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Full text of "Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1905-02-28"

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MI/ST bm Mfttf 
2 •'cfMli fl^ <*• 

PttroM will M TiaMt-lttn 

vG«iaerii hereafter. 

tt 0. W. 

•ladaj. Mtroh 5th, will be Foreign Minion 

Mn. John M. Sb«p«n) of Eut Fourth atrwt 

•nm been very ill for a week past. 

The total valaatioD of property in Lewie 
to r taxation in l 1,C9«>. 

ga(e BUrki 28 feat tnd rising. Con- 
iblA akore lee is ronniog on the Ohio 

COniBeociDg tonight the general delivery 
wiadow o( the Mayaville Poatofflee will be 
op«Md he wtfter nntil 9 p. m. 

IBs any frimds will ha piMMd to lean t hat 
Dr. 8. Harotar haa carae back to atar< The 
t>aetor haa opened an offloa at tha e«ntr of 
Tkiid and Satton, whei* hT wHI b* phtaad to 
b»fa hix fri enda call. 

Owing to the continnad rim in the river yea- 
t^rday afteraoon tha haavy shore ice above and 
' mIow tha oity lat looaa aid floated off. Tha 
•Mr** aavtf ooat bwfaa oppoaita PagWa Dia> 
tillorjr ware carried away at the aama time. 

Calaaai Babact G. 1^1 of thia eity ia at Hat 
Spriaga, Afk., nrf waa witaaaa to the big $2,- 

>X),000 Are which owept that city. It goet 
<»ithoatsayittg that he was a generous aubscrilier 
•to tha raUaf fund raised for tha himdreds 
whn wara raadered homelei<i!. 

jWtarttag Silver goods are gradually ad- 
Mf>aaoiiV. OaeadraMa ii price siaca Janaaiy 
1 't, another looked for. Wa hare a vary larga 
'-t^k on hand and will offer them at the old 
vricaa. (Now is your opportunity for bargain?. 

I*. J. Mri'.riiv, the Jeweler. 

UiHti .^nna Gilliert Eads, daughter of th« l»tc 
Kev. J. R. Bads, died at Aabland Sumiay ufter 
lY>B|jr a few hours iUnaaa of neuralgaa of the 
Jlaait. 8ha was a yoong lady of rare ealtwa. 

' \ fecial favorite, and was a finished 
The engageaiant of Miaa Eads and tha Bav. 
Rylaad Kaight of RiehMid, Va.. waa raeaatly 


«- # ^ - 


The I'i<Tcen, CDstumed imporojuiitor^ df 
Jiaractor sketcbf.'<, will ^ive tbu third Hnter- 
taiWMBtia oar coarse tonight. The entertain- 
jBoat wHI begin imnediately after the oloaa of 
the aarrieaa at tha ChriataiB Church. Tha 
Piercea deserve a foil hoaaa. Adaiaaioi 26o, 
::bildreB 15c. 

tS\fl:i .Iiinir P'lf>mint; haa boai 01 athar hOM 
in Kaat Second Htreet. 

Dr. A. G. Browning hu baea hooaed aevaral 
days with aa attack of grip. 

Ismii .Tarkson. colored, who ia charged with 
collecting money and failing to tarn it over to 
the owner, was op |>efore Judge Wkitaker yee- 
tariay aad waivad aa examiBatioB. Ha wu 
haU »far t» tha iHf tana of tha OtreaH Oairt 
ii tta aim «f laOO, aad Mailt ma ooamitted 

For Manh these taveane aaaifnmmits haTe 
baea nade for this city: fl. I'. I*'ikui> Distil- 
lery Company — H. G. Holiday, day; Frank 
Hutiat, additional and bottling; A. M. Jannary, 
additioaal; L. M. GaflUo, Gnager. Poyntx 
Broa.— P. D. Walls, Storekeeper- Gauger. J. 
H. Roger* * Co O.scar OriRsby, day; W. C. 

Slye, additional; I,. M. I'.mffin, Clauger. 
»- « 


For aeed. 10 baahala aad over. 40o per 

bushoL E. A. C4RB. 
» e— 


Appointed to Succeed Congrestman- 
Boot Bennett 

Hon. William T. Cole w.!" yestorday appointed 
to succeed Congreaaman-eloct J. B. Bennett as 
Judge of Graaaap eovaty. 

The appointmeat will be effective tomorrow. 

Will i.<i aa old Haysville boy, a son of the late 
Jadge A. E. Cola, brother of Hon. Allan D. 
Cole of thia elty, OM af tha beat all "rand 
fellows in the state, and will reflect credit on 
Greenup county as its County Judge. 


For Mieeionariee in Thie Portion of 
tkt United Stilts 


Mra. David Storer died Monday morning at 
3:80 o^daek at her home ob the KeatOB Statiea 
Mke, after an iUaesa of aboat tea dqra of 
ftaart treable. 

She waa 74 years old and m nurvived bv 
three aoaa aad three daaghtera. 

Sanrioes by Rev. W. T. Spears at her late 
hone at 11 o'clock, son time, Wednesday 

Bnrial ia the Uayxville Cemetery. 


Little Qiaat Clover Sowar— $1.50. 

U. C. RirssRM. Cn. 
• -» 


Mr. Otto 6. CaHaham llw Fmow 

it will be aad aawa to tha maay friends of 
Mr, Otto 0. CaUahaa of Haleoa to lean that 
ho la taaperarily embarra.'<j<e(). 

lha rarah was brought about by a jadgment 
■rariarad la-favor of ladiau partiaa for ahoit 


ft is underatotMl that bo ow<'^ some $11,000 
to the Fleming County Farmers Bank, which ia 
■mtlf seonMd, aal that kia a egwffaU 
dsbtedneas is somewhere in the aeighborhood 
of $25,000, with ample aaaats to pay all he 

Mr. Callahaa haa far aavaral yaan aafaga4 

in breeding Aberdeen .\ngus cattle, and ha.s 
given Uaaon county a wide reputation on that 

i| k sincerely hupid that hi6 atTuirs will ;toon 
be straightened out. unJ th:it pro-^perity will 
crown his futurt- offurt.-* 

It wa-i one day last wnek nnd tho «weet 
melody of the Church bell<i was ringing clear 
and load, oalHag people to aaa am bia la the 
worahip of God, when the Judge of the Police 
Court rapped tha gavel and BBBoaBoad that 
Coart waa ia seasion. 

Tha priaoaar at tha Bar waa a coawly woown. 

She waa leading a pretty, rosy cheek boy, 
ami mother and son were indncted inside the 
railing and givea a aaat 

"What ia your aaoier demanded the Judge. 

"Sarah Brown," came a feeble answer. 

"Where were you bom?" was the interroga- 


"I wa.s born in Ohio." 

"How long hata yon reaided in this cityr 

"Two years." 

"Ia that yov ohildr 

"Yes, sir, my hu.^ban l is dead aad I take in 
washing to snpport us." 

"Sarah Brown, you are okargad with being 
dnsk," apoka the niaiBtar of the uw aharply. 

"Yet, your Honor, it was thi'* way. I bad 
been washing ail day and was tired and worn 
oat. I iraak two beers aad a whisky aad It 
knocked me." 

"It had enough for men to got drunk, but 
whin a wumao becomes intoxicated it ia in- 
telarahla," tnrthfrily apoka tha Jadge. 

"This is the first time I ever wa.x arrested and 
I promi.te you before God it will be the last 
time," responded the prisoner pleadingly. 

"Wail, the Coart wiU ba light on you this 
time, and make it $1 and coat— 14.90." 

"Thank yoa. Judge.' 

The old mother of the yoaager woman waa 

present in Court and after the decision had been 
rendered ibey consulted together, and then in- 
formed the Court officer that they could pay 
$2 dowa aad tha bataaoa ia iaatallaaaU of SOe 
a week. 

She wa3 given an opportunity to make good 
ber promise, aad the three peraoas, represent* 
lag thrM geaeratiaM. departed farthairaqaalid 


There is plenty uf work for tha Mlaafcmary 
and philaathropist ia thia vicinity. Tha laid is a 
fruitful one and much good might' be ac- 
compliahad by • thorough working. 

We offer One Headrod Dollars Rewanl for hhv 
oaie of Cut«rrh that cannot lie i-tired l>y IIhM'i 
Calarrli C'urr. 

F. J. CHKN'KY * CO., I'ulcdu, O. 
Wa, tha uadonlgMA have known r, J. Cbeacy 
for tha laat tiytaia, aad believe him perfectly bon- 
oraMe In all bastBaastraasaetioes aad ananelally 
able tooairy ontaajroMlgatiOBi made by hti Arm. 

WauinM. KuraAM * mauvin. 
Wholntale Dmfflsts, ToImIo. ii 
Hall'i Catarrh Cure l» taken latarnally, action 
directly upon tlie lilood and mucous turfaoes of the 
i)'tt4>m. TeotiiiKniiiil* tent free. Price IB e«ni!> 

m^rlKtttli' .S"ltl l y Pnirf^i''*'* 

1 -il,.- II. 1 : . I'iiiiii! . IM: ■ I t I, II 


[ vpn ' Tuaaday and Wedneitlay we etfer you tho followlaf , vis. : 

tapoueda Oraanlated Sugitr St I I pMk Irish Polatovk Itc 

SeaasTty Tomatoei lee l can Oarqntaex i**aohi«. 

aeansmdaot Bloorfklugtua Com I5c | I oan (^ekaaa Wbit* Charriv* «e 

These goods are cks heel itaadards. No old or held-ovat sloek. Ooma early. 

Tka lat eat fads la Stationery at Ra y*!. 

Tka M^taaM Govt of the Uaited Stataa da- 
oldad in favor of the atate of Rentneky and 

agalaat the I,, and N. Railroad in :i tax rase, 
invoMag some $60,000, oae-half of which will 
go to the atate aad tha other half to the eoan- 
ties aH eltiaathrwyh whidi tha foid 


The scenery and nt.ig«' setting.s usnd in Jnhn 
W. Vogel's Big City Minntrel.i, which comes to 
The Waahiagton oa Moaday, March 6th, ia said 
to be the noat elaborate aad expensive ever 

u.sed fur a similar purpose. Tho fettinc k 
call.'il th. Kli" tri( V'-lmir 1' -he nj\\y .m." 

of ( rvii, i I, -i '.. . 'tfl Mr.',i;ii,T;iti..n. 

