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Full text of "Public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1916-03-06"

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+ TMR W • > IHM .J. 

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4 Pr.haht) mln and Warsaw + 

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+ THK I MM. Ml 1. M Ui.gj.fc, % 
4 "»»dlsm Ihst hrln«. rr.,,11.. Oh + 
rate, are rnn«lst*wt »lth r-lrcsj. + 

♦ :•* + + * + + + + + + + * 



Mo asked hip to nave him. 

He sufferer! from drouth. 
And that s why I gave him 

A pun*h In the mouth. 

—Luke McLttkc. 

Ilinkl l\ Al.TKK'H Will,. 

The will of the Istc Franklin Alter, 
president of the American Tool Work* 
Company, who died Inst week at Cin- 
cinnati, and waa well known In thl« 
elty. waa (lied Friday in the Probate 
C;ourt of Hamilton county, Ohio. It 
disposes of an estate valued at $1,- 
nno.OoO, which la Riven to the family 
with the exception of two bequests, 
the Episcopal church of Southern 
Ohio receiving 11.000 and the Old 
Men's Home 11.000. 

There will be a meeting of the aux- 
iliary to the C. W. D. K of the Chrls- 
tian church at the church tonlRlit. 

Mr. Charles Williams of Kwlng. waB 
the week-end gueat of Mr. Franklyn 
Slye of Walnut afreet. 


Ijiat day for discount on March 1 
gas bills. 


For all gradea of whlaklea and 

liquors. Our prices are right. Order 
today. Poynti Bros., CoTtnuton. Ky 


Arrives In Washington and Will Take 
• Hand In the Fight 


T. W 

between He 
8 at 10 a. n 

sale of live 
at his farm 


Washington, March 6— The Influ- 
ence of William Jennings Bryan will 
be felt In the fight over the armed 
which administration lead- 
to bring to a vote In the 
House Tneaday. Mr Bryan, who out- 
rnnnd That Percent of I.M* Abmir lined hla vlewa In favor of warning 
IHxfranrhUed Voter* In Adasas Americans off armed merchantmen to 
lonnlj (».) Is Very Small. Representative Stephens of Nebraska, 

— came back from New York this morn- 

After close examination statement if ing and will spend the day here with 

that there will be but sligh' 
shrinkage In the number of votes from 
the number disfranchised In Adams 
county In the elections to be held thl« 
year. The word had gone out that of 
the 1.800 who were disfranchised by 
Judge niair, probably half of them 
had removed from the county or had 
died. The Investigation that has now 
been made brings to light that the onlv 
material loss has been crented by 
death. The belief prevails that Ad- 
ams county will cast 1,700 mote votes 
In the coming election than In the last 
election. This discovery has been the 
cause for quickened Interest being 
found at every hand, that correct tab 
ulation may be kept by those who will 
look after the affairs of the dominant 

Representative Bailey of Pennsylva- 
nia. He will be there whit, the House 
Rules Committee Is framing Its rule 
to bring before the House for action 
after limited debate, the report of the 
Foreign Affairs Committee. 

The report recommends that the Mt- 
I,emore warning resolution !>o tabled 
and seta forth that the President 
should be permitted to exercise his 
constitutional right of handling dip- 
lomatic negotiations without Interfer- 
ence from Congress. 


rovriM 1 - 



Harbeson Garage 

Will Put Your Car 
Good Order For 


Parts and Sup- 

Gars For Hire 


Fortified Tires 

Rim-Cata— by the Ko-Rlm-Cnt feature. 
Slowouti hy the "(in Alt" cure. 
Looae Treada .by many rubber rivets. 
iDiecuritr- hv 1M braided plaoo wlrea. 
Puncture, end Skiddias - by the double- 
thick All -Weather tread. 


Is easily possible with the aid of our 
mill work. We make so many things 
for the home that you certainly should 
conic and see how readily you can have 
u handsome home with the finest cabi- 
net work at a very moderate expense. 
Come even If you haven't any preaent 
intontlou to linprovo your abode. 

The Mason Lumber Company 

Corner Limestone and Second Streets. 

Phone 519. 
A A. McLaughlin. L. 11. Helm 11. 

Plowing Time 

Will Be here, Just As Soon As 
the Sun Shines Hot 

so, be ready, Farmers, to take advantage 
ot the first pretty days. We are ready 
for you, with a splendid line of Plows, both 
Oliver and Sycrause, Points, Handles, 
Shares, Mouldboards, etc. Just phone us 
your wants. 

If you ueed a good Hake, Hoe, Mat- 
tock. Ax, Fork, or, in fact, any tool needed 
on the farm, just tell it to us. We have 
good ones in stock, at the right prices. 

Just received, a shipment ot the neat- 
est Wheelbarrows you ever saw. Need 

Yours, for good Plowiug Weather, 



FIi in mi of great violence continues 
nt Douaunionl In the Verdun region, 
the British War Office announced 
Sunday night. The Germane made a 
heavy attack against the French front 
along the line from tho Hnudreniont 
wood to Itouaumout fort. This as- 
sault, the statement says, was re- 

French artillery officers who took 
part In the battle of Verdun estimate 
that during the first four days of the 
struggle the Germans discharged t> 
000.000 shells, most of them of heavy 
caliber. The number of projectiles 
fired by the French probably was as 
great. Nothing like such an expendi- 
ture of munitions has been known be- 
fore, even In the Champagne attack 
The whole theory of operatloua was to 
pulverize defenses at long range, drive 
out or kill defenders and then occupy 
the ground by massed rushes of In- 


The Misses Lee entertained a num- 
ber of ladles at their home on Market 
street Friday afternoon in honor of 
Mrs. Lewis K. Parry of Pittsburg. 

Promptly at 1 o'clock an appetizing 
three course luncheon was served, 
after which progressive "forty-two' 
was enjoyed until a late hour. The 
three prizes given were made by Miss 
Lee, being handsome crochet work 
Bnd will be cherished by those fortu- 
nate enough to win them. Those prcs 
ent were Mesdames Lewis K. Tarry 
Frank Clark, Ben Poyntz, Josephine 
Rogers. E. P. Lee, W. H. Cox. Kdwin 
Matthews, Graham Lee, J. B. Wood 
C. W. Lewis, Thomas a Keith, and 
Misses Charlotte Wood, Alice Gill, 
Mary Wood and Lettlc Wood 


C. t O. Detective Stewart urreBted 
three Mayslick negroes at the South 
Ripley depot Saturday night for 
drinking and raising a disturbance at 
that place. The men will be given 
hearing before Squlru Fred W. Bauer 
this afternoon. 

The C. & O. baa determined to break 
up the rowdyism which has been go 
Ing on ut South Ripley for some time 
and will from this time on arrest al) 
who do not behave as gentlemen while 
in tho depot. 

HlveOers, H»rthtg, « > 
Hah Hake., Tbm risk, Fal Maafctwt, AaetMrta*. la Oil. latalr. Oysters, 
tteraiMB. H*«a«MkU rig M a.w sad lk« aaaJtty Im feaa as year aria*. 

* AOOHEAD Fbon. U 

a sri. kmm i» KNiioHSF.MEvr. 

A Maysvtlle Democrat returned 
from Frankfort Friday and wus heard 
1 1 remark that Senator L. N. Hayburn 
voted to kill the bill cutting the ap- 
piopriatlon tor the Kentucky Child- 
ren's Home, aud that he bad been on 
tho right aide ot everything, so tar as 
kt was not bouud by party pledge. 

Mr. John W. Moore, prominent oil 
manufacturer of Pittsburg, waa a week 
end visitor at the home of Mr. J. James 
Wood of Woodleigh Mr. Moore is au 
uncle of Mius Nell Sutherluud. 

Mrs. Auna D. McDouglc of Hamil- 
ton College, who was called here by 
the sickness of her father, Mr. C. W 
Darnall, returned to I<exlngtou Mon- 
day morning. 

Mra. lieu II. I'oyuU of South Market 
street, entertained with cards Satur- 
day in honor of Mrs. Lewis K Parry 
and John W. Moore of I'lttsburg 


and O 
O., art) 
the brick 


L. Monroe, H. O. 
Carlyle of Ports- 


F J. Rub of Covinglou, 
Is in this city looking after the brick 
street paving contract. Mr Rub had 
the old contract. 

The Country Club will entertain to- 
night al st JohaVa n«u wltii an old 

•t t:N. 

■AMI w IM kt wits »n WITH \ 
«;Rr:\T ro>Ti:*T. 

The greatest thing In the world lit 
s baby. Maysvllle's "Baby Week," un- 
der the auspices of the Woman's Club, 
opened up Saturday afternoon at the 
Mission with surprising attendance 

Mrs. I'eddleord had the room taste- 
fully decorated and arranged for hor 
little guests and their mothers. 

The contest was opened by Mrs 
(icorgc l-ontsneeker. president of the 
Woman's Club. Mra. Longneeker la 
always entertaining, but her address 
of welcome to the mothers was a lit- 
ernry gem. The tnlk was Indeed "A 
"ord fitly spoken, like apples of gold 
In pictures of silver." It was an In- 
spiration to those who heard her. She 
van followed by Miss Hartlerode In a 
n usleal selection on the piano. 

Or. J. T. Strode In a few terse sen- 
t' tiees put the mothers wise to their 
duty to their children. 

