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Full text of "Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1898-08-06"

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Purety Hn*ine**! 

are Its stock in toade, and ad- 
— ants ihould be paid for, no 
what part of ttao paper they 



In onr remarkable 87 98 Suit Sale 
mmli be left unsold today had the peo- 
ple known what values the? «ret for the 
price. At the eleventh lionr the com- 
munity seems ' to have suddenly 
kWftkeoed to the fact and truth that 
never before in the history of Mays- 
ville'8 clothiusr trade 87 H5 boturht 
Hueh values. We judjre this from the 
unmber ot customers that came in for 
these Suits yesterday. To make this 
sale a record breaker, and for the ben- 
efit of the Ujorards. we have replen- 
ished the depleted S7 86 counters with 
still greater values, aud will continue 
the sale until the 15th ot Ausrust. 

Your Choice for S7 66 Cash 
When the Goods are Taken 
Away. Money Refunded if 
Upon Home Examination 
You are not Pleased. 

The results iu our Shoe Department, 
though not a year old. are firratifyiug- 
to us and fully as much to our shoe 
patrons. "The most comfortable pair 
of shoett I've worn for years." is the 
universal expression ot those that wear 
them. Our 82. 82 5U and N Smith & 
Stoughton French Calf Common Sense 
Shoes are the best iu the market. 
Every pair we sell is made for us aud 
warranted to ifive satisfaction. Money 
refunded if they don't. Our liig-h-class 
Shoes, such as V ici Kid. Knssiau Calf. 
Patent Leather, Cordovau. &c., all of 
which are specially made for ns by the 
Burt-rackard people, Brockton. Mass.. 
till the loiur felt wants iu Maysville's 
Bhoe trade. We are daily receiving 
our fall stock iu these lines. If your 
summer shoes are about worn out and 
you think it late to buy lightweight 
footwear we can tit you iu the comlug 
style of Fall Shoes. Respectfully. 



XT If you have friends visiting you, or 
you are (roing away on a visit, please drop ni 
note to that effect 

Mr- W. H. Means Is sojourning at Esculapla. 

Miss Elexene Filson is visiting relatives at 


t For thr Ht>mt 

i Hall of Mlllersburg- ii 

laughter. Miss Mattie Lee 

Mrs. J. T. Parlter and children 
Mi a visit uf eeVeral weeks In 


Mies Sarah Weaver 

pleasant * 1 ot her bi 

ot Muuretteld. 

Miss Lucy Oray ot Cincinnati and 
Louie Ilruer of Pane are guests of relatives 
and friends here. 

Miss Margaret Iluke Watson of East Third 
street it visiting lu-r aunt, Mr*. W. K. Gill, 
near Washington. 

home after a n 

Edward Cahllsh, accompanied by Ml 
1 Schrotr and Mr. William t'hansel. spent 
Sunday with his m other, M rs. Jacob Cablish. 

Miss Lucy Oray of Cincinnati. Miss Louie 
ruer of Paris and Miss Allison of Washington 
are pleasant guests of Miss Klliabeth Power at 

Miss Minnie Kapps has returned ti 
ome In Clm 
reeks with r 

Mrs. Henrietta Se 

: Lebanon. O . yesterday after a pleasant 
visit to Mr. and Mrs. Lew Seeker. She was 
accompanied as tar as Cincinnati by Mr. 

Accident Insurance. Ed. A1.1 



Our store for the uext fortnight will be teeming with 
especially great bargains Everything is marked at midsummer clearance 
prices. The greatest bargain of the season is a 


These are the famous Astoria Brand, and are sold everywhere at 15c. a yard. Re- 
member, (oil M inches wide and ail the very latest designs. 


But important to the thrifty housekeeper. Yard-wide Heavy Brown Cotton, 3»c. 
a yard. Yard-wide Softtiuish Bleached Cotton, Sic. a yara. A great line of 
Organdies, Lawns and Dimities of regular 12io. value, now 5c. a yard. Turkish 
Bath Towels. 46 Inches long. 8c. Three cakes Buttermilk Soap for 7c. Come and 
investigate; you'll find more great bargains than we can make mention of. 




Whitt streamer-rAiH: 

WlttaUieJl ABOTI-'twlll WABMBB 
tf Hf.Mfc «r.tNSATH-OOLD»B' twill 

Go to Mrs. John Crane's, 
Fifth street, for Cut Flowers. 

Wanted— Uodcarriers. Apply at once 
to Richard Dawson. Opera house build 

Unless fltoeVs shown— 
•WT^e afne forecasts are m 
period ofthirt/.sli nnure. ending a 
to-morrow ovening. 

OfJy nou hnte an Hem oj r 
please call up Thk LRixiEK, Telephone 
t$, and send it in. 

Hodcarriers Wanted— Apply at onco to 
Richard Daw son, O pera bouse building 

Louisville Knights of Pythias will 
make an effort to have the next National 
Con clave hel d in that c ity 

Don't haul your coal from Maysville 
unril you get H. M. Warder's prices at 
Helena .Station. He can save you money. 

Mr. Joseph W Downing was very ill 
vesterday and the day before, but is now 
reported betier He lives near Washing 

Jot Goodwin of Vanceburg has had 
his pension restored a', the rate of *5 per 
month, with back pay from June 

A good deal of wheat has been 
threshed while wet or damp this week 
and considerable ot it is sprouting in the 

Rev. 0. T Runyon will preach at the 
Christian Church tomorrow mornin 
10:45 o'clock on "The Possibilities of 
One Man." 

The best grades of Kanawha and Semi- 
cannel Coal for less money than you pay 
for Pomeroy at William Davis's Coal 
Yard, near Limeston e Mills. 

Deputy Collector Davis has now half- 
cent Documentary Stamps, for use on in- 
surance policies. Agents should secure 
a supply at o nce and avoid t he rush. 

Collections solicited, prompt attention, 
reference Bank of Mavsville 

J. M. Collins. 
35 West T hird street 

Mr. Lige Kirk had his ouggy badly 
broken up in • runaway yesterday, and 
old Mrs Catron, who was riding with 
him, was considerably bruised, while he 
escaped with only a few scratches. 

When you start out to buy anything in 
the line of Jewelry. Watches and Dia- 
monds don't fail to call at Murphy's the 
Jeweler. No better goods anywhere. 
Prices low. His repairing department is 
the best. 

Miss Mary Hall entertained Thursday 
evening at the elegant home of her pa- 
rents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Hall, on 
Forest avenue, in honor of her guests, 
Miss Miller and Mr James Hall Miller of 
Atlanta, G». 

It will not be surprising if car No 7 
runs over a "frog'' today, for the motor- 
neer is papa Daulton now; and grandpa 
Gray is as skittish as if he had received 
•n electric shock. It's a boy, and if it 
was as big as its papa feels it would 

More than twenty million free samples 
of DeWitt s Witch Hazel Salve have 
been distributed by the manufacturers. 
What better proof of their confidence in 
its merits do you want » It cures piles, 
burns, scalds, sores, in the shortest space 
of time. Henry W. Ray. adjoining Post- 

The Democrats this afternoon will 
hold their precinct meetings in this city 
at the following places: First Ward, 
Gable's coil office: Second Ward, Court- 
house; Third Ward, Dietcrich's carriage 
shop; Fourth Ward, shop at Fourth and 
Plum; Fifth Ward, Collins A Rudv Oo.'l 
office; Sixth Ward, Dunbar 's old shop. 

The United States Civil Service Com- 
missioner announces that an examination 
will be held for the Internal Revenue 
Service in the city of Lexington, Kv , on 
some date between October 1st and 15th, 
1-!'- All persons who desire to be ex 
amined should apply to the Secretary of 
the Board of Examiners at Lexington 
for blank applications, and full informs 
relative to the scope of the exitmina- 

The meeting at Ruggles Campground 
is growing in interest from day to day, 
the tabernacle being filled from night to 
night.. Several at the altar aud one con- 
last night. The Rev E O Buxton, 
D. D , ot Cincinnati will preach at 1040 
. and 7 p. m. Come and hear th:i 
noted divine And thin the singing 
ufcder the leadership of Prof. Crabbe aud 
wife of Ashland, assisted by a large 
choir, is just grand and soul inspiring 
Everything now points to the beat meet- 
ing held on the old Campgrounds. Come 

Preaching at the M E Church. South, 
tomorrow morning at 10:30. No service 
»t night. 

Mr. George Wood and family of the 
county will soon move to this city to 
mske their home. 

Lewis Bradford sues for divorce from 
Lulie Bradford. They were married 
January iUt, UK, 

John Q. Jones sues for divorce from 
Lucinda Jones. They married in Aber 
deen May 30th, 1889. _ 

Alice Cooper has Hied suit for divorce 
from J. Allen Cooper. They were 
ried Decembe r '."id, 1881, 

The Rev. William Echelraeier of i 
port will preach at the German Church 
in this city tomorrow at 10:30 a. m. 

Maurice F. Coughlin. Administrator of 
Johanna Coughlin, Sled his inventory of 
her personalt y, amounting t o $2,700. 

