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Full text of "Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1903-11-18"

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tttKKT.Y mmrvauoAir-tm. 



IliMlklUUn Kreoiibnc'k: 
iU rame wsa UollHr Hill. 

I lent It to a fellow— 
Il'i li*nt unto him ttlll. 

H« took il : he npvntlt; 

And thli 1 hkve to aay: 
t'U never leud lilm Hny iiior<> 

Ueeaoae h« keeps •tnrsy. 


In ad- 

Co^V "cfiangeB" fi 
wBH tm mmanta MUST 1m 
In hetarm 2 a'clmtk mm Um 

prewloum day. 

• ir you tim\» mm lt*m or Mwa, pl«aM 

I U«M» III auttwwry «t 

Tht lUv. J. 0. A. Vmcht of DhtUI* ii M- 
rgaced In > two weeks meeting »t Cair ollton. 

A MajnTill* pulj it Mid to b« tMCotUtiag 
^or tU J««kM« of tte Miawral W«U Ho«m fa 

4i lot yet •btotobmMi row skUikeaM 

Ja LonliT flle. . 

Mr. JuBM Brvn, wlio hu bean in Clnciiincti 
-(h» iMit WMk «»dar B«dic«l treatment, ia get- 

4iig riwi f 

i^;^ kM baw faitrodveed in CongrsM to in 
►ewt tlbii HiariM of i^ delivery carriers from 
-1800 per aawna to $000. 

eetumiH cif thU pnprr, or wheti fruyfn^ goodM from a 
mtrthant tehote advrrHtemmtapprnn in thtipcper. 
our rewiert are etprfiaUy rtqufitfd to ttatr that thry 
inw the ailvertUrm\rnt in Tiiie Pi'BLir I.Kixncn 
TMi vliU eott you nothing, and it viM be grattfMy 

Reprosentative Kehoe hu introduced a bill 
in Cuagraaa appropriating |25,000 for a fi»b cal- 
<ire itatl oo-lB Hortheart Keotacky. 

Jolm It Adair, (onnerljr of this county, will 
^0 out of the iproo.ery bneineaa at Paria the flrat 
•«f the year and will move to the eoontry. 

S. W. Anderson of Owensboro, one of the 
.gOwrwt^ of tke Keotnolur Stfte Fair, bon- 
■«nd A *tlt for 9^ Mdo «■ Utt fir tke last 
•«zhibit, the only one of the Kuarantore to pay. 

Mr. William ChonceUor of MiUenborg and 
Iflii Booae Hopkina of Caao Ridgo were married 
at Paria Mumloy i>vening. Tbo grooin iii a 
4>rothar of Mrs. Frank ArMtroeg of Forest 

J ('ra.i.ii)ck of I'ari.-t, the vi!tcr»n KJitorof 
The K.eatuckian-Citittin,fell Saturday at Ueorge- 
iowB, while OB the way to catch a train, and 
f ractared a rib. He is now at the Good Samari- 
tan Hoapital in Lexington, bat will be oat in a 
.ftw dm*. 

Represeatative Trimble of Kentucky intro- 
duced in the House Ifondny a bill which, if 
adopted, will, in his oi iniuii. make growers of 
tobaooo isdapenieat of the Tobaoeo Trust. 
The bill ghee tke tobacco plantoretko right to 
markei fre« of tax tlieir tobacoo is itl pure 
state, io any quantity or package. 

p^'Ow flne Cloek$ an on sale agate; lee 

.our window. $6.50 Clocks now f:?.7r); $7.r.O 
Clocks new $4; $8 Clocks now >4."^i 99 and 
410 Clacks BOW |5 and 16. We are selling 
*hese Clocks for l«w motn they can be 
Aooght aqywhave. AU wamated. 

MOBTHT, the J eweler. 

The passenger sorvloe oa the C. and 0., if 
aot improved, promisee soon to rival the old 
Kentucky Central Jerkwater in its palmiest 
daya. Taaterday'a HuttiogtoB Aocomraodation 
Waetbeoad »aa Bbeak forty Bteatea late, aad 
laatai(kttheM«ysville Accommodation gave ita 
paiMeageia an hoar's wait before leaving Cin- 
«iaBatL _____________ 

The Druggists' Association of Kentucky has 
■threateaed to form a mutual insurance com- 
pany ifpr druggists only. Thuy «V the rats 
charged for druggists by insurance companies 
is exorbitant and that by ocgaaWag a mutual 
company they can get iatanoee 160 per cent 
tohoBper. The diifereat Inaurance eompaaisa 
•mUae HMed. 

Meetra. C L Sallee and Thomu D. Slatteiy 
have formed a paiiaanbip for the practice of 
law, the style of the new firm b<iisg Sallee ft 
Slattery. Mr. Sallee is one of the most success- 
fol lairyerB at the Maytville B«r,.and anjoya a 
raphfiy laeiMBiDg elloBtaga fa a^otelag eoaat- 
iea Mr. .Slutti<ry is one of the prumisinf yoaag 
Attorneys of this city. Uoth are popular, and 
(heir many friends unite in wishing the new 
txm unbounded success^— Btwatiy B tMttin. 


80 cents a Pail at M. C. Rt'BtiEi.i. Co. 

Freeh Cheaiveake Bty Oysteia fa Bulk aad 
Caas. B« B. Lom, 

The koVaaaB neetlBg alBalaM ekMlwHk 

seven or eight additions^ 

Citisena of Mt Carmel and vicinity bBve or- 
ganised a telephaae oompaar aad a Uae wili 

be built t o Flemlngsbarg. 

A man, who ww so drank that ho had to be 
hauled to Jail in a wheelbarrow, waa a diigaBt- 

inK !>ij,'ht wilnes.'(pd by a niimberof pedestrians 
in W e«t Third street yesterday aftom ooa. 

At the Central Presbyterlaa Chnoh this 

afternoon Rev. Pr. Mullor'a RabjeetWittbo'Ter* 
getting." In the evening be will speak on 
"What ia the Christian Religion?" The di«- 
oounes of this ripe soholar and suoceosful 
leacher ad pastor ar» wry ha^fhl. 

Yeetatdagr Mr. Philip Whoahr rwwived a 
package of papers from far off Manila, P. L 
They were sent by Mr. John T. (5ook, a member 
of Co. B, Twenty-third V. S. Regiment, now 
stationed at Camp Vicars, Mitlabaag, Ue Mfa- 
daBao.Phaipplaabh»da. Mr. Cook ialooaUd 
1,200 miles from the city of Uaaila. The papers 
were dated August 20th, indioatfag that they 
hsd booa atoafftiM fa rsaehfag tkafr daattaa- 


Miss Leila Benoa, the handsome daughter of 
Mrs. Cstberine Benua, and a social favorite of 
Riplty, will OB November 24th at noon, be 
united ia marriage with Orris L. Head, youngest 
son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Head, manager of 
the Ripley interests of the Continental Tobacco 
Company. The Head family moved to Kipl'-y 
from LouisTille eeveral yeam ago. The bridal 
couple, after a weddfag tour, will aaka their 
home in W eat Virginia.^ 

Our Mew Crop Molasses has arrived. Tbey 
are elsfaat, will tiekle the pahla. aatiafy the 

appetite and release the hnngof. Aa laa as 
ever made. We guarantee thenk 

M. C. Rmmx Co. 


Mr. Fleming A. Wilaon and Miss B. Galfagher 
will be married today at GermaBtowa. 

Although the bride was 20 years old, she 
brought a written consent for her mother alltho^ 
ixing Cooaty CMcWoadta imaatha Uaa a aa. 

rotmo — WALKBR. 

Mr. Oscar Young and Miss Anna Mae Walker, 
a handsome young couple of a prominent family 
of Fteafag county, will be married thtoafoaiaf 
in tho parlen of the New Central. 

Their old Pastor. Rev. George Taubmaa of 
Portsmouth, 0., will officicate, after which the 
wedded couple will depart on 10:46 for a bridal 
tear to the Kast. 

Flaauog Uasett«~Mrs. K. K. Hart enter- 
♦afcad » perty ii the yonag people of the town 
on Friday eveniag, fa honor of the guests of 
MnJj.O.KendaU— Misses Perrine^elsBPelham, 
Hattie Coihran and Winnie KIgin. djuite a 
aamber of yoaag people enjoyed Mrs. Hart's 
hoapttaUty. whirling away the time U the two- 
Ivilli^ lite hour, refreshed with 
iSIilMd (rappe. 

Ma. JAMBS t»LB. 

Hr.'lhAm Cbb, aged 71 ysMfi, M at hh 

home near Shaaaon yeatenfay. 
Mr. Cole was one of Mason oouaty^ subatan- 

tial farmeri) and of general good worth. 

His funeral will take placs tomorrow at 2 p. 
m. from Shannon Church aad tha fatoraioat will 
wUI be Shannon CemetMty. . 


Martin Smith MInton died at 4:15 this morn- 
ing at his home in Fuioitt avenue, after a sick- 
ness of 21 days of typhoid fevur, aged 50. 

He leaves a wife and fourteen children, three 
of whom are married. 
Hewasamemberof tho Junior Order 0. V. A. 


Tts a sad hopie yon enter this morning, the 
mother prestrsted oa a siek bed and a daugh- 
ter in a liko condition on :i loung'i in a room 
beluw. The patient wifo huA riot lilept twelve 
hours in twenty-one day.i, her constant caro and 
attaftii(B keiw given to bar atriokea husband, 
whoot she w a ls h sd owr ta the ead. 

The children rang* from a baho fa anas to 
grown and married children. 

That Mart Minton waa loved by his family, is 
plafaly •fi4iaoadhgr their profoaad grfaf, 

Theftasral will take plaee Friday «t ip. 
m. from the home, serricoH bfing conducted by 
Keva. F. W. Ilariup and II. 1 Miissalman. 

Interment in the Maysvillc Ct'iiu'ti'ry. 

