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Full text of "Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1899-05-01"

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1 LEDGER One of 

APRIL— J 899. 






hi mi. the 

OOBM Into the garden, Maud, 
For the wintry days have tlown : 

Come into t hp garden. Maud. 
And see how tilings have grown. 

1 have planted pan-lea and sweet pens 
And morning glorloa there— 

Anil tliey sauntered nut to see. 
Hut not a pansy nad eomc up, 

Nor a solitary pea; 
He took one look around and then 

He wildly tore buhait- 
Ilis next door neighbor's chicken- had 

Preceded Mandle there 

The Court 'if Appeals affirmed the case of 
Johnson vs. Fleming's Commissioner, taken 
up from Fleming eoantj 


tWIf you hate um iff»i o} newt, 
pleate call up Thk LlIMIB, Telephone 
13. and send it in. 

MOM resuming the season or bicycle rid- 
ing seen re ■ poilOf 111 Pickett \ Alexander's 
Agency, which pays tiicyele riders fib a week 
ul a cos; ol a tew dollars a yea r 

Compare Murphy's line of Diamonds with 
any line. you will llnd the prices tar lower, tho 
selection larger and nuality Ix tt. i . fjOtl 
prices and Ko.uljiualiiy es his m otto. 

The committee appointed by Urackcn Fiscal 
Court M appear before the State Hoard of 
■qtiaUMtlOa succeeded 111 having the raise ot 
N per cent, on t he personal properly in ttiai 
county reduced to M per cent., a saving ol 
HVM 41 to the taxpayers. 

%3T If you have frnmls visiting you. or If 
tou are going :i«.iv or. a \ .-It. please drop us a 
cote to that effeev ^ 

In Louisville Saturday. 

«n extended visit In Florida. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sproetnberu and daugh- 
ters. Misses Klliabeth. Minnie and Louise, are 
III Itiplcy attending the funeral ol Mr. Henry 

Mr. Chris Minn and his charming sister, 
Mi's Fannie Nixon, ol Sharpshurv, Hath 
county, are visiting their uncle. Mr Jurues 
Austin, of Clifton. 

tral Presbyterian Church In th 

opticon views taken from Script 
music, lustrumental and vocal. 

a splendid 
at the Con- 

Saturday night the bright little son or Mr. 
and Mrs. Jehn I. Winter, stumbled and fell 111 
trout of H. K. I.angdon's grocery, striking his 
head on the Iron doorstep, cutting an ugly 
gash over one or his eyes. He was picked up 
and carried to Or. S. It. 

• Inj 

mils ' 

Ho It 

engines that will weigh I8TJMXI pounds each. 
The Sohcnectady Locomotive Works has been 
given an order for tWO eight-wheel passenger 
engines lor iheC. and <> .. and when completed 
they will be pal in service on the Huntington 
Division, Ud two of the engines now In use 
on the Huntington Division will lie brought 
to the Cincinnati Divisional be put In service. 

II III 11 Silt live 

Needs assistance it may be best to render it 
promptly, but cue should remember to use 

needed. The best and must simple and gentle 
remedy is the Syrup or Figs, mniiiitaciurcd 


Fur aate, 

Very desirable lots on Wet Third street. 
Will build bouses to suit purchasers and put 
them In the Hulldlng Association. A chance 
to secure a home cheap. Address P. U. Uox 
Sil, city. 

I'eoiile'H BuUtlfnu 4t— e f a utte ll. 

Tenth series ol the People's Hulldlng Asso- 
eiallon now open, 'si cents per share pays In- 




•STOCK !« 

Of una section will be found in our store. In fact, this stock is so large that it is 
store in itself. It was purchased with Hie of n'vine. you the very best valut 
for the least money, to guarantee a perfect lit and to lie able 10 assure you that every 
waist represents a style that iB right up to date. Do but compare our warns and 
prlcet with those of others. There is an immense line of colored Percale Waists 
ranging In price from 2t)c to fl 50 White India Linen and Pitpju Waists, « one 
made with many rows of tucking, others trimmed with superb embroidery or insert- 
ing, from 75c. to %'i 50 A great line of Misses' Waists, sizes in to l(t years, at 50c, 
Mercerized Waists in many colors, worth %'i 50, at Jl 05. Cbambray Waists beauti- 
fully trimmed at 05c. and 11 M, and many, many others that we've no space to make 
mention of. Do you need a waist? Come and see ours. 



Our stock of Mummer Neckwear is now' replete in every way. A very service- 
able Wash Tie is marked for your saving at six for 35c. Silk Ties in Persian effects, 
solid colors aud polka dots three for 25c. An immense assortment of four-in-hands, 
colored and white Pique and Pongee Puffs at 35c. Wide Hiring Ties aud ready made 
Hows In all colore 25c. A splendid long Four in-Hand with wide (rowing ends, in 
white and all colors, 50c. Ladies' "Blocks," in all colors and styles, from 10c. to 
#1 50. Mull and Chiffon Ties from 15c. to $1 95. 

The dm oarload or Southern strawberries 
arrived In Cincinnati Saturday. 

Prof. Robert .1. Unbelt, the violinist, Is now 
a member of the MoyarMw Ban*. 

Vault* F F. Shaw ot Motor has been a 
Justice of the Peace In the same township for 
fourteen years and has heard '.ViOl cases. 

The Ladles' Mite Society of the. M. K. Church, 
Third street, will meet at tho home of Mis. 
Carver Wednesday arternnnn 111 o'clock. 

John 0. Moneyhon, aged M. a well-to-do far- 
mer of Bracken, hanged hiinseir In an old 
abandoned tenement-house. He ted ten 
despondent, owing to ill health. 

Hev. Thomas Stagfs, lately converted to 
HomtollB. Mfl Vanccburga few days since 
for I'tah. He goes as an advance to the col- 
ony which will leave Lewis county shortly. 

Mr Bow Linn, aged *L one or the oldest 
citizen or Klidey. died Saturday. Mr. Linn 
lei t several children, Mrs. Lottie Sproemberg 
ol this city being a daughter. The funeral 

Saturday BOVfTBOf BMdlOf tppOtMte the 
following Delegates to the American Fishing 

■oototy tasting at Niagara falls, Juoa ttth 1 

The services at the First llapti«t Church 
last evening were of an unusually interesting 
character. The Oddfellow* Of the city, mem- 
bers of both DeKalb and Klnggnid Lodges 

ami the Daugbtsrs or Rntekah, atunded 

service* II a body and listened 10 an eloquent 
sermon by the Pastor, the Kev. J. w. Porter, 
A special musical program had also heeti ar- 
ranged tOt the evening^ 

Hallard's Snow Liniment cures HIieuuiHtlsm, 
Neuralgia, Headache, Sick Headache. Sore 
Throat, Cuts. Sprains, llrulses, Uld Sores, 
( urns and ul! pain mid inllatainalnn. The 


The F.wlng Inquirer say* It took Bvo hours 
r 'cently to send a 
Maysllek to Nepton. 

The Adams County Sunday-School Associa- 
tion will hold its annual convention at Man- 
chester on May H and Jt. 

For Whooping t ough. Asthma, Rronchltls or 
Consumption no meillclne equals OOUMD's 
Honey of Tar. Price and '.u cents. J. James 
Wood Jt Son. 

Mr. Ed. Clark of BCMfbon countv and Miss 
Fai.nle Hice of Carlisle will marry at the 
Christian Church of the latterclty We.lnesday. 
May loth, 

Hon. John F. linger „t Ashland will de- 
liver an address on -Our Manufacturing In 
teres!*," at the coining Commercial Conven- 
tion In Louisville. 

In Constipation ■otMOO afford* a natural. 

dren, one daughter. Mrs. Charles A. K 
who resided at his home, and Mr. H. K. H 
of Harrison couniy. The funeral took p 
Salurduy afternoon. 


the Finest! 

Things in the line of Banquet 
Lamps is displayed in our win- 
dow today, worth 5 1 4, and 
price will be reduced $] every 
day until sold. There is no 
blurr" about the^e sales, the arti- 

cle go 

Jeweler and Optician. 


