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Full text of "Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1908-12-12"

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Dnm Good* In. N*w York Iton. 

* It b upMUd tktt tb« trteb •( Ik* 
algkl rtdera of tho RMlfoot Lake roKlon will 
biffiB At UsIoD Oity. ToBO., Mxt Moodoy. 

Church Notes 

Pint Prwlqrtoriu-«ibjNl' tk lOrfB %. n , 
"k Ureator Tbao SolomoB." C kBiy mM BB 
BBltM Bt BIblo MoetiBV Bt Bight ■! nm M. B. 
Ckwok, SoBlfc. ' 

■sB^By-Mhool Bt tb« Chriatian Cboreh to- 
Morrov 9:80. A (>ll BtttadaBo* of toBohara 
•ad aokolBra is daaiNd, to prtpBra for SbbU 
Om BMllag iB hit BBtOBOhUO DsoBBbBr 24th. 

Rot. 8 B. Boti;B. D.O.. will proBOk Bt the 
CBBtrsI PrMbfterian Choreb tomorrow at 
10:46 B. n No OTeDioK tervicea oa acconot 
of UbIob BIblo Socixtjr mMtioK. 


winter is ipproMbinf and 
yoa at* nvm to DMd 


II you haven't Becured your win- 
ter's supply now is tho time to buy 
while the price is right, and remem- 
ber we handle only the be8t grades. 

Aim, Brick, Lime, Band, Salt, 
Cement and Hard Wall Plaftter. 


Jf^For Old Roarbon and Rye call on Joha 
Weill, 230 Market (treat. MayaTille, Ky. 

lira. Mary Biahop liahoa baa BImI aoit at 
floalBiiBbarg fora dlvoraefrea Paaaall B. 
Kekee. Tk«f were mrrMOetokeraoik. 1907. 

JowaUr, Viae atraat, oonar EoMry Aroede, 
Cinoiaaall, 0., baa tbo aoBt ■Bgalleaet bb- 
BortoMBt of DOTaltiea for Chrtataaa arar 
BbowB la tho Qaeen Citjr. Yoa ara iaritod to 
call aad loapaet bit lloa. 

One of tho 100*1 attraotivo atore* t ) i>atroB- 
it* daring the imliday aeaaon it that nf Hant'a 
Emporiam in W'eat Sacoad atreet, Horo 70a 

And both qaalttgr aad qeaatlty la tmty nt¥nj 
of drygooda aad your waata are ladood ad- 
yaaead if 700 eaa't aapply thorn horo. la thia 
holiday odltloa of Thk. LEOcn tko proprlotor 
kaa a apoolal noaaage fur job. 

m » m 

iiif TOUR ETi n rioiR. 

It la going op. Tako our adf ico and buy. 

« 11. C. RUBSBLL Co. 

For Yoor Cbrtetmas and New Year's Baking 

W« kaw IJalataa^ Pica, Datee, Carmata, Oltran. la eaaen . 
tod OfMMpa PMt. SbalMI Mats at all lllii4e. All tkaaa 
gooda ■■• of cha IliMat to be broaxbt to any markat, 


THK m Al.i rv fiKOCKim, 

.H/VHONlr IK>1I>I.K ltl'IL.nlMC» 

/iV^iielfowiak Huf Laav at 

iBDD a 

Tke Eopeblieaa Adaiaiatratiea la laetaai 
was eae year oM Tkaraief . 

()iBlttf"lko«e a rMl Xm^i gift 
IIeiz Bkos. 

^^Hamaa Laago offota oboieoat aolaetioa 
la dlaaoada, vatehae aai iewelry aeltakia far 

holiday praaoBta. Vina atraat, corner Emary 
ArcadA, Cincinnati. Ur. Langa will be pleaaed 
to haTo bia Uayavllla friends call at bin itore. 

.i^a^PiaaolB, aatf'plByor piaao, atOarbrlek'a. 

There are 189 



e( ty pkaid AMer ak 

^•^PBCIALr-Uoa'a Voloar CaU ttoaa. 
buttoa aid bee, tS. Um 

Do& J. P. Wallaaa of Ckleege^ eat of Piak> 
artoa'a right kaed aee, laeype at ed ly dropped 

in on bia llafaTllie frienda yeaterday moraiBg 

and after a few boara atay left for pointa ia 
the Beat oc important baiflnoaa. 


PHONE 142. 


' "2' he tobacoo- selling dayn have come. 
The gladdest of the year." 
▼ (\Vith apologies to the poet.) The Burley District's 
^ -golden day has come. No more hard«tiines 
^ talk. Let us be happy! 

I Now Buy . . . 



i mi ike Brownf^ 

Spend Some of That Money and iMt 
Urn All Share Vour Proaperhy, 

Our atore ia the headquarlefa for all you need in the Sad- 
dlery, Harneaa, Vehicle and Hardware Linea. Come and aee. 

A new line of Olovee juat received— Dreaa Qlovea, Work 
OloTea and Driving Glovas. The ewellaet line yon ever aaw. A 
nice pair of Gloves makeH a dnndy and muob appreciated Okrietmea 
gift. Come early and get your pick. 

Farmers I 

Everything baa come yonr way. 

orahle one. Your credit ie good. 

Make Ohrietmae, 1908, a mem- ▲ 


'Cateb Altr nuvalUaa, the laUat, all 

' Mm 


; Jiidtth In Charge of Recruit- 

his Irieuda wifb the bag to bold, baV' 
Ing baan a traqoant and paralatant 
borrower o( email aninania ol aoMy 

It iai aaid the ez-recruiting officer was 
quite a favorite withtbn "ladiea." 

leilaaBdaeekaaKaf. Maw Teck Itare. 

' Frank Jodath, a local soldier, who 
haa bad charge of the Maysvi 1 le ( K y . ) 
recruiting etation ior almoata year, 
kaa baan mlaaisg alnea Daoaabar td. 
Taa f r d ay Oaptaln M. M. Maxon here 
taoaivad orders from the War De- 
(artnent to inform the local authon* 
tie* in tbe Ohio Valley of bia diaap- 
paamnaa. Unlaaa he lapoita'at aome 
poet Mst Monday ha will ba daelarad a 

Orders to close tbe aub-atation and 
return tu tbia city with tba atationary 
Md other oMtarial naad in aeenrinf 
nornita were aent to Jodath on the 
day be disappeared. 

Oaptain Mazoo yesterday received a 
toMar fiom the proprietor of the Oan< 
«Ml HnM In Mayavllla, whava the 
eoldier stopped, aikatiug that be bad 
left everythlBf hi appaitntly good 

Jadath bat hean ta the aar?i«a 
•hont two yaara. Be la a native ol 

Linoolo, Neb., and la 24 yeara old. 
UU neitbeet Irieod is Juaie tehrlamar, 
Ifo. IVH Ohriaty atravt, LMlavllle, 

Jiiaih Ml Ihla oily avar a vaak 
•ft and iMflsf M» th* **boM eojar 
Mf " baa iblddoad and gone benoe, 

bi r«tiirn-~ul bia own will. 
Ituce bl« going aaay it ilavalupa 
I Jddatb haa Ml qulla a ■•■ibar ol 


TODAY, SATURDAY and Following MONDAY We Will Make Three Business Days That Will Be Long 

Remembered By the Patrons That Will Visit Our Store. 


Btth RobM , worth $6.60 to $10, 3 diyt' price $5. Home Cotte Mid Smokliig Jockitt, worth $7 to $9, 3 dtyt' prleo $B. Suit 

Cases that sold from $5 to $6, 3 days' price $4.50. Children's Bloomer Pants Suits, worth $7.50 to $9, 3 days' price $4.50, $6 and 
$7.50. Children's Overcoats, worth $8.50 to $10, your choice $6.50. On a number of Children's Suits and Overcoats price cut in two; 
thay are brolcen sizes, but eiegant goods; your choice during the 3 days' sals $3. 3 days' pries concsssions in Men's and Young Men's 
Suits intf Ovsrcoati that will cisar our tables. Just a few words sbout our Shirts, NsctcMfSM*, Blovss, Hmo, MNffloro, ot04 Tho Mggsst 
and finest linoo in towo. For the 3 days our Peg-top, Cuff-bottom Corduroy Pants that we sold at $3.50 and $4, choice $3: all sizes. 
Our Shoe Departmottt deserves your consideration. Until we added Men's said Boys' Shoos to our business you will remember that you 
had tu go away from home to buy good shoes. Tho conditlont iro rovorood. Lots of psopis away from hero order Shoee from us. 
Guaranteeing reasonable satisfaction as to the wear DOES THE BUSINESS. 



jar . 

/iVSaoks Uoqur-tte Cigar, 
CMIda, aaker. . 

lOe. G. W. 

.^l^AII kiada of Chriataaa praaoeU la tke Rot. Dr. Hoary M. Scaddar ef Carlisle Is sa- 

Jowolary l ine at McCartbey'a, Seooad atraat. gsKed in a reriral asoliag at tka Pryhy t arl a a 

Deputy Circuit Court Clerk B 0. Pollitt haa A big rally will be held at Barrodaberg to- " Kliaavllle. 
taken up bachelor qoartera la Coort street for tight to celebrate the viotory of tke Barley 

the winter, where bo will bo at 
Keuial friend'i and boon companiooa. 

to OOB- 

Tobaeco Society, 
of tboapoakera. 

Uisa AUae Lloyd wUI be aee 

JiVTbe Keataehy Boaa Cook Book woald 
makt< a nice Cbriaimaa p r sBo a t. Caa bo bad 
at Uiaa Anna Klag'a. 

m'SmoU MasoBlaa. lOe Cigar for 6c 

BMar P. M. Tiadar ef La a saaar , faraatly 

of Mayallck, will make tbe prineipal addrass at 
a big rally of the Christian Woman's Board of 
Uioxinne to be held st tbH Cbriatiaa Cbarok at 
I arlislo Saoday, December 20tb 

Daughter of Rev. Bela Metcalfe to 
Wed Shortly at CM-iisio 

Uiaa Nannie Metcalfe, daoghter of Elder 
and Ura. Kela Metcalfe of Carliale.and Mr. Wm 
T. Norton will be married Taeaday, D«oamtar 
IStk. at tke reeMeaee el Mi* MelealfaPt pa- 
roau. tka aaranuiay le^ ke f mtmm ni ky tbe 
brido-aleel'a father. 

Miss Metoalfo is a former popular young 1 tdy 
of tUe eeaaly aad b agiaatgwe* demktar of 

the lata Hon. Thomax Metealfe, unce lioveroor 
of Ksotaoky. tihe la related to a nuniovr of 
Maaaa eoeaty faallHM and iia4 a 

of frtaada ia tbia eiiy 

... — - • • 


•ttMoHMd Sets $15,000 hi OMh 
aad ■ FiM Pdrii 

Wsdaooday handed • check for $15,000 and a 
daod tor 880 atraa ef laad f aleed at |6O,0U0 
wkUa ke aeakiag a baggy la a kvery ataklo at 
Hloaatagtea. INh, vkara ke bad verkad far 

aoM* time on aocuont of poverty. 

NolsoB »aat, frosidaat of IWoe, raat A 


Solves many perplexing giit problems for two reasons— it's comprehensive in price, it combines 

perfectly beauty and service. 


Wa never bad aucb valaea in aiik for |1— they'll uurprire yon. 
Four colore, pink, blue, white, black. 01 coarse we've handaomer 
qualitiaa. At |1.76-4an. lavandar, black. At $2 black, plain or 


In cotton anil lisle a large Stock at 50c, including black, while, 
coiora; plain or drop stitch. Home ezcelleut values at 35c, 8 paira tor 
<1, and o«r naoaflario atoek at 86c Incraaaad for holiday aalling. 


An aseellant aaaoctaaaDt in black aolid and open work 26o. 
Plain, laea and nmbioidarad, ia black and colore fiOe. 

Our !<plpndi(i iierctilPH in wide and aanowriba, donbia haals, 

toea, Boles and knees, 15c, 26c. 


Wool and mercerised cotton— pink* white, black, blue, 26c. 


Cunie uiiilertbr heading "useful and pretty" eo why not put them on 
tbe gift liatr You'll find broad quality and price aaaortmaat here. 
Luce epreade fSX to 16. 

Hemmed, honeycomb, in Mareeillee pnMarae, 11 to 98. 
Fringed, 11.26 to 98H. 

Satin Maraeillee apreada, hemmed or fringed, with or ' 

cot cornerH, $^ to $5. 

Colored apreada, Iringed and hemmed, $l/i to $4. 

Haadkerobiefs.'-oadless varieties. 

Now York 

Mr*. Nellie IK Weed li «aile Ol at kar 


Wataraao foantaia pea.Tbe beat. MoCartbey 

Mr. M 


J. Uuilfoyle died Thataday at Paris, 

An order haa boaa iaaaod to re-opon tho on 
miaoa ia Batk eoaaly. Tksy kave boon elosod 

Tweaiy-eevea year* sfe Kaevas left his 
at riMiatsbani ^» U yaara el 
a«a e» Iks Mm aad wai aaetf elgktebMNa 
aad aii <i tkoa ket oea era sMi^MviH- His 
IwlB aietM. Klbel IV HeMo*. diod e ikart MM 

a««), l«aiia« bia> Um |1A,UU) aad lk| fl 

Oranges For Everybody. 

a<M MS* riaKAvfUM ««t| ••mm mmh 
ia AMt eiMav tha mviW af thaoa U>» 




UKAB— aaAY. 

Willlttm l.ura^. sged '21, of riemis^ 
and MiM Klla Qnj, aged 17, of thU 
■avfM ieitavialac attke r«el> 

of tbe bride'i mothtr la tbe Eut Cad, 
Rev. U. A. Walliaaferd .ilHciatiDK. 

A Wia tWtfl WI MMW. 

Hate yoa a»«n Ut«rt hru,. window* Look 
wba'a baral—ilaata Claaa, sure enouich, and 
he's Ike real tklBC.tae. Tko old 'Wioier 
Klag»kM JaAsnM *«i bia Neitk r«ia 
b.adi«Bitefe. ie to leMi raaalalleaaMsk 

•ad 4ra«a by a learn prally r«ludw>rt Tbe 
usilt is Itfe^otaa, aad tba uowy, wlBiry aoeae 
dsptelad la Ike lane vkidaw la prtkaMy ika 
must leraoMwIy realMi iNia OUai piaMre 
tvarbokoUta M^evOlA fbewetk la fioa 
Ike BfUslts brata aad kwd of Mr. Wi!it»m 1. 
tfobUta. tke eaieft tiadoe diesaef . m4 u d«- 
kgktiaiikaaveaelkatkohlaad yeaag. OU 
Saata t» ikere la bis sM^ Uba Ha WSljIliii 

la Us a>i<ui ef aae«. wNk kdahe folMB lad a 
lea er ae »H»f r«edf (»i dtotftaatiea la all 
lbs gaud kttta bofa aad girts Ml tkto aaeMaa. 

Uoaadaaa fas feeaaaMead UMade pear 
Aeislag eailni gffi iNfc, nkm iMis ba* 
teetfellar (ba aeailai OkrtolMA 

If It's 
Web-ter"* • R.cikWfMMl" 
it's good Culfao 
SO to 35 eu. per poaad 
aeM le kelk ead «ae iRMWd p^la. 

On moiiuQ i<r Atturoay TkeaMB R. PbisUr 
ia tba Coaaty Coarl yMWrday It was ordered 
that Ckerlae L Daly of tkia alty ke graated a 
sarttiaaia ef kaaaaty, preMly aad geod d»- 
BMBBiir; ia other wards, Oharlav h aea a faO. 
•odgad lawyer. 

M^A boaaUfal liaa of Toilet articlsa, Per- 
fawary. B utleeary at Sellle Weeda' Drt^stata. 

Uife Nancy ^\'eaver haa b««n appoioteii 
aleDiiKrapher and bookkoepor ia the office of 
Oily A tt^iraey Collies aad Mr. Staea t lathaaa 
baa accepted a staailar paaitioB la the State 
National Bank. BoU are MIm Woods' 


■sw Mar Oa* ■<■• It 

When Jamaa Wad saw (he •iMm 
oaualaa the kettle lid to Jump up and 
duMii h* aaid "Tkere miMt ba iMiwar ia 
ih»i n—m tbat it oaa lift aueb a 

«rlal>l " 
'riiere was. 

MMllona prior to Mm 
aam* iiUaausaenm aad 
•n unvaftalikad Mvatery 

Hi>r«ul Si'laiilllc reaearch ha 
ait««r i>n Ilia "cause" uf Oaadrul 
Im llalr. an.t coaaaqueal Ital4«i 
baa uitMiil>e<l a tlay ftm wkMh aata 
thf III* rraaa iIm rawta t>t iiumitn hair 

wewbrre lleenMUlo ««*ir..v. ihu 
•afm BM eaaaoai b atly r»a«»i»a ii>e 
Mir !• lla wMural elai* 

Mi by taadiac druMrtau aa«4 ia» la 
CaSrSl MMk Umrtmtt* Oa^ 

TWO •in»40o. *Ma 01 no 

t JAMU tUUD A «>N, Spaa4«i A|m^ 


To all kiiou Inn fUlTrri'ni cif rlicuiniilitm. » lirilivr 
muftouUr «>r of itii* joiiit*. ^tiaiiu^a. luiubAtfiri. 
backarhi- |>nli\i tii ihr klilii<*\ii >>r iifiiriti|!U 
palui, to wrltr lo hvr for a hmiiv'tri'iitinpnt whtch 
D»> n-p'-au-dl; ciirrd all ul theae tnrtunii. bh« 
t"li II li«rdui]r toaead llioall aaaettN FREK. 
Y'oi ourv ynurMll at booM. aa lhaaaaada will ik, 
■ II) no onaDiie uf ollnata btlua oaoeaian . 'I'tn, 
•tnipis dlKsovary baalahei nrlo acul rmm ihc 
tiliHMl. louaaai the ■ttlA'iied )oln«a puriHrt the 
tliKid and lirlchti'n. Ilir r}rt, utvlnir e'sai). iiy 
ami lone lo tli« wlml" •vtlrm \t III" ahotr iii 
ter>ta you. for pnxil addrciaMrt. M. SI HUKUK, 
liox H. i»outb>H»iid, lad, 

JHV'CUMreb'k daaka at aRU 

The C. W. B. U. of the Christiaa Cha^k 
will moot with Miss Aaaa NowaU at 2:80 p. 
■ tkle eflaraoaa. 

Mr. Artber Arakdaeaoa, soa of Mr. aad Mra. 
U. J. Arebdeaeon of Carlisle, who haa boaa 
■abtag kis heme at Colambe*, Ohio, far Ika 
put two seers, ead MM LilMaaM ef«feva> 
land. 0., wMw •arrM iweaatly ia IM farMr 

piano to huy X inaa O.iedt— 
M KKX RROe . Drraooda. 
IIEi-HINCiRK Clolfiliig 
MXS SfUAT/.MAHN. China. 
I'AHMSll. Orixwrlea 
t AI.IIUtM, UrMwiuia. 

O'HAKB. 1 


>a put tti 
irult VMb> 


For XMAS! 

From iiur ilalicioua asi>i>rtin«iil ot Fine Cnntertinnery . Thry 
will M lound dainty and (aaiptiog. Our Obocolale Oreama, Gar- 
OMMla. Mm Oandtoa, NM«al sad lliiijllBM iNiks v(U to lM«d 
apsK iaiiy t4>othsoniP. Wa alao hofs oto display sesisdalny Ckrist- 

inaa llui«s snti llasbrl*. 




UST come for a trip U) Tovinnrl ami 
take a peep at the many di^ll^htfiil 
presenfi which SanU Claua pre- 
lared for enHchlng the youthful 
ChrtotBUUi. His enchanted castle, 
brillisntly Ugbtcd, la filled with an 
endleas rarietjr of tojn; and aa the 
visitor pasaei tturoush the main 
avenues in this wonderful world 
the spectacle becomes more and 
morp t'iitranrtiiK. Nuniberh'ss fairy- 
lamps li'.'ui \\\f way 'o where the 
mechanical iiiul i'U>rt »cal tciya are 
and what an Inux'- lna array they 
The place seen)H full of motor cars, 
k tr omnlbusea and motor hosts, darting 
ksr^ there and everywhere, at fbe bidding of 
tMr oUaJature driven. The wiralaaa tele- 
graph la busy sending messages, and the Wlms- 
hvrst machine with Its glssler tube Is produo- 
log the most beautiful colors as though by 

Clow at hand are Roorps of dlffprent kinds 
of stearn enk;lne«— niodi'ls of perfection — to- 
gether with railway carriages, stations, tunnels, 
signau. and an tka rest of tt, Juat Ilk* a Mai 

Over tlMve w« eateh a tUnpae of the X-wn. 
a complete plating anehlne, and hundreds oC 
electrical toys which are going to be all tk« 
rage this neasoa smoog those who can be 

favored with costly playthings. Some of the 
engines come to aa much aa ten guineas; but 
the smaller modela can be bad (or a very tri- 
fling sum. 

An adjoining raoB wears qalte a uiUtary 
aspect, with Its thousands of leaden aoldlera 
la (all dreea, looking verjr fleroe and brave^ 
No ibsbt they win be pleaaed to raealve wknl^ 
llag orders, and show what thejr can do with 
their rifles, swords, and real cannon. Tou can 
tall (hey urn 11 lie real nnldlers. hftcailse they 
don't aeeiii to uiind a bit being plat-'ed In th« 
■•Jdst of all sorts of animal*, such as elephants. 
Itgns, Mgttrs, bears, leopards and monlieys. 
Tbe ciepkanta trumpet, the lloaa and tigers 
roar, the bears growl, tbe horses nelgb, tbe 
dienfcejrs bray, the dogs bark, tbe cats meow, 
«Md aU the rest «i Owlr fnll akgre towards 
sweRlag the n » sew ; h«t tt bsIns m flffSMMe 
to tlie soldiers. 

A little further oa Miles bi dodge In aad ont 
iff MUdatare garaKeii. und xl^ltiruliy steer th«ir 
way hst«e«n London uouniy rouncll electric 
trams. K\\ the drivers are mlly v«vr ^tmm 
In Toyland. 

A Isag line a( agMted reektng^mrses and 
pnuMlag g ee gssa narks thf way ta the dells' 
palaces. Tlila la e^Maitally tbe girls' domain. 

It Is s<'ar<-ely iiomthln to R(iur«ivii siivthlag 
Which I* %n>tK here i«i>r«i>«'r'«<i Swr^.r t|is 
heuyvs areJpMi eauiiRh it> 'i m»aM'>ii» 

Tknr are MMAM with a ci/h., < . •tsB or sor- 
vs> sM asftH* torder. a rtwoasd sud 

little com 
forts. an<l, to 
round off the 
luxury of It 
all. a smart motor uar stands at the front en- 
trance, awaiting the appearaaoe of my lord 
and lady. 

Was there ever sneh a show of dolls seeii 
bf forf ? They seem to be everywhere, display 
InR th"|r finery. The undress doll Is away on a 
top 8h»'ir. because the popular doll must l)f in 
the fagliion in the way of dress. The adult 
doll, with hair done In the latest style, Is one 
of (he features uf tbe place. Baby dolls are apt 
to be tiresome, but the grown-upa are always 
on their best behavior. 

