing, and press- ^®“®®A*} ,^® “C"spxp«i’s; he did notread crime rtfti-r nardo^here was President to tbe Union porly, altering Hu 

tioDt and more cMrished hopes are inter machinery, and the means of transport ‘k®™ '-1 ®®F hcUevc them. Latterly they crime imlivhlnal he was adhering to the Baltimore plau’or 

rated. M re. Davis is probably not an ex- Unproved, we may confidently look to our . kad so much abused his course that be bad -e. who were fullv oardoned did not upon which he was elected. 

hoteri'^arriL tboVto^ I f t‘h® f»“diug c^JJ®'* them. He would not yield oiSi®^o^f fo^thiid tec- Mr. NYE ma.Ic wn.e remarks eoodea 

wucmiy uui^iui rcgaraing luo luinre 01 at the head Of thc list os a source ol supply. ‘®”'^- natory of the Preaident s exercise of pa 

Mr. Davis. She expresses tbe sure belief ' ... imn j r- 

brief speech reviewed tbe relations of foe tog disposed of sixteen pages, arose, and tbe 
President to tbe Union party, allering tte House adjourned. 

t the head of thc list as a source ol supply. 
In all these respects, bowever, India la 

Mr. WILSON, in reply to a question 

— . (For the LoawTllIe Coanw.1 

f3F~Tbe Journal denies that we represent • , 4- .. - 

Tbe JoarnaDs Apology for the Freed 

; tbat be will very soon be released on bis under verv serious disadvantages from Mr. Doolittle, said that in speaking of , uniieretoou, men ins gen- 

'-!,*role. It is possible Uiat foe wish in her ?^”culture of fh^planlTca^^ ‘h® »buse of kxecutlvc p£^er, he tieman Irom Pennsylvania to say that tho^ 

! case is father to tbe thought, bnt she talks ^^©,1 primitive manner and with iiuple- merely referred to the pres- '^*’0 came within the piwlama don of ^ 

wifo that degw of assuraece oil the topic ments of the roughest and most antiquafod ent Prt-sident. He wished simply to “©"tl.^nt^riW^adhw 

<-^ing conviction of a stroi^r basis for character, fhe product is Imperfectly say that during foe last summer and au- „ 

• the Ifeelief rTiirr^fitarMi than irfle ffinrmia«*fl _i t *r— i iL tiimn mt» wf»r>A fl*Al*| fliat thn PrtssaSxfAnt mm,a AJB. EaNS 5 ftSSilQlUllCQ lQ6ir COO* 

•Mu. NYE mailc aome remarks condem- 
natory ot foe President's exercise of par 
doning power in t -e case of rebola. 

Wiuiout action, the Senate adjourned. 

FRO.M W.A.HIil.XGTO.fe. 

Fr«n«b Rtenaavr W rocked— ItaperinI 
Repoit.e of Fictorleo— Finnncinl 
OocetMAne; Mcx-.Vnx Adopta tfeo 
Bnrterona Rystcta nf Tnxing Doovn 

aomng power m t -e case <m reooia. If ail f-oBiracta. iRdow*. 

Wiuiout action, the Senate adjourned. n.- u a -is. ^ rv- New York. May 9 — Bavano pspon rtRto 

^ M asbinoton, .May9— TbePDatofltoe De- tteaFreRch atraver wont «li^ neor 

H0C8E-MR. WILSON, of Iowa, from **^'"“* Vara Cruz on the Jlrt ZRd worW ptobobly 

the Committee on the Judiciary, reported ^ ^*^ 11,?***^ *® ptovo a total less. 

a bUi to repte the -JSd svetiou of tbe act of MobH® ate tek tely. to t^bic oM^ XR,y ala© mention the official a nno n n o o - 
iiiirtv.APTt-nth CnnumMA rsiAiinw tn nMa. ®’*» ** **‘Ty tho muito frota New Of- imcRt to the Prvfrct Ol Asa Lnls Potool of 

party. A qnartlon wUvUkt tbe Jonrnal shall tbe Jonrnal rrpiucnt tMt party* If ao, | tncky. , m-rsons, she says, who would like to rescue pressnre, and thc means ot transport' and ‘®b®l States. We were told tbat if it did 

lead orfcUow. If the Democrata will consent bow long baa it been a partisan of Domoc- 1 Very many people who hare been obeerr- Mr. Davis from prison, but she scouts tbe fntercom’munication are positively ffisgracc not succeed it was iu tbe power of Con- 
te be boR eia of wood ate drswen of water, raevf If not, wte portv does it represent? • ing the coarse of the Louisville Journal for i “• bi® accepting any such release. He (-©i^ jf ,ce add to these drawbacks the fact ?■'*?* ‘® fouiedy it. 

.... ..I. ^ t .• . .. - . I not go away Irom m-re, she declares, that the nrih-le nt nresent irrnwn i* miMilv \V hat was the fact now? Men were bc- 

ta«« bte-btackz to tbe poUUcal camp. It tbe party whlcli met here on the tat of aome time past Mve iRNtn ratber force<I to unless in*" a manner comiiorting with bis ©f toferior qu^^ ing turned out of office for believing that 

thflf wtll bt, la the tym of tbe Joanial, Hay wu not the Democratic party, will tbe tbe coocloftioo that it is making a new di- sense of high honor; and she ciaims for him fdised from inferior s"-ed, we inive a elate ol policy was not right; and the patronage 
palfiottr aw4 derer gewUemeft, tmat- Journai be kind enoogb to lafonn os where versioD In favor of AboUtionism. During j • puneUlio of honor ^rtaktng ol thc chiv- things preftcnted deserving of the attention Executive was iKsing used to carry 

worthy, lawtetoltog cfttoenatbutlfthey the Democratic party to? There wej^ore P«‘ «« Y®*™ » been foe constant ; not merely ^ fotugl' &nS- 

asftov to any other poaMtaa they ore perti- delegatoa to that ConvcRtton than there are bnbit of that paper, whenever AboliUonum with equal emphasis, foal he would sacrl- ^ cry, otf<-ring the kingdoms of this world for 

foe teief she expres^ than idle surmises cleaned; frequently no attempt whatever is tumn we were told that thc President was 

men a uarean Kemaining in Ken- founded on delusive hope. There might be made to sabject it to effective and adeiitee makiug an e.vperiinent in organizing the 

, persons, she says, who would like to rescue nressnre. and thc means ot transDort and ‘®b®l btates. We were told tbat if it did 

tte a FioRch atnaser wont aaboro 

They ate meotion tbe ottetai annouRrit 

not snccced it was in tbe power of Con- 

Men were bc- 

tboy will bo, to the cyoa of the Jounial, May was not tbe Democratic party, will tbe 
pototottr ete ffiever gentteaeR, and tnwt- Journal be kite enoogb to Inform us where 
worthy, luw-Rtodtof dUnenf; but tf they I the Democratic party to? There were more 

testimony challenged, would produce bis 
pardon, thereby showing bis competency 
Ms. BLAINE suggested tbat it that was 
the proper construction lobe given the sec- 

tion, it should be so amended tbat there ^*®" 

data. The bill was considcretl ate passed. 

Tne lionae then proceeded to consider 
tbe special order, being the reconstructioo 
amendment, n-jiortcd from the Rccoostruc- 

■* |fiFv to any other poeiUoa they are perti- 
Imt rehala, 4o«blc-4ye4 Iraitoca, wbosA- gar 

flelegatea to that Convewtion than there are I habit of that paper, whenever AbolltionUm with equal emphasis, that he would sacrl- ^ 

membera to hto party. We taw the list of ' began to loose Its grip upon tbe people of flee hi* life before violating bis parole. — Thc Snez Canal — Approval of the 

Bto are yet drippiif with the Union's hto parly pobltohed, and know exactly how ! Kentucky, to cry out aliont a raw bead and 

Mood, who OR ottll advocate* of aeoeosion, many there are. 

I bloody bones, and Invoke ita readers to 

•ad, therafara, 1 
oMor ortth loral 

awortby of trust or aaaoci- lra„ Ork.-W a saw 

The Drift Wood Catchers. 

Tbe angler, wandering on a summer 

cry, otfi-ring the kingdoms of this world for 
c. avert*. 

