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Full text of "Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1912-03-11"

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ii»at— iixcii-r KiKnjkt, rovnTH ov jult, T«AXRi^tvixo 
Am mmmnut. 

A. P. CURRAN, - 

l.OlHll Ml.l1 I.nni! 

Editor ind Publisher. 

No. 4a I 

' n i iiiPTioss^BT UAtl., 

Oar *>n«' 

Tlirtw »....„««...- 

DtiirsKaD ar cAMatMM, 

r»r' Hoatli " — 

/WyaM« lo CoUtefr at tnd «f . Jtewtt. 


It;, nvn»omwnonB amk oabu i» A»r4»im. . 



Do you tliiiik the colonel injined hii country 
hy making Takt bia successor. 

It would \te conveDient if thd reeftlt ooald 
■i^ «l«o be extended lo deeifioofl in lettwi.— 

ri)h'1)u]gli (Jazotfo Times. 

Join tlie Optimist's 

BoiiK of the people who are climbing into 
the RnoMvelt band wagon are doing it becaoae 
/there ie no other place for them to go.— 
Pbiladeiphin P roati. 

Tiir. feud l.i't«t> Mi Koo-ka ki.t nml I'ai't iiRS 
now ivacht'ii tlic s\n^n^ ilmt tlioy are throwini; 
bricke at each other. Aiul tho poor old 
elephant is sorely troubled to know who it hia 
keeper.— Biitfalo Courier. 

"Till- pri;vi,l(>at e(»nM wrock the whole game 
of third-tciin intri^'uc in n sinj^le spefieh,' dfl* 
rlnros Th.> New \\>vk \V(.rld "if ho would 
stand up :\nd tell the frank, brutal tinth 
about thu lloosRVRi.T ' conspiracy against hia 
admiulstrfttiou ." 

Nkw cvidenron of crookedness in bnsinesf, 

niid i>{ politi. al oorniption arise in this country 
I'lom tiiu(! to time ' in siioh iiumtuM?* nnd witli 
. •' sueh t'leiiueiiey «s to 

tost optimism to its 
very core, aI the 8an\c 
time prompting tlie 
peMimistfl to lepeat 
their oft- uttered de- 
claratiou that the country is going to the 

But bad as the situation somtiines tedms to 

be there lia<» been a real betterment since the 

time, five or >ix years n^n, when America 
;val<ed to the <l)in(^t'i-' confronting her and 
lTiicklo",r on her moral armor to l»attle with 

If there is a good ju'lge of present con- 
ditions it ia William J. Burns, whose detec- 
tive work within reeent years has given him 
a Dation>widc, even a world*wide fame. In 
Cincinnati a few days ago Mr. Bo«ns made 
the po<)itivo statement that the United States 
''is a thousand per cent better than it was 
f^vo years n«?o, mainly because the people are 
(Irivirig out" the dealerii in corruption of all 

In connection with this reassuiing statement 
from a ni iii in position to speak with anthoi- 
ity Thjj^ Blftdo in reminded of the existence of 
an Optinn^^fHoague in the East and of soiue 
of tbaTensonsits publicity promoten give t»by 
country*wide optimism should prevail in apite 
of opposing evidence. 

This league reminds nt that "some 10,000 
bank casiiier.<« have worked faithfully and 
honestly f(jr periods ranging from a decade to 
a (iiiartfi' ceniiiiy ; that '.'0,000,000 married 
coiijtIi!s did not si'ck divorces last year; that 
.sO,(M)0,t)iM> [icoplc ill thi^ fountry havt; not yet 
comnntted suicide; that about every week 10,. 
000,0(10 ];eopi«; ride on railway tiaina and 
escajje injury." 

TbiH is a very partial list of facts to take 
courage over. It could be strikingly enhirgfd. 
Every day there is new cause for joining aoBia 
optimist's league. 

One of the very latest reaeonr wat furnish* 
ed/Fucsday hy OUio't constitutional eonven*' 
ion, when it adopted a proposal which assures 
ilUpther lo ig vtep forward in the[eurtailnieat of 
lulossal saIuqu eviU. — Portsuop>' 

- — » 

All aioiraita Mdm tmi^ 909% tbat as 
food grow* dearer empl6ylaeDt |growi eearoer. 

Perhaps T. K. would have the Ten Com* 
mandments revised by a vote of the people. — 
Detroit Free Preit. 

WiAt Canada gained or.loet tbrongh the 
rejeotion of reciproeity with tba United StatM, 
is to bethe-rabjeet of ao itvaitigatioii by a 

sjiecial committee of tb^ Canadian Henate. 

Tub population of Australia, which is now 
4,4.'>r),000, showi a gain of only (38,000 in ten 
years. Restriction of immigration and inces- 
sant labor troubles are responsible for this 
small inerease. 

RNMvallt Tragie 

TiiK Ohio Constitutional ('onvention is 
wrcstlinc; with lis proposed aniendnients, 
which include all the radical measures bearing 
the lalnd ol "leform" whiciv have heen put 
forth during the last ten years, There may 
be some of merit, but probably the most of 
them might wall l>e conaigoed to the waste 
basket. ^ 

li' Senator Dixon of Montana had ao ounce 
of the saving sense of humor he would per- 
ceive that his bomliast about a "nationwide 

movement ' and an 
"overwbol m i n g de- 
mand" for IloosRVRr.T 
is only calculated to 
make people laugh by 
emphasizing tb•eno^ 
mous di8j)arity between Mr. Roosbvrlts an- 
ticipations and the pitiful result, 

The rolonel'a ill starred "hat throwing" 
performance has very palpaMy fallen ll tt. The 
anti-cIiruHx of his carefully preparetl hound in- 
to the arena is almost pathetic. He risked hiu 
entire remaining ])reRtige on tho haiiard of a 
die, and has lost already. 

If the almost uni\'ersal expressions of regret 
and disapproval (some of them from his genu- 
ine friends, like Senator Lodob) be any 
criterion, there is not the slightest chance for 
him in the convention. • 

Such friends see that lie has lost the fjrand 
opportunity to rctiicv c at a stroke ids moral 
prestige with the country l»y repudiating as an 
insult the assumption of the anti-Taft in- 
triguei-s that be would break his pledge, and 
play fal|^ with the friend upon whom be had 
heaped tbe warmest enoomiums ever bestowed 
by coe Ameriean public man upon aBOtber« 

Before this tragie blunder of bis In yielding 
to the temptei' bo conid have "come back" by 
a biilliant stroke of his own principle of tbe 
"square deal*' that would have electrified tbe 
country and made eveu tbe skeptical doff their 
bats to bim. Hut now — 
"Not all the king's horses. 
Nor all the king's men, 
Could set Huinpty Dumpty up agaio."— 
Milwaukee Sentinel. 

fooUih JthUoBophff. 

Vou can butt in at a funeral when you ean't 
butt in any where else. 

There i« Waterloo for somebody every time 
a wateb ticks. 

When a Jury brings in a verdict of not guilty, 
people generally say : ''I'll bet be was.*' 

Kvery thing is based on selflahness, talk as 
much as you please al>out higher princijdes. 

It muHt rcipiiie a good deal of nerve for a 
man to decide tbat be is the moat suitable man 
for President of the UuUod States, and tbat he 
can get tbe office. 

Offering VALUES 

In good, relitble WATCHES that cannot be equall«d saywbsre. Call 
and let ui show bow good and cheap tliey art. DIAMONDS, whits brilliant 
and beantifal cutting; excellent values nol eqnallsd aajrwhtre. 0LO0K8. 
8«th TliOBass, Msw Haven and Oitbrrt elesks. We are oflering a regnlar f 
eloek for IS. las oar |1 alarm clocks. Brtog your eye tronblea to me. We 
«sa faraisli fou tho best QLA88BI msds for oas halt othsrs eharga. 





Cry for Help 

Qordon Ascott bad come up to Duck 
bay from the city for the Bbootlng. 
The shootlDK conalsted of whatever 
could be ahot. Sometlmea it was a 
wild looae or duck— aomctlniM a rab* 
bit who was reckleaa Moofh to #>• 
pes* blmaalt In tha opaa. 

Mr. Aaoott was twoBty-flva yoara old 
aud aomathtag ot a phlkMopher. Ha 
didn't expect nueta in tbia world, and 
he expe<!tt>.| nolhliif? whatever of Ouclc 
bay. He had been toUi about It, and 
all lie counted oti was wading around 
through tho luarBbeit and getting Bouie 
acenery that rould not be found In 
town. He had nerar bttn In leva, and 
ba aipactad notblag of tho kind fMBi 
this trip. Thar* mvat ba womoa 
aroaad Daek bay, but of oooraa tbar 
would be widowB and wives. It thera 
happened to be girls Ihey would be 
cross eyed aud freckled faced and OB* 
gaged to farmers' hired men. 

The matter of romance didn't trou- 
ble Mr. Ascott In the least. If he got 
a duck he would have it roasted In tbe 
iun: If ba didn't be would aat tba 
landtord'a vaal euttata. Ha had boon 
In this atata ot mind tor thraa daya. 
and hadn't even seen a duck, when he 
thought to go further afield. The Inn- 
keeper lei'oinnietided a spot two nilleii 
away where wild fowl sometimes dU- 
liorted themselves, aud the liunier set 
out for It. 

