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Full text of "Public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1915-10-28"

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4* ■I' 

4* BediiuB that bn«cs rM^lk •ar 4* 
4* nitoa are eoBsistUit with «iM«> 
i* IMiM. Mi^avw to iaspMlttp. ii^ 


AJLILV rVJtLK- Jt-..'.', 1 }i JS> 



T»liikl<'. t»iiikl<. With- >.tMr. 

At a bariMoe iImw •« 

« TMiVe • atnaei in >ilk tiirht^*. 

— lu«liana|K)liii Star. 

^ I ^^ I ^^ I ^ ^ ^^ : ^^ ^ ^ : ^^ I ^^ H ^H■I" I ^^ I ^ >^ • I " >^ H-H~ H ^^ I ^^ I ^^ I ^^ I ^• : ^^ I ^^I^^ I ^ 

s( iiooi. it(M»k «;itVKr. 


After H l.oiit: and Puiiil'iil llln<>»ih 
fasiied AHa> At Hit lloair 

Albert Nathan Helmer. the 18-year- 
old 8on of Mrs. Louis Helnier, of West 
Third atre^ died Wedn e aday evening 
at «:1S o'dodL 

Some time ago the young man bo- 
gan complaining of a misery in one of 
hia Upa. which laereMed ia iBtessity 
until it was impossible fen- l\im to bear 
it, and an operation was performed 
which relieved blm of bis suBering in 
a d egre e, but the disease bad gone too 
fhr and he gradoally sank until bis 
9lrft waa wafted to that boarae tnm 
«Meh BO traveler retoma. 

Albert waa bora ta this city, and 
was a most exemplary young man. 
loved by all who knew him, and he 
wtU he ■iaaea Iroai thoae plaeea where 
he was OMMt Cuafliarly aeeastooied 
to stay. 

Beaidea his mother, be is survived 
by diree toviag aiatera — Misaea Viola. 
'Alberta and UlUan Helmer — and three 
brothers — Messrs. Artbur and Henry, 
of this city, and Pickeu Helmer. of 
Haarti^^nw. W. Va. 

The funeral will occur Friday after- 
noon at 2:30 o'clock at bis late home, 
tte a e i 'f lt ea to be eoadoeted by Rev. 
Dr. John Barbour, of the First Pres- 
byterian church, of which deceased 
was a member. 

The iaterment will follow in the 
Mayavine eemetery. 



A Htpi!l)lican ooniinissinri in 
ISIO nia<li a cuntract for sctiool 
books ami tlic school children 
wero riiiiiish<-d with hooka at the 
fcillowiuK prices: 

Kepublieaa Ateiaisltatioii. 

Primer 10 cents 

Pirst Ueader 12 cents 

StH ond Reader 
Third Reader 

Spoiler 12 cents 

In i;iH a CDinmission <<)ni[>(is>'(l 
t'liiiroly f)f Oi-niorrais. iiiail<' ihi' 
jircsfnt contract, whereby you are 
ccnipvlled to i>ay the foilowinK 
prices for books: 

l>eaMcratie A4ariaMiatioii 

rriincr 25 cents 

First Header crntH 

20 cents Second Reader 30 cents 

27 cents Third Reader 38 cents 

Speller 18 cents 

if yon waat to exchange an old book for a new one you now pay 
twice as much as you did under a Republican admlniatration. 

How much docs this mean to you? Ia it right to aiake yoa pay 

iliis additional sum for hooks? 

If you want to Kct scliool books for the lowest price vote the Re- 
publican tiekot Noveinlier L". aii'l ;i.-i< \<Mir neinlibor to do the same 

^ ■ H ■^ 1 ^^ ^ ^ ^ ■ I ^^ I ^^ ; ^ ^ ^ 2 ■ I ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ I ^^ : ■^ W ^ I ^ ^ ^^ I ^^ I ^^ I ^^ M - I ■ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 








I X ' l Mill H"M"I"I"I"I"I"M"I"1"1 - I"M"M t ' li - l-I - l-M ■ ! ■ 


Kdifor III flu- kcMtii<k> Snii: 

It ix iiiy itrcilit'tiiin thut tlie entire Ke|>ul)li«-un ticket \\\\\ lie elected 
en NoxciuIht h\ a MiH.i<>ril> ni more than 2i),<NH). rhi<i •<tutement 
N Itaocd on the pull taken !•> the iiepnlilicans in the State, the rejMirts 
Biadr >>> tile co'iiit) and precinct onrani/utions to head<iuarters, by the 
riithu--iusui )ii the rro>wiN atteiiJini: the nieetinir^ oi our speakers and 
especially our nominee I'or (•i>\erni>r, and I'nini tlie increased rei^istra- 
tiea of tlie ttepablicaBH in all of the cities and towuN of the State. 

( hairnian Campaign Cummittee. 



^ I«1„I«I„I„IMI»I ^ H " H " I - ^ ^ I ^^ H ^^ I ^ I ^^ ^ ■ I ^^ M ■ M " I ■ 1 ^^ I ■ I ^^ I ^ ^" 

to IBLP 



Manasor Tlionias M. Russell of the 
Washington Opera House will donate 
a cortala per ceet of the proceeds of 
the balcoa7 Friday night to dooiestic 
science department of the colored 
school. Prof. W. H. Humphrey, who 
started the fund aeveral weeka ago, 
has now collected enough money to 
start tlie duim stic science department 
.Monday, and if the fixtures are in po- 
-aition, will do ao. ^ery eolorad per- 
son in Maysville should attend the 
show at the Washington Friday, as by 
ao doing they will help to establiah 
domestic science in their achoola. 



OF Mito. 


Mrs. Elisabeth Justus, widow of Mil- 
tna Jaataa. died very aaddealy at her 

borne In Ripley Wednesday morning 
of heart trouble, aged 66 years She 
was standing at a window talking' to 
a neighbor when ahe sank to the floor, 
bat expired before a physician could 

ia aurvived by one son, William, 
who Uvea to Aiaaka. and oae daughter. 

at PortiaipV Ore. 



Work on the new Liberty irarehouse 
to be erected on the comer of Third 
and Commerce atreeta. is being rush- 
ed. Workmen are at work (iiu^iim 
the foandatton and it will not be many 
daya before the Mg hooae ia ready for 

Wednesday afternoon Aaylum Ooard 

J V. Harbour took Stanley Yackhoff, 
aged 26. the Hungarian laborer who 
waa declared to be inaaae Tueaday 

by a jury, to the State Insane Asylum 
at Lexington, where he will receive 


Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping 
or Harper's Bazaar two years for I"! 
for either of above. Offer expiree 
November 10. We have many other 
special offers. Aa for catalogae at 


Several watnn loads of pyjjsies pass 
ed through this city W^ednesday after 
noon. They did not Hager long aa 

they know that the pooi»le and author- 
ities do not care to be Iwthered with 

' Pure sweet cider SO eeata per gal- 
lon J. C. CABLISH & BRO. 


lipiRi aver w stock «i MtilM M IIWIMH M IM *dMli 
snOL ai it INS at ckL 

IMtanrilHtjiiiilBliistltA In put hng b IMlM M if ■ 

ireatly rtiMi. 

kp't wkss this ippvtnity ti pt wkat yu wait n iMiir mk WlitiBg niatMU Uli 
prim mr kmn ii Maysvilli. Tiris at tMs retaed price are CASH. 


Hiw Tt AwM 

Tbe Motor Car That Bags | 
At tlio Knees | 

The antomobile is cnximiilj likt tht tody— «n ■ 

aisembling of independent parts. 9 
The nua-numhine ii made np of muscle and bone, nerve I 
aad blood, watw aad lit. wa«to BNttar aad Mm. 5 
As far as lootmiotion s concerned, MittMr aadriao is 9 

any stronger than its weakest 'link.' ■ 
Mark the badly co-ordinted man. He looks 0. K., bnt J 
wkon tibore are stairs to eUmb or pace to be forced, he pufTs ■ 
aad paata, aad obo eoaebides that his mddy color came from Q 
a xecent facial massage; that his bellows need mending, that ■ 
his muscles aren't; that his "strength" is mere scenery and Q 
that his found appearance is mostly tailor made. ■ 
BaTwt ymi iow aalflMbika Jwt Ifln tlnft, M "pnt- 9 
bnt won't take you from Here to There and Back? 9 
The "Wonder Car" that the Square Deal Man sells won't 9 
'bag at the knees, ' and he can prove by the testimony of de- 9 
SgMad •man that tt will tako ywi Then aikl Book, »ot | 
once, but many times and that it is the lowest "After Cost" 
car on the market today. If you are a prospective car own- 
er, 'phone us and we will be glad to take you for a trial spin 
the MaanmH "SB." 

muKE BRoyyN\ 


Tht biaist ilverthad ui tbe beM CANE and MAPLE Synp nM ii tli 
.dv^StatK. PacM ■ Ui Cibii skai^ tlK. 25ciii4Sc 




onls For the Season Are Sent 
Oat By rre»i4eBt Jee (to. 

PortaoMHitli la the t roa g e t bat- 

ting team in the Oliio State League, ac- 
cording to the 1915 average just an- 
nouaced by tbe league officials. wUIr 
Maysville raaked aeooad. wttb aa av- 
erage of .252. 

As fielders tbe local bunch dropped 
to the bottom ot the list, their aver- 
age being only .902, as compared with 
tliat of tlif Frankfort team, which led 
tbe league with a .966 average. French 
of Maysirille tied with elevea other 
outfielders for being the best fly- 
chasers lu the league. Bach had an 
average of 14^9. Jones of Praakfort, 
however, is the real leader, having 
played in furty-two games and ac- 
cepted tftr-aiae ^aacea wiOaat aa 

Reed of Lexington led the catchers 

with an averase of 1,000 in six games, 
v'hile DeBerry of the locals waa sixth, 
with aa average of .97S. 

.\IcGraynor tipd with five otficr 
pitchers with an average of l.ouo for 
being the best HeMlag pitchers. 

Henderson ranked tenth with an av- 
erage of .!»76 as a lirst Ijasenian. 
Tipton finished with an average of 
.973 as a second sacker and ranked 
eighth in the list. Emmer ranked as 
seventh among the third basemen with 
an average of .911. Kelly tied with 
McClellan for the shortfleld honors 
with an average of .;*4i>. These two 
were really the leaders, however, as 
Zeiser. who raafeed Orst wtth aa av- 
erage of oaly. played ia seven 

DeBerry of Mayavllle raaked second 

in batting with an average of .316. and 
also was the leading slugger of the 

H. Devore ranked sixth among the 
base stealers, while H. Devore and 

DeBerry ranked fourth and fifty re- 
spectively as leading scorers. Eimmer 
was aeeond anoag tbe saeriAee hit- 

Bennett of Charleston ranked first 
among the pitdwra wtth an average of 
l.iXK). having won two games and lost 
none. French, who ranked second, 
was the real leader, however, as his 
average was .857. McGrayaor gets 
fourth honor among the irftehers with 
an average of .800. 


The Republican Campaign Committe Has 

Arranged For 


of Indiana, and 


To Speak at the Washington Opera House in Maysville on 

Saturday, October 30, At Noon 

These Distinguished gentlemen will arrive here onaspeeial 
train over the Chesapeake and Ohio and will be adcompanied by 
HON. R T. FRANKS, HON. GEORGE W. LONG and others. 

Let everybody come out out and hear these great meu. 

All Welcome. 

Ladies Invited. 

[Sorghum Molasses 

■ As fine as you ever tasted. 


Idingkk BROS . *'sj:rs,- 


.Mr. Robert A. Bare, of the county, 
and .Vliss Stella Ashcraft, of this city, 
were granted a marriage Ueenae Wed- 
neaday afternoon hy Coanty Clerk 

James J. Owens. They were later mar- 
.M. Literal, of the I 

Mr. W. W. Dngaa. o< Caneehorg. 
shaking hands with friaate here Wed- 
nesday. - 
^ , 

Mias niilMi a 111 tr ffimaimfi liiin. 
was shopping in Mayarille Wefhi>^ay.- 

ri<(l by Kev. J 
' li p., Street M. B. chareh 

.Mr. Q. C Hedges, of Paris, waa 

this city Wed n ea da y. 


■ Best grade. New toe. 


■ The best. Guaranteed. All prices. 



■Aixewrnf pabit. 

The children of Mrs. T. J. Cnrrey's 

and .Mrs. J. W. Tolle's classes will give 
a Hallowe'en party Friday night from 
T to 10. at tbe lMMN> of Mrs. T. J. 
Currey, 910 Bast S 

Miaa Mary Wilson, of this eity, wit 
address tbe people of Decatnr, O.. 
day night on temperance. 

WalU Ut or the- season, "RosaU^I 
on Nofeaiber Victor reeords at Mi 

; ii> 's Jewelry Store. 