Health Nurse Miss Anna May Casey 
is the well known visitor to many 
homes She talked to the mothers In 
n heart to heart innnner She was 
practiced in her choice of words aud 
common sense was in every sentence 
Many of the homes represented have 
been cheered by her presence and 

The two winning babies were each 
7 months old. One lives on Carmel 
street and the other on Short street 
Miss Casey was the nttendnnt when 
the little strangers came to bless the 

The IuiIkch awarded the first prize. 
$!i In gold, to Eugene Mason, aged 7 
months, of Carmel street, and Elwood 
l.ucas, aged 7 months, ot short street, 
the second prize, $150 ia gold. 

The following babies were regis- 
tered: Willie Austin, 5 months; Karl 
.1. Bules, Jr., IS months; Ceorge Wal- 
ter Beckett, lit months; George Cle- 
phane. lfi months; GlAdys Darnall, 2 
months; Joseph Hull Dodson, Jr., 10 
months: fltarles Thomas Friatoe. 18 
months; Alvena Frederick. N months; 
Robert Gilbert. « months; Flora C.ul- 
lett, in months; Harvey Johnson. 7 
months : Vincent Merrill Johnson. 9 
mouths: Dellnn Pearl Jones, 14 
months; Mary Deloris King, 9 months; 
Klizubclh May Lewis. 21 months, Kl- 
wood Lucas, 7 months; Ada May Lu- 
cas. 7 months; Eugene Miiboh, 7 
months; Anna Marie* Mitchell. IS 
months; Abraham Mitchell. 14 months: 
Stanley F. Reed, Jr.. 18 months; Eve- 
lyn M. Tolle, 2 years; Jean Wels. 5 
months, and Robert Wilson. !» months 

was postponed on ae- 
snd lack of au- 

The parade 
count of the 

The week has been favorably 
launched. One special feature la the 
baby clinic on Wednesday from 9 to 
12. and the addresses In the afternoon 
It will repay parents to attend these 


■ATTT1 <o\ MSB M 


Lightens Housework s 

Will Do the Work Any Other Cleanser Will 
Do. Same Size Can. Only 5c Per Can. 

Dinger Bras., 

107 V. Second 
Phone 2D. 



Mrs. Mattle Cox. wife of Mr. Charles 
Cox. foreman of the packing room at 
the Cotton Mills, died Monday morning 
about B o'clock at her home on Wall Mrs. Cox was In her twenty- 
third year, and is survived by her hus- 
I and and three children, the youngest 
n hahy about 3 months old. The fu- 
neral arrangements have not yet been 

I ■ PORTA vr 

II Mm 
■1 i mm;. 


There will be an Important Sunday 
school meeting at the Third Street M 
B. church Wednesday night ut 7: SO 
o'clock. All those looking forward to 
ii big attendance on "Go-to-Sunday- 
School Day" are especially urged to be i 
present. Other Imitortant busine** 
will also he discussed. 

FRANK XASH, City President. 

•MART \M» \Tllt\l MM M \\ 

walm'apkr ■■■rami If IbW« 


Miss Nellie Steele was 
friends Saturday and Sut 
slnsport, O. 

the guest of 
iday at Hlg- 



Almond Cream Compound. 
Benzoin and Almond Lotion. 
Hind's Honey, Almond and Cream. 
Three of the best on the market. 
For chapped hands and hand tetter use Willis 1 Hand Lo- 



All the lat 
t CRANE & 

st pattern 

in wallpaper 

Mr. Alton 


lit „ Sunday 
•Ingheld, Q. 


whether you fully realize the state of affairs in the clothing world these days. 
Talk to any clothing manufacturer--- he'll tell you! 


in the market prices of woolens, trimmings, dye-stuffs, etc., will send the selling 
figures of next winter's clothing up mighty high. 

The way out is for you to get a suit and overcoat NOW— while we are 
selling them at greatly reduced prices. 

And mch famous makes as Society Brand, R. B. Fashion, Stein-BIoch, 
IIir$h-Wickwire and Mich;rU, Stern & Co. 

There was every reason for carrying over our stock— but that's not our 
way of doing business. — 


"d/> " ■ — «, ^t/W» . ^h>a» . ■ ee, . ^d^w^t/vw ^^A.** — s^ W >^lyV«*.«^/t/W«.*^/\e*».^A'** , ''*^^3 


Next Tkvndu moniiiifr the silks will he wdjr for von uihI we siihiuit thetn lo your vcnliet rotfiiriliiitf style and values 
with ahstiluti' oanfldfttM, 

You will nut find "job silks" picked up at nutdotftl liecause the prices are low. hut only silks justified in being here 
l.y the I'litlorseineiit of food taste ami style. Silks which will stir the enthusiasm of every woman who comes here Thai* 
tiny morning Pi-tails in Wednesday's paper. 


VanUm-v* Wistaria Talcum 2."ie hox. 

K0igfO6 coin purses in silver or gold, dull finish with flager ring ami chain attachment, 50c. 
Plain crepe or taffeta tics in all colors, 85e, 

fancy white messaliiie lies with stripes, checks and coin dots in color. 2.">c. 
White crepe lies, plaidetl or striped in lovely shades of many colors, 2.">c. 

Camisoles in while or flesh crepe tic chine trimmed in dainl'y ribboM and fine Val li 11^. Specially attractive for 

wear under transparent hloiiscH. 

White shadow lace camisoles handed with several rows of white or Both satin ribbon, Kxtpiisitcly dainty, $1, >1 
Point tie 'sprit or plain net camisoles trimmed in hands of white or pink satin ribbon. .These lovely undergarments are 

only T.'ic. $1, g£lB. 

The tint ham fiirdle to he worn in place of a corset hy young girls and women who want absolute freedom for athletics, 
dancing, etc. If is also the most perfect abdominal support made. Physicians recommend the wearing of this girdle. It 
is matle entirely of elastic, comes in three lengths ami is priced teOO tiling to length. $1^, $2. tf%, Fittings are given for 
tliu asking. 

»»Vb' »»A/> ■ *»«>/t* 1 ** *A/* ***Vb' ' w^rV" 1 »*Ws>» 1 u *A» > > i m g> 

Mr. James Stone Is still conllned to 
his room at his home on Uast 

Our new Spring wallpapera are 
ready for your Inspection. Como In. 


.Mr. James A. Hrowu was a Ports- 
mouth, O., visitor Saturday ami Sun- 

The Basil C. Duke Chapter, U. D. 
C. will meet with Mrs. Joseph Ferric 
Tuesday afternoon at i o'clock. 

•The New Silks Have Arrived: 

J You will find here all the newest fabrics in the * 

• very scarcest colors, which includes crepe de chines, } 

• taffetas, radium, etc. Nearly all our silks will be# 
3 found in the 36-inch width, which makes it cut to the • 
$ best advantage. Were we to buy these silks on to- J 
t day's market we would be compelled to pay whole- • 
5 sale the prices that they are now marked in retail. $ 

• Come and make an early selection, while the assort- • 
> ment is at its best. 




I'shUshe* Hilly Etrent SanAay. Foarlli »f July. Thnaks«Mn* snrf Christmas 
M. T*« I i iliri i ralillshlng Caaspany. *aysrille. kealarky. 


P» »i liJM by Charted 

Local and I/>ng Distance Telephone No. 40 
Entered at the Maysville, 

« Sons 



Oik Voar 

Sis Months .. 

$3 00 




dressing fur tied when ho first 
benrd (be voices through the 
westherhnsrd walla. In less 
than a minute there waa a knock at 


Per month 26 Cents 

Payable To Collector At ilnd al 

Nearly every town ha* two classes of citizens— the boosters ami 
the killer*. All Hi- world lorea the former, but even the devil shuns 
the Utter 

lie a booster! 

Th.> town booster is known In eWJ '»«><l> . for he is 
mill saying something to push his town innl its people nloinr. lit- is 
the man who makes the town. The killer i* the one who destroys it. 

He it booster! 

Tin- booster is lil 

hi niMhiae on » eloudy Attar. He bright 

Mr. Hardcastla from Ro- 
salias, sir. Ho says he moat see yon nt 


"The deii'c be docsl What about?" 
"He says he'll only tell yon, hot he'a 
ridden ovs>r In three honrs. and he 
looka like the dead." 

"Give him aome whisky, Tyler, and 
tell him I'll ho down In two tlcka." 

So nay Inn. the gray bearded sergeant 
of the New Hoiith Wnlcs mounted po 
lire tui'keil hia nightgown Into hla cord 
breeches, slipped Into hla tunic and 
; hastened to the parlor which served 
always doing ' as courtroom on occasion, buttoning aa 
' he went. Mr. Ilardcastle had a glass 
to bis Hps ss the sergeant entered. He 
1 waa a very fine man of forty, and his 
masalve frnrae was crowned with a 
' countenanre no handsome as It wss 

people tad otlur people boost him. nnd throiiifh this continuation of 
Iwiosting (TWH things KM accomplished. It is only the kilb-r who 
falls of his own weicrht. or bis own words, of bis own rtWda, 
He a booster! 

Th'i booster is like a ray of sunshine on a day He bright 
ens everything and every TP— d him. His geniality, his cheerful 
ness, his energy Jind bis tfood deeds breed bop.' in tbe bosom of tUlt 
l>air. His words and bis acts aid others mid ennoble hint let*, Km 
the killer only kills— just kills, kills, kills'. 

He a booster! 

Maysville has many boosters .nnd you all know ibein. you admin 
them, you respect them. And your respect in more precious to I In 
genuine booster than is your gold. It is only t he killer who stands 
ulone. without friends, without bop,, lor the lutiiiv. 

He a booster ! 