Mrs. Carrie Davis, who has been criti- 
cally ill at Ruggles Campground, is 
greatly improved and is now able I 



Comparison of cost of gas at main office Western Union 
Telegraph Company, San Francisco, using the Welsbach 
System, with same period in previous year while using 
ordinary burners, shows a saving of over 50 per cent.: 

For niotilh eulltig January 4th.. . 

•' March 4i h. 

April 4th 

HI 20 

77 40 

w eo 

William T. Swanger married Mary 
li/.a Swanger in Aberdeen in Novem- 
ber, 1800, and now he asks to be di- 

Katie A. Hasson has tiled suit for 
divorce from Frank L. Hasson. They 
were married in Aberdeen February 
27th, 1885. 

The Lkdoek is glad to state that T C. 
Campbell, Esq., whs has been confined 
his home several weeks by illness, is 
now able to be about 

Mr. John Duley, representing the 
Board of Education, has resigned as a 
ber of the Committee on Greenwood 
Library Fund. His successor has not 
been named as yet. 

The will of the late George Benz of 
MayBlick has been admitted to record. 
All property is left to his wife, and at her 
death it is to be sold and the proceeds 
divided equal ly between t heir children. 

Frank Donaldson, charged with as- 
saulting a nine-year-old colored girl, de- 
tails of which were given yesterday, bad 
lengthy examination before Judge 
Wadsworth, and was held in J5U0 to 
ipear before the Grand Jury. 

Mrs. Hannah A. Beckett yesterday 
filed suit for divorce from James E 
Beckett. They were married June 12tb, 
and the plaintiff avers that Mr. Beckett 
inject to spells of madness or fits, 
that instead of taking a bridal tour 
ok an axe to her. 

Mr. John I. Winter's space on the sec- 
ond page has something new today that 
will interest you. Read his ad and see 
it it does not contain some suggestion 
that will help you in making up your 
mind about the purchase of articles he 
carries. Then give his store a call and 
he will do the rest. 

There will be no services in the First 
Presbyterian Church tomorrow morning 
The congregation will worship with the 
her congregations of the city in the 
nion services to be held in the Central 
Presbyterian Church at night. Mission 
Sunday-school in German Church at 2 30 
, and W B. C. Endeavor at 6:45 p 

The Rev. H. C. Northcott, founder of 
Ruggles Campmeeting, was in tha city 
yesterday on his way from the Camp 
grounds to his home near Newport. Mr 
Northcott is one of the oldest Ministers 
he state, he and a sister being the sole 
vivors of a family of fourteen brc-th- 
and sisters. He was the guest of his 
nephew, Mr. John Duley. 

Mrs. Julia Webster, aged about 74 
years, died this morning at the residence 
of her son in law, C. M. Redman, near 
Springdale. She was the widow of the 
late Joseph Webster, an ex Union soldier. 
She leaves four children, two sons — John, 

? Wl'! 

ind Da 

Rectorville— and two .laughters— Mrs 
Dollie Redman and Mrs Robert Hook of 
Springdale. Interment at Bethany tn 

the Men's Rally at 4 o'clock to- 
morrow Mr S. D, Thompson, one of the 
elders of the Christian Church, is tte 
speaker and leader. Subject— Lessons 
Learned From the Life of Elijah." Miss 
Katherine Underwood, a talented young 
lady from Cincinnati and a pupil ot 
Buch Foley, Esq., will ling a solo accom 
panied by Miss Hlatterman All men in 
vited Com* out and hear this interest 
ing service for 40 
will ha served during tha meeting 

The above is a correct transcript from the accounts 
of the Western Union Company. 

(Signed) F. H. LAMB, Ass't Supt. 

All other manufacturers of incandescent lights using 
mantles infringe on the Welsbach Light Co.'s patents, and 
all persons are cautioned against the use of any mantles 
other than made and sold by the Welsbach Company. 

The genuine lights and mantles are for sale by 




The Glascock-Parker Lot at 
Second and Sutton Di- 
vided at Last. 

nil A. B. GLASCOCK fAVM 9400. 

Ever since the fire of January 30tb, 
when Parker & Smoot's Stables and 
Washington Opera house went up in 
smoke, speculation has been rife as to the 
disposition of the big stable lot, owned 
jointly by Messrs. A. R Glascock and 
John T. Parker 

The matter has now gotten as far as a 
division of the property, which was con- 
nated yesterday afternoon, the fol- 
lowing diagram showing how it is die- 

Paris Green that kills, at Chenoweth's 

The pear crop of this county is a very 
large one, but it has been injured by the 
wet weather _ 

At Mitchells Chapel tomorrow ser- 
vices will be Sunday-school at 9 30 a. 
m , preaching by the Pastor at 11 a. m. 
and 8 p. m. 

Denton was selected as the place for 
holding the next annual meeting of the 
Mutual Protection Society at the session 
just closed at Vanceburg 

At the Central I'resbylerian Church on 
Sunday morning Rev J C. Molloy will 
preach on 'Witness bearing " In the 
evening at the Union Servioe on 
Micah ii 10. illustrated by Florence 
Savonarola and Mrs drowning All are 
cordially invi ted 

One Minute Cough Can surprises peo 
pic by its quick cures and children may 
take it in large quantities without the 
least danger. It has won for itself the 
best reputation of any preparation used 
today for colds, croup, tickling in the 
throat or obstinate coughs. Henry W. 
Ray, adjoinin g Postofflc e 

(O CkjtBM 

Pays your round trip car fare and gives 
you a ticket to the show at Electric Park. 

We have a few Shingles of all kinds 
ourselves, and. incidentally, we have a 
few other things in the building line. 
Give us a call, and we will always 


customer of ours. 

Collins & Ri dv I.umusk Co 

Sutton Street. 

As will be seen, Mr. Glascock gets the 
corner- «0 feet on Sutton and 80 feet on 
Second— for which he pays Mr. I'arker 
1400 "to boot. " 

Mr Parker takes 54 feet on Sntton, 
running back 13a feet to the Opera house 
line, and thence to Second street, with a 
frontage of 53 feet on that street. 

What will be done by the owners in the 

ay of improvement is a subject with 
which the gossipers a re still wre stling. 

For strictly pure Paris Green c;ill at 
Henry W Ray's ~ 

Have you been out to this popular 
place this week? No! Well, then, you 
are missing a treat and had better go out 
tonight and see Carmanella and Lucille 
in their laughable musical novelty, "Fun 
in a Butcher's Shop." and Armstrong 
and Porter, who have a whole "bunch" 
of new sayings and Lew Seeker, who 
always has something new and funny to 
lay. All new faces next week. Go out 
tonight it s only a dime for admission 
and roun d trip car fa re^ 

Fremont Park. 
A large audience laughed and enjoyed 
the performance again last night Sev- 
eral of the amateurs were clever The 
watermelon contest was laughable in the 
extreme Morns and Parker seemed fun 
nier than ever New features will be in- 
troduced tonight A 1 hildren's matinee 
will be given this afternoon at 230 
o'clock. A grand balloon ascension and 
parachute leap at I p. iu Grand balloon 
ascension and parachute leap with fire- 
works display tonieht. 


This space Tuesday for im- 
portant store news— a bar- 
gain happening sure to in- 
terest you. 






Advertising rate* uniform and reaton- 
atU and made known on application at 

( ledger regularly wUl 
•tar a h*»f hy reporting 
• Oot AT TH1 ofvIOM. 


























I 21 












Matter of Interest to Person: 
Who Prepare Documents. 


nue as frequently a? they are rendered 1 

A policy does not reiiuire a stamp until 
it is issued, or is offered as so insurance 
policy, and an insurance company 
stamp a policy through its local as 
as through its general agent. 

A stamp must be attached to premium 
notes as well as to policies. 

Original lease requires a .tamp, 
stamp is required on copy executed by 
the parties at the time of the original 

No stamp is required o» ordinary re- 

A 2-cent stamp is required on an order 
far cash drawn on a merchant by one of 
his customers. 

Free samples of cosmetics, perfum- 
eries and proprietary medicines require 
no stamps. They must, however, be 
plainly marked that they are free sam- 
ples and in no case must be sold or of- 
fered for sale. 

The withdrawal of funds by a deposi- 
tor on the presentation of his bank book 
to the savings bank, does not require a 
stamp if there - nothing accompanying 
it in the form of an order fur the payraeU 

On each §100 of face value or fraction 
thereof, bonds, debentures or certificates 
of indebtedness issued by any association, 
company or corporation require a I cent 

All original issue of certificates of 
stock require a 5 cent stamp 

A 2 cent stump is required on all sales, 
agreements to sell, memorandum of itlsM 
or deliveries or transfers of shares of cer 
tiflcates of stock on each 1100 of face 
value or fractiuo thereof. 