More Attract ions \»\t Month— 
Bedieed Traiisportation. 

* tj 11 f. / v i v«sn f . 1.1. riiKt nan u 

Her Heath Vestenlay Afternoon 
at 1 O'clock in This City. 


vilb an incurable disease, wliicn could uot be 
tayod In lis progress by the ski. I of modern 
urgery nor the changing surroundings 
lew scenes and Ufa 

I her death falls upon 
intimate friends with i 

helming grlel. 
Married in IsT'.i to Hal Gray, with whom -lie 
lived most happily until death separated her, 

tajrtna la Juiy.iKe. 

This blow she never recovered Iroui.iitid her 

voyage on life's tempestuous sea. The 
parting tweet farewell "We shull meet again" 
is now no longer an expectation, but a blissful 
reality which Is worth the patience given, and 

s. RiOfcard Dobyns. Her Mther was one 
jo Mayor or our city. Ilrlibant In repartee 
d full Of wit. an Intelligence which made 
■ a favorite in suciety and an honored gm st 

any circle,— from bun mis daughter iu- 
rite l Uh -auic'iunlities, though more acute 

.'I ami u 

• lUlred by 11 

opportunities of 



Her mother was the daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Armstrong, pioneer clttltM, wlm 
ffOOJ lb* lii-giunuig of their married life grew 
luto and became a part of Haysvllls. Of tbis 
knowledge Mrs. Cray was proud, and could 
recount in charming conversation the early 

All her lire she lias been I member of 
■pits ipal Church, and the nfV s or thatch 
sbe lovod so well will lie read by her life- 
long friend, a preliminary 
In tbeliray lot in Maytvllle 
Funeral will take place from her 

In, exteuslvely she dealt out the 
tores which God had geueromly placed In 
her keeping, and the lame, the halt, the blind 
id went oot away empt) from her door. 
Korglvlug and benevolent, she twined hertolf 
t the hearts of hundreds not In her circle 
ath, aud when time has jostled grief and 
y memory bold* *way, the eyes of niauy. 
white and colored, high and low. will glisten 
a tear but not or the blinding character 
1 today Is visible; rather the Jewel or 
memory, which Is gratitude's w.-eatb to a 
sweet spirit who did so rauoh fo It* fellow 

, will pass down Irom I'otueroy 

The Quota City will pits* down tonight from 

The Hoar? M. Stanley will pass up tonight 
for Poiucroy 

The Avalon will pass down I 
troin Kanawha river. 

The Pittsburgh and Clnclnns 
has issued a neat folder dese 

The Woodruff left Pittsburg! 

by Captain Oliver Tysmi or Ghent to some 
CarTO 11 too parties. The yulekstep has a 
wheel that works in eighteen inches or water, 
while the boat draw* only l : irehes. Captain 
Tyson will motel ly build another boat. 

Ifl next County Court Day. Monday, May - h, 

the business men, that an effort is being made 
to have even a larger crowd next month. 

In the first place. In order to get the people 
here, reduced rates have been made on every 
public conveyance that reaches the city,— on 
the C. and O. Hallway from (J reenupdown and 
lrom Foster up; on the L and N. from Carlisle 
and Fleinlugshurg and Intermediate points; 
on rll'bus lines, and lastly free lerriage to 
our Ohio Irlends. 

After the tt Otl t reach the city there will be 
plenty to take up their time 

Many prominent tent cattle dealers 
will be on hand, aud Ibe stcck sales will be 
brisk enough to interest everybody. 

Then while the men are giving their atten- 
tion to these sales tat women have un oppor- 
tunity to go shopping, aud for then bOW IH 
the merchants of the town will keep open 



il Bo 


ml -Mi l 

i Fur- 

Last County Court Day was a 
insy one lor moPt ol them, -o th 
till be eiiual to the occasion and i 

better time could be found foi 
household ind wardrobe. 
In the afternoon, by way of 

d fro 

i Pitts'. u 


record possible tor recovering property. Tn 


Captain J. F. IllltOa, Superintendent of tli 
Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packet Line, I 
speaking of the business lUuatlOC said ItM 

itain Val P. Collins, the Kanawha coal 
returned Irom a trip up the Kanawha 
>y. and said that it was impossible to teli 
how much coal will tie tktBpOd out of the Ka- 
nawha on the prt t a ol (well on account Of the 
uncertainty of getting 

nisliiusr (iomls nl be for 
tlirontrli llecliin^ei's ivtirinsr-noni- 
b IntJfjl s;iic|ias awnkeiieil an inter- 
est with the liiiyiiitr nrwinrquftjj that 
the convention*] clotbinc sales adver- 
tlsement niiiKc Impoaaibie. it is & 
potitlvc f«el that t usioiuers from dis- 
i h i - M ttt as 60 miles from Mays- 
i Ule are taJklzsf ftdrantace of tkUt gale. 
It is known that the stock cousistti of 
OOljf first class merchandise, and when 
considered that the reduction of price* 
enables the public to buy the high class 
good! Heehinffer A Co. carry for less 
than ordinary gooda sell elsewhere it 
la DO wonder that the storerooms are 
daily crowded. Thousands of dollars 
worth of goods that were contracted 
for before Mr. Hechintrei'-s conclusion 

to retire Ir buabieaa are daily arri- 

viuff. They share tlie same fate of that wm already in stock. They 
will be MMkOd at prices that will 
iiiiike them sell. On Wednesday onr 



I am a candidate 

. oaata 

Charleston marks. He said, however, that it j I 
Is probable thai a little over a BslUI ti bushels ' 
of coal will be marketed on the present rise 
No Pittsburgh coal la coming. 

i new *teamer City of Plmburgh * 


e tic in Mas, ,n ci unn in tin next Legis.a- 

Straw Hats! 

'■ will be Ofl -ale. To those who have 
wot i teiu they iif'tl no recommenda- 
tion. TtKMe who tare never worn 

1 theiu tbovld iry one. They are the 
betl straw Hat- in the world. Ask 
the other hatters in town. 


the Way* there at soon ai 

four days, and Ihe City of Pittsburgh wia 
leave Louisville next Friday for Pitt*»ursh, 
providing there is em nigh water la tlieriv.r 
at that time. 

Tlie reader iK II 

and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh 
Cure Is the only positive ot 
nied*at fraternity. Catarrt 
tlonal dlsea*e,re<}ulrcB a constitutional treat- 
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Inter- 
nally, aelkig directly on the blood and mucous 
MrfOMt of the system, thereby doMroy lug t be 
foundation of th* disease, and giving the pa- 
tient strength by building up th* constitution 
and assisting nature in doing lis work. The 
proprietor* have so niueii ralth in Its curative 
powers that Ihey offer One Hundred Dollars 
for any case that It fall* to cure. Send for 1 1st 


Hr-Hall'sfamllT Plllsaratht best. 

Silk Waists 

These Wai-ts appeal tu people who wish extra (food things. 
Others may be iuterested but not sn appreciative. No advertiser 
can put this offer before you as it should te. To say "Waista be- 
low regular prit e" doesn't do the facts (oattea because you have 
DO means of knowing what the regular price ought to be— in what 
the real goodness of the ffttatl Booaltt. The t'est that cau be done 
is to give yon the bare farts. 

TUMI WAISTS AUK WKW. Um than six week-> from the maker. 
Kach waist is a style of this tOlBntO. TtH in.iterials are excellent 
—the work Is from a manufacturer who has built up a trade of 
over a million dollars a year on she>>r, honest merit. It ts not a 
jumble of odds and ends- it is a new ami stylish collection. The 
materials are fancy taffatas in chic checks and stripes trimmed In 
mellowed talfata, satin ribbon and fancy buckle*. 

BY THK KKilD HI NT BTANDABD we would call these Silk Waists most 
excelleut values at *« and *10. There are two qualities. For 
this (rice their former companions have sold ami sold quickly, but 
slaea are much broken now aud so few Waists remain the eight 
are yours to choose from at t4 and #<t. fount material, lining 
trimmings and maklug, then see tkaat Waists to fully appreciate 
their beauty and economic worth. 




