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Full text of "Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.): 1903-05-25"

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^Ktit y r VBLia LKnoKM-att. 



Bprlnkli". mvTiiikle, wktrrcmrt! 
Ain't yoii evor goln' to itort? 
StreeU kre •wtui dry Mid dnatjr, 
Ev'rythtng li dlttia' nutjr. 
WmOmt man hM Rone a<fl*lltn' 
lad toft evarybady wUtalD' 
That jroa'd hurry up ftnd itMt, 
Sprinktp, (prinkle, water oMtl 

'ir ha^r an l(«Ba of Mwv, ylM 

n,Mi« I 

Farmers i^oath of tht oitf Wtn plutinf ont 

iobacco F riday. 

Tha C. and 0. has plaead an ordar for twanty 
ratm paJi wcaw. 

John Q. Adama is tha naw PDatmaatar at 
Harris, L awto connty. 

Jndga CookraBia tUt week hoUiBC Federal 

'Govt at CattettobnrK. 


Dr. Fletcher SmiU of Dover laat weak paaaed 
hia eighty -tlJrd Mrthday. 

Mr. Frank Radmoa and Miae VatUe Owrent 
•will wed Wedneaday at Paria. 

Bookar Waahington createa a stir of some 
kind, fo where ha roay, it aeems. 

Application has been m'de for a tt«i^ En- 
'Oampment I. 0. (). F. at Burtonvitle. 

H. U. Warder of Helena attended the re- 
oaloiiof theCoafedenteVetanMatNawOru 

Iba. Jat. Rea, wife of a well known bosinesH 
nan of Winekaater, died Tary anddealy from 
. apoplexy. 

It looka like that Indianapolia chambermaid 
-«aa ta the wi^ where greatneaa would be tkmst 

'Rev. Or. Barbour Preached Yester- 
itay t0 8nMd Army Mm. 

The aBnooDoeaeat that Mr. Charlea Bacon 
•woold open the St Charlea Hotel wu previonaly 
jwatir a.. 

8. C. Carpenter of UillersbarK sold at auction 
at Atlanta, Ga., recently flifty horses at an 
oeracre f 1218. 

Elder T. P. Dwinniin of .'<prins,'(lale will deliver 
^e address at Decoration Du^ exercises Satur- 
day at Pelid^jr^a 

Captain James .\. UrownfioM, formerly of 
tkia city, is recruiting a crurk Military Com- 
pany at Covington^ 

S. R. B. Nichols of Hoiikinsvlllu i/i thu twelfth 
death to occur so far in the State Confederate 
Home at Pewee Valley. 

Frank Wieland, Conductor on the C. and 0., 
iud hia left aakle broken while alighting from 
« train fa Cotbutea Saturday. 

The wfalow of J. B. Marcum of Jackson isMtaes 
a reply to the attacks made on her hnahand'a 
memory b y the Hargis brethera. 

Robert If . Harriaoa reaigned u Postmaster 
at Riholt, liewia county, and Mahala E. Harrison 
has been appointed in his stead. 

Jamea 0. Goalee of CarrolHon la heiag ur- 
ged to l>f( '>nic a ciimiiilate for State Auditor 
Wore the Republican Convention. 

Hie little daoRhter of W. J. Aaklns of Ports- 
mouth died the |iii.-^t wi-ck aiul tlif interment 
took place in the Mt. (MivHt Cemetiiry. 

Various pieces of property belonginK to the 
estate of the late Charles Ladenburger of Dover 
Bold last week for somo $7,2in.*i2. 

Tlwrsa Shanks, living in Washington county, 
la 88 years old, and earns her living by weav- 
ing carpet on a loom older than hemelf. 

Conductor Julius Herrick of the L. and N'., 
who has been ill with typhoid foTer for eight 
weeks at Lexington, is now ont of d anger. 

Biikop MonisoB will preach the joint ba(;ca- 
laoreate aormtm for lUllersbnrg Female College 

and Mille niburg Military Institute on May 31. 

The Demooratic Central Committee of Ken- 
tucky has caUed off Oe LoainiOe dty primary 
set for May 25. and decided to hold it aoma 
time befo re August 1. 

The differaneee eiiatiag between the em- 
ployee and the owners of the Keith-Schroeder 
Haraaas Company establishment have been 
Mtthtd to the aatisfaction of both parties. 

The wife of Night Patrolman Charles Wor- 
mild died at BelleTve of peritonitis, aged 32. 
Beaidaa har haahnd aha leavea two ehildraa, 
one two and a half jmn aid and the other an 
iafant _________ 

Mr. Thomaa Lee Iwan, a brother of Mrs. 
John W. E^rley, was aummoned from Kansas 
City on account of her critical illness. He 
arrived yiatarday morainr- to* Into to aee 
her alive. ____________ 

Meeara. R. T. A«wi BariM and Lamotte Rnh- 
len of thn United ftatoa Qeetegieal 8wT<y are 
bare to apesd the summer in Mason county, 
where they will examine and test the different 
ohareoter of aoUa, with a view of maUag a map 
el the eounty, giving all naoeaeary information 

- The Nnewl at Oiin Ooman, whn died from 

the effects of her severe burning, u already 
detailed in Tn Lmwu, took place from the 
residence of Mr. John Duley in East Second 
Street, at 6 o'cloek BataidiQr afternoon, with 
aervioes by the Rev. Y. T. WiUh of Beddeu 
iJ^Chnnh. The iatormeat was i« Hainvaie 

^^•Ca rtmell ertracto teeth withen t pain. 

Liindlord Paugherty of the NVw Central is 
regaling his.gnests with fresh mackerel and 
other fNHi «t the aen aa well aa avaiything 
that grown OB lead. 

MRS. JOHN w. e.\ri,i:y. 
Mrs. Ida 0. Earley, wife of Mr. John W. 
Earley of near Helena, whoae illneas haa been 
mentioned in Tn LiDOiK, died at 6:80 Batar- 

day afternoon. 

8h<' wa.'* born Jaiumry ^th. l^.'l, and had 
been married twenty-five years on the 9th of 
the praaant month. 

Besides her husband she leaves six children 
--fiv • sons jind one daughter -Messn. Vomer, 
Greer, <';ilviit, Oddie and Marvin, and Miss 
Mariu Earley, all of whom reside at home. 

The fnneral will oeenr from the reaidance at 

l:30thi,s afternoon, with .lorviocs hy the Rev. 

W. T. (Jrinstead of the M. E. Church, South, 

and the inteiBMat will fallow ia Fleadagsbnrg 


, ^ • « 


Yeoterday moraing at 10:30 members of the 
0. A. R. to the nnmberof forty attended Memo- 
rial P.-rviro at the First Presbyterian Church, 
whrn the Pajttor, Kev. Dr. John Barliour, 
prt'arhed an eloquent and appropriate sermon. 

His theme waa along the linea of an enlarged 
patriotism, or a Natfonal eonaeience that would 
prom; I every citizen to love hin whole country 
for iU; greatnes.s and its 

The music was specially selected, and the 
singing by the quartette, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. 
Barbour, Miaa Florence Hays and Mr. Robert 
A. Co<\/iran, was exceptionally fine. 

The Ckwrvh and i^ostrum were beautifully 
decorated with the Nationnl colon and with 


The Auditor's Agent Takes a Whack 
at CharlttiMf Imtitutiom. 

Auditor's Agent Wataon ia no reapector of 

persons, for 

.Ml lollars look alike to him! 

lie contemplates suit in the County Court, 
praying judgment against DeKalb Lodge No. 
12, I. 0. 0. F., for something short of a quar- 
ter of a million dollar!*, for alleged personal 
property alleged to have been omitted for taxa- 
tion for the past flv« years. 

In other words, he pmys for judgment against 
$40,000 in personalty for each of the years 
1898. 1899 and 1900, or $120,000 in all, and 
$30,01)0 for each of the year..* 1',h)1 2, against 
or|8ti,000 in all, making agrand total of $180,- 
000, on which he wants taxes and an added pen- 
alty of 20 per I'eiil. to pay for the fan the boys 
will h. ve defendint; the suit. 

Mr. Wat.'ton also goes after Ringgold I.ihI^'c 
of Oddfellows, claiming a "aurplns" of $10,(J«» 
for aeveral of the aforaaaid yeara. 

HU Att orney to W. 0. Davia. 


Once Aoain Visited By Fire, This 
Time With Seriout Results. 

Carlisle on Saturday had another sad visita- 
tion frjm tire, thi.^ one attended with serious 

The Graded School BaUding, erected fa 1891 
at a cat of $26,000, wu hamed to aahea about 

8 o'clock. 

The fire was caused by a dame from the 
furnact raaeUag the jaiata aid aatMag then 

The Bre department was powerleaa, aa the 

gasoline engine turned over and was broken 
upon its arrival at the scene, leaving only a 
hand eigine end small Are axttagairiMra. 

The park Are dq^artataat laapoadad ptanptly 
but ootid not be of aerrlee wliea It arrtred. 

In tie explosion of gas conflned in an upper 
room tie flamaa burst forth and caught several 
panoas fa tha haU, who were fearfully bnmod. 

Among them were the Rev. F. M. Tinder, E. 
0. Dorwy, Thomaa George, Joseph Day, Scudder 
Grain, Chief «< PoUea C. a Daaa and H. R. 

flaeita of peraons ware hait ly the falling 
waUs, lot it is thought no one waa killed. 
Tiadtr and Dorsey are the worst tajared, 

and nay lose their eyesight. The engine 
tamed over on Mayor Ksnnedy and bruised him 

The building,, which was insured fte $12,600, 
will be rebnilt as aooa aa the inearaaea to ad- 

In kliiK"! every nsl|ihtiorh<><xl •om.* i>ue hut died 
rruiusii attack of culluorobolerk mortiu*. odeii tir- 
fore Dicdlclne oould bu pMcured or a phyilrlan 
tumiiounl. A r»Uabl« n-iuMly fur thex^ liliH'awi 
ttionld Ik* Wept at liand. The rlik l> t<>> xri'at (or 
any <k>" <" '•'ke. ClmoilierlalD't Cnhe. Cluilcra 
and Diarrlio'a Keincdjr han undoiilitnll) tiiveil iho 
Hvi'i of ot'>r«' people and rrlievtHl m«>re palii and 
iuftennti ittau any ottttr tnudlolne In use. It oan 
alwa)'> be depended upon. Vet lele by I. Jas. 
Wood A boo, INugalSts. 