Certifl ates of profits must bear a 2 

A broker's note or memorandum of 
sales requires a 10 cent stamp 

All convtyances of real estate, consid 
eration or value exceeding I1U0 and less 
tbaa f>00, must have upon them a BO 

When the deed is stamped, no utamp is 
required on the certificate of acknowl 
edgment; but where the amount of con- 
sideration is less than »100 there is no 
stamp on the deed, but th<« certificate of 
acknowledgment must have a 10 cent 

Certificates of deposit drawing interest 
if left a certain time are taxable the same 

as promissory notes. 

When there is a Deputy Collector in 


all j 


> to 

him. It gives your home city a good 
send off. If yon send your taxes direct 
to the Collector in a distant place, your 
home town gets no cr edit for it 

Don't fill your coalhouse with poor 
Pomeroy coal when you can get Black 
Band. Chesapeake or Hemi-cannel Coal 
at the same price at William Davis's 
Coal Yard, ne ar Limestone Mills. 

Grocers and couutry merchants are 
once more notified that Tar Soaps, and 
all soaps recommended for skin diseases 
or for beautifying the complexion, are 
subject to the new War Kevenue Tax. 
Kvery person who sells these soaps with 

A Big Wheat Crop " 
For 1899. 

The i 

th it. I'- 

ll TLir. 

The Heat Remedy For EIujt. 

Mr. John Mathias, a well known stock 
dealer of Pulaski, Ky , says: "After 
suffering for over a week with flux, and 
my physician having failed to relieve me, 
1 wub advised to try Chamberlain's Colic, 
Cholera and Diarrhiea Uetnedy, and have 
the pleasure of stating that the half of 
one bottle cured me." For sale by J. 
J as. Woo d & Son . Druggists. 


What the Great Steel Highwajg 
Offer to Travelers. 

That's onr prediction for Mason, BracktMi and Robertson counties, 
make no rretenions in the way of fortane tolling; uelther are we a prophet. 
We are simply gifted with a goodly amount of -horse sense." We know that 
there will be a good wheat crop next yeai. because the bulk of the wheat 
mm this fall will be sown with Knipire Disc Drills. ami they make no mistake. 
Kmplre Drills are positive and absolnte. They do exactly what you tell them to 
do. The Kmplre Disc Drill is the only positive feed drill made. It will feed the 
same quantity of wheat, rye, oats or barley with ihe mum g»ar. Size of the groin 
cuts no figure with the Kmplre. You do not have to sow 'our or five acres before 
you kuow what you are doing as with other drills. The Kmplre has telescoping 
steel conductors which never break or choke up as do the old-fashioned rubber 
conductors. The Kmplre drag bars are fastened to the top of the boot, Ive inches 
higher than on other drills and trash will not choke and slop the Kmplre. 


Herring Vatnomeetinn. 

,t> account lb* U and N Kallroad 
U round-trip tickets August 4th to 1.1th 
ents. Keturn limit August l«th. 

g Maysvtlle .Sundays. 

:e will lie 75 a 

L<<i.;iie "/ American IVIieelmen. In- 
dlannvoU*. Intl., mount 
Uth to Ulth, IMS. 

For the abort occasion the C. and (). will sell 
round-trip tickets Maysville to Indianapolis nt 
one tare. I.', a-,. Tickets on sale August eth 
th: return limit August Mth. 

r.rund Encampment Knights of Pythias and 
Supreme Lodge, Grand Session. August 20th 
September nth. For these occasions theC. 
id O. will sell round-trip tickets Maysville to 
*.! SO. Tickets on sale August 
d; limit of ticket* August il-t, 
with privilege of extension until September 

I hi. -lunar i amt Return 01 US, Sun- 
*]*W, AU(/u*t 7th, iHOH. 

On Sunday. August Tth, the C. and D. will 
•II round-trip tickets Maj sville to Cincinnati 
1 11 2,'.. Tickets good going on the »M a. m. 
train: good returning on special train leaving 
Fourth Street Depot at * p. m. Sunday, the Tth. 
National game ol baseball, llaltlmore vs. Cin- 

es require to 
e stamped in additiou to the stamps 

The stocks and bonds of co operative 
Building Associations are exempt from 
stamp Ui; but this does not exempt their 
checks, orders, notes or mortgages 

The person who signs or issues a bank 
check without affixing the proper stamp 
becomes involved Id liability to penalties 
under Section 10 of the act, unless it is 
shown that he had no design to evade 
the payment of the stamp tax and that 
the requisite stamp was affixed and can 
celed by the bank or person upon whom 
it was drawn before payment. 

e forwarded by railroad com- 

will drill corn successfully. Remember, the Kmplre is a positive feed drill, and 
the only one on the market. The grain is gently lifted into the conductors by a 
round, saucer-shaped part which is made to rotate by a square shaft. Only so 
mnch grain can be lifted and fed as this part will hold, and in order to sow a 
large or small quantity of grain per acre yon simply put a large or small cog 
wheel on this shaft, which makes the round, saucer-shaped lift revolve faster or 
slower. Kach cog wheel is numbered and guaranteed to sow an exact quantity 
of any grain per acre— wheat, rye, oats, barley. The Empire has tapering axles like 
a thimble-skein wagon, and a peculiar wheel, a wheel that we will gnarantee will 
not rnb the boxes In five years as on other drills— no, not In twenty-five years. 
Buy the best. Buy the Kmplre and take advantage of 48 years experience. The 
factory now offers yon the result of a lifetime's study and invention, viz. The 
Kmplre Disc Drill. Ask yonr grandfather about it. Ask any old citizen if he 
ever heard of an Empire Drill. I can show you an Empire Drill that is 31 years 
old and still runniug. The Empire for 48 years has had a National reputation— 
kuown and used the world over except Mason couuty. The Kmplre is not a cheap 
drill. It costs the agent a little more than other drills. Perhaps that is why 
your implement dealers have uever sold the Kmpire Drill here. Empire Drills 
are being exhibited and sold in Mason county now. I have shown this drill to at 
least 80 farmers in the last two weeks and every one Is enthusiastic in its praise. 
Call, examine this wonderful machine and couviuce yourself. It is a pleasure 
for us to exhibit It. Call and see us. 




-"wo weeks ago V Crimp Hoofing sold In Maysville at $2 88 a square. Today 
V Crimp Roofing is selling at 11 95 a square in Maysville. notwithstanding the fact 

that be is entitled 


to be your friend. Will you regard him as such? 
your consideration and preference. 

U. 8. 28 gaure. weighing 70 pounds to the 
square, only f 1 05, including the sticks, at the 
Price Fighter's We will put a crimp in 
i price. A two-borse Farm Wagon, made of second growth hickory, 
with brake, bed and spring seat, *47 25. 

long loaked for come at lost. Sell or trade off that jolt wagon and get s> 
gon Greatest invention of the age. Florence Second growth Hickory 
re now equipped with 

ndboard. right on the axle, and positively remove 
;on,load and driver We guarantee those springs 
.'agon. We guarantee these Springs to add 1,500 

The Springs are under the sandboard, r 

all the jolt, jar and jostle from wagon, lc 

to aiid Ifo per cent, to the life of a wai<on. We guarantee these Springs ti 
pounds to the carrying capacity of u 3, inch Wagon. Same kind of a Bpring that you 
find on a C. and O. or L. and N. frcigblcar. Your"ors say that they are worth 
$ 35 to a wagon, Better try them and see. The Florence Farm Wagon has in six 
months endeared itself to the people of Mason county to an extent that is very grati- 
fying tu us and alarming to our competitors True merit always wins. We are 
- third carload of these wagons since January 1st, 1898. 'Tis indeed a 
sell an article that pleases everyone. Remember, these Wagons 
have Pennsylvania Black Birch Hubs, every spoke in every wheel is made of a 
butt cut of Second Growth Hickory, every ooxing is put in every hub by 
hydraulic pressure without any wedges, every tire ia put on cold, every inch of 
woodwork is dipped in hot iinsced oil before being painted, the heaviest 
Ironed factory wagon on the market, guaranteed the lightest running factory 
wagon on earth and warranted in every rospect. Buy a Florence and get the best. 

" xcar Ho. 5822 testified to the temperature of 

earth and w 
Molten Metal dripping fro 
the chairs with which it was lorn 

^Sftdoion of those 

30 <?KNTS eac 
The other folks 

r» o o 

^ £.2 

p P CD ^ 


John I. Winter. THE PRICE FIGHTER, Maysville, Ky. 

Don't fail to place your "ad" in The 
LarxiBRif you want the most for your 

DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve has the 
largest sale of any Salve in the world. 
This fact and its merit has led dishonest 
people to attempt to counterfeit it. Look 
out for the man who attempts to deceive 
you when you call for DeWitt's Witch 
Hazel Salve the great pile cure. Uenry 
W. Ray, adjo ining I'ostotiic e 

The fourth annual reunion of Mexican 
far veterans will be held at Louisville, 

by special invitation of the Commercial 
'lub of that city, on September SIM and 

22d. _ 

The Rev W B. Costluy. of Stock- 
bridge, Ga , while attending to his pas- 
toral duties at Kllenwood. that state. was 
attacked by cholera morbus. He says: 
'By chance I happened to get hold of a 
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera 
Diarrhoea Rcinniedy, anil I think it 
was the means of saving my life. It re- 
lieved me at once " For sale by .1. .las. 
Wood & Son, Druggists 


You invite disappointment when you 
experiment. DeWitt's Little Early 
Risers arc pleasant, easy, thorough little 
pills. They cure constipation and sick 
headache just as sure as you take them. 
Henry W, Ray, adjoining Postofflce. 