There may be a killer two in Maysville, but we hope. not. Hut 
if there are any we bope lb«y will cease killing and fa to boosting. 
There is no honor or profit in killing, hfll there is much to Ih- gained 
through boosting. 

He a booster ! 

We need tbe booster we need more boosters. Hnl we can exist 
handsomely without the killer, lor tbe killer s principal diversion ii 
life is to take a knock at the town, at its people, at their ways, and 
at everything and everybody connected thercwil b- - except the killer 

He a booster ! 

If there are any killers in .Mavsville let 'a convert them, so we cuii 
ail he boosters. The booster is of value to every legitimate tbiug 
with which be comes in contact, while the killer is not even of \alin 
to himself. 

Heaven loves a booster — and hell is full of killers. 
Every bdoy boost ! 


The present tendency toward hum. pi-ires prevailing in so innnv 
kinds of household goods and artieles of clothing, must be a ire 
tnsndontl temptation to work in all kinds of shoddy '"id poor malerial 
No matter how high prices of raw materials may go. you can ftlwsys 
get goods for the same obi price. Leather muy double in oOSt, but 
you can still buy a shoe for a dollar if you want it. 

One sure way to avoid cheats is to buy advertised goods .just as 
lar as jwssible. Cheap substitutes aren't advertised. At least not 
by merchants doing business in their own neighborhood. The long 
distance mail order man may sell tlicm. as the comeback is loo 
difficult. Hut a store so located that poor goods can be taken back 
easily isn't going to say much about then in public. 

The only goods thai il pays to push are those made so stdidlj 
that they will give satisfaction and induce the buyer to return and 
buy more. That is the kind you read about in newspaper adverlis 

After arguing that women should not be allowed In run BUtOOM 
biles many men will proceed to take a nipper to clear their beads 
while driving home. 

The time has come once more when tbe dancers can do a waltz in a 
graceful, retincd and elegant manner, without being accused of 
backwoods rusticity. 

It is believed that if the Armenians are \ery good indeed, thsj 
will he granted tbe boon of being executed by the Turks instead of 
by the Kurds. | J *Hff 


More than u milion Kords are now in every- 
day use, everywhere. Here ure some rca 
sons for this remarkable record - quality 
aurvice- - reliability- low price economy 
of operation ami maintenance and the 
charseter and responsibility of the t'om 
pony tin Ford is certainly the only I Hi 
IsrisJ car. Kuuabout ffft?| Touring Car 
>M4<>. Coupelel *.-»!!<»; Tow n Car *«40 ; Sc 
dan $740, f. o. b. Detroit. On sale at the 
Central Oarage. 112. IU. lib Market St 

open ami hold, but at a glnnce It was 
plain that he wns both shaken and ei 
hsusted and In no mood to hldo either 
hla fatigue, or bla dlatrcsa. Sergeant 
Cameron sut down ou the other side 
of tbe otbI table with the fuded cloth; 
the younger conatable had left the 
room when Hardcastlo culled him 

"Dout go, Tyler," said he. "Ton 
may a* well both hear what I've gut to 
say. It a- It's stlngaree!" 

Tho name w an echoed In Incredulous 

"But he's down In Vie," urged tbe ser 
geanL "He'a been giving our chaps a 
derll of n time down there!" 

"He's come back. I've seen him 
with niy own eyea. But I'm beginning 
at the wrong end first," stild the squat- 
ter, tnklng another sip nml then sitting 
back to survey bis bearers. "Von know 
■>ld Duncan, my overseer?" 
Tho scrgeunt nodded. 
"Of course you know biro," tin- other 
continued, "••mil so d<H*» the whole back 
country sud did even before lie won 
this fortune In tho Mellwurne Cup 
aweep. I suppose you've heard how he 
took the news? He was fuddling him 
self from hla own l»ottle on Hnndnv 
afternoon whSSJ the uinil came Tbe 
first I kuew of It SM when I saw him 
sitting wllh his letter In ono bnnd and 
throwing out the rent of his grog with 
the other. Then he told us bo had won 
the dint prize of £.'10.000 nnd tbst he 
bnd mmle up In - inlud to have his nest 
drink at his own place In Scotland. He 
left us that afternoon to enteh tbe 
conch nnd go down to Kydney for his 
money. He ought to bate Urn hack 
this evening licfore sundown." 
Tbe mtswiiI put In bis word: 
"That lie ought, for I saw him come 
oflf the conch and start for tbe station 
as soon aa they'd run up tbe liorso he 
left behind him at the pub. I won- 
dered what hail brought him If bo was 
so set on getting bnck to tbe old conn 

"I could lell you." sold Uardcastle 
after some little hesitation, "nnd 1 may 
aa well Poor old Duucnn was the 
most Kcucrous of men. nnd nothing 
would serve him but that every aonl on 
Kossiuiu should shnre more or less tn 
his good fortune. I nm ashamed to tell 
you bow much he spoke of pressing on 
myself. You have probably benrd that 
one of his peculiarities waa Ibnt he 
would never take payment by check. 
1 like other people? 1 believe tt was be- 
I eause he bad knocked down too ninny 
checks In his dsy In any case, we 
used to call him Hard i.'nsh Duncan In 
R<>s:inun, and I ani very much afraid 
! that when you saw him ho must have 
bnd the whole of bis fao.OOO upon him 
in the hardest form of cash." 

"Rul wlmt bus happened. Mr. Hard 
ens tie?" 

"The very worst." said Hnrdcnstle, 
stooping to sip The three bonds came 
closer together across the faded table- 
cloth. "There was no sign of him nt 7; 
he QOgM to have been with us licfore U 
We bnd done our best to ui'ike It an oc- 
cnslou und It seemed that tbe dinner 
s'oiild St spoiled. 8o at 7 young Ev- 
ans, my store kee|ier. went off at a gal 
lop to meet him. and nt tweuty-flve 
past be came galloping buck leading n 

i riderless horse. |t was the one you 
saw Duticnii itillug ihti afternoon. 
There was Mood ii|kiii the saddle. I 
found Ii. And within uiiother hour we 
had found r lie |ssir old ls>y himself 

I dead and • old in the middle of the 

I track with n bullet through his heart." 

TbeaOjOjattsf*! raise MsMMsi w ith an 
emotion that did him honor lu bis bear 
era' eyes, and tbe gray bearded ser 

| geant waited a little bufSfO asking 

, questions. 

"What makes you think II la 

I ree'?' he Inquired at length 

"I fell you I saw htm on the mn. 

i with my own eyea. tbla morning. 1 
passed hlin In one of my paddocks, as 
close ss 1 am to you. and naked bloi 
If he waa looking for the bomosfend 
Be answered that he was only riding 
through, and we neither of u» step 

"We'll ride back Sill you at oooe," 
aald the sergeant, "nud (Ind you a 
fresb horse If your owu has bad 
enough. Kiln up tbe lot. Tyler, and 
Mr. Ilardcastle cao take hla cboh e II 
seems clear enough, continued Cum 
•ron, us the trooper dlsapi>eared 'Hut 
this la a new departure for Utlngarco. 
It's the very thing tbat everybody antd 
ho would oever do." 

"And yet It's tbe logical clliuui of 
bis career. It might buvt* bapiieued 
loug ago, but It's not bis tlrst blood, as 
It la." arguued Ilardcastle, wbeu bo 
bad drained his glass. "Didn't be wlug 
one of you down In Victoria tbe other 
day? Your bushranger U bound to 
come iu It scHiuer or later. He may 
much prefer not to shoot, but be has 
only to get up against a man of hU 
owu callbor. as resolute and as well 
armed as himself, tu have no choice lu 
the matter. 1'uor old DWaSM was the 
very type. He would never have given 
wsy- lu faet. we found bun with bU 
owu revolver fast lu but baud aud s 
anger froaeu tu the trigger, but uot • 
c hauler discharged " 

"las? TSau tbat set ilea U. aud It 
must Utsj beeu lout play." cruxl c am 

Vet It waa midnight l~fnre the little 
catalctde set out upon a ride of over 
thirty mile*, for Arrangements bad Is 
he made for a telegram to be sent to 

the Olenransld coroner first thing In 
the morning, and to Insure this It was 
necessary to disturb the postmaster, 

who occupied one of the three weath- 
er board dwellings which sNfHttM 
the roadside hamlet of Clear Corner. 
A round moon topped the asnd hills 
ss the trio rode away; tt was near Ita 
almost danellng tenlth when they 
reined up at the scene of the murder. 
This was at a point where the ssndy 
track ran through a belt of scrub, sud 
Ihe sergeant got off to etatnlne I be 
ground with llnnlcnstlc. while Tyler 
mounted suard In the saddle. Hut 
nothing of lm|iortance wns discovered 
by the pair on foot, and nothing seen 
or heard by their mounted comrade. 

They found the atstion still nstir 
and faintly aglow In the veiled dny 
light of the moon. A cluster of the 
men stood In a glare nt the door of 
their hut; tbe travelers' hut betrayed 
the like symptoms of excitement; nt 
tbe kitchen door were more men with 
pannikins, and odd glimpses of a ('re- 
lit, white capped face within. But on 
tbe brond rcrnudn sat two young men 
with their backs to a closed and dark- 
ened window. And behind the window 
lay all that remained of an elderly 

face was 


Tor op<r d Quarter of & co* 
.... V It Das b«n tlx standard of 
p rfcciion bv which all otbm 
arc ludfKd. 

It It baked by sanitary bakers 
in a sanitary bakeshop. Chat's 
why we are known as "Quality 

Ml Vk klDHKYB HAH grill 

kidney Diseases Canse Many Arhes 
aud HI* of m.i, People. 