^Ray's Rainbow Mind Paiat lagiaraataad 

the best and cheapest. 

Maaa conventions are to ha heklJaly 11th to 
aeleet delegatea to the RapabHeaa State Con- 
vention on .luly 15th. 

Mr. Riley Owens of the Caae caae waa at 
Washington Friday. Ha taperta thiaga Tary 

encouraging in the oaaa and aaya there will 
soon be a distribntionof "yellow boys ." 

Dr. B. H. Moatello, who has had charge of 

the C. and 0. Hospital at Huntington for the 
past six months, has resigned and has been 
succeeded by Dr. & A. Biddof North OaroHaa. 

JamesVV. He<,><, i-nnfined in th« Fayette Ciiunty 
Jail under sentence of death for the murder of 
Mrs. Martha Martin, tried to commit sniolde 
Friday by banging himself. He made a rope 
from hi« pillowslip by tearing it into strips, but 
it was not strong enough to hold Ua wei^t and 
he failed in hi.s attempt. 

Dr. Robert W. Jones, Coanty Physician of 

Greennp, is seriously ill with pneumonia. 

Contractors Horrocks and dinger of Ashland 
hare finished the brick work on a big bosinesa 
block for J. W. Hackworth at Louisa . 

.^VWe are not the only people who aell 
monamaata; hat thto to ear heoM aad wa da 
good work, aa aak yoar natnaaga. 

MimaAT 4 T B0IIA8. 

flf^ to 0. H. P. Thomaa * Co., 120 and 
122 Market atreet, Maysville, Ky., for "Old 
Time" Bourbon and "Old Maysville Club" Rye. 

.'^old ilire<-t from the distillery by the quart, 
gallon or liarnd. floodn gu.iranteed. 

Colonel anil Mr.-;. K\. Mullin.'* of Covington 
announce the marriage of their daughter, Lula, 
to Dr. W. W, Wilson of Evansville, Ind. Miss 
Lula to the daughter of the late Sarnael Stitt of 

Millershurg, and w.-yi adopted by Mr. and Mrs. 

Mti!lin.< afi.T the death nf h. r father. 

Our Wool Crash 


Coats and Pants 

Are takiog the town, or rather the town and oonntjr are taking them. Our 
beat dreaaera pronounce them "great." Ooae in btbm «• are entirely wtAik 
up on then. They range in price from 

S7.SO to SfSI 

Our Young .Men's Qaraon, Meyer 4 Co.'s Huits are wonderful produc- 
tiona of cuatom tailor'a art. We are the only house in town that sbowa thena. 

Yon "muat" see our Faultless line of Negligee Hhirts. They are won* 
derfol for the price, $1. 

We are now bead<iuartera tor good Men'a and Boya' Shoea. No aeoaA* 
tional low pricea on them. Our Douglaa Shoea are |8, 18.60 and %i. Oar 
Hanan ^hoes are $5 and |6. Every pair warranted lo give i(ttiabMJtlon. An* 
other pair or the money hack if they don't. 

I'lirf i.iticn Cra.uii I'aiux ninde to Order for OB, $1.60 a pair. AU eaama 
taped and warrp.uted nut to puli out. 

Gfsaine Panama Hata Same qaality aell in citiea |7 to |8. 









to ^uy. 

• •••• 

Carpets and SKugs! 

Carpet prices are bound to ^o higher soon. They have already advanced lo per cent, and are likely to 
kee^ on climbing. Our stock was bought on the old basis and will be sold the same way. We have fine va- 
rieties to show you in all the different styles of carpet. If you are hesitating between buying carpets now or 

waiting for next fall, the matter of price slioiild urge you to make the investment as you will pay more for all 

carpets next season. VVe are showing a handsome collection of new Axminster Rugs. They have practically 
the same appearance as Oriental Rugs and almost as much durability though they cost only hall as much. 
$2.25 to $3.75 according to size. 

Parasols or Sun Umbrellasi 

The sun is getting stronger every day and is likely to soon be unbearable without some protection. We 
have exquisite 26-inch, extra quality all-silk Umbrellas for sun or rain, in red, green, brown, blue, black. Plain, 
bordered, or dotted taffata. Natural wood, pearl, gilt and silver trimmed handles. $2.75 reduced from $3.50. 





V**: :{ 1 1 1 t.t t t i t :::::::::: t ::::::::: 1 1 :: t : i :::::::: s :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: i :::::::::::::: : sYv 
^9 ••••••••••••••••eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooeoeoeefoooooeoeoooooeoeeeoeeofeoeoooeeeevV 

Rev. J. S. Sims of T.exiagtoa preached the ! Tho CouriiT-Journal Saturday had lihenesaos { 
Commencement Sermon to the High School uf Hev. andMra. C. K. LVawtur.whose marriago j 

accurred laat Wedaeaday at the Oiriataia Chore h 
at Sonera. 

Rradustes at the FafaaoBth Chrirtiaa Ckorch 

last night. 


Miss Florence Wadsworth to Sing 
•t Portuwirth. 

Saturday's Portsmouth Blade says Miss Flor- 
ence P. Wadsworth of this oity, whose singing 

delighted th>' Sivond Pri'sliytcrian Church [icd- 
pli! .ti) much when .'■hu was there a few weuktf 
ago, has accepted an engagMaent toaiag ia that 
Church every Sabbath. 

Miss Wadsworth is an onosiially floe singer, 
iitnl hiT siil().-< will b(> an important feature in 
that .•iervice hereafter. 

This ia the Rer. Dr. 8. B. Alderson's Chweh, 
and it wii.s throu^jh his influence thiit Mi.-<.'< 
Wad.-iworth wa.-i induced tu accept the invita- 
tion ti) sing for thu congragatioB dariag the 
month8 of June and July. 

Mr. Jniepb rumlnvlllv of Stillwater, .Minn., 
•Iter having iprnt ovt-raS.OOO with the b.'xt doc- 
torn for ftoninoh tMiible wilhoiit n-llef, whs ail- 
vised by hU ilriiKitUt, Mr. .Vlex. Klehanl. to try ii 
b<>i of Chamlwrlain's .Stonmcli uiul I.ivcr Twlilets. 
He illd so, and ll a well iniiii IihIiiv. If iroiiUlinl 

with Imllitritlon, l>iicl imti' in tli. i Mi luck of 

appetite or ooMiitipiiti'Mi k^iNc Me i . :i trial 
and you ure c> rliini i" !«' more llian pleated with 
the result, l or miI" :ii Vi^tfU bos bjr J. Jas. 
WiMid A Sun, l)riiKi{i'>tii. 


agud it), of Needmore 

Mr. William li. I'oie, 
and Miss Minnie Talloy, aged 24, of Mayelick, 
were married Satnrday. 

NirHOI.'^ KFI.l.KY. 

Mr. Vannie G. NichoU, aged 22, and Mi.s.s 
Anna Kelley, aged 21, both of this oitjr, mar 
ried Saturday. 

HTATK ok OHIil, t'lTV or TOLKDO, 
l.l-. AM IDI'STV. 

Frank J. L'lienvy makes oath that he Is the 
sealer partner of tb* Brm of 1. 1. Obeaar * Co. . 
(Mm boslneM la (be eltf of Toledo, cottntf and 
'itate aforewld, and Ibat said flrm will pajrith* 
lumof one bundrnd dollars for aacb and every 
caae of Calarrli tli«t caiinot t>e cured l>y Die one of 
Hall*iOatarrli i'lire. Kkakk .1 i hkskv. 

Sworn to before nie ami siilmerltied in lujr pres 
ence tblaaih dar of OMSmber, A. D. im. 
( — ■ — ) A. W. Olbasov, 

Notary rabUe. 

Hall's Oatarrb Cur* U taken Internalljr.Md acta 
directly OD tba blood and nuroaa inrfaoas of tb« 
(▼•tam. Send for taati monlals free. 


Bold by DroiCKl'tJi. 7'i cenlii. 

Hall's Family I'llln are th« limt. 


Is awfully trying on the feet,'t it? Wouldn't ;i nice, 
cool pair of low shoes add 
about IOC per cent, to your 
comfort? Ol courst ! The 
i^ood kind cost $2.50 ami 
up and the trouble of coming 
here and saying — 





And you may show me Walk-Over and NetUeton 
makes, please. 



Coming Events 
Cast Their Shadows Before. 

See Thursday's Paper. 



]>Aii.T— axoBfT ■mau«^ vooxni ov jvvt, TsAKUOmM, 

omo>— nmuo unram bvxlduic, HATsviixa, kt. 

.. 1 M 


..M Crata 

PayabU to ColUetor at end of Month, 

Telkqrams from the New York stock mar- 
Iset annoanoe that $6,000,000 are to be ex- 
pended in the construction of the Eastern In* 
diana traction lines, which will connect Marion, 
Ind., witli Ilaiiiiltoii aiul Ciiicijinati. If we 
had just aliout *-Js»t,(i(>o (.f that sum what a 
beautiful truiiey-line coukl be built between 
Maysville and Mt Olivet. 

TiiK diversity of oliuiate in this fouutry is 
forcibly illustrato«l by a telegram from (ircat 
Falls. Mont., uiult-r daTf of May Jotli, which 
says the heaviest cattle nud sheep loss iu the 
hiatory of Montana, the damage of which will 
foot up as high as $5,000,000, has been caused 
by the terrible snow storm which has been rag- 
ing for the past thrt'O days, (^ovoriiig thi' same 
dates the weather in thi> section was nearly hot 
enough to melt the legs oil' au iron pot. 

