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Full text of "Evening bulletin (Maysville, Ky.: 1887): 1894-03-30"

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NUMBER 108. 


There Will 3e No Coinage of 
the Silver Selgnlorsige. 


Mlifht «o Coliird AdnUltagiMUsly I'po- 
vlded Proper Authority Is Olvmi the Seo- 
MtmyaC th« Tr«Marjr to Imm Ba*da M 
n Low Bate of Intrrrtt. 

WAsniNoroN, Marcli !!0 — The presi- 
(leiit has vetoed the IJlaiul si iguiorage 
bill, which proiwsed to coin some 60,- 
000,000 more of silver doUan. The 
president in his veto message puts it on 
ground that the bill is loosely drawn 
ud WfiuM rol) ns of onr xold. 

He says lie b-heven the coiniTiK of the 
biillion Beigni(irii,'(( might be safely and 
advantageoiiMly ddiio, j)rovidt d authority 
is given the seoretiiry of the treasui y to 
ifiBtie bonds at a low rate of iiiteii st. 
lie expresses u hope for a coniiirehensive 
ailjiistiiietit of our iiioiietary atfuirs in a 
short tiiii> in a way to ucconl tO dlVW 
its proper place in our currency. 

Wbjr SUs Silver Seig:iili>raK<> BlU Wta T«> 
toed by th« Praaldent. 

Wasbinqton, March SO.— Representar 
tive Bland, author of the Blaud silver 
seigniorage bill vetoed yesterday, author- 
ized the tollowiii}^ statement com ei iimti 
the veto and its eU'ect upon the future of 

"The main point of the veto is that 
the piu8iilent dutH uot wish to iiituse 
into tliB currency any more silver until 
he has more Injivds ami a greater gold re- 
serve. He insists on the tight that has 
been in progress fur tli hu^t year, on the 
one liaml by tiiose who wish to iucrea-so 
the l>onde(i delit in the interest of na- 
tional banks by selling honds for gold 
and for mull y lo pay the current ex- 
penditures oi the government, and on 
the other hand by the representatives of 
the people who are opposed to l«ind is- 
sues and iu favor of coining the silver 
bullion, the assets we have on hand, 
and using this money in the payment of 
current expenditures. 

"The first section of the bill provides 
for the coinage of the bullion held under 
the Sherman act. That act provides that 
tho buUiou shall be coined into standard 
sUver dollars. The Sherman act is not 
rtpealed, and hence the presid<-nt a ob- 
servations that it is not clear into what 
kinds of coins the bullion shall be struck 
is not lawyer-like, as • lawyer would 
know the tiiU is a mere supplement to 
th« S^iennan act and leaves tlie bullion 
to tie pobiid under that act. No f riej|id 
ol the bUl te the honse or eenate hasev« t 
bonndered it as wanting In certainty or 
raqtiiriiig any amtndment. These criti- 
OKDS (»thebill itself WW* wholly onneo- 
CMary on the part at the president when 
'he gives congress to understand that no 
bUToould possibly be drawn compelling 
the coinage of the silver bullion which 
woold meet his approval. 

"A president at all in sympathy with 
the purposes of the bill would have 
Vigned it. College professors may criti- 
cise its language, but a man who sprung 
from the people, like Abraham Lincoln, 
and representing not the money power, 
but the interests of the masses, would 
have Higned the bill, although college 
pnjfi ssors might have stigmatlaed Um 
iiB a railspliltt.r." 

Concerning the future of the_ silver 
movement Mr. Hland said: "It is evi- 
dent that under t!ie single gold standard 
nothing can be tlone on the currency 
question without con.-iultiiig the few peo- 
ple who own the gold of the world. 
These people have dictated tli" veto of 
this bill. The hght from now on will be 
whether the ]K»ople of this country shall 
control the currency bv periuittiiig gi'M 
and silver to come to the mints free and 
thus supply th'iaselveK with constitu- 
tional money or whether we are to be 
mere slaves of the owners of gola in 
Lomhwd street and Wall stivet." 


Vfee I'nlon rtulHc N<>t CompelUd to 
Operate a HriinrU Line. 

Omaha, March The court holds 
that the Union Pacitio is not compelled 
to operate the Jnlesberg hranoh to Den- 
ver, but says the reoeivess roust take in- 
to consideration the demands of the pub- 
lic and the conference agree upon BOme 
biisis by which the ix'ople may be prop- 
erly served. Tho great bone of i outeii- 
tion— the interest question -tht,- court 
holds that spedal findings are necessary 
before a decision can be reached. 

Accordingly, William D. Cornish of 
St. I'aul is appointed a special master in 
chancery to hear the matters in dispute, 
make accimntings and report his findings 
to the district court of Nebraska, fhij 
judges also hold that the federal court 
for the Nebra.>'k,i distr ct is the court of 
primary' tion m matters pertain- 
ing to the I niou i'acitic. insuad ot ap- 
plMiig to Judge Hall. Keceiver Trum- 
Inill of the (iulf road should come belore 

Juiigo Dundv. 

l''esident riark s report as arbiter in 
the wage ( oult reiice w,(S filed with the 
circuit court yesterday ev. nmg just be- 
fore Judge Caldw. 11 maile his (,rd rou 
the hearfilg. It is an exiiaustive review 
of the lyhole case, covering evny point 
in dispate, setting forth tlie claims of the 
men aad the schedule of the r. . eivers m 
Ml. Bpedfic objections to the pros isions 
demanded by the enginenien ami train- 
men are made. There is no , .aumg to- 
gether on the two points of (Uttmgtho 
yi wn puid and constructive nuleiige. 
itx7<han suggests that the matter lie 

a^lW^^Mnt. Judge Caldw^ aaoMW to 

TbrMteo to htrlhe. 

miners of Lehigh, Coal (+ato and Kielo. 
1. T., threaten to strike in resistance of 
the notice given them by tho manage- 
ment of a reduction of wages of 5 cents 
IH-r ton to take effect April 1. The mine 
owners have to pay the Imliaiis TJ.") 
pounds iu royalty for every ton inine<l, 
therefore the miners are compelled to 
mine ^',125 ixmnds for a ton. The 
miners say they will strike if the cut is 
eiifon ed. Moth sid. 8 are holding con- 
ferences, but retuse tomake pttldic 
action they have taken. 

ttu— VtenniM Bartml VndeniMth Rnn- 

drod of Tiiiiii of SiiiiH., March an. A special to The 
News from Sjiokan -, says: As 
a result of the suowslides on Canyon 
creek, in the C'oeur d' Vlene mountains 
yesterday, three families, consisting of 
12 or 14 persons, are mangled and bruised 
beneath thousands of tons of snow, and 
any po.s8ibilitv of any of them being 
rescued alive is out of the question. 

Snow had accumulated on the moun- 
tains to a depth of tnlly 60 feet and the 
late rains caused the hnge mass to move 
at several places. At an earlv hour yes- 
terdav a seotioil of mow 800 feet in 
length, near the Black Bear mine, be- 
ottM ae ta o h ed and started down the 
steep monntainside at a terrible pace, 
and before the inhabitants of the cabins 
in Am path of the slide coold flee the 
miohtjr avalanche was upon them. 

Trees were torn qp by the roots, boul- 
ders carried along with misfaty force, 
the whole shaking the eartn a-s if an 
earthquake had ooonned. Two families, 
whose names could not at this writin g 
be learned, together with tiheir homes 
were caught and carried along with the 
slide and buried out of sight at the bot- 
tom of the canyon. Others nnacconuted 
for are also beUeved to have Ix-en killed. 

Soon after the first slide took place an- 
3ther occurred farther up the canvon, 
near Burke, and here further fatabties 

A family named ChiLson. cousistiu'? of 
father, mother and three chililren, Iu ard 
the aval a che coming. Picking u]> the 
the chiUlren, the frantic parents at- 
tempted to f^ee to a place of safety, hnt 
before they had g( ne yards they were 
ov( rtakfn by the n sistless ma toi snow 
and crushed to death. 


rhey Oaa Flmi a i:«>ruKe Iu ArgeaUnv if 

They So Ueiilre. 

Ni.w York, March aO.-The Herald s 
Buenos Ay res special says: 

The Argentine govenunent has agreed 
to allow the inburgent refugees from II <; 
bay to be landed bere from the Portu- 
guese men-of-war which brought them 
south, U Portugal is ready to assume all 
the consequence and will relieve Argen- 
tina of any respi nsibility for ignoring 
Brazil's protest iu the matter. 

The Portuguese minister here and the 
warships' commanders are awaiting th 
decision of the Lisbon foreign office o n 
the propo ition, while Admiral Saldanha 
Da (iauiH and his fellow rebels are still 
detained aboard thf mndallo and the 

Captain Benjamin IfellOi Da Oama's 
secretary, contradicts the rumors that 
differeni-ef e.xist between Adiuirals l)a 
CianiH and Mollo, and said that the great 
majority >>{ the fugitives on the Poitn- 
guese mairof-war will, when they get 
ashore, at once start for D at no. thj 
seat of the rebel provtdonal govoruiueut, 
to join Mello and caRyoa thawaras 
vigorously as ever. ' 

OvUtjr Mf BmbMsIeBaeiit. 

Mansfield, March 80. -- Ex-Sheriff 
Leonard Treesel whs yesterday found 
guilty of einbezillng |740 from the 
Urii h estate and is now a prisoner in tho 
jail, where a year ago he was jailer. 
Tressel owes his downfall to cards, 
women and whisky. A year ago it was 
le.inied he was short about 1^4.000 
and lie was deposed. Afterward four 
iiidi( tuients were found against him, on 
one of which he was tried. He si)ent 
hia money in Colunibus and Toledo gam- 
bling liouses and b rothelsi He will be 
sentenced bat urJay. 

WonId-li« Bridegroom Killed. 

Rt ssKi.L, Ky., March 30. -A Mi.v 
Van Pelt was to have been married to a 
jroung gentleman from Maryland. Tlii' 
pmsjioctive groom tailed to arrive at the 
appointed time, and in the evening, a 
few hours helore the ceremony was to 
have taken place, came u teh gram an- 
nouncing bis death as the result of be- 
ing thrown from a horse the day before. 

Carrliiife Fael'>r> DiiueiKi il t>y Klre, 

Flint, Mich., Marcii :!<». The -t-story 
carriage fa< t.ay ol William A. Palt. r- 
8on WH.S gutted by ttre y. steiMav. It was 
sui iK)Se(l that the Hro had been extin- 
guished, but it broke out anew on the 
third floor in the paint room. The who] ' 
factory was s. Mill in flames. Al out itiu 
men are fhr >wn out of emiilciymeut. 
The loss on the building and stock will 
be abont $60,000. 

FlimiK'i'il Seinatloii. 

LiM\. o.. March :io. B. C, Faurot, 
late pre>i.fent of the Lima National 
bank, ha.s a sensation here by 
issuing a circular letter to the stock- 
holders of the bank, accoinpamed by a 
tabulated sialemeiit to b.ick up his 
charges, that he is unable to get an ac- 
counting from the govennant for nearly 

l,.mU Out For • N»v»l Battle. 