BY CA MilKI!. 


Spain is laying in a large stock of can- 
non, to be used after her nest war for 
souvenir purposes. 

Bu.t. kiohtino is agaia popular in 
Spain; but Dewey tiKbtiug will always be 
discounten anced m that count ry. 

A mas rapidly approaching bit Tbh 
birthday married a sixteen -year old girl 
in Indiana the other day. Now we know 
what is meant by the crime of 'Til 

Tint Editor can tickle, the public with a 
pen; but the public must also occasionally 
tickle the Editor with a subscription. 
Two years subscription might tickle him 

Lorisvii...K, Ky., May l.-Over 700 
horses are now at Churchill DoWM 
ready for the spring meeting, w hich 
begins next Thursday. The track was 
a lively place all during Sunday and 
Monday M will be still more lively, 
at 100 horses arrived Sunday night 
from Memphis and about twice that 
many » ill reach here Monday. Sunday 
the weather was tine for exercising tha 
racers and nearly all the more promi- 
nent horse* were out. Great interest 
eetitered in Manuel, the derby favorite. 

Hired foe t. Walden succeeded in getting- 
such a boot as he wanted for Manuel 
Saturday afternoon, and the great 
Morris colt stepped a mile and a quar- 
ter in J10V with all ease. Almost 
every one at the track, and there were 
hundreds of idle spectators watching 
the work of the racers went wild with 
delight over Manuel's perform;. tn-e. 

His l.ordslup, however, another der- 
by candidate, went the same distance 
in BtlOJ .. but was exerted, it seeded, 
much more than Manuel was. (.ursine. 

The 45 dozen Rockers that I told you of are here. Thin is an elegantly finished! 
handsomely carved solid oak cane-seat Rocking Chair with handsome wide arms, 
a luxuriously easy chair, only SI. 19 each. There are 540 of them, but they 
w-m't U^t long at this price, so come quick, other stores sell them at |2. 
Just received, two carload* of the famous Florence Farm Wagons. Theyj 
run like a greyhound. The Running Gears of a two-horse Wagon only ?37, or 
complete with bed, anti-spreaders, lazy-back sprlug seat aud double gear brake, 

only »47.25. 

The latest Improved Tot 
> to -High Prices" for one! C 
f. We will act as your guide, 

article by calling on us. 

We have a patent 2-horse Corn Planter that winds up its cable while 
planting the hist row. It is positively accurate— drops one grain at a time re- 
gardless of size. You ought to see It. It Is a curiosity. Riding and Walking 
Cultivators of all kinds, the biggest assortment In the Ohio Valley, as low rs #12.50. 
You do yourself an injustice If you don't call and examine them. 5 hoe center 
lever Cultivators HflO, Solid oak Redrnom Suit *H.55. 

The Price Kigliler's blows are death to High I'r s. Vsk Hi- people all 

the people! Ask other furniture nnd implement dealers and they will tell you 
that there is nothing in the business since the Price Fighter opened two stores. 

MO Seller only ML96. Surely you wou't pay 
me to the fountain head always and post your- 
Yon can always learn the true worth of any 


Talk About Your PICNICS! 

a. riTTsu 

jury aervic 
keep awaki 

it to keep f 

do. Dot 


Ol tb< 

t cle* 

district and the business men residing 
therein have just given her a certificate 
that the streets never before have been 
M clean and so entirely free from rub , 
bish. And. more than that, she kept ex- 
penses down. If the women can improve 
the streets of Maysville any. let's get the 

! the best he could do was a mile and a 
quarter in 8:18, He will hardly start 
in the derby. 
! The strings winch arrived Sunday 
, night from Newport were: Pan O'llri- 
| en. B; 1!. Tucker, U: Prank Jones, 4; J. 
i V. tarter. t| II. Scoggan. ti; T. 0. Cal- 
| John BlBlIgta, ft; Jamea 



TakeLsiBtlvellrom. (.i.uiniu-I'alilets.Alldril^- 
irlstsrefund the money If it fnl!s to cure. 'J.V 
The genuine ha* L B g M each tablet. 

Colonel Thomas M. sharp. E II Itaater hi ,1 

Kobertson counties in tlie next General As- 
sembly. The DeaieretM primary is to 

held May 27th. 

I consider It not only a pleasure but a duty 
I owe to my neighbors to tell about 
wonderful cure effected In my ease by the 
timely use of Chamberlain * Colic, Cholera 
Diarrhoea Kemedy. 1 "as taken very badly 
with tiux and procured a bottle of this remedy. 
A few Jones uf it effected a permanent 
1 take pleasure in recommending ii to others 
suffering- from that dreadful disease.- 
I.VNCH. Dorr. W. Va. Tn.s remedy Is sold by 
J. .las. Wo od & -Su n. Druggi sts. 


Men Called Into Active Service 
During the Struggle. 

a request for Information as 
to the number of men drafted Into the Army 
during the Civil War and the maxlmun 

the draft, a Washington correspondent ha t 
complied the following trom the War Depart 
ment records; 

The act Of March M, ls*s, provided that all 
able-bodied male citizens between the Hges of 
H and 45 should he liable to perform military 
duty, and In bis report to the Secretary of 
War the Provost Marshal (ieneral stated that 

. 4« 3,; 

Failed to ret>ort 

Discharged, uuota full. 
Discharged by order 


Furnished substitutes... 

Paid commutatl n 

Held to service 


No compilation has ev< 
War Department a- to the ages of all these 
men. but a report, dated November 15th. ISM. 
Shows that the average age or ;4,W; drafted 
men was RVM vear». A report uf the War De- 

If you 're gray 
before forty there's 
something wrong. 

You need 


Hair Vigor 

Lawman, U: T. P. Hayes 184 Jo Desha, 
I3i W. J. Smith. 5j RobinSOn A Moore, 
10: p. M. CMU, UH •'. C Kerris, jr.. 15j 

A. (i. Weston. ft| Bm MM Arthur, T: T. 

B, r.arrett, K.; Settle A: Co.. 10; P. 
Bitter, 10: M. T. Danaher. ft) W. M. 
May * Co.. 90; W. M. Hayes. U. ]{. 
Landsman, 14; Oil Carry, to; Torn 

Kieily. S. 


Pakis. Ky., May l.-Thc Cuban 
operative Tot acco Co. was orjran 
and incorporated here. The company 
proposes to purchase and eultivato 
■,000 acres of the best tobacco land 
in Cuba. Hon. Claude M. Thomas, 
of the company, has just reti 
ed from Cuba, where he sect 
options on some of the most valui 
lands. -The directors are John T. Hin- 
ton, P. L McCarthy, William M; 
Ford Brent, G M. Thomas. Paris: 

r W. 

P. II. Mel 

Blua < 

i. pit 

e Xci 

nutfraphical union ! 
day afternoon. He had in his pocket 
a letter from Portsmouth, O., couched 
in very endearing- terms and signed 
"Oortrtute." Answer to letter which 
has just be-en found written and was 
unaddressed also found. Shafer has 
been Working' on the "Bourbon News" 
at Paris, Ky., and came here to attend 
the meeting- of the printers' union. 

C hlld « rushed to Death. 

Wsn Lmnr, Ky„ May L— Charlie 
Henry and wife and child, 1 yoar old, 
in the arms of its mother, who was on 
hurschaclc crossing the Lickinc river 
at this place, met a four-mule team 

became frightened and ran away, the 
wagon striking Mrs. Henry's horse and 
throwing her and the child. The 
wagon ran over and crushed the child 
to death and the mother was badly 

Pkxkoion. Ky., May l.-H. M. 
Waite has been appointed road master 
of the Lexington division of the Cin- 
nnati Southern vice N. Mowen re- 
gned. The chang-e will take effect 
onday. Mr. Waite is also snpenn- 
ndent of bridges. 

