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317 W„ W. tf<£0 J < . 

TERM^: — The Post will be furnished 
subscribers at the following rates: 

One year, in advance, §2 00 

If paid within six months, 2 50 

At the end of the year, 3 00 

JJ OCt’S © 0 V tier. 



VOL. 4, 



NO. 31. 

From the School Girl’s Casket. 


Brightly now the sunshine glcamclh, 
Gleameth on each tree and . vale, 
Glowing on the snow-decked .forest. 
Shining on each lonely dale, 

And the low winds sighing round us, 
Murmuring through the leafless trees — 
Making music soft and mournful 
As the whisper o’er the lea, 

Comes a voice whose tones are sadness. 
Not a voice of mirth or gladness, 

. Faintly whispers -gone.’ 

Lke'the shower of early'spring time, 
When its fragrance flceteih by, 

Ere the shiniugipetals wither, 

Or the young buds droop and die. 

The loved ones in the homestead 
They have brightened many years, 

Leave us just as blossoms wither, 

Leaving us to woe and tears; 

And the loved ones by the fireside 
Mournful are, sinc.'tliey have died, 

And sadly whispers ‘gone.’ 

Ever will their merry footsteps 
Come with familiar sounds; 

Never more, for thev, the cherished, 
Slumber ’ueath the mossy mound. 

Never shall we hear the echo 
Of their footfalls on the floor; 
Nevermore we’ll watch the dear onos 
Gliding through the open door; 

Lips and cheek in death aro cold, 

Dust to dust, beneath the mould, 

Now we whisper ‘gone.’ 

When the homestead has decayed 
And we all have gathered home, 

Never more the lonely wailings 
To our stricken souls shall come, 

But will clasp again the soft hand 
Of the ones that I left in death; 

A nd their smile again shall greet us, 

The smile of trust and faith; 

And the link that hero was riven, 

Shall be linked for nye in heaven. 


bright prospects for business have ended The Colporteur ana the Wan with Old Deacon Safford. 

in bankruptcy and ruin, in order to satisfy a Jug. Old Deacon Safford, or as be was fami- ! 

this hankering after fashionable necessi- About six years ago a Colporteur of the liarly called, Deacon Joe, was a rigid dis- ! 
ties.— Could the real cause of failures be American Tract Society was traveling on ciplinarjan, and being the senior church 
known, it would be lound to result from . . ' f .. nn Deacon, looked after the delinquents wqth 

expenditure at home, expressly to answer ,10rs< back throu & h one of the most moun- a s])arp eyc Dcacon Jo was {„ the h abit l 

the demands of fashion, and ‘what will famous portions of Cherokee, Georgia, of « parce |ij n g out the sermon,’ giving to 
the people think?’ -laden with books for distribution and sale, each one of the congregation their por- 

‘My wife has made my fortune, said a When passing through a narrow gorge tion according as tltoy needed. 

gentleman of great possessions, ‘by her 
thrift, prudence, and cheerfulness, when 
I was just beginning.’ 

‘Mine lost my fortune!’ answered his 
companion, ‘by useless cxtravigancc, and 
repining when I was doing well.’ 

What a Geld does this open to the in- 
fluence which a wife possesses over the 
future prosperity of her family? Let the 
wife know her influence, and Iry to use it 
wisely and well. 

Be satisfied to commence on a small 
scale. It is too common for young house- 
keepers to begin where their mothers 
ended. Buy ail that is necessaty to work 

between two hills, where was scarcely room 
for more than one person to pass, he met 
a man with a jug. The jug had no 
handle, but was held by an old greasy 
j leathern string, tied around the neck. — 
The Colporteur accosted him: 

‘Good morning, sir; can I sell vou a 

‘No, sir; I have no money,’ was the 

‘Where arc you going, my friend, with 
your jug?’ 

‘To the still-house, sir.’ 

skillfully with; adorn your house with all ‘Suppose you take the money with 
that will render it comfortable. Do not which T ou propose to buy the whisky and ±lmlK oalKl 

look at richer homes and covet their costlv j a g°°d book, and go home without .j Q « no mistaking- that 1 ’ 
furniture: If secret dissatisfaction is ready j thc whisky, and read the hook, and 1 Thu lor ^ainued 
to spring up, go a step farther, and visit i promise it will be better for you. a|ie d 

the homes of the poor and suffering; be- ‘ But - sir > 1 have no money— I am to get ' we(jk 
hold the dark, cheerless apartment, insuf- 1 tbe whisky on credit 

ficient clothing, and absence of 
comforts and refinement of social life, and 
then return to your own with a joyful 
spirit. You will then be prepared to meet 
your husband with a graetful heart, and 
be ready to appreciate the toil and self- 
denial which he has endured in the busi- 
ness world to surround you with the de* 
lights of home; and you will be ready to 
co-operate cheerfully with him in arrang- 
ing your expenses, that his mind may not 
be harrassed with fears lest his family ex- 
penditures may encroach upon our punc- 
tual payment. Be independent. A young 
housekeeper never needed more moral 
courage than she does now to resist the 
arrogance of fashion. Do not let the 
families of A. and B. decide what you 
must have; neither let them hold the string 

One warm Sabbath afternoon, the pas- : 
tor, thinking that those who had no inter- ] 
est in the subject of religion would most! 
likely fall asleep, prepared himself to] 
preach directly to the church. 

The dcacon was on hand to parcel out 
j the sermon as fast as it came to the lips of ] 
• the mini-ten The pastor commenced with 
i iiis close fisted brethren, plainly, but car- 
I nestl v. 

‘That belongs to brother Grant,’ said 
the deacon. The next remark was de- 
signed for those who went about doing] 
good, hut made so much noise and parade ( 
about it, as to destroy a great part of the ] 
good they intended to do. 

‘That is Sister Grimpkins,’ said deacon ] 

his sermon, but 
deacon, who had worked through the j 
, fell into a dozing slumber. Never-] 
jtheless, although the body of the deacon, 

all the! ’Well, my friend, I will make another I wa$ sl ’ ; 6 lhe mind was active, and, 

proposition — I will buy your jug and give 

, . , . ,, J q ° , whether the ears performed their functions 

you a book for it. \ ou can go home and or not . eaeh porti ;„ was f aithfu i ly parcel . 

led out as though the 

read your book, and do without the liquor 
What do you say to that?’ 

The man with the jug hesitated awhile, 
and then replied: ‘ I will let you have 
the jug.’ 

The Colporteur took the jug and gave 
him a copy of the Temperance Manuel, 
and, hanging his new purchase on his 1 j'^ 

arm, journeyed on till night, when he gave ' 
the j ug to the lady of the house at which 
he spent the night. He visited several 
families before night, however, carrying 
the jug, which was a great matter of as- 
tonishment and wonder to all who saw 
him, and the question was frequently 
asked, ‘What 

St Uf t Calcs 

The Wife’s influence. 

‘This is pleasant,’ exclaimed the young 
husband, taking his seat cosily in the rock- 1 
ing chair, as the things were removed. — 
The fire glowing in the grate revealed a 
a pretty neatly furnished sitting room, with 
all the appliances of comfort. The fa- 
tiguing business of the day was over, and 
he sat enjoying what lie lmd all day been 
anticipating, the delights of his own fire- 
side. Ilis pretty wife, Esther, took her 
work and sat down by the table. 

‘It is pleasant to have a home of one’s 
own,’ lie again said, taking a satisfactory 
survey of his own little quarters. The 
cold rain beat against the window, and he 
felt really grateful for all the present 

‘Now if weonly had a piano!’ exclaim- 
ed the wife. 

‘Give me the music of your own sweet 
voice before all the pianos in creation,’ lie] 
declared, complimentary, though feeling a 
secret disappsintment that his wife’s thank- 
fulness did not chime with his own. 

‘Well, hut we want one for our friends,’ | 
said Esther. 

‘Let our friends come to see us, and 
not to hear a piano!’ exclaimed the young 

‘But, George, everybody has a piano, 
now-a-days; we don’t go anywhere without 
seeing a piano,’ persisted the wife. 

‘And yet 1 don’t know what we want 
-one for. You will find no time to play on 
one, and I don’t want to hear it.’ 

•They are so fashionable — I think our 
room looks nearly naked without one.’ 

‘I think it looks just right.’ 

•‘I think it looks very naked — we want 
a piano shockingly* protested Ether, em- 

The husband rocked violently. 

‘Your lamp smokes, my dear,’ said he, I 
after a long pause. 

■When are you going to get an astral 
lamp? I have told you a dozen times 
how much we needed one,’ said Esther, 

‘Those are very pretty lamps — I never 
can see by an astral lamp,’ said her hus- 

‘But, George, I do not think our room 
is complete without an astral lamp,’ said 
Esther, sharply. ‘They are so fashion- 
able. Why, the Morgans, Millers, and 
many others I might mention, all have 
them. T am sure we ought to.’ 

The husband moved uneasily in his 

‘We want to live as well as others,’ 


deacon had been 

wide awake. 

‘Finally, my brethren,’ concluded the 
parson, ‘there is a class of persons who 
listen attentively to every sermon, hut are 
so free hearted and benevolent that they 
do not retain any for themselves, but 
among their brethren and 


‘Thunder! that’s me,’ said Deacon Jo, 
the sound of his voice awaking him, ‘and 
I deserve it.’ 

Whether the deacon continued the prac- 
tice of ‘parcelling out the sermon’ after- 
wards, we know not; but we presume if he 
did, he kept a small portion for himself. 

are you doing with that 

of your purse. You know the best what J U S- 
you can and ought to afford. Then de- The Colporteur heard nothing more of T emteranck Facts. — The following 

cide with-strict integrity according to your lbe . man from " ll0m Iie bought the jug startling statements relate to eight differ 
means. Let not the censure or approval un l*l Giis year, during the sitting of the lent families in a single town. I heir pa- 
of the world ever tempt you to buy what Supreme Court in the county of C , rents were moderate drinkers. Can heads 
you can do without — No matter ^ what s ’ x F ears having elapsed. Being at court, j of families read these facts without 
people think, provided you are true to|?* m engaged at colportcurage for the, concern? 
yourself and family. 

A few days ago a couple of men got 
into a fight, and, as a consequence, it being 
naturally the case, a ring of excited indi- 
viduals got around the parties, and each, 
according to his own feelings in the mat- 
ter, gavo his advice: 

■Peg it into him,’ said the shoemaker; 
‘hammer his upper leather for him — that’s 
it! wax him, my lad, beat his soul out for] ciety. 

Now he is a sober man, and has 
^ been ever since the day you took the jug 
Cut into his fat, old fellow,’ said the away from him. He is now an orderly 
butcher; ‘knock him on the head! Say? and consistent member of the church, and 
why don’t yer punch his ribs! You’re a] enjoys religion. He is industrious and 
regular calf, you are. Knuckle him now j supports his family well; whereas, while 
yer got him, and make mince-meat out H e owned the jug, he did little else than 
of him!’ i niake his visits to the still-house, and fill 

“Dress him well,’ said the tailor; ‘see and empty his jug. 
how he pants! fell him! give him a stitch; The Colporteur, feeling some interest 

Tract Society, he was accosted by a gen- [ The first had one child, a daughter. A 
tlermn with the inquiry: I great sum was expended on her educa- 

‘Do you remember trading for a jug, tion. She died from the effects of strong 
several years ago, in the hills about drink. 

here?’ j The second had an only son. He was ed- 

‘I do, sir,’ replied the Colporteur. ucated with great care and at great expense 
‘Yonder,’ said the gentleman, pointing — hut was killed by wine, 
to a sober-looking man, ‘is the man lroni ; The third had four sons and one daugh- 
wlioni you bought it. He was at the time j ter. The daughter is a drunkard and one 
you met him a drunkard — a pest to so- 6on gone to a drunkards grave. 

The fourth had three sons. One died of 
intemperance, one was killed in a duel, and 
the other is a drunkard. 

The fifth had a son who killed himself 
by drinking, and two stepsons are drunk- 
ards on wine. 

The sixth had five sons. Four are] 
j drunkards, and one, through the influence 
, of liquor, is an idiot. 

The eighth had five sons and three! 

'Deliver me from my friends!’ a certain 

| corpulent and very ominenl dhine might' 
the,... 1 

in his rise! button up his lip, and knock him inquired of the man how the change was ! nephews. Four of the sons have been] 
hangup!’ ] so suddenly wrought on him. ‘Was it ‘ killed by alchohol, and a fifth is a drunk- j 

‘Tan his hide,’ said the currier; ‘peel I the tract? ‘No, said he,' ‘it was your de- ard, and the three nephews are in a drunk- j 

the bark off his nose — and damage his termination, and the interest you seemed 1 ai d’s grave. — N. Y. Cabinet. 

skin!’ to manifest in my welfare; and besides! 

‘This 6uits me exactly,’ said the la.vyer; this, you look my jug; and that set me) 

‘get his head in chancery, and bleed him thinking; then I went home and read the] , mvc exc]aimcd> 0 j, the occurrence of th 

till he pleads, then he s a good cast.— ] tract and determined by the help of God . followinfr incident which is re | atcd t0 lI3 
Ilien advancing to the other one, he said: 1 1 would never drink another drop, and 1 | Q]) r ,.]j,. jj| 0 authority 

•He’s doing you an injury — he’s perfectly I have been enabled to keep that promise.’ | As the Rev Dr. B entered the 

ferocious, take law on him, and I’ll Jook! This is a plain, unvarnished tale, and ] crowdl , d cidj : n of a Fulton ferryboat, lie 
out for the remainder. shows how^much may be done by strong J 

‘I saw him strike you first,’ said the personal efforts. ‘Cast thy bread upon 
carpenter. ‘Nail him! Knock his upper the waters, for thou shalt find it after] 

rights from under him! cross-cut him until I many days.’ 

he lies dormant! I’ll bet a basket of sha- 1 Where is Mrs. Lucy Stone 9 — An old 
vings on you, old chip!’ ] bachelor, talking of ‘womans’ rights.’ 

! was immediately addressed by a gentle- j 
| manlv-looking man, but unfortunately ua- 
; dor the influence of liquor, who very cere- j 
] monioiisly insisted upon giving him his 

! seat. 

‘T-t-take niv seat. D-d-doctor,’ stuttered j 
said: ‘Talk of equality of intellect forsooth!] the man; ‘take my seat: I have a great! 
Let us see what they have done, where the 1 respect for yon, D-d-doctor; you’re a very ] 
sphere has been unquestioned and wide good, and a-a very great man.’ 
open to ’em this thousand years. Sir — But before the polite offer could he ftr-j 

- , No woman ever produced a great paint- ccpted, an Irish woman slipped into the 1 

said the Printer; show him no ^ s ing or statue. vacant, place, and the occupant turning 

Plug him in the eye,’ sqid the tobacco- 
nist. ‘Get a double twist on him, and then 
chaw him up. Don’t let him stump you; 
give him .one on his nigger head!’ 

‘Hit him between the eyes with your 

iC3T” ‘ ‘ mm 

\ again to Dr. B- 

went on; 

till you i kill him! batter his bold-face and No woman ever wrote a great pocm 

knock his form into pi! ] No woman ever wrote a great drama. ! Well, never mind, D doctor 

‘What s the row . said the police, com- j No woman ever composed a great opera take the will for the deed; but 
ing up after every one luM gone. ^liow or other piece of music. yivat respect for you. Doctor. 

No woman ever produced an important man above the common run; 

„ ' „ ; mechanical invention. 

Pray, tell, me ^ nd 

my dear, what is the cause of those tears?” c00 ] J i ’ 

•*Oh! such disgrace! I have opened i >n! 
one of your letters, supposing it tobead- 

us a chance to have a grab at somebody 1 
A Wife in Trouble. 

you must 
I have a ] 
You’re a 1 
you’ve a I 

food church in Brooklyn; hope you won’t ] 
cave us, Doctor. Heard you had a call’ 

sir, no woman was ever a good 

to Ninth street the other day — nine thou- 1 
I he best that can be sAid of the best of j sand dollars salary; but you won’t go; no, 

‘We are, no doubt, thought 
atn not mean!’ he cried, an- 

said Esther, 
to he mean.’ 

