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Full text of "Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1909-09-09"

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OFTEN HiiAflt. 

"All It not gold that flitter*." So 
It ort<>n conieft to put! 

Thp "nc.lilon Rill'-" tlmt most fnlko In 
1m iinttiinu iiiort' tliftii t)r»fiH, 

llMtn. I. L Cablbh nod H. 0. Baradon, 
.yatUDte ia WilaoB HoapiUl. art gattiag aloni; 

Attorney Robart Baeklar of Mt. Olirat, K/., 
ii here attending kba aaaaloa of tha Maaoa 

Circuit Court. 

Ur. William Davta of Bait Sacood atraat 
■kw ratnraad fraii a aararal taaka' ttajr at 
Uartinsville, lad. Bfa rkanatiaB la fary 

JItllp b«ti«r. 

Mr. Harry I). Owaoi waa enjoyini; a buggy 
ride ytwiArday with Baalcar J. B. Darrett. It 
vai hii first tima oat alaca bia ratan boaa 
aad ha waa givaa tha glad baid by bia maaf 
tfriaadi on all aldaa. 

To the 

If you are goini,' to luiild 
or do any coociote work 
we can farnisb what you 

Brick, Lime, Sand, Cement 
Gravel, Wall Plaster 
and Lath, Etc. 

Vou will need a supply of 
COAL for next Winter, 
which you will alsvays Hud 
a good supply of the best 
quality at our yards. 


'PHONB 142. 

The Loai«ville and Naabfilla Railroad Com- 
pany ia to ramodal aad makaastaaaiTa iaiproTa> 
menu at thair paaaasgar Dapot at Carllaia 



Carload lot aaeb juit in. Ceiiar Ciaara, Cadar 
tara, BeoBomy Cyprata. 

W. B. Hatbbwi ft Co. 

.^^Graphnphones at (ieriiricli'f!. 

itmm B. Mtnb. fathar of B. L Umk, 
well koowa la tbia eity, dM at Ladacloa, 

aged f 8. 

^ « 

"IMV BattM la Boad "Old Tima" Wbiaky, 
$1 par qaart. M. C. Btnnu. Co. 

The Hebrew Holidayi wli 
and 17th of September 
Alaaaaent on the 25th. 

I oRcnr on th« ^th 
and the Faaal of 


Bora, yaatarday, to tba wife of Mr. Hecbart 
WllaoB of Cbarlaatoo Bottom, a aoa. 

•M'T rat KT 

th.-U I will prrtiiB ati'l r-piir :ill cliihi'H bi)Ut{ht 
of me tbia month free and guaraotee you aa- 
tira aatiafaetloa or *yoar moaay back. That'a 
■a. CBBOBBAnn. Sqaara Daal Tailor. 

Rot. W.W. Akara att'aodad a meatlag of tf» 
Ruu Biaeotita OanMaa pf tba %mmltf 
Chriatlaa Badaafor \MA at Lad^tn KaRftf . 
A pragM umlNtM far (to «•!• OMnte 
BadaMlr OMlMtioa ta ba bald k UtHMm 
ia May. IMO 

Ob application of Judge N. H. UcNaw af 
Nicholaa county, Govaraor Willaoa baa offarcd 
$100 ravard for tba a pp ra h a a atoa aad anaal 
of Cbarlaa Parkar for tba killing of Diek Mat 
oalf. aad tba laaM far Caaatoe Prioa for Ulttaf- 
Jia WHM aik ftB iwailWal 

The Oapartment ia praparing a new pottaga 
ataap of apaeial daaiga, vbieb will ba nmtf 
for iaava aboat Saptambar SOtb, to aaanaaaMt- 

ratH the diacovery nf the Oudaon river by 
HcDdril( Uadioo iu IG09. and of tba iatrodao- 
tion of eteam oavigatioa oa Ha wtan if 
Robart Paltoa ia 1807. 

D. £X£30I3[II!TC3-S!£l «te OO. 

Auto Crazy? 

No? Yea? 




Of all styles and prices which we Must 
get sold before the snow flies, for we 
need the space. It*s true we need 
Money , but just now the Space looks 
more valuable than the Money, so our 
Necessity is your Gain. Don't let the 
other fellow beat you to the bargains. 

Mike Brown 

The □ Deal Man. 

Hra. Charlaa Bovarf of tha aanatr to vary 

Martin Swanger of WaehinKton and Dora J. 
Moran of Georgetown, Ohio, werij married tha 
yaat waak. 

Ika Walkar Qaatatta— gattar, baajo, flnle 
and violin— played at the NIekalodaoa at Porta- 

aioath Wednesday night. 

Witliam Kiee haa filed divorca proceedioga 
da tba Maaoa Circuit Court agalut Boaa Rioa, 
V ;tba ptiiatiff Hm ia Bearboa aooaljr. 


Coon Tucker, whose reaideoee ii given aa 
tbia city, and Miaa Lena Graan of Abardaan 
vera granted niarria^'d lie4iaa at QaoiiatawB, 
Obio, tha pa^ week. 

Hr. D. P. Wilaoa, wbo waa op from Dover 
yaatarday, haa quit tba road aa a "eaady kid" 
and next Tueeday bti will open bia naw grocary 
atora in tba Pox Building io that towa. 

Ia aaolhac aohau will ba foaad tba adv. of 
Halaaa * Oailaaatala. wbo, la aoaaaotioa with 
thair livery atable, (formerly Uouo Danlton & 
Bro.) have embarked in the undertaking busioeaa. 
Tbeir new funeral car, wbiob bu arrived, ie 
•aa of tba bandaomaat avar maaafaetorad and 
«oat f2>00a Tha Ira to aawpoaad af Thaaaai 
Malone and John Galleoatala, tha iattar baiag 
«B axpart ambalmer. ^ 


Ripley Baa: "Oa Monday morning Hon. 
Dwigbt Harri«oo, at Mayavilla, Ky., triad to 
get Ripley by 'pboaa from tba aiebaaga tbara 
aal waa told that ha weald ba aeeommodatad 
in taa aiiattaa. Ha waited fmm half iaet 
eevea aatll alae o'clock, without the proper 
connection having been made, for eome roaaon, 
and tbaa wu oompallad to atart for hara witb* 
oat gattiag a maaa«a thraagh bafora ba left 
in bia car eothtodaaghter, Miaa VirRlnia, 
at hia home in Columbus. Ohio, in three 

mil ioii gircHii goi irt. 

The Grand Jury yaaUrdar totaraad tha fol- 
lowing iodiotmenta — 
Joba Hiatt, ahootlag at aaothar. 
Liuia Moora, two iadkUaaata for aaltoioua 


Faaay Waahlagtaa. two ladtolaMala, aame 
offaaaa. ' 
Jany Aadaraoa, dataiaing a wobmb. 

Vaob Aoderaon, 8%me offense. 
Sbormaa Commodiire, aame offaaae. 
Joaapb Matoalfa. twa ladtotBMOta far Bailing 

A talepboaa maaaaga froa Maaobaatar tUa 
Tnoming atatad that tba bloodhonada vara 
wanted to trail robbera who broke into J. W. 
Bali'a atora lut night and atola aevaral aoita 
af alotbiag. 

liqaor ( 

W. B. Parvfek, twa lBdlotaMata,aaaM offaaae. 

George Pieoer, aame offenaa. 
William Urimer, forgary. 
Grovar Morgaa, forgary. 
Pid Coaitar. gaaibUag. 
Tha fallowiag diroreaa wara grantad— 
Jamee Fultnn vs. Mary Pulton. 
Gartrada W. iimout va. Loaia U. limoot. 
Tha aoM af Imm Wall, for urdar. waa 
bafara tha Coart all day and raaolM la Wall 
raeaMag a OBataaoa af thiaa yaaaa ia the 

If You Will Glance in Our East Window 

you will Bee clotheti that if yon care to want aometbiiiK different from tha ordinary run of ready-made clothing, that will intareat jron. Yoo oaver 
have or ever will see any lilce them in the State. Beat of all they coat yoa no more than the "other kind." 

We ngain uave aecured the beat |20 CraveDette Goat in the world, that we are going to aell at |15, no more, nor leaa. 

Our childran'a and young man'a dapartmtnt ahowa the beat and newaat and Io anch ?ariaty of atylaa and labrlca that yoa oui*l hdip Mng 

Oar aboe department it what tha pao(le have baan wanting tor yaara; yoa are now baying from aa the beat Man'a and Boy'a Shoea made in 

the country, you didn't until wp ( penad a Bhoe department. 

Maysviiie's Leading Clothing 

anti Slinc Hoi'x' 

. Jai' 

.^^Tba new Perfume Jerena Roaa Bad Vio- 
et at Tha Sallia 8. Wood Dragtora. 50e oa. 

Mri. Wataon Aadrawa alipped and fall at | 
bar home at Fiamiagabiirg aavaral daya ago, 

fracturing loma of tba amall bonoa ia bar| 


*0*rhr l*iil>ll<' ■..■.li(<-i 
> ° Phonr >'». Io. 