When foe case of Mr. Stockton, of New 

conld bo no question about its construc- 
tion, and be should at the proi>er time 
move au amendment to that effect. 

Tbe point made liy .Mr. Blaine and virtn- 

YIr. BKU.VD«a ell, of Pa., said it was V'urgiDrt- 


The Secretary of War has ordered Gen. 
Teriy to regard' the Preaident’a Paace proe- 
Umation os doing away with aaartial law to 

rioi,. to be expected tMt tlie joint resolution 
wonhl receive opposition from tbe na- 
.jrin. ri'pentent SU It was thereldre uselem to 

Tlie text of thc firman sigm-d by foe Sul- Jersey, was under discussion. Mr. Scovill, 

ally adiuita-d by .Mv. Stevens to be well *'“‘® an Ji^mc-nt upon it. It wm a 
taken, seemed to create considerable stir expec-ted tlte tbe six Jobusonian 

CnbRR Telegraph CompRuy. 

Tbe Presideathaa approved tbo MU to am- 
eourage telegrapb eomiauoieatkm betwoaa 

TM report tte tbo Imporloltota bod 00- 
eiwiiJ MtoitiUao wm rnoflrnaBil 
Taxaoare to M tot p oaod by Uo Bmporor 
oo doors ate wlodowa. 

The Bmperar to devoting all bto ttaos 
the fioaoctol roodltion of the eoontry, 
smtoiag the pte of M. M. laogfads awd 

k> United States and the Weal faadla 

and tbe Babumoa. 

— — . I take shelter to the Abolition camp, and it ' 

yesterday a iped- ,, repeating tbat proceae. We ate 

M«r moat be Jodgod by tbefr actioM and 
penfliailnoa, po Ut ioal porltea by tbeir declar- 

lead. It was teB Haidto county, i S^“^i^to M*"tte‘1ta.uT tbiTte impending peril. ‘*80“ forwatchcr r**,*’ 

la. a abort dtotaoee bock of FJlzabeth active, Uve and vigorous “reecUonlst” m evrtrn^ romnimlnn'uve Md u^ iilzaHon of tM grte’work"draU^ 

on a tractor 190 acres, OR which a “»« su^pteW b^herSIUtM ^ fresh facilities to commerce and navigation 

^ feet thick tatd at a depth or ooly af le^onS o/”^^ »>y the cutting of a canal between theVledi- 

^ . ... . . , ind octlve and effluent disunioniste is the k.. .k., „ia.. terraneau and the Red Sea. bcliitr one of thc 

M braring upon the South ' 

men of l«6d ore which, for ri<^i&66&, comid ! wanted a^iinst **KeactiODiftU'* and “Di»- j ? * h- #; - *i 

U»otUi6 66M6bMi6od6bMrdityor tbe oot be excelled, H bei»^ per coot i flyT.t ftk^m. 

^ni^. ^Uo^pp|^t to every D^ It was Itom Ha, dto county, ! ST“^i^to t fo.r. J.uT ‘ 

^ am %m grate of comoiaB aeasO? luio©*#. a abort dtotaoee bock of FAiaabeth active, Uve and vigorous “reacUonlst” m ' ^ L,’ “rff 

M«r Bsoat be Jodgod by tbefr scUom and jowr, on a tract of 190 acres, or which a thU coontty, at this Ume, is tbe President 

attona of prtRcipta and tbeir manifest de- eighteen feet has been opened. Competent Radical mgjority in the Congress of t be 

U(Ra. Tfee Danoenry of Kentocky Mve minen pronounce It very Euperlof and ex- ' United States. And yet the Journal still VJ*? etfdvini 

praatecd totbe coonfry a platform oPprin press tbe opinion tte ft can be woiked , ' lennea* 'to t 

rtploi to whtofli no rmaonable ood patriotic wtth great profit. Meaara. Morris, Sonth i prttoStc foe.’fort ^«*nc?Uier foe win nor | 

•‘yact; whldi would restore (be i wick dt Oo. ore forming a stock company , abUity, or motive to hinder or delay the ! 

UMor. bRimoMar the eoRotry and drive tbe | tor tbe pnipooe of operattoc tbto valuable I restoration of the Union, and nnfortunutcly , j 

Kadloatofram power. Lnttl they prove fetoe ! mine and developing ita hidden wealth. ” reatoriug foe autieni ^ 

to toslr piatfiorm of prtodpies they moat be | Who are the real and dangerous adveraa- i 

praaomed to be boocst, aad cradited with > AUaota Association for the Re-in- | riea of Unionism to-dsy? Not foe Soufoem | i? 

storere devoUsn to tfee priortote wbiefe ' ‘vrmeot of tbe KeRtncky Confeder- people— for who so much m they are vital- “ ®, ’ 

■■ ■ _■ . Rte Dead. : ly concerned in its restoration? And wbat “.j, t. i 

t^proCem, tfee oUjeeta which they sv loUowtog to a corecct list of Ue Offi I “»« ®ngin<» now brought In plsy J©* 

. . ... I by fanaticism to defeat Unionism? Civil ■ 

Taktoig this positioRtobetrae, then there johk if JnHHttftN r.jLj.i.i Kl^ts bilto and Free Nigger Bureau bilU, i j the^owe 

tone excMC or toBtifiioil la for tbe attitade ** JOHNSON, President. and soHRlIed aiuendincnt* to tbe Conatitu I 

.V . „ . ‘*® •friUKie J jgxRiyjg . . tioo— amendmenta that so disfigure as to ' ®“’ 

wbte tfee Jooraol aod those who follow In h. MARSHALL, f Vtoo-Praaldenta. destroy tbis white man’s Government tbat I 

!!■ 'r* J. R. BARRICK, Corrmpooding Secre- Journal’s d,^’^©^® 

Prnfm lRg to desire, above an tbtogm. tbe ury. « “K I these driftr 

be^ Rate of ol men to KonfRcky wiU j. p. EDWARDS. Recording Secretary, tloned by ^law ; not *tbat it il" u'^' ' 

s<-cs the ferocious pike or tlie ri'ccdy 

of t he sland* by tbe river side of our 

mighty Mississippi, watching the circling most iiiipnrtant events of this age of sci 

of|it, bolding the rank of Grand Vizer, offices in New Jersey, by direction of tbe 
and decorated with the Osiiianic and Med- President, directing him to turn ont certain 
jidle of the first class, in brilibnts — Tbe re- men, and fill foe vacancies alter (mnrulta- 
aiization of the great work destined to give tion with Mr. Scovill. Tbis Mr. Scovill 
fresh facilities to commerce and navigation was strattiug about now as il he owned 
by the cutting of a canal between the iledi- New Jersey. 

terraneau and the Red Sea, being one of foe Mb. HUiVE.'ot Wisconsin, said no Pres- 


Mb. GARFIELD, of Ohio, stated that be “®f™„®J^ ,h« i«,ritnti«n ©r rh- fc’*ej<wMdlctkm, from tbe aboFM^ l?etemra^Ata^rS^^ 

was pleased with aimost everything in foe Ue State of norkta to Ue Ulate of CM sterlte 

prop^d amendment. He fegretted that f^d^ ‘“r Z teCI to boU. or other 

mrm; on argu^A ^ oartsou ©p^© telegiapb Or eabim or I 

^re must therefore be »» votao agmite H?wa in aod ov“r tbe watera, raefh, 
foe lueMure, and ha hoped tbare wonid bo ^ ^ y 

appravraiMomioofe BoRRllt Rml MM. 

ommuoleatte betwoaa .. „ . 

d tbe West ImUalatoRito ae°tU ^ pyoR jjvbo awom o ut o war 

li pravid«atte tM Ife *®*„ 

rie^pb Compoay. to- for a^oi loMaey Mitelog. 

I tow^ tba toata cumea tarward ate awaais that bo was 

ate atelmaS; <Bd m* Iraow bto .rat tete- 

art, loud, ntetofalR ate KuRltefe SRfeacFipttoua te tfeo F fo od- 

AccordtuR to Uo reports of Ue 

Mb. HOiVE.JoI Wisconsin, said no Pres- ' proposed amendment. He regretted that 
ident was ever under mure oblig.itions to ike sitnution of the country had not been 

and loyalty boa been mode odtous. 