Rio Jankiiio, March 30. Peixoto's 
warships from Montevi.leo have arrived 
here and preparation is being maile to 
send them southward with instructions 
to engage the Kei.unlica, Aciuidaban and 
other rebel ships un der Mello. 

Cotton MUU BoriMd. 

I'vitis, Tenn., Mai-ch 30. The Chicka- 
saw cotton mills, two miles from thi.s 
cit\ burned yesterday. Loss about 
a.o,('MHi; insurance, f Ul.OiW The wOk 
IJ^iployed a large mimlK-r of bands, WHO 

be thrown out of emulovment. 


H«w DoBcatto Animals Majr B pu a * Cm- 
tactoiw MiMMM. 

New York, March 80.— The hotise- 

hold pets are, a( cording to the Uerman 
Veterinary Medical !i.ssociation, frequent 
causes of infec tion to the public. Tho 
iissdciation .sent a h tter to the board of 
health on the subject. The letter called 
attention to the fact that dogs and cats 
are often jH>rniitted to reiiuiin by tlw 
bedsides of pt;isojis sutlering from in- 
fectious (lis ases. The niiimals are al- 
lowed to w.tnder in and out t)f sick 
chaiiiier^ and i-onse(|ueiill v spread dis- 
eas • among the peopli-. The Oenu;.n 
\'eterin.iry Medical a.s.sociation ijetltions 
the health board to investigate this 
source of infection. They a-sk that in 
cases of contagious or in'rectious mala- 
(bes a ey.>trm nf rigid quarantine bo ob- 
servid in connection with domestic pets, 
and that the aniiii.iis be jiut through a 
thorough pro -ess of disinfection. 


Wlllkmi and Fraiiela Joseph Shake Rantfa 

and tlie Nntlvt'it lliiw!. 

AnBAZiA, March 8(i. p:nii>eior Francis 
Joseph and suite were im'! on tln' jilat 
fotm of the Matnglie railway station 
upon their arrival Tluirsday by £mperor 
Williaiy. who had {XiraOnally 8ui>erin- 
tend -il all the arrangement! lor the re- 
ception of the Austrian monarch. Tri- 
umpiial arches spanned the streets 
thi-ough which the two empjTon were to 
pass, the town was handsomeljcieoorated 
with btmting and enormous crowds 
cheered themselves hoarse as tlie em- 
I^Tors drove by. After reaching the 
residence prepared for liim, Emperor 
Francis Joseph paid a visit to the Em- 
presa of Ocnnany. who presented the 
jroung princess. Luncheon wai served 
in the apart a nts o: the eLipress. 

Emperor William has pluiimd to take 
Emi>eror Francis .Toeeph for a sail on bis 
yaclit, the ( hristobel. 

Would It Pay to K A.|ieriiii<>nt There .' 

WASiiiNoro.N, M irch ;tO. -Among the 
approiinations jj^fuding before congresi 
there is jmnision for two agricultural 
e.xiwriim nt stations in Alaska, one at 
Kitka and the other in tho valley of the 
Yukon river. When the subject 
taken ni> by the house coiiimittee on 
agriculture. Kepr. sentat ve Baker of 
New llamps'ii!- ■ made a brief sjieech in 
opiKLsit ou to th j projects regarding tue 
prop<s<'d stJitions as .useless, on liie 
ground that there is practically no 
tillarile land in th« territ(jry. The (lue.s- 
tion was not disixxied of and will be 
agate considered. 

iitMiic iu Mia on. 

Chicago, March oO. Assa-sin Pren- 
dergast is back in his cell. He return 'd 
to it at ') o clock yesterday evenin.,', 
imekaRa lamb. Ft> hours in 
the (iuiigeon of (Nnik county jail was 
enoii'.,'h tor him. He H"nt for .laib-r 
.M(jrris. and w)i. n that othcial appeared, 
ap 'lM;;i;-.ed for his attack ni>on (lunrd 
.lohiLson. Morris accepted tiie aixilogy 
and Prendergast then aiiologiz> d for ru- 
iiiarks made by him in court against Mor- 
ris and concluded: "Now. Mr. Morris, 
if anyone abuses me, will you uuni-h 
him as I have been punished r ' He w ts 
assured of fair treatment and retmiiei^l 

Decided to Kill Th«iii«<-I \ es. 

Chicauo, March .SO. Discouraged by 
their inability to obtain work, Thomas 
H. Morgan and hus cousin. Edward 
Court, decide 1 hust ui-:ht to kill them- 
selves, Tiiey l)egged on the streets until 
they had seen I eil enough inoie y to buy 
some rat jkiLsoii and then at;er ^wallow- 
ing the poi.son sat di.>wn in a d mrway to 
die. Court could not stand t'le j)ain, 
and. jumping up, rusaed down the 
Htri et. Morgan was taken to a hoHUital 
by the )>Mlice, and is dying. Noublg 
bus been lu ard of his cousin. 

Om of the Bandits Captured. 

GainesvILLB, Tex., Maich iO. At 
Youngs Cros^ng, I. T., yesteiilay. a 
posse of United States otHi ers and a 
gang of horse thieves had a pitched bat- 
tle, la.-^ting over .in hour and resulting 
alter an exc hange ot over a Imnd'.til 
\V inchc-st. r shots, in the woumlitig and 
i:apture of i ick Warri'ii. a ccaisin of .lie 
Ualtoiis, and Will l-'leteher, an all- 
ro .lid (lesj)erado. Then wi re 15 or 10 
in the gang liut the capture 0( all if 
considered a near certainty. 

CoBvtetvd of Miyder. 

Waterux), Ind., March 80.— la Sam 
Deeters' mnrder trial the verdict was 
reached yesterday of guilty of mnrder in 
the first degree and imprisonment for 
life. The jury was out 18 l-a hours. The 
trial began Feb. 12 and cost the state 
^(i.uoo. Ueeters' crime was the munli r 
of Amos Bachtel and his daughter, Mrs. 
Lama Lowe, on Aog. 81 list, east of 
this city. 

Craawtt (I. 

Hahbubo, March 80. The remains of 
Hans Von Bnlow, tho distinguished pian- 
ist who died recently in Egypt, were ore- 
mated yesterday at the cemetery here. 
Previous to the cremation there was an 
imposing funeral service in the church 
aiiu the remains were preceded to the 
oemetery by numerous oepututiona from 
home and foreign musical soi ieties. 

ClKarmaktira on a Ntrlbc. '**^, 
CuK-AOO, March 30.-— Six Imndred 
nonunion cigannakers employed by E. 
Vallens & Company went out on a strike 
yesterday, and the trouble is likely to 
spread to other ci^ar manufacturers. 
The strike was precipitated by the dis- 
charge of one man. The atrlkan demand 
an equalization of wages, claiming 
that Spaniards are paid |is a thonsano, 
Oernians $r.i and Americans less. 

Lima, March 30.— The condition ot 
Presldeut Morales Bennndeae, who is 
suffering from inteirtiiial disorder, is 
( ritical, and the docton have resolved 
upon an operation as the last resource. 
The last sacrament hae been adminis- 
tered to him, aa tiMV* ^ Uttl* hopi «C bis 


PMoeedlngs of BoSh SnuMlMv of Ooa* 


Wabhtnoton, March 80.— In the sen- 
ate after the introduction and reference 
of several unimportant bills and joint reso- 
ntions, Senator Lodge ot Massai'husetts 
intrcHluced the following resolution 
which was agreed to: 

Kksolvkd, That the secretary of the 
treasury lie directed to furnish the senate 
with a statement of the cash value <le- 
terniiiied by the average price of the New 
York and London markets, of all imports, 
classified under different heads, from all 
euunirics having a depreciated paper cur- 
reucv since June 80, 1808, and also a table 
showins; by months the rate of exchange 
with thoae countries. 

On motion ot Senator Dolph, the sen- 
ate took up the bill presoriliing limita- 
tions of time for completion of title to 
certain lands disposed of under the act 
of congress, ooaninonly known as the 
*'donaaon act," and for the protection of 
pnrchasers and occupants of the lands 
which are situated in tne states of Wash- 
ington, Oregtm and Idaho. The bill was 
passed, 40 to 7. 

On motion of Senator Gorman, the 
senate reconsidered tiie vote by which it 
a«ret d to the resolution offered by Mr. 
Fiye calling on the secretary of war for 
information as to the employment and 
discharge of workmen employed on 
works of public improvement for polit- 
ical reasons. No further action was 
taken on the resolution. 

Senator Gkirmaii, in behalf of Senator 
Brice, reported the ponaifln appropria* 
tion bill. 

The honse joint resolution appropri 
ating 110,000 additional to carry out the 
provisions of tha Ohlneea excltudon act 
was passed. 

ANONYMOUS Tetter" biu. 

Its Anthor >a>s it is v humI lit t>ia 
otilofin I'ai'lieiiliir. 

Wasiiimitox, March 30. Representa- 
tive Pigott of Connecticut says concern- 
ing his Ull against anonymous letters: 
"The govenunent bureaus and depart- 
ments are deluged with these anonymous 
letters. They ari- aimed at the pension 
office in particular. rnscru)ailous an I 
spiteful persons write to the pension au- 
thorities concerning alhgeii fraud or 
crookedness in a neighbor s (lension. An 
iuvestigatiun may be made and the pen- 
sioner is put to mnch trouble, with 
the prospect of having his {lension cut 
off, without being able to face hi.-i 
anonymous aoonser. Tho same anony- 
mous attacks are made against candi- 
dates for oilice. In one of the depart- 
ments I found an anonymous letter 
against a candidate for a federal up- 
pointment. The officials said that they 
did not docket these brief anonymous 
communications, but filed them to get 
theui out of the way. .So the anony- 
mous letter stood in the files to accuse 
the candidate without an opportunity to 
face the accnser. I intend to follow up 
this bill and secure a law for the de- 
struction of all such anonymous com- 


Oni<'urs ol tliv IViitoiiir |{<-|iort a Kt-iiiMrk- 
alily Ktoruiy Paaitagc. 

Nuw York. March 80.-The White 
Star steamer Tentonic, from Liverpool 
and Qneenstown. has arrived at quaran- 
tine after a piissage which her officers all 
nnite in saying was one of the most 
B«5vere iu their exjierience. Hun.iay 
morning the wind blew with hurricane 
force, accompanied by stiualls and very 
high seas. Seamen McComb and Cole- 
man, wno had been ordered to secure a 
ventilator on top of No. 8 honse for- 
ward, were knockeil down bf a heavy 
sea: 7lcComb was picked np in a badly 
bruised condition, having an 'arm and 
leg i Token and his breastbone fractured. 
Coleman had his Jaw broken, besides be> 
ing badlv broisea about the body imd 
head. The eaUn paasengert were all 
mnch alarmed; a few ^ them were 
thrown down aad bruised. One of them 
named M. Schleifer, slipped on deck and 
broke his leg. The storm lasted np to 
Monday nignt, the wind having gradu- 
ally shiftetfto northwest, and ending in 
a terrifio west northwest when it moder- 
ated. On Sunday the vessel logged but 
8U4 knots, and on Monday the day's mn 
was only 'W'2 knots. 