■ «va* was AT vov WAMW, 

Waated— A boy to aany Tin 
First Ward. Apply immediately, 


Goraraor Beekhaai has ordered a eoart-mar* 
tial to convene at Hopkfasvflle Novanber 24tk 

to try Anderson Muggins for leaving tMBP at 

Went Point without permission. 

.^V'Never compare prices without compar- 
ing quality; you will find more dllsrsMO It 
quality than you will fa price. See oar ommh 
■aata and markers before buying abawhara. 


The fortune of Hon. William J. Kehoe, whose 
success in Wsshington was the subject of s 
brief sketch yesterday, is now estimated to be 
near the ■iUton dollar mark. Mr. Kehoe has 
realfaed kaadaomely on aonad favaataMita aad 
ka has lon g slaee pyed the 1600,000 atma. 


JI^Ray'a fine Chocolates are the beet. 

The Kentucky State Railroad Commission 
will boM ito laitaessioa fa Fraakfort November 
21at to wfad up the aaBsswasat for 1908. Tha 
personnel of the Board will change PecemW-r 
8th, when John C. Wood and J. F. Iiempsey 
will retire after eight years' aervice. They 
wiU be sucoeedad by A. T. Silerof Williaras- 
b«fff aad W. McD. FariwoB of Hopkfai 

coaatf. C. C. MeChord will probably bo re- 
dacted ChairmaB. 


From psfsoBslesperleBoaltastlfyllMitDeWltt') 
Littie Karly Riser* are nneqaalled as a liver pill 
Thev are rightly named beoaute they alve streuRth 
and eneray and do thrlr work with ease.— W. T. 
RastoD, Boeme, Tex. Thousands of people are 
iislnit these tiny little pills In prefereno- to all 
oihiTs. Utsiisp ihey »Te so plPasKnt snd ffTectusl. 
Tlii'V i iiri' liili iiiHtii-is. torpid liver, Jmindlov, ilck 
lii iiiliii-li<'. c oiisi |piiijnii. Th€y do not pursi* 
or»>'nk<'T]. Lii t iiiid iifengthea. Bold by 

I .I'l. W ,\ ...... h..|,..^.|-i. 

The Increase in 
Our Shoe Trade 

Clearly indieataa that oar people appreciate the "Kind" o! Shoet l»* ifboWde 
lor tbenn. Every pair gwunuiteed to gire leMonable aatiefaction. We bciiere 
we are the only ahoe dealera that protect caatomera, even in patent leather and 
patent vici ahoea. 

W. L. DourIbh, Haniiii A Son and the Milforil Waterproof tihoes are 
our hrands. I,<n,k tliein over when you arc hiiyinK your winter shoes. 

if you will take time to look ia our Clottiiug Window you will see the 
kind yoa want. You'll see none like them elaewhere. 

Between Now and Thanksgiving Day 
1 0 Per Cent. Off on all Our Chil- 
dren's and Boys' dothing. This 
Means CASH. 











Btyllah, |>rartical, Biricily first claaa io every w»y bnt 


B alae 





rated from their original pricl>^ bvcauae there isn't a complete 
range in any itiv(>n Htyle. Hut logethpr they contain each length 
from 38 to 44 inches, all in npw, attrtiotive lahrics and designa. 
Both Walking rtod Drcsi* Skirts in hlack, lthv, blue, tan and nov- 
elty goods. I'ntil todHy $6 In ii>7.r>(), now f5 tach. 

Neckwear Veiling 


Among women who know good taate and high price are not 
aynonymoua, there ia a ateady demand lor thia charming 26c and 
60c neckwear. We have a aplendid varie'y, of which a few hints 
follow: 26c Silk, embroidt'ied or trimmed in buttons, or fancy 
braid, or medalliona, alao Renaiaaance lace atocka and both embroi* 

dered iHwn and lacp tnii,.i\' r oqUwi. 51)0 Silk vccting stocks, silk 
hound and Imtton trniiuir I , also silk with fiiKgot and pearl ncale 
trimming;, .\mong the vi iiinir^ tlic Miimt' pricf attractiveness ni l 
(|ualityare evident. Cho(j(ie from the lollowi ni; at 25c yard: Hair- 
line mcHh, Tuxedo mesh, plain and fancy inet^h chinille or velvet 
dotted. In white, black, jackdaw, magpie and all leading colora, 
mode chiffon veils, iX yards long, 60c. 

..... HATS AT 


Five dollars has acquired vastly increased buying power as 
far as our Trimmed Hats are concerned, for until recently they were 
marked doable tiiat aam— and more. It is worth an inveaCifatkiB. 

CHILDREN'S t^CHOOL H.\TS— Hat styles for children 
seem to have settled detinitely on the roll-brim aailor aa the most 
popular ahape. Cooaeqaently oar atock of tbeee hata ia amt>le 
enoiuh for all requirements and wp are selling them one-third leaa 
than earlier iu the season. Tbey are in smooth and scratch felt 
trimmed with ribbon atrwtmwa. White, black aod colon. |1 in- 
atead of |1.60. 




**a*yV( t|i<ii*><ttiiit|;:iiiti;;:i:;;ii(»ii(t:tti:(;(t:::ititttti:::;::::;;:::::::::t:::titt{ttttiiit(t*] 
V^afieiaf f f ••eiaeeeeef eeeeeeeceeeeeeeeeeeeieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaeeeeeeeeeea 


The Uennlnr New Cr<>p fan*' Jiimi arrived. It U pure and 
nf tliie flavor. Wo h«|I tiniw l)iit the Stralulit Ooodia. 
Urliig your kcKa and JtiU''. I'ri<'<-, ■%(>(- |H-r k->II<»>- 

G W O 

JUTIIieilVID. I Miss Ann Barry basbaaa on the akiklkt fur 

Another shipment of Fancy Netw Crop Open a few days. 
Kettle Molasses, the finent that cumps to thia 

market. They ro n^w at W cents. 

R. B. Lovct. 

» ♦ * 


10,000 for Tkaakagiving. Get our prices 
befoia salUag elsBwkere. Alao batter, eggs, 
gama aad eoeatjrprodaee at highest prieee. Op- 
posita TafkMr Broo., Washington, Ky. 

Wasuingtom Pbodi'ce Co., 

R. C. Toeker, Agent 

HoiP's Thf f 
WollTerOue Huadrsd Dallar* Reward tor any 

CMS Of Catarrh tbat eaaaet be eared by HaU'i 

Catatrb Cur*. 

F. I. Cwatrar A Co., Prep*., ToIs4o, O. 
We, tbeondartlsnad, bsv* bnowa F. J. Chsaey 
(or lb* last IS yran anil hriieve blm perfeetly 

boasvabUlD all '' i.liu"*- irituHactlonn and Bnsn- 
Olally abt* to ( Itl 1 >' oil I miy <il>M|cnllc>D mailii b]r 

tbelrBm. wuiT a i'mhax, 

WbolraalH Dia^lBt*. I olM-c O. 
WALAtifa. Ki|iira;f * Mabvin, 
Wboleaale SHrtbHaM. Toledo. O. 
Hall'a Catarrh Cure li takea laiaraally.aoHoi 

dlrrollj upon cIia bluoil and mueoai aartacM of 

ttif lyiitrin. Price 7.%r. pxr lioitle. Sold bjr all 
DruyslHtH. ThhiI iimnlaH fri*^. 
ICall'H fRiiill V l'lll» am ttip Ikmi. 

Mra. William B. Gill is ia CiaciBBati ucd. r 
laedieal trsatMBBt. 

Rf prci^entativp Kehoe 
bills in Conin-p-os Monday. 

117 privat 

Mrs. Satnuel Kiley and youngest daughtsr of 
the county will leave Thursday to fluke their 
koiM aitker ia ClBciaaati or Ckieago. 

■nuoHAnra mm* aroHAca. 

The worn-uut itomach of the over-fed millloii- 
airv U often paraded In th« public printi at a hor- 
ril)l« rxample of tb<* wilt altendanton the potiei- 
lion uf (treat wealth. Itut mllllonHln-ii are not thu 
oiiiy onui who are affllotod with bad itomacbt. 
The i)MiKirtion l« far greater among the tollrrs. 
D)'a|><'p'<in Hnd indltp'ttlon are rani|iant amonK 
thew p<'o|.|i". and lln'v luffvr far wursi- ti)rturc» 
than th<- niilli'>ii.'iir<' imleu thry avail i)iciii.'.i'lv>'» 
oratlandanl Mu dliMm' likoOrwnN .\U(tiist I'lnwiT. 
which hiia Ih-ou » fHvorlH' lumwhoklri'iucdy for itll 
•(••ni.Hch trouble! for ovir tblrly live jearH. .\u- 
(futt Klower rousei tin' torpid liver, tlms I'n'Hlniu' 
uppetitr tind iiiiiiiritiir {MTferi dl^esiit^n. It tone* 
ttttti tin' t-Dtire HVAtem itnd uiakeH life 

Kiirih livint;. ni> iii^ii i.t what yout statiou. TrUI 
b<'ill> k. re);iil:ir si/ At BBBTy W. Bay 'i, 
next dcM.r 111 I'o»liirtlce 

\Jhe fust Aoi^ 
of J-fealthl 

/Ceep the feet Prjf, 
your feet, 

I low about them? Have you bought your solid soied, 
winter .shoes? Don't wait any longer for stormy 
weather; the weather won't wait any longer lor you. 
Our showing of staunch and sturdy winter goods is 
pleasing many customers. 

Remember, we sell the great Walk-Over Shoe 
for men. If you have ever wora a pair you need no 
further introduction. 

Cash Shoe\ 


alB'aMlMuteli mm* Urer 

U lien >i>u ffwl dull a/ior eating. 

^\ lipu yuii have uu appetite. 

W lien y m have a bad tadn In the luoulh. 

When your liver It torpid. 