Of course, the universal ambition to soar 
la the air la represented la Toylaad, othoiwlse 
the place would be laconplete; tope which fly 
up to the ceiling, tops wfcleh sing in the air. 
plums, apples. p»ars, and other fruil dance 
abcHif most gayiy Swimrnlnp men, dancing 
Scoifhnicn, snowballH stuffed" with siiiall toys, 
and hiinip'y duiii|ify ciicHses rome in view as 
you wander alonK: while Kamea galore call 
aloud for insp«^r:on Toy land certainly never 
was so full of splendid things for those who eaa 
apend doUara aad eanta. 

Take another turn, however, and we come to 
Tiny Tbwn, where the purebaalng power of the 
pennr is best represented. Hets of kitchen 
ntensils, traction engines, gunboats, cruisers, 
motor omnibuses, railway engines, black- 
smiths, sawyers, county council trams, light- 
houses, dancing ballet girls, dolla' furniture, 
sewing sets, gold fishes In globes, minus the 
elaborate nwcbanlsm of tbe more eapeastvs 
typ% bat all nude to wort. Oontleal flgsrea, 
■Mgasile divers, aheotlng gaUerfss. skin anl- 
mala, and hnadreds sC msalaal eotrtvaness 
are priced at a few oeata. 

In the rours«) of a short ramble tbriiii(;h Toy- 
land It is ini|>ossible for us to see all that is 
lo l>e seen, hut It Is clear that Kanta Claus 
has never bad auch a busy time in making ar 
ranKeinenta (or kls Christmas eve visit 

The season— sssordlag to the great toy e» 
psrtg»a whose weaig rft M stsaks are reviewed 
sbovs srtll prohsMy make a rasosd (rea ths 
haslasss standpoint laoli SMSeedlag yesr 
brings a growth in the dflMMd for better class 
toys: and It is a bsppy elresautauce thai the 
English maker is awakening to tho pndkillljr 
of big buslnnss in Ihia direction. 

1*he Oerman snatebed the soldier trade from 
the Preorh, aad (or years malutalBOd a prae- 
tlcal monopoly; bet In turn the Oerman baa 
been oompletely oeeted by (hs SagltshaMn. 

la seme of tke larvast toy piaeea la Loadea 
this OhHaimaa aa( a atafls foreign aads 8ol> 
dier wm be sold. The mom issnsg Is agpas^ 
«tiii> a«NitiBg Iscllah saierprlse la regard lo 
dolls bouses. V 

Osnaasy iilltHiUfl ikm tji fs rsgards daWy 

but in the course of -.nno even this 
phase of Toyland may undergo 
4 change.' Games bid (air to become extremely 
popular. ' Diabolo, or "the devil on two sticks," 
haa already eaptorsd Paris, and the demand 
In London suggests tbe likelihood of its be- 
coming a great craze there. 

At a moment wh.>n tho toy industry in Prance 
is on the wane, the famous caricaturist ("aran 
d'Ache conies to tbi* rescue. Peing medically 
forbidden to follow his art, he turn»'d. as a 
hobby, to making wooden animals. Unable to 
repress tbe humorous strain in his soul, he Im- 
parted to his creations a mlrtb-proroking char- 
acter whieh has already made them tbe rage of 
Parte ; and to Judge from tbe Burllngtaa A^ 
eade they will ere long beoome quite a erase 
In London. 

FVom the cheap mechanical toy which im- 
pedes our progress through the Htrccl.';, as dis- 
played on the pavement by the enterprising 
camelot, to the wonderful creations which the 
Nain Bleu, that paradise of French children 
for nearly a century, has provided for the pam- 
pered darlings of the wealthy, the predominat- 
las element In the FTeneh toy of to-day to 
meehanleal Ingsualty. Never lias this bssa 
more notloeahle than la tke aovOMsa vUek the 
manufacturers are propariag isr ths soniat 


The average PVench makei of toys scorns 
to offer the little ones such simple things as 
our childhood knew; and the wooden doll and 
woolly baa-lamb are to be found only In the 
paersr distrleta. Dolla awds of wood there 
are, bat the wood is oaly a easlBg for wmdsr> 
fol works, aad the laiab most hs lif»staM, aai 
able at least to (risk. 

Among the more expensive toys, and one 
which will give the small boy with a gun an 
opportunity lo prove himself a crack shot, la 
the pigeon shooting device, which Is an attrac- 
tive novelty. V'goxi a pole about eight feet In 
height a cross-bar is affixed, much after the 
taahloa of a parrot's pereh, essept that the 
oross-pleee is moMto, aad to aiais to aviag 
la a etrsalar direetkm hy leans of a slaiple 
arraagemeat of weighta Uhe thoae eC a saekoo 
clock. At each end of the erosa-bar to a eolorsd 
cardboard ptgeon, with outspresd wings. The 
machinery is set In motion, and a wi>ll directed 
shot (rou a toy gun k/iocka the bird down- 

Mlnlatnre satomob.les there are hi p||SBly, 
h«t the totest thing In tbe toy motor-ear line 
to ran by sisctrictty, aad has. If yoa pteass. 
a powerfnl elect rio headUght aad aMvabte 
hood. It to doubtful, however, l( evea as BMg- 
aHaast a ptonhlif «fi this can bavs the at- 
Irastloa tar vtm a»to4a « v youagstsr whtofe 
was provided by the iiuto tia iMlaaieMIs a 
oaUstropbe" wMeh wwi the great anvelty el 
iaat Chrlstmsa, aad prowleis to be 'popular 

again this year. This diiniiiutlvi- car held two 
doll passengers, the chauffeur and bis lady. 

Ton wound It up, and It sped along the floor 
right aaerrlly for a few yarda, when suddenly 
there waa a terrible ahoek-^e cataatrophe! 
The car came to pieces, and the unfortunate oc- 
cupants were hurled into fbe air and fell in 
pitiful heaps beside the machine. Sometimes 
the realism was Sf) Intense that the lucklosa 
motorifilB fell under iho shattered niHchlne. and 
then their fate was too horrible to dwell upon 
Yon picked up the pieces, and put them to- 
gether, and revived the dvll eorpaea, aad^'set 
the ear going again, and ao on. Tou could 
have (he most exciting accidents all day long. 

But automobiles are vieux Jeu now, and even 
Steering balloons of the Santos Dumont type 
no longer find favor with the toy manuCao- 
turera. This Chrlstmaa. the Petit Noel— who is 
the French chlld'a Santa Ctoua— will scatter 
toy aeroplanes along hla path. To be sure, 
tht-y Uave to be suspended by a string from 
the chandelier, but if tbe string is a black 
thread It Is hardly vlalbis, had tha IHoslon 
quite successful. 

Apropos of flying things, the top of that d» 
woilBation which flguree among the novelties 
to a SMOt fgsQiaatlag aflalr, though why "top" 
to not alssr. A light metal disc made to repre- 
sent a bird or a butterfly, with wing-tlps upon 
a ring, Is placed upon the floor. What appears 
to be a wand, finished with a rubber cup, Is 
pressed against the center of the disc and 
briskly withdrawn. The disc whirls rapidly 
and rtasg la tha air. tytog et fa 

Maes the FVeoch earleatnTte'da* exhibition 
this sprfng, when Oaran d'Acbs's wooden toys 
created a furore, and all tbe world o( (ashioo 
flocked to see the show and admire his "regi- 
ment of General Bourn." the celebrated arttot'a 
toys have becoM a snuw wMh growa fslk had 
ohlldrea aUke. 

Ths playthlags wfelsh Oavaa CAdhs has fMh- 
ioaed ta wood for the aeaaoa of gifts are U the 
fana sf gronpa repressntlag htratlag panise In 

Whtoh Kuropean rulers are the principal flgures 
Thua wo see his majesty. King Kdwurd nrravHd 
in kilts, accomiiuiilcil by u brawny lllKhlmider, 
shooting over the moors. Wondering pttea^ 
ants, like bsmyard (owl, are grouped at tha 
bunter'a te«t, and gaae la astoalahasat at ths 
aler*. dogs, which polat la BMSt thoroagh fash- 
ion. Ths tiar la puraait o( aatlve game, aad 
tbe praaldeBt of Prases at lUnhoalUet, bave 
also Inspired Monsieur d'Acha, Wilji <Htoiaa 
o( all natlonalltiot silll clinf tamini to 
bears, their elders la Praass an toduuin 
youthful fhneier In ibe perehaae of ' 
d Ai he's ilufs, rnd iiisny aiA> lbs Kren> 
desks wbl4h I his Jour dn I Au Will soe an i ' 
With sae or these .iMllghifut |.up8 



T WAS OhrlBUnas night 
and Pataey Hlgglna 

was "stttck"-'-that to, 
he had ihoro papers 

than he eould sell. 
With a fimall bundle 
ynder one arm and 
hands thniHt di np In 
his pockets he strolled 
up Broadway In the 
happy Ohrlatmas 
crowds. Through the 
diamond froated win- 
dows of the restan- 
rants hs COOld aeO'll* 
diners wIthiB tongBllIt 
and animated over 
their holiday banquets. 
He Jingled a hundful 
of pennies and nickels In his pocket 
and wondered bow In tbe world a boy 
with a stook of unsold papera on hie 
handa aad only M eents with which 
to have hla Ohristmaa feaat, keep 
hira through the night and start htm 
in buf'inoHs tho next moriilng. had 
much chance to be so very happy. 

As he plodded aimlessly across 
Korty-third street a big man, hulking 
of shoulder, lantern Jawed and deep 
cheated, lumbered out of a gam- 
bling honae near by aad awung Into 
Broadway. Orumbltng^about "hitting 
me pretty hard" and "never had any 
lack In my Ufa," he plowed his unv 
across the sidewalk, lunging imainsi 
any one whQse path lay across his. 
He howled Ihrougli a line of mincing 
men and women who blocked the side- 
walk In front of an all night res- 
taurant, scattering theni like tenpins 
and making no apologies. Blind to 
everything but his own ill Iwdt, he no- 
ticed nothing until he came upon a die- 
beveled and boisterous man holding 
a newsboy and trying to take hta pa- 
lters from him. 

"What th' ell y' doln"?" growled thi* 
gambler, as he gave the unsteady niun 
a qulek punch and tumbled him Into 
a pile of dirt, allowing the lad to dart 
out o( hann'a way, yelling In glee at 
the (alien tyrant 

"Y* \A%^ stiff," threatened the gam- 
bler, as he leaned over the man, "if 
y" peep another word I'll wring yer 
head oir tilt up now an" go home f 
your wife — An' I s'pose you'll beat 
her t vii even," ho comqiented, aa he 
turned away. 

A few blocks (nrther he heard 
a voice at his elbow: 

"Say, mister, I want t' thank y' far 
hei|iin' me when that dude pinched me 

papers " 

Hun along, sonny; don't let It worry 

y" none. " 

"I want t' give y' a paper, mlater." 

"Trot!" returned the other, curtly. 
"Pl»'ast> take a paper, mister," per- 
sisted the lad, riiiinliiB along beside 
the man anil holding out lii.s bundle, 
'■ 'cause, pee! we don't of en have folks 
help us like yuu done. I'm stuck to- 
night, anyway, an' have got plen^ to 

The gambler stood lliU and sniffed 
the air aa If at that aoment, (or the 

flrst time, he had caught the Infection 
of I lie Christ nins atnio.s|ihcre. 

"Pretty lough on ;-oiiu> of you kids," 
he said. "Heie, take iIiIb and so blow 
yourself," he added, aa he pulK^d a 
irreenbaek (rom his pocket, pr eaa d#li 
into the boy 'a hand and oonttnaed « 
his way. ' 

"1 ain't askin' you fer money, " called 
Patsey, tagging along in the man's 
wake. "1 Jes' w.'iiited t' gtVO yOO ' h 
l>uper fur helpin' me." 

The gambler made no reply, hut 
walked on all the (aster. He had gone 
A hloch further aad evidently thought 
himself rid of the boy, when the totter 
suddenly piped out again: 

"Please tahe yer money baek« will 

"Aw. beat ttr said the gambler, 


Pataey stopped. He watched ths 
form of bis big man fads Into the 
daiiniess snd then looked at the omnw 

pled greenback In his hands. 

"Gee, wouldn't dat nios'ly crimp 
yer'?" he mused as he turned back into 
the canyon of electric lights and head- 
ed for a place where he knew 
he would find cranberry aanee» 
steamed dvmpliags aad ml&ee pis at 
newaboy ratea. 


a Christmas Prssent WMsto 
H« Didnt Oat 

It waa the day after ChristoMS, 
the hardworking iMstman plooghag 

his way through snow and co'd wlrda, 
a sack of unusuui size oh his back. 

He ascended the p])nclous steps of a 
West end residence, and in aaswar l» 
bis ring a manservaat ta rich Hvarr 

"Wait a moment, pleaae," aald th* 
ervant, aa be took the letters, "The 
nistreea wishes to speak to you." 

The postman's eyt- hrlKhlened. It 
sas the holiday season. He had doao 

^. duty with fldelity. Now, no doabt» 
a rc'cognlUon of his regular and falth- 


"I shall be glad." he said polltoly^ 
"to await your mistreea' iileasuiw." 

In a few minutes ibe Isdy sppeared. 

"Are you,' she asked, "our regular 

"Yes. madam," he ailswsred. hav- 

Do you flome la the muraiagr 
"Yas, madaak" 

"And In the afieraooa aad evealngn 
A gala be assMated, yialliag aagorly. 
Then Iba lady said' 

••W'H, wta It >'uu wliu iMviie 


II » iiiiniiiihii 



8h«lttrtd within the hellowr iMr arm ^ 
The Son of Man liy tlMplng. On her ^ 

cheek 't» 
She felt his warm breat^ itlrrlng, like >t 
the faint 

And fragrant breeze that fane the W 

sliver leaves 4^ Star-led, and, lo» K fUlNtoth Mito 

Upon tha alopa* of Ollvtt. Har ayaa, <f* roof, 

•till alwdowad with tha paiiM of iiMlh- 

Owalt talMarly upon the plaold brow 
And cherub fMturM «f tha Inlint 

Chrlet, • 
The babe in swaddllna 0l*thM» wtMM 


Led to Golgotha** awnmlt, whara tha 

Waa yat to groan banoath tha aaarad 


Of hia parfaetod manhood. All tho aava 
Waa luminouo with atarbaam% and har , 


Llka eome pala Illy, droaplnfl mi Ha 


And waahed with heaven'a 

gleamed pearly white 
In that atranga radlanaa. •omowhat 


And loaning on hIa ataff, tha oarpantar, 
Jeooph of Naaaroth, mHalng, atood: 
"Loitl, who am If* ho marvolod In 

hIa soul, 

"That thou ahouldat deign from thy 

exalted place 
To'caat thine eyee upon me and to aay 
■Behold! he ahall ba wardan, ta thia 


Thia paarl of porfoat vvamanhad, 

moro puro 
Than any of tha dauflhtara eff mankind 
From tho beginning of tho world and 


ThrouQh all tho agoa that aro yat to 


Lo! shelter aha ahall And, and aii*> 


And one round arm anolralad tho fair 


Ao If tho nowly-awakanad mothor lovo 
Lay llatloaa, wHh tranaparont Angara 

Aa though aha alaapad oonw blaiaim 

In her a:ee|>— 
8ome rare, ewaat Aowar aho waa fain 

to keep 

And cherish alwaya. Joooph took tho 


And held It fh hIa rough, talMiardanad 

Wondering at Ita aof tn o a a, tho bliia 

That threaded all Ita whHonoaa, and 

the bloom 
That made a sea-ahell of each finger- 

But he forebore, though tore hia heart 

did yearn, 
To deep the little eleeping new-born 


Whoao golden hoad lay pillewad on 
hor arm. 

Thinking: "It wara not well fbr hor 

or Kim 

That he should wakon audtfanly.* A 


A aign calofetlall* Than taeh laid 

Hie mantle and hIa aandafa, bowing 


Before the mother and the holy child, 
Crying: "aii hall, Radaamar of tho 
World I, 

King of the Jew*, all hall}" and thay 
did break 

■omo of proelowo ointmonto, and tho 

Waa heavy with tha jMffum* of rare 

And coatly apleee, cinnamon and 


And sandalwood and cedir, and the 

DIatilled from blooma In gardena of 

the East, 

And ambargria and frankinoonoo and 

And thay laid down thoir ofTortngo of 

Soft yeriow bara and baga of ahining 


All Intermixed with amothyota and 

And carbwnoloo anddlamonda and the 

Laek-lueter topaz. And the foremost 

Unclasped the heavy chain of beaten 

That hung about his swarthy throat 

and ahowad 
Ita eurlouo pendant, faahioned in 

atranga wlaa 
And hammarad fram • nuggat, aeft 

and pura^ 
For uncouth aamblanoo ta a rugged 


•peaking In aWOd, lOW tOnOO Of 

"A veieo eriod in tho dooort wfaatoe, 


Taitc of puro gold ■ nuggot large and 


And hammer It into a maaoivo croea 
•uch as the coamMa arlminal* aan- 


To die, yielde up Ma ahrlnking 

spirit on, 

And hang It to tha ohain abant thy 

And when thou oomoat to tho Jour- 
ney's end 

Lay It within the mether'a hand, that 

May read therein a sign.' Lo, I have 

According to the word!" And Mary's 

Grow wido with tarror, aa hor fingars 

About the gleaming aymbol, far ahe 


Heaved the eeft braaat af Mary, and *fl], As in a dream, three crosses on a hill 

her eyea. 

Like heavenly Mua Wo wore, opawad 


Meeting tho gaa* of Joooph, aa ho 


In reverent adoratloa Har law tanaa 
Thrilled lik#aoeliaii atrslna; har tan* 
der emile 

Flooded hie ooul IHco aunaMn* aa aha 


"joaeph, my hukbaiidb I hava draa w a* 
a dreamt 

Tha Angel of tho Lard . hath baan 

Saying: •Bakaldl that whiah thau haat 

brought forth 
Thia night la tha Medeemer of tho 

Even Meeelahl'" But a grave voice fj, 

Aa aho eooNd apaaking: "Peace to all 

AM, I*, thoro ataotf ugan tha thraah- 

old ono 
Who bore much 

and myrrh 
In hIa two hando. Aa4 dsitpli 

oworod: '*Sir, 
Paaaa N onto thoo, naw and ovor- 


Aai, to, there oam* twa oMmis basr 

Ing gold 

And areeloua epiooo, who INiowlai. 
did aa), 

••Paaao and good willl" And Jeeep> 

made reply: ^ 
<V*aaa unto thee and thine forever 
V marar 

TNn apahe the fo r o m eot etrenger 

•^MHere If h*, , 
•im King at-Aps mk MbM m lol'* 


And, nailed between two thieves of 

aapect vile, 
Upon the mMdlo oraaa, a tarturod form 
That mevod hor atrang aly wNh a 

aanga af loaa 
And waa unuttoraMa, fbr multitwdaa 
•urgad round tho aufforor and aaaWa d 
at him, 

Crying, In mocking tanaa: '*Mall, King 

of Jews!" 

■ut he that hung aaat downw a N plty> 
Ing eyoo. 

Full of moak pardin and af tandar 


•aaping* "Fai^glva tham, Patkarf Oh, 


Thy children, for they knew not what 

they do!" 

And in those dying orbs compaaslonate 
She saw a semblance of tha holy light 
That ahone within the eyoa of har 

fair babe, 
And nioanod: Taka it 

oraaa af goMI 
I ahuddar St tho phantaalea It brlngol" 
At which tho otrangoro out of the Far 


Arote and gave their bieealn.j ti> >»• 

And pooood into tho night And Mary 

Tho alaag af naaat tMpcttoliisaib 

Who steed In plaaa af fMkar H tha 


wauhsd tKagufslpslrwMllliSMsni 


The songbirds t« lha oluotarUlf sMva 

Aid Mngod wMl Mgbl th« rssib sf 

ULiTA LlVlir. 

Three kings are we that oama to wor- 
[ chip him, 

For we havo ooon hIa alar In tha Far 
i Eaet 

I; Beyond the deaarta. Wa hav* Jau^ 
neyed far, 

The Joyoos time is drawing 
nigh, the time of turkey, pudding, 
Diet nor do we dream of after 
Ula, of eqonia, and alUn aad 
ChflMmaa MUa. 


A girl begins to hang up the 
miatletoe at about the age v/hen 
aheetopsban^inK up her stocking. 

A pessimist ia a fellow who 
wouldn't hang np his stocking 
for fear old Santa Claua miiibt 
awipe h. 

JF 4F 

Cbrlatmae cigara are aot 
alwaye pnflbd op with pride. 
4F JF 

Tberele many • slip *twixt the 
Mlaa aad the mistietoa, 


Don't make it too strong. 
Many a man has been knocked 
eat by one good, otiff poadk 
■4F 4F 

Ask a truthful woman what 
ehe enjoys most about Christ* 
mas, and she will tell yoa the 
bargain sales afterward. 

To sing a rhyme of Christnias 
time (that line is but the firit of 
it), bere'e hoping you may not 
*wi b lue becoaoo yea get tbo 
went of k» 

When a aUld wikeo a letter 
of tbaaki to Santa Claua, it 
aboold be eberlsbed like a rare 
ptaatTbat Vid isn't loty for 
thia woild, 


No Christmas prceeat ie eo 
■ a s l iaB that you can't paaa it on 
to aeaM one else nest year, 

Remember that it is better to 
give than to receive — tbo ttaiage 
you doBt want. 


Take off the ti^v. Many a 
friendaUp haa been oevered by 
the price maik on • fTnlnaiaa 



I hsTe often wondered wherein 
consisted the wisdom of Solomon 
when he had a thousand wives. 
I am now convinced that it must 
have been in living in the daya 
b efore ChHatmas woe eelebratid. 

It's all right to pity the poor 
at this peace-on-«arth season, 
but it ia also well to remember 
that sympathy deean't fill an 



Give willingly. 
Give Uctfully. 

Put thought Into yottr glTlng. 

Don't conaldor return gltta. 

Never give to othora what you 

wouldn't want yonraolL 

The unexpected gift Insurca a «pe- 
"ial appreciation. 

To givo ostentatiously is the hpli;ht 
^f bad taste. 

Give to the sick and the Borrowful If 
you would know the true Joy Of giving. 

Never give more than you can af- 
rord. Your frienda know your circum- 
itancea aa well aa you do yonraett aad 
the pleaaare of both glvlBg and r» 
cplvlng Is lost 

Seme Thinga Ho Would Like to Olvo 
If No Casld. 

"Do yoa taew tho Chrlftataa prco> 
ont r« lika to flMMM If I amUr aald 
Mr. itaybolt *Td Ilka to gfra ehaar 

fttlneaa to tbo dowahoartod. eouraga 

to the tirold, and strength to the weak; 
the powrr of stOf denial to those who 
yield too oasily. and a desire to work 
lo the lazy. 

"I hav(? oftpn thought what a pity 
It l8 that you cao't buy all thoao 
thinga, tbeao helpful QuallUoa, alraady 
put up aad at aoeh a prioo aa to pot 
thorn wlthlB tba roach of all; canned 
cheerfttlaeaa. bottled hopefulneaa, 
couragb In tablets, and BtirnRtb, «oy. 
In the form of a powder, and ao on; 
or you nitplit, I suppose, put 'em SU 
up canned, for that matter. 