Tbb **trick*' lawyer has struck a tough propo- 
sition at Winchester. Another evidence of the 
desperate determination of Cl rtis J k it to get 
back to .Tack>ion was >.liown in th»' ;ittt'mpt to 
get him out of Jailer liooNK s hands by serving 
another warrant on him. Attorney Steven- 
son presented to Sheriff MoCord a warrant, 
sworn out at Jackson by 'Squire Edwaros, 
charging "murder in Breathitt county." Mc- 
CoKi) ]>resente(l it to Mo<>ni;. }>\\t lie refused to 
surrender Jkii'. Sikvi;nson then ha<l J^oonk 
brought into Court to sht»w cause why he 
wonld not give him up, The Court gave 
Boone till June 4th to answer, thus checkmat- 
ing the plans of ,T kit's Attorneys. The re- 
tnm of Jktt to the jurisdiction of Ju<1l'''' Ui;i>- 
wiNE would mean his immediate and trium- 
phant actiuittai, no matter what the proof of 
his guilt. 

Too offlciou* offidala in Maysville, Ky.,retuMd a load 
couple A mftrriage license. Why? Simply becunse, as 
claimed, they were too old, he beinR ninety and Hhc shy 
fiftytbre«. Thia it simply intolerable; and in Kentucky, 
too. — rtmef-Star . 

The Cincinnati brother is wading in deej) 
water. 1 lo should have consulted Thk Leuokk, 
or his own paper's dispatch from this city, for 
the real reason. True, the extreme youth — 
not the mature age— of the conple was pleaded 
in extenuation; and then the fact that neither 
of the lovers po»sesse<l as much as thirty i-ents 
toward paying fortlie license may ha\o tended 
to intlueiice tlie Clerk in his refusal to hand 
over the papers; but the real substantial reason 
was that both were occupants of the County 
Infirmary, already dep«ident upon public char- 
ity, and the authorities were not willing to risk 
an increase in the number. 

At the last trial of Calkb Powkks his Attor- 
neys filed the statutory affidavit re«|uiring Judge 
Cantkii.i. to vaeat(! the liench. That bull- 
lieaded individual refused to obe>' what was the 
j)laiu law iu tiie premises. The trial proceeded, 
and Cantrill, aided by Tom Camil and a sol- 
idly Ooebel Jury, convicted Mr. Powers. The 
Court of Appeals was then liebublican, four-to- 
three; and to that Court the case went, with 
the result that Air. Powrus was awarded an- 
other trial, mainly on the ground of Mr. Cani- 
KiLi. s refusal to ste]) down and out. A few 
days ago, when Court opened for the third trial 
of PowEBs, his Attorneys again moved that 
Cantkii.l get off the Bench. In the wliirligig 
of ]»olitics the Court of A]i|ie:ils had now bo- 
come Democratic by tive-to-two; and in the 
hope that the new Court would be as raukly 
partisan as he himself was, the old bull-head 
again refused to vacate — ^in fact, overruled and 
set aside entirely the highest Court in the state. 
And he actually demanded that Mr. Powers's 
Attorneys shoidd get an opinion from the 
Denioi-ratic Court of Aj»peals as to his right to 
occupy the Bench. This they refused to do; 
but their refusal forced the Commonwealth to 
apply for such an opinion. And now comes 
the aforesaid Democratic Court of Appeals ;iud 
says that Cantrill must get otf the liencli.aud 
that Mr. Powkrs must be tried by another 
Judge. All honor to the Judges of the Court, 
who, tiiougli heuRK-rats, appear to be non-par- 
tisan. ^Vll shame to Ca.ntrill, who has shown 
himself nothing but a political Judge. 


tutemtttml, State, County and 
District Offieort. 

A'Big County Picnic Will Be One of 
the Features During the 
Coming Sunmar. 

BatowiB a complete SnndAjr-echool directory. 
Interaatiaatl and k)cal, for the year 1M8: 
/nUrnational . 

Hon. Edward K. Wanen, Thrcv Oak*. MWh . 
Chairman u( th« World'* EiecutWe Ooromtlirt': 
Harkon Lawmiee, iBtorBatfcmal QeMral Secrr- 
taiy, TolMio, O. 

Tha Wocld't OoDVPnUun will be beld In Jcrnmi' 
Mm In IMM. 


Kkw, K. H Kunu. l*ri-»i(l»*iit K>'iiiiic U} Muulav 
tchinl Ajiii<«'i;iii'>n. U*- iidenoii ; Prof. A. F"\ 
Genrrikl s<-i r. t:ir.', . Riiom IS, LouUvllle Tru.i 
BuUdliiK. L<iui^vlH••. 


Ilaeon Couiii \ Hraiii'h .lulm I>iili\\ l'r> iii 
J. B. Ni>y»», Viiv-PrfKidi-ni ; K. .Swit' ~-.n'ti»r>- 
'rrt'iwiir*'r: MU.. Anna Kraiik, Af**>i!*iaiii s*'cr''i»rj . 

uii ..r Mii\s\ ii;.- 

KxeoutivL- ljuawiiitiHf- I. .M. Lam'. K. A. Coch- 
ran. J Jamet Wood. W. P. King. Hayet Tkoiaa*. 

J. T. Kaokler. 

MogitUrUa JMUrieei. 

nnt— I. M. Lmm. PieeUtnt: A. D. eolo. Vlr<>- 
nealdent; B. Begensteln. Secretary: Mr». K. L. 
WlUte, Treaiurvr: all of JIajFtvUlv. 

a»eond-Onrg« N. Harding. l>rMUU!nt: W. T. 
Beiry. Ylw-I'rt'tidrni : MIm VMet Urahain. N^r- 
relary; Jumva l>»w»<)ti, Tr'nsurer: hII <>f Mu* < 

Vhlrd— R. I'. I'nlhtt, IT. -iih iit : Wlllinni 
K«»t, Vlrc-f»n'«ii!.MH . .1. KiK-ni A iiil'T5..ii. n.-.ti 
tarjr; .1. W. D-u.rtu' Tp hsudt; »ll..f li'.v.r. 

f^iirtli ,1. >. A-Lwrj. IT»".lil. lii. 1 • n..' if < i 
.Stfv<'n*<iii. \ i.-< ITv»|i|pnl, Mur|iliy»villi-; Mlx'i 
Manii'- \s ;iiliii^;f()ni. x^'irtary. K'-mleaf; C. 
Cob'irir. rp iiMini. O riimnli'wii. 

Vitth Aiiilrfw Wi»<l. I'fMiliiii . II l> Kni^'M, 
;)ecT«li>ry : Mis* WlUii Uur(i<>> ii'-, Tri'iiMiri r; all 
of WanhiiiKlou. 

SUtb-,). J. Yaaerv. Prr»t<1eiil, Miiyalluki 1. N. 
Wataun, Vlo>-.-l>ntl<li'i.t slianuoa; J. H. Orlgiby, 
Jr., Seoreury, 8anii« W . K. Pogne. Trea»urer, 

aevMitli— W. r. KiiiK. I'ri'kideiit; A. M. Rwaii 
Vier [-mldpot: R. M. Harrlton. Neorataiy; all of 
Hel«o&: A. K. Harahall. aVaenrer. ITorUifork. 

B>«hUi-L. M. CeUto, Prwitdant, Orangeburg: 
WUIInm W. Btabbleleid, Vlee-Preatdent Reetor- 
vUla; MlM Delia Qeadwte. Secietarjr, RaetorTllle : 
Mm. John HoUMay, Tl wai nni . Orattgebarf. 

rteM* cot tUi «ik aM hvn il for raady 


All tl* akm oSean n* MpoeM to be 
poaUd abovt ^ flaBdagr-ackooI work. 

A nnioa lioie for aB Uta Sonday-acbool* in 
tk* coulf iNB ka «M of tlM faatoroa of aaoii 
year's on^aigi. tnrj lehool in tko cooaty 
in arged to makaiNpaftliaai fortUa ofOBtOB 
July 4th, l'.K)3. A heantifn) wi>o(ii:in<l n.-or th- 
cantor o( tlxe ooaoty will be itecured (or ihu 

Where is 
It Your Farm 
Located ? 

Are you convenient to the best 

roads ? 

Have you Rural Free Delivery? 

Would you like to exchange your 
place for one more convenient to Church 
or School 

Is there any farm in the county that 
is especially attractive to you ? 

Is your home in this city located 
where you think it most pleasant to reside } 

Is your neighborhood one that suits 
you exactly ? 

If you have not all these surround- 
ings according to your taste, why not let me 
effcCt an exchange ot property that will give 
you the location and the home which suit 
your taste? 

I have about thirty good farms on 
my list for sale tt a reasonable pric^ and a 
number of good dwellings in this city which 
I can dispose of at a very low figure. 


215 Court Strtet, West Side, Maysville, Ky. 



For all of those who have been fortunate enough to aecure a Minnie Binder or 


The day that you secured a Minnie. YOU CERTAINLY WERE WISE in refus- 
ing to listen to the voice of the nightingale — those silver-tongued orators employed by 
the Hinder Trust to argue you into paying $20 more for an inferior machine. 


Exercise the good judgment that, the Lord gave you. Do your own thinking. 
Allow no man with a smooth tongue and a heart full of untruths to talk you into an 

extra cost ol $20. 


You allowed their smooth, oily misrepresentations to pass from your mind. 

^gr-A Few Short Weeks Wlll.j^ 

"rove How Wise Yoii Were 

They will see the Minnie Hinder in your field doing nicer work with less horse 
power than theirs, and will no doubt think of the good judgment that you displayed in 
saving $20. 


Is in Mason county upon a ten-year contract. In the next ten years we will prove to 
every one how expensive it is to listen to slick-tongued Strangers sent here by a greedy, 
grasping Trust to waylay the unwary. 


And she is going to stay there for ten years at least. We are your friends and will 
treat you right. Come and see our charming MinnietBinder and Mower. 






iOhen the 

It's mighty liandy to havr u lire tbst CUI 

lighted in a jilfy, thf only fuel a match. 

One Jurn of a ifahe 

And your fire is ataited with the ■triUog of • m«tcb« 
All expeDM !■ M Mtily ttopped whra oom cookion 
and the kit(eb«n ranains oool aod oomforteblt lor tbl 
ti Dishing up. 

iOith gas fuel 

There is no oo«l 16 carry, no athsi, 00 dirt, no eo« 
pailtt to litter np the kitchen. 