■oral mmtt 

Miaa Gertrude Baagh ia very ill at her home 
Mt. Gilaad. 

Tba groaa aaraiaga of tba L and N. for tba I .^^Help make perfect by your praaaaea the 
foortb vaak of Aogaat wara $1,277,506. aa opaaiag aoeial avaat of the aaaaoa at tba 
iaeraaae of $125,968.61 orar tha aana weak Paatlaa Thaatar Batarday, Septaabar lltb, 
laat year. ' far baaaflt of WItooa Boapital. 

;9W*Smoke Uaxonian, 10 cent cigar for 6e. 

John D. Spreckela, Lyman D. Gage and U. 8. 
Grant, Jr., of California head a company 
eapitaliiad at |1/XIO,000 toproiaoU a World'a 
Fair la 1916 to eatobrata tha opaaiag of tha 
Paaaaa Caaal. 

Suits With a Difference 

Women are saying aioe things about our Suits — the styles, the good lines, the tailor- 
ing, that they are distinctive suits, the kind you'll not find everywnere. Materials are 
cheviot, serge, broadcloth, homespun, and a wide-wale weave known as "ondule." An 
immense assortment of designs, weaves and colors at the lowest possible prices. 

Waisting Special 

To complete the new suit we are offering an attractive value in striped waistings, 
light colors, cballie weight, for ()9c yard that are genuine $1 qualities. 

Umbrella Bargains 

Autumn rains are threatening. You'll soon need an umbrella. Count yourself in 
luck if getting one of these bargains. Black all silk taffeta, taped edge, case to match. 
Attractive handles combine wood, pearl and gold plate. $4 values for $2^, 


Tbara are aavaral oaaaa of dipbtbaria is tba 
Eviag Tie inlty. 

^^Coaa bear Hayavilla'e cultivated muaical 
artiata, wbo have atadiad at boraa aad abroad. 
The Paatima Tbaatar Satarday, Baptaabar 
11th, for baaaflt of Witooa HoapiUl. 

.^^Cartmell extracta lM«th without pain- 
Captain W. H. McKinley, old-time riverman, 
a conaio of the late I'reaident McKinley, died 
tbia vaak at bia boma at Lndlow. Ua waa 62 
yaara of age aad ovnad a float of beata plyiag 
betwaan Cineinnati and Pittabnrgb. 

Miaa Wllla B. Kincart of Carliala aad J. E 
Frealaad of Wilaiagtoa. 0., vUl marry today 

at the home of the bride. 

^^Martia'a boxbail allay and ataam paannt 
roaatar will be at the dtopoaal of Wilaon Boa- 
pital baatftt Batarday afternoon. 


Smile With the Rnt 
of the 

Stamp Collectors. 
Globe Stmmp Cm* 




Is always highly prized. There's a tang to its flavor that does 
not come after the palate is satiated. It's much the same with 
attire— the earlier you get iato the new suit the better it seems. 
There's a tonic in it. 



Will set a standard this season. The women who get their suits 
early will have much the same sense oiypleasure as the satisfied 
epicure. New arrivals each day. 


Buy oarly while we have your size. Enough styles for the most 

fastidious tastes. Shoes purchased from us is an insurance polioy for 
the feet. A fit guaranteed by our competent shoe fitters. 





Cate$t items 

MtbtMte BMikM*' CMfMiiM tfu ma m •! 
OMk*. . ^ : 

n« WottlMt: Olwty Tkinday m4 Friday; 


W§ trM production for Auk<u( «u 2^2,- 

■qvipaMl eomptalM report iTiproTaBMl 
!■ orttNk 

N«« York CMtnl ll tlMiBy iMfMiiag 
fKMa rcraan*. 

Saviua BMk dapoaiu ia New York art |86.- 
000,000 more than a jrear tgo. 

At Franklin, the City Coaacil, at a called 
, paaa*d aa ordtMM* Istag tk« mIoob 
al 16,000 • year. 

OMTga Goald, on kit ratvra from Bnropa, 
MfakvtlMia coDditioaa lookaxeallant aad prc- 
I eoatiaaal iaprorenent from now on. 

Annual Report. 

■ KinaBolftl tuiemcnt i>r tli« onn<litloD of M>»<'ii 
Coimtj, KentuokT, tor tim vi>ar rndiUK April Mb. 

OMk In bkada Trcuurer April 7th. im.t 8 7»4 O 
Ta(»l Ict; oelleoted by SherltT on 
■eatcd TbiM of county, K.783.2TT, knd 
fTMMhlie, •l.SlS.m. Tlx: 

Sahool ruud. Il&«43 17 

m* Pike Fand K.TW 6S 

lUtMryFand 4.6W M 

Qaaetal OUlm Fund 1B.«8S 7S 

Jlaak Tu raad m M 

M.ISt 43 

IiTM Shtrlff'a Coramiliion S.IM t<3 

' «.»6 «0 

Wbl»lty t»x colleoted by L. Wood, 

Clerk 1,007 66 

Bait > r rock to M»yiUok Truitret A 00 

Amount lubeorUied by private pertont 

to tttooe Uak pUN. ISOO 0« 

AaouBt (ubearlMd by private pertoni 

t« Siaok plhw 1.7J8 78 

Bafand to Qeneral Ulalm Kuml by Th<i|. 

A. Keith 18 10 

P*l(l Ovnrral Claim Pund by F. U. 

Endow, (Ciaa Lin* Company) IS 00 

Traattarred from General Claim Fund 

■■tpitt* to Free Ptka WmA om ooaaty 

anMorlpUoa to puaa la proeeu ot 

WMtrqqtloa ItOO 00 

Tiaaglamd tioiB General Claim Fuud 

MMnBaaii ruad HOOD 


a. JM>«" Wnoa * Son, Maysvlll*. Ky. 
BwlMr* That Hem-Kotd Will OmM 
Any Cmt ot 1*1 loa 

•y Mthority af Dr. J. S. LMabardt. J. Jas* 
Waad «^ Son, MayaTilla, ly., gaaraatat tkal 
Baa-Md, aa latenal uklal raiM<y, vHt Ml* 
a«y VM of pUta. no aaMar kow bM. 

Dr. LmkM4l ia tka aatek w ttd apMtalM 
Wka iiiiawariJ Uat tka oaaaa af pUaa ia ia* 
iMMt m4 hi fMM Ui iMMir «o U* paMia 
tM: "iM'lvid win b* MM ladar t 
cvaraataa tkat it wOl em ny •■m.'' 

H for 24 dayi teMtaMil Dr. LMtkaHk Co., 
SMioa' B, BdM*, N. pray. Write far 


aohftol Fund 
om Road Fuud 
laflrmary Fand.. 
OeMral Claim Knnd.. 

PaU Out. 

«. t\h.m > 7 

- 1.M3 OJ 

4,473 «0 

_ 11667 W 

eeneral Claim Fand. traatter 

W Free Plket aa abOTe S,»00 00 

Geaetal Claim Faad. trantter 

to Dirt Road as ab-wr M} 00 

Pike Kiinil lni'-n'',t i- ,n- 

fom» 2 400 00 

Plk« FuDd, repaira a0,tua N 

Pika Fund, Taylor .Mm 

eatenelan o nitrnotlon t,(ilO 00 

Viee Pike Fund. Stone Llea 

«nlt«tmn>)M> 4,611 60 

Piee Pike Foad, lilaok pike 

Diiaiiiriattia m 

FN* Pika Vaad. dteeoant,. K18 kl 

•r7.«8i * 

Three large lobaooo baraa aad cropa wara 
d«*troyad by tn kk OMMIm aamr m Ika !•■ 
lalt of llgbta Nt' ■ 

The Uepsrttnent of CoMMfaa 4aolaroa tbat 
a great cava of proeperfty ii awaapiag orer 
tka UaM Malaa. 

At laaal fortraiglt boan bara alapaad aad 

nobody elea has wired from tba Arabia airaia 
that thi>y have fonnd the Pole. 

Near HopbiatTUIa.Morivatkar A-Maaoa toat 
by flra bit tobaato bara aa4 10,000 poaada of 
tobaeoo «bila tiM any WM kalis aaiad. L««, 


Tba 8Uta Raeiag CMiaiMioa granted the 
now Loaiarilla Jockey Clab dataa ftoa Septem- 
ber 2'>tb to October 9ih. NeithtT LMoiia MT 
LailngtoD aaked for datat, 

Mr. Barriaan'f eoodiUoa it aUU fM? 
cal. Aa obttinate report from Wall atratt 
that Uarrimaa wae operated on jreaterday for 
a caaearoBt growth waa denied by bii Sapor 


Mayavllle People Have Foan4l Xbat 
. VUa ia Vra*. 



t im band! Tieaaurer April 

• 6,6U 40 

I ladaMadaeoa (for tree turopUiet) m,- 


No 11 «tlnir di'ht 

Chairman Vloana' Comnittve Matoii Fiacal 
Cwrt. I 
ae»te«berTth. toot. 