Mu. SilANKLIN, of Kentucky, next took 

West India laiatea. 

Tbe eompuay ahull at all times rivo IM 

DO power to aid in restoring tbe ancient 

Who are the real and dangerous adversa- 

0 Kvater fnll for tbat pnr- 

wm OR tbe wuy. 


. . , 1 either bow— and rh'en ■wi-<-ninD’ H.iuM, i-ir,. wiiich a translation of tbe articles is un- Brigadier General for fidelity and loyalty to natural rights) together with a proposition trate all nower in the General **'*?■’ 

M and da^-rtjus adveraa- 1 nexed, has been drawn up and signed by the Union. He was sent to Nashville. He t* cMli'le thc other States ^®m tbefr Con- | eoiytl reports, ate g^ra l totolbgaReo. 

to-day? Not foe Southern | © drifting logs as foev are ca^cd nasL Egyptian Government conjointly with (the President) had been in the habit of stitutional representation, and to say to the p©©pi©‘ ©f the^tatra which had gone Into ^ **^“‘11?^’’ ^*******i?’ **^,.®* ***'r~T h^d'a hnwa M^Btwtate. M to ted. as 

ro much M they are vital- ^® foe repnUi-ntative of foe company. It has Wing that NakhviUe was a point of immi- , States so cxclndcU, they >lull only exerctoe eaJmua atel M tor wardod m te ^ lu j*, » 

t restoration? And wbat _ •°^?® P'®^® iw-en *uhniittr<I to onr lmn<.riai «.n<.tion n.^,1 ^ril- Imt .ic when wA*^nt the Prc*. thc right to reDrcscntation On certain terms wkich they sbRJI bo ronived, ste te com- ^ ^ moov^. sfeosM 

siuR, lor dialy poMicRtloR. te markota. 
oouReil reports, and goRcrat tol»ll>geRc«. 

Hto HoRltb— Tbe Grmte Jury. 
Tortresr Mokror May 9 fitote te 
arrival of Mrs. Davis bare she te lateoiti 

people for who ao much m they arc vital- j . , , , iettfing nDon'aomp pIioIaa tiIo..p *-k® repre.s<-ntative of foe company, it has raying that Nashville was a point of i 
fy concerned in its restoration. And wbat [ ^„,jj jj 5lth and towed awav ^®® «“'’tnittcd to our imperial sanction, nciit peril; but, sir, when we sent the 

tal c^nus now broughl in play lejgurely to foe shore ^ ““t* "fter having read It we liave given to It ident to N-ashviUe, we sent with hin 

Tb kl Rg (feto posittoRtobetrae, then there 
toRoexeRMoriRattficattoR forte attitade 
wbte te JoRTRol ate Uoac who follow to 
Ito toad ROW occRpy before thc eouRtiy. 

are foe fatal engint* now broughl in plav w,, 
by fanaticism to defeat Unionism? Civil - 
KlgbU bills and Free Nigger Bureau bilU, i „r 
and so-called amendment* to tbe Conatitu- I 
tioo— amendmenta that so disfigure as to ' ®“f’ 
destroy tbis white man’s Government tbat I 

Pres- tkc right tii representation on certain terms j,© reversed 

and after having read It we liave given to It ident to N-ashviUe, we sent with him thc n®d cunditions. ^ 

muuism? Uiyi> ’ These boatmen are the driftwooii patphPTs ®»r x*8®nt. (Here follows the convention same security we gave to Washington and Mr. FINK said that the scheme was revo- r, 

:r Bui^u bills, I of the lower Miasisstuni ami an imliwiH. in ezUnxio.) The present firman emanating every other point within thc natidnalllne*. , Int'onary, and a inobt sballowprctcnsefori,-- 

o the Conatitu- I ©ijg Mrd-worklu"- well-to-do set nf wntpr! from onr imperial divan is issued with tbe It was a pW-e of peril; because wide- ®*cl>idlug the votes of the Southern StutCB j 

disfigure as to ' ®' effect of giving our sovereign authorization spread defection and treason had covered In ‘ke next Presidential election. He hoped | 

Mr. fink said that the reheme was revo- ' ^^Th^i^se people snbmittod to foe tenns 
Intionary, and a iiiobt shallow pretense for i .©©o-bt to be imDos.-d noon them, 
pvpliifliiiff fhp v<vtp« of IhP Sonthpm 8t:.I.w ; “P®** “ "P®" . 

in them Uroogh oU time p,„y shall not be peimittte to eburga ate ke M attaeksd during te - im tog somrase 
collect, flw meassew traaomlttad tbiORg b ky ama ai bis petloUkte spaito of itermit- 
snbinittod to foe teims ©f sab-raaiTno nahtoo. it rer r tbaa tM *kvet or <H i u » m tl vo ebilto. Tba Rea- 

excludiug the votes of the ^ufhern States j to .'S^towe^^ rorT5:eFnf*7oS;i; 

foc VopleoMh^ and oaght not V. Mid pl-« or 

arou^ X wi*< a“d jtfrt i“licrof Andrew I P®"‘^ ®," JJUl . TMI te lot^tteto Oeetee 

eral baaiU of 

oesiroy tms wmte mim a Government that Down along the lower limit* of thp Thirrt ‘® the execution of tbe canal by tbe said the country with peril — that is all. the people of those States would rally nosition a* frra American eitizenu Thev 

Journal s District of om city quite a large number of ®®n»puoy ou the conditions stipulated In The n:ufon made Nashville as secure as anjund foe wise and just jiolicT of Andrew Sight have been disloyal, bnt tbeir bistorv Tstam^ 

^logy for foe Free Nigger Bureau till* contract, us well as to foe regulation as any other point. He staled there and J®knson. This measure was dangcrons P> 

on te MuL^fTe of all the iccessorie. acc.irdingTo tet did hi duty. 7nd. grateful for that duty I|>® b^nvert-^me by nuSX IS 

threly good, ate It la only tbe Iorr M 
ORarent iMt M te beoR BRbfsctsd to 

R stow to te re to fof u e m eotoftbe Nortbera 
D ii R eB tel c party to Us war apoR radical 
IMR, tfeqy toootoBtiy refboe to rrUc or Mf« 
ORytfetog to do with te only party to te 
■tote wttfe srhoRi tfeat Noftbeni Democracy 
osR ooRtortsRUy oo ope ra t e , oaleM tey 
ooROiRt to M te te g n J lafo ate take a poai- 
ttcR Rl tfee tail ate of an oigsRtoatioR 
wfete te not yotaa extoteace ate wbo*e 
prtRCI|itoa are uakaowR Sorely tbis ia tbe 
Riflfrtb. tfee fi e ptfe. ate length ate breadth. 

T. T. SMITH. Treasurer. 
Gbo. R. Hckt, 

F. O. Budt, 

R. Irwib, 

C. C. Crikk, 

E. O Martiu, I 

F. E. Bohmsok, ( 

M’. T. Nbwmak, ] 

tloned by law ; not tbat it Is iiecea- 
ssry, (diiectiy asssrtedX kut tbat the 
President will be depored if be sweeps 
te army of leechra and idle Blaudcreri of 
Kentneky's people Irom ber border*. 