Would yon like to know ftboat gM? 

This is 
No StoiY 

h 111 .vi>ur ciiiilhoiiM' now lieforv jrou will 
have to pay higb prieet, »nd Rat tie 


The plaoe to gH it It at tke 


COAL county, 

'Flione III your onlorii; 'I'huiie lU. AUo, 
Arlok, S«imI, LIiim •nd Bait. A««iita tvt Um f»- 
nOit Alabaatar Otment PiMtar. 

IftO MM*. 

Cjos Company W^^^, 

And (be sample Range at LangeleU 4 Co., Mi 
ket itreet. 

J^etroit Jay el (Jas Ganges 

Are Rold at factory cost price. 

MSMMawMBtBunwumsi— iiisai 




For comfort anil economy 
use I'erfection Wicklees 
Blue Flame Oil Htovee. 
Absolutely sale and relia- 
hle and the only Stove on 
market where you can have 





Inttrior aM Extariar taMrtHyiaf . 

W, H. Ryder. 

State National Bank, 


ooa* A mjunuut mammim» je 


»^ rsAMB, JA*. a. una 



Once tried always used. 

Tin Roofing, Onttoring 
and Spouting. 


33 West Second Street. 


Dr. T. H. N. SMITH, 

nBUAua DunruT*T. 

JIu. Wood A Som'i Orv^ m pr*, 
— All wark fallj ■aaraalaad. 




wsgKLY KsfatiioAir-un. 




Alisoliitely Pure 


There U great activity in railroad building 
tkraigbont the South and the SonthwMt. 

The Watoroiu Encioe Works, at St. Panl, 
MiBii., wMt dwtroyad bjr fire; loaa, $76,000. 

1. SimniR, arrested on the charge of murder 
Id Chicagu, died uf fright un hia way to Jail. 

Suit for M.900,000. alleged to he doe on an 
old bond isRue, haa lieen iM acaiiMt the T«zaa 
and Pacific Railroad. 

The Junior Order of Mechanics elected ofll- 
cers at San Francisco and adJoariMd to meet 
n«xt year at St. LouU. 

Twenty or more persons were injured, no one 
fataflr, hjr the ezj^oiioB «f the gMellM tank 
of m MtomoUU in New York. 

It if* •'.stini;it>'d that persons seeking divord> 
in South Dultuta upend, while gaining residem 
for tlwt pwrpoee , |900ff)0 » y ear. 

Witfein Ave years wa^fs for all daises of 
meehaBical occupations have increased from l" < 
to 2S per cent, to Hamilton, Canada. 

Gndonati atoekholders are trying to secure 
control of a majority of the stock of the Cin- 
cinnati, Dayton and Toledo Traction Koad. 

BusineM pro.-ii>t'i't.s an- brighter in Germany, 
especially in the iron trailt>, and thu srn)'ltt>rs 
have diflicnlty in getting enough coke for their 

Two leading ticket brokers of New Orleans 
were seateaeed to prison for TioUtiag a United 
States Court iajnetion as t« Confederate re- 
uion railroad ticket*. 

By the aae of defraction disks formed by 
light wsTSS aroind brixht points, such as par- 

ticleii of ifiM, a ope haa Wn given a 
magnifiyini; jiower of fi'l/KX) liiami'lcrri. 

As a result of poated warnin()^ ordering all 
Nogroea at Ballinger, Texas, to leave the town, 
the Mayor ha.1 called on thn law-abiding whiter 
to act an a special police furce in protecting the 

M4Y8VILLE, KY,, MONDAY, MAY 25, 1903. 


Palcontologinta of tho fniversity of Califor- 
nia have fouml remaitiMrf geventeen specimens 
of animals now extinct t-vidences of pre- 
historio men in the Potter Caves, where they 
in maUng inveatigations. 

J. Piwrpont Moiyan, having obtained a legal 
natfence in London, oaa now brini; to .\merica 
■i"hoasehold effects," free of duty, the $2,000,- 
000 worth of paintings which last year w««ld 

have cost him $300,000 duty. 

Un, UoCormick, who la acooaed of sending 
the poisoned whisky that eaosed the death of 

Express Messenger Picker in Cinrinnati.will k- 
tried in Memiihis for niuriiir, re(niisitii>n papers 
beiiiK n-fu.sfii liy the Tciiressiv Court. 

MM atVIt WT. 

PI«B<y or BfoyavUto Readewi Have Thia 

Yon tax yoiu kldaeya-^varwork 


TiMf; oaa'l kaap up tb« ooatlonat 

Tbe t>aok rItm oot— it Mbea and 

Urinary troutilos nci in. 

Doa't wait iooger— take Doan's Kid- 

^, MfyiTUle people tell you how they 

Mr. Robert Wise of Foreat avenaa 

V t'Doaa's Kidney PllU are frona the ev- 
TAanoe I haTo a sore onre for baokaohe. 
I say this, oot from my own sxperlencc 
bat also froan that cf several others wtau 
have received the grealeit ticnetit from 
the Ireatnaent. I aaflered from pains lu 
m:i^'|ii|k, a «latwb«d •oa«ittos of ibe 
kWil'y. Mtrelleaa and symptoms of an 
lOflMMd oopdttlon of the bladder. Pro- 
ouriBi Doan's Kidney PUla from J. Jbi. 
Woua A Son's Drugstore, corner of 
West Beoond and Market strests. they 
(are me qulok and efteollTO relief." 

Vor tale by aU dealers, Price 60s. 
HalkKtliy Voann-MiuiDBN co., 
Buffalo, K. Y. 
le Agenta for «b« United Otate*. 
mamber the nam««-OOA9'<^B<i 
DO anbatttute. 


Those Who Will Help Make Memo- 
rial Oayv Memorable One. 

lU'low i.-i a lilt of those who have no f;ir i-on- 
tributed toward the employment of music and 
the payment of necessary expanses in order to 
make the coming Memorial Day a memoraltle 

PnUio Ledser • > 00 

Qeoriie Oox * Son 6 00 

Cash 5 00 

W. D. Ooohrsn « 00 

J. H. Feeor « M 

Mrs. Rd. W. MltoM 50 

John R. Mitchell » 

Caih 1 OO 

a 00 

w. i:. stalleap I 00 

.lohii V. tv» 1 00 

John M. shepsrd -• (W 

I.onw L4>hinan 25 

M ( llutohlDi / 3 00 

1. M. I, an.- W 

CiiOi W 

W II i;\il>r. '3 

Further sums respectfully solicited; and if 
sent to The Ledobr th«y will be gratefally ac- 

Next to helping in a small way financially, 
onr citiiens are earnestly urged to decorate the 
graves of their dead, and to attend the exer 
cisea at Dieterieh Park at 2:80 in the afternoon 
of Brturday, May aoth.^ 

Mexii c) in to have a dollar fixod at a non 
flactuating value of 50cenU<. Already fori ik'n 
capital it toereasing its investments. 

The Henry M. Stanley will be up tonight for 

(In .iicount of the river conditions above the 
Sunshine has taken the place of the Bonaniiv 
ia the Pomeroy trade. The place of the So 
shine ia the ilempUa trade irill he taken by the 

Divers with all kinds of heavy apparatus are 
engaged in n-coviTiiit: the liar^e loads of r;ul- 
that were sunk in the lower Uhiu some tiniv 
ago at Sboamakar Ran. These bargea will 
soon be out of the way. 

The old steamer .-Vdam Jacobs of the Pitts- 
burgh anil Morgartown Packet Line lia.< boen 
purchaiied by the Klying Squailron of tbo [lort 
of Pittsburgh, a Pittsburgh actors' organiza- 
tfam, who hate converted it into a ehibhouse. 

The Otto Marmet waa let off the Queen City 
Marine Ways Satnrd^r and took a tow above. 
Her place on the Ways was taken by the M. P. 
Wklls, the Chilo packet, and the Lotos, a little 
boat owned by Captain T. J. Jackson. The 
Wells will receive a thorough overfaaoUag. 

The rains of Thursday night were much 
welcomed by river men. who are ia hopes that 
the June ria«M will arrive on time as in former 
yean. The river ia very low above, and there 
are no boats moving, except the harbor boats 
in the pool above Davis Island Dam and from 
that potot te aa fer down the rivar aa Wheel- 

There is report out that the hull of the old 
packet Chiekiiaaw ia infested with saakse and 

crocodiles, which got aboard when that steamer 
sank in the Mississippi river some time ago. 
The wreck was purcha.-<<'d li\ i' J itt, \ i ... 
and she wss raised and towed to Jetlersonville, 
Ind., where ahe will be diamaatlad aad her ma 
chinery used on a new towboat which Capt. Ed 
Howard is building for tbe'above firm. 

People Who Can't Sleep. 

Many people go to bed— not to nloep, 
but lu lliiuk— tu tuuii>le and tos.n— to get 
up, walk about until tired Nature gives 
way and a tew Hiful honraof sleep are 
ohiaioed jast before dawn— a aleep that 
does not rest— a aieep 'from wkloii oue 
wakea weary and tired, wholly naStted 
to lake op the dally irAoHae of hanse- 
hold, shop or offlee duties. That tbta 
condition ^'iies on uiicared fur is almost 
criminal, wliea tbe well-knowa, timo- 
trieil and tested powers of Dr. A. \V. 
('base's Nerve Pills to give restful oatu- 
ni sleep have bata ao tally piovaa in 
such oaeea. 

Mr. r. Joaaa of Mq. 1«T Vntao a«a«ec, 
MayavlUa^ Ky.. aayat 

••I wa« troubled with aervonaneas 
slreplestneHi and (1lttlno!<8. Hearing 
of Dr. A. \V. Chaso'H Norvo Hills t de- 
cided to try them. I ROt a box at ('heu- 
oweth's Drugstore and aa a result of 
tiielr use my nervee are again stesdy, I 
xleep well and have no more ot those 
iHstressing diaay apolls. I eaa truik- 
fully recomraena this medicine as au 
eaoelleat nerve tonlo." 