‘Mean! I 

•Then ive do not wish to appear so,’ 
said the wife. ‘To complete this room, 
and make it look like other people’s we 
want a piano and an astral lamp.’ 

‘We — we —want!’ muttered the hus- 
band. ‘There is no satisfying a woman’s 
wants, do what you may,’ and he abruptly 
'left the*-oom. 

How many husbands are in a similar 
dilemma? How many husbands have 
■been, and are, rendered uncomfortable by 
the dissetisfnetion of a wife with present 
•comfort*- and provisions? How many 

dressed to myself. Certainly it looked 
more like Mrs. than it did like Mr.” 

“Is that all? What harm can there be 
in a wif’s opening her husband’s letters?” 
“But the contents! — such disgrace!” 
“What! has any one dared to write me a 
letter unfit for my wife to read?” 

“Oh, no. It is couched in the most 
chaste language. But the disgrace!” 

The husband eagerly caught up the let 
ter and commenced reading the epistle that! 

them is this: They have written clever 
letters, tolerable novels, and intolerable 
epics. They have made no sculptures, no 
music, no paintings worthy of their name; 
and as to ‘inventions,’ sir, they have in- 
vented nothing outside of millinery and 
mischief since the world began! 

We were about to reply, when we dis- 
covered the wretch had disappeared. But, 
really, these are grave charges. Where 
is Mrs. Lucv Stone? 

Doctor, you told them you’d see them 
d d first.’ 

The Doctor is quite as celebrated for j 
his wit as his eloquence, but this time it I 
failed him so decidedly that he had not a 
word to say in reply. 

Judge Bridges. — It will be seen by 
reference to another column, that the ven- 
erable Judge Bridges, of this county, on] 
account of the weight of years and decli- 
ning health, withdraws his name from the 

Howjto Make Good Butter. 

A correspondent of the New England 
Farmer furnishes that paper with the fol- ] 
lowing rules for making good butter: 

1. Milk should never be set for butter 
in a dark, damp cellar — as is the case with 
butter makers in this soction — as the 
cream is thereby mouldeded before it lias ] 
had time to rise, hvhich gives Jbc butter a 
mouldy taste. 

2. The milk is allowed to set too long] 
before being skimmed, which gives it ai 
cheesy taste. 

3. The cream is kept too long before it, 
is churned, after it is skimmed, which ] 
gives it the taste of the other two; and al- 
so a sour taste. 

4. The) butter should never be washed 
in water, because it takes away that beau- j 
tiful aroma so essential to good butter. 

5. It should never be taken in a per-) 
sons warm hands, as the heat melts a cer- 1 
tain portion of the globules, which gives | 
it an oily taste, and makes it become ran- 
cid very soon. 

6. The milk should be set in good clean 
tin or earthern pans, in a dry, open, airy ] 
and shady place, aboveground, if possible; ’ 
although a cellar may be so built and ven- 1 
tilated, fas to answer the purpose. It 
should never set over twenty-four hours, 
in warm weather; and for a dairy of three 
cows or over, the cream should he churned 
every morning, and never be kept over 
forty-eight hours, in warm weather; in 
cold weather it may be kept longer. 

It should be always about the same 
heat that milk is when drawn from the 
cow, and churned steadily, and I have 
never known it to fail coming readily; (we 
use a cylinder churn.) it is then taken 
from the churn wi th a wooden butter la- 
dle, into a wooden tray which has been 
well scalded and cooled in pure cold water; 
the salt is then worked in to suit the taste 
with the ladle, which is easily done, with 
a little practice, and the butter-milk well 
worked out; it is then set away in a cool 
place for about twenty-four hours, when it 
is well worked over again, as long as milk 
or pickle can be worked out. Butter 
made in this way, and put down in stone- 
pots, and kept from the air, will keep good 
for a long time. 

A Dissertation on Hoops. — The spicy 
correspondent of the Pawtucket Gazette 
thus lets himself out on the expansive sub- j 
ject of hoops in ladies’ dresses: 

And, talking of the ladies, they are] 
positively getting bigger and bigger. — 
Petticoat mania rages fearfully. They fill 
up the sidewalks, and as they brush by 
you, you feel bones — whalebones, Imean, 
for there are no others within half a mile 
of you. What a dreadful reversal of na- 
ture is all this. I do not object to plump- 
ness and rotundity in the proper place, 
hut what sense is there in being so tre- 
mendously orbicular about the feet. Be- 
tween you and me, Mrs. P. T. has fallen 
in the fashion, and mangre my remon- 
strance, has purchased one of the most 
monstrous of these inventions. I exam- 
ined it with much awe the other night, af- 
ter she had gone to bed. Oh, Roberto! 
it was “fearfully and wonderfully made.” 
It is an institution. In size, it is like a 
small country law office. I think it must 
have been raised like a barn. It is latticed 
and corded and stiffened with the utmost 
ingenuity. When she has iton, my ‘‘gude 
wife” (so to speak) like Hamlet’s father, 
“is clad in complete steel.” She is just 
as safe as if she were a convent. She is 
entirely shut out from this vain world, — 
Quoad the earth, she is nothing hut a 
large skirt. So much for the safety of 
the contrivance. The question of beauty 
is another matter. 

Bondage Extraordinary. — The Mo- 
bile Tribune states that a few days ago 
the police arrested Joseph Gomey, a col- 
ored barber residing in that city, for hav- 
ing at his residence his wife (a white wo- 
man 1 chained at the ankle. The chain 
was some twelve or fourteen feet long, 
just sufficient to allow her to perform her 
household duties without freedom to go 
far into the street. It gave her range 
enough to clean up the rooms of the dom- 
icil and do the cooking. The prisoner 
confessed that he had adopted this means 
of marital discipline, and that lie intended 
to keep his wife so fettered for only three 
or four weeks, in order to bring her to a 
rational sense of her obligations as the 
head of her household. The woman was 
carried to the guard-house in order that 
the fetters might be broken from her an- 
kle. What is the most singular fact of 
the business is, that when she was released 
she went quietly performing her domestic 
duties; and when she heard of her hus- 
band's arrest she begged that he 
not be punished. 

J a .... 
IS Ml 

is nn 

25 oo 

s r 


Terms of Advertise 

For 12 lines or less, 1st insertion, - - 

For each subsequent insertion, - - ■ 

For half column 6 months, .... 

“ “ 12 months, - * - . 

For whole column G months, ... 

" “ 12 months, - - 

A liberal deduction made for yearly advertise 
merits. When the number of times for con- 
tinunig an advertisement is not specified, it wtl 
be continued until ordered out, and charged ac- 


The camels and droiWedaries, their 
keepers, appurtenances, etc., are exciting 
great interest over the country. Many 
ludicrous incidents are related of ' 
stampeding horses and cattle, 
folks out of buggies and saddles, 
king the starch out of fast nags. Ti - 
pacity for ‘toting’ freight is said to I ■ - 
mense, several of them hating beei 
each with ] ,G00fpounds, and th* 
and walked off at a 2:40 pace, 
tious friend of ours at Powder- 1 , 
centl v got off a very good thing on a :■ 
eminent teamster, who had been sept <• 
haul a load of Uncle Sam’s staff of lit>.- 
Tbe teamster wished to know if lie could 
be loaded at once with flour and dispatch- 
ed on his return. He was told that there 
were only a thousand barrels of flour in 
store for the government, and that it was 
the intention to load one of the camels with 
the amount. Teamster of course looked 
very wild; swore both loudjand deep, and 
walked off whistling ‘‘The Campbells are 
coming.” Poor fellow he no doubt 
thought ‘Othello’s occupation’s gone,’ and 
felt greatly relieved when undeceived. 

We wish our military friends of Indian- 
ola would favor us in this section with a 
glimpse of those wonderful beasts. It 
would he merely a pleasant walk for them 
before breakfast. 

An exchange paper says: 

‘Camels have constituted thejtiches of 
Arabia from the time of Job to the present 
day. The Patriarch reckoned up six hun- 
dred camels among his pastoral treasur- 
ers, and the modern Arabs estimate their 
wealth by the number of these usefu’Jani 
mals. They answer in Asia and Egypt 
instead of ships and railroads, their chief 
commerce being carried on through cam- 
els. The common sort travel thirty miles 
a day, but the swifter kind can go one 
hundred or more miles. When young, 
they are often killed for their fneat, which 
is represented to be as nice as veal. They 
usually live to be forty or fifty years old. 

Texas Victoria Advocate. 


Jones found a latin word in his paper, list of candidates for the Circuit Judge 

had been the means of nearly breaking 

his wife’s heart- Reader, you couldn’t -of which he did not know the meaning; so' ship in this district. In retiring to private] 
guess the cause in a coon’s age. It was be appealed to Brown, who is a scholar, life, Judge B. bears with him the respect 
no other than a bill from the printer for j and — more than the same — a punster. — and esteem of all who know him. During 
nine years’ subscription! What is “the Incubi ?" said Jones, “May- a long term of years he has been looked 

The most sensible woman in all creation! nard and Noyes,” replied Brown; — “Isn’t ] up to by the people, as the impartial and 

She ought to be admitted a member of] that the ink you buy?” Jones felt that correct dispenser of justice, and he leaves 
the craft. , somehow evaded the question; but he did ] the bench, crowned with the honors which 

— not see the point, and never will. Brown I belong only to those whose records a^e 

To prevent fish from smelling in the chuckled over the atrocity — winked at I untarnished, and whose services have been , 
summer— cut their noses off. Thompson— and is still at large. (valuable to the country.— Dan. Tribune, j tainted up, by handling lager beer. 

The Pretty Widow. — A pretty little j 
widow dwelleth in a little street, and she 
has a pair of pretty eyes and two pretty j 
little feet. No matter what her name is,; 
or the number of the house— she’s a mighty 
pretty widow, a perfect little mouse. The 
rose and lilly blended live upon her dim- 
pled cheek; and her lips give them impres- 
sion — old so lovely and so meek. Her 
hands are white and tender, but the wooers 
sadly fear that she'll get them stained and 

Interesting to Millers. — A discovery 
of a chemical nature, which seems to awa- 
ken some interest at the West, has been 
made by Mr. Carpenter, of Pontiac, Mich, 
a practical miller, consisting of a process 
in preparing wheat for flouring, the opera, 
tion of which is 'to cause the grain to pul- 
verize so much readily, that in grinding 
considerable less power or pressure of the 
mill-stone is necessary in reducing it to 
the required fmences. Dr. Desnoyers. of 
Detroit, accompanying his report of an an- 
alysis of some flour made from wheat 
subjected to this process, says, ‘the gluten 
was very fine, being exceedingly tough 
and elastic, qualities essential to success- 
ful panification.’ Mr. Carpenter has taken 
steps to secure letters patent for his dis- 

Can a State Get Drunk? — Injtbe fol- 
lowing item from the Boston Post, it 
would seem that the “State,” as repre- 
sented, must have been in a state of intox- 
ication. A few years ago, the State At- 
torney of a northern county in Vermont, 
although a man of 'great legal ability, was 
fond of the bottle. On one occasion, nn’ 
important criminal case was Called bv the 
Clerk, but the Attorney, with owl 
gravity, kept his chair, being, in fact. - 
fairly able to stand on his feet. “Mr. 
torney, is the State ready to procceo’? 
said the Judge. “Yes — (hie) — no — you: 
Honor,” stammered the lawyer, “the 
State — is not — in a state to try this case 
to-dav; the State, your Honor, is — drunk! 

Orientals In Paris. 

The last anecdote of the’ great Arab 
Chief is the following: 

“One day he visited the National Libra- 
ry of this city. He was there introduced 
to a professor of Arabic, who commenced 
talking to him the Arabic, of the French 
Institute, which very much resembled — in 
perfection — the French of the American 
boarding schools. After listening some 
minutes with a great deal of sany froid, 
the Emir, ordered his interpreter to say to 
the learned Prof, that “he did not under- 
stand French.” 

It is a blessed thing for a poor man to 
have a contented wife; one who won’t 
wish to live in a style beyond her husband’s 
income, just because her next door neighs 
bor does; one who can be happy in the love 
of her husband, her home and its beauti- 
ful duties, without asking the world for its 
smiles or its favors. 

Stewed FEARS.-Ata parly a lady treat- 
ed her company with stewed pears. A 
gentleman at the table put one, as be sup- 
posed, into his mouth, and attempted to 
pull out the stem; after pulling for some 
time, he was obliged to give it up, and on 
putting it on his plate, he found that lie 
had been lugging away at a mouse, which 
had fallen into the lady’s preserve jar — 
With the utmost coolness, he inquired of 
the lady, if she had a cat in the house. 

Yes, sir, why? 

Well, I would like to have her to take 
this mouse away — that’s all. 

Wbat would have become of the ven- 
ders of shilling calico if woman had neves 
been invented? 

wans a* 

Wednesday Morning, July 16, 1856. 

Democratic Ticket. 

for president: 


Of Pennsylvania . 
for vice president: 


Of Kentucky. 

Nominees of the Convention 

For Judge: 

George Kavanaugh, 

Of Anderson. 

For Commomwea l th's Attorney: 

Andy Barnett, 

Of Green. 

£sr\Ve were present on Friday last, 
at a pic-nic which came off beyond the 
Sulphur Springs. It was a most beauti- 
I ful sight to see those young and happy 
creatures enjoying the sylvan shades and 
inhaling the pure zephyrs which played 
coquetishly with the maidens’ ringlets, 
and there was the stately matron and 
the man of mature years, too; all 
enjoying themselves, and casting aside 
for the nonce the cares and strifes of life, 
to enjoy the present. However, just as 
the ladies, with their graceful fingers 
were tastefully arranging the edibles up- 
on the cloths spread out upon nature’s 
carpet, there came up a shower, (or rath- 
er came down, we stand corrected fair 
reader,) which rather enhanced than marr- 
ed the general enjoyment; for, whilst it 
cooled the caloric-ladened atmosphere, it 
broke any monotony which might hare 
otherwise occurred. If the ladies did get 
their white dresses a little soiled, they did 
not mind it any, it only added to their 
enjoyment, knowing that the thirsty 
earth was drinking the much-needed mois- 
ture. To see them scampering laughing 
to the vehicles, was really amusing. In 
a short time the rain ceased, and every- 

Gov. Wise, of Virginia, in a Per- The Emperor and the Heir Imperial 
sonal Rencounter. The p ar j s correspondent of the London 

Richmond, July 7. — Hugh R. Pleasants Court Journal states that the private ball; 
a brother of the late John Hampton recentlyfgiven at St. Cloud, in France, in 
Pleasants, and formerly editor of the Pen- honor of Prince Oscar, of Sweden, was the 

nv Post, of this city, went this morning most brilliant in point of toilet and aristoc- To the Auditor of Public Accounts, of the State of Kentucky, as requi, 

' into the Executive Chamber ol the Capi- racy of company which has been given “An Art to regulate Agencies of Foreign Insurance Companies,” aj> 

I tol, where Governor Wise was engaged in since the accession to the throne of the Em- March 3, 1856. 

| writing, and taking a seat bv invitation of peror Napoleon III. The Empress though 

A true copy from the original on file in this Office. 

I HOS. S. PAGE, Auditor. 

Auditor’s Office, Frankfort, Ky., July, 1856. 

Statement of the “Aetna iDsuance Company of Hartford, Conn., 

required by 

The Capital Stock is FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, and is paid up, and inve»- 
for a short time. She was attired in white ted iu tbc followiu e Asscts ’ as submitted to the Stockholders, May 1st, 1850: 

Wise, smilingly replied, “I am the man.” with an immense rich mantilla, seeming to 500 Shares Stock Hartford & New Haven Kailroud Co., 

the .Governor, said, after a brief period: in a languid state of health, was present 
“1 thought Gizzard-toot was here.” Gov. 