Ragr'a O tfi^ B/n^ ia ga araatai d to ewe. 

The partita who failed to get the moaay for 
prtafaaa awatdad at tha Tobaeeo Pair oaa get 

same by calling on John Dnley, No. 21.^ Court 
street. They are A. Owens, Bracken eounty, 
|2; John U. Sehwartx, Mason oouitgr, $2; King 
& Colvin, Brackaa county, |2.ii0. 





Tho Ix'st vil'ir for y i'.r ni.,r.. y t.. I »,„l ,,. CRUSHEtlMIt M'**l>*d and clean. 

7ic rat mMHfL, oEuyatm i ^ 

Suitable for turnace, cooking and heating stovei and npvn grates. For sale by 

MAYSVILLE GAS COWPANY. ^^nf^^^T/o-o .»» 


Freight ''JJ^*^^ ^' ^' ^"^ 

Tha Koatadqr Railroad CoamMai held a 
■aa ti a g at Aalriaad Satarday. which naoitad ia 
aiadHtiaa of the ratea o* the PaiataviUe dU 

vision of the Chej<apeake and Ohio Railroad 
and a cut in the coal rate on the Big Sandy di- 
Tiaiaa of tha same road. 

The meeting was held as the n-uult of oom- 
plaiats that were filed. The Commisiiionsni 
foBBd that on the new line of the C. and 0. 
f fMi Aahlaiad to Praatoaabwi two laeal ratea 
were in use. .A» the road waa blBt addttional 
UkbI ratea were made. 

Aa a raaalt of the iavaatlgatlaM a ndnction 
on all clasiwe of freight to tha aitaat of ab»ut 
one-third wa« ordered. 

The officials of the road aelced fur time tu 
refhw aad raiaaw the tarMb aad the request 
was granted by the ComaiiaaioBerD. 

A thorough investigation of the Big Sandy 

coal rate was made, and the Commissioners 

ordered that the rate freai that diatrictU 

May.><vi1Ie be reduced thirty ceata. Thia eat 

will alsy go into effect at onc'<'. 

•■ ♦ 

'■*"Thi» is the season to buy gnod Monn- 
m>"" Work cheap. See Mi kr.av & Thomas. 


The Dayton (0.) Joaraal of l>Wiraary 21si 

"To say that 'The Fortune Teller' gave 
satisfartidn would l>e putting' it mildly, la a 
word, It adheroH to the best and bappieet 
traditions of the comic opera stage. T%e 
Aborns, whose nam»- is synnnomous with geod 
opAra, have given 'The Fortune Teller' an inter- 
pretation that is thoroughly sali.sfactory. It in 
above all a singing organi^tion, which eoee not 
mean that all the other components of a gaad 
dbow have Wa slighted. The eoatedp alaiMli 
is particularly strong. There ia a kaat 9l 
pretty girls, a daahiag male qaattatta ef 

trained voices, aad 
iv)riea that pat tha pradaetlaa aa • piMa wMh 
thehaatthathaabaeaaeeaiBllmr Tarii Ma 


Maysville theatergoers will certainly have a 
treat when "The Fortune Teller" is preeeatad 
here Wednesday, March 1st, and the 
should be crowded. Seata are selliag 
for the eag^maa t at The Waahh^oa. 




I invii*- Hjw'iul Btt»'TiU''ii 'n a ^My'iici'.t of 
Kruii* r»*r,-iviil 111 IS iiioriiiiii.' "Iii'h I »tii )!r>io4;t<^. 
offiT 111 exc^nllnifly low pric"'- thi' (irl(Wof fMiO} 
Navikl OrjHK' s '-hiaper tliun U cost of upptes 
Now It your opportunity to iiet tiD'tt twrcalns In 
all kiDdi of Pforlds Krulta. Don't full to tmke ad- 
vuotage of Ibit ulaughter nale aud get some fit 
iboae dellciouB Oranges, which an tne fiowi 
frost and Injury. Come everybody aad ase tor 
Tonrwlves. itnd nMliP yoiim truly. 

J. C. C A BUSH. 


N ACCOUNT of our Senior going East the latter part of the week we will make strenuous eiForts to 
turn as much Enerchandise into CASH as possible during the next few days. Selling our heavy- 
weight Suits and Overcoats at our present prices not a garment should be left in stock. You are 
buying the best of Clothing for less money than we can replace them, (look at the wool market) but our 
method to clean up and let next season take care of itself will be adhered to, no matter how much more we 
will have to pay for the same goods next season. 

Let us show you our new spring line of Shirts. \'ou have never seen as handsome. Wc open the 
$1.50 line Eclipse Shirts at $ i . Nothing like them in town at any price. 


The Maysville Ifanufacturin}; Company has 
resumed operations. 

The oraal services at '^ and 7:.3U p. m. will 
be condocted by the Rev. B. A. Jenkiaa at the 
Chriatiaa Cboreh today. Itara were f oar ad< 
ditioaa laat eight. 

J^Cartmell extracts teeth withont paia. 

Tha Commereial Tribaoe yesterday hod a 
lilieness of Uiss Hattie B. Erion of Au^nsta. 
one of the nomineee in the Eoropeao tour con- 
taat from the MaaoB-Flemiog-Robertaon- 
Braeken diatriet 

Six united with the Christain Church ye^t^T- 


The Rev. A. Ii. Harvoot has re-signed from 
the pastorate of the Central Christian Church, 
dadaaati, aad will eagage ia the raal estate 

It is estimated there were 7,000 convarts 
during the pest two waa ha nUgtoaa revival at 


The reauias of the year-oM-aoa cf Alazaadar 
UarriagtoB were iatmad Saaday ia tha Maya- 

ville Cemetery. 











The apring Raincoats are more attractive in fabric and style 
than ever, besides being admirably adapted for their purpose of re- 
pelling spring showers. 

The effective colors attract attention first— silvery gr!iy-i;yt in- 
'but arp neith( r (ilive nor gray, and cool, dear shHtles of tan, while 
black of conrsie lilts a place in the i~cillt ctiiMi . I'riros offer wide 

#4rSiO to $20tB% 

With ao especially larRC- .Hh^ortmcnt ;tt $16. 

New Neck Rufflings. 

There baa been quite a demand lately lof Neck Kutllings put 

up in boxes, both (or traveling and for women to keep m conveni- 
ent form at home. 6 ruches to a hoz, each a diKerent pattern, 

50c a Box. 


Walking SKIRTS | 

Distinctly stylish models. Materiala (oremoat in popularity. ^ 

Good cut. Well tailored. The rif^ht akirtx for the long walks of — 

early spring. The materials include mohair, canvas-weave cheviot, ^ 

light weight lirojiddotli, tweed. Hooie are cut in 'ii' to 49 gores giv- •.• 

ing an a< ( nrdi.m plaited effect but clo.ser lifting civcr llie hip.«. "J 

Othcr.'^ are plaited in groups, some are the new plain tlared skirt, or ••• 

strapping, hnttonp and stitching are the finiah. Countleas styles ;** 
between $& and $15. 


illlillililiiiliiiiil»iiailiililiiliiiil»«llUilllliiiiili iff»iiiii;{i|||||{^ 

If r. Q. A. llaaBs ia vep- ill at hia h ome. 

Mrs. Cooper, whose home is near Rectorville, 

was brought up last evening on the .5:25 train 
from Cincinnati, where she bad b^en a patie nt 
in a Sanitariom. She was taken to the Asylum 
thia moraiag. 

'■^See Gerbrieh'a special ob Piaaoa this 

Mrs. Simon N. Meyer, who have been living 

at Iiayt'in, ('.. fi<r the pa.-:t fi-w ynars. ha,s tak^n 
rooms at the iJrand Hotel, Cincinmt:, wh.^r.' 
ahe will be pleased to see her friends. 

Mr. r.ert Ifolliday, on<- of M. C. ROBsell Cam- 
pany's faithful employes, is laid up with the 

liavid Holder, who h;ui b'» ■:' ,in n n if 
t'^iunty Inrirmary for iiKinv y;ir- . An.-, !.i:ri>"! 
Sumlav Hi.s ii>'Mh wh-^ thi' ri-.^ult of St^nihU. 

I>r. I.. H. Landmni. '.h" will be at tha 
Central H otel Thursday. March 2d. 

Owing to the disabled condition of the 
:it«amer Laurence the ferrying is now done with 

•ikiff- Captain Phipti»r is Hoing bis beet to 
.■.i\-;ir.' I host to t.iki' thi- 1 'tr- of the LanraBoe. 




Rug and Carpet Sale 

Ever held in Maysville. You can imagine that the goods were cheap when 
one of the largest stores in Chicago offered to take all we bought at a good profit. But 
we preferred to give our Maysville friends this advantage. Enough bought for 30 days 
selling we thought, but if sales keep up like Saturday we doubt if they will hold out 10 
days. Carpets and Rugs at less than the wholesale prices today is an opportunity that 
no one should let pass if in need of any floor covering. Ask the people that have looked 
and bought whose and where is Maysville*s Carpet Store. Just ask, please; your neigh- 
bor has surely gotten one of our BARGAINS. 




BUB arm* 


Bift |bi «v«r ter thit Moiy^— 



Aia» OaBIflTWAS. 

wmo>— roBUO un)«a» »oiu»tmi,«AYaTitxa, mt. 

Tluv* Jioatlu... 




Payable to ColUet«r mttmdtf JTonl*. 

Whilst Congross ;iiul most t)f the nowaj)!i- 
pere are laniWjistiu«r the Stniidanl Oil and T«i« 
bacco Trusts, the KontiK-ky TeuiiL'sseo Insur- 
ance Trust luovos iu an india-rubber way its 
extortions to perform. 

A DISPATCH from Moscow says that, ''Al- 
though the identity of the assassin of Grand 
Duke ISeroii s has not yet been ascertained, 
the police have been convinced that he is not a 
workman, but a man «tt' good birth." The 
whichness of wliich is, that in Hussia one who 
works for an honest living is not "a man of 
good birth. ' Little wonder that Nihilism 
flourishes and that assassination puts "Cirand 
Dakes" out of business. 