NaysTlUe Viri XarrM 9m 
Pehnary 11 A( laviagtaa. ' 

a wi 

eaat keep a 

Who saji 

Mtmday. while going throu^jh a 

trunk Itelonging to tier dannliter. Mrs. 
Agnes Clay Ritchie found u gold band 
ring, aad immediately sosptcioaed 

When "Mrs." Kiizabetli arrived home 
at the noon hour her mother aated 
her where she got the ring and why 
she didn't wear it. when the young 
lady tolil the story that was raarrie.l 
on February 11. but did not tell it be- 
cause of her desire to hold her posi- 
tioii at the pliio"' where she waa em- 
ployed as long as poiisible. 

The yoimg lady is Miss Blisabetn 
lUlchie, ag»-d 18, daiiiihter of .Mrs Ae- 
nes Clay Kitcbie, who was before mar- 
riage oae of this city's most beauti- 
ful yoaag ladies — .Miss Agnes Breen, 
sister of Mrs. Thomas V Boyce. of 
EUist Second street, and inherited all 
the charms of her mother, being not 
only pretty in (ace and figure, but in 
lady-like manners and ways as wt-ll 

Tbe fortunate young uian in the case 
is Joseph King, son of Captain Con 
Kins, the poimlar ('. O. Maysvillo 
Accommodation conductor, and a iwit.',* 
worthy yoaag man. 

After receiriag the parental bless- 
ings of their parents the young couple 
have gone to housekeeping at 9<'!t 
Banklick street, in Covington. 

Tbe Ledger and their numerous 
friends here extend constat tilation« 
and good wishes for a long and liappy 
voyage over the matrimonial sea. 


Prof. Charles W. Stewart, at one 
time leadlag comet player in the fa- 
■eoas Haucke's Ree<] and Brass Band 
«( this city., is here on a visit to rela- 
tives and friends. Charlie Is an- 
other of tbe men from Maysville who 
has made good, and w'hile here %a8 ac- 
j counted one of the leading musicians 
ot bis age ia this section of the coun- 


If you want a good seat for the 
opening Lyeeaai maaical atraction, 
you had better get baay aad see Wil- 
liain's altout it at once. 

Mr. Rafael Diaz, teaor, and .Mme. 
C'ara Sapin. contralto, two of Boston's 
Grand Opera stars, will be on the lo- 
cal High School platform Friday nisht, 
October 29. This la tbe musical event 
of the season, wkleb all Borers of high- 
class music can ill afford to miss. 


The street flusher washed every bit 

rf brick stfets in the city Wednes- 
day, with the result that the streets 
are mneb eleaner. This "happening" 
shrxild he frrdiieiit, as it improves the 
city 's appearance and with each flush- 
ing citlsens are apt to take more care 
to keep the 8tre«ts clean If tbe city 
government sets the example. 

The houses on the lot now being 
cleared to make room for the new 

l.ibtTty tobacco warehouse at Third 


We have the best line of Mackinaw Coats in town. You will certainly want 
one for Fall and Winter Wear. You can't find any better coat for all-round service- 
Norfolk out, double breasted, shawl collar with yoke; paneled front and back. 
The variety is endless; the selection easy. 

MACKINAWS FOR BOYS. A mackinaw it the most satisfying boy's 
ment ever conceived. All lads like them and rightly too. Warm and *^cooify.*' 

ECONOMY— SERVICE— GOOD LOOKS are happily combined in our 
Mackinaws. They will make any boy happy. 



f ^^ n wt ^^m t wf^gkft 




Several months ago the City Conn- 
ctl passed a traffic ordinance to com- 
I>el the owners of autos and other con- 
veyances to tnm their vehicles al- 
ways to the right when slopping on 
the streets. Some of the owners of ve- 
hicles do this, while others ignore the 
ordinance entirely. A few fines to the 
forgetful ones will soon stop all mud- 
dles in traflte. 

Retnrns From Registratioa Show Corn- 
lag Klerfion Will Be Hotly Cea- 
tested— Large <>aiii Showa 
Bjr Bath Fartiea. 

The final result of tlie rej^nlar and 
special registration shows a large gain 
ta the ranks of both the Republican 
and Democratic parties. .Mso from the 
flgures a hot election will be held in 
Xoveaber. The results of thla and 
last year reglstratton are hare com- 

1915 1914 

ilepublican 685 635 

Democrat «46 738 

Piogreasive 7 20 

Independent 66 88 

Prohibition S 

NM-aonmittal 8 7 


Mr. and .Mrs. O. L. Uarllett are 
home from a long automobile trip 
through the Northeast. They report a 
I'ne time. .Mrs. Bartlett became ill 
while in Cleveland and was hurried 
home and with this exception tbe trip 
was enjoyed throughout. Mr. and 
.Mrs Hall Strode, who accompanied 
tliem. will arrive in .Maysville today. 








.Magazine sales now on. Special 
bargain in Cosmopolitan, Harper's Ba-j 

taar aad Good Housekeeping. Any of Will be at Parker & Riley's stable ^ Wedneaday. 

CO.>Fi!li£D TO HOME. 

.Mr John Thomas Mackey, chief 
clerk at Mike Brown's big store, is 
confined to hia iMHne on East Fourth 
street with a severe attack of neural- 
gia. It will be several days before 
he wiU be able to reaame hia duties. 

Mr. R. H. Ryan. fA Fleningsbarg. 
was in tills eity Wednesday on bu«i- 


TOUl 1.612 1.490 

Gain over registration of 1914. 122. 


Tht' students of the .Maysville NIgni 
High School met in the auditorium of 
tbe High School building Wednesday 
I'vening after studifs and held their 
initial basketball practice. The squad 
of twelTe was ta charge of Coach C. 
S Dale, who pm them through a few 
easy formations, after which a reg 
ular game was played. Considering 
it to be the first practice, the game 
v.'as exceedingly fast and a great team 
is predicted for the .\ight High School. 
The team will practice again tonight, 
and in a few days will play a series 
of games with the Day High School 
for the championship of tlu- city. 

above two years for f2. Worth |3. 

Get our catalogue. 


Col. T. B. Vice, of Fleming county.' Mr. H. O. Dud- 
was a busineaa vlalter in this city ' was here Weda^ 

I business. 

Monday. November 1, to boy cotton 

and army mules, 4 to lu years old. 


.Mr. J. M. Foxworthy. of Mt. Carinel 
spent Wednesday here on business. 

.N'ovember Victor 
I day at Mupby's 

mmm mm mm m 1 

of the candidttes for Govenor, we alto say, **We are coofideot that we will do k," and by a big 'najority.';' 
Come and spend the day with us. ^' 

Mr. Carlisa Royce, of Bracken coun- 
ty, was ta thla city Wsdasaday. 


The large tobacco barn on th" Nick 
PfeCTer farm on Martin Ridge, in 
Brown county. Ohio, burned to the 
ground last Sunday morning. The 
barn contained about 15,000 or 16.000 
pounds of fine tobacco. The fire oc- 
curred lust as tbe family was startin? 
to town for ehnreb, and tbe impression 
nrevailg tliat the barn was set on five, 
i small amount of insurance was cr r- 
r >d on tha toiaMo. and bam. 



A won.lerfu; collection an. I every nariiieiit worth one-third more 
I04tav than ii s niarktHl. Whv not buv from ti.s, and save the difference' 

.<rirs *\±»s TO !ji:io.(M» 

t tlATS » TO fiiMi 

DBE88K8 $ — » fOSMJ* 


Extra large all-wool blankets at the special price- 


Some new hats have arrived. 
When you buy our SS.M hat yoa get a |S value. 
Special attoitkm paid to "Xtda tat Kida." 

$4.98 Worth 

omH«s, nntCALEs, calicoes, cottbrs, BUAcmraB, 


Take a tip and anticipate your wants. They &re goin.g faigjier. _ 

I nion .Made Uveralls and Jackets |1. The best one that i^ ~ 
"Eagle ' ShirU 85c. They are perfect aad all siiea. t 


We are prepared for Saturday's rush. Our stock is now 
In all sises for WSSS. WOMBW. CHILDREN. - 

while you wait, and the beat kind of wiwknans'hip. 



MftiLT— ssoarr MmiAT, wfoitm or tm.i, •itom 

a S. DmUCS, Idttor and 




Ma All I •vncB— Nsue 



—»■■»■■■■■«■■ •« 

uMUVMiLMo My vammjmm;: 



For^wMT— ED*WIN P. liOBROW. of 

Ltwrtiint OoTtmor— LEWIS L. WAUDEBk 

of Lancaster. 
.For SMretary of Stote— JAMES i'. LEWIS, of 

*Por AndltW— EDWARD A. WEBKK, of Newport. 
For TwMarer— W. A. HUNTER, of LouisvUle. 
rar Attemay Oentnl— THOMAS B. M 'QREGOR. 

> of Fruikfort 
Fo^ Suparintendent of PnUie In i t r i rt liB R . P. 

15KEEN. of Bowling Green. 
For OommiMioMr of Acrioiittorfr— W. C. HANNA. 
tff ShoUornBc 
Jwdf Oooft «f AnmM-S. J. Fuaa, ct 


Olork Court of AppMli— EARL C. HUNTS- 
MAN» of SeotUviUe. 

For Sonator— L. N. RAYBURN, of Vanceburg. 
For ReprvMoMtv*— HARRT P. PURNELL, of 

4- ♦ 



,4.^.4.4.4. . 

niPBovK na innnt mohths. 

Hv roa.soii of iiseletn ofticeH, iiKT»>ase iu salaries, 
iiiul »ht' i>xtravagance of thf preoent Democrati" 
adtninwtiation. your SUt** debt at the present time 
is iiicrcHijirit; at Ihf rati' <>( mon- than $160,000 jut 
iiioiitli. iiion- than $5,000 imt ilav. and more tliaii 
$500 every working iiour ia the day. The fanin r 
and small home owner is compelled to |»ay !H) per 
eeni of this. Stop and eousiilcr what this iiifaiis 
to yon. Thi' ha I lot of rehnke will ehan>;e all of this. 
Won't you east it r VOTE THE STKAKJHT KE 
IMTBLICAN ticket. 


AfoumulHting a dofieit at tlu- rate of a aiillion 
dollars a day, was the record of tiiis administration 
during the first eleven working days of the montii 
of Oetol»er. During July. .Aiijrnst. S» i)tt iiil»er am! 
the lirst liali' of <Knoher. tlu- adiniiiist ration in- 
eurreu a delicil-of over :i:4:».(MKMMMl. Ity fhanninj: 
its form of daily statement of treasnry conditions, 
!li<- iidTnintstration haK ma<le it impossible to eoni 
pare llif present condition of i ii.- treasury with its 
eonditiou under Kepubliean admin islration>>. The 
comparisons which many newspapers were makinii: 
exery week were iiot at all complimentary to this 


Yotir solemn duty to yourselves, to your 
fannies and to ymr 8Mt, ii to go to flM 
^falb Norembei 2, and rote for Ed. Korrow 
and the Republican tiekal. W« an gai*C 
to redeem Kentucky. 


Pieawnably abont every person has his or her 
>sntere(^ *tpo« some form of amusement or 
entertainment for the winter season. 

But will swA nanlt in any partienlar Talne to 
the town or countryside as a whole* If not we are 
not making; the most of our opportunities. 

V/iiiter evenings are long and much time must 
consumed, and at leairt « portion of that time 
might easily be tuhied to practical purposes. 

For instance, we might have a ronsinp big pub 
Jj« meeting one evening a month, at which some of 
imr oratorical lights eaold diaaoune on tlw ways 
and means of middag tkia a better and wttkm pna- 
|vurouB eoramunity. 

Eveiy man or woman might be invited to come 
to the meetings with snggestitMisoB to iHiat eonld 
i»e done for improving our local oondj^iona. Sure- 
ly out of Kueh a volmne of ideaa twasetiwig tan- 
tjihle nhould result. 
The meetings themselvtt would aerre aa an ob> 
leaaon in foatering a progres si ve iqurit aaaong 
our people, and would inject life and aetien into 
.*very ^here of local life. 

Mrs. Carrie Chap'oan Catt, Belva Loekwood, Dr. 

Anna Shaw, et al.. probably took no small pride in 
the faet tliat a l*re«id'iii of ih.- Tnited States fi- 
nally acknowledged the superiority of their judg 
raent on a certain soeial problem which all think- 
ing men have studied for half a century. .i\nd per- 
haps William Jennin-rs l?ryaii read fin' annonnei'- 
ment of I'resient W ilsou s eonver-sion antl remarket! 
with a grin, *'Why, I've been advocating that for 
thirty years; not at the tail «'nil of a hand wagou." 

What ahoui inviting members of the Lvxingtou 
kotary Club liere to tell iis about its workings. 
Mapy good thinga are being said about thia Rotary 
("lob. But We want no rotaries in office. 