Pleasants, “rising from his seat and ap- envelope her from head to foot in its trans- 105 

preaching the table at which the Gover- j parent folds, whence the diamonds peeped 2 -jj 



nor sat, said: out on every side with dazzling brilliancy. 

“By God, I did not know you; and so Her head dress consisted of a broad ban- 
you are Ebon-skin and Gizzaid-foot?” 

Nominees of the County Demo- l ^‘ n n weut on as though nothing had 

cratic Convention. 

For Sheriff : 
For Deputy: 
For Circuit Clerk: 

A®* Roger Hanson, k. n. elector for 


Col. Wm. J, Heady, will address his 
fellow-citizens at the following times and 
places, upon the political topics of the day: 
Near Springfield, Thursday, July 17. 
Shepherdsville, Monday July 21. 

Hays’ Springs, Wednesday, July 23. 
Bruncrstown, Saturday, July 20. 

JS3T Gov. Helm, president of the Lou- 
the State at large fulfilled his appoint- isville and Nashville Railroad Company 
merit in this place on Monday last. He j was in town last week. We understand 
launched forth in the usual style of k. n. thpt. whilst here he succcded in purchasing 
orators, viz. in invectives against the great grounds for the Depot, and locating the 
Democratic party, the Kansas Nebraska cite for the same. The spot finally se- 
Bill and Pope Pius IX. To the latter, lected for the Depot is in the Western 
however, he paid the most of his atten- subbuibs of the town, near the present 
tion, deeming him and his “American hi- \ residence of W. T. Knott. This, we think 

is a fine location, and is just the one which 
should have been selected. 

1 ain.” remarked Governor Wise, with 
a smile, “and you are Hugh Pleasants.” 

Pleasants thereupon commenced abus- 
ing the Governor without any provoca- 

The Governor ordered him to leave the 
room, but he refused to do so. 

The Governor then arose from bis seat 
[and approached Pleasants, and taking hold 
[ of his coat, endeavored to push him out. 
Pleasant resisted, squared off, and placed 
himself in an attitude to strike, when the 
Governor struck him with his fist under 
the left eye and cut him severely. He 
then seized him by the arm, turned him 
around, and kicked him. At this time the 
' messenger of the Executive came up. 

Important from Central America. — 
We have dates from San Jose, Costa Rica, 

| to June 5th, which state that the govern- 
ment of that couutry is reorganizing to 
attack Walker, and that a new army of 
nine thousand men will soon invade Nica- 
ragua. It is also reported that three other 
Central American States are going over 
with their armaments to attack Walker, 
and that it is believed they are by this 
time in New Leon. The feeling against 
the fillibusters in the Central American 
States is as strong as ever. The cholera 
had subtided in Costa Rica. The Costa 
Rican account paints Walker’s forces to be 
in a most deplorable condition. — Cincin- 
j nati Enquirer. 

We don’t give much credit to anything 
eminating from the enemies of General 
I Walker. 

erarchy,” as lie termed it, the most dan- 
gerous to the free Institutions of the coun- 
try; yet never once giving a single proof 
for the unwarrantable assertions which 
lie thought proper to make. Verily, as 
in all other cases of like chicanery and 
misrepresentation, he had no proof to 

Jf-sTCapt E. A. Graves will speak at 
(Liver’s Springs, on Saturday next, on the 
subject of the Presidential Election; and 
will not speak at Springfield on Monday 

, . , , , . next, as heretofore announced, on account 

give, and consiquentlv either had to let i ^ „ 

. . , of the speaking which will be at the Bar- 

f h(KA f tiKD nccortinne tnl’o fhoir rnunro 

those false assertions take their chance 
with the people, or shirk the question, if 
interrogated. Among other things he 
made the startling assertion that there 
were half a million foreigners entering this 
country each year. Now, every one 
who knows anything about the matter, 
is well aware that this is far from being 
the case. Most of the other reckless as- 
sertions which he made were equally as 
well founded. 

After the gentleman had spoken for one 
hour, according to agreement, Capt. E. 
A. Graves responded in a speech of two 
hour’s duration, in which he dealt Pliilpot 
and Southern know nothings a perfect 
storm of unanswerable and sledge-hammer 
blows in the shape of sound arguments. 
The Captain demanded of his opponent 
to come ovt and say whether or not he 
would take strictly Southern ground upon 
the Kansas bill, and in his reply he (Mr. 
II.) most clearly dodged the question. 
The proofs for the sweeping assertions 
which lie made were demanded, and he 
answered the querries by reiteration and 
a fervid eulogy of Sam. In the gentle- 
man’s first speech one would have sup- 
posed him a pillar of some Protestant 

bccue in that place on Thursday. 

KSTWe have received a number of the 
United States Magazine, published in 
New York city. Itisavery supurb pe- 
riodical, and is on the order of that put 
forth by the Harpers. The price of this 
monthly is only $2, and we would be 
happy to send the publishers several sub- 
scribers from this section. 

fSZT On account of illness Mr. Garfield 
could not fulfil his appointments to answer 
Mr. Hanson, either at Springfield or this 
place on Saturday and Monday last. We 
hope he may shortly be able to resume 
his efficient labors on the stump. 

ASTWe are indebted toMaj. Gen. Jas. 
E. Wathen, for a copy of the “Twelfth 
annual report of the Trustees and Super- 
intendent of the Indiana Institution for 
educating the Deaf and Dumb.” 

Horrible Murder. — One Man Killed 
and One Fatally Wounded. — We were 
just going to press last night when we 
heard the report of a terrible row, which 
took place about four o’clock yesterday 
J afternoon, in a drinking saloon at West 
! Dubuque. It appears from what we could 
! learn, that two Englishmen, one by the 
' name of George Maxwell, and the other 
(known about town as Whisky Jack, got 
into a quarrel with two Germans, brothers, 
I whose names we could not learn, iu which 
| Maxwell was killed and whisky Jack dan- 
gerously wounded. We hear that the 
perpetrators of this double murder have 
been arrested. — Dubuque North West, 
July 7 Ih. 

Bardstrwn District. — How docs it 










deau of brilliants with two large cactus 
flowers drooping on either side of her face 
the petals of the flowers consisting of dia- 
monds fixed upon an elastic spring, which, 
sparkling with the most dazzling brilliancy 
followed the movement of the head with 
infinite grace. 

The inperial 'Infant has received from 
the Bey of Tunis a present another cra- 
dle more elegant and more expensive than 
that in which His Royal Highness lias 
hitherto designed to compose himself to 259 
rest. The cradle is of silver gilt. Around 40 
the edge was a border of arabasques in 
precious stones of great price, and the val- goo 
ue of star alone, with which the curtain is 100 
pinned, is computed to be §75,000. The 
net-work curtain, composed of fine seed [“[( 
pearl, was made by the ladies of the Bev’s 1 150 
harem, one of whom the Bey declares to ■GO 
be descended from the family of the Pro- “*00 
phet, thus investing it with a sort of sanc- 



50 Shares Stock Stafford Hank, 

Boston &. Worcester 
Connecticht River 
Connecticut River Company 
Bonds 6 & 7’s Hart. & N. Haven, 
Income 7’s Bonds, 

Jersey City 6’s Water Bonds, 
Mihvaukie City 10’s Bonds, 
Hartford City 6’s Bonds, 

Citizens’ Bank, Waterbury, 

par 50.00 



’s 70 









. K. Cos. 72,000.00 





’10,200 00 











1 ,872.00 

We learn from a reliable source, that 
the Democrats oi Mublenburg are hard at 
work, and that we may confidently claim 
a gain of at least one hundred in that 
county for our noble standard-bearers in 
November next. — Lou. Don. 

No rain has fallen in the vicinity of 
Charleston, Clark Co., Ind., since the 17 th 
of May. The corn, however, looks well, 
and does not appear to have suffered as 
yet. — Lou. Cou. 

iirU) SITrtomtsscwnits. 

Election Notice. 

f N OBEDIENCE toa writ of election, issued 
by order of the Marion Conntv Court, at the 
July term, 1856, to elect certain officers for Ma- 
rion County, occasioned by death and resigna- 
tions, I hereby notify the voters of .Marion 
comity that a poll will be opened at the several 
places of voting in said 'county the ensuing 
Augustelection, 1856, for the election of a Coro- 
ner in the room and stead of John Purdy, de- 
ceased. Also a poll will he opened in New 
Market district, precinct No. 3, at said election 
Rr the election of one Justice of the Peace, in 
the room of Richard McAtee, resigned. Also a 
poll will be opened at Fitzpatrick’s precinct, 
No. 1, for the election of one Justice of the 
Peace, in the room of Samuel Brinton, resigned. 
Also at Livers’ Springs precinct, No. 6, for the 
election of a Constable, in the room of George 
Riggs, resigned. Also at Bradfordsville pre- 
cinct, No. 2, for the election of a Constable in 


Phceuix Bank, Hartford, 

par 100 15)108 



Farmers Sl Mec.’s B’k., H’d., 

par 100 




Exchange Bank, Hartford, 

par 50 




State Bank, Hartford, 

par 100 




City Bank, Hartford, 

par 100 




Bank Hartford Co., Hart., 

par 100 


7,875 00 


Conn. River Bank, Hart. 

par 50 




Hartford Bank, Hart., 

par 100 




Charter Oak Bank, Hart., 

par 100 



• ( 

Merchants Ex. B’k, N. Y , 

par 50 


1 1 .000 00 


North River Bank, N. Y.{ 

par 50 




Mechanic’s Bank, N. Y., 

par 25 




Bauk North America, 

par 100 




Bank Ameiica, 

par 100 


24,000 00 


Bank Republic, 

par 100 


18,750 00 


Bank Commonwealth, 

par 100 




Bank New York, 

par 100 


18 000.0(1 


Broadway Bank, 

par 25 




Peoples’ Bauk. 

par 25 




Union Bank, 

pa r 50 




Hanover Bank, 

par 100 




Ocean Bauk, 

par 50 




Metropolitan Bank, 

•par 100 




Butchers &. Drovers’ Bank, 

par 25 




Importers &. Traders’ Bank, par 100 




American Exchange Bauk, 

par 100 




Merchants* Bunk, 

par 50 




Market Bank, 

par 100 




Phenix Bank, 

par 20 




Manhattan Co. Bauk, 

par 50 


fi 012 .50 


United States Trust Co. B’k., 

par 100 





150 a N. Y. Life Ins. &. Trust Co. par 100 162 

15 .1 M. &T.’sB’k. Jersey City, par 100 95 

150 •* Ohio l ife Ins. & Trust Co. par 100 921 

heal Estate in Hartford, Louisville, Ky., and Cincinnati, Ohio, 
Office Furniture and Library, 

Money due the Company secured by mortgage, 

Bills receivable, payable at ihe Bank, running to matirity. 
Special deposits with Plnanix Bank, 

Special deposits with Hartford Bank, 

Special deposits with State Bank, 

Special deposits with Farmers and Mechanics' Bank, 

Interests accrued on these deposits, 

Cash on hand, 

Balance due from agents and others, 

Deduct balances due from tho Company, 

Capital Stock, 

Surplus, balance of profit and loss acct., 


1,125.00 353,091.50 

13.875.00 546,968.00 





25 000.00 








SI, 000, 733.60 


happen that Mr. Wickliffe is a candidate exoept the Coroner, until the May election. 1857, 
for Commonwealth’s Attorney? Wo don’t and until their successors are duly qualified; 
understand it — Lou. Times. ! and the officers of said election are hereby noti- 

We don’n know anything about it fur- fied ‘° conduct the eleclion for said offices .c 
, , . 1 ., & ■ ,, cording to law. FELIX J ARBOL, 

ther than this— that he announced himself j u |y 15 th, 1856. Sheriff Marion County, 
as a candidate through our paper last 

valuable J 


Losses dne and unpaid — none. 

Losses adjusted and not due, 7,005.89 

Losses iu suspense, waiting further proof, 35,156 58 

Losses resisted, (the causes are various — uuinsurable interest, fraud, 

suspicious of fraud, &.c.,) 59,093.08 

All othcr^claims against the Company are small, for printing and other minor con- 
tingent expenses. 

Hartford, May 1, 1856. THO. A. ALEXANDER, Secretary. 

STATE OF CONNECTICUT, Hartfow> County, ss. Hartford, June 1$, 1856. 

Personally appeared before me, a Justice of the Peace, duly qua ified to administer oaths, 
Thomas A. Alexander, Secretary, aud made solemn oath that the foregoing statement of tho 
assets and condition of the Aetna Insurance Company is true. 

July 16-2t HENRY FOWLER, Justice o-f the Peace. 


the room of George Hughes, removed. Said 
officers to be elected are to hold their offices, 

auditors orncB, ) 

Frankfort, Ky., 1st July, 1856. j 

This is to certify that L. II. NOBLE, as Agent of the Aetna Insurance Company, 
of Hartford, Conn., at Marion County, has filed in this office the statements and 
s .. «... exhibits required by the provisions of an act, entitled “An Act to regulate Agencies 

Spring, “and“stm paysTor keepin7the an- valuable Stock Farm For ° f Forei S n lnsura " ce Companies,” approved March 3, 18513; and it liavfng been 
nouncement there. ' He is running on his shown to the satisfaction of the undersigned that said Company is possessed of an 

own hook, independent of any nomina- ! Oaie. actual capital of at least one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, as required by said 

it-grWe have received a few numbers 
of the National Emporium, published at 
Mound City, Pulaski co. Illinoise. It is a 
hansomely printed sheet, and we wish it 

lion— as he has a perfect right to do, of f 0 FF F * ° 1 nVrcl wn’ a f " m • containi "B act, the said L. H. Noble, as Agent as aforesaid, is hereby licensed and permitted 

course. But every good Democrat must A u1(ed on Cartwright's Creek ioW^hine- to lake / isks and transact hus.ness ot insurance at his office ih Lebanon for tho 

deplore anything like division or dissen- rcn 'cornuy, ' si* ^^on^IrinU: Id and t( rm of one year from the date hereof. But this license may he revoked, if it shall 

sion in our ranks. For, ‘‘united, we stand lying between the Springfield and Bardstown : be made to appear to the undersigned that since the filing of the statements abovo 

divided we fall ” * ’ and Springfield and Bloomfield Turnpike roads, 1 referred to, tho available capital of said Company lias been reduced below one hun- 

’ Ttardstnwn Cn-ette abo ut one m le from. each. My improvements (j red and fifty thousand dollars. 

We agree with the Gazette that every i eUroorcl, “ pl££?7nd ^nanVlirtek Smokf In tcslim0D y whmof * 1 bave set m - v hand > ,he da >’ nnd year above written. 

good Democrat must see the course which ( House, Weaving House and Kitchen. My scr- 

vants’ houses are roomy and 'comfortable, and ■ 

new, being built by mvself during the past year. Home Remedies. 

I have upwards of TWO HUNDRED ACRES ( 

IN BOTTOM, the same amount well sot in grass In another column of to-day s paper 

Jt-fTWe have upon our table a number 
his feelings were so much [ of Ballou’s Dollar Monthly, published by 
enlisted on account of the great danger ' Maturin Ballou at Boston, Mass. It is 
in which he conceived the Protestant 1 one of the very best miscellaneous maga- 
churcbes were severally and collectively, i zines of the day, and a dollar could not be 
from the machinations of the Catholic more usefullv expended than by sending 
hierarchy. But in bis winding up speech, ' for it. 
his sacriligious expressions about the Sa- 

THOS. S. PAGE. Auditor. 

vior of the World, were enough to make 
tho blood curdle in ones veins. And yet 
church members in high standing stood 
by and applauded him even whilst making 
use of those expressions. Well every 
one to their tastes. 

jt^~R. Logan Wickliffe denounces the 
Springfield Convention in his speeches in 
unmeasured terms — en masse and in detail, 
severally nnd collectively. He said in his 

The Exiles Return. — Letters from 
Dublin, Ireland, of May 31st, says: “Three 
of the Irish political exiles, John Dillon, 
John Martin and Kevin O’Doherty, have 
this week arrived in Ireland, and Smith 
O’Brien may be expected here in the 
course of next month.” 