. .,W.^ » 

game of p<dcer; McUooaui wote McSwAtr's 
monaj, and Mcfiwirr 
"wekshed." He had Mo 
GoozLB arrested, and here's 
what happened in Court- 

t;t«^"WeU. Mr. M« - 
SwATT. yon wore playing 
cards with Mr. McGoozlk! 

McSivaU — was, your Honor." 

'*And yon wonld have been perfectly willing 
to have taken Mr. McGoozlr's money if you 
had been lucky enough to win it?" asked the 

Court. » 

"W ell er-yes, I guess so," was McSwatt' 
lame reply. 

"Then, sir, you have no standiiig in Court 
you were a gambler equally with Mr. i\l( 


The case was dismissed. 

8oMX time ago I was browsing around in 
Statuary Hall, Washington. This was the 
former House of Representatives, and its walls 
hare often resounded with the eloquence of 
Wksstkk ami Clay. Kach state is tMititlod to 
contribute statues of two '•favorite sons"" to the 
Hall. Massachusetts lonLT aj^o placed \\ eb- 
STBB there, and other states are fully rej)re- 
sehted; but Kentucky is unknown in that 
gathering of inteilectnal giants, although her 
Glats and Crittendrns and Brbckinridges 

And what do you think of this — 

The late Burley Tobacco Growers ''Associa- 
tion" was an oi^nization to compel high prices 
by hoarding the crop. It failed in its purpose, 
and proposes now to go before the President 
with complaint against the Trust, charging its 
failure to that combination; and this is what 
may happen — 

Tetidy — "Well, Mr. Stkwkins, you oi|;anized 
the Growers into an Association to beat the 
Tobacco Trust, and everything would have been 
lovely if the results had come your way; in 
other words, your Trust was intended to get 
the best of the other fellow's Trusts' 

Ml'. Sfewl'iitM — "Er-um-that's about the size 
of it." 

"Then," saitl TKi»t)V. "your A-isociatiou is as 



(>rlp|H- IpIIXI'S III.' ill .1 «IMI«l'iVI' 

'■iinclltloii. ■ lirlpiH' I'mnjh" l» the syiiiii 
ii'iii n( n Millrii. miihlmra iBOmlDiiistlon i>r 
t liw air pAHRif* that ibeuld be ound h- 
rulckly at poMlbl)*. 


Tlirn-'i no <|ti<>sii'iii »s to tin' klnil uf 
moedjr neertrd. It laiisi Im> h healhift, 
•oothlns, bulldlne. •treDuthealng ptapa- 
ratlon tbat will r<>inoTa tfi« mmm* M thp 
troiibl*. Ordlnnry niircotle eotirta Ijrropi 
wUI not nn^wrr. 


the utlon tbat any remedy muit have to 
thorouRhly cure jgrippe coiigb. It bai a 
dlr«ot, ipactflo <^ffeot on the mocoun meni' 
liraDa of the air paniagat. We know of 
niithlnic better for ooughi of tbli olaei, or. 

for that Mtter, for My klBd of eougli. 
Wn will MfiiBd TOW BOMt If tb« temedy 

25c and 50c. 





would rank with the best of them. However, 

I'm almost afraid to suggest a step in this di* I deep in the mud as the Ameriean Tobae 
rection just now, lest some fellow pop up in Company is in the mire, and you ou^Vtn't to l^e 


the Legislature and donate $25,000 for a statue 
of the late Mr. Goebel. 

st|uealiut; about it.'" 

And Tkduy shut the door. 

Does Your Watch 
Keep Time? 

Ifiint, wp'll cure it, and whfii wp 
Urt through with it you'll won- 
<li'r why you «liiln'l (liiiik of iih 
loiiK before. All our work is 
icniintateed. No haatj, alipabod 
Job Imvm our ahop. Oar work* 
men are •killed and oonaolen* 
tion*. You'll not crainbie M the 
lirice. eitber. 


Watch Infirmary. 

"(ioiMis tliat nre not k<"^<1 
fiiiiUKh to advprtiHO are not k<><x1 
fnoniih to hiiy." liny t;oo(lK that 
an- ail Ml I isfd in The I ,<<li;t'r. 

Great Anth ^ A i 
««« Invoice i^'^i ii^i ^ 

At tbe New York Store of Hara * Oo. be|rlna Setnrday, rebraery 
asth. Our Mr. Hayn beln^ delayed tnaMitit at onr InToioe at tbe 
usual tinir, and not belnK able to be bere befbro two weekn, we will 
sell all onr wint4>r goods on band at pricea to make them move, as 
wc do not intend to invoice one sinKle cent's worth ol" winter Koodn. 
If you do not need tliem now. lay them anide for next seaaoo. 

Ladles' and CtiUdren's 


15* Women's Wrapn, sold n>r $.5 and now 92.20. 
Ladlea' fW Wmpa 94. 

liadlea* extra heavy Veata and Panta lOo «Mih. . 

Children's Upton tfniu 100. 

Men's extra neavy Itoemd ke*lth UadarwaM BBo. 

t'omfbrts now 91. 
Ail-wool ItlankctH 9I.08, worth 94. 
A ftew Fur Hcarfh TSo. • 
Oowo qatokt (b«oa aood* wtU flo ta • hMvjr. 




p. 8.— JuHt in, a beautii>il line of liadien' Waists. See them in 
our window. AIho, larKe aHsortnx'nt of I>adies' Muslin Vadernreal*. 


WednesSaypll^atCh Ist 

Alio* KelUen't Grsstcst Comio Opera SaeMu, ^ 

The Fortune Telle f 


Miisi.' Iiy Victor 
Herbvrt. liuolc by Hsny 
B. Smitli. 


Hagntacnat tssnt ry. 
Onrfteoai oottaalDf. Ad- 
nnequalsdsstt. Bif Maty 

First 4 Rows Lowsr Floor $1.50 
Next 6 Rows Lower Floor $1.00 
Next 6 Rows Lower Floor 75g 

First 3 Rows Balcony. . . . .79& 

Balance Balotny 90c 

Gallery 25& 

\ These Ate the Days of 



\\ Pomrful Argument 

^ ' ^gainst Circumstantial 2W- j Ro»tjedwsky betrayed bU yoong Ud 

I - iwr • *s I. • ! pretty wife, and tbat Itaraiag tbe trntb, on tbe 

dence in major ^arko s . 


la fine Candies, Bread and Cakoa» 
things made imdi 
every day. 


stock is being sabirribed for a ounii^t fac- 
tory at Hoplcintville. 

Japaa denies that sbo w aniog for p^ace, 
bat Mfx tut aks is prapand to flgbt aiotker 


coal mine— tbe Crat of iia kind ia 
Koglaad— is (o be incladed in tbe sciaatiAc 
; of Bimiaghaa Uahanity. - 

The total valuation of property in Gravea 
connty for taxing purpos»-.s is $7,!<."i),677. 

A ftr* 4t Hot Springs, Ark., bomed over u 
tqaara Blla. d sa t re j ad foor livaa and $2,000. 
000 wortb of pro perty. 

Tbe Court of Appeal* baa given tbe .\ttor- 
neya until today to ftle briefa in tbe Hargis 
Parkar-Payatte -BreatUtt Jnriidiction caaat. 

When tbe Military Court aMembled at Uos- 
cow for the last tima to ait on tha caaa of Pri- 
vate Karoakof, accused of mardering bU Lien- 
tt-nanf, nmi w;i:< abuut tn casl the final ballot, 
line uf the members of the Jury, Major Darke, 

I roao and said: "GentlamoB, I want yoa to give 
me your word of honor th:it yuu will not uie 

I tbe information I am going to (iisclose againit 

I ffle for tbree days." 

Tka Jary proaiiiad tbis, and tbe Major ooa- 

eve of the murder he detormined to punish him. 
A duel before witnessen was out of tbe question, 
u tha honor of his wife wan at ataka. So ha 
decided to have it out with the Liaatoaaat in { 
8ecrt>t. He knew that the young man would 
return to bis villa from the club soon aftor 
midaight He would waylay kirn and fwoa him 
to fight. 

"In guiog to the Lieutenant's lodgings to- 
wards 12 o'clock," continued theU«jor, "I saw 
a drnnken maa lytag on tka roadiMa. He bad 

a bottle in oni' h:in'i, an open knifo in the other. 
I took tbe latter from bim, fearing that he 
might iojuia Uaaalf. Soon aftarwarda tbe 

tinued: "You have wondered why I hold out | ijeuten.nt approached bU house. I acquainted 

bim with my btisintu.-t and asked bim to step 
with me to the nearby forest and fight, showing 
bba tka rarolTan I had hnwgkt for tkat imw- 

in favor of Karnakof , though the proofs against 
I bim saam ortrwhalmiag. I will toll you my 
I reasons: Becaoae I an tha murderer." 
^ Tka itoior went on to aay tkat tha lato Liaa- 



On account of the great merit and popularity of FOLEY'S HONEY AND TAR 
for Coughs, Colds, and Lung Trouble, several manufacturers are advertising 
imitations with similar sounding names with the view of profiting by the favorably 
known reputation of FOLEY'S HONEY AND TAR. 


We originated Honey and Tar as a Throat and Lung Remedy and unless you get 
FOLEY'S HONEY AND TAR you do not get the original and genuine. 

Remember the name and insist upon having Foley's Honey and Tar. Do not risk 
your life or health by taking imitations, which cost you the same as \hc genuine. 
Foley's Honey and Tar is put up in three sizes — 25c, 50c and ^i.oo. 

Prapartd mI| by FOLEY ft GO., 82-84-M Ohit Stratt, OUMft, iUiMis. 

"The miserable our replied with an inaultiog 
remark concerning my wife, saying tbat no 
Court of Honor wonld And bim guilty. I lust 
all consciousneiu of what 1 was doing. Twice 
or afteaer I flred at the sconadrol and miaaad, 
then grabbed for the drunkard's knife 1 bad ia 
my poi'krt ami i>lung»d it into tha Lieutaaant'a 
bruant. lie died instantly. 

"Than it oceurrad to ma that if the murder 
was fastened upon me, my wife's dishonor would 
be discavered, and my feverish brain conceived 
the Tillainoas idea of robbing tha daad and (111- 
ing tka dnaArd'a poekata witk tka loot 

"The loot found on the maa, and his knife 
discoTered in tbe neigbboikaod of tbe Lieuten- 
ant's body,eonTictad Kanakof in your opiaioB, 
gentlemen, but I swear tbat be is innocent and 
that I alone am guilty. .\:» my wife, for whose 
sake I committed the twu-fuld crime, died yes- 
terday, tkara b bo raasoa why I akoald witk- 
hold the truth any lunger." 