Mo a box at daalare or Or. A. W. 
Chase Medicine Oo., Buffalo, M. Y. See 
that poHralt aad at(|aattu« at A. W. 
Chaae, M. D., ate on evef^ paekage. 

In Paris 256,000 faaflita eoeipy Wt one 

room each. 

Japan's shipyards turned out forty-one steam- 
ers laat year. 

Rev. Frank P. Rarhelor of the SoVth Co*- 
gressional Church, Hockanum, Conn., has re- 
signed his pastorate beeaose leading members 
of his Chnroh refnse to abandon the coltnre of 


lat est aaark ^t» 

( iN'( iNsin, May M, IM. 


G'mkI to choic(>Dhipp«-n W.MO^.Tt 

Kxlni i.»9t.m 

llutclicr itw-rs, good tocholoo. .. 'i.SS®4.75 

Kstr» 4.8B© .. . 

Common lu {iilr 3.SB®4.I6 

Ilriren, Kood to choice 4.SAO4.06 

r.xtra *.n9AM 

t 'oinmon to (air S.00^.iO 

Cuws, good to ehoioe 8.40^00 

Rxtrs. 4.a0O«.i0 

Common to fair M0SS.I5 

Scalawaai LBOOIIB 

Stookera and fssdets. t.0tO4.tB 

Hulls, bolognas t.««S.« 

Bxtia 8.aoe«.oo 

Feeders :r. t.OOeS-00 


Extra. •8.78® . .. 

Pair to good 

Common and lane 4.10^00 

Seleeted, nedlnm and heavy 16.000 

Good to obotoe packers B.n05.W 

Mixed pMdcers 6.560B.T5 

Stagi 3.7Ba4.80 

Common toobolos heavy sows... 4.2SO6.S0 

Light shippers 6.«b06.«6 

Pigs— 110 »t aad less 6M0S.<ft 


Kitrn W.lVii 

Liood l<> choice :t.7.vai.<w 

Common to fair 2.00|^3.6A 

cupped 3.00Q>4.76 

Ritra light fat butoben |6.00@ 

Good to oholee heavy 4.«0(3;4.W> 

Common to fair 8.7t@4.M 

Clipped 4.0060.36 

spring lambs 5 O Oli 

icxtra 7MO 

Pteih oear-by stock, round lots. 14 O 

Il«ld stonk, loss off IS tb 

UooM M & 

Duck ao <5^ 


S|>rlni!cr* iS ®3H 

Kryem 4 fi{ 5 

liens IIHO 

KiHutern 8 @ 

Ihieki.old S Ift 

Spring tariceys 10 & 

Culii 10 O 

U«ete, perdosen •4.00O8.00 


Kanoy Klitin cresmery, V S8 (St 

uhlo (aney 81 &a» 

Second! '. 10 980 

Dairy l2H( 


winter patent *;i rt,V.';iXi 

Winter faney H Jir.(;t w 

Wiiii'T liitiilly 2 Wiri'll 111 

Kxtrn 2fi«» -.'HI 

Low iinidf 2..'iOf'' - tV' 

.spriiii; patent 3.W>.; < 20 

SprlriL' fmii-y 3.;j.V,f ;t.lV) 

.'Sliriiii; faniily S.]?*./ :t.;«l 

Kye, SortU»<-»lrrn 8.008(3.10 

Bye. city 8.00^8.10 


No. 2 ri ll « iiiiiT 

Nil :t n-il w intvr 

No. 4 n il « iiiti T 



71 <r'7:» 

M (fi 70 

No. 2 white ^S*'*' 

No. :t «liii.' M St 37 

N.I. 4 nhile 3l',r.>;0 

Ke}<'ClHd 32 ri<M 

No. 3 mixed 85 (fr;t7 

No. 8 mixed 80 (iiMH 

No. 4 mixed 88 Ct^lSH 

Rejected 81 CXI 


No. t Northwostam 





No. * 

Na 8. 



Mo. 8 white WM - 

No. 8 white mUsd 48 9 .. 

No. 8 white 48 ®.. 

No. 3 yellow 48 d .. 

No. 3 yellow 48 

No. 8 mixed 4T 

No. 3mlxi'd..! 48 

R»<J<Tt».«l 88 

White ear 4T 

Yellow ear ffMO 

MUedaar. — HT • 



c;boioe UsMMhy.. n8J8»lt.«0 

No. 1 timothy 18.001% . . 

No. 2 tlinoth.v l7.U0rie . 

No. 3 Uinotliy Kt.lMfi 13 . VI 

No. 1 iMover mixed l».llUftH .Vi 

No, 3 clover nii.«tl l,rUO((l.l3.fiO 

So. I clovt-r 11 ."lOia 

No. 3 clover. lO.WO 


Say Hypnotism Won't Cure. 

Kroiii llerlin eoiiies iIm' r. |M.rt ih:ii iti mum- 

lion of evpcrti, ill 1111 iiiul (liwHKi'ii, upiKUiiieil liy 
the Miiii<1r) of Kiloenli m to inve«lik;al<* the lieiil- 

ll value of IIn pilot iMii. proiiuiiiii-i s II e»«. iilinily 
\>orilile<.». In IWUl! a i-olllllli>seiii .if h 7.'iA.lillll ]<•■»■ 
pie III every pitrt of the i-lnlueil hi. rid i|. eLin il 
iliut lir llnrkliurrii Vftfi'ialile Conipinind \t a \k<*- 

iU\ re f'T H>ieimiHtHin Catarrh, I'ou^i ipul e 'ii. 

Nervoui Troiililei. IStlpltatlnn of the Heart. laili 
l»e»tion l)\ .|ieiisi<i. Kidney and Llv(>r Trootile and 
nil diteiiies of the ttloutl. A 80day> Ueatiueut fur 
thf. Kvery druKiton- I* the |lf».MV(aii ilallon. 


I lh« Mr* »l 

The rincinnati Health Tiepartment has de- 
tected a new coloring matter in milk and chem- 
ical aaalyaia ia being made to lean what it is. 

Tocaadoea and rainatonns caaaed widespread 
Aoaitar in Oklahoaa Territory, Nehni.'^ka. 
Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota. A number oi 
lives have been lost and scorea of peraoaa in- 
jured. The property btss is heavy. 

Consul General McWade of Canton has re- 
ported to the State Desartment that famine 
conditions in Kwang 8i, China, have attained 
appalling proportioaa. Parenta are selling 
their cMM iwi at fhmi ^ to |S ^hc e. 


Effort to Have Comino Decoration 
Day a Memorable One. 

There is a desire oa the part of those having 
the owtter in charge to intereet our citizens in 
a general observance of Decoration Day on .Sat- 
urday, .May '<Ulh. 

As U perfectly proper ia tbe premises, the 
veteran soldiers of the Civil War have taken 
the initiative, and invite the entire citizenship 
to Join with them in making this a memorable 

Who that has a loved one in oar beautiful 
Cemetery win not pay the slight tribute of pli 

ing a few flowers on the grave? 

Memlier-: of the variou.-i Fraternal Orderfl are 
inviteil to iiartk'ipate by the decoration of the 
graves of their departed brethren, and it Ls 
hoped that there will be a generooa reaponi« 
to the invit.ition. • 

A Conimiltee from Jo.--eiih Hei.ser Post, G. A. 
R., will decorate the graves of tht; Federal 
dead; aad if there be found the neglected grave 
of a Confederate, it too will be remembered— 
rot )>ei uu.-i' it.- occnpaatwaB a Confederate, 
but because he was a brave American soldier, 

Colonel D. W. McClunn, one of the most 
scholarly men in the Ohio Valley, will deliver 
the address at Dieterich's Park at 2:80 o'clock 
p. m., and it is sincerely hoped that there will 
be an attendance worthy of the distinguished 
speaker aad commensurate with the occasion. 

The Redmen's Band has been engaged for 
the afternoon and there will be splendid vocal 
muaic as well 

Koth CHmeti-ry Companie.s are honiiin;; every 
effort to have their grouniis in perfect order 
for Decoration Day. Every one who will kindly 
contribute a iimall fium to aid the Grand Army 
boys in defraying thee.xpenses for music .speuker 
etc., in order to make the day everythinj; that 
it should be, will please send their subscriptions 

to Thk Ledger ofltoe, aad they will be jwemptly 



■ Ul Die. ..n, . N . 

timi fruiii buMnvM. l'iii«atilt«lioa 
to III*. •yaiMB M) •BC-ciaMfuUy rn*- 


«'. >nd «». Clirap RatM. 

On .lulif lllti l.Mli 'ill' r. O. s.-ll 

rouinl trip tiekels Maysville tn ItnlMiiiore ni rate 
of fl.T : urn limit .Iiine 22il 

(In .lime liiih mid 17tli the C. and U. will aell 
ronnd-irip iiekei> Mnysville toSt. Louis at rate of 
til • return iiiini .lune 2:iil. 

■ Ill M.n 1 1 :iliil :l(illi III'- ( . iiriil (>. will ».-il 
roniiil trip tioki'lJ. :il rule i.f .me fiire to nil <tu- 
lion!.. .Moiittfoniery. W . Va . lo i inenui n i. loehi 
tivi'. aUo, to piiiiit!. U'vond Cinrliiuall not eveeed 
Ing ninety -live miles; return llmllJuiw Ut. 

Cteeiuall BtsewslM fa. 

On Knnday, June I4tb. tho C. and O. will run a 
tpeolal exoiirsion train, Huntington to Cinein- 
natl. leaving Mayivllle at 7)80 a. m.. rettirniuK, 
leaves Ftourtlt stlvet at 7:80 p. m. Nattonal game 
o( baseball this date belwiH-n New York aitd Cin- 
cinnati. If.Hin.l trip u--k-'^ tl 

rrmnkftorl and Kclurn at. 73. 