A cold, a ttraia, a nddaa wraaek. 
A little eania may bort the kidoeyt. 
Spalla of baekaoba often follow. 
Or toaa irrtgalarity ot tha ariaa. 
A eertaia raaady for sacb attscki. 
A Bodiciaa tbat aaewerg' every call, 
le Doan'i l^idaey Pill*, u trae tptciAo. 
Uoataadt of p«opi« rely npoa it. 
Hare ie one eaae: 

Kr..-^; M .^'..ley. BaatSoootd ttraat, Vaaaa- 

b'jrK, Ky , 'i'.va: 

"I u^e H.^an'ri iCIdoey Pills occaaioaally and 
on t»\ thit tbey never fail to give me prompt 
reli-'f. I sutTxred from tri-qaeot tpelli of 
lumba^' I »nl ll sijL'h tim"* my kirtooyii bt-i anie 
•laggi«h An oi l Kcntlemao tinallv rxi-um- 
meriied Doan'ii Kulaey Pillt t» me and h» 
»pi)Ke DO biKOiy oi thtim that 1 procureil a box 
and began their a.'f. They weru natiiifactary 
in every ri»»pect ^n l gave me the be«t of r«<- 
•utu I alwaya keep Uoaa'a Kidney PilU oo 
bead ia eaaa of any raearraaaa of ay traablt.' 

Par aala by all dealer*. Price 60 i:«riu 
l^oater-lIilbBrB Co., Bulfalo, New York, m >l« 
ai^ent* for the United Stataa, 

Renemberthe naiae— Doaa'a — aad take bo 

MH. laaaali Saga Mt 81 yeiterday, 
Orvilla WiiRbt fltv fM 62 Biaataa at BarUa 

A» Oraad MnnH raoet at Hartford, %ke 
■tl vta aU baata. lnttfa« :07i. 

Taataiday'a gamer: New York 7. Broooklyn 
6; Brat guw. New York S, Brooklyn 6; wo- 
oad gaaa. PitUbargk >.Cblcago 4; Pkil«- 
delpUa. e, Btat aa 8; Btata« 1. PkOadalMto 6. 

iMiiASAiHiua, Ini)., September 8tb. — Only 
three horaee started in the $5,000 stake for 
2:20 trotters today bat the nndefeated liar({io 
bad tba rtoe of ber life to beat Peaiaa Maid in 
ttralgbt ktata. ^ 

Lienteaaat Gaaaral H. C. Corbio, D.8.A., re- 
tired, died in Rooeevelt Hospital, New York, 
ytatarday. after aa oparatioa for a roaal dis- 
order, agad W yaaia. Bavta kora ia Chr- 
mont coan'.y, 0 , within a few miles of Poiat 
I'leasant, the birthplace of Geaeral Great. Be 
vat a Boted Federal Oeaeral aad will be ia- 
tarred ia Arliagtoa Comatary, Waikiagtea. 

Commander R. K. Poary sends preliminary 
report from Battle Harbor, Labrador, via 
wireless Cape Ray, N. P. He concisely states 
tkat ka diaaevared the Nortk Pole aad gives 
oBtliae of varleet itcpt aeeoaplltklag the 
great fe^t. Perry declsrrs that Cook Ik » 
faker and tbat the doctor wasn't near the 
Pala. Peary'a olaim is acoepted aboot bit 
lladiBgtke Pale. Coek'a kaa yallaba cob- 
flraed. _ 

Lake Teal, I^.S, foraier Mantkal of Aogosta, 
was killed at 6:30 o'clock Wednesday morning 
ander a fraigkt oar oa tka C. aad 0. Railroad 
at tka kaad af Wabak atraat. Daiytaa. Be 
had been employed ta the railroad during the 
past nine montkt tt a brakemao. The train 
waa moving at a alow rate of speed and Teal 
was standiag aa top of tka flrat fraigkt ear. 
Suddnnly tkere was a load report aad Teal was 
seen to topple frum the car He fell directl> 
beneath the wheels. Hose attached to tiie air- 
brake had baiat, aad tkia caoaed the traia to 
stop saddealy, precipiutiog Teal from tka car. 
Tbe train stopped after the wheela of tba flnt 
ear passed over bis body. A widow survives 
bis, aod he was well kaowB aad very popolar. 


The Regents of Eastern Kentucky Normal 
School wiU Beat at lUobfl)OBd|S«ptaBker lOth 

taaalaala r ta tka lata PiMidaatB. 


by loealapplloatloaa,as they eaaaotreaah iBedls. 
aaied portion of tbe ear. There la oaly one way to 
outedealBeaaaadthatlB by eoasUtatloaal reate- 
diea. Deafness ieoaaaed by aa laaaatad eaadl- 
tion of the aaeona Uaiagof the Baataehtaa tabe. 
\N lien this tnbe la lalaaMd yoa have • rambUai 
.:».«<l,«UariMMB istha result, aad aalaeetbela- 
tiuiumatlon eaa'be takea eat and tbla labeie- 
•tured to iu aonaal eoadltloa, bearllig will bt 
deiiroyed forever; alaeeatetentof leaateeansed 
byOatarrab, wbtebts aotblagbat aa lalaaiBed 
eoadltloB of tbe BBeoat aiutaeee. 

We will give One HaadiedDoUaratoraayaaee 
of deataeaaioaaaed byeataiih) tbat oaBBot be 
cured by HalPs Oaiarrb Obib. Sead forelfoalan 
tree, F. J.OnKBTAOO..Toledo.O. 

Sold by Drutytsts, TW. 

Take HaU'sFamtly Pills foroonsttpatlOB . 



M 'tt rii iiH'lliodit used. Studio. N". 2I.S West 

S rit siri'fl. Kail itTUi Si piiMiiUT 7lli. 

I' ir furtlit-r Information call on ur addresn 


M lin 3111 West Seeond Street, MaysvUla, Ky. 



1 7 Haet Reeoad It., KA-nTtLVM, KT 

Sanitary Dry Cleaning Co. 

Price-List for Cleaniot aod Pressing: 


Siilti tl 26 up 

I •iigOcats I nuui. 

hklris. fO up 

Jaaketa IQ ap 

Walais..... M up 

Kiill Ureas SulU II M) 

.><uii» 1 uo 

(Ivercuati ..„ ^^.....^...^ 1 10 

(?oatD 6f> 

Vest, fancy 85 

Vest. ») 

Pant» !l& 

W ..rk -iillort fur »ii<l ili'iiyi-fd 'in tliMrt noiiw , 


817 Commerce 

THs uoon 

•11, and la tke flavaiMa 

ut tha people. 



Lawn Moweis Now! 

Frank Owena Hardware Co. 


Vegetable Compound 

Looiavtlle, Xy.— "Lydla B. Fftik. 
hain't Vagetabto Compoond bM oer. 

~~toimT dona ma a 
world of good and 
9 1 cannot praise it 
enough. I suffered 
diodneas. nervons> 
nesit. ana a wvere 
feiiialf troiible. 
\'egetalile Cum- 
lH)und has restored 
mo to perfect 
lieiilth ana kept me 

f rem the operating 

table. 1 win never be without this 
medicine In the house."— Mrs. Sav'l 
L££, X>'i3 Pourth St., LouisTille, Ky. 

Another Operation Aroided. 
Adrian, Ga. — "I auffeied untold 
miaery from female troubles, and my 

doctor said an operation was my only 
chance, and I dreaded it almoat as 
much as death. Lydia £. Pinkham'a 
Vegetable Compoimd completely cured 
me without an operation.'^— Lena V. 
Henry. R. F. D. t. 

Thirty years of unparalleled suc- 
cess confirms the power of Lydia £. 
rinkham's Vegetable Compound to 
cure female diseases. The great Tol- 
umeof tinsolicited testimony constant- 
Iv pouring in proTes conclusively tbat 
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- 
pound is a remarkable remedy for those 
distressing feminiiM UU from wblob 

Halone & Gallenstein 


Calls Antwered Promptly, Day or Nii:lit. 

111-142 West Second St, NiyivUle, Ky. 

PHONE «0. 
Finely Equipped 

Livery aud Feed Stables. 


Oae of tbe pretUatt of tbe iaformal enter- 
talaaaata of tba veek «u tka bridga party 
givea latt efeaiag by Mra. Dyke HaaeMif for 

ber guest, Ul^k Myra Hake of Uaysville, aad 
Hiss Sallle liaot of GreeovilU, Miss., tbe goset 
of Mrs. Mary Haycraft. Cut flowers were 
Qie^ io decoratiag tbe attraotire boBt in 
Wataoa Ooart. AtUr the gana a dBligbtful 


Milt Cltva Fiehter of Ripley Sur- 
vives Intestinal Wounds After 
Successful Operation 

"The frieadB ol Hlia Oera Pieklar vUl U 

i;lai tl) know that she is recovering from ber 
wound. And it is bopod br all that sbe may 
get entirely well^ says Tb» Kipley Bee. 