Karnakof W^as at once liberated and twenty- 
four hours later tka Major wu found daad in 
Uaatady. Ba kiri ahot Uaaalf . 

The c.ife attracts wide attention as a power- 
ful arcumrnt against .'iri um.'tantial evidence. 

Tbe First Preiibyterian Church at Lawronce- 
burg, Ky., wu jaa t r o ara d by Ira. 

Tbe royal mint at Larta a taraad out last 
year 141,310 oaraaatiaa madala. 

Tha Grand Opara-house at Akron, 0., was 
bumad, entailing a loos of $30,00(). 

Tbe leaden coAc recently unearthed in Paris 
dotw not contain the bone.s of .luhn P iul Jones, 
but thuAH of an EDglLshriian who Hied in IT'.N). 

Clayton Peckham, a Conductor in the employ 
of the L. and N. Railroad Company, ooaimittad 
suicide atjiia koma in Bowliag Oraaa by taUag 



You people who bave beeo 
baying rivitr cotl all wiatar, 

bave you noticed yoor pile 

lately? It's going down 
mighty fast, i.-n't it* Wi'll, 
now, thnt is caiisfMl by the Ice 
Id it mcliing. In our coal 
you don't get any of tbat. 
You get nothing bat nice^ 
clean coal arriving from the 
miuM moat every day. Then 
our coal ia worth a trial, ian't 
itf Call ap 69 and we will 
tell you more about it. Re- 
member, wo nho handle 8alt^ 
Hand ami BaU-il Hay. 
Yourn truly, 

\V. K. DAVIS, 
l.imestoni' J^treet. 

"--'r-t*- • .■ ,'<:r.,»i»».*; f .•.1.1. ■ :HciH Mi,:; 

IStreet Shoes ^Zmi 

Heavy aolea with soft uppera are tbe moet oomlorUtble eboee 

I for wear during the winter season. 

Homctbing between the oxtrcnu' lioavy wnikii)>; boot and the 
Might house shoe; a shoe that « an be worn in l old wet weather with- 
|out being u harden tn the woarer. 

We carry a nice line of wuch tihoes. 











Absolutely Pure 

iate»t Bents 

Thi JapaMM an. poandiiig the Ufa oat of 
KaropatUa'i amy B«ar Uokdm. 

Fifteen doad and limht :itill rntombed iatk* 
rasult of a itiinp cxiiloHion ol l!luefii«ld, W. Va. 

8iDce the beginning of tha laat century no 
fewer than fifty-two volcanic iRlanda have risen 
•at of tba aaa. Nioateen ka?* diaappaarad 
ni Urn an aav iahakkad. 

Gaoifa Sawall Boatwall, formar Govarnor of 

MaMarhnsctt*, and former I'nited .^tateg Sec- 
retary ef the Treasury, died ytaterday at his 
lUMM at GrotoB, agad 87. 

New Orleaaa yeatarday had a $5,100,000 Are, 
tba loaa falling ckiaQy on tha Illinoia Central 
Railraal, whoa* almitan, wharraa, can, Ae., 
ware baraad. Tbay will Jm raplaaad. 

The Senate sitting at a Court of impeach- 
meat, after a patinut htaring, promptly ac- 
quitted Juili^p ( 'hurU-}' ,tyne of all the charges 
brought by thi' House of Kopresentatives. 

Yieldiag tu the damaad of the United States, 
Raaaia haa aot only ordered tba oSeara of the 

rmiser liona who violated their parole, to re- 
tarn to S^an Kranciaco, but haa redooed them 
oaa gradtt il* poaiakaMBt. Tba only excuse 
offered wn« their yonth. 

The so-callad eaaaU of Mar.^ have b. en rr- 

produced by II. A. Baumann of Zuncb, the 
cracks and figure!) appearing in cylinders and 
spheres subjected to great presaare. 

Tba lataat aovalty >■ atationery ia postal 
eafda aada tnm past They are aada in the 

mills at Celbridge, County Kildare. Ireland, 
where an American ban established paper mak- 
iag tttu tha paat of the famooa Bag of Allen. 

The latest use of the telepbonais io locatiig 
aboala of lab. The eleotrie apparataa is a 
Oermaa pattat. A micropbona, ineloaed in a 

water-tight case, connected with »n electric 
battery and telephone, i» lowered into the water. 
So long as the telephone banga free no lonnd 
ia haard, b«t on ita oondag into contact with n 
ahoal of flak tka eonataat tapping of the fish 
against the microphone case prod^'n -; ,» ■series 
of sounds which at once betrays iheir prudence. 
The cord attaekad to tba microphone is marked 
ao that thaaxaet dapth of the ^^h i,!) in dexig- 



The ice is r ipi'lly pas^in;; out of the Ohio. 

Tha ice has corrjed away from lOU tu l-'>0 
emp^ hargaa fMi OiiieiBUtL 

Pflota ara axpaetfog trMbla from ahore ii.e 

when navigation is re!<umed. It will take a 
big river to clear out the shore ice along the 

A coal .stage is expe< ted .shortly at Fitt^- 
burgh and another lot of fuel will be abippcd 
to SoBtham narfcata , where tba crop ia getting; 

The ice up to yeatarday bad held fast in the 
Cincinnati harbor, but a break-up was expected 
at any moment. It n '!:ojj;ht n^Mrly ,ill the 
river craft ia pretty safe and that no serious 
damage will ra«ilt when the gorge moTaa. 

Navigation ia resinning, at leant among the 
lowboats. The W. W. n N'.-il l,.ft Wmi Frank- 
lin with her tow for New Urleand >Sunday and 
the Kaoger aid tow for Cairo left Green river. 
The Harvester ia coming North, as far aa ahe 
can get, with thirty-six barge*. 

If Constipated, Do This. 

^lli^olTl•r iiiiiy noi npiiivir Htain. 'I'litTi' i- U" 
iviti'h iilioiit. it. ir Mull's ',r!i|>e Toiiii- tl.u'. ijoi 
lin-otively cor** I 'oii4ii|m(i<'ii yon Mf'- oul notliini!. 
M< )ou limy liiivi» Kie first Imitle ttvi\ II li currs, 
nhi'-li It will, t«ll iilbem: tlitt Is nli we ask. No 
p ini-fly hill "'ver before Ijeen known to cure Con- 
siipailon iiermBncntly. Miiir« (irape Tonin Is 
not n ptiysle. It In iinliki' anyllilnit yon hiive "ver 

Uteil. It I'tirt'H < 'Oil9l||»tl|oir. If ll (till 11. it lllil, 

filler would niii) ii*. 'I he pr'x'i'ss ii unuliitil but 
..iir-'. \'oti ktt'i^v from v'liir'nvii I'x [MTlrip'.' th;it 
jiliysio. iik- I'liU, .'i.-'ilti, I'.i'.ior Oil. MiiM-ril 
Wiiti.TS. Ill lection*, etc.. iiiiike ynu \vor»''. 

W here i-tin Mull's (irnpc 'ronie. bu had? 

Yniir DruKKlst sells It, The fl tiottle enntnin- 
ii<-:irlv three times the ROo tUc, but If vuii 
vvrite'ruitay io Hull's Orape Tonhi Co., SiT Third 
av iaie. Knek lilanf). III., and elve nrii|!in'i<'s 
ngiiii'. >'Mi Hill riopivi' tti.' llf.* Iiol!!"' ff i'with 
full liiMriictionri. Tlii« irivi'.. :i clcumo- to prov 
u< jim III ijiir rjrpniK' ihiit it U ii wonderful rem 
edy and places juu under no obllntioD to lovekt 
a ix'nny. Only t«'lt your (rlcnds aboat it. 


One of those much tought after < 


Pianos ! 

The number of itudanta in tba univeriiitiu.s 
of Cermany thia winter is within 284 of 40,000. 

Of each 1,000 immigraDta who rcachAmerica, 
it ix lald thara ara only aeven girla wha deaire 
employment aa honae aervaota. 

Until recently, the .<roallestcoin in circolatioo 
in .South Africa bud the value of sis cents; now 
two-cant piacea have been iBtrodnoad. 

The will of the late Mrs. George F. .Sharp oi' 
.-^uu Franciaco providea for a $200,000 gate- 
w;iy to the paahandle at Goldoa Gate Park ai> 
a memorial to bar firat haabaad, Judgt W. L. 


.\n artillery volonteer won recently at a 
shooting match at Blackpool, Kngland, a prize 
vonitiating of a wedding ring, gratnituos mar- 
riage ceremony, a wedding eqoipage, a poliaked 
cradle and a baaainet. But he moat marr}' 
within 12montha to get the prise. 

The increase in the nnmberof paupera in 
London, Kd;; , is very seriou.s. Trobably there 
are nearly 200,000 people living on the verge 
of starvation. Tha flgores ahow an increaae 
of 14,000 over two years ago, when tha diatraaa 
produced the unemployed procea«ion. 

Has your boy plenty of staying power ? 

Grit, courage, strength, Rnishing power are essential these days. 
The reason why doctors so often order Ayer's Sarsaparilla for 
thin, pale, delicate children is because it supplies these essentials 
It makes the blood pure, rich, and red. Sold for 60 years. iow.lf.M 


JutI ri i-eiV' ll. 11 .MFh ml 
two Hii'l Ihrei-jily 



Mrs. V. Paifis. 

of tie' very buiil oiiulllv. To iimke It 
go quUik w« will sell U »t a very 
I'Inae maraln. 



Aiutount*in*M» f«r eUg oftett. It,' eonntg oft- 
ef t, $s; $tatt cifUtB, $n. Viuh im aJaaiKs. 




39 iOest J'econd. Maifs^ilie, Ky. 






V AdiH I iiA n.. 
Wi'ari' nil h ri 'i il to announce JA.MI-:{i .STKW 
AKT a» a Ki'|nii>licaii cHiidldate for MasUtrate in 
th>- Klrkt .M:t/i'<teri»i Di.'.trict. comprlilntt the 
Firm, tiecoiiil ikud Tliinl \\ ard* In this oily, at tbe 
November eleriion. lMi5 


C'Ot'NTT Jl'IMiB. 