Pack bay waa a uila and a halt 
from tho raUrood, and tho haatar waa 
tbartfpra aurprleod to atumbio iqK>a an 
iron track }n tho contrary dlroetton. 
Yea, there woro tho road-bed and tho 
ties and rails, and he spent a long fiva 
minutes wondering wliere the Una 
^ went to. and why he liad nol heard 
' trains In that direction. The puzzle 
j ha<l not yet been solved when he took 
to (he tracka and, after a walk of 2uo 
I feet eswa to a awltch and a track 
' leading Into tho tniahea. 
I Mr. Aspott waa no railroad man. Ho 
I had never carad a copper about road- 
beds and lies and rails, lie had al- 
ways traveled In a Pullman, tipped the 
porter and let It go at that. Now, all 
Of a sudden, this rsllroad bothered 
hiai aad hold his attoaUoa. Waa it 


"I gave a turkey to arary widow ia Ibo prstiad, but 
the otboi eaodidale haat aaa oot." 
did ho work ltf'» 

Biirriad man. Its futtiw 

"Was It YoM. Callini for HolpT" 

the New York and Ooek Bay railroad ? 
was It the Duck Bay and Chicago rail- 
road? Was It the Boston and Bunker 

Kill and Duck Day Hue" 

'I'heye (|uerlf» were harrowing his 
brain when be moved backwarda and 
stepped into tbe frog of the awltch 
with hIa right foot. Uia weight foreed 
tho foot down, and waa caught In a 
Tlco. He bad on long-legged rubber 
boota, and of oourae tbe way to get 
hlmaelf free was to pull his foot out 
of the boot. It seemed easy, imi at 
the end of ten minutes the victim real- 
ized that It couldn't be done. He pulled 
and twisted and strained and swore, 
but he was fast — fast in a frog, and a 
train might be duf any minute! The 
eoglnoar Slight soo him In tliia^ to 
atop tho train, but would ha atop It 
If ho did aee him? Wouldn't he come 
right along and run over the captive 
for the moral effaet \t WOOld have ou 
other trsmps? 

Most nieu prefer to drink standing, 
but when It comes to thinking they 
wuuld rather sit down. Mr. Ascott 
bad to stand. Moropver, be had |o ba 
very oaraful about bU polae, If be top^ 
^lad eyor it would naan a br^on leg, 
and ovaa than tho (oot would not ba 
freo. FDr three long hours be stood 
up like a telegraph pole. Every min- 
ute be expected to bear tbe rumble of 
ail ttpproachlng train. Time after 
tinie, hn tiKurcd out bow the engine 
would hit hini, and Just how hU man- 
gled remains would look as they were 
scattorad along the track. He felt 
that ho waa a mllo or moro from any 
hlghwoy, aad tharoloro It Iraa hours 
botpro ho bogan to ohout. Ho bad 
yelled a score of tbBM whoa a young 
lady deaoaadad tOjfho track from a 
path not far dUtar^and after survey- 
ing him for a moment appioached to 

"Was it you .jilllng for help?' 
"It was," watMbe rfpiy aa Mr. As- 
cott started ;t(Jflft bla cap aad then 
fearad for h/ |alanc«. 

you calir' 

by the foot, as yoa 

"Talhod with htm about New York. 
BoatOB and Chicago, though sbe 
never aaw thece plnrex 

"Said yes, tiir. and no, pir, to him. 

"Scrambleil his eggs lor breakfaKt. 

"Abked him lo have a third (up of 

"Deen dreased up every day since. 
B«on Ulklng about Shakeipaaro and 


"Ta^a mootly to hlai whan wo sit 
on tho veranda. 

"Hain't tho sano girl aho waa. 

"Won't let her mother cook any 
more blled dinners. Says they are 

plebeian anil vulsar. 

"1 am H desperate mini." ^ 

" You must liiive been HUfferitiR all 
this time.' said the atiulent when th© 
hired man was finished. 

"Suffer; 1 11 show you bow I have 
Ruffered. Mnien to this. And he look 
the lantern down off Its nail and 
lighted the atnh of a candle and aol* 
emnly road: 

"Anolla atruck on the college chap, 
sad ho on her. Didn't get to sloop 
till an hour after nildnlghi. 

"College cha|) eats with a fork. I 
sneered at lilm. and .Vniella gavo ni9 
a nasty look 

"College chap combs his hair three 
times a day. Tried to Joke with 
.Amelia about It, but she wouldn't 

"Collega chap aaya Ibanka' when 
his Plata or cup la haadod him. I 
(old Amelia he might bo a horse thief 
for all that, hut ahe aald I'd better 

mend mv own manners. 

"The two were talking about a 
poem or .sumcl li Inn nanied ■Kvani;>.l- 
liie.' on tlie veranda evening. I 
broke in to talk about hogsi, and later 
on Amelia said it would be awfully 
hard to be tied to a man like me. 

"Laid awake and toaaed aU over 
tba bod till I board the rooatero 
crow. That oollego chap had beat be., 
ware. My loving heart la not tbe 
only one that haa been drlvoa to deo> 

".Amelia still fri//ing and snylng 
'sir.' College chup can play tbe organ 
aud sing. I said he'd better be split- 
ting rails Instead, and Amelia 
wouldn't speak to me for the rest of 
the evening. Falae girl, beware! 

"College ebap la too big for me to 
lick, but I know where I can borrow 
u shotgun. It can go off by acci- 
dent. I tried to press .Amt-ila's liaiul 
lust night, but ahe wo\|ldii't be 
i)res8ed. Never alept a wink all 

"Amelia bat told me that T snnrn 
In my aleep. and that tbe college 
chap doa't. aha aaya that anorlng 
Is vulgar. More deaperatlon! 

"TbIa book will be found on my 
person. Let It be my excuse for 
what I atn about to do Amellit, let 

thy I oiirJ. It ii' (> be tliy l uiilslinienl ! " 

ANllli the fiulliig of the record Jlui 
blew odt Die cundle. hung up the 
lantern and sut do\su on a bag ot 
feed and was silent. 

"Jim, did you mean tu shoot me?" 
asked .Mr, Davis. 

"Yes, meant to blow you all to 

"Juat wait hero till I cone back 
from the houae." 

He went to his chamber, packed 
his things, wrote a short note to the 
farmer as to where to send the wages 
due tiim and get back to tbe barn 
wiihotit beintc seen. Jim boda't 
moved off the bag. 

'Going away?" ho asked as tho 

other entered. 

"Did you bid Amelia good-byr 


"Didn't give bar haad oas loag. 
last squeese?" 

"I didn't even see Lor." 
"And you won't come back or 

write'' " 

"Then— then— " said Jim as bo 
rose and advanced — "then — " 

And he kissed tbe college chap oa 
the cheek and tho other felt, aa be 
headed away la the dorkaoao. that 
the hired aisa's oyoo woro wot with 


Carpets, Rugs and Mattings! 

It will make you money. The fsct that many customers, 
n liar looking elsewhere aud even coiDpanriK mir t^'oodH snd price 
with leading mni^ order hotisex ami then come bflc k and botiRht of 
gives lis positive picnf tliftt we give I.eller v»liie tlinii ntiiors. 
Our sales in tliii departtnent an far this season hnvn been twice as 
inucli as IsRt year. I be Krestest line of LTh- and .'l.'>c Carpet ever 
cliown in this city, ( »iir Koom-.^i/e K»ns are the [iroduct of Ihe 
besl niilN in thin country. None left from last scnson. Bee them. 
Yon cnn mahe from In f. l.uvioK a l?n.'. ( inr Miittint-R am ("irst 
Koods, no rejected i|ualily. i'rjic, IJ'.c tu : .m . 


As usual, wp sell cliniper than others— the tams qaalily for 
less money. Hee tho >c Cotton to sell at .'iy . 

New York Store 

.PHONB 571. 

Criterion ! 


TwvsitMti Ontiiry 


All kisdt <'( Ki'Dtucky Urluk. 
iervMl IB 111* UtstI OMde. 
Auarr rnn 

Audubon Minsral Water 



ThAixs r. 

n:HD s. m., S:I3 s. m . 
3 !.'< p. m .OaUy. 

m., t'M a. ii> . 
wvrk-days Isnal. 
S:M p.m.,dsUy,lo<'itl 

Lean. Arriu 

Xft 4i\ • 111 tC 1^ pn 

ai»iii ;.';:«» a 

tl:lli pm tu^'^'o >» 

♦3 111 11 m 'i Ifi p a 

•Dallr tUinoptSundti 
II. I.l.l.l.s, .\tf.MlC. 

Chesapeake & Ohio 

.S.-lii'iliili' f ITiwllvi' 
7. mi. Siil j -'i n. iisne'' 
wlili'iut notice. 

\1.VV>\ ILI-K. KV. 

I A'.;,. '.'.(/. / — 

I :•.■> ^. 111 . Ill ::it \< 111 , 
! 1 1 :V! p. in. ilmlv. 

v.Kl II. m . (Lilly. Im'iiI. 

!• ."lil ;l. 10.. "1 '>i )• 111.. 

ivii'l; (Ihv. I"i'«i 

V>. WlhOKK, .\|ieiit. 

Second Floor Masonic Temple, 
Corner Third and Market Stt. 

Dr. P. C. SMOOT . ^ 

'mown SI. 

Rnildsaee ISI B. TklsS sMastt 'gliaM 

H w Ha l dttentUm to JMniwaa'-^ 


Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 

OfltosBoers-etells. ■.; ttoSp.a. 
Sundaya By Appotntmita Only. 


Porous Plaster 

Will |{iv8 relief wheo properly applied. For 
rh>-iiniati«ni, neurslgls. nristics, plenriijr ssd 
hII achefi, psian, spraiDK, stiffnesn, Isaisscss, 
baclischs, apiDitl rumpUintK. klilge; di»euM 
sod ber*fl sod musculsr dUorders skoeld be 
piteed imme'iiatfir over tbe afaMed fart aad 
smoothed with the bssd. 

For all Inoff aad ebsst troables, iselodiag 
broaebillsS asthoia, paenBoala or Isflsmmstloa 
of tba laags sad eoasoaptloa spply tbs pisstsr 
oTsr tbe loags aad also oae bstesea the 
Is dyipepsio, Isdigsstleo aad 

Krsst relief wni be aterdad hyapplylag 
piaster oTsr tis pit of the ateaiaeb. 