;lulv 2$tb to August III*, 

(No. 15...4:38p. m 
• Dally. ♦ Dally except Sunday. F. K. 1 
Limited No. 2 arrives at Washlnirton «:47 a. m„ 
Baltimore. 8:00 a. m., Philadelphia 10:115 a. m., 
Now York 12:43 p. m. F. F. V. Limited No. S 
arrlvesat Cincinnati at 5:15 p. m. 

Washington H.t press No. 4 arrives at V( 
Inirton 3:45 p. m.. New York »:0I5 p. m. Clnoln- 
natl Fast Line No. 1 arrives at Clnclnna 

and elosintr August 

,w .1,, I 

Kaniutm Vityi an, I II. turn 0*0 :'<i, 
Omaha, , SNMAJMlSrSS »S* »». 

Vim tin- C. anil O., June MM 
to October 15th. IHWi. 

On account nf Trans-Mississippi and inter- 
national Exposition at Omaha theC. and o. 
will sell rtiund trlp tickets Maysville to" Uniiha 
at rate of Ml 70, and Kansas City ut rate of 
Ticket* on sale July luth to October 
it November lith. 

Special Rctlueed Sn/ra to the Tranm- 

Ttns M-ranil attraction will In many r»««pcctn 
bear favorut.le comparison u> the World's Fair, 
and will be the star effort on the part of Omaha 
in the entertainment nf visitors to that beauti- 

Following are dates of fairs to be held 
by neighboring trotting associations: 
Alexandria— August 23d, 24th, 25th, 

i Pullman b 
free recllnirur 
lllustratcd souvenir book and full 
inn furnished tree on application. A 
Dallatrher. Assistant Fassentror Agent. 4ti< 
Vine street, Cincinnati. 

HnecUll Hedueed Haten to Itmrer , 

On June 2<1. M and 4th and June lath. 17th 
ml »th the Mliwourl Pacific rtallway (Colo- 
rado Bhort Line) will have on aale round trip 
tickets to Denver at special reduced rates, sc- 
oot! nt American Medical Awx-lnnou MeclliiK. 

loth, and tin- lllt-nnlal Meeting- 
General Federation Women's Club*. June attn 
to and Tickets iroori thlr'y days from data of 
■ ale. with privilege of five days stop ever at 
omahH. Neb., for those who wlah to vlait the 
Trans-MlMlaalppI Reposition to 

Through daily trains nt. 
Louis to Denver elegantly equipped with Pull- 
an Palace Buffet Bleeplntr-eara and free He- 
ioln« Chaiitmra. For maps, timeoarda. illus- 
trated tourist books addreea H. C. Townsaod. 
General Passenger Agent, sr. Louis, Mo., or 
Gallagher, District Paeaerurer .Went. 
No. 408 Vine 

Hard stow n — AllgUI 
icr 1st. 2d. 3d. 
Kwing— Septembel 
West Union. O.-t 



, luth 


-September 27th, 28th, 29th, 
—September 2Wh IWth 

Lucas Countt. (*'• 
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is the 
senior partner of the arm of F. J. Choney at 
Co.. doing business In the City of Toledo, 
county and state aforesaid, and that said arm 
will pay the sum of OSK HUNDRED 
DOLL A KB for each and every oase of Catarrh 
that cannot be cured by the use of Hall's 
Catarrh Cure. Fhakk J. Cacniv. 

Hworo to before me and subscribed in my 
presence this 6th day of December, A. D. lwtt. 

, A. W. Olkasoh, 

\9jt\ Notary Public. 

Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally and 
acts directly on the blood and 

Villi— ... 
Kinlnent In 


ot I.oio-vili.- hy.. iter. K ii. Iluxton, D.D., o: 
Avomtulc. <).. It. v. C. W. Burn.-. [>.!>., ol Wj 
ollilllg. 1 1., mid i he Mi His I em ot the Covington 

uinl .\slii iri.l lii-tru t- nr.- expi . te.l to lie pres- 
ent. The i|uadicim!al services will tie on 
Thursday. August Ith. Itev. II. C. Northern 
an. I others addressing the uil'Ollllg. 

The singing will le in charge of Prof. 
Cratitic ol Ashland, assisted by u splendid 
hoir. which Is mi assurance that tin music 
rill bo all that could be desired. A splendid 
...Mitioti ha- he n made to the hotel, giving 

amp:, accoini latum to nil. The promenade 

Iflouil.l- Have been evtendrd, a new stab 
built and many oilier Hi pro\ emeu I s Hindi 
II. c grounds an beautiful, and best ol a 
there is an ol pure water— tw 
large cisterns, three w. in, one of which is K... 
feet deep, the will, r ol which we have hud 
am, I) /.e.l. and II contains the lollnwing me ' 
.i.l properties: Total solids. ;lu to the lib 
-oliiblc sails, 3.1.1 to the liter: consisting 
ebiorid-saiid sulpluiti sol magnesium. ~odii 
and potassium: lliso'ul |e -alts, .1.44 to t 
• ii. r: e«ii sistitig of culclum carbonates w: 

I'he hotel and confectionery will tie in charge 
of llamrn li Itros. ; stables, Mr Kmw.irlhyol 
vt. rium. ij bugi/ugo-rtiotn and baiber-shop, 

1 he meetings will lie in charge of Hers. O. 
It. Krenger and J. tl. Hover, Presiding Kl lets 
of the Col mgloli and Ashland llistriCtS. 

Any one too poor to pay a.luiliied tr.s 
tiood order will tie maintained. 

Any one desiring cottage* write 

1. M. LANE, Maysville. K.y. 

lfatuncernfail to titmt the /lest ttrrw, we inviU 

Ut feel that they are mil tmpostnu on us by ' 
lur/ree eotomiKi. 
A Overt UemenU can be left at «.ur office n, 

young man, petition 

i'^T^AWItok'i". r' 


d for 

9. 1. Cmif iv sj Co., Tola. 
rSola by DrunrlsU.76oenU. 
r Hairs Family Pills are tbe best. 



pl'iirlorCjc . 
d arrlvo (Trie 

*j Depot, O rand Cen 
itral station. Clf 
) Ticket Office, 8. B 
corner Fourth an. 
( Vino streets. Tole 
(phone, 1142.* Dal' 


N. and M. v., Rastern Division. 

Leaves Maysville at l:tt p. m. for Parts, Cin- 
cinnati. Lexington, Winchester, KlchmonS 
and points on N.N. and M.V.. Eastern Dirt. 

Arrive at M*ywm?™t*U a. m. and 8;? 






I lliKpm 

Wash., Halt., Phlla. and N. 

sWash.TllBli.!'l''hHii'.aT, 1 | N 
Y.,wlth dinlnv>car,Koy- 
al lllue Flyer 

Parkersburg. Marietta and 
way siatiiins 

Hlllsboro Express^ 

Cllllllcolhe Jt Illllsb. 

s Colum., /an., U heeling 

and Pitts Night V.x 
Clnelnuati and Columbu 
Early Morning Rxprei 
" ' nbus, /.an. and \\ In . 

..ig Fast Express 
Columbus, Newark, Zaneo. 
and Cambridge Express 
mchester and Intern 
dlate Points 


Si. l.ouls bimltod, direct 

St. Louis and _ 
Night Express 
St. Louis Special 

' Louis and Inter 

— Springfield ft 

Pana, Springfield, Hoards 

town Jk Sbawnee., Ill 
Mitchell and li 


pLou., N. A. A Madl 

- Louisville & New Orleans 
through Memphis. 
!><>. Night Express. 

■i o.',p,„ 
•11:56 am 

2 :» p. m. Express, d*lly, . 

Chair Car and Pullntin liufiet Sleeping ,„ 
Oluclnnatl to New Orleans, through Memphis, 
without chaiure. 

ll:aup. m. Kxproas, dally, "as Pullman lluf 
fet Bleeping Car and Day Coaches, Cincinnati 
to New Orleaoa, Utrouah Men phis, wltbout 

< *¥x)T*<l9t*t\ Information res-ardent- rates- 
time oil oonnoottng Hues. Sleeping. Parlor and 
DlMfuj Oars, etc., address J. M. Ctaesbrouah, 
fieoeral Psssrrurer Agent, or O. B. Warf el. A* 
riant Gen — 1 ' 



emery it ATI, 




avenue, c"nolnnatl."' 1 ' 


Batt and BtirttUKut. 
Only line running tl 

fork City without ferrlage"or transfer, li 

lng passengers In the Grand Central Station, 
Forty-seoond street; only through oar line to 

Doston, and only !!"■> ' — — T — — •-- 

Olevaland, and 47 m 

d Dally. • Kicept 8unday. 