As one weak link weakens a chain, 
so may weak kldneya weaken tbe 


0,erwork, strains, colds and other 
•aiipen injure the kidneys and 


tl.otr activity Is 


Thsy Examined the Ground While Tylsr 
Mounted Guard In the Saddle. 

aearcely recognisable by tbe new com 
ers In Its strange smooth pallor, but 
his grizzled benrd weirdly familiar and 
■till crisp with lingering life. 

The coroner arrived iu some thirty 
hours, which hud brought forth uotb 
Ing new. Ills Jury was drawn from 
the men's hut mid rnhhltcrs' tents, and 
nfter n prolonged but Inconclusive hi- 
vestlgnllon tbe Inquest wns adjourned 
for a week. But fbo seven days were 
as barren as the first und a verdict 
against aome person unkuowu n fore- 
gone result. This did not satisfy the 
many who were positive that they 
knew tbe |«rson. for Stlngnrce bad 
been seen n hundred miles lower dow n 
doubtless on bis way bnck to Victoria 
and wttb his appearance altered In a 
telltale manner. But tbe coroner 
thought he knew Letter tfesi n in body 
else and had bis way notw ithstanding 
the manifest feeling un Ihe long ve 
randa where be held bis court. 

As a coach came by on tho main road 
the passengers clambered down ami 
pointed to the spot where they declared 
Stlngaree, the outlaw, committed his 
first murder. 

So jurots and spectators drlfled buck 
to but and tent nnd neljbborlng stn 
Hon. tho coroner started In bis bugs, 
for tJlenrannld. and last of nil the po 
lice departed, leading the horse which 
llnrdcnstlo had ridden home from their 
burrocks and lenvlng blm at penee once 
more w ith bis two young men. But on 
tbe squatter time bad told, ni* table 
lad been full to overflowing through It 
all and he sank Into a long chnlr. s 
trifle grayer at the temples, a thought 
looser In his dress, as the pugarees of 
Cameron aud Tyler Anally fluttered out 
of sight 

"I think we might hn\e a drink." he 
snld, with a wry smile, to Evaus. wbo 
fetched the deen liter from the store. 
Tbe jnckoroo wus culled from a stable 
which had hceoino Augcnu during the 
week, aud the three) were still mildly 
tippling when the storekeeper came to 
hb) feet. 

"Good Lord," he cried. "I thought 
we'd seen tbe Inst of tbe plucky po- 

"You don't mean to sny they're com 
tag bnck?" 

"I do, worse luck! Cameron. Tyler 
and some new Joker In plain clothes." 

Ilardcastle finished bis drink with a 
resigned smile aud stood on tho veran- 
da to receive the lutruders 

"After all, It will stave off tbe re- 
action I began to feel the moment they 
bad turned their bucks," said he. 
"Well. well, well! I thought I'd just 
got rid of you fellows, nnd buek you 
come like base eoln.' 

"You must n I blame us," said the 
sergeaut. Oral to dlsiuouuL "VYc 
couldu't know tbat 
i ali iu had been sent up from Sydney, 
much teas tbat ws should rids right 
lulo htm lu your horse paddock!" 

Tbe squatter bad stepped dowu from 
tbe veruuda with polite alacrity. 

"Ulad to see you, Mr. Cairns," said 
he. "I only wish you bad come U- 

Tbe creature In tbe plain clothes 
looked about hlin with a dry smile 
aud a sharp eye upon tbe youuger Spaa 
aud the empty glasses, as be und the 
sergeaut accompanied Ilardcastle to 
the verauda, while Tyler took Start* 
of the three horses. Tbe fume of 
Cslrus bad traveled before blui to Ho 
sauna, but none bad been prepared 
for a tlgure so weird or for a stasis 
ns iu v so forbiddlug uud muligu HU 
manners were equally uucouth. He 
shook hla bent bead to decline refrush 
UMtut Us polmedly Ignored a sea 

Aholi; body suffers. 

Actios and pains sod languor and 
urinary ills frequently come, and there 
is an ever-increasing tendency to- 
wards dropsy, gravel or fatal Brlght's 
Jlaecse. When the kidneys fall there 
is no rcnl help for the sufferer except 
kidney help. 

Doan's Kidney Cilia act directly on 
the kindeys. Maysville testimony Is 
proof of their effectiveness. 

Mrs. 8. N'cal, 497 W. Second St., 
Maysville, Bays: "One of my family 
nnd a great deal of trouble from a 
aiae back nnd weak kidneys Doan's 
Kidney Cilia made the patient better." 

Frlco 60c, at all donlcrs. Don't 
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(loan's Kidney I'llla— the same that 
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si it \ it ii ran 


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The Passengers Climbed Down and 
Pointed to the Spot of the Murder. 

realization of Unrdcastle's about the 
crime, nnd w beu be spoke it was In a 
gratnltoaaly satirical style of bis owu 

"May I usk, Mr. Ilardcastle. If you 
are tbe owner or the manager of this 
lodge In a SSWttag wilderness?" 

"I'm sorry to say I urn both." 

"1 nm sorry to bo one of so many 
Intruders lu such a seasou. Mr. Hard 
castle, but I shall not trouble you long. 
I hope to take tho murderer tonight." 


"Not uulte so loud, please. Who else, 
should you supisise? You may be In 
terestcd to bear tbat be has been In 
hldlug on your run for several days, 
and so have I, within fairly ensj 
reach of him. But be la not a mnn to 
be taken single banded without fur 
Uier loss of life; so 1 Intercepted you, 
sergeaut, nnd now you arc both en- 
lightened. Tonight, with your nsslst- 
auce and that of your young colleague, 
I count upon a bloodless victory. But 
I should prefer you. Mr. Ilardcastle. 
not to mention tho matter to the very 
young men whom I noticed in your 
company on my arrival." 

Ilardcastle bad given hla word bo- 
fore the request was rounded to that 
pedantic neatness which characterized 
tbe crabbed utterauces of the round 
shouldered dictator. 

"Tbtit Is well," be went on, "for now 
I can admit you both Into my plan of 
campulgu. Supjiose we sit down here 
on tbe veranda, at tbe end farthest 
from any door. Be good euougli to 
draw your chubs nearer mine, gen- 
tlemen. It might be dangerous If a 
fourth persou beard me say that I bad 
discovered the murderer's III gotten 

"Not you. sir!" cried Cameron. 

"Oood Ood!" eiclolmed tho squuttsr. 

"Tbe discoverer was not divine aud 
indeed no human being but myself." 
tbe bent man averred, turuuig. with 
mischievous humor from one to the 
other of his sstonlsbed bearers "Yea, 
there was more gold tbuu I would 
have ctedlled u saue Kcotchuiaii with 
carrying through tbe wilds, but the 
bulk was In suinll notes, and tbe whole 
has been burled In the aerub close to 
the sceue of the murder doubtless to 
arold at once the detection and tbe dl 
vision of sin Ii uuusual s|m>1I." 

"Yii.i :rs Uiinkrug of hla mute?" 

It v as Cameron wbo had usked the 
ii. but Mr Hardcu-itle Killowed 
luiuuslititel.v with another. 

•Did you remove the a|>o|ir 

"My dea.- Mr. Hardcaatle. bow yoo 
must luck the detective Instinct! Of 
■ nurse I I. ft everything a» uesrly aa 
hosslbte as I found It. The man c.,inpa 
si i tbe s|K>| or xety near It lie MggSj 
no Are. and la careful to leavo no 
laarka. but 1 am more or less couvlncad 
of IL Aud that Is where I shsll tsks 
him tonight, or. rsther, early tomorrsw 
ammlng." , 

(To be continued) 






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"Trade comes where it is 
invited and stays where it is 
well treated." 

Hence, it stands to rea- 
son that we are going to 
give our customers the best 
service and quality. 

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Funeral Directors and Embalmers 

250. 207 Sutton Street. Maysville, Ky. 

Follow the Crowd 

To The 

Liberty House 

Not in the Combint ! 

C. M. JONES, Manager. 

R. B. HOLTON, Assistant Manager. 

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Here Is Our Splendid Program For This Week 

»tu\l> v\ VARCH 4. TI'RKBAY, MARCH 7. WIRNBHDAY, R\RCR 7. THI RMfHT. * \KI H t. I IHIIltY, RAK1II W. I S \ 1 1 Itli \ \, M \ HI II II. 

R0*I>AT, MARCH «. 

Third IMcture of 

ok mart r\ur.' 

rARAMOmt TR \ fV.t, PICTI'RF. 

It th«> Island of 
the fine Bray Cartoons 

T, MARCH 7. 
DUM Frohman Pr*»ents frmkricr 

In a plcturlsatlon of Henry Arthtir 
.lonoa' powerful drama 

Produood by the Famous I'layors Film 

Thomaa A Rdlaon presents 

In the feature maatorplere 

The ball at Brussels on the ei 
Waterloo will never be forgot 
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«w»r»:rhi:hi: it »-ra«cr" 

Thla plrMiro waa taken by l>nnaM C 
Thompson of the Chicago Tribune am) 
shows fighting: In the nlr, war In the produetlona 
Ireneea and other exciting scenes and vou am 

I'HIIHI, W\H< II in. 