Prupsreil fur snil »nl<l hy 

OrugySmip MaymvlUe, Ky, 

Dtt surled 
»ared for 1/1 

"And wh' f 
"I aai o 


R. H. Schauffler, Musical Critle, 0* 
elarea the Art Should lo 

The whistler Is eeiierully regarded 
as u nuisance, and is Huppreaaed If 
lioBslblo. but R 11 Hchiiuffler. th« 
dlstlugulsbed musical critic, tbinka 
tho art ought to be enconmged. Mr. 
Gebaufflor confeaagp In bla recent 
book tbat he hinaelf whlatlea Brahma 
themoo whenever be la alone. The 
OHoo Window man has never heurd 
Mr. Schuiirnfr whlwil.', hut hln own 
personal opinion Is ihul Umhius is 
not adapted to whUtlliiK. bciiiH lur 
too high browed 'i'he art of whUt- really became lost when kiii h 
tunes ub ".Mune)' .Musk" aud th« 
"Iriiih Washerwuinau ' pusaed out of 
common knowledge. In tboae old 
daya tbe acpompllshod wblatler bad 
a trick of wobhUag his toague nbuut 
la hIa noath la aaeh a way aa to 
produce a peculiar effect of trills 
and harmonies that really bttonKf<l 
to high art. As muttent ure now, 
the attempts of an uttlce usslhtunt 
to render his favorite themes froni 
WaRuer, Dvorak. Tschuikowsky, 
Bchurwenka uiul other eniiueiil Teu- 
tonic or Slavonic composerH some- 
times threaten scenes of carnftce aud 
bloodshed tbat would put Geneva to 
tbe blnah If the atmag hand of Justtoo 
did aot IntorroBO. 

Larry Langefels 

Modern Plumbing, Steam 
and Hot Water Heating ! 

Ili^h i|niiii(v of Oils **'(irk a Specialty. 
llandleOnly the iicstiit ni.iterial. Dealer 
io Itraas Valves and Filtiogs, Qaa HtOTtS 
and Kaofss, AU Slaea o( Bower Ftp*. 

Mayivllle, Ky, 



NutuMi Gas 

sfsfsfs/ In Our 

And it burns steady and without danger. 
When you want any kind of Coal 
In My quMtUy atllfor 

Kanawha and Pomeroy Coals 


Chestnut Coke tor Furnaces 

G. W. McDaniel ^ Co. 





uses ibst I sni aew prepsitd to farnlsh tsrmsM aadgsidwlH^ab aa aa 

Irish Potatoes, ' >^ 

I iini |j|r.i>i-(l luttniioiii 
It ly Ha* 4*la<Hli»i "t 

Sweet Potatoes, 
Onion Sets aud 
Melon and 
Garden Seeds, 

s<'itcud wl'h giokt cira sail of be«t vsrUtlos|i luUsbU to our loil ssd nlimsu. loss sspaljr 
ihtss(ooiti tn ss> quasdiy whelMsIe ssO NtoU tad si prioss m low ss suy olbsr d«sl«rt !■ lb* 

I ksv* siM Is stnsk amy Urs* •uppiv of (vtnt Issey Wliltc Ts>il« PoiiUwi. Dos'tdflsy 
idsetsK toarotdsratibsMsoMt win aur^iv M lii«li»r. 

1 sm Mill ■■•Itlat Psnrv N«\t Oop NBW ORLKANS M(>I..\SSKS itii<l CltKKNI l' COL'MTV 
M)RUII I'M »l ili» MTV low priiv of Mil i« r i. vl.LON. 

'riio X.HIIMI r.r (ANN Kit (ilJOI).s \% ihav ..u.'iiUik' 
I r III (uppiM-ri uUli >• full s»d ooaplm* % Wait ol iteM 
ihlsy la my lino my (look Is lbs iMtaasi, m | 
I Msnt ihc ai.MRlry psepls s* %-*n SS 

u|' tii'l ti.e >l«a>itii<l wi.ltKiiillly Inert*!.-, 
ot iteM suodi kn *v«r|DiT*rra<t to our oily, la iraiy 
mOssm MS bsM aadMf sets** Um leesst. 
ilM Miy pisf l i te esbs to oiy siofs sad be ose- 

I l.iiy iiniiDtry liaiii«, liitooo, V.tnt. I'juitry ssgslean woat Um bati. 
"' It II all 

An gxplanatlen. 
"Your nephew la a oollege graduate), 
Isn't he?" 

"Yea," confessed hoaeet Farmer 
Horabank: "but In Juattoe to the oot- 
leie I'U own that be bad no aeaoa hO* 
forehaad,"— Woaaa'a Uoae CoMga^ 

Wbcii yod waiitUOitO KLUfKuntcr I'artMt'no 

< oini' Auil -II'*' iiiif «>\ rr> li Mly. .VM w\-U 

kiwsy* iha hstl. 



Rn lAl/PI The Leadlmt Groc^ 
a Ue LU T LLa WholesaleaiidKctail 


^Ttatt'jrtr Jiiennr.roA/ir-a*7, 



Sun* pMpI* »p»ad their Hm |r«iUiag M 
lb* wttthtr Hd ill lark. 

J^OutMliutoMU tMU wlkkoat pats* 

f A l«t or iMutf iit't •«« ihta iMp[. li'f 

/ put on o»f r It. 

• ^ 

/ Audubon Company Shipping Water 

AaMra Miami Water Compaay hu 
irtBirad" cmm of Andaboa 
ill pirtfl nf the Vnitod Staten dariof 
tba Vwk «r*«k- The water U gaining fame 
viMN atar II |oaa, wi4 It •»! a«t ke loM la- 
liM lt will be knniiD throuchoDt th« world ai 
lha Bott healthfal drink that can be obtained. 
The Seeratarjr, Mr. ChariM C.Cnrraa. baa baaa 
laH.kM9lkit waak fUiag artati, b«» tba 
watar«tMo»bakottMtMt«m|h Ulll all 
Qrdara. ^ .« — 

Sells Large Farm 

The RayLoldafatm on the Sion; Poiol Pike, 
.^••atflfMt abavt OOOtaraa, kaa baai aaMby K 

H.'Reynolds of LUtIs Rock, to Ur. J. T. Brock 
tl Winohoiter. The farm adjoiaa that of R 
i^^yCrThoAH and Uia priea paid ia aald to be in 
•r fST.OOO ar |114 par 


acre. ThLi ia one of the be.'t bodiej of land 
to Ibia aeetion of the country aod ii ia a line 
ataU 9t iapnvHMil. Bid. UftM kaa mw- 
ad to Wlaehaata* vhwa fee 'kaa pirekMad • 


Riv. Mr. Holtzclaw and Formor 
Deacon Clash. 

The Rer. Wllliain Holizriaw, pattor nf the 
Firtt Babtiet Cbnroh of Lodlow wm one of the 
yHlat p ali ia a aatia aaeouUr a« Rla atraat, 
^odlov, Kf., Toeaday. The mioiater and J. 
" W. BtepbeaaoB, former doaeoa of the Church 
:atla froat of Weigle'a barber^abop, Stephen- 

.^atla rroatoi weig 

tlM>^|ft*r he wlahed 

to apeak (o Lin. An argiiment fnllowed, and 
the mielatar wua fe«n to ^tll. When hn ari>ao 
he itriirk St»ph«Bfiun in th" .'V". it i.-< n'l.'upd. 

The Pastime 


Pathe Weekly No. 6. 1912 
"Oodglna the Sheriff" 




Thto ONMP INiiM Ba a Waralii to 

Tka MtMpapara and medical Joanala ra* 
otatir kava bad mnch to aay ralatlf* ta • 
faataw ■lllioaaira'a affarof ■■illiM Mten 
for a BOW (toaHlbk. * 

Tbfa great Mltl>alllt«ialra*«aa toa baay 
to worry about the rnndition u! hin ntomacb. 
He eiluwud hi* dyepepela to run from bad to 
worae ontil la the aad It baaame Incurable. 

Bia mUorUiMiamiat ftwaralag taathara. 

Flrary oaa «ko itifen vllk d yipiplla far • 

few yeara will gift aftrftkllg kt CtM far g 
new atoroacb. 

Dyipepiia ia eommobly earned by aa ab- 
normal atala at tka gaatrio Jaiaaa, or bf lapk 
Of toaa la tka walla af tkr atawia k . Ika 
reanit ia that tba aMMib km W» paviria 

digatt food. 

I am now able to aapply certalo miaaioK 
olaaMata— to belp to reetora to the gaatric 
jnioca tkair dlgaativa power, aad to aid la 
maklDK the atomarh atroog aad valL 

1 know thai Rexall Oyapepeia TafcMa ata a 
■floet dependable remedy for diaariatad ataw* 
acba, ladigaatioB aad dyapepela. 

I waat yoa t« tfj tkaa aad vM ratara pear 
money If you ata aot aMTt tkag aalWM witk 

the reault. 

Three eliee, 26 canti, .^0 centa aad |1. 
Remaaibar, |oa oaa obtaia Baull ReaMdIaa in 
tbia eoaaaaltp aalp al ap a iaia Tka laiali 
Store. Tkaa. J. OkianiHk,liaigi aaClaMaa 


I* rwMto tm f w, toaai amti lama 

A floe horae beloni{ln|{ to Walter Crier- 
iOD of llayavllle, died at Riai'a atabia in 
Akardaea Wednesday night. 

Liqaid air loaded to tUek p k aapkar braeta 
oartrMgai li batog aaaaaaafaUp aaad for 
blaatlag ia noma Batllah eoaat alaaa. 