- ; ®nfoe banks of the stream piirane their o' t"® accessories according to that aid his duty, and, gratelul lor that 

It It IS “®^- , calling, which ensures, in everv instance ag'''ei»ent and to the acts and conventions done, wc said to him, “ bee 
but tbat the • ©.|ji©j, ©.© Investigated a*verv com- *"8®fik®d and designated in it, and forming he had been faithful over a few thingi 

if be sweens ■ . ’ T «« intporal nart then-of wniiU make him filler over iiianv:” an 

emra X ! fortable liveliliood. 

order* I *'’**® *o?*. •ft®!’ having been brongbt to foe 
. shore and moored, are then sawed into the 

following extract from te leading article: 1 ?T ’ , ‘ ® ,® cmD&equcnuy, 

“No doubt the Pre*idrat mould be gtad to see ' ”* out upon the bank, 

B«reso removed fVom thir bUte »o feoi»o ae \ Qp piled awaj as cord wood, wbicb 

to M? ' tov^the'^rkrt ratL^for •‘ome', where he studied lik Vice Pi^ident a terrible disaster overcome crime aud its panliiimcnt, there wju a dif- I 

|-..ta!?JfteoqMte fir tl^rompielTp^ cases, was the strangest pile of heterogene- foe country and he became the Presi- ^tween punishment crlii.c and 

tioB, If the Ftvfddnit sboald now rvmoTc tbe favorite Iocs wb^h are at-iKOfl Ihi ou8 pajMjrs one ever saw. They would ac dent of tbe Ijnitod States. The fact was w itbboldlng a pnvikw. I ardon conferred j 

be would almoffit oeruinU be impeached | drift cumulale for months, until tjie tabic could then developed that there was a dltfcrenec no oilier advantaf^* than relief (rom pun . 

l how fo^r^ pvi‘U* “S‘*fp^r r: .“o'd no more, and then he w'Jnld get abas- of opinion nimn -k'mc.Points of ’ inx-tt-T n .r lo t 

an integral part thereof. 

A Mistake ol a Year. 

A correspondent ol foe New York Even- 
ing Post tells tbis amusing story of the pe- 
culiarities of a noted personage: 

One was, never to docline an invitation to 
a dinner or evening jairty. Another was. 

done, wc said to him, “because an unfortnnae cont-st, without promising superiority in wisdom and bravery. Ua ad ST^idVowm iiirfTte tfe 
he had been faithful over a few things we , any beneficial result toward harmony. tb,t foev had erred, but tey bad Ste teff M to ^lI^Lte 

would make him I uler over many:” apd we He wa* lu favor of the first second and bebeved they were right, and had act^ on ^.mteol 
did make him Vlcc-Pn-sidcnt of the United fourth sections of the proposed amendment, that belief ” mesaago* 

State*, commended to us. as I said before, but not so fully satisfied with thc third see , .. .. ™ 

bo laid down; ate tMt tbo amid rablo or e»- 

bleo shall bo to taecraofal oporaUou for te . *kicli was to Mvo mo* 

transmisote of mesoacoB wttte said parlod ki Norfolk to-duy, tea hold Ro sotofoR m 

States, commended to us, as I said before, ^ HAVunvn ..t w.. ▼p.k — ^ n„ii 

by the single fact tbat he bad been loyal in ti®", which thc gentleman Irom Maine (.Mr. _ n.YYMONp, ol New Tmk, was the null am 
the beginning of the struggle, and had been Blaine) had shown to Ijc at least susceptible *P®‘‘^?'’' H« ®*P®®**^ his gratiflra- t-oosp 

faithfuTto one trust we hud leposed in him of misconstruction. ^®“ ‘k® Reconstruction Cummittae to alter 

ra ^ncraurthearm^^ Mr. STEVENS, of Pennsylvania, ex- -.-k » 

¥. I iK.> niknn i,n innjp ' olalncd tliat wheriHis mnloii winecl out I Ulustrntcd the danger of subaiitttog The P 

®® transmisote at measagos wtthia said parted 
of three yoats, otbenrtoe this graat to M 
tbe null and void. 

Ica- (’oQspresa rssorveo te power, at any ttoas, 
tae to alter or repoal tfee above act. 

General in foe army. oir,*r..Ho, oi rennsyivanis, ex-. — , V 

It happened that when he liad been ma<lc plained tliat whereas punlou wiped out ^ danger of submittte 

ice P^dent a terrible disaster overcome crime aud its panisiimcnt, there w:is a dif- I ®"*J ®“® portion ■ rtme, by reference to 

« urtmrtut, (F<w tbe Losisville Coonsr.! mo rsTOvea ffom olHce. 

ofateoefoR. , DemoentUe Kutifietto. MorURg 1. 1 iTr.. 

Ileorv ‘k'* krief extract it 

tbe recent cousre ol tbe Britk-b ministry on 
tbe Kel'onn bill, tbe loinistry Mving com- 
menced tin- sessiou with a clear rngjorltv of 

fhe President an ' tfee Goorgetown 

Tbe Presiilent to-<lay, by appointment, 

rave an audience to Ibe dslerates of tbe 
General Coafcrcnce of tbe Metinxllat Plro- 

Nkw York, May 9— TM HmNTs Tor- 
tress Monroo letter aaa t it a tbnl Soeretary 
McCulloeb loporta tel te p otaon tite- 
UMR* axteadte le JsC Porla to noRsoama- 


is asserted. 

how their practiced eyes can detect, at a 
great distance, the particular cliaracter of 

ket or a barrel and ein 
contents of his taurc, and 

I empty into them the tween tlie President and a great body of . -«u<.ui KrinLlnL' lorwinl ' 

, and lieginand go over tbat party which bad been instrumental in >n‘® ®spn-ssed his opinion that ; J?"®™ 

nidation again. Some- making him President. Upon questions tl.c tliird section was the «n)y pro|m*itlon *‘®‘®™ 

sixty, which majority had dwindled down te^tan* Church, now in seaaion ia Goons- 

fiY Hvp n*Afl*ffin«A rhd» miniafirv fMsrMl.Afimr4 tsu a m a-t a*.* wr«_ ^ . 

Wc tall te Joaraol ate UafoUowenaow, Nkwcartle, Hkku* Cocktt, i 

e they woRt haraaoay. If they desire ) j 2«L That te people of the State deal so 

te matoiattua oTte Uaioa, tfee only way ^ ®>«®rtRK af te DeaaocraU ate Coaacr- onjurtly by foe free n,^rocs in her lionlers, 
to arrmr tfeaoe xbtai-ti to to Ml toto raak* TSlivet of Henry county wa* held to-day (It ' a«ne**arp to keep it hen; and 

rsRta purty they wUl be wbelate day).* te Court -ho,^ I p^i,^ t-ast Tuf "of' o’fi^l^^nTe 'Z- 

tbto graat Democratir wavs wbieb “ Newcatlle, to ronslder the acGon of tbe i pleased the pock of hungry vinnin who In- 
•ver the to August next, and *“** ^“oc'wD® Convention held In Louis- *»« this piece ol lumlture. 

. mtvrar rtUe on tbe 1st of May. On motion. Able I ‘**® P®oP>® of ®ur StaU-. 

... .k. . -a-., -a w o I »•“ maksrs, are »« hoatile to free 

wHl foU 0f6r tbi 

iarever " " rtUe on tbe 1st of May. On motion. Able I V ® 

oMpper mrever. ■ © . i, j . - .. and their taw makers, are so h«; 

®®kWns wss called to te Chair, and F. H. I niggers ss to reftwe to guard ti 

If^Tfec Joaraoi tfeiaks that rebels ate Goodrich appointed Seereiary. Tbe object if to, in wbat r<»pcct 

iRbol syRMptbtoen are good oaongfe to be of temeeting, hy raqnest, wasexptoined by | draires to turn wituo 

to Ms party, bat that he to too good to be W. 8. Pryor. Tbe resolutions adopted at I ft c<Ii^ to ^nta anjfrartfrutare 

R tltera; ate a. tfeey rannot me tfee force Lo«®U»e were, o. moUon of J- P. Smith, we‘^ remia? Such . 

MilG ARFIELD, of Ohio, without going : ^“",‘ke minfetry peratsted in town, D. C. Atabamv, VlrKinJa, Maryhte 

to tiuit iHJiiit, i-xpnswed bis opinion that ' “ringing forward only one portioD of te »nil the District of Cutnm^ only are rep- 

reaented, it having been mid that tbooe ap- Board 

ggo- ' WasfeiactOR .Market. 

fete Nkw York, Mav 9 — tialge Barnard 

rep- granite as lR)RactloR to rratrmn te HoRltfe 

and fuuda- I 'n the amendmeutnot bottomed clearly and ' k** *’?**®*^*kat foe Starts pointed from the other Southern fitataa bed 

and funds- 
politic*) be 

plainly u(>on principle. 