A wonderful totally film featuring 

MBAUrfftl mrhir 



Tliia la one of the bent 1'nraniount 




n't nff< 

In Maya vl He : nev 


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TRIM | Ml TUP P\i PUT *j* 


■ami m num. 

who have neen It aav there \ 



t a a* 


better on 
it ::(o I 

aav there 
than thla 

WwWWIlltW, Re are going In 

show all "Wig feature*" from 
thla on- we believe nothing la 
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All our ahoaa will commence 
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Opponent* In President 

marlm Policy and Ills td- 

poalng of It finally aa an embarraaa- 

ment to the President In hla conduc 
of diplomatic negotiations with Oer 
many. They have found that not mor- 
than twenty-three votea can be mua 
tored againat 

OUT $350 


la« cd By Knssia Hut Kins .ire 

Hga *o Doubt ..I firing Able 

Washington. March 3. -The 8tatc 
Department received advlcea yester- 
day that reporta are being circulated >|rhoU , < oll „ty Sheriff Had To Fork 
In Berlin aa coming from Waahlngton < >Trr |> PM n y He Had Not 


(Carlisle Mercury.) 
Sheriff W. T. Parker made hla final 

Petrograd (Via Ixindon) .— The bud- 
get, preaented to the Dumn, showed an 
ordinary estimated revenue of 3,022,- 
049,318 rublca, an estimated ordinary 
expenditures of 3.232,4fl3.698 rubles, 
the excess of expenditure over revenue 
being 210.414.280. The expenses In- 
cluded In the budget constitute only 
part of the total expens-s, and the 

Waahlngton. March 3, 

Out^ of y« , «- , , etl | ement wi, h the atate Monday and)*" expense, which la not included In 

the budget, may exceed Uk*. ordinary 
expenditure two or three times. The 
moat important decrease in the estl- 

'• -I- •!• •!• + + •!• •!• •!• A smoker s pipe and enne have kM 


so Mr II WO Ml is. 4. 


Out of every 1.000 American 4" 
bablea. 124 die before they are + 

combined by an Inventor. win 
placed the bowl In the handle 1 
stem In the shaft 

1 baa 
ml the 

+ a yenr old 
•f* In New 
+ Is at fifty 
•fr Kven In 

+ 100. 



with its un- + 
the rate is + 

More small towns In Norway use 
electricity than In any other country, 
owing to the abundance of water 

terdays developmenta in Prealdent | rwWed h ,„ qu („ tm , for collection of 
Wilson's fight with Congreaa. crowded ^ % for tnp ye>r m5 Mr Parker Te . 
to the utmost with elements of the sen- „,„ „ on TuMMUy 

aational and dramatic the admlnlstra 
Hon force* In the Senate omerged 
with pledges of enough votea to kill, 
once for all. Senator Gore's resolu- 
tion to warn American off armed ahlpa 
of the European belllgerenta and dent- 

in the aum of $37,500. 

In making his settlement Mr. Park- 
er waa forced to pay out of hla own 
pocket about $360, this being « per 
cent on about $11,000 of taxca unpaid 
on the flrat of December. 1915 It has 

onstrate that Congress stands behind ro( bp(>n cu8tomary | n this county to 

the President in his negotiations with 

The action In the Senate, It is be- 
lieved, will be followed by stifling of 
sentiment In the House against, the 
President's foreign policy. 

In one of the greatest non-partisan 
debates the Senate has seen In years, 
Chairman Stone of the Foreign Rela- 
tions Committee, declared he waa not 
in accord with the President. Senator 
Lodge. the ranking Republican, 
pledged his support to the President's 
determination to secure to Americans 
their rights on the high seas and Sen- 
ator John Sharp Williams, just from 
a sick bed, delivered a withering de- 
nunciation of the President s oppon- 

The Senate adjournod until this 
morning at 11 o'clock, when the ad- 
ministration leaders plan to bring up 
the Gore resolution and table It, dis- 

cntorce on the taxpayers the penalty 
fi r failure to come In with tax money 
or. time, and usually the state depart- 
ment has sllowed the sheriff some ex- 
tri time to make this collection, with- 
out payment of penalty. 

This year, however, the state de- 
lartment made the sheriff "come 
(•cross." and so that popular official is 
left with the bag to hold. He says 
that next year the man who does not 
come up to the scratch will huve to 
pay the 6 per cent penalty. 

The production of hemp In China, 
the Irlglnal home of the hemp plant, 
is greater than any other nation ex- 
cept Russia. 

A farm In England la devoted ex- 
clusively to raising butterflies, of 
which upward of 30,000 are sold each 


More Than 


Pleasant Taste 

should be demanded in a tulile beverage. 

Coffee — tor example— tuny possess a pleasing flavour 
for aomc, but it contains a most harmful .lenient— caffeine, 
a subtle, cumulative drug, the continued use of which fre- 
quently leads to various diseases of the kidneys, liver and 
other vital organs, and sometimes to premature old age. 
Among the symptoms of caffeine poisoning are headache, 
nervouaneas. biliousness, slet-nleasuess, heart -thitter, 'brain- 
fag," and so on. 

Any coffee drinker who is ailing had belter quit the cof- 
fee—tea also— and use 

Instant postum 

(he delicious eerea.1 b v veiage. 

J'ostuiu is made nf entire wheat toasted with a small 
portion of wholesome molasses. Tastes much like mild 
.lava coffee, but contains not a particle of coffee or caffeine 
or any other harmful substance. .Just the goodness of the 

Post uin cornea in two fonqs: The original Postum Cereal 
—must be boiled; Instant Postum -aolnblt — is made in the 
cup with hot wat*>r, instantly. K.|ual in delicious tlavour 
and the est is about the same per eup. 

Thousands are bcHelltting by a 

"There's a Reason" 

Sold by Grocers everywhere. 
Kfiid a 2c stamp for 5-eup sample of Instant Postum to 
Post urn ( erenl Co., Ltd., Battle Creek. Mich. 

mated revenue occurred in that from 
alcoholic drinks, which figured only 
9.000.000 rubles, as compared with 
689,000.000 In 1914. With the addition 
of Items classed as exordlnnry expen- 
diture, the budget shows a total expen- 
diture or 3,558.156.510 rubies, the ex- 
cess of expenditure over revenue be- 
ing 377,107,192. 

The extraordinary expenses, due to 
the war. amounted to 8.O00.O00.000 ru- 
blea In 1915, and arc expec ed to reach 
11,000.000,000 In 1916. It tie war lasts 
the entire year. The latter expense, 
together with the budget deficit, must 
be covered by means of credit opera- 

The financo minister, Pierre Bark, 
in explaining the budget, said it was 
expected to reulize more than 500,- 
OO0.OO0 rubles from new sources of 
revenue created by the state of war 
He had such confidence in the spirit 
of the Russian people to make per- 
manent the advantages gained by tem- 
perance, he added, that he was loading 
himself with the heavy responsibility 
of drafting urgent legislation and de- 
vising taxes to cover the diminution 
of receipts caused by cessation of the 
sale of liquor, so as to avid all temp 
tation to return to the past. 

War expenditures, Mr. Bark con- 
tinued, would compel the natlou to 
face heavy deficits, hut there existed 
means of restoring the budget by strict 
economy and development of the na- 
tion's resources. "To this end the gov- 
ernment was devising taxation of such 
a nature as to give free scope to the 
economic independence of Russiii 

The cost of the wur now amounts 
'o 31.000.000 rubles dally. 

mm it. mm 

Who Kan On Huats Out • 1 This City 
Fifty Years Aft ami ll Re- 
member* By a fed 
People Here. 

(Pt. Pleasant Gaxatie.) 
Captain E. C. Morris resigned his po- 
sition at watchman of the steamer 
Queen City last week and I. ft Saturday 
morning for his home in Cincinnati 
from which place he and his wife will 
move to Tampa, Fla., where they will 
make their future home. Captain Mor- 
ris has been here on the Queen City 
the past eighteen months and has 
made many friends who regret to see 
him leave. This Is probably Captain 
Morris' last Bteamboating, as he Is 
well advanved in years and consid- 
erably crippled up with rheumatism, 
and leaving the Ohio river for a per 
manent home In the southland, be will 
be compelled to look for some other 
vocation. Captain Morris began 
steamboatlng when quite a young man, 
his first trip was on the old Market 
Boy in the Coal Valley, now Montgom- 
ery, and Maysvillc trade, and has run 
on the following old tinners and pres- 
ent day steamboats aa captain and 
mate: Vlctreaa, General Meigs. Vic- 
tor No. 2, Mountain Hoy. Mountain 
Oirl. Uetty Gilbert, Salt Valley, Clara 
Sinn. J. B. Watson. Active, Plerpout, 
Mt. Vlare. Clarlbell. Big Saudy. Moun- 
tain Bell. Daniel Hoone, Julia Mofflt 
Ix>uise, Ufjsjt Bay, Hcury M. Stanley. 
Hudson, Keystone State, Virginia, 
Steel City and Queen City. Captain 
Morria has made seven Mardi tiras 
trips on the Queen City and one on the 
Steel City, some of them in very has- 
ardous weather, but never had au ac- 
cident. Captain Morris belongs to the 
old school of steamboatinen that were 
uoted for their gentlemanly manner 
and careful, practical uavigation ol 
steamboats, a class of men fast dis- 

Worn napkins cut into squares slid 
oblongs and heuiuied, servo as dollies 
on which to lay tlab'stid fried pots- 
toes or croquettes, or to enwrsp baked 
potatoes. No new nmturutl that can 
be purchased equals pieces of old cot- 
ton sheets sud pillow slips for scrub- 
bing, and discarded flanuel underwear 
is splendid for cloths fur washing 
nalota sud windows, for rleanlng sli- 
ver and polishing brasses. 