Mr. Wickliffe is pursuing, and we hope 
every one of them in the district will vote 
against him. Andy Barnett is the nomi- 
nee, and is entitled to the vote of the 
party; and he is well worthy of the 
unanimous vote of his party. — Louisville 

Death of Professor Locke. — This dis- 
tinguished man of science died in Cincin- 
nati, June 10th, aged 66 years. He was 
ja native of New Hampshire, graduated at 
Yale, and then served in the Navy asj 
Surgeon. Removing to the west in 1825, ! 
lie first located at Lexington, in this State, 
and aftertvards went to Cincinnati. To, 
1 Professor Locke is the scientific world i„- 
jdebted for the magnetic clock, foi making 
astronomical observations. As a Chemist, 

1 Geologist and Metallurgest, lie had few 
[ equals, and his scientific attainments have; 
I made his name well known in both the 
old world and the new. 

It is estimated that Messrs. Hardin and 
Wickliffe, opposition candidates for Circuit 


There has never been a medicine intro- 
duced which has gained the wide-spread 
popularity and approbation of all classes 
speech the other day at Bardstown, that • of society equalled to that called Hurley’s 
Some of the members of that Convention — Sarsaparilla. It has cured disease in all 
and he did not designate which ones, and its forms, rescued thousands of hopeless 
of course it applies to each one indirectly ; cases ^ roni the grave, and everywhere 

-had so little brains, that they did not ^ by a11 ^prejudiced minds the great- 
. J lest boon conlerred on mankind. — Fills, 

know when our Savior was born. We j pispatch 

think it becomes the members ot that j s nce( 4| ess t 0 sa y anything in favor 
Convention to turn out aud teach him that 0 f tbis compoun j. is already known as 
it is a matter ot no importance when or the best, and most reliable preparation be- 
where an independent democratic candi- ^ f ore Q, e p (lb |i C ; a nd as an evidence of the 

date was born, and whether “Sara” offici- [ ^eat demand. The sale for the three 

aled at the delivery or not. months, ending 1 July, averaged over 

51,000 bottles. 

ICT’Mr. Garfield, passed through this 
place last night en-route to his appoint-} Fillmore says: 
ments in the Southern counties. Wc platform of the 

‘I stand upon the broad 
Constitution and the 

Lebanon l’ostcopy and charge advertiser. 

Stout, iu store and for sale by 
April 2 W. SANSBURY. 

thiug, and a fine slock of Cloths, Cassi- 
ni! r, and Vestings, on hand aud for sale by 




Judge and Commonwealth’s Attorney, in (successor to sansbcry a bowman,) 
this district, will be defeated by a major-, Main Street, Lebanon, Kg., 

ity of 3,200 votes. We are of the opin- 
ion, however, that by a prudent and tem- 
perate course, with shrewd and skillful 
management, they will be able to reduce 
the majority to 3,198 — Transcript. 

The latest advices from Havana state 
that the Spanish Squadron, expected from 
Spain, had not arrived at Havana. The 
presumption was that when it did arrive, 
it would he dispatched to Mexico t'o bling 
that country to terms. It really seems 
that a war between these crippled, distrac- 
ted, impoverished, bankrupt, effete coun- 
tries, Spain and Mexico, is among the 
probabilities. What fun it would be for 
the fillibusters. 

and the balance in woods, the growth of which will he found the advertisement of L. II. 
is while and black walnut, ash, sugar tree, wild j Nobie & Co Their preparations are 

aTo f * th is^an d is admirably adapted to the made among us ami are known to be at 
growth of Blue Grass. My farm is well wa- 1 least equal, if not superior to any Olliers of 
tered, having water in all my fields and pastures s i m jl ar kinds put up anywhere. The 
during most of the year. Chill and Fever Remedy has no superior, 

£ SSva »* « '» . •"«*” t fr 

the terms made known to them. j who hate been cured ot l.. ihe sale lias 

July 16-2m. S. I,. SH ARP. been so great for the past few weeks, and 

the satisfaction it has given so general, 
that the proprietors will, in the course of 
a few coming weeks, send to different 
parts of the country one hundred dozen. 

This remedy is not only safe and certain, 
but by its combining in just proportions 
the properties of a Tonic and Anti-Peri- 
odic, Cathartic, and Diaphoretic; it needs 
no other medicine to accompany it; and 
besides it leaves the system free in a great 
measure, from the usual tendency to a re- 
turn of the disease. 

The Sarsaparilla is the officinal prepa- 
ration, made after the formula of the Utii- 





No. -104, Main St., opposite the Louisville 

July 0-2 m. 



Noble’s Compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla 

for Scrofula and Scrofulous Affections, Ery- 
sipalas, Syphalis and Syphaloid diseases, Dys- 
pepsia, Costiveness, Piles, Tetter or Salt Rhuem, 
Scald Head, Ringworm, General Debility, Fe- 
male Irregularities, Pulmonary Disea^s, Palpi- 
tation of the heart, Chronic Rheumatism, Liv- 
er Complaint, &.C., &.C., &.C. 

Noble’s Chills and Fever 



This Preparation contains no Quinine or Aler- 
ted States Dispensatory, and contains only xurials of any kind and is warranted. 

1 1 f TT ... .1 I» . 1 1 a. IK., no nuU nfKifivpIv! 

i ESPECTFULLY invites I 

the attention of the pure and fresh Honduras Root. It is ! ICTNo cure no pay, p ositively! 
all interested in the following list of fresh I recommended by our Physicians as supe wjohlo'R Extract of Jamaica Gicsi'er. 
incs and New Fancy Goods: ri or to any other in the market. Its rapid , for Dyspepsia. G’X, 



Sulph." Quinine, Irons of every prepara- 

Acetate “ 
Muriate “ 
Opiates of all kind, 

are rejoiced to see him so much recovered , 'T. , and bc , aboidd bave a{ ld c d> “But, 
, .. . o alas! I have taken a solemn oath in secret 

from Ins temporary illness. Sam and llwl ! wi |, be a nn(1 faithflll sllbjnct 

Sambo may expect now to have but little nf Sam, and no man can serve two nias- 

i . L vrli-rever In makes his appear, nice. ;tcr».” 

Onward. — AVe are informed by a gen- 
tleman from McCracken that that county I 
will give, the present year, a large majori- 
ty for Buchanan and Breckinridge. Last 
August it gave the k. n. ticket two hun- 
dred and fifty-six majority. — Courier. 


Pocket Instruments, 
Cupping “ 
Medicinal Brandies and 

Also, Patent Medicines of every Manufacture. 

Toilct'Stands, Shaving S tap, 

“ Combs, “ Brushes, 

“ Brushes, Teeth “ 

“ Sonus, Clothes “ 

“ Powder, Perfumery of alpkinds, 

Gent’s Walking Slicks. 

Also, Paiuts, Oils, Window Glass, Varnish, &c. 
by the quantity, April 2-ly 

sale among us, to those who know its ! indication, Diarrhea. Cramps, Spasms, Nausea, 
qualities and the manner of its preparu- Sinking Sensations, Prostration, ic. 

tion would seem to be its best recomnten- Prepared by L. II. NOBLE & CO. 

. . For sale by L. II. Noble &, Co., Lebanon, Ky., 

elation. and bv other Druggists throughout the couutry 

Of the Extract of Jamaica Ginger, I j„iy 2d, 1856-ly. 

there need ho nothing said. It has been ■ 

in use extensively for three years past and g oylo Farm for Scllo! 
cives general satisfaction. 


si 1 

These preparations are not Patent 
Medicines. There is no secret about 
them. The public can sec the formula 
by which they are prepared, and any res- 
pectable Physician can have the same by 
application to the proprietors in person or 
by letter. 

These remedies can always ho had, 
WISH TO PURCHASE FIFTY wholesale or retail, of the proprietors, at 
likely young negroes, of both their Drug Store in Lebanon, Ivy., and 
s. For such I urn willing to pay aS of Druggists generally. 


N egroes W anted. 

tli* highest ca. h prices. 

.All letters addressed on that business will to 

t . . . ,, , , promptly attended to at short notice. 

An exchange calls the union of Finland Address* 


J Violin String can be had at 
April 9 

SANSBURY’S Drugstore. 

and Franco again. R Russia, the Hull Frog 

June -5 

r*G— I v . lianlstown, Ky. 

I NTENDING to remove AVcst, I offer f«r 
sale ou reasonable terms, 


On which 1 now reside, situated on the Tu&ii- 
pike road leading from Dauvillc to Lebanon, (i 
miles from the former place. It contains 

278 ACRES 

Of first rate Land, subdivided into fields of 
proper size, and provided with the necessary 
buildings aud out-houses. It has also a suffi- 
cient quantity of never-failiug w ater, and is in 
every respect well worthy the attention of those 
wishing to purchase a Farm. Besides, it is a 
first-rate location for either a Tavern or Stock 
Stand, being ou the route of travel Soutii and 
West. Being determined to sell, a good bargain 

| >\l M OF THOUSAND FLO A VAl CAN I may be had, and purchasers are invited to ca 
■> |,c had of \r. SANSBURY. JOHN HENDERSON. 


Wednesday Morning. July 16. 1856 

Rags! Rags!! Rags!!! 

Clean Linnen and Cotton Rags wanted 
at this office. The highest price in CASH 
will be paid for an}' amount brought. 


Garret Davis continues to belch 

I forth his foul slanders in the Eighth Con- 
gressional district. Buchanan and Breck- 
inridge are, however, above and bevond 
the reach of the little viper, as the vote of 
the district will show in November next. 

At the late session of the Gilmer 

County Court, Virginia, the Grand Jury 
of that County presented the editor of 
the Cincinnati Western Christian Advocate 
for not publishing abolition doctrines, and 
also Itev. Levi Parke for circulating the 

It is now generally conceded that 

at least nine-tenths of those old-line wbigs, 
who, for the [last year, have kept aloof 

H urley and guysott’s s.vrsapa- 

rilla in store and for sale liy 



April 2 



1 > EST J A M ES It I YE K A N D 

2 ^ Tobocco can be bad of 

April % W. SANSBU RY. 


ity call be bad at April - 

SANSUUBY’S Drug Store. 


Jrx. I>y W. SANSBURY. 

Jf Candles are sold by the box at 
April 2 SANSBURY’S Drugstore. 

All personal communications to this pa | from party organization of any kind, will 
[ier will be hereafter charged as ndver cas t, their votes in November next for 
tisements, and must be paid for, before 
they can appear. This rule will be ad- j 
licred to strictly. 

RAG-S ! RAGS ! RAGS 1 1 

l4 *9 Si <S! Ih POUNDS of Rags wanted ini- 
mediately al Ibis Office, for 
wliicha I ibcral ^rice i n cash will In* paid. 
Lebanon. Ky.. May 5, 1852 

ALL KINDS 0$ BLANKS done it 

lie neatest style at this office. 

When death is at the door, the remedy which 
would have saved life, if adinini>tcfed in time, 
comes too late. Do n >t trifle with disease 
Kely upon it, that u lien the stomach will not 
digest fo"d: when faintness and lassitude per- 

vade the system — when the sleep i* disturbed, 
the appetite feeble, the mind lethargic, the 
nerves unnalura'ly sensitive, and the head Con- 
fused — rely upon it, that when these symptoms 
o'*cwr, tlie powers of vitality lire failing, and 
that, unless the mischief is promptly checked, 
life will he shortened , as well as tendered mise- 
rable. Now we know from a mass of trsti- 
m *n v, greater than was ever before accumulated 
in favor of one remedy, that llooflaiid’s German 
Hitlers, prepared by Dr. C. *V. Jackson, ihila- 
delphia, will immediately abate, and, in lie end, 
entirely remove all of these dis >rders as snr«*ly 
as a mathematical process will solve a problem. 
\\ ho, then, will endure the agony, and the risk 
«»1 life, with health and safely within reach? 

Sec advertisement. 



Issued under the Seal, Sanction Authority of 


Buchanan and Breckimidjj 

ffo® D D , 

i nd Cotton RAGS wanted at 

. .. • xr i ii i , the Printing Office, foi* which the highest price 

A lire ii. Nashville, on V ednesdav ' cash wi f, ,. e paid . may 5,tf 

n'glit, destroyed the furniture manufactory 
of J. \V. McCombs, the Masonic Hall,] 
and several other buildings. 

We are authorized to announce G. W. 

GOOD11UM as a candidate for Sherifl in 
the county of Marion at the ensuing Au- 
gust election; and if elected, J ames Gaii- 
tin is to be his Deputy. 

We are authorized to announce JAMES ^ring under that painful disease called 

E. Howell killed himself in New 

Orleans on the 2d inst. He bad lonir been 


I). HARDIN, of llnrrodsburg, asa can- 
didate for Circuit Judge in the new Fifth 
Judicial District, composed of the counties] 
of Green, Taylor, Marion, Washington, 

Nelson, Anderson, and Mercer. 

There is a time for all things. — 

The time to ‘ leave” is when a young lady 
asks you how the walking is. 

Hon. Thos. F. Marshall made a 

long speech in Chicago the other evening, i 
in which lie indentified himself with the j 
Black Republican party. 

We understand that Marshall 

Butts, of Covington, wounded in the Tur- ' slavery. . 

3. Against the admission of any new 

Hurley’s Sarsaparilla. 

F all the remedies that have been discover- 
I during the present age for the. “thous- 
and ills that flesh is heir to,” none equal this 
wonderful preparation. Only three years have 
elapsed since thediscoverer (who spent a decade 
ie studv iug, experimenting, and perfecting it) 
first introduced it to the public, and is already* 
[recognized by the most cmiucut physicians in all 
parts of the country lobe the most surprising 
and effective remedy for certain discuses of which 
tilled in Louisiana was received at New they have knowledge. 

the painter’s colic. 

-The first bartel ol whisky ever dis* 

! IWALIDS recovering from the «-ffi 
! 1" ever, Bihi ms Diseases, «.p long continued ill 
. n** c s of any kind, will find Carter’s Spanish 
.Mixture the only remedy which will revive 
, their drooping constitutions, expel all had liu- 
! mors from the blood, excite the liver to a prompt 
ami healthy action, and by its tonic properties, 
restore the patient to life and vigor. 

We can only say TKY IT. A single bottle 
is worth all the so called Sarsap rillus in exist- 
ence. It c *111311)8 ho Mercury, Opium, or any 
other noxious «<r poison us drug, and cau be 
gi\> n t » the youngest infant without hesit lion. 

See the certificates of wonderful cures around 
the bottles. More than five hundred persons iu 
tlu* city of Richmond, Ya., can testify 
good effects. 


Chartered by the State of Pcimsylvanie, April 
2!hh, 1853, with u capital of 


.Mainly for t he purpose of arresting the evils of 
Spurious and worthless Nostrums; 

Also to supply the Community with reliable 
Remedies whenever a Competent Physician 
cu mint or will not be employed, This InsHtn 
has purchased from Dr. JOHN ROWAN D, his 

Ro wand's Tunic Mixture, 

Known for upwards of twenty. five ycarsas the 
of ouly sure and safe cure for 

Oclcaos on the first of ibis month. 

Mr. Fillmore’s Abolition Votes 

The Journals of Congress show 
Mr. Fillmore supported by bis vote peti- 

1 To declare slaves free who had gone 
to sea with the consent of their masters, 
and to protect them in their freedom. 

2. To repeal all laws and constitutional 

All other compounds or syrups of the root 
have hitherto failed tocoinmand the sanction ol 
the faculty, because on belug tested they have 
been found tocontahi noxious ingredients, which 
' neutralize the good eif-cU of the Sarsaparilla, 
that and often times injure the health of ihepuiieul. 
It is not so with II ur-ey’s preparation. 

This is the pure and genuine extract of t lie 
root, and will, on trial, l>e found toeffect a cer- 
tain and pepfe t cure of the following coni* 
plaint* and disea- es: 

Affections of the Hones, Habitual Costive ness, 
Debility, Indigestion, Diseases of the Kidney*, 
Liver, complaint, Dyspepsia, Piles, Erasjpelax, 
Pulmonary diseases. Female Irregularities, 1 

See advertisement. 