Hemp tr<>|> Cione. 
LASCAOTn, Ky., May 1. — Hudson A 
).'s lart'e warehouse in this county, 
containing liOO.OOU pounds of hemp, 500 
barrels of corn and much valuable 
machinery, burned with all its eon tents. 
Origin of fire unknown. Insurance 
510,000, which will not cover the loss. 

I.i \ i no i on, Ky., May 1.— liefore 1,200 
people at Helt Line park Sunday after- 
i the "Boston Iiloomer Oirls." an 
aggregation of female ball tossers, de- 
feated the Lexington club by a score 
of IS to 11. 

Several Cars Wrecked. 
M.-Ki.n.nkv. Ky., May 1. -Second sec- 
i>n of freight train No. 41 waa wreck- 
I on the Cincinnati Southern near 
Wanesburg. Several cars were de- 
molished and trsini were delayed ten 

The Price Fighter's Fourth Annual Picnic will excel all previous records. Maysville won't hold them all, 
so we are going to divide it— have one Picnic in Maysville and one in Brooksville. Listen: At the great Deering 
Harvester Works, Chicago, 111., there is now being built 14 carloads of Deering Hinders, Mowers and Hay Rakes 
for fohn I. Winter, Maysville, Ky. Think of it, 14 carloads of machines to be delivered in Maysville in one day! 
Mv, but won't it be a sure enough Picnic! Will you be in the Deering procession? The Deering Band Wagon is 
almost full, but there is room for one more. Come, join the procession; mix with your neighbors; see and talk to 
old friends that you have not seen for 20 years; they will all be here, a happy, contented and prosperous crowd, be- 
cause harvest never worries them— they use Deering Machines and have the perfect assurance that all will be well. 
Come, be my guest for one day; I promise you a day of amusement. John I. Winter pays the bills. There will be 
music. There will be a banquet. There will be all kinds, of fun. Your teams will be taken care of. The date 
for this huge Picnic will be named soon; watch for it. We are only waiting for the Deering Company to say when 
they can ship these 14 cars, the largest shipment of machines ever made to one single agency. Get a front seat in 
the' big Deering Parade. You might as well be out of the world as out of style. Thanking you again for your 
patronage, and assuring you that I will extend to you the same care and attention as I have for the past 15 years, 
I am your friend, 


wiUThe Price Fighter, 






with I 

. lious* 

>ops, I 

Americans and 
CfH> foreigners in the territory in addi- 
tion to the native pOPtUallon, viiriously 
■Btimated from 90,000 to CO.OPO. Few 
of the offlcen cured to take llitir fam- 
ilies to a region that U»H .«eemed ns 
remote from the United States ns do 
the Philippines to the army people of 

ISM. Mrs. Brady, who had lost bar 
only child, insineu upon accompanying 
lier bnaband, ard after she arrived at 
Sltkn aba was most agreaably surprised 

in the little frnrrison over which the 
American flap was raised with much 
ceremony. Hut the flap raising was 
scarcely a mure imjiortuiit event than 

the sppsa ranee of the first native 
American citizen. The child was born 
in lSiil), and the entire post paid homage 
to the baby girl. The infant VTfll bap- 
tized Ilarriit Itrtidy. Although the 
climate of Sitka is mild, the little one 
did not thrive there, and when only 
three weeks old she died. 

Tlu-re WU great mourning when it 
was announced that death bad oonta 

to Alaaka'l first American Child, and 
there was an impressive funeral serv- 
ice. In. those days only OU Di at I 
1111. nth ran to Ahiskn. The tittle D idj 



ed for 

bering down upon him .Joel stood his 
pround and fired the remaining cart- 
ridges. As the beast was apoc him he 
fired his last shot. The bullet struck 
home over the heart, but it had been 
fired too late. With its last and tre- 
mendous burst of strength the great 
bear grabbed the unfortunate- man in 
its death grip and never let go. 

A part] of miners bound for Lower 
Dominion Creek found the body n short 
time after. Joel was still in the bear's 
grasp. It had been a tight to the death 
of both. 


The lUaaarkabla Hr.nlt. tVhlah Are 
Oktateed «im « n«-w French 

■ ■lira... 

l No. \t.. AMp. 

•Dslly. t Dally except Sunday. F. Y. V. 
Limited No. S arrives st Wsahlnirtt 
Baltimore 8:00 s. m., Philadelphia 10:15 s. m., 
New fork 12:43 p. m. F. F. V. Limited No. 3 
srrlvesat Cincinnati at 5:15 p. m. 

WashininonKxpress No. 4 arrives st Wssh- 
inaton 3:45 p. m„ New York B:05 p. m. Clnoln- 
nstl Fast Line No. 1 
7:55 s. 


sn Sleeping Car Service to Klchmond 
[Vint .'mnt.irt by trKlns2and4. 
:oonnectlon a; Cincinnati! for all points 

id South. 

,2j3and4 do not stop between Mays 
Hottl^aeaaeni 20 "° P * t,h ° 8 '' 

outheastern Passenger Agent, Hunt- 



street!-. Tele- 
D, 1143. * Dally. 

IngCar^ Trains leave" and arrive Otnolnnatl 

I jssfolloi 

f scans 


very slight, while the Lack lining was 
Intact. "In a word." 1 lie report of the 
experiments says, "the Impenetrability 
of the cuirass was proved to be per- 


r of the little Harriet. 


riock > Finn i oi a BalC Hanatef 
Wheat Baded in ike Death 
al hath. 

F. II. Browninp. of Seal lie. Wash., 
who has just returned from lii.wson 
ever the ice, brings new* i»f the terrible 
death of Carl Joel, r.f Neu York, who 
was killed by a Yukon bear 0* the 
banks of Indian river. These bean re- 
semble a cinnamon, but are larger. 
Joel was truaptag up the trail with a 
heavy pack, when he sudden!;, same 
face to fate with a big Ynkoa bear, 
which started for the miner as soon as 
he saw him. Joel waa armed with a 
heavy 44 Colt revolver, and every eham- 
was loaded. He started to Are at 
beast when he wus 2;' ftti .wag. 


t fro 

Of 8 

the CltJ of Mexico shov 
governments of the L'nit 
Mexico hove just agreed o 
a new extradition treat 
that which lapsed about 

Fugitives from Juatlcc i 
try will be disappointed 
ing the asylum they had 

Two Colors la Ihe Typewriter. 

A ribbon has been Invented for BM 
on typewriters which will print it two 
colors, several layers of fabric being; 
osed in forming the ribbon, with tlu- 
two outer faces charged with different 
colored Inka, the iiwier surfaces being 
treated 'vith a preparation which pre- 
vents thi transfer of the ink internally 

:':0upm s W ash., Halt., Phlla. and N. 

V., Willi illnluK-L-Kr. 

i..;:,pni sWash., Halt., Plilln. and N. 
V..H ,< ,, i|,;iint- , hi 

al Blue Flyer 

• 7:20am Parkorelmrtr. Marietta ami 

way atatlons 

Psrkersburg and way sla- 


3.30 am 

Celinn.. Zati . Wl,e.-|| 
Pitts, and San. Day .... 
s Colum., Zan.. W>ieelui|r 
and Pllte. Night Ex ... 
Clnelnnsil and Columbus. 

Karly Morning Kxyr 
Culuiiitiiis.Zan.Biid win 
Ing Fast KxpresB. .. 
Columhus, Newark, Zanco. 

and Cambridge Express 
Hlanchester and Interme- 
diate I'oinla 

5:30 pm 

i :45 pm 

* JUS** 

+ 9:00 am 

St. Louis Limited, direct 
connections for 

points West 

St. Louis and Louisville 
Night Express 

»st. Louis Speolal 

St. Louis and Inter. Sis.. 

Ueardstown. SprlngHuld 
Pans. 111..." 

Pana, Springfield, Beards- 
town a Shawnee., III. . 

Mltehelland Int. Stations 

Norm Vernon a Int. Sta... 