In 191u the Progressives polled more than 24.00 • 

votes in f^tiisville. In lyi.'i they registered OHT 
\o7es in th*- v<\uu- cit.v. Yes, the Republicans and 
I'rogrestiives are united. 

The Demmies had a barbecue last Saturday in 
Mason count.v. Watch the Republicans liariN*eu<- 
tliem November 2. 

The wiser a 
that be knows. 

It don't hurt 
other fellow. 

man becomes the leas he admits 

half so mneh when it hits thf 

Tlie winter uionths will be along 
soon now and tlie farmer will be won- 
dermg what be can do to while away 
the evening honra. And riKht here the 
rdiioi wants to tlirmv out a sii};f;<'s- 
tion that lueaus tx>lli pleasure and pro- 
tit. Arraage to have a neettna at one 
of your sctim)! liouses or otli*'r public 
places at least one evening u month, 
at which you can all compare not>>s 
on tlie season's work, note the mis- 
takes that have lieen made and devise 
the Ijest methods of corroctiiiK thfin 
the coming year. You can uot get a 
<lczen fanners toaether hnt what some 
OIK- of thi rn will have something to 
s:>> of value to you, something that 
perhaps yoa have not known before. 
soinethinK'that will niakf work liijht- 
er and profits greater in future .voar.* 
The social features alone of such 
meetings would drive away the mono- 
con.v of the winter evenings, and from 
a practical standpoint they would he 
of great value to every one who par- 
ticipates. Get together, gentlemen, 
and compare not' s. What is good for 
one is of equal beuelit to all. 

•I* ^* 

^ Til" fariiK-r is the harklione of this 
town— in fact, he is the mainstay of 
the natkm. We can not place too 
much emphasis upon this fact. As 
the American farnter prospers, so it is 
with tht' country in general, and so 
will it always be. If the farmer has a 
had year, then the stores and the 
shops and the biisincss foMiminiit> a'; 
a whole suffers. Everytiody feels the 
pinch of a elose season. That's one 
o: il;<- ri-asoiiR why we of the town 
should woric in harmony with the 
farmer for a better and more prosper 
ons community As he encourages us 
with his patronage and bis cheerful 
Kin lie when he conies to us. so should 
v.e return courtesy tor courtesy by 
c'ving him the best that is In us, and 
hy icsteriiiB a feeling of hroth(Tl.\ love 
and comradeship, it will not hurt the 
farmer. It will not barn us. and It 
will do all of us a world of good. 
4. 4. 4. 
A city dude once drove up to 
country store and stepped gingerly 
frc'in his expensive limousine with 

'un — (iDeU ^one 



We are authorised to annoaaea L. 
-M. Collis, of Orangeburg, Maaoo 

county, as a candidate for State Sen- 
ator from the Thirty-first Senatorial 
Distrlet. co m pose d of Lewis sad Ma- 
son counties, at the November' elec- 
tion, subject to the will of the voters. 

eyeglasses dangling at the front of 

his amniac!ilai> v.-st At tin- same 
time a farmer drove up in his Ford 
and stepped leisurely to the pave- 
ment. The dude glaticod at the farm- 
with a supercilious stare and 
stalked haughtily into the store. The 
farmer merely grinned and turned 
around to greet his friend the banker. 
The dude was on salary and living 
right up to his means. The farmer 
had mortgages plastered on property 
all over the territory, had money to 
bum in the bank, and owned a great 
farm that insured his independence 
for the rest of his days and a eomfort- 
able fortune for his family at his 
death. Which of the two was the bet- 
ter man? 0|" course not all city peo- 
ple are dudes or idiots, and uot all 
farmers ars rich. But you see this 
same little comedy enacted In every 
town where automobiles find their 
uay in the summer months. At least 
it is worth a passing thought. 
4. 4. 4. 

Vnd reniind.<= us that il" we can 
just get every farmer in this commu- 
nity toNrealixe the financial advisabil- 
ity of tieing to this town in his oom- 
inerclal dealings it will be a practical 
step in advance for the future of the 
whole community, town and country 
both. It will enable us to have better 
stores and shops and other business 
enterprises, and will inject new life 
into everything and everybody. It 
"ill increase the value ni tli" f.irms 
and the town property, and will make 
life easier and more atractive ia every 
wav It will go far fowani \ revent- 
ing our young manhood from sfray- 
ing away from the safety and prosper- 
ity of the farms and into the pitfalls 
and misery of a hand to mouth exist 
ence in some great city It will onabic 
them to grow to strong and virile 
manhood on the farm, while nine out 
o' every tea in the great cities be- 
come but erne atom among countless 
other atOHM. Slany fanners are as 
loyal to honii' institutions as it is 
possible for human beings to i>e. but 
with others there is room for ooaver- 
sion to the wisdom of feeding the 
ivoiiths that feed them. 

FOR torx ILMAK. 

Second Ward. 

We are authorized to annonaee W. 

R. Smith as a candidate for Council- 
man from the Second Ward, at the No- 
Bbsr eleetkm. sabjeet to the wUl of 
the voters of his Ward. 

We are authorized to announce J. | 
D. Easton as a candidate for re-elec- 1 
tion as Couaellmaa from the Sseond j 

Ward at the \ovcinher election, sub- 
ject to the will of the people of that 

ThM Wsii. 

We are authorized to announce J. 
Cablish as a candidate for Coun- 
cilman from the Third Ward, subject 
to the will of the poople at the .No- 
vember election. 

"What is your i«lea of ati honest man?" 
"An honest nian, " replied .Mr. Kiiiip. " is the one 
who likes tlu- same music in private that he tuiys- 
he likes when his wife is giving a musical evening." 
— Philad^^ia Kecord. 

The Boss 's Prescription. 
Elevator Boy — I told de boss today I wanted a 


His Cliuiti- Wiiat did he say* 
Elevator lioy — kl*- rold inc to get in an' pull de 
lever. — Boston Transcript. 

iarence Matiews 

6enernl Insurance 

Farmers are taking advantage of 
the weather to con^plete wheat and 

rye seadlag. all field forces b^ag en- 
listed in this work. Barly sown wheat 

!eame up promptly and is showing ex- 

• ttaonUaary vlaor. 

Two dollars is the amrket price of 
new corn in Jessaadae ooanty. 

213 Court Street 

I — 


Ar^ Beodving F»ll Stook Everj Day— 
! Ready For Tour Iii8pecti«»n. 

"''^-HausrWhere Quality Leads" 



Urectsrs ssi Eaki mti. 

Furniture Oeakrs. 

^CTiii StreeL 

Phone 230. 


Your Independence, of Course | 

To really fee! free and do as we please is a luxury, 
'f it wasn't for the responsibility of buying new clothes 
" would feel better. Then come right straight to us 
'toy our dothee and your clothes worry will not 

4>ng. We are featuring suits this week at $15 and 
iO that will more than please the most critical. If 
ire particular concerning the kind of clothes you 
as to style, quality and even the smallest details, 5 
. to us and we will relieve you of your difficulties ' 

im Bewsrd. $UW 

The readers of thia paper will be 
pleas<>d to learn that thsre is at least 
one dreaded disease Omt sciance has 
beoi able ta care ia all Its ataceSp and 
that Is Catarrh. Haira Catanrk Can 
ia the only posltlva ears aoi 
to the medleai traterattr. Ostarrfa 
beinc a coastitatkiaal disease, requires 
a consUtatioaal treataMat. Hall's Ca- 
tarrh Care ia taken internally, acting 
directly opoa the blood and mnooaa 
aurhices of the system, thereby 
siroj ing the foundation of the disi 
and giving the patient strength by 
building up tb<> constitution and as- 
utt'tiug nature in doing its worlc. The 
propriolors have so much faith in its 
curati\e jniwers that they offer One 
}lundred Dollars for any case that It 
fails to cure. .St-nd for list of testi- 

Address; F. J. CHEXEY & CO.. 
Toledo, O. 
Sold by all Druggists, 76c. 
Take Hay's FuMf Pills ftir 


ilfniorratii* ( Hinlitlatf (•iHidpaHter'* 
KflMirt Ou th<> Oe|»artBient of 
the Ptaie cr a tic Sccntaqr 
a( Stale. 

"In this moBt compu te and arduous 
exaaUaatioa of this department. I must 
say that aever have I seen a more 
r<!cliless or incompetent handling of 
the State's business and the State's 
money. As I said before, there was 
no cash record kept except on the 
register, and that was iiiaicurate In 
the extreme. There were discrepan- 
cies in eT<>ry settlement Three times 
out of four the desk was short in sums 
ranging from $80 to $48u, aud not a 
word was said, and seemingly, no ac- 
tion was taken to restore this money 
to the Commonwealth. I can not sat- 
isfy myself tliat those discrepancies 
were due to carelessaess; in fact, 1 
believe they were not. I am of ^he 
opIntoB that there was a s.vstemati*.- 
plaa to defraud the Sute. I trust that 
the serions nature of this offense 'wlll 
not be overlooked To theft has been 
added the crime of mutilating public 



Ofllee Pboie- Home Phone 96. 

i; East hecead Street JtarSTUle^ Ky. 

ML B. T. 



Good Clothes nan*' 

HD0R8— a.-M: U: 1:M: 4 

ilC'z « "lill street. 



I'adertakers, Aatoaiebiles 
KsthalsMrs, Far Hka^ 
Pheae »1 


How Ha Treated Har. 

A certain osteopath was treating a 
young woman who haiJ ver.v weak 
ankles and wrists. .\s hhe Uveil In a 
town quite a distance from his own 
dty, be was forced to leave the city 
Satorday of each week and go to the 
town In which the young woman 
Hrad. gira her the treatment Sunday, 
and retora to the office Monday. A 
friend once asked the osteopath how 
be bad Hrrunged to give the young 
woman 'he treatment for her ankles 
and wrists whc^ she lived at such a 
distance, and the osteopath replied: 
"Ob, I go out and treat her week 
."— Uppincatfs Magazine. 

Did you see your friend toss a 
newspaper on the street? It in it- 
self was a little thing and not of any 

;;reat eonseiiuenc' Hut wluii cver.v- 
b<Hly, or a great many bodies, do the 
same it litters np the pablie places 
and aixes tlie town an api)e.nranre of 
b.iekwardness and slothfulncss and 
decay which operates as a detriment 
in the minds of all prosressivo people, 
especially wiien those peo|ile «re from 
a distance. FJiii insieail ot liiiMA,'^ 
down the papers and kicking other ri 
tise into the street, suppose 


Fanaers i»cpriTed mt itmat Baads. 

One hundred and one thousand 
three hundred and eight dollars uin 
fifty-two cents was collected from 
tax levied on automobiles. The law- 
said th.'it this moiie\ sliouM be spent 
for the construction, maintenance and 
repairing of the public roads. Th 
farmers have been robbed of tht- good 
roads that this money would have 
built or repaired beeanse the Demo- 
cratic party unlawfully transferred 
the money to the General Expenditure 
Fund, and not a dollar of it went or 
can ever toward good roads. Every 
time .VDii |iii-,s over a mudhole or rut 
remember who robbed the road fund 
Vote the itepublican ticket, and whsn 
it Is elected, the money collected from 
aiifuniobije tax will go toward the 
building and maintenance ot good 


Feeling of Instincti >';- Revulsion 
Justified, for They Are Carriers 


The feeling of instinctlTe' revulsion 
against psrasltes of ail klads which 
characterises humanity generally, and 

which Is due to something much more 
than the mere |ialn or annoyance that 
their bites inlgiit in!l;ri, become more 
Interesting as further discoveries show 
the rola of iaaeeU In the sftsad of 

Unfortunately this nataral abhar- 
reaca haa not been enough to protect 
mim trader conditions of poverty and 

unclean! Ine&s f.'-oru harboring such par 
asltes. and now those who understand 
how much more than a mere personal 
annoyance is in question from the ex- 
istence of parasites must taka op the 
problem to eradicate them. 

Tha possibility of the bedbug con 
veying relapsing fever, typhoid and 
leiH-osy has been suggested and ap 
parentl.v there Is no parasite of man 
that may not be a mode of disease 
conveyance. Files, fleas, mosquitoes 
and bugs not only are ail under sus- 
picion, but most of them are also 
actually damoastrated as ordinary and 
frequent coBTe|ors of diseases (tf tsp 
rioua kinds. 

Health authorities must now take 
up the problem of getting rid of In 
seel [jafasites in order to stamp out 
disease. — From the Journal of the 
American Medical Association. 

We are authorized to announce i 
Thomas M. Russell as a candidate! 
for Conncihnan from the Third Ward, ' 
at the Novonber elecUon, subject toi 
the will or the votms of his Ward. 

We are anthorised to aMoaaee M.I 

F Conghliu as a candidate for Coun- ' 
cilman (rom the Third Ward, subject , 
tf the w ill of the voters of that Wardj 
in the Noveml>er election. 