VS'hen your boweli an ooasllpated. 

When you have a headaobe. 


Tbsy will laprova your appetite, aleanie and 
takvlforaie year alMMMit. aad Nfalata your Uv«r 
aad bowels. fMKp seats per'bes. For mm by 
J. Jat. Woo« AiSB. 




You haven't heard us say much about our Shoes of late. We have been selling them as fast as we get 
them in. All of our Queen Quality friends are getting shoed here. Enough of Queen Quality Shoes received 
this week to take on 200 new customers. Will you be one of them? 

Some reasons why you should wear Queen Quality: It's an easy wearing shoe, hence no tired feet at 
night; made of the best material, hence must be the most satisfitctory wearing; it's the best fitting shoe, hence 
the most comfortable to the feet; made in the largest factory in the world, hence the reduction of cost, 


PRICE $3 and $3.50. 


LOW pmKm 


»Alt.T— azoaPT scioAT, wcwt* or tvlt, «uinMiTiii«, 


omoB— nrsuo uroeBii BDiLoina, matbvillb, kt. 




Payable to Cn\l»clor ut tnd of Month, 

Ths St Louis Globe Democnt aptly re* 
mivkt that "the Adminittnttkm ie never qnite 
rare it is doing the right thing until its cour^ 
is condemiied bj The New York £veiuiig 

Tbb new Pope has declared, in emphatic 
terms, that there will be no politics inuler his 
-u^>\ In adilressitti; an Italian Cardinal r^^ard- 

iug his policy he said — 

"Jf there be any politics ia the VaticaD I Hhall make it 
myRelt, and, ml MiaNd, I will takt good cut that nooe 
it in»d«.» ===== 

London Detectives recently disguised them- 
selves as milknu'ii in urdcr to piin adniittauce 
^A^ houses wIutc suspectetl telous lived. The 
cfuam of the joke came when they arrested 
loor men who had stolen a few cartloads of 

The irrepressil^le John D. "White, who 
seems determined to keep himself before an 
nnappreciative public, having tagged along at 

the tail end of a three-cornered race for Con- 
gress in the Wcvfiiili District, will probaldy 
mil for the next vacancy in the Coustableshi]) 
of Punkinviue Trecinct. 

Deaths from violence in Louisville, acconl- 
ing to the weekly health rcjtort, during the 
patjf week numbered six. the. lari^cst list that 
ha" l)een rej)orte<l for many months. Louis- 
ville, it should l>e remembered, is a Democratic 
city, whose police force is used to win Demo* 
eratic victories at the polls. 

CnAKLKs Francis Adams, in an interview on 
President Rooskvklt's action on Panama, says 
H is a dangerous precedent and a high*handed 
proceeding, He scores Roosevelt's policy in 
anmeasurable terms. But, then, Mr. Adams is 
the son of his father, lives in the refined air of 
Beanton, and he's one of the few remaining 
relics of Mugwujupery. 

The W. C. T. U., now in session in Cincin- 
nati, has appointed itself a committee to direct 
the legislation of Congress. It opposes the 
bill to restore the Canteen in the Army, for the 
reason, perhaps, that it is better for the soldiers 
to get drank at oatside saloons than it is for 
th«m to keep sober in barracks. They are a 
aoat inoooaietent set of imprscticablee, to be 

Ths other day a couple of French windjam- 
mers, after a month battle in the Chamber of 
Deputies, went out in the backyard and fought 
a duel with pistols. Two shots were exc hanged 
without any result and tlie enctmnter ended 
with the principals still unrcconciletl. These 
French dneb are horrible affairs— especially 
when fought wilii real pistols. They ought to 
be fought with a backet of tar and a pair of 

Patti, who has for many years been carrying 
abroad oodles of American iloUare in attempts 
at her "farewell tour," arrived from Europe a 
few weeks ago and is now arranging just one 
more finally and forever last appeanAoa. 

And now ct)nics the announcement that 
Judge 1). H. Redwine, he of the Goebel Music 
Hall Convention and Breathitt county fend 
fame, will shortly annonnce himialf as a candi- 
date for the Democratic nomination for Con- 
gress in the Tenth District. He will be backed 
by the Hargis and Callahan factions, and by 
all the elements o|)])osetl to^law and order, and 
the fight promises to be the bitterest ever 
waged in the Distriet With Olus JAincs, 
Airracn Gokbu. and D. fi. RnnimrB in the 
ne.xt Congreee, Kentnoliy's cap of joy ought to 
slop over. 

TuK Democratic Lexington Herald, speak- 
ing of Congressman James's bill to compel 
Governor Di hhin of Indiana to surrender e.x- 
Governor Tavi.ok to tomcamel and his "rtxed 
Juries" for murder "under the forms of law," 
has this to say — 

"It may be that at Bome diitant day in tb« future Gov- 
ernor Tavlor may nturn to Kentucky for trial. Every 
intelligent person in the state koows that there has never 
baen a day eincs Mr. QoiBBL was asaasainstfld on which 
Governor Tatlob conld have had a fair, impartial and 
Jnat trial; and it would b« merely farcical for him to be 
tried now— it would be a farce, if it were not a tragedy. 
The prosecutirjii has never intended to afford him such a 
trial. And every Congressman from every state knows 
this as wsll as the people of Kentucky. " 

Suit will be tiled in Louisville this week by 
the attorneys representing the defeated Repub- 
lican candidates contesting the election held 
November 3d. It is claimed that $7,000 has 
already been raised to defray the expenses of 
the contest, and the lawyers are at work })re- 
paring the petition, which must be tiled within 
ten days after the certificates are issued. The 
plaintiffs will be Osorgk Du Rkllb, Mobton 
V. JoYEs, Hkkkt L. Stonk, Temple Bodlky, 
John Marshall and R. K. Woods, the six can- 
didates for the Circuit Judireshijts: Ai.fkkd 
Selioman, candidate for Commonwealth's At- 
torney, and TuEoPHiLrs Stkrn, candidate for 
Clerk of the Circnit Coart. The election of 
the members of the General Cloancil, the School 
Board and the Legialatnre will not be qaes- 

^olttual ^ukings 


Ltxington Htrald. 

It ia reported that the Republican nominaet for Judge- 
ships, or some of them, in JefTeroon county, have deter- 
mined to make a legal and earnest contest; not so much 
or perhapa at all with tb« expectation, or perhaps the de- 
sire, to win the offices, as to expose what they claim to be 
monstrous frauds. Under the present law the ballots 
moat be prs a a r tad and in the event of contest the ballot^ 
boxes muBt be opened and the ballots exhibited. It is 
charged that 2,0OU persons falsely impersonated the true 
registered and Isgal voters, and if this can be proven some 
of those guilty may be detected nnd their detection may 
cause the exposure of those who conspired to have ibis 
rsacallty dona. 

We presume the election officers are liable to an action 
for civil damages where they permitted this impersona- 
tion and tbsjr prevented ths legal voter trosa votiBg; 
surely so if they — not knowing the fraudulsnt psnon — 
permitted him to vote without swearing and SMking him 
idtntify himaelf. Bot few slaotloo oOecra mo in a paen- 
niary condition to anHwer in any considerable sum. 
This is the best possible time to make the investigation 
ocdsrsd by Jnd|s Caratb sad to hsvs tht othsr Isgsl pio- 


The body of Lee Pisber, a prominent Ohio 
eooaty fanMT, wss foaadkasgiag in t dssarted 
hoQsa oa tke f ara. ID ksalth probably 

Tbs Paris Citj CoMwH 

hss o rt i csd a prisoB 

By a MaysvUle Citlz<>n I- or \\\e 
B«Mflt of Ma/aville People. 

The groatest importiince .iltathed to the 
foUowiag is that it concams a Maysville citizen. 
It weald lass three qiartars of its interest if 
it iavohed seawrsaidaat a< K al sa is s oo , Mich., 
or Wooasoekot, R. L Lfts sll ths tsstifflosy 
wUeh has appeared here, and like all which will 
fsMow sbMt tke Old Qnakw r«Dwly, Doaa'i 
KMBsypais,tt MBBSsfraai rssideaU. faitow- 
citiaaBs and Mighbors. No btber raaedy caa 
(hew sach a record of bome carta. Road this 

lbs. R. R. Uonsh of 3<)4 Forest svwaa saya: 
"Daa^a Kidaey Pills quickly rsHevad Mr. 
HMMk of baefcacke which had been a aoores of 
diseasfatt to him for some time. I proearsd 
tbs naady at i. Jaa. Wood * Son's DruKstore, 
eensr of West Saeoad and Market «tr«)et«. ami 
iM piwvM valae ia se great that it ahoald be 
kM«a IkMghwit Ika worid." 

Nrarislsralidoalan. PrioeBOesalaabox. 
tMsr-Mflbara Co., Biffato, N. T., sola ageito 
iir tks UBited;i>tate«. 

ember tka aaM-Dsaa's-as 


For Tbankigtvlaf DaX tba C and O. will mII | 
ruund-trip tkikeU to all polala aot osceedlnK iW 
mllae at rata o( one aad one-thtld fare, exeept do 
ticket toM lor letattiaaMaaBla. Ttokela oa sate < 

Norembpr *Uli and Mth : return timit Xortrniber ' 


Wry L*w 0«» Waj ttruirn' Malr« 
!• (kr Wrat. 

Ba sure >(>ur tlrW.^l rfadn vta lli^' Kour Kmiti'. 
Three dalljr trainn. m<iriiii>ii. nom nml mitlit. 
Very low on* w»y uulonliti iieki-n . n »iil>' • •■•■•rv 
(lav uiiill Novi-mbrr SOth, ItUB. i' . .' <. 

Orrgiiii, Idaho. Montana, I'tab hiiiI liriuKli ( •>■ 
lumbla. 1 

CarmpondlBR low ralet In effect <tv>r)r day aa- ' 
Ul NoTrnbrr SWh to Calitnmta points. 