"But In the absence of auch market 
prcparationa and our consequent la- 
ability to hny auch thinga aad aoad 
them aa glfta to thoao whom they 
might moat bonoflt porhapa you will 
permit mo to oSar IS aaeh S wofd of 

"To the dispirited take a rh»"f«rfiil 
view. To the downhearted, dnn't dwell 
on the doleful side. To tin' timid, 
don't be afraid. To the weak, or thoao 
who fancy themHelves ao, try your 
strength. You'll be aurprlaed to Ond 
bow much yon'vo got 

To those who yield too easily, deny 
yourself onre. and again, and fe»^l the 
joy and stronffth that will come back 
to yon. To the lazy, rpI a Job with a 
slifivfl. In a KariK of luborors, under a 
driving lio.«n; and if you are not glad 
to RPt back to yonr present Job to do 
the best you know how at it, I mlaa 
my gueti. 

"I can't aoad you thaao thlnsi Is 
caaa or bottloa; but if aayoao of you 
win uke my advice and atlck to it. 
you'll think that Mr. Staybolt waa a 
very kind Santa Claus." 

cmtBTMAS raovi 

The love-light In tho oyea of tho 
preclona onea of tho houaehold ia tho 
moat brllUaat of Chrlataiaa Uluatfnn> 

Tho aoft Chrtetmaa light ia not tho 
leaat welcome where the ahadowa of 

bereavement have fallen during tho 
year. The fhrlstmaa angels hover 
over such dwellings of sorrow In mtn- 
istrits of divine love. 

It waa the Christ who said: "It 
ia more blessed to give than to re- 
ceive." Again, ho aald: "Inaamuoh 
aa yo havo dona it to ono of tho lanat 
of thoaa. my bratbraa, ya hava dona It 
tuto ma." 

A Question In Finance. 

"Are you good at arlthinptlc, my 
dear?" a.sked Mr. Prrkasie of his wife. 

"1 was accounted the very best 
srlthnioticlan at school." replied Mrs. 
Pt^rkasle, with a touch of pride In 
hor voice. 

"I have a problem tor you." 

"State it" 

"How caa I buy $80 worth of Cbrlat- 
maa preaoata with |10 te caah aad no 




At the Manger. 
When Smt ber Chrlatmas watch to heapk L 
Came down the silent Angel, p"— - • 

With snowy sandala shod, 
Brholdina what his mether'a 
Had wrought, with softer swa441ta#> ^' 
bands ^ * 

She swathed the Son of Ood. P 

Then, skilled In mysteries of Night. 
With tender visions of dsUght 
Bhe wreatlii'd his resting-place, 

Till, wakpnrd l^y a warmer glow 
Thiin t.iavfii U!»elf had yet to Show. 
He saw his mother's face. 

-John B. Tabb, te Atlaa« yr' 



Ct)e C|)rtstmas spirit 

CbrUtnas U tbt kasom oT MHaHcii. Tor 
CIMMiccklriiit iNcontag of emst li- 
10 tbt vorM, Ma He keart or tbi CirM 
ne$$4ge t$ love— love (xprmlRg itself In 
bonelv ch^nNcIs of fliendliNcss and goo4 
will, looe tb4t 'snmretb long and h kind." 
If we haot klNdly enotloii* let then baoe 
IMr way aM MoitoM IMO khMf OoigMi 
mi 1Mb ietii Dt He tnt cMi nirii 
or opeMbeirted trlevdllieti prfoall for 
tbli U tbe child's Testlpal, celebrating the 
birtb of a cbild. tl^e woNdertnl 6iper wbo 
gape l)iMieir for Mankind. Cet ns carry tbe 
€brUt«at iplrlt tbrongb ail tbe foUovrtig 
taps itai CMM aMi go fvM^ al tMr Mtag* 
wrt of cart or lali or Mcaiwi anl liar la 
oir hearts tbe lisriratioa and Iwpt of tbe 
blessed Cbristnas fesrioal of looe, bearing 
ever rlngUig abooe tbe sounds of eanb and 
Misie tk m% ^ tbt aageit berakUag la 
Id MnI at ibt Sailiar of 


^ Mtu^. ^ 



^ #. o&mmAit, 

tk« tiU of tb* present ooe. 

Th« Colored Sehool Balldiai la the Sixth 
WaN viU b* n|)M«4 with a better om. 

fk« »«« ant (Mini Hf 8oh«o]i li Mtya- 
vUle were eeUMiehed ia 1866. One «m 
ll•thodte^ «iU MIm Aaasde Perklaa u 
la— her. Mi tka aliMr ««■ tMht by MIm 
Inm Cwif , ud WM a BaplM SehooL 

Tka Ftm Colored Sehoob ia Harirille ware 
•ataUiehed in the earl; 70'a, in • two-roon 
MUlai oa aita o( pcaaoat Hi«h SokooL Mr. 
JmkktmttU^tlikfwm Itelm taaoker. 
ttm aC tha Ifak Tlliii mn U. MU. 
Albart Baakaar, Joha Tartar, L. D. Benderaoa 
eod Chsrlee Gordoe. Many of the 
era ^aUiK foaitiaaa e( baaar aad proaiiaaace. 

Aboat sixty ye«rs ago, John ArnistrooK 
bailt • •ohoolhoaaa for Negro ilare children, 
bat the inanMlia waa "aa ahookiaf" that 
MiqwTilUaaa raaa a»la tktir wratb aad tew)- 
iabad the atraetara. 

St. Traicil 4( U\t$, 

One of the moet aoted Cetholic Schools in 
this coantry waa St. Frsacis de Sales Academy 
farjaaH iatfaa, aaUbUabad at MayiTiUa ia 
IMS. n waa la abarga ti Iba Mataia of the 
ViaitetioD, with Mother GoDzaga at its head. 
Thia good woman died in 1907 at Tacoma, 
Wash. The Academy at Maysville was elosod 
mi tba aebeol mo?ad to Book l8laad,IIL. wbo 
lea yaara age. Tbe gradaataa of It Fraaeis 
Domber io the thounands aad 8i>mei of tht> 
■oat proaiaaat women io the cuootry were 
I la Mi faaarablo Convent boildinc in 
' awaad aad oaeayisd hy Mr. 

Ciaa, fatbar 

Tba St. Patrick Parucbial School at preaeat 
ia OM of the moet floarishing Catholic Free 
lakaab ia Kaataoky aad ia aadar the direetioa 
of Ktf. ratbar Joaas, Paator of St Patrtek'e 
Chareb, aad tba Slatera of Lorotto. Thia 
school was at first taught in tbe basement of 
oM St. Patrick's Chnrch, but is now located io 
doTisod to it by tba late Mfa. 
I llalHas. It is the plaa aad parpose 
of Falbar Joaes, after the aew Cbareb is In 
iabad, to erect a rommodiooa aeboal b<MMiag 
far 8k. Palriek's Pariah. 

KaM # KkNioi. 

It remaiaed for W. W. Riehesoo to pot tbe 
iapreas of his seholsriy geoios upon Uarsvills 
aad the hendreds of yoang men wbo were for- 
Maate ia attaadiag his school. Ho was bora 
te Vlifhiia. Ilaiab ISib, 1818, vd muni with 
his father to WuhiagtoD, this eoeaty.ia 1890. 
where tbey taoght school for a brief poriod, 
later locating in MaysTilla, where, beginning 
Ma la 1880, tba toa f oaadad tba ealabratad 
MakiaaB Aa a la m y aa4 eea M aaa< Io laaak for 
Boarly forty years. Mr. Ricbesoa «ai Mta- 
rally sadowed for a soecaaafDl tator aad wu a 
■aa of tboroagh and classical learniqg and 
[ pwasaallty aad a gradaateof tba Vir- 
ak OhariottaaTOIa. faaaM by 
Thomas Jefferson. 

Ve can Hafxly ilatc tni> iacatlDnal awaken- 
ing of M.'»T-v fr-i-.. ill lit !hi' yxar 

laaab Wdter Ri« 
WmiaB Wast Bkhesoi 
at Mrs. LaaraG. Colliaa. 

w of Ooloae) r. Blar- 
. HlH J Hli mi n Mewell, aaat of oi- 
Mayor Henry L. Newell. Miss Margaret Hawse, 
a aistar at tba late J. B. Mawaa at Miaoraa. 
LUatoaMl li m an I. B. riika aad 
otheri, wer« pioaoart ia UU ait of teMUdg. 
Other Botsd teaoborsof tbeVO's wota Joba 
Ashtoo, Dr. Peckover. and M. H. Smith, who 
teagbttba Bsptiat lastitala. J. B. Talfard 
teagbt la 184& 

John Bret Riebaaa»«a4 li Mqarillala U^, 
sged 76 years. 

W. W. RichosoB aad Jacob Walter Rand 
fornod a partaarabip aad ootablisbsd the oala- 
bratad Raad * RMaaaa B f i ia r y bara la 
1886. This school cootinoed for a period of 
twenty-four years, nntil, in 1U60, Prof. Kaad 
moved to Charleston. W. Vs., whera ba 
wHb bia daagbtar. Mra. Dr. Haaiy.for a 
bar at yaara, aad faiaad away abaal 1875 al 
the home of his soa. Ooloaol Sbsp laal. la 
Lewis county, Ky. 

He was s gatife of VIrglail, bat ipail 
aaarly all bla Ufa la Mayavih^ 

Tba Raad k RIabaaoa aeboal. aaltai "Tha 
MaysTille Seminary," became the most famoas 
iastitetioB of learaiag in the Ohio Valley, and 
Ma aMtet ton eaatalaod tbo aames of many 
p^tiOM, U>(b Boa'aad woaao. wbo afterward 
ocoapiedpr»«BlaaatplaesslBtbooiTil, military, 
literary and religious history of tbe I'oited 
Sutea. Prteidoat U. S. Great was the honor 
papll of tha Miyavina aoboot, and Henry T. 
Staatoa, tbo Koataakf Voat;Boa. W. H Wads- 
worth, lawyer, Coagiaaiaaa and Miatstor to 
Mexico; Hon. G. C Phister, lawyer and member 
of Coa(rsaa,aad aeorea of otboia wbo aroaa to 
praaiaaaaa la UMaia. lha law, palMaa aad tka 
Army aad Navy, atteaded the Raad ft Riohesoa 
school. There are also acoras of men aad 
women living today, both in MaysTille aad 
abroad, who attoodad tbii school aad who aow 

with aoselfish pride sod satlsfaetion. 

Aboat 1860 Mr. Richeson sncceeded to tbe 
entire charge of tbe school, snd later associ- 
atad biMoif with tba late Prof. B. B. Blaiadell 

Pfaf* ^IT. M. Baakaar, aow of Wlaabaalar. 
former Jadge, Congrea»msn and a well-koiiwn 
publicist, alao taogbt in the Msys?ille Semi 
nary for a while. 

Prof. Biebasoa's beaiga ooaataaaaea is still 

a faailiar pietora iadellbly sngravsa npoa the 

memory of bis pupils and all ihoae who Itoew the 

old"ilssterof Rooemont." Uisdecessed wife was 

a MiM Bodga. aad two daagbtara. Mire laabella 

Bodga Riebatoa aad Miaa Maiy Mibirad Rieha- 
aoa, laaida bora, tbo lattar baiag tha popalsr 

sssistsnt at tbe MsysTille Poblie Library. 

Mr. Kicbesoo died at bis home io i^aat ^i*c 

oad stroot, MaysTille, December 23d, 1888, aged 

76 yaara, aad bis reraaiaa rapoaa ia tha M^ya- 

*illa Caaatary. 

first PiiNlc Scbool. 

Tbo Pnblie Sehool ayatoaof tboeltywas 
organised Joly 13th, 1835, with Joha B. Ricbe- 
aon, Priaeipal, with |375, aalary aad Miss 
Zsralda Barry, aaaiataat, at 1187.60. A f raaa 
balldiag bolofgiik to Ralph Tboaooa. sMaatod 
ia Grave alley asar Front, waa rented aad ased 
as a scboolbonse. The Chairman of the Board 
at tbo okMO of tha firat year raportad tba at- 
tia te aa aa foNowa; 

latqaarter— 63 males, 4G f^m^lei: total 109. 
2d quarter— 71 males, I'.i femaU i' ; total 120 

'■'■li '(uar'i'r ) m.siHS. l7 f.-rn i, - (■ :n. '. ! 

Prlaolpalalths MamMIs Colored Mlgb Bobcel, 
wae hera lathis oHy Osonaher tttk, isn. Ba 
baa mats bla owa way to life solely by bis ewa 
efforts and Is prond of tbe faet that he has become 
lbs head of the sohool la wbleh be Irst worked as 
ataaltoretthebalMlBft He eoMpletsd his High 
Mool ooaiae ta IMt. He earaed his way through 
Bersa College as a waiter In the Colleice boarding 
ball. amtblDg at tb%t lattiiuilfln In 1903. with the 
Degree of A. B. He did poet tradus«! work la 
Harraid ColUge la MOt, sapporitoR hlm««ir by 
■oliuK Mvivvslor hojr a portion or each night. 
For tba past two years be has been Principal of 
tbe Majravlllc Oolorvd Htirh School and hl« i-trnrt* 
hpr- are to be rewarded by tbe env llon if « r>-u 
School buUdlDg. Last Jobs ha was reoalled to 
hit Alma Matfir, lowa. and buasnd with the Ps- 
grr* of A. M, 

Prof. HatnphrcT li SiippriDicndcnt of one of tbe 
RnodsT-iohools and a in«nil>«r of all the local 
rratcriililri nswdl aa an ofliocr in the Masonic 
Grand Lodge and be baa been aeleolad to assist In 
istotog the atgam toad fer lha aew Baiaa Ool- 

4th quarter 60 nalee, 50 females; totol 110- 
At tba akaa at tba Irst qaartar aa aibibi- 
tioa waa held with sstU factory aad gratifyiag 
reenlis. In Angost. 1841 s brisk sehoolhoOM 
80 <20, two stories biKh, was erected on the 
Leitiagtoa tarapike, sear Third stroot. 

MsysTille was establiishHii as a tradiot.' place 
and towB ia 1788. It bo^an to grow io 1816. 
and la 1888 MavafUkr, tha eBy. waa laeatyo- 

IMfMPMl Snrtnrf. 

This well-kaowa yiaat school for girls 
was sstablishsd ia MayavUU by tbs lato Rav. 
JohaBaMb Haya, D.D . la 18H6 Tbalastita- 
tioa baoame popnlar at oooi asd on the death 
of that Tttnerable scholar on Jaoaary 19th, 
1899, his daughters continued the sehool aad 
broadaaad iu scope aotil 1907, whoa It was 
sold la Mra. Mary P. Wllaoa, aad tba faateas 
old place i.-i now known a.'< ' Hayswood Hospital." 

Dr. Hsys wu a native of PennaylTania, 
and at ooe time reeldod la Leaiaville aad Fraak- 
fort. In 1875 Dr. flays beeamo Professor of 
Church History at the Presbyterian Soainary 
at Danville, Ky., that College in 1873 having 
eoafsrrad ths Degree of Doctor of Diviaity oa 
this diatlagaiibii diriaa. Ht 14 yaara ha waa 
Putor of ths First Presbytorlsa Cbarob at 
Maysville aad Priac'pal of Hayswood Somi- 

Tba Miaaas Bays, altar 'disposlag of Baya- 
wood, spaata sa a ao a at Ma8iek,aad at praaaat 

are residing at Paris, France, where they have 
charge of a numhor of MsyHville girli who are 

r"'i:virii; art, ! ;t>Tnt ur" Hti.l iho lanifUaHBi'. 

I Red Cedar Shingles 





Christmas Post Cards. 

..^''Laiiee .Ni arfa 25i: to $4, at Bee Hive. 

Will tbs person that took an ambrelia from 
the E. of P. Lodge throafb aHitala fhaaa ra- 
tora to J. P. Tbaa^aoa? 

Talcs LAXATIVE BBOMO QnloUe TableU". 
Drug glau rsf and SBOMjr If It falls to oars. B. W. 
GROVK'SslgBataretoOBeachhoi. |>e. 

want to t 

mala Is on. 

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^K. ' / ^t 

We bave tbeaa bjr tiM 
W(! have them In all atylaa. 

have them frtiiti one cent to thtrty-tlve i 

we have POST CAHO ALBUMS rrtNB 90e to »1. If yon 
bay CHM rCMBV OAHM or ALBUUM bay aaw ~ 



I I 7 to P a. m. 

; Ofllce Hour* ^ 1 to 3 p. 111. 

I f 7 |.. H 1.. II, 

•Phone laS-CaDs 

aaiwsred promptly. 




Announces That His Heavy 
Purchases for the Fall and 
Wtater Trade Are Now 
Opened Up [and for Sake 

The stock Is moet attractive and compleir, conalatlBK of evrry article 
nsnaliy handled In a ttrat-claae, up-to-date tmmey and staplr KrfM^f-ry. all new. 
freab and oiean and oftlie very beat. Specially lor the liolldaj trad*- my alocic 
to •nnaually full, conalatinfc of Candies, Nnta. abelled and nnsbelled, Halslnit. 
9tm*> Datea. Pronto, Citron, Orange and liOBtoa Paal.lliao* Maat, Plant Pud- 
diBff. Backwbeat Fioar, Maple Bymp, Dried Pcaoheo, Dried Apataa.Oaaacco, 
M.a, Orape Fruit, Apples, Malaga Orapaa. Cacoaaata antf dHl M«M 
m very larse atock orCanaed Oood a a nd Ca raala fVoaa 
' bis ablpaieat of WKKMM 



nir<-<'t fyooi tbe plantation wbare made. TUK PItICK IB NOW ftOo PKlt 
<;«i.lvON. Perfbotloa 9%&m tfkUtni la tb* toad. No batter can be made. 
Uvery barrel caarantaed. 11 Ma Bleaded ColllMa I bave no con) petition In 
gate — rbat I aall bouar Ooflbaoaa IBe, SOeand aftoibaa otberosell at 20c, 
Me aad MOo. and at all tlasee gtfn yots fkvsh roaoird. I also am sole aaein at 
abto plaoa tow the famoaa "Barrtncton Hall" Hirrl t oi ( olfre. It Is Beyond 
any doulit titn flnrat on the ntarkei. Try a <aii>»li«-n yuu want aomelMnc 
m»tr»- My bouae to also headtjuartevs for I'aHltry, Uamr, Oysters, Oo<er/, 
Caoaberriee, old Coantry llama. Batter, Kmia and every arilrle (ood la oat. 

f am bandilas only Boat Sblppad Oyatera tbto seaa nw dlrevt from 

r day.. Boltd j|oat{ ao wator or loo._ 1 Mfc|br aNborol abara of tbe pa 

l« ooaatry paopir to 


The Leading Grocer 

A Suitable 

It's Juat as easy In planniufc 
what to Bive each frirnd r>ra 
Chrlatmaa pr«*<ier<t to det idr on 
•onie article that can l>o iimhI 
and pnjoyed aa to decide on 
aometblDB that will be almply a 
token ofRood will. A 



Woald ba aeoaadBbla to any- 
body. It woaM Aad fbvor wilb 
eltbar Baatiaiaaa or lady. It 
woald bavo dally naa for years 

u> came. Oar Poantain Pena 
are a sou roe of aatlslaotlon. Tor 
tbey aro perfoot. Tbey wriio 
" raadttolakdavrajaac 

rtabt to aaoaa tbo aoqalraaiaata 
orisnv wrltar. 

W« have • aptosidid varloty 
' in mm la war* 
fbapar 91 av 

of Pena, 



MtTtVUlf IT 

Math fMATta Vrtnaa «r Ibaftny prtrtto 
sobools of May'svitlo. asd at sosm laiar dato 
Tu LnwCR may give the snbjeot tiatlBttiM 
caiaMfl^aotiaa H woald rt^atra. 

Tba Ubii aid lha dates |ivoa la taday's 
Lrpckk havsboaa baMsdIy Jombled together, 
asd if errors aad laaoenraolss abound, oar 
readers will klodly eiowa, or sbonid do oo if 
ibsy Mdwabaod tbaataaMN m a« da: 
la lhli«Mao,tl IsllMly to aay thai tbo 

Mnysville Free Fablio Library and Historical 
Museam, now fairly stored with thonsaods of 
dollars worth of doooaoeto, books aad roHot, 
is free fras debt aad aajayiai aailaeaia froai 
the beqaaat of tbs Oraeaweod faad aad from 
tbe city, suffirieot to aastais tbe InstUotion in 
fair shape aod pay all earroat ezpeasos, sod 
tbs sslary of ito ooapataal Ubtarla*. Mias 
Mary E. Riehesoo, a oisoo of W. W. RiebasoB. 
Bettor still, tbe Greenwood beqssst of $21,000 
will at some fntare lime be available, aod 
whoa the aoaey is reaeived the prasaat Library 
balldiai alU ba aaldaad a |8S,000 Lftrary 
aroetod la a more eligible loeatioa. 

Ia eloslaf , it is oot aaiss to say thiit Hiss 
Psonio 1. Gordon's ezeelloBt Train icf Scto»! 
for boya aad gMi, aow loaatad la tha Saaday- 
soboal aaaai af lha OhiNh af tha NtlMly, Is 
doing s grest work in tbe edaestlonal osm- 
ptign for tbe makiag of a stardy class of 
model men and womoa. 

fhaa, altb saah aoblo aaoaatry la oar 
Pioaoaia aad foaadars, wa Mayarllliaaa peaaess 
a rich beritt^n nf hrain, brawn sod iDtelli|{ent 
thrift as tbe iocentiTe inspiration to rear on 
the spnt wh(>re old LlmsttoBO Blood a oonmg 
Bity of aoaltb, aaltan aad y ragraaa aad a eity 
whieb iboald ba tba prida of Ito paopio and 
niitt>ii tor its mrtnly mfn and womanly women, 
and ito Chnrohes, its hoaee, iU schools, ito 
eivN Boaaiy aaa aa paane aatarpnasa. 

fiw first District BNllding. 

This h8n'^''-':::D iitrticlar* cuaipleUJ iual 
saauaor snd occupied for tbe first time by 
Priaoipal Mania aad aaaiataato la Saptoabar. 
The btildlaff la iiaely altoatad aa a large lot on 
West Secoor) strcpt. in lb»» Seciind Ward It is 
two sturiee aod basement, iile roof, modern 
beating aod llghllag plaBt.ssd Itoaaaitary aad 
voatllatiag arraaffssMsts, oloaa to , ato , aoold 
aol ba haprovod apoa. It will 111 tba sohool 
wants in tbe ii^ecoDd District for many years to 
come Weber Brothers of Cinciooati were the 
arohiteoto, aad Laaa A Eattoa of-tbis ally 
were tbe contractors of tba briek and stone 
work. The paiBtiag, plsstariag. paviag, etc , 
wera doae by leeal flrms. 

Cbird District fiNllOiitg. 