It wni be raaaaibered tbat Miss riekter 
wu aeeideatally tket bylka aaltsadyartar, 
Raf OS Tuck, of ber noUMc'a boUl at U^y a 
few days ago. 

"Tbe bnllet first bit Tack's finger and then 
atroek Mitt Clera. wbo wat staadiag aaarby, 
ia tba rigbt lowsr bsck aad peaetrattd tke 
abdomeB. iafliotiDg a very serioas woond. 

"Drs. J. L aad Alexander Wylie were called 
and after an examination located tbe bullet 
ander tbe skia In tbs rigbt lower abdonli^l 
Wall. Ao operatluB wu at oaee agreed opon 
at the only aveoue of hopt>. Arrangements 
ware rapidly and carefully made aad tbe ope- 
ratios ooBuneaced. Tbe Dra. WyBa operated, 
sasittad by Dr. Otorga P. 1^ aadf, D. 
Wylie. Tbe aaattbetio wta faaltleaaly admia- 
istered by Dr Georga F. Tyler, Jr. Tbe in- 
cieioa waa Bade aad tbe iBteatiaea expoaed. 

"Tke eeean (large iattstlaa) waa toni per- 
forated foar times, tba flrat opoaiag balag 
about an iacb long aad re^airiag twslve tUtebtt 
to vioae it Tba remaining three opeaiaga 
were oloaad aad (ke eavity alaaasad aad 
ntaiai. Tka tpar al lta latM abaat 00 nia- 
otea and reqaired 60 ttitobee. 

"Mita Cleva atood tbe operation nioely." 

Oir eolona mua. 

There will be a loDcta and mniical enter- 
taiameBt at tbe bone of Urs. iabn Hays, 331 
Eaa( rotrtb atreet, Friday eveaing, Sep^Bber 
lOtb. Beery eae ii eordiaUy laritBd. 

Vss. gA ua Mawbu lu. f^ elii s t 

Tkaflavlag Circle will raader a song seiviee 
prograai at tbe Bethel Baptist Cbarob Bnaday 
eveaiag, Stptta^ 12(k. Bopiaf » fall at- 

Mas. Sau.ii Maurall, Pratil^ 


Dress Ooods! 

. ■ tu ' i i , " ' . 

Recently bought by oar buyer while in New York City waa the 
greatest bargain ever known, our buyer having purchated the en- 
tire 50c line of one of the largest concerns there. These 60c Drees 
Goods are guaranteed by ua to be the lii^rgest bargain ever offered. 
There's a large assortment ol patterns, shades, etc, YoD can only 
appreciate these values by inspecting them yourself. 

We also bnvc nth< r Diesa Qouds. Our 76c line beats aII 
others, and oor |1 line ia the beat and has tbe greatest values we 
have ever oflsfsd. Yoa shoold inspsist thtm all before baylig 

Presents given away «>ith a 15 pnrehass. 

We must make room for our immaose tall and wlntsr line, 
and all aummer goods must go, regardlees ol cost. 

Our new Fall and Wimwr Bolts bavo arrived abd tboyars 

New York Store. 

S. STRAUS, Proprietor. 


For my oustomm aad helps me to get 
NEWONB& My &U line of Woolens 
has arrived and awaits your early in- 
spection. I have the exclusive sale of 
one of the largest New York woolen 
houses to handle their line, embracing | 
all the latest in Foreign and Domestic 
Woolens. As an inducement I wiU 
press and repair all clothes bought of 
me this monUi free for six months. My 
line of Trousers and Fancy Vesting has 
no equal and at prices 10 to 20 /> lower 
than any other house in the city. All 
work done in my shop and under my 
care, which guarantees tbe best 8o» 
lioltbig a trial order, 




Oat of tha wholesome offerlDKS of tka 
ttitOB srill be "The Climax," announced for 
tonight at The Washington. Tbe thomH in tbat 
of a jronnK woman gifted with a bpautiful Hini;- 
in^ voic-^ and b«r Htriig|;l<^^H ^^t its final de- 
velopment. Sba baa ambitioDK, ambitions for 
an operatic career anil Bhu ix fiii ouraged and 
abetted in herelfurta by ber miuical associates. 
Her doctor lover opposes ber ambitions, and 
thereby bangs the tale. An excellent cast will 
be in evidence bore. 

Opals are the only jewels tbat caoaot be 
tnccesefolly imitated. 

It will be somethiag et a Job to take tbt 
ooatat of tbe C ts^ as Clerks. 

A record of 412 miles io foardaya kis 
made by an Alaakaa dog team. 

Tbe BO-bIt, Bo^a game piched by Dagger 
for tbe Bonrboaltet at Sbelbyvilla last week 

was 88 Dear a perfect game as ever played. 
Only two men reached first base, and they wer» 
passed by DoRger. — Paris News. 

MiM Cartmeirs School I 

HliS Gartini>ll will open her icbool for Girls 
aed Boys at the Convent, Kait Third street, Tues 
day. Septtmber7lb, IMN, and will Uach from Arst 
Rrade to Hl|h School. For particulan see or 
write MI88 OARTMBLL. 

jySeodlBi At W West VtOBt Mieat. 


KnlarKenirnt made from photoa. 
rrnynne 91.00; PaetelB 93.50. Inolod* 
inKlVatiini. A beantlf^l line of lOXSO 
ft-amed pictnrea ac 91. BmbroMan 
naaterlaU of all kinda. f n sp lng a 



Thursday, Sept> 9 





Musical theme by Joseph Carl Hreil. 
live forever. It was the talk of New York, 
be the talk of this city. 


It will 
it will 





"llltr* infd *r,nr »»ln^!-l<l < B«rrri«f« (nd And 
IMH parted. Cniildii't 'I.I wltli' Mi thrin. 1 taiv* 
lUMlLtMB for aoui* tliii" r^r liidlKt-tllnn knd bll' 

mratn Md am now 

m _ _ 

Kna MMm lo •ftryciir. ' (iu<-« Irird. yba will 
W b« wfMwn Iktiu In til* fuDlly. „ _ 

Best For 
> 1 ^^^^ The Bowels ^ 

Mtaa JaUtBjru kai 

•t VerftillN. 

ft fiiH 


^ORK WHILE 'f^!! 

PlMaanl. PalatkUt. |«MB|.4nMt* Oood. Do flood, 
Mtvar Slokon, Waskan nrAtlpa. Ite. tit. Me. NaTar 

Sold In bulk. Tha t'nniha talilat rtniupad 0 0 0> 
luAraiiiaad to euro or your money l.urk. 

Starling Remedy Co., Cl.icaso or N.Y. 6ot 


MiM Julia bodton i« Tiiitiag nUUtm at 

Ir. Pruk Mflbr to taktof ia tk« Pteto Fair 

Ur*. jDokfon Parna!! and babo of CuHtla 
•re Tiiitiog r«iatiTr8 near Heleos. 

MiM Lau Pritaoh laft for Mayiliek Wedoaa- 
day •ftanwoa to wtmA a fa« dap. 

MiM rioraiea Vimoot of Millatabarg i* tlia 
laaMtC kariiatar, Mn. W. K. 

Mr. Cbarloi E Corrta laft Waiiaaadai on • 

trip tbroOKh th» BlotgraM. 

AUorueyLoWrlKbtBrowDiDg wuao Athlaod 
vlMtor tta Int of tho wmIc. 

Maaara. Craaakaw Blaak, JaMa Adair aid 
Jodga 0. W. Dya an Mtaadtaf tka Patk Pair. 

Mifsei Lens tod B«««ie Rornback were 
Kuefts of Mra. Jobo Shsfer tt Riploy tb« put 

Mr. tad Mra. J. Barkav ROMaH win laava 
today for a tkraa waaka' trip ia tka IhM aad 


Mi»8 llary Cullioi of CiociDoali «>• tba 
Kuegt of Uri. 0. BokaOtor af Harkat. alraat 

for » few dayi. 

Maltby Raatoa, alio kaa baaa apaadiag a 
waak vitk lai aM fw kara, kaa rataraad ta bit 

bona at 

MiM Lala B. MeNaaara of Millarabarg will 
arrifa taday aa a vtolt to tka faadfy af Mr. 
Frad Sokitlla of Waat Soooad itraat. 

The Beaotifil PASTIME 

The MnnBgement offers 'The 
Child Labnr titory," dramHtic. Last 
chance to mb^ "Winning a Widow'* 
and "Mra. Joaes' Birthday," real 
live comediea. 

Alwaya a good abow at •tht Fm- 
tinsa. Open at «:80 aharp. 


Mr. and Urs. C Rchmlller of Markatatraat 
laft for CiDoiaoati yeatarday. Tbay «iU rO' 
Mra via Park aad attaad tt a Fair. 