Louisville. New Albany t 

!■ Lou.. N A A Mad:- 

•11:20pm s Do. N 

— S p. m. R (press, dally, has free Kecllnlng 
Chair Car and Pullraan Buffet Sleeping i a r, 
Cincinnati to New Orleans, through Memphis, 

11:80 p. m. Express, dally, has Pullman Buf- 
fet Weeping Car and Day Coaches, Cincinnati 

< C« 

New Orleai 

For detail Information .. 
conneetlng lines. Klee| 

ibruugh Memph'l without 

Ingston, Jellloo, MUldleaborough, Cumbei ami 
Gap, Frankfurt, Louisville and points e N. 
N. and M. V., Eastern Division. 

Leaves Maysville at 1.25 p. m.for Parti, < in- 
olnnstl, Lexington. Winchester. HlobD.-ml 
andpolnlson N.N. and M. V., Eastern Diws- 

e at Maysville st 0:45 s. m. std »« 
sins dally except Sunday . 









at. Lome 

Tloket offloes. 
and Ceatrsl Unl< 

i SUtlon, Third a 


Only line running through oars Into New 
Fork City without ferriage or transfer, land- 
ing passengers In the Grand Central Station, 
Forty-second street; only through car line to 
Boston, and only line running solid trains to 
Cleveland, and 47 miles shortest. 

d Daily. • Except Sundsy. < Sunday only. 
Throttoh Trains. 

. T. and Bos. South- - 
western Vei. Llm.... 
Bos. and N. 7. Express 
Clev.,N. T.snd " fl - 
Clav., Buff, and ... .. 
Colum. and Springfield 
Columbus Aooommoda. 

•12:15p.m. •8.15 p.m. 
d8:4«p.m. d«:45s.m. 
•a.lSp.m. 1 K.-aOs-m. 
d8:!5a.m. d»:56 p.D 



Form«rlg C. f, i 

dfl:li5p.m. M a n, 
nd C. RoUrood. 

Witt, Worts at 
Solid Vestibular Trains 
Compartment and 
era and Ps 
fndtonapolit, Lafa 


Dining Cars, Wagnst 

Standard Sleep- 
rlor Oars. 
\l«tU and Chicago. 

Arrive aUhe ne^aa- { 

•6:01 s.D. 

•i?: : 2p p :S: 


.If-., a.m. 
d7:8V a.m. 




«..! Of IS III vision. 
•Tsui. SiHtOi and Sn%UKttttt. 

Paorts Terra Hsute I d«:S3a.B.| tTrltl ■ 
T andMattoon i(j ^ I ! ^7:46 p.m. j «^P "- 

For run inturmaoou as to rates, aupir te 

Gales Prevailed Throntrliont Ne- 
braska and Iowa Sunday, 
Doing Damtgft 


in West Nebraska ih\m Stoma K«d« 
Life Well mgh DMndanbta 
Hiuistait.Mi Pratrlc hm 

considerable damage to property. The 

Btorui moved in a southerl v d i net i< IB 
and passed through tin- outskirts of 
the town. Two houses on the out- 
skirts were blown down but BO 0B« 
was hurt. In the eonfusion, as tbil 
dispatch is sent, it is impossible to 
learn the names of the occupants M 
they arc newcomers. 

Three miles southeast of d,VOOi a 
farmer named Hunt lost hit barn aim 
part of his ■took. His hoMM 
slightly damaged and two meiufei 

his family slightly Injured. 

The storm next struck Oakland, 
miles south of Avoca. Near this | 
the barn ou the farm of ICicharii 1 

was utterly demolished and some s 

killed. The family was absent al 
time. A- man named Polloek, resUung 
on an adjoining faun, lost his bain, 
some cattle anil had his house partly 
wreck, but no one was hurt. A Utile 
further on the w ind w reck, '! the hi >tl 
barn and other outbuildings of John 
Hunt, a farmer. The contents of tin 

phone poles were prostrated and coin 
munieation cut off for several hours. 
Trees three inches in diameter win 
cither twisted or torn up ny the roots. 
The wind was accompanied by rain. 

OMAITA. Neb., May 1. This has bum 
a day of severe storms in Nsbrssku, 
and all sorts of rumors are Coming la 
to Omaha Sunday night about ■rrioui 
damage done by the wind. For tin 
past three days gals* have prevailed 


1 .Net: 

life well nigh unendurable and start, 
prairie tires, which did coiisidcrai 

Saturday night severe thundi 
storms prevailed in the eastern part of 
the state and continued up till noon 
Sunday. At Omaha the rainfall MTU 
the heaviest kuown for years at tin- 
season, doing some damage to private 
property and washing out sewers in 
some parts of the city. Along the line 
of the Union Pacific the wind has 
done considerable harm. At North 

graph poles were prostrated At 

approaching the proportions of a tor- 
nado demolished some furm building! 
and killed some stock. Wahoo, the 
county seat of Saunders county, re- 
ports slight ilauiajro by wind. 

Heavy rains, accompanied by strong 
windsare reported al Ka.rbury, liciieva, 
Fremont. Columbus and Schuyler. 

Vai.ahaiho. Neb., May L A tornado 
Sunday passed through Saunders com, 

ty, about four milet crest, deetroying 

everything in its wake. A li 

a northc 

the r 

. II. I 


IM I'nited States infantry, who wi 
killed in the attack on Malinta. The 
will be placed in the mortuary chap* 
of St. Pauls church until the arriv: 
of the late officer's family from Phil) 


, Pr 

l ire In a Ship Yard. 

, May 1. — A sc 

Cot-EHiiHir., Neb.. May 1.— A prairie 
lire burning in the hay flats at Onlong, 
the northern tier of the county, ten 
miles from this place Sunday after- 
noon, passed into the track of a 
nado and was swept with the spe 

I diagonally I 

s tins 


miles, destroy 

were those of Mrs. Kolla Livingston 
and her five-year-old boy. 
saw the tire coming and ran to a pas- 
ture to release the family stock. The 
boy followed her. Hoth were knocked 
down by the territicd animals. The 
fire patted over them before t hey could 
get out of the way. The body of the 
boy was almost consumed ami Mrs. 
Livingston lived but a few hours. 
A threat many cattle were overtaken 

• fat 

,o the value 
r. Two lier- 
u progress of 

DUBUQUB, la., May 1. A tcrriftic 
electric storm Sunday, followed by ex- 
cessive rain, did much damage through- 
out this section. The rainfall amount- 
ed to two inches. Streets were flooded, 
creeks in the country ovui II OU en. and 
many Binall bridges were swept away. 
Two Miner. Killed. 

Nkw Yohk, May 1. — A premature ex- 
Port Orange, K. J., killed two miners. 
Charles McPeak and James Williams 
and terribly injured William Mcl'eak, 
who will probably die. 

I 1 1.. I Bo u \«, s, r Clark. 

UvTTX, Mont, May 1. - State Senator 
Fred Whiteeide has filed a libel suit 
agaist United States Senator Clark for 
8100,000. The duit grows out of recent 
bribery charge*, 

the track of the storm. The path of 
the fire was nearly one mile wide. 

Some of tho losses are: Kolla LI 
IngWtOn, 115,000: Stanley Martin, Ml 
000; David Walker, Slo.000; Isaac 
Pritubsll, 18,000; w. a. Bennett, 18,000; 

Joseph llodgkiu. S-'U.omi; Win. Weber. 
8-S5.0O0; Jairles Parsons. MM head of 
Mock. etc.. |11 : Win. Zook, large 


Pnn.Al>F.l.rmA, May l.-A beaut 
pearl, the value estimated at $5,000, 

come into the possession of Councilman 
K. K. C McAllister, of the tint ward, 
chairman of the Dewey day celebra- 
tion. While the officers of the Kaleigh 
were being dined at the Hotel Walton, 
McAllister presided at the board. As 
he bit heavily upon a clam he 
greatly surprised to find something 
hard, like a stone in his month. 
He took from his mouth a h 


of the 


pearl of great value.' ( apt. < oghlan 
christened it the "Kalcigh," and 
McAllister has decided that this will 
be its name. 