At Borae Cafe after three noaoeeaaafal at- 
tempts at aoieida by abooting himaelf tkroosb 
tba bead, Riebard Joaaa, a 20<paar^ld Nagro, 
gava tp la diagaat, tlad jap Ua baad aad ra> 
turnad to wart. — 

Fifty two boya have lieeo enrolled in the 
boya' cotn growioK club by County Soperin- 
tondest of Schoola Lanttr of Clark eotaty. 
Thii ia tba largeat earoUaaat etar aad* to 
the State for tba tret paar af afgaalaatiaa. 



Ono of Tbrot Hiirt to EMato Uft 

At Owaaloa. J. 0. Hiioa, proprlatar of tba 
St. Niebolu Hotel bu Jail raaaiiad aattoa 
that he ia one of the heira of the fl^OOO.OOO 
eat ate of bia brother, who diod aereral yaara 
oKo la tba Stala af Narada. Tba talala aat" 
slsta of iotereata in gold, allver aod copper 

I mioea and town lola ia aareral oitiae of that 
State. There ara oaly tbraa baiia to tka 

laatala, Mr. Biiaa, a aialar aad a alaaa. 


Ton have done the utmost you can do in the seleo- 

Uon ot eeeds when you have chosen Landreth's 
se-ds. You owe it to yourself to get the best you 
can. and no one claims thtrt US Miy btfttST tBU 
these. We have the 

Best Early Variaties 
All Small and Garden Seed 
All Fresh Stock, All Grown Last Year. 




Oor. SeooMl and 

Titos. J. Chenowelh, 

Maysvllle, Ky. THE REXALL STORE 




y AAviiiys the best values iiere. U you buy ilurisg this 
montn your saving will be unusualjy great. 

Our "Aaticipation Sale" is Now On! 


I'lllttf I'fhf 

IroM Bada, all colore g n uo g :% no 
Maaaiee Iron Deda glO oo g H ou 

Braea BpiI*. 'J In IViHOgMi) OO gin Oo 
Maaelve ilrn>.< IteOi. <|tl(> OO S:i,'^ oo 


Mxoallo, ('hee>* Iret iK-rgViH nO $3n OU 
(iMllbId, ( itaer l<-«t li< r»:lO OO »2H 50 


Ui tiaa«la ltu||e. 0xlU. OO Saa ftO 

Vnlvet ItDca, UilU g2H OO gan OO 

iiruaaela Uok'. ttlLli gSO OO glH OO 

It la (mpoaatlil* to (te ft OMallod 
dcaMlpcMB •raU ylaaaa to tkla 

tlueiiipiil . 

Voa muat ace tbaiu to appraotote 
(heir iMaaiy and narevloaH valaa. 


Opening of Our 


Many years in bualneasp and having 
ihe facUhieB to try out and iaai all va- 
fWH^w WW (Hmmv swaa mm wr yvwv* 

houmam mnd In aur vagmtmlda grawtng 

dapmrimeni, enables us 1o supply you 
wllh seed thai will yield you a full sup- 
ply of vegetables during ihe entire 
season. We have added some new 
wartaHaa of aaad, and thay ara nawah 



Doa't aaa ep loar atrawa oa rataa. Tba 
■tot Jalap eaaeoa w9\ aaoa ba bart. 

If Sbabaapaara la Bacoa and bacon is 40 
centa a ponad. bow mnch ia Haoilet worth? 

Too aaab eorn haa eaaaad tba loaa af maay 
a lao littar of piga aa4 aftaa loaa al tba aow 
aa valL ______________ 

The of former novaroor William 
8f IreaUr Taylor of Kenlacky.comnitted aoicide 
at ladlaa apolla. 

Two nf the bli; cavered bridgea on the pika 
batwaaa Paablaa aad Waat Ualoa bare baaa 
aaadaaaa4 aa aaaaf a, aa4 aatleaa plaoa4« Rir* 
lag wara tog.* 

The tobacco leaf mercbanta of all Coba era 
to be orjtani^rad for the porpoee of matoal pra> 
lection, leRialaiiTa MMaa aad atbar aa> 
oparatira polieire. ^ ^ 


Bare ;ou beard about tba ntftT J. Jimee 
Wood & Son are nakinx to every reader uf Tiik 
LtDT.KK. If EZO, tba raCaad foot ulotmeot 
doaaa't drira oat aoraaaaa. aebiag aad all foot 
■iaaryyoa oaa kava yoor aeaaf baek. Priaa 
2r> eaoU. 

Uao and woneo «bu have out erji'yed a 
walk for yeara now find walkioK a p'eaaorr. 
Na better raaady oa aartb for ooraa, baaioaa. 
oallaaaM. akilfctolaa. abappad faaa aad kaada 
Mail ordaia fraa Kaa Ok a w iaa l Oa., Baekaalar, 
N. Y. 



ier Cabineli and Gtobf-Wernicke fiook tutS* 

Anthracite coal operatora reply lo 
miners demanda will ofltr no com- 


Attorney General Wickertham ordera 
tbroagh invaatigatioo of acClTiliaa oi 
Btuidwd Oil in BMBlpalstion of aab' 

TbaalMtorabf Oblo trill vota tipoB 

tltt propoaltioD ol eztendiDg the bal- 
lot to women at tba next geooral 

Sbara* ottbe Btaodard Oil Company 
oi New Jaraay Tburaday aold at 890, 
• riaa of 86 to 40 polala otar tba pra> 
Tioaa da y. ^ 

OAU rOI t tMIUCAg 8 81fHHI88 

Jo th* ttritut CoiiHty Vliainntn i>J l/ir Mnlfi 
Comjifitional FHttrici 01 Stnlmky: I'lirdiaDi 
toai'-allof llin Rapublloan Slate Central Com 
mill**', Iliad* Kt Loiilivllle, Ky., beliruary Itlb. 
leia. tba Hapuljllcikui of yuiir vurtoii* oouniirii 
Me reipaotluUy oalle.l to lurat l.i niati roovtii 
tloaa at tbe county iieaU of four cnuntlei (Boyd 
oiunt? being axntpted, tald oouveiitlon tclnt 
lield at Aahland, Ky.,) on Saturday, April 
1814, at I o'oloek p. m., alauOard time, to aoMol 
delegelee to a aoaeeatloa to be boM at Leal(> 
viile. Kr.. Wedaeeday, April IBk. at I 
o ciooic p. ni., auadari flaw, lot the parpoae oC 
tieciiiiifowaelatatea ffuai the Mala of Ma- 
tiieky at larfo aad fear alteraau deletaiab at 
IM(« to tba Saileaal Oeavaatlea of Ufa Repab- 
lloaa party la be ImM at OhIeafO, liUnela, oe 
Toeeday, Jaaa tath. I9U, aad for the putpcaa of 
aemtoailttg twoBlcntora rraia aald Stale at l<rge. 
to be Toied tor at Ihe rif otlue to be held Novr in- 
\tn btb. iSII: and too are dlieeted by lUe H« 
liubllnan Comaaltlee of Ibe Nielli (Mli) Con 
Kreaalooal DUIrlot to call a noBventloii fort lit 
%aiat time and plaoei aud In lb« .aiut. ouuvna- 
llona, lo Iw brid In tin- laiuu manner la aald 
couuliei, to >i>icrt fvirgatoi to a I'anveullnii to 
be brId al M*)ivlll>-, Ky. Tuaiday. April Uili, 
mit, al 10 SI) a. .11.. f'>r Itif imrpone "f eUolliiK two 
di.irlnt delfgaii-i and t»u itlirrnau ikleiialei to 
aald NaUooal Conveiilioii and tn el«ot a lii«D) 
bar of tba atate U«Btral Uomoiilia*, and tor tba 
noaalnatioe of oaa Kleator la be toted foe at lald 
MotctDBber alaelloo. 

Tbe rap r eaeai at tea aball b* baaed aa tbe trola 
for W. U. Tail for Piealdaal la IM-oae dategaU 
toreaah laaai aiajorlty freaitoa ihaieof aaeaal- 
aad tbe aooBilia aae enUliad to tbe fellowtaf 
vou. . 


MaaoB t\ 

Meholaa II 

lialwrtaaa 4 

RewaB..M.. M 10 

BamiBTT. chairaiaB. 

To aapply tba danaad It ia eatlaaled tkat 

4ha Unitd'l StatoK abonld grow fiom S-tO.OOO, 
(too to itnO.OUO.OOO, baibeU of potatoaa an. 

SopUa M., la tba aaaa of a eav beat tbat 

will low Ihe "Cottoa Bloaeom" ehow thia 
eaaeoa. The boat waa bollt •at Pt. Pleaaant 
aad baa bera oamel f.r Captain Ceorgo 
Gardaar'a wife wboaa aiaidea aaiaa waa Sophie 
U.llaaa. Captato Raiphlaafaaaiatoakarge 
of tba"OattaaBlataaa." 

C. A 0. SlitMMiil 

Tba laeoaa aeeoaal at tbe Chreepeake L 
OUofor the Are montba ended Nereraber 
30tk..l911. girea out for pabiieatioa abow 
tkaaatatala: Mllaa operated Sldl^; aparat- 
lag rataaaaa. $14,248 r>33; oparaticK expanaea, 
I0.S62.017; aat oparatiag rareaoea, |4.98C. 
616; toiea. $440,483; optraUag Ibooom, $4,- 
540, 138; otber laeime, $070,073; total ia- 
aoaa. $5,222,206. fiel ehargaa. $8.466,2fi9. 