Mrs. Bylar Klaeaid kM rataraad to kar boa* 

•I Sabina, Ohio, aftar a Tisit to Mr. Ueorge 
BaatoD and fanily of Weit Fourtb street. 

Mias Maa I^aok bM rataraad to Gaorga- 
towa, attar a krial fiaM kara witk ka^paraata, 
Mr. aad Hia. M. J. Lyaakal laBl PIftk atiaat. 

Mr. JaaM Coyle of CoviDgtoD, wbo is lare 
orgaaiaiag a Lodge of 0«la, ia tba gtaat of 
Mr. aai Mra. Ckarha Kaka of Waat Saaoad 

Mrs. Tina Bledsoe Dobyos, wbo bas been the 
gocst of Mr. and Mra. J. C. Picliatt of Tacka- 
baa, aad otbor ralatiraa, laft Saaday fbr bar 
beaa at Uailao, M o. 

Gaorga Moteb. it., laft yMtarday for a trip 
to Oktaboaa City, wbaro ba to iatarMtad ia 

some city aod coooty property, with ssTeral 
otbar NiebolM ooooty citizeos. — CarltotoAdvo- 

No Alcohol! 

Atk your Jochr If a family mtJldnt, ll^e 

Ayer '« Saricptrllla, It not eailly htlttr wUh- 

J.O. ArarOo., 
L.own. M— a. 

oat alcohol than leilh II. 

Ia alcohol a tonic ? No I 
Doea it make the blood pure ? No I 
Doea it strengthen the nerveaT No I 
IiAyer'sSariapariliaatonicT Yea I 
Doea it make the blood pure T Yes I 
DoeaitatrengtbenthaaerreaT Yea I 
is it entirely free from alcohol t Yes! 

Mrs. H. a Baradoa of AaUaad arrirad toat 
aigkt aad to attaadlH tka kaMdaal bar koa- 
baad at WItooa fioapita). 

Little Utos Ethel Lyaob bM rataraad boae, 
after spaadiag tka s a aa w «Mk kar aaaala. 
Mra. M. J. Cadaa ad ^ aaifi t ata. 

Messrs. Ernie Ort and Thomas Breen of the 
Ulty Postoffioe force bate reknmsd booa aod 
report bavtog bad a dalightfal tr|p. 

Mr. Tkoaaa Oodsoa of Addyatae, 0., to ris- 

itiog hig parents In the roatny. Ha to a 
brother of Ur. Brooks Dodson of ibis city. 

Mr. Tkomu B. Cnrrsa of Nsw York City 
arrlftd iMt alght, rla CfDelaaatl. for a rtoit of 
Iwu days with hi* mother, Mrs. Haaiak C. 
Curran of EMt Fourth street. 

Mtas QIadya Oanall fklbalt aad Mr.Qrwrw 
BaldwiawiUvadaal'PMis TMidap, Oalabsr 


Paaaaa bM k^d ite aartbqsaka aad tba 
aaaal wifbsaraliataat. Wbaiara tkapaartakta 

At a temperatore of 117 degreee below zero 
FabrMbsit tba North Poto to elaarly aatittod 
ta tba oaM ataraga raeord. 



Ur. Robert SinlDger, aged 38, and Miss 
Annie Uile, agsd 24, both of Ohio, wars aar 
rtod ia this city yesterday. 

TiTiaat *• Oct Rid or 
WMkMt ■•rploida. 

DM you aver aaa any one trjriac to 
wash thenaalvaa without aoap or 


If you did what would yon aay at 


ft Is every bit as fooHah to try to cet 
rid of bandruir l^d to prevent Bald- 
naaa by foedlav tho farma which cauaa 
It with OanthraHdoa. Vaaellne, Olycof 
Ine and similar subatancM which (ocaa 
the prlnrlpal InKrodleatS Of BSOSt aO> 
called Hair Orowers. 

Newbro's Herplelde 1b surresfful ba- 
eause It attacks and kills the parasitic 
farm whieh feeds on the hair rots. 

It to the orifftnal and only genuine 
aralp rermlctde manufactured. 

Sold by leadinr drunrlsts. Bend lOe. In 
BUmps for aompla to The BorplcMo Co., 
Detroit MtOh. 

•1 Bottles QnaranUed. 
3. JAMn WOOD * BON, Special Agenti. 

Mtoe Itbel B. MaMUba of Dom toft Maadsy 

for Poreell, OtcUh'^ma, to again take charge of 
tbd ichuu'i iiieie, after haviiiK speat bar safflOMr 
vacation with (ka faally at kar tatkar, Mr. J. 
J. MeMiUaa. 

Are the 
Children Ready for School? 

We have School Bhoes that will utiiml hh awful lot of hard wenr, such as good, 
healthy cbildreo give their shoe:*. 1) m't nuke the mistake of buying "real 
cheap things"— school shoes in particular— bacause the/ are ctaaap. As a 
role, tbe less yoa pay, tba more il eosta in the loDg mo. 

We Sell Dependable Footwear at Figures Ttiat 
Ougiit to Interest Careful Buyers. 



That patis both the Kentucky and NatioDal Pure 
Food Laws are the kind we eell. We 
appreciate your trade. 

J. JAMES WOOD & SON, Druggists 

Lovers Specials! 


Par • IitaHaaM Mbm I hm Ootai^ lo <M»» 



PINTS at 40c Per Dozen 

QUARTS it 45e PsrDttSil 

A AtF 6AU0II8 11 aOsFir OtniL 

,.—.-.*?*S?* *'"*"J">"« '»« "Old at theae prU e<i. oo 

Urannlated Suffari* KoInK ap tiyjonpo. \%m attU aalliiia M tbe olA 

price, but how innic thia will last I will not andertako to aswT^ 

PEItFECTION KI.OLK I. .howlnR ap flne this ywT'ito iMMav AoaS^ 

- ki 55^*"^™* VINKOAIt. made In New York and icaarant«ed to b«> 
nlPPaoftMl onia otreiiKth, tbe kind yoa w«at fbr piokllns and fbr Ukl>l» 
^mwHmM otgagaad jiet tbe beaeSt of tbe low girtoaa aSa at aSe «Maa 



The Leading Grocer 
Wholesale 4 RetaO. 


-ABOVB Axx. THtiroa- 



Kod OoOm* Bhinfflee Do Mot Raat or Comtde. 

A 1 -Pound Box of Headiey's 






Co Put tiK 

?iiiisl)ii|0 Coiicbcs 

on the greateet seaaob's baeineee in the 

history of onr booae, we are catting all onr 
two*piece suits and light weights one half, 

or 5<)o on the dolkr. 


Remember, we are the people who sell the 
good ones— the Hart, Sehaffner d^ipiarx, 
the Ederheimer, Htine & Co. makes. 
Come qaick if yoa want first choice. They 
won't last. 


The Good Clothes Man 

N. E. Comer Becond 
aod Market Btreete. 


Rseslves the Bisesrast Vlattetjr Ovsr Cheap aad Worth, 
less Inltatlons. 


I The enrollment of teachers io ihe recent 
I laititnte at Georgetowa, Ohio, reached 210. 

We Are Now in Position to Make SUITS TO ORDER 


PiiGes, $22.50 to $30 


Ralph G. Flak vaa aialiaad as Paator of 

the M. E. Chnrch at Abardaea at the snr.aal 
Conference just adjoarned at GrseniiHliI, uhiu 

— I 



When you stop to think t)f the many jileu^iint v;ntheriiiKH you 
canfliave in a home ol your own, can't you sec the time you are wn^t- 
inKiin a boiirdiuK-house, where nothing it< ur iHii be jui«t rb you wiint 
ityJUlalf the joy of living is in H»i<o<'iatinj{ with your Iriends — going 
to their homes and having tbeni come to youra. What ran you do ;u 
tbia way if you occupy a atufly room in a boarding-houiief Hoir can 
yoa eDtertaio yoot Irleoda aa they eotertaio youf Beaidea, it ia ao 
••ly to 


that yoa bare abaolotely no Valid ezcaae tor not baviog one. You 
can't oooalateoUy peatpoee yopr wedding from month to month and ^ 
uae at your ezooae that yoo oan't afford to give yoor aweatheart a 

home. That'a all oontenae. You can give her a home tomorrow, ' 
and il won't embarass you a bit financially. You cnu ^;ive her a i 
home ou the aalury you are earning today. If you really want the , 
girl, and want the home, there is nothing that HtamlH in your way. 
We can tell you ul a number of homes that we have created lor young ' 
people, and th«y are aa happy aa they can be. Come in aod let us i 
tell you all about it and show you the ooay little hornet we can make 
from $76 upwards. 