Kxperts have estimated the value of 


M Minus, Tetin.. May 1. — Informa- 
ion was received in Memphis Sunday 
light that Willis Sees, a Negro, aged 
bout »0 years, was taken from jail at 
Iseeola. Ark., Sunday morirng at 1 
•'clock ami hanged in the jail yard by 
, mob of 411 nun. Sees was in jail on a 
harge of barn burning. After being 
uspended in mid-air twice the Negro 
onfessed the crime of which he 

s the 



.i win. ike 

lug i»u.i BasSMda Toek Pari. 

Ciiahi.Kston, W. Va.. May 1.— Russel 
Sorver, a saloon keeper of Coalburg. 
this county, was found dead on the C. 
& O. tracks Sunday with a bullet 
wound in his body. John Killiugor, 

d for the c 
• killed S< 


the wives of Killinger and Sorver were 
cpiarreling and their husbands took 
part. Killinger emptied both barrel-, 
of a shotgun in Sorver's side, killing 

O., Mm 

1.— Mai 

of 1 

e di- 

ary of the Ohio centennial. He 
at once proceed to make a tight to 
prevent contract labor on the exposi- 
tion. The mayor has already addressed 
a statement embodying his views on 
this situation. 

GtaSM] Amnesty the Only Terms 
the Ameriean Commander 
Will (iivo Filipinos. 


Filipino CoauBlaslomri Return to Oi 
l, mm tor Further [Batraettou 
in Bayard to s u lTemier. 

Tho Kiiv„v« l-rnrtlcallv A€lrnll I hat Their 
Army Ma. In Very I .,.,„ ,,, . strait* 
BMi Are 1 BSISBgHj W SlMMd - 

cabled the war depart men t that the 
conference with the Filipinos termin- 
ated Saturday morning, lie says they 

wanted three weeks in which to allow 
their congress t.i ileeiile whether hos- 
tilities shoufd ease. The proposition 
was declined. The representatives re- 
tired to the insurgent lines. lien. Otis 
says the insurgent* are -tired of ti-ht- 
ing and are no doubt seeking the best 

In another cable (Sen. Otis expresses 
thanks to the president for his appre- 
ciation of the work of the army in the 

It is stated at »hc war department 

lien. Otis are as follows) 

Manila. April -!'.».— Ajutant gen 
Washington: Conference with 
insurgent representatives termini 
Saturday morning. Their mpics 
cessation of hostilities for IklM WI 
to enable to call their congress ti 
•ide whether to continue prosdSU 


full a 

Manila. April MX— AdJ*t Den. Wt 
Ingtou: The congratulations of his hurt by the hail to some extent. 

■sTAVAlt, <ii„ May l.-The 161st 
Indiana regiment. Col. W. T. Durbin, 
was mustered out of the service Sun- 
day. The payment of the men was 
• oinnicnccd by three paymasters. An 
unusual incident of the muster out 
was the fact that a tfrcat many of the 
retail stores of the city opend their 
stores for the accommodation of the 
men and to deliver packages sold to 
them Saturday. The first section of 
the three train* that carried 
the Indina's to Washington left the 


will strike Monday for an increase of 
wages and extra pay for overtime 

| The prince of Wales Saturday re- 
ceived .rWph H. Choatc at Marlbor- 
ough house on his appointment as 
I'nited States ambassador to 0MM 

| Power Henry I.cpeer French, who 
was British minister to Japan in ISM) 
and had formerly represented Great 
Britain in Mexico, died in London 
Sunday in his Mtb year. 

Fire Sunday badly damaged »hs 
former hospital of St. Francis Xavier, 
Montreal, a large stone building on 
St. Catharine street, now occupied by 
about a dozen small manufacturing 

i his six-year-old soi 
al„ on April II, has i 


-Mail i 

ug incidents of the 
lighting before Malabon. President 
Schurman, of Cornell university, a 

member of the Philippine oommlsalon, 

bad a narrow escape from death while 
with lien. Wheaton's brigade. He was 
sitting on a trench van a large rebel 
force opened fire. A strny shot warn- 

icts singing over S>s head. An occa- 
sional bil let would graze the top of 
the trench and shower the eoliege man 
witli dirt. 
The rebels were finally dislodged 

.■mil President schurman returned to 


Four 1 IK la.. May 1. - A MTcri 


cw York, aged M years. 
The failure is announi 
omet Cycle Co., of Top 

of IV;; 

ty, in southeast Missouri, have been 
jailed at St. Loull by United States 
Marshal Louis C Hohle on a federal 
indictment charging them with cut- 
ting the levee. No denial is made oy 

izing the landing of a Oerman cable ou 
American soil. 

The body of a man w as found with 
about s.'.ouu in bills in his pocket at 
Kirksvu.e, Mo. Another body, evi- 
dently that of a traveling salesman, 
was four 1. In the vest pocket was his 
watch, w hich stopped at i',: ju. Neither 

has l 

! Japar 


Haiti.-, I,l„ Ordered I.. ITc.ce.-rl to Samoa from Shnr. B ni»l, thlna. 


to the paiaei 

the i 

n of w agons and pack mules w 
just starting with provisions for Oe 
Lawton. who has reached Marunco. 

London, May I.- Members of the 
Filipino junta hi 


ment. It is further asserted by th. 
junta that secret negotiations bctweei 
Dean C. Worcester, of the I'nitei 
States Philippine commission, and i 
representative of Asruinaldo, have beer 
progress since before the attack ot 
Maiolos. The following conditions 
t is alleged, were proposed after tin 
aptureof Maiolos. The Americans t< 
ssue a proclamation granting the Fil 
ipinos self-government and political 

e enjoyed by the people ot 


, N. II.. Ma; 

earthquake shock was felt here at 13:24 
lock Sunday afternoon. The dis- 
turbance was of only about a second's 
Juration and was abrupt and deep. 
Houses were jarred and dishes and 
other movable objects rattled. The 


se; thi 

Kansas City, Mo., May 1.— One of 
tho worst sand storms in years pre- 
vailed in central and western Kansas 
Sunday. At Abilene newly planted 
> were injured. At Newton, where 
the Telocity of the wind reached 60 
miles an hour, the sun was obscured by 
vast clouds of dust, trece were broken 
and small buildings overturned., May 1.— Count ltaworoski, a 
well known geutleman rider, was acci- 
dentally killed at the A agrag races 
near Buds Peat. 

American flag to fly over the capitols 
of the islands and in the most prom- 
inent positious along with the Fil- 
ipino flag, except at Manila, where 
only the American flag shall fly. 
all vessels to fly the American 
flag with that of the Filipinos; the 
Komau Catholic clergy are to be 
under the same administration as 
that in the I'nited Mates; [Spanish cleri- 
cal direction and intervention to be 
abolished; the statu quo of rural prop- 
erty belouging to the religious orders 
to be maintained, without return to 
the antebellum state of affairs; hos- 
pitals and schools formerly adminis- 
tered by the orders, to he handed over 
to the government, the orders to re- 
tain only their present town property; 
the secular clergy to retain their 
pi petty. 

In I.efeat IhMlwt l 

Cleveland! i>> » s, <„•<> „r u to »— Chi- 
sago Delist* st. i.i. ui» 

the Krpon Psmptoted 

submitted to Acting Secretary of War 
Meikeljohn Saturday afternoon. It 
will not be made public until it has 
been transmitted to the president. 

The IT SHUSH Duns 

Vabiii.notos, May I.— Four I'nited 
nes treasury warrants for 85.0UO.O0O 
h will be draw u Saturday and trans- 
mitted to the secretary of state, to be 
used in settlement of the 110,000,000 
due Spain under the I'aris treaty. 

TaaashL (.. Bsb% M. Bomirs, J. ^ 
and r. Nakashoji, of Tokio, and 
Zosaki, of Yokohama. 