I' ever and Ayuc, dc. 
mid Ii is inestimable Remedy for 
li owe/ 1 Coni/daints; 


u Im i, highly approved and popular rente- 

di *8, together with 

The U'tircrxih/ Remedy for ComnlainU 

of the LUNGS', 

Thk (Juicers! h/’s Remedy for DVSi. 


T'.e ( 'niremity’s Semedy for COS 


Also, the. University's A/monoc may he 

Branch Dlxpriutatory, or Store 

k AWftSK 


a, a 

provisions by which the Federal Govern 

ment is bound to protect the institution of Scrofula, or Kings Evil, Fistula, Syphilis, 

And all Skin Diseases. 

Besides curing the above it 

dead, as was reported ' ...... . ‘ 

estate into the Union whose UonstiluUuu at... 

ner affray, is not 

yesterday. Recently the physicians found j , (1 | t0 | L ., ;Ues 8 | avcry> 
it necessary to amputate his arm, and it is 
apprehended that he may not recover.^ 

Of the eight district electors for 

Tennessee on the Clay electoral ticket of 

4. Against the annexation of Texas, 
j solely on the ground that slavery existed 
; there, 

To abolish slavery in the District of 
| Columbia, though the whole people of the 
1844, now living, four are for Buchanan District cherished the institution, and never 

and Breckinridge. 

known to be a 
great and powerful tonic, purifying the bloo. 
a. id invigorat ng the system. In short, it is 
without exception, in thec-scs mentioned, ami 
its general offect upon the syst ni the inost'cffi- 
cacioti8, as il t is the most desirable rente*. y ol 
the age. It is already extensively used through- 
out the country, and is fast obtaining an Euro- 
pean reputation. The instances < f cures it has 
effected are daily coming to the prouridtor’* 
knowledge, and In* has no hesitation in recom- 
mending it to ne and all who desire to procure 
relief from suffering. One bottle being trieJ, 

, petitioned for its abolition. 

0. To prohibit the buying and selling of its effects will be too apparent to admit of fur- 

The trial of Preston S. Brooks, for slaves in t | ie District and other Territories H*er doubt. 

an assault on Senator Surtiner, before the] of the Union. 

He supported by his vote petitions to 

Criminal Court of Washington, has been [ 
further postponed. 

A Synod ol Robbis will shortly be Negroes to the Territory 

held in Paris, to discuss the propriety of 

Recollect I [tu ley's Sarsapnrilla is the 
j genuine article in the market. 

Price 1 per bottle, or six bottles for 5. 


J Congress to repeal the act ol the Territory For sale at the man it factors, corner Seventh 
of Florida, to prevent mi station of free n,, d Green s PT P .i 8 ’ Louisyille, Kv. ndjjy 

8. He voiced in favor of petitions to 

transferring the observance of ‘the* Jewish ma!c citizens of 

N E(i R(-'Eo from every quarter oj the 

j L. II. NOBLE, and L. A. SPALDING, 
aimn ; Ky. 

Oct. 31 If. 


Sabbatb from Saturday to Sunday. 

Tbe great Texas land case, in 

which tbe plaintiff claimed on a Mexican 
grant to James de la Vega, lias been de- 
cided in tbe United States Circuit Court 
of New Orleans, in favor of the plaintiff, 
John W. Lapsley. There are eleven cases 


Successfully Treated to/ Inhalation of 
Medico ted ! a pots. 

I^Y Johnson Stewart Ro«e. M. D.. Fellow 
| jp • f the Royal College of Physicians, and 
for years senior Physician in the London Royel 
The Contrast.— '•M r. Herbert is in prison Infirmary, for diseases of the limps. 


9. Ho voted in favor of a petition to re- 
ceive negro ambassadors from tbe black 
Republic of Hayti. 


O PERATE by their powerful influence on the 
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimu- 
late it into healthy action. They remove the 
obstructions of the stomach, bowels, liver, and other 
organs of the body, and, by restoring their irregular 
action to health, correct, wherever they exist, such 
derangements as are the first causes of disease. 
An extensive trial of their virtues, by Professors, 
Physicians, and Patients, has shown cures of dan- 
gerous diseases almost beyond belief, were they not 
substantiated by persons of such exalted position 
and character as to forbid the suspicion of untruth. 
Their certificates are published in my American 
Almanac, which the Agents below named are 
pleased to furnish free to all inquiring. 

Annexed we give Directions for their use in the 
complaints which they have been found to cure. 

For Costiveness. — Take one or two Pills, or 
such quantity as to gently move the bowels. Cos- 
tivcncss is frequently the aggravating cause of 
Piles, and the cure of one complaint is the euro 
of both. No person can feci well while under a 
costive habit of body. Hence it should be, as it 
can be, promptly relieved. 

For Dyspepsia, which is sometimes the cause 
of Costiveness , and always uncomfortable, take mild 
doses — from one to tar — to stimulate the stomach 
and liver into healthy action. They will do it, and 
the heartburn , body bum, and soulburn of dyspepsia 
will rapidly disappear. When it has gone, don’t 
forget what cured you. 

For a Foul Stomach, or Morbid Inaction of the 
Bowels , which produces general depression of the 
spirits and bad health, take from four to eight Pills 

• had. at the 

\of L. II NOBLE d- CO. 

Oc|. 1 Tth, (ijn 

Cartsr’s Spanish Mixture. 
Ql?* TH aI 3^0 OBJ 

Not a particle of Mercury in it. 


An infallible remedy for Scrofula, Rv „, Olwtiuale CuMnocu* Er u utin„ s ’ 

Pimples or Postii les on the Face Blot lies 
l»o, Is. Ague ami Fever, Chronic Sore Eyes’ 
Ring Morin or l'etter, Scald ] 
ment and Pain of tl,e Hone, ami d„i „ 8 Sl „ b . 
h irn leers, Sympathetic Disorders, Luinluiiro 
->11101 Complaints, and oil diseases urisin.r from 
ahd hi urious use of Mcrcun , Imprudeuce in 
life, nr impurilv ol Ihe Blood 

C hange in Business. 

rpilk. partnership heretofore existing hi I e- - 
iiiid- isieud, under ill- stvle mid lir: 

L. A. SPALDING CO., is this day oiss. 
hy in ii l u ol consent. All persons indebted Ir. t 
loll' lirni will P louse C ol! Olid make settli inei 
is we on. deiernmied to close or busim - 
soiii, ns p‘*ssilsle. Me trust this notice v.n. 
alteudcu lo, and fius save cost. 

. , F. I). MERIMEE. 

J .e bo non, Ky., April Jo, Jboti. 


\\ r '‘ ’ AKr. now repcivinc, direct from P 
V V odi.dpliia . O general slock of I). 

t-OOOS, Hard and Qneeiisware, &»*.. i v : 
lie will sell ol low prices lor CASH, or lo i 
customers, who will be prompt and pinictUH 
make payment on the 1st day of Jautiar . n 
at which time all accounts are uuc. Onrfriei 
ami the jiu blic generally are requested to cal’, 
our new store and examine onr stork 


A|>ril 2 1, ISaC-if 

’ I. w. HOPPj 

I.esjn-i ifutly oilers his pr< fission. 1 tin 
to tlu* ( ifizmsof Marion county. 

Ol- J- ICE at Noble’s Drug Store. 

Mar. 17— if. 

IU KU IJAKRJSON, j} J;K , . ~ 

H AH Rig ON & S B L BY . 


T V' r T!' attend to any business entriistid tc 
t y them in tile dlarion Courts and t In; 
curls of the adjoining counties. Parliculm iit - 
te ii ■ i ii n will he given lo collection!. 

Lebanon, Ky., Nov 29. 

J. c. maxwell, 


E>rs Maswell & 



ol’liis PECULIAR 

apuits uuu uau aeaiui, iaKe irom iour 10 eigni rms .,11 .. . ,• , 1 : 

Rt first, and smaller doses afterwards, until activity ‘ ^ ri e evr ^ r A few 

mill C t run rr t Vl ia rnclnsorl tn tkn unetoin f tll'/CV O .S rj/r >, / c/t If. 

t/L’O doors above the Drug Store. 
j Dec 2n tf 

Drs I. Westerfield, & ~8civ 

n AHNC.p'.rniancntiy located in Shelhv- 
V| .le, Ky.. lender their jirofessiomi! ser- 
Vices t, the afflicted. They will give sputi.,1 
attentson to the treatment of ' 


I lie senior partner has been exclusively on- 
tj'ged in the j.raclice of medicine for the last 
vean. In addition lo a regular course of .study, 

wiur;;,: 0 i,r “ ciic,:d t,,rce >"“ rs ‘“ i«*Gncrs!;,p 

Indian Doctor Richard Carter, 
formerly of Shelby county, ky., from whom 

r J AH IS great alter dive meilicine and Purifier I^muLs^r ' “ ECIPES '' 

■ . r'f ' ls , llo ' v lls,!< * l*y thousawls of ] RKtiKuihs, which have 
grateful |>alienls from all parts of the United |cessful 
Mates, who testify da ly to the rema-kahle cures 
[ ji rformad by Hie greatest of all medicines 


Neuralgia. Rheumatism, Scrofala, Urdpti 
the Skin. Liver diseases, Fevers, Ulcers 
Sores, Affections of the Kidneys, diseases of the 
I hroat, Female Complain s, Pains and Aching 
ofthe Bones and Joints, are speedily p„t if, 
flight by using this great and Inestimable reme- 

For all diseases of the Blood, nothing has vet 
| been found tocompare with it. It cleanses ihe 
j system of all im unties, acts gently and cfli- 
. cion f I y on flit* Liver and Kidneys, s rengthens 
the digestion, gives tone to the stomach, makes 
the skin clear nud healthy, and restores the 
c 'institution, eu eebied *»v disease or broken 
down hy the excesses of youth, to its pristine 
vigor and strength. 

For Hie Ladies, it Ginn miparably better than 

P r ven so eminently auc 

m the treatment of 

t ..^ironic 15'scascs. 

In all ernes of simple, uncomplicated diseases 
where n carefully written description is sent 
nos of i Ihe, „, |nst-pa.d, they will jiromptly send modi- 
•S. old ci nea and directions by mail. ' SPI1 -in-f 

doses ol 

ut Washington, awaiting trial under a 
charge of murder. Mr. Brooks is hold lo 
bail and awaits trial for the assault on 

111 this age of progress. .Medical Science has 
contributed her full share to the general wel- 
fare; and that which shines resplendent, the 
brightest jewel in her diadem, is iier Iasi anil 

1 bring Ihe 

Carter o Spanish Mixture 
remove nil sallowncss n f complexion 
roses niantl ug to the cheek, give 


H AVING Recently I’Urchneod Ihe House 
formerly occupied us a Hotel, and inm,. 
rece n t y asa Hoarding School, solicits a liberal 
-hare of public patronage. The stand is silna 
led on Mam Sir, et, Lebanon, Ky., and is in 
i* iM*- l and idcMM.tnt poriiou of the town, f 
,. :iV0 'n-h trd and re-fiiriiislien tiio entire estah 
Isliinenl in a handsome manner, and am not 
[prepared to receive travel rs or regular hoard- 
h' rs »y nay» we«*k, inontli, or year. 

Vlv table shall always be fiirnislicd w-itb the 
very licet the market can afford; and 1 intern 

alike in principle, and the land intolved is Sumner. So far the suprcmicy of the law 'greatest gilt, MEDICATED VAPOR INH A 

is asserted without distinction of person — of CONSUMP- 

. i ... TinM t nun rr t-t act in 1 1 : . , 

estimated at ^2,000,000. 

It is said that Congress may ad- 
journ about the 10th of August. 

A memorial, numerously signed, 

wason Friday sent into the Senate, asking 
a retrocession of Georgetown, in the Dis- 
trict of Columbia, to Maryland. 

The coiner stone of a new Catho- 
lic church was laid at Chattanooga on Sun- 
day last, Bishop Miles officiating. 

Congress passed an act permitting 

i, . i i | TION, BK0NCH1TAS, AfTHMA, and kindred 

But where are the know-nothing villains a (rectio*i» v 

and strength is restored to the system. 

For Nliivocsness, Sick Headache, Nacsea, j Will 
Pain in the Stomach , Back, or Side, take from four 

to eight pills on going to bed. If they do not oper- , v in tl., * 1 . i 7 ’ ' ‘V, *•"' *■ can 

ate sufficiently, take more the next day until they ' „ , , I * • n ' ,m P r ve gent* nil ficullli toat my prices shall in all 

do. These complaints will be swept out from the 
system. Don’t wear these and their kindred dis- 
orders because your stomach is foul. 

For Scrofula., Erysipelas, and all Diseases _ r _ Hf ^ wi Miv VVP1JI ., 

nf the Skin, take the Pills freely and frequently, to j United Status, is the best evidence that there is ereecd on ||„ 

i 'give, beyond a I the inedieiuvs 

| in a rein trkahlc 
ever heard of. 

I The large number or cirlificates which w 
i have received from persons from all jiarls ofthe 

,,, - ■ cases shall be liberal 

I niveler’s horses c.m always he carefully at- 
tenced lo, as 1 have made all necessary urrang. - 
no "Is to l 'nit end, ami there will shortly be a 
large, comfortable and hand seme new "sialil. 

-who killed ;t Democratic elector in the 
streets of Washington, for daring to ex 
press himself in favor of the Union Mayor? 
Where are tile officers who helped them 

All must see Ihe absurdity of treating Con- 
sumption through the slunach, hy filling ii 
with nauseous drugs; the disease is not in the 
stomach, hut in the lungs, and liy inhaling med- 
icine in the form of Vapor, I ajiply the remedy 

to escape . Where are the assassins ol directly ti the diseased organ. There is, ther 

Buel? Where are the incendiaries and as- 
sassins of New Orleans? Where are the [ 
rioters of Washington City, who but tlie| 
other day assailed the Mayor and Magis- 
trates t\ ilh slungshots and with stones? 

Alas! the men who assail the Demo- ; 
crats, who break up Democratic meetings, 

vessels laden with foreign sugar cane, to 
proceed to any point on the navigable wa- 
ters of Louisiana, without breaking bulk. 

The wheat crop of Ohio is said to 

be in [a very fine condition. There are are threatened! That’ 
more acres covered with wheat in Ohio Indiana Seri’ind. 

fore, no case si hopeless that inhalation will n t 
reach. I earnestly appeal lo the common sense 
of ail afflicted with lung diseases, lo embrace at 
once the advantages of inhalation. 

1 claim fir inhalation in the treatment nf 
cousiim|ition, &,c. a place amongst tile priceless 
gifts that nature and art has g veil us, that 
•‘onr (lavs may he long in Ihe land,” and as tile 
only ark of refuge for the Consumptive! A 


who drive Democratic electors fron the 1 method not ouly rational, but simple, *sa 
pulls, who deal assassin blows at Demo- efficacious 
era tic leaders, are never brought to justice! 

Justice is blind to them. But she unveils 
her eyes and opens her mouth, in full cry, 
when the sacred persons of the opposition 
he difference.- — 

than were ever before planted in that 

Col. Benton came near being drown 

ed while crossing Lamaine river, on the 2d 
of Jyly, on his electioneering canvass. 

“Saltram,” a famous horse, aged 

twenty -five years, died in Boyle county, on 
the 8th inst. He was the property of B. 
D. Williams. Esq. 

The Baptists at Danville have pur- 
chased a fine piece of property and are 
about establishing a female boarding- 

Judge Bridges, of Boyle, on ac- 
count of age and declining health, has with 
drawn his name from the list of candidates 
for Circuit Judge in that district. 

Prof. Sam. G. Mullins, of the, 

I have pleasure in referring to 108 name*, 
residents of New York and neighborhood, who 
have been restored to vigorous health. About 
Olio-third of the above number, according t<> 
the patients’ own statements were considered 
hopeless cases. 