That Spice 

are Hurli an uuim> 
portant item that nil grocera and 
many druggists buy tbem with- 
oat knowing anything about 
their grade and] da vor; but this 
ia a atore that givea strict atten- 
tion to tbe little things, and we 
are aa careful in buying spii-es 
88 we are in buying ilrugs. The 
result is that we can guarantee 
the Havor and parity ut etery 
spice we carry. 

Aa with every other item of 
druga, we sell tbem at tbe loweat 
prices that this quality may be 
had for. 

It ia extravagance to pay more 
becaaae it ia onneceeeary. 

It ia extravaganoa to pay laaa, 
for yon caoaol gel floa apieea 

Boy wanted i 

r wanted to I 
■eae. Ap^y 
•e Dr«||aao»e 

iearn the drnat 

y aa 


The Blkborn AMuciation of Haptistsis in ses- 
sion at Hidway, in its one bnndred andtwenty- 
f <artb aaaivsrsary. It aabraeee thirty Chorohss 
0* tba Bl aagrass. 

Robert and Ada Uakair, ehlldrea of William 
Mahair of Carliale, became deathly n'lck fniiii 
ptomaine poisoning, supposed to hare been 
olosad frea satiag pieklaa aad eaaaad goods. 



h ti fir tiilt! <if ••Tt'wn 
Talk" Flour. Jt is ime(|iialed 
for liread ami cake roakiDir. Its 
lest fneiids are those who have 
used it loLjiTest. It uever 
chaujjes. Not only ^oud, but 
always good. 


The N '.r, 1 w. Ka:lriis't hu placed ordrr.i 
for tea Isrge pansMMirr locHBotiTaa, kaown a« 
the I'acifio typii. Thay sr» to be daiivarad in 


Kobert Uoghea, wanted io Bourbon eoaaty^ 
oD a charge of bDrglarizing tha L. aod N.. 
I)«pot in Millersbarg, was arraatad ia ladlaa* 
apolls Saturday. 

Robertson County's Congressional 
Candidate— A Brilliant Youns 


Q ill u liioas Ais sflTTtstriim] 


The Ut. Olivet Tribnne-Democrst in a reront 
issue contained the following complineotary 
notiea af Boa. Robert Baekiar of that city, 
wbo sipeea to aaka tho raee for the Repub 

llcan nomination for Congress in the Ninth 


"Mr. Uucliler h*» heretofore benn m«otioDed 
in connectioD with tbu KepabliCHO oomioation 
fur t'lmgrHi)*, ao'l Isitt y.'ar vinx Ktroo^ly 
solicited from a«veral count oa in the Ditilriot 
to permit tbe u.'<e uf biii name as a candidate, 
but wan compelled lo dei line owing to all bm 
time liniot; taiit>n up lo bin extenaire legal 
Work. Mr. Dncliler h«ii iriluenliiil friends in 
every coooty in the Ninth iMrtrtct, aqd iihould 
he conclude at any time to 'ahy bis castor' iiiio 
tho political ring, he would undoubtedly win 
tha BoainaUoo. Koberison couotv having 
aaver roceivsd any recognitim io tba diKtri 
baUoB of Kodoral patronage, ia justly entitled 
to soaMtblag better than fuurih class Cos-.- 
mseterships. Astogualificatioos, Ur. liuuliler's 
abilitv ia iBowa aad admitted alike by politieal 
friaad aad foe. 

"Ha U ia all tka term implies, a seif-aada 
man; what ha haaaada klaaelf. He 
atndioBsly applia hiaaaif to bis profaasioa. in 
whieb kabaa aatwitb BMrked saeosas. aad 
has ever 

Tho . 

reeoivod to btooaa a eaadfdata for Coagraas 
bars baaa wholly vohiatary ob tha aart af hia 
frisada aroogkoat tba aatira Distriat; aad tt 
w prabaMy a aa d lse s ta aU that ha aaa aasiV 
sooito tka BOBlnatioa. And shoold tha aoai- 
aation ba ratilkod by aloctioB, hia eloqooat voiee 
will ba havd ia tka balla of Nalloaal Ugia- 

Thp new (Jeiier^I 
Eleotric Tung- 
sten Lamp givea 
neiirly thrre timea 
the light given by 
ordinary incandeatsent 

General Electric 

|TUng3t ^ 

trie Tungsten 
N^s\^ lamps make 
electric light 
aTailable for many I 
people who never before 
thought they could af- 1 
lord it. 

ever baaa aorteat aad atrietly koaorahls ia 
hto baaiaaaa raiatlaBa aitb his feliavaaa. 
aaayraqiaata aad ta y artaa i tlaa ha kaa 

See the Iteautii'ul sunlight quality of the (\. K. Tung- 
sten li^ht auU think of the pleasure and convenience of 
having it at ^bor service by the tarn or push of a switch. 
It is lu.vurj combined with econoniy. For all interior 
lu^htiug of buildings, otiices and residences the G. K. 
TunffHteo lamp has bo superior. It gives clean, clear, 
bright, steady light without heating tho air or consum- 
ing the oxygen. Is your house wired} Fall and win- 
ter evenings. are fast approaching. 



For boys, ages 7 to 10, 
Are iu and the best we 
«v«r had. 

PmCES $2 TO 15. 

School Suits for boys, 
ages 15 to 20. 

PRICES $5 TO 112.50. 




d — - ■; 



^tar Tin Cans 

Is 30c Per Dozen. 

Mason Jars 

Pints Only 40c Per Dozen. 
Quarti Only 45c Per Dozen. 
One-Half Gallon Size 60c Per Dozen. 

Buy them now. They cannot last long at theee prioee. 

J. C. Cablish 4 Bro. 


Court Street Rhone 479 


Oku F.«ri. raUrotd to th. oit; Stlordiy. , 
PuMM m bacy evttiag ud kowiag 


CkmpuMtioK i« cImwI. Now for the uavsl 
BoMim' RMiioD. 

Ur. ud lira. JosM of Epwortk atlMdod 
CuipaMting Saodty. 

JtfMt Stov.Bi ud wife of MtyiTtllo ■ttoad* 
rii Mow«r Park meetiDK Saod.y. 

ReT8. Davenport ud Morri., Uiu Ann. 
Dmoport ud Ur. Hwif Ml Moidty mnlag 
for tkoir hoom. 

Joba W. Bull, wife .nd ehlldrao of Boy- 
worth, 111., after a two meM Tioit kfC*, loft 
fot Ikoir koM Tuaidsy moraiDR. 

Tkorw WM • Iwgo attondueo it Ouipawt- 
■f Saoday aad many of tbem from a diitueo. 
n« gat. rMoipti amDoaot«d to our $70. 

Kofo, Dafwport u4 Morris praukod ud 

worked karifortbeiaeeesa of theCampmsnting. 
Thor. WiCW Mforal coDreraiou and additioos 

Tka Bani* taM psMM ap tkit ■ftonooD 

for ButiagtoB. . 

I Nollio llarphy, rMoatly with the If aye- 
iQW TolapboM Compuy, has acceptwl s poai- 
lioa witk D. But * Sob. 

Al Frukfort, oao yoar in J aii and a line of i 
tlOOii kkapaaal^ iapofod by conrt-nartial 
Ml LiaiMMatBagk T. Saitth of DmtUI* ot tba 
eharg. of paMiaf olaim TBwkan BCtlwl tha 


Bracken county tobacco growerii Uoaday r.- 
coived $250,000, 253 of the amoant daa (ham 
aotbaafiaof tita 1907 aropof lobMoa. A 
«sttik«tlai af <W of tha aaaa crop mamr 
mm m»k laat MaiA 

W ith the clustntj i>f the fir^'t exhibition by 
tko Capital Fair AMociation at Kraskfort plana 
■an alraady beiBg made for a biggar ud battar 
aaa aattt jraar. Tba Fair tkii yaar wm a big 
taunlal anaeaes, ud aaxt yaar tba grudsUad 
wlU bo doubled and the 8how will be on both 
day ud night, the Fair bfint; in ihn A ly tiinit 
aadamidway running at •..•.^\r. 

Ib ordar to aroid any polities fron eroopiog 
iato the pardoaiBg of eooricts ud reatoriBg 
ez-ooBTicts to citixensbip Goreraor WillsoB 
baa daeldad to coaaider ao paidoaa or rMtora- 
UoM f or citiisMkip 60 daya MMapriaary 
or gaaarsl alaetlaa. 

the Great Operatic Artittt 
Are Doing 

Groat artiata like Uelba, Calre, fc:aiDea and 
othars darote a s moeheara to tba prasarratlbo 
of tbair pkyaical bauty as to the deTslopmsmt 
of their Toiess. Hsir aad complexioa daaud 
the (frfatest care. A smooth, velvety and 
roaaata complexion in conoMtioa with a iaza- 
riut baad of bair will tnufora tba most 
conmoBpIaoa looklag faoiala Iato u attraetiva 
aad faaclnatiag womaa. 