W"' nn- ;iiiili"ri/''il to iiiinoimei' i ll.VHI.KS n 
N KU l.l.l- «.H Ik .Miuiiiliit.- for I ■niiiny;.. ,.f \|a 
.»i'U I'ounty. siihe el in ll.i' ui^iion of thf IKm. i 

cratlu party. 

-Vrrived at Winter's White Pal- 
K <' thinmorningand is anaold. 

Now is 

Your Chance! 

To fct; this miisii';il proilipy 
tlmt han awrtlti'iuil tin eiitlm- 
t-iityiiinf 'ui 1 .'out incut s. ( )iie 
of the fi A n'l i' s that money 
will tint piuuiptly purchase. 



l.o,.lf lln«..-pans. 


(.Ike Ihii 

Unly $1.00. 

I.nrif^i iiiirt b«M H^-lfxjtml 
!iuf of I iiriain, in Ih* eii.» 
ikpw r"»d J (or jou» ln«t>«- • 
MOB. • -• 

<'urt«ln« fro re 4*8 to ti& 

TAiiE csvtai 




•URIAH, 4C. 

I or l..'iisf fiirgiiblBg: tkn 
nmvi'-t sod (irettleit foodt 

llooiii si/.' KllEil frnn, 

-i. r. :ill III very tp l'"•I;(lW.■■• 
l>rice. I hlive It few Ult 
k !i«nn (luirii. Iioughl tt 
Hill 1 1 '.. wfii. I. 1 will iel^,. 
very vheaiii t!«t in* prieei. 

Yon will and tb« riftit 
B'..xi. n< ttie flirht prlee «c 


211-213 Market Street. 

Sole Agent s;pvii!^_^«joc..„«a The Big 4. 

O and Standanl Paner Paucma. O 

Cough Syrup! 

The moat pleasant cotiRh «yrtip on 
tlie market. By henling the inHttned 

meriiliiiiiH^ iiml southing the irritation 
of tilt' lircatliini; |lM.->ll);l•^^ it ai'tw ns ii 
tonic to tlir sy.-trni :iiul t^'iiahli's ihc 
bodily (Kiwer to privail ovor the tli;*- 
ea'sc. It promptly cures coushc, coMti, 
hoarseneas and croup. 25c per bottle. 



You Make a 
Great Mistake 

W h^-ii \"ii .-Mli.iner- « hnrit I'liriii'd (1oll«r for fialii) Ih 'tits wnrili of t'"'<l< Mnnywlm toil tmr^ 

'IP- tluiDK tlili «vur} day. It \» » dut.v }i>u owe to y'uur lauiilv. wbo depend* on you for utippurt, t» 
hU you can for your mone.v, *o you c«t U booMtlv. Cnmpar* tbe (oIIowIdk Hit «Hli tba prloas you 

huvfl iMun pajrlna, which will »aUify yon that you pud (sve mmth money by btiytna of w 

S cant S-t>oiin'l stiiiiiliirrl Totnatoeii IHo 

•I «itn» 3-iiiuiiirl ^' iiiiliinl Tomatocii SBc 

3uint3-|><>und stHndiird ApplrH IIW? 

4 CHii* 3-pound Standurd ..Vtipleii 2fir 

'J cunH .t-piiund Vnn Camp n Pumpkin .. I,V 
4 cHnii ,H-pound Van t'limp', PumpiCin 'Hm 

•1 riifu ;t-i>OHnd Van Camp's Sipinah \f»: 

4 I'Hti* 3 iMiund \ an t'anip'H SijiiHsli A" 

2i'iiii^ - pound Vhii <'Hiii|i'it Sifinl I'. as \hf 
4 raiiN 'J- pound \'iiii t'Htiip'', Sifti'il l'i'.i> '.'S- 
••all'. '.■'iM'Qnil \ nil C'iiiii|i'* Kvtrii Mfn il I', i.. i'H 

I can 3 po'.ri'l Uiilfitnor" I'". I' ■! T'.'I'-Ih'H 1^: 

3cani>:l po iinl llnltiniori' ('i'.i.-!ie» So 

I (san 8 pound ISiilliniori' Pt^led IVatf Ws 

.'I i!ani »-pound Italtiinurr !'i'h1h<1 fVari Jk; 

'.'ciind I>i-iKiiind t'orllss Ktkitie I'owdi-r iai> 

4 ran* IH luniiid Corll^-i liakiiiK Powder Be 

:tran> U-^t full w. icht On.' <)\»tfr» 

•3 pio'Kii.'i 'i ln'«t Kvii|KirHted .\ ppleL Vxi 

I lar \'T\ In-. I l-'ruii l'r<'»er»e».. 9» 

I inr v.Tv l.' si \pi ll- UutK-r lio 

I |«'.-k l-1-..t iiililo I'otatofH, . lie 

ii-r 111 sny prii'« 
'■iit>-n s"a!.on ; n- 
iiriiortcr*. M' 
nui ti tii'itiTi 

.\iiiilhf r Invoici' "f itiov Kjtra l-'imrv N.w < fp \|"liis><-. lun ' \.':\ nrn I. 
j Tli.'\ .■.till I/O al \ fri'-.ti Inl of fstr» niiv inW .-nii'li M.i.'k' r. ,. -p. .'lallv :],■■ !.• 

1 llii.'f I'Vi'r citleri'd in Mn.V'ivilli'. .\n hnni<'n^>- «tt>t'k of i .r.-'ii ColTi ''" ilirt-' t from tin 
\ api'clikl I'lends of K<iii»l<'<l <'o(Ti>'» an' cvtra titi>'. .\t l.V . ■Jii'- mil 2.S^' I m *"il von n inu< h U'ltiT i>er 
I fe>' than oltiem •.••II nt 'iDii. •.'?»■ and %)>•. Kn'sti roasti'il <-\i T\ wii'k. \\ In h it eoin»-i to Klour, Ferfi'C 
t ion liH« no e<|U»l. In ii!l mv I umiii'-i life I have nevr fi'timl nuy to t:ivi' giicb unlvernal natSsfaotion. 

I have tlie cvolnslv itiiroi of n m Ma>sv|lle Vou mak'' im mistake » lien you liuy it. Allhotiz) 

I n V ^ali'S of all klndii of ifiMKls liuvc been uiiusiiall\ Isri2>', I tlml my stoa-k \* very lii-avy, aniT I 
iniisi inuko room for my ininienw purchase* for th'i'i-omlni: season. I Hmdeteriniii<<d to hoid'nnlbtM 

nvrp. S.I now 1« voup tlnin 
rialit alonu yon 

net hlitb-ftrade itoods Ht 
, call lip 'phoni- H8. 

rr< -it I nr.- 1 in- 

til '*:»■ priM'isHioii and i-ome 


Wholesale and Retail. Telephone 83. 

Scotland ha.s Kanstta beaten. .Xlexainlcr 
Wilki* of Upper Craigie, Perth, boa.<tta a beard 
more than eight feet long. It is still growing 

.Iiihn L. Dame uf Springfield, Masit., haH built 
.1 model uf the largest airship svi>r planned, tbe 
mai'hine being '.'AO fi'et loni;, to weigh tai'nty 
tons, tBil to cost from $;{(XJ,0(H) to $50t),(XiO 
toboiid. _ 

Mme. l.e Kargy. who iii rugarded in Paris ai' 
tbe natural sacceaeor of Ume. Sarah Bambardt. 
has been on tha stage only three years. She 
looks more English thu French and speakr 

Kngli.-ih rtaently. 

Cai'tain Leonard of tbe Indian medical staff 
h;\..< inventw'.l u useful in-trijmi>nt fur case.'* of 
ioalce bite, which are no coofflon in ladia. I* 
eonsbta of s small Ineet noanted in a hoiluA 
hudle, which is filled with permanganate or 
potash cryatals. 

London is far ahead of New York ia the ast- 

ter of nnderijround traction. When the elec- 
trification of tberaik'iiyg which rununderground 
in London is completed the traveler will be able 
to trarerse aiaty miles underground h; electric 
traetiM »ttho«t mnaing twice over tbe same 
pieee ef tnek. 

Uo account of the enormous freight buaineas, 
particularly in coal, between Padneab and Cen- 

tnil r ty I'D the I. C , the 'ii-lriit will probably 
within the next year u' two lie double trat.ked, 
at lea«t the hills will be cut down first and tbe 
handling of freight trains greatly facilitated 
liy reducing the grades. 

Mill' lif 


.\t till- IMifofflei' door in the town of Rector 
ville. ill II o-,'|...'k M. Ill . ^»Hl^lllv, Miin-h 4lh. 
l!ilf>. ilii' II V Ui.'u'. h ini.'t of iHinl. flevlsi'd '0 
111!. diiUk'titiT unil u'f iiiil»*liiiilr»'ii. frontini: on the 
1.1'wii. and ^^'l^on Tvinipiki' n"ar Kii'iorvill.'. 
snppONi'd to I'.iiiiaiii ION iirri-*. more < r l--^... tiiH t.i 
be surveyed. Katy lerini. R. II. RU.liKN. 

r«bl«-« »»» aa Duly A uthori/ed ApiDt. 

MJT"viiLB DiTinea 

T »■) B. TO i:lt p B. 


m B:lt p. B. 

Ail r. lily eiw pt^gniM^ . 


l iL.r- Tnlitv in Kf-et .V*- 
fiftlitr I3th, JMM. 

i.K*vr MATariLU. at. 


III )■.' p m- Daily, fur U ai,liin;:t('n. New Voft 
ttb't \'iru'iniii points. 

y .v n. ni.- [)ail.>. local fur llintoii; runs only 
to H iiitmiitoii on Sundays. 

1:3,1 ji. nr-Ually, K. K.V, for WaihlnKton, Sew 
York and Viruiuia point*. 

B:ait p. m.— week day*, local tor Runtlnrtoo. 

Clnelnnatl and Maysvllle .Vecommodation. ar- 
ri\''- s i.'i ill, week duvs. 

Ii l.l.l 111 Iliii'v. for (iiivuiiiMti aiiil Ili.'Weii'. 
Willi ilirouuli I'll on. alls fur (.'liK'aKOand St. L>nui«. 

t< (Hia. in.- Duiiv lix-al ( r cinclnnali. 