Vourdrugiibi win refund lunney If PA/.OUINT 
MKMT falli to eura any eeae of ItoblBR. Blind 
BlBedtB«erPfoinidtaanieelaatol«da?a. Mc 

387,910 POUNDS AT AN 

Were our tobacco aalea ol laat Toea- 
day. We ara daily aailing mora to- 
bacco, at HIOHBB PRIOIS.than any 
warehouae io Kentucky. We handle 
it right and will Rct yon the top o( 
theniBiUol, We sold a rrop lor W. 
J. Curtia of Hobertaon county, Ken- 
tucky, conluiniii({ 'J, 155 pounds that 
averaged $27.9(1. One basket ol 
which, containiiiR over .'UK) poaodi, 
brouRbt 44^ cents per pound. 

Now is tlie time to aell and the 
placa to aall it ia tbrougb tbe BftICK 
HOUSES ot tba 

Farmers and 
Planters Warehonses 

Maysville, Ky. 

aVOwoad Br and Bun For tbe 
Benaflt of Tobacco Chrowera. 

Efficient Plumbing 

s one of the greatest 
lids to home comfort. 
^ ".^tiMKUi^r modern 

lathroom installed by us 
:rill prove a saver of 
ime, money, and worry 
p you, on account of its 
efficient senm and long 
vearing quail(^^ 

FMNK S. v«.Wa^ 




Mra. Baiva Lookwood, Twice a Candl- 
«Mg> Now a Practicing lUNVytr 
In Waahlngton. 

By her candidacy for the preal- 
dancy of tba United Btataa Mra. Beiva 
Lookwood did maob to focna public «t- 
tantloB on tba poaalbWty ot women 
boldlng public oflica and mueb to atlm- 
tilata Intareat on tba part of woman in 
public affalrB. Mra. Lockwood waa 
nominated for preaident in 1M4 and 

Mra. Balva LMlcwead. 

again In ISdS by tba Bqoal RIghta pa^ 
ty. A few yeara ago aha waa a candi- 
date for governor of New Hampahlra. 

.Mrs. Ix>ckwood ia a practicing law- 
yti ill Wuslilagton. She was the flrat 
woman io be admitted to jinictlce nt 
llie bar of the United States Supr.'ine 
court. Site tins been very active and 
cuocessful III UKllBtInK for lawa giving 
equal property rlKhts to woiiicii, and 
baa taken a leading part In the worn- 
an'a suffrage and tbe peace move- 
manta. Sha baa gained dtotlnotlon aa 
a writer on arbitration and polltleal 
and aoctol quaatlona. 


Report af tba Quartarmaatar Oanaral 
Pata Coat at 

•rf.f mat nr proteotive in»aatir*»B ta- 
k. n by lli.- I'nlted Slates along the 
.Moxiraii bonier lii:,t Kprlng became 
known for iliu llrst lime v.ith the pub- 
lication ot the annual report ol Urlg 
0«n. J. B. Aleablra. quartarmaatar gen- 
eral of tba army. 

From Marcb «, wban tba ordera tor 
th« mobillaatlon war* laaued. to tba 
end of the flacal year, June SO, 1911, 
Ihe total expenae waa $l,730.62*.6t. 
Thia ia almost the grand toUl. for by 
June 30 a large part oC the aipanaa 
had been cut down. 

For the slnnle liein of transporting 
troops and baKnaKu and supplies to the 
Mexican border, by rail and water, 
from all parts of the country, |S94. 
436.72 waa expended. Approximately 
18,000 man were involved In the move- 
mant. The total for tranaporutlon up 
to June SO, wban tba return movement 
had already begun, waa $1JSY.903.38. 
Other Itema were: RaguUr auppUaa. 
$L».'4.527; Incidental ezpenaaa, $47,»M: 
l)arra(ks and quartera, 129.864; water 
and sewers. 148.402; roada, walka. 
wharves and drainage, »2,600; clothing 
and equipage, $37,461; ahootlng gal- 
iariaa and rangaa. $S00. 


Tba Famoua Barney Art Creation In 
Waahlngton la Now tlalad ««r 


J p. S Nellgb. a Waahlngton deo- 
orator, who haa been engaged to ar 

range the palatial home of Mra. Alice 
CllBord Harney Heminick, announcea 
tbat the alalue which was biipposed to 
have been modeled by Mlsa Laura Bar- 
ney from the -altogether" posing of 
har atotar, Mlaa Natalie Barney. Is to 
b* daatroyad. For weeka It has been 
reported tbat tba aUtua waa to be 
placed on tba rear Uwik but tbe neigh- 
bors were ao abookod tbat It waa uk- 

en Indoors. 

Mrs. Uarney-Hemmlck and her 
youthful husband have planned an Or- 
iental gttideu to furnish suitable aet- 
tluga for worship In the Peralan cult 
of which they baoMaa ^ m^bara In 
Parto racantly. 

New Dress for State Building. 

The two miles of corridors aud the 
doroea of the atote, war and navy 
bttUdlng m Waahlngton are reeetv 
Ins tbalr flrat new dreaa Blnco they 
w!ara orlglnaUy »alnt*d In 1876. when 
the adlAoa waa ooBBtmetad at a ooat 
of f6.000.008. 

The BUta. war ^ naTy U on* of 
the largeat govemmant oAoa bulld- 
lugB in the world. To ooW tb* domea 
and the walla, celllnga and oountleaa 
plllara of the corrtdora It la eatlmated 
It would take one painter more than 
ft lifetime. A gang of workman to ex- 
pected to flalab tb* tMk ta tw» 
moot ha. 

liyht buff Is the color which la cov- 
ering up tba blue-gray begrimed walla. 
After many *xp*rlm*ntB the palntera 
beUev* tb* MW bu* wlU atord mor* 
light In tb* *str*a«lr iMt gaifUara. 


All Kinds Seed Potatoes. 




The V|U|ir*pb Company PrPtfiiii 

"Love Finds g Way" 

Tbe Lubin C«rap«nr Prr(«nli 

"A Cure for Jealousy" 

ii AnH nni» Othor f^no'' Plrti^r.-. 




Thli U > liinc-provcD faet— (h«t alGctrl- 
elir li the ebaiiiwtt form of li|ibltB(wben 
br4BksB«, upketp and time ii ttktn IbIo 
eoDdderstloB. ft ti inuoh esaler t<reaon- 
nml/ci whea you have only tu touch a 
biiti4)n than when you have to uet a 
matob, light a llf bter. ibeB poBilbir td- 
Joatike bafBBr.^tiBt aa wire yoaria i- 
dtaea, atBt* areflea aad wa wllf prota IL 

0. A. HILL & BRO., 

119 E. Third street. 'Phone 551 

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You Owned a 

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TUK I.EOOBB laada la 
all, aad to tka toVMM* I 
of th* yea y la. 


For Sale By J. C. EVERETT & CO. 

Vacelnatlan far U. A 

Vacclna'lon against typhoid f *V*f to 
to be urged upon all of the lS,(0O%i> 
ployea of the depart meiit of a^rtcul- 
ture. In accordance with a recommen- 
dation to that effect approfed by fee- 
r*ta/ry Witoon. a ccmtultt** whlob h* 
racantly appoiiit«!(:i to conaidar the 
Bubje«t daelared UaeU la (aY«r ttf m> 
aiMtiaa. , *f4m^^ 

NOW \?^'' 

To Get Ready fur That Noose Cleaning. . 

If you are ready, look over the greatest assortment of 
FINE FURNITURE. We will be pleased to show you, BO 
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Caloric Fireless Cook Stove 

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Funeral Directors and Embalmers. 

Plione 250. 

Parker Building, 
Sutton Street. 

Naysviile, Ky. 

For Prompt Service Call Up 


Uverj^men ^ Undertakers 

PMOME Mo. 60. 

They will aecnmnio(tat(> you with the h«>t nr)>ver.vihloR In (helrllBt— 

iK-it llacka Triiiiii aud llriviiiK OiilHli. 

Best Equipped Undertakers in the City. 

Daylight Window Displays 

at Night 

It to w6ndertul how beauttfol aad attrao^^^'*^ 
d&w di«9laya ara under tba iNire wlilt^^^fiya of 


▲ well-dressed window properly illuminated ia 
Ilka a baautlftil ptotwt. Wtoaa make yonni at- 





Satlsiaotion guaranteed or money refunded, 
handle reotifled. blended or compounded goods i 

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fo Raise t|ie AmoqBl 

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B«tioatBf Htarday morniat, twly, 
wt ■ball throw opon the local mrkai 
all oar new Suita aod OTereoata ol 

1912 Myle at such reduction in pricaa 
:rou heablo to inve many dollars 
and have your rlotbinR (or yenra to 
oonae. You know how wo sell oar 
clothing- -with the gu«rantee ol "«b- 
aolute siitiHtdrtioii or yuur money 
back." We have no Hiiite or ()»er- 
ooats worth $20 for (8.98, but we do 
have Ntw Soita and Owcoata at tucb 
radnctlooB thai will ralaa tha money 
at once, ao come early as jroa can dar« 
log the money*ra{aiat event. Wateh 
our window lor displaya, alao paper at 
to price. Had we an entire page we 
coaM not tell all we wiah to eay. 

Geo. H. Frank & Co. 

Niysville's Foremost Clothiers. 


Mrs. CkariM VIeroy ia qaito III wlih 
•ryilp«lia at ik« koa* of bw motkar>la«laV, 
Mn. JeaiM VIcroy In th« eouoty- 

HIm Alio* Tudor of CiocioDati U b*r« 
aktaa«ag tka badiida of bar eoaila. MIsi K«ta 
BUaekird. wka la aarloaaly III at kar ksM ia 
Beat Bsco ad atraat 

Tk« B. 0. Clab «m dell|btfally eatartaiael 

tt the homo of Vinretit KIlii Ust Frdi»y eve- 
aiag. Vtoia'i ocbeatra rendered apleodid 
I aad dalieiont refreibmeota w«r* urTed. 

Failures last WHk W •rdael 269 

prevtona week. 

— * • • . 