On juM'oiml of I '(iinineni-einent KverelHes und 
laylnn of eoriier sliine Coloreil Normal .Selnml the 
I., and N. RailMad will >ell Miiiid lrlp tickets to 
Ii'raiikfort at 81.75. Gool only koIiih on train 
leaving Maysville at 5:40 a. in. June 3ii, and re 
tiiriiliiii on »|wcial train leiivini; Frankfort at 10 3ii 
p. ui. >atneduy\ 

H*aM«M>k<>r* ato«a«l-Trl» mm* OM-Wny 
M<>ttlm' HalM 

To 'he \V. i.t, Norili».'>t litnl .Southwent. He »iir>' 
your llekei ^■adll via KIk Koiir Boute. Three 
liailv trains. neTiiinit. ihkiii anil nli;ht Very ).■« 
I'oloiiiits liek<'t> on sale every ilay until. Iiine I.Sih. 
11103. to all point* ill ftali. l olorailo. New Mejie.., 
AHiooa, Moiitiinn. Idaho. California. (>n>icoii, 
Washington. Corn'ii|>(>Ddiii|| low raira lii eftert 
every flnt and llUld Tuesdays ot eaoh month tn 
other Northivealeni and Southwestern italet. If 
you ate oontemplattng a trip to aay point in thu 
Weft you will Snd It to be to your inteiMI to 
write to the underslKned, itatlag fully your point 
of destination, your nearest railroad station, the 
number la your party and the dale yoa wish to 
(Inrt. lie will Rive yen full information, the ex- 
act east of your trip, or, U yoa so desire, will call 
on you In peraoo and eipialn ovMjrtblng fully tu 
yi lu . \ let ler addieetsd tn liin, rlvtng him Infor. 
■nation, may lie the BMens of saviB( you several 
dollar*. K. C. Kennedy. Sotitheattenr Pannenser 
.tfeiit Hie Vour Uoiite, lliinllnKlnn. tV. Va. 

For SaleZ 

tesMFnaa of B. U. Whe<'ler. I'.iii- 

HlngSve iQomsi litnalsd aonmr Union slieut 
rjBMtavenaa. iMMIfflSmi^mttri 

A* Mh NBIHBiy 


"BsTlBff taksDfMir weeaerfel "Oas sas ets" lev 

Mir«« asontha aaSMa* •nttnilr earedof atomaah 
drapapata, T tr'~' 

think a word of pralaata 

•aUirh and dfaixpat^. , _ 

Ihavatakan namerona other an railed ramedias 
US wllboot aTBll and j And tbat Caicarett rellar* 

SEIfi'P • *•»• otliarVrhaVa'takaa 

wonio la a rear," 

Jamat UeOna; MS Marear Bt., JaneyOMr.ll./. 

DesT Tor 
■ -^^^ The Dowela 


PleaaanI, Palatablo. Potent TaaKi OrxvJ, To flood, 
Jt»T«r 8l«ken, Weaken or (iripa loc, »c. lie. Navar 
sold In balk. The (ennlti'i tallat atampad 0 0 0, 
Qaarantead to cure or your niunef back. 

•terliogBemedy Co.. Chicago erN.Y. ses 


St'arlet fever is unknown in the tropics. 

Hippies are supposed to have origiaally been 
iiihiiliit.ants of India, and their Romany lan- 
guage has a strong, radical resemblance to the 
ancient Sanscrit. 

Thieves, supposeil to be Negroes.i hioroformed 
the inmates of the house where Mrs. Lola Had- 
ley, the Indianapolis chambermaid who refosed 
to make Booker \Va<hin;rton's l»>d, is .-toppini:, 
and stole a purse containing received by 
MiB. Radley from Southern <.'hampioaa. 

Near Manchester Station, Ind., May 21, Mar- 
tin Kaiser was attacked by a Negro and beaten 
into insensibility, and bis danghter, Anna, aeed 
17, with whom he wo.- returnini; from .V.seeii- 
sion Day services at Yorkville, was carried into 
the woods nearby, and ki still missing, thon^'h 
believed tu have been murdered and her body 
thrown into TannerV Creek. 


W0 Hm tin 
Choicest Stylet in 
Ladies' and Children's 


Come and tee as. 
Onr prices will 
snll yon. 



• r MHrket. 



Early StrHkhurR or Golden. The grower 
Kayt ho ban known them for twenty-Bvs 

year*. Like lied IL ri Ia in erowtn and 

VioiiK'. IIl'IiI er'iini I'T when ijrown and 
\eliou »lieti liuked, ((uulliy better than 
lierniiiilH. Kveryom slioiud try tksm. 
p. r liiinilp'd. All other Iciiids llf pee 




• •••/lA/Oaaa* 


Ton oaalM vUttA^A by a glam of Um latter whOt 
ordMriag a loaf of th« formtr. Fttet 


I» I.I-:fHOM-. I I 1 


Coats ^ Trousen 


W'l II I A\' iilii s.iy I ill. m.iko theai. And of the geanine all-wool arti* 
cle, HDii 1111 inis-takr. M:ikt.' thtiii? Yts, and 

To Your measure for About the Same 
Pflce Foil Pay iw the InieHor SUM 

Both ill niaffrial ami wi.rkinnn^hip: ami nil tlic aniiuyanrc of altrratioDS 
Hvoidfd, such as tightening or loosening naiat and shortening or lengtbening 
legK of trousers, shortening or lengthening sleeves ot coats. The miaota yoa 
i<t('i> into xarments I make for you your trouble ia over; you walk away and 
are conifortaMo and happy. Don't you think it ia worth a trifle mote (or 
auch a luxury? These are only part ot tbe conveniences that are told of 
clothing made to your measure. If yon have never tried, have yoor maamire 
taken and a auit made by 



No. 23 West Second Street, Ma>sville, Ky. 




WH SGi.'( iN 1) > I li K KT. Over IVwara't StoTS State, 



Dr. La BRAND, 


Dlseates of Women and Childrea 

it, 1 From 

oerK'a Bairaa.. 


Dry Goods, 

House Foroishinlv 

Lace Cartaios, 
Window Shades, 
Art Squares, 

^yWr rmpoctftally Invite year 
■paotlon befbra asafcliig 



you do, It'i a neceatlty, 








DJl^ ('» ntrnuBcr— VAia; 
Blur-MAtn or tNow; 
Aae* AMOVB- twill wauiu (row. 

IMHy-tia iSiir*, mmmim* o^Mk ■iMw l w w» 

lira. CharltM J. Simpaun was aomewbtit bettor 

Mr. W. H. Robb wll! shortly nfcnild hii mi- 
dence, whirh burned reoently at Helena. 

AUie H. Gill haa been appointed Pottmaater 
■t Fwriw rf. Tiw A, L. McKtbbaa m %»ed. 

Bertii' Swwt, rjgi'i! T?, ^i-ts honorable men- 
tk>a in Tbe Cummeniai Tribune punle picture 

Colonel B. E hMOX^H, CCituh fkn¥m- 
ton Satordajr. 

lliaa Id» CUa|«r kaa been op froa Dcvw a 

MtaiBtrtttH^M^WM the gMrt at Mies 
Smm Mm al Parte iMl vatii. 

Mrs. Mollic Drme and son of CiaotuwU arc 
Tiaitinjj rflatiw.~ of M.iy'<villp. 

Mra. John U. Boydia visiting her parent*, Mr. 
aad Kn. L. W. Aadenwn, at Dtmr. 

Mr. aadMn. Jaka PiMltrof Nawpatt ipcnt 
Taeterdqr with Nlathaa ui frieada hen. 

G^orgn .K. Bain h.i.M bt-.'n I'lcoti'd President 
and Paul M. Juatice 8t>cretary of the Lexing- 
ton ESha Fabthisyew^ 

Tbe Commiiwionora will remove D. FMwin 
Smith, Chief of Police at Newport, and H. H. 
Oapatr w ill be put in big place. 

Will .Tones is in Jail at Lexin>;ti>n oh.iri»fd 
with stealing a |65 bicycle from Mr. E. H. 
AleMUide r, formerly of thiecity. 

Owtag to a wmlliet with the Fiscal Court the 
Vaegraia Consolidated Traction Company may 
loae ita fr anchise in Fayette county. 

The C aad 0. Satvday mM 446 ticketa for 

its Maysvill.'-fincinnati School Eicureion. 
Host of t he pupila who went were fu ll grown. 

Dr. 8. S. Soott, a prominent physiciaD of 

Northern Kt ntuoky. died Saturday at KrlanRer. 
aged 88. He wan a member of the Lopez ex- 
padition t o Cuba. 

The Loaiarille and Nashville Railroad Com- 
paay is to retire from the control of the East- 
an Kentucky coal companiea. Stepa have baen 
tahan to gift «p ita coal day a rt m a n t 

Judge Evans has overruled thw motion of J. 
IT. Boatner's attorneys to tran.tfer his .suit 
afaiart tha AsMrieaa Express Company from 
the Federal to tha Stat* Coart Judge Evans 
win try th e case at OwoMboro in S eptember. 

Peter Stanley, aged 110 years, dropped dead 
Tuesday in I'pper 0., leaving ;i 
widow 106 years of age. They had been 
laafer married thaa any other couple in Amer- 
ica, their w.l.l- A. • ■ ' : ■ - 

Mrs. Jane Morri.'f came up ye.sterilay from 
Covington to spend a few weeks with relatives 

Misa Mary Gibson ha.s been up froai ClaeiD- 
nati the past week on a visit to her siatar, Mia. 
Harry Ort 

Mrs. E. 0. WaUingford and Mr. Alvia Wal 
lingford of Richmond are riaitinc friaidi and 
relatiTaa here. -b— 

Mrs. Agnes Childa and son, Gordon Baaton, 

are on a vi.sit to the family tha R«r. W. B. 

Hull >f 

I The receipts of the several Building Associa- 
tions of this city Saturday ni^t wera as fol- 

Mitton County I MO T" 

Llm«-»tune 437 US 

People's :tof) 'HI 

Tot«l fl iti4 i.i 

KMI.IIT-* or *r. .lOlIN C'AMKT*. 

K''«uliir iiH'i tiUk' illis I'vi'Tiiin; ill 7:00 o'clock. 
All meiulj>^r> n'<|ueated to Ik pn'Wiit. 