Tr^l4|0>l gVa«||i 

and Vine, 
d Centra . 

f through oars Into New 

N. T. and flos. South- 
western Ves. Llm 

Bos. and N. Y. Express 
Clev.,N. V. and Bos ... 
dev.. Buff, and N. Y... 
Colum. and Springfield 
Columbus Aceomm. ida. 
Day. and Springfield . 

dtlum a.m. 
•II 11p.m. 
dH:4(. p.m. 
-J :15 p.m. 
dfl:15 a.m. 
d4:15 p.m. 




Went, Norta ani NorUucett. 
Solid Vestlbuled Trains, Dining Cars, Wagner 
Compartment and Standard Sleep- 





Tlie American Troops Have Taken 

Possession Without Seri- 
& oos Resistauce. 


Part of Gen. Ernest's Brigade Captures 
and Holds the Bridge BtJoM 
Joan Dial. 

At Dkscai.adhodo Bivkh, Six Miles 
Reyond Juan Diaz, on the Road to 
San Juan, Aug. 4, Tin St Thomas, D. 
W. L. Aug. 6\ — The 10th Pennsylvania, 
of Oen. Ernest's brigade, advanced to 
this point to-day aud holds the bridge 
over the river. 

The 3d 6nd 8d Wisconsin are expect- 
ed to-morrow. No sign of the enemy 
is reported, but it is believed that the 
Spaniards are about 400 strong be- 
tween this point and Coama. 

The seizure of the bridge 

■ol o 



leing pushed out and they may 
collide with the 6panish outposts. 

Off Sas Juan de Porto Kico, Aug. 
4, via St. Thomas, D. W. I., Aug. a.— 
The Americans have taken pencefui 
possession of the eastern portion o! 
the isUnd. Small parties of marine! 
have been landed, who have li jilted 
lumps in the light house at Cape San 
Juan and other light houses along the 
coast They met with no resistance. 
Inu.-ed, at Cape San Juan deputations 
of citizens caino out to meet them. 

The war ships now in this vicinity 
are the Montgomery, the Annapolis, 
the Puritan and the Amphltrite. The 
two former are looking for the trans- 
ports with troops, which left the 
United States ami have scattered all 
about the island The Annapolis 
rounded up the Whitney, the Florida 
and the Raleigh yesterday and they 
are now at Cape San Jnau 

There seems to have been a serious 
mistakes as to the rendezvous, for no 
two ships got to the same place and it 
will take several days to locate them 
and get them to Ponce, where Gen. 
Mills is waiting. 

Off San Juan Uie cruiser New Or. 
leans alone maintains the blockade. 
The city is grim and silent, but buck 
of her yellow walls there will be 
plenty of determination and figh 
when the Americans oneu fire. 

Capt. Gen. Macias has issued a prof 
lamation, in the course of which hi 

"Spain ha» not sued for peace, and 
I can driwe off the American 
boats now as I did Sampson's attempt 

The daughter of the captain general 
is helping to drill the gunners in the 

a 1»0 


on the south coast occupied by the 
Americans have not yet arrived 

The German steamer Polynesia, with 
a cargo of rum, canned moats and to- 
bacco, tried to run the blockade this 
morning but was stopped by the New- 

Ponce, Porto Rico, Aug 5, via St 
Thomas, D. W. L, Aug. rt.-Maj. Gen. 
Miles is proceeding entirely without 
regard to peace negotiations. Krag- 
Joofren&en's are being used. The 3d 
and 8d Wisconsin moved up to the loth 
Pennsylvania Friday. Col. Ilulings 
has captured 5,000 pounds of rice. 
Thus far the enemy has not molested 

Maj. Gen. Urooke's landing at Ar- 
royo is successful. 

The troops from the Roumanian, 
four batteries of the 27th Indiana, the 
1st Missouri, the lt>t Pennsylvania and 
the »d Illinois are disembarking there. 
The Morgan troop of the 5th cavalry 
and the Mississippi commissaries have 
arrived here. 

Lieut. Hunter, of the artillery, was 
•lightly wounded by one of our pick- 
ets Thursday night Capt Edgar Uu- 
gart, who died of typhoid fever, haa 
been buried with military honors. 
Gen.. Roy Stone is repairing the road 
to Arreclbo, but a movement there ia 

Battle Ship* to Reinforce Dewey. 

Washington, Ang. «.— It is probable 
that several ships will be seut to Adm. 
Dewey from the Atlantic waters in the 
near future to reinforce the Asiatic 
squadron and to give some of Dewey's 
a chance to go for a needed overhaul- 

Maria Tereea Floated. 

Norfolk, Vs., Aug. o.— Advices Fri- 
day to the Merritta are to the effect 
that the Maria Teresa has been 
pumped out and flosvtad, and will soon 
start for Norfolk ussir her own steam. 

Jacksonviixi;, Fla., Aug a. —The 
ad Alabama regiment arrived here Fri- 
day from Miami and went into oamp 
along with the Louisiana regiment >■ 
o part of the eity. 

New Yoke, Aug. 8. — Lieut. Hoaeon 
, said Friday he intended to visit Oar- 
* ra at Annapolis, so that he might 
I bis compliment* to the admiral 


Gen. Apninaldo, the Insurgent 
Chief, Makes Two Proposi- 
tions to Gen. Merritt. 


iks That His Troops Be Allowed fo 
March Through the City When 

lupine Keglmeuts With Am.-r 
OBI cere— Merrltt Considers 
•I vie >• a fnulble Kef. 

New Yojik, Aug. 6.— A dispatch to 
the World from Manila by way o ; 
Hong Kong saysj 

Aguinaldo, the insurgent chief, is 
becoming more friendly to the Amer- 

surgent problem In a manner highly 
advantageous to the Uuited States. 

In the first place, he asks the com- 
mander-in-chief of the American land 
forces to permit tlie rebel troops to 
march through the streets of Manila 
when the city surrenders. 

Gen. Mcrritt appears inclined 


It wo 


WASiirs.iTON, Aug. iV— When the 
president closed iiis official work 
on Friday he had not received 
the reply of Spain, nor any intima- 
tion as to how soon the reply might 
be expected. The French ambas- 
sador hod not been heard from 
throughout the day, and he, as 
well as our government officials, was 
waiting for Spain to give the 
final response. Two days have now 
passed without a word officially from 
Spain, cither in the way of inquiry or 
response. From this it is clear that 
the Spanish cabinet fully realizes the 
time for argument, counter proposals 
or moiliiication has gone by and 
that there is only one simple 


ii thi 

the American tarau will be sa-tcpted 
M a whole or rejected. There is in- 
Iced reason to beiievj that the Span- 
ish government has been directly ad- 
vise 1 thftt the stage of BSgOtlfstio is It 
past and that only the matter of 
;in answer, favorable or unfavorable, 
remains. That the answer ha, not 
como quickly i; 

•till i 

■ th:j 

march as victors through the capital 
of the enemy they have been success- 
fully combatting and besieging 
since the wiping outof Moutojo's fleet 
At the .same time the native troops be- 
ing thus arrayed iu line and under 
liroet orders, may be more easily con- 

the great task before Sairasta. It 
teems to be the general view here that 
if the premier and his ministry were 
ontrammeled an acceptance would 
come at once, and that the preliminary 
peace arrangements wuuld now be 


Mischief Wronght hy Too Pro- 
miscuous Use of the For- 
mer by War Men. 

The Wftf Department is Much Worried 
Over the Situation at San- 
tiago de Cuba, 

Washington, Aug. 6 — The war de- 
partment is much worried over the 
situation at Santiago, not from fear of 
any additional danger from the fever, 
but from the effect upon the soldiers 
of the action of the officers in almost 
creating a panic. The officials state 
that they have been working for weeks 
to prevent just what seems to have 
happened, a stampede among the sol- 
diers, and if the men get disorganized 
it may cause trouble. 

Soldiers could not be rushed pell 
mell on board the transports, because, 
if they did the conditions of the 
Seneca, Concho and other transports 
which came back with the wounded 
would be repeated, and again it was 
not possible to remove all the soldiers 
at once while the Spanish prisoners 

made for the camp at Moutau* Point 
and two weeks ago work was begun 
on hospitals at that place. The war 
department notified Gen. Shafter fully 
two weeks ago to get ready to move 
his troops and only gave orders to 
send them to the mountains pen. ling 
their removal altogether. Orders were 
under way to experiment by sending 
parts of cavalry home on the Louis- 
iana, as it was thought advisable not 
to transport the entire army 
until it was found that 
the e Louisiana made a suc- 
cessful trip. There was no intention 
to keep the army at Santiago de Cuba 
during Amrust, and transDorts were 
ordered to leave that place justassoon 
as possible after the Louisiana had 
made her trip. The action of the 
nfflefN in sending the round robin, 
the officials of the war department 
here claim, has stampeded the soldiers 
and destroyed to some extent dis- 
cipline and order, which is necessary in 
the army. However, the officials at 
the war department are now straining 
every effort to hasten the return of 
lien Shafter's troops, and they will 
be removed as soon as they possibly 
can be. It will be impossible to re- 
move all of them as long as the Span- 

Failures (or the week have been 199 

in the United Statea, against ER7 last 
rear, and ill in Canada against 20 last 


Friday's statement of tbc conditi« n 
of the treasury shows: Available cai.h 
balance, £257,.Vi3,bo0i gold reserve. 