Better Bargains Than Ever 
at the New York Store 

The public certainly appreciates our efifort to pleas^'l>e- 
catise we are always kept btuy. /" 


Ladies' fine qualitv sample Miit-^, no two alike— aoU any- 
where for $12.50 and ^15— our price $s .^.s. 


A large stock on second floor. Prices 49c tip to $4.98 
We can save yoa money. 


New Hats in daily. We have four milliners now— no 
trouble to show goods. Come and take a look. 


We liave what you want. 

Men s $1 Union Suits 69c. 

Ladies' heavy ribbed Underwear 25c. « 

Children's Union Suits, all sizes, 25c. 


PHONE 571z=: 



.SPKCI AT.— Just in, a new line of Ladies' Dress Skirts— 

the latest mode. 

Fourth Wsri. I 
We are authorized to announce! 
William C". Watltins at a candidate 
for Coimcilman from the Fourth . 
Ward, at tha No? eaaher aleetioa. aab- 1 
ject to the wUl of the trotara of that 
Ward, I 


I'urty l-avoi-.s, i'lju e ('ards. .Masks, .Noisemakers, I* Cards of 
all deaeriptions and priees. 

In fact, everything needed to make this night a jeyona amt 

and long to bo remt-mhorod. 

Oiiler.s taken for Hallowe'en Costumes. 



m mmti smcrr 

We are authorized to announce Pat- 
rick F. O'Neal as a candidate for 
>uDciliiian from the Fourth Ward, 
ai the Novemher eleeUoa, aabjeet to 
the will ot the people oC that Ward. 

Me.Hee i ane S. n. Mrifoteell €\ €. Oobynm 


A few extra wide boards for Scalding Troughs on hand. 


nilk WaM. 

We arc authorized to announce J 
J Lingenfelser as candidate for Cotm 
cilman from the Fifth Ward, at 

Xoveml>er election, subject to tha WlH 
oi' the jteople of that Ward. 

We are authorized to announce 1 
Janea A. Wallace as a candidate for 

Councilman from the Fifth Ward, at; 
the Novemt>er election, subject to the! 
wiU ot the petite U ttat Ward. 

We are antlmrized to annoimce! 
Chas. R. Davis as a candidate for 
Councilman from the Fifth Ward, ati 
the NoTeaaha- eleetloa. sohjeet to the 
will ot the voters of that Ward. { 

Sixth Ward. 
.Mr. John F*. Kausler announces that 
he is a candidate tor Comeil from the I 
Sixth Ward. anbJeeC to tha will of the ' 






Wire Fence and Rocrfing 

i f. C. EVERETT A CO. 


Bulbs! Bulbs! Bulbs! 

We are authorized to annoiuce M. 
C. Hatchison aa candidate for Coim- 

cilman from the Sixth Ward, at the 
November election, subject to the will 
of tha people ot that Ward. 

Oar balbs have arrived. 

We are antliorised to aaaonaca 

Charle.s Conrad as a candidate for 
Councilman from the Sixth Ward at 
the Ndvasihnr eleetion. sahJset to the 
will of the pe(9le of that Ward. 

We are authorized to aaaonnce Mr. 
Godfrey Uunsiclcer. aa candidate for 
re-eleetioB for the City Cooneil. from 

the Sixth Ward, at the November elec- 
tion, subject to the will of the people 
or the Sbcth Waid. 

We are anthorized to announce Mr. | 
R. M. Wallingford. of the Sixth Ward.! 
for Councilman from tirnt Ward, auh* 
If ct to the wiu of tha paopla of that 
Ward, at the NOveaiber aleetloB. 


Special Mixed Tulips 
15c Per Dozen 

We have in separate colors the best in Tulips and 
Hyacinths. Get ready to plant them soon. 


Phones 151 and 152 


t .\TI03f. 

We are anthorised to annonaee & 
P. Brownins. of the First Ward, as a 

fiindidate for re-elertion on the School 
Doard, at the coming .N'ovember elee- 
tloa. sabjeet to tha wUl of tha people. 

We are authorized to announce Dr. 
W. S. Yazell of the Second Ward, as 
a candidate for re-election for member 
of the School Board, at tha Novasihar 
election, sabjeet to the will of tha 



Louisville & Nashville 

mDDLniAV IKAmffB 00. 

V. e specialiae on large eoatrada. 
Offieie and ban East Pnmt I 




dally ex- 
daily ex- 

No. 7 departs 5:3f> a. 
cept Sunday. 

No 9 oeparts 1:06 p. 
cept Saadajr. 

No. 6 departs 3:46 p. 

No. 10 arrives 9:46 a 
cept Sunday. 

No. 6 arrives 2:06 p. m.. dally 
No 8 arrivea tfM p. aa, datl»^ 
sept Saaday. 
Sabjeet to Aaacs wtthoat aotlea. 

H. S. ELLIS, AgeaL 

daily ex- 

We are authorized to annonnce N 
S. Calhonn as a candidate for mem- 
ber of the Board of Kdiicaiion fro' 
the Second Ward, subject to the will 
of the people at the November electlaii. 

;; ■ Chesapeake & Ohio Ky. 

Tha Unaought Thought. 

The thoughts that come often ua- 

Hoiight and, aa It were, drop Into th« 
mind, are commonly the nio^^t valuable 
each' °' ^* have, and therefore .should 
i>e secured, because they seldom ra- 

iti/. i, si,,'., lid a praetiee | tara sgsta.— Lodia. 

k<<-|iiu'.; ilic ii»wn clean and brit;ht and i _ 

[attractive, wouldn't it be good for tho| in Garrard county, B. D. ifoltsciaw 

• e lo see? It's easy to do — ^if we want 'has houslu fifteen ears of timothy for 
to do it. Ishipnient at $11 anil $12. 

Woich Yc jr Cliifdren 

Oficn c-xWirn tin uoi. U i par-^ntjl 
they ^•ons•-l,^a:<: I. Tliej: four! 
thin:;! liasleful. 'iliey will lilce Bezall 
Onicrhes — a n:tUl Ittzative that ( 
Itkasaesr. Sold only IqriH^lOi 

Drag C«k tiw. 

tci m ute subject to change 

I<Vo8t8 spoiled much of the cane in 
I'oweil county and the sorghum crop 
in that section will be light. Fanners 

ill iiiore central ooiiiities are receiving 
•io (entsi a gallon fur the molasses. 

Schedule effective January S. 19U. 
Tiataa Leave M>fsiM» Mf. 


6:45 a. m.. 3:16 p m., daly 

5:30 a. ak. t:M 

5:0.) p. ni . daily 

1:4* p. m.. 10:44 p. si. 

»:2« a. m.. dally toeaL 

6:3* p. SL. 8:M p. bl. 

W. W. WIKOFF. Agent 



12N»i .tCRES TWO .\>D X HALP 


HOI sKs. TWO Tobacco sAiuiii, 

0>E <»F WHKH 18 HIW. TfOHl 


\cw VAST rapn. 

- THDS. L. EWAN & CO.. 




Phimen A Traders Bank Bvildiag; 
MaysriQa, Ky. 



and wild grapes are in 

.Mr. Ashbrook C. Frank, of 96 Wil- 
li ;;mB Street, New York Wty, recently 

lia»l slapseft made here. Ho said ho 
ui<H surprised to know that he could 
pet that kind of glasses made In 

Ma>s^\ille. and was rnon^ surprised ♦.(< 
find that the worlt was better than 
any he had been able to get in New 
York. Mr. Frank is s cousin 
H Franlc. the Second Street 

1916 Hupmobile Here] 

Yes, It's Dllferent 

and as much better as diflferent. 

Completely Sanitary 

miic 1 • • eurkr\r\ a. • i S Eletflric lighting has reviilutio-ized the world. 

$115 lower m price, $200 greater in value, 20 B Us use is tast becoming universal Vou win hnaiiy 

per cent- more power, that famous Bijur starting 8 come over to the progressive side so why not have 

and lighting system, (same as used on Packard and ■ ^rp'otet^^Jt'^^ 
°j.^«jWinton) genuine leather upholstery. Many other i| — — — 

I 1 ciypcny new features you wan^ and see U8now| ELECTRIC SHOPl 

Ln.imnm {that vou may get^eaiiy delivery./ I| cA^uiCn^n^ ^ 

TUrd FW^r First Vat BMk Bldg. ^ S ^. A. niLL (« BKU , IToprteiOrS. 

■ V B —VL ji^Bva ia tnrthtal ad- 

J vertiaeiaSBpk;^ 




7T0BER 28, mt. 



Tkc OUm Morosco Photoplay Presents LENORA ULRICH, 

tlie Stiir of 'The Blfd of Paradise in 

A romantic story of a child of the woods transplanted to the city. Calhoun accuses the chief of steahng his child. Kilmcrry runs away to escape her marriage th Barouche. Kilmerry and Bob meet for the first time 
Kilnerfy b«ck to the tribe and the beautiful Kilmerry entertains the Leighs with a Gypsy dance. By special request the first show will begin at 6:45 p. m. in order that those who so desire may attend the musicale 

Pierre offers to lead 
at the High School. 

3Sr I 


Q- ru <D 


will relieve your indif^estion. Many 
people in this town Lave used them 
and we fa&ve yet to hear of a case where 
they have fuilwi. We know ti n for- 
mula. SoUi only by us — 25c a box- 

Ch«now«th OrugC^tak 

Eferjf Ukn to be IovmI— h' it i!> 
4M|f to CMTtoM MM MC «lw that 

F— -1 


•( Ednratorv T'xlat >inth IMstrirt 

Iialllliiiiiin clean and bright, 
to your delight. 
-Tkm CM Dmtt Tmmm 

woodwofk* bfltiuooni fishms i 
ol HtchBB aad table 

Gold Dust never shirks 
its work. Being «n actioe 
eleener. it diesolTet 

Qpiddy in hot or cold 
water forming a solu- 
tion that you can use 
witli eoafidence on 
tiling or any kind of 
enameled ware; on 




**Lui thm BOLD OU9T TWUU doy»ir mrnrk" 




Cyatbiana, Ky.— Everything is in 
readinew for the greatest and largest 
•dneational satbering that has con- 
rened in Oynttaiana. The fifth annual 
meetinK of the Ninth District E:du- 
eational AssociaUou opens this eve- 
etas and will eoBttaoe threosk Satur- 
day For two days the town will bo 
filled with delegates from nineteen 
cowntiea and other poinu throngbout 
the Stat*. The people of Cynthiana 
kaTe graeionsly opened their homes to 
neeive the delegates. .More than 500 
are eipected to attend. The aeaaioiui 
vUl be heM ta the city ediool andi- 

The OMiBberahip fee of the Asaocia-. 
tloa is 50 cents and all tboae not con- 
nected with school work will be admit- 
ted to any and all aessiona for 25 
•eeta. The pragnue tor tlM BMeting 
this year is considered oee of the best 
the association has ever bad. Some 
ut Oe speakers oa the prograai are J. 
H. Crabbe. Richmond: H H. Cherry. 
tJowUng Green; T. \V. Vinson, presi- 
dent of the Kentucky Educational As- 
poeiatkm; Prof. McHenry Rhoads. 
State Sapenriaor of High Schools; 
Prof. T. J. Coats, State Supervisor of 
Heral Scboohi; Dr. W. A. Ganfield. 
Paarllle; W. Tnm, Berea. and 
Prof. J T. C. Noe, r,rf».\in{;ton. 

On Friday night State Superintend- 
•et Skasrkey. of Charlaataa, W. Va.. 
will address the meetiUR on "Peycno 
)ogy of Suggestion. " Mr. Sbawkey i.° 
praaident of the Superintendents' De- 
partment of the National Educational 
ABSociation and is recognised as out 
ef the leading State superintendents in 
^ United tStfUes and one of the very 
iMt ipep kqra for edpeatbteal meetinsa 
la ttM eeeatry. 

Five-cent and 
larger package* for 



Incident dhewinB How Hard It la to 
Sanitary Ruleo aa OMy 

Xacaat Blaaai. . the Wilmore Mr. Henaoa. The elder 

(nitmonth Outlook.) jHenson died alwnt two years ago and 

W. (;. .\ii-hols. of near .Moruan, ha* the settlement of the estate has just 
locutft tree on his farm in full | been completed. Mr. Uenson has not 

yet seen the land and will aMke a 
trip to Flat L'ck to iBspect hls new 

f>08sesbiuiis this week. / 

bVMNB, and be sent as one of the bloe- 

oms. which is a fragrant as a June 
rose. This is a very unusual thing 
for a loeast tree to bloom ta the tail; 
in fact, it is the first instaaoe of this 

kind we have ever heard of. 

Pototees ilraw Big. 

(Georgetown News.) 

Information has come to the Expe- 
riment Station that a hoy. 15 years of 
a^e. by the name of Horace Miller 

Clay, of Shelby county, Kentucky, has 

bUf^ceeded in raising l&U bushels of | field of large corn, and. 

>'o»ei Contest. 