L. Clam. Pmident. 

Mrs .l.imes .Xsbury and little daaghtar, Maud, of Fornleaf, are vtsHinf ktt panats 

in Boon.' c-.>unty. 

Mrs. I-Mitb M<K'k ami aon, ilarold, uf Muncie, 
.kf visitinK her paronta, Mr. aad Mra. T. 

Y. Hill of .\lKTdefn. 

Mrs. Mary M. Fox and Miss Theo. Q. Cvraa 
spent the paat week with Mrs. Hannah C. Cur- 
ran of Baat Fourth street 

Mrs. John .MtmpyiT an^l son, P.oboit. have 
returned from a week's visit to Mr. and Mrs. 
George Alkmeyer of Paris. 

Mrs. Ralph Bonar and daughter, Bern ice 
Kerr of Falmouth, are visiting her father, Mr. 
Thomas Kerr of Jersey Ridge. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Baird and little daughter, 

Clari'lta, "f t"oviiit,'ton, iirc visiting Mr. and 
Mrs. John t';inily i.'f I/cxingt^m stroi-t. 

Mrs. Liuie I'ogue Jefferson and daughter. 
Miaa Minnie of Mi^liek. are Tiiitiag the fam- 
ily of Dr. T. R. Jamee. They took la the trip 

to Cincinnati Saturday. 

Mr. ElmiT ilorman, who came Saturday to 
attt-nj thi- fuit;ral of his daughter. Miss Cora, 
left yesterday f'lr hi- honn' .it Iinvt<m. o. 

Jll. o. I . A. M. 

Rfiiuliir in''i'tiiii: "f r.iiup-il .V" Irt i-vi'iilnu 
at 7:00 o'clock. All iiii*iiiliiT> nn.' r<'i|ui-»ti-(l to wi 
psaiieat. Oaoasa Comiaa. Cuuncillor. 

Jaoob U. Olnaer, 8earetary. 


I'mitiili Kiicampnii'tii Nn. ». I.o (). K .will in"-' 1 
at 7;00 thU nveiiluK. V'iattiiiK l'utriun-h» rot- 
tflaiw lavMsd. HaaaT W. Bat. C. P. 

John W. Tbompaon, Sorlbe. 

■ATtTIl.LK ri>M.«AMO IIT, B. T. 

8t«t<>d coaelava of MaysvUle iNimmanili-ry Ni>. 
la K. T. at the Asjiem in ( on KuiUliiiK ui 7:UU 
tbis evening. P- O. Saoor, E. C. 

J. D. Dye, Beootder. 

The merchant who vH$hea 
to reach peopU who buy good», 
puts hi* advertUement in a pa- 
per that people read; the mer- 
chant who throws hie money 
away, gite» hit advertiiement k> 
the fiikir irho firi»ni.*iK to put it 
on a cord <ni<i hoH(/ rt up on ii 
street i orni r. 

A'ot le«* than :i,(xx) people 
read The Leuokk Sit day » in 
i^e year. TAis malices a total of 
I . .m,()oo readen in a year. 

t3fDo yo« «oan( your 
name and 6iMiii«s« repeated 
that often within tht west Iwalvf 

KODOL digests what you eat.] 
KODOL olaanaaa, purKiaa. 

•na the •tetnach. 

KODOL Indigestion, dya- 

pepsia, and all stomach 

and bowel troublee. 

KODOL *c~«lerales (he action of 
■ II the gastric glanda and 

gives tone to the digestive organa. 

KODOL ''"'l*^ ^ overworked 
I atomaoh of all nenroua 
atrain, glvea to the heart a full, free 
and untramnMlad aetlon, aourlitea 
the nervoua a vrt a re and fMa tha 

KODOL wonderful remedy 

— — — that Is making so many 
sick people well and weak people 
strong by giving to their bodies all of 
the nourishment that la contained In 
the food they eat. 

Ttar OmIct Caa Saspl; Tae. 

eohr. $I.OOSlzshoIdlnr SHtlmaa 
thoMd slsa. which soUs (or SOc 

raaso cm.v mt 
, 0. BeWITT * CO., CHIC AGO 

Gorenrar Beekkam has atderad miUtia to 
Jackaon dariag the trial of Caitla fatt 

Mr. H. P. Burbea«, a itiHlent at law In Oteen- 
vllle, a. C, bad been troablad for four or Ave 
}'eata with a oontlnuoni oouf b. which, he aajri, 
"grsatly aiarsaed ne. oautlng ma to fear that I 
was la the Irst sla^ of eoaaomptioa." Mr. Kur- 
bage. havtagsaea Oiwaibstlala's Ooagh Bsmedy 
■dveittsad, eoneiisM to tsy It How read wliat 
he says e< It: "I sooa fell a lemai fca Ma ohance, 
and after oslag two bottles of the Me else, was 
peraMBeatly eared." SoM by J. Jas. Wood A 
Son, Drogglsts. 

For aale at J. JAB. WOOD * aO!r« Draaatora 


Fair Dates Fixed By State Meeting 
For th* CoMhii Sanon. 

The State AaaociaUon of Fair Managera of 
Ki'ntucky has Used thaae datae for Kentucky 

Fairs in I'.to;?— 
Kirk-Mil" .iiiiy 17th; twodsys. 

<i.',iri;' .Inly 21: alxdayi. 
I Tiili I ir'-liiinl .liilv'i'J: f'nirdaTa. 
( xniliiuiiii - .Inly ■.'9; fmir (Uya. 
tiiiihri"' .luly 2H: ilovi' 
D.'iiivilli' .\iitfiisi 4; f"iirilnv». 
.Miohviiivill'' .\iiL'ii-t4; foiintuy*. 

iiiL'i'Mi ,\uiiii*t 10: t,i\(ta\-.. 
I'.-rii I T' 'k .\iiu'iisl If: fmirdii)*. 

I, IMP liiiru' Au^'u-iiS: f..iir'l:i\- 

Mi. ].Im r.l-i ii !• \ u r .nr ,|n - 

.Vo v.ti'i7/r J-Jlkf*~ tuf/ltnt lit; /hiir tlaf/n, 
sl.. il,\ \ illi- - ,\inrii-t iS: t' iiir il:i> 
(i'Tiiiiintow .\ iiiiiiht Crt; f<>iirii:i> - 
I.' IhI' M .\iii;iist 26: llini- ihn*, 
ll;ir'l-i"«n s<iiti'nil)rr 1 ; ftviMl.i\> 
ni. r-i I N'|>ii tnbcr 1 : fmiriiavs. 
N M'h' 'iiisx illi' S''|ili inli< r I ■ ilifi'i' duya. 
i;ii/.]it)i'ilit.i» II s. |.;. Ill !k r >■ r>»irdays. 

ini; - S*'pifiiil"T i* . f< 'iir tia \ >. 
Howliiiii <jr«-<'ii ScpicniU'r I.S: roiirdays. 
oweiiiiloro, siHtf Kair^Sepienilier 31 : »lx diiy^. 
llenderion— Septembern; Ave days. 


Kiplt y— Aiitfiiat II: four days. 

Manrhettier— Seplember t: foMrdayt. 

«. , 

Samuel L. Clemens, Mark Twain, his wife 
and two dHUi;htera have been for some time 
umii-r ;i phy.sician'a care at their hoow near 
New York City. 


A line line of Artiatle WaUpapera at 
lowest prlcea. Alao, 



• •••i 

nil -!i.Ti i."'ii-' !.\ i»r:ti't i'':tJ int-ri. 


•m Wvrltrl Haystlllr. H.t. 

Collins & Rudy Salel 

. I'MrMiiUii nil orili-r ••iili-n il oi ili'' tunil.T of ilii' ( mIIhi, .V KmK l.niul.' r i lluiikriipt. Miiv 
9. IWKI. Ii.f..n M .11 ■|■|M.IllH^ K. I'lii,i.r. K.f.T.-.- in llii iikru|.l.'\ , I will. ...i I HfK-l> t y, .« i 1' 
U»f>.'*, ■•IT.T ;ii |Mi(,li.- ;ii.i-Ho|,. I |iri-ini.''s, I.I ilif Imrli.-.i ImliliT. All ihr Heal Ktlnii- ami Ma- 
rhinrry oj thr t ulliiin A Ituilif l.umhrr »'«., '■oiisii.lhiii "f I'luiiiin; Mill iiiiil .>aM null, i unin|« ■! 
Willi nvdntw iimRbiucry for doing all kinds of saw itnd mill work: three Ko^^d realUrucoi, itnd ulmui 
i».'iitv cxaeUeDt building lou, an moatdsstoaUjr lonated. PlaninK-mlll and Sawmill will be offered 
I'ltt^tlicr utid ipparatply and with and without mnnhlnerv. and niiirhlncry wlU be ofSred aeparate 
from r' i! i >i m . imI ...i,i ni ii wav ilint tli<' iinnit iiioiirv will Ih- r aii/nl all the righta and ownerablp 
of III. I ' . I ' .\ i:iiil \ l.i.n.ix r ( 'I m ihi' riv(>r nliop- » I'll »itit<-li in an'l l'" >Mih the real eatate abutting 
lliiTooii . Ill' ■ ami .V .■r.-h"u.i', .-a.-li i>f llin-c liiia mi ilii' Nnrtli -nl.- i.f N.T/)nd ttreet. each of four 
lots on Fmiii »■ ,-. .-I a nil •■a.' Ii '.t 1 1\ I.ii.^ .ih Kiir.'.'.t ;n cMiin- will In' iitfiTi'il si-parati-ly i'iil> and inilil 1' 
thattlabf»l liniJ'T. L'li iiik' III'' Kiiiiill iMVi'iior Hii I'Xi'i'lli ni ii|i|>.irlniuty. 