The Inhaling method is soothing, safe, and 
consists in the adininistra ion of medicine* Hi 
such a manner that they are conveyed into the 
lun s in the form of vapor, and produce their 
. .action at the seat of the disease. Its practical 
Buchanan is a statesman; Fremont is success is destined to revolutionize the opin 
Buchanan is known and in,,s Hie medical world, and establish tJ»o 

The Contrast. — The Springfield Argus 
makes the following pointed contrast: 

an adventurer. 

keep the bowels open. The eruptions will gener- 
ally soon begin to diminish and aisappear. Many 
dreadful ulcers and sores have been healed up by 
the purging and purifying effect of these Pills, anil 
some disgusting diseases which seemed to saturate 
the whole system have completely yielded to their 
influence, leaving the sufferer in perfect health. 
Patients ! your auty to society forbids that you 
should parade yourself around the world covered 
with pimples, blotches, plcers, sores, and all or any 
of the unclean diseases of the &kin, because your 
system wants cleansing. 

To Purify the Blood, they arc the best medi- 
cine ever discovered. TThey should be taken freely 
and frequently, and the impurities which sow the 
seeds of incurable diseases will be swept out of the 
system like chaff before the wind. By this property 
they do .as much good in preventing sickness as by 
the remarkable cures which they are making every 

Liver Complaint, Jaundice, and all Bilious 
Affections , arise from some derangement — cither 
torpidity, congestion, or obstructions of the Liver. 
Torjidity and congestion vitiate the bile and render 
it unfit for digestion. This is disastrous to the 
health, and the constitution is frequently under- 
mined by no other cause. Indigestion is tnc symp- 
tom. Obstruction of the duct which empties the 
bile into the stomach capses the bile to overflow 
into the blood. This produces Jaundice, with a 
long and dangerous train of evils. Costivcncss, or 
alternately costivcncss and diarrhoea, prevails. 
Feverish symptoms, languor, low spirits, weariness, 

no liuinliiig about it. The j.ress, hotol k.:e|>crs, 
magistrates, physicians mid public men, well 
known to the community, all add llieir teslimo- 

uy lo the clerfnl effects of tins GRF. VT 


( all on the agen mid get a Circular and Al 
mantle, mid rend the wonderful cure, this truly 
greatest of all Medicines has [icrformed. 

None genuine unless signed BENNETT A 
BEERS, Proprietors, No. !l Pearl Street, Rich 
mend, Nu .; to whom all orde s f r slijqilies and 
agamies must he tiddresscd. 

And for sale by L H. NOBLE. 
OllOll ,* JOHN STARK Sr SON , Spciny 
to ld.- and by dealers in Medicine pr.nrndl a . 

33i' A. J. Valid erslice. 

Late Professor of the Kcolc C'liuiijnc de 

Oct. I7th tf 

1 jiremrses. 




©crmaii Bitters, 

rnEPvRKi) bt 

DR. C. it. JACKSON, Pbilnd'a., Pa., 



y hr ante or Ncrvout Debility, Diseases of the 
j Kidneys, and all diseases arising from a dis - 
I ordered Liver or Stomach. 

Such as Consl ipalion, inward Pi-h s, F u II lies 
<>f Blood lo Ihe Bead. Acidify of ihe SlouiorJi, 
Nausea; Hear burn. Disgust lor Food, FulJues; 
lor Weight iu llit* Stomach, Sonr Lrnctation-, 
Sinking or Fluttering al the Pit of the Stomach, 
i/i . 7 Sv. rmniiug ol the Head, Hurried an-» Difi'cn/ 

JBdtcnic cf / hnrmaac la puns. •, Fluttering at the Heart, Cbaking or 
A l , HACHTIOi:Klt fok twenty- mm; years Suffocating Si*n>:‘iion, when in a lying posinr**. 

[Dimness of Visi *n, Dots or Webs before llio 

I 1 AM.) 

V NNOUNOES lo bis friends and Ihe pub- 
lic that he continues lo devote his lime 
ito the curing of the following diseases, viz: 
[ Goughs, (’obis. Asthma, Fils, Dropsy, Dyspcp- 
Avor Complaint, Files, Fisfulu, Gout, 

restlessness, and melancholy, with sometimes in- Rheumatism, Scrofula. White Svvelfing r Ncr- 

tried; Fremont is unknown and untried. — entire CUl.ABILI I \ ol Consumption. 
Buchanan has served his country faithfully fro ),!' P ! ,C, '." lS W '"-' ,lc,, “ s,8lci - f '’-'‘Med 
in impoitant politiccl stations for over for 

ty years, Fremont has explored the Rocky \ lin ' v much they expectorate, whatthe cmdiii 
mountains and “eaten dog,’' Buchanan;?^ tluir stnmarh and bowels. The Medic in 
has the qualifications for the presidential A l’- aralu »* Wl)l be_forwarded to any pa 

the lungs, if they have lost flesh, have u 
cough, night sweats, and fever turns, what mid 


office; Fremont is utterly without them.” i 


A leading and influential free-soiler of 
this county, who voted for Cassius M. 

Clay for Governor, has ovowed his deter- 
m intilion to go for Fillmore, because, he 
says, that if Fillmore carried the State of! lions are based 
Kentucky, it will secure the success of 

luckv not take warning from the course of 
these enemies of the Constitution? 

Maysville Express. 

Greenville Institute, at Harrodsburg, was 
presented last week with a beautiful ser- 

vice of silver, consisting of a pitcher, two trict, rose in his place, and in a speech of 

an hour and a \va\! fairly skinned the Hin- 
doo alive. That was right — let our elect- 

goblets and a salver 

-An exchange savs that “the names 

ors and speaking men everywhere be on 
.of six of the Presidents of the TL nited ; the qui vice. Let know-nothing slanders, 
States ended in N — nearly half; and the 
•next N will unquestionably be Buchanan.” 

The French Senate have decided 

on erecting a monument to the army of TheTmTc^acv ‘w ii 1 7nite"to a man. 
the East and to the Emperor. 

“We, the undersigned, practitioners in medi- 
cine. cheerfully recommend Dr. Johnson ft. 
Rose’s method of treating diseases of the throat 
and lungs, as the best and most effectual ever 
introdneed into medical practice. Onr convic- 
upoti having several of nur 

own patients, confirmed consumptives, restored 

Will the know-nothings of Ken- 10 vi .K“ ro " s after a few months treat- 

° ment hy Dr. Rose. 

In the above named diseas -s, the application 
of “Medicated Vapors” inhaled directly into 
the lungs may be justly Considered a great 
boon .0 stifl'ering humanity, rendering con- 
Ilindoo elector for sumption a perfectly curable disease. 

Dr. Rose deserves well of the profession for 
his strenuous and unwearied exertions in bring- 
ing this successful and only reliable method of 
treating consumption to such a degree of per- 




JONAS A. MOTT, M. D. •• 


And eleven other eminent practitioners in 
this and neighboring cities. 

Terms— F ive dollars, consult ition lee. Bal 

John TV. Crockett 
the State at large, spoke at Greenville, on 
last Monday week age. After he got 
through with his harangue, Mr. Eaves, the 
assistant Democratic elector for the Dis- 

wherever utterred, be met, refuted, and de- 
nounced. — Lot. Dem. 

A democrat of Gennessce writes — 

ance of fee payable only when pa ients report 
themselves convalescent. 

one idea, fusion abolitionists, 

look half 

— -Some eight hundred of the ncigh-^'liP 1 alread - v r , , , 

. r r.^i .tit.- . l ne masses ot the New 1 ork democracy 

bors of Mr. Luchanan. all old-line wings, aro determined on union; and when such a 

••ailed on him the day he was nominated, train moves, black republicanism and know 
r.nd pledge^ hint their support. nothingism must clear the track 

. . ... , N- R The new postage law requires that 

Old Buck s nomination goes well here, all letters be I’rfi-aiii. My correspondence be- 
ing extensive, applications to cusurc replies 
must enclose postage. 

D.r Rose’s Trc.tisc on Consumption— price 
one dollar. Address 

Office, 831 Broadway, New York. 
*„* Money letters must lie registered hv the 
Post Master; such letters, onlv, briti" at inv ri-k 
July 18, 1855. 

ability to sleep, and sometimes preat drowsiness ; 
sometimes there is severe pain in the side ; the skin 
nnd the white of the eyes become a greenish yellow ; 
the stomach acid ; the bowels sore to the touch ; 
the whole system irritable, with a tendency to fever, 
which may turn to bilious fever, bilious colic, bilious 
diarrhma, dysentery, &c. A medium dose of three 
or four Pills taken at night, followed by two or three 
in the morning, and repeated a few days, will remove 
the cause of all these troubles. It is wh \ed to suflrt 
such pains when you can cure them for 2o cents. 

Rheumatism, Gout, and all Inflammatory Fe- 
vers , are rapidly cured bv the purifying effects of 
these Pills upon the blood and the stimulus which 
they afford to the vital principal of Life. For these 
and all kindred complaints they should be taken in 
mild doses, to move the bowels gently, but freely. 

As a Dinner Fill, this is both agreeable and 
useful. No Pill can be made more pleasant to take, 
and certainly none has been made more effectual to 
the purpose for which a dinner pill is employed. 


DR. J. C. AVER A CO., 

Practical and Analytical Chemists, 



L. II. NOBLE. Lebanon, 

E. L. Chandler, Campbelfeville, 

J. Stark At Son, Springfield, 

And sold by all dealers in Medicines 

every where, 

June 13, 3t, y 


rfcMfB nndersigned wishes to inform all per- 
il sons to whom lie is indebted that In will do 
work cheaper thau ever for them in erder to 
liquidate liif* debts. For instance: The usual 
price for making a fine coat is 9$; to such as 
hold accounts against me I will make them 
for 97 fiO; ami plain coats at $7, the regular 
price being S7 50. Also where the rash is paid 
the above redactions will be mode. Where! 
work is charged, the usual prices will he exacted 

Alar. 1-J, lS5G-3m \VM. WARREN. 


I ) can be had at 

Apr. J SAN 

T 1 1 A V A N A A N 1) COM MON CIO Alls 
Bl’.'lY’S Drug Slot". 

Ivons Aflhcli'uts, Fever and Agne, Billions Com- 
plaints, See. 

Dr. V miderslice has met with great success 
! bv his peculiar treatment «»f diseas *, where other 
I very eminent physicians have failed to produce 
a cure. To attest his confidence in his own 
i skill and nieih, lie wifi undertake the cure of 
I all pati Mils without charge, i xcepfing the cost ■ 
of the medicine, requiring uo fee until after the 
■ restoration to health. 

Diseases of a peculiar character he guaran- 
. tees to remove radically in a few days without 
' offensive or deleterious medicine. lie warrants 
to all, no matter how severe or long standing 
| the disease, an . fleet ual cure, or he requires lio 
! pay. Females sullering with irrcgnlarilie- , 
nervousness, debility, &.C., can be permanently 
| relieved by Dr. V; 

Invalids in any section of the country, liy 
j addressing a letter to him, post paid, and enclo- 
sing a fee, can have advice and medicines 
promptly sent them. 

Residence on Preston street, between Green '] 
and Walnut. Private office on Floyd street,’ 
i'ctween Market and Jefferson. Office hours 
i from 8 to 12, A. M.. and from 2 lo C P. ,\1. 

individuals can be accommodated with com- 
fortable rooms, and strict attendance by the Dr. 
Those coming from a distance who are afflicted I 
| would do well lo place themselves under his 
! controll astjiat will the more certainly secure 
his success. 

, April 25. tf. 



I T POOL (fe GO. having permanently lo- 
3 jl # rated in Lebanon, Ivy., take pleasun in 
announcing to the public, tl. at they have just 
imported a large stock of American and Italian 
Marble, and arc now prrpared t • fill all orders 
lor Tomb Stone, Monuments, Counter To s, 
Table and Stand Tops, &c., A c., in the verv j a 
beslstvfeof art ; at shortest notice and on the 
iiio-l reasonable * terms. As we employ none 
but the best workmen, we warrant all ourivork 
to give satisfacli ui. We solicit a conliniirtncc 
• d the public l>a ITo little herctufor : » liberal y 

bes'uwcd. may 20 tf. 

Sight, Fever and I nil Pain in the Head. Defied 
• ncv f Perspiration, Yellowness of fhe Hkin 
and ].>«•'. Pain nilie Side Back, Chest, Llml . 
'•N<; , hrudd.-n Flushes of Heat, Bur ing in tie 
Flesh, Constant Imaginings of L'vfl, nud Gi» m* 
Depression of Spirit . 

( AN I K KFKKrrr A I.I.Y CUItED T.r 




I’HKI’ aw t*;u liY 

T)lv. M. JACKSON, 

R<>. 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. 

Their power o\er the above diseases is not ex- 
celled, il equalled, by any oilier prcpHration in 
the Dili led Slates, as the cures attest, in many 
cases nf er skilful physicians had failed. 

These Bitters arc worthy the attention of in- 
valids. Possessing great virtues in the reclifi- 
j cut ion of Diseases ol the I ivci and lessor glands, 

| exercising the most searching powers in we*«k 
ness and affections of the digestive organs, they 
arc, withal, safe, certain, pleasanl. 


More testimony from the South in furor 
j <.r HOOFL AND’S i.eleVatod l» KKM A N’ lll l'l l KH, 
|mci r hy l>r ( . '! . J A ( 'KSOK, Pliitiu’eh'Ma. 'Miry 
viand aL nc aid iinappre; cliud hv any otlici reiitedy now 
!»*lore the • foi ilie ime ol 

Liver Complaint, Dyspcpaia, Jaundice, 
R rvott s Dtbililg, Di stare of the Kid - 

vcys, Jc., <C' r . 

H W CHANEY. Mlllersln 12 . Kv., 0< t.. in, u>»?. 
said “MAvinc nud jour Diners nine nine, I 1 ml it 
has siven sati-la' <ion in i very instance Dial has come 
under niv . ** 

NLLSON & EDWARDS. Saiivisa Ky., tune 2d, 
ft-.*. I . s.. hi ; “We rrioice lo inforiu >o»' that this justly 
releluatcd medicine hn»( fully maittiainrd ihe rxaltrd re- 
putation " Inc ii lias l*een |li veil ii. and havn s leMed i's 
virine we "nhesii«’in?*v «av i! einiuriitly «!c>ci vr s it.** 

J. T. Sc J- W. BERRY. Bi»i'»»totvn, K y.. JnTy 21. 

I8.*)2 sjii..: “\Ye * «vc heaid ol maiiv cures iclormcd 

hv the use of |)r. t-o Hand’s Geiinan Bitters, and believe 
il in |»** :• vsiir fife ii'e-licine.’* 

J. GRANT. Irvine, Ky., June 2(1. ’d2. said; “We 
have succeeded in introducing y« ur J J o* tllrn-i Itp'ers; 
l«li vs i« muspnil others purchase them by the hail dozen 
al'd d« 

DR. P. TATTO k T3RO.. Knoxville. Tenn.. April 
2. i^:>l . >*iid : “Your lliliers are now iwllinn vciy 
* il every pctu”’ 'hr.t ha- u«‘ d il, «o far as wc have been **een i»enr filled ” 

These Kilieis -ere eutiieiv vein tah*e, the» invieorato 
ai.d sireu :llo -i* 11 ', n.-voi prositratc it, and cau 
be i.*ed for liit'inh as wett ns adults. 

1 ” i s-i'e ti v rr«ne« lahlo dealer s cvcmtiu re. 

S’ hi in 1 r ho non by L. 11. Kor.LB, ilk 

A , in*/ field h'f J. S. Sr.VKK Sx'N. 


« i 

Tragic PAfTair [in Florence, Ga.— A 
TolljGate’the Cause. 