At kladiaonaTille the £lks Home 
bwrMd wHh a loea or 18.000. 

Woman get the ballot. School aa(< 
frage bill paaeee the Senate after ei- 
trnded debate. Nowap to the Qov> 

ernor. ^ 

I o] auction dietolvetl. Court ol Ap* 
peala eaye thett lt no marft la 1h« 

suit at Lexinnton. No jariadiclion 
over questions purely political. Judge 
Nann wrltee only abort opinion. Mr. 

Cnntrill nomina'ed. District Com- 
mittee meets nt the Cspital nnd takes 

tiual anion . 

— — — • ■« ■ 

DM tt AlONlioiM 

Htary Tappeef, agei W, eelarel, aa la- 

mitr Rt tb* Alnshour, died Sstardty mora- 
isK at 8 oVlo«k. B« *M burled tbii moralox 
la HtytTille Csfflstsry. 





Jiili Md 



Mr. DavM Wafavartk kts epaaad ap ia tka 

tbs room adJolsiDg Dtagsr A Frsaad ia Mar- 
ket itrast, wbsrs bt is prsparsd to do site- 
trisil work of sll klads, espoelally kaeaa> 

Met With Accident 

Mrs. Abser Hord of Weil Fonrtb street 
■St wltk a palafel aeeMaat ysslorday wkila 
TisHlDK St tbe borne of Mre. John Harbeeoo in 
RmI Third etreet. She Stepped bsckwsrde 
■sd fell doffo • etsirwsy. rsesifflag palafal 
krvisss akoat tka body, bat fortaaaltly aa 
■beese tare brobsa. 

Judgs Prsaek f . Bocd. a nallve tt Mara* 

Till*, disd Wsdaseief st tb« borne of bis 
dsagbtsr, Mrs. Byar« ia ladiaaapolis. lad , 

"Bawseasoeef tba Merraaais T. Herd, 
who «ss e promloeDt sttoraej st Ibe Matos 
Bar (or fifty yssrs. Us rasd law aadsr hU 
fatbar aad eoaaeeeed pra e Mae la ladiaaa, 
wbare be won honor and distlaetiaa. balsg 
sisetsd Jad«s of kis dUtrict. 

Is latsr ysara be ■evai to ladiaaapolis 
•bare be at ta l esd preatasnee ee ee Altenay 
aad Jnriat. He waa a brother of llr«. HaryC. 
Clark sad kira. J. B. Noyea of the Hill Houie. 


Mrs. DclU Lon| Unable to Stand 
On Her Feet More TlM» a Few 

PenderRrass, Oa.— Mra. Delia Img, 
Of this Qlaro. in a recent letter, eays: 
"For (Ire or hIx years. I anflered BflOB* 
lea with woBianlr troaUaa. 

Ottan, I eonldn't alt vp more than a 
few atlnutea at a time, and If I stood 
on my reet long, I would faint. 

I took Cardnl, and It helped me im- 
mediately. Now, I can do my work all 
tha time, and don't oiiffor like I did." 

Take Cardul when yon ff d 111 In any 
way — weak, tired, mlBeialilp, rr un<ler 
the weather. Cardul la a flrcugth- 
building tonic mcdlrlne (or women. 

It baa been found to rdieTo pain and 
distress caused by womanly troubles, 
and Is an excellent medMaa ta haVO on 
band at all times. 

Cardul acta on the womaaly eenatt* 
ttttloB, building up womanly etrenfth, 
teniae up the nervee, aad regulating 
the womanly organs. 

Ita halt century of aurceaa Is due to 
merit It haa done good to thousands. 

Will you try It? It may be Just what 
you need. Afk your drugfCiat about 
Cardul. Ho will recommend It. 

N. B.— WrUe tn • I »JI«' AJvl«orvTVr«..rh«tU- 
Kiuf* MeJmnf l.ii . C.hJltaniiogj Trnn .fur Special 
JnSnictu-nt, una M pafc b<«>k. ' M.mie TrcatawBt 
isr Wooaa," >tm in plain wrippcr. on tt<4u«t. 

Tko gags narks 16 C and felllsfr. 

Dr. Woodson H. Tmibee, 

CciicmI Surgeon, , 
special AtteitiM to Mseittl 

Eye, Gir, Nue aid 'Tlmt. 


ROURR. 9 TO 4 P. M. 

iiu i i.. w im't, 

JCatBst Markets. 

PoUowtag are tklk sMSalag'tf laolatloas oa 

sosatryptodaea.ielephoDed atSo'olook by K. L 
Ms a s b iats r,M»»»terof the Kejetone CoatMr- 
atai OoapakT : 

■(«•, \o%» off, poiaoaoB........... \hi 

Bntier j. ,.. ,i. m,,, "■» 

TBfkeye ISo 

Beni.p ft ^ Iln 

SprlBgara, IH ai and oral ...........lOo 

Old ttoosiSfs*.* Oo 

Oaeks I,..— (09 

MATsviua aaraii. aaaRav. 


>*ee*M*(a ■•«.«• 


\.n MirNtuitrit riiek" yniir Sprlnic Rail. I 
rc'|>rei«iit K W, l'rlo« A Co. n( Cble»ro, lh« 
•iroDctit llai> of raKde lo mreturn Rlothei la 

Sovora wsetker will eat tka laaik crop dova 
oae-tMrd la ftolby eoaaty. . 

Mloo Myrtle loll 

Uias Myrllo Boll died lut STeniog at C> 10 
o'clock at tbs homo of bar alatar. Mrs. Wllsoo 
WoHklsgtoa st Mayaliek, afUr a short illssas, 
aiel 17. faaeral toaiorrow aftoraeoa at 2 

o'sloek from the llBri«li>'k Chriatitn Church, 
wttbssTTiccs by Ksf. C. A. Coakwoll. Is- 
tanaset la MaysHek OssMlary. 

rnue*io«B»aa eaaa or AsaaioA . 
Rogalaf SMatlagat WaohlaglMi Oaaip Ma.a at 
O.A a.BallatrMo^laoktblsavaatat. 

JdBR A. ttrrmtt. IVssMsat 
Boa Rattb Jsorstarv. 



Mr. aad Mrs. Ckarlsa Schaawabar are re> 
joMag OTor tko arrival of a bsadssnM elevee 
paced aea at ibair boae hi the eaaaty. 

TIm Ptynter AMemhiMMt UpInM 

Tka Court of Appeal* of Kentnoky Id the 
) of DsAltley, guardian, va. Iho Cboaapoako 
aad Ohio Rsiliray Compaoy ku roadarada 
iNit lapartaat aad faiwraaabtag dselslsa, re* 
varelDK the Uuoo Circuit Coort and opholdisg 
tkat tbs Psyator AacsdmoDt to tbo Kmployoo 
Uabnty Ast of Cosgrsss rsally aiaeis. 
Tko eoatontlon of tba railroad waa that oasea 
broagkt ia tbo State Cooria, sod bsrisga 
diversity of eltizsasbip, ess bo roBovod to 
tbo f adoral Coart tba saaa aa bafora tba 
aaeDdment. Put (he Court nf Appeali of 
Koatooky. which ia tbo Ont State Coart of 
laatnaort la tba Daloa to paaa apaa tba 
^aoatloa, says that Coogroaa did sot aa lataad. 
HsBco all lait* brought under thia art In tbs 
iiwto Courts of Kentttoky will bereaftor bo 
triad Iboro. Hoe. A. D. Cola brisfad tha 
•sso for DeAttler sod Coabrae ft irewaieg 
briatad it for tbo raUroad. 


IN t..M!!Oian Leoatlzed By Legisla- 
ture— iL^tert to Be Taxad 

PRAMtPOBf. Er., ' Marrt 9tb--8oper- 
Isleadsata of connty echoolagot their aalarlea 
haostad, askiag iho ailsiaiasi 1600. sod 
aMMrsa way bo traasportad to aabaol Id 
nrsi distrlois eadsr tba Moasa ■oasara 
psssod hi the Senate. 

Ths Booas bill which provides for a State 
gaaia waidaa at aa aaaaal ailaiyntl 12.500 
sad his dutlM will be to eosaarvs ssd pro- 
aarvo the birdo aad wild aaimsla Is this 
atato. Noa-raaidoat biaura will bo rsqoirad 
10 pay a Itaaaaa of $16. Baeb abatgaa hi the 
8UU will bo tated fl. 

Tba omasdaiaBta of Mr. tlider proTidaa that 
aa panes way hast aa tba Ised af aaatha^ 
wilbaat a ponait troBi the owner, whether be 
baa a kostor'fe lloesso or sot, sod that of Ur. 
t*nf provldss that psrsoas Bsy hsst os 
tkoir awB lead or tkat af Ma aaighbar pro- 
vided be h*i |i«rinl«iifla withoat baviag to 
tabs ost s boatar'a lioooao. 

Tbo Hoaaa laday paaaad tha Isaata eos- 
greaaional rcdlatrlctiog bill wltkost any 
sineiidmenla. The firat aix diatiieta ere no- 
ubsaged, but ekaogea are made la tke 
Bavaalh. Bigbtb. Blatb, TaaU aad aafosih 
dtatrk «. 

Tka Sarrjr H«aia soaaure to ptohihlt say 
■Isor from esterisK s salooa for Ike par- 
>aa of sooarisg liqaor sador poaaHy of s Sue 
I by a vote of 24 to 7. 

Maa? a wowaa aadaraa with aaMe pstioeea 

ths dally mieerr of bickarhe, piioa abuat the 
bipa, blue. oerTOD* apelle.dizzlaeei asd orisary 
diaordera, bopeloas of relief bseaase aba 
dooaa'i kaaw wkat ia tko aaltar. 

tt is eat tree that ovary pabi ia tka beak or 
bipi l« trouble "peruliar to the aex " Oftra 
when the kidoeya get coogeated and iofl imed, 
aorh aches sad poisa follow. 