If yo« ara oootaBpUllDg a trip to any point In 
the West jroa will lad U to be to yoor tntamt to 
wnutatbanBdafalsaad, itatlaf fally yo«r petal 
ol daa S aailea. year aaamt raUMaS ataUoa. the 
numtaar ia yoar parly aad tha data |«a wtoh to 
(tart. He will gtva yoa Ml lala rm a ttnw . taaeaaet 
ooet of year trip ot, U yea ta iti l w. wUI aall oa 
you In paraon aadaaplata evatytMag faliy to yea. 
A letter addMaaad to bis. (ivlaff Mm laformatleii, 
may be the meane of MTlag yoti tavatal SaOan. 

tt. a KWIIBDY 

Kodal Dyipepela Cure doee forttm 
wbksh It U naable to do for Itaalf , evea wbaa Init 
■lightly dlMfdeiedor orer-loaded. Kodol Dyipcp- 
sta Core tnppltee the natural }aloei of diKeitlon 
and does the work of tbe stomach, relaitnit the 
nvrvous tension, while tlM laaamedmutcles of ilmi 
"rifan are allowad to latt aad Iwal. Kodol ]>>» 
|K piin Ciirp dlK^ats what y»u eat and •>nabl<'S tli« 
St >nirir|j i4h(1 dif{<>>ttvi- oTitans to iruiiirnrni all 
fotid Into rleb, red bloud. Sold Ijv .1 .l.i, Wnal ,t 
aoa. Orasgiata. 



AW etedltora nf u. U. WUloa of Oraagebi 
Ky.. will plaaae tend a nartUM oopy ol aoooant 

to me. 

All ■>rraoni Indebli'd lo I) G. Wilson will plcauft 
i-all iki ilir Hep lllvr. Mit\ lllr. Ky.. and avttit' 
tlifir wc^unts. If iinl imid In reasonable time 
tlip a4*coiinf will lit' itljti'fil f(ir rollectlon. 

noli IIH Mll.L.vKI) MKR/, Aaslgnee. 


Takaa Ito plaea at the Mtal Mb af 
. great artltis 

slag for yaa; gnat mnaielaaa play 

for Tou; tha foanler' 


tha foanlett aian In 'the 
make ynti lannh. all wllh'ml 

tr"iit>l.* and Al ttiiuil *'Kp**ns«' Call in 
and heat ihviu. IVjcrs ranav (romSia 

Haattawtmi. W. th. 

ssr .H'. H. Ryder. 

W. R. Smilli .V Co ar*- dlxplaylna la varloaa 
■hoW'Wiudows of Maysville a tew of the prlBOlpal 
prraeniB to be given away at lha Haw Shoa SItsa 

Cbrlstnias mornlnK. 

It was Ibniight advlnablo l« PxTilhIt lhpii<- f(l(l« 
In order tu arquaint everylxKly v«ttb Ihr (act that 
this is lo be nn "olieap" alTair. Kncli article was 
piirchHS(><l of a homi' mon'biint. and they »re first 
class and up (o dnif t;<MHls. 

Thi' eli'iiniit MorrlH Chair, for iii'laiici' romps 
from the •While I'alaoe " Kurnltun- Stor<v I'cep 
In upon It iind you will prouonniMi the chair "all 
right." If yon are curious and want to know Its 
cott, Mr. Winter U at liberty to Inform you on 

Clooaey A ftMne furnish the line 0)>er» 
(llasses, which are nf a (|unllty you need not teal 
ashaini^d should yoti Itorome Itieir happy pSSSta^ 
sor. They ar<^ ready for a "look" too. 

At Schat>niann'> China Store may be seen thv 
pretty I'arlor Lamp and the exquisite Jardlatart' 
and Stand. lo rhapH the most elaborate thlaga la 
ttook, each Dt for a "Palaoo of the Klag." 

All moimy lookt alike, aad wa daaa It aaaitti 
tary to show tbe ooloT of tka eaah al IMa 

stage of the prooeedlngt. HoiraTer, "It 
Iba buadftd doUart do, to forlaaals 

tttthosa wkaaia 


I win offer at public sale on SATURDAY, DR- 
CKMBER hth, at t p. m.. If not sold before pri- 
vHtely, my two-story brick residence with all 
modern eonvenlencet— bathroom, hot and oold 
water, gas. Entire boose Is heated by hot water 
furnace: parlor Is llniiihi'd In black walnut, hand- 
jMillithed, hall and slHirmiy in antWiuc oak, hnnd 
p<i|lHhed; flrsl flwr ceilings and wiills urn frc«- 
<-<»'d In oil. Also, two lom adjoiniiift my rt>sl 
drncc and tny lard'' four story Muildliig on >»ecoud 
street with 'live floors, ou'italnlng over 18,000 

noieiai nXRY OBT. 




We keep all the standard and 
\)v»t known cough remedies, 
and we parCioularly reeom- 

mend our 



It is ext;e!led hy no other 
cough remedy. A pleasant 
and agre«'atili' preparation. 
Children lik«- it uiut will take 
it readily. It is sold i)n our 
own gUHr:tiiteethat it will give 
satisfartion or yoar money 
will be refunded. 


John C. Pecor 




And patience fooling with 
the old-fashioned churn 
when at s vary amall ex- 
pense you can ass tbs oale- 

brated patent 

Ovid Churn 

The hes l ,si B i >I Si l >a4 cheap- 
patent chum on tbe market T 

Try one ami he t'onviiucd, 
for once tried it is always 

Tin Hoofing, Qattering 
and Spoating a spaeialty. 


33 Wot Secosd Street. 



See window display. Prices plainly marked for each garment. Royals 
Silk Plush, Balbriggan, Natural Wool, Camel's Hair, Fleece Lined, Medi- 
cated Scarlet and Union Suits for men, 91 and $2. One thing we do is to fil; 
yon properly. 



Is manufactured hy the 
Maysville Foundry and 
Machine Company and 
sold direct from their fac- 
tory. We give tbe con- 
sumer the benefit by sell- 
ing direct. For tbe next 
thirty ilitvs we will StU 
this Kaiige iit 





S*"' Pounds 

Don't pay 8c per pound for stove repairs when wt 
wiii I'urnlBh them for 6c. Our motto, Small Profits. 



Dlieases tf Wmki mi CIIMreii. 

orrira. I 
No. 31 Weit Third itreet, 
UayivUle, Kjr. I 

Omcl llofRK. 

From T tu tt u. m., 1 to > 
aad 7 to 9 p. m. 


No. 144 Dr. A. G. UKOWNING, Retldenoe 

f/rPAnm on tovm oijw.^ 



Dr. T. H. N. SMITH, 


a tm »M* to Koj wtM SK^Hd mm, »m h j 
Jm». Wood * Sbn'f D r« 0$lm ; 





Ourl'iml li iuor« i*rficl ttmu nuy 
• liDllikr mlnernl UxJy nffcrtHl. Coiupoeed 
of tli« Kreel*"'' prn-tiuleKV of cerbon, Itl 
oonibi *tluD U free but not fait, itnd the 
quaatlt; of waita matter U very imall. 




mauwAT t: 

■AieviLva MTisiaw 
l:4»a.H ]:!• p m>. 






Ifo. «. •:Uii m* 
Ho- 1 I SOpm* 
N» a).A:USp ...t 
Mo. »..S:Ua Bit 

No. >...S:lftaia* 
It*, le. 8:40 ant 

OarWile mmd 


aa Bof0m 

'yiA PASIM ANB K, «. 

Mtmd Btk 

r. a. 

A. M. 


Lt>..... BlobaiOBS....~Ar 
•• _..WlBObeetar. " 

r. a. 







No. 117 SiiltiM Strett, WMt SMt.. 

State National Bank^ 







oXAa.D. FBanoa. 


JAB. ■ 


W.NRTER. i.H. 

pomrER A cuMMom. 

nwnuL iiiieriRt. 


tnXK L) RKPVfll. tCA N-tin. 

MA TSVlLLEy KY., V^EDNESUA F, NO VEMBMH 18, lH(t3. one copy-^vm cmht. 

John Strode, aged abont 66, died i f«w dajn 

■go at his home near FlemingsbarK. 

WUlUm Weat committed saicide at Ashland 
■kooUng himself through the head. 

Mr. tl. H. r,)llinii, aifml f>l, and Mrs. S. A. Mc- 
Carthy, aged G2, were marrii-il recentl; in 
HkholM connty. 

Eliiabeth KleiUM «M appointed Executrix 
of tho Mtate of Lmuwico KleilioD decoMod as 
mmtod iB will whhoat wm^. 

Id WUIiaau, colored, charged with disorderly 
coadact, was taken from JaU it AogwU lion- 
iMf night by boys, whipped Mdord«r«d to leave 

CokMl E L. Mottiay, late RapobMeMi eaadi- 
dato for Mayor of Bowling Qraaa, haa Had 
notice of contest againat Qaoi|t % WUmb, the 

Democratic candidate. 

John Williams, aged 70, was found dead yes- 
tardagr Mi tte road a f«w miiaa from Carlisle. 
Dwth probably the nanlt of •zpoaore 
whDe hi a « fartoxicated coadltkm. 

Tha record in the caao of the Commonwealth 
against Cart Jett and Tom White, charKod with 
tba aasaasination of J. B. Marcom, has been 
ooB^otod and waa aant to the Court «f Appeals 
at FVankf ort yoatarday. Thart mm tUrteaa 
kmdrad ^pawrtttan 

HiatonTiUa, Kj., had a eoBflagratioa Mender 

that came near w^iagtha town off the face of 

the Htatu map. Among the heavy losers was 

Charles Wheeler, a former citisen and brother 

of P. W. Wbaalar.tho Maikatatraotakoaaaa. 

Mr. Wkadw loat UabondiBgaad eoatoirta.ooB- 

aiitingofdryRoodR, millinery, etc. Chari^kas 

tha aympathy of his friends here. 