Flef'N Iroiti u Crime to I>lf .Iiiioiik 

St. LotiB, March .SO. -An Austrian 
nobleman was buried in the potter's 
field. Descended from an illnstrions 
family and with the aecret of a strange 

criiie loeued in his breast, HogO, Baron 
Von 1. audi II. died without the common 
necessaries of life in this city Wedues 
day. Cieiieral Landon, the renowned 
Austrian warrior who fought against 
Frederick the tireat, was one of the an- 
cestors of the mifortunate man, and a 
number of other famous Austriuus be- 
long to tho same genealogical tree. 
Hugo Vou Laudoii Inul been in America 
a little more thiui two yeais. According 
to the story ot the deceased he fied from 
Russia to escape the oonse<iuenoes of a 
mnrder he was supposed to have com- 
mitted there. He owned vast estates iu 
that ooontry, hat was afraid to retors 
and daim thsm. 

Ooko Workers .strike. 

Umontowv, Pa., March 30. .V g< n 
eral strike of the 10,000 coke worlvers 
and miners ol tlm < 'onnellsvilht region 
was ordered y( sterday by the executive 
committee ot the I'lnted Mine WorkcVS, 
to go into effect n. xl Monday. 

Coal MlM Dtoaator. 

Wabsaw, March 80.— The shaft of a 
coal mine at Kosselew collapsed yester- 
day, causing laHoaa loss of life. Thus 
far 1 1 bodies hav* bean leoovered and a 
numlier of miners have bam removed 
seriously iajnijid. 

com m& BACK. 

Tho Comrnonwealer Once Mora 
at the Head of His Army. 


Soma Tt*w Kcemits Are AddfHl Imt Do- 

HertJTH .\ri' N<)t,<i, th« Army 

StUI LcM Than One Hundred Bolnga. 
OoMMerable OmmblliiK Amony the 

KniikH llou I he Fifth l>;i.v Was Tut In. 

Com MHiA.NA. ()., March :t<». Co.iiey 
has irj. lined his cohorts. The army is 
among Populists, and the commonweal 
is enjoying a big boom. The farmers at 
Alliance provided three wagonloads of 
provisions and two of wood. At Le^ 
tonia < uiipi rs joim d the ranks, and In 
a si)eech ( arl IJrowiio said he was be- 
ing misrepresented by to argus eyed 
demons of hell, who followed him 
around. He meant the reporters, aad 
has given orders to keep newspaper men 
ont ui camp. 

Three hundred people welcomed the 
crowd of 1U8 soldieta toColnmUana, and 
the citizens provided Johnson's foundry 
as a camp. Straw beds were provided. 
Thiriy-sis recrait|. farmers, mechanlos 
and potters tmu East Liverpool joined 
the ranks. 

This town has a Cosey club with 58 
members, of which John Harold is chair- 
man. After seeing the army Harold 
said that while he qrmpathuEed with 
Coxey 's principles, hecoQld not oonnte- 
nance such an array ot trampa to foroe 

Coxi-y'K lt«'rriilti» Arrested., March Four Pittsbtirg 
recruits for Coxey s army were arrested 
by the town marshal here for robbery. 
Their story is that they came on here 
yesterdav morning and joined the army 
lost night. They put np at the Salem House 
and during the night, it is alleged, th y 
robbed the clerk, Ed Skelly, of |i7.1. Tae 
money, in such denominations as he de- 
scribed, w»s found on them. They as- 
sert their inuoc*euce. Carl Browne ar.d 
the other officers of Uie comi'nonweal, 
deny they b long to the army. It^ey 
had a hearing belori3 Muyur Aorthrop. 
When the march was token np for Ltie- 
tonia 04 men were in line. 

Indiisd'iul Army In Ta-xuit. 

Austin, March 30. - Nothing startling 
has bten heard concerning the so-caiied 
industrial army at Sierra Uiancn. Be- 
i)orts from that place appear to have 
been greatly exuggerated as to numbers, 
and tlie men, with the possible excep- 
tion of tH) or 40, are said to be veritable 
tramiM on their annual spring march 
from the snnny soutli to the north, 
where they will remain until next 
winter. Section bosses along the roads 
offered them work, which they rel ased, 
and (.'ity Attorney Burgess of £1 Paso 
says he saw 85 of them offered work at 
$1.50 a day and all refused. 

Coxey'a Atutj Stranded. 

Spruioueud, Mo., March 80.— Thirty- 
eight men on their way to Join Coxey's 
army aie stranded here. They under- 
took to board a 'Frisco train, east, yes- 
terday evening, but the boxcar contain- 
ing them was switched on a side track 
and the sherllf with deputies was called 
to make the men vacate. They appealed 
to Ulneral Manager Morrill of Si. Lotda 
for traiLsiKntation, but this was refused. 

Cuxey's iitciiuiit I'ined. 

CiiK.A(H), March Uo. Michael Demp- 
B»'y. alias Allx:it Madison, Commander 
Co.\ey s Chicago lieutenant, was lined 
yesterday for carrying concealed weap- 
ons. Madi.son said he had no money 
and unless his chief caniu to his assist- 
ance would be compelled to take a 'iO- 
day sentence in the workhouse. He was 
locked np. 

Muit .\ir:tlu*t ( oxcy Wlthdruwii. 
PiTTsnrK(i, March !!(). T. M. Kver- 
son of I'lttsbnrg said yesterday that he 
bad withdrawn the suit for ^iou against 
General < o.\ey. "1 discovered,' said 
Mr. Evem>u, "that a certain gentleman 
in this citv owed Mr. Coxey some UKmey 
and that I could attach it. This I have 
done and I will not bother Mr. Coxey aa 
be passes tbiough Pittsburg." 

How Tliejr Pa»a«d Lfrloiiia. <)., March ;iu On the road 
to Leetouia tlieariiiy of the i ciiuiuonweal 
marched thnaigh mud si.v inelieis di-ep. 
Leetonia turn(!d out a mounted (H)ii;mit- 
tee of r.J citi/.ens to welcome tln' com- 
monwe il. i'ood lor 'S>*i was provided, 
and what til army of IT could notaat 
was packed iu tho wagons. 

Contingent of the Anny. 

Di.Smc. Ml',. March ;in. Coxey's 
comnn ea! anu\ has a detai line nt iu 
caiiip hell', 'i'lh v arrive! I lO strong, 
and will leave to join tho main army. 
They are a hard looking bat orderly 
crowd. ^ ^ 

\V«K" '"onft-rfiu'e. 

St. Pali., March 30. The conductors 
of the flreat Northern have, togeliier 
with tho trainmen, called in tie ir lnoth- 
erlicHid officers for consultation and i:uid- 
ance on the wage (ine -tion. A long con- 
ference was held yesturday, the result 
of whidi baa not ysi been nada pabUo. 

Coliialtt'a Niicceuor. ' J 

Atlaa t-a, March 30.— Governor North- 
en h:is apiioiuted Speaker Charles F. 
( risp to succeed the late St^nator Alfred 
II. t,'ol(iuitt. Not a word has passed l)e- 
tweeii the governor luid the sin aker, and 
the latter's name had not even been] 
seuted formally to the governor. 

If wdMor A* 

CtaOAOO, March 80.— GnyT. ObaHad, 
who shot Lettercarrier Clifford Wsdnst 
day, attempted suicide last nldll 
poison, which he had conoaalM. $m' 
was removed to th* hoipttlld aad IWl 
probably die. 

Evening bulletin. 




Ms MmUm 1 M On* Xooli...-. a 



KuvamlMr KlaaUM, IM4. 



County CliTk, 

roiiiity .Vitorncy, 


J. c. jnrnBWM. 




JAMES c. owcn. 

R. C. KIRK. 


weather; eouth 

S\o\v, ill tliis f-tv.sKii, is only good to 
look at ill pictures.— Covington Coni- 

Some farmers say it is a good fertilizer, 
but no doal)t they prefer using some of 
the manuf actured brands of p lant food. 

Tiia late Andrew Jackson Stivers, of 

liiplcy, started in life with only 10 cent," 
and died, at the age of seventy-six, worth 
$300,000. He made fiood nie of his tal- 

cntH. and his snccofis shows what a man 
can do who is endowed w ith pluck and 

Four hundred men and bo3rs quit 
work at the Lippincott Lamp Chimney 
factory at Alexandria, lud., this week, 
because of the refusal of employment to 

a young man named Coplin, who was dis- 
charged from the factory several months 
ago. Mr. Lippincott says there is no 

other tronhle at hand, and that wages 
are latisfactory to all concerned. Charge 
this up to the Wilson bill, Br'er Davis. 

Thi News says that the sensational 
dispatches sent from Dover to the Cin- 
cinnati Kncjuirer and Post are fakes of 
the liret water. We liave suspected this 
to he the case for some time. The good 
people of Dover should give the cor- 
respondent his "walking papers." If 
they hesitate, he may soon have them 
buminor a negro at tiie stake or commit- 
ting some other atrocity— in his mind— 
and will then wire it all over the oomi* 

Haki'kk's Weekly asserts that protec- 
tionism is responsible for all the wild 
theories set up by Populists and Social- 
ists. Here's tlie way it puts the matter: 

What is the fundamental doctrine of 
the protectionists? That the State, 
hv constant interference in the way of 
tiiritf laws, shall make certain indostries 


\Vliat is tiie doctrine of the tari<r re- 
I'orincis " That the State fhall leave 
tlu>Hi' tliini.'s to tiie independent Self* 
icliant ac tivities of tlie people. 

!• roiii whuiii, tlien, have tho Populists 
an<l tiie S.ieialists learned their " wild 
theor ies From protectionist doc- 
trines, ami not from those of tariff re- 

Thb Engineering and Mining Journal 

ha« taken pains to gather from reliable 
sorrcei the etatistici in regard to the 
coal production of the United States in 
i S!t:;. The facts are invested with peni- 
liur interest juBl at this time, while the 
tariff duty on coal is being discussed. 
The (piantity produced last year was ISO,- 
5ti'),7!H> tons. Of this vast product only 
4,007,943 tons were exported. Our imports 
were only 1,241,028 tons,— a mere drop 
in the bucket, so to speak. The idea that 
placing this article on the free list would 
materially injure the coal interests of the 
United States seems absnrd. 

Fifteen Years of Experience 
Is what Optician Louis Landman has had 

in tlic ;.'riiidinj: of lenses and correcting 
defective vision by glasses. I-'or the last 
two years he has taken special course 
under the leading oculist of Cincinnati. 
Having finished lectures for present 
course he will now be able to possibly fill 
announced dates in the future. He is at 
the Central Hotel to-day and to-morrow. 

B.\i.i.KNU£K, the Jeweler, has the largest 
line of clocks in Maysville, from the 
cheapest wooden to the finest f)nyx. and 
they are warranted good time-keepers 
That's the kind to buy. Don't fail to see 
his stock. 

Hon. Joiiv T^m 
f»terling, will prohul 
Railroad Coiinni - i 

11 A/RLBIOO, of Mt. 

Iv he a candidate for 

BveUes'i Araie» Salv*. 

Tlie l)i!st salve in the world for cuts 
bruises, sores, ulcers, salfrheum , fever 
sores, tetter, ciiupped hands, chilblains 
corns, and all skin eruptions, and nosi- 
tivi l\ ciiies piles, or no pay required. _ It 
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction 
or money refunded. Price 25 <ents per 
box. For sale at J. James Wood's. 