(Whitesburg News.) 
Ci. B. Adams created quite an ex- 
citement in bis schoolroom last FYi- 
day when be exhibited a small, half- 
grown stalk of corn, and offered a 
prise for the l>est thoughts why the 
stalk did not grow larger. He bad 
obtained the stalk from amongst a 

of course. 

Irish potatoes on one-flfth of an acre 

of ground, a Lnrge proportion of these 
potatoes weigliing over one poond 

) trials and tribulations of a milk 
or trying to force Insanitary 
paeple to live according to sanitary 
roles are shown In the is^iue of the 
Healthologlst, the off.cial organ of 
the Milwaukee health department. 
The story follows: 

A Mllwaakae Bilk Inspector dorias 
a Urm la s f e ctl o a . came npoa a plaee 
hopelessly filthy, disorderly and run 
down. A motherly person with a big 
heart, but firm and weird convictlona, 
listened to the younp jian's sugges- 
tions. Then looking over her spae 
tades pityingly, she said: 
'IBoy, my mother was ninety-seven 
aid when she died. She waa 
ttaa I aoi. aad Hrdd ta a 
bouse and drank dirtier milk. 
If she could stand it ! guess there 
ain't no reason why I and the city 
folks that get mVM from this farm 
can't stand it loo " 

And not being able to answer that 
argument, the milk inspector left her 
—kindly withal, but yet veidac her 
orer '^bem there 
idees of cleatilinps 

RtartlB' SeawtUag. 

( i.i-.\in.^ton Herald.) 
If that Eastern oculist who adver- 
tifees nose glasses that will "anrely 
stay on" can const rufl a pair that will 
pt.rmanently straddle the fat and unin- 
telligent looking snout of the Herald 
man and make him look as intellectual 
and scholarly and peevibh as this 
deadly thing does Henry Lloyd and 
Andrew Leonard, he will accomplish 
ed as much at least as to do that rough 
aad tumble contingent known as pain- 
less dentists. 

fisie Kaflroail Tit OwinvrMille. 
W. W. Hubbard, declaring himself 
unable to oi>erate and maintain the 
OwingB\-ille and Olympic railroad, of 
^^hicb he is the owner, has given It 
over to the town of Owingsville. At 
the time of the building of the road, 
citizens gave to it a bonns of flC,090, 
providinn that tlif road Li'lons; to tlu> 
town in case .Mr. Hubbard failed to 
r«B it ten years. The town will eoB' 
tinuf to operate the road, and will 
provide new rolling stock, as much 
Of the old rolling stock was deasollsh 
ed in a wreck October 1. 

It is nearer to C 
da. Buy at home. 


there were some reasons why this 
stalk did not grow larger. Most all 
o: the students wrote good reasons 
The compositions, though, that were 
correct, in the teacher's opinion, were 
that the grain of com was aat sound 
whea planted. 

Heir To Land. 
(Lexington Leader.) 
Hobert Benson, a carpenter of Wil- 
more. and well known here, has just 
recoiv)-d notice that be is heir to a 
tract of coal aad timber land in Knox 
county of an approximate value of 
150.000. This land was owned along 
iMchland Creek, near Flat Lick, by 
Robert Heuson, deceased, iin r.n' 1. of 

Lone Hersebark Rhie. 
(Frankfort SUte Journal.) 
A Whitesbnrg correspondent tells 

of the horseback ride of "Bob " Bales 
from the headwaters of Rockbouse 
creek to ML Sterliag, a dtstsace ot 
170 miles. And "Bob" bas )ast tnraed 

When horseback riding as a means 

of transportation was the rule there 
were many old men whose seat in the 
saddle was such that they could ride 
•ill day without growing tired. Nowa- 
days a majority of persons who ride 
in this section of the State take short 
journeys only and to many young 
men a horseback ride wbich covers 
half a day is a wearing experience. 
But in the mountains horses are rid- 
den aboat as aiadi aa they were fifty 
years ago. Any court day in a moun- 
tain county seat brings half of the 
ooaaty's population, seemiagly, tato 
town horseback. The roughness of 
mountain roads is neutralized by the 
slow swinging walk of the mountain 
mule or horse and a man who is in 
enjoyment of health and strength 
can ride one day after another with- 
out feeliug tired. "L'ncle Bobs " ride 
at niaety-five is. howsTer, a feat 
which should entitle him to represen- 
tation by photograph, in the mural 
decoration of the few riding clubs 
that still exist in the vicinity of 
cities, where a majority of the riders 
-post. " .\o 'i>oster" could keep it 

up ff)r ITii miles. 

I aaxpected S4a|Ni 3fade Af 
.hiurtion aad Sestwn, niier* 
t'ntwdit «f Its 11 road Xea 

>l.\KIO> CH.\IKM\N s\^S 

ilE-MOniATS Wll.l. NOT 


Loaisville, October 26.— The specia 
ttaiii carry iiiK the Kf piilili< aii s|<e.'< li- 
uiaking party which will make u lour 
of the State this week, left here at 
o'clock this moming. the first stop be- 
ii:g at St. Mary"s, in .Marion county. 

The members of the party include 
Hon. Charles W. Fairbanks, ci In- 
diana. Hon. Gdwta P. Morrow, Hon. 
K. T. Franks, chairman of the Uepub- 
lican State Central < oinmittce: Hon. 
Cieorge W. l<oug, treasurer of the Re- 
publican Campalga Committee: Hon 

H. Green ClarretL memlK-r of ilie 
3tatc Board of Railroad Couiniission- 
ers; Hon. A. T. Hert. Hon. William 
Heyburn, Hon. Williaii: .Marshall 
Bullitt, former Solicitor General of 
the United States, aad Repablieaa eaa- 
didate for the I'niteil States Senate 
■or the unexpired term of Senator i 
Bradley, the latter three of Louis- 

Hon. It. I' Krnst, of Covington, 
and Hon. John IVrkins. of Frank 
fort, arrived in L«ouisville last night 
and Joined the party here. 8. B. 
Taylor of the lAiuisville Herald and 
Ciritfin Cochran, of the l..exington 

I. eader. T>r. D. R. Grittltb. of Dan- 
ville: .1. c. Speight, of Mayfield, ar» 
also on the train. 

Marfww Is ttfitimihUe, 
Mr. .Morrow, whose energetic cam- 
paigning seriously affej'ted his throat. 
(omi>flling the cancellation of one of 
his speaking engagements last week, 
arrived last night and appears to be 
in excellent voice again. His speeches 
ai the out-of-door engagements for 
the remainder of the week will !>'• 
very brief. .Mr. .\|ori")'\ i xpr' ssed Ih" 
greatest satisfaction with ilie out- 
look, aad after cheeking over the later 
reports from countii p ii\ 'prions s<>c 
tions of the State, d<'i'iai<'d th.n Ox- 
local leaders were getting i'v<-n more 
encouraging resnlts than be bad ex- 

Local Democrats have r«ft'ived a 
decided setback as a result of the 
great Morrow meeting at the Phoenix 
Hill auditorium last Friday night 
Tlie auditorium was s«-lected. it wa? 
learned today, on account of its beinr 
the most available public hall, but 
there were some misgivings on the 
part of local Republicans that on ac- 
count of its sise and location that it 
would not be filled. 

The enormous cro'^d Iliai jaiiimi-<l 
into the building lilliug every seal 
and standing room nook, and its en- 
thusiastic demonstration >iav.' Louis 
ville the first realization of the real 
strength of the popular snppor* 
which Mr. Morrow has won, and the 
Republicans are making the most of 

With this record at Louisville, the 
speakers who left here this moming 
are now looking forward lo an ■ cnial- 
ly effective and significant meeting at 
Lextagton on Tharsday night, which 
w ill Ik- the first large «tty to be visit- 
ed on the trip 

6. 0. P. m UIGEi 

Primary Elections a Presage of 
Republican Victory. 


That Sfeaali Ba H eaded By MaysTllle 


Itinerary of Morrow and FalrbankK 

Hpccial Triala—Te Speak In There's serious dangsr ta vegleettog 

!any weakness of fha feMaeys. Tb« 
1 wnratag that Matara, glvas sbonld not 
be oTerlookad. If troabled by too fre- 
quent passage of the kidney a acre 
Head- tions; burning ar scalding; if tha aa- 

Resulta in Massachuaetta and Psnn- { Republican State Campaign 

aylvania Shew That F ormer Pro- t anarters, Ls als ^ l lle, Ky., October } 

gressive Voters Are Re- * L'O, ldl5. Itata 

turn to the Party. 

left Standing— it 

Primary electtons held in two sutes 
—Massachusetts and Pennsylvania- 
indicate by their results that there is ; eated. On this train will be the follow 

The Republican Campaign Commit- you have baekadhe, too, with frequent 
tee has arranged the following itln- headaches and dtxziness, make up yonr 
erary and schedule of special trains | mind that your Uteaya are aflseted 
for the poinu. Ume and dates Indl-jud begta aatag aoaM rellahle kidney 

remedy. Deaths from kidney 

no longer any cause for Republicans 
to worry oTsr tha retan of the Pra- 

The Progressive ■aresient aMde 
considersble headway both ta Massa- 
chusetts and Pennsylvania, ta 1912 

speakers: Former Vice President ! have tacreaaed ^ta th eJJnlted 
Charles W. ratrbanks. of ladtana; | »>«»«t W par tail Vt 

Hon. Edwin F. .Morrow, Republican | The risk ta too great— you caal af- 

Idney disepaa' 

candidate (or Governor; United States 
Scaator W. O. Hartfag. of OMa; Jadge 

both sUtes were lost to the Repub- ! Kdward C O'Rear, Hon. E. T. Franks 
lit ans because of the third party. and others. The train left Louisville, 

The model of this afternoon dress is of 
gray satin trimmed with black vel- 
vet and white net frIH. Waial shir- 
ring is held in ptaca by eoraaga bou- 
aucL The skirt ef tha diaaa la fall, 
with shirring f er m in g a yah fc 


At the recent prhnarles. howerer. 
the fight was nade wlthta the party. 
Thus in Massachusetts former Repre- 
sentative -McCall was opposed for (hej 
Republican nomination for governor j 
by Lieutenant Governor Cushing and i 
former Governor Foss. And because 
Mr. McCall waa backed by the con- 
senratlTe eloBMnt. tha "^egatar or. 
gantsstion.'' he won the nominstlon. 

In Philadelphia, wh' io th^- iniiu Ipal 
Pennsylvania fight was waged, there 
was a three-cornered struggle in the 
Republican party. Two of the con- 
testants were also avawai aspiranto 
for the Waahlngton party nomination. 
It was as the Washington party that 
the Progressive party was known In 
Pennsylvania In 1912. and the .'ikelelon i 
organization has continued under that 
name. Thomas B. Smith, former post- 
master of the city, who was ba( ked 
by all elemento ot the "regular" He- 
puUlean orgaalsatioa. had Bra tlam 
as many votes as hta two radleal o^- 
ponents combined. 

The Kepublican parly evidently has 
passed through Its long travail. Even 
ta paraly local elections the Repub- 
licans are putting fbrth the protection 
and prosperity bwae and are Badtag 
that It makes a strong appeal. Mr 
McCall put that Isstie forward ta Mas- 
sachusetts and Mr. Barith advaacad it 
in Philadelpbta. 

GIri Who Wonid Remain BItai Mast 
A rra nge Her Daily Meato WWh 
the Utmost Care. 

The girl who la In'-liiied by nature 
toward stomne.s.s must diet vigorously 
in order to keep her weight down and 
luust beware and take care if ahe does 
not wish to be ovwtaken by tha dread- 
ed flesh. 

If a Kirl belongs to a family of 
heavyweights, but is herself suflicient- 
ly slim for her size, she need not con- 
gratulate herself too soon on her ^ylph- 
like shape, bat should keep on the 
sharp lookout lor aay increase ta size. 
Once she begins to grow stoater Ae 
will be amn/od to see how rapidly her 
weight increases. 

At the first signs of hateful fat the 
girl should begta a vigorous campaign 
against the enemy, before sha to ab- 
s;)luteiy conquered by it. 

The first and most powerful weapon 
to use in this warfare against flesh are 
diet and exercise. The diet should 
eliminate all sweets (cakes, candies, 
desserts, sodas, sugar in tea or coffee, 
eta): all starchy foods (rioe. white 
bread, poutoea, bsaaa. paaa, etc.). and 
an tatty foods (ereaa, nOk. ^oeo- 
late. etc.v However, it is a great mis- 
take to cut down too much on tha 
amount of tood. tov It aaijr pradaeaa 

Another potat ahoat the diet to 
this: It to hett«r to toka three slim 
meals, eonsistlng of noa-tatteaing 
foods, tlian to eat only one meal a day, 
in which enough is eaten to make up 
for four other meals. .\ great many 
women follow this form of dieting, 
giving up all but one meal, but they 
eat enough at this one repast to make 
ap tor an their dieting. 