Women in'profegsional life thorouithly uniliT- 
Stud this f Mt How of tea we hoar tba ezpres- 
alai, "What a bautiffel baad of hair." ar "Wkat 
a lovaly complezioo," ete. Taka a wbmb for 
iastance, of fifty years, whoso bair baa boeome 
itreaked with gray. If ahe tbronghly realized 
that Q*Bu Bair Bastorer woald rsatora bar 
bair to ita yoathfti boavty aad abndaaaa, wbat 
wonid «be not pay to become possessed of it, 
and if she knew that applications of the Re- 
storer to the face would remove all pimples, 
blotcbas, au., ud iaipro?a tba complaxiaB a 
hnadrod fold, baaida Bakiag bar appaar Sftan 
year* youuger, would ahu use it? Dr. Nottnays 
tbsc he never in hi. i-ntire practice, failed in 
one single instsnce to reiitore ^ray h air to color, 
dapudiag aololy apoa (j-Bu Bair Roatorar. ud 
that for diasasad ooaditioaa of tha sulp, fall- 

iag hair, dandmff, atO, or to the 
growth of the bair, tba Q Bu Bair TDoic «»h 
always to ba roliad apoa. All droggista buve 
it for sale. Ttj it. If yo« ua sis bottlM aud 
the resnlu are not as claimed, yoor druggist 
will refunj ynu yuur money. 

J. ItM. Wood & Sob rscommoBd ud soli 
ihaoa proparatioes. If yoa are gray bairad or 
your bair commencioK to faiie yon can have 
tba lint bottle of Q-iiao Hair Restorer froa. 
Simply call ud uk for it 

For aala at ali draggiats. 

"Indaetry is fortune's rigkt kaid. 'frogality 

her left."— Old Proverb. • 

PeopU^ Col ttttttt 

No Chxxrgel 

irsnM," "MualUmt 
WatUtt." "lott" and "fhmmd," and not urtMdIno 
Mret NiM* III lm««k, art rMMM Ut aU. 

tf im»vr»r$ fiM to eoma Ih* /traf Mma, w« invUt at 

m'inv rtpftiti'mn nt are neretMrytn tffure ir/int yon 
'litvn-titf for, H> li'MA nitvrrtwrx to frrt Ihntihry 
■ irr not imiiotlnu on ui hi/ n$1ng our /re* columns, , 
.IrfrrrfiMri Ml'dT /urnlih rOM, wAIrA 'aim le 
it/lat tl>4 t^tor itntby .•util. 

THK rrni, /', / t ii'.j-.K. 

Ac. 10 Katl Thtrd Street, 


Ooa otarriag. ia .very twalvo ib this country 

goaa ta 8M»k via tha Difacaa Cant. 

A polar eoatroraray whieh has alraady rap- 
tured the entente cordiale between YalA and 

!hi' rniv-rnity of ('hifaijj) UvU f.tir to have 

No Man is Stronger 
Than His Stomach 


A stronit man ii otronfi all over. Nii miiri cun be 

atronit who is sulTerinji Iruin weak Nt<iiii,i( ri wiih il>> 

oonaequeiit indi^ciitioii, ur fniin S'>ine v)(iicr diseuso 

of the hlumach and its as<ii>ciatt-d ortJaio, which im- 
pairs di|(eHt ion and nii'riliiin. i'orw licn tlic stomach 

■( wreak or diM-.iscd there is u loss of the nutrition 

M)ntained in food, wliu li is llic soiircc nf .ill physical 

atrenfith. \N lien a man " docMi't feel rijjht," 

when he doesn't slerp well, huk an uncomfortable 

iBcling in tt>e stomach titter eating, is ianHuid, ner>-nus, irrit 

Wit he is losing the nutrition needed to make streniilh. 

SaicA a man should aae Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical 
DImcovery. It ciires ttlsaasem ot the stomach and other 
organs ot digestion amd nutrition. It mnrlehem the blood, 
lawlioratea the liver, mtreaithenm tha kidmaym, mourlmkam 
• IMa aenrea, and so OfirJOi UMMLTH MMD mTMmiarm TO 
\oa can't afford to ocoept ■ i*crtt nootnuB aa a aaiwthuta for thia aoB* 

ai«abolic medioiae ov known coMruairioN, not avan tboogh tha aritnt dealer 

mar thereby wmIm a little bigger profit. Ingrediaata printed am wrapp' r 

Hv* /iTif 9, 10 centi (arh inn^rUon, *n SO r^tU, a weefi 

lirANIi:i>-KARM WORK -Of «n> kind, l.y 
TV Dohcr. nnlustri'ms UIHI1. .\d(lr««« .lAl.'Olt 
C.\m:.;(21i Kiiht l li.rd MfiM t. M».vsvilli'. K y. 9 6i 

\\'^.\NTKU-\VOMAN-Mlddle.aBe*l, for tten 
vv rral hooMWOtk: whit, prelsrted. Api>l\ 
Mr. KCBKRT TBULBft'S, IU Kaat Se<->i>d 
sirivi. si'i'lw 

ANTKD— Two jrouBg lady elwki m the New 

York store. 1« 


WAXTED-IIol sI.KKHM;1!- l-nr .ii .-Id^rlv 
ooii|tlu <»ot)d. p'Tm»n<'nl h.^fii.- in ifie 
country for rig'ji pHr v .\pi>u i . or itddrei. 
Mr«. T. H. SENTKN K.\ for |.:iri i. iilnr« ."H Iw 

WA!<TEU-TEACHER-M»le pref«rr<Kl, for 
LliDMi'xie Sehoul, Educational Ulvlilon 
No S, 6ub-Dl.lrlot No. 7. Term, •dght laoDtht, 
at ISO per nonth. Sehool to open September lllb. 
Apply at oDoc to ■. H. BOUBR. tMereury, R.ral 
Route No. S. MaytvlUe^Ky. se7_»t 

WANTEU-WOBK-Of aay klad.' Apply at 
840 East Fourth strW. sei Iw 


^tt Jiitrr/u«ri muti f'lr^xttfi lh4 copi 

LOiT-BKALTY IMN-Solid gold, »et »iih 
fourtran pearls, on stieetsoreUy. Keturn 
lo ELLENA if. WAUH, It Bsst Front slr»et. 

; lieH lw_ 

L(J8T—IMN— Small sreen eoamRl pin in tbU 
oily, Willi name "Dixie" ensravtrd tliereon 
Please leave at Park<'r's .tahla and reeelve re 
ward. Mr. HENRY NORRIS. aeT Iw 

farmers • 

See ua before snlling yo«r 
wheat, especially grade No. 
9. We pay the highest mar- 
ket price. 

Remember^ We Do Custom 

MAGNOOa ™m^lls 

R. A. CARR, Prop., 



The Farm of Wood Heirs 

^ Sear Waitiineinn. Mu^ .ti cmmiv. Ky., 
ciiiiiiimiii;! Ill iiori'.-. '.iih In- »"ld 

Saturday, September 11, 1909, 

At S p ro . on llic premlies. Thia farm lies uii the 
MayiTllle and lAislnBton TurnvUce one mile 
.south of Waahlnjion, Is a good tobsaao farm and 
111 a good state of oultivatlon. 

tiOOI) K.\RM nousB. 


TOBAUCO UARN that wUI bokl 10 seres 



Thi» land will I.e positively sold to llje lil^t,.'!!! 

Tvrius— Uni' lliird <'.sli: lialaiic id one and two 
years. wiihSjt inter<-iit on ili^frrred payments. 

Also, a four-year-old mare by Simon Kenton 
nnd three-year-old oolt by Lakeland Joy. set id 

^isiiOMiMemMits tor ettv oMcm, $l{ county ofi 
C 44,$t; *tatt»0i<u,$io. Va$ k imr^ 



We are authorised to aniiounr," W. M. DAl'GH 
F.RTV a candidate for re-eleotlon to the oltlce of 
City Assessor at the MovsmberMeotlea. ISOtf. 

We am authorized to aanoanee MARTIK G. 
IIIRRItRY a. anandldate forClty Assessor at the 
Novi-inl)er election. 190W. 

We are authorized to announoe C. J. UAL'CKE 
a oudMaia Uf oIwUob to tha oOe. of Oity Aa- 
seeser at the Moirember eleetlea, IMB. 

I OSr-roCKGT BOOK— Monday, on Second 
Ii s'reei. wiili iihout N In same Leave at 
ihlaolBce for MORRIS JUNES, 3IH East Secoad 
sinet, and SMelve reward. aeT iw 

LOST— GOLD HATPIN-Wlth initial. ■•!, R..- 
Sunday, fwiui-po Wa.binirloii »iid Qermat, 
town, fiiid-r r-i«rn to LINNIK RIODON 
MayavUle, Ky.. Bouie 4. se7 Iw 


Fni Ml -hOOXTAIM PBM-Oo Ooan stSMt 
M l»^ Ownw ean aall St Ladaw ofltoe: 

X lIOSV.tUD !lf*l* 

O1.\D--I'0(;kET HOOK— Call ai llo.-llich « 
lore and provH |iro|ierty. 1*8 Iw 


The sale bill, inventory and spprsisemenl of 
the estate of Jamaa B. Ball, daeaasad, aad 
widow's allowance, wai prodaead ia thoCauty 

Court yfcsterday and ordered Iliad. 