Yoa caa toll it ia kidaay troablo if tba as- 
eratleas sra dark eolorod, eoatsis sodlsioat; 
Ike pit4racA< ar(> ton 'frpi^ lent oraraoty. Then 
help the weakened kidoar*- Oon'i expect 
tbom to get well alooe. 

Doaa'a Kidaay PUIa bare voa tba praise of 
thoBsaeds af w ee. Tkay are a e lsiasd at 
home -Read this Haiaville weaieR'e eeMae. 

ioK BtatexeDt: 

Ure. Sam Nasi. 497 West SMOsd street. 
HsTeville, Kj., eaye: "Althoogb I hats aavar 
seed Dosk'a Kidoay i'illa myeolf, I eaa roeom- 
msod tbem. OneofBr familj had s groat 
deal of iruuMo from hia book asd kidos|». 
Ooaa'sKidaoySPilloaada kl« aalifolyfbottar 
aad be alvaya p r abisa tbaak" 

Por sale by all dsslsrs. Price 50 eeata. 
Pootor-MllbBro Co . Baffalo, No* York, aolo 
ogooU for tbo Uaitad States. 

RsBMaihar tba aaasa— Osaa's— aad take ao 

— • — »- 

Alabama For Taft 
PraaMaet Taft wee daaleiel the ebeiae ef 

Alabama Repoblleass for Prssidsat at lbs 
Alabama State Coavoatloa hold lodap.- 8ii 
delegstas st large ware oloetod. 


Mr. aal Mrs. W. 8. Casipball aai fssiily 
wish to thaak tkoir aolghbors asd friaads for 
the many klndoeatra ahowo tbea doriog tbo 
illoofa Bed death ef their holevod dssghtsr 
sod aUlsr, iimMr. Bepaeiallydo tbay wiab 
these tbsaka to aataad ta tka Coatoal Proo- 
bytorlaa Saaday-aebaal sad bar taeebar. Miss 
Florence Wllaoa aad papHa far lbs baaatlfal 

floral offeriegi. 


nsaaa aieAimnav. 

Piagah Baoampmaat Ko. R. Ph will awet 
at 7tt0 tbia aroalag. VUUlag Palrlafeks eer- 
dlally lavllaiL C. J. Rarraa. O. F 

Jobs W. TkompB— . Rertt«. 



Staled nieetlDg of Majravllle Lodge No. IR, r 
nd A . M. , Ion Iglit at 7 :00 at Maaoalo TSaplo. 

VlaltlDR llroiliere Inrllad. 

w. n. aas*. xr. m. 

p. a. giuooi. aeoniarv. 

world at popular prioea. They epaelalUe on aiiitt 
made aa you waai them from Siri to SW. Olhrre 
muat Mh RM to a40 to* the aame. Tlili li the 
oulr beaao la the Ualietl Rtalaa attont enoiinh 
Ooenokally to oootrol lit own patMraa, thiit at- 
iurlDC you »|alait halng ualformrd Atl<l« froni 
tbettaplaa,Dot»opaWMaaailk*. Itoa.tblallue la 
• repBalfT. Boaombor, wo dry eioaa ; etlwra try. 

Cm f. KtcNamata 

Brlag oa what it loft of tba broken l»nta. We 
will BMks yoa a aow oa* eiaoily like the olo eoe. 
Kyoaeaa Rad aopart oriboeld leaaa we wi I tt 
aalBa roar eyee aad maka teaaet to rorrrri toy 
dotoot that eaa be csrreoird wlib itMsi>t. IHtc 
yoiir optical woru doae by tome oae wbo k-now* 
<>noU(n ab'iui tb* liuilnKn. to intkp n livmv niii 
of II 1 A sntPsOV II. (. i . tri.i .1.! Ojiil- 

l^^o pU^s Col umn 

No Charge/ 

OealoU, headlight, Vgal, 

Ootao.V a..... 

OoMoaayrap, Vgal 

Molaiiet, new crop, p gaL., 
Molutei.oldnrop, p Ktl-.. 
BorgbaiDitaocy onw.pgal 

Ragar, yellow, y lb 

Rugar.eitra. (; , V 1^ 

Sugar, A., V II' 

Suicar.gratiuUtcd, y t>.... 

aagar, powdered, W S> 

Sugar, Mew Orleant, p lb 

Taaa.p » «> « «•«> 

Pwithuu aad CoMntry Proituct. 

Applet, dried, p % ••• 
BaooB, brookfost, 9 aeaoooo«aei**eo« 




40 ... 

no .. 

7 O 

la ... 


BoaoBtMaaOtV ft 

Baooa. sbaaMors, V a... 
asaBB, V gain. ........ •**.*.... 


Kggs,* do« 

Pkmr, Umsatono. p bbl 
Plonr.Old Gold, V hhl.. 


Ploar, Graham, p aaeb... 
Rowtay pgalM.M......*Mi 

Hooey, p mm..m...... 

Laid.P t> 

Meal.fl p^clf 

I'otttori, V ix-i-k 

I^arbri, dried, p ft 

Young CblettOBS, V a... 
Applet, table. 

Orape Krult 

Bananea. >< dn7.'D 

Ijpmoni, doxea 

Limes, V (1otea..«..«.n 

riiie»|iplei . 

Hlank Welnali 

C«.lforiil» Oreugoi 

Sirret Viurld* Oreoget 

Shellbatk Hickory MaU, p peek 


10 I 





5» ... 

40 • 

W O 

l!S «( 

13 44 

:t(i Ol, 

Kl 46 

III n 


Z.'i & 

lu rri 

l!i & 

90 H 

1» • 

v> <» 

IB & 

40 O 


so o 









A'lt 'rttientfntl HluU r 
tht htitdingt 0/ Jittp 
irui./«l,'' '•mtuatioiu 
HVimM,'* yiMtt" mmt "tk m mt," mud mat aaaeedfiis 
ihrt* Umt <M iMwIk, aiw nMt to otf. 

U omm eri /atf to roaw M< /rat Umt, le* Invltr m 
wmt rtfUIMm* m an HUtmaryla itettrt what itom 
•' I Wi t tt e Ar. R1twle*«Mto«rMeer<M/eaiMa<Mrv 
r* noi 4a«iae4iig M wt By «te4M« awr A*** to<«eiiu. 
a^ilttowdlaarta hvbt .^m^tA romr, vMrh w tt 
iSf* ol Ms aftoaor MM By «a«. 

^A^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^u^^^^B tM^A ^^^^^^K^ n^tf ^^^^^^^^^^ 

\lir A!ITal>-ilOY-PB«waoBBgoot ll ard 
<> ApB.yatHoadvABaaPaIaiBiure.8ui 





WANTKl)-.\ inlildlw ni;'".! woman for iiinertl 
houHwnrk. Apply lo Mrt. J. \V. I'OVVKB 

HO Rati Tliird •'r*rt. 

marO I* 

WANTKD-COOK— Apply to MKi. U. 
sni.8KR. Kitat Pnurtb alrrri. marM 

AU.kliida of rinjc ami (ur 
I am prepared t« iIj al 

VMirOBM B*NK,. K. ('f f. 

Bagolar saaating of CetDpaoy No. «. U. K., i 
of P., toBlKbt at 7:00 o'oloak at Castle Uali. 
Brery member la aigad la be ySBSOBt. 

Rwordi anil b«ll». 

P. D. Waus, t^tala. 

Andrew J lloyd. 

allure ritpnirlni; 
kliidt of tbli w.irk. aiat aa aprloit !• appruar-.-ilDir 
uuw la ibi tliu) lo aenit In vour wi.ra. SV. S. 
C'AMP BKLt.. Simp. SHI K».t Kl'il, .ir..«t 

Pur iKjtti rii«*n and wuint.n i>verooala, 
ladlra' oloaka, undrrw.rar, vtUiW umli rik Iria, «lr. 
Alao will boy rtflet aad ibotaaat. Will call at 
fMOBB. J. KBaADroaO,«rBaBt Prsol Streat. 
" 1. )aal ly 

For RBfif. 

4ve Un<; It einU taek iuarrftan, vr M c«n<< ii wmt 

f MRS D. 

FL\T Oo L'-e air.el. 


jiy I 

f TAUG-Or. the t^'t'at tVW . rivntral aTeaiie 
Id Kutland, Aliout one ..|ii»ri' fr. in Koreii »»«• 
iiur. Ki-nt vnry rvaai.nitl'ii' to II. <' rl||lit parly. 
Apply lo VV. T HKRUV. *i\ \V..«1 .irril. •(•hon» 
:'■■>. iiiarlt if 

fueapicitataa Nawtpapar tod Oai- 
ShM tltrf 

WlNCHRSTBa, Ky., March 9,h.— In a blisd- 
iag ssowstorai flraasa fosght ths fliass 
sarly tbis ■ s r eiegwbieb iaaipseltstsi tba 
Winoheater Denoerat and praelieally 
doatroysd tha sbos- atook of Haisall & 
daillh. ia Mala strsot. Tbo aaaao of tbo Are 
isBatbeeva. Tbeblaas started Ib tbe eea> 
psaiag raeaef tbo 

Ob bow dioappoinied you are to ace 
ll.— Orep haifs take away tbai youtliiui 
appeal an ro ibat you are ao aaxioua to, 
and abould keep,— for beatiiy aad |ood 

lookt depend to much upon nstutal 
colored, thick, gloaty and healthy hair. 

Everyone ia attracted to tbe woman 
with baetili6il bair. Why Jiave it- 
fat ridof Ibe gray haba-teeplhaBa out 
altogether hy uilnft 


You'll be turpriaoil how ([uickly it will 
restore thoae gray hairs lo their natural 
color and how well it will keep them to. 