White House Delusion. 

It would appear that President Wil- 
son Is still unconvinced that this tariff 
is ta need of revision: that he atlll 
diseredtts tta ffl aSeeto on the baal 
ness of the country np to the time 
of the outbreak of the war, and that 
he still has faith in its sufficiency as a 
revenue producer and as a stimulant 
to prosperity through incitement to 
higher skiU and better OMtboda in 
Amarteaa tadaatrtal aettrlttaa. 

The sooner this delusion gets out of 
the president's head the better for the 
I'nited States. The new conditions 
and new complications arising from 
the war and the world-wide disturb 
ance ot the balance ot maiynfacturing 
trade present an aawiaMplsd ofpor- 
tunlty People are bagtaalag to see 
what prompt action and Judicious pro 
tectlve legislation In the matter of the 
dyestuffs Industry might do for the 
country. The dyestuffs industry Is a 
single illustration only ot the great 
trade adraatagoa wVUk tha altaatlon 

The tariff Is an inseparable tactor. 
Use It promptly, fearlessly, and as 
skillfully and legitimately as Bismarck 
used It 40 years ago, and the wheels 
of American industry will apta as they 

Tuesday morning October 26. 
Thursdsy, •ctshwr S& 
Jellico — 9 a. m. 
Williamsburg— 10:20 n. m. 
London — 12:36 p. m. 
Ptttsbnrg— 1:41 p. a. 
Bast Bemstadt— 2 ; IS y. m. 
Berea — 3:3S p. m. 
Ftnrt Brtlll— 4:M p. m. 
Ri d House — 5:20 p. m. 
Riverside — &:4& p. m. 
Paris— <:SS pk ak 

Leziagtoa— p. wt^ will apeak at 


Friday, Octohor m, 
Elfchorn City-^»fM a. m. 
Marrow Bone — ^9:39 a. m. 

Hellier — 10:05 a. m. 
PikeviUe— 11:35 a. m. 
Prestoasbnrg— l:St p. bl 
Paintsville- 2:10 pi 
Louisa — t p. m. 
Catiettoharg— 6 p. 
.Xshland— 4:lf p. wl, will 

Satarday, •Mtt U 

Greenup— 9:35 a. n. 
Vanceburg — ^11:20 a. m. 
H.VYSVILLE— 12 noon. 
AUGUSTA— S:«& p. m. 
Silrer Orove— 3:ia p. ta. 
CoTiagtaa 4:ia p. bl. win wpmik at 

ford to detay. Maysrllle people ree- 
eoaimend Doan's ICidney Pills. Can 
yon ask tor battar vrooC ot merit than 
tha itoUiBMl of Oto Mayarllle real- 

W. r. X^Bch, 127 West Third St. 
MayavUISk aaya: niT kidneys were 
weak and the tttmgfm of the kidney 
accretions were scanty and painful. 
Having used Doan's Kidney Pills be- 
fore, I asatat got a box aad ^My qoleb- 
ly reatoraf my kMaeya to a aomal 

Price 60c at all dealera. Don 
stsiply aak to^ a kldaey roaedr 
Doan's Kidney PlUa— the 
Mr. Lynch bad. Voster-Mi 
Props., Buflalo, N. T. 

With the beglnntag of tobacco strip- 
ping, numerous farmers are exulting 
over extraordinary color and the ex- 
cidtent condition ot the earing crop. 

The Boys' Com Club of Wi 
county outsoored elders in the 
cultural eqwsition at Versailles. 

Don't Forget! 

Cofee Gontaini the drug, eaflPdne — about 2yi 
graiBt (o the cup. 

Son^e people use coffee for years and either for- 
get or don't know that caffeine is a cumulative poison, 
working away in the system, insidiously undennining 
and destroying health. 

Some of the signs are headache, heart flutter, 
sleeplessness, biliousness, and vai:ious stomach, kid- 
ney and liver troubles. 

Of course, if one prefers his coffee, and is willing 
to put up witl( these ^'comforters,*' why — keeprighton! 

But, if one values health and real comfort, and at the same time would enjoy a 
delicious, whofesoae beverage, the thing to do is to quit coffee and use 


—the pure food-drink 

Made of wheat with a bit oi wholesome molasses, this delightiul beverage is 
wholly free from coffee or caffeine or any other harmful substance, but rich in the 
health-building goodness of the giiiin. Good for old and young. 

Ten days' trial — a litk^ thing to do— is convincing. 

"There's a Reason" for POSTUM 

ClAL TRAIN, liebanon. Ky.. October 
SS. — The greatest special tralnload of 
speakers for Republicanism that ..-ver 
itinde a tour of the State left Louisville 
early this morning to wind up the 
Morrow campaign in a whirlwind. 

.\ larjie crowd nailiiTeil at the sta- 
tion here to see the train leave and 
there were cheers from many as the 
eandiil:it)^nd .Mr. Fairbanks appeared. 

Unexpected stops were made at 
Lebanon Junction and Boatoa. where 
crowds of railroad men were gather- 
ed. A big reception was given at St. 
Mary's, Morrow's college town. A 
ci-owd of over a thousand gathered at 
Lebanon with a band. Chairman J. A. 
Smith s.Tjs the neniocrats can not 
carry that county without buying it. 



Hunter Describes the Clever Work of 
a Hungry Boar in Catching 

One year, the berries being da- 

Btroyed. many bears visited tha rlTOr 
for fish. I was wall^ing up the river 
shore one evening about sunset watch- 
ing for a deer. Rounding a bend I 
saw, perched upon a flat rock some 
few teat from tha ahore. a large black 
bear. I coaM aat taD at first what be 
waa doing. He was storing down 
with one paw in the water waring It 
gently to and fro. 1 watched closely 
and saw, Just beyond his reach, a 
lurge male salmon, bo nearly dead 
that he could not swim. The bear 
was using his paw to create an eddy 
which would draw the fish within his 
grasp. Slawly Uw is f sa ditttad to- 
ward tha radL 

It waa amusing to watch ho^ enre- 
fully the bear moved his paw so ss 
not to frighten his prey. At last the 
IjRh came within reach. Bruin reached 
over, gave It a quick elap, seized It ta 
his Jaws and leaped ashore. The whole 
|1 performance Uckled me so that I let 
\lai go off. the salmon dangling in b'l 
MtUi. wttbovt aran taking a shot »t 

The schoolgirrs dress should have 
poeketa bocaase they are both ptaeU- 
«al and fsrtiloaahla. 

Little glrto' drsaaaa ahaw ptata«ol> 

ored belted bloaMa WOm OfW flaM 

kilted skirts. 

Day gowns are relieved from dull- 
ness by chiffon sleeves and pretty 

Oaa ot the tew ailUtary influences 
ta femtatae sttira that seesM likely 
to be acc or i ad aay saaa d recogaition 

Is the tartan rittrt. 

Chiffon sleeves seem to be as much 
as ever in favor for fall dresses. 

Odd velvet coats will be 
cloth or rep serge skirts. 

Slashed cloth skirts over velvet or 
aUk are a charming tashioa, 

WhHe orgnndto.haa haea aad aUll 
Is ta great favor. 

Short puffed and long full stoares 
are a feature of atteraooB aad ara> 
ning toih'ts 

Hat trininiliiga are often fatly a^ 
plied, sometimes almost appliqued, un- 
less ta the nse at wtagt, parky hows 
and eoqne pompoes. 

Aaoag tha aew twaeda. aabdaed 
pinlds aad ehedta ara aaat te tavor. 

War Not Reaponaible. 
A stateaeat pnmn* by tha Na- 
ttonal City bank of New York shows 
that during the first 13 months of the 
war, from August 1, 1914, to August 
31, 1915, exports from the United 
States increased 2t.6 per cent, while 
Its imports showed a decrease of 12.4 
per cent These figures fall very far 
short ot snstaining tha a s a ar yon ot 
admtalatratiea odielals ttat tha war 
is responsible for a depleted treasury 
and that It has prevented a fair test 
of the Underwood tariff law as a reve- 
nue producer. A falling off of but 12.4 
per cent In Imports does not begin to 
•Qtata why a vedal "war tax" waa 
and why area that aad the 
tax tan to provlda eaoaifh 
for tha ezpenaas of tha gor- 

"93" HalrTonic 

Chenoweth Drug Co.. Iwc 

It is really strange the way some 
people will scrape and economise to 
save a penny ta sosse ways and turn 
righ around and waste dollars ta oth- 
ers. They leave wagona and buggies 
and all sorts of machinery out in the 
weather from one year's end to an- 
other, apparently never gtring a 
thouRht to the fact that every day of 
inclement weather causes a distinct 
deteriorattaa ta the mtaa aad ase- 
fulness of the article or vehicle in 
question. Talk a walk around town 
and yon will see wheelbarrows, axes, 
garden tools and many other things 
out in the weather, all corrodtag with 
rust and wearing out from neglect. 
And every Ume yon aee thta yon see 
a man who te seaaaaristag to one 
way and throwing hta Bsoaey to the 
birds in another. 

^^ur kind of Amateur Fin- 
^^ishmg n the sort that 
gives the assurance of die best 
resohg posaUg to get Tine's 
a knack ia flmand pbteder- 
doping and fitiam panting 
which comes enly after kog 

We haTe Ae knack. 

Argo Pap», which we sell, 
is used exdtisiyely in out fin- 
ishing. GwU we lecommaod 


V.S. We like la As 

VulcM FibL Yott wil 

to Me etaoe yoa hc g in. _\ 

If congress Intends to leave this 
country open to attack, let them go 
ahead without protest In their work 
of taming the FUiplnos loose to make 
their awn way. They won't get very 
tar haCora thay will ba taiaad and 
■ade to tnmp tha way ttat aeme 
master conquering nntkm shall mark 
out, but In that event we can say that 
the thief stole nothing from us. The 
present directors of this nation seem 
to believe in the doctrine of humility, 
and ao perbapa It to Juat as well they 
dMtaM follow Hs teachtaga to tta log- 


AJiv Yhbb flf 




Cstron, Ky.— la sa tatmsting letter 
from this place, Mrs. Bcttie Bullock 
writes as follows : "1 suffered for four 
years, witb wooianly troubles, and during 
1 C0iM«4r A np kralMg 

I had gotten so weak I 
and I gave up in despair. 

At last, my husband got 
Ctrdui. flw 




The doctor was ca led ta, and his tretl- 

caa aov walk 1% 

tiring me. aad am 

If you tre an nm,' 
troubles, doe't gives 

surely help yon, toq^' 
sold Csrdid for years, 
it will do. Ask him 

He knoir 

He will t 

Sailors in Vogue. 

A hit- purple velvet collar is 
triiuni''! Mbont the crown with roses 
shading ironi a purple that is fairly 
black to the faintest lav nder tints. 
Shaded effeeta will be strongly tea- 
tared thta tell, particularty ta pur 
pie, brown and gray. 

Designers have evinced a great 
fondness for wool trimming. 

Parliamentary Law. 
No oaa aaaa ta responsible for pai^ 
liamatary taw. It waa bom of da- 
Uberatlve exigencies. Its rules, prece- 
dents and usages are contained neither 
In statutes nor court deeisionn anil are 
only binding when a deliberative body 
chooses to make them su .Must of the 
rules now accepted bad their origin In 
the Bngllah parttanent Changes bav« 
been made to meet the needs of our 
legislative bodies, even as cbaftges 
were made in the Bngllah pwllameat — 
parltainenUry law growtag^fren tha 
simple proceduie of the Anglo Saxon 

No Use for Guns. 
Mr. Tatt saya that anuaig tha Pro- 
gresslvea fhara are mar* epaaleta 

than there are guns. Doesn't he know 
that their tavorlte weaptm to tha 
megaphonaT — 


We Progresstres am ta tha right— 

Hon. Victor Murdock. 

What a vast difference there to be- 
tween being ti 
"ta right! " 

men! relieved me for a while, but I was mend it Begin taking Cardui toda^ 

soon confined to mj bed ag^in. 


Chatuaeeca Maildiw Co.. 


k n.— Obailaa Btaari M«adj ta iha 1 j^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^j^^ complicated da- 
r tting Magaxtagk^t^^ Uberativ* machinery of to^. 

If the Truth g* Told. 

"Whoever made 3'ou think you look 
waU oa horseback, Tbrogglaa, Mai to 
yaa aaoat shaBetully." 

"Tea, ni ba at hoaia aext Thurs- 
day evening. Mr. Pschneks; thafa 
why I'd rather not bave yon calL" 

"Bobby, you must not be uncivil to 
Mr. Slocum; he's only going to stay 
a few minutes." 

• Offlcer. 1 don't mind being arrest- 
ed by a cop that's got some sense, 
but you're a darned bdaebead." 