A correspondent of the Columbus Sen- 
tinel, writing from Glenville, Ala., 3d 
inst., gives par^culars of a terrible assault I 
made by a party of men rcsidin g in the 
neighborhood of Jernigan, on a number of 
citizens passing from Florence, Georgia, 
to their homes. For some years Mat- 1 
tliew Averett, Sr., has been keeping a: 
ferry at Florence, on the Chattahochee 
river, without a charter from the State of 
Georgia. In 1853 the road leading to the 
ferry was closed, whereupon Averett erec- 
ted a loll gate across the Floionce road 
on the Alabama side, and demanded and 
collected tiro same toll as he would have 
received at the ferry. 

Many persons have paid the toll and 
many have refused to do so, and tk 

J. W. THuM.lf 


Lebanon , Ky. 

W r ILL Practice in all the Courts of Ma- 
rion and adjoining Comities, ana 
promptly attend to ail business entrusted to 
their care. 

St. Joseph’s College. 

iiardstown, KY. 

THIS Institution is situated in Bards 
town. The site is beautiful and healthy 
tire buildings are stately and very exten 
sive. The playing grounds are spacious 
and handsomely set with trees. The pro 
fessors are from twelve to fifteen in num- 
ber, and exclusively devoted to the instruc- 
, e CIl| _ tion of those intrusted to their care, 
zens on both sides of the river had become I Board, washing and tuition in all or any 

very much excited. On Monday, several 
of Avcrett's relatives and his overseer,) 
armed themselves with double barrelled 
guns and proceeded to the gate to guard 
it. Upon their arrival, they secreted j 
themselves behind a fence in an adjoining | 
livid. Soon after they arrived there, Na- 


of the branches taught, 
session of 10 1-2 months, §IC>),00 
Extra charges, at the option of the par 
ents, arc 

1. For the use of Instruments in 
Natural Philosophy or Chemis- 
try, .... *10,00 

thnnicl Roach, with his son five years old, 1 -- b or the class of Mineralogy and 

Robert Warlick, 

Samuel Driggers, and a 


man named Sykes, arrived at the gate For Music or Dancing, per 

and were about to pass through, when the 
men fired upon them from their place oi 
concealment. At the first fire Mr. Roach’s 

quarter, each, 

4. For Painting or Drawing, per 
quarter, each, 

little boy was wounded in the neck and 5. For Board in the College du- 

body — supposed to be mortally. Sykes 
was shot down — mortally wounded. 

A letter from Florence, states that five 
more men passed Avcrett’s gate on Mon- 

ring the vacation, per week 
0. For use of bed and bedding, 

peF session, ... 8,00 

For further particulars apply, by letter 

Louisville Agricultural 

day night about dark, and on arriving at R° I' 1P President. 

Hill’s Ferry, got into the flat to cross the j N. B. The Collegiate exercises were re- 
river. Soon after they had pushed into sumed on the 2d of September- 
the stream they were fired on by some 
persons concealed in the bushes on the 
bank, and were severely wounded. The 
persons shot were some gentlemen from 
Georgia, who had volunteered to escort 
Mr. Roach, with his wounded child home, 
and were attacked on their return. Later 
intelligence states that there were eight 
men on the flat when fired on; seven were 
wounded — one thought to be mortally. — 

Some arrests have been made, and a 
large body of citizens are in pursuit of the 
balance of the party. The excitement in 
the neighborhood is intense. 



It is well known that there is great ‘economy 
in crushing or grinding the kernels of all grain 

JamesAVatson Webb is a great sympa- 
thizer with possum Sumner, but the Wash- 
ington Union revives a recollection of his 
agency in the death of Cilley, and litetal- before Coding it to stock, and that there is much 
1, peek off the epidermis of the Colo,,,! 

irom his bonnet to bis boot heels. | ed to produce these desired results have not been 

— : — - — . | more generally introduced among planters and 

We hope our friends of the Louisville | farmers, has been their ‘complex arrangement 
Times will be a little more careful with our , and high cost, 

articles, and not credit them to the Mays- ! , tbe Kentucky Corn and Cob Mill, of which 
•ll„ to i , . till t ho. above is an accurate engraving, we claim to 

ville Eacr'e. Ihat paper s published on llave produced a mac, uneat once efficient, sub- 
1 ucsclay s, lhursduy s and Saturday s. — stantial and cheap, while its arrangement is so 
On Tuesday it is neutral: on Thursday [simple that the most ordinary hand can adjust 

nd operate t. This machine, unlike any other, 

Old-Line Whig', oil Saturday Know-Noth- 
«»! 7- 

— Maysville Express. 

- , • . i - i9 regulated by means "of a single set screw, 

Don t make any more such mistakes. wl > h is ea9 ,f y lnoV ed by hand, and is applied 

dirfctly under the center of the mill. 

„ | Anyoneusing these mills will find a clearsa- 

Kukawav. — We learn that John Buck- ving of ONE QUARTER of their corn over 






Y facilities for the purchasing of materi i 
als, and the manufacturing to order of j 


Believing as we do, that the perpetuity, SUPERIOR HATS, are not excelled in the Wes- 
welfare, and prosperity of our beloved lcrn Country. 

country have been jeopardized by ‘he fan- . I have on hand, and am constantly roanufatur- 
atics of the North; we, the undersigned . 

have come to the conclusion that our voice \ 3.110. Wlllt© Beaver, 

a public journalist should be put for- Nutria, Brush, Russia and Otter Hals, <fcc. Also 

ward in defense of those things hitherto 
held sacred by every one who breathed 
the free air of America; be they Catholic 
or Protestant: native born or foreign-horn. 
The Constitution of the United States gua- 
rantees to every man. who, either is acci- 
dentally born within her limits, or swear 
eternally allegiance to her lnwsjprotection, 
suffrage, and the right, (particularly.) to 
worship God according to the dictates of 
his own conscience. Theiefore, conceivs 
intr as we do. that the DEMOCRATIC 
PARTY, is the only one 
"Equal Rights to all, and exclusive priv 
leges to none,” we shall, in public, as we 

the Spring styleof Hats from the most celebra 
ted houses in the city of New York. Together 
with a large assortment of 
Brown California, black and white Buena Vista 
and Wool Hats. 

Mens’ and Youths* Panama Ilats. 

“ Double and single brim 

“ “ Pedal Straw Hats. 

“ “ Palm Leaf do 

Infants’ fancy Summer do 

| Entered according to act of Congress, in the 
year 1851, by J. S. HOUGHTON, M. D. in ! 
the Clerk’s Office of the District Court for 
the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. 

Another Scientific Wonder. 






18.5 if, 


Prepared from Rennet, or the Fourth Stomach 
of the Ox, after directions of Baron Liebig, 
the great Physiological Chemist, by J. S 
HOUGHTON,' M. D., Philadelphia, Pa. 

“I DIGEST.” Such is the true meaning of 
the word PEPSIN. It is the chief element" or 

Ladies’ Riding flats, of the latest New York great Digesting Principle of the Gastric Jnic' 

the Solvent of the Food, the Purifying, Preser 
ving and Stimulating Agent of the Stomach and 

and Parisian Styles. 

Kossuth Hats, &.C., &c. 

The above goods will bo found equal in qual- 1 Intestines. It is extracted from the Digestive 
that advocates ‘D’; a,K ^ ^ u dy a* LOW in PRICE as the same Stomach of the Ox, thus forming a true Digest- 
exclusive nrivi- ar f ,cle . can he bought for in Louisville or any ive Fluid, precise like the natural Gastric Juice 
j other city market. I m . — • - ... 

The Patrons of the house, and the public at arn el rl I J . II > 

fourteenth year 



Acknowledged by general consent to he flip 
Largest. Rest and Cheapest Newspaper 

in the West. 

On the 1st of January, 

1 856, tbe Lou* 

isville Weekly Courier enters upon its 
Fourteenth Year, with increased facilities 

at our control to make it a First Class 
Family Paper, complete in its News, Lite- 
rary, Commercial, Miscellaneous and Ag- 
ricultural Departments. 

During tho year a number of Original 
Stories, written expressly for its columns, 
will be published. 

Extia efforts will be made to increase 

if. If , l r ._ its r< ‘P'i t ali°n as the best newspaper in tbe 

J in its Chemical powers, and furnishing a com- , ^ 7 ® s, i a nd we shall continue, by the agen- 

I iJoto ft nrl norfno I cn hot C. . _ : « I * ° . 

have heretofore in private, advocate and large, are particularly invited to call and exam 
support llie tenets of tbe Democratic Par- iaejj" 1 assortment. 

1 r - it- - 1 • fTTMIalc rxf ann , 

ty. We have had it too often thrown in 
our teeth, when we wished to show up 
folly in its true color, that we were "neu- 
tral,” and consequently had no right to 
say aught in regard to any political subject, 
either privately or publicly. We have 
got tired of this, and although the bustle 
and commotion of politics suits not our in- 
clination; yet, under the exigences of the 
case, we think it our imperative duty to 
publish a strictly 


Those who take our paper hereafter. 

pletoand perfect substitute for it. 

- . .... , _ J , cy of active special correspondents, to pub- 

This IS Nature s own Remedy for an unheal- lj s ], news by telegraph and the mails in 

L_zy T ; . , thy Stomach. No art of man can equal itscu- „,i „n 4 . rnails, ill 

ll-i Hats of any particular shape made to or- rative powers. It contains no Alehohol, Bitters 1 aa ' ance a “ contemporaries. 

P clmrl hAtioo t J. XT f -v * » . Tie r, 1 . A A . 'll 1 

der at short notice. 


Lebanon, may 5. 





No. 54 Gold street. New York, 
CONIINUE to publish the four lead- 
ing British Quarterly Reviews and Black- 
wood’s Magazine; in addition to which 
they have recently commenced the publica- 

sliall never have tbe pleasure of saying to tion of a valuable Agricultural work, call 
us that we have transcended tbe bounds cd the 

of “neutrality,” for we intend to have the “FARMER’S GUIDE TO SCIENTIFIC 
privilege of saying what we please, and, AND PRACTICAL AGRICULTURE.” 
bearing as we do, the buckler of TRUTH, By Henry Stephrns, F. R. S., of Edin- 
we fear not the arrows of error. In thus burg, author of the “Book of the Farm ” 
throwing broadcast, the glorious old &c., Ac.: assisted by John P. Norton, 
banner of Democracy, which we have M. A., New Haven, Pi ofessor of Scientific 
been forced to do by inadvertent circum- 
stances, which we will explain hereafter, 

Acids, or Nauseous Drugs. It is extremely] Its commercial reports will Be full, ac- 
agreeahle to the taste, and may be taken by the j curate and reliable. 

most feeble patients who cannot eat a water In politics tbe Courier is Native- Amen- 
crackcr without aente distress. Beware of ' „ -vr„,- , • ... 7. , mtn 

Drugged Imitations. Pepsin is not a Drug. can-N ational Whig. It believes the pe- 
Ilalf a teaspoonful of Pepsin infused in wa- r,0( ' ' or naturalization should be extended, 
ter, will digest or dissolve five pounds of Roast that the ballot box should be more care- 
Beef in aboi. two hours, out of the stomach. 

Scientific Evidence. 

lUTTlie Scientific Evidence upon which this 

j fully guarded; and that stringent laws 
I should be enacted to prevent pauper and 
R imie'dy is^ based is- in the hi'glirat decree curio™* Cr ™ inal emigration. But ill Know-Notli- 

and remarkable. 

ingism it sees the most dangerous and sub- 

Calt-on the Agent and get a Descriptive Cir- tie foe to Southern rights and interests at d 

wil ! °PP° Se i( and i's Abolitionism, its pro- 
Combc’s Physiology of Digestion; Dr. Percia'; scn P t . ,vencss > 1(8 intelerance, its corruption 

a*, 1* ’ . a/I a ii.i TY Int . ft. T . 1 TIT TV awt 2 TI P 1 1 C K t r A A t 1 * T — on »-n aoI 1 .1 .. . 1 M ... 1 .... 1 

Agriculture in Yale College, &c., &c. 
This highly valuable work will comp 


we have only acted in self-defense; but of two large royal octavo volumes, containin 
that, more anon. over 1400 pages, with 18 or 20 splendid 

tthough it be: will be dedicated to the 
Democratic principles, whilst at the same 
time, we will not forget to place before 
our readers each week, matter for their 
amusement, edification and instruction. 
TERMS— THE POST will be furnish ed 

Hereafter, our pen, humble and feeble j steel engravings, and more than 600 engra 

~"~ u K u ~ * 1 "' vings on wood, in the highest style of the 

art, illustrating almost every implement of 
husbandry now in use by the best farmers, 
the best methods of plowing, planting, 
having, harvesting, Ac., «fcc., the various 
domestic animals in their highest perfec- 
to subscribers at *2 00 per year, if paid in tion; in short the pictorial feature of the 
advance. When payment is delayed for 
six months, *2 50 will be exacted, and 
when payments are delayed until the end 
of the year; *3 00 will, in all cases, be ex- 
acted. Clubs of ten or more. However, 
will be taken at *1 50 each , schcrc the mon- 
ey accompanies the list. 

W. W. JACK, 

Editok and PltOPk. ,./iir, 

Lebanon, Ky., December 1st, 1855. 

ley, a likely mulatto boy, lias run away 
from someone in Cincinnati, who sends to 
Kentucky to have him arrested. Wc 
thought there were no slaves in Ohio. — 
Can’t a meeting be got up to take the boy 
away from his abolition master, if they can 
catch him. — Lou. Cou. 

the old plan of feeding. 

"W © warrant these Mills to give entire satisfac 
tion. Purchasers may uso them for thirty days 
and if not satisfied, can return them and get 
their money. 

They will grind Corn and Cob as fine as 
desired, at the following rate -per hour, 
with one horse: 

r, , ; r , . | No. 1, 4 to 5 bush per hour, Woight 350 lbs 

borne apprehension has been felt in' Price, $25,00. 

this city for the safety*of passengers on No. 2, 6 to 8 bush, per hour. Weight 400 lbs. 

the Golden Age to San Francisco. Mr 
J. B. Anderson to-day received a letter 
from Dr. Anderson, stating that the vessel 
had safely arrived with all on board. 

JV. A. Lcdg cr. 

Trice $30,00 
The above prices includes the compteto Mill 
ready to hitch to without any further expense, 
and could beset in operation in five minutes lime. 

Pennsylvania Four Horse Power and 
Thresher, with Tumbling Shaft Com 

We are now engaged in making 500 of these 
lhe rain was j Threshers for the harvest of 1856. And from 

We had a very large thunder storm on 
last Wednesday, and several trees on the 
hillside were thrown down, 
very heavy and lasted some time . — Mays ollr experience ami success last season, together 

vill Express, 

The New Yor 
know nothing 

with the additional precautionof having secured 
at an early day thoroughly seasoned lumber, 
It Express is o-enuincly and olber materials of unexceptionable quality, 
tf enoTL-s rv we are satisfied that we will he able to turn out 

It speaks of “Hail Colurn- Machines to which wo can and will give the 

1 • M I I ,n A, . . n . tMuoiHiica vw wiliv.ll »vu ViUll (tl 

Dili and the ‘ oLar Spanglt'd Banner DC- most unqualified endorsement, 
ing airs that cheered the hearts of Wash- ! The advanges claimed by us for the Pemisyl- 
ington and his soldiers during the revolu- va,,i ? Thresher over any other in general use, 

tion. Now Hail Columbia was composed nnelh and sim licit 

long alter the war, and every person, save] 2nd. Its ability to do more work each day 

the k. n's., knows tile history of that lofty j than can be performed by any other known Ma- 

lyric, the Star Spangled Banner. It dates , ch *" e d ri y cn b y fo " r horses. 

no further back than 1814. 3d It ,s portable, and is easily hauled by two 

horses on a wagon; and can be loaded or unload- 
rp ’ rri r it '• • i • ed, and put in operation in thirty minotet. 

1ECHT J 1)6 following is verbatim a 4th. We have also succeeded in removing what 
conversation which occurred between two j has heretofore been so objectionable in other 
middle-aged men, at the corner of Back : Machines, to wit: the necessity for great speed 
II„„ a tin,, n (->!. I on the part of the horses— our Machine being 

stjeet and Hog Alley, Pass Christian. — 
Friday Morning, at eight o’clock: 

‘How do you do, Mr. Brown?’ 