:t 211 |i. lu. I)ai!> . I'. V \ to CiiicinDaii, oon- 
ni ''tlrk' f ir tho \\ i".t uud S' Ulhwest. 

s ;iO I. in. -Week d»v». Iival for Cknelnnati. 

4 : 15 p. m.— Week daya, Ioc.h1 tor CkueiBaaU. 

W. W. WiKorr. inelcat Afeau 

Tohn I). Potts. .V. O. P. A.. Cincinnati, O. 

PIITEir, l.N.COMMlin 



UrtM. MATBrtLLB. K <t 


State National Bank, 


I 4'apltal atwli, »10O,<l 


s-.i plus.. 




ojiAt.o. r>Amo^, JA«.ai. 


To y* soen In my ihow room. 




To Siibicrllien— TtM followlnt; niiinet are not 
In our Directory, tbeM talephone* havln(b««n in- 
*ialle<l since Iti pnMleatleM. Please Mite on the 
iDtlde of front eetrer of year beok.aadeall always 

by nunit>er. 







.ViiiiTK-iiii Tohacoe OoMpaay 
I'linf r. P. s.. Kealdence. 
t'lii'ii.-v. A.. .l.'Wi'ler. 
Cotib, k'tiii, K--lidelire. 
DeUolt, K. S.. .\tierdcun. 
Oaebke. L. T. .« 
Gstsel. C. F.d.. ReaMeuoe. 
Uoodraan. B. W.. Beeldeuoe. 
UalnlUe, C. A., Store. 
Hall. Mrs. S S., ResMeiiet. 
Ilarrlinv .\ Siiiums, 

Miike .;. II . i<"»usnea> 

I'liLhi' I.ilirarv. 
Ni'Wi'll. I '. I).. K'-iiiili'Iii'i' 
I,. W. Uol«'rt<on, Keaiili iice. 
PbUier Tboiiiai R., Residence, 
foyntu t'linrl.* H./ Reatdenet. 
Klclii-son. Mlasea, ilMldeaoe. 
Trax*l Co., V. 1l.,ai>ooe(| (flephoe*. 
WaahtnKion Onara-bouse, Bm OSo*. 
WKl*<<n. Mm. Mafia. Residence. 
W'xwt, < '|nr. n'"" I.. ReiideniN'. 

We a^ aiiiliiiri/i-il to iiiinoiiii.-.- M.Vi UKV 

asaoaodidute for 8lierill. with \V. H. Mackoy of 
the West Kiid and J. H.Clark nf Maytliek as Dep. 
atiet, sut>>'ct to the .action of the Dnnaarattc 

I III \TT I I KliK. 

\\ ir. .1 ■ :..'ri . •■■1 : . ion i L.\ i; I Ni 1. I, 
WOUUas a •■audiilaii' fur re • leolioii to tbe olliue 
of County Clerk, subjtwt lu the auiioa of the Dem- 
oeralia patty. 


We are aniliori/ed to announce the Hun. VIK. 
(ill., .Ml KNKillT aa .t candidate for re-election as 
KepreMDinilve of .Vn'-on '■ounty In the Kentucky 
LegUlalurv, *ab>>ct m tlie action ef the Dento- 
oralie party. 


We are authorised to anaonaoa THOMAS U. 
8LATTEKY as a candidate for County Attorney, 
tubjectto the Mtlon of the Demooratlo party. 

*i rciiiNTrsuCNT or mchools. 

We are aiitliorlied to anoounce C. D. WKLLS 
a> a candidate for re^eleotton a* Snperlalaiideat 
of Sehools for llaion Oouaty, snb]eet to the aettoa 
of tbe Oemoetatle patty. 


We are authorized to announce W. W. MclL,- 
v.viN aa a oaadtdaie tot the noalaattoa for 
.taller, sobjset to the aetlon of the Deneentle 



We aie aethotlnd to unounee OEOROK W. 
ORR aa a eandUale tot Coroner, iub)eek to tbe 
aoiloB of tlM Oaiaoeratlo party. 


Dr. T. H. N. SMITH. 
liBLtARU Dnrrnrtv. 

<*a>«v«a <e iTo. t 1^1 JMeM4 4»«*l, 9mt 
All week (nilv ««MMMM. 

! PrrelflentlMl IllHlaatx miIhh I ..remonlea Itl 
I Waahlnaiiiu. U. « .. 'Ikk-Ii iiIi, iwm. 

j the aliovo .iO'iiM." ll.. < I'll! O. will '•••ll 
iMunil trip licki'i> lo W ;i^iiini;ion 1) t ,. it rule 
|of*l4.i.S. Ticket! on sale Marrfi l-f. -.'d and 3d: 
r'liiirii liinii .Man-h 8ili. wiih prnil' v'-' of eileii- 
-loii iiiitil M in-li Iflli \'\ \t:i\ men' ef ^1. i ■|,l:ll^■ll 
l>ei ween h and I'J \eara uf age one-half rate. 

W. W. WiKorr, Ajem. 

t ri'.< l.ttM <»iM^VtM.T Mrlllm Kalpa l» the 
W*«|. N«MHliwMlaa4 tealiinral « la 

OSKALn LODOS. I. o. o. r. 
Regular meet Ine of OeKsIb l.adse No. l^. l.ii. 
O V. at DeKalb Lodse HaU »tT:M tbl* evenln«. 

Liinnaic Wouim, N. O. 
John W. Thompson, Sei«»etary. 

MuUAVIi cnI'MII. II. o>' p. 

Regular meeilnit of Mohave i onni'll Nu. 9, D. of 
P.. lonlcbt at 7:00 o'l- Nv.k at 1. O. R. .11. WiRWam. 
corner b<-coDd and Suiton ^treets. 

Kvery member Is requested to be pn".eni. 
Miao KaTUaaist: Siiiw^KT/.. I'lVnliontas. 

Mit(.lHssle Raiiiey. Keeper of Rii-onts. 

Very low one way oolonlsts' Ueketi oa sale 
dally March lit to May Wth to points iu WaaL 
iUKton, Oregon. Moouaa. I'tah. Mrliisb t'olun 
Itla and California. Also, homeaeeker*' round 
trip ticket* III the West and buulbmtt every Irat 
and tliini Tuesday UDtll .\prll. tt you are cud- 
u-inplatlni: a trip soon to any point in tbe West 
yon will Unit that ttwill be u-) your Intenist io 
write to the undersigned, itaiini; fuliv your point 
nf deatinatioo. yoitr neatest riillr>ad station, the 
number In your parly ami the date you wi>.h to 
start, lit! will Klve you full inrurniniion, the e\ 
eel coet of yonr trip, or if you il' sire will i-all on 
you In |ieMoa and e\|i|tiiii overvthinc fnllv <o 
you. A letter luldresaed to liiiu. Klvini him il.' 
Information, may lie tlie iiieitns of In^ > o i >' i - 
erul d.<lI*M. It. C Ki'ntieily, S.Mittien.«ti rn I'a- 
seniier .\|?i nt Hiu Konr Rout" lliii.' iiii:ion \\ . \ » 

' ^^waA/tof t. 


Stad Down 

▼la ranis a MVS. c. 


JlMlt D)k 

r. «. 

a. a. 

A. a. r. n. 



Lt Krankfor' 


11:101 7: IS 



" G''or(retown 

10:»l 6:lt 

3 » 

8 :to 

" r»ru 

»:80, »:«* 



" Wlnohaster 

7:« t:« 





" Cyntblaaa 


P. «. 



" Richmond 

7:», 1:S* 


" OinclBBati 


r*-&« *A*Aaa«aaaAA^saa a-*^AAf 
«*HIU Ki^ f'.K I 

Connect* with Cia- 
ciunatl, CeorsetowB 
and Portsmouth Rail- 
road at Oeorst'tu'«B, 
' N. and W. Kail- 
way at Sardinia. 
omoiAk ■nMKraai.n. 
In effect June 16th, IIM. Subject to ahsBye 
without notice. 

y A T 

I and 
4 way 

Heaii fill nil. 


B*ad t'p. 

A. »i.;p M P. « 
.^r: i:i}i\ 4 UK f):3U 
l-\ l<:UOi 3:*t»r 7:*i 
U 8ju|»^»i 7:10 

C.^ ii. iiu.t P I ountetiOH. " 

8-Ob, SVaO 'STA Ari'nn-innnii I.V tTOK llW/a.-lil 
' Carrel »tre--t. i 

.=1 SO r: .w 

fl IS l :»t) 

6 nil : 

A M 

:.Vl \.\ . Rlpli'V 
7 !» I.V.. t lovwi 
^ 10 .\r Sardiniii 


I'lie ^. o. V,. W. will meei tl,ii> evening sl 7:i»i 
at Mmon Nelson's on Second »ti«et. 

JTaam .MusaraoMs, M- W 
R. H. Wallaee, Beoetder. 

ensxly llt« 

Tlie >u»(hinK and hea1lD|t properties uf this 

^'Ml'■llv. I't pleaaani lasle mid | 

rotnfii anil \wr- 

111,1 ii i.i .'iin-a have made it ,i fav 

irito » ltd p. ,ip;.' 

evtrjnuere. It la e»i>e''i..l i pri 

ed liy luothiTs of 

small ehiMr«'n for .'oi.iv . r- in 

and whooplBK- 

coufb, as it always ufl' ni- .,ii. '^ 

r";n-f. anil .i- il 

•oalaia* no opuiiii or rl...r'i 

f '1 i 'ir I ; ' '1. 1 y 

he rlren a* conttdenily i > u .; . 

■ i . . ol ill. 

Kor sale liy all [)ru^/i>l>. 





Cincinnati. Lexington, Chattanooga, 
Knoxville, Asiieville, Charleston, 
Savannah, Atlanta, Jacksonville, 
Rirmingham, New Orleans, Shreveport 
and Texas Points. 

N. AIKEN. Tr«v. PWr .Aft., - M I!. Main S», Lcxinfton, 1^. 

vv . A. <l.\RRETT, Qmi. Mgr., \N . C. RI.NEARSON, Oe«i. Paaa. 



Now on (lisplay in East 
window. They beiir our 
name, we splendid fit- 
eiog, wear raeietlftt i^nd 



GEO. H. 