The London Statist predicts a greot 
wave of American prosperity after the 
war and active European business in 
American securities. 

The president has decided to make 
practical use of American rights ot 
Pago- Pago harbor, Samoa, and the es- 
tablishment of a fully equipped navol 
coaling station there will be under- 
taken at once. 

The torpedo boat MacKcnzie, built 
at iiilhnan's ship yard, Philadelphia, 
was given a trial Friday by her buil > 
ers and succeeded in making an av- 
erage of about 23 knots an hour. 
Her contract required at least a Hu- 
knot speed 

A high Catholic authority says that 
the Vatican had decided to make Arch- 
bishop Walsh of Toronto a cardinal. 
His death leaves the question of suc- 
cession to Cardinal Taschereau open, 
as the Vatican is understood to httvs) 
no second choice. 

The steamer Pirigo arrived at Seat- 
tle Friday morning from St Michaels 
with 100 passengers, some of whom 
went north recently, but being unable 
to get up the river returned. About 
40 were Klondlkcra They brought 
down £200,000 in dust and nuggets. 




tion of Shafter's troops for the United 
States began Friday l.en. Shafter - 
orders for the movement of this com- 
mand provide for tlie following pro- 
gramme: Embarkation of M and 8th 
regular cavalry, tueu the 1st regular 
cavalry and the 1st volunteer cavalry 
(rough riders) will be embarked. 
These have been ordered to bt rea l., 
to go on board ship Sunduy. 



from Spain n 
I is fully bell. 

reported b 
nection with the Anglo-American 
Btovwneat, that strong endeavors are 
being made to got the prince of Wales 
to visit the United States and Canada 
next summon, and it is added that en- 
couragement has been given the idea iu 
responsible quarters. 

The official Reichsaneiger says that 
after Friday's religious service in the 
Emperor William memorial church iu 
memory of the late Prince Hismarck, 
the emperor assembled the imperial 
chancellor, Prince liohenlohe, and the 
cabinet ministers in the vestibule and 
made them a long address. 

Within the past fawdays Gen. Garcia 
expressed his opinion that the welfare 
of Cuba depended on her joining the 
sisterhood of the United States. Part- 
ly on aeeount of his attitude and part- 
ly on account of the tamo reasons 
which led to his conversion, many of 
his officers now side with him. 

The new torpedo boat deetroyer 
Farragnt, built according to designs 
of and by the Union iron works, prom- 
ises to be the fastest craft ever con- 
structed In America or plying Amer- 
ican waters, and will eclipse any naval 
vessel in the world. This ha* been in- 
dicated in the first run it has ever 

The Merritt-Chapman wrecking tuy 
William E. Chapman and the Central 
railroad of New Jersey's ocean going 
tug Plymouth, which has been char- 
tered, are at the Staploton dock of the 
wrecking company ready to proceed to 
Cuba with the pontoons from Boston, 
which are to bt used in an effort to 
save the Christobal Colon. 

Notwithstanding peace net." >tiati<>r.s 
the Carpenter steel works. R adm-, 

from the government llOOS the war 
started. The ititere.n.-e la that the 

kept up to the fullest measure for fu- 
ture contingenciea Large shipment* 
are made three times a week. 

The Rome correspondent ol the Lon- 
don Daily News says: The vatic it! DM 

hus be constantly under the eyes and 
direct orders of our men. It is be- 
lieved that they would be obedient 
and easily controlled under tactful 

The American troops now occupy 
the trenches in front of Malate, a 
suburb of Manila, which were con- 
:ted by Aguinaldo. The rebels 
withdrew to let our men take their 
»s close to the Spanish Hues, 
c Astor battery supported by a 
ilion of the Sd infantry, is now iu 
ion at the front Ita guns being 
ted within a thousand yards ot 

thers Dougherty and MoKinnon, 
the former being on Gen. Men in > 
itaff. have gone to Manila to have an 
interview with Archbishop Nozaleda, 
of the archdiocese of the Philippines 
and to point out to him the futility of 
stance to American troops. 
ondon, Aug. 6.— The Hong Kong 
respondent of the Daily Mail 
s: "The prospect of America aban- 
doning the Philippines has well 
brought on a panic. The insurgent 
leaders are greatly dissatisfied with 
the Americans and the British here. 
Mr. Wildman, the United States eon- 
hul, has replied to Aguinaldo as fol- 
lows! "I trust to the honor and justice 
of the United States and let nothing 
interfere with the first task of throw- 
ing off the Spanish yoke. I believe in 
you. Do not disappoint me." 

s in sight The 
ddent will be great- 
e reads the reply. 

St. Looin, Pittsburgh, 

it,t.-rif. -1 

■Ick and 

.,..2 04200 100-M 14 
-Breltenitcin Petti ami WoO 
Umpires- tiaflney a 


Second Gumo. 

Innings: I I t • I • f I ff-B. H. «. ....2 I I I 2 I I •*•••• C 
New York 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 • •— I 8 S 

llatleries Hill an.l Pelt/.: Seymour, (idles 
s.n.1 Warner Umpires— Uuffiicy a nil llrown. 
first oanie. 

Innings I ■ .1 « f> A 7 I 9-R H a 

Chicago I 1 0 0 1 » 0 0 I 10 C 

Baltimore O0000000O-l)«i 

HuUerlea-W.xi.l8. llnnahlK mul Chance. 

I o a, 3 I l o 

licGuire. Uinpire*-Lyncn suit Andrews 
Innings I 18 1 4 5 6 7 8 »— B. 

PHUburg I I I M M 1 t-l 

Philadelphia. 0 00000000—0 
Uatterles— Rhinos sad tiowermuo; Plst 

MrParlsnd. Umpires— Sojder aud Connu 

Washington. Aug. «.— It is rumored 
here that Theodore Roosevelt has sig- 
nified hia intention of reaignlng hia 
eommlasion as oolonel of the rough 
riders, aa soon as he shall have gotten 
his command home. Confirmation of 
the report can not be obtained. 

Naileries - aloGee sad Kltlrldge; Hickman 
tad Y eager Ua*plres~0 Day *nJ I " ~ 

i-ill b 

tu n 

. Wi> 

will designate an oflfltr to re. v. v. 
them. Gen. Weiod will remain here as 
military governor. All the tentb will 
be left standing, ami all extra worn 
Clothing and bedding, which may pos- 
sibly be infected, will bo destroyed. 

The 1st brigade, of lien. LaYWtMt 
division, under QflS, Chaffee, will (.'.> 
next All men able to ride will bt put 
on ponies and taken to tlie wharf. 
Others will be conveyed mere In wa •- 
ons. All men suffering from yellow 
fever or infectious diseases will be left 
here. Every precaution will ho taken 
to provide for the safe and healthy ar- 
rival of the men in the north. 

VolunU-er regiments will next be 
shipped in the following order: 1st 
Illinois. 1st District of i 'olumbia, 71st 
New York, tub Massachusetts, 2d 
Massachusetts, btti Illinois, Sid Michi- 
gan aud 84th Michigan. All these regi- 
ments have beeta ordered to hold 
themselves in readiness to go on board 
transport* Saturday, or as soon after 
as possible. All troops will first be 
examined by u medical board, and any 

clergy under the protection of the 

Unit d States, in view of the thr. at- 
oned attacks by the laumrgOMI The 
archbishop's position is very odd, bt ar- 
ing in mind his foolish nit i-.\ n eru an 
manifesto Ht the bogiuuinp of the war, 
A Maryland steel company "lm^ pr*> 
tMted to the president agahut the ex- 
port duty fixed on iron ore shipped 
from Santiago oe Cuba. It is stated 
that the tax as now fixed i> absolutely 
prohibitive and the t»,o.)0 workmen em- 
ployed by this company will have to 
tie discharged. In addition to the old 

luty t 


has fixed an export duty of 15 cents a 
ton which Is declared to b<« verv oner- 
ous, the Spanish being only s per ceut. 

THE MARKETS.— kpruitf pan ni M .•«.- 1 ?i. .-prine 
iura-v.fl<« 1 1 tf. m rtnn fa 7s. » m- 
' let paiem. »3 TO. >,iim. f.,n.-v. M »•:«,.' .O fun.ilv 
fcTfttt&OO. .-Xlr». f.! I3l.n2.iil 1 .» :i«l. f 2 (I » i 
Z». rye. northwestern e.7»^.luu, .to city, 
Wheat Sales- No. - r.M, ira.k 70*c 
CoR»-Sal«» Yellow ear. track. efOj No. I of lllluole Troop*. 