Ii is not a dye but the moot aatialactory 
and rolisble reatorer. 

Si.Oa aad SOc at DiW|aiW«B or dtraMMMta 

IjIor bknt — Twosrom urick rfsi 

r* UKNCK-of Urt. W. II. WiuUworth't, 
Soulli tide of Weal Third ttrurl .Stillal'lr fur 
dot or I no faiulU«>. Apply to .1. <i. WALXi 
WORTH. maty »iv 


ROOMS -Apply to 138 


For Ml 

A4f>mrttttmimlt m ai le r lata tMHHiig.nol eaeee4tiw 
Sm MMt, iSetlUe «ac* interMe... orWanile aaeoea 

mare It 

' Oairea K. DgVlN K. Dan 

J: -Oathafarin of MRS. J. T. DOWNINIi, 
K. y. p. Mo 4. Hix IIU. Mayatllle. Ky. niarS H 


OiaeiBIIATi.Marrl. ». torj 

Sblppere » 7 ®W 

Kiira „ witKior? 

lliilober Steera, eiira 2'4»S0 M) 

Good to choice » .V)ia»6 It 

ConimoD lo fair ll V^mVi 15 

Iltlfert, eitra If> WiSe W 

Good to choice •» 7Sfi»S .S> 

CBtnmon to (alr...».. ti SS®*! 

Cowa.eiira „ II T.Vft^ IHI 

Good to oholoe SI ■S<(il%\ iMi 

ComiBon to fair II :Mt«l 

Ceniiert II i^mV. T.-i 

nulla, boloKoa 14 f*n^V> ;« 

Kjlra » 40ftS5 5)1 

Kal built S5 <KOI6 


Eiira W !WaS 

Pair to Kood IS SOftlS 00 

CnismoD and large t4 WtUVt (0 

Hearybogt M 7fiON «• 

Paekert and tinlchert M TfORS Ml 

Mixed paekera 10 StORS 7t 

Bioga Ri laSRa «R 

HBBvr (at towa .41 tOtRt 10 

Extra M„ M t««t<aa 

Llgbt thippera JR UAt< RI 

Pigs, lie penada and leu..Rt (tMI 00 

Rsira M M tt^ia 78 

Oood to oboloo .RI Uttll as 

Ooamealofalr |I«««IIM 


Rtua M....RO 7«iOR7 Cil 

CNwdiooboieo leiMMaso 

Oe sta aa a to faU .R4 tWRteo 

Yaarllags....^ .....m.m.RI IRM*) 


No. tred I 0» 

Mo. S red W*4|l til 

lfa.«NdM.._ » av 


No.SWiilU 171 01 7t 

Mo. I yellow. To « 71 

Ma.>mUod....» 'R • 71 


Ne.awbiio jaa ••rm 

Mo.efliUBd M.. R4 •asH 


No I tiiBotby ass ynfim n 

No. S llmolby 014 00aN4 7^ 

No. I tiBOtby ..IR00AIS3 50 

Mo. I oloTor art ((«tf6 re 

Mo. I alovor atUed .RRI RliRM » 

Me.t«l«sot Mlsod.....MJIR exitM <e 

GWR SALB— PURNITl' pleeetof 
-T bandeoonatd BMbogaBy. Apply to MRR. 
t H. TO V. Si» Roei Neaend atiwat. mre »i 

[jioa SALa-agWlMO MAOUIVB-rall cabi- 
J? oat oak RIagor Bowlag Maoklaa, wlib ooovr 
roTeoMBt; aow UR aiBaklas, will ssll for RW 


Tbla oflkM, 

^Oeir l itei m nH «iU«r lAii ««m(M0 wiaread ^ae 
Htl o^MrHaera eaoal furMtK IA« eeaf. 

-Heiweea Blab aehool Ualldiag aad Oe«. 

Tiader pleeee retara lo HOW 

Pallhfe atabia. prader nieeee retara lo HOW 
aLLBIOOAaoeOM atatgbRebooi 

St. Patrick 
Novelties ! 



. Ready for 


Jaat tlilak, it Ir oaly (oar weeks aiitll Esst«>r and spriug will be berp. 
Now le the tiaaa to gat ready. Do your sewing oow. The aew goods at« all in. 

Ixnrely BtamlneeiHtb Baad Trimatlagg lhal'will aeake atoet atttaaUre 
and useful dresses. ^ 

Wide FiounciDgg nf nil piicrn anil idiorg, l)eaatilui and reBsonabNMt 

Handsome impurtpil fmhroidrrpil Mull Urees Fatterna; aeetlMk. 

Wide Band I riniminga of unusual bMIKy BBd CbMpMgVa' IfoCC. 
be surprised nt thn lOc and lac kinda. ' 

Long white Hilk Uloves Irom SOc a pair up. 

More Kid Qlofestban ever before; all siiea, colore aa^ l*«wH»P f • 

l.accH and Euibroiderics ul all kinds very reaaoaabla lafrlaat 

Bibboae li>r hat trimmioga in the very lateet atylM. 

VriBfRR and Ball Trimminga in great varirty. 

Prettiaet Dreee Ginghaoie in the city, with baade and edgee to matob. 

Hoe flioh'e Hfeiery ie the best obuinable. Maay cannot be bonghk 
ehewbere in tbe city. 

New Onrtaina and Curtain Ooods. 

Hiii;h nt sttrHctivo prices BBd ttylOR Rielaeifaa % ^ - 

April Kftfliions arc here. 



Sole Agent 

HOEFLICH. ' Market Streei 

the Big 4. ^ 

Boroala sairta. 

Pony Stockings, 
Aiurrlcan liady CoraetBt 
atltnilard Pattema. 


M. P. Cooghlln. T. A. HIkxId< r. A. S ttte 


AM IMIAlMilte 

Ltvsry la aoaaoo 

Mow. 'rbeaoll. 




4(*| acraa saraa allae freai UByteills on 
Iks afsskiegtoa aad Marpkyavllla pika asd 
kaawe aa tie "8d Vakar Fara." Tka In- 
provosissls eeeelstal a t«o-atory fram* boote, 
tobsoeo bsra sad eteek kara aad oaiboildtbga: 
all tha balMiaga lo flrat claas repair, f rait of 
all klBii^. Plsea is well feccad and well 
watered. Il't acuaaal to And a aoiall farm 
with aorh improvrmeoti M thii coe has and 
located !>o wsl'. Poissssioa thio OMatk ia 
p'eoiy of tiaa ta atart year sprlog work. 
Tsnas eaey. 

Price, $6,000. 



- AND - 






awltw a, a^lswt Wsiawal L 




.\Dd try oiir fainciK i>rand of riQttr. U«e ii iieB A »■ 
Kurvt lo every I'linu)' utln?' It ibn nWHioat ami 
moat wlialeaome and oourltblsg biaad, btaoult 
itu.i paatry. You wtU bo sarpflNd at tba dIBBr- 
• nue ia rasnlU bstweoa oidlaaiy Roan aad tbla 

An mt. 
Eatabliahed Reputalioti 

I'or salcty and good methods should surg^ 
considered in the selection of a Bank. Tkt SMt 

NitiMial it iHkino ymr Butianie 


The Stale National Bank 

IHKayavHie, Ky, 


E. T. KIRK, 
yice PnaUmut, 

ff. C. SHMRP^ 

Try our 20c Cakes, 
yoa ibottght Idr. 

Better than 

Watch and Wait for the 

Big Public Sale 

Sail' ol uiiusiinl importance, J. Wesley Lee, Msysville, Ky., ClotbioK, 
Shoes and FtirnisliingH, a lull aseortmrnt. Wait until Wednesday, March 
l.'itb, at i> o'clock. Ad opporiunity yon should not let pass. ?40,0<X) stock 
to he thrown on tbe market at the mercy of tbe i uldio on tbia date. The 
chance ol a llle time. A great sale ol unusual importance. Tbia Bnaoonoe* 
meat is worthy ol yoar consideration. It's really worth your while to m 
a Biental note ol, and come here to eeetbe mercbandiae, whether yoa aiy 
immediate need right now, or not. A epecial sale ol each aoneoal Inptrti 
[at this tims of year | requires a little explaoatioit; an explaoatioB with, a 
clear, truthful ring. Now, just between we two: we've got to raiae money,! I 
not juHt ll tiw ilolUrB, but a Krcat hiR cart-load. We've got to have it in theV 
next few dayti— and that without fail. Our stock is immense; the marobaa* 
dise, new and up-to-date — all of this BesHon'rt •<(yli)8. We've calculated that 
ten ilsys ol KOdd selling — like mercbandiae at ibcBc priceH, ouK>it to aell^ 
$10,000 will juBt about turn the trick, and therefore wt 'vc made ' - t^/ces' 
tempting enough to attract your attention. Our guarantee: wn'assuro etch 
and every pnrchaser satistnction. We guarantee every gat nu^t, every prin 
and every etatejueat here nude, and we will take back, e.xcli^oge or retnnct. 
money oaaay pnrcbaee aaeatietaetory for aay reaaon wbateMtduriaf thi» 
eale. Every article aad garmeat la tha boaea oiarked in plain igarae. Owe 
price to all. 

NOTICE— Oor store will be cloeail lloailay and Taaaday to re*mark 
I and arrange lor thit big sale to comnMooe Wedneeday, llareb IStb. Tea 
[ daya oaly. Opeaa 9 a. m, Doa't fait to be here Wedageday, Mavok |ltb. 

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Of the Great Uuloadiug Sale brings you greater values than ever offered. 
We must have room for spring goods. It will not pay you to have your old 
shoes repaired at prices we are selling. See the Baskets and Bargain Tables 
at 74o, $1 and $1.60. These goods are found only at these prices at