Tbe Third DUtriol BaOdtaff, atkaalad oa tba 
North sida of Foreal avaaaa, was erected in 
\ff9& at a coot of $11,000. Tbo ttrtictnre baa 
8 rooms, with ample ball« and ha»meot. This 
building it to bo oaliroly OMdoraiaed aod tha 
lataat loa-p r aw a fa at aaat- b aatlat plaal Is to 
replaoa tha preseot ilre-trap fornace now 
aaaaoiBg the lives of teschers aod pupils. 
Other aobstsotial repairs and improveaoBts 
aro to bo aada ia tba balldiag aad tha groaadB 
baaatiflad sad eaMSI waiha laid aa m la aaha 
it correepond in looks and ooataaiaaea to tbe 
new First District Building. 

new fMrtb Diiirkf BMMIig, 

Tba Board af BdaeatioB la aow laylag plaos 
for tbe eroetioa of a spleadld briek, stone and 
tile roof school building for the Fourth Dis- 
trict Tbair deaira Is to parehaia tha aatira 
plat af grand oa lha Soalh aida af laalSaa. 
ood street, known as tbe Ball Park, some five 
acres or mors, lying nearly in ths center of 
tha Slitb Ward, aod erect on the West end of 
tha graiad a ooaaodioaa t«o.story briek aad 
ataaa Mia raaf a b taa tat a, for tbo propoaad aow 
r^nth Dimtal •ohaaL Ho present boildiog 
k a brick oaa,'li oat of dato aod entirely in- 
adequate for the Deeds of tbe District and does 
not haiaosiaa attb lha thraa otbar Pablia Sehool 
stroataraa la tha rirat, Saeoad aad Third Dh- 
tricU. By acquiring tbe entire parcel of 
groond there will be anple room for what is 
BOW this city's most oryiag asod — aa atblatle 
field aad aaipla aohool groaada for basabsll. 
football aad other oat-door sporto obleb are 
the vtry life of any asd every school boy. 
Tbe school boys of Msysville araat have a 
playgrooad, m there is abaalatolyao rooa fer 
hall play aad football pisyiag la eoaaoetioo 
with sithsr obo of oar three aew beildiaga. Tba 
Ball Park would be large enough to meet 
evary athletic roqairoaoat for yaaia to aoae 
aad lha araaUaa of saeb a straetara aad atb- 
latle Md veald nake s boom in property 
ralaa tat all Baal MaysvlUe, snd at the aame time 
Rive to the eobool patrons what tbey bave n't got 
now— ochooi facilitleB cqoal to tba three other 
School DieMota. 

With the completion of such a srht>ine Mays- 
ville 'would thoa he equipped with four first- 
clsu aodora School BoiUiogs and ysars woold 
alapaa bafera aaathar doUar woald hate to be 
sxpeaded fer akber baildiags or groaada. 

The preseot High School Bnildisg on Eaet 
Fourth street was erected in 1879. It will bo 
abandoned next Jose and that stmctors aed 
the Plaa atraat, or Seaoad Diatriel Sehool 
balldiag, wtt ha aoM aad Ihaaeaey plaedd la 
the food to help pay for tbe new Hi^b .'>cbuol 
aow Boeriag eoaplotioa aad for the propoeed 
aaa Oalafad Ugh Meal hgHdhg. 

new i)ig» Scbool BilkUMg. 

Tba aew Hayafllla High Sebael Balldiag, aow 
ceariog cuaplstioa at Second aod I.ioiMtoBO 
strseu. Is wsU rapreeeatad by tbe aaooapaay- 
IH piobMb The aaw WUbt, toe, b very 
oeatrally loaatad. tbo oaly lapal htiig that 
aaebalaaotraotare eboold be bdM li araaipad 
lerritury. iasUad <>t being sitBStsd is the caa- 
tor of aaplo aad ooawedlwM greaadi, vbere 
tbe s e b e l an eeaM be gltai, ael ' 
b r i a tb l ag afase. bal aapla play _ 
the prefer asepe oad Aald fur othiatia 

Tba M^evllla Hlfl Sahael Huildisg, «eik oa 
•yah *ai hdfM a year age, will bs >«apleiad 

■■I mitif Itr aaaa p aasy aaat l ipts a bar. It 

Biggest Bnmmnt ^ 

fioiiday Goods ! 

I III* dZaaw i7»»miMA 

DollaJnadressed, Re op to Mo; dreiiecl. 
1(Xi npiiM.M. 
AniiiaU of all kind t. ide. BM aad.4»o. 
n»n(ik>>rohiefa, eadleos asssrlMat, lo. 
Ra. 10c and 8V; bsetNa Haadkoaabiefi 

sbowD anywhere. ' 

Ladles' Silk Soarf 4»o. 

Newport Tlei ito. 

Olorea, all prices, lOn to Ms. 

A araat stook'of rars for ladlea and 
ohtldrea-Uadlss' rat loarfs No to W.W; 
ObUdiea'slataata Ma to UN; Bsankia 

We €w Carritde 

l..n(lirt' lalts— Bay your wife a Salt, 
ri.ssiii'n aowUM. 
Hiaiiknu and Ooaforts eheap. 
Silk ii«Bdkerotil<>rs and MumnMoaBd 

\Vrlst Hafi S4o to Wto. 
I Umbrellas too uptnSt 

L,adla8- and Gtrls' Hau less tboa half 
price. C atrlmmed Bats Me aad Mo. 
1 Great seleottoa of laWOS' f aa a y OoUarS 
and RoeblDfs. 


Ddie$' and 

make Met Wtk 

6reatfv Reduced. 

Ladiee' Long OoaU $2.98 up to $9.98. 

Misaea' Coata $1.98 

—Just in, new style LADIES' DRE88 SKIRTS, in blaek, 
♦ 9» brown, blae. ■ $6 Talaea, our ptio»J|8.49. . 

New York Store. 

S. STRAUS, Proprietor. 


sbI aqoipBoat are to ba aa aMdara' aa aoasy 
can maks Ihain and every facility will be af- 
forded for the lay workiag af thia braio- 
btlldlac f aalory hm baaaatoal ta aaditariam, 

aid froai Janitor to Soperlatoadeat 

Tbe buildlBR ia constructed of pressed briclt, 
witb Bedford lioieittooe trimmings, and is of 
ths followiag diaaasioaa: 129 feet loag, 77i 
fool deep aad 60 faal high. 

The 13-foot and 2-iorb high bssement con- 
tains seven large rooms — toilets, fuel, boiler 
snd play hallii. 

Tba drat door ia 12ifeetia tha clear and 
divtded toto atai laig* Md laa aaall rooas. 

Secoad Beer 1B| Iba^ aaMaMig laaia large 

There is a apaeioas aadttorlom 60i74 feet, 
with oeiliags 13i feat oa the eidee, 22 foot la 
eaatar, ceiliag sopportod by baadsoae grilled 

steel trasses. It will have a seatiDg capsrity 
of 700, witb aaobotmotod view of a coamodi- 

Two large halls in flrst and second stories 
run the entire length of building and are 12U 
feel leat. 16 feat aide aad U| faal Ugh. 

All doors open outward aad Ire protaetioa 
has been oaretally looked after. 

Tbe material throaghoat ia of the best. 

Tbe aala eatraaeea are loeated aa Llaitateae 
aad Baeead atraatoaad tha haUdtog la h aa ad ad 
on iu four sides by thoreaghfaraa^ with large 
eiits in each. 

Itllsibeing equipped with both gss and slec- 
Uio llgbtiag Ixterae aad heated by lav praa-' 
aarealaaai. Tharaoiag will heal heal lad Ilia. 

C. C. sod E A. Wsbsr of CiBcinnsti ars tbo 
aroUlaeto aad Laaa * Baatoa of thia oi^ tbe 
ooalraators. Tbo eoot of tbo otraetara oeia- 
plsto and furnished will be about $70,000. 

The fouadatioo is bailt of Keatoeky lime- 
stoMaadia oaa of lha hMdiiMiil jaha la the 
Stato. J. r. Hitahall lOM li aeMd lha aatire 
foaadatioa. _____ 

f OoaWa— d m B tt U H t h Page. ) 

'MoBBBOBts I Marray ft Tboau. 

'Donhle Stsinps S^atordsy at tbe Bee 


OB. ELU Y. HffiUS, 



'PHONE 315.! 



DeslsDSfor Pea Wipers, Blotting Pads, etc. New 
dcslsns for Tow«l Kndt, Uresaer Soarft, Plllcw 
Tope aad Centers. Pillow Forms Id all tlMS. 
Staaptoa a .(.raUlty. 

t Doers north first M.BtObas^laatb. 

AnnouncemenU for ctt[i offlftt. $s; eountg 9§k 
c*f. Hi ttaU ofUtt. tio. Cath Ml aUvmct. 

( vi wry. 


Vr are authorized toanaoaDes Mr. P. P. TAM- 
KEK aa a oaDOIiJaU tor Clark of ths 1 
Oeaaly Qoart, sabjrct to tbe aeiloa Of lao : 
eaaiaaf'llBsea County. 

We are aoiborliad to aBDoanee JOHN BITXL 
aeaadMaU for Jailer of Masoa Couaty, snblsat to 
ths aetlea of the Deaoaratto patty. 


We are autborlaed to annouaoe JKSIK O. 
V AMCIY as a oandMots for the og ee of Coaaqr 

olBRJawStto party?*' ******* ** *^ 


To Thr Public Letlf/fr: You will pltaso M- 
nouDoe roe as a candidate for re eleotioa to the 
offlos of Circuit Judse lu tbe Nlnetesalh Jadietal 
District of KoDtaoky, snbleot to the aotloa «t 
the DeaseetaltopMty la CeaveatloB orotberwias. 




Papital $100,000 

Surpliis and Proflte . 130,000 

Designated Depository for tbe U. 8. Treasury, State of 
Kentucky and MMon Ooiwt|r. 8oUoit» a ibiiM of yoor \ 
busineas ^ . .' . . ; 

Conservative. Courteous. Safe. 

Roclililg Chair 


A new obair by tb« oaw firm. Thia Bockiog Cbair ia • asRBifloeiit 
spaeiBMi 6i th« wood «ork«r'« vi, MMtift if tfotiin. Om oI thoM iMii' 
bla kind. Selected dtk* osk, bdsatllal^ floiabed aod will worth 17.10. 
Don't ask na how we oao aflord to mU it M $dt60. WE OAM'T ftflord to. 
This is an introdurtory eoayantr, Ml ffMiace ol <Mr Itfetr4sa|l • l0Nt«il« •! 
many good tbiugs to follow. 


And bappy ones, are in the cars now on tbe way to Mayivilla. Wa have 
bought carload attar carload ol new luroiture, preparing to fill jroor antnta. It 
will oorUtlBljr bo • pietaaN to ebow yon tbeeo hoBiitilBl pew atylaa end quota 
yoD oer nwpiUn piloM. IQUITY priaei|»lM sie oerjHeBlpUa, »nd »mmi 
log to tbMt pristiplM yea eog bl to |lvt • •bBe«e« . wll eatf mmbI bo wr 




baiilrday, Dec -I2tli. IWatinee pf NIgi 



mil i9inc'i FiMic scftMii. 

Continued ^rom JSirtA /'o^*. 

UMtnf k Thomu fnraithtd sll tk» MM f4il 
«rorli 01 Um bolldiog aad tb« 
■nM Md arob for th« front portal. 

Th« ptmM Mok ud otk«r brtek ia ih« 
UaUag ••n aada to^ayarHh by tba Majri- 
vliia Briok Co. tod tb« 8phar Prested Brick 
Oa ,nd tbara art 700,000 briek in Ui* attaotara. 

AO tkt tte, natal, tfalmlaad iroa, raaiag 

and KOttcrinK in the work of R. A W Rup of 
tkit citj, aad a battar Job waa naver done ia 
tbia tttf. 

Tba paiDtlag, gluing aad otbar aaob work la 
baiag doaa by CraaaA Sbafar of tbia city, and 
llafMlra fnrjtwlf. 

Tba plaatarlag and intarior ataeoo «ark la 
aow baiag dona by Pit King, wbo baa baaa am- 
ployiag a larga forea for tba paat two moDtbi 

Tk* eoatnot for iaataUiii tba haatiag plant 
>aa «md«i ThoMa L HMal * Oo. of Cla. 
oionati at |i60O. Ml tkii WMk will ba eom- 
, platad ia ail woalii. 

Tba aehoat fmitart aad aatiro ittiaga for 

the new High School will co«t about $5,000, 
and tlia aeata, daaka aad obaira ia tba aadi- 
torioa ara 10 ba of tba totaak aad baadaoaaat 

A good faatara oi tba baildiaff will ba ibe 
play- rooniD and toMol NWa la tbe bwement. 
Tba door ia t« bo eaaaitad tbroogboai. Tba 
l%bt, boot aad taatnatioa of tbo bnildiag la aa 
eoBoplete m can be naade. Tba walka and pav- 
lag oa tba azieriur ara lo ba of eaoMot aad will 

Tba beating, llgbtlag aad telephone Kytnm 
ia tbo bnlldiog aro aamla of np-to-<laittottD». 
Tbo booao tolophoaaa will pat tba Saparlauad* 
•■I !• ^muioatloB witb o?ory loacbar 
Vkbovtlaovtaghbdaak. Tbo doporiatoadoot'* 
room aad tbe Board of Eilucaliuo's room ia to 
yta left of tbe Limaaiuae entraooa aad will ba 
ooa of tbo prettioat lo tbo bnildiag, witb opaa 
grata aad tile maati'l and beartb. 

Tba aaditoriom in tbe buildioK if eqaivaleot 
to a new tbaatar lor May**ille and ih boond to 
profo • popalar plaeo of annaamat aad ia- 
atnotioa for tbo oatiro pablio, aa wall aa tbo 
t^aobera and pupils, 

Tbo Board of Haoatioa io plaaaiag aow for 

to aapply Ik VboM ara faola la oar Natioo'a 
blatory. Tbat tbo aonaal ebild hia jbaaa wall 
I lookad aftar may ba tat down aa tba raU. Bat 

then there ia tbe abnormal cbiid, abnormal in 
ladifldaality or aatiroaaMat— porbapa both — 
la aoaflaal4 with Ik 

Lyooom featorea, to bagifOf ia tba Blgb flebool 
aoxt winter. 

eimm of tbe Cbtld niina. 

Uaaauity ia iatereeted in cbildran~if notito 
nwB. tboB ia otbor peopla'a. Tba dloioai tbat 
"tbo propor atady of aaakind U aaa." 
Bitgkt voil ba obaagad lu tkit laat word to 
liliiiilrru, uf aucb viul importance to a Nation 
tv tba qaality aad okaraetor of ila (atara citi- 
tjaa aad ralaia Tbo apirit of oar praaiat age. 
wbieb ia alike tbe noat aeleatiic and bomaoi- 
tariaa la tba blatory of tbo world, ia altogether 
oa tbo aide of tbo ebild. lu attitada l« tbat 
of ataat actaaaa aoaiblaod with aoroy and 
fc alyft fl aaaa. WHb aataral aaaaialtf wa ba«e 
Iniiated upon aereral things for okfldraa— aad 
got them. One waa tbat they ba givea op- 
portaaity to dovelop to tbe alaoat in all good 
diroatiaaa aad tba raaall baa baoa tbo on- 
o^aaM oakaal ayatoa af tho DaUod State*. 
Aaathar waa tbat children ahooM have the 
rdbt to boao,Iiborty and happiaaaa, aad where 
^ tbat aataral baritaga wu laeklag, aoMa ehari. 
tiao, pablio aad prirato, bata baaa awda raady 

At tba New Albany, lad.. Pablio Library, 
two boara ara aot aaida oa Sataii^ afloraooa 
aa "Storr Boara" for oblldroa. AaaiataaU la 
tba Library n»i alorlaa at tbia Uim to tbe 

Hra. Otaf OaMia of ^ Wortb, Toi., ad- 
voeatoa tkak tba Owaraaaat aboaM aand ont 
laetvrera oa boao oeoaoaioo aad toaeb Ameri- 
can citiiaaa how to rear cblldrea. Joat aa It 
aoada oak oipertt to taaoh tba onltlratioa of 

Bdacatloa "ia a eoapanion wliicb do mia- 
fortaao oaa dapreao, ao orimo destroy, no en- 
oay alioaata. ao dt^ollaa oaalara; at boaa a 
friaad, abroad aa latrodaaUaa, la aaHtada a 
solace, in society an oraaaMat; It 
*ioe, it guidM virtue, it gifaa at oaoo a 
meat to genina Wltbont It. what ia HaaT A 
aplaadid alara, a roaaealat aa? ago." 

mayiiliiri Bmn^ «r EMcaiiei 

Praald»at-W. I. YaaaU. 
Tlaa.PNaldaat-J. iarbaor ■aaaalL 
Ti oaaa t or-B. A. Ooobraa. 

rtrat Waad-t. A. Ooohtwi, 9. P. BrowalBg. 
laooad Wa*d-W. t. YaaaU. C *. Oolaal. 
Third Waid-Oaoraa aabwana, c. O. Hopper. 
Voarth WoiA-J. BafboarBnaaoil, o J. OoUtas. 
rath Wa r d J aaaa Oaiaorl. J. T. laMih. 
iUth Waid-^. ■. Blohoooo, r W. tfkwet. 

KMtcr mayivuif MUc %am 

toporlaloadent— James Wood BradMr. 

Blab Sobovl— Principal, Aberdueo U. Uewd«n; 
Pint A»la ant. H. H. Rlliotl: Beeoad Aaalataot. 
MU* KlU B. M>ioair«. 

rkrst Oltiriet- -Principal. CUnoca Martin 
riret Aaalaiani, Mlas «J«rrt« Burrowss Seooad As- 
alaiMt, MUa Jaaale Yaaoay; Thlid Aaataiaai, 

laooad OUirlot-Prlaolpal, Barben C. Baroea; 
ntat AaalatM^ Mra. Aaaa r. Ball; fhooad Aa- 
atuaat Mlaa BaaalaOlark. 

ThM INalalai-Prlaatpal. W. r. Kla«; Pint 
Aaalataot, Mn. Mary T. Marab ; aoooad AstlatMi, 
MIM VIeioooa WUapa: fblrd AaUtaat, Mlas 
Beaato Martia; foonb AaatMoat, Mlaa Aille 

Pourih btautot-Prloatpal Aaaol 0. gtewart; 
Kirat AaaUunt, Mlaa StaUa Fraaaaa; laooad A«- 
«l»taa^ Mlaa Krile WUItaata. 

Oolotad Blgb aobool— Priooipal. W. B. Hoai' 
pfcray: Pirat Asaialaat, Mlaa Maaaia Wood; aao- 
cod AaaUtaat. Mlaa Fraoooa Wbaley; Third As- 
alataat. Mlaa Ptaaaaa Mrawiar. 

Fifth Waad- -Mn L. O. 

Addenda — Pruf Buodea baa a State diploma 
which Is a life cbrtiBeate totaaeb iaKoataeky. 
Ho baa alao bad aix yaara' aiparlaaoa aa a 

'Cbildrana' For Sou at tba Baa Hi? a. 

Dr. TbooMa B. Plokatt baa been bou8 '' w. h 
an attack of rbonaatiaa for the week 

Wondarfal barcaioa in Hata. Na« York 

Tarkaya. okiabaBa or daaka ta tba valaa of 
ia.lf Btoloa. eoaatitata a foloay. 


FOR WIFF ^""^^'^ Slippers lor 
run ffflrk house wear or a pair 
ol handsome walking BIiocm. 


Honae Slippera, or a pair 0f evtoiBg 
dMM abOM. 

Lota of oUmt Gift Hioti. Ooan it tba aiaa.' Wa'll makd tbat rigbt 

after Xtnaa. 

FOR BOY or GIRL fiii'';; 

a pair of warm House bllppera. 

For the Baby ft,?,", 






Prloasoi. Mtadallo'oleoktbUaieralai- 

■OBO, V » To 

Tailtaya, f » tie 

Battor,porft ^..^..^-^...^m 

Xmas Presents I 

OballBg Dlah makaa a bandaome Xnaaa praaeot. We have a large 
illMki bIiIO, all tba attacbmenta (or them; Toilet Seta in aterlinK silver and 
«J««r nUla, Ombrallaa, Obaina, Nack Cbaina, Charma and Locketa, Cud 
SMttpM, Blodd. RIb|I ia Mli Bjld liffnata, Ear Oropo, a floe line. Collar Hup- 

porta, Belt Bucklea and Fina, Soure- 
uir Teaapoons and Forka, Teaapoona, 
Soup 8pooBa,TablaaBdDMaartlpoooa 
ia atarllag ailm aad allvar plata, 
Kalm aad Forka of all kiadaf va ara 
abowlag a baaotilul line ol gold and 
ai Ivor Pocket Kniraa aod Cigar Cat- 
(dra, ato. No charge for engravinga. 
Now ia tba time to order engrartd 
oardo. A Aaa lioa ol aamplaa. Baa 
•• bafora bajrlag. 

Qpaa tinrt dvaalag uatil aftar 



Thi Public Lboobb todaj^ iiaoM its Obrittin«a ad^'er* 
tising namber and school edition, and tbe nterehBnts, plttrons 
and ahoppera and the eotire poblio, from the wee^ tot to the 

J>i>;gest man and woman, will 
please acce|>t, thouj^h a little 
early, our kindest Christmas 

Thia iMae is primarily a *'bu8i- 
neaa edition," for the merchant 
and the buying })ul)lic — the edncational feature for teacher, 
parent and children, and all iox n lictter. a l>ij?f<er and a new 
Maysville, with Plut^town, Oklahoma and (Jliftou, with their 
1,200 population, all eventually gathered to the arms within 
the Vaiting corporate limits of oor booming city, where they 
shoold be. 

Why not? 

It is pleasing to see Maysville grow. Thia city should 
have !.'<», 0(M> people instead of 10,000, and we see no reason 
why the former tiijiire-* should not he attained in the ne.xt ten 
years. We have the wealth and the location (in East Mays- 
ville) for a city of twice oar preseot siae, aad all we lack is 
harmony and enterprise, which do not ooit a eent, oonnting the 
big resalts ensning. 

For over a hundred years Maysville has been apathetic 
and aslenp to her n\\n possihilities. As old as Cincinnati, l»iit 
forty times snialltif, is Maysville's recofd. Now that we are 
aroused, let (»ur awakening be that of a giant, wbo, suddenly 
realizing tbe full (lotency of bis own strength, marches out to 
battle, determiueii ti> win every contest or perish in the venture. 

Our Churcliurt and our Church-goers, our schools, and 
the children and i^-achers who make them, should now make for 
the besr gif s of civic rigbteoasness and all the high ideals of 
h line ciitcrjuiie. 


Nothing makts a mor3 appropriate Xmas 
gift tbao engraved cards. Oall and see 
samples and get prices. You will need 
cardf^ to send witb yotir gifts. Let US 

have your order e irly. 



JiW^O tna Uopyrigbta au26o at tko Baa 


• ♦ — — 

Lexington ia lu bave a 9-story hotel 
t replace tbe Leiand. 

VVays Hiiil MeaoB Co'iimiftee prom- 
isi a Talt genuine Tariff revision. 

AecordiuR to Co nipt roller Murray, 
the BaiiIch have doubled their reaourcea 
in (he last ten years. 

ChcHnpeake and Ohio i« ronniderins? 
plaa to fund it8 HuHtiog dehta und 
equipmant trnat notea. 