— • « — 


Tha Maahfilla AMrioaa.M«faaibar 8d, aagra: 
"As a tmly |fatfer plif, fara, elaaa, hrigbt ami 
wholsssma liMMgfeaat, 1%a Profaaaer's Lore 
fitory' prsaontad at the Vandoae last night, by 
Mr. Harry Baraaford, ia oao of tka few aoen 
tathaaa daya of Hght aomady aad othar playa. 
As an actor Mr. Roro.sf ord stands in a class with 
few others. His 'I'rofesser (iuodwillift* leaves 
a atamp of character work that resembles a 
aeaiMnattoB of Nat Goodwin, Willie Collior and 
fliaart Rohaon, wHk oaly tha bast pointa each 
seen. Vondome patrons who did nut see Mr. 
Bereeford are the loaars on this account, but it 
ia hoped that ha will oome again and frequent, 
that tka pUy-fom may make np for thia aea- 
aaali loaa, and anjoy Ua deHghtfn! work." 

You were pleased with "In the Palace uf thu 
King* and yoa will be hotter pleaaed tonight by 
aoaiac "The Prof eaaor'a Lof« Staqr." Bay ]ro«r 
aa«>i aaw at Bay'a. 

Xa test B^ ttis 

At Chicago, shots were flred at Union pickets 
early yesterday morning, several hours after the 
CItgr ConacU had aatboriiod Mayor Harrison to 
apyolM a Bfl—lttii to try to aattla tha atrika 
k^ arbltoatioa. Ualoa plekaU who attonptad 
to intercept a wagon load of supplies and bed- 
ding which the company's agents were ea- 
iaaMriiff to gat to tka baiaa at TkMiy-dalh 
ainat aad C et t aga Grofo avenoa, ia aappa tt of 
thair efforta to open tke Cottage Grove amne 
cable line, were fired on by the drivers of the 
wagoaa. The Chicago Federation nf Labor has 
appealed to Qoveraor Yataa to bring about ar- 
Mtration aad avert "whtt tkreataaa to be tke 
1 labor diapote tkat baa aver eoa> 



76 Y( 

Of A««k 


Mrs. Sarah J. Windrom of 429 W. Erie St., 
Chicago, a member of one of the most distin- 
goisbed f amiU^ ia tha conntijr, oooaia of Zaeh- 
ary Taylor, 12th Praaident of the U. I., aad 
grand-niece of Alexander Hamilton, who signed 
the Declaration of Independenoc, write.i: 

"Vinol is a God-send to old people. I am 76 
yeara old, bat I feel active and well today, 
tkaaka to the vltaliaing effeeta of Vinol. 

"My appetite is all that eoald be desired. I 
sleep well and my mind ia elaar, and I am in- 
terested ia tha affain of Bfa aa I vaa lltf 
yeara ago. 

"When I was young cod liver oil was dta- 
ponwed in a Kruaay, unpalatable form, and it 
fairly Kagged me to get it down. Vinol is so dif- 
ferent, palataMa aad aoariahiat to iBpaverlahed 

"I feel so much stronger, both mentally and 
physically, nince I used V'inul that I feel it my 
duty, as well as a pleasure, to reoommond Vinol 
aa the flaeat tonic I ever need in my life." 

New Orleans and Gal' 
wheat than New York. 

Mr. William A. Bohaaaea, oaa of Boaijr 
conalgf'a oMmI aid iNaitbiirtaltlma,diidta^ 
dealf aad aaaipaatodly^of kaaii tnaUa. 

The Belfast city corporation has decided to 
plaee abelters for eonenmptivea in one of the 
pubMepafia. Fi^taatjuMhuiaiabaiagbaM. ! 

Clatest markets 

ClMUlllan, Nov. 17, IMB. 


•ffr T: > 


1 UOOM^\im^ 

to heap tha whole Qecaaa araity ia the field 
l»aweekwoal deoet|Myl)00 ,OOa 

AradaetfaweC 10 par aeat wiU be made in 
tha wi^ of 80y000 aattea mill operativea in 

DoraatlMia «ad Hertf ordahlia aia the poorest 
ooQBtiaaialailaBd. Each baa loaapport forty 
I par IfiOO iababitaalk 

A gaiMral loekoat ia threatoMd by the Bnild- 
ef'a Exchange Laagaa at Pittaboigh. Twenty 
thoaMadmtawiUheidle if tho leekoaliada- 

A foreign syndicate hM bought the Nieara> 
godo National Ikjaor ravannea for 11,600,000 
yearly oa aaix-jraar ooatnMt, bagiaaiK JaMaiy 

lat next. 

The PuetofBce Department is iovestigating 
the published allegations that rare postage 
atampa have been sold from the dapaitaaat to 
atamp apaealators. 

PinaqFlraaia capitaliata are pnpariac to 
baUd astripof railroad in Jaokaoaooaalf, pre- 
limiaary to a developaw a t of the timber re- 
soaroeaof that aaetta« of tha atata. 

The I'nited Statos i.< the host of the cinch 
bog at a coat of $U)U,uO0,0UO. The Hessian 
i|p eoeta $50,000,000 for iU aatertaiament; the 
gTMBhoppar 100,000,004; tka potato hagtB,- 
000/)00 aad the cotton boll worm |«0AK>A)O. 

Such words of praise from a (lereon of anch 
high standing nmat be accepted as aaqaeation- 
able proof of the avperinrity of Vinol. 

Do you w.irtli r tlKit mir Vinol has such a 
strong hold upon the t-.ttttem of dootom and 
patients? Wo know of nothing else that will 
accoropliah each wonderful raaolta; and, remem- 
ber, Vinol ia not a patent medicine. 

There are hundreds i f old people in this vi- 
cinity who need just such a strength-maker and 
tissue-builder aa Vinol. Their blood is thin and 
ainggiab— Vinol will unricb aad qaiokoa the 
and boild up the ."vstera. It ia ao mach 
ir than whisky and 't ri>nK stimulants, which 
ahnors have a bad after-effect and weaken and 
bcoak down. There ia nothing in the world ao 
good for the weak, the aged or the nia-down 
system and to cure a buiiKing-on cold or haek- 
ng roufth ad \'iDol, and b' cauxe v e know so well 
what it will do we are alw^s ready te refund 
of«7 eaat paid aa for tt if ft f aila to do what 
«a aagr. 1^7 it a* oar gnarantee. 

J. C. Pboob. Dmggist 

Owing to labor troobles, twenty boot aad 

Germany produced last year 93.000.000 gal- 
loaa of potato alcohol, largely for automobile 

The minora of the Northern coal district of 
Colorado have voted down a propoaltioB for a 
aattlamaat af the pending atri ka. 

Of wbita who contracted tnbercaloaia daring 

the war. one uf two and one-half died, wkUaof 

Negroes twelve out of thirteen died. 


Kollin C. Parvin of Evansville, Ind., has sold 
a silver dollar of the 1S04 mintage to H. 0. 
Brown of Portland. Ore., for $2,000. 

It is aaid tkat oOoiala of tke United Statee 
Steel Corporatioa eoatemplate tke early amal- 
gamation of the American Tinplate Company 
and the American Sheet Sttel Company. 


Tha Linie huf waa ap laat aigkt for Haa^ 
iaftoa. o 

The new Oakland is at PlM a blh aad laady 

to bring down a tow. 

Foreign and coaatwise vessela took 17,234 
bales of cottoa away fraaa New Orlaaaa aaa 

day last week. 

Sam McMallen hu been arraated in Miaaonri 
for pvahing Otto Hempla overboard lata tha 
river and drowning hha. Bath men waakad aa 

the I'erry Swain. 

The management of the Pitt.shurp;h and Cin- 
cinnati Packet Company will .send tho steamer 
Queen City to the next Mardi Graa, which will 
be haM at Maw Orlaaaa la fabmaiy. . 

Repraaeatative Morgan of Ohio baa pot ia a 

hill appropriating $100,000 fur a lock and Dam 
in the Ohio river below Oallipolis, to be known 
a.-4 Dam 2^, and authorizing that work on it be 
contracted for to not exceed $850,000. 

The only place for the river to run below 
I/uoievflto ia throagh a narrow space left open 

at the head of thf Indiana chute on the Falla. 
The wickets are in the Boule and Kentucky chute 
DdniB and half wagr aeroaa tha head of Indiaa 






Butotaer iteen. good to ekola 

e... 3.m^i.-» 


...... 4 3fta4.50 

Common to (air.... 

Hetfert, Koed to ehOlBS......... 






..... S.%<t3.M) 

satM ajama.aB 



.. «.MI97.» 

Ooosmca aad lame 

.... t.MSAM 


.Sfloclwl. HM'diutn and licavy 

14.809 .. . 

0<HKl to cbokw paoken 

4.7.©4 75 

Common to cholea heavy sov 

rs... a7S®4.wi 

Light tblppers..................... 

..... 4.«I®4.7D 

Pi«a-llOftaaaa laia 

Oood to oholoe 


•••••• 1 ifl^tsflO 

According to the inventory recently taken of 
the stock of the Mooongahela River Consolidated 
Coal and Coke Company it has l,j,(KX),(KX) bush- 
els of coal loaded in the harbor and pools ready 
t>r shipmeat Booth. Tho eoal at Pittabargh 
belonging to the independent coal operators, 
r.-hich is loaded in the pools and harbor, will 
swell this amount by several millions. This is 
more coal thaa baa been in the harbor at this 
seasoa for aHUiy yeaia, bat It la aot the record. 
By the time a rise comes there will be about 
2.*).000,000 bushels of black diamonds ready to 
be seat eat. 