Not«« «aA OemniBtt by Ut. 0«orft 

W. Blatterman, Oonnty Itt* 

»u r,i'iiYsviLi.r— niKTRKT so. 1. 
The triistocs are John WorthliiBtoii, (i. a a«|- 
l)rfHth and John SU'veiison - n vory Kood l><>ard. 
The teacher is Mr. Jolin Kca, Mr. Kca Is borom- 
Ing ft veteran. He is a man of raature years, 
good o<luratlou and a very careful and conwleii- 
tioiis teat lii r. I made a long vidt and noted 
caretully the ncquiremenUof the scholars. Their 
answers to questloDS propounded were given 
piompUx Mid In a manner to Inipreu the exam- 
liMT wltb Ibelr thorough comprcheiulon of the 
Mii'jeottmbraoed in their recitations. The at- 
to lu ion of the Uifer aobolan waa vsrj good, sod 
tiiey liatened to the addtea of the Haperin^nd- 
( III with mnch ttttemt and intelligent appre- 
iicnsion of hia renuurkp. Ttie seholan ia thia 
Hciiool appeared to take pleasnrs In their rseite- 
tinns, and I MM eepedan^ a elass la hislorx of 
the Dnlted States which t do not tblak oaa be 
nurpaaaed. There was some disofdar among the 
mall sohoUrs, bat this can not always he 
avoided. I left this school very agreeably im 
pressed. The house isanezcellentoae, verycom- 
furtaMi'. wril fiirnlshed throughout. A subetan- 
tiiil ciml hoiisf bus been built. At)nni all there 
is iicedod now is a fence to tiu lose the i;rrt\ini1s, 
wblcti ax they arc new present a rough appear- 

HIH'O. , 

WA8HIN0T0N— Dismcr XO. 17. 

Tho truxu-es are James Lane, W. R. Gill and 
— Hunter. Teacher, Miss Lizzie Murphy. A 
good school hoiue is much needed. Some im- 
provements have been made lately, but more 
a re needed, or what would be t>etter a new bouse. 
The tnrnitiue to very indiflbrent, but I under- 
stand new tnmltara has been ordered, as well as 
harts, maps, etc, which wtU be of great aerrlce 
to the school. Miss yarphy has her eoholan 
nuder good control, and to a Tcnr carefal, con* 
Kclenttoos tsMher. She has not had a largo ex- 
perience jret, but she seems to undentand the 
ro<|uli«ments rery thoroughly. Her school was 
» orthy of note for good order. 

O. W. BLATraRMAN, Sup't. 


' It's ail ill wind that blows nobodyanygood." 
Tbey say It is so wimly in riiii nyr, ,iU the time 
that bsse ball can not be played there at all. 

Hiid tbcre btcii buU the work done to hniiK that bax been done to save his worth- 
less nick mill ilrfoat justice, the Pity of (Chicago 
would not now be disgraced with bis miserable 


If the court to not cantloaB, the sssassin of 
Mayor Harrison wU add anotliat laurel to his 
( ia.s8ic brow, while that learaed body to engaged 
in having examinations made ss to hto ellgibUity 

to the gllibet. 

Judge Lynch is nulTsn in'^lly booiUviiikcil as 
thecommon runof ciMiri- iiijii jinlgcs. lie is also 
made of sterner stulT Uian Ibey and would have 
disposed of Prendergast long ago, had the case 
becu called for trial in bto court. 


C'o.xey's tramps ( laiiii tin y art' Imiklin; for 
work. Should the antboritii.', at Wasliinwioii 
notify them in advancf that a rockpiU' awaits 
their advent into that city, not one uf them 
would ever eoBW In sight of the dome of the 


The reason that Cozey's army is so small is 
very apparent: No honest workingman could be 
gulled by any such chimerical scheme ; there- 
fore, It must be made np altogether of tramps, 
and these gentry are oppoeed to traveling In 
large companies, as tbey are aware how hard it 
Is to get sustenance even when tramping singly 
or In pairs. 

The Old Friend 

And the best friend that iiovor 
fails you is Simmous Liver Regu- 
lator, (the P.f^d Z) — that's what 
you hear at the mention of this 
excellent Liver medicine, aud 
people should not V^e persuaded 
that nnytiiitin else will do. 

It i:Mln^ King of Liver Modi- 
cincs; i.s bettor than piils, and 
takes tlie place of Quii.ine and 
Calomel tt acts directly on the 
Liver, Kidney and Bowels and 
gives new life to the whole pys- 
tenrt. This i.s the me licine ycu 
want. &ol(l l)y ail Drucgists in 
Liquid, or in Powder to l»e taken 
dry or made into ft tea. 

Has th<> X K*»in|> in rt><l on wr»pn^r 
J. H. ZEILIN * CO.. Philadelphia. Fa. 

Our sister State, OhIo.Tninst aKaiii liavc credit 
fur orij;iiiatiiig what there may be nf merit in 
tln' Toxey inoveniiiit. Wbilr sli«- lays claim 
to tlie ' luothcrbooil of so many lti iil men, she 
mubl aUoailmit tbc maternity uf u :,t< at many 
schemes ami Issues of a doubtful ch.'iractcr. 
Murmonism had its start on Ohio soil, if we mis- 
take not, and where could a more diabolical in 
stitutlon be found'.' 

An $8,000 Policy Promptly Paid. 

The following is self-explanatory ; 

Maysvii.i.k, Kv., Mari b 7, 1S!M. 
Mr. £>/i(iin/ F. liirk'liij. Jr., linurni .\iit iil ~l)far 
>(i I received to-<ltty tbrout?li your iiijent.s, .1. \V 
Kyle ami I-. W. Cialbraitli. cluck for S'^.ikki in 
l>Hym('iit of poliry of my late buslinml. .luliii It 
I'oyiil/, in 'I'be Mutual I.ilc lusuraiK c ( liiiiiiaiiy 
11.' New York. I'Icasc accciit my Ibanks for tlio 
pnimiiturs" ami riiUsiiliTatioii witli wbicli The 
.Mutual' Iii-urame ('om|iaiiy anil its agcutsi, 
havi' trcHti I my claim. Very truly yours, 

Kannik .M. rov.siy. 
The Mutual Life stands at tlie head of 
the list of insurance ooinpatiieB, and 
you ought to have a pdlicv hi it. Con- 
sult Mr. Kyle or Mr. tialbraitli, a;,'t'iitH. 

Wastarn and Sonthern Pays Promptly. 

/. L, Todd, HH])erintfndmt : Dear Sir— I 
wish to ti'iider your company my sincere 
thanka for the settlement of cluiins under 
policies 46,397 and 141,088 on the life of 
my hiiKhan<I, (ic'or^'(.> Landt,'raf. I (lo.>^lre 
tu express luy appreciation of the meth- 
ods of year company, and recommend 
tht> Wi'sitern and Soutlirrn to everyone 
wanting induutrial iimurunce. 

Sincerely yours, 

Mas. Pheba Landobap. 

Bev. Oharles W. Forman. 
The friends of Rev. Charles W. For 
man, of India, will be glad to learn that 
he is now convalescent. He was talcen 
serluuHiy ill in DecemUkf and his life 
was diapaired of for aome weelu, but 
word has been received, within a few 
days, that Ilia leoovery wm now prob- 

The widow of Dr. John Newton, Mr. 
Forman'a father-in-law, died near Ix)n- 
don, Ei^land, in December. She bad 
long been an inmate of a private insane 
asylum near that city, she having been 
rendered insane by a sun strolce received 
in India many yean ago. She was Dr. 
Newton's seomid wife, and an Eni^ 

▲ Million Friends. 
A friend in need is a friend indeed, and 
not leas than one million people have 
found juat snch a fhen^ in Dr. King's New 
Discovery for consamptlon, ooaghs and 
colds. If yon have n.-vcr used this great 
cough medicine, one trial will convince 
you that it has great carative powers in 
all (liHcaHosof the throat, chest and Inngs. 
Each bottle is guaranteed to do all that 
ia claimed or money will be refunded. 
Trial bottles free at J. J. Wood's drug 
store. Large bottles 60c. and $1. 

Property For Bale. 

I will sell privately the home place of 

the late John McCarthy, on the south 
side of the Uermantown pike, just out- 
aide the city limits. A good frame house 

and never-fiulini; spring on the place. 
The lot fronts 100 feet and 8 inclies, and 
extends back the same width lOB feet. 
Will bo sold cheap. Apply to 

M. J. McC.vRTHY, this office. 

Qbo. W. Hulskr, law, nre insurance. 


WANTED— The publie to call and hcc my 
8toek. A. N. e\PP, dealer in staple ami 
fancy groceries. No. 8,) West Second strset. Uoo<ls 
delivered free. Cash for prodaoa. ISdtf 


Tobacco Orowers. 

If your tobaccoo plantti are killed, call 
and get some Kentucky Standurd Tobacco 
(i rower to use on your second planting. 
If makes large plants quick, with good 
roots. B, W. Goodman & Co., 

Maysville, Ky. 

Hov.s' knee suits in dark and medium 
colors, only 08 cents at the Misfit Cloth- 
ing Parlor on Market street. Five hund- 
red to select from— good, strong, well- 
made suits. You shoidd take advantage 
of this o£fer. Sec iiil\ n tisemept. 

Dr. Matt PiARca, who has been at- 

toiiiHiii; the f)hio Dental College, will 

ojitMi an oilicc at Mt. < llivct in a few days. 

Union uets at Chenowetli's drug store. 

F'dU KENT— Two lurulslicd rooms, Kultable for 
olliec or sleeping ai>artMu uls, just wi st of M 

I',, I'liurcb. Soutti". .\p|.Iv (1. 
WIN M' 1< \"i'.iiii i.rciinsc' 

.MIS,s .■J.kK.MI COK- 

Ij^UU KKNT— b'our good, well-liKbteil riaiuiN uu 
V Ooart street, over ollloe of L. W. Robertson. 
Can be rented together or single. 8uitable for 
buHlnexH or gleopintr apartments, or bouselteep- 

luK- Apply for name on premises. 


Knowing women wait for our announcements. 
Our way is their way, hence our success. 

i^DR KEN 1 — Tbe HUire Uoum; unil umeeii mi «ui- 
t latel V ooeuDled by M 


ton street latei>'o';eupled by MayBville Buwy 
Kor terras audreaii D, 



, januarV, 


|.i()K KENT— Ttie Itouse uu itouib eabi corue 
r Kront and Marlcat, fornMrly opoupled by 

Apior to QAR 

Kront and Marlcat, fornMrly opoupled 
Karr it Co. and N. Oollansteln. 
RETT 8. WALL. J22dtf. 
«BaaMBggg=gsg ^ aama^ 

This ia the aeason for them and oura ia the lioiiHn that carries them. 
Evening Sillu» Moire in many Shadea, White Japan, Pongee* and 
Sattna in tMFled hnea. Two leaden we oflier, with BMtergrMtliigit 

The Dainty and Popular Swivel Silks, 

in an fashionable ■hadeef Onljr 60 oenti'a yard. The quality heveto- 

fore sold at 80 cents. 