"Mataota, yon wont need to liatea 
at the keyheta thta anatag; it's my 
second best yonaff BMS that's 



OF 10 Per Geot fill le ADDEDl 



, HARRY C. CURRAN, City Tre% 


•.it. f 

It's a Well 
Known Fact 

iftst color dyes are letting 

very scare, but we will con- 
tinue to GUARANTEE eve- 
rything we sell for this Fail 
and Winter to be of fast color, 
and most everything for next 
Spring and Sunmier. We are 
simply seUioK tie balk of the 
^lothing tnde hare this fall, 
^en if they do have Vednes- 
!y*8 sale in Cinciiuiati. 

tieo. H. Frank & Co. 

MyivU lft'a F-gyMrt OlothiTt. 


^ fiuiMt_lUraby» «■ at Mwtlii*- 

1, ihar. for SefTISaKh. 

ArUinr Wood, Jr.. is ia Houston, 
to apMd Uw winter. 
TilHe Chambers is vMUbc 
A. r 1. M. Wrili, at Wodoula. 

Rev and Mn. lahauwl viaited rela- 
tives in Nieholaai 0OWUy WedeMMtay 
and TbartMter- 

Rev. and Mrs. Hooper, Mrs. Sarali 
Wjlks and Miaa Jaade AUiaoa attend- 
ed M w ae a af Pr— fcytwy at Aacaita 
k'oQday and Tneaday. 
BeT, and Xn. Vance, of Detroit . 
Lanra Masv^ and Mr. Oeorge 
Moratan, of LMdarille. riafted Mra. 
iKBunt Clarbraoke last week. 



M«'(ln*'MlH} III KpHiikfort 
est ( entered In Eleetioa of 

4.4. . H - H - I - I - I-I-I - I - I-I - H - 4» 4- 


Mr. U. T. Tboroosfaman spent 8un- 

y in town. 

Mr. N. H. TteaiM. of Burtonrilte. 
Satitfday hen. 

visiting here the last week, 
^ibs. BfBe Tolle was shoppins in 
-yvrUle Inat rtmnOn. 
Mr. Warren Rogers, of Fletlngt' 
burg, was iu town Saturday. 

May Irrlne Tboroughman is recov- 
ering after an illness of typhoid terer 
Ueorge Ritchie Is on the sick Hst. 
Mra. Roas Williamson, of Lexington, 
Mr. and Mrs. Handrick Means at- 
tended the barbeeaa la MayarlHe Sat 

Mr. and Mrs. 

J. O. Tonoray are in 
their Call ttmik of 

Mr. Wendell Tborousbman, mail 
eierk. is boM afl«r a veek^ nm on 
tta C. ft O. 

Dr. J. F. Irvine flMia a 
trip to Cincinnati TlUjaiay and retam- 

Mr. and MNl OrviUa BltftfeU are 

rejcicing over the arrtml eC a 4a«ck- 
tcr on Saturday. 

Mnk Benate Barlxmr and Mra. Bo<r- 
uan Barbour were the gaea(a of Mr* 

J M. Oray Tuesday. 

Mra Miriam LaaMa, of Mt. Cannel. 
was the gueat of Mra. Matilda Bane, 
from Thursday until Sunday 

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Gray, of Ports- 
mouth. 0., are the gueats ot Mr. and 
Mra. J. M. Omj. 
Mr. «nd Mrs. Floyd Tully, of Cot- 
spent Sunday at the home of 
B: M. Harriaon; Omt ««n ae 
compaaled home bj; Mrs. Mabrt 

Tea«er aad daoghter, 
jure in Ciaeianati, hay- 
«l» kawe the latlier'e tonalla 

<or Ai;^ 8T0CS vona. 

Tidner, of Bracken county, 

of cattle which showed 
9f polaonlnc. but the aource 

B. Burtg^ I^ancaster exporter, 
^eek bong&r't^eiity-one borsee 
for Coreicn anay aerrice from various 

rrmers, paytng from |90 to |125. 
Because of the abundance of fodder 
and Bood paflfBra^^, numerous cattle 
|ec«en have SieiMaed tite else of 
■Mar herds. 
Many farmers of .Vicholaa county 
re boidinc their corn for a |3 ma 
'% At CarOale fSJ* to new hetag 

At Winc h e at er Monday tbere were 
out 2.000 bead «( cattle offered for 
prloee were off, however, 
Jto a cent tfnd, aales were 
'"^Vjfewui they- -< w e n » last 
>M at < to 7 cents; 
^<a, aad eewa from 2 
'aiale oolt market was 
belac from %2 to (15 
lie ealta brootht |M. 
. at low as ISO About 
most of them 

& Tan Hook, of Cyn- 
alt head of cattle In 
•yaand Bt^Hrti brought 
ttO-pound steers 
to il.7S a hundred, 
of plug horses sold from 
Two hundred mules were 
oiMMJe Md eaoMHadad n Matter price 
last Court Day, selling from $5 
t20 ia advance of last month s 
prices. They brought treat |25 to ISO. 
There were bo aheap on the market. 
MIkfh eewa hreui^t from fM to MS. 
•I E. Rruelt sold to Asa Jf wel, of L«x- 
tturee mares for army service 
Ills each, aeueral other hnay>era 
ere here buying army he riee at ftS 
to fllK. 


he fountain on Market street in 
*M pfl&ble sight these days. The 
ef water running from th" 
« l|Brdly aotieeahle. A few 
W aC the taueet that feeds 
y would make the fountain 
Ji better and improve the ap- 
<^of the atreK aleo. Turn the 



1*^ weekly prayer meeting 
It the Third Street M. B. 
Mi evening at 7 o'doek will 

>' the r .isror. Rev. J. M. Llt- 
•fgt ^dially invited to a»- 


In St'jtslon .\t Le\lnirt«»n— lirand ("lian- 
rellor Sheraian AruN Ueply T«> 
the Addrms ef Weleeme* 

Three hundred and fifty KnijihtB of 
Fylbias Tuesday bogan the first ses- 
sions ot their forty-seventh Grand 
Lodge meeting at Lexington. 

The addrces of welcome waa made 
by Samuel W. Dedford and the reply 
'^'as made by Sherman Am. Grand 
Chancellor of the order, which wna aa 

"Mr. Chairman. Ladies. Brother 
Knigbta and menda: 

"We thank you for your kind words 
of welcome to your beautiful city. 
While we wni partake liberally of 
your hospitality y.-t, .Mr. Chairnian. 
1 will vouch for the conduct of every 
brother here, for we have a me m bled 
in your city as representatives of a 
great fraternal urbanization whose 
aim and -objects are to make a better 
world by aiming to build rharacter 
and assisting In the lifting up of man 
to the bigber n aliuH of thought and 
fiurpoae so the influence of our lives 
shall not be limited to the abort span 
that dame naturi- has allowed, but 
that after we have passed to that un- 
known ahore aome eeeda ot thoag^t or 
actions we have dropped along the 
wayside will bear a delicious fruitage 
for some poor eoul irtm ia atraggttng 
under life's burdens. 

"If the order of KnighU of Pythias 
had done nothing else but to have 
glvea oar preaent memberahip or the 
milHoa or mm who have received the 
initiatory leBsons of friendship, char- 
ity, benevolence and brottierly love, it 
baa aecompliahed a aplendid worik 
Civiliration is a matter of intellectual 
and fra'ernal development. If we 
would truly live aa the earth drlaka 
the rain of heaven so must we drink 
at the lountain of knowledge. 
Thinker Shows IntelUgeare. 

"The man who thinks, atndiea and 
meditates has intelHgenee cut into 
his fea'Lies, stamped upon his brow, 
gleamicg in his eye. and sooner or 
later the face tolls the stotns or con- 
dition i f his soul, a reflection of the 
diviaity in the man. Tbe story of hu- 
man p ro g re as telle us that all alonr 
life's lugged highway from the time 
when Solomon dedicated to tlie God of 
his Tatbers a temple of gold up to live 
preeet hour the hand-clasp of the 
brotherhoods have meant higher hopes 
for humanity and a broader dcsitiiiy 
for man. Fyaternalism embraces the 
whole of hnum Itfe of that which is 
termed civillTation. 

"It meuuB tlie cleaning of the dark- 
ened windows of mentolity ao that the 
euoligbt of love, truth and justice may 
penetrate and purify the inner life 
The lesson of friendship as Is exenipli- 
feii in tbe beautiful story of Damon 
»ud Pythias has sunk deep into the 
beartB and lives of more than one mil- 
lion men who are today preserving, 
guardteg aad galding to beneflcient 

cuds. The status of being a Kiii^ihts of 
Fvthias in the truest and deepest 
bcnse, loviag coed and all men, as his 
brothers means climbing the bills of 
truth hand knowledge out of the mo- 
rnss and error or selflabness into t1i<- 
suulit valley of human love and sym- 
r-athy, a truthful soul, a helper of the 
liiiman race, his pathway in life il- 
I'lminated by the light of reason and 
d *elliag alwaya In the leahna of hu- 
n.anity and brotherhood Rvery eom- 
Piunlty where the Knights of Pythias 
t .' ists owes a debt of gratitude for the 
eood deede perforaMd and for the dis- 
tress re lei red under Its banner of fra- 
ternal tielplijln- >s 

What the Urder Haw Dene. 

"Our order has given strength to 
llif weak. rouraf;e to the timid, suc- 
cor to the distressed. It has placed 
many a man upon hia feet and by 
words of kindness and acts of love 
bade him Godspeed over life ruKHe;) 
road. Our charity Is as boundless as 
tbe desires and wishes of humanity. 
It. is as broad as the seas and as 
generous as God's sun. Tli<- trii<' 
Knight ever lias a baud with charity 
for the deatftute. feet ever ready to 
go on errands of merry Kar.* at- 
tuned to tlie cry of distress and a 
heart throbbing in unison with the 
wants of mankind. 

".My friends. I sometimes think if 
it was not for the humanizing in- 
(lueuce of Fythianism and other kin- 
dred organisatlona upon the hearts 
and lives of men that our i:i<.'i. rii lu- 
st itutious. all that they bold for the 
peoirte ef the earth weuM become a 
wreck on the shores of time .Vo 
man can dwell at tb« Pythian Altar 
even briefly and leave the atmosphere 
of its surroQndings without being a 
better man. a better eitlsen and a bet- 
ter husband. 

Precepts Boned Into CoaicieBeet 

"tbm preeepts 

.\ iiumlier of motorboats in this dis- 
trict have gone into winter quarters. 

The steamer Slack Barrett arrived 
at Ixjuisville from Cincinnati with a 
row of oil for the Standard Oil C«m 

P my. 

tstth whit a the Canadian trocva In Bunve are eqatpped. 

is only another name for God's eter- 
nal principles of Justice and truth — 
have been burned into his conseienc 
and Uisliiled iuio his bein;; in such » 
manner as to give him a new vision 
uf God's pur|*ose in the earth and 
man's duty to his fellow man. 

the morning light iiro\is. s \\\>- 
slumbering millions and sets tlie 
wheels of Industry into motion and 
Blurts the nood husband on liis jour- 
ney to toil tor bis loved ones, so will 
a thoroui^ study of our beautiful rit- 
ual and once learned principles of 
Pythian Knighthood quicken each and 
every one of us to action and bring 
to us a deeper and a fuller realiza- 
tion of what we are aiming to do. 

■■\Ve feel and teach that it is the 
duty of every man to work for the 
good of every other man. himself In- 
cluded. We should strive to niakf 
lite worth living and do sometbin*; 
toward tbe intelleetual advancement of 
i>iinianity and feeling: this way. nn 
friends, there is no grander or broad- 
er avenue than under the fraternal 
banner of Knights nf Pythias which 
is intertwined with the Stars and 
Hrripes ol' our country." 

Following the addresses the Grand 
l.odKe went into executive session and 
the GraiM l/odce rank was conferre<l 
on a class of 147. 

The session then adjourned for 
lunch and in fhi afternoon a ffip was 
made to tlie Pythian Home, on the 
iiarrodsburg pike. There the Knights 
inspected the Home. whpr<' the father- 
less wards of the order are fiiti>»i for 
the struKgle of life, and enjoyed an 
entertainment, the providers of which 
rani^ed from 4 to 18 years in aee 

How i|<':ir fo f)nr hearts arc the 
recollections of the Hallowe'ens gone 
by when we used to hang our neigh- 
bor's Kate on top of a telephone pole 
or put Sister .lenkins' cow in Parson 
Jones' front yard or some other such 
making the hearts of children happy 
stunt. Those were the happy days. 

No A- we have to be content with 
supplying others with our Hallowe'en 
Novelties and Confections. As tisual. 
We will have a plentous supply. 