If those who had participated in the re- 

XVtevTto teer"ffim I 

r.s. j£;“ k.2' 

Ith those l>cllion were unlit to be allowed to vote on ' *! k® rasenlial to the validity of Congres 

niggers as to reftise to guard tbeir rights 

He liad lieen reiHintly engaged who had opposed his election, ami at varl- the 1st of July, 1S70, would they be fit to 
some such wo'rk, when one eveniiig, | ance with those who hud given him the , ''®*® in Job' following? There was no 
•out nine o’clocit, lie walked into tlie j election. *iitncient reason for tiiat, and it wouUl be 

liouse of an acquaintance— a g«-ntleman of rw»r>i i-t-pt b- «• iv > < P'"‘®'>’ “ P'®®® ®' Ifolitical man 

our StaU-. ! fortune, who often ga'e iwities— dressed k/'*® ®*^ " J®®""®'"* | agemeut in reference to thc Presidential 

tile to free i *■ r i Tin L ^ ‘'*® fora party, with wli.te kU, &c. Upon kU colleague (Mr. Howe) had recently pre- election. 

■ir rtahta ? : revives being ushered into the i>arlor he found the »®n*e‘l to the Senate, on an occasion when ' There were also practical obicctions to it 

““ »»■ lae owes potoied from tbc other Southern Statas bud WmhteloR » 

I to &tl6CtcQ by tb6 _prop06C<l DD668Br6 QOl tb6 fn6Qll6 tO D6V #XD6ikR^ffi of tn.Mj.1 » 

should be represented, ^he did not bold The pre<idhig ^Ucar ot tbo^ouJereoco RetoRoe of Jobs Lambor*. 

' It to be essential to the validity of Congres introdm-ed tbe deieratra severally to tM Umbort, who was aFrested choried 

sional actiijn on imnstitutionai amendmenta President, remarking they bad. to aeeor- c a— e atsd wHb te fam rrma- 

thM thev should be thus represented. *uice with a resolntfon naanintoosly adopt- robbery, wna fitortoRRifl totes. 

The delwto was further continuad by ed. <Hmi- to pov Uteir respects to him. .\L *• oommtostoRs r hoMtog (feat tfeero wto 

Mrasis. McKee, of Ky., and Efridge, of Imling to the fiery ordeal through whiefe “®* *®®®‘®** « P»®kabtocRRae to 

H*- te ^ »k»r right merrily, mi^ngfoc-re alone' T,^Zr h® (Mr. lfoonurc) w’as absent, 

r&s in faror i J*'* ®' bSt no sSoUa H<f wi re-Xd tke Wisconsin' Legislature, 

There were also practical objections to It : v a' ‘l^k* J*-,’ ®{*** Itay inoi^ ot 

Messrs. McKee, of Ky., and Efridge, of imling to the fiery ordeal through whiefe “®* *®®®‘®** « P»®*>abto 

" w. , „ w Soutbern people bod pmtai, bo aoooote for trtol 

In the TOurse of a colloquy betwe^ needed not retonni tbe President of GRTern** PRraRRo to flRoRk. 

the ffifficnltlas wbicb onvlremed them. tx Govor»or Paisono. of AtaN*^ Utoted 

Of te po to t It amkoa, H Is goi^ to get ap 

Tfee Democrat tbtok* also 

inJorae tbe nomination of J.dge Al^ i 

OI tbe onrt^a Rud iU xdvo<Ateft, let 

it come to points and particulars— point out 
to wbat we are remits. Such general tes- 

tbe water. — [N. O. Picayune. 

l-^Mr. Jno. Copeland, from nearWinns- 
boro, 8. C., is at present in this city, for the 
purpose of soliciting contribntions in mon- 

, rcsointions If nine-tcuth* of people were to be dis- V., foe Spcifoer *tate<l that be uniiorstood and the poverty which 

ttoeirtoogDodtobetoatty|.arty,atetbere *he“fr^c“ne* I widows ^on’i' 

fora tafern Mr. BoiUng*s ana nte walks rraolnUon ; (fr©*© ©f this State— will it do so? Such ““<1 orphans of that jiortion of Sonth Caro- Chief 

-ou a party to-night?” “No, sir.” The ti®" ®f the Union. i» a* iimi iwieiauuu u< i tnc 5kl section shoulii stan 
y’hlcf drew a small note from his pocket tlkk-rences of opinion? Did his colleague | amendment; lie should move 
nd inquired: “Is not that from you. sir*” (M®. Howe) i udo ry fo®t* . ' striking out the third section, 

.’ertaiuly. Chief, said the host, “but that Mb. DOOLITTLE, of \\ Uconsln, referring . The Speaker stated tint tbc 

...o r... , . to Itip anliippt nf m-nnKtriirtion. *ai<i that 4!^ 1.1 1 

■foRRd to see whst is going or, abRstog 
pattlm ate rfDUytag Democrats. 

wai nnanlm<iiialv teontte ■ ^ — wui n uo so.- ouen -'■u-— tiouiu v^ojo- wuiei ure That we h£ with mUstaefto. the j P'®f'»ct'y cognizant of thc ?,"dinqui 

aomiasUos at Jadge Uavall, a* Ibe eaadidate ' *. ®***,® ^ f^Ler to hound r,ct j),g( ©© portion of the Sonth suft'ered Certainly, 

far detk of tbe of Appmir. Hi* falthfal, 1 ®“ ‘kan forty “ reaction ®®n- , ^ , was lor ti 

’The Lextagton Obaerver and Be 

poster eoRte w fla tet tbe mule mortaUty aUpariie*.aB«wepledfekfraabearty aadgm 
•oRtb li esRoed by te Roe of Nortbera 

^ wwsmmura a— u -wrarjft of Apoeftift. Hlft fclthfoi, I ^ rxdicxlifiii, tlixo fopt/ ‘‘rttactioii con- ^ , 4 . rra waft for this day ol’ the month Ust year \ • 

bobe rt , 60Mer%-adT« aiid patriotic coarae a* a I venlioos.** It la the teatiiuony of a volun- ternbly tliau that section. Tbat whole when, I cannot lor^et, we had the picture ftjx'clal Committee In its report bad 

dtlam dorte hi* whole life, together with hi* teer witness from tbc fenuejM/d, and miser- country was tborougbly devastated hv of your company.” abandoned negro suffrage, and it had also 

etearat ahtTitia* a*ajo^ eoraete Um to ably false. dhermau's annv and the neonle IpO In . abandoned that other idea that States of the 

ptodgekfruahm>tyaadr» li it tee that the Free Nigger Bureau ha* ™ . r?®Pr In thc great annual exhibiUnn nf 

as aosenr, resoinn^ If nine-tcuth* of Lie people were to be dis- i •. w®. ®^er sraieu .u«i ue unasrai^ and the poverty which tey wera row a 
but uo signs ol a parly.' He wlls re-wiVed I ®[ *®®„" kcffislature, condemning iranelilsed for four years, how was that to , intended to bn« te measure to a .mforing. thoi^ this might M aaerlbed m aSteMtorttort^ 

: very cordially, for foe host had great restart (Mr. Doolittle), and requesting him to p© carried out? Only by having the inili- vote t.viuorrow and that there were thirty the eanae of tbe small uraber of mtolsten e^ro^'mm^w 
; for him— afi who had Dot? But the Chief * ^ r^lutlon was not ; tary forces of the United States at every i ^ *P**{^/ . del6*r*taa present at tke CottfeiwM*. m rm ' r_ .r 

-a 4- ...„ Q ._.,4,^ and upon which ,„jii In eleven Stale* of the Union. He did L ‘*’® ®®®."® **7"?'’"'* * He might eonttoas his remarks, hut he Tforomw From CRlitoem 

le no action. lie was „©( think it tlu-rofore wise or prudent, for **® approval ol the mcwi^, ex feared to trespass oo tba Preal^t’s hadnl- The rtcRRMt Sew Ymfe htton I 

ni for supporting the! practical reasons, and for ptasons of con- ®®pt the 4jd »ra tion. He^so allnded to te gmee. He, however, prayed tet te Mem forufa over owe mllUoR dottam to 

i:nt for the reconstruc- I strucUon, as suggested by .Mr. Blaue; that which Mr. btevens, of Pa. ing of Almighty Ood migfet rast apoa te 

W as that toleration ol 1 the Sd section should stand as part ©f , fj’®®**!® President, and that the Lord would give 

on? Did his colleague I „mcndmcni; he should move to amend by '*®n. GnintM the i^didate oftheLnion him foe requisite wisdom ate slroRitth to VIRGlNI.k. 