4* Among Immigrants, the baby 4* 
4* death rate ia lower than nmong «J« 
4* native Americans. 4* 
4« Three hundred thousand ba- «P 
4* blea under a year old died In the 4. 
4* 1'nlted States last year. 4* 
4* Half thla number could have 4* 
4» been saved by proper prccau- 4* 
4* Hons. 4* 
4* Neglect and bad sanitary con- 4" 
4* dltions crippled and weakened 4* 
4* many thousands. 4* 
•?• Tho I nlted States spent more 4" 
4* last year on pigs and battle- 4* 
4* ships than on babies. 4* 
4* Babies In the country suffer 4* 
4» as much hardship as those of the 4. 
4" city. 4* 
4« Healthy conditions before ami 4* 
s> after birth, pure and nourishing 4* 
4« food and Intelligent care are the 4* 
4* remedies. 4* 
* + 

4* 4* 4* ♦ 4* ♦ 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* ♦ 4- 4* 


flow's Tal*1 

Wo offer One Hundred Dollars Re- 
ward for any case of Catarrh that can- 
not be cured by Hall's Cstarrh Cure 
F. J. CHENEY ft CO.. Toledo, O. 

We, tho undersigned, have known F. 
J Cheney for tho last 15 years and be- 
lieve htm perfectly honorable In all 
ii.siuesa transsctlons snd financially 
, il.le to carry out any obligations made 
by his firm. 


Toledo, O. 

Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter- 
nally, acting directly upon tho blood 
and mucous surfaces of the system. 
Testimonials sent free. Price 76o per 
bottle. Sold by all Druggists. 

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T11 He Ckf'ssja a Luxury. 


If this dratted war boeey keeps on 
being flaunted at im much longer, we 
will all have to no liack to the pro- 
verbial Itg leai'. 

Mnny article* that enter into dally 
use have been advanced double and 
some trebled in price since the war In 
Europe begun eighteen months ago. 
Take the small item of shoestrings. 
This country has been a large importer 
of tliis article of dally use from Ger- 
many for many years, but since the 
war the price has been skyrocketing, 
and rinee last October bus made un SjSV 
aiue of ion per cent. Dealers who 
for many years have supplied theii 
-ustomers with shoestrings free, now 
find It absolutely necejssary to make 
charge fcr them. Yqji who have for 
.0 long enjoyed this free prlvlleee 
1' ust pay down a nickel when you 
■ t your next pair, and not expect the 
inallty to be extra good at that. 




We have for sale a farm of 141 arre<t, 
located on Maysvllle and Ml. Carniel 
pike, about three miles east of Orange- 
bars;. The Iniprotemenls on this farm 
consist nf one six-room House. Tenant 
House of four rooms, two Tubarrn 
Burl.-. „,„„! o,,tbnildlngs viith both 
seta of Improvements. About PJ0 acres 
of this farm is nonr In grans, some of 
which Is BlnegrasK. Here Is a real 
bargain III land, and a place that any 
good farmer can make mouct mi. Come 
In and let us tell you about It. 






(Dover News.) 
What Is the matter with startlny 
the building of model roads at the 
outer edge of the county and building 
toward the county seat? Cnder tbe 
pi-esent plan fairly good pikes near the 

Farmers * Traders BanK Bnildim 
Waysville Ky 


An' Uncle Bill he says, "Why, John, 

Yer face looks good as new. 
,«un y seat are to be torn up while the DVVUSK , or ME ... Tho ^ 

inferior pikes of the outer prcclnctf 

are neglected, and would have to be 

rebuilt before the model road reac hes 

cut from the central iiolnt. It would 

be a matter of economy to first rc- 

buld the roads needing repairs the 

worst. By Uie time the roads wero 

Ledger ads are the kind that 
■ lasting I) at U, 


built to the county seat town the pikes 
near tho town would be worn so bad- 
ly as to need rebuilding. And wheu 
the entire road was finished it would 
be In good shape throughout, while 
under the present plan It would be 
worn at the converging point before 
the remote part was finished. This 
may sound silly 10 some but the idea 
is worthy of serious thought. 

A vacuum cleaner that can be placed 
uj>on and operated in connection with 
an ordinary carpet sweeper ha 


IVe Hate a Remedy that Will Post 
You h|MsJ It It 
>ol Help You. 

Mayavlllo wouivii will please realise 
thut we mesu just what we say In the 
above heading. Letters like the fol- 
lowing prove the elllclency of Vluol In 
such case*: — 

"Por the. tun. in of tbe other tired 
women. I want to aay that I keep 
house tor seven In my family. I be- 
came run-down, all played out, t did 
not seem to have any life In me and 
looked badly. 1 read so much about 
Vlnol I decided to try It and I must 
say It helped me la every way. II 
built me up so I felt like a uew wo- 
mau, and my frleuds said they eould 
seo a great change in me " Mrs. John 
M. Wsldrou, Saratoga Springs, X Y. 

We recommend Vlnol to our custom- 
ers ss the greatest strength creator 
e know— due to the extractive inedl- 
1 in, 1 elemeuts of freah cod livers, w it 1, 
Ml oil, combined with peptonalw ol 
1011 sud 1 eel peptone, all dlsaolved in 
a pure medicinal wlue 
petui Drug Company, MaysvlUe, hi 

Chimes In an' says, "Me, too!" 
Vn' I will buy one, too, you bet! 

I'm goin' to save an' save. 
It won't be very many years 
Fore 1 begin to shave! 

(The End.) 
See the complete poem In our 




FINKRAL iniiht nut 

Office Phone 37. Home Phone 91. 
17 Kasl Second Street, Vaysiille, K> 


L N 



p. m.. dally ex 


and are now located in our new 
store at No. 39 West Second 
street, five doors above our for- 
mer location. 

We thank you all for past fav- 
ors and extend you a cordial 
invitation to come and see us 
in our new home. 

Barkley's Shoe Store, Inc. 

H. H. BARKLEY, President 

Our warehouses will remain open as long as there is 

Any Tobacco To Sell. 

We have the room and always take the time to 

Properly Handle Tobacco. 

That is one of the reasons 

Why Our Average Exceeds 
the Market. 

You can rely on getting the 

Top of the Market 

when you come to the 

Home, Independent, Central, 
Farmers or Planters Houses 

Leaders of the Market in Every Particular 

j When You Want Good Work | 

ururv vnir wswt pt PfiTDTfi a t wnw 







G. A. HILL & BRO. Proprietors. 

No. 7 departs 6:36 
cept Sunday. 

No. :< departs 1:0V 
cept Sunday. 

No. 6 departs 3:45 p. iu., daily. 

No. 10 arrives » 46 a. ■ . dally ax- 

, dally 

No. I arrives 3:06 p. ai.. 
No. S arrives 8:30 p. m 
cept Sunday. 

Subject to cbangs without notice. 

H. 8. ELLIS. Agent. 

Chesapeake & Ohio Ky. 

Schedule effective January 3. 1»1» 
Trains Leave Maysvllla, Ky. 

• 46 a. m.. 3:11 p. ni . dally. 
6 30 a. in.. 8 30 a m.. weak-dars 

5:00 p. ui. dally local 

I 40 p ni . 10 44 p 
i M a ui dally k>ral 
5 >» p. at, s 00 p 

u. .mi iv 

week days 



some of our now liKlKins. fixtures In 
your home. They will so beautify snd 
illuminate, it that you'll count the 
money paid for tliem decidedly well 
speue. So.i the new seml-indlrcct 
liahis. They are just wonderful. 

HUsUI.I I Mil IMI ».\s SIT'lTT 

Now Oddfellow Huildiutr, Sutton Street, 
r.lepaea* i9. H. 0. WOOD, Msaager. 


Gas Supplies, Stoves and Ranges. 
I'liunbing and Gas Pitting. 


Notwithbt'-iitditi); this crop of tobacco is short 
third, we are pleased to stale that we have now sold much more 
than our total ol last season and have made a handsome increase 
each season since we opened our house. For all of this wc dt- 
sirc to thank both buyers and selleis for their many favoti and 
assure each and every one we will try to deserve the confidence 
placed iu us. 

At the approach of closing time and with only a small 
amount to move, we fed we cau give each aud every load spe- 
cial attention mid j^ive our best efforts to make satisfactory sales. 

TRY I S \\1» si-;k 

Growers Warehouse Co. 

cat Hkt.. 

" . W. ReUiTAlM. 

J. ( . Eilllk 


■H. + 4- + + + + + + + + + + 










Onr Mr 0<*or«fl Frsnk.haa 
br*n rilled Rast in orrtpr 
that h" mlaht bf able to plac* 
hta order Tor Pall Mcrchandls* 
N>forr tlM «har» advance In 
prl««a. which lainr* to como. 
owing to the continued ad- 
vance In the prices of wool 
and the ararrlty of dyea on 
account of the IwftjnM War. 
While he la away we will con- 
tinue to aell what Overcoat* 
we have, providing we have 
your al«e, at a reduced price 
8oi> window display for prlcea. 