The very best material offered in WASH SULKS, only 50 cents 
a yard. .These are snperlmr goods and will wear and hmnder like 


Xo need to wait for roses and violets. Their like have blossomed , 
on our exquisite ChalUes and shimmering Chinas. Our counters are 
gay with them, and rival the rainbow In lovely tints. Come to see 
us* You ought to be onr customer— for your own sake* 


IJlOl; SAI.i;— l.ol on Tliird Htreet, known an tbe 
' ■• Cooper .sbop I.ot;" feet front by \K> 
feet. TcriUH to Kuil the purchaser. For particu- 
lars call oil Simon NcIhoii, or address SAMl'KI 
MclM iN West Fourth street, ( 'liiolnnatt, O 

H tlucst Htraiuwof liijlitim-' of tin fuiimus 
Circlevllle, O., walkb. Address llo.v Ki.'., I'leui- 

liiifsbiirK. Ky. 

|^X)H~8AMi— A Kood dwelliiiK boune 

lot. Price reasonable. 

a K<»iu 

o. s. .irnn. jo-dnt 

T.init s A l.l';— 'I'lioroiiKhbred i'oland China boxs. 
r Huih si xes. Apply to WIM.IAM KIDWKI.I., 

Tui Ual Ky 


SAI.i; I'hirtyKood l.i.i iisl I'.isi.s. Apply 

r at iiiis (.nice. I'jiitf 

F>UK .SALK— WsKOUN, dravH, eartM and iiled.s. 
. obeftp. DONOVAN A SftOBT, oomar Ssoond 

and LimeatOM. 



rOWT— Friday afternoon, on Third Street, be- 
i twcen Short and Wall, a child's plain gold 
riiiK and ear drop. Finder will please return 
tliem to thia olllce and receive a reward. lA-dtf 



)UND— On West Soeoud Ktreel, a door key 
Call at tbU offloe. 22,dtf 

Calamity times when 


The Acme of Perfeotion, are sold fOr 
5 Cents. 

E. R. WEBSTER & CQ , Cincinnati. 

for Infants and Children. 

" C»stori» is so well adapted to children that 
T n^commend It as superior to any preacrtptioa 
known to me." JL Abchu, M. D., 

lU lA Oted St, BtMHra. H. T. 

"The oes oC 'Ositeris la ao univeiMl and 
its merits so well known that it seems a work 

of supererogation to endorse it. Few are the 
intelligeat families who do not keep Costoria 
wlthHsaSr reach." 

CAauM ILurmr, D. D., 

KartrTartr atr. 

Castorla cures Colic, Constipatkxi. 
Sour bltoinacb, Uiarrbnea, Eructation, 
Kllb Worms, gives sleep, and promotes 

Without injurious medication. 

"For several Toan I hsive rsoommenOfJ 
your 'Castoria,' and shall ahrajs oootinne to 
do so as it has iimilabtr vndaoed beasflet.;! 


Edwi.s F. rAiiDKi:, M. D , 
ISBth Street and Tth Ave., New Yorlc (".ty 

The riWTii-n Compava', 77 Mihrat Strkict, Nrw Vork C'itt. 


All persons having contracted with the 
late 0. W. Wardle for dental work will 
be attended to by me. 

T. H. N. Smith, Dentist. 

Dr. H. C Keiiok sent his two-year-oUl 
colt Discord, by Dinputant, down yester- 
day to the Maysville track, where it will 
be trained by Professor Milam. The 
News says: "This colt could trot very 
fast as a yearlin);, and bids fair to rank 
among the beat two-yearK>lds of the 
present year." 

Oome Where Tou Can Get 
* a Oood Easter 

II IS M m mi 

But a startliiiK r.'Klitv , as luiiiiireds will testify 
who have taken advantage of our popular special 
uut-prieo system for cash Duying. MOrestSCUlag 

news was promised. Here it Is, and " 

come. Jut look at tbe column : 


l..iii«. Kreeii Cuoumbors, 

l.arKe. Kipe Tolilaloe.s, 

llome-KruwQ Asparagus, 
Fresh Badlshes, 
Spring Onions. 
Hoiiie-Krown I,<'ttnce. 
.N'ew CabbilKe, 

Flue Frenen Peas, 

— Hsadquarters for — 

New York Seed Potatoes 

Early Ohio, Early Rose and White Star. Otilou 
.Sets, IDc. per <iuart. 

Cummins & Redmond, 

BaeoasaofstoBill AOo. . 


Paint Store 

Kor rure I'aintg, Oils, Vamlahes, Window Glass, 

Wall I'aper and 

Fine Art Materials! 

Pleture Framing a specialty. Wall I'aper from 
5c. to the fluest manufactured. \Vc will make it 
tu your iuHrost to call on us. Respectfully, 


Bwxiesaon to A. B. Qreenwood. 
Zwelgart £look. 


- iiKM rii IK 


Medldnest Chemicals, Perfuni- 
vrft Toilet Articles, Fancy 

Kextdoor to Postolllce, Maysville, Ky. 

1 'JO-lb. bucket Home-made Preserves Jt W 

1 can best gallon Apples 3t 

1 rail "BiK D." Tomatoes „ H 

1 eaii llavMcr's Com , k 

1 can best Jersey 8weet Potatoes... V 

1 can Blackberries»..*.i......MM.....MM.....MM > S 

1 can best Salmon IS 

1 pound best Cream Cheese 14 

1 pound Powdered Jajiaii Tea It 

1 pound California Prunes S 

1 iiuan Navy Ikans 6 

1 HUai 1 .Mm lovvfatBeanS. s 

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I quart Pearl Uom(ny s 

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1 pound beat Maearoni 7 

These prices for cash only. No old itale stock: 
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Save Your Money I 

Look at tlilH list and call on ns 
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8 lbs. best Head Rice as 

20 lbs. best (iraiiiilaled Suxar fl 00 

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1 lb. Arbnolite'B OoHhe. » 

1 lb. Lion OoflM ii5 

5 per cent. Di.s«-oiint on Ev«fy 
Caah 91.00 purchase. 

CouDtrytradnoe tokeu in ezohangelor (£vwer- 


107 Bast Third street. 



Einht yards Wall Paper lorSoents, Horders and 
eelliiiK to niHieii ; ei^ht yards Wall Paper, good 
qiiauty, at H':,e . Hordera and oeiling to match. 
Elegant Wall i'aper from lOo. to aSo. We ara 
olferinK bargains in ilno Papers. 

Window Shadee 

From aSo. to •! Eaeh. 

Itargalus In Picture!'. Moulding Kcmnantt at 


Sooksellers and Stattonen. 


Th« Date sad P1m» of the D«mooratie 

OengreBsional Oonyention to 
B« Fi^ed Monday. 

The members of the Democratic Exec- 
ative Committee of this CongreaBional 
district have been notified to meet in this 
city next Monday, to fix the date and 
place of the convention to nominate a 
candidate to be voted for next November. 

Tlie conunittpp meeting will Ix' IieM at 
the Central Hotel at 11 o'clock Monday 
morning. Ron. Oharlea B. Poynti, of 
thip city, member of the Board of Rail- 
road Commissioners, is Chairman of the 

The convention will >)e called for some 
time in May, in all probability, and it is 
very probable, also, ihat Mayaville will 
be selecteil as the place. 

Up to the present time Hon. K. K. 
Hfrt, of Fleming, is th» only out-and-out 
.candidate, and it looks now as if he will 
have a walkover for the nomination. He 
has been industriously at work for sev- 
eral months and has his fences in excel- 
lent shape. Many others throughout the 
distriet have been 8i>oken of as probable 
candidates, but it is known that moat of 
them, if not all, have given Bfr. Hart 
aMurancoi Uiat tlicy are for him. 


no mistake— buy i:4Uidretk's 

Anhy Oardaar AiilfM. 

Mr. Archibald Gardner, of kcctorville, 
made an assignment Thursday to Mr. H. 
V. RigRen for the benefit of hia creditors. 
He OWei the fdlowing debts in this city: 
ICason County Building Association, 
$600; Keith'SehroederHameas Company, 
about $4o; 11- C. Barkley & Co.. about 
$210; J. James Wood, about $40; M. C. 
Russell St Son, about $40 ; Omar Dodson , 
$35 ; George T. Wood, about flO. 

(iardner also owes several lirms in Cin- 
cinnati. The total liabilities amount 
to between $1,200 and $1 ,500. His assets 
are about $700. Judge Cole & Sons are 
attorneys for the trustee. 

Four Big Succeaioi 
Having the needed merit to more than 

make liood all the advertising claimed tor 
them, the following foor remedies have 
reached a phenomenal sale. Dr. King's 

New Discovery, for (•onpiimption, coughs 
and colds, each to be guaranteed— Elec- 
tric Bitters, the great remedy for liver, 
stomach, anil kiilm-ya. Biicklen's Arnica 
Salve, the best in the world, and Dr. King's 
New Life Pills, which are a perfect pill. 
All these remedies are guaranteed to do 
just what is claimed for them and the 
dealer whose name is attached herowitl 
will be glad to tell you more. Sold at J. 
Jas. Wood's drug store. 

SRABPBBUBa will probably have a fair 
this year. _ 

Mavsvii.i.e to LoH Angeles or San Fran 

Cisco, $30.76, via C. and 0. 

Tins morninu' was another COOl OBO— 

ten degrees below freezing. 

FiBi, wind and tornado insurance, by 
Daley A Baldwin, Court street. 

WtLBv C. Williams baa been com- 
miaslmied a ganger in this district. 

LAanoKK Lodge No. 36, K. of P., will 
have work in the third rank to-night. 

TnK Superior Court has affirmed the 
case ot Mason County against Degman. 

Ciioic E ordtigse on Saturclay, 15 cents 

per dozen. 

R. B. Ix)VKi,. 

TiiK Passenger Department of the C. 
and O. has been making a good showing 
of late. 

W. M. Jockey and Miss Nannie F. 
Allan, of Elisaville, will wed next Wed- 

Rkv. Mr. Hibbs, of Mayslick, is assist- 
ing ill a protracted meeting in the Dover 

Baptist Church. 

Mr. Robrrt B. Owbms and family now 
occupy one of Dr. Adamson's new resi- 
deneea on Wast Second. 

Jas. E. BiLt and Miss Anna E. Kirk- 

land were married Wednesday at the M. 
E. Church, South, Helena. 

LiEi TEN'ANT Lr( iKN Yoi nu, of the 
navy, is a near relative of some of the 
Wood family of thia city and county. 

Ma. A. HowAN and family moved yes- 
terday into the residence he lately pur- 
chased on Second street. Sixth ward. 


A I'ROMiNK.vT lawyer and politician from 
Carlisle claims that he has it from a re- 
liable source that Congressman Thomas 
H. Pnyuter. of Greenup County, will not 
be a candidate for Appellate Judge in 
thia dietrict ^ ^ 

It la said a number of jirominent 
women in Central Kentucky have signed 
a petition asking Congress to expel Colo- 
nel Breckinridge, and redtin^ that his 
presence in Congress is a dishonor to the 
women of the State. 