SeRutor SoRRtor elect from tet Btalo, «dl 
soeuk hy tovitattoR at (fea Cnhw LsMae 
etob rooms to-morrow. 

TrouoRiw From CRlitosRMk. 

The rtoRRMf Sew Ymfe totogs finm Cfeii- 

i*rty In for President as rfving ss- perform hUimportant dnUe*. 
surance that there would be no dissent in - 

requisite wisdom sod strsRgth to 


to the subject of reconstruction, said that tion to recommit could Im amcmled. 

penUmg mo- ‘“®J* k« “® To this the bretbreu respoRded with sn FRltcd NtotearoRrt Rt Norfolk- Mil- 

!!D(led. subject when tbe ri^t eothufti-iatlc amen. itary 

uoandoned negro Butirofifc, and ii nad siso , amend the motion to rcconitnii by oddinir 
abandoned that other idea that Stutea of the ^ instructions to strike out the third aec- 

I whhtk li canlei down tbe rirer to ftet 

On motioB of J. F. Soulthq the meeting I 
also toduraed A. Ditto as tbeir choice for I 

.Mb. G.VRFIELL) would then move to, 'k°® “kould come. The President thanked tfee delegatassto- 

aeud the motion to reconiinit by adding VIr. ELDKIDGE. of tVi*., spoke against errely for tbe oomplimcnt which they hod 
it instructions to strike out the thirdrac- - tbe resolution, and dcnoaocid te Kccon- paid bim by this visit. He tested that tfee 

boots, hoeomm rnwty, or is otfearwioe so Sheriff | vy um<* over, inen is luerri-siui-nt bound pie who have the means will contribute ac- ®ami< 

l^^to to moke very daRgCFoos food tor ‘iiStte't^ ‘SUbltaberto ^ Co!St‘forton ravs* be V Th^i^n *U it trae d®n«tions lie The® ladyTs the “codli 

sRtoRla, t hORgh to aoy hot a incUcq^ eye te L^fevUte Courts *** published to i u t© tic deposed forsim- I *®*' Mason & Dixon’s Coal , though only twenty-U 

strnction Committee as having entirely dis- prayer tey bad offered would be keuni ate 
be did appointed the country. answered f.y te Power to whieh it wm ad- 

iisfron- Mu. McKEE, of Ky., supported te drcsaeil, and foat all foe *-rRrat etforta at 

eoedings of tbis meeting be published 1 

It may aiipeur aoote ate go«d. ABEL BOBBINS, CMiman. inforclng ta w- 

— F. H. Goooricr, Secretary. ®f ®**?*** 

Aswarci n Breaimti FTs — Ou< com ^ itelltionlsin tiM 

_ . . . . . . . Tocre M DO Uw 

Mrcni repom neve nipeneQ tbe ratber: e^Tbc New Albeny loceU huTC reoeni- *0^ yet the E-vc 

RRteo^ iRtelUgmra Of a rapU ad.vsRC. , ^ devoting a good dmi of attention ^ i 

Ir fiORT tkis sreek TbI* staple article fe 4|,,„ r/di,.wi«4r u inrun tk. ^**® P*®Pl® •'"* 

w-s ^ .. *0 Upeworww. The following b from tbe to tobmit tbeir din 

osmg graatiy CRkaRced to prtcc all over te Sew Albany Commercial of Mooday: fate at the Mnds ol 

••'■‘'T. feftk • corwapoRding advanec to . .moswm taw* worm Tk® “n*® ®*d cry. 

tbat our President IS to be deposed forsim- *' ® 

ply Inforclng taw— and overthrowing this Office, Tliird *trect. 
■htisl of sharks and overseers that — 

9*fe*1ffiRRu, wbfefe is not a vety fiattertog 
•■tert forte gsRoral welfare of te country. 

abollUonism bos spawned upon ns ? 

There is no taw for the aboniiuation, 

{.jF* Tfee New Albany locals have reoenl- 'id yet tbe E.vecuUve loses bis place 

ly been devoting a good dmi of attention . '* 4"”'' *!™“®k- 

/ . ^ * 4. ... 4 4 .4. •*“ people and President are called on 

to tape worms. The following is from tbe t© snbmit tbeir necks for fear of a worse 
New Albany Commercial of Monday: fate at tbe Mnds of this central directory. 

AMOTRER TAT* WORM. The Same old Cry, “take this fare tor tear 

,, . . , . you’ll ge* •’orsc.” Tbronghout this whole 

column irom which te foregoing is taken, 
4 ^ ^ not a line or sentence in condciiiuatioii U 

tieen aflicted trttb a tape worm to bis^i- tobefonnd of te mad radicalism which 

TV Jemwal mya tbat tbe Gornrau mentary eaoal for seven yeara. Meyer* bo* ||oidi 
Mi to talk of democracy, by wbicb ®<MMalted the most cmiMt physicians of but it 

te 9 eat to remove this insatiable consum 


(Uvtvortedl expremly for Ihr LoDivvUlo Conrier.) 
BIH U0N02, J. r. UARBB80K, JUDGE. 

WKDNBftPAT May fl, 1.^. 
**.K CFrtRln ttnilte who dwelln below, 

CTwen* Hofl, pcrliapft. to meutioD where,) 
Came up tm eoa. iK»nu‘ tUvM rxo.” 

To try. lor rfiauirf, the Loutiirillc air. 

{to well he lookrft and dretttted and talked. 

.And hie tail and lionife mo handy, 

YuuM hardly have known him, ah he walked. 
From a regular Fourth xtreet dandy. 

rible story connected with this picture. 
The lady is the Countess O— — , who al- 
though only twenty-tour years of age, has 
hccti twice widowed. She is raid to be of 
humble birth, but when only sixteen years 

the same party after thc Baltimore Conven- , tciuponiry diafr.inchlsi incut. 
1'®®- I He coiiimeiited upon hi 

Thc Chicago Convention cenented Ihe , (Finck'») ai«i>eal to the peopli 

just than a measure, lie proposed to amenil Mr. Gar- 
field's motion to recommit with instrac- 

imeu. itary CommfsAlou. 

:nt thanked tfee delegatas sto- Fortrvm Mo.vror, May 9— A miOtory 
^pliim-nt wkick tey hod cemmosswo km hsou e im veu sd by otMsr of 
lus vwlt. He misled tet te UoRlsnoat-Gsucral Grant, ate to now Ir 
te offered would bo keard ate aamfem st .Norfolk far te porpoao of iiraao- 
it woo te tMatfaw te soRoao wktafe ite to tho lOcoRt 
foat all te ho ttes t etforta at ^ riot to that eity. Tfee nroceedtoaa wUI bo 

UnioQ^rty in lavor of Mr. Lincoln. 

Ue (Doolittle) believed that the next fall 

I He coiiimeiited upon his colicagne's i tions, by striking ont the 3d section and hi- wtu-n peace and prosperity woted bo 10- 
cenented the . (Finck's) aiqieni to the people of the South sorting foe following: .Ml who volnntari^ sloretl to a divided coontrv. 

to rally against Ihe Union party. I adhered to tbs insurrection, giving aid ao>I 

.Mu. FI?«UK corrected b'is colleague. He 1 comtort totbe so-cilled Confederate States, 

old her great beauty attracted the attention, election would show a majority In favor ol hail only called thc people of the South to I are forever excluded from holding any of- 

tbe Coterra- e wo^ be crowned with aue- t eottdurtte with otoate doota, attd tbo ovi- 
eoM. Hs hoped te day wa* not dtotaot deoro will bo submiUod dlrvcUy to Geno^ 
when peace and proaperity woold bo 10- Graat 

stored to a divided coontrv. Ju^ Underwood arrived at Norfolk tbto 

Pucific RRilrottds. ORsate te Uaitod Statea Cire 

of Marquis dc D , wlio married her. On the present Executive. The Prcsiileut , rally around tlic jxtlicy of .Vndrew Jolinson. lice of trust or profit uuder the Government extending the time for the c-wnoietiott of 

leaving tlic church, bowever, thc Marquis would not be driven out of the Union par- I Mk. (i.MiKlELl) would leave home to - of the United St iite*. ; the Union Pacific Railroad, eastern diviaiott. 

leaving the church, bowever, thc Marquis would not be driven out of the Union par- I Mk. G.VHKIELI) would leave home to 

was assassinated by some olwcnre rival, and I ty, no matter who might leave it or who | judge liow much dill'crcuce there was be- 

tlie lady was Icit a widow with an immense might come into it The Democratic mrty 1 tween two things. 