A cable dispatch has been rec. 
from Joseph Chamberlain, secretai 
state for the colonies, stating thS' 
imperial government will not take 
share in the l'ueitie cable, but w ill 
tribute a sum not less than J '.JOO 
pounds sterling annually. 

An excursion train on the liay 
road running between Roeheite 
reeM jumped the t 

Broken Things 

AmnngM Chins or UlaMWsre are a 

proof that the housekeeper is not 

posted Hboiit our stock and prices. 

No one should use a cracked cupor 

n chipped KlhP. 1 - when it is eo easy to 

get a perfect one to replace it All 

of our Dinner Wan reduced to us- 

heard of prices ( sn furuish them 

from |6 up. 100 piece set Chsm- 


W West Second Street. Mavsville. Ky. 

Public Sale! 

The proper!) tr'.ncinr en tlie South »Me of 
Secoml -tn-ct in tin- y ttti w nr ,| „t thp city o! 

Msrtrllie IS reel »n'i extending uses in a 

Smitherir uirection 1« tect !o an slley. on 
ulueh fere m a t «•«•-!.. rt tr«iin- sereii-r .om 
•Iwelline. fn.nliet on See., ml mreei, occupied 
t.yCiisrles (1 on. mii.I !»••. - iii- <Min t liree p loin 
rrsmeiiwelniiKs truuilntron tlie alley, will be 

' ' " HOBTDAT, MAI let, lstiti, 

*i i n'cioek p. m . on ine mite w led tensst 

>ne-thif! ,-u-li. om -ili.rd in one year anil one-, 
•hint in t»e ..t.-'erre.l psiineiii. tinning 
I pel eenl interest trctn .laie of fsie. 

i tKuI.I.NE KIT.y. 


r. F. Taylor. Anetloneer s t ,rl4 eodid 


illsa north of Rochester, killing t 

ersons, fatally injuring ten or f ee 
nd N to 40 more or icss seriously. 
Westby Liehards, a COmmlsS 
gent, was arrested at the Bsnll 

iaglsnd teturday while sttsmptlng 

ash three L'100 notes w hich were ItO 
rom Parrs' bank about the 1 middle 
amiary last. BlchSrdi said he 1 

lied at his home in Washington at 

noon Sunday. During ■ irvea 

weeks he had sutl'ered from an attack, 
jf pernicious aenemia, which steadily 
grew worse. 

the course of liis speech at 
jpening of the volksraad, President 
Kruger announced that the Transvaal 
now the largest gold producing 
try in the world. He said the out* 

n isms g|a,94Q,880, bslngsi 

se of 14.5Sti.UOj over the output of 
the previous year. 


Aurti .m. 

KU'IH-Srrinj p.Uini.. -ir r.u 
iniy, HiV 3 I., spring fanihy. *•»>,: .10., 
inter patent, t.i *.j:ir.s. fancy. »;l t.i.; :t :b, 
,li.. ly. f: 10*1.'.... ,i:ra « (Hi.- J..m. lowitra.l.., 

asus.M tcrihusewra rra (:'.■■>..!:•• u 

tv H iV-t l.% per erl 
Wheat- S„ J re,! at Rj ,,■ 
foKN— >».es- Yellow ear track. «V; N ' J 
irteJ, truck. WV: No ;t mined, track. H6V. re- 
eled inncd. truck KMs 
Oats— sine*: So. • :it JsV. 


. ta s:.«3 vo. fair i 
1 rou^li-. f.< is t)i 

■kwaj&n ,• m o 

kimiis. imivhu 

VSAX Cai vks— Kair It rood liirt t M r& 
comu* Q and I si gS, :Sm%l* B>j extras. »: 

Whiat -May. 71 Sc Jul> ?:;<., rrc-,, 
CoKN-April. 3S\c: Msjr, S4',c; Julj. 

Seplellll'i-r. Sa^C 
I 'AT- Apnl. WW,,' M . 

U>4c; Sepwmber. 22\f. 

fcdrdrA*dri4^d ; defc**+AX J .Axxa.4. + 4.^ 

Kff A VT , or>r. » 

i .-n hot stor»r's (rvdenllala. 

M miuim. May I.- Hellamy Storer, the 
culv appointed United States minis- 
■r to Spain, will present his creden- 

The Spaniards I*l»str<1. 

Mahiiii., May 1.— The prospect of 
peace in the Philippines is hailed with 
satisfaction, as likely to lead to the 

u ly iibei-ation of the IjtBaJafc prison- 
er* in the hands of the Filipinos, 



Seed Potatoes, 

t^. Pure Sorthern. 

I Onion Sets, 

I - White Md Yellow. 

Garden Seeds, 



No Charge! 

Wanted," "toff," " ru uwd." s/dUdtMgSf 
klaudlurs.dMd set to ssstedUrH rises, sutSdi 
pagMMH TBMW IosH. 

without pay. 

\fa n»wmt faH la seuu 'he tntum*. wetnvtu 

• m ini/ npmttlunt ii I ire nt ceemary t* neeun 
irhiK yuadrrrtliir tor. W» u-i»h aWsdSWUMM 
ta *MllkStdSfg irr SSI imp..Kliia(,n u> xuitMi 

!'■ K. Thirti Street. 

tares** M4 m.n/ 1« 

g I t 1 - M K\ j| 

to fi„ dally »nnn« n»wly In- 

gr'Sasn &, • 

M KNHv"wK>T. 


W l 235S5*i 

Piialnfflcp. SStSltK 

SOBltTB U'ANTKb -For The "Uf* and 
.V V.-ht. icni. iits el Adu.'ral Vrwtr." the 
naval here. M> Mural rtal»tea1. 

' psrw lialftone ilMtTfraiioM; 

TO' ULt 

p a*in 

m best tesejaws, Zlpo hi m™. 

ap «tf 


nWe a nn tmrrtk b U « « «. >*«»h»>n- 

Hoff/e *Vrr. 

Haw->en Helmut, tniriilii*, M*Ui crusted. 

In royal HTle the 

The ancient* hellevod that rheumatism wa 
thi- wurk of a J tiiCB wlililn a man. Any on' 
who nan had an attack of sciatic or Inllam 
will agree that the Infllr 

A petition for i 
been tiled and s 

Hon Is demoniac ononirb to warrant the tie! i 
1 1 ha* never boou claimed that Chanihcrlali 
I'aln llalai would caal out demons, but It w 
cure rheu mail- m, and hundreds bear tes 
mony to the truth of this statement. (> 
ari'l cation relieves the pain, and thii quick 
relief which It affords Is alone worth many 
times lis cost. For sale by J. Jas. Wood A Son, 

rThe F.-iitcr of Tin I,. r. n is inn reapon.1- 

Me fur opinion, ,. M . .1 i'\ ' orreanaadeatei 

ton aotbin,! rot:. cim_' u;».n -.lie character ot 
any person will <■•■ .Emitted to these column* ] 

j blood out with H. H II . and 
•cciitcd II II 11. M perfectly MM to take 
. and acts as a tine tonic 

ff C tm isa / utttri to 

UttOrnchut not L:ttr tfu* 9 ,» tlMt J m. ~ 
raeutnat/ru v >r-l» d« pot'tMt. 
untl in Mi» tn<"r'm,nt, and not 
•wMcm orpolitkal argu„*n:,. 

pendents, tail I'liiicircti arc very f leniently alltoted 

1'iicter of willi eczema. S ires discharge ami a m How 

columns ] ,,,.„,, r,,,,,,, „,„,„ u„, , kill (j,, ,. the child mild 

Wtn, $o ' '" " 11 ■ • »•< * HI 

am. (Jim H II II lor sale by driititfiM- at *l per larae 

H« u'aaf u Itle. Address Bl I Balei Co .li' mm. -bell : t. 