Il 1 Willi U IU Aug. o liov Tan- 
ner received a telegram from the war 
department late Kri.iay afternoon that 
the 8th Illinois iufautry. colored, had 
been ordered to Santiago de Ota*) to 
replace the 1st Illinois infantry, 
which will be removed to Long Island. 
It will be two or three days before the 
8th will leave Hpring field. 

Washington, Aug. 6. - Capt Charles 
E Clark, eommaoder of the Oregon, 
has been condemned by a medical sur- 
vey at -Santiago and will be sent home 
from liuauUuaiao at opeg 



It haa 

ning"»nd eoc'thing Inf uioci opon 

jhe leadlng^reiiiedy 


btlng children In 

for years It lnilgoratee, 

Istst, strengthens the whe 

tern. This great remedy I* offend 
to all afflicted women . Why will 
any woman (after another minute 
with certain relief within raacht 
Wine ot Cardui only eoeis 81.00 
•per bottU — 

Par advice, in canes nmtirint ipse* 

Tie Chattanooga Mtdtoint Co., Chat 

(anooga, Ten™. 

Re. 1. m SMITH, CimSM, 8.C.. sevi: 
'•Mr wlte »eC Wins ot On! ji at 
lor falling ol the womb and It entirely 






17 gist Second Street, MATBVILLK, KT. 


AttttMf and founsHlor at Law. 

Dr. J. H. Samuel, 

Jftr-rraHrsf s,,r S ,<.y)^I fmmnrilm tinit*tal; *»- 

m 1 Sit MAXand SI RGEON 

Dr. P. G. SM00T, 

Of neral Practitioner of Medicine. 

Soecislstieiit.oii given disesscs of 


L. H. Landman, M. D. 

THURSDAY, AUG. 1th, 1898, 

rtV-Keiurning every first rsiursdtiy of each 


Attorney at Law. 
Coartstrset, - - - • MAYSVIJJJt, K1. 
t"«v-f><*n|'f if(<uft"n t 

H»» Auguu. *V; < T epteuib«i ^^^|a> 



1 1 MM KT 8TKI8T, 

T. H. N. SMITH, 


Met. Is. 180 W.Beteil 81. »r. B*tk'.«M Hi 

Tske0aawbenhav»igtee4hextf«eSSal. ' 
are the inly ttentlst that msnuiacturM omr 
own Uas. No daiifer. Always fresh. ArOsV 
I.-.-. I, h,ml 111 ita . Ilv. Aiwnikwi paid the 
testa of sdulta and ohildi 
best tooUiwash known to I 

Telephoii.. Ko. ST. at r._ 
services nn i-.-edi a at nighl. 

[The Editor of Tin I.iimeu ih not responsi- 
ble for opinions expressed by Correspondents; 
but nothing retire tint: upon the character of 
any person win be admitted to theae column*.] 

}0T Cnrm>ponJ'~n/« u-illpisnet tm.l Letter) to 
— to reach u» not later t/ian » o\-lock a.m. Gil* 
facu in at /tie vordt at pot/tiU*. 


H hat It Oointi On In t 

Miss Alice Collins is o,uile sick 
Miss Annie Leach is still improving. 
Mils Addie Leacb is on the sick list. 
Miss Mary Leacbinan is on the sick 

Mrs. Frank Duncan is quite sick at this 

Claude Calvert is somewhat better at 
this time. 

Mrs Will King is able to be up and 
about again. 

John and Tod l Tatraan are convales- 
cent at this writing 

The rain ot last Wednesday did Kreat 
damage to crops in this vicinity. 

Raining and going to campmeeting is 
the order of the day with the people of 

Mrs. Mears and daughter of Cincinnati 
are visiting the families of James 
Qrigsby and Judge Dye of Sardis 

Misses Dora Brattoo and Minnie Willet 
and several others were visiting at Olivet 
last week and attending campmeeting. 

Mrs. Addie Robinson of Mayslick was 
visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Sarah 
Campbell, of this place last Wednesday. 

Rev. Calvert and wife are very thank- 
ful to the good people of Sardis for the 
assistance rendered to them during the 
sickness of their son, Claude. 

Mrs. Charley Tomlin and little daugh- 
ter, Otty Sbeltuo, returned to Sardis 
Wednesday from Mayslick, where they 
have been visiting relatives in that 

Miss Helen Clifford of near Sardis and 
' Misses Mary Wheatley and Lila Suit 
went to Tollesboro Tuesday where they 
will visit relatives and attend the Hup 
gles Cam pmeeting 


Navigation will be resumed today on 
the Upper Ohio. 

The Wash Uonsbell with a miscellane- 
ous, tow passed down. 

The D. T. Lane passed down with coal 
for Cincinnati from Kanawha. 

The Pittsburgh I'acket Line will send 
the Virginia to Pittsburgh tonight. 

The Kanawha and Big Sandy rivers are 
rising fast, and a nice stage of water is 
looked for by tomorrow. 

Pittsburgh, Pa , August 3th —At 6 p 
m. today the indications pointed to a 
barge stage of water in the Ohio river by 
Saturday morning, and the rivermen 
in high glee. Morning reports from up 
the Monongabela and Allegheny 
all show that the rainfall will amc 
an average of -.75 to an inch. A heavy 
local rain fell all day. Rain fell at nearly 
all up river stations this afternoon 
Heavy rains reported at Greensboro and 
''Brownsville. Phillippi reports 2 4J 
inches precipitation. To make condi 
tioos better a heavy rain fell in the 
Beaver Valley districts last night, and a 
nico rise ii coming out of the Bea 
The coalmen are anxiaus to move 
big fleet of fully 10,000,000 bushels, which 
is awaiting shipment. Captain William 
Martin of tbe Davis Island Dam this 
•tternoon «ald that the dsm will be low 
«red as «ooo a* ttt stage of wat r Ju.ti 
ilea it. 


• K.wt Prom *" h P»*» «• ' 


tarni DmUi , An,- 6.- Wash 
vToodaoa, af«d ffout M years, a farm- 
er at this county, told his wife he 
would ride to a neighbor's on bu*i- 
Man, aud proceeded to the barn lot for 
his bona, Some time mberward she 


e the 1 


ring been \ 



with a 

dv nose. Thinking nothing strnngv 
of this she continued her search a 
short distance further, where, horri- 
fied, she beheld the prostruW form of 
her husband bS)tHSj devoured by hops. 
They had consumed almost tbe entire 
face and other purts of tbe body. The 
riotoMMM of the swine Is inexplica- 
ble, unless Woodson's presence exas- 
perated the moUier of some young 

Fatally Shut. 

OMforo Ky.. Aug. G.— At Panola, 
this county, Friday morninc Kobert 
Thomas, u prominent merchant, shot 
ano mortally wounded John Garrett, a 
taruier. The trouble arose over a set- 
IkiLiuL Gurrett wus pussiug the store 
en Thomas called on him for pay 
nt. A quarrel ensued, when Garrett 
lbbcdn hatchet and start, d at Thorn- 
who rnn upstairs, procured a 
Winchester, and bred ot bis assailant 

», galloped here, a distauce of 14 

miles, and surrendered, and was held 
In |9,0M bond, which he promptly 
gave. His examining trial will be held 

Mrs John Hamilton, who Iivbb near 
Germantown, attempted suicide a few 
evening* »iuc r by taking st rychnine. 

Truth wears well. People have learned 
that DcWitt s Little tarly Risers are re 
liable little pills for regulating tbe bow- 
els, curinit constipation and sick head- 
nche. They don't gripe Henry W 
Ray. adjoinin g Postoffice. 
During the high water of MM the 
eamboat California was sunk opposite 
Kusign Lauding, a few miles above Cat- 
lettsburg. It has been a legend that in 
the safe of tbe California was 1 75,000 in 
gold. This was never recovered and a 
party of Gallipulis capitalists have or 
gaoized a company and propose to dredge 
the river near the scene of tbe disaster, 
hoping to recover the lost 

To QsMUtM the S|/-f •■»• 

Effectually yet gently when costive or 
bilious, to permanently overcome habitual 
constipation, la awaken the kidneys and 
liver to a healthy activity without irrita- 
ting or weakening them. 

left b 

d from. Hi! 
i letter frou 

er is in receipt 

stating he had ambarkad at New- 
port News with the Kt-ntuclty troops 
for l'or.o Kico. Young Hull •Dilated 
the brst cull for volui.teers with 

Company c, of the LoaiavtUa u-gion, 
latrafioMat, but wma rajaotad bafora 
lha eompaajr was maatarad in the fed- 
eral service. 

■attraad Ffehts* 

Fi:ankfoi:t. Ky.. Aul-. 6 —It is un- 
lerstood that the state board of assess- 
nont and valuation has virtually 
i iiud its contention that it and 

if-t the railroad eommiaaioa has the 

• L-ht to asses- the fruuehises of rail- 
■oada The board went so far as to 
m..kj up the assessments last spring 
by tbe advice ol the attorney general, 
but will not push the matter. 