Ask us for information and prices 
OB apeeially designed ices for the oc- 
eaiMoa. One trial makes yon a cus- 

'*Tbe Uease ef QaaUtj.*' 

14. > 4. 
!<|i lOfijBI TO OUB AOTBBIIS. 4* 
lateral "I* DOFATBOm 4* 

4- 4- 

•I* All changes for advertise- •}• 
ments MUST be in this ofBee 4* 
The Kentucky State Conference of H* • o'clock the day before 4« 
the Daughters of the .American Revo- ] 4* their Insertion, and for Mon- 4* 
lution convened in the Houae of Rep-j4" ^y'» Pai'«r be in by 9 4* 

resontatives chamber at Prankfort!4» o'clock on Saturday. 4* 

Wedcnsday I'or a .-i ^sion of tWodays.|4* 

About tifty delegates and visitors 
from tbe twenty-eight chapters in 

K< [ili,( k> u . r> pres. Ill imd tln' iirin- 
('ipal point of interest centered about 
the election of regent, for which Mrs 
i: r, nooiie. of Paducah, and Mrs. S. 
I W aikins. of Owensboro. are candi- 

Tuesday evening tbe Frankfort 
i chapter gave a reception at the 
('Mpifiil Hotel ;niil W.ihe'sday al'l.i- 
noon Susannah liart Shelby Chapter 
, gave a Innoheon in the board room of 
the Capitol. That nii;lit Covcrnor .Mc- 
creary gave in honor of the I). A. R. 
what is expected to be the last re- 
cei)tion of his administration at the 
i;\ecutive Mansion. 

The program for the session fol- 

Called to order at 10 a. m. Wednes- 
, .1 ly l.y Mrs. W. S. Olore. Stole Re- 

Address of Welcome — Gov. James 

P. McCr<'ary. 

Response— .Mrs. .Morris Clifford 
Solo — .Miss Rachel Settle. 
Address — "Origin and Evolution of 
O'lr FlaK "— IV ('. Mallard Thruston. 

.\ddre8s--.Mrs. W. 11. Thompson, 
vice president general. 

"A Kentucky Room" — Mrs. J. Ches- 
ton Worthington. of Loulavllle. . 

Se>cral Mason county D. A. R.'s 

« e re in attendance. 

High-Grade ProductioDS 

This Season's Latest 

Silks, Dress Goods, Plaids, Velvets, Cosduroys, 
etc., at old prices— im) advance here for preseat ttocL 
Chiffons, Laces, ButttMis, Ribbons awl Trtmilngi 

of many kinds. 

Special lot of ^Jt'ool Dress Goods at 


— worth up to $1 yard— many short lengths. 

Best line of Neckwear, Gloves and Hosiery in 


211 and 213 Market Street 


can be heljieil by properly fitted and 
of i adjusted glasses. If your eyes trouble 
you don't risk permanoit Injury by 
straining them. 

l|r.4»UI!li«iT0ai OPEKA MOl'S£. 

The Washington presented Its pat- 
rons with a delightful Edison drama 
in four parts entitled "Shadows Prom 

the Past." .Mi.xs .Mabel Trunejle and 

Owiiif; to the last three nights be 
ing clear of fog, all the packets havej 

resumed their regular schedules. anf'.|*'«''c .MacDerniott starred in the pic- 
are carrying splendid trips of freight j A LuMn comedy. "The Dead 

and paaaengws. 

The towboat Robert P. Gilham baa 

two model barges in tow which is en 
roi!»e to Portoniouth. They are to be 
leadeti with vitrified brick for T. J | 

I.«'tter." furnished run for the large 
audience titat thronged the i>opular 

A ?i l»E RSOX.N K W lilt; ATE. 

.Mr. Mack Anderson aud .Miss Flor- 
ence .Vewdigate of the county, will bo 
quietly married at the homi- of .Mr 
James A. Wallace this afternoon at 3 
o'clock, by Rev. R. L. Benn. of the 
Central Presbyterian church. 

Hall k f'ompany, to be used at Ludlow. 
Ky.. Captoin Peter Jennings has 
charge of the barges. 

In the Mayevlile district tbe Ohio 

rivir will fnl! slowly Thursday. The 
uaime iii point registered 9.1 and 

fallfn-. .Mr. Alexander Girvin, of 

Ttap stages at other pointo are: Junction, was in Maysville Wednes- 
Franklln 1.8. fell 0.2; Greensboro 7.5. day en route home frmn Covington, 

lel! O.I: PittshnrK 6.2. rose 0.1; Dn'i: where he has been serving as a fed- 
-No. !• fell 2.9; Wheeling 7.3. fell oral juryman. 

0.6: Parkersburg 4.8. fell 1.4; Radford i 

0.5. ros- 0.1: llinton L'.n. fell o i; Kan- 1 I-adies' Aid will meet in the Chrta 

i)iL J. M. «Kij..s \i:ti:r\> va>cf- 

M UU I'lIYSIC'.VN, I .\LI.i:i> 

Dr. J. .'1. Wells, an einiip'Ot phys^i 
dan and churchman, a^.ed hIkmii 6t 

awha Falls 1.7, fell 0.1; Charleston 6.S». 
fell A.4: Pt. Pleiumnt S.2. fell 1.7; 

lliintin^toii 6.1, fell 16: Catlettsbnre 
7 4. fell 1.1': I'orisni.iiitti 't. fell l.."i 

tian church at 2:30 this aftomoon 
All ladies of the church are aaked to 

be present. 


.Miss Addi"' Pox'l etiiertained 
W.-nesday evi-uing from 8 to 11, in 
ill honor of her guest. Miss Mercedes 
yeara, died at his borne in Vanceburg. { Smith, of Bellevue. Five Hundred 

.Meetine of the Settlement Club at 
Hayswood ilospital this evening at 7 

To deterntine the exact needs of the 
eyes, and to adjust i^lasses accurately, 
requires special knowledge aad long 
experience. TH.\T is why we urge 
you to come here and let us examine 
your eyes. We guarantee a perfect 
fitting If glaases are needed. 

•plemetrist and Optkta. 
Every Meaday. 
UK. M. «. KAHir, 
FM-ry Friday and Saturday. 
O'Keefe Bldg. Phone 663. 

iindfr I flit hfid ^ c€iU i 

WA.N'TFD — To rent two or three fur- 
nished rooms for light housekeep- 
ing by man and wife, no children. 
X. Y. 2L, Ledger office. 

WANTED— Cook. Apply at St. Charles 
UoteL 014-tf 

FOR RK.VT — Five-room brick houae; 
gas and i leciric liuht. Call phone 
.580. or.t-tf 



, Third 

Mr. John Staton, of Brookaville, was 
in this city Wednesday on 

FOR S.\I.E - One oak sideboard, one 
Brussels carpet, stair and hall car- 
pet Apply to 4M Weat Second 
street. 07-tf 

Ky.. Wednesday afternoon. He was 
one of a family of ei^ht children. aP 
ot whom Imve lived to bn more than 
65 years of age. He has been elder 
and choir leader of the Christian 
chundi at that place fur a number uf 
years, and from the stondpoint of ac- 
tive service and Hnancial snpiiort wp' 
Ik sadly missed by that institution. 

At the time of his death he was cor- 
oner of Lewis county. lie l^ves nn 
family, except for his wife, formerly 
Miss .\ni of Urooksville. Ky 
A woman of rare intelligence and cul- 
ture. In her earlier life for nine years 
sl.t- was cuiiii'-etfit wiih rli.' !'r'sb>- 
teriaa S^-minary as teaciier at that 
place and in recent years under ih*' 
principalship of T. Sanford Williams, 
tauph vocal music In the city school. 

His efficient servit c to suffering hu- 
maait>' and Christian character has 
won for him a legion of friends who 
as one great family, sjrmpathize with 
his wife. 

Thr announcement for the funera' 

htraneemeiiis have not b(>en ^.-iven out. 
but it is understood that the body will 
be brought to Mayavllle ceawtery for 

was played until a late hour, after 
Al'.ich dancing: was indulged in. Re- 
freshments in the form of ices and 
rakes of apropiiate design wer<* 
.served. The t;uests departed reluct- 
iaiitly after declaring Miss lloyd a 
most entertaining hostess. 

nig .Sanily Sor^htiin molasses ; 
cents gallon. J. C. CABLISil & BRO. 



FOR SALE;-Overlaad 83; 191& model: 
run 100 mllea; a fare baigain if 
sold at once. Can be aeea at Cen- 
tral Garage. 


Two Gold Fish and One Globe With 

Every 25c Purchase of Rexall 
Tooth Paste. For 

Saturday, OcloliBr 30, Only 




Store. "'"Mfi'^^^SS&i 


Mrs. George Bishop has piKed hor haiisome hone in oer haids for sale, 6 rtons with h^. 
All MMn iavmoMBts. This is m if the onst iasiiahli hiMS ii thi East iaL Mik 

SHERMAN ARN & BRO., Insurance and Real 


Gem Theater Today 

Lois Meredith in 

"The Legacy of Folly'' 

One of Those Beautiful Broadway Favorites Features 

"^'"T:.ed. "Th^ B ell Hop" 
"Waking Father" sj^c^y 

CANDLES," V. L. S. £, 



.ludKe John L. Whitaker had one 
lone case before him, Wednesday. 
Charles Trice, charged with being 
drunk. Price was given a fatherly lec- 
ture. $S.50 and told to go and sin no 

Following are this morning's quota- 
Uena on eountry p r odiwe , tetavkoaed 
at 9 o'clock by tbe & It. MaadMater 

Produce Company: 

Butter Ide 

Eggs (loss off) 24c* 

Hens 8%c 

RooBtera 5c 

Young turkeys 15a 

Hickory nuts 80r 

IA)ST — Charm from chain, eontains 
six pearia and haa diamond la cen- 
ter. Reward It retamed to tUa of- 

LOST — Somewhere on street between 
M. F. WIINama drug store and 1(:''> 

East Second street, or hetwc^n loO 
East Second street and Coniuiercc 
street, a gold locket aad chain en- 
graved "T." Return to Thelma 

Austin, 106 Kast Second street. 19tf 


The final game of the football serii s 

for the cli;im|)ionshi|> of the city be- 
tween the .Athenaeum and the Adel- 
phic teams of the Maysville High 

School Ix eli ealI'Ml off <iti account 

of the approaching basketliall season. 
The standing of tbe series was as fol- 

Won lA>st Tie ivi. 

Athenaeums 2 t) 1 1,0(Mt 

Adelpbics 0 2 1 .OOo 

The Athenaeums claim the cham- 
(lioiisiiip Mild are ready to defend same 
agains* any team. 

James Hall, charged with assault 
and battery, was before S.|iiir.' Fred 
W Kauer Wednesday ati« riicnii. Mall 
was charged with robbing a Hiilma- 
rlan at the loop in East .Maysville ot 
$25. After hearing the evidence of 
till' Hungarian « lio .\as rolil" 
S<iuire handed Hall tlie ii<>al 
paekage of $35 end costs. Squir>' 
Manet i> ijeterniined to sto]) the rob- 
bing; of •lam men by (he lou»:lis of the 
vicinity and proniis4>s the full iM'iialtv 
to those caught in the mf>sheH of tiie 

THE Uy.M. 

1. th' 

67,000 Cars Behind Orders 

The Ford Motor Company is at present ()7,000 care 
behind orders for IMM£DIAT£-»HIPMENT. We are 
out of cars and the only way we can get one is to send, 
in tbe SIGNED ORDER of the CUSTOMER and then 
they will deliver tbe ear to us. This condition has 
never been kpown before at this time in Uie year, and 
if they are behind NOW, what will it be NEXT SPRING? 
The European war is causing a shortage in material 
and-we advise all prospective purchasers to place their 
orders now for either immediate delivery or delivery 
next spring. If you wait you are sure to be disap- 
pointed in delivery. 

Touring Car $440.00 

Runabout $390.00 

Central (parage Co. 

PtUBSiiltf Hst Air Fvn&ccs 


S. and W. Rasp 

Northeast Corner Second and 
WaU Streets. 

pay more or buy from irresponsible firms 
when you can come to me and buy this 

Smith & Barnes 

Player Piano 

under my personal guarantee as to its 
construction, tone and handsome appear- 
ance combined, and besides making a 
saving of from $100 to $250 on any in- 
strument purchased from me. Lots of 
satisfied customers vouch for what I say. 

BRISBOIS, The Forniture Man 

42 IM SmmI StmL SaKMinlnnML 

The iiiaiiaKeinent of iln- Ci rii llii aiei 
gave its iMitrons a r«-al show Wednes- 
day aflemoon and night when the flve- 
r -i 1 featnre filin, "The Sportine Dndi 
ess," In which Rose Coughlin, the fa- 
mous stage beauty, featured. Those 
who saw the play were of the opin- 
ion that .\^ss Onnghlln was far bet- 
ter than *hen she played ilie lead- 
ing part ;i "As You Like It," at the 
Oem a ttw jmm aao. ' 



Amussior^cAN^moc._^j4^qw^^ night at 64- vccountof music,<le at high school. 

T'H'I:!nHl(y M ' 



p ijcirrufiR ' -