At Pittabargh Moadv heavy rata feU all day. 
Hope ia high ia the hearta of the rivermen of 
that vicinity. The rain, which atarted Sunday 
night and continued Monday, has led them to 
believe that the long-looked-for rise is coming. 
Tho riveiaiea will bead their eaergiaa bow to 
getting in the towboats wbkh are tied to tho 
bank along the Upper Ohio river. The rain frill 
do good. It will clean out the rivers and wash 
away all the acid that baa been aettling in the 
water for maatha. TUi win aaaUa tha pool- 
boats to work soceesafnlly again withoat having 
to go to the boiler yards for repafara after each 

Bfn light tot batohsrs: Aat^Ln 

Ooor toeholes heavy l.—I.eo 

Oommoa tefalr ................. 

Yaartlats „ Ua^Jt 


Krruli nfur liy slock, Mund lol» 2S ® 

Ui<ld •toc;k, lot! off X< ft 

Oooie AO O 

Duok W O 

Paaoy Bgla 



Dneks, oM 

Spring toikeya.. 

OttUs* •■•••••>••••• ••>■•• 

Wlater pamat . 
WlaMr family. 



Iprlng pateat.. 
tprlag (aaey... 
•pflng taatUy., 
Bye, north' 
Mye, elty... 

10 •!! 



It ...... 


. S.180S.W 

. l.l«0>.« 

Vet fad wlBlar.. 
Il0b4 ledwlBlsr... 




Mow twkMe mixed. 
Mat yellow, 
Mo. t mixed . 

White eer. 
^ToUo^v Ofltf •••••• •••«•• I 


n •IB 

. M • 

. 41 
. 4» 

4t 9mi 

Ve •••••*•«••••••••«•••••• se •eeeeeee 

Me. I while.. 
Mo. 4 while. 

OA vs. 


TabMOO Pair SaMay, 
Ftkraafy Mlk^ 1904* 

The usual liberal premiums will be paid. 
CoBifatMea ofaa la all gnmm, hM bo one 

A eblld ol Mia. Qsa T. UtmMm. wksa goMIng 
kla nsiml Hatarday alghl bath, stappsd heck 
against a hot itore whleb burned klm Miverely. 
TheehUd was lu greet afoajr and bli netberooeld 
do Mttklat to paeify him. Ramerabering that the 
had a bottle of Chambarlaln's Patn Balm In the 
heuaa, she thought she would try U. In lets thaa 
balf aa hour after applying It the ohIM was quiet 
and aileep, ami In lest than two w«<>ki wa» wril. 
Mn. UeDSon U » wall kuown teskdeiil nf Ki'llnr, 
Va. I^la Uala U an anltseplte Itulment ami ••■ 
vahrnUs for bans. eau. brulsss and 
Put sale bjr J. Jas. Wood A Bob. 

UAMoiB mart bo prepared to maha aMavit 
that tha wapit prMOBlod waa grara hgr him or 


The whoU world parmltlal la aihiUl aader 
theee coaditioaa. 
Begia aow to get year samples ready aa here- 

m ike sample. 


Maysville, Ky. 

I7 Iter CrMp. 

f>om Ihf AtchUon (A'an.) Daily Olobt. 

This it the iteaiion when the woniHD who knows 
the bei*. remedies for <-n»ip Is lu itrmuiid In evi-ry 
neiRhlK>rh<x>d. Om- uf the most terrible thiiix' i<> 
the «i>rUI n I<i »x' ikWkkfiird in thr middle uf the 
(.'III liv K HhiKip from line of the I'htldrvii. Thi- 
oiip n-iiie<it<'K Are iilint)Nt u» siiri- to lie lost, in 
i-iiM' of croup, m H fVolviT is liiir*' to l»e li>Ht iu 
CHtto i>f hurKlurs. TloTt* uurd to lie uu utd-fusti ioliiMt 
n'inetly f(ir<*r(iop, known h» hive syrup kod tolu, 
lull some iiKalern mothers say thai ChitmlierUiu s 
Couiih Kemedy \» liet tor. and does not cost so much. 
It causes the patient to "throw up the phlegm" 
quicker, and Klves relief In a shorter time. Ul*e 
this n>inedy as wmaas the croupjr oougb appears 
and It will pievtat tba attack. It never falli and 
is pleasant and safe lo talce. VW tale by J. Jst. ! 

Mo. a mixed 

Vo. % nlicd ••^•■•••< 
Ko. 4 mUad 

Wood A Boa. 

I!* •ITH 
« ••7 

... » OKH 

No. tWortkwas ia ra- 6iv 

No. t._ 60 oei 

No. 8.. W OU 

ReJeotM) B4 OM 


Choice timothy lirTtOIS lM 

No. I timothy ll.liOOI2.7.S 

No. a timothy II.OOOH.BU 

No. S timothy e.HO ^ TS 

Mo. I elover mixed iftaoiAn 

Mo. t clover mixed „. •Ji^ 

Mow I clover......... 

Men B elover....... 

Save Your Daughter 

No. las West SSth mreet, 
Naw Yoaa City, N. V., April i, laHl 

Wine of Oardnl baa been a blening to my home. I have 
often found that it waa a great relief when I was wearv or la 

Sain, but I am especially grat4?ful for what It did ior o«» 
augbt«r and only child. I Dotlr«d that her dmiims wei« 
tardy and the suBertd with headaches andalddineat, hcavl- 
Beaa in the abdomen and about the loins. Ala aerloualy in- 
terfered with her stadise and aha had to dlaeeatlaae seveni 
of them. 

A visitor calllBg ea — aad d ia oaaa la g tke w s H sr ai t ea le d that I gfve W a eoniee 
of your Wine of Oardal aa it had relieved her daughter or a similar tmuble. AfUr mv 
daoghter had used itforivowaeka I found 
agreet Imptovement In her looks, kealtk 
and behavior, in fact the waa a ~ 
girl. The flow became regular 
Bove aet had any diacoli/ daee. 

ai rouM yj 

4irril*eA<tov«0TeMb « 

Mr. 0. Haaey of Qeneva. C. had the pilot for 40 
yaaia. Doe tort and dollars could do hlin no last- 
ng good. UeWitt's \Vlt«h IU»I .Salve cured blm | 
permanently. Invaluable tor cuts, liurut, brulaat ; 
sprKln», lacerations. eo.-mH. l>-iler. sail riM'um, ' 
nud hU other skin iIim>«i>'i. l.iH>k (i>r the iiam>' 
UeWttt on tlui paokage -all others an oheap. I 
werOtlesa eountsMktla. Bald by i. Jaa. Wood 4k ! 
Boa. UraggUta. 


Here the ii>enitrual fitnction had not b(>«<ii properly start«d aud the ob- 
natural ooodition waa mAking the young girl an invalid. The beadacbea and 
giddineaa, indicatad aometbing more tMa a mere temporary ailmeut. Tbey 
were ayraptoau ol a fanotional veakaaai irfaich eroald beoome more aud mm 
aaravatod aa yeara went by. Bat Mia. Ilmiipaoa waa itady to take advice 
W\m dfoakter'e welfare and aha 8»f« tiw UtSBMlMr wSm af <MI mmI 
BOW ahe ia • well young woman. 

If yov dauohter is sickly and freatMiitly aUiag tha IbHw al lUt gBid 

mother oontaina the beat advice you can follow. 

Willi- of Ciiriui is the inenttrual nvulator that cures nine caaea out of 
every teu . Young girls, utoiliera and agedwoaaen iind thia tooio iadiniaaaahln 
All druggiata aaO 91.00 bottiao Wiaa «f OhM. 

Six mlllton operatives In Tnited States annu- 
ally sign pay rolls aggregatitifc |S,000,000,OOa 

A new aatomobile record waa made at Paris 
by the former champion, Baras, who covered a 
kilometer (3,^q^feeti in 2*^ 2-n seconds. 

Thomas Bh a a g h aaaa y , a police vetoraa, father 
a( Mr ThaaMH Aaai^aaaBy, PiaaMaBt of the 
Caaadiaa Paeilk Railroad, died at hit hmaa at 

MUwaakee, aged 86 years. 

— .. « « 

The general missionary convention of the 

MethodiHt Kpiscopal ("hurch insesgion at Omaha 
appropriated $45,iX)(J fur miiwion work among 

the Megroea, mostly in the South. 

^ «- — _ 

AoiMidiag to aatfaaataa of tho Agriealtaral 

Department at Waphincton, the total sugar 
production of the world for l<J03-4 will be 10,- 
42(-.,800 toaa. CabaaadJava,ttkatated.wiU 
produce 45 per oeat of the woridTa eatpat of 
cane sugar. 


lham toanjr od# lufT^rlnf from sochiroahUs.' 
Ohas. B. Msipuo, IM RlTractoB at.,MawlaiEM.T. 

D«*t For 
I -^^^^^ Tha fiowfclA ^ 

BterUagKaaadyCcChleegeerN.T. agl 




NIITS, Etc., Etc, at eeoeoeoeeoe 



Don't viait our atore ia bunches, but not an hour of the day paaaes 
that our doora don't open to the farmer, the laborer, the teamster, 

railroader, driver, rarpentern, cigar niakerfi, harne("» makers or me- 
chanie of some surt. To these men we extend a cordial invitation 
lo Cftll Uld BBB IIN 


We have on oar tables for their apecial aae. Saita, Overeoata, Jeana 
Pants, Overalls, Iloavy Rhirts, etc.; not poor, cheap stuff made to 

be sold for a song, Imt rather Suits and Overcoats from durable and 
handsome fabriow, j;iinrantcp(l nin! s'old at fhc foU.iwitii; reannnaMe 
prices: SuiU and Overcoats, $a.50, $5, $7, $8, $1U, «16, $18. 
Sttry one • ▼»lae at the above price. 

MR. WORKINGMAN, we want yoar trade, and yoo'Il cer* 
tainly take no risk here, for it is money back it yoa are not aatla- 

lied. This is n rnlDii Store. We Hsk the I'liion men for their pa- 
tn)na)(e, friendahip and support. 88c special lor one more week, 
the i>est Winter i nderwear that can be had. Othera aak $1 per 
suit; 88c satisfies us. 