‘Do what?’ 

‘Why, how do you find yourself?’ 

‘I never lost myself.” 

•Well, how have you been?’ 
tBeen: — been where?’ 

‘Pshaw! — bow do vou feel?’ 

‘Feel of me, and see.’ 

‘Good morning, Mr. Brown.’ 

‘It isn’t a good morning, either.’ 

Barnum Going to Leave Us. — The 

New York Sunday Courier understands ! a 1 !° ne ’f af,h 

n . Complete Four-Horse Thresher, alone, 

part of the horses — our Machine being 
so geared as to accomplish greater motion with 
1 less speed in driving. 

We have manufactured and sold over two 
! hundred of these machines during the past sea- 
| son, [and in no instance has one been returned,] 
I under the following 


We warrant every Machine to be made well, 

! and of good materia], in every respect, and to 
do i*s work to the satisfaction of the purchaser, 
j or refund the money. 


Complete Four-HorscPower and Thresh- 
er, ready for use, cash, $135 00 

~ 80 00 

60 00 

Scott’s Weekly Paper. 

The Publishers of this large and popu- 

book is unique, and will render it of incal- 
culable value to the student of Agricul- 

This work is being published in Semi- 
monthly Numbers, of 64 pages each, ex- 
clusive of the Steel engravings, and is sold 
at 25 cents each, or *5 for the entire work 

condemning the wrong. 

The next Presidential election the edi- 

reports i 

from all parts of the United Stales. 

Pepsin in Fluid and Powder. 

Dr. HOUGHTON’S PEPSIN is prepared in lor will esteem it his duty to co-operate 
powder and in Fluid Form — and in prescription wlmt ever National Party bethinks most 
Vials for the use of Physicians. The powder will likely to overthrow Know Nothiliffism and 
be sent J»v mail free of Postage, fur one dollar Abolitionism- * ° 

sent to Dr. Houghton, Philadelphia. 
ir7*nDC!T.'DVP miicr I . 

ty OBSERVE THIS!— Every bottle of the ) The Courier is printed in the very best 
genuine Pepsin bears the written signature of Style with new conner-faced tvne on n 

pj , s j , | i ?P G p 1 M- D-, sole proprietor, large and handsome sheet, at the follow- 
Pluladelphia Pa. Copy-right and Trade mark ’ 


Sold by all Druggists and dealers iu Med 
cine. Price ONE DOLLAR per bottle. 


L. II. NOBLE, Lebanon. 

J. L. Smedlev, Ilarrodsuurg. 

D. D. Woods, Bardstown. 



T his Magazine lias already reached a 
regular monthly issue of more than 100,- 
000 copies-, and is still steadily and rapid- 
ly increasing; The Publishers have en- 
deavored, by a well -directed use of the 
abundant resources at their command, to 

in numbers, of which there will be at least rpIulcr il ,he most attractive and most use- 1 ; 

ful Magazine for popular reading in the 
| world; and the extent to which their ef- 
forts have been successful is indicated bv 


The British Periodicals Re-published 
are as follows, viz: 

The, London Quarterly Review (Conserva- 

ing extraordinarily low 


1 copy of the Weekly Courier; one year-,- 2,00 
^copies 11 “ «« « « 300 

4 “ “ “ s|(l 0 

to ,f <« <* «< u u iooo 

22 “ “ “ * n 4i 20,00 

To avail of these terms, full clubs must 

be sent at one time. Additions can be 

made to clubs of ten or twenty at §1,00 
for each subscriber. 

No, paper ever sent unless tbe mone 
be paid in advance. 

And the paper always discontinued a 
the expiration of the time paid for. 

Our friends will oblige us by aiding 
in extending and increasing our list o. 

The Daily Courier is mailed to sub* 

lar Family Journal offers for the coming , _ . , , . , . , 

year, (1854) a combination of Literary at- ! TJf R . ev ' e '° O' 

tractions heretofore unattempted by anv '' L \ " r 1 llis ^ Review (i< rce-Churc 
nr t.i: a - lhe Westminster Review (Liberal), and 

the fact, that it has attained a greater cir'- ! “ rib .T ^ * fi ’ 00 a - VPar ' and Il,e Sen ’* 
culation than any similar periodical ever " CckIy Couner at f3 ’ 00 » )’ car ’ ,n ad 

of the Philadelphia Weeklies. Anion-- n , , ,, 

the new features will be a new and bril Bl “ckwoods Edmhurg Magazine <Tory). 


series of Original Romances 

any similar periodica] ever 


Special efforts will be made to render 
it still more interesting and valuable du- 
1 ring the present year. In addition to the ] 

Although these works are distinguished u . suid aa 'P! e and choice selections of For- 

” mgn and Domestic Literature, an increas- 


and American History endowed with all 
the power and brilliancy of bis previous 
productions. The first of a series of Orig- 
inal Novellettes, called “Morris Hartley,” 
or the Knights of tbe Mystic Valley, by 
Harrison W. Ainsworth, is about to be 
commenced. It will be handsomely illus- 
trated with 1 2 fine engravings, and its 
startling incidents cannot fail to elicit un- 
divided praise. Emmerson Brunei, the 
distinguished Novelist, the favorite of the 
West, and the author of some of the finest 
productions ever read, is also engaged to 


All communications to be addressed t 
Courier Steam Printing House, 51 and 53. 
Third street, near Main, Louisville, Ivy. 





This Literary Institution, founded in 

their class Blackwood sti 1 ,,n d » r .1, tcnts; its Editorial and Miscellaneous do- Institution, 

. , f . , undpp 4 1 Bailments will he still fnriher enl-mr.-.l 1 821 , by the late Rev. William Btrne, 

masterly guidance of Christopher North, 1 V , , , ,al , ar enlarced 1 ■ ■ 

maintains its ancient celebrity, and is, at! aIU strengthened; and no ab 

this time, unusually attractive, from the se- 1 I K,pse 1,0 spared to render _ 

rial works of Bulwer and other literary I and ,n a11 aspects, std! more wor- 

ibor or ex- 
it in every 

notables, written for that magazine, and 
first appearing in its columns both in Great 
Britain and in the United States. Such 
works as “The Caxtons” and “My New 

and subsequently conducted for many 
years by the Jesuits, is now uneer the su- 
perintendance of the Right Rev. Bishop 
thy of the extraordinary favor wifli '‘which nf Louisville, who will always lake means- 

• ■ * a . * I ^ » ■ . . , i.I — r- I , , I , i Ul / . U . . A • . 1 I .. T. .. 1 

it has been received. 

Harper’s New Monthly Magazine owes 
\ 1 ts succeas to the fact, that it presents more 

to provide a suitable Faculty for carrying 
it on with a view to promote the greatest 
public good. Under the auspices of its 
previous conductors, the Institution has 

x- i -> /i ii ta \ . ” ‘ \ read in a matter of -i better meilitv in -i previous conductors, the Institution lias- 

riels nf wliiel, nnniernnc than uuy other publication. Diessings OI a religious eduta ion tlirougii- 

rials, of which numerous rival editions are 

issued by the leading pubishers in this c. 0 .' 10 

.1 1 ... i States 

... publication. , - . „ 

Subscribers in nn\- part of the United 00 *' K en *- l, ck} and tbe adjoining States. — 

. 1 I .. r . i i. 

productions ever read, is also engaged to ,' a ,' n ” pubisliers ln this ■ states may now receive the Magazine hv T, 'e steadiness of its patronage has been 

furnish a brilliant Novellette to follow the col . 1, ’ t, 1 -' ’ lave °, rcpnnted by those -i f , nnniLer ^nr Hdrt a constant evidence of the public approv- 

above. Mrs. Mary Andrews Denison, au- 
thor of Home Pictures, Patience Worth- 
ington and her Grandmother, Ac., will 

publishers from the pages of Blackwood, 


Scott it Co., so that subscribers to the 

contribute a splendid Domestic Novel- , re P rint of tliat Magazine may always rely 

lette, entitled the “Old Ivy Grove,” and on havln K tlie earliest reading of these 

H. C. II at son an illustrated Storv called 'oscillating biles. 

the “Two Edged Knife” — a graphic pic - 1 TERMS. 

ture of Early Life in Old Kentucky. To Per ann. 

tlu-se will be added Original Contribu- Fo1 ' any one of the four Reviews §3 00 

that Barnum has received an offer from the cash 
Sydenham Crystal Palace, in England, of Band Wheel, to be added to this Power if 

desired, for driving Cotton Gill, Corn 
Mill, Corn Shelier, Straw Cutter, 
Wheat Fan, &c., &c., extra, 

§5,000 a year, to go over there and take 
charge of one of its departments; and the 
editors learn that Barnum thinks seriously 
of accepting the offer. 

Among the new and appropriate names 
for ladies’ mantles are the “Wife’s bliss,” 
the “Husband’s torture,” the “Notary’s 
joy,” the “Poor man’s horror,” the “Rich 
man’s dread,” the “Maiden’s joy,” and the 
“Girl’s delight.” 

15 00 


AVe are now building for the harvest nf 1856, 
five hundred Combined Reaping and Mowing 
Machines, of our own construction.and to which 
we will give the most unqualified warrantee as 
to their performance in every respect; and that 
they shall b- of better material, construction 
j and workmanship, than any other similar Ma- 

TeN TO One. — A wag went several times chine in use. Price, cash, one hundred and forty 
to an office, but never found his lawyer in, 
although the card on the door said — In 

| dollars. 

Circulars containing a cut and accurate de- 
f , ,, , ... .. scrlplion of this machine will be forwarded by 

from 10 to 1. He accordingly altered It us on application by letter or otherwise. 

SO that it read — It’s 10 to 1 you’ll never Orders should be forwarded early. Liberal 

discount to dealers. 


J Manufacturers of Farming Impliments and 
Machines, Louisville, Kv. 
Feb. 27,1856. J 

find me. 

The ladies are leaving off wearing hoops 
because they keep husbands ala distance. I 

tions and selections from Mrs. Caroline or any two do 

Lee Hen tz, Clara ClairviUe, Li lie Liber r.e, r or any three do 

Grace Greenwood, and other distinguish- For all four of the Reviews 
ed writers; the news of the day, graphic For Blackwood’s Magazine 
editorials, full reports of the provision, 
money, and stock markets, letters from 
travelers at home and abroad, A-c., Are. 

Terms. — One coy, one year, §2; two 
copies, one year, §3. four copies one year, 

§5; nine copies, one year, and one to the 
getter-up of the club, §10; twenty copies, 
one year, and one to the getter up of the 
club, §20. Address, 

A. SCOTT, Publisher, 

mail for three cents a number, or thirty- a constant evidence ol the public approv- 
car postage, either of the ^ ^ beauty and sal u hi ily of the sit- 
Booksellers, or Periodical ua(ion - as we " as tfle spaciousness and 

commodiousness of the College Buildings, 
are generally known. It will be the con- 
stant aim of the Faculty to adopt, so far 
as practicable, the plan which it was so 

j six cents a year postage, either of 
i Publishers, ~ 


Each number of the Magazine will con 
lain 144 octavo pages, in double columns 
race year thus comprising nearly two 

thousand pages of the choicest Miscella- ^ anc * j so usefully conducted by its en- 
ueuus Liteature of the day. Every Num- --- 1 1 ■ ’ 

her will contain numerous Pictoral Illits- 

• r > 06 t rations, accurate Plates of the Fashions, 

6 00 

lightened and benevolent Founder. 

For Blackwood and three Reviews 9 00 
For Blackwood and four Reviews 10 00 
For Farmer’s Guide (complete in 

22 Nos. §5 00 

(Payment to be made in ail cases in ad- 


a copious Chronicle of Current Events’ n , . ['« va, <'ab l v »n advancf .- 1 
q ga i , ! • i XT • - . . ’ Board, including \\ ashing, Mendiug'g 

® uu and impartial Notices of the important ~ ’ - • • " • ■ • • 

3 00 1 Books of the month. The volumes com- 
mence with the numbers for June and De 

w .Shirts and 

Socks after washiu g, Fqel and Lights, togeth- 
er with Tuition in Orthography, Herding. 
Writing, English Grammar, Geography *ud 

i e :?J b l r L b _ Ut ®" b _ SCrifUi0nS ,na) ' COmnlCnCt ' | BoartTfi.e ab-ve,) 42 

with any number. 

Terms. — The Magazine may be obtain 
ed of Booksellers, Periodical Agents, or 

(J lobes, Algebra, Geometry, Surveying, Book- 
Keeping, Hissory, Rhetoric and Botany, or 

I either of these branches, 

47 0, 


from the Publishers at three dollars a year Board, &?• (as above,) with Tuition in theClu,- 
t , e , lx „ f | sics, Higher Mathenialics and Philosophy, or 

5 no 

... . .or twenty-five cents a number. Numbers 

A discount of twentv-hve per cent, from j from the commencement can be supplied ' Tuition in French, (Extra,) 

the above prices will be allowed to Clubs I at anv time. ” . <• * 

Address “Harper’s Magazine, New 

ordering four or more copies of any one j 

No. Ill, Chetnut Street, Philadelphia, j or more of tbe above works. Thus: 4 York,” post paid 

- I copies of Blackwood or of one Review will] — 

be sent to one address for §9; 4 copies of 


7 have a good supply of STATION tbe four Reviews and Blackwood for §30; 

ERY, on hand and for sale; such as: 
Foolscap and Letter Paper, 
Note Paper, 

Plain and Fancy Envelopes, 
Steel Pens, &c., &c. 

W. W. JACK. 

and so on. 

Orders from Clubs must be sent direct 
to tbe publishers, its no discount from these 
] prices can be allowed to Agents. 

i9 Flltox street, New York, 

. I Entrance 54 Gold street. 

Money, current in the States where issu 
cd. will be received at par. 

Remittances and communications should 

CEO. W. MOORE. J. T. o'brVAN 


3A?S©34F®'WS5r- ZRW. 


Announce to their friends and the public that 
they have leased for a term of years the above 


(LrThe House has been renovated and re- 

arranged, and everything put in proper ordnrlgirl, who can uourse, go errands, «K:c 
for the entertainment of Travelers and Boarders, era I price will be paid lor rue h mi one. 

Jan. 23, 1856-tf. * Sept 12 I W.W.JACK. 


Having opened a lare/e and complete j 

either of them, 

5 0(1 

Bed and Bedding, when furnished, 3 00 

j .Stationary, [Pens, Ink and Paper,] when fnr- 
ll is tied, D 50 

Physician’s Fee and Medicines, per 
Session, j 50 

UrBooks, and other necessary articles are fur- 
nished by the Agent of the College, at current 
retail prices; 

ILTFor those who remain at the College during 
lhe vacations, there will he an additional charge* 

| for Board of JO (HI 

j Music, per session, 10 00 


Cabinet Shop. 

I lion County, Ky„ I offer my services PTMIE Business will hereafter be carried on 
i to the public generally. Iam ready at J- by the undersigned, in all its ^ranches, at 
ii.- . , , •> . the stand forme 

— — — . j- - . , - lhe stand formerly occupied bv McRov & Co. 

be always addressed post-paid or franked, lo do up on i tie shortest notice, Gi-aiefulforthc patronage heretofore ixteuded 

to tile Publishers. on ^ mos t reasonable terms, and in a lotheeslahlishmeutjlhopctodeserveacontin- 

niauncr to give entite satisfaction* " ~~ 

Wanted to Hire. 

UNDERSIGNED wishes to hire from 
this time un'il Christmas, a small negro 

A lib- j 


uanco of the same. 
Nov. 7 if 


I fTURhfiY, THOMAS A., Druggist and 
| Apothecary, and Manufacturer of Hurley’s 

Should you icant any tliino done in my ■ ■ ' pothccary, and Manufacture! 
i» , ^ * 1 Sarsaparilla, North west corner i 

line, JUSt briny it along. Giwn streets. Louisville, Kv. 

W.W.JACK. Oct. 31-tf. f 

Seventh and