I the lady was icit a widow witli an iinniensc might come into it The Democratic mrty 
fortune. Thc Marquise- retired to a convent, had been vanquished with the rebellion, 
I where she remained till her 20th year. She and now avowed thc very jiruiciplcs of the- 
made a journey to various itarta of Europe, Union (Mirty in 1864. Was tlic Union jairty 
and visited, among otlicr places, St. Peters- to run away from its victory? 

judge liow much difference there was be- Ho denounced the Democratic party, ' until the sTlh of Jane, t-HIlIk te tlaae tor 
tween two things. I whose position every traitor in the South ] compfettog each socceediy otts kuterte ^ 

He (Garlield) called U(H)n thc people of and every tvmpathixcr with treason in te i miles U to bo reckooed from that date. , 
the North to stand togctlier with all tbeir ! .North, sustained: and in this hour ©| i 1 he bill atoo extends tor t wo yoora tbo tiaao , 
manhood to resist tbe reVulution-.iry s<-bemes ' National peril it was thoir sad mUfortnne for coramsocing ste somplsttog te North- 


Prttfest’a Dctttfe-WRFFttttt. 

PRn.vMLFRiA, May 9.— Tbe dsoth wur- 

huig’ where one ol the mo*t wealthy buyardn If the President liad erred at all, it had 
ol Ku°6ia placed ut her feet Ids heart, his been iu being too ieiiient In tolerating tho 
diamonds, and his millions. The marriage vilcat of personal abuse from newspapr-rs 

I run away from its victory? ! of tho (>cOple of the S<iutli and their coad- 

If tbe President liad erred at all, it had ' jutor* in Congres* and in the North. 

•Mb. FINCK declareil there wu* hut one 

** F—flm wfll always nadaratandaneoailaR. 
Furj rararae af Ifeli propoaitioo ia true : 

^ tobefonnd of te mad radktesm which I , diamonds, and ms millions. The marriage vilcat of personal abuse from newspapr-n. disunion party iu foc.counlry, and his col 

*“’**•**“ **’''®"* '■k® P'''‘®fo®"*’® kcad, i©y|„~ (bp gj,q„g. ,nd alibonirh tile weaihe'/w** celclwatcd in tbc house of tbe brte- whose editors or proprietors held office league (Garfield) belonged to it. 

**** ***^®*" * *“*’®''®** ®**®rt *® ®kow that [ rather damp for I'he genllenum from the warmer ® 2 f®'note part of Bus- under bis administration. Mu. 'THAYER, of Pennsylvania, next te 

to be compiled to admit those wliosocnreii ®ni Pbclfic Kailrote and all ito Ftofeffi 

the suffrage of the people, for tbe seeote rartious. „ ^ iT. !fT * J— . -am recotvod by 

afficer in the Governmi-nt aceepted the 1 * reedmen a BarraR. | mosR^. 

afficer in the Government aceepted the 
doctrine of the Democratic party as hia 

The official report* ot tbs .kaatolaat Corm 1 __4 ■ — 

mtosioneni of te Freedmen’s Bureau to ! -RORncemet qatofr 

tbe Commtotioner, now being racctved foe ; 

te month of .Yprll, show a eoattoned tot- ' P^*?*T*^ ^ eoafateRr that 

om tFoatoq Tata Rm pfe 

kenlncky, foe South and 
?**■ sB most submit to tbis or a w 

of U16 North arc UDited, aud ] clime, yd he mana^red to iak<‘ notca ttnfficient to »ome^ distau^ from his own estate. Mb. CONNES 3, of California, roftc to a | drcftsed the Houfto. With one exception he * Ihenieaaure. 

totta abomt seewnon, bj that the 

and the President be able to (dvc *n »cc<gint of hU trip on hi* rc- 1 k®*'l>’ mifrrted couple left for their new question of order.’ The deliale was taking | was pn-jared, after due deliheration, to I Before he 

a worse fate. We t "i*'!! * i»h -hi*h* iI** ** 'D® ' ,,®™® “ magniUccnt sleigh. Ou the way too wide a range. Tlie Senators were not give bis most cordial assent and approval to Ohio; Miller, 

Mu. BOUTWELL, of Masa., supported , tbe Commtoaioner, now being racclved for 

the month of .Ypril, show a eoattoued toa- ' ^ ^4.®* 

nrnvement in the retationa betwsaa tha ! ^ death Wte tfea 

vklek tfee rateer wtll alvan luwtaKi.n/i 1. aevra years, aotwitetateing be av- 

daJTTL ^ umtarvtand it ^ well grown cb^ena at 

' cy. ^ Doctor gave the 

A mnvapuatrat of tbr Jonraol 
«ya fee fe “down oa te Cormini’a 4ea»- 
aanta." Re mast fee rarr lla-ut *41- 4^. 

each meal per day. Tbe Doctor gave the 
medictoe to reaaove (he aaonater aod ia eon- 
fldent of auecem. We coR«ider that tbe 
Doctor knowa vrbat be to about, ate tbat 

Prteident will be sustained by all Truly 
good men everywhere, and that radicalism 

aantp. Ho mart fee rarj light, for we k® fe • good pbyaiciaa if be to aot a “regn 
haoe BOt (ett hto wsKfat. Tfee oU atory of 

te fly OR te aantoge wfeott I _ — „ 

^ve the will go to tbe wiUI when it forcefl a collision tion. lo the Police Court yesterday momlnj;. b** ' immediately devoured by prised thrit the Senator from Calitornia, from Ohio. <(iurfteld). 

with him. VIATOK. 1 four;d thst uot much burinesN w*« doing in the j 7, . **®*^^‘*» terror, (ConneM), who occupied more time In thc Mr. MBLAC’K, of Indiana, said he 

I). I), lire, but venr nioch pU‘iflSod to sec the j ^h^uod lunnenac s^ed, and dlu Sen&te thkn any one else in Senate should would, when ho should have oiu*ortnnitv, 

R.n •‘ST.wn” Pi.owiNo UP Tnp tillUcy arrived at the Count's raise such an objection. move to amend the section by illding toll 

^ To« W?I^t fo this^‘ I \Vsiki 2 f. "di*.“Ttirroteu^ HI* ‘ n krilllantly illuini-iatcd Mr. COWAN, of Pcnnsvlvanla, said that thc I'oliowing proviso : 

^ reception ol the newly married Mr. Wilson had accused ihe President of a ■ -! • -- 

IK DARLiwo-roK. 8. C.— We learn Alabama, quite a targe 

tion of Georgia, and adjoining counties of j 1®-'“®*™'*', d*® bond being net i (.©up]© 

Alabama, quite a large numlier of plantJrs ** ^ tnr ...-...—r.i. 