oJtrrfirtnj .\iianta. tia . and sample bottle ot II II II 


The apple Im i are loaded with bloom. 
Revival service! are being held ai Slows 

The prospect for all kinds of trult MM 
>eachcs is good. 
Tobacco p'ants are itrowmir n ice 1 \ NBOi 




tfeM L ■ I Murphy of the Sod 
)sed her school yesterday 
Mrs .inme A latu- has heen.|ulte poorly tl 

mm. I..,- ^ b) 

pw« I K U * « tntt r 

tpflHB Wi'e/l'ii 


In (Mloritiir ami tlesiifii tltey are 
llMXOtlltd ami tl BffCM 
to mike tin in if" 

We Claim!** 

To bi-l the best SOMA W'ATKK 

in twenty live Mates If you clout 

believe it try a tflass I convince 



We Claim 

.ThHt l)I{ WELSCH'8 pure I nf. r 
'. n'.'i 'n't jo 1 1 s 7! If! ' for ' both I i ck "an d 

military cetneterr mark the resting place of 
Hitting ■dlli the great Sioux medicine man, 
whoac wily brain planned the death trap of 
the Utile III* Horn Into which (ieneral Cos. 
tor's command fell. On the broken head- 
board It written: "No. M. Sitting Hull. 
Indian " Hellc hunters haTO cut most of the 
headboard away 

Am K$>titemic mf W ntmminm Ommn* 

Last winter during an cptdeit I whooping 

cough my children coniracie.l the disease, 
having severe coughing spells. We had used 
( liamberlaln s Cough Uemeiiy very success- 
fully lor croup and naturally 


FOLEY'S HOMEY and TAR cures 
LA GRIPPE and prevents 


led .1 

•ed the e 



Attorney and l ouinellcir at Law, 

lumi..- k 

iad a valuable horse badly 
y by ealnn/ RriM Mtl, 
has heeo coutlried to atf , 

n limit May < 


•ii i'i'. '.I'ai id v * '■ tin For morning trams ot May 4th. 11th m.d Mth 

If you don't think our waiting-room has | ,, ' , ,| lltl . ,,t ' ' 
been remodeled you are badly mistaken 

au>hM*»n4, Vm., mn4 BMmm $t» M, 
•twdId* * riot C. «n4 O., Mm* Mth mn* tttm, 

0 * , . . nil ttc ouiu ot the (Jeneral Assembly ot the 

,. g I're-byteriati CfaUrOI of the I nlted States , j 
May l*tk tO Mb, IMA, the C. and 0, w ill sell 
round-trip tu kets HajW .I c to BtobBMWd.Va,, , 
Nl May buh and |7tb, at one turc.jl.! Jo. Kiturn! 


i Tin 

r.ri.i.* o. </,, «,. «(.;. ». 

. H ATT AN it TkNh.. AM' KKIT KN fill 15. 

• >n account 01 the dedication ot the Ken- 
tiicK.v MoauBMBt at OtmhWMtl tt»e C and 
U. will sell rOaod-irtp tickets Maysvllle lo 
raatlanTrrna at MM tare-tli' l& Tick -ts Bfl 
»ule May 1st iind '. - i: icintn tin: ii May nth. 

-el! round-trip tickets May 
at rate ot MM laN— I U I 
Hay -l i. Ht and loth: rcli 






yhose^who linvc not bought thi 


faoturer, ami we on 
nr own personal 

IV "we Imve the 

et " 


:-: RACYCLES. :-: 

Also « Hicvelc for f/JT 60 t ash ibat anv 
dealer will charge you from to f-io 

for. Stop uml examine our lit. u nml we 
will L'lailly extilaiti the merits of our 

There is fl. Olid iruarantce I lint the Ha 
o] ole bei M per cent leai pri uure on the 
bearlnsi than any wheel on the market 
We will save you money 



lakes cold a terrible cough set lies 
liinirs e ■-■ 

and tar wi 

troubled with a 

or La 
with a 

Co ley's 

, Now 

ig relief. She tried Foley's Honey 1 1, ic bott lo cured her cough entirely. Now we 
Sltfi^^S^^ C^^MedT;:^nO,etIu^^ hl<WOnd " fU ^ 


nl .lOHN^ARMSTRONO A SON, Agents. aprtflcodly 

J. .1 AMFS WOO!) n 




eyBejrlniiimr Tuesday. March 1st, ami on the first of each mouth thereafter, 
we will Rive free to every lady visitiiijr our store a copy of "Modes aud Fab* 
rics," a monthly journal trf fashion and literature. 




Liberty. Mo. Deceased's maiden nunc- « a^ 
Charity Morris and she was united in luarriiige 
to Miles C. OWUM Mar. k ■ I. I - 

The Central I uion Teici tie Compear, the 

one that was trying 10 edge iuto this city 
under the guise of a long-distance company, 
boa secured enough subscribers at "est 
Colon ""J nunu a lo cal se rvice. 

Suit for divorce was tiled in the 1 mil 
Court at OOTtaatOa Saturday by Rehca Me- 

Mahou atatnet WUllaa atoMehoa on the 

t and la, lure to pro- 

P W eu pee, '' in i and bleedtaffi > >f n 

terual, and Itching an t Bleeding ol 
tum. The relict is immediate and c 
lihle Price H rents in bottles. 71 
lubes. J. James Wood \ Son. 

MOiaUoe the C. and O. will MU round-trip 
tiekets Mavnille to Lc.ui^vnle at rate ot one 

tare M H Tiokou on tale Nay Utk and MUii 

return bunt Ma] 0M. 

us t«.*\ci«i o. cai. . ami Btttraa.tTOO. 

tin account of the National Hn|di-l Ai, n:\i-r- 
Mine, ai San Kratn llteo the C and I > will sell 

round-trip tiekau Martrllle to laa Vranottee 

at rale Ol 178 ft. Tickets on sale Maylltb. 
1-th and Ulth; return limit Ju y bitb. 

Dr. P. 6. SMOOT, 

General I'ractitloner ot Medicine. 

neefalattonUoo *lv*n diaaeaoeoi 


Office Hours-lb a. m. toil p.m. UfflceNo.He 

Change of Firm. 

ie late firm. Tho-e in 

d. I.lrd « ,ii ,,; i-e eall i.nd make r , H pay 

u.ent. I) 1>. TH'i\l.\> 

Mm-viile. K> . April '.'I. 1>W. npr::. Iw 


C A fi- 
ll E 



and tiie grand chaige ol the blockhouse where 
the Spiini«li tbor 1 1 iiulied down and the Stars 
nnd Stripes rai-cd-a grand realistic sight; 

I you must see it and BO convinced. Eleven 
hundred men and horses with the MMo Bill 
Wild West. K'crytbina new this year— new 
canvas, new acts and everything interesting 
and educational. See the Indiana, the Cow- 
hoy-, the Mexicans, the AiBb», the Cossacks, 

j the I . S. Cavalry, the QerBMH and Irish Sol- 

; dn rs and the hundreds of others too numer- 
ous to mention. Set ready and go nil this 

'grand excursion. For further inloi tuatlon 
apply to Agent* ' . and I >. Hallway. 




MATMruim, mr, 





Will You PaiDt? 
Or Paper? 

A New Discovery for the Certain Cure of INTERNAL and 


Tubes, bv Mail, 75 cents; bottles, 50 Cents. 

JAMES F. BALLARD, Sole Proprietor, - - 310 North Main Street, ST. LOUIS, MO. 

Dr. J. H. Samuel, 

nrwm A..,* • i '.It i.dM.r I.unc< lite I;i no .lllftiM, 

ru T81CIA Nana S VMS EO.\ 

Ufflce and Renidente: 
TMrd Utrtet.nvPoMt tht Court houtt. 

"Lips, However Rosy, Must Be *eu.' 

And the Pest Stove on which to proparefood 
isan ACOIIN HANI! K. which li.siires perfect 
cooking. Korsalel.j Henry W. Hasp, St W««t 


OaiRo ORoa a CO. I CtrvrcaNo. O. 

L. H. Landman, M. D. 

THURSDAY, NAY 4th, 1899. 




For the next two weeks 
we will sell 

I Ice Cream Freezers! 





Poultry Netting, 
Whitewash Brushes, 
Garden and Farm Tools