& CO. 





Mr. UHii 9mm wm <■ Fh H n rt i i r g 


Mr. Braoe Baitonof Cineinnatl sprat SoDday 
lierewHkMtfti«n y._ 

Mr. LataMB Dawm, afltr a tWI hm, Im 
ratonad to Partaaoatk. 

TtamawMs IMI«ef .M^ Own BUop 
«f tkaOMalber U*k«<)HMMr wiilMMl 

Mra. Praak Barklay is the gaaal af MiA 
Samuel Eaglish of Loaisrifle. 

Mr. Joha Kioseler of Prsnkfort is hero on a 
TiaU te kii motker, sisters and bNlktfa. 

MissAnn.1 Dsngherty left Tpsterday tn reaanie 
her studiM at .'J.iyre InKtitat«, Lexington. 

Mrs. BraKaigkt of Shafpabaif is Tiaitinc ker 
da«Mar. Mis. Dr. W. B. TMlkM «f Waat 

Mr. Richard Lane and Mlia Grace Keen» <>f 
Augusta were goMts of Miss Fkmace M. Laoe 

Miss Kate Clab* of Bedr<i<i, InJ.. wil! ikrrive 
this sTeaiog oa a rlsit to Mrs. Jubn Altmeyer 
of West Saooad street. 

Tke Qeorgalowa Board of Trade baa seeired 

tke location of the Indian Asphalt Company, an 
Illinois corporation, by promising to exempt it 
from coun^ aad state taxes far a pariad of 
Are years. 


Mtuf—mAtti or awow: 

BfaeM abotv— twill warmkb (TOW. 

BUM* MNWATW— CMoam twlU be; 

U Jtaak'S not 


Mr. John Boyer and Mr William Oatten of 
Liiiestooe street rnntinue very ill. 

Mr. Henry Faul will man move to bia farm 
bosc^t ^i^- ^0=^''" Lan e near Dext er. 

Lent begins this year on the 1< ith of Uurcb 
end rads on the 22d of April. Easter will be 
on the 23d of April. The latest possible date 
that Easter may 'i.-i nr is .\pril 2rith, and it is 
jsly at long perisdii that Easter falls as late as 
that In 1886 Master caow on April 'J'>th, and 
it win not fall on that date antil lt)42. Easter 
baa net fallen on April 23d since 1848, and 
ifter tMs year will aot fall oa that date until 
1 916. 

NIrk HMdarhp. 

rbU dlttretsiu;; niliii' iit resul'- Ir^n: .1 disor- 
deied eondltlon nf tlif ...toin.icli. .Ml thai is 
needed to efteot a run- i«itdoit' or tu.i i>f chani' 
borialn's Stoinucti :iinl I.i\.T 'I '> tiC. 

ihe attaok ni»y 1* ««M .1 ■ IT, i,..; 

in sflTffrity, by taWiUi; i iltw itt lU'-bi lublels ;is 
I'oDus tbu Hrsi -.1 ii:i'''<m of HO attack appears. 
$Kiid by all Druftclstf. 


Mr. John Flanagan and Miss Catherine 
nattery, botk of Magfaliek, were Barried this 
morning at St. Rose af Lisa CShmk, Bar. 
DeBraia oSeiatiag. 

MAMOS— lUmtT. 

Mr. Thomas Masion and HIm Agnes Gantley, 
bride and groom residing in Msyslick, were 
married thix morning in St. Patriek'i Chareh, 
Rer. P. M. Jonssofflciating. 

Oir eoiortd mim. 

Miss Georgia Nelson left this morning for a 
Ttsit with Mtaa Aaaa Yooag of Middletown, 0. 

Uiss Pearl Roatt left tbifi nioming for a short 
stay with her neice, Ui.-is French of 1, East 
Twentietli street. Indianapolis, Ind. 


pa ill- 




By Cutloura Affr th« 
Most Awful SufTerlng 
Ever Cxperienoed 


Many Remedies Failed 
to do a CwV Worth 
•f Oood 

" I was troubled with aore hands, so 
sore that when I would put tht tn in 
water the p.tin would ni-.irly set me 
ctuyi the akin would pci-l o6 and the 
fleah would get hard and break. There 
would be blood fliiwiiip from at least 
&fty places ou each haud. Words could 
neTcr tell the suffering I endured for 
three ycara. I tried everything, but 
could get no relief. I tried at least 
eight different doctors, but none did 
me any good, aa my hands wereaa bad 
when I got through doctoring as when 
I began. I also med many remedies, 
but none of them ever did nic one 
cent's worth of good. I ^^.t3 <tiscour- 
aged and heart-sore. I would feel so 
bad mornings, to think I had to go to 
work and st.^nd the pain for ten hours, 
I often kit like Kivingupmy position. 
Before I started to work I would 
have to wrap every finger up sep- 
arately, so a<5 to try and keep tbera 
Boft, anil thin wear gloves over the 
rags to Weill tile <;iease from getting 
on niy work. At nivilit I would have 
to wear gloves ; in f.ict, I bad to wear 
gloves all the time. lUit thanka to 
Cnticuru, that is all o\ er now. 


" After doetorinjf for tbrt c years, 
and spending nui> li money, a 5oe. 
box of Cutieura Ouitinent ended all 
my .sufferings. It's been two years 
since 1 used .•vny, and I don't know 
what sore li.iiids arc now. an<l never 
lost a day's work while using Cuti- 
cnra Ointment." 

310 N Montgomery St., Trenton, N.J. 

Sold throughout the vorld. Cullcuni Bcw' 
(I* lorro ut Charoli!' <°.ialrd Pi:|.. iic. mn ' 
(Hatntrol. !/>c , Sii|>. Jic. I'uiur Uru( i Ql 

IMIOD, si>l< Pni|>rl.'Ura. 

ariMSiM-Tr " 


"1 :i » I- J 1 1 i' " ■ ' f : ra , 1 • 

Il ' < ^ •ii] \ I > api --.^ e liaiutnTiuiu i i'am Balm 
...,ti .t i.ikiiiK' inymcdleine Internally. For 
kule by all Druggists. 


/'or. Hfrouff ami i'of*inf St^'frtn, 


Krp<h tupnlycf the best qii iiitv nf coal. OItc 
us It trial oMer. Ws will alM> l.^ndle- all kinds of 
Feed. SUble room tree. 'I'faoneSie. 

The loageet straight pisee of railway line in The otficial finding in the Roje.stvensky-Fish- 

the world is from Nyngsn to Monrke, in New i^g Fleet investigation puU the blame on the 

Soath Wales. This railway rnns 186 mnaa oa Admiral for reckless shooting, and is 

a lafvl in a parfeetly straight liae. faveraUe to England. 

Two stags fought a dnel lasting more than 
two honrs in the Bois de Boalogne, Paris, in foil 
view of the pnblic. Neither of the eombataata 
wu seHoosly iajorad. 


Plenty of Tbeni In MayavlUe. and Good 
KMUion l*'hr It. 

Wouldn't any w-iman 1>» hsppy. 
.\fter years of backachf satTering. 
Daya of misery, nights of unrest, 
ne distress of orinar>- tronbles. 
.she finds r-lief and curf? 
No res^n why aiiy Maysville reader 
ShoaM suffer in the faee of evidence like 

Un. Lizzie Hums, living un the lilue Kun 
Turnpike, West F.nd, .Maysville, Ky.. say.*: 

"My opinion nf Doan'.'' Kidney PilU v-hWh I 
expressed through our newjiiaper.' in fh(> -i ring 
of 1!M)0 ha? not .'iltered. I vaiuefhis pr>'p.ira- 
ti')ri more highly ti>d:iy than I did when I gave 
my first te8timi«nial. iVforp I got ri<ar. s Kiii- 
nay PilU at J. .las. U'.p.oi & .son's ilrii;.-r(.rf> I 
wait tronbled with ^i.'Vfrc .spollj if lijrk ieh«, 
in<i kidnev cimpiair.t. which c^mc on •>vrr\- 
•hrw: or s.x mnnth-'. at.i! tbrTt* wt-rr- times when 
1 w,i.s (MnliRtni ;i;y iiv.J 'I'ndered almost 
Tii'pless. Thr ijuiek anu de< 1 ieJ benefit I re- 
ei»od from Doan's Kidney Pills wu wonderful 
I have noticed slight returns of backache since, 
bet aa appeal to fioan's Kidney Pills has never 
failed to quickly and positively cheek the trou- 
ble. In every rase 1 know among my friends 
when Doan'M Kidney Pills hsvs been used the 
rejiult.s havrt always bi-f-n satisfactory." 

Forsaleby alldealers. Priee&Ocentsaboz 
roster-Milbam Co. , Bnffalo. N. T. , sole agents 
(or the United States. 

Beaeaberthe afs ■Dosa's->-aad take no 
sahatltaU. I 


About March ist you will cbanffe flupma and will want new 



A Oo(h1, >erM< t>ul>lr Bedroom 8et $11 OU 

A Htroiiu Oak Bed S U SO 

A aplMidid Iron Bed f a SO 

A anild Oak Safte 9 3 no 

u Ntronn. servtoeable, double oane neat ohalr* $ :t 00 

A Aolid oak Bxtension Table. 6 ftec lone $ ,t .~><) 

SU'<»l \Vir<* Bwlwprlnir $ 1 <K) 

A iiii'ely eai'vt-il I iiiitiitioii >lalioKaiiy IttHlrooiii Set ijtlM ,M> 

.\ iiie'ely < ar\ i-^J fM-fHsliiiuly Ini «»• arm IttX'kei- Si I ."VO 

Ml f Parlor StunilN * .»0 

^' by not take ndvaiita^e of our Keneroui, od'ei' and net yuur 
wUe new fteralture? Reneinber. 





M Charge/ ZZX::^-'^^ 


wMkMit I 


•WHiy nsiMtlNsiM M or* NMSssarySs s«s»>« wkal you 
■oer rt w/er. W^wM a * v m » mtl»/m^llkmHh*y 
artnottmfml^^m «MS|f««eif eNr/y«s«sliHWM. 

Attn mm I mmv /WmUA eoM. wMcA ean 6* 
Kff «t Ms eibs ee ssNl »y aMril. 