KORRECT KLOTHIER, Second ^ Market, 


ortN The Kiiieyt An 

WNkHN Im-Wfrt 

ViiMiltlij KMacys Make Impure Blood. 

It QMd to be ct)tisidorc<l that onlv 
urinary and bladclrr trou1)ks w t rc to l)c 
ttactil ti> the kidiicys, 
l)ul HOW modern 
I science proves that 
nearly all diMSRci 
have their beginning 
in the dlaoraer of 
these most important 

Tike kidnejrs filter 
and purify thcbltxxl— 
_ that is their work, 

lil^rafore, when your kidneyaare weak 
or out ol otder, you can understand how 
quickly yoOffMl^ body ia Afccted and 
how erery organ aitiUi to fail to do ita 

If yon are sick or " feel badly," hegiB 
taking the great kidney renieily. Dr. 
Kilmer's Swninp-Root, lieravise as soon 
as your kidne\ s arc well they will help 
all the other <'r,k;.in-; to hMlUk Atrial 
will convince anvi>iie. 

If you are sick yen can make no mis- 
take by first (It'Ctorini; \(>nr kidneys. 
The mild and the extr i T'lrnry effect of 
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great 
kidney renicdy, is soon rtalized. It 
stands the highest for its wonderful cures 
ol the most distressing cases, and is sold 
on its merits by all 
dnggtttsin fiftysrent 
and one^oUar size 
bottles. You nuy 
havoa sample bottle Muai nf m«mhi(iiii 
by mail free, also a pamphlet telling yon 
how to fiad out if yon have kidney or 
bladder trouble. Mention this paper 
ffben writing to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bing- 
MOiton, N. Y. Don't make any misUke, 
l>at remember the name, Swamp-Root, 
jDr. Kilmer ■. "^w.itnp-Root, and the ad- 
^i ress. liMon, y. V.,ont very bottle. 


Mr. Robert 

of Mt niiiinniii iHBiiilwi km iTistt 

to John Chriatmsn and fsinily. 

Mrs. AKnt>H l.aman ami little dangbter, Sallie 
Mav, of Wallingford were tbv pleasant gaests 
of Mrs. 0. B. Mayhugh l; w.'k 

Died, the llJth, Mrs. Hint<in, an iiged widow 
lady, mot hur of Mrs. KAt« Wicolf of this place 
sad of Hiram, Leaoz aad Bob Hiatal of Bortos- 

Mr. Albert H. Harry of Cincinnati and his 
brother, Ivan, of Cbanpaign, ilL, wars the 
p l iissat g a ists of tbslr to m l m , UiUm^ Doyle, 
aad family tbe past week. 

There was a sale of the personalty of tbe 
late .loel T. Luman Monday, also a sals at 
Jookoa WaUiHf^* Tassdi^. W« k&n he f n- 
tseds to aaks Maysrflls hh fttars hons. 

DM, at her home near here, Mrs. John Ham, 
■Mt Miii Laora PoyBtor, oa NoTsabsr 12tb of 
coBsamptioB. SbsWafwakasbaadaadssreral 

chiMren. besides mother, brother and host cif 
friends and relations. Interment at Esbam 
gnwO'yard Frida y. ^ 


Mrs. J. M. Evana is visiting at Dover. 


Slur- KAi^ or «!iow; 
BIncIt ABOVB-tWta WABMBBcrol* 

Mtnrk BBKBATW-ceLSSB twUl be; 
It MmoM't DOt tbown do otaage well 

mwnni , 

Mrs. Charles Kenaaa is reported quite ill at 
bar home at Orangebnrg. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Tuliy visited their daai^tsr, 

lin. Henry Day, Sunday. 

Mr. A. L. Redman left S.iturday for a few 
dS|fS rieit with hi^ duiijjhter at necti^rvilie. 

Mr. William Wil^son baa rented tbe Parr farm 
■eross the rifw aad will ■««« to it In tbt asar 

BtvaralfrMB hsrs attsadsd lit pMtoatted 

meeting st M. K, Soatt Charch at Orangeburg 


Protracted m(»<'ting will h^%v.\ ar tho ("huroh 
h«r« Satardv, NoTembor 28tb, conducted by 
Bdan Jaaea Tomlfai aad WIggioh. 

yHsn Mary W. hh and her brother. J. mien, of 
Paris aad Uus Ella Welsh of Washington were 
cbarmiiffgoests of the family «l their aaels, 
JaaMWaisk. last week. 



Vmbm is aU the go ap here. 

Boh .^rthllr's nnw house is asar]y 
learn he is to move in a few days. 

Sam Ctfpsnter, wife and two children visited 
Mrs. Sabria Naoh of Rectorvillo thi.-i wook. 

Miss Pearl Carpenter is visiting her suier, 
Mrs. Tbooaa Jsmo of GoddaH, this week. 

Mrs. 0. B. VIayhu!;h and family of Oran^'ohurg 
h ive moved to tho farm rtnt ■ ! from o. W. 

Mis. Otto Carpenter and sister.^Miis Daisy 
MartiB, of Maaeie. Ind., ars visiting their fkther. 

W. C. Martin. 

Died, Sunday, November Ut, Mr. Titus Mark, 
an aged citizen of this plaoi. latKMat at 
Foxport Cemetery. 

John Ligbtner, wife and two cbii'lreii have 
returned from a visit to Greennp, R|Msell, Argil- 
lite aad Danelton. 

Died, October 28th. Mrs. Edna BIgelow, nee 
Miss Edna Rudd, from l>urns received October 
17th. She leaves a husband, two children, 
father, mother, two sisters and a brother to 
mourn ber early departure. Interment at 
Tharpe's Cbspel. We extend our sympathy to 
the griaf-strioksB hasbaad and relstions. 

Mrs. James W. Fitigerald is visitiag her 
mother at Aogosta. 

Mia. L. V. Dafk aad mm MelHa T. Bdaonds 
are ia Ciaoiaoati today. 

ra.«hier R. K. Hoeflii h of theBaakat M^ 

ville yei<terdayed in Cini-mnati. 

Mrs. W. H. Means ha.s been visiting her 
ia FlemiDgsburg for a ffw da^a. 


cured by 

Mr. ■. H. BiaasI, bow L aad N. Agaat at 

Paris, speat yesterdsy here with his faaiily. 

Messrs. J. W. Clark and Robert Boon of Mil- 
lersburg are on a hunting trip to this county. 

Mr. Lewis K.Parry returned laat evening from 
a two meatha tear «f TMaa aad the grsat Soath* 


Misses Helen i'elliam, Winnie Elgin, Hsttie 
Cochraa aad JalU Psrrias vlrilad Maada ia 
Flamiagsborg ths past week. 

Mi.'u E.ssie Hatrhin.4 left on the early morning 
train today, en route to Pittsbargh, where she 

goes to vMilir amt, Ito. Ira Hatehias John- 

Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Bnnis and little son, Harry 
Esley, left yesterdsy to spend a few days with 
the latter's sister, Mrs. D. M. Hoose of Digrton. 
From there they will go to Psansylvaaia. They 
were accompanied by tbe format's hrothai, Mr. 
George Ennis of California, Pa. 

Mrs. EUa Kiddsr, whose death occarred at her 
heme la Waat Saooad street last Satorday, was 
buried in the Mv^riU* Cesetoiy yaaterday 


RiwaooLD LniMC. I. o. n. r. 

nineffoM No 17 I. <> o, v.. will hold U» 

f'tfiiliir iD' -'Iiric I'll* ■'M ioM' at 7 110 ui IVKsIb 
UKli:e lUll. KsKitT McDowell, U. 

aiUVB Nelson, SecKUry. 

a. F. o. a. 

Mii\>vii!e Lodas Mo. 704 will meet at OoVlen 
Khi{|. Hull HtTia this cventuc. 
ViiMa$ Riksiavlisd. 

W. B. Paooa, R. R. 
J. Alton OedsoB, Secretary. 


Befulsr moetInK o( Wmliinston t'ltropMo. 3 

;. .\. R. Hall HI 7:nOo'e|i»'lc lhi< evenlns. 

(;Eoit<iE KiN<i, Pn'»lileni. 

I Under allcurableconditibns 

»lr.D.I6a<Maof Mfa.V.W.Ur> 
Nevada. 0..waa , ler of HtlHard. 
oured by Kodol A Pa., waa oared 
of stomsch £^ of Chrento 
trouble which JStK\ Dyspepsia by 
bad affaoted JMWOk tha «a« of 

' ^Frask Oysters 

da8y at 0. H. 


Ity ordnr nf Ma.ioii Ooiinty Oouri I am autborlusd 
to sell Bi privata or Dubllo ■ " " " ' 
of I). O. WllHOD " 

•old In private 

on KrMBy, November tTth. 

nots m MILLARD MXBZ, AMlRnee. 

na.ioiiuoiiniy «;ouniam BuiDoriusa 
ita or public salelks stook ol aoodt 
:>D of brangebtSi^bk aad.ffiot 
> sale I will ssils&iSrat paUlo sate 


Ht liiliii Mi leilkMi. 

KviTvltotiir iiP'v MOi) oli'nn ()v<t,.r« mikI Pliih 

ill . r \ ,.■ I.n r. Ill - 'It H il !i" ir- 


Fur s Me «t J. JAB. WOOD M aow Dfajsleie 


a< Oai 

I fan ban tUa Bora. 


Omv DodaoB haa sold toMra.Mattis Haines 
a bouse and lot on North aida of Waat Second 
street for $7,^>() cash. 



l>n'n» fioodi at hOt yard, well worth TBf, tome 
»<'rp HVr and SI. 
I'lidcrweur al popular prlo<>f, but extra good tor 

Ibf priei'. 

lllaiiWeis at fWf. worth 7W: HIanknts at 98r, 

worth t\ » MliinUi'l- kII vvo.iI. hi »2..'iO. worti, jS: 
ItUnkvt. I. v. h ; 'ill ^^.iol. ivonli W. 
Hoim- iniiilr ( I'Trr'iri ^ »l .SO aud f I.7S; larse and 

.AiuiTH-aii iir.iiii} rLirsiMs ate jrst la tbe lead: 
t>>si shape, nioki durable; ai. 