Bav. M. B. Adams, of Lewisburg, de- 
livered the sermon at the ordination of 

Rev. C. D. Mitchell, of Dover, this week. 
The cliarge to the chureh was delivered 
by Rev. Hibbs, of Mayslick, and Rev. 
Cleon Keys, of Lewisburg, delivered the 
charge to the pastor. A handsome Bible 
was presented to Mr. Mitchell by Rev. 
R. G. Patrick, of this city. 

Th« Sunday S<'hool Conference of the 
Maysville District, M. E. Church, South, 
will be held at Carlisle next week, be- 
gmning Tuesday evening and closing 
Thursday. Rev. T. W. Watts and liev. 
L. Robinson, of this city, Rev. Whltty 
Waldrop, of Dover, Rev. R. H. Wight- 
man, of Sardis, Rev. T. B. Cook and liev. 
J. R. Peoples are all on the programme 
for addresse e. ^ ^ 

CoviNQTOK Post: "Judge William P. 
(^oons, of Augusta, Ky., is at the Emery. 
He is one of the Kentuckians whom it 
waa expected that President Ch veland 
would appoint to a paying foreign con- 
sulate. Judge Coons says Congressman 
Paynter will not be a candidatt^ for re- 
election and that Mason and Bracken 
counties will support Goebel for Judge 
of the Court of Appeals ; Hart for Con- 
gress, and likely Hardin for Governor. " 

Mnsas. Thompson dt McAtbe received 
fr.Mii rittsburg Thursday a car-load of 
fenciuii wire, the second car-load within 
thirty days. 'I'liose in need of wire should 
avail tliemselves before this lot is ex 
hauHted. This firm on yesterday also 
loaded sixteen wagons with the cele- 
^ brated Kentucky Tobacco Ferlili-ser. No 

farmer should set a crop with(^ot the use 
of this fertilizer. These gentlemen ex- 
pect an increase over their sales of last 
season, notwithstanding the depressed 
times and low price for tobacco. Karm- 
ers should also use it ou their tobacco 
beds. It wfll make the plants at least 
two weeks eariiet. 

Miss l.ulu Hunter, of Kansas City, is 
visiting her brother,' Mr. Lawrtnoe Hor- 

ton. near Paris. 

Mrs. P. W. Wheeler has returned 
heme after a pleasant visit to relatives 
and friends at Citteitoati. 

Mrs. W. A. .Stockdale left yesterday 
afternoon tor Templet Texas, to visit her 
daughter, Mil. Sadie Pike. 

Miss Louie Bmer will leave to-morrow 
for Cincinnati to spend several weeka 
with Miaa Tillie Chriatopher. 

Mra. J. M. Evana will return to-mor- 
row from Covington where she has been 
spending a few weeks with her daughter, 
Mrs. George Bruce. 

Mrs. William Kankins, who iias been 
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Wood, 
of the county, for some time, left to^y 
for her home in Chicago. 

Covington Post : " Mrs. Hany Riley, of 
Maysville, returned home Thurftlay 
morning after a pleasant visit to relatives 
on Fab^eld avenue, Bellevne." 

Miss Louie Andrews is visiting Miss 
Ethelene Wall, and was one of a very 
charming party that attended the Finch- 
Church nuptials. Mr. Garrett B. Wall of 
Aahland waa alao in attendance. 



Fifty cent CometH, in Black, Grey and White. Twenty styles »t 
$1, ineladlDK all the bent makt'H, hucIi um Bail'H, Warner's. L<oqmer*s. 
H. A B., J. B. Mid oMi«r w«U-known brwida la Wklto, BiMk »iid 

10 Our Line of Ladies', Miaaes' # 
l3 and Childrena' Hosiery ^ 

For Spring i8 complete. If yon have never used our celebrated 
Ethiopian Oye« try one pair anil ynu will he convinced they are the 
beat In the market. Every pair tH tfU'* ran teed fast and atalnlesa* 

A new line of Ladlea' CAPES and JACKETS for Spring, from 
$2.00 to $10. 

Bnn Umbrellaa in Gloria and all Silk from $1 to $0. 

A beautlfnl line of Faney Paraaols. %ee them. 


51 West Second Street. 



Mk. Robert Uocgin has sold his inter 
est in the grocery business at Paris, to 
hls partner, an<l v""><' on the road again. 

It paya to give the people an invita- 
tion to trade with yon. A pood way to 
invite them is to advertise in the Bi i.- 
URIV. ^ 

The hop to be given by the Terpsicho- 
rean Club ou next Monday evening 
promises to he one of the most select and 
en)oyid>le of the season. 

HAvcyou read B. B. Lovel's advertise- 
ment? If not, look it over and see how 
low he is selling groceries. You can 
save money by dealing with him. 

Landrbth's garden seed are the best in 

tlu> market. Thmisamls will testify to 
this. Have stood the test for years. For 
sale only at Ohenoweth'a dang store. 

L. O. Athbrton, a wealthy young stu- 
dent at Centre Colk'Ke, left school this 
week and has gone to join Cioxey's army 
oferanka. He is posa e a s or of over tl,O0O,- 
000 in hia own right. 

The bird cage advertised in the Even- 
ing BuLLiTiN Thursday was sold two 
hours after the paper waa iasued. If you 
don't beliuvo it pays to advertiae in the 

lU' iN, just try it. . 

Theke have been a good many sheep 
and lambs killed in the Washington 
neighborhood this spring by worthless 
dogs. The time to dispose of dogs is be- 
fore they kill the sheep. 

Carusle Mercury : "Dr. Thomas James, 
the well-known veterinary of Maysville, 
waa here last week to eec gome sick stock 
belonging to James L. Dounell. Tlie 
Doctor has been quite socoeasfol." 

Mb. MicHAiL YotJKQ, of theiWashing- 
ton iiei^'liborliuod, who has hem m }_'reat 
sufferer from inflammatory rlteumatism 
for some weeks, waa taken thia morning 
to St. Joseph's Infirmary, at Lexington, 

for treatment. 

A SPECIAL from iligginsportsays : "Cap- 
tain 0. E. Harrison, a retired merchant, 
and E. M. Park, a prominent eiti/.en, have^ 
organized a band of thirty-tliree Coxey 
advocates and will join Coxey's army 
when it reaches th e Ohio riv er." 

Os aci'ount of the State I%ncainpment, 
G. A. K., at Bowling Green, Ky., April 
11th, i2th and 13th, the C. and 0. will 
well round trip ticketn from Maysville to 
Howlmg tireen at $7.1*0. TickeU on sale 
.Vliril 10th and 11th; return limit April 

TiiK books of the People's Building As- 
sociation are now open for subscription 
to stock in the fourth serien, commencinu' 
Saturday, May 5th, 1«94. Call on Itobt. 
L. Baldwin, Secretary, Jno. Duley.TreM- 
urer, C. L. Sallee, Attorney, or any W the 

One hundred and fifty pairs of lover 
cnff buttons, warranted to wear, choice, 
cents a pair; one hundred pair lover 
cuflf buttons, choice 25 centa a pair, at 1' 
J. Murphy's, the Jeweler, successor to 
Hopper & Murphy. Rcgtilar prices of 
these buttons 76 cents and $1. 


The Modern Mother. 

Has found that her little oii(>s are im- 
proved more by the pleasant laxative. 
Syrup of Figs, when in need of the lax- 
ative cfTcct of a >»enfle rrincdy, than by I 
any other, and that it \t> niuru acceptable 
to them. Children enjoy it and it benefits 
them. The true remetly, Syrup of Figs, 
is manufactured by the California Fig 
Symp Oo. only. 

Tar Oalhonn's coroBhution coflTee. 



Ftaa, cyclone and tobacco jn bams, in- 
anred hi reliable companies by D. M. Bon- 

Ma. Josxi'H Bbxnner, of West Front 
street, has been ill several days, but is 
improving. . 

It is estimated that about 7(K) people 
took advantage of the C. and O.'s excur- 
sion to Cincinnati this week. 

ChaRUIS l)\ni.itKU(. was in the Police 
Court this morning charged with drunk- 
enness, and was fined 91 and trimmings. 

Mantela, GrateSf Tinware^ Tin-Boofing, Guttering 
and Sponting. 



lAl VINE:. SI 


\ novT $300 worth of dry gaods were 
damaged Wednesday night at Ho^ioh A 
Bro.'8 store by the bursting of a water 

Rev. Fhkd IIai.k, in liis first annual 
letter to his congregation at Owensboro, 
shows a total known membership ot 
1,034. He had 677 additiona the peat 


The marriage of ti. B. Saunders and 
Miss Jennie Mills was solemnized Wed- 
nesday at Klpniiii<;sburg. The happy 
couple took the train here that evening 
for New Orleans. 

Hknry Lockrart, aged ninety-four, 

died this week at Paris. He was the 
father of Hon. George C. Lockhart, of 
Bourbon, and County Attorney Matt 
Lockhart, of Newport. 

Ex-EorroK Wii.i. Havens, who has 
been employed on the Dover News for 
several months, has gone to West Union, 
Ohio, where lie has accepted a position 

on the People's Defender. 

Rev. Fkank Ki:iioi:, Mssistant i)astor of 
St. Patrick's Church, waa granted license 
Thursday to solemnise the marriage cere- 
mony, and executed the required bond 
with Mr. Henry Shea as surety. 

T.ek Banks, a colored "rough," was 
sent to the rock-pile this week for ninety 
days (for stoning a C. and (). train at Cov- 
ington. A few sentences Uke this willserve 
to put a stop to such business. 

Jas. J. OsaoaNB has withdrawn from 
the rabe for County Attorney in Bobert- 
8on, and bis brother and Chas. R. Morford 
have entered the tiglit. Jas. J. had no 
opposition, but shnply wanted to get ont 
of the race. 

Tm; baiulsome new residence ot John 
Kelley, near Joliuson Junction, was de- 
stroyed by fire tlys week. Defective 
flue. There is an insurance on the budd- 
ing of $1,000 m the Fleming County 
l-'urmens Home Mutual, but the loas far 
exceeds the insurance. 






To avoid farther persecution from the unscrupulous and jealomt 
Physicians of Maysville, until the Court of Appeals ^11 
decide the matter, Dr. A/iplcntdn icillmeet 
his many patients at the 

Mineral Well House, Aberdeen, Ohio. 




One Day, Till 3::M) p. lu. 

DK. APPLEMAN ll a gMdimte of Ilclli viir lloNiillal MidicHl Colk-Rp. Ni'W Vurk City, and bas 
had wiveu yearn experience In the ktchi lu'viiimls of Unit < iiy. Mis womU-rfiil work 


liavi- t-Hiisi il ilio (ilil foK.v ilociors ol the .Slate so imu'h uiieahiuew that tor the jmsl two yearn they 
have Im'i II iloiiiK all ill thctr power to mop hlK practice. 

Hhall the Hick remain Hick, aud the HuflerluK continue to auin'r f Yei, My8 Uie gencrul praotion- 
err, raUier than let Or. Appleuan help you. NO, uyi Dr. Appleman, 

Qome to Me and Be Cured if It is in My Power to do it. 