OEO. H. FRANK & 00. 
Maygville'a Foremost 

++***++** ***** 


The Writer ( 'leaning t nmpany 

4- Will on March 1 be located at 
29 Kaat Second Street. 
Phono 624 


Sunday Bchool attendance for Sun- 
day, March 6: 

Flrat Christian 175 

First Baptlat IN 

Third Street M. K M8 

First M. K., South 1M 

First l'regliyterian 94 

Central l'resbytorlau .... R4 

Second M. K., South ... 02 

Foroat Avenue M. E. .... 67 

Mission :18 

Episcopa I 22 

Apostolic Holiness "6 

Total I,02« 

Same Sutidny last year.. 1,038 
Total for thi> year 10.0B6 

The First M K church. South, ob- 
served quarterly meeting Sunday 
Presiding Kldcr J. E. Redd preached 
nnd the lord's Supper was observed 

The Adult Mens llible class of the 
First Christian church has organized 
ward campaign canvass for members 
Keep your eye on this class and watch 
It grow. 

WAIT PflKLTM I>t*n. 

tfary Phillip., stater of Mra. 
John Barhonr. died In Louisville 
Monday morning. Mrs. Barbour has 
been at her bedside for a few days 
Mis* Phillips was one of the nnhle»» 
of women, leaving many friends 
among the beat people of Ixitilsvllle 

She will be remembered here by 
many for her sgreeable manners and 
her attractive personality The funeral 
will be on Tuesday afternoon by Rev 
Dr. Irvine of the Fourth Avenue Pres- 
byterian church. 

r'IRNT KPIftOlU Ol lilt IH"> 

H HP n» n MFI tint 

At the Pastime tomorrow after- 
noon and night the firat eplaode of 
"The Iron Claw" will bs repeated 1 
connection with the regular program 
Owing to the Inclement weather of last 
Friday a number of people were pre- 
vented from seeing the first episode 
of thl* great serial and by popular N 
(litest the Pastime will repeal the first 
chapter tomorrow In connection with 
tho regular progrntn 

MHN. Imtto* tTTLLBI 1. 

Xews of the death of Mrs. Dayton 
Wlllelt at her home In Ciiiclnniiti. 
was received here Sunday by relatives. 
She had been in had health for some 
Mm and her death was not a sur- 
prise. Mrs. Wlllelt was » half-sister 
of Messrs. X. ('. and Abner Bradford 
of this city, and her death Is the third 
'u that family within the laat night 
months. Her remains will arrive here 
on Monday afternoon and will he In- 

MTPtRYIMVI kkpokt 

The Maysville tobacno market sold 
for the weok a total or 9I4.08U pounds 
averaging $1I.:I7 Tobacco with any 
finality was in demand at all times 
and full prices were paid Much of 
the offerings were of poor duality 
Farmers are cleaning up their crops 
We ndrise all farmers to market their 
crops without delay. 

W. MITCIIKU., Supervisor 

Mr and Mrs. A. W. MMJgteM, who 
have made mnn> ft lends during their 
stay here, will leave the first of the 
week for Phoenix, Ariz., where Mi 
MegglHOil trill insiall a refi IgerutiliK 
plant tor his llrtn. Swift Ar Company 
Mr Meggison has just completed the 
Siiperilltendenee of ihe licauliful new 
litiildini: constructed by Swift fl Coni- 
pany here. -The Trinidurl (Col l 
t "lironicle-Nws. 

j Mrs MeRgison was formerly Mi»s 
Martha K. Youne and is the ulster of 
Mrs. Jacob Thomas of this oily 

myi tm% mop a*i> LA*». 

Fred tlreater sold fifteen hoad of 
cowa In Carlisle last week st from I41 
to 1*1 each 

Will Howard of ( rossvllle. Tenn . 
ncently sold a silver gray fox hide 
for $Roo. 

Jsmes V Edward* of Midway, sold 
a pair of coming 4-year-old mare 
mule* to .1 Eve* of l-onlslsnn. for IS2R 
McCllntoek of Mlllersburg 


Writ nf Ulsrhment *M>rvH On the 
Owner sf Steamer St. Jame« 
lor a lael Rill. 


(Oalllnolls Tribune.) 
chief Deputy Marahal T. E. Joyce 
of Parkershurg, hnlted tho ateamboot 
St .lame* at Marietta Saturday eve- 
ning and *erved a writ of attachment 
bought a pair of 2-year-old mule* from |„„ II<H | | n f , vo# of tnp p» r ker*burg- 
Dlck Lyons of Montgomery, at $400. Marietta Sand Company, on Its action 
Hobort Mopkln* of Hourbon, re- ,„ Brt mlralty to collect the sum of 

cenlly iMiught fifteen head of 100- 
ponnd cattle shoals from J. C Wilson 
at 7 cents per pound 

Charles Thompson of Lexington, 
bought forty head of mtilea In Oeorgc- 
ti.wn. last week at prlcea ranging from 
$165 to $210. 

U. A Fountalne & Pro., of Centra- 

$49 9fi. the name being a bill for fuel 
Mather than have the boat tied up, the 
owner paid the claim which, with In- 
terest and cost*, amounted to about 

The original plan hail been to aerve 
tho writ at Wheeling, but the boat dld|cariS for 25c 
not atop there, but puahed on down 



Michigan Potatoes only 30c 

1 can of Corn, I can of 
String Beans, 1 can of Toma- 
toes, special, 3 cans for 25c. 

10 pounds of Scratch Feed 
for hens 25c. 
Van Camp's 5c Milk, 6 

Ha. Mo . sold to Charles W tlreen, for tnr , r | V ,, r „n Ita way to Xew Orleans 
a St firm. Ho head of cotton wMh „ \i« r ,|| Graa excursion. Deputy 
mules for $2n.o.1o SnorlB notl fl Pd Cn | pf i> p „ t y Joyce 

King Crimth of near Jacksonville w)lo WPnt , 0 Marietta and laid for the 
bought a r.-year-old draft mare from ooming steamer. To guard against 
Myers & McCllntoek. of Mlllersburg ; nlmilar tactics to those which evaded 
last week, for $250. ,he writ at Wheeling. Deputy Joyce 

William Copher of Montgomery chartered a row boat Sure enough. 
I minty. recently sold a pair of tiicel,|„. at. James did not ahow any signs 
mules to flreenwade ti Razor, of the of gtopplng at Marietta and the officer 

same place, for $.165 

Myers ft McCllntoek of Hourbon 
sold a pair of 6-year-old mare mules 

Had himself rowed out to hailing dls- 
tsnce, when he soon brought the ves- 
sel to a standstill. J. H. Klein, the 

to a Tennessee buyer last week for owner, was aboard and when tho dep- 
$500 The same firm sold an aged my was transferred to the latter, he 
mule to Oentry * Thompson of ).cx- HO on settled the bill, whereupon the 
iiiKton. for |SM st. James was allowed to proceed on 

JamoH Itohblns of North Middle- her way . Captain Klein, a 
town, has engaged the wool crop of 
Palmeter A Todd of Plum l.lck. st 25 
cents per pound Mr. Rohhhis also 
hought a hunch or lambs from the K old the boat at a considerable profit 
same parties at I cents per pound The st Jamea had ftfly-thi 

gcrs for the Mardl C.ras. 

ouncllmaii and excursion man of 
I'ltlsburg. bought the St. Janice for a 
mere song two years ago and recent Iv 

•HV RKHT HIRL," Hrilto 

n U \ r TMI i'\s- 
Till T9KAY. 


SQI'IRK Mil KKs M»l RT. 

Rev. A. K. Felts, pastor of the QMTfa Hreeklnriilge. colored, di unk 
Forest Avenue M. E. church, returned $."> I". 

home Saturday from Vunceburg whore I Leslie Cnleman. drinking whisky on 
lie had been Assisting in revival serv- C. * O. premises at South Ripley, told 

ices. The attendance was good and 
the membership was greatly built up 

Notice to Pastors — May 7 is Sunday 
School Day. Will you urge upon your 
churches and your schools the neces- 
sity of getting into the fight early 
Sec that'thc committees are appointed 
and are at work. Wc want Mason 
county and Maysville to lead the 

The Metro players present the scin- 
tillating comedy drums. "My Best 
(iirl." at the Pastime this afternoon 

md even in u This production Tea- ! 
lures the popular favorites. Max Fig- 
man and Lois Meredith, and is pic- ' 
turized in live acts from the play. It 
It needless for us to comment on l Ik 
supreme uuality of Ihe metro pictures i 
K\ery man, woman and child in Mays- 
\llle know* thnl Ihe Very name of 
Metro stands for the very host in pho- 
toplay. You have seen "At Hay." 

Her Own Way." and many other Met- 
ro pictures ami ■ njoved every one of 
them, ami we venture to say that you 
Win like "My Host Girl" equally as 


Lacking two votes, the House hill' 
looking to HUM for women wns prac- 
tically killed in the Kentucky Legis- 
lature when a motion to take it up 
was defeated. The bill making it a fol 
«>ny Tor parents to desert an Indigent 
CtllW was passed unanimously 

BRINGS $587 

nilllaiii Ha rile j Huul« a Load of To. 
Ml tea ft Market VHileh 
Brings Him a Fat 



Mr. anil Mrs. David H. Harrison 
have returned from their honeymoon 
trip and are at home at Mr. and Mrs 
R. M. Harrison's on Commerce street 

Mrs. J. W. Hopkins returned Mon 
day from a visit to relatives at Iron- 

City Engineer W L Glazier of Now- 
port, is registered at the Whitehall. 

HoeflicrYs Spring 

Wonderful display of Wash Coods, Ginghams, 
Chambrays, Voiles, Flaxons, Crepes, Organdies, Mulls, 
etc., with Trimmings to match. 

Silks of every hue and color many exclusive 
patterns - Chiffons, Georgettes, Taffetas, Crepe de 
Chines, Crepe Mctiors, Radium Silk. Wash Silk, etc, 
with a great stock of latest styles in Trimmings. 