Largest stook of BIbbOBS la the elty. 

Have your Qloves Utted sod warranted by buy- 
ing here. 

Ni>« (coods dally. If from lloeflleh'i, of the 
s«m<' (lualllv. cheiiiH'r: If of ttn' iiiiiii' prlri", qnal- 
Ity Ix'tler. 

Robert L. Hoeflich, 

211, 213 Market Street. 




IVanUd," "LetP' i 
thret nnet In (m^ 

amum 3waimal 

jtdvrrlUnnmti u»d«r 
the hfadtnfft of " Htlp 
ironled," "aumm h u M 


If antvuTtfaU lo eom* tSt jtnt NsM, «ss taells MS 
many rtpttlMomt e»e»»aii im ar » ls ssnt.e w>»e« ysii 
a4*«rMM/Sr. lib istsh m^tHUtrt Is JWi aia l l»s » 
mr» net t m f o§k»0 saws >|> a«ai» eer /r tt sibiws. 

■< Me aPsssr SMiaysMO, 

JTo. le Man fMrS mrml. 

«iMl«r <A<« A«(uNm, not tm«r**tnt 

I, IS ttnU each <n«e,-H«n, or IS em<« a w»*k. 

Important Neivs for Wrap Cus- 
tomers. A $10 Wrap for 
$6. Mundt Uke a Fatit 

Tale, But it is True. 

Moat dealera buy their wrapa flrom 
drumnieas tas th* nuMnser ttaee. W« bay 
oata diffMft Unaa Mm auikan lata In tiM aea- 
•on whan thaauuiaflMMuaea waat to gat rid 
of what tbey VhM la tbe raaaon we 

can make you thla otfbr. Come and look at 
them. They are made of very flue Black 
Wool Cbevlot, new atyie oape, milltarjr 
sbottMcta, the lataat a^te. « tangtb. 



p. U.-SPKCIAIi I<X>11 MONDAY ONLY— Very fine TMm-ta 
Silk, ST laohea wMe, worth SQo. fbr MwkUy only SOc. 

Charles A. Walther, 

Merchant Tailor. 

WAXTBD— TO RENT— A good tabMJco fann 
with pHvlleRC of buying utme: give de- 
wrlpihiB, alaottatp price. ALHRKT ALKK. An- 
guiita, Kjf. 

JUuahans iikuHtd, 

aJ sOiilillii mul/umuh tfu copy. 

WANTBD-arrUATIOM-Ashoafeglri. Miss 
VIOLA FOLTK, all West Beeoad stiset. 

i*€lp iOant§d. 

Jd¥*rtUment$ undfr Ihtt heading UunUd ^mt 
M md Mri tfrt mutt /mmUh th* etipy 

WAKTRD-OOODOOOK-AndgeniTHl liou»' 
keeper. Av^y to La Mode MllUiiery Store, 
No. 5 West Seoondstiost. aott Iw 


A ■>— i-fcaMe raiM>. 

Oni' of thi* inoHt rpnn»rl\f»t»l*' <'u',i's i>f a coM. 
*1"--'p <''n?f>t "II 'Ir'' liini!*. '-f,!!. itiL' i-rit'oiijonltt. i. 
lhatof Mr«.(;i'rinii1i' K. K' rm r Miinon. Ind . who 
wasentirvly I'lip (I l>y tlir u.. > .'in,. M muti- I'nu^'li 

(Jure. SbeaayA; "Thi ntcliiiii; 'indsiriitiuui; »<* 

Wfiik'MR'd tii«^ that Irnnd'-^^'; m •-^^■l.'^lt from li** 
to Vi jnMimU. I trli'd » iiihiiIkt nf r*'iuiHlle« to no 
avail iiiiill I usi'd >'Mh' Miriiiii> Cough Cure, four 
lot tie. i/f 1 ti Is uouili'rriil riimil V .un d m* putlr^ly 
of ttin i-oiigl,.<'ni{tlieii,'d iii.v loiiw". "4iiil rrstori'd 
■lie to my uurmal wnlnht. Iicaltli itud .triMigtb." 
IMd by J. Jas. Wood A Bod, OmggUis. 




In J. M. Barrte'a Msstsrpleoe, 

The Professor's 
Love Story! 

Author of "TiM Little Minuter," 'The AdmirHl 
Crii'hton," "Qnsllty Btteet." sle. Cbsriu'ii-risiii' 
and oovel stags setangt. Wheie tears and *m\W% 
me«t In Bweefooatntlon. Come and bring a brUrht 
'<uaoy Junr day lo tlie Dvoember of your life. 


Kir-i I nur Rinvii Down Stalri.. 
it . i,iir.' of Dowu ai«lrt. 

I ir-i iiiDM' Row. Balcony 


Ualleiy ; 

WANTK.n-UORKHAXD-To Strip lobaoro, 
Hiidotlipr riiriiiwiirk. THEOOOSE I'OW 
r.R. Rural Route N". 4. Muyfivlllp. noflw. 

for Rent. 

A4r»rtU*mfntt undir (Ait ViuHnp. not MiwwMns 
nvt lUut, 10 e*ntt taeh InterlUni, or it eentt a vntc*. 

and euld water, bath, gaa and all oonvent- 
ences. No. SI Wett Seoona. Apply to MfS. L. 
V. DAVIS, No. 61 Writ Second. tf 

for Ja/«. 

Itv* Mnei, JS e€tU$ eacA ittMtrlioH, or 60 eenU a vieek. 

Ijlon SALE-OOAT AND CART-Iii flntolana 
' oondttlon. Apply to ASHUY UCRaOYNE, 
Commeroe itieet. noil tw 


b\U advertitfrt must fumUh ih» copy. 

IMST llKf)WN 1'(>( K|:TII(K)K - l»i"t»erii 
J hivtli Wunl and V. .M. (,'. A. Ruoiua. (:<iii- 
tain<>d 17 and 1.. and N. Railway llclcet May.vllle 
to Johnson. Beturo to tbli offloe and reoelve re- 

LOST— SCRArUOOK-H the pernoii wli.i U.r 
rowed my acrapbuok .ome time since » ill n'- 
turn ii he will reoelve a n'ward. A. N. KLI.IS. 
.M l).. i:« We»t Thi rd .treet. POl3 Iw 

LOST- HKLT—HIack silk «ii!i lnh kle. Rctiirii 
to th I. ofllu e. iiHll Iw 

LUST— PASCINATUR—llel ween liaweii's 
re.ldenoe and L. and N. Depot, black loe 
wool Kaielnalor. Return to .Ledger offloe or W. 
It. HAWKS. County Aaiesaor. nol 1 I w 

LOST-S& UILL-Satuiday night, bctneeu Mu 
son CountT Building Assooiation and L. and 
.v. l><'i>oi. Ftndsr lelttmto tbis ofltos and feeslve 

re w ard. no4 Iw 

LOST— I'URSK— Somewhere between Opera- 
house door aud a seal In the balcony, a black 
hand onne with long chain. Please return to 
this omes and oblige. 

10ST P.tCK.VOK Ne„r 
J M«rki I, one -1 
bordered towel. Keion. I'l! 

Fonrlh and 
uiul tine red- 
no? Iw. 


...11 M 

.... I W 

.... 7S 

.... M 

... IB 

.,<dvert<Mmen(t undm- tfiU headi' g im m itt prtOj 
Wl ad v tr H frt muti /ktmtjA IA« empy. 

PI RSK— t.'nntaliilnif nmney. Cull on 
at Sheriff". o'Hlce. llourt 
nuS Iw 


You can save nuMiey by buying your Fall and Winter 
Clothing iroih me. 

Suits to Order $15 and Better. 
Overcoat to Order $13 and Better. 
Trousers to Order $5 and Better. 

Largest line to select from that was ever brought here. 
Place your order now and avoid the rush. 

Chas. A. Walther 

Merchant Tailor, 


No. 23 Vest Second Street. MAYSVILLE, KY. 

Why Pay 12c or More for 

Tk» mmrelumt who iHaAes 
to rtoek people wKo buy goodt, 
puts hU odverHsement in a pa- 
per that people read; the mer- 
chant tcho throwB hU money 
away, girei hU adverlitement to 
the fakir who promia*a to put it 
on a card mud ktrnf M «v on a 
street oomtr, 

Jfcil leM (Aon tjOOO people 
read Tun Lbdqbb Sltdaya in 
the year. This maices a total of 
!,'i:(>,i¥H) readers in a year. 

tJfDo you toant your 
name and tiusineaa repeated 
that often within the na*t twelve 

I Whsn you ean bay the bsst grades 
la MsysvlUs st 

-f-f ^ FROM 
m f t# usf 


handle Briok. Line, Band and 
It Ageats for Aletasisr Plaster. 


lOHB lea. 



Dr. 0. M. BEOKLER, 




aOH SBOOMO STBKET. 0*sr Powsrss Stove Stoto. 
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THURSDAY. DKU. 3 , 1908. 



Beginning November 16th! 

We will offer the greatest chance to buy Winter Boots and Shoes ever known in Maysville. 50c Buys $1 Worth in 
This Sale. Several immense stocks of boots and shoes bought for spot cash at less than one-half the cost enables 
us to do this. Surprising values in Men's Extra Fine Shoes, such as only DAN COHEN can offer. Come to 
see us next week and we will surprise you. The quality is first class. Remember, this sale is a money saver for you. 

Iw. H. Means, Pv A XT r^r^UCM'C Great WestemI 
Manager U/VIM JTl Jj1>I O Shoe Store.-.