Women Inclined 
To Consti pation 

(M Can SkaaM BaTakaa Nat ts Uaa 

VIoleat Cathartfes 

Women, owlnc to their peculiar func< 
tlons, are more or loaa llablo to conoU- 
potion and many of them owe tbolr con- 
Unued 111 healtti to the plU habit A 
well known piiyslcian laya the majority 
of ousfs of (oul breath, bad complt'xion. 
dUordt'rL'il Btoniuili, sick hc-ud.iclu' aiij 
female wuuknt-sH to cunallpatloii and the 
oonatant- uao of vMoat oatbartloB to 
ovoroomo It 

- Wo bellovo women will ba (tad to learn 
of a aafe reliable bowol and otomach 

romedv that Ir plouannt to take and that 
tlu> llrst fi w (i(iMi-s will certainly piuiluoc 
natural dally movementa without pain or 
cripo and in a aitort tlato ootabHah a por- 
manant cure. It is ao olTectlve it ha* 
cured caaea of 60 years' itandlni; nnd 
yet ao mild and aafe thouianda of moih- 
era alve It to their babies. Jmnle 
Qrcshani. Nashville, Term., anyd; '1 Buf- 
fered almost death with torpid liver and 
Indlsestlon and Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pap- 
ain cava mo qulok roUof." Slstor M. 
Borohmaaa, of lit. St. Mary'o Aoadomy, 
Oiilahoma City, aaya: "Wo have found 
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepain satisfactory 
as a Bentle laxative and atomach tonic." 
Mrs. Myrtle tfather, Chlcaaro, says: "Uy 
dauarhtar wan troubled nlnoe birth with 
constipation and aloli headache. Dr. 
Caldwoll'a Syrup Fo^ata aatad her." Mrs. 
W M. Powora, New MBadolphla. Ohio, 
says: "It is the t>«at remedy for ooaatl- 
patlim and stoinaoh trouble I have over 
uaed." Mrs li li. Urown, Addinaton, 
Okia , suya i( nave hei prompt relief 
from I'onallpatlun and torpid liver. Mrs. 
Isabella Wheeler, l^rootowa. Ind., oaya: 
"Twenty-thiee yoaro a«o I was taken 
with atomach trouble Tbroo yooro aao 
I had h«r«ime »>> weak I oouM hardly 
walk. I took Mr (3aldwoU'B Syrup JVpaIn 

anil Kxluy am «■ well aa OVac." Druavt*>a 
■eU It at lOu and 11.00 par bottle, • 
I We aro gtad ta Bond a free sample to 
' any uno who has BOt uood It and WlU Btvs 
w • fair trial. Addroaa PoaaiB'ayn* Oa^ 
I i 'l OaMvaU aMa>. M aatl a al t a. BL 

i(Mi 1% li !• Wm^ a tall 9ni|ilili 

^V'Herz Bros. Cloaks aad Snlla ara aiarkad 
Id plain flsarea. Help yooraalf at 2SK radao- 

Doteli fHurablpa are naklaf boatila 

moves against Veacaalaa porta and 
coaat Btaaipe rB. 

k million dollar borne for tbeSouth- 
em Commercial Congreaa ia to be 
erected at Waabington. 

Minnie 8imoo, 19, of Newport, 
riwallowed poison Friday morning, 
whicb resulted in ber deatb. 

At San Francisco Abe Reul, the city 
K rafter, waa cooTicted of bribery and 
will get Myaara in the Pen. If— 

J. F, Mnrcan's fpcciftl train mnile 
tbe run from Chicago to New York in 
17 hours and 1 minute, tiO nilaa au 
boara. _ 

At Loaiaville tbe Republican State 
Oaatral Conaiittaa aaatalnad the 
Froat faction in tba Ktaton ooaoty 
oontaat. _ 

The trial of Colonel D. B. Cooper, 
Kul)in Cooper and John D. Sharp for 
the murder ol Senator Carmack has 
been set tor JanaarySOtb at Naabville. 

I'resi JeiU-clei't Talt forseesthe possi- 
bility of the prolongation through tbe 
entlia raiSBm of tbe iMopoded axtra 
seaalon of Coagreaa to rarise thSTSriff . 

Mrs. Josh JfUanwood ol Ulenvtllo 
miatook aoaaoflfetotaoaaol bruit 
juioa. Bba drank a larfs qaaaHly of 
tba Ifa aad ia ia a oritieal soalMon. 

ol Pson- 
aylvaala baa lalN4B«sd a bill ia Uoa* 
gresa for a National bond iaaue of 
968,000,000 for tba ooualruotion ol 64 
loeka and daata in tba Obio rlter. 

In a Mempbia aalonn, William lui- 
tuia, white, opeoad lire witb automatic 
piatol aod kilted tbrte Ifagrosi aad 
«otta4sl IMU sttMis. Hs fiNi *'l 
flM 'e* tMl ikM'd all tksM Isis U." 



Matinee Prices: 
25 and 50 Cents 

Night Prices: 
25c, 50c, 75c, $1 

SeaU at Willia 


Town Talk Flour 

i. C. Lverett A Co. 

Christmas Painting 

la iaruelj liiulii><I to lirlffhtcninK np 
the tiouMc and ita content*. We are 
riKht here with tbe riffbt Patau, Var- 
nisbeo, Parnltare Poliabea, Ma lfci a— a 
Koaaaclo, eto. Ooia, tall aa wbas jtm 
taraas to 4w. W« «Ui ■ aBeasBBaafl tka 
beat palat, onrnlab, a«On Amp t baa wfc . 
Sell you ih« iHwih, too, if yo« kaaaf *t 
onp. We carry emy^lac te 
fnt' aupplieo. 



E%K.9^U Iff 19 AT THE PRtNCESS RtHm 

Die iitanagemeot ol tbe Princess annonnca tbe opening of tbe FleS' 
Trif) tu- l.exington-Hr)d-Nicholi<«vilip rnnfp»t. 

will get thia trip FREE. The trip iocludea your fare to Ni(!bolaa?ille Tnea* 
day, December 29th, with the winning' Broom Ball Team, your admission 
into tbe Rink to witness the Kame, your hotel hill in Nu holasville, a trip to 
I.cxiiiKtoi) thf fulliiAiiiK il*«.v and n (lii^ittr party at the theater presenting the 
tiest play on the eveiiiiik: of Dtrenitier 30th. Now. laditc, this is a chance to 
get a muHt delightful mid enjoyable little trip. The three lurky winners and 
any uf tbeir friends who wish to accompany them on the trip will he chai^ 
erooed hy Mr. and Mis. Mike Brown. Contest opens Monday, December nb. 
Each admission ticket and aacb skate ticket aotitlea tbe buyer to a Popularity 
Contest Ticket. Now. begin to work rigbt away. The trip will repay you 
yonr bustling. Don't forget, yon alao get a chani.*eon tbe 1100 Diamond Ri^. 

Tbe Waya and Maaaa Committee 

win bear representatives of tbe tobacco 

industry next Wcdne^iilay. It is ex- 
pected Kentucky will be well repre- 
seated. ^ 

Dr. A. N. ElHs la aow loeatad at BaailtoB, 

DIaeoBBt OB all Cosit aad Salu. 

Mm Bros. 

Mr. Gaotga L. Moon's bcotkor. wbo is ta 
roots home froa St. Lotia, sMfpod aff kaie 

f'lr • fpw days. 

Ex- Jonsiable William A. Wall* aaci haad- 
' aoBM wits of Tsrro BaaU. lad., passad thrssf^ 
the city yoalarJiy aftaraooa, aa rooto to the 
I old boBo 'flao* to vWt kis fatkar, Bokait 


Tbo Bopablioia Sure CatnpaiKB COaflUtttao 

has a balaiK'o of $80.70 lo iu traaaary. 

The GraaoUo'i paaaed dowa tbia aoraiag 
witb a good paaaaagar Hat aad Mg tnl^ 
cargo. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Mnrint; pirturev at Princesa Riak for the 
cbi:d>eo this aftaroooo at 4:30 o'clock. Don't 
■iaa ibaB_ 

Mlaa Lida Wooda re poru a boavy daaiaad for 
ataaographara. Witbia tko paat fsw daya aba 

bai> filled a Uree Bambar of poaitloas. 

Stam of Obio. Crrr or Toubm, I ^ 
Locaa OomiTT. f"* 

rraakJ.OhoaayaMkaaoath that ho la 
partaorof tho Srai of F. J. Choaoy A Oo^ 
boalaasalB tha ottyot Tolado, oo aaty an< 
alotaaatd. aad that aald tnawUi payihoaaa* 
oaa HtWOaBD DOUUtaS tocoaah aaaov^ 

eoaaof Catarrh that oaaaot bo oaiod ha : 

Ball t Catarrh Core. rBAVK J. CHWr 

Sworn to before me and inbeorlbed In n; 
saaoathltethday of Drocmber, A. D.,ISea 
tSaaii.) A. W. Guaaar 

Kotary Pa 

Hai: t Cutarrh l urr i. i.ik.-n Internallya, 
dkrvoily oD the hiood nud inucoui inrtaoe 

dend fortemiitionifcli free. 

r. 3. CHENEY A CO..To\^e!o,0. 
by all Druificitii. 7&c. 
Take Hall i Familv Pi 

* frrronittjiati'Vii. 

Remarkable Story 

The story of Mrs. Matilda Warwick, of Kokomo, ] 
Intl., a.** told below, ]iroves the curative properties of I 
that well-kuowii female remedy, Wine of Car^iuL 
|Mzi. Warwick says: 



\ ■ 

It WiU Help Yoa 

**1 loffared from pains in mj head, shoulden^ i 
lUmba, Bide, stomach low down, diezinesa, chiUs, ner-j 
vousness, fnintirifj: Kj)ellfi and other female troubles. 
|l was almost dead. Three doctors did not help me. 
|At last, I took Oaidui, and with the first bott^ oIh 
jtainrd relief. Now I am cured. But for Qaidld|| 
II would have been dead." Try Cardui. 




i A It01II»|}leOBIN OFA:^ 



_ HK little mothar, M 

^^^f^^ I tior husband called 
I I h"r, sat iti thf> porch 
I I where tbe viae 
A I 1 < avea Itattand 
down, while Wr hat- 
hand Katbered tbe 
o V o r-r 1 p c itrapes 
from th« trellis. 
She was old ndw 
but still fair with beauty of the 
•plrit bloMomed out on tbe pale face 

FIrhoee amlle waa aweet aa ever. Her 
•Mtend, tall and tlUn and brown, 
ittanoed at her now ud then aa if he 

CU a«v the lovellaees ah« wore when 
bro«(ht her home, hla wife. And 
ahe looked up at him he was still 
'Hm stalwart youth, the toiK li of whfise 
■Irong hand oncf ina.le her lifart bt-at 
■o madly. Their chil.lrcn uerc all 
■one; some to the further life, .some 
teturiiiiiK for a hollilay. 

To think." ahe aaid. "that tbe day 
VlHli fatehod a* here I could alt In the 
' l00r aad see tb« rirer loopln' along 
MiM W allTer. and the low hills 
Vlth their black pine wtxuli; 
■nnahine falling through, aiul 
1 th.- vvUlf niu'sh an' the Iiaytitackn. 
4ii' thi' r()k)rd chaiiRiu' on eiii It 
leeinoil to nie — I .lo' no' what it 
aeemeil to me! Oh. heaven cun t he no 
snoro btrauiirul than that was. lookin' 
t40wn this Bide the knoll. There's a 
Mg bunch 'moat beyond your hand, 
drippln' '1th juice— " 
'Akd one day you out down the 
at the back there — " 
:ed to. A tree alius seems to 
me to have a life of Its own. 'most 
aa much as a man lias I don i fo"] no 
aaeuraiiro I «ln I settm' .l sperrlt free. 
Bvt there, who knows. Anyway It 
titmred a sightly spot tor you on 

^>laa't care. I wlaht that awamp 
^*be atniek by ttgbtnin' fuat!" 
*itnln' ncTer struck a hull ten- 
at onst" 

fffat set fire to It." 
om up somebody's wooil lot? 
Idy. I'm 'shamed on yel" 
•ter be, I'm 'shamed on my- 
I feel Jea' ao. We ain't got 
to Mre, aa yon aay; and 
see that Ukeaeaa of the 
d|^.albk. nd an' her Lanry Me It. I 
wK^f^o' a^^Ka'd care so much. Laury 
JMIh It opt^all abont her. She'd stay 
She'll h.'v her colore.l 
no time. Theni i)alntln' ' 
iple do^ In Peeble a pastur ' i inav 
(Ire her aome hints. An' you 
the minister said Laury hed a 
gift for drorln'. But there, ahe 
it be here tell Ohrlstmaa time, 
alive, father, what a Christmas 
'Ith that swamp burned up — " 
•Well. well, \vlfe, as IniiR as we'vo 
each other, an' the children, here 
In heaven, and enough to keep the 
woM from the door -" 

r' "T'tajow, And I'm silly. An' the 
ia$K Ldrd knowe I ain't makln' no 
tMM. rm Jea' aayte' what I'd Uke. I 
gjk ttaeter tore that eight— «a' the 
VSft made It. My, I guess he lorM 
beautiful thln's, tew I set by it. I'm 
li^opy a» thia's are. but I'd be happier 
/"•f that was throwed In." 

Uke a cbromo down to the store 
you're tradln' your butter. Wal, 
I glTe BrlAdla her supper, an' 
m/rm m» MiM. I tope the day'U 
^ o' eomta' w'ea I can't milk my 
Ml' t2ke her sweet breath all 
n)ide o' clover blows. There — I guess 
the birds niu) have all I've left. 
Thertt's a biiiirh on top for lut k. 'Ves, 
they be, comln' aftw It now. 
r«a can't make )ell Ith them grnpaa, 
iy*re too ripe, UUte mother. 
"They'll asafce sweotOMMt, all rl^" 
A»* the> nethin' niccr'n yoar grape 
sweetmeat '1th ojy meat. But, lor* 
VafeMi I guess you'd cook sawdust ao't 
%MM b« tasty. I'm glad we've got 
jgflMa' (0 eook with- not like th«n) 
ettr fblks, depeodln' ou coal an' ncae 
%n UvtxnMl That's a noble wood- 
atte we've git TiMM's uethto' like 
bate- (brehaa4Ml. Ome. Ifa gttUa' 
ilMnptah, an you'd better be thlakln' 
yoei rhouiuatlce. Bf they'd drees 
•< »wa«ip wmU a'i b» h»»l»' 

rheumatics. I lay most of our Ills 
to the dumps that rises f'um there. 
I'd sell the place an' git away to- 
morrer «( ther* WM tmf OM to 


• No, no, I wouldn't have you. 
You've got a sUly old wife, moonin' 
over something she's lost sight of," 

and she went in with him to put 
on the teakettle. He cartted the 
t a ki't of giai'is on one arm, but 
he put the other nnn about her to 
help hi'r a little. "An' Wen we Ray 
grace. Huhly, we 11 thank the Lord 
we even hed the picter. and bev it 
still to remembor," he said. 

In the doorway of the little red 
house on a lower terraco of the 
knoll two other persons were talk- 
ing, as it rhai'.c' d, ui on the same 
theme. 'I'he curve of the hill hid 
all but a gable of the little red 
licHi-e in I'tebles pasture from the 
f the old people above, and 
the forest of tbe swamp hid from 
It, also, the view of plain and river 
and hill that bad so tod the poetry 
In the soul of the little iflother. 

"Well." >al.! I.uzanne, looking 
over her s shoulder, before 

the closed easel and color box, "it's 
jfreat, this coming into the country to 
I aint an l jibotograph winter scenes 
nnd finding yourself shut off from the 
nuisi glorious laada c apo yoa can 
*«hut off?" taqulred her huabaad. 
"Oh. you're content with the day of 
small things, Eugene! I was till I 
saw what lies on the other side of that 
groat Wet wood down there." 

' What Is if Mnrnlng and Oroek 
temples? SunHlilne and a rolling sea' 
The purple of the hills?" 

"Titles fbr p^tnrea? No; pictures 
themselves. Ju^^e vale of Avoca. 
the vale of Caahmlre, the valley of 
Avlllon, a fragment of Kden. Some- 
thing Idyllic and perfect. I was on 
the edge of th" wood and got in — it 
was so allurim: - deeper aii.l deeper, 
till there 1 wa.>< scared to death of the 
morass " 
"Poor child. " 

"But It wasn t so wet, after all — ^It's 
been so dry— though there were spots 
Just steaming where the sun broke 

throtigh. But I skirted them and made 
for the light, and the trees grew thin- 
ner, and suddenly I was at the end, 
anil there, below anil beyond, lay th';> 
\ery outskirts of Paraillse. 'V'es. in- 
deed, a view that would make our 
everlasting fortunes and give «s s:it 
isfaetiou In our souls if we could put 
even bits of It on canvas. Why, I 
should feet I'd been chosen for sanctl- 
Ocation if I were only allowed to do 
it You must come dow n with me and 
see for yourself. Kugene. I never 
shall be conten' to no on pahithik; old 
Purple behind Mt- t.iere, now I've seen 
this. Ami fan( \ . If that Bwaniiiy wood 
were out of the way. we could sit 
here all winter and sketch, and feel 
an uplift in every brushful of paint, 
and every one of tbe pictures would 
be himg on tbe line next spring. Isn't 
It hard to be shut out of Paradise by 
n bit of woods? It's as bad as a 
Ilanitng sword." 

"I'm not shut out of rtkradise," said 
her husband, looking at her with the 
' red on her cheeks, the spark In her 
eyes, her whole face full of the spirit 
of life. 

"Oh, I know, it's all delightful, our 
being together here by ourselves. It 

Is Paradlae, of courie. But that view 
out there would Justify It. and It's 
vexatious to have to go afield for what 
we might have from our own door. 
.And i; too fur. in the winter weather, 
every iluy. There's a long Interval of 
champagne country from tender green 
to dark, with warm russets, and a 
blush of red sapphire, threaded with 
creeks that are neither blue nor green, 
but the green of the grass and the 
blue of the sky and tbe gold of the 
sun: and in the middle distance a 
river skims along, the bluo stooping 
into il. and beyond are hills clothed 
with level layers oi jilne foreet, and 
you look straight Into their depths aa 
if you penetrated mysterlea, and over 
all is a bountiful, enormous sky, blue 
as blue, and oarrylag hero and there 
a mare's tall of a snowy cloud. And 
gulls — yon ought to see the 10.000 
gulls swooping round the river! Oh, 
It's no use stayinK here with that to 
tantalize us. the breadth, the larj^e 
ueas. the freedoBi— and only old pur- 
ple hills to console us. One picture 
of old Purple and there's an end. But 
thia— why, yon could paint all winter 
and not exhaust it Think of It. with 
the blue shadows of the snow, with 
sunrets like llres on a groat hearth, 
in a dark blue midnight, while the 
stars shake In the wind! If we could 
wake up some awmlng and And it 

"The days of miracteo are gone." 
"Oh, my. It mAsa me cregs!" 
1 woiridat to MWi. owtot pwvar 
or of motifs. Vi mmm tm aad aoto 

my husband a cup of tea. and then 
Jress for dinner In my gown with the 
■tea grHV chirfoiiR ^ad make believe 
and I <l plav T was a Venetian 






pearls, and I <l plav I was a 
lady supping wiiu old Titlaa — " 

•Nothing. U act 
yeo'd be satMM to 

"With my wife 

I toltove 

'For my part, t shan't be happy 
again till I forget that scene, with 
iu blues and greens and vapors and 

sunbeams. We can't get down there 

to sketdi in fh> winter months." 

"Hut We cau lliid a great deal in old 
Purple. Come it's a damp breath 
blows over from that 8wanii>- A good 
frost will make that right, however. 
Come in and shut the door. I like to 
feel the door shot you and me In from 
the rest of the world." 

If there is no such thing as telep- 
athy there cerfninly ought to he. in or- 
der to explain .^ome things. It was In 
this saaio half Imtir that the Chanipion 
family down in the I'orf came In, one 
by one, shivering and stir\igging their 
shoulders, and brightening at sight of 
the big tiro their mother Bad had laid 
on the hearth of the library. Ita flames 
making tbe whole room rosy. 

"Nothing beats Are," said Rose 
Chanipion, pulling off ber gluvea and 
bouiiiig out her llttlo hands, apaikllng 

with rings. 

"Dante's conception of the deepest 
hell as a big block of Ice Juat suits 
mine." said Kathertao. 

"One might as well starvo aa parish 
with cold." said Rose. 

"The Kngiisb oaU porlsUag with 
cold stHrvlng." 

"I was thinking of tto poor poople 
who can't get coal." 

"1 myself believe the world will 
come to an end with cold," said So- 
phy, "and not with flro. Tto sub will 
I ooU and tto oarth will llrosao. Minus 


■ Well, that's ftLfMd way off. I hope," 
said their father, coming in. "Mighty 
unseasonable weather," as they ran 
and warmed him with their welcome. 
"The first Are of autumn," be said, 
rubbing his hands and taking posses- 
sion of hli ehalr. "it always has a 
promlao of otoar. Whero'd you get 
this wood, my lowor It snapa Uto 
apple wood." 

"It Is; It's the old apple tree that 
came ashore at the foot of the garden 
in the freahet." aald Mrs. Champion. | 

"Lucky rtotsam. I wish there'd be 
• troshat that would brteg aa old ag- 
pl» troo to oTory fnlly ki tovg." 

"I Kuees yooni to that hm%tH, fg." 
■•Id Sophy. 

"I'm sure I 4on''. know what some 
i>f (tieni ar« Ruliig to do." iiald his 
wife, pulling up her shawl In Hvmpik 
thf with h«ir thoughts, "with no mou 
»y to buy coal at preiMtet prices, aud 
mo ooat to to bwjgat at any prto* " 

"Thank goodness, wa tiled o«r bins 
Ig D«t It hwta now If we 


we? We'd treesa 


w-ould have to go shares 
that didn't." 

"Why. hoi> ean 

"I don't know; but some way must 
bo provided. In this interior place 
peojde would perish before wo could 
get the coal from abroad or from 
Nova Seotla." 

"1 suppose they'll be glad even of 
wood, " said Mrs. Champion. "It's 
dreadful for thoni— ond Christmas 

"Poor sort of Christmas for them." 

■ Dre.i lful." echoed Katherine. 

"I wish there were somsthlng we 
could do — " 

"Do! To supply a whole townahlp 
with heatr 

"We might cut down the oaks on 

the avenue." 

"Those nmgniflcent oaks! I guess 
not!" said Rob, looking up from his 
book. "Why. It would ruin tbe whole 
place! Don't you let them, father!" 

"I've no yea of It. Thoae oato are 
aa old as oaks ean to and live. They 
are full of history. No, Indeed." 

"And you would rather people 
should freeze!" cried Itose. 

"Give them your rings to buy fuel. 
Rose." said hor fatbor. 

"My engagement ring! And the 
ring was Donald's mother's— and ahe 

"I value these pines similarly. They 
were my father's; and he Is dead." 

"What can we do, r«. dear?" 

"I don't know. Ur'.ess you take the 
money yon would tove at Ohriatmas 
and do wtot yea please with that 
Fifty dollars apiece is what you've 
always had. And I'll double it That's 
the best 1 can do." 

"Oh!" said dopby, softly. "And there 
are so many thhiga I wnat to 4ft irlth 

"I. too," said Bob. 

"Oh. I'd eonntod so moeh on that 
fifty." aald Rose. 

"Well, )ou can take your choice," 
said Iheir father. "I've lakt'n mine 
I shall go without a lu w overcoat, 
and your mother'll have tu make ber 
old sealskin do." 

"1 m sore I stoll to glad," said tto 

Hut TOO cast g-t coal. And It 
wou'.d buy SO little wood, after all." 

"H«cau»'.e you ran't nlojj somi' 'if the 
sugvrlnK IH the w(irld U no ruakou 
you shouldn't stop any." saM Kather- 
la«. "I don't carer lt%wlehed lo to 
having Cbruuua* preeetnu and all 
that w>i«n people aro dvlag of 

And It would keep four or five fam- 
ilies warm all winter." 

"Four or flvoT" said her father. 
"With ooOBOlBy, tolf 


"Done, then!" exclaimed Kath- 
erine. "And I iOe the gold chain 
and baroqno poarl I was to tove go> 

ing up in smoke." 