M-Mmm. in uAKLipoTo*, D. — *»s icBrn 4 — , Jam** Kearney, rot 

t^T' We vrarv maeh »— .4^-. . ■ from a private letter iKsi., oa Btuidav tart, plowing up their cotton on amount ot money In bi* posi-esslon w 

. ^ Rr»Mueo»yem«raay um-tf were two attempt* at setting fire to rtiere lieing such a lad “stand. Consider- same; continned nntil to-ir 

■y • rtmt from oor ou nlate. Cotaaol Ira dtflnrat parts of that ill-fated viltaire One “kle seed that h*« conic up even, from old Another gentleman, 

r. Jottte, te able editor of te Kofoville k> premtoea of Mr Hn^rai and of F®me other cause, was so ]>uny tliat di*po*^ to omit, waspre* 

Cufam ate Amerteoa. He wm oa fefa way l 'i® ^Ptfe* Church, ^fo were “ S!l£ed i;™,.l™“« 

4 ~ ■ .. . fltoooverod in time, we believe to he tax of 5 ceots a pound on cotton so dis 

to Claciaaati wttfe tfee rallrood eoaamtttoe, i prompUy extlnnlslMid TIim, .,.'4. ..4 heartens the ntanters tliat thev have bul 

Jams* Kearney, for baring roantsrfeit ra- Tlie irirl* “out wej>t>' 

oncylnbl*po**e**ion with inU-nt to pa»* the 1 V* s ®,i . 

ime; continued nntil to-morrow. I ^ntidobaTCO societies and 

— —Another gentleman, whose name we feci I they won I luuiry auy luau 

question of order. The delialu was takiug | was prejared, after due deliheration, to I Before he arose, Meaera. Spalding, of | provement in tbe relations betwsaa te 

4 4 1 .1 _ i.i, .1,1 1. 4. 11, L' 44 -4 1 J . "“J t®** '^kie a range. The Senators were not give bis most cordial assent aiidapproval to Ohio; Miller, of Pa.; Eliot, or .Mass., and , wbi-a ate blarb races iu te Stotas lately in 

iiintar^devH ■ flu nwivcr attacked hj- wolves, and tbs confluiiig themselves to tbc qucbtion before the pro(K>8cd amendment. That the ey. I Shcliabarger, of Ohio, spoke In favor of tke rsbeilion. Tbo freedmra *«om to bo gala- 

Mrauralatlng tauSler a. tl^ey sU I" ‘"“<1® ‘ke Scnalc. ception was the third section, he agreed in I joint resoTutton. tag a mors correct idea of teir rao(M I 

h-ap*of hnniliic brimstone In flKieningadmira- I “ **®P’ out of the sleigh Into the Mr. WILSON, of Massachusetts was sur- thc sentiment enunciated hy the genilcman ! Mb. WILSON, of Iowa, called Mr. R.iy- biutica m well as privilegca to teir row 

‘ ‘ «iwiw on i»-,iu 4, .i~ 4 4 - that the Senator from Culitornia, from Ohio. (Garfield). mond, of New York, to task about *0111* cbsractcr ol' fre'-asen, ate they noatlofl 

(Conness), who occupied more time in the Mb. NIBL.XUK, of Indiana, said be suppo^incoDsUtrac. belweenb'apaetton teniioivea to an ioolfeRaivo maRnor. Tfee 
Senate than any one else in Senate should W4)uld, when he slionld have o|u-ortnnity, I on the pendtug measure aud hta position oa whiles are bocoraiug more diapoacd to traat 

raise such an olqeetion. move to amend thc section by teding to il I te Civil Kigbta bjU- 'them with rtvility ate deal jRKly witk 

Mb. COWAN, of Pennsylvania, said that thc I'oliowing proviso : ' Which .Mr. Raymond, acknowledging the tern. 

Mr. Wilson had accused the President of a Provided, That nothing containetl in the interest taken in bis rraord by the gentle- Pardoas loRaed. 

design to break up the Republican party, article shall be so construed as to authorize ; man from Iowa, explained to bo no Incou- Presidrat boo ordered worraata of 

He (Wilson) had reve.iled foe secrets of the Congress to rc-^ulatu or control the elective sistency at all 
Executive session. So titr from betraying | francliise within any State, or to abridge j Mk. STEVl 

diBposed toomit, was presented for being drunk | weed. — [Ex 
aua disorderly and luunlng over a woman Ifthenirl 
named Barbara Urnple, at Ihe Intersection of I ««iiip eniirsr 

swearing tllal L*ecutlve session. Bo tar Irom betraying | franeliise within any State, or to abridge 
who uscs'thi- **‘® P“rty the President stands firuily ou the I or restrict the power of auy State to regu- 
ptatlonu of tbc people. late nr control the same within its own 

ir4i._ -.1 I t 04 4 . . . . lie (.-nr. u;owani woiiia iimieriaKc vo 

If the girls in this State should adopt foe show that all divi rganee had been made bv 

lie (Mr. Cowan) would undertake to jurisdiction, excei^as in the tbinl section 
lOW that all divi rganee hud been made bv Mr. BOY ER, oP^eiinsylvania, and .Mr. 

te Civil Rigbta bill. 'tern wifo rtvility ate dosi Jwly witk 

Which .Mr. Raymond, acknowledging te tern, 
interest taken in' bis record by the gentle- Pardoas IsRttte. 

man from lows, explained to bo no incou- hj, ordored wurraato of 

"’STste'S'enj, ,, r„4.„4„», E4J. ■ 

notice that, at S o clock to-morrow, he ^ Googls. oma frum A hoLUT .ili 

would move te pre^u* question.|ate ssk ©^ j^m tZSLo, 

a vote on the joint rrtiolulion. »moant of iiD MA 9 wmm lo 

Mb, Bli)WEU., ofCalUomlm lntrodiic6d ot »i,uuii. 

pewB^y erikn^mbboA. There can be no bnnftms tbe planters tbat they have but ^ the‘raoe« Tnesdav. Thi« case wae cootioaed ! with old maids.— [Quincy (California) 
4onbt that ho'h ftrea wm the acta of iDoea- UtUe patience- to norae the sickly plant. — { luiill Tburtoday, Lnlon. 

Kk>yd and Market vtr^te. a» be returned ftom | country would soon be the Senator from Massachusettft (Mr. Wii- [ Smith, of Kentiioky. opjw»ae<l, and Mr. 

a vote on the joint rvaolution. 

-fl/uuK Kwi «o-n area were tbe acta of meea- pnuence- io nnr*e 

tiW A ROMttttoe of NsskTUltoas pssMd dtorim This to s tomeiii&lde Mate of tfetogs (Ho®® («»•) Courier, 5th. 
tfeFRR^ ttfl* etty ycotarduy, or tfeatr wuy to I Here tofore, fires to o«r eoaotry villages “ .. , 

to «. te -..4— 4.- - I ^ Of oxtreoMlT rare oorsmBce.^^ tST A man to Norfolk drowned himself 

™ •• “«« «• itofltoR bos ksd fonr or flvo fires wfthto ^ loFu-(Bost<m Foot 

RtetoRRdwiMCttottlMtvRttiUMMpoMs. ' ttoover a bnrU.— [O artostoa Ncwi|5Ul Love ot wutei? 

Siuitli, of Kentucky, o(V>sed,’ and Mr I s bill in relation to ike boundara of tbe J*H^f»«R*ille !«ele«|g4 as tfeo Prttt« 
Kelly, of Pennsylvania, aud Bchenck, of ; Indian reservations iu tbe State of Csiifor- ctptti tfluurtorusttolor*. Dopot. 

was presented as s rignnt and for disorderly 
eondiirt. He was sent to the House of Renigc- 
Tbe f^ourt then, having no farther bnsiues* tn 
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, Liiion. Uhio, supported 'the measure. I nia, and a bill to eetabitah post rontrs to Jefleraoavilto, lad., has bon ^ttsaaeod 

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filthy habit of chewing tobacco, isn’t fast from the North, South, East and West for House went into C^omralttee -of tbe Whole, coDcernlng Oic elecUvs Iranchtoc in fooTor- flold, A. (). M., bra bRIB ptooRd la ctolRR 

enough, u i general thing, for onr latitude tbe lateat paper* from all quarter*. Mr. Dtrle* to the Chair, on the tax bill. ' rltorlM ol tbe Called SUtea, aad the a^ of the depot. 

ripttl QuarterRaasler’s Dop**. 

JeCeraoRvilto, lad., baa bon MOOBeod 
a the prtocipal dopot to tfeo taaorlsrmaa- 
er't Departmeut to jtam at City Potot, 
’’u, diseoattoaed. Ctet K C. B attar 

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Uott te bto crimes, ate tet be wm wiUin« 
V*® P*r»OB exce> hia coaltoanr 
will boreafter bo allowte te vtott btoa To- 
day, Ufco yoam ago, Prato* toadsd to ttoi 

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Nxw YottR. May 9— Tto stsomor Co- 
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Tto Prnofe rtaomag La Praaos aftivod at 
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