1 amcaii. Ky.. Aug. 0.— William 
P»IL of Harrison township, is I 
ritical condition as the result c 
top] erhead bite. The snake bit 
on the hand last Saturday and the 
lowing day his baud and arm wer 
WoHaa that the agonizing paiu n 
dm delirious. Everything poss 
has been done for him, but there it 

Inherited SUOO.OOO., Ky.. Aug. 0.— Ateleg 
received by his wife here annouc 
the food fortune that has befallen Rob- 
ert IVuitt. formerly employed In 
ancad'a iron foundry, but now living 

in Pittsburgh. He has inherited from 
a distant relative property in Eastern 
tueky valued at £21)0,000. 

Louisville. Ky.. Aug. C — Louis 
Williams, aired ly, who has been e 
ployed as city salesman by C U. Bli 
& Co., wholesale dealers In furuishii 
goods, has been missing since Tues- 


Lan< asiki:, Ky., Aug. 0. — A 
inown as tbe bloody glander 
ing in this section. Many hor 


QacaiUF, Ky., Aug. (.. At a picnic 
on White Oak. this county. Alf Rug- 
g.ea shot Sam RatelitT and John 
Wingo in the arms and legs sei ious.y. 

Lcr't Command Will Uo to Havana. 

\\ asiiinotox. Aug. «.— There is i 
report in official circles that order: 
have already been sent to Maj. Gen. 
Lee, at Jacksonville, to prepare hi: 
forces for an early nnvc to Havana 
It is the opinion of many of the l<es' 

the occupation of Cuba, be appoint*, 
military governor. It is expected tha 
Col. Wm. J. liryan'a regiment will g< 
to Cuba with Lee. 

Meat. Steele Ule< ..f V. II. w *>»»r. 

YVa*>ihs>oton. Aug. I -The folio' 
ing cablegram baa been reeeiveu at t 
war department from Santiago, v 


Adjutant General, V S. A. Washin 

First Lieut James K Steele, sign 
Croe. U. S. volunteer, died of yellow 
lever at i a. m. this day. 

La GAuut, iurgaou. 

pronounced Incurable 

. Mr. C. A. StUlso,,. • merchanrof 
Tampicclil write, -OLtV, 
CU«t i, meeting with wonderful, auc- 
«»». It has cured aome caaea here 
Jhat phyaiciauH pronounced incura b h? 

b. °:r e " ,bi « «o testify aio Z\ 

;> My face to day la .Slving 

Cureh,. madelt.uch.^1 bad suffc/ 
ed Jwenty-wvan yearn* with th e Ci J 
esae.rand to da, I feel Un year 
younger thso I did one yw >' 
caQ> obtain* some wonderful J£fch 

,1. 3 A Mr'S WOOD ami JOHN ABMSTKONO « SON, Agenl»,- 


:olds o: 
ide by the Califor 

t.f Flii 

The personsl estate of Mrs. Johanna 
Coughlin was appraised at f2 7CX). 

Hon. 8. J. Pugh returned to Vance- 
burg Wednes day from W ashington City. 

Wm. Davis has erected the finest feed 
shed in town He now offers more con- 
veniences to the wagon trade than any 
other dealer. 

About one month ago my child, which 
is fifteen months old, had an attach of 
diarrhoea accompanied by vomiting. I 
gave it such remedies as are usually given 
in such cases, but as nothing gave relief, 
we sent for a physician and It was under 
his care for a week. At this time the 
child bad been sick for about ti n days 
and was having about twenty five opera 
tions of the bowels every twelve hours, 
and we were convinced that unless it soon 
obtained relief it would not live. Cham 
berlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea 
Remedy was recommended, and 1 decided 
to try it. I soon noticed a change for 
the better; by its continued use a complete 

perfectly healthy — 0. L. BOOOft, Stump 
town, OdmerCo., W. Va. For sale by 
J. Jas. Wood A Son, Druggist*. 

A Beautiful 

FREE for a few months to all users of the 
celebrated ELASTIC STARCH, (Flat Iroo 
Brand). To induce you to try this brand of 
starch,so that you may find out for yourself 
that all claims for its superiority and econ- 
omy are true, the makers have had prepared, 


exact reproductions of the $10,000 originals by Muville, which will be given 
you ABSOLUTELY FREE by your grocer on conditions named below. 
These Plaques are 40 inches in circumference, are free of any suggestion of 
advertising whatever, and will ornament the most elegant apartment No 
away such valuable presents to ite 
can be obtained only la 

The subjects are: 
American Wild Ducks, American Pheasant. 
English Quail. English Snipe. 

The birds are handsomely embossed and stand out natural as life. Each 
Plaque is bordered with a band of gold. 


has been the standard for 25 years. 

packages of this brand were sold 
last year. That's how good it is. 

How To Get Them: 

All purchasers of three 10 cent or 
ixfic.-i.t i.ncknftei of Elastic Starch 
(Flat Irmj Brand), arc entitled to rc 
coivofrom their grocer one of these , 
I- .nt iful Uarne^Pljques^free. The, 

tbeycau xa obtained only from your 

Every Grocer Eeeps Elastic Starch. 

Do not delay. This offer 
is for a short time only. 

Pavilion Hotel 


Bluelick Springs 

!.f. l || , | , Kil'' t |."i': 1 .ii'i'i "a Iikj at th- -I'l Hit--- I'l'-H.'- 

nd enjoyable. 

Kates Reasonable. 



Biggest Fair 

OF 1898. 

Ripley, 0., 

nljr utnu. Teaun 



On all cash sales of 


For the remainder of this week. 

tfcg=»A very few LAMPS 
left at last week's price- 
!<2 86 for a 18 50 and *4 

Don't forget the 5c, 10c. 

aland 86c. attractions. 




40 West Second Street. XaytvlUe. Ky. 



Means business 

resnniption It Is wise V 

start early It is wiser 

never to stop 

If It pays to keep your 

front doors open, it 

ran st pay to 

keep yonr name before 

the readers of 

THE L EDGES— they are 

yonr enstomers 

oiTt irncsw, 

w ' A " A n 

and Treaa i re'r J . W . 

Wood and Coal Inspector . . 


City Prosecutor . 

City Undertaker 

Meet* Second Monday in Bach Month. 
D. Nowell.Prei ' 
..P. O'Donnell.C 
Clarence Wood, C 
Sam P. I'errlne, 8 

ia 8 , ;j5 0 aX on } D «'«»' t ' e '{ 

I. L. Mcllvaln, Jailer... 

> ('..mtnonw! 

Isaac M. Woodward. Ciera 

J. N. Keboe.MasterCommlssloner .. 

Mason- At Maj-svllle Brut Monday In Febru- 
ary and June and third Monday in November 

Fleming— At Flemingeburg flrst Monday In 
January .Tuesday after fourth Monday In Apri, 
and tblrd Monday In September. 

Greenup— At Greenup flrst Monday In April, 
bird Monday in July and flrst Monday in No- 

Lewis— AtVanceburir third Mondays: 
uary and May and first Monday 1- ■ — 

Brackcn-At nrookvllle socon 
March, first Monday In July and 
day In October. 

Monday In 
>cond Mon- 





arKt'SriuniiKc Tnesday. March 1st. ami <>u the first of 8Mh mouth thereafter, 
we will srive free to every lady visitinir our store a copy of "Modes and Fab- 
rics," a monthly journal of fashion and literature. 



If the prices we put on them will do it. 
We have purchased a very large stock of 
Shoes for the fall trade. We need the space 
to place them, so if you can spare the money 
come and invest. 

17 aT-; 

Liidlcn' I'.'c.. unrlli fl 

I. a.lieC S. H. Shoes. .,!*•., w.irtli 1 1 

II. . i St h in Ian. . t.iitiirr price tl .HI. 

Ladies' flnept Tan Shoes, VertlUK Top, regular price fa, our price 

s Ladlen' very fine lllack Shots, all plzeo. worth fx' rm, our price (1 35. 
we also have h eoiii|.|.-i.- st..,-k ,.! La.ln - .•..nimon -t u~. • s1i.m-k. custom 
msde^sell usiiallyn *-^' r l ,r " ' *l "■<■ ( fl h i 



li UAL! to .^ tr,c " park ' 


fl^t^Don't close any contracts 
for Coal without seeing Win. 
Davis. He has bargains for 
you in that line. Black Band 
and Chesapeake Coal for the 
same price you pay for Pome- 
roy. rjemi-Cannel Coal cheap. 
Ask the price. 

Wm. Davis 


and Burton vi lie Omnibus 

Ihu direct 
Jllitt, will 
gcrs to and from 

Rmrgles Caragrounds, 

75c. for Round Trip. 

Tbe meetinp commences July anth and 
ends August lKtb They will also have 
an extra 'bus that will leave tbe PoetotUce 
corner at 7 o'clock a. m each day. 


t'armanelli and DUcviffe. 


y rcmom parki 


! I'l.rk. i, very warm. 

10 Cents tbe real place. 


State National Bank