"And my set of Pater." ruefully. 

"Aud my amethyst heart." 
"A real holocaust, " said their fa- 

Father, " said Bob. "I've an idea 
worth two of that. You know that 
piece of swamp land of yours up 
country, on the old Peebles farm? 
There's enough wood In that for 60 
families— black birch, gray birch, 
yellow birdi, brown nah-^I don't 
know what— and — all — " 

"lUit, Hob, that's a splendid 
piece of forest I should hale to cut 
It down." 

"Even to keep SO families, or 
mayta IM, from distrosat The 
girls' moBoy will pay for cutUng 
and tooling and kllndrying and dis- 
tributing, and it can all be dune 
before Christmas— and there you | 

"Uob," said Mr. Champion, "you're 
a genius! There we are!" 

"There we are!" said the girls in 
one brave breath. "It will to a good 
Christmas proaoat tor thom. won't It, 

"It makes me all of a glow now to 

think of it!" said Rose. "I wonder 

what Donald will say. Fifty or 100 
families made comfortable by ■going 
without some trinkets - though I did 
want that English edition of 'Pater.' 
Why. we don'l know 100 poor fami- 

"The Ooneral Charitable doea. When 
shall we begin, father? I'll ororsee 
It for you," said Rob. 

"To-morrow morning, early," said 
hln father. "There won't be an hour 
to siiare if >ou want that wood de- 
Ihered by or before Christmas. I'll 
have drains put In as we go along 
and get a good piece of grass land out 
of It WoU. I abaU Bleep bettor to- 

If the people on the knoll had lis- 
tened that nest day and many a day 

thereafter, they might have heard, or 
th.iught they hoard, a swuid of chop- 
plUK in the swamp woods, faint, far 
on. luumeil in the rustling of falling 
loaves and the crashing of branches. 
But the painting people were busy 
with Old Purple at the back of the lit- 
tle red house, and little mothw was 
getting her mince meat ready for 
Christmas, and what with atoning 
raisins and slicing citron and sifting 
splcos and bollInK down cider, she was 
too miu h occupied to think of any- 
thing but her work aud of Asa's and 
Laury's home-ooming. 

"It seems to nie the woodpeckers 
are drettal busy down ta the swamp." 
nhe salil once 

"I'rob'ly Ihe trees hev borers," said 
her husband. 

"Why, that's too bad," she said with 
her quick habit of kindUneaa, and 
went on atout her work. 

She had Just put her mince meat to- 
to its stone crock to mellow, when a 
sudden access of her rheumatism sent 
her to bed with Jugs of hot water at 
her feet and opodeldoc liannels all 
over her. and coiilous draughts of com- 
poeitlon powder, her eyes following 
her husband through the open door 
to fright and dismay at his attompu 
to d her work, till the painting lady, 
as tlK>y called her. happened up the 
hill, and. stranger though she was, her 
self took hold and put things Into 
Bbape and cooked enough to last till 
I-aury should come, having written to 
Laury to make baste. "I wouldn't 
send for hor," ahe said, "but we have 
to go aad arrnngo our exhibition, and 
sou oar things. But I aha'nt bo tU 
Laury comes. We're oomlng baek to 
have our first Christmas together hero 
b it we must go as soon as we can." 

*You're real good." sighed the little 
wo'jian. "I'm more ohleoKcd to yo\i'n 
I can say. I hate te see blni stewing 
about Uto a kltehen-colonel. Uut, oh. 
I did want to to around when Laury 
come. I to a IttUf better." She took 
the painting lady'a hand aad mlB04 It 
to her lips. "Oh, yon musta't!" tto 
ludy cried; PJd she bent doWB and 
kissed tbe withered cheek. 

"The Lord'll reward you for tho 
good you've done, an' the cheer you've 
gleo," said tto Uttle mother. "Kf he 
dent to ao oClnr way. he's dona a 
mighty lot tor yon ta makto' yon Jea' 

And so it camn to pass that two 

or three weeks later the stage set 
down the palniInK people one night 
at a point on the highway a few rods 
froui the llUix i»d house in Peebles 
pasture, aud they picked their way 
along through the dark in some con- 
cern oyer a bright Hght shining from 
the windows. 1 sensed you'd to com- 
ln' about this tlsM." said Lanry. open- 
tog tto door. "Aad I fought 'twould 
be kinder lonesomellke for you in the 
itaik an' cold, an-' I come down an' 
llghieil the Ores «n' gut you some 
topper, an' none of mutker's mlaoe 
ptoe. And i'vo bad a real good time 
lookin' at thf ihln ■ you ve hung np. 
They've learned me Iota. Mother's a 


JiAo }iAPPi:i;rD 

sight better, fihe's been settln' up 
wrapt In a comforter by tho kitchsa 
stove. I ain't let her go to tho winder 
yet; It's bo draughty. An' then I'm 
keepto' the winder for Chrlstmus. I'm 
goto' to push her chair over there to- 
morrow momln', Chrlstmim momta', 
you know. The Lord's got a surprise 
for her there. He's got suthin' for 
her she's longed for ever since Bales 
v.-as hung — the grandest Chrlstmus 
present ever you see. I hope the sun'll 
to out It's ton ralnln' stiddy the 
whole ondurto' week. January thaw's 
loot Qouat an' come ahead o' time, I 
gnesa; an' there ata't a apoek o' now 
in the valley. I woaldnt wondor tot 
you'll find your share to mothor'a 
Chrlstmus, tew." 

"What In the world are yiui talking 
about?" asked the painting lady. 

"Come up an" tell her if yon do," 
said Laury, and snatched up her shawl 
and ran away laughtog. 

The. ann waa atreamtog into the 
room toforo tbe painting people, tired 
with their Journey and their work, 
awoke. It was at the same moment 
that every team to be had down at the 
Port was ilellveriuK great loads of 
wixid at .'lO gates, with tho b''.<;t 
mas wishes of the Chanipion family. 
It was only partially dry, to be sure, 
but there was enough pine-tree Kto- 
dltog to tosaro a royal blase aad every 
burning nrmfnl wonid dry another 

"I.u/anne!" cried her husband. ni|b> 

bing his Bleepy eyes; "what to the 
n.imi' of mercy are you doing?" Foi 
she wan kneeling at the window with 
both bands clasped, her hair falling 
about ber. her face shining with ecs 

"Gome and see!" she cried. "Oh 
Eugene, tto miracle haa happeoodll 

Oh, can't you boy the place? Comei 
come and see! The swamp ia gone 
all gone! What am I dotog? I an 
looking Into heaven!". 

For there, all the soft rusts ani» 
russeto veiled and glowing under a 
transluoence of violet vapors smittea 
with the son, lay the long totorvalOk 
the river aparkling through It eorve 
after curve alive with light; beyond 
It the pine-clad hills, their black-gree» 
depths casting purple gleams ucros* 
thom, and a great pale heaven, stiU 
with a nush of rosy sunrise to It, 
soaring overhead. 

It was at tho oame tnstoai that 
Laury, having helped tor mother, 
rolled In blanketo. Into her dwlr. had 
with Asa's and her-tathor'8 hglp. 
pushed It to the window and pulloc 
up the white shade. The little mottot- 
looked out bewildered. "No unow?* 
she said. Then she looked back at 
ber husband, at the others, and looked 
out again. "Have I dioir sho whto 
pered, hoarsely. 

"Oh, mother, mother, don't you aeo 
what's happened r' cried Laury. "FH 
ther's kep' It for a surprise. It's tb«. 
dear Lord's Christmas gift to you'" 

"Oh!" she said, clasping her lltthi 
thin hands. "It gives me youth again 
It's wtot I had. so long agik wiU 
health and stren'th oa' loto. . Oh. ta 
tber dear, 1 think heaven'll look W 
so! You don't suppose It's a dream, s 
vision— that It won't last?" 

"Last? " said her husband. "Tliey'v* 
dreened the swamp and are Koln' ta 
lay It down to grass. An" there'll b« 
no more damps rising to make rbeih 
mstlcs. An' you'll see It every day oi, 
your Uto aa Icag as wo Hvo, llttU 

"It's too good, It's too good." she 

said. '"I must he golu" to die. I'vt 
heern tell o' folks dreaming dreami 
an' seeln' vlsioiiH w'en they waa goini 
to die. Well. well. I doo't daoerve It. 
tot what a Christmas momto*. Yoe 
and tto two children hero an' tto 
doleotaWe oonntry there. Oh. tt'< 
heautltoll It makea tto world seen* 
n fit place for Christ to have been 
born In. I hope the l/)rd knows hoti 
thankful I b« " And all day ton* 
they heard ber shigtag softly to ho^" 
self part of Mf oM dWnntontoa at^ 
them. "Oh. taato a»4 Mo Ikat «U 
Lord Is good." 




' V.V 


Blotting Pad with Paney Corn«r«. 
Son* «hMta of white blotting paper 
kkM OB a pifleo ot kaftvy cardboard oot> 

II7. An offoet of plnoMc* !■ s»lnetf 
bj mine dark watar 
all over the bodr. 

J«w«l Cabinet 
An Ingainious llttla artlcla la a Jewal 
baakat, mad* of a aqoara bos. Stttd 
wttti pill bas drawara, aMh 1wt!bk a 
PMM partout rinff for a haaila. It to 







aoftrad wltb pink or bine sUk and la a 
lalBty accos»ory for a dreaalag tSbla. 

Snapshot Albunk 
Thia in made of heavy gray paper, 
with covers of Kray cardboard or of 

With brlght-eolored wall paper 
or cretonne, make a pretty blotUr. 
Oomera of tho double paper or icre- 
tonne keep tho 'ii<ittiii<; paper In plaoa. 

Paper Owli. 
Comical pnprr owIb are made of 
plain brown tissiie paper, crinkled by 
paulng through the handa a aonber 
of timea. Stuff with wadding, and tie 
at each end. Cat one end In a point 
fbr the tail. Leave the other end wide 
aad aquare tor the head. Sew ahoe 

^ttona 00 eirrlea of yellow cloth out- 
lined with black, for r<yp8 Attach 
the owls to a twig. Made In three 
alaaa, the blrda kwfc like a Uttte tarn- 

aoft leather. It nay be omamtntt 

with any suitahic quotation. 

Box for Ball of Twine. 
TwUie holders aro cliTul»r boxet 
covered with leather or linen, In deep 
colon. Little match boxes that art> 
very charming for uen'a tablea ar« 
made of the ordinary match boxea tha-. 

come by the dozen, with a piece ol 
stiffened velvet and a little gold paint 
along the fdi,'cs, folded about it and 
glued in place to represent a littU 
valvat book. 




Cut out of a piece of cardboard the 
form of a five-pointed atw five laches 
long. Cover with gold loaf or sliver 
laat For tha raya of light taka about 


An Oeeaslon of Great Joy for Both 
Young and Old. 

The happiest and most oseitlng time 
at Christmas for young and old la 

when the free beams forth In all its 
Rlory and spIfMidor. There la fcteat 
I pltasurt' for the elders in dressiim It 
In Its sayeat ralnK^nt. If the full 
beauty Is to be brouRht out it should 
be kept until night. It is Mid that 
IBO.OOo Christmas /rees will be brought 
into the American market Hemlock, 
cadar, plna aad apraea are all good 
for tha purpose. Tlia base can be 
eoveiad with cotton batting sprinkled 
with diamond dust, and every branch 
may be laden down with the same artl 
flclal annw. Incandescent elei trie 
llKhtg are becouiliig nuire pc)|i\i;:ir each 
year ns they are safer. However, 
many prefer the twinkling of the 
candles. Colored balls and tinsel are 
draped from every branch, aad gayly 
draaaad dolls and toya of all sorts 
sway la the air. Thea there must be 
cornucopias of red and gold, filled with 
cnndy. The largest presents and mya- 
terLouB packages ( an be heaped around 
the fotit of tho tree. Kvery package 
should be wrapped In white paper and 
tied with brilliant red ribbon. Many 
dollars are spent each year for elab 
orate decoratioaa,' bnt maay attract! v« 
and eSectlvo oroananta may be mad« 
at bene, aaeb as atrtnga of popcorn 
cranberries, gilded and sllvir nuts, pa 
par iowera, etc., which all add to tha 
splaadtr ot the Obrlatnaa traa. 

Nn. 1 Is a simple evening budlce ia 
spotted silk voile; It has a mauve 
ground wtbt a white spot; piece lace, 
edged with mauve silk. Is used tor the 

collar: .'i sirli) of the lace Is taken 

down the front; tba aatcifal lg •^ 
I aagad Jn aauUI folda. bedBBlng at the 
laoa IB froBt, aad continuing down the 
sleeve to tha elbow, which is f nlshed 
off with a band of lace and xilk; n bow 
of silk la worn on the collar. 

.Materiula requilred: 2^ yards voile 
42 Inches wide, one yard plooo Ibce. 
one-half yard sUk. 

Na S— Tba bodlea pact of tbia la In 
coarae erekm apettad fliai aet; the 
band la of old rose glace, finished off 
at the walaf witli a ronetlo; the flat 
tucker is of four lnch lace, and ha.s 
two silk bows in front: th<r d^'op arm- 
holes are trimmed round with silk 
bows. The lace Is worn over an old 
rose glace slip; pink chine silk is used 
for the sleeves, which are flalahad at 
the elbow with laea baada, adced and 
trimmed with ellk. 

Materials required: I'i yard net 42 
Inches wide, 1 yard silk, one-quarter 
yard piece lace. 

No. 3.— Royal blue chlCton velvet 
to match skirt la used for tba orer- 
bodlco; a atrip of Oriental anbroldery 
forma a collar, and la taken over the 
shouldeni; a piece Is also laid OB in 
the center of front; silk tassels to 
match give a pretty ilnigh; embroidery 
also edges the over-sleeves. White 
Kiaec. Kpoited wltb Mm, la vaad for 

the iiiider-slip. 

Materials required: Three yarda vel- 
vet, six taaaela, ona yard wlda om- 
broidery, throe yarda glaee allk. 

No. 4 — This is a very pretty style; 
soft green silk, spotted with darker 
ureen, ia chosen for It: insertion Is 
taken from waist, back and front over 
the shoulders, also across back and 
front; the epaulette, which is laid un- 
der the outer edge of Inaartloa. la 
faced down tha center with dark green 
velvet ribbons, so also Is the center 
of front, jiait of the way. The little 
sleeve is tucked, and has a band of in- 
Sfiilon at the el how 

.Materluis required: ¥^ve yards silk 
T> inches wide, tour yarda ribbon, 3>/x 
j ards insertion. 

No. 5 ta Qulta almpla; It baa the 
sleeve cut in ona With tho bodice part; 
it is mane up in figured silk muslin In 
soft shades of pljik; Insertion edges 
the pretty s'lapt d o; ening, and is la 
ken down the outside of sl. "V(' a:. I 
round the elbow; four small tuckn art 
made on either side of tho front, with 
a deop pink velvet bow in the center. 

Materials required: Three yards 27 
Inches wide, thr(M> yard.-! inserilon. 


Ik broom straws, dip tbam In gold or 
allver palot and paste tbegi back of 
the star in bunches of three. Take a 
piece of writing paper, roll it Into a 
Stiff roll, fasten one end to a twi^ 
and paste the oitier end at tli" back of 
tbo star. Tho star may then be ar- 
nwiM at tha top of tba I'M- 

Idea for th« Christmas Tabls. 
A new Idea fur a Christmas table Is 
a Jack HGrcMi- bell. It may be bung 
from tho ehaadelior fey a splafhlog 
mi Boarlet ribboa. The bel' U 
la aC Md tlioao pmpmf, tbo botton 
w( whtmtUmr^Xy pa .tad over wltb 
MOBt iHpHrBoarlot rtbboas aro 
0tf«telMM ntilil the kell to the platea. 
aad at a al«nal from the bosteea. 
•tftia If the tll^kllu« of « litilo tu- 
vtalWa b«B, Ua ribbons a?o pulled aad 
aa tba ead af aaab la a 

Balng Up tba Olfia. 

A BOW way of doing up gifts which 
will please all. and pariieulariy de 
liKht the children. Is to uoe white tls 
sue pniier for wrappers, and. Instead 
of tying witli ribbon, fasten (he papa? 
in place by using small seals over th« 
edges where they are folded down 
The aeala coma apoclally lor tba par 
poaa and aro doaeratod wttb flay 
apraya of bolly. If you are sendlag 
off a Christmas boa put a layer ol 
white tiasue paper or white cotton on 
top of the package* snd over thii 
apriga of bolly or nlatlataa. 

IM ObHdraa Make Oarda. 
flava a*tar|o boa at nood to d rop IB 
picturaa. maay paper*, soiaps of rib 

bou, and so on to t(tv« th« <;blldreh to 
Btako Q^stnss cards. You vUl bs 
at theb laasaul'y 

Fashlan for tha Indoor aa Wall aa tha 
•treat Qown. 

As each week pas.-es. It Is seen that 
women are uoinn In luavilv' for the 
onecolor lin(> iioin tlie collar to ill'" 
floor. The waist and skirt, If in two 
pieces, must match. Tho gown miit.t 
I)referably be from one piece from the 
collar bono down. 

Even above the collar bone the 
aame color of lace or net In often used 
instead of white. Indoor fro< k.s as 
well as street costume:; :n.' clinqing 
to this one-coloi' rficci 'I'he liats do 
lot nititch the gown, and slioes and 
uloves need rot ma^ch it, but if you 
would be in fashion, see to it that in 
every hour of tbo day you aro la one 
color from obln to toe. 

It la the one-piece gown that has 
made this fashhin comimlsory. Tlie 
separate coat and skirt Is not popu- 
lar as it tuu been, for it has given 
way to the three-piece suit. The skirt 
carries its own blouse, and tha coat 

is adiled lliereto. 



Preparation Will Keep Tooth 
Quma In Perfect Condition. 


The merits of dloxygen as a mouth 
Tash are not as well realized as ih- y 
should be. It Is easy to get and not 
expensive. .V stoppered glass bottle 
of it should bo on every washsland. 

.Uter eating. If otle hasn't time to 
brush the teeth, the mouth should he 
rinsed out with diluted dloxygen. It 
is a Strang antiseptic, keeps the teeth 
from decaying, and protects the top 
of the mouth and gums honi soic^ness, 
or from creating and eni:iriailun a dis 
agreeable odor. 

The toothbrush should always be 
dipped In a little of It and brushed 
over the teeth and gums at morning 
and night, ovan after tootb paate is 

Tha latter naraly elaana tho teeth. 
It does not disinfect tbo noutb. Peo- 
ple do not pay enough attention to the 

inside of their mouths, even though 
they may be scrupulous about their 

In White, Lined Throuflhaut with Pale 
Qraan Brooada. 

For a coat of tliis description soft 
cloth Is the best material. It is cut all 
in one, with the sleeves learhing tc 
the wrist in front, and ^:llape<l to s 
point and reachine to tlie hem ui \hf 
back. It is in white cloth, linec 

VBRTBODT lovaa a 
prlaa gift, grown persons as 

much as children, so some 
new and interesting sur- 
prise cenierplcces have 
been prepared to suppl»^ 
tncut the Christmas tree and its bur- 
den of gifts These surprise pieces are 
Intended to occupy tha coBtor of the 
table when dinner la aervad. dthar on 
Christtaas day or tho ovenlBg before, 
and they aapply a good deal of merri 
meat aa well as decoration. Their 
decorative qualities are rare indeed, 
for they trim a Uble elaborately and 
more appropriately than an equal 
Quantity of flowera would. 

Santa Claoa la tha praralUat aiotlva 
for theao nalqaa decorations, and ona 
of the moat attractive over which his 
familiar form In mlnature presides la 
a basket laden with gllstenln.T white 
snowballs from behind each of which 
peers a smaller Santa Claus. In the 
top of every snowball is stuck a sprig 
of genuine holly, while Boatllag uader 
each white globe ia a qoalat gift, aoma- 
tlaaa a Joka. or aouetblBv Cbrtotnaay 
and appropriate for the redplOBt Ea- 
cirellng tbo high, ronnded handle of 
this basket Is more holly, with real- 
istic looking Icicles frlnning the Inner 
side of the lop. Around the basket 
proper are rows of Christmas "crack- 
era" to add to the fun and the amuse- 
ment of the occaaion. These are cov- 
ered with red erapa paper to match 
the basket, and a broad aatla ribboa 
of tba same shade Is faatened on one 
side of the handle. This trimming has 
a Christmas sentiment done In gold 

The idea of the Christmas surprise 
decoration seems to be to hide the 
gift as cleverly as possible. The Jack 
Homer way la reproduced by using a 
hofa BBOwball iaatoad of a plum cake 
or pnmpklB aad tbaa coacaallBg a gift 
for each person Inside the snowball, 
with only a bit of white ribbon break- 
ing through tho crust to show Its hid- 
ing place. A mock Christmas pudding 
adoraod with a Uftlg ot boUy aad wltb 

real looklaff pinna bolglng fron tta ' 
sldea la aaotbor attractlva aa a ta tp isso ^ 
which baa a preseat blddaa tai tbt 

center of each plum. * 
A sleigh driven by reindeer makea 
an elaborate ornament. The whole 
centerpiece measures something like 
four feet from sleigh to antlers, aa 
that more than an average stsed tahia 
Is required to display It to advantages 
Tha pair ot ralndeera waar a sllttor> 
lag baraoaa aad they ara arraacad o« 
wheels, so that they move la a alow 
and stately manner If there la room 
for this feat. In tho sleigh are row* 
of fat snowballH with a sprig of holly 
stuck In the top of each and a tiny 
Santa Claus standing guard over each 
ball. A larger Santa Claus holds the 
reins and guides the sleigh. Ribboa . 
streamera aro attached to tba aaow> 
balla. ao that tba aada eaa ba jaaae d . 
to tba gneata aa tbey alt at taUa^ tbaa 
making an effective picture before tha 
Christmas load Is distributed. Bach 
snowt<alI forms the top of a paper box 
which Is cylindrical atid has its baae 
hurled In tlm bottom of the sleigh. To 
fill In the spaces between these gleam- 
ing white balls branches of holly and 
mistletoe or other Christmas graaaa 
nap bo Boad. 

A centerpiece which haa no anr^ 
prise feature Is a mlnature gable roof 
with A brisht red brick elilmrey, into 
which a tiny Santa Claus Is stepping. 
The roof is covered with snow and 
lelcles drip from Its eaves, but good 
I t Santa Claus knows that there are 
warmth and good cheer below. (0 ,1) 
judge by the plaaaad and antlalpalBiy .-^ 
expreaalon ha waara. Tbla eaahg^ \ 
place may bo laid oa tba tabia wMh i 
out any further decoratloo. or It MP 
be surrounded by branches of boBy 
and Christmas ferns. If much other • 
decoration is used the centerplaoa 
loaaa Ita affacttraBaaa. 

Prettu Christmas Gift | 

■louse of Aluminum Silk. 
Aluminum allk haa been uaed rath- 
er sparingly hitherto In tho abape of 
glrdlea and aaahea. Now it haa come 
out la blooaa toiia and the result Is de- 
cidedly attractive. ' One blouse of this 
silk Is nade on tailored shirt lines 
with broad flat plaits and Is relieved 
at the throat by a fold of purple vel 
vet beneath a frill of qiallne lace In 
more elalK>rBie style this silk Is ad- 
mirable for wear with a suit of gray 
Ottoman allk or a'aoat ot any fbr. 

through with pale green brocade. A 
green galloon to aiatch tba llalag 
edgea tba aaek. dowa tha front, and 
round the aloevea of coat A velvet 
strap of a darker green Ik sewn in at 
the neck, and cord ornaments and 
cord of the same color add a trtnmlBg 
to each side of front. 