TtSRM.s Oiii- iliird in tliirt\ ila\i. iiir tliinl m '<i\ nioiitba, uiir-thlrd in twelve moulbi (rmi 
ilnte of Hale. Poiohaieni will U- riiniri'it in fn'.-uii' ImiiuI* wUbM tnleieat from date, a yyi pw d (x r 
aonal Mcurity and lien on proiH rtv 

Kaia healna at PlanlnK-MUl at 10:8U a. m. See bllla, 
maylUMPilMH J. M. COLLIMS, Troatce ColUaa A Bndy Lnmfaer Oe. 


The prettiest In the elty. Ram yp« seen them ; 
A l>araaln, our Lawns at lOe a yard, weMh 1*HC 

Hiid lit. 

See the loTOly new Polka Dots aad Dotted 

Sw l^ses. 

Our i-prlni? r«llrfx.n urc Itif talk "f (lie l.iwii. ftf 
anil (If. 

riiililrcn s .siuiimiT L'ml<'r»<-iir, Ixiyii and ftlrU, 
nil sl/i'ii : price* very tow. • 

Ni'w <^irt«iiiii arrlvlna almost dally. Largeat 

*Uv\i in the oily. 

I liHve three pHltrrni In hII-wooI Carpets at tOf 
V anl. worth eof to »t. Kpot cash only. 

Kvnrytiiini; for iioii>n'^;inantnR time Oarpeta, 

llni;*. CnrtHinn. Oili'loilm, LlnOHtimS, 4W. 

IJivi' nil' 11 rail anil >a\r money. 

Robert Le Hoeflich, 

211, 213 Marltet Street. 

1^ ^op Cofamn 

No Charge! Z 

Advertitrmrntt under 

^fadings fif " Hetj, 
^ ^^^ ^^ M'iin/<i/." " Wfytattant 
WVln/fd," " Lojt" and "#V»iind." nnit nut rt rrtdinfj 
three linn in length, are fRKK lit nil. 

aVN* Bii*ln«Nia AdT*rtiarm»nta iBa«rt4>a 
•ritlaoat imj. 

If aniwtrt /ail to come l/t» flrit ttmt, t»« invUt at 
mawy I's y s Wtfam as are weaaa aari ) to aasii n i vhat you 
(K t asi'Wis/lsr. WbtHtltadMrHMrsto/saKaalMay 
en «< Sy uiing our fret eoAnm*. 
MCST fumuh ton, wAfok eon St 
laH as Ma ePse er ssiu »y asoM. 

JTo. tt XaM IMrdilraal 


A4%'erti»ementi, under IMt ttendinp. n"t exrerHifxp 
Itvt linet, 10 ccnU each \ntt rtiuti, i>r $0 cents a wttk. 

.\NLi':U— U1CYCL.K— tSccond-hand. for l>ov 
and girl. Apply at M Rast Bseond stn i i' 
•may 14 Iw 


for Rent. 

Adrei-Higmentt under this headinff, nnt exeeedtng 
at>4 IwKj, JO r«n<i earh iiittrtion, or $0 cmtt a ueek. 

l.'^iil! UKNT-HHICK IKJV.SK .lio.! iln roiiu'hly 
I "ViTlmuli'duiiil putliK'oinpli'ii'n'piiir, ki'vi'i, 
T ' lns . Apply to JOSKI'H II. boUSON «> lin 

t^OR RBNT-RC8IDKNCE-ADd carden at- 
tacbed; altualed on tbe Houtbeast corner 
Forest avenue and LexlDslon atreet. For par- 
tlculafa call on 8AM M. HALLor C.8PAHK. 

Mia.JOHir II. HALL. 

mart tt 

For Me. 

AdverUiementt under thit headinff. nut exreedinff 
Itvt itrifi, 10 centM each interltuu, ur 50 rinis a week. 

1> >.\I,K Oh pri-iiii-i'^. M».\ :.;:iil. at i iKi 
\< 111., my liMinr ill^l \\i'>l of Mn\s\illi', 
hoiiM' lia- -i\ riMtni-. Iiaihrooiii. rrllar and ralmii t 
liiuiiii'ls: in viT failinu wi-U. TiTinii inadi' known 
day of xHli'. .lACOII WOKMALD. may 18 Iw 


jt^terttttmttktt wiMlae thtt Asfldaif 
ShI adssi' t tiars SMMS/anwIia the ttm. 


LOST I'OSTOKKICl" KI'.Y Allio-hi'd k 
■ triiiu': lii'Uv.rii .Mr-. Vonna'soii l''i>ri'>t aM'- 
iiiH'. Main sTp-rt to Si'i'oiid strti't, iind on S<-i'oml 
-ifii I I near Imrii. I'li-iiw li'iive ut this ollU'r. 
may 1 9 Iw 

LOhT-UUNCU OK KKYH-Bcturn to Udkr-c 
otnce. l^aylft^lw 

I O.ST HOOK .\M> I'OI.ICV Hiloiiiriiii: lo 
i .Malili' llronn, ..n Markn ^lr>■^■t or \\iM 
Tliird >ir'-i''. I'|i-a-.' n i ijrn i' ■ Mi iropol nan Oltl'-i-. 
< 'ox llniliiiiii.'. may 1 1 I u 

IosT. si n.xs i;i) oi; III ii;ito\\ i;i) 'i h.' piT 
i -nil |«-r- wli'i li. irr' iu 'il iii\ I k». 

•iMHit-l.p- ..' .SI. Tan I 111 Koiii. . i Inn. Moi h, r 
U<XMie" and tt iirasn hiNik iisi'd lu iiiou ihl; Iuwii^ 
will do me a great favor by returning them. .i. it. 
TAULUEE. mayiaiw 


\\ , HKOi for ilii- -••a'-Mii .Iiim- [."iiti. IWOS. Thi're 
li;t\< ! n niaii> inijir'iM-nii'nN »iiir*' liij^i yi'ar. 

l,'M*ai»'il 111 I.i'w is I'liN Illy . ami an iilral I'ountry 
plm-e for lln Imi inonili^. (iroiindit slindy. lioii l 
roomy, dlnint: Inili al» a \ « tirsi olnas. 

Riili's »7 [H-r w.i k or ifl -V) p r day; cliildri'ii 
unil'-r M \i iir- "f nn'- half |irii'r. 

1 r f :ri!i. r pariiculars uddri'Hii 

& W. HARRISON, Manager.' 
luayiilin Klnnloonlok, Ky. 


All |v'r>oii4 litdi'liti'd to till' Collins ,V Rudy 
I uiiiU r l o. are heri'by notiflt'd to call and aettle 
1,1 t ' n- th<' Hankruptny Court r«<iulres that 
Hi' I -lat' Id' closed up: otherwise, legal prooeed- 
iDiis will be instituted to enfoioeDaynient. 

Biaynat J. M. OOLLIKB. Traatae. 


■■iTheie ia aomethiog about (be Hart, SohaSner 4 Marx Clothing by 
which yon may identity them even more certainly than, the label. It goea 
into them l>efore the laMl. It ia a atyle, a quality, a tailored-by-hand toncn 
to them, a harmony of talirica, trimmings, etc., a thoroagbbred loolc about 
thorn never found in other clothing. The (act that wo can't define it doesn't 
make it any IcRs real. You can aee it without fully realizing what it is. We 
ran't show it or tell you (ully about it until you wear the clothes. Then we 
won't need to. This incomparable line is (or men and confined to ua. 

Hut we have provided as well (or the lioya and cbiidnn. We invite in* 
spection and comparison o( both goods and prices. 

sion o( Mr. Charlea F. MoNamant, ia the only one in (he citj pi^iDg Union 
price* and having all work done at home. Aak to see on« m iMr made-to- 
meaanre Satta. Yoa can get (hem cheaper elaewhere, bn( not like oura. 

Let aa ahow yon our new Shirta, new Hati, new Neckwear, etc., etc. 


Cor. Second and Market Streets, 


• • 

»aeei |i 

•aai I 
• •eat 

********** 9 • te*e ****>*****e**essstee*eaaes*se#*ae 

• •••«aaaae#*«*a*i •ae«*eetea*«ea»a«aeee«e»«a«e»aSi« 








••••I I 



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••eat I 





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I ia**«- 


■!IItJ**********'******^****«**»»*«^«^***^»****t** •»••• 

•!::::;;;;;;;::::;;:;:;♦ t :;;;;;!; i •♦;••«»»»» t » t t t t t tl^*. 


• a* 

Go to the New York Store for 



sn.KS K(Hi WAISTS SKIIM's. I-.f N. « .liip Silk< )iist In. iiin .-olor dosiri'.l. Kit. 
(.o,«l llliii-k Tiiirc iu^ 111.-. \'. rj li.'>i llhn k Tiitri'iu'., ihi'lii'* u i.l.v tl.'.M; l>i-~l -ilk 
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LAWN8. WASH GOODS, KU\— Now «tvll«li I,h» us tHf.'ll'M i|imlilv W. Whit.- 
Madras IOC on up. India Linen 5o. See our 1U« i|ualily. Kim' .silk (iiiinliuin 

NOTIONS. KI RMSIIINUS. Etc.— I.adl*a' best Black Huso me. i an t be beat In 
tills town. t>ur I'lillilmrii KiliU'd Ittwe at 10^1 Onrtlf ladli-i,' und i-ldlilri'irs line la tbi' 
real thlog. Sec our Ladlfs' Laoe Stripe Hose la colors, pink, blue, etc., M«. 

W. & CX)B8BTS-TbU week, ate. air oely M«. Oood Corsets «« on up. 


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Men's Kooil SIhm's (I.'.SS; nil -i unrlli fl.T.'S. 

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See our patent leatlwr Strap Saiulals, only II. 





•Sf'Sl'EClAL— Heavy Brown Cotton, 4c; Calico 4c, 

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of Use paople. 


DAN COHEN'S Customers! 

'^Please give me a shoe that fits. I bought this one in a clothing store. I never had a corn before in my life. Ouch, it hurts!" 
"How do you like this style?" "Very well; what is it worth?" "$2.48." "That feels right; Fll take that pair^ and think I will 
get comfort and know 1 have saved $2.02 by buying them from youe" For comfort and economy come and soe us. 

BS'SHOES only at dan COHEN'Si 

WILLIAM H. MEANS, - - - - Manager Maysville Store.! 


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