.IiiliM W InltiiiKlon. ■Jlt'i'N. WhIiiiU street. Mmvs\ ille, mivs : "I Imve trieil -. \ . n M. ■ umi iinue 
have iloiie uie any >;oo(l. Have mil worlit il lor >i\ iiioiiilis. 1 iiiii now alMi' !<■ \mii k iilu r uiu mouth 
of your trealim 111 " 

The il.M nro a.«lonNli( d. unci ask, ' Wliat is he iloini?"" I-" that ciioriKh? 
)i. II. Kim;, Helena M. I>. ( onl, FlemiuBiiburK, C'haji. Atbury, Muyi>villu, L. 1,. WellH, Helena, 
ami lifiv others can niiil do sm-ak oi iho good Dr. AppUmas tt dolDg. OolumU thia eminenl 8p«0* 
ialist on his coiiiliiK viMit. He trcatit 

Eye, Sar, Nose, Throat, 

Cbronlo Tfoablea, DImmm of Wom«n Mid 




mi$% tiMtrM*i4NM> 

WAsaiiraTO.H, March 80.— WhcB Ad- 
anixat Joha Walker fud's tnm 
8ui t^auelBOo on April 5 for Hnnolnli 
1m will carry with liiiii iiist . nction; 
hAViug a moHl iiiiportaiit IxMriiii; nn tli. 
Behring wa tiwestiini. All sjx cul.itidL 
•nd report to the contrary uotwith 
itaudintf, Adminl Walker was not ae- 
leotad by the president for this miasion 
on account of any threatening condition 
i)f atrairs in Hawiiii. for tlic ollicial ad- 
vices receiv<Hl from tlnit coniitiy yiw no 
Lint (if troublt) or of a resturation to !»■ 
expected in the U'ar future, and Ad- 
miral Walker's stay at Honolulu will 
not ext#d over more than two months 
at most, Of oonrse, if daring his stay 
trouble should uriHe, he will be in posi- 
tion to oouunand the situation, but there 
is no such ex]«'it.iti(in8. iiml tin? ad- 
iniral's mission li.ul to du primarily with 
the seal iiucMtion. 

The jirlitratiun .iu>t ('(hkIikIihI pro- 
vii!: - f. :-a .joint pniti ction li}- tin- Tnitftl 
Stato ami (in at ISritani oviT thu seal 
waters, acd these two nations are bounil 
to B.'iuri', if tln'v lan. the fo operation 
of other mil ri >te>l natio)is Kun-^ia, .fa 
pan and ( hiii;i. ail I pel liajo* (ti rniauy 
The iK)lic-.n4 of iIk; ^eal u ateiti, wliicl 
had previously been a tenijioraiy exiKnii- 
ent. was madu a ntnnanent charge uiwu 
the parties to the arbitration, and the 
diffieulties in the execution of the t;usk 
had been enormously ijicreased by the 
vast extent of the prolt < tid zone fixed 
by the arbitration. conii)riHinif all of the 
Pacific ocean east of the 180tu meridian 
and north of the 85th parallel and Bey 
ring sea. 

Il the effort to secnre the co-operation 
of Russia and Japan and China should 
succeed, of whicli there is every prom- 
ise, the zone would be still further ex- 
tended so as to include the western Pa- 
cific to the shores of Asia. No such task 
as this — the policing of a vast ocean— 
was ever before undertaken, and it be 
came necessary to devise a system by 
which this could be done ettectively, 
economically and permanently, by the 
combined action of the nations inter- 
ested. The first requisite to an effective 
and eoonomioal patrol was the establish 
ment of permanent basis of supplies 
There will probably be three of these 
San Frandsco on tne east, Yokohama on 
the west and Pearl harbor, Hawaii, in 
the center, all on the lower boundary of 
theprotected zone. 

The first two are already within reach, 
and it is the establishment of the third 
which has caused Admiral Walker's 
journey to Hawaii. He will select the 
beet location looking to its adaptability 
to the readv supply and in apinilted way 
repair of tne croisen engwted in the 
patrol service, estimate the dfiHcnlties to 
be met in dredging a channel across the 
bar at the entrance of Pearl harbor, and 
npon tills report to the president will 
depend the expenditure oz the |250,000, 
which has foi two years been at the dis- 
posal of the president for the establish- 
mant of n aval staMona. 



Ukely to U« Moved Vrom N«w York to 

WASHlNaTON, March 80, "The jiro- 
posed removal of the Indian wareh(m^•e 
from Nrw Yuikti) ('lii(aL;i> li:i.s stirred 
np a hornet s m at in tne nieioantile com- 
munity of N w York,' waul Representa- 
tive Isador titrauaa. "It is a blow aimed 
at the supremacy of New York dty as a 
market that no merchusit in the city can 
permit to gc unchallenged. It is a step 
which iuterleres with the K^Jvernnient K 
procuring its sujiplies at botttan rates 
tliat nil iiieuiber oi congress l an, in jus- 
tire t' i hi.s tnwt. permit to JlilSH witliout 
il pn tent. It ih clear to Nt)w Yorkers 
that it one lifti to atlil to his prices the 
additional i in nsi; luvnived in specially 
op iiing fai inties at < liicii;;i) for biilding 
on Haniples, the margin <if profit does 
not justify bin bidding, and for that rea- 
son cumpi-lition Ls eliminated and the 
houses will get higher prices than liere- 
tofore. If nierchant.s of largo affairs 
find it nec ssary to keep a purchasing 
agency in New York, only false notions 
of eiououiy shiiuld justify the govmi- 
nient in closing up its iiuiclia.--ing 
agency. Let the goveinniint conliiiuo 
to invite proposals lor the dt livi ryat 
New ^drk, Chicago and Omaha, but let 
it not take a step whicli elnninateB the 
competition of any of the places." 

Iron Trade Better. 

New Youk, Man h ;«). The Iron Age 
says, reganiiug the iron and metal 
tra<les, tliat thv treling in the iron tiade 
throughout tlie country is a sliglit sliude 
better. Billets are firmer, and can not 
now be bought under |l.j.40 at Pittsburg. 
Adjustments of freight rates have con- 
tinued lately, thi' eastern Pennsylvania 
furnaces having se< uied a gowl reduc- 
tion to New Knglaud points. A little 
improvement is noted in Chicago in tiie 
steel rail business, but on the other hand 
the ea^dt'm works confess freely that 
they can not see, from present indica- 
tions, where any business of any conse- 
quence for the second half of the year is 
to come from. 

shot to Di'iitli. 

8t. Lm is. .March i!0. A sijecial to 
The EepuMic frnni Montgomery. Ala., 
says: Olivi i .lackson, cohered, i.iir of 
the < i l anl murderers, wiiiio en route to 
Montgomery last night, wiis taken by a 
dozen masKt'd nu n from two deputies at 
the point of pistols, who shot him tu 

A Fowferfol Combination. 

New Have.\, March 80.— Dr. George 
F. Paterson, on of the most expert sur- 
geon dentists, was adjudged insane and 
sent to to the Middletown insane 
He threatened to shoot his family. 
Cigarettes and cocaine ars rsiponsible 
for his condition. 

Will KiKlit For I'lit'lr Ui^litH. 

Cl.KVKi,ANi), March 30. - Tho women 
at Kent, U., who are in favor of eciu il 
snffrage, have decided to make a fight 
tor timr rights at the polls in themn- 
aiolpal aleotion next Monday. 

Consollitalliiii of I'lK^ltliiK IiitercKtK. 

CuiCA(j.< March !iO. It is possible 
thikt an im 7 . taut consolidation of pack- 
ing iuterosts will shortly take place at 
tbt Uataiit^aids ill fllli^lr. 


Oo Out on • Strike mfA Vffa 
ViRhtiKK Follows. 

Hammohd, Ind.. Feb. 27.— The mana- 
«< tbt NatioD^ forwp f»d iron 
works «t last CMcigo jMtoMar an- 
nounced a cut of 19 par cent in the wages 
i>f laborers, making them |1 a day. Two 
hundred and fifty Poles walked oat and 
held a consultation on the main streets 
of the town for several honri. There 
were several fights before S o'olook. 
Some of the foreignen refosed to go on 
a strike and knives were osad InVnne 
instances. Peter StatalatttHski wat fear- 
fully gashed on the head and shoulders 
by the strikers. Others, whose names 
could not be obtained, are slightly in- 

Word was received that a number of 
men were oti their way from South Chi- 
cago to accei)t the strikers' places at the 
retlui ed --cile and a mob made for the 
Fort Wayne depot. No men came, 
however, and tiny withdrew (piietly. 

The pnddlers have also been ivsked to 
accept a lower scale and iiia.\' strike. 
The ill" chanus have been notilied that a 
( lit of 11! l-'J I'cr cent wonM be 
made. Die plant has been in oiieration 
just niit' week, after an idlcneM of near- 
ly Sl.X lUiPlltllS. 

' The Laki side nail mill in this city 
alsii aniiouiicetl a cut of ','(> i>ei rent in 
the wages of the hilmrers, iiringiiig the 
]>ay down to ^1 a day. The men have 
accepted t)ie redtictiaa, aboot too men 

iM'ing atle< ted. 

The National works will close down 
unless the men come to an agreement. 
This would tiirow alWDt 000 mso OUt of 

MuULXmionatre Married. 

Nrw YdKK, March 30. -Multi-mili- 
ionaire John H. Flageler of the Standard 
Oil company will soon be married to 
Miss Alice Mandelick, the contralto solo- 
ist of the Church of the Ascension of 
this city. He first saw the young lady 
at a concert, and, seeking an introduc- 
tion, began his wooing, which has termi- 
nated in an engagement. He is a cousin 
of Henry M. Flageler of the Standard 
Oil company, and, wfaila not as wealthy 
08 the controUiog magnate, ha ii worth 

Walker^ Minaion to Uonolnln. 

Wasbibotoii, March 80.— Secretary 
Gresham stated that Admiral Walker's 
mission to the 9>waiiaa Islands had 

nothing to do with the establishment of 

a naval depot at Pearl harbor, but that 
(lispatches had been received from Mr. 
Willis indicating that an tmtbreak might 
occur at Ilonohiln at any time which 
would re(iuire the )jresence of a cool, 
siin \vd and determined man to look 
after the intert'sts of the United States 

{■peuker Crisp .\|i|i<>iiit«<l Senator, 

Wasuin(jtun, March 80. -It was after 
midnight when Speaker Crisp received 
notice of his appointment as senator 
from Georgia. He was much surprised, 
aa| the olfer was une.\pt!cted. His first 
inclination was to decline, but at 1 
o'clock wired the governor that he would 
hold Ills answer in abeyance until he 
could consult with political friends and 
associates. ^ 

Killed Ilin \\ it<'. 

Helena, Mon., Man ii :iii. K. Mc- 
Manns of Livingston shot and kille(l his 
wifeyesterdav at that place and then 
cut bis own tnroat from ear to ear with 
a razor. McManus was a railroad brake- 
man. 24 years old, and his wife was a 
handsome woman of 18. He had been 
out of work for some time, was despond- 
ent and they had not lived hapjiiiy to- 
gether. They leave a O-months old babe. 

Iowa and Woiiiun Suffrage. 

Dks Mi)i.\Ks, March ItO.-^Tho house 
vesterday passed the woman suffrage 
bill, giving women the right to vote for 
city, town and 8chc>ol ofiicora, and on the 
question of issuing bonds. 