.Materials rtHjulied: Five yards 48- 
inch wide cloth, six yards galloon, 
eight yards brocade, one-algbth yard 
velvet, olx cord eraamagta, aa* yart 

Tho Luneheon Apron. 

The luneheon apron of white lawn 
Is quite nhort with a iL'ineh tlnunce. 
•rimmed «ltb a hemstitched border. 
The w'.ile bib t-umos over the shoulder 
In a Oibson plait elfoct and la made 
with a white collar, mueh oa the or- 
der af a waitroas' apron. A narrow 
fold dbwB tba aaator of tba bib Is 
-dKed >iMb|||MBrrow ruffle of tba 
msturUI.^HHPItaiTow hem, triuiaMd 
vlth extreoMly aarrow lace. 

Maklna the Hair Warn 

A Simple bnt moat effective way of 
making the hair wave In the big rip- 
ples which continue to be fashionable 
Is to dampen it and tie it down with 
bonds of baby ribbon Of course atn 
solutely straight hair will not yield 
to this treatment, but hair with the 
slightest tendency to carl will 
spend beautifully. 

After tbo hair la deaa ap dampoa it 
wltb bot watar. plaA it a nttie and 
then draw It cloae down to the lu ad 
MTlth bands of baby ribbon put on iu 
bui'arate pieces about an Inch apart 
and pinned very tight to the head, 
l eave on for an hour, removw care- 
fully, then comb the hair gently antll 
it fluffs out In cbannlim wavaa of 

beautiful regularity. 

Punctured Cloth a THmmlng. 
There to a broadc l oth trianUaff new 
la use wbtob ta eovared with a 4aalgB 
In holea. Tbeaa ara made vrttb a stn 

otta It la called punctured cloth, 
aad It to uaed fer rovers, watotooata 
and papdla aa akbrta aad 

NOVBL work bag that will 
make a Tary pretty aad ac- 
cep table Christmas praa e nt 

Is shown la the accompany- 
ing sketch. It Is a handy 
little thing, for the needle- 
book ia attached to the bag, so one 
do»»s not have to hunt among the 
spools Inside for the needlebook. It is 
a simple matter to make the bag, and 
it requires only a scrap of material. 

Cut a atrip of silk 22 inches long 
and nlaa lacliaa wlda. Fold tba abort 
edgaa togatbar aad maka a amaii 
Fraaoh aaan ap tba lonff aldaa. Ibid 
back two Incbea aad nake a two4nch 
heading, with a half-Inch spa^>e below 
to nin the ribbon through. This 
heading Is made as It is In any bag. 
Qaiher acroaa tha lower edge ot the 
tha ndBlrtooB wm be 

To make tho noodlebook, cut two 
pieces of linen BV4 Inches by 4^ 
• nches. Transfer the design In the il- 
ust ration to the linen by means of a 
piece of carbon paper. Be sure to lay 
the design on across the long side of 
the llBOB. Cat two plocaa ot paste- 
board exaetly tba atoa aad abape ladi- 
catod aa tba pafa wbara tba doallb is 
drawn, aad aorar tbaaa wltb the 

Care should be taken ^n placing the 
linen on the pasteboard .0 see that the 
leslga to atralght Tu: a tba adgaa of 
iho Haaa btar tba paataboard very 
aeatly aad aaw baek aad tartb tram 
one edge of tba Maae Co tba adgo op- 
posite. Sew on tha ribbon aad tbaa 
'Ine each cover wltb a piece ot tho 

Cat two pieces of flannel one-half 
aab anallar tbaa the covers aad over 

bhia allk: tba aavar a( fMlp 

and blue satia ribboaa too 
broidery la eiiactlvaly 

using very deiicata aolani 

Flowers, pink. 

Centers of flowers, white allk 
Lieavea and ataaM. 


aa tba 



Ma4ty cator sq b a m to la 

Calandara fer Chrtatmae Otfta. 
Calendars always make acceptahl* 
gifts. Kmbroidered calendam Ut 
Dutch boy and girt 
tremaly popular and affective 
oat la tha dalft Uaaa. Or. tf 
they nay bo palatad oa oardi 
stead aad tlay laaay < 
tackad aa, fboy nay I 
ataapad at aby of tha or departroento. A pretty 
la to haaa a aad 


Urn* «iiilt»kg ' 



fancy suspenders 
HOUSE coats: 

And: mMiy otkcTC wkWh w* am dte< 
pUk/:tii tbe Mora. 

iEt. H. FIANK i 



ft^ Biiif Aril M< Cloak goM 25)1 k- 
4Mtira. Uekz Baoe. 

llMmXof«18ura«l udKiagWiliekt latantd 
jMttidir fMi naaiai esmtr, m4 Mac 
Ih* Ihnt Avt' iiMt kif|«4 lU^-aiM kMi. 

r — ■ • 

iyi)cic to 


Alici Uiviiiey iif I'ltrlwlv it *i*itl*K 

< rs. R. U. K'chmoi \ «t UaxiioK. 

Uiw Skill* haicM bun r«iarM>i (roa • tWi 
to reUilvM tt nsalnitatMirg. 

Mr. aoit Ml* S. U Toy nf M •<[ Pioht ctrvvt 
««r« ifeopptag is Ita Qmvd ; ity Thir«d»r- ' 

Mn. A He* B/ P>iw«r of rUanc'^iV i> tk« 
iiu It of ber (i»««kt*r, mr% Uww MaMktvi 

uf KaH riiiro «trr«t._ 

E. H. Hrjant o( ih» Arn of Bryant A Kiik 
iafi Tfearatef af toraaaa oa a taataiaa irip lo 

Mefiirg Koy Nt>li<OD and JimvH Barbuur l»fi 
yeatarda; f^r Ua oaigbborkood of dbaoooo, 
wkara tkay will apaa^ aavaral 4aft btatiag. 

^V^ardajr ia Cbriatiaaa Dar at tba Ba* 


TiM Eutenders Defeat the WTest- 
anderi Last Night 


"I triad all VttiiU nf blni»t rPinfdiAa which railed 
to ao Many (ooU but I liava tuuntl »h« niiht tlilnf 
Mlaak Mr farn waa fv'l nf plin|il«« and blark- 
baaaa. Artvr taking (' jirarala thay all Ml. 1 am 
aonMnalnc tha »• f . Miaai aad raaoBMaadlni 
tkam to a* (Hanila. i faal flna wiaa I r(*» • tka 

tkam to a* (Hanifa. i faal 

c Wittami«ti*at..JlaMak,ll.«. 

■Inc. Mci 


icptto hava a akaaaa ta raaoattaa 

Beit For 
The Oo«els 


P1»aaanl. Palatable. Pntrnt Ta>t« Good noOoed, 
Narer 8lrkea, Wnakan orOrlpr. IS<-. lie. >4c. N«Tar 
•nid In bulk. Tha c«iiuin< taliliit utamiteil OOOi 
Qaaraataaa to aan or font Bonay bask. 

Starliac Ranadr Co.. Chleaco or N.T. MS 


<t>artBialiaitraotf (pptbvltboQi pala 

A Chicago raport aaya thai aavanty-flva 
thaatara batvaaa Cbioago and San Praaoiaoo 

ara to ba Barged into ona company. 

Vo Char 

<Aa /ttatUngt •/ Jiti: 


5c buys Apron OinKhRmM, tlie hnrKoin of &W*viIICt 
5c buys Blnached Muslio, the 7/-tv kind. ^ 
5c buyR choice of h lot o( Pictarea, worth a|yt6 26c. 
lOc liuya prettitat Oresa Oingtiams in towoJwortb 12/ic to 16c. 
HandbercliicfB at 6c and 10c; tfaeae have pqrer been equaled. 
10c buya a leogtb ol Bucbing, worth iKc >B 80c. All oolors; great 
variety. 1 
26c bnya While Aprons, worth«86c. ' 
B«at line of uaalul Christmaa Qooda ever ebown in town. 


8c buya Children's Fancy Haudkercbiofa, 5c kiad« 
6c buys choi^ ot a lot ol Bowm, worth op to S6o. 
lOo buya Stocka and GolUra, bargato. 


Sole Agent 

Kor Amerloan BMtfll^ 
Boraala ftktru. 


riaar ntaaaTTaMAa enaoB. 

Jtei'. /nkn Harbour, 0.Ai Auaar. 

Kaaldaiioe Na ni IterMt atteet 

SudayHMhool ata:Si) 

Mlaaim aabkath-aabaol la tba Garmaa Chatoh 
alt p. Bi. 

WaatmlBiter Society C. v.. at fl:()fl p m. 
WaakI; PrayiT lu'^timz Thur».l«v *• T.iiO p. m 
TtaaohiDK at M tS a. m ami T U) p. ii^ 

CBNTaaL raaxaY TKHia.v chi hi h. 
a#a. ». W. Aierr. rntli.r. 
4laaid«D0« .Vo. 4» Koreat avaBin- 

•aB<la]r-aohool at 9:90 a. m. 
fiaauliliia at 10:U a. m. and 7 '.HO p. m. 

B. Haaiiag Sanday at S: I& p. m. 
WaaklT Piajw-a>a«tiBK Wednaaday r:M p. m. 

cHi-BCH or rmu WAVianv. 
guoday aobool 0:SO». m. 
■aarloaa— Sundaya, 10:45 a. m. aad iM p. m. 

WttomyT-.oa p. m. 

M. a. omraoa. 
r. W. Barr*p, Mator. 

Sanda* tcbool .v a m. 
FnacbiuK at lu:»i a iii. and 1:90 f. 
Spworth LaaKue at 4:00 p. m. 
W a j rat awa ll a a Thafiter at f p. ■. 

8BUDKX M. ■. cacao. 
Utr. H. //. Dattn/tort. 

aai toank geB> 

aaaday aaiail 
Oaaa Haattaa 

'Vraaehtiii arary flrat aad IfeM gaadaft at 
lOjMa. B. aad 7:00 p. m. 

toaaaaaaaa eaadag atftM p.B. 

a* H. a. eavBOK. aoora. 

Mtf. B. r. Ckatkam. 

No. 21* Waal Second atraat 

, ol W;15 a. ra 

fiaaillihia at IU:«e a. m. aad 7:00 p. m. 
ftpwortlt baagaa a(a:M p. a. 
Piayar-matiat Thaiatey at T:et p. m. 

aaoewB m. b. cMoaoa. aoma. 

■mAbbi 014 Caal flaaead alaaat. 

Preachini; 8nt, aeoond and fourth SuDdayi at 
10:10 a. m. and 7:00 p. lu. 

ftuaday tcbool e*vry Sunday al 9 SO a m. 

P(By«r-ni»rtlDR arary Tburaday at 7 :U0 p. m. 

■pwortb Leaf ufl, Taeaday at 7 .(IU p. m. 
Jfimlot Bpwortk LaaitM, Suaday at t:IO p. ai. 

rraa^ aaPTia* CKOaoB. 

Bee. B. Bou AmoUl, PuttT. 
•ohool9:i0a. m. 
ng at 10:« a. n. and 7:00 p..a. 
P aepla'a Haatlag 0:10 p. ra. 
Thangay 1:00 p. 

Liwt uigbt at tb« Bowling Allcyi tha Ea«t- 
••i dkra ihre* H in h,i har i .in I'aptaiu CuIIhi.V 
Waatendert tbai he t»uk to tho «oaJ» uad pu* 
ap bia flag of aariaoilar to aara hia littia arin> 
of boarlara. Following ia tba aoof*. high-'.' 
aoaibar o( pint • ianing : 

But End. 

Rus«eli 112 213 213 

Jobnaon 126 181 167 

iiniar 169 179 186 

Ball 164 168 167 

William* 172 193 166 

Total 732 924 893-2.." V) 

Wf$t L'nd. 

Marlia 183 19<J lb3 

Yoaag 164 180 197 

Pickrall 168 193 170 

Callaa 168 183 174 

Sabataaaaa 124 147 135 

Total 787 902 859—2.548 

The Btataadtra broka tha allay raeord ib 

tktir taeoad gama laat nigat, •biab baa baai. 

kal4 tbene maoy )ear!i by the old Poartb Waru 

Tigara, tbair acure being 921. 
Nait gaaa batwaaa tha Baat aad Weat- 

aadan will ba playad Tataday tight, Dac«iD 

bar 16ib 


KmUuf OlveH Tiniiiy Warninsa That 
yaville < iii/rii Cm Af* 

Mo May 

aa^>aahoel 0:10 a. m. 
laaeflBg at 10:46 a. m. aad 7:00 p. m. 
. F. 8.C. K.8:lS p. m. 
rj^rar- m aatiBf Wednoaday 7:aup. m. 

mt, rATUUK'R cHfBrB. 
aev. ruOttr r. M. Jonu. Alitor. 

aaldaooe 110 Eaai Third ttfeai 

F.nrlv Matt at ^ a. m. 
jauBuay-avliOoi al It a. B. 
I«b Maaa at U a. 

Itetttm aflar 10 a. aL Maaa 

DANGER 81QNAL No. 1 conaa from tba 
kidaty aaeratieaa. Thay will warn yoo whan 
tba kidoaya ara aiek. Wall kidoaya ezcrata a 
olaar, ambar fluid. Sick kidoaya aaad out a 
thia, pala aad foaay or a thiek, rad. ili-aaMll> 
lag artoa,faU of todtoaai aad iirogalarof 

DANGER SIGNAL No 2 comra from tb« 
back. Back pains, dull and baavy or ab^rp 
and acate tell yuu ol aick kidaayt and warn 
OB of tka approach of dropsy, diabetaa and 
rigkt'a diaaaaa. Doan'ii Kidney I'illa cure 
aick kidnaya and cora tbsm parmanantly. 
Uttra'a Mayirille proof: 
Ura. Harvay Lyons, lirioc in the Weataro 
part of MayiTille, Ky , layi: 

In my aatimation Uoan'a Kidoey Pills ara 
an ideal kidney ramedy, and I have no heai- 
tancy io so <>ipr«ealDg royaelf. My buitband 
wa« bothered a i;r»al deal by a nuvere puin 
ttcruaa hit back, and alibougb bia cuoditioo vaa 
never ao aerioua tbat ba waa obliged lu lay off 
from wark, ba naTertbel«ii8 waa io miaery Ao 
added dource of aanoyaDce waa the irregular 
aotloQ uf tbe kidney 8Hcretijot>, this (ymptoin 

•iviiuad." "Xair- cmJ • fband," and a 
•"rr turn M lanfM. ara FRME to all. 
aww 3wal— aa Aa« ai llai ■aal 

ir oMtttart /aU (o eemc (*• /irtt Mbm, «m inatta a. 
nawy I l y U X i m aa ara i iieetaar y <a aaaa.* la a a r ywa 
utvarrtM /»r. Wb wUk arfvamwri to /M (A«t M«i 
t««iio(««ti>oalii#ai» «Maii«M<n«oMr AaaaaliMiii*. 

a^.4dMrtwar« Kvav /itnMh eapv.aaMaa tm a 
■tr ot ttm a4>a««raaMa» maU 

rrni Ptrniic ZJWdMM.. 
fo 10 AM IMrddlreia. 

H«fp iOanttd 



loa mar 



TUv iMir,ssi:s and nroxiEsi-Niii 

,950 FUKHHKH riil-; TItOirHKIlS I, IKK NKW 
17'U(M)da (mlled for and refiiriicd. 

OKAK. 1^ 

Adfrrllarin-nti >t:.,i^i /m. />> iilttiii tnUI'Iml (taa 
but iuHKrlUtr. muti /uriiij.^ thr cviiy. 

>V Grave allay, Mta. UKIIBY WOLVjj^^ 

WABTBO " IHrOBllATIOH - Bfgaidiag 
farm at baalaaaa for aala: not paniaaiar 

about looaiton; wlab to bear fraai owaer oaly. 

wbo will rail direct to bayar; Rtva prloa, daaorlp- 
ttnu and ataie wbea poaaaaaton eaa ba bvt. Ad- 
draaa, L. DABBYgHIBB. Hot *,0M. Moehaaier. 

an eaa ba bvt. Ad 

Ur ANTFin-MANAGKR-Kor hranch clllre we 
wiah In I i-Hli- li.^r>' in Mii«mViII>'. A<1ilr.!aii. 
rili: >li)KUI> rtH<)Li;s,\LK, Cluoln 
lintl. (»ll>>. dt*3 Itu 

iratt an averaRa amount ol taot and pe rte- 
\rr>nfi-. Thererom, we went yoa aad w|i| pay 
y<iu fT.^ a ninnih (or takloic only four crdert a 
ay. Vuu can earn a blcluoome. We furultli all 
• luiilif. fr.-e. Wrlie today id MANAUKK, V. O. 
II. X ilMi N"« Yi'rk Ciiv 

W^.VM KD— .MKN - i^uickly. l>y big Chloau'^ 
T T .Mull urdiT iiuutr. Lo di>trlbul«o*laloaut:», 
■Uvertiac, rto tJb a week. Mu eipeoae allow 
4uue Drat month. No aaparleaea required 
MAMAQBB, IKpt. t^.M Wabaab avenue, Ub|. 
cBRO. noar Iw 

For Rent 

4aa l(ne<, JO ftnlt twfl intrrtion, u* ceiUt it week 

L^UK IiKNT-COTTAOi:-Or teven rooira In 
f Kirtb Ward. Apply at No. 96 Meat From 
itreci. deO It 

for Jolt. 

^dt'errKamenM wiMfar Mu Aaodiag, net aaaaadtiM 
ta* Hnai, Ucmti aaaA liiwi W i n . arlO aaala * tMti 

CpOR SALB— Bavlng daaUad to aova to a 
£ warmer ollatau, will offer, privately, my 

Kealdenoe, Orooery aad Barber Snop. all tn uur 
building, altua'ad ootalde tbe elty llmlia id Writ 
Bud of MayiTille on Oeiuaatowo pike, all in 
aood lapair. Call e« rBABCU CMBAb, B. B. 
Bo. I. daen* 

H baoao. JAMM 0. niOMAS, B. r 


A dv i W o n itta iinaar lata aM3n!fiaMrCad~'e«* 

tut advertiMeri muit f'jrniiH tite ropy 

llorNU IXKi — with tbort tall. If found 
return to THOMA.S UAl.LARl). KlenilDi; pike. 
Kuute No. 1, and rvceive reward. Qi t* I w 

10ST— IIANO BAG— Tan colored. oriitHinltur 
J IcittTii mill papcrii of nti valui* to nny oue 

but 0« ll' T 

inirx and 

lleW I 

10»T-CHIL1>8 rUKCOLLAR-Oo atr«.>tpar 
J or un iireet between Itnt NatloDBl Bank 
aod Barkley'a Sboe Store. Pl« 
teiolBoe. Mra.J. C. SIMONS 

Pleaie leave at Led- 
deS Iw 

LUST— GLOVE -Long, dark driving itb ve Sat- 
urday, between tbe realdenre ut ■)i>hn T. 
Smith and Center atreet, on Korett avfoue' 
^ , l-leaaa latnni l« BOWABO QABBETT, SlBger 

deootiog tbat bin iruubl.' dr ^xe f rom di.'<oriiere'i se»iBg Maaklaa aaaa. Maikat a ti aat. aad ra- 


In nrmctrlHg aOrtrtiMtmrntU a y penrliiy <n UU 
toftkU fwyr . or utrnt htt i ffm g food* frnm a 
waeeaai d iai Yl aeatai rfn^ Iwi » aa l Xa j m i wr. 

•ra a«MetaJlr rafnariad «• M« aia( Ma 
a dw l t iaaie wr <i» Tbb PrsLir Lbimieb 
»<IHa>. a»»<< U u Ul ttf g-rUr/uitii 

kidney*. Being advised to try Liubo'd Kidnev ceive rawaid, 

Pilla, be procured a supply at J. J. Wood & | 08T— BBLT-Batwaan tba oaraar of Third 
Son * Druiiatore, and they a&ted just as bene- t .V. 'f.'' Market ttreet* and the rajidenoe of Mr. 

« 11 ■- k;- i. „.k— . I, ' V,'.h Hail In the Ktftik Ward, xold be.t buckle 

ficially in hi* case aa lo many other* which be ; ,„,„ ^r^^„ „„,„.,. h«%-ing a white and 

had read aboa'.. A abort oae enliraiy cored ' gilt belt aiiai-hrd Reward if rriurnMi in Mn. 

him, and op to tka praaentlima tkare baa baan I -'aMKS h n v ll. » w-.i Third ttr.ei, iieoiur 

no ratora of tha tronbla. Racaaily I wa* *nd> 

daoly afflietadwtifc a tirailar truubla.bat began 

Uking Doaa'a Eidatf Pilla, and from iba bene- 

leial raanlu already taaal y ad I taeb forward to 

a eoaplata oara." 

Far oala by all dcalara. Price 50 canta. 
tatat^MUbara Oa., Batato, Maw Y«rk, aala 
agaatafarthaOB H aiHiMi. 


LOST- WRAP feu MAUA/.INB-Addiaaaed to 
Mta. Bea.Thataday, naarVaiaatlBa'a grocery 
lagtettWatd. Bladlyleaaaattklaaglaa. « iw 

L08T-PIN-Oa atraatoar Wadaaaday eight, u 
Bomaa goki ebaialalaa pla. 
Ka*t Saoond atraat. 

luru to 43ii 
d*4 Iw 


L06T-P0CKETB00K-« and 110 bill*, 
tare (• ONOBOB W. DAVU, Foartb aad 
WaaaWaat W let tronbla. 

Christmas GlftSa 

We respectfully suggei^t that ii-.stond of the usual 
aaeleaa articlgt yuu present a aaviogs bank book. One 
dollar openg bo aoooaot. 



J. B. DURRBTT, Ctthler. 
J. N. KEHOB, President. 

Send Us 

e e e'.Your BUls 


For Estimate 

ar>) headquarters for Lumbar, Sash, OooVi, 
BUnds and MiU Work, dblogles, M^tal 

MM «M«M W« mm WM«W^«1 

MMl Rubber n^oAag, 

H. H. Collins 'cZlSL.y 


Buck niainnnd Puultry Powder, the 
cbickena' friend; fbr oblokena, tnr- 
kejra,daoica and Beeae. OaraaobotoMt. 
ronp, leg; weakneaa. Itmlier naok. 
('Anker and all dlaraafw of dotntiatio 
t'owlH. MakeN laricer fowlH. C^ulck- 
rna the growth or yoani; otilcka. A 
wonderful pkk producer. Helle at SOo 
per box. Ouarant«e<l. Money refnnd- 
ed ir flalla. Trjr • bos oma ba oon* 
Tinoed. Bold bjr 


Oniooltt, Maytville, Ky. 



LOer-PAPBB MOBBY-Taa to fr.urt.-en dM 
* itetlalMtvUla. fiaaa 
aad Bttstwttd. 

laavi- at tbltolUce 
nevM Iw 

11 Baatl«a«BdSt., 




«e*«diU« ia «f Ml .Vnr. 1, IMS. gMfM< (e aAonpr 

without notiet. 

For WBahlngton and Maw Tork, 
•'I :Sa p. m., •I0:ft4 p. m. 

Bar RiahBiond, Old Point and Martolk, 
a|:S5p m., 'lo .'it |> na, 

Loral for Uloton, 
1Ui4U tt. in. 