In Neckwear, I.aces, Ribbons, Gloves and Nov- 
elties wc have the largest stock in the city. 

Robert L. Hmflich 

211 and 213 Market Street 

I Georgetown (O.I News-Democrat | 
When William Hartley delivered a 
load of tobacco last week at the local 
loose leaf market he received $587 for 
It The load was a large one and the 
tobacco was exceptionally (Inc. Mr 
Hartley ihe* In llynl township, but 
the fnet that he received this amount 
for one loud of tobacco pointa to the 
incentive uliirh makes tobacco grow- 
ing attractive to the farmers of Brown 
•omily. o There have been n score o! 
Inatftaoaa MjtWtMl out where growers 
iMVa irfflled down checks of goodly size 
for single loads of tobacco, but this is 
the largoHt re|M>rle>l. 

in wn>t. oi m i i for MYMCI 


The anthem sung by the regular 
quartet In the Christian church Sun- 
day morning was exceptionally well 
rendered. It wns highly complimented 
by the large congregation present. 
The quartet is composed of Miss Amy 
King, Mrs. H. H. Durkley, Boyd K 
Muse and Dr. P, G. Smoot. Thla sing 
ing at both the regular services of the 
church as well us on special occaalons 
Is of a high order. 

At u caucus meeting of the City 
Happies Saturdkv night Col. Isaac M 
Childs, Ihe popular cigar manufac- 
turer of West Second street, was de- 
cided on -for city assessor, the. va- 
cancy being caused by the resignation 
of Mr. James Stewart It is The led- 
ger's prediction that lko will make a 
good one and here's hoping his elec- 
tion is assured. 

The Parent-Teacher Association of 
Aberdeen. 0., are preparing to put on 
ihe play. "The Thread of Destiny,' 
shortly. This association has done 
much r«mkI toward creating a greater 
Intcrcat between toachera and parent* 
In the Aberdeen school and deserves 
to be complimented upon ita good 

Hale of the Louisville property of the! 
Kentucky children'* Home Society and 
the purchase by the slate of more sult- 
■rounda for the home, to be oper- 
as a state Institution, is urged bv 
Inspector Nat H Howell In a re- 
ultted to Governor Stanley 

Detective Stewart no one could stop ( 
him Squire Bauer put a crimp in hfs 
frills In the shape of a fine of $0.15 
Leslie gave his check for the amount 

I'OI.II I ( HI It) 

In Police Court John Wright, plain 
drunk, was fined |MJM; John is I 
guest at Hotel de Kilel. 

Mrs. K. G. Knox, who was the guest 
of her parents, Mr and Mrs AndeiKon 
Brock of Now Liberty, returned to her 
home Saturday 

W. X. Reynolds and T. IL Kirk of 
tho Reynold* Tobacco Compuny. are 
registered at the Whitehall. 

Mr S. W. Patterson of Salisbury. 
N. C, representative of the Mint t'ola 
Company, is in this city. 

Mr. Jacob Tliomas of Newport, spent 
Sunday with his family here 

PtttMMjrg, March 4 - The hearing of 
the mii i I for divorce brought by Harry 
K Thaw against Kvelyn Xesbitt Thaw 
pened here yesterday before a miiBter 





















All items under this hcail '_■ cent 
word. Minimum charge lo cents. 

for Jbte. 

FOR BAM Tra|i drums and sound 
effects for moving pictures, like 
new; cost $«5. will sell for $3t cashl 
E. G. Bridges. 237 West Third street. 
Maysville, Ky. m4-lw 

FOR SALE -Cast iron gas lange with 
broiler, practically new. o. T 
Muddox at El wood Davidson's resi- 
dence. Mt-U 

Mrs. Henrlelfa Lindsey Williams 
MM of tile most widely known women 

In Kentucky, died at her home in Mt appointed by the court to hear the 
Sic, lin M from an attack of heart .lis- t. stlmony The hearings will be prl- 
ense. superinduced by the InflrmiHe. i vato. and none of the evidence will be 
of ago. She was 89 years old. „, a ,| e , iu blic. Mrs Thaw was not pres- 

ent when the case opened and It was 
Regular meeting W. C. T. C. this | eurno ,i tnHt gnp , V as not represented 
■ H4MTM MJ at l:M at home of Mrs Joe |, y counsel 

Hoilson West Fourth street 

Experts in China arc investigating 
ie possibility of using bamboo pulp 
i the manufacture of paper napkins 

FOR SALE Gem Leader Oak stove 
healer Apply B2« Walnut street, 
olty. f:'li-lw 

for Rent. 

FOR KKNT - Three unfurnished 
rooms all modern improvements, at 
220 East Fit Hi street. Phone U7-H 


LOST- Dog's muzzle, 
to this ottice 


Civic Improvement Club meets to- 
night at homo of Mrs. W C Patton on 
Forest avenue Visitors invited 

Romilur monthly inootlug Pride of 
Mason l.odge Xo. 7!>, K. of P. tonight 
at 7 nu. Two candidates for rank ol 

The Am Department of (he Civic 
Improvement Club will meet at the 
home of Mrs Carrie B. Humphries on 
Wos( Third street. Tuesday afternoon 
Visitor* are welcome 


Treat Catarrh Internally J 

tKexall Mucatonel 

It eliminates the germs from the ^ 
blood, acts as a tonic and builds up the < 
system. < 

50c and $1 Sizes 1 



Plcuse return 

LOST — GlasseH ou Fourth bet w. en 
Plum and Limestone. Return MJ 
Central Market. Reward. iu4-3t 

I.OHT— Female Scotch collie dog; 
black body, white collar, head mixed 
white and tan. Return to 220 Fast 
Wtttk street. m-Hteod 

LOST — A worn, dark brown umbrella 
with a silver handle. Return to the 
Hank of Maysville and receive re- 
ward. mL ..«( 

The Penalty 

until imi>. IIAIACM III long shi\ii i. IY1 ItlAII is i>. 

■ATI is ih nu \ 1 1 rim IMII* LIIM. 

DR. KAHN, of Cincinnati, Every Monday. 
DR. GEORGE DEVINE, O. D., Every Day 
Optometrists and Opticians. 0 Keefe Building, Market Street, Over De Nuzie 

Waterman's Ideal fountain Pens 


Wc lutve just mliloil tO our Koimtnin Pet) slock | cumplete line ol' 
Sell'-lilliinf |*,. ns of every Mad. 

Drop in anil MM the Mnokkoeper, Mnnit'olil. Sletiofrraplier nii«l 
Kaleon I'eim ill Sufely. Slnli iind any style you may noerl. 

lit mav$oille'$ Popular Book Store. 229 market 

l|g UJMK street, mavswille, KV- C e. Dietrich. Prop. 

Job Printing— Pyblic Ledger Printery— Nuf Ced 

The tea" Store. 

I>4 1 MOAK VOO. 

XIUUT rHt»\K .i.i.i. 

A buK«y driven by su unknown 
|*rty, while roIuk east ou Second 
•trmtt, broke the kiug bolt in rronl 
Of (he Seion,i \| K. church. 8ou(h 
about in „eioek Sunday luoraina 
There was a spill of tie neeupants 
but none waa hurt 

Following are this 

rnlnga quota 

at 9 o'clock by the B b 
Produce Couj|>an> | 

Buttar Hie 

EftKS 1 less otri 17c 

llena 12c 

Springers 10c 

rs «c 


Mra. Eratik Miller and children leH 
aReruoon for Cincinnati 
(hey will make their future 
Mr Miller will follow theui 

mi we.k 


Handsome Home For Rent 

Sherman Am 7 room brick residence wilh all modern conven- 
iences, furnished or unfurnished. Possession March ist. 

SHF-RMAN ARN & BRO., Insurance and Real Esiate 


POl'ND— Ladles' Waterman Ideal sclf- 
flllinK fountain pen Call this of- 
fice. „,.,, 

is the usual March weather, but it is a 
SETTLED fact that I carry the largest 
and best line of REALLY GOOD 
FURNITURE to be found anywhere, 
and we consider it a pleasure to show 
you through our immense stock. 

Or if you are looking for something 
remember my store is headquarters for 
high-grade Pianos, Player Pianos and 
Victor Victrolas. Make my Record Ser- 
vice your service. I carry the most 
complett line in the city. 


: BRISBOIS, The furniture Man I 

I 42 West Second Street. Satisf 

I | K ' V" 1 ' V * " ^mm^ fm^fm 



William Fox Presents 


The Most Eminent of All Photo Dramatic Artists in 

"The Wonderful Adventure" 

A Drama of Modern Life. Suspense, Action, Thrills, Vh id Situations Make "The 

Wonderful Adventure" an Ever Memorable Photoplay. 
Mjg gMMMjgg -*Ar~~*Al' »■ -A »s< A » IM»jV ii aj Vi ^ -i iW. . i i a j t. . 1 




Metro m 

" l^Zt'JZ MAX FIGMAN & <" *» 

:ts frc 

Its a METRO 

MY BEST GIRL m "mm u,shomthc,,,av 


Wheat |11«01.1«. 


am «»<i&oc 

Hay- |17.M«1I 


faille I7.3608.I6. 
('alvaa |6f| 1I.U. 
Hobs -MO* 71. 


IN Till*: THIliD ii 

THE ST R A NGE C ASe"^!* A R " Ta6E" 




Admission 10c to AIL Coming Tomorrow— Pauline Frederick in "Lydia Gilmore." 

T H I