Kevtow Of the Grain and CaMe Markets 

h'tir Kliiroh so. 


Cattle— I'riine, W -^iaH 5(); kcxmI, COwj} 

4 20; good bluchers', $ii '^(^'6 7a; rough 
fat, $3 40: good fat cows and spriiig- 
ers, $M (N)(({4U 00; good feeders, $3 00®3 50. 

HoKs— Philudelphitts, t5 W0ili 05; Yorkei-s, 
14 7;i((/ 5 00; good heavy hows, $4 00@4 iJS; 
stasis and rough sows, .'!(i£4c Slieej) — Kxtra, 
14 OOi.M 'J5; gooil, $;i ;,^(ti;l (Kl; fiiir, <U 00«( 
3 4U; comuion, $i OOi^J .Vl; ye.irliugH. $2 .50 
@4 UO; luuibs, $4 0n((j4 Nl. \ eal Calves— 
14 S0@5 60; heavy and thlu calves, $Z 5U 
m Ml. 

CiiK'innati. • 
Whfeat^.5S(,(,Vjc. Corn— .•iHii(g40c. Cat- 
tle—Select l»uiclieis, $U 0()(a!J 86; (air to 
medium, $3 ti5@3 50; common, |1 50; 
Hogs— Select and prime butchers, $4 t)U(iij 

5 00; packing, $^ 70(24 W); common to 
rough, t4 'MiA* ft5. Sheep — $i •ij(<i3 75. 
I^mba-|S fiOA4 00; spring lamiw, |t» 860 
10 oa 


Wheat— Cash, SOc; May, flO^o asked; 
July, fi'i%c asked. Corn— Cash, :«c; Mav, 
8Sc. Oats— Cash, 89c bid. Hye— Cash, 50>/c. 
Cloveraeed— Prime, cash and March, |ft OS; 
AprU, 15 80 asks d; October , U Wi 


Hogs— Select butehers. M 8604 06; pack- 
ing, $i m)@4 85. Cattle— Prime steere. 
$4 ir>(^4 35; others, 75<a4 10; oows and 

U^bs % 78* ^^^^ ~ ^ ^' 
.MayMvtn« Ketall Market. 

URKEN COKKKK-'^t It. » «27 

MOI.A.'5.Sh>^iu \v crop, %( gallon ruft* 

Cidldi'ii Synip 36 

HorKhiun . faiK'v new., 

aUGAit— Y< ll(iw,"f(Ib 

Extra C.V lb ~ 4V 

A, V tt. 6V 

Oranulated, D lb 6\ 

l^)W(lere<l, tf| Ik..... 

New OrU'«na, V lb.................. i\ 

" " ~ .60(i*l (m 

GOAL OIL-Hcadllght, V glUlon 1 0 

BACON— BroHkfMt, W lb IV!' .. <v 

Clear KidfN, V lb 1% 

Umiiis, V tt), 

><hiiul(lers, V lb 10 

HKANS- Kallon „ „....80 

Ht' lTK !< -■»< tb _ ., 90 *26 

'HICKKNS— Kiich 25 (iaf) 

K(i(i.-i Vdozcii ^ miO 

FLOI K -I.inuKtoiie.W barrel 14 00 

Old (iolil, V l)Krr«'l 4 60 

Maj'Nvllle Kuncy, Y< Itarrel w—— 8 26 

MaKon County, 
MomlDjK Ulory. 
Roller KlfiK, V barrel.. 

8 78 

1 8 76 

fiK, T barrel 4 M 

Magnolia, w barrel., m.~.... 4 AO 

Blue Ciruwt, W barrel > • 71 

Qraham JIH aaok ...»w...l5 (HOO 

aoM INY— %t mllon. ao 

MKAI.-Vpeck 20 

I.AKl>-»pound 912H 

r)NION8— * MOk 40 


Brings comfort and improvement and 

tends to personal enjoyment when 
rightly used. The many, who live bet- 
ter than other? and enjoy life more, with 
less exiienditure, by more promptly 
tidapting tlie world's best products i< 
tlie necos of pliysical being, will atte st 
the value to health of the jiure liiinit 
la.xativc priiiciplcH embraced in the 
remedy, Syriij) of Fi^:;*. 

Its excellence is due to ihs pre>entinc 
in the form most .icccptablc and Iliea^• 
ant to the taste, the refreshing and trui \ 
beneficial properties of a perfect hi.x- 
ntive; eflFectnally cleansing the sy.stom, 
dispelling colds, headaches and levers 
ana permanently, eniing oonstipatinn 
It has given satisfaction to millions and 
met with the approval of the medical 
profession, because it acts on the Kid- 
ney.s, Liver and Bowels witliout weak- 
ening them and it i.s {MMl'ectly free from 
every objectiimahle substiuice. 

Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- 
gists in SOc anafl bottles, but it is man- 
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup 
Co. only, whose name is printed on every 
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, 
and being well informed, you .will not 
accept any sabatitdtn if oflMPd. 

R JRmovM Ikmdruff', 
Cleans the Scalp, 
Restores the 


AJrVUi^^l WMW««»M«Mffe««i 


ItMU PlekadUp by tha Bnllatfai'i Oor- 
iMPradents in MaiM Mid 

\Viiitt r Mill liUKerg in the lap of spring. 

Mrs. Steve Bslltnger hss been qnlte stek lor 


The fmlt and all kinda of vegetation la laid 

a'^idc fer the present. 

Joel Luythum Is confined to his home by siclt- 
nesK. Ur. Kcllcy Is attending him. 

W. U. Arthur baa been oa lbs aick list for a 

The asreurjr tasa bsen at freesing point and 
below for a week. Ice one inch thick. 

That old Kroniid hoR .' Wlmt a pity Clifl <li(lii t 
find liiiii out in Clioetuw. The Si.ssou lioy.s are 
alter him. 

Some more ot the beautiful anow IcU Weducs- 
Digtit : three Sinokas deep aad still snowing at 

this writing. 

The pastor, Bev. F. IM. Tinder, who went to 
Leesburg tor hia family, haa not returned home, 
and we hsd no prcaoblng st the CbrUtian Church 
last Sunday. 

R. K. of P., of this 
following officers : 

f^E(TlnN 1,0-14, E. 

ity, ha.s elected the 

rre.viili iit M. V. 

\ ice rresiileiil— \V. K. An.hileueon. 

Secretary -W. T. Martin. 

Medical Examiner— I>r. J. II. Samuel 

niien Baby was ilok, we gave bdr CaatorU: 
When abo was • Child, ahe eriad for Oaatorla. 
Whan Ae baoaow Was, ake ehnc to Oaitorta. 
Whaa she had Ohffldna, she tavstbsBi OifMa. 

ToBMAOO policies— W. R. Warder, agt. 



GniBiBg, Glulig ud Piptr-HugiBg 

.\ Mn'cialiy. All work t;uiirHiitefit. (Jive lis a 
call. .^liuj. 107 SutU.ii .-.iKcl, Iji-UM-eii Kroiitaiul 
>, . ,.ii,l 


The Mockhold. iN of Ihc .Mu\ sviUo htkI llniekcn 
Turnpike Kuud Company are Lcrcby uotiiivd that 
a meeting will be held at the office of Duler A 
Baldwin, MaysTlUe, Ky., Monday, April 2, IBM, 
at It) a. m.. tor tho purpoHool ulcctlug office rs for 
laid rosd for eniuiiiK year. 

Mtd W. ItAl.inVlN, I'rcali^nt. 


The atockholders of the Msyivllle and Lexing- 
ton Turnpike HoaH are hereby notified that an 
election will be tieUI at tho otTlce of Didey A 
Baldwin, Maysville, Kv., on Monday, April '1, 
ISM, at U a. m., lur the purpose of electing offi- 




Two pieces, in dark and medlam colorSf neWMt pAtleriMf 
•Ices 4 to 13* at the e:[^ciiioly low price of 



Don't Judgre the ^oods nntll you see it. They are good, 

strong, iKtncst and well-made {;oud8. It may .seem to you too 
q cheap. Be sure there ia a leak gioniewhere, but what is it to 
% yon, a* lonir as It Is to your benefit ? Remember that yon can 

^ buy a Suit for your boy from us to to school for only 98c* 
5 You must come at onc«', as thcBC jjoods sell very quiclc. 


% ls<NMtor9 of IpOw PrieM, 

% tM MMNOir WRUT. ' 
















In Your Own Locality 

made easily and honorably, wlthoot coi- 
tal, dniliig yonr spare hoars. Ai^ mso, 
woman, boy ^or girl can 4o the worlt baod- 
ily, witboaf experience. Talking on* 
necessary. Nothing like it for money- 
making ever oiUnred before. Onr workers 
always prosper. No time wasted in 
learning the boaineas. We teach yon in 
% night liow to SQCceed from the first 
hour. Ton can make a trial wlthoot ex> 
pense to yourself, we start you, ramlsh 
everything needed to carry on the bnsi- 
nes9 snccessfally, and guarantee you 
aeainst failure if you but follow our 
simple, plain Instructions. Reader, if 
you are in need of ready money, and 
want to know all aboot the bo.'<t paying 
business before the public, send us your 
address, and we will mail you a docu- 
ment giving you all tho particulars. 

TRUiaCO., BOX400. 

Augusta* Main*. 




known for is y»ars as the BEST 




Of No. 96 West SoTonth ntroct, CInoUkaatij Ohio, 
win ho at the CKNTRAT. HOTKL.MirrrtTle, Ky., 
on FRIDAY Biid HATl'KDAY. MARCH liOth and 
.tl. No oiii' slionlil miss iho o|i|i()rtiiiiltv o( hHV- 
ing tlilH thorougli Uptlciau examlue lauir oyea 
FHKK OF < HABOB. aod of ssourfag propsr glasMs 
from bim. Wlu oaU at jroor hoBS ia tts etigr if 
HO desired. 




d sa« latMi 


niulOp omHablta 

curL-ii a bume wllil- 
out I 111!' Uookoipar- 
tiruliin leut FBEB. 


sU. (to. pfllUse llH>)i WbUataaUS^ 

DAILY suLLsrnr: 

Ton know how it u your 
self. Doefsn't this picture 

bring up the good days of 
your youth ? How we did 
enjoy the turkey mother 
roasted I Well, let us "be 
thankful for the rare bless- 
ings vouchsafed us to-day, 
and with more mature judg- 
ment Henbt Obt proposes 
your good health and in- 
vites your attention to t|lf 


!■ as Oood M > y»Mt," 

But at the same time he 
invites your attention to 
his stock of goods, suoh fts 








▲11 Undi of Hounraentsl work done In thalMit 
manner. Second itreet.aboTeopers house. 

DB. P. e. SMOOT, 



»e-KYKSTKKTEI)aii(l OlassesBorurately flttt-d. 
Special attention to diiieaaes of the eyeK. Office 
and Bcaldenoe No. 7 Weit Third street. 


ITpholsterliig and Furniture Be- 
pairing of All Kinds. 

▲ itook of Tapestrr slwayi on hand. Wotk 
done ta ajattrfaetory manner and at reasonable 
prlee,a*m>.WeofDe ~ 

eOfHer Plnm and Fourth atreets. 

■sooadWfast, mtk Waid.