LoriU for Bnntlogton. 
•0i4Oa. m., fai44 p. m. 

ror OlDolnaall, Imllauapolls, St. Lrfiala. 
Ohloago, LoalBTllU. Naahvllte, 
■famphla mod Waat 

*0:4a a. m., *S:17 p. a*. 

Local for OlDotnoatl. 

5'10 •» •"»•• ♦» 00 w. m., ♦4;It p. aa. 


tS:«am f8:40pm 

*t:Otam •9:00 am 

tt:l5pm (10 00a m 

•S:SOpm *l:&6pm 

•Dally {Eioept Sunday 

'uwKrn or QMMMT mgm mix 

TMttory ot bow Mataball rial^ 
aaaatad bit graai fortune may ba told la 

a few word*. He hari lonnitlilng to tall 
aiiil ailverllted I * 


Styles ill 
Christmas Trees 

Will be the same this year 
as last, same general color 
scheme, SBizie trimmings. 
Stylet, in our good cleches 
virf quite a good detl-^-they 
are the 

J. Wesley Lee 
Brand of . Clothes 

Vou will rind our store head- 
quarters for Men's Christ- 
mas things— an Overcoat 
or Suit or thre smaller things 
he want^— 

Fine Shirts, 
Handsome Neckwear, 
Half Hose, 

Gent's Umbrellas and 
Fancy WaistcoatSa 

You will be able to get 
something good here from 
25c up to I25. 


only the 


VIen's only 
)eit ones. 



J. Wesley 

The Gnd IMbet Ha. 

{Itrtkesst Ctner Sccm4 ii4 IbrM. 

Notice This 

For All KInda of 


o»n M ttao 



Give aometblna wawfni. Bometbinc 
tbat will remind tba recipient of yow 
every day. Tbare la nothlnn ao ft-e- 
qoenily need or ao tboroniihly appre- 
ciated aa a properly btted pair of. 
apeot4uslea or eye glaaaaa. Krery reclpl< 
ent of a pair Ofonr glaaaea la entitled 
tn m tborongti and acleiitlftc eye ex- 
amination and cbanite of lenaea atMo> 
lately fV«e. Satlafltotlon unarantecd. 


■ATmU II. 

I^OnlyexolaalTaOptlelaa la Matoneoaalf. 
tiura-on aad So aair Byagfaaa aaaattag*. Tana 
aadfoaad Mfeaal lania. 




At Great Western Shoe Store 


.^»KLY UKrVBLlOAN-ttn. 










I The Great Christmas Store its 

Christmas almost here! The spirit of good-will rules the 
world. At this season everybody wants to make somebody it N!^ 
happy. The joy a Christmas token gives is not measured | ^[ 
by cost, but FITNESS. Make out your list early and take | ^^fM- 
time to find the appropriate gift, and bear in mind that the • ^ 
store from which a gift comes has much to do with the 
. pleasure it gives. The name of MERZ BROS, on a gift i /--^\ 
J parcel is a MARK OF dUALIT Y. Christmas shopping has r. ^TT?? 

begun in earnest. The Bee Hive is buzzing with the excitement of new Christmas arrivals 
1^ coming in daily. BEADY! Beady for our busiest month. 

The Eternal Question, "WHAT SHALL IT BE?" 



<y She lias such lieaiitiful eyes, sucli i 

V* s;nic\ . ti|ftilt«l nose and such pretty cm 1\ 
liaii'. Slic v\t';ir«i iinw only a tiitiir a 
iKtir (il slijijuMs. Udii't y<Hi unnt to taki- 
her home tcuUy anil make her warilrolM' 
hetweoD now anil Xmas? She is yours for 

*^ $1.49. 


Special holiday editions, nnioni; which 
i< tlic lic;ititit'nllv illu^tiatcl -'in A'U^■ < )!•' 
A I5IK rill>A\' IM >LL. " a l...,.k that will 
^ Itc H constant ddi^^ht to every '"Ijitth' 
Mother ' in Maysvillo. HMnil^omely houn<i. 


i^^y Alger's, Ilenty's, Oliver (,)ptit-*s, (.'oop- 

/a or'i«, Ca8tleman*s — the liooks that plea^t; 
£>N "the boy." 

(% 25c. 

^ All the new po|)iilar copyrights in 
^ lian»l>onic illustratcil editions ut 


'/ Kspt'ciuUy the j/reat l\entn<'ky novel, ••Tlie 
^ Trail of the Lonesome Pine" by John Fox. 


® Ladies', Misses' and Children's Coats 

at special reilueed piicc-;. 

See the beautiful r»ear Skin Coats at 

$2.49. ^( 

Kveiy Ladie-.' and Mi'-ses' Suit re 
@ dui'ed to suit any Cliristnias |»urse. 


i r nut. think no t'urthct'. 
y V.\t v\ lieaiiUliil and piadiral -mt i 

^ h.Mc and it is really amazing how low aic 
®x/ the prices*. 

^ 11.98 to $25. 

OhiUlren Mateb set in furs. 

$1.98 to $7.50. 


Fashions latest creation. Novelty 
nets and fancy colors, beautifully trimmed 
and made to tit. 

$1.98 to $5.95. 

Gordon's Neatly Boxed SUSPENDERS 
yy 50c. 

1 ht; only siispeudur made guarantucil 
for one year. 




In white. Mack and color.-; v\\vix 

50c to $3. 


Xot necessary to say how usefid, but 
how inexpensive. 

49c to $6. 


Orieninl. l'> :-:aii an 1 il >wi>red desij^ns. 

$1.25 to $25. 

Aceordint^ to sixe. 

FINE LINENS for Christmas Giving. 

I'd! the vvonian fond and proud wt' h, r 
home lew uit't^ int'ct with inorc tlcliuhti'd 
reception than l>eautilnl 'lalile iMniask-. 
I'rieos aeenrdini,'; to ininlity. 


Not e.\pen>ive, l>nt daiiiiy and neat. 
Bennty Pins locand '.'."ie. 
!5elt Pnrsc>, .".Oe. 
( ollar Supporters, J.jc. 
Hal I'ins, I'.'.c, 


Ineliidiiii^ '111 I - al M!]iviaf«»r. 

50c to $5. 


For liein^ up the ('liii<tnias uift. 

3c to 15c Yard. 

Different »i/.. 

10c Each. 

C'oidd a yitt III! more ;ipj>ieciated than 
one made liixht in your own town \>y your 
own peoplcf 

i 'ak Medicine C'aiiiiiets. "••^c. worth 
Dak Plate UHck*. ':„•, worth 


■Home, Sweet Home," "Tiie .Merry 
\\ idow." 


I'lont and hack. 

j»m i . ii m miiij H^M II jn» ■ pi lP p i m m w n m 


( onit'oitalile. warm and si\ii«ii. 
really sensible ^ift. ' j 

$1.25 to $6. 


I hi' very wclci.nie and aceei;^ 
^ift. Such pa:te! ii* i)i \ n woven \»eU 

5c to $1. 

specially attractive is the Ladie / 
Idncn, (5 in a I mix. .it ^ 


In Iteautifnl novelty hoxes. 


Didnty. >tvli-«h aiul arti'-fi'- at' tlv 
Klastic and Tci-i til N . . U 

25c to $1. 

Handsome jeweled liuckle*. 




The very la'cst lads . ; tmy Kueh-.;; 
Ties and .lahous. Fhitfy. lutfly and la* , 

25c, 50c. • 


Made of .lapauese crepe with 
« >i lental doiuu*. 

$1 to $4. 

A pair of Shoes is a ^ift to be 
loiii;- remonihered, especially il' it is a 
pair of Merz Bros.' kiiul. 

*Clueen Qualit . 
for ladies, $3, ^^^^^ 
$3.60, $4. 

"Barry/' for men, $3, $4, $5. 
Borneo Slippers in beautiful col- 
ors, fur tops, $1.25, $1.50. 
Bedroom Slippers, for men, 

$1.25, $1.50. 

Children s Bedroom Slippers, 

85c, $1. 


TIm* sw«'ete<f tia^iranee f 
ilclicate flowers. In tatiev lu tt^.- • ii«ntirir*-s 
••.Mdady's*" dres^iii-^ t;iide 

25c to $2.50. 


If so. turn direct t»> our glove coiifc 
wliciv Noll will find a ^rand assortnc 
ti'oni \\ hich to cli( >o«c. 


25c to $3. 


Kntirely new and fresh Ironi the dl^ 

50c to $4. 


In holiday l»o.vos. 




8 Maysville's Big Drygoods Store. Wholesale, and Retail 


IHaysvilk's Public Schools 


Supvrtnli'ndnnt MkyiTllle Sohooli, wu bora In 
Cllllon. Mlehifsa; Miuc»tad In tbe ooniiLon 
tokooli o( U(tlM«. the Tll-S<aM Noriiial l' lli-ni' 
knd Indlin* rnlTerilty. Ciradtintrd frum a1; 
TAUgbi tkr<-«.'ew* In the ei'iiiiiiiiii tchoolt nf In 
dUB»: oir }C4r Prineipil of s-ticH>U kt orrhi i 

Mlitourl: noa yeM Principal pf lllith Sol 

>rtii»Bio» II, Ohio; tfii .vfurii I'niicHHi . f lli.'i 
'*\ihl«od. KfHtiick'. Willi.' iTiiii-iiiiil if 

« Bi .\»lil»ii.l II iir ■Um.-iit 111 

0 aiol iw.. i.M.'li. r» vv.Tc ixlili'U kuil <lf 

I I to Ik tiiL''i _r.i.l.- 
. y .■ncn;' il m 'i ' 
r 11' 1 Min(lH,\ 1 

r ' 1I..T of III., s , 

^ 1 id KiMll n- . , 

ff * :ho<ilii lirfi' in .1.111 
\y »h"» II (1 iMkLi; 1 1 

Mlrii.i- ti.. ti*» h,> 1 !■ 
l..'i>N. Ill- li»* ;k.lvuii 

II.* has h1wh>.i 
I A., I'liri..! lull 

-'. Il:.» l...h 

i ■ .•■ ll 

. \*^ "•m 

I ' ; L.iiiii I 111 
r> Mi|..-r- 
rr..f. llrnil 
mil .•• Ml.. J 
rev r til. 
I 111.' :.mI 

■■ , .1 ( 

lire H r.iiiij iiiiikiiik: r;ii.i.| .irult- 
loiiiic ttie liitfli umrk li.' liuK • 

the chilii-niioiJ lie« tbii fooDdttioD of all locial 

Thorc >hiiulj h« ID it'norant children in 
MajHvillp. Look aK<> igDorance ha« been in- 
tprpretei). in oommitr law, ■■ • erimei. The 
par«ot, uf cuar«», i« primarily to blame for 
briORinK bia chiid u) io IgDoranco, bnt tbe 
parent i« only as Indtvldaal ud tbe individnal 

ioto tbe miata of memory. If tbey did tarn 
nnt Abraham Linrolno and Henry Claya and 

P:ifin<l W..|i.iti'r<, -II. 'h i.r.'inii.'H of iHsrninR 
wi-re qu tH a r:ir. t\ hi .1 at tiiiya and youtba 
tbey bad to pi w ihr . i);h ruch aeu of hard- 
ship, bitter iitru){f;le and privatioaa to acquire 
their lino«ltfd|{« that only tbe moit rugged of 
Batarea eaold emerge from the victorion* con- 

UaaoB oouaty. See what llayavllle baa dooe 
in one year. At one bound we km diaearded 
old eyatema and old liuil.ling^ for new tyttema 
and expenJed $10(),iX)() for new buildiage and 
eqaipmeat. rty their progressive liberality 
the eitiiena of Mayaville have riaen to the oe> 
oaaion and made U poaaible for u to boaat 
that in tvo yeara we will ba?a the beetaebool 

graodfalher'a daya tbe ehildrea reoeived aa 
good uadaeatloataaloffaehMlhowe. on aalab 

i,asthoydo now. Thii.«i molhoils of pdu- 
ealion were an erode and uncomfortable and 
unpopular aa the Dutch oveD and the lumber- 
ing atage eoaoh, eompared with tbe gaa range 
ud the palace e«r o( todajr. 
Otttkthut it the Mphatie deawd of tWi 

Y nd ll ni irtim /" r in .i ,rit hi'ii-i, ii 
II in ir-ri/ i'l/tnr' tilii,lud ,\nii 

ilfthiji iHifil ll ri Ihi /irini-ijiii 

■if nrtuv, morality ami civil lihrrti/. 

%*D of Kdui'iitioii 1.4 ^ilways an vie- 
and a ino. I'he tiKndinu of 
U a propoiiiiioo nbich admiin .>f 
|E|^aapoBsibility. Millions of cnnii 
we resulted from the inditferrDci- 
'\rant« <>ii l imbeeilt* teachers. 
' i ma*'. ''■ J V ' lem of society 
. in kooa .ut; : m to mold the 
of the ynune dbape so ai< to 
'>reee of .-t and m.itit ex- 

Aoe, th')- 4 what tn irii 

^7 baaltb '. u' , n.irmal .11.1 in 
and Women >Vith very few r\. 
*. left to tbe III. I rained tenilenrief 
boy and (hh ;;irl of every uk.'- 
DO (^^eoeratea into the igDorjiil 
i^ysiia slugganJ. Tbe self-made 
* led. is so iafreqoeot that it 
'•e correct theory that man 
^er ({T'l* th A- Ih- In ;^ )f 
.* inclined; and the wbitle schema 
re, begina. or should begin, with 
ig liap of the cooirg infant. Tbe 

AsBAL'a. arawART, 

Prtnolpal of the Koarth District School, ta a 
native of Adarat oouniv. Ohio, lie attendad tha 
National Normal I'nlvemlty at Lebanoi , Oblo, 
In IWI and \mh. and alio alleadtd the Mays- 
villa Bcliools. Ha liai been teaohlsg here bis 
teoond year. 

new may$ville Rigb School and Second District ScbooL 

1.4 iiiwiiys ann'Oiihii* lo the law, and the law 
8ayi>: "Educate!" 

This propimiti'in in si pNo»ili|.< and patent 

wonderful age, or you are left at tbe poet by 
your hottliBg aeighbor who walka off with the 
priia in every coBteat. 

faetioB to know thit Mnyivitle's flrat aehool- 

inaKter was n man of honor, inli'(;rity and 
i<pli<ndii| ('tiii.i|iaii charHctiT ami thai he was 
kn.iwn for hii< claNniril leiirninj; 

However, it is very probable that tbe very 
flnt tcaeber at Ii mestone wu UoIoboI Job** 
than AyiTf, one of the iliKtinguiahod boroeB of 
the Ueviiluiion. it if Haid that Ayera taaght B 
school at Iiiraeatone, as early ns 1784, some 
kIx years before thx advent nf DonaldaoB. 
Ayer8 hi Iped to erect the first wooden block- 
hiiu.^i' at Limi'stono which fiirritinlol by 
a stiicka te It was built in IT.s t, and stood 
about where the North eiid of the Neptune 
Fire CompaB>'* iiall now stands on Kast Third 
street. He taught a small school in the stock-'. wh.To there was safety the Indians. 
Colonel Ayera owned a vast tract of laad sloag 
the Ohio river oppoalto Jfaaoa coaaty Bid 
built th« first mill in Ohio. West of llarietta. 
He was a great anele of Colonel Frederick 
Bierbower and the Miaiea Bierbower of thit 

Mayaville for tbe paat hundred yean hat 

hflcn known .m the Athenn of th« Wedt and it 
irt entirely proper to say that Miysville and 
WaHhlnuton, in Mason'oooBty, Kentucky, have 
produced as many, if not more, tcholara, atatat- 
men, jurists, aoldiert and other promioeBt 
historical characteri>, living; »r di-a.|, than any 
other two cities of their fize io the Tnited 
States The hif tory of Umob consty, thoagh 
unwritten, would teem with romance and prove 
uf invaluable interest to tbe world if vueh B 
volnmo thoald be givea pablicBtloa. 

Kea'iizinK that the neeis of the 

colored people of Maynville deserve and de- 
mand better school buildings, tbe Board of 
EdaeBtion ia planning to erect a flae $7,000 
Btractare neat aeaaon to replace the preaent 


II H.iH IIKN. A H . 

-\ii I' Mith .>'.|i .o|. »ii* liiifii Hi 
I'oiiiitv. Ki-niiii-Ky; i-diieati-il In 
r 1.. !-..|ii..,i- of iliKt .'lint;. ( '.■'t' li .'onrsi. 
I' iliitm It it'lj Noll' . .1 Ml tiriiv»'s i-oiiiit V r, 
Mati- I'liiviTdiy III IMi and k'radiiati'd tvliti A. 
li. Degree. I 

III Klirill 1 IIAIIVF". 

I'rilo i| "f III'- !5i.,!ollll ItiKtrn-l ^rliool, ii u 
n.itlvi- iif llri-i-klurid)(e foiiniy, Ky. He lao«lii 
fur f ix yi'iirt In that county and was cduoateil hi 
Iliiw IiiiK Un-i'n Normal Colle^ie. This It his llriii 
year In Maytvllls. 

Tirsi District School Building. 

> I.AHKM t « A III IN, 

•i|.»l Kirst Ui-irii-i Sriiool, \iitii linrn at 
yii*-'l, nlui) «dii' aleil in tjin ruKin- Si-lioi.l» of 
III* ' Mtivi* Io iiie iknd ufti-rwikrdt att.'ii.l.-'t N> rn. t 
8. liiKiin ai Weil I iiioii, 01.10, < ..iitriil N runt. 
Ciill.'it'. Iianvilli- Ind . .mil ut l)4.|it>Mir' . iiMo 

He liaii iM-fo rriiii iptti I'/ iln' K irji 1 n-iriri hi-li 

for ihi- p»»l »ii yeart. Hh i« hh kIv. i.ii'.. . ' 
nuriutl trainlDg si ho'ilii liml li>i> Imit 'h. r. lu'li 
iralDltiu ID that Hue tie I'mn ;| ui r -t 
Dover I'nt io S'^hooln fur u nunil..-r i f > • ir« 

aormal man and woman ia the great want of 
hasBB ■••trty today and ever baa beea. There- 
fM» hi tka MMa tlo B aid the davalepaatt of 

that every m in .in I w.iaian kn .wh, or rh'iul'i b» 
made to know, tr. i' they wh.i hiw rhildri-n un- 
real enemies of ti.ioiety if they do not compel 
their children to st leaat receive a common 

set.', ll .- iu'-af. m 

K'iij'-at; .n nii-ai..' seif respfcl an. I .-"if-re- 

(lur srhooln are f-ee — edoeaiioo is free. 
Our free Public Seboola offer ibe greateat 
L'hince in the world to get aomelhiag for 


Talk ab iut ignorBBBo being this! It is 
worse. It IS a blisler. 
Education does nut mean simply knowledue 

aripiTcd books. It mean? moral mni 
siii'ia! 41 iftinit ai. I moral and social and npi'ii- 
ual development. 
First, the i'a.-eiit^ 
Second, tbe T - > Ijer. 

ilii't with unimpaired health aad nndiamed 


Therefore, the child, tbe child! Always tbe 


The child is father to the man, and society 
nwen a d'-l.t lo K .('lely to manufacture the 
very best fininhed product poaaible out of tbe 
free raw material which every day la being 
poured iato the edneatioBal hopper— oar Pub- 
lie Schools 

aystem of any city in tbe State. 

The pictures in today's issue of Tiik I'i ii- 
I i.ii' LKiMiKK give a fair idea of tbe great work 
I done by our Board of Kducation during the 
I past two year!) Serving without pay, as tbey 
do, thi ir I'lf.irl,- in K.'h.'ilf of the children of 
the present generation will also cone at a 
double bleaaleg to aacoaediag potterity, and 
mere money cannot omputc the inestimable 
advantages that will coim- to thouaaada of 

J , 

Third, the Bn 

ilr, reverse the ;.r'opositione as yiu pU-ai-e and 
the etfsct is about ijbe aame. 

We ofttimes think that we do not properly 
and sufficiently und<^rstand that every child is a 
miraclo, li^d-Klven and mysterious, lileiiae'l, 
'h ieed is he or she ibo roBliase this and lande 
tbsir beat efforu to rogaideaad mold the child- 
mind that the tnish »d prodaet — aoble manhood 
an. I w.imanhood rr ay result, to riae up and en- 
lii^hten generations yet to eome. 

Uur sctauoh are bat (aetorioe of edocatioa 
and we are pleuei to BBf that thoj are fut 
becoming model ti\ kiriea. 

Tbe days of th« little log achoolboaae aad 
tha HUla rad taboo laaaa art faat fading away 

3dcob (Ualter Rand. 

No place in the eoantry baa felt tbe spirit 
of the great tdaeatioaal awaktaiag, aow 
awaafin am Ika world. lUta MiiifUla aH 

milliam ttlest Richtsen. 

b(<y« and girlt ytt to make tkair 
apoB the ttaga of adaeatioa. 



naar aad wirl thai ii ear 

Cbird Dlstiict School fiuildina. 

In this number we bad hoped and intended 
to publish a creditable though brief history of 
tbe Public and other Schoola of both old and 
latter-day Maysvillo. But we And tbe subject 
cannot be eanily and tboruuKhly printed owing 
to the fact that the r equisite data ia miasing 
and Bot of roeord. 

Thxt the Mayaville of tho pa^t hundred 
yearn had adi-'i'iiite .schools there cao be no 
doubt, but local historians have not written of 
our tchuols of early days, and a great atretch 
of many years of our school history it unre- 
corded and only a few factn of oral tradition 
give us any light whatever as tu the "who, when 
and where" of our educational laatitntions 
from I7!>|) to IKiO, a period of forty years 

Uay^vhll''H tli'ift K'-honlinajtir was Israel 
Donaldeon, b irn in .New Jerst-y February 2d, 
1767, and who located in Mayaville (then 
Limeatone) in Jane, 1790, at the age of 28, 
when he opened tbe fir«t school here. 

17^0 there were probably a dosea rnde 
log eabiat betldea tha bloekboaiaat Liaeetoao 

and .Mr. Honaldaon taught Bohaal in one of tha 
cabins, liut ho wielded the rod for B fanv fflontha 
only anil led a remarkable life afterwards, be- 
iag oapturad by tbe Bhawaea ladiaaa ia 1791, 
aad after eecaping f roBi them he jolaad Gaaeral 
Wayne'n .^rmy. He died on the 9tt of Febru- 
ary, l&O'J, uo Red Oak Creek 10 liruwo county, 
Ohio, only a few milee North of Uaykvilte, aged 
102 yeart, and bia roaaiat were bariad in tbe 
Pratbytariu Caaalaif at Ma a i l watar. Ohio. 

Mir UBilHlMkaCkM llllt|IMlillil> 


Was born a* t<ewlsburK. Mssea oouaty, Ky. He 
waaeduoatedalQaorgatuwa^CoIlege and Miami 
Ualversity and had uughi lu ih« Puhlto lokoola 
of Maaon eouuty for tight years prior lo lUa 
oomlog tu the Maysvllle I'uhlln Schools. Ml. 
King waa for two yuan I'rlnulpal ol the Plum 
tireot tobool anil has for llie paat two years bees 
prlaolpalof the Third Uisirlnt Hehool. 

oae lo Fifth ttreat, which will be torn dowa. 
rb« oe« ( iilorcd High Sehooi Baildiag will be 
a substantial brick, stone aad tile roof atrao- 
tarab soiart toeveryretpMi.aa4«iU