Advertised Letters 

Below is a list of lettara raataiaiif OMallad 

fur at the MayHville (Ky.) PostolBoe for the 
week endinK ^eptuaber 8, 11^09: 

Alkuian, Miry OlSerd, Olarenoe 

i Hollclno, William Huokaboo, James 

, iIuhIi. Misa Ella Herriiiifton. Jaek 

llr<-cKt'iirid|ri-. Mrs. MaryHarrls. .Mmk Mary (I) 
('liaiul>er«. .1. W. (■!) Il'il!. Mli^t Helen 
t'larlv. Ml.. Maria Lilllard. Mi.s Kathcrinn 

(VnlPr.V I.lrch Hdw. i;o L.-Ala. Miss Clara 
Canada. Juliii 1' 1.iih rpu>'>.>. .Mrs Alice 

Unra. Mr.«. l.,</tti>' Lauhon. Mrs All>;« 

Edwards. Mr.«. U'iiiU'iw I'rattii'r. Ttios. 
Ewan. T. L. Pollock, Howard 

Enooh, L. H. Perter, Ben 

Ooodwan, O. W. Btchardson, A. W. 

Grigsby, Mrs. Arthur Bloe, Elmer 

Oaa east doe ob each of abova. 

r.-r:^on,- . H;;:n.' f..,- ti,.--,. lettarswill plaaae 

-l\ tli it t.';i-y urt? lli)Vi-rtla«d. 

(M.vRKNtT, MATHF.Wii. Fostmsster. 

ciTT i lehr. 
We are authorised to announce WILLIAM J. 
KEBWIM aaaeaedldate for tfe. offlo* of City 
Clerk at the Keeember eleetloB, IMW. 

We are authnrlied to announoe BABOLD H. 
COLLINS as a candidate for the oflloe of City 
Cleric at the Ndveiuber elcotiuu, 1909, 

We are authorized to anaetiBeaY BOBER i' 
Tot-|> Hi t eandldstc for the cfflea of City Cler^ 
at till! November el'otlon. 1909. 

Wi' ar.' »uitnrl/..'d to »nnoiiiir,4! H. 1) POI,. 
LITT HS a iHiididali' for City Clerk at the No- 
vemlier election, 1909. 

We are authorized to Hnuounoe BBCC8 SMAPI' 
as a oaadldate tor City tJlerk at the Mofwnber 

cHisr or i-oLics. 

We are authorized to announce JOHN 
SIKJRT as a "andliUtp for Ctip'f of I'.nlop if ttin 
(;ilyof Mnysvilh- at ili- .\i.veiiil„T •■U-'-ti'iii. IW.HI. 

We are authorized to announoe HARRY A 
CRT as a candidate for re-elwttra te th. ofloe of 
Chief of Police of the City of MaTSVllle at the No 
vember eleutlou. 1909. 

We are authirl^ed lo Mniiounei- JOHN IIRAD- 
FORD asaoaadldate for Chief of Poltoe ot the 
OUy ol Haysrll). at th. msatag Movoatbsr elec 



We are authorized to announoe TKO.MAS M. 
RUSSELL as a oaadldate for Mayor of n,» city 
Of MayavUI. at di. Nov.mbw.lsatlan, i»09. 

We are aotbotlzed to announoe J. WESLEY 
LEE as a candidate for Mayor of the City of 
Maysvllla at tha November election. 1909. 

We art authorized to announce G. W. CROW- 
ELL as a eandldnte for tiayor of tha City of 
MaratUl. at the ensuing November eleetlOB, 1999. 

POLICE jcnoB. 

We are authorized to announce JOHN L. 
WHITAKER as • candidate for re-electlun to tha 
oftloeof Pellee Judge of the City of Maysvllla at 
the Movamber election. 1909. 

We are authorized to announce JOHN T. 
SMITH as a oandtdate (or tha oflloe «t Poltaa 
Judge of the City of Maysvllla at tha Mofombw 
eleollon, 1909. 


We are authurlzeil to announce .lAMES W. 
KIT/QERALt)a.acandidate for r<- election to the 
otflop of Colli'cic.r and Tfasornr ol tin- City of 
Maysvilli- III tl,.. Nc.v.'mliiT .•lri'tii;u, 19(M. 

«!■ 'IT" iiiiili(in/"d Hanouiics HARRY L. 
WAI.>)i » ' iniiidati' for the olBoa of Oolloctor 
and I r. .1, iri ri.f thnCltynf Maysvltle St th. Nr.. 
vrmLier eluotlun. IWUS. 


I'll! Itril WAHU. 

We are authorized to announoe W. T. OtJM- 
MINS a. aeandldale for Connoll from the Fourth 
Ward at the November election, 1909. 

Wp are authori/ted to aniiounns PATUOK 

GANTLKY as u eandldaii- f'>r (.'nuncllman from 
ttie Fourth Ward at the Novi-inlier uleuiiou, 1909. 

W>- are aiithori/>-d tu unnouoe U. V. HREEZE 
as a candidate tor CounoU from tho Fourth Ward 
at the November election. 1909. 

Clearance SALE 

Although wc have sold most ut the aummer goods, we atill Had • }ot 
of goods that must be sold to hmke room for |M».fB04iy,|lBiilt boofht in N«w 
Yor^j ao you can get n lot ot harf^ains ill ' 


That can be used every day in the year. 

The 10c Table is .« wonder; odd and short Itngtbs of all kind at 
greatly reduced price. 

Now is the time to bay yoar Bedding, Bbeets, ShaaliDgs, Pillow Olitat, 
Home*inade Ootntorta, dko. 

Hole Agent tor the Anertcan Lady and 0. .B. OoMtts. Tba naw Long 
Coraeta at II and $2 are fine. 

New dark Dreaa Oinghams, very pretty, only 10c a yard, asaal 18X« 
kind. ^ - 

New gooti.s arriving itlniost tUily, 


Sole Agent | 

!Siir<iRle Skirta,. 
ony HtiK-'kliifra, 
nicrlc-nn Ijady C<>r««te. 
Standard I'atterna. 

The Big 4. 


III the latest tints, colors and patterns 
wt' will lie pleaaeil to show you and 
give I'stinintes thitt will enable you to 
lirighten up your home for the fall. 
Wc also Carry n lull line of Paints, 
Oils, Braahea, Olaas and Varnishes. 
Piotnras, Pictnr« Frames and Monld- 
Ing oor sppriiiltv. 





rapital $100,000 

Surplus and Profits $30,000 

OMtgnatad Dq^osttory tor tba U. & Treasury, Stat, of 
Kmtaoky and Hawm Ooanty. 


Conservative. Courteous. Safe. 





M. F. WILUAMt ft 60. 



A. D. S. 

AilottrTaloumis made of tha same 
carefullv selected ingredlenu. The 
only dllferenee between Prloeess and 
Venus Talcums Is the perfume and 
style of packages. The PUREST and 
flaest liolted talcum Is used and only 
pure and beallnf medicinal agenta are 
added. Coataina ao grit aor aay rag- 
eiahla matter. Smooth. Soothtag, 
HasUag, Sweet and Pragraat. 

10c and 25c. 


Druggist, Maytvllle, Ky. 



■alt* 4. rtT%t NaU«Bal Bank ■■lldlnc 

Looal and Long I Office No. I>AS. 
Olstanoe I'hones I Uesldence No. It7. 


Chesapeake & Ohio V^. 

ts change 

9aa WaohlDgtoB and Mow TMk. 

n:Sa p. ■i.,>io:«Bp.m. 

iSMBd, Old PolBt and MmMM, 
ntSSp, aaMaiOiaa p. aa. 

taaX far Hutlactoa. 

>i4a».«., tftiia p. m, 

Wma OlaalnaaH, I«dlMu»polls, 81. f a»ia 
OhlasiM. to«isirUla, mmShwmaT^ 
Kamphls M« Waot 
* a. as.,**:!) p,wt. 

_ tgaaaiUw Wmatmamu. 

Lfati. JrrtM 
}K:is a m....„„.tl:ll pm 

*8:aOam aMSam 

tltlSpni tm-Ifiam 

*l:aspm 'liltpm 

•Dally Sandav 

**uyf9 OFseeitT 
memiim imr 

The story of how Marshall Field 
amassed his great teitua. aay b. told la 
a few words. He had saisothlag to ssll 

and adverttaed It. 







We have marked every pair of Summer Shoes and Oxfords at prices that 
MUST SELL THEM AT ONCE. Not a pair of these shoes must be in our 
stores at closing time Saturday night. Every pair must find new owners. 


DAN COHEN. w. H. mea^