A^^rtU4mentn vntier thit hf tiding, i%r>t fxrefdinQ 
Svs Unrt, 10 retUt mch lui. >7ia>i, or SO crnii a uire/t 

■llTANTF.l) I.AlP^ olu.KNTLKMAN Offalr 
TV .'ilM.'itiinii I.I iruTel Jur « Brin of SSfiO.OOd 
t'a|Mtn!. Sttliirv Sl.07'1 piT year and fix{>«nHPs, 
paid wm-klv. .\(l(ln's« wilh stamp .1 A. ALK.\ 
AXDKK. kfaysville K>. f. l.2t<:il» 

TITanti:!) Mour. sri dks t.s to lkar.n 

VT IMI'K(>\ i:o<»K-KKEIMXli — Houl.le 
I'liiry ■.imiillfli'd ; dillicult Ptitrlea made clear. U«e 
~l>iire iDOinentK. I>rtvatc ioiiruotlon. Fartlcu. 
I'iri .1. AKTIIL'R MITCJHRLb,SIB Urldsc atreet, 
,Ma>>vUle, Ky. febSl >twtf 


AKTRP-.00OK-Apttly at ones to Mn. i: 

WANTI.I>-SKWI.N(i-By the dav, wi<k or at 
home: pric<.'a reasonable. Call ut IU3 Wesi 
Second stfMk feblSlw 

iMwwMsew swft MMtar Mis hmMta.ttol etetdint 
Hv* Uhm, M esjrfs 9mA M w Wl sii, id MTtU a wtek. 

P)R in.N'r-KOOMS — Two moht (lesiral.le 
Moins In Court Street for oflleet or IndKlni;. 
Apply to P. O. Hex le. (eMt Iw 

for Jak. 

Adrrriutmrntii nndrr thit hfadina.not exfetdinf 
Hi t luift, lOrrnlt mcl>intfrll»n,orl»eenU auetk. 

IpoK SALK-Lr.MBKR -We ran any 
kind of onk lumbrr at rRanoi\al>l<' priivs. 
.\nv on'" rteslrine liiuil>''r will phic* tln ir ord'T itt 

oni-. , I Nsoi; A Sprint'diile. Kv., R. K. 


Adt>fTtltmfnti undrr ihii ^«adin^) initrttd Jrtis 
but adwrtitei t muit furnitK th» eitpy, 

LOST TWO SOW .SHOATS— One blx ou- with 
no mark and one amall one marked: botti 
apotteil. Strayed from gay borne. Rewaid If re 
turniHl to MABY GIFroRD. febtS Iw 

I OBT— IB Bllit— Sunday uIbIiI. between Pop- 
lar street and Cbrlitian Cliurub. Leave at 
I II is ofHoa and rsoetfe lewaid. His. HU8ST. 


(linniniid and rul v l«'twren the ChrlStlMI 
t liureh and KrldKe htnrt. Reward ttietanstf to 
.Ml' Hridge street. IsbMlW 



FOl \D-MONKY-A bill, on .lanuarv lOth, 
which owner osn set at Bank ot MaynTille 
by provinir property. febl4 Iw 

Jpo Gial Roqi ioit. 

irjh armpfrint adverHtmenU appearing in (As 

ralumn» tifthil paper, or vihrn buying gnodi from a 

merf.hftuf whose ativ«rtistmf»t npi** n '■ i 1,> fhi.^ p< j>fr. 
our Trttdrrt are e»}iefinlly rniur^t* I / . .\;<>t'- thnt thry 
taw Ihr mi i trtitfmi iti. in Tiik Pi hlk I.n.<iirR. 

Thtf M-lH 111,,/ y"U >l')r'.l;i;/. On.i (' i; i/,' {,r grnt'lMUy 

appreclattd tiv both the adverlitt r iirul the KdUor, 


Will be the iMt day to boy good Clothing 
•nd Famiablof a at 

The Big Sale 


Yoo who miiNd the fall Miortment will proit by the broken 
lines. We hi^v* made another cat from the deepeat cat ever made 
in Mftysvllle on high-grade merchandise. The majority ot people, 

know a good thing and have taken advnntagcof the Big Bale. Those 
who have been slow will have until Manh 4th to get in at the re- 
duced price; so get in the wancn and ruinf to the Big Sale. If you 
would rather have the money than the purchase, we will swap and 
give jon oar time to boot. 



Dndsnn Building. Cor. Second and Market Streets. 

Good Printing CHeap ^ 
«f CK«ap Printing Good 


Work Dmmm Wktn PremteMf. 



Coal that suits. Pic 
•varybodv. tndadlns Um 
hoaaewUto. the oook aatf 

Airents for the fltmona 

A lalMMter Plaster. Write 
or call ur teleptioBe 





Dr. O. M. BECKLE*, 

MDV^SAW vasv mmt * «»wa-MaaM am ' 

nprcsALiisT IW TBCAmwr or 
■rx-TAi. niMrAHScMsr ■KMaaa waH~ 

llciiirs.V !■> ,s. 7 'I Sm.Uji 9 to 13. "Pl 

a; M. 

aia w. Biaksk 8s..cia«saaatt. •. 

/^on. James If, /Cehoe 

Onoof tho^otthtprotmMUfs 
in Congross JCgntuekif 

Wdnhinglon {IK I'.) Vorrfupondtni of Tkf Loni- 

■ ill. Tim.- 

Uepreitentative kekue of Kentucky, whose 
term expires Ibis week, is oaa of the beet Rep- 
ii'sertativ.'; iu Congres.-; Kentucky ever hail. 
He haii .served his District ably, iotelligcatly, 
faithfully and witb marked iadostry. Oariog 
two teras of sarvieaparluv* ■<> Kaatueky Rep- 
resentative ever accomplishi'd morf. Two Pub- 
lic Buildings for his District, the compietion of 
all improvsraeats on the Big Sandy river, United 
."States Court for his District, $500,000 for the 
Ohio river and rural routes ia every oooaty, 
speak for bu industry. 

In addltioB be waa the antbar of the reaohi- 
tMn adiipti-'t by Congreai ragvlatiDg the print- 
Ini; of the Congressional frank slips issued by 
the Department of Agriculture, which not only 
saves the Geeenmaat tbeaMada ef dollan 

every yev, but makes the work of thaaeaber 
much ea.Mier and less burden i saa. 

$500,000 roe DOTRiCT. 
As a raaalt ef Mr. Kdtoa'a aorvice felly 
$500,000 has gone directly into the .Ninth Dis- 
trict for internal improvements and fur the 
payaMBt of jaat elaias and peaaioaa to Civil 

War Veteracs. He baa i<ecure<i the paKsage 
of more private hills for the benefit of bis 
coDi<tituent8 than any other two members from 
Koatneky have dona ia the past fovr yean. 

EviTv year of his serfice, instead of dis- 
tributing 12,900 packages of seeds, the quota 
of every member, be baa distributed 45,000 
packages to his eoaatitMBta. He has distribu- 
ted morr than thf quota of two members of 
every publication issasd by the Government. 

These are a few-ef the speeiie tbiagi wbteh 
Ur. Kehoe has done for U* Dittriot. His gen- 
eral bill, permitting paupers to appeal thfir 
cases tu the Supreme Court, wa^ a measure 
heartily iadoeaed aad approval. 

HiK standing as a member of the House has 
reflected credit not alone on the District, but 
on the state. 

As a aember of the Foreign Affaifa Com- 
mittee nf the House and previously a.« h mem- 
ber of the Pensions Committee he has made a 
record for hard work, dcvotioa to doty and 
fair piqr. 


While a straii^t Daaocrat and a strict party 
aaa, Mr. Kehoe baa doea aoch for the Repub- 
licans ot bis District and i^ popular among 
them. In the last election he received 1,000 
Repoblicaa votaa, aad the DaeMeiata voted for 
him to a man; but the District is Republican, 

aad the general landslide, cotfplad with the faet 

that it wan a Presiilential year, waa too much 
for s Democrat, even of Mr. Kehoe's popularity, 
to stand vp against. 

.Mr. K"ho«' ha i.. , - jtt -. ,1 u romplaiat 
over bis defeat, however, but says thst his aer- 
vioe in Coagrasa was a penoaal sacriflee to hia. 

In order to keep the pai^'a faaoea up iat&e 
District, .ind tu meet all the requiremcatsoi* 
pected of him, it u known that bis salary aa a 
Coagrsaaaaa was swallowed up every year aad 
that hisaotoal living expensse had to be drawn 
from a sum pr<:viou.-:ly put away for a raisy 
day. Hence ail Mr. Kehoe'^ dayd in Congress 
have beeB''raiay*dayi. aad he feels new that 
he has made this sscrifice for hi.i people, bis 
District and the state too long and) mast tarn 
his attention to a more profitable undertakiag. 


Nuaeroos aeaben of Congress have told 
Mr. Kehoe that if he had represented an East- 
ern liistrirt till' [isoplrt would keep him in Con- 
gruns as long a:t be lived, regardless of his pol- 
itics; that he would never have. to evea so 
much as ask for a reiyiaiaation, aad that his 
constituents, Democrats and Republicans, weald 
see to it that either no campaign waj waged 
against him or that he would not have to go 
into his private parse to fight not oaly Ua own 
battles, but those of hia party. 

Unfortunately for the people of theCommoa- 
wealth, Kentuckian.-i <\ , n. '. ki.-ep their Csn- 
gressmen in office. In ths But and in the 
North the people are so glad when they get a 
Representative who rsally lepreaents them that 
they keep him in Congress as long as be will 





Ladies' Shoes, worth $1, . . . Now 69c. 
LadiM' SliOM, worth $1.50. .. Now 99c 
Ladiot' Slioet, worth 92, ... Now $1.24 
Laies' Shoes, worth $2.50 to $4, $1.99 

Men's Shoes, worth $1.25, . . . Now 74c 
Men's Shoes, worth $1.50, ... Now 99c 
Men's $hoes, worth $2, . . . Now $t.49 
Men's Shoes, worth $3, . . . Now $1.99 

Men's Shoes,worth $3.50 to $4,Now $2.49 

Men's Shoes, worth $1 Now 69c 

Men's Shoes, worth $1.50, . . . Now 99c 

Boys' Shoes, worth $1, Now 63c 

Boys Shoes, worth $